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Full text of "The Daily Services of the United Church of England and Ireland"

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c 9y vf, v=^, -'J 


Df t^E 


<£^t ^nitcti ifl)nrrl| sf d^uglnnii 
Qui drcUni 





Hv:vAr.:r r-:'..ii:i£ UB:;*nv 

0EC.21, I9II 


Ttix OrdtT how ibu Pu]ter U appoinud lo be read. 

The Orddr how tlio rMl of tiw hoi? Scrijiiure Is 
■fipoini^^ Ui tic reai. 

A TaUc of rroprr Ijtaoons ontl Pulmi. 

The OtloRilBr, irith tb« Table of Leuonii. 

The Otdcc fur Moming rn^tr. 

Tbc Ctrdei for Evening Pntjcr. 

The CrMd of SaiM AduiusiBK. 

The Liunr. 

PlBjrcn aud Tluuilu^nn^ opgn Kvcra] OccMiona. 

Th* CollMb^ to be uatd at (h<> Miniatntion of tlie 
holr Conun union, throughout the V<mr, with 
H«r<crtacn to tba BpistlM luil Oospcls. 

The Older of Uie MliutnlloD of (lie bol; Curn- 

The Thankigirins of Wonuii iSut Child-liith. 
Tlie rmltet. 

71k Fim Lcaioiui for every Day in Llic Year. 
The Second Lenona for every Dajr in tlic Year, 



rilllE I'Miltcr Rluitl he rnul through oncc crcrj mimth, 
•^ u it is lh«re a.;>p(iint«d, both for Morning nn^ 
Kt-ening Pmyer. But in Fvfiraar^ a shall Iw read oiilj 
to ihe twcntj-dghth, or twciiU-ninlh Haj of tlio month. 

And, whemH Jninmr^, March, Majj. Jvlj/, Auffutt, 
OtiiJirr. nnii litffmber have one anil- ill irtj- dnjn a]>icfiC ; 
It is tmltTHl, tluit the same Paalms shall be read the latrt 
(la,T of the mid rooiitlw, whicit wen rvnd ihc <l.-i^ before : 
** dial the PuMttT iiiaj" begiij again llie finrt dny of tbc 
nest month ensuing. 

An^. wtieROB the tlSth Ptnlm is lUWded into twenty • 
two jKiRioiM, aii<l \» ovLT-Iong to be r?ml at one time ; It 
i' ••:> urdotwl, ihw at one time nball not t>e read ftbot-c 
four or fiv* of th* wid pottiona. 

Andot theerid otinerj I*adtn, ind of ever; micli put 
of the 1l9dt I'aalni, thnll he r^iJiiiied ttiiit Hymn, 

alarji io (o the Falhrr, nad Id Ihe Son ; and to the 
llidfi tifio*t : 

A* it u'ri* >n thp tirplitning, Is ntni>, and recr tkatt bv : 
worM wWmuI end. At'U'n, 

Note, that tlie Pialter folluwelh the ilivinion uf the 
Ilehrcir*, and the iruiiiUtidn of the peal Knglish Bihle, 
set forth and nwd in the time of King llmrj/ tlie 
Eighth, aiid Edward the .%xlh. 




rnilE OM TerfMnent is appointed Aw the Rnt Lcmoim 
■*■ il Moming and Evening I'titct ; ko u the iaa« 
pwi ihermf will tw rcoil cTrrr ycai onco, u la th« 
Cklrodaf u Kppointed. 
IIm Svh TcsumeM b nppoiMfd fvr thr ■ccon't hn- 
M al Morning and Evwiiog Ptajer, »nd iJuUl be read 
ai*r onleri; cnrr jtai thrice, bcaidea the BpiatJca Bad 
Gm^kIb; except ih« Apocalvpse, out of which tlitre 
CR call otTUin Proper L«uona appointed ti;)un ilivi-rs 

Aad to know wlist Lcnona Mhill he read tvorj diy, 
l«ok fof the da^T of the month in Uie CsleadAT r«lIo«iiiK. 
(od Uwre ye ehall find the cliKpU-n th«t sh&ll )» " i<l 
fie tlw LcHccn botli u Morning aiiil Evening i':ii-i 
anjit miIt the Morralilc Ftuta, which uv not in thr 
and the bninovnlile. when there it k Iitank 
ia tlie Oolumn of IiOMons, (he Proper LesMins for 
triiieh lUn irc to he found in the Tabic of Proper 

And note, thftt wheiwocrcr Proper PslIrir or L«Mon« 
■IV appointed ; (Jicn the Pialins ami Lenons of ordinary 
appointe<l in the Psalter and (^lendar (if thcj be 
It) slull Irn omitted fur that time, 
■ute alao. tiMt Uie OoJIect, Epivtte, and Ooapcl, »p- 
psinttH for the SiuidsT «hall acrre idl the week after, 
when it b not in this Book oltiervtiae ordered. 


OnvMUan.! { K. itark. | i:a[lw. 

TIfwi DaoMU J,UMa> 3 
limn ilalitk ee-laUb W 


I fin, Vn>!<>m J WtiAuB 

I ttmm. 

i I 9. La»h 

Kndiu 111 Eat^iii IT 3. mmi mat 
MmiK WAcw 8, s.Jw>^ 

Uk(, " 


I flam. I»t>n>l. Wl 
I1>»ftr. IJgba te<i 
(ItlKI.H, (1,14 

iMu. lOCnlnk. It 
Acta U AcU 13 tn 

3,MtItt. It 




ICO v. 13 

3, An* * 

Bl ro 


(iiDBb JKDwi.lUt.l 

At« 11 Ii.< Jiull D. « en 
Ir.tU. t<^<S 

EMlUh aijok 1 

Job M.U 



lt«, II i.,Un. Itl m 


lldl J7| 111 

IM| I- . Ill 118 




ISalui in; 

a.— — HI, 

(tad MMw-iFWo ;t ituio i» 

r — — M iS 


IVitin SliMlin » 

14 »7 

— »1, II'B 

ir*(lftw fnlis W Putin ll>« 
•■r- , «: Its 




1 t,*mii. 













































1 '■«><> 




















Olli^AMdL — 


i" t KnunfiiM, Hfc 

II, t 

isa ~~ — ■ 

1 1 f lluli-cioa IkT 

lir -_f 


ITiA .Lwnlan. Up. ~ 

■VU' d . V'ufc' 

Iljt S.ifaC(Mu',A. 

(lev* II 





Ulan I 




ftyt-u,. 1 





ToMt ; 






















Mirk 1 










T^ I 














— I >. M 
















nil: TiuK. 

rriUG 3I«niuig und Evening Vnjer Btwl) be used in the 
■i- sccnstomed Place *f the Church. Chipol, or Chincel ; 
rxoept h rfuU be otbcrvcis; <lcU-niiiiit<l bj the Ordinanr 
of th« Pfauft And the CKanct-U oliiUI rciamin u llitj 
lute done in timca paxt. 

And hen u* to b« noted, that nich Oriurneutfi or the 
Chortii, and of the Minialvre thcrear, ui all rimes of tlMtr 
Ministmtion, hIioU be reuiiaed. &nJ \>v tti uae, w weic la 
tluH Charchof ffljfixuf, bj tlie Mithuntr of rarliamcM, 
in ilic Sn»nd T«v of the lUign of King LAmrd ihc 



DAitY nncoranouT thk ye&b. 



HKN Ika iHekH n»n tnnwlh 

nf frm iM wiokediiwi that 

_ fMnadlUd, aaa iloetb that 

li kwlkl Md Hgtit, iMiball 

I tdiawMRa nr traaatpcvioni, 
■lajdtuctcrWfaremc. nM.&i. 
, ilUa TXjr Um fnim uf lidfc and 
Ml m ■■) Blaa hilqtiUlM. fW. b. *. 

tli aoitca of C»d uv a braken 
Mni kferakcn ud a oinlriM iMut, 

^■Ntfc aAtl tarn niklo lb* Loril 
Jm CM -. IWr lie ia itnacnu dud 
^Ptfd, ilvw Id >nfi«r. *ed of Kraal 
W mi^ and npououi Ulu (d the 

Ta li* Lar4 om God Moog mtx- 
" ■ il hi g l I l u a^— , thaof b wa lava 

^trntKH^t rt rmf t Pr^^i»r ttltHetTilfamlirttkalouiivktniitant 
t/OmiBu %\intlf»tSrr*flitrmt»*tfil)ar. /Mil Owia Ic lAaA wy Aut lUlfcA. 

DR.\RI.V InIdvkI breihran. tl _ 
Soiiplarc manitli n* in moAxf 
pUon (o Klcaowlecisn tiid canfe« 
«nr ninKold iIdi and wiekedkiM ; 
■dI iliai w» •baold loi dlsNBdila 
nor olaka tbin htiaia th* fiu* of 
iUidi|hl/Cod oiu liFaTFiily Ktihsr; 
Int ooafcaa thsa nlili au bumble, 
laiHr. pnitcntiMdobiMlcni lieart: 
ta Iw m) tlKl we our obtain for* 
■itoats of UK nut, br Iln inSnila 
goodoMB ud wKKf. And altboii^ 
wo ought al all tinea knnbly 10 a»- 
koowlfdgo onr lini befbra G^d ; ni 

«at[hl iraiiiwl iliitSvaotO iIo.wSou 
«« AUttiublo mmI inetL t<if{«lii'r (0 
ftudar thank* for tha great b«ii*llt« 
Ibat w« hare necnred at lUa han^ 
la ael (itTth HiH meet wortln firatae, 
to hear UEsdimI buljr Wnnl.Kiid to 
a*k tboao Lliiaga uhlrh arv rniuiiilt* 
and acocnary, *> nvll for the twdy 
a* lh« Mill. Wh«refare I fn}* anil 
lawecti yoa, a* aany a« sn lam 
rmttei. 10 ■ti-eoRiinny me with a 
f<m bcart, nn<l kumbn *id<«, unio 
tbe tbruas of iha Iltav(nl]r GrM*( 
■aj-las aAat ma ; 

■I ulsM Ills : neiiliet bar* 
■« (tan^ike itrnt *t Uw Lord enr 
W.W awft ta Ilk lain wlikk Hi- 
•tUWwoa. MM.tL«h»B. 

Ci Lvrl. camMt sa, bet witli 
HpMM t M* 1b TMm a«fE«r, leit 
nnlnafBa tonalUnf. 

tar (be Kinxdota ef 

I «fll aria*, and « to nr Pallirr. 
M >til «r »«o Min, FbUmt, I 
liW ■anad uainet lloaf eu, aad be- 
nt Tliee, wS am ao nioee warth; 
teW aaBei IV **^ " '-*^ " '^ '*- 
• ■iwi4la*ujBfepmi^twithThy 
>i«at, O Lae>ir; far iii Th.r Mghl 
^Q M naa U vImx b« >artiSad. 

If «« Mir ifeal «• have ao ■», wo 
bane oMnlrM, kmI Ibo Irath ii 
I k m: h«L H «• oslbai on rina. 
I UMU rad |m to famtn aa 
' to Bhaaw a* //om US 

■lAn'r f.Vii|iii|Mt«— VI" '^ Umilbr, 

ALMIGHTY and latKi mrrvifnl 
>')iib«r : Wu haie erred, and 
■U>7*d baax ITit waja like loit 
abeep. We ba>« lollowad too laueh 
tb« davJcaa and Hmiph of oar on 
IwaMa. Wf hoTe aScaded a^tiul 
Thj holy ianri. We hate laft osdoM 
tbsae thlDCt whtvh wa DDSht (o ban 
diMioi An<l «« have dou UuM 
tbingi which nt otiqM aot to ban 
dona ; And lb#re li no h*alth hi u<. 
But Tkev. L«nl. htwiQCTOy noil 

/am,, O Cod, w^^ QoBtm 1U( 



bnlts. Bovtue Tlioa thrm that tm 
pralUnti Accunliu^ to Thy pn>niif(-ii 
dtcbwd onto Bi&iikiiiJ iu Clirint 
Jtmi OUT hard. And qraol, O nurt 
BI»Kital K>th«r, fur Ilia nkc; Tlial 
ira innj- hiiiT»fl«r ii>p ■ R'ully, fi^h- 
tooai, Bntl Hbf r lifr, To llw gltfrr iii 
Tihy boljr Name. Anca. 

t IV .AnMi'oii. (V Xflninanii nf tint, to 
»• pnwvnMf (7 Ui rWcH o^erK. Jtan-t- 

ALMUJHTV «wl, flw FMhn- of 
mr I.urJ JMqi ChriM, Wlio 
drolMib not Uw dMtb <1 ■ ifuKr, 
but rathpr thU he nvf turn (r«ni 
b>> wicl^ncM^ and liit« ; ind bath 

Mil lllnlttani, to dfctkr* uiil ]<ro- 
Boonra to IIU pMpla, twlng jwnl- 
tent, the AbMilntion inil Remuuaa 
of tlinlr iiiu : II4 purilonvtb and ab- 
wlTctli all tlii'tn thai mljr n'pvnt, 
and unrciEnntly ballaro Ilii Iiolv 
G<Mp«L nirnvfoTV lot n* liciccfh 
Him to ffmnt 11a Irur rcpcnlaiiM, 
Uil llti Holy ^i>int, that tfauD" 
Udogt naj plaaw llim, whieli y« 
do at tliii pnani • amd uiat the rut 
of oar lifo heraamr na* be pan, 
■nd \ut\j i W thai at tiio latt m 
nmj COM* to HI* ot*raal Ja^ ; thrautfli 
ir»j» CWbt our Lord. 

^ n* mt* flaU aa ii r tor, md at 04 
nut iftll <<W prtKrt, Amia. 

^ 7*rn He JTuihiit MtaO bMd, and mt 

Ukt piw-jif* itttf kn^tittf, tmd Tfftaliiaff it 
wta ilm. luU tnv. dH.t i>4<*udnvr riM 
tl tl unl « /)inH »nlir. 

OUR Father, WHeh ut in h«4- 
TOD, hallow«d b« Th7 Nane^ 
n^ kln^MQ con*. THr will b« 
dmo hi nnh, a* H ii ui hni'm. 
Giro hj thi* dlT our diLtj hrf4d. 
And tortftr» m vti irwpaavM, m ir« 
forgin than Uiat tm^Ha i^nM 
v$. And bad nitat Into lenptaiton; 
bat delfm ni fram r*ir. far TUae 
It tlM Uncdom. Ih« povrtr. ind th« 
jhnjr, 61T 0T«T wid •*«?. Amra. 

5 T^o Win to h MdB Hy, 

Lord, «pca Tina ear Um. 
,^ww*r. AimT our aouh ihtll 

rrirtr. God, luk* fp««dl 

,l>Mu>er. Lord, nulu hut* I 
help at. 

% Um oB itamtlnf tip, Ot (Mat . 

Gtor/ h« to lli« Fathar.Miil W 1 
Son : and la tbf II0I7 GIkmI; 

Annrrr. As ![ ynt In the _. 
uinjt. i> now, and f^wr ahkll 
world nriltutQtFtid. Amoii. 

I'ritil. I'tmltc yc tli« Lord. 

^•tJiKCT. Tlie Loid'a NaiM 

T r*ni t*a;i «( tali irr img tUg . 
/Wiowinj . ttcTBi im IbMtf-tta/, ■ 
w^vk aiuttkrf JitUirm it tinvimttdt * 
M Ml iTkutiniM iat Jtrtry uJm\ 
KM to M nud km. (M fa ox I ~ 

VEMITK sxuiiraxr* ixh»»x| 

fW. IK. 

OCOME. let M alim 
Lard : li't ss hcarli^ 1 _. 
llio htrfDgth of our nlvAtioo, 

lj:t Dt caiar tufure Ilin , _ 
with thtLnluRJ vinji : and alww 
arliMgiad in Him with Paala. . 

For ih* l^rd <* a mat 0«d i I 
• Krcol K inti abovo slII sodiu 

In Ilia hand aT» il\ the eornaMj 
thi' tsirth : mill (hi (tnimth of I 
hilli ii llii a!i>D. 

The Hit it \\\t, aod Ho taado I 
uid liu handa prtpued tlu 

O e«m», Ut D* wonhtp, md I 
down : and kuMi before Mb* 
OOP Maker 

For lis in tho l^nl nnr God : 1 
nw are till) pvopLe of Hi* 
and the *hoep ul Hti hand- 
To dar if ye nill hear Ilk ' . 
budrn noi jroijr hitarti : aa to l_ 
IWOTOcnii'VP. Dud »■ m Mk dajj 
tenMktiaii in the wUdtmeH t 

whai roar f albm t«itfUd L 
rmind Ma, and fv VLy wi«t^ 1 

Forty jrean loiv wu ] urit 
with inia nntrwleii. aud taid x{ 
to a peopl* U»l do orr la 
hMtU, (w tliejr bare ast kiMtm I 



oly GluMi; 
tnK in th( ba^ 
I cret shall fei 
. Amni. 

Iwl'* Ni 

10* I.-, 

m aimr Day, ^^ 
jf V ' —*y Afpvwk ft* 


n« tirv! i»>t» (to 
I hMrlUf tcj«i;a» k 

tr Ml'atMHI. 

-fon Hi* lllim 
It : Mill uieia m^ 
I • cnvl (!od ! airi 

■ aUim n»in» «» » • 
tbe (Kw^ «r lb 

, fttiil Ht nud* ii 
prcpimd tile ikl 

I mirtkip. and 

II Ufon tbt ' 

>ril onr (M : a^ 
.k of Hli 

TiUbw H» 
beuti : *j in ilr 

u Id Uic J»j- « 
< wildWDOH t 
then t«iD|i«ld Ua 

WS WM I ^.rvrf 

tloa. ud old : k 
,t ihg «rr in tU^ 

itT* Mt knowrn Sl^ 

Unto whntn I raiir* in !t|y wmth : 
Ibit tl»; ibonld not vnU'r into My 

CiloTT he M the FiUmt. and to Uu 
Son ; fttiil 10 thr Holy GhoM ; 

Ai H wu til th» brgiaDiiiK, i* now. 
4ii'l orr iluUl be : oofIiT irittiout 
(Oil. Auifn. 

1 TUm tlKill JiMm »t pMlmt In wtltr ai 
Iby on im»into(. ^'iJ nl 0<l md <^ 
twrt Jiwln ttmwftiHil ll<i Veer, and 
MartKal ttfOtJ^IXMtlMM, Bw>to- 
u^ Mit«BlflaI. ami JliiiM dinllU^ 4«0 

Glury be lo tlie t'ntlier. uiil M tbo 
Son : and t<r tb« lloi}' fihmt; 

.Innrrr. Ai it wu in Ibe brsin- 
ninf. i» now, anil eicr eliall In : 
iruiltl trlilioui tail, Aincn. 

5 Tkixa illaH tr mut JMniMfy H<At on OH- 
>MM> m^» Oh r-n'il ('»». (nhn> ■«( ■/ 
Ml nu TWUivn/, u u AnHiiiM iii Itu 
VtlatdT. intpl ttirtr t* iVhwt Lntani 

iMHynnl /h- CbJ «l|p I Ul nu( wa iH a IV 
** B»Jlwtf OBd fvrKlniJ JUjfUr^, 4f Jto nHJP 
titf y iuanl •/ M >w> at *r* prwnr. 
^■tf miir Omt. iMl Ar tnM •«■ n>M. (■ 
BMlUb, OW KHm aMM Tt l>rum bu- 

^ /TMf, 7*<J ftqAr* mm Komi Mi Vi- 
■Mrr ^tUf hi/. Htrf IH«lDlvlh Mich a 

CtufLfr. nr \twv of fitiii ■ rlmiflcr, oF 
mtti • fbx'k: ^nif i|/In' nny XaBw 
lliR indeili Uii FkM, or lb* beCMil 

TIT'K pnU Tit*. O C»J : we 


All tlie earth doth Honbip Tbce : 
Uia PalliCT tnrlMtins. 

Ta TW kU AnetU <r7 aloud : 
Lhe Iteattni, and all the Plover* 

To Thee CiMrabiii, ud Smplik : 
cnBliiitaDr do «t, 

Ilolr. Hq!/. Ifub' : t^H ««<1 or 

llMven and earlh an full of Uir 
iy : of TV Ohry. 
tat HJariana fMBpmtiy of l)w Apo- 
■tlc ; pnJM Thft». 

The c»<i>llr fellowihip «f tl» [*i*- 
phcts : pnitF TliM. 

TIw MbU amr d Uknyn '. 

Till- bolyj 
Oils woild : 
Tin* I'atll 

JMij- : 1 
Thill e liuag 

Son; I 

Alio the Vi 

Thon art t 

Tliou nrt ll 
tiie I'ailier. 

Whc-n Thoi 
detiter man : 
tbe VirKio's 1 

When Tbe 
iliDTpBUB of 
open th« Kiuj 

'i'lluu »ilU| 
God : m tli»| 

to be our Jim 

W« |.b«Tan 
■crvanti : vrl 
ed with Tby) 

Bibk* ttlHTD 

Th/SMiit' : I 

O lend, u 
Um Tliioe hi 

tiiivrnt cM 
fof nvr. 

Day by da; 

And we woi 
world with 

thin day J 

awrcy I 

upon oa 1 M I 

O l.«Td. [_ 

III iL«Deml 


acd magnify 

U *o AoM 

the Lnr-i : po 

Hiin ioT *^c1i 

Oye Hct* 


pnJM Him, >n>l cugvify IIlu tox 


O all f C Poircn of the Lord, M«B 
jn ttit Lord ; |4atK Him, uid OMg- 
ni&r Him fur trvr. 

O t* Aim, anil Ma«ii, IJnn ju the 
LaM : pr»lw llim, and nagaxiT 
Blm for etrr. 

O jv Su™ of H«TDn, Ww* »• 
lh« LiFrt] : jiniio llim, and nugaSj 
Him (or ««!. 

Ore Shooen, anil ticv.blcw n 
tilt Lord ; pnin llim.aiiii nu^al^r 
Uini for env. 

O ]r« Wind* of God, UaM je the 
lord : praiac llira, and vuvuifj 
lUn for nrer. 

O J* Fire and Udtl, blan j* iha 
Jjlti s praiac Him, and nu^ify 
Ulm Ibr (Tcr. 

y* Winter and Summer, hlott 
JE ttw Lord 1 praiw Him, ud img- 
atlr llim for aurr. 

O jc UeiM. Bad Kioab, blco r« 
tiw Lord : pniae ilim, sad mnpufy 
llim for i-*tr. 

Oiu FtMt and Cold, lli-nfe Iha 
^Mni : ftaJM tlitn. and msffiufy 
llim for <v(r. 

U r« 1m and Snow. I.I«a j* IIm 
Lord : pRuaa Elim, itid taognity 
llim for (vor. 

fo Ni«hU, and Di>-<i, bl«M Tt 
flu Lord : praiM Him, &ud mnpias 
HJn fot fvtt, 

O y Luht and Uukuesi, bleu 
7* the Ijont I pfaiae Him, »nn miff- 
tjfjr HimfdrcTtr. 

Vyv l.ighuriiis*>aiiilCl<iiidii,bl«u 
ro !>>» I.urd : pniie llim. sLd max- 
nify iliiu rarcfer. 
U k-t tb« Karth tilrai the Lord : 

8*, let II pntac fUn, ftatl ua^nifj 
in tot (wr, 

fe MounulDs. ami Hllii. b1«K 
!« ttiB Lord ; pniit llim, and mug- 
nift lliiofurivrr. 

U all je GrcEU ThinK) upon llu 
EaHh. bks ]re iIm Lord : praiM 
Uim, and uaKnifT llim for CTor. 

ft Wall), blGM ]'« ihc l/ird : 
fniM fUnif and iDi^'"'^ Ui*" 'o' 

O ]rc ScM, . 
Ihc Liord : [ira- 
Him fur f i*r. 

O y, Whalr 
in the Watcn 
praian Him, » 

O all y Fa 
jt llio Lord ; j 
nifr llim (or r 

n all ro B« 
yv ttw Lard : ] 
nlfr illm forv 

u jv diildt 
tht Lord : pra 
HEsn f*>r KTfrr. 

q i<i loM 

pmn Kim, a 

Or* Printa 
thn Lord : pr*. 
Illm forrrtr. 

O JO Scrraa 
yv Iho Lnrd ! i 
uifv Hiu fora- 

O ye Spirit 
lUiiblniuii, blM 
HiiD, uiil nuM 

() )* lioly 
tiFart, bleai y 
llim, and map 

O Anwia«, 
kl«w n the U 
tn&tmify Him ) 

'iturj- h* to I 
Soil : ind li^ Ih 

At it wai in 
and erer ilia' 
end. A man. 

« rivn jlidl t 


nwi •nqgl * 


Uwl ■ I 
rvdi-cmed Hi 
Aud halb 
?])Uun (ar ui 
hnly PropM 
. sioM th« irai 


ic*a ^ 

itfitr mi- 
J* M Ha 


■*4 b««» 



Tlal vre thoiililt>« n*w<l ftom our 
cnciDivs : sat] from U<« hmd* dt iJt 
that hat* u* ; 

To perfcm the mrrty prtHuu^d 
to owtknTfatticra : ind to nmcmbi'r 
Hi* holy rDrniiiit ; 

To porfnm tliv osih wliloh He 
tvtarc la our fwcbtbtr Ab«kli*n : 
tliat He would giro m | 

Thi 1 we bcin; ibliTcnd out of tb« 
hnud bf «ur niomln : night wrro 
lllm mllioiit fpw ! 

In holinru nnd TigUcounieB bc- 
twt Him : all Ibe dayt «f our liTt^ 

Anil iliuu, Chii<l. aliall bo wllod 
ibc rnnihet tt the HIglieit : for 
tlidD (halt go bpfore llw foee «{ the 
Ixird l« jirniart Hit witita ; 

To olv* Icnowlcde* of ■atvation 
onto Ilia twoplo : hj iha rdaloloa 
of tb«ar aiiu. 

Thronf h th» lenilfr mon^ of our 
Uod : irhertTtir lh» Day-tt^ng (Von 
on hiffli linth TliiiHl Di • 

To iiitT lijrlil to them that dt to 
darkiiw«, Mill in Itw vhtdow of 
dealii : uid to gilI<lo our fnt into 
lb( war of peao. 

Glory bo to Uk* PiUier. mi to the 
Son : and to lh« Hoir Qbesl i 

Aa 1 1 wa* in tiio besinxMK. ■• now, 
and *nr ihalt bo i world irillioul 
nd. Amck. 


fTBiun nan fw.a 

OBE iojrfnl la th> LorJ. kll v* 
fatnoi : am* the Lord with 
glainaw, and MBit before Hi* t>r«- 
ttatt wjlh ■ Mnfr- 

B« je nm Uint tha Lorri Ho b 
God : it is He Uut l»lk nude n^ 
and not wr anntVnu ) <ra u« Ilii 
people, uid ih« ihMp of Hii pa*- 


U ito your MKy into Ilii gtU* with 
thuufhiDi, and iato Hi* toiim 
irilhimlM : te ihukhl Mto Iflm. 
ud ipuk gMd of Hii Nune, 

('or tlw Lord i* cneinua, Hii 
nwroT !• tmlaiiuijit : and Hit tnith 
Mdnratb tnm gmmUoa to gn»- 

UlMy b* 10 Uw Fathar, tad to Um 
Sea-.miUtlht Holf Ghort i 

As it WM in tht 1 
am) ever hhall b« 
va<l. Amen. 
^TUm <MI Ml 

ffdnd/H: era 


Almisbty, MtLb< 

And iit J*M( I 
onr Lord, Who wu] 
the Hois Ghost, : 
Marj. 8tiBi»r«<l ondt 
btc. Wu tmoiSad,! 
iM, H« dcMndtd ; 
iMri day Ho roM . 
dud. He RHoandMl in 
■ilteth on the n«li[ ha 
Ftlher AlmSjihty - «^ 
■hall Ponw K) JiidBa I 
thadoad. i 

I bcljan in the Ilcn 
tioly Utliollek Chntci 
tDiiiiiou of Salnta ; 
iiFM nf un« ; Thf R 
tlie bodjt. And ttir 111 

4 ^aj ^Ow Mai. •«« n 
as dnwAy Ji 

^MnMT. Ao 

Lotil, have 1 

nriti. A«w mi* 
Lord, have merey i 

OUR Fal^. Wh 
*^, haDowtd 
Thy tiaadum 
done In owth. ' 
Gin na thia . . 
And (oniTo Di onr t 
fivgi*!) thiim that 
in. Andlndiu nolio 
bill itlt**r tu frum I 

1 Tan «M rvtnf I 
O Lord, riieirij 



Prim. tori. WTS llw Qui'cu. 
jfaiuvr. And tni>rr)fnlly luiu iw 
wImii w« 111] upon Thcc. 


Atumr. And Bukc Tlo> cWeu 
people ivfhiL 

/'rial. Lar4, w>« Thy pt«plc. 

JruiMT. And bImTliine iDhsrit' 

/'ricW. GiT«p«neo di our limo, O 

Annrer. BmiiD ihcR u tioDC 
nt)i«r t)ul fwbtrlli for u>, but onlj- 
Thou, O OuJ. 

I'rffii. O Cud, niiko eltan our 
tipins trithin ui. 

Aintttt. And l>kenal Thy llolr 
Spirit fwtB oi. 

if Hi /]»•. •Mid ito;! h Oil tarw Wnf li 

Jir fiti« I Mi Oiit^/iir Oratt le litt •at'i 
Ami Of (H JoM Ci«>irCi iM^ uncr iiJwr. 
tal i««4r *> •'■^ ■■ ilirra-i/ rragrr 
Amm ^^t all Or ynr. at /MmxIIi : oU 

nu aoMV CDUJCT, rem fiack 

OGOD, Who ut a» uUwr «f 
MM* and tortr of Mnenrd. in 
kn»wiedfn of When lUadttb out 
ctfmal lifr.WhawHnioeliMrfNt 
frciT'lun; DpftiidiuThyhRmSltwr- 
lanU in all wmuIu of oar oanDim ; 
ibit vrc, wrtly Iriuiiujt in Tlij de- 
fence, Bij not frtr ifae pomir M auy 
i4»qw j r ta, ihnwgfc tba might of J(- 
■» Cbriit mr Lord, i^mrri. 

fin miu oouKT. mn (ibacl 
/% LORD, our hemrpnlj rather. 
\J AInigbtT and •miulinx (Imt, 
Who llMI «U«tr brouuhl lu to lh« 
^|*"'*'"1[ aUhmitfi Defend u* In 
iW mma with Thy nlihlr nimt ■ 
•nd snni Itiat ihia iky v* bU into 
iM nil, twitiM* run Inli* kny kind a( 
ixnn" '. hut that ill our doiiiKi may 
br urdond Ly Thy coremuioa, to 
do alwiy* thai it rigbtoOiM in tkf 
M«hli iKrouith Jmu« Cliriat our 

Lwd. Am^H, 

1 T«ni iif»fjtwrf»m ^ — ijpi 

hi rrad ^trr, rxtni MUi* AW Mi 
fwf I d*r VWn tfvj^ (V rw ^dJI Brr i 
PMd, Of £V^ art fjtert ^toA. 

i. ntATKn roK thi qi'idc* iujc 

OLORD our hoKrculy Fat_ 
blfibftadinl^ly, Kin);nrkiq, 
Lord of lords, lh« only Kaler 
tnincci, Who doit from Thy th 
bahold sli tha dwcilnv apun i 
Mom heartily m bnMcU Thao ' 
Thy faroor to bahold our mott ^ 
doni Soternni Ijidy, Qn««a 
TOM A : ud » rrplraiili her < 
lh« gna» of Tliy Holy Si'Iril, 
*hc mar >l''>y loc'lxc t" Thy 
and walk in Tjnr way ; Endoo . 
plsateoiuly wiui huronly 
gnat hor m hoallb aai n* alt] 
to Ilr* i atmuthcn her that iht \ 
naqoiil) and otcrcoiM all ber ' 
laiea: and finally, afttr (liii tifi, i 
nay ■tlaln rxrtUiAlma jny ood fd 
rlly:(1iroiig1i Ji-aui CJiiut uur f 

I. rutm roa nui movai. raMmJ 

ALM tUllTY Qod, tho lonnlafal^ 
, an gDodii«ii,«elianiblyli 
Thco 10 bleai AMaiie (fae 
Duwafpir, Ihn Princ* Altrrl, At 
PtIuco of Watet, and alt tba '~ 
Family: Eadnetbcm with Thy 1 
S|iiril ; CBrioh Uwin -with Thy 1 
vooly graov ; pro«Mr thtm with i 
happlnco* : and bnng Ihem to Th* 
etMamiiig Uncdom ; throDgh J« 
Oiriit OUT Lord. ^(Kn. 

A raATia. roa tna oBulT am 

AL SI I O li T Y and orcrl. 
God, ^^1lo bIods worked (^ 
manrU ; Snid down njion oinr 
khujM, iiiit Curalaa, and all i~ 
gationi committed l» thw oh 
the lipnlthful Spirit of Thy 
and that Ihcy nay Iruty 'f\» 
TliM, jKtar ujion lliom the etatlDi 
don of Thv blosrfng. Grant thu» j 
Lotxl. for tb* houaar of our Adt 
and Modialor, Jtau* ChriiA. A* 
A ntiiin uf n,<iiaT«DotOM. 

SiTm ti« gtwm u ilite 





MppUtaUoM tulft Tbee ; and 4aat 
pMoiio. (W when tiro or thnii 
kra kkIwTmI lofftllwr in Tlijr NuM 
Tboa oill STuit llicir mfuciata : Kul- 
U DOIT, O t-url. the dniin ftod p«- 
titiwu of Tby ■ernalt^ u autj W 
oust tzMdicnt for Ihm i grftnling 
u* Id Ihu wDrli knowlMtgo «t thy 

trntli, ind in Uu 
OvxrlialinK- <(nwi. 

I car. tU 

THE snM ti 
Christ, anil Uj| 

with lu ill ey 

am mM« Mr Onfcr qr Wii"i'>v Pnvnr Un^fkHit OH I 




WIKIN the vlched man (iimcth 
awaj-fmiu bin irir!(iicIii»M thit 
be lialh cumoiillrd. atitl durlli llial 
whirl) it lawful luJ tifllit, hn ihnU 
M<n> fall loiil »tlT9. SM. uu. ir. 

1 Mknowlftda* mjr Uuii<r«MiiHii, 
udnirrinfivTerbetareirie. ntf.a.a. 

IlidF Thy Em« fttim mr rini. and 
blol oul ftll mine inlqaiiifi. !■••(- u. >. 

The ncriSod* tf God wc ■ brohva 
niiiit:«brDkrii uidacaiUiiWtMail, 
O 0«4, Thou wilt nirt dcxitjnr. 

NW 11 i;. 

Bend jo"' hrart, and not TViir 
girotiihi, and turn lUM tb« Ixiri.l 
Tonr God: Toi llr ii Bndont anrt 
memfal, slow to uitter, and of Krut 
kiodDMh wd Kp«ntetti Him of llie 

To tb« Lord our God brlouR incr- 
cio aad fw»iren«MP>, tlmitgh wc 
b»v( mlwlloCa^unat ilin : neittier 
h«*« wc obfTtd tbt toIm of tlw 
Lord our God. (o walk in Ilii lawi 
wUch No Ml bthtv M. o^ u, *, lO. 

L*rd, coTTVDl mr, but with judso- 
miM I not in Tbin* uctr, Irai Tboia 
Moffma tobothiac- j<>..*.m. rui.H.i. 

lUfwnt joi f«r ttio KlDgdani of 
boarpn ta at liiaaj. »- ••«•. •■- >. 

1 will iirlae, and ){s lo mjr F'tthor, r «<•• -. ■■»<« 
and will Bv eMo Hiw, Vubn, \ \ \» «\ ^trfCin, 
ban atoM^ igaiaA Uwnu, ia4\\ft\««ia» 

btfora Thoe. and un U 
to bo oallad Thy 'nu. 1 

Enter not into judKoni 

wttaai.U Loiif: for I 

ihall no aun liviu^ baj 


If HO My tlul we bi 
d«ociv« ooratlvea, uid 
not in 0*: but.irw<eM 
He i> futlifnl ud jail 
oar tin*, and to cleaa 
uuriAhteotituen, ts.A 

DEARLY beloTcd 
ScnpliiN novrlli 
pliers to Birknowlcdfl 
uur macifuld eiiu tat 
and that wo vbouM J 
nor clnkc tbcm bcfmi 
AlmlghtT God onr hui 
bat oonfcja thttn irilh 
loirlr, p«iiitont. and et^ 
lo tbceod lliai w« a' 
SMeoem of (ho moo, 
eoodncM and taatj, 
wo onslit M all liniM 
koowlHgo onr ainjt ' 
oofbt w« moM ~ '" 
w* anoDblo 
lender Uuuki 
thai w« bat* 


Mk Ihae Mas* ^kh arc roiuiilu 
and aetewiTT. la well fur tlic bodj- 
M lbs fDul. WliCHfura 1 !>»]- utl 
btwccli ;ou, u Bur u an ber* 
prcMOt, to Bcvonpuur bi« nilb • 
MIC hcvt, uiii liuinblo roiw, unto 
lb* thnnv of the HiMvtiilr Unci, 
njrii^ til4T tne) 

^ ^ fiuntt C"\frttitpi to Ar titHi </ fAr 

ALMIGIITV anJ moH niorelnil 
Kstliet ; Wo liii'c crrnl, and 
mtrayrd ftum 'I'lnr wijt Ijku lovt 
■lutcp. Wii hare taUovui loa muclj 
tbe litvicca and dcslroi of OUT own 
lirartB. W? faa*a jiflVniM ■gilnst 
Hiyliuiy Iu»n. W« hiT* left undone 
thov tiittiu* wliicli MK onulit tu- ha TV 
drnic; Anil mi ha'B dans Ihoc Ihicgi 
whicli wc mahl not U h^rg done ; 
And thtn ia no li«all1i in lu. But 
Tlwii , O I.Ard. hm ra own;' uiivn lU, mi ■ 
Mrmblo ol)«u4eit. SfiArr Tna* iIiFin, 
OGo<l,wlu(?licanf«iLth.(^iT£iutliL He- 
■ton Thou Ihfm (liol Me punilcDt ; 
Arconliiig tu Thy |>runnNa dMilarKl 
unto nuuikiiid in CliriNl Jmu our 
LorJ. And cra.nt, O moct nwRifiil 
FathiT. for Ilia lakc; That wo nutj 
bpiwaflrt liv( a MorllT.nKbtcona.and 
•obcr lift'. To tlio gioTj of Tby bolj 
Hmm. Aui*u. 

Itf JVTMtillil'Vt by ^ Prifit fffOiw, fbvhrf ■ 

ALHIUIITV God. tho Falhor of 
. ««r I.uril JfMii Christ, Who J«. 
sirotli ikot ibf >li>>lli ('f n rinnw, but 
relhor llut hr iniy lam frOB Us 
vrwkDdusa.uiiJ live ; and hath given 
powtt. a»d t-ammakdmcut, to HU 
Mlnliun. to deolm 4nd jpronoonM 
to Hm mojiI*. bdng pnutont, the 
Abwlolun ud KciniiMtai of tboir 
■ini: H« rarrliiiietli aiid ftbRtlTCth 
111 them iImI ml; n>pmi,knil nu- 
fainitdl; bfliovo llit hoir OoipcT. 
WhBRfjTc Irl nt bM»acB Him to 
gnnt at Ine rtpcntMice, Mid Hm 
Bi>l]r Sptnl. tlial Umm thlngi m\y 
fiam Hin. wMeh <r« do at tlu« 
RWMit; KM tkai ibe ml of our \ile 
M»nAoriM/^h«)Nm,BWt holy; n 
Mtf M Mr Jiuf tr* may crane to Ilia 

I io: 
nor Loril. Amtn. 
1 nn Mr jniMrr«la«tnri._ 

OUR Father, Wtiicb ari la i 
ren, ballowcd b« Thy _ 
TU7 klqtdom MOD*. Tby wlUj 
duDc in earth, a* it b in Imf 
(ii>« □« ihii day oqr daily 
Anil Turgirt) ui our trcipaiaea, ■ 
fiir^i'v Uivio (Htl trvifian ag 
III. And Icail ua nut inio t«np 
tion ; but dctiTcr ua (r»m rvil: 
Tbinvintbr kiD^om.lho pomr.) 
tbo gloty, fur r>vr sod cnr. 

t TVi> rAmnlH Ar IIMII M|r, 

O Lorl. opf n Thon onr 1I[W. 

Jnjirrr. Andouruiauthonalli 

forth Tliy praiae. 

I'riaU CXiixliinaiLcspacdtoi 


Jimefr. O Lord, nulu bMUj 


Glor>' bi' to ih? t'ather.and to4 
Son : and (o tb* Holy UboMi 

^■uirrr. Am it wa* in the I 
without end. Anun. 

I'rinl. ^'miMVe the Lord. 

Jmver. I'be Lonl'i tiuM 

anltr at tVii inv amahtnL 7" 
■Ml ^ liu rot TMaawM, a* a 
..fht itftrr Oal. MaMnWnu (ir I 
Ik* >&>«( KOThi Hant ii ,' 

MAOnirtClT. M.i.iktl 

MV toul iloth nuijiniify tb» ]_ 
tnd Diy ipiril hath nioiead | 
Utul mv Saviour. 

For Ho hath n/pinlfd ; the ) 
Bou of Hi* hud -maiden. 

For btlnliL fntm hencefortk 
trcnentioni thall otll me bli..__ 

For Ha that li mtgliir hath 1 
BlIM m : and holy b llli Kan 

And Itia nwrey it nu llira 
(earHiin : IhraOKliOutatl in'iirrallt 

He hath diHim Mrmiph irilh I 
onn : lit bstli Koiuml the 
in the imaginatiati of Ibrii hca 

Mb ba& V^^ Ann Mu tti^r I 


•It ht 

Th; vUl W 
■ In hsan^ 
dolljr hff^d. 

nui »ff»|— 

'<un viil : flir 
Jt ponar, 


iln bkate to 

V, ftad la tfa 


in the kfna- 

lUbe: vovii 


I Ki 

rfortli • «■ 
halh »»g 

[l NkBA, 
IhetD Ilm4 

lb iriih B% 

thttr MKt : and halli eitllcd llit 
bmble and mntk. 

lt» lalli mii^d Ui« kiinfiT irilli 
BMil Uili^ : uiil th« ricli H« Iwth 
BtDl (inptf awaj. 

lie rcmcnilicnDg Ilia mcrcf hath 
liolpra liU iFrTaiit Isnjil ; ■■ 1I« 
prumiMil lo our forftaltitn, Abn- 
bant nnd Km nn<l, for *rn. 

G]t,ry )>« 10 tlur Failinr.antl to th» 
Son : and lo tha llolf GluM ; 

Ai u vu ki ibc befinniiLB, f» now, 
and cTtr ibMll bo i worla widNiat 
Hod. Am to. 

1 » Aiv Mi mlKi.- <MO' It to on a< 
VUAVvWJI j>» V o^ »••«. iMni [I W 

cjiNt.tTr."i r.^ icmi 

OSING unto llip LorJ i ncir 
Sony ; far H* Ittth ilouo tnurcl- 
]0DI thinirx, 

Willi lilt ana rUlil hand, anil <rlth 
III* holy aiTD : liitli Itc xqltru Him- 
Mlf (li« •ialvrv- 

Tb« Lnrd dadand Hla aalvatlan : 
Hit ri^btcoociAH haUi tic apoiilr 
■Ivrnd in tbe lisbc of the hraltum. 

H« hkih rDBMnbnvd II» mvrvy 
and tnilh toward IIm hcuM of !■- 
rar*l : aud iJI the didi of Ihc World 
hare w*n ths laitalion of our Uod. 

Shew yDoracltM joyful unto the 
Lord, all n land* : wig, rvjoiot, »iid 
(p-rt thanhi. 

I'nuM th« La«d opoo Iho harp; 
»iag t* _th« hup with s palm of 

Will) lrtiBip«U aim and ahawm*: 
O ab*« ynttTmirv joyful b«foi* tliv 
Lcifd the Xinf;. 

Let ih« tea nuke k noue, and all 
Ihtt ihtKia \t: tbeTMind wArld.and 

tliry tW dw»n Uw^Tin. 

I.rl the fioadft rlap llinr hand*, 
and kt lilt hill* bo javful lo^htr 
btftre tlw Lord : for He ronMtb t« 

}ad«i th( Mrth. 

I ttohlMiitDMi (hall ll» jiidfl* 
Um w«Tld : ud lh« paopls with 

Gk>rr he to the FilhM-, ud ta tht 
S« 1 and !■> the llttyGhMI; 

At d vraj In llx b«fflnju:, It uow, 
ud f*v Atll bt : woM witkdU 
tnd. Aims. 

T rt« • fc— im 4^ 
« lianat-M. A 

mnro ntiim 

LORD, Do» l«i 
nnt dejiart 
ills la Thr worL 

For nini) e)«l 

Wlikli TlDii U 
foTfllii' (iPOdfaH 

Tu lis a liylit tu 
tilM : aiid tu tio I 
people tmel. 

Son : and hi the H 

Aait nan in lti« I 
kTid fver t\\M be 
rixl. Amen. 


GOD ho 
bins ot : >o 
of IIIh o«int«na 
unto lu: 

Tbnl Thywui 
(ATtli : Thj Bannaj 
iiatiunA, ^ 

Let Ihcpro^afti 
jrei, lei all the (HMJ 

<J lei till natioD 
gUd : (or llioa oil* 
rijbtaoojlj, < 
op«M«aMh. ' 

te( the 1 , 
TIM, 1st aft the ] 

Iior inctcaae 1 1 
God, ahhU I ~ 

G«d thkll 
endit of the ' 

Son : and tffl 

Aa it wu I 
and ever 
end. AnMn. 
4 ivb laas M Mid I 

AJrolabiy, M< 


Htr Lerd. VIm wm «»«iMir*il hj 
ttw H»1y (ilioM, Bora cf the Vir^D 
Uu7,5uffere*t under Ponliiu PiliU, 
Wu craoificil. dead, anil bunvl. lie 
detotoded bta hell: Tho itiirJ <]■/ 
H* roM again fruin the itad, ila*«- 
MnJed into bcaTcn. And altctli on 
tb* tigM baud of Uud lli<- Faihvr 
Almignty; From t!vn«i Hn iJiall 
OOuf to jadjic the •luiok aud (Lt 

I licliaie in the Uelj Uhoit: llie 
half (.:athoIi.>k C'hurrli ; T]i» Cam- 
muuioii of S*>n(>; Tim Fawpttatm 
And uo lift evalwtinc. Ames. 

f .«mS a/*' "M- "'«' fff^Ueit^. 

Tha Lord b« witli nn. 
AiutBer. And wllIi tby ipMl. 

JUini*ter. Ltt ns prnf. 
XiOrd. hate naTcy upon rk. 

Giriti, hat* tatrrp upon ut. 
Lord, hmn acre/ aptw u*. 

^ TVa car i/taMir. riivib. and |>nHW, 
IkoU jojf U' r.tnTa r'niyn' iMU it Jvud 

OCR Fathpf. Whieii sr[ In hoa- 
vi'D. linlluwMl bi3 Th}r Natno. 
T)iy klfi):i|iiDi comv. Tfay will be 
dnn« III rnrlli. u it U in bravi*u, 
tiitn u> tliU d>]r oiir daitj brvnd. 
Aadloqdre uaDrtnEpi«*a,u«« 
forglTe ttuin that Irapua agiitut 
lu. AndlMdoiDiKiDtomnpUtiim^ 
butdeliviiTiufranftll. Aam. 

O Lord, tlicw 1!liy n«rej api» <u; 

Anitrrr. Aud gmut Oi Tbj iBl- 

I'riftt. O Lor4, ««i' ilio ({iiMa. 

,1ru«Tr. Anil rofrcifuli/ hear M 
whcD WB cxM upon Th«. 

Pritil. EDtlufTlijMiuiiitfnivilb 

^niiRt-r. Ami caaka 'ni/ cliOMn 
people Jof hil. 

jPrtof. O Lord. »arc T!iyjiBC|.li-. 

/tnncvr. And bles) Tbine loburit- 

/vi«»f. Qire ptMC ia our lime, 

attiTT thai 

liMJt* wit 

Spirit frM 

Y '•' /"fl 
u/l" /•>«< 
•U'f t( 1 



just work 

vnld <ai 
wt Mng 
OUT «iiMii{ 
nM and q 
rita of Ji 



llltl iJlllE' 
lOi:* of Tl 

JeiDsi Chr 


L«nl 01 

Cincc*, V 
hold ail 
MmC b«ai 
Tfcy fmoi 
Wous Sox 

ualk ill 1 
tcaiiily « 
bar in Ik 
liTt I Mn 


Baallr. aflR this life. 

lb JemaCltth\ 


ITV OoJ.tW fountminol 
■. arc huntblj knMiA 

I AO^tl, Al/fft 

J and aJI tho llojul 

_i Uwm with Thy Holy 

tl»B Wilk TliJ' lu^ 
■ tlieiii wilh >|] 

, J Uien (o Ttiint 

■ UMfdoni: tknMisli J«au 
'Lord. ^iwn. 

1 mm rta OMtmr *xv 

ICItTY uJ (icrluUng 
, Who aloiw warkert gnn 
'itad dowB upon oux Bi- 
I C%nte*, ao'l all Cvoft* 
lilled tu lUrli chars*, 
Spirit of thy gnm; 

JhN M4rik Ott Or*r 4^ SmMi« JVoSKT UiwM*vt lb fur. 

uil ihu tba? mtj tniy p1»u« TIim. 
pcnir uraa them tbc eaniinnil <tm 
•( Thjr llcBuiiiK, Gnut thii.Ul^nl, 
for the honour ot out Ailvocalu gm 
UtdlnlMiJeflMChtUl. ^mrit. 

A nAian or rt. ClOiracarox, 

ALMIGHTY ami, Wliu hast 
girni HI i^mcG It thi« tlma wlili 
ouc acivril to cuftke our MmmcH] lup* 
(•licatiuBi utilu 'J'hw; auiil >loal pn- 
Ih&t vhen two cr tlirt* m 

gulwtwl toBlhcr io Th; Nan* Thou 
wflt^natllwirre<iaeata: Fulfil now, 
U L«n], Uw ilMiiw «nd pftitioiii of 
Thy (OTTaDt*, aa maf bs moot ux- 
f*ii»M for Ibou; gmitliig na In tlila 
worid tEDowledgo flf Ttjr tnth, i 
In lb* world u MtM tlTe «i>arli 

letor. xdL 

THE gratra of our tart 
Christ, uiil the love of God, anil 
tlwtellowiluiiofllie liolj" Ghost, b« 
with oa all «T#nnan> Amta. 

■ Intlila I 



. _mM atnaiiB vid .tAinf Jaia..V.iiai jtnlvna. -nil wna TlinllTf^mdM. 

riia4ai Mtmiff fmif- ■•inad ^ iw AfaOat Cmi. vm tjnfnit'm gair 


K wit) be nred; 
QDri BM thins* It i« iiMn- 
IH bold ttai CUkoliek 

I Faitta Ksmil on; «ne <to 
' r aail uulvflicil : wllbont 

ri!)# i'4ihi,>i 

imrdiiti L. i .. ■' y. 

"jiB CdjIj'; 

rMMfoiuultiit tbt P«nu: 
I thr SnlMtanN. 

ta MM Ptrwa of tho 
DUtf of lti» 6tft : uiJ 

^lM>d of lAw fMw. n/' / 

all one : the Uloiy tqnal, the Mi- 
jpftj do-oUnml, 

Snch u Itii' Fnllinr i*. meli in tho 
Son : uiil xurli is tin- llulr Uhoiit. 

Tlie Fatliu unrn-iU'. w iiuu Bn- 
truto : ind tbo llolj (Ihcnt iu< 

The Father incampn!heiu>tblc, Lha 
Sou iQoompTTlirnslblc : uid the llolr 
Ghoft incoiDiircbcnintl?. 

The Pulhnr eternal, the Son fMt- 
nal 1 atid thu llol; Chuat Dtemal. 

And 7cl Thvy are not thiM etcr- 
ntla : but OIK clcraal. 

A> alio tlii-ra ar* net threa (n- 

ooioprttKinutilM, nor IhTU oneie' 

■rnf ; but one aaoTMtC<li klii «M 



G» tlkeiriM the Pathpr u AtmiclMr, 
Uie Son Almtghly : ud ik Holj 
GboM AlmUitjr. 

And ;cl They are not tlin« Al- 
Bishtin : bui cni- AlmiithlT, 

S> tbv Fillicr >■ (•111), lliv Sea in 
God : Vii ll>r Il^ly Cl,i,>.l » RoJ. 

Aiid )'el Thr; arc Dot ibfee Goin : 
hoi Olio iimL 

So likcwiw Ui0 Falhn w Lord, 
Uur Son Lord : uul Uip Holy Gho<t 

And ret nd tbrt« Lorda : lint one 

FoT like ■• we are compelled bj 
theChr»tiiIi vmly: to t'kiiowtodH^ 

anry Pcnai, hy [liiuMlf to be God 

So ue we hrbidden bjr tlie Ca- 
llwllok R4llei»rt : to my, Tim* be 
llim Codi, or thrM Lctda. 

The I'athcT it nuclo of dmu: b*!- 
UwT cfvatfil. nor brvotten. 

Th« 8«n ii lit ii\» Fkther &lon*; 
not nu<Jo. nnr rtyilpd, bill b^aoiUin. 

The Holy Chnit in t,f ih« YtXttn 
knd iif ilii' Sun ^ ui'iiiu'r nsd*, nor 
ottaicJ.tior bL-ifuttru, bui proeted- 

So liters ig on« Fulher, not thrw 
Fathcn ; oon Son, \nA ilirtw Soiu ; 
(me Hotr tihnst, nul tliK« Ualj 

And in UiU "Mnltr uooe It tlan, 
«r ifler otlwr : nona U grofttcr, er 
IcM ditu ftnoDwr; 

Uat tlie wliule three I'cmoua mm 
tO-«lmn»l toRctlier : uid eu-«<jual. 

Bn ihjt in ill (liine*. M U *tar»- 
Mtd ^ ihi I-'nitf in Tiiiiitr, and tliK 
Triuil)' in f nily ii tu be nDribipi>cd. 

lie tlicrcCoTv tLal mill Ic utnt : 
mist thin thlftk nf the Trinity. 

KurtliiTiniKnT, it U nccenuj la 
etcrlajliiw ulralion t tlul be Out 
believe nvhtl; ibc luckm&llon tif 
oat Lonl Jcnn Chrisl. 

fc'or the litilii i'iuUi ii, Uiat inj 

believe u 
Jmw Oil 

•ad H«a; 
God. of 
tfisr, hen 
■i)d Man, 
Molhrr, b 


s r*uiiiia.^-j^ ..— _ 

■ubiiiliiiK ^?^5i^""-^i 1>L * 

Father, an ^*^*i»- 
Who kk „*■ 

Man I nt <^ 


One ; not 
GodhMd \ttUi 
tlif Muihood 

On* altog 
rion of Sobrt 
■ Fw u Ik 
flccti b one i 
it one (.lirltti 

Who (nOg 
dHondsd V 

lie uoendi 
l«th M iha ri, 
God Alal^l 
■hill eons U 

a^iu ttllh tl 
givD eeomnt I 

And thty 
■bill M Into 
they uwt h»»% V 
iMtincBro. '9^ 


Thatath«c«. ^> 

:n'|it % nan A >>? 
nnot be «Te«ivk ift 
(Ijniy iw to th^^ ^' 

Son : >nd 1o Iha 
Ai it "u tu U 
ud ever ilull 
end. AmoD. 


-14 1 



nior to • 

««, bus ■ 


one* lb 
qolek a» 

loo* 901^ 
<ins : KM 


llh. „. 
Mtd t«cfe« 

l«.i« BOW. 

1 witbcw 

OnOD tltt FulMr.of hea*ni: 
hiw cHnj- uim «• mlMnbln 

■Mnw UWH* M mi«Ta&lt tiniuvt, 

O God the Son, Rcdermcr of the 
wwU : bMB Deni; upon m mute- 
imblt ihiatni. 

O no(t iIm .Von, JT^(£mii«r «r "l< 
iPorM : hart merey upon w mUr- 
mile linnrrt. 

U (l«i| ihi- Ifotj GhiMrIt protceiiinji 
BroED the t'xlier anil tlie Soo ; lute 
menyopuii un mifvnMa diuiore. 

Godthr llnli 'IHmI, rfarttding 
Jtmm Iht falhfr aiul Iht Son : haat 
mrrtv ufon u mttrMi dtmm. 

O wAy, bl««M(l, ud dorkai Tri- 
nity, Matt Paraou uA ««« 0«d i 
biTu Bcnr upMi v* ouMnblt itn- 

O Mf, Uetttdt mad ghri»u* 7Vi- 
nltt. Urn FtrWH* attd «n> tfnf : 
A«nr mcray ifvm n* hmmtvIA n»- 

Rtneiabcr nst, l.«rdi «iir affcnwf, 
IMT llw »S^i)ce« of our fqrtfatbgni; 
MiUm Iftka Tboa t«dgf*ii«« of oiir 
■lu : l^wa OS, CMd LmiI, iport Thf 
ptOvU. wbom Thou liort rtdccsKil 
wiui Tli; moal pneicnii Uaod, and 
bv not Bngrr ■'■u (>■ fur «r*r. 
Spoil (iftfwx' £<tri/. 

Fron aU «nl Mid mliclucf ; from 
■Im, (roc* ti»« TTsfu Bad uwkult* or 
llie doril; (rom Thy wralliiftuJ fruui 
t*«fUMilij( ilunitUlou. 

ViitiJ l.vrd, ibMtvr tu. 

Frhh kU blidduuw of hMtt ; fram 
nrUlei TkiB-elM7. aud hj-pouii^: 
Inm amy, MiraJ, uid ntuioo, tm 
mil OMhrinUniea. 

nwi £ar^ •foArvr mi. 

FVoH lonucat»n, uiJ all otbtr 
■bully ■In: ui tnm «ll (1h dtMii* 
•( Ik* ■rorU. lb* AmIi, nnd tha dnil, 

Ftdoi lichtniBgaadli<ntiMli from 
pbau«,pMUlaio(,ial boibke; tnn 

Htlle and ntinter. 

Goiit Lof4t 
From all Ml . 
and Nbfllion; 

trine, ber**y,H. 

moa of \ttsu\, ud co] 
Word and CotnntaudD 

^'omJ Lard, dti 

Ity t)i« myitcry «f 

(■animioii: by Thy hoi 

iag, and TempUtinB,! 

By Th ino Awny nn'l 
by Thy CroM and Pt 
pncMtu Dtktlisiidl 
^orioBi RwoitmC 

Gm4 LonI, 

Id all tiina of 

all itmc of mi maid) 

death, and in tha d« 


Wo nnnen d6 b 
hcU UB. y> LoTd 0| 
miy p)«aiv 'Dim to' 
llr holy OhtaA i 

R^f hrtttth Thf i 

T\M it nay piMl 
Hlj •tituctlMit Ib ll 

Eia« of TtiM. tn ff{ 
olinrM of lIlA, Tl' 
Timn, our nuMt 
and G<'T(rDouri 
Wt i<M*eh Tkf* 

fliit it ma: 
her hr-art in 
u>d llut the 
flunoD in Th< 
boaouT and 


Mtnivt tod ktcprr, string twrtlw 
TiCTary ow» ill her coeoitei; 

H> batrth net f* AMr w, jpuoJ 

TbM It nay ptwi* The* to btoM 
•nil prMcnc AtUiaitSt ihn Queen 
Dowagrr, Uiir Prtncc .J/^rf, ^/Ivrf 
l*riac« af Hoirf, uid all Uw ItnTSl 

ITr fiowcA Itift III lifat V4, poorf 

Thai it ID3J j>lixM TIttv to illnni- 
nitr nil UUIiap*. I'rimi*, inil Df^ 
(an*, nith tnu kaimli'LlRrr mid ua- 
4«nUDdiDKo[TliT Wo[d; anilllDlt 
Iwtli b; thvir rnuictiinii and Utuik 
tii«7 msj' Mt u brth, ud abinr ti 

W¥ betnek The* to kear ih, good 

Tlial il Bi>T pleow Thee In tmdae 
lhi> I Jin]* i>t ttie CniinuU, a»J ill iIm 
KobiUi}-, irllti gnec, irlMlaia, mod 

Irp Ijtmth Thn to hear mt, goad 

'y\aX it may pirn* ThM lo bleu 
and k>cp tlM Mt^Ulmlei. gi'faig 
iWm iiraoa (u «x«oatfl Jnsliof, and 
to maiiitilu Iruth; 

l» bnfte-h Thet li> lirar lu, poetf 

TtMt it may picaae Thtc to bl«a« 
and ktwp nil Thy [voplc, 

ir< 6n n'cA Tlita to hear (u. fKiOLf 

Tlut it may iiltuii tliM to give 
lo lU ntiiaw imtj, pncct ud oob- 

He bfttrth Thct to *<™f «•, ffoo(( 

Tint il may pTcnm Tbw t»(P™ 
n* an h«r( to lov* snd ilrvwl Tlii^f, 
and ililio-'iiily lo live after Tliy 
coDimiiiid men ti ; 

Wt i<tt<ch Thct la hetT tu. gold 

Jlul il BUT please Tbee lo gne to 
■A Thy pcoplg lucnMC of ra« lo 
Inw icMhIr Tliy Wmtd, am M ?•■ 
ttln it oritti pore tStctlm, atid t« 
brini] rurib ib« fraiu of tbe Sptril ; 
Iff UMetk Thet to tear lU, good 

Tkit it 
lelo tlie 1 
lure errsd 


en nch SM 
and help t 
raliM up ill 
t«b*al dvi 


Tlwl it 
(wur, hrlp. 

Tbul It 
■ene all I 
all met pe 
and to *Iu 
■onera and 

»'e btte. 

Tlial it B 
and prnirli 
dim, and 
deiolatv aii>f , 


nut It Db 

f» bn«*e}i 

ITiai it ma; 
Mir rT^rtniDai 
■Icrers, and U 

ir^ tuierot 

Tliat It in 
and prutf rrv 
fnlu of the < 
ire may eDJw) 

ffV iiwvril 

Tliat It BU 
1U trie rrpcn' 
aod to tndm 
Thy Holy Sp 
according to ' 





re lo f« 

a aOI 1* 


Son of G«d : w« bMMcli TW W 
Son ^ Ovd .' HV tMtftA Thme <• 

O L»inb pf 0»d : tUl takfrt »«»r 
tlic «irix uf the wurM; 
Giant \u n» ptac*. 

O Lamb of Uod : that Uke»t xv%j 
the Kiu«D(Iho world; 

fluff imrfj/ upon uj. 
O Clirial, hMT iL>. 

O €%tUi, hrar ui. 
Vori, lia*a murcj upon lu. 

£^rri^ J^DF mercy upon ut. 

Chdrt, haTtt DMrvy upon n*. 

CAriir, JUiM mercii upon ii«. 
Lonlilttv* mcrcjr upon iit. 

£»Nf, A«M m^Tfii vpom t». 

« 7»pi (tan Kkr rtSEi«, ONf Mr |iHi}if« iMA 

^Un Fftther. Wlueh art la beo' 
V' nn. lutlovrril be Th? Name. 
TUT klnplom tonw. Thy will be 
dMic in rarlh, m tt ii in hc>BrcD. 
GIth ui thu (Itijr unr daily bn«<l. 
And foniiiv <u our trMpuws, u ne 
forxlTo tlwiii llut tirqtMi wstnit 
nt. ADdkadnanMintatcnptBtloi); 
bst deliTBi' w tma tnl. Anc^n. 

Friut. OLonlidMl nutiriili u« 

^■umr. HdUxr nmnl lu «f(cr 
ou iaiquitiM. 

OGOD, iDcrnihil Fkthor. thtt do* 
feliitui nut ika aighiii; of & oon- 
trit« bnn, nor tlw diain of neb u 
b« Mm*riul; McTtlhUf MdM «nr 
Dnjcn thu ws make btfiirB Tlira 
u ill our tnnbUa »Dd wlnnilico, 
wbtiMovrtr Ihtf opprtM ut i and 
fintteiuljr btmr Si, umU thcuc «t1U, 
■blrli Dm cnft ud nblUtr of the 
(Uril or mko wotrktUi *|[>Eo*l us, b« 
broa^ U BOOgfat; and by tin- |>rO' 
vidMCW af Th; gwrfiMn tbcy nuy 
b« dUpfntd i ihM ir# Tbjt Mrnnis, 
iMbjC noM bjr oo pmifcnlianH, nay 
•rarnon ^t« ihuki unto ThM iu 
n7 baly Church } thl««^ Jenw 

O TjtrJ, atif. hflp I 

OGOD. ire hate 
pan, ati'l our t: 
rHryl iittla ij>, Ihft Hi 
Tliou Jl.lit In their 
old time bcrorv them 

O Lortl,«rUf,Mp 
tti /br 7'hinr kaniiur. 

GldTy bo tA th« Fai . 
Son : and ta itia HdI^ 

Aiuvfr. AaitwU'i 
dIu. Ii ROW. uid n 
worn without cud. A) 

F^om HOT FnamiM 

riraiimilii look tpi 



FaTOimbljr irilh ^ 

O Sonnf DiKitl, Ai 

Both nnv and a' 
h*ar npi, O flirint. 

fintulu hear ttt, O l.«n 

Print. OLOTd,l«i 
•buwcd upon cu; 

An^atr. A»lre tv 
in IIlm. 

lirF. humbly I]« 
\> Uitr. 
Thr Nu)« 
ctIu that WB 
dsMvitdj and pnUi . 
imnblva w« may pal « 
and oonfltlcDM) in n 
C'cnngrt acne Tht« ( 
par«iK«t ot liiiu, < 
and gloiy ; throi^ <h 
tor Uid AdTOcotOi Ji 
LoTiL Amm. 

A Prefer nf St. t 


»>eaid to sMlca oar eommtn tap- 
pllcMi«tia oarto Thco; *.nil 4<Mt pr»- 
nhtf Oitt vtben two or three an 
CalhcrrJ lowlliM In 1^ j Nun* Tli-'U 
wiltgnkl UuiirrtquwU; Fulfil luiit, 
O Laid, tfae 4M(rM Mid pMiliaiu of 
nor MTTaalK, m Bar b» noit rx- 
iwdknl toUifaii smiting D« in ibit 







nr Hatn. 

OnoD, liiTXTMlr I'*Mh«r, WTio ly 
Thy Son Je«u» fhrirt 3mit pro- 
miM^ to tU lh«m tkil »Mk Thj 
lEinRilurn. anil tbn rlghleoa«n<«i 
thrrrof, «11 tUns* BOMi^rjr to tlwtr 
badU J 10*10111160 : Send m. wc be- 
MMh Tlwci, in ima ant atetatits, 
tuoh ■sdcnti nln aoil (bomn, 
thu «v nui]' nMJT* ttap fniiu ol tho 
orlh to aiir eomfntt, Lni to Tity 
liuuuur ; llirougli Jtunn t'lirirt our 

OALMrCHrr Lord fio-l.Whu 
for tlie sin of mail iliJnt ouw 
drown all the worlil, »x«pi •^M 
prrwiiLH.inil nftarwATd of Tnj pMt 
mere; cliiltt pnoniM neivT lo OMlraT 
il so noln ; Ws bonblf beWMh 
Tli«*, iliil iittliomi(li we for our ini- 
qoiltcii lurn woftliily (leaerrcd ft 
plK£in of rain anil waten, yal upon 
enrlne rimiiUum Tbmi wUt ml 
tunafa wratber, (wthat wtiM7n- 
OdK tlK frnile of the tuth in ilat^ 
■won ; and hun boUi hy Thx pu- 
BUhaual lo ameoil oar liTci^ aa^ foi 
Thr cltDCDi? 10 ^ That imUn 
uMclorri tbiMgliJanaCteMonr 
Lara. Jawff. 

hll. I 

of Til 
now I 
be ni 
and I 








br O! 


nl tliai ft 

lirt) wv • 
'or Oi^ to 

I rlnijuiM 

• of J«M 




Wc r»L 
le Mrlte '^ 

K Owl W 

/■ ll> Omitfirn ami TMMlb. 

kiuei. and (rtTfrndUT of ftll 
thiiwfl<.tthoM powpr no «rMluN ii 
kbl« to rvwtl. to Whom il bclonxrth 
J11MI7 U) puubib auuwr*, ind to ht 
m*rn(<il Ut thtm Uu>t trulj ntcnt ; 
!>«•< aii't iltiirer ua. w* humklr b«- 
Miffli "Dit*, from the h>niU m our 
Miemiw : >bal« thmr nid«, laMm^o 
UuJT niftiice, ud wnntiDd thoir tic' 
Hmi; Uui wv, being tniMd with 
Thjr<l«I<!nte. mi^WjinanvcdeTer- 
inirn bam ill pull*, to jlwify ThM, 
Wlio irt the only gitcr of nil tic- 
tory : ifarauili ilia iiwritii of Tlij- unly 
Son, Jmui Chrbc our Lord. Amm. 

imitli diijd u'liil » tikuuu u|iaii 
Tbiu «*m ptople in ibe wMdMiMM, 
fot UielT obKimte nMlten MtlaK 
Ho«M tnd Kxtta ; uid klto, fa tb« 
tiiKP of king Dsviil, didnl ilty with 
thf jilainie ai t'viliJenM lliRneon 
unit ten Ibuuuuil, luit jtt rvniMu- 
b^niiH 'lliy nmrj dldn nre iliv 
n>n ; lInT* piiy upcn nt miwmble 
(inncra, who non an: lUitvil Htili 
cm! Bidaieai auti uiorlilily; Cliat 
Ilk* »• Tboa didJI lli»ii a«Miit of in 
■l<ni«nunt, tad didit Mmmiml i\k 
dfiUojiog Angel lo omm franina- 
nltUnx, M it majr now |iIm« TW 
■0 wiudrKv rrom u iMi pluns 
and jrrltitMi idrknew ; through Je- 
tai Cfariil oiir Lofd, Amrn, 

i jn du Matn' (TiHtf. M b MM nwy 

ALM1GI1TV God. otiT hMTeolj 
Fuhrr, Who hMtpiiTehHed la 
Tbywif na nnhfrMl CoarA ^ the 
mmIdiii Hood of Th* dear Son; 
Mcrclfiiltr Udt ajpon Ibe MOt?, *nd 
■I thh IIm» to Ksiils ftnd itoreni Hub 
Btlmb of Thy wr^Mit* tli« Dinhopi 
ud rwhmi o( Ttry Ilodi, th*( they 
laay !» htod* raddfnily oh do om, 
fast lUlUally ud ntatly maka etain 
af lit ptnoiu to MTte in ibc aoRd 

MinUtn- of Hit 
ihiow whi^b >h»ll ha \ 
ho]/ function iri*o 
biHivmlr bFn«diMio 
(hair tifia and dunir 
forth TI17 glnrr. aniL, 
MltntioD of nil nun | 
Chrigt our Loud. J| 


all flood dfti. V 
ntiv frvfiivnc* h»lai 
(frJem in TI>y Onja 
)^^f^. Ire huntbl? m| 
sJl thoM who vn u 
»ny ofllw and adald 
nine; and m rtplq 
the truth u( Tliy dofl 

dtIC lIllTiD with iDDO' 

dial Ui«y mity faiihf 
fnrp Tliw, lo the glon 
NniiiD, and tliu bvnsfl 
Chnivh ; through 
Lord. Amtn. 

^A JYoffr ant nv i 

OGon. WIki» :_ 
pEity b rrer lo hi 
to fontive, rtoeiifoj 
tloir* : and 
tonnd rrilh th 
^t let the piti 
mercy luoae till 
Total*. Amm. 

^ A rrofir^a^ 

doin to gcti9nlj 
High Coarl of 
moU rellKiouB and 
at thU Una mmuT 
wdnlilcm tie plraacd 
prosper all their DOOMll 
adrancuineut of Thy gl 
of T?i7 Cliiin-h. ihi i 
and irclfarc of oiir I 
b«r Uontiniona ; thai 
be M ard^nd and m 


MB, truth »nd jioKlH, iwBfioB wi4 

-lor ■ 

Adur DMtaMilei, ^ dwn, (or na, 
■nd Tkgr whole Chaivh, we hvaU; 
kg in lb« N»EB« tad Mediation a( 
J«ini< ChriH OUT mMl tlfil LopI 
■a4 SaTtoor. Amen. 

(■m. CO be mm oi m^ iiM> wlai Ck 
XiLinr M Ml (WfwfnW M t( MM. 

O GOD, the Crutor anil Pnwrrar 
i>f ill niitnkinrl. WD hnaiMf he- 
Mecb Thro for &n loni uxl coudi- 
thiu of rocn : t>ut 'riion woaldari 
be pkutd to makv T}^t khvii known 
Ultto (hem. Thv xivii]!; Iiualth untd 
ait nAliuDx. aIdt* «pccUllj, w* 
jiny '"■' the good etUW d (oe Ca- 

thoUck a 

SlliW an 
pint. Ihi 
ta tka «i 

ly goodn* 
bocif, or < 
ptf iallji M 
our pr«3N 
nJ.] thati 
fan BJid I 
tlwir wrei 
patlrnn* j 
a happj* i 
Unni- All 


1 j| Souml nMnUu'cinp. 

AUTinHTY Ood, Fnhnr of ill 
. inpivUB, Vfe ThtBi^ utiwurlhr 
temnU ilu i^ive Time moat humble 
ud Imru- i)i:iiit;>i fur alt Thy sooil- 
nui and rnnng'kmiliifiu U UK. anit 
• Ttik H ta wd to all niEii : I'parli- 

■n w man |M— thnrr nuip Ju q/Krr ii}> 
IMr prai$fi Anit tlUntk^vingi /or 

Um.] We blea> riiM (Or our en- 
Miot],iirewrTUloi).Bnilill thebleM- 
Inn of lliiii life : bnt aborc all) for 
TMnc innticnablr ^nte in Ui« re- 
tlunptiou uf the wrld bjr out lionl 
and for t1i« bop* at glM7> Ah> wt 
b«Mtcli TbM, gira iw tut do* traat 
«f all Tlif nerdes. tiiat out hcitrta 
nay bo ttufgliuedly ihaukful, uil 
that wt shew forth TV pnUte, dm 
<nij with our liiiB, bat In ma liTw ; 
br siTioB up uum]TM to Tjbv acr- 
tiM. ud t>j mlkiiif bsfcn That is 
Mlmw and riffbHooiDfai til our 
&7» ; ihrongh Jtsot ChHn oor Lor4, 
M Whom wiUi Tiipc and (Ik llolj 
(ihott l>T all liaimut and glarjiWOild 

by V 

do«l caiU)> t 
rein t(i duM 
it may briiii 
mtn 1 W« I 
that it hat 
HT«at p«oai 
a Jajful ralj 
and to rofr 
tg IhogTca 
wnrUur acr 
of Tlir bol 
mcTolca in 

of lunodtr 
in Thv men 
fpricd our 

iiniM and 
Jeclanr Tli 



Ink pla^ 

OM O 8 T meieifiU FiiW. Who 
of Thr gnuloof (tMKlnUi huit 
Dcml Uie denrat pnyera «f Thy 
Ouirrb, and liirocil oiir dfanli ■Ji<l 
I'^rcil^ tuto chnpocM and plenir ; 
"'» pre ThM huuble Ihufcir for 
Ul1« Tby iipo«ail boiiat; : beBMohJnv 
Tlim u oontiniio Thj ]cn1ii|>Idiiil- 
ii«N Butu u, ihu oar hiid mikT 

?ic1i ua her fiuiU of iacfcwe, u 
by glory noil our oomfort; throuffh 
•(cnu QiTiat OIK Lord, jinra. 

OALMKlilTV God, Who Ml a 
ftronff ttiiTcr cf ([^frnn niilo 
Thy fcmnt* aBniiin tlic /««« Of 
tholr ciumiM; Wityiclil Tlicc praise 
■nd thanloyiTing fur our ilcllii-miiH 
from thoae gnat iuid nppuvnl ifMi- 
gen «fc«mnlh we were (ampauai'l : 
wa aettnowMsv it Thy cdaiIdcss 
UiBl «• were nol il(ilii«T>><r oirr as 
K nrty unto thvia ; b»rpr?Iiii(); TEiv<> 
al»l 1o ooDtiaoB auch Tliy mcreli'H 
toward* uhtlial all Uir n-iirld may 
IciiDii' tliil T)>ou arl our liaiioiir and 
nuib'hly Dclircrcr ; ihiough Jcaua 
Cbriit our L«inl. .iiiu>n. 

FiV rrfLxr^ AiWr* ftmv nt ITnv. 

OKTRaNAt, Cod. osr hvavniV 
I'niliiT.Wlio alono mailuul omi 
to t« uf oD« nioid in a bouat, and 
itiDcsl tli> oatnac of a itiolant and 
naruly povfiJv; We Uraa TUr boly 
Nun*, dial it hath pliwvil Tlwa to 
upaom ibc Nditioua lumalta wtiidi 
uv« Icon lal*)y niat<I up aaonfpt 
tu; moot bnmbly bc«e<efaiaii Th« to 

Cut to all «f at sn<P, thai w« may 
icriorlli ub^JIrnlly wall in Thy 

Uh.r , W 

holy roamatidn 
qni(<T iixl jifii! 
mm and hftn* .. 
oiQcr unla Tli»« our e 
and tliatikiinvinj fori 
our Lord. M ' 

ui fur our ib^ 
m fM oor 
Ul« liraiy and 
aad now, ia tht i 
our Eoul) tMm tW ;, 
We oBiT mitc Tliy" 
uvm onnclTM, our i 
wlileli Thoo hut < 
l)Hn(f aacrillM 
piaiiing aad n 
eicri ID Ihe nifa 
tl>ru(i|[li Je 

TirE hnaiMy aolt 
T* I'hM.OnuiHli 
lliBl all Ihc pnntfi! 
ihreafamd in 
bar* fallun uj: 

aimlfuld Iraiixy 

of heart: Vrtiooiiial 
Tbetof TlQ-lcndarn. 
w*ak and unworthy hi 
aHwa«« tba conlacli 
wherewith wu lij«|y^ 
afflictud, aad to T««tM( 
joy an J health Into^ 
Wo oBbr anlo Thj U 
the ta«riBco of ntsac Mi 
inil< lauding asd lnaenH| 
rioiu Name far anch 1! 
tiun and pn>Tideii«i ot« 
Jofiiv Cluiit our ~ 




rimt or KiH. iiktU In laM at lU Eh^i 

»«l rmar inrD*! is aptksT- 

ALMIGHTY C^od, art ii« graw 

ircrrk* uf tlnrkiiCM, wid jnil upua a« 
l)ja irniour uf li|tit, nuw iu Lha tine 
of l)ila niorUl IJw, III irhlch Thy Son 
Jnni Cltri't I'anio lo litll un in grMt 
hiiiuilitv : that in t!ia iMt itey, ohoii 
lie bIuII cuma Again in llii KluTiuun 
&I^«ity to Jucln both the quick iixl 
ilomil.wB jaxf rUt lolhr lifrlnnior- 
tal, IhrDQ)^ llini Who linlh and 
rrijpietli villi 'i1ic« astl the Ilaljr 
GboU, now uiJ «vcr, Amrn. 

f 7V> IVJkI il llitt rrjiMltl rrrry 11*11, 
Mtt Mr Mtr CMlntt in .tifiiiX, nniU 

Thi RftttU. Ow% DO mui uj 
UiinK- Horn. liij. ttr. H. 

2»e fiMpfl. When llwjr dr»w 
uMi UD(« Jcrutalem. SL Muth. 
xa.rcr. I.tonr. II. 

BLESSBH LorJ, WlioliorfcnuB. 
*d all h"ly S.-rii'tiirrB lo ba 
Writtan (or oar 1ca.riiiH£; (Iniit thu 
W* majr itt "Uch wis* hc«r Ihcm, 
Tttti, mark, l«ani. and inoirJly ili- 
gut tiwm, thiC hy r>xti(>r)0«, anj 
cmnfiirt of Thy hafy Word, w« mi]' 
mfarOM, and «T«f hold tait the 
UMM<tbopeofeT«TlBitlniIlf(' whldi 
Tliou hiai pvm on in our SaTloor 
Je*ui Cbrul. Amrn. 

Thi EpiiiU. WhuUomr ttiings 
WOK wrill«n. Itom. ir. ver. 4. to 
nr. 14. 

rAa (Joipil. And thorn dull bo 
aigns. St.Lukcaxi.tcr.2S. torer.Sil. 


OLORJJ J»a ITiriit. Who tt 
Thy firat OOTiing tlidit »iul 

I«i » 
may 11 
of the 
an an 
ooc G< 


of HI. 


UD, am 
dovd i 

n«; (I 
S«tt 00 
and til 






Uka o 
■( Ihti 




'HOI kak 

rtopnpan TVr 
Gnat lb»ttlM m 
iri! wf Thj 
K fKpin 

irtato Qte 

»l Tliy »ecood 

orU wt imair be ib 

pcofle la Thj- 9W 
nd ntenot wis^l 
he Hafj Splris. ■ 
J witboM cod. .^^ 

Let ft iBBii to ««■■ 
T. Tcr, I. to Ter_ C 

Nun whtn Jtiba I 
itlkxi.m.'J. to 

ilwuptwepcmy TV 
r«r, UM eooM a^ 

thiongb tnir li^ ■ 
I At* tat* M -Till k 
ifflh* nca tli^i b» 

tHMwiiral grwe* M 
»<Ul7hdp«a4 date 
IT atiduttMi of B 
to Wlov with 1^ 
UboM be hotiMBr ^ 
[ibmitead. ' — rn 

]t«}»ie« In tfi« Z^ 
y. rer. I. (o Ter. 8. 

Thi* U I)m t««ar4 • 

or OCX LORPk OK v^ 

r cntttn. "»■!■■■ 

nnlj'-liecnitta S^^ 
ra npoa llldk ba^ ^ 

II \ic Liini of ■ p^» 
Ihat no Ikiii^ y^b^ 

adoptiM &n<l Bn««. ni; diijy W »■ 
uetied bjr Tbv llolir Spini ; thmnoli 
tiie nme onr Lord Jevu Chri*t, Who 
liTMli uiil nijcuinh wiib TliM apd 
Uif nme :4p[rli. «vrr out God, mild 
nithoiit tm. Amrn. 

1\i Kpiillf. Ciod. ttTia »t fUDiliT 
UmM. il<)>. i. rer. 1. V> rcr. 15. 

Th* (ItHpel. In the briiiniilfiK <*>• 
|]>« WoH. St. John 1. lur. I. la tm. 

f-< RANT. It Urd, ilul. tn all on- 
1 mlTirTtngB hnra npon «ulli for 
tfef tfiMimmiT of Th^ tntlh, we nay 
«t«ftbutl]r look np le hekveiuaitd by 
faith bebokJ the bIw; UiU ib^l >» 
rertaJed ; ud. Miig ifled wilb lh« 
Helf Ghml, tniij Imm lo love U'l 
blo* QUI iimcculun by Itic axuniilv 
of TUf finL Mirur Sai[i[ Sc«pliL-u, 
who pived ior IiIb nmrderirR to 
TtiM, biMwd J«au,Who lUod- 
•M at lh« Tight hand of (iod lo ran- 
eour til Uime t)i«l ■iiffcir fur Tim. 
our ontr UsdiiltiT wl Advocate. 

jvvir~fM('i mm. 

Ft* (A« fyiutt. SU/plttn. htinc 
fall of tbt Hblr Cliott. .IcU t». 

TIL' (iMptt. IteLold, I Mad un- 
to jroa pr^heU. Si. lltlih. sxid. 
rtr. SI. 

SMSItons niE BVASOElJ.-n^ HAT 

MERflFUL Lnrd. bv bnmtli 
Thee la oM Thr briHlit Inana 
of lixlil Djioii Tliv (.'iiurdi, lliat. il 
beins enliclitencJ by the doclrine 
of Thj; \AttutA Apoatle and Knii- 
nU«t Seiul Joliii may m walk in the 
Ml «f Thy irulli. Ihal il nay al 
ten^h altaiu to iho licU of a*«r- 
latbng life ; thi«^h Jme Cbbt nor 
Lerd. Jnn. 

7\*^:pi•^)f. Thai nUeb we* hom 
Ik Wgfniiins. I Rl Jolni i. Tci. ), 

TV Q—inl. JcMi Mbt wtW 
Pot«r. Folioir 31«. ^ j^hvt it^. 

ling* 1ia*t I 
madeM bi 
riwi { 
ooT In 
out " 

Pof tht 
a Lanb. Hi 

Kl. Malth. ii. 


jtV III Th] 

lake oar nal 
Hi thu tin* 
Vinpai Uq 
DDTalc, and; 
adoption and 
iieirtd by T] 
iht aiav u 
Who liirellij 
anil ttie !«■ 
Tvrld nitlMi 
TTlf ft>l»(i 
heir. fi»!. h 

Chrii't iraa oi 
Tcr. 18l ^ 

TllJt ClM 

Thy bli 
vlMd, and • 
man; <!>mntl 
of tV- Spirit 
all our DM 
from all *<i»l 


TUB BOTpiuxr. OR TUB H\«imu. 

noX or CB Bm- TO lUE UKXTOdK 

OGOD, Who hj the luUiof of k 
(tor ilIdM uuuiilal Tliy oiJj- 
bemttm Sod to the OantllH ; Mn- 
oi^lly eraol, Itttl (iv, which know 
Thee uon by faiiti, nuj atlo llii* 
lifcliin'tlip fniiiino of TlnrKloriouB 
Godhuil : tliruuifli Jmu!! uiiii>l uur 
Lord. Jmrn. 
Tlit Epittlr. Far thU mua*. t 

Ptul. KptlM. iii. TM. i. 10 TST. 13l 

TieCmpiri. Whea Jciiii iTMbara 
in UclMcbcni. Su Matlh. ii. T«t. I. 
wrtT. IS. 

mc fiBUT eniiuT aftbb me 


OT.ORn, t«* Wi>«di Thfte mer- 
(ifully to wceire tb« V^T*" 
of Thy ii«ai>l« irhlchc^ll anoiiTlie*; 
ftnil gnnt thai il)i>y nuy Miti t>pr- 
olvt kod know irhil itiiiiin ihcy 
m^t to do, Bad aln may lura 
MM uid power biihfullr lu ftitti 
the mme ; throoith J«iras t'hri«t our 
Lwd. Jnm. 

T%« KfHUlr. I IwkMi'Ji )-oii ltuit«- 
fore. Hon. ill. Tcr. I. lo vet. 6'. 

TKe G-atiiet. XonHi3pAreDU<*cnt 
to Jcnmleoi. Si. Luke ii. vcr. 4l. 



\LM 10 >1TY knd«vmkaling flo.!, 
. Wito doac soiTMii bU ihlnn In 
heuTi'n &nd cMlh ; Mcnifulb' nnr 
the nip plications of Thj p«Dpi*.Kiul 
fniit UF TI17 pvM* lU ill* d>Tii of 
our life : ilirtiugh Jmiu Chrlii our 

'/Ar KyitlU. Haling titan gjfu 
didriiiK. Ron. xii. Tct.ti. to icr. ic. 

TV Au/W. iVnd iV third iny. 
St. John ii. Yiir. 1. CO T«r. 13. 

Tns TuiuD itixnAT Artxn vm 


ALKIOHTY and «TorIa»il»tf C.hI, 
, ncrvlfully look upon our iiiHr- 
ultlaiL u>d Id all our dutccm siitl 
iiMMiiliM itTctoh forth Th; ri«hl 
bsDiI to hfflp iiii-l <lifrad ui ; tfai0Uf;ti 
Jeaas Clirist oui lyird. AimKi 

own ooQcvi 

dowii. Si 


in thi 

mat dangi 
tmilty at i 
wBvi itani 
lUoli tlKIiK 

HjpDort u* 
UI tBMaffli 
Jstui C^'i 

wbUel. H 

«itvin-l tni 
»tr. 23. 


tlul lh«v 1 
hop* of 1 
»v«rinor« b 

Cimr ; t) 
trd. Am 

Tke llyh 
the *lrcl O 
lo r*r 18. 

wn. St-M 

Till SIX 

rtnijr tlw 
mak* lu tt 
o( clcrnal 1 
Him, that, 
purlfjr oiin 
thai, fAi/tl 
wtlh pOWE 
tw msdc Ii 
nal and 1 

m tie «ra« •■ 

wr. I. ta 

Inxilimi of ^ 

'Arm TUB 

UM<1 San ^ 
He ml^t ^ 

ai,we' _ 


m In HU ^S 

lIotrGWt.H* liirlh uid re^nnh, 
■•n- «M Q«>l, irorlj vrltttoal tai. 
ji mm. 

Tit Hpulle. Briiflkl. what du- 
nerof iovc. 1 St.Julm iii- rtt. I. M 

n* G«tp«i. Then if my ntm 
■Mil W7. St. kb-ttk xxlv. vn. :J3. 


OU TOJ raUB Rnit>AT BkroKK 

OLORD, '»<• t>»«>ch Then fa- 
voorabty lo hs^t Ihc pnj^en of 
Thy pMp!«; Hut wi<, who arr jailJy 
imnlUM for oar offvncf*. may M 
mendfnllj (Ic1ii«r«cl by Tliy onuil- 
UM<. foe the ftlory of Thj Nam* ; 
lliroo^ Jftnm I'liriit oar Saviour, 
Who linilh anil rvi,^Hh with itoo 
and ths II0I7 Gha*E, «ivr odv God. 
wwld niihotit «iid. .!■■#». 

r** Rpuilf- Knov ™ not, l)iat 
Ihir wUcli run. 1 Cot. II. lor. -.'1. 

TiU OowptJ. Til* Icingiloia of hc«- 
iM. Sl.Uuib.xx.1r4r. I. to rcr. J 7. 


OLORD GoJ. Who wtat tItU tb 
p«l act our mill in auy iliin^ 
u«« "« ilo J MtrtifuKv Kfsiit thj[ 

by ni> pwwtr «o nny br >Jcfoiidvil 
■ntn«( kll adienlty ; thruiugji Jcnii 
CoriM our Lord. Amen. 

Tht KpitH*. V<wffiivf«ol>|liid. 
I7. 2 CcT. jri. twr, Li. to TOT. 3i 

TV tl^iptt. Wbt!D uuph iwDpte 
were sitlwnd. Si Luke >iii. w. *. 
U TO- IG. 

THB nmiAT r-ii.i.m Qcnrqi-tdit 

POKa t.ciT 

OLOKD. WU h±A Udgbl III 
that )tUurdaiiv*«hihout<^ia- 
mj am natUint "wUi : Send TV 
H*It ObMl, Md your inti oar 
iMWia Ital nM ixMUtiM sift of 
dfwMr, the wry bond vImmc mA 
ifttt ftittm, witiwat «Uek vi^n«>- 

(Ter tnrtb Ii 
The* : (ininl t 
•Icnu Cbri*l'i 

. . Jjiif. 
1 Tor. illl. >er 

Thf Ein,tU. 

la Him. 

TRi: riiur 
CAM ' 

7\- Whohat«t 
luuit tnadv, iLOit d 
«f all lliein that 1 
ud nmlcr in __ 
h«iiirU, that w«l 
«iir «Liis, tai 
tlic God bf all 1 
lion tnd rdTsii,- 
Chrut our Lat£] 
% -mi c-aiKt It I 

IMI aKir Ok ' 
Fat tht A>'*A,, 

M«. J«#l ij. verol 
MatUl. ii. r*r. 14 

riiK riKvT an 

0I.ORi>. WW 
tliai, our 
Spirit, WT. 
matlanH in 
holincu, to 'fiiv I 
W>io liTMt jtad I 
Fillier gnd the j 
GmI, wurld vitluM 

Tha HpiHl*. ii 
en. SCor.vL 

Tta (ioipet. 
up of tbo Sjii. 
wr. I. tonr. Ii 


«n> turn nn pi 
li> h*l|i ooncli-H : ] 
vard^ (n <iia Xt^ 
t» -iiw «»&&■, "^ 
V IttAt^ Vt*» 


mar Iwppeii to Uip boifar. md bwB 
all erfl ifioujtliu which mar umalt 
and hnn ilie »<>ul ; ibnng'b Jooi 

TAr Kpiillf. We bewMh Too. 
1 TIhm. ir. rer. 1. ta Tcr. !". 

TX« G«0fifl. Jt*ii« w«ut th«iir«. 
St. Matlh. i<r. T*r. SI. t« v«r. 29. 


WEbcucchTliM, AlmiuliIjrGod. 
iMk upon Vbe lieutr d(«lR> 
ot Thy huBibU •trranls. uii ■traiob 
fonb Lbs right huiilofThT Mijoftx. 
to bo our dcffiMv i^i nri all our mo- 
nita; Ibtoogli Jc«w Chriil our LuriL 

Tht Epiittt. tie n ibierttowt fol- 
lowers ■>{ Ood. EphM. t. tot. I. lo 
itt. \h. 

TAt flutptl. Jtni wma cutlnj 
«nt ■ dttril. St. Lok* xi. trr. tt. to 

THB rovRTH iirm>aT n i.Exr. 

GRANT, ire bFKcch Tht-*, Al- 
miglrly (IikJ, Iliit rr, »lin (or 
onr fril dmli il<i wimhil}' il(>iii>ivi' 
(0 be ^DUlMd, bj Iha e-trnforl of 
Thy met ma}' n^cUullr be rtllcv- 
ed i UiR»gh our Lonl Md Soiiau 
JesiK Choiat. Amen, 

The EpitiU. Tdlme.yo Ihal dc- 
tin. Ual, ii. Tcr. 21. 

TV Variiel. Jnuf vrcut otpt tlio 
•n. St. John Ti. rer. 1. lo rir. 1.1. 

TUB nttB mniBAt ix i.xvt 

WB beeeech Thsc, Almight; 
Ovd. BiL-rsLtully to louk upon 
Tlqrpt^plc; tlul bj Thyiritai uood- 
OMs IhcT ma-i be nTcTncd aad pr»- 
»er»wi c'l'tuiort, Vrtb iu bodj- uid 
•oul i tliruu^S Jr»u« Chrutt uur Lurd- 

TV KfiiilU. Cbritl belns («iqi< 
ui High Pn««t. Hthr. Ix. m. 11. 
la vTT. IB. 

ThetU^pel. Jtraa hU, Whicli of 
jou cuii'iucvlh Maof lio? &v.Jotin 
riii. wr. te. 




our i 









wa* I 

to Id 





bath I 

rcr. 4 

in. H 



of ih( 

to *ei 


sni I 
of fi 



Oheot, crer vna Owl, worid wiUwtt 
«nd- Amtn. 


ly WhoM ^iril Iho wliole 
beiljr o( Uie Clinrelili gommei) uul 
MiuiIBmI ; R«o« li« our mpiil im Ixnni 
and jatj9n, whioli we orTu brforc 
TTtnt fur all «tUM of nwii U TV 
bol}' Chunli.tlut mrj nm^r m 
tha uDir, in bii voMlion anil mini** 
Irj". intj tnilif mil godl/ lem TIihb; 
thrnniiH our Lord and Siviour Jmu* 

OMKRCIl'UL God, Who hiuc 
mkdc all men, uiil lutrit an- 
tliUig that Than kitit nkdc, nor 
wonldut l)iB ilvalh of > nDnci, bat 
rathpf that he uliuiild bo ociiiTertcd 
unit lije; ilara latrfy upon iillj«ft«i 
Tiirkti. Iiilidelii, and HFrelick), and 
Uko from llieiD all ii^nornun. bard- 
BtU of bout, «nJ ii>iil«nipt of Thy 
Word; vid M fiili:li iliuin homr, 
blNMd Lord, to Thy Hovlc. Iliot ihur 
may ht nrod imoiuc thi i«tnDaiit of 
ItiF truft laraoltlvn. and he au^dc one 
(old cnd*T one *h«iili*NJ , Jnut llirist 
ovr I..ord, Who lirtth and rvifmrth 
trltli Thee uidllw Ilolr Spirit, on* 
Cud, mrrld wilhent end. Amen. 

7%e Ji/iutlr. Tim law biting a 
•dmIow of good Uili^iL Helir. x. 
Tor. I. M nr. 26. 

TAf aaml. Pilaia ihenhn tuok 
JcMU. St. Jobn six.i-tr.«cr.3B. 



C'l RANT, Lord, ihM u m urc 
r biptiKd ioto ihc death uf Tliy 
UoKod ami oar 5*Tiour Jn of Christ, 
«» by oautiuukl nortifying onr wr- 
ra^ BlTKtiutu v« I1IB7 b» buried 
with Ilia ; and iIiai ihr»D)[b the 
Rr«*«, aod satD of dekth, yio mar 
pua lo inir iovfuj rMBrreelion ; for 
llii iBPTita, wbo dJ«d. and itu bn- 
rirf, and roM asBia fM u*. Thjr Son 
Jcnin Cbriil our Lorl. Jnwi*. 

Tbf Kpiiiit. It Ii belt«r. IT Uu 
<riU of Uod b« M. 1 St. Pol. lil. 
wr. 17- 

TV OMnri: WhmUwvvmw 
miw. St. Mitth. itxrii.'in.KI. 

n cvilu*, M 
Mhi/J A/ f Ufv or* d 

CHRIST oor\ 
BokI fov no I 

Not irlih th« aid Im 
the Icatta «f malice 
HMi : but vitli ihc ui^ 
of MoctHtjr and tmdi.. 

C UK 1ST tvingr* 
dnd dloth DO mMI 
DO raoTO damlDloa ar«r 
I'or ia thai Uo dioiL 
■inoiirv : bill io tb^t £ 
llTeih ualu UtiA. 

LikcHifo rcr koa ^o •! 
lo be doad Indiwd Bnt« 
usio Gt>d ihlQDcll J' 


C-fHRISTi. riamfi 
/ and bviiuniB the 
them Ilia I ilept. 

I'oi nncc by man cmk 
Httu catno mm the nj 
Ibc dtud. 

For M in Ailun »I1 
in Chrial ibaU all 


Ctorrbclolbo Pitte 
Son : ■»•) tM tliv W^j G 

Ae it wu iu tlio b^lBI 
Mid «T«r dukll bf 
«ud- ilntfR. 

iUnr.HTV God.1 
1\ lliiiiL' tmljr-bcgDir 
niri>( baat ov 
apviii^d unto 111 I 
in([ life; Wohui 
that, u bjr TTir i 
TriiijiiK Ui< Thoa doit 
minds icwd dMiret, M I 
liiiual bi^lu we mar bd 
to good vBiji'l ; IbraQgB 
our Li>rd, Wlm liTelSi j 
with TiicR nri<t the Hob 
tm.t Guil, nurM ntllMiU 

rwidri)! ■■ r 

Tht Kt<uiu. 1 f « I 

with Chrvrt. CvAo^-va-'^ 

TU Ciaijri, TJoftl. 

lf05PAT a KAtnWWVM. 

Fpr lit* Ktnillr. PfUr «pMWd 1l« 
inniith. Am X. nr. M. to rwr. M- 

n* dotyrl IklBl'I, tMD of Hit 
•Uidpiei. St. Luke 1X11. twr. IX W 
rer. », 

PorllktBfit$tt. MenuKltTrlhin. 
AcU xVa. vcr. 39. W nr- 42. 

TVttf Gatftl. Jma* IliDMcIt iMo^ 

fBU>eiiii<M. St. LubtxuT. la.aO. 



Hut u«ft 

uf tlitbi'i 
W ttMir I 
■Dcb tbint 

n* q 


<«r. IB. 

TV a 

■» lit 

Tuc nuFT suntAr aftzii HAfrHL 

AtMirjIITV Folhn-. Who luuX 
^iru Tliini! iinljr .San lo die for 
•ur Hw, nnd in nie again for itur 
JnHiflcaCiim ; Unut ut m la pul a- 
way ibr Uartn of a»llc« iiiil wick- 
tdncMi that wc inn)- almy Km 
TbM in poruim uf li'iuj; luil Uvth; 
Ihrawb Um BMtlu vX Uu mub Ttir 
Sea Amu Onto »t Lord. Jom*. 
7k< £>u^^ Wliataoertv fa born 
of SdiL 1 St John T. v«r. *. to T(T. 


ThtGfpti. Thcwnednjratenn- 
bij. Su J«)ui:u.r«r.l9. lOTer.34. 

»«, 23, 

TUEtEnoNDMrsDiTArTBH sjurmt 

ALMIUIITV G«d:. Wbo baal 
el<M Thin* onlir Son t« be oii- 
W u> both k iaerlflc* fw dn, Md »1m 
ui «nnnip1t of SOdljr lifa ; Gira oa 
gtam thit oc jtay alnji moat 
Uunkfiillf ivirivi! iliat HIr iilfMI- 
nulrle bciirlit. and alM dxily emlfA- 
Tour ourvhi-a lo foUair the hlrnwd 
Mcptol If is mart holy life : through 
Ibu tame Joru Clixiil out Lunl. , 

Tkf filiate. Thii M llMQk-iroTtliy. 
I S*. IVt. II, Tor, is, I 

n* (iitipttl. Jnn* mid. I *n lh« 
good lOicpngrd. Si. J«ho x. Ter. 1 1. 
lo ret. 1 1. 

mc Tninn #rKivty aptrh eajtbr. 

ALMIUIITV Cod. Who ihniroi 
to ihpin Ihit b* ill rrror Uic 
IwhlorTlir lrnlh.l«th«intFntthikt 
Ibv BiAy raturn ioln Ilia way of 

HfttlMHineM 1 Gnnl auto oil Uwm. 



lb* thine 
oA Ml 
and nau 
wbirv tn 

TV Kp 

Ja-mrt j. i 




'Hi; hum) 

liotjr in Mil 
tliini!) IIA 
cifui (uid: 


Wwd. 3 

7»« Gi 

unto you. 

Ulirv* T 

I.ori Sett 
into iha ti 


>. utA - mil 


0»J. WT 

the unntl^ « 

inj em 


m o? tW «■« 
« M b* f«^ 

rt. 2-J. 

Xvi. *Bi-. i_ , 

nnrvm «u «^ 

rfarmtba i^^^ 
Jc«as C^Hte 

i»i. tcr. 231. 

itMh Tils*, A 

U Ulce fti *«« « 
|Mton Sm M 

"•""ir 'liii 

»)lh Kim cqnlinnallj dircJI. Wlio 
Untb iiul nitnuLli v>)Ui Ttp* aivl 
the tlaly ljli(»t, «ai U^d, irwM 
wHliMil end. Am*^. 

Ftf Ikr EfiiiU. Tli» fonoer Utm- 
liM hATelnudt. AoU l.rtr. I. to 
w. 19. 

Um olown. St. kUrk in. v«r. I-L 

OGUD the Kiiuof gJory. Ulio 
tnot (Salted TkiiM only Sou 
J(«ui Chrtit with steal Uiumtili im- 
19 Tkt idafiora in hnrcn i Wc Iw- 
»ctfA Thse.tnK* us iii't foiolorUBiiB ; 
bul Mdd lo irB Tlllllr lluty UlwBt to 
comfort D*. iiiJ vxall ui onto Uio 
BMM piM* wbitlKTT OUT SaTiour 
CiciMM CODA btfat*. Who lirsthuul 
rrlCTMlb with Thoc ui<l Itio llolir 
UIimIt ono God, irorld mthoul end. 

y1 SWIk. 

rXo Kfiil/l. Th* «D<1 of )|I1 llliDR) 

U >i luuid. 1 Si. I'm. Iv. tot. 7. lo 
Toc I-', 

TAr G^tpel. HTim ibf ComfoiKT 
U ftaat, St. John xr. vcr. !M. t« 
ctep. xri. *«r. 4. 


(-t OD, Wlw w It tliU tint didsl 
X towk tlw lKMl4 of Hj faith- 
hi Moph. bv iIm trail in< to l|ji-iu 
Uio light oITVIIoIt tiriril i (jraut 
nt b J the Mine Spirit to hnrc i rl^ht 
jiiit^neat a iIT tUnp, kod over- 
Bare u rpjorc* Id HU nply Minlbri i 
lhK*U{1l tilt Divriu of CllTl<it Joiw 
onr S&tIoot, 'Who livoih nml ntgn- 
tih with Tlic», in tliB unitr vf the 
•una Spirit, ono G«(l, wurld nilhout 
md. ^iHrii. 

/'or Oc fpifJJtf. fMim thr dij- of 
foauoor^. AcU It. Tcr. I. to 'or, IJ. 

7^ GamL Jewt uid uiiio IIU 
■fitdplM. Sfc. J«hD >lr. TCJ. U. 

rw<7«wf. I 

TirwiiAT : 

ttltii. Acid vl 

to jxiu. St. Ja~ 

MOiiifUT l» «niT»r!i weik 
/W I** EfiiiU. Thwi Vrtet mmul- 
mI 1u« moutn. AcU s. vw, M, 

iV Who 

a true bit'b lo' 
of Iho *ti^rn 
poww (J tlw 

Fiiip lh» I'uitj" 

tlwE 1'lir>II wool 

in tliu tilth, a 
ui from kll a4 
and rdgnt'Kt. i 
cut end. ^mo 

/-or JA« £-p« 
cd. RcT. 1». T 

75W Ootpfl. 
Urn FhariiM*. 
10 wr. IS. 

Tns mtar 

OCOD, i! 
that put 

mpTcifiillT a< 

lj«1111«f (llWli _ 

luortal DBturtt 
thing nitlioot' 
IhIp of Thy 
IDS vf Tliy <: 

T<tl-*Mr Tilt*. M 

thron^h Jcnw 
.ifntrH. ' 

aoa anotlior. tl 

Thetioipel. ' 

rid) man. St. L 

0|jr>K[», Wl 
help aoil j 
"nioii doit biM 
fiwt fi^ar and lin 
■MOh Till'*, oadi 
lahax* ^ 



nt EphOf. Harml dm, ajr bn> 
tlffm. ISLJ«tui iii. TW. 13. 

niit Gtprt. A nruin niui nuile 
k pnt ivppn. St. Lukt ut. T«t. 
Ifl. to far 25. 


OLORII. HO l«<«Kh Tina rngf 
cifull/ to heal ui; and gimnt 
tlui »r. tu whom Thou but (tiren 
au hraitr ilctirc M pr». Bay br 
Tlij mlidilT bid br dtfrpiTed wd 
unforUd In nil dkngcn «iid ail- 
vcnciits; llirnugb Jiuns (3iris( OUT 
Lord. Atom. 

Tti^ lipiitlf. M\ at <nsa ht n\)ittU 
1 St. I'pl, ¥ t(iT. .i lo if-r 13. 

Thtf;,-infl. Than Atcvi ntat mda 
liitn. St, l.nk« XT.vcT. 1. to<rtr. 11. 


OGOD, lh« pr<)(«otar «( ftll thU 
tnwt In Ttipc, wilhout Whom 
iMt]iins i> ■troiia. authinic >■ buly: 
iDSNajw Mtd multiply upon u* Thy 
nwny: thtl. Tliou he'lng our n\tr 
mud Rolde, ve mxr w psM ilirough 
thin£) Urnpanl, l£at wb Biulljr lew 
not tli^i ihiiisf ctumal : Gniit ttiii, 
OIii'3M-iily iMbR.fcr JeuiCItrM's 
akv nut Lord. Ann, 

Tfte Kpiiilr, t recbM thai Ibc nf- 
taingi. ilom.Tiii, m. IS. t« T«r. SI. 

Thtdotpti. Do T« tbat«f«r« mnr- 
clfuL St.Luk<ivi.Ter.3E. tcrtf.iS. 

Tint rrrrii tvxt>\x xretM. •neavn. 

GUANT, O Urd. m beBM«h 
TbM. ihat Um txaF»t of Dim 
world naj bo m fiaiiecLbly ardtttd 
by Thy iu(«nikl>ce. thnl Thy fhurrh 
■BAT Jaytiilly t*m Th«e in aU godly 
ouiptiiM*; thMDgli Jmu* Chrial «at 
Loitl. Jmm. 

TlcA/iiilb. DayiBUofonautnd. 
1 St. I'L't. iU. t«r.&(anr.lJt 

TTar Gviptl. It a»mi lo pan. St. 
Luke *. TCI. 1. lo TCf. IS, 














Ot;()l>, Wlw hMt yrepBrod for 
lliiim ihM 1a*« T%*« ueli k^mmI 
tluDgi la pu> nkon't DndcTnutiuim', \ 4^ 

Tire COUECTS, &C. 

Tiin ncrrn kthhat aitkh tkimt* 

IF.r Thjr mnrPifn] tatu, O bftnl, 
J bs ujieii la thu pujvw at Thy 
liiunbletNnuu; niiif tli&i Uicjtduj 
obttiD thfir priiiiiint iiiaki- iIwiq to 
ajik meh tl>iti|Ei uiliiJl iiInMoThpn; 
tlirough Jem CUrifll uur Lor J. 

The EfHtUf. Cc>n<wruiai« ■ptrituki 
l^fU. 1 Cat. lil. vpr. I. to rrr. 13. 

Thf CoKvl. And vrlwn H# waa. 
Sl.Lak« m. T«r. il.ior«r. 47. 


j;; i^ GOD, Who Ji-t!artrt Tliy al- 

^ \J migUjr pam niml rhiiHy tu 

fli H^ H ihrirJiismercjamltiitT; llnrifiilly 

rs -vfik ^nntnatoiuiuebatnrMiiKutTlif 

i*AA mm SU"^* *''*' ^"^i '^■"■■HR Out way of 

mi^^ J* lIvmnmuilmcnUtaiayobtainTtiy 

gra<i(nt« proiBito, and be maAn jiar- 

Kf*,— , Ulwri 01 Thjr heairnlj ireainin' ; 

r,.^ l^ UitoukIi Jcsum Chriirt our lord. 

10. ThtKpUUf. Brrthivn. 1 clei.>Iuv. 

- 1 C^. IT. r»r. I . to Tar. 12, 

ATTXK TTi* f^aiMl, Jniia apAki thia pi. 

L... nole. St, I,nk» nil), ter 9. to >er. 1*. 




Jl. Wbout aliiiij!! more nudj to 

htaf iltaa ws to ynv. ami art mmt 

, to «(ti! noro thm tlilii^r wf Uwin, 

or ilpHrr* ; puut (lonn upon lu He 

, ftbuiuliw)« of Thy merer j fiMfiTinit 

m ihonf thiii» irhartof uur wn. 

c-iFiicc li ifmd, ttud glrtliK ua tliojc 

goo-i IhiBgi ithlnli wv an oot wofiL)- 

lo uk, but lltroush Ibe hkiHh jikI 

nvdimtioD of J«su!i Clirtai, T&y Son. 

our Lonl. ^non. 

TheRpUlie. Such Inst ha>« m 
Uiro«h Chrirt. 2 Cur. Ill, wt. J. to 

7%«Cr«»prt. Jcunt.ilDpuliiuirrMo 
Uw ooM U. 8t.M«fc vlGer Jl. 

■MK TJiimnmti ncsBAt xna 

* I.MirjHTV and .nfiFriruI Go.l, 
XX ot WhoM onJjr pft (t. TOTO^Vtv 

ThM eiw nd 
Gnat, m b«w. 
inar (0 fiutUullT _. 
life, that woXnilnri 
Th^hcaienl* prnnl 
mnriLa of Jmu* Q 

TkeKpittlr. To^ 

•c*J. Gul. iii. ler. | 

Th*(Jatftl. Ulcfl 

Si. Ukex. vor. ■>»,; 

— ' ^ 


^11! UIllO U* 

taitb, nape- a<»I da 
wp msyobuin iJiatl 

!roT(ilra, inaki! iti U 
hoii lUifi <uumana 
Chriit aiir l.onj. jU 
TheKpulif. Im 
thv Sjiirlt. Gal.r.<i 
ThtGMfel. And 
St. LuIm xni. TV. I 

TUB ruTuaTn M 

Kivrtr: and, btcand 
tnui withDui The* i 
ktop u* ottr ly Tli 
(liingi bnKfuli ud] 
thing! proAiabls t* 
ihmugh J«*ita eta 

Amm. ' 

T'Af £>i't(/c V* i 

letter I hitnt irrilica 
nt Oattiel. No 

tvro mulen Si. 1 

TUK unxEiiTn n 

OLORD, <rc ba 
TJii- mniinusl 
dvfcnd Tly Ch 
eannot ooaiilag 
Tliy wreooKT, I 
Thy hola aod l 
■u* Oiibl owl 
Th* Kfutk. 


res nrtmnzxTa rrtcinAT uTsa 


LORD, wc pnj Th«B ttol "nff 
fnoc nu- •Jw»7( pttrtiU tttd 
Mlw oM, ui nak> u» famUDcuDr 
l« beciraii (« tU nod «roriu I ihnnxn 
jMMCbhttPurLord. Amfn. 

nt ^itilt. 1 tlifnturr ihc |iri- 
toon i>( tlie Loid. EpbM. It. ir, I. 

iKTCT, T. 

rAf rt«if«-<^ U nunc to phb. St. 
Luke siv. tit. I. to rer. 13. 

nir KiuiiTKxnrn »uiiatr irm 

LORD, wc boMMb Thw, gnnt 
Thy pMplc gntv Xq wjthirtaDd 
tht tempuiiuiia u( Itw tmiMi Ibl 
fl**ti, uiid Um detil, sod Willi pun 

hnnt wd mlu4* lo follow TtiK Uia 
on); God; tbnragb Jetui Chiiii «iir 
Lom. Aifn. 

n* EpulU. I lluok mj- God al- 
want, 1 Cor, I, wr. 4. to Ter. 9. 

ntOaq»t. Wlien tbc PhuiMei 
hkd bttrd. Si. aUtlb. uil. xcr. M. 


OCOn, funiiinDch m nithoat 
Tim no irc nol able U) pIciM 
TIici!; Mcrdfnllj ffnnt. (tut Th; 
Kulj Sdiit mjla ftll tlunn ilireci 
■ad ruK OQT beuU: tkroufli Jeuu 
QulM our Laid, ilmnt. 

7%« Apitlle. Tbis I UF UwnfoM. 
Epho. IV. mT. I*. 

7%« Onipfl. Jenii *nUred into k 
ddp. &t. NAltli. ix. vor. 1. 1« ter. ft 



O ALMIGHTY' inil niHt mi-r- 
ciful God. of TIij- bouulUul 
eoadutiMi kti<-\> lu, ira biwch TbM, 
Jroin all thinEn thai dw ban oa; 
that w(, twins rtmdr boUl In body 
Hid tonl, DittT nhccnolly luconipliiih 
Um*c tbuin iWt Tliuu wuul (Jul hare 
doDP; tlirouiihJtsaii Christ our Lord. 

TheOMIt. 8m thtfi tbl n 
wUl EphN. *. Tor. IV to Tff . A 





rthrai.%« i 

h. y^w. *«- 




; Itwk 

117 b* 


II wnrtDk, ■* ■ 


thaak my O 


frma 1h» ^tsdi of Ibon alui. Trt)ich 
1^ (lOr teilty nc bate rninmiltMl: 
UrttDl thin, O liMveiilr FftUirr, fur 
Mill SitIoiit. jinm. 

TV fi'pWJl*. W« ^t* Ihtnkt to 
G«d. C«ton. i. Ttr. A. to NT. 13- 

r^ fletpei. Wliil* Jem tft)te 
UoM U>in«4. SI. UalUi. is. t«r. IS. 
t« r«r. 27- 

APTBll TttlSITlf, 

_ i>v <nll* &f liv Ulhfiilpwplr: 

Ifae frwiHrtgiwdworti'.aiByof Thw 

h* ploDleoualy nwirdi'J : IhruuiKli 

J«iRU Cliritl out Loril. Juitit, 
Fur iht KpiiiU. B«h«l<t. the daan. 

Jor. xxiii. ter. S. to Tor. 9. 

The U«tf*l. Whrn Jdhih t)ian lift 

up Hu cyd St. Jului •). vcr. h. to 

wr. 14. 

% 1/ Ourt tn any man Ktni'l«ri ttftrt 4-t- 
onu-.'hui*!^, f*f Srfi.>. ../■(■iiw tfltat 
SVtIafI OWIV' ■"rf (fc A> 

fjiwkf^uioni'i iiUfiwDtr, 

Oir tftrttuiimi I* •'••■I '■-••■ fmtiOat lltal 
iHi MrTcMM, Mfun, aM <M<i«f M-m 
aliMjK w ■»!■ i*^ IW Siomlaii nut ar~ 

da CM 

mis If Y 

gt and at! 
ulliorof aJI >> 

PTBJVT* «kf n 

tbat (IMM CU| 
'uTlr w« nm^yi 

l]inn,lM AxtlM 
fhlL UL w«r. r 
n wmL the jph 
txll. T*r. IS. 


lo fron tbvir « 


ALMIGHTY C«.|,tt1i.. Ji.W «iv« 
■iich gneo uotc Tliy holy Apo- 
stle Saint Andwir, tlint ho rtfiutily 
ci>tyrA th« MllioA «f Thy >t<<n Jmu* 
Clrul, And followed Him witli»ut 
delay; GnnI nnhi si kll, Ihit w«, 
Mas nUlcd bf Thy haly WfiT\I.mBy 
farthMith oira up oiuwlvti «bi>- 
dttntly lo tulAl Thy half Monud- 
iiMnta; through tbt «iiw JomChrlst 
our Lord. Amrn. 

Tltf KyiitJ*. Ifthog ihaltMuifsM. 
Rom. X • ver- 9. 

T\4fliaftl. Jmu, mUiiiui bytlip 
M«- St.UallL.i>.v«r.lS.ti>vra.'21 

ALM lailTV uid <v>rUv!tt< Qod. 
Who Cm Uio mcM nmBrmaticni 
•r lh> raidi dlilrt auflbt TI17 Ws 
Aputttle Thomu ta be AwtUfulL W 

Thy Son's res 
penectiy, lud 
U-iievp in Thy Sg 
oar faith in TM 
reproTcd. WaM 
the Mint Jesinl 
Kith Tlice *n<l i 
all buinnt Bad J 
ficrmurt;. Atnot 

Epiiet. ii. wr. kS 

rhfUoiptl. 1 

tmtra. St. John 


tog of [be b) 
Paul, Mut eaoH 
Urui, «rt buM 
haTtag hU iTDM 
nnDembnnM, m 
1>T rolluwinit ttN, 
lie taught; ihTM 
Lord. AiHcn. ' 

J'or the Hpkli 
lA-athiDK cut Uu 
rci. I, to rtr. 2)> 

ThffintBfl. t 
aid. iJuhUtttLJ 

THE Tin 

A1.MI0I ^ 
. no hoatbt 
JMly.lhM.aal . 
wu tliit d«y pfM 
In inbmanM of 
bo maoiittd UDt 
Uid^ rltan houti 
S«n Jcwu CbtM 
For lh»^ 


la Kr. G. 

rJU C«;wf. 
of h« punNcatiq 
21. 1« rot. (I, 




Mallhlu la bt «f Ike MMbtr of llu 
tniirt ApiMlIt*; Gnat ihftl Tby 
rtmreh, hting alimr rmcrml bxnn 
folM AnoatlH. mj M onfcrvd loil 
nided br bitliral and tnemUont 
Uironch JMutCkdn our Lard. jI imd. 

P«ter Rood lip tg Ow odibt. Aiul. 
wr. IS. 

n* floipfl. At thil train Jtm» 
utnRd. St. Malik, xi. T«r. 2S. 

rBSA^XDxtriAnoiinr niB ni 


WE btf«ctch ThM, O LoriJ, poor 
Thy ««« mto CUT liMrU; 
that, ai we hive known the iManu- 
tiou e( ThT S»D JoTOt Chrljpt hf Um 
SMMaev of Ml ingil. M bjr ItU erou 
aad pajuion wc may bf braaght nnla 
Uie nory af 1 lis Nftimt^tioa ; Uuwujib 
Ihe tatne Jfsno Chrivt Dur LonL 

/or /Af Epittlr. Moi»Oter, lb* 
Li>nl ipiabt. lui. Til. Tor. 10. t« 

TV Gaiprl. And in ibe uxlh 

OAl-MUJHTV God, Wlio IluI 
lunInicUd Tbv Iiaif Chureh 
mih ibc heaicnly Joctrloe of Thy 
ETaagcKit Sunt Mirk : Git* us 
(n<», Ibal, being uot Uku rtiil<lr*n 
tBTTii^ amy w!th<-Taiy bUalof vain 
do-lrini-, we may bo cnaUMwd In 
llwtniihof Thybol^GoapelitliTOiiKh 
Jena OiHit fflir Lord. Amtit, 

The K^tlU. TJiitii F>(r]r oaeof 11* 
isrircn. EpW. IOTtr.17. 

The norprl, I am Ibr true y^ttt- 
S«. Johu XY. ^*T. 1. 1» *rr. 13. 


O ALMIGHTY Cod, Wbowtruli' 
tvlniov li cc«rla>liiiHlift; Gnut 
o» perfeoily lo kiio" Tiiy Son .Itm" 
Chriit to bi' Ihv wi.y, tb? Initli, an'l 
the tifr: tti>l, (utlgvrinK llif •tvp* "^ 
Tliy holy Ap«*llHt, Saiul Fhi>i|> uid 
Safol Jametfire uaj alcdfaiiitjr itbIIe 
in tlio w*7 thai laadcth to «Mtii^ 


TiIKCOLl,K(T^ «tf. 

Imrm. K'>*J:<1. .I<arn. 


{■'■'Tiiir Epnltf. AliAiitthiittiine. 
euiil. rer. 1. Utirr. 12. 
TV fioipei. >^'iieii J«wfl nine. 
Ualth. K*i. »er. 13. U> wr. 20. 

H.irrr JAMES THE *po«ti.t. 
~i R\NT.O mcrcifril 0*4, llnl iw 
_, _ — -■ Tliiii»h«!xAii""lli>Sai(il Jamcj, 
^X«riii>iti|.-1ir. r;,[lwT>n<l nil thai hehnd. 

> M MA. •■ **»illlii;: .if 'l'(i)- .Siin Jr-iin Cliri-t. »iid 
t* ctf Tl^ *f (.-iliuMi'd iliui; <•<> vriL, fur>akinf( all 
of Kn«a to ~%v<tMIv bd<1 rariinl aJToi^Iionii. mny 
tiy hmiMi 1^^ rwiiiinrc rtadj la (0ll«w Thy 
Mu C^tiM • ^^ulj <utiiminid[n»ii» ; thrnugli Jrcux 
^liiiil our Ij^iril. -lin(>o. 

r. 32. feuDii prophvts. Act* iL Tur. 'JT. I<> 

m. I2.ta«^- n^- C'lujH-r. Th«i uiQc to llim. 

1 St. UalOi. «. •». !». to .er. 'i<J. 

■mm ti4X ' 

I. ^T W'^»B^*jiiTT bahthoi.uhew trh AKMrbs 
■™"«J«tafc v-^ AI.MtOHTY Md cTPrhfiiiix 
o«nt. aaJ* \7 i;uii, «*lia JiJal gi'c M) Thill* 

o( Thj- 

o ta»y . __ 

niiUatIv » 
bnkp TJe«. 
W tnilti'a ■ 
«t car K 

ocoforl T^m i 
InLxf. «^ 


^noille itatiliuloiofr grKf tnilyto 
1kU«i« Uid » prtsch ThT Word ; 
<imiU ira bcKcob Tlicci unto TI17 
.unikitolon tliBt Viorii wliich h* 
lHm4| Wid both W l-rvnch aiitl 
vHn the i«ni« ; ltiTVu«h J»uj 
Uuul «ur Lard. Amen. 

t'ot On KpUtU. I)y ttis Iwnds 
of ibr ApoMlM. Acta 1. vcr. 12. io 
WT- 17. 

Ttu Goinr/. And (lien; wu \\tc 
a nrlfe. Sl l.nko »ii. tct. 21. I* 

harp this minisby- 
(O TCT, J. 

JThr (JnrptK 
Uutli. li. rcr. 9. 1 

hiltl oflsln^d I 
till! iCTTifv] n( Ang«li 
wonderful ofiifT; Mi 
tlut u Tby Iiuly A 
ritijo wrtle* In Iwi 
tippniiilinent tlii*y V 
di'ifiid 111 on tarlh 
Chmt uiii Lurd. Al 

Far iht Kpi^U. . 
Rpv. xii. yer, 7. to 1 

TTlff (.'o*;W. At 
St. Alttth. XTiii. vfl 

KMSV Li'Ki: rita 

ALMIClllY (ifl 
Lukn iho P 
nn]« 1* in the G 

klBDRTllSt, uid F 
mtil: M&x it plMM 
tlH< wholMomv nua 
trio* dallTCTcd by' I 
rai^Bfl of our si>vifl I 
tlireuch ihf merit* ol 
Clirutuur Lord. At 

Tht Kpttilt, vrtl 
Uilno. 3 "Hm. W. V 

TfnGoiptl. TIwl 
Si. Lnkg x. *«r. 1. ti 


r\ ALMItiHTY Gnd, Who bj 

'" ■'*^- V/ "nij UcMcd Son didrt taU aiu- 

»d,Wkol^ 1^ their tnm the n«ipi of dunom Iv 
t didit sr««kl«*AApaftltftiid ErinRr11i>t;GraDt 
'ctrr vikny « u pMc to fon>ke nil coTctoiia de- 
DiiundMln )Aita,miiil inoTdiMte Iots of richM, 
T flock ; VI aik Hd W totlo" Ibi' mow TIit S«ii Jt- 
II Rbtioim ^ ■(■ Chrlit, Who Ixrth >nd misnclb 
D pn«ch -Q wttb Tbn «ikd Uw llolr Ghort,uD* 
■opIeabedloaA Ood, world witbuuttod. Amn, 
iM il>eT ^ 7h* £piitle. Tbcnfan miite we 


built 'i'lij' i*li"« 
datioDuf tht Ap<Mt! 
Jmu» iTiriit HitMt 
WprDfTBionc; Gnal 
«d tontbi'T >" iiiiitj 
JoVtriMi IllBI w« - 
hoi; traipile maci 
ihrougb Jcrai I 

Tftr Fmttle. ini 
JciiuB CirlH. St. 
ret. ». 
, Tl^naaTxI. '\'t. 


Moxpjr n um-EH-wmiK. 

F'jr tlu t:siUlie. P«l«T oftatA hll 
noiiUi. ArU X- vrr- fw. W rjr *4. 

7Ar Cotjv/. Bidiold, lin> of Hii 
dUduCei. St. Luke xiiv. nr. IS. U 


For ihf Hpiilte. Men mulhivilirai. 
AcU liii, »rr. 3fi, m vrr. 4"2. 

7'Ar noipci. Jf»I9 llinscir itooil 
in th« BiidM. St. Luk«sih. nr.3Ct. 
la ver. IS. 


ALMIflllTV rjuher, Who 1m« 
. ninjti Thinp only Son lo dis for 
out siUt, aai] tn riw uim (or oitr 
JutiSoatioD ; (imii ut lo to i)ut a- 
ttxs Um tniCB of nuUn »nd wick- 
•dneN. that wv ran^* tilwny Demi 
The* in [luri'iK'ia u[ litjiii: ami Iniib; 
IhrouKli tlic niL'rltfl uf iIil' uiuu Illy 
Son JcsmOinst our Lord. Amein. 
Thr EjiiUit. W InlsuvvL-r in bom 
or Ooil. I SI. Juliii T. vtr. J. to ver. 

nrRonxf. Tiic BUna liny III iiVBii' 
iajt. SI. Johusi. vor. 19. tu cor. 'J4. 

ALWIGHTy GcJ. Wha hut 
aiiciu TliiiiG only Sun tu bo ui|. 
to ua both % fcWTiliw (or um, and »l«o 

Bti Pliuimlitp of floilly lifp : (iIto ^t^. 
g«rc Hut WB iniiy «.l«-»j'ii mittl 
lliankriilly rettiive tlut Hm incWi. 
moblt- k''u<<lic, auij alioiisily i>iii]va- 
Toiir oiirwilvEig lo follow tliEi blcstcil 
ItApMnf JlitniMt lintyliffl ; Ihrmicli 
llw noM Janjn Chriit our LuriL 

TA« A'^iff/r. Thii u Ihank-wotthy. 

1 St. Tot. ii. rr-T. 19. 

7'Ac linnpil. ittn* xnii], I an the 
Good nhnplMrd. St. John x. T»r. 11. 
lo »Br. 17. 


ALMIGHTY i;o,l. Who ilic»i-*i 
tfi ihcni lliit l>o in <m>r tilt-' 
JUnAr o/TVi^ Injii, to ih? mien t that 
^■Jr JDaj- nitirit into llio n-»y of 
nrwA>0iuu(«a ; Cnuit uUo all ihoKi 

tiiKl im Mlcaitt«d iitlc tki« blhil 
uf Cfcrist'i Itetiidon, ih&t llwr 
etvbew tlioM thlnxi Uutt arc oodI 
to tholT pmfMtion, and folio* 
■iifh thia^ a4 are agnnbia t 
wrap ; through flur Lord Jeans ("^ 

Tin KpuHe. Dsarly b*lo' 
b«»»Mh you, I St Pot. ii. in. 1 
T#r. 18. 

Th* fiatfri. Jouiu Hud t» 
diieiploa. Sl Julia i^. MT. l 
Ttfr. 5.1. 


i-an»i o^il•r the 
anil nSpL'ti'fni of liiiful nii-n 
unto Thy iW"[ile, tliai tli-;y ma/ 
Ihp [liinii nlilrli Thnii I'iimniaiidi 
untl dpfire that whicli 1'liau 
IironiiH.- : that xa, ajnong the na 
luiil uiaiiifulil chaiiuu uf Iho < 
oiirhciirliimny "nreiyilitreb* 
where tnir jnyi arc t« bo liM 
t1iro(if;h Jfsub Clirist onr I 

TkeEpUlh. Every ^oikI gifl 
Joinn i. ter. IT. (o vcr. 'H. 

'J'hi (latpft. .^vm» M.[d onU 
dUeinlsL St. John xvi. nt. i 


THE rimi IV!^^*T ArrER 

OLORD. from Whom M 
Ihinm du cuuiq; Grant I 
Tliy humble Knaiitii, lliil by 
boty iiiNriiratiou wo lunir think 1^ 
tliinp tn-it lip Rood. and hy Hi; 
riftil i^iililiii^ miy ]iBrfuna the ■ 
tliruulib uur Lurtl Jtfsua Ct 
.J me A. 

7%« L'piiKt. B« jr duMV of 
Word. SL JriiBfut i. Tm. 22. 

T"** (luKpfl. Vorily, norily I- 
unto yon. St. Jobu xn. v«r. ^ 

Tll» ASCBSlllUM-Dit. 

f"^ RANT, wc IwiHOch lima; 
T iuii!tit]r tloil, tliui lik* aa 4 
btlltvt Thy outy-brgoltin 80a 
Lord J vnu Cbnn tn Unn 
into »tw W^-'UKi ■,«■«• voit 
heait and ouaA ^\uv^;lm 


cMtlnwkflr ilwdL WliQ 
nr^mrUi wttfa fbte uul 
(iftort, 000 €vO, wnU 

• M» l^fUiU. Ih* fumer im- 
' l«f« I Had*. Attn J. tvr. I. lo 

'IK, n. 

St. Muk xt). nr. II. 


•JOD Its' Kinoof «lM]r. Wba 

hut casJtcJ ftiMM uJ; S«a 

OuWt with fiTMt IruiiDcti ua- 

kB^nlou ia luTfa ; w« l*. 

^ \M,U9*aiw»dlnomfMiJ<!ai 

MbbiI M b* T\iD« IUI7 tikM to 
■■tet m, aaJ oub u «Bt« Ih* 
IH atMa whMMT our iteviour 
QbM » pM brtm. Who IrnUi ui-l 

M^Hli^hll nm Ml Utt H»I]r 

«w Ovi, wotU trilbpol Md. 

IVJS^iftip. TboonJofBll tbloa 
W u Im4. I til- l'«l- W. m. r. M 
•«. IZ 

rw Canal. Wbtn Uw ConroTtor 
k vma. Si. JoIm it. Vet. :M. W 
*►- *tL ■•«■. 4. 

lltacb lb* )> 

Ot>, Wtw •■ •! i!tl> iftDC JMm 

llw iwo4ine tc ^ 
. J H«*jr Spirit; 1. 

Ml i j ii i t la all thiun. uid n«i. 
M»larn<H<« lu IIUtMlyotcafbrl: 
taMjl the HmU of Qiritl Jrnu 
wCvioW. Wb« Bivtfc U.I it^Gi^ 
A (rtik Tkm. [tl tlM uniljr of ik* 
aat Spint. mm Cod, wcrliTiriilMui 
mL Jmm. 

TV RmmL G*d M lated Ih* woFld 
St. Jolii) lii. wr. !«. to TOT. 32. 

Ti;sn>Ar in wnnvux-WBiiK. 

Fir l/if Kyillr. WhrB Uw ill 
«l*j. Acti Tiii. <m. U. to TBf. \i_ 

Thtllfuffl. Vi-riIx,ierTl]rlHjnn- 
lOfou. Si.Jfltiii X. Yd, 1. tovcr, II. 


. Who hut gUva unlv na Tlyr 
•orvnnta erMC bf tin nn iifiniimi of 
I trri* tailb to ulcnowlctl^ l)ic %[afj 
tt llu> Bd'nul TVinity. and iu l]u 
poircraf the bi^iiiir Majr^iy lo irm* 
lOiip iho Uuil7 : Wo ba4>»oh liet, 
Itut Tliou BoulcUat k»ep ua tIaihM 
In IliU EiJItt, Mid avDnnMrv ilsfsiHl,., 
ua frntn all adiiriiliv*. Who lin-i»{ 
>u-J Rlt;»eil, ouit Uud, world nil 
cut end. .4iMrM. 

y»Tllu lipinU. Aftwtliiallook' 
«L ft«v. IT. Tor. I. 

rA« Goifet. Tht-re mu s man of 
tU Phariaeoi. Sk Jabo lli. tct. I. 
toner. 16. 

fiiK rntn kcxdat iirra Tsntir. 

OfiOD, Ibi nlrcnmh of all itim. 
iJial iKil \\v.ti trail in ThMu 
mcftffuUr jicfcpt t*ur prajera 1 tnil 
btfkUH thronHh llie w*kkiii'H of oar 
Tnnrtal nitUK wo txa do tm rikkI 
"ill,- wiiliout Th»e, mm lu Ittu 
1' i>( l\[,f sraw. Ilint in tecp- 
.'. <i Tliy fommsndniwni* «» msy 
j-IdMO TIwc. bodi in mil acd ifaod ^ 
throiiRk J Hilt CUrivl our Lotil. 

Tbf Kfitite. Bc!oT«J, kt ua loro 
OM siolliur. I St. Johu W. tor. 7. 

TAr (loaj^K Th*rt w m » MrUii 
rich van. St. Lntcn xn. Trr. I.*), 


TI«1IKI)»D»USII.1Y AmitrwsiTt. 

P»»i™-t. .frlai; Tfr 1 to rat: I -J. . \/ '""'P »"''. tfo«vni . 'h"U« »lira 

nr Cat^t- Jmu' i.ud luiUi III) 
faillilM. liuJohu xiv. nt. ISl 

woui u wnmnx-inESK. 

Tboa do<l bring up iu Tb7 rt«d- 
fwt fMT &ud loTp; KMp lu. nt to- 
aracti Ttice, nndi-r tha protMiioo of 
Thr good piroTldEiiM, uid nuk* w 
to tam • pKmtiitl frar inA Ut* 

0/ IV Mv ^u)c; thnm^ l«ma 

C&rtaaiirI,ord. ^Mfit. 



yiille. M>tvt) not, mj brr- 
*1 6\. John ill. Tcr. 13. 
' Ovtftt. A cfrUin nua aud« 
ft gi**l aovvn- Si. Lok* xiv. lur. 


OL<>KI>, wv twK^ccb TbM) owt- 
Wfulty lt> h«*r 11*; ind pmnl 
llut (ir*,ti) vliom TWu but glnn 
kB beMtr dcurc to pnv, laDy h/ 
Tbj Bli^lMr >'•! b" •IrffHil'"! mil 
MnlDttfHl ui kit ila.ugrn tud t^l- 
*«nllltB; Ihrongb Jcnu Cbriit var 
L«iriL jdmrn. 

7lr /i>u(J''. Allof jvnbcnit^Mt. 
I SU I'el. T. Ttr. 5. to vcT. IS. 

Tie Ovtjut. Then drew n<»f unto 
Ulu. Sl.LiilMiXT.Tcr. t. toror. 11. 

ras rooaiit ft^idat utek 


OGOD. UiejmMnlur af t\\ tluil 
Uwl in Tlicv, wtthout Wliom 
BoOiliW b Btnjuir, nothing U liolyi 
laertBM anal miiltiply upon m Tlif 
■tny: thnU Tlmn tifiii|{ mii ruler 
uid gqidc, nc our m pMs lluvuKtt 
tbitifDi Umpunl, iful w« Bully Ivw 
Dot [he Ibiii^ cCcroal : Gnnt (hii, 
O bcaicQl)' I alhci, for Jcmi Qiriit'* 
akc our Lord. .I'nm. 

rW/iPwf/f. Ireflionlh»titi«in(- 
ttringi. Ilnm.Tiii. i«r. ID.tnfer.21. 
TH* (loiprl. Be ji- llicrrfore mer- 
iL lJt.Lu!(cV(.vet. .16. tover.JS, 


GHANT. « Lord, wr boeNh 
Tlirt. [list Uie course of Ihl« 
world Dur be M ji^acoahljr orilnrtd 
by Thy mrvmurn. ihni Thj tTiiirdi 
iii»j joyfully »mc Tlwc in b1 I f odly 
quittiuna: thruugb Jeaua Clirbl our 
Lord. Jmfii. 

Tif KiiuHn. UcypiIlofoDeBind. 
ISi. I'l.-!. iii. m. K. ('I i«r. 1^ 

TXf ti>uptt. llfamoUpui. St. 
Lul» T. Tfir. I. W Yitr. 12. 

ram sacra w.viut *«« tmstrr 

r«ur tnto oar licuia nd ton 
mrd Tlicc. tlHt ft. boinc 
above tU ibinc*. infty obluii 
l>ruiiii«p*, wbich •(ocwl ill chat 
cMi dtttr« i ihroivh Jcwf Ouiit 
Lcrd. •! "Kn. 

Tht Kpiitle, Kncm jv not, 
M muiy. ItoiiL Ti. tct. 3. to xrr. 1' 

7a« Gatpti. Jtm wid unto Ifl 
djMJiileB. St. liUtth. T. tvr. 'iO. 
rer. i7. 

TBS BBVBNTB tuntoAt Aran 

10 R D of >II pown knd Dlfljfa 
i Whoftri the Kuthcnrand glv«r< 
■II jtood tbinn ; Crmft in oui Iwm 
(hx lovrflf 1'liy Nlm«, Inriwuf In 
Ira* rvligion, uonriia un with 
ooadaeB^ and of Thy Kreux tM\ 
keep ua in the umoi ihrouii!i J' 
Qinut our I>ord. Amen. 

The KpiitU. I (ptak sncr I 
luAiiiicr of mHii. Rom. *i. vrr. IIL 

T/if (latittl. In itiDH day*. I 
Mack liii. Tcr. 1. 1« rer. 10. 

i/^ WW, Wha h»M prvpartil fcr . 
L^ fAmn (Aai fone TW ncli aooil - - 

TIIX Elnlirit ^tlTVAY AFTCK 


OGOU. Wh"** nt'T^r fniling lir 
ridrnvn nnlfnilh M thfnn Ml 
in hi>miMi ind carlh.; Wa Sniii^ 
hcTCceb Thue lu iiiit away from 
nil hurtful ibinf:«, noil tn jtrre 
iboM thhin iTfaieh ba pMllul)l« C 
us: iHron^ Joma Chml our Lor^ 

TAr Hfiitlt. Brflhren, w« i 
dcbton. Ron), vili. vpr. I'^.toTor.l 

TS* Gotpfl. BowiK of filu p 
plHti.St.HRttli.tii. T«r. I&.tartr. 


GtRANT 10 lit, r.nnl.tiv brawi 
r Thcc.thti ipiril to think and i 
nlwsyi ludi Ihiuirii m be ri^lilh 
that wo, will. I'aniiiit fto itnj' tliii 
Ihtt U fiooi milioiit Thre, may ' 
Thuo bo nmlili-d lo lirr MHordJog 
Tliy will : ihruugh J«*u> Chiiit a 
Lord. Amrn. 

Tht I^puiU. Qrtlhnn. I 
nol. \ Cct. i.-iet. I. la wi. H. 

The GoiptL l«:m, laiA. -toAti 


inmkAT Amn TnoiiT. 

■Mtmfvt Md, U Lord. 

*m tb« vnjtn of Thy 

■«■»; MM itet tfarr a»r 

p nWw i malia ikra ta 

» IUm* Malwll piMM TbM; 
, 4««M CfaiiM «ui Lwi. 

MMIr. CMoaniBK qriritnal 
I Or. xii. ««r. 1. to vwr. 1% 
OmmiL kmi whra U» wa*. 
um. nr. 4l. tonr.lT. 


' t'.xT Aim 

lOD. U r,^t Tlrv ml- 

Mgktj iK,F<r luiit chMdr ia 

m>* n* wok » tuaaMiN of Thf 
Okt m, fiiDiiinf tha *ray of 

•■, mnd M RMil* pw 

I Oiiiit oor Lord. 

Bntbrcn* I dtcluo. 
.1. U<«r. 12 

> iviU. vet. 9. to n». IS, 



. :;s mcrn »ikI; to 

^ tnr- ■ud krt tavul 

n t3ih«r m dutn, 

ildwB npw lu Uic 

w)umMf flw eon- 
, aad ciTJng in lho«c 
di «r« ■!« nal worthy 
__ Ur«u|]i ibf atriu uul 
I of Jam Clirut, 1117 Sod. 

Sack trwrt lura tn 
3 Cor. ilL vtr. 4. to 

Jpiaf, Jn«rtiiw hom 
uMufc TiL nr. 31. 



Mid nuRUul (ioiL 
FhMB a«(r ^'A ir MoMA 

* * HJDXff / 

Tlvc tni« iiid IiiuUUo wrvife; 
(itut, tn- bvspech Ihi-e, ilwt vn 
nty M Uithfull; kmk Tlii>e in tJib 
Mt, ihu Iff tftil Ml flnallT i« otuiu 
ThjrhMTeslypniiBlMi: llrmigliUw 
■triti c( /tnn Qiilii our Lsrd, 

ThtKpittb, To Abmlianuilhn 
■Md. OaLiiLnr. Id. to«ar. 2Ji, 

rw Offti. BIwMiI *ra th* anil, 
Bl. Lake c ver. -23. lo ver. 36. 

Tus raCBTSEarit »vsh±x ATna 

.^1. »Tt uiilo in tlic iDcreu* of 
hlthfliopo. iiiJ r.htril> ; iiaJ, (bat 
ire nay ol^n tliitt wliii^li Tliou dovl 
BTMBMe, malto na lo toie tkal whiijt 
llimi ili»l tomoiuiiil; ltiroU|:h Jc«iu 
ChtiM our l.onJ. Amrn- 

1%e Epullr. 1 my tlim, Wilk In 
tlH'Sr'''*- (ial-'-xir. 16. lo rcr.SSL 

Tfit ttatpti. Aad il <■»( to nal. 
St. Luke XTii. Ttr. 1 1 . Eo vir. 'JO. 

THB FirrsEin-n scxdat Amx 

KEEl'. we bppjflnh Th«, O UrJ. 
Thj-CliiiTch with Thy i;*n^vtual 
mcfcy : and, b«siiu« the fruity of 
inaa nithoiiC Tbw eaiiiot bni fill, 
kwrp ut «tcr by Thy help from all 
lliinsi huflfnl, aud bud a« to all 
tiling! prolilsbla tu oiir nivntjon; 
through Jnus C'tirlsl our Lord. 

Tht Kfiiilt. \'t too how large > 
l»(l*r I haro wrtltni. Gal. vj. »or. 1 1. 

Titf thtptl. No mm «tm terre 
tMTO uaMom. St.Mtllh.Ti.T*t.9l. 

TiiK suTccitTtr er.iDiv .iinER 


OLOnU. VTB hvtttdh Tliec, Jol 
Thycoiiliiiual ]>ily rlransf mi] 
d^rad Thy <.'.tiiir<->i: anil, bi-niuiie it 
caanot concinao In mfcly wlilioiit 
TUy MCoour, preacrro it »rcmian) by 
Thy b«tp and noilaeK; tbruogh it- 
nt Chrun oarXor<l. Amm, 

The mpittU. 1 ilFiin Ihat ye fu'iit 
aot. EpW III. vrr. 15. 

nfUoiptl And lUUDGlnfUft. 
«. Lake »ii. T*r. ll.tovcT. IB. 



LORD, w« pray 'Itise tLal Hit 
Sn<« mav klwayi pnvml and 
follow nt, aiKi luko ui cvnUnatlly' 
M b« pT«ii toftll unu J vtorki ! llirongEL 

iTwrai Clirul uur LurJ. Amen. 

Thu Fyiitl*. I tlifTpfow th« prf. 
«MiM or lliu lAirJ. Kjihw. i*. mr. I. 
t« «r 7. 

TlUf (iotpet. ItctiDcto pUL St 
Lvkc xiv. Tcr. l.toTcr. 12. 


LORD, w« btsmrcli TticCi j^iiiit 
Tliy poopio srace to wlUnlatid 
ilie MmpUtiuUB of ilic VDrld, ibe 
ftedii ind lliv (lv>il, uiiil irith iiurc 
huaw ftnil miuda l4> iuUuv 'I'lice the 
0BI7 G«d; lliraugb Jetuf Christ <iur 

Iiofd. Jimen, 

T^k'piiiie. Iihsnlt mrOod si- 
wurt. 1 Cor. i. tit. -I. to tit. 9. 

ntGoiprl. Vt'Ua llia I 'liOJ-iiipts 

had lieutl. St. Mml). xiil. ri^r. M. 


OGOD, fORUIDUCh 39 WitllUUl 
Th*e wp uri' not Me W jilra** 
Tbrt; Mercifully ffriii!. lliai Tliy 
Holy i^plrit tnaj in al! lliliun liirrrt 
uiid rule viir Iicatti; thiuufcli Jciui 
CtiriaC uur Lur<l. Amen. 

The t'piKle. Tliii 1 My tbcinfort, 
£phM. Iv. i«r. 17. 

Thaltut^. Janu MitaTOd into • 
thip. St. M »llb. is. TVT. 1 . to vcr. ^. 



OALMJUHTY and moit in». 
riful (jod. of Thy bounitrid 
mXMluLiB krrp lu.wi; bnoceh Thn, 
Bum ill lliitim tltut may burl lu; 
Uut «r, bfiDK reidv boih ia buUr 
Mid Mul, tDHT cbeerfnllj Mcampllih 
lluw ihiiupi that Thou immldt«t tivit 
done; lljrauKbJetiuChti«ourI.Ard. 
TAff^ref. Sta ibM Ibit ye 
mlk. EphM. V. \PT. li. Ut TBT. M. 
'V 6*is«w; JeMu aaid, Tb* 

KiiMilMa <a bMTOB. St. lUUli 
•er.l. to Ttr. I& 

THS Oim AXt> TirsilTtETH BUI 

GRANT, Wc beieMli II1W. 
pU pardon Mid peace, that I 
iBarMclwued frtnuall ihcirJ 
uid wrrt TlMs with a '|uli-i 1 
tbrougli Jmu CbTUl oui , 

in thu t^iord. Rnb^n. Ti. Tvr. 

TIT- 21. 

Tht Gmpel. Thert WM ft M 
nobiemiiii. Si. Jubii iv. <er. 411 

JU-TKIt Tlll.llTT. 

LOUP, lie brai'Bcb ITiw to 
Thy huiLBhold tlic Cliun 
pontlnim! gi>illin;» ; Ihat tbi 
Tby proivctioa it amy be tna 
all a'ti-fniliciiaoddvuiitly gii 
a»rTii Tlui» !a Rood inorkB, I 
Klur,v uf Tliy Nunt ; tlirougli 
C'hnil our Lprd. Aikh, 

TAe F.pislir. 1 tbank my 
I'liil. i, vlt. S. to icr. 12. 

The (.'(wjir/, rcwr mid UDt 
»ii. Si, Malth. tTiii. Tcr. 21. 


PAY AriKii TiuMrr. 

OGOD, tmr ntttiK audati 
Wbo UI tba aUbor * 

to hear the dotont pra; 

C'hunb; >nt1 gna\ tbal IbMo 

which wii HiiU fsitlifullr inj 
Kiln cOl-olually i t>iroui;Iiilcciu< 
our Lt^rd. Atnni. 

er« logi'tliPt of mo. riiil, iti. tr^ 

Ttm Guiprl. Tlit-n woijt tlie 
riseea. ijt. Mitih. uii. Tar. li 

TtiK roiiH anh TwcNTipra m 



OLORI), w.> bnnDcrh Tl 
iolvo Thyprajilc! from t 
ftwn* ; \hal teuui;,\v 'V\is Xwiaa! 

!■ fti UnA» at UtMt tin*, wlikb 
hmi fMbv we Wn ManKitW: 
MM Ok. O bmvwilr KklliiT, fm 
iBKOriH'a Hk*. vuble«Rl Lord 

rb bbii*. W4 Bin IhMki to 
M. ^Ub. i. iw. 3. la Tcr. 13. 

IbOliVdf. WM* Jenii ijnlc* 
ftB (UtBb St. NbiUl IX. WT. IH. 



m nrt AXK iwrvrmn «3<i>ai 

STIR np, we bemdi llMM^ LoH, 
Ita wuii of 11)7 faUifal reopki 
S*eT, DlrauMulr brastaa fertb 
Ml rf «m4 irariu, BUM' vl TbM 
T" lliiliiiilj nnrgtr4v4i thmiik 
<«■ CbrfM ow I.«nL .awn. 
^WMf^rfMk. DahoIiUilwAiTB. 
''! ii.M ler. &. Ut (cr. A 

-vJ. Whrn Joan Urn liri 
t. ^t. John ii. Ter. &. lo 

^•i^iJw. ttr -fim-Av •/■«( aruw 

f<i«dUll b •*« te to M«f* B iMUV 

Xi»liTiwnHiu. ^itd&»mtO)nr. 

um Ax»Hrrt Mr. 

ALU IGHT Y CoJ, Wbo didM sitv 
. wck (not luUo Tbr My Ap«- 
fr Skbt Andrew, tbu ha rvwiily 
4nii tilt taUinx uf Thy Sm Jomu 
QMi ■»< Mtontd lUu viihwit 
4h^ Orvit uato ni all, Ui^t vrv, 
wtu oHH by Thy haly w»ri|,iu»jr 
Wttilth fix up uumItcii utm- 
4mty n» CUD Injr bn^ MMiniutd- 
MM»l Urvogli ilw wiM Jana CbrUl 

^ntSfiuUe. tl Um ilub OMileM. 
■««■ 1. *tr. D. 

nttitmil, J(nia,inllttliKl>ythc 
Mk SbMUtk i>. <rer. 18. t« tcr. 23. 

■ IB tm ATwrLs 
AL 1 UKltToitlring tj«d, 

tf Oa Uiki iMtt mAt IV Mr 


"Oij Son's rvnorecUon; OnnI as h> 

Crfcclly. nnd withnul all doiibl, to 
Utvr h "niy 3<in itm* OxnaU ibat 
Pur biUi in Thy ligbt may aitn !>« 
TtpniTed. Ileuu>.OI/inl.thn>iisb 
ifco aune Jeaua CbriM, t« Wbouit 
ntlh TliM aiid ihc llDlyGbut, be 
all honour aad glMy. uvvr uii<l fur 

TV Epuile- Now ibcreCore. 
Ephw. Ii. iiTf. IP. 

ru (Ivtftl. ThciiaaA, onv vt tlia 
(irdvo. St. John XX. rtr. 'Ji. 

THE o»vi:]4sif» ar o.UNT P4UI. 

OC(II>, Wliu, ilirrniitli iIik tirvach- 
luc cj (hi! tilc>N>l Api'iUc Saint 
Pant, Mai ntnwd ibe \\f\\l. uf Uie 
Gaip«l to ibtnc tlireiiahntK the wurld t 
flnnt, wv ki-wvi'h Tliiw. Uint »i«, 
havln(t 1i» woutlnrful rouvcnlCD hi 
rcmcinbraiicc, m»j ihcw forth our 
tbaakfalam QdIo l^irc for t1i« hoidc, 
l»y follwwiua tlitr huly iloclrini) wlii(ili 
tiB langht; ihiougli JctUK Clirtat ouf 
Lord. AiNirH. 

For iMc SfiMtlf. And SbqI, };«t 
btPatMng out IliraaUii hijpi. Acta ix. 
r«r. 1. 10 voT. S.I. 

TKt (laiptl. Peter anaworcd and 
mid. 5«. >latth. lii. tft. 27. 

iiiB TRWUL MW)iain.r RAU.tro. 

THE TIR^lf. 

ALMIGHTY and «TtrllT!ng God, 
. wc homblT licMcrli Thy Ma- 
}cstyalhal,aaTuy oulr-t^nticn Sun 
waa ihia day i>m«ntuJ ul itie kioplc 
la iolaUoce of «ur flcah, fa wo aa j 
bcprtKutod uQto 1'bM nltb pnni 
aud «)■^au beatt», by tlic euns Tby 
Son Jokun Chriit our Lord. AmwH. 

For the JCpiUk. Id-hold. 1 will 
Mild My ueaHogsr. kiti m. ler. !• 
to »tr. (i. 

Tkt GnmtL AbA when the dajv 
of hn panfioaliou. St. Lalw ii. vor. 
ZJ. n m. t). 

|~^ ALMIGHTY Gud, \\nu Into 

lUM diMn Xby 

fuiMul wrrt 

I MftttUw t« l>« «f die nninlwr or tlit 

tarvlra Ap«tk* ; Gnnl thai "Hi; 
Church, bciaf aJwkj^ jnvMiTTEd (rem 
Mm Am«I1««. oAjf M ordnvd and 
nldal br hithful >nd tni* txatbrn ; 
turoughJtmClirlitoiulimF. .luwn. 

y«r Mr Kyittlt. Id lliow dtyi 
Peter ttood up in the midfl. AsU i- 
rcr. IS, 

T^ nv*f<i. At iliAi time Jtcm 
amwcnd- St. Jlitili. li. >sr. 25. 



WE bc«ccvh Thi.'c, Lord, pour 
Tliy gliict into uur l(carl>; 
ttut.M wehiTc Iciio"!! the iiiraniM- 
tion of Thv ism Jriun Clirlirt hj llM 

inc»i>K* CI *" ■<>jp<l. *o hy Hi* eniai 
mil piiiailuTi WD uity be brought unta 
Ihii Rl»ryo( nil t»«ir«etIoii ; thrangh 
tbu fame Jnai ChriiC Dui Lord. 


t'w fAr EpiiUt. Horeorcf, tbs 
Lord n<akc, InL rii. nr. 10. to 
w. le. 

TAir ■'•<v]m7. And in ttic >ixth 
month. At.Lulri.Tcr.^.ioTM'.S?. 

iMiin NAKKv mr 

OAUII'iUTY <i«d. Wlio h»l 
iuMnickd 11i> tiulj Llnircli 
with ihr liciiciilj lioctrino ot Thy 
Sv&ogcliit Siint Muk; Cm ua 
l^w, that, bciiiK uut liho rluldren 
urrktlftin? M-tilictfrybUstofiaia 
diKtriaBi wt may be MUblinbnd In 
lli« t nilh of Thr Kotr Gofpcl I throujtii 
Jonu Christ v(U Lord. Arntn. 

Tht Kjiiille. Uuto OTiry one of ta 
U ^Tni, l-iplm. i*. let. 7. to vcr. 17- 

Mr Uatptl. I »ni ihv inio vln*- 
91. John IT. ru. 1. to T«r. Yl. 


Ui know U cTnlnMhic HM : Gnni 
a* perfecilr lo ktMnr Tins ^n Jntu 
Chriil to bo (fa itBjr. Uu Initli. and 
tilt life: (htt, followitw thr ttciMuf 
Thr Mj ApMtlea, Sum Philip ind 
A»Al <r*mr*, n »>7 ((rdrwllj wftlt 
A tkf trv Uat ludMh 1« eienal 

fif*: tlirM«h th* M«M IV ! 
(in ChriM our XxnA. A vi 

TAf ^Ipitf^. JiaiH, ■ 
God. .St. JaniM 1. twr. I. to T«b| 

The iioiatl. And Jmw Mid ) 
nil dUoipUt. St. John nr. ma| 

l« TOT. IJS. 


LORD God Atmit^htj;, 
didst fodua 't%j h 
BwnsUf vritb risgular l 

Mwch TbM, d«slitnt« o( Tli? 
fulil Kitlr. nor yot «f mte I* i 
Ihrm kliTAy to Thy bmoor .' 
glnrv ; through Jc«u Chrirt | 

Lord. .Imrn. 

lor Iht F.piille. Tufingi of < 
thinict. Acta li. nt. 32. 

Tht Gntsirf- Thl« it Mr MB 
mcDi. Sl.JobQXT.Tcr 12.101 

■AixT jotts Birnvn mCI 

ridence Hit Mrvani John J 
Ilil «u woRiIiniillj boni, ud l 
tn pmpirc ihf wiy of Thj !iaa] 
SniiQitr, hy prracliing arn.-petr'^ 
Mnkc u» so tt) fiilluw hb do 
»ud linty life, lliil wr mtj irali 
prnt uTiinJing to hU pmrhingi i 
after his ciaiapl« rnistuiU)' 
IIk initti, boldir rtbiikt vice, 
[4liirall7 mSvt fc» the iniib'i 
tbrongh Jtcoi ClmM our 

For Ihi Epiill*. Couforl jt. 
fort ye My ptoplt. InL xf. icr. 

to VCT. 12. 

TfMOanrl. E^lmhrlh'* full 
Mine- St.l.ukc i. 'tr. .t7. 

ALMIGHTY rjod.WhobjrIto 
Sin Jniii Chriit didtt gii« ■ 
Thr Apollo Siint PclfT mug *: 
allont tri'''*. >iiil MinmAudedn * ' 
(«ni«sUy l« fFi?>l Thr flock ; M 
WD brwcch TliKi all BiahOM 
VmOan dilJemlly la yn»ai 
holy Woid. ud the poepfeobvitti .. _ 
to \Mitm Ua auM, tM tbrr Mtf 
leMtit <iM WW* * wra^aiMat 

THE COLI.KI'T-^, \:. 

Jfan ChiiK OUT 
Abovt Uut live, 

rl. *»>«T. re. 

WWti Jnu can*. 
k*i rar. I). Mver. '-ii- 

,0 ■trafal Gad. that m 

rApwtleSunt Jsmtt, 


I ObMliMt ukW lilt 

1 Jmu nfartn, u)d 

<m, fanakil^ (11 

Nil tlTectiuiii, iriiy 

lU: ihnmsli Jmw 

alt. tn tktM lUr" 
Act* si T«r. 3J. to 

Thni ant lo Him. 
•v. M. to rrr. -i^ 

UltiUTV axifl onrbuUfig 
L Wba dldm glt« t* Thine 
mrl^limrfr araM ti«lr to 

'.'itm. lml« Thy 
•■■>-" iiiai Vl'«n] irtiiiili Iw 
botll t* plrtck tad 
) I thmi^ J«BU 

i#b. Hj thf kMtd* 
Ast* 1. tCT. 12. to 

. And ihm wm alio 
L«k« uU. fcr. 34. to 

teilTY C^l, Wh« tf 
ISm dliUtfsIl &lst> 
rfpl ef caM«in lo 
*U mU ««tMo<if il*- 
klo ioT* o( riehH, 
I liT*th uia Rwnclh 

to ver. 7. 

Jlta tiiuptl. Atid M J< 
M>uh. ix. vci. 5. tu Ttr. 14. 

2Cw.It. tot. I. 

unT ntnuEL a^d all «<[aEtA 

0EVEK1.ASTINU (io.l. Who 
ht^t orilikti!'.'') mil voiiitituted 
|Iii> ^>riioi',i (if AiigeN and lui-n in x 
Koiiilfrftil onli'r; Mcri'lfullT eranl. 
Ihnt u Thy liolr An^foli alwajr da 
ni«t wnriM ID liMT*ij, so ly Thy 
ipiiolnlmeDt they may luMiour aiul 
d«f«D<l IK 041 fftrlli ; Ilirouith Jmu 
Chri)t oar Loid. Amrn. 

Fur th* SfitlU. Thpni wu wsr. 
Rev. xii. yn. 7. to w. 13. 

nkif flutptl. At tht) Mmo Una. 
Si. .MiiUi. xriU. «er. I. U> vcr. U.' 

s.iisrr LitKB TUB itrkiraBi.ifr, 

ALMIGHTY 0*4. Who o1lc<bt 
LiiVe lti<^ PTiydi^ian, whoK 
prili« U Ell ill* nii>;>a'I. lo bo iin 
ETsniiflial. uid PhyilfUu ti{ ihe 
fout: May it pImk Tlin. that, by 
till' wbqUMmHi mfdictiipi vf ill? iliw- 
triiiv •{■livfrtd tir hjiu,all Um Ji«- 
tram of our feaulu mny ba hoabd; 
tliTOUKli the mcriu «f ThySon Jmiu 
CliTUt oiir L<ird. Amrn. 

Th» npiiUr. Watsh thou in all 
th^oa. 3 Tim, it. trr, i. to Trr. 16. 

nt fiotprl. The I.iinl uipointad. 
8t. I'like X. *tr. 1. lo ler. i. 


O ALMIGHTY Oo-J, Who liut 
hiiill 'I'liy Chiin'h upiiii the fouu- 
dation ut till) Aficuitlta »iiii I'roplirta, 
itaot Clirilt IlimHlf bcios Ihr tinad 
Mrntr^tone ; (Jmnt 'in m la W jnEo. 
rd toKKLlm ill unity of aplrlt by tbclr 
^Artniio, liial we may be madv an 
holy icmple atonitatila ooto Thaa; 
thraosh Jeaiii CbrUt oor I«r£ 

?V t^itllr. Jodt, Ibc nrdiit tl 
Jt»M i-iijia. St. Jiidc, Ttr. \. W> 
i' rw. ,», 

' rhff!«tpft. TTieM IhinKn 1 eon- 
w-w'/w. St JohBjtT. Tei.\7. 

OALMIOHTY God. Wlo hart 
knU loittlhrr Thino vlvrl in 
•DO communion aii'l frlluwiiliin. In 
Iba tnj^ bojy ■.( Thy Son Chrlit 
«ur Lord; <>nutl ii> jtricc lo to fol- 
low Thy birued Smuu in ill *tr- 
IQOua MiU godly liTiHit, that no maj 

oone u IhoM nnipeslaUa 
whiehTIiuu bant pr»pif»il toil 
Uiil nofriiiiioilly luivTit*; ilii 
J«mBCIiri«t our liOtJ. Amrn, 
FvriKtKfUat. AndlMwi 

uinl. Iter. rii. rcr 9. to n*. 1 
titudw. fi«. Matili. r. TCI. t. t«*arJ 




I q6 mnnp Of tMmd l« V pwrUitfrt iif Hit tulf Cenmvndm iSitIt lisui/y Ufiri 
'J ta ttu CVnik, of Uatt ajbc ftw ^ 'lay ln/t/rr. 

% jAd i/ iiitf 1/ Ua» &r «• A^fn and tularioui rvil lliw. sr ham tfan- 
U) tuwAtmiri i|i Mortf tr dw4,(D Uat DU VBnarrtalUn tt Ourr' 
CimUr, Ha nMjf fcwwMir UWrrvfrtaU mH » la and odWHte ilM« f 
4^ pr'/uHv **rf *n <fXKf fi- lh< DW> 7VM», i»frr« *r VkrM o««A/f dti-^ ^ 
Atir« t^vlv r/pm/trl untf am-'tiilrrf An ithrmer wtuvfi^rf/ tifr, Otat tkt k 

ttiMfirlici. ruwiiim hi kniliilimi ■mnif.' »r u< (ru( rla'iun llfiiiM(rM M I 
yurfwir ii> (a ^tii, oi nvii oi (« ammtenUt (Mf. 

1 nfmw(nin>t*anMdniniUiuiF«fUUMrMv<jrt«JtiHi>ltf>inw<Pfi»l _ 
Mtrad Oi rrlUn.' Mil tit/Tir^'ur Mm U tf pardAnM qfjlw Cunf't TUta i 
Jmnn Mm toft* khvikJIciI. AuJ i/ uiu i;/'M< piifix w al curtiiiicf &i h 
ftrmltt /ram M( (UUna o/ tii kr.irlnjf Usr IVvnrT tiilllt trrrpimd atfa* 

f itcmtulnl III II Din(/> uniiy. 'mi rmin i« •'■» m ItU /rowonliKH «<wl imA 
X'-'iUr 111 'iVui i-M< (.»;«! (.. .i^/prii( tXi (ii-nffiKf iw«Bn fo mi nt/ti Cmmwik 
nut him Ihal la nTyitinat^, l^irvi-lf,i IXolfi^i-ff MinUtfr to rffftfin^ futf^^ 
tUiJ (■(*«,<• (A* <vj( jnir«f«( l^•l■.lLl■•.l(.ll i^r lk<t Rmbrtrk. Antl tit • 
tin rin ufruunJ d/ Mr foaif t« IWOi'iflii'irjofl'Alii./lninMadayiit/tiralll 
^ivl UfffrdtflariF iAallpnMcAli«alHi[ »« qftudingpeneit atconttafflot 

Y n«TbUf^«IHIlKCAIIIiUH*fiHI-Fln^lLll>lq<J'r ^jr mhiU U**fn jijttlnr^i* iLA4-^ 

M Ut IIihIii of Uu Ittrrh, ar in (Ai> (niinr'l, vlmv Jtf infu «iil Kivn'nn 
an •tfvv'xl'i iv be uUJ. And lltt ITitil itdndtiH at tSt ifortA-tMt a/vM \ 
Alii 'OF t^ tje¥'F* Pni^vT, v>*VJI f'u r30fjii^ foilftpttiff. 111' pwpfr tivtUita- 

I /^t'R Fatlinf. ftliloli Hit in liev 
^x/wu, liiUowed l)« Thy Naiai. 
HTIiy kiiiRiluiu cuiuv. TIi; wiiJ W 
Bdoiii; in cnnli. &i il. b kn Iiluvkb. 
■ Givi.' IIS tliii A»j onr dwif brcwL 
V Anil furtiivi; ua our tru;a«ct, as w« 
fbrgivi; Uiem Uut Irapus i^ua 
u. Aiidlekt iMDollniotcitiptiMiiHi; 
ItU dBlitnr Bi from ciil. Aucn. 

LHIGHTY God.unio Whon 

a// litatia bu opta, all deaires 

"Ku. Jui/ /rozu Hliom ii« mctcm 

arc liiiJ: riranw th» tlinnghtx ofj 
lipirta bj tbr tmpimt ion of 
Holy Sjiirii, iliat WD miy jirrfe 
luie TliFt, siiil wurUkily man 
Thy boly Nftioe; through (~ 
Lord. A ntn. 

5 Tikm iliuM Ikr Trial. IMwtea IW 

lltwi^ /br 0U luM paM. ant 
Ml Ito raw ]br Ov tMu la 


twofdikai*! Kill; 

ITkT iMd: Tlioii 

r ffHb tnl H*. 

hk«« BFre7 upon 

«ar beuu M keep 

Thov (halt not nut« 

' pKnn iaag*^ bot Uie 

r tU^ (bu I* Id bM- 

' I tka cwlh bennlh. 

ndar lli* **nh. 

iw 4o«ra to Ihsu, 

. : In I 11m Lord 

J«M C«l, »d lUt 

n BM tb« cMl- 

„_^ Mtifoanli ai- 

I ibU Ikic Mc. ud 

BwayJa in llwni 

bfp My COD- 

. Iiai> nnVT npvii 
••r bewto 14 Lstp 

noo (IsK not takt Um 
I Lat4 tltf OmI ui tiia: 
I iriS wtt baU Ua leulu 
MIn Khm ■■ nib. 
ha** Mary alian 
tmr hMTt* to Ve*f 

RtsMabar U«t llua 

fiaWMlk-iUr. Six 
labirar. uhI (U> *II 
ltt<U] bMlk«MT«i>th 
' at Ik* Lard thy 
•lull dA na Mtuic* 
uul ttiy niit4»d tky 
Maa-vmat, ud tlgr 
Iby ekUlr. aad Iba 
ii «ilhm thy flstM. 
iMdntib Iwi- 
Mft. Md all thii 
■ KTmib 

ba«« inc«7 Dpon 
Imrla to bMp 

Itenunr thr tttbtr ami 
ifatt ihjr diTJ nar b* 

o], an-l tDvKM Mir bcuti to 1u«p 

Uinulrr. TboDdiUtdoiiuinanlar. 

J'nptt. Lord, hart airrvy apoa 
D>, md incline cur Imru U> M«p 
tlua law. 

.Minitler. Than ihtiX lutl comiait 

Ptvftt. LoTi], hair mi-Tcy upon 
tu, and tncliOB our bitail* Ut keep 
this taw. 

.(finubTT. TlioD ihilt not lUal. 

I'eopJe, Lord. Iiair mcny iipoa 
D*. and ituiliiu Dur lu'tirtii (« k**p 
Uiiit law. 

Minitttt. TtuD iliBlt not bear 
iaAm irhiiea aoaiiiit thy nciKhbour. 

Ptoplt. Lord, lisT» merry njmn 
OB. and itHJiOD our hcait* to keep 
tliU law. 

JUlnirler. Hod atialt not 00T«t 
tliy aclihboDr'iilionae.tboa (haltaol 
outrl iTiy D«iittilKiiiT'* >>!A*> nor hla 
wrraiil. nut lij> maid, nor till «x,Iiiff 
fall tu, nur any thins ihal b liis. 

I'eofft. l.'irJ. hair iricrcy BJwii 
DB, and writo ail ibn* Tliy Uw« Is 
our hMtlii, «•« l— Mch Tbira. 

5 TVm atolt >MlHr «H f!^ Wrv hm dAnO 

I.BI in pray. 

ALMIGHTY God, Wliow kinff- 
. ilain in (>»rrli»>tiiis, and powfr 
inSiiiW; H^te nieiv; ii|)Oiithc irbale } and h> tiilc Ihe h*a>l of 
Thy cliown Senanl K/croK/J, 
mr QoMO and UonmoiiT, that ahe 
(kniTwing WttoiD tnlnistFT vlio in) 
ittiy alwve all thms) aMilt Thy lio- 
nnurondnlory: intl ihai ••«, and all 
b<i iabj«i* {dolj- coiilii Jtring Wboao 
anlhoTity iii» hath) our futhfiilly 
MTV*. IionoDT, and humbly obry )i«r, 
ta Th»«, and for Th«s uTOonlins to 
'lliy Ug«»1 WvrJ anri «nlia«nM; 
tlmMsti 3vm% niriiit OUT Lord. Who 
vHhThiv and lU llalyUhoat lirMb 
and Ttii^nMh. ftt ooe Ood, warjil 
whtxnit End. jtiwn. 
i A LMtGIITY Aiul nnrlMOni 
i£?- ««'. "«• ire tausbt to "n^ . 
teCr tVont. tliat the linrU o( Kiia' 


mfn Tli]rnil*uidgdvanianc»,aiiil 
llMTImi diMl diiTMUD luit iiiFEi lIui m 
tfH Mrawth bcri to IV RD^lr "i" 
Ami: W» hamblji boMcb Tinrt «■ 
M diiMae tnil gomrn th« hrart of 
rtCTt/Jtt.l 1'hrSeniinl.bat Qiwen 
and i:«<innouT, tlial, io oil licr 
Uioiiglit"!, H-.nili, 4n'l work*, th# mny 
ever mk Thy honnnr nnii glnry. Mid 
•tuJif lo pti'i*rTi' 'I'by pcoplr r&rn- 
mltlpit l<i Ijit rliariiL'. In woiiltli, 
piBrp. inrl Bni1iii)f«: *>r»iit Ihls, 
nMrcifiil h'uthiT. lot Thy (I09T Soii'i 
Mika, JcMu Cbiut «DT Lord. J$iien. 

<>hlll rrmil »,■ i:p,i'lr, rTjrlnir. Tljr i;|il>lk 
^fT, Tlw |u»ili/inHjf >^(<j<lL«ji /tii|iLj| n(*i1 Kir 

lh« ^yl1•M«J I. •riiU'ii III il« I'lhHji- 

Iff i>r Intinnlu al lli* Vltmv 

Ai'lOt fS/iUtb imint, tr IhinHt. Ilnfi 
• Mf<Ii lUrBli'itlr. Wn itoU *f n«r (U 
Cixr*'' < E^ ;in<^' a// ffcHifi'TC^ iTjj} luyivi^, 
'n:« hiilj (J"-i-l !■ -i^llm In iIm — Chnp- 

t»r i« iJicinnliii! il I1i« Vorw. 

rfiid Ok d«pif (vilAt. (KaU fr( «iuin nr 
nW AM C>>n«/-"D«My. Hi jm^pi'i ilkU 

IBKLIKVF. iaons God tbc Falbcr 
AliiiiKliiy, Maker u( bTHTvn mJ 
c»rlli, Aud ut tU ildugt finlbU au4 
infill bic; 

And in »at Lord Jmu* Clirut, the 
Oulv-IViiiultFii Swn of GoJ, HpjollfTi 
of Iliii Fallii'r bnfoTi' sli H'ur1d'i,<ii>il 
of God. Llgiil of Ll8hl,Vrry God of 
**T7 God. iIe^j;<iltcii,aot nudi-, Ucin; 
uf OUT KulMtoiitw with tli« I'llhur: 
I9y Wliooi nil ihiiutu wm made, 
Wbo for III men, und for our uli »- 
tion came do^n fnmi lieivon, Anil 
vita inoarnalt by thr Holy Ghint uf 
LTtO Virjctn 1ifai7t Aiid tru Diuclo 
man. And iraa cniciflcd alio fur uit 
ondcr t'onttu I'iUtr. lie nillend 
and wu buri(d| And ilia third day 
H» r»M *gtia acMTdlngW Lh» Scrip- 
tnrci. And aaocndtJ iDto tMaixin. 
And Mltttii on His ri«ht hand tif th<! 
KathcT- And He *1ia11 onto* aRaia 
Willi f\mj lo indtiB beth t)ie •luli.'k 
faid i£t 4t»d: WhoM biiigjAin ihall 
hurt no and. 

And I btlieve In the Holy ChMi, 

Th< Lot* a»d tiiirr «f life. Vr'ho 

AfnnwbtAAui tfa# fdilHrand the 

■Sew, iriia wM tbt FatlMf a»d the 

Ron loRi-llirr <■ wonkipptid ud I 
riB.-d. Who apoko liy t£o lS«pr 
Aod 1 bclicrc one CatWirli 
Apo«(flIiok Chuivh. I mei:- 
ODD Itaplinn for lli* t*"r. 
nut. And I look for Ui» iluut- 
of tli» d^aJ, And the life 
iTortd to tonii!, Aintn. 

(>.i;^ ««>i« ll.Jt-.Uff •" >'iM 
itn I'rt the fVV Jl A h'W^ Iff tt 
Anil Okb nlBi ttf "aallai ht\ 

Cit/lU"rtt. att'l KAfAmttmttt 
jfftil 4iiiffi/^r i4**iV t« (inH'kii 
JMaI m U' (.llrir.«. (Alrlunrl 
UriKH .vnn^. tM to Mr Jf la* 
^ •»>■ uM UUiM. tui^waiit It j 
fu tD< Rvfii or Ail A«*, or a 
Mv Qwra. >>F (r Mf Onftmiy ^a 
* T^nt ibtitl f.tll,^ tttf J T riTiii^ jr J 
M' )>.•«>'»•. iVrtvlyiii* IMk,<rl 
Iri '< R( /I'M, Af UHCknnW^ 

1 TkAiMali CW fMM MMM U Ofl 

V ■HUT •ftlim " I •■ ■* ll'tfj 

LET yoDi ^ghl M tloiM 
lam, Uiat thrj may M* | 
Kood warka, and glorifjr j««r P 
Wliicli U in licnvou. *.jm«.. 

Laynot ap for rrramrlrr* I 
upon tile «wUi; wl»n tb* i 
ruothdolh carrujit.aad whnwi 
bmfc tbroagh and tUtl: ball 
for yourtpltn trsamrM in hi 
irtirro ni'illi«r niit nor mMb 
rvmipt, aiid vtbciD llilcvtii ill 
brrak lluaui{h aud atcal. « I 

WhalMvicr ya would 
rhoiild du uiilo von, tim Mt A*!- 
itimii; fciF lliin IK Uw Law ancl 
ProidiotJ. • »-■> »i 

Xot orrty unu) limt nitli tmlAJ 
Lord. Lord, ahall ont*r bift-i 
KiaKilnm of hpaim j bnl bj; 
doflh tlio will of My FatWr 
il in htiven. ■» u-to. _i 

Zaccliicaii tilouit (drlti. 4od 
nntb Ihv Lord, Bfhold, ' 
half of my good* 1 gita td Ihn | 
uid if I hate don« uy wt«ii( 1 
man. 1 rtMON (bur-fold. *toi _ 

Who sorth » mrCnn nt ugrf 
of liiii ovn mit^ Who plurta 
Tiiisyard, and eil^tli not at thai 


h Ml •f dar aSk. <rf tin 

ii* Mao anto fon qiiitinal 
IkmM ■■livr If we dull 

loww, liat tbry wbo 

kn) Ittir iWniia livE «f (be 

Urf UMT «1iu will Rl t)l« 

iwtttcn Willi Ike siUT ? 
ibc I«ta4 «1h «cdaM> 
. rt« pTMch tbv Oa»p«I 
>«(1b» &«*ptl. ■»• u. 
' HWMh Utile »li^l rtip 
b( llut avweih plcnto- 

1 4a *<«inliuy •■ b* b •!■•■ 
wkckrt.DM fm^timlrior 
riteCml l«w*U a chetf- 

<Ul it UaBh in Iht Word 

au Um litti UkclMih, la 

■Btkrd: Airw1nta»«Ttt' • 
ttlhal Aallli«ra*p. o^*^ 
M ban lima. 1(4 ut> 4a 
*■ msn 1 lod >p«<da)ljr 
ibU MC*! tte bMibtU 

■ it ip^ firlMa. if a nan 
wM Iku In hath: fcr 

t MiMay tnto tW worid, 
' «« t*ny MBj Ibing 

IB <*W ur ritb m iliia 
iWr h> nady lo siwa, 
4U>ribatf<i hjloc mf la 
caHKl«v« a |c«od foaiMa- 

■ Ik ItoM la (OBI*, UmI 
MUhi Mws^ UU. 1 n~ A 
■M itBftshlaaua, thai 11* 
t f«mr ovrki, aMl Uboar 
mi^i.t :.•,.■ . wUtlilovc 
rw>'' ' lar'ankr, 
wa iIh aaliiu, 

■b<,m4 to 
V villi MMk noiBoea UoJ 

nik Ihi* war! J'l toMi, and 
l» <»li i. i ha** BMil. >■>! 
>ya ei^najooa ban Un, 
vik tt. IM* •( o*; ' 

and Uiea tho (ac« gf ttici Lord ilull 
net be lamed tinjitwa Uii«. n*ii. 

Do airrelfol aftrr Ihy power. It 
Uioa liaK luucli, itlvi- iik'iiti'uuelj; if 
thou lM*t liltlr. da iliy itjliin^nce 
Kludlr la file d( iliui hlllc: for lo 
ptliL'rcii tluu tliywlf a ^oud nmrd 
111 ilip Jiiy lA DCMutiy. **■>•■ 

lie Ibat halli pllv un«a [lii^ iiour 
lendcth tuita tlic Lord : niiil foolc. 
■fcal he l*i-<!lli «iil, it iliitll be paid 
him B^ii. ivw UL 

Ulccfcd b« ih? man iliat froviJtUi 
for ihe Mrk and ne«<l/ : lb* Lard 
*tiatl dvliver liim in iLc Udm v( tf<m* 
bV. jwita. 

1 WWrt Itat JScnfrnm nrf ■" ri*tii»)r. 


Of Iv pvcnTM t«> lar fMrMI ^ Mof jiws 

^ ^nJ ifkf* Ihnv i> a OwrnvriMi. Iki 
rrtrit iMa Oft nr^irr Hpim Or Tlift •■ 

■uHiwW. ,4ltir uAii't tidw. U< Print 

Let 09 ITij for the whole slate of 
Cliriila Itiuriili miliUnl )l«l* in 

\I.MIG[ITV and cctUTine Goil. 
Who by Thjr tioljr Apnir* b*at 
uujlit !>• lu miLka pniyan, anil mp* 
plirali-jiiH. uid lo xln lViuiV*ifar 
all incu; W( humbly b«c*Fh TbM 
ff»_.h>.(iiv ""**' mcrdfiiUy (»» 

™«'t,';:?;ii:i ownf.™.. a«j i to «- 

"*' ' ^ ''' ' , ' J *■ col"' itiMo our prar- 
'•'"*'"" en, fltliipli we aftr 

ual* T^ Diviiii? llijrat; ; b>MP<)i- 
BK Tli«t> to in'i'irr (oivliiiiiatly llie 
miTvriMl rhurrli nitli llio i>air>t (■( 
ln]lh,imity.atid con rant; And arrant, 
ihni ill itiry that do confcH Tlgr 
baly S'lni? nayaicm ia the Imthof 
■niv UJy Wnrd, and lire iii unllr, 
■ad godly luvir. W* ImxoccIi Tlito 
nlw to ikTo aiiil dcrmJ all niHillan 
KLn^- I'rijKtf, juidljQTrfTiQikra-. jl^^ 
*j><w/'.» Tb.T Sfrvjiii IVfTOHM 
, one li,i,fn: {hat tinclet her w« na 

«»JW uulo her w»,„te Caancil. uid 


M Ibkt nra put in intlMsiiy uiiilvr 
btr. that thcf Duy tnUj *.nil Lndltftr- 
nitiy miDUUr jmuM. to the ituolah- 
n<nl of irittinliMis and tier, anil 
to til* m^ntvnarm of Tliy Inr r#- 
Ugba, and Tirloc. GIva me», O 
ImimIt Pathor. to •!) Uibopa vid 
Cniales. tliat tlicy mar botli bv (heir 
lifo >nil dwlriiia mt forlli Tlij lni« 
■nil livrly Word, anil t(Klii1,r anil 
jillj aduluitter Tliy liol; :iam- 
menial And to all Thy ix<i|>li: iiivf 
Thj ItvaTcnly grace; an>] (opn-ully 
io till* MOfncatiaD Iibto imiHnt; 
Uial, Hiih tM*K heart and due t«- 
TvnnFF.Ihf-vmay bMr.and wocrro 
Til V haly Ward ^ Inily Mrrina Tbeo 
in holinmn ani) ruIilvoaMint* all the 
lity* of tlinir lifa. And »• nMl 
hninbly bcmech Tbce of Thy goad- 
MM, Lord, to comfort and mc- 
Mar all tlipm, vrTu> in thiit tranntory 
Ufa are in Irouble, wrrow, us*!, 
tlekacM, or any other advuraliy. 
AmI <«« alM biHs Tliy )u>ty Ngnis 
It* alt Thy urvaiits dcpaTt<>J Ihiii 
iite in Tliyfiilh ami fwr; bi^wrfch- 
ins TltiM la give It) ftrtiM- Ml ID fiillnw 
Ihrir fiOoA tumplet, (lut with thoni 
w» n«r b« parukon of Thy hiHi- 
rtnljr IcJii^am : Craiit ihii, O P>. 
tbu, tor Ja«ua Qiritt'i luict. oar 
OnlrHedialOTand AdroeaLii. jm^n. 

1 mot Ite .Wwirlrr p-iMk unminjf /In 
tfM AnbtPahu* i^T r^f ^I'y CmmHiit-'t, 

at, <v tm»4 HiiltSur.immKJiiiKlr yr, 
mini, *f ititll nail (Mr JKiAiWaCiim 

DEaKLV bBloTed, on - — dnr 
nest 1 puiTMitr, ibTough God ■ 
UiulMMe,toadiiilnlRleF to alt -luv)! 
M tball b« Tvli^siuiljr and demutly 
dl«|>o«e4 tim musl eumfurtiblij Sa- 
tnincnl »( ih« U»ly unti Illouil of 
Chrin; to be br ihcu rvci-iruil in rii- 
BiRnbraaoc of IIib laurttorioua i.'nm 
MhI I*MBiuni wliertby alone wp ob- 
tain nnlMioii ot our iii», and aio 
nuilf pvtaktn vt tbe Kiugiion ot 
IwDTtB. Whcnrorc It la out duly 
*> tvadrr jooat buabio ■nd heariy 
_tA»cfa to -4y«i^ij' Ged aiir haa- 
'-^a»4e#-,ft«rtiBi Ho liftlb giwa 


Ilia Son our fSailonr 
noi only lo die for ga, bi 
OUT (pirilnal (oa4 akd « 
, that boly iWcnmoBt. t 
' ■» dirhM and comfoitaU 
ihsto who raceirc it mr 
dangervui to them that * 
tu Tfceiio it nnwarthilj 
i* to «xlwTt yon la lb* t 
lo ooaMt the dl^Jiy i 
myitrry. aail tho ercit 
luiutnnlir ri'fciiinK tbrr 
lo Mmrli aii4 ciniiuna 
ramKiouM*, (and that 
and iflei the manner of 
with (Jod; but ») that y 
holj asd (ilean to Rich 
Feut, ill Iho inariiijia-i 
■|uin! j by Cih) iii holy S« 

be RFciTtd as •Toriliy ; 

tlmC liuly 1'able. 

Th« way Biid neaoc 
KinI, (a txamiso year ih 
vifrntiom by the rule of 
niJiidmentt; anil whcT«i 
>hall perr^lre yoniwIrM 
^dBd.oitlicT by will, w( 
there lo bcwAil your owt 
Uid to raafou Toancl 
DilghtT God. with full 
itBonilnMiit of llf«. And 
porMivE yoirroffbrcjia to 
are nut only a^inil (io 
acainsl your tK^iehbotin 
-liall iw'iiirilp yoTir«l«« 
lining TvaAy tn maki> ntit 
Mliidoctioli. srrordinjt I' 
matt of your giowtn, for 
RTid wronut iluiic by y 
other; anil bring llkewii 
farxitc othi;!! Uint ba' 
you, u yc vTMild ham 
of your offiuiwi nt Gwl'i 
otherniiw tb» rweivlna . 
Coumuiiiim dnih nothtn 
IncKuB year damnn [ion. 
If my uf you Iw I b|j! 
Ii0il,.iri liiuilcrrr ur nlnud 

Woid, an adulttnr. ■>[ Ih 
or envy, or in any olh 
onnw, repent jrou of ya 
tlM coino not tu that t 
Itn, ftftct tlie taliiag of th 
ettmciktt V^ tetW ntVn ' 

Mlivf' Bfif It*! tai 

alfeitan' of Cod'i Wonl, ud 

■fe al (JMatallan. looetlMt 
H|f d U* coMoiaix*. Mid 

(Mr » m M* mMwii**, 
rat jtoiw, Jw MM ■« nv 

iXLT klarcO IrMhrtD, on 
— I M«4i V7 Cvd't gnM, 
IhMtihtLfrfiSmmr: itnto 

lib Lord Jaw CteM*a Mk«, 

■ «fll aM rtfoM w e««w there- 

KlMts^lrnrinl moi Ud< 
llliw«lf. Vr know how 
* al nokisl K Oanff l( h>, 
' aaa halli pnmrtil > rich 
Mte4 bto bW* oritli ill kind 
Um, > IbM Ihm larfcrth 
IM tb« f«MU to (rtl down: 
■kpf wW w* eillail <<rtih«irt 
■tf —> <«llBakhllr rvfaH 
af «« in awh a 
M«*»d? Wt» 
— ■ ii.l.i. .11.1 

tranU ut ihtiT fntcca of oxen, or 
brcauM iber were married, <rm not 
M UMwdi DDt counlril uiiirnrthy of 
lbs heamntr fr«st. t, far tnr pan, 
tfaall be r««dr; and. Mcurding: to 
miou OlHco, L bill ion in ih« Nam 
«f (iod, 1 (all JOM in VbiM'* bclul^ 
I rxhort yva, m j-e ]u»e jwir vim 
wlTatJDii, thti jv wlIJ b« ptfuktn 
eftbialwIjrCganDaloD. Andutht 
Son of Uod dM TonahaKTc to rl«ld 
■P Hia M)ul br dtaili KpM the Croas 
to xoor •Billion ; b9 il is your dot/ 
to n<ci*e Ihc (uiniiiuuiuii in n-inrin- 
bnuioe of tW tacrilii:c uf Ilia dtntli, 
M lit Itluin'If bull) Romniaadcd I 
wlucli if v« ttal] n>-sl«t t« do, ooo- 
(t<kr wttli yoqr»flTc» hoir ertM in- 
^17 n do oiiM 0«d, u)il O0nr agn 
MnUiBeM lMSg«lh «T*r your licad* 
m (far aana ; wban ;« wllfniljr >b- 
■tafai from iht Lord 'a Table, and «e- 
pan tc froiD four brMbm, «tK> mma 
14 UtA "h tlw banqnot of thai moal 
hrairnh r<»iL Tltn* iloiig' If m) 
Mmimtlv cMMtcJer, »• will by (iod'ii 
grao* T*4arm l« « Mll«r Btml : for 
the CibtalnlnK nhcmof wo iliall unl 
<(■'• t« make our liumbi* jirtllloiit 
nnli Almifthtr Ooil our baaronly 


' of lliat Cup. For >a the Imwflt i* 

gKaU if with » Iran pMJMnt h*ut 
Uid Uveljr bith ira rao(*r« ihsl hDljr 
SMnneiit: <rur ilivn wr tpirtliinllr 
Mtlhp flr>hii[(1irl( ilnnkHii 
blood: ihoii «v dwell In Oiriii.iii'l 
Cbmt iu uf ; w* u« gn* trltli Cliriiil. 
auJ CbrtsI wltb si^ n Ji (liv dmiKtr 
int^t. if <"• r*e»\yt ihu aiiinu iin- 
ifon!i;lj. Fur tlipn we «w (t'llltr 
uf itir hoiy anil Blood «( ChnA 
QUI Saviour - wc cat uid drink our 
ovn dtiimilion, net «atutiil«riue Uie 
t/ird'>BoJ>-: wvldiidleGod'iwntli, 
■guDil un; wv prorokt iliio U> plkmie 
HI Willi ilivun dbeoaci, and laadir 
Uiitb of de&tU. Judm thi'rufore 
fDuntlTra, brethren, ilac yu Im uoi 

wdged of ihr t^id ; repent ,vuutrul> 
IM raur kiiiD put; hifo » Ini'lv and 
■kdliul fftltli in Chrul our Saviour : 

wwnd jiar livt»,&nil be iu pcrTecL 
<Jiuity nnh alt men ; no shkll jr« be 
neei iikitakcn of ihnat huty ayt- 
lakB' Anil »bu*e all thingn yn rauA 
(Itc nuM humble aiiA hi^&rl; iliuika 
In nod, the Fntlitr.tlieSoii, uidlhe 
lloIyGhortt for Dip nilcioptloa of 
Uw world bj tlir dralh md faMlon 
of out SiviuiirCliriii. both Gml tnj 
iDUii Wliuilidliumbli^ llimwl^ oTfn 
14 the dvatli uiK>u tliv i'xw*, (or ut, 
BUMrable >iuDcn. "ho 1b/ in ditrk- 
Mm Mil tliv iihailoir of dnath; lliat 
U<i oiiitbl m*kc UK thu ctiildn-a uf 
G«d, mill exalt \\» tu i^tTUilinK 
life. And to tlio cn-l Ihnt we (liauld 
alway rcmcmbcT ttic cxcnditugmc 
lo*« o( our Ms'tir, and oolr Sa- 
viour, Jraiin Clirti'l, Ihtiia dying (ur 
mi, nnd (lie luuuniTrabIn brnrllta 
Hhi«h hj Ilia pn^L-iaui blood-abcil- 
diir> Ht hiklh ul1tllin<^d t« o^i tie 
liatli luitllulifil Slid vrdainrd hvl/ 
mfilcriei, u ploUgu uf llu luvo, 
aod for a rontinnal mncinbriui'is ^f 
HJH ilialti, Eu I'lir Knsit und einllcH 
raitufurt. Tulliin llii'tfforv, withtha 
Father uid ttiit Holy llhMt, !■! iw 
^rr (u wr an oioM boundcn) ruu- 
tinnal thiuiJu; vibiniitiii^ tmrwlrta 
wtwl^ to 11 i> half vill arid pleuiirr, 
u^ ^Ui^Sag to anna fJira in Iruo 
Atffa«5» Minf r^htANiBon M th« 

5 r*M lUi iwrviix «« 

nmr 1» note SW t^ (I 

"^rE thai do Irtilj ai 

.1. rtwat y«nj of yoi 

am in Iotd and dhant] 

Di'iKliboua. and intend t 

lif<', fatlorinit the cemini 

(iwl, and walking from 

in IIIh holy "a}'*; I>rai 

faith, and lake tbia holy 

to your comfort ; and 

humUf confinaiou to All 

mackly kn^llug upon yt 

^ T^fM tkaJJ tkii jxmfral 

muJr. in fAa mmtr i^ all 

Rf lUM IU IWAM IV *»■> C 

I'M if at jriMMiTfi M« 

4 L.MlGltTVG<td,r 
i\. Ij't^ Jt'ui CliritI, \ 
tlilugi, Jud^ of all in< 
knunli'ilfiF and bewail « 
>in> tile] H-ickednr0,Wll 
time Id linif, lUMt ||li« 
coaunllltdj By thni^lit, 
dci'd, A|:aiiiil Thy Dim 
I'mukiiiK rnoul jii"Cly 
afid liidL^iiatiiiii o^intt 
caniealljr n-piriit, mid i 
(orrr fo« tbeie our miad 
re mem bra II ct< of them 
nnto ii«; 'I'he Imrdt-Q of 
lult-nblr. Hate mercj 
llivR inrrey ujion ui, nu 
Fiihi'i; For Thy Sen «i: 
■ai Clirisra sake, Forsi'x 
is ymA; And graut tliali 
bfiraaflcr M'rt-a luid iiltu 
newDCM of Ufo. Tu tlin 
glory of Thy N ajae ; Thi 
Cbrut our Lurd. Amoa. 

1 nntftUmn pnaHarOu 
jrmrf^I.I ffplM Mp, dK.I Aj 
in Ihi' inni-lf. jirvinfninx Oili 

k l.Mi«IITY Cod. oi 
IV t-'alhvi.V'-liouf 111*, 
halh luvmiaed furuii^nM 
all tlicin tlial with lieaity 
uid true (oitli lum odUi 
mircy open jou; pardon 
you mno aJlyiior (dm; i 
amaKlhnn you in all go< 
bHoK joo u aT«\aMbiift\ 
. JtNoB CteUl out kjoiiL. 

(MtMn CKriast- 

I >lul Sain) Pul «utlL 

U bt iMcind. ThM 

r bOo the world t« 

>ha Skin I J«fan MLith. 
I m, wt harp u A4- 
r rsUirr.ihauClirut 
uiil He b Uw pro- 
riinn. isMMki. 

n W«Hftltai9DBt«die 

Ltl ■* ^n ttwufci nnM 

!L It b nait and right m 

It •• ^M kw> b IW I^r't 


■T tn«*l, n«>i(. ni avr 
■ 4lt7. Utu wr iKMid kl 

Ma nm, II 

that niiliuut <i<>)t of 
d«tui from ail siti. 
An«tlii ic 

rjMHB Ih rt j -jay, ofiil jnm tfn^ 4^r, 

BI'TrhiFflyarti VI- hutinij lapnitu 
I'll** (or Ihii gli>ri»iii> It«xiim>i-- 
tloD of Tli;f Son Jhui ITlirbl our 
Lord: for lie ii the rety I'amIiiI 
Lamb, nhk-li •ovi "flrrrd lor tin, waA 
Imli ukrii »w»T ilip -ill nf the irorldi 
Willi b}' llii Jrnth hath ilvxlroirtMl 
detlli.knd Irjr llii rUlD([ uJlteaniu 
hatli i««tan:d lo mcvaltMiag lire. 
Therefore nitti AnSBli,4'* 
(Ffm Aaduliin-diT.anit mm A|f( ^Afr. 

THROrf.ll Tliy innat drwly be. 
l<>iM Sen Ji'iU'OirUlonr Lnr4; 
Who aflet lliii niu*l gluriom Re- 
fUTTFcti'in maaiffitly appf u«4l to all 
His Ap«el)et, uiil In twir dsbl u- 
Mndrd up into hsavra to nrcpaiv & 
pliXM ka m: Uinl wlicre Hf ii, Ihi- 
Ihnwt muht iil>o ui^Micl.nnil r«ip> 
wtth Him in |{)on'. ThAwIon trilh 
Anx*K .J-.-. 

rpnititUGII JetiM Clirin wir 
.1. Lord; arrardiiig toWhow mm 
tn« promiie, llie mly Clhoit e»xm 


Eh. uid of Tfajr Sen Jpmit Cluln. 

WHO arl ona GkI, out Lord i 
notatie only rrn»nil>iii throe 
Fenmui in an« 5ubfljinc«. For tint 
wUdi «rc bcBerg of th« nJory of the 
FMb«v lh> Kmt wt btllBTF of the 
8«i.>ih1 of Um lUAf QhOft, vritlioot 
■07 diCbnace or ineqiuUijr. Tbcrc- 
f«n witb Aagelg, jv. 

THKRKl'OKr. iTiUi AngtU uid 
ARliinflclt, uul witli ill the 
GOinpuii.v nf hi-avi'ii. tru laiiil aod 
Ditftiiify Thy giorinu* Name ; t^vcr- 
tnon) prnUiDg T)iih-, aud nying. 
Holy, fiolj*. holy. Lord (iod of hwU, 
ben<eu huJ eanli aiu full of Thy 
BIoit; titorr Iw to TV*, O Lord 

BMt llish- Amen. 
Ifti UmTi nMr. Nf ■■ tt< ntmi iiT -ill 

WE do not preauiM to coiiw la 
Cat Tlij- Tihle, O mtnUul 
liori, fiulina in our own righuaiu- 
Dew, but 111 Tby nunifold aad gml 
W'T^it W* •n: Dix worthj' -o min^li 
Mt to 0tbvT u|i tli"^ crdniTiH un-Jfr 
Ttiy "KbU. BhI lliuu lit llm muic 
Lord, WhoMi proptrtj- ii alwaj* lo 
llato nifrvT^ GraDi □> l^irrcfnrv. itn- 
oion* Lurd, » to cit <Iii' H-'oli uf 1'tiy 
di'ar S'iii JcMi* niri"!. lUiJ (11 Uriuk 
Hi' lilou'l, titat our ilnfiil bodJci mnj- 
he made elvxo by Ilii body, and our 
■oult wuhcd tbrouRli Hii ntotl )>r«- 
ewna bWil.aad (hat m may «vbt- 
MOn dmU In Him, and IIo in DS. 

Ml. IMt u ur.t'n,* (»( On** »"> M'^v, 

lliil Ai maif inia Af ■an' rHidnfn ai>d 
docMCF (Vmk Mr Vnail Mtxr Uv finniJir. 

ALHKMITV find, nnr hMteoty 
, Fotht^, Who of Thy tender 
BFriBv didit girr Thiiic only Son Je- 
Mw Cmtl ht might deuh upoa th« 
^««Ar«inrmfaiir;itANi; Wjwmiulc 
"*w (*.r a» one vblBtioii of Hi«- 


wlf ofue oSbrcd) a full, . . 
miffl^iMit iia«ritlce. oLIalioii. ai 
llnfaction, for the «tni «f tti* M 
irortd: nnd did iiutHulc. and In 
holy ftoipe] command nt to conll 
a p«tpetual DieinorT of that llia 
oioua daarib, until \\it coining a| 
Hoar u*,ORwrcvful FalJivr, wr« 1 
Homlily b«WMi}i Thee 1 und | 
that n rMMiioR tbciw Thy ( 
lure* of btvad and witi«, 
t* Thy Son <nir Satiocir Jomu 
holy lunlitutioii, ill rainonib: 
Mi* di'Sth uiJ |>uiic>D. may be 
takers of llh tnort blropd Bod] 
BhiodrWhoiiothf aame n ' "" * **■'■ 
wv b#tr*y*d, '(oolt 
Qcnad; and. when t? 
Hchadsitcmllianlcs, M~(t».i 
Hlo te»ke tl, and *'"~~*__ 
gaTvil tn Hi* dix'ijilr^ *aying,l 
B>t,|ll!mit!Hylluily , ^ ji„ 
mhich ii aii«ii for 
you: Uo lliii ill n- 
tattahtxMt of Sip. 
■upper lie 'tpolt thp 
Cui.; »i.d.wli-nHi. '*"^'«'" 
had ginn thunka. Ha gkTo 
Ihom, uyias. Urtak y« all of 
forthit i1r My Blood ,_,,^,_ 
of t!ia N*w TMta- ^^^ 
mi-nt, which ia iJiPd ^^Swotj 
foryauanilforiuay « -*■■■«' 
for the rcBiiaMon cif ^ 

ma: Do thb.uofiajTtdi&lI 
it, in Tttgonbraiiw of Mo. An 




^ rvn it'iV a,- ,IJ>-ulrr lln> 

Hm /fnvnf ID .IrlUrT Of uiM M 
itiaiii, fYiiMi, «4 J)ii«c«nr. « NL^- 
Mr. (irnnii M pwjMl.l "Mil «Ar f 
BW tnJv>M o/M •• mlir. tiUs itiw I 

um** lAr OntrHoatt nw. ta iMff 

THK Ilody of our Lord J 
ClirM, whi(4i ra* sirM 
tli«', pmnrra tliy body and 
unto ux-ilnxltiitf lifo. Talca ■• 
tliia ill tvuicmliranM thai Chlfft 
for tlico, aad ftiiid OO 
heart by fiilh wiLli 

t .«>Hj(Jir Jf'MMrrWiil < 

THE GA00& <A «nt Vm« 


Or iviy sail •oul unto 
w Wk. Urt^ ikli la n- 

Ikal CteMt'* BlMd WM 

I te ita. ■■« he ilaidifnl. 

I Mr ir-lM M ttU 
miaiM. Uf 

cCpM to Dh ~a> B«tii, 

^ if/ t%f n*^md,- awf 

tlHK>tf. *ftj>r IV 

■UaM. Ikr JTInu- 

II. - ■ rtiw"*i rficffnf Bf 


; FalWr. WUtli art in liia- 

. Ut»ir«d be 1%; Nine. 

.Immomm- nr*nQl>«ili>ne 

J^ U U In hnmi. Utv* an 

I iv M» litiij bnwd. And for- 

~ MpaMBk ■* m fan^ve 

HW mIimi I1« ADd 

l«BatlBt«*aBpMliM; IwtdD- 
traw »iil : for Tkiiw if the 
,IW r«««r, ud the glof?. 
I Mil tvpT. Anwn. 

._v ^tT~"- wmaU eolW/ 

iThr bttontj' aooiM— u*r- 

/ to iimiii tbm a«T airlltce «f 

I 1^1 l>«rtitlilii|| numt tmm- 

w rf^MaWm Tm* to cninl, thai 

|ltew>M*Md dntborTHrSM) 

w (^rfM, mni ihrnu^ rwtti In 

I HmI, «• wwI >11 1V "ImI* 

■A ain- ■>i«li> (■mWvn of oar 

, Mi iB MUf bowttu of Hk 

■ Tk«. O Lsr4, nnalvM, 

I ma4 tmiiuf, W W b icMMa> 

MlK Mr* a»4 Bmv ■»«<•» onto 

TW.; I iiHj ^^irhliiirTIi- 1*^- 

•-y» uv iKirt*kn-t of iMt 

3Wkn. nr t» InMlUd 

*?i 1 rr (no inil k(«v«aly be- 

«. AtMl allliau(h vn tw nn- 

aato Anr tor ncriSfK, ytt 
,rf_4 W* *• »MV H^ Mir 

lux Dili nmitH, trnl panloniuu 
crtr«n«fi, ihrau^ Jeiua (.'lirlii 
Uril: by Whom. un<t wtlh Wh 

in Ihr uiillr nf the Hnljr (ihrnal. 
htiimiir nnil pliirj- l« unto it 
O t'alhiT AhniKhlJ, wuriil will 
rail. Afatt^. 

fir MM. 

VLMIGHTV aiiTt Vf«rlirlii|rj 
*i> mnKl hvurtit)' Ihink 
fnr tlia; Thuo dotl Touohn.' 
u*. who faiTi duly im^' 
holy injn«rlH, with tbe 
food of th« moat ptmIom ' 
niood of Th; Son oar Sarunir 
Cliriit; anil dort aaanrc n* 
of Thy TiToiir and g,DoS.wm 
u»: mill Ibsl wn ■!* rery jm 
iiifigqinriW' in tlie injuUol ' 
Thy .Snii. whii'h It tlie UoiMd . 
pauj ur nil fitiililiil peoplo; Md 
ibo hi'lrs ihrtiiKl' li"Pf °' Tbyj 
lulliig ktngdain. ty ili« merii 
ilw mmt pimiuue doitii and 
of Thj Uew Son. And w« 
hsmblj' bcatoeh Thac, O be*' 
Falbtr. M Ut uuat a* with 
BMh tbal WB maj emiinoe in 
lW]r fcUowriiip. nid do all 
work* •> Tliuii liapt yrcji 
tunalk in: Ihrbuiih J(»u9 
Liird, W Wliom, willi TIim 
iloW Ghost, W a.lllioai'"r»i"I s'' 
world without (uJ. Avtyt. 

\ T*<Fi Md» U tjmX ir niv. 

fH l,ORV be to (Jo.l CT. ViiRb, i 
T in emrth pcS'V. !r>»<l Will lowS 
meo. Wromir^Tli.'O.wcbkBi"*' 
wo wnrtlilp Tliee. we (Idt '" " 
wOBi<» lliaakntoThN Wl 
rioT, O Lard (iod, b*av« 
Ci«d the t'aclieT A)ini|[btj. 

U Lord, the onlr-bMOlUn 
J«a Chrint: O l^rd G«d, Lx 
a«d. Sm of liic FullitT, ItAt 
aw»j Ilia >iiia of tlio world, 
BMTcy npoii ii»- Thmi thai l« 
•war Ibe iIm of (>><• wurld, 
mpTty upon Hi- Thou that 
; amy tlir un* »! Ibe world, i 
I tarpnyt- Thna that ntUttl _ 
righi fasj of God tlw FallwT,^ 

OMVir/ upOD DS. 


Mt Ibt hmd: Hun cnlr, O Chmi. 
viUi tli« llotr Uhoatikrt matt hljth 
in tlw s^ory of Cod Uw Fither. 

HtM bt OHM JtfanwM Hit BlmUf. 

TUB piaca of GoJ.whi«lipun(h 
ftll unilitnitanJiiut, keti> jonr 
bMriM and oiinili ia llin kimwItdM 
and Iwrv of <!g>d, mi of IIU Son /e- 
■UlCfarlit oilrLrxJ: an d the blcoiiiwc 
•( Givt Almifftitr. th« Filbw, th» 
Sta, «iut tha llaly GhML. bo unnnpt 
]r«u uid Ttnuin with y«tt «]«»;■. 

Atf t> ite AaMBtiMtfB. fA-rp 4ittA rtPtf 

■<H w amv , oiHl U< miv nuii t* «>al 

■tfAj, AatAvl'U V^IV^M «t*V WAV, fUTf^ 

•MHTiUut qTHr JVMtibr. 

SS 1ST nt m«r*ifii!lr. O I.oH. 
ia l)iM» oer nipp!i«ft(it>nii anil 
. . _. ud iliiDaM tiu way of I'li^ 
kaU lowviu tie ftiulnnrat of 
t«if«riMt!oS nlrstlon: thai, amona 
■n tim (huiRTt and cIuikwo of IhM 
mviUl lifa. llirf mijr «rcr be <■«• 
Ceadcd kgr Tlij OtMl fnolDOi and 
FMilrhelp; Ihrouxli JenuUiriit our 
LoN. jlnin). 

OALMKJIITV LorJ. nod fr«r- 
lutinjt (roll, (oui'liufr. we bf- 
»h Th*f . t« dirtel, nainlifr, and 
n. b<ith «ar hmrU and UnJicn. 
I wavaolThf Uwi. aiii) iu th« 

I of Tlir cdiunHiuliucnUi ihit 

't Thy mMt aislily prbtMtion, 

I and eter, w« may ho pr»- 

tn bo<ty k>i<3 Mnl : thniish 

' Lord and Sanour Jtm ChrUL 

tiRANT, m b««e(«)i ThH, 
Imiglilr God, Hint lUc « 
wliith vrt nam liranl Ihia day i 
OUT outward ean, ma; Uuwv ' 
mee be to (nftM Inwudly !" 
hnru, that thvjr in«y- bdnit |lr 
u«tlio bull of K^oit living, to I 
nouTandpiaiHuf rby.Naou;)] 
jMUBl'lirut our Lord. Jnra. 

I)KRVENT ii*.0 Lor<l.iD I 
duiii8« *rilh Tlijr na«l 
h*aar, aud furtbor ui with 
limul tiflp; that in all oar 
bfniin , continTivil . and andcd in 
w» may glorifj Thy li»lj- Nan*,! 
finally hy Tliy ncKy obtaia 
lailiiui lifo: throudi Jem* 
our Lord. Amtn. 

1 1,MiaHTV1a,Mh*bnn 
JV all wiiilom. Wita knoii 
Boorotica before^ wo oak, I 
utntnanre la atkioff ; We 
'rtior la liav* roMpHmloo 
inflnnilJM; and Aof tlui 
(or onr unworthinwa w 
and (or oui bliiidnnatM 
TOMhnb la gin oi, (or tho 
ntn of Thy Soa Jam* 
I,ord. .1nl«l, 



* I.M[r,nTVr.od.wiio 

IV. mlH"! to hfar tho piith!' 


lliem lliat oik in Tli)' iien't 
We b»poi<1i Thtc mrrckfully 

ollnf Thini' nn lo oi tW 

luado iiiiiT •lilt ]>rayor* and niUiH* 
ealloiia miiIq TIi>« ; and grant. IMl 
thaw Itlinc*. whieh vie jura tuA- 
fiitly aak«d a««irdliu; lo Thy rilb 

may offoatoally to ootalD^d, lo llR 

rolwf af onr noootuty, and lo ih* 

•otling forth of Thy iloiy; thrwdi 

I JfRu Cbnit our Van. Amm. 

1*^ mmt «jai» H»»jfc»» ttf0.rrt t>Mn>w»~k>airiM«4>HW ■!!«■< 
ItiMMuMMiaf IJinaoBMB, MtrU »• <M4/ OMMuHaf F-a^r[P» Uw ali*!* ■■•■ 
of oHil'i uar^ MMWil bn Is cwiu} Mrtjtr wA tm w (Hr* V law OAttTSSi 

i ,«Kd (a»* MaO a> MMMimrinf/uw !.«<•> ftu ff . w ^t Wt» *» ■ mt a tmU M aia 

aj» »> >—»mMH !**» Mj ivi— . tmt^iit t* ati <»iiiH«ha. 
%jli^tftttrt to iiif t'-r n nft pi n mi in nit ratfit iT^II Hf ialn iVMAoiaf Ml 

■Mtft rjk* rvuir. 

< ^»« In f lMiKlftl ■»< fWhirWJ <ra.lntaM.1Mf<Mh>—. ItAj— I*-** ■■-■ iMiHr ^ m tJ^ 

OiwHH, lav •aoV aV mvJw Mr Ohbwwi wM M* .Tmu* !■•» J,^M<ar « at* >>M 
wW l«w*ott « I'l w iMtft fomii t> «t« mitfy. 

1 ^Wf- r»lr> ••n^ •« HAt'Ml tf *lii ima II, Mil jjmwWII—. irtuA Miy fVf — *«*• 

<M>W/»<k>ate», fair rt<*^aaJ>»>Ml Jrti«M li wa M li«« taw w*« Ka i"i«Ut^w 

^^Ha i4>jri 



f i^^^i^M^ JM^nfetf^M JVlfe'f^KiB'* vwvHj^tfvpflf yrf. A.- rvr^fr 'Jt«B fiw«J 
Fa»MhM V<»i* ■»—*■ «^<k^ v*M aru Kuamfnt. W nMR ■••J «a ■ 

p «)•«■ fMr uaninj-, mnvMi)! •« mmI <r(n» mi j 

«■ iMr*r pnfMal Ir 'Ai Cwm oM UMCkl 

r l^rMltWMj iAaU cnsMMlmr af M< JMuT Itrff Hh la Mr _ 

IWifci t tii t ii n nli iJ nr ■riiitfinnf rrinTfai tinii iiilrri i n iBMiiiiiTiii 


^Th Mf Ortkmwv >lud$ iw^U. 

> • H ia«>H>ad Ta tU> OMo la Ur 4da>liiH(nIloii df Uie I.iin|-i hi|qM, I 

tMcvkBBMsMSffitfilukiuwInllBaRUtf UuVnunur.ohnil iha 
I IH Uw fctT>l4nifaf iDVti proHdiuliTi 4nrl iJlH>nli-r Ia4 
I ji^ IM Utv ikrrtf liik*tJr'N*hLiij|Li ifr •■/ I 

1 iMRnBllr, nr cat of imllon ■nd olwILIiVTd 1h ItLJa^inrf 

I Bn*a w Wis* tb*> liodllr '■«''<^. ui un'u u>l' [ 
litfrailW>—iii»l n»rn»lin in For tbr MrnunnnlW li»«l uil Wliit i 
Mtani MlaMMM Md IMnTDrr e»y ikN Ik adunili ilur ibUwml 
)a*sll ■*fcHHfcH«OM»J«alHmMliinJBiiJ>MiJ HloadDTnumr 
.■MaMkwcliMitMiliMtlialniUi oi rbiM^ lanRiatdywl 

T — 1 1. n "■^^^fSl-.- 

, .ShiiiiiiiiHiiHii 

- ■ JL llMl ^ ■■■ ^4 9^ -M<7 •tak] 

^'-^ - — ^7"^^' j|U>ianTaa<,ift«hiJ 

y . ■ i _.jn L^ » *■ A ■■ niiw. Wlo lara 
— ^ •• ^ ■ ■ aMM«a Mm «c Hk. tii 

^ » •■■• Mr awA^MM a^ IkM W hit •MTwnni^ 
**>waH>«r<'1V fe*KiiiM;w4 fin* itanv 
«*A»MMaMN«rf |j lu mniiittii i ii Iwi 

mHmx oiM ThMi t»i in»V 
Ams I Will ■ wbM v( u<s fl 

^m4 to kar Iki (wMn 
_ mr- j thiH Hot Mk ii IV ^"t M 
M Ic I Vr bMtcb Tb»t M*itiMlrl) 
(fiat Ibiw on l« x thii I 


Ziwkhrt MT tan iSkfiM. 

■ tflwtiull/ 



(unuvii »u«a 


J nr M-mfmi. tt a* Hnol Uw ^d" krr Drlinry. ilMt iww rin» »t flmrdi I 
WkImW. aiirf <bn •:kd/l bwit itMni lu ifi^ <vruimtril plucr. lu Jku> tmat Item 
vr aJ an Ontvum du/l Jwtrt . Jtid Hun Bu Prtal Anil u^tu^%ir. 

^ORASMfCH w ittiXh plcufd 

Alnighlj' (iml uf llin KooiliLHa 

pi* srou nfc di'llx-rancr, anil 

frCUrvMt jrou lu the irrrU ilan- 
dijU'Uirtb ; you uliull lliFrc- 
ni sin hAarly cliuilu unto U«l, 


ZJi/Mi vtioiiiiani. 

IAM ndl plcDBid : thai tli* Lwd 
liaih heard the voife of mj 

Thtll Hp hnlh inrlinnd Hi* «ir 
uitbi mc ; [Iivrtforv will I oill upon 
Hirn aa loiu; it 1 liiu. 

Thr uixrM of iloath eompoMfd 
me nntnd about : inil Uiv puii« of 
Iielljtat hvhl iigtun inr, 

I founil trvuDlc aiiil lira viucH, and 
t rnllvd iipnii ih|i Narn>^ q( lEie Lord : 

Loid, I betcwh T^l>«l, linhTpr mj 

»Gnrioii> la the Loiit. iiid tia^A- 
toil* : y»», oi;r Iwl In morpifii.1, 
Tbc Lord pmrnrtli thr liriiplfi : 

1 m* in miiei?. uid lie Iieljwd ma. 
Tnrn amhi tliui uiito thy nai. O 

HIT iKHil : Tor the Lord bstli rcnard- 
(d thiN:, 

And n-hy ? Thou hart ilctircrrd 
ny Mut from ilcatli : mine rTug (ram 
iMn. lod IDT fret (rom (Atlinv. 

I will iralK brioTD the LoN ; In 
Uw Unduf tliF li>iiiK. 

I brlirvvd, ui<l llicrcfoK will I 
fpc»lt ; bat I wM Ktt iroiibltil ; I 
RUd in Qir tiailc, All mtii IK lion, 

What rcir]r>l «)iall I Bin unto the 

Lord : for All thi tw&dlu Uul Ut 

bklli done onto no ? 

/ •rfll nvrirc ittt mf9t mlTSt »ii ; 

madfia/t opan iht S»mi of ibe Lord. 

V (r«/ faj- «/ r«>n a«it in tlie 


pTCMlice of ill Hl» j>t«|iV : il 
courts of the LurJ'i Iicuh, en 
(he miJn r!t thi'v, O Jeraa 
Pni>v till! Lunl. 

Glory be to (be Father, ant | 
Son : and Is the Holy GhoM ; 

A> it wan in ibr brsiiDins, b 
am) o'lT nball Ix : world irit 
end. AuMU. 

Or, PuL cixill. Aui /)oaU« 

J^KCKl'T Iho Urd baiU 
J liontit ; ihclr labour ti but 

llmt I>ui3i! it. 

Kx(?ept till? Lord Vrisp iho 
ll)(i u'lili^hiiiNu wnlt'lli l>nt in ' 

it in but lohl lotxiur thftl ye I 
to rw up partT, ntid m laU 
tval. Bud «t iflu broad ot 
nM( : rur hi He uivoth Hit bth 

Lo, rhildron and llin fruit of 
womb : nn siii bdrili^ uid gift i 
comiHtliuf flte Lonl. 

T.Ike u th« arniwB lu the ba 
tlio ffiant : oron no arg lh« yo 

Ilsfi|>j' is ibF luaa that hxlh 
■lulvrr nill i>( t)irin : tbry ibitll 
be uhnmrd nhvn Ibvy upcak 
their (.■tiL-min in llii? icnte. 

Ijlury bv tii[hc h'siliiir, und 10 
San : nnil lo ih-i Holy libvut : 

A* it tvan in the beginning, 1*1 
Mid <vvr ahall bit : world will 
(lid. Amen. 

1 IVn OU rVial Imll lay, 
Lpt a< pny. 
Lord, kaTc mtn^ npon no. 

C%rtj/t Jb<Jl^# merty upon tia. 
Lord.lviTF mcrtr iipno o*. 

OUR latStr. Whitb irt in 1 

Xliy WtKlun cnn«. Tlq wil 

B« Thoa to Iwr ft itrctA 

, Prom Ibtf bat of ha 

Lord, bow OUT pnjfr- 


_ . both fiiSAiU/inv. 1^ ^mS 
mmHIos to thy will, in Ihln lifa 
ptMtnl ; uid aln nw* be jiAruker 
«f eTtriu>liiiK glon' la the \itr to 
Mine 1 tbraaen Jems Cliritt our 
Lord. Jmrn. 



Day 1. 

{BnmmQ Vrajitr. 

BLBStiED in the tnan ihaC hath 
iiot valkrJ tnthi' munticlnf iliit 
»uiigi>dl;, noniooJIntliv wa7of>>iD- 
nvn : and liatli not aU lo the Mit 
<f Iho Moruful. 
a Sol lili JellKlii is in Ihe Ian of 
Hh Lord 1 itnd In lilt Uw will Iti; 
txeitbit Tamtflfity Md nisiit. 

3 Anil liK alull be tik« d tree plant- 
ed bj tlin wMvriide ; liftl will Iriag 
forth liu fnit In du* wMun. 

( liiB Icnf nl(0 shall not wither : 
and Iwik, wlulsoDvcr lie docth, H 

5 Aa (or the uiigailljr, It in n'lt nn 
irilh Ihriii : but Ilicy are lilir llio 
rjiatr, tvlili'h till wind >()iitIeTnh b- 
HS}' from tlie laee uf tlin partli. 

6 Therefore lhi> uniio-lly .luill mil 
'ht V'hW to >t;itid iu irit jubJ^L-iiii^iit : 
ntltlmT till- riuavn in llic cuiigrc- 
^tioii of iliD righb'oijn. 

7 Dut the LoiJ kni)wrtli th« wmj 
of the rithtpoin ; und tlic »>y <il ttu 
ungodly j^hnlL iHriFih, 

WHY Jo tiiv hcatlicu (o {urioD>- 
\f i*e» Kis«li»T 1 and why do 
the people tnid^nr a vKiii Uiitif^j 

2 The kinsK of Uiu rirtli ilaud up. 
and the rulvrx takv rouintcl loRcthcr : 
■gnEnit lliu I.cid, aud aKUUst Hit 

SLrtasbTnk their boiidiuuiidi>r : 
snil rut Knay tlivrr iwrdt from ul 

4 Ho llut dn«lUlh in hriturn ilull 
iMi^h them to iruru : tbc Lurd •)iil1I 
bare Ihcm in dcrisJoil. 

5 Than th»ll lio spirak uiitu them 
in Hij> wnth : uid vci them in His 
(Ojv diipleiutire. 

6 Vel turn 1 irt My King : ujion 
Mr holy lull <if Sion, 

7 I Mill pr«i*li tliH loir, wliereot 
tif Lon] hath u/d uiilo Mo : Thau 

«^^^^ao, (Ati J^ tare I begol- 

H Dmire of Mc, and 1 ahall 
Tlie« tlie huthmi for Thin* tfif 
nucv : BUd ih« ntUMt p»t« 
earth (or Ttrj pMMMon. 

9 Tbou ibalt bniino tliim « 
rod of irou : lind htvak ihi 
pifcct like a p»lt«r"« Te»«>l, 

10 Be wi»* n*w tht-refoie, 
kJii)i;<i : hu lennied, fe that 
juilj(r» lA tin* fnrlh. 

11 Servf iho Lord in (oir : 

rotulM unto Uim with rovewoi 

13 Kix the 8oti, lest ll« tw a 
nnti Ell yt prriidi Inm iIib rij{lit 
if His wraih be klsdlod, {yn, 
little,) liluMd MO all tnejr '' 
thoir lTu.l1 in Him. 
i-SAIJI til. thTmiiu.tpadmumtit 

LOKl), how or* tlicy io< 
tliut I mill 1 1« mu : uanj' 
tliey lluil tine«t me. 

3 Munj- cmo there be that 
my Mul : There in no help far 
iu IU)* ['Th]. 

a Uul Thou. <) Lord, art my 
fciLdcr : Thou art my worvhipi 
Ibe lifter up nf my liend, 

4 [ did i^i\ itimii tin* J^rd 
my voien : and lie hca-td iud oi 
Ilia holy liill. 

b I lajd me down and nlcpl, 
rvH np asntii i fur tliii I<urU 

tltUuJ UP. 

fi I will not be ifrtid for ten t 
mndn of the people : that halt 
ihciniielii<B nniiiHt aw nkuad ab 

' ITp. [.urd, and Iiiilp m«, O 

(iod : fat Tliou iniileit alt 
eueiuiea u|>on tbo oheek-l»oDe; 
liut broken (hr tKulb of 111* 


5 Stlva.tian bolon^th unl* 
Lord : and Thy bli»inH ii upon 


e.tAt.H IV, C^mt 

HEAHioe wlwn 1 oll.O Ol 
my n^itauuMwH ■- Tluiu 
wit m« »\ libctVl «\ibli \ » 




■ ml 

thu UlD LorJ 

I (u lUamli tb* naa llut 

> i w fciQ 1 (mil apott ika Lord, 

I l»-*r nv. 

I is »«>. >a4 ite n«l : iwiD- 

>rl, Bail In 

r, ml b« s«ilL 

■ Mttiici •( riuliUtiu- 

pa4 f«iR inu4 iu Iha 

IWa ta Maay tl«a ^r i Wlm 

UAIftTb- ■» :Ui>liKhl »f 
snaoer «|tna u. 
ta^ pal KUdsfu in »)• 
•• tha «i«* UmI their Mcn, 

mJ til. [M*«Utd. 

kjr ■»• daws In l>«»w, 
^ njF tvM : lor It ii TIhmi, 
|a^. lint MAkett ne 4«eU 

V, >■/>«« ■Ht.ior*!!!. 

R my •tflpfa.O Lord ; 


Inn sMb the Mka 
Mr Kin^. Mill Bijr 
"An mil I mko 

iktti Ttnn hur b«- 
I Lvml ; narij in tbt B*ni- 
!■ 1 JitKi IDT pT»tv mtto 

4 For T1<n« *H tlw God tbal _ 
DO »l(tuurt> ill wli-kodnta* i nclil 
ihall nujf trril UnvU nlUi TIk«. 

A ^irh as be fooliuli ilull not t 
ill 7hj •■Btit : fur Thm httwtl all 
ibtm tliat worlt vuiitf. 

5 Thiw tlult ijanniy thimi tlii 
t|i«Ui Ipuing : llic l.&nl will ntii 
Iwlb tbe bhMid'Clunt]' pnj <lcEWl|, 

7 ItitC an fi>r ma, I will coiii« lui 
TUlw bfnuw, ercn U|>on ihn mnli 
tudo »( TTijr gooK/ ! Mid Iu Til 
(saririll E wmttiy UtwvlThy 

9 h»ad BW, O Lord, in Thf 
*OMn»Mii, bcMluc' of ininr c 
mjJccTlv wn.* plain titfun; 

Tar then- is nq (nilhfi: 
1ii« mouth : iIi«It jawuil p«rti 
tory irfftkRdcKiH. 

lu Their throat U na open njni 
clire I ^h*J■ flkttrr «iih their eon^4 

11 Itntrny Thnii UiiMii.O Coil i M 
ihrai prrluli llirotiHl' Ihxir oirn ini» 
flJuntlonii t e»l llinm iiul in Thi- iHitl' 
litudc of Uicir iini;odlin«B: for ihaj 
hnre rebelled uitniiiKt Thee. , 

!'.< Aua tt-t ilTtlipta llat put tW 
tmrt In Thtio rojoirr : ih»» t1i»f 
oTor be sliing QI ihaiili*, bncnuat 
TbMi d^endnt them ■, they tliml, 
lore Tly Name ibull be ioyfiil 

IS Fnr ThoM, l..<r<1. irilt Kiv« 
UMunc uul'i l)i>' r 1 1,-1 1 tn out : w 
with Tbf fcrou™b!o klndnen 
Than (falMid lum m with ■ du«l<I. 

I IT OMMkf, at nfi»*rt. 
, r»lak* BUI Md (aTUm 


M, Urd. 
Lcinl, ImhJ nw, 
lar* nitJ. 

, kaM lu^ wlH IW* yO' 


' Tmt TU*. O L*rd, aAd dfSiw 
■I : U BMMr ArQr«Mgr*ii 

#lh TIiM : Slid «t}io win gira 

fi 1 km irmry of my groantnf j 
•VTT7 ninhl wiuh 1 my mJ ; an 
walir mj raiirti irilli my twitii. 

7 ^ly l^i^uCy iM giBiiii ftJf vny In^flH 
Ue I ■nd want sway (wtaaM wf i 
mine enMniei. 

R Amy (n>n me, »II y* that ' 
tuiity : tor tbf Lord libth Untd I 
n)in« o/'iiiy weeping, 

* , .V iftB l-ort Iiatt, hr«Td IDTM 

DAT 9. 


be larn.c-i bock, uid pat to dutns 

J-fl.ii.M VII. HiiBuw. »iu iFinii. 

OLtlltn (tiy (luJ, ill niet) Iiith 
I pul my Immt : tuv* in« fruia 
kll Hum that pL-rnccutc inr, Uil ^c- 
litei me: 

3 Lett he dciuiir my soul, like n 
Uoili Mill it til jikcea : wkilu 

ibCTC M nonn lii lirln. 

3 Lord my Uud, if t ham ^gnn 
any Kucli thiiin : or ir tbere bo ruiy 
wiokedneH in m; hiiiile i 

4 If [ bAK rcmrdrd nvll unto hinn 
thai denlt friendly nith tnc : yrii, I 
bare iltflinml hint tlutt Tvilhout uiy 
a*a» la Dint cnaay ; 

,'> ThcD Itt nine enemy ponecato 
tny noiil, anil take mc : yi^o, Irl lum 
tn^ad lav life <i<iim uirun the cAttb. 
Uii lay luiun Luiioiir iu (lie dual. 

(1 Stand op, IJ l,or4, la Tliy wntli, 
ud lift ai> 'rii}i>:lf, bcauiw of tUe 
ladiKUliou of iaia« eoNniM : ztims 
m [or mo la ilia Jatlsautot Uwt 
TbM halt cnmnuradad. 

7 Anri K) shnll the oongrt^tioD of 
tbr pv'iulT coma aboot Thige : for 
lliair iak«4 tbarvfom lift up Tl^yMlf 

Tlio Lord ihall Ju<lg* th« people; 

gire iHUtpnc« nith mv, O LonJ : »• 
ei>riliii|i la my riHlMoiimeiB. vid 
Bcuordiag to the Inuocimcy ihat ix 
in ma. 

9 O Icrt the <itiek«dn»H of the un- 
undly cum* to ta rod ; but guide 

llloll IliV jllHt. 

I() Far tlic rightaotu God : Irielh 
■the Ttry hcarta ajid rcina. 

II My help «om«th of Cod : Who 
pTorirvclh thitia IIl&I kn tme of 

12Godi3ati|itit«iii> Jadse, BlrociK, 
and patient : and Ood In pruyekei 
tiaty iloy. 

18 If » man will not tarn, II« will 
wKet Ilii arrord : Me liutli bout Ilia 
bo«r, and madfl il TMidy. 

14 tio bfttb iinpued for 
InstnoDeiiU u deub : He 
fti) uTttm ukinrt the pei 

1A Rehold. tin iranilnlh «rii 
cliief : III- IiaUi cgncei'cd iiarTD' 

brouNtii fuTih uuuedlijien- 

lii lie hath Kraven and dif| 
a pit : and in Tillm himwU :"" 
dntractioii llmt Fiit niidi far _ 
ir b'ur Ills tmtuil sliuli oonc 
hli own h«ad : and liiu laickl 
itinll fill CHI hi* own patr> 

13 I will giTB thimlu auto tiM 
according to Ilia liitliteuaxncM 
I mil iiraiM the hiuic of tlis 
mont High. 

PSALM rm. IHmiiir, 
LOItD our GoTtmour, ho 


rcUtoi is Thv Nim« iti 
world : I'liuii tliut liattsul Thy 
abOT« tluheftifUt I 

5 Out of the mouth i^f rtry 
Bud raekliogi bojii Tbou on 
Htmuxtb, Ikcmi"* of 'riiiDu eai 
llial Tbou uviglitcit ■till tha i 
and llie jttaacr. 

3 For I vrill connidcr Thylw 

mgiiii Mid llw ataniwliloh Tbn 


4 U'^lint ia man, that THio 
mindful of bim : mid lb* nun ol 
tliAtThnu ii>iit«:it Imii? 

St Tliau madcst him lowct ihl 
ui£<Ia : to vnrnu him witll 
and wonhip, 

6 Tlw'i iiiiLk««l bim to hart 
nton at tlie works of Thy ll 
nod Ttiou hajt put nil things I 
Joeliun under hte fnt ; 

* AI! •li'ifj' and oxtn i 

The fowU of ths air, 
Bobvs uf the iw^ : aud wtnl 
walkclb LhruU);li tlia path* 

9 Lord onr Gorcmoor 
exnllv&t ia Tliy Naiois la 

Day 2. 

IVA CJf IX. f»(l»iftiW H,l. 

WILL gSm ilauikt uulo Th««, 
O Lard, nitb m/- wholo he»rt : 

i^onuiiji lltjipfc. 

1 will atwak of oil Thy 

lad maintaiiwl 017 
EkMM : TbM u« Ml 
m tim%j*tm» rlchl. 
nM >«tak<4 the hnilicn, 
Ciw4 Um «w«'1j' ' f liuu 
««1 llMir ■>»• Cm cxt 

t •MH»7, dM*TU<Tll<ni> arc 
parpetiul ml ; <vcn u 

■«iU i* p*rnfa*il vriti 

_ Lard ifaBll endure for 
htah aIm prvpweJ Uia 



f Mp Will t mile 
Ik TCm mou lligb' 

viwailei an drinn 
£■11 uid p«Tuli at 

■hall jatft* iW Koriil id 

k aU Ikt |>M«lc>. 

Btd kW «tll te k Mtace 

mMd i rtw a nhge in 

Oar fwl ^o-nr Thr Ktrao 
tinr Inul ki THtc : far 


rOa LOT.IWlMl.dw*ll- 
1 1 (hto IL* pMipl* of Hill 

aWa II* makcth iiutui- 
U>wt. lb i*B«mbcTeiIi 
d tmsM4tk not Q» cob- 

» Mtfcy njMM m*. Lard ; 

tMiliic mUA I nftr 

kal« Mt : Than thai 

f bmm the <M*i «f 

lav •■■•w UI TV pMiM* 
■ HRt a lk« duubter of 
imnii*t* ta TbiT Mln- 

tnlhM u* MDk dews ia 
ttttn n>d» : w IkaMfiM 
ttfr kd FTiTilj, 1* Uuir 

Lard li tnovn U> tmule 

hf [1 : and aO Uic pMpIc tlml (orgct 

IR Fur tlM poor th&lt not alny 
Iw foriiotton : itia piiinnt abidinK of 
tiie nock ihall not prtitli tar iwr. 

IP Up, Lord, and Jet »ol uinii )u*« 
lli« DMipr lianit : Irt tljo htaUicii b« 
Jnd^rd ill Til) aiillil. 

2u Pm tlitui in fc*r, O J^ni : tliat 
lliv JkmiIifu mar knoir lhi>niMJvc* 

1« Uf but itirn- 

i-^Ar.MX. rf^ui, n.m.>. » 

WHY iUn<]Mt Thou B) (ar off. 
O Lord : %.aA \nivA Tliy tuia 
ia t)ir needful time of imubit? 

2 Tliu imiwiily for hi* own Inat 
dotti pnr^vcrjiii lliu }ruur : let tbcn 
bo lalcn ill liie cmfty trllinen tliat 
thrr luve inuHiiiHl. 

.'S l-'urtVie uncadl>' liatlimado ImM 
of lii» vivn bi-arl'ii iliiire ; and 
■{■nkotli (pwdof til* oDtFtour, wboiB 
(>oit athurrtth. 

1 Ilic unfEodly ii ao proad. itul (i« 
eanth Dot for Ood : ncitim a God 
in all hi* LhaBiIitB. 

J^ HiH wsjs nrv alnay ifricvonii : 
Ttir jiiiti|"Ui«iil> g.rv fur aliovr out 
of hill aixlit. and thcrcfon dcficlli hn 
»ll bit (uemivi. 

6 For hu buth laid in hia heart. 
Tniti, I aliiLlI uervr b« oait dowa ; 
thcr* ahall Da luinu llapimu unto 
nc. ' 

7 Dii nioutli Ii fall of cnndns, do> 
mt, bih] fciiid : uDder )ua tonfluc if 
uiigudliiii-— iinU Tinitj. 

a Ho ailtclh lurking ia Ihi tkle*- 
■ib ctmora at tlio ilrocU : and 
privily iu hi> lurking dotu dotli La 
mudrr tb* innoc«Dt : ht kj** us 
Hi usintt th« piMr. 

9 Per ha li«lli waitiuft aMretljt 
ftitn u a Lion Inrkelh ho m hia d«n 1 
that h« niAjr r^viab ths posr. 

10 He dath rariib tlic poor 1 whts 
b»c(iuthhln InbthiinM. 

irilg hllgth down, i.n4 bnmblath 
hiiDfa'lf : Dial ih* i^onmotiwi of 
Iho poor mxy fxll into tho nanda of 

J-3 U« lutth Mid in hi> WA,T<uiki, 
6arf huh totsQiUa : He fei3»tfe v 
WV Uw &M, tuil Ue win wxt 



^riir, O [,or] HoJ, xad lift np 
5 llllbd : fiifVi't ln'l lilt ]KHiT. 
iV'luTafun- slifiulil lliil wirkcd 

' irad : wliilo bo ilotb hj 
, Toih, Thou God «Mtrt 

J^imlr Thou hxt •een it : for 

bcliuldi'il UDHwUilinM ud 

Is Ttial Tlion niyMt (ako Iho 
ittcr into Tliinc luud : Ihc poor 
bminlllclli birDiclI iiiiti Thee ; for 
Hiou »rt the hel per o( tlic friL-HiilpM, 
17 Untk Tliuu tli« powtT of ilie 
>Bg«dlj ui4 lulielouf : lake svaj 
' ' uii|ro<llliMst, kud Tlivu tbalt Snii 

10 Tlir V)ri i> Kiiif{ for c*tr nnJ 
CTct : intl the liMlbdi »j« [wriiilH'l 
out of [hi! laniL 

19 Lvnl, Thou hiM 1k«M the ih- 
rira !•( IIm poor : Thou pr«iiBr«at 
thrii hotrt, ftud Thine ctr ncari-pn- 

90 To h«lp IW f«thorl*as »nil poor 
unlo tiwlr righl : Ihal Ihs man of 
th« tuik bo ao moR (Xklwd ■gnintt 


IN the LonI pot I my tnitl 
«5f jc then to my •nnl, t 
shnilil Are u * bird unto Itiit 

2 For lo, tha un^ly bm 
bow, anil naktr lea/iy thrir 
wlihin thr qnlTpr : that thi 
priiily nhiwt Ri thrm which b 
of hnirt. 

3 For ihr foiindiitionfl win 
dowu : ULd irlmt liAth Uu rij 

1 The Lord U in Hb Irair b 
the li«rd'N Afil U in hFtren. 

i H'n fyei ooiuider tha 
kn4 Hl9 tr«-lid« l>y tho chili 

(i Thfl Lord nllowtth Ihc ri«l 
bat tli« utigiKUy, nod bin tl 
liuliteth in wickcdiicm doth t 

I Upon the un^ylly }Io ehi 
*n»rp»,flN) and briintloiM!,irto 
tcmpciC : tbt» tiiill b« thtir ' 

to driiik. 

H For tlw rl([St«Hit Lord 
rLght«oatiLf°t ; ill> Minri»nt 
behold the thing ilu>t U JBit.j 

Day 2. 

<*tirniii[i {lunrr. 

HELP me, Lord, for th«r« u not 
one gvUj mu> left : foi the 
blthfol are minislied Ironi udou^ 
Iho ehlldren of men. 

1 They talk of TViiir e*eTy one 
Kith bii Bcidibonr : Uiej dv but 
Sttter oitli ttwir lifO, and diasonbb 
In their •l<:iiblr hrart. 

5 llie l.uril alull Tool ont all ilo- 
ceitfiil Ufa : >n4 tho ttungiie Ibnt 
■pealcrth prnod tliinsi : 

4 Whlfhh»'n»iiJ, Wilborrtonflu* 
irlll we piVTBil ; n-t arc ihay tlinl 
eoghl M ■peak, who ii lord oTcr ua ^ 

6 [f ow for the rontfoTlien iraubW 
■ake of the nvs'lv' : and beoue of 
tlw dtvp fi)|hhiK uf thr puiir, 

6 I will ii)>. iNllli Hid IjiM : and 
wtfl help t\e!y Olio (roln him that 
^trrJIi-iA xgtiait him, luid mil wl 
ma -tl trti. 

TTAi- mrrfd of th. Lord oro pan 
- - "'■oa w (faj Mirer, whldi 


frniD Ihff earth !* tried, an 
a»<un llianf In ili>' flr«- 

H Thou Khali krcp IhcinJ 
Thca shalt prtwrr* himf 
llxiMnUan fur rrrr. 

9 TliB uiitroilly mklk on 

frlu'ii ility arc MaltrJ, 1 

of men arc put to rrbiik^ 

1-S*I.>I Kilt, r-u/ni- 

HOW lona wilt Till 
O L-ird, fur pvr 
vitl Tliiiii liiilit 'J'hy fit 

3 How long tball 
in my tou-l, and bij Bd 
heart : how hug »kial|j 
triuinptt OTer mu ? 

3 (^xider, and be 
lay God : llshlm i 
fi£e0p nohl in dt^alh 

■I Lcfl mine r[ir]ii>l 
iKiltil anintt bim 
down, ifej X\i»t W 
juioe it tV. 

, 6 Bot my \mi 

i i* Joffol is 'Hif Ml- 

^mc «f tin 



kftlbauai* tdibcirti 

I MtSpL Mid W«0D1« 

rOtek ioiagr : then 
4o<tb gowl. no n«t 

lix fc r i l d»wn faro he«- 

« riiilJna •£ mtn : to 

■rcn tnf that irauJd 

mi mcmk %bia Gad. 

M« d C«U Mit ct tlw 

; Itaii ii noiM ihtCi d»- 
bM one. 

Bi* an oemi •phiI. 
taivM* han thty 

C Thrlr moiiUi la rcill of lunlnK 
kixl biii^rncjw ; thtir Tmi u« iwin 
to iihiil bluod 

7 I>Mlntoliait and uti]iap|iliM8« it 
ID Ibitir wa^rv, *nii Ilia nav «f pu^t 
bale thef uM kiibwn ; tJioni it oo 
fru of Uoti before iliclr avM. 

a llaiv they uo kDOwTrdg*, that 
iho/ am nil nutli worfcrr) ol d^h- 
tbiii : ntiii(t ny M> people a* It 
wo bread, uid mil lut upon the 

8 There wire tlicj- bTauglil in gtr*t 
fear, •von wlieii uu (car ma ; Cor 
God b In Uie )|aiii<mliuii ol tbe nglt- 
Icon 3. 

10 Ai for Ton, jo hare maik a 
iDixk »l till- ooimiirl of lb* bMr : 
brvaiuM liB iitjIMli 111* tnut u tbe 

11 Who alul) aivt iu.I«AliiiD mlo 
Imcl oui «f SioQ? Wliuu th* Lord 
luntctb tbp capliiiiy i-( llii pMfib: 
Umi »h«ll Jnnob rt-joicc and [Mmel 
th*11 bt hIikI. 

tfanrins StApn:. 

I>AT 3. 

>W ihBll dwtU in Th; 
ad* ; M- who ehall ttM 

1) Am badelb M MMN 
•1 4fMh Um thing wittli 
I if«akMb Ox tnib froa 

l^A mmi M rfeoU in 
•<*4SM «Ttl M td* mM- 
I hHb NM ilMuhmd Ui 

I mmUi mm bjr IniniMtf. 
7 la hi* vwa (jea : anil 
id ef tbm thai fca* Ifca 

nwi A «ato bH acitib- 
*MpMi»|glt hiB not : 
■MIDM om Undraao*. 
I Mb ool fireu hii aM- 
Mmt : nor takm reward 

^Mb thoB UuB«i : abaD 
rfMr. (> (Ah/ .- Ar la 



1 <> luv •otil, lliiju tinal milt udIo 
Uio \javA : I'lmii an my Uod, my 
gCKida >rf niitliiiri;; unio Imc. 

3 AH Diy dsliBht ia upon the ntnU, 
that aro in Iha taxtk : and upon 
•ncli *r rxcrl In lirtiK'. 

4 Bet lli«y thut run aim another 
goil : ahBil have Sf^'-^l iroiililp. 

e Their diHik-offfriiigi of blood will 
I Dot oKr : nriibvr niukf mnitiUD 
of their naniM tritliin m} lipi. 

■ TIk LonI ItirnMlf i> 1)» pnrUon 
of miuw iiihprilatifv, hiiiI of aiy cup : 
1^100 ahslt maLnialu nij' \m. 

T Tht bn li fntlin unto mo la a 
fair jTOUDd ; jvu. 1 Iibtc a goodly 

B I will thank Ibi! Lord for giriiif 
W« wafainfi : my rvitiit alto cluMon 
ai* In llif nigbt-Maaan. 
I haTR Kt God alwaT* bofitrt 
I me : for Ho ia od m; rigbl haad, 
I ilmrrlcre t iihaJI not nil. 

10 Whfrtl&n my hcut ww ^14, 
and liij- sfury reJBJMil : my «*L 
*4w r/wii rest in hope. 
"tvrnbj-? ThoHsliaUBOtlcv 






mr mnl !n Ii*II ; nellher ibalt Thou 
Mlbl Tlir lln\f One lo ico earrnli' 

n Thuii tlolt Hhvw m* the pilb of 
ti{« ; ID Iliy pT*wniv in th» fulnnu 
«l joj : »n4 at Thj- right hand there 
it ptcniuro for eronnorv. 

l^AI.M XV^I. Kttarll. rnm)nr, 

HEAR tli« rishl, O I,orJ, con- 
•i<Ier mf rompUint : ond 
hMrken unia my pnyer, tlut kwUi 
D4l out of fciened lipi. 

3 L*l my Kntenco f'>Tnr furtti from 
TIlT pwwnCB : liD'l M Tli'Hft »ytf« 
look ilpfin thn thiiif^ tlial It cquiil. 

3 Than hitt itavrd and viiittd 
mine hort in the niiihl'iirnAtin; Thoa 
luut trLi^iI mf. nnd ah\lt finii na 
wfoli«itiifH in n« : hr I am iit(«rlr 
pDn>t>ii(i<l thai id; month Khali not 

4 Bmudm of tncti'i worlc*. that aw 
done wainit thf (rordi of 'I'hy llpt r 
I hft<r« kept ne fram the viys of 
th* dwtiwytr. 

5 O hftld Hioo up my pninfii in Thy 
p«thi : Ihttl my footnlcni liip not. 

G I have (lalird npnn Thv#. U Uod, 
Ua Thoii khalt h^ir mc ; Inoline 
TfalllS Mr In ma, and Iirarkrn unta 

n««, Thoa that art the Suviout uf 

Itieni irliinli pnl ilieir trad In 
from nicli s-t rtaat Thy iltA* i 

R Kcpp mc IB Urn ni^Je 
rto : IiiiH HM on dor t)>« 
Thy irin«(i, 

9 From ttic nn^mfl; llnl 
mc : mine eneatra eMa|, 
raund about to talco ktnynj 

III Tliiiy nr* indowd in tM 
fut : uid IVirEnoutfaapMkclh 

II They lie waiting in oatu 
errry aide : tumiim thcit tyt* 
to I 111? Bponnd ; 

1'^ Likooji alian Ihat !« 
Ilia nrcr ; utid )u It <»r* k 

whelp. Iiirkiiiir in nepret pti 

}i Up, Lord, dlBappoint him 
(i&tt him down : dclivtr my 

rrmii tli4 iingodlj', which (« a I 
of Thine ; 

U From thf men of Thy hi 
I»ril. froni the men. I soy.UiA 
Ih^ *vil woHd ; w'lLJrh luw 
nnrtinn In thii lifn, who*? 
Tlinu flllrji Willi Thy hid tr* 

IS They hjHB diildrrit »t 
ieiitt : mi Wve tho rest oi 
tuhatanes for tliBir hftb^a. 

It Bat m f-ii nii>. I will 
Thy prwrnen in righfna 
when I Kiraku up ftft«r 
iiMd,I ihtU be BtUafted 


€brntng ISra^'tr. 

PBALM XVIII. aarjm* U. Damin,. 

1W 1 L L tovo Thef , O Lord , my 
■tirngth ; tii« Lord i* m atony 
mk, and my d»fnM i wr SaTtonr. 

KC«d,ftsd ny nl8bl,hi Wh«at I 
I trail, my harklDr, Uik tinn rIio 
of my MlT»tion. Mid my refHce. 

3 I will o»Il upon the Urd. Whleh 
U wwthr to be praiMd : M shall 1 
be Mfe nom mine «n«inlea. 
3 The torrowi of dnath rompaiMed 

IB* : and the overflowtiiKi ot UIU^- 

lineu mad« mo afmid. 

t The paltu of b«ll onmo about 
M» ! the naTH of death OTCTtuok 

S la mr tro'ibh I mil «ill opftB 
^w £on/ / anif coiopiaui uBt« m; 

a <H> ahall Hi hoav my 
of Mi* liolv U-Kplo : and mw 
pliiiit shall conio befoito III 
ihill «n(«r «vc^i into Hid Mit 

" The "*aTlli trpmhlnd »nd « 
Ihw v*ry fnimdationa nlta of tlli 
iliook. and (Ttro remoTcd, h« 
He wu wroth. 

D Thfrro w*nt a Bmokr out I 
piewncs ; and a oananming 8 
of Hii moiilh, ao thit ooala 
kinriii'd at it. 

[I lie bow[?d tho heaTCDs all 
eamo down : and it yn» daric 
II ii fo^t. 

Id Ila mrin v^nn th» rlien 
and ii4 IVf ; Sle camo fiyinc 
1 ihft irtnra <A ^-i •m\iv\ . 

■Tffinmiad tbout Him 
tod iMefc cIoikIx 



of liii jw 
wiwnt d : &kU- 

*4 alM llHwdcRiI tnit «{ 
I a* tUilraM Baic lib 

^ M Ri* UTom, ud 
■■ ! Ht, <Mi brtb ligbt- 
tMnjsd tbcn. 

iUmb af tlu niinil 
mrai. al Tbj dud- 

■p md do^*v tr^fn OS 
*m : u>d bluU tate 
Mj iraHrv 

■n Irihir »» bom my 
lad Am Ibfm 
r ■•': fMf Uwj •!• Wo 

lUd Me in tlir daj 


forth klm lolo 
ttarlj ; lit broufihi tne 

•I ifadl riwMil m* afUr 
M **UMt : unnliog la 
mMmj teD<b ilaU lie 

1 kan krpt di* VAjrs 
1 1 asJ Imtii am tunaluii 
■ & wicked doUi. 
Wh *■ ef« ciBta oil tli* 
d «ai not cut mil Hta 

QBCORnpt b«ttii« 

liuaa aim 

««l* lU cbuBOB of njr 

1 *A ■ pfffcd MM TImu 


'^ Tor Tbon thalt save Iti* t>pop1e 
that Arc ID tdroTfllT : lud nhxlt 
brill); duim the bigb Jooka of tbe 

t» Thou abo italt lldtt mr can- 
dk : tli« Li>rd my (i«a ahall nufca 
an darkncM 14 be light. 

-> far in Thcu 1 shall (1I«0(iiaBt 
HI liu&l vf luvn : and with the b«)p 
«f my Cod 1 »h»U Imj) «rer Sk 

30 rho <ny of God J* an u&ckflled 
ir»r : tbi' wuid uf Uie Lord alw !• 
Irlfd ill Hit titv ; ll« ^t iho dvfmdar 
of alt them thai p-ut tbeii trwt in 


31 For wbu i« God, I>iil thn Lonl : 
CT who hatb wiy *um^, otecpt 
our God? 

S3 It U God, thut girdetb ma wtth 
■tm^h ■>( -war : »ai makctli aj 
•»»/■ HrfMl. 

.1.1 H* mahrlli my fvol like liatta' 
feel : and attutli mc ny on high. 

31 IIo tfiuhi'th mma haada la 
Bght : and mine amiH fbftll br«»k 
VNa a lioir of «ti>el. 

16 Thou hut ylT«Q mo iho dobnet 
at Thpr alraiioii ; Thy tuht iNad 
aliiy Bhull hold mii up, luid Thy lor- 
iiijl tomrtii'O nli.tll iiiuhit invgtMi. 

ii I1iuu ilialt niaJiu rooin enough 
und«i WD lor Co kk : IhU tsy foot* 
■t*pi ihiiil not ilidc. 

37 t will foUow npoa mino cncmiea, 
and oiartak* llietn ; ntith*r will I 
tumanin [Ullhavotutroj'cdthoal. 

3S I will Bmito thtfin, that lliBV 
■hall Dot be abl? Ui sUnd : but £ail 
under my ((«l. 

S9 Tlwu haxt giriind am oriih 
rtnn^th nolo iho latllc : Tbon 
ilull tliToir down mino cnaniu no- 
dcr roc 

10 Tliou Iia-t ID a dp mln<> mriniM 
alpkk to (urn tlii^ir 1l:l^k^ Dpuri nio : 
and I •lull di^atru/ tlilMu llial bate 

11 Tbcy ihall cry. but thcfa limJl 
he Dona Co liclp thfm : jta, otto 
unto tbe I^nJ idisl] ihejr cry, bat 
//enAaffoM Jinr cAcni. 


J-J^^FWW »«, J«Mir/«v ,fc, «i„j ; I will «S 

Dai 4. 

43 Thmi slinlt dollnr mo from tliv 
■triHng* nf the p«i>pl« ; anil Thou 
■halt maJcc me tlie hoi>d of the 

44 A l>*ap)o whom I harit not 
known : tb*!) terv* nie. 

4i A* Mon u tlior hrar of Rio, 
Uiey iholl ahey mo : but tbc atnii^ 
tltililrrii sliall iliuunblo wilb me. 

iC Tlir ^tniuitr chtldno aluiJI fail: 
tLfi«l lii- EirniJ orii (if tlhiir vriaonv 

47 'Diu I^rJ U>v-(h. mill bloMiod bo 
my itttiDg Ildprr : unU pni*o<l be 
Ihe Uoi] of Diynlintion. 

45 Enn thu (JoU Ihat OMth tliti ' 

D-iv 4. ifioriihii 

PfiAI.U XrX. CM'marru^,!. 

THE liiiitii-i|p| dtrlnn.' thp ((lory of 
(lod : -iLnil 1}jLi CLnnuiLVTii hIww- 

fl Ont dijr lollFtli nnotlicr : and 
OM alClrt Ovtiflrlh aiiolhcr. 

3 Tlion is nci(hi-r tpwch nor Inb- 
gmg» : but tlu'ir voiros ■ri' tiinud 
amonc th*m. 

4 ThL'ir touad It gon* out Into nil 
Itadt : and UiHr ironli Inla the 
«ndl of th« inirld. 

5 In Ihom hath Ho fot a tabonin«1c 
for iW »iin ; which fomuth fwrlli u 
ft bridii{T(MiTii oat of bin ch>in1if:r, 
and RJmoclh u n f;iiuit to run lii* 

6 ItsMth AiTth from Ibr iitt«riniHt 
part of lh« licnTrn. anil niniiulh a- 
bout unlo Ibn and of it n^iilii : n-iitl 
thoTc la notliing hid from tlift licit 

T Tlw lair of the Lord ii ■□ Ondc- 
flloJ Inw. iHiiiTerliiiR the wdI ; the 
tertimony of (hii Lord it sure, and 
friveth wimclcini unto tho ilmpto. 

8 Tile iitil\itifi of llic JLonl am 
Hghl, anfl PT juice the liearl ; Ihc 
com ion lid mi< III nf tho Lord ii pun, 
and uiiTih liiibt unto tho rjr». 

S> Tlic feoiT of Iho Lord i> clean. 
Mid ondiirvth for ever : Ihn jud^co- 
menti of the Lord an tme, and 
riahtttiB* allotfethfr. 

fp Sfom III he Jpiiird irr tliej 
iaMtlgtldfjet, (ftan mucli Bno cold : 
^^w J>^ tfcaa hoaej, and llio 


I Iw avensed : sod 

poilpto 1111 to DtO. 

t'j It U II* that 
from my cruel cnolnh^ afl 
teth tnc up aboTC nUac oJ' 
Thou nhalt rid ms tram tbo 

SO For till* cauvr will I fiwo 
onto Thee. O Lord, anoug d 
lilvi : and lioK ptuiwa nd 

h\ (tr«at prDT]>orit]r RJrotlll 
lo Hi* bliig : and iJiewolb 1 
kindncH unto D«v(J HU %at 
md usto hii accd for cicnnon 

II Miin-in»»rj y>f IhfTn is 
rant ta.ushli ; and In Im«( 
then there is ^Toftt rwn«rd. 

1:1 Who CUD tell boi* vfl ho 
Oth : O vlennM Tliuu me fr 
■oorvl fault*. 

1.1 Koi-p Thr M*«aM •!• 

Sronunipligaui diu, lot tfc*]r 
ominion over mc : m lAairi 
drlikd. aod ianoctot from llM 


U IiVt tho irariU of mr i 
ind the mndttaliun of niyhei] 
ulwar nctepUikle in Thy NgU 

Ii U Lord : m; itRngth, 



TilR Lonl heir ihee in tl 
uf trouhio : tl>t< Nam! 
(!<>r] i>f Ja«ab defend ihvo ; 

-2 Send thM help from till 
II1IU7 : uid atrcngthen thee' 
Slon ; 

3 HomeinVr all lliy "fTiTJnai 
acFVpt (liy biirnt'fttRriRce ; 

4 hnM liieo th^ licut'o 4 
and MfA nil thy mind. 

5 W'ewill rejoice iu Thynll 
and triumph in Ihe Nam* 
Lord our '!<"! : the Ijord | 
all (liy petition!. 

(i .Vow know I. tUlt the Lwi 
eth llii nriointed, aod wUt 
from Ills lioly hi««rn : o*(l 
tiw wliuVsMiuw. •treiisl'< ''f Hi 

■r «f ny MjTsliaa. 

jpTcn hiin bis hMft'i 

hatt BDl ilmivJ him IIm 

I iImIi rrarcBt him wltli 

■ of p«N aoM span U> 

J life of TU*, uul Thna 
k laaig lUc : cica for 

BDAOr i< c"!kl in Thr nl- 

Lylory uid ipvsi wonhip 
I Ujr Hpoa hiin. 
rWm dikJl «n« Um tvr- 
IMty : uwl im1c« Um ghd 
[df cf Th7 «0flBlBnnw. 

slall TOO- 

lU Tlicii fruit ihnit tlioii root onl 
of tilt- tartli 1 ADil their md froia 
uioiur the cliililmi uf mm. 

It I'of Ibcf Intcuili^ inbcluf^ i* 
niiut Ibo* ; ind iinigliivi] uuli s 
ikrice u thcjr lur not ibU u pn- 

1:2 Tlwrc'foK ihalt Uwu pnt thna 
Ui fllglit : and tli( tlriucd oT 1I17 
bow nhilt iIiDii iDBke rea^ *i(^u«t 
Uk face d[ thrm. 

13 B« Ttiun cnlMd, I^Td, JnThina 
enn itmiwUi : m will we nng, 4ul 
pniie Tti; poner. 

Cbtnins 19rj|itr. 

tXXII. /Inu. IXXHW. 
1, my Gad. look apim Dtt : 
f hut tlm f*TMk«n BM 1 
» br bra my bMllh. and 

iGoiLI rtflo the (Ur-li<n'. 
b*W**t BOA [ ttij in the 
klio 1 t>ka •» net. 
ThiM MatiMort iafy : O 
iUp tf ImmL 

' fc nn t il HI Thaa ■ the* 

Day 4. 

Uul Th«a ui Ife (lul (oak ni« 
»Ql of njr oMIiti'i wdmb : Thou 
WMl my h»|)i>, wlipn 1 lrui|ct<l yrt 
neftn my ino!lirr'» hna^ti. 

10 I nxrt bccli Irfl iilllii 'Vh^V f\tr 
linee I vbj boni ; Tlioa atl ni; G«il 
(Ten frnm mir ntdilKr'* wumb. 

11 O £0 not from in», (ur (routil* 
ia hird al hand : uid Incrv U none 
to lull p mu. 





me : and Aa uMtdl of th« wicked 
lintli ucRo afaioft oie. 

I* Tboy pieroed mj hxtil) and mr 
feci : I m>7 t«lt kll m^ booM : Ui»y 
•t«n(l ■taring and bolcin^ njMii me. 

Ihcm t aaJ cant loU upon mjr tm- 

] U Pul 1h> iiot Tliou !nT Imm mo, O 
hotd : Thou BTt my lucaoiur, hute 
Tbw ta help nic. 

20 DellT*» my wnl from iTwi twonl ; 
mv divUiiH from llii< rowi'roflheitog. 

5l S«TO mn [r*m the lion'j mouth : 
Thou hul hMrd m( alM fr«miin<»iK 

SI I will d«elm Thy Ninn* imtn 
vy bnttmni : in thn dvIiJiiL of i!ic 
enfngittun trill 1 iiralxu Tlii'i', 

33 U praiw Ihp l.oril, vii ilist ffiir 
Him : nwsntfy Hiui, nil yn of tho 
RWd tit Jmil). ».nd (ibt lllin, bU yo 
Mod of Itne] ; 

21 for He h&ih not dcgpiwd, nor 
tbhomd, (b» low mUI« utba poor : 
1I« liAth nnt hid llii full from him, 
hut wlinn he eMtd unto Him Hb 
hiMril him. 

■J5 My pn\'t u of Thpp in tli» 

f'ett pnnrffltfition : my vowii will 
pi>rfi>nii In ihe nliflil of tliem Uial 

fCAT llilll. 

I'M The poor (iliall Ml, niid bo fa tin- 
fled : Uifiv that Jipflk afti^r the ImtA 
tiail giniiao Him; j^uiir heurt iihiill 
live for crer. 

Z7 AH the cods of (Tif world eliail 
mnemlxrr thcmmlTpa, nnil hir Itiniri] 
UDta tlie Lgrd : and all the kiudrcdi 

of thv aBtiou alibn wcnUn 

'Jit For lliv bliiKdaiD is the Ldi 
uid llr in the {loxmouT iiiioa( 

'29 All BDch lu be fat upon 
harr ■•ilrn, and vonhipptit. 

Sll All Ihny tint ipt 'l>Hti iul« 
duit ahall bffurit Him : 
no maLi bulb quii:L«ued hit 

31 Mr >Md ahall wm Him : ^ 
dull be Mnnt«d unto tli« Lord 
a, (Ktifnttion. 

XI Th«y aha II wne, ud tbe 
VHI13 Bhal! declare His rii;btMitti 
unt>> » penpli; that ulull ho 1 
whom Ihi> Luril butfa muile. 

I'KALM Will, l\-.l.— -yH 
fl^HE Lordtimyshepherdili 
_L f<>n> MD 1 licit nuthiiut- 

'i He ehnll fnnil in« in * BTwa 
tiire : iiid l-nii ino forth b«(iill 
walen of fomforl. 

3 Hv ahull couvi-rt my fou) i 
bring mil fnrtli in the paths of E 
oousiiHii, for Hw Nuna'« nJiab 

4 V;a.. lliouKlt 1 nuJk thni^ili 
(illvy uf the niiiduiT of ileith. ~ 
tvnT no nril : for Thou art wiUl 
Thy rod luiU Thy *,Utt comfoFt 

t> Thuuxliitlt iirvpan alableb 
ma aKiiiisl Iliitiu tUM Iniabls 
Th«u bam i,nniiiteil my bead 
oil, xnil ray riip ih.ill be fnll. 

6 Uul Til J Imiujc-kindntM 
ciiCTcy iihull fuUuw lim all tlie 
of my llfo : ami I "ill ilwcU ti 
boiisi: of tho Lord foi oicr. 


iHornins ^ta^tr. 

F9ALM XXIT. nonlniM Umi. 

THK mrlh i* the Lord'*, iml all 
that thi>reln ia : the fnnpaas 
of thi' Vfoild, And Ibcy tliat dwell 


S For Ht hatli founded It npan 
tha teta : aud prepared It upon (he 

i Vho ehall vccnil into the hill of 
Ibf J.^nl I or who- ahill iIsd up iu 
iiii tivly pS»ctT 

■i tTreo h« that hatfj clean hands 
111/ a pan boirt : and ibnl liatli 


not lift u]> tiij tntiid unto Tully 
swurti to iIdmIio bit nuighbonr. 

i He bIuU nwirv the lilBoiag 
thR Lord : and riKhti.>ouEiHt 
the liod of hit tdlvallon. 

E Thia ii lb« gencntioa of 
tbkt «tk I lira : oTua uf ibaa 
Kck Thy [iice. O Jacob. 

I Lift up y-ijur li«Bdji, 0j9 
and l>e yc lift vpi yt cnrifl 
dcran '. kud thB Kiu« uf (lotir 

cone \a. 
I » ■*■!» vs *« lM»i •" «ywi 

amy liwr >n : ud th^ i«nT 
tjniuiww haU kKaitiFl no. 

19 O ktvp my soal, and dcHTcr 
B4 : let one nox br confmiDclml, for 
I hire put roj Iniiit In '!%•». 

W Let pcrrcFtnm uil rl^tMiBi 
ddliif wul upon in« : formj hope 
Intli hrtn in 'nice. 

::i IVIlvf r ItfMl, God ; oat at 
all hb troublM. 

r«AI.M XXTt, Jn'linimi,OL"litr. 

BE Thon a^ Jixlco, O Lord, far 
I hit* wilkrd InntKcntJf ; nj 
truit hath t>r«n ilao in (lio hota, 
tbrnfon (hull I not &1I. 

3 Kunnlua n*, O I.ord, and i-ratv 

mc ^ tr7 ont ray rtliu *nd ntr fiewt. 

3 For Thy IpvJag-kinilD«a i» w 

hetoTr rninv *jm : and I iritl mdk 

AitO. Oimte'.&Tmrf. 

Tlce. U Lofd, inll t lift 

' wnl ; ror Oodt t h>n 

) H nt« : <) M iM* not 

, Bciitirr let mln* oa^ 

I trtrm*. 

thev that b«tw ia TbM 
r W — biwrd t bvt nth mi 
wHboat • CMM i^allb* 

■I* 'Hiy w«yi, O haei ; 
Di# Thv jMthi. 
ao CciTUi m TliT inilh, and 
I fir Tboa art Ui» Cod of 
ktioi : in Th«« Mlh bom 
«a iW da« loaf. 
to iMBMumuiM. O Lard. 
hrr ■Mvoiaa i mail Thy lo*. 
i.wUdi ha*«WaaTvT 

lWt Ml llw lint and 

W H^ yaalh ; bul acMcd- 
1^ Ma«<r think Thou nfto 
Dtd, for Thy KOoAtM*. 
rioaa and riMMooa U Uw 
llMnfan wlirile k*«b dn- 

M that are m^ek ahall ll« 
iadMnHnl : >od aaoh ■■ an 
Om paths of A* l^wd w* 

ID Thr tinib. 
4 n>« 

liarv not dmlt with tain jMr- 
MD* ^ nehl»T«rll1 1 har« irllairnhlp 
^Ih Uio deccitfuL 

A 1 hate liat«d the majTrrcation of 
Iha vriokcd ; and will nol ail amoaB 
th« niistiilly. 

fi I will waili my tianiU Iii hisa- 
muj, O Lord ; aud m will 1 gv to 
Thine altir ; 

7 Thai 1 toiy ulitw (he ww_«( 
Uiankastii^ : and IvU «( all 




lb* hksdofOe enemy : but hwi ne 

^■ fwt k s Urge room. 
HsTtt mtny npan ms, Lord, 
ibr 1 un in troublo ; and mine «y« 
lecoDMimBil for v«nr hufiMMi jet, 
va wdI uii] my boilr. 

U For my life ia wxxtn aid with 
btaviiipja ; uid my jcirt nilli 


1? M)- itrcntrlh fiilutli uic, beeauw 
of DUoa utiquit; : iui<l my twoM atr 

IS I bteima t repTOuf BniiJUK ull 
mine CDDndM, but eipeeiallj unong 
mr ueruhbonn : tnd ther ot mine 
■oiuiintAnwwmitnidafiii*; and 
Uhi; thnt iliil ici( mo witbuut con- 
rc)v<l thi'lnielTGK from me. 

U I am cI«aiiforKOii«ii,MKdaad 
man out of miiiil : 1 am bocome Ilk* 
t brokfd v«niei. 

li ForlhareliMnl thi- bluphemr 
cf ttio muiyuide : iLuil ttur ia on 
CTCTy aiile, while ibcy totuptre to- 
gtOin uninat mc, mid Uke their 
OOOUkI In Ukc iimj my life. 

19 But ay hope lialh li«n in TIim, 
Lonl : I liavc saiil. Tliou wt my 

ir Mjlime ij inThjhiiiiil; (kliTtr 
IDC frnm Ihc hand <if nii»>r cucmiu : 
lod fruin DiF-in tliul purni^culi^ lac. 

IS t^hcvr 'i'hy HTiHiit Ihv iiKlit of 
Tby cuiKikunaco : auil mtc mc fui 

in L«t me not b« ronA 
I^fii, lor I h»se Miied ii| 
Irt Uju uu^udly W liut lu 
uid ba pui to t>l«iiM in th 

'JU LM lh> lyina line ba 
Ipiici! : wliinh rruolljr. dil 
snri di-iritt'lull}'. ipi-uc a, 

31 CI how pltuliful [■ '. 
Den, irbjeh Thou hut la 
them thkt fwuThso : And 
liBki jircpartd (<ir them tlu 
iriJii ill Time, evm Iwfurt 

of lUVIlt 

-.'.' Thou KhKlt hi<l« thODi 
TbitiB own ptvtrncn frnii 
loluiiK uf ulf uien : Thuu i 
Iliem Mere tly in Tlij IiIkti 
llie Klnfc of Uiitnut*. 

■Jli TIi3iik> tm to Uin Lo^ 
halh ■hciTi'd' no tuarrtU 
lliuclui^w ID X alTiinf; cilr. 

'H Add whtii 1 UL&d« Iiu 
I \m cksl out of tiie elKkl 

■^!i Ncrcrthcbu.Thoubf 
voidi; of mj pntjtr : wb 
unto Tliep. 

'.'U love tfie Lord, m 
raliil.1 ; (orihfi IflrJiircscl 
tlut Mr f^iilhfiil, uiid p 
rL'imrUL'lli [Iil- priiud doer. 

21 Uii bItlillK, lUld He I 

blioh your lii'Ut : all ja 
four inut in tbe Lor^ 

Dav 6. 

aEtifninH Sr/iixr. 

I'^ALM XXXII. llnif', fVffiMn^ 

BLt:£S^ ie he wliofo unriHhl- 
c-Dutue** if forglTtD : ttixlwlioK 
■n i* oaTcrnil. 

3 Bleated i> the in&n natu whom 
(Iw IfOrd impuletli Eiu eiii : and in 
wbotc ipirit ilirn it iiu KuiJe- 

9 Pot while 1 held my t«ogue : my 
bouee eoiuuDwd knay IhrouKU uy 
4l>li' coinvlaiiiiiv:. 

4 For Tliy liand i» heavy upon nie 
day and nl^ht : uud my mviatuxt ia 
1D.C ihc dtvu^l in lummtr. 
_J / itill ackD«Th'iige Div «n unto 
~ -■ aiNt mine lUuri^IiIcouaneM 

.'not biJ. 

eita-'j ' witf coa/ew my aim onto 

the Lord : and so Tlioa 

the inckediif>» of my iln. 

7 For ihit gltutl cccry « 

^dly make liia pruyer unl 

■ lilBll wlli;U lliuu UIILJL-9t 

lut in tlR> Kifut «iiiir*ll 
iliall luit oooie iiiuli hiiu. 

t> TboLi Bit a plaoc to b 
Thou ihalt prcwirn mc i 
Uc '. Thuu bIuU (viupue 
wiih auuu uf dutivKiaacc. 

!* 1 wllliitformIhcc,aai 
la tho wav wbcKia thm 
uid 1 nill guide tbve ^ 


10 Be 3« TiA V\V« \n1«in( 

Ice ia Ub* Ur<l,0 ]^ nAl. 
for it boMOUtli wtlTtbe 

I Uia Lord with huf : dtw 
I HtH witii Um kU, ud 
Ttan rtriMpL 
, J the Lm^Tk mw nog : 
I taaiUy ool* fUn iria B 

_ J watd of tltt Lord U tno : 

|B» mris are UllifliL 

1. Iv*«ili nittiHuu— M ind 

Ml : IW awtli b htll of On 


Wm «««f Af ttic Lard wne 

BmI« : Md all ibe hMU 

by tlia tmt^ of His nonlb. 
pIkaTrtfc Um waun M the 
" V* H tl ntn iipca au 
krrth up the decpiH In 

lU Um mtUi Cui' ibe Lord. : 
*w« «r Uim. aU j« tliu 
B« ipakCi »ii4 it vM 4oDo : 

mittSid, Mi4 ll atooil fxt. 
V LonI briu^cUi tb* eaiin- 

f« t—f '*■**■ to wni^l : uid 
fca dr*lMa «f lite people to 
• aOta, and caJMdi «Bt tiw 
•r*«ittMi.. ^ 

17 BtlMld. Ui« oyo of the LmJ u 
vptm them that fou Ilia : ami ujicin 
them thUitntdwbtnut ill Hifiiii-TTT; 

18 TodglinraalraMLlfroiu d.itiii : 
andtefMd thtm in ttic line of ileLrtli. 

19 Our Kul hicb t.iiiently unied 
fV Itw Iwd : l-M He u our help, 
Mi4 oar Rbhld. 

20 Fat our bcart (lull nijaiw la 
Him : beeius (N liaTS hoped In 
HlB Loly Nime. 

21 L«t Tl>7 nenifiil UndiitMi, O 
IjKtd, U upon ui : like at ira do pat 
ear inut ia Tlici!. 

PflALK XXXIV. Bautiim JIm^Ml 

TWILL nlwaT gin Uianka VDlo 
ibo l<anl : llu preiM ilull erer 
be in njr moulh. 
3 Uy tool shall n»fc« her IimbI in 
tiic Lvnl : the bunblo aliall beai 
tlicfMf, and it gbd. 

3 V praiat tbi; Lord wilti mt : uid 
JM ut uJMuif) HU y^mv lutnUin. 

4 I tou^lit ibu Lorl,tii>'i II': \xvri 
mo : }'t&, llo dctivircil ipo out of 
all mj faar. 

5 'nwr bail ui «]r« iinlo Him, asil 
WBM Hgbtcned : and ihnir ftetii wor« 
Dot aibained. 

8 Lu> tho poor orieth, and the Lord 
bvarfUi him : jiea, and MTclh ~ 



II Con*. ^childrtD, iibUvwIcoA 
nt»ne : 1 wilt lea^h jon (h« Am 

K Whnl mm In lio l)iM liuMll to 
liv« : and would fun km gaoA iky»i 

IS KMplliytongiiAftamo*!] :u4 
Ikr )fp«, tlut tiMjp *p«iik no mile. 

H ftwiww «t1I, ftnd do Kood : wek 

pM«>, Ud MUIM ft 

li Tlu (j-f* «f thu Lord an ovm 
thtriirhtcaiur; and Mui tan wo tipon 
uato (Mr pnyen. 

If T}w watiWniutm ef the Lord ii 
■XfttiiM Uipm thit ilo *T)I : lo rooe 
Mil Om rvnpnbrmnoi of Ui^m from 
Uw earth. 

17 Tbt rigbloaut orj-, hdJ the Lord 

hMr«th tIi*B t ti»d dc 

out a1 *ll IIidIt tronblM. 

18 The Lord ix uioli uats ih 
are of a Mntrila bf^rt 
MM intli u be of U) hiuabloj 

IN V.mti %n th* 
ri^htMui t but tbt 
Kim Mil of all- 

■JO Me ]i«|wth a11 bin 
thai not on* af thom ii bruk« 

SI riol mlrfortuDa irhaU 
nneodlr : and th«r thai ^ 
risntwiiii ihall b* doMlata. 

Tl The Lord delinKlh th 
of 111) MTVftnU : ind ttl th 
put lhi>lr Iron In Him ataall 

I>AV 7. 

fHomitiji JJir-ijitr. 


PLEAO Thon inj «iiw, Lord, 
with ihvm thii EttiTfi n-iih mn ; 
•nd flght Thon againtC thoiD that 
SfHit ifltinit tnt. 

3 Iat hand ni>cn tits aUeld and 
ba«kli>T : ttnd unnd up ti h«lp no. 

S Brina forili iliu ipi-tt, iiid iiUi;i 
th« wa; o^iml tlirm ihit pcnccato 
mo : «ay unto my >ouL t an tbQ' tal- 

1 Ltt thMn be eonfonnded, and pat 
U> frtutno. thU (Mk aftCT njr tool : 
lot thetn be (iinwd bark, and broo^lit 
to oonfaiian. tliat imatriiie luUchief 
tot mo- 

5 L«l tbcnt be u Die dmt befon 
the wlnil : and tha Uffol of thr I/ird 
aeallonnff thnm. 

6 Let their iray be dark and slip* 
petT : lod I'L 11(0 aiiu'' uf the Lord 
fer»«cute tlirin. 

7 Pot thpy hat* prlrily Uiil lliPir 
nrl to diitrnv mc nithout a ciluhu : 
jea. (vtiii "iiiHiut a raiisM have ibej 
nuhlo a pit for my muiI. 

8 Lot a RiddtD d«atni<'ii<tn rnmr 
UMii bini uDfttraica. aoid 1iis nnt. 
tut ht hiLli laid prlriljr. ciLcti Ijiui- 
sdf : tlal ho may fall into Lli own 

^ /fnit /nr noal. be jctrful In tliB 
iwtf •■ (V «£■;/ n-joJM (a Ilia sal- 

Vff A^a nj^ bouea (2wll my. Lord, 

trlio b Ilko unto ThN, Wh4 M 
mt lbs ponr firam bin ^t I 
■imii^ fnr bin : 70a, tba MM 
liim that I* in nitaj, fnm 

I I ralM iritiieuca did ri« 
ibfy laid to ny fhaise tUB)p I 
hnnw not. 

1 :? Thof romirdod iB»f *J1 Ibr I 
to tha ureal diuamtbrt of mr > 

13 Neverlheleaa, when Ibi* 
■Irk, I pnt on ni^krloth, nnil 
blod my Kiiil with fulin^ : an 

Erafcr uliull turn into miao 

N 1 behaied mywtf at that 
hid \ifva niT fri(>n-l, ormy bnw 
I WCTit hi>3vilj-. HI onn that n 
Hth for bin muthor. 

IS Rut in mine ailrenrttr llH 
Joltt'd, ittd icalliored Ibcmitln 
nethor ; yea. the Trry abJocU 
logTther acniiut mo noawana, 
'mg mouilu at mr. and onacd 1 

le Willi tbo Dattortn wer* 
mocker* : wbo gnaahcd niM 
with tbplr ii^th. 

17 I:iirct, h'lw l«im niltllioi 
tiiioii lliin : U ilrlivrr my SOill 

tua caliiniiii't whiiti iIkv brii 
Oic, and HIT doillng Iram iho Ii 

III So will I gin; Ttxc tban 
tfae ETCal TtAKTCRktiuu : I will | 
Thte «.mm(t uw>iaft<j^ 

IS O V«l WA ten. WaXM 

ii^mf tati. 

■M mdmph OTFT n» 
liiMMi Hj in iheir bautt, 
Ml, m iNoM wv have It : 
,U Am mj. We hiir* de- 

I (^ b* pal la cuifeiiaii 
Mt IhhIh. Ihil r*Mka il 
|M>-. l>t Ihtm be olollwa 
lUi Ml d«b(in«w, thmt 

■w j ii m wtt ■«. 

Nw Kr liditoM* J< 

Mi« Mr ii*M, BlaMDd b« 
A *k Ulb pImmm U Uw 

H M Iw nr tewM, U thall 

Mean. MjaiMkMM 


(biiutthjil i« vTil. 

£ Thy inirro,v, O L»nl. riMiflifth 
iinta Uu: bcuxm : uid Tby faitliful- 
n>a unto llic ctoudt. 

6 Thy riahtaottMwu irtKndeth lilm 
the (.troiig uinuiituiu : Th^ jud|i«- 
BiHiU xrt likv Ihn fjv^t docrp. 

T Thoo, l-iirJ, olialt tan bath mim 
■nd bca^ i lloor cxcclk-nt u Thjr 
ndrer. OGod : ajid Ihv diittlrpn of 
mau biibII put tlirlr Inixl uuJfr tbi' 

■hadaw of Thy wiug*- 

B Thej tlutll b« wluflpJ witb tha 
uInil«oiUDeu of Th; liauM : ht\A 
Tboa ih»lt trim tbmi drink of Thy 
pimnna, a« imiI of Ihp ri*pr. 

B Fur with TIim in tli« w»ll of lif* : 
wd in lly B«ht iluill vrn ■«« light. 

10 O «M)tiaua forth Thy Ibving. 
kiniliiMi aiiUi Umo Uut Icnour ThM : 
uid 'lliy nghtMuanMa aula thein 
thai are In*' of tieftrt. 

11 O Imi iiiit ill* r<Htt of nrido eotM 
■miost ma t and Ut not the hmil af 
tM ungodly «ut nu do*ii- 

VJ 'IhM arc they follcn, itl Uul 
mrk wiakedneM : they nn «mI 
down. and thfcU not Im able (a i 

Pit 7. THE PSALMft 

dupI«a>i>Tv : Irrt not (liy— 'If, iInv 
ihaJt tliiiii ho inuirJ tu <lu < <.l. 

9 Wickid ioeTi «hlill tio ruoLi-.l 
«ut : ond ihey th^t ptxieatiy abide 
Ihs l.or<I,lliiiw Filikll inherit tfic land. 

](l Vvtklilllc wtiiU, uid th» uii- 
BOdiT *b>ll ba dt&n giiiia : tLou di^lt 
look aftct Ilia plftM.Mid bt (luU be 

] I Itut th» in£!f l:-«iiTTit«J iluS pM- 
Wtt III* laTth : uul ilull b* rtmtb- 
ei) in th^Diultitiultef MOM. 

12 The uiiRodly fMluUi MniiM] 
uoiDM tlie jtut : uid gnttficth upon 
but trlth Ui tMtli. 

13 1'h? L«rd Rhkll Uu^ Mm to 
(com : Tor H« toth wen Uathit iaj 
u raming. 

11 Tha uiuci>dljr IwTO Anwa onl 
Uieiiranl. uiil hftrabml their bow: 
to cut duwu the poor ud nixdr, 
uid ta liny mob ai an of a nsfii 

U Their tword iliaU m Ihrongh 
IhciT mm lion ; and tbea bow shall 
Iw broken. 

IS A xDialllliinElhai thcrightcau) 
bath : in brttrr tliui gnal nchn of 
tlu unjtodlr. 

11 K<iT the anw of tlic uutcodir 
ihall be broktii : and llic Lurtt up. 
boldtlh lh« riohUMit. 

IS Tbc LoM knowGtb iho dsja uf 
(ho goiW ; and tlidr Inhcriunc* 
•ban cniloK fat trtt. 

19 Thujrahall aol bccgnfuuadtd lu 
the peiHaiu time : and in the lUja 
«( dnulli Ihu «hall ban eiuuKb. 

SO Aa A» UM iin««41y. the? ihttll 
ptrUbi aad ih< cnnalet ot the Lord 
abaU conraino u tlic Cat of lamba : 
jrwag «na as Ibe make, tball Itwf 
Oonnilne awaj. 

91 llio anfiodlr bamnetb, and 
pajrtlh not again : but th« rigbt- 
o«H8 !■ mfrtinil, and libcnl. 

32 Sd(4i a* are blnml of Clod ahall 
yo»i— >h* laad : iiid (Wj ttut an 
ctLtard of Hln ihill br rooiad ant. 

'£S 'nia Lord prdefclh a good mail** 
going 1 aad Makttb bia waf acoe|il- 
able lo lUniarU. 

21 'nwagb be faU, ba Aall anl W 
emtitnay : for (be LodI «rliaMeUa 
Aun »r/{jb iJit luod. 


-2W ' ■ .1 


0<-iil'- I. ■ ;■ ■■.._! 

Uifii lii«uL I 

•M Tbn riitbWon* ia e*«r niRrallill 

aad [nndvlk : and bta Mad ■.: ^'--<f 
■27 VU» froxa evil. tMi db • 

Uitt ii go«d : and dwell fat < < 
^ ?W th« Lord lovclh tid 

that It rifht : Hr forulc«(h b«I I 

that bf 8Dd1y, but thvy ara | 

for over. 

39 The nnricbtuoiu ahall ta | 
ed ; H* for the HWd of the i 
it ihall be rooted oal. 

so Thp riffbtMniD ahull tnbmi I 
land : anil dwell thrrrni f<ir ev 

»I Thu muuth u( tha righto 
cxcrviMil ill wisdom : and osl 
will lie tulLiiiji of IndxanOtL J 

Si Tbe Uw of hia Oed ii 1 
hoart ; and hi* fmiiiffEfhallMtl 

.1.1 Thd Diigndly woth Ibi 
eaa* : and leakelh ocnuko M^ 

'M The Lord will nol lear« ! 
till band : nur condemn biia 
he in indgrd. 

HI nn|v thcnl in Ihi) LonI, ' 

kcrp llii nuy, and ll» ahall ~ 
mulo IliFf, tiiat lliuu ahah 
ilio knil : when the nimdlji 
prriib, llioi] ftbalttM H. 

36 I mywlf hirj ami the i 
increat jii>mT:aiid flourvbiuf^ 
a KTMh M^-lreo. 

37 I went by, and tu, he ru | 
I loUKhc biin, liul hii |'laM < 
wboro U' found. 

38 Keep innixcnc^r, and takal 
nntQ Iha iIiida that la ligbt i ttir| 
ahall briiut a nun fieaoe U t|n f 

3!) An for Uio ttAtM^raMorii^ 
thall p*f1*h loffrihnr : and thtt 
llie aaaodJr lat Ibcj ihnll bt : 
vut at tbe uat> 

40 But Che latiatiixn of tta I 
poriifl ^nnifih cif the Lotd • 
»■•» tlii-lr airDiiglti in Iba 

II Aa^l tlio Laird »ball ■!■ 
Ibem. aad kiip tbem : lie i 
livn tiMin (mm tbn ungHUy. 
dull Wn llirni, |j«cau»a Xhuf 
V \V«Si \n«'m\Vvia. 

jA : ukd kM Gk* a MO* 
heaTjr for bb 1» tiMr. 
idk ■link, and an nir> 

hMsbt titto a> inal trail' 
'Tj : ibAt I g» mtmndag 
S lone- 
' lMti> are SIM vlth a 
: had than la no (rlioliv 

Itablv, ntd Mm nnHltn ! 

ind far tb« j*ty tlwioltt* 

, Thou knowad all ny da- 
id mj gnonuig ii aot liiil 

' baart foatalh, a; rittoflh 
lail a* : and Um itchl of 

■ (■■■•frDBIIW- 

laaao ai>d ay nrlstfam 
ilaoUnK apao ny trauble : 
ktoMm at (toMl alar oK 

ralaa UmI nsflM atwr ■]> 
■awa for ■• ( anil tlic; 
• about la d» Bi> aril ulkml 

iTSd llMjr ihat iMla Ma 
rullr ars luaa; iu utinibrr. 
'hry »1m tint rewuil mil Set 

!\0oi an mipitnxt irii; ; twiiaiiMi I fol- 
iiw the tKtiitf tliut {,iKiil u. 
31 Kotsake ae uut. (> t.oni 1117 
God : be Bftt Thou far (lam mn. 

S2 HMl«TliMUti«lpiiit:Uiri»ii 
I'ChI (tf inj tali'iktKMt' 

ISAIU. 1 will tnkc heed U njr 
«raj« : tbftt I ulti:ud tiat iu my 


2 I will li*pp mv mnuUi n» ll ntr* 
nilh ft bridio : wtiiln tlin iiii^idly ii 
ill my tinlil- 

S I hrld my i^ttui'. aiid tpike no- 
tltiaa : t k«rt lUenM, y>M, treu Irom 
fMiT wnrilt : but It vim ftia and 
gtiat Id tnc. 

* My licarl vtai liat witliin mr, 
aiiJ wbilF 1 nua lltici lauiiuii Ihi fin 
UDdli>d : anil at tlii^ lati 1 fpike 
with Diy tongoe; 

S«,lal ma know mina and, aid 
th« numbcv of lur diyi : tlinE I may 
be critilird how Wji I hate to Uit. 

1! Urliuld, I'Iruu linil uiitlc ujy da^i 
aa It w«rt n gpita Ioiik ■ *ii<l uilue 
an ia cirn lu iiothini; in fmpcct of 
lliMi and •«ril>- cmir nifto liria 
b altunetbi-T luiiiT. 



19 Whtn Tknii with rclulte* diMt 
chMtan nijtn [or hid. Thou nul<*l 
bn boaaty to coniumo mir»y,V,ko »■ 
it wore a muth ficlliDii i Kanocnt : 
tftry man lh('Nfor« U huL ruiily. 

IS Hr*nr mjr pnytr. O Lunl, sud 
vHh Thlu(^ uM toniidtr tny (uilling : 
bolJ not Thif pe&«e »t my l«an. 

U for I Btn & ■transer witL Thue ; 
and & «ojoun«r, u sll my fntlicn 

\h II Epuv mn > littln, I m.iy 
ToratdT mf iircn^h : before I go 
hnnw, ttnd. b« nomore ttcn. 

IWAITKCii>!iel«Wlj'(orth( Lord ; 
BTiil Hii ini^linoil unto tni, nnil 
hiiaH ml' rnllinj, 

'J llr. hroiiKht tDf iliH) oril uf the 
horriblf pit, out of the mirp miii 
elki- : ntirl vi my filial, upon tlicTock, 
tnd nrdi'Tol my Rniiiffn. 

3 And Ho liatli put ■ nctp SDUg 
in my moiiih : even » llumfcugiviiv 
uiilo uiir (>uj, 

4 Muiiy stinll wo 11. and ft'ir : uid 
ihail ['lit llntr Inmt in the l.oril, 

A llii'>hpil u tli» mnn tliat hath «ot 
hU Ii')pc' 111 thi- l.onJ : anil tiimod 
not riittn tlif iiniiid. aud la Kiiclt na 
p aliuiit wilh lie* 

6 U Liint HIT Uoil, aKnt are Iho 
wonJpoin work* wliich Thou hwl 
dnn^, hka u hi aI'dTHv thniisliu 
which itrtci iii-mni : anil yt't tlii'Ti- 
ii nn inoji llut unlcrvLh llicin riniu 

7 If 1 «lioulil deelije them, tnil 
tpeak of ilipni ; Ihcy ahould be mnn 

n ibcriScv, »nil iocit-u9)inntc,Thou 
woiildeit nut : but m[ii« uari luut 
Tbou op'DiieJ. 

9 Uuml-otl^rlnsii, and Hcrifiwfor 
da. hatt Thou not nquind : tb«D 
mi I, Lo, I «oiD<, 

10 In the Teliune «f Uie 
wrilieu of iii«, that I •houU 
Tl^y will, my God : 1 am I 
to do It; yta^ Thy law is wLd 

iMUt. j 

11 I ha<* dcEU-Tcd Thy i-l^ 
Ti««i in tbe ftcxt <^aiiier*sMi9 
I will not nfruu ny Irpri, Q 
»ad that Thou luoneM. 

Vi I buTi nM hid Thy rl^l 
ni>K within my hnrt : toy till 
bcpn of Thy tnilh, Mwl of Tl 

13 Ihan not keptbaflcThjt 
TncKy and ttutli : from Ihl 
(innffNffiillnn. i 

U Wiihdnw not Than Thjn 
from me. O Ijird : lot Thy 1 

kindmiu and Thy tnilh alif^ 
ecrvo m*. j 

15 i'ar iimiimcrtiblp troubl 
onmp ahoitl nn: my aiiix havai 
>uph bohl iipon wp that I ■ 
•Wo lu looli i!p : yen. ihcy aM 
in iiiiinbiT lliu.ti lliv huin i 
head, uiitl ruy bi.'ari batli falEei 

16 l,nrd. let U bo Thy |d 
to detivpt niB ; malin hule,<l 
In hdp HIB. I 

17 rhi-tc bt iLiliamei), ml 
fuuuduil lofn-tlicr. thul noeU 
my taul in di-itruy it ; lot H 
■IrlTcn h.iclcH'nril. and ptil lo ^ 
that K'isb m« nvtl. >i 

IK Let thm bn dDCulat*. t 
wiirdcd with sluimi! : that M 
mr, Kio tigMJU Ihec. lir upon 9 

1^1 Let all tiling tint iM«k9 
Joyful iiid stall in The* ; I 
Eiirh aa liiv* Thy Kalialion ^ 
ray, Thr Lord ha uraiiwd. 

20 Aa for mv, 1 am 
RMdy : but ttit.' l,oid i 

VI Than art my IklpMr 
drornvt : mako no long I 
my Gud. 

Day 9. 

Wimma VtH'tr. 

l^ttiw XLI. ncKhitijHiiiMi'sni. Um aLw. tbtt he may he I 

BLES^F.D ia h* that conflderfth iipoii carlb : nnd dutitot na) 
Ibe pour ami nevdj : tlin I.nrd bim Into tbi> wItt nf bU eiual 
tiiml/ Minr bim in tbe timo ot , ? TW\m4 r'jaifoM,bitn.ii 
youUe. \ \\u\\, xicV nyuu WVel -. wd 

'fMNnw him. and keep i. >Albw\*A>n'tea» dtfM M>. 4 



, UnL U nsToihl unto 

I ■ ■ «M> to wc me, ite 
I naflj I tsd kia heul ccn- 
IwtAlBKawir, *D<1 

■ntn trlOMr lo- 
I ■* : ii«B MHMl ne 

» i lm i of piltbicm 
fiat Ub : ud noir Ibai 
It hN riK ap BO m an. 
•m ■!>■ oir« fwUlM' 
tm I inu(«l : »lia 4iiil 

1W Bvitirul mlo me, 
■riwTkw ■• up >«*W, 

I luunr ThaM bTonr- 
mSm ennajr doth >ot 

»Im t MB !■ bt lir«1th, 
Mcri ■• : kk.1 >h*lt wt 
IW bo* f«* cwr. 
4U dv Ur<tGadDfI«- 
W-ilkMMcnd. Abch. 
I XUI. ^miwI.iJmw. 
•> tfe tun d«in(h the 
k)«Mh> 1 HI kutlli my 

i b uUnI fn CM. TM, 

n Ibm bMo nr HMt 

I dvik ihsnupon, I 
MR by tBfelt : Ur T 
^lkail>.MHl hrauolit 

di u k«*p iioir- 

■• Cull of hea- 
. t Bad irlgr art 
I wflkl- —P 

H Mt God, my nool fai (nEH williiii 
KM I UKCwfon will t iviiii>mbor Thee 
oodctmiiut Uie land of Jordan, ui<l 
ttw liClle niil nf llirnnan. 

9 Oni< ibr|i eallMti uiotlicr, b«. 
cauot o( (h<i iiuIni «f the HuMr- 
pipes : nit Thy irartt aiicl Morm* 
fcrfl foDc ovor rnc- 

10 I'hp Lord liath Rnmlcd Hin l(w- 
litd-kindni'" in llir 'irivlimc : and 
in the niifhl-i'jHH^n rh^ I rin^ of 
lllni, and madr my |ji4jrf uirto th« 
God of mv life. 

1 1 t irill iDiy imto the God of re; 
Hnin«lh, Why hut Tlinu ror^otten 
mr : itliy go I tlitix hemily, nhilt 
the enemy oppnuctU nic ? 

t'2 \1y Donn ire rmitien uiindor 
■a wtth a int(iTd : while mine eae- 
raiTC llial (roubts mv cMl too in lb 

13 Nftinelr, wliitu the<i uoy <lt!ly 
nDto me ; Where ia now ihy (•oil!' 

it Why nn llion iw leied. O mr 
■oul : and why art thou » divqvH 
•ted wilhio meP 

16 O put cliy irtnl in nocl : for 1 
wm 7*t thftiik Itlm, Which <* Ih* 
help of my couutcuaniH!, and my 

l^iAt-M Xl.tll. AiMnnr, Dmu. 

(-* IVE HnteoM whh OM, O Ga4, 
T and dtfead iny caiue axaiiwt 
the uugcdly iicnpl* ; O dflinr nw 
(ruiD llir itxi'i'Ufiil sii-l wicLetl nun. 

•J For TliuQ nrl tlie Goil of my 
■iFm^h^^iy hunt Tlioii put mttmtk 
Thee : ind wliy tro I p>i liTivily, 
while the enmiv njijirr^iBth ni*? 

.1 <> i^iiJ out Thy li^ht a»d Thy 
Inilh, tbtl ihey nay Icid me ; uxA 
bring ne unio Thy noly hill, asd to 

•1 A ud ihat I Duy KP oalo Iti* alttr 
of God. M «n onto tlie Uod of my 

ty ■ad glftdiMM : ui-l nrnu the 
irp irlll I«i*e thaukx imlu TW, 
(tod, my God. 

fi Why an Thou m hcAtj. O iw 
Mul : iiid why art thou •» dfujiiT- 
etpd viiihiii me? 

., , , ... , f/' ;"" ■'•7 '"!•* In OoJ : tor V 


a, I 





{Gornin^ 33rjij)tr. 

PSAI.Hl XLXV. nnu.nurAiu. 

WF.hATT hpard wilh our nan, O 
Cod, mir fathorm Imvi taM na : 
vhit Tbou hiul done in their limt 
of ol-l : 

2 Unir Tliftn linit dnTsn ont 'lie 
twallipn with Tliv hnmi, and pl.inti>d 
Ihtmi ill r Iinw 'lliini ?iniii di-itruvEii 
ihe nitionii. mirl i^ivl UiFin out. 

S For thi>,v (Mt Hut Iho land in i'n«- 
Msrioii tliiMii^U thplr owTi awnnl ; 
nvtlhcp WM It thprr own nrm tliLt 
IwlprJ tliPBJ ; 

4 But Tliy niihi hand. bii<I 'I'liiiie 
arni. iml ihv liuht of I'liv cuun- 
teoannci : t<ocaii>» Thou hM<t > h- 
tniir iiiili> Ihi-m, 

.S Tli«M arl wv King. O (Jod ; sand 
h«ll' ualo SiOib. 

I'tiTuiiKli Tlue will w« oreHbrov 
our enomtpN ; mid in Tlif Name will 
wo lra.1'1 thorn iinrlrr, that rm< iip 
aKnin'l us. 

7 FuT 1 will not triitl in my bow r 
It U Dol m; 9Wotd tluu ibul lielp 

II Hut it in Thqii that fxrett ni 
fruni our Bueniini : anil puttait Ibttn 

to conftistuii that i\Me un. 

3 We uiakc uur bonwl utUod ftll 
fli)-l<mi[ : ami will pniia»Tby Nant* 
(or pi»f. 

Ii) tlul niiw Tliou .in txi oS, and 
Iiullral ti:< to cuiiluwuii : nnd go«>t 
DM forth will] uur urinioj, 

11 Thou miiki'ai ua (o tnra oar 
batka upon OUT mcojina : m that 
ther which hale ii« moil our giKxIti. 

I? Ttioii IrtWsl iw ill- fslfii up '*' 
Aim]) : uiiiJ liuKt iii'alU'riiil usaiuunj; 
llr ni'iiitien. 

in Thou wl|p.t Thy pcnple for 
nouglit : iknd takral ii" inancy for 

14 Tlivu miik>;!t u* to be nhuki^d 
oFour ueiehboiim : lo br Iitiu;hril ti 
K-crn, Mid hiul ill ilerieioti of tbtiD 
tliai an roiinil iiboiii v^. 

Ji Tiiau uMlcett u« La be a bjr-woni 
•«Mv lAt be»tben : ind that tW 
/«»pte a6AA« iJKrir heads nt lu. 
^ /ff «/ oiMt/uflfoji ia daily before 

m* : anil [he ijiamo of mj 
co*rn:d lue; 

17 i'ot the vaive of lh« t1 
xml bla*phem«r : for thf «ne: 

18 And thmiffh ftll tllli 
I] poll u>, yrt d» ire not (bl^ct 
Qur bduve ounelvu!! fi 


19 Ottr hwrn ii nut tiimM ] 
nnitlior our atpps gnnc oat 

21) lio. nut nlieii Tlioii liaat 
ton iw into the pUco uf dn 
Anrl floirrei] iji wilh the »hm 

31 l( wc liavp tiirsirttcn Ihs 
of our GihI, aiid IioIiIl'u upnuc 
to ior anugt sod : ahkll M 
M«rch it nut? for lie koaM 
VBry sptrels nf tho hvart. 

''2 h'ur Tliynilie ataaanwq 
all t>jc dajr loii« : and nr« a 
iM tbeep ajipoiiited to be iIiiB 

23 Up, Lord, why t]e»p«« ' 
Bwake, aod b« nol abicmt fi 

■U Wberafote hidcvi Tboi 
f^rt' : and foritctiett uur miM 
irniiblc ? 

U For our imiil i> bmnoh 
i-vrn iiiilo ibL- dUBl : our bcltf 
utii uiitu the ktuiukI. I 

'J<i ArlM, ami hclji ita : ii 
liter na fur Tliy rocray't ukM 

PEAI.M XLV. KimliailUBri 

Mr heart ii IndltlnR at 
tnittet : I nw.ik of Ih« 
wbiab I have nuulc unto ihp 

2 My tonnie ii Uio jwa 
Tvad* wTiWr. 

.t Thnii art fnirer than tbe 
of nif^n : full nf graoR mn 
b«iiUBc Dull hath IibTSKd 

I liird ThM with 'Iliy 
Thy (high. Thou idomU: 
I'oriling lo Thy womhiji 

!> i ioo<\. \ueVi hvit Thmi 
boinciaT ■■ tuie ua, 

word of Vra^'b, A 



k] ad Tbr ridit tnnd 

m m KTT rinn. ud 
■bQ ba nbdnM ii«l« 
In (hi niiM unoog ibe 

i U Ottl. nuliinUi fur 
no* of Thy kiartan 

H bnd righUousneK, 

iiliilh uginM TIm 

•it : CM of tbi iton 
ictv Ikrjr teiw B^ 

>MHtiliii artre unmig 
W MMMn : •pan Thy 
I, Bud ths queen la % 
l^naiClit »hMit with 

iiOdMgliter.uid atO' 
Hki eu : (oriret itw> 
■fit. nd Ihy fatti-r'a 

fa Kbu harr pt(a.<nn> 
' : ior Ha it liij l/>rd 
tbir tbm Han. 
h ■ (tn : Bfee u U« 
Ih* pemte tluU 
-■ '-»Vfii« Tht«. 
'it lU gb^ 
'«Mkii8 i» of 

ItMuAt uto the 
M^WMlcwctk ; Uw 
, Md *kdl be Imgbl 

lit ! i^ thkU tDlcT 


■lufc leiRilttr. Ill 

» I O rim; nitu Uod 

lAr drrW AJKv «/v ; 

17 IiiBUiAnf i>i7fai|iniiihAai]ialt 
bin rbiiilrrn : whnvi thou mn^t 
uiLc priticM in ill lAiida. 

Ill I HtilTuaumhrTTtiy KuwfraA 
oiH' Beiitirntiuu Ut mitolhar : Ihen- 
fom ilull ilie n^oiili! ^ve ttunka 
■tntn Tluw, varld «lil«at «nd. 

I-SAI.M XI.VI. Ohu n-<if^ t^^v*—. 

(1 Ul> l« OUT hope and timaUi : 
T a Tnr prv'«nt lielp ia tFoaUf. 
'J ThvrerAnwillvtenoifear.ihoaib 
tha rattli ha niond : and Ilioniili tne 
hilli be carried into Uia miabt of the 

3 Thoturh (W nters Ihareof rage 
and >w«[l : and thoujli the inuun- 
taini diake at tbe lenpotit of Uio 

4 TtB riwrs of Uio flood theroor 
iball make glad iha citj of Ood : Um 
lioly pTaon of the labvniacle «f iho 
mMt ]Ii^)i«i. 

A God u in thf raiitil of lirr. t)i«n>> 
ftn« •ftatl ilu- iiol W rvmuiY'l : Uod 
thall bal|i )irr. and lliat nghi earlv. 

6 The heWhea innkv niifh ado, 
anil the ktaKdona are nioml : bin 
Gmf lialb ilirirrd 1lii>ioi«),aTKl llie 
earth ihall niclt mm;. 

i Tlic Loiil of tioiu ii with n» : 
the Uod 111 Jacob U oar nfuite. 

H come lilibrr, and behold the 
trorkit (it thr l,ar<l : nh^it Jortno- 
tiaii lit hatli bri'iiKM upMi the rartli. 

9 Il» Biskclh to texmi tu all 
the irorld : He hrvakrtli lh« tow, 
and knapjirlli thc^ ^ar tu aotidert 
and Imrarth the cliariota is the 

10 Be ctill theiit aad know Uut 1 
am (iod : I irill be txtlied udodk 
Iho h«atbftt, and 1 will be exalud 
ta Oie rarili. 

1 1 Tlir Lord cf liiritA U with U : 
Uie (ivd of Jtcub u tmt rcfufai 

<?fetnins 9riij)tr. 


I a He bIibII anbdLie llio peei>li> un- 
1 der uB : aud Ihc nitiun) onuer <rar 

/ 4 He ib%\\ cboow out an bniUn 

far ui ; even the wnraihiv ol JwA, 
w.hofji Ho loved. 

.J tttij ii sane ot with k 




ttaiw : uii (lit LorS witli the sonnJ 
of ttw trunp. 

fl O fing imiw), ■ing praiM» unto 
our Goil : sins pnbea, ting pnlaee 
□aio our Klitg. 

7 For God II Ui* King of (II ttw 
enrlli : nas ft ptmim witb under- 

8 Gud rvijmelli onr the hcalticn : 
(Joil (rltieth upon Htf holy aeat. 

f> The prinnen of thi? pforl? urn 
Joinpd unto thn pcoplii (jf ihi' lod of 
AbnJism : far (itid. Which u "itj 
bigh Ptilli^il. dulti ili'ft'iid till' uarth, 
HI U were niLli 3 »liiei(L 

PSil.M XLTIII. JI/iU'U, Ihimi«'U. 

C1 KKiVT is (l!« LorJ. uid hlclily 
T to be pmiseil ; In tlic ciiy of our 
Ood. «vtn upon lli> hnly Ivilf. 

3 Tho hill of iivun is a f^ir place, 
and the jojr of ilie wlmlf eartli ; up- 
on Iht Qorlli-sldt! Ii*lli tlic cily uf 
the gt^U Ktiiit: Ouil is ivfII knuim 
In hn j«l»ci?« X* a siirr rctiigi;, 

3 For lo, Ilin kings of Iht rnrlli : 
U«j[itbered, and gone b; tnncthcr. 

4 ThpymwrelkiltOMe audi [hiiipi : 
thnr irprc ulotilahed. and luddt'idjf 
CMt daw li- 
ft Fur came there iii>i>n them, and 

nrrow : u upon o woman in hrr 

e Thoa dixit break Iht iliipi of Ihe 
sea : Ihroutih the eaat-wiiitl. 
J Like aa w« liare heard, to h&Tc 
m secG In the (iiy of ihe Lord ol 
iotta, in thf lilj nl niir find : Otrf 
nnholdelh the umi- fnr cirr. 

8 Weirajl forThy loritiji-kiudiiBJ^ 
Uud : iu the miJat u( l1iy U'tniiiv. 
8 UGimU McordiniE to Tliy Name, 
to !■ Thy jiraiw unto tht worldV 
end : Thy right hand ii foil of 

ft! Ui till' laount Sioa n!ji>iM> and 
the dsoaliter of Judah bo glad i be- 
tmat 01 Thy Judnmeiiu. 

11 Watt about Sioa. ud ga round 
about her : and tell the lowtn 
13 .Mark wellhcrbnlnuka.afflup 
4m- ^ohv : tliit ye nay tell them 
lAt< cMDc a/hr 
J' /V (JUf God ia our God for 

ersr and rr#r : Ha ahkU 
gniili! nnin drilh- 

OHl^AK ;« thi>s all r» 
ponder it with yonr 
yo thai dwnll in Ihj- sratht; 

"2 llisli and Igw, rich and ] 
oni! vilh anollier. 

3 My iiiuuth tihall niMk td 
dom : aiid tuy heart anall du 

4 1 will incline mine rar I 
panbk' : and diew uny dwk i 
apii\i l\\v liiirp. 

.'i ft'lK'refurp nhoiild I (ear I 
dnyi lit tvirk'diinu : anrt wtal 
nick@diifE9 of tny baeb eoiag 
mo round nbout? 

ti Tlii^re be fomt tbal put 
truHi ill i)irir ^"oiliiaadtMMI 
*elii'*in tliv Miullttiidenfth^ 

I Ihit no man may df>llT«r b 
thcr : nor make usTrciauil nn 
for him; 

8 Fur it cont mam to redwl 
•ouls : »o that he niufl let thai 
for evpr ; 

9 Yea, thongh ho liv( long 
are not the grave. 

10 Fur hu teeth that 
alto die. aiid iwruh lo^i 
vrell as the lurinrant and ' 
IiMic iheir rkhes for other. 

II And v«t they think li 
buitiri nHnll rontinuc fore 
tliul their dwellinf-plBoea 
duK from one min'mlion lo 
and call the landg nflcr thd 

12 KcvL-rIbclc«, man willnol 
in honour ; aeeiiiK In* uiay ' 
pared unto the beaeta 
Ihi* ia Ibe way of then. 

13 Hill ia Ucir 
their jMiiiturity praiae their 

U Tliey lie lulls hdl " 
dealli (nii"i;th upon \' 
Huhli'vuD >lmtl kia>'e do: 
thcni in ihr nomine 
ahatl coiiKiimc in Ihe sepa] 
of theit dweiliox. 

U But (iod hath dclircted 
trun iIm ^\»at of hell i bi 
\ mxntviK. 


Dat jo. 

eanr nothliif; >w»7 
b> dMh t ddllwr 

t Ut«d, ha MiuiM 
sua : mm) » louf; 

jSloming $rAptr. 

u thou iloMi well unlD thyself, men 
t*!!! ipeak kwiI of lfi«, 

19 II« ebiiU follaiTtlic KtBtraliuoof 
lAf father*: oqiI vlialt ncnr ai'it lidbl. 

'in Alan IninK in liuliour ha(h d9 
aatlcTi>1ia>liii(( ; Lul ia funipaml an- 
l« l)i« bcjul* Clial pcrUh. 

Dav 10. 

n Mm noM aiiitit* 
ptkM : tod eSud 
bt lUng op ot tbf 

ad»*H thm«l. 
Oo4 ftpprarad : 

■U MW, uid ■lull 

(■■tag Ire, md » 

(ImII W tfmd gp 


I tha bnti-m fran 


ktn Mail» k covr- 

<: ftrOod k Jndgc 

paaplf , bhI I uritl 
will toOtf* agiliM 
tor 1 a« tiod, aiVB 

f**T« lliM brmiM 
, «r (w l^ bumt- 
«• iWj •»«« OM 

•» botlodc Mt of 

■iitl pay tbjr lom unW tbc udiI 

13 AoA coll npon Mo in the ttniB 
of trouble : >□ nil I I bow lli«t, knil 
UiOB hKiIi pr&iho Mi<- 

l<> Elnl iirilo tli'i uii|fv<[[y Ki^i<t GoJ 7 
Why itost thou prcdplj My lsivii,]in>l 
lalccit Aly oorcTiinl in lli^v uioiitli; 

17 ^^'llcn1a9 thuii liatvst to be rc> 
{onntd : *iiit liaxt <aiit Hy worda 
lirliiiid tixv ? 

IB Whrii tliou uwMil a Itiirr, ilioit 
coiucnt'dtt Qdlo htiD : iTid liAsI b«vn 
parloktrrwilh Ihc aJallpirn. 

to Tbon hMt lot t)>r muntli >p<'tk 
vrlekadara* : and wiili tby luu^v 
thou lout fcl fnrtli it«r>rll. 

3U Thou wloM, uiid ipikeal ig&liut 
Ihy brvlher - yen. and linn ilandrr- 
cd lliinp <i"H mrellirr'i win. 

SI TIn^w tliiiijjulinxt lli<3fidon«,hQd 
I li<t<l My Uiii^i-. uid Ihuu tliougtit- 
eil wickfdly. Out 1 «ni «••» (ueh » 
one u ihynK : but I will rctiror* 
Uhv, anil wt brfoK \\\ra tbn tliiiiipi 
that tboa lui-t dimi-. 

'J^ O rnii>ht«r t)>i>. yn (liat (or^l 
G»d : Uat I [durk you away, anil 
Uwr be none to d>ctiier yott. 

33 Wha» oSbrrth Mt thanks and , 
prab^ hv hoao'irrtli Mn ; and lo loni 
tint onlvrrtli HI* Miii«r«atiini n^l 
vrlll I itutw Ihi) Mltalion of <iud. 

PMAUI LI. lf-irrm«v-, rioML. 

I of lb* (nnvt 
I «» am Uw cauU 

Ub. TTAVE merry iipiin ni», « (!od, 

llv fawU upon th* IJ. alUr TItv g-n.-al ^dnnw : m. 

ife wild beaabi of cording lo the luutttludo of Tli/ 

ly ii|^^ incmDi do aH-ty miae oStiMea. 

S, I will dM UU S Wa^ me ihroii^djp /ron i^ 

_ wmW ■> MJdo, wjckvdovM : and ctniiM me from 

t*Ak ikrh/toJefl andmjrinucftt Man in*, 

M M»<«>Mv . ' «>J<fMie tiaeril io iTty (igU ; tort 

Dit 10. 


Thou tnishtMl 1m juliflcri in Thv 
MViMi »id cl«*T wlivii 'I'lii'ii art 

fi llrbald, I 1TM nhificn In wlakcj. 

nam : nnil In ^n Imib laj mother 
wnoeind mo. 

6 Rut in, Tlinii r«'[«irp»t truth in 
lilt iiiwaT'l partH ; aviil hIihII in-ikiT 
in* in uiiilL-ralJUiil wimjoui lemvlly. 

" 'I'liuu slinli purue nie with 1iy«- 
•Dp.uifl I rinlJ bc-cWn : Tlinu abilt 
wwh me, a.iitl I g)i>11 ht vrlill«r tlian 

B Thoa ilult make inc heir of 
Joy and (;1ridue«< : ttuc the boncf 
niilch Tliou liast lirokvu id*)- rv- 

9 Turn T\iy fmn from "ly «iii« : 
•ad pul oul all luy miarlccdi. 

10 Hklu Dtc a clcaii hparl. O God : 
Bnd Knew a rii[lit rpirix iriihtn ini>. 

11 Cut ma not awny fniin Thy 
prwmM : and take not Thy Holy 
mlrit from np. 

13 O tn" CIS ihe oomfort of Tliv 
h(*Ip ■cain : ■H'l stabliih nu with 
Thr frpi> Spirit. 

13 Tliflii >1ih]I 1 t'licti Tliy wi.vt 
iinUt llio n'icki'd : n»<l nintifn iJiiiII 
be converted unto llicc. 

I<1 LIcliTcr ni« from blonttKUtlli- 
■ic». <-) tiud, I'bou thai art Clio <i»d 
uf n:y 1ii>Altli : anil my t^iDyiiv «i)iail 
■iini{ of Tliy rli;)>lei>u>nn>d. 

|j Thou ilull open my lipn, O 
Lord : and mj mouUi iJiaJI >hcw 
Thy nraiie. 

1^ Pur Tlinn dminwt no Morifioo, 
rl-ir vruiild I ki*" it Tli«r : liiil Tliou 
delinlile«l not in bunit-ufli'rriiigs. 

IT The nacnfiM of (Jo4 it i tron- 
bl«it <piri( : a broken and vontrilc 
h»rt, O GmI. thalt Thou not de- 

IK O U ravMraUo lai 
unto Sion : bnjld Tbon Ao 

19 Thrrn iilatt TIkn 
with UiC iwwiSrp of _ 
With the hurnt-oftringi 
tioni : then AM llwy oAv 
bullaclu npon Thine alUr. 

rwAI M ui. ^tM/ntttn 
TIT" 1 1 V bouMst thou tfayo 

Vl (jTant : tli&t Ihon 
miactiipr i 

•2 Whorea* the uiwcIiieM •! 
cndurelb yet dailjr > 

3 Iliy toD^e UlUuinBtb 
nun : and with Uai thoa cnU 
a aliarp nuor. 

4 Tlinu haal Intti nntidlUi 
more itian nooilDn* ; ana to 
Uei moTc ihia riehtOoimcM. 

i Tbon hut l«nd to 
wuTili that Biiiy du hnjt 

ri Thurrfonr ahall Ood ilMe 
for ever : lie nliall Inko A 
pluck iJicc odC of thy d Weill 
mol thva out of tfir land 

7 1'ho ri«til«ai» ahu ikall i 
and feni : and aball bngh 
■cam ; 

8 Lo, thii ii th( man that I 
Gad for hi* atifngih : but 
unto tlu Biultltnda of Itln tick 
■trcDglhenoil hilluelF in hia 

At for ne. I am IBba^l 
olivn-tm in thi* homovf 
IrutI iH ill Lho t«nd«r antty 
fur ewut>L.n3 ocr. 

Id I will nlwvn give llianl 
Thee for that Thoa hiul doi 
1 will hnpfi in Thy Name, 
saiiiU like it v-i^ll. 

tSfeming; ^riixitr. 

Day la 

THR funliah bixlv hatb*ald lii hU 
liHirt : Tl»n> li no Gui. 
S Camii>t irc they, and becoms 
tioBifamtiU in their yrmkeAaea* : 
tftm ia oane llat dooih good. 
a Oed looked down ftma ItMtwi 
ywn XAtf ehildna ot nwn : to M« U 

ihnm wcro uiy. Ibal vrooM 
»ta.ncl. and »ck nf ler G^. 

1 Hot they are alt kodcooI 
way, they aiv altofrlbcr 
Imminabl* : Lhvr« u alas 

inn Aat ■"OTlt "BiAwaaBi 


DAT 19. 

_ : tr tb*f mnU oat 
bn Mt wUtd BpoD 

1 46aid iib«r« iw fear 
1 bih bnkBM 111* l»i)«« 
4 UiM ! Ikpu Im» 
aoo, becaoM G«d 

I tlw MtTstioa vr«re (tii-ni 
I MM of sum : Uh, llicil 
MbU 4(li<«r lUi people 


<- ^>TTb;^■lM'« 

I isd at<age nc Id Tti}r 

■r mv^T (^ ■ B^*! 
faiLt mnb «( nj monib. 
WVm »n Tiwn np BgUatt 
Ifruiu, nhkh 1>T* nvt 
I ibfir cjM| M«k kfUr 

I Goa i* ny br)p«r : lh« 
pk Ubs Uwl apteld ■/ 

I mrwil «Ttl dMo njnr 
rTbra tiKmtn TV 

tof kCrMbMnwlllI 

I It u M CMnfortaUc. 
[liBlk Mlivrtd nw «ut (4' 
ud miiw tft hxh 
> B^Ml mlun tnuBim. 
iLr. ch««. rwii> 

' pnTft, (* iwd : uid 
. Tl^jaclf (roro 017 pc- 

«nl» !■«, uiJ li«ar 
knn in nj pnjar, aiul 

pnrc''^ •OiBud iksan- 
U oa «• fkit : ha thnr 
[w 4o tn« MM* MMUeT ; 
l]r ate tlw7 ift afaioM 


la UUea 

and bvaUhy a/r 
: aait to heirMe 

like 3 dDTD : for then irooM I flcC 
anaT, anil b«at rnnt. 

I Li), [tt«ii wuiild I ii;rt nc airaj 
far otf : u<l mnftin iii tlie vnlder- 

<1 J iMmlil make huM \o Mckpe : 
becaufc (■( tb> lUnny trind ud 

? Ucntroy Ihcir tU[ii,-i:i.-s. LonL 
ui<l diiiilc thpiu ; (vr 1 Jiars «jiIm 
ncrigfaioaiHaru g,ntt ftri& In tlio 

ID Day (nd nighl UiFr go ahnil 
withlu ibQ wallt tticnof : mJtcliitr 
n\m anil (orrow arc in tlic mld^l 
of it 

II Wt«kv^cH h tbcnia : dc- 
euil mi'l guUu go dM out tit Iheu 

12 For il )» act to vprn onemj', 
that batb done mc tlti< didhaagiir : 
fur ilivn I ouulij hsic botne il. 

Itl Nvitlicr w» it minv mlrerUTj, 
lliat iliil modify liiniHlf JwBtnM »•: 
for then rnndientun 1 nould bare 
bid KiTwir from lilm. 

W But it ma cTca tliau, njr com- 
panion : my guiilv, voA mine am 
MDilliBi' frinnd. 

IS W* louk««rvM«oiuM*luw*ll>«r: 
and iratk»d In (Im bosM of uod u 

It> Let death Minie hintily upou 
tiicin, uid k-l ihcm ko dnwii (iiiiQk 
lijto Iwll ; for wickritin'w i- in llmir 
dwNilliiiKH, and annipii;; Ilirin. 

IT AtTunnr, 1 will call ujMn Gad ; 
and Iho Lord ^liall ^oi\t ittv. 

IR la till* (Tdiinfi, kii'l inoniias, 
■nd at aooo-ilay nill I pra^. and 
ifatl iuUDtly '. aixl He ihitll liMT 
nijr Tulvr. 

1» Il II ll« that hilh delivrnd ay 
■oal in pcooe froo tlic battle lliat 
waji a^aiiut ns : fur them w«rf ■ 
many with n*. I 

'Jn Vr«, fTdii <!iHt, that mdnretb ■ 
for rvcr, aliall livar mt, txA brios 
Ibm doim : for the; nill out Ian, 
nor ir\t God. 

31 Wn laid hia liMids upon wkAk 
u br at f>r»ce will) lum ; kivl \m 
irate biA FV*Gn%nt. 
-"- TJie irurda of liia mmuh tiew 
»/!«■ ibui butUT, lim-rins wm '» 

Sat 11. 


Ida bMtt : hi* notAt wr« nnonlhct 
than nil, ami ywi be thnj rrrj 

93 cati tfaj buidpn unoii l>i« 
Lard, and lie shall noiiri'n tlirr : 
Bod ahall not fulhr ihn hslitfoui i« 
(all for nar. 

U AnduforUinn tTIioviC 
Blinll lirln;: Uifw into the pit 

as Tlie bliiod-iliinlj and A 
invD ihalJ not live out hall 
di>4 : oe>«nhflcai, mj Wm 
bf in Thw, O Lard 


JHontiwff liniifr. 


P^.VLMXVL Mlinrtmii.tMw 

B¥L ■ni-n.^ifiil un.tu nil-, O liotl. for 
uun Rurtli libont to devour me : 
li« ia Anij jilting, aiul Uonblinfi 

2 Mine ciuiniii-i &ri- cUiij: in hand 
to awiLlaw nvup : far lliar W inanj 
tliat fiKlit afdnit nc, <) TIiiju uuk 

3 Neventiel^m, Cliniigli I im jiiiiii»- 
lime afnji] : yd put I mjr emit in 

4 1 will pnino Gild, tHcaiiiur uf Ilia 
iri>rd : I bave piit mir truti In Uod. 
and will nal har «li*( flrsh can ilo 
unio inc. 

a Ther dailjr nttitftkc m; vrordi : 
•U Ihtl ttwy iiDiMCi I'l^ ■> t" <l>) mi^ evil. 

6 Tber IwlJ all lujKlher. and k«ep 
ttW M MWa dOM : and nark my 
, vhra thry lay mlt for nj 


7 Shall they ranapc fur thrir Hick- 
cdaeM : Thuu. U God, lu Xby Avt- 
ploaaun ahalt caal thvm doirn. 

e Thoo Wllrnt my lUctlngs : put 
Bj lean into Tbv boitlr. : nrc nut 
Ottm U^npi natfil id Thv bonk f 

9 WbntKieviic I call upoa 'Vhee, 
linn ihall muue ruemles be put ui 
lUgbt : Ihia 1 kjiovr ; lot U<hi ta on 

IQ la Qod'a WMd will 1 rojoiw : 
in the LiDid'a word will 1 cuinrgrt 

11 Y«»i in Clod haia I pal my 
InM i I will am be afnid irlui 
■an wa d» UI* at. 

n Ooto Thee, O God, vtill I p*y 
my Taw> ; unto Tlivo yrill 1 ^ivir 

i.1 tW nun luui itf liTCK-1 lay »<nii 
/ram -IraU), anil my fift (tua Wl- 
/<W -■ 'A»« 1 oaoy walk before God in 

I'^AUI LTD. MitnnmM, 

BE mpTciful utitD tae. O C 
uiifn'ifTi! unto m«, for 
iriiklt'lli in TliM : sii.! ani 
RhadiiiT (if Thy viii|p> daH 
rvfug*, until ilili tyrauuy t 

2 1 win call unto the 
(iod : cieii unw tlie- <»od 
mrrnmi Uin csiiv irhjrh I 

3 Uf ah^tl wird fhini beam 
•avi' mv fruiu tin- rr^ruul of hll 
would est IM »!>. 

4 Hod ihall trail farHi llil 
ay snd tnitli : my kihI u 

A .And I lie even unoiif I 
divn of mvD, ihit are IM ( 
whose tMth are iprara a*d 
and Ihrir lonfcnt a «harp ■' 

liSntop Thyvlf, God, 
beatcnn : atid Thy ^lury ib 

tllD MTlll. 

7 They have laid a net for I 
and jirctwd down my i«ul 
liirr di«£td a pit before > 
An fallen into tlte niidal of I 

II My heart li flacd, U Qc 
heui II flx»d : I will lUig, 

n Awake up. my ^07 e I 
late and haip : 1 nyitU "iB 
rirtit early. 

10 1 will die ilumki aoN 

Lord, aomig the pcvplr 

1 will tiae unw llive amoi 

1 1 l-'ur (lie [teatnti* of Thj 
rcadii'lli iitilu llie brnvcna I 
irtUk unto ili« nlooda. 

\ the lHamM ■ wA"™! VP 
\ aUtta«ax^ 


DiT II. 

pJ* Ml BpNi rifilii- 
Iff <«wpvfttiaD : 
frllM (fans dwi i» 

J Biackiff in jour 
•rUi : knd jour 

<Tpn like Ike 

hs iMTiir f« 
rterUi, O Go4, in ibcir 

moutli« ; raniu the Jnn-boDw at thf 
Udta, <> Lurd ^ Id UieiD full amy 
likt "»l«r tlial fuiinrlli nfucf ; uiiil 
«!kq Ihcy ftiDDE thcit ftrTo<r» Id 
tlii-m be ruQic4 «ul. 

( Ltt Uient cgiiflniiie airay like a 
miMil, ud b« like the uiiiiiiirly rniil 
of * wonun 1 u»i Icl Ihrm aol net 

8 Ot tr»r j-our pgw lie mndc hoi 
Hitii tl'unis ^ so Irl indiiiTiuiiuii tcx 
lidu. atra u » Xhwg that ia raw. 

9 The righlcuus iiliil] njoicc irheii 
he fceth llie <«nKoaun : )m thajj 
mtib hi* Tguuicp) tn iha bluoil of 
111* unifU'I'y. 

10 So iliat » niati slioll wy, Vafly 
tlicr* U m rvvfonl Fur iliv nj^hiwat: 
duabtlen tltrre ut a Uod Ibul Jndjl- 
fth lliE «uih. 

(ftfning i)rii|irr. 


fnn aoM tut- 
rt Mnid Mc tram 

' a* b«a tb« idckcsl 
! «• from tiw blvod. 

lit waiting f«T njt 
n«D ut Atlwnd 
Mv aJbaot OT 

1 pKporc tbeiDKlrn 
nil : irur Thou tlien> 
, O Lord Oad ol h'tOm, 
'.. to liiU oil tlio 
i act wtdfal ubM 
f mIMob* wick. 

• ksd ^ in lb« «T«D< 
Ull* a dM, and run 
■ ttedlf. 

tpoak w4lh lUr 
kwte an in tlwir Sfm : 

, O Lord, iluli l»T« 
wd Tlwa tbAlt 

and <:'") 

ball lut me 



we luT dMira upon »iriii' ^'hciiik-', 

tl >>]tj tbeiD not, li'-i iii,v fii^o]) 
(ori^t it : tut scoller Ihrin nbraitd 
Hm^o^ Ihc pr'jptct and pu( thuni 
di>Hrii, (I Lfnl, dnrdrftini'. 

I'J t'nr ihi> alii iif ihvir moulh, and 
for ihe untili of tbrir ll|i», tlicy »hall 
be faLken in iht'tt pndo : and whjr? 
tlieir prc&cking ip ufcuning and lie*. 

)3 riMiiutiir tlinm in 'T\\ij htuiIi, 
coiifluinif Ib^iD, lh»t thfj mitf jN'riab : 
uid kiKiW lliat it ■■ <>od l)>»t mirth 
tn Jifdb, mil nnto the tudi of tba 

14 And In the creiiinfj tlH-jr irill 
return : urin liks a dui^ and win 
9* about Uo oit/. 

Ift 111*/ will run hurc and then 
(or meat : luid giudgo if Ilicf be not 

1'> A< fvr mr. I will kiit^ of Ttijr 
Ptiwrr, and will prait* Thy mtrc)'' 
btitijaei in tbv rnonilnj : Uiw Thoa 
haat tcon my dofeucc nud itAift in 
ibo da/ «( mr troubl*. 

17 fnU. TbM. O BY atrangth, wlU 
I tins • '•"* Thou, O (i«d, «n uy 


^mtmrnvAr oato / w/'v, and nj* owniful Uod. 
r«#«i.*i»*fi«», *-'-"''*«lteredM. broad iTboi 

DiT 12, 


hut aba te^D dlnplnaed ; O torn 
Thee onto rni aKain- 
i Thoa ha^t muTcr] tht^ Uml, sml 

fM it Hluiki'lli. 

;i Tliou ban ohowtd Thy peoplo 
1iici.T>' tliinc* I I'lio'i hut Ki>eii <■■ 
& drink of itvaJtv niui'. 

4 Th"u liii^t ({itvii * tiiknii fur •\ieh 
u fi-iLT TIicR ; ihal Acy laij-lriuiiipli. 
bvcniiu of tlic truth. 

5 Tlitpcforc were Thy bclotrJ drj- 
IWctrd : help me nitli 'I'lijr Hshl 

C flod lialh •gioktn In llii lio!lnc4i, 
r will rfjtrinc. unit divide Siolicm : 
ud moto SDl the Tultcy of Sucootli, 

1 Gilmd ia toiiie, anil Manuuir* Ix 
nine s Epltnini a1>i> i> ihe •trptigili 
of niy bful; JuJali la inf law-fiivel ; 

R M»«ilj i» oij wmh-lmt ! o'or K- 
dam vUl 1 cut out my ah(>e : Phi' 
liatiii. fpo (liou itlnd of ino. 

9 Who wilt trn\ iiui irilij llip aironj 
oity: who will hriii^ uiu iutu bdoroi* 

ID Ha«t not i'hnii call us aul, U 
God : wilt nut 'J'hou, U <!od, ko out 
vrith oar liDstB? 

1 1 U ho Tliiiu lint Imlp in troiibia : 
tor rain i* llin ]i*ip o! taau. 

IS Thnudi God" 

i^tK : for It \» tl« lliat A4 
iluwn oiir eiiDinla. 


ny.Ml my crTin«,Oa« 
car unto toy pnijwr. 

!! From the mAt of tlw M 
1 ei.1l ujiun Thx) : when Ml 
ig in liiavinfw. 

^! <) u'li cnc un ajma llit M 
ia hik-lii'r llimi I : far lliaa II 
Diy hope, our] el ElroDit t^nrv 
iiKsinal the ?neniy. ' 

* I will d<i«ll in 'IV N 
tor iii*T : &iid luy Irunt ulial 
ilsr iho coTi'TJnf! of Thy win 

A r>ir Thou, O Lord, lot 
m;- dmim : and Intt 
li^ritBiiii uiito tlioM lluit 

(> Thou all! It ITTnnt tlw 
Ions life : thit ids y**n | 
durr thiMtiiilioiit nil ui'iiPMN 

' Hi< tlinti ilirfli lirforr 
Bviir : (J i>r«'paro Thy lottn 
aliil futtliliilncai, tlut Uic7 a 
tcm: him. 

H So will I alway King pM 
Thy Nn-iDtf : that I tnajr 4t 
foriD iny vowit. 

jKomins JJ^-iptv. 

Day is. 


MV aoiil Inity wnitrtli •till upon 
Ciod : for of Ilim cdneth my 
nIniioQ. _ 

9 He TDrily ■* my utmiglh and my 
nlntion : lliti* my •Ii'fuuve, ta llist 
I nhall not grcutl^' fall. 

a Huiv lonj; n-itl jd iniaiciDe mi«- 

thttf Bjiiinst cirry maa : ye shiUI hit 

^titia ill 1h« lort vf jau ; ym, m a 

tttiTiiJi; umII nlinl! yo ht, and like 

J brukon he-l^c 

4 Thi<ir AtriM U oalr how to tint 

'lim out nliAin Ij'od wiQ cthIi : lfi«ii> 

-cliKht i" In lii!"; thnr eive )(ooU 

'*ronli willi ihoir mciiUJ, bat «iii»« 

vltli ttl*ir)iMrt. 

& >i*T*flheliti, mj lonl, wait thau 

MiJlufioB (iod: formy iiop»\im Him. 

S }l» tnilv M Diy stnii^h and mv 

mfrEtMn : 11* fa my deCriiM, so tioA 


7 Iri (.!ck] i* tny h«altb 
II lory : thi< rock of my aag 
UikI ia tuy tni<t. 

S U put yonr tnM In 
i»»r. y* DMpIe : iwur « 
henrta b«foni Dim. (or Ca 

A AafoT iha riiiUInn of n 
arn hiil vanity : Ihc chlldMI 
are dcwilfnl opon the welgl 
ua altoRtttiiir liffhlfr UiM 


IQ tRiAnot in vrrcng 4 
Iwi7, «™ not youMelnM 4 
nil; : tf tigIick iuiroaM, Ml 
hoarl upon th«n. 

II Olid tMk« onec. and 
htrr alca amrd tim unil 
nownr bolHweUi unio God 

\-; And nittfton. L«4,{ 
, eilnl : tut 11»» w'wMajnlH 


»*r u; 

I ul mjr God : «u4t 


Ml tUnt4tli for Th(«i, nr 
W iMuMk alUr TW« : iii 
I mt irf luid whtrt do 

luni I kKtktd for ThM lo 
: MM I BJ<hl Ub«M TV 

to bviiif-fcindMM i« b«l- 


If ti 1 IiT« will I aiasniry 
■11 nanwr : uiil lift ati 
Itanr Nut- 
Mi rfwU Iw Mlkfcd. even 
V wlU Mttnow knd fi(- 
n ■* MMlh fnlwlh Tlwa 

] M MmMnbcnd Tim m 
I uri tlMibl Dpok Hmw 

M Tfcn kut bem ny 

tai ilM i nadM Un iluulow 

iw win I rrJMM. 

il MagHli utMm ThM : Thf 

I hsdi npbaUta ne. 

• Um tlu wek ihi liiirl 

1 T thiy Aall «o uidar tiv 

taM bn npon (hi alBt irf 
I ; Unt iktjr nut; t« h por 

tbr Liiut tlull rJoIm In 

IM; tJM> itui »WNT tor 

I h« cgHMmkd : lor lb* 

Bttith of tbcn Uikl iiiwlc lict ihbll 

THALM I.XIV, /^..f.', /<**,. 
|_| EAR my wuce. O (J^. in aiy 
XJ. r")n«r ; prehTie mj lif« from 
ttxt of till- riiiioiy. 

'2 llidcinif from Ilii>i,'*th'"'in£tner- 
tber of Ihf fronard : ai»l from Ui* 
fniurrMlioii of wicked dMn ; 

S Whahavt irbet lh«trt<«jri]C lik« 
> (wom : Rml shoot sni Uiiri» ur«w», 
r»rn biiur viaHa : 

1 Thil (hey ttn]? privily iliaol at 
htm thai is pMfcft : luJdenJy €)•> 
ili^y liit him, nnA fnt not. 

S Thay (meoiirsB* thxmi)i)v«<t In 
mii'-liti'f : and commiLUD amtmg 
ihffiiM'licf how Ibey nuiy Ibjt 
toirr*. iad bay, iliat ng msB afaaU 

IM (h»TII. 

S Thpy tmnxirii! wlckixfnni, ind 
pnieliM it : tliat (lti>/ kcqi nMm 
*i»<inil tbpmHliui. every ■o'Ui ■" tlxi 
ilFirp (if liLi ht^urt. 

7 Itnt Kim] shall suditmly UiMl at 
thfiD with a «irin utDw : thM tiwy 
A&II bo vtnindod. 

S V«. tlii'tr own tnn^iea ulull 
make ihem bll : iniuinurb that 
whoto Mcth tbifti] alialt huifh ibau 

9 And ill men tlmt §i?« It kIiiiII ur, 
nia halh God donn : (ot tliEf alia]] 
porwiTu iliit ii ii Ilia wt'tk, 

10 Iht liirlitcoui Kh.-ill ivjuiiw in 
Llie Lord, wul inil Im iniil in Kim : 
and all ibry that aro tme of Ixtut 
(teU In slid. 

Cliniingi {Jr.i|)(T. 

Dat 12. 

.M gnlnl ta 


I bi Jmv«I«s. 
Iwaraat Uw p«v ■ 
titan all BMhvom*. 
HMtenmll i«al»ii m : 

■ ■MWTkI "■>!> '.'ir >lni. 
Hi b ib. ' m ThM 

■*< l».r- . n** ; 

4««ll It! irr ''•x-n, mrf 
VIM kA' /*»■ ^ 
rnw «r n^ 

8 Thon rhatt dxw c> nnndfrftl 
(hlBtCt in Thy righHrnn ■»<■:', O flnj 
•f our laWfttiiTn : TlinD tliil art Uim 
bop* af all itf tiidi uf Ui« eatlli, 
uil df Ibtin Hue nmikiii in (be hnti 

S Wbo (a Hli Mrnifth m Itvth hit 
(h* amnlsin* t and w girded abmt 

7 who iiJiioili thp niriTig M tVa 
*M : anrf (li,> nw™ of Hw mii«B, 

' u «!. * "i*''"'^' "f ilw pwyli;. 

« n#y siM tb»t dw«ll in Uic «l- 
urmMt pxna of the enrtb rtiiMi ^ 



•fraU kt Tbf tabma : Thou tUt 
iMkcit tha otit^uigt uf lh« mom- 
ilia an J eiviiiiig (o |inUm Tbr>. 

■ Tluiu rtiltcil Iho earth, and 
UaiMtt II : Tliou HklMat it rtrj 

10 Tlio rim nf <JDd ■■ Tall of na- 

ttr ■ Thou j>rij>:irr^l thpir corn, fitr 
■0 Tlii>u ]irut IJutt fur the cirtb. 

1 1 Thou wiifr«llirp (urrowi.Tlioii 
MgdoM rain iola ihir lillle rallrj!-! 
Ibmif : Th«u 'nuki-Ki it wfi witii 
lb* drap* (if rain, >ail hli-nwnl iIm 
tncrvaJMi of it. 

ri Tlii>ii rrovniMt the Tr»r with 
Thy gooiincMi : aud Thy cfoudi drop 


IS Thrjf ihn.H <Iropnpwn tlic Jwidl- 
Ifin nf thr wilJi-rDPn : auil U>B little 
hint "lall rvjciiiM.' un cTcry tide. 

H The falJi Khali be full of i1ic«p : 
■lie lallpyR nW ebaJI lUnd no ituok 
writh putti, llial llivy kIwII laugh and 

"'"'' PSJiLM LXVI. Jt/.UaltD». 

OBE jo}^l in God, all vc Undn : 
iniig irraLF<v<4 iinM tlit^ hbnour of 
Uil Naoui, inako Htii pnlx* ta be 

3 Smy unlo God. O how wondifful 
art Thou in Thy norkii : thignitli 
(ho srralnm ft Thy pnuii>r slmJI 
Thioo taniiiet br found liani uiito 

3 For all Ilia world ihnll urorihlp 
Thcr : aan o! thee, and pnisc Tliy 

4 O ci'inii- hithrr, aiiit tM'IiuliI Ilia 
worku of OoJ ; Iiow wonderful lln 
U in ilU doinB tovnrd Iho children 
of uitm. 

5 Iln liimrd tW ■ri into ilry land : 
M (luit IliBjr wont Ihrou^h liia wa- 
ter on foot ; dicrc did iro nyuioc 

t> llu Tulilh with III* |Knr«r fur 
•<rer 1 Hii tjvK tirliotd thn i^nplv : 
and *ucli an will not believe aliall 
not 1* able to «>alt thenieUei. 

7 Praia* our (iotl. v-o people : 
and nialc* th* voin.' of llii pniM to 

a Wh»ho}4«th oar «ou] in life : and 
mmtreth ititt aar fr*t lo alin. 
* For Thoa. O 0«J, iiaei rroTcd 

□■ I Than uIm hiM tried BV, 
mlrtr is irinl. 

in Thou brongbUwt ot id 
iiiiam : uiii! luidMt tioobl* ap 

1 1 Thou mffi-'rcdnl Dten ti 
□Trr our hcadi : nt irunt tl 
lite aiid walpr, aud Tliou broM 
UH out Int« • waalUiy pbc«. 

VI I Idll %a into Tlitno h«a| 
burnt otferinAi : and will MM 
ray loits, irhioh I (tromiaM 
av lipK, and njiaks with taj ■ 
wiiru I waa In Inrabte. J 

13 I will ofltr unlo Tb*« M| 
MdJiecatWith the keciu* «Ei 
I will obr bullocti and guatri 

U momt liitlicr, udd ha 
all yt tlial fi>a.r CioA : and- 
t«ll you wliat Ho halli doaa 1 


Is I railed unto llim vt 
mouth 1 and icbtd lliu praii 
my tongiiti. 

U If I iaclirio unto wfd 
with nine heatt : the Lord 
hear nic. 

1* But G«d hath tiErird ma 
coonidoTMl thr voior of mr pil 

IB Vnlmyi I- CmlUholU 
<aM on I my pmynr : nor tun 
iTBiiiy from mc. 

IWAI.M t.xvii. /imiKima 

(i OD be tnenriful unto a 
T hlriit iia : niid sh?w usil 
of Hia ooiiinti^iiiiiiut^ and ba 
un In IIM : 

■i Thul Thy way may ba 
upon enrlli ; Tliy aaviiin ba 
moiitf all natioiJA, 

3 Let chi; pmple pratM) T 
(IihI : jva, Wl all IM pvoplal 

i O t<t Iho riatioiw icjolci 
tt\n-i : for Tliou cihalt judco 1 
righleounly, and oovera &e 
upon eartfi. 

.S Ii«t IIhi iicopla prUM 1 
(>ch1 ; lit all the nsopla 

li Then shnil th<^ parth brio 
lier Wrsaw : and li<>d.rr«n t 

^ t'lod •hal\ ViVaa <m '. anj 

I0fa WlWt C«d : lot Sm 

i|aIaG»d,>iid iiRit pnUrt 
■lba< : notify IJiin ttu( 
^Ib* hMtWi M it wct« 

5Mw; pniia ilim is llu 
Ifigudn^Ica lirrar* Him. 
H 1 F>th«r ft Ilia hllicr- 
t Moi^Fih Ibc uose of ttw 
i! ma God in Ilia balj h^- 

Klb Cvd Itut ni>i;alli wni 
MM mohI in an houn, and 
Iht prtioa«n oqt »/ Mpu- 

I iKUa iba nu»«»l« mm- 

|l,«hM Then amtul fonli 
HBMfil* : what Tbou «r(Di- 
p iW wil<knMB, 
Hlk «fca»li. ini Ilia bMwm 
U Ob ptwmn «f G«il ; 
<l«al >1m wu mami u tli« 

rf a«d. Win y Uk God of 

1 TUm bbftiUim : ukJ 


17 Tht chuitiU of €oiI nn irtntj 
tlioDMiid, cvim ihousiiicl^ «[ ftngtjs : 
and (ho Lord i> ninong thsm, u ia 
Iho holy pla<:« uf Sinai. 

IH Thou art ^-uiiE up qii hijeh, U)oa 
ha«t lod Capllillj rjiptivf, umj rn- 
C^vcd gifM (or npn : you. rtni fop 
thino rneiniiNi, tliui ihv Lurd God 
■night dwrll iiii'iiin tlxm. 

19 Praiwcl 111' lli« l^nl iJailj" : <;vnn 
the (toil Who liolpoih ui, and pour- 
cth llin bi:^cGb Dpon Ui. 

"0 lip is our (iar). <i(a ihv Goil of 
Wlmin cLtiit-'tli Milvklion : (tO<J if Uiu 
I»rJ, by Wlioiii IT* ek-ipc <lc»ih. 

SI God ahall wodtkI tlia Itriil of 
Hii Fiiagiiti i and ilic haio' ifalp 
of trarh » oils a> uaeth uu eIIII tu 

-J^.' The I.UT.I liath aid. I will bring 
Mt pci>plo again, na I ilM (roin U«- 
un ; Sline own will I bring again, 
at 1 ilid Mmctimn fruin the Amf uf 
llie ao*. 

2S That tlij' foot taty h« <li|i[>ird 
in Ihc blood of t1itiii> c»i>iDii.'a : nnd 
UiAt tho Loii^^c of thy dogs lunjT bo 
nrd llirouiih ih? enini;. 

34 It ia wril H^n, Cm], how 
Thon giwal : hnw Tliou, my Gal ami 
KixEi KOMl in Ihe ^iiotuary. 


pAt 13. 


Man : to uixU kiRf;< bring pti^Miita 
r rnilo Ther. 

men. laA rnultttnae of the miiihtr 
■calUwil abroad smooti tbi* 
of Ihs |ifapl«, «0 lluit tivy 
)W Mag pJMM of mirer : fcnd 

«lMn HB haOi analUrcd Cbc people 

that delight in xnr ; 

51 Then «hil! the prinwn f.imf nnl 
of Gcfr' ■ "^' Mnriaix' land 'lull 
fMii •tNLoIi out lutr liaiKli nnto God. 

32 Sing untft God, j^e kintfdonui 

Dat is. 


of IliB outb : O 
Ihn I^>r<l : 

33 U'tia (iKelli is ll» 
ovfT oli fram the bcipatiDg. 

dAth tmd out Ilia ibiiM, ] 
that ■ mishtj' «»(<«. 

M AjpHm 7# Ihn powar u t 
Ifnul ; HU ittmmp, end 4 
in the doada. 

y* O tiod, wonilerAil ut 
Th^ hnly ph«»< : *T«n liU 
Iiif»rl; He will giT# «tn« 
paivtr udM Hit poopte; hi 

€btiung Brnutr. 



PSALM I.XIX. SalBtmnuJof. 
K\'K nt, 0»d : for Iho m- 
Ltint Am a<di)i' in, evt^n iinto injr 

3 1 tHck fAil in the d^p tnim, 
whne ii» ffmunil a ; 1 tin toma 
inlfl >]iiop inUrR, no that tliii floojit 
nin oror m». 

.1 I am wfarj' iif *ryiii« ; my tliro*t 
ia dry ^ ni>' livhi (iLiIcth rip fix WAit- 
ing »o lotiB iiivon tiiy i.Jod, 

4 limy tlmt hatA mo irtlhotit A 
cause Am nn^ro Ihuii Ihf hiJre of my 
held : tlii-y tint an' wiui) oiwnjei, 
anil mmlj ilentroy mc cuntleM,Ara 


A I paid (licm t)ie thinj[8 thAt I 
nprrr took : Hod, Thiiii kriovTMiiny 
limpk-iiriii. ami my Finltx am liol 
bid frvm Tlii-r. 

<S Lot iii>l tlium that tnivl in Theti. 
Lord IiikI of boats, hv iikIi!liill>(I 
for inyMiiJw : let not tliose ilmt w*k 
'rhee be con fn urn kid tJiriiiiuli mi>, O 
Lord God of Israel. 

7 Aiid why '' fur 'I'liy laktf Imvu I 
mjO^il reproof : eliAmi> balli eDver- 
•d iDjr fwe. 

B I Am become a AnniKt unto m; 
hnfhren : even aii iIIeii uuto my 
nutbuT'* ohildivii. 

B For tlie ttfAl of Tliiiie limiiie liAth 
«*«■ Mteu me : Aiid ihe rebuke* of 
flietn thai ivbuked Ther are Wlca 
apoji inir. 

la I iri'pf, ijij charfenrd nywlf 
»r/W i^tfin^ r BiiJ that wu turnei 

II I put on laekelolli ab 
ther JMted npi™ mo. 

13 Thfty that tit in the gal 
against ma : utd the droalut 
■oaa upon me. 

13 But, Lord, I make n 
er unto Thee : in an aa 

14 Hc-nr roe, U God. in I 
titude of Thy merey : cTti 
trtithof Thy nleailon. 

1.^ Tah« mi' nut of the ml 
1 itink not : O Ipt mn bo d 
frois them that Imle mu, an 
the duep waters. 

I(> Let Qot the irater-flno^ 
tne, nellbsT 1« the deep (Wft 
Dp : and let nut the pit i 
inniith upon mu. 

ir Hear me. Loril, for 1 
inekindiieiB Is romforlablt 
Tliee itnto mi> ai^eording to 1 
liludo nf Thy mi-ri'ieii. 

Ifl And hLde not Thy tu 
Thy iL'rviitit, fur I luu III trot 
liasle 'I'liee, and henr me. 

\^ riraiT iiigh iinia my ■! 
mve it : O deliirer m*, b« 
mine unenueA 

20 Thou hart knbwii my 
my dmif, aiid toy di i)u>n.nii) 
adtmariMAre all in Thy >ii 

21 Thy rebake hmli teei! 
heart: I am full of hi-aeii 
looked for »me to liarc pltj 
but tU«Ic wu im lA'D.n, oeithl 
I any to comlon m«. 

22 They B»« ■"« «Ba>»»' 

CmTtUm laiUsintliM up- 
mtmitmny wrattdU (to- 


M iMr InfaiuiHi b* T<^d ; 
I HM ta daMU la Ibclr tenu. 
m lk*j pnwcBM bin whom 
taa ^l*H : Md ihcjr ulk 
^ nnrax Ibta wlMia Hon 

Kttni Ul froia sm wi«lc*il 
wd ■» Mine Ulu 

be <ri|ml out of Ac 
Ftk ftiauf : wul BM be trtit- 
rbr Mr, vbn I u poor ftpd 
^■H : Tb7 belp, O Uod. 

: ud ■■cnifr it wUli 


r alM daO phaat the Ufd ; 
liM« kftUocb llMlhalh bMH 


■Ml vwftdvrlbi^ 


In. O Im4. Ia*a 1 fat njr 

^niiiig Vra]>rr. 

37 TIlv t>MtFr[tr alw of Hi> Mr- 
vaitU iliill liihohl it : uid [luy UiBl 
loTc Hit Name ihftll dv^ll [Ii«r«lii, 

nASI'K i'liue, U Uod. to deliTCT 
ii^i: : iiiakc liiutc Vt bcJp nu. O 

'J Let thrin be ulinmecl notl con* 
foiiiiilrij lb»[ E(!«b after my soul : 
Id ibciii be tumt'd backwRrd uid 
put t<i rnnriilnii thiit viih mt^ ori], 

5 l*t lliciu for ihcir rewini he 
•000 brouit't '" fl'auiv : tint cry 
tma VK. Thers, iheiy. 

4 Dot l«l *» Ihow Ihit Kck Tb<v 
b« ifijStA and glad in T\\et. : and let 
■It Mjoh da iIpTIkIiI iu Tliy mliatioci 
tUf )Uw>y> The I:[irLl he i>nlMiJ. 

fi A( foi luc, t (coi pWr and In 
■DUfiT I haiie Th«a uato hk, O 

6 ThvD am nr ta>l|icr. %ml my 
mkomei : Xiord, naSK no loug 

Day U. 

i Tbrouiib Tlico liav« I been IwlJm 
qp oTfT fine* I •»• fcom : Tbon ut 
ilo iJint took me out of ny oiolher'* 

OiT 14. 



faig ; G«il hath faraaliui liiia ; prt- 
MKUlc him. itnd lalu Iiiu>, [ortlicrB 
ia iMiiio lo lielitM- him. 

ID Ca not far frAin Tn«, God : 
nv God. liaMU Thco M h«lp in*. 

11 LM th«in b« «anf«UDil«d and 
t«riih iht.1 >r« uilnM my muI ; l«t 
lli«m b« cntftril with iiham* ind 
diihortinr lint urii to da mt aril. 

12 A* for mv. 1 w:11 pitlrnlly a- 
Mde slvruj ; and will iiraiu! 'rliee 
nWR ind more. 

13 Mv moulh nhall dully >pwk «r 
Th}- nfl1i(«oa*ni--u niid ulvaiion ; 
for 1 kuow no cod Oicrtof. 

14 I wlli KQ fuTtli in the MrDnjtth 
of tluD Loril God ; uid will nsike 
meDtlOQ i<f Thy rlahtuonomi only. 

15 Tbtm, O <>oi), haat taDghl mc 
fna m^ youth iiii until aow : Ihrre- 
fore will I l«ll nf TI17 wondroo* 

IS ForMkc nit act, O God, tn mine 
old am, wben 1 am Kray-headt'il : 
mnta 1 havu ilbcweiS Tliv rtruiiitih 
aaio tIiL» Krnvratlwi, and iliy power 
l« all tlMia thai nrr jvt tvt to <nnav. 

ir Thy rii;littDaim«H, O Gud, in 
Ttry liigh : uid (Etmi ihino an 
Ihcj thai lliou haai dnui ; Qod, 
wh» u Ukt UD 10 Thro y 

W O wlwl ijrfst iToublra ui<t »d- 
Tsndtin h»t Thou thcwrd me I •ad 
jH djdirt Thmn ivru aad rtfrMh ne : 
fM, ind liruiiKlili-*l uo from Uw 
4mp of ilM aanti a^n. 

19 Thon haot brought no to gn»t 
hruaoni : and confoitri n» on otm^ 

'JO Tlirrrr^T* wlH 1 pnT*a Thao 
and Th; fallhtnhiea. O God, p>>f- 
tug apoa an failnimnit of munvk : 
mato Thee will I nnx upon tlir iaiy, 
O Thou Holy Oiw of Ura*l. 

31 Mr Itpa will bo Uin wbon I ring 
Buio TliM ; and » will my •oul 
whmn Thou hut diLrtrfil. 

S Mx tODKue al*a kIuII talk of 
T^ riitnlooDinitui* all t)i(> iby lonx 1 
l^thty an (onfauDilMl aQ<l brouiilit 
wH« ■hanio thai Krk to do me e>il. 

1-MAt.H LXXn rtn.1. t^liOmm. 

/"* I VK 1J« liny Thy Judgement*, 
\.T O Ood : sad Thy lisliUottaneaa 
aalo the kiug'a aon. 

1 Tfum dial] he Jadga Thv 
atcordinit unto right : aod < 
Ihr poor. 

5 Tbe noDnUloa alaO (ball 
PMM I tad t)i* UlUa Uhi 
oumeat unt« Uio p«^te. 

I H« ih&ll IwdP tlw do^ Mil 
thfllr light 1 d*fend (h* < 
dw PMP, and punaab lb* « 

6 They ihalf fur ThM^ •« 1 _ 
tliD >uii and uooa tnduretb : I 
one weaeratiau louMhtr. 

i Ho abkll eem* dMm lib* f 
into a floMB •( wool : am 
dnM that water tbi wrlk 

7 in hit tlmt idiill the 
floarlth : yoa, and abiiid 
pcsiv, H long an tbt idmhi 

H llu danlnioo ihall h* alnl 
Iha ooe ara to the otlrn : and I 
tho flood unto the woild'o oad. 

9 Ttiry lliat dwell in tint 
ncffi sHall kiiiYl before hiai if 
nictnii'D utiail litk the dnM. 

luTliakiiif» irfTlianiasad^ 
iaka ahall gire pmcnu : ttm\ 
of Arahia and Mbn aliall brtatl 

II AU khua rtiall fall dowj. 
ton lilm : all n»tl«iM OmU ti} 

13 For tk* iliall d«lltw ' 
when hv cfietb : iIm needj 1 
him thit hstii 110 hrlwT. 

13 Ite alialt bo fanuiaUt 
alaiplc Bii<I uccdT : and thai 
•croe thv souls of the p««rF. 

14 lU -Kill •Mherlbedrankl 
faltboflil anil wrenff : aJad dcwl 
Ibatr hluod be in hCi wiffiA. 

IK He ihall lioD, anil unM" 
itall be anti of llie cold of Ar 
liT»T»r "(latl h» made eirer unto I 
uiif.tiity iliall h* ba jvaii^. J 

lb' Thtrf ihall ho an liaap al MBl 

b Iki: (inb, hish npoa iW Wlk* 

hia fruit ahalt ahako like LiU>4; 
and aliall bo Bt*on In the (tly lit 
gnu ii|rwri Iho rarth. 

17 Hit \.unD ilialloodoT* fof I 
Ilia Name ihall rvraala ■odo'.l 
Bin amooc ihe poi)l*ritl«o 
■hall bs blenwl tkraosh Him ; 1 
\ «!& ti>»fa«alfc«i(hall praio r" 


r I wu gmni «t the 
I alw wo the ung»dlj 

_^ _. taMptrfl«(*tuh: 

r ««M In iw mUmmc like 

m* tMi i* lln BBM Hut tb«7 

• Wrfn Willi fMt i u>4 vrtr- 

W VTW fwvll widi btaeat ; 
r4»rff«a wfaM ifcrv lif-t. 

' : tbdr uikitig it 

hm tb(T ftrtich fonh iliqr 

It «Ma UN tM**VM : Mid IhOIT 

■j^Mfc tlnOBitl) tbs HorM. 
TIhi ■/•<■. btl (lie pt«pl' uDtu 
1 sad t]an«onl nxk tbcy ii« 

Baak-MT U»T,Uw ilMnid Go.) 
4Mil : U tlwn kMnrlniM lu 

MM m^r 

Mr la dw woM, and thuc have 

• la p«a«ailoM i aad I nlil, 
. 1 di«»«i mf btsn In 


1.1 Yea, ccn llko u • d . ._ 
ADO ftu-nkcili : w iliili Tlioa _ 
llwir inu^ to Taninh wit of Ihr 

80 Thus my hMrt waa Rrif 
ind It wciiI tT«n UiruuKli iriy nriiu, 

'21 So f4tili>Ii wi) I, RfiJ Ignornat : 
FTrn ns ii «c™ a Um-l U'forc TJice. 

7^ iN'i^TcnlioioMi I am alwux bjr 
'Hice : bt ThoQ bait bolilcu m« OT 
mj rjulit Iiitiid. 

■is ThoQ iliaif guiJo mc wilb Thr 
cvunsrl : luil afloa' that n-L'tiTC n? 
irjlh 1(1 W]f' 

^ Whum h>vH I in luuivca bat 
Than : and tb«iX' i* uono upon oarlh 
(hat I ieiin In rompariiou qf Thee. 

'J.% My fl^tli and nj' hcsil fnilctb : 
bnl OvU i« UiF itr«aglh of mj- ti«ait, 
and mr pottSnn for atvr. 

313 For to, they (h>l fanake Tha* 
(lull pcrlvh : 'Thoii hut dntro^pd 
*ll tbcm that votumit fomieatton 
■;(siii"t Thi-e. 

'iT ItuC it tK K"0<i (u-r ni« tii hold 
mc fati hy Guil, to pul nij' ITUit tn 
the Lord God : and to <p?iik of oil 
Thy warkiin the gUr* vtthf itaugh- 
tcr of i<ion. 

rHAt.M LXXIV. I'l^fiki, iitHif 

OliOD, irliprefurc art Thou »b- 
Bcnt frau ua » long : why 

"Phv iirr>t1i HA li/it sjrnincl tlua kf 


mliUl of Thr ooh^n^Ukiiu i ind 
fct up [tictr MDUpn for tokenii. 

C lie tial lipwwd tiolin aTort oiil 
of llio ilitck intt : nu koowa !• 
kriiiu it to on cxcclipnl work. 

* But nBi* they btvak iloira nil 
the tarrgd vrgrk Inrroof : witli »x** 
tmi hsnnwni. 

B They luTD Mt ftn upon Th; holr 
plkcc : utd liiLVG ilcfileJ tUc Uurt]!- 
lag-pUet of Thy Nftm», «T«n iinle 

9 \»%, Ihty Mill In IKcir lienrtf, 
L«l n» mak* liavofle of Ihtm all*- 
g«thcr : thu* hnvt ilmr burnt up all 
Ibe baiUM ol liod Iji lli« knd- 

ll> Wc IM not QQT t4k*u, tllVN in 
not one piviphol mnw ; nn, not one 
in ihnv nmone m, that uuiivnluud- 
ttli nnv iDor*. 

11 U t I'xt. hnw loHff uliall tliC' ad- 
TMnry <i<i thiH disliariaiir - hnvi Uog 
«ball iIiD nninnj' blmi'lu-iui- Tliy 
S'linc. tartiflY 

13 Why w^tlidnicT^st Tboii Thy 
baud : wlij plucki^tt Tliou not Thj 
risht hunit lit of Tby homa to Dun- 
Kume ilin ciitcmy ? 

U Fui Gud it uy KIhk if old : 
the help thnt i» done upua eanli Ue 
iloi-lh It Hlmitflf. 

N T)i»iicli(lildi'i(Iel!iDiw3lhninKh 
Tliy powFT : Tiiuu lirakMl the hnidii 
(if Ilie dni^uiu m the ini(«i<. 

Tlurn moot 
Tiatlmii in plena ; and | 
lo b* meat tit tiis ifopl* 

111 Thau braiigtitml ooi 
and HiUn out of the \u 
TIiDO dricjit Dp muthly « 

17 Thu dav i(Tliiuv,ui 
ii Tliinn : Tlinu luut pn 
lishl &D<] the nun. 

t1i» i>arth : TbOD hut mmi 
»ii<l »jal»r. 

IS RMnitmhRr Ihia, O 
the enemy ii:iih rctrnkMl 
the fooltih i>euplu llatli 1i 
Thy N4in». 

2U O dsliTBT not the m 
turtle-dMi DBto the multi 
cn^miM : and ftrsut not I 
RkClon of the ponr tor ctr 

i\ Look utWR tlu> ra*« 
al 1 1 bn oarlh ii full of du 
crnol iiabitiiliutu. 

'J'i U k-i iiut tlio kimpli 
uhiinivil : but let toe 
iiMdy ^Tf prtisn unto Tl 

'.'.1 Ariifl. O Uod. mitn' 
own cauiu : fenn'inliL-T hu' 
bdi truLD bl&tpliviueth Thu 

■J4 ForRot not tlic voir. 
pnniiile* : tha prHiiniptic 
(hit hat« Tboe iacrcueth 
and moTt. ^ 

Div 15. 

Jflomins iJmjifr. 

■■BALM LXXV. CtiufUIUnor liU. 

UNTO Thus, o r.oit, do wf si" 
Ihanki : yea, unto Thee do «t« 

2 Thy N»ine alou is m nigh : and 
thai do Thy wondrnai wariu do- 

S When I rMwh« the concTCCf 
tion : ] riiitU jiidgf amonUng niito 

4 Thi! curth ii ivak. tinil nl! tlie 
inhabitrn thereof : I bear up tke 
pillUni ol it. 

>t I Mid unto lfa« fool*. Deal not 
K> nadlj : and Ln the nii£o<tly,9et 
mn up )viir horn. 

f Set a^ up yonr horn on Ugb : 
an,/ tpeat not iwth s jttff neck. 

7 For piomolion eotm 
from the rant, um fruu 
DOT v«i fruiu liiv luuth. 

n Atid wliy? (iod it ll 
IIr puttolh dcivtn oao, l 
up anm.liiT, 

S l''pr in Ihi- hsnd o( the 
la k cup, and Ihv wiUE in 
full mfird, and lie poui 

10 \» for Ihf drrpi th 
tlie unjcuilly tif the eailh i 
ihvDi, iiiil hudi tht-ni oiii. 

11 Hut I Wlil tAlk of I 
Jacob : and pmUc Him 1 

12 Mi Via \i«nB. ^A V\ 
ktto mW \ ta«k ■. »tt4 • 
the rishWwa *^^ * 

■ ■ lllllllb IIIIJ ■■ w 

*Av;Md «II ihr man 

l7Mhte.OCaaof Jw»b: 
auM Ml Imcw ftw hBm. 

ranM wt lo tofeu- 
nr Muul in Thr 

■ nHinaegnr? 

Ma mim Thr Jd <l(CB«Dl 
< AoM be>»t«i ; the cant 

1 6«d anw to jadfiscU : 
tokO a* auck open imiIi. 
fcicnw of maa tlall lum 
Ite : a*d Ibt BcmoMt of 

oat* iha Lord jronr 
Imii n. tS t« thai atv 
■U Hm : bring aroiBU 
IIM mmU to be fnrad. 
Wl RMn Ue aplrtt of 
■ad ii wcaibrfnl apMoi 
I utxvn. r*tt iMi w 

.arr aoto UbJ iritb lar 
■ns ■>!« God will I Of 
laa^MdliBdiall hcarium 

na «f Mv Ifmbb T ■Nigfal 

toTl* loan end fur cirnnarr^ 

9 Hath Gud foKuduii tu bv m. 
eloua : and »)[! H« uliut uji lllg 
lov)ii|[-kiiidnf«i) tn digplciMiirvr 

II) Aiiil I tnii), ll in mtnn aim la- 
finohr : 'jui I "ill rpmeiahor Ihe 
nan u( the f ikIiI band of tha nicsi 

11 1 tti)l rempinlwr itw works of 
Ilia Ijord : nnd fall lo mind lltj 
wondrnoruld iitu?. 

12 I will iiiiiiL iw of all Ti>r 

work* : %aA mj mlkli^g iltaJI be of 
Thv duiOK*' 

13 Thy iray,0 God, in liolv : who 
i* a* mal a God a« oor (»mI? 

U Tbou iii the God Hint doctb 
mndm : md baal decl/ind Tby 
povtt amonu tUt jji-uliIc, 

15 Th»u li«tt naKliiilr detlfored 
Thr pmwic : cm tlK rana of Jk- 
QOli and Jawph. 

IB Tht mtcn mh Thee.OGod. Ifaa 
watm Kiw I'hi e, aiul vera afnid : 
the 'i'Vtb* iil^' wvrc iniublKl. 

17 1m clouds poitrrd »nt mlcT, 
the air thnndncd : luid Thine ir- 
nxn wcotabraod. 

IB The toiec «( Thjr tljundrr ina 
hnrd ruuad about : thr liitiitijiii 
■heme upon the aniuc d; ^ifis 

2>4r 10, 


■nd tDch *■ ooT f»(tieni lare told 

t That wv i)Iiaii]il not hlilv th«n 
Adio the cliIIiirDo or (tic girncntlotiii 
to roMe ' but 1c ii]}cw llic liononr af 
the Lurd. I til miKlit; and noudcrful 
norkx lint H" Wli don*, 

u Hf [Eiii[c a tfuvr»niit willi Jicuti, 
and g*<e lir*cl a law : which Hd 
cciMaandei] our loiehxhuta to IcbdIi 
their chtldrvo; 

6 Tliat thvir puBlf ritT uiiilit luiuw 
it : «id tWchildrfn which ivert jo( 
Dnbarn : 

7 To Iho intent Dial when tlw^ 
came np : the; might ibcw their 
chndren the nmn : 

8 Tl»t lhi*y miKtit [ml llifiir Irnst 
in QihI : kiiJ iio( ti> forvi't tlia wixki 
of God, bnt to kcfp His commniiJ- 
ouiitd ; 

9 Aud not to t« K« Ihoir funifi- 
th«». a fiitlhlD»< und itiitl^m BO' 
nanlioii : a gninrsliuii llial H-'t not 
thair hnarl uifflit, niid (rliom upiril 
eletVFtli not nlcdrutly uoto Uad ; 

10 Like u the ehudnn ol Eph- 
nln : wl)(> bviiig harnrawd, Md 
ctrryiiii: hnin, liinied tlicUMlTes 
fclick in ths day of hallle. 

1 1 Thtj kept not ttie MTenruil ftt 
God : and iroaM not walk in UU 

19 But furjisl w1iul He lia<l dun^ : 
Ud th« vuitil-trful wurka Ihkt lie 
bid ■htirtt) fai VK-m. 

1.1 MBrvflloiK [htnm did He in the 
slftht of our furt>fatlii:n. ia the land 
Of Ecrpt : '"'i i" t>i'' fii'I'l of Zmui. 

It II«illTid«iil Ihi' vn.,indbt th«in 
go Ihnmgh : ll« mndi ihv wateni lo 
•tkDd on u IwLp. 

IA In lh> dsr-titno aim H« led 
thsn irllh & cloud : and lUl Ihs 
B^bl Uiren^h with a linhl of fat. 

r< He clkve ths harO rorlEi In the 
vildArnen : and s«*" Ihnii drink 
Uiermf, u it lud bom out of ili« 
BTMt ilopih. 

IT lU bniiight wntvn out iif Ibo 
•tony ruck : (u Lliut il uu!ihL>d ou.t 
itltt ilif rirtn. 

IS >W for iB iJifs Ibey linned 
mew tgaioM Htm i and provoked 
<te n«M ttigbnt in the wilitonwsa. 


in Tl«jr tempi 
liparti : and rruuin^ 

% Thvy *pak>> agalntt I 
uyinx r SKkII God prqwi 
in tile •rildfrncu^ 

31 He ptnolo ihc itmuTiM 
tliul lliT wairr |[ii<hed ou< 
■IrianiB fluiml withal : bl 

five brcud iXra, or proHdi 
lig peoplfl t 

JJ When tlR' Lord heart 
wii» wTutli : w> lb* fire wi 
In Jannb, »iil llivr* r«m« 
illiplcomrf Af^uit tumcl; 

!l3 UotwiH they belie (1 
God : aJid put aot their tr 

'ii ?m He emnouudfd t 
above ; and opened llw 

'JS H« rained 4o<ni Wt 
upon tb«n (nr t« Ml i ■- 
llinii fiHid from hoavun. 

-^ ^o ntaii did c-aI an^ 
for He Knt thorn mt-iit«tio 

'il He OBuisd I lie eart-wic 
aodtr h«s*t<ii : and Ihr 
povFM He brought Id tt 

SH He ninfd Hi!>h upon 
lbi«k u dun : and itUibt 
like afl iho rand of ihe mo. 

1<l Ha In it fall tat 
ti>iit> : eren round about tl 

.tU So lh«v did vM, iinil « 
iillpd; far ll« gav« them I 
dcsirt? ; tlicy war* not dit 
of ilieir lust. 

31 but wiiilr the neat « 
thfir mouthi. llie hoavy 
God rnme upon thfin, and 
ncslthieit at tlivni ; j'sa, ) 
dawii tha choMD men tha 

3-.; Km for all ifala they t 
mon : and brlicred not 
dtuua works. 

3.1 Tlieri'fora thuir Axy\ 
MQ«tini« in v&nity : aad tl 
in tMiiMf. 

:it W \v\\ Up l.^^™ fttun,* 
HiBi : and ivinutil \Vwta 

M. iMr « liai* iBfMd lU 
Nh aattj : ud wouU Mt 
MtU> «<»l(*nn to wue. 
> B» cmiUmvJ thit iW 
HIa* I Md llM th*T were 
■Mlka fMrth amy. ud 

r t Mm did Um; prorob* 
aad Iritnd 

. lbuk.sM]t«mpl«d 

■I MTed Ac IMj Om in 

t i fci — l i t nal of Ilk tiud : 
< iif wli*n lie delivered 
K IkB haad uf Uw «nRiiiv : 
» Hi l«d wNMhl HU ni- 
Kim : Md Ola wwdcn 

tanwd tMr mien inio 
» ikai day si^ not drioit 

B« Bm >nMic tb«m, ud 
.A«n *|» I uid Irasi to da- 

En Ihrir fnut ubU tho 
r : aad llMir Ubonr nto 

<rhn with 

tiith tliti Tight hand. 

.VO He niBl uiit the heathon ■]«) 
before ihcm i enubuit tlicir Uoi) (« 
be diiiilcd nmouii llwiu far ui hc- 
riUee, and made tin liiba of Untl 
todirsi] tn their UnU. 

i7 Soth#ytelnM4d,Ull(ti*pll^MuI 
llio MMt hi^h Ood : utd kopt not 
Uii tcttinaniM; 

S8 Bnt toned lh(irb*ekM,»ndr*ll 
kW>r lilu llieit folc&llkcra : tUiU 
tDK unit like a brolcen bow. 

Ml h'anhaygriiivi'i Ihmvuth their 
hm-*llan : and provukcd llim to 
dlnileanire with tncir imuRei. 

m When Coil h(«rd (hii. He waji 
wroth : and look Hrc dupleumrtt 
■t I>rw1. 

61 So that Ha fortonk tlie uber- 
nule iu Silo : even the tout thai 
Ha had pliohed imocu lu-rn. 

Bi Ha dfllvered th#lr power 'mU> 
captivity : and (lii>lr beaiitj \nta the 
enemy 'u huid. 

173 He SBvc Ilia iigodIb oiur ilw 
niil« the iworil : auu wat vrrolh 
nltb Hia LilivritaiiM, 

6i The fltv ooMumod Ihnir foung 
msn : and Iboir naiduiM wrra not 
((iicn Co marring. 

65 Their pHeiU were ibtin 


7n And iJiirt II« koill Ilii tcmptc 
oa hi^b : a.nd IukI Lhi.* forinilulion of 
tl like Ihc iir«nii'l wliirli l^o lutli 
Dudc oontmu *I ly. 

71 II' rlinw tinild ilfo HJu «ir- 
**iil : HTiil Mak him awaf (nm the 

U.»v 1(1. 


'2 At he wu falloirin; th( 
ureal viih yaiinit com He ttok 
llial ]« midlit w«) JkKob Ilia 
pl«, wkI Ivkal HI* uilwriUHM*. 

>a So ho fad them widi a U 
and true h«n : aJid ruJod 
pTadmlly nilli all liii powcir. 


PeAlM LXXIX. JMu, ■vi.^i'.'. 
*Jon. thf hralhpn nrt cnmc into 

'rtiiiii- inlinriUniw : TliT holy 
t(iin|>1ii havo iliey ilrHlrd. knd niBilc 
Jmmlcni an heap of tlonofln 

2 The dcail boil]« af 1 hy ■rrranU 
haTS Uwjr ei>«n to bv ni<<st onto tlia 
ftwls or tne lir : «n<) (h« Hnh of 
Tliy laiata nnto tho bcnata of the 

3 Their blood how they ilicd Like 
ivbUt «n e-rfiy liitu of J^runlnn t 
and tlwiv vna nn ninn lu biiry thrni. 

4 Ws ar« benAins a.ii opuii >luunB 
K to our cnpinici : i very fenrii and 
H dctiiilon nuto them that arc round 
B nboiL-t uv 

H 5 liOrd, how Iphj wilt Thoii V 
H nnimr : ihal! Thy JKiiIiiiixy liuni likr 
■ fire for tt <r ? 

H 6 PanroittThiuc Indlgniitioii upon 
~ the heathen tint hiTe not known 
Tliee : inii iijion (he kinxdnrns that 
ll«Ti! nut colleil iipiin Tliy Nairn'. 

7 Ftrr thoy liiTK i|«TanT>-<i Jamb ; 
and [aid wxiui bin dvrcllJns-plivsD. 

fl O rrmembcr not aar old ona, but 
havt Dierey opon tu, and thai jova ; 
for we are ciiine to ir^at miwiy. 

.1 HmI|< n>. O f !n') nf our Kilvalinn. 
for thr glury of Ttiy Name : O de- 
liver lib, Aud b« nier^ifal unto our 
mat. for Tliy Nanic'i intte, 
10 tt'lieri^fore do IW hrallivn My : 

»W!iinv it iifjw thi<iTi:i>d? 
II O Irt iliir ■.■iiijiiuii™ ofThysor- 
»»IitB' hinod ih»t it shed : he openly 
vheniL-d Qpon the hDailien ia our 
13 Itt thp aorrowfiil (ishinj of 
tho prininiini roinei Vfn™ Th«« ; 
wardlnjt to (he gnttlniaa of Thy 
/wir»-r, frvtrrre Thttii thoac tlial arc 
tppoiali-il lo Jif, 

£S And far fh» hfiupbnny TfliOTiJ- 
icHira hare b1a»- 



fhemed Thoe : reward Tbou tba 
.ord, anvn-fold inin thi-ir hoMa 
14 y» w«, (hut acv Thy Mopla 
■he«p of Thy paaluTo, ihall B>*e 
IhanVi foT ever : and will altn 
fhewing furih Thy pislsa iron 
nvration to |{«nf raliiin. 


HEAR, O Tliuu Sheplierd « 
ruil,ThOu that lea. lest J< 
like a eh«p : Bhrw Thyntlf 
Hion Idal •iitpsliipoiilli" i^h^ni! 

i Biifi'tv E|i1irH>iti. Hi'iijamln, 
)ila.iui^H-i : Htir u|> Thy iLreni^tli, 
Oome. and h-elp u<. 

.1 Turn as amin, O Cod 
the li^lit of 1'I>T ct>unlwiiiao*t 
wr >haU bp whrje, 

4 O l.rinl (lod uf hotln : how 
will Tlion be aiiKTy iritb Thy 
pie tliat prayi-llif 

i Thou ffi"ie"i them with the 1 
of tenn -. anil i^irmt lliiiiu plonU 
nou i)f (Asm In driuk. 

G Tliiiii liait madn ui a Tvry i 
unto our ncirtbboura : aud our 
mio) laugh ui 10 isi-orti. 

T Turn as ajp'o- Thoa GM 
Hu«tH : ahiiw ()ii< light of Thy 
lrii.iiir-(i, and nn ihall be whola. 

fi Thou hut brouaht a vineoi 
t^ETpt : Thou halt eaot out the 
then, and planted it- 

9 Thflti mnili'jt room ftir U : 
wh''ri it liiid laki'ii root jl ftIM 

10 The hills were eoTcrcd witi 
ihadow of it : and the boonhi 
were like the Boodlvijedap-lr 

11 i>lip »lreleh>>cl out her braa 
nntfi the ML : and her boiighf 
Ihn riivT. 

12 Why hut Thon then 

DO \i J v^"':^ "* \'*" V*\"** 

1 VA 'nw'w\u\>t>M<i%\.«it ^ 



D«T 1M 

i mtt U Bp I and th« «riU beuK 

I Tbw Main, Tliun God «f 
; dawn bom liuiTeii : bv- 
[uri *Wt ihU )uu> : 

Ike ptao* oif tlw vlMjaid 

I vi^t ImmI hull plknWd ; 

_ hfaneh Hut Than nudcsl ho 

ia bomi <rlih Crc. ami ont 
: >iul ihcr fliall Knib at (lit 
I (^ Tkr OMiot«nnc«. 
■ Tb^ hmad br apoa tire 3l»ii 

mill luait : iM apm the 
, ■■«. mom Thou iB«4Mt«» 

IbA •• win nut wc so hank 
Am : O ki iu firci uiil wt 

nn ■* SffiBiO l^nl (>i)>l of 


„_ LXXSi- KraHM-nn 

«« ■«rll7 uto 0«<) our 
Mfe ■ ■■»](« » tbctiful DDJtr 

■b tb* pMlB. Mn^ Utlm the 

I iife Minr iBfp mik the liii». 
' ap Uw tt«B|<«l in lb* ntw- 

I I m% in the tiBC appointctl, 

Tw tlU fa* m*<l« ■ tUlatc r»r 
•nd » Uw of ilM (i«4 of 

' -^ in jMvpfa (or 
ttm he oin« out of 

i. GbmiBJi 

J}D WMikth l« lb* rouTPn- 

|dn 4f pclaoH : llr I* a JuOitt 

toaS wiD yo girr *rr«n« 
i_M<l MO^i ilw f«n«M 

_ >«r anil fkltiftlMi : 

•• Ktv in ncoJ tnd •«- 

•rV AM tm irtrattd nor , 

G I med Ui dumlder Irotn the bur* 
4lrn : ind hi* band* wen dcli'end 
frain maklnn the Data. 

7 Thoa callciln upon Mr iii irnii- 
biw, and I dpIiirn-J Uim : anj 
Ii«ard Mitt wljal tune u Hit ilarl* 
fell upon ilipe. 

S I prnTnrf lh»fi alM : &t tlie vw 
ten oi ilrifii. "^ 

a Hear. U My pBOjiIr, and I wfM 
aoiin.- tlivi^, liravl : if tliuu wilt 
hr«rl;rn iinlo Md, 

in TbctK Klmll ni tlrsntti* hoiI ht 
In thee : iielUitr aliult thou worthip 
BUT oih«r Kuit. 

11 I am tlir' Loril Ihr '•oil. Who 
broaght thrc ant nf thp ikitd od 
h4i>pt : upni tlir tamilit wide, aud 

1 rliall fill It. 

I'J Hill My poniMc irould not heaTi 
(I; loW : and Iirrnrl Trnuld doU 
otwf Alt. 

13 So I ^r* lUem up iinto llicir^ 
own lirartfe* liinte : and Vt (hem fot' 
l0)r their nvm ioiftitl'xt'vna, 

14 O Itial My pcuplc nuuld haT* 
hca/lunctl uulo Mt; : for if IitmI 
bad walked iu -My wajj, 

15 1 tliould hvvu bafo ;iiit domi 
thvir tamiivf : and turned M^ bantl 
Uttinxl tbtir odTunaTici. 

16 Th* liaten of the Lord iliauld 
iiaT« li«on found liiirx : but tlivm 

I lime tliould hart cuduml fur cwr. 
I 17 He rinutd b»*c frd itivu alH« 
I mth the flncul wheal 'flniir : and wllb 
hunejr out □( tli« tiXQVy rock uliauld 
I I hare aatiallcd tlii'e. 

Pr.t[itr. Day 10. 

I durkncn : all the faundaUona of llM 

' carlh ire eut of cuunc. ' 

(i 1 lia»9 Mill, Vc nri. iwdt : anfl 

if an iJl (be cbildn-u id ibe mail 

7 But ]-« (bull ilir like iD«ii '. aiu 
I fall lit* ansi of the prinoii*- 

II ArWi!, O Coil, aud Jnd(w Tlioj 
I the orth : fur Thon ahall take aJ 
I tma^an l» 'llUoe inb"riuu(e. 

'i ni.m,M i.xxxui. Ck>j.T"'««'»a*> 
; iioi Tbr lougMe.Or 
' J A Jifvp not still ulewet ■■ k' 
KOI ritystiU O God. 

2 fpf lo. Thine cneTnicB mal 

DAT 16. 



miirmunng : »n<) tliu;' Clint luuThcc 

bAVC lift up liu'IT lli'iul. 

i ilMr liuvu Iiuu^Sni'd rnflltjr *- 
gUIUt Thj pooptf : niiri (akto conn- 

4 Thejr liav»'raiil, Coiiii", xnti tfl ii» 
rtwt thvia oirt* Cliit tlir^ br uu niurp 
■ p«tpli> : aixl lliat Iht name of ■*■ 
ImIbui^U.' iiamorDiu TciDcmtiraaw. 

5 For thpy boTi- cost llielf heads 
togrllieT wilh anf ranm'iit : mnj ant 
DtrnfiKlcntf if^niil TJu'fii 

fi Thn tnlipniiu'lCT of tlio Edomllu, 
had t)iF IsmncUtco : the Mml/ilrJ, 
MuJ llacmnrns: 

7 CpIuiI, Mill Awtnon, aiiO Aiirnii'ti : 
tb?nilli<liiu-ii,uitli lliviu Ihil Jirvll 

8 Auiir a]w> U Joined villi llirui ; 
And hate holpcn tK- cliil-lrrn of 

n Bill >ln Than la thi;m bh nnia lh<r 
&tadiaiillc!) : unto Siwn, snd nnlo 
Jabla st the brook of Ki^oii ; 

Id Who jjirriiilinl nl Emlar : anJ 
bepwno M Uin Jitiig iif till' vwrlli. 

11 Mnkn Ihrai sad llirir prints 
lik* Ortb kod Zeb : yen, make nil 
tbeir prions lik» u Zebk and Sot- 

1:! Wlii> Mr, Im III Uk* to oiir- 
mIvck : [1i» liouwf of Caixd in ]>a>i- 

1:1 O mj- Ciod. mnke tlicm like unto 
a wbtcl : uid ojs tlio Bluliblp before 
tlie n-iiid ; 

14 Likv M ibft fim thai liiirnKl) 
op ihc iTood : uid an llin Simo that 
MFiwinelh thi? moiint^kin*. 

ifl Pervjciulc IhiTn even no with 
Tliv Icmiirrt ; I'nl make them *■ 
lt%\i vrilfi 111? uliiriu. 

1G Make ihcil facei uhaDied. U 
Lord : that Uiey maj Beck I'liy 

17 l.«l tb«iB Iw rnitf^iuriilitd ftiiil 
»t>xe J r. 'pr morn aiirl more ; lei Ihcm 
bt jiul to •httinp, and periili. 

IB And thcriiliallk'iowlliJit'nion. 
Whmw N.iTOc i« Jrliotfih ; irt only 
tjiu mijrt IligliP'l ovpi all tilt Varlli. 

PmI n t.XXSlV. Q.«,m Mkcla ■ 
/~\ A/'Mliim/aW^ am Tti/ d«»U- 
«^w«-. ; Thon LotA of hob '. 
iV *Oui haii^ a dciiru and Iwng- 

it)j to enler into the (• 
Lurd : my lieatl ■nil i 
Joirv In llio living Gtiil. 

3 Yen, iho iponutr hai 
nn bannr, and the >w» 
whi-TU iJif may lay Ict j 
Thy nltarn, O lx>rd d 
Kiiiu and my Ood. 

4 nintcd are Ihey tli 
ThyhoUH '. they will b«i 
itig Tlife, 

A Uleaseil Is Ihi) dmui nrl 
is ill Tliee : in irhouc he 

d Who going througti 
itiiii«ry list' it fnr a wp 
piiiili are fit1i»t willi wal 

7 Thry will %a (rom 
ttrcn^ih ; and unto the ^ 
ajij'fii.wtli every one of tJ 

it O Lord God of bod 
pmvitr : hi'irken, O Qod 

u Heboid. O God tax 
and look upon the fac 
ftiiu lilted, 

1(1 Fnr line day in Thj 
lielu-r lli.iii 1 iliikiikiTid. 

11 I had T\iher be a 
in t1ie home of my Go 
dwell in t^ip tenln r>f "uib 

12 Forlli-Ix-nlfiujI. 
■h'f«in.-fl : thi; will 
ATid wonhip.and noeooi 
lie wiibhold from them 
gudly life, 

U O Litrd <]ikI of bin 
in tlie man that palldli 

L(mi), T!."tiari hwM 
lUit^Tbj'land :Tll0 
cd aw»y t9it> pupliHly ol 
3 Thou liaat forBivm £ 
'Iliy people : and cotbv 

i Tbnii biwt taken kt 
dinjilMiiini : niiil turn 
from Thy wrathfel iiidii 

1 Turn (IB thirn. (.) livd i 
nod let Thiue aii^r cMu 

h Will Tlmu tie diiq>l 
tor ««er ; «nd wilt Than 





■• •■ "Hif mmjr. O Lord : 
■at tu Tlif olrntHn. 
>{Q W*rlua wliM lb* Lord 
U «y (OMCCtHag ■■« : Tar He 
•■■k pM«a nu lli> pmpic, 
DU uiirtit. tk«l iWy toru uot 

• Bla nlTsliM H Mth Utrm 

10 M«n7 and tnlh w« Ml tW- 

Iher : Hdl'MOiUnMi MlJ p*«Ot IftT* 
kltw J udi aUittt. , , 

11 Tnitb >ti»ll fluiii»l> out it tb« 
nrUi : uiil liKhttoiiiiiiTM luitit look- 
er] dvwn fniTEi lirjiiiTn- 

Ij Wa, llin Lord ihnll (Imtw )aT> 
EiiH-IiiiducH : iiid »ur Uml Mil 
gitu lier Increaac. 

13 UinblaoDBina >h>ll «i b«foM 
lltu : ud TIo bIwII dincl llii (»ili| 
in lb* Tr>7> 


jNomtng JJr/iptr. 

Dav 17. 


ucxxri fiHi.».j)«» 
down TWiM ear, U L«rd, 
d bav ma : for I w paor, 

[iWM noB nr Mai, for I uu 
■rOvd. a*v llir ■cfrmnt iluU 
iki* tnwt IB Th*v. 
Mcmiial u&l* itM[_p Lord : 
W call JaOy npen IW. 
idwt tk »al»( TIiT ■mant : 
t* TiK*. O Lonl. 4a I lift up 

t IVm. l.anl, Mt lOod lad 
It : WmI «f CTMl nwrej unto 
M ttftt mU ipoa ThM. 
h «v. Lord. wUti nr prar'? i 
M*r il« «^ ol BT buHbk 

k* tiB* of my ttwMt t will 
la That I for Hum beu«it 

■ «wl« itaiN ii tUM 
M Iba^ U Lord : IkoM l« 
I a*i «u •!« « Hm doML 
■Mku wbi« Tkoo ha«L nudr 
«•• aad tnrnbife TIim, U 
Md thill glorify Thr Nuw. 
w Tbn ut imat. tad doMi 
M IhiBff : ThM aft Qod 

ndi mo Thr wijr, O Lord, 
■U walk ia Tlv iraUi : O 

Rhcui uto IbM, l^t 1 tiaj 

«flilukT1iM,OLoi4 vr 
>U til iB7lMt« :ud will 
ilhr !(mi* fw «»a fu r n 

MFMhwM Ml , fpnngi sJisil be in thee. 

U CmF. tlin iiniuil &ra rWa k- 
Xkinn mi : uiiJ ihr «>iwK-gslIoii> of 

Willi. odJ havii not wt Tbeo befon 
Lli'ir I'yuK. 

1 5 llMt Thou. O Lord Rod, art fill 
of eompaiBioD hdiI mcror : loog- 
•uftrtan, plviitauni iu kooJiwm aiul 

IC O tiim Tlni» tlion nnio in#, sn>J 
luv* RicrR}' uliOD nii> : g^tv Tliy 
■imifltll uiiio 'fliy (ciTuiit, and liolp 
tiiB »n o[ Tlimc haDrimiua. 

17 .'>h''w trtin* tukeii u)hiii am tot 
gmd, tluti tlwy who halo ma may 
wo it, auJ Iw aJuDiad : limuM 
Thau. Lcrd. hut b»lpea nu, aud 
eonfdrUJ iu<». 

HEK fa'inilntiona trt npOB Iho 
ht-l/hilliMh* Lord lo*»lh the 
ntM ot Sinn mor* than all Ihfl 
dmltiogi of Jacob. 

'J VttT ucollcnt thiBO arc ipobea 
of ih*e : ihuii I'ity of (*od. 

3 I mil tluiili iipnn Rahali and Bn- 
\ij\aa : irilh tlicm liiit Lnuw me. 

t Beliold vo tliL- I'hilinliift alio : 
aod they ofl'm, with tho Moriu*; 
lo. tliett na« ne born. 
& And of ^iDii it ahall b« rrpofted 
that ho wiu bom fa hor : and Uw 
Mat Hiuli tliall atablidi hir. 
l> Tbi; Lord nhall tohcarw 11 wtam , 
He wrileih up tba people'. IbU.' 

J I'M luni ili^r*. 

"my Iwrt* 

DiY 17. 


'L/ !>»• cried lU/ and u|ght t>«A>i« 
lliM : O Id m/ pnUET oiUr Into 
Tti7 pnatnm, itMbnc Thuio tu mto 
my calling. 

S For nur imil ;• ftill of Iroublu : 
and iny lifo dnvrcih nigh unto 

S I im eounttrd u one «j thim tliBt 
oo down tntn llii> pit : aiicj 1 linrr 
bMU Kri>u iu> a insii tlut liith uo 

t Krco imuDg tbtr drad, liko unto 
Uivm tlml >rt uoiiiidvd, and lio In 
tbfi UTnV4< : vnhn Ant out 4>f mm«-rit- 
braunc, uid nrc cut may troai 'thy 

5 Thou hurt lud me in th* loweat 

Slit : in a, pluco uf ilirLuoM,*iic] In 
ha tlorp, 

S Tliinc inilI)iuation Iicth hard upon 
me : nai Thou hiisl Tried mc wilh 
all Thj- •torn: 9. 

7 TlioH IiiBt pill sway min* <uv 
qaaiiitsnct fitr tnim me : iind made 
ne lo be abhorred i>( them. 

8 I am FO fiut in priiun : that I 
oinuoi gi>( foTtli. 

9 My i>islil failulli fir verv Iroii- 
blo : Lord, I hare cillcj daliy ujion 

Dav 17- 

TliM, I harp rtnWh^ 
h^uidji onto ThiMT, 

IV DoM I'luni tlvm wi 
the d«Kd I or A*1I Um 

Tiin, And enifC TbM 
I Hhnll I'liy lOTinf 
fahewrd ill Ilia i;n*«: 
fuIncM In dr<itruRt1an? 
1^ Shall Th; trondn 
known in tlir dark : ni 
(toiiiiTiiiA4 in lh« land wt 
; am [oryoticn? 

I and celtI/ sIulII my pn 

I fotv TIlW. 

14 I.anl, wtiy iiblion 
uul ; aiul ludeit Til 

froffl m«? 

li 1 am is mifpiy. t 
liim tliat ill at tlu> pitlii I 
frvm my yoiirli up 'l"li> 
I luffervd ^vith a Iroub 

]l! Hi; iTTSlliful di<p 
O'er me : and tljo foar 
iiniloti* ma. 

IT Tliey eaiDCTntmil ■ 
tike water : mid coznp 
KFtliiT wa trvry side. 

IR M) liivi'TD Bod Aie> 
I>ut avi'iiy rmm mv ; ■ 
a<'(|u»iii1uicu out of loj 

<fti mills lOtaftr. 

nxiM UIXXIX. Jriar'nnfliif 

MV Mng ijull liH slwaj' of the 
liiviiit(.|iiiidiicM of tho Lord : 
with my inuuth will I erer ht ■hew- 
ing Tlij- truth from And av[i«ntiiin 
to mother, 

2 Pot I have luid, Mrrpy aiiail bo 
Ret up for OTor : Thf truth ilialt 
Thoii ftablMh in the Ut-itvrn>. 

3 I !in** nwdft x eortnnat with My 
ehown ; I tuve twom unto Ilntid 
Uy «n«ut: 

i Th]rw«'lwil1 1 rtat>liiih (or ev«r : 
ao'l t^i >ip thy ihrone from one ge- 
ngmtion t>> mutlirr. 
i U terftt, the Very tmv»ni Rhalt 
'■^r"^ JV weiuhoai trorlu ! aiitl 
^y 'n™ '1 the tatgrtgatht of the 

n PortrhaUhaDBion 

iliat ihall be Mtopa* 

7 A nil whsl in ho smi 
that >hBirWlili« unto 

8 God i» vttfgmtlj 
in the eounfil of th( * 
l.v liad in rereTcnoo of 
ari> round about Hin. 

!i () Urd <;adofho«l 
unto Tliee : Thy truth. 
Laid, ii au tirrv aide. 

ji) T!ii><) riiU'it th« I 
BFH : ThoD ilillR^l tlM < 
when Ihty atUe. 

It Thau hait nib(Iu4 
dMHroyvd it : Tlion b 
Thiii« enttnlf) tibpo* 
tniiAn tm. 

\i TV* ^twrni « 
eutU tlao'ui1Un«v 

DAt 18. 

ra-R P8AIM3. 

DiT 18, 

doUvRT fail lOu] from th« Imnd of 

18 Lcrd.vlifn aw Tlir olJ luiiufi- 
Undnptfei : uhich Thaa iwaresl un> 

49 lUnwiDlwr. Lord, llio Toliuko 
"thit Tlv Knuita lia«e : and tiow 

Dav is. 

I do bfu in my htmam ik« 
of inanr pvapit ; 

Uuphcmol Ttne. lad alaatrnd I 
foolawpf of TUna uuuiMl : r 
1w th* Lord for ttwmMna. 
And Amen. 

jHorniiig Dmvft:. 


mALU XC. Onmlitr. nglq^oM. 

IORD. Thoii haai been onr re- 
J (dkb : (cutD uuv K<!u«niliuu to 

3 U«fon> Ibc TDOQDltl&tmnlinMii^ 
fprthtorcTti ihn eutb udtbt world 
ircrv nude : Than art Uud from 
c>(r1utiii)[, miU notl<i nlthuut uiid. 

3 Ttiou tntiutc mm lo d«*tnialiua : 
Uila TtMm Mf oit, Come Kgain. fc 
(Uldiea ofnm. 

I Wvc » IbguMDri ;ein in Tlijr 
iiglit BTV liut M /Mterdu : aMlnji 
lul ta pul M B nslch Id th* nlxlit. 

5 A* •oaii u Thou acXtercfl ihtm 
Ihejr fci* rrtn u ■ bIi'^p : and fadii 
■WH niiManl}' lik* tin (rwa, 

fi I D Uw nornisg U i« gtwea, tnd 
gMinth up '. but Id tht treniiif ll It 
cut daini, dried up. uad mihtrid. 

t For *e (utMuiDe airaf in Tliy 
iBipleMure : anil arr ifrHid at 'lltjr 
wnlhful iiidignotlua. 

II Thou hui wt our nliidccdii W- 
foM Thw ; and our H«m idni b ihr 
liiikt of 111}' AonnttiianM. 

6 For when Thou ■rtSDBryall our 
iay» wv Kxini : «• btlim our ■>««» 
to AH oitd,ia Itwcrv « ulc lliat ii 

10 T^e (Uft of our axn arv tlim- 
*Mn jvant and tru ; and Ihoudtli 
n«u Ik to *tninK thai thajr mdid to 
EtotaMrv ycMv : jret U their atKiuth 
Dwii bnilsbcnrMidMnTaw: bomod 
lnwitli tl away, and w« mra cont. 

11 But (rlw rvskrd*lli iho po*»r«l 
Thr wnth : for «na tbn-Mtler ** • 
■aAnfMrtlh, ■aiaThrdifpitMnN. 

Vi SoMuh uB t«iiambtroHrda7i: 
Ihu WB BM7 apply »ur h«uU mta 

1.1 Tvra Thsa Kgiio, O L»Td, nl 
lA« Jirt ! mad be gntitnu unto Ttiy 

1 4 Mliify B« with Thr 
juid tittt HKia : no thai) trv 
Aui be jiljid all the dan 

l.^ C«iDirort 08 agmln now i_ 
lime dial llim haM phgaei i 
f«( tlie years irlmvui vn *- 
fctvd vlTtnitr. 

IV Sbrw Tby wrraaU Thy ' 
and Ihiir children Thy slorj. 

17 And the alorwut Majcflyi 
Lord our Uvd b« u|iou at 
Tlioa Um wuriL oJ our ha..^ 
na, (J profper Thou «ar han4y>i 
■ ■»A).H Xi;i. vmmmm: 

WHOM dwrcllclliuiulal 
ftlUO of tllO IDMt Hi| 

nliiil* under thu nhadow i 

2 I will Mjr (uil« th« I.i0cd,1 
art my hopp.anil my drvDf ' 
iiiy Qud, ill Him will I tnwU 

3 For He ahall dcllTtr thMJ 
the ntuv of the hnolcr : tmt ] 
the DoiiomB pwtilencv. 

i tU ahairduriuJ tbo* 
wingt, and lliou Nhall lit 
Hill fraihcr* : llu faitltfola* 
truth iliall tie Ihy (hield U»d I 

A Thoa shn It not 1m afraid I 
irrror by night ; n«t fur tba 
tlial Htolli ly day ; 

G For tha pcatilsnt* tlial ' 
iBdukncaa: ootforthoMokB 
dealiDjeth ia Ihe ocKin-ilaT. 

; A llianMAd A»a (all boddal 
and Un thoiuaiid at llijr rii^il I 
bnt it ihall not tent taiA f "^ ' 

fl V««. with tiiut •!»• I 

h»hald ; aud w« tht mnrd < 

U Far Thon. Lord, art n; 
Tlwu haM M( TUaa bniN 

Ml TlfamAttUwK'ril htppn* 

■tntairf indet tl» fett 
BMblMli Ml Ui Ion 
>K Amfcn irlU I MlTcr 
*> M )b up, bcnox br 

*** tkb RM He, and I 
if Minikl un wilh liim 

SwclaOMTcr Un, uid 
. M( ifc wOl I Mtiity 

RXOL tmi^tmm u uir*. 
tm4 tUuK to BiTc Hub 
IB I«i| ; wd l« liog snriMi 
r MM, O mat Uixbcrt ; 

lb MralH(iaa4 ol Tby 

H iMraMModao atriao, 
tm hi* I >po« • bud hi- 
tai tfoa (bt hkrp. 
b*. L«rd, tM( iMd* M 
^ Thr •win .' ud I wUI 
pnbt for th» «f*- 

thoii. Lord, arl'lhi) DWtt llGlie 

a Fnr b, TluM •acnin. liar^] 
lo. Tliinc cnenica shkll peruA t audi 
all tbe workna of vritkcdDOM itiaU 

!) Bui mttio lion th»l] b« cxUtcd 
like l)i« bom of nn uaironi : for I 
am nnnintc-U iriib frcili oil. 

10 Jtiui: (f I alw Hhall tee Ui lust 
of minr Dnooint : uid mine «ar ilikll 
lirar lili UrMni »f the irlckej xiM 
vbt up utiul Bit. 

tl Ttonghtecw >laJ) flouriiii like 
a raliD'tMe : Mid thall >]rri'ad. ^ 
brmd like m cedar in Libauus. 

13 Su^MUvplauud lu tlic baus« 
df the Lord : abaU Baunth tn ttit 
ctrorU vT tbe bouac o( our Cod. 

13 Tlwjr ailK iiliaU bring forth ntorc 
frvit in their »g« : ia<i iball br (at 
ko4 wall-Ukliiic. 

14 Tbal thcjr nay eh«« h«w Uv« 
tha Lord 1117 ititngth i> : and that 
tbcte IB DO uarighWaimcM in lUn. 

tf brain g Vraptr. 

Mdhalh pM 

Day 18. 

lure : bolld^M b«««iietb Thin* hooat 
lor tTar. 

Dt-T IS. 


6 TlWf «nitc doim Thjr people, O 
Lard : sD'il iToobla Thbiu liariuuv. 

6 Tlit^tniirJfr itiB w!ilcivr,sii(r thv 
Itnninr : uiit pat Uw (athcrlcat lo 

7 And jei thv}- «y, Tai!ib. Uiv Lord 
dutll not •** : iinitlit.-r Ktull tlw <<<>J 
WT Jaciih nyird iL 

H TiUu hMid, yn unirlw uuHui the 
pootilc ; O jc fooU, when uiU y« 

a Ha that jilanM t1ji> «a>r, dinll Htt 
not hrar : oi Hit tint niu^ tlia ojrv, 
•hiJI H« not nM ^ 

10 Or 11b thsC nurtimlli ttu liea- 
tlion : it is 11t lli»( tvaiibrth inan 
Icnou'led^. nlijill nol lid ini^uJi -' 

11 Th* I^ml kiiunethtfiu llioiiitkU 
of dan : tliat [hoy Uv bnc iniu. 

12 OUucd i* tlie mnn ohom Tliou 
olwnotiuti LurJ : uid tcoohert 
bin in Thrl»ii" ; 

IS llatTliuu mnyrit fflvo Mm p4- 
tlmc* In tiiiM of wivcnity : udii! itic 
pit ho dlgg^ np for ilic nnxodly. 

U For tlie LoTtI will col Fftil lli>i 
waple 1 orKlivr will Ku funskv lli* 

Dav 19. 

IS Until lij^hMoimMa 
ntilti jiiilsi-ini'iit : at) wioh 
ill litail ilull fvllflW it. ' 

IG ^Vha will ru« up •rltl 
gninnL tlic nickcti : or ^bo v 
toy pajt igunM Uic erll^doa 

17 lfth(iL»r<lladnat)idl 
it liail nut failed liHt mj a 
been put to illean. 

Ill Bm vrhpn 1 Mi<). Hf A 
ilipt : Thy mcrvr, Lonl, 1 


19 In llw miiltltDdvof tb*< 
that t hud in iny heart ; 11 
forli have leftririFd iny wnl 

2l> Will Thou havp niiy thi 
wllli tlio tlofil of wirkMD' 
Itniig!n«i1i mliH-liii'f %i a 

3! The; fnilwr lh< 
gainit the mmJ o( the 
ovndcma tho innownt 61 

33 But the Lord id my I 
mT God Ib the atrvn^b «( 

JH He shall ref onipenie tl 
vrLckediicw, and (Teitroy 
lliiiir own miilloe : jn, ta« ] 
(iuti sIulU dettnijr tlwii 

fttorning ^r-ipcr. 

PW.ttM XOV, >'m/«,«WJ(™« 

OL'OMI'', let u« nitiK unto tile 
Lwtil : li-t II" liiiarlllV n'joiw is 
thv ittniifctli »f our uilvAliun. 

2 Lit u^ crime l)efure liii preMnce 
frilh Uiiui1c>>M>viiiK : and ahev tmi- 
wltei Blitd iu llim utilh |>enlniB. 

S For llip Lord i« * j^ruat 0«i ! 
Uiil a giT^l Kiiiu nl>ctc nil gnli. 

4 Iu Hit lumJarc Ul the cain«r« 
of llui enrlh. : und tkc at:r«nj|t}i of tha 
hill* is His aim. 

G The M* i* Hi*, Mil Hf m«dA it : 
■ad His1i*nda preparad Lhs di; Itud. 

C O ooow, lat IU norihip and tii I 
dawn ; and tmeel before lh>> Lord 
our Miker. 

I For lie ia the Lord onr God ; 
ftnd ir« aiw ll>« (M'oiiLi' of HIh ptii- 

9 fo'ilij- ifj-o wilil hear HiimiFc. 
AwMbn Aof jmar heatiii ; m in llie 
pnMvemliaa. and aa in ibe <!>« «f 

9 When j-our fatiier* t«a| 
proved Mr, and sav My ir 

10 Forty j-mn lung waa 
irith thin mhptwiIoii, and 
ii a pcDpIc that do »rT 
hesrta. for tliey luTe not kn 

if Unlo whom I 
ivnilli : that Lhey ahonU a 
into My net. 

l-HAi.M XfTTI. rmotien 

OSINU onto the L<»n 
eang : sing uiito the 
til* irhola (laiih. 

3 Sbg uuto the l.-ord, an 
tlia Nifne ; he telUii); of II 
lion fn>ni d3.y to day. 

3 I^peluT llii lumuiir I 
heathirn : wid II is wan Jen 

i Vor the ljBt4 ia £M*(.i 
I Ti'Aw«tVtal^V«'vnMfe&\VU 
', lit1)ettu«4\%iW«avAa. 

»M U«l* : bM tt U 

>rftMI^ KM WfON 


w*ik> LoM, O ;• kib- 
• Ml* : %Meffh* note 
m^nd power, 
r nu dw l.,<iT<l tb* ho- 
m Hm Nam : biinx 
E M a» wMt euth 

ri li Kfag ! uid ilut it 
I tMb mis tlw mtnd 
I ibt it (aoiM te nwv. 



I da : Irt iIm (H HMka 
W Hat Uwrtia U 
fcM b« Mrf ul, and til 
thM ihJ] All th( mc* 
«HM>U», fur Ho romitli 
■ulh : md with ri^- 

nl t> Kia«. Uu' piTth 

^ad Uwrcof : ^a. tb« 

Iki Mm MV U kImI 


■boot lliB ; itiihleonnmwd jndff*- 
rnirt are vh? hibliaUon of Hia taal. 
SThMT ■hillffoaBMbafoNHiiB : 
ani] burn np HU eaomiM on CTcrr 

I llii lichtninn eive «hiii« anta 
lh« wM-ld : the»&rui {airlt.aiiil wsji 

R Tho hill* m(>lt4<d llk« wix nt th» 
pTMMiea o( th* l.onJ : at thi^ pri'- 
wnw df the l^rdof tho whnlo narth. 

fi The liMvms ^n^^• iIopIhtimI Hi* 
ntbtconniMi : ind nil tlic people 
bar* wen Hit elory. 

7 Confnanded Wall thcT thni vdr- 
■hip earrnd imaffra. snd Ihal <Jrll|dit 
in Tain godt : wonbip II[tn, all ye 

8 Siou bo'urd of it. and KJMnd : 
aad lb« dauebtcn tf Judah mre 

{lad. hcoauM i-f ThjJudcminEt*, O 

H For Thou, Lord, ut lilohfr than 
•fl that ara In Iha caith : Thnii nil 
«nli«l hr above all gudi. 

tV O n ibat lore tlie LonI, »ee 
Ihal jv nnte ihc thins wliich is •rll t 
ihn Lord prrturvnth IM aouTa of Rla 
uinbi; Hi> dull dolirer thiitn turn 
thn band of lltP nnKOdlj-- 

II 'llipr« ii ■pninK upa lltfht tor 
lb* rkbicuni ; and joyful uladtieia 
For DRrti B< sra tfus-nnrtvd. 

12 RfjotFp in the I.Brd, fo rieht- 
niu : aud Kivr Uiaaka fora nmiBm- 
btaiiw or ilii bullant. 

CHniing {]riipir. 

HU tW Wil a new 
V He balk dMA Biar* 

DAT 19. 

Lord, all n landt : ilnx, rejola, and 
gift- ihaaka. 

< I'niw ilw Lonl iirxm tba harp : 
ling to the harp with a psoln of 

' 7 ^VitfilnitD|jeUalao,aiiildmnii : 
U hlitw joiirwJTea Jojhl (wfare Ibe 
Lv>l tbc King. 

B Lvl the era mnkr a nniw. and 
all that Ihirdi) b : Ihi^ ruuiid iruilil, 
axi>I Itwjf llal dwril llirri'lii. 

9 Lvi Ibe fliiurJn rlaji ihrit hinda, 

- , - , , "•''I A^i ""■ lulls he jiitfiil IuikiWt 

nm-nfmunt)fvur ^-^(l■ fftc urt : for He in eunw U» 

I •«■ tkte hud. «d4 
r ara : batli lie tcUtD 


MB hMh Ife OfC^ 

—laail Hn mcr- 
taimrd Um lt«we af 
an lb Mi* mT /.tr 

»*-A^»to^ /■'5^Wiu."""'- 


thaU Ue 


jvAft the irorlil : sn^ the people 
nijh equity. 

fSALtl XCtX. Dim.'hb >V^>HI. 

''f^HH [.ord i> Kio^, Isc tlia )>onplD 
J never » ^]n[>aliL<uC : Hf^ slilGth 
bciirctn ell? chrrubiinB, br the mt)i 
novrrou uiii|<]ivt. 

i The l^n] i> tiTvai in Slon : ±ai 

UsU kliuvc all i>itoplii. 

a Thny ihall ciic tlunks nnlo Thy 
Nklno : wliiob is RTcbI, imndcrtul, 
and linly. 

4 'rin- Kins'* P»"*T lowth Jiid(t«- 
mriit ; Thau h*«l prsparod nqulty : 
Thou liut csscuted ]ud)[Fiiieut uid 
riirhUaUiDm in Juoub. 

^ U mAgaitj tliv l.oni our God : 
mill fall Jown In-furv Hin fuoliioul, 
for H» S* lioly. 

5 M««a bdJ Autm anions His 
pliotti, uiil Samui;! aoiun^ au<i!i ui 
cnll Duoii lIiK Ntiinu ^ lliow callniJ 
um>n ihv I^inl. ui»] i|p lioaril UifId. 

7 Hu iiiilif Miito th-^n out af the 
c.loudj' |>illKr I for thoy kupl tlii tea- 
tiuonici, and Ihe law tbut Ho g&ic 

» TlxMi hcwd«rt thrm, O l.Aixl OUT 
God : TIidD foMa.tMt lli^in. O God, 
and pEiriislifd^t UicirowD iBitcntiooA. 

9 Uinii^iilj- ihe Lcinl our Had, and 

«onliii> Itim upon IIiA holj hill : 
lor the l.t>nl <iat Ood ia lioly, 

Viiil.M C. Jh'>II.iIi Dm. 

OBE iojful in the Lord, all t« 
luda t *erM the Lcrd mlh 
^ftduMi, Mill i>om« btkrvt! 111! pK- 
MDMi wtth 1 song. 

'J I!o ft HUT* that ihn Lord IId ii 
God : it ia Ud thut hilh ntAde am. 
Add not w« aanclvraj ve nzt Kts 
Seoplfiandlheihecpol HtijiMlur^. 

S |co r^or iTijr mto ITiv 
with iWnkfHiviBK, moil '"^i^ 
(uurla with prala* : 1m IhaakiP 
tu tllm, and apcnJt good 9^^ 


4 For thi Lord ia fcnciaa'' 
uirrc/ i« iirFflavtiDX : n"'! Hi* 
■-ikIiiiwiIi from seiHmiiiii (a 
l-SAIJt CI. WiwrWanUa-d. 

MV (unjT >hall bp of mttO 
iiidsfmi^'t •■ UDl«ThM,0 
wilt luiug. 

2 O let mc tinrc undentBodnA 
llic nay of jfodlinooa- 

3 WliL-n wilt ThoD mme lutA 
I will WTilL in mjr hauM witll 
fci^t liFxrt. 

4 1 trill Lskc no iniclwd 

hiud ; I ha ti> the aitia of vA 
fuluN \ tlia» shall no mioh d 
unlu int-. 

5 A fnrirard hvart *haU 
from mc : I will uot know a 

G Whoso prlvilf' sWdBlvIk 
DBIfthl>"»r : hini itlll I tlMlMf. 

7 Whoio hath alao a arou 
and hi;th atatniioh : I will not 

U Mint *yt!i look upon tuoh 
faithful in the laoJ : that thar 
di*«ll wilb ma. 

9 Whoaa Icadeth a goiXj lif> 
tliall bt Jay wmal. 

10 ThertriiaUMdfcvllfiil 
dirtU in mr bnua : h« that 
11(1* shall not tunr in mjr 

1 1 I ihtill HKUi doMroy til 
endlj* that in ic tht land Jl 
m^y ro'it out all itltrk^ii dwm 
tli« ricy of the Lonj. 

DaV 20. 

^aritiiiQ $ra^tT. 

V»kLfi ClI. OtmUM. uuwfi 

HY..KV. mj' pniyor, O Ltml : and 
let mj' ''ri'irit ««aic onto ThM. 
'J Hi(l« not Thj fact frtmi tne in 
thfltimvnf mylruublo : incline Thln« 
tar unto DiR nHtn 1 uoll ; O htiu 
»«>, )i/>.J rJut rigiil man. 
3 J-'wn^ Jaj'xvwaoiuuinpdainiy 
Jao »aokv : utdmr b«nM ftra burnt 


I My hrnrt is imittiMi down 
irithL-rrd Ubv icr^iia : to thai 1 
tA cat toy bnnd. 

i Kor tliu volcii of Duri 
ny boni>s will snaKa cImt* 

(i I am bceono liku a peilioa 
<«i\4ijTns« ■. anfl ljk.ft vi VkK 1 
in thedeaeaU 
1 Ibat* in&diea.iaii m 


D*r 90. 



taw R*a* no mil Ih* 

ly Air that ue naJ 

In* «fttM mAm m ii 
; Mt «Angttd »r drink 

lU bMMM af Thine In- 
IJ mik 1 fot Than hu* 

p u» aon* lili« k «ha- 
im wHhHcd Itk* ffluL 
tua, 1) Ur4. ikaJt cb- 
-1 W TVr raMmbruM 
MJi triw. uii Ittv* 
Bn ; tv a fat tima that 
MRfapoe bar, Te*. It* 

rf Ikr wttibU Ihlok 

w : ud ft Bitioth llum 


dka itell Inr Thy 

L* liri^l bdilil ai 

Ui* gWrr 


It tOBttk Wm ■Dto ih« 
• fM* dMillDU : uid 

tl ba writtm for tbim 
tikr : md (he ptoptv 
tt fcnn ilnll pnlK tlw 

huh iMfcail donm rrom 
IT : oal cf tin buTtiii 
MdM Ite Mttb ; 
I aW hew Ui« ia«utii> 
H m la oaftlTUr : uul 
UdRB KpfciMtd unto 

l^j diiiliiM UiB N'anur 

n am t and tlia wur- 


bpmla m nt>»f«<) 

d a* nfJoBa alio, to 

i|^ don nr ttmwtli 

HO mr Oo^ ftte 
l> A0 mfda of mint . 

; »> [-)!' Tliv ;<ir«, lb*]- tndiiM 

lulliiut .ill K''"''''"tioiI*- 
U Than, Loiil. in the bficinniDe 
liAdI IiiidUiefouDdatioaofthi^vai'Cli : 
nn-l tlie hMt«a8 3K t)ievr«rl:-if Thy 

a! They ^^M pmisli, Imt Tliou 
■halt etiiart : Ibny all iliall nni old 
u doth B. ptminit : 

'27 Aod &• 0, veiture ihult Ttion 
'hanK« Ibam, ind the-; fball !>« 
chan»d : but Thou an llio MRifl, 
and Tliy yrart nhnll ned fiil, 

OB The flilhlrnn of Tl.y f*r»iUiU 
Bhall roaiiciu* : uid lhi?ir ivtd iilutll 
Btaofl fast in Thy li^lil. 

PRAISE th.' LttrJ. O my soul : 
and all il^nt in irilMn tn« praiH 
llii boly Namr. 

'2 I'ralM (he l.oT'l.n my lool : and 
format not all Wit hi^iivfltg ; 

3 Who forRiwIh all thy tin :and 
bcalcFth all thi»o inflrmitii's : 

X Who niivfih thy life from ilp- 
Stneliuu : and tiowiieth tlitc with 
■Dtivr and loving' kin dncu; 

5 Who sBlittlctli thv month trlth 
gaoi\ Uitnffu : making tiimjBuurasd 
lusty i« nil cteIp. 

C I'lic l-iirJ uxi'i'Uteth ?inbt«Kia- 
nen aixi Jiid^p^iufnt : far al! Ilicm 
that arf np|hr*"eil wiih wroiic, 

7 Ila flicrniilHrn ways unto MoMR : 
Flii nork-i unto ihn Fliildnn of laraal. 

a I1iv I.onf i.i full of MiiDiiaaiion 
and nierar : hNW-aolEirinit, and of 
K»sl Roodnean 

9 H» will n(>t alwBT bo cliidioB : 
nrilhcr knprlh Hu \l\t ait^cr far 

10 Ue tmtb not tlnalt «rilh ua after 
our bIdi : nor rawardad u» icconling 
to oar wii:k*>ln«w«a. 

11 For look how hinh the hcarfn 
in in. cumpariton of liii! caKli : lo 
neat ia Hii mi^ny alM tonard Ihent 
Uaiftar Illm. 

13 Ixmk bnw wiiln lUin tiiu caat la 
from Ihr wfxt : m> (ar bath lit id 
OUT ainx fruiu at. 

13 )'«a, \ikt aa m falber pltietb \u» 
anu children : aTMi to » Oic LotA 
mwj/iil unto lh«m thit f*ar lUm. 
'* for }tc know«tU wlwretil 

DAT 80. 


art mB<l« : Ho TemomlwTelb that m 
art liitt dun. 

lA Tlwi do;* of nun ar« bnt aa 
gnm : far he Smiriihr-Ui lu i Ruwvr 

id Pur oJi toiin m llic wind goadi 
OTCT il. It !■ goiii- : a.ii<l (lie |>!ai:c 
thnvot ahull knoir il no more. 

ir BnttliB uivrcifiil (iioiltii'Muf the 
L«rd emlanth (oTP>iiri»mli>vi-r.iiifin 
thtm thai iru Him : ami 1Il> n^lil- 
eooufia upon uliililniu'i ciiililrcii : 

Itt Btvh upiu Aicfi 05 kp?p Ilis 
(torcniuit : mil think upun Hia oooi- 
mui<liii0nlji to lio tlwm. 

19 The Lord buk pnpkn 
hbI ia iii'An.'ii : aoil IIU Id 
n idli orgr ill. 

20 O pniM th« Lord, ]W 
of Hi!, ya that pxd in 
JO that fiilGl nil poaii 
end lit^arkca unto tlio Tai««- 

'Jl O pni»>^ the Lord, all 
IinxM : )•< M<TTUil« of Hin ' 
nil ploMUTl'. 

->.■ O afwaJi ^ood of the L 
j'o n-orka o f I lis, in nil )>1m 
dominLiia : praiia tLgu tha 
my Mul. 

Day so. 

Cbtnins 3)rAi>rT. 

V6A LM CtV. JtiwJtC. nn.iw bum. 

PIIAISK tliv I^okI. O mj mn\ : 
O Lurd Bij <>ud, Thun art t>v< 
come OEoneilini; glorloui ; TIioil nrl 
elothod i>iUi iii«j*itr vi<l honouT. 

3 Thou dccknt Thynelf iriih li^lit 
u it vnrt with n Kii-norat : luid 
tpicadvsl uut ihv lieavmii lilca ■ 

3 Who U^fth the Unnu of tlli 
cbamben in fhr witcn : Eind mtStoth 
ibr cl-ii'iil' 1II-I ch^iriit. miit in-illivth 
ui">ii tli« niiiHH uf the Hiiirl. 

4 ((« makiilh HIh migelii spirits : 
and till Taiolatori a, Amuiitg atv. 

A He Liid the foundattoiui of lh« 
urtli : tlial it Bujtn ihould movB at 
ui)!' tim*. 

B Tlion covnvdat it with tho <1u«t> 
like u with a i;)mnr<iil -. lliu walan 
stand in lllO htlTl. 

7 At Thy wbuke they floe : at 
tlw voion <if Tlij thunilM thpjr »ro 

H Thej SD up ui hicli u Uutulla, 
anJ ilnwii to tho Tallcya bdioath : 
(T*nunta l1i< pttm which Thou hast 
appointed for llwiii. 

9 Thou hnnt net thsin IhcIrtwvndH 
which tbcjr tlull not paa* : nvilhor 
dim ai^aiti to citrtrr tho vnrlh. 

lu Ha HViiitf th the Bpriiii;! intii the 
ri«*i : wlii,:]! nm .imorm (ho hillh 

// Alt ih-MU of Ihp fiild -Irink 
UWtof ; aaJ l!i» niU au« qucnclt 

i7 Dtvidt Ibam t&ail tbc fowla «( 

the air ]ia>e thstr haUi 
*inii sraoDfi tlw bniidM*. 

13 (III Hiili-r<>[h tliff liill« 
b*to : tho i-arlli U filled 
fniit of Thy warka. 

11 Ho brinncth forth uran 
eattlt- : mnd srceti brrl fur t 
rico of intn ; 

15 Tliat Ho may hriitg foM 
tho earth, aiidwiuc that mala 
tho hoart of niin : mid oil U 
him a chrerfut couiitirnaAV 
bread to itreiiifthirn msa'slN 

16 Tliv Imo* uf th« I.^rd « 
fall of uip : rrrii tlic eedui 
hanan which l(o hnth plaiitci 

17 Whijrein thp binii mal 
noita : and tliu St-ithi art a 
in^ fur the sturk- 

IS Tho liiah lilllfl an • rat 
the nild goats : and to aie Ik 
rocVa (ae tlli Maica. 

19 lUftppninitd thoimooiil 
tain teums : aod the oun k 
hi* Kol nx down. 

^ Tli.>ii mmlceiit darknMl 
may 1>v uiyhl : wtiordo all th 
of the foreul da more. 

31 Tha liont roariiis mtU 
pnr : do mtk thair iBMit lU 

ii TliB lun aiUoth, ami i 
thrro awiy toccthur : and b 
Jowa in their dcEiL 

'23 Mio K'>eth /(^b to U 

and to W \».\.umi -. niAA ^^>■ 

li O lynd,VQW mvu,^ 

' vroika ; in iiHa&Mb Wh 


I>iv 2!. 

i^ili b wih li hi] af Thj 

I h ite uMi wd wiiit n* 

> Mk mau aad kimI 

--tfkflii lUpi^ ud Dim 
Ibmtea : >ln«i lliDa but 
ifetMi dmUim tlwnria. 
imiliS ipM Tim : Dnt 
|MfM|>«Uni nini iu iIub 

-^ Ih* pntt ll Itirm ih*; 
!fe:iad >ha) Tlioa oprn- 
'- '-A Ihej- MV BUed vtiih 

^ta nn kklal Tlir bo> 

nRtatM : wlwii Thou taken 

IJM bMth Oct di«, ud uc 

X Wbw Thou kttMt Thy hrpnth 

Rtonh Uur ab^l b« nad* : xnd 
on ilull nottw tho foot of the 

ai The al"Honir SUJMty of Iha 
Lord riiall enduru fot ewr : tbs 
Lord tluU rejuii^i! in Hih irorki. 

X Tbi> (wrtli »liall ttriiiblR il iho 
lonk of If im : K lit dii liul ti>iii;h tho 
billi. ihrv>1iil1 unlike. 

n.t I will ninu iiittii tli« I.uril U 
hmic »» 1 l|v« : I will jiruM ni; 
Cioil while I bifu Mj; I>eiiii(, 

It Ah'I m •iiiitl iiiy H'iitils ptfMB 
Dim : myjci}' ktinll br ]ri the l.nrd. 

IU A> (oT linnFin, Ihrf ihatl ha 
coniumfd out <i( the ruth, niiJ tliB 
UDKudl y iliall cuiui! loau end : itrxite 
Tlinu die Lord. U 1117 tout, priiae iha 

^■onting {Ir.iptr. 

Dav 91. 

■ CT. OiflMMM fviUH. 

Bn Ihnkt into llw Lord, 

I oB ipM Ua Numi : Wlf 

nt Ai iliH(i lb bub done. 

^ mt Macs b« of HliB. ud 

J ■• ; ul Irt r<Mtr uIUk bt 


!■ I* It'll Mr Nimr : Irt 
Irften rrjaiM UiU Mck 

■w UkI tad tiji rtmcih : 
• Anticnnara. 
Mk« Ibc BftrrrJlsui irorki 
I tMh d»M : liii WMulcfS, 
MpBMIa •( Ilia nkMlh, 
, I ad rf Alnliw HU »n- 
\n Mim at JmA Hk 

•httt UriowGod 1 Hit 
^«> ia cH i)m wstU. 
)"■ Iwa kliTBT niadfu] of 
Lud mnii* ; lliat U« 
nd itneralHU ; 

iMd Ibc wih tint 

iMMkM tiw now onto 
*hv:Hd |« luMl fsr 

(JW mm I gfrr 

\i Whon lb<« w«» yet bul a few 
of (faem : uid tliot iitruiRtr« in Um 

l.t Whiit tiim- » IliBywmt from 
one nmion to tiiutliirr : fnim odc 

kiiixduni Iu iliolher pt^uplr ; 

ll lie •mlTi'Tcd iiu niiu tudo llirai 
wiMiis ', but rej'riMcd even kliis' (or 

■hrir takrn ; 

\!i Tinirh not Mitip nnoiDtod : ud 
da .^Ir pruphrU no hnrm. 

Ifi Moreover, Ha cullfd rorkdurth 
upon Ihc lurid : and deslrojed i\\ tbc 
prwrlfion (if hrcAd. 

17 Rut lli-hul nml a man btfaro 
thi-ia : Ftcn J<»c|)h, wbu wu mU U 
br a bond-aerviuit ; 

IS "VfliMt feet they hut u tbe 
■iMki : tlie iron tnwrcd inW hi< 

1$ rntil thn time cinit Dul U* 
catue wu knorrn : tlis wurd of Ihe 
L«td triMi hiin. 

91) Thi kinfi tviA, sad d«l)'raM<l 
Bm : tho pnncc of Iha iivopb iat 
bim tfa frcr. 

SI lie aiiir Uxa lord tin of hit 
bouM.'^uilrulur uf nllbUaabfUnc%') 

32 Th*t III- niiglit iiitarmiiiiptliiCM 
•ilt«r Aia wiJJ ; and teicU lili ««QaUm 

** lanal &]m came ioto Egypt '■ 

H 1 

Dm 21. 


«iul Ja«vb wu » Mr*n8«r in tho 
hod of Hun. 

34 Aii4 He inoraued Mli peo- 
ple eiocedlnKl; : Mi4 nudo Uien 
rtranpr thui Ihcir mnnicK ; 

QA wlioM hwn turnsd », tlut 
thay bfttod Hti piopl* : knd doalt 
nnRnlT irith Hiii iFrv&nu. 

96 Tnca aent ll« Mosei )ll> •«• 
rmnt : and AarDO niiam llo had 

S7 AiiJ lliAM Acni^d IIu tuksns 
kmon^ Ihem : uid vruiidcn In Ibo 
knd of Haid. 

38 He Mill doiknots, ani it woa 
dark ; ami tlipy inn out obvdicul 
iinl" Til" wiinl. 

•i:i lilt liini'Til tlieir wstfln !nta 
Uood : and ■lew iliclr flah, 

30 Thoir Iniid bniUftht furth Irvgt : 
]r«K,i?ti-n in tlirir king*' clMiabFTii. 

HI Ho spukf the word. Mid tlien 
t±iBc 4II muDiKT of Sloa : and He* in 
all their qiiitrlera, 

32 He guT« tLcm hul.itonpi for 
rain -. and RaiuFi cif flrr in ihvit luid. 

A!l llo flmrjLo tliijlr vine-* j^M and 
Bg-lrecd . and deelrnyrd tlm tTMa 
tbat iiTcrc ia tbQir oooilii. 

34 lie Bpakc the iranl. and Iho 
snahoppen cami.>, and catcrptl^" 

Dav ei. 

iaatwHraliU : and did tat b| 

na* In lliclr luid, uiddci 
It of Ihcir g(«und. .1 

U He nnat* all the BnM 
tboirland : OTsn iheohici of ij 
«tmiBUi. j 

M Ho broujfhl Uwm fortfa d 
idlvcr »!i<l Bold : there im* j 
fevbfp pentoii amonj; their tn 

^ I^Kyrt "as Klad si (heir I 
inK : for ihi^r wvir *Aild of d 

^ llr Kjirtul 'lUl a ctoud J 
eartring : aud Are to gltm | 
tb* i>lKht-acn,wia. J 

3f> At thirir di^iire (I* I 
icails ; unil llv fiilrd t)ieDi W 
brtail iif htniT. .j 

10 Wtt <>[H'.iii'd thi! Toek a 
u>d tliB wttun Rowed out s 
riicia nui la the dryplaocs,! 

41 PomfajF He remnnbtf 
holy promiie : wid Abnhi 
norvaiil. ' 

42 And He hronBhl forth fl 
pin wjth joy : and ilia rhatt 
gludniiB ; I 

4i Ami (iSTv llivm tho land 
ht-athvn : and th<-f took tho I 
ol llii< lu'ople ia p«icu>oa ; j 

41 That thpj- iiii«ht keep fl 
tiitci : and abiDm> Hii Uviu 

<£t)iniiig J^tastv. 

n«AI.M rVI. (ViiMnn.V Dnn-Jpiu 

OGIVE thaaki unto tho Lard, 
for Us la eradoiia : and Ilia 
racrry radarHh lor ever. 

3 Who can eiprvui tin- iiohTii uru 
vt ihn Lord : or ahctr fortli nil Ilia 

5 Bl*a»»d an thiir tbsl xlws}- 
keep judgemont : OJid di> rijihteuua. 


4 HemtmbiT tor, O Lard, nooaril. 
idjl to tliK tavuur that Thou twaieiii 
nnto Thy f>DOplo ! O rijit tnn with 
Tliy (alTalion ; 

6 Tliat I may arc tho felicllj- of 
ThjohiMei^ : andrcjcifcin the i^lad- 
UM of Thy pcopk-, nnd iiiro tliaaka 
witi Thine tahfritaofr. 

S We bare tirtaed mJh oar fa- 
uew ; WW fjate dotic timUa, and 

il J 

T Our fathm rejiinlfil 
won den iu EfO'pt, neltbar kf 
Thy erratmodnaai in reiMiaS 
but w(-TvdtiKibcdloii.t at tbeM 
at till' TU'd loa- ' 

NiTrrthctpH, Mr hclp«4 
for His NbrhV take : that H( 
make ]]!■ yoirar to bo knoira 

f) Hv mbuhod tho Hed M 
and it w-a« drifd up : as I 
thciu iIitohkIi the ds«p, B> I 
a wildenipM. \ 

10 Aud llii utvd them froml 
rCT»»JT'9 l'»rid : and dcliitr* 
(niro tlie liun.d of tht c?i?niy. ' 

II As for those tlmt mmhlM 
tho vutem oriTwIiidini'^ llii'tK 
v[jM oot "lie H)f thoni U^ft. J 

and un« vt^** '"*^ "■'^- 
\Z But w\Cb,\u & vm^n 4 

tOf^mii opened, and nral- 
I* Dm^b : U4 corned tlw 

ta Sn WM ktaid*.! h 
Hm £kM0 burnt u^ 

• «atf in Ilonb : 

UhnhImi imnn- 
tam4 tMr g\oiy : 

' olBolfllulHU- 

I liar fc*^ (M tkir S^ 
■ m doM w cnat thinsB 


W r i l U i la ttu lanil «l 
■< IwAJ thlap b; Uu Bed 

B* mU. f l< wmU k*» d«- 
tep, Wd DM Uowi Uit 

tMd Wl«« Hl« tn iha pr : 
uraj- lb wimtllhil Inifcgiu- 
Ib rfHiikl dotror th«n>. 
, tby tkoDidit M<ini of thai 
lia4 t asd gs'e n« credcnM 

I aot oat* ifci voice of 

[ M Bnt wrn minted tmcng lU 
taeaiyvn : Mid Ipimril thctr noriu. 

St> loBKiiiiiih llint t))«jr wanhlppril 
Ihair idol), irliir.h iiira«d to tMV 
own dfuy : yf*, iliiiy ol!er«d llxit 
unii uiJ Iholr luughWni uoik de- 

87 And shed innocrnt blooit. ^rfn 
ih* blood of tlicir khi; and al Ihi'ir 
dnaghl'r* : vrhoiii thcT vR^rcd unto 
llw idob ol faiiniii; and tin- ItJid 
WM deBlitd with Moo'I. 

38 Thm were lliej- ttilnr-J irllli 
tbi-ir ovn woiki : nnd wriil n wlior- 
Inil witli iWirowii invrDtioni. 

SI Tlicf«foF« WW 111* wralh «l tlie 
Lord hliidtod ■niui'l Htii tiMpIe : 
hunDiacli that lU abhortcd Hi« own 

tn And ItossTn Itirm otci Into Iho 
k*nd »f tli# 1)tnthfn : and \hey thai 
)ut«l ttiem worv IvnU orrr tlicm. 

Il Their anMnlci opprHatil tlun 1 
Uid hid them !□ niLji^otion. 

t'J btinT a linK did He dellrrT 
thrm : but tlirv rrbrlled syaiiurt Him 
with ihvir litra inf (MIqiu, lOiI wnW 
brought dawn in thoir truKcdnem. 

43 NcnHhcl'Cis, when He aniv 
their ^icnilr : Ilr heard their 




OOIVl: tfiiiikt onto the Lord, 
far Ho h untciuiix : uiil HI* 
■PBITJ rnJurrlli fix cvoi. 

^ Lft thpin eivp tlmnki vhom tKt 
Lord hnih rcilFvoifl : lud diiliTcml 
ftmu till- liiiHil iif tlw f ni'iD* ; 

Undi. from tlio cut. au<l fr»iii ilio 
WMt ; from lliD DOTlli, and (rum ibc 

t llirir went Mtnty in Ihe wilder- 
HUM uut of tte wxy : jini fuiind no 
clt7 10 ilvii>ll in : 

& Ilunffry >ntl tlilnly : (heir soo] 
hinted id tliem. 

6 So titty orled nnta the Juni in 
Ourir IkiMh ; iLa<3 Hn d»lir»nid 
tlinm from their Jiktrciui. 

r l\e \cd tlinin forth hj tbn ri^hl 
way : that tliej miglit go to the city 
wbrr* tbcy dwelt. 

H that mi'ii would therrforvpraiM 
Ihd I.Drd fur Hi* BVoJnM* ; and Ue- 
cUrc llic ivaixlxm ilmt ilr duulli for 
the ohil'lrcn of mi^it ! 

9 Fvr lie latUfif^th the oTDptT Aoii] ^ 
and filli-th tlic huDgry ■oiu iriib 

10 iiiicli u mt in (I>rkno«, uid in 
tfao ihaiEow of ih'nlh : bvltij; fut 
bound ia mJjicry ilhJ irun i 

11 BwcAQH tbcy TchcDcd D^pinit 
iht worJii of the L«rd : uid hghtly 
Tcusniiii! til* couumE of tbo inuat 
UuhD>i : 

13 lie *]s> broii^-ht down Ihsir 
hetrl Ihrouit^ hEDTuiiMi : they fell 
-dawn, ind thr;rD waa Done tu hrip 

13 Se when they (lied onto the 
Lard in their trouble : Uc di^llvorcd 
th^tnoiilof thfjr diKlri'u. 

11 Tor He hroiiphi them nut of 
dMltnrra. nnd out of th-c nh.idnwM 
doatli : ftad bnkc their boiid« in 

15 tf that DieD would ibcKtarc 
pniB* tlM Ldnl for Hit (oodoeM : 
mi iheiart Iba wmden thai He 
iwft Ar tA#«MUf«n «/tiien ! 
a For H» bitb fcnicu tii« g*t«* 


of bT»B t &nd nsittcn the 
iron in simder. 

17 FoulUh awa ua pli_ 
ttioir oBtaea : ksA beww eC' 

ia Th«iT »d1 alihomd all i 
of incuit : and they vrerr eren 
>l ilcath'ii door. 

in Su when tlMT crird untD 
Lord lu their trouble : He delh 
tJicm out of their distrcu. 

3U lie Mill His word, and 
tben : uid ibey wpre nmi 
tlictr deitructlon. 

■2\ O that men wnutd (be 
praitc the Lord for Ilia ti«a4l 
and dcirlara ihe mmdera timl 
doeth for the childrfn of men I 

22 That lVniyw"'r unto 
ibe (acTiflre of tluriknaiTing : 
tell onl Hi* w«rka nntb sladiM 

93 Thry tbo.1 ga down to . 
in ehips : uid oi^oupy tliuir bol 
in sceM wilvrt ; 

■J4 TliL-ic ni™ nee tha wortl 
Ihd I^rd : niid tlU woaUcT* 

'Hi For at llii word the t 
Triad ariiwth : wbiuh liftelh I 
HTireB Ihonxif. 

1(\ tWy urn carried up to tlior 
vnn. iiiid dowii uckiu to ibc 
their KJiil loeltelh away becu 
the Iroublu. 

n IVy rvrl to uid ito, and 
KIT like 1 'Iniiikeii inMi : aXiHi 
tjicif •»,i\'» end. 

28 So II' lien Ibey fry nlilo the 
in their troiibli : I \i diitivenUl 
dulof Ihrir didtnu. 

9!I Vat Ur niikrth the lUt 
eexM : w that Ibo watci tltH 


3U Th»n u-e they sUd. b« 
they \n st mm« : »fid lo He f 
eth tlietn unlo tha havun whaiw 
would ha. 

3t U thai men wenld tba 

praiM lh« Lord Tor Hiii itoadi 

ud decUte ttw KoiAcn th> 

doefh fei t>« «V\lto»\ ul nvnvN 

1 ffl tVat tlies woolA exill\i; 

_ ■Btti: ud irater- 

I dawtvth th* boil- 
r Bv taUd UmB aoiv 

' Mtr their Und, 
I : (0 jUW tbita 

11 Yet iii'liiulli Hi! [h< puur uul of 
miser; : siiif loaketli bLn Lauibolds 
Uiif a dixk «t ilLcep. 

42 TliB rightconn will ootiiidcr tiiii, 
Mill njoicd : aitcl thn niiiulh of all 
wickHIIMa lb«ll be i<tii]iprd. 

43 Whoto li nbo wtll noailHr tliew 
llilngi : and tiwj dull uuilentimil 
Om nrfng-kiiidiiMi of th« Luid. 

Cbining ©wiitr. 


' wSk t&f bcrt memlMr 

1iib.inil tur; : I 

BaMafes rf|M miIt. 
r ifw ihaaka nnio Thw. 
aMtiMpMpIr : I vnll nng 
HvTkM anMmff tlic nkiians. 
lij ■erc7 U fcnatw Una 

C: ■»< Thj Uxith RMb- 
^HSMtf.O God. abon tbr 
I BM thy «b(T abate all 

Tlqr kdared mv he ile- 
W TlT rtfU haBJ sn 

1 1 Ilait not Thna ron>h«n iifl, 

~ >J : »u(l wil 1 nut Thou, O (iod, go 

irlli »llFi uur liuid? 

t*J <J lielii iiK Diisliiiit the enen; ; 
for rain !■ th<' li'lp of inan. 

13 TlirotiNh lioil Wn ihail do Sl^ll 
kfU : ni^d it u ilci thai iliall irvail 
iluKu uur vueuiivB. 

rt«ALM C'lX. /Jnu (■rnrHm. 

nOLD not Thy lonsui!. O nnii ot 
IKJ jinUc : (oT lliP uioittli o( 
ibe ungiHllir. jva, lh« muulli uf tlic 
dwoitftil la opi'iicJ upuu luc, 

2 Aiiil ttuj linvi tpokm l^itiil 
mo nitli CbIm -tongven : Ihc; <^o<)i- 
uaaii^d rut about auo with wurds of 
lulrtNl. an<l fonght l«tiuM mt nUb- 
011 1 a nWM'. 

DAT S3. 


a Lrl hi* ehndrso bo htliMUn : 
tail h!i tri/c > tridow. 

9 LbI his ohildrcD bo nnbonilf, 
•nd bcR thcJT breail : )<t thi'tn Kck 
tl kIbo otit nf iIomUI* pUono. 

ID I<*C thi: titorllnecr c;ou*uiii« il[ 
iku ha hMl) : aaJ lot the alnnger 
q^ hii lubour. 

II LfI Itiero bii no m&n to pit; 
bun t iiiir In lian? compiwioti iipiiii 
]j* falliiTluu clillilrvn. 
• IS Lft liu poilrrity hr. dritrojcJ : 
ind in tilt? lit XI f^oncniiun let Ui 
IMme be olcali put out. 

13 Lirl itn! wIoVvJiiMa of Us h- 
Ihtfni W ha4 in ri^initiitbnnc^ In t^tf 
^jfiit of thit Lord : uiJ Irt aut tliK 
£ of Ilia Dotlicr bn douc kwa^. 

11 Let them alnDf b« bi-tarc tko 
Lord : thsc 11? ini)- nHitniii Ihr nia- 
moriil ilf tlii'iii from off tli« nrth ; 

l,j And llwt. hcrjiuM! bii miiiil wiu 
nal t<t do irood - but T«r»ucutcd ific 
poor hclplcM taaflt tbat he tDi«ht 
■tu)' liitn that wui ri-ivd al lh« 

In Hii ddlfilit vnt in eurdng, and 
It »Kall happen unt-o liim : hr loTcd 
not falcuinK. Ihercfon iliall it be hi 
bom. him. 

_ IJ Hcflullicd himsdf irillifiirnnd. 
1iL« u wttit Ik rilionnt : unit it tliil! 
eorao iiila liii bowel* like wnter.and 
liki? oiZ iota hii boDM. 

IS Let it h-- uulo hiiD a» the rtokc 
tbat he hjilh uiiua biin : aiid it« 
tb« jirdU thibt £a U alwair girded 

lO Ut it thni hip^ 
litrd onto wluK aunt 
Ihow ihul i]w»ic ctII •« 

3i) Bm dtnl TboD wf 
Cod, a«cordin|| Bel«T 
IiWvkL La Thy mii>Tay. 

*JI deliver ina, for 
and |>aor : and my Ims 
wilZiin me. 

'A I gn henoc UkB ih 
ilFpirlcth : and un di 
(liL- ({tsjiiliiippsr. 

23 My kuDCB »re * 
faatioK : m; flesh ia 
w&nt nf fslnvfis. 

2i I lifusme slwi D 1 
UiPin : thv^ tliat ImI 
shnkcd their head*. 

2S Help me.U Lord 
«iit'r mr Ufcording to T 

3S And lliry .hull ki 
t)tl> !> Th; hand : ^i 
Lord, linal Joiio it. 

2" Though ihey eat 
Tliou : atid trt tbcnd b 
that riHV »f> au^JuHt ma 
atrvftiit rejiiiiMf. 

SO Let luino advcnk: 
ed with shdme : eluJ h 
Lhein"i'lte< nilh theirs 
Of witli a rlokB. 

2S As (or mir. I wi 
Ihuka DSto the La 
mouth 1 and praiiu lit 
mil Iti til ill' : 

:<<J For 11^ diall «tM' 
h»iid of the pcof : tu 
(tout aaiigbXctiat jnigt 

Day SS. 

horning ^r-i^ifr. 

THK Lard uid uiilo my Lord : 
Sit ThcH on My right hand, iin. 
lU I iuk« Thine encmiM Thy fmt- 

2 Tlw l-ird nhull pi-iiJ ihp rttd of 
Thy poiprr uiit of Kion • h> Than 
nier, even in th(? roidiil unooti 
Thine «QciniM- 

3 1 a the day (•[ 'i'hy poircr ihntl 
pt^^Bbr Thee IrM-iriU eBl-r- 

LRTU 4fl Ao^ irordup : the ikw 
'6M^ iaotiho womb of live 

i The lord swaw. 

3 lent ; 'llioa iLrC a P 
rr tliu order of Mele 
S Thn Lord upon Thy 
■b>.ll vround tieti king 

of llil WTlth. 

G He nhiilt judst' Mn 
then i He ahkll fill llm 
t]i« deiid hodiiiit : and i 
ifer the headi otot 

: tie (UVl AtibV lA 


It (t« thSLkii unto tht 
IMC w trtiob licMt : u- 
r Ifa faMifal, siul !□ 

|i«& «( lU Loml an cm I : 
I M «( tU lb«n tlial hiTE 

L b MoUiy l« tc pnif 
IW h IBMW : tai Ha 
■ MdaMli for vTcr. 

I sod fnaoB* Ijonl 

rlBiMUicUoa* Mort:r: 

I tt Ic had fa) raaaa- 

> c<*B mNl mlo then 
J mm : Hcihill tm U 

~ Ibnriu : tliai iU msj 

ttKta«f HillMllUW* TO- 

1 an fit* oND- 

A be eier uid 
ia Until ud 

tMt ndtaptlM mi to llii 
kill tMh CMunudcil [Ih 

to vxr i kail; uid nre- 

-rofite Lard k the be- 

tWVWuH I *|4Md undcT- 

(l«*« ill iIk; Itat do OwK- 
'I M iniM at A cndoRth for 

t*U.V i-XII. MMw nr, 

tlB^ED ii ibe ami that fior- 
ilk ite i«ad I b« IttUi grtil 
^t a HI* iMiniiJwniia. 

I ahall M miduy upoa 
ItMa iMirirtin of iba Uihf iit 

I BBd pItatnwHM iIuUl 
■i : aad Ui rigfalMUj- 
r ttOf Out uknh up 

DAT S3. 


tielit in the d&rknu* : ho ii 
clfut. lovlus, sad Ti^twui. 

a A si)^ ■>"■> ■* lo^rclfiil, and 
tnidttli : and will icniiie lili word* 
with ditoraltun- 

t for he aliall n»'«r b* uiorad : 
knil the TiEhtemif oIibII b« had in 
erDrluUnjc ivnombmnrr . 

7 He wm not be ufnid of aic; ctU 
lidina : for hi* Imii ttiiidbtL fast, 
uid belieretb in tl:it Lord. 

B HI* heart it rsUiblithcd, end will 
not Rhrink : imlil he h>v hU dnire 
Dpoii hi* mo 111 in. 

9 Hn hath diipmrd ihT»:id. and 
givrn to the uour : and hU riuliie- 
oaeneee leinunelh fumveri hieiwm 
riull be exalud with honour. 

10 The unftD'Hr nhnll kt It. ind 
it iihilt grigrf him : hr ihall |!;niiili 
•riili hii tceili, wid cunmitni- away ; 
ihednurvuf UitfunKodlj' aliall iMriifa. 

P.IAI.M (;XII1- (,itWnI<, (iHrri. 

PKAISE the Lurd. je wmnt* ; 
pndje Uie >suie bf ihe Lordi 

3 BloHed be the Nninr nf the 
Loni : tram thi* timp forth for otor- 

a The Lonl's Namn i> praiaed : 
from the hsmg m< u{ tlii' nuii unto 
llu KuiuK <J>wii of LbL' unit'. 

4 The Lord L« high nhnin all 
hcelhsn : end Hit glor? uhgvc (ho 

5 Willi is likt nntc llic Lord our 
God, ihil Imth His dwclhiiK Buhlgh: 
sfid yt-1 huiiil>lctli llltuwlf Id behold 
Iho thiniKt Ihit arc in hcemi and 

6 Jle Uketh up Ihc aimtde oul of 
th« dust : iiid Uflvth tho poor cut 
at the mire ; 

7 Thai Ih ni»j net him with the 

(rtiicro ■ ciiin vrith the princM of 
lie Moplo. 

8 lie makoLh the laRcn wotoan 
to keep hfiata : and to trt a jojfsl 
muiliur uf uhlldjca. 

Ckmtng {IrAptr. 

Day 23. 

2 Judah mu Hit uaeHiATf '. u^ 
/ /»ra*I His <lt.iuiLiiiiii. ' 

' JITip «« g^vr thal,xnlV&<^d •- S« 
mh iraa driven baclt. 


4 The maimlsiaa (Irippad lile 
nLme : ariil tliH liltl* UU* !»• ;<iun(t 

t, Wli«l ttitrth lli«o, O Aon Ha. 
tliiil tliDU flf^ddpit : unil ll»a Jar- 
daii, t)iat timu wul drirvii back? 

(i ^'f inuuiiluin*, thai JV (kipped 
\\\u rams : and ?• Uillo UlU, iUu 
roong iJicpp? 

7 'intniblF, thou eulti. Lt the pre< 
vencc of iHv LutJ ; a.1 the pnvonot 
of tlu- f-lid rif Jnf^llh; 

C U'W liii I lluihanl rock Into a 

ttBndiii)( nntrr : and the fliiit-atoae 
into n ipriuKinft ncIL 

P8AI.M CXV. .Van kMi. Dimiin. 

NOT nnto III. O Lord, not unto 
UB, but unto Ttiy Nsne ^vi< 
the pruifv : fnr Tli^ loving niitTry* 
111 it lor Tlij' trulli'a >akc. 

'J U'htrcMr* ihall thohcnlhctiM]': 
U'lien: ii Dow tUcir Uod P 

3 Ai for our God. He is in liciTcn : 
lit- hath dons whataMier )iI(«hhI 

4 I'liiur Idoli >r« tXtitr aud go\A : 
ovfii Iho wort of iii«n'i hiiiji. 

A Tticy tvt-rt mo-utlit, nnd (poaJc 
not : tyci linvr Ihcy. mid IW not. 

<i Thvy liavv Far«, snil licar not : 
riuni'iL lisvt Uiny. and vmtitl ibol. 

7 Tlivy liibv* tiaodK, uid handle 
not ; tee t have they, and v!i.\k not : 

nfiihcr Bpeak they 

H They iJiiit lanKa tli 
unto them : aiid m ar* all 
pDi thalr tnul in thcni. 

9 But thoo, Ilouh of Iirsi 
tbon in ll^'' I.,oril -. lie is ll 
emit and dofmme. 

10 Y« hi>u>D -of Aaron, ni 
tmiiC In tlie Lord : lis !■ ibur 
and d 17 fender. 

1 1 Ye that C-at Ihs Lord, p 
tnint in tliif [«nJ : III ii iIhiii 
and dnfiindwr. 

VI The Lord hath \»n\ uSb 
us, and lie dluU blofl ua t 
F^hntL blpn the liuuao of li 
nbtill lilcri the houj?« of Aanx 

U IIv .Imll biro Ihtm ll 
tho Lord : both ■laill and 

11 Thu Lord (liaU iiiai 
man and man : you and joi 

\b Vi4srg l)ie bleued of tba 
Who nindo hi-aven aiid »artlh 

lli All the ^vboU hearcB* 
Lord'i : the earih h>lh U« i 
the cliildrvD nf tocn. 

i; Thn dM<l uraite not 11 
I^rd : noithtirall ilury thalg4 
into ailcaco. 

I4< llut w-c will pnue tli* 
from thii time f<»lh for cv 
I'riuBi! Ilia Lord. 

Dav 34. 

^OTitiiiQ Prnpn. 


PSAI.M rXVl. nllai. .jwiMain. 

IKW «cU i.lei»d : Uml tho Lord 
k>th licatd tli« toIl-o »f my 

2 Tliiil lit liiilli inelined Hit cu 
nnt» me : Ihertfore will t call upan 
ILim u lone u I ll*«. 

3 Thf mtrti of death MnpaHed 
mc Tflond nlwiii : and th« jitiiei! of 
b(il sal l>oM ii|ir>ii mo. 

i Iilmll fiiiJ iruuble and Iwnri- 
ncM, luiil 1 will i^nll upon Iho >i[uae 
of tlie Lord ! O Lord, I buMcb 
Thev, deliver my lonl. 
a Ontcitiu ii Ibe Lord, and ligbt- 
KMH .-jna. «ur floj IS ncKfftil. 
1 Tbe Xonf iswjrelh the «impl» ■- 
' •*» Ml jDMnty. Aod (is ^IpoJ in*. 

T Turn ii«*in then unto Hi 
O niv Mul : fuT th« Lord ' 
«*rJpd th»e. 

H And whj } Than hut it 
my (Oil I fioin itnalh : tniiMtTi 
tear*, auJ tny fact ftooi ftUlB 

M I will walk bflfofe tht " 
tliC land of tht livini). 

lu 1 Iwli^td, ud thsNftn 
>P<nL- : 1ii:t I *n« KOM tmd 
raid in m^ hulo. All nin i 

11 U'hil rl^wBrd «hall I ft 
tlic Lord : for all the htael 
iit^tulh doniMinlo m?? 

12 I will t*«KlTn l>i« rii» et 
tion -. nA uXV %v°*> ^''u^ ^^^l 




Jji d Ht« pml* : rWit 
■■> B^ «( Uc Lard U tbo 

1,0 Itri, how dikt I &D 
litaa Tlor •ervant^tncl 
r Hm kuJMlil ; Ttiou 
I a^ hmtda Is WMer, 
rtoThMllw mmHSm 
I : kDcl will caU npoii 


t r*T ■? *vw* oBto the 

',' I of an HU pNple ^ 

i'«( Ika Lml'i liouM, 

i-i- Ji** of Thee, O Jem- 


rfiTii. r«4<k dlsikok. 

lAISK ihe Ij>rd, all j* 

: pnu( Iliai, >ll j* 

(■tTcJuItiiUrwM brttr 
I Iwnrda u : «Dd the 
rLori ««diu«lli for cr«r. 

[^E Ibuks Bal« Ibv Lont, 
I : iMtAOM Hi* 
. OT. 
•MsfcM, tlat Ik 
1 1 u4 tlttl Ui« mtny tt- 

■ of A*n« now oon- 

I lla laCKj atidarctlt fin- 

l Bnb now tbU fear (lit 
I lla auTCf n- 

t tfw iW Idi4 [ii trm- 
~* Lord btanl nu at 

lii og«7>M«: I win 
■■• 4o*(h iikUi Be 
Ut.«11i mf ran villi 
t_hi^ mt : tbinjon vhall 
' I* ajMn bIuc cngmtra. 
rtaUMttBllic Lord i 
rmi oM i ki m a ia nan. 
r to tlul ia thr Lord i 
r eoKJUaBM iu priaoo. 

I WB W pMwJ mv RHinil 

ika Natta of Ik* Lonl 
f tift tmt- ta tm *rv^ luVr, 

12 Tlicy cine abont mf like b*Mi 
and arc iiiinrt vvkk an tbo Br* »• 
moiij til* (linrni : fur iii llifi Nune 
of Uin Lord 1 »ill dolroy llii'n. 

1.1 Tliou liiui thnint tan m roe, 
tliat 1 miglit (all : bul the Lord «rM 
mi hitlp, 

14 Tne Lord ii m;i^ itrength, and 
itijr Miig : and in b«ix>mp mjr aalia- 

i-S tlio role* of joy anil Imltb u 
In tbr dwftlliigi of llici nKliieoui : 
the rj^l hind of ilio Lord tiringelli 
micbrr till Dga to pan. 

le T\it lifhl lisnd df iIik Lonl titlh 
Ibf previa 111 pQci.' : thv riitlit Iiand <4 
Um utrd bring"!)! uii^liiT' iUjiki to 

17 I iliaJI not dk, bnt llrD : ud 
dnlarr tLr vmrki of the Lord. 

15 Tfai: lord linlli cbsatuuad and 
ourrtntrd R>i' : tint Hi- hilb uot glTcn 
lu« ut'ci III1II.I Jiatli. 

\'i OtxTTi Bw til* galen lA riglitiMnia- 
ncu ; tlial I may BO Inlu thvai, and 
pre llmnki unto tbe LorJ. 

34 Thii ii tlic Ealc c( t!i« Lord : 
the riubtvous »)iafl intr^r iiiio it. 

IX I will think Thcf. f«r ThoB 
bttflt hi'iril luif ; lULil art Ijvtfutnv mjr 

S2 The umc stone wliich Ibc baitil- 
en rttfased : ii bcwmo (hit hcait- 
(tone in lbs cornvr. 

^ Tliiii {- tlir l.«rd') doing : aad 
it i* nurv^lEoiEH \u cur vyri. 

•M Thlt ;» ttu- day which the Lord 
hnth TUJido : we will njoiw and be 
glad in it. 

^ Help mi* now, <> Lord : LoHi 
Mnil IU DDW pro»in<rily. 

SS UImmiJ bo lie that cometb In 
Ou> Name bf the Lord : wo have 
wiitirj jou ^oj lui^k, )r« that ire 
of tbt* boimf of liic Lord. 

ST Godiittlie I.iirJ Wliohalh iliew- 
«d tn lifllil : bind <lw aKrlfiiM whb 
end*. ;«&, BTOu auto tbc bom* «( 
diiT altar. 

■JU Thou art my Cud, aod I wltl 

Dual Tlice : TIiou art my God. kul 
/ trill praim Th««, 
, , ,,*''' f*'* (lN»iika unlo tlic Loill 
at Ua^, tut lU b gneii,nt : atul 1^ nwta 
' mduKth for orer. 



Day M. ttbtning 

F«At.H rXIX. »iU> iHmnnl-ui. 

BLESSED ut tbuei> tliai iiru mi- 
(Ir.&Ioil Id llic way : ui<l walk 
tn Ilie Uw of Ihn Lon'd. 

3 niniFcd nrc thry thai kvrp Ili.i 
tRKtJ monies : *ntl leiik ilim nlib 
thirlr whole lienrt. 

3 For ilicy who do no wUkeduua: 
walk in l]l4 waji. 

4 Tbou buc ohoTScd : thai ice iliall 
dllifRntlj- kctp Thy CDnimuiitlnienUi. 

!J O iMt mv way* were mnde so 
dvttct ; tlist 1 mtKUl ki-tp Tli? uta- 

E Sa Aftll I nol ha confnnndtil : 
vrblU I tiftrc ropicl uiil'? ill Thy 

I I will iliiiik Tliw with iiu UQ- 
fcigncJ Iii'tirl : nhvn 1 iihail have 
Icuned the jadflCDieou nl TIgr ti^h- 

tl I will kKp Tbx Cf rtoraiei : O 
fgnak« nc nul uiivrly. 

lIRltLWlTllAL (hill X 

Tountf iiLau cIcaiiH hiJ ^^^y ^ 
ruling y&iiirlf afliT llij^ 


mf whole htiitK hav* 1 
. Tho« : O let mr not go wrong 
«iit~of Thf omniriAiidiDccitii. 

II Thy word* haio I hid within 
in; liL-nrl : Ihst 1 uliuuM not wn 
anjiiai Th(*. 
1'.' HIciHiid art Ttioii, Lord : O 
t«Doh DID Thy nifltutoi. 

13 With m; lipi Im-c I bcru toll- 
log : uf all Cbc judgruvuU vf Thy 

14 1 han> h>J a* gremt delight In 
Ibe wsy of Thr tcnlmoiiioi : u In 
>11 niuaiir ofrlrhrB. 

lA I will t«lk uf Thy ciimRijiiiit- 
mcnt* 1 And h»io rmptet uoto Tliy 

la My dplidlil «1mll be in Tliy ■ti- 
ll) l«i: sni] I will iiol forKit Tliy wurd. 

Dav 25. jHomiitg 

t^ffrm fwv- 

Tfi-.4£V/ me, O Lord, the iray ol 
TV MAiiilu ; ULd 1 ituiU kKP 

ODO ¥reU ualo Thy 
thit 1 lOAr Uie, and fc««p 


18 Open Ttiou mine cfta : 
cuy Mc Uic nittdioui lUngi 

1.1 1 *m Ik ilnacer Djion cull 
l)14(t not Thy oonuundiocu t* froi 

21) My bodI bTMbtb vul fo 
*cry ferrent dnin : Uut it 
fttwkv unio Tby jadgciDratt. 

-.M Tbou hut nbnfctil Uia n 
nnd cunvd an tbvj Ihtt doui 
Thy conmiandiDcnl4. 

7i U (Lira from toe ibamt no 
bnh« ; fuf 1 hnvv kept Tfaj 

33 Ptinwi »]m did til ud i 
aguail in« : but Thy Mrrnt I 
cupied in Thy itatiite*- 

i* For 1'liy teslitnontM . 
■Jellgbi : aud toy cquniwUan, 

A-O'irtU paiMunta 

MY loiil cleatctli to the dill 
qiiii?km Tboo bjo, noctrdl 
Tly- wi>r(l, 

'Jfi I hmv vkiiottli'il^d nyr 
and Thau hcurdcst mn : D 
Tby ■tatuta. 

27 Mak« mp to nndonUnd 
way of Thy mminAadmenti : 
tihall I Ulk of Thy woddroui 

:ill iAy toaX ncltoili itH-ay f«r 
henvlncci : comfort Thou m 
cording unto Thy word. 

sa Tike trim) top Itif w»y of. 
nnil ciiiw Tliuu mo lo inak* 
of Thy law. 

ao 1 haio ehoKn the way cf I 
find Thy ju-dgemcnla hare I lal 
fur« me. 

HI 1 liaii- "tuck iml« Thy 
nlra : U \,ntA, cftatotxoA niv tMt 

'i^ 1 wilt run the way of "TYif 
mandnieiiti : wbva Tboa 
my heart at liberty. 

H r.iic me anJmtaDdinc 

nhall Iltoij 'V^ly U-tt ■. Tf««, I 
as tAtit& toa Vo go vu <ft» 


■J ddi^l h i& TV 
— o qMJdun lu ul 

1^ Mm amir com* itM 
I aik Lonl : Fifu Ttir 
imMkc DqU Tlir HON. 
iai I uke kottrrr laUt 
mmtn i for nr Iniit i* ta 

ito not Uw «(«nl of Tty 
Hb Ml ol ay oHDth : ta 
b B Tlir >dstsnit& 
lUI 1 ■twrnj' keep nj liw : 
:i«ai«aftalUtefUr ifin- 

I iftak vf TI17 UaliaiwlM 
t biCN« king! : tad irlll 

bwhMsU : wtiich I Urt 
p^ «)w FBI I M u 

TnOU »rt my pnriinn, O Lord : 
1 luvn jirunxuiHl tu kixii Tby 


58 ] iDade ntj' liumhU petit'*"! in 
Thy pTTucncc "ith niy whole tieurl : 
M mcnrifitt uutu me, «c«»rdin8 to 
Thr word. 

AS I culled mhve own wkjh la re* 
iDi;ui1>TUioe : and tuniod 1117 feet 
utiUi Tij UMtmontn'. 

(10 1 mxlR liivitc, and prolmigi^ 
not Uic time : tu knp Tby i-oin- 

SI Tbe consngsliona of the uo> 
gDdlr liare robhcd mo : lui 1 hire 
niM forgotten Tli; Inir. 

G3 At midoiKlit I irill ri« to 
luDka uulu Tln-e ; b 

ol Tlij 

^3 I «m t eompbttjnn of all then 
thai fe«T Thi^o : and ■ucp Th; fom- 

H Tlw cutli, Lurd, io full «( 
II17 foenf : U teacli me Thj' iCa- 

^^^- 0on<I>Tl<w/rr(iCL 



Tl It !■ Koott tat at thnt I ha<c 
b«m tn Craable t tlut 1 maj l«ani 
Th; lUtatei. 

73 The law of Th» month l> 
uuLo me : iIuul tltouxuidB ) 
luJ tUrer. 

Manni tuir fittrunl UK. 

TH Y bntiilH have miul* mo knd 
fniihiuiR'd mc ■ U gi™ IDO iiti- 
dentsntlliiu. that 1 miy Ivnm I1iy 
74 Thoy (tut- Tdtir Tli#e will 1># 

(llud wluiD Tliej sooinu : bccuiise I 
itTP iiut tu}- IniBt m Th; vcunl. 


T.lltnnw.n t.ord.lhitTliyfuiliti'- 
iiJrnti »r» riglit ; utiil tlial I'Wu of 
ver; fiiihfutucsij hnst caitticd ine lo 
be_ troubled. 

T'i let Til)' mnf^ifiil kiiJilimsi bu 
my cniufori. : wcojiliiig to Thy wonl 
nnto Thy unnaiil. 

77 O !rt Thy linitia mi-reicj tnmti 
unto lue. tliat I may live : fur Thy 
law It my ■JcliKlit. 

Tf! Let thi" firinit be confouiiJeJ. 
for they gi) wirkntlj alioiit tn rfpsiioy 
ine : but I will be uctnipiod in Thy 
Mnm&udnieu is. 

79 Ln ftuch ks fe&T Thee, ftod lui>e 
Icnonn Thy tcstlmonlo : Ih; lurocd 
unto mr. 

ao U let iny hrurt hti imani in Thy 
jlalulus : itml I be nut tuikiniccl. 

tJi^£C'l aiiimt frtAL 

MY vnul hath Inngcdl for Thy 
Buiialiun -. auil I haTg a Kvoi 
hope bvcuuw ol Til)- nunl. 
IC idiiiG eyes looif wre for Thy 
wwil : nyiog, O whoa irilt Thuu 
OOnifurt tue ? 

119 t'ur I BCD bfuoiii* like ■ bottle 
in tbc Mnakc ; ycl io I not fiTgcI 
Tli; «tal»ti>ii. 

jM Huw in»iiy »rT the dav» of Thy 
unBiil : nbvii wilt Thou bci avmiK* 
ed <-f them Ihiit pr>rmriitn iniii? 

US The jiro-iiil luivc digHTcl pit* for 
ue : which irr not kftor Thy Ian. 

es All Thy ooioinai>diD«a(4 are 
tnir : Ibpy |ivrMeut* em ta,\Hj ; O 

Ut Tliou nv help. 

tf7 noj had sfmoit niKiln ui ood 
ATiDe upon eurUi ; tul I fonook n«l 
Uto" OMonijindiapultf. 
ae O ^ujtiea ai« »fkrr Thy lo«o«' 

kimlnaiu : and W ifc*]! I I 
ivHliiuDiiicii uf Thy Roath. 

in irt<m*ta*. /liJpyJw. 

OLOHU. ihy word ; uu 
lor erpr in lioaviin. 
M) Thy tnith iIko rnmalnplb 
DDa UL'Cionttuii la uiollirr 
iuul iiijil thi! fuuDitiliui:! of ths 

and It aliiilclh, 

III Tliw)- (xintiiiue thU diy 
ing to Th:tic ordinuioo : Tar ftll 
>«ne Thfe. 

tf.' If my •leliicht hid Iiot t 
Thy Imt : I sliould Ian p«rli 
my trouble. 

•)Z 1 will Docr furuel Thy 
mauiliiieiil^ : fur Willi UKm 
luHt ijuk'titncd Rie. 

H4 Inm Thjnr, Omvc idc 
havp Hiiighl Thy cnnimiuidini 

S5 Till? UD^uiily laid wait 
lo dcnlTuy luH : but 1 will < 
Tby tfsHinontc!!. 

!i(i I Hic thai 0.11 thliign CoiM 
nnd : but Thv commuidmeDt 

LOUD, wlutl loTo hart 
TliT law : «ll the dij- 
mr itiidy in it. 

9S Tliuu ihruuiib Tby coi 
mi'iite hiMt lunilo u(i wimi 
Qilno tncmici ■ for they w 
with m.c. 

^3 I haiv more uudmtaniJb 
my ipi-jlicrB ; for Thy t«8li 


uu luv iitody. 

\tX) I RU ninrr than tho ui 
cauw I keep Thy conmka^ 

101 1 bnvc ri'fraiiivd my fM 
CT«ry pril way : Hut 1 taai 
Thy word. 

1U2 L have not tliniiik fr« 
judgrnieiit* ; for Thoii Msaohi 

103 O how *wMl M« Thy 
niitu ny throat : ye*. iwmI 
liuiiey unto mT mouch. 

\ get uhAmAmi^ti* ■. "OW 

mc O Lurd, SMBTdi^ M 


I lb frat~irill aScniuci of 
A jhf ThM, <^> I«rd : 

'MlbdwH in inj IaiiJ : 

Hmm)* Iktv laid k mtn 
W7** I ■<i«i ltd nal from 

^ ■— ^— *" lun I eklro- 
« b(fM«C* t** «*Br : ■*>(! 
b7 arc llw wiy joy of my 

W MipHtd tar Wrt lo rat- 
■Mm dwaj : eitai uiiln 

{t Ibaa dal iswna sril 

II aft IB7 dtScMc* tad 
Ud ar tnrt it in Thj 


yt «Tick*l : I 
U ef mj 

. -JW 

. at* ; and Ul 
il*d ef »/ boM. 
I m. ftod I mil 
Ulilit AillU 

15* O Ana,] wiUi Thy «PnrxDt 
Mmilog iiiita Tliy loving imtrcy : and 
UboIi mo Thy iiatuU's, 

lis I Bin Iliy rervAiit, O gniil iii(> 
nndenland inj! : tlmt I may knnw 
Ttty tv*linifitiii>ri. 

lie It U limt: Fir Tliirr. I.<^, to 
Uy W Thlno Imiid ; for ihcy liwe 
i|p<tK>JMl Tbj' Inw, 

137 F«r I love Tlijr cotnnisnd> 
nniiM : tibovo ^li) and |>rvDtoiu 

13S TherefoM hold 1 •tnlahl all 
Thy commnikdm«nta : and «U bbe 
waya I ullvrlyablror. 

TIIV (rutiiuoiilei .in woiiiliirful : 
thcrvfore doUi my wul kecji 

130 When Thy word goelh forth l 
It glvMli lisht aiiJ ulidlmUii<lIn.B 
unto Uw >Jniiilii. 

131 I apvnoil lay inoutli. mill drew 
in ny tnvilh : far my di^Uelit vcim in 
Thy commnii'lmi'nl-. 

\32 ri look 'I'lioii ii{>oTi inx, mill l»> 
■DKri'iful unlo ins ; u Tlimi um^ ta 
Ju iinio (how lh»t lot* 'I'hy Same. 

tXI UnloT nty rtvpt In Thr **">'d ' 
and >o iihail no wickcdncM hai* 
clvmiiiinn ovn me. 

131 U JnliTcr tao frAin the wraBc* 



IS.1 Mr w*l lath avan Mnnimcd 
ma t tiri!a*Mi nilntr «QtalM b»>« for- 
jiatteu Tfaj' warUi. 

140 Thy iTi>r<l !■ bird to tlic ot- 
twniMt : ud Thj Esmnt luTeth 

lit I im nnnll. aiiJ of ni> f^"'' 
tutlim : yel do I not furgat Tby 

1 13 Thy rlkbtaiMniM 

luti^ rtghCvOOMMM 

!• the troth. 

Ill Trouble nnJ hesiincMj 
lakca liold upon mo : 5<4m] 
liulit in Thjr cumnuipi' 

111 TIhi ritfhUuuMM 
limooic* U CTiTlulIng 
nodcrctBudiDg, uid I (boll 

Dat SH. 

<?iifning ^.iprr. 


ICA LI. with ray whole heart : 
hear me, Lonl, 1 will It^cp 
Thr Elatutu. 

IW y «». i"vii iinlo Thi-e «lo I 'iill : 
hdli niv, uiiJ I uliail ki^ep Thy ti;i- 

147 Uorly in ths morniiiic iKi I cry 
unlo Tilt* J for in Thy hvtJ i- tiiy 

148 Mint *yn prevant tha niaht- 
mtehca : thai I muiht bu oi^ciipicJ 
in Thy wordi. 

]*|t H«»r my voiw, rt I,oTd, ae- 
jW^inff l"'^" ^liy li>''iiiH-li><i<t"''U - 
' faidhcn no, »r.cardmi;: li Thou ut 


IM Thry draw nieh th^t of mkllw 
ntH««i)t« mo : aiitt nro fur ^m 
Tliy l»w. 

lAI Itr Thon nigb at hand, O 
Lord ; far nI! Thy fommiindnienti 
uw true. 

\6'J A) concfiniinii Tbj' tMtinin- 
tiIm, I ha>e knawii long Mixin ! that 
Tliou hatt Kraimilcd thnm for ever. 

f'iilt hvmitital/lru 

O CONSIDER mineadvEniHy, 
and JvUtct nw : for 1 do not 
fontirt Thy Uw. 

lU A<wns« Thna my cauw, and 
4«liT«r in* : quiricpc n«, ■econling 
U Tliy word. 

lU H««lth it fu> tram (ti« unitod- 
ly : for they ncard uol Thy al>- 

ISe Oreil in Tliy mnrtjr. O I^nl : 
quiekim mv, u Tliuu orl wont. 
7^ Muty thart aitt ttwt Ircablc 
me, Miutpmwfmitt m« : jti do I not 

IJB It crtrrMfi na irbca 1 ■•• tka 


IraowrMMra : b««*u<« ihaf 
not Thr \mw. 

U9 Conndw, Lonl, ^v 
Thy «omiiuiidmsnt' 1 Oqtudkl 
MTortlliig to Tiir iDvCog-tiBda 

IRO Til/ TTOTd is tno btm 
IvtinK 1 all lltii judflpmtuta 
ri^litcoa9uc!» cuJure fo-r n ' 

Iynittc^sutt pctiMooil 
without a c»iiN : bnl 
ilandctli III BWB of Tby 

ItK 1 D,ta u glad of 
as one that endiilli ercat ., . . 

103 Ab fur lic«. rimtc ud 
Ujcio i hut Thy kw do 1 !o'e» 

lll4 ScTcn tiliii;; o daiT d» 1 
rbe« 1 because of Tliy lig 

les Great !■ th» jx'.tfft tha 
have wlio loTO Thy law 
are not off^ndrd *t it- 

100 Lord. I haT« looked fl 
•at-init li.'nllh : and dons afb 

]c,; My loul hath kept Tbj 
muiilc* : uid loTsd then 

frSl 1 har* l(c|rt Thy ran 
iEiL*i]tJ4 uiid t^Mi.imfiitim t for 

wajrn iri.' bnforc Tbnc. 

LET my cumplnint eoms 
Thi>c, Lurd : Klie me 
sianilliiK. tocnnling to Thy ir 
i;U I.iit my nDppIicaliDii ta 
(oTt Tlioo : dcfiTcr me. Ml 
to Tby word. 
Ill Sly tips ■bkll wpttk i 

Va tea, »J VsnsB* 




rfcf alt Thjr «antBuid- 

iiiM liwd help na : for 

I Imffti fcr Tlly m<rimg 
'mi t aad in Tlij hw fi 

17% O Id 107 vnil lire, Uii| it tlwll 
praisr Tlici! : and Tb/ jwlfftnitaw 
Bball help mn. 

1 76 I hmto {[Dn* sittrmrlike > •haep 
(hat U leM : O ccek Thy MirrMt. 
tw I da not fotget Tlgr ooaaatiii- 

jBorning PrnjirT. 


I ma b treble 1 al\. 
fm Ibe Lwd ; ui4 He 

w Mai, O Lari. fiou 
i Ml horn > dcobAil 

rvvd ibil b« cNvn or 
turn, th-ni fala* (ongw : 
tat iharp airawa, wtlli 

. ■walot imUi pMM*. 
' tm Mm. tiiit wImb 1 
Otanof : lb«7aiak> 

. Am t u «««rtniDod 

i and io \iart 

VA sp laiiM vyn ilBl» 
6vB artra«« cooiMb 

I «a«ath •««« fcoa ilw 
iMfc BK^ tiB<r«n and 

M* aaKr thy foot U k 
H* tkat fcMpeth ibec 


Oa* kaepMb lascl : 
rilanW am ili-^p. 
ttgr JflTi^c* npoB thy 

IhaaMi afaallBrt ban 
' t M«Ucr lU noon hy 

t t M*. n H erv 

I Was clod vhcp thoj laid mdo 
me ; w« will go into iho tuHun 
of th« LonJ. 

2 <}ur fMt nhall atiail in Thy 
gaUa : O Ji-ruaalf m. 

a Jcniukni U built at a e\tj : Uul 
i> at anit? in itadf. 

4 For lliitticr lint tnbt* go up, 
«v«a IliiT tritH-1 nf thi' I.«nl : 10 tM- 
Ufy uulo lanul, 10 ki'v Uiauku QUl« 
tha N«lii« o( ihe I^oril. 

£ For thira is ihe tml ot jvAg*- 
nsnt : CTsn the acal of Lhc boliK of 

O pniy for ilin jipbm of ]ern- 
■alam : Uiuy iluli proiipvr that low 

7 Ptaee t* vrtthin tliy n'tlli : utU 
pImtMiiuana wilfiiii Ihj (>iIion. 

B For mf bnllimi and fompantoiu' 
»t«* 1 1 will wlxh iliM nvcpnitj. 

t) Yea, bitauMr of iIm hanw of Uw 
Lord onr Goi : I will aack to do 
llwt i^mhL 

UNTO Thor lift I np nil»« otm : 
O Thuii Hint dwoIlMl in U» 

3 Ilfhuld, elm kt tho «yM of aer- 
Tanti lo<l anto the hand of llwir 
aia<trns ind aa the ryM of a naiilou 
acta tlir hand uf hrr nlotrM* : avail 
to onr ryr> vmK upon Lha Lord OU 
Gad. until lie liavt marcr V]MU m. 

3 ll»To infTCjr upati u*. O I^ord, 

haT« in«rd7 upou ur : for m an 

BlUrly i|iii(p<Md> 

that t 'liir Willi >* SHcd with th« B«ira> 

H* III rrfifwtt «f (ho wtaltVy '. Utl 

trith lhi> •{■e'i'ilirfalatta *{ Ifte fiTqu<V. 

j it Uh, LarJ llJniMlf liAd n«lb««i 

DAT 37. 


i(l^b» I.ard lllsiwlf W not br,vn mi 

our kidr, utivn men roan u}i ajjaliml 
m ; 

2 Thry had iirallaiTrd dinp quick: 
Vtlii-a Ihey were bo wrallifulty dio- 

p]**M>l It II K. 

8 Ven, llm H-ttsri Iinil Jrouneil 
ui : init tbc ilTcain bad icodii over 
our aoul. 

4 Thn (l-TKp wjli'rt i.f ill* jiruud : 
hod uuiiD (itta uvpTOiir will. 

i But praltcd be tlie Lord : Who 
hltli not KiTfii lU orcr for a prt^ 
aata llicir tvi>tb. 

5 Our *au1 IK fHfJitwU crnn a* ■ 
hifd out of ilifi tnare i.f llin (owlcr : 
Uic- innnj i« Irokcn, lod vre urc dc- 

7 Our Iwlp Btnnili.'tli In Ih" Niiun 
of ttiti I^Tnl : WHo Iiulli uukdc hcn- 
tran bod culh. 

rSAI.M<'XXV. Qui 

THEY Ihtl put their unt 
Lord AaO b« eT«ii a ih> 
Sinn : whidi mm; nnt Im 
Inil alHiiilRtli fMt tor anr. 

-; I'lin liltia Jttand nUnt 
cicii » lUudctti th« hoti . 
aboiil llw prop]*, bom lUt 
forib for <»*i'rnH>r(T, 

3 Fur llic rod uf llii- uncodly 
cth Dot >uli> tlic lot of the rt|^ 
lot tlio riKlitcoui put iheif 
uoto nivkrcliiHn. 

4 Do Willi. O Lor] : nfa^ 
th«t are R004 and true of Ituil 

.t An for (iTiFh 11.1 Inm busk. 
tlicir own nipki'dntw : tfc* 
■liall litad iWm (orili will) Hi 
doen : but |wa«c ■hall b« 

Day 27. ChtiuiiB ^iflptr. 

WHEN thu I^n! Inmi'd imaiii 
tho eiijitivlty of SIciii : tiicii 
imo vo like unto llicm tbut dreini. 
3 Thffn mu our mouih llllcd inih 
latiahleT : unil cur tongiic uitli 



3 TliDii helIiI itiey amonu l)ie 1ie>- 
then : The Lord hcili -We- great 
thinci for Ihciu. 

4 Vca, iha Lurd hutli done fmtt 
tiling* fur 111 alniad/ : whvicof we 

5 Tutu out eiptlvity, O Loid : u 
the riven In the muih. 

6 Thev that MW in teun 1 shall 
rtJip in joy. 

? Ha tlttl now cortli oa hli «~iiy 
wMntnfCi and heari-tll fortti Kood 
Mod : Miall dau)>t)cn onioe aiiaiii 
with ioj, *nd b'Cinj hi* kluMvn 
with him. 

rSALU CCXTIt. ;i-iii J>cininw. 

F EXCEPT the Lord bulM tha 
J ho\i»e : their Inbutir ii hut lost 
thst tuiJdit. 

9 Except the Lofl kpey Ihe Hty : 

IJ7A iFntiinrDMi vnkplh but in miii. 

J Ii is but /o« labour Ihstj'p' hiMe 

*o TiiW Up Mr/r, nad w lau Uke 

nm; and Mt tSe bnad o( Cirtfol- 

ii?» : for ao Up givplh Hk I 

■I iii< p. 

4 Lo. chiMmn and t!ir fntt 
womb : are an heHiiu:c- aaiU 
that oometh of the Lord. I 

i Like at the srrown in tb« i 
of tlw glaiil : HVU11 ■U' k.n the 9 

6 Happy it the uiui tlial h» 
qiiitcr full of them : tliey aha 
be uhanied when tb«y apMk 
their enemien In lh« gal*. 

VSALM nXXVill- »««■« 

BLESSED nrs all tbey Ihi 
the Lord : and uilk il 

^ Far thou ihalt oat Ihe labd 
thine bands : U well ii [bcl 
happy ilialt tlinn bo. 

.1 %y wifo -hull U' it (ha H 
vinn : upon llio wnlla iif UiinB I 

A Thy children like th« 
brnnohes : round about thf la 

5 La, thisn «h,ii1 the iniu be 
ed : lh»l foirnlli th* I.(.ril. _ 

C Tlw Lori! from out of SiaB 
M bleu titee ; that thou cba 
Jertualom in ptoii>cTity all tb 

' \ea,\hu\bnii>hn\ti44 th] 

\ ItnA. 

DiT IS. 


15 'llilK bIaII b> Mr mt for crw : 
tiorc nlll I dwell, tar I lu«e a d»> 
Ugbt tbcnin. 

Itt I Mill llMa hir vietaAh nitti 
inor«*jM : viil ""rill nalitfv Iwi ptrar 
with bnsit. 

i; [ will deck hor prlcnU vith 
health : uid hvr raina *lu)l rsjoicc 

]R ThtTW 'I'^iU I imikir llm liiini of 
Ilivi'l Id Huunili : I Iu»r uiilsiiurd 
n Ihntcm for Mine Knt'LiitTd, 

lU An for bis cQcmicA, I <halJ rloldc 
tlWBi Willi aliMiip : liiil ngiiin kiinni^lf 
"1 bit i;n>wii lluutihii. 


BEliOI.D. how good and jo;f<il 
B tiling it i* : l>ivtl>T«n, lo dwutl 
KiHtfllwr in uully ! 

•J ll iJ llk> thn prcclom ointment 
upon Ihc head, thiki TOMi doitsi ilnto 
tbc brard : cvcti unio Aaron's board, 
and irfut (town l« the tkiil* of liii 

3 l.ikn aa iha ddw of Hcrmcn : 
whlcli (ell upon tho hill of Sion. 

4 For tlicrs tho Loid promiwd Itii 
tilt»iug ; Kod life for •varmort- 

I'l'im (■XXXIV. tUfrnKne. 

BF-IIOLD now, pmUo llie Lord : 
all yc Bci-TUita of the Lord ; 
C Y« tint lir nicht Rtitnd in the 
IivuH 111 ihi! Loril -. vvi'.ii ill tti* 
oenitt* of tho houM o( our Gixl. 

1 tJft Bp ^Dur li&iida in tlie nuir- 
Itaary : A-nd praitc the Lord. 

4 llie Lord Ihst made hvari^n and 
•tuth : giva tlivc blsMiiiK out o( 

PJULM CXXXV. £»to(«.Vc-im. 

O^RAIS^:l>lc Lord.hnd^ctlio 
Nftme vt llu Liird i pisiM il. 
Ore wrranl* of ihu lA>ril ; 

5 \'r lli.ll Hlanil in Ihrv huii« of tli« 
I.ord ; In tb* courta of tho hoiuo of 
onr Uod. 

S pniK the Lord, for the Lord 
a/iraaiiai ; *t (I'rw jiraispM unto Hi* 
A'^iBf, tor il it lorrly. 
4 yta'wby? ihe Loitf batb «hoam 

JMob ontv HiuMlf : lad 

HI* Otni DMMWlOD. 

S Far I know Dut the 
pTil : nnii thnt onr Lo*i if 
all (["dj, 

S Mhiil-nfvrr th".- Lnrtl |^ 
thai did K* ID hrs VI- 11. slid In^ 
and in llic tci., nnd mall deep' 

7 He briiiRcth forth the 
frntn tliii ondn of the world 
wnilvlli fortli Ii|ftitiiinS4 wj| 
niii, briii^iiig tho irinibi out 

8 lie Binottf flic Snt-bom 
RTpl : l>i>lh of man and fceaat 

H llu halh tent tiikoiii >ai 
dem inlrt ihe mid-t of tlii^, 
land of Kgj'pt : upon I'harv 
all hif wrranta, 

10 He «idot« diivn nal' 
slow Biixlilj- iln(f« ; 

11 Saiinin king of (h(i Al 
nnct Oi! Uie king of DjuaiL : 
(he kingdoms of Caiman | 

li And gave their lanil 
hiTttiitfu ; even ui lifrila^e 
racl His people. 

13 Thy Nimo, O Lanl. caj 
for over : so doth Tbj mcmOl 
LonJ, from one generation I 
olliel-. I 

U For the Lord will a' 
people ; and he graoioua 

l.t As fur the imn^n of t!_ 
then, tliej aro fciit silrer and' 
tliv work uf nieii'' hamla. 

If! Tliey haTc mouths, andli 
not : rjes hare Ihey. but 

IJ Tlier Uan* i>at«, aail . 
luiar nut : iirlthor ft thi 
Irvnth In their moiitlu. 

ID They that make them _ 
unto them : a\iA m are d 
that pill tHi'ir tni«t in llieni. 

\U Vmtv tho T.arJ, yc kl 
linwl : praiiw the LoM. Jl 
of Aanm. 

3(1 I'raiso the Lord, n hi 
Levi : yn thivt Uar tli» I.orf 
this L<>nl. 

1\ PiwmA \« ft« \ttA. 


Obtains Prapir. 

Dat «8. 

■l» a r a J n u i : wd Hl> 
\ far arar. 

nlcs «ala iIm God of 
Hi* Bwrw MiAarfili 

[ lK« Lari of kll lonb : 

V ilMtk (T««l OTMiikn : 
•r cwtartth for enr- 

fttwM : for IIU taartT 

: lot Hit m>rc7 (SihtnUi 

i% Boda great Ughta : for 
todintk ht erer : 
>t«nil«tfa((Ur: for Ilia 
■Mk hrpTvr; 

■*d |]iB (iu* la go- 
! lor lln BMNy cu- 

!• Eorrt "f'li tl>''>' 

:lv1Qi nnrr ruikir^lh 

bfMh ool Icntal from 
■ ; b lUa ncNT tndor- 

k » Bisbly tiaad, knJ 
09 mm : tot ttU mrcv 

> McM tin IM IM IH 
: Mr Mil Mt^ tnlattb 

'^ H < Hlr 1114 MCnj CA- 

■ far Plimh sad Ui 
' **flttrvw than In thu 
I lir Hi* nvrejr todnrmli 

iM Rb people tltrai^ 
■■ t hr Jli« metej eii' 

mai Unffi : for 

_ ■ < ilEv ^^bfy Mlagi - , 


to Anil Og the Idn; of Ba«aii : 
for Hb mon'T cniiarotli for trrr ; 

"ii Anil gun: afnir IliriT Uml tot 
■o licFibtKB : for Ilia aurnj Budur- 
tth fuT crur ; 

il Etfd for *n Iwritaga unio I*- 
Kwl HU MTviiil : for IIU mcrcj cn- 
dtirctli for ntr. 

51 Who remrmbercJ im when ■■• 
vnn in trouble : for IIli merry m- 
ilamtli for «irer : 

31 And hstK •Icliverrd nii ftwn ont 
cneniini : fut Ul> increy en<)unth 
for ti tr, 

•2i n'lio Rivctli fouJ to nil ftc»b : 
for llii merer I'ddumtli fir i-v^r. 

'l/i O giri' Ihnnkx uuli> tW lloil of 
hMTon : fur l(i:i nifri:}' vuJurc^th (w 

?7 O tr>c Oianlci unlci tho Lord of 
Ivrdi : ^ His mDroj emlurptli f<n 
l•*,^l.M»^cJ:x^^T, ,wr^..:nu«, 

BV Ihe whIp™ of Uafcylon wc Ht 
doWQ and wept : wlien m r*< 
niL-nibervit ihoe, O Sioii. 

S Ax fnr niir hnrpi, te« hangoit 
Ihcm uii : upon Uio trcci lliat uo 

3 For fbty Ihut led ui fttn; «ap. 
tine ra'iiiirsJ i>( as Ihva a onny. uid 
melody, in nur hpan'mto : Smg n* 
Mid of the taaat flf Sion. 

4 How thtii vir hdc the Lord'l 
Bonc : in ft BtruiRi- luid > 

5 If I (oTgDt Ihor. O Jminlen : 
li<i my right hand (argct ber cnn- 

G If I da not remnnber ihM. Ivt 
ny toofno eluT« to thv nof of mf 
mouth ; fen. if I profiip nut Jero- 
«l«n in my mirth. 

r Krmcmbrr t!iu childrmi of B- 

dom. O Uird. ill iho dy of Jcni- 

nlem : bun- ilinj- i«ld, Di>wii ullh 

It, down Witli it. OTBH to th* 


I S O iIxDjrlitfr of Ba%r1ou,«ute4 

/ rftA aiturj : y^i, luppy A&n Iw 

Ae Out niwojJtth tbee, U Umo VoM 

^ BfMwd fimll he b« th»l UJwdi 

DAT it. 



Ilur «liilijren : uti Unvwath tbom 
»»*I.)I CXXXVin, fnvfUarhU 

1W I L L give thubs anto Thee, 
O Lord, with injr whoT« h«BH : 
•t«a btfora th* gMj nil! 1 lin^ 
pnitt UBIA TbM. 

2 I will vronliip towuyl Thy holj- 
lenple, ud pnim Thj; Namf, bc- 
»UM of 1^ laTJiig-kiodnaM UiA 
nvUi : for Thou hul majrniApiI Thv 
Kamt, Bnd Tliy nuril, aliuve nil 

3 wh»n I r»ll(il upon Thiin, Then 
lii'sHM mn : mil miJucilit my soul 
wilb tnudi atrrnelh. 

4 AU lliu kinm of tliu I'lnh sliill 
pniM 'Hier, U Lord : (<ur llti'7 btVC 

Iiean] the words of Thy mouin. 

A Ve>. Ilw7 ikiU lin^ in l__^ 
of tW LmiI : tlut ffmt u lb 

6 For though l)i« Lord W 
yet h-ilh lie mpcii unloth* 
u [or the proud. He bcboldtfi 
sfsr off. >| 

r Tliuujjh I walk in Ihc tsd 
troubk, 1 <'t nhiill Thuu irfir J 
Thou Khult ttri'lTli f'irtli 11«^ 
upon Ibo furiuii-ix-.u (if mia 
uum, ud Tlif it^hi boiid rid 

K Tho Lard tliatl mike m 
lorint'-kiiidiiPH loinrd nw I 
I'liy un'ray, O Lard, mdiir* 
*ier ; dMpLae not ilwii the ' 
of Thine own ttiuula. 

Da* 29. 

iSbming Sraj^tr. 

P3A1.1I fXKXIX. Dunw. iirubwtL 

OLORD, TIioii tinst senrr.lii-it mn 
out, niirf kniiiTn a\« : Tlirm 
Itnawcst my ■down-iiillinf!. iiid uiiuu 
liji-riiiiiic : Tliuii uiideliitiuiii^t diji 
tnouRlits loiiu befure. 

*J Tlina nn about mj pitth, and 
aliout m; Wd : xnd ipimt out ail my 

.'I ¥ot la. th»rv U not lb irord In tny 
loiiaiic ; lint TIjuii, O Lord, knowti't 
it ifwspthef- 

4 Thrill IiMt fiinhioni'tl mo b*hind 
ajid heluK : aud litiil Thine liaud 
upon tuf. 

5 Sufh knowleiliie Is too wandrr- 
fiil and cxrfllnit for mt : 1 canncit 
slUin unia it. 

n WbiiliiT ahsll I EH Ibca Awib 
Thy Hplflt : Of wliltlicr sliall I gn 
Ilicn fnra Tlij rri'"'riN>.' 

7 II I cliinb up inta lii-n'en, ThifD 
Ml thent ; if I HU dun-n to 1iL'II,T1ii>u 
■rt tbere alfo. 

B If I talu the Hingi of the morn- 
ing : and rumain ia tlic uttcnuoat 
part* of the tea ; 

!) Kicii lliL-rv alto shall Thy Iiaiid 
Ivid me ■ iuid 'lliy riKlil baud tluiU 
IwIJ itiv. 

/O /T/mj, fienilTeDlureihe dvk- 
i»«w «fra// eonar oie : tlien ahall my 
-"Vm bv laneit to dty. 

1 1 Yea, the darlinua it na 
nilh TIiup. )iiil Die nitfht U 
u tiifl itiy : iho clu-knosa 
lo Th*p njv bul)i alike. 

r.* l''cit ni.v i*in» aru Tbine i 
hMl roTerra me in toy 

13 I will Hire tlmiiki nnlol 
fur 1 am feajfully utid wnndd 
nude : murvelluun an Tliy 
and thai my wul knowflli ri 

U My bnnva Ar» not hid 
Thee : Ibuu^b I be mad* 
and fasluoDvd benfalh in (ha 

la Tiling eyes did )M 
Ktanci>, yrl brlns iraperfeot 
in Thy hook wrm all mj 
written ; 

1 li W hieh day by dajr <Km 
pd : whcQ M yet there ww 

17 How dear an Thy 
uu(u utp, C> God : f) bow 
the Mim at them 1 

IS If I toll Kim, ihey 
ia number than iho UDd . 
wake np I am prerrnt with 

10 Wiltlliaii noivlny the 
O Uod : Juparl trDin mc, yn 
Ibirtly mdi. 

'Hi ftv iIk; *p«»Ic uiiriRhtl 

X' irt tWie -. ».6'\ TVliaa i 

rnR psAtMS. 


|M : hJ Itt Mt 1 firwtr^ 

•V^ tlwiB rid" •ore : 
; ^v tbqli t Vf wn« BinR *De- 

r ■(, (I C«d, mad ttA the 
HBTtntt : env» ou, (ud 

nil If ibm b« any wij 
« in m* : aad land m* 

Mi^mi. OmMm. 

ii.O Lonl. fmm the 

I : tori prrMtT* mr finni 


I ln(b« tnlMhief in Uirir 

1 Mir ap itrifa all Itu 

E ikntwncrf tkarlonsnni 
U : Miltr'i pMMU it OB- 

■ Lotxl, fnim thr titintlii 
prcKire n( froin 
I aoit wta Me pnipottd 

»n tniil A «ue br 
1 4m4 k DM fttirund irilli 
baalivt trap* io ar irtjr. 
■M [fat bonl, Tbon wt 
i^H Ike nioc of nijr pra;-- 

1 Qvi, Tltoa itnngtb uf 

I : )M Ml Mi MifChUTQIU 

) inxptr, ktt Uk7 U Uk* 

• MiwbWt of thrir own Ilpt 
lb baJ ol tbtia : that 

*bt htnwg etftl* (>U npvn 
■iM Oni b* MM iaHo tb* Brr, 
' : »Ui Itet tWjr ne*«r riM 

11 A mn full of irordi ilmtl mil 

hunt the witkfd pi^rMu lo OTerihrow 

1.2 Sun I am thmt the Lord will 
annse tlit payr : and maialaiu th* 

IX Tha nRht<iouA alao shall gir* 
thatikt uDto 1'liy Hxttmi : and tbe 
just (hall ru[itiiiiio in Thy tidht. 

PK*I.M C-XI-I. lh«mi>^.c!omo^. 

LORD, I rail iiiioii I'die. Iiartr 
The* uulo mil : and otmaidn 
my »ol<e when 1 cry uuLo Thco. 

2 Let my pnijOT b« art fotih to 
thy aght a* ths incvnae : aud IM 
the lifting ai) of mj handa ba an 
CTeiiiiiii sarriiiw. 

3 8oi a iriicli, Li>rit. lirroni my 
moutb : uil Vviji tha door of ny 

4 U lei not mioe hcarl t>i inclined 
lo any evil tliirjif : let am nut tw «e> 
cupieil in iiOKudty Moric* >diti the 

mm that work nlckrdncH. loat I tat 

■f> ■} gnia^ of naoh things a> plcaac Uit^n, 

;|ml bafs kalil a mue br 5 l<et the riKliteoui ratber antile 
ne tritndlj : and rcpruvc me. 

5 nul Irt not ihcir pncicnii balma 
tirrak tny lurad : vta, I wOl pnj yat 
aniuBl llitir wicKcdneHi. 

I i.i't tli«ir Judna be OTcrlhrown 
In tlony plaoM : itial Ihcy may bent 
mr irordi, for thrjr am vnr*\, 

i Our ligiii* lie wiHcn-'ii brforr 
lh« Pit : like ai irkun utio Inaktiib 
and liewcth wood upoa Ui* caitb. 

9 Dut mluc cyei look unt«llH»,0 
Lord God : in Ttmi ia mj tfwtt O 

caKl not out iny taa\. 

Ifl Khi'p iw tyom ibo Fiii.Tr ll«( 
thfv liaie laid tor tnr : anJ from loo 
trapKoftha wiekflil iloeri. 

1 1 1*1 tlie UBgo>lly f»il into »»«' 
own nMii Uigethtr r mil Icl »• eiw 
ptriipt them. 

^ ain.y»«,««*4i>— •— , I 3 When my ipiil* *" '" V*™?; 
*«» nlo lU L«td -ilk Bj li«a Thou »'"^*^ "fJtAhJ? ^. 

^fc-wjfnppHiwiM*, / rffjr JtU A man tor m*. _ 

fvi</«( i^r ttmijk/att t*- 1 4 I lookM aIm u|>on mv ngln 

/ttkai "fofiirfkiiwirnie. 


Di¥ 30. 


B I had uo plan ta ll« anlo : ind 
DO mia c-andr for in; muI. 

6 1 crird uato Tlic*, (> Lord, sail 
nid : Thou art toj hope, aaJ my 
portion in the Uii'l of the lirin^. 

7CDB«iil*rn]riiitin)iliiiiit : fur I an 

8 O dcilrer Die from my penMOtOM ; 
fiXT Ibi^ m too slrong lor lar. 

Bniu| iii)'>i>nl out ofpriwn, that 
1 mu give Uianka iiutv Tli/ Name : 
whicti thing [( I'hau Kill grant did, 
then aholl tbo rigUleuni retort ualo 
mf «ompan;r. 

I>X.\LM rXLlll, Oami'w. uawll. 

HKAlt niy pnjri-r, O I.unl, uitl 
eomlilei my dcilrc : honrkiMi 
unto me for Thy trath tad TigbtB- 
amnnti* nkc. 
S Anil f-nUr nnt iiil« jiiilsKm«Bl 
Willi Thy wrvnnt ; li>r i«. Tliy *if(ht 
Bhill D{i lukit fivin^r be jiiatiQcd- 

3 For thi.- mfinv limh pmeeulcd 
my dijiil ; hr linth «inittc<ti my Tjfii 
down Iv thn croiinil ; lia Iiith laid 
UK in the ditrKnoH, u the men that 
bkve been locK draj. 

4 TlinvKiTK is my epirit leiiiit 
wlttiin ms : nail ny hvMi wUliiu mx 
[> daiDlitle. 

Day so. 

ffiorniiifl Prjiijcr. 

S Vet do I rcmFiubcr tkv tiq 

I mine upon nil Thy irorki 
eXFroiM inywlf in Ibe (Torln 

S 1 Htrftch fcarlh my hand 
Thee ; my wul gi*p«lb lun) 
u ■> thlrny tuud. 

7 H«*T nap, Lord, and tb 
for n^ spirit wmm tli tiint : I 
11^ IMB* tnaa nio,ti^l 1 Iw li 
them tfaftt go (lo'WD tntu th* | 

S O let mo hear Thy Ivtit 
ncM betiniM in ihv ixominj 
Thw ia my trnrt ; nhi-w Thoo 
my that I ■liontd w.ilk in, f< 
lip my koul unto Tln:c 

■J Uolivcp sac, l_l LonI, froi 
«iivmi>*ii : for I five unlu Tbe* 

10 TrMh m« to do th« thij 

Iiltaaetti Thee, for Thou nrt tq 
!( Thy loving Spirit lexA 
iuto tnr land of nijIatfonsiHiC 

11 Qiiii'lcfii ini-. u L^rd, I 
KiunD's »IiB : »Tid fur Thy 
ouBD eia' aukci bring aif mnl 

13 Anilof Thr jp)odn«i>s1l 
enftnlet : aiiJ d»lrDy all llu 
<«x my soul; fori am Tliy 


r«.ii.« rxr.iv. itm^s^m n,imi.iui, 

BI.K^SF.It k- ili« LonI mj- 
itpfiiglli : Who t**ohrth toy 
hnnda to war, and my Sngers 1o 

'.' ^Iy hope anil my (ortr«ss, ny 
rn'iW !ind d^ll«cTi-r. tiiy defender in 
Whom I truul : Whi> mibdoeth my 
pf ople Ihjit LI iiiiilFr niA. 

.'I Lnr>l.vrh,it in mnn. that Thou hut 
BKch rf*prfl iinlo hltn : or thp nan of 
inui, thnt Than sa ri.>i^r:li~it him ^ 

4 Min in Ukn i thini; nf nnii^liC • 
\at titnr pit^ci^lh aH-:iy lib' a uliudoir. 

.1 IJuw I'liy hiavtu,, (.) LiUfd, and 
come down ; toii(ili th« inounUiias, 
and ihpy ihill i>ninliii. 

6 Cut fonh Thy tiohining, atid 
A'jir (A<>fa .- aluMl out rhino urowi. 

T Stnd ivmt Tlitne hand fam 
•*or« .- dfWrw in», wid tak« tne OTt 

of tho (treat wnt«r>, from (1 
of ilnrnge fhildrm ; 
•a Wlii)s« iiioiilli UlkMli of 

and (hfir right hand ii ari^ 
of vkluilnen 

9 IwillainffanvwMWgiiU 
OG«diaiid itnt mlMi a 
vpoii \ Mn-nrinsM lal». 

10 Thou limt ciiren fitta) 
kiB;ri ; and hait cfcUverMl Ui 
s^rt-atit from the p«Tll o( the 

1 1 Srxv me. and deliver i 
tlir hnnil nf Blran» chlldrM 
nioHlh tnlknth nf nnily, aj 
riuht hand in a riuhl hind of I 

13 Thai our KMia mayeiw 
tlip Tonnit plint8 : aad ll 
ilauBlit«r« nity he aa th* 
Mmon «f the iinphi. 

W TUl <nn «»tiflKT* WIT 

boaT. JEnUabir. Otm. 

UtHoier TkM.O God^ny 
K : M f will praiM Th^ 

Vfa ■fit 1 (fT* Uiuk* im- 
: M pniN Tlqr Kum ftr 

n li Ihr Lari, ud aajrol- 
tllnr lo be iinUed : thnv i« 
pf lu ■naunt. 

Endnihttll tnlMThy 
msUmt : ud iltclu« 

H Mj wai fce ulkiDfi of 

m mn ihul tpnk of the 
'Qr Bumllaaa kcU : ud 

■IKU of Thir ^KaUii!!*. 

■Wdil oT Thiiu abundut 
iiUI be *h<irtd : ud mtn 
t rf Ttqt riehtMioDMi. 
|ml i* mcioa^ utd in«r> 
■ ■ ■ft iim, ind of gmt 

Lm4 b briof onto eicir 
iMUl MRjr U OTU oU lib 

un* ia«r mm : no maa win 
tbcirorv. diiiI will help [hi'Di. 

'JU T]i4 Lord pn.'irrr<:l1i &I) tlen 
lh*tloT>Htm :but i';Btt«relhnbroa<I 
all tho nneodlr. 

31 My moutli fhall ^pfnk th^ praito 
of tlie LurJ : aiirl k'l nil ilcch Rivu 
ttunkt iiitlo Hii Iiuly Niiul' [l<i iiver 

Uld RTU'. 
PSALM CXLVI. tditiM. anina niA 

T>RA(5K the Lord, myBonl; 
JL wbiln 1 lit* will I pnba ibe 
Lord : Tu, u long u I baT« uiy 
beings I will ^E pnitM unto mx 

2 pill not your trust lu princes, 
nor ill any chilil of mas : (or tbtn 
i*nolieIp ill il9i;m. 

9 Vot wlim Ihi* brpitli of maa 
tmih fcflli be Blall turn iKun to 
blx tiu\h : ind then all hi* IiiuughU 

4 BImimI ii hr tli:il linth Itw GmI 
of Jscub fur IiIn help : anil ithoM 
ho|i« is in itie Lunl hi> God ; 

A Who BiBde heav«u and i>anhj. the 
Mu, Biul al] ibu therein in : Viho 
tlfiVrtii Itii promiK (or crDri- 



Dat 30. 

Sfernins 9rat!"> 


P^ALM CXLVn. tatutalr Daminam. 

PRAISE ilip Lord, for it )■ a 
jpod ihiag to (iitg pralMi unto 
our Owl : jwa. * jaTful Mid i>lt-aB!U)t 
lliiDB it la lo tw llumkful. 

2 The Lord doih builJ up Joniui. 
lem ; uid iiatlitr toKrtlier Uic oDt- 
o«l« u( luscl- 

3 H* b«*]eUi thoM that Kto brokvD 
in hwt : ftad R>**th nwdiciac to 
heJll their iiickucon. 

4 Hr Idlvlli tlie Dnnibor of th? 
fiUn : »ii4 rjilli^tli thnn all by thculr 

6 (iKkt ii our Lord, and m>«l ii 
Ilk pon-rr : yta, and Hit wixlom if 

ti 'niK Lorti DClUtli up tliii taeelt : 
and brto^lh tlie unx^ly •luwn to 
th« ^uiiil. 

TOaluKonIo tlioLoriln'tbthanki' 
giiiog : <iiiR jiraid') upon tli0 liorp 
unto am Gud ; 

5 Who ourervlli lUu Iwartin with 
cloudi, uiil pre|>ari'l1i nin for Uie 
earlli : ind miieili the grwti to trow 
upoti th* iDUDDtatiui, luid li«rD tot 
tae we of men ; 

S WllO Sirftlb fudder uiitu tlie C&t 

Dn 1 u« feeU«lh ibu >'ouuc nveiu 
tlint call DtHHi lUm. 

II) Itr hnlli no plnmra In Ihn 
!itRDii;i!i uf iix liorN ; neither d^ 
lixlitttli Hi: iu any liian'ti Ifge- 

II Uul till- LuH'f (ioligU l« io 
tliciD iluit teu lliu ; and put tbtir 
trun in Ui« mcro;. 

I'.' PrsiM lb* iJonliO Jtnitalcn : 
jmitt t\ij Rod, U Stoa. 

13 For II* hOiib nude ful thobsn 

of tli^r 8*t<* - >■■'' '»('> blvBsird tb; 
Olutdmi williiii thvw. 

U llf iniikolli ptter in thj bar- 
den : ud Uilolb thdo nlUi Uic Dour 
o( nh«at. 

lA Ito ■rndetli fnrlb IIJi commaiid' 
iMnt up<ia «&rtli : and llii word 
ruantUi nry (wiftty. 

16 tl* >lwlh matt Ukt wool : and 
•ntlrnlfi til* hoai-froit Uke atlwa. 
// Jle iwcfMJb hrtb lliaie* Ilk* mor- 
•anb ,' trho u Ma i« aldda Ui> fnM> 

13 H* Haiktti odI tlb irat4.J 
melMth thcia : lie blowclli wilk] 
wind, nud llic nlrri flow. 

Ml IL' nbvM'Ui Hit (raid naMj 
(wb : Tli> iiUlulct ajul or 
unto IsnuL 

JO lie hath not dealt *d *i1A| 
nntion : n«itliirr Iuito th* 
knuwMH* of Hi' lawib 

l-iiMM lliLVUl. MiiMll 

OPRAL^F. UMLonlaf 
1>tv*o Hint in tht brigM. 
S Vnu*t Mint, t.11 n ^g^p 
llii : praiK Him, ail llit hML 

3 I'nita Kim, mm uid 
prv^x Ilim, bU fo ilan and 

4 Praim Him, all ye h 
and yc wat«ni tliat u« afaon 

.0 Let tlicin pniie tho KadM 
I^nl : UiT ll<i rpakr Ih* word, 
Ihor wen made ; lie wi 
and Ihcy wer» crealtd. 

[) Hc< li&th made 1b«ia iMt. 
titr and vicr ; iU h*lli uitn 
a Itir MhiRli ihall not be bnikaB 

7 rraiw the Lard upon tailb 
druoni. and all de«pa ; 

8 tin Mid hall, MOW ud « , 
wind anil morm, fiil8]liiix Ilii 

i) MLiLinUiifj.-v and oil hilb : fi 
trctanndall cvdan ; 

ID a«uU Mid all eattiv : «WM 

II Klu«i«f ihecvthaudallPW' 
pU : ptiuc** and all judge* «l pi 
world ; 

1? \ oiins ncn and inaidtn 
mun >i>d iihUilrcu, praise Ibo 
of Ihg [.cird : fir llii Nano i 
esrall*nl, luid IIu prmuo abort I 
rm and «artb. 

13 He *hall oxali Um tiomcfl 
piM|]t« i all 111* uinu diall 
11 Im : cTcn (he children of 
trta the people that wrretfa I 

PBALM <'.\LtX. CNmuAkJ 

OSING onto iho Lord 
Mof ; trt Ibo oongnwsti 


Met in IUb tbkl 

l«l tin <bndr«n u( 
. Uwir Kw. 
BiWM Hi* Sxate in the 
|ta«a nw pnuM <aito 
llMf MMlharp. 
I Lord htlh pl(*m« in 
|: anJ belpctli tlw UMk- 

fttali be JftTfal viih 
llwM MjcKa in ihni 

■ AfG^Uiiithrir 
> |wo-s4s*d fword in 

vnmd of Ibt heithni : 

to At »Mpl« : 
llMlr Umb iB (haioi : 
MktaB wiik Uoln of 

9 Bij b« knugld of 

Ihrtii. u il ■• wrilUa 
bat* all Ilii lUnU. 

Sii«k liMiour 

FHALM ri.. iMvOall Damlnim. 

OPR\ ISC Gvd 111 Ilia hotiutw : 
praiw Iltia in tlio flmuuent 
flf ilia i»c«»f. 

I I'raiw Mini in liii noble tela : 
nniM Itltn w^cunliiiii to Ilia exctU 
I*nl snUnMt. 

.1 Pfum Him in thn inimd of the 
tnimpat ; pmue Him upun tho lute 
kJid Inn. 

4 PfilM lllm in th» cymbal* utd 
dinrM ; pnu(« Hln upioii (be Miinsi 
and pipe- 

fi Praite Him upon the well-ttiii*il 
cyubalH ; pruito Him liiKiu ilie loud 

G I«l oTRH' thing tbiU bath btuUi : 
pnin the Lord. 


or Tm 



nt Soekt nf Ike Old rrttamt%i. 

K»dM tr 

U«Misui I 

Nunhan M 

Doainoiioai; u 

Jorim K 

ivAm> tl 

lluib 1 

L awBiui at 

O-auucwl H 

Lioiw a 


Bu» r 

KihoolnB D 

IMbar 9 

t-A 13 

PMtaM m 

rJSMltit It 


JmvadfAt ...... 


BukM ....... 




Aimm 1 I i ■ • I ■ ■ 




Xalium . . ■ . ■ . ■ 


J^fihiinkkii . . *■•■';£] 



'fhe Hook* talki .1 poeiypfta, 

Tomx u 

Judith ...» 

WMiim 1ft 

EcdaUiucin M 

Buuch. w<ih Itii BplKb of J«i«- 


T)!* Unrj fll Riuuini. 

TIh! Idol Ii«l, iDil tbe Draion. 

rite BiMki qffV 


Mirk Ill 

Lufco 14 

Jctin II 

Tbi AcH » 

Hie E)rlHje IV Uw Raoiui . . 10 

I. catnUiiuu i<i 

II, nodniiiiua U 

Oalwlwi* a 

KpliiMua t 

l-talUHlDa* i 

CvkaiHM 1 

LnoHb^Bia i 

IT. nmmJoBluit t 

Xew Ttilament. 
t. TInMhT . . . . 
II.II1011U15 . . . . 


Ptillraiim . . . . 
To the ircbnn . . 
The Bi^le (It Jum 

I. I'blu 

IL t-«ur . . , , , 
I. iJl-Iid .«••<■ 
II.Juliu . . . . . 

lit. Juhn . . . . 


ftsislkllaa . . . . 




^ominff. OBNRstfl I. 

Jamvart 2. 

kskBlnc OoJ cnawil Ibc 
I ml ilM MRk. A»4 Hie 
I vilbwil Urm, mat To«d; 
mm ttat npoa iht ftcm of 
Asd tba Svirll of Ood 
N At fac* of iti« waun. 
mi4. Let there b« light : 
' m* li^t. Aad God raw 
Am ii ■#«« ggaid : ui4 ti«4 
B 1)^1 bwa lb* darfcimu. 
Mlbd Ifcs Itekl Dv. »>4 
wlboiMNtafal. And 
M Hid Ifae aornlu were 
hf. Asd God aiU, Lot 

■ fln»imiiit in Um nkhl 
MnLUtd lot il <bT<de Ou 
w Me (isicn. Aod God 
fcBia>ciit,siiitdJ Tided the 
Ueh (r^ra tuiiWr lb* flma- 

■ th* WBlcn vhl«h tn-nr 

■fWMBCVt : »»d il (TH ». 

■iM (bt trnmnnit llra- 
itfwmainiruid tlwiotnn- 
Iht weood (lajr. And f)«l 
Ike mten luiikT Iha baa- 
lh«wii lo^Mlwr nrta «ae 
Wt the ifaT'ianif utpnr: 
t M. Asd Owl (3»IM Uiit 
■UfUi : tai Ibt ^IIkvIiv 
!»f ifcc nMia Mlbd lln 

•dd. Lm tha nnh biiu 
K iW hnh jfeldiM M«J; 
■U im jteMkw trwAt aAn 
rt^ aenl !■ hnwif. afaat 
: nd it <*■> eo, And tlw 
fortb gnjm, •»/ btrh 
afi«r Ua Ud4, wiiI tlii- 
frail, wlnw wed cnj 
r hM kind ; md God 
■*fo*d. Awllbemil- 
* BOrmw were thp thtn 
I <M a^l. Ul t)»ra b« 

raent af the h«a<rn (O ^re lighl 
UDon the nith : and it irw to, lUid 
GtHt luiidiT two Ki^'at lighla ; ^ 
gmil«r ]ii{lit i<i mil- the dty, iwd 
tlio lemtt light to jiile thr iiluht ; 
Af ftadf the atim bIso- AnilUMlKt 
them in thn ftraumcnt of the 1ic»t«u 
tvlfv* light upon the earth, lad to 
nle«T«r ili«<la]>i>ni) am>r tin' nighti 
And lo dMd* the light froia llio 
dufknta* : nnd God ivr that U trtu 
good. And th« eTrninif utd thn 
■noniiiu; w«rr lliv ftnirt)i Any. And 
n«d ulil, Let llu H.itcn briny forth 
abundjinllj llio moving mntiu* ihat 
htlh Hf^. &»d fonl fAa'marfl^abovu 
the nrth in Ihr open nnniLnienS 
cf hravrn. And l^od orrattd yre*t 
whilMjUiil irvrrir lining crratar« that 
■novnlli. which ihc waters bniughl 
forth abunddiitlT. nflor theli' kud, 
Mid uTrnrwia^MfDw) after his kind : 
and (lad «vr that ((mu gootl. And 
Ood blvNTil tlinn, earinu. Itu fruit' 
fid.andDiihij'lv.anif fllf Ihfl iraWra 
in tlieiou, BDil lit fnwl mnllJplf in 
the parth. And Ihi? vimins and lh« 
niiiriiiiifr VFtm th* lifth ti^y. And 
llucl uld, I^t thi> <orl!i hring fnadx 
thn liring frctlulv after lit* Und, 
ainle,wid eKcpiuii ihlnii. and 1)«iM 
«f lb euth nfler hi" kind: ind It 
WM lo. And CIo'l madn llm t«aM 
of iho varth sftor hi> kind, and ctttia 
n(l*r Ibeir hind, uiit cverr thinff tbat 
cimtxth updti the earth after ht* 
kini] : nnd Uod tan that it nvu good. 
And 4>oil raid, I.«t Ut raakr man in 
Our Inuxr. ufwir Oiir likeom l and 
let dum laTe doiniuioti otirr 111* ibil 
ot t^M ■», and nvrr the fowl of thn 
air.and oiar tli'i^ cattle. iui>l oivt ^ 
th* oarlli, and OTor ot^tt' Trtvping 
trniMiaa* ol iba bta- thW Uitt crcepelh ni<an lh« cirib. 
1 1im4»^ horn the iMt I J 80 (MerrtitetX DMn in Uu tnen bn- 
■ fc «v -nM aaJ Air ,' m», fn thv imaga of God exwateA \lo 

■^.'Sr^lu^J'"'; V" ' """'" '"S foniaU! cmled H« 
a ae om. / lAem. And GtJ bl«ee4 ih«iii, 1 


Jul. a. 


G(nI nIdoDlotlivin,Bcfroit(ul,stid 

multiply, and wplMiith the earth, 
and iiibduu it : urid lisiv duminiun 
CT«r Ihif tinli of Iht' Ma, unci dver tliv 
iovrl ottiio nil, Had (iver I'vory livliif! 
tUiw Ibdl moveili upon tho rartli. 
Ana God nid.Bahold, I havo giwn 
]rou e^ny ticra bauing nnd, nliiL'li 
u njHio Iho rncB i>r ail tliu eartli. 
snd eTi>rjr tn'«, iii tliu itUcL ii th« 
frnlt of a IKO yIeMInf wod ; la 

yoa it diatl b« far luat 
rv^ry bnut nf Iha P*rtli, 
(Miy fowl oE the ftii, ted U 
t]iiiiK thkt luwMtli ntxHi llie 
whnwto rA#r« it life. / Atrv 
fi-oTr ffwm h»it for n«*t: 
mui m). Atid God Biv otvirll 
tliiLl Uc laud mad*, uuL boUj 
tPOi vvTy jKMd. AJid tM K 
ind tlie monilns «ren Uw 

Jamuarv £!. 

Gtltnins. GEvseie II. 



TpHL'S tliii htfuvuiu oDd Uie uartli 
X tvcM flriialiva, iiid all lliu hoit 
of Iheiu. And uu lilt) Mtentb day 
Ood ended If in work wlueh He had 
mad*-; »aH llr T(«.tndiin llM mTimtli 
da.7 fKm si! His ivark nhioh He tiad 
made. Aui! LtiiJ blaucd tho wi'i-iilli 
JAy, and MuiliJJvd it : Ix'cauw tlia.t 
Is Ie lie hnil i^atPd from all Hli 
HOtk nrhirh Ciod rrcnlmt inii niadi>. 
TImw arr Ili« Knipriilioiiii of iho 
liaaTeiu and uf liip -riidh wlu'ti ilic; 
MtTV created, iu lliu day llial tlui 
Loud Odd laade t!a- Kiinli uiid lli« 
]iMTaiu,and «vi>[t plant of ilii> Held 
bofoTT it wai in tlir lunli, and rr^r; 
Iwrb oj Iho fiuiii before Jl gnw: fur 
tlm L<iKi> Uod hud not siUMd il to 
niii iiroii tlie eutb, aud (A«r* inu 
nat a mail to till ib» tmund. l)at 
thwc wMit up a mist fnim ih« eirth, 
and tmlcrrd Die irliolr hOB a( thit 
ground. Audtlii' L'mu God fanned 
nuui uf tlw dMst uf ihe KToaad, and 
bnath«d Into kli noatitli tlie bnath 
of )lfa ; snd iimd brranc a UrlnE 
KTul. And tlu^ IiOai> G>hI pluclcd 
a garden cutmrd in Cduti ; and 
there Ha put the niau irliuiu IIh bad 
fonufd, And out of iUi> Kruund 
Qiade the Lord God I0 grow crery 
tief tlial is pleoatnt to Ibo night, 
and good for fAod : the trrc of tifi: 
alas HI the nidit at the snrdrii, and 
Dm tree of luiowUdtce of fluud -ind 
evil. Aod a rii i<r went out of Eilea 
to water (he uardta-. and from 
Ihrati* II iTM jiATled, and became 
jaU> four hmls. Tha name of the 
Mitt M Piaon : tlM u il nhkb com- 
fUi (Ac trhoM land of U&rUab. 

nrliere iVra ii tpolil ; and I 

at that litiJ u jcuod ; tbeic 
tiam ami the nnyz alone. A! 
nami) nf thi? aecond ritvr u ( 
the lamr i» it ihjl oomi 
wIniIi? Luid uf Kihiujiin. 
name of Llie third rii tr U Hidi 
tint ii il wlileU ftueili torn 
«i"I of AfTTla. And Uw 
riior il r.n|>liniUe. And tll»: 
God look tliD nun, and p«l 
tlio garden uf t^den 1« dn 
to kiwii il. Aud the LohdOi 
maiided tlis wan, nylnib 01 
tT08 of th(> garden thoa : 
tt««ly eat : but of tho m* 
Icnoirltdgn of ifDod and ant 
ahalt not ent oF it : for in II 
that thou eitett tliereuf thin 
surely die. And the JxtU) Oi 
/( il not sood titat tha tan 
bn nloae ; 1 iHlt make hfn 
neei fur him. And out 

Cuud the LuHii God funned 
at of the field, and irer 
of (he air; and hnmcfal 
Adam to ace what he 
them : and whatacwmr 
i-rerr living ereatnrc. 
iiama llteieof. Anil 
namca to ill ralttr, and Vi 
of the air, and t'l cTriT bei 
field; IniC for Adam there 
foiiiid an hrlp neel for hii 
tilt! tvi>Hu God canted a di 
to fali upon Adam, mmI 
and 11* took one of Ida 
rlnwtl up the llteb iORteid 
iind fti,t n)D. wVocfi tbe 
^lad taken ^ram «a&, 


lUu HMaTU* w no<r i failm tud bii moiJicr, ud rinll 
9 l«w«^ *»i fluh a( Bj I ttnTcHnto blivrtfci ud tht; sbatl 
> tlB M calod Wumoa, W vpc kib. And tber wm Wtb 
h» WM tal;fa «at of Hu. I Mk«<I. the niui uid liu *rif«, wd 
tUI a man IrOTo hii | mm not ■thsiueil. 

13. ^mtnj, GeNEftii) III. Janl-art .1 f 


Im mmj b«Ml at Um fltid 
I Loao God had Bode. 
M anto 111* wnaan, V«i, 

«M( Y« tWI not pat of 

<d ika nanka ? AtiJ th* 

lit bAo i1>* Mrp«p(, Vf» 

H Ike tnit el tlic Wc*a <rf 

>: tat of ibc tnit ol the 
b ii ta lk« nidtt Af the 
•d hath Mid, Y* ttaU not 
MUvr aaP 7* Im<A it, 
T. And ite antwat naM 
i««aa, Ve Akll not tnntj 
Gad •Ml) loMxr thai in 

• Nl Itftwf^ Ihm jviT 
ka spanad, and yt thall 
ktamitae kmnI and avlL 
tht woaun mw tbit Ihf 
■od inr food, asd that it 
■Itolhf (TN^aada tra< 
wd lo mak^ »mf wit*, the 
■ fiuit itenot. antl did 
Vn alw italo )wr baa- 
I hcri and be did oM. 
in* u thru both WOK 

A lb>7 knair thai Ibfj: 
dt •»! thojr aawod lis 
Moir, ""^^ uad* KheV' 
aa. Asd lb/ katd the 

• Laa» dod watkinK in 
» ia tlM eml of Ifca day : 
I a*d U* irif* had thca- 
< dw priwnet of tha Inmti 

M ik n«<i of the enr- 

Ik Loan God i->ll«<< 
■■ and (aid iiBt« bin, 
'Amt And ha laid, 1 
Vidaa b Ihv Kardra, and 
U, hataCB- I nu aakuil : 
mj^L A>d lie aUd. 
wa thai tbou tMif iia- 
1 tboa aalcB cf tfa* tm. 
■■■■udad tbH ihwJ Hi«a 
M M^/ .4n/ liir man ' 

ln«, and [ ilid l-«I. An<l tha IjDKV 
OihI Mill uDiu Ltii' wDRiaii, ^Vltai i* 
iMn thai ihou hul danc> And tbp 
woiDaii juiil, Tbc Hcrpt^Eit Lo^tlcd 
mit, anci I did pm. And ihv Loni> 
Uot] cniil Kiitii lli« Mrprnt, ileoauM 
Lban hajit ilimn tliiik (hva ori ciUMd 
aborts sU cmili^. and uboTD (Tarf 
b«lit of ihc ficlJ ; upon lliy bel^ 
■halt Ihou pc, anil iItivI rhaU than 
(oi all thr da;« vl tiif )\lv : and 1 
will pat tamiiy bttwatii that *)Ut 
Ihn wonan, and beCnvsn ih^ «aad 
■od hcT tetd ; li >hjill bruiHt thy 
lH?Kd.uid (lion thalt bruiflc hii hccf. 
Unto the viomBD He (aid. I nill 
SnstI; multiply Ibjr iwrruwand thr 
cjmDrjTtion ; lu nrrow thrju »halt 
bniift Tortli olilklrnii ; and Ihy il«- 
RiTe i.^u/J bf tu thy huiband. anil 
he iZu]4 rule oTtr irioe. And utjEa 
Adam Ha nid, BriMiue tliOD hail 
bparktned nal'i ttiL- voicv et tky 
wifa, an^ hiut «de«o of Iho tn*. of 
which I canimaiidn] th«a, aajrtnc. 
Than (holt noi gat of ll : coned u 
till.' fTonnd forlhy (b1ii>; in aearow 
■halt tboii rat n/ tl nil thr day* of 
thy Wr; iboniH alio and ihMtt* 
klikll <t brtnr forth to thuo ; and 
Ihon ahalt aaf iha twit) at the Held : 
in the iwait of ihy fsiM thalt ihoa 
«at bnad, till thou Tvliim nnUt thp 
tCTonlid ; for nul of it wai« iheii 
tatnn : fur •liial thriu art, nnd unto 
dual ulialt llmii retuni. Aud Adutn 
called hU wifp't name B*o : bscwwe 

I iIm ma the moihur of all Hvinc. 

I Unt« Adam alw and to hti wlfodld 

' tliF L'lafi <><ii] iQBk# i-Vllts of nkilM. 
and clotliKd llicm. Atul ihi- Lo«i> 

I U«d aaid. Bthnhl. tho raau I* b«- 
ooma m cne of Ua. to kavw bo4& 
4i>i/««jr: and noir.laMll* |mll<n4i i 

his lanit. aud lake alao «t Uw tT«« H 
'ftT^ I "i ''''*» "itl *»t, antl ate (wi cvot;^ 
*"*'''*'«/•« tlie LoBi. (lod m " 



RDt Um 

fartli frMD th* aaril*ii of Rdan. (« 
till llir fTOunil bnia wliwnce lio ma 
uIfD- So He drove out l)io Hijui : 

uiil lU pl*Md »t tb« eut of th« 



Suning nrMil ■•MA tuned- 

jANrinr S. 

Cfiftitii^, GxNESia IV. Januai 

1 NI) A Jim linMr Kve bit wif« ; 
JV. »nil ihc voncviml, and bu« 
Ctin, anil Mfd, I han Mtttn a mu 
^m lh>> l.onn, And mo tmln bar* 
Ilia bmthPT Ahcl. An.l Ah>^l wu a 
keeper of ihctn.btii rstu iTw 1 lillPT 
of the emmd. And in pnnwia of 
time 11 Mino to yMt. that Cain 
bNUfiltl of the fniit of Ihn gronnd 
ut ofFMnff nntn iho I.onn. And 
Ab«t. ])« aUo bmiiitht of tliv GriL- 
ting* af liJH lluirfc mid o! tli» fat 
thCKOt And tliv Lonn bad r«- 
«p*et nnio .^bel md in Iii* otforinj : 
bn( unto ruin and In hia oflcrins 
He hod ttoi rci>|io«t. Ati'l Cmti kw 
nry wruili. md hii coununauoe 
fell. And lliQ Lonn (aid luito Cain, 
W)i; art Uinii vriith ^ and why ti 
lliy riiiiiiliT-iticn fnllcn.* If tl:on di>. 
Ill irclt. limit ihia iiutbi' nwojited ? 
aud it Itjiiu dueM nut wvM , hiu IIpIIj 
at Ibf dfK>r. Ainl 'ml" ihffl j'jh/' 
lir hi« di'ilri". and tliou tliiilt nilp 
iirtr liini. And (';iiii lalkL-d niili 
Abol Ilia bruIliiT *. mid il '■rtmff u< 
pau, wlivii Uify iv«iy iii iIii> Held, 
thai Cilii niKp lip .ii(.iintl Abrl bin 
hrolbfT, and bIpw him. And tlip 
LiHtii »3id until Cain, Whew ir Abel 
tliy bruliirr? And he anid. 1 know 
uul : Am I Biy brolbor'e keeper? 
Aiiilllr wid.What biut dmndonoF 
ttir mice of th7 brothrr'ti blood «ri' 
rth iiiilo M« from Ibc irruiiiid. And 
uow nri (lioii curwd mm Llic eanh. 
irhlrh Imili opened her niouCb in re* 
C«Te thy hrnlliir'* blood fmni tliy 
band; irbcn tbnu thi: cnmncl, 
it tdull net brncnfijiTtli yi«id uniu 
Umw lur BtrtnKlh ; a fosUlre ud u 
nmbondBhiiltlhonbo ID tho vanh. 
And Cain raid nntn Ihv l.onD. My 

Gniibmcnt u jrrralci iban 1 can 
a. Hvliuld. Triuu hael driivn mt^ 
4Wf l&i> dai- fiuia llie fikit.- uf llie 
«artA.- «ii<i /nun TIi; ficK .ilia^l I tic 
'''(' aoi I tbnU be a fugitive uA 

» n^boitd in tliA MTtK; 
«liaU name (a paM. A«f 
that findi>th ma riwD il^ 
itiK Lnnn mid nntA htm, YIm 
whiimHTiir «Ujvth Cain, 
itiall bo tak«n on bin 
And tbe Lons Mt a niirk 
('a)n, lett anj flndms bin 
kill him. AndCafn nmit aal 
lb'' pTraaacA nf Ihn Lnii», ittd 
in (b« land of Hod. on Ibe 
Edi-ii. And (.'alu Imeir Uf 
and tb» conntnd, iod bus 
and lio bnilded a ett*> >bJ 
(ha n.iuic of tlic dlj, utsr 
u( liii lun, Knuch. Aiid ault 
wa« bam Ind: uul Imd bci 
InJtel: and Hefaidwl Ixffitl 
««l; and If ttboKal bagtf I 
And Lamodb took nnio Ui 
niraa; the naiue of ibo 
Addh. and tb« uamo of thi 
/.illiili. Aad Adtb ban iab 
ma tho fathfir of nioh n i 
IcntJ, and nf lUfA of Atfo* 
And Ilia bnjtbi^r'j uauic mu 
bi^ was ilio father of all I 
luridlo Ibo hiTp and nr^n. 
Zillali. ihc ntun ban TDbaI.< 
itistracUT of tnry utifloer 1 
and iron : and the aUtar of 
cab iTiii Naamah, And I 
•aid nnIo bi« tritm. Adah a 
lab, Hear my voioe ; ye m 
Lami-'ch. bearkcn nnto nf < 
for 1 liaie slain a man to my 
ii)t;. anil a Toong man ic nj 
If C.-iin iliail be at«nfrtd 
truly l^oiDvchaerenlyaiid 
Anil Adun knetr bli wrift 
and ahe ban a wo. and cal 
name Seth : Pnr God, mM ti 
anpnintfd mc anatbtr iced 
ul Abvl. wlioui Ciuu alciT. 
Ketli, to him aUo iban wu 
I Huu ', attl to «kU«4 hia nuM 

wntut in vVw VxiH>. 


ffoming, GKNp.f<i9 V. Jakuaht i. 

r Alton. In thrdajrih*) 
I UMi. b the tikraea cf 

■: t»d liWxwJ tlii-in, 
I llKir Baoui Adun, iu the 
^ WM* cMBtcd. And 
J m h anfaid wtd tbirl; 
i Wait • *s* in hid o«n 
h kCwrlia (^f^: and faHnl 
■t S(lb: Mul flic -Uj* ol 
' Aa W tad bceoiMa Scih 
I •Ij^ I m d Jt wI nam : uiil br 
l«M (nl daaditani uid >ll 
• Am A4aB Uvod *r»ra ninf 
1 w4 tUrt^ jrcan: aod be 
AiJ Stih liTnl an bandtrd 
ltn.*>ar*, and bvtnt Enoi: and 
IImJ >A*r W twgU Eao« riHiiI 
1M gbI fWan Tntr*, uid Wgat 
llfi dHghUn : and all the 
litih umi niiH hmdred and 
t r™n ; aa4 lit divd. And 
nd Bia«tv 7*an, *n4 Wal 
I «^t bnilRd ud flftcM) 
kl fapl MU a^ Jaiwh- 
ItdOM du* of Enoa wCTV 
•nd C*« j-tan: and 
Aa4 CaiaMi Utcd Mrraty 
' iMMl M*1wUmI ; and 
b»i Hid forty ream. 

r_,_ I k»d Jail^UT* : and 

A* 4l^ *f Cainui ircra Bint 
IpltM l«&*«af>: and h« Aud. 
IKiltaUMlllnd *iiv and fi*« 
■^ hhI taffrt J««cl: ud Ma- 
*ri f*^ kter b* begit JumI 
k tarirtd <«d lUftf yMm, and 
Km wd dufhtcn: kni aO 

tiMi lUy* «r Mahaltlocl nvrc eiffht 
hundnd ninety and five yrut : and 
ho died. And Jircd Irtcd un tiiin- 
dred silly »tiJ Iwu j-ram, an'l 1i* 
Ix'gtl Kiiui'li ; mil JmO Il>i:d afl*P 
hi! Ii*{$»t Enoch ol^tithunilrcJ fcirL 
■ud ho^t um* and diiu|{(i(Fn. aud 

all th« daj( of Jnri'il wrtc ninp 
hundnd uxly ami t>Ti> vonrv; »nd 
Iw dird. And KiiikIi llvt'd tiitj 
and fi»o yrsn. mil bfa»l Mi'dio- 
ulili^ BQd F^noch iTdlkpd iviih God 
after hi- bi^iint Mi-thiiwlnli ttirce 
hundred yean, and Wgai *i>at and 
ilmwlit^nt ; atiil all the dafa of E- 
nneb wsrs thtre bnndrcd wxtr and 
Gn fDOn: End Hnorh nalkifJ witb 
God : and he \rai nut; for Cod took 
him. AndMetliiiwIab IWvdan hnn- 
drtHl fi||bt7 atid wT«nyun>.iuid b«i- 
gal I^mach : »iul Melhuaohb liwd 
after he br>:at Laneeb *i?vpn huQ- 
drcd ridlily and two ri-art, still lie- 
Kit auiL* anil dau|(ljt«nii and ail tlui 
diT* of Mptliuwlah wtT» uirio hiin- 
drad Axtj and nine T^<m : and ha 
died. And L\Tnoch liied an hun- 
died tiulity lud twu yran, ami be- 

5 at a van: nii'l l^o ralli'd lii> Iiiun* 
iiMh, saj-lii^, Thii MinfF kiriill com- 
fori ui »iiei-miii^ uur wuik and toil 
of our handt, bcfnuju of the noiuid 
vrhii-h thp Loan halh oontoi^ And 

Liiinl><1:i lircd itft»r liB liMiit Kftub 
fir* hundnut ninnty uid are yearr, 
and ti«|i>t loiu iinldaui:hi«T«; and 
all the daya of Ijkincch tt*i* MTflIt 
hundred t»v«atT ud iwTnn rv*: 
and ho di«d. And Noah wma flvo 
hunditd ytaraold : tnd Xoth bnpl 
Sbm, Ham, nnd Jatduth. 

iiv <i. 

Cfctmnfl. Gexmib VI. Ja.>uamy 4. 

JWD ta naiuplj on Um Iks 
[wTh, and dau^blen wn* 
~ IWm, Ihal Ibc wu od 

■lw&y» nlrlTi; with rnan, far that ha 
alan u fl«li: yd hit daiH "hall bo 
aa bmidmi aud twenty yrar*. Tbitn; 
tirrv gaiiia ia the »rth In tbow 
_ r tte <Utighnvf of mfo li*l < itnyt: aud aim afl^T ttifll, w\l«U tba 
'5«*Airi«rfi*^/,w*<to» I wiwa/Uod came iu irnio Oi« Autt^ 

I*^'^%'^fZn1^L'''f,''* "'»•?' "^1 «»y l«« ch.M?«;i 

Jix. 5. 



DMW frbSdi iMTC of old, nna of t»- 
a«ivn. And God uvr cbat tho 
iridwdn w i uf mma vai grnkt in tho 
autli.uu] lital ttnjr iaumindlimi of 
tb« thoDsht* at hill houl irnu ouly 
btII euatlmintlj'. AdJ li nwDlod 
the Loan tluit lie bwl maoK nutu 
oD tho wnh, anil it Kni'^'l 'I'm ■( 
Hu hnrt. And lli« Lukd audi I 
frill <l*«lro)r nuiii nlivni I har* «i*- 
>tad fron ths fiic> at tim •U'th ; 
botli mUf ipd bciul. uid the ci»|>- 
iiul_tUiiiK. tad llu frnrli of tW uri 
tir il rrrcntpth Up tlut I hkTo uukIu 
tbitm. But Nuali fuciml snca ia tViu 
«fM of tlw LuKU. Tliro or* tlui 
Mnwmliou «f No*h: No«h wu t 
jut lUD ami ptcEMt in hU nnerD- 
liiMU. an>i Noolt irtU[sd with God. 
Aud Kcttli brstt thr«a Wbit Hwni, 
H»m, uiil J^nath. Tlw uMh >Im 
wa* oompl litfar* U«(L kud tliA 
Mrtb wu li^^d vrlth Ti«l«>uG«. Aud 
Oai iMiui ufMtn ihe Mrth, tnd, t>«. 
hold. It ma eomipt ; for »I] Ikeli 
had carrnptjiil hia waiy apon tlia 
varth. .\iid God wid ii:it<> Xo«h, 
'riii» md o( itU flMh U tout'! Mart 
Uc] f«r the cutli li KM irith no- 
IMM tikimiifc then: tnd,lMlioU, I 
vUl dMtny Llwni iriili th* mtth. 
Uak« thve tn trk of Kwlier w«od ; 
raonw dull tliwi ntfca in tlw uk, 
(Hd ilull pilch It within and vttli- 
uut wilL piu-li. And Ihia U IM 

/luhion vliloh thon 
tp Tlic IcnKlli at Ow uk I 
IJiMe houdiml euUt*, tb« 
of it nftjr rulilb, and (ht haii 
It tliirly euLils. A ttiuduw 
tliuii laik* lo tlu u^ aiMl II 
Filitklt iWu fiiiub it abolc; 
ilijor <j( thi3 »rk Blialt Umd ■ 
tdiia iLvnvf 1 teiSh (owpr, 
uid llitrd ifann iJikll ihtni 
[k And, Wliold, I. orta I. <1« I 
a Bood of iraton opun iLs 
to AtiAtos nil flodi. wheraip i 
br«ath of lift', from iioilsr 
amf trvry thing llial u in tha^i 
AiX\ illo. But wiU> thM « ' 
talilUl) lis oaranaut ; and 11 
comD into (be ark. thon. 
Dona, &iiiil thy v'da, aad llqr 
iii'fri i>illi lliv*. Aod of orci 
iiig (liins o( all flwak, |Ww of 
tori ahall thou bring into tta 
to k<.<tp /%•)» aiivft irilh tWi I 
iltall be ntXt and fcMal«, Of I 
aftn thnr klml, ud of cMllt i 
tUir kind, at tTotT cN>*p«nff f 
«f the *arth afWr lua ktaJ. 
iiv«7 jori ilnll corns unto It 
ketp Ami alive. AndMfear 
to iKm <rf ftU bod thai l> I. _ _ 
thon ihalt gatlur U to thmx 
■luil be fur food for thM, 
IUmu. Tlim did Nuali ; 
to all that (iud oanunaiidcd 
dill b«. 

Janl'abt 5. j)ilDniing, GRNRMii VII. Januabi 

A^ D (h» LoitD Mii lula NmIi, 
Came Ibofl anJ all tby hoiiar 
iiiUi Ihu orfc: for the* hatu I acvn 
nitlihroiu iitvm klo in Ihii unic- 
ntljia. I>1 eier; clean bcatt lliou 
■halt t*k« M llir« bjr mthm, the 
■alt aad Ua fenalD : aad of boMla 
that aiv not cltMi by two, llie nwlo 
aad Ut taub. W FmtU «Im «r 
llw atr bf •rr«na, lb* autla ami Iba 
fenuJoi to krcp irtd altr* utxia Ika 
1b«« of all til* «nk, i'or yvl porn 
dajt, and 1 will caatr it to rats 
omii iliv mrili toiij da>ri Md forlf 
,jy** ; «nd omy liniu nbrtMtn 
|b( / iter* aud« wiu I desiPiy 

frcii) off tilt face nf tho t-uth. . 
Noali illd nirording mtta tU i 
tho Load noaimaiuiod tarn, 
Nuali ira* alz buudivd jnME 
wheu Uie flood of vraiera wm _, 
th« tartlL And Noati n«ut Iq^j 
bii MH( ud U« wifo, and bb i 
whet with him, ialo tlw 
MOM of tba wslen «f ibc I 
daw Uwla. anil tf btsiM I 
IHM elMntuid «f fowbi, aad i 
Iking thM fraoptth upon ik 
lb«r« w«Dl In two sad ttrv ' 
Noal) into ih» ark, lb« 
fib* t«w»U, aa Cod had i 
', K«ah. KtA M «UM Mk 


Rtb» w«tm «f tiM 
U« HRh. In iIm 
■tt jw of Xoah^ lil«, 
ant B«Mb, th* mtbii. 
tvltkt aonU, Uw Hint 
>D Iti hoBiaiM of 111* 


I BIS ■a' (Ih win- 
nv OfNdiM. And 
m IfW Uw dutb Tmu 
MrMffati. lu tke mtt- 
MMnd K«»)i, uid 8b», 
lai Jtakma, Um mm 
bI Xgali • wtfc. and tho 
■ «4 It) MM wttb Iben. 
kt IbT, smI eterr bmt 

a Ml 111 Uh taillt 
•■4 M«f7 rtwptu 
■■i |H h op«n Uw Mni) 
U, nd «rarr hnrl ktur 
vi^ blid w vTv^ tm, 
nai In mio N«ab iuu 
ni Md MO of ill Bmh, 
Ha brauh of life, An<l 
Mnl in, waul Id mil* 
«fallflNli.MG«d had 
I Um: aad lb Lohh 
■. And lb* Sood wu 
ifM ih* nrib: ud Ihe 
ran^ Mid imn ap Ihe 

iirk. and It wai Ufl np then 1b« 
nnrth. And ttu mUn pnvalUd, 
■nd wnrv berumd mUij upon 
lti« eirtli: uid Iha nrt w«iit iipm 
the fai'U u( tli« walcn. And the 
iriil«ni pRvallvd fiewdiniriT umd 
Ihfl wrlfa ; aD«l all th« Unfa hlll«, 
tluil WW uDd«T (h* vluile h«a- 
Ton, vtrr. porcfwl. FiftoM juhita 
oinnrl did the waten pnmil : and 
lite ■viLUiaim vrera coraied. j\iid 
all fleth died that movt'd upon 
lb« Mrth. both of t(ywl, and of 
nlllc. nixl (ir tiexHt, and nf wnry 
prw'piui; tlitim OiBt cr«ii!|H'tli ujwn 
ItiE eattli. nuil evcrj' innn : m in 
wliDW nos[rll« ttiu Ifac lire&th at 
lift, of alt that vitj tn ihe drr /md, 
4i«d. And tn^rr liiing imiiiiluioi) 
vaa dMtnifnd vitikh nu niimi Iho 
hM uf Ihe cTDLind. botli mm, nnd 
[laltiv, and the Fr»p)ijuii ttiluga, nnd 
ih# (an) of th.» liMT^n: and (h«]r 
w^re dmlrojvd frnru tlni I'arth : 
and Noali only romn in I'll n/^v, aiid 
Uirjr lliBI tef'ri uith liiia ill Iha 
nrk. And lliit wutCTt pmiilcd 
unm tli« curtb aji huudrvil >ud 


<?tiniin|[, (}]!» VIII. JANtAtir 5. 

iboivd N«ah, 

M Bade a wM to fwi 
Kik wd Um v»t«na>- 
N fraUalaa ate oT Ite 
Ik* wla4«tn af liMTcn 
1*^ Skd the ndn ftvin 
■ nalnlacd ; and Ibc 
mad fnn off tin earth 
: asd after ibc tnd «f 
I a*d ttty 4»n the «ra- 
■battd. .\axl Ihc ark 
K MTtmh awath. on ib> 
tib7urth« BMiui, vpon 
iIm of Anrak And lb* 
HMKd voMbnnllT unlil 

of tlie ark irltivh holiiul miulii : nnd 
ho will forth B mm, nlileh wcui 
brth to and ba, until tint waton 
wcra drltd m irvin clT tivt varlli. 
Alto fas >tal loTlh a do*ii from him, 
to tw If tho H-ak-r* «vn abaK4 
iron) off tlie fncc of the gnrand ; 
but tho doTo fuund do T«it fat Ih* 
tolc of liri fuol, and hIio Rloniod 
UQlo hiui iuto tlir iirk, lot Ihc wa- 
l*w K¥f-' oil Ibt fai-'i: vf lh« «IiuI« 
earth: llicn lie pnt forth liiii liunil, 
and look hvr, and puHud 1i>-r la un- 
to hnn idtollie »li. Aiidhc nliyod 
j*t other iH»«n tiayt ; anil n^in h« 
tont forth tb* don; oot »( tho ark i 
and Ibt dorr ramr in to him in iha 

m^ag; and. In, in \irr nouOi ' 
«« oi/rp Jrtf plucVi wIT; no Itwli 

IS.^^^^^^ i '"" "■*■ 'he earth. And ho suyeA 
/*'~^""™'*^ >M tftlwr wvm d>y«; Mi4 KtA 




tonh the don ; wlii«h ntunied not 
iigflla uiil'i liim sii; Rior*. Ami It 
nuif [1 iiw 111 (ae uIx linndniJtb 
u>d dm yfit.inihc fint ntonM, the 
Knt i/ay of tliv mouth, the mt<n 
mr* dried up from off ifio cnrlh : 
uxl ^fo>ll rraoTsd iliv cuwrinit of 
dw nrli. ftnti lookdil, hikI, bvliold, 
■ho (iwo of llic itrouiid ivn» dry. 
And ill tile KcoEid month, on the 
wren and tivrutii^tli linj of Ihe 
Donlhr vrju tUn uHrth Ltni<<1- And 
Go<l 'iiako unto Niiiili, nyiag. Go 
(arth ot the xrk, thou, nod th? wife, 
utd thy >*ui>> ■'-nd ttiT Bciiii' wiTM 
mth thcc. IlritiK forth vrith LbM 
•rerir lirina liiintj thai m »it!i llio*, 
«f kll fl«)1i. Af>rA uf fowl, 9.Dd of o»t- 
llo, sod of e\ers f rcciiian tUlUt tbftl 
mvpcth Djion tiir curth; tlul ttiej 
nay liiVDil ilmndantl.v in Oi« (4rth, 
anJ Lt fitful, and multiplf upon 

the with. And Noah 
Mid bta MPS, aad \u» wfb, 
»«■*' wItih with htn: ottiy 
CTI1T7 cncplna: tiling, anil ant 
uni/ irhitiocm- rrrrrpotli ap 
uaiih, nfier tlx'tr Linib. v«i 

onC <i( tho >rk. And Noah 
lui altar iiiilo Iho l.attl>i 
of cvrrr cIcMi tciut. kDd 
clean fowl, and oflered tmral 
inffS on the kltar. And kht 
mellwl a sinMt unxir: •■ 
Lofm nid tn tflt h«ut.l a 
b(U>n cunc tliD firound hoj 
for Dua'a ukr ; for (Iw in 
tion of mui'i heart u nil fi 
routb; Kvitbor will I again 
anj mOM arar^ tiling lirioc 
lnT« diwe. tt'lule tlie earth 
eth, atoiltitnc and hitrcMt, ■ 
ana heat, and eimiim^T and 
and day and uifcht kIi.iII not 

jANOAiir 7. 

ffioniinfl. (iRWEsis IX. 


AM) God blcH^d Nonh lud hii 
iN)n«, and laid uuln them, Il<< 
fiultful. and nrnlliply, riiiil ropl-'nich 
tho earth. Ami tlii^'fi'inif .vmi rim) 
tbodnad a! yun nlmll biMipcm rtrrj 
twaat of the eirlli. njid upon every 
fowl ot the nir, iifioii all Ihul JiiovclTi 
Vf»ti tli« Mrth, nnil iiri»n oil th? 
fifdiM of the in>a ; intn yum i\;\\n\ 
nro lliey dolivcwd. Kvery muvitifl; 
IbinX that llTptli dmU lu tai'iit (ur 
Tou : OTO u the ctmii hurl) li!iv<' 1 
(riTen Ton nil iliingv. Bin flpih with 
ihR life [hitrmf, ipAn-A >i the blood 
Ihenfof, «li«l] yenot eM. Aiid ture- 
ly your Wood of yoiir Ii»M will I 
ivnufra 1 at tha hand of aTory heiMt 
will I reqnlr* it, and at the hand 
of oiwi ; ai the hand <t( every inau*ii 
bnUier will I reiiuint thu lUe uf 
man. Wham *h<>diltlh man't blood, 
by miD abiU hi> blood he »hed : for 
in Iho imace of God nudo Hp man. 
Aud run. lit ye fruilful, aiitl inuUi. 
|il}". Iirim; forth atiuiidniitl/ in Ihi' 
enrtli, and mulupljr tlitmn. Ami 
Cuii sfiako nan }Vm1i, and to hi> 
ttM* with him. ariug. Aiitl 1, be- 
-ftn/«4/a*iWi*b Uy ourenitlil with 

you. and with yenr te*A afti 
and will) cv^rjr Itvlttx (mtii 
U with yon, of iho fowl, of t 
tie. and of acory bfttrt af Ibi 
with yuu : frum all Ihil n 
tliL> A rk , to every beast of UW 
And I will (.«tabltih »r 
with villi; iiniihflr nIuII 
rut utt any mom by Uh 
Huud ■ neilher iluill Uui 
be a naod (o dwtruy the 
Gnd laid, Thia 1* tlie U_ 
niivenant whirh 1 main' 
Mp and yon and etny li' 
tuns lliat u wilh you. for . 
ijpiipratiom: 1 do wt Mylibw 
cloud, nnd 11 'h.-ill W (<» a 
of a eoTiitin.nI bclwrpn Mv 
mrlh. And it (liiUl oome . 
wht-n I hriiij: a vluud ov«t tlia, 
that ihi' b'lW "hall lie aecn 
clniid : and I hIII rrnirmbn 
vcnaiit, wliii:h ii ln-lw 
Vuu ajiol einy tiring O: 
nr»1i ; aiid tlic water* 1 
hrrnme a Hciod to dcjl 
AndxWtuTi rtvaUlie in the 
ttiid \ ■wiM \uO(. uvyn \\, V\«a' 


Jan. ;. 

M Mrf c«c9T Ihring 

III Uk Ifat ii ttfam Ihc 

«i GmI Mid uMo NMh, 
k htM d( ibi eavMiMDt, 
ti«t MaUMwd brtwm 
liakttet M upMi Ihr 
i lb HBt •( Noab. thai 
I <tf ilw ut, wm MMm, 
nl Japteu : ind TIriii 

VffukMII. TllWe ory 

■M«f Ifotfa: lail of ll»tii 
iMi cutli o wt ipw i j. 
bftu to W an hntbaail- 


ML AMd Ham. Uie 
iht nakid- 
bOmr, wd told hii Ino 
witkno. And Shem and 

■ IHUK 10 •* an n 

IHk «f tht vine, I 
Md be waa w 

Jnpballi twk s gUDMiit, utd liid if 
ufion botli tkeb ahoulden, nud vnl 
baeknu^, nnd ooreted the inked- 
iwn «r thnir bUwr; ud Uwir (iRfi 
rn-re haj^kmrd, uid tliejr uw not 
Ihitir blbwr'tmikeilnu*. AiidNunh 
amk* (ram li!> wino. uxl kul^w 
t*)iat hli TooDfvr ana bad Awn unto 
hiiu. And hp raid. Cnrwil Ji^ CV 
nniu : a MTtnnt or wnruitu kIihU 
he Ih) uiilu hii brvtliren. And tw 
MLid. bloMd k tlte LoHD tiod of 
Sbenn ; uid C&uaan iliall b« lUi icr^ 
niil. Tind *bUl eolaqm Jnptwtlu 
iiicl ho nliall dwell hi Uw MiU OT 
^lieni: niid CAniAii ■hnll lie hU »t> 
nut. And Nuab liivi! an«r tine flow! 
IhrM tinndred and tifly yfan. And 
all tlic dsyi nf Noikli wrri> nine Iian- 
(Ind BntI Ilfix }<^3ri : and he died. 


'7. Gktitins. Gknbsis XIJ. Januakt ?. 

IW L>u> laid mid oaUi 

E^— Gtl UiM Ml at Ihj 
Enn Utf klMdmL and 
__ a^fcMae,n(iiaalan4 
■ abtwtlMi and 1 wOJ 
IkH a (TMt uatiMi aad I 
Am wd ntlin tin naae 

Um thtm that bh> 
<an Ub (hat ooiwili 
ItethM (Ml tUIaailita 
A U Mmm4. 8« Abnm 
I W A* LoHO bad qMkcB 
I aad IM irmt with bin : 
» tnu itTfntj ud Stj 
«hat bv il«fi«tt»l out of 
W Abtun tMik Sani bin 
Lm bli br*Chrt*a aw, and 
■tiiUarF ikAt Ibejr htd 
m4 lb> *a«]> IhM Ihfj 
n Id Harao ; aiiJ llvj 
Ik l« (s tnta (b* luid at 
I into the Und of Ca- 
ll*. A ltd Abran paa- 
I th< Ua<l onio th* ^lari 
lit* pbia ofMurrh. 

laii* unoi th«a ill iKu 

I Loui a/fft-jrvit uato 
H Cola tfy ir.'/ irilt 
■ ■ ami lirtr hnrfjat 

peared unto Um. And hr rrmoTed 
bwn ihcuTv uittu a iDomilain on the 
•an ot Bolli-ol.aud plltlii'd bin Irnt, 
Adr^Doth-f] on l)i«wrtuandlUi 
oa the tail: and tlicrr he tiuildnl 
•a alur luto the Loan, and callrd 
upon Hid name of the Lukp. And 
Abraui JuiiniejF<i,itoIiiu un still lo- 
watd the Mulli. Aud ihi'r* wm 
a btaiiic io Lbc land: and Abmni 
unit duwo ialn EflTpt t« KJoum 
i1i«it ; lot the faniuv irw rtIviihik 
in the land. Aud It came l« pa**, 
wlicn be nai o»nic Qeai (o enter 
iDlu £icrpt, t^Llt be Mid nntu Sani 
hi* wiK, Dvh'.dd nuw, I know thai 
thonarl it (ntr woman to 1i>oI(. iipon: 
tberclnn It abaU mudo (o pans, i*tml 
til* E^tiana ahnH Mt thi^r, that 
thtj iSall Mr, Tbiit u hia wiTr : and 
^^wy will kill >ii<>, Iml Uirf mil »>« 
Itinj alltn. Sar. I pnij- lliw, Ihoii 
ail my nilcr; that it mnr liu ircti 
Willi mo fnr thy cakv ; aiid mj tfroi 
tihall liiv baraoMi of thcc. And It 
I eaiai to pnM, tlul, whm Abmm 
I nan roQiD lnl« £g]Tt> ^ Bg^V^'"'* 
hthrM (lid iroinui Ihal the «•« tar^ 
Air. Tr«> prioco alM of r\aivni 
«;w Aer, aod mmiKnddd hct bctoi« 



tt. i«*r, lOo ;,p. / Ptomn; nod the iroinati ^a» VblVto 


Into riiamih'i tunu«. An<) Iw m- 
truud Abrnm ml] fur her bIm: 
uul lie Imd iluicp, uiJ Dion, and ba 
MaM, and BvnMtvMitii, aad mkid- 
MrrwiU, >nd the uao*. and tan^liL 
And Iho Lord }>lM;iirit {'humvli 
ami bii hoaw wtiJi urpst uIoxhh 
becaOBB of ^luai Abimui'i nilc. .Anil 
PhkTMh i:«IW Abtam, aiiil uiJ. 
What u tltii (Ad/ (liuu la*L Uiid* 

Oax. xn 

iiato ma? why dUat Ikon i 
me UiW *ht wM Ay nlEtl 
■udat tkau. She it taj alit 
I ni«lit laTB Ufcoi hci to 
vrtft : now Uimfarv Mm 
wi/a, taka At, aad « ik 
And PKf ah omnnuDaad I 
eoii«aniiu biio : and thvfa 
away, and faia mtc and aU 

Jakcabt (4. ^omiiif, GsNBets XIII. Jamvj 

AVD Abran mat up out of 
KitT;'t- hv, an4 h]« irifs. and 
alt lliul III' liu!, anil 1^ willi hiu, 
lulu ilia miuili. Ami Al>rain mu 
ti:r)- rich in ciiilt, iu ■IItot, ood Id 
uolj. And hfl '"ont on faU jonniaT* 
frum tliF wiith trra to Beth-«t, nnlo 
till! iilion wlii-N hit tout hid iMpn 
at Via boglRQinfc bcttretm IlDt)i'«l 
and llal; uiiUthe iiUoBortho altar, 
whioh he had itiiidi- iliL're at the &nrt: 
and ilicic Ahram rallvtt OD tha name 
of Ihi! Luni>. And Lift aim?, wtilrli 
wtnt uilh Atfnxn. lu'I 3<»'k*. and 
Iwrda, and tnit'L And the lajij n-at 
Dot able to b«tr (hem. that tiie; 
tnigllt d*reli tPKelhcr : (or Ihrii nub- 
Muin was KTcat, to tliat Ihtj coold 
not dwvll le«ottin. And tbvni wat 
a Arifa li^twmi thahonlinpn of A- 
tmia'i eattl* and the hcrdmcu of 
Lot'i ntttc: and tli? Canuinits ui'l 
the I'ffiixita dwillcd thru in tbe 
land. And Abntin niil iintn 
L«l tliMw b» iin "trifw, I limy tlico, 
batviovn tat and tlirp. anJ Vtwtcn 
ar li»da*n aoJ iKj- hcrdiutn: 1m 
w« it hrolhren. /i uol th* whn1» 
land b«(<ini iW? »»|aiftttf ttiy«lf. 
I JinrthM. from no; if fAnu <fUI 
uke m left bajul, Umd I will i^> t« 
Um tUU; or If dUa r^p.irf lo th* 
rUil lud, IbfD I will go to ih« 
Mt. And tot liftad np Ma r^ca, uid 

bctictd all the plain of Jordl 
it iriH wfll walvrfd •rary 
b«f"iv Ihv l.oMi' dfttrwyeil 
AQiJ tiomartmli, fr^n ai th* 
of the I.oBr'. h\t Iho land of 
tut tticu cO'ineM uuto J^oaf, 
Lot <h«H him all the plaia 
(Ian ; and Lot jaamrycd •■ 
tlwy n-pantad lliana«l''M i 
from Iho dthor. Alnam dw 
the Iniid of Canajxn. and Lot 
In the t^ilifi of lhi< plain, ani 
fd Ail tl'tit IdVPanl SudoiD. 
men of Aiidutn wm wirktd 
ncin before ihoi Lo*D eli 
And the Lonn said unto 
after tliat Lot waa aepantl 
h!rn. Lift lip now iMn* 
look frnin iho plao* whn* I 
narlliirard. and aoallnrard,* 
nmrd. and weatRard ■. tit 
Innd nliirli thnn >r**1. to III 
I K<*^' iti and to ikj n«d te 
And I will make thy " 
dniit of tha elTlh ; to that i( 
ran number tlic dual of Um 
llten shall thy wfd llw W 
•d. Arl*», wKtktttroaAa* 
the iimHtii of it and in lh« 
*r it : Ut I will Kii* It uni 
Then Abnm nmiirti kit 
aiiiiL- &nd iIwaH In lh» j 
ManiK. whL^h i< (n IMk 
built thort nn iKir ntta tha 

Jancabt 8. (EbciiiiiQ, Gknesis XIV. Jakctj 

AND it t*tn» to Ttsia in the days 
u/ -loirapTrrl Vinji of Shinar, 
Ariath kiag of £UBB«r, Chedorlao- 
m«r iuy rf Elan, and Tidal Vimi 
Of Mthn»; iJM that taado ww 

with Utni kinjt of Sotloin. i 
Binlui kiniij vf Cmnornli, 

o! 7*\ioniB, M.(L 0»» Viwn 

« MiunMd, and m»* to 
IM, vtricli it KaaMb, Bn4 
10 lb* •MDliT of IW Aw>- 
!wl alM Ik* AnwrttM, tint 
» w— --— — ■ Att-l thm 
m Ik Uo^ of Sodom, mat 
IrfOoMornh. ■■») the kiug 
■^■•dlfco kinK Dt ZttMdlm, 
I Um of Bel» (til* am* It 
U<U«7 |9b*d baltio mtb 
I O* i>«iW ot gSddim ; nith 
tMMrtto Ung (4 Etaai,anJ 
W Mm •! ButoM, MHl An- 
Uh tr HMaw, and Arkoh 
l&w; Cm k^ irith ■*«. 
t nb of ShUba iMM /W/ ^ 
K; Ml Um kinn cf Sodcm 
fimi «e>l. aaS Ml lhrr»; 
V UbI irm^md Bad lo Um 
fci Ab4 ihcr took all ihi 
f SadoM a»4 Gowonah. and 
Ir ■rirtwia. ant wmt llwir 
M tk7 took 1^ AbnuB^i 
'k aaa, «h> 4«>*h In Sodan. 
. pat*, aad d(]iam(J. Am 
Mo «M ikat hwl owipML 
IjWBa tht lUbnir; fW 

Milt Us gooda, uiil tb« wornvn iXn, 
mod tii» pMplo. Ami tii» king of Su- 
dani iT^nl out to RiMl Aim atter Ua 
mum fr«v th* *langlit*r oF C}«- 
dor1i9.aDint, and of llic kiogt that 
twr* wilh him, lit tho rallejr of 8ha- 
Vfb, whi»i u xhe kioic'ti daK*. And 
MvltJiiivdvk kni»t Df ^Hlvn bnnglil 
fiirtli brrij ivtiil wSno: and lia wm 
tliD ftiwt of ilio moft hie]) God. 
And ne blcMirit him, mid Hid. Diet- 
ed te Abnm of the mart hiKb God, 
pomaior nl btarpp kii] I'lirt Ii ; ana 
el«iaad be tlie tD(~t liit-h (locLWIiich 
halli dtllTprpd thiiiii riK'nilri tnto 
Ihjr hand. And lie gftic hitn tithaa 
Dfall. An>l ilir klni; of Sodoin Mid 
unlo Abrsin, Girc inu the peraoaa, 
auil takr ttie Ki»il> to lliysi.Jr And 
ALinm miil to IliO kiiijj ol Sndnm, 
1 hsif lin up lalno liand unlo Iho 
Loun, the moit hlgb God, tlie p«*- 
SMeor of haivil and t<arlh, that I 
will nirt take from a ikrvi'l *itn (o 
k *harla(''1iPl, mid ihiit t trill not 
tak* anf tiling tlial ii thine, lett 
tkon ihanMM laj. I hniu made 
Abram rich : tai* ualj thai which 

*kA to_in» feBBM l,M>^ A*»BA Khil «l>a 



He bf«DKht htm forth almait, ud 
■aid, liiKib iinv limni bfkvwa, «tid 
tdlt lliii ntxr*, if lli'iu br >tlr U 
mtmbrr tliem : and lli> laij nnlo 
him, So Oiill IhT Dwd be. And lie 
briicvi'il in Liiv LuM>;i.ndtIao(HiDt- 
url it In liim fur riglitMOWOM. And 
Hd >ai(l iiuio him, I itm the Lnao 
ihat brou^lxl (face out of L't of ttu: 
ChsldcH, to give tbce ltu< land Id 
Iil)ii!iil it. And lie txiil, Lir>) <••»', 
whvrab/ •lull I knuH lliat I >i)iull 
inhfrit il? And lie uld uiilo liini. 
Tilt Ml! an heifrr uf three yeui 
old. anil a ahc H<>nt of (liree fvxn 
old. iBiJ a nm uf tlirau j(ai* uld, 
aJiJ II tiirtlvdora, iiid > yunnji pi- 
gsoa. jVud he look unto Kita all 
theee.iiDd tliTidFJdusmlnllw midn, 
Mid Ikid ra^li piuoa ooe a«3n«t Mi- 
othnr : hut iSiv liinh dlvlilril Iiir n<:it. 
And vbcn tin bwli mnic Jowii uj>. 
OB the MTCMn. AWm dmtv them 
virtj. And nrhen tbu lun wai go- 
inR down, n d«ep Hivrp f»1l iiiiin 
Aanin; snJ. lo, aii horror t>f icrvst 
darimoM foil upon him. And He 
wd auto Abnun, Know «[ i aurrt; 

I that th,v tetd AxO he » 
, a luid 'Aa< h> tiot thnr*!) u 
; «cnu IIiCB i attd 1^117 dull 
, them firar hokdMd yon: a 
j (hat nation, wbem ikrj Ml 
will I judite : and (Jtawii 
I lht7 tatnr OQt with gnal mI 
And thoa (halt m ta tif 
in pvioe ; (hun Khali br bu 
a Kood old Me. Bat la (h« 
Krni'ntian tlwjr ahsU cant 
ui.iiii-. fur tbf iBiquitjaf tll~ 
itiTi u not yrl full. Ami it 
piut.tlul. when Uio lua wti 
■ad it wu dftrfc. behold k ■ 
fiiniB«^ and > IniTuitis Ul 
tatawl bMwvvn tlwM fiaast, 
■nine dajr llio Lonn nail 
Tenant with Abnni, ujiu 
dijr Kcd hare I siiea tlu 
fiDin thp rinT of ulTPt -_ 
grrat riftr, tliw rivrr Euiibnl 
Kniltri. and llir KraixtilB*. 
KDdinoiillci, and the lllttit 
lh< Pi>riuitfi. and ihe It*] 
wid (litf AmnritKH. and 4lie ( 
ilof, and lU Gliignthitw, I 

NOW Snub) Ahnim'a wifo faan> 
him no obildrtn: and the had 
U kunlmaid, an Bprptian, wliow 
nariM uru Haor. And Sarat mid 
nnto Ahrain, Ekhold ti«w, Iho LoRo 
lllith Tcitmiitrd wc from btariug: 
I pray thtt>. jio in uiilo nur mvdt il 
nuj bn ttiat I may ubtaln (idldMn 
)v hiT. And Ahnm iMarluntd U 
tn» rtnoi of .Sarni. And Sanl A- 
bmu'i o-lfi" t»"k Kigar her maJd 
thet^tyiilioii, nft.T Atjram hsd rtireit 
ti'H j*»T» in Ihii land of ("unun, and 
Kav» IwT lo her huvbuid Abrua In 
be hill wife. And be went in uuui 
Hasu.'odahscaiusiml; taui wlwn 
sh9 nv thkt (he Ind Hnraived, hor 
mintrac wu detpiMHl iu licr ptiw. 
And $«nl Mid iidio Almm, My 
WKD/i i* upon thm : I hi*o gitvn 
Bva^ltHutothyhoma; udwlua 
«/w jaw (Aal iibfl liul conetirad. I 
nas thspiseij ia her tva : th» Lulu 

jntliK belwocn nw anil 
Aiirani uiJ unlo l^aral, Beb 
maid li in Ihj hand ; ila (q l 

a.xtlilhvti. And when 3u 
ly with liM, *he fled 
fac«. .Vud Iho uuictl of lb* 
found bar hy a foanuin of 1 
th« wUdenwM, br the fonn 
tb4 vny U Sliur. And )» n 
gar. Sorai'* maid, H-heiice 
thou? and whither wilt tl 
And she Mid, 1 Sim from I 
of ray nMtivM Sinl. And 11 
of the [.onn iiaid unM hM. 
to thy TmiitrM*, and mbmii 
iiiidiT her liandi. And tht 1 
ihu Lord nld netc htt, I n 
tiplir thy sf^il esciwdlusly, 
vUatl not bo nutnbMvd (or d 
And tlie Migdl nf the Lntio 
to Utt.BcAiAV&.fouuuitwli 
Mid koaU^i^t ^aaiviukllj 



• Onr aneUaa. And b> 
iM Ma: bkluMlMx// 
I vmr ■», ftnil i^FTj 

mi wiMt Mm : unl h* 

fl B tb* prevnini vf all hi* 
Ami die «bIIb4 (Ik umu 

•»» Iku tpakt unto iwr. 

4 ■»( mt: for nhf nid, 
ben loatud aftor Ifim 

tlisl tKiOt ma * Wbcnbi* thi 
wi* Mltfd flf4f-l*>iAl-ni; behold, 
ii twCnvoL Kmiflih and Bend. At.. 
Ilftgar bar* Abrain » pmi: ud A- 
luuD ullril hli Min'i uurac, whUh 
IUku bum, lEhmipl. And Abrau 
ipJM tuurwore ami »t yenn «|d, 
nlinii llaitu baru Idiniitel 

r 10. iBomina, Gexeiis XVir. Janl-ary i 

irWn Abnm wu aiuetjr 

■ aU uid aiw. IW Lomi 
to Ahma. and wtd miU> 
IW AtoiiRkurQod: waJk 

EiMd b« ibM perfKi. Aii<l 
in Uj ntmMi bciowm 
kM, ud win mnliiphrtliM 
Ety. And Abnan (til on 
ulkcd iritb bim, 
>■ .IwlKld, Mi roie- 

I urc. ud tlMni ilisll bo 
■anj uUml Keitim 
H> u; mm W (allei) 

■ bibcv sf mioy iiMion« 
' Um*. AndlvQlBokc 

taltftd. ud I mil 

__ . llMe,UdkiB|Da)»JI 

•CthM. And I wUluta- 
'MRMBt bttwrca M« u>l 
1^ BMd after thcc Id Uicir 
«• hr aa crcriattiag core- 
bt a Uvl naiu ibM, and l« 
«6crdMib Aa4IwU]0<« 

Hh a«d t« ttijr (Md OlM 

»Md whanin thva art a 
, M tba la»4 af 0»naan, 
iufh ltng |i M ii»l a «; ind 
^ tttir Oo4. And U«d aald 
imm, Tboa rinit bm My 
_ Hcftfon, tbni, a>d llij 
vAn la Uwir anMBtiouB. 
Ir Mwaaaal, whleli y* it»ll 
to«B He aad j«a and Ihj 
IV Am ; KtVTjr auo cfaUd 
■ten b« vinonciKd. 

■■d It ihall bfl » 

IloDK. Iir Ilifll is bom in Iht Ini 
gr bonglit wilh mnimy of aiij ( 
Her. n!ii<:li ij not of ihj- urnl. Ho 
ibit i^ bum in [liy livuw, auil he 
tbftt Is btidiibt witlj Iby uiuuey, niitrt 
Dc«4li bo olrciuDcltc'l : and \(y core- 
nant ihall be in your Drub far an 
eiirtatlinx covrtunl. And the un- 
cirL-ntudted man cbitd whoK lleab 
ai liin furtekm l» iioi clrcumdaed, 
Ihsl mqI thall be nit off tuna his 
people: he hath brnkrn My cove 
oaat. And God laid untn Alnhami 
iV4 fcT Hani tin wife.tlura alialt iwt 
ntll bcr name Sgjal, but Strati lAoN 
hra lUUM if. And 1 will bins her, 
ud fdn thte a aon alio of hrr : \vt 
I irill blese lier, and «Iic nhiUI no «J 
mothtr of nation) : Uiua el peoph 
fball be of her. Then Abrahun td 
upnn hie fa(«,and laiiK^ied, aitil « 
in hie heart. Shall a chUil be bo 
aato hiiB tmt ie an hnndrod rt* . _ . 
oU? aad tballiwrali, tbaliiiuiuly 
7tan9ld,bw? And Al>ialiam taiil 
uato God, O that iibniBcl might lire 
before Thcpl And Gud nid,!»i«h 
ttiy ititt gliail bvar Ibw a *«n in- 
dved ; and lliou pIuII call fall fUDkl 
Inac : *'id 1 wlU cHlablbh My co- 
(eiuiil nilh him for an DrerlaMing 
corsoinl, and with big kmiI »ft*t 
liiiri. Aud lui fnr Uhuinol, I Iibt* 
lieiui] Ihi'o : Iti'balit, 1 h>iv blmed, 
hum. Mid will luskr lijm fmiltii 

Uid vnU tniiltrply him raceiHlii>flr|^| 
tB«lvr princM slwll ha bent, anil I 

. , -^ will uialto liini a xnat nadon. tttt 

r )he n ieaaal hrt"l»» M,- / Mf efrnaat iriJJ I eetaMitll frittl 
.^Aa iirll uli* rit6l Jm^* j iMe, w1,teh S*nb alull ttat unlo 


r<^- '»«»J He left or lalkiiig wvlh 



Ua,u«l G<hI «m up fnai Abis- 
haa. Ami AliraliAiu tOftk lafaouul 
Ui MD, tn>) :tll thtl n*T» iMn la 
hii Iioudo, uJ nil that want boo^ 
with but inuUL'T, crvrv Toiile nmous 
Um mtn of Amhun* botiM ; ftM 
dmimdMd tlM iath of th«!r fon- 
lUn b Ibe telfum* dif. u Coil 
hkd Mid nntn him. And Abnhnm 
Oiat ninety jrcnn; old aad miic,wlicn 

ht fru cfratBtbtd is Uu 
hi* feTMkin. Aiul IUum^ 
iNu thJttMn 7«uii old. nh 
einnunclafd in th« tmh « 
ikin. Ib ttia Mlftun* 4at 
braiuin citcumcis*^ um 
hia ton. And »U lli< lU 
hiMiBo, bom iu tbe toiue.a 
with monrr «f th« iiru^ 
drrittnciiwil ivith hin. 

jANlTAnv 10. dbminil, OKNKaia XVIII. Janb 

AND Hio r.oan oppponul onto 
him in tlm plaiim nf !)UiTir« : 
HI'S hs nt in the trat duor in (he 
hut ot thi' diy : u>(l lie lift up lili 
tju aiiil luuked. uiL, lo, (hreM noii 
Unod br bim: kTuI irlies he mw 
Ihttn. b" nu Id mwt thcini frum llin 
tout dout.wiJlwwtdliiiiisdr tow .irl 
Ihu lirouiid, mil uiiU. M]' Lonl. if 
uow 1 hB«e found bvour iu tli.v 
iijtht. pu» not awiy, 1 pny Lhi>«, 
bvni iny Mrrant: ht n litU* wai^r, 
1 Vf*y )'"■>> fa« fatoliHl, and wuli 
f uuT fui.<[. Bad re*t yonnelve* midi^r 
tlic tree : and I wUl (etob a momel 
.of brMd, utd osmbK je you t hefiTtc ; 
aftor thu ye shall pu« on : for thara- 
fani an r> """' <" >'""' tumnt. 
Ami l)i«y niJ, So cIo, in IIkiu liMt 
Mill. And AlirabiLDii huteufrd iiitu 
■he tent anio Sanh, andaaid.Mnlk* 
Na^ qnlckly ilare nwa«DrM of flno 
Pirnl. kticnd it. mii mrtkr (aku Dp' 
on llw ticirlli. Ami .\briiaun mu 
unlu tlie lierd. Mid fvtcLt t caJf ten- 
der kiiil Kuo<l. and san it unl« i 
rnx mill ; and hi natlcd to ilmt 
And b» took bnlt«r, and iniik, 
and till' calf whidi be bad dn»wtl, 
luiJ ml H before Uicn; Uid he ituud 
by lliem uudcr tb« ttve, autl ibey 
did fal. And tbty Mid unlo Lira, 
When- o ?arah H\y wife? And he 
■Jd. iirliiild. in llw tpnt. And He 
Midi I wUi crrtiunly tetam iiiita 
tbet aoooidin^ t« tlir time uf tiie : 

emi, la> fiorah tltr >if<< eball hftvc a 
jwff. .JfJiI Ssrnh hcan] i( in tlie trni 
IJtmr.lrtiirh fni Whlaii liiin ^i>w \ 
jj^Anihinj lud :Sanh ifirre old nnd 
*«u ab-jckrti io we ; und il oeiatd 

to b< irilb S«rnh after th 
of wumvn. Tlieivfort SuiJ 
witliiii liurMtf, wyiM, Af 
WHicd old alull I Kavci 
my lord b«iii£ aid alwfj 
LoBD said unto Atnbin 
fom <ijd Sarah Ungka^ 
I uf a aunty boar a dill^ t 
ulU f la any tbin^ loo IM 
Luno? Al the time apptdl 
rviiim unto tiMt, Meorai 
timu of Iff*, and Smh iU 
lull. Tben Surah dmitd, 
lauubi'd nut i fur aha wt 
AuiI He Mid, ^\y : )ni< it 
laugh. Aii-i the mea nM 
tlipn'v. and loakad towaH 
uid Abrnbam irrat wiili 
bnuu tliem uii ihe way. 
Lutu) Mid. Sliall 1 Indc U 
him that tUag nhldili 
that Abrahin ihall nm| 
n ^r»t luid tniRlity naMit 
Ilii- Li^iliun:! uf tlie nuthi 
blvuK^d in biln? for I 19 
Ib&t lio will coBinaiid U| 
ftiiii biH bniiHchoM aAcr i 
ibc)' ihil) keep tba «nl 
liuiiu, tu do justice aad J 
tbat tlui UiKD may btiag 
brahHai tlini vrtucb lit hat 
of bint. And tlic Loan i 
caoM tho <vy «i Sodotn an 
lah it gTMb and btcanM 
i» rery frieroae ; l nil! 
niiw, and see irbethn tberJ 
nItiiKethcr actordias to ihi 
nhicb i* onrac nntn nic ; a 

, ibni tatsa b<n& •^tfox^ 
\ Vinra*4*!gto»v \w«. h^H 

DAILY Lr.ssoNa. 


IW LntD. Awl Abn- 

SMi. •»<] Hid, Wih Thou 

dH rtihKoiu vhh ih* 

mdtMiim than b* fln? 


md not nm Urn pUm 

r Htr riRhtMiu ibkt vf iWr»* 

I H br ftm nee to <lo aft«r 

M. la ii*y th« riffhlvoni 

I wtekvd: sod ihu (W rU!i. 

Mid to w Dm vioknl. Ihii 

am Ite* : Slull uoi the 

if d Ihc nrih ilo ii«ht? 

Lq«i> ni4. If I flnd (n 

Sfty riitffaMaa* wnhhi llw 

n I will nMK all the pUre 

' MhM. Aad Abnhia an* 

llttlMld. BehaM iM>, I litie 

KK« IB nctk naw Uw 
«M BU Aiat and vim: 
iMtwt llwra itell hek ftn 
lljkv iliMmii «nil than dt- 
Idl Ih* dt* fat <Mk qT ive? 
■M, llllnd Uum htrlr 

■nd flTK, I irill not dMtnyti. And 
he Hpake unto dim ynt tfiin, md 
nirl, t'vni^vi-uititv thoN thill b« 
fn«j- fniiiiJ ilii-re. Ami lln Mltl, I 
Kill not do it fnr tnny* nJu. And 
tm mid unla //In, Oh lei not llw 
Lord br angT}:', nii'l I mil nprak ; 
PcradTDnliuv tln-rv xliitll tliirty b« 
found ih«r«. Ami Kv uiid, I wilt 
not dn I/, ir I fiiiil ttitrlv (hmi-. And 
h» uul, B«liolcl nou', I lutTe LJivn 
npoD me to *]<Rik umo tha LoH t 
Fend*cntur« I1j«iv ilmll tw twnibr 
(nond th»r«. And II« raid. I trlu 
not <\Mnj tl for t«pntF'(< tmke, 
An<l lie Btid, Oh Irt not ibii Lord 
!» lojoy, aiid I will ii'oah ynt hnt 
thij ODw: Frndoiiiture l^a iliall 
br fonnil tfirri'. And He uid, 1 will 
not di""irn.v ■/ for twi't lukR. And 
ths LnKi) nnit Iliii nrajr. a* MNm m 
Ho had left c'lmmiiritiur irilh Abi*- 
ham : and Ahraliitiu K-lurueit unto 
hie itlHX, 

tar II. inflntbtff, GxnbsisXIX. JAsrAHv 11. 


lw» ugtli lo ' thill the door :ifl«r him, ard mid, 1 
. . aMlMliMln I praj fuu.bntliKn, do iiotM vfck. 
«( Sodm ; nd Lot inkiK , t^'r- DdioM non, 1 have two 
■p t« Bert Ihfin; anil IW ] danglilfin which hnre not kmywu 
man; let mc. 1 pmj ynq, liTil«! them 
ant unto too, and du jr^ lo tnnn m 
if Rood u rouT ejra: only unto 
ihtfie Brn do oothini:: for tberefor* 
,mi warii nor fot. aiut came thry amlcr thr' ttudow ot my 
fM IV nn7< and ga no r«of, An.) ihpy uid, Stand baok. 
And l!icy Miil again. This on* yisf- 
Itnr cunu In I'} wjuurn, and he vrill 
Dt<Aa bt a jttdue : now will wc d»al 
woiM with the*, than with ihem. 
And they prmed «ore oiwn the 
nuui, erfn Let. and caino tiear to 
break tht^ dour. Kni \iK uieii )>nt 
(■Mill thdr haoil. (tiid pulled Ld in- 
>4lhr d(r,Rm tWaea of lo llic hcurc lo them, aod thul to 
(Mt^kaod tbr booM Tound, i the doot. And tbej amvtc tin- nien 
" J that ittre at the door of Iho booM 
with blindiKM, both nnall and gnUi 

. -...' M> ihti thy wearied tUmmehn to 

wbMiMw^ A/<>Mn-/dai/ct#(fo(ir. And Ibe niea *al& Hcn- 

S^^flto^rf /iriii '"•'■ Md thy wni. wd ' 

' wf tk Ills Uu» towwd 
It Had ho i^d. BtlioM 
Mt( van la, 1 pray you, 
r avTvit'i Umm, aud tarry 
1 warii nor fot. and 
- im nnr, and gn no 
Aa4 Aer aaid. Nay; 
' «fn aMdf ta iha Meet all 
iai Im yraaod npiw thm 
~) Md lli(T laraM In onto 
Id mtimti imo Ma booM! 
Mda ilmi kiaarttaaddil 
■fc j i i — d bnad. aad tfaey 
B«( before Hmj lay dcrtni. 
4lhr theaeaoj 
the booM TOund, 
■ad jrevog, all (be peontr 
rf ««f1«: aad Uwy eallnl 
Ui,a»d laU «aw hfan. Wtmv 



in Uift «!ty, bring Aem oat of lUi < 
piMw : loi tre will deatrw Hm 
plwx, bw«uM! Ilia erj of Inem i> 
fTBim itrnt hthn Im tmee of llu 
LuHti ; Bii-I l1i« I.nai> tialh Mul lu 
to dditray ll. And Lai ircnl oat. 
■Bd f>pmko uu(o hit non^ in fnw. 
whlcli maniisl hi* duiatitera, and 
wJ.L'p. art yun out uf tliU jiIbm; 
fur til* L»Ri> Hill ile*lniy ihU clly. 
Bnlfaii Mcntvd u one tiai moekod 
unto 111* tons in la«. AiiJ nhm ilio 
maniiiiK uwitliru lIip iliikvIs hsn- 
teneJ Lot, Myiiiig, Ariw, Ukr tlijr 

»r» here: Icit (Imu bi- coimimtd in 
tho iuiqiiity of thu tily. AiiJ lyliilr 
he liuKtircd. thv iririi KM liolJ ii]>»u 
hi> hnnd. am) ii|m>ii the linn4 of hiv 
•riff.anil >i]nii> ()i<.' liaiiJ cf hta two 
dnuft'li liitu ; tlii' I-obd bL-iiiR mt.reidil 
uulu him : and Ihvy liniiiKiit hiiii 
foitli. and vt him iitlliout tU. cily, 
Aiirl it oajuo luiiiJu-. whi'Ti tli|.y lii-l 
hinnijlit tbuiai forlb sbro;t.l, (lint In- 
uiit, Eiapo for Ihy life • tuck unt 
behind thoo, ncitlivr at&y thou in a[J 
tb« pliin : rKSpt- iu lliv mmiijl-Hin, 
If^rit tlt'iik b^ criiTaAiim^rL Aisd Ijfrl uiil 
iiiitn ibvoi. Oil. nrjl ta. my l.»ril : 
lieholJ uow. thy Hivaiit luith funinl 
^uco in (by uitht, kliit tbou li>Bt 

bail •Wiv«i1 iiiilii Uio ill >itiiiig mf 
lift ; »"ii 1 funnol cii-'ipff lo tho 
momiUiii, le^t lonie uvd talcc ni«. 
noft I die: behold uow. tbi» cil.v •' 
iu>u (0 flee uotcs tuid it i« n Uttl<' 
<)iii> : Oh. I't mo oiirnpti IhjthKr. (i> 
it not a littln nniir) mid mj- iioul 
■hnll Utd. And be Kiiid uiitu liiiii. 

S«e. I htvc acMpt«d t1 iNni.'.Tn- 

liie tttii thins ilw.tbAi I ivili i..,i 

ov*Til>»w tms city, tm tln^ "im-li 

thou liut i^okiin. Itsjili' then, I'l- 

<!9j>a tbithcr: far I cuiiiul du iiiy 

tiling (ill thuu be ocmo ihlthu. 

Tlicn'foro tlio numo of tlw city wm 

csUcJ ZiKir. T1i» mm ictw mi>n 

upon iho catiU wlifu L«l vuiiTi'd 

mtu Zuur- Tben thii Lunu niiii'd 

ojNNi Sodom and upuu (runiumli 

briautoiie u>4 Hie fruiu tb« Loan 

oat of banoi and He overtbrevr 

Ifiiw dlhiM, and s(] tJio pl&in, Eud 


•Uibc bihkUtADU (rftlie 
Ibkl wtdch Kttiit Dpod thi 
llul hia vnte loakti h* 
lihid kinii aad tibe 
ofMlt. And AtitalaBi 
io tho Dionun$ lo ibn |4hi 
lie itond bofbrs the Lohd : 
luokt-d towud Sodcos uid 
nti, ui'l towuJ ftll the luid 
pUlii,and b«bi|ild, and,la,lh« 
of l)ic couiilry wdiii up m tW 
of n fiiru:icc. And it c^me li 
nlicn <iu'l dcitiojcd tbi d 
iJhi i>tiiiii, lluit Uvd ramcB' 
brelinm, aiid Miit Lsl «ai 
midrt of tilt avtribmw, wl 
uvcrlbrriT iW citin u ibc 
Iiut ilwvlt. And Lot wml op 
ZoAi. luid dw«li bi tha w 
Bud hi' two d*ught«n trii 
for he feared to dwvH la Za 
liL. dwelt IP. B cfiTe, he vul 
d»iii;liU<r4. And Ibe Itntba 
iiuto tbi' yrtim^tfT, Our /bUmB 
and Mrrr U not > mui In IIm 
t<i FoiDc in Data a* nfua tha I 
of all tli« rarth: cnn«,l«t I 
uiiT filhrr ilriuk wine. Bad 
iii> irilli bim. tliat wr oMf . 
utri of our father. Aad libij 
tlinr father driolc win* that 
and lb# Hrntburn went b. 
mth h«r (atlw ; and b« 

lint wbiin ubi> lajr dowV, a 
(hc^ a.raio. And it faiu* to 
t)^? iiiurtviv, tbnt the Srttbii 

:iii''. yiiiinS'T. Btbold.I' 

j.ilIiI wilh my father: 
[u;ik« bin drieik wiu* Ui 
!tlai> : and go thou in, owl 

Itiin, that we mu praM_ _ 
"•IT hihet. And tncy mad 
iiibflr driok vina thsl niM 
.iiid thu yunngor arruv.anill) 
him ; aud lue |i«rfni-»i na 
■liu lay down, not wht'n 
Tliiiii w('r« liiilli Ihu 
Liil with diildh; th«lr. 
(he flnlbuni bam a mn. 
bi£ laiDc Munir; tbn suna (i 
Uii-i uf t)i(^ MoubituH till' 
And tb« youdvpr, abe i 
5un, 411.4 cifle-ii toanMB* 
I i\\e >a.inv U iIm U^Jmi 

Cfcmina. GKN-Ksrsi XX. Jampasv n. 

briM^luon me lod on mvkludMi 
A gnmt Mu y liioa ban digo* ovwU 
UDto me ilul Du^bt i]«t Itt b« dou. 
Anil Ahimi'lerli laiil unto Atin- 
h»la, WImI nawest tliuii, lliat tlitn 
butdniui Ihl* tliia^? And *iira]win 
nid. ll«iMiwo I chourfil, Surdv |h« 
rrMrofCodii not in (hb pUoe ; ud 
lltry will tiiij me tot njr wif«', 
nk«. And ni iii<Io«<l (Ac ■• ny 
•utcr; bIu Ii tbo dsujtlilar of mf 
f*lliw< bal nul tii« (iKiiEhtor of 107 
dao(]i(j; and »hr boDam* my trit*. 
AmA it Mate to pus irhnn God 
Hand n« to iruukr from my b> 
Iher'a hoatr, tliat 1 taiiJ anta Iwr, 
Thd It thy kiiiiliicu wliieli tlw« 
■halt alien unio mi!: at every plM* 
Mhitbcr nc (hull came, •»* «( tni* 
U« M hi; bn{hL-r. And Aluuleffc 
took ib«v, aod oian, uul wwiWt 
Taiitii,<iii<] woeiaiiMrv&iitsjutd Hftv* 
lArm QDlo Abmhua, mi NittMvd 
him Sunli hi* wife. Add Abim*- 
lecliniil. Behold, my land i) bcfon 
IhM: il«e!l wburv It ploMtll IImw. 
Antl UDli) Suflh h« (aid. B«boU, I 
tutre Ki^ta th^ brather ■ tlwulud 
fiiervi of iiilT*r : hshald. b« ii to 
ihfA a c«>enng of ib« fv«». uuu 
all that HM vitli thod, aoJ with 
all ofAcr.- tbiu >lw wn* tvi.>r<iicd. 
$4 Abi^mm vny«d unta (Jii<] . \n>l 
Ood hMUed AclmclMb. and lii' vif«, 
uul hla nudiorTaiit*; scd tliuy ban 
ftUUm. KoF th« Lano had fatt 
DbMd np ill Itm wombs af the booM 
of AUni!l«cb. b«ii>nM of ImnOi A- 
bnhau'i thff. 

I tlw foalli Moa- 

brt«««i Katob 

iM^sacMJ la Gcnr. 

■aii of ftufth Ui 

n>d Ald>e- 

al. and tank 

. J toAbfwrlucL 

tV aii^ and laM i« 
t IkM iv/ iuf a 4oad 
* «<imaa wbiek tboa 
IW A* u a maa'f iritt, 
wk had tut e«•■^ noat 
I aid. Loird, wilt tlwn 
i^lcoaa aaiimr SaU 
lM.Sh* w mj«M«rr 
a aba femdr aabl, H« 
V: la th* iaUgrily of 

rttnn•a*BCJr «{ my 
l«M tUi. And Uod 
aba dmmi Y^, I 
on dldM tUa ta Um in- 
■ «Buac agaiMt He: 


■vnwt RvtoTo taa pbh 
M it a (ropUl, aad ha 
t Um, and tbM •hall 
Ikon iiMtoN Arr Dol, 
fcu tlua Aklt niMty 
td all ihu ar* Mat. 
)jMali(h na« aarif id 
Md called aU Ui w- 
Em all ibNc lUngi in 
■itka nan war* m« 
t AUaaUeh mIM A- 
iMU dmo him, Whu 

BSHftw? bad whu 
IbM, Ikni Unm haal 

AbtrnioB. Okvbsw XXI. Janu^rt is. 

tauc Mnis aiflht dajs old. as God 
hadaouanandailhiin. ABdAbnUum 
*raa bb lumdced jtan old, whan Ui 
■OD laao w*a burn nnlo him. Aad 
8aiah nld, God bsili ninijti me to 
, . bsjtb, n (iai all timt hcai «M 

_ alW tl» M«w «/ ' ilai^ft wiib Die. Ard sh« aaid. IWlwj 

■w««i/M,c4/fe, J ,y,^ bora Mm a ««i 

i«U»t4 6Mihaa 
I tte Umi did 
ttedapakao. Fat 
l,aail ban AWahau 
kldi^cat Ihawl ttm« 
Id k£d nokeu tu turn. 


Jxv. 13. 


to kin olil agr. And the (thild grew, 
uid w» wmdik] : ani] Aliraliam 
nida k gnu tnA the inm^ ilav 
tint lnft« wu WMDtd. A)ia:^,mh 
H<r the ton of M»(C»r th» Kinptibn, 
nliicti i>ti(> liail born unto Abnhui], 
mockinfl. Wln-rvfiir» sh* i»id nnto 
Alimlimm. CaM uul tlii> boiidwoitnN 
&I11I iiiT Mil : fur iIji^ koii nf tliis 
bcDilwoinan aiiall noi b« licir irilh 
n^ ton, fvea with Imao. Atiit the 
ttuDg vnt Terr ^otoiii in A)in> 
htm 9 tisbl bevauBc of his k>u. And 
0(nJ nld nnto Abraham, Lot it doI 
ba grievon* In thy «lgbt bi^cnuM of 
tlic Ind, nnit brranv of ti\y bnnd- 
WMnan ; in all tlial Hnrsh hilli nid 
uuto thw-, lu'nrlir!! niiW licr 'o[m ; 
for in [»»(' tlinll tli.v Ki'i^il be tiktlvd. 
And (il«i> of ihi' <oii iif ihf l*nilwo- 
ninn vill I maki' a nutiiin.| liccaiinc 
he ii tiiy si-cd. And row 
□p «ar])' in tlio tnuroinu, niid lonk 
fareui, xiiJ a I>cittl0 of wu(ii;r, and 

SiTC tt unto iln^ir, puttinK •' oa 
Vt fbouldtri nii<] Ibr (^liild. nml 
Bcnl her awnr: amt ehi.- ilc;'arit»<. 
aad wiudertd iu tbe wildi'nivs ut 
Bctr^^ttu. And cUo water mtm 
•pent In iht bnitk. and *hB cart 
toe child uudiT oim of Ihc ilmbg. 
And ibc Weill, mid sat 1»t dowu . 
OVvr BKUilMt Aim n BOud WU)' off, u 
ll nrrt t bowtbul 1 for nliv Mid, Lul 
me nal kc Uto d«tilh »( tbo child, 
And >hc mt orcr Kgiiinal him, n-nd 
lift ap b«r Toiee. and wnC, And 
G<Ht Mird Uie vuice of Ihc Ud ; uiil 
tbo luigaE of U<kI ealloJ to Iluf^sT 
out of hcareu, Bad mid unto lipr, 
Whnt nili^tb tbcv. Hum? fwir 
iigt; fur Ooil iiAtii hoard tb^o Ttiict' 
of Ihr Ud itlierc he U. Arise, ll/l 
aji th* lad. hnd hold him ii> lhiui> 
hand ; for I will mukr tiiin a ffrcil 
nalton. And Goil opcnitd Imr n.vm, 
and aho a&w a n«U of water ; xui 
■he unst, and flUiid tbo bottle mth 
iriitM', and gvia llw lad drinfc. And 

(tnd m* nith th* lii]; « 
and dwrll in tbt Wildi 
bt^rami! an ardw. An 
in tlie irtldsnMM of Vn 
mother took Ub s «Ut 
landofS^U AndJtn 
at that iIdw, that Abh 
PbidMl the cbjar <apl 
boR q«Ji« onto Abnhi 
God it with l>i«r b al 
doeit: DOW thmtan 1 
md horn by God that th 
d«al hiatiy with me, ni 
tun, nuT with uy aoaV 
uxordlog M) the Undo 
hart done nnM the*, tb 
untn mr, and to the lai 
thoa hut auJDumed. An 
Mid, i will if¥ieu. Ani 
rvprovtul Ablmelcch be 
w«l] of water, which 1 
•nrvaoU had Tiolentlr li 
And AbiradMb laid, I * 
bnth dune Ibis IbinK : ni 
l?iuu ivll uif, noltlicr yet h 
linltodny. ,^ndAbr^hal[ 
andflsnii.niidmvc tbcmil 
lucli ; uid butli uf Ibem m 
uaut. And Abrabsia »et 
lanbfi of lh( flock by 
And Abiuclcch nald I 
hanj, ^^'llBt fircn thoe 
lamb: wliick lliuu hut *i 
iielvite ? And iic taid, Kor 
«wa Iniiibi fbAlc tbon I 
hand, ttint Ibr>v may b« ■ 
to no, tbat 1 liatv dime 
limbs ; boraiue then thoy 
of tbcm. Thn> thcf mado 
Dt Beei-ihebai tbrn AU 
uTi, uid Phiobol tlH <'lu«l 
lul lioal, and thoy rotorn 
laiiil of the PhilfattDM. 
hjim I'kntcd a {TO*b in ] 
and uallitd tbfre on tlw > 
I^iRD, Uw everiaMing 0« 
bTBbam aoJMinwd la the 
land many dayi. 

■oi^iinil gfX lim mto the 
HatU; Mid Pftr hin ihrre 
W Anu ■p»a one »f the 
tnhm nm op t»tiy in tlw 
i, u« mMIh U« m, 4nd 

• •( hii /oag Btn iHib 
I laic hn MO, knd clanf 
ItK the boni oSbrins, mil 
I' i>l w«M uDlo the ul*ce 
i GM l*d loU bim. Tbn 
IIM •bf AbnhuB ltfl«4 
m, mi «w (be piMt adir 
I AW»h«a lawl nitbi bia 
n,AtMvr«L«n wtm tbe 
I Md ibr Ud will ^ fun- 
mnhip. anrf cone (dtw to 

* Abnimm to«k tbe wood 
M aAtkw, ka4 UM if up- 
■•«•:■•») 1m iMkUM fir- 
Mind a hiiih;ud they 
It tf llwH together. AbI 
Iko not* Alnhau hia h- 
I Hid, ity hth*r -. ivnd ho 
I* •■* I, Bj mn. Anil h* 
i*U the In ud tbo wood: 
!• la Iht laab lOr k bornt 

Aad AtmhM Kud, Mt 

I wQI prMlilt llimaelf > 
,> tmM oflVfuu : u Iho* 
M Ibm tuMher. And 

caiiijlii In 

, Id A lira ill in 

trmt wtd tnnk the. mm, niiit (iirvrvj 
him Bji for n bunit offcnnp m Ihc 
Ktfail of liit HUD, And Abrahain 
csU«(I Iho DAino of that plkci- Jr- 
hoTKh-jirrh: u IC in ■aid 'o thit dny. 
In tliB moiiiil of tliL- LiiiLuit aiiBllbf 
wcti' An*l llu^ mo'.'l <rt lh« Ldhii 
valivij uiilu ALirxliani niii «r lintven 
iW locoui] tlntc, nnil HtO, Dy ll;- 
»Blf h»T« I fworn, with the Lvito, 
for bcmuR tliau bad done tUi 
(hiniti snil htM not wtlhb«td thj 
tou, lliiiiF ualy fon; tLat In bloM- 
inn 1 wlil tiloM th«r, and In multl- 
ptylng I wilt multiply th; need w 
the Stan of dw hcaron, and u the 
nnd which u upon the lOa *hoTe: 
and thy whiiI oIuuI pnMiCM Iho fn(f 
of hit momin ^ ami In ihjr >ocd 
tball all tl>« ontioni of the earth bv 
hUwfcl \ boraiMF thnu hiut AbFjcd 
My i«i<». So Atiraliam rrtimwil 
unl<i hi* foang lucn, nod thoy tou 
up and vtcui logcthor to Dcir- 
nhrba i »Dil Abnham dirvlE at 
ItrvT-kholiii. And it arnie hi p»*» 
afu-r thM* tliliiKa, lliat It nf luld 
Abrohnln. HLyiiig. Bi'hoM. Uilcih. 
•he hath ■!» Iinru rhildrco unM 


Jancabt is. fflomins, Gbnksis XXIU. Jasvu 

AND Sanh ww tn hnndnd and 
, Mvva and tirmtj Toani old : 
Am* tenv ih» }>»»n of thv lita of 
8anh. AnJ Sirah <lir<l in Kirjsili- 
utwi t)w umi! iJ lirbnnin itiu laud 
of Canuiii: ftnd Abrahuu Ci-rne to 
Minrn fur Hnnb, tiud tu tm-p for 
b«r. Atiil AbTuJiiirn iiUimi iiji fr"in 
tefoio b<* di>Kd,aiiil apaka nolo tiit 
•on* itf lIctfajBfing, I am > atno- 
g«T and a n^oiirfiM trith I'm : gin 
ID« a pox-«miun of a bary'mgpnct 
irllh you, thai I may btirf tny almul 
out of mj ■%)'{. Ami Iho rhlMmii 
of HclZi :ui]rwL<rvd Abraltoiu, aajinfl 
onto liioi, IIdoi uis my turd : thou 
srI a lalftbtjr jiriDfi* •moag tii : in 
th* dhuii'Ji of our wiiulctirvn bury 
ttir And; nanr of di iliall wlili- 
tiolil from IIh» lui M|iiitclirv. Imt 
th*t then DiBjriMil Irtiry llir >ji«4l. 
And Alirah&iii i-uxn\ up, -and Ii'iwi'il 
liimiclf to ilm pcuplu i>f tlie hkiiil. 
fern (a th« cliiloren of Hsili. And 
he ooramudcd iritli thcid. uyina. If 
it tw jour raind thai I Hh(ii>l<t liury 
ay 'loud uiil of my mglit: lioar imi, 
and intri'cil for nifl to Kpliron ihe 
•Onk of Zolitr, tluit he inoj^ Ki**^ luc 
tfar can uf Machpelah, wuiitli tie 
bth, ir1iii<h ■'« In Iho i-nil uf hit 
BdM; far u rouirli imincy aa il li 
WMrth ho shall hiyo il me fun a pcrt- 
■eiBUiiii of a bur}'iiiK]sliiCL> amtiHEit 
>Xni. And Ephrun dwell aniuiiK tn» 
children of Hullii aod E|iIim>ii tVui 
Hittil« aDiMvMil Atrohan) in Iht 
wdlcMO «f the ohildMn of H^lh, 
I of all Out «r«t tn at the Rate 

the cats tlwt if thereiiit I 
tlw«[ in lb« M » >n e« of Iho 
ny P*»pk* gTro I it Ikoa: k 
dtaJ. A>d Abnttaa borm 
biin«ir bslon tha pWfAl 
land. And ht ^ako oaM 
in iIm audiaoM «( llio Map) 
Uiid, aayins. Bat If (iMa ■ 
>/, I pr*r lilt*, bear ma: 1 1 
tbBc money tbt the ftoldi II 
ID«, and I iiill borr m^ doa 
AM E^hrvn viawtxri Al 
aaytng uato Mm, Uf lonl. 1 
UDid mc : tlw laml » wo 
liiindrcd rhcikrln of nlicr; 
that )>rlviixl in« Mid Hm 
limnittftt iky diiad. And A 
hnarki'iK'd unto Epbron; i 
liud vtii;hcd to EpliToa 
tihidi 111* lud iiitin«il ill ih 
riirc »f tli^ kijnM of Halli, fiM 
dniil jtliikvLiibf ■Uvar.cuiTani 
with ttii) nirrcliauU And |] 
of Cfilirau, whioli nmi in 1 
Ish, ivtiirl' iriu Ifffon Mmi 
lirld, nml llin >-n\'* wblith 
111. and all (ho trtaa thai . . 
Ttl.). that inrf« in «U iko 
rouiiil nboat, (Tftv mad* 
Atirahiini (or m M i t m mii 

CrmiKf of Iha cBildtoa 
fare nil that vent tO at I 
<]| hi) city. And afWr Ihi^ 
bun liurii^d Katali hit wifa 
eat* uf tha Rtld of htaehpt 
fore Mamrc : the aame it lie 
tbo land of Canaan. Ami 11 
and th« «>.«• tbii ti thard 
mado our* oMo Abnhani » 
■piEiiin of a burjiagpUM 
Noi of Ileth. 

Januxhy 13. Gfeening, Oenksis XXIV. Jakdju 

AND AKrahMa vm« old, anif nvll 
atrickon in tgt : and tli« LoKe 
h*d biMiod Abnham iti all Ihiogi. 
And Abnham Mid nnto hii eldest 
Mfaat of hi* iwVit. thai niUd owt 
' «ff tAa( A« Ajh). I'ul, 1 pp*r ttiM. 
»r AiW niflar wjr ifiigh ; and 1 1 
itw jBs^v tbet ttnrtr br lb« Lord, \ 

thii Cod of hratiB. and Itia 
ih« canh, tlial thou thalt nol 
wift nnto mj son <.•{ the dM 
«f tha L'.iiiHxnitft. inoiig 
•Iht^II- bill thnii ih.ilt pt V 

taki^ » Ktt>r vuXa tvs To«Va 

Wl Oax wwm utM UD, 
ikr m*i will 1 KiTc 
M; H* dUl mmI Ifio ugvl 
n^ ud ibm ihbit Uke » 

Bma bom ikMU*. And 
vU wt It wUUnr u> 

• ar Mik : wl7 hriig tiDi 
Mit ■otn. ^d Iha mt- 
i> Hi ta^ oBdet ib> thi^ 
|ka hta BMW. awl n&ra 
llHBiac tiM MMtn. Asd 
MMttn niMliof the 
■ Ki bmNt. ud d«t«K- 
W flu (oodi of Ui awMr 
ntaiii ■rttouMe.ud 
■■HiUMto. nwo Ilia otir 
IMbI b* mad* Ui Mmeli 
IdMM «h)»al th« ntr br 
iTvun'UttetJim otUi* 
no Dm Um UM woman 
»4n« MWr. AW he aid. 
flM •( ay BaMn Alm- 
pr Ttei, Mul ■• Mod 
blVi and rfinr Unibm 
Afenhtn. Behold. 
■ Um mil of wiur ; 

mvB nrnvoTnii. tinn wnm stw itM 

dDim gjvjn/i liim 'Irliil, aIiv nid, I 
mtl iltsn uiu/m- far lhycani«I* tlmo. 
nntll ihcr hiTt done dtinking. And 
dn hutod, ind «ni»ti«d her ut«h*r 
hiM the tKugb, uid rim te^Tn onto 
Ibe woU tu draw aattr, and dt«w 
for all Us camels. And the nan 
wondcrins at h»r Iwlil hi* pMM. t« 
wil wholAOT tlui Loud lijid made 
liu jmniey piMpmiui or noL And 
It came fo MM, aa Iho Daneln bnd 
draa dhnkiDC. thai tlw nun totik 
a foldeii oairiDs of half a riMktl 
woDrbt, and tiro braoelat* for h«r 
hand* of Un tbekrU might ofgoW- 
tiid mid, Wbuac dauitliliT arl Idou ! 
toll me. I I'ttiy Ihev : la tlieM Toom 
til tliy fai)ier't liDUirt (or ui to [ai^e 
in I' Anil •lii' •nid itnlo Mm, I an 
lh« dauylilrr o[ Hnlliuol tlw *on of 
HUah, whiol) Klie bnr« nntn Ha- 
bar, Sot taid luotvuitn uniu fain, 
W* hftffi both einw iiid iiroiuuder 
mough, and nxnn to InOgii in. And 
the man tiownl down hii ticnd. and 
tronhjpiwdlhi: LuHO. Andhvtaid. 
BInaod Le tiie Lonn Cod of nr 
maaler Abraham , W lio batli not Ia»; 

J4)r. 11 



«f thn l.onn; whoraforc iiuulon 
ihou "Ithijul ? f M- I hive i>tvpanil 
Ihe IwoH, and rmmi fur IW mtnelii. 
And tlie nisD ramv into Iliv liuiiw: 
and h« iingtrilvd Uih uinul), iine] 
gmic *tniir nnd pniiciidn f)T4he 
MISolt, •ncl wiwr to wtiiIi liii'luei, 
and the meu'i fwl that iFerr irith 
IriiD. Ami llmr* w»" -et mi-n/ bi'forci 
UiB la Mtl: but bi^ aalii. I nil! uot 
Ml, nntti 1 hBTB tolit niiiic orranil. 
And hfl Hid, Spcnk on. Aixl he 
M^d, t am Abnhuu'a aeiTBaL And 
■he LoMU bsth bImMd mr niMI«r 
BiMllr i and Iv I* hvenmn grcM : 
■ad llo hath niypi liliu llnclia, ami 
bordB, uid lilrir. nuil roIJ, mid 
nMnaorviuiti. uid mBLdaerraulx. and 
(•ihoIh moA u^im, AnJ Soroli injr 
KDMtvr* ytitu baro n aon tn my 
■niulsr irhon ihe *nw olJ : and unto 
him halh. he Ki*ni all itist hr hath. 
And HI* master murlv mv mri-nr, 
injii'K. riiiiii "halt not Ink" n wife 
t') m; 'iiii of tlin dmii^litcn of ilm 
CmiiuiTiitvt. in wlioM land I dwell ■ 
but tboti »hii1l |If> unCo Enj faUicr'n 
lioUH, aiird lo ta; kindrr-l, anil take 
m wife uiilo mj- »n. Ami I -ai'l 
unlv my iiinati'''. CvrHilti-ntiim tli» 
wniiian. will not fullow mc And lie 
■aU unto me. The Loud, before 
Whum 1 imtk. will neud llii iini;«l 
with lliM, »nil pfrnpur lliy way; 
Klid Oiou iili:ill tuLo u vtifi' for mjr 
•on of mj kinilivil. ami of my fa- 
ther*! hoHK : tlvci) shalt Ihoii be 
rtoxr from rAii my oath, whi^ thin 
minsM to my Itindrrd ; mid if tliuy 
giv* n«l iJiuv aaf, t!>i>D ihatt iiv 

[dear from my ojith. .\n.i 1 came 
Ltiiia day unio tlie mil. mid xaid. O 
HliOfin ilod of my ntiHliir Ahrahun, 
"■If now Tliau dn prQ«p*-( mj- way 
wlrioh I Roi bohald. I atnnd by the 
v«ll of n^tflr ; and it ttinll comL^ to 
jia*«, Ihnt whyri lh^> iiT>!in (nmi'th 
nrih ti df»w ipflf^w, and T nay to 
]i»r. Ciivn tue, 1 firny lime, a Iitilr 
water of lliy pitfliPT lo drink : and 
ahe uy to ta<!. Doth drink Ibau. und 
/ irllf ,i}m dnw far thy cuulai 
M the Mae if ih^ troaui wlion 
the S.nn» hath apiMinlfd o«t far 
avnuMf#r'« Mm. AmJ bofon 1 fakd 


1. m 

I k)3 

ilonv ((loafclns: tn mioD tn 
liolil, ftchrkah canao fonh 
]iiirlicr on her ahimldar; 
ivtirit di>wn unto ihe mil, i 
•i-nri-r-' and I aaiil unla bm 
drink, 1 pray lluw. And 
baMiB, and M down bw 
frmn her tiaaJ-trr, anil 
and I will fpre Uiy cmni 
alw: wi I drank, and Hhti 
cameli drlub alio. And ' 
h«r, and nid. Wboae daaj 
thoui' And ihe aid, Th« 
of B«thiwl, Nahur'H whi, vi 
cah bar* iinl« him; uud 
earring iijiiii lirr fac*. 
binecleli upon litT hands, 
bowed domi my head, 
■liipped lh> Ldko, and 
f.«nT> Goil cif my inuxliir 
whlnh Ii«il li'cl niu ill Ilm ri| 
to take my maMer'd brother^ 
tcr unto hia «oii. .And nori 
will deal kindly and trubrlj 
nn'ter, Ivll m* : and il J 
Die : t)i3t I may tarn to d 
Tinni], or to the lefc Tha 
and Bothuol nnswered and i 
tiling pmi^eFilrth from tlw 
Mil rjiiiout Hjwah uiit" thai 
KDod. IIdIioIj, Rvbfkah I 
thco. ta-kc her. and tia, am 
if thy nuitrr') luciS wifi 
l.(ini» hnth "P'^ki.-n- And ib 

Eaai, Ill-It, wliiiii Abraluni'4 
card their word*, ho wv 
the LoHD. AoiciniD iJaiM) 
earth. And lh« aprrant 
fiirth Jiiwi*1fi uf •dlrm, an 
of iiidil. and nuiniint, and g 
to Itcbcknh : he xavo •]« 
brother and to hsr trotlwr 
Ihinin. Ami tliey dill Pat M 
hn and tW. Tiien thnt uwrwl 
aiiil Lirrii-d ill nitfhl : and I 
up ill the inominx, and ho M 

tn* BMM}' iiiiti> my ttiMtpr. 
bnitlipr am! hor mnlher taid 
■laiiiHl abide with iu a Ji 
At Iho laa^ Un : after thu 
go. And he Mid Biilathm 
IBS not. sMlngthD l^Rt»hi 

«enA wr ■•« '. »«** "* " 
i \ ttittv B« \a na; tsvannt. 
\ tttd.Ve ^U •Al'L OA « 

■^ mJ tkty rodn upon 
■ud hOfwtd Dm Run : 
HuiuAfe ttriMkkh. ud 
He. Aftd 1^** ctn* from 
pVtta ««lt L*b»l-m ; for 
n In naUi Msntiy. And 

t« IMIWII. AB4 IhB' 

Ih»«c all lhtii|.-i thut _ 

And Ittac bruiight iier ) 

thCT Sanh'i tent, tuiJ tuuk lUbc- 
kah. BDil ihi bccaiDif kin wifn : mill 
b« \onA her: and inMic was «Mn- 
IsTttd »ft«r hi* mothar'n <f/drA. 

Wrli. fHflctiing, GnvKiiiH \XV*. JANUARr 14. 

emta Ahnfau ^MlE a 
Md htr HUM *>ai K«- 

Asd iIm l«ra bia 7.imnin, 
lAu, aad Mcdao, and Mi- 

.MdSkub. And 

Mkft, Ml Dedao. 
>•! IMan ««n Aa- 
ilMoAia. aad Lnia- 
'Iht MM o( MIdiao: 
I Bph*r, and Hanoch, 
lM Eldaah. All thMO 
NB of Ktlanlk Ami 
taUibatbal»d nnu> 
(Mto Uba Kma of the 
■hkk Atnban bad. 
ipn«in%»iid sfinilWB 
9,1mm koa aoD, while ha 
lUrtQ tkt nrt 

to ptiit after t1i« clr>sih of Abra- 
ham, thatiiod blffiX'd hit (on luae; 
and Isaac dwelt hy tlii> nrrll Lahaj- 
roi, Ntw IliMi- are Ihr Kitiiiratioim 
of JiluDael, Atnhain'ii son. n-hoin 
Ha^ the ts.Ti.ttiin. S&rah'K Liiict- 
maid, harr unto Ahnli&ni : uiil 
thnw ari the nnmes of Cho iwin« of 
lalimacl. by tlicir naniM. asni.rrfing 
lo their stfiK-ratiuiui tliu UnlWrii 
of IthiDael, Nebaloth; aud Kedar, 
aadAdbrpl. and huhniiiiand Mlah- 
nu. niuJ Dumali. and Mama.lladar, 
aiiilTeinB. Jct'ir. Natiliish, and Kir> 
deinaU: llivn: nrr tlio iioiu of bh- 
iMvl. md tti«v irr their nancik bjr 

1 llieir Loviu, aud by tlieir omUca; 

I twelTB priQoeR nccordinK la their 




Ibt flyriis. And Imm inttMWd 
tb* Loan fn hU wib. bMBOM rin 
ipat humt aud Ida Loro nu iii' 
MkM of tUM. And Kat>ckah hli 
wiff M*i(wived. And the rtilldno 
rtniSBJwl toffllwr rnlhin hn- uiri 
■h*«id,Tf tlA<*o,«!iy<"n 1 iha*'r 
And (tu wont la eiii|uin.' of Ibc 
Loan. Ami the Lokd nld uoU 
her. Tiro OBlIani art in thy wonb, 
tnd two muiner at {wxipln iludi bt 
■qunWd ^m thy bomia ; a.nd fA« 
«M pcapti^ (liull IjD itTOiufur thua 
th« ofbrr people: And tb« eider ahall 
Knt iliii yaatatar. And wbu b«r 
darn u> b« delirnvd w«t* fnlAllMl. 
behold, tfitrr iMTt Ivini in hir 
nrninb. And th* tint conic Dul kA, 
atl uvtT liVi- an liulrjrpirmeDt: and 
tlioj' •..illi.'O his nsma Eu.u. And 
ifl^r that rana hii brother ont. uid 
liw luuid luok hold on Hiau'> fici--l; 
uiJ hia iiuni! VTM called Jittob: 
uid Imac U'a» IhrceMoro yesM old 

wbon ^l«« Ihna. 
grew: and Emo maa 
er, n man of tke Md 
tM< a plain nan. d 
And Inae kmd I 
did eat of Alt TaiiMon ! 
loicd Jacob. And JaMb 
tuiR : and Kttu eam< (no 
and he mu faSitt; 

In JKob, Kwd mf, I . 

that KUDD ml pittm^j 
EainI: llLcixfure wa> bu i 
Kdum. AiidJaeub(aia.Sdl 
daj ibT binhrlgtit AiidBl 

Mu>\i. 1 Ml U t]w Milt 

and >iut nioHt ahall Hiie U 
da to nur And Jaoob 
to niB thli da; : and hi .-^ 
him: and he told hii trinhifl 
Jaroh. IVn jMobnn Em 
and potuoe of lanulca; ai 
eat aad drink, and rttM 
w«nl blJi naj : thus Lsan 
Ati Urthnghl. 

Jakuarv 14. CbrnJitjit Okns«is XXVI. Jaxda 

AM) IhpTB WM a famine in the 
land, bfsiili! Use flrrt famiiie 
tlitt wM ill thtf di/H of Abniimn, 
And laiao wi'nt uiilo iMiiniplech 
Itinv o( tiie Philiiliiir» nnin r.crir. 
Aud thti LniU) apiimrvd uulo lum, 
and uid, <iu nut liunii fnlu liiprpt: 
dwell ill tlif laiK.1 w)ii<-h I fllioir l«ll 
thrr oi: •otoiiTii in Ihix bind, nnd 1 
ivill bp Tillli IhfT, nnd irill blrw 
liicc: Tiir iitilc) tlire, inti niitn Xh) 
lenl. 1 nill Ki^"*' l^ll thciw (uuiitrit'i^. 
and 1 will |H.'i[!)rru the ouUi wlii'Cli 
I wynn ante Ahrahom thj ftither; 
and I trill mako th; itM ts nol- 
tlply aa the itan of haarao, and 
will itTfl nnl« th; amd all IhoM 
MUDUtot! and In thj amd ihall nil 
ttn natiaiuof the euili b* blciHdi 
beMoae that AbnUiam «beTed My 
Toioe, and kept Mj- charge, Kj «om- 
naudnieiitii, My ilatute*, and My 
lawtk And laaM dmit lu Ccrar: 
aad tb« am of the place aaked 
4m vf Ml wiUi nnd lie *aidt She 
* an- aMor; ftr bsi /cjKd to ifcY, 
Si^i/iajr wifa; Uttt, na kt, ttM 

mm of the pInM Kbciuld k3L 
tUbvkiJt: Udciluw she tfa) 
look apon. Atid it eame ' 
when nc had bfto thiM 
timi^, that AUmrlMli kng 
l*hilbiliun looked out at a 
and sail', and, tiehuld. I. 
eponiiiR nitli R^bckaii 
And AbimcUrh called 
si-id. Tteliold, nf n nint; di 
witL-; uDiihon'saiiliitthmiiE' 
ti^li'il And iKtac aaid anla 
QiUH 1 mid, l.ciit 1 dk &f hi 
Abinii'lnch raid. What ii T 
bait dsnvonla uif onaOlil 
nuiilit liKhtlr bare litn rilk 
and tliuu atioukleat hara 
gulltlncM upon lu. And Ak 
cluriicd ftll hit pcopli, eiqr 
Ibat iDuchvtli thii man oi * 
■Lall aurrljr bv ya\ to deal 
l«aac lowifd in ibal Unil,i 
«cWed hi ibt Nunoyoar aahi 
laid : and tbs Iiord blcM 
And the man nased gn 
went (aTicu'V, uouA ptm i 
b««ftma 'pen (P*«.-. *« 

mm Otamr, 

pUcWd bin If Dt 
tmd -Iwak 

i^BW h>4 Mapped tben 
■h«/Ahimkain: aad h« 
mmm a/icr ih* dmam 
■ mn»Mi dis^4 In the 
bn4 ilmn a well of 
Mr> Asd iW benhani of 
Mm oUi Ieuo's burd- 
I n* vM«r u our**: and 
rMvTB wUliUtt. AdiI 
l—lWr well, ud lUfvn 
I •*! Iw ctl led llie name 
I Aa4 h* maoTad frum 
^KfwmM : >»d h* ckll- 

(•f It BehoWlh ; uid 
■nr Ike Lo>d hudi 
ftt M wd w* diall hi 
lb lud. And b* wmi 
• MBMr-dufak. And 

Kx'mgjB luM IDC, luid liaia H>nt n* 
■mj from toil > And Uwy Mid, W« 
tbiw: Mid wit nid, I^t llicre bo now 
Ml iMtth botwlit UK, rrm bftwict 
u* tixl thee. Biid Ut un muka « eora- 
nftnl itilh thci- ; Liuit ibou wUt do 
u» no tjiiflv u" ^1* liavr iiitl Inuolwd 
Uhm-, auil a* u'c linie dont unto tlipe 
ubtluQg but good, uid haccKnl tlm 
aiT£Ly lu j>t4<!o: tliou ar^ now tiio 
tti^niHl of itv LoHu. And ha made 
■h(<ni s fuwit, ukI thnr did «ki uhI 
■Iriiilt. Anil l)ifry roM> op bstiBun is 
Iho iniTnilDb ud (Wbto odo to Mi- 
otWr: uid iMiae Mut ilina nvnv, 
and tlwr d«TMt«d from him in pcaoe. 
And it OMM la p«M 11m nmo dar. 
tli»l [MAe*<lluM 
liiin iii>u»rm<ig tbf ir«U wtiidt llicy 
ka>i iIIk^ciI, anil waii unto Liot, W« 
liB vr fuiind naEpfp And )ka oalted bt 
SImIwIi : tbvnfom tin- Dkmu o( tlie 
city u l)aBr-«livLa iiiilu lliii day. And 
E«au waa bHy yean old wlica He 
l«ak l« wife Ji]4tlh llic dmnf:h(«r oi 
BMri tlw Hittita, and Buhamath 
«L^ J_-U.. «t Dl«. Uu. Utulla> 

I •injj 




•on, iLDil make me atxaaty tntat. 
that I msj' cat, and bUis Cluie bc- 
InvllMLtf&iibvfiDreinjdratli. Now 
thanfwa, my Mti, ob«r tny toich kc- 
evrdlnc la ttutl wlileh I oamnianil 
thru. Go now lo tha flonl:, Uid fotch 
mr fmni Ihcaro tua Kood kidi of Un 
(jiMti: xiiil I will cnalip ttivn garoory 
meal for t!:y (iitlinr, nirh »« h-j Iii»' 
Btb ; auil Clioii •listi tiriiii[ ii tii lliv 
hlhet, tbnl liD niny csl. nii<l that lio 
majrbli'isthm bcforrrbis duth. And 
jMob Ml4 lo licbeknh fail moilmr, 
BahoM, Kma ay brother i( k hnirj' 
nuui, and I am > nnondi iiuui : my 
fclli*r jicTBdrenture will feel mo, 
&ad 1 rhul] H«jn to tiJm at n dc' 
oriTiT ; nnd I shall briiiK b mirM 
npnu mil. mid iiut a MoBviiiff. And 

£0 ihy canW) nif Km? on]yobf<y my 
Ti>i(T,iiii<l oo fpcrii mc (bfn. AiidKc 
Yr«nt,niiill>'tc1ii>d.ftnil broiiRht lirm 
to hj# mothiT: ndil liin niotlivr matltf 
UToary mnat. lurh m 1iI> fmlinr lov- 
ed. Aad Uebclcah looli goiMj nl- 
mcDl of hf?r rldi^st iHm £i3u, whicli 
merit willi Iipt in the house, and put 

mi the put till! iiklnH of lliit kiila of 
UiegMU ilptin fail hanJi, niid <i|>au 
tiia inooth of hu n«k : nnd iho 
nn the nroarr meat nnil the 
otmi, whicli "hi" hiul i>riijiiiri"l, in- 
to Iha hntid »f h>'r eon Jm^i.b. Ami 
he came uiilo lii> fatlinr, and mid, 
Mr blbot: BDd he uild, ticrc am 1 1 
wbo art thou, ray bos ' Aud Jomli 
naid niitohi* (itlii'r. I am V,r)tn thy 
flnlbom; I liH.vii ilnntr A^M-ordiTuf aa 
thou bajflut me: luiw, I pmy theo, 
alt nnj oat of my rtaieon. thai thy 
*BUl may Idnu me, And Inan ■aid . 
ante hi< son, llovr u ii tkni iliou 

il^M foDcd ii ta iioipkly, lay lOD? 

And h» «ud, Tt^caiiM th« Load ihy 

Goi\ bmiiitiit ir to n«. And \axe 

•aid iiiii<i Jifob, Cotm dmv, I pny 

Iher. thit I may feftl th»e, wy non, 

Whothn tliou li my vtry fon Emu 

ar not. Aud Jiu>«b wont nrar unto 

JMMelUiif*lh*r; *»d h? f^lt him, Md 

mn/. 7?ii> rofiv «f Jarob'i Ta\ft. %at 

'A* AuiAr «w lh« haoda of Gsui. 

^A>a i« duoMBMf him not, b«(aiiM 

bin haadi wen lulrr, a* bt* 
£tiD's hands: so be bF — 

And be aid. A rf Ikon my n 
Emu ? And b« aaid, I am. , 
■aid, Rrlng il noar to BXS MU 
flat of ■Dj' aon'a vmbva, iW 
nay buiai Ibee, And ba ta 
near to Iiim , and he did «at r 
bronubt htm irina, and 1>*^_ 
And tiia fHihir tK»a« MJd nal 
CataB ntoj now, aud kii* 
■pQ. And ho oamc imut. and 
him ; and he imelled tbc md 
raintint. and blaaaeil him. 
Son, ill* amoll of my ton 
mmsll of X Arid which tb» I 

bloHcd : thereferv God gt** 
the d«w of heaven, and Aa 
t)i the tarth, and plenty «f <• 
nina: Itt ponpls (vrTK !!■««,: 
lion* bnw down to thn: : ti« it 

thy brethmi, iftd lot tliT m 
i>or)f bow down to th«: 
overr «aa that cnraedi 
blcMod t* ha that blaM*l 
And It came to pam, a* 
Ikcuui hud made an eod ef b 
Jricoh. nnd Jnmb ws« yel 

Siii> iiut fnin the prtatiue d 
I fillirr, that Kaau hia ' 
eamc in from hli huDlinfi. 
alw had m&du stioarw Ui 
bniiivht it unto his father. 1 
iiiilo hia 6illicr, l,«I tny fatha 
and ul of hik aan'a veuioan.ll 

loul may blc» me. And la 

fatliETauil unto bim. Wh* 
And h» saiil, I an Ihy aoo, th 
hornBnn. And laawtmaU 
DiMadingly, uid aaid, Vit 
M he llut hatli tekan mdi 
brauubt i^ me, and 1 tiaie 1 
nil b4fot« then oameat, a 
hli'iaod bin? yoa, and m 
bIcHL-d. And when Bmta I 
woTds of hia father, he crieJ 

RTt'at 411(1: OTMfNtbg billliT I 

•aid Tinio hi« tithnr, BIni 1 
WD nlia. my (atliar. And 
Thy brother tame with Htbtit 
hath Uketi nwaj thy bletafpi 
ha laid, la not h* rltfhtiy 

th«R two tiniuvW 

^m O Djr ^bpr. And 
H^ hi* fvitt, and ufpi. 

y* fltfaor anawcmt and 
m, Bebold. thj dnliinc 
• jitotw of ibe Mrtlt, and 
» aT bm*Mi <Vom sI»tp ; 
IT nrMd *hUi tbcu lliv. 
mm likr bcoUifT-, uiil It 

topaai wkn thon ihtk 
UmUm. Ibt thon ilalt 

'ktoll jM«k bM»IU> of 

II vfarawilk hU ftihei 
■9 aad Emm Hid in bU 

*Dk«; ud kriie, 8»e thuii t»l 
mjr brother to )]anui ; u»l 
irilli liim a (fw da}'*, unltl th^'! 
th^r'j (ury iLrri awat; auti] thj^bro* J 
thor'* uiiipr liirn unay fmni Iher, 
and tif (orert tAa( irhith iliou Iwtt 
ijnnn lo liiin: llivii I nlll wiid, and 
fclrli llirr fniiii l!i«iii:i-: wliy hIiuuM 
I l>c tii'iiri vrd six- uf ^ii both iuoBS 
day^ And Iti'bcknh ■■i'l to Ihuo, I 
>in <ir«>iy ot my 1 l/e Iwnatraa of tlw 
d>aslit«>r«"f ll<-l)<: K J»Oob Ulio • 
w<fpof(JipJ>ii(iI]lii« of llclh. nieli «a 

Iknd, wbat Rood ih&ll my litv dumr^ 

' 15. Cfiniuig, Gembbis XXVIII. Januart 1 5. 

liMa nlM Juob. ami 
M* Urn, T%e» Aak not 
liN M ta PiidiB4nRi, to 
d Bethnd tbr molWi 
d bk* IhM a wife fnin 
Vm ^«htm vf LaUa 
'kiniber. Aa4 Q^ Al- 

aeliiUKB.uyiiic.TlinnnhaH nDttxk« 
a wife of the dnni^ltltn uf CanniiQ ; 
and tliat Jicob ul>tyi:d liii fiiihrr 
and \im nutfif-r, tiniJ wav isuuis to 
I'adin-SPatn; and Ivan hi'i-hik ibnt 
thi? 'Iinffhtcn of Caiiukn ]iloa»'*d Tioi 
liaae b» fallu'r; thru wniit Kiau 
■nto ]>hnin''I. dii>1 l<>»k untn Ihe 
trivM wliicli ho hud Maliilatli tlw 
ilaBDhtavAr lahinii*! Alifahain'a tntla 

J«N. 1*. 



lb* God of Ikuu: tli* Inad vrhcrcon 
Uim ti<Bt> t» tbM iriU i ni^c iUMul 
to U17 MM ; and ihy »kA nhM !>« 
U Iba <lun of tlic coitli, auJ ihao 
■halt ipRa<] alToai] \a ihr hiiI. ^ud 

to tllO OMt. Ull 10 Lhc B-ortll, uid 10 

IIm Mulli : and in tliM and in tby 
mti llikU all llw famllivii of tlit 
nnb bt blewod. And, behold, 1 
on Kitk tiKCiUiil will kc?p Uicc in 
•U plMt* whithvT lliou Kui'"!, and 
will lirtnR Itiri^ g^ii ii\tv tlii* Innd; 
f«r I will ui>t l\-avc llitc, untU 1 b«i« 
dm? Mxr wlilcb 1 haTc ifwikon to 
lhO« of- Aad Jacob BWaktd out of 
hi> nlprji, and hu laid, Siirr-lv Ihv 
LOKu ia in tlu« plac*; aail 1 kiii<w 
«i nat. A ml 1i<r mu Rfii^d, aiiU *il<t, 
How dmulfnl (1 Ihi* place! i}iii u 
tioao 9tber but the boitae of Gvd, 

nod iUb 1( the g»to »f trnnv* 
Jacob ruse np nrtjr ta tlie i 
and luek ih< tioae Ibat he 
/tr hk pUIowi. uid act it I 
piflar, and pound «ll dmb 
of it. And hm atiiei iht 1 
tltxt pliiv Uirtlitl: but tin 
tluu uity trof fu/bil l>u« at 1 
And Jbcob Tontd a Kitr.tu 
God Kill iM nilh as, ud «l 
ms iu tbis nrvr Ilial I gO) I 
Ki>« IDV bnad to cat. and 
to put on, to thai 1 gob 
to my falbtr'* houM ia 
tbrn iluitl the LoRt> b« H. 
Mid thii ntonp, wUcli 1 bi 
for a i-alaT, (hall bo God** 
uid (if iJl that Thm abaM 1 
I vill (urvly gtvo lb* 

Janoabv 16. fDoiiiing, Genebib XXIX. Jako, 

THEN Jafnb went on hia Joqr- 
ney, adJ cjiiiip into llic in-nd of 
the runidc of till' (liial. And lit' liH>k- 
od, an<l b(>liii1il K Hvll in llii> lli<1il. 
and, (o, Ih^n- irrrr tlidw Uoi-Uii al 
>h<cp Ij'Ing by it' (or ont of (hUil 
noil ihcj' ivutcnrd tlic flocka : and 
a gnat vtonc foj upon the K^ira 
■BOutb. Ami thIllivT wtn nil th« 
Soclct eatbiTi'it: and IIipj nOli-d the 
Mciiii.- froia iha vntll'i noolh, ond 
naicrod ibc abocp, aod put the 
>tono offiiin upon, the wbH'o mouth 
in Ml plaoo. Ami Jaoob aid unto 
Ibooi, M]i bndhren, whenea A«7*? 
And %h*f laid, 1)1 Mnmi anf wO. 
And Ue aAld unta Ibnn, Know ye 
Labui the inn of Nohor* And tbej 
Kniil, Wv know- Aim. And ho nid 
nolo Ihi-m, /( ho w^li? And limy 
Mfd, ft* it wslh Lnd. bcliolil. Ha- 
cliol hu U«n)iht*r ootnolh with ihc 
■Iwsp. Ami he Biid, Lo, tf u yet 
hi|rh dar. nnithur u il ttiiio that th* 
fslttf i^oiild b« gathorod togotlitr: 
waliT 7* ihii iliDop, and go and food 
Amb. And tiiOT Mid, W* oauiot, 
imia «i) the floolu bt galboiwd toso- 
tlifr, aad fi/f Ihef t«\i ihc iiotic Iroin 
*ft» w*U'» nofjCfi; liicD WB wotcrtViB 
mhfvp. Att<i wbilo ko 7*1 trakc vtitli 

tltem, Raohol eatiB with ba 

ihecp: far «he kept tbfin. 
catD<' til JML«", whuii Jnnih 1 
rlii-1 till- dau^btiT Iif LntOB 
thsr'ii brullipr, and llie *hi»p 
bao till luothcr'a bTolhor,thH 
*[mt near, and rolled Iho 
1I1F iKvU'n mo III h. and n 
llurk nf retail bin niolh*r> _ 
And Joiroliliiiuol RM)iit,>ii^ 
np hit Ti>i,^c. (uid wepU And 
lold Knchcl tint hr tHu bor 1 
\naOm, and lha4 li« nriii Rrl 
Mn; andiliir rao and told lict 
And il rjuiiB U> |mu, when 
hoard tbo tidlncii of Jacob 
lorV oDn, that ho ran tn mt 
and smbraoed bim, and IeImi 
and brought hlui to hia hnM 
h(i told I^an all Ihooo tU) 
Laban uid to him, Smofa 
m^bonniitid mjr flM. Ana 
with hJm tbv eiia«o of * n^' 
Lalanoald unto Jacob, &• 
art my Invitur, ahoaldoit ibo 
fore oorvo too for noochlF I 
l^t ihaJl ttur wagee tof / 
ban liail lm> daosbloio: UaI 
t\ui *V\wT uot \Ak)n,*.nd tbo 
I tilt JOUWlPt "ilU \V»^li^. 1 

\ tendm!j«4-,Vn»\^*AA' 


L«Ji irtM lattrd. He i)i>fned t»r 
wMab: but lUrlicI iriu bunrB- And 
Ltol) niiiciiici], uid hare » nan, and 
•liacallfJ hie aamc ItL-ubcn; tor aba 
m1<I. SurcJy llio Luku LuUli lookcil 
Dpoii nr bWciion ; bow Uiorafom 
iD]r liusbud mil lore mc. And dM 
canccitcil waiii.aiKl tmre ftBim;ud 
mid. liccauic Ihr L-.>iiD liatb hMUd 
tli»( 1 uoj Imu-iJ. He tiath tb«nfat« 
sircn ne llila 'on oliu: and dtc i*U- 
nl hu umcSimvca. And liit cun- 
Mind agaiiif and bare a von ; nod 
■ailL IfQV thl» tin* will n^ butliand 
be joined nnW no, lK<uua I lia^n 
bom Un Ibrrc ■onn : tlictrfor* ww 
hli nunc fia)]«l Leii. Aud hIki con* 
c«i*«d a^)K. anil blue u bod ; mi 
die Mill, Novr will ] proiw tbo 
LoBii: thnn^nn iba csllad btauui* 
Jsdab ; md left bcarlug. 

■T 16. Cfttiring, Gskeaib XXX. J.tNrART 1(!. 

•on. And Rachel uid, With erCKt 
wmtJiLfri h>i« 1 niviillr'l irttb rajr 
■Mcr, and 1 ban? i>re< tiloi] : Mid 

teafc Mid mto LahiD, 
■ IT site, for mr <U^ are 
llht 1 auy go in mbm ha. 
IhB Bikrted ugetherall lb* 
*i|i*ai,Md widialMM. 
HM la MM tn Ike eTe«bi«(, 
kit IcA Ua daufaitr, and 
I hff I* hbn; and M went ia 
% And UlMm <cai« valo liu 

P~ b2epekU*aald/>r 
And il <BBf M pMa. 
b Mfita». MMfU, It (CM 
Dw taal deae nia m F did 
imwitb ibm fee Hacbel? 
p>*n hate 1k« b^pUfd 
M UbM nid, Ii awl art 
N ta e«r coantrT. M sJTc tlw 
WM the trMkin. FatU 
E.M4 w> wUl (the OiM tbi* 
da MTrtM wUtli (bon ilnll 


JUltsI HO (lot iht 

a Jaoab aa ehOdna, ItkCbd 
and wU unto 

riia ealltd Ida nams 

■1^ pr 

nama riojit 







tlim hut taken my haitand t and 
wonldp'l thuu Uk* ai*» my aon'i 
oiaiiilnVii* alio ? And Kaahiit mM, 
TTKTefiin: ho ihiU lio with thcc to 
nlillil W thy son's mtinlralnn. And 

pvrniiiK< -L^ii^ L<^ikh vt'iiiit out t*! mt^ft 
lilm, aaJ uid, TUou cnuat cooic id 
qnto nc ; far rarely 1 h&ni bired 
tlwc with my bod'* manclnLvi. And 
bl l» with hut (hit ni);hl. And 
CM DMrfccnod uuta Luh. and the 
MBcoirad, anil ban Jn«oh die jiflh 
cmt. And Lenh Hid, Uod halli Biv«n 
loe my hin-. bixwuM I havii fftvvii 
iny Rikidoii lo my liujiband : and 
»n<! (lallrJ Kin tUKDO IujLi:liiir. And 
Leah (^n<l■^oiv»d »gaM, And b&n; Jn- 
eab the lUtli MO. Aad Leah mid, 
(iod balh vnituad )w wUA a e»nd 
Uowry; ddw nil] iBrhaabi.nd iTmll 
tritb n«. b«cauae I havo bom him 
lax *au: aod she calliid liiii mine 
Zcbalnn. Anil stKrvuds ihc ban 
a dkughtor, nnd oillod bar una 
Dinah. Anri find reiMinbnrad Ha- 
^hfll, iknd liad hcurkciird ta hor, 
lUid opunt'd licr wiiinb. And nhe 
Bcincaivvd., and biuv n loii ; nnd mid, 
QikI lixlh taken aCT9,y my rrisroncli: 
and she Fallod hii nama Joiwuh : 

nud Hiid. T\u! LcJIlD aliali add tu 

lue uiotlicr mil .And tl came in 
ptat, wlien Barlicl lind hnrn Jompli. 
tlukt Jaimb (aiil until Lnbiih, S.-iid 
DH atniy, tliut 1 luny uu uiitu iuini> 
awn iiluw.uud tu my cuiiutty, Uiie 
mt Diy irivM and mr «Iiildr«n. for 
whoni I ham wrrcii. thon. aiid lut 
ma go; for Dmu knowtrji my icr- 
«ke wUich 1 Uivi! ilutic thee. AiiJ 
Laiau Hid uulu him. I pray lliei), 
if 1 htvt found fairaiiT in uiior pyf*, 
tnrry.' /or I linm Innnird by «ipr- 
liencu that the LuUi' halli biewud 
nw (ur tlij *«lw. iViid he *ald. A|<- 

£)bt IM Ihy mac*, aad I ifIII dvi: 
I And h« mi antu him, llinii 
hnowBat hoir I have Hrved tluv.. 
and how lliy cattlu wat WLtb me. 
Pur If wot tittle nliieli IbOB badsl 
fccfnra I toMf, and it i< now ]n- 
created aaUi a nuiltitiidc ; ud thr 
Xo«« Asia bJMKd tbee ainw my 
and aow Hheo ahal) 1 pn- 


ride for nine own hoiua mImF. 
b» mill, WLat Aa3i I rira 
Anil Jaoob mIJ, TIbu iU( b 
mc anv thing: Sf tKoa wOl 
ihin« for lua, I will ■Dttin ( 
krvp thy Adok. I will [»«• 111 
si 1 thy Book t« day, nnoring 
thtDca all tha apoouad aod 
cattle, aod all tbo biwrn < 
mons the ilieopi *oA the , 
and (peoklrd ammg th« s«aU 
q^nsA ihall b« my hire. Sa 
my tighteoiimow aaiwet for 
time to ooiuc, when it shall 
fur niy hire brfurc tliy {a<« : 
niiu iliit it DOl q>«okM and 4 
oiuuiiK [h« fttat*, and krawBi 
tbd tlicep, that akall b« « 
flalen witb m«. And LsklB 
Bvheld, I irOutd it mUit W* 
ing to thy word. Aod ha M 
that dnv th« h(! coitu tlial 
niuntnlcf d and «TKi(t«l, and i 
■bo uontK thikt uvre ajiMklti 
Ip0tl'<-t. ar^i «Ter7 od* tbM 
wnf nhil4! in it. nod all t&a 
nnana the ihMp, and gat. 
into ttic hand ot hia 

Ml thrcadty«'Ja«nieyWtwll 
wif and Jaooti: uid jMob I 
not of Lahan'* flodu. And 
toak hln iwb of i^tsn popki 
of tha haul and rlnmut uw 
pLlled irhlto Htrakeg In tbn 
made tUf n-liiu amirar whM 

lu the rodt. Ami tie Kt 

vthidi be h«] plUail btCn 
flocks In tlM onmn ia lb« i 
Ids tNinglBi wlmn ll>o flotfc* 
to drink, t)iat Ibey ihnuld 
whuii tlity txuit to driuk. Al 
fiucks ouiiMix'd before tb* 
and IiioukIiI fcrth ntitl« riiug 
I'll, ipn-k led. andapottcd. Aud 
ilid trparatc the bunlu, and i 
facet uf the floeka livtranl lb* 
ginikcd, and all tbo brown 
llra'k of Lnlinii ; and he put I 
Snrki by thcmiiDlTei, and psi 
iioluiiloL«b»n'*cattl(^. Anil I 
la M«, wbuiMtnr (he 
cattle did roDCrlTC tltat 

iii«« RUUiui. \'ua\ 

rbibdd ih« M«U«tuui<« 

vri. bdwlil. It vM nM 
■ M bafmt. Anrl ih« 
lMtoJswfc,lt«lDni unu 
( dcr biten, iad t« ^ 
W4 I (rill to wHIl Umo. 
> MM uil mlM RMhel 
« Ite bM «nlO Mt flnfk. 
into Item, I mm yaar (&- 
»«— *™. tkat il ii not 
^Ubrfbict UllhaCod 
Mr kill b(M with me. 
nmr ttMl wtth »ll iD.v 
H*« MTTcd vouT btibrr. 
lUter hUh dCMitfd mv, 
pd b; w if tm limn ; 
Mbfvd htai rM to hun 
vM lliiM^ n* tprckloi] 
V mum; Umh ill Ihr 
iMMkM: aad if Iih uid 
Apbi£«d *>H ba thj 
ihw» iD (Iw cuUt riw- 
RHG«d lath tekm ftwuj 
jfjmtt btber, and xiim 
lb Atal II uae m mas 
Cm thr aiih! oonrrfrtd. 

men oiiiw ueviiurwi anu uur nunia! 

For all thr rirhve: vrhjt'h Unl hntli 
uk«n rt«m niir fatlior, thnt t> our'«^ 
*nj our chiMn>ii'B ; nnv thrn.nliBl- 
DopTcr Cod hath Mid uiilu thiv, do, 
Thon Juwb roM np, ud Mt Ua 
mnu ftod hii wivsa upoa cameltt 
■ncl Iw eurleil iwtj nil liJs alU(, 
will all hi) itonda irliirli ti" had pM- 
Icn, Uin entiln of Mil mlliti);, «rlndl 
ha Iwd icult«Q in PiJnu-anini. fur 
to (CO ca Iiue hit hllirr in ilii> land 
of Canun. And Laban wf'iii in 
(hrar liix iihei>i> : and Harlir) lud 
■tolnij Uin itnn^n-'* thnl ururr livr fi- 
Ihcr'o. And Jnvab alolc am; uu«- 
•nm to Lkbau tlw liirrbo. in Dut 
be told him not that he BmI. So he 
flod nith nil lh>l hn had; and be 
row lip, ami piuM'd otpT tin- mw, 
uid Mt bjji ficu (uiiiiirJ lti« muunt 
Gllcaii. Aud il WB! lulil Lnbaii oi) 
Ih« third d»y that Jitah ww lied. 
And br timk li» ImTlliri^n with him, 
Bud pQnatd after biin seem liityt' 
jodnitj; wd tl« ovtirttjok liiin in 
iho mount UIImm. And God ciiue 
to Labaa Ihr Syrian in n ilrnsiti hy 
ndgbt, and wiii unto li:in. Tskr heed 


DAILY I,E380S3. 

MM? iboa hwt nmr itoiw fcoUAlj 
in *a 4ahu. It U in tlio pMier of 
njr liand to do joa hurt: bul the 
Om «( your falliar smVv uulu aw 
jwtfroighl, nrilift, TkIm thou litod 
llimt thoa m«u not to J«o»b oitbct 
PMhI or biM. And now, Aoygk thou 
avnldnt DMHla b« et/at, Ixyiaa** 
tfatu MT* loiigvil*! uTtcr tb; ^tlwr** 
lwM«,tW irticnfara luKl lliuu ttolcn 
Uf gwU ? And Juob ftnair«vii 
Hill nil} to LaJiui, Uwiim I naa 
■ftaid : for I lai'l, Pnndtcntuni 
tliou «roul(lrtit tales hy foro* lb)' 
d«ugh!f<n frnm me. with whointo- 
trtr lliou ftndut iliy boJa. let bim 
not live : before our brifttirvn di*- 
flcni Uiou n^l it llilrii< wntli mo, 
and liikv >< ti> tbiti-. Fur Jir»bkitc-w 

not iliat ftoflicl hitil itolco tbcn. 
Anil Labui went Into jMob'i tent, 
kBd inM LMh^ tent, ud hile th» 
t«« akUmmil*' tenta; t-iit he 
IbUBd UbM nM. Hoe vr<iit lii? out 
of Ltali'ii tcntjtndcntCTed into Ka- 
eiusl'i t«nt. Nntv llathFl hod taken 
tfic imutM. Aii'l put tfa«m tii lb« m- 
BeTt fiiniitnn-. nnd uit upon thpn. 
As4 Lnli:in ii'.imli>d nJl tho lant. 
bU foanil 'Am nut. And iihe Miif 
la h*r father. Lvt it not dIfliImM 
mr tarri thu l c^mot riae up bafon 
tDH; firr the nirtom of wonm fa 
npnn ow. And bl Mudwd, but 
foiintl not thu inragwi And JMOb 
wia imoth. Rod dwds with Labui: 
uJ jMob HifireKd sad bMiI u> 
Libui, WbM ft nj trropMi^ vbal 
tt lair on, that tlina hurt M Uotly 
■mnaad aftar mo ? WhnBu thou 
Iwt wanbod rUI my «iiif. whni 
hnt Una foand of il) thy hnniL'tiuM 
atnfff net *l ben hcdm; m)' brLltitra 
mkI thy brallmD, tliat Uiey nay 
judci Wtviil M bulb. Thle ttrcntjr 
jtm Aoiv I tirrn vith Ihcc ; tbf 
nni knil Lby ahi- fintx hnvc not 
cut ibi'ir youru:. vid Ihn nuna uf 
Hit Rook haro 1 not cAUn. I'huL 
wfairh «r» torn of btmttt I broaeht 
BOt UDlo thM ; 1 tMn the Ioh nf it ; 
of my kAttd ditte than mqitin it, 
WMter tcofcit ky dur. or ildea by 
AlriW. 7]tm J irss;iit Uw day tbs 

lliiiiijibl iiiiinimlil I 

hy njgbt ; and t 

from Mint ATM. 

(ireatjr jretun in Oty honae; 

*d IhM fcurtMn tv»n lirl 

■}a.UKht0Ta, and HZ joi 
utlTti and llioa hmn ci 
mi^'i ton tunc*. 
uf in.<r (athtc. tho Uod 
and tba frsrof Iwac," 
no. anrely ibon haiiti 
now empty. Uod hub 
fiiction and tliB bbomol 
uid rvbnked Ihtt . 
laban ui««m*4 tad 
coll. 7%<ar dkngchttts itr« taj 
totf. and IheH obiMri:* nr^ 
(lr«iL, and thru tattle arr uj 
and all th*t th>ni Mtti u mdi 
whrtl rill I >h) ttiii liny u 
nv dtuitbtora, or uato UMJf 
«lu«h ^or hnT« bom > NM 
fort eome than, let lu 
nut, land ttioni aadlMtt 
witMB bttwani na ami tti 
Jacob emk » Btona, aaJ m 

{br&ThiUir. AndJaeobiaU 
Ktlireii, Giithef itoDea; « 
touk it>im'ii,iiidKiBda an M 
they dii) irai tbore maa'tt 
And Lih&n wUad U Jap 
dnlba: bat JM>b nll«d H 
And L^ian aibl. Tliin 
wJtnsEt btftwwn mo and ih 
dajr. TheTpfuru wu the r 
eaJlad (iali-oii : ind tliuothf 
ultl, Th« LoEP mith btlf 
and tbw, whrn w« an 
from anottwr. If Ihou 
my lUuifhtrrs, or if thou • 
olAfr iviwa beildir isy di 
no man u with u*: «e«. Gm 
n«Bi b'ttrixl mr 3nd ihffo. 1 
ban (lid to Jucub. Bebohl dl 
anil belmlil fitii |>illir. nhkll 
catl hctwLit tue andthre; ll 
be (TltncN. Mid thu ptlloT 
noiB, that I wiU not i<aM v 
hMp to t)iN> and tliat 
nut pats onr Ibis hM|i «Bd 
lar unta roc. for barm. 
Aliraliam. and tbe 
tht God dl theh- 
I ViiiV. na. hb'l 3M<h _ 


Ji-. IJ. 

tn Uu manting Labu »m ap, >iul , 
fcitJ ku MO* and tun datuifcUn, i 

and Um*mI th«a: wid lAtan ile-' 

■ aiMWt. Asd ndf (utad. Md RUrnud nnta ha p(Ac«. 

ri7. tffcnrintt, Gbnmis XXXTI. Jjinuibv 17- 

I npOB ifaa BooikL u J 

jtan w Mt famid: 

IWlwa d . MdUfried 


[KS iwb mat on hit wftr< I 
;«l to MMrfi <rf Ood vcl 
>1 MteTMal) HW Ifam. ' 

at diM pUM U»- 

.)M«b Mut mMnn- 

biH M Ema hUi tmtlKr 

had of Sdr. Ilw M1U1U7 

AM he coMnwdtd Ibin, 

Dm tteU T« fpwh mdm 

-J Emm : Thf (BrnM Jaoob 

■•>. I h*>« mqaotnai with 

Mr*d ih«a uaia Dow: 

ana, aad aaMs, floeki, 

1 1w*« nat to UU B^ 
kt 1 MMT Bnd snc« in tlqr 
M tta «aaM«Mi maniad 
-P»«. W. caj. to th^ 
■a, wid Bi«a b* eomMb 
a«d foar hnsdiad bmo 
Jaoob wiagmtb 
M*rf: BBdhadi- 
lU thai iM* with Um. 
_j, aad ingit. Hid the 
I* Ika Baa GOBpMif, wd 
K Atm iha aduz ecmniir 
bUtthiUanp*. AjJja. 
QOoi tt taj t^liua Ahn- 
1 S*d ot inj- falhar lnac> 

iiiinh audat uato lu*, 
Uur eounOTt Mid to 
wd 1 wiU JmU WtU 
aai not wmkr "I >^ 

1 tki ■iwltMad af iJ! 
wIMiTiMM hartahMrad 
■nui; fa* tritb mj lUS 

—m thH Jordaat ud hmt 

M 1*A hkodi. DallTtr 

Ihn. fion (ha hand if 


Iwl ha NiU eoHC and 

■»Md tto notlMr with tha 

«i AadTban hUm, I wtU 

'•OatfMd.ud BidBa tlgr 

\a> aad «r iha aM. wUA 

b lwl»iid At mullitoik. 



And ha lodged tbere that sune 
Bighi; aad locdt at that whiob caaw 
to Ua land a prcant far Baaa UH 
brother: iwo bundnd «h> MflUiUit I 
twroty he ^nnU, ttro handred eirca, 
an-1 liTtni7 niu, thirty mildi oa- 
n«t« with thdr t«]t«. fen; kinh 1 
and t<n bulb, twcnif ih* aBM*i aa4| 
ten foala> Aod ba ddmicd Am 
tato the hand of Ui Mrrkotn, *Tar, 
dr»T« brtbdanlTaii; and (aid nnc „ 
Ua a«r*aM', CMf onr baftoc dmj 
aad put k ipaoe betwixt drorr and 
dra*a. And he commiMiileil the fora- 
SMrt, (KTiiu:, When Ka»a nur bn>-j 
Ihw maalalh thaa, and aakaUi OMaA 
U7l««, Whcaa art thoot and nU^ 
thai piaaft Aoa t and nhsac ara 
thaaaliatea thca? Than ihm ahall 
mr. I%<y £# thy awrant Jaeoh'a; It 
M a prraant mitt unto aiy lonl Eoui; 
and. bahoU, aba h* i* bthind a*. 
And Ml Di^mmsDiJcd ha tha 
aod tha thiid. luiil all that fall 
th« dra*i«i aayiitg, Oo Ihi* m, 
dnll ra apaah unto £nn, ariwo jra 
fall hba. And uy ya noraowr. Ua- 
hold, thy aaiTiiit Jaaob U beliind 
lu. Far Ba aaid. 1 will appMua bim 
Kith tho pretpiit tliat florth bcfoM 
Bia, and aAarfiant I will sea Ul 
h«a ; pandTuituic ha trill aoMpi 
otmt. So wenttha piaamt 0T«r ba- 
fan bin: «m1 Unwlf lodmd thai 
Duht la tha eonpaar. AndharMi 

Klhat liiffhi, ind look his twa 
rat. and nia two iciuaenaerraata^ 
and UaclaTen Mm. and paaiad atwr 
the f aid Jtbbok. And he look Ifaan, 
■ad aent thoni ov^r tha brook, and 
•ant umr that ha bxiL And Jacob 
ma kTt alona ; and Ihura wrvatled 
A Mu with him iinul tha hraaUns 
of tha dar- And whan ha law UM 
Ha pianllMl not lotiaRl hte, He 
tou^od tta holtow at bli ihlitb; and 
tb« JmUsv «( jMOti'a <M^ «>& (kA 
of jalnl, u be ammM wXa VVmt. 

Jam. IS. 



Anil H« «]•!, L«t U« «■ (m th* daj 
WtakDlh. And ha md, I will not 
Itl Thta eD,axMpl Than bl*«n m*. 
Jlnd U* Mid unto liiai. What ii tby 
BUM? And he Mid, JncoK And lis 
Mid. Thj uma Khali b< called no 
mora Jaoab, but l«n«l: for s" > 
prJUM hut Ihoa ponor witli [lod 
and with npa, and hut pro*julii<l. 
And JMob uk«l J/in.«urMid.Ti-ll 
•n^.I BnjTliM.ThTiMnie. And l[« 
mid. Whcnfuro u It f Ani tJiou doal 


uk ftfter Mrmntf Anut da 
him Ihir*. And Jaoab calh 
MUD* o( til* pl««* P«wd: (w 
*««a God him ta be*, >ul 
ii preterrcd. And m m pM 
I'tnuiol the Bitn raw npon hi 
hi hillC'l upon hi* thijili. Al 
llio rJiildron of lirad Mt not 
uu«w irhioh ahnnk. which ■ 
the hollow of tlw thiiri. nnlo tfa 
bMuue II* toiiohed th» bellow 
oob'i thigb iDlhiauiewtluLt 

Janl'arv is. iRarmn|[, Oxnk:>is XXXIII. Janvar 

AKDJa«abhf(«du» hixcj'da.nnd 
loolc*d,a[>'<,)ii')ii:ilil, CiauMiiie, 
KDdwlthhlnifncirhiindr>!drii>n. Ann 
ha diridud Ihn (hildwii miio Ijih, 
And unto ItiLc^hil. iiiii nnlo thii two 
tUDdmsUtd. And liii pt tlie luind' 

and Lv\ii nnd hm cliil'Itvn nftdr, 
ud (Udiel nnd Juniph limilrrmunt. 
AodheiuUKd ci«erK'tijFvihi.'iii,iiiiii 
bowed nlmMlf to the Kiviiud ui'O'ii 
timw, until hn camo nc»i to hia hro- 
thCT. And Edii ran In nrnet him, 
ftod enibrvcuU hin. ned foil on hia 
neck, and killed liiin ; aii^d thuy 
WRpt. Anil he liflvd uji hia «yt-i, 
and raw llin women and Itio (flill- 
■Inu ; an<l uid. Who /irt tho^ H-ith 
litoti And ha tnid. T1i« Rhildrmi 
^fUah Ood hsth ifnriuii^ty ([i>nii 
tfajnmnt. Th«a Uii> lmiiilmiLidi.-iii 
CUM n«aT. %hty ami llicir cluldrvu. 
ud tb»7 (inuoil itienivi'lii's. And 
Laih Bliu> with her rliildmn mme 
nur. >nd bowed IlicmBolvvs : and 
after cams JwitritL imtr uiil Ita- 
chcl. and tbtf ni>vT^<j tlii>iiiai!tii>ii. 
And he ujd, IpVlint nifanrjf llinii 

hj all Uu» drove nrhivh 1 intt? And 
U tudt Thcu art to find jnaM in 
tba fight of mr lord. And Emu Mid, 
I hbVB enoiwin my brothirr ; krep 
thiitttioaha«lunl<jthyai!ir. .<\n[lJn- 
oobMid, Nay, Iprnj iliei',if m>n I 
biTC fonnd Kiace lu il\y ai^rlit. ll>ca 
natin ay piuant at niy laud : fur 
thcKfan 1 han Hwn tliy Ii«>, a» 
Ibmah I lad mm Ifte facf of dad, 
Mil ilioa mtt pleued with me. 

Take, I Maj thM. ny bU«da 
IS brooikt (» thM : baeaai 
hnih dealt sradsntlr vtth I 
hi-i-aut* I liaTo finoueh. A 

OTBid him. and he tooli il. 
kiid. Let OS take mu }oara< 
let ii» fo, and I will os b*fnH 
And h|i mid unto hlni, U; 
knuwoth that th« dtildraa 
dir. uiiil tlie Oodui and htri 
yuuiut art niih mm : and 
ihoiild <<T«r4lrir4 them me A 
the lliH-k will din. Lat ny ' 
pray thuo. poat «nr b«to> ' 
guni : uiiil I will laad <u mi 
roNiiiiR iH the oatUa Ileal ft 
fors me and thx <,'hililr«n m 
ondura, until I cone unto i; 
unlo Soir. And tiau i*id, ' 
now Ii-SVL- with thn tametil 
lhxlur«wHbine. Au.dli«aldi 
nerdrth it? lot mo llndirao* 
MD;ht of my lord. So' baa 
lliiit dij uQ liii wgy unto Stlf^ 
Jncul) jijiiRie;^«il lu SuDoiMJ 
l>uili him sa twufv.asd otadt 
fnr hb cUtl« : thsirtm* tti* 
tliH piMt ii oollad Saooodi 
Jacob cnine to Shalem, » I 
ShMhmi. which U in the land 
UMI, wntn h« cxmic from I 
>T%ni ; Hid pltrlmd his t«iit 
tlir citr. .^nd hn bnngltl a p 
a fli'Id, nljeni tiu bad ipK 
tcul, at the hand of lbs Aili 
Mikinor, SbMbom't UOia, 
himdrrd picwf of moner. 
frortrd tliure an altar, aud < 

fSdlrnBto Um dKBML 
M ifU* BBIA Ui Htktr 
mu, G«t w» tlrii (Umtel 
Md^tMb ku4 thtt he 
I UMb U* 4a«chur: now 

£«U> U« «Utlt In the 
M. Ad4 Hannr Iho 
iBMbtB went Dill anlo 
HBMUi Willi liltB. Auii 
f JmoIi «»■> out oT the 
flhiy bMri il: ud til* 
I ntfml, kiul Ikajr vara 
LtaMH he bid WTOoabt 

ivIU utag Mtfil not to 
lit Baw oMBOKMd hUIi 

SIIm mil oTmj nn Shn* 
Cm- ronr ^MuAiar: I 
UN hn bin w inS). And 
jMbvawtth iia,aiMf gira 

MSmi»U,HMlt*kB OUT 

■A* ym. And jig it»B 

) 4a«U ud tradajm tiiire- 

mata iKt biha 

■ni. HUU HU9 71 

ijot to do the thing, 
ddllgtit in Jncnb'l 
In lent tnum libiiounbTe timii nil 
tluthuuH ufhiB fniliiT. Auii tUmor 
ftittl ShMbem liit wm came umo ih» 
gau of lli^ olty, ud comaaned 
m\th Uh Dtn of thar dtjr, Mjinf. 
71mm nn arc peucnble irilh ni : 
tlmvfor* M Uwn dfretl iu the bnd. 
nod tndc Ilieruiu : For ibe luad, be- 
hold, if u lars*.' L-ii'iiiiili («r them : 
lirl ni take tlit'ir diughliTu lo id lot 
vny*M, and let ua itire tliciin aiur 
daughbu*. Only licrvb will i\i« mvu 
eoiuent onto ua fat tu dw»ll niili ua. 
to be ono pMV[ile, if otny mi[» a- 
mong ua bn fitrninciM'd, aa thcj ar* 
circumrisad. Sbail doI tbaLr natlla 
and their nbatonoc and anrj banal 
of ibelr'a it oor'a? only let ua cod- 
arnt unto tfacm, aod tbcj wilt Oirell 
anth us. And anlo Hauiar ud unto 
Sbccbem hia aoD houkeiwd nil thai 
KfDt out of tbe irate uf hii G)t]r;and 
ererr male ma drvumdaud^ajl tb*t 
wpitt out of tbr isaU of hi) nty. A nd 
itoamo h}pajiinnl)i<; thiitl day,iil)cii 
Uiojr wore aotr, that two of tno aoia 



JUI. 1». 



capliTc, nod (pollml em til lluC 
wiu III the boBW. And JiKob mid 
to Sincoii aad Ltii, Yc Kbtc trou- 
bled mv l<i taskc inc to itiok aniMg 
til* Inhnliiviiili uf t]iif lnn<l, stMOg 
tlia C«iMaiutei suJ tlu fcrioiM : 

and I Mag few in Buato 
riisll BMbR theuMtvta tt^ 

C'oMt »«, and >laj ■• ; aM 
dcMnqr«d, I Md ny bn 
IbV Mid, Sbrald bv <inl 
ililtr M with in hvlM ? 



JAMiTAny ig. ifiorninB, Oknbsis XXXV. Jandu 

AN D God nid onto Jacob, Ariw, 
no uii to B«ili-el, md dirtll 
thara ; and maka tb«l* an hluu unco 
God, llut ii.pp«arMl unlo lb«« vihen 
Umq Beddnt (rvn the hue of Eun 
iby bn>lli«T. Thin Jacob said unto 
bis houwbald, anil to M that tntni 
wlthtiim, Puta««r(twMnDgitRoda 
tbkt wv amonx 70U, and b* don , and 
change your garmeats: and let ui 
ariw, and ro up to B*l)]-4!l ; and [ 
vrlll xutltv liif'Tn Kti Ek}t>r uDt'i lr<id, 
V\'|ii> iiiiwiiruil ivi> in tliD ilay uf in/ 
diitrus. uid wui wilb me In tht wijr 
wluch E wpDt- And they snTc ontb 
JacoballthostntiiKv aodmhich inprp 
ill lli«ir tiand, and ail Ihvir •'nrrinyii 
nhich irerr \\t ttirir rnra 1 and Jacob 
bid ttifru uikIpiiIio 0:1k wllicli ii'juby 
ShHhriQ. And thty JoQTijoTcd: and 
tha terror of l>od nu npcio thi cities 
that trrre tuund about! llvy 
did nnt pKirxLir Jifl^-r Ihv timn uf Jit- 
•Ob. So Jsci>l> cjimv til l.ui^ nhlch 
b Id Iho louil of I'^niaa, that U, 
Betb-«l, he uid ftll ihv pcoplF that 
WMV wub him. And hu btiili Ihtra 
an altar, and r-atled the plicw Kl- 
b«th-«l : MoauHi Ibi'iv 0<»l HpficuF- 
ed noM Mm, whan li« Aed (nun cho 
foes of his kjTotbcr. llut rirt>nn)i 
Ili>b"k»k'> nunc died, and iliu wan 
biirifJ bvniialb IWth-nl nmloi an 
oaki and ibo nam* of It wu called 
AUoD-bacliDth. And God ippeanrl 
nnta Jiwab a|iain,-wli«D \w cainv mil 
of Pa^an-ana, and blitord )nin. 
And God aU unta him, Thv [ininii 
ij Ja«ob; thjr naino ahall nu[ bf uU- 

od any moN J««I>, bat Iirwl ihnill 

be tbjr iume : and Hp called IiId 
name Iincl. Ami (!ik1 naid unbt 
hfm, I OH (rod Alui^lityib* fruitful 
and nuHtpIv : n nation and a com- 
pan; of natlwii ihall bo of thco. luid 
kln^ aluJI OOPM cat at thy leiiu ; 

and the land vbkk I n*V 
uid IiqiK, tt> the* I mil grPt 
V> lliy Mad after Ibct «io 1 H 
land. Autl <ii>d witnl up ; . 
in tbv plow wtiare Ik UHm 
him. And Jacob tot np a ^ 
the plwa whcrv H« lalk«l y/H 
fivna I'illar uf Ktooa: and ba] 
a drink aB'orl^lbarMa, audi 
cd nit thereon. And >hte>A 
tbe name of tlie_pUa whw 
m^kv <rilb him, BMb-cl. Sm 
Juuropj^d (pom U«tli-(-l ; lad 
waa bnt a Ilttla way to at 
Ephmth: and lla«bitl UanUa 
■he hod Iiard labour. Aad '~ 
M iiOHi, whvn dw ma in ' 
bour, tlut tho uiilwifu nM 
her, Fuar not ; Ihm ahalt ha' 
>on alio. And it came to 
hr.-r fnu) vna m departing, 
diiid) that bIw <nllcd bia 
Dili ; but lii> rnlfaiN' Odltd 

tuinJa. .\ud Raffb#T dlid* 
luried in tho WMT to ~, ' 
u Biitb-bluin. And Janfc 
tar upon h«rgnT«: thaltdlt 
of Kachii'ai^io ustotbi* ' 
I urarl joamo joJ, and igrtad 
bejxfiia tb« tower of rjd>r. 
rame to pani, whan IiirBal Und. llint Rouboi 
vt\.h Uilhah liUfatbor'a 
and Inuel honrd I*. Now 1 
of Jneob ticn: twclrr : Tbe 
L«; Hcuben, Jaool'iibMbM 
MinMO, and iityi, and Jodil 
iMaebar, and Zabulun : tha 
Rnchol: JoKpb, and Uenitmia 
the HOI of Uilhab, lUchcI^ 
maid; Dan, and NaphtalJ : 
lUHii of Zilpili, l.oab'a 
(tad, and Aabn : tliow ar* 
of J neoh. whie^ w^rt born in 
I'aJan^irikm. Aud Jacob caa 
laaao his father uatu Masu^ 

hf tnmtMM f*uii old. <ne 
Hvisdi vith hia Imtlireiij 
kit tMi with Um! nau of 
Mi wtik Ike M(U or Zll- 
Mn't «iT«f : and JM»ph 
■M Wa faifetr th*ir inHI 
Knr I«»*l loved Jinrph 

Ell hU (lilUMtt. b«4»uae 
m ff bb «M kcc : ind 
!lta • OMl of iMiv Mloan. 

Ckii bntlMB Mw Hue 
bfed him nM« tlun aO 
m^ IbfT IntMl hitn. md 
iMtk FMCMWranM him. 
Mk Jwi—d « dma, anil 
iUilnllBnt ud Hwr 

M itt Ih* MOt Asd he 
( Mi, Hmt. 1 pnj joa. 
■ vUa 1 hara diMmcd : 
H, «• MWW Uodiog *hM*m 
U. aad, lo, Bj ahaaf anaa, 
iRoai «pti«M: u4.MiaU. 

C Mood Mud aliaatt and 
m to tt* riMt Ajid 
M bU to h^. Shalt thoo 
ll^ »Tar aar or ahalt (boa 
m*WaliM «Tir iia> Am] 
HiltrUi wOTdk And ha 
I F* ivrtHr 4nain. aad 

mwnr aoH*. ana ■ whi SMfl uwe 
unto Uwu. And be nid lo 1^, 

I pny thre. see vhiMhcr it be trail 
with llir brothrfti, and veil viiOt 
■hf SmIci ; ind bfiaf ms word anln. 
So hu Mnt him ont ef the *aM of 
llcbran. mil he came to Sheehftm. 
And a oertain nin f«iind lilin,aDd, 
l>cholii, Atf Wat wsoil^rlni (ii th« 
Said : and tba man lukfdi him, ay- 
iu. What aaokaM thmi ? And h» 
MJd, I aeak mr hrvtlmii : Irll mv, 
1 praf th«e. wnerv Ibo^ fr*'') 'Af ir 
/acAt. And tha man wud, Tlicy in- 
dapart«<I hconn; for I lirn-nl xhtta 
mj. Vtt UE t-D to Duthaii, Atid Ju- 
aepb want Mtcr IiIji brfLlireii, ttud 
found lliHin iu DoOisn. And •rhpn 
Uwy taw hiro .ifiir off, omn Imfor* 
ba eiua luiar unto Difin. Uir; con- 
niiid aoinat liim lu tlair liim. And 
ihijr aau ona lu aiioilii>r. Uvhold. 
tUi ilnaiiiar coin«tli, Comu now 
ttimfON, Uid Ift n> liny him, md 
cart him iatd lonio pit, uid wv will 
nj. Soma avil braal uUi <le*aiiK<l 
Mm: and mahallaM what wilt br- 
toma of liij drtaini. And R«ubcD 
baai^ U. and hr drliTcnd bim out 
of Ibeir bimdji; mi] saliJ, Let ii9 Dbl 
kill bim. And Kiraboji aaid unlo 

.L_^ «JL^J 4.|.«-J t,r« _.• Ll_r 




Mid Ihs^r litUA m tbcir bjm uui 
)oak«d. >tiil. b*hofi], • minpanj of 
lalimiMllua cud* fntn UIIokI with 
iheit matb bMtinc ipicer; g,nd 
balin and mjrrh, froing to tarrr >f 
■lomi 10 KHTpl- Aud Jiiilah taiii 
unto lii* linilhrwn. What pruSl u il 
if n* rfay onr brolhra, md conctil 
llli blood Y enme, anJ li;t an bcII him 
to the l>l)mwlitpi, Ktid let nnl our 
Iiaiii! Ixrupoii htm; fi>r Im u our bro- 
ilifi ■mil imr iah- And Hlitmclirai 
n-i'tv vontvM. Thin Iherc pan«il hj 
MidUnikc mercJiiutireii; luiil thr; 
draw and Uftvd up Jowph out of 
Uw pit, »ai N>l<l Josc^ii t» the lib- 
nMUtei tot t™™iy pireti of sjltcr ; 
knd Ihry bronuht JoHi>b intoEgrjii. 
\n'] H*ul>pn rvlunii'rl unto thii pit; 
mid, bnhold, JoiKjili imi not ia the 

tit ; and bn rcikt his clothrs. And 
e Tvtunipil iirito his I'ri-thrvii. und 
MUd, T>ie cliild u not ; and 1, wbi- 

ther (hall I g«? Aad tbi 
Mfft'i Mat, kuil kilM » 
BDaU, and dlD|i*d t^ ««•* 
Uood : Mid tter >col tte 
nian|i cotoon, and 
tfl Ihiir fathri; wiil 
MA fuiind : Waaw uoir 
t!ij- «on'« coit ot oo. 
il, uid ratil. /( ^ my am'i 
«ril briuT Isalli dornnnd -Ua 
>a|>1i la whttiiul ddtilit rtot (■ 
AiiJ Jipob rent Ion elothl 
put Kickc'lolli upon hi* Ua 
tnooTiipd for hu Mm nuuy 
And all bl* Mini and all bit 
tsrn TOM up to camfurt hia; 
nfuacd to bo comfoKod; 
■aid. Pot I will go 
trTB>o lints my tun id<- 
tiiH fatlinr wvpl for I 
Miitunilci »ld Mm Into 
to I'otiphnr. an offlotf of 
SDFf cnptsiu of Ibc KiianL 

Januaiiy 80. {Harntng, 0rnc9I8 XXKVIII. Janpai 

AN' D it tfttne t« roM at tliat 
timo, that Judah mnl down 
b«n Ida brethnn, and turndd in to 
& WTUia Adnllanit«. who« tame 
tfu Hinb. And Jndah nw tb«i« 
A dto^tsr (if n f«TUin Cuiunlt*, 
whow lULnc urni Shuah; wid !w 
t««k li«r, and nvnt in unto her. 
And like Mneeirud, nnd hun a umi- 
aod he nlled hi» name b'.r. Ana 
«b« rane<>iTeda8niii..ind bare ft wn: 
and 'bo imlltd Mi nunip Dunn. And 
■ho jret *iain coneoiviid. and bue a 
•am and eaUed hii name Shelah: 
Mil ha «tu tl Ctiffitb, wbrn ihd 
ban him. And Judnh took a i*ifi! 
fi» V,r his ILntbom. wliow iisint' 
tmw l^mar. Ami Et, Jiidfih's flnrt. 
boni, wu wicked in tho Right of 
IhO LORU; and thv Ltiiii) ulew him. 
And Judah wid autu Oiiui, Go in 
UIili) Ihr bnitlier'a wlf^, ami mirry 
h*r, and raim nn wihI to thy bro- 
Ibpr. AndOoan Vaaw thnc ttin iwpd 
Hhuuld ntil be hii ; and it ciiiiib lo 
puu. when ha wuil in nolo hii bro- 
thcr'a wlh that tt« apfllcd it uii ilio 
groundt Ini thai i* abonld kIyo M«d 
to tua brother. And the tbing nbioh 

hp did dinlrafed Ibv Loal>: 
ton H* iW bin alku. Th 
Judab to Tamir hia daa| 
iiw, Htnain a widow at Uv 
boQM, till Shclak my Mn M 
for hn «»ld, I.J'Jt jwradtft 
die alio, a> bia brothtKn dti 
Taroar went ind dirrlt ia 
thtr'ilienM. AndmpmMW 
lb« daughter of Shuob Jodil 
dlrd; and JudUimtMnfbl 
went up onto hli ahi 
Tiniiiaili, he aad hit 
the Adttllamite. Ani tt * 
T^mBr, n^ring, BfhoEd (bf 
in In n' gnnih im to Tinmalh ' 
his tln'i'p. Anil lUi! put Int 

EaraiviiU ciir from h«T, and 
et irith a vai], and wnn 
riilf. nnd lat in an n^n plan 
u by thn vn-j to Tiniiwth;' 
Kin- tint SlieLah vu 
«ti« wn* not iriwn nnt* 
Wh*n Joiiali a»w her, lu 
hor to lit sn hirliii; bveanM 
enrwpd hir face. And bf 
utilu her by Qv> Kb;-, iod _ 
to. [ pny thro, let me coiaa 
tbw; <(ar he knew not tbal 

■K ttd bid It bor Tail fran 
piit M the nimcnti of her 
•1 Amt Jadtk itnt the 
• bMd WUt Mend the A- 
fch m rffi Aia plMltt>6«n 
Khe Mkfd the men «l IkU 
ifaC WWn it ih« bxrlM, 
•PMir b7 the vay ddar 
' mi, Tkm wu no harlet 
Imk And to ntimed to 
M mid, I MnnM flnd b«r: 
lla mm of Uie fltma ttM, 
I «M DO haflot m Uih p/oM. 
|k Sid, Let ber Uki U to 
:mv be riiuDed t btliold, t 
Eid,Hut Uxq hut not loutiil 
ft CUM U pu* aboDl thi«« 
to, OU It VM toM Ja dnh. 

nM n^BHMHIB^^^E And 

She ba^^M^^H^^^titrQiis than 
I • beeuiee that I nAte her net to 
SneUh nr eon. Anil lie knrv her 
*ff«)R no inor>'. And it cnwe lo piai 

in the lime of hi.'T tmrsit, thxt, bo- 
bold, twine Kvr* in tier wimib. And 
it mne le pui, when slie Inriiiled, 
tbAl fAe onf jiat out Aii haiKl ; snd 
tbe nldwifo tn<'k an'\ lioiinit njnm Ms 
ti4lid ft erarlct tlirrnd, >-i;-iti|i. Thin 
earn* ant flnt. AtiJ it eamo lo p&ur, 
u he drew back hii Iiutxl. Ibil. be- 
hold, big bmlhcr rAnie nnt ; and iihii 
nld. How ha«t Ihnn hmknii fnrlh ? 
iMi bnuh te upon ihrc : tlicnfore 
hie nana wm I'llli'd i'liarii. And 
atl«Tvr>Fd mill! OMl Im timtliM'.lhkt 
liaiiUie l■fu>totl)l^'nli iiiinnhtahand: 
and hi* mune wu i^aJlud Zinih. 

iY 20. tfkmJns, Gbnbsis XXXIX. JAKttABv 90, 

liB^ vu b re u g ht down 
bnt; and Poti)ditr, •» 
rnuiMlu optaiB (4 lite 
iBKn(lui,bMulMMBi of 
E7aaUbBie3Si«« wUeb 
(UtadowiilUlfear. And 
i4omnh.tMi be 
■■dto WH 

Hke; kod Ihe blcning of ttie Lord 
w»a upon all tliat he haJ in the 
hooM. and In i)ic tirld. And ho left 
all ibM be hail in Jimeph's hand; 
tad he knew not eugbt he had, ears 
the bmd whioh he did eat. And 
Joeepli iras a coodlj perion, an4 
well hnnin4. And it came to pua 

Jas. 3L 



Ood? A*J U oano to |iut, u hIw 
apkka to Jowpli dijr 1^ dtf, dint 
Do bfarkianl oat nnta her, to lie 
bj IwT. or lo be with hrr. And it 
Mn« lu !>■(■ kbooi l]u» tinv, Uial 
•/umi w*nt Entn ill* h<iui>> l<> do 
hil muia«Bi uiil Ihtt* leoi none of 
tile nwu of tliD hotai Uinr witliia. 
And alir cauittit' him b; hia Barmsnl, 
urioe, Lia with am : Bad }>• Utt 
lu* xKrtnoDl in bsr hmiuL Bod Asd, 
aad inrt bin oat. Aad it omm (o 

CI, whM du taw th«t h« hkd bft 
gmMfit in liiT hand, uiil wu 
fl»d forth, tiiat iih« mlli^ unto thg 
mes cf hsr bouK, tnd >f>Uu nnU 
IliMa. MjiWi !^«, 111! Kath brouf^i 
it an H*Ww unto ug lo nork ui ; 
)u> Rklnir in unta mo to lio wilh mn, 
ud I cri«d with o land loict; »nd 
It MRiu to pl.'d, n-hm he hoard ihit 
I liftpd lip my TijifP »nd oriutl, that 
he left liu L-arniPiit iriih mr, and 
fled. iiiJ ffot iiiin lint. Ami the laid 
up hil Haniicut liy hLT.iiuliI )iin lord 
fane liome. And ttiv hpak.i> uittn 
bin MeoTuJinj li> thcM w«Tdii,uy- 

iai;, Tlw lIvbMiT 
thoD Lui brou^ aoM «•■ 
unto taa to mook tarn : uai 
to psM, aa I lifM n^ mjr 
eriad, ttut k* left hu pmi 
ran. aod Bed sol. And il 
pftjB. trlirn has tiuvtcr 
Hurds of hi? t*ifc, whirh tba 
unlo hia, ajriag, Aflvr Ihb' 
n<r did lb/ Mrranl to mt; 
wratb <nM kindlod. And 
master took him, and pal Ul 
th« |>riMn, a place when iba 
priiionar* lonw bouiidt aaJ I 
iher* in Ihs [oUta. B*t tfca 
wia with Jaaaph. and 
marcf . ajid iva nan braa 
ti^t «f tbe kaepat «f tba 
And iha \a*tt> «f tbt nttai 
■niltad tA JaMph'i baM all ' 
KiD«n that wfre in tba . 
whataoernr tiitf did than, 
Iho doer of U. Tba kaatwr 
piisaii liHvtind not lo ui* l' ' 
D-u imdvr hta kand; mi 
LoHU was with him. and IM 
ha did, the Loru mida iJ lo 

Jantaby 31. {Beminq, Gekksis XL. Jasva] 


N D it camp to pa^ xUii Ihew 
. Ihinipi. Ihal llie lititler nf the 
kiiiK of tjiypt atid Itii bnltct had of- 
f«na«d their lord (Lu.' kins uf E^Tiit. 
And Phanoh wai uTutb auaiuit 
two nf hi* fifflwrs. BervinM the chief 
of Ihe batlt'Dk and n^:iiii<l tlit' rrhi^^ 
of liic hiikiini. And lip pill thnm in 
wuU in Ihn tiuiiK of \he cipuiii of 
tbaguaidabuo till' iiiisuii. til* iihi'-« 
whm Joaeph rrm boiind. Ana Ihi; 
eiLpLaln uf tlic KumloliMKadJuscpli 
with ihrm. mil Iil- SBIVBd Kwm : and 
thtr ooutinuvd a wMOn In ward. 
And ili«y ibmnicd n dream both of 
thnn, euih man hii draum in one 
nlnhl. each man aiMutdiiw la tbr m- 
tmnlatioa of hla draaa, the butler 
sad tba baluT of th« king of Enrpl, 
which ittrt bound in the Tiiisoii. 
And Joaeph came in unto thau in 
Um motaiaf, aiid looked upon then, 
ud,bdiold, itwy wwivaaa. Andba 
aak«d Pliuaob'a 40Mn that mwt* 
with him in the ward of hla Ind'i 

hoiiw, faiinjf, Wherefore loak 
lailly to d»j> And tll^ 
liitn, W« ha.vt dmmad a i 
there ii nu Interpreter of It. 
Jowph laid unto than, JM ■ 
ttrprvtatioiu Utonp lo God 
mc Ihrm. 1 pray yoo. And lb 
buLliT told nil dnam to Ji 
iBud lu him, In tny dnaa 

line w« nfbra mc; uid 

leert tliiw bruidxa : lod It 
though h baddcd, and har b 
shot forth: and the diialan 
brouuht furtli ripK snipeaL 
laoh II ruji n-ui In my *— 

tnnk thv grjinr4, and . 
into rharao-h a imp, anid t 
cu|i into riiaraob a Iiand. 
aephwud uuto hlni/rhtaM 
prclatiOB of It: Tbu Itarw 
or* ttuM d^n i rat wi" 
dandnll Phanah lift *p 
aaa Katwra tho* imtu thy 
and thOB ahali delirar Pt 
cap into bia hand, after lb* 

Pialo J<i«n>h. 

■, tad, bo- 


»nd the 
I ant «f Uw Icukci 

lli« <hitf b*krr auiuiiii liii Bcmnta. 
Anil be TO^rril Ihc and butler na- 
to bin hrillrr^hip sck>ij^ uitJ he g>Ti; 
Dm ciiii into r)iiim<])i'a biLd : bul 
In liAii^'rl t)i« dimf tinker; aa Jo- 
■fph hid inicrprciod lo thnu. Vet 
dia not thfl chief butler rtotGnibw 
JtHFpIi, but (uTf^t Lira. 

21. Cfanitiff, Gknssik XLI. JANUARr Si. 

mm» to ji&M ■( lk« «id 
f»H MM*, tint PbtMh ' 
«d. fcthti, b* HikkI b]r 
ImL balMtd, Hwra cuat 
I nwm wns well (irovr- 
MfliJiiil iiiil iliij f il 
Ik And, MhoM, t*mi 
KUM us aflOT tbcm mil 
L HI btiMvl ud Uu>- 
I «Md by tiM •Urr tunc 
■deaf tk rinr. And thp 
,wa !»■■«>* >i Mew Aid 
mmnll fft>*ar*d ukI 
naMoh»w«4t«. iUuIba 
^mtd tim BMnd liae: 
^NHB iMn «4 ram <>■» 
> ^iHr. tMk ud sood. 
d, HTca tUn can uid 
a tW aMi wind <pnuui 
K Aa4 tb* MVH (kin 
^Hk mmtm nnh md 

lant*. and pat mc tu wftrd in th« 
e»jil*ia ortM Nsard'* houw, holh 
Dr uid tha ehUt bakar: and n-r 
dmiDcd k dnun In mm nlghl, I 
and be ; iri dreuned wuh ntui s«- 
cnnKnji to Iho inUTpntalin of hu 
drtKiD. A nil t/irrt teat thn« with 
lu a ydUDg man, an H*br«w. im- 
ntnt to Ihe «aptAin of tbr fptiirit ; 
bod victoM hiiHt and he Jntorjirdud 
to UK cur i)r<sin«; lo (--kcb tnaii iC- 
Ovrdipg Ui liiiL drv&ni h' liui iiiUr- 
prat. And it canin to puM. u lie 
tntcrprnud lo oi. m it wai ; mo ho 
raatovd aula idIikt c^<y. ■□(! Lim 
ha Iwamd. Thru I'^iaranh .Kut aii.l 
callad J<M*pk,auU thvy Ihmu^M him 
hutOy out of ihu danReon: mad ho 
■harefl ktmiet/. and chaufcvd )ii> rmi- 
mml, and patng ia luita Pharaoh. 
A^ Phirsnh AA.Irl uftto Joitfnh. ] 





mrarvl; ud tb«y bd In % nm^ow: 
•D J, bcliold, )rrcn «tfi«t tdiw evne 
Dp »fMr Ihtm, poor uid tot ill b- 
TDDTfd uid leanflMduMl. aucb ■■ I 
a«T«r nw in all tha Und of ^n>* 
for liailntM : u)d tha loui ma4uit 
ill (aTnurod kina did eat up Ue Int 
H*<n ht kine : and nhm tha j hftd 
«Bi«o them up, it could oDl bo kiinwn 
ihkl thcr had *al«n Ihiui ; but they 
■MM atiU ill fn Toured, m at Ibc bo- 
^intos. So 1 iLwak«. And I aawtn 
Bj dream, and, Ithold, Mr«n rant 
Mm* HI' in one I'Ullt, full and goad : 
Mid. Iiabold, uyfaa lara, withnrtd. 
thin. 4ni/ blaat«d with thu «ut wind, 
tpnine ap afttf ibtm t uid the tUn 
«an dftrourtd the mt^d i;oad nn: 
and 1 li>lil Itiu nnto iho mniriniiini: ; 
bul thff^ tritt nano tliat toiiki dc- 
due tX to me. And J'^tctbxaid qdIo 
Pfcanoh, Tli^ ilivi.iin nf Plwrwli m 
mi«: God hilli Kh( w-i"! fliartuh irlml 
U« it ■haul to do. Tlic wmi trood 
kins on wnn ytan ; iriil tliv ai'vi'ii 
AOOdMtnofipnxeiiyvsrij: tlitr drL-nrn 
Ztona. And ttii< tovfn tliin and II! fa- 
TOnnd kinv tfantruni- npaftrr thum 
ofWiOTOiifvani; and tliuwiFUFCip- 
ty CM* bluitcd mill [lio i^aiit wind 
Hisllbflnteiiyuuhi of faniiniv Thia 
itthathlufwtuoh lliaTv^nk^riiini'i 
Ptaiooh : Wbat GaA u atmut lo do 
H« shawoth unto Pbanwh. Jluhold, 
tbcnoonewm) jEuiofjcreavl pim- 
t; tttrongboat all the land of Efiypl ; 
drad Uun ahall arise afur theni w- 
nn yean ot tuDina ; and all iho 
pleni; (ball ba forsptton in tha land 
of Ejorpt; and Uie ivnino ihall oon- 
lamt th* laud; uid (h« nkniy nhall 
not b«i known m llw land by ri'sion 
of that bniu fallowinii : fur it ifiall 
lie tvtr filoran*. Auil hf thai the 
dTH-m imt doubled unlo I'horatili 
(WJf« : il u beranae the thijis u csta- 
Uialwd by Udd, and liod will riionlj 
brio^ it to pa*. Now therefort let 
nnnoh lookout » maa dlsonet and 
id«.aiiil Mt him DTTT t)ii^ Iniid of E- 
int. I'M Pliataoh do thU, and let 
nan apnoliit uH^ci-ni ann ilic Und, 
and lUF up Ihu Hfih pan uf the 
land of Egypl ia tbt arieu iilcaio- 
va yean. And U( tbcm gatliei all 

ibc food of IImm fMd Tta 

fomo. and lay «p con la^ 
hand of Phanoh, and bt Ifea 
food in 111* <Mii». Aad Hi 
ahall bo fat alont to Iks laal 
the •TTcn jMis of 
■hall bo in ttw iHtd «f 
tha Land pnbh not 
niov. And th« tfatng 
ths sna of Pharaali, and in 
«[ all hii atrraata. Aad i^ 
Mid unto hi* B*r«ul^ Ctti 
tnoAn on* a* thia it. a naah 
(hp Spirit or God uf And V 
taid antoJoMpk,FoTaamiioh 
tutth (hawed tbet all Ihi^ I 
hoM M diaenet atid lilM I 
Art: thoQ iliah b« 0*tr 


and nfrordinq anu thy wa 

all tnr p«flplo b« ruled -. odK 
tliront will I be erratcT I' 
And Phanoh iild n&to J<m| 
I haro wt the* «TW atl itia 
Kpypl. And Plnraoh tort 
riiiK from hti Iiilq'.I. and pal ' 
Joseiili'i LniiJ, and ■AmviA 
rciiliiK« of fine lln«n,ind mM 
rh.iin about hii nock : and h 
lilm tu ride in the tooond 
nliLFhhvhad: and theycfjed 
Mm, How the knw : uii h 
himrii'iwoTrrall the land o( 
And I'tiamoh aid nnto Ja 
am i'hannh, and withont 
no Hum lift up liia bandar 
ilII the Und of Egypt. And I 
calWI Jo'ppli'* nun* Zi 
poaiic-nh ; and be nain him 
Araoalb the dauubter u( Pi 
rail prieA of On. And Jo(cf 
onl OTn ail the land i/( F.gTVt 
Jowph irof thiitjrjrews w 
]k ituad before Fhanota 
EKJtpi. And Jo«ph wrat 
the pr<Mrni:« of Pnaiaoh, |_. 
ihronirhoiil nil the land «ir< 
And in thr rrvi'll pIrnteMf 
tho rarth brti^Klit f iicih by ' 
And lie Kaihtrt'd iin .ill tke 
the Mita )r«n>, wliioh wwe 
Innd of Eforpt, and laid m d 
in Ihc dtiee: Ibe fond a) tbt 
nhich teat round abuiii mi 
laid ho np In the (anao, And 
sathend com a* tb« wad nt 

uiiia the EjTptiuii ; uid thii fimiiM 

wriiKvH Mre in Ibo land i>f Egjpl, 
A Till tU uou^^tru":} cftiiif- iuio Eiryi^E to 
Jostyh for lohayrrrrri , Iwnimc llmt 
U» fanine wan m sgre In nil taiiila. 

ffctnm^, Gknksi* XLII. JANtrARv :S3. 

I (aw llut Ihera 
I ^Tpt, Jaoab wiJ 
Wfarda yc Iiok MM 
(Imk iW* 1* com lu 
M d««ni thilh«T, vid 
■MS Uwom: that wt 
Bs« die. And JoMph't 
MM JowH (n buy e*ni 
■ BMJkBJB. JwBpli** 
b MBl Mt wldk hii 

I h» mii, Lort pcnd- 
MMla bi>. Aad 
M «MM |« Wy «t>n> 
iba MM* : for UM fk- 
fts kitd «t Cmuad. 
na tlwfvrtnot •rtr 
I ha if Mw Oat said 
wb of lb* luid : ui'l 
RM* «Hae, lod boirtJ 
Imp ba(«i« )ii« v<l& 
llll mrlh. ABd Jo- 

fi>od am thy upTvatila com*. Wo 
are uI] one laau'i ion* ; we nr* Ira* 
mffn, tli>' fcrrants arr no api«9. And 
h» H«iU onto tbmn, Nay, but lo ten 
Iha nalcuJoMi of lbs Uml ,ve am 
tool*. Aiid lha7 (kid, Tlij suriaDti 
are twtWe brctlir«Tii the cona of 
oiic mso ID tho lanil uf Cunaaa : 
and, lirliulil, Lti(> ;uauH>(.t u thu 
dkf wlihour tBi)i*r,»idati« u not. 
And Joaenh laiJ DDto thmi. That 
■r if fhatlwptkt nat« roU.aaTfag, 
Y* art viaai henb; ye ahall bo 
provei 1 Bj lb* lifa of Plunoli jt 
*b»II not go fnrtli linncf, •XMpl 
janT jiDiuwcit brotlirr come UlltCT. 
b«ncl our of you, am] lot htm foMi 
}Wnr Iitothfr, and y? sball be Inpl 
ID pnaon, llml yimr wurJi may b« 
pr«**il, whetW Ihrrt it attg lnit]i 
m ymi t or «1hi by tho Mt of l'ha< 
raOD mivlj rs nr« nplct. And ho 
vat lb«D vM togvtW Into v*nl 




thai wt «n- tha ugalih of his mmI. 
^rbm In beionski au, and m wanld 
aM Imv ; tli«nibni is tliia diotrcw 
erne npon us. And Hmben &u- 
■WfTBd ihem, Biyinc, SfSu 1 noi 
fnt«yaa,f»r^ne. DoDolsfai ualiut 
the child ; nnil yc wnuM not UMrt 
tlMrcfoTC. bchnld. ■In bin biMdJi 
nQoirad. And ih«r knew not tlial 
jMcph nndecrtood M«m ,- lor hi 
mk* onto Ihcni l^ an Inierpnlcr. 
And bp turncl hiniKlf abuiil from 
Ikiiii. wtd ite|}l ; and retumed to 
Ibva tc^n. uil cuuiDiiai-d trllii 
IbtBt. Uil l«ak from Chen Slnoon, 
aaH Doacd bin before tb«lr tn*. 
liwnJvKphcpiDmaadcd tu Qlliocir 
■xvlw with cuni, ami tu nature vvury 
man** moiiny int>> lii> muiii. uiil to 
give tlicro proTision (ar the wsy: 
»Dd thun did hu untq llirm. And 
(h** ImIcI th*ir»i«^'* Willi tliij com, 
aad dspsrUd Ibniife. And xh on« 
ol thaiD opmcd bli uck to glvv )ii« 
■n |inivcndcr in th« inn, h» Mplcd 
]ii> maniT^ ) for, bihald, it wai in 
liifl «»<;k'ii miiiith. Aad he ta.\i iintn 
Ilia bnthTtn, Mj^ aeapy it rtn>l()ir<d ; 
snd. lo, U ii STCD In uiyNuk: snd 
thfir bfkrt fnilcd (Ann, tad ttioj 
wars urraid, tsifiiifi one to ttnotbvr. 
WluU it Uiix thai God halh doac 
unlo uip Arjil limy carni; iin'.4> J*- 
cob their tttlinr unto the Ifttid of 
Cuiiuti. and lold him i!I tlikl bi^fcll 
nntu tlii'in: wiriiie. Th? nmn, irAo >j 
the lonl III lljv t&ud, Bpakc ruiulht; 
to UH, and touk lU Kit ii|>ii'it uf the 

toaUTT. And «<■ aid ooto 
Wear* trwBm; we an an 
we ic twetr* bnunn, mm 
iBilitr; Mif It not, nad tht 
i» tUt d»]r wilb onr tubct 
land «r Ckuas. And tbe 
lord ef tbe tcontr]'. eud 
Henbr *tiaU I know Ibal ( 
Lrna man,- leava «m ot jta 
Uuvn A«T« witb mt, and 
/or tin fauino vS yoox ~ 
iui'l be aDDt 1 and bring j«a>; 
eel brutW UDla ne : Ukq I 
k&ow Ibat J* art an tplM, 
7« <tr* true dhw.- m wfll I 
rou ]r«ar brother, nd n A 
flfk in th« Iftod. Aoa it « 
paM u ihej empiivd ilidr 
that, btbald, iTvij mui'a bin 
money oat ia U* *ark : and 
6«(A lliejr tad tbeb fatber n 

biindlM ofmonpy, Ibrj- werel 
And Jsi'iiti llu'lr filher nUt 
llitni, Mu lidve j-e t>er«and 
eJuiiIrm- Joicph ij not. and! 
M Dot, and yc will take Bfl 
nwny: all lhr« IbitifT" »pp 
Rt». And Krutvti >j«k<i i 
(»thiT. »»ylng. Slay my Iwo 
if 1 bring faim not U> lb«: ■ 
him into my bind, and [ will 
him t« tliM &5Bia. And in an 
tiHi ilukll iiol go ilawu villi 
(or bli bratlm li dead, and 
Icfl alonp : if miachirF b«fal 
by tbe way iii the wbioh ye _ 
•hall y« briim down my gnf 
with iM>m>w to lbs grire^ 

jAHDAiir S2. Cbmins, GiENititiii XLIII. Janvak 

ANn Lha fumine <nu nore in (he 
Uiid. Anil It caino to piM. 
whtf^n thi.<y b.-iJ ent^n nj. tin' i^prn 
which tUry li»fl iTciiKht oui cl E- 
ay?t> tli'.'ir raltii'T »id iinto tbcm, 
Go nanin. Ijiiy "» » liltln (ooJ. And 
JudaJi ipulc unt>3 liini, nyidti. The 
nan did ulcmnly totsMM uDto ua, 
Myioir, Vr ahftll not («• ny faoa, 
azotpl year bTother i» wiUi yvn, 
U thou wilt gund uur bri>llHr with 
ua, we will gu duwn and bay Uim 
lood ; bat if Ihoa wilt not Niid Am, 

WD will not go down : (or I 
uid iiiilo ua, Ya aliall not 
facr. «ic«pl youc brathn 
you. And tnul aaid, Wk 
deoJt ye » ill with me, ai 
tlie mui whetl>i-T ye liad yet 
itift) And tlii>ytiaiJ.Ttui man 
ua atraitly of oar ilatc, and 
Idndrad. eayintf. It yata {alli 
alive P have ye niw-lA^r bt 
and we told inm aocsriiaf 
UDor of tliBM worde: Ml 
eerUinly know tbM bt 

r fctter IotmJ mM bmo 
Vbw( iw aa iMw, do Uia : 
M kM baits ik Uifs land 

liuk habn, and 
ioM, ud niTTrii, 
: aaidUkaMiiblt 
huti ; MiJ th* no- 
MM troaghl i«aui in (h* 
fMt MdnL can; M tgtin 

ait MMTCoHNil >nu 

Idtt tdu «lM jwa Im- 

•riM. « Mgtl» Ut* tlM 

Ml Ai «■■, iLal h* nikj 
r«v atlMr bratW. ud 

I wm bmftv«4 Aad Um 
au ptwMi. and Ik** 

Ih MMcy ia iMr _», 
■ibi : tad km ap, mA 

■ l*Eaipt.iad ttoodbt- 
Ik AsdwfamJ«w^a« 
.ttt Ikm, ha wi4 W tbt 

■ hMBiV mngOitw bod 
d tkr, Md n«k> (wdy ; 

Ml lUI dlM «Ul M 

Aid lb vaa dU M Jo- 
•; nd lb* ■>■ btmdi 
iMJoMh'a bovML And 
IP.ifeaid, bMMH* iW 

UM ot jww IKIher, ^atJl ftrai jnw 
treannre in your t&ulu: 1 liul yuat 
fnonr;. Asd he braoshl Suumiii odI 
aal'i Ihen. And tlu man brought 
til* nion into Joaapli'a hauM, uti 
A*o (Arm water, luid than- wailMd 
tb«ir f*ot 1 aJid lie fst*t> iboir aana 
PMt-endtr. And thav madt i«a47 
Uw pnuFiil aSBiDfl J«*»ph e*n» at 
fuMn: for t>i<7 heard t]i«t lli^ 
abonld f<>t bftM than. And wImji 
jAHph came })omc, titty brau^hl 
bim iji« pNMut whloh wa* In lh«tr 
hand into \k» Imaw, and hair*d 
thfOurlTai to him to (hs nnh. 
Aed h« asknd th«m bf lAfir ml- 
fan, and laid, /i 5<aiir father irclL 
tha old nan ol whom j% ipibr 
yj li«y«t atlT« } And t)i«v uinr«r> 
•d, Tny nmtit aar btW u !■ 
SDod bMlth. hi? u T«t tlivo. And 
tMT k*w«d dawu tiiL^ir heiuli, and 
Ba3a obalnnw. An<l )ie llfwd op 
Ilia atyfi). and nan lui bmlhiT llpit' 
juiiin. liii motliL'i't ton. udiI tulil. 
Ii Uiia jDur juiuiiUuI irutlivr. i>( 
wfioni yo Bpaka unto mc? And h« 
■aid, Gwl M meima niitu tlioe, 
nj mh. And JoMpb luiilo haaU ; 
tM bia boml* did ifqm upon bit 
braihcri and he wnghi irhert lo 
werp_i and bs mtcrvd inW _ Ai* 



turtlidcbta Ui<l Ihff j»inifnt tccord- 
Idx W mjvtgth: iDdlbo dud usr' 
mltd nw *it kavtbvr. And be tonk 

«IK[ Mnr BMOM* Ulllu Cl"-ni (ruts 

bffort him: but Bmi^m 
WM fin UiDM M OHch 
Ujcir*«. And ther dnal 
inerT]' with hhsi 

January 23. fflornhis. Gmnksis XLIV. 

AND ho Mnnundcd th« alemnl 
of hi* liouK, MtTiog. FiU tlsa 
■nvn** Mcfcg tvifA food, >i4 niucli <u 
Uicy can cury, n,nit nut cvrry mru'ii 
nwiuy ill lUi uuk^ noath. And 
put mj" <inp, the wlfw «iip, in thf 
■iFk'* aiuiillj d( the jttiuiiki^. ui>I 
liiR I'oni mniixy. And hr iliil nc- 
rordinj" to Oiii woni llml Joseph 
hftd rpolcpn- Ai toon sd thfl raoni' 
ing wu Nghl, llir mrn were Mi^t 
Mmr. Ih"'! and tb»ir mmmi. /(nd 
wh*n thoj w(m> gone out o( tli« 
dhr. and aot ^f hr off, Joipph 
■•ill tiBto hi> aleintd, Ugi. fol- 
iow aftvr Uw sn^u ; hmiI wlicn th{iii 
doft ornrUk* llM'in, my unlo llirai, 
Wlinreforc hito jr* rowardcd •vil 
for RCKid^ /i Dol thin it in wfaloh 
m}' lortl drinkctb, ud irtieretiy ui* 
diMirl hf dirtiiFih? yo h»v(i don* 
(Til in M ilohig. Anil h« oiertook 
tlicui. Had ha t-pa-Va uulo tham tb«M 
nmc wofdi. And they nid uaW 
hlni, WhfTrforv nith my lord th<ea 
wDtd* } luii foibid liint ihy tii'T- 
VAiiU uliuulj ilo According l<j tli>4 
thine; brhnlJ. tlii^ mniia;, i^oli 
wv (ound in our uckn* nuMitbi, wt 
tifDUfilit UKiia unto lime out of the 
land of CnanA-n ; how ihia iJiouU 
w* i(«ai1 "III of 111)' liml'ii Iiuuiu 
•Jlrer or giild ? With whomaoter of 
llqr MTvants it lio found, both Ivt 
hlro dir. and we ali-n will ba my 
lead's bondmen. And he uid, Noir 
■Im tr( it ie nooardinft uutu your 
•r«rd«: ha «itb wlioia it ■> fouud 
•lull b* my KTruit; and 7* rIolII 
b« blanelciA. Thoa tho^ ipwdily 
took ftown vttry m&n hia tvk tt> 
lh« CTannd, Mid opened eTfry mna 
Ui laiUc. And h* M»roh«d, aaJ 
bciian fel lb* «!d«rt, and I«ft at lh« 
jmmKtft! ud thft (wp «u fannd 
ID l)eiijainin> «a«k. Thro Lfaeynut 
their clotbea, tad Itdsd <«*ry man 
Us afti, ud Mtonied t« (^9 dly. 

And Judab uid hni I 
to Jimipli'it hotue ; for I 
th«to ; and they fcll r 
the ground. And Jo 
thnn, What deed tt 
hart dona !* wot yv not 4 
man jlh I can orrlahilv dH uid, Wlial »hall «■ 
toy lord !■ what dull we) 
tiow BfaaU we dew mini| 

tialli found oat the tluM 
nrvanl* : buhnld. we arm 
■cmntiL bath we, and M 
trbom tno Cap la foauis 
(did, Odd fnrbid tlial I| 
Ml - bni the mm En whofl 
cu|> i> fnuud, bv ahtll 9 
«*nl : and oa tor jtm, p» 
peaec unto your hthar. 
dah came nmr unto luiB| 
Clb my Itifd, let thy *er«l 
tlioc. H|ii^k a wofil Iq I 
cars, and let not ibinn i 
nftainit thjr Bfnaut : fca 
vrra aa Phanoli. My I 
III* Mmnta. taviiitf, liaM 
ttier, or a brotiiurr Aai 
onto my lord. Wo have 
an old man, and a «hDi 
aar, n litlln unt< ; and I 
is di'nd, and lift »Iaii« U 
nuiitb<tr, and lill father I 
An-l thou nidit unto Ihj 
Itnnff him <loirn unt« n 
may w I minfl ryo* upon I 
wa uid unto my lard, Utt 
nut lem hit buior: (iirtf 
loaTo hii fathn, Au /M 
die. And (hini mdet mil 
(Bnlii, Kzori't jaar jool 
IJiLT (oine down with ]M| 
HO aiy fnoo no mor*. Al 
to pus when we cams n 
kerruit Diy father, ws Ul 
wotdt of my lord. And | 
■aid. Go Main, and boiriJI 
food. And wa Mid, wa j 
doim: If Mf Touiigwt I 

I unaa W Uw acr- 

■, ami lb* UJ 6« not 

HMM U»l lli> life is 

' tW iMl'Btifeiit thall 

i*1mii b« •Mtb th&l 

»a3 Igl l)iR tsd go up vrTtb liil 
lirothntii. Far how kIisII I ao np 
(a ID/ blhor. and iliit Ik.1 )>r not 
with no t l»t DcnulTvntQn! 1 wa 
the •Til that umU cquic «a Bf 

iT<3' Ckmins. Gknksis TLLV. January 23. 


ISt Jawph coald not fcfrain 
lavV Wm* all tl»m Uul 

^7 Ub ; uiil ba criad, C3ui*« 
■ia t»|n tial fram int. And 
iMMd >a van with Hm. Khilc 
I aaJ* Km If knowa unui 
Mkno. Aod ba ampl khad : 
Ml|TMi>B*M4 tbabauMoT 
Nb bM4. And J«amb wM 
ik bfMhiran. 1 « Jaatph t 
IrT b&n 7*1 tiraP Aad U« 
■» caaU aai amrw«r Ub ; Im 
■«*• Ona tM rt to awaaaBt . 
Iwpfc aiU wilo bit Uattean. 
itmrtomt.l mjjva. AnJ 
■Hi Mar. Aod ha nid, I oia 
A yvm bratter. wham f* aolJ 
VI*. Xew tb«rafota^ aM 
M^B* mgiy wnb rMtMlrca 

r» wU B« UtW: f»r God 

■• bafara yon lo 


la iKa 


ri Ilia 
: ahI tat 


Tbui nkitli thy f>a Joivph. God hath 
niada ai« lunl of all Kyj']'' ■ <™>>' 
■loMn uiito lan. turry nut : and Ibou 
ihult dwcU la tho iBDd of Goahcn, 
n^nil IhvD shalt he Bat iinto mo, 
tliou, tnA tlij <ibil<lr«D, tnil lliy ohil- 
dr«4i ■ chilJruii, mil lliy Iliirki, u-nj 
lb/ hurdii, aiiil ill that lliou Iuhi : 
uiil thcra nlU I noorlih tluM : (or 

Ct (Acrtf srr Arc ycun of famino- 
t thou, and thy houacbutd, ui<J 
»U ttiii iliou tiMI,oou* 10 paivrtT. 
And, LcIujI.I, yam ayea ••«, Mwl tlio 
eyaa of my ljraLli<:^ Boni&Enln. tbkt 
il it tny mouth thnt rpeiketh uttto 
yoa. And y* rhall toll my falhtl of 
kit my )ilory in EeypI, and af >U 
tlial yi> >iar» aatn ; and ]ra aball 
HmU uid brinff do<ra my ntber bi- 
ihct. And he toll upiin hia krMhar 
BfiuKniin'i ncelc, KnJ «opt; And 
Btdjiunm nvpl Dpon Ilia uccN. More- 
amr he klraeJ all hii brcthreu, and 




of bTpt, ud j« ihall Mt (be M. of 
the (ud. Nnw IboD ut conmuHl. 
ed, thin do yd ; UJio you msnu 
mil of th« Und nf Ksjrpl (ov jmr 
little Dorf. and Im )unr iriniM, aad 
bnag rour luhm, iiid rome. Abo 
BHud Dbl yntir at'ill'; fnr Ihi BooA 
Rul Che lanil of Kn^il ^ Tnur'i. 
And Ibfl duldnsn vt Iinul did ao: 
ud Jo«p)l ipvr Ihfin trai^uiiH. Bc- 
cordioxio tliG tuniiuau'Jiiii'ijl of Phi- 
■Mh, KDil ntT< llicm jiroKitilon fnr 
Hw «>}'. Tn M of them hx giio 
Mch cluiDHci of mincnt ; liiit 
to tlFiiJitiiLn hf n^tr tImB Iiuiidrcd 
pmri uf lilver, uid live ohnnKCH uf 
nimcDL And lo hli father be MOt 
afMr this mannrr; ten »»e* ItJca 
■i'Ui tlM good tliinxH uf KlCTptiUiil 
tan ahe >mw) laduu with et/ta uid 

hnarf ud MMt Cm- hk ft 
Die wv- Sd to Mnt hh 1 

Rwaf, and tlnjr dtpuWd: 
(^d nnto thrni, St* Ihjt j« 
mil tar thr tny. And thirf ' 
DUla l^rf^&'ideMiiouiioi 
of Oaniui!) ii»u> Jwob Ibtii 
■nd Uilil Iiini. HjtUf , JoMf 
alira, and tui y gmvtumtm 
lud of EmL Aad Jieot 
fainted, for he bf liersd th 
And Chtr lolJ hiin ill ibl 
tif Jiiirph, which h(> lud I 
to them : and nlini ha i 
waipHU wUch JoHph tnl 
ouiy hliDi Uw spirit of iu 
buhir nrircd : and I«a«l 
iM enevjih; Joaeph m; m 
nlire : linU go aad aw U 

AND IwmI twli hi* Journey wllb 
all that he hod, nod came W 
Stot-lbcbli. BUd oSVrcd HkcriEtfv* 
■nto Iht tiod uf his Lktlivr Isuio. 
Alid Uod «i'aiii< uulu IstmI in tho 
vitioM of Ihc Di^lil, asil nld, Jacob, 
Ja«ob. And ho mid, llrrv oni I. 
Aud it* nid, 1 aniCtid, %hv Uad of 
th^fotlMT: Cisu-nnt lir K^ dvwii iiili> 
Sl]^!; for 1 will th>!ri» mttki: «f 
IliM a HTMt nation 1 I willflodo<,ni 
with tficc into Esfpt; and I mill 
alio nirtlf brin^ tliiK up icfiiii .- and 
. JoMph iihs.ll pMt hin Iisiid <i)i(m MiinH 

S^u \tiA Jarub ri7«D bit» frvtn llotr^ 
■b> : and Ihc^ kdik id Inroirl cirrinl 
jMMb Ihcit bihcr. and llioir liltia 
OaMtinil thi'ir wi<F>. in Ihc ir*ij;<)nH 
Whiofa Khkniiili tuil xciit to cnrrf 
kin. A«d Xiiey louk tlicir cattle, 
•ad Ibairfooili, which Ihry lud Rul- 
«B In tha land of Caniuin, nml cutnv 
tain Eyrpt, JKob, BiiJ all til> wfJ 
-mIiIi bun : hii Ban*, und liu aoiiJi' 
aoiv VTlh hifD. hia dnujEhtcnik !uid 
Ua aiMUi' dsu|{lit*n. uid all his iced 
bnoftil li* Willi him inta Hfrv*- 
And (baM IM thn nuoM of tEw 
cUldnra of lsni«l, vhloh cana into 
EsT-pi, Junh uid hi< anna: R«d- 
b«n, Jvob'i finnboni. And Iba aou 
of BMib«ii; Uauoch. and ItiaUu, 

jAKtiART 2+. iSlorntng, Gknesis XLVI. Jxuvm 

and lUiron, and Cartikl. 
Minn of 6inm>n; J«iiiutl, 
»iid <J1ia>I, and Jactuo, bOi 
aud Shaul (li« ND of a r 
w«m»n. AndthaMMetf 
Rbon. Kotutb, and Htrarl 
Kiu of Judnh ; Er, and Oi 
Shfflah, .null I*tam,uid 
llrfttid Oiijuidicd in lb« 
nuLn. And (ho mdo o[ 
lUiron and Uaraal. And 
of IxscWr ; Tola, and P! 
Job, nnJ ZShimrDnH And 
Knbulun) Simfd, and Klon, 
till. Thew «w ihc aouji 
which aho bzLro auUt J. 
djn-iiniD, nith hi* 
uah : all thr notiia of haa 
liu ilauifbUn trrrt Ihirtr ai 
Anil the loui ol Gad ; Zip" 
IfaMi. Shani. and Etbuo. 
AruJi, and Arvli. And 
Anlinr ; Jimimh. aud 1. 
liul, nnd Hi'j'lali. uiiL 
■iiit«r : and th* rwiu of 
her, and MalohicL Tbeaa 
■una of ZHpab. wham 
10 Laah hSa daughter, aad 
bars unto Jaooh, nva alxl 
The aoiu of fUchvl Jao 
Joaopli,aiid Beiyaittin. And 
Mph iu tilt Land of Sgfpt 

9k*B unl* Ruhtl 
Ac baM An* 
wala IMM ■em . 

_ oat wtlli Jt- 

U In*. wUch c«a» wt of 
HUlli J>oab'» Mim'mvM, 
itMa ■«** UmwooM >nd ilx : 
b MM of Jneph, wUcb trm 
la k BcM wwM **• •«>■ > 
iRMb <f UM Imim «f JB«ofc, 

M U*. Aiti b M*t Jodati 
Ita uau iatfK 1* Ht^ct 
>^a» < J —tw n ; Mil thij tMMie 
|» tad li C«>hoi>. Asd Jo- 

ur (4. 

nntn Mn, Hf li ret h w i i, lai mj fl^' 
iImt'h Koum, Kliicih teer* In (h* luid 
of Csnaan. nr* p«nw onto me ; and 
(tic Dmi am khephvrdt, hr their 
trade htth hccQ la feed rA((t*| 
mil Ihrf tuvr btiniiibt ihclr fluaWn. 
Asi) t)ii*ir liTnln. nnil all Uial tbey 
liHve' Anil ll m]):(!] c<)ni»i tik |iDm, 
whua Pbtinoh iliall coll yoii. and 
ihall «»y, Wlml It your occupation ? 
that ye ahill toy. I'bjr teTTanU' 
liwle hath bvmi about catll* hom 
our jfoulb *v«n iinlil now, IwAb irvi 
itui/ alxi ciir blhcru : thai ft tOAr 
dwell in the land of f>«*hni 1 fw 
every ■hepbetd if an aliaiiiinaliiia 
onto th« K|{;)>tliuifl. 


«ttnfiig, OxNK»i< XLVU. 

EX JwnlmtM mmI toM Ph»- 
Hkud mU, Mr btkr awl 
Mlna. aaJ Ikair fetk*. and 
tok aad all thai Ihty fcs**, 
kp W uf ibf bikd «f Caaun ; 
Ml, (k«y «r. In Itw land ei 
K. bdh* iMk aoaa of hk 
M.«MB t** m«D, uid pN- 
) BMi m* Phuaoh. And 
MB mU aUUt Ua tiMlbrm. 
I ta jmm •fMpaUM ? And 
•Ubm* "" " ~ 

Jakoarv S4. 

■"haiMlk, Thf car- 

befdra tb«« ■ in thb b«it of the land 
■nuke ihy fntht-i haA brethNB t» 
duel! 1 in til" linii nf llothint let 
tlu'ni iIwrI! : ^iiiil if (liiiii tcnoweit 
miy rni^n of lu^tirity Bmrat! ihttn, 
then tbike them rulm over tn; rat- 
lb. And Jowph broQffht in Jarob 
Ml fai)i*r. and wt him bcfora f li«< 
taoh : and J%eah b1««Bd Jinnuh. 
And I'hftnoli (aid Data Jacob, Hmr 
oU arf Ibou ? And Jamb wid witO 
Phinoh. The day" *f liw ;w»_of 



Pbneh bad coiuMbM. AndJo- 
iqife BOaiUHd Wi bitMr. tud Ui 

bmlmin, tsd »1l Us behor'ii houra- 
bold, nitn bmd, ircnrdiiv; ta lArar 
fimiiici. And lArrr n-oi no br»jl in 
mil Uii< UnJ : fur tlie biaiim icai vlt^ 
Win, lu lliat ih« laail of Eg.vpl and 
ali Ihu Unit of Cknun faiiit»<l liv 
tvason of tlio fnminp. Anil Ji)'> |<!i 

S'ChrtfA 111) all ihi' motiijy ihat •' 
idJ in iIiF land i>f Ei(v|it, &ud w 
ttw laii<I uf Ciuiitii, tot lot earn 
wliiuh l)ii>y ti(iii;ilit: aitd JoHiili 
limnght I'^ii moni'v iiilo Phanuifi** 
houM. And wiitn monty [nilcj ia 
the land uf Kirjiit, ujiil lu ili« IhdiI 
uf Cia:Laii, nil um £Kypll"'< cune 
unto Ju»>i>li, and wild, Glvo lu 
\m»A : (or nhj iliuuld wc flic in 
UUr pwnrncci' for Llie moni'.y fiiJ. 
cut. Aiid J<)M!|ih KLiiti (live )uur 
nitle : luiil I mil K'<'e >oii for yoiti 
Oftttir, if iDoncjr fail. Aod iticj 
brwiiKiit thdr Mtllc unio JoKiih : 
uid JcMcpli BUTE Uimn bnaJ in rz- 
dumgeUa bontBiaiul fur the Hocks, 
aiid iiir tlio oaltlc of (he herd*. &n<l 
for llir \frtf. aud he fed Ihom witli 
bixA'J fnr &II tiidr uUlc for tiiat 
juar, WIwu that year nw radtd. 
thifT canii^ unlu him th« Mcoud jixt, 
Uld t^il uli((t him, Wt tiill nut llidu 
U frcm my K^Tdilirmitiiit iiuriuuiicy 
ii tprml; mvliiril aXr-a lui.Ili niii 1ivr>it 
of ctillii' ; ihcrc ii< not uught Irfl iii 
Uu aiiclil of my lord, but our boJira. 
udour lauilii-. wbutvtore »lull wc 
dk btforv ililuc eye*, t>otb rtt sud 
001 luid ^ buy us Aud mr Uad for 
bread, nud h-c naj gar Innd irill be 

Mt-iauU uBto I'liiimuli: *ndgl*ciu 
Mtd, tlutl wQ may live, uid not die, 
thai lt» laud be not dmoUt*. And 
JOMph boiislii ill llio iLnil of %7iit 
tat rhinoli ; tot ilie Egypliana kuld 
CTcrj man liin Bi>)J, bwnoM ttis fa- 
mine pruvallcd oint theiu : m iIu 
blHl bfoune fliuvub't. And aa for 

from oiu and o 
ereo to tlu at/ 
Uio land of I 

not ; fur the | 
uinjiufif ihtm 
eax tbeitr pn) 
([Kve ihein: wl 
ilii-ir biidt 1 
I . " iii'iigiU', Bi 
}<t\i Iliu day Ik 
nioli: lo, A>r«i 
(.liall wwilwb 
ta pui in ib« ; 

Sire tha fifth p 
of lheB«bl.HK 
ibom of Tvurhi 
fiir your little 
Thau hunt nvt 
Kruoe in the ail 
will be Ptumo 
Mjih made it t unto tl 

oll'uulll hllTC tl 

tliD lund of lb 
becftme uol l'( 
dwolt in ih« I 
conntrjr of Gi 
pOHcmon* till 
niiiltii>Knl eic 
hicil m Uie 111 
yean' : n> ihc 

\TU UI Ituiid 

yoani. And tb 
lemil niuet 4 
■on Joitpbi a 
DOW 1 bave foi 
put, I pn? thi 
i%h. and deal 
iiK' ; bury uio ■ 
Kypt: but I ir 
and thou aholt 
and bni7 me '•■ 
Ami be laiiJ, I 
iial'il. Au<l lie 
And be iimta 
botrrd himcsU 

Janitaiiv 2(5. illomms, Gbnkbis XLVI, 

AND il caniu to pan allcr tlicae 
tliinvn, Uiat tntt luld Jonfjib, 
Behold, iiky falh«r it aiok i and ho 
look vrtth Um lila tn-a maM, Ua- 

naiKb and E( 
JmoIi, and wu 
•ojth Mintlb I 
atrcnftbencd I 

|> Ma Am iato Kejpt, an 
p Ibabj Mid Sfauut, tlioy 
Imat. AU tkr knc, irUch 
MMM aAer tk*B, ■Ull ho 
^4nJILt oiled >fWr llw 
if ilorbmClimi in Uinir inW- 
> A>d M Cnr RM, wIttB I tamo 
flh% HacU .ficd br ne in 
M CUmo b Um wmv. whoa 
If MM hoi a Kill* way to Doui« 
itniti :»ij I buk-lW Uxn 

Kif Ef^'ifl' : <)'•' rnno ii 
. ku. li«UJo- 

)nui-< - .'ftlMK? 
Mlk BHI oniu tut falbcr, 

Sagr wm, wlms I>4>1 luili 
lartfa^bM. iludheniil. 
In, I ims fi^ '■Bt^ ■■■'• 
niMihtM. N«wti«cyM 

)««• dim tor i«>, M fAnt 
Mt Mt. Aud bi bmifflit 
nolo Unt: u>d tMkiu«d 
HMloMtKlUwiB. AndU- 
p oM JMcph. 1 lad Dot 
tliMft^AM: Hid. Id, God 
■nd at alM ihy ived. And 
LhawM tkan oat ttmi be> 
■kiM^ BBd lia btiwvd fala- 
EffkMlotWarO. ADd 
[U ttm kDlk. EpbmiB b 
H Ind wnH ImOTt left 

WUA ndiDiacd mo Ironi nil «v|l. 
bl«M Um UJr; nud Ivt my ntme b« 
named on tksni, niiJ tlio iiuiuu t>f 
my fdilnTa Abrnlinni aiiA Ikuk ; 
and Irt tlicin ^ron into i multliudc 
In tks isidd m Hivifn-nV. Aai when 
JtMrspli law lliat hi> fatlmr laid hit 
ri^C hoiid upon the bead of Eph- 
ruiD. it iliiplMwd bin: mA lie bxlA 
up hu father^ bud. Id Ttviifie il 
tutm Epbmim'a bead unto Maiunx- 
■i«li'* lirad. And JoHuph ui<l uiilu 
bu filboi'. Not Kj, Di)' falh*r: Ui 
this il Uic finlb«ru ; t'ut thy rubt 
hand uMTi hJE And hiu faibtrr 
nfunf^d.andiuid. I know t/,in]r uu, 
I kiiawi/: h« aUo ahall mmbb a 

Eeof Ic, and tu alM sbivll b« grot : 
ul ttnly hi« ;\)DDB«r bTothur ihall 
bo jmaur Uuin h«, and Mii *Md 
Khnil boeomo a rnultiiuda of nation*. 
And he blc^cd ihMn tbat da^, my- 
Ibff. la thM bhall land h\tm, caj- 
ingiGod n!il[« ctiee u Epbnlia and 
U Maiiaocli : -iiid bn net E[ihniiM 
befor* Hauuiuii. Add larael taid 
uaia Joupti, Ueholil. 1 dl« ; bat God 
shall b« wilh T«n, aod brtng jron a* 

«iin auto tTiii i3ud uf youT (ttUien. 
loreuvi-r I imt.: s\\ea to tttM one 
Mrtian above lliy brethmi, whltli 
i took out of His hand of lb* A- 






utd Levi «r« b«t}iran t ti utn iMwtU 
of «mtJt7 Miv In di«ir lubitBtbiiu. 
O injr wnl. onM DM (bou iuto their 
WCSMi niil« (h«lr •iMmlilj-, mliio 
hononr, ht not (hnn un!l*il : (or In 
tlirlr ongar lh«v ilcvr a mnii. and 
in Iht^r •Bifwiil the; lU^iicd dunii 
k vrall, Ciincd ta their ■iign'. fm- 
•I irot flnvir; idJ tlivir wntli, fur 
ft w>4 rni"!: I will iIitIiIi' ihvin in 
Jaenh. «»'■ hi^Ui't IIifui in linfil. 
JixUh. Hioo ari ht wliom thy fcrc- 
tlirca iliall fnJae : thy huiiu ifcaV 
1« in till! tiL'ck af tliiup mcmtvn ; 
tliy fathw")! children "liall Kniv ilmvn 
h+fniv lilts. JuJ&Um n liun'i ulii'l|>: 
flouilho pmy.mxnon.tliou nn jidiic 
np: he iwopcj down, he Miatrht<d 
>4 n lion, uid &■ Kn old fioii ; wha 
ulutl TOKM him up? 11m Kvplre 
■hill ne>[ ddp-irl from Juilnh, nnr 
a lawnTcr Irom bctirccn hii ^(, 
antll Shiloh come ; and unto llim 
tiiatl the ntberiiut of tlii^ p^i[>li< hf, 
JUa^ag ha fnal unlii tliri viibf, mid 
Ua ur* cnll nnta thu diDiri' vint ; 
Iwirulicd hin ganncnta in crinc, mid 
hii flothtfl in ttie hlotid of Kmpn: 
Ub F.vts ihall fic red «ilh mini?, and 
hin teeth yibltn irilh niilli. Zrhuliin 
•ball dwell M th« )i>i<nn or thii »'» ; 
anil h* iftoN Ae fur nn trntin of 
■hiiii : and bill bonln lAuI/ f^ unta 
Zijan. luaehkr m a itronfC bm 
eouuhinfi down bvtwHii two bur- 
d«iu: nnd h# *iiw that kbI n-iw 
Cood, >iid the l.iiid tluil il win plM- 
MPti Bud hixrod hU ulioulder ta 
bMF, tod bwune n ii«rvant nnla 
tribntc Din diAllJude* hiinrAplA, 
u ane of th« trtb«i nlliTnel. Dsn 
iIaH b» a aerpent br thft tni\% an 
(wtdnr in the path, that biuili tha 
horM bttU, M that bit lidvT diall 
fell buclEwuil. t hitn wBtt«ii for 
thjrulntlon. LoHu. Gul.Btroon 
tfaill o«'«rcoine Itiu: but lio «hall 
amvcnip « the lw>t. Out of A"h(>r 
]u» bnad ihall l,r fnt. uid )ie slinli 

E' Id nyal daiulici. Nsphtdi U a 
d let letM! he gettiit goodir 

wordi. J4 

nvtt ■ 
irAiwf < 
and Aat flit' 
hut hia bnw I 
ills uns of Ui Imi 
itrouK In- the liaiidi 
6'«rf cf jMob : (bot 
Shnibn^, the Stena i 
ly U» Oed of thy fU 
hnln thee ; Uid bv 
Who .hall biBM tbe< 
of hestpn alioTe, \ 
d-'«'ii llint lli^ usdi 
iha brta>(». nnd of i 
bltuBinft* '-F t'ly {\Ciu 
cd abote the Yl«A 
fmniton ncto tlie vl 
tbu vnrrlaaliDe h9ll 
on the hud of JoM 
rrmrn of th<< haad a 
•ppamte frara hii I 
jamin ihnU nTin lu 
Diominit ho fhsll At 
ami nt iiiuht hp a) 
>V|Oil. Allthl'M ITM |] 

of tinel: and iWa 
fdber npilte unlo thi 
thcin ; r\vTf ono a< 
Hlii«»in^ hr hl uw u J 
rhnrgc^i) thf^in, and > 
I mil to Ic ^thcrpc 
pic ; buiT »• with 
the care thai it \\ 
[Iphnm thaHittila.l 
a in tlia fluid of Ml 
u befora Mamro, { 
Canuji, whiob Ab 
viih the field of Ef I 
for a pMaoMlaa nf i 
ThiTo tlifjr bsmd 
Somh Ilia wifn ! the 
laaso ind K«b«kah 
ihfT* I baried L««li. 
nf tha flvldaad oft 
Ihergin imi from 1 
Heth. And whirn J 
an end of command) 
gathi-Kd tin hit fM 
and yiahto'l un tha 


JAKT 97- doming, Cksknis L. Jan-vart 27. 

D J«w]>fc fril upon hli filliur'H 
ttm, ud wqit Bpw Urn, uul 
I Ilia. Aitdjgwpb eMnmuded 

himbJkmt ami tiMphTWLiiiii 
UMd JnMJ. And aaij dnja 
BdUM tehia: rorNSN fnl- 
llMAvaodlMH vhlsh areen- 
M : ud du ^Tpckni tMon- 
r hfa itmMcon Mid Mn d*/*: 
iiImb tbt dijY (f hii ■mnnns 

put, JoMBh apalM mto the 

o( llnnMi, M/ioff. U uuw 
r« foHBd snw to rear trtt, 
I pnv 70U. la ths lui of 

111, Mjriag, " 

u^ «y)tig, M; fubtr taadn 
mar, btu^ L«, I di* : in mj' 
IwfcMiIIUTadimdfOTiDL- in 
wd of OuMa, Uine ^It tliuu 
m». Now tlwrvrore let me 00 
' pnr <l>f*i xt<l but; 1117 ra- 
Md I will wm win. And 
lot mii. 0« up, UM bur; tlijr 
V acoBtdkig u Im nuifa Um 
. And J«Mpli weal ap lo burr 
th« 1 nnd with hfai w»at up all 
nwta of Phnnoh, the tiim 

htmm, mi all th* «Jd«w of Qjr 
b( EdpC and all tiw hoijN of 
KttXth hnttoea.uid hu fi* 

imm : mIt their little odm, 
Nir taki, and their Iwnli. ibey 
ilWkndtf G*di«D. Andtlxro 
■P wilk Mm both chariots and 
nn: and h wao nr(t7enat 
nr. And they ouae 10 Uie 
itn^oor of Alnd, wWdi U be- 
J«U»n, uid (hmthBrvurarn- 
■■BHHiiHHH*! for 

a THKBpnion of a hntTiainilkM tt 
KpfaroD Itie lIittiM, befotv Hum*. 
And Jow'ph Rtumod jaio Kffriit. 
hr, and his bTtthrm, and >)) l£«t 
mnt lip vriih hum ts bofv bi« h- 
llior. aftur Im hnd barted hw fttlwr. 
Anil whFii Jowph'a brethren nir 
ttial ilicir fithw wu dead, lh«7 
wid, Juwj.h will pendiwtare hale 
DR. and will teruiolj totnllt na nil 
ibu o«i] wlileh w« did ntio fa^. 
And iho7 mnt a mmengfi inilo 
JoiFi'tL MTing. Tbf Ikther did eon- 
nianil bcTora he dinl, aajfng. So 
tball ye mf onto JoMph, Forgive. 
1 pt%j lliM naw, the trantaae of 
thrtinthrtn, nod their tin; [OTthey 
did unto tliM evil : nod now, vn 
liny tliM, (orai«o the trwpnn of 
the Mmnts oi* the God of thy fa. 
thnr, And Jowpb wept wlirn the? 
irnnkn unto him. .Km hit lirritirvn 
alKi wpnt and fell li'iwn hflon- lii< 
fiwe ; utd tbrjr air], Uchuld, Wi' hr 

Ihjr lemiitii. Anii Joaeph nid un- 
to tbom,, Fear not ; for irm 1 la ibf 
plaM of God? Bnt u for toq, je 
thonghl erQ a^nit ur ; iat (i«d 
meant it untu bring to poar, 
US il i$ liar, tu Hare mnch peo- 
ple aliT*. Now ihei«fore fear jr 
DO) : I wtil nourinh you, and roar 
Iltllr onff. And bo CDtnfoned Inm. 
and n»ki- l(itid]7 unio then. AM 
Juxiiti iImvII in t^cjpl. he, and fall 
faitirrN lioiim : and Joerph Ured 
aji hundred uid ten yran. And Jo- 
■cpli Mw Ephnim'H chfldren of the 
third jwrvrntion r iliu <liildmi alM 
of aincliir Um iwn of ManaMtb were 


JANOAnr 27. 

Ifbrniitg, ExoDva I. 


nW ihfv net tho n^inet of 
ihn fhlldrcD (i[ IithpI. ohlrli 
rsBif inlo Kraiit ; ertjy man t\ nd 
hi* iMiMlMld nni« with Jt^ub. 
It«itb«), SittMD, Lari, lui] JaJuli. 
ItMctur, &tiu]uii, uid benjmmln. 
D>B, and KipbUli.Gsd, and Adi«r. 
And all Ih* mili thai canin out 
at Ifcc loim irf Jiculi ivcri! juitvniy 
Mob: fur Jonph ira< in EKypt 
a/rWiiiy. Aad Jomph dl«d. and all 
liii brclhifo, and aJI that gaiwni- 
lion. Andttuahildronof IinMl ware 
/railfnl, and looreiBml abunUiuilly, 
■rigbtyinndthe Itod wai fHln] irlili 
ibcn. now Uwrt arow up .1 new 
lun^ over Enpti which kuew nut 
JoMph. AdUm aald uotahla Mni^li', 
fMi*ld,tlic jicoplaaf the oUlantn ui 
lamrl mrt xann and miRhtier titan 
wt : (ontc QO, let aa dcnl wbeljr 
with Ihf n ', l«n tlnj mu1tip)7. uiil 
U cAmo to pow, tliat. whto ebon 
falkth onl an; war, Oioj Join ilao 
luta «or «n<iDiDt, »tid Sgbl ajalotl 
1(4, and M i^Ht them ap out oi Uto 
land. Tbrrtforv lljvy did wl ov«r 
llura taakmailcr* to alltii't th^in 
tnlh Ihrlr bnrdanii. And (hcv built 
for I'h«mch tnacaic tilicn, IMhoni 
and Kajoun. Bat the more Ihrr 
•flictrd Umn, th* mor* tbc; miil- 
l^Urd mid ^w. Arxl Ihiy ircrp 
cncnd li«.iu« (■/ lh# fhjldruii of 
Wael. And tho Cnyptiiaa niulo 
th> tlrildnm of Inav) to aetre witb 


riRoiir; and (\>ty Bide Ibdrl 
htUfr >*iih liard feoDdiga, to I 
tcr. Mill in bridk, »nd in ut m 
of tcrricif in the field: all 
k!ni(<i!, wlierelii ilicy mad* 
terra, tiat with fiom. 
kins ctf Yjgjyi ipafct to tte 
midiriv«L of whioh tha 1 
Doe toat Sliiplnh, aud tha 
ttir aUwr Puab : and ht aai 
Te di) tha oRct of a nldiriral 
lirbmr worotn, and icc thtm | 
the aloali ; if it JW » tab, tb 
xIiDll kill him : but tf it bt a < 
tci. Ilirn ahr ftiill Uve. 
miilirimi feaicd (iad( and < 
av the king of EsTpt 
liivm, but aartd US n 
uUvit. And tlie Idujt of 1 
cd fac iho nudoiTM, Mid~i 
ihoni. WUj h*»o yw ifenc L 
and have aaTod tfae tacD 
aJiTfl ? Atid t?i» midiftTci I 
|9 I'haracih, tWoauM the 
women att not aa the T 
tncn ; Un they nr» \\t% 
dvlir(T«l *re tl>t' Biidwivea 
in nnlo lliein. llicrrtoTo G«d \ 
wfW yi\\\i tlir luitlivivfc ; 
|iuoi>lo uuIiipliM], atirl w« 
miglily. And it cBino to 
cniiM itio niidirivn frsrad < 
lU ina<1ij lliHni housrc 
rauh dlairgtd all h<a paa|ili 
Kifrry aon lliat U boia ym 1 
iuta the riTer, and vtrj 
J* Atil nra aliTe. 

Janiaht 2H. fBarning, Exoddb II. Jancari 

AND there wtnt a man of the 
bonatof LeTi,and tODk ta irifir 
■ AUmthltT of Ltri. Aud tb« wo- 
nan rconiTvd, and bat« a aon : 
and wlMn (lie ww him thni bo vn 
•i ^oodlf ffiM, di* bid hlo) thrva 
ncitilhi. ,^Tid nhen abe P4ii1d not 
longrr lii<li- him, (lir look for him 
«■> vk of hiilniih<><, anil dsul<«it it 
. irftA adfMH) luiij iriili t>(t<-li, Kn<l p<\t 

robJM (herein ; an-l fho laid »l <n '• paiaimi on 'i.Vm, aad aald, '•_ 
' Baga bv the ritor') brink. hxA 1 Wm Ol AoW^trtewi: a^KMxwk.^ 

hli tliUrt stood afar oO', l« 1 
would be done lo hlra. ^ 
dau^ter cd Pbanob cane 1 
wMa A*ra«r^at Ihc mvr: ■■ 
B^dou vaJlted nluny ^ uh i 
aide; and wbm ibe aaw tba 1 
moDg llie flof*. abo k«u| har ■ 
Mah it. And «-heh ab« bad 1 
it, abe saw lh« cliild: 
til* babe «i-t>l. And 

ab'* lUdgb- 
eall to Out a 

bcW •TDUICB, Uiat 

t cbM for thM ? 

I mM ud toJItif 
I, And fhanwli'ii 
» IMT, Tdn U)ia 
I it iiir iM,uil 
. lad iiBiMd 
gnw, uid ibe 

IjUMh't (l&U|[b- 

_ hir foo. Aod 

r bin oat cT Uie 

I M pwa in thow 

M gnwn, that 

I brallifini, and 

bardaof: Md U 

B miMiig Ml Ht- 

brathiOL And hf 

: that war, ^"^ 

I BM no maa, 

, and Ud him 

I fa« went o«t 

dd, two men of 

I t*mribrt : and 

■• Hi tb« nronff, 

(Omii Ud- MIow f 

mads the* a 

k a««r aF IdWihI- 

,M thoa kiU«iibt 

tUma fcu^, 

btUagb known. 


But Mom* 


fled froia the he* or Plianwli, snil 
dwelt 1b IIio liitti of Ml'lbu : and 
he iDt down hy a. wiU. Now tho 
I'rint of Ufdiao had acTin dnuah. 
ion: and thEjrtaino uid drrw ms- 
fK-r, aud BUedlhe tronsha to wuim 
their faihirr'it fiuck. And iho ikep. 
benb txine nod ilrore ilicm away ■ 
but M«eB Mood op nml IipI]i«i| Dum 
Md watered tl»i( finrk. Acdnbrn 
th«T earn* M Bouel Ihcir falher, bo 
mid, Hvw U 11 thalye are ooms m 
tvumodarF And lh*r Mid, An & 
grptian dtllrenid at out at tho hand 
ottbt iii«nbcrd>, *riii iIm drew ira> 
trr enoagn for uiv lunl italcnd llw 
dock. And he mid unto hiti danRb- 
Un, And wh«T* u hi> ? why (f It 
rAaf nhais left the man? ollhim, 
that M may «*t 1>r«ad. And Mo«n 
iru content to dw«II wjtli tbs toui: 
■nd bv i;>Tp Mn»>< /ipporah hi* 
d>i)Kht>!r. AntI *lin bnr* Aini i hod, 
and be called hii nxme Ucntiom ; 
(or he Mid, I iare beta a stranfer 
in a itmiga land. And it came to 
oam in jprooMi of timv, that Uio 
kin^ of Bupt diml: and the ehil- 
dnn of I*nw1 iffihtd by reaiMii of 
lh« bondi^, onil iho]r oriud, and 
ihfir FTV tame up anio God by na- 
mn of In* IxiiidM!''' And Giid heard 
Ihfir gr«uiiiig, aiiil li.Mt r«niMob«r- 
•d Hia cotutiaol •ritli Alinkhaai,nith 
tutLc, ind wich Jncob, Ani God 
lookcl upon thr children o( IitimI, 
and flvd had r?4pi-ct uriin lAnn. 

Citnina, Exodus 111. Jani;abt 28, 

ktpt llic Hock of 
BMcr In law, the 
f Bad he M Ibe 
fde of the dMtn, 
Moanlala of Ood. 
Kad l&e an^ct of 
ad oMo blm in a 
the mldet of a 
i, and, bcliotit. 
Are, and Ihn 
iL And MoHi 
I add*, a>d ■» 
I" lb* boih a not 
Loan Mv 
M Miv Corf 

callod Duta bim out of Ibe iiii<l«t 
the lush, and mid, Mm**, Mum<i 
And hi )ajd, tliirw am I. And He 
niil, Dnw noi iiluli hither: put off 
th; ahoH from off ihy IWl, for the 
pUoo whrrcou thoa itnndnt M holj 
)troand. M'n»o»"r Hn »aUl. I am 
the Ood of thy fnlbor, tho God of 
Abraham, ibe God of Inaii, uid iho 
Coil of .T>«ab, And Mo«e( hid hit 
ti« : for hf vat afi^iil to tnok upoa 
God. And tbo [.nnu —U, I ure 
rarely Man iha afSlctbHi of Uy peo- 
vle which art in Esrvt> mA Vaia 
neanf tlieii try \»j Teawm <■! 




tadtnutnt : for I know ihtii tor- 

Kiw* ; »ni] 1 un cihiih •town to iln- 
iinr IbciD oat of the hnnd of the 
Bcntiuu, Mid to briax tlicn up out 
oftbt lud vnl^iL itood Iknrt ami t 
ImMi Qxln * Lao<' A" '■>">! v<->tli tni Ik 
UHBOiuyt unta ihi' iOmmi of tlii' 
Ctoiwiite*, knd the llittiii^ii. and 
tbt Anoritu, uitl tbc I'lriaitei, 
Hid l^« Hi«it<g, uid tbf J(bu9it««. 
N«w ihtnfore, h^tioM. (h« cry cf 
tk* thildtun of Unpl ii cnrnp utile 
M« 1 uid I hftTo bIju Hcn iho op- 
pNMion wbonwith tho Ejiyptiani 
«ppnH ihen. Come noi* ttifmoN, 
mBd I will Mud thN unU> Pkinuh, 
Ihit thou tiHTVrt biiiu forth My 

apln Ihn i^Mldrai of loicl out of 
pt. And Muuii uid unto (iud. 

.. am I. Ihnt I fhoiild so unto 
FlianiDh, «iiil Ihai 1 ihn^ld hrinff 
faRb tlie ohililrvn of Ivncl nut of 
EJFnit? And Hr ini-l, riirtainly I 

ttokUii ntiLii l.liL'V. thut t hiiVL' will 
tbra: Wht'iittiuu liuat brouiihiriirtb 
tbi p(!0]il« dill of FiRypt. J'e tOinll 
MTVO God npnn this initunlaxn. And 
MWHWd unto iini, itohuld, a-bra 

I eonM untu Uip i!liildnii of Unt\. 
tod ^11 m; U!tl4 Ibi'in, I'lii- (.ioii 01 
TOOT hthan hstti sunt dil* uuto jou ; 
■ad ib»y shall uy to mn, What u 
Hia ntiniD? what >hiiU 1 lay nnto 
OiVm'i Anrl (iud cnid unto Mews. 
I AM i'llAT 1 AM : iDd Hu siLd, 
Thiu hImIi tbuu Kiv iiiiio tlie vlijl- 
rtwii of Isra"!, I A\I liiiiti wnt 'im 
nntA you. Ami (toil Knid nn-rfovcir 
unto MOML Tliui hIikIi tlinii sav nil- 
to (be cbllureii of iinrl. I'br Lorui 
Goil of yoor fnthen, Ihit timl of A- 
bnliam, the God m Iboc. uid Ihr 

God nf Jiwti, btt 
^ : Ihia It My uan 
thu u Mjr ipemarbJ 
ntion*. Oo.udeat) 
IotmI tO0*lh»T,Bnd 
lliv I^tih (ioil of yi 
God uf Abmbmra, ol 
JiLMb, »pp«tMd niU 
btra mnIt TUt«4 
that which b dMW ic 
nnit I ban HJd, I 
uii otit of t)w tmelio 
to th« iMld «{ tb* < 
th« UittttM, uid ih« 
th«F«rinlieK,*ii<l tl 
th« Jvbaillcii, BDto 
with nilk ktid hon 
■hall htfwkualo thy ' 
■liBit ruujp, iIjou ui 
IhtmI, unto the kliij 
ye HhflJl wy aiilo h 
God of tlw Hclirvwn 
n> 1 and now IM ua 
tbM, IhtM (]&>«' Jo 
wfktuiKM. (hat wo 
th« LoHn oar lioiL 
thai llip king od Ite 
you ftn, 110. not by I 
Aiiil I will Jtrelcli 
aud iinjlv Ejt}']]t ni 
dfra nliii^li I mil d 
tlwrpof : and nJler I 

!'i>u ffo. And 1 will i 
iiour ill Ih> n^ft 
tiauir: aiid it liiall 
tliAl, when ye ko, < 
*ni|ity : hiil cyctt w 
n>w iif h«r ni'ijihbfl 
lliat nujuunietli lo hi 
uf lilvrr. iL[id ji'Wt'Iti 
uit'iit : aud /« tikili 
TOiir loiiHiiind tijion; 
uidyoilinlltiiioil Uu 

January 9&. ^omiiijt. Exonue IV. 

AS' U MiMM aoBiRreil nnd mid, » iwrpent ; and Mow 

lliiti bduM. Ituy will nut W- foTe It- Aiiil iIju 1. 

lirvcinc,iiorhtUVeli<inIc> my vulva: Mumk Put fuiiti Ll 

fulhcywill wy,'nirl.<iui>liailin('l fiko it liy tin.- lull. / 

AWMlTwI lulo thcf. Aud Ihn Lniin liiii hitnd. and tangli 

■Bill unto Idn, What u tliAl in thine tame a rod in hi« h 

hondF Aad banid,AToil. Aud lU muj iHlium iLit Ih 

nid, Cmi it on ibotftound. And lie ilimr f*iLun> tli« Ui 

<ut it PD I)m groand, Bml il bacuM Um G«d uf lau, i 

■tall came M 

I W Ibc Toict of tbo 
mj will b«bt'i* lbs 
r dj^ And it iliall 
taa/ will not b^ 
Vv Hgu MiUur 
|,«** Uiy TWM, Um tlwn 
n rf Oa ««l«r (il tb« rixT. 
rirapaii iIm dry hiKl.-kiiil 
V nieh tl»a UkctI odI i>f 
riUI teo*M« Uocd spoa 
)mi. And Mom* «id ddIo 
hO » I>«*^j I '"• iwl tk- 
Hbr MT«t«lo>w, Bitr linm 
^»kn nnW Ttu wr- 

•lov of nMcli, Mill 
JuU iht LoHn 
N&lRtk tbe damb. vr 
■ ■i«g, St lb* blind f 
t I,Mi» ? Now ihst*- 
1 wfU b* with tlif 
tbM wbkt Iboa 
nba W mU, O BV Loid, 

pM nw, kr u« iNBd qr 

pnon^tmi. Anil lb* 
ifli* Lokii "M kioitted >- 
Ihm, kod lie nwL /* not 
!• LcTile llgp WMbcrr 1 
MbiMiliMkinU. AmI 
Md. h* CMMlk fartb to 
l: ■»! *tw« ha MMb Iba^ 

hit. Aud UaKK Itwk iiia nifg aQj 
his >tiiu, And tvt Chttn upuu an tea, 
Mud hi rctunirtl lo lljt Iniiil «( E- 

g-pl: uii'J M«iA;« twok the mil of 
k)d ill Itik build. Anil tlie Lobu 

will unto MlMTJl, Wliirii Ili-uil KWl 

to r«(uni into Kf^'pt, ks itial thou 
do all WlOBL- woiidcn bi'f.>re I'hii. 
raobi wliioh I li.-iru> fnt in Ihiu^ 
hand: bat I will hinlrii liig head, 
tliit lio iball uot Irt lliu |>uu(>l« ff^. 
And Ihou ilutil wy unM l*har»«ti, 
Tliu* uith tlic Loni), liDcl u My 
■DO, ai'tn >l; firrilborn : Bud 1 ny 
nnlD tbL-r, I^t Mj- nan go, tint h« 
may send Mn; niij if llicm nfuav to 
Ivl bini go, buliulil, I vrill uls^ lliy 
♦on, iH*« thy Brnttiom. And it 
cuur to ]iBB* by thf way In (ho 
inn. that tW Lukd mcl liini, and 
•oueIiI Ii> kill him. Tliun Zipponh 
tMiR ■ aliup tUint, ■ml cut on the 
foTcakIn of har k>u, kad cut il %t hit 
fed, uii) uiid, Siiroly b bloody ha»- 
bftad Off thou to mr. So lie l«l hini 
»: thou eha still, A blu«dy hotbaBd 
MOBar(,liiicniiM uf tUr cilxDncUon. 
And Uu> l^inb Hiiil tu Aaron, Go into 
the wUdimvM (o mMt Moioii. Aad 
ho went, and met him in the monut 
of God, luil luBsed him. Ami Moui 
laid Aariiii all tb* waril» vl iho 
LoKD Who bad (Dnl him, niiJ all 
tba ti^t whii^h lie hELil laminan'l- 
ad him. And Hooca and Auou ttvi 

Jakitabt 29- CbcniitB. Exodus V. 

AN I> uAcnnud HoMi and Ai- 
n>n wcntm.uidtotdPhanoh. 
Thn-i nilli llit^ I.OHD God of Initcl, 
Ln Mf iHHipIe Ru, tli»t thcj may 
holil a (rxgl unlQ Ml' in tliu wiHjT- 
at**. A ii<l PhftTMh e&iO. Wild u tlio 
LoiiD, tliat I ibeoiil obry HU luicc 
to lei ItracI gtt? I know noV the 
Lokis nvtUier iriU I let Iiraci gv. 
And tli>T mii. The God <if tlii! lU- 
brews hitli nii'l witli nn : Itl a= po, 
Wu pniy llifi;. timio lUva' jmirnij)' 
iiito lliu <Ii'Nn, and Mi-Hlkt uulo 
the I.onr) our Godi Icsl He f«.U qp- 
«n un vrilh MttileniiCi or vritb tie 
vword. Anil till-- kin^ o( Egypt ii^ 
unto (Iiem. Wln'nfoR do re, Moaci 
ud Asniii. lei the people ma thdr 
worlw? gel yoa unlo yoor burd«Di. 
And Phu-xoh lald. Deltoid, the pco- 
pU «f the had DOW art atay, uid 
r« niak< Ihpm nst ftum ihtir bar- 
dsni. Atiit I'tunvb comiuaiidi'ij thf 
nna daj tite tMkauutcn ot the 
pMple, ud A*lr flOogn. Mytng, Yc 
•hfcll no man glra lb* pc<:iple iintw 
tonnkkpbrifk, ithvrctafon'rk'tthcm 
ga Hud icalti'.-r rtnw for tlienucl'n. 
And lliu lu.!" of the briclUi whkH 
thtjr dill mnka hnretofcn, n nhntl 
IB7 upgn tlii^m ; yo dull DOI dlmlalttl 
oi^Ar Ihtrcof : for tha;^ idle; therr- 
(bre Ihty crj, raving, Let m go nwrf 
elerifire to imr Gi>d. Let ihm mort* 
work be luld upon (bvoii'ti.tbai iliiy 
uity labour tlmrniii; :ind I>!t tlu'm not 
rrgnrcl lain wordii. Allil tbi- task- 
Diknlvrn uE thi.- pri-ple trrnl oul, and 
ttwir bHlnTm, nn.I t)ir; •rnk* t^ the' 
MO|ilr, myiiig, Thn* laJtli ThiRioh, 
I will nul pivf voa rtr«w. Go yo, 
g*i yoo (trkv whi>rt> y« cnn fimi il : 
yet not ougbt of your wtn^k ulull be 
dhnlnUliiid. S«lho people nvrv Beat- 
l«T*d abroad throojihoat all llie land 

of Egypt WgHter MbUt 
«nw. AMtheti ' 

ilailr IwJcs, as wbcn IIhr 
AdJ Uitt offlcets of the «U 
lsrMl,irtiialin»nahlR . 
bftd wto*wtliMa.wir»b«l 
dcntMided. Whsrefon luTC 
fulSltcd year tult in mildi 
buth ynterdsy and to dif. 
uthnf Tliu tha cOotmil 
dnn ot InMl cMM nd _ 
FhuMh, Mtttg. Wbeiillii 
Iboa ttiai with tfiy rermut 
il no rtmn giT«ii uutv Itoi 
aiid Lbeyny to ne, MsheM 
behold, tlu Kr*ul« art ' 
Outvm it iaiUavtimii . 
he wld, Y« orv idle, $v « 
th(Tpf<n« ye wy, L«t <■« go 
sBoriSoe to the Lokd. <to '' 
nnw, aW work ; for there 
•Iniw bi> Kiriiu jxiii, yet dul 
liver the Inle of bmkl. 
Dffircr; of llic dhtldmi 9f 
e» /hal they imtii Id eril 
it wM nfd.WahallTiot miiii 
r™m your bricks of your . 
And (Wy motMoeteuid A: 
Ktood In'ihc ^r»f,aMtlteY*i 
fr>ln I'banvaht Mid tMy I 
the in, Thg Lohh Inok npqa _ 
judge ; l»™iuii» y* h»"r» N 
aariMir to be kbnom<d In I 
of I'haraab, and In tlio oti 
•iTiiiiti, to pot & nroM.. 
hanil to !<1ay uii. And 
vd unto the l>ORu> >i 
vrhpri'(or» liMt Tliftu 
lrea.It<(l tht> peopla? irby It 
Thou ha«t MCQl me ? for 
camo to Phnraoh to 'P'^k ' 
name, he liath •Iuhh «t!\ Ut ll 

pig ; 

nuitti«r hint Then 
pooplt at bU. 

Jak. 30. 

^piIEN the Lonn t^A iinlo Mo- 
X iKu, Now »l]Blt lliDii tn vrltit 
I iHIl da l« I'hnruih : for with a 
■IninK hied shall he let ihrm eou 
koil with a ■trang hand ahall 

jHonitns. Exodvs VI. to v. 14. 

drirc them out of Id* 
God vguike until MoeCi; 
unlo bin, I in the LoB^ 
I KpjiesrF^d unto At 
lao&e, and anto Jacob, bjr 1 

[«UilMa of Uml, t OB 
hMi I win hrJH Toa ml 
Zribt hvdam Utht E- 
■ Ui 1 «fll rid voB «mt of 
mff. Bad t will tvilran 
taMnuhrd oul umi. anJ 
M McnenU : ud I will 
'ton* («r K p«<i9l<. *n<l I 

»M« * Ood : aad jrr nhill 
M ^ UN LoM poar(t«l, 
|kp*k roa «M mm nndrr 
b af tbe e^lluu. And 

[ iyink nnlo Tliunoh Vlii; of 1 

I Ih.1t hr IH tbt (hildrm vf ts 

on( ui hi* luul. And Ma«a« ^ 

' Mot* Ihc I.oBD, nyin^ B*hoU.lli*j 

' tUI-lrrn of Iii««l bitTe not htaicea- 

«■! unto mu ; hoir then aliall Pla- 

ruili hp%T mu, who am of iiiicirvuni- 

i'ImJ lijMi? And ihp l.«iii> npik* 

aula Maieii on-il nnlo AkroD. uid 

m*> thcu k clurKC unto tho chil- 

ttrra of [(nvt, .ind mito Pluiraoli 

liintf of GKn>^ *" Vrin^ tin eliildrpij 

of Xinel out of tbo land of Egypt. 

:r 30. Climins, Exootrs '^''11. 

Ii1mi»«iIJ nnlo Mosu^ 
I mm naSt Dl>^r * god ta 

tmt Aaron llir brolki-r 

kr propfcet. IVu (luh 

Uol I nMMiwid tbM: 

Mil, ■!■( h* ««d lh« 
' ImmI Mt of td> UnJ. 

hN^M Ptuut'i btul. 
^ My iinu sod Hf 

tW lami of Egypt. Rot 
lU M< iMAtkan njiUi yoo, 
■h-r H* luad BDM K- 

Javvary so. 

jron, laftOK. Shrn > lairaclv for 
yiiii ; tlirn tlwu tluJi uy iiiito Aa- 
n>ri, Tikf (Ky rod. and ta«l it b*f[>r« 
fluntoh. diuf It iball fcccomo ■ wi^ 
ptnl. And U«m* wid A*ra« <«t«l 
u nnlo Flanohi and thoy did ■> 
H iha Lau had MnnianJ<^: and 
Aaron c**t down Iila ri>d Woro 
rhanoh, and kcfont U> witanU. 
and il b^iLniP a wrpent. Than Pha- 
nir.)i nlio «alli.-d ihe wiM tttn and 
thu wrcwvn: R<k« tha ntclelua 

of Ejnnt. tt. «t n]«n ! <■.< ■» tt^« man- 


ffkj anlo tnm., The Loao Cod of Ui« 
Hibrcvra hath kuiiI mn uiilo thoc, 
■afinfl. Lul My )>(vpli< ho, thai IIk-v 
inay wnri M^ iu tlur tviKkrnt?i»: 
ui'I, Ix'liulJ. tillhtrrlo iKovi wuutdi^il 
IMt iu-nt. 'thai ulih t.lic Loud, In 
lUf ihoti nlmlt Icnon tliut 1 fir;i llic 
Lono : bdiolil, I will Hmite ii^illi ibi 
fOd tlutt (f ill mill* )i:uiil ujioii iIif 
Walen wtiir}! »rv in llii^ ri^i'r, aiiJ 
tb«j ■Imll bf Cumoil in lilovd. Auti 
the Rsli llmt ■> m llic rlnr ulioll dlo, 
and ibc liivr ibitl itiuk ; niiil tlic 
Egjrptinju slikll loiltip to drink of 
tlw mttr of llir! ri'or. An-1 Ihs 
LtiMi qwVn tLiitii MomiK. S»jr unta 
A>mt, Tsk» iliy iv<l, i.iic) ■trrich 
oat diinc hand upaa tlic watcra «f 
Egypt, ujion thvir aimmii, upon 
their Ti*er>, and upon (hirlr punda, 
>»d ntfon aJI thvir ixxili nt mhUt, 
itut tJioy nuy b«cniii« blcxid: iukI 
Mat lliero nuy bo btooil throughotil 
all tUc land of Egypt, both in t'M- 
(c/( t/wood. and iu ttueli ttf >ton«. 

And )lo*M »ad Aann SdJ 
LusD roinniaii<l(<] ; and k] 
tfac rod, and cmota ih* «■ 
tivr* to 111* Hreri ill til* 
riumoli, ftnd i» tho aid 
Mirmnti ; and all tha vii 
tettm In the riier wcfr I 
blood. And the S<b thai « 
rivvr died | aud tli« linr d 

llli' KgTIllinil K cuujil 1101 44 

wntiir or tlio riiart and 4 
blood throiigliout all tlw !■ 

nt. And the lDt{|i<!laM I 
so with tbrii eadiMitnl 
I'hanioh't liearl waa hardi 
lliar di<i h* Iwarlieii nalo | 
tlio Irf>an had aald. Andi 
tnnii>d and went Into hlibl 
thcr did he Id tiia bMll to 
Aud uU the GgTpiian* dS| 

abnnt Iho rircr for waUr 
ti'T ihi'j' vuiild not drink of 
of till- riivr. And a*l*ii I 
fulfiltril, aft^i (bat th* & 

■raittoa the riicr. 

Jakuarv 31. iMorniiifl, Exodus VIII. Janw 

AFf D Uie IioiiD apnkc unto J[o- 
wn, Qo antO Plunuli. and aa; 
unM blio, Tliuitallh the Lokii, Lvt 
klf p*ap)« BO. Lliat tWy nxf ««rv« 
Mo. And If thou nfuie to let Arm 
n, 1k)h>M. t vrill nniiti.- all itiy bor- 
dm witli Itoat-. nnd \\it river ahull 
fciias fortb fn>iiii aliiuiiliuitljr, vtlucJi 
AaSi go up »nd o«n« bto thins 
lratua.and into (hv bcddiaiBbtr, and 
nvoQ llgr bed, and bto thu li»iiitcof 
tor •cmata. wxA ni>on thy pi^upti. 
and i>lo Ibino aTsnw, nud into lliy 
liueadiii^-lriinKlu : kiiil llie fniH" 
«liatl Doiac Dp liotli on tlivw. and 
apan tli]> piwplo, and iipan all lUy 
•Cfvuita. And tlic LouDipaki' uuto 
MoMea. Sajr unto Auon, iilrutfb 
furtli Ihin* huod with lliy rwl over 
ttw ttr>>aiii><. uv^r llift nv<u«, and 
<mt Clio puiiJi, lud C3UI1U fro^ In 
come up upon the land of Kityiil. 
Amj Aaron itfett:lic^ out hii hfliid 

brontiht up frox* apco iht 
Kujju. Thi'n rbanub jl 
.Morf niid A^ron. and«aj 
lliH l.'>Hi>, llmC H« may l« 
llio fioiiH froDi mc, and , 
people : [iDd 1 will lot d 
CO, tJi&t ibcj mav do me^ 
tlio Lokii. And Moaaa 1 
)'lian(ili,mor7 over ma: i) 
I iutraal for tboc, and fN 
Tuita. and fat thy p«opto,i 
tbc fioK" from tbco and tl 
(hat they may remiLia in^ 
oikly y And li« t»id, Tw 
And he tald. A* >l aoM«4 
wat>i: thai thou ntayMt I 
thrr< If none liko onto % 
om (>od. And thn frofti 
pari from tha», and fram tl 
and from lli; aervanl*. aB4 
people ; they ihall n-mal 
rivor only. And Mom* > 
went ont from I'lumoh : ^ 

ovwr iht •re»i/fr9 «J E(!jp' ■ ^"'1 '^'' 
Am eaoie np, and curfrrod ths Wn<i , „ 
ot Kgyft. And tbo magiriaM 4»\ \ VV,»rM>V. hn4i^\j»fc^ 
>» ^ntk ihax cnuhAUlmcnta, kuI \ '\ik« U ^^ *"■]» *A KM 

Ji)i. 31. 


Iiratl. A.n<l th« L'^Ri- &p[Miiiit4<l 
» «cl time, uviiig. To morrow tlio 
Luuu bhull do tJt^i tiling in tix laud. 
An<1 llv Li>]ii> ili'i (Use IhiiiK on iho 
rnifrmvr, uiui nil tb>] c^lUIh •tf Kj^ nt 
iIIpJ: 1.U1 lit llm cstlli- of liic Ali- 
dri'ii of Iirool died not ooo, AnJ 
l^Lnrai)! icnt, mid, bcholJ^ tfjcrc 
WM iicl oTm (.f thi- ntlt« of lln- 
IVM'til>'> <Ii';iil. Auil llkv li>>ni^ of 
Pliat-i>j)t wiui Imtili'iiLid, uiid he iliil 
oot IcHhi* (■fopio ijD. Auil tlip Loan 
taiil uutu \K>h'i :mil uiilo Asnui. 
Tiki' l<) VL>ii linnilfnl" ol loliH of 
Ibn fumarv. uiid li't MiiivH mirinklv 
il townnl tli>' liouii'n in llis uglit of 
PhAnoh, Alii it ahalllM^onic didaU 
dust ill all llir Inii'I of L^.vpl. itul 
(llstl l» a buit bri'ikiuK farth leilh 
bkltiii upon man, anil upiiD lioul, 
thmutihaul all tlic Und of Geypl. 
Anil i\iey tonk aabrn i^ ttic fitrnarc. 
soJ xtiKjil lit- (uiv Plmrniili ; and hlo- 
nu tprlnk-lcd il ui> tOMurd livsvcii; 
uii II bcnmc a bi>11 brcakliic for lit 
witfi blaULEi upon DULii. utiu upon 
biiut. And lLi> iiuM[icuiiB cuuld uot 
«Uiid Men* MiMM bcMuM »f tlic 
boilt : for the boll «u upon tbo m*- 
Kicimu. niiit upon xi\ Iho KKn''><^iu. 
And tlir LoRU har.lfnrd. the hcjLit 
of I'lmnuili, mill hi- litirkviiird not 
Butn lliEiii : x> iliii LoKn luil upokvn 
onto MoMia. AiiiJ tlici Lhhd uid 
nuto Mote*, ItiK up ^*'\f io Uic 
momiiig, and rtand bvforc Pbaraoh, 
Uid Mr unto biiu, Thn* wklih tlift 

Lord God of Ihc HcWwi, Let My 

feopic «(., [hit thcv may lerve M*. 
'or 1 will St Ihii timt iMid all My 
p1»^it>» upon thlno hoiri. anit upon 
tliy icTvunt*, and upon tin- pmnk ; 
tb>l thou nuTi^sl knan that lAert 
l« none IU« lie in all Ili« «iuth. 
For now I will rtivt'li out Myli.nnd, 
that I may Hniiiit thfs aud lliy pro- 

11c with pMtitcncn : und tliuu lilisH 
t out off fwin the tiMh. AiiJ in 
my deed for Ihls Mine hnwf 1 nf» 
ed thwi up, fnr to nliow in tlirn M/ 

Kwa; »ni Diiit My Eintiii! nuy tw 
eUnd tluvuHbuul all tlie «arlh. 
^jriujiaJtc*! Hiou tlijfprelt aK»li«t 
■Wr people, ilitt tliuu wilt nut Ui 
iwniv}- behold, to nfiTTtm about 

till in liiii# 1 Will t*a 
vary grievoui boll, ( 

becQ u l^yiit dues | 
Ilirrraf eiva until] 
fi^ni now, andf 
lit lliftl tliou ~ 

Ziiii cTcry moil WO' 
ill bt foaud in llic 
iii>t )w hruutt'it liomi;, 
com II iLuiTij II pun llii 
«)iidi die. Ilu tbat Ii 
at ifag LoiB ft] 
Pbantob nads 
Mttla Am Into 
tliAt rcgknini 
Lciui loft IiIji 
in tlu S«ld. And 
to MoaMi Slmlth fartb 
lo-wMil tiMvvii, tlinl .' 
baJI hi all lliii loiid of 
mnii, and upon 
uicrj' 'iffti oj ihc 
till' liiml of IViTpt. 
itrrtrlii"! foilh nu 
ivn : and tW Ldkd 
uid hail. iu>d Iba 
upuii tLf firouud ; »i 
niiird tmil iiliun lb 
So (lii'To H'u liall, mi 
with Ihc U»il, ™ry 
ss ibvn- nu aonc li 
land uf titurpt idn«e 
nation. Aitiflli* hail Mi 
out uJI t]ic land of B| 
icoi in tlic field, both n 
and till- boil ■male ero 
fifid, »nd tiralcr everi 
fiold. Only in tha Ud 
when tho children of 
wiu then na bail. J 
and «Md unto thsiii, , 
thii iiin«: tho Lotii^ 
and 1 uud my p«oT>la' 
Iiiirunt Ihei I.oim (for ' 
llinl tlirrii bs no mora 
dcrinni ftnd tutl ; wrf 
«0i and ye dull 
MOMS nid onto 
ftbrwid. ny handn ur' 
and tbe tfiuuili-r iluiU 

\ thou tutiyvsi \iur« 

' )• ffomins, ExODue X. KKBRrjtnv l. 

M rtancOi ; for 1 kare 
I l«H,ud tin hswt 
Ik, ikM I uIkUi ihrv 
pa btfor* U«: uid 
IMMJia tiM can W 
||f Af Ma** MB, wlut 

|bt jre H»7 knvir bow 
» LaBs. And UoM* 
Mr im nBlo J^mch, 
atdni, TliHt nUh the 
4 tba Uvbrrvn, Hov 
t nluc lo homSIt thj- 

R*» win rtn^ uw 

ttj MUt : ami thn 
■ bo* •! Uio «rt£, 
M W aU« to K« the 
■yihftU Ml tlM it«i- 
lick U Mekpod. whirli 
l» )« fiNa III* >>ill. 

be witl anla (hniit G«, nn« ttw 
UoM) your God : frui who <w* Ibor 
UiitilullK''? And HoKf mM, We 
will BO witb OUT j^ung u>l nith 
our olal, irtth our Mini Bii4 wllli onr 
d^nktitm, willi our flocks ud witb 
OKT Dcvd* irlll we go i (or w>e mutl 
AfUtifeaaliHtto tbv Lukn. And ho 
mid aiiW IboiD, L«t iliv Lobd b« m 
Willi yon, ao I will Icl yoa cd, iut4 
jeat llltlo ODis : took fa ll; (or otU 
H bofcec jwD. Not 10 : go now jre 
fAo/ ar* men, viil M<rro the Loud g 
tor titat jre did detins. And thoy 
WON drirva out from PluTMih^ 

Er«Bciuc. And Ihc Imku mid anto 
laaci, Stretch out IhlQc hand ont 
Ibe land of £(7 1*^ ''<"' *''* looutti, 
tlut Ibt-T mtjr cniop up npon IIm 
laad of k»]>i, aiiil rui viv.ry b«A 
*t liu Inn^ *M» ^1 that ih* hall 
hatb icA. And Uom* MnuJied fortli 
hit ml erer (he land o( EfjTt, and 
ill* l>oKt> bruiiKliI ail rut wind 
oiHoi Ilia land alT lliat <Say, and all 
rimat nicht ; intff vbtn it wiw mom- 


Fn. 1. 


AuMtahuta; and h« mid. I hnvn 
tiatiti igsinM the Lean <n)ur liod, 
aad mnjiitl yuu. Now lltfrvfuK- fur- 
glfs, I rr»T ilie», my fin onlj t?it? 
Oim> an<I intri^al tm I.okii rniir 
God, UiitL He may takn ntasj^ mim 
tne this Jratli unly. AjkI lie ncut 
out Itata Fliarnoii. and irjlNHtixt 
tlwLoRD. Anil th* Lrinn Itinn'it a 
ntghtyfUnne iT««t nrim!, whidi lixjk 
a«»th« tcMMUtf, Uiil on't thom io- 
ta tM B«d MS ; Ibtn riymiiiiii'tl niit 
oneloctut lQaUtb«<Kiaiitio( Vmsvi. 
Bat Ibe Lord lunl«n«4 Phurauh's 
bnrt, « that Ii4> would not ]«t iho 
ehllilnnof 1>nicl rm. Aniltlinrjaiin 
niti unto Mone*. StrPtch out thinn 
batvi tuiniril Iii^hiuii. tliul tlwn Itmy 
t» dukncM o«er the lutdoT KiVPti 
«t«ii darknew vAirA majr b» fait. 
And Mooa* RtnUhtd forth hit hind 
UiTud bMren: and (Iwrc win n. 
lUck darkiKU in atJ tlit^ liml o! 
'Egjpl thno ila^i: Ili^y mw doI 
one Btioihrr, ncilhtr rote niiv from 

bbplaesfiirtfafMdan: ba 
ftuOMn of Imel W IMA 
ilweUlDjiB. And PhMMkai 
10 Mmph, ind nid, G« j«, 
I.nHn ; only Ivt y«iir floclu _ 
Ittrdi bo *tar«d i let ynar IB 
■1«> KD »tth yvL And M« 
riiau mafi An m alw ■ 
anil burnt nn^rtngo, that < 
ii;iiTi<ii'i> uiiin till) I.nmiii 
Our mile uIeo tli>U e» « 
Out* ^iill nut au lioo] be 
liiii'l ; firr (livrvot iniin irs 
seiTii tlie Lonn oor God; 
know nut Willi w-hal w» nq 
Ihn i.iiKn, until ite coiae 
But Itir iJiiLb bnr'Wed H 
licirt, Slid li« wuuld not I 

SI. Anil riinrnoh lUtl nn 
pt lliiM frnin mr, lak« bcM 
■■if, WD BIT (mk no niDn 
ihaf div thou M«iil lajr A 
Bhalt die. And Moan Mi 
ha>L«pofcfn vrril, I irlU m 
agajii no mon. 

FeauuAar 1. <Cbtnm{[, Exodus XI. FKana 

AND (li« Iionn mid unlo Mates 
. Yrl will I bring one ptasne 
more uimii Hliaraoli, and upon K- 

Eypi ; aftiTw*r<l« li-- will let yuu ko 
eucc ^ vrhoii he flinli liit .vu uo. 
bt ilDall Burnh' thmnt y4ii out lirnoe 
alloa«tb«r. Spi-alc auw In the can 
«f tn« pMiik, and let erm' man 
bonvir of bu nalahbonr, aad wurir 
WMUD of bcr nttfUour. Jovali of 
ntrtr. and jnrcli of g«ld. And the 
Lord ^v« ihv peoplg hivar in th4 
■fgbt of III* KcQrptiaut. Morwrvr 
tu nan Mom* icm tfit ertal iu 
tiio land of Egypt, in tno aiglil of 
Ftaraoll'it wrraiiti, und in Ihi? liBbt 
of III* puniil". AiiilMuwBH.iiti.TliuB 
■ailli tUc I.naa, About luiilninlit wilt 
I go out ioto ttw mliLil of '^vpl : 
anil all thn flntbotn in ibc land of 
Eftypi *I"»H dio, fiom Ih* flrttbora 
M rhuaoh thai (dt(«lh unon III* 
Aroof, •TDii OHIO tb* finlliorn nf 
lfc# maldaimot that it bohiod the 
mXi mud All ibo flratbom o( bOuU- 


And there Hhall tn a gn 

lhr(iiit.-)ioiiI M Uir Uud at 
earh aa ihiro mu uunt liki 
etuU b« like It luv mort. 
miut any of iho cLllditn a 
nhall n»l a dov mote M> 
agsinnt miui or b«ut: llMt 
knuir hovr tbal lliv Loks i 
a dilTcivne* between lb« 8) 
Slid Ifme). And all tb«M 
TKuU itialloonie dom 
bwn- down thtn»«lv«e 
int|, (jvt tUu* nul, and 
lliit fulluiT ibct : nod . 
will go out. And tic neat 
Phantob in a groat auger. 
Loai> Hid OHIO Moa«<^ 
■tiall not boarkan n»l« ] 
My wonriani may be nml 
the land a1 Bayyt- And * 

Aaron did alimn* 

Pbaraohi and th* 
Hliaraoh'* b«art, ao 
not lot Ida ohililrtD ol 

Bilta* to Um booat of liHr {>- 

I hwntill W lop Uttla tot the 
ik IM Ua aiMl Iri* Mighbain- 

tt mla Ua faowi Uk« U •acotd- 
fi«Bb(* of iln amli ; 

jmir caont Tor the lunb. 
■r kah AbII be whLmrt btnuiih. 
|Ml» «< IW b*t Tmr : j« dall 
n A oM from llw aliMas w hoa 
ISNta t uil y< AtU liKp (I Bp 

■rifcl w»J dM wlwta Maenblfaf 
rw^WgitiMi «1 IbhI ihkll kill 
Ih «■ ««niBK. Awl Iknr tUl 
b W ^ Uo«J, mJ (tra* ;( OB 
r t>« ri4* poat) and or th* up- 

4MrMM <ii tla hauM, whcnja 

|lrii>ll«B«il. Aail ifej ahall fsl 

"Wi Ib dot BiKbt. naM arlUi 

•»J n iJ aauBMtJ bond; aiuf 

UUer A«4« tb^ riMl] aat It. 

Mt W ll r%w, nor awMaa at aU 

ivsfar, Wl roMl wUH fl» ; hit 

«Wi Mi l«««. and witli the 

i. And 7* tlitO 

I mm ill a^l Um 


dtfi kTuII ft aat iinlfavm«d hm4; 
cTcn the fiml day yn iliall |iut aitvy 
lenrsn duI of yoiir lianMa: for whll- 
RiFTer ratplh IcitciifiI bMMd froa 
i)iv lini iliy until thp •amUh dari 
tliat wiul hIihH )h< pnt off from lanid. 
.Vud in llin fimt day fAur* thaU it 
na holy caQTocation. und In tlu *»• 
fmlh day llitrc ihall he ilq holy 
ixtiTiH'aii'nn to yon ; no mumci of 
wurk ■hall hf ilnne in ihom, ^*a 
fAst whlnh loviy niui ntuit aat, tfaat 
only may be dona of yon. And ye 
BhaJl obHrvc lluijiatt qTilCilcBTFnad 
breadi for in thia mUttmB day haf« 
1 btausht your &nnin «nt of tha 
land d^^^nt: thurrforr r)i»!l y« 
oftaarta thin day in vtinrfivneraticma 
by kii i>ri!Int.rm for atiir. In llio 
fini month, on the foHrlMioth day 
of tha month it Qtco, ye ihall oat 
ualaarencd brisiil, niilil lbs one and 
tweolli'th liny (>f ihv innnth al e*«a. 
S««eo dayi diall th»iv b* no Uavan 
found in rour liauuM: for iriiaaa- 
«<VT (oteto that whioh ii lesTVoad, 
<rT«iii tbat BonI abntl br (int off hwni 
the «otigT«8*tliin ••( lonwl, whctlwt . 
hn La a itfajioe^. or boni ia tiio 


Jix 81. 

it of the hottea, Hal of 

,mmd avt ti Iht Bcldn. 

I BMl llw Ituid MMik. 
ItatMb Mw tliat th«r« 
, b* liaixb**4 kla Iwait, 
noi anUi Uwm ; ai 
■ill. Ab<1 tbc LoBD 
io«H, 8*7 onlo Aaron, 
IIct lod, and amil* the 
Inla tt>t it mkj bcoolDe 
Ml •B th* iMid of £■ 
IImt dSd m> ; tar Aaron 
It bM lund with hU rod, , 
Iks Aut of tbi larUi, 
nc* n mui. »ad in 

(iMat kU Ukc land 
And llw Du^wu did 
r tackuttUFiiti (a bib^ 
■at dtejr toaJd not : w 
to* opon asa, aad tip«o 
tbt n«fidan old onlo 
Ik I« lb fl^nr *i Ood : 
k^a hMit irta hwdencd, 
tMadaMiHilothcm: u 
id vU. And tha Lono 
MM, Mm Bp *nrbr in 
and Mand Uroro P)»- 
■ MOVth fanll %a Hi* 
^■nto UMpTlnu mllh 
1m Mt Mtvtt {«, iImi 
>Ie. Ete, il tli«a 

ifegr ••nsnti, ud cjiun 
I nad tow My hoimu : 
un of tht eprp^Jioa 
ntnrafni i^jht; snd 
wd wWwaw thK7 vry. 
•mt In Ihil d>7 tin 
«. la •Alch My )wcpU 
M (mnw yXiM >l^ 
<• *l tod iko mftTtrt 

tlmw tJlSl I DIB tlie LORH ill tJie 

i;ii.|.t ..f ihe earth. Ami I nil! put 
1 JiM.-iiiTi botncMi Mj pfoplci tod 
Ihjr people : W uionvw i-hall iHn 
•igo be. Anit iln' Luno ijij mj ; »nd 
Ihenj eanq « griavyua simnn aTtfiM 
jMo Um hoDM rf Pharnoli, Bnd mta 
Ml wrruta* baoM*, nud iuio nil the 
lami of Kff^t ; ihr land waa tnrntpt- 
H bj- n>x*uii of thi^ inniia o/Jliri. 
An'l Phnmoh (bII.'.I t„r MmM and 
for Anrt>n, »n<l imiit, (iii yp, -aertSco 
to your ("111 in IW lumi. AiiU JIo- 
•ci lolJ, It le not, tjiput no i« (hi ; 
for 1TV ahall (acrifloe the ttboiniiu- 
tion of IliV Efm'liina ID the LiMut 
our If ml : lo, liliitK vr> ntcr^Boa llw 
nboTiii nation uf the Egyiniani b«- 
(oro tlii'tr nrcfl, and nl)! thejr not 
•Mno o«? We will go tliwc d»y»' 
jonmcy into the wndrrnew, and 
ncriflor lo tht! L(mii> our Gnd, u 
H* (hall iMnntnxud un. Ait<1 I'ha. 
raoh *aid, I will li>t yoa go. that j-c 
nuT auxmee lo ike Loan your Ood 
in the wUdoniMi ; only y* pIkII not 
go <^rT br awKf : intrt-nl fiir ni«. 
And Mow* nil), Brh>)M, I xo nut 
fnini thM, nnil 1 trill iiitrrat (ho 
I.a)tD Ihal thi! iwurmi t/jtirt may 
de{i«t from Plurai'li, from liia ler- 
nnU, and from bis people, to mor. 
TOW : but M not Pliantoh deal At- 
nitfitUf any mom in not Iwttliig tht 
t>*opl« go t(t Morifica to tbo Loan. 
And Moaia wtnt out from {"btiraah, 
and fntrt«ttd tiM Loan. And the 
I^HD did a«rordinc to lb« w<4d of 
UaMB;and lli-rruioti»lliv><wann« 
llfJUft fruni I'liamoli, fn>m liin tcr- 
tanlt. niiJ fruin liii jjoot>!c ; ttrre 
rtnutlncd nol one. Koa I'luiraob 
tiariicneil liiu KfatI at tbi* tin* alw, 
erilhei would 'bo lirl tlie pCOJiU go. 


t\. Cbrniug, Exooua IX. January 31. 

-9» Iaui aalil onto Mo- li in tlio field, open tlio horarp, upon 

I* h aiilii fluraoh, and tbf hoki. upon tlic ciuneiii. upon Um 

tlA llw LaKii G«1 «xoa, and upon tbii shtcp : rArre 

L«t My fooslt £0, lAiiJ' ht a wry jfrieruiui tnnirain, 

*n «f** *Iv. For if Aiitl til* Loiui nball wiar betwten 

I WW tAra ip>. aD<l will the <attl* at ^^tif\ ami tlir caltl* 

M^ UhiiU, the luD'l bf of F-rapt : luid ther« stiall ootlilag 

■ i^ Or WtUu whkh die Of all that u the cbildren's Jf 

-■■Mg Iha ofaUans 
IM «l aiB ud (tf Ihmi : 
K AbI Momb aid init« 
mk StBenbcr ihB dajr. in 
W oae Ml ban EcTPt, out 
MMi rf boDdice ; for by 
■5 hnd tb» Lmd branshi 
HawAiialnv.' then otull 
MM bmd le eu«n. Thu 
mn Ml In Ito MMth Abib. 

MMlte Hiliiuig, Biid th« 
K a4 llw tUiUei. and lb* 
p%«lidi He nwK uio Uij 
*J*tn Ihw, a bad floiriiiic 
IpMbMcy.Uulthoa riuli 
PHikiiiiUinaMli. St- 
VVM (Ui Ml anloimied 
w to Ik wcuUi <Uj jAd/J 
*■■ k( il« Lowx L'nkateu' 
H iW hi «atBB MTm dus : 
■» Ml M IwroMd httd 
■■« Ibt. Deitkw dall Ibera 
^•MiwUbUMc in all Ihj 
i^w Ibmi «Ui thoH ilij 

ihftll iNHHni a lunb: anil if 
ihoii iriVt nnt reitMiD ii, ilion [hou 
Hail brenk his neck : and itll t.lii> 
Sntboni ot luan nuiDng I1i;r cliiltlrtn 
tlialt tluiu redeem. Atiii ii tbU W 
wbca thj ion MlcrUi iI^i^l- fit tl[n« 
U Mint.Wlyinfl. Wiint u thii? ihnc 
Ihoo dwlt nr anio liiin. Bv itrcnsth 
of huid tbi! LuKU Lrouiiiit lu out 
fiMn KkJ'PU [n>m the 1)ou»l' uf 
boiulajte : inil ii cnmt to iii.-w.when 
Diuaoh minld har'Hy Irt ui im, 
that (be Loku nlvtr all tlie firulliani 
la the land of Kifii)t, boili Uic Urat- 
b<iru uf mnu, aud llm &nlti«ni uf 
bcasi 1 Uicrvluri* I »acrlUco u> Ihn 
Lonn all t)i.U opi-nrlh llic miilni. 
bcioe milva ; linl all tlii! firillKirn of 
toy cnildnu I ndocm. And it aliall 
b« for » ukM npon tbis* bud, uU 
(or (roolbU beiwMD (>iln< ojmi 
for bT Mniigtk of band Uie Losii 
branght ui Eartb out of GiTP^ And 
it c»ua la pu^ wlion f huiob i»i 
tei ili« |icMle fo, Chftt (i<xl ltd theoi 
nut tfirv^ W war of IhL- Uud <f 
lb« PUUatlno. altbuuKt' tiial 




or ■ flonil. to iMd Uipm tlic nf ; 
anil bvciglit Ins pMiar a(Bre,la «to 
I lien lighl ; to go bf dn; uid oighl i 

Ha umk ttol kwajr Ihe pi 
tloDd bjr d*;;, DOT (b* M 
by Dighl, fiin hrlore llii 

i'KnmrAHr +. iffionnng. Exodi's XIV. Fkbi 

t*a Oua ia Een>t>**7<i 
lilvav, thai i(« ■naj'atinrt 
liana? Far •( Aorf faun* 
OB to MTV* U« KaypiiaH 
n alKnild illA 111 llu * 
Aud iMom md mU t 
F<ar vs uot, aland nill,i 
niTstW ot ttm Loup, 
wtU ahrir to you W daj 
EKvptiuu whoa* yv kaf 
duf. ye ihall a*« tlxaB 
iiion- for cvrr. Tbe Lobd 
fuTyutuaad v« ahalllwld] 
Anil til* l.oB.i> uid HI 
WIiotvCmv taint Ibou i 
■pecJc unto the chlldnMi 
tbsl tliej ffO tarwaTd : b[ 
n|> thy rud, >nd Mrrich 
liaiiil over (hi K*:t, and 
and (he ihlldifn of Irrat 
on dry prottnri ihronfli 
<if tba Ota. And I, bchi 
linrilvii t1i' livxrl* «l Ih* i 
and tl>i'>' aligtll tulloiir Itia 
will jTPt M* hononT Q^on 
and u[j>oii atl his hoot. np( 
rIniK, nnd <ir"» hi" bona 
th* Kff,vpliiiiiiM H}inU knoir 
t!i« I.riBD, wlicn I hai« I 

Hota, anil upon hii borwi 
lha angvl of Ood. vrhinh k 
Ik* «ami) of luMil, nB 
wmt bthiod IImm : anil 
tt the cJond went Dan bi 
facv, and ntooH bthiiid t 
)l CAnic bi'twrMi ih*i cai 

Kfffpllani viA titt camp 
and it «m a elouJ utii 
th^m, but it saw b^t t 
IAm^,' 10 that tbt on» «*d 
thfl oihKr a!) Iha nighL J 
*ltf1«hMl OBt hii hand mi 
ind thf Loni) ranted tla 
trirli by ■ rtiMUjr ««M wt 
iiiitl\t. Mid vuult Iha nt 

vVft eW.\&i«L «S VbiA 
tbi mVIA <A On Whi 

AND th* Loiu> apakc nnLa Moau. 
. nyine, i*p<nilc nnlolhc rhildrvn 
of [Hrsrl, Ihnt Ihvy Iritn nnd ri>r»n]i 
l^efur? T'! 'bub in nil, Ifwlttrriii Mlu- 
■lol and Iha Ma, omit !ii;,iI»ii llial- 
Mpboti! b«foro It nhali vr nipnnip 
hv lh« *pa. For Phamob n-ill taj 
01 the ohildrcn yf lnmrl.TlK'j- nrr 
•ntaoglvd In thn lunl, ti>i> wrilili-r- 
MM hath nhnt tlit>ni in. Am! 1 w IN 
huden Pharrtoli'i heart, that be 
dial] fol low after them; tnd 1 nill be 
boDOnrvd npun PharMili, and upon 
nil hi* huNtl ; that tha P^ir|itiiinH maj 
kninii tlial I itm lbel.i>n». Anillho^ 
dtd (e. And it wna Inlil llie Icing 
of Eiiypl that Ihp pmplr- fled: ani 
the bearl of Phftraoh and of hia nor- 
twit* vraM lnni«da^inal th« i>*<ipla, 
and lb«j (aid, Wlij hnr<i wn itnnft 
tlibstluktweMiTo let larncl uo frum 
•erring nn t And he made ready hii 
rhartnt, and took bin peorlc with 
lUm: and he tn<ik nix hnmlri'd chn- 
ara chaHoU, and all ihv Rtunnta 
of lEforpt, and caplaim oier oim 
one of them. And the Lunn hard- 
ened the heart <it Phkm'>h kinn uf 
and he pumi'i'J afli'r the 
[rm of larecl : nud ttio r^hlUniii 
of lir«el went out with an hi^ 
hand, Itut tbe GimiKaDa punned 
after Ibrtn, nl! the honei md olw- 
riobi (if I'liiitiiiili. :>n<l Ua hoiaenMi, 
nnd Ilia amiy, niiJ aacrtook then 
aneampinc tiy the cea, beiido I'i- 
kaboroth, before lUal-ierhon. And 
when Plnraoh dr*n' niflfi. tbe nhil- 
dtan of lanul lifl4id up Iheir eyes, 
and, fcelwld, the EKyitliann naNli- 
ed ifttfr them ; iindtliey were ioe« 
afraifl: end the childmi Of Israel 
oried uut tinto Iha LoKn. And (b«T 
nklaniB M(i*m. BewuM Iktrf vrt 
HA gravM in E^-pt, hut thm titken 
«w awV *« dio in (lift wild,.Tii»u>? 
wA.'r^oPB iael llioii .iejil tlin- wiOi 
as. toejtrrrsB r.irih out of Ecn'^' 
IMl Ibit the word tluit w« did 

Bka Uw tM« «( IomI ) 
> iM» QcU«(h f «T ilwni •- 
hSprltea*- And iImIau 
!■ BMH, StrMch oal ttiiii* 
Mrfc m, Um* the fxlcn 
Mi Mm I 

ud (h» nilvn irrrw a vraH anta 
ttKin on their rigbt bnod, mil on 

tb«ir l^fl, Thii« thd LoHii M1(d 

iHnicl tbiii daj- uut uf ibi' lutiid «l 
th« tlffVpliiLiiK : uitl l>rii«l euw Iba 
Kgyptruin itirad upon thn m* i^ur«. 
And Imcl u<r Ihkl ^Tcat irwlc 
whi«h llif I.oiiu did iiimn ihc Esyp- 
tiant; ami (lii- (ii'i'fli' (parpd (he 

LuKt>| Xllll iHllillvud lllp LuKCi U1<1 

HI* Hinmut MuMQu 

Muri. Cbminit. ExnnuH XV. Pbbri7arv4. 

■ mvMmm ui.1 Uwflul- 
[a <( IbmI tlii» K>nK <><■<•> 
Nm4 •pakv, wyiuit. 1 mil 
ibfaLomD, for lie b»(li 
MiMcutjrt Uiebcnouid 
j* HIk Hv ibrom inta Uw 
• Law ta njr M*v4Xti uul 
jp H* li l#«aBa my iinlvk- 
iBt u M| Uvd, vni I wUl 
'Hn aa bkbilktlan; ay 
•HMd 1 Ktll (Xkll Dim. 
|M>i>> wu of tnr; a« 

Ihuh H* (ainiorltt 

anJ thv (tv|>llu woTo eoiiH«Klnil in 
t)ir hcarl of the nca. The suGiujr 
■ilil. I will purrao, [ irill oicrluke, 
I will di'i'io the epoil ; mvl-ust iliall 
hv nlitrfli'd iipuri Ui'.'in ; I will dnw 
IDy twcirdf injr lioml mIuiU ilifiAroy 
lluiB. 'riuQU Jllllt blow wltb Th/ 
•rind, the tea coTcrcd tbcni : tb^ 
■ank iw l»d In ihe lui^lity w>l«n'. 
Who u like tinlo Thi-*, O LoRV. 
aat>ii(; Iho BinU ? wbu ii libo Tbet, 

Crivu* iuliiiliiitrM, fearful in praivn, 
lu nuiiderii^ TWi etrvti'b«d*t 
out Tbr ^i^^ '"^<'- ^i" '^'^'^ '' 

' ■ ■ ' *kaHi Tliihfi ill fli* — 


Daily les^-hns 

people pam or«r. O Lorp. till ih« 
pe«pie V^m ntrr, wktrft Thou linM 
pnnhuvil. Thmi ihntl bring Ihsm 
tn, and pknt tlipm in Iho tnotintiin 

of Thine lrib*ritin'-c in tlie plu'e. 
() LoKD, m/iirli 'I'liuu 1iaat iti&Ou for 
Thee to dwpll in. in tlie Sjrctnary, 
O Lord. irAirA T)^y h.ini!* hnn ri- 
UblMifl^. The Lfiiin 'h.ill rpiun fi>r 
erer and erttr. for the liunc ul 
Pbmoh went in nith liia cliutiotd 
Uul irtlli Mk Ixtrwrnen into tti? wa, 
and tho I.oKn fcroaght nsiiti thr 
«>ten of Ihc ii-a upnn 1)11:^10 ; 'hul 
IllO cliildn-'ii uf Irravl Hi-iit uti <tr.v 
tmif in the tn!'i^ of tlir vta. Aiiil 
MMiin tlio ptoiiliPioM, [be tilalrr of 
Aaron, tonk n timhrrl in lirr huiil ; 
and »ll thf nomi'n went out afW 
liLT nidi limlif;!-! ami Willi daiiMfl. 
And Mlrtim bii5«i;tvJ Iheni. Sloe 
ye lo ttip l.onni fir He liilh wr 
amphf-i fil orioiiJ'I)' ; thu hvna nnd 
Ilia tiJtr liiLh lie tlinimi jntci tlti- 
•Ml Sc Muoira lititiiulit iHraul fruin 
Ihe Bed Ha, nud ilicv iT4ul oul inlu 
Uio wlldnncH ol Sliiir 1 nod Ihey 

wriil llir.'.' It, 
ftrr:| (iniii.l rm '.vnl 
lllsT riHic tn M:irnl 
drink i>( lli« wniui 
iJwyirrre liilli'r : 111 
of li n-u eatletl & 
pwjiln murnmrtd 
■Bfinf. Whal *hill 
he cni'd utiW the 
LoKii stienvd bio 
nliDii he had cul 
thp wBtrm wcrr m 
He mndp for t1i;n 
art (irdinsnci-, mid 1 
tliein. :iiirl mid, I) 
Itpully hiarlifU [« 
Lord tlijr Irod, (ti 
whlnhiirislil in H 

Eire Mr tn lli-itujin 
rep oil HiH iitAtilU 
afUieeeitiMitaes up 
hare bruiiKht npnn 
toi I (itri thn I.oi 
Ihcr. And thiry eiim 
ircrr Iwulre wells 
lIiniDHDuru uiil tea 
they caumped tboi 

Fbbiipabv 5. JHorntna, Exodus XVI. J 

AND lh«T took'iiriiwy frofu 
. Ellm. »nd all lliv ^on^T(^ast^l>^ 
ef tho children af Innrl i^ame mi- 
to the wildenoM of Sin,, wliiuh u 
between Ellm and Sinai, on itu 
ftftcVQlU -lay of lliu t^M»d ruonl-h 
sfli'r tli«ir dppnrliTi^ out "( thi' land 
of Egvvt- And tin nholp congrepl- 
tion of the children of Isnwl irmr- 
miU'fd i^ijiel Mo»-i-i tirid AtirOTi in 
tlM wild«fn«H : Slid 111-- i-tiiMtvii of 
Imtl mM unKi Ihcm, WoijlJ lo (i id 
ire bad dScd hy the hnrd ol t)iv 
LeXD in thu bad of Egypt- <Th(<u 
we eat by Ib'i flirsh you, on-i "lifn 
we did eat brvnd tu thi? fall : far yd 
hata branght lu (arl)i Into liili vii\- 
tontM, 10 kill tbl> whole iiHFnilily 
wUtt hangar. Tlirn raid tho U-m- 

aEdoMoae)| Brhi-ld, 1 vrill rain liri'inl 

&amhoiTtn tor you; aud the yr'Jip'U 

^taW^ont nndgothcr a certain T*W 

•*W7 rfaj", that I in»y pT»r* vlacm 

trfetfcer tbey wOt w»k in My ta*" 


LW, \ 

QT no. And it Aa 
thai on Ihc lixlh 
prppiuc thai vriiicl 
and it Hbail ha tv 
tliey Hallicr dftily. 
A&ron laid onto a1 
lamol. At c*cn, Ihi 
that the L«hli fauth 
fivni the Und of K 
tnrmiiiix, llifn y-e ■! 
of till; Lt'rtp; for 
your mnnnurtng* a 
nnd whiit «'(- w*, 
»4raiiiit na? And I 
jAu/J /i-f. vihi>n tliD 
you in the oidnlng 
in th« morning hni 
that the La)ku h«ui 
ii)0« whlob ye raun 
•nil irlut ar« we? , 
arc tuA«niitA U 

&&; unto «3l\ 'Ami 

natym Hod. And it 

. kttkttl vrrn the quaib 

IMUMond Iha onp; u<l 

y^i^ (h* dan lay roanJ 

» ^, „ 

itbN. And wbta tlw iU» 
V <M («M DP, tiebolil, «pqn 

lMlUn|,«« umI] u Ihc 
MMihtMOMd. Atulvhm 
■hi «f ImmI uw i/, OifT 
H h uMbtr, it M aanna : 
TMl Ml «rhu ll uMw. And 
i^ai* ib>m.Tb>t u Uw 
■M Ih* LoK» talk ijrm 
W. niiiiltolUKfwUth 
■»bk UMiiiBiin Gktlxr 
■van iMM4lw to Us M^ 
Wit [» twf Mu, maW- 
■ WittrMjm H^M*"; 
' Mrr WMh fcr igk*M vtUcii 
JkiHU A»< tlM diOdMn 
«m Hkiadsatfcend. lone 
^ Im» And whm (her 
k«irilb u«iwr, bt Out 
1|aA ted Brtluu vtu. 
^- tA hSb lad 

•M mU. R>l Ihal to dsr; IW 

I«a utbliMh umn iliv LniiD: 

yc ihall not Kinl tt in tlic QuIil. Six 
dilTn vo pTlaII ffitltpr it ; but on Ihit 
FCtvn^ il*;^, rchic/t it th< Bftbbath. 
In It iWru "lull l>r noiir. An-l ii 
umu to P3j», /Ani then: hibI out 
iam« of Iha ptftpl* cpn the Mvcnlh 
d*5 for (n Kalhvr. and thvv (oDad 
noD*. And the Lobs nid unto 
Moan, How long rttuM ¥• (o lc«*p 
My Tomnandmrtil* aaJ Mr Um? 
Sm, for thai tho LnBD liath «jr«i 
fan Ihc wbbatli. thoKfoN ll« jfJT- 
«th j«<i on thi; idxth daj- tlia bwad 
of tirodara; abide J* ■tttymui tn 
U« plwe. lot no mil «« out of Ut 
piMe on tbe wrinth d^. So Uw 
pecfl* iMttd on the (crMkih dur. 
And the honM o{ luul Mllcd tu 
BUM thrHof HuDn; nad it im* 
lllw «AriMidn (Md. whita ; ud tlw 

UutO of i( iroi Iib« Wkfen BM^ 
with hoDcy. And MeMi ttid, TUl 
it the thlni whith lliv Lonn Mm- 
niand«ih, fill *ii on'r of it (u ho 
l:«pl (oT ^nur geoemtion* : Ihii 
OwT niKv M* i tw hrm d ffheiwrilh 


AN'D aI] tbe cwisTAgBtiD'n of tha 
chilJruiL ul Icnvi jQurncved 
from (be wlltltrDeii] of Sin, an^r 
their jonrncvr., uccurdinj; to the 
conmniiilnii'nl tif ih« Lunii, boiI 
pjtffhed ill RcphiJiln: uml Ihfri ii-iu 
no "alor (or tlia pMinln lo drink. 
Wlieri>forf tijc iwujble ilid ebiiii) wlUi 
HoNM, and hnld, Gire vb irator ihal 
ire Tnny driuk. And Mow* nJd lui- 
lo Oti'io, Vliy diidi' ^ villi mn? 
irher«(un- ilu jl- touiiit tlio Ijmu ? 
And th« i>uuj)lf tliirvifd iliere fur 
mter : aad thi> lu-ujiiu iniirniured 
kgUntt MoME.xTiil rsiJ, Whuniforo 
i( ihia thai tlioil hiuC hroiiglit ut 
up eul uf ICiiyiil. to kill u) and 
OUT ehildreii and uur ciltk' villi 
thlnl 1 Am) Mn«iii cn«d uulo lie 
Loud, nring, Whai ihill T do unlo 
thif p«oplt> i tiiEjr ht almoit nsAj to 
■tene ia«. And tlie Lukd uid unto 
MMMs.tio un before the peopi*. &ud 
mkn iritli Ihpe of iht- elders of W 
rarl ; mil ilij- nxl, wli^rewltli thou 
imuteat tlii-nvrr.takv'in thinohanri, 
mid so. Ueliuia, I will ([and bcfun: 
iW ihercuiiuu ilierock In Hoi»1j: 
uiil ihoii ili.-iit niilt« tlw rock, mid 
tbcrr H\iX\ rune water out of ll, 
Ifast the iHMipIi mty drink, km 
Moeoa did w in the night of Ilia 
ddan of Igrael. And lie callrd the 
unu of the plus Muuh, &nd M>:- 
libak. bcewjw of thn ohidlnit of [lie 
ehndrm of braoli ud Ik^aum) tbcy 


UnpUd the Losn, mt 
LoBBunooe aft.or m>tf 1 
Atnaleb, utd fon^il with 
H>i|)liiilim. And Momr 
JiiiJiii:). (-liunifn on out nu 
out. )i^-h[ Willi .Imuluk: l« 
will ilaud uii tb<i tup uf tb 
(Ihi lud of UimI Iu Diine 
Josbiu did u MoNB ha 
him, tnd fuiisht viih An 
MoMB, Aaron, and Unr « 
(he t4)i of tiM hiU. And I 
pun. wh«n Mums tiiild op 
ihai laruvl prtMillod: am 
lot down hiA 1i!uid, Atuli 
i>d. Iliit .Vliumi' buidi m 
ruiil ihc^ took > ftuue, ■ 
uudi-t liiiu. lud hii «at ue 
Aanj[i aoa liar ttayed up 
Iheoneoii theoDeudt.uu 
on iho <itli>rind« i and his h 
itaadj until thu gung do 
ran. And 4oAmx dinomi 
Ivk ud hi* MiHiIe vllh ll 
tbv sHXird. And tba Lotu 
lo Main, Writ* thin for 
rial iu a buuk, lod rrhe 
tlic vars uf Jushus : for 
l«rtr out out the MDUO 

Amiiirk fmiu nndec bw 
Moms biiilt ui slUr, • 
Iho iinmo uf it Jeliuiah- 
hc mid, BL-i:aiiMi tlie Li 
iwoni thnt \\\v Lord 
war Hltti AmttlDk (rum { 
to gcncntion. 

FRimijAnY 6. fHornins, ExoDVa XVIII. Pbbh 

WHEN Jvthru, Ui« pripRt of 
MlilltLti, Mo«xi' fithiT in law. 
beard of all that Liui] lirnl ilonu for 
Moaea. ui<l far Israel Hiii pooplu, 
f»uf llinl Um LoiiO lud liroiiKlil 
larul out of Kflyi'' : (hi^o ilothro, 
Mmd«' fnlliur in ttv, twik Kippunili, 
MOK«' nifi!. ^li-i he liad huI her 
back, and her Iwo aoiu ; of whidi 
1A0 oaoiii 0/ tJie one woi Oenhom i 

tar be n/d, I haie bean as aUn bi 

• ttTADgo lattd: ajid the naiM of t 

isuer ic(u flieier: for the Oul 


ny fUbEtr. mid hr, mat 1 
and detinrvil me (rom thi 
Phusoh: and Jmhro, Hw 
iu law, eaue wit^ hia an 
infc onto Uona into the* 
whers ha niaaiiijwd at Cu 
(lod ; and bit wid unto Ml 
fathcri in luK JcLhro am 1 
tbve.and Uiy ivifia.ajid tM 
with. tur. And UasN W 
UMt Ua> tuCkun iai>Mt,'H< 


IJNMIifcbhiiid ofttM 
■hMl oal of the bud of 
Ol« haib ^hteni tlie 
■M m4u the hutd of Ura 
■k Kow 1 know Out thi 
IfMter ihu all «od( : for 
■^ whtnin Ihej dealt 
rn *W alure Ihem. And 
Mm^ bUwT li Uw. took 
r AriiR n4 McriBcM for 
ri tana cuDC, aad all tlio 
i Imtd, U> Mt faraad «Ui 
ttte ta taw Man Oud. 
iH> to |aa 00 th* ■Mntow. 
M Ml U Jndat the pmph : 
M)k aiaMd aj Muaea Rom 
MntoibenoiBiB. And 
pml bha ta ten nw »U 
iMto Ab pMpk. ht aald. 
^Ilhttdmthu tfaoudwn 
lafhr i4pr Mioa* Una Ihr- 
"jmA airUie pMpla ilaiiil 
("« Mniaf wo evtai* 
taaUuUoUabihn b 

f ti«i whai ih«y 

tfaom the mf xheraiQ they niDn 
iraJlu and the work ifani thvy mu«l 
doL MvMOTiit lliaa tihah proildo 
out of ail ibe pEuplv alilu uidu, Ktioh 
aa f«w (jod, iDiTD of truilk, hatiug 
coratouinc»: oiid i>ticr mrA oicr 
Ihenii Is Aa rulen of ibnuMiidn. uarf 
niU'n uf buii'iiL'd!, rulcis uF flflirn, 
aiid rnkra uf ii'iia : and IvI Ihrm 
Jiidvelbf [leoplr *t all Bnuwia: and 
It ahiill U. Mof riiay gitU, mmier 
thry iliati tiniiK unto thee, bat ovcir 
rmall iimUi'T llivf 'hall jud|(c: ao 
hIuII il bti ruirr fur tli;«li, and 
tbL7 bliall hen the tiuritn irltli 
then. If Ihuu iJinlt dt> thin thing, 
and Uad eonuoaad ihcc JOt c^K^n 
tlmi lUialt be able to eadarc and 
all Ihia poopltt iboll sIm go to th«ir 
plae* lu pcac*. So Moots haarkrii- 
«ij to the voire ot lua faihcr lu law, 
and did all that he had Mid. And 
M«an chiMU alik- mru uui of kU 
UlMl, and made iLi-uj hi'Uda vi«r 
Ihl ptoplc, rutin '>f thouHnd*, 
tnltn of huudndi, mien of itftiHi 
and ralrn of t«ni. And Ihoy Jtiifc 
nl Ihs puQ]:'" » all MOMoa: t] 



FjM mt» tijttU. Now thtMora, i ( 

rv« i*fll obi7 M7 Tol« IndBad, BDil 
n*p Mr «av«(iMit, then je ilutl bo 
a iieoidiBi trvMon nnto Mo nboTv 
•ITpMpI*: formll (hvautlh u Min*: 
Utif J* iluill Im unln M* • h><>jt- 
dwu of pHuUr kiid on holr nnllaiL 
TlinM «H UiD word! wtu(>h t^u ihul t 
nfalc unto the childno of laruL 
And M«MH omo uid oall*d lb* th« 

elitan of Ih* poDnlo, uiil laid bcfora 
Ifaoiv tMxa all IhcM narda which 
Ihc LonD f ominuidiKl him. And >ll 

th« ppOT'lo (in>w(;nrit v>KPtli«r. nnit 
nid. All llut Iho l.iiKii Tistli ■i><>k«n 
WBwiM'ln. Anil Mows rrlumed til* 
wortli of (ho pooplo unlo tho Lonn^ 
Aod the Ldud Kaid imlo Mofp^ La, 
I oomii nnlo thou in a ibirk olond, 
llul A* npopio may Iirar whsn I 
ipolc with thtff, BnJWliovo ttuie for 
errr. And Mo^os tuld tha tronla of 
the [fcipli.- iinio (tie Lord. And the 
IiORD »iil uiiio MooM, (ia iiols the 
I |)eo|>ld.9ii-laancliiy thorn la jaf .tntl 
to nKHTOVr, Slid kt tlurm vruili ihoir 
clolliFi, iLDd be rcnily naninit cliv 
Ihird Axr : fur l-lii.' UiiM <3iiy ihe 
],iia» will eiini- ilnivn In t!iu ni^hl 
«f dII llio; upnii mnnftt Sioif. 
And tboii dlialt ic-i Iroumifl unto the 

a1< routi'l nbout, raj-init. Take 
to raiirH-lvtf^ tft/it ve i^ ntrt 
Op into iliii mount, fit Iniii'h ilii- Ikif- 
dcr of tt : wliafoovur IoLi<^hi>th th' 
laocint shall ht surely put to dcnth : 
thcTN (hall not mn honil touch it. Wt 
hft ilinll HiirL-'lr ti* iitoni'il, ur shirt 
tkroiiKh > wlu'tlirr ■/ bt htoA m 
moa, ii nlinll not live : wbem th« 
tnmpet M<livl«th long, tliory thUI 
401D# Dti in tliik mount' And Mwr^ 
wnl down from the mount unto 
tba pNPlf. uid MuetilUd ihc pea- 

Pl«: Ud tb*T WUhtd tiMk tlulhfu. 

Ana lu nid raU the paoiilo, tit 

FsBittrAitr 7. ffloming, ExorDs XX. Pbi 

mAf t^inA (b* Ifafrd if^ 
not *l f*mr wtvc*. And it 
UB on Uw third ^j in U 
IDS. thlU thMv w«rio IkM 
IJKiitnlniiB, aatl a Ihlclc >!■) 
tbi- iQounl, uiil the totcl 
trnTnpcl exev^dJDf load J M 
thfl pcunle that hwi in dj 
Innblitd. An>] M«M«bt«ii| 
llw people out of lh« RUB|M 
irtth God ; »ud Ihcjr MW 
iiotbri pan of tke nou 
mount Sinai vna akogMU 
imok*, bacanM th* Lcfkb i 
ai npoD II In tra : anJ tbf 

thcTtM M«CDd«<I u tfiD n 

a furnnoo, and the nhoMf 
<]aaked sivatly. Aednfaeal 
of l3i« truDipM lODadod U 
waxed londar anit londl ' 
■pake, and God annrarod 
roiee. And ihi Lobd m 
apoii nount Sinai, ob lb* 
mount: and tli* Loan t 
HI u|i to tin top of tho ni 
Mfxca vrosl up. And &m '■ 
unto M-Kiif, Go down, oU 
piN>ii1n, li>«l ihi'y hmb Ikro^ 
thr) I.oRo to c>u>,atiil rnuifl 
ptriih. And lot tho prioi 
which fomo near to HieljtM 
lify lliunwlvo*. leal tho Lori 
fortli iiiiDii UitDi. And 114 
□□to till Lnan, Thi> jicapla 
i^omo up to moont Sirmi : I 
charRodil ui, sijHnG. iki, 
n.bniil ihe inoBnl, and MOt 
And tin [.oRn naid gnto ) 
wo^, get tboo downi. and lb 
Mma op, thoQ, and .ViH 
tbH c bnl let not iha prM 
tliB pi>op!a break lluwuhj' 
up unto th« Loftn. ImI 
forth upon th«m. So If 
dawn nolo th« peopto, 
unto ih«in> 

AKD God ipoko nil thnw word*, 
MTtaft, I am tho t.n«a Uiy God, 
WhM bare brougbl tbeo ti\A of tho 

Mad of £cn>(, out of Uw kooie d 
Mnduia. Tfion illaJt hkve mo oAet 
Jtx» W/oM Mo. Thou 

niak« nnlo tho* XVf \_ 
at any liktoe« ^ amg i 
in hsavea aboTC, M tfckt ' 
eai^h >i«««aftk. m 'Onrt. 1 


Mf. au ibrii iiuiit ihnii 

Until II17 work: biJt thi! 
hr it Um MbtnUi <tf tb* 

iri^ tma, turn ihjr mm, nor 
Mr. tfey miRipmni, nor 
nut, nor ih;r ciitli!, nor 
irttM i* wUhui tlijr g»tei: 
Im ihe Dm* mxk hea- 
Mh, lfa*«A, Bsd all lh»t 
li iid mtM Ita Mtimili 
aim Ow LcilD bleofd 
Ik4w. uul hAlIooed it. 
rttmriaA thy nutlier: 
VI >V b« loofi spon tho 
I Aa LoBV Ui j UM «hr- 
ondaltnMUB. Thoii 
»dahOT. Thun 
Una iiull lul 
•giiiiiit thf 

TbM ibilt DM eoTct 
MB^ boaM, thM dnit 

llir oriflllbaar^ «jfs 
iBwiial, Bor U« BuU- 
tt »( Diir Ua US 

rMwHOTuoil In cdidc t(j pTOn 
TOD, init Aal 111)1 har luajr te be- 
inra jour facf>i,ihBt ypiln not. And 
thv raopla staud afnr oQ; unit Slo- 
wa draw naar luil^ ibr ilji'.-k ilirk- 
IK*» wliPrr floiJ n'rii, An.t ilni Lobp 
ru)(| nntn Moirs, Thii* Ihnii nhalt nj 
nnW Ihf rliilLlrrit o( Iirn'l, Vc l»rc 
M«n lh»t I liaie (Alked nilli jdu 
(Mm he»r«n. Y« dIiaII dotI make 
vllh Me Kodi of itllTrir. nnihrr 
Aall x* makr imto 7011 gntla o( 
Kajd, An altnr of cunb thon ohalt 
mice unlo Me, and ahalt MorillM 
llieraiMt itiT bunt ottbriac% and thy 
jwdot nSmoRi, thy Bbeoptand Mat 
axon : in nil pJaoca where I noord 
hlr name 1 mil cme mrio thM| 
and 1 irill bleM then. And if thn 
wilt inaka M« an altar of ttmio, 
tboB elialt not build tt of hewn 
none : fnr If thon lift up thy tool 
npoii it, than hast polluwd it. ^'ei■ 
tun- rhalt thou rs up by •frps un- 
la Mina allar, Ual thy mtkvdncw 
be not dJaconnd tbcicon. 






)i«T. Ami If bo livra b«ln>tk*d brr 
niito Iiii nan, be dull ilntl with her 
K&ar the mimnEr of duushlcn. If 
' b* briH him Miotlirr r?i./r ,- hfi fovil, 
btr nlBtnl, Kiiil L<T ilitiv i,( iTiaf' 
■ll0(, ihoIllM not illiuinlxli. Ami If 
M da not tbcM i\ace uiiio tici. thru 
■luD die IP ogt frti' without tiioasj. 
1I« that smltFth a nun. m tlutt lie 
die. iIibII W Huniljr gmt lo •liiuili. 
And if a man lie nut in wail, lut 
GmI Jolirpr Aim inlo liii hmJ ; then 
I irill appuint thee a place whilheF 
Iw ihall (li<«. But if a man wma 
pT«mifiiplitoiii>ly upun hln iipiglilxiur. 
to •laj; liini WlOi kdII'^ ; lli-'U itlmlt 
lake nim fnira otitic rjiiir. tlijit ho 
HUT <lip- And lie ihat umilL'th hii 
&ther, a> hio in[itlLi.T, ihall b« mn- 
\j poL to ilvalh. .Villi h<r that uLuilI- 
•tli a man. and Mlletli biiu. or if be 
b« (aDnd in bia haad. he shall mrely 
b* pot In dttttb. And he that cun- 
«A hb lailw*, or lia mothrr^ Bhall 
motif bo pot te dsalb. And if im-n 
Hriv* toffathFT. ^nd oni- imilf an- 
Olber with a >ton{?, or with Hii fli>t. 
aaJ Ii« die nut. hut krcpolh hit bed ; 
it he riw i.i{aiu. and wulk nliruiul 
npon Ml Htntf. thru oluili hfr <hal 
naote W> bv gait: only be ehiiU 
paj /iir thi! luM d( hii time, ami 
•lull raiiM Atm to be 1horr>ii8hl.v 
heali'il. .liiil if a nuii nnilif lii« 
xn^til. rir Ilia maid, with n roil. 
and bii die under hU h!iiid: he 
•tutlJ be lareiy pimiihed. riut- 
wilbtlaudiufrt if be cjtDtJDUfl a day 
OT two, ht <Rili not b<i pnnithfd: 
for hi> n bill moncT. If mnn ilfiv*, 
and hurt n wumnn wiili child. «a 
thiit hur fniit dpparl /mm Ket. and 
j-M nil inim-bii>f full"w ; he almll b* 
onrviy iiiimjtlipd, arrntilinfr sf tb(> 
WMIULD 1 hnihuiil «rlll lay vpott 

bint : aud Iw nhuJI pay u the 
Jild^-w ielermint. Aud if inu 
mlMsliiel follow, then thiu ilmll 
fiw life for life, iiyo for ojo, tooth 

for lootb, hftsd for han^ 
foDt. bamnff for buraini 
for noondi atripit fur aU 
if a oMt amha lb* «?• < 
rant, or the ty* of lua fl 
it poriab ; be itaU let hii 
for hie «y«'e«a1te. And il 
out lua manoenant'i loi>l 
oiaidiMTaM^ UMh; W 
him go froe tor hb tool 
If an ax. core ■ nuul »r i 
that tbev die: then the 
be aurelj- ileiifd, and 
elisll not tw nkiteD : but i 
of (ho ox (ioV it qidl 
tho ox won want to tivut 
bom in tiiDO ^aat, maA h ] 
I»ali4e4 to fal> owner, wh 
not k«pl him in, bnt Urn 
billod a man or • wonal 
eliall he ttoucd, and hli O 
iboU be put to deatlt. U 
Liid on luin a lum at me 
lie nhall ii'n ttx tti* ran* 
life wbataotver i» laiil t 
Wbclbtf be hint* <OKd 
hiiTB sored a dansUtrv 
tu this judxmont nail il 
unto him. If Iha *( ahft 
manstrvanl m a mudiM 
iliall Civc unio tbdr mM 
ibokeu of aihw, Mid tbi 
be nonad. Km if » a 
opvD a pit. or if * mM (' 
pil, aiid iidt rarer it, ftnd 
na aia full therein ; tlte 
thd pit ihall moke if | 
ilivo inoDfT iiiiM ibe i 
^em ; and tlii> d«»d U 
b» hit. And if onn man' 
anotbu'it. that he did ; 
■hall acll the live ox, ■ 
the numey of It t and lb 
alM \h<>v nhftll dirtde. <l 
knovn thai the at had 
iiaah in liinu pnxt, Mid I 
liAlh tint k^pl bim iu i 
sutv'l)' pay OK fur os | 
ilcad Hiiall be hi) oira. 

Fedduary S. fCliirniiis. KxoDua XXII. VsaA 

r/' .1 iRiu Abill AeaX in ox, «r ft \ u>A loni i>\vh.^ V<« -» 4b 
fhrfp. flud Irtll it, or wll it: he \ V^«l ^« toaniitoto-^"' — 
reatort Uvi- oxra fcr an «>. ' anuwon X'oito »« - 

of Ibe bMt 

2-^r— ^ irf tfe (>'<* of 
nrnM, ihall b* make 
Ildn titMk out, and 
m^ •• Uatt th* Hwk* 
to MumUbo con, or Uio 

iMHMd flbwPB^A; Iw 

li *■ Bra *hall rtvI* 
Mk. If ft mail ihall 
B lb ariRhboor moriDr 
iiM, ud it be nalfiti 
lu^loaMi if the thief 
IttaMTdodble. If ibe 

Inm, tbra the iiiaM^r 
t Adl U fcrMriii aM« 
k Hf whrtterlw hare 
4 ut* hb wJKhboiir'i 
liataMr •< tieipua, 
it bt OS, for aM, for 
ifacnl, or tor an; man- 

Ifehl, Mturh aNofJtor 
U ke ua, die mtm «f 
l<Mleaaw btfere th* 
l*bmiliaJn4(M riull 
I dan par doable 0014 
If* aan ikliicr nn- 
. or u) OS, 

oannnB wi ine ■»■■ 1 ; nr nnimi. 

Thon ihaJt nftt anfffr » irilcli t.ulitfl. 
WhnEOCTcr li«th with t bcd*t shill 
eunJY bi) i>n( t6 dvath, lie tittt 
mcrlflf<rth iiniA nnv ciuj, aiv« niita 
Ibe I^Hii onlr. hn Khali b« alWfjj 
deMr«r«l. TI1U11 Khali neiDwr t«z 
a atmajrer. nor opprow hin ; for jt 

» Hliall nnt aWifll aiij- widow, of 
fatliftloMrliild. Utliau sfRii-t thorn 
in anT mm, niid thi-y rrj' kt all 
unto He. 1 Htll Biin'iy livir tlivlr 
«t: tnil My BTiilh hlmll wjii hnt, 
Biid I "III kill J'nii mth llm cn-nril ; 
and j-onr wWm slmU fci- widows, 
and voiir childft-n fntliiTloti. If 
Ihuu li>iid inu]i«y tu oiiji n/My i>m- 
ple (An/ ii jio-iif liy Ihw, iIhui uliall 

Dot h* to hliri a* lin naiirrT, nrilhof 
dialt thon by upon liiin u.iu.n'. If 
tliuu at nil lalifl ifay nciiitibuut'i 
rainent tu plinlirt-. iliou shall de- 
llTrr it UQCii him liy Ilial the waa 
mtlh dawn : f»T ilini ii hi» com^ 
fne only, it •/ hiM nimvnt for hla 
akin: nlimiu oliill he alcwriF mil 
it ihall cuuir ID jiaiu. when ho 
crioth unio Mn, t1ui_I will hew; 

DA1X.Y Li;ssoKa 

FKBRUARy 6. Cbmiiij, Kxodub XXIII. 


THOU Jnk not ratfo ^ ful** i*- 
purt: pill uat tliiuu luiiJ i>itb 
the wiokcd to b« ui uoriclueDiui 
wllnca. TliOD •halt duI fulli'ir ■ 
nnllitudo U> Jo viil ; ai.-<t)ict alialt 
tliou (pi-nk ill 1 tauu tu dofliiic 
abtt nmii/ ta nnul juJf/nuTit . ati- 
tber ihalt ihon «aimteiiui«i ■ poor 
mui in hia uMMb If tfaou meet 
tUu rasm;'* e« or liia an snoK 
lUtnir, tliaa ohitll iDirly briog it 
bkck l« him >«uo- 1 f (liou wc tho 
MB of Mm lliat liitctb ihn Ijioft 
tmdtr lu» I'linirti, and vronlilMt f«i- 
fc«Kr lu Uclji Iiiiii. Uiuu tihkll «(inity 
htip with lum. 'Diuu aiialt nol mc»1 
the judamout of tliy poor In liia 
«Uite. Kvrti llii'F far [Totn a faUc 
lUlleri uiil lli« iiKKii-iitit anil ri|{li- 
Itona mthj thou not : foi- 1 nill tint 
jollity tlMwivktil. And thvu ihall 
t&kt tio illfti fur [h(> uift l>li[iji;tlg 

tho wtw, and porvcTtcui tW iv«(<Li 
of Um righlttivt. Also tbuu tlialt 
not oprrcM a itnu^vr : fai ya 
know (be hcbrt of % (truinr, im- 
loff r* WIN «tnnsen Is uh lud 
ofEfflTt. And «lx yeut tlwi tbalt 
nw U^r bni!, and ihklt (Uhar In 
Uu frttiu tliunaf: bat tim MWjth 
tMP thou «ki1t t«t it mU and lia 
itfll; thai the poor el thr people 
■u; Mt : wd irh>t ther Imvf tbii 
bcwta of the fluid «hsll oat. In lUe 
DUuuiH thou (halt dnl vrith thy 
vbuiyud. onj trtih thy olivnyird. 
Six d&T" ^00 ^Uult do tby vtotIc, 
ud an ilw wv«nth diy ihou sbaJt 
■Mt: that UiiDo nx nnd thiiKi luts 
wa rat, Aiid iha ion of ilijr huid- 
nud. asd the olnkikui'r. niiv be ro- 

Sihed. Aud in all tlmmi thiiC I 
ri nid tiiitx) )uii l» cirnimi>|M-(I : 
mitt mnkt im iiiruEioji of thi' iinnio 
cl Ullirr Ku^>. iivilliiT IfI 11 Ih.' tu^:ird 

tnit Qf tliy iui>utL, Ihrei.' iiini'i lima 
bIuUi ktep a f«a«i vnto ^le iti the 
7«v. Tboii ihalt kf«p tho fewl of 
tnaed bnutd : (ition ihalt Wt 
hnad Mvpn daj-i^ u 1 
. J lh«». in ilin UiQC an> 
or Che moDtb Abib ; for m 

ll thou (unmt Mt ft« 
u>d Dwo iliill uvcat 1 
pEDpijr^) and tlw mm* i 
tlir flmfrutU vf iLj Ub« 
lliuu liul Miru b) th> 
the foaal of ini^atheriBf 
in iho cod of the feU', ' 
hut mthend in tbj biU 
tb« bbl. Thim iibm b 
all tbjr aula* thall ant 
thr Lord Gobi. Thou diii 
ihs blood of Ur BcriCn 
icoc-l tin«d 1 neither ah 
a( M^ arriili'v miiaia 
utorniii^. Tlw Ent of thi 
of thy luid (lion iduJt 
the h-ODK oi tb«j Lout) 
Tbini ahall not h««1ib a 
iiiotli»r'H igilic. BeliaJi 
Angvl bi'fora (biM. U> b 
the iiay. and to bring IL 
I'Uce vrliieh 1 b*t« nr«p 
vire of him, and ob<T 
IiTuvrik» Itiiii not; f«* a 

IMtrdan joui IMlu«t«MtM 

OBicB ia in hin. lint if 
hidwd «bcr bii voiw, I 
that I apeai: th*n 1 1 
«ii«iny unla Ihine nnraiii 
advcnuiry unii} Uilaa a 
y<ir Mino An^I ifaaU 
Ihvfr, uid brint the* ta 
Amnrltat, aad UM HlHib 
PnriuilcH, und Iht Onia 
llivitcx. D.nd ibo Jobtull 
will cut Ihum blT. TboQ 
hwvt tloirn Ui (hvlr sodt, 
llien, nor dn afitrr tholt i 
Uiiiu uhnli. iitiurty onrtt 
niid iiuiii.' Iiri'iik uutm On 
AiiJ yi- nlull Mire Ihe i 
liod, find lU ahall Um 
and iliy waior; and I 
sickiirju nwAjr frua tbi 
ilivir, Tbtru nbali uutbinj 
youii);, tior Iw liajivij. la 
ihv uiiinlKir of tbf days ] 
1 niU wend My fi-ar bi 
and will dalny al! tbe 

\AdU luM ttM«. hid 

bvm tiie Bed 

auTvljr Im a inus unio tUco. 

[omtns, ExooiTd XXIV. FKBBUAny 9- 

I tta liOBDf UiM. anil 
..--~kod AbBu. Ulil M- 
'jUmtUmot IwMli ud 
• MiAr oC And Mow* 
[am tn* luu (lit LtMt : 
■9 wll M a>a« nijih ; nal- 
<U Ac pM*k go up ivllli 
» d Ik inird* efibe Loiw, 
'•tjudniaita: ud &II ilw 
' Mnnn4 wtlh ono rake, 
ilNiAil tt* ««Tda i«ycli the 
' M aid will ir» do. And 
>*iM«U llM i*«rd» of the 
h M MM m Mrly in the 
Mi«d MUM M kltw nndf-r 
Kp* imhv aOkn, Moocrd- 
[.<h (miTa tiilM «f Imd. 
|l"i*rnH ■«■ «(ll««LR- 
■ludi^kb oflfend bunt 

WBly of the tililora o( IhtmI : imd 
llie; siw lliu Ginl of Inrul ; md 
(Arre vriu utj'lT III* f»el u il Kera 
S p.iTvd wnrlc of I npphirc >tt>ns, 
and M it vrvrc tlu bwly of bokfon 
ia Jfu «I#anieM. And upon the no* 
bit* iif tbi chUdriD ol lirael He 
laid not Hli bud: ftlw tbcf nv 
God, and did c»t asd drink. And 
the XioHD raid nnt« MoM«« Cnne 
■b Uj Me into llie moant, ud bo 
lliero: «ud I irill kItc tb*o Ubln 
nf flvni.', nnil a Inw, .indfomtnand- 
menta wlJch I harp wnlun; thu 
ibounajcM icucli tlteui. And Moeu 
niM np, tud hi* niabtvr Jiihuji: 
ud Ho«n yvtA up lul» ibc nwunl 
of God. And ho Hid unlv tho vM- 
m. Twiy yi here fvr ui. uitUl wo 
cOBUj kjwlli unto yau: aud,fc«liold. 
AiKii and llai aw wiiU you; if 
aa>' DU ha«i our mativri to <J0| 
rwno unlu tliiiui. And" 


Pbbroart 9. 4?brning, Exootm XXXlf. Fttimciil 


AN D when the pccipic fnw that 
Mom dolled ta rooie ilnwn 
out ofthn mouiititha [i«0|>1r ipilhrr- 
vd thimtalTMi lomtbor uiitn Anron. 
Mul mid unto Elm.. Vp, nuito ni 
pcdi. whtrb fhall go tiofore □■ ; tor 
<u few ihiB MiH-i, tils mnn llral 
hruiiKlit ua lip onl of tW lantl of 
Esijit. w« w.,1 iiol wlid-l in U-ruion 
of him. Anil Aaioii la^J uiito Ihr^ra. 
Bro&k offthp Ri>l(l<^n psmnci, vrhiali 
art in ifn mn v{ your witwi, of 
yunr non*, aii'l of jriiiir rlsiiutiU>rii. 
OJIfll tiHnfi #Arff( iinf'f mi^ AihI nU 
llw pctipin tirakc oir !lin ^olilfln pu- 
rlnov wmrh vfvt in iticir can. and 
bruDRht /Afth uuto Aaran. Ad4 he 
rWMixl tinm M llinir hind, and 
fiialiiaii*d It wllh » gT«iring tool, 
after tic lia d mndo It n Inolton mlf : 
luid thcf »fd, 1*h»o hf 1)17 Koda, O 
Inracl, vt\\\n\\ lirnuRht tWr up imt 
nf ll]ii l»uJ uf Binpt, And i>btn 
Aoran nw {f, h« Wll »n alur bit- 
fore >l : ftnd AantD xaaAa prooh- 
natioti. nnd naid. To mDrrow ij n 
f«a«t tu the tri>iit>. And tliej roio 
ii|i tarl)- OH llii- iniiiTrtw, ind clFTrr'l 
bonit oSV^riTi^-i, «Tiil hThiuglit [>Kniit< 
cffprinai ; and iho nflii|il« »nt Juwii 
to oat nnd to ilHuli. and roaa up 
t<) pUy, AdiI thv Liintisiid unto 
McHfl-, (ill. fMil Ibfp down; fur tliy 
paopld. whii'li tlioii hronahlMt out 
cf tlicLnndof KMypliliKi'a «>>TciI>t*d 
t}\ifiintiff • tliir}' liiL>c luni»d a<idc 
quinkly ont nf thi« wiy whii'h 1 
euinniniM thfin ; th»7 1ijit« mule 
then i. realtKii ralf, ttiid !i»iv wor- 
■illppfd ft, and hare tasrificcd tlierc- 
vnta. «n>l Mid. TIu^m bt thv godn, 
O liTo*], whiiih Imts btmmlil lh«e 
Ob out of tlin lind of BffTpt. And 
tu Lord Mid unto Miwna, I hat* 

I tUi peopl«, Kiul. bntwld. il i< k 
f cople : now thnvfMe 

K« aloii*, that Mr wmlh may 
hat *BUiM thMB, !i»d thnt I 

' ODJtfDmo Iham^ and I wlII imWo 
■ » *rr«i nation, Atirt Motsk 
*H«iu h» Lord hlii God, knd 
h \osta. yt^ doth Tliy wnlli 


mz liot uaioM Xia pfopla, 
Thou haal bivDfllt rank (M 
Una nf Kgypi wfib 

and with a inlgl 
for* ohioiild tha 
sad ny, Cor mlasUnfM 
th«t<i oat, ii> day tliaiB li iha 
tnlnf, knd (o sMunn* 
llw loco of th* **rtli? 
Thy flerco wnth, aod 
ovil uunat Thy pe«plr 
Abnliiii], Inac, and I< 
Hrrraiil*, to irliooi Tboa 
Tliino own *Dir and ~i 
tbcm, I nin inulMpIy 70^ 
tho ctat* of hM»«n, mJ 
lajid thai I ha<« mkoa «f 

K'vo nnto ynnr Med, aodl' 
hvtit i(far«*«r. And ik 
psatod of the 0*11 mVA 
to do Unlo Hit peoplo. 
turupd, and irrnt il»wn' 
oiount. and lli< two 
taatlmotir uvrp in U* 
tJiblita ti-rrr i*T4lt«i oa 
■idofl ; r>D tha nnc aid* 
other vprr lhc7 vrnllCB. Al 
L-ihleii iMTr tlio work of fiw 
lh« writing uoi thv .writlag* 

Kivii upai) thA labVL Am' 
hua hf ard the iioiac <A tU 
tic oa IIh.'j ihoutud, b« mJ A _ 
lows, Tnttt ■( a rain Cf* 
Hi* camp. And Iw uld. /■ 
tha TOJe* of M>nn /A«l AH 
iDoatarr, neUhor m ir lh« n 
(Ann fAoJ cry for boiuH t 
&t.i ihi) tii><M of ll«n tA4f 
hiior. And ll oafna (n nia, 
u till BfLiiio nigh nnU llit mM 
ho (an the «uf, and tho 
and Mowi' aiunv inst4 
b« Mat the tftbiM ont «f tW 
anil bnlci dhom liotiMth th« 
And he look ilm taJf whl' 
had aado, and harat iJ 
ftnd iiTDiiad M l# poirdsi; 
i^d iJ Rpon the wnlifr, 
thn nhlldMn of IntmJ 
Atvi Mom dt'\auWi 
4ldtinv« v'ov'** ""^ ^^"*« 

I Into the fire, and 
tb calf. And when 

|«afa«d Bi^o Uinn 
A*iBu uama ilwlr 
Mow momI In lb* 
Lnd wMr Who li 
U«? JM Aim Mrnr 
a th« •Mtt of Lot! 
Itm Mfolhfr auto 
Id DtUD litem, 'Thui 
God *t ItrmA. Tut 
hraxl k^ hU si'lt. 

mrp, tad »l>r tnrt 
■M tvtn nitt hi* 
voT nut nil ntljch- 
yUm of Undid 
of Mota: 

r< uj) unto t\it LnkD ; pvMdt«ittuf4' 
AbaL] Dialcc kn alonoiDcnt for Jovit 
an. And Mowt ntnnicd nnlo iIm 

LOHii, irnil ni<tt Oh, tbii people hnc 
■ gnral irin, »nd tin'v mail* 


Ihnnfail* of cnld. Yet now. If I'hou 
wilt ravtra lEclrait] — : and 1( not. 

(antra i 
blot me, I praj Thee, out of Thf book 
which Than fiut wtittvn. And lb* 

1,'iHii mid unto Mime*, WhnwtTM 
li]ith tinnad n^itini-l Mr, him nlll I 
N<jl out of My book. TKcrrfoTe now 
go, Icjiil the people unto lh» plant 
of which [ hB*K ipoken untv^thco • 
bchulil, Minv An([«I iIikII 

• Won 

the-' : nnninlii'Ii'w in tliK ils; who* 
I lUit I will tUIi their tin upau 
them. Anrl the Lono plagued the 
ptoplc, beoaiike Ihe^ made the calf, 
wbieh Aamti made. 

f{larii[ng, Exodus XXXIII. 

Tbu. 10. 

* ttid nnla Motea. 

if 1(0 sp bwM*, thoi 

vrhMi Aoa I«<1 

\Ae. laadof &(Tp^ 

rl twafe onto 

np into ttie mitlnt c>f thi<e in a mO' 
raent, and r»iiiiiiiio tlice - tliorcfore 
now put off til)* .nii»ini~iili from 
lliec, Lhat I mfty know what to do 
onto tlirc. And the chi1dr»n of U- 
T«^1 4lrinnnl llifmai>lr#a Af UuAT- 

Fro. 10. 


Ma (he Ubemaelp, the otO'U']; pillur 
ib>ew><fej. uid at'Hiil al ilu< d'wrof 
iha taliomKlfi, miiJ l\t Lata Ulknl 
Willi MoM). And ftll tba |Mapl« 
Mw Qio dniiiiy pillw aUDil (•( th« 
teberniu-lD liocr: anil nil Iha t>Mf>lc 
ion Dp mill i«<>nliii)pril, vrrrr nua 
rn hut trot ilmir. Ami t1iv LoKIt 
fpakn vulo MiuioB fnM to fiA«, m t, 
niaa qtcakcth uuta hlifhcDil. Anj 
be lamid &jnin iuto Ihe camp : but 
Ilia Nmat Joahuti, the «an of Nun. 
» yoang laKn, •Ir|wrt«d not OHt of 
iho Ubiinianlr. Arid Moiu luid un' 
to 'Cat Laai>. So*, Them laytA unio 
me, Vtirie up thui people : and Thou 
liMt Dot iel me linnir nh«m Tliau 
«rilt Mnd with me. Ynt Thna \tan 
Hid. I know liirc bj tioxan, and 
thon halt nlna fuuad t^ntoc in M; 
MghC Non thi.>n'f(iTV, I prnjTlicv, 
iO li«TB found ffTiTO in Thy siffht, 
ibf w n* DOW Tfi7 my, i> I miir 
kaow ThM, llint 1 muy 6ud grncc 

ia Til}' visht : aud t'uimiJL'r tlinl tliin 
Bitioa t/riii- iiMiiIe. And He Kiid, 
Myp'P''''"^ iliiillffo tfliM rtiv.ivnd 
I will aiw llirn rnit. And hn uiid 
unto (run. If Tb; prvuL-cn) uu nut 
tPi/A me, cany ua nut up lu'ttco. 

th«l I Mid 
ip^MV in norX 
Them go«<il w(l _ 
wparaUid, 1 aoil | 

ail tlie p«oliI« 
t^Ct of Ihll BM 

Mill unlu Mom*. I 
alno Ihkt thou bail 
h>*l fauod 0*0* j 
I Icnaw tboAbj n^ 
I tMM>«eh TtiM, W 
Aod H* raU, I . 

gDulllMM |l«l« M 

will praetAim the n 
brfoTc thi^f. uid w 
wbom 1 trill l4 Ki 
«hew morcy on «ri 
mtrcT. AndHvtti 
tM HTfiM: fortk 
«« M«, ud liTt. 
nid, Behold. iAmv I 
uid tboD ahalt «Ui 
uid it (limll eons b 
11)017 pftuMh bv, 
tliN) tn * ollft ai tl 
ooT«r tlwo with St 

(•us bf : uid i will 
Duid, And thuu «iv 

Fkii. 10. 

©fttnmff. Exodus XXXIV. 

AND till! LOBU uiil un\o Mous. 
ll«w tltM two Lih1ii« ot stone 
liks Dnlo lb« Hnl ; and I will nritt 
upon Iftrtt UblcR the wurdi Itint 
want in Um Bnrt talilfii, itliicli iIjuu 
bnkevt. And b« Ttady in tlit uioru- 
loit. uid tt3\at up ID the ninrnins 
ODto tnonnt Sinai, and pn-vnt ihv- 
mLT there \Q Mc in llu.- Lu;) uf tlic 
nouuL And no uulii sIliIIuuiui' iiii 
with Ibcc, iicitliM let any muii br 
Kcn tliroushont >!l the niiiiinl ; nci- 
tbrr Irt the flockn nur hrrdi fond 
brfiin that niimnt. And tie ht'wiid 

two \Ab\f! iii alutiF likr unlu the 
llnl ; and Muscu ruK ii|> esrlj in 
tin iBvruiUK, and went up uiiu 
IWMBt Sinai, M Ibr Loud had com- 
todttl him, nnit tfli>k ia liii bimd 
(wo tibtcs of aUnii?. And llva 

dmrcnilfNl ia the cloud, »nil 

' MVQft with biia Uicn;, ud pruolaiiit- 

cd the name of tlM 
LoRc pa«Hd br 
proclaim (d. Thn L 
Gcni, nidciful and 
niSVriiiii. mid ntniiii 
aiid inilli, ki-i'iitiiK 
MDde, forsliiiu in 
gmtaioa uid sm, & 
tlu lui^nns clear llu 
llir iniquity iif Ilia I 
cliildrvn, mid iijioi 
cliililrpn, imb) llnl I 
fourth j^Cfuralmn. . 
hute, iknil liuWL'd 1 
tliu fnrtli.aod woa 
will. U now 1 haw 
Tliy tight, O Lord 
ptay Tuijo, mi sinui 
iilillnt:ckt^J (ji'oplci 
vin-^ttrAs uA lai I 

,»t d» Pannitc. uiil the 
Wilbt JitMMM. Take beed 
ki( tan dMQ nikB a erne' 
Ifetb UbUiui* of il» luid 
■Om iwrt, taM n t« for a 
I *i aUH ot ibct : bat 7c 

atklr alunk bniKk tbeir 
iM doini tfeeir grorn: 
I tell wtnliip DO other 

> Ik t/MD, Vhut luini it 

imaMi whk Um kiluUt- 
hlwJ.iDi ilMr«»w)iof 
F Ur fodi^ aad db iBieiSm 
fr«MiL Md OM oil lho«>, 

tM «f fata BcriSea ; and 

It Ml iheir 4»nf^n ito k 
•baMhrfr gndi, and miln 
t p > wherinx tAar their 
%•■ ihah mika ihw do 
Mh Tbe (laet of nnlu- 

SeUlt UuH kMp. Se- 
n iUt cat BuJMTaiwil 

> I W—Mflwl Uwe, 111 llw 
IfeMMbAUb: fwlalliii 

tfaoo riMrrt ««t f raro 


thA flWlll bf t1l«JIMMT*r b* t« 

the mDruln^. The Rnt of th 
fruit* «f tl^ liiod tiioa itult ' 
unlo lliv Ihiu«i of the Loin th 
Tlion kIiiII not orilith* ■ kid'in 
Riotlii'T'a milk. AacI t!i* I^Rn MiiJ 
iinloMaHw,Wri(«[lioDlli«o<ronlt : 
for titer ttio tciLDr of ihcso wonb 
[ tin'? inii<J<.> a ogiraant uiili llipc 
Mill vrsili |i-miO. An J liff wu.a th<ni 
Willi (lie l^nitii forty <Liyii and forty 
ni^Uli ' bo (lid niiltlvcr cat brcao. 
DOC ditok vra.ur. And he yrttUr up. 
on the tablo* th« wvrdi of (he fir^- 
muit, tba ten eoiiiin>n(liiii<nt». And 
it clt1cl^ la jHM, wImb Mom* eain« 
dovn from mount Sinai witli ttw 
iwo ubici of tMttmony in Mo*ei' 

hnnd. when he c^iine dovra froDi 
tbc Biqiint, Ibnt Muwa wiot not thai 
the Am of I1I* f;iiw alion* vhilv hp 
talked wllli llliu. And when Asroc 
and all the cUldren of Iirac] saw 
Uo<«, bctold, iho akin of tiia face 
Khone: and thvy wrr* *tt»ii to 
i:iiini> ni)(ti him. And Muici calW 
unlo iliriii ; »«■! Aiton i.nd all tbr 
nilow of till poneregiition rvluined 


Fkb. II. 

illdnims, Leviticds XVCI1.I 

AND the Li>si> ijiaka udIo Mo- 
wa, Byina, Speak unto Uw 
rriultlTan vf Isncl, and ny antD 
[tlKm, I am lliv LiMin jwiir tioil, 
iftvr lh» iliitii^ of Ihr lan-l of 
~!g]'pt. wtierDlu y« ilnilt, aluil] ve 
at do: »lid kfUr the iloinffa of the 
Und of (^nuu. wtiiltii'T 1 brinji 
voii, Mifkll yd not iln: n<>lth«r thtJ! 
yi> walk in thtir cnttniiicoii. Y« 
(h*I1 do My judgmenlt. and kunp 
HJM ardinancM. to walk iheretn: 
I OM the Lout y«ar Ood. Ye ihntl 
tteratMe kHp Mr«ata(*>. and Mj 
ja4aBI«tit« : wbi«n if > mnn Ho. hn 
itan Ut« in Iholn : I dm (he Lauu, 
Kon* of you (tijill iiiproafh to any 
tint i« neiT of kin to him. to unroTi>r 
MWr l)ak^'lIuftu; 1 am t\w Loan. 
Th« nnk'tdniM' of thy fnilipr, or lh<< 
okkednMi af thy mothi'r, i!i*lt than 
natVDiom; rfw uihy umihiT; tlioo 
■halt net niicOTcr bvi naketln«». 
Tlw n*k(dnM> of tky father's wife 
AaII thmi not nnoawr: It h thy 
fallwr*« iinKodnon. Thn nakvitaoEt 
ot Uiy oittiT. tliL- iliiuifhUT at lliy 
(Mhtr, ur duuulilvr uf thy uiotbur, 
whelhrr thf be bom at honi?, or 
bom Bhrnml, f^iFit t!]«lr nikvdnoia 
Iboit kliult mil imrovcr. Tlia naked- 

aam uf thy nun'i diinghlAr, or of 

adLUichtrrii daughter, aMU ttwir 
BilreM Ibdu shall not uncrorer: 
foF thfir*! U thin* own niLk(icJn«i«. 
The naktdneM of ttiy fjth«r'i wife'i 
daughter, bei^ttou uf thy falliFr, 
«b« ii tliy Btftler, thuu elialt not un* 
coTpr b«r i»k»dncu. 'I'hon dmli 
iiot nncontr llie imki'dnaa of thv 
father'* *iit«t: ahi.' u thy hliurr't 
war kiiunoiaan. Tliuu vlult uul 
vaeorer the niikediii.'N of iliy ini> 
UhtIi nl«wf ; (m ihT u iliy motlicr'i 
OMT kiiiMrnmiin. Tlinn Khali not 
■lOOTt^ ilip noki'dnou of tliiy fa- 
thtl'* bTOthi-t. Iliou sluJt not ap- 
praach to hilt wife : flhe it lUat 
aunt. Tboa (h»ll not uncoTct IhD 
(uirnjni'M of lliy Jiiinlit^t tn law, 
aft* M thj- ton 'i wife : thou a^aU 
{ ^M aaoorer tier itakwlaesa. Ttana 

•halt not nno 
Ihy bruther^ 

tllLT'l uak ! 
un<Vi<*T thai 
and hrrdaa. . . 
lakfl bar aon^ d 
daiu^tcr*! dao^ 
her na' ' 

hfr taitt, to 
htr Il^kf(Inl1■*, 
h«r lifu lixM. Ak 
ipppoaoh nstft ft « 
brrr niiktdiiam, u I 
afuirt for har nM 

or>^r thon rfialtd 
wtth thy neiilhbsl 

111* tllTM*lf With. 

Hhalt lint Id 1117' 
thMneh fhr Jirr U 
Hhiilt lliuii prufane 
UiHi: 1 am tliL' L( 
not l|i> with mank 
enniikind-. It w aha 
Hhnit tliuu liu iritb 
Hip Ihvhplf ihi'NH) 
any wmiiiii ^taiid 
li« don'n tbenia : 
Dfllllfl not yv yno] 
Ihoio lliinjri ; for 
□ations art defiled 
twfore yoi) : and ill 
thmefiiTR I do r 
thomaf npnn it, tt 
Toniitith out tier 
Hhall thenfpn fci 
Mid My JodgnHOI 
cninmit any of lh« 
nfiiltrr any of youi 
auy stnuiiter tliat 1 
vuu : (tui all tin 
tiftTp thij mpn of 
whirh wftf hrfoi 
land b dcfilnd i) tl 
nut yuii nut alho, 1 
at it Bpued onij 
■am btfara yoH 
litoilt eBmmH anf 

nii\ them »\i».'A> 

Mudkfa ttOmt. uii keep 
■Mi; J AN tbe Laiu> ronr 
la JH Ml rata Idol*, nnr 
• rmmhta koIub stdt ■■ 
mumytm God. And if 

■ IMMM of PMM hSbT- 

M Iki Lo«D. ya ahall dB^ 

evn vlU. 11 ibitti be 
uu d»7 y« obr it, and 
I'Mrrvw: lad if moht n- 
^Oifee. ABdEfilbcMUD 

Eto IhM diT, K It itw 
a Ad nM W *(<n>pt«d. 
mn MM Ukt ntolh il 
M Ih Uiittitj, bcwnie lie 
MttM Ih Ulo*r(d Uiinit 
IU» : nd Unl MMil thtll 
Whn aaofu IM paopto. 
■B y* IMP iM hwTM of 
mi. tton ifaUi Ml wbolly 
b «mm of thj fold. noT- 
M Am sulur the gleu- 
K iv brrM. Attd tboii 
W MM tb TiUTird. nd- 

iani|[ uy pwip" : nannvr iinvi 

ill on tttiiid ft^intl (lie tlood of 
Ihy uciitliliour : I am thu Laim. 
Thou nhtlt nol h»l* Ihy brolbtr 
in Ihhfi he%,n : thou ihill in inj 
wiM rebultc thy ncijihboui, uiit 
not nilftir siii uiiou h!ra. I'Ijou 
dialt Dul DfeiiH'. Dor b«ar inj 
ffTi'Iif* »(nvliiBt th» rhildrva of tl^ 
pni|i1a, but Uiiiu thklt lor« Uqr 
nrighboar m ttiVMlf : I am ue 
Loud. Yc ■ball keep Hj lUIUCf. 
ThoD Ailt not let Ibf Mttt» jM- 
der wiib a dlvon* kiwi; ihmi 
dult not Hiw Uiy RM iriUi mln- 
(iloii uNiil : npithi'p (liiili ft Kinnml 
lainElcd of ]i»i-D iriil Kuulleo i^runo 
upon tliM. Aiitl wlicitoevtr lieth 
caniftlly with » notniir, t1i«t It 4 
bnutamtid, bMrolhnd la Rn hui- 
bind, and uot at all ndreinnl. 
aor mcdcm Kimi lur; abe rIiaU 
tw noiuned : tbey tlialJ not be 

Kt to dMtb, becaiiM >tii^ «» not 
0. And lis Rtiill brliijt his ire*- 
poM offfcrins unto the lioni>, UDto 
lliH door uf the tab»nukck M tbe 
MutiirtintiuD. <tm n nta for k 
trcqiaM offerins- And the pri 


Pa. 19. 


yn Ml of the fniit thnraof, thit it 
BW7 field unto yao llie in<<rvui.' 
Iliercuf : 1 an bliu LoHf your (iml. 
V« elioll nol rat any ffttnfi Willi 
the blond : nviliicr tbull j^ lUe cn- 
eUutiDi^nii nor otuvm liana. Yc 
sinll not niund tbv coriKini vf jour 
bMds, neither aliall tliuu au ibe 
oanen o( tliy lirard. Vo riull not 
mkto uy ciiUiiii;ii m jsiu' Scib for 
Um detd, nor ]>riut luy nuirlu upoa 
yoii 1 I am llif LuHii. I><i nut proi- 
tilulo Ihj- iltituhhrr, t« nmm li«r to 
b« * wbore i lot lliv lund Ul (« 
whoredom.nnd the land bpaoiDB full 
of niekedtiCH). Ys >hkU kmp Mj 
MUwths. U(t nt-renjiice My ••no- 
la«ry : I ma (bo Lord. Itcqard nol 
tbam thu Iut* hmllirLT iptnu, iid> 
tbcrnek ilVtr wiEiirdi<,tobodefil«d 
)>/ tl»ia: I cm the Ltunjaut tiod. 

TtiiMi vhAil n*e np t^ 
liciid, uid hoDOttr tk 
old mkii, uid (Mr la 
tli<i l.cniN And If i 
joiira wilb thtc tu j 
iliiitl uot T(x liita. Av 
(Inti <lw«lktli with TO 
M roll M oa« twra U 
thou ihaH loTO Ub ■ 

E; ivcro itmunn li 
grpt : I oa UW L4 
Ye rli»ll do DO unrig 
jadsmott, ta mcttju 
M- tn BHWun. Jut ' 
weights, ft juit ephdl 
hin, abill yt hivg : I 
jiiur Uud, w hicli bro^ 

the liuid of I'^'vpt. T 
Tc obwrrc bU My «4 
Mf jud^enli, ■ad 4 

tllK LuHii. 

Fit*. 12. 

idornitiQ;, LsviTicuaXX. 

AND Uia LoHD ■pmku auto Mo- 
, M*. MTilig, Asain, tlion tdialC 
Of M Iho efallJbniii aS Until, Wlio- 
•OCW A# Aa of llio clillilnin of li- 
met. or of tho nnDRrm ibst xijouni 
in Itnol. tbst giivlb any of Ills «-cd 
nttto Moloch; D* ihkll tiitKly bo ]>ut 
leditBth: lh<i pcaploof tho lAiidnbnll 
■tono hint with aloucd. And 1 will 
m( My focf n^init t)mt man, md 
will cat him otf (mm nrmtiig hi* 
wupiv : iNntuo hp lia-lli Hivun of 
hii Mail Quia Mnl-ncli. lo dcHlc My 
soncluary, and to profaiio My holy 
lume. Aud if the tw<-il'lc I'f lln' Utid 
do wiy way» hidu ibi-ir vyi"" fi"m 
ill* tosii, wfii'ii lio ^ivelb uf hia Mind 
unto AIaI^pH. und kill loim uoti then 
t n-ill Ki Myfncc sKaiiiit tlmt insn, 
ind a^ainit hit ficoity, anc| nil] rot 
hiin off, uuil »ll llut K'> > vi'lu>Hiw 
hllvT liim. tu Miiumii whorpilom wilii 
Molcch, from amonft their pvcpplc. 
And Om tool thkt lunioth aiii<T tniob 
U) have {Buiiliat vpoib, and aflor 
iriurilv, to KV ■ irliot4ng aftiT ttmia, 
I will orcti iu:t My fmn KSiLiiial timl 
WtJi and Till cm him off from fc. 
Ipat his pifople. i^nctify rout- 
fNw thenfont, aiiJ be yo to\y ; 
* I am tht hoRD your God. And 

yi- HbatI kevp My al^: 
tliom : I am thv LoM 
llfy yoo. For ciery on 
hifl futhor or bii no 
BUrrlr pit lo d«th : 
I'd liM f»tlii»r or tii> 
hluDil ihail fit ujiaa b 
miui that corDnillclb . 
another maa'n wilt, 
romiDitU-lh adiiltvi^ « 
hoiir'K w[(r, tlia sdall 
nJultcTcni aboil mirel 
deuch. And the ma 
nilh his father's w 
roTiTuiI hin f»i.har'a 
bulli uf Ihom iliall ■ 
to dcLlh ; ihfiir blood 
on ilicni. And if a 
his dmiirhlrr in law. 
AiaX\ Humly bo put U 
baia wriiiiKbt i^otifiuda 
ahait hi uj>{>ii thcm^ ] 
lie with luaiikind. M b 
«omhi>» bvth i'i tlivid 
t«<l aa ahumiiiLticin : tl 
\j b(! put u> dcaihi tba 
it upon them. And if 
wifp and h«r motbar^ 

M ud 4e KC U* DkkeilDcw : 
I •atfll lUng ; ud %bty tdwil 
;af their people: 
hu milur'f naltod- 
Inrkbiu^ulty. And 
« Mlit wUb • wMnu hiT- 
wdibMi, tmi (AbU nacotw 
MmmiW hath diMwrend 
«Mia,wd Ik* ball) n&MTcr- 
• ImUW •( h«r btood : ud 
Nihta tWl bt cut oir from 
[■w p««pIb. Anil tbvn rlutit 
Mmr Nn Dokednnw of thr 
A ibtw, par or Uif htw') 
^l)r b nwTvnili hi* ttMr 
mt A*II bear Ibtir inkuily. 
I a MS Aall lie •ntli hit 
•ifc. b* haik aDr«T«r«d hu 
Whrf n i : On ib»n boiT 
ii Um^ (iMll •uc ofaUdl«w. 
a H«i abaB tab kia bra- 
■mh it w wa l MB thing ; 
" hi* h nMiiv'r o«- 


and I will 'l. ^ 

»cM ii, a Isn4 that fliiwftli wHk 

milk uti<l liutii^y : I nin tlin LniiD 
jruut Uud, vrlilcti liaiu Mjiuutml 
fou ftcn «rA«r people. V* ihall 
lliCT«ta«v pul dilfirrciice bwlneni 
Btom baatCa ami uiiilviui, and be- 
tWMB MXiIl'aLi foH'li! 311(1 alnn ; 
ftiwl T« tball Dili makv }'«nr Donli 
nbouilDtUo hj liviut, oi b; fowl, 
ur b.v BD^ uuunrr of litins tiling 
thai nVTprlh uii llir Kri'iinilr "hicn 
I liAvif i^|<jiraE«J fnriii >i.i]j an iin- 
ctodu. And yc elitill W Imlr ontv 
Ho : for i tfu Lohu om lioty, Mitl 
h>r» Mvrrcd jon frnm afArr )>v4- 
ph), thai j« diutilij hi> Mine. A man 
alM OF vrouuii tliii hfttli a funi- 
Ukr apirit, or tlut i* a n-icard, iluiU 
mutrl^ ba pnt to death : tlie; ihall 
■fmra tbsn witli bIoiii-« : llioir bhxnl 
(Ao/f 6a npi-Hi tlivui. 

Frb. 12. 

IS. eiitnina, Lrviticus XXVI. 

'^ aafc* jwu no td<itt uor i pMire in ilin laixl, niul ye >liiill llo 
""*■ ■ " lilbvr r«»r lou uowji, uid no&c iball muki! 

^l._.*_.i1_*_j4_ IT --111 _:j 11 L, 


wmlk amonir Tou, uid (rill b? jmnr j into llw laod of tht < 

God. ■»■) vn aliall l>« M7 ]<'"pl' 
I mn ti^r l.iJBii your GiuUWhicli 
bniiiijlit >au (ortli iriil if tbn Uud 
of l-.Rypt. ihkt yt ahoulJ not be 
their bondinpn ; and I hkic brukrn 
lh> lian'ti of y<ii>r yiikr, >iti) lusiln 

Cu go ig|>ri^l;l. II11I if >■> vlll uul 
uVitii iiiilo Mr. and will nut do 
all tlu-H rommiindntcDlA ; and if ye 
■hall tl«piH My alatalM. or if yuut 
■»al atthoi Mr JadKinetil', tu Ihat yt 
•fill nol da wl Hy eomniaiialiiiiiBta, 
Uit Ihat y* braak My rowuiiit : 1 
aim will do ihii QnlD yon : I will 
•Ten appoint orer yau tetror, «nii- 
■uiDptiou. sad tlic bumiiiK xKue, Ihat 
ahall CMiaonLV II14 <y»<, iiiid auim 
Mrm<r uf )ii>»r( : i.iirl yc iliall u>w 
your »«cd in »aiu, for »-oat fiirmiM 
ihall lit it, Aiirl I H-i!l >pt My Encc 
o^iiiil you, >i»l y« 0)1111 Iv ftiiii 
b*rar« ytiat 'ni-niii'a : llii^y lint hull' 
yoH ihiill rnipn oirr yuu ; slid ye 
iball Acs whon uono puranclh you. 
And if yt will uot yet for all lliis 
luark«n nnta M(, tli^ii I will iniuii-li 
yoii Mvnn titon mar* for yont nan. 
And I will biwak lli* i-iido al your 
power; and I will makfl vour heamn 
M lloft, and yaar eirtn as brau : 
and your MrHiitth aliatl lv< apcnl In 
tab) : (or your land b1i*II not ptld 
bar ina«9W, n-rithnr ulull the tm» 
of Ihit Und ;-li-Id llidjr fiiiiti. And 
if tt walk cohlriry unto Mp. and 
will □«! htirkfn unto Mt : 1 will 
brinjt aevm tintt more pligii»H up- 
on jroa u««T<linff to jvmr ntnit. I 
will aim Mtid wild Kcurti amstu 
yon. i»hlr!i ilmll rob you of your 
tlul'irvii, mill di^ntruy jOur cutlli-, 
wid mnlii> you U.-n In nomhw ; ind 
yoiif a;(j/) wjji ah>ll \» d»iwlat*. 
And if y» will not Im nforntcd bv 
Mi> liy ihew tbinga. but will walk 
touinr}' iLUio M< ; tlm will I also 
walk fnutrair uDto 70D, and will 
pum^li j-on yM »wi llnot tor rinir 
ritii. And I will bring a cwonl up. 
on yon. tlml ahall aicnge Ihr iiuar- 
»J of A/jr odiiinatit ; and whtii ye 
•fF ftibertd toMthn wtlhtn yrai 


whvn 1 hais biolMD 
br«ul, uo woEMa 
hmd la one artB, 
deliver wm y^Bt fci 
vetRht : and ye ahall 
be (sliHSed. And It 
all tli!( htaihca aato 
comrary uulo If* ; ll 
cgnirary unl« yau at*» 
I, «vcn I, iriLl cli 
liiara for your lin. 
eat ill* MkA of yoor _. 
flmh of your Jau||ht4nl 
And 1 will deatroy yoiujl 
uid mt down your iinai 
yoar oircsam anoo thl 
your idola, and My *ad 
you. And I will uaU 
w-utc, and bring yoal 

dnlo dewlalioa. awl I 
■nipll the wiour of ! 
odmirH. And I will bll 
into doulalion : aud 
nliicli dwell ihcieio 
uitlipd at tl. And I 
yoii nmoiiit the boatlil 
ijmw out a nworil afll 
your land (ball i* i 

CiDr eilitt waM*. Tm 
[td enjoy Iwf aabM 
at it lielh dtMlal*. ■ 
yoor «niiniM' land ; ^ 
tho Und mti, and od 
kiiUi*. A* loos u il I 
it «b>tl text ; bceanw tt 
to your aabbatlui, wM 
npon It. And iipin tli 
l«ft flJiiy of you I Willi 
ti»>u into thoir hvartd J 
d[ llirir (memio ; anil I 
a >ii:iki>!i k-at iJillI 4 
and tlivy hlutll Uf*. al' 
a ^word : anil lliry du 
nun" puFiunlb. And U 
an« upon analher, aj ft 
o awunl. ohi'n noiiu jft 
*e ahall ha 10 no po« 
Mfon yoar pni'inioii. j 
Mriiih anoni[ iIid hoafl 
land of voiir ttiemiea ) 
up. Aud Lhay that all 
liiaU ^\w« iwwt to. 

tJtiim. i trill Miui Ih* Botiloneo &- \ !<»» «Mm\«it ^»IU>: 

Wi Iknr iIks ■carpi of Itw 
MM </ th*ir iaiqatir : llwn 

taMMter 3U7 corauBt with 
mi ■!« My (orenant wii)i 
1miti» Uy <w*«Buit witli 
!■ vfll I rvnamWr ; ami I 
■Mkr llM luHt. Th* Wu.\ 

Ht aMulMr while *hc lirth 
I wUmI Umb : ■dd lt»; 


M^ m^onmt ^Vrth tlivjii t for I offt 
dm t.uKii Ihrlr llnj. lint I will for 
llieir Kilcct TtvcnrRilMir tlie riivminC 
of iheir aiippston, whom I bruoglit 
foHh <fut of the tariil of Egypt kn the 
right of ttiv h?alh<^n, (hat 1 miiihi ba 
tlirir CiOil : ] nm Ow [.<! h Ph Them 
•iri IW ttntulra oiid jiiditniiitila anil 
iaivi,whic<li tho LcDiitk uiacte bclwcca 
ilim an J itic cLildrvn of Isrncl in 
mount Siuai hy iJiv hnni] df Mo«««. 

iKaTTiing, N'l'uniiR^ XI. 

Pr». is. 

iMkn |i» paopln tDn)|>Iiun- 
H ll dif»lBunl the LoBO '. 
iUkd beM4 Ji.' and Km 
IWUbdM; udUmlin-ot 
Ilk Wnl among Ihrm, and 
Iri A(H thai uwrr in Llin 
M twt* «( tha cunp. And 
■•bciM n»la Ummi and 

MM tnrtA Mtc Ike LoHIi, 

■ •»4Maeh*d. And be call- 
MM rf tlw pket 'Tabcnh : 

■ <W BK«f Um Loud bnnt 
Akd Ui« Dkixl nialti- 

>M» utMC Lhem ftll a 
~ 1 1M cMUmk nf l«ul 

in tlio riiglil, t)i» Ruiiiia fvll upun it. 
Then Uoswhcmni the people wMp 
thronRbMrf (h«ir faiuliM,tv«ry nwn 
ill tlw door of fail l«it : bdiI the an- 

fer of iho E.oitn w-ua kindlril (E^^at- 
r ; Uaui nUo Kat >lii-i>lHa»id. Antl 
Moaa aaid unto the 1.i>rii. Whti*. 
for* hut Thou afBielcd Thy K^rvant ? 
■od vhrrvrote ha-rt I not fciind (a- 
voor in Thy Kinhl. thai Thou Inyivt 
the liiirden df nil Uiih iivijpln upon 
mc? HttVf I tftnceivfid all thi» peo- 
ple? hail! I bpgottta ihciii. Ihat 'ihoii 
(bouldctl my unto ui#. Vxrrj lh««_ 
to Ihv hnwuB. ai 1. nuniiur falT ~ 




teberaMie of tht vmfcn^tioa, tiut 
IbcT imj tH»oA ihan with Ihre. 
And I will oovi* down oiiil talk 
witk thmt timn : kDd I irill Ulu of 
the *pirit vrhiek ■< npoii thM, mil 
wiD put U DtKin llirin : and thtr 
■ban Mar Ibr V<ir<I''ii vi llici pMpia 
with UiM>, thai Itiiiu ):<-ar i( iiiit Ihr- 
•tlf khuiB. AeJ M)! ihou unto tho 
IHWjtta, Sanctify jroitnclTM aeainit 
U niAnvitr, an J y« nhAlJ eat ll«Bh: 
tat ft hwf w( pi in Iht MM of tl» 
LOKD. •aj-ini:. Who ohkll «ivt an 
flMh U CM? lor it vol Wfil] with 
W la BOT*: thfrtfon the Load 
witl Din you flMb, ind ve nhall tat. 
V« NU-IJ nat Ml CM ditj, nor two 
diyg, nor flv» i*y, ntrthet ton d^fi, 
atr Iweut}' dan ; tut erisa a whale 
Boath, until 11 aome ent tt your 
BOvtrilt, nnd it b« Inathnonie ualo 
jaa: bBeana that yit havn deaplit- 
ed Ika Uiiiu »hloh u among jritu, 
Mil hi»» wi'pt btfun Him Bjior. 
Vihv came w« fnnh out af Eflrptf 
AbJ Mowt irIiI. Th(i nfwpir, »i]iaDji 
•rbrni I am, ■>« lix hundn'cl ihnii- 
■and footmcD : and Thou Imi lotd, 
I itIII |liv« llidlD flpkli. Iliit tlicy 
lakj ««[ * wholii ninnth. .shnll Ilia 
Hooki iiDii Ihn hBrda bn ulatn fnr 
Ihum, to mllln* them? or ilull rI! 
tht Tub uf the wa b« cndivml to- 

EiLet tor ihotn, Ut ivKev llivui^ 
id lh» Lonn nlil iinto Mo«mi, It 
tht LoHft'* hind WRxcil than i thini 
dull Mifl luiw whethiT Mjr mird 
tbaJl oinu^ to paie uuta th«e fir not. 
And Motet wrut out. and lold llie 
pcnnlo the wurdii of the Lohh, anil 
iratnerrd the «rvciit]r mrn of tlir 
rl'l'.'rn uf Ihc propir, and Ml Ihirm 
[Oiiml nliuiit i)iit labcniaole. And 
thn i.nnn enmr ilono In ft ctoud, 
anil spukc unto him, init look of 
the spirit ihat u-iu u|»ii him. luid 
ltBT« U until tbu seviriity allien: 
oiitt it cutue to p«B>, /Auf, trhcu the 

■pirit rwM mM- . 

pbMM, Mill 414 m 
thnrs T«mai»fJ lw« 
Ike «aMp, th« »aiM 
Kldod. and IhC Mtn 
Mwlad: ndtlw »^ 
ttMW ; and tWr «W 
w«r« wrilUn, bstij 
ncla iha UhiinmiM 
phtNied in lh« euofl 
a yonnft min, anfV 
m4, V.liiA and M*dl 
in Iho <>kTiip. And Jm 
Nun. th* strrant et 
hi I youDit men. anm 
Mr lord Hhm, fort 
MocM aUd onto hin 
for 1117 «to? vtald 
thci uiitn't pMple 1 
nnif thxt ih* LoHD < 
(pirit niMii ihnm ! A 
him into lli«* 
uf Isnivl. And Uien 
wind trom the Lonn 

a all* from iho •», 
Ibjrtlnn ramp, a> i 
jonmcv on (hit >Ho, . 
a d.iy I joiimnr un I 
rouQil ihuuc the c«i 
*n>r0 evo rnblt*Ai0h 
of the tfitrth. And tb 
up al! Ihnt dny, uid 
■lid nil lh0 [ic'xl day. 
lh«rv(i Ihi.i iini'la: ha 
IdriC )nihi>r<'d ti^ hoi 
tlHTttd (Arm ill »bn 
wltti round about It 
vihil« the HMh tea* 
lh*lr Idfth, fn it W| 
wrath of the Lobi 
x« tho proplei 1 
small! Ihfl iWDnle wtt 
platnie. And n« rail* 
that pluMi Kihiwih-h 
ciiiM there they bur 

that Itlati'ii. And tbi 

nojod trtita Kibroth-1 
Huarotb ; tad abods 

Fun. IS. 

iSbniiitg, XuniBeRs XII. 

A -NO Miriam and Anron nat^t. ^ ElUirp^an waman. _ 

AUbpnn immau wbom hn had 
••"■"iwl.* fi)r he had mknitd an 


NaA ' 

1m •(Uw utetmkde. mJ 
BM Md HMmb : uil Ihrj 
Mforft. ApilHruid,IIvar 
'■wdi: I( ihun br ■ prv- 
latno. / Ih* Loub mil 
jmmkanm bdIa hitn ia a 
■tf will ipetk mta bin la 

■ Mr mntm Mmm u tiot 
b flilUU a lU UiK honM. 

■ wffl I (pMk nuinUi to 
IB •ppimuiv. ind n«t In 
kOm; aad (b» ■militude 
NBikll h» btboU : whcR- 
b MTC j« Mt kfnid M 
plM Hj Mrrut Mom? 

kfMil II»*m; ud Ho dc- 

cno ilrad. uf vrliom thn II«h ii half 
roniniiDcd ttheii lie cumttli out of 
hi* miilhi'r'if immb. Aiid.MoKscriifd 
nnta tliu Limn, siting. Meal htr 
hdw, U tiud. I lieiMwh llicc. Anil 
ilw UiKDMldnnloftl<iaM.lfh<Tfa< 
ibtt tiad Uut fpit <n bo- fiut.ahould 
the not be whanitd mt«d iMjnf IM 
ber bcshut oat frDmthioMBpMToa 
dayf, aod after Uat let bet Im n- 
(Virtd ill npain. Aiid Mirlau wm 
ihut oat train Che camp ktcd daji: 
ui<l tl](< pcvpiD Jonniefod not till 
Miriitiii vm brvaptt m again. And 
aft«r»arj the pto|>l« i«iuo<^ bvn 
llauivtl). ind pitched In tbe «il- 
Jcmiu «( Pmn. 

iBominQ, Xdibriu XIII. 

Fro. 14. 

iW LOBD *P*I>' ■■>>(• Uo- 
^ "T^t, »i>d itwa men, 
F Hn warvh the land of 
*hitfi I pTO onts Ihr cliil- 
Unal : o( Dtvrj irtbc of 
|la» ikaQ jrc amd a noa, 
•b»ktBDi«aKthFia. And 
u (tf tha 

0{ the tribo of Aalirr, Sflliar lh» 
urn of Mirlincl. Of the inb* of 
Nuphlali, Nahhi ihs win of Vajthai. 
O! t)iL' tribe of Uul, r!cnal tb* (Do 
of MiEhi- Tliaaa ar* the nane* of 
the man wMcb Moae* acnt to apr 
oat the land. And Moaaa calfad 
Oabaa Iha ton «f Nan Jaboabok , 



th* SntrSpD |cr*pti. S« tfacf wuai 
up. aad KarolHd tbe land froiD tlii* 
wllikrn«a of Kin unui K«Ii'>)>, » 
■•n coin« 1(1 Hamuli. Atiil tlirji 
•MAIkImI t^ Uic iWDlh. Bnd camo 
unto Ilobroa : wbm Abimaii. ^hc- 
■faftl, koil TMOwa, Um cbildrta ol 
An**, w#r». (Now Hvbron w»* 
boilt MTtR TO*M before Xoxa in 
Eif^pt.) And lUir omc unto tlu 
brook ot £ih<ol, and cut dawn frvCD 
tlwDni ■ I'nncti w!lh uiir cluster of 
Snpfa, uid iliiiy Iinrv ti krliirtrii 
Ifro upon t. lUlT: ui<l <Arjv trouf/tf 
of the pomcjtnnktcii, aad of ihc 
fltei. The p1a(iv vnu (allpdl tliv linwk 
uboo]* bifnUMi ni lliv r]ii«t«ir of 
gcapMI irhlrli lliK t^liildivii af Iirad 
out down from Ihroce. Ami tliey 
itinraH from KarcliiuH of thv liaJ 
aftsr forty day»- And lliuv vreiil 
uid raniv l4> Xlum-ii. dbd to Aaron, 
and 1» all the coiiKnuiktiou of llic 
ohildim ot l>rar:l. unto thr.> wildcr- 
a«B of I'lrui. In Kiiilf'h i >nil 
brot^lkt Lni'k wtJrJ unto tli'iin, bnd 
unli alJ tlvi' rniiuKsitiuQ.Biid ilicw- 
cd ihcED tliv hait ot ihc lind. Aud 
tlic>' ^'<1 l>ii°t '11.1 luid, Wl> cntno 
unto lliii: Innd nliiUii'r (liou ifiilnHl 
ul, and tuTiiiy it flonfttli with niillf 

and boopjr ; aiul Ih 
of il. NcTCTthalM* 
■tniii j dial diiwU li 
the «iuea «» wal 
gTvnt : and itiottqts 
rhildnra of Anik iM 
Ickilrn d<nttl in thi 
•outb: and (b« lUH 
Jtbuiiilu, and the Ai 
tn the moUDlainai u 
il^B dwvll by Iha M 

coa*i o( Jordan. Aaj 
tliD peopk' before i^ 
Lc t lu fo up at oMI 
it: for wo »i« wtUj 
coinv it. Bal tb* mm 
with him f^iil, Vv ( 
leo up B^aiutt ihc jm 
an otrmiKcr than % 
bruncht up as «>il 

liod whicli UwT \»A{ 
tho ohildmt «f InM 
Unci, tbroDRli TrhiobI 
lo dparch it, u a lantt 
llii* inbabitstibt UhiW 
I'l-opli tluit wo aaw ij 
• ^iTcal atntaK. Aaa 
the KiHDtdi the «olii I 
tiim» <A Ibe jciaiils : I 

OUT own Higllt M ^m 

M trn iron ia tl)«ir fl 

Fkh. 14. Cbtnms, Ni'mnKna XIV. 

I'D sll [b( oanRTiKalitin lift 


ii|i tbnr ^oici", mill eru'd ; nod 

tho pfoplo wept thol nieht. And 
aJl Ibe ahildron of l<ra«1 marmurMl 
«^ii9t Mom* uid a^intt Auon: 
ud ths whnlii rr>Tigr<i)^Iton mid 
nsta thMD. Wnnl,! i;od thiit wp h»d 
died in the land of Kxn'> • "^ m>ujd 
GoA we had diod K thii wilder 

Cstvb thci Kon of J< 
ri-rr« (A thom thtt 
Tcnl thfir «loth««: I 
unlo «ll tha MinpM« 
«f IrmI, SMiof, ]] 
we puiwd Ihnuah I 
Bn eiccedioi! gooalH 
duliglit in us, DwBll 
QB Inta thisl&nd, UK 

1.-J _ki.l. Hnnnl). I 


to &• mlubitaiita e( 
k lh«r Iw** IwAxl >1<>I 

Lftan >H fM* taM) to 
ta« T%7 «feod rtudMh 
Id4 lAaf Thfta CMit be- 
br d*r tlBM in ft pttlw 
M kt • pfUu of V* br 
tf Umb (halt k)U •« 
I Hi BU, then tlw 
Im ImM tto Am 
_ WKfiag, Bt ta am 
n«( abl* ts brittf 
Um fend which He 
uflnton Ha lutn 
la iha wUtesMt. And 
lib That, IM 0>« iKi>« 
1 ka (Nat, aemding 
M mCr. MiM. The 

iPVfMaS, ftM MPMU 

fint lalqany *■■! mn** 
I VMauani dtariu 

ii9» UM ehiUnn aalo 
M tmwlh pmfntioa. 
Ttm, llM ini- 
aawmting nolo 
'.and at 

Mug titan I bfor «nM (hta **ii r«n- 

ortgatioD, irhi'cti murmur iigtiuM 
Mr? 1 ha<e h»rd (ho nmnnuHii^ 
of ih* cliililr»n «f Isriii^l, which tliry 
murmur ftfaiiiit M«. Sty imlu Ihi-m, 
.4* fru/y ai 1 llTc. iiitb tha LaBU, 
>i ve hiiTe ipuliMi iu Mine Mrt, m 
wdl I ilo 14 ynii : y<'iir c*r«aH» 
(hall full in lni» tnlilcniOH ; uid 
kII thivt trcrs anicbtrcd of fOB. 
MoiTding l« jrwir whole numcur, 
bam twenty ;Mn old and iii>wanl, 
wbich hart narvend agiiiiBl M«, 
daabtloM jTi tiKnII nnt taric tnU th« 
land, eoneeminn vHth t nvare to 
omlcc I'm dmli IhfMvin, arv Cklrb 
lh« aon of J«phrienfh, tni\ Jn>hua 
Um Ron of nun. Hut your )ittl< 
onw, which ,vd itid thuuld be a 
pny. tliem will 1 hrinji in, iiid Ihry 
^11 Iciiow [lie liii4 wliicli ,M> har* 
d»«plMd. Itiil 111 for fan. jronr or- 
ek»a. thvT ihnll full in llm wiliU'r- 
neai. Ana yuur uhililtvii obiJI vtan- 
dM in tho Htlrknu'is (orly ytnrs, 
iDd bear your wii>iT*<l<'mii, unlit 
yollT etrcntm br wuti'il ru the wil- 
dnrnan. Afler llie number of Ihc 
day* in which yc M-nrchiHl Ibe 



nptirt npiRi tlie ituti, died hj the 
plagat bcfon tbe Ldxi>. ButJtuliuft 
tbe nvn of Nun, uiJ C&leb the twa 
«( J<nibuiintb, ifAirA u-^rr of Uo 
■Dirk lii»t wuut t» M'lrch Uio tuiil, 
Uwd Ifjtf. And Mutes lotd thcM 
Mljinai onto all the cliildrun of 
Insel: uiii the pviipli! laciimcJ 
nvftUf. AnJ lhi>f Tott tm mriy 
111 th« momiiie, and gal llwui up 
Into the tap ef the monntlLiii, ■aj'- 
itig, Ijf, we Ar A(-r«. uiil ntll ^D 
nji BDto UiK jilao' Trhkli thv I.'inu 
aUh promlMid : fur vtt linrr (IniiDil. 
And SloiiM nld, Wlirnforc nan da 
jrt tnuu^fnm t1i« cDmnmndmuil of 
the LoKti f but it ehall nut )>ruBpur, 

Go not Up, for Ow L 
unang jdu; itwl 7* 
ten bclon y«<ir cotad) 
AmalakitM Md tte O 
thtra bofoTC 700, ••■I 
by (ho fwatd: bwmuM 
ed k*rii<r fron the li«fl 
Ihi! LutiD vrill not b 
Uut tLej p: 
llio hill lop: 

of the ODTcnnnt af 

Mom, dopMioI 004 
iwmp. Tlwi the Anul 
down, Mid Uw 
dwi'lt in that bill, 
uid dbcomfltcd 

Feb. 15. 

iMoming, Numbbrs XVI. 

Now Korah, thn mil of Isliar. 
the Bun of Kohith, til* wo of 
tiPii, md Duthan *iid AbiiMn,llu> 
•on* (d Eliab, uid Oa, lh« ton of 
P«l*llif wjiiH nf K«iib«ri, lovk nwfl r 
Uid clicjr TOW up liriftiro IMiiwk, vritli 
MiUJn of ths cUldrcn of lanu^l, 
two fanndnd Mid llfi; prinrwi of 
th« MMDiblj, fkmonii in thu coagn- 

Stion, nii'ii i>jr nmowa : »nd lln^y (ta- 
iml lhoniiwlT*t togMlivr luaiiii't 
MoK* nnil onlBrt Aaron, and uid 
unto tbcm, rv (aIt* too touch upon 
jrou, Mcin^ all the eonpngntion nrr 
holy, tVDry onv uf IhaiD, uid tlie 
LoRt) 4( unoug lh«m: whfnrfura 
then lift ye up yoniwtNc* »boTi! the 
OonKrOETiticm of the Lonnt' And 
vrhvn A-InwB besmi (/, he full upon 
hii he* : nuci 1t,< ^jinkc unto Kornli 
iiiid unto fill hti compui;'. wiyiiiy, 
KtcQ Co morrow iha Lohd vi'II hIiuw 
MhiO art llii. uid tcfia w holy: And 
i»(il cuiw Atn tii onme nent nnW 
Hinii Dvi-uAini wlium Ho tmtli cImk 
•tn will Ho ciuio 111 cuiim nxai unto 
Ilini. Tliii do: Take joa unEicn, 
Konh, and kII hta company; and 
put Rn IhiMviti. and put uioriue in 
ihvni Wf<in> till- I^ku lo nnXTOvr: 
And It >hu1l W ('iiiif Itwi mas whom 
lie l,iiiBD datlt rtiooM, ho lAofl 6« 
Ao^: )M lait loo iiiiirh npnn ytm.V 
JV «o»« 0/ I^atI. And Mout* niA\ 
*■** itomi, Hi-sr, 1 pray jon, y« 

•an* «r L*Ti : ttrmetit U. 
Mug unto 7011, ihM Iha 
nul huh Bpuited 
oongrvgaiion of Imel 
nonr to Hiiowlf to 
of Ihe tah<rnuicl* of tha 
to atuid hrfora the co. 
mjiuat4;r niilo thmn' 
broualit tliee OfU 
th7 GrtthiTO lh« 
tlu« : lod Mek 
ilM? For wWcfi 
and oil thy Fonipuiy oi 
l«K<>thi'r a^iiiKi the L 

wli&t 11 AnroD, that | 
a^ninal him ? And Bloi 
oihll Dithui »ud Abfaai 
of Rilab : which awl, 1 
Konic lip : it il » amall 
lIlUII llTlol blMllllht u* a 

land that Htiwfith with 
honc^;, to kill 119 in tha 
rxncriit thoa tnnke thyi 
llmr a prinoe o»«r D* t 
llion hast iiat brasf^t 
Irnid that iowctk with 
honry, or ^Ten na inl 
Bclda and vmeysnU: n 
out tli« nyiH of tliam bm 
not cone up. And Moa 
wTOtb, luid uid mto 
Ko^Mt out Thou Uxor'. 
\iA*i f u^ \^«v wi% «a 

\ud, Mw** 

ttOBm SDO flOOa n loO 

K l>b«raaclc of llie Md- 

wU MOBE* kud AUOD. 

ih ptfcavJ all tbn coii- 
■gllllM Umu unlo tin 
It tobokMla of lh« ooi- 

Md t)M glory «f Um 
Muvd via kU tbc eon- 

Aad tb* Lo»i> *pakB 
M tad Bnlo AuvHi, ntf- 
>U]raan*tnB fNauooDj 
Mptia*. that I may «aa- 
I M > ■omni. Ana llwT 
IhfV IkcM, and m>>I, 
3od •! Ibi a^iiu u( ai 
I «■• ■«> na, u>d nrilt 
RMtb with mil till eoo- 
! Xai At I.DKii if|ake 
K i^^i Spesli unUi tlic 
■t Mjug. (i*t ;6u Uf 
lad AUmk. And U«Ms 
■1 mat MDto Dslfaui U€t 
Ud th» rVI>n •! I<nel 
iUl And be ipak* udIo 
ipiloo. myioe. l)«put, I 
>m tba ttab af tluM 

~ ' in >]l 

■wttHowed Ihem np, and their L 
and all tlic men that vjijitrt 

unto Komli. Aiid alt /Afir g._ 

Till'/, and aL] tliat afiyertaiutd mJ 
theiii, WEiii ikwu alivv into the pit, 
and ifav triuth fluMiii upoa tliBiii: 
and llicj [M-rishoJ fiu-ni omotitf Ihfl 
cotiinVRation, And sll IruoI itiat 
tKTfr rouud ulioiit llivm fled at the 
cry of Llitirii : fi?r Uii*y nauit, Lrst 
tba cirtli lunlliiw m uji aim. And 
tliBn camp eal a fire fromtlif Lonn, 
ajjd cQaDUmed iliu tno huniirvd aud 
fifty mvD t}ial uHvrpd iiiri'mr. And 
tlie LuHif *|>ak>* urii<j ^fti^i^ ^vf- 
aiK, Speak uiita Klcaiuir lUt lou of 
Aaron thr prioit, thit tii' lake up 
tlif cvUHTi uiil of the burnituti and 
MaltoT tl^ioii llw firr youdFt ; for 
they aru lialluvrfid. Tliu rniitvni of 
tbcic tinu*!* a^niiul liiaiiaim nouli, 
lei them nuk* ifaecn broaJ pUtaa 
^r a etrtvriiu of tiw altar: for they 
aff><r«nl ilHim brfvn'lk' l.ijnn, Ihvn- 
fora thay are halkivrr'Jt aiid they 
ihall be * aieii unto Uie <hildr«n of 
Inul. And Elea«rlbe pwit Iftolc 
tbt btMsn MDtsni, «licr«with they 
tbat warn hiimt b%i affarad : 

tm IS, 10. 



ilat thn loalctd ttunxi tb* tebtr- 
nsi'tu lit ihit tengngitiiMi ; uiiLba- 
Iiolil, tlic rlmul (OTcrod it, •nil. th« 

tUtf of the homo appMTcJ. And 
■«•«• Kod AaroB mn« belore t)i4 

UlM!niMl«iart}iii«»i|T*8*<iai>. And 
Um Lnuu «|iiik(i uiit» Mom*, ttjr- 
ing, <:»! _xai) op from »manii itu* 
MugngMion, llul I ma; iianailiD» 
tttom u in a muni«iit. And th«7 
f#ll npon <li9(T (w". And Mowr 
uM »ntn Airan, Tike a cfiiM-r. 
unil put Sff therein Irom off Ihc 
a.ltar, and i>a( «tt luMUt, ud ka 
qolclilT uijto the oonmguton, and 
mall* &a aton«n*ni fnr th«ni ; for 
then la wrath goaa out frun tha 

Lonr> ; tbt plann ii 
Aaran InsV M ^loaoa 
and nu iitia Uit nidiL < 
srtfalian: aiid, keh»1d,tlNi 
•nM W-^n a«ioa^ tlM l>copIt| 
ho i>ul on im^ienMi anl ■ 
atODf^npnt for tha pavpk. 
■I«ad batwmn ilia daaJ i 
livioa : and the plan* wia i 
Now they that A'a^ ia thej 
Item faut1««n UtoiiMad i 
ItnndKd, itMt Ihm 
boul tin vatwr «f 
Aantn tflaniftd nn<« Md 
the door of Ibe tabcraack 
«onitr«taiian : and tlu' plifM 

Fev. 15. 

l^bcittiiQ. \ifMni:iiH XVII. 


AND the Lnni) »T>atp onto Mo- 
w, xajniic, Siicak imlo the 
childlVD ■>( Unci, and tiksoEeiery 
OM of tlicin a ml ir^i^urilliiK U> Ilii' 
InaR of lireir f»tlit-rf. (>[ nil IIu'it 
prlneca aciijrdtiis lo ili" hoii'.p of 
their fathrn IhbIvi" rodi: wrilo 
thoii pirrj man's name upon hii 
end. Aii'l lliou rtialt xTitu Aaron's 
EintDP iipoii till.' ruii of Li'i'l : fnr 
un« rod lAu// hr for (he h^ad of 
tlie lintiio of tlieir fnilipri. And 
thnu ihnll lay thnm "p in t)>e li- 
bn'nafi.i of llie coTiprPEaiion licrow 
thr^ Ifliiiinony. wliL-re 1 will meet 
with fun. Aiid it aliatl rintit t« 
piM, thai the lua'a rod. wlinm 1 
th&ll sliooar, «tull blononi : and 1 
will niahn to cmjw from Mc tint 
mormiiriiitn of Ih* rliildren uf lo- 
T»«l, wlicrclij- \\\ty murinui asuiiKt 
jroii. Auit Mom qnke unto tht 
ohlliirea of law), kod everjr oilc 
of thglr phnMa saiw him a nid a- 
pwc«, for «ai:h vtaicv tinr, aci^urtl- 
mg li> thi^ir fallien' huii9i.*s. rrrn 
twdvt rud) ; and Ihc rod a( Aaron 

PsB. 16. ^omuiff. XtiMBKn* XX. 

THEN cam* the cbildTRn of la- \ and wm buried tbere. &a 
ni*J, *rim Ib< whok cwngre- ' waa no water for itM Map 
£1/00, /mo llw desert of in. tliE ^ anfl Vn^l oShwji taM< 
I mmiib : and the people aWle i RtW-t wn.\wA Hwiaa* w 
mffjdcsh; Md MIriaitt Aedlliere, \ Kwwv- Kb4.*»V>«¥* 

lihu anong their rnda. And 
taiil lip tbn roda bafotv tha 
in thu taboma«la uf witnM 
It oame |« paai. that «■ 
row Mowa went Into Uw ( _ 
of wltnNi ; Mid, beltoU, A*^ 
Aann for the Boiiao «( Let 
budded. Bad broaght fcMh 
uinl bliwmMJ blottoma, uA 
ulniuiidj. And M«aM 
all the rodi from beta* 
niiln nil thR children of fl 
ttivj^ luoked. and took ■ 
bin rud. And tli« Loan .. 
Moiie*. llridii AaroD*! rad 
Iwfur" ihu ii'niimoaT, to 
for u lukrn agaimt trie rebel 
llmu ihntt qtiit« lake aw 
niumiiirinKa from Mt. UM 
uut. And Slowa did to . aitii 
cumniftiidrd him. ao did 
Ibe dilldrrn nf lurarl apal 
Mowt. sajinn, Ueliolil, WC i 

prriili. VII all pcriili. Wb 
cumetb anv Ililmi near aoto 
b«rua«le of tiie LciHn shall d 
wc b« cnnfiimcil nitb 4jia$l 

^B tI>ml ar of pome- 
^■ff Ir IM« M7 wa- 
^p4 UdM* ami Aaran 
^KproMMo of iIm M- 

b Ab door ■< the l>bcr- 

tar hni : and ili« 8lai7 
IB ttp mni ontoiliuL. 
«■» V^k* mto U«aM. 
fM ibc Tod> and lOiber 
■■■U7 tWOth«r. tluju, 
Ar hntlic*, idJ ((nak 
Lnek Mutt ihrkt eya : 
I jlw fcrtk ki* water. 

bH briDs fcnli 10 ifara 
ttf llw nek: M IkM 
tha (onpHalJaa and 
4nnk. AmI Mo*H iMk 
B WTon tk Luan, *■ 
■M Im. Aad UoK* 
I ^ linn I Aa M«ign«a- 
Ir Ulna IW twit, and 
■■ Ifccn. Umi imw. ra 
It «• Irt*b TO* waltr 
|Mk? A»d Mms* lifted 
ll, u4 trtib bu r«<i he 
Mfcuricc: and tltf •«■ 
(^Uandaathr. aad A* 

diE tdHt^ or ibron^ tlii) rine^KKb. ' 
nt-itliFT will wi dttnk i(f thi' hbIct 
«f tlie irallsi TT* will n by lb* 
kln«*i AwA wBf, w* wut not tora 
to UM ruht hand nor U) tba lefl, 
natil va btTB paiBed tkr bordo*. 
Aud Edom said nnM faiiB, Tkaa 
thalt bM pM« bj ma, ]mc I coisa 
«at aMinat thoo «4th tba Birard. 
And Uw cMldNa of Isms) nid onto 
bin. We inU go \ij t1>r liiiih tnj 1 
and If I and sw callli' <irlitk of Un 
■raur, tkui I will pay (or il : I wjll 
only, wilbout i/oiiv any thln$ «/*#, 
ffo thimutli on my hot. And ha 
■aid. Thuu iilialt not go llimidi. 
Aad tilom eau* out agaEnal un 
•ritli much pcaplo, aiid with a vtCiHif 
band. Tbui t^Jom rrrnted Co At¥o 
I'O^tl pa»ii4in iliraiinb lii> border; 
whiMffor* litmal InnirJ awaf fmm 
hint. And tW diildr«n of Imcl, 
nva Ibo wfcol* <iaiigTega4iOD. joiu- 
ne7»l frvm Kailc^, and Daiaa uitla 
mouiit llnr. Anil tlw Loan «paka 
utila JUiiMit tnil Aamn in mhimI 
lisp, by till.- roaat t,i itit- land «( 
Edam, uirine, Anron •ball h4 am* 
ItumdnnM hia BMinlfl! fM ha anil 



Kmm ud Clomr nm* down 
Cram the mouot. And irhpn dU th« 
congn^tiou MW that Auroa mu 


dcihl. IWy 

thitiy tlaj-i, rr^» all 

llTMt. _ 

Cfamiiig, XtTMDSRs XXI. 

AN D hAcx kinji And tti» C&- 
nunitv, hKIi'Ii (Iwiilt in (hv 
•outh, lull tlial Inrifl ouutr 
by tliB way of Ihr apic* ; Ilwn h* 
tontcht t^inhigl l«nivl. and touk 
loiRf of Ihim [tnann^n. Anil lira*! 
TOtrod ft VDW utito tho Lditn, uid 
nid, If I'hou nill tudc«d dflinir 
Ihii p«otil« Into try hand, then I 
irin nttnly destroy thvir citiso. And 
Oh Lokd hsftritanod to Ik* *dM 
af IirMi, »Ld dBliirand ap the Ca- 
nwnirfti : aad Uiuy ullcrly dviitOT- 
•d tlMm and their dlitiBt ami hti 
eallod IliB nuna of tim jilan] Hnr- 
mtb. And Uinr janniuml trvm 
monnt Hor b? Ifae way ot tlie KihI 

a 10 MmixtaN itici lain] of bJiKtiu : 
tbfi aoiil of tliii prnpln wo) 
mnoh diiii^nunK<-'d brrsuK of iha 
way. And ihu pvujiJL' i:gMike luiainst 
G«1. niiiJ BKsliiiil Slows, Wlu'wfoM 
haTs jt hrouqlit iii »p out of flnjpl 
to dip in tim wilrfi-mi'iia? for ihrri 
ii uu liri^ud. iiBitlier ii (Afh onv 
wst«r : mid our toiil luitlivih ihla 
liglit hrrad. And tha I.obd tnil 
fiery acrpvnta xmtmn the i>Hip!i>, 
U<l they Nt the peO)ilL-i aud much 
people of luntl dii'd, Thurtfore 
ihc people c»ne to Movi, autt 
(&id. Wc IwvB tinnrcl, fnr w<! haTc 
HpukrD e^iut Ibe liUKu, oiii] a- 

Kiiui tliCBi pny unto ilio Loud, 
a He tJikfl kwny iLe (cncut* 
livm aa. And Moh« pnjea fiir 
the pvoplc. And ili« LoBO e^d 
UE1I4 Mow), Miikv tbuo a B«t7 e«r- 
pcDti and tct It opon > pole : and 
It ilinll cone to piuu, tVt trtn 
put lliat i« bitlrc, wlirn lie luukvlli 
UfKiII it| >ball Viw. Aliil Miiat* lat/lv 
■ wniwtt ot traw, and pel 11 npixi 
k pofir, uid it eD>ia« to paao, tliHt If 
a anpcnt had tntlon aaj nun, when 
Im hiheU the wrpent of bn«, be 
i/rm/. Ajtd lb* eldldnn ol U«m1 
sw AinntnJ, utd pfulwd In Oboth. 

and pilclivd at Ij«4 
wililiinifm wliich it 
toward tfan mnriaiai^ 
Ihcv r«mar«d, and f 
mli)j- «f Zu«d. FM 
ivnioved, ftnd pllehad 
•ida ef Anon. wUi 
wUdenua that «mb* 
coaita of llH Anwiu 
i* the bordvr of M< 
Meab and the Amenli 
H li Mid in the bo«k 
nrta. and tn the bree 
and at tho etitaiB t 
tliat RORtli dowa to tl 
At, uid lieth uiMD t 
Moab, And from tlie 
to Iker: ttuU ti the 
the l.uKD apAke nai» . 
the people Uwelber. a 
them wtur, TlwBll 
*ong, Sjiring np, O ««) 
CO It ; the princoi dig 
the ijolilea of tbe pee 
bj; lAr liiredian n/" 
with t)ir!r nara*. k 
wildntni'a] /Jlry "'rnt 
anil from Mattanali 
and fram Natialjcl to 
from Ilamnth In the 
in the coutttry of Moi 
'rt Piwab, wbicli Jo< 
JaaUuoii. And Ifrae 
gen nDto Sihon king 
tine, wing^ Let me 
tttirtau: we wOI nut 
fllide. «r InW the 1I 
will ntrt drink 4f tlie 
well: tinl we will ge 
kiiifr'* tiigh way, nuti 
tliy bunlut*. And (Uh 
Buflbr Inwl to pkM 
border : bat SSum gt 
pMpla MgBtlwr, aud 
((ataat lamol Into tiM 
»n<i ^ oamo \ib lUd 
. aMiiiaA VmtA. lual 


Ui lud frsm AnoD 
«>tsB anta Ik* c^U- 
■ t far lb* lord«r of 
■ «( Aww «HU moDx. 
~ laak ftU Uww tIliM: 
dwll In all ll» dUw 
•tai. i* RMfctwD, nd 
lOigM Ibmf . F«r 
■I Ika (ttr of ttttMa ihH 
Amtitw, «bo had 
tbt hmn Hag cf 
■ ■!! hit Und one of 
■itoAvDM. Wlmw- 
IIM ipcak Id pravatbB 
boflt ■■d frapaMd : for 
> MM «•! M Hadibui, 
I UM ctv «( SHurn : it 
■4 At of Uoab, mint 
ttm bidi pb«*i of Ar- 
te ftm llou JtbM an 

S MM ihU «MUrd, 

rafUtv^ tuo capimt)r 

^omins, Numbkhs XXIL 

DBtA SIhn ktiur ef the Am(iTiu>t- 
W« tit«« (bat ul iliom: Kffsiliban 
w jtotdird »vca nnlo IXbon, tuil 
wc h**e iiiil ihfiti wuto et«a iin- 
lo NuiiJiiili. wliicli rMebeth nnto 
M«d«U. Ttiii« lm«] dwell In ttw 
Isnl of th> AmoiiWii. Ami Mum 
•mt lo Rpjr ont Jxixnt, auil ttiejr 
look tbu vi!liai>> thuRuf, BiiU iron 
<iiil till- AiDurJ[(.-« that wfre Uivre. 
Awl they iiininil find woni up by 
UiB \rxy nf Itnih.-in : ami Or thn 
king III Bavlviui wi-iit out it;iinii 
llwai. he, mil all Mm ucuiiIv, to ilu.' 
battle It Eilnl. And tnv Li'HD raid 
nnloM'Hin, FMrliim nol: for I tiatu 
dnlirrml lUm inlo thj' hand, uid 
til bi* peupie. atid hu laiid : aud 
thoD (halt do Ul lilm ai Ibon didtt 
aaW Slhon kins of IIm AmoriiH, 
wfuoh dwelt at Hnhban. tto thvjr 
iCiMe him. and liin ion*, anil ail Jus 
peaplv. uuiil ili«r« waa none Ipft him 
iIlTc: and tliey poNMfltd hu Und- 

Feu. 17- 

I* fUUrta »f lFT>rl wt 
and fiuitti ta the 
am toil tkl* Jordan 
, And B«lak tN aoa of 
> an ibM IhmI bad done 
anMM. Aai Hoab waa 
at tint VMftt, tMMiiaa 
Ma«j: ttad Hoab waa 
kKMiH of Uw cUMrrD 
Aad Mob «id ildW the 
Now nhall thii 
■f aJl (AoJ art raunil 
w On ra Hoketk up lln 
fcld. And Dalak ihc 

Eww Uoff of Uw M«- 
Um*:. It* Mat naa- 
rrafon nnM BbIiaid Iha 
■ u pAtlur, whioh u V; 
' A* lawl nf tho ohildno 

■a vail hint, iiayios, 
la a paopl* eomt out 
li kcbaU, lh>}> com the 
* awlh. and tbt? abUe 
can* •ow than- 
»r Ih**. em* »• aU* 
'litjrair U>a mi^ttjt fvr 
•mtun t tJulJ prvrtil, 


may dnTT tlirm oul nf the land : for 
I vet tint be nlloin tliuu lIvucU u 
hlMaad, and 1h whum ttiuii tuneai 
la cnrwd. And the elJon vf Moab 
aad the cldcrn ^f Midiin dcjiarled 
witb tha tT"»i(lB uf iliviuuDiin in 
Iheir band; and \\\i:j came unto 
Balaam, and «[ialiv uul« him ttw 
frordt oil DaUk. And be aid kiiIa 
then, Lod^ here thii niutit, and I 
will briiiK roa irord a^Ain, a* ibc 
l.oKii aliaA qieak nutu me: and 
ttir> prlncetof Moiib abodv vtith Ba- 
LuDi. And God f^hirir naUi Balaav, 
and said, Whul irnia urf lh«D wilh 
■Imh? And llntaaia nid unio Gi>d. 
Datak the aon of Zippor, Itind «f 
Mosb, hnlli MR) tintu lot, laguig, 
BvhtiM. Ihtri 11 A [ivople cotne ont 
** liSJT'j •"'""h coTKfeih tliii face 
of the MTth: t«ine now. cune BN) 
(Iwia ; jniulTfulorv I ihall bo able 
M onmona th««n, and drire ihem 
oat. Aad God laid unto llala%at, 
Tiou ahalt not xo with lUcm ; *hou 
dmlt aot eaxve the people '■ tot Owy 
f^blttmnl. Aiid BalaAtn loaa u^ 
UT the montjnjv, and tu4 Qli\0 





{irinna at VtUt, Q*! rou fnlo your 
%ni : for the lumo rafanlh to gli* 
nw IcftTB ic ^ wltli TOO. And Uia 
pn&cca of Mo&b tom up, mil tlir; 
-vitnt QDU Biil»k, and toid, HmtmiD 
VMhMtli U eonui irilb ul And Il>- 
Ilk ant }rci agMu ntiiiMi, non. 
•ad nun boaoBrnblD ihin they. 
And tliijr camo to BaliMn. «iil m<l 
la hln, Thn* ulih UlIUi tbc aui of 
Zlppor. Lei ooitilnK. 1 pntT thee, 
hinder thee from lomiiut onto ni« : 
br I will promotr Uirc nuW •orj 
grut liuuftiir. kiid I will do xtut- 
HWTor diou HjosI niita ma ; canu 
(hercfori!, 1 pra.7 tb«v,<UTM me thia 
pmplc. And Balaam aiMwrnul ami 
•kill unU Iha •arriiila of Balnk.lf 
BoUk iroald f[iTO niD bia huuc full 
of lUret uid sulci. I caiinot k" ^- 
Tond tliD wunl of the LoHn m^ Cuil. 
la do Imi hit muni. Iiiow (linrnfurn, 
I tv«7' roa, larr; yn kW lur* tliu 
nisht. Ibal I may kiia* «h&t tbe 
Loiiu will uj uiilo UK.' ninip. And 
OihI cacDV unto UHlaLHin At iii^Ul, 
aai Htid UDtoliirii, If thu nit-u comv 
to cUI thec^ riie up, autl in irilli 
llioin 1 but yet tlie wnni nhidi 1 
iliall uy bdIO Um*, Ihitt llialb lliou 
do. And Balaam roto up in t1i« 
■omiME, add (addled bia am. aud 
wmt intb tlia priDMa of Slokb. 
And 0»d*a annoT wao kimiliHl !>•• 
«MM ha went: and ilia ibmI of 
th* LoKD Mood in tho mjr l«r >» 
tdrsiBUT aniBit bia. Kowhswu 
lUlog upon nil Mh utd hit tvo wr- 
nuta wtr* with bin. Aed iha aia 

MW tlw >Bg»t «f th« LOHB atUuUmC 

Inlba war,VLdbli iwiHd dnnn in 
Idi huid : tud tbi u< Utmiil amda 
out ef th* way, ud wait iiiiu tlie 
Said: and Bilum Bmoie iIib im, 
10 turn ber into iho nav. lUit lim 
■Bpi of (tie LoKD ilond In a putb 
at ihff rtnoFiirdii. a wali ^cinp uu 
thii ndc, aad a wall uu lliul Hido. 
Anil wbtiu lb» BO) M" tltP angfl 
of the Lord, tbo tbniil hrrwlf unto 
thp wall, uid orutlivd Balaam's luul 
M/aiiul the mil : and Im samtD bet 
niu. .4dJ tbc mgai ol Uu liimD 
w[ AirtJier, uid itood in KiutrKm 

eiUivi to tli« right land 
Ictl. And wlicii tb* ua 
uiKd of the Lohh, ■ 
imittr Balaam: sail 
(ftr wa* kiadlrd. aui4 . 
aa Kith ft acajr. And Ibl 
BMncd ihc moulli ol Ih* a 
•fle naid unto Italaam. Wli 
1 (Itm* unl« tb««. UiAl 
ouiltcii ma llxaa tlii«e I 
Ualaau nid oat* the «aa.J 
tlun but nodud uo: 1 1 
w«r« a awonl ia nw* I 
would 1 kill thra. And ihel 
uuta BbIouo, Ja nul I ._ 
u^ wiaiii thoa hmtt itdi 
■ino / (po* thina Mrta <■ 
wk* I evnr wnnl 10 do aa db 
AniJ bo aid. Ni.t. Tbea ll 
opened the era vl B&liaiq 
ULW the aiiB«l of the Loul 
iu ili« wa/, and U« •wia 
io hi* luiid: and ho hotn 
Mb hFul. and Mi flat on) 
And ilu' niiRid of the LoMM 
loliiiniWWrirtar* haal ttiad 
ihiiiu ou )UcMt1ir« linic*! 

i HCBl UUl to wiUuUlld i 

axua /Ay waj ia 
at: and lh« ua •«>*»%< 
od from no ikett llnwa 1 ' 
Uw alio had tnniMl f nua t 
DOW &1m 1 had ilkla tlkM.1 
ll«ralir■^ And Baliatn 1 
Ui0fj af (he LoUO, 1 hkT 

for I lincw iiot thM thra^ 
in th« ynj itfilaat lu: M 
for*, if it iliit))laiaa thai^ I 
mc baeic leiitii. And tliaj 
tliB Luitii Mid uuto llaB 
wllti tlw men; but mljl 
ihat I itiall ipoak unto ll 
lima ibalt apMk. Su Ual«| 
dilb the prlnoca <rf Bala 
when IlalaK h«ard Ibat Bal 
ooaM, be wont oat to »«•*] 
■ cil; of McMli, wb>ch I 
bordei of AmoD, whkh I 
ii[Bio«l coMt. And 0«l»k ■ 
llaluim. Uid I not taiM^ 
uDia thee lu tall ibee^ « 
caiDMl ihoo DOl oiuo ■■ 

. \ Voiuna^ N»fc WMki 

V wiura ttuu DO way Ki Win \ %«Uk, \», V »» on^f 

Bibaa nM ante Balik, 
M w brrr it^i>i> illani, 
||M* MM bna vrm Ana 
M nai. And Dil.ik iii<l 
E bad fpskfii : an.l Uil^ 
U i l i i l i Ml nvrv kltar 
t m4 & fMD. Aed BkUttia 
» Ihhic Sua4 t>r tSjptmm 

mJ I •rill BO : pendvcn- 
' LVKB will <«»■ l<i dikH 
I »fc»lllll«f H* thsai-lh 
M Wl the*. Anil he irenl 
l|k phM. AmI (iod net 
I M Iw oud aal« lllm, I 
■■Mil Nwe >Hm«, >n>l f 
InJ ajMn f*rw alUr ■ 
■d k MB. Aid tlM Losb 
Hrt in BalaaH'i Bairib, 
, R#lnn q«a Itatok, ud 
) iWl «pMk. And b* K- 
Ma turn, mi, I*. I» «tM4 
mt ««rtl«ii. k», mud aU 
Mor MMb. AnO b« tMk 
UkHb, ud Mil. Uilik tha 
1Mb hoih bnviilit ne fiDni 
M •( ih* mmiBUtu §1 tlie 
LOmtiMUM nwJiMcb, 
" ■ fHott dall I 

tbat whipb Uio I.onn lMt)i bat in 
1117 HiDiidi > An<l Btlak mJJ inuo 
hiin, Coia>. I pray llmr, witb ine 
nnto another pine*, from wlicnfo 
ihvu najiMt Mv thviD : thon uliiili 
MV bnl t)i« ulmuft pnrt of llicm. 
and ultaH iiat ■>■« Ihi'ia nil : anil 
FurH mo tliciB trmn llwmr*. AiiJ 
h« btouittit him inln th< flctd of 
Zaphlm, to the top of Pi-vih, and 
Iwill Mtm altsrs, uid oftinwtl tt 
bnllocli and a ram on *e*rii altar. 
And b« aid UDta UaUk. t*UntI 
h«f« br Ib^ burnt aOiFiiuR, irbilr 
I tuivt Ik* Loan yoTiilrr. And iht 
LOAD DtPl Diilaam, and put a worJ 
in hii moulh, and Hid. U« aiain 
aiiM Ualnk, nnd My tboa. And 
w)i><n \\o ^ama to him, bahoM, ht 
aaoA b)- hii bnrnt offtirinjr. and the 
niacM of Slonb with hini. Anil 
Mlak a&id nnto hrm. What haih 
thf Lonii fiHikon ? And be took 
W bin pnnlj|i>. nnil HLid, Riff up, 
natiLl:. and limr : Imtrkra iinto 
IDC, tliuu ton ui Kijipur : find i> 
not a innn. that Hi' tdinnld Ilir ; 
noiihpr tbo com of num. that Htr! 


DAILY L!;S5<:iNS. 

Btd of JiKeb uil at lanvl. What 
huh tioil wnujiki I llohuld, Uie 
p(i>ple ihall rl*a up aa n grvU 
linn, •jid lift op hinurU u a jtmaa 
lion: be iliall not lip down aDlil 
he Okt n/ Uic \>tvy, U'l ilriiik t)ia 
i>t'i«<l of the ilatn. Ai^d Ualak atld 
iinlu lti^[:^iLnL, Nrithor cuno ihcm 
M all, HOT blcea Uiem ix all. But 
Balaam aitonml anil niel unto 
Bslak, ToUl not I thw, vTing, 
All lliat thi; Loap ipsakolli, thav 
1 mast do ? And BsUk Hid iuii« 

Halxaiii. Comt, I 
briiif lb«« BBW Ml 
■drontnra It will 
tboit owyMi tmrn 
thaaoe. Aad Bal 
Wm luU lb* l« 
iMkolfa lomH 
Uolaun M^d nal 
ma tisre mvcb all 
m« hcr« KT«n ba 
fUB*. And Bakk 
Iiad Mid, and ofid 
a nm «ii tfwnr alti 

Pbb. 18. ffloming, NtMBBiw XXIV- 

,1 N I> whfTti naltnru mir Uial It 
^V plrased llie I.ohb (o blvM l>- 
ncl. lie iriMit not, as at othrr timei, 
to atak for snclianlmiintii, liut Im art 
bii £u> toward tfao wild*ni««*. And 
Balaam lifted up hii cTci. and Iw 
tan laraol abidJns in Aii Imtt me- 
ranSiiig la tbrir tnW« ; and Ihv Rpi- 
nt itf (lud rantii tiiiuh bim. And hfi 
louk nil bi> ]>a.FMbV'. unJ »id. Bit' 
laam Ihd >aii of lI(.>or luth uid-and 
tli# mui whijM F/Ds jTT opon hath 
aaid: hi> li.ttb g,tii|, wblijb h«»rd 
Uie worda <if Cod, which mw Uifr 
rlMon ol lh« Almighty, Mling •»• 
M a frdniv. but fiarinx hia tyt* 

ntwn : llow fif".>illy nr* thy ient»i, 
U Jiuab, unit thy tab»nini;lcii, U 
Iinwl ■ A> Ihn Tall«y> am tb«y 

■pPMd forth, u Rardnu - br the 
I of 

rirvKi till*, nt tlif tTM« of llm 
alow whirh the I,riiii> tislh tilnnt- 
od, and nil ff<]\t iron bfsido the 
waiL-n. H« aball puar Ihu wsi«r 
'■111 Lif hb trucketj, and hia imA 
aball h* In nun; watara, and hi* 
ktni: tlnll bo haU-r Lhut Ang, 
and his khiRduin ilinl] Im •so^d. 
tind bmnebi him futth out of ^• 
RTpi ; ha halh as it wok tlia 
aucn^h of an uniconi : ha uliall 
•at up the nilioni htit dtumiri. 
KDil khall breik llicir bouFB. mid. 
pl«Ti?e iVni tlirmiiili wllli Ms ni- 
rawa. H* roiK'hed, lio lay down 
M * lion, and ix n ffrpnt liun : nho 

V air biai ap t ttl«M«d ii bo . 

Unarlh tbee, tad raiMid it \ u>a AaU m'M 
' oumtk tbM. AaA BaUk't \ UnaJo. «i^Jm 

aDRC7 «B* Idndltd 
and he nnaU hu 
and Balak mid i 
oallsd tliM to eaji 
and. behold. Umd 
bkwei} iJknM the 
nMmfon now fli 
PUm : I thought 
on [a grvat honou 
LoBD hath k«ft 
honour. And Ba 
Balak. Spak* 1 
tn4M*a8*n «riktdi 
to ra*, nyidic. If I 
nt fail hoatu (nil a 
I cuuMt 00 heyciD 
ig«Dt of uio Las 
good or had of i 
but vhnt the Li 
will 1 apeU? A 

I ffo unto n^ peo 
/mr, €n4 I mil 

Khai thii ccoiilo 
pL-ujili? in tka hlU 
umi up hi) panb: 
laani lh<> fnn of 
and ihn nan wha 
halh KUd : lie li 
heard thv nordi oi 
liv> kiiowteds? of 
•i-AirA law Uio t1 
iniKtitj-. fallins tn 
haiiuu bin pyta 
Him, but n(>[ now 
Him, bnt Dot tA 
rama a Star odI 
ISenU* iMi\ tm 

^oitM. ud took 
and MM, Slnmg It 


ao'd BbIbIi atto Wfot hb 

Cbtning, Numuers XXV. 

Pes. is. 

I aboib is ^ittiin, «ad 
I* (Mpl* bi(Mi (A («tniiiit 
ha wob iIm dHsliMn vf 
! Aad IfeiT «lIMiIm p««i>l* 
It MuiDtMB «( Ibrir goJa : 
b^M^ did MK sod bowd 

p IImt fodk. Add iMnul 

MMtf into ilt>l-pe»r ; and 
■■ if dw LoH* WM kindlDd 
ElatA Anl (ht Lomi Mid 
liH,Tik« all thw hMdji«{ 
Ifk, lad lang tbcm up be- 
iLuD ^Mnrt tin aon, that 
w H0BT M tbe Lou m>T b« 
tnr fnmUnM. AndMfr- 
I Hte Ih* J>d«M of l>n«I. 
> — j o iM hi* aoi thai wcto 
—llll>l )i>ui. And, behold, 
Ilk* diUrra od' lanci f«nM 
h|linMhHbr«Uir*n ■ Hi- 
*»>■>■ Id. Ibi liafat of M»- 

^-' - <rfbael. 

childrea of Itnicl. And ihoK thbt 
died ia IliD iilxKUO irn* IWM1I7 sod 
four ihuuMad. And llw Lord sp^u 
uato M«K4, HTlng, rhlccbu, (fa« 
BOD of El«iuar, tbo wm of Aitron th« 
piivvt, b>th lurntrd M; ^TnitU awiui' 
fram Ibu i-liititrvn of IirmI, vtill* 
lie wu ualuui fur Mv lakr tinong 
tbom, tlist I ciinsiintcd not the Ml- 
drvn of Tirropl in Mv j«luu(ij-. 
Wlifinitiirit Mj, Iliiliiild, I sfito un. 
to him Mj MnEnant of pcucai and 
he (ball lutTc it. itnd hi* ued ikftcr 
liim, rvcn tli<? coTcnimt of an (tw 
ImIiiij^ |>rlrKlhi>ui] ; htwaoM ha wia 
walom for ht> (>i>d, and niadii aa 
BlBnFDirni (or iho ohildrcn at la- 
nd. Now Lh« aams of the Itmallta 
thai waa daJD, mm thnl wna ilain 
iiith tho MHianlliBh wonan, uw* 
Zimri. tW *on of Salo. n. [>rin«! of a 
chirf hoQic imoni.' the Siiii«onili^ 
And tbc iiaiuB uf 'he lilUlanlUah 

.«_.- <!..< .«. .Uln »« HmU. 


Pbb. !!>. 

{HiorninQ. Nvmukhs XXVII- 

TtlEN cMii« (he dmnphlnt of 

lb* aw of Gllail.tbc taaot Mulilr, 
Ifcann of UjuiMwh, of ibc funilii:i 
ot MwkMaih the md of ■TooBpli : and 
lliBM an llw nninn of hit daugh- 
tan : Malilali. Noah, and Hoskb, 
Bsd Mlla«]i,a.nd Tinuh. An J ihiv 
■hrod bffore Mooas, anrJ ln^fire K- 
Icour tK« pri*tC anil li(^<?r<) llin 
pllnecii and all lliu i:i>[u;tvuitioa, Ay 
iJie door of tlin tabmrnclD of Ibo 
oaniTTTSiitioii. rayine- Our futtirr 
dioil 111 tliv wiM<<rui:^«, tiiiJ li* tAO 
not in llw coiiitiaii.v of llirm |lit.t iipi- 
lluMil thsmMltv* lo^ettii-r uiinil 
t^ Lono in the oom-pany of Korah ; 
bol iiei in hin own lin. and liskd nu 
MRi. Wliy ■IhhiIiI lliu naiiiB of out 
father bo dano awiiy (rnm ammg 
Km fUniljr, bccaun ho hMh bo km ? 
OItt unto Dl Ihertfiirt * pttHMdoS 

UMBI the brtlhnn of our tUhBr. 
And Ho*«a btouglil thtir i-anin bu- 
ftrt the Lokh. And the l^nn apalu) 
NDto HoMik«yiiig.TheiUa|bton of 
Zelopbaind apMk li^: tlwi «haH 
nniY gin tfiom • puKwdon of u 
EnhtnUnM tmntitr thiiCT Kattwr'a lne> 
Ihreai and thou ilnll «aiue tlw ia- 
hnftanee ol their father [a pou ua- 
to thvm. All'] ihrai <halt tjittk iinM 
ths chitdniii «r Urii?U iu7in)[. If « 
BiKB dit, >tid hnrr no Hin, then yo 
Bhkll ewiai> liii iiiliprilinoc to pwi 
nolo hit diuicliti'r. Ami if he liaio 
no duffhier. ihi^n ye kIihIJ sliu hia 
inhiriUitico unto hiK hTcthirii. And 
If be have no tn-ilirrn. thi-n yo »h«U 

tfTeUstlthtriUncciiutu liii fiithBT'l 
Srethtfin. And il liui falhi^r liiTo no 
brethnn. ihon t^ iliall givo hi* in- 
herHatJCi! unto hin kinunau thxt ii 
Bait (o liim of hii fsutly, and lie 
■ball IKI8NM il : and ii etuill b« on- 
to the oMtdreii of lfnu>l a (Ulata of 
i'lidgmmt, » tl>< Loftti conimandpil 
i<aa. And tht Loku nid dbIo 


Mo*««, Got thM Dp bM 
Ahortm, and tre tha 1« 
bnnD gi^tn imlo Ihr (Wl 
npL And whca thoa i 
ttwa slao Am\t be othx 
pooiiU, an Aana ihy I 

Slhtnd. For yt iwbol 
y eaaunaiidnuiil ia t] 
ZJu, in Ibe fliifc of tin 
(iun, to unvtify M<! M 
bcfiwo ihnir «yr> : that i 
of Mcnbah in Kad«A b 
nnn of 'Ma. And Momi 
(o (liv LoBii, Mpa^. Let 
tin* Uo;l of lb* apiriU < 
icl a oun »T«r iba «c 
•-bidi nay go oal twAm 
vhitb maj ro Id brfbn 
irbidi nay load tlitaiiQl 
nay briar (ban jn ; ttkt 
fmiiou of^diR LodDbio n 
vhiL>]i hiTc no idiMdiml 
LoHD Slid uiiio MvaM, 
J<i»lina tbo MD of Nun 
whom it lb* tpiril, aa> 
hand npan hini and aet 
KlUiar ihs pi^ott, and 
liw tonfnveaiion ; and 
fhsr^D in ihoir BRht. 
■bait pul loiu i*f Intna 
on liini. that all th« e«Bj 
the children of Imd B 
duni. And he tfaU] a 
Kloaur the pheit, wlu 
cniiniet (or him aiur tli 
of L'rini before IIm La 
wnnl Khali llnr pt «U, 
word ihojr ahiul MVf 
and all toe childron of 
him, CTBii ail the emm 
tloKM did M the Lent 
rd hiDi : and he took J 
•Dt him brCurv EloaJiu 
and bafon aJl the m 
and be Uid bla liudi 
and es*e hin a cbM 
[^Rii Mimmaoded bf 1 

*U thM procHil'tl) 

. If a womui aim 

Jta Loaiii, uid bind 

id, tfiif IB hrr ft- 

1t^ lor }ia«lli ; >ii<1 Iwr 

! ktr TniT, sMd her lonil 

A> buh boiuHi her ml. 

IhK AbII baU lua jinm 

kan bn-vom rfiall 'Unil. 

■Ml wtarevitli ilut Imih 

ItNl 4uU •Und. Uill it 

1 4h>lll ■ Wt in the dky 

patli whcrvwiih tliv hsili 
ml, ibmU itau) : and the 
I laq^ li*r. hommc hrr 
ilbwvd her. And if <ilm 
M hotbuid, wli*n alio 
• M r r t d onabt «ut of her 

HUmI fcMH k. .ml Wid 
U Wr Ib lb* 4*7 thM Im 
kM bw TMn Aall •Und, 
Mdi wImmwHIi a* hannd 
lll*«d. D*lrfhtTbn»- 
InnJ bar « tl>f -tiy Ihit 
thp ahatt nu>lt« b<'r 

■A Mill : itnil Fivr 1iij*Iuiiid tipanl I/, 
*ni] lirtil Ilia janaiv nt linr, anii Hit- 
alluned her not : tbon oil her row* 
tliill Btiiiki], and pTcry boTitS where- 
wilh *hr liniinj fiir "ml p'liil •land. 
But If tiar huitaad lutli niurly 
mmid thom Todt on the day lie Ixard 
(Arrn : rtt-n wlinIwci<?T profwdcd 
otjt nf h<r lips ciiin.-i'niiniili«r rawr, 
M rOTinrmiiuf thf lion.l of Imi loiil, 
nhill n»t ■tnnil : her huiband lath 
sutdo titera mid; and the Lord 
>tii11 fonti'e h»T. Evriy tow, Rod 
("Tftjf bin'diiiK iMith to tAid iht 
•aul. hrr huihani! moj c*(ahtI4i It, 
OT her hiiihniid nay make H void. 
Bnl if hrr hnibsnd nllfJitvlliiT hold 
hit peace il her friim Jay to day; 
tliin hv Mt«l)1l>]>i'lh :il1 lirr larrHiOr 
■II her bond), whl^h ar/ upon her : 
he Donflnnetb them, heuiiie he held 
bi« pricp *t hrr in tb(< d*r thit (« 
hMnl lAcm. Hut if hn ahull any 
w\v» make ihiiQ void after tlijii h; 
hatli heard llirm; then hu ihnll bear 
hor iniquitir. Thran an tha (tatiilris 
<rM()9 tha Loan «oiniii«Dd»d Mo- 
mt, batwMn * maa and hi* wife, 
^tween the Eather and hi* duA- 

Fib, 20. 


r«tt at tliom llat wot* >bUn ; n/inr- 

K, Et), dldiI Hflum, ■fi') Zor, uiil 
or, an<l K«bs. Bie lun^ of Ui- 
dian : Buliani »Im> tli« Mn ot l)«w 
tlwr •law trilh tha «irord. And tha 
^■lldrvn of Imd took alt the im- 
moti o( Jliiliin fsiiti'Fi, unci their 
litllo oHFs, luiil ti>^ik ili" •imil iif all 
■Iwir cittlii. >tiJ All UiHir Il(»'k*, and 
kill ihelr good*. Anit tin; burnt oil 
their citin wherein thf}- dwelt, uiil 
kll ihvfr KOOiJIj' amIIm, w1(]| Bn. 
AikI ilii'y loak all th« upotl, *nd «J1 
the pr<y, fulA of dish and of bauU. 
And tlwy broHchl iho nptirei. tod 
tha prrr, inil tW sinil, nal^i Moks, 
luid KUhtAr till* prifMt, aeiiJ uiit'J 

tlie CDnKMfjniioii til lliv ciillrlran of 
Lirul, aula (be camp At the pl^ioa 
of Moftb, vbit^li ari iif Jotilan nror 
JfrirJin. And Mciwa, ami Rinniar 
(ha pricat, aii>l all th* iit^iiorii of ttir 
eonfraxilion, went fortli la nicot 
Umu nritliDUt (be camp. Anil Mo- 
•M WW Hriilh witli liir uffi>:m uf 
tlia hoM, u-i/A tlin C3p|iiii« ovit 
IhlUmnd*, tad cnptiimi ay at hiiu- 
dradi. wlndi eatnc from tUe battle. 
And Hosn ntd nulo tLen, H>re 
n MTod til tho neni»n aliro ? B«- 
hold. thsM Mowd th« childrMi of 
Inul, ihraDtih tb« monMl of Ba- 
lum, to eommlt trwpua unintt tba 
LoNn in th« lutUr ef Pmt, And 
there wn* * pl«^« amonf Iha i^on- 
BieinUOD of the Lokp. \aw tlinrc- 
Fore kill «vi>ry main kmuns the Ultlo 
onrB. itnil kill enrr wonwn ihtt 
haili kiinwn mjin ^ iTins vrith him. 
hiii ill tlic numoii dnidmi, llut 
have not kuowii & ntut bj Irlnj; 
with him, kr#p iliro for yoalWlTea. 
And do ye ubiitt witlinul ih» cunp 
ufea ilsyi : wluiEuuti-r luttli killnd 
any p^rsnii, and nhoiMTei halli 
tduchcd any iilaln, purih AolA your- 
Mltns tiim ynnr upuvM nu the 
third day- An*^ <"> 'he wvFnth inj. 
And powr >II I/""' raiiiiL'iit. lad 
ill that u tnada cf iliiii>, aiid ill 
~. of gnat*' hair, and all tUiim 

of wood. And Elcour tJie 

Mid unto tba men of nu 

went to tlM butio. Thin « 1 ...^^ «~^v 

ttnuM «f Um Uw vliicb tiu Wl ^^ ^»*«» ""^ 

LORO lilllllMlllilll M 

»ld, ud tha dver, 
iToa, tbn tia, and t 
thing Uwt maj abh 
riulT inaka Jj ^ tb 
and It (fcall bi clcai 
It ihall In pnriflel i 
of MpkntloD ; and * 
Doi tM ftr* ^ Ottll m 
th* w»[cr. Aud 7B I 
ciutdes on the BSTeal 
«ha1] In olimn. and 
tlull couw Iota tha o 
Loud qiake bhIo 
Take tlie mm «f tbt 
lakiin, hoA of nan 
tluiu. iiiiJ Ridaaat I 
tKr diicf ftlhoia «f 
tion : and iliiide tha 
parts; betirFcn ihcm 
war u|hrn iTii^m, wh 
bstUo, and bttweeo 

JilioD : and Uvf » t 
OH II of ihr mon if i 
iiiit lo bnltto : one « 
Jtvd. ikiifA of Iha pan 
betvo. and of Ik* ai 
•hmp; lake if of the) 
•t unlo EIniuuir thv 
hMTf oSbriug of tha 
th« ehildren of Jm 
•halt lake one port 
tin perMoo, of (b« 
MM«, Md of Iho fiO( 
uor of btaiU, tod i 
tho LctH**, whidi I 
nf the Ubem>«le of t 
MoMM aod F.lciLar t 
(he I^RB Mmaknde 
the boutv, Mnfi the I 
Hlili'li the mea of n 
WM idt hundivd till 
vnnty IhnusnD'I and 
•limp, and tiirwseft 
thouiauij bMveti. i 
and one thoufud u 
and too thounnd 
of Muinun llial hud i 
by lyiiix with Liiu. 
ic/iiii'A tcuji Ibe putli 
WBHi imt to war, t 
three hundriK] tliuui 

< ha<* attmug, ii>l« Ehs- 
> t>iMt, M UiD Lmw totO- 

^m*. And •( lb« tbU- 
I Im«|-« laU, whitb Mom 

faai tLi dMD thM mrred, 
k Ur (tat prrlaiiutt uofo 

<g< l» i i i» «>( tlinN tanD- 
immai vti thirtr Uwaiviil 

IN ihoBIBBll UM S*a (tun- 

■^ Md dibnr ud rlx thou- 
Im, aad tliDt; Uiauinnd 
M Bn kandrud, ■lul Mztivn 

It DWBW j) ■*•>■ of III* cUI' 

[ In>ri luU. H<MM Uwk 
ijiw of flftjr, i«<A •[ man 

L aad B*'B Ihem unto 

ahiob km 

lb KkM tW cbuK* 

tof tta Loui; M 

• ggHOftaded Mom*. Aod 


iniu luth gottaUi uf Junela uf Kail, 
chniRi, auii brac«lcu, rliig>> oM' 
Hd^ luid tablets, l« nulit ui a- 
taMrnent Tor oiu ivuls Man the 
Lord. AnJ Mates and Elsaartlie 
phait look tb« gold af Ihrui, fpcn 
all HTouahi jowclii. And alJ th* 

gold of ifio omria^ tliM tbcy oOVT' 
od uji tu Ilia LoKO, or (hf Mptaina 
of lliouiauiU, lud of iho oapMiiu of 
bundivdi, rnu sliUtD Ihoninud w- 
*«i huiidrti) and flftr atckrls. {For 
thi) tDsn of Hiir imd Iskvii i-uuil, 
*ntrjr inH.11 iai liiiiiM'ir.) And ^I9- 
•ct uid Kl»ur lliu jirii'il look tliu 
gold of the capuin.1 of iknUMi^ 
and of hundrpdi, aud broa^ht it 
iulo thu taljvniavU of tha ccnnr- 

Sttion. yiir a Dcmoriai fur lh« eoU- 
ron SI liTBcl bofoM the LoUh 



Feb. 20. 

It lb* thOdna of Rcabtn 
■I Mabitnd* of ottk : ud 
W w* tt* bad «i J*im, 

■ ■ -" ,b.hiiid. 

•nd tA till' iihlldiMD of Itfliihcii, Shall 
yvui bntlimn so la w±t. and a1i«U 
y« (it Hmc^ And irln-n-furr di«- 
Doaiagsr* llie livarl u< lUi- rlilldren 
of IincI from jioiiiv ovlt into tia 
U..J wi.L.1. >■» r „_> U.11. _:» 




tit : MTV r«bt» lh« nil of Japlian* 
f»b tho Konrattc, knil Joahoa the 
■on of Nun: for thcjr hare •botlv 
ADowDil tlw Lokh. Anil lt» Lohh a 
UIMT Wai kiiJflll^d Jt^niiiot Tttrii'l, 
iiDit 11(1 nindr llidTii nxnjcr In ihc 
wIlJitnieM fiiny years, unlll nil ihc 

rcnlion, ihit 1ui<l doiiv ci-il in 
mijlit of ihr I.onii, wu rnnniDi- 
•d. And, lirlxilil, yc aiv rtara up 
In youT fathen' ■ttuj), an inErciuc 
of nnfnl niMi. to nwrneat yrt the 
lierf^ sniFFr of ihp I. u h n toward 
IkrmiI. Fur If JO tnni Kiray from 
»tUT Him, lie vill yd axain Icbto 
tbem in the wildcmcwi: »jnl yo ihal] 
timroy nlJ this rrr>[>li.-. Aiid lliry 
canei ni!4r iinta liini, iiti] iix)i)» 1Ai* 
will build filitapfoldi httv for our 
Mtllc, and titin for onr littlv odm : 
but vre tmnwIvM will |pi raady irm- 
•d befcre Um children of iBrstl, 
imtQ wt ban broaaht tiien unto 
their pUMt and mr littlp onc> iball 
dwril in CIi« fonMd dlie* bi-rfiaw of 
th«liihtb'iUnt*4)f Ihcland. W«<will 
not totiiru unto niir honwa, aatH 
Iha childr«R Af Ifraet tuTS inhtrritad 
rrety man hid inhfriUn«e. fcrwe 
will ni>t inlicrit wltb Ibcm on yon- 
der tidi^ .Iririliii, or forward; bo- 
canJ* onr inheritaoat it f!tlli<n to nn 
an lUii tide Jordan etatwuril. Ant) 
Mo4c« Mid iitito th#tn, Kye vill do 
till" Ihlnfi, if ye will go srinnit bi>- 
forv lli4> l.ottD In war. nnd nlll (;o 
nil i>f yeu armed oror Jordan be- 
ton thu Lonb, imtil Hf Mlh drii-im 
out lliJ en«miea from bcror* lUio. 
ud the J«id he nibiliiH lwf«n> Che 
LoKD! thru aftomri! jre thill n- 
tun. and be Ruililnu before the 
Lcinv. and hvtore Itmel : aiid this 
txnd nhall b« your powMalon b«fore 
lbs UiKo. Bui if jr will not do m, 
butiuld. ye have unned igalnrt tha 
LoRu: and ba Mre your uii will 
Rnd you oni. Build jaa Mm f«r 
jfour littia mM, tad foldt for too' 
alirtfp : and di> Ihm wliii'.li bath i>m- 
otcded ual uf yuur uiuuDl And thf 
rJilliIn'u (ri (iiid lud thr chUdnn of 
ffniArn finte iinio Muaea, njliiB, 
nr enri-ani* nilJ do jm my low 
Ddtili. Uur littl« onta, «a 

wiiM, oar Sock*, and all oar 
■hall h» thnCT in tlw ntlta 
lead ; bnt (bjr utrmBU wS 
OTFT. (TTrry man anBrd tor n 
fon> lln> LoHn ta b«ltl(^ b< i 
nllb. So oracMntng ttwaa 
MinimaiiileJ ElMaw lb* ptWi 
Jwhua the ton of Km. and ih 
bthi-rx of llw urt« of Iha ' 
of Ixr**] : and Ma<M aald auto 
If the rtilldnin of Gad and ik 
droB ri Kcaben will pi 
OTrr -Tonlan, vrny maii anM 
batttn. Iiafiir* tti* Loan, ud' 
laud idiall ho nbduod Mvn j 
(hen <rc ihallfRTC them tbt h 
Oitead tor a poMHaion i biil i| 
will n«i f%m »T«r wilh/on 
thiy aliall ha*« MMMaMOM 
you in the land of Ckaaaa. J 
fhlldrcn of Oad and the dSd 
ltAahi>n aiiiiirervd. Myinf, 
Losn Imlb aiid nnlo iby ■ 
to will wc do. Wt will pM 
anni'il b^fur* Ibv L4HD lali 
Und nf I'nnun. that lh« pM 
of our inliirilMin* an Ihia nil 
dan may ^ our'*. And HmS 
nnlo ihfrBi, ften to the eUd 
Ksd, and to th««UMmiar~ 
iind unto half iha tnb* of ' 
Iha aciD nf JoMph. Iht 
Sihun kin^ of the Auoriie^ 
kliurdom of Off klnf of BuU 
km), with th« <4tiai thvTMf I 

rnasU. COM tbc Oltfe* of tbt M 
niund alvrnl. Afid the oUUl 
Gad btilll DiKun.tLDd AUroU 
Aroer, and Aimth. Shoidiai 
Jiizn, and Jncibehah, and 
nimrah, and li«ih-banB, 
tilifi : and {<M% for abM^ 
Iht (liiItir^M of K(uhen hvlN 
bon, and Kktlrh. and Klijal 
and Nfba. and Bial-nwoii, 
namfi bcinn cbaiieed.) ud 
Itub: and utivt ollm 
lh« ehlw which ihrjr 
tb* vMldrrn of Matkir 
ManuKh went to Gtlcad. 
it, Md diBpoowMcd the 
which wot in (I. And M< 




; th) fn*a lomw Uwm- | mA, bikI the viU^M IhMMr, u4 
_ tb«M llavotlhWr. MlUd it A'otMli, >rt« hi* em 
wral ud took K«- ' 


iaorninj, VrwnKntt XXXV. 


piitiu «f Mnab by 
'm. nrinx, C«n- 
ot I«ml, that 
a* U«itM «r ()m 
I r> iMI gtr* ate 
I NWrb* for ihd 
*bgal Ihtm. AoU (li« 
I Ikv kB*« to dMU ia : 
of tlra riaD be 
.udfof IkMF saedi. 
' bMtlJL And Uia 
. Mdr rMdt 
gitr u>l OBI- 
I cnUU miiul abMt 
I tmn wMntil 
Art ndo iwo ibm- 
OB tlw •mill ada 
•nd OB the 

lUMIUMd «- 

•W) teln Um 
te l» tlmn tho 
Asd »"*^*ff 
I ;« ■faall fir* vtU 
• dWK ic rii dtlM 
ja ibkU »pf«tat 
.itakl h« nu &e« 
. n «^ »ia 
M aU lb» d- 
I ipir* to IIm Lc- 
rtmj Md r^> ctlicB: 
■Mftw with ihitt wfaoriia. 
wbtchyt (ballon 
jj t o M on of tbc Ail' 
«li firwi Utfw MiM Aow 
l^i** BBBjr ; bgt fron 
M ftw rt (lull «iv« 
■hall gtM of ht> 
LfTiiM uvanliaj to 
I whicli lis atbvnlMh. 
I ifMlH iiMo Mow*. 
iMo ih* chUibco u 
■M» th(»k IVAn* 

ttfntiii for fcu : llul tlio ila^dr msy 
Hoc thilhiT, wiiith kilklh iny p»r- 
MD al iinairam. And llicy JwU 
h« Diila jou elticR hr rrfuc* from 
Iho Kicnjccr: that iho muitUytr 
tli« not, liiJlii hu iliaU bcforo the 
eoatnntlun in judiciDHnt. And a( 
thBM atiM irbmi yo ihall cl>e ilx 
HiiD* dHll n havo for nfum. Ys 
Bhall sl*e fbim eitiei vn thu ada 
Jordan, and lime ollii>s thall jt 
mia in Uw land of Conaaii, viUk 
nail be dtiw of nfua*. I'brn aix 
oitfM ohall b« 1 nviiie. tatk ftt 
tfaa oUIdicn of Isra*!, auil for Uio 
ctTBOflfT, and fot th« Kijouraer a- 
nioag them : tlmt tvcrjr one that 
tcmalh Hijr pencw utiawarea najr 
lea lUlhar. And If be amile htm 
with an lulramont of iron, ao ibM 
be div, lio u a mardi-rcr: tha mar- 
■km shall iilttIy b« put tu death. 
And If ha tinil« liliu with lUruirinr 
a (tono, nhirrciriili be mnj itit, nod 
be die, he u a murJcrrr: ti'c tnur- 
denr rimll nuelT be )nit to duth. 
Or tf ba ntiM iiiui viiili an band 
ntapoo •( wood, nliercnrlth hv mar 
dia. and bt die, he ii a morderaii 
Iho mordcrar thall Mirvlj bo vol to 
dattb. Tba Mtuutor of blood hin- 
hU dmil ilaj- the UDnbivr: wb«n 
he moetctfa htin, 1v tiull 'laf hin. 
But if lie t)ini»l him of halnil, or 
hurl ■( him bj JayiiiH of k:iIi, tliat 
ht dill M ID vBmity Kinlw Itlm with 
bis hand, that be diis : he that nocito 
Aim tiiiU mnlj bo put to ileath : 
/or Ii* u a mniTlcrtrt ib« rcicnBei 
u( blood ihill nUy tlic iniinUnr, 
wben be niuvU'lli 1>ln. Dot U uo 
thnial bim auddenly wttlHHia aa- 
BiHy, oi b»™ Mat upon him any 
thing without laiinK of "'*"• <>' 
ifiih aojr etona, nhenwith a nan 



_, „,_, _._ , ai»f dh', aeeiaa fum not, and aaal 

*iHr .furrfM d>fc> cAp / 1/ viNin him, lual Ii« •li«, and woa 
— , lAfo J* -iai' / i>fH hit encmv, Beilbcr aoughl Uia 
^ M i* B(^ I./ J ^un .- l&en tU «mslt0btiA» "baU 

Feb. 31. 



nTmgrr ui blood »«iDrdui^ bi thcK 
juibnoonw : uid tho rungri'inlion 
■btlJ dslirtr ttw eUyrr out of iliu 
hBRd of Uig rtftnsn of blooJ, ami 
IIm congregation ihall nutore hsm 
ta llio oily of his ntage, i-Jathet 
lie vcxt flod : and h* ahill ■bide in 
it unwtha dMth of tbo )ilyh |)ri»t, 
which WIS anointod with Hie hoi}' 
oil. Unl If the ilajrr tli^ll nl hbj 
lime come wilbo^it tlir b»n)fr of 
the ritir of liiH »fuyip, wliilliT tio 
w.u (I'd ; and (hji nrwogar of blood 
And liim willioat ihe borasn of iha 
ntf of hii rcfuRc, and the RnnKirr 
of blood kill Ilif «lnvn; I19 alu-tl 
not bv Kiiilty of blood: bccactM ha 
»hoiilJ I1SV0 ramaiDcil in Ihc clt; of 
hii leiuga until ihi dc&th of the 
bijth prieft: but nftvr 1I10 death of 
iht higU iirliwt CbA uU'fi't uliall r#. 
turn into the land of hu powiaiou. 
So thoic lliingt ihhl\ be for ■ slatuto 

of Jodiimml BiM 70a thM 
j-nur gcoemHaaa In all jvm 
inp. Wh«i»kill«h anyp^ 
■niirdervr dull b* pQl to 
the (noulh of witqnaoi b 
wlincu ihall not toitl^ ayiM 
person ro oaun Mm l« A*. I 
over fr shall taka a« Mill 
for tliv life uf a Dsordnvr, > 
^llty of iJealh : bat he «l 
■upcly pat lo death. And j 
take no aalia&clion for Um 
fkd to lb* oily of Inn »tac*,1 
idiould fiJiue agaiu lo d<*eS 
land, lUliI the doilh ef tin 
So ye shall not pollnta A 
wherein yt art : lor UomI I 
•th tha land : and tb« land 
he eleanwd of lb* bloo4 tial 
thcrain. but by tbe Uood ofM 
shed il. l>«fils not ibmb 
land wliirh yv Khali bihaUI.^ 
la 1 dwell : br I tba L«*» ' 
UnotiR llu ehildmn of IicmLi 

Fkii.21. flShrafng, NrMSKHs XXXVI. 

A^ D the chief fnlben u( the fa- 
inili«aa[th(>«liildr*ft of Gil«ad, 
the ion of Ma/'liir, th* aon oS Ma- 
BOBch. of the (anuiku of tb« aoii* 
of JoMph, came ncM, and tptVe 
b«IW*Mo«>foT« th'pTlncM. 
thl chiot ralllfnt of thu i-blfdhiii of 
Israel: md th^y wid, The Lonn 
ecnun&DilL-d my lord to aivf ihi' 
land for iiii inhoriUnw hylol 10 lhi> 
duldppn nf Itrsiil ■ .itid my liird wiu 
Mnunjinded by iho I.otii> to giva 
Uw liihcTniiice of Z»l«phah>d osr 
brother iiuld Ills diuahMri, And if 
thn be minifld to %try of Ou Mtu 
of tho M»r trtbo* of the oUldran of 
Inut. then aball Uwlr inh*ritui«« 
ha tak«n from tin ttib»itaiii« of 
our fitthnri, and ihUl be pm In th« 
inbniiaiio* of the tiibe whsminlu 
ttMJ Br* recelivid : to nhall it be 
takm from tha lot of cur Inhartl- 
anra. Aud when Um jobila ot iitu 
Dhildrru of larMi Mil bt. then 
jJiBlJ iJmIt iidimlwiM bt put unto 
tJic wboHWiC* cl ths Irilw whm- 
aala ihgy an fweind : m ahoU 

from the inlicrilaara of tlw 
our fAlfaen. And Mmk« 
*d the children of 1«mI 
to tbe word of tbe LoMEk 
Th» trib* of tho Mb* W 
h».th nid wall. Thj* is Om\ 
whinh th« LoB» doth 
ecnF-eminit the danthtai 
ptifliA'l. nyine, L«t tlMB 
nhnin th»r think bMt; flni) 
family of tbo Iriba of Ibill 
■luill they UBjty. So rial! 
InhaFitMiea of ine tliildna 
nmon from iribn to tiit 
■vorr ona of tba ehildnn n 
*Im1i ksep Wii flf to tht 
■ne» of lite tribe of bia falbc 
«T«r7 dftoghter. tliat . 
iBhnitaRiw in anj liibi at 
dren uf Ura«l, dutll 
onu of (he fimujr of 
fatlier, that Iha chlUi 
may enlttr tnry man the 
onoe of Us bum. Najr' 
the {DberitaaoB nmon 
uOm M vnut.'tm vMtxv 



^^b ■• lh« TxMii eng- 
^Ko did Uw dugfatni 
IR^ UxU>h,Tlf7>k. 
LaslMilnli, xM N'Mb, 
n of Stili>|>t«iia<l . virtr 
bikdr tUlwT^ broiluin' 
Qmij_ wwt tuuried iula 
D* of Masaoeb 

th« MB of Jotepli, uiil thrir Id1i*< 

bmU; of ilivir fatlwT. Then; niv 
the razDntanrlmfiFilJ aatj Ibtf Judf- 
invnlti, trhkh Iho LoBD commnuclrJ 
by Uic hi»n<) lit Mow( aula tlif tliiJ- 
drou of [nmol in the i>U!u at Moati 
17 Jonbiu near Jtricho. 

JBonifng, Deittkiionout I. 

Fen. 22. 

«f ;ciaT fithon nftlio tdu > Uioa- 
■uiil tiniM M XMoy mon u jv vrr, 

nii4 blM* fan, ■! Hf lath promiacd 

yflnl) llow tui I mjrKcIf afiinn bMT 

yWT mnbniic«, aiid votir burdfn. 

nnd j-Mtr nrifo? Tal.' y.>n wuo 

men, uid nndtnilAadiDf . nnd kriown 

UBOUft TOfur UibM, and I nill nuika 

than nicn ovvr jou. Anil ye an- 

I te PHI to lit* fintinh mranil np, ud Mid. Tlic (htns 

■Imaifc MMth, n tfa* 1 wMeh thou hsut ittioIiBa i> good /op 

I vf to do. Su I tuok lliv rliirr of 

I 71D11T trthM, wtvc TDvu. &iiil known, 

< and mititc (hem homlH over jroa, 

\ otptain* «r«r thnuiundf, and cap* 

Uuu (nor butidri'di^ «ad t^tate 

onr flfUn, uud ciplaioa am UU^ 

and cfficm ninonK roiir tilbei. And 

I chiTfii'il yniir jndgn al that tira», 

■axiiu:. H«T rAff eavtti bttvean 

TiHirhnthMD.aiitljudiM ri|hWoiuly 

Mt««en nvrv nan and hb bioibCTt 

and tb* itnngcr ihat ii with him. 

Ye BhaU not rciiHcl ncrauni iu 

Jadrneai; but yt thdll hear ttie 

■mall u nrll lui t>in grrAt ; jn tfiall 

_ Dot l>! ilrnui <i( IliP fnoa «t nan ; 

AanvDlo, io tbe pUia, for Itu- iiilfiiiciH i» Uod'i: and llio 
t aad to Um lala. and cawc Uui u t«o hu^l fur yui>> hHn« 
Ir onto me, wid 1 will hour it. And 
1 Mtniaanilcd yta al thit Ueie all 
tk« AlOSl wUeh 7« thouKI do. And 
wk«n wo departed frvin lloreb, w« 
went duxngn all that xrvit and 
tcTTiUo «lldaniM*( whiui r*** 
by tliD waj at tlia mouatain of IM 
AnorilM. a> the Loat> «ar Ood 
wnnDaiidtd o«; and wo Mma la 
Kadtah-banwa. And 1 nid tint* 
you, Va an cnme uDtw tli*_ nraaa* 
uiD of Iht Amo?itc«. wVidk Ak 
Lono OUT God doth ((ire unto 

tbt word* which 
:• into all l>m«) 
to Dm wilikr- 
fUn over iflaiaM (he 
n m m Paiaa, and To- 
iten, >Bd Kaanatb. aad 
VkOTi MW tlaran 4an' 
k Hcftfc byibe ny of 
twia Kateh-hanw.) 
tollw foftinh 
life Mcnth, n tb* 
. *• nanlh, UM Hmm 
Iha (UUn* of Inel, 
Mo lU ibu tbft Loao 

tto conuflodmi&t on* 
' ht had dais Sibon 
M tha Asofllei, whldi 
Maa, aol Oiiha hlmt 
m Vm Me J«i4an. in 
Meak, feopui MoNi to 
h«, MTBK* TtM LokD 
ika nto u Ib llonb, 
]*•« dwelt hug tnoiuih 
>l : Bn TOMt aoil taw 
Tt tad go l« iba mminl 
■WB. aad nttW all tV 

b, Md b; tb« aca aidt, 
ill&t OMiaawiWa. tad 
■L ma Iba fn»i mwr, 
jtiBlMi BAol4,l)iaia 
IbtfM* vog: » to and 
had wUok lh« L( 


nv (albeni Abnbaau 
Mxb. to givt ant« tbvro 
^ nad afirr th»iD. And 
Mimat Itettte*. wj- 
a* abia M baur ;oa mj- 
' Aa LoBt> T«" ('■^ 

^a*«a>M*n>ii/Av«. jivhuld, the Loao ihy UoA ^0» 
f^ tTbt Lome ih>j i ^ tie lMA„l btlun tbaa: go »¥ •»»* 


B«Mc« *t, ■* the LoitD God of ' ' . 
fiubin hMh mM nnto tlwo ; f 
Odt, iwittat b« (liMUunigvtt. Ai>u 
7* CUM DMT nnto nu nrer/oofi of 

Bl, Mud UJd, Wo IrtU MUld ncD 
Em tu. inil Uwy ihall •canli ui 
ost ll>( land, anil bring an ironl 
■fkin by i*liii W117 we uiiul go up, 
and Inio wbat vIiIm wo idiall come. 
And tlw ^jinK pIcsBpil mv n-cll: 
and I lonli IWfU" inrn of j^ii. oui! 
of A Irilic : uuJ llii-y liimi-d »uil 
wnil up Into llie mouulala. and 
cttTDii unio thr- lallcy of Eslicol, 
and tMTcki^d it out. Auil iliejlook 
of llio fniit at tht lanit la tliolr 
handi. nnrt broaiiht It down onw 
01, and brought i» irord aoun, and 
taid, II U A uood land whioli tht 
I.OKu uiir QoiT ilullj i|ir« lu. Not. 
witluliiidSnfl J'c woiiFd not go up. 

but K'twllrii lJ^E]Jjt t]it CODkUUlDU' 

urnl uf tlip Luiii> ):our Ijud: aiwl 
)r-« IRiinaurf^l in ytiur (I'liLih iMiiL 
•aid. Bi't-nimo the Loan baud lu, 
H« h»th braiutii 111 furlh out <.i 

tiMi land of E|[vpt, to detim n« 
into t)i(i hand m tiM AinonUis tu 
datMy at. WliiilicT ihsJl vrt go 
up? our brcitirvD huvfr ducwtaffed 
out hi'arl. nnyiDii, The pnople u 
|^t«r ud lalkr th.iD wn; ths 
«niw «M K**!!! »"1 waJIpd up to 
trnwn ; ftud morcowr wc oa« 
•on the un4 of the AdaUibi thi*K. 
Tlim I tniil until yoa, l)reg.d am, 
nrilhei he ifnid uf ihpm. Tlic Liiiu 

Slur CM wLicb liOL-Ih bt'furv yuu, 
I ihail flfjtil fur j'ou, aiiDoidliiii 
to >II thai Ih did fur too In Eimt 
Iwfinni jnur c;r>: luid in tht wil- 
dcnuw, where thuu liait uun how 
UiM Om LoBD tby God baro tliev, 
M a maa doth hem hia *nn, in all 
tlw wiy ilut j*» weot, until j« 
Btate iniu tliia dUux- Vtl tu lliU 
(Mitf yo dlO not believe tlir Luku 

Cont God. Wbo wrnl in ibv w*j 
gfore jniu. lu fcarch jou out a 
pboe to pilvb ;uur I<;dU in. i» Er 
(>r aJKbt, to ibeir vuu by wliat «3y 
jt oould i;a, and in a ctaad liy 

Vnd th« Loasi 

ir vTaT4(, and vim* ' 

•our. Kt/iwi SBrrljr |l 

iiot on* of UtaM isaB M 

fiicniion *t* tka« good I* 
■•ran; lo giro ualo JM 
Ktv« I'altb (li« MB of J< 
ha ■Imll ••« it. and lo 1 
fci^c tbc Un<I tlut 1« bal 
upon, and to hiA cliildna> 
>i« lulh whollr faiUowd] ■ 
AIm iliD l..o>D mu aagifl 
(or jvor wtlua. «»i>g, 1 
■halt not f«}a thilSctr. M 
Ibo KRi of Nun. nhlch (M^ 
Ton Au^, hf )^I] so ia< 
ODCoiirago him: for 1m >^ 
IftBcl to iuluTrit it. ilvtet 
lillto can, whitb jv oj 
be a pTt¥, uid yiiur cbil^ 
la that dajp bad no Icboib 
iwccu good and «nl. iM 
in thithrr, and unto tnim j 
it. luid llir}' aluiU |K>nn# 
at /jr ycit, liini you, aul | 
jounicy into tl» wiidenH 
wny of tlie Red wa. TU 
gwrntd nud wid unl» IB*( 
(iuDcd agaiiiM lb* L«M| 
eo up and flght, MeMdq 
inat tb« Loan our God I 
fd lu. And wh«n 70 had f 
(T<ry man hii trtaponti 

Eo Ktro rctdy to go iiki 
itl. And ih« LoKD nI3| 
Say unta cham. Go not q 
flgiit; fur I om not aat 
kit ye he tuiticn b«f««J 
lulva. Sol tpakt uuto joa 
mnild DOtheai, bnl IvbflM 

the CDDUnUIlllDKUt of till I 

SFUt prerunipttuHuly nn, 
liill. And tlte AwtritWiin 
lu ttuit uncuntain, cum M 
yau. and ohoiwd jraa, u M 
dMtniyod yuu m ISair, i 
Ilonnah. And ye teti^ 
wrpt bcfoN Uw LoHjn ; 1>al| 
would not htubin to JH 
iiuriEivD eai utitu you. 69 
iu KadctJi luanyiiayv.MiBi 
10 [lie diyi that yc aptiu] 

Cbinins, Dkutkronuuv fl. 

, ftad look Mir 
irlldcnic** b7 

e: *ad m c«DpMM:d 
unr 4*jt. Aoil til* 

nW Btf , nyiag, V* 
ll (Ui mrasuin Iraq 
]wa Dorthmrd. And 
■ tkc pMpl«, vajia^ 
I Ikrooi^ (hv oowt << 

Iht cUMmn «r Emu, 
I Mr: uwl Ibty KhBll 

m bUCVn bom) hrcd 
M Itovnn: maddlri 
»i hr i will uM !,'■*« 
lM> no. Dot M mucli 
tdtt; bcuiiie I lu*« 
S>ir «irta Emu /ur & 
• (ball Irqr meat o( 
•f I IkM JO RUT «4I i 

!■» koj iir>t*r u tdnni 
M yi* at/ diiitk. Fm 
C«d Iftth bleard thcc 
rki of tii7 luDiJ ; Ilv 
*»lk1n0 thruiuth tlii* 
Bai : tKm> fiirl; jvira 
' God halA ttfit Kith 
illa«k«diu>thinc. And 
nd bjr (ram our tirw- 
UfMk of Kmo. wliich 
^Ifctongh ih« mj- of 
Huh, mhI &««i EuDD- 
i«d m4 pMMd by llu 


.■aiOB«.DiNniH not 

■eMiw ««M«ad irilli 
■t for 1 will not pre 
Und Ar • poweraion ; 
n K"** Ar «nto tht 
lAr>pa«w>Ian. Tbe 
uctcM in (iiDts put, 
L, wd may. uid tall. 
■■ i wUcti aim won 
into, M tlto Anaklau; 
llOB call lk«a Eminta. 
■Im dwell Id Scir bo- 

Om tluldrcn «( Ewa 
M. whoD tlwy hul iW- 
&«ni Wcra Uiem. bud 
r M«a4 i aa Iin*) (W 

M asto Aknm A'oir i 


brooli Zored. Ami wb irral o*a 
tbc brook 2«K<1. Aod tlw ntn in 
whivh uro Mme fma Kxkdi-lnmMa 
until we were oono orer tiK tnv^ 
Zwdi icwt Ihiity and ciidil r°>'> I 
untit all Iht RonDniiDD uf the men 
of war wnv wMlvd out itoia aiuuni( 
llw boot, u the 1.0K» rmin niito 
Uwn. Cut iotlood the hand of i1m 
Lord w&> ipatiiHt them, to dMUVT 
Ibcm from unioiiK xlm host, uMi) 
(hcj- WiTc coniumv'l. S^ it CatBO to 
]HU!| whrn nil tbc mpn »f nu wtie 
COntiirrifiEl Ein'l eIi-aiI fr'ini nmOD^ Ibc 
ptop'lr, tlial till! l.ORii rftHu ualo 
mc, favlng. Thou art to piH o>a( 
thiDugh At, ibf sout of Moab, thi* 
da/: anil ifAfti Ihoii oomoal nigb 
«r«r Miiiiiit Ibn cliililnu of Am- 
moD, dliilivai lliam nal, dot mcddl* 
with tbcRi ; for [ will Dot gat thee 
«f the land of the ohjldrrn of Am- 
nion Any ]>ovu<»lon; Iwoautu 1 hDT« 
giv(4i It uiili> the rhllilr*n of Lot 
fir a poMiualon. (Tliat alio mui 
Mconntfd ■ land of glaDli: gtnnls 
dwolt ttiorein In old linu ; and the 
AMnunltaa oall Ihcm Zamanniinltnc; 
a peopl« gnat, and laany. &nd tall. 
u tbo Anaklmi; but tlw I.<mii ilc- 
nroj'ciJ thuni bc^fora them; and th«T 
RHOcvdcd thL-m, nnd dni-ll in Ihiir 
■toad ; M Ho did to thu i-liililiv» of 
Emd, whirh dwelt in Scir, whi-Q TIo 
dcctTDjcd th« Hoilm* from lwf.>« 
ihrm; and the}- nui^civdcd tliuin, and 
dwrlt in thpir nlnad urao onto llu* 
day : and tbe ATinn whldi ^"'•■' 
la Hantrim. nta uuto Aeon, tho 
CDftitorima, wfcicli onnu f<wlh out 
of Ciidttor. d»itro*ed lUm. aM 
dwell m Iheif rtwi) RiM> ja «* 
lako yoar joiinKiy. and paM *™' 
Iha ni*i Anion; bihold. I b»»e 
(riwn into thine hand Slhon U9 
Amorito. kins rf lladibon, >nil Ut 
l.nd : bMts t* IJWfM«, t(. ""'.l Mn- 
Und witTMin IB l»tlli!. Tha tlw 
n-ili 1 bfdo w put IM dre*d n 
(>iw aiiJ llic ftsT of \\m JDOTi*? 
i' nalintiii Ihal art undot W WMn»| 
fcearm, wlio Bliall l*eM WWrt. 41 
tbw, juid flliall titmbU, a>nl i 



KOfoUi becsDK of thee. And I 
MCt nmttngfn oat of lh>> u-ililrr- 
tma of KadenMh kiiio !>ili>>ii kiii^ 
tif Habbon trllli vronls a( wap«, 
Mjrlnfr. Let mo -pau thiaagli thy 
llud 1 t will go bIoiiic bv the hioi 
«rmy, 1 Hill ucitlivr turn tiiit«> the 
rigM han'l nor lo tliu Ipfl. Th'.n 
lih*ll Mil niR lai^ut for luannj. tint 
1 ai»f («t; nnil ^vs mo wstor fur 
tnonoy. thai I may drink ; only I 
will p&>n Ihmuiih nn niv f»t : <u 
th> *liiiiln.'H of K-aii uliich dwrll 
in Stir, «iid (li* Mcial>ltv» wliii^li 
dwoll tn At. did unta mc :) nnttl I 
•bUl IMMB aret JanUn into the liuitl 
•rluili (hr LoKU our Gud ^Tclh u>. 
Bol Silipii kills "I' llcnlilnn vionlil 
not lilt 11" I'lTW !■>■ Itiiii : fur tin; 
LoRii thy fiml l]&r't>:iii>il lilt tpiril, 
Bod nuiiic lii> hesrt oluiliinlf. tliitt 
Us fainlit doliTor him Intolhj liuiid, 
a^mwwyrt thSadiv. A<»1 ibe tMKn 
B^4 ualo m*, Bvhold. I ho-TO Ir^cm 
U r!** SiluD and hi> luid before 

Pkb. 9S. flSovnina, DBUTuitoKOMy III. 

Ihcc : bwia to ^ 
najrtat infatrit hm 1 
c»iD« out Rjniau i 
poopla, 1* igm atl 
LoKD onr QdiI AM 
HB I kDd *r« HMtt 1 
and (II his p«op1a, 
hin ciliM 11 llul I 
dulrm«d the UMB) 
ftDd tb* llltio on* 
«v left none to n 

tattle n« took for I 
nlvFtt and iha m 
i«lii«h «ni lAdk. n 
1« \iy tlu brtnlt of 
nan, nnd /Vara Iba 
the rirer. FTtn an 
n-ia iiQt one oity 14 
ih? LoHii uiir O4 
unto iih: oiily uaH) 
children of Amint 
not, lur unto najr | 
JnkUik, nor unto ' 
maantaina, nor «nb 
LnstD our UoJ brbi 

THKN *ri> tumi>il, xiid wrnl up 
til* way to Daihan: knti Ok 
Uu> kinfi of llukin fMDo out asuiiiiii 

Wh b« and all liig poople, lo battle 
■t Filriri. And ^w Lokd Niiil utilo 
inf.Ftrarliim nut: (or 1 ittll drlivvT 
fadm. and nil hit praplir, and hlx 
Wndi iatn thj hniid ; azid thon ahnlt 
do unto him ai thoa didtt nslo Si- 
hnn king ^ 111* AmontoT, wlitvh 
dwiilt at iI«>Ii1m>o. Sa llir f arIi nor 
Uoii ilditmid into our ItaadH Og 
alKi, th« kinu of Uiilinn. and iJl 
|U9 piifvpliM and wi imMe him un- 
lit n.Hio w.ifi Ivfl U' bim ranninini;. 
And wo inuk all liU ciliu at llitit 
timp, there tna not n cily which 
no took not froni lli«in, thrroneotn 
dll^t, all the reifiau of ArKvl>< tho 
kioBdom «f Oft Sd Buhan. Allt]i»M 
dtiM uifr* U-ntfi with high wUlit. 
gita>, and Ion; boild* nnimllecl 
towns a fcrcut mftay. And vro 
miurlr doitrofcd tbeta, u vre did 

HBW SHMh ftiaiK of lleshbon, uU*t\y 

CfUnjiag the men, wDn«n, laid 
~ Viftni, oi wfttj «ity. But a.!) the 


eHttlf.and t)i« ([Kril 
took for a VMiy l» 
we look at that t 
hnnd of the t>n> kil 
itea the lond thai t 
Jartt:tni fr^>nl t)io 
until mount Hrrni4 
Dion the Sid on inns 
the Amotitm call it 
citiu iif tlip plniD, 
■nd all Raiihin, ui 
Edroi, citio* of tba 
in Baihan. For t> 
Bubau rMDBjaAd 9 

C'ante ; bvhidd, hia 
iJiil^lJ of iron : ■ 
bnth of tliA ebiyi 

nine cubiu imi tlu 
nnd fotir <n:hit4 lit 
ahor tho wihit of ft 
land, irJiii-h wa pf 
time, from AroM. ■ 
river Amon, nnd 
lend, and the dtM 

\ GiiU.-. MA 'AH 

1 3tt4 tLU U^tan« 1 

mt uMo Ik httlf triU ot 

titUiht t*gkn U Annb 

IWiImii. wUiili wM mUoJ 

rfntab. Jair lh« aoo trt 

A tMk «U IW Man4nr of 

Iha comU if Otdinri 

•w MIM, HMh*n<luT<4h- 
I* ih* Air- -AnJ I «ST6 Gl- 
■ M*c^. And Bnla ihe 
M* ud M(« the UMiitM I 
OBmJ ana aniu tltr 
kaVlbrranp]-. uiJthi* 
Tta na(o tb* rrvrr Jabbok. 
I iW Ur<lH of ttw (hiklnu 
M; Oc plain «J«i. uid Jor- 
I Ot watt lAm^. fram 
It «na •■!» Iho •*■ of Urn 
M Ikd asll HA, uniirr Aiili- 
pk (MtwaH. And I ctirn- 
rm at Uul time, aiyiu^, 
T^n Ooi hath kitiii }«u 
bWMiwtt: TvnlatlfM* 
ri Mmh jovWUimi UiK 
•f 1»mI, 4U Aat ar» net\ 
nr. Sot ywa Mit^ uid 
b (MM. anil jMcr mUIo. 
■•»thal>vln.TOMiich tnl- 
ItlU* in roar <iltai whifli 

lft|tat<Mlo yonr hretbrDD. 
U UU 50«. ind unri/ itej 
M lb* lud wtiifh tbo LiMiA 
I klh 8i**a llwB )>«von<l 
■4 IIm aball y» iMam 


cvFtT m&n onto faii ponenion, which 
I haTo irirvn 5011, And I caniman4a4 
JtwIiuA at tut time, ujiinfl. Tbtoo 
eye* Iitio wen all that ih* Loui 
Tour QoA hn.ib donn onto thmc tiro 
Idiqa: M«i«UOw Lnnndo unMftll 
tbo Idnsdoma wliiiliFr thoa pwaeM. 
Yo (rail not fvir Ihmi : for tW 
LoKD vdur CriKl Hf thtll &[lit for 
yxa. And I bcAuuulit ()i(< l^unn ai 
ibat tinii!, aajring.O Lord CDn.Thun 
but bi^caa to idurnr Thr uirrBiii Tk^ 
KTValnoHi, anil Tbj miRlity liaud ; 
fur ttliit noil in ikerr in lieami or 
in eortb. Ihiit mn <!ii ordurilinatn 
Thy norka. and ati^oriliiiK lo TIit 
■nighl f I pTOf Thee. In me m oier, 
a»il «r« the smxl litul tliut if ViyDncl 
JorOaii, thjit (;t>nJlT intiiiiitaiii- and 
Lcbanan. Uut ll»^ Lnuii vai nrritli 
Willi me for yanr aakva. aud would 
not liear me: and Ihe Lohk mkI nn- 
tn me. Let it BuiOcr thot; M'enk vn 
nirirvonLiiML^cjf lliihiii^ilU'r. 4i\-(thijir 
up iiilo ilia lu|> uf i'lMfriii, and lift 
up tiiuic cjca Hcitwari), nnil narlli- 
Kard. and southward, and r&rt WArd. 
and behold U with thine vyeM: fur 
Ibon ihklt not so orer (hi* Jorilan, 
Bnt dufg* JMnuk, u4 «nMi>F:ij(<' 
biln,»nd*tM«i)rthonniiii: forhmli:!! 
fco ovbr before Ihi* iicople. and Ike 
*baU ODDM then to mlifril llii> latiJ 
which Ihoii Kh&ll )•«■«. Sa wa abodaj 
in the mtlny ora a^tiut Dnih-pe 

4Hrmng, Deutesonqmy IV. 


.. Wriica, O Ii- 

i ms Ika tUUU* and 
^MpMBtt. wMeh I l«uh 
i> 4)1 Mmi. tiut W uiiT 
P to ud tMH«M tk« land 
( Lta»Qod of ftmt fulwt* 
n. V* iUI hM add vnU 
I >lkfc 1 eamttsnd ran. 
■ redbHhwh mifki from 
■jHi kMp the «oninuiii- 
■>*LMu>TwCod which 
•* wo. Y««r fyw TifcT* 
* iH Um dU bootnn of 
"-- bf an tb* JMD tfeif /bf' 

tb» LoMi your Co4 or* kllv* rvrrf 
cmo of jroa Ihii dny. Daliold, I lian- 
tantibtrou Rtalntes and >od«lti«nU. 
trta lu til" I.oud my (Jod coin- 
moji'li'd me. that ;« nhcmld da M la 
th» bind wliiilisr ye go U> powe* 
it. Ke*p tb*ref(irp and do (fti^; 
fin thi< it j-nnr wiiUoln ami JMl* 
niiil*rsl'uidiiiB in lb« Bghl of Iho 
nniiona. uliicli ahftll hoM nil Uifk 
Matutct. »ud By, Snrely ll"> pwl 
nation i< m wim «id uniliir»un*a(t 
pK)pl». For what nation if mcrt m 
grrBt. who AniA liwl to niui VAo 
f Acju, M the Low> otir Uod u \& u3l 

"jwr rtw* /hw «WMr / Hitm* Ihat wa »11 npOB U™ /«* 1 




thkt hath (Ulvtei and jadennta 
M ri|ifal«oiu u all tills law, whldh 
I ut btinn foa ihin dijr? Only 
i>k* hmd to thnnlf. and ki^ap thy 
rant diligently, lent itiou foriiK Ihu 
thin(D> wWch Ihino •v«i hnve ten. 
and Icit thty depart mn thy haart 
aU lh« days of iby tife: biil uanh 
lh«n thy Mni. and ihy anni' wnt ; 
apMla% lh» da}' that Uion noodol 
IwfnK the LuRu itiy Uod In Uorub, 
whun the Lobd said noto ae, Ga- 
thrr M<> the p«opI« losrth«r, and 
I will mnL-t) tlicTn hoar My irorda, 
timt ihi<i- m.ty li-iru tu fear Ms all 
tliL- ilnyii ilul Ihfy ihall live upon 
llie vnrlh. and l/ial tbiy nay luarh 
their oliiIilMiii. Antl ye eamci rear 
and alo«d nnd^r tho mountain ; and 
Iha nHhontain burned trith fln- utitu 
tli0 midrt of bcaxin, i*ith darkiici>. 
(loodi, and thick liarkiiMi. And 
Ibt Lord «pake unto you ont of 
tba ntdct of th« Hm -. yn Imard tlid 
niw ottho worilu. i>iii ww nn limi- 
mndB: only m hratd i voitp. And 
Hu ■li'i'laTVd iiutt) vDu Hit vuvcuint, 
nhkh lit' coiiiicaiidt^d you lo p»r- 
loTBi. ^I't-'i Wn roiiininnnnicnt* : iijil 
Ite VttiXv cliem iiiHin Itva lalUri nf 

ttonr. Anil ihu l.itiiu coiDuuiiidad 
ina at thai I'uav lu ti-ach juu iita> 
intaa ami juilttiii>-rit4, Hint ie luiulit 
do diem In llie land wliiUinr yp fifo 
om to pOMna it. Takr y<t Wiein- 
fore good heed unto y(iur»:tvv!i ; fur 
jc nir nu maijiirr of tiiuiJUCuJir uu 
tlM day ihnt tlhi' LoRK njisku unto 
you In llorcb out of ihe ntid«i of 
iha firt : Irat yc onrnipl tinuriclvrt., 
and make ymi a Kraiuti imnci?, the 
ainiilltuilt? of any uiiuti:. tin- likviii'iui 
of nsic or fctiJiilL'. till' tikt'ii(-» lit 
any bciut lliat u nn ;hc farth, llic 
lik(n<M of any wrin^d foirl Ihnt 
lliatli ill tha air. tin.' likmcan nf nay 
ihiiw IhU CMttjwth ua the Kruiiitd, 
tha lUtnMW M any Hiili iliiit u tn 
tho vnMn bniiMth th^ cnnh: anil 
Igttthou lift np thint^nyooinlohoa- 
rcn. and whco tlioii nicil tbe sno, 
anrf the miion. and the nlaii. trtn 
*ll tho /iiiB( of hrari-n, sliouUlcrt b« \ 
drirea lu wonhin ihnm, and itrra 
, "*Bt, trJiicb the l.o«n Vlij God b»*U 

4itld»d nu all 
wh<^ktat«a. fiol 
islE<n you, aad bn 
out nf tha iron (oti 
Ki^pt. to ha ant4 
of inhtrltaaM, aa | 
Fnrttiemare the 1 
with m* for vooi ■ 
thm I shfliiM nM ( 
and thai I nhMiId 
tliat Roud land, will 
Ood Kii^IhihMjW 
but 1 nun die in li 
nnt BOO<wJnnl>ttl 
oTvr, and panm 
Tike head nnta jt 
foniet the oorenan 
your God, which 
you. and make you 
ar tha Hkonan of s 
Iho Loon thy God 
Ltwe. For the Loi 
noDiumltuc Orv, rvei 
WhoQ lliou 6ha)I bc^ 
nhiliirpn'i cliildwa 
hatff nmninod long 
■lull corrupt gmm 
a im'Teii iraaM, or 
xnr thing, and aha 

jiRllt of tllP lj)RD I 

vuke Him to au^ 
and eanli to mini 
thia day, chnl ye >Ij 
p«Ti"h from off the 
yn en nicr Jnnlan t 
■tmll nnt prnlunc i 
It, liul Bhsil uttirrl 
And tho LuKO «L 
amnng thf natlnnf. 
Ii'fl frw in number 
then, vthithi^r tlie 1 
you. Ami Ihi'r* ye 
lliti H'orh nf int-n » h 
»tonc, whli'li iiolthe 
nor oat, nnr aniell. 
tliriiU! tJiun ehalC m 
Gud, Ihuu «)iult fin 
serk Itiiu witb all 
irith nil Ihy roul, VV 
tnhiiliitinn, and nil' 
oomp upon thw, ev 
daj«, if iliou lurn t 
ljo>i, uv4 'Au.Vv\>« ^ 

\ loiiK!-. a-" *« \.< 



ihM. nor for- 
h; bthen wMch 
I Uwin. for adc Mvr 
n diM iR i>aie, wlikh 
b IhM, ikiot tht i»f Uul 
Mi nu «pM tb* «anh, 
bn Um om tide of huvcn 
Uhv. wlMtber tlicn tatli 
,n>c* ttinp u thii ntUkt 
paopla btsr itM hmm of 
Uaff oat of tl» miriil cf 
M tlm kMt bMTiI, and 
hub Uod MMjed to s'u 
I Ute K BMko from tfiu 
■M ft tffMttoi. bj ifmp- 
9 li|M> ud b]r fronilcn, 
V| Htd W a mighl; band, 
muliMoiil inn, and bf 
Ni^ MconUut to alt Uiai 
t ]Mt Ood dkl fur jou in 
iktjwatjttf Uwothcc 
knnid, thai tbm nighbol 
UMe LoBD Ha ii a«d; 
Mt tUe bofale Hint. Out 
I* »* mult Ito 10 hear 
■. tlM He nliriu kauaet 
Hi apMi MTth llo (fcewed 
pMt Hn i ud tlwa heard- 
■Ndt Mt of the nridBl of 
Aa< kaaoM H« lovtd (hr 
■wcfcn Hi chew Ihate 
M Ik«, aa<l brou^ tboe 
n^ Ml "ith lUi n^blj' 
■* »1 Uopl ; to drin out 
.Ira brtm ttee «natar 
, rthaa Ibon art, ta krtais 
^|$nibM Iheir UndAr 
•• (( d ihia day. 
■*"<« Ihii diyr, Mid md- 
■ Mm kan. ih»t the Loun 
'■htaiu above, ui4 up- 

IBontinn. Dkutkbonomv V. 

1^ Mfl»4 all IvMt, anil 
^IhoB, IImt, O linri, 
r* iM JidnMBl* wbloh 

b— —1 ji4s»*nl* wbloh 
» nn Ibi* daf, Uul 
^ — '<bua, and kotp, tod 
^7* Man our God mule 


on ll» #111111 tjHiijalJi : there ii dodii 
irliB). Tliuu uliali k<.'«i>[lJcrvror« HIh 
UatuM, aud lilt raiiiiii.'iuilineiils, 
vblch I oomutauil tht-c iIiU iIbj, 
that it fio irvU nitli ilwt, and 
wilh thy chitdtvn sdur ttwc and tliaii aiAjnt pFDlntig Ihp day* 
upua Ihi- mlh, u'hkh (hu Lonu 
tlij' fjoil cin'tli I)iw. ((It twr. 'i'htn 
Mv»t» tevt-rcrl tlirvF citiei uu tiiin 
il<lr Joniiiri Inwnril lli( Hua rtaiiiK ; 
thiiC thp ilavrr niik'lit 1I»i) thlllipr, 
whifjh ilimilil kill Ui« iii-iflibniir on- 
awur«s, ai]ii kiU-ii liim nol in liinp* 
yuK: HLitl that ll<t->u«; UDtu one of 
\he*e citii:» lie mlKbl ll*e : namrltf, 
Drr^r iii llii' wiIlU mr«i, In Ihc plain 
ojiinlr.v, of lilt Ut^nVnilen ; and 
Hamoth in Ciilnul. of tin- Giditu ; 
uud (iulau ill Uu-liBii, of tlii' Ma- 
nualtiM. And chh it tlio bw wliiili 
)loH4 wt before ilic clilldrm ot Is- 
rael : ihcw ar« ihc ir«liin<niiu, and 
tlic (tatoUM, luid Ihv jiidcmonu, 
which MoiVfBpjkeuiiiii inGrnildTm 
of Isnet, after llicy I'^nit' [oilli uct 
otEcypitUu lliiacldi^alordxti, 111 iIip 
tallejoirr ngiinsl ItHli-pcor, in (h« 
Unit a( Sihuii kinfl nf Ihc AmnntM. 
vrha dvreh at Hvnlibon, n-lium Mo- 
BL'H a.]id iho childnai of tnwl ■mete|. 
afttr ihey were coiM forUi *ut mi 
EgifX : aadlhp}r poMwed hli load, 
and Iho hitd nf <>g king of Duihiin, 
tm kin^ of tlic AiDaTilu, which 
tern onthU Mv JurJua ttxvurd tlta 
nnriaSnii! from Arwr, w1ni:tt u bj 
ihH bank of tl« intr Amo». »»»•• 
ual« mount SioD, which it Hrtmoa,' 
and all (be pIiLu oa tUi- ti4c Jordan 
castmrd, «TQii unto the t* of Iha 
plaiu, uudor the ipringa vt Tlt^h. 

Feb. 25.J 

.Imy. The I.ono Wlk«l frith yon. 
Two lo (aoo In thv tnuiml out uf in« 
midn of (hi! 6™, ( I "l*od IxrtwwMi 
the Loud and you U lh»t tiraB, to 
.1n-« ynu the "ort of the Lo^O; 
At jt urro ■/r»id hy rw»»oti ot w» 
- - \nvn ** 

' tafr Of Jii V/tirrt. Ja»/itr», and w«iil nol «p -- 
rjHr^.**"""*^ »f«* / »»iin( ;> M i-iitg, I itni lU)S 1»"'ti W( 




twada^ Thoa tluli hue ium« 
otiiar c(»di b«fore Mil. Thou tbtix 
Dol naka Ihm any jrnnn Iniaso, 
«r anr lUicnen i/ony iMmg that If 
in faoTtn ibora, or Ihal u in tba 
(Vtb braeatti. «r that i« in tlw mt- 
ten beneatb Ibe nrth: ilimi «halt 
not b<rw down ibymU nnto tlivm. 
Mr *vrrD then : for 1 tlw Lniin thj 
(lod <wn » jmloaM nmt, rioting the 
laiiDily uf thu TatliFni iinon th< 
tlmJraa Biilo tliir tliirJ Biid fourth 
gtnrrMioH of lliimi tliat liat« Mci 
ami ibciring mrrrv iiiiin iIk'usukIi 
of thtm that lavu ^Iq ui[| kcop Hj 
tom!a>i.aiim<!alii. Tliuu eltulluut taku 
the iu[iiL- uf Iliu LoKD iLy Uod lit 
lulii: r-jr the Lord trill not hnld 
Aim ^iltlfo ihm Ittkrtli llii nnmc 
in tain. Kcrp tiia nbbatli dajr tu 
wioUfr it, M th« Liino lliy ^oi . 
hatk ei>iuiuAiiJi;il UiM. Six dart 
Ilion ihftlt labour, aii<I do all thy 
work: but ilic *tv«oih di^ b iho 
nbtatb of the Loud iby Cira : in if 
tbou ttiaH nut dn au; work, tUui), 
uvr thT Buii, nur tlijr dftnghtVT. iivr 
IJ^ AAuacT^'oiitt nor l^ maidtur- 
Taatj nor ihino ox, on' thipo ■■■, nor 
, av of tlur oatUo, nor tb^ Miwimr 
^hgtat if triebia thy galM ; that tlij 
^^^■knaorvuit Had tliy najdiMTaiit 
^^■wjr r«fl M vrtU u iliou. Aai rft- 
ncabor that thnn wut ■ Rniuit 
fn the land of f&grpt, bnd rAo' tht 
LoKO thr GoJ tiroii(-ht thu* out 
tht&M ihroTiKli s miK^ity band and 
I7 a ilivtcliFiJ onl inii : tltdntfoTc 
Ibc LoBD lUj God cocuaiiLnilril tlicc 
to kHp the labbatb lUv. l[i>iioar 
tlif fMlii*r xod thjr motncr, w Um 
Lonn tliy (lud luith oomintuHlid 
tbcB ; llmi Ihy ilnyr mny b* pro- 
loclgod, and that it inivan troll with 
thee, in thu IudJ nblch the Loud 
tby (lod itiTctb thco. Thim ihult 
act kill. Nifither dialt tboo commit 
aJnltvry. Nnllisr abalt t!i<iii •(vn1. 
Ntltlicr ittiall tbou boar ftltn wit- 
now l^lnit thy iieljktKHir. Nrilbar 
alialt thou diwrv thy i]tt|{hboti[*ii 
triA, nrribtr ahalC tliau oaviit ^l<.'( 
o«ighbaiir't beats, lii* flold, or \\U 
m Msowmuti, or Mi nuudiKTiint, liU 
■ or, at bia am, or any ihintt iti»X U 

thy uri j ffi bottrt^ ^MB 1 
LoBb ipaka miM all yvn 

IniheiBOtiBimtaftlM ' 
ttre, or the clond, awl of Ai 
ihrimeai, wilb a gnst idi 
He sdiM no morw. And Hi 
them In two UMm ol 
ikliiorcd Umn nolo na 
e»nio t« pKK, whan j» 
roice ouC of tlie atldtt vf tfa 
Rcaa, (for the raomtaitt dl 
wttli Ire,) tluu re cams _ 
me.fcrrn aUths hmdiofjrMi 
and ynsr cMsn ; and i» 
hold, the lioap oar Gm balk 
ml us His glory and Ha m 
ojid we have Ivatd Uis vmn 
Ihn nldil oIlhB tn : m bar 
iblii day that God dctli uD 
maa, anil ho lircth. >'*w th 
why ahould vrc dicF &r lUa 
file will cun>niuit usi jf 
tbo toIn of itic Loiiii um 
iDon, then ne tb^l dn^- 

U there ^alt tMh^tlinl htlb 

thu Tvicf of Ibo linng God ipi 
out of tho nidat «< tbo Sny 
havt, and lirod ? Q« tkoa . 
hoar all dut ttw LoR»ouGo 
eay: an4 apeak tboa onta m 
tb» Loan our God iball fp« 
(bM ; and w( win hear if, aa< 
And tho Lord baud IM w 
foor wcTdj, wben Tt ipake (B 
and Um Lono aald unto at, 
hoard tl» »oic* of the wortk 
poopti, which lh«r havo MdH 
Ehoc: they hai<e wvll nU a 
ihcT have ifiokfii. DthMtbtr 
(ucb an lioan tn Ibcni, tlia 
would tv«.r i\r,mi ktrp all )l 
nunilniTiiU alvriiyii, tint ■ 
ha well Willi llioin, uid wid 
elilMr.>n for ever I Ga «af 
Get you into your UnU 
Bi for thi-e. Maud tiMii liwo 
and t will (^oak uilIu tliM 
ROinlnliKliiiiilila, and Iha 
iiiiil iho JiKlgniciiu, hIiwJi tl 
lencli tltont.. that thcv miy 
in the land nlilch i 
pD«><«* 'X. \^ rtall 

Ff-11. 11. 

kiid Ihal ii man if wvll with vou, 
Knd l/ial je nmj pniloni: ycur tUja 
in the UQd i>bi<^ ^ ilmll pouoi. 

Cfcraing, Deutkronomy vr. 


Ich Ike LoMD jnar 
id (• tn«h roa, that 
IM b Um Ub<1 Hhi- 
CMIM U : Ihil lluni 
M LoK» Ihr God, to 
■ftiw Mad till com' 
rich 1 iMniiiiuiil tbt«> 
ni, «ad tfir «»u** iKin, 
{«7 llfc; &Di) that 
igad. Hear 
obBEno t» 
ith thw, 
n lliy laliuT* 
lUw laod thkt 

' God iM ana 
^ _ . ( liiii LoBI) 

I tUa* hurt, uiil 

«llh all tliT 

~ .nltiakl 

be in 

.dMil IomK 


wlMn ihou 

. and tehta 

*»7, aod wIiFii 

il whn llrati 

1 ihill li!n<l ()i«m 

I 1m nd. and (Iioy 

betWMQ thine 

•mio th«n 

LfcpOM, aod ixii 

^b*>iri>m tin 

•*■ Imi^IiI 

4 He svaK 

KUmJwai, l« 

klo ahvlbM 

_■ rflb*. wliwh Ihoq 
uJ liBoM* full at *I! 
Uah UiM ailedit not. 
(•d. wUeh llwn diic- 
* I u4 etiia lrM«, 
fi^/ H-Ara 

I Jbig9t lie 
Om foHk 

out of tha Isntl of Kiryp'' ''^■> ''"' 
hauHJ of baniJsRf. 'V\vni t!bn\\. ftni' 
thd Loup lliy <>ocl, ii«J tcrre llim, 
and phnlt ■wc«:it bf llli natnr. Ve 
■hall not (ID after other kd<I>, of (he 
dmli of llio jHi-pli- wliirli ate lOuni] 
bI«<iI yuu ; (for tlii> l^ko lliy tiud 
il a Joaloua Un<l HEiiong j'on) lut 
che nnnr of th* Lotin thr God be 
kiiidlod againit tii», uiu deEliojr 
thM fr«Bi off th* fnof of the tann. 
Y* khall wA Min[>t the Loltn jtmr 
G»d, u ye lemptcd Him In MuhUi. 
Yo ■hnii ditigcnll; k>c|> the com- 
mandniDnla of tbo Luiio yvta Ued^ 
and Hi* tFilimoiiitia, and Ilia *to- 
tuUa, whicli lie h»lh comnunled 
thee. And thcu liialt do Ihal a-hieh 
<i niihL and i[Da<I in Ihe littl't "f Ilia 
LoBo: that it majr be wvtl with 
LhM, anil th^t thou ni»e*i (to In 
and jHMuiaM tha good land which 
Iho Loan nraro unto thji fnilicn, lo 
oiat iHIt all tliine cnemii'i (rum be 
fore thoa, aa the l<oiii> hath ajiokcn. 
And wbi's ihj tun ukulh thc» In 
tlioe M Mine. Mjing, What r»rm 
tha teBtliannlci, nnd th« elnluliii, 
aad iho Judjcmenti, which thr l^n:> 
ourGod hath (^DinuiRiidi-d jrtxi ' Tl»n 
than dliiill 'ijtini'i thy •no. We wnro 
Plinraoh'i ticiiidiiinii in Ek^TPI ; ami 
the Lonit hronelit u* out of t^^rpt 
with 1 mi).'hiy liiinl ; and the L»IU> 
»lic»-vil "iinii niisl wi.iiiii'r»,tf«s»tand 
oor*. ii\»in V.Kfyt. npHin I'h.iMoh, 
and upon all liii houwljoW, be(*«l 
onr erei - ""I He braii((hl ui out 
from ihotio*, that Ho ml^t \f^ 
o» in, U Bi™ ua Iho land which Hit 
•w»r» utito our filhMi". Aud 11" 
l/inD commanded li* l» do »ll lhe»u 
atAtuhia, lo /.ar Iho Lon[* OUT (>0i|, , 

foroiir Eood alrny*. thai lie tniflbt 
pntan <a ftliTe, u i( it M wU | 

Sir. AoJ « stwli i* o'" liihwwifc. ; 

n«w, if tre otHtene to do vU tuaw 
Mmnanilni^ntB Ufore t\iu Vo^o Vnz 
Onl, ■• He hatli eomiMnikA ^* ' 


FsB. S6. jHotninji, DxuTRitoKouy VII. 

TVrHF.N lU r.wsr. thj Co4 
I V klull Lriii^ tliM iiitu lli« Uaiit 
whxilicr thou Rout to pouKii il, 
hod Wlh «>t out miiiy luiiiouii 
before tlig«, th« l)itlit»t, kucI tJio 
OiliSUilnUt, kiiil tlu- Ainor>W>. idil 
Iho Cuuuuiite*, uiJ t)ic rcrluilAi, 
Aad tha Itivitrt. mid tlie Jcbuidlcm, 
nrtn n.itimii nn'mti-r nu<l miRliticr 
thui IhuLi ; fln*! u-liKn thr Li'iKiilhjr 
BoJ »hall liplivcr tiiiioi iM-fon: tli.'i' ; 
ihon sKalt unkito lljfui. <ihJ uttorly 
dettrvy them ; tliou thull inakc no 
OOmuut with tJii'in, iicr bWw inrrrt 
tanto tliftii: ii*'illi'ir vtjiilL IIh'U innkfi 
nurrinri'') «'itl> thixu : ihy daughter 
tbou (halt nut eUc iiuto hit ton, nor 
Ilia dauiihtiri (limit thou take unlu 
Ihjr Mil. For Hirr will turn auuiy 
thy (On from f^.tlawing Mf. that 
they may nervB ollirr guj. : lo will 

the tjietr of ihi Loiuj bo kimllcil 
a(ai&ll yui), auil dtitroy tliM tad- 
^•□Ir. But tliiii xlintl yv il«al urith 
Ihcn ; ;c •hall diri'tri-y tli>-ir dlan, 
knd brcKb dotrn tfacir inu^a, and 
ODt dawn their gram, and burn 
their gniyn iinaii«s wltn fire. For 
llinu arl nn holy pBopiD onl* the 
LoRU thy Gnd: tlio l.nnn Ihy God 
luith ehoMii thfii lo bn a atM>cial 
pwple onto Himwlf. above nil pco- 
p\« that drf upon tlit.> face of Iho 
o&Kh. The I,09i[> dl<t not bcC Hla 
lovt npnii jron, snr tihiviMi yoii, b*- 
BUiM jw w*w more iu ntimhi^r than 
Mjr people ; for ye ici-re Itic* (pwuit 
of ail people : bill bueutisi' Ibv LunD 
Itfrad ynii, niid 1>i<i'!1iijiu Ht would 
koep tnc (iilli Hn bail mvora 
UQte yum fuihon, hath (lit! l,avta 
bramrat you out « iili 1 miithiy hacd. 
Md r«dvi'ni«il yuu oiil of Ilii.> Iiuum 
of bondinmi. (roni tlip iiaiiil of Vlia- 
raob kiiig of I'JOTt- lirinw llir^ni- 
f«r« that (hi- l.uiiu thy Gmi, He it 
0«d, thi' [sillifiil (iud, niui^li kntp- 
(>th Mv^'LiULit an<1 luitn'y wilb llitiu 
LbAi tr>vi> ))iin and ki.>ep IlLi com- 
«Ji]ii>iifc 111 a lliouiaud emen- 
m; and rpiiajclli them llial halo 
I (o Ibvir fooe. to destroy ilien; 

Re --ill Dot U «lMlt to 1 
hatMh Hln. H* will : 
hiifMB. Then abalt 1' 
ihi comBkadnnila, 
tutsB. and tha judgBieotok i 
eommutJ tlini lli!* day, to j 
WbvnJoro It (liall <oaM | 
if ro hcMtktti to time jod 
uiJ kvtv. Bad do them, fl 
l^an ihy God alnll kctp nl 
llii! eoi'eiiaat aiid ihr nett^ 
Ilo itnre Diita l)iy faiho*:! 
will loi-c lli«, and bicM 0^ 
niuHi|i|y tlipei Il« will ab 
lliii (nut of thy womba and I 
of thy laud, tli; «otii, aiid tk 
LDil lliinc oil, llu iiionoaa 
kioe, uid tliD flDclu of Ih; • 
llid ktnd whii^ti Ut iwaK ■ 
faUier* I* mn thee. TM 
bo blBMnl alxtra atl (*of>W 
Uull lul U mal« or leault 
ftmonc you. «r ataon^ yaol 

And the LoKD will Inkc aw 
thee all lickntMi kuJ mil a 
of llic evil lUeMMa of ^JM 
thou knofrcM, npen Ihoe; J 
lay tluiB np«n all fArea Ik 
thes. And thou shall mos 
111* t>«epl« whuh the iMa i 
ihall d«liv«r th«a ; tliiiio tf 
linTc no pity nfion th<in; 
shalt llion lerre their jrodi ; 
iniJf &*• a inare onto thee, 
•halt njp In thine heart, 1% 
tiona ore noi» thsn 1 ; hm 
diipoMaia Hum ? lliou (haB 
aftaid of them: but aluH t 
DumW what the Loau i 
did unto Phanoh, and nnU 
^pV, the greoi lumptattoU 
Iniue vyiu taw, uid lb* ni 
the nuiidert. ntid the n^gtf 
snd the nretchoil out ann, f 
tha Lonn thy nod bfWg 
(nil : HI ilull tho Luan llif~ 
uuiu all the people of wbonl 
itfrald. Horcorer ilie Loaol 
vdll iirnd t)'p honiei aaot| 
anVA Ciwj ttiiV aw \i*w. H 
I ttemse\ii* \i»wii "Ctwfci^ti 


t fcf Ik* Lord thy Ood U 
' li, • OMtujr (lod and Kr- 

M Urn Loui Ihy Ood will 

Am nalku twftn ihee 

nd liule: tbM tOMftM 

MtiNKUOUtt kMtlM 
tti S(M Inerawe npoa 

. Oi lama ihjr Cwl •hall 
im uM ibMi and tfaoll 
Aoi mOi • mislity dc- 

k auil ibcf be deatrojrcJ. 
I ihill dciircr ItiCit kuiKi 
B hMd, ui-1 tlwa ilidt <Ir- 



len: thnrn ihall no m\n he Me M 
>Und U-fara tlxc, imtil ttioa bkTe 
doslrojcd tliein. The KTntn iBi»iriu 
of [lidr KUitg tliall ye bum with 
flit : thau slutlt not d^tire tlic lilirr 
or ggid /Asf li on ;hcm, uor take 11 
unto Uicc, lent (Jinu he xnnrril (here- 
in: fvr it u ail abfliitmntion to th( 
LciKD thjr God. ^l!illleI nhntt than 
ItIiis hi ohnijiliiaiiuii inUi tbinc 
boiuc, Ictt iIiDu ba a ciii-miI itiiiig 
like it: tut lUou ahall utlfH? df> 
l«t i[, und tlian ehalC uiUirlj •bhor 
II ; lur it ij a Gunxd thing. 

(Stimina, Dei^trronomy VIII. Fkd. s6. , 

bvin aa4it he*- 


H JviaIf[m<Tii(n, mill Ilia ■lAlutca^.l 
■lull I cfimmuia] tli(« (hit day :f 

wiiliuut (CSTct^ndxH, thon ihall not 
liek knjr lAini; in il; > tatid «rlwM I 
■tonn nri- iron, uul out of wlWM 
hills tbou DLiyvtit di^ bniV' Wlien 
ihun hn>it v^txi nnd iit full, then 
thou iliiLlt Ui'M IIk; I.iiHii tlijr Uod 
fur tlie gnwl Imiil whli:h Ha lutb ' 
givou thee. Uewini llist thou for- r 

Ert not the LouB Ihj (!<id. In notj 
wij ' " " 

11 IK 


l»l teJitn Ihoii haat caMn and >rt1 
full, inii Iiii9t bailt gDDdljr houtu,] 
uiei ilwi'it Ihertin; *nd vA^n Ihjl 
hvTJk kiiil i)ty Roelu mulUpljr, and] 
eh^ ulver nnd thy {;n]it lit niiiltl*! 
plied, uid all thut thou hut )■ mol'l 
li|ilie<li tkoii (Jiine hriut b« Itfle4l 
■1)1, *ii<l llioii fgrget Iho l.onn (hyl 
find. Wblfth brought Uuc forth oi)t^ 
of l)ie land of I::e7l>l. Itom Ibe bouM 
of bonddKi.' : Wli" led thM thruugh 
tlut great and icrribln wIldsriMM. 
TrAfTfAi wtT* fiery >erpeiit>, and 
•corplmn, nnd diouohl. whcrr fAn* 
imi BO water; Who broaBht Ibe* 
furlli ml«r out of l)i« rook of Unt; 
Wlio f*<l ilino ill llio wUdemcva villi 
manna, whldi thy fnthcra Vtw" not, 
llut lie misht hunihlr t!i«e, and 
that He mieht pror* lliM, lo do tiit* 
Bood at lb; laltiir end ; and Umh 
mjr In tJiiue heart. My yf^ *^ 
lli« tatgbt at mint lianA taiV »,«iV^*» 
ma tMm wealth. Bui t\uin dtiAl x«; 

n^ ":L",. ;""'/ / member tlia Lonn Ihy GoA-. lo* H 

«^ «U/ M( fc«»^ / U Ho Ui»( KiYrth tli« p«»«« V» BB 

■sajiilDtiitti which I 

UiM tUi day thall 
>< U dOi tiiai ft mar liTt, 
If It, and g» la aad poascH 
'wakti tba l.a«B ewaiw an- 
' iMhara. Am] thou tJialt 
|r all tb* way which tlio 
|r6*d led tb« Ihcie tmy 
I A* wildenxM, M fannble 
|d I* pTi»T« ito, u know 
k> ta tfalaa heart, whether 
Irilait ktep II il ooBusand- 
h ao. And llo bnnUod 
kl «lfr«d tbn to hnncn', 

I Am Willi uaiisa, wbleh 

Knot, Mdlher did lliy 
; ifaat llo nighc make 
IH Ikal man doth sol lire 

II M|r> 1*1 M" eoery wnl 
miia on* «r tba moolh of 
B dMk nan lite. Tl^ rai- 

Md aM eld npwi tfaoo, oal- 

Uqr Int iwcD. Ihtw forty 

I iWIli alM <oM*iilc« in 

iIm, aa a Ban ckutcn- 

«* w* Loan thy God 

Am^ nKEre(a<« thoa 

tta MiBaaBdMal* of 

■r God, to walk ui Hir 

■4 to fcu Ul«. For tlw 

,*r Bal Mnoih thee into 

.N,a UaJof yn<Mkt of 

fram ta and deptta Ito 

*«(nO(;> Mid hilUi a 

,*W4, aoJ lauA^r. aoJ 

Jr,*Wi» «»J foatrsra 





wnlUi, thkl llo DV MUbUili Mb 
MKiuKit H'likb il( Birire ncito ihr 
&iben, h ■( b Hun ibv. And it 
iriwU be, it Ou>n <l" ul ilf TurMUt tho 
LowU^Uud.aad <A^lk u(l«r uiLer 
gMli, and Mrvt tLtni, uiU wtnUp 

thM^ 1 tMtfr kctiul ^ rfl 
ihu jro ifctll rar«l7 pank, J 
uiioo* wkuoh Um Losd ital 
b«for« roar fitc*, •» ahall nd 
btnun J* muld Dot tM oMl 
to tha Tole* »f tlw I><mi> 

Fbb.27- flflorniiig, Dkutbronomy IX. 


HEAR, O Imil: Tbua art to 
pMa ottT Jar<Iui Chia da?, la 
|« In to poMCM nationi Kt«alBr And 
nishtitr Ihia tlinclf, cltlm Ki«tl 
and friict!<i up to he»Ti!ii. ■ pcopla 
frrval Ami t-nfl, Ihv cliiMivn of iho 
AmkiiDK, wliDiu Ui'>a Imqwrtt, uml 

ean lUibi bctom ihc cliilUinn af ■^- 
n*k: L'DdcnUuid thcicfnrc ihia dnv, 
that Uw Loan th; God « ilu Which 
goMh orar befori? ilirv ; nt «, run- 
■uBdiW fira U* uluill iliiiliMy tlinin, 
Mid Ha iball bring ihum down bo- 
tort Ugr hae : to iliii.It thou drive 
tbem out, umI dntro; tlicn ijuivklf . 
a* tlw Ldh» hnth ui<E unto iIim. 
SpMk iiul tliuu in Ihliix lu'.irt, afU'r 
that the l.oHii lb; UmI liaUi cut 
them out from before thee, njinf , 
For m; rightBonniDU the L»mii 
hatb broaj[nt mn in to noiKm Ihfa 
Und ; bat for Ihu triokMlaMi at 
tbMD lucioui the I.nuli dolli driTO 
tiiem ont from before thee. Not for 
UV lifhtesasnen, or for iho up- 
rightania of thiiio Iieirt, iluet tbou 
m to pOBWM th«ir Isiid: but [nr 
fin irickodnsiu of Iheic iiiilloiiH Ihfi 
Loud thv God dotli diiTe ihom o«i 
from bofore lbi», ind iho.! lie miy 
pffrfono ilia vurd vrlijtti the Luuii 
■wart unto thv fMhan, Abn-hsm, 
laaae.aod Jrcsb. UadanUnddi^r*- 
totc, ihit iha Loud thr GoJ gUsth 

tWu ii<fl tbujpMtd land to porAoujl 
for thy riuhtooafnaaa; fir lliuu <ir; s 
■lllbcoknd noopln. Rvinvinbur, anii 
forget not, now thou pmvoknib-t th« 
LoBO tb]r Gad to wnth in (bo wit- 
'anCHt; (runi tlii< iluj ihulthDu didat 

Kotpftrt OUl <4 ibv bmd "f Kuj-Jit, un - 
HI yc ■■jiiuf umo thi' |)Iai'<>i. y» lav« 

Amui ntcllloii» a^iiii-t iIm Loai>. 
Aho in Uor^l 

wa* IUIS17 with jrtni to k 
«Tv]^ you. WhM I trai 
inlo tilt siiouDt l« rtctiTf tl 
of alone, »'*» tba I»Um tC 
rauaiit nhieli (be Loiw 
yoii, then I aboda ia tho 1 
■Ih^h mid finlr ^btc,! Sfll 
ent brend nar d^uk wbW 
the Loud delivered nal 
tnblfi of rtoae nrittea 
finttei of Gud ; aud on 
■rni/rn aficuTiI in^ ts nil tfaa 
whii'.h tha t.iinn iipik* 
Id tlic mount out of tbe 
the Rrc in the day of Hit 
And it camu to pa*a at ihl 
forty daya and fwty iii|[lil| 
l.nso p** ma tM l«o i 
fUioe, m'l Iha tabln tf i 
nant. And the Loan laid 
Arise, get tbra duwn qtudl 
b«nea ; for thy p«o]d» wh* 
but biuiight forth DBl « 
tiaiu corrupted lAraiarJvM,' 
qmekly lunieil aidde out 
\raj wliirh I eammaudal 
llipy IiBTu madu tb«ni a tao 
!(!«. KuiltitfmiOM tha t/Vt 
uiiln iui>, ujins, 1 hava • 
ppoplr, JUid. bqliold- it U 
necked pevpb : l^t No al« 
[ saty dritroy thom, and ' 
Ibi'tt iiH niw friini iiiidw baa* 
I will inukc of thee a aallo 
tirr and Rreiter than t]ie| 
(iirncd and cume iloun (1 
Riuunt. and the motnit 
An : and iba two taU 
nant imrv Eu ny tm 
loobiid. and, behold, ji . 
lEUiist the LoKD jrviir 
hnd nada ynii a molua 
WV vinwA iuA<U <viUhlr 1 
ttiLy iiAicV ^\« \>»n'Wk 

-,.. in llor*h ja jTomk*^ tViii , — , — __ 

M-OMo If trrath, ao (lutt ihn LuKt> < uiAtia!i<iii«m.Wt>.«.Wl 



tafcr* Ton* v^mi 

Wte* tlw Lmft, 

, fort/ 4>]t> *o<l 'ortf 

witlwr «U bread, nar 

r, tcOMSB of lit jmiT 

■ flBPod. ia ilohig wck- 
rigltl «f Ui« LoKfi, (o 
B to uig*r. For 1 iru 
ttc Ufiar Knd hot ilii- 
vhtiewiUi Uh- Loa* iraa 
ytm to dca«ra7 70D. 

iln And llw LaB» 
frj «]Ui AirMi to Iutc 
urn. sad 1 pnind fnr 
da Buia tiaw. Awt 1 

ilh* nlf wUrb je 
b«m te iritb £k, 
h. oiuf jEnond U nrf 
kn vadl it wu u Hnall u 
d I cut lb« iliot tlirrmf 
kvet; ik»i dMccBitwl nut 
AmI ■! Tkbcnh, »nd 
J^ uiil *t KibrMb-hoitM- 
n>^tdllie Loapto wntti. 
«bn Ibe Laan m>I jm 
Mt-Wnw*. Uijiaf, Go vj> 
la iha land wliidi I lutn 
it ka JO rtlwJW a^alnit 
o( the Lono joior 

C«d,and «« bolivnd HEn not, nor 
hwu-lMnaif to HI* toIm. V* ti»v 
beoEi nkwllioo* uaioit Ilit Lono 
fl«m Um dMr tbtt 1 kncn- yoa. 
TIiBi 1 IfD dom bofon the Loan 
forlj daja nnd fnrty iiifrlils, <u 1 
tfU ilowu a/ fA< Ji'nC; hocwino Iho 
Lord h>il hiliJ lla noulil ilmmf 

Ci. i piBjvii thercfon nnto tho 
an, nnd ta'id, U Laid God, ile< 
•tro)' not 'riiy fw^la and Ttuno id* 
hi'iiluiFO, H-hirn TtMO liftM imkom- 
pj tlmiigli lli^ graatntm, vMnh 
Thou tuut bmulit forth out of E- 
Rypt vridi a miiclitx hand. It?ni<Dni' 
bvr Thy nnnuitx, Aliratuim, Iiiaar. 
■nd jMob : look not iiutu th* atub- 
buininMa of tbii pcciplc, cor to ihtlr 
wichcdiiota, nor lo thrir da : Icit 
thd land vrhcncu Thua hruaBhtOot 
lu out aar. BccaiiM tin Loan wu 
not Me to krSnff Qntaa inlu Iha 
laud wlilch Ho promiatd IhsDl, 
and Wauui Its hatiHl them. Il« 
hnili Lronaht them out to slay 
thctn in II1V n^tili'mrsH. Yrl tho; 
art Hiy iiropiv ikiid Thiav luliv- 
ritaiiiN!, tthiirh Thou brouglil«it out 
bjr Thy mighty powor atid by Tbj , 
UnloW out attn. 

tf^tning, DBD-rBRONOMY X. 

Fkb. S7J 

itea Ik LoKB oaid siito 
I Hav Am l<n> taUo* af 
1 Mlo Ike SnL, aad <am« 
Ui bto On BiHuit. and 
it ta »k of wocd. And t 
Hm U>t l»hl«* Iht m«d« 
>i ta t\« flfot UUm vhiek 
llM, k»a IbM iUl pat 
te trie Aod I Mdo an 
■te rood, and bomd Ian 
< Hmu IllN mU tU flnri, 

^ ^ into tk inoiDt, hav. 

.In ttJUei la nino baud. 
' nM* M Um lablM, ><• 
k It* Snt wrilitie, the un 
teUi. wMfb tho LoRB 
■ttm k Ik* u«nu«ii of 
MM Uu Sm ia th« dv of 

■■V : «nd ttif Lout girt 

»m^ Aa^ I tBmtd uy- 
^fama/ma (A* anuml. 

I had Diada ; an J llicra thny bO| Ml 
iha Lou> coniniRDdDd mr. And tli*| 
Dhildnm of Iirael took iboir jonmaj 
from llscratli of tbif fhildmi (d J»»-] 
kan ti> Mi.M.r»: tIi«ro Aaron diodal 
and thtn ho waa buried: and £•! 
Intat kia aso mini>C«ivd in Iki 
pHwI't office ib hl> vtiad. Fran 
tknieo they joiiriMjrad unto Und- 
■odak ; and frem Ciud^ndsh to Jal- 
batk, aluidof rirenalwittn. At 
Dull time Ike LoHB oojianlaii Hm 
thU of L«ri, to bmr tko ark of um 
(ATenant of Iho Lokd, lo *tand b«- 
fi»fo the Liiim 10 mlniinw nMo 
Him. and to bloat In Ki> n»in«,u<i> 
to thii day. Wksrefow Url Mtk 
ne nail nor inkeriUiice ■w^tit mi 
hreiLren ; i!ie Loan it ^lia ViA»et\\i« 
toen. AccoriliiiR »* ihe !-(•«.» t^Tf 
God proiuiaed hito. And I *^1*2 
n (ko mooat, Mcorilns to VVik W* 


thw, tonr 4«," mJ forty nifbOa ; 
will Um Lobd hurfccncil onto tsc 
U. Ual limo aim, and Uw L»>» 
would not. dratroj- thm. And th« 
LWLD nid Diito m*, AriM, Uh« lljr 
J»unirj ln>fiin^ iha people, llut ihej 
ma}' go bi vtil poMua tho Udu, 
which I nrerc unto llietr fftlben ta 
give aato tbasu And now, lurul, 
iriut dgth lb* LoKB Uiy Coil n- 

qnlr* «f tb»*, bat la fnr llw Unite 
Uf Ood, to iTklk In *ll llii wa;m, 
aM (o Ion Him. and to Bi?rrc Uib 
LonD tbf God wilh all Ihy heait 
and m-itb all Ihy toul, to ijlvp Uut 
e(iBSAii(lin*at« of |}m Lord, nnd 
Hit iUUttloi, whieh I oomnuuia Ihon 
thl* day for thy N»od^ IkhoM, Uio 
bcaiDU And Lhc iicaveii of twaniM 
u ibc Luuu'h Ihjr Gud, tba aatlli 
it/iD. witb all Uiat tlmmiu u. Only 
tilt l.nBD had a JcUiiliI in tiij fs- 
tlicn la lot* lIiDm. and He chose 
tbdr ncd after thinn, tvtn jim 

ab«T« kU ^Mptn. as U i> 
Clrnuacte dlcrcfon thi f 
)var baan, aod b« bo 
■at ta d, Fortbc Loa* 
Ood of flodt, and 
mal Ood, a inlalKy, 
bic, Which nganleUi 
nor lakcth rritard : n« 
cat« th* judgment of th« fi 
aiid widow, and tnvpih iba 
BTT, ia giria^ him food and 
Lata yn tbmfon Uw 
ye mrto ■Imngvn !■ Ibe 
nrpt. Thou tlwll frar th* 
(wd ; Him alialt Ihaa tafrit 
Nlmahalt llion elta*a,atid M 
Hln name. He u thr praiw, 
i> thy UmL that hath done : 
thaar frni and fiarribl^ Uiiog 
Udse tytn Lata aren. Thf 
vront d«am IdI<i I^'pC wuh 
■BOTC and tan pcnoiu ; and i 
LoBD thr God hith mad* 
tha itan sf boavcm for ouillk 

Feb. 3S. iStorniitg, DsuTKBOi^uaiY XJ. 

fpllEREFORE iliou .halt love 

Ilia rharKi'> mtl 'I<i> "tatutva, Knil 
His jiiilymi'iilx, »ii>l Hi> ruuiuianil. 
tnduU, alwu}'. And kliovt \« ihi* 
ilay : !••! I riifali iiol with j-oiip 
cUilJrcn which hni* not known, 
and which have tiul rvvn (tie ohno- 
Cineniual of the I.onij ruitr Gwl. 
Hi* Ki^alut^*, IIii> uii^nty liuid, 
and His McvtchiH) out ana, ana 
Ilia minclijfi, auit Hli aotp. wl^ch 
lie did in the miiiit of Ki(y|il im- 
lo PharauU (li« kiiig uf K^i'l, »'>') 
iilittf all hia laud ; aud whut He 
■lid mild (he nmx of Ksypt, nolo 
tbcir horsra, ii.tid to thctr charints ; 
how He mule llm i<aU>r cf ihi' Iti-J 
Mit It) vverDuw thcni hb tlirr fiir- 
Kiii'il afttr jroii, and Anir [Im Uiiao 
halh diiBtmrad tlinia uiito tlii* •lay; 
and what lli! did unto yau in the 
mIdcratM. until yc csmo into (hii 
Jtlac* 1 and wlijil i\c iliJ unto IH- 
ilaa and Abinm. tliu buiu of & 
Aa^ (Jio aon of Ruubeu -. how t^ 
Mtu oprocd Iwr montli, and «w»l- 
towtii them uu, and (licit houat* 


linld*. and iWlr ietM, aal 
nibitance that woi in iheir 
■rion, in the midal of all Ina 
yoiir lyK* !ai» »oni all Oli 
actii of tht> Lord which 
Therefore diatl yo ka«p all 
mudincnu wliidi I Datan 
thU daj. thai yt- mar te 
go in Mid iHuum the luxla 
ya ea to |)[>«vb> it ; and tluu 
prolonB Hour diijs hi tti* Imi 
the LuJiD iwaie anloyoiu h 
Ktvv untu (h«m and to their 
luid llut Rownh Willi milk 
nay. for the land, whltli**' 
**t in to poMcu It, u uut aa I 
of Eijypl. frmn whcnoe yo i 
wlirre Ihnu nowcdit thj i 
wnltrrmlrf it with thy foot, 
dan of barb* : butthii lasd.' 
yo CO to powOB il, ■> X land 
ana TTilleya, and drii 
tho nin of hrntsn : » 
the Luuti Ihr Ood 
vjnk if Um Iauo thy 
<)ra<ra wQ'Hb V\, ^t«I(l n>a 
Cto T«ki ciifft vnM» ^h» 
■yva- &»&'<«> duU — 



•rllh all Twar •ml, Lbkt I 
!■■ lb* tmia at joiir bail 
■MM, Urn IM nin and 
nlu, Iha* ihmi raii;r(*t 
I 4r coni. Kud llqr iri», 
I ofl. Asd t Hill Btnd gam 
Uktotihr mil*. ihM ihon 
U ud U (aa Talu Wd 
h««. ihkt Tvnrhnrt b« not 
. aail jr tan uulc, Mid 
CT fuJM.mad (Tontiip thrm; 
IIm L«ni/i> »T»tli W lun- 
7«a,>Dd Haitnilnplliti 
■_i ibcn be B« njn, sml 
Uad vieU Bot bcr fiuil ; 
fw pnub (itritUr Imia off 
had tiUcb lb Loki' 8>*- 
n*r«for« iImII ys lay uli 
wvfda U ^r Wrt mi.i 
•■L »ad Uud tbrai tat » 
. royr tnad, that thaj nM7 
oAlrU l u l m tw y«ar no*. 
IkU (mcIi dBB youT cMl- 
■kbg «f Ibn whan Ibou 
tttee bMue, and when Ihoo 
iff tiw wsFi wlxni thou li- 
, a»ti whoi ihoa nsnl up. 
I thai I wtI(« Ihin upiii 
poata of UliiH bouaa, anJ 
' A>^; tl>U yo"* daja 
BoUiplitd. anil the dajs 
UUran, ■■ ih* Uii.) whirh 
■mra «ala yotu fallim 
m. M the d«yi of hetviii 
■uth. Forlfr«ahaU4ili- 
Ip all IbM* MatmuulaiMira 
noiMMtd ya, to do tlmB. 
• l««n rnu (i^i to walk 
I wij«, ui) ta clHTo wito 

Itim; tlinn will thn I^an drirt «nt 
all ilii'vv imdoiii iimo htlotr jm, 
and ye ahall paxBUB iKr*aur uatiMM 
andniitthticrtlniijrooTaDlTM. Bmf 
plMc whenon ilu mIm of juta fM 
■lull tread nhall bavoar^i from tb« 
wllderman and LobaDon, from Uw 
rimr, ths livcr EuphnMR, «r«n un- 
to the utlcnnaM fca ahall tout toaal 
be. Thore ahaii do mas be able u 
itauil btfore ran ; ftt tlie Lnmn 
70UT God *1ull lay tli« frar tA jwi 
and iho dread of jtra ajma all llio 
land that jY ihall tread htumi, a* Ha 
hatli nid ntilD von. Ucboldi I aK 
W foTv juii ililn il»y K lilvnina' and k 
«imc; a Miwliiu. 1[ yu ubry ui«ooai> 
mandincnu of ttn: t-onn j-anr flnL 
iriiich 1 ouminaiid }-oii llihi dn^; and 
a ennv, i/ jr nill iiiiC nhty the cotn- 
nunilmvnCfl of ttic I.rinn yimr l-loil, 
but turn nn'iiit out of the way which 
[ coTDIiuuid jon Ibis liny, to bo after 
other fcodn.whishyi! hm-iMiot knawn. 
Aod it ahall come t<> ]">■•, whtn the 
Luito thy Gml hitli lirouitht thi'a in 
UDto ihn InnJ nliithrr thuu K"i'*t io 
poacM it, that thou (halt put tha 
bloiiiiiff upon motint Gcriz^m. and 
tl\p curw uiK^n inu'iiit Elial. Art 
tlti'y not on tho (itlu''r *^i\n JnrdaHi 
by l)in wiiy whure lh« aua gOBth 
down, in Ihu tniiJ of th« CiUiaan- 
i(e9. irhioh dwell in di« chuBpaJKn 
avrrnKainiit i!ilKs1>b«rid*lh* |iUiiii 
df Min^b ? Kor y« aholl p*M «<*r 
Jordan ta sri in tn poMiCH the U 
wliich the LoBU your (iod gin 
yen. and ye ihftll noovw it. aniti 
d«ill IbffNln. And ye •hall ob« 
mm le do ill tlia buIuim and 
judgnrat* which I tet befon jtn 
thi« dir- 

Ctiming, DRUTxmoNoaiY Xlt. Fxb. 

IB «n Uu Matniw uid 
, mlaik n itall ob- 
ta ih» bnd, wUeh Uw 
«( 111* failien slt«tk IhM 
I H. all th« dar> thai jo 
lW«*nh. VajJUUvMCfw 
p JI0 Mv/uImm wbemta 

mnuntaina, and upoD tha hltlf, 
undvr cwv xrsni tta* : and 
thill ovfHhKw Ihrir sllan^ 1 
lirtak thpif ratlara, and bum ttdr 
KTom witli fire ; uiid ye »li»U te* 
iMvii Iht gnxva imagi^ 0I iXuni 
pj0M«/«M iHtwB(D/«Mli^Biulil«Bmythi>nAinn«uUVv>m 

a ■JJAjwaftattiwMw/oMrf thit place. V« alicin iwv '^ 
6- #1*^ OTM fAa A^ »o naio Ui« Lord jom 0«4- *** 



luild th« plaM wMdi tlw Lnnt) 

^UT Cod tl«U dUKM! (ml it »il 
yaia trib«i ta pol Ku Dkna th«N, 
Mvn unie His hibiUlion tluill fD 
W»k. *n>l llkitticr than rlult anno ; 
KDil tliither jv tlull bring ycoir 
t.iitni effcrinei, ud jour MCriKaM, 
tnd rcnr UiIms, and hea*« ont- 
inji* <^f ynuT h.Miil. mid .vniir voirr, 
•ad jwur h»cw\l] otfi-rin?!. »nii llw 
flrrinnfnofjwur Iwrili ui<i uf yciT 
)to«k> : ancl there re ihkll vut bcfort' 
tlte Lord rnar God, nml ye ^liall 
n^oJN in mil lliil Ti> pill vnur hand 
■iilo,yo and jnurhoTiiii'liufijA. where- 
fn the LonD tli; liud liath blenwl 
Ibeo. Yc «hall uoi do tiiet all Iht 
tUnct tlst iv« do htn ihja dtf, 
■vn? nun whUimivr u right in 
bb om ajiw. For ye arx not *■ 
nt CMie u> lh» red luid tu tho io' 
Mo4tuM,wliirli the Lokd yew Owl 

JiTMli )wii. lliit r«A#n jne oo over 
Drdui.und dnitll in uhiob 
lb' Li)m> tour "Jmi Rivijlh rou to 
inlierit. stiJ fUn lie xivFlli you 
IM fifcn all jxiuf vnemlu raimd 
ibcni, M thai y* dirrll to mMjt; 
then thno ahall b« » plac* irtiioh 
the Loud jout lioJ fltaUl <lwoia to 
cauM Hill iiHin* t>i dwell tltero : thi- 
ther ahftU ji- Itriiift ttil ilukt T rnin- 
Biuid yoii; your biinit nSbhti^ niid 

Cr (ocriDnn, yoiir ttlhiu, ftad tlii: 
re oUL-riiut vt yaur ti»uil, atitl 
■II yonr rkdc* vo»r» wlilch y« tow 
lUilo the Loitn : ami yc dinll mjuino 
bpfoM IliL- licmu yii\it (it)d, )i', nnd 
yenr kuui, and your ■luiiKhU-n', aud 
tniit*, and iht LotIIv tlut u ivilliin 
your gatM; fvra.iinurii a* he hiiili 
iici part nor iiilittiiaiiri' with you. 
Takeliccd toiiiy.,11 itiat iliuu ulll^r 
not thy biimt «S%rlu)jii in isr«ry 
place lliat thou wcfI : but iu tlia 
iJaci Kkicb tlw LvKD tUall chcoat 
b oti« of Iby ITilMNi, tber* thou «lia)t 
Diftr thy burnt »iri:riiifta. and Ibert 
ihvii *lialt do all thai 1 (QmBud 
lh», NotHithotMidiiig Ihoa mayetl 
kill and cat deeli in all ib^r gUM, 
w&ilwfrcr th.v xnil luatvui afteii 
teordfnjf U> (lie bkacillK «1 Vbc 
MD iJv G^ which H« ta»* sixw 

Dim: the raeUi^n 
eat UwreoE, m af llw f 
na of tti« hut. (hihr ft 
the lAaoA : ye ahairMai 
cinh ni traier. Tua 
oal witiiii] thy nalaa tka 
eem-iir of Diy wiotfVr' 
tbo ArstUnsi of Ihy te 
Bark, nnr any af 1I17 
thon Ttimxt. Mr th; ft 
intti, or liMTO (dEUfn* td 
but thoa m«« Ml an 
I.MD thy God (a the 
tho LoKD tlv God ■ 
tboa, and thy wb, tiri 
ler, aud thy tDafwrnw 
naldaemiit, and Ux 1. 
joiot befon the Loon H 
that Ibaa pnttoat thfaa 
Talis heed t«lhyaeUth 
aake nut tlie Lunte aa i 
llt«*l upnn thi> tatOt. 
Lonii tliy God ihall ' 
boTdcT. as He hath pn 
and Ihoii ulull aiy, [ « 
became thy i«u] Itnnetli 
thon mayiisl nt Bnb, 
thr Mini luxleth afier. 
wteh Ibc Loud thj 
cliciwn tu [lut His uu 
too fir (rum Ihee, thai 
kill nt Itiy herd and a 

wliil'h tlic l.OKIr llAth gj 
I lull! ccmnundcd tlie 
sliolt <nt in thy gates 
thy Mill luatctlc »mt. 
rni^higck sod the hut ' 
Uiim shall eat them: 
and tlie vk-an ahall cat 
like. Only bu tTire that 
tiw blood : far the blood 
ami tli-nii maywt net < 
witli the flHi. Thmi il 
it ; tliuu nbalt pour t 
eartli a^ rtalnT. Thon i 
It ; that it may p wcl 
and with thv chll4ten 
nrlicn than i}ult do tk 
riKht iu llio ti|[h( of 
Unl]' thr Eiuly Udnn 
tioai, uhI thy voin, i&m 
«a^ IP luivi '^ Vw 

offiw tl:ii VotRA. 

Pkv^m Iha aMu- ef th* 
^M : mJ th* Uood of 

tMwr rf Uw Loi» thjr 
I ihoa tbMii okt tlif B«*li. 
M bMT lil UwM imnls 
Hnaud tkt«, ikflt b tMr 
Mtt thM. tad Mtth Ihj 
tfl-t itiM ht tfrer. trbon 
k Iftar vAlf A it cmhI ind 
it ikbi «( Uw LoBD ihy 
MB tta Lean tihjr Coi 

tlb BttioM fntn Wfon 
F thM fWM la po«M« 
< IkM WK w J eK (Imb. tn<j 



llmvU tint ttioa )>« not rnareJ by 
MtvirlnB itiem, ttUr Ihdt the; tw 
(Intnyvd from Wurv thM ; wiil 
ihtt u\Mt onqniM not kflw tlMir 
i^<l«. Hiitotf, How did Ibiua b^ 
lioiu cerve thtiriMdi! oren an wilt 
I lb likxnit*. Thou ihalt not da m 
Ufilo IIm Lonti thy God : for tyon 
■WniHitlioo to th« Lak», irUoh Ha 
luktli, have thay doa« unto Itiair 
Md» : lor BTCP thfir «nn* nod iSiir 
uoffhton Ihcy htw bnnit in tbc 
£ta to iliMf Bod*. Wbt thinji ■»• 
«TBr I ciwiniand yitn, nbti-nr lo do 
it ; thou iImII not Md thereto, Sftr 
dininicli fMm It. 

flilaniina. Dbutsiionomy XIII. Pbb. flp. 

I nta Mw t 5va a pro- 
IT • iwiMH •! di«miM, 
k thit » tie» or k Koiidn'. 
ti <r liw wHiiUr tiMM to 
Nn( b tfmka wlo Him, 
Nn gvahor oikar godt, 
M iMt Boi kinrn, ud 

n ll««I thM AUt BOt 

Hftito w«rd« of tint pto- 
feU 4rMB«r «f drunu: 
■»TC8rGo4 protalh yao. 
IAMHT r« 1»v« Dm Uan 
«flh all root bftarl util 
Mr (Ml. Y« itiatl walk 
JOB jmt Odd. Mil ftu 
Mpnii lomaaadwiwf. 
Hk taHM. and ya ikill 
, aat timn miio Him. 
pmfcrt. or ihti dianer 
I mbD m pal U death ; 

iMti nokca la turn iwii 
I tka Loau jMtr God, 
qll y«a «( «f the land 
■InteBedyM oat of 
■ twiif It to ihnwt Iter 
•ay iriaeh Ihr Ij^an tliy 
imM ihce to wilk in. 
Ihaa am tlw enl away 
MaoftkM. Itikybro- 
aa ■( Ihy naOiM-. «r thy 
t daadun*. or tlic irflc of 
.•«AytriMtd.irWdi Ij m 

Ml, wnl«e th» marllx. 
ft m gQ and trm.' flAn- 1 
I jBm AwT aM tooiti. 

die soda nf Ihn ]ii>np1« (chjfh art 
round »l»ut yau, nigh nnlo thv*, 
or fu «fr fruTU tliMi, (ram tlie mm 
eod of lliv (^ailti rven iiulo the 
o(Vp I'm] lA <ho f Krili i tliuu fitelt 
not (lonwDt untn him, iinr hrarkn 
nnto hjm ; nt>ithi-r ihnlt (hinfl sya 
pity liim. ui'iilicr utmlt ()juu ipare, 
iiciUier Uiill Iliuu roLLceal liioi : bnl 
UiciQ dull tureiy kill him; thina 
tmnd iball b* Sm npoD htm Ui pat 
him to dnih, and aftannrda tita 
hand of ill tha paeplt. And thon 
hhalt hKhis bin wllh >I«dm, llul 
h« •lit-: btL-niiM be hath ntii^t lo 
thniM, ilwe away ftom tbo LORI> 
tby (i<id, n' liich braoriit Ihce out of 
the land of l^rpt. from the howa 
or InBdutu iknd all l>nu-l nhaU 
htari BM fnr, and ■hall do no 
isna any ouch wickrdntM u ihfa 
la anuniK you. If thou ahilt bear 
My In ofH of tlir «IU«» T>hich the 
Low lh(r God BMb ^Ven thei t« 
dmD Oare. wins, CVrtain own, 
tba cUldrtn ol Belial, are goini; ool 
from aaums you, iiod haTo wiih- 
Aaira the SaiaUUMa ft tbvir dty, 
■yinc L« iM go and (am oih« 
tMt, whltft ye haTf not linown j 
(hrn »h»lt thou miiuIm. and in«« 
anuili. and art -UliRpnlly i and. fc»- 
, Jwld, iru l-e Itvih, MAd 4m Oo*^ 
i' e^rtuft. iKal nirh abon^Uion u 
•rjva^t amonj; ywi; Ihoa *\**" 
«t«J>' mile the iulabiUnU of '•^^^ 


Fun. SQ. (£bniing, DKirTERONfiMv XIV. 

YE are the oliilJrcn of the Loan 
your Gud: jc iHjiII not «nt 

Mlwtr>n your c>i« fur the dtiid. 
For tliaii art an holy pcaiiU unlo 
llio Loun thy UaJ. nnd tno Loud 

pcojilc mil.) Iliiniu'lf. iIuitc ill llir 
nutloiia tlial urr ui>nn the cjifIIi, 
I'hou ulimtt not rat any abomino bfe 
IfainA. Tbese ar^ t)i» b«MU Mhicli 
yt «hill eat : tb* oe, tlw tluap, Rnd 
ilic d^t. th« Wt, Slid the M«burk. 
und tlic hllow dMT, And Uiii wild 
iroEii. und the prmrs. >nil thv wil'l 
«i, tnd tlw rtinniiiit. And tT«ry 
b«>i*l thnl |»irt<i|)i Lho hnof. Ami 
dMvuth thp eUh intn two Pl!ii«. 
4nit rlu'wciU Ihi- cud ntnuun ilm 
beuti. tliBt ye Bh&ll rut. Strtr- 
tlHlus them ye elifi.ll not rat of 
IImib thkt rhtvr Ilie fiid, or of thum 
tlist diTidp tliD cloven Itua!: ai tlio 
camel, aud tliu luru, and tin- cuuv}': 
for they chew tlm (<ud. liiic Jividu 
not the limf ; thertfnTt Ihny are 
unolsm unlo fon. Ami lh<! sivjnn, 
teeauM it divideth tlic liuuf, jl-i 
obewrth not the oud. it u uuutvin 
unto ymx : fs tlull not eat or l\\m 
JU'iIi. nor touch lliiiii ili-id ean-nw". 
ThcH j-o vhali cut of jll tla( arr in 
llii: wulcrf : ill tliut Lmi: fiiin luiU 
■calet 8Kall}'i>eiii : and wlatMevvr 
li«th not flni »nd «:»lmi j-e may not 
«ii: it ij iinclnan unto ynn. "/'kII 
ckwi liinli yn iluU cil. Hul thc»c 
tlrr Ikry of which yo iliall ivot esl: 
Me pfjtfJu, and lliu msifnga, >>n<l 


kite, and tiia fnllan 
and mvTf nren 
tfca owl, Bnd 
Iho cuckow, u)i 
kind, (he little 
0x1, and the nran, 
XDil lliu iiirr Uftlis t 
rant, auil the ntcrk. 
»ftur lu-'r kind, sod 
iii)d tlio biit~ And I 
tLiiiu that fti«tli it 
]rou : Ihry (hall nol I 
nf nil de&n [owl* fa 
■liUI u<it Mt ^tmy '' 
ofiiwlf : thon »halt 
MmiKer th«t k in 
he m.-ijeat It; w tin 
it inilo in a1i.fii : tm 
liol; pccipk uiita the Ij 
Thou ahiJt nol «Mlb 
Biol her' 4 milk. TlM 
tithe all th(! in> 
tint tlio fli'ld bri; 
year. And Cliuu jB«]> 
LoDO ihv Ijoij, In tl 
lie tbnll rhoosp to 
Ihrm, Ilia tithn of Ui 
wtuu, KEid uf tiiini! ml 
liiuts of thy heij* m 
tliat tlioii mckTMt lead 
I.nuff lliy God >it*>n 
way Iw too Ions foM 
thou ut nut abb t« I 
llie place be loo far ftw 
the LoRR thy Cod *h 
sot tli« nnme tbora, 
Ihy Cod liatli br 
ii\in.M. \\iirti \i\TTx it _ 

«fc* cwpnor. Mid tli« elodtt, md. t\io ' Ml »b>>>1i- K* ™*« 


fRsmtnt. Dbutsiiokomy XV. Marcb I, 


)laaka*naMK. Acrl 
mmm «t tfaf nliuc : 
w (hit Inidcth ought 
mv •hall relMae *t; 
lend M of lii* •dgh- 
UbrMbcr: bec*uw il 
iteftft*! nlcMt. Of > 
MntBl enoi il wain ; 
eh It Ifcina wilfi thr 
I femd ahAn ralowi 
mc rtMll l« DO noor 
'far tbc Loa» bull 
kbM B Uw Und whlcti 
p Odd glvMlt IbM /or 
M'W poHMi Hi inly 
dij bMfkca mato A» 
Lmv llij God, to ob- 
1 IbMc conHiaitdmcim 
M»4 thM Uiii lUj. t'ot 
G«l biMMlh tlm. M 
tbM : ftnd Ui«u »liiK 
wj aitkuuh but tbou 
') uul Ibou tlutli 
MtUoi, bq« Unjt 

■n<l tlmi girasl bim nuuirht ; and 
he try uulo Ihu LbHu i^lnit tbee, 
■nd II br tin iinU Itwc. Thou 
.itult niTrty giin liim, aud (hliie 
besri ituili nut l» grlered wh«u 
ifaou RJVDBt iinio liim: Iil-cuubc dial 
(or tnif llttnc the Lonr tby Uoil 
•hall bICM thc(< in nil IliT vOTlo, 
Mid in all Chit thnii piittcst thins 
tLand uiiitii. Fur tliK pour ehall iicvir 
ociM uul (it Ilia Imirl; llienitorc I 
nominunil thei:. B&rinH, Tbou aliaJt 
open tlttiic hiintl nide anto thy bn- 
[tivr, tu ttiy puur, anil M tl>r nMd;, 
luUirlaud. .Inrfirihjrbrullier, mi 
Ucbniw Diau, i/z iii I tirbrew wodud, 
be mU unto iti<:e, and atrro tli«o 
BIX yvan; then in the ffCTcuih joor 
ibau HhaK lei him ^ [rcc fnni Ihn. 
Auil nhcii tliou Mnilesl hiiu out Imv 
frcn Ihvo, iliou tbajt not l«I biin 
CD a.'tnj innpt;: Uwu abalt funii*h 
nim lib«rsUj out ot tfajr flo«fc, Mid 

out of U|T BoOTt and out of thjr wlnc- 
pnat: rf that wb«i«with tht LoBir 

it._ n-J ■ ■ - ■ Ihu •!»_ ahall 


I J1|«J 



Iuu4 tato Umv, whiB tiion mdcM 
Mil awkj foe ftwn Uim: far ht 
hftlh been wofUi i daubl* hiMd 
■tnant in (&/v, io ureinji tlie* as 

Bmt mil [lie Lord iliy Gud «hull 
W ihn In aU that Ihou dM^t. 
AHtlMflntlinsiBalFH thm came of 
tliyherd indollb}' Soi'k thon vhalt 
iuieli^ ttntu lh4 LoHB titf Godi 
Ikoushnlt ilunovrarlcMlliUiaBnl- 
Ung oi ihv luillonk, DOT ihrar Uh 
flntlinfi 01 thy alienp. Ttiou ibaJt 


bold. AmTu dun ht 
Uwma, Of i^ »( &t k 
«T iaw aay ill bkaii 
not MoriflM It HBlo I 
God. Thou ihtkNl 
Sfttait: tlN inclMB a 
Mnoit AoSmI U wB 
Buck, and u tlw htr 
thall Ddt m ibt li 
tbou (Mlt [wui il npc 
u wnitr. 

March 1. Cbmina, Dectbbovomf XVI. 



OBSERVK till' mniitli of Abib, 
uicl krcp thi; pituovrr unb Ihn 
LoBD t>iy iiiA: fur ill Ilie mODth 
of Alilb liL« Lord (Ly li-tii liroudit 
ihpB forth out of Kfiyiit by nisnl. 
Tliuii shuH IhcTofor* iu<ti11i:« tl» 
Iiaasovtr unto tim Luito lliy God, 
«f llio flocif iiniJ Ibe IjcrU, in tlie 
■fiKir wlitcb the Lord kIuIj choaee 
to plocv lilt name [lieir. Thou 
•hilt »»i nn IcavRnctI brfad Trilh 
It; (etvn dayx uluilt. thnu nut on- 
iMTaneJ bmd tlicrrwUli. evai th« 
bread of offlicliuu : for iliou oami'sl 
fiHtb out of ibc land of Egypt In 
liMlii!: that Ihnii ninTi^nl n-iD'TUihcr 
the d»]r whuti t)inii camril forth out 
of Ilia IkiilI of hjapt nil tha dsj* 
of til}* life. And tbi-re ali.ill be no 
Icaicriod trend seen with llu'O In 
oil thy coail .wiat iliyn ; neither 
nhnl! thrri! aiiii thiim of tlip Berh, 
which tlipti nacrifioejat the first itay 
at ercn, rvmiLii oil tiijiht ontil Iho 
ntoraliiK- Tliou nuyrsl not tacri- 
Am th« pMMvor wiibin tjur of thy 
KUm, vrhich the Lobp ttij Ood 

Srelb ihM : but ftt tbe nUce wblcb 
« Loiu> lliy Uod abiU nliooM to 
pbce Hi) Dusa in. iIiot« thou tJuvit 
iHrifiM ibc puiom U oTtu, m 
tlu soioB do<Tu of tha nnii >t tho 
Mwoa tut thou twmert forUi out 
of Enjy*- And tliou shalt r«aal idU 
Ml il m tbo pIkw whioh Ibo Lord 
ib^ God ibul cbooH : and thoa 
«wf (am la the aionliu. ind so 

irevtrnth 6iy tb«U te 
HBtnbly to tba r.oaoll 
ilitit do no vorfc (b 
wMkt dtaltllMv Mm: 
ImhIii to mmha tha 
fruni (uoA Aav a II 
to pui tiu nckb to U 
thou ahill keep Iba II 
iiiilo the l>o<ui Ihr Ot 
btttc of ■ fnoirUl 00 
hnnd, vhich Ihon ifai 
Ihr Lnto Ibff Oat, act 

Luav Ihj Ood hath 
and Iboa ohaU nfila 
Lord th; Ood. tiwd. 
mad ihj dnushWr, ■ 
KTiiint, and tbjr miii 
tlie Lcrito that u mtJ 
and the etmiRtr, ta 
ICM, and the nulowi II 
jvu, in Ibo |;da«e Kb 
thy GniJ hath cboMO 
nuue thore. And thag 
lier that then mwt i 
Egypt : and ihoa dial 
do tnow ttatoUe. T 
terra Ibo tEoat of tabi 
d&ysi attot thai tboa 
in ll^ eora and thj i* 
ihalt rajoice ia Ihr Ik 
tbjt Kin, and thy oaaj 
nianei'r<aiil, md thir 
luJ lliD 1/Bvile, Ibo 
Ih4 btlwrloM, and th 
art irithin Ibf gUW 
ibolt tbon IcMp k tdi 

•»» (to Mate aix diort UIM *al.^ \ '■'** ^**'' 'V^i 
w( uaJMreBfJ bread: and on tb« \ 1*™* v'ttj ^»A 

Ood wlich He Ittilt KlTeii 
■H Hd oShr «Iw)i (hoa 
In all ik7 ate. which ilu 
a«d ^retb Ihw, Unvngh- 

grore of tnj irers ilPOt unlo ibe 
■lur of [be Ldr[i tlif God. wliiob 
Ihon ituJt moke thn;. N#ltliL'i flalt 
tlion let thco »p nnii img^ ; «cbick 
the Laiu> Uir liuit lialclb. 

3. fHornini. Dkutkronomy XVII. Mahcii 8. 

' lUl KM auiflce unto 

OM Ibr 0«d any bullock, 

wtaMB It btfntitii or 

iwntdiWMi (or Uiat it 

mIm Hlto tllD l^MP lb)r 

htn be f«aad unou j«a, 
7 «< Hit mlM Khtoh the 
Owl gl'**^ thcv, Diiin vf 
Ul bMh (TTvuglil iHcktd- 
a» nsM «f (h* LoMD tbr 
tMpMdw Hi* MTMiant, 
gdoe ftod mm4 Mba 

wwihipfBd tbMI, tiUleT 

i«r vom, «r anr «( tb« 
HMwi, wbkb I ban Dot 
id; kxi It b* UMlbM, 
hMt baud V ^ii "d cD- 
%a*)r. uod, bcbcM. i( &> 

hiird for tUw in judinncnt, bctvrecB 
blood aiid Hood, Wlwcou j'lva and 

Sit*, luid l-oiwMR nimkc nud Blrokei 
glnti naltcii of coatroTciny wllli' 
in tDj gateti llirn iihiJt lliou uiiCi 
*n4 8*t tbn «p iai* thii plitc* irbicb 
ifao boBO tby (tod ihkll chooM i ud 
thOQ (bait come anto th« piiotU 
Uie LoiWi. >nil auto thejudgn tbU 
AaH b« tu tliur* (1>7«, »aa tsqain ; 
uid tii^ Ahall tJicw tbM Iht am* 
ttncc o( Jiiiigmcn.t : and thou ihijl 
do according to tbc mitcace, trhiob 
tlivv of iliat pUoe wbieh th« Lokb 
•hall rliooM iball ih4iT thve ; and 
tboD *haJi obMTX li> ila .if carding 
(o all that Ibfljr inf-irm Ihci : ac- 
cordinfi to tbc miMDW uf thi> Uir 
irhioli Ihcj- thaQ iMwli ihm, mid 
tnou^H in Ik- | auutdtu io lb* Jodgneni w^ob 

Miwn % 



mil •bait uy, I ^111 not % kin^ ovrr 
mo, llkn nil *11 tlu) nBtlcna tlial art 
■boiit mc ; tliiiu ihili in nny viiia 
aH AtFTi kiti« oirr tliw, wbom tlw 
LoR(» thjr (lui) Hhnll rhiKJUo ; i>q# 
from auung 1h; krclhraii rtliall thoa 
■M kiu^ QWT Ihco : thou mayerl not 
•Pt a itran^itr uirr thrc, xhicti ii 
rik>l (hy hn>thi>T. Itiit ?)r; •haU rieil 
(aiiltl|ily liorUB do hiimu'lf, not cauu 
llie pioflc to ralurn Cu Egjpt. lo 
llip cn-I tliat be ihauilJ tDu)lipIy 
humn: fonoiDuuh aa the LuHiihatli 
■aid unto yoo. Vx itluill hunnvtutth 
rvtntn no aoiv that w»y. Neither 
■tutll h« multiply wives to liimiwlf, 
that Iii> hnit turn nut Himf; nci- 
iImt alwil 1» sruatly luulliplr to 

hlrna^ ailf«T sad fOU. 
ibatl he, when be tf nrth 
thna* irf hi* klngdvm, 
WTi1« Um a rojijr of 1 
book «i)t or tAar wMdb 

prkaU Itta I.ctII«i: and ICl 
wrJth him, unil he iboll ti«4 
nil tlw davs of hi* life : tU 
Irani tu f'QT Ih* LoKO Itti 
bwi' all llin wnriU at IU» 
ttiLic tuiolOk to do tbtni ll 
heart b« not \itlti up abofi 
tRrni. and that he tuin Dtb 
fr<nn ihr omaiifiijmanl, l» 
hauil, vT It the Idt : to (bo 
he DUTpTolon^Jk^dajninU 

duin, liE. and hia chlldlCBt 
Euidet t{ Itnuil. 

March S. Gbtning, D£VTi:ao.\o»r XVIII. MAi 

THF prir^dtil tile LctitiM, nnr/ all 
llw tnlm iif Leri, clmll hard no 
part nor Inliiritani^K arith Ifmrl: 
lliry uliall cat ihc ofliirinKi of the 
Loan made bj Srr. and His inhcri't- 
anc*. Thcrpforv «1u>ll tlipj- hfo no 
l»)ii*rtCaiii^o ai]ii>cii; Ow'ir lTr><i1in^n : 
the LoHo it Uwir iiihorilaji-ii', an 
He hnth tald unto them. And thia 
■ihall be tliv jirk'it'ii due froin llie 
panbliii, fn}iii (Kma (hat uSWr a m- 
criuiu, ivhether ti &# m or *li(i(ip; 
and ttipy ahall (rive unto Iha primt 
tlw phoalder, and the iVfo ettoeka, 
and tbrt tanw. Thi? firalfrait alio of 
thy mm, «f thy wins, and nf lliinir 
oil, and the Bnt uf the flencr u! thy 
•keep, limit tlMO oiTe bin. for tlw 
Lofti) thy Uod h>Ui ohoiea Um out 
of • II th7 trltM, t« tt*nd to nlnUtH 

in the iiamd of the Ijiinii, hhn aiid 
hi* iona for ewr. And if a Lcvil* 
aome from uy ol thy gt.t«« oat of 
■II IrmI. when he Njonntd. and 
eon* wtlD aU tt« dtctn of hU mind 
anU th« pUm which the I.nnu 
thUl cbOMo t tJiini hu ihail mluiatcr 
in the nans of th« Lonn hia God, 
%» atl Ml bnthren ths LtiilM Ai, 
•rhirh -tind Iharu bafoKthe Lord. 
TJjcj" bIioIJ h.'ivn likii pjittioni lo 
»»/, twjdo tlisi Hjiii'h ci>m«rti ol' 
riw nlo of his imirimony. ViWn 


Che Loud thy God RiTclh thn 
(■halt nul loam lo do aftfrtl 
niinaliiinti of thoM nlloo*. 
■dial] nut bo found OMMig 
onf iliit makcth M* 

daiiRhtrr to fiaaa tbroagll 
t;r iiwlh dirtakllM, or 
wrrar of liuiM, or an taehan 
n witfh. or b charmer, ot 
■ullet inlk Eitniliar a[>iiit>i 
wixaid, ur a necpnnuintr- 
thal do thn* l)iinya ur* aa 
antlna unta the Lnits-. akd 
of theie sboiiiinaliani tiM Ls 
(Jmt dolh dnra Ihrra out (i 
hn th»». Thou riiaU to 
with tlw Lnnti thy God. Vl 
Datinna, wliieh thou ahalt 
bearkeni'd nui* obMTwn ■ 
itod onto diviner*: Mil aift 
tho Loitii thy God liath ii«*^_ 
then *o lo do. The LoM II 
will nuM up tkOlA IkM » r 
from Dm nddM «( tfaM, «f < 
(hnn, llk« onto bo ; aula 
shnli lienrlten ; ittaihieg U 
thou cli-iirt.-dit of th« Lrasi 
in Horeb lU Ihc dny of 
bly, «)'ing, I.nt mo n. ' 
th« vaJRO u< thu Lonv 
UMt lei nw tae tint 


ttoa »rt com* iniwthw Uad wUiiih\ ikoi^^A^w^S^w*! 


tMtU«d UmIj ■^Intl hU brollwr; 
lb«D ilujl ye do aMa hitn, u be 
had ttwnghC to ha-n dgna onW liia 
bmlbn': n shall Ihon pal Uw 
•tU kitijr tram unong tou. And 
thoM whuh icnuin iholl lu*r, tnd 

f«ar. Mid ibal) 

DO I30TC uif Kicfa r*il 

AW tfaiae «* A>H OM I 

lif* Ma0 ^ for IUe« Ml 

loMh fdr hMlh, r 


March 3. Ctiniina, Dectkroxomy XX. 

WHEN llinii gmtsl out lo baKt* 
a^kliut tliino eiuinlss, uid 
•oAit lic)r»?ii and ^^lianots, and a 
P«D]i1fi morr tlisn ihoii, be iml iifniil 
of tiWRt: tor t^w li>)iiv Ihy Clthl m 
«itli lli»f, \VhliJi bruujtlil ilico up 
out of dio laud of Ej{^^l. Aud It 
ihiiJl be. itIich to mo tfotDQ iiiKb 
oulo tlw battle, that the prlvxt etutU 
■pproach itid •|>MLk until Iha mo- 

Sla, LnJ iliall uy unto Ihom. Haar, 
TiTTiol. jc n pi>rD.!ic}i iliLi dav nnto 
bittlL^ Dj^miuJit ^our enriiiirf : lot not 
jroar liparla fniiit, fpxr nnt, aii-1 do 
not tremblu, nvitliHr Im ya toirlflod 
b«ottUHi of ihcm; for llu LnuD your 
God it Ilo ibat ffoctb with 70U. to 
flfht for 501] ai^init your ia«irii«. 
ta WTB yon. Anil ihn oltlpcrw »b»ll 
(pi^ untotlw t""!''"- ■><tyi">i< WJukI 
man ii thtr* tbat nalli ^uilt a dbw 
luiiua. and bath not dudicitcd ic ? 
bt Um go and rrtiim to bis hoame, 
iMt ha dU ill llip lialllr, »><) anolbfr 
Dian dodUixl* it. And uliut laui it 
Kt tkil huth pluitcd a, vinrynrd. 

ud hith Dot y' eaten of it ^ let 

him aim KO mud rotum unto hii 

hoius, Int lie di« <n lh« ballla, and 

asoih«T taan <al of it. And what 

Btan k Ih^r* that bath bcirutiicd a 

wife, and hath nut likcD her ? I«t 

kini so tad return iintu hii liouH, 

lot M dia ill tW bntllii. And auu>th*r 

man Ul» hor. Xad the offiriin nhnJl 

flptak f^irlhcr unt^ tho people, and 

tiiej ahall lay, What tDui u ihare 

lAoJufMrfnl and Untheairtftd? let 

Um oa and MMra utM hit boon, 

iMt bI* br«Uir*a'< heart funl u 

wtU «1 hk hiut. And it ihall be. 

wtkn Uu Mem haru innd« an rnd 

«/ apeakiag ulit4 the ^o«lc, VtvU 

tA«r«J)aJJ naka naptaiua »t tW m- > 

niw Id lead th* p«npla. When Uu>ii 

•WUtftft aigh unto » etly t« ttifb\ 



aj!>iiial it, dim proclaiu | 
it. And 11 ■btllbt. if it I 
answer <A poicc. and opan. 
thvo it kIulU be. Mat aU I 
iluii it fQiuid thcfcai (hi 
bittariii mito tho^ aad I 
unciliN. And if fl will 
peare with ihoe, but wUI I 
agaioit tbc«, then ihou 
■ioM it: and whan tha ! 
God hath dnlitarvd 11 I 
buidi, than ahalt nnlW « 
tbvriviif n-ith lh> cdM of d 
but thv HumtMi, aod lb* I 
■lid iIm r«llU, aad all 1 
th« oltT, rorn all th* nd 
ih»lt tbon lake uul* in 
ihmi ahall cat Iha ^M 
vmtnuBit, whidi tha LwB 
hath gi*«n tho«. Thoa I 
do onto all di* dli** < 
terr fof off from that, i 
not of the citi« of th«a 
But at Ike cilinn of tha 
which th( LoMi thj Ood 
th«o fir an InlieTitaaoa, I 
»n alive noitlunR Ikai h 
bill thou ahalt ulLerly deal 
namilo, llie Hittileibandl 
iW*, Um Caaaaiiit«it, aqd | 
titea, tb« lliritca, and thai 
a* tha LftBB (hy (iod 1 
mandcd than : thit Abj I 
not to do afWr all thsir 
lidnii, which Ihiiy ha*o i 
Ibcir icudu ; ao uhould ys ■ 
tile {.auD jaut God. w 
■ball b««iwes a <iir » ton 
naUu WH afisbai il K 
than Mall not itwlinj 
thereof by forcing wk tl 
Utom : far thou bujmI Ml 
unA t,liau dhalt not ml ll 
K\fit \>A Uw fA <(& %U 
lj/«^ \a «aV^ lh«m>«i 

rift lk> sUia ■miieh art 
ttlklhM fari«lfi: fend 
{,ll«iUa *Uj mhit* u 
M iUb nas, atca the 
IIU ^ fehfett Uk« u 
A bftlh nM bMo wnncM 
rUcIi ImUi Ml dnwK ta 
Md tlM aldfM or tiuti 
fing down th* hnfer nn- 
I nUVi «Uel< ti Mitlwr 

iwA Am to lU mi- 
ll iirtaMt Um! mii> of t^Tl 
mmr', far tinmi thv Luud 

ma la biMi fn ih( mat 
» g; tad bT ftlli wcrt 
I* BOolnwiT u4 f tpjr 
MW; HHl aU tira tldm 
r. Aaf OT* am aalo Ike 
, aUI wuh tMt hud£ 
alte ttat to k*hMd«d In 
I aad dwr aball umwr 
nv hfesdi lata not dud 
L Brittwr haT« «iir «;«■ 
b ■arrffa), O LotD. an- 

elfluL wboD Tbou 
aad bi; MN Innoenn 

moBlht sutt ift«r that thou 
SO In iintc lieT. »n>l is Wt husli. . ... 
xnd the bIuiU )i« Iliy wifv. Atid it 
iliall be. if thou liAcc 111) Jflif^Iil ill 
htr, thtii thou rh^l^ Ut hu go irhi- 
t)i«r ih« will; hill ihnii iihalt not 
wtl h«r It all fnr iDonij-, thnn Rhnll 
no! uklte maKlundiao of lirr, ht- 
enatt thoa h&It huiDhled bcr. 1(k 
vtB hfeTA two ivWm, oae b*IoTed. 
and anothfT dated, and Ihei- ha** 
bora him childmi, tfik ilw Mlortd 
and the hnlf^l- «nd i/'lhe fimtbom 
ton b« liL'r'B that u'u hnted; Ihi'U 
it ahill bt, vthfn he Bit.ltMh his 
Mna It liiht'rit lA^ irhleh Iw hath. 
tkal hi! innj nnl mxks th« ton of 
t)i» bfiioreri firftbom brfofs tho am 
of Die hnli^d. icAirA if uiilred Iha 
6nit1>(irn; but he Hlinil iiFknDn'1pd;ra 
the son of llie halud far tlio lint- 
born, bj- ririnjt Mm a lioHhls por- 
llnn nf nil Ihit li« hath : fur he ii 
the bcuinniiiK of U* alrenifih ; llie 
right uf iLu Hrttborn i> Li«. If a 
man haio a tlnthnrn nnd rcfwllioua 
eon. which will uul obny the loicii 
of hu father, or Iha raic« at Ua 

UiRCii 4. 



miin l»n> tanmlltoil ■ rin worllij 
of dnth, uid lu; be U In put to 
deilb. and ihoii hnnf liim an a 

ni^lit iijion tht tree, but tliuu rliilt 

In knj vrbo bny Ub DmI 
(Cor ho Ibit b hkngod fa i 
of God ;) Unl thjr lud b* 
ftlvd, nkieli lb« Lokb O] 

AlAKrH 4. ^btning, DKitTKRoNour XXII. Mari 

THOU «h^t not we Uiy broltwr** 
ox or hU ahaeii go (xtra^, and 
hide Ihjvplf from tnexn: Ihnu shuLt 
in nn/ rsM triiis Ihcm aRaiD unto 
thy Ipolti^r. AnJ if Ihy li>i>lher l<r 
not nigh iiiito th'f, (ir if thnii know 
bim not, thiMi lliau >liale bjiag II 
unto ihinr onn hoiue, and it uitll 
W vt!iIi tlicp until di7 bivtbtr Mdc 
afkr it, Aiid tliuu Am RMora it to 
him lunin. In Ilko manner khnlt 
tliQU do witb hi« wa ; and « thUt 
thou do with hii raimcn t ; i nil vith 
nil Imt UiinH of th; Wothor'ti, which 
ha hatli lv«t, anil Ihoii haiC fnnnt), 
■halt tlioiD do Ii1cft«ri>i' ; Ihoii niii,yi->t 
not hide thrvolt. Thou ilinll not wn 
Ihj brolLiT'i tws or his ox bll dawn 
tw tli» iraj, Bnd hide thjrwtf fn-m 
tbcia : thon alialt Kun^W hvlji liirn 
Id lift /Ai-ni Dp ae^in, Thu noiimii 
ahall not vrnar tlint vrhirh ntrtutn- 
Vtli unto a mnd, ni'ithrr Fliifl s mui 
pat nil a iTCimi.n'ii sunni'iil : for »li 
that da to ftff al>iiiniiiaLii>iL unto 
Ibc Loud thy God, If a tuird'n nut 
ohanw to l)c boforo Ihfu in the 1*07 
in Kij; iTve, or oa tho i^ound. tcAd- 
/fc«T (A™ !•« yoima oarf, OT t>B(I». 
and llio duii Mlliiig uw'n llw r»iiiig. 
or upon llio cgK>. thou iliall uat 
tak« th« dan with the jonna : tal 
Ituta (lull ia any iriM l«t Ihc ilani 
go, and IhUa tli<i rciiins to tliwi 
thai it may ba well fritn thor, and 
thai thou DutFMt prolong 'Ay daf h. 
Whan then bulldut » new honie, 
then tlion fAidt make a baUlcmtnt 
for ihy roof, that than brin« wi 
hlnoil upon cMbi honat. If anv man 
full from Ihesoe. Than ibalt not 

earmoDl ofdivttt anrt*,*! of 
fen and llnm togctlKr. "Dim 
make thcc (rioffw apM ih 
nuartpra of iVr vtalaro, 1 ' 
Iboii oaT«r«M <A)hw(^ it 
takt a wife, and go In 
and hnta her, and ci^e 
of apcaeh axaiiul her, tod h 
an «<rU oaae uinn Iwr, and 
look ibi* womao, aud iihcn 
to h(T. I found Iwr aoi a 
ihall the fathiKF of the 

her molhert tafc* and bnHl 
tin letmu if th* 4*nimr« n 
onto th« «\ien ot lb* dtj 1 
cats : and the daiaicri ftwi 
uhy CO to the el den, 1 fla< 
dauKliUv unto lUa man tt 
and fa* bhtoth h«rt aa^ IkI 

£lT«n iMKiaifoni of ipatdi 1 
iT, nyinji, I fouuj ii<it (hj 
ter Q, miLJ ; nod yet Ibcsai 
Iekm4 lif my dait5t)t«r'B ill) 
And lVi«y tilinll Hjirvad tt» 
licfore llii! nldrr* of tht tJIf. 
the cldcn o( (hat eltj alw 
that nun anil rhaaliae UhI 
thojr ihall ami-rvf bim to 
dnidailfJt#;kof Mlerr.andpV, 
unto the father of tnn < 
(MkOM h« halli brDu>:ht «p 
nanii> umd a riqrin of IitmI 
ih(- «hall bs hii ynU ; h( 
liiil licr away all hia dajn 
ihii Ihin^ b« ttfit, aitd Ott tA 
virKioii? ho net found to tti 
Ml : th«n tbty ihAll bttef I 
damwl to th« dnor tXimi 
liniiin. md thft niMi of bn dl] 
nonet tM A 

alonp hi-r with 
btMUie sliA hath nrmislil 
lirul, to jvlay the WIIW 
bthfTH hnnin: m etatt 

goir tliy vnn'irird with dl*«n ateda : 

JcBi the fruit of thv BO«d vhleh . 

thna hast «Oini, anii thv ftnlt of l«ivl ftwiy from 

not plow wth ID ox and »n Mi\ miim''A, in w» _. 
, UvvOier. Thou thall Mt «m ».\ shsU ^JO* (A *«k 

lUl «■! ft«r«]r evil from 
Hh. Hh if > DM f)»d > 
I^Mrl in the flrl^ Md 
fefM b*r. and li* wMi Imt ; 
■■• 0^ th*l br with hn 
<! bit ate tlw dwnael (Iiau 

( 5. SSLarttitt^, Dbute 

BN a mim Iwlh takon « 
Mh, an4 sutIkI Iwr, anil il 
fia tkii A* find no hioaj 
WM, bMMM he hitk (onnd 
MM^WM 1* k«T : Iban kl 
It bv ft UU cf diroTrvmiHil. 

■ il h bvr buul, ind wDd 
nfUi bMM!. AdiI when >li<- 
■M Mt «r bb hoDM, *he 
Ml b UMlber mm'* vt/e. 
IbWMt bubtxd hate htr. 
Ilthi ft bUlafdiTOTMiD^nt, 
Mfe it k btr hftod, *i»il kiiiI' 
I oa •( hfa hoiiH : or il ibc 
Htmi 4t», whkh iMk bor 

■ «lbl bar fvnKr taubftnd, 
Ml hO" avftft ■ft*]' no* tAlce 
Ih U ho hi* Mile, >n«r tbftt 
jMMiJorihftl ■ ■bMoiuft. 

aihn Tfiit toy win h«T niun xn* 
onto the •tnnucl'o hthcr Bflv A«il«b 
of niltrr. and sKe shall be his wifi) ; 
b«i^itE« )i<< hath humbl«d hvr, ho 
oiny not iml liur avijr all his dij**. 
A man >ha1! do! take his father** 
wife, nor disoorcr hia fiihei'a ikirl. 


diani3l«B of him. or wnsih him; 
then thai th\o! nhill dir ; »nd than 
sh»ll pul e»il iwiy from amons 
you. Take he«d in tha pliine ol 
lepTov. ihat thOD obecrrr diligent* 
}j. %t)<i (tn ncfwrdlnfr to nil thul tho 
pri'Pil* thf! Li'iit*« "hill tcsch jnii : 
a* 1 cuminaiidi'il Ih«n:. mi vr hIisII 
obonre to di>, ItcinviiilH-r nhtt tha 
Loxo thjr Ooii did unto Mirhm try 
the way, Bfter tlint vo yrrtp camr 
forth odt of Kio'pt' '\Vhc-n thou doit 
Ivnii thy brotjii-r any thinj;, ttiuu 
•iliuti 1101 p> iiilu hl^ lioiiw t« f«t«lt 
hHrvti'd)ri>. TIimiilinlliitj>ndobi«ftd, 
ntid l)i« ni.nn to nliom thou doH 
Irnd F)>; hfine out iIh? ['''^i'o k- 
broiid unio ilii!(<. And if the min 
&( |ioorj thou iliith net >lvcp 

iBOt perml tlw juilKiapnt of 
'tbrvtga, nor of ilie dUier* 
Imb; nor Ukc » widuw'd raiment 
to iil'iIiEB- t'i'l 'tiou i-Ii'lc rvLiii>tu> 
Imt UuiI Ihoii nMt ft I>(iii4[niia ia 
ElTpl. ud the l^an iIi)- (iml te- 
dtCIMa Umw tliciioe: thi^rrtarc I 
cnnunnnd Uwo to ilo lliin Itiintt. 
Wlii'D tlidii ciitu>«t duMii iMiiv Iiui- 
nM iu ihy field, and liMt foritoi & 
■buf in tno field, ihgu sli>lt not go 

«»ir til* 

for iba stnagCTf, 
and for ih* 1 

eath«n!ll tb< __ 
Jitl, Ibou dl>lt m 

wtrd: it d»a b« . 
for Ibe fittbtitaa, . 
dnw. And than alah I 
tliuu mut » 
o( t^urpt: lbitnb«a 1 1 
to ilo thb lUiig. 

March 5. Gbentns, Deutkroxomy XXV. 

IF there hn i ciiniroTcny butwccn 
nicn, naii ibtj comv iinM jndg- 
mcTili ttiAl (Ac jiuSpci maf jniie 
Chem-i Uwn the)' iluill janiifr ua 
rigblwu. ud CO ii'Iciuu iln.' Hx'kcd. 
And It ibkU bt. li tbc nicked duui 
(( irarthj lo be bcaus, tiui the 
JwIkc nliall oailm liitn to lie down, 
■ua l<> Ik bcawn befori! hia Uix, 
tucurdiiut tu Ilia fuull, Ly n I'l'rliiia 
uuuitKT. Furiy etripta L< uiby niy« 
hint, atuf not axeHil: lc», iT' he 
ibeuld tiMcd, utd b«ftt blm ab«Tc 
tbate with mao}: itrtpes. tbeu Uijr 
bntlwt ahuulJ td'ia iilu unto ibra. 
nwu ituUL uot ujiuilu Llje 01 wfaMi 
Iw tmiivth out llu cura. If bro- 
Ihntl dneli togclber, And qii« ft 
IlKm lUe. »nd bsTc no cliild, tbe 
wife oC tDe deuii Bhall not nisn? 
witbout uiitv a MnuiH'^ri bn hu»< 
bvid't bntbor thall no in bdM Iwr, 
■nd Uh« b«T t« hiin to vih, km 

Kfpta tbt duty of on Inuband** 
Ibpr nntu fan. And it shall br, 
nW iti« tLntburn which i>b« buantb 
(h*U moMMl Ln ib« luune of bi* bro- 
Ihar wAtefc it doail, Ib^t bll nanin 
iMiMt pat Mitof Urxl. Andifibe 
man liKc not to take hii brotbct'g 
irifc, ibcD let hi* brotber'a wife ga 
up to (be g*t* usW tb« ttdan, and 
MVr JV/ te«bNi41i toUici ROiaRttk 
tiAfviw up itiiM his brother ft ■»«« 
Jnatlf bs trill sol peifwm %bi* 





Bw nr, and nnol* 

ttitd tbMi nhra Ihsa 

ilvntTi w4babw 

Thmfm itiUltc 

IhM mt from kll ttiiiK Miciiiin 
ronnit aboni. In the kad wUeh Ui* 
LoKD tfajr Cod sinth tbM Jiv u 
Iniiitriuace (o posM« it, Hal Ihou 
■htJl blot gnl tlio temembmncc of 
Amttek from nndti braraa ; Itno 
(bkit Dot forget If. 

AMnunfi, Dbutsbokouv XWI. M^mrH 6. 

•llbe.irhM Uxra «r( 
t ml* tbe Ikod vUdi 
r Cod KiTtUi ihea ^ar 
M, wi4^ pcMancat it. 
I lyiilu i (lul Ihou 

( Ik* am «( >u iiN 

bA, wlikb Ibon ibtlt 
1mi4 IhM On LftHn 
a, and ikftk n mo 
Ek the Uu) |& 0«d 
VjplMV Ult ouM ibora. 
•A go iwto tbo priwt 
ti tKoM d*}« and mjp 
fnhm tbti d»7 OHM 
rGvd, IhM I ■■ (mu 
PMrr wbeb tto Laiu> 
Mr falkan far » at 
I oM shiJl lak* Um 
r IUm huul, sa4 MTt l« 
lb* alUr «( Ih* I^iu> 
iri ikn fhali opok •ul 

• Lvaodqr a<td,ASf- 

oowa law E^ft, bu 
R* with > (ew, so J la- 
I aHMO. KnM, Mifhir, 
>i •>< tb« Enpilui 

tM, Hd aflfcMd M, 
M bard b>Dik«»: 
■ Hlad anM iha Loiu> 
Mh&iIw Louibfard 
id bttM «n «T aBUo- 

• kbaiir, ^>d our «(■' 
4 (ka Loao biou^il aa 

Emt <a1kk a nlgku 
niu an oaunvMwd 
"ilk flraal trniUaMM. 
at, aad witb iraadarai 
fchi^t w lalathk 
nAgtMBBi tUaland, 

And lltou tlialt Mt it berort Uio 
L><>ac- lli; God, aad irMatiip twroro 
tlm Louti Ih; Gftd : and Iboa ahalt 
njoie* in eiarr good iMi^r irUch 
tba Low ibr umI bath «fTaa rata 
ibMi Had onU tliino bouat, tlm. 
awl tbt L«<ritci and the ftiaiw 
thai if amuufi nu. Wtua u«q 
Wl nut« aa *iid «< lilliiiui all Ibe 
tltkia <A tbla* iooWM* tU ihiid 
y»ar, whHh m tbe jvar »( lilhiog, 
and eiat gi*«n it ant* tha Lriile, 
lb* Mranarr. tba falbarltu, anil Ihv 
widow, Aai ihaf tnaj fkl itiililu 
thf g>t**> and bo flLlad ; then thnii 
■hall « bafoit tho Lvnn thr (iod. 
1 hare brunRht away tba ballawvj 
IbioKa out ul ■unf DOiua, and aim 
)>av« ({iTDii liurm ualo tha Lurila, 
and aoio iha (Intiini, to the Iklbtv 
Jc«, and to tb« irldon, aecotirmg to 
all Thy comouudiaaBla wbichTwa 
iiati oomiDaadad na ; I ha't not 
Imuffrtaard Th« eomnasdnioDla. 

niltlier htiTo I rirgalttn thtn: I 
haTc col utcDlbenolin m^ nooTn- 
ing, Dlilbcf ban I takra awajovpAl 
thtnof for liny vii(l<ia» uh, aor 

Sitan »iyAt lli(Tn«( Ua the dead: 
>r I )u>f licirkeoad to tba > rf al 
tA tlm LnHD m.T tiod|aail hara 4mw 
ateordiuM t'l all ilial Tboa haat cam- 
manJnd mo. Ijxik down (rim Tbr 
holy liatilalion. fi«in benro. afcd 
U«ai Thj- poopl« I«ra*l. md tbe 
land wbi«1i tIumi l>ait RiTni u*. aa 
Tbnu mrairiit unto nut fstlicN. a 
land thai RowctK -^ilb tnillc and 
\\tmej. Thii '!»y ihe Loan iby trtd 
balb oomnwnded lb«« t« do 1h«N 
MateWa aad jadcmaDU: Ihon ibalt 
, thmtthn km^ and do UHm wittt u\ 
' ihla* htmxt, and with all Ui; MraJ. 
n#u haat avoMbad tbe \mw> \Uit 
('j^ to ba tkr God, aod to ira!& m 

Miacn I 



His wmn, and (« k««p W* (taitulii*, 
uid Him commaadmaat*. aod )(ii 
JodgmcDta, and to bMrken unto III* 
vDiM : Buii t)i» Loop h>lh aTancIwd 
UiM llilii d>* to bo Hilt pecnlfDr 
ptojtlHi. u lie tuLb rTominM tbee, 
lUif tlut (Anu shouMcit kcrp kll 

Hii «anitiiiui4niaiiU; ml m i 
tli« hirh abr/re ill uiuti ' 

lU bMJi nude, in iiruwi i . . 
B»n«, «ad la btttnir ; hS I 
th<n navwt W n Mr 
onto rtift LoftB thf God, m f 



March d. Cbfiring, Dkutkbonouv XXVII. liU 

AN D Mdik* with tbo nUtn of 
. Imr;l ramminilad the poopi*, 
nrinR, Ki*rp all titr wmwuailairait 
trnMh I <ionimB»d von (lii^dky. And 
it rImII bo on tbr> iliiy wlmn yc nhal! 

the Loud thv (Jod ei>'i^i1i ili<v. I'mt 

Uwil *hiilt art Ihvp ii]! ff'nt «t"iir>. 
Mid plaiHU't tlium *ri1li pUi-tor: iin! 
UuHi ahalt writD npun tliam hU iho 
word* of thin lair. w)im tbon ut 
poand (itor, lliikt thou murnt ga in 
uDt'O th» luid irliich Uie Lord thr 
GdiI gJTath tht<^ » land th»t Bomlb 

witli milk ftnd haitR^: m the LnitD 

tiod of tby (i>thi>n halh finmaiied 

I1h«. Thcn-fon it Bhall bo wtion vo 

W jtani' oti?r Jordan, ilini j« thall 

lol uji lliraai iil'>ni>i. wliieh I M>tn- 

maud you Itiii <Uy, in monnl KKal. 

and thou •hilt pluiilcr Ihcm with 

plalt(<<r. And theiv «hkll thou bultd 

an a^Ear unto thL- Lohii I^t GchI, imi 

titar of Kt'liioH : (hnu ulinlt nnl lirt 

up onii iwn /oo/ upon thorn. Thou 

hmIi bdild the attar of the Lnftn 

thy Uod of wba!« iMnei : and thou 

ahilt (itr«r burnt ofl^ring* lhi>Tnnn 

nnin tho Iabd t)ur God ; anrl thnii 

■hnli offer poMW owrinRi. and ■linll 

cat thsre, and rcjoi<e beftoit tht 

1,0 an thy Cnd, An<l thou ahatt 

tvritu ntmn liip slnnnn all Ibn vnrdii 

of this law vfrj pUiiily. And XIo- 

Mi and ilw pti t'iti th« Litvitf i ipnkc 

nnl* tJI Lfnul, uyiuR, 'lube hand, 

ud hwrkm, O Ifrul; llih day 

tkOQ an Iwflom? th» ponpio of tlw 

Imko Ihy God. Thmi aliilt Ihifn- 

fore ulrT the TOici of Ihu t.urtu 

thj GihI, ail J do His cumuiftTiil* 

JHfivrH ao'/ Hit itutuli'u, H'lii«l\ I 
cOffloaiitJ lf)i>n ihig diy. And Mo- 
Mi chMfgfd ihe pconle t)ie M&mG 

day, lann^, Tbcat «)«11 rtwllj 
mouDt Gsriaiat to tildM lb* I 
itlitin y» are tome vm I4 
Simeon, and I.4Ti, and Ju 
Innobar, anil Jowpb, and' 
min ; and these *m11 *ad I 
tni.HiDt Kbti t« «oi«e ; lUabe&L 
and A>li«>r, and Z*tmlm. XlmA 
Kapbtail. And llin Uritoe 1 
ipcak. and By unto all Ih* I 
Inael wilh a load Toioc. ■ 
thr mnn tint makeUi onf 
•It )nolt«n ima^, aii »i^ 
aato iht LoMB, Uir «oik idl 
handu of tba «a(taouii, ul f 
tdh iV in a aterti plaei- 
Ih* piMipl* ahall aniwvr i 
Amen. CDMtd U he thai 
light bv hb bther w hi* 1 
And ah the |>«<iple dttU 
m«n. Cnreed £< u thai I 
hts i)«i«liboiir'x landmrk. 
(hv pi>npi(< nhall tar, Amu. 
cd 6f he that vaketh Iks bU 
wander out of the way. Aidl 

Efop\t tthtll aiy, Amen. 
n itiit rerrprtoth tie : 
thi> i3tr»nrt>r. fatbafleo, 1 
And »11 t)iL* pi<uple ehnll MT, t 
Curwil ^ liH ibnt Ueth «UliI 
th«'4 irifo i beosoH h» 
his fkthn^ dust. And all 1 . 
pt<i shall Hif, AnMn. Cnnd.^ 
(hat iieth with aoy mowMrarf 
Aad all tbi) pfiopl* nhall Mr. i 
Caned U be thai U»th wtthl 
tor, the <liiicIiU!r of hif father, I 
danslitar o( hii mothn'. 
TitfuulG ahill say. A men. 
lie tnat lielh with hit moll 
And all thr? pMipl » ahall ( 
VitwA U Viax wifl([St,L , 
twiw leewfti- (aA*k*»».1 





I 10 ihty IB knoMal 
Omni £«\« ilut o«a- 
jflaniJnSf DBVTBBONojty XXVIII. March T- 

flnnvth not all t!ia wonU of Chia bw 

to do them. Aoci utl th.c PFoi>la ak&lt 
My, Amen. 

. h««tk*« dOMHrllr unto 
•( Ike Loiu) (by God, la 
id to do aB llii MminmiKl- 
iih 1 eMBBund thM thif 
k* L«w» thj G«d will HI 
A *ban*U HtMSf U Du 
r all tbtm UMtld^ «lall 
mm, ami ormaln tliM, If 
k hwta» vnU Ow ra«e 
aOyGod. BiRMd lAo/r 
Ita cto.aad UiuMdiAn/i 
IbalAI. BleMdibinAr 
ftfarMriUdtlw frail 
■d, •■« lb* fraic o( tbr 
iniHiJi' of tliy kinc, aiul 
. tt Oit ibMp. Blw>»<l 
It baMMud tlij *tora. 
Wr IbM tt whm Hum 
«ttl hiMNd BtaA Iboa &# 
I nen o«t. Th« Luno 
I thiM nculi-i thit rice 
Ik* U be oiiilen bttor* 
Itafjr ^taU ttoM «at »- 
lOM WW, sd4 flw bofora 
1 WML Tlw L«ai> «tull 
Iha MCMiM OMB Umw in 
«aii,ml ni ui that lliou 
m nnd anto : ami ))« 
IkM to Ua luid whldi 

BTathbU IhM an boiy 
• KmrnW. n li»hui 
» fltie, If llion iMt knp 
■itecato of tka LoKo tbr 
palklttUMwuna. AadaH 
Ih* eanli ahaU aM thai 
kibd br Iha aaiB< of ih« 
d Oc; «laU be afrwil of 
I tba l>oa» shall make 
MM la iMdif in the (rait 
^, aad to tba Inut M 
t ud ta Ihr (roit of ihj 
tha la»4 wldch the Lorii 
I likj fathan M gjnt ihM. 

thine hiuid : uid Ihoii ehalt lend ua- 
ta uivij n:ilii>ns 0">i ^l"'" tlialt not 
borrovi-. And tlio LdnD fHaU inaka 
thee thr hcihl. uid not tlii.- tuil ; ftnd 
thou «htil b« AtioT« (.nty, tnd Ihni 
Rholt not tio hfnnnth ; if Ih&t thM 
hnuliirn unto llio romniinJinaalt ttf 
the LoiiB ihy GoJ, whifli 1 »m. 
lauid t^i^e lliid i[(tr, 10 fibMt-re Lod 
to du thfm ■ mid thoit Jihalt not go 
ajbdo froin *nj of ihu worda which 
I eonmaiid thee ttii* iSay, la tho 
rifiht bmid, or lo (lie tefl, l« no aixtt 
Dtn«r Aodf lo PDrra them. But It 
■hull oomn lo ntu, if ihnu will not 
hnarkcn unto Van toioo u( tlic Ixino 
thy Gvd. lu ubMrve [o do all Ilia 
(rGiiiiisaiiilni«nt« uid Hi« Rlatiit«a 
whii'h 1 coDnnnnd ihnn thin day ; 
Ihnt M Ihnw ciirnri ihnll come up- 
on liiao, Biid iivfrlukv Ihoe^ CurMd 
thah iIluu be ill ilie cit.v, and curaed 
lAsJr Ihvu kf m tlia Jteld. Cnrwd 
tJkoff A« thy tiwkri uid ihy utore. 
Cnmd «Aa;f Im the fruit of thy 
body, ruid Ilif fniit uf Ihj laud. Ihn 
iiicRaec of tlij kiDC, anil the flut^lu 
of thj nhnrp. t'lirwd iftii// tliou As 
whra thiiu comctt in, and cumd 
ihail tliuu bt wliira lliiiu Kuat ouU 

The LoBD bAaU Mod upou tbw 

eandng, Testibm, and rtboke. in all 

thftt thOQ Htli« tlibia hand naM 

for to do, Diili! thuu be dcetrujtd, 

and until thou i«rl»h qoiniklT j ja- 

nuH: of lh« irickcdoaM od tliy «•- 

taih whereby thuu haat (oi«len laa. 

The LoBi> Bhall nuike the wwlUwwa 

tloYB uuW ll«^. 'int'l H« Tia"0»O-«d thcc {>ir the laud. "■»<■"■ 

Ihou iowt U. po»«w it. Tim Low 

■ball antu thM with ■ cuniamptian. 

and whh a U-*t, ind with *a m- 

flUUntUon, and wi-h on 'Ml*"* 


bunins, and "'"• '^ .word, UmI 

mrt. Of imtrrn Uf gtiv/aiid tier tJwH pormw Itiee *b«> 
Mr Or iw^ *• Uittm-ftl»n peiiA. And lliy li«ii«* w»t 



Dm. XI 

Um cutk ih*t i4 va^«T tlno lAa.'l 
tt iroa. Tlxr Loku obnU mikt itii' 
rain oif thj' land [uiirilvr «nJ dun : 
frfim hWTco ihsll It Mae dotrn up- 

71 lh«c, tmtll thou b« il»«tn>7rd. 
he Lobh «h»11 ouim thM U be 
miittcn bafuta Ihlaa tanala*: Ibou 
>^llll CD anl ODE w«7' >(pkliiit tticm, 
jutd ncc BcTni WJLJ1 before Ihcm : 
lad ihaK b> rcnoird into all ihc 
kiagdoma of tho «vtti. And thv 
esroiM afaaU h* mnii udU> all (owb 
•< Ihc air, and Doto Ilis bcuw of 
th( earth, Biifl CO man ihull fnj 
thtta avnjr, Tlic Lomi will rm\*a 
Itwa nttb lbs Ixiteh at EK]rP<> i"'' 
wltk Uw amonids, sod witli ilio 
•Mbi uid with the itch, irlicTCDf 
Ihm tauM not ba hfsJoil. TbD 
LoKD «hsll umiU lliM with raul- 
aaaa, uul Uladittaa, uid Mtonkh- 
iDwl of bMTt : and thou Bbtilt gfp" 
St ooendv. aa the Uind jiropMli in 
ilarknMK, Biid iKoti >)ialt unt iiniwpn' 
tn |]i; vrfty) : ikuJ tliou dtnU 1» ouly 
i}|>pr«a«d andipoiUd cvcnnon, mil 
no nnn ■hftll^nro thee. Tliou shnli 
bctrotli a wif«, and anutlirr mkn 
*h>ll llv witti hur : llinti xluik builil 
an litiuw, pjiil than uliiiit nnl dttall 
ihrroin: thoii fhalt l>laiit n tlDcjmnl, 
and *hil(aot)!>lh«rlWKra^illwrc- 
of. Tlunc (>x lAo/J ht nUiin brfnn 
thin* ayf, and ll>on >lu.1t not fal 
tbsTMf : tlune uw «&a/I ha vMcsliy 
taken away from Ivfon tliy facr. 
Slid iluU not b« rvitonid tu th«r : 
lliy tlMC|i lift// tc glTm iinlo tliim' 
•nMnioa^ and tliou (ball ]u»a nonn 
to rtNOO tlttm. Thjr lot]* Mid thy 
dasAhten «AaU £« aiTn unu an- 
other peorW. am} thine ryvs •Imll 
look, and tail le'tth lan^inc for tlii>in 
all the day l<m>: : jind iherf ilmll ht 
no ■djthl ia Itiino band. Tlio fruit 
of thy land, aud nil th; Inboiin, 
ihiU k nation nhirh \\\m know- 
■t nol Ml up : uid tl'.on shalt bii 
atl7 opp^eaicd and rmihcd ilirty : 
n thU thou nhiJt be mnd (or uie 
iifht 0( thina c^m which Ibou khalt 
«NL Hw LoM) s&bIL nntu Dim tn 
l/w Anm« sod 

WB iot«fc that 

Wiia Om teJe of thy 

U) sliBiL nntu UiM tn tl 

td ia tbt li>n.Witit &\i 

lat wotiot M hc»UA,\ 

of thy foot nnUi 4m i 

!■ ■-■ 

i-i . . ..:, 

itioii itutii atl Orr ihM, i 
nation whldt ndlbn V)m i 
(aih«Ta tBi» kn«m ; ud 
ahalt thou serra «ibn s*'^ 
•nd H<iB«L Aad thou imM i 
an niiontihinKil, b |nn^ 
■ tirwonl, among *U 
thcr ibf Loan iIaU h 
Thou aha It cany awh 
tato lliu Diild, and ihall 
«nr Ilttta la : (m (W Ii 
connunc It. Tboa itelt |, 
Tuik and drWB tt«ah M 
nnithiT drink q^ ilia wM^I 
llicr '&< irntpfj.- for tba i 
ut IbciD. Then ahall 
tre« thraaghoat all Ihjr i 
thou tbalt not anoint fhft, 
tha odl jfiir thin* oUro Aall I 
fmu. Thon AoAx bagat i 
danshten, bot (hat rialt I 
tliem ; foa tlujr alutll (O bl 
tlTlly. All llqr Imm mA I 

K' land iliall tha locU I 
•tnnger tlat la 
Eball mt np atwTo tiiaa ' 
aail UMD »h«ll oon* 
low. II* ahnll Imd ta 11] 
thoD dialt not Imd to tin: I 
b« tbs head, aad then abtk 
tail. UoTMiwT all tbtaa I 
coine upon tkM, and 
thee, and vvntaka ibm, i 
be doitroTed • ben«M tm 
uncdsl not nnto tha 
Loan th/ Cud. to keep B 
nmndniiait* and Hia attin" 
He catunasdod tfata : ■ 
nbjtil b* upon tbe« *«» • \-j_ 
fur a wonJtT, and Rp<ni U 
for rvur. iloraoM Ibo 
tba LfiitD thy God will) jo^ 
and vilh iilii'lneB ol bcwt. 
abtindonee of all tAinm ; H 
Htialt thau Mrt* tbino hw 
the I.oiiti ahall aand i(|.iiMt 
biutgar, and in thjrtt. aad Ii 
noM, oad in want of all 
He ihall put «. rtike of 
thy ttwfe, UBbl H* baft di 

•ia<ibA >hM Vttna \u AmW 



lonfu thou 
a iMtloii (if 
Jdi iImII Dot 
of Um oU. nor 
I IW jTming : and hn 
lit of thy MUlo, «D(I 
[thr lud, lUitU Im be 
V imtli ate •hall not 
IMbr tan, wtM, or oil. 

El «f Ihr Ub*, 01 Bookt 
OBtfl ho hav* dMtrajr- 
1 h* iteO bcdw thee 
, mtll thj Urii and 
!■• divmi, Wheniin 
thiMglint ■!! thj- 
■faoll bCiiege th» in 
J Iknoitliout all ihj 
_ Iho LoRn tits Uixl 
I tfaM. And Ihou rliili 
Ifli IliM own bodr. th* 
Mna and of thy ifaiigh- 
IhB LOBS Ihj Uo*l tikth 
is tb *■», and Id the 
mnwilh Ihine rnriolin 
■ dm : «* /Am iIir taas 
KT aalH TOO, and rtjj 
liyo Aafi M etiJ tomrd 
I mA umvA the wife of 
Md Hwaid the remBanI 
is irUdi U AaU Imto : 
I will Dol ^n lo an; ct 
H BoA of Ui efailorrD 
Ml Ml : bociSM be hath 
I Ub hi the Atft, end in 
Ml wborcirtili tMnc mt- 

[fcaiil thee in all thjr 
I Mvte «»d delkate wo 

tjon. wUch wodM not 
Mi Iht nte o( btr foot 
wroind for dclicatenne 
N* W| b>r er« AaM be ! 
4 Ibi hufeaod of her 
I Imwd ter mi, and 
r diBgHir, aad towvd 
■tOMtowMthoai Iram 
IT IMt, Mftd towaid her 
i no ih>Q tear : for 
lhe« fOr want nf all 
If fa Ifa *iege ud 
40ovtin tUuo oftevjF 

I)ie Lonn will nij,k» thy jpIb^um 
wuudiTW, and (ho rUjpiM rf thy 
««eil, nvn irmt pragmu. tnd of 
long caiitiDiiaijr«. ind nnr* nek- 
OBufs, and of lonn mntliuunee. 
lilureaTer lln will brine opon tiiee 
all the djieaici of V,gy^t, wtiieib 
tbra wait n&Bid of; tod the; 
■hall clMve Diito thcE. Alao vnn 
ridcneiB^ and pi-crr iittjttte, whirS 
u uol irrritwn in the Ixxik of thi* 
law. Iliem will iha Lord brlu 
ii)>on Ihee. until Ibou be deatrajM. 
And jt thall b« Ivft few In Danbtr, 
whtrew je were a« thf (tan of 
Ill-ami for niuUiluiIe ; beeaiiM tboa 
wuiildest not oI>cy llie roioo of tho 
UtKD thy Trrxl. And J1 Rball cone 
to paM, that lui thn Lonn njoiced 
vrtr jroti to do yaa good, and to 
multiply yeu; M the Loan will 
wjoli* orer yon to daalrtij yon, 
and lo bring vnn lo nnnglit ; aad 
TO nhnll bn plurkcd frnin off the 
land wbillier thou kih^ii io ^oBotm 
it. And (be Lonu ihall Katier 
tbee anuiiiR all iicople. frum the 
one «nd of ibi' ctuTli even unto the 
other ; and tbcrr thou nbntl fcrve 
otheT Kuda, which ni'ithrr ihoii xiat 
thy fsthen hare known, rrcn wnod 
aiu alone. And amoiix tli«M ua- 
lionaahaltttaon find 110 eiLsc.uoitbct 
nhilt Ihe Mie of tfay foot hare rert i 
but the Loan ihall g.-n tlwc tboio 
a tmnbliBt bean, and Eallina •£ 
eju* and aoiTow of mind : and ftj- 
life (hall bans In doubt before tlM t 
ud Ihon nhiilt fear day and nl^Mi 
and >!ui1t have noae aaaoresM « 
thy life : in Uie mnmtay thou ahalt 

ribM tn Uiy nte». If 
ttlMtta 10 do 


Oj, Wonld God it were inn] ana 
at eren Ihoa ahnlt My, w onM Ijod 
it were Bomiiiu ! f«r ibo "»* « 
tlrino hmrl wliurewith tliou dialt 
har, »iid f.>r tho ukIh »» ihmi; eyM 
which ll>"u [tullMe. And tbv IxiMi 
iball bring t1iP» hito Egyi-t own 
with tblp., by lUo way«f \ 
■pake unto ihcc, TliO'i Rnalt aeo it 
n ifailin Hi Joaff «*»/m roofo atfnin : and there jeAaB 
M Air «A«( an vrtUtn I br sold eaui yotit eoenlca fol taoA- 
ttmt lAnr nHMfl finr j bkb M»d boaivtOBtOl, Ukd 00 ntt 


Marck 7- 

TH F.SE are iho word' of Ihn ro- 
TL', which iho I^no ogiii' 
naatlcd Muin [u niuku ivilb ttiu 
children of I>>n«l b Iho Inml of 
UMvb, bi-'^ till) roTfnaut wlilch 
lie nuulii H'ilh them in Ilgn^b. Ami 
Hmu ciillvd unto dl IktmI, ami 
nid nnto th«n. Ve hare wiiu all 
UiU Uie Loiit> did leforo your evai 
In Iha Iwl of f^pt u>i>o rna- 
nab. Ml] utittf nil hu svriiuiU, uid 
nnW all bU Uud ; ttiu grut tenp- 
tstiooa which ihiue pyea Iuto win, 
tbe ilgnr, and ihoM sreit nilnclu : 

£(( Iho Lnui) hitth not gtnn you u 
urt la [lorccivi:. and qrca to tm, 
and tan lu )i««r, unio this diy. 
And I h»*e lud 70U for^ jwn in 
th* wildeniPM ; yonr ctotbci are nol 
waxen ulJ upon ;uu. and Iliy shoo 
ia oul wa«fu old iijiou thy (uui. Ve 
bai< nu[ cnteu Iiivid, Qi-iilicr tiivu 
T* drunk wine vt strong drink: thftl 
y« tiiiclit hni'w tli.-it 1 ant iIil' l.niiii 
your Cud. And nhi'ij j-e tLunc iinlo 
tilis |ilaM, 8II1UU Ihu liuif vf Keili- 
boD. and Og Iha kins m BMlun, 
otme out a0»in!( u* onto liaill«, 
nnd we mutte Cbun : and wfl look 
tbeir laadi and are U for aa in- 
bnHun unto tb* lUabtnllM, aod 
to the Goditm, Mi<i |« Iho halt inbo 
of MuLunh. Kttp tliLTcfors Iho 
words of thlit cuvuuniil, and du 
ibuui, lliit yo Euy I'roaber ia all 
that >' d'j. Y> iteud thii day aJI 
of yon before Ui« Lohd ;;unr aod ; 
;oiu cnpuiiu of juui tnbvi, r*ovr 
tldeni and rvur oSlnvn', willi nil 
the mou of I»nicl, yuui llltlt ooc», 
jfwiii wi'os, nnd thy ttnnsu (bal 
u in Ihy camp, from the bswer of 
(hy vToori u»iu ttM drawer of Ihj 
witor ; ilut thou iibauUott oiit«T 
inM oOTenant with thr Lord Ihy 
Cod, aiul iai') Illn oath, which the 
Lord thy (iod nuikfth iriUi Ihec 
tbU ilajr : thut Hit asiy ('•tit>1i-<)i 
thM to day fur a jh'oijU uiiln Iliui' 
m1£ aod d<i{ lie niAf be unto thvc 
a God, *a II« hath Mid unto Chco, 
and at llo hnlh irwom unto Ihy 
filbert, l« Abtahaui, (0 luao, auil 


to Jwub. Noitbar wilk )« 
do 1 malM tin* (omitBl 
oiUi ; bul Willi ^m thai 
her« with u* tliU dar I 
Loud our God, and alia 
tlial u not hcM with u 
(fur yc know haw wt had 
in th« land of SOpi ; aai I 
came IhrouiA lbs naliw* ■ 
paaiad iq ; and y» ban m 
abaminatiuu, and thtur idoli 
aud tlouo, adrer and «dd, 
wrw amoiu then :) KM 
ahniild Iw among 70a man,' 
man, or faoil;, or ttib*^ 
heart luniolb atrtjr lid* di| 
iho Lord our God. to g" 
the goiU of then uUoUi _ 
■hould b« anoni: you a la 
bcareth S9.ll and namiinMi 
it come W pam. wh:ii be 1 
Iho word* of lid* eutaci I 
blccB liiiDMlf lo hia beatW 
I thall havi poaoe, Ihonn. 
in tlic imaMinatian of mat 
ta ailj drunk«uueM to tUo 
Loan will not *pan tdnii 
llic nasor of tho Loan 
jcnbiiiy shall Mooke 
miiN, and all tha canoe 
wrill':ii in tlili book llialt 
tilni. nnd tho IxMn dtall I 
hia aaaxi! frutn undci bcavtl 
tho Luiui »1iaU ocpatate h 
evil out of all tint tribat «f 
aeoording M all ^m euiMi 
coTBunt that ara wriHos 
book of tb« Uw : m that Hi 
raliun lo oono «t yuut chiUi 
ahall rito up *((m yoa. a 
itnngcT that ibaD come fm 
luid, idiall ta;, wImb Iboy 1 
plaguttv'of llist land, »at 
at*M* which the Lquo bi 
opoQ U; arut that Iho a4< 
tli<reof u hrunrtoaa, and 
liarniiii;, lAal it b pot I 
li>-:iri>ll>, DOT Moj gram _ 
lliitrr-in, like Iho otonhfaw 
Jutu, aoti Gamorrab. AdH 
Zcboim, vbivh Iho Lua*i on 
in lIiB angi'T, xad in Hk 
•iTia all uatioiu tbaU my. 



I drat ibD« nto 
ilM mmbMA (Im hoit 
\wagnf Thm mm ahftll 
tlity tuve fomtun the 
Ibr Leui UmI of thi-tr 
Ik Ue n&d« with lhi>m 
Mriil Uinn fetth out 
M Btn*: for th«r ntnt 
|«IWr 8B<k, ind wor- 
fm. gMi wbom thiry 
u4 *tl«« H> hflrd not 
^bm : ud (ht uig»r of 

L&S90NS. MmcB 8. 

th« LiHin wu kindled nitaiiut ihii 
)au<I, lo briiijg ujifln it all Ih? runcri 
thai art trrittoii in lliio biwk : and 
the \a>ad taalei tlicm out <^ tbeir 
laud in an; t>r. aad in nrnlli. uid b 
Hnut ill Jignn [lull, unit out Ihcin 
Into sTio(hi*r Lin<l, su it it thi* dur. 
The wcrrt rit^iiri t-rhna onto toe 
Lonn our iJo-I: Lut thoto rtt'n^ 
tcAirA IM rc-roxli-J hclouf unto a» 
■nd lu our rhildnin for ciir, tlut m 
may do all thu wnnii of thia kw. 


iHomma, DstixKRONouv XXX. 3Iahch 8. 

hiS tatac la ptn, irhcD 
M ddnga Krc come oiian 
Xm/mg Duiil tiiB cum, 
M Ml brfcn thee, Md 
•II (Arn to aind ■mons 
koi. wliiiliaT tlw IiiiRti 
k drimi Ibo. ud *hilt 
I ito LoK» Uir Um!. 
My Ills >o1m MconlLnx 
CMMUud thrc this day, 
rdiildm, Willi all lMn« 
MUh ill ihj mol : Ihnt 
kRD Ibr bod wilt turn 
Fi utd hire rsmpMiiun 
■fld viQ return and 
fran «1] Iho naljons 
Lnao thj Gn.] hntli 
Ml. If •!•» of tliini- be 

Kibe ouitBUiL pntU of 

IjrllmtaBd from thunoc 
n tbw: and Uh Loho 
n brtnf llMe into the 
! dv nthna f<meiar4. 
Mil MBw U ; iBd Ht 
' iBodi ud aolliplT thee 
mta. And Uk loud 
IdmmidM Ihine btart, 
Wt of tb J M<d, to luvo 
lltr Col wltb »U thtaw 
mh mU ihT »oai, itat 
M li*«. Aftd the Lord 
Hn pM all ihtM t«nn> 
> vnalu. Bad ki iImvi 
J^^ wUcti parotntcd 
i,il>M tball rtun ud 
■>••«< Uw l.o«[», and do 

'w4tT. And ili« Ldko 

JD trerv irork of thlii'D liand. In tlw 
&ntl 01 thy bod}', and in thn fmit 
of thy cttltlu, and in llie fruit of 
UiT und, fur pNid: fur (lie- Loud 
wUl niraJn njoii-i- uver [line ftir giMXl, 
»■ He rHfliwd over thy (nthrri: if 
Ihoii ahirt hr.irkrn iiiitn tilt ruice of 
the Imux' thy Ooil. lo ktcp Hia com- 
Muidmcutt iiij His statutes which 
are miltvu iu tliia book of Ihr Inir, 
antt If thou timi unto thn Lonn thr 
(ioil with all Ihino hc.irt, and witli 
all thr suiil, Kor Ihii romnwiid. 
inenl whicli I otmiiiiand tliL-o this 
diT. It ii not liiddL-Q fruin ilice, 
iieitncr U it far utf. It u not in 
Iwnvfn, that tlinii tlioul'lrit n*y, 
Willi, flutll go up for II.1 to hcarco, 
nnd briiix ii luilo ui. ihsl wp may 
hear it, auil do It? NcilliL'r ii it be- 
yyuil tlio mn. lliat lliou ihuiilciciil 
HIT, Who iihnil ^0 (iTCT thu son fox 
m", BWl bring it ntilo lut, thai tto 
may htw it, snd do 11? Dot Uio 
word M tery iiiuh unto th«, in lliy 
»o«h. and tn thy bciri, ih»t thou 
maytcl do it. Scu, I Lai* tct Vtfotn 
tinio tUo dur Uf« aod good, and di^'atli 
and v(ii\m ttiat 1 comnumd tliet 
thii day V> lfl»« tlw I-ooP thy (iwl. 
loifalkin Uiai'nyit.aQd tokfvp Hi* 
commandun'ntii and Hi» •l»liitt> and 

Hi* jiids™'^'"'f '"l*' '*'"" ■""!«« 
Ii™ and roulii!''''! •"d the Loan 
tliy God ahall t>l*w thn in t1i» land 
ithltb«r than gotrt lo t>o*MM lt< 
Un» if tlilne heart turn away, ao 
tlal ilion "ilt not hrnr, but ahall 
bt dnwn awny, and vrunlAp olW 
m Btfco tbo« plealeviu I gixla, and lerre fhoin ; I denoniLce 
/« L 





SDio yoa tMa to, IhU ti dull 
■nnl^ ptridi, ttufoM f» ahill Ml 
pmhag roBT dk^ cpon lli* bml, 
wUUio thMt ^umM DTta Jordaa 
to HK u> iMfUMi it. I uU heawn 
ud mtth to ncord ItiiB 4mt wpJut 
;aa. lAnt 1 taw Mt Man yon lift 
and dull). bItMbig uid cojdng: 
llmebu* auom UTe, that botli tboa 

Mri tli7wt4 M7l««: 

najtm. lora th* Uu» lh| 
thai Ihau lujvM «fce7 Hii 
that thon anrMl (ban 
f*r I(« «i Uv life, urf 
of Ihy daj* ; thai Imm rn 
in th« Und whif h tht L< 
nnlo thy faLhcrs I* Ai 
laae. and Ici JaMfc, l« g 

Mabcei 8. Cttniiis, Dsutsbokomv XXXI. 1 


AND Uci>« wpiitunol :nal:nUuur 
. wonb untu nil Iinu'I. Aud liu 
Mid mlo thvDi, 1 (iiR HI !iuiidn?d 
Kad twmt; yeui utd (liii day ; 1 
(an Tin more go niit anil com* in ; 
ftlm lIiB I. mil) lulh aud autii ma, 
Thou ihatt tmt. ao urn ihii Jardan. 

ThO LOKD tliy liixl. Ilo iHU 8C OTM 

twfon Ihw, unJ He irtll ilctlTov 
lb«M nations from beton ibvv. «ii<) 
tbonihaltpoW M ithwii aadjuitan, 
In ahall go oier bofon thco, a* llie 
Lord uih laid. And Um Loku 
thall do oulo llwni aa He did tu 
SOiOD and to Og. kin)n> of Ihc Amor- 

itM, and imlo llifi liliil nf Ihrm, 
whom He dvxtiojsd. Andtlu; l.iiitii 
ilttU fin them np betore your {-mj^, 
thai je may do nuui them M«(«tiliui( 
nnki all the oommandniciit* which 
I hoTi- cotnisuidtd you. Be strong 
and oi a iruod caiiRut>!, feu nut. nur 
be iifnid iif tliem : fur tlie Lord tlijr 
(>ud, He it M tlmt duili ku <^th lh>o ; 
He will Dot lall thee, oor toTwtkc 
th«c. And Ua«ac•)lodIIllloJ<»hIli^ 
and Hid nnto him in the micKi uf 
•U Imel, Be Btnini! and o[ a kuoU 
DDoiaBt : for tliu u uliuL ku wiiL tliiit 
pMlilc unto tbe land whkch the Loim 
Data nrornnn to their htben to gin 
Ihem j aad thon ehall c*aM them to 
inhmt tt. And the LiiHii, lt« if u 
that (luUi KO twture tlieu ; He will 
ba irit& tLcc, liu will not fall llwc, 
Mlttar fonake Uice : fcoi not. oci- 
ttcrte Manured, .^ml Magctwro'U 
Uifai law. and dclJTcnd It nMo tti« 
nricfU tlw aoiu «( Ltvi, whicli biLiy 
the uk of thecoTnuuit of ihi' LiOiu>, 
ud onto all Ihv i^Mrn at Unti. 
lAnd Mom* oonuuuiiUd ihcm, aay- 
i>V) At tliv end *f cany mtcd 


jptnt. in Iho n>l«Knll]r of 
Tvletm. in lh« (eut ol 1 
whvn all 1tn«] ii «uma 
before tlie Loxit thj i 
plaoa wbiol) Ho abjf d 
nbalt nad Ihli Unr bafin 
in Ihur btMring. Gsilw 
together, m en, and maa 
dran, and Uty itnunter U 
in [lijRslM.lliatthe; ma 
that t]»5 tnar loam, ai 
Loud yimr God, and eli 
:>11 ilie wurda of Uiii lao 
tlivirclilMivu, which bait 
aiif ihiiM, nay hear. M 
(nar lli« l.oHD yoiir God, 
yv lint in the land wfaj 
uTct JoTdao to piUMM ll 
Loud iBud auto Mo«i. I 
dui appToieh that tbn 
aau Joamutt aad preacM 
in Iht labernacla of tb« 
tiwi. tlial I may inn luj 
And MoMfl Mid jnaliu 
preacnted thomMlvca hi 
nndc of Iha nmntgUloi 
LuKU appeared tn the 
ill a pillar «f a doud : aa 
of Uie cloud stood orw 
tho labernaale. And thi 
nnlo Uoaea, Itelwld. Iboi 
wHfa tbr btliera ; and 
wni ri«B w. and pi a w] 
Iha soda M Uta atnuccn 
whlihCT ibcy gv mit V 
Bud will fuivikc Mc, wi< 
tovtnant wliitii 1 Jaaie 
iticiQ. riivn My oncer i 
diod atiainet then in ttel 
n-lll (onake tfaeu, and 
My favo frsni tbeiBi ao< 
bo deronrvdi and tianj 
IcvublM tball bafoU th« 


*rW*»S.£l«Mch >bey I "*? „,il will ^'^,\*m do c^} "uSl 

I - *-— — 

lIRH* ■uu luiiK 111 KinpiN vriui im« hi 

btmbn. atiil mas of ihf iirecd of 
Baalmu, mil eoxla, nith (hu Ux o! 
fcliliiPjM of u'liral : and thuu ilidtt 
drlok llw jiure blood nf th« gn^. 
Bnt Jcsbnrnii mxml fnl. ami Icirli- 
•d: Uion in Huirn fit, lliuu irt 
gmra Illicit, ihoii art irovireJ wi/A 
flilnm: Vbra lie funuuk Gud irAir-A 
mftde liiiD, and llvtiti; (■•t'^med t)i* 
Tlaek of Iii* ■ninlinn. TXwy pni> 
TDk«d lliin til jiMliJiisf nitli^irangr 
IMib, o'iOl aliiiuiuiiti'iiin ]jr(iv<iiipd 
ifaej lllm to uii»r. 'i'lu'V tnrnflrL'd 
aaio deillK not Co liix^ : m siHi 
whoED tliof Icnpw nnl. \a iik'.t j>;iirii 
Mai Dime ncwl; u t), wlioir yimr fa- 
then feared hdi. Of tliv Hock Tlmi 
lwx>l tbw Ojou nn unmiuiltui, and 
liut fofiolti'ii iifA Thai fflrmed 
IflW. And vrlicn Ihn l/iRO nw U, 
He aUwrml thrm, bi-rauw of ilie 
tnotohioti of tlii suiu, nrid uf His 
danjAlni. And Hv mM, I will lild« 
M]r nco from llivm, I nill ^^<■ vrlml 
Ihdr *inl lAatt lir . fur thcj nrf a 
Ttrj froward prncnilioa, Dhlldm 
ia wliDin 11 iiii faitli. liuy lim 
nwTcd Ma lo jculons; with tA«( 
WitlcJk ij not Ooil ; ilu'T have ]ira- 
■fcked Me to «ngrr witli iHciT vaoi- 
|;Uid I will more ilxin lo jwi- 
mill thote which are uol 

should behafo Ih 
and Irat IImt ' 
ubi(ili,uid tLc Lnknl 

all this. For tlioy airi 

nf rnunwt, npllhcr it l' 
durnUiiillnit in ibctD. 
wn nL*r. llml 
thi>, f An( llw* tn 
Ikii^r end I llo* 
a Uioniiwid. and ■ 
■Mid t« flight, frxetp 
had kM Ihem, aiid 
■but ili«in up? I'm 
no( M oar Rode, ttni 
IhiiRiirlTPii tirian jai_ 
vine ii of the Tine of! 
Vic St'ldi of ItuinoiTalif 
«r«gi»tXMof fall,! 
blnar: ilifir wlu i 
dtigtni, and Um. 
iu|i». /(not 
with M(% and J 
ireaeorwf To 
grnix, and nn 
aliall Blido in iti 
of tUrircaUniiiyl 
iLinKn tli^iC Hlaltij 
Buili;* liuic. F« 
joden Hln 1, 
nelf for Ilia i __ 
thnl lAeir power la i 
IK u<ii]« (hut u^ w i 


Miicit S. 


1 Eft Up Uy 

; I tiiv tot 



ico to 


c Min(> 

I, soil %ly 

; aiU MoJ 

tin anil of 

linfl of 


; for 

of Hki 

rio Hiipat- 
and tptkt 

bUi tbs 
I niadr wn 
' ttordi to 
mU (hen, 
iht wordi 
. jtmr ebfl- 

ef (hU kw. For it fa not ft nln 

thiuK foi TOii ; bMktiK it is yoiur 
lift : sod tbnliiHh (his itiiui; jc abKll 
piuldos nmr dan la tlw Und. win- 
ihf r jrv go ortr jarJiin lo pnMgw it. 

ApU till- [.UK [I IpnLc IIDtO MllMil 

that M-lfiainr Air. njiiut. Got tliOO 
ep ioto thii aiDuiitnin Abu-im, ubIo 
mount S'rbo. nhkh ii In ihir land o( 
Slii:il., Ihiit M (in-r BKoIiial Jrrichi> ; 
aiid bi^Imlik t)ait lanil of Caehui* 
irhifh I jiiv« iiiila tlii> oljildr™ al 
\mc[ tor a poawuicin : and dip ia 
tlie mount »l>i<Iirr tbou Kuoit u|i, 
and ho galhiTVLl iintn thy people: 
i« Aaron thy brothrt dii-d iri mannt 
iloT. and ma jnilliereil uiito lii> 
pMpto : bMAostf ye ttvcpuMil a- 
SAI1UI Me imonff the dindmi t-l 
larifl At llir malAT* of Mnibali- 
Koilmh, in ilii> vntilcmMM of ZJa ; 
bOMtiae yr laiii-ti.tieJ Me Dat in tbo 
midilcj Iho chililrvn of l«n«l. Ycl 
Ihoa filialt 9>>« tho land b«(or« liL^.- 
bni ihou dlinlt not ro thtihir niitn 
tbo knil wlijch 1 girm tbc cbildrra 
of Iinul. 

ang. DKt-TMoxOsiY XXXIII. KrAnrit J). 

help lo Aim fraui lib unuinii^i. And 
of Leri 1)0 >n:<], /.fi Tlif 'niumniim 
•ndThy Urini hr. niihTli5lialy(iue, 
uluim Thou (lidit ptata .it M»Btth, 
iiuJ vilh tihoui Tnuu didat atrivc at 
ilic watCTS of Mertbali ; Kho wild 
unlo liU (alhT and to lii> nint^i'f. 
I liain nni u'lni him : nrilher did li« 
afkiiuolrdiiiu liii kteiliivn. I'ur knrw 
bii o*«n cliil'lmi: tor ItwT l"**^ 
obicrYcrl ThT wnnl, nnd fcrpt Thf 
(OTi>n;iut. rti. ■ :■ . . 'i .T,to1i 
'riiy jiiilLTii' 11' liwj 

they "li*ii :■ '' ' '''"■■'■■' 

and i(linl>' linriir - < . 

llt»I. 111>' ■■ I. ■■ 

(Unl BrCV[it liir " i>l •. >'i ■"- ' ^- ■ 

m.itc ilirioiiMJi tbo loni" if U'nu Uiai 
liic tLKaiiisl hiu. aud of tlwm thai 
bate liiai, tliat UkV Hm doI a^in. 
^urf of BMiiMUB M wdt The b«- 
lorrd of tbr Loko •hall dwell ia 
ulcly bf bin ; and (V f-oxo ihaU 
coTFT bim all ibe daj long. an4 Uc 

$. whM*. I 

Am mu mt God 
nt of Imol t*' 
oA ho takl. ThB 
iaxi, aoi] rae up 
^: He ibiotd 
ann, and ll« 
~ . of niiil* : 
m*nt a Burr 
Be lored the 
mrt hk Ihy 
4awD at ttij 
al nonvo of tby 
~ I Q* » law, 
lite ooDKn' 
1 h* «iM kiiia 
bcftda of the 
' Imcl were 
tn titv, 
hi) men 



And of Josrph lip »id, 111«ntd «f the 
LwiD ^ hi« ImxJ. fnr the pNrioUB 
lUnei of hmToD. far iha <l«w, ami 
for thB dMp tlut eouetwth 1)i.<- 
Doalli, *ni] (ur (he fireeiott* frnltii 
tniqwf iKirfA liy tlic unit. Ami for 
tlL« preoluiit ihinm pui furtli by tho 
no*!), uid for iht chief Uiing* of 
thn inciont inoanlsinB, and tm the 
prwium MunKB of ih« litMiiuc hills, 
and fur the prtcinni thiagr of the 
ttnh tnd f ntnm Ihrrrnf . ani I for the 
mod >riU of Him tint dwell in tliu 
tnuh : let lA< Mrmng come upon the 
bead of jMcpb, uid upon llw to]) of 
lh« hcMl at nfan rtof inu frp<k'"t'<l 
(nm hi» hnthrtn. Hit gItiTjii AJi« 
lk« Drrtling of hb boUmk, And tint 
kinu art Mt the Ivotoa of nnJcorna : 
vith llitm he thall piuh th« pcopit 
l»|rtb« to th« cndi vt ths cuu : 
KM tticT vr* the I«a Itivoauida of 
E^rkin, wid 1 hvy aiv the tlioanwlii 
Of Msna4«cli. Anil of '/^Iralaii ho 
Bill, Etpjui cc, Xubalua, In thy gotng 
Mt ; bhiI. liMdwr, in thy icnu. 
liiey ahkll otll the pconlp onto Uio 
mmifiMin : Ihtrt wjr nliill ol^r »■ 
cvfflcw of riKhl*oiuiu'w : fur llii'y 
fllAll *Bck (/till! i.t>iin(taiie(i «f llm 
*»M. (lid tfirtaaaTQ* Hd in the wind. 
And of Cad h« mid, Blnvd ta he 
UbU tjiLiTwtlt Ua<l 1 hi> direllrth ai 
■ llou. aii'l iiitmh tha ann with tli( 
crown of the brad. And ho pro- 
1fid^d iho first pnH for himsBir. ho- 

cBOH thttv, ta k p«Hl 
8i"rvr, ««J Jm < 
with tht ' 
r^xnmicd tbcll 
aud tlU 
And uf [tan hf 
ithvlp : h» dall I 
And fif Nkphlai 
Ull, ntttSed with A 
mill the bltBhijtcft 

■«M ItlOtI th« ITUi I 

And of Ashnr he all 
bleord wiUi tliil4ni 
aeocplable M hie bn 
hiiB dip hit foM in I 
*halt at Irou aid 1 
tin (b}1^ ftt tkt/l a 
Thtre if none lilw 
of Jetburun, n'4o i! 
ktain in tliy helo, i 
ccllmry on tba sij 
Uod u lAy tcfi^V, ■ 
arv the vTctbatu^; 
KhsU tlirait wt Ifac I 
tor* ibax; and ahal 
fWn. lm*l the* 
■ahty alone : ihe fb* 
ahaJf bt itpoa e laa 
wine ; also hit bn* 
doirn drvt. Mipfiy i 
fael ! wb« tt like ant 
eared by the Ltmn, ti 
b?)p,>nd Wholf Ifai 
sxnilt»nry1 and thi* 
Vt (oaDd liani uaM ' 
■halt trend upun th 

Mahcii 10- jHorntng. DKitTKnoNnuv XXXI^ 

AS U Mr>«ni m-nt up IV«Di tbt 
)>Uiiiia of Moah unio lb* munii- 

lain of Nobik, lo l)i« lop of Piwah. 

thai i> oTcr sgkinit Jcri«ha. And 

the Loan idic«*d hjn all the land 

«f Qilead, vnV> Van, and bU Nufh- 

tall. Mid the load «i Epimint, and 

HaaAawh, and all Ih* land of Ja- 

dfth. hdIo the Btmoil ma, and the 

eotitti, and the pUla of the ntley «f 

Imwn. the olty of palm tnea; nnio 

Zmt. AmI Uib 1,orii sihl unto Mn, 

Thi* ii the land whifh 1 rmre «s- 

to Abnham, uato bane, vA lulo 
Jafok, ujiDff, I will Bin U dhu 
tbjr M«d : I have ewuM Dm* to Wc 

it with Ihime 
udI KV mvt (hhfa 
aemnl of ih# !««] 
the land of Moab, ■ 
wnril of the Luao. 
him in i ritllvv in Ihi 
over aftiiii'l Kell>*pa 
kaonreth uf In* Mp4 
day. And Jloeca i 

foTM abatod 

lanel want f»r ! 
of Moab thir 

uunuiiU, JoaevA 17 

IW ilMlh Of Mowl 

I tba LxinD mke anla 
I (4 KuDj HoMa' ml- 
, MotH Mj HrvMit b 
tnw, m oier 
kaa,>»d kll lUipoo- 
ihni which I d» five 
I M ite diiklten or Is- 
■dtw ihal Uip mic (rf 
llmd i«p«n,tlniluirc 
jM( ■• I nid UBt« 
■ tke wiMencM w4 
I vm ■Qlo tlic (ml 
■r EupkosH*. ktl Uic 
OaiUs m4 unto thr 
n4 Ibe gaiofi dvwa ■>( 

UB W ablv 10 *udi] 
h NooM, n I Hill be 
irill (Kit Jul Ihra, BUT 

B« •(JVD|( Ullt uf > 

; (mt «a(o thin fitciplc 
id* Im ■■ lobmtum 
ik I imr* ant» llieir 
» IhsB. Onlf be thou 
tmrf roonffMit*. Iliat 

k^wUoh Umo My 

dimsijred : for the l.nnn ih<r Ood i) 
wilh then irlittWnatrtr Ibon eoMt. 
Then Joiliuii conmnnded the offlena 
at the people, tojing, Pm thnxub 
tho heat, ud Mnnttund lh< people, 
uttmi, rirpttn) 7011 rinnaia 1 fur 
within three dijs ye Sliall piM dtct 
iliiii JunliD. lu ICO in to p«iseM the 
UdiI. nhidi the Loud jvm nai 

Sveih vov to fomem it. And to 
c RtutKniteii, and to the Guilitcn, 
and to iait tho tribe of MauotMli. 
fpoke Jotliu«,ta?inK, KcuMiiibcr the 
word which HvMn the »rTV»iit of 
tho Lord coiiiiiiiiTxIvt] von, najiag, 
The LoBu yont tioU biih |!i»m you 
ml. *ii<l tilth Hiv«ii jvu ihiH IttU'l. 
Yinl vivvn, j'uiir littli- «iiH, and 
jma <Mlt]e, ilinll re mala In Ihe land 
which IfMei gPTc jou on thin siil* 
•lonUn I but jrt inill psot befire 
/•mrtwlhren unnvil, all llie niiflil^ 
men or i»ToBr, and lielp lliom ; until 
Iho l.oBH hnvii glrcn youT brplhrpn 
T*(t, ■■ t/t haitt firra jrou , and I her 
■Ibo haTc ponewd tlie land wliieh 
thr LoKli jour Ood glrelh Uuub : 
th#n J* aliall rrlnm onto the land of 


rour poMeailoD. and eiOoy it, wliivh 
Mo«c< the Loas'a eemnt favc 70« 



AIahcii 11. 

AND Juiiiua iSit tau of Nuu luiil 
oat of Shittim t«;a aia to spv 
•ceretlr, nylng. Go yi'ovr Ihc land, 
nen Jcriclio. Anil iitujr wont, ui<l 
«••■« Inlo Bn harlol'ii houte, nkiocil 
Staliab. uid lod^ thctv. And it 
wai toM th« kinK of Jericho, M^'ns, 
JMotd, tbvnr cains men in kitlKr 
to nifilil of thv children of lanwl to 
ManJi out tilt cooMir. And Itia 
kln^E of Jrriclio Mill unto Italiab, 
Hjingi BriiiK fuith the idfii that 
ars ettmo to tlieo, iiliidi atv c<iit«Tr>l 
into thins Ikhim : far Ihoy li* miuo 
lo >Mrd out all Ibo couutry. AuJ 
tita iranuui look Iha tiro men, iluI 
hid Ihi-m. Kiid mi'l thu*. Tbero cuds 
man ualu- niv, Ixit 1 wiet not whaaoe 
tliry friv- iii"l il cini<> to pun s- 
Imid Ikif li'KJ- (A ihiitliiis (if l!ii Kiitsi. 
whtn it wi> durki thut thu mra 
wiMit oul : wliilhiT ihit mi>ii wrnl I 
wot iiolr piiMiin nft*r llicro qiilck- 
Ir; for M ahull nrnruiki^ Ihrm. But 
■ho hud bronchi Ihctn iiii ts (]i<i 
roof of Ihf iiawte. Mid hid Iham 
with iha ctklkd of flm. wliich ahe 
had liM in brdiT u[wiii the not. 
And tlu mtn yarraiA nfur th^m 
the m; to Jomui unto ihi! forda ; 
Bad w tuon ai \\tts wliieli |tunui.'(l 
afl«T thctn wer* i;nue eut, llicy iliut 
th(t ffiW, And Imfcrc llu'y wc-re 
l&itl ilonn. alir dime up imtn ihxTn 
upon iho roof: Hurl xlio mid uulo 
tna mra, t knuw thai iliv Loud 
hath inveii you the [and, and that 
yuur icrnr i» fkllcn iip«a ua, aod 
that all thn inhat-itmlf of lh(i land 
funi becuiiw lit you. For wo havu 
htard l)uw lliu l.u&u driud up tin? 
water of thu \<kA Ma fdr yoii. wiivii 
jD caaif out of Rgrpt ; and whit 
)-« did unto the two kinim of the 
Amorilft, tluil irj-ri- oti iIiu uVlivt 
■idv Jordan. Sihon and yin. whmti 
}'a utierl^ dvHtroyed, Aud as iiMii 
Mt w« had heard iAfn> ihmm, our 
beartt did malt, neiihcr did there 
rsnuiin any mure vourain.- in Liiy 
maa, hccaUM uf yuit : I'rrr tlie l,atm 
jam God. lie it ()4<1 lo heaven 
abort, ud in earth bcoMUi. Kow 



tbmfoiT, I praf r««. _ _ 
Id nm br >^ Loan^ mm* l\ 

tJiomrd Jon lundaMa. llal ' 

■1*0 iJmm> kiudltMM MtlO BIf I 

hoax, and gl'c me a tm i 
and ilial jv will mtt i ~ 
ibei. aad my motlm. i 

ttuvn, and mjr titten, . 

lb»y haw, and d»Uw^ 
from di>alh. And tb* MM 
cd her. Our lib iue prMO^j 
utter not thi) oar biawKI A 
ihJi III!, whoa tha L«ui|alki 
iia llio land. Uul w* will < 
\y aud tnily with IIiml 
lot Ihein down bj a <ord ' 
tbo window : for her hmNI 
D|Nin llic town wall, uid di*) 
atHui tho wstl. And til* 
ificm, del vba l« the 
Iho purstttr* nNi ra«i; 
yuurMilvoi thara thrM di. 
lh« pitraudn b# retariMd: 
icTwitd niA^ pa ga vonr m. 
tliD u^n ukI sbto htfr, Wc'i 
bbnclcat of tliii tbias aalh < 
thou but nud« « «wHr. 
wAm v« uma Into ib . _^ 
(hah bind thn* lioa of atuWt 
in thf window whtrfa thoa i 
ui down tif : and Ihon 
thy fa,th(ir, and tluf nothert I. _ 
hrvthnrn, aod all thy fathcitl 
hold. liamB unto tllM. And F 
be, thai whuajcvtr ahall ga < 
the dooN of thr hMUt 
street, lilt blood (Aoil to i 
hciul. uid wa Mt// i« Kidltl. 
whojiinvrr ididl b« witb 
ibn houixi. Ml blood jAoIf fa | 
liead, if any hand be «|j 
And il then utUr thtt «ai 
Ihon w will b« qnit of J 
whirh thou hufX nods 
And ihc aid, Acoordins 
word*, no br it. Add the tea 
away, amt thi^y departtd : 
hoDnii the anrlol linn in i , 
dow. And the;r wfiit, ind^ 
unlo Lha mouuUin. and i ' 
throe daya, uotil the . 
rtflumrd: and tho ponatn 
liem thnn^iMt all tbo 

■■e Mjuin mtUr 
II Ibo oOItcn nrnt 
ill OBd ihcy c^ani- 

M Uw rarcnant t4 
M, uil ih« prUvU 
Of ft. ibcn 7« tWI 
Hr ^OM, ind ga 
mitaU be> tE>a«* 
I tt|Bta<il t^*i>>uvu- 
mtwfvn: Mmt not 
H |« <U7 fenow lbs 
>V miwt CO: for 7c 
d «BI» Uw ptoplc, 
M I fcr t« nvrMw 
1I0 wQB^a* siiwt« 
M «|wft« onto Die 
raik* *f Uia arh of 
Id p>^ DTcr befors 

I tier *««k op <>w 
iwit, and HTiit be- 
AaJ Uw L o H D 
I, Till* <Jav will I 
r ttee ia Uia itght 
U Iher naj kkow 

IVttta HOMM, M I 

•, And ihun <li*It 
ttm thai iMu- Uw 

■n »J<"S, When 

lh« Auioril«th iiid the Jtk 

Behold, the otk of ihf corcn 

the Lord of nil thr curl)) pasMlll 
orti before yu\t inlo Jwilan. Kow 
tliFi«for« lake fou IwvItd uiirn oat 
ef tb« tribe flf iBrncl. out cf vsry 
tribe III Dutn. And it abkll cumc to 

pM^ U soon U tllC BullH of tilt fvct 

of tht tviUM thai bcur Diu ark of 
tilt LoRH, tbe Lvrd uf nil tim curtU, 
■hall rt«l lu tha wutcrn «f Jordan, 
that the nstcra of Jordan xliall bo 
cut off /mm tb« watvrv tbal oamo 
■lowii from ftborit ; nriil lliry (lull 

ftujd u[ioii kn heap. Aud ii ctme 
10 pta, wticn th« pcopiv ramovtj 
(ram Ibcir tents, to pan o^cr Jor- 
tlin, »iid tilt.' privsia tcuini; lh« Mit 
of ibr toienaot lirfurc tlic jifople ; 
and >• lliAy tlinl lam tlif .irk w«i« 
(wme unto Jordnii, and (lie (oi-l of 
the pripiu tint bur* the srk "»r« 
<)i))]i<>d ill lliv ItIhi of llic wnt<.T, (for 
Jonlui ovvrltowffh fltl Ilia liankn ill 
IliD tiiat ot kurrttt.) Ilul llir u'ltleni 
which <^ft3Dc domi fr>m abovr flood 
onii riHc op u|pDn ikii )iciil> vrry far 
froiD IhK oil;r Adsui. Ihal u iH^aido 
Zuvlnii; nnil tlwiir thai came deini 
toward the wa af the plutD, rwft 
theult 9en,tulcd,aniJ were rat off: 


March IS. jHomini;, Josbua IV. 

AS'Uit Mm* la pM*,itben Blithe 
|>«iplt wan olMD p*M«d Over 
Jordui, llal UiB Lonn a^k* unto 
Jothan.siTLng. Tske you twfftve ronn 
out vf thif [Hwpli^, out of oiury tribe 
a mm, nnif ri'innian'I tr tlicm, bv- 
infl. T»ki>yuu hr'iiceoiil of lli» midil 
orJordun, am of tliK plwp wbrr» Ihe 
IiH«ta' fvl blooil nrm . twalve •Miu*. 
nnd ff (hiill cirrj- Ihtm OVW Trilh 
vou, on'l IftiTp iIr-hi in tli« lodging 
]iiiicp."'l"'iByi.'>lisll l(Mi(jT lln> ui#[lil. 

TjlVU .1iMl»na r;([lnJ tllr Ivri-tTc* niim, 

trhoiD he hail ptcpuwd of Iha i4ill> 
dim d Load, out of Btery irfbo » 
nun: ui<l Joshua laid onto them, 
Panoiprbcforv ihork of the I^Rti 
fnuT Cfci-il hitu tint iniijjfl of JunUu, 
and taka jon np otrit nun of too 
a (111110 upon hit ■hoolder, aeeordia; 
iiDlo tlic number of tlie Iribea of the 
childran of I«nirl: that lliJ! m.ty l>e 
a ticn amonft ynn, ihit whi-n your 
ohildlCD aak ihlit falhrrt III ihoc to 
MUB, MfinR. WlLit Hiiviti yo liy 
tlwM atonn ? Then ye ehoU anxnn 
thtn. That Ihv tralpn of JiinUu 
irtn cut off before ihH lu-li of llio 
covaaant of thi? Loud ; v>h«n it pau' 
ed omJordnii.Ihe iral«ri of Jorxlan 
Wfrl cut oH' : and Uiote itonM nhall 
ba fork ninniarEsI unto th« nhtidrvn 
of Inafl for wet. And the chllilran 
of I muil did u ai Jonliiw oatamand- 

ed. and lo<ik up Iwelvc ilonu out of 
tlu midst of ■Tordan, as the Lord 
npak* niitn Joidiiiii, Mcnnjina lo th> 
uumlxKr of thn Irilian of tho eluldrwn 
of lanwi. and earned IbamoTcrwilh 
them unto th« plaoa vrbere they lodjr. 
cit. and Ini'l Ihnn down there. And 

JOthu* OKI lip tlfW? HtlVIII'K ill tlitt 

niid«l of in th^ pin™ whrru 
tbe f«c( i^f ihc prieali which burs 
the ark of tlio forcnant atood: and 
i\v!j [tn> Uiota imto Ihi* dav. For 
the ijris»l» which btr* thn ailt iloocl 
in ifio midiA of, until cvhry 
thinR waa BnltlieJ Ibat (ha LanD 
cominaaded Joduia \a apeak nnto 
the peoplt, MMrdiDf le all that 
Mawa pommandad Jwlitta! lad tho 
ptople hMftd and BUWd over. And 


U mine to poM, wWb all tfat 
WRrr rit*a pxwd a*w>tlMli 
of iho Lord ftimi mtt, « 
pdnla, la Iha |u*Mnot o( d 
plo. And tho chUdrcn *( B 
and (b« childnn of Gad, 
the tribe of Manaaauh. pi 
snooil before lb* <tiiklraa«f 
a* MoMa apaka uto Itaoa; 
fortjr thouMitd t"*?"'*^ ^ 
pavd over litlarc the Un 
tnttle, to Ihe plains <d • 
On that tlar the Liibd lai 
Joaliua Ib th« tight of iH 
and thoy bared htta, aa ib^ 
Moaea, all the daya of hia Un 
ttie Lord apali* nni* Jolha 
ing, Connand Uiu priMta Ih 
tbi' ark of Itie leMimMy, <h 
comi? iij) oat of Jordan, 
ihcnrfore eocunaoded Iha 
BuyiiiK. Comu y« ap oat of < 
And it r-amv to paaa, wl 
pririla ibal barti tb« aA 
coiunnol o( Oie Loan 
up onl of the midit of 
tho fiutn of ibo pr' 
lifl«d lip unto the 
tli<.> vfatora of Jordan 
tlicir plni'e. and fiond over 
binkv 19 ittfw did bcfor*. 
pcoplir rame up out of X 
tlin u>uil\ Jnii nf th* firit lai 
oncainptid In Gilgat. in On tt 
der of Joncbo. And iJieat 

etonec, irliich they brak oial 
daai,dldJatrhi,i> pilvh inGit^ 
k* apake unto ihc diilctn-u of 
■ijino-Whrn jooreliildrwi ""' 
their falhen in lime lo H 
inn, W)ia1 Fnroit tbeM vIodM 
lie nlin-tl let your (^liildnm kM 
iiii^-. lataiil Auno o*ui thii Jul 
dry bnd. i'or th* Lottf JW 
dned Dp (he wal«n of Jsril 
befor* ycm, tintll ft w«i« 
citfir. at IhA l.i>M> *«ar tM 
Ihc Ked aea. whioh Ha dtM 
hpfon nt. nntil vrc wms 
thai nil till) p«a«lo of 
ought knom the Hand of UN 
theit It u miuhty: thatj* 
th« LuRu your God fur eHT.' 

J will of Hln lh»i dwvlt la tlu 
_. l: ImV Ueuinf nxmn niNMi th» 
Wtl of Jofoiili, Mid ujKin Uk Io|i of 
Um hold of him that voi Mpuiteil 
from bii bmkrm. HI* giau t* tikt 
Die firtiliMt tf Ml bulMW, ud hl« 
honu ar^ Sv Um hora* of miaonui : 
with thnm hg Bhall ptiidi tlw peopla 
t^Uirr la Ihe cndk ei the uRb: 
kiid thi'v arf the t«D tliDoauida of 
Eidmiiii. find i\\ty nfwlhe tbouudl 
af Mnnnjuph. And d SCtlMiliiii b* 
•kid, REjoire. ZeIiiiIud. in lb; tfAxtii 
out: viil. IiMcliar. in i\\y Cfuli. 
They th^ll c«l1 ilie iiwipl" unto the 
moanuln : tlirrr thry daW nHVr u- 
eri&en or rii{lit«oiitni:Ei: for tliry 

Mhall luclc q/tllB ItbaiiilUICC tlT Ihft 

leaa. vid e/timsann hid in the taaA. 
Anil o4 Gnd hr Mid, BInwd r« Iih 
ttut cnlnnHh <ii<l • iii^ dwrllrth as 
a tiun. itiil iMRtli tlm arm wiih the 
crown of tlii< in-aJ. AbJ hL> |iru- 
Tided the fir»l purl for hiuueir, be- 

MtMH wUk 
•Mtpiabto to 
him dill bix TmI fn ' 
vftd/I bf iruD anil 
ihv dijs, M (AaU I 
7Vr# b BOOS H' 
of Joibnioo, IKJ 
tuBvcn in tiij I 
odleno}- m ' 
God it tup I 
art the f^wttuHat 
■hall thnm out f 
fore tbee; ao 
Ihrm. WmI 
wifntj alone ; 
ihnlf it upon 

wine ; alun hh^ 

down dfw. tiappf 1 
nel : who I'l llk« m 
MTcd bylhcLokD.l 
help, and Who U 
excrllcncjrl audi 
te funnd llan i 
ehali tnuul i 

March 10. ^ominQ, DKCTKitoKouv XXXl 

AN I» Mows went up (Vow Itw 
p1nin< of jMnnh iililo tlin tnniiii' 
Min of Nubci, (o t)ic tap of i'lHrati, 
ttut 6 oYL-r iK^Uut J«ricIiD. Ami 
l}ic Lord b1ji.-w«U him all the liin<l 
of GUtail, nnio Dan, nnd all ^ap)t■ 
lali. Md (bo Uuid of Ephruiui, and 
MwaiMb, Md »U thi IttMl et Ju- 

■r nllh thine tjn, 
iiol go 0Tr» tWth 
irertaat of tlii) 
the Euid uf \lo 
■aoti of the '. 
hiia in B lolle 
ovtr aginiHEl J 
knuweili of I 

fate, Md ilfd 
■tsM MwM. 

» proi'lict dnco 
MUM, vfaotn 

- wf t^KJVt lo i'luimoti, orjJ ti> 
all his wivuiit". and m tll IJi 
JwiJ. anil In nil Hint mighly hinrl, 
niiJ in nil Ihi- Rrcat trrror wliirh 
}1(>N^ ahiiwfd in tho pii:ht of nil 

Cbrnins, Joshca I, 

Mahch 1 

4t>tli of M«)C* 
Limif it now 
an «Mks onto 
(na, HcMo* ml- 
H H* Mrrmat li 
e ana*, go a*ct 
m4 >fl thiB [WO. 
•Irrll I do eI*« 

ofaiUran or !•- 
OmI U« mIo of 

Dpan, that hare 
'M I nid unto 
'-wSdrnHM and 

ants Iha mM 
p&tUM, all tho 
1^ iBd until tha 
tfaingdown at 
w maft. Thcrv 
« ■H« t« ■tanil 

kf» ot ihj Wit : 
b», ta I inll be 
K fall tluw, nor 
Imi^ uid of ■ 
alo thia MopU 
an inbarlljuieit 
nnts ihslr 
L Onlj be tlioii 
mn(tou(. thai 

t to ^ HKtOTll- 

MA Vote* Mj 
: tW : lam not 
I VabA or In tb« 
■I ptonH* whi- 
■L Tbk book 
t 4anrt ant of 
I riwh moditatc 
Ul, (hat tb<n 
■o aocoidlDg to 
in: lotuan 

alalt lia>« Kood 

; I iMmoan^fd 

d of a ipxiJ ooa- 

MiUwr be Umb 

dlnnajcd: for tine Loan thf Qod 
with tbfc whiihtrvotcr lliou , 
Th«n JosIiuacroRiinanJcd tb* 0L_. . 
nf Ihn jimvplii, n^in^, I*a« thmudl 
the huKI, juiit MODinaiid lli>< ncoplr, 
lading, rrcpnre you Ticiiislii ; fur 
within time daft yo 1111111 pan aT» 
thia Jordan, to ((o la lu ponan* tlis 
land, whkli Uik Luru jruor fJoj 
f;iti>lh jruu to iioawM it. Anil lo 
Oie lUubcnllcn, and to thit Gaditet, 
atid to hnir Che ttihr of Mananch, 
apake Joiliua, SLjing, I<pmi^mbi<r Ibo 
wiiTil wliicti Alo>#4 tlip M-rtaiil of 
tbn I.Ann eonimaDiIrd 7oa, Myln^, 
The Lont) fma God haib ^vm yott 
rMt. and hath girm >*od thCa loud. 
Yaiir wiitm, jnur litltp one*, and 
jruur lallttt, aWII rrmaiu in tiMi land 
whirti MoMi gava you on Ihia aid* 
Jordan : bat jrc ■ball vmm h*ton 
Tour brethm Mined, »ir the mtgbtr 
man nt ralnnr, and help tUnn ; until 
tlif l^mn liar* K\y>n jfmir brethren 
rrit, u //( iutlh iriiTn you, and ilicy 
alH lu^vD poicMigd tbo land whioD 
the Loan nniT God in'i^tli thrni : 
then 7* (ball retnm unto thv lainl 

iDur poM«a«lon, >ud enjoy It. wht ^ 
iloMi the 1.fnii'a aonani gam ym 
on tbla nda Jordan toivard the An* 
riainii. And they ootwervd Jovbua. 
■oyiiiB- All that thou poaimsndwt n« 
wa wtl) <lu, and wbllhonoeTCV iben 
Bondnt lU. we will t/a. Aooordiu 
•a wc hearkened unto Mourn in all 
IhtnKa, M will wv hearken unto thee: 
only the Look ihx God l>r with thee, 
m» HcwutvithMoae*. H'lK>H>er«r A* 
tr that doLh iiibri BRsiiut thy eoin- 
tDandmont. aiidnillniit hearken unto 
thy wordq m :i11 Tli.ii llioii porunirLnd* 
mt liiiD, Lo iJiall bL- put to drnlh ; 
only ba rtnAS and of a jioad coiinge. 


n : 

'. th« tUldmi of Ima) W 
th( eMDir;. And llw 
kin^ of Jrricho wRt nolo Rsbib, 
nj-in^i Biins lorOi Lh« ota thai 
■I* tame U Irm, nhleli m enUrcd 
Into ihino hmtm i (ut tlior Iw «om» 
to MkTob out *3l Uio mudUt- And 
iha munui took the two nta, und 
liiil ihata, ind mid Diiii(.Th«i« CMiia 
men oniu lou, bm I w'm ool wheuw 
Ui» J iwrc ; lud it wnw to p*« a- 
^UJ the lime of iiliiittiuff of tlie s>t«. 
vrlwn It Miu dsrk. Ihil tli« men 
trnit out : whither tlw nivn viral 1 
wol nnl: piir^up nftpf them qnick- 
1t; fur ya hIulII iivuitnkr (linn. II ul 
iinii liuil liruuKlit tlii'iii iit> tu llic 
rvof bf iliii baiim-, tad liiil tliom 
wilh tlifi Fl*lk( of flni, dir 
lud )iiid in onloT tiputi iliu roiif. 
Aim] tttu vua ounmed after tlK-ui 
Uie wiy to Jeraiu unto iliv furil«: 
Md M lODii u they wriiicli piinueil 
after thfin «m« gann autitWy (lint 
the nCE. And bcfora tlitj' kitc 
laii] Uuvrn. *1h! cam? up uulu tham 
upon Iltu ruoC 1 Hid tilt' Mid uulu 
Uc mm, 1 knoir IIielI ilii.' Lrntii 
luUi gixin JfoD ihi> UnJ, and lliiil 
^ar Ifrrnr m f;ilkn upun ui. and 
tlml all i1i(i iciialiiuiile uf ilic Urnl 

faiiil beMaiiH' uf }0u. Fur ^V lu?<.' 

Iicani hunr iIm 1>)uii dried tip tlic 
tntor of ihc Rrd lea f«r jm, nhrn 
g« rot uf Kit> l it( ttii fhmi 

ther te*B. ud 
6va death. ,' 
•d hrr, Our _ 

■tl»r hm thti i. 
duUKwkM . 
ni tlw bad. Dm! t 
Ijr u4 tratF wilkj 
lot tbMB down lT\ 
the willow ! (of! 
upon tM tam i 
upcn tba nlL 
tham. Get }tn ta I, 
0» ponoen nmt 
jonnBliM thMS 
tlie puisnen ha 
Urward BMrii,-, 
Uio man «Uil BUoJ 
blanelMC of tltta 
llion lun tuiW uj 
tpAra tni 
tliatt bind thill 
In tlie wtn4oi*'( 
111 cEnim tij: 
thy fHtliBr, kiid 
brctlircn, and I 
liold. Iiume ua 
III?, tliiU irlio 
llin ttoon of 
kltvcl, liii tdiMd 
hL->ii, ajid ire leill i 
wlLceoeitr ihkll 
the houM, lui bio . 
bsid, if any liMid 
And if ilioii ntlcrf 
then yn will ba i 




, — ir* Ihouoad nca. 
Utjm fi Ho In uibuifa U- 
P Mi«l Bud Ai. uo Ihf <r«tt 
|MA*eil7. Aa<l <rli«i Uiuy 
~lttiFCfqilo,«ivn all Ihc liul 
■ M lb Mttk «r Ihc citr. 
rUm in «^l on III* well 
t%, J«ikM Wdnl thai night 
t aiAil «f (lir <sl]<j- Auil 
I '**•■■• vliCD tltc kiofi df 

rl^toaiiej kutcJ and mo 

|JH |«>iM Irawl to baute, 

I d u (MOplii. St a tint* an- 

i, U4uN ihe i>Iain : but he 

i AU tWnr u^rii lirn in nm- 

hln belunii lh(< nly. 

tad ali Unt'l lua'U 

J NCK bnMa b*for« lli<>n. 

M br Uw w»jF of Ih* 

I Ah ill ikt pMpl« tlitl u<>v 

^■n* nllcd MMbw lo par- 

' Umi; mn^ ih«j |>uniif(l 

, 4od wtM rin*n kirt^ 

I tilT. And tiiBTH mm iioi 

I Ml In Al or iteUi-el. iluC 

ImI >flw lirwl : kod Ihir 

I HIr OM. sni punupd afur 

' I Iw Laaa nid iinto Jo- 

cb Ml tbe *rcu Uat it 

rkncl tMTird Ail furl will 

tbioiUMliud. AadJuihu. 

M« ibtncuUwl )u lud 

tMod lowkril lb* ritj. And 

.■huh ir«« ^aickly out of 

Ipm, ud Ui*r no u toon 

fcW Knuhri wt hb Land: 

VM««4 Into t)w div. anil 

imi tatfwl ud wt thv liljr 

iM nbm tliR tnen of At 

iiial ihen. Ilie* ntr. aud. 

I ft* Mat* of IW Ellj at- 

I iV to WTf n, aod tkgj had 

^r I* Rm Ihl* wijr or Out 

* It* pNpIp (hit flad lo 

I nmwd back nMn 

, — And nhen Jotbiik 

, * Jml WW ibu tlie unbiMb 

t*^ tk dt]t. and Ihii ibi 

* ■* Ub rttj aaMttded. Ilicn 

, ^"H toui, uid (lev Uie 

J J Ai. Asd UH •Unt iMU«d 

I* % mr wainrt Uwm : to 

;*7> Milu nkt« of iMid, 

'*«Mtk and wmf <o ttui 

■dvt and ihty •notn Ihcm, lo iW 
they lot noiio of lliviu riffnain ^ir 
Mnpc. AliU ilia l.iiii! nf \i they 
tvwlf mhn, and brcunht him in Jo> 
■hua. Aa4 it came to pMd, wTicrn 
Ixrai'l liad tnsdi! an end <.( tiny- 
iiu- ill ihc iiilubitaiiu of Ai in ilie 
hold, in tlic wildcmcAK wlittrtin l3itif 
chanisl them, and when ttwjf ntre 
ill fal'li>ii Dii the (duo of the award, 
until ihcT wrer* oonioniHl. that sU 
llic Imchtta Mtnnwd uaU> Ai, aad 
MnotB it vitfa Um tdfin of lli* aword. 
Ami m it wia, l/uti M that fall 
tlinl daj, both of men and WDnaa, 
«-irt twcNn Ihonuind. •■cm all tba 
niraolAi. Far Juihua Jrvw not hii 
h9.nd ba«ii, vthcnniih he itrolchad 
out tht tpMu, ostll he had ntUrlr 
d«iitn>]rsd all Ihe inhabitaota of Au 
Onlj the ««lt1e and tho tpoll nf 
that city Imfil tool; for a pfty oti- 
t« th^laiflvtt, Bcrordinfc unto tho 
irnrd of lli« LoRn <nhkh H» «iin- 
niindiid Jonhiia. And Jofihiii hnnil 
Ai, and made it an hsnp fnr ptvr, 
men a docolation nnto thi> day. 
Anil l1iL> ktnjE nt Ai h« han^d «n 
a ttvo iiirtii anntide : tad m torn 
aa th* mn wan down. Joabu emn* 
inudud thai thay ihoald take Ua 
cweaae down from thn trrp, and 
cut It at Uie autvrint! uf thi? nU 
of the titjt and ralH thtnon » 
gnu h»p olrtoniiau liM nmn-nflh 
unto tliU day. Thun Jochoa built 
an alLur unto llit Liiiid God of !•■ 
rai<l Id mvuiit t,*)>al, aj Moan ibM 
utrrnnt ot lliv Loni> ccmniandad the 
I'hiMraD of Ictaol, aa II it wriileB 
in tho book of the law ol Mowe. 
au altar of vrliuli> KtnLivH. oi«i whinh 
no man liatli Iitt itji inry iron : inid 
thty oUerrii ltt>>rron bnnit uli'erinKl 
utitu llw L'lHi), and ]iarnti('i>d prMO 
otreTinKa. And h« wrvtv Ibcri; iiMn 
Ihe ihJDn a rojiy <if the law of Uu- 
Mf, which he wrote in the prtwon 
of Iha ohildmi o( laranl. And all 
laracl, and their elder*, and oKfiens 
and thvir judjtn, Klooa on tliii lide 
tlw aik and on that udu befvrt the 
prlMta the Liiitw> wliieh Imte tbe 
uk ofllie ooTcnaai otiheLoREsat 
mil the iitratig«r, u he tbu mw 


EM, wbm ftJI Um 
Qoritiw, whkli 
Jurdm iTMi- 
■8> of ib« Ck- 

I A« LoiM> hB4 drio4 np 
t (f Jonlkn from btfore 

■ b( Imvl, naUl nv want 
K^ AM thtii he»n mrU- 
r «!■ tbm (fimi hi tlxni 

Waw« of the eUidreM 
Al Ital InnH tb« LOAB 
ImImi. kUkc tliM aluip 
d dmnndje *gala (h« 
F t«Ml ihe aMand liine. 
intil* bin tkan kaiim, 
KtMd ika tliLMn* af li- 

» ih« MOM* <rtij Joahn* 
\km: AM thr p»f\» that 
tB|rft,<llUl ■MfwmalM, 
t nun af <ir>r, iliwi in tb<> 
bf tba *>{• kAcT Uwjr 
N Egrpt. KoiT all the 

> ane m* were circnn' 
■a Ih* pvDpte rA«« (n>r« 

> •rtMmMa by ih* •rar 
■c fiinh oot a( EefPC, 
Md bM circuiBcl<e<I. For 
R of land vslkcd fony 

■ vildnsM lill all tW 
^ffir XDAn of vnr* vrhti'lt 

I KgTTt. WCK oouaanivd. 
tr Aiyvd Dot the foioe 
*i KBto whaiD the LoNn 
t Ha would not kliaw 
lied. «)iloh tlir Lane 

> tWir fitUicra tliU llo 
u. ■ luul that Uavclb 
and taanry. And llHur 

*kmi Us ni*ed op bi 
if Ac^ JoAiiB cireaoi- 

Cliniins, Josiiui, V. 

March IS. 

«uwlt for ihtjr wen uuclraiuuiMd, 
bcMOM the; li»d net clnnadNa 
Uita by (he ir^jr. And il cnirw W 
puf, wliea (ti«y tud done circuin- 
vUng all lb* prupic, tlul tlicy a- 
bcd« in Ilicirpiiitvi in thv camp, UU 
thrr were cholc. And tli< LoKD 
uld nil III JiixW-i, TUis diij IwtV 1 
luIJcJ awiiy iliv raiiruoch of t^Tpt- 
from ofl' 7DU. Ulimforv Uie luiiii* of 
il» place i* CBlld Gil(^ unto Uiw 
day. Aod the cfaildrvn of Lmel 
OBcampod hi DIlRal, and krot Uw 
paMOTcr on Ihc luurlccnlh day of 
th« OMDtb at crta in tiit ptaiiu of 
Jrricbo. And thvj did vat of Ilia old 
rutn of tli* laiid vii IliC inurruw :ifc«r 
llic paaM>iiDr,unl(niva^ cakci, and 
pardM^iI f«rti iu the hUjbioc dajr. 
And Ilio uimiiia ceaiMid on ttio mor- 
Tour iiuir till <r liad eat4n of tb* old 
tam irf lh» iiiiid : nuiihur had tin 
chllilnrti dI liract Diuina any morel 
bat tbey did cat of (he fruit of the 
land olCuiDaii tlkat yrnr, And jt 
euoe to pajv,. vrltrtt J,}«huA wu liy 
Jrrtrhu. that lie lifted up faia ejua 
and loukrii. and. U^holJ^ llictv ntuod 
a loan eref a«aiiii>t lum "itli hii 
nrord drawn iu hii hand: and Ju- 
tilnu want unU Uw, and taiil uuiu 
him. Art thou far un, or for our t^^^ 
Tcraariea^ -Vod be nld. Kay; bat a> 
aaptaiu of the hoit oi the Lunii am 
I now oome. And Junliiiiii fi-l! uii lii« 
fnc« to thx rartli, and cliJ wondiip, 
uid ulj nnto liim, IMisI aaith my 
lord iiDLo bii «r»niit > Aud th» «p- 
lain of the LoiiD'a lin«l u-id uslo Jo- 
•Ima. Loosa Uiy hIkw f niiu 00*111)' foot; 
for tlio plaM wliuntan lliou itaudert 
i* lioly. Aad Joiiiua did to. 



inommg, Jwuita VI. 

> alraitly iliiit 
of llw dkil^n of 
tm want oat, and none 
Aad tlia LoMii «ld nnto 
■■ 1 kat* fiiTen into thine 
Itt. ud the king llHIwf . 
|fcly iBMi u( ralout. A nd 
B^Ma lln 4ily, ail pr sao 

ATauck 13. 

of war. anj gci rtiund about the city 
una*. Tiiun limit thou do lix daya. 
And neTcn i-iiMti tliall btw l«I»n 
thu atk Ktcn iniiaMla of taaa* 
horna: and (h« HtrHiiih day yeaball 
oompgja Iho eily MiT«a limaa, and 
Ih* linmlaahikllblawwTthth* tnn- 
pota. Aad it ahall c«mi: ta poaa, Ua| 

HFmUi whitk w« 
Hn. AdJ Uw priMM 
■; LK tht» lite t tnt 

WU(V nsto all thn fwi- 
W tk wieoei haJ pro- 
Aa4 JMhu* follod f«T 
M Mwk* oBki them, ttr- 
W« ute r# iMtfolM na, 

wrt nnj ill frnffl you ; 
wtSk anattg n»t Noir 
> arc nncd, awl llicre 

•( JOT ta flMiI from 
ta, iMd bewcn or «OMl 
I at w«t«r for ih* honw 
L And thajr antirDMd 
I mU, BmftDiu it WW 
i Ugr ■KTanti, how tint 


UlKV 19- 

UiD LoBD ibj God i)iminuiilr>l Hi> 
Mmitt Moara to jtira yon b)I iW 
Und, anil hi imim mil Uia uJib- 
biunts of iIm land lri>ta Mar* nwit 
Iliw*foro wo wnfo wre afraid of 
our Uvra bccaiuc of Fcu, and Ituvr 
donn lliii lliinK. AnJ now, twliuld. 
WA ur/ in llsLiir lutiid : AS it accmcttt 
Rood nod rv^lit oulo IIim to du uiito 
u«, do. And M did h* unlo thviu, 
anil dcIlv^Tjd th»in out of tbc buid 
uf thi? nliildiwn of t^inu-l. iWl the]' 
itcw llicm iiol. And Jo'liuA ma^ 
Ihem thut day hewoM of irood and 
dniwcrs of wain tor tha MDrngB- 
tinn. And for Iho nllsr '>f tlie Land. 
cvpii uiitu tliii (Iny. til tho pUm 
•vliiirll Ub ihuuld vliOusi-. 

ff ot-iiing, Jo«BUA X. 

Marcs 15. 

na* lo pMi, vhna A- 
i4w kiu nf JaniiDlom 
boa JoMtt hid Ukm 
ilMUrl; ^M tw y e d ii; 
bM to Jnfahn ud Im 
Ih4 dan* to Ai and tin" 
Imr Ifae ialiabitauu of 
Md* raM« wilfc ImncI. 
BON Ibcn; thu iiwr 
]r.hMWM GtbMN MM a 
■ ow W Ik* rnfil nu(i>, 
il MU HTtEttrr tlian Ai, 
NB IfaBKtf WiMV HUKh ly. 

Mwl w d w ktos of J(- 
1 OMD Hobam kini of 
d Mitn Pinin king of 
d uta Japhia fciuv of 
■nio t>>Ur kim of Ku- 
r-ODit up mio uw, aail 
I n naj Mtttttiihcon : 
■rit BMcc wUli Jmliua 

■ ■fiBdran of l«ntl. 

■ (tv klBKB of Uw A- 
kiac of JtnuteB. Um 
ma, Uie kinK of Jw 
W of LactBdi, the king 
(Mod llWBUWlVM (ogo* 
U«p,lhMru<l all ttitir 
iMBpod Mofe Uib«oii, 
W aialiM it. And Iho 
on toBl onto Joaboa to 
» ejliaU MTiog. »l»ck 
H mat ttj omaau ; 

■»d helii UR : for nil tha kin^ of ih? 
AiDoHtPt tbat dwull in tbc mouii' 
(aim an mlherod ueetliei ataintt 
ua. So Jtiiliua aMoaaad from Oil* 
Ka). he. and all ib« people of war 
wttli him, and all the mt^Jity thm 
nf Talnur. And thu LiiHii uiiri ontu 
JcuhuiL. Vtax thorn not ; fui 1 haTH 
dalivMTd tlnmi lalo thine luiiidi 
tli»N iliall not a man of tb^in f.\\uiA 
biifum ihw. Joriiua theraf'iri' i ittii- 
nnui itifm *nddinil]r, onrf v: ni up 
froin<iilBnl al! niitlit. And iIh- 1..,uu 
duciiiulili^d (lii'iii bcfjn: l»r»i-l. aiid 
flvH theiu Willi a irreal tlaiivlioT at 
Gibcon. and ctutted Ihrm niimn ibu 
wut that MKth up to l^th-liuTuii, 
and nnatr iheni to Aukih, uid un- 
to M:ikknl:ih. Audit CBIDB to poih 
»» tliej lied from lirffli* InaeL oiMf 
irrra in tho aoinn ciown tu B«th- 
btotiQ, tint ttio ill) 111) ciuit down 
gXMl Monci from hi^aveu iipim (liam 
nM AMkab, sod ttirydirdi Ihn 

-. . mora irldch diod witli 
rtonea than thev whan Uw clufdioa 
of Inacl aim Yrilh tlw nrord. Thn 

2 Ike Joalioa to the Loan in tlw 
r when the Lobd delinrad ap 
tbo AmoriUa bofpro Uw cUUno « 
Intl, and he oaid In th« ffght of 
lanKti iiiiii. stand ttMn (till upou 
GibcoD ; and thou, M««n,iii ilii Tal- 
J«7 of Ajalen. And ttw m& iKm& 


lai^jamlj&M ^ (lU (lniib«m, nad in Lla j-ouiiiwst 

«>1" of ll. 

Cansd t^ (br un tliall lie ut up thi; 

e*miiia, JoauvA VII. 

tU> cft7 JrridiA : Iiii 
Jmibtioa iWn>of la 

JKatyaa id the »' 
ifw Jurkui, di« Mn of 
1 af ZUhU, itui •en of 
triW af JwUli. t«ik 
mI thine: and (h« kd' 
WWwlWIeH uainiit 
/IsmL ind^dnu 
t J«ficlM tA Al, wUeb 
■•>«ii, OS tli« «a^ nde 
od fpalia Biita tbam, 
swi iww {h» oiiintrjr. 

WI>llt Dp Uld "iriHP.I 

r iMuRwd M Jotha*, 
I hun, 1x4 not all the 
: bat let aboDt two 
Biid nwii ff> an and 
tj nuki not lit tli« 
par lUlhn; for lliny 
8* tlcM *nnl up 
t ptopk about Unte 
: m»d thry fled befon 
I. AodlWrnm of Ai 
I iIkiiiI Ikirlr and nix 
rj <kucd ihsn /rum 
f font Birto Shebarim. 
«b tfc« asinR down : 
1 1— rti M did prop)* 
M«»e u vaU*. An-I 
ta« «l«tbca, and ffll to 
» Im Cm« btfon th« 
m» mia ibe «v«Mld#, 
to« of Inui, tnd mil 
dr bMda. And Joahna 
L«d Gov. wbertfar* 
M 4«ll««r nt inio lb* 
AmariiM, w dMtnr 
to Ga4 wa tad twM 
Imlt M Uw otter Me 

Ml, «lHt llifti) I M<r. 

OitMlh tlwir bncfct 
MfHiM I F« Uu> ('•■ 
I •■ Uw iabtMUiita nl 
lhMV^i(,uil aWl 
mmt, tat «u off mv 
<l» Mitb E ud whu 

Sj Ihc I.OI1U n-M with Jo.Iiua; alicj 

March IS. 

wilt TIiuo tia unto Thy gnat aamo ? 
And lbs Lord aaid unto Jotlina, 
1"l llipe ap ; whernfim 1i«*| (bnu 
ihiia ujiun ihjr hrpf Uim4 hath 
Hinneil. si»l tli>7 hsvo alio tmi>- 
HTCTMil Mj- caTcnauI iHiich I com. 
Riandcd tbria: for tbcjr luvo OTvn 
tahvB of th» >iraim»d tbiim, ami 
hkTo ahc ttoUn, ksd dI*M<iinliiBd 
ako, and lli«7 }ia<« pnt ft ctcq a- 
ruima iheir own itulT Therefore tbo 
nbitclrcn of Israel caiild not Miuiil 
bi^fiirr tln'iT FnaniiM, iul tBruvil 
ijtrir b^rlo tn'forw tMir «uciiuca, 
bcaaiiin lliav won MClincd '. u«- 
tber will I be with )wd ao^ tnon, 
•zorpt yc difstroj the KcennBd front 
uqoDg yira, I'p. nnunllfj the peo- 
pla, ami My. ciancttff youiacirea lo morrow: for Ihiio caith 
tie Liinii Cod of Israel, '/'Afto it 
no accursed tbiiitt in thu iiiiiUt of 
tliMf, Iti3«<l : Ibiiu csUKl not atand 
twlor* thina oncuiDi. until ye tkko 
awa; the moaned tiaaa Dom ■- 
taotvc yo. In thv iDomiDfE there- 
fore JO clialt he brOiiKbl ariMirdinH 
to your tribtoi 1 and il htiall bf, Ihul 
tW tribe whiiik) the l.oftD taknh 
■liall come a<«ordin« to tlic fimlllM 
Ikerrnf; nnd the family irhicih (h* 
LoknihaIltak« obftllRonigbirhoiiM- 
haMs : Hid the bouaahold whioh ih* 
U,KV aitall takn ahall <«n« nan hf 
man. Aud it ahUI be, thai he thtl 
i* bkkea with th« Mntrwd IMds 
■hftll b« burnt tnlh fir.>, h« and all 
thtt ha hitlh: hei*ii"iio he linth (rant- 
gwaaid thr rnvriimt of tlie l^nan, 
and bniMUiiP lie hntli wroiiaht folly 
in Imel. Si Jotbna rou up early 
in thi> rnvrnlne, and hroiitcht larul 
by lh«ir tnbcB; and Ibe ttiho of 
Jndah wm ukcB t and lie brought 
tbt fcrnlljr of Jiid«b ! and be look 
lbs bim']^ of the Zariiitot : and In 
brouKhi Iho fonulj of the Zuhitn 

air ItneJ. uid tW 
done ; when I aw sini 
a Son'fly Ilnliylnntsli ;;irmi>nt. unil 
Itra hundri'il ihi'kelii of ■iJiir. and 
ft imlg« of ffnld uf fiftt iliekcls 
weight, ihen I cmeLerl tliein, uid 
wok tliem; inil. Iieliolil, ihcjr nn 
hid In Ilir anrlh in tho midat nf mf 
lent, anJ ihci «licr undn ii. ."fc 

Jiinliiia will iiii'iMilUiT", auil Ihojr 

riu utiio ih« lent; and, IwliulJ. il 
irw lilJ III hia U'qi, «iiil the rilirr 

■aid. Wfav liasl tft 
Ihe Lord tliail I 
d&j-. And kU laifl 
slatiM, fttid bORM 
nfur iJMtr hibd m 
HluniiK. Aod tbRyj 
a £i«tt heap Ml 
itnj. $oih«Ix»aj 
finniKnew o( liU ■ 
tliE truini! uf ttui 
«d. The TftUef of 

MAiirti 14. looming, JosncA VIII. 

AND Ihc IiORD Mid unln JmIiii.i, ■fiti u*) tltl ire ■ 
. l'«nr not. nnivlmr bo Itinii iliif- frnm iha cily; Be) 
BUnd: Ulce kll the people of mr I'hvy llcic belare lU 
wlUi theci Mid Miesi nt up to Ai : thi:rcfure we will f 
■M, I him iiifon into thy hand U» TIkii ye eluJl ritn^ 
IdQg of Al. and bl« ptopJf, itDd hb bull, bod eitiM ui 
eily, and hia land : nnd Ihou nhalt the IiIHH year <j« 
do lo Ai u;d liur kiuii a) Ihoii didal iota your (land. .| 
untojericliu niid beriiiia: uiily the viuiu yeliave li' 

K0ji thvrMf, and tlic cuitli' iliFTcuf, ehall eri Uiu cU; 
ttl y« lake (vr n pn-y iint-i jour- lo the conunUL. 

■oItci ; luj ihcc aa onibiiali for tlic | »baU ye do, See, 
city IwliLud it. Ijo dotihiufc arose, od you. iimktut 
•Dd ail Uic people of war. Utgo up forth : tuid titer - 
ac^n*i Al ; and Jnthua ehMO eul bnah, and aboil* 
thirty llxniisiicl mi^lily men «f >a- and AI,oD the we^ 
IouI^ aiid >Ciit Dinn away by njsht. Joshua liid,ii;nl that) 
Anil hu euniiuaiiilod (licio, eayiii)t, i>ec>plt> i^^d Jotht 
Bohold, yc timll iKi iu wnit .iKainxt m t1i« montlii^, aS 
tile dly, errn behind tlio city : go prxipln, aud wouR- 
not»rrT f»r from liic ciir, but be yc ciders of larae" 
all nocly: atid I, end all the p«iplc in Ai, Aed alt 
that arr wi<h iiit>, will Jipiwuiwh pfopU o( war 
oa(» Ibf fiiy : and it aliall come lo \ tirnK u^ and _ 
/»*», wlien they come vnX MamW \ \«*lirt« liie on-it -, 
«*, an al (tie first, thil we win ftw \ wnA *i4a « hX] 
*MOfo Uiem, (for thev will wnw •»* 1 '<ali«i 

For (M MBin R)l4 01 
VMB the bniniiing of 
Um (ncmir, lUjuicp, 
virt Hit |»-<>plr : fir 

■till nmdiT ii;npfanfe 
irin, inJ trill b« mcr- 
lUiil, aiiiJ to 111*1X4- 
ifM _n«iv anil >i>alu 
■f thia Mas til llw can 
he. Ulll HMhM tbt 

Jin J Mo*M nwile mi 
U kll Ott» ir«nU to 
(TIm nJd niit» thfrn. 
to anlo >11 the wotd« 
■ tsMi( Tira Ihk lUy, 
I BCOBUid ymr cbU- 
' > do, al) the word* 


MMh, that U eT«r : .. 
and bchnld ilie Imidi 

whkh I (lire unt* (ho' 

Intiwl for a poacaian: muI ita in 
llii> iDuiinl nhtlhrT tlion XMSt ap, 
anii Ui f^thoicd iiut» thy p«<i|i1ii ; 
11 Annm thy brother died iu luoiint 
Iltir, ftnd xrmi ftatliervd aato hi* 
pmpio : boMan* j« tr^tpused »- 
Ainiit Ma kmMig the cliildron of 
UMcl ftt tiw mi«n of Mtribth- 
KidMh, ia tlu> wilderntM of Zin : 
'beeauN y* Mnolilitd M« not in (li« 
nfd«lof tli«ohililr»nnr )}n«l. Vet 
ihoa thiit »M tha l&nd brfora Ikrf : 
bnl thoa th*Jt not eo thUhcr unto 
the luid nrhioh 1 itire tlid cMIdrru 
of I(nu>l. 

mmjt, DEU-rEBONOUY XXXIII. Mahcu ft. 

liolp fo him from hii «ii(nnic«. And 
of Loti Im aij. /^f TliT ThammliL 
nni'iTliv L'rim He Hilli1°liylinlroiio. 
u'tidiii lliuti ilidil pIull^ al MuhiIl 
aiid wiOi irlium TIlou iliilal atriiv at 
Ili« traton of Minibali: vho mid 
unto Ills falhtr &nil to liU moitirr, 
I haTB uoi iMU hiis : Doiilitr did I 

I Ob WcMtnit. whert- 
«• Iba mu of flod 
uUrb of Unci be- 
. And Iw nid, Tim 
Mk Sbnl. Md row up 
M thtn; H* ihiDod 
Muit Pann. and IU 
gtooMiid* of MinU: 


' '(Mj 

■Mdnre tW EolUi: for 
lifa Q«4 : U* M » iniouM 
•li iMi ht^nftm traiH- 
BM jvvr WW If jrv I»t- 
La»^ knd •«-•« nrangv 
I H* will tuni uid do TOD 
I caamiDO jrou, aflar Uinl 
4MW 70B K«vd. Aa<l the 
M Mi*o JMfcu, Ni7; but 
■ne ibt LoBD. And Jo- 
I aiiU 1k« pvopto, Y( nra 
igiliiH ToonNTta Uut yv 
(d ma tlw LtMA, lo acrTD 
M JlMr Mid, KV ar« wji- 

tr AcnAn put ■■nj, 
ItoMM aoib irhirh art 
&tmi bidUao j»iir h*tirl 
ID God «r iDMt. And 
h Mid Miut JiMbna, The 
trOod irill «c wrrt, uid 
l*UI w« ohcjr. So JoahiU 
ImtDuu wilb Iha p<wpl* 

E'~'MtUwfD aMUDtc tad 
taShaehcin. AadJo- 
>M»worli id ths book 


IhcM tbinga, that Jaliiia am ran of 
^nn, the tcmut of Iliu Loiin, dird. 
Aflntf no liundKd bhJ tvn rcan old. 
Andilin' bnnvil him \a As border 
of hb inhcritonui; ia Timnaiti-scnhi 
•ttiic'li >i iu jnt>uni K|ilmii:i, im thr 
norlli ciili' vf I)u' lull of <iui>>h. And 
l*nifi Krv«d Ilie I><>Ri> »ll the dar* 
of Joihiu, wad all tlio dnn of lltr 
rldun tlial ovrrliird JoBimi, nnd 
■otitcli lind kiiawn all Iho wurkii cf 
the Lonii, llint Ha hail iIuhh for 
lirorl. Ami tlip bonw o-f Juarpli, 
wliir'h llir rliiMrrn ot Imrl brouchl 
no QUI nf tl>^'t. buriiMl thrjr in 5hi7- 
co*in, in a. iinrrvl of p^iuiii) ithich 
jMoh bnuRht of llut HOii* u( llnmnr 
Iho fatlior at tiliochcm for nn hnii- 
drod pieOM ot allvcr : mid 11 becanir 
thr inliBritanoa of thv cliildim al 
Jmiph. An<l Klrawr llw nm of 
Auioo ilbtd; and th>'5 Iniripd htm in 
• hill that perlaiitfd In Fhlncliu hi< 
iicpn« which wu giTc^ bim in moum 

Cbiiiins, Juuoea I> 

•Ah- t^ dMth or JoHhna 
t.W IM«, that the chil- 
I LOKD, «>7< 


Mahcu 16. 

(intto* into ihvlr hand : mid itii^y 
■Tow ortlifin in Bi-ji-k Imi Ibouaaad 
npn. Ami llii-y found Adoni-boekj 
in Deuk : and thr9 iMitfat 

tMtb whieli w» 
Ami Uk princM 
!■. L*l tltnu lire; bQi 
i hwen d nood aud 
FKUr unw kll ihv ron- 
I Ibe priBM* bad pro> 
And jMhiu callcii Tor 
I ■Mkc uuioll«u,Mr- 
N nn yt Iccuilcd us, 
■M rarr hr nam T<ni ; 
rell aMonK nsF Xuw 
< m curaed, hu) tluni 
tf fw be Inei ftaai 

: •( wtur for lb* lioun 
, And Ibe; uwnnd 
I ^d, BrtMM it «u 
L Ikgi MmnU, bow tli»l 


U*ncB 13. 

tho LiiHo tlij God (^ininui(I«il HU 
MTTant MuMa to clre *du itl ilir 
Ikud, and U deuroy til tho inliO' 
biUDU or Ibe land mm birfnTd voii, 
[henfore we om tore afmiil nf 
our WtM beflmap ofrou, aud liari- 
du[m tlui ttuiiit. AuJ noir, ht^buM, 
wv atr in llUiii- hniiil: aa It sci'mctli 
good iDil rlRlit iinlo Ilicc (o do uuto 
III, dn. Anil m> iLid lu uata them, 
anil dclm-rvd thorn out of Ibe Imuit 
of llic cliildicii u( Iimel. tlul they 
il«<rr tlifU not. Aud Jiwliua maw 
ilicm iliat day liowen of irood and 
dniircn «f walor for tb» animfft' 
tion. and for Ibe allaf vt tbt Loii&t 
mea iLiiio tlita day, in Ibe iilatn 
wbicli lie sLuuld cliOOM- 

jHaming, Jobhua X. 

March IJ. 

J whsn A- 
o( Jenaalin 

_ . __ hul taken 
tmUrlT dMin>j*4 >L; 
ma t« Jokbo ud bt?j 
ka4 dMie to Ai and tu-i 
W* Iha iifaabtUiiu uf 
Hdt p«ac« irjtb Irnel, 
Mac thm ; 1^1 tbay 
fttunun Gibcna <ra> a 
i na «f tbt njral citua, 
ft WW (nabrr tiuu Ai, 
m tmot wm uUiny. 
tdoai-rndtc Unit d Jt- 
i Mto U«ha«i king of 
t mla Pins king of 
MoaM J>phia kiax or 
poiae uji unlo niB, and 
I w« nuqt Mlit* tiibnn ; 
ladi inaoe urilh Jsahoa 
M (faUnn of I«Rw1. 
H fT« king! of iho A- 
lkia( of JcnMltni, ih* 
fnm, Iba ki^ «f Jar- 
to «f IdohBdi, tb> king 
tiMVd a«BMv>rM loa- 
bMped bvfoni GUwoa, 
W ^ifaua IL And Iba 
M Maa nnta Joriraa lo 
i^St^at. myiag, £b<ik 
lo^ wvTaiiU; 

anil bcl p iii> : for nil the kln^i of Ibe 
Amoriiu ibnt <ivwll in ikv maun* 
tiiii? ntv uailuuvd louuilipr aj^buL 
iih Hu Jvcltua aM«nded frvm Gil- 
teal, lie, and nil tb« people ti( war 
nith him, and nil i\\c tnielit; mm 
n[ nluur. And the Lojiv siLid uub 
■Ivsbiia, t'cm iIiL'ici nut : titr I 
dvlirun."! tlicM iulv lliluc hnnd: 
thrrr i^bull poi a iubii of ibcoi itUml 
beforv thcc. Joshua iliercfore caan 
aiilo tlii'm juiddi'iily, and wnnl np 
Ini^niiiUul aliuuliu AmlilicLoap 
du«uuiliti:ii tlwEl Won iFTUct, ami 
*lvw ili«m witb a great ilsui^hm at 
Gibcon, and obaaed tbem BlonK Ihn 
WIT tbat netb up to Beth-liuruu, 
anil Kmototnem (o Aukah, and nn- 
lo Makkc^iLb. Anil It ciidc lo pa^ 
u tliF'}' fled trvm bcforv Innvl. dnrf 
»crr in the RoinK ilnirn tu Dotli* 
hunin, that the Lunti cuat down 
gnal hIiiiivh from liravui npon tbom 
unto Axchah, and i]>r; died : Ikty 
wm mope whicb died trilh bail- 
■tonea than Ihty whtno ttir rliildrcn 
of Imel fili!W "itli lh» rwoid. Then 

r# Jmliua to the Lord in tba 
wUdq tba LiiaD dcUvcrfd np 
the AnoriUu t.>ufiir<: the eluUm A 
lamcl, ftad be nid \a Ae n^ A 
Ijonel, .Sun, aland tixra M'iW av«i 
Gi'beo,]; Knd tlM)a|Uooa,ltt\W>>•X• 
J''r of Ajatoa. And Ate vta WM& 

lin. anil 

.._... ^Uswc unMlIui 
IM 1 swan nalo yvai 1.\- 
»i I aud, I irill mripr limk 
iMatwilkyau. Aadjv ilio-IJ 
> Imm vilh Um inhabiUnti 
IM* J* A»a Itetm dmni 
!■•: Ml JO hata ant otw^ctl 
M: wihf bat* ;« don* thi* ? 
in I >l*e aaid, I will iial 
IM aat frott Wore you ; but 

hatti ihall b« a MU* udU 
M il taa« la paJW, whiw Um 
E Ibi Ix>an (pMA IMI« WMdi 
I Um chiUfM of iMsel. (tat 

KUtcd DP Uirii TOioe, &ii>i 
jI thor tklfed ihf name of 
llM B»eUB: and Ihrr la^- 
b*Mt» lb* [.OHB- Ati<l 
Wta haJ krt tin pMpIt nn, 
WM (f Iflwl vtnt mty 
It) Hi labtritaMw t« j*t out 
H Aod tha iwcplc wrveil iha 

CI rf llM tUm l)kt otttliTitd 
«b hid Mm all tbn grml 
lit tiUw. that H« did for 
I All J«Ah ih* win of Nun. 
!*H«I to I^«ii. dif 5I. tftmf 

pcoiilc ilini ic^TV round about ihcm, 
and boHT'iJ thcmtrliFn unto tlivin. 
aii^l itritv4T)<i*<] llwi l.iiho ta aoffsr. 
And llii'v (ur>o<ik tliu Lonn, and 
tinned llial anil Aahtwath. And 
the snBor of tbc Ldbd wia liot n- 

Sinut liraci.rmd lie- <tpliierDil llictu 
W tlio hanil-t (if KiHiilt'n tlisi *poil- 
mI l)i«m, aoil Hv mI<I tlivin iiitu tk« 
lucda at (buir cnculiD round ^M»it> 
ta llut thfty could iMt an; Imunr 
■tauJ hehn thair otwmiM. Mtii- 
lh«r*aFv«r tbaj went oul, tti« lund 
of th« l.aftD WM igainit tfaam for 
•nl, a* die Lord had ■aid, «iid aa 
the Laan hod nnim iioto tixBta: 
and ihey were Ktoatly dintKocd. 
NoTcrih«l(«« Iha Lord ralMd np 
jndfiri. whirJi dclhvnd tbaia ont H 
IIiD hnnd -of Ihoaa Ihftl ipoiltd thiai. 
And >-£[ ihf)' wanld not houlran 
iiDto iliL'ir iiidirai. but ther vat » 
whflritm3ilt^r<ith«r)rnJ», tnd ho»r»d 
lhnmM>l>fi4 nikto Ihini; they tunird 

Quickly out of thn wny whieh tlieir 
ithtn wallKd ill. uliL-yiiiff the Mun- 
naadmmb of tht l,oa.u: im ibajr 
did Mt n. And when tlii Lasi 
n[iwd thMB up jad^ati, iban d| 

Oxmif, antl all ilio 
and Itivr mnolv llnto 
•lit* of U* nruril, and 
all tlic muIh thai 

•KM ; ha left Done remain- 
!kt had iaar to llibran, » 
b IMitr, and to the king 

ebtiiing:, Josikia XXIII. 


^ H mno la paw a Ions 
H after tlot IW Loae haa 
■I iMa lanwl (roin all Ihsir 
^cnmA aligat. that J«hua 
|ii«a<f (tntkoD Jn age. And 
olhnl for all liT»I. and 
r ■Ufs xvl 'or tiwii hi-ad*, 
' Ihcii juiV**. and for tlitfe 
lad (Bill luU* tlwm. I an 
i •tritkcn in a«>: ami ]r« 
m an >^t lh« Irfiiib roar 
A 4mm anu all aim* na- 
louir of jrtH ; hr lt>i L«MI> 
' ! ' tlial hub tooAt 
'.LI la.. (lirUid 
« >> l«4 t)w«« Daliuos llial 
h* an lahOTita*!!! fur 
_ I JonUa. wllh all 

GoibcD. pvao uniu Gibcoo. Ai><l aD 
thcw kinjB nud Uicii lantl did Jo~ 
■biia lak« at one line, beoauiv tht 
XiOBD UmI of iDTnul fuiixlit fur I*- 
rairl. Aiid Jusliuk rctunicd, aud all 
Iirul iritli bim, unto Ibo oamp t« 

nrAnCii 15. 

/^tf^>, neither lervc thmi, nor 1)0W 
jmivwiTpt iinl'> tli«ni : but cl««T» 
aula lilt I.nuu ;»ur God, aa td 
haTB doDC unto liiii djiy. Vvt tno 
LoBi) hmh diivcn mil fram b«fiir« 
jrou great uatiooa and BtmnK t but 
<u /vr Tnni, no man hatb Iwrti *1j1(> 
1« (laiid Iwditv foa unto Ihi* day. 
One man of yen ahall obiao a duo* 
and : fit the Loiio yimr God. He 
il u tlut fl«htath for you. aa H* 
Inili pruiiuBfld yva. Tak* good ^*<l 
llioruiiiro unto yourMlTsa. that ya 
love llic LoBD your God, Elic if )» 
do 111 nny «nK go kicV. Lad •^lea'rB 
unto llii) rraioant of tlima iiRtlona, 
cnrn tlii-M ttiit rMuIn amon^ yon. 
•aJdhall loalcoinairia^s* with then 

■Bil on En nnbn l^n. aiul Ait/r-i 



Mjkcu 18. 

M hnk U> Wk Wad. u<] 
|4fa>r frvM bU iVhi iMxh. 

ttUhnaUilwllj: uidmo 
■• aal ■ kfter (be blade ; 

it dawd BpoD ilw bUdr. 
b «mU m« dnw Did (Ii«- 

•ThilMtlT: and tilt <tiH 
IL Tin Ebnd wen Earth 
, Ik pMoh. and ihni tbe 

fta ^knr uihhi tjim. and 
lb*. WImd lit wu fwn( 

Nntab cam* ; aiid wlwii 
rikU, WboUl. Ui> ioon of 
IV arrr lo<k«d. Uisjr Hid. 
llM«*mb hi* Urt ID lii> 
HmAct. And tlMy Urriwd 
I on aillBBeJ : and. bs. 
f ipMt not Ibt doom of 

K; tterefoM Ibtj t(N>k a 
. M*d rjkna aod. hdiuld, 
Iwtf bllM down ilrail oil 
?-A»i Ehnd MtApcd wliik; 
lUiaiApaMedbrjroiicI ihe 

jiloriimij, JtiDuxa IV. 


Jb AUAni of Inut Miin 
I iifl M Ik* tlffht u( Um 
■■ BIwI ma Mwi. And 
It kU OitH iotai tb hand 
mrf Ouaan,lluit lejim- 
IWt; fti nptain M whow 

■ iten, wHah Jwpit fn 
■AtflbtGniilM: And the 

■ ■■wmI etM wtto the 
vhe bd Bine biuclreil 

ijf bia; ud tweiiU jttn 
Wtlli t M i d ih* (Milran 
*■ iu Dtbonh, a jim. 
,<M nib ef LapidaUi. ilin 
;2U M thM tima. AndnliD 
**v ll» palm Im ul Da- 
mn Raaah ind \!*ih-*\ 
*KplfiiiB: anil tb« cliil- 
**mI mow ap to hrr lor 
^ Aad d» Mot ud nlk-il 
■wi erf AbiniNUEi oul uf 
'"Hull, ud Mid iuiU> biw. 
Ithe Loan God o( I<rr»«l 
**> Miriiv, Go ind dnw 
^W Tabor, and lake witli 
'^o—iid ma of (fae eiol- 
*MliU lad af the rbildn-ij 
'» And I frill dnw unto 

SDUTJuB, and empcd ddIo ftairatb. 
.Ill) il r.iniH 10 nm, »Ii«a ha m« 
iM>ui?. ilini ha blow a Miiiu[>ft in 
tlic mounlaiii of KphraJm. and the 
pliildrcii of Itnivl wciil ■lowii vitb 
hitii trmn llir inniiiil. unil hi- liiTiir* 
l1i<Tln. Anil \u- t^'ul iinlo llirfir, f'ol' 
low afu-T mo: for Iht Lhhd hath 
deliTsred ynuT cncniin ths Moab* 
i(»> into jviir hand. Ami (bcj w«Bt 
iliiwn afttr him, ami (ui)k tlir fordl 
of Jonliui lowsnl Miitli, uuil nulTnad 
iiol a man to )muh ^iilt. And lh(]r 
bIcw of Moab It that time abvut ten 
IhoUHtid mcii.ntl hiity, aitd all mm 
of Tilour; »iid (hpni «"ra|>pil nut a 
mall. ?-H MiFub WJi> miliiluiid Ibat 
dg.jr imdirr thi hand of IctsdI. And 
the land bad r«t foiUMOre T«U». 
And after tuui was Shainsar UM Mm 
of Analli. whirli kIpw of 111* Phllia- 
tinra aix httnilrad Dti^Ti vlth un ox 
^ad ; and he Hia dclivercii liracl. 

MANrw 18. 

«aptaln a[ Jabin'* imy, witli hi« 
rhariou tai M* intittit)id« ; and 1 

will ctcTivi<r him iiiiri ihinn bind, 
Ami Hank inid utko her. K thnii 
wilt ica n'ith inc. thi^n t will no : but 
If lliuU Uilt LiuL ((') "ilii niv. I/icn I 

will not fill, Aiiif "lie Mt'i. 1 wiil 
niMlf Si> with \]iw. n(i[v(illiii3iid • 
ing the jonnvy ilixt Uiou tnkrat 
ahsll not he fur Ihjiu' h-ttmut : for 
the Lou) thall wll ^infi inin tlit> 
httid trf ■ WDmui. And lli'twnili 
ui>«, snd wni with Karak !» Kr- 
dnih. And Ilink ralii'J Zeliuluu 
aiiil Naphtali lu Kedrsh : uid ht> 
WMil Up iiitli tfii tliauuDd neD ai 
hiafcetiund Hcbiirab went up with 
hitn. Nnw lkh«i tlui Krnil*,ic&iiiA 
iroi of iko ohiJdna of Hobab llw 
fatlwr in liw of Moara, had aevaiMl 
liiiuMlf frum tbt K«ilib!a. Utl nllch- 
rd liiB trui uikUi tte plftin nf Zoa- 
n»im, which ubfrKadmh. And thejr 
■howod Siwra that Barak the na 
tit Abinnam wu gout iiii 1« rauuU 
'I'ahar. And liiKt^ KatWrcd Inge- 
■her all lili cltariot*, rurn nine biiu* 
drpil tliarlolA of tmu, wid all Uw 
pMipJit lint mere v\-Ctt bin, tttnn 

AT tfait thne Till! I.onn 
Jotlica, >fak* i1m« sljirp 
ad cirraDirlM «^tD (tie 
if IctmI tim BMnd lima, 
ift aiileliia itnrp ksiiH, 
wriwJ Uw cliiUrtD of U- 
b* hlU of the fomklnt. 
4i ite au* <rbj Jtwliiii 
■ciM : JUI th* pwtla ihat 
tt EHTpLUWf wm malm, 
N an of wu. lUeil iu the 

I bj Iht mT, •fur tiwj 
of EgTpi. How all tha 

It CMM (Ml wen ciicain- 
. lU Um people ihH Ktrr 
W wttdcnm bj the vsjr 
MM dortli «nl nf EsTpi, 

E*~d Mit dimiadiiod. F<ir 
•f IwMd iralkcil Tony 
mtitnm, till all iliit 

II •«« nco of war, n liicb 
■f BRTPtiwen KMwtiicd, 
» oMjcl not the Ttin 
M: sMa irhon Un Loiin 
W H* vmM DM bIww 

liBd. vhicti U>e LoftD 
to llMtr fiillwRi OmI llg 
• «fc » ki») Out HowMh 
■M howr- Aiuf Outit 


,_ . __ Uod Gtlgftl nnMl 
day. And the chUdTcii of Imel 
euoanpcd Id liUxal, uid lce»t the 
puMTM on tbf luurui^iitli day of 
the nonUi ot otpii in Ihe plain* of 
jerictio. And Ihcj did eat lif llie old 
ornn of the bud on Iliu' murniw ufler 
the loBMiei, u>il(-aivueil (raket, and 
parcW rvrn In (lie wlfnoie day. 
And Iho nauna ceated mi ihn nor< 
row aftoi tlwr liad oattn at ihe ulil 
com of the mild ; iLL'tilier hud Hie 
diUUreu af Idrarl iiiiiimu any iu<>rv; 
hat lli*y did wl ot ihu fniit of (li« 
land ot Cuiami thai yriir. And it 
nine to pan, wlii-it ■luihus win by 
Jericho, that lie liflvil tiu liis eyca 
aitd luoted, luid, Miuld, ilicn kUiod 
a man orcr nsaiitit hiin vrith tiis 
iword dnwii in Jii.i liatid; unil Ja- 
ibua ivcDt irnlo Iiim, and paid uulu 
him, Ari iliou f-ir u(,«i far our ail- 
tersariei^ Andbcftald.i4By;biitu 
CBpiolD of the hn>t of Ihc Lnno am 
I voir cuine. Aud Jiuhtin feU on Ilia 
face Id tliu cartli, md did wunhip, 
aud nid nal« liinii Wtut Midi niy 
lord unto hlawrnul} ABdlhaup- 
tain of ibo Lono's boat aaid onM A' 
ahoatLemBihyahoefroni off thy foot). 



MAacs m 

I wtH Mm tint maaJDeth 
llilhiLvu>)Md«in« luTp 
I fn> ll> Brfghiy. Oul of 
iMf Mf*« t not of ihcm 
lAnfrk; »fiPT ihM, Bco- 
: th^ ptoph ; oul of 
■vm* 4ciw« gavtmot, uid 
MsUi* tfej UM huidle tha 
MiWnftet. And tlw prbicn 
wfrr nilb IVbnnh ; 
IT, tDil alio Bank: ]\f 
IMM •• fc(4 intq Ibr lallp}-. 
>t* firi4«i af Rcubci) iIhtc 
rpM*N|hU(irlKart. UliV 

^ik Mui«p et iha ImIuF 

t«rU» of KMtwn Mnv 

1 Kwvtihp nf bcut. Gl- 

tbjiifld JonUii: uidwb;r 

'■■Hill in drii«r A>hcr 

.1 M U» MB tfem, 3kn<l 

■Ihbtfaebn. Ztbalnn >n<l 

I WM ■ jiMpU Ihal Jco- 

[ibir Hie* BMO Ihc dcKtl) 

I pUcM of the (fid. The 

t ontf foocbt. Uim (oiifflil 

<m <4 Me^dJo X titof t4wlc 
I af MM7. Tbef fanf^ht 
-■•■1 ihK ttara in their 
M"S,lil apihut Sianm. Tbu 
■ XfliM r*«i4 tlifm a^a?, 
nrim', tlw jiitt Klahim. 
kfton liwt IroJJini dowii 
laia were tlie haricliiHifii 
f Ae Maui* of th* inii>- 
> IWiJiUP of iMr niijihir 

onci. Cvne j« Mrrat, taitl the 
»Dgrf of th^LpNu, <;nrse y« bitterly 
Ibv inhabilant* tlimvf ; btftanao 
th>f cama not to tlie hrtp of tha 
Loup, t* ll» help of the Lorn* 
kgiimrt the nighty, Dlrnvd abore 
iroiiii>n ahiLll JmI tlie wifv of Huber 
tlin K«ii,ite bv, tilfiufi! iiiiiii dia bv 
ntiuiif womvn in (lir uiit, Hr ukod 
wiMT, oiirf»h<r fiavc Aim milk; »hc 
bronglit foilli huLlfi in a locdljr dial). 
Shp pnt her boud la tho nail, and 
hrr rifiht liniid to tho irotkm«n'* 
linmiii.i'r ; siid with Iho banmer Ae 
Mmote Stien,>Iii! male offhUliCMl, 
when ihc had picrcwl and atridica 
throngb bin trmiilra. At Iiit fvDI br 
bowriT, ho fpll, fi" Uy iluwii : 111 hrr 
fort ho howpi!, W fell; vbon hr bu\t- 
ed, there he fi'lldoinidBiid. The mO' 
Ihor od Sacra looked 0111 ot a win- 
dow, and cried through the laltirr. 
WhT f» hi* oharioC m loilff lu com- 
ttig? wh^ tarry lb« whoul* ut Ma 
chuioli? tloT wUo kdloa anciTcrad 
hrr.yn. !vbc rctnrncdiniwcrto Iicr- 
ndf. 1 t(i f F llii'jr not vprA} hair the}' 
o«/ .iivi.lcil ilic |ii«r; til eiurjr man 
a diiiii>L-I or two; to RWm a t>nT 
of diTBH rolou™, a prajr i>f dlnra 
^loim of ncpdlcwDTki of dlvvn 
coloun of ncrdlcirork rn hoth Bido*, 
nrrrt fur ihr ncrk s (■( /Arm /An/ /fl*r 
(lif -iHiH? So li't all Tlitiie Knninics 
iiorliti. (I I.orin: tiiE Ul Ilinn that 
laTi! Ilim ic oi Ibc mn whm he 

E'clh forth in his miftbl. And tbv 
nil Iifld rcn furt; roan. 


i^orufng, JtritcKn VI. 

Marcu I9> 


, bdbUcfllwUM: 
tWItt « WM « J tkttn Into 

' if UldUa Mten nan. 

/.•bJ <f Hi&n prartUcd 

'■■ml : an^ WaoM of the 

** IW childnn of Intl 

'*** too ikiij wbd ora (a 

2* QS^AmUuImi, aad the 

22 !■ '*•'• """ '^ **""* 

ed ntaiiiit llifm, and doitrayed the 
incrvas* of (he irnrth.lill thou ivmv 
nntc Osn, huiI h-ft no fiialonaiirn 
liOT limal. n<>ilhi<r ihocp, niir nx. nor 
aaa. Por ihrr caniit up with iheir 
rattit and their ten ti. Bud ilurTcamo 
as Kmnhopjitn far multituiU ; ybr 
bolh l\nj and tholr raturU ware 
trltlmut namWr: and the; entend 
bio the land to dmtroy it. And 
Ixnwl wifletrnllr imponviiahad b«- 
ranK of the Mldisiut«<i and tlia 
ohildrvu of Isr^vl eiicd. nnVi ttM 
LoOD. Anil It ckIM t« t«M<'"^>*A' 

riu \Ik>i lanJi iuid I said unto jroa, 
am t\K Imud }*mir UuU ) Itw not 
iliG foJt <-f llio Auiorius, In wlioM 
lAutl )'c 'Im'cll : but jo bin not 
ulwycil Mr loicG, And ihcrc C4me 
sa aiiKcl of lliv Lukh. auil vat tin>kt 
an Oiik irlikli tram iu Ofilmli, llu( 
prrlniiwif uulo Jouh tho AU-»rll«: 
Slid hi* •on GliUoD ihrcriicd wheat 
hr iho winoprMn, to hide iV from 
Ino M[>]iniiiU-4. An^ tlM aagti of 
IIhi I.<)R» a|ip>riiruil uutu liioi, MiiI 
•ay uulo him, Tbo La>D U vllh 
llicc, ilioo mig1it)> n»n o( -valaur. 
And Giik'on iai<l nnta him, Oh tnj 
Loril, it till- lrf>ni> In} w'llli uhi why 
ihrii la itll Ihln bftfjtlliii ua ? hikI 
wturr te all UU ralnclca which 
our falhcru told ut of, MtTitij, Did 

nut thr L<jHi< lirinii u> up IraiD 
Ko^-git^ l>ul iiow tli# Uiu.r.1 hatli for- 
Mktn ui. uid dclivi-ti>il ii> intii Dm 
huridi of the Midiiiniio. And the 
Louu Tookcd upon ZiItiIj and said. 
Go in this (hy niifilil, and lljnu ^hnh 
Mi« [n«d ^>n tlii> hand or i)ic 
MldlsnlM: httTo nut I wul tlirr? 
And he vud unto hiiu. Oh my Lord, 
nhcRwith ahull 1 mc Imel^ bo- 
huld, iny funily u |)uor ia kluui*' 
»•)■, and I an the IriMt jn ray 
Cilhci'* houaa. And llic I.dhh aaiil 

•d 111* fle£ tUH 
ihcrock. uid«on| 
ibc unlcaTcDDd oi 
gel vf the LoHu 4 
KiKht. And tthia 
lliat hu ipiu UI ^ 
GIdcou raid) Atw 
bcwuae 1 tuTc M 
LoKi> la<« W b4 
nid UN Id liim, Vi 
teu nol : than tli 
Gldoni bulU an at 
LoEi>,jinil oUledl 

unUi tlu> dajr U 
of the Abi-«ia<t*4 
pwa tb> Hune nS^ 
HJd unto him, ^ 
roung bull or k. iTt 
luck of Ktva yai 
down tlw altar I 
fAtlicr hatli, and € 
Iliot Mb; it: nod 
to thu Ldmd thy ' 
of lljin ro«k, in I 
utid lOik* tlw Mt 
oSb r s bunt laerl 
of the erpn whl 
down. Then Gli 
of hi* wrvantB, an 
had nald unto hll 
bccauM be (band 

10 ieiHb 
haute t 
tit. W- 
>rtul dtft dawn bit alt»r. 
•twUal ifav he RillcJ tiim 
ML mfiaK, Ui Itul plriul 

aMuaw he ha lli Utrowii 
hr. TIwii dU ih« M:i- 
Mikt AmaltkitM uid thp 
) If lb m* wvn |;>thvn!i| 
(,nt »»M mer, »i»J plicti- 
■ •>UeT«f JeOTcl. ButlhfF 

itlkl LmD t»BH! Dpun Gj- 
ti k U«ir ■ liumni't ; tnii 

i ■!■ fallitmJ ■fi(T Iiiin. 

I ■Nl MHatngen thrMigh- 
. MlWih ) «lw >]«i wu 

^ 19- ebtningf Judobs VII. 

PJjjnlilMl, wh) iirGiit«<ni, 
* H dw piopU llMt inm 

fiHip«arly.Rnd ptii-hiHl 
> *iD »f lUrod : *a ilmi 
^■Ai UidUaitc* wnv on 
«i «( ih*ia, V Uw hUl 
b lltt Tmlh>7. And tha 

tbeiTiliafl f kiiuw that Thou " 
nve brucl by iniiic> lianil, m Tlioal 
]in«l Falil. Ami >1 "i>< co: for )ic n>M 
iip early ou llic laorroiv, uid ihratt 
llic Uui-iH.' loftvtlirr, ami »rini(v<l tliF 
<li^w mil of t'li* !ll.■*'^^■, iL html ftit) 
of wklcr. Aii'l CiJi'ui] mU niito 
God, 1*1 nol Tliiiic ingtr be hoi 
n^iiinl mr, unil I will i|i('ok bill 
lbi> UUCP ; l<rt iriii finiri', I prajf 
I'liM, bn< Uiin vKf" Willi ll»^ Utvrn ; 
ttt It now bp drj' o-iilj npon thr 
flo«cr, uul upon all Ibo (rTouiid \el 
tliipnr I>p »lc"». Aiiii (mwI 'Jul to thai 
jii^it : fnr it w:l» c]r7^[>oii 1h<i flo4>(ic 
onljr, %jui Uirrc •nu dew on all Ul* 

March 19- 

JJb CiJtan. The t>c*>r'' 

^*W An ar* too tmnr fur 

AtUifmit** iiilutlicir 

int. Uimt own hnnd 

IP> iriLh thi*!', till! ranM (lull ga m'tll 
tlii<it -. will of wliDniaoovtr I »»f nnlo 
thtc, TliiJi •lull nut n» «rllh ther, 
tlir tame ihallnot |io. SO hcbraUKlit 
dmni lh» prnjili! niito tlir water ; 
Knit (hi* T^oHu Kiiil nikhi Gl^Ii-vm, 
Eroryuini llial la|ij.rlli of ilic waUr 
trith bii t'>iii^ii>, at a. Joi{ lapppthi 
liim ihalt ihifii nrt tix himwlf ; ilkr- 
■in *iMT <"»p ill*' iMiivflli fliiwn 
uiKin hit kniiiM Id ilriuk. Ami th* 
nuutcr «f ihnni that Inprnt. puj' 



Uned lb«M lime bandnd am i 

mi tha hosl of MJdUa ma bniMlli 

taiin in tbi> ntU^. AnJ U cum ta 

fU* Iha dim* night, th»t Iha 1^m> 

Mill uDta liin, AruL', cvi thcu ilown 

nDlo th« hoA ; for I tuvt deliTttrd 

11 ioto thitiii hiiixl. Bill if thou feu 

to ga down, i{n rhon wit)i Phumli thy 

wrnnt dnmi lo tlio hQd : ind tlum 

liaU hear w1»l tlicy ny ; and aftcr- 

mrd Bhtll ttilni) liuuil» l)« ntKngtk- 

OD^dtagn dtiwii null) the host. Tli«n 

want be daini uitli Khunli hJJi iwr- 

TMit nolo the outfidtf (if ilia irined 

noil that uvn in the hiui. Ami tliu 

MidliulW* and the Amak'liitv* aud 

all Ilie rliildnn of the oant lay along 

ill iW vallcjr lilco ^nndioppcn fur 

muiiitiidi! ; »aii Ihuir mmea iwrc 

willluiil ciimliKT, u Uw luidby ttw 

Md Hiilu tar iiiultilDdt. And vlien 

Gideon wu coinp, l>i<hi>ld,lVrr tri» 

a nmn tlui luld 3 drvnin unto lib 

fallow. lad ui>1. BfIidIiI. I Jrenaied 

a dnam, and, tit. :i cukv of lurley 

hread tiinblad wxo iho )io«t af in- 

dim. and rnmr nntci a loiit, aud 

twaU it tint it [rll. anil ainliiniFd 

Ittlbat tlio tenllajralun([. ^Vud tiiJ 

EelliMr aniwcrod and Mid. This U 

Dijttiliu; cIm whs ihe »irord of Gi- 

itm llie aon of Joiuh, ■ man of 

Iniael : for into lib hand bath Uud 

dell^r«il ftlidian. and at) llu^ boat. 

And It TTSH lu. nhnit (iid«nn livard 

tlie lulling nf Itiu dnam, and Ihc 

lnl«iiiri;tau«n thcraaf, tbu bo vtnr- 

(hinpod. and rctanwd iiilo (h« IiubI 

(if loravl. atid wid, AHk; for the 

I^HD liath dcIlTDtod Into vour hud 

tht b«el of Mtdiaa. And he djtidvd 

the ihrcr hundred nitii inM tluvc 

cuuiiiaiuc?, and hs |ml a Inuutifft lu 

c^YTv iu.iu'> liund,vrlth oniiity jJitch' 

(Tt, ind kmna nitliin ilic piltbcri. 

And Iw MJd nnio lli?in, Louk on 

mi, aiiii du likcwM : and, In'liuld, 

iriiPH 1 wniv tQ til* «iii*iilii ul tlin 

canp, It Hliall In 'Aui, m 1 do, w 

iWI TB doL Wbta I Uaw -1 

tmnprt, I uid all ihM an 

mt, Uwn blow jre Ibe tnnjwl 

OB ertrj wie of all tbf ttm( 

tair, n« xMnf of Uu! Ijiis. i 

GidMHi. 80 tildrat, and IM 

dnd ran ihit uvn wMb hni 

unto th« ontadr of tta ciay I 

bivinsiiu of tho niddlo mm 

(Ik/ had bat utwly wt tla^ 

anil thvr blew the tnnufa^ 

bnte lh« plldiBn thjt w 

thnir handi. And tho tbm M 

■una blow tho minpciiL tail 

tin pUcten. and btU UtU 

their l»fl iiuid*, and lb* H 

in thoir riflht hanib to bl«ira 

and tho; cried. 'Iha nrori I 

Luau, lud of UMoMi. JUA 

Mixid vti'iii man in hit tbm 

about tbe camp : and iU li 

np, Mid crird, and BnL A| 

thn-'G bundrrd blew tba IM 

and ilw LuKs ml «(*iy mu^ 

M>bui hi* teUaw, cm An 

all ttw hott: uwl tl» Iw* 

D«ih-«hiiiah In Zer*ralb,«M 

border of Abet-nwholah, unti 

bath. Aiid Ilw mea a !■ 

. UiCTol tlienLMlim U«tt«r 1 


of alt Muiauch, a«d pUHi 

tliu Miiliuiim. And GldM 

inuaenixn thmiiclimit all 

£|)1inlin, tatj\o^ Caoe di 

Rainft the Mfdiaiillr*, and H 

I for* llicra the wattn nat^ 

tianli nnd Jntibui. ThJoi 1 

umn uf I^i'liraint cathtnd 

BtlrH totaibrr, and lotk H 

icn unto Ikib-banli and 1 

.\nd tlisr look t«a princM 

Midiauita*. Onk and Zm 

tliv V ilfw Urtb uyon Iha ml 

anu Z«cb thc^r slew il At 

prpH ol Zetti, osd pnnwd 1 

aud UrvOiEbt ib-e head* «( A 

Z««b to &idcuu ou tho odi 


^AROii 20. ^oriitng, Judqim Vtll. 

ND tin men of Ephraini (aid 
X unio him, Whj baat thou terrvd 
' duw, thai thou eaJledit d* not, 



u-hra thim wenlcsl (« ig 
tbc Uidiunitn? And thy i 
with hint aliarpljr. An ~ 

pvf^MWj^mv iw, ana 
I huMwd mm lli>t tmr 
bfefU, i*\ pMmitXK Hum. 
Wd nata tlie n«a »f Sne- 
k I pn? r^iii lu*M «f 
Mi Ha Mopli tHi follow 
hrlf biM, and 1 un pur- 
w JMaJi ftDd ZslmiuiD*. 
UUiu. Akd Uw prnwa 
It aU. Jm Um htuils of 
|l ZklnBBn sow in Uiiw 
It *t ihMU sir* brcwl 
km^r JUi4<HilJMiBau(l. 

I whm tlw Laid bib ile- 
liUb «■! Zahnamift inlo 

II Ibn 1 will iMT TOUT 
Im tkMin o( Oio iriUcir- 
m tei«M. And he wmt 
Itt PeiMi, and spake ub- 
IfenriM; and the nun of 
ijBwmd Ina w ttw men 
btatfawwwnlMM. And 
' iba wM Uw men of Pc- 
■bWhm I wjwn aimlii in 
HlbKsk 4inni iMi town. 
4 •ad Znhaamia imv In 
Mlhn boM Willi thnn. 
haikMUd a»«ii. tn that 
H e( tn Ita bnu of (lu 
WllfetMM: to then r«ll 
M and t wt m tboiwuid 
■ knrnravd. And Gitlfoo 

oi ma R^ ana innnM n vm w1^ 

(Icnicui and britn, mul wttli tlii'n I 
hfi taught tbe mca of Siiprotli. And 
}ic beat dowu the t«w«r of I'fnnd, 
and sla<rth^ n^ii iiixVt tiij. TLm 
mid hp onto ^hnh \nil /Atinunna, 
Whst mttutiur of tnrii iivr^ ihr^ 
wbun j« ilcw ii Tiiliorf And ilioy 
unTCMd.At tliouarr. •ouvr«th<]r- 
ta«h Mift NMDiMpd llio cluldtvn of 
a king. ADdlionJd,T)w7Hvr«niy 
brcllvifn, rvm Iho mmi* of ny bm~ 
(Iwr I ID the LoKD livtlli. if jn hul 
nTCfd tlirtn itliof, 1 u-oiild not iliT 

Son. And he fsld iinio JHhur hiB 
ntborn. Up, anti nlsy \\\rm. l-liit 
the Totitn amw not bin uHcml : for 
lie fuared, b«auuc he vui yv\ a 
jooth. Then Zebali iiid ZalmiinnK 
■Id, Rlw thou, and (all uputi lu: 
for IB tho tnftn if. ra u liit ttTv^Hih. 
And Gideon inui', a»d alow /.I'hith 
and Zalmunna. iiiJ luuk amny the 
omameula that tMrr ou Itwir ca< 
iMl*'n»ck>. TbOD the men (»f lirael 
Mid unto Oidton. niil» thoii dt«t 
ua, bocb thnii, and ttiy cnn, and lh« 
lOn'e *on nlio: for Uiuti liii.-<t dell- 
Tend tia frvm ihe bind of Mtillan. 
And GldtwD nid vtila tWn. I will 
tMt rale onr yw, ntitliir ihitll mv 
am Tok tMtT r«a : the LanD rtul 

reu* in tua dajri ai UiJcon. And 
J^TDbliiul Ihp f>ua ul JuQ"!! wvnl 
*ni] ilwll >n hin tiwii hnuir. And 
Gi-Iei>ii luiil llir<'i!»('n> irnil trii snna 
«f lii> boilf t»Aottvni {or he hud 

Maiicu so. 

di>liTL>nJ tbcm out I 
nit tlwir oDraiini on 
IlLcr iih«ir»d llwf I 
bouac of Jonibb«al, 

he hkd ibewed nnctt 

Cbtninji;, Jctiioes IK. 

ASn Abiinplf>*h tl"' n-n o{ Je- 
nilibnsl iv.-ni. tn SliPfhnni nn- 
t« hi* enothpr't brfllircn, aiiJ (luni- 
inuni^il triili them. niiJ with al) ^^\^.^ 
iaiully i>( thi.' Imhiw? ui Uh uioihor't 
fariiflr.aayiiiff. SfK>iik,I pray ynii, in 
the pjfK o[ nil tfiu nn'n of >liurlirm, 
n'luitlier II licllvr (ur \mi, I'ltliur 
tliul >tl [lis soiu of Ji^rulAiufil, if/ixi/i 
art lliroixicore hikIwh pc?-i>n»,r('iHii 
ont jou, or tli.1t. fiiiit ri'ipi ovpr 

Eon? minpiulmr ilsu tliai I run yonf 
UUF Slid vDur llesli. And hi?i mu- 
(b»r'x l>rvlliren Kii:iJf» of Ijitn iii tliu 
tan of .ill LliM mnn nf Slirrhcin all 
thrnc irorili : and ihi-ir hpnrli in- 
cliiunl tu fulluw Aliiiii<<lv('li-, fur (Iw)' 
ttiil, He i> our lirutlier. Anil tliuy 
gkVB hlni llirfcs'inri' niiil icn firecf" 
or ■ilrtr nut of Ihi' Iidum dF lliuit- 
bcrilh, wbiTcvtitli Mumtinrli hirtU 
«kin and liKht |ii!raons. wliioh (ol- 

rlll».r Ihat ■#«/ In J 
wlinn ihdjr ial4 if 
wi^nt and ■tood in ti 
lii-rtiim, mad lifted tt 

crivil, uul mid miw 
unto m?, }-(! mm ol 

(iod liiiy linarkini 
Inwfl went forth on 

A UUU over IhlMD 
iiulo iho Oll*« tlMi 
III. Itnl thn oliTO 
llicui, SivmU 1 li 
whtnHiUi by we 
And inso, uad en 
(iTer the Irwi? Ai 
tu the Bg tnotCania 
orvr ua. But tlw ~ 
ilieni. Shoakl 1 fi 
Ilea*, Rud mj (004 
bn tiromolM o«tr ' 
uiil Ilia tiOM OBli 
UiDu. and Run v 

^..rt •tC.I i.«B.« «h., 



, if 70 bare 
r, u tk.t yv 
mmf, Klid u 
I ««B irilli Jrmbbul 
■■> lad hjiic (loQD nnta 
1^ to tiM dcatrtiuH of 
t Oar Kjr f>lher foucht 
>1 klTCBtnnd hU lifv (ar. 
mJ }«a eat of tk* luuui 
II IM y* »n ruen up 
rbthn^ iMmw Uin iky. 
diii lot MM, IbfHMMC 
Mmn*. apon MM Xone, 
■•Je Abimdvch, th« wn 
iittnxml, kisg otm lti« 
itha, Won** li» it ywit 
ITh tbn h«TC iImH trulr 
Ktf vilh Jerabbul and 
MM lUi dtT. (Am rajoJM 
Mbeh, Md Ui kim kiM 

Kt but U Mt, IftI Am 
jUimtlMh, and <!»- 
in at Stwebm, and the 
Ua»; ttd M flr« «am« 
b BM of SfaMban, uid 
hmt ot MiHa. and At- 
ihtb. And JmIuid Tin 
1 ttA, and wail t« llMT, 
Umo, far f«u cf AUma- 
MbB. WbMAHaalwli 
tl Ana yaan awT la- 

CM wit an eril i^'mt 
jiaitttdi and Ibt mea of 
Md lh« mat of &bMbeiii 
Amalr Willi AbbHlMili: 
IHI9 Mw ta tko thrae- 
i wa aam at Jamlibaal 
■; Ud Ibair blood la laid 
IM llctJ lin)tlwr,wlticli 
i; tad span the naa of 
aturli udeil Urn la tha 

Ui l«iihrrn. And the 
MtB tot lien iu wait 
Iwlop oftlw iiuiunlaiDa, 
Wlhm: audHmalold 
k And Qui tbe Kn af 
K Mk lu teathm, ud 
■ t* Sbfahoni: anil tha 
Mea Ml tkEir eonfi- 
ffL Am ikej ireut mil 
■M^ tad nibftd ilMii 
lUdtnda Mf grmrr, aad 

I.iad «Kanl inlo UN booaa 
I aad M aat aad dmlc. 

und curMd AbinoIo«h. Aad GmI 
IW iH'o vf Rhtd iaiil,Whoi*Aliini»- 
Iccb, mil wlio ii Shcohem. l)i4t *ra 
tliMjId urrc liim? u not A« tlit^ koa 
of Jftubbulr and Zcbul liii oHincr? 
•ertv tilt moll of tlamor tbe fatbcr 
of 81iecbcni i for wKr •hottlil wa 
Mrr* him? And *riniM to Ood tUa 
poapla 'vara nudir mj lund I Ikm 
wunid I roiDonAbiiiioltch. And ha 
Kud to AUrocteoli, [tiortau ihine 
amij, an>d etnae out. And irh<a 
Zobol the mlor of Iho vHj hL«Tii 
thw imrd« of Gaul iho niin <>f Kbwj, 
iiit iingi>r iva* kindJpil. And bo lant 
meawnacw onto Abimelcth pririly, 
atfiiu.Ueliold.iJkal thi'MQ <>f lObcil 
and Ell bt«ilin'ti h# ronio to Slie- 
ehan ; uid, hfhold, thnr fotiifj iha 
eily s^niiiai iKm. Now thnvbra 
op b^ niKhl. (liou and lh« p«ot^ 
iMl u with lhcf>. and lit in wait in 
tho Held : and It (iKilIJ bo, iSal la 
lk( noninK, u won u lli# tun ia 
Up, thoa ah&It Hm mu-I^, ind nfrt 
Dixm th* elt7! and, fconnld. trA^i 
Iu aud llift rnopie Uiat m with hiin 
ooino out aauuBt the«,tlioii naroiit 
tboB da to then ai Ibon ahalt llnd 
oeaatlofl. And AUmoleeh raw op, 
aad all tbo iw^la that wrv with 
him, hy night, and lh«y laid mit 
uaiii't Shnchnm in (otir i-anBanla*. 
And liaal tho aon of Kbed noot 
ant, and itoad in ihe cntcrinj; of 
the galoof the vit^: an<l Ahinii'li>rli 
row np, anJ tho jmoplii that trrr* 
with hini, from ^ving m wall. And 
whan Gani raw t'ho ruf^'iL-. h» wiid 
Ut ZtbnJ. I)L-!iutd. thi'rv come pirapio 
dowu from thr! lo]! uftlia iiioiiiitaiiii. 
And Zitbul aid untu him.'iliou Mit 
tha ahid«w of tho mounlaina a ff 
iJUy w*>v m^n. And (ixnl t|ia)[e 
aMta and taid. Sin thrm Mim* i^o- 
pie down by tho tniiidlc of thr land, 
and sootlwr oomnuir ooiiio aJaug 
br the pbin of Memenlai. Tlien 
Mid Zebnl nnta him. Wh^ro U nnw 
II17 moiiili, whiimwilh thon laidBl. 
Who ii AliinieFucb, thnt wa Bhonld 
Mrre bim? it not thia tba ptapla 
tliat llion hart deapbed? ^ ODt. I 

Sra; DOW, uid Rsht with tham. And 
aaJ iraal ant befaTe t>iQ ntaiv at 




ShMbtm. uid fmM wiA AMa*- 
toeb. Aiiil AliiinfJeeh chMwl hin, 
ud be S<'<l tx^utv tiin, tnd muiy 
■roe oTerthfomiiinff woiuiled.wm 
nolo the mt«riiii| ot the Kite. And 
AMmalMh dwoil at Anutiah: tad 
Zabnl thruKl am Gna) *iid hi* bra- 
thran. that they ihoitld not dwril in 
Sli(M'1i('in, Anil tt ranw It) mm m 
tlic morrow, tlial thi> people went 
cut irilii ilw lli>li) ; nnd tnry told 
Abimnlciili. Anil holixik ih» proplp, 
buJ (ill iilvrl tliom iiitu lliroii eois- 
[hUllM, mill tnij vtiit Iti Llii! Iliild. 

and looki-il. »ijiJ. Miuli), ttii' {loiije 
Wfrr eoDie (onh >iiit of tli» city; 
ud he ni* un xnniiift thnm. inii 
nnoto tlinm. And Abimelucli. and 
tbr cuimiAiijr ihkt mt> wilb him, 
niitu'd furwnnl. ftiid tlood In the 
euU'riUK vi tilt sate of Iha oitt; 
toil tlii> two tiihtr cnmranien ran 
apim all iJtr praplr ihil irrr* in thr 
fii!lfl>, siicl i]r\i ihpjn. AniJ Abinic- 
lerli fi)Uk.'tit Huiiiiil lIih city il! ttuil 
dsy : niiii 111- touk lim city, aud aloK 
the pwirls lliat frm tnoroin, and 
Iwat iin«Ti tlio rily, and (mwrd il 
with Kill. And whrii all ihpmpimf 
the luirtr of Slidlitni li'^nrU Ihiil, 
11i«;r tfiiiuTi^d iiilD an hvlii «f the 
ioaat ol ilid Kiul lliriih. Ami il 
WM told AliimHcr)!. I<)ml rtll Ihr 
men nf Ihn toin-r of Sluii'hfin «pr« 
gathi'TL-d tot'pllit-r. And Abimfltdi 
mt liiui ii|i to iLiouiiI Zslruon, he 
aii'l ill llw i"nirlc l!i!i( trfri! wllh 
hllD : and Aliimi'li'i'li tiiijk on n\ in 
hia haiiil, and nm ilnnTi n boui^h 
from the tm'!i, mid lA«k it, md l;ud 
it (in biB BluiuldBT, &ud nail! uulo 

As r*opta Uwt 
Whu 7* Iitn H«i 
huU, and do M I 
til to* people _ 
evw7 roan hli bonfh, 
Ahinwlecb, ud Ml 
holil, ud Ml ihn bM <■ 
Uwm; HI IhU tU Uw 
tow«r of Shcdtmi t' 
a llioiuand ni«B ud 
woni Akimeloab to 
rxmiwd imiut ThetaiL 
it. liul than wu k Mmii 
within the oitf. and thither 
the men ud WMnen, and i 
of the dtj, and eliut U t 
and gU tliem up to tte lop 
to war. And Abunelech 
the Mfrtr, and foaaht ^^ 
ud want bard ubIo uw dM 
tower to barn It wMh tn. 
mrtnin woman cwtt a 
miliatciiiv upun Abi»elMli' 
auil nil to brake hie moU. 
filled liaatiljr uulo the JW 
111* nrTOHiurliriiireT, and Mi 
liim, Hriw thy cwoTtl, and i 
that men any nut uf mc, A 
■li'w him. And hii TUtinf oa.^ 
hiiu throiuh, and be 4M 
whrii tlw men of IstMl 
Ablmrlcdh wie dnad, ibef 
rvrry man nnta hla plaoa 
God rrndercd the wicked 
AliiiDetech, wtiioli he dM 
fiiher. In slavins his am 
thrrn : and nil tlw etfl ol 
nf Shrrhi^m iliil God 
their biadn: and njMm 
the cnrae nf Jotham the 



fHorniiij, Jmcss X. 


ANn after Abiioclcnh tlitrc aroiTO 
. in dirfcnii Isnu-I Tnln tlin son 
of PoaU, the sun of Dodo, n mivii of 
[■schaii and he dwrll in ."Sli^irilr 
1b Monnt Ephr&lu. And hi- jmlirril 
IbfuI twenty and Ihrn yeart, quiI 
died, and trae burird In Sbninir. 
Andaflorltim amic Jair.aUilead- 
itti and judged Inael twenty and 
twvyaan. And be hod lUrty eBoia 
that n>de ira tbirtr am coIu, asd 

thrr hail Ihirtjr citie*t 
railril li&Toth-iair nolo II 
vrtiich are in tlie Und of 
And Jair dird, and wae b 
CAmon. And tnc chtldien «. 
did pTil nifnin in the nghl 
LoKD, and nmi-d liaalim.N 
tarotli, nud. th« f^xix of Sri 
the gods of JSIdoei. and tlio 
Moab, ud the Koil' of ibt < 
of Aminoti, attd the fiod* 

nd ronook iti» Lork, 
doIIIIm. And tbt ngtr 

WM ho* Bgifaut IhmI, 
II IfaaD titfw Um hands of 
ba^ and IbIo th« huidf 
Una tS Anmoa. And 
k*; Tn*4 lod oppmutd ; 
n of iMBCl: eiiihtetn 
b> dUMna of Imel llaC 
It Mhcr rid* Joidu in 

HonoTCJ the ohildnn 

1 pHMd om JorIbd Ut 
ifilni JodBhttnd mataut 
M ttot TiomI WW aon 

Aad the cMUnn of In- 
ula Iho LoBD. nyins. 
Inmi anintt Thrt, bUb 
I ksTt fonnlwD imr Gvd, 
■md fiMliio. And th« 
■■la tie diil^vii of !•■ 
M / (Mmt MM [ma (b« 
, Ud ftoB Uii AbuuIm^ 
(WdMB «( Amnro. >4id 
FtdlMtiiira ? rhc Zido- 
md the AaialvLilca, mai 


UjKch n. 

Ill* Mnonibx, dij MprcM you ■ and 
jt [rnv>I I'l Itir, and 1 drtirrTviI tou 
out uf tln'ir hind. Yrt yo liinii (or- 
Mken Mc. anil ntrved otlwt xodn: 
irb«i¥fore I will drliTer you no more. 
(Jo uiil err iimo the gods whicli j» 
hirr chaarii- IkI thrm rUllTn you 
is tliR limr vl ynur trlbiiixiinn. Anit 
thu chdiirHu ut Imel EiiU itnlii thn 
LoBii.We have Miiued : Ju iTiiiu 
iBito in wlmWocTTr »cenielli fiood 
unto Thru ; ili-limr us only, irit jiniy 
TliL-t. tbia day. AniE tbcy put awa^ 
tlu Wranpie iiuJb frum lunoni; llicn, 
iodHrred llio Loko: iiiil IIis Mini 
waa grieroi} (m the nunrry of Intb*!. 
Then the ebil-drui of Ammun nrre 
ptliored tOBMlivr, and (iicainiicd 
i» Ullead. And (b« duidirn vl Ik- 
nel a«nnh)(>>l tbomitlTM toHtilhcr, 
and rnoBOipcd in Miipth. Andth» 
ptoplg and prinfiiMi of Uikii4 nid 
Doit to uiutnvti Wliat mun u hf 
thai will bi-Kiti to G^ht wtalitnt Iho 
rihlldrcQ of AiuntoD t hi; ihull be 
Iwnd oTcr alJ the iuhabiluxa of 

CbrntnS, Juoqes XI. 


Jif&tliata tbc Giltadlto 
K aU^ty Man cj tvlonr, 
ai A* am of »D harlol : 
A Wal Jnhthth- And 
rifc hm kjm aoiw; and 

ttaa avw np. and Ibc^ 

JfffaUiah, and niA oalo 
I iMl not JaAtwH, tn «ar 
i tai thao art lh« wn 
■W wtwaji. Tiirn Jqik- 

nn haa breihtvn, and 
Ik bud at Toh-. aad i!)(T)< 
■Nd laiQ iDPo to .Ii'i.h' 

•alA OBl irttli lun. Aud 

> ijaa ia pragt m at liaas, 
hUh* of Anmos nude 
K l«B«t. And H wM M, 
Ilk «til)tfa«i of Annuo 
tfibMt Urutl, Iho eld<n 
Mai to frtd) Jepbrlhah 

> had of Tab: and Otrj 
'•thUuh, CoaM, aad liV 
•.iMlm najflVht nith 
■ ^fAOBnilL. And Jrph- 
«a IW «liWa<jJ CiJni^ 

March 21. 

Did not yt halo mo, and ex|»l mo 
OQt of my fulhtr'i hvnK i and *lij^ 
arv T« toniL* milu iii« ohw whrn yr 
an in dlairoM? Aud lliv «idcn of 
(illcad uid onto Jcphibili, Tlim- 
fb« wo (mn B^in to Itce ntiw, thai 
tbo4i mayeat ku with u<, aod C^t 
a^aiiial tM chlblr«n of Annan, and 
b« OUT bmul over til th* Inhabitaati 
of GlIcDd. And Jcphtholi nld aala 
Iho fldcni of Gili'aJ. If yr brii^ mo 
booii aoaia tv %hl iLuaintt ths «h)l> 
dmn or AtoBion, andtha LOMk da> 
liTOT thorn bofara nw, ihall I beyonr 
bead? Andiliceldpnof CilMd md 
anlo Jcplithib. Till! Luuf hv «r]c- 
noo biitwMii LIB, if itv du not ii m- 
eording to thy woid*. llioii Jcplh- 
thah wont irllb the eldoia of Gilcad, 
>nd the paople made liini lii-oil nod 
cap^n orer thm : an'l .('[ilitlmh 
tillnvHl all Ilia wordu hrforr the 
Loan in Mlipoh. Aod Jcphthab 
Mini ufHoiiReri unto the kiiui of 

the oluJdrcn of Anmaik, eij'mgi 

H t 

luiD, Tbnn Boitli JepbDwli. 
nol ttinjp the lud ot 
bTiHr tlie laaU of tli« ehildim 
at Amman : but vclicn Isract nne 
■a fmia Eisn>l.uid miked tiirou^ 
IDe -mUemcw unlo tU< K«<1 Ma^ and 
(omc to liii>]v>l>; tli'ii l*n*l mat 
DkeHtnMtin utsl<> iliu kjnfl o( Eilom, 

mji^Hi i^'l "•*' ' F"T 'fiWj p"" 
ihrougn thjr luiiij : but llir ktng uf 
Edam would not hmrkni ihtrtto. 
iiod in likr maamtr ilitiy uinC unto 
(b* kiog of Mnab: bul lii: would not 
nMUaiM.- and Isntcl >botLc in KudoBh. 
Then th«r went aIook tlironuh tlie 
wildtrnewc, >nd oompiMM'il iI^p latiiil 
of lidi)m,Miil llie Und a( Mnib,.iiia 
cam* lif tbtt «Mt uLiln of tlin Uitd of 
Moab, ftod pLiehol on ihc other lido 
of ArnOD. bol came nut -nilbin the 
boTdaroI Illoabi for Amini u-m tli* 
bcrdor of Mwth. And Ivncl »ait 
OKUMIfteni nnlo Siboii kiiig of ilia 
AnorllM, thi- kin^ of tlnfaboD; and 
I«ael Mid nnlmhini. Lei lu 
'ptay thef . tlirouKli tbf Itnej into mj 
pltce. Dill Siliiiii tni-li'it mil Icnul 
to rraaa tlirouifli bi" vcmt: but Slbon 
0AIJi0twl all hkBEUODLa toirecbeT. uid 

COBsU of 

y«UB^ Tthy 
conriAm wktl 
for* I faBTt nol 
but tli»a docrt 
oiut nw: ths 
jodfl* Uiia 4Hr ' 
cf lanel ana 
nwn. HqwMt. 
dKa of Anawn 
thowordBof Jcpbi 
bin. Tbeu Uhi G, 
euna upon JnphUial] 
onr liUcad, and i 

Siufctl ovrr Miipch 
mm Miijifh of GO 
fjvvr */»'« thr rhildl 
Anil Jppluhob v«iri 
ihft Lonn, JiDiI Mti<l| 
withont (ail detiTer 
Amniiin iiito mine k 
utmll Iw, thai vrlutl 
furlh of tb<- liiMn 
mecl mo, HhcD I 
fruni llio chililnn 
Burrtv be llin Ldb 
oHW it n |> f»T a 
•jDplitbnh puicd 
dmn of Amnoii 



B W Ml* her. ttiLi he 
m*. uiit *M, AIM, my 
M hwt broosht ■!» T4iry 
V BTt MM of ib*m Uut 
Sw i IwTe fip«Dt4 my 
lie Loud, wij I (ttiinat 
bJ Ae mM onto him, 
f Ami tott lyned thy 
Ik* l>o<u», do Ut n* ae- 

KlMlhi JNMnnwih ai 
titan «f ■swnef fir 
■ wtaiw, /MS of Ui« 
&■»». And dM aid 
ha. LM Uni Uiiiiii be 
• ; bt me ktouc imt 

fipon the uountAin*, and bowait my 
mfrlnltr, I mJ my fetlow«. And hi 
MU't, Go. And ho ««nt htr w^yfor 
tno luattttut and sh* irenl vritli hi-r 
eompanioiu. ind b«<rti]i)d twr <rir- 
Itinlt}- upon th« tnountaint. And it 
cam* l» pasa at 1h« tnd of tm 
iDonthA, tliat idi* tctiirn«d unU hor 
fithDT.wha did vith hir atNtnliaii 
to hit vow wMcli he hsdroirnd: and 
ehc know n« nan. And it vrtt n 
eiiStoiD III UrW'l. f^it the dannhun 
of Imiiil wfnt ynrly tn ItiDCUt Ibc 
daui^btor vi Jopbtlu^ the GH«adlt« 
four iMy* to a y«tt. 

jNomiiijJ, JcDOSs XII. 

Maacii 2a. 

MS o( Kphnini ^thured 
Ins toffMher, aiid wenl 
nd MM mmk Jcplilbah. 
MMdai Umn «Tw t« fight 
cUUiB of Annnoii, and 
n nl» CO «ritb ihce ? wo 
iM bODMiiiioD Uwe with 
vbUutb Mtd Hito Uwm. 
0MB were St ftmt vtrint 
■dm of Atnmon; and 
id JOU. n deliTticd nw 
irittaiid& Amdwlnnl 

itUicml m# not, I put 
r hud»,aiid paawd ttrm 
cWtea of AmiDoa, and 
kUvvnil Hiern into mj 
tbrt IbtB an 78 come 
Hhter, to light Acilntt 

JtpHtah ptthorcd lo- 
ll* nua of Gil<aa, and 

E^nte: aiiil itu mea 
■Me Bphnim. bocwue 

Ibt Miaaasiiev. Add thr 
Mk the lUMum u( Jor- 
>bi SpWrnimlu* : aod il 
•wMBud, Ut me go 
lb* ma «r Qikttl nud 
If A*« u Epbniuihi^ 

him, Ki<r nuv Shibliolelb : and be 
■aid !^ibl)uli>Lh : I<» lie tould not 
^me to tiranounci' il liKbi. Th^n 
Ihny took liini. nnd slnw liiin at Ihn 
fiauciKi'* of J^ : uni ibere fdl 

actlut limcuf ito! EphnLiiiiiit* funr 
■Dil iwu till! iis:i till. Auit Jupblliali 
jpdaecl luni*! xrt yv.m. Then dipd 
Jpphlh.iii Ilii> liitr.tilitp, jnd wiu 
burii^d iu our iif ibr riliri cif (iilcnd. 

And afler iiim lljjn of itL-th-lplicni 
Jodgtd Imel. And li« had tliiny 
mn, Md ttdny- damttiCen. irAon 
b» MTil abrmwl. nnd inok in ihirty 
danslilfn from nliroad fur bii luai. 
AdJ tic judirtil Juritcl Kitfn yeari. 
Then died Ituan, aud wai burled M 
Bcib-Ubtm. And aftiir bim nion, a 
ZchoUmilo, judged Imel: and he 
jndod ItracI Irii rnan. And Elon 
llie £elmliniii« disd, and mt tiurind 
Ilk Amnion In ibe country of Zcbultm. 
And aflfr him Abdon the koo of 
Hdlt), a. Pinlhoniu. jndgrfl Imel. 
And In had fort}' fan* and Ibiny 
nephews, thai rode 011 tbn^acorc 
and Ion tm cults: and hi JadHnl Ih- 
nel ttisht yean. Airl Abdoii itii- 
Kin of llillol thn Pinithoiiitc died, 
and ir» buried in rinthua iii tlw 
land Dt KphnJiQ, in the luvuot of 
ihu Aiu»lrkit«B, 

■Oto the nvintn, Mill wlj uaM faUi 
Behold now, tlioa art hurtn, ui4 
bevnl uul: but tlioa dadt «onc«iTc, 
inJ bear a mq. K«w tbsnlon b«- 
wmre, 1 pny tlteu, ami drtuk iiol 
niM Dor ■troiig drink, tod oal not 
Mty oudcui (Ain^: fur, [o.thounlmll 
D«ic«i>*, and livkr » *on ; niid no 
Mior ahall canta on Ilia lii<s<]: r»rtlH< 
ulllld ihsU bo n Jiuartli! aula CM 
from iha wniab: ind he iluill begin 
lo ilcliirr Igrul ont of tho hand of 
Iht FliilittiiivH. Tl]itn iliv tromxn 
c*ni« uid loJd hor liimbind, n^ring, 
A mail of God cuoc onto mo, bdiI 
hia coanicciuioc ipai like ibe eonit- 
l«n»iic( "f an iingtO of Owl, rvrj 
tcrrildr: but 1 aAml him not vrhlooa 
ha u-ai. Qcuhcr told he mo blanama: 
but he *4iid unla lac, Ocholil, tJion 
aluilt pouruirr. iknd bmr a Hm : and 
now drink ml irin* nor tlronH drink. 
ncllhrr i:nl any unr^lcjiii thiny: tut 
ihc ohild aliall iw * .Vuaril* to Cii><l 
from thn u-i>in1j lo t]tc daj of hl.i 
•Iralh. Tlivn Mani'tli inlrral'.-'d ihv 
LoKT^ mill wLial. O IN/ I.iiriL k-t Ihc 
nuui of God nhirli Tliou iliiUt Minil 
oomo ajritD unto uj, and teach ui 
wtiit vrc ithaU do unto tho fhild tliDl 
■hall b* hi>Tn, Ani) I.101I hFarkt-nvd 

iiia( «aneihoI 113 
btr drink tIm ot ■ 
cat uy un«leaa ■ 
coDUDMiJcd bn ml 
ManMfa taid uutol 
Loan, I pray IMJ 
Ihn.nntil •nahalljl 
a kid fvr theo. And 
LoKti n\i ant* 11 
tliiiii <l«lain m*, I in 
bnnil: anil U thou ^ 
offering, thou muitf 
Loan, l-'or Mnnnll 
bu u"u ui ang*] of I 
Maiiuah aild unla ti 
Loftii, What b tfajr^ 
thjr ^4iigi oD4n« 1 
tbm bcmonr? 
Loav raid 
thou thai at 
ijwervCF Sol 
a moat ' 
a riKik qdM 1 
did wondaroaaly ; 1 
hii wlb looked «n.^ 
pua. wlien the flan 
•tnTd heavon from oC 
the angel of tb« Ll^ 
the QuDa of t)iD altM 
and hii wife laokM| 

iIm aneal of the !«■ 

''Aa4 At «iiM a|i. mil 
Mr uid liU iiioth^iiiiiit 
■ MUt m •roDuii in Tim- 
^nohun at llus I^iilio- 
darvfvre kbI hor /ir idp 
n !■« &th«r mill! liiK iDD- 
>t* Urn, ^1 /A^n Dmr * 
1^ tha dwcbkn of tliT 
r iMBinr •U mir pnoplo, 

M to tijn a tHe of [lit- 
•IPUbtiMt! AsJSmii- 
mU> faltMT. Got li*r fur 
< plMMlb Mt well. But 
■d Ut iMtbcr knew dot 

' W Om LoKP, Lhat lie 
tttAm uamit (h« Pbi' 
■Ltlutliowllw PMUt- 
■iaimvTvrlanwI. Then 
M Anrn, aBJ lui falkci 
HlHr, to Timuuli, and 
» tiMjmnk at Tbnatb : 
• >}OMf lioa rawoil >■ 
Asa tlw Spirit of the 
niEMily upon bin), md 
w ■■ vniui'd h>Tc roDt a 
latf notbios id bin haad: 
M htt fklW or bU in«- 
W had d*na. Aud ho 
Md UU[«4 with Iho wo- 
MDloued Samsou woll. 
■ffellMtamod U lake 
^^KU* torn the 

rtddlE unto yva : If 70 can MTtitbiljr 
decliuo it me wltbtn tlic ht«i ityt 
of the f«nst, an<l And i( out, ihrii I 
will glTo rou iliirl J "lipi'li and lUrty 
duD^ olfcarnnrnla: Imt if j'trraauol 
dB-claro t< mit, ilicn dh-nil 7« in*' n><^ 
thirty thfcli and lliitl;f ihanRp of 
nrniciua. And ihcy aid ualu him. 
Put forlli ihv riddlti, that WH maj' 
hririt. Atid he fail! iintn tliom, Out 
of tlin i-uti'r rantv (urth moBt, auit 
out of [hr ilroDg fama forth iwcet- 
neta. And lhi*y «ould not in thne 
(Li}'B cipound tlie ridillo. Anil [1 
tumt to pas* iin llio npiciiUi <!«■■ 
Iliil llii'y >:iiil uiiln ^nuD^ii't iriw, 
Ijitlni: thy hij-bniiil. lint lie mar ds- 
eZojc unto no the riddle, luflt "RV hum 
Ihfw and thy father's h ohm irllhSra: 
have ya rallrd us to tak* Ihnl Wil 
Wtu? u U not mf And Satnaoo** 
Hifit V i>iit Iffifuro him, and Mtid. Tbtm 
doat hut hat« ms.and IotmI nenol: 
thoQ halt put forth a riildla nnli) tht 
ehiidnrn vl my (ipoplir. and lia«l not 
told it me. And li« mid auto ha, 
It(ihi>l<l, ] lintr nut UdJ 1' my bthar 
nur m; motlicr, and >haM 1 toll U 
UivD ? And aha wupt Mim him th* 
Hven dayi. while ihoir foul Iftatadi 
anil it mma lo nam on the Berotith 
day. Itiat l>* toM her. bc«aan ihe 


biiiti wDiild nrtiofkr 
^ Anil her failiR aftU, 

nrlljr thnoKlii thai thou tmiiat *t- 
IcrlT Micillirr; ihcRjom tgmrehci 
U> thy compBDtaa : ii not licr ymagia 
ntiUr rturvr thui ab« ? Ult« Irr. 1 
ptsj ItiM, iiutoad «I hor. Ajid Sain- 
MD Mill concerning thcnii Now •boll 
I be mart bUmiliw tluui the PUIit- 
tioMi tlicuah 1 <lu them » lUtples- 
niic. Ami btUHin went aiuI cMiabt 
Uine huDilr«d foxc*. tuiJ took fin- 
bnniK iiiiJ timivJ Eiil to tail, ud 
put 1 ftnbriuil in llic iiiidn bclnreii 
l«i> taili. Ami itliuu lie lutd *ct Ibe 
Inuds uu (in.*, liv iot tArrn uu iuCo 
LLo etaudliiK curs of tlic riiillitiuo, 
■ud burnt up bolti Uic ktioclu, unii 
aIm [be tUudios cuTQ. intli itic 
vinejrwili and ulivci. Tlim tiw I'hi- 
lidinM mid, Vi'ho liiith duiic lliia? 
And Uuy aiiiivurudi Sauituu, ttw 
■on 111 law «f itic TUnuiit, bccniuc 
ita bad Mkcn bii nifc, uiil K>vm 
Jwr to his coiDpinipn. And the ITii- 
liitiun c&uiK ui', still buml li«r aad 
hvr Talliw Willi Sir. And HwaMn 
will unta tliein, Tt^iiugh yc Juti* 
dflnc iWi, ytt »ill I be arjngod ef 
yvu. nod after tluit I iriU CMM. 
And Im tnintf Clictn hip and ttuf[h 
wllb a groat ii!auf<liUir: and Ko wont 

ooae tlom to tiln 
nwjr dillTer ihea 
Ute PhlliiUan. ' 
unto then), : 
MiU not &U . 
And Hiey make ' 


delnur tb** bitoj 
nnlr n will 
anil bruuNbl bim ' 
Artil nbt'U be laa 
I'UliKuiM aboil 
the Spirit of tbel 
upon hinii and ' 
u)wa Ilia Mipa I 
«ru burnt willi I 
looted iKsa off I 
fvuiid a new jaa 
I'ui (oTtb hi* I 
drva theuaandi 

SkflMMl Mid,Wt 

an wo. hcspo up 
JBtr of an aiu lu 
noil m<ni. And 1 
wlwnhu had niadl 
iug, (hat h» caat • 
oat of hia)nuul,a]id 
Ramath-lebi. And 
Utiivl, and calUd e 
(Oiil, Thou haal gn 
IWetanco Into tha 1 


fBomins. Jioces XVI. AUncu 2t. 

IH «tM SuMoa M Gua, 

I *w tiMf* u btrtM, and 

I UM tvr. Jnrf i( 1PCU Mfd 

tjinfr. ^nMill IB roiui: 

i tlinr nMpajMiJ Aim in, 

*M NT Ubi ^ ULjiIil in 

■ •fllBet^.uiil >V7V quint 

r njlt, ttjriDC, In llir mnm- 

I il i* dar, vr hIiiII kill 

ISHBtM br till nililiiiitlit, 

I M MiU^t. uid look lilt 

I tt'vM al Iho dtj, and 

fKk, and wnt iwsjr mih 

Find sU, and put fMn op- 

likNitoB. sud carried Ihem 

mW Mr af an liUl tlui ir !>»• 

' n. And il oune to pan 

,|JU be kTcd k mmwn 

ref Sank. >h(Me nama 

And Uw lurd* of ilit 

IBB np QBM her. and 

• btr. Bum b\m, and m* 

Ml srcM Kraigtb /MA, 

FobH BMiw vrc nik<r jin- 

I UUi tiiat ve mar bind 

•AM Ite: Ud ir« KiU tirt 

raaatf ua «b*n fauiulml 

r^hn. Aad DdtUb Mid 

J Trfl me, 1 prar tlicr, 

% pwt (tmigth Hull, 

Kt*tu Ibou miirhiett Ix 

ikifUnihn. Aiid Santu 

|wb W, ir Uk* bind B» with 

Eiritlu Oat wctc ncTtf 
dMD I be weak, and be 
>- IVa tk« lortla «( 
tMOflbl np to b«T 

PiB* "*"" *l'><^ '^ '^'^ 
MfjiM dM bvoDd bin wliJi 
^ H*KA(r# Hvw ««« Ijing in 
r jlI?! '^*'' >*T M the eham- 
Lj** *>* mM a*(a bin, The 
fff .<■ BfOO ib*o, Shbmo. 
C*nk> At wtth*. aa ■ ihrrod 
"■■W™ when h toaAoUi 
L^. » Ui Mnutk WM not 
f tA^ "•■"^ «Sl Hnu> Sam- 
[jy^ *M baM m«ei{»>l ma. 
tZl !1 •"» ■*" **ll nr, 1 
[^■raBvwfili iliou mlglitMi 
7C ^M *• "id «""« bet. I( 
I J? ■• m •ritli new i™™ 
~^^^-t^iM, Utcti mhaJI 

I br irtnk, nnd l>r Qt anoIli«r nun. 
l)rUl!ili llirrrfiirc Uiiik new rop»». 
auil boiiiiil him llirnwitli. and nid 
uiilu luin, Tbti Fliiliatinva be upoi] 
llifv, tianiWHi. And rVra im« Hen 
in wall abiding in therliambet. And 
be ttnitt thrm from off bii arnH like 
a thread, And Dclilali Aid nnM 
SatnaDn. tlHhcrio tlion Isaat niMkrd 
ne, and luld inu ii» : tcTI mv wbrre- 
irilli itiou lulijIiUtit be buuiid. And 
lie Slid iinia bcr, U lliuti wcavesi 
tile rcTen lockn vf mj- licud with 
tbe web. And alio fuie^Fit it with 
Iht pin. and suld unto liim. Tli« 
niilbtin-ct frf nmti tiite, Saataa, 
And hp dwnktd out of his ileep, 
and mniii awdr «ilb ihc jrin of too 
btfim, mil with tlic wi'ii. And nhc 
said uulu liim, llun i-^isi tliou siy, 
1 love (Ikih nlivii tliitiu litait u not 
iTtib luc ? ihoa li3Al ntKlwd me 
Ibew llircc limei, and boat not told 
we whi'rein ihy ijreat iltrtiKtli 'ii«6. 
And il dnie In pa», iiliri) she 
prvnwd Iiiin Uaii; »il!i Iter ircrds, 
and nrb'od Uiw, t'j ibat lili moI hi* 
vexed uDM death i Itmt he told kcr 
all his heart, aud uii) iiiiio ticfi 
Tb«( iinili tiut ri'Dii; a tajwr nvMi 
mine bend i iur I Aai'c Arm a Na- 
laiila nnW Uod Iroui oiy moibvr'a 
•fonb: l( I b« (liaTMi. tbfu my 
■IrpDMh will go rivm miu and I 
aball becoiDU neik, and be like any 
BtJifr man. .Uid nlieii Delilah hiw 
Dial ha bad tuM lier all hli lioart. 
ihc wnt and called (or iha lord* of 
Ute rhilltlinc*. n^lng, C'«inD np thii 
onci-, for he lifttli ihcw^d nic nil hi* 
limrl. TlHtn the lorda of the itiha- 
Iia*« came up untv ha, aad brevet 
rnonav tn (Iimt hand. And abe nade 
him ileep upon bur kneea ; and ihs 
tailed for a man, and ifai: i »itm4 
him ti> ihire cff Ihe ttvfo tacks of 
hiM lirad ; and tbv tHrKan lo aOliel 
hitii, aiid Ilia atroncth trenl friiRi 
hiTii. .And ahc ■ald.ThePhillMines 
Ar Upon lhcc,San9oii. And lie i.wob* 
Dal of hii ilcTp, and (aid, 1 irfll |^ 
("It as at other Itmei betnTE, %n,& 
Bbflke nijwl/. And he Wm w,\ "iaaX 



Loas tru depaiM faon Us. 
, ,. I tha FhilutioM lock fafm, tnd 
pal oat hla «;«•■ uid bno^t liini 
oown l« Caatt and bmnil hint niih 
Ctlkm of bMtt ; and be ili<l gritti 
ta th« Driwa Iimim. Uowbtit Uw 
biJr of hj* )iwd bogfrn lo grow tgoin 
ftf(«r he "^ iluTon. tlNB tlu lord* 
cf the I'hitiittuf!! jftihcnd Uwm to- 
gttbn fiT iv iffcr • gnat wcnSoo 
onlo Dajfon tlii-ir Kud, xni U> »■ 
JdIcc : for Ihoy mlil, Oar g9il h^lh 
dtliTcrcd Soiiuon our cncni; Idi» 
otu himil. And (Hiitii tho pcopb 
a»>T him, lliST pnind (h«lr ^d : 
for ItMT Mid. Our gait halli'Ivliv^r* 
m1 laM oar Moda our rihtiuv, and 
tba dsftrarcr of our «niiiti7, which, 
dew nmnf of ui, And it cams l» 

CI, wb»a Ihvir hnrla wvtv mriT}>, 
I lbo7 MJilgCftU (or Smdioii, thai 
ho nuf maka lu (port. And titij 
oalled for Saouon out of iho prison 
bouaB: and lu midv them apart: 
■ad 1007 wt hiiu bvliTv«n the pil- 
Iwa. And SacMOo. tajd unto ihvUd 
Lhal bold Mm br (lit hajid,Suni'T ate 
ttial I maf fc«l the pillar* wliorc- 
opoa the houM) Btandeth, that I maj' 
Uan opuutbcm. Now the hoiua waa 

lordJ of Ifcc ~ 
ftad (Arre ir(T(> opon 
ihrrv tliouoaad mm 
Whelil while Saouga 
Ami SamMD rallcl uuto ihl 
■Bd *aid, O Lord Uoin 
ue. I prajr Tlie«, and 
iB«i I praT' Tbev, onlj tlut 
tioditliat I majbo aloan 
of th* ndllKiDti fat my l«1 
And bMnMn l«Dk hUil o( tl 
middlB pllJan npoo wkiob 
Mood, and on which it * 
up, of Iha me H-iih hb Ml 
tad of tha otlm nith hi* Ml 
(>aDiM>n atld, Lei id* dlo 
Fhillrtlnc*. And h* board I 
iriih alJ AiJ mi^ht; tod tin 
(elJ upin the lordn, and a, 
the pwplc t!i«i leert ihm 
th* iviui uhirli lualtm at 
irerc moN tlian Ihef whlah ] 
in lii> life. Then hia brMfareu 
Ihn' hoiue of hi* father 
■D<l tiK>li, liim, ami bmosM 1 
and burluJ him botmra Zn 
Eahtaol lu the buijdng^BOT 
nuah his father. Am h»g 

Israel twoDljTMn; 

Marcu 24. 

(Ebtiiiiig, JuDGKs XVII. 


APJD therp was il nun of mount 
Kg>hT3Jni . whose nanie tptu Mi- 
oah. Aiiii lie taid uuto liia mutbtr, 
TiM eilotion hundred thrkrU "f ail- 
var that wore taki^n from Itivf. about 
which thou earnedil, siiJ >pftkc*l of 
also ill mine ean. behold, the ail- 
Ter u "ritli me ; 1 took it. And hi* 
Bothor wld, Bleowd be ihou et t\vt 
LoKOi, taf aon. Anil wlii'ii h« had. 
natored Uie olnvnn hundnid iln-keln 
of direr to hii moLliPi. his iiiulfaer 
WaA, I had wholly dedicated thi> 
dnr aato the Luiiu from my hand 
fiir mf »B. to nia^o a i^vvn ImiLgn' 
■ikd k Boltan ima^ : now thcrofaro 
-I wOi rceUM It anle IhM. Yet he 
natoif*] the moaoj' mto Ua motheT: 
>ad hi( inulher tvok two hnndnil 
tktlctii of ailvp^ Bud fcaie then la 
Hie founder, who made thereof » 
tnna iaugv and a uiollctt mige -. 

and they were in the houM 
eah. And the nan Mieah 
howte uf Kxila, and made 
and l«nip>iiui, aiul ncna«en 
or hl> iHius. «ho became 1' 
In lliDse dttja |A»« tnu 
in limel, bul rvrrf niaa 
vAit-A n-ds ri(^ht in Ida 
Aud tliuru wa» a youi 
BDlh-luiiem-iudah of 
Jiidah, who wtit a Lcti 
Bojoumed thrtv. And ilio 

I'arledl uiil of tlin <Hy froi 
phMn-iudah to Mjoum 
could find a plaeti and lio 
mouDt Etihmita to Uw ' 
cah, a.f hi., jounuyed. 
mid iiiitu him.WliBaoe 
Aud Ui> aald unto Id 
lit* of Utth-Irhem-Jui 
to lojouni wbrce 1 may 
}uA UicA^ «aiil unto 


Uikcn 3C. 

W OBlo ma m imhtr 
tt fcy tia jnr, uid 
fd, aail thy Tictii>l*. 

iViMt in. And ths 
B(Vt I* dmll widi 

unto him SB onft of Ui *oni. And 
Hkali MDtvraaUd iIk Ltriio; sad 
Uw ;poi>ng uuui l«Eainti lii<i IirJMI. 
anil imi \n tbo hauM of UImJi, 
Then uid Mirah, Kmr know I that 
llir L'inti will Aa me good, (Ming 
I luv« a LiiiiCu to m^ [■rimt. 

iKscning, Jt-ofiKs XVIII. M^aocu 36. 

t rt«r« Httj no kinR 
nd <■ IboM d>]r* Ltie 
l^tM MOglll UwtB ui 
d«*H In 'j for anto 
Mr UwnUnca had 

10 thcB UnDDfl llw 

< And Ibe rbiMnn of 
Mir fusVV fl<v ■om 
laliL men of valour, 
nd htm Erirtaol, to 
id. Hid lo anrd it : 
ut* lha^^Go, xanh 

•riwn ihty eamv Ui 
n, l<i till) boaa* of 
Mced ihew. When 
iLoIionM of Mioak. 

TOKw of tba ymtoK 
• i and tboy tanwd 

Mid nito hhs. Who 
ll«tF and what mak- 
I* V*^' ■n<l "bit 
!? And hf aiil nnio 
I lliui di'aliilli Uimh 
Wth himl me, aud 1 

And liiBT oxl lUito 
Ml. w> 10117 thro, of 

B«if know wheliivr 
*■ (M thill ba pKd' 
k> pricit iiid unto 
■Mt bdoic ihcLnurt 
huwia ft ga. T)ii-ri 

hurr FHQ lb? land, Bad, behold. It 
u vrrjr unnd : nriil iirf yr ilillT t>« 
iiol •lotliful to ua, iriul to vntAf lo 
]Hu« ihe Unil. Wlicu jt go, j« 
obo-ll tataiB onto k proplc occim. 
and to B lariic tanil : fat God luth 
gi\m it intu yoot huiJn; s pbuw 
wlivro iSiftr U no want of any thing 
tint ■( In throBrtli. And tboTCWsol 
fiMn tbcnoc of llic famib- of the 
Danitca, ont of Zorah and oat of 
Kthtoul, six Inin^i^tl rn«ii ipiioint' 
td wilt) vniapi><ii> ui nar. And \\i»j 
wcdI up, and pilcWd in Kitjilb- 
jcariin. in Juduhi irhiFrforc tbcy 
onllrd tbnt gilnirv Malinnvb-dnn UU' 
Ui tlii« Any-, bi'li-ul^, U it brbiiid 
Kirjntli-Jvirini- Aad llii>y piUMid 
tboni>c unia moui^i Kplmim. and 
canjc unto ihc buuni? of Alii<nh. Tboo 
an"»rrrd llie &%v nwn ihat vti-nt 
to '\>y out till' rniiiitir ni Lai>ili, 
and unid until llifir Im-tlintti. D« j« 
kncKT llut tliiTi- !■ in ll»'«hauiM no 
rphodiADd Icraiihiin. and a RraTon 
icnaga, and n inoll.'i) innK'?^ nuw 
tbirrvfoFT coiiHJd.T wliflt >ii lirivir m 
do. And tlioy turned tliitberwopd. 
and eitme to the honas of tbc young 
man tliL> Lci rtf , tttn iinl/> the bonM 
of Mirah. and ^aliitid liin. And 
tlip M hg odrfd wtm ip pointad witll _ 




ud tbo UnpMai. tad th* uolim 
iBM^a. Tbcn Mid Iha priot unto 
tWi. Wh^ do re? And Oity 
■kid onto him, Hold thf iMMe, w 
tun* hind npom ihj monUi. uu 
0> vilk u*. and be to a* * htfaar 
•nd ft print: w il htWet for ihM 
U be A prtMt unlo the hoTiM of 
am Blui, AT lh«t lltoii b« I f liMl 
■nu k nih* uiii It f.iinil; m li- 
nul f And A* ptlMt'l htin irw 
ahit, Liiil Lit io«k thB cphud. snd 
U« Uraiiluiii, and the craren im- 
■O, lad ir*Dl 111 th« midji of Uu 
pwpl*- So Ihry tiimsd and d»- 
puiod, »nd put tlii< litilo onvi and 
tlut p»tl!c uml Ihc torriajw liL-forr 
tliein. JniJ Hlien lln-y mrv > sond 
tn; from iho boii^O' of Mit'uli. llie 
Hnn lltfti HViv in tliii iiniiioi Ti«.ir 
to Miob't houHt w-tiru g^tlhrTCit 
MMller. uid oviirtuuk tbu cliildivu 
M Dan. AnJ Uiey cri»d uiitu iln' 
chiJdMa of Ifan. And tlicy iDroml 
Ui«ir focML Mid nid iinui Mirah,. 
Whit ailatli thM. Iliil tlnni cumnn 
wltb lunli a cuuiiauy? AuJ hu mid, 
Yi taT« ukea away my Kudi wtiicL 
I DUdo, an<i die pnfnt, an<l ye are 
SSOeawny: uid irliitl bnir I la-attY 
kod wkit u Ihii Ihal rr ay unto 
Bt, What ailelh Ilive) Aad tliP 
fUldKB of Dau aaiJ auto hiin, Let 

not Ihf TOJM' 
Im* tagrj ftU 
•nd then Ian Ihv 1 
of Daa went tbt 
Mi«ali MW ihatt 
fur Un, kt 
■iDta his hMU 
Mi^pi which i 
iho priwl »"■ 
biHd ImA, 1 
at qnlet and «eeun ! 
Lhen with llw tigit 
and bnnii tfao «Ht ' 
thrr* iMJ no dHm 
■Kiu hf lima ^idua, 
no InuiinM* with en 
wu in tbB nilar tte 
r»hob. And they h 
ilwpit tbmin. And 
unmi uf the ritf I 
tiami' uf Uui tiieu I 
iHiru iuiIji Iirael : ho 
of the oily ir*i Lab 
And tho caitdtTD of 
^Taran imaov: and 
suii of GBnliam, the 
gth, liv aud tii* tona 
tl)« tribe of Dan lu 
thr cipiirity of t)i« k 
set thi»n up Mioah'i 
uliicli Ilb mad*, all 
IhchouMof God w« 

MAnrn 25. (Sbrning, JriMEii XIX. j 

AN D il came to pa« ia thoae 
day«, whon lAnv mu dd kiBf 
in l»n*!, ihnl tlirrc «in« n cnrbiin 
Lcrilr mjiruniing on Ilic lidc of 
nouiil Kiihrium. iriiu luuli to bim a 
Mntni'iiiu uur uf 13i-th-1tihum-JudgLli. 
And his cani:n)iiiii> jilaycd Ibo wlion 

B:aii>it liim, and went amy fram 
n oato hrr fitlitr'i bouse la Bctb- 
labm-Judah, and was then four 
wbala noatba. And liirr huaband 
UMei and went after her, to (p«ak 
llienab' onto her, and to bring ixt 
a^aia, naTjna bia avmuiC witji him, 
and a couirW of umiif : aail ihu 
bntiKl't bliu liiM ht-T father's hcnttc'. 
And urbea tl)u father of the danu«\ 
mr hiin, tte ngoloed to nicc\ Vna. 
Aitd ilia tithcr in law, the dkOMiL'i 

&ther. Klained h!n 
with tiim threa da^i 
oat and drink, saa 
And it came lo paoi 
day, wliou thrj am 
moniuiKi thai \w tmi 
and tlie dniiKH'a U 
hi* mn in bw, (.'nml 
■tth a niurH;! uf bn 
ward ffi juur way. 
doim, and did cat i 
of tbtm togetbnr : fi 
falhir hod «aid nut 
ontcni, I May Um 
niHht, and lettnlm I 
\u^ wWi. Vm van 

pUV^a U.\\un wi' 
tJuieWn V» ■ ■- 



f|*4l«Mri: mtthe 

tmUtCvmtnt thine 

•. A*4llM;l&ni*d 

■»d \hty did tai 

Ami wtwa thii man 
,be,atulbU ODOea- 
"nM, Ui (ith«r In ' 

■1^ UthuT, aid attui I 

i, DOW Uw dijr dnircth , 

1 ptay you tam i 

bm, ihkt Ihiae 

: and to mnr- 

■ j<mr iniy, 

kfabviH. Uut tbic 

. autT Uutt iit;:ht. 

I mi innui, ud 

* Mm, irUdh i« 

ttnv were with 

Middled, bit lonni- 

Hit Ud. /Iitd when 

' ij Jutat, (In dajr wm 

I ud tb« (trant Mid nn- 

CiNBt. I pnjr Hire, 

■ to inu Uiia ritr «' 

itadMn UiIl Aud 

>nDloUn,Wc will 

Into tlis ciijr 

Ifart it nrit ot the 

uc will paa 

A«d b» Mid uU 

,Cmw< ud trt w draw 

. to Oibaafa, w in ItoiMh. 
tT p Mwd un and wvut (bdr 
Mtttt Mm wni dioira upoD 
rtM iWy Bv>« b; tikbcah, 
UkmMi io Ikft>uilD. And 
■Md^anda Iktlber, t« go in 
Mg« ta <Jib»aIi : aj»l wlim 
aia, bt aal Una dnwn iii a 
' illr : tor rArr# wot na 
Uvra toto Ui baiiia 
Aad. Icbald, Iboa oanw 
I liwB bU vtwric «ol 0( 
D, wWeli R«f aba »( 
and Im •oJouniHt 
I tb« Han af t£o pU<« 
a, ha aaw a wa<r- 
I rtraMoftUcilj: 

eumttt ihoaf 

the ndi! ci( mannl Eptmini ; ftom 
theuw an 1 : Bh<l I rn-iit (u U«lh- 
InhiFm-jii'Iah, hiit 1 aw nuin wiiU U 
Ihit hoii« of ihn l^nD ; snil th«n ii 
no insn tlmt rrntipth in« to hniiar. 
VtC IK'R [■ ("Jill ftrair and pro- 
render tat oiir a««i ; mid Ihrra ii 
hTrsd intl wln« ain for ii>e, xtid fur 
[hy lundiDi ill, ami fnr ilifl }>iiTinjj[ 
ninu ahich ii with tliy nrtuitu: 
Ituri if no winl uf ui]r Ihiiu;. And 
Iho (hill wan >»I<1, I'eace m arlA 
th>i> : hoH-HiTTpr Ifi nil thy wanto 
til upiiij mr : only liHl;tH nol. in tha 
(trpet.. Sj Iil< bniiik'lit tiiin Itilo hill 
huUK, and kkiv pruvtiiiltr uutu Ibe 
■«Ki: and K\\«y vmA\v<\ ihclr feel, 
and did eat nniMliiiik. .Voir a" tticj 
wcfp mnkitig tJ»;it licaTtn inirnT, 
bvliolil. tliv tni^ii lA tliL- rily. mtatn 
wiiLB (il Itetial, betct the liou'« rauod 
kIiuui, Mud bMl at Iht door, aud 
rjiak? to the inMtOr Of Ihi^ houw, 

ilir old tntn. sajrtnf, Brini; fiirtli 
tllL' man lliut i-aine into tlUiiv huusc, 
ihikl wi' may know hint. And the 
linn, the maMfT of ihf lino'c, went 
out nnUi thnm, and wild unto itirn, 
S'a;, vxj btttliran, nay, I pny jrm, 
do not «« wickedly; m«Iiu iliai tlii« 
naa i* come hiM uine iiuuw, do 
not Ikia fciU7. Dchold, h*rt if D7 
^mghicT a tDoidtn, and Ui «oncii> 
Moat tlicm I will hiinK ant now, 
and liuuiblu -jt ihi'in. and du with 
Iht'in whal Mcmi'Iti Kuvd unto yon: 
but unto lt)li man do nnt to rile 
a tiling. Uut tbt mcii wviild not 
hoorkcD V) hin : n ihv itmti (uok 
hit contubitir. and limiiis-lil lirr furth 
iLnIo tbumi mid 11h<]' knew tirr. and 
abnwd hor all tlie ni^lit untkl tbv 
BMrnlOK: and when tlic day bcEan 
t« tpriDg, the; kt her go- Then 
«ani« thi* woman in the dawaioa «f 
Ibc duT, aud fell ilown at th« d««r 
of tlM nuui'n lifliiHT wlinTC har lord 
■MI, till II w>< Ilifhi. Anil bur lord 
row Dp in the iDoniinR, and openpd 
Ihc di>o» of lliv }iuii«>, mill yirtiX 
i»ol la go till waj : and, ItrtinVl, 
Ihe M-onMu hi* cnuciibinc wu faWn 
r j down at iJiD door o( llic liouse, atlA 
/ *«■ JSwicffl ttrre upon llie thtcaViW. 
/ Aad be nid DDto ber. \Jp,M>d \rt 


H k« ntng. Bat bom Muwcrod. vat bcr kto ftll Um < 


Than IM mmn took bcr «v npoo an 
•M, And ihf DUO TOM ap, an<) mt 
faiis witD hit pl>a«. Ami wliam Iw 
I Mme inio Urn laouw, he look k 

^Ui, and IstiJ hold on hU conca- tinJ of E«7pt nla dli ^ 
fejn, aoJ diviiW li*r, ttgethrr willi ' ' " '■--'-- »-'-- -^ 

And it WW Ni. tlM *a dM 

■kid, Thcrw was no nicli 4* 
nor iMn fron th» ^7 that 
drm of Innul ram ap mi 

■iil'-T of it, lain aMet, 1 

March S?. 

jKomtng, JxJDOEfl XX. 


THEN ill thi' chiMiTD of Ina*! 
vcui utiL Kill] tliv mnsToRadua 
m« inthsrcil to|;Rlhi:r u> oar ronn, 
&r>ia Uad cTfn to llti^r-shcba, vnlh 
the liQ'l of Gilta<I. iinto the Lohd 
In MiijiiOi. Aiil lli« (iliicf ft all 
thi* pv^'jrli'T ^■'''''3 (»1 ulJ tliif Inloi^ of 
^ImwI. iirvwiited tliriDihtlrn ill thu 
leinbly of [hf people of God. four 
DiUva thoUHLEiil footiDFii that tfrcir 
Eflropd. (Now llie ohildrvn uf Bcn- 
_ alnh^anl tliil lli» rliiMri-n i>f l*. 
n«l wwTD nin-n iif to MiicpiTli.) TImo 
Mid the oliildrou of Kmcl, Tell ui, 
kdiriri* thi> witkcdntt*? And Che 
rll«i tlw husbuid vf the imnian 
t Vrftt aKJn. niihiritr^d and kaid, 
cane tnto nilirn)i thikl ManpfHt 
t« Benjamin. 1 und 107 ooneaMnc, 
to lodici?. Aitd llic men oF GibMh 
iKwaeilnit ui«,tnd Wiiet th« houM 
■roonil abont upon in» by night, nnii 
thonffht t>i IiAvi' Alain mo; ind my 
cont-'iibins luiVF th<y [arced, t hi [ the 
la AtiA. AilJ 1 tuuk my foncubtne, 
> Wd cat ber In pieoN, ind kdI her 
Ittnoj^out «II th« cDnntrr of Ihn 
* InliirRtAtKKi of IsRwl : for thny havo 
wnunithd IrndncB and folly in It- 
twl. Uvholil. fL- art all clulilrea of 
Intel ; jrive lii-w ymir »'ivla« itnd 
WKUiinil, Anil M iliP pwj'li' arnw d" 
oat man. unying. Wc n-tll not txiy 
tf «J 1(41 tu hii Iwii, nrithur will wb 
any of at liirn iiitu liii housF. But 
aav this (Alt'/ ^ llie tliiOK wliii'h 
m will do to (iilipflli ; tae ■>'>/' iin uj' 
It bt RSiiDst il : nnd itv will Inko 
ten mun uf an liundrcit ihfuuuhuut 
all iti« IrlTwi of lsra«l, anil an liun- 
drvd of a thousand, and 1. ihnnviiuil 

oof Ottm thoUBUtud. to fetch Vi('tt\a\ 

jamtn.aceordinit to aS Aall 
llwy luTf imiB|kt la !■! 
all thc< man of Ixnol wn* 
iwninat the «ly, kail tef» 
oiie man. And Iho tribes « 
M-nt Enen tliroui|h aH tW 
Bi'iiiiaiiit, •»j\ng. What wfa 
il Ihi* Oiat 11 deno aa«l 
Now iherefoK dtltirvr ■* 1 
th« children of Uslial. adw 
(iil>«ih, tliat wr may put 
•l*9lh, and pnl away rn\ 
racl. But Uir cbildn-n of bf 
would not bcarfcut ta Iht ■ 
tb«lr bKthnin tli« ehildTtal 
ravl : hiil th« chitdrpn of H 
imthored lliP'iuHiliot toM(tb< 

tbi dtioi unto Qibaali, I* | 
battle a«alnM the cUUmi 
And the ehlldreit of BtajM 
nunbMwt at Um Uia* aa 
eiliBi twfuty and dz tbooa 
that draw nroTd. baiidt d 
bieanU af Gibeab, wU^ «l 
herod wvm haodrcd ehM 
Amons nil thi« pao|il6 Mi 
iiRTcn hnndrDd ehMMiBMBi 
ud ; iii«ry one coald ilivl 
an liair bnaiM, and ml at 
the mpB of lerael, berida B 
wpr* numbarod fonr hiudr 
wtid nmn that ifavw rm 
ihL'W! urm mon lit wat. 1 
cbllilivtL nf lirat-l araaa, a 
up to Iho hoBK of God, a 
eniiDurl of God. and faia,1 
UI Khun Ko up flnt to It 
AHiiiuit tlia childnui of Bt 
And th« Lord laid, Jtutab 
ir;i firn. And Cho ohlbtmi 1 
. two nn in the numiaf , 
c^inV'i\ usa)nuX VAaa^ 

far tha peapli>, that they miij 4o,\ lutft qI i«»A _ 

irten tbey couw» to GibeBh. «I liea- \ kekWi* to«i««*»*^% »*■ 




(a UTty Id 
,ktGib«>h. Awl 
I eva* fonh 
I, tMM 4eitr*ytd down 
1 Bf the ItrwIitM thtl 
iJ turn tfc»«nnd n«n. 

pU tl* ttMl of IlMOl 

MBMlrw.Mid Ml Ihdr 
in amtj in the f-Iim 
U them«el*i>t in amy 

(Aail til* chiltlnn of 
t *ad wapt lMfoT« Uie 
tm, BMd uli«d covomI 

iqbgL SImU I o np 

• anniil Ou eUldrtD 
IV mtlwrF And the 
Go rti aninit Iiini. ) 
Itea of lariMl tanio 
Ito elfMiai of Brajo- 
ddv- And Bsojainin 
iriBft thm Mt of Gl- 
ad dsr> u4 dMOnrvd 
DOOM of ttw ihildrtB 
■K risktMB thodmiid 
M Jm lb* (mvd. 
MdfW At IvmI, And 
■^ mDt op. and ono 
■> e( G*d, ud vnq-t, 
I btlon tiM Lonu. knd 
du BOti) «T«n, Mill 
I cibllHei ud pmre 
J» (b* Lonn. And the 
LOid tnqvired of tlie 
» uk «f th) (ornnknt 
■n ia lk«w diyi, and 
MMof neuv.UiOMU 
god beftm ll m tbow 
i Shall 1 tM >min go 
> iRitiiMl th* ehndnn 
■7 brMlw. at ihall I 
Ihl LlMU> Mid, Go up ; 

* I vW dtllier tli«m 
n4. Asd IvMl Nt 

nud Bboal Ribf*h. 
bn <f IwMl KVDt up 
MUnm «f Beujimiti 

d>r> fi pot uem- 

IV BfMnst OibMh, M 

trmt cut agxinit thv 
Ttn dravm awsy fruni 
J lh» h4pu fci oiaiftf 

»inl llif (illii-r t* Oili«li IB tbe BrW, 
ftlioiit lUiHv i[irf>n <if l«r?iJ'I, Au'l tlii* 
diiliif*" of'iii'iijfimiu i«ii!,Tli«y iir* 
nuiltcn iavm ti-fun O*. >■ til tlv 
fitit. idit llli- cMtilrm of lanuil nid, 
Lol an Ui'i-, ;>h>l ilrnit Ihnn Irum the 
eiljr nnlc l)]>- lu^lmnvi. Ami all Ihc 
mtn nf ^HTa^l moo np ftiit <t\ tlwir 
]i!laM. »rid put ihonnrlics in %tT%f 
at tiiiiil-ta.niiir: indtho li«n IQ wut 
of \n**\ c*tn« forth oat of thtir 
pJacM, *tcn ntil of Um motfloirt of 
(libtah. Ami llirm mino AgKiimt 
(3il>*ah ten Ihcpinand choiwn men 
oat of &II Itrsfl. and the hktile 
WHS Bcr*; bat thi^y liiii'w not thM 
«vil ii-rii nonr (hi'm. And th4 LotiD 
anntn Hnnjimin bc^on Imal : and 
the cEiililM'li uf Inrfli-I destTOytd of 
the lltnjimitc? thnl di; ttrtntf nud 
Hto tlioiiionil nnd hii hiinilr«d mon: 
all llieto dpfw tlip "wopd. So the 
[>lii]dND of IlDnmniin tair that thoy 
mra RnitUn ^ hit the cion of Israel 

MTa plu« Ui the Hi'ijjunil(v«. b«- 

twiM th»y tru!t<.-d unto ilie ll«rs In 
will wNvh tbry hofi i«l betide Ci- 
htih. And thp \\m in wnit hxHlad, 
and ntubud upon (iilwAh ; mid tba 
lieM III wuit itrrvr llirmiflfei flUiiij,', 
and <inat« alt ihi> i-iiy witi] the i-diie 
(•f the ewuril. Now then wu mi 
nippoinUil nign IwliTNn the mon rf 
Isinitl nnd tlir tlnti; in vnit, th»t 
llioy iliould ■mnko % imal nanii! witji 
tmoku riu- u[> out of tlif cit<r. And 
wheD Ihi' wen i>f IiitmI retirrd In 
tbe bftttle, IVnjumin hngan tn Kiiile 
and kill of ttii> mrn of lirnel about 
thirty ponnnii : for ilwy aaid. Surely 
tlMT ar« amitlfn down Itdore nn, 
aalu theftnt l)attl«. D'lt nhrn tha 
flame Iwgna lo sris< np out of ihe 
dlyiril^ nnillir uf nniiki'. ih« lten> 

CnilM loolivd bvhiut) lliem, and, 
Itold, tlw BimH i>( thi- city sifynd. 
ed up lo heaven. And nl^rn the mrn 
of IumI turned agnin, Ihi- incu of 
Benjanin wpt« anued : for they 
nkw that *iil ina oonc upon ihcm. 
Thererore thry umicd wk boeta 
betom tint men of IomI unto tit* 
' iray of the wHdemew ; but tba luA- 
lle urt^rt«ok then; and thenw^uiih 
ivmf ont of Ch« eitiM they AwittflyeA 




k ad ht toM ■■ ft bilMr 

-Mfrtiw by tb« rnr. utd 
I ■MBtl, uil Uij httnal*. 
1 1mt «viit in. And tha 
' w antflu ui dmll witli 
■1 lb* rmnit mu ww 

nnta him u oca <if hi* Mni. An 
Micuh rciuK^rjieii tli« LciiUj : 
tbi joang man hemiM fata nrtCBlJ 
•nd ma in t)i* hoaio oT Mlc»U 
Then did Mitati. Now knott 1 duAl 
llu Laftn will do mi Koud. Melnc 
1 hLve & Lerlta U my prletl. 

iflomins, Jitdoks XVIII. 

Mahcu 96. 

1^ dajt iAay wn no ting 
llaM: iBd in Unw dva tto 
r At Dmim MMtAi ilMn u 
~lli to ditcll in i Iw unto 
r rt iMr iobenMMi bad 
» Ota Ums Mnras ibe 
f lauL And Ow children cf 
, ■ if iMr bttlly &r« mn 
|Wr «4mW, mxa ei -nimu, 
^Mih, Md from E^U»I, (o 
I ft* hn<L *nd i« nokIi it ; 
7 aid anto t^a. Go, frareb 
Ml irkD lAtn tM7 eunt Ia 
bMm, la Ihs InaiB of 
, ifin kdpd tl«i«. Wh<n 
•n ^ dw hMM of kliosh. 
■M flu tolca «f tb* ynoDu 
^ Lntw ■ nnd Uic; tarnad 
V. a*d Mid imta hm, Wha 
• UaUlkrr ■sdwhaimik- 
wi a tba platmt umI Hint 
' w* bn*k And Ito Mid unlo 
■■■WW Onw daftlelh Mioih 
'•>■ Ml bath Und me, and I 
■*f»BL Aud U>«y nid unKi 
J « ewewl. w» pf«)r (two. <j 
*^ Ini n Bkr fcwr* wMnirr 
[■^•tti VE to Aall *• pK"- 
^*l ^kJ Iht priMt aid aMff 
,^«r<an: brf«n Iho LuBir 
yW "V Wbttria « so. TTwn 
. t** *n irpirua,- mud cbdm 
li'JfcjU nw Ihe MOpb that 
'*'|a^ b» IIh7 dirclt cuo- 
***■ tto KMon of tbt Zido- 
"M aul Mcur* ; uid Ukm 

VaiMnt* in Iba loii'l. Ihu 

M M<n to abatiif kn oni' 

IM fcr IMM far frum Ihn 

lUdhad » baMdNi inih 

Aid UMif eupa nnto UiDlt 

ZaMkaadEditaol: and 

,--« mU mut tiwm. Whit 

' tal tb«r Hid. Aritif. tliai 

haie BtCT tlio land, and, bchuld. il 
it TtfTy Kooil 1 unJ urr ;e alilt? b« 
not tleltilul to an, imil Ut tnViT l»j 
pMUM the lanil. Wlinn to go, m 
dull «iime unt« a peupln McuMal 
■nd lo a Uina land: for U«d tnth 
firtD it Into jmir hands; • p4aoo 
"htrcrtfTf l» nowatiiof Mijrihtogj 
tlut t« Id thi! »rth. And there wontj 
frvEi thrnrv of 111* fanillv of 
l>Miitrt, out <if /urah »nd ool 
tUblBiil, nlx Iiuncltvd men apnolnt 
ed nlth wcsponi of war, Aaather' 
wfnt up, uid pitched in Kiijalb- 
jiiariin, m Jud*h: wlivntor* thay 
callod thai iiiiuv MalnuiDh-ilsii in>*j 
to Uii* day: tmliald. >/ U hchindl 
Kirjath-jsatini- And Ihcjr pupad.1 
ttunoB nnto mount KvhRum. and] 
cam* Dnio the liouw orUlah. 
amvrvMd tliw flvii racD that went 
to apy oal th* conntTT of I.siih. 
and wld onto their brrthmi. t)u yc 
know tliil there i>> i n ihew hooiBa an 
rphu'l, and trr3|>hifi>, «iiJ a jpatn 

ihcrrfDro eonwdct what jt linie to 
do^ Anil die; Uimr-d thitlirrwmd, 
and ramo (o th« hoiiwr of llw jonng 
Tiisu Ulr Lavltp, <T>n> nilla llio lloOM 
of hlicah, and Mlut*d him. And 
III* NX buodKd tnon oppainted with 
their nwDpoui of u'lr, <rhi<h umv 
of (he chrildran ef IHo, stood by tba i 
rttlnias of iha gal*. And IW Bl ' 
»*D t)u,( want to t^y ool tha Ian 
went op, am* came in thtihcr. and 
t<-ek the mvra imtK^. anii tha 
fphod, and thi> t^rai'ldm, and th«j 
malWn ImaRD: nnd tW pHoit attiudl 
in thfl vntanna of lint mte with] 
lb* »z hundred men lltai u>rr« ap>l 
pofaited wflh weBMni* of war. Audi 
tkt» went into M'tiAh'a \inttw, uA* 
fMefiNJ Ibe caiTcd uiUKe,Cltt ctML. 



I Ikn ■m4, IMMld. rtrrr •> a 

jif IM Im0 in Skllah jBwiij 

bar nUih ^ on tb« tmnh 

1Wb-*l, oa th* v*^ ri<]« of 

^>r Ital BO*th op frDu] 

M SWtiiMD. aail on thr 

L(b«iab. Tbctcfon Itiny 

' te ^adiDa vf DcnJB- 

Os «b4 U* {■ wait in 

■ ; •Bil a**. Mti, bvbolil, 

«■ of SMlob emac out 

' n ^iur«*. thcD »me j'c 

I tnw}unla, nnd rktih you 

hw Hil* of thfi dsuKh- 

lab, Md c» (o ■)>' ^O*) of 

Akd It ihall be, nlifii 

I or thttr brctbtea come 

npUin, ihit ire wilt 

•17 anta tbtm, R« fsTOtiniblt uaM 
tlivm for our mki?^: bccauM ve ro- 
•urteil iiol ifl mrh ni«n hi* wife la 

thft WIT! («r JO •11(1 Dl't pTV iinlo 
tbmi nl tills lime, lltnf yi> kIidiiM be 
guilljr. And Iho ebiidreii at Dci^it- 
mln •Jiil », nnd took lAtm vr|T««, 
oiTonlin^r Id thvir iiuinlHrr, Cif then 
Ihal dfiac«d. whom (bl'jr canfthl : 
■nd thcT mnrt umt mdinifd utilit 
their biheiitinFc, aod rcpalreJ ttio 
oitiMr and dnrlt in ihL-m. And tlie 
nhililnii of InrMi •Jtrjiitrttd IhcDoe 
at ihal timet, «Tiiry mitn to his tribe 
■nJ to Ml hmilj. snd ihfy irene 
out from thetiFc every iniin lo his 
inbrrilanei-. In tho™ day fitere 
rrnj 110 kiii^ la IhrfinI; Avrry man 
di-l f Atl wAifA mat rigbt in bu own 


£{toriitn0, Rurn T. 

la p*H in the Aayt 
the Tndfn niled, tlut 
a faaiaa h lh« Isail. Anil 
■as at Bclb'lalMni-JiiiLili 
imifntn la llw eoentrr <^ 
^Md Ua wife, and bi* two 
I nans «f tb« mac vai 
i ■»! iIm ftam« ot hi» wife 
(uj ihr suae el Ua two aon* 
ijM Cbilioa, EphraOiltea of 

ftjadali. Am ttwr t«Ole 

n «f HcmI). and cva- 

Aod EliaMbMk Na- 

■IM; nd ahu wa* 

I hir lv« aoM. And the? 

< «t*M of Uw tromcn of 

I ttf Mwt o( tlw «me tnu 

tt Ik* tamm «f tii* Minn' 

4lUr dwAlleJ Ihert ah<.iil 

Am Haliloa and rliilion 

I but «r llMM i ud the 

tMt •( lMrlw» MD< and 

Th« A* tnM irlth 

■ blnr,aiU*b«ml«ht 

_ •• BMIBH7 af Moah: 

IbnrI \m Um eeaniirr of 

Pdtttdic Lmv U4 virit- 

f*«Dl farifc tnt 0/ 

Mabcii 3S. 

the land of Jndah. And Naomi lajd 
unt* hpr two daUMhl^n in lnw. Go, 
rchini esirli t" iiiT nuillii'f'n liuum : 
tlir I, I, an ili-nl Lhidiy ollli ynn, M 
ye bene licnlt with tds den-!, and 
with nie, Tlie Luiio pnnt tou that 
▼e may End mX, F3ch qfyoH in the 
linii>« of hn hii'liaiid. Tljen shs 
kJMMid lh(<iD ; and thCT' lifted up 
(hoir rape, tud »r«lil. And Ihoy 
■aid unto her. Surely we will tetam 
wrlh tlice uulo thy ppopir. And 
Naomi "nid, Tnm xbmu. my •laiigh- 
Un: why will ft go *rith ne? ar* 
(hen yet anji mart HHU in my womb, 
that they may be ywir hiubaodB? 
Tun uiain, mjr datisfatav, 70 ywr 
wMy; for I Btn l«« old (0 ur* m 

huibsnd. If I «li«rl1d %nf, 1 hftTO 
linrn>, /I abould hare a.n liDibuuI 
ftlv to niglit, and Aonid ttian bwr 
■on* ; wotSd j* tnnr fc* th*oi till 
thty wen Kmvm} w«n1d n «(ar 
f«r them frfiin haring hiuDUidl? 
nay, my dsnuliicrs; for it pievstli 
nie mucli fir yuur ttak«* Imt ths 
hand of the Lon^ I' cfiH" mil ivpiiort 
mp. And IhM- lifted iil> thpiT ■(««. 
•s(/ wF/it n^in : and On^ Ubw4 
Arr aotkci m Uw; but HwtltcU'n 

• itf w»* mif A<r 
-«rjvft"«-«ni anto/mUrii, law U 8«n« ticKh «nto tel 






pMfile, ind oahi her atdt : nUn 
ttm afm tiff aiila- & Uw. And 
Raih Mid. InUMt m Mrt to ln*« 
ihte, or u rcwra froa Mbwinc 
after tbM : for wUtlwr Una ntcat, 
I will n; Hid where Hum iMptal. 

pcopki Hut lliTG«d Br G«d : when 
ibni dicM, win t dM, ud Omk will 
I Im baiied i the Lord do m to bm, 
wd won tho, ifvuiAt \M 0«Mh 
part ItiM ud Bt. Whra ibi m« 
Uut sbc «M iWdfaaUT nindcd M 
go with her, then ahe ufl ■peokiBs 
■Ola b»t. So thoT lir* nM uatQ 
lk«7 ewe to Beth -khen. And It 
CMI3C to [MI, wIkb ttu)7 TFcrc coum 

t* BMklehen, t 
BM>T«1 Bbovl U 
ibno, CUI Be Ml' 
rtnr biuerijr irilk m 
(all, and tbe l>oki 
me Iranni urin «B( 
<aJI ;« ne .Sunni. m 
hidt leettfted ■nini 
cod laMrned, ud B 
itCM, ho* du^Ux Ai 
whieb retv 
ol Uoab: 
Iclitm In thij 

MARni S8. 

tfiinitnjt. RctrII. 

VN [I NmoI had ft Unnnaii of 
her hoibud"*. a 

d( WMlih, of die ttrnSHj «t 
lech ; sad hit msM im* 8o«c> Aad 
noth tbo MoabiWt* uid unlo N*- 
(imt, LM me dov go to tho Held, 
and gteui cut of «on afM Aim id 
whoM ni^tii 1 tiliill flsd graee. And 
Ae n>id uijlu liir, 4)a, njr daulitur. 
Ad<] ahw Htiit.uiil eamo. uid glMa- 
ed la the Quid afl«r the rcKi>«r« : 
uiA bar hsp wu to light oa ■ put 
«f Ae flcia Mofuify unto uuu, 
wba tnu oT the Itint&ed oT Eliai(ili«h. 
Anil, hirhnlil, Itooi cjiiac fn>m B*tli' 
Iriicni, uid Kiiil unto the mtpcn, 
The Laiu> U with j-™. And thej 
aaewcred him. TIil' Lumii Mm* tbef- 
Tlwii *aiO Htiii iirito hii Mmut 
thkl w*j Ml ov*i tlm retpen, Vhoac 
damnl ii tbii ? AtuI the Kmnl 
ihtt wu *ol oirr thu naperti ui- 
(werod and taiil. It ■> the Muatiiliih 
dunwl that camn bark wfVh Naiiml 
out <>i llx riuiitr)' of ]kt<>iib: ojtd 
klir laid, ! yray yoa. ii^t hip c'can 
and gather after the ruAjivn auioiijc 
the ahi'iiwii : so ahg cwiie. Mid halli 
eontiutipd n<rtTii from thn morning 
until DOW. that *hii tuirliKl d little 
in III* lioniw. Then uid Doaz unto 
Until, H«ue>t thou not, mr [IuukIi- 
t«r ? (io not Ifl gl*>n in anutliar 
bid, n*itbM so from hone*, but 
'' ' \ 1irr« tbM by Dtf tDudcni : let 

thine ojrei bt M 
d» naf, and 
hs>B 1 not olu 
ili>t tber thai] aol ■„ 
itfa*D then ut atbin 
ToHoU, and drink of 
Toaag inea JiaTt dn 
I«ll on her taoei, and 
to lh» ipmnd, and 
Why Ut* 1 found 
o>*<», that thug i^odU 
Ivdao of me, Moutg 1 1 
And Boiu uuwerad 
hor. It hath fully be 
all that thou butj 
mother in Uir alndl 
Ihiiiv buHbaod: OAV 
left tl,^ fnihM aad |] 
the mid of thy aal 
come unto a ptM^ 
luii'wtMit not hDteloii: 
nruui|>Mitu ihjr ir«i| 
Tcwtirvl \tt giviin ib( 
Cod of IbmI, undei 
thou art Mine to W 
fa^id . I^ me find (aTi 
mj lord ; for that t 
bf l^d mr, ami fur 
(polcRii fTicDdtr unl 
maioU though I be Dt 
of thjne haDdmaldei 
laid unto bar. At i 
thou liltlicr, and oed 
uiJ dip tb; tnorMl^ 
And shi; tal " 

iff Di ilia flcM nita trea, 
|M1bl Aa had itlcuMd; 
H Ami an cpliah vt bu- 
I Ai Hck f( up. ud iFCut 

SI ud htr Duttbcr in law 
• bad leaned -. md •hv 
h, Hid nT« u Iki tlut 
HHTvd kfin ati> <nu luf- 
ri In Bivtbir )• law lojd 
I Wfctn tiMt tban gltaii- 
rf mmI wh«n irroiuhtmc 
M b« li« thai diduk* 
iWlliM. And lUie nbewnd 

McabitE'n aaiJ. i 

abu, Tliou dIiuU 

TDun£ lupci, uutil tE*v hA*« 

all HIT hBTTfEl. And Naomi n!i1 

nnW Itulb her Jauulitcr in Ian. /i 

if ifuu'l. my davKi'l^r, tlvsl thon 

HO out Willi Iiin luiklJiK, tliat tlitiy 

meet tlicv not In anj' olbcr flvbl 
S<; ihe k<?pt fa«l br tba mcldeni 
of Boat Id glean odIo ilie end of 
tarl«7 hariOHt and of wlic.ic tiar- 
<vM ; auJ dwelt ifith tier modicr 
la law. 


DIorBino, Rirni III. 

MAR4:n 39. 

KaotBi hmr ntMhcr in law 
■MO fccr, iSj duigbl*T, 
I Mdt tm lar IbH, Uul It 
•HwiUitbM^ And no* it 
gf VBtkindnd.willi trliua* 
ikam watt? HiduiM, h« 
h tariev M Bight In Uio 
Imk waali thjKlf thcri- 
iMaial tliM, and put )>i; 
Upm IbM, and pt thoi 
Hloor: 6111/ uak> uot ili^- 
<• «Mo the moM, until he 
■ dawealing nnil drinking. 
■0 Ut.iirlien hr littli dooii, 
'lUl rnarii tba »U«« ir lion 
M —1 ihiiii itih I II ill iiiit 

a^iit, and liinipil tiimncir: and, b«- 
hoUl, 1 Hrniiiivii I1V nt Ilia f-'cl. And 
he uid. M'lio 4r' fhuu !' And ibc an- 
[Wi-rrd. J am Ituth tliinr liandnuid: 
uprraii ll»T>'f»iw iliy (ifctrt or«r thiiu' 
]mjiihii:ii<l; for iliam vjrf a ni^ar kins- 
man. Ami I'D ujj. MlPiMd be lliaa 
of the Lmu>. mj' d:ii^'1ktcT : /ifr llioii 
hast tliflucd tnuTv kinducH in Uir 
lalUT fnd Iban al Iha IwRinnini;. 
inuniioll a* tliuu followed** QM 
Toang: niDn, wlicihcr poor or lith. 
And now. my dau^ilitct, fear not) I 
will do to thri' all that tliuii mjoir- 
(M : (or nil tli« rUf ul njr pMpt* 
doth knnw lliat lliau arJ a Tlnoooa 




«Mld kMW another. And b> 014, 
htt ll not b« knuwn Uut a nunsa 
nme ima the Uwr. Alno he e»\4, 
Brfnf lh« nil tbl (Ami AmC afoa 
IbM, and hoM j(. And wbea A« 
b«l<) It. hi! DMMnred ais mMnirw «( 
barley, aad Uiil 1/ on 'iter, and ilw 
wcui iuto Ihs ciir- And whta A* 
raniH iu bcr touthcr in taw. 4it mIJ, 
Who orl thou, mj dDuglitcrt And 


«b« M4 bOT aC 
dooa U her. 
tU anuarrM of bntHT p 
C« ba mM M BT, Qv I 

DnM ih; Dwthn la tiw. 
fhc, 3)1 AiU, mj daafi 
thun kaow Wow tbfl m 
Sail : fvr tie nan wll I 
rMi. uatll fat ban fls 
tbfaw tbU 4ij. 

March 3y, 

Cbming. Ruth IV. 


Til E.V wtnl DuM lip lo tht gsH, 
BSd Hit him down Ibcr* : and. 
lt«bol<l. Ihi! kinnnan of vchum Bixu 

Make caow bv; uula whnD 1w nid, 
Im, KtA • uuvl loni mIJ«, idl doini 
hn«. And be turned lulde, uid «t 
down. And h« t«>k ten num of the 
vlderii «f thr citj:, kucl mid, ^>t y* 
down bnr*. AndtlwyintliJoviii. And 
ha mid onU) lh< kluankii, Niiml, 
that U (Wmo tciin out of the countrv 
oi Monb, celieth > panel of Land, 
wlitcli <ea* our brolhvr K]lin»l«i;h''i: 
UmI I IliDuflil U> Bil'i-rliiUF ther, 
■ajlii^f Uiiy if btjforc (he inhnb^l- 
ante, and bcliipe the i-lili^rs «! nij' 
p«oplr. If tboa will rfilrcm it, iw- 
devm il; hut if Ibiuii wilt mil raiEEam 
i^ <4«n (oil ne, tlial I ma; Imaw : 
lor AW* b none 10 ml iviii if bnido 
at and I on aftor tluw, AdiI bv 
I will rad««iD it. Thru mid 
What day Ibuu buyvat tbn 

of lh> hand III NB'imi. thou 

mut buj- if ilko of Ituth llie Msab- 
ftOH. tho wifi! of tlw dead, to nio 
np Um n:ua* nf l1ii< ilrad iiji-oii !>>h 
in)i#ritaTu'<. And th^ kLttAiiiJui Mild. 
1 cBBiiDt Ti<ieiiu <r (or uj-hK. IbiI 1 
mar mine own inberitiuioc t tvdeina 
thoa my HkIiI to dijwlf- tor I can- 
not r«<l)«ni if. N«w tlim wm (Ac 
RUno^rln fonDPrtimo in Ti-nuii ouii- 
efnllifl Mdeeuiint; and ronNrninn 
(liaaKUix, far to ooofirni all Ihiniia ; 
■ inaa pla gked off hU atinv.tmd k>*o 
U iobxl a«l^baitr; and Miix >i-<u a 
imtlnteaj In laracl- Tlu-r>'fiin' ilin 
Alnanon aaiJ nolo Uou, liuv it far 
ibrr. So b» driW off bh AtiK. \vA 
• alilora. aad unta 

dav, that 1 hav* Umgn il 
Elnneleeb'a, and alTthal 
lioD'a and MablonX of U 
Naonit. M iim>»t Ralh I 
ItCB. the wife a( MaUo 
tmirbaHd to bs aj irtfi 
lip Iho natmi of iho dnd 
iolitritaiuw. that tlw ui 
dead b* nvt tut olT (rem 1 
brDihica, aud fram the g 
plave : yt are witlwaM* 
Aad all tho propio that ■ 
$ili>, aiiJ thtf clibni, mil 
wIltLWatA Tbn LoKir mal 
man that ia coine loto tl 
like Raobel and liko La 
two did build th« booM 
anil do tbou worthily Ui 
and bo taBUM* In I fa tb-h 
let thy kotuM b« Uka I)m 
Miaroia whoBi ^bbt Imt 
dah. nf tbo aaod wbi4h I 
ihatl ^ve thoe of tbii 7001 
So lloai took Roth, and i 
wife : and wben ho wort ii 
ihc Loan e*^l her Mot* 
rh« ban a HO, AhJiImb 
iiiiW Nmhoi, BlFatfd It 
Whirh hath not Uti Ihoi 
without a, kuumaa, that 
mnr bo hmoua in Icnol 
iiliall Itp uaM tho* « RoU 
lif», and a mmirfirr of 
age: for thjr daiuhtar \m I 
lotvlh lhM).vrbS«li it boU 
than 'T^va Mtnu. halb 
And XaDini igok Iho dilb 
it III Her bonwn. and bM 
unto it. And tho w o wa B 
I Wu« fi»a Vi, a. vaana, « 
\ ia « an Vrr& V> XMai 

<W pMyk> Va ar« vrttacaawi tUs \ ciS\e4 >0A 



MtacR SO. 

I thB stucrUlona 

I bept IlfTroD, 

Rao. aDd ItAm 

b UM Ammina- 

dkb butt Iffthiben, *ntl Xi)i«hoB 
bt0l mIdiod. ud Salinim hugit 
JVtu. nnil Hou bcaat Obed. ud 
Obt'il btgnt JfMo, nod Jeue twiat 

fflot-ning. I SAMitEL I. 

MAsrii 30. 

n «M ft mvun nun of 
bidoi-MiphiiB, at auiaai 
ti Um smw w« tHur 

td itrohaa, dw md af 
oa of T*hu. tTir ttm of 
|lDitbite : utl hv bid 
Dm BUk at (he oat imj 
I th« nmt oX iJtc otiwr 
lad Ptnlanali hail cbll- 
kBMb had no childtm. 
la went wf ml of bu 
l«*oi«bip sad 14 NBii* 
t Low «i b«Ktt in !51ii- 
I t*v (oni of Eli. Knpli- 
ciiaa, the pti>nU of the 

thcrt- And whva tb« 
M t3lu«»h oOvrcd, Iw 
ilaub Ua wilo, and to 
Ib4 bn iknghMa. por- 
Ud tfaoiiak bs fii>« ■ 
taa; for b« kneifllarf 
I Lo*i> had iliut up bn 

hvadmmn miaa pto- 
n, fcrtft Ma£i htr net. 



I.nnn nil the doji of hit life, anil 
Ibcra Hhal! no rninr rimo upoD bla 
Lisil. A&J it Dame to paiOi aa abe 
<x>n(inti(<1 prsjiaic bcrurn tlie havt, 

lliiil Kli mnrtcd her luuHlli. Now 
HunB-ih. i>Iio .ipiki' in bT htnn ; 
only her lijif nitHTii, bul Iii^r Tolne 
(rut iiul b-:.'iril : tliL'ri'Fun b^li thuii^t 
»hi; lud k'l'ii ilrutil^cri. Ami £]t 
raid uula lior, How loiifi irjli tlion 
Ik! ilfiiiikpii !■ put n'vnj- thj trine 
fium tiiii'. Anil llaiinab aiuwcrcd 
and mill, No, my Wd, I am b no- 
iDBo «( » i«(rro"ful npiilt: I hft'e 
drunk D('il)t<^i wmc noriLrana d/lnk. 
but have pDuri'iioiil iut raulbofon 
tbu Lonii, C'xint nut Ibiiia Iun4- 
oiud Ivr u dauMbtCt ot Utilal : tut 
oot of lli-j uUiiiidaaea of hit omb- 
plalnl and grief havs 1 n^ni M< 
therta. Thirn £li aniimed and wi'd. 
Go iu j)M<e; «nd tbs Ood of Ihm 
pant thtf lliv ;>i'tit'uii tlal than 
hut ai-kt^J of lliin. And ulii^ Mid, 

Lot thine li3i»lniBii.l fliid grace in 
lb/ ri^ht. So ibi> n-Dinm neat ber 
WSJ, >nd ritil vftt, Biiil her countr- 

■latin- itflji om wi/. And lluy 

PMC np In ihi' momiJig lUkrlf. nud 
woTabippcd before tho Loau. und 
nianiBili lii<1 cimi to Ihrir haata 
to Ksmafi: and KlkinHli k'>rw Han- 
nah hi* w-ifo; irid tho i.<»iii rpainn- 
bcrcil her. Wlioiefora ll came ta 
pwB, when till! time wai wno abaul 
after Uaimali had oonodnd, that 
*hB ban a aun, and callod Iub Doaw 
Samii«i,Hijitnp, Kacaum [ bat* aak- 
eil Ititu cil thu LoH-O. Ami the man 
Klkanab. nnd all Ilia house, ircnt Bp 
to offer unlo the Loan the jparlr 
aaorifioc, and bin rnw. Bul Hatiaali 
■onl not upj lor ahu said unto Wt 
mv, tad / hiuburid, I mriU not no uu uniii \\m 

SnSSlotoTA,''//^'^.''""' ""* •* o'»y »P¥«« ^• 

IdMD tsd ibnl np her 
at ba 4>1 ao jtar bj 

a WWII op to ifa* hoBiw 
^ an «Im pTOTidcel her; 
I vapL a«d did not eat. 
Kanaa bar bniband u 
ki «lqr woapatt th'ia } 
Ma ikia not? and wlij 
pdarad } ■*«■ aol I bHUrr 
ilanmu? So Ilnnnah 

I A»f \mA (at*« in Slii- 
ribtjr haddmab. N'uw 

II MI Mwn a naat b/ a 
hnlaoribt LoRP. An<l 
Wtaraeaa of »ul, and 

iha Loan, and WFpt 
•a vvawd a (qv, and 
»afbaala,lf1««a wat 

IMm In HMtob: and tb» eMM vn F LtnvllMN.' 

March 30. 

Cbtningi 1 Samuki. IL 

AN U Itunnnli pmjcil. unci said. 
Mjlu-urtrejoicvlhiiitlif Lonu, 
■Dim liorii l< cinlti"] ill tlir LuH»: 
niy uiotilli In Riilargi'il uv»r Diiuv 
iiDpmira ; bppiiu«t I lujuicc in Tliy 
•oli'stioa. Tlicre ii nunc lioly nil tlic 
Loiui^ inrlhrrr uijonr bcsiiic 'I'lieu: 
HmMxt i> l)u-ir niiy rock lili« 'lur 
God. Tulk Tio lutiTc HO vicvoiliiiK 
pnyiiillf : let xel irrogKuo y iMtuv out 
of votir Bioutti : fur tho Loitii ■'* & 
Ouil (if liiiuii'lt'ii;:^, mill hy ILim nv 

tioiU Km Wpi^hiKl. Til-! Ihiwi of tlHf 

iliimlloj Brt (lirilrJ will) •Imiiirtli. 
TVwjf lAnf irete full linvc liind nut 
th(iRi»clvM f>>r l>T«it'l; and Ihty Ihat 
HWro hnnfriT '•t^sati : M Ikat Iha 
bimn hath born MV«n ; asil ulic 
tb»4 lutli uuany otuldiCQ U vmied 
fwbl*. The Loud killetb, anil male- 
«lh iJivo : Ho brinnth down to th* 
gnvp, and hringvth np. Tha Lc-nn 
makeih pMr, and nuuccth lioh : Ha 
brincMli low. and ttfUth up. Ha 


unto Ilia king, ami 
IliB aooiiit«d. And] 
RniRali ti> 111? hmimi 
•li>! iDiiiLnlwr uuto tl 
ICli tbo pricM. Nm 
>Hrr ion* of Bdiali 
ihu Loud. AdiI Hit 
oHii tl'r pooplc ■•« 
Tunu uf^l^rl^ uctift 
iWrvAiil dine, triulll 
■Mthing, vi^tli B >i 
toetti in hu land; i 
into the t»"> ork«tt 
pot ; all tlutt th« Si 
up llio print took 
Ihey did in Shilch 1 
ra«litM Ihnt e*in« tl 
fare A'y buTirt tli« 
•orvaiit DttiDC. aad 
tlut laerifli 
far III* iiriwtl 
loddm nMh o ... 
t^snr n»n Mid ni 
not hil M biiR) 
and fA^n Uk> a« 

tahtmanit of thu coa- 
Ipd bf »tl tinta them, 
inch lliinB>? (iir I livnr 
«fa«Kiigi by ftU thti pttij- 
VMM; for i/ M no souJ 

I beui r« mik* th« 
ibtolnavM- I(«ae 

ikB : bat if a nun nn 
L*mk wtiB iluUI in- 
te? NotwtahMudiDff 
dM *m nat* tbo toIn 

E, tiMMM Uid Lakh 
■. And Uw tbild im- 
hnd wu tn ht«nr both 
U^ a*d alM with nwii. 
■■a » naa of God nnto 
d Hrta Uh, Hoa nith 
M IplatelfBpMUiiiita 
! Ill* bUMT. when ihej 
M in IHiaiBob'i boDw? 
Emm him out of all th* 
Ml to t* U7 print, to 
tlliM ■]tar, to^ru in- 
kvoBU ikt boHM of ih}- 
- ■ I inado bj fiiw 
If Wbanfon 

DIM DMplM MMM^^HDftr «f- 
tMUed. BchdiU^^^Hini', Hut 

1 will ciit otf IhanHnW the im 
of Ihy fslhef*!! Jiou«r.., tlint tliere 
alutll iiotbe in 0I1I Biiii iii tliiiitliounn. 
AnJ thoa ihult sm nn eueniy ui .lf« 
hlbil3tion, in 0.11 Ihe leeallh whli'li 
ilod «b»Il gtvo I>ruh luiJ 1li«» 
aliall iiot 1m an old mui in tUne 
bonne fa* cv«r. And the man of 
IMdp, t^/itm 1 ihitl not cot off frain 
Mluoaltnr, iAa(/^ti)«aiinini« IMno 
•v«L and U sricve t1iin» liMft : uid 
nil the incmvin nf thino honiw ihall 
■lit' in the flower or theSr uu- And 
thii thalt bo \ lAiTi utiW tbee, that 
shall MiRd iiriin (liy tiro Hn«, oil 
Hopliiii anil VhliiiOini; in onn diys 
lliry (hall (iiu Iwth of tliMH. And 1 
will raiiu Ml> u;i u faillifut (iriirct, 
thai ii)rjll du nvcorilliiK tii lAnf vthjd) 
M In Minn hmri mil in My mind : 
and 1 (Till biiilil him a aum htiuH : 
and liu tluill n-nlk hvfore Mino aii- 
oiiiU'J fur ricr. And i[ «lia!l como 
(d |rau, that i>Ti<ry utir llml la Ifft In 
Ibinp tinuK' i-)i>ll ciini:i nni/ iiroiictilu 
liim fnr .1 pipi'n nf liKrT And a mor- 
■ul n( brriul, and ihall isr. l*ul tm. 





NwM 8<unii«l M not jel kHw tlia 
L»iu>, UDilher itm the woM irf the 
LoitD yet rvrulrij unio tun. And 
the LuMii cs-lleil Swiiiiel ■(■« tlw 
third tinu. Aiid Im titM ud wvtit 
to Ell,ukd nldiileiv am I;brih<iii 
didiC call DC AdiI £!i pcrcvivcd 
thai tbo Loik» li»d uUrd tho oUli. 
Th«T«r<>n Eli wd imta SanufliCo. 
HtiloTraiudiltlMl) b«,l(H»ull 
ih», Cbxl than rtialt m^, Spc*k, 
Lqbk; (or TUj •rtrant braMtfa. So 
Stmurl wtnl »nil l>7 down ia U* 
plaae. And th» Li»u eanw, and 
ilMd, *tnl callxl ait >t oUiar iianm, 
!!■■■» I. Si.tniivl. Umii Samuel au- 
■«nvd , Sprnk ; (or ThjMrvwt hc>r- 
■Ul Andlbo Louo nid ts Sunoel, 
Bobold. I wilt ila a Itiiiu in Ixnwl, 
M wlilcli boih Ui« tan m a-rmtj odo 
iWl hunri'th (t ■hall tinglo. In llial 
dk^ I will l-ethtn. HWnsI t:li all 
<;kiui' wfaidli 1 hsTe noluii oni^pm- 
Init Iii« tiouM : wVmi I 1>««i"i I '"U 
•lw«iak*>iii>nd. Pur 1 liar* told tiiiD 
that 1 will Jadgo hU tiouw for rrn 
far tba ioifiuUr wUah he knowcth ; 
becwiw hiB uiii mxle thntMlTv* 
tI1«, >ad bs Mtnuutd tlwiB aot. 

MiKcR 31. Cbminji, I Sah»kl IV. 

AN D tlin word n( Saiunrt farM 
M all Um*l. Nftw Iinel «r«ni 
Mt afstiul (he I^LiUisM t4 haitl«, 
and piulitd b«iid« EI>«n-«uF: ami 
the PhlliuiBN plt<h#d in AdHbIc 

And tti* Diiltatilii--* put thliMHlTM 

in anar uainM IumI : and fdiea 
IbCT Jonad battle, btul wai mit- 
m^trore th« PhlllMiuM: and Oth 
■low of the army Jii lhi> Held about 
(Mr ttwutand men. And wliM tin 
people wrm coniii into tlic Mmp. tin 
ehltn of lin«l niil, Whuvfore hiih 
iht Ltmv isitlm m to d&jr bcfoco 
tbo rbllbtinmF' Lm m f«idi Ow irk 
of lb* oprnanl of the Loap oat of 

And Ibtrdom I faan i 
iho boon of GU, ttet ibi 
Sli1h<MMih*UMitbir _ 
■ariflot ooroflerhM fatrA 
Sanuiol Icy nntil m mmmL 
opened tbo doan of Iko kna I 
I.o]i[>. AndSaonelfaRdMJ 
Eli Ibe <i»ini. Tten ED 
na«l, and wid, S»tM>l 
And 114 aBiirvrcd, H«i* • 
Im nld, Viiat u U* tbi^OMl 
iMui hath Aid uBio Ihn' I 
llw« hide if not fton me: CM 
to tba«, and tnon atni if 
itny thiBK fmn DWotalllhl 
that lln isiil auto lh*«. Aai' 
toldbimBveiy whit, and Ul:- 
frem hiic. And he aid. It I 
Lo*»: lat Him do wttal 
Ilin good- And tianiMl pM 
tho Lonn waa wtib him, mJ i 
□oDii of hiawordaidliottoV 
And tU Ium) bw Daa' 
Ikwr-fhrba hn<w Oiai : 
otabliiiliril la In t ptfi^ < 
Lord. And i)m Loan 
ajDiin ia Shiloh : f«r Ibc I 
luUd Ilimwlf to Saand I 
by lb* word oi (b« Ldi*. 



two ton* of Ell, llotilAi anl I 
bM,iMW tkrfo with the ttfc I 
BomuM of God. Aftd whin I' 
of tho OOifMOl of Iko 
into tho eanui, alt Ion 
with a snal ikoBt. la itat t 
nng aaaln. Asd wkoa lb 
UbM htaid Um note of tW • 
they ntd.WtM-wMoAihx 
of ihlti ffTMt ibont io Ikf tUfJ 
thi! Iltbrvwi? And Ih*ynu4 
that the ark of tho Low «)•< 
iulo the WBp. And the P 
WW* alnld, p* ih«y 
cono tato Dw caa^ And I 
Woe onto u« 1 foe Hmo 

bnn web a tbiag h 

onto not wbo AtB delhwvj 

Shelob nnlo ut. tliat.iiten it oemetb 
unonf uo, H nay mto ui out <f the 

handof ourMLtmles. SolhopMpk iho ha&d of li . 

imt to ShUdi. that ihey "litflii hro^ ibrw arc tbo Godi ibit 
from Ihonco the ark of the coiciunl KtOTtlau with oU Ho 
of lAe £«iu> of beoU, WMt dvnW i Uw wfUmKoa. So iimci > 
,MJk<»y(tv»>>ilberhfniUB*:aaltiM\iMnAmttw vNa.Q p 


I a mas «f Bmlasiin 
J,mnd MBM to SMtot) 
«1lh M* clothes rent. 
inoaliiiW«4. Anil 
S n, Eli ■* npon a 
■ Mut ih waulnns : for 
■bUd (or dw trk of 
va ih* tun caiuc in- 
nd wld ft. all (he citv 
id ohn EH hiant lhi> 
WTtaf, tw aiJ, W'lAl 

I iMa« tt luail;. ^md 
m EH wa* niaMji' tuil 
U ; and )ilii vjm i>fcv 
mud Bot •■«. Auil tho 
(a CU. I « be tlut 
k annj. kud I Bed lo 
aaiBir. Aad bt Aid, 

rvij MuV Autl 
^fbmtng, I 

lUUbts tooli Iho aik 

I 1*1 litoosht il from 

ltoAAdo.L Wlieolh* 


Q*d( brakr. uid iB dhd: ibr h* wm 

in olit duo, and hcary. Anil Iir ImJ 
Jud,(t«l loael ionv yean. And his 
daastitFr In law, Hiineliiu' wife, «&■ 
wHli child, nrar to b* dfrtirervil: and 
whi>n •hr tir>sr<l Ctie lldiiica that ill* 
uk uf Giiii w»i lateu. lud thtt twT 
father in law uid her huslMind woe 
ileml. ih-s botr^r] lir nvlf tint Irmil- 
fd ; f<>r Her jiAiiiH ntmi^ ujxir )i<ir. 
Ami aliOiiC th> Itino n( hrr ■fntlli lh» 
vraOK'ii that ilnoil by her LiitI nnta 
her, Tv%i KOI ; for thou bait bom a 
fon. lint file Bnsirrrrd n9l, wllhrr 
dill (hfi reicrird if. AniialiK iinniril ihc 
(jiild I-ehabnd, taf'Mx, Thii olnr; !• 
dm«TUd from Itnal : bcrauMllmnrk 
of God was taken, and berAQie of h«r 
(ilhi-r inlaw ind ber liiiibnnd. Aod 
th« nid, Thg glur? 1>> ilepiiied from 
lanvl: fur (hw iHi oi Gwl m lalwa. 

SAMrsi, V. 

A Pill I. I. 

Ilir thmhald of Da^on in Adiilod 
onto this day. Hut thi* hiiid uf lh« 
IfOa:} WAR hl■A^y u|Hin llirm '>{ AkIi- 
dud. uvtl IIii iienirojred them, and 

trodjt. FMM Aik- 



(ftPtning, l SAMrELVT. 

ASD iho irft of Ihc I.OTID WM 
in tlio coiintiy af ihe t'hiUt- 
tinea HTtn tnoDthi; Aad the Pluli*- 
tinM call«il fni t1i« primbi ■nd tli* 
iJWiiiviv. wiyiri^-. What atidl ira do 
to tW uk cf l!ic Load? Itll n* 
vrlivrcwith M-<? shaii tplid Lt to EUs 
plscf. Ami tlii'ii !>aicl. If T(i wnil 
AWHV tliii urk of tijf OikI t»l [>ravJi 
uii>r il mil L'lupty: lul iu suy wUi: 
reluro Hiiu a lioipua (.fforina: llwn 
wt ilull b« lii^ilpil, iD>l It iitiiill ba 
Itnuwn til y«u wliy Hi» htiii4 ii nut 
r*niat<>il fmiii ymi. Tlirn i^iil lliny, 
Wbil irAa// Ac tlin tTtspas* agbrinR 
which wr BliiiliiwtiiriitoHini? IVy 
■iLBWrr«d, t'irr ctolden Mnnodi, and 
fiw Boldoti niiM, Bfetifims (■» tho 
nnniMr of tl» lorda of tho PbiliE- 
tioM: for aon I'locnt rvK on yau 
«ll,tndan yoiiTiordjL \Vhi>Kfoi»v« 
■hall make icn»<CM o( yniir miprontt, 
nnrl ImSiHi'B nf your nuca lliat mar 
thn Inud ; ■Dtl vn hIuII giro uIott 
uulo Oie God oi [irsrl: pururuD- 
ture He will tiutitun Hia liarnJ from 

trcfpui (ificrian, 
adf tlwrrof ; uid 
it Duj' go. And 
b* tha way of 
Bdh-nhrniMh, Ik4 
ox tbai grc&t cvili 
wc gliatl ku-our 
hand lAai tnio(« til 
Ihiat likpi«ii»d <i> 
did » : and tool 

Bod twd llliMI l» I 

up Iboir t*lvM at 
liiJ Ili« arlc ot ll 
Far(.»n<l ()ui MiEk 
giilil and the imafCI 
And tlic kinc took 
l« iho ivir of Bl 
irrnt ^k-ng thn M| 
Ihcy wpnt. and tB 
the rifflit hind of 
lh« loM* of tha 
Bftcr th»n) unto d 
ttlRmeiih. And lAa 
ir/rif ruLping Ihefl 
the nllcT : ud l) 
eyN, uio uw th*> 

TJltyt. rrn> nnlo llw 
tf Abel, wtmvon limy 
M tA of tht Lond: 
mmmimtH auto thii duy 
li •£ Jcdiim, llw Belh- 
1 H* mvU Hk tnfn q( 


hniT- Lone <lod ? &nd lo iilioni sTiUI 
Hu gii i>|> from iia ^ And llicy sml 
mcESca^i-n lo Itic lutiml-iiUiiilB of 
Kirjatli-jonrim. (ujiiis. Tli€ Philiw- 
tinca btivo brx>aght a^io ihe Mjk of 
tli«Loui>i oomc J4 itoiTa, and (btcli 
t( up Ui yflu, 

^OTiiinjj, 1 SauvblVII. 

ef Kujntli-inTim 
•Bil frtlJwd up ifu: irk 
D, uhI hfAunt il into 
r Abuudtb lo llw hill. 
•J RlMur bl* WD U 
k vf lh« L»(Li>. AbiI tI 
1^ wlillB iha u4 aboda 
Inin. thkt the timt itai 
vw twMityyeiin : uiil 
of l«Mll)un«uW<Iiflvr 
And Sannel «t*i» nnu. 
it (f biMl, nying. If 
n BBto lb* Lord villi 
iMa, Mm pat awBy Urn 
I n4 AilittMtk tnta a- 

ki^uatvm Hhnoiily; 
' yM oM »f (bt 
Thm Uie 

Al'IIIL. g. 

afral<l «f Ihv Pliili»lln«i. And Uib 
<-liililrrii -it iinri Hxiil li:> Samui'I, 
CciiK uat to tty iiiitu t)iL- I.oHii unr 
G(hI for 111. thai Id will mra imoqI 
(if lb« htiiii of the I'liiliitiniB, AiiiJ 
SaiuusI tiii>fe a mokins lamb, ami 
uffDrni] ■(/orkbilTntafl'eHna wIkiII}^ 
onto the I^Ki>; tinil Snuntl erwl 
antn thu Lnnii f'lr lintal ; and Ibc 
LoBD b«HriI him. And \i Sunutl 
wni nfl>Tln4 up the bunit oB^rintr, 
Iho I'hilialinpi! Anw tiwir (o hnUl* 
lUiiinnt liTafl: but the Ij>h» Ihiiii' 
(l^rl^d with s fcmt Ihondcr ah that 
ituT upon Ihe I'hiliatinef. ftnd di*- 
ramflted Ihona; md thty wrn bull- 
Ini b*br« IktmI, And th" ainn 
«f Imul wpnt ant of lliiprh, and 
Dutnied tha I'luluttuet. and aoiDlv 

Anti.% i. 






BuiMl jiid«Ml Inul iU Dm divi of 
b)*llb. And IwmfitfnmTMr U 
jtu la (imait la B«iV*l, uid GilssL 
uid Mttiinh,uiditiil^linwli]imli 

AMftaMi. AnrfUii 
Runb ; far ilwn MM h 

iliiiii liii jiiilgMl IiimIi; 


ApKtT, 9. 

A NU it cBEue Ia piu. Rhrn Sa- 
J\, noel wu oldt ili*t Ik> lund* 

Ml MM Jodm OTVT Imt'l. Noir 

th* miM Dlhii fintbon wu JucI ; 
itid Ibe uanm uf liii MOixiJ. Abiili : 
Uier rfre JiiiljtH In U««r-th«<ti*. 
And hb mua wilked Dot in hiii 
wm, but uned wudt after lucre. 
and Uwk toibes. and ptfrxrted imte- 
nutnt. Tliru all tlie rlderi ra U- 
Tul Kitlimd [lii-uitfhni McMtot 
anil omc 111 .Snnind imld lurnnhi 
iiid uiil iiiito him. Iteliold. lliuii art 
olJ, and ilii sum ivalk nut m tby 
wkja : nuw make us b (tiiui tojodga 
ni likr all t)i» nKtixwi. But tu 
thing diiiplManl Sftiaarl, when Ifaejr 
■irii Qne n> k Utifc M jiidfli; tin. 
Am SftBotl prajcd uuiu ilit Luri>. 
Ami ihe Lonn wid iiiiln ^aiiiucl. 
Unulicn nnlii' the Tninn nf llin pco- 

Iile in all tlut ll!<^y mr unto llim : 
DT tliey havu uut n.'ji'i.'iod tim, bul 
tli«7 have tcjoct«'l Alo,tlJiit 1 tttould 
not nisB a^cr tlicm. Accviding U 
ali the vorkt wMdi thvy Iutc •mm 
■inDe Uw dnv ilut 1 biouKliI them 
up out ol Kftrpt «v«B BOlv ttua 
<Uy, wberuwith iltfj Iutv fvnnktu 

Mf> And termed otnCT goda, (o do 
tiity tin milo ibi-v. Nuw tlwtvtow 
)i(«rki:ii onto llirir ruiri.-^ IninMl 
yvt ptOtaM •ulwnulr utitu tlirin, nrirl 
lOww tbem the nuinn*! of iho kins 
thM ibalt niga orcr tbem. And 
Suniwl (old all the wordi of the 
Loitv unle (be pMplg that wtkcd of 
Iirni H Icidf^. Au<l (in ukI, 'itiU will 
Lmi lh« Duiucr u( [lie kiufj tlisl alinlt 
rvipi o-ici you; He will take jour 
MM, aud appoint ikint fur hinuelf. 

A FBI I- .S. 

tfbrains, 1 SamuklVIII. 

, Bsdl 

(«r hi» chmels, i 

men : uid t»«# ihill n 
rhirolR. And ha will 
(aptaisa oier tfaeniiaB^ 
Uuu orer HfUe* ; anil i 
U aw hi* Kieuid, awl 
hanwA, ud to nake Ui 
of nr, aod inMrnawnt 
rwla. AndkewOllake 
um la bt MBJeetlonui 
nink), and to U bake 
wtll tAkr jaiir ncld«. ai 
jardu, and rour olin 
iliH l«*i </ Mm, ud I 
lii« wnanla. Aiid he < 
tenth al yvat icod, oad 
jnrdi. and gin to hit 
la bia Mtraata. And 
TOUT nooMmttii^, and 
wrranta, and toot coo 
aicD, ud jonr miw. ■ 
to hu ir«rt. Hewitlli 
uf jrour tliMp i and je 
Mrraiili!. And yt tul 
(hit dar becwia «f jrvu 
ye lUQ hare duMa y 
Leap irill net btar tm 
Niir<artliel»i tba etopj 
obey the role* qf Saom 
uid, ^ay; bg( w« wfU 
over III ; that we alee 
all the (tatiooB; aod U 
may jud^' ""i ""d k» < 
jvnd Dght our battle*, 
heard alt tlir irvrdu ol 
and he nbiamd then 
of tbe LoBi>. An'l tba 
6*nael| Hiuik^u imie 
and make ili? m b Uoc. 
■atil onto ihs lacn oi 1 
Eiery man unto hie eil) 

IMoriiiniE. I SAMirBr IX. 

T^OW tiitT'; fui a man ol Ben- y \vV>\iih,t. ^vownii 
iT jMain, n-boM Donic «<u KiiK\ "I'V'***' *k'>*^ 
thf tan tt Abirl, the eon «f Zstor, ', i«i.»»wiuSw\,k 
the BOO ift INcUorsth, (b* aen el \ auA & vm^i -. 


lArm iwt : (hnn llipy 
lfc» laud at Kltilim. 

' svn* aal : tnJ hr 
Um tud #f tLo U«ii- 

Wj (miu) fA^m not 

f ••» MOW t« lb* 

But Mid U Ha «p- 
mth hn, CoDif, and 
llMt nj bthet l«ar* 
■■•.■Bd like thoHfht 
I Old onto Mm, B«- 
' it in tk« «ftjr K nuui 
w ii ta bouoiimbla 
> Milk eoDBll) mtrv\y 
It u go Mthnu i IMP- 
U rfmw niiiBPwiy 
n. Than Mid Saal 
Btt. hebiM.ifin 
«« brlnf tba bm t 
■fmt In anr tduhIh. 
K a prewsi t« brinn 
M: vrhkl hiTem? 
nt uuitend Siul k' 
; BtWd. I h»Ta h«r* 
llth pul cf • ibr.lcel 
«rill t ^>e tu tbn 
)• t«II lu eiir inr- 
' bntl, *riwa » mu 
n af God, tbu* ba 
■d k( w ga to tb« 

wnw TFWf w«T« ecmt ibio the ett 
h«l]uld, Sninu«1 ramo out kgainn 
tbetn, for la )ttt up la tfan hieh ptootk^ 
Now ihfl Loiui had laid Samu*! in 
liiD ear o duy Ivfan Sunl mbUi 
urlno. T« norron sliont tliin lino 
I will Mud Ihw a Tniui mil of th« 
land uf BtRJunin, and ihon «>haJt 
Lrnnnt liili Id bf c&plain orar My 
[wople Ivnel. Ibit li# tnar nrfr lljr 
pBnpla out of tba honil of lli" Ptiltli- 
tinci : (op I htra lonkml ii[hib My 
poopte, basKOH their cry u oama 
untu iiv. And whi'n Miuii«l mw 
SAfil, Iho Luun Mill unUi hin. He- 
boid iha naji wlioiii I ipakn (n lh(ie 
of! lh« Kline i.lii.11 trixn over My 

KDpIf. 'I'lifn ^ul draw near to 
muel !■ Iho Htle, and nid, XiU 
up, I inaj tiiM, when tba *an^ 
hooM If. And Sanuol amnrartd 
Saol, sDil iwd. I am the neT : go 
Dp Won me uitlo IIm) hlitli |daee; 
(nr jre ihftll «al nilli cne [o dsf, 
and to mnmiw I irill Ivi tlirn go, 
and will tell ihce all that ii in tbme 
Iwart. Anil nt (ur Uiiun imu llisl 
were Iu8t tbrvci day* t,p>, tel not thr 
rainil on tlirm ; [qt Iher div found. 
And on whom ii ill llii.- dcairt or 
lirarl? /( |[ nut uu iIiiN', aud on 
ftU lb; fntlivr'i boutc? And So 

•>103J fc 


dw «oofc (oelt wp ll» Aouh 

that wfaifli irat upon ll, »r. 
brfnT* {tdul. And Samtitl u^J. i^ 
liiilil Uial wUkh LB kli ! k< if bcfnn 
ituw, mill cat : for unlo Uila time 
lalli it bMu lupl br tli«* *lao* I 
■»U, I ha<« inviMil ilw Mojila. Bo 
S»mI dill sal bIUi Sunogl Ibnl day. 
Awl wluii tbcy wrre eonic clown 
ftMn tile hiKb place inlu lliv d(x, 
jianttttf/ <««nliiun#il with Saul n»a 
lb* li>p of the Iwiuc. And Uicj 

Arnii. 3. CbiKLng, 1 

THEN Sunnd t««lc a vi*) of oil. 
nad boumJ rt npob Ui bM<l, 
Md UiMd Urn, ud nid, /j U nol 
bwtan thi Lord tinlh ■nrnntod 
IbM A> fi« GiipttJn tmt Hi) inliprit- 
oBee? Wh«nlhaa ut di-iiarlciHram 
ID« to Jay, l))i>ii thou tkilt tJiid tiro 
Kfn h]- Raphcrii «[]u]r)iT(i in lite 
tw^lcT of Brnjiinin nt Zolnh ; and 
ihi'y will Kuj uiiiii tlii'i". The umi 
wliich tliuu H'vitipjl to leek are 
fMinJ ; and, In, thy fatliirr hath hU 
tin MTO of till; tunes, nnd uirmn'- 
«li fiir jou. uj-iiiii. Wlial tliall 1 
ilu fur trij' will * Tlii-ii ili^U tliuu a" 
fill lurwnnl fnim thi'vii'c, and llimi 
ihtll rointi tn tlin phiii of 7'iliar. 
and thi'rF hIoII nviri tlino thrno men 
gflittf up lu (ivd 10 liuC.h-L-1, OIL? 
ouTjSiill thn* kltb. auil aiiuLlier 
arnitig tbrm lotrr* of tir«ad, and 
maiW auTjin; a bottle of n-int/^ 
and tW will mlutv tlier, ancl tiivn 
thee t<n) liHiiti ut liread ; wliicb 
lliuu Htinlt TvcfiTe of ilvrir liaiids. 
AfU^r iliitl thaa «hall wnc to lli« 
bill «r IJod, wh>crc u ilie ffirrimn nf 

'lhe ttuUMlaa: wid it iduJI came 
to pua.irhoii thau trl come thitliur 
to llx dty, thai ihoii ihuJl meet a 
raoipUT of pmplirls rnulnti down 
from tliu liigh plMB with a luialtciT- 

, tad t, talirct, and a mpe, and a 
hani> lefore (hen ; uul titey ehall 

ImiitiFfy: and thp Spirit of iIlo 
.uaiiTTill romc apon Ihcp.nii'Ulinu 
ilnlt implwaj' with iheni, uiil glial! 
ba birnnil into aiuxber man. And 
kt 11 b«t when ibMa eieiu an conxg 
■UNO Umv tM tliDO do u oocariou 


r. ^l;, LV. (lot Id 

And S^ui art 
tiicj v'viit oat botk of lb«M 
SaoucI, abrMd. JnJ h W 
ooinic oomi ta llw «ad nt I 
SHDinl nid lo SaiJ, Bid fU 
pu* on bfifen B*. (aad M 
onj but iLuid thiKi *ld]» at 
I 1UA7 ihcw thcc tht WNdd 

Sahlki. X. M 

tern the* I fi>r G«d b n 
And thou ahaJt ta down M 
toGilsal; aod, t«hald,I« 
da«ni nnto tliM, lo aftr b^ 
iiiff^ «a4 ta MOifiM lafl 
ptacic ofFMfltn i ttita da 
tlim tiny. liU I eeiae la U 
ahtfir lliuo Kliat thira eball I 
it w*i to, Ibat whiD h* hai 
hii baoh to g» (ran BnM 

S>e bin MMbtr bnrti' 
on ri|iM oLDif lo VIM t 
And WMii thry camn lUth 
hill, bahold. a oomnny sf 
met him; and the Spl^ 
mme upnii blm, and U pi 
aiunng thi>Tn. And ll (ana 
w'l>i^n all lluit knrn hitn la 
■iw lIlBt. bcliulJ. lie pniM 
inoDK Ibe iiruplivla, tban U 
mid o'Le »)> anolber, Whij 
thai in catno [into ihf mn i 
/■ Snul alao adidii^ tli* ii 
And one of Ibe »amt ptaocl 
aniJ fald. But who ti Itwa 
Tlinrcfotc it bcraine a ml 
Svil aim anrnnstlw pN^ 
tibcu lii^ lud midi; nn eat 
plinyiiiK, he uine lollie M| 
And Siuri uncle mid ubU! 
to bia aortant, Whllber 9 
.Ind ho naidiTo R«k the M 
nhisn. wa nit that IA9 1 
when, we came la SanuM 
8*1)1'* unci* mid. TtU mi 
Him, what Snmual mi n 
And Sncl said nnto bat ni 
bold UK plainly that Iht M 
found, llnl of ilie bmu 
kliME>loiB< wbcnef Saiauel i| 

mhla mud jvvi nribiilii- 
iy» Iwra mtd nnta tltm. 
,Wt m Hag vTtr na. Now 

I bjr joor triboii, >nd br 
■oda. Xnd whca Sanael 
M bU tU IfibM of Inxl 

I. Vkcn ha hki Mund the 
Mjkain to mbm ii«>r kj 
Uil^ >Im hmilr ot Malri 

a: and wlieii Uwy mnuht 

mU M»t be fiHunT 'rhmi- 

•nqiuRil af tbe Loau 

jHsrninQ. 1 Sami;ki. XI. 

that rt*w i» none like Mm 
ell ihc pooiili-? Anil all ll«^^^_ 
{iTo ihouMd, and naiil, liod o^Sj 
tl]e V'mg. TliEQ Simu<.'l I«li3 lit* 
jinople ill* maiiiifr "f tin ItinKJom, 
and wrote if In a buuk. nn<) laid it 
Dp before (be Loud. Aud SaDiixl 
•ent all tbe people awnj, ciny maa 
lo bla hoR**. Aod K«ii1 nlm west 
hama la Glbaiih; and iliira waM 
with him a burui nf iniiii. i*b«ae 
htiuti tiud. hnd loncliiril, Ltnt Iba 
(bildmi of Itrlinl toid, H»w dull 
llJii man aava vn? AiiJ thiy it- 
(piaed Mm, lud brunilil him no 
prunats. But bu hvld Lis pcaoe. 

April 4- 

I Nkhath tbc Ammonite 
lUpiUd «nauBpad a^iinn 
mi ! ud bH til* nurn of 
M OHIO Nataab. Uake a 
imh «a. aad art will aem 

II Kahuh t%« ABunoiiit* 
' lln. On lUa (wndLMan 
to a mpra«)U iriifa jmi. 
If tkraat oal all jout riRbt 
iHil^a Mpraaoh upon 
^imi tba aider* of Jatwali 
MB , Om HI aann dkjri' 
1^ Bar acnd^mcSNa- 

heard thoie tiiliutn. and hia nnner 
nu Ifinillrd f[T«a1lT, XaA ht (•mIc 
n yoke oloxi-n. nnd htwi'd ilii>m In 
tiiero*. uid acnt //mn tlinmuliout 
all the ifKviU •>{ Imel bvthe Bnnda 
c( mn^iti^ffi'ns titylnff, wlio»o*T*ti 
comcili nut (uith altdF 8a.n1 and 
after iiunnel, m iiliu.Il it be dona 
sntu bik oxen. And ttio f«r of the 
Lann felt en ihf |nt>r'>-'. and tlicy 
eatnn out with unr conuiiil. And 
when lie nuuibumd tlivui in Bvutk, 
the cliildivD uf liiael »•» tlim 


nerrow, Hut S«ul |>iil tha pMplc 

ia tiim Fiiinn>niri ; And tlmf 
inU tli<i tnid>i of thr but in IW 
imillllll n-jit«h, and ilnw thn Am- 
■nJU* nnlil tbc hi!.-it of ttii* clay r 
ud it PiniE tu |ii^- tl"!' <■'»!.* "Iiti^l) 
raniiiiDi^il ni-ri! HOi-iltrrfd. *o llisl 
IKTo ul ilietii vKn- n-it I'ft ti>g«ihnr. 
An<l th» nnnjiln raid imtu ti«niiiBL 
Who •' 111! timt luid Shkll luol 
if%n am m! brian tlM men. thu 
tra may put ihem tu AiMh. And 


Kt to dudiiUi dv: i 
iM> hull wrawU al 
nel. Tbm nM SaBDSl I 
Come, lud kt iM (O U 
T»Mvi tb* klnplML (b 
UiR pMpW w«Bt mGUi 
tbe; mad* SmJ kifls bfl 
to uJI^: vid tbtra t) 
MarillaM of peace (• 
tho LoKQ : tad ihnt 
tlie BKa or ]«ncl r}*1( 


Apr 1 1. 4. 

AND SkiDDcl naJd nntn nil Ifrarl, 
Urhold, I hare hpsrlconril iiiito 
jruur Tui«c in all that jv aaid untu 
me, and bata muti a Iud^e uvcr vvu. 
And uoiT, behold, the Idag walknUi 
bebn yea : and 1 an old ud gny- 
hisadcrii and, bchuld, inv siina arc 
with run : iLud 1 lait « alkvd bsfurv 
you Iroin niy cUlidliuud uiiUi thlt 
day. Ucli«lJ, li«re 1 un. witnaw 
■^issl hm licf«iv the LoMD, and 
befbn lliB aaointcd : wbooe ox huvc 
ItektnF wwbiiManhBtclutktur- 
or t*h«n b»T« J defrtudvd? wlium 
haTS I oppTCHcJ t or «t whofo himd 
have I received any bribv t« blind 
nioB «yti ibeniriui? and I will 
iMMn U ron- An>) th«y nld,Thau 
lutft Dot u«friud«d uv, nor opjiivM- 
•d lu, nciilici linDl thoa lakcn ought 
of luiy tnaii'* hnnd. And he «iil 
nntv Ihrm, Th? Loiiu «■ vitni'M 
Miiiidt you, aud Hi* uiuititvd u 
intneM llii* day, llial yo lia^'n iiul 
tmiiiil aa«hl in my liond. And tlicy 
aiuncnd, //r ij iKitriiB, And Sa- 
mii»l niil HUM Ihg prnptrr, /( <> Ihr 
LoKD llial advaiic^il MirMin and 
Aaron, and That b«3u);lil yuiir fn- 
thon iiji ant «f the land of Kgjpt. 
NDiftlii'nfan) alaDd BtlU. ihnt Iinaj- 
nunn "ritli yon tiefor* thv Loim of 
all tlin rtghWou acta ut Ui« Likao, 
otilrh He did to ynu aud to yoar 
htlirr*. HTipn Jacob wti tome luto 
Egypt, and ^ijur falhcn ■rriorl unto 
thi Lunti, Ibnti thf tyonn irnt Mo- 
•M and A»ixin, irliirli liTOtiHiit fdrth 
your (athun out of ii^pt. Mid oiidv 
tb«in dv^I In thiaplaoe. And wiita 

CbtHina. 1 Samuki, XII. 

thrv rnrsat tlw LoBS II 
■uld tiwia tncu tht im 
captain of tbo hod ol 
liJtotbthaiidof tin n 
into Iha hand of tba k 
aud thejr fytgbt ataiai 
tbey tried aata th* iJt 
Wc liave ainnod. b«ca 
fomlioo tha LokD, vM 
Bialjia and AalilarMl 
dslmr u ont «f tlw 
cnumicoi aod we will 
And the LoKB anil Ji 
Df dnn, and Je|thUiab, 
and dtllvcrod you ool 
of vuur cncmtta oa en 
yr dwrclird aafe. And ' 
that Nalunh tlM kin« 
dron of Ainiaoa can* 
>-e Bid unto tat, HtiJ 
ahnli nigTi ortf ael wl 
ynur Oiid tMu yoor 
Cliarvbr* b«buld tlio kl 
tiiTO clWMo, awf when 
■imd '. and. behold, Ih 
Kl a Idog •itn jn<i. II 
thci LoKD, and nom H 
Hia vaic*, luid not nitn 
command moot of the 
ihodl both ye and aUe 
rei^cth o>«r y«t> mo 
tiiK Cbo Loitii youi Ot 
wH not »b<ry the v^ta 
bnl rsbel agalnal Iht e 
of th« Lout, then rfkl 
till? LoHD be uaiail j 
n^iiut your nthenb 
fart< kIs'kI anil «m tbU 
w-hii-h the LottD irlU d< 
em. ii it not (rbea 

M mioSamiMl, Pnr b>r 
taliniio tba Lous thj God, 
haM: tur m hnite KUcd 
• liu ibii evil. lo ask ui 
M SmukI uid uiilo tlie 
W xH : r« Imto dano all 
ifaw: TBt Ura not uLdr 
fiikg tM LuKi>, but Mfc 

watiufi lo pray for yuu ; but 1 vrU. 
l4anli yau tlio gioad Rnd tlw rigbii 
way : only fear thf Lnun, uid wrrc 
ilitn in tniib Mith nil yitnr heart: 
for ouiiiiiiJ^r liuw xreac Adiivi He 
hath dorm for toq. not If ye dutU 
nil) do -nirknilly. Tc ilull no oon- 
lumad, bath ye uid^yaur king. 

iHaminit, 1 Saui-bl XUI. 


. - „ I iw* year* 

m, SmI ohoM him llirM 
hia <f Unul; ahertiif 
M wm witb «*ul 111 
tnd li tnooDl Bcth'«l, 
Maad mn inth Jcnuk- 
IHbmih at Beajuuiu ; and 

£A* p0«tto bs KQi eTtny 
> ttnl. .And JoaaUiu 
• PrImii of Um FMIa- 
t MM In G«h», tad thr 
» tani ^ if. And &aul 
I tnaptt Ikroiglioiit all 
aglBf, IM the Mihrtwi 
ri BO IhmI bnrd my (Aat 
iWiUHi ■ mmm of the 
kmrf flte liml abM ira« 
IllifcUliiu wMi Um ru- 
Mo* pwito wtn ailed 

'■ft— O^ll a^ Ail.^1 Am^J 

April 5. 

iUBttr i/llic llohrewi wpiii mpr Jor- 
dan lo tlic kml of Gwt and HilrAij. 

As fur .Snul, br woi \fl ia (iilunl» 
and ill lire \ieuplE tillavrtii bim 
IrtimbtiuK. And lie turrlcd iov«n 
dajti, AUKinlinK hi the sr I tinm Ihat 
f^Mnilc! /iiitl aiiniiinloi imi .Samnal 
cDini? nut lo (■ij^l: and tlic peo- 
ple WITT Bcatlurtd (roja liini. And 
tttul saitl, Uriiiii hillier % biiml of- 
feriLiK t« IDC. nud peatf ulTrriutra. 
And hf offercil ihr huml iiirnrlnK. 
And it ciilnii lo priai. liuLt u looil 
afl he had umcle aa cnil of vSenag 
the liurul ulTrrinfti Iwhi'lil, iiiimuel 
came: mid .Siiul went out lo mvai 
him, tlml hv mifthi raJut'i him. And 
Samnel uid, Wliiil hniit Iliou iJdiic f 
And Saul said, Ikmui.- I hia ilia( 
the nopU wen watl^rad fnu m^J 



1^ fctagliH ^M Inri far rm. 

Bat Mw tkrUncdc* riHU M( ««»• 
daw: tlK^^u h*lk *M(lil Wm 
m ma kftrr Ha on bnrt,BM4 Ik 
Lttmo bMb e*amu»4fd Ub M i« 

eaptkls ana Ub pMpb, titriiwi 
Um faK Mt kept AWwUeb Ai 
LoBD foomuMM tbM. AmI Sm- 
nstl araac. Mid ■>! bim ap hvoi 
Gllnl BBto GiWali of nmiukhi. 
Ani SmI BiBb«rMl tlw peoptr Am 
wwr* pT«w>t wtA Um. alcat lit 
hoMtoit men. Aad Sul, aad Jan«- 
llao hii •«, i.»d the prade dW 
itMral with them, afcafc it 
> «f Bm^Io : bat tb* PUII^ 
MMpwIb UlehM^ AW 
Ihtt ■ poB w * can* Mrt ottht c»mp 
of die )*}ii]Iitiiie* in Iknc <aap«- 
nlai 1 one ttnaotay latNri nato tk 
^nj thai InJtA (e Opbnh, onM 
thahiid of Shoal: tbd anotlmcMa- 
ptajtamctllba wajlaD«Ui-hM«a: 


way of the UHiri 
IW talkr of Z<ib«JB t 
wHAirataa. IfowlfcMCW 
faaaJ Ifamubaet afl iha 
!» I : (or A« FUlfatiaH 
Uw ITcbrewa nako |I«b 
nHAn : iMit all As !■« 

ion i« Uu> TVamSm^ 
•«R>r IBM hi< «1»J«, aa 
In, aW Ma aa, aad U 
Vet Uwr hai » flie li 
lodn and fcr (be mm11> 
Ibc fork*, and br lbs K 
(iniMa Uw c«a>h. Sa 
waa nalllifV n(ai4 aw i 
ia Ab band ol aaqr of 
Ifaa inm irith Sao) ami 
W with Saal aad •» 
U* a»tt wa« lUm feu< 

Apiiri. 5. 

NOW it ram* lo psia upon s Jay, 
tliii Jaiuthu) the Kin of Sou 
Mid Unio Ihc yoiinit mm that bai* 
bit amioiir. L^mr. kiii! )«4 a* so 
o*or la th* IliiUuiur*' i,irTl»n, tliat 
it on the oUmt (ida. Rui he told 
B6l hii father. And Saul tarried in 
llie ttttcnaiMt pait o( Gibeah under 
a pMUClanate tn« which u ia 
Mffran 1 and tli* )>«flp1» that uwm 
with him i»rr hliaut ait hundn>d 
•11*11 ; &nd Ahinh, Ihe ■on of Aliilub, 

I-elialdd't brotlirr. ihe M>n of I'lii- 
nthwi, lh« toil of Eti, thF LoRi/^ 
print in Shll<th, w^arinfr ■» tphnd. 
And the poApIc Icimw nnl t^gtl Jo- 
salhaa wu f;oii(<. And brtvHti the 
pMWati, by which Janathaii Mu^ht 

apt e*«T OBte the PMittlnH' ffar- 
n, Uuvt leti It eharp To<l= <"> the 
OM aid?, Btid a >liarii rnck an the 
Othtr aide ; mid die nsmi- of the 
one uiTj Uoifi. nnd ike hAine of 
Uu> other SeiiL'fa, The forrfnul of 
ttie one ii<a< titciitg northward anr 
[■SaiMl UiohnMh, and the otbor 
nibwanl am aninM Gibeab. 
Jonaihao niiTto the youoft 
Uul bare hie umonT, C«nw, 

€bmftii[, I SAxtiKL XIV. 

Loan w9 

and let IS go 
■w of tbeie St 
be thai Um Loan 
oa: fa* Ikm u no resti 
Latin to ea*e 1>7 maajr 
And hie annonibcaNEr iai 
Uo an tbal ii in tbiae 1 
thee; behold, I «■ with t 
ing to ihjr heart. Hm* 
thaei,ll*hald.w« willM 
lAft miML, aiid we win t 
tehtt usM theat. If ik 
unto ii(. Tarry until we e 
th<'n nv will rtand lUB A 
tnd w^Dnol go Bpmto 
if thcj atj thni, Com* t 
[fa«D we will i^ up; fai 
balh d6llT«re<l thna IMC 
.iT,a tht4 .AaU t0 » ri|K n 
both nf th««i dtaeorcnl 
ncto thaaaRiMmaf tba! 
iDd Uie PhiUtUiMa Mid. 
Hebrew! enme foitt wt 
wba« they had hid them 
the man of thv gnnisM 
Janathan nnd kia anBem 
•aid. Cone «p lo ua, ai 
ibew yoii a thlnx. Am 
«uA iixAnUauumrtMtti 

J^wlTwtnM half Bct« 
Mel a ^k« << AK-n might 

I dan wu uvDUlDg In 

> At fltU. Ud MMtlg All 

!i; the guriMn, uid (h« 

3kl«o tranbled, uul tbv 
! M H WW » vtfy prwtt 
' Aa<t dw mUfaosMi of 
l«rii«f BtnJaraltiloolKdi 

ttba niilimd« melted a- 
j v««t ««■ b««iin^ d«irii 
>r. Tbra Mi4 Saul unto 
thai BwrawUkUin, Nooi- 
wd iM wlMb XMwft'VXi 
■hn tbtjr h*4 aanbcnd, 
NMlMn mDd hia ftrmonr- 
WM(d*rr. \aiJS«i>lnid 
Ih Bcfaf bUbor the ark Dt 
lbs ark of God vu bi 
wllh tlH <lu1<lren of 1>- 
ll««B* l» pM^ whale Sanl 

h» pri«M,lliU tl>* neSw 

*• hM •( itw PMItx- 

«■ wd inctcuol 

T'ia (Ml inctcuol ; and 
Mto *e prUM, W iihdnn 

tA«4 Swl and all th« 
wv>w *4lh him Mtam- 
■Iwa, anJ ttioy cama Iji 
in^Mbold. ercrjr mao'i 
i l^inM U* (cUow, ani( 

^ TOT fnU diacnafttnie. 

dtrnptd; bat no miui pni hit hane. 
to bl j moutli : Tot itic iwuiile frand! 
Ibo wth. lJa( Joiiatlmn heard not 
when lii> father c1iiiri;i:il tlir pfogilii 
with iTic onth ; whcrtfonj ti« put 
(ortli tht) I'ljil of tiK n>il that ««» la 
hia luiiil, will •Ii|i|hmJ it in so boncy- 
conib[andiiut h!»]ii.DJ[olifii nioalli: 
andwniiawtncnIighttTiiid. Then 
BR«w«r«aoii«of tlieptvplivBiid laid, 
Tliy fallWT Krailly cli»r«tcl ibr ww- 
pla with an uaili, nyliiK, Oincd tr 
ths nun ttat oiU'iJi <iuy fued tlija 
flsy. And thn pmyilp ncra fclnl. 
Thrn mid Jounthan, My father liath 
t*injl>l("i tilt ImihJ : Me, I Jim* you, 
how Jainp ryri> havi' hvf>n ^nfi^luen- 
□d, bc(^au»i^ I l.ifil > htitu uf [lii> 
honey. How imicrh iuar«, if hftfOv tllO 
[»rf>plc had oaten frvoly to darof tkc 
Rpoit of tlwir onomioig nhlch tliey 
touiicl? for lin'i thitrp not hi>rn nnn' & 
Inn ell (tronirr ilmiiitittT amuoff thr 
i'hilistinei> And Iheyarnatctlie Hhi- 
ti'Iinei thkt dnv from Mielinuih to 
Aijnloii i flijd idr pt-up'i' nan rory 
faknU And Ilir |">i>jp|" llvw ufou thr 
■poll, anil t>H>l< aliri'ji, inil otcu, iiiid 
cklTeb, mid ijIdw fA^nt on (1io gtwnnd: 
and Ihc pcof lo dlid cnt Ihem with the 
bluud. Then lliey (old Stiul, «yln|;. 





itM Lo>». And Sao) mM, Ltt m 
go doiTB afMr iIm fUliMJMa bf 
ol^H. tod iqnll (ben BMal tha araa- 
uuU|hc,tudl(l iw iMl k«>« • ■«■ 
of IhtB. And Our wd. Do irtiat- 
•o*v«M««iD*Uigo«dDM«Ui«*. Tbm 
nid Uw priMt, LM ua itaaw scar 
failbcr uW Gad. Asd Saul wkod 
•ooMel <■( God, Shall 1 go don ^. 
lortba PUlialinaa? wilt Tboo iMiTar 
ib«n tola lb* hMdof IktmI? Hot 
Ha anammd hfan not that dav. Aod 
8anl Mid, Dt»w ^ m«u hlum, ftll 
lb* dlief oj tlic pcopis .- uid know 
•ad «M wlmrin thU nn halb b«eo 
tUii day. C-cir. <u (b« L(i«» Uvalb, 
WUeh uvaili IumI, Iboitgh U ba la 
Jotiathan my ud, he ihsll aiirelj dl«. 
Bat Mm mu Qol ■ usn mmanx kll 
the pnple (Aotantiri-nd bim. Then 
(aiiTli* uiibi ill litra«l,B«7«i>B ooa 
udu. ftDd 1 aiiit JoaaUiao my am 
•rlll W on t)u otbd rid*. And lb« 
pcaple nid anio Saol. I>b triwt iMm- 
■tli (Ood onto ihec Therefcra Saol 
uid nt)t« iha I.OKD noil of l>rMl, 
Gire a parkot Aof. And tHiil aud 
J<iiiilhan ircra Mkea : but ili< pm- 
sla enapcd. And Sul uid. Cast 
Mti betwMn me uii] Jomttliaa my 
•m. AndJnnathsn (rniUkm. Thvn 
Siul inid t<> Jouilliui. Tvll mp what 
tbou liait dono. AiiJ Jinutluui li>!d 
IliUtftad 1 did but Uitc ulitilo 
IiDn*T Willi the end of thv rod that 
var ID tninv liMiil, anti. lo, I muni 
d!«. Aiid Saul uniirurfd. OoJ do » 
uul more aiao ; for tUou ihilt lurcl)' 

Apbii. 6. 

)■» wim (MU una ou. I 
ettaf td JwM thai^tfaH 
Then SmI wmt n &• 

««,JontliMh AndlWFMdl 
natc. Saal, 8htD Jimi^A^ 
bMb wtmdA Uria OM* 
•111. Ih«f« ahaU M* MM Mil 
baad cm M tba pt«ad ; far h 
wreiuht wltli God tlila itf, I 

no*. Then 

lifitiara wotM U Uiftr aoH 
Saul took the Miiftiliw am 
aad fongbt a^klnat Ul ba « 
on tvefr «da. agaiui U^ 
a«afaHt Ifaa abaldrai o/AaM 
■MinM Edaaa. Md a«>tel di 
« Sobab, and apWl IW 
tlna: attd MUtbuaoertr ha 
hunaal^ h< <t«ied lAta. AaJ 
Ibared aa boat, ual ^nU tta 

kkitM. and dallTcrad 

■ba banda of tbam iku ifriM 
Kow iba aaa* of Saol wart ' 
and Iifcai.aad MBli!bi-(bi»:iil| 
aama of his two daw&ta | 
tAfVf ; t)u- nama of tho iMikM 
nh, kiid th* nan* tt Ihif 
iiiiial ■- ud tha MB* at 
wife itai AbmoMD, Ac dttd 
Ahimaaz : and tha name of U 
lain of hi* hoot vat Abaw^l 
f>rNVr,SauVaitiH>lf. Aad U 
the fitlwr of Saol ; and Ni 
thcT of Abner «•* the na 
And thera waa M>n war 
I'hilniinm an ttia dayaDf 
w[ii>a^u1uvr;iiiy itrgagnuw 
yalinat ntiui. ht Uxik faun 

fRoxnin^, l Samuxi. XV. 

SA M I' p. 1. aim uid uulo Saul. 
TIic LoBD nent uio to ui«ol 
tiie« lo ts kins over Hii p«Dtilc. »tm 
l«nvl: liow thurcforc hcarkcD tliou 
nttUi Uift Toico <>f Uiti vrordH (»f tbo 
Loan. Tfau with Uio Lomi> of Iio'Il 
I rcmemlwr thai wbicli Anulck did 
lu Imat, bow b« laid leail for him 
la thi> wajr, ahen ha oanic up from 
EgypL Now « and ■mit' Amalvk, 
aibl cillutly doatroy all llial Ibay 
luvr, ind (pare them iwt ; hal alay 
txilh man and wttnan, infant aod 
joaUiBA OX Uii eltMp, ttJoA ui 


an. And San! Riband Ha 
lafi<lher. and nnmlMircd tbM 
lum, two bundrtd thMuandl 
and Ion thotiaandmBiialJodi 
Saul caiiiB lo a eiw ol _. 
laid woil in tha valloy. AndSl 
unlo the lieiiitca. &«, d«^ 
you down {ran MDOns Iha Jl 
ii«, leat I deatm 700 *Ut 
fur y«i ili«tr«d kbdnNi •» 
diililnin of Innwl. wbfa Ibl 
u[> out of KiOTt- ^ iht I 
departed Erora uhodk tha A 
Um. ^A&^valln«t«th• 

i W M J dii^ Mjtf mm 

€tm» tht waf4 of ih* 
MMel. mriag. It n- 

M I ti»e act up Saul 
ar ba H tar»«d bock 
il»,»aJ haXb not p«t- 
■■■iiiiliii«nl» And ll 
■1; ami be «ricd nnto 
■Uil. And wtwn Sa. 
rt» MM* Sknl ia llii- 
• taU S*Biu*), nriiiR, 

ImUil, BAdgbMUllil, be 

plaet, Mtd it ^D* »■ 
(d OD, and (UM down 
I SiMwri <■«» laSaal: 
>iu>ta Wai, BUMd be 
U»: I h*n pCTfomad 
i«B<ofUwL«ui. And 

I iliMp te via* eon. 
I *i tM ox«u which I 
Ml «*d. Tlwr havd 
boa Um Amurkileii : 

rtd lb* li«M *f lh« 
ax«M, U iMriflM 
:S Ih^ God; and tha 
M'l}'dMtr>)>^d. Then 
]|o Saul, 5uj. tnd I 
■bU tb* LoMi hath 
Bi^ And ho Kid 

Suimri bM, Hath tho L n ii n ai 
grttii delight in burnt t^rinRi and 
•uvilicwii. m III o>if)-iiij lh» voim of 
the LnRo? ItohutJ, ti> obcj- u In'tIrT 
Ihftn nmSiv. anJ tn hcuken Ihan 
thn fat «f r^ini. For rcbc^itcn ir at 
th« ain cf ititrlii^raft, mid imttwrD- 
aiw* ir itr iiUL|uitx utid nli'lutry- Br- 
•aim* tliuu hail p-ji-rtcil tin wot J of 
thr Loui>. l{c hath ilIso n^ctfd thtc 
from heing tdne. And Sanl aald unto 
SiLiniirl, I hare linnnd: hr I hair 
Imuii^mt-mid the MUnmandnpul nf 
tW I.nsii, and thy wontu^ borauac I 
fcAreil IUd people, and oboycd their 
mi«F. Now thereforp, I pray Xhm, 
fWcdOD HIT ain, ami tum »nin iritb 
)n9, UiAl I maj tmnliip thn \Atat. 
And SaiDui'l lajil unt« SanL. I will 
not rctiirn uith the*: for thou h*« 
Njt'rird lh>» word ef Iha Lord, aad 
tha I.onn huh t^Jtttod thM from 
btino kiiifl oTor liirul. And u Sa- 
mn^r lurard abont to sa mnv. hr 
hid hold upon th? (kin of hii man- 
tli>, ftiid It rout. And Sirniitl vslJ 
iiDto Mm. Th« I,nRn h.ilh rf'nl thp 
knwdom of lm«i frnni thcc thii dor. 
and hath Kiwn it bi a niiiirhbour of 
thine, Maf 11 lictlor than I^iou. And 
sIm tlu Strttiffth of lirsel will not. 
Ii« iinr T«jwnt ; for He u^not a ni 






k«, m (IwU tlqr mDwt be chUdlo^ 
jUPmg wonwB. Aad S»nutt Imwi>I 
Aow to fi*M* b«fota tht Lo«» til 
OIktI. ThenS>Bodw«idulUBBh. 
■M &■■! itvnt up I* Ui iMua to Gi- 

Afbil 6. 


tftjtning, 1 ^amubl XVI. 


AND l)it! hamo nid nato Skmiicl, 
. ilotr lung urilt tlimi mram fvi 
S*«],MNdagl haTcnjNiMi bin from 
nlanina ortt Utad i' All Uiin* Worm 
wk •11, and so, I will Mod thoa W 
JsMetlw Bctb-lehemitc: Itrl )»*• 
pn>Tid«d 3Ic a king uaong hia mp*. 
And Swnnol niJ, llotr am 1 ft? U 
Skill hMi' if, h» win kUI nu). AmI 
Ibc LdM) nJd, Take u hdfcr witb 
diM, and nf . I ata voine M MoriAM 
to flic LoniN Anil tall Jsae to Uw 
loctillce, and I will (htw Uim wbal 
ttiDD tlull dn : and thou iIiaII anoint 
UIIM Uc Alia whom I narao nawr ihca. 
And Samuel did llialn-hirli the Loud 

Salusaadratdi? lo Hrlli-lFlirin. And 
» cliJcn of \h« tiiHii IrrmbUd >1 
Ua comiai, aad a*i<l, ( Jiuieti iliuu 
TCMcabiyi And he nid. I'uccably : 
I aiu ean« ta ncriflM onto tin Luno; 
■uioti^T' yaumlTM^ and Mme witli 
KM in til* aMriflcv. And ht MinriE- 
ic4 JuM uid III* aonn. oiiJ calUd 
tbtio 10 tiio KioriJIce. Anil it cuno 
to »(■, when tbcy vtL'rc v omc. that 
Iw loakpd on Elitib. nuA xii-1. Sun ly 
cb* l-<hftij'h Hiiiiiut'iil ti tai/un* UiUL 
But iha Lonn aaiil uola H«miicl. 
Look not on hii colmtcnaQoc. at uD 
tbc hcij^l of hii stalurr ; hctaam I 
bai* rvfiiHid lilin; (i^T ilw /mmb irrth 
not w laui Aiirlli; fur man lonkrlb 
an tha oitlnnl appaaranM. but tli« 
LOKD laokfUi on Um haatt. Then 
JatMi callad Ahmadab, tMid made 
Unt nua tiofari* SaauiiL Aail lio 
Mid, Noithn lialli tha l^okn rItiiMii 
Ibi*. Then JoH« niiule Sihuimaiili lo 
]MU< br< Anil b« l&id, Ncitlicr liath 
tha Lcau eb»rn this. AguD, Jmh 
Uadi) wren of 111* MM to p4M b»- 

Imv Samuel. And Satniul nid niiM 
JtMO, The Lono hath not olioaen 
thctfi. Aud Samud wid unto Jmm, 
An h»n all thy ehildmt? And ha 
M/<f, nifivnnLsinethretOiOTmng- 

*M, and, behold, h* la «p* 
idMMh And iiwDooloidDiiUj 
iian<laade*UbbliD: Item*! 
dIdowntlU bo come butcfi^^ 
•ent. and brwudit lua in. & 
H>iM mddtXiMiuwilhBlaf aba 
eoDnlTaanoai aad jiafly M ii 
And iho Lord «*iil, lii\m, 
khn : fo* Ihta i< he Tbn J 
laok the horn of oil, aiid 
him in the midA sf ln< 
and till! Spirit of tliv Loas 
upon Darid trvm tbal ^t* 
& Samacl rwa up, and inMl H 
mail. But tbo SbthI of lb* 1 
dcjnnrd from Saut. aad B 
Kpiiil frvia iIm Lord II8«Uw 
.ind Saul'ii tvrnata oii 
Dcliirlil now.aa eiil ■{diUbN 
Uvublcth ihee. Let Mf bM.^ 
vommtod thf ■rrraclfl, 
Whu* tiiM. l<j M»k oula 
if a cuiiniiitt plftjrtir on ao 
it shall come to pata. tilxB 
Bpirit tna bad Is umri 
he ihall plajr mlb bii 
tliuii nhalt be iretl. And 
anto hi* Mrvatii*. Piwlde _ 
a roui that can play in!tl.aoJ 
Aim to me. Then anitrerad ( 
the Knaol*, and (udi BA 
liare wsn a eoa of Jmib (hi 
luheniil*, Oml it aaOBABf )1 
iu^, and a mlfilitj rallanl oH 
a mui of var, aiuj pmdni h 
ten, and a camel; 
Lokn >« with him. 
Mini moruw&gnm tmlo Ji 
■aid. .Sinil mo DaTld tte 
u with tlie ahcop. And Ji 
&n iH ioitin with braad. hmIi 
Ue of Mine, anil a hid, and 
bv Darid hi* inn anl^ SmI 
Uavid came tu S&ol. and i 
f«re liim 1 Bnd he land bin 
and ha bMaae lii« 

Ii WuMjrt* U Jndali, uid 
:mm Shwlutli anri Am- 
[■iiliiiiiiiliii Aud Situl 
i<f Itrwl mra oathorvd 
ul piirJiMl by tin Tallin 
ilM th« built in umjr 
I PbUiMinn. And Iha 
Head on & ULCuDUin wi 
t, tad Un«l «unh1 oq h 
W ib« oUm lidf : and 
I nJI»r taiTHn Uiem. 
Vint out > elianjiioD 
euip of tlw ^luti^tlnF•, 
Uuk. of 0»th. wliiBv 
4x Mbiu uul a itiui. 
j u bslniM of brua up* 
i.nd h* HW «na»<l with 
■ail: and dw wcuM at 

El m ibMand aEek*]* 
■4 A* had gmret of 
Ui lui, *ad a UJffet of 

ri tail AouMert. And 
fail apcar wu llko » 
im; and liia ipaar'n lioad 
Hiu a ililtliJ weut tw- 
Ami Iw ftMd anil cried 
jum at ImeU and uld 
ntj an jra oome out in 
Hi in omjr ? sm out I * 
^T« tnTBou to Swil ^ 

Bui«m invu ^vr ma uiu nian 

dajB of -Sa;il. Ami tlio tliroe 

wioi of Jmhi wjnl nnrf fi>Uo 

Saul lo till! Iiaitio: and Ihr nnmet 
of hi« thrve kjuii tliut went to the 
batlle tnrrr Eliablbe ftmlioni. nod 
DBil unto liim Abiiudab, and IW 
(bird SliimtDili. Aud Dmiij leai 
tlw 7uuiii;iut ; iiid ilic tlirae olibM 
falliiiTtd Saul. UiitUnriilwuitand 
reliinxd fiutn S:iul t'' feed liti h- 
Iher')> tilit.'<>[i II Uii'tti-l^liDiii. And 
thi> riiilii^tiiii? iln'w near moming 
ind ^vnning, and prnwntml hiniMll 
futtj clija. And Jmmi old nnto 
Daciit III! Kill. Tike tio« for thy 
bntlireu iii uptali of cIiIh pirrlied 
mrii. iind llietwtdn IniTiw, snd mil 
to llin onmp lo Chy brcitWn : nnd 
eUT7 thrjtn irii cliwmji unln ihu i^ap- 
lain of fAijr ttiuuumd, ilui] Ivuk tiutr 
llj brviliron fA». and takt Uieir 
pUilnc. Non Saul, and Ihrj'. and all 
tha men of fiinulj iirric in the nl- 
\ej of EUIi. flL-Miiii! v iili tlm Ilij* 
lialines. And DaiiJ Dai- up earlj 
In ilie nioniliiKE. uiid itft II14 iJiceii 
with a ktcpi^r, arxl toolc, nnd wtnt, 
HA Jrwc hnd rnuitiii^crlod Mm; and 
ho c.ime Ul till! irciiidi. 11 llie biwt 
«rai C'ii!^ furtli to lltu (!|;lit, and 
ihuutcil m tbc UtlLu. For lira«l 

nieli for who U tbii ni . 
PMUiUoe, tbnl ho ihopV 
DimiH «if tbc liiia^ Ood? Aii<l the 
pmplv vitnvmi him aJur ibii man- 
ner, Mj^tuc, So abtJI il be doiji< to 
tb* DUD that lcl1l«Ui hita. And t'- 
liul bin cldml brottiri htnni vhrn 
he 3|>akc unt*^ Ihc mrn ; unl Flmb'fi 
aninr imt kin^JIprl a^iin'<t Darid, 
•M b* Mid, Wli}' oanii-t ll'"ii duoii 
Nlher? anil wtih vtlium tu^i t)>nii 
left thoM few nbnp In ibv wUdrr' 
neaif 1 know xhj nrt'lf, nnd Ihi? 
naoflblinMi of (hinr iiFirt; for ihom 
an cnm* down Uint thixi mwbu-it 
i»a Ibe baltlr. Anil I)aTi<l laiil, 
WIi»( haTo I now rfajip? /j tArnr 
nd a ^iLuae ^ And he tnmod from 
Idiii toward anothCT, uid ipslcv after 
Ihei nmr manniT ; and llic [>*op1e 
ancwfnil him Xf^ti nfV'r tlir lumtpr 
nuuDori And nhoo ifaa wcnla wxtk: 
livard which SarM *P«1<B, Ihef n- 
tiT^m-d Men bcCare Saul : and ho 
fwiil ftir hiin_ And Oarid i^id lo 
SonI, I.Kl no inmrn )i«art (ail br- 
caujc of him : Ihy lervftnt will go 
ui>l %bt witb ihii Philistine. Ad<1 
Soul Kiirt tc>I>arid,Thciii art out able 
to go B^ainul thin Philii<tin« to fl^iht 
with kirn ; for thoa arl tut a TOuth. 

; »1bo la 

ofmkil. Aii4 

wwMd opra Ua Ml 
oijti to go I for bi 
i/. And DmA 
oaiinui no with tU 
not provrd (Acib. 
then off him. Anl 
in his hand, aad 
nDiwth ■looe« out 
rnl Itmn in a abrp 
lilt had, Bvt« in 
•ting frot 1b Idi 
ne&r t« the 
litttne oanu on 
l>iiv<d ; and tbc 
•hipid u>™< brtot* 
th* Philialinc tool 
Dand, bo 
was bui a joni 
n fnir mnn' 
liMino xaid 
tbat ihou 
And eJio PhiKitino 

hia ^oda. And tlio 
Dand, Come t« n 
tliy Il*«h unto the 
xnd to Ibn b«3uta 
■lid Uuiid U> (be 
oomfflt to 100 
niib a iprar, and 
but 1 eoDiw to lh*« 

raa«>f imole tk 
1 lil lonihoKt. Ihat tha 
hto Ul iiinb«a.l ; ui<) 
i Uf faee to Ute nttli. 
isnOed over tlw Phllu- 
•ttuF aod witli m atiiaB, 
ib* PhtliMnw, and alew 
nw Baa bo inir«inl In tli« 
ttU. Tbanfore I>>tl<l 
n4 npM lh( Ptullttbe, 
1 tmail, ami ilmt it onl 
h lhn*of, xai dew Um. 
dibMidlWvwiUi. And 
OitiaM »w tMr cliAiD- 
■d,llkvb<L Andlbo 

id ud of Jnilili unac, 

broT] jht It to JcruniliMii ; but 1u pot 
his oruoDT ia hia leiit. And wfaon 
SaiiI nw Uarjil SO forth ifpinat tha 
I'hiliMiua, ti« WiJ unto At^iiur. Ilia 
rapUln of Iho hunt. Atini^r, wbu*a 
■on li ihii TOulh ? And Abntr laiil, 
Jt lh]r loul liTclh. klDHi 1 otiDO't 
l«lh Anil tlie king wifl, Emjuir* 
llioa irhoiw aon tlia otriplltig it. And 
M Daiiil rolumod fVatn llio nlftu^h- 
Ut of tho Philiiiino. Abncr took hun, 
Uid briHiKlit hiiD IwfdTv SauI irith 
ihc brail ff l)ir I'liiliatttic in tlia 
huiJ- Ami SflulitiLid tn biin.WlioMi 
K11 art lima, thai, ytnina uiilii? And 
Dnrid aniwored. /am tlii! •on of thy 
•crrnDt JcoKi Ihi Uotb-lghemilc. 

tttmins, I Samciii. XVIII. Ai-ril 7. 

witli CaliTOtk nith joy, sod with in- 
itniiiiDnti of monok. And tlw wo- 
mvii UBWvrod oiu anoMrr M ttipj^ 

tlsjrvil, mvl niil, Skat 1uth_ •Uin 
L* ihouMjiJh uid DuTld luj ten 
thouuniEi. And Saul wu fcr? 
irroth, and the auriuK dlqil*U*a 
hitn : and he mid, Tlwy hxytt 
H^ribfld uiilu DiilJ Irn tlutuiaadii, 
ami ta tnv Ihty tiavo ueiibpd luf 
ihouJiUTid* I nnd u>Adf can hv Have 
more but Lha kinsdum? Anil Stol 

_ to pMM, irhen tin 
tva «ad 01 s^viklnic 
lUlt Bul of Ji'lmtllnn 
tha Mnl ef Darid, 
n laved hia in hi) awn 
SmI toak Ub tkal d>7, 
M Um f* no iDore honu 
W^ liB»>. Tlwn Jona- 
fMJ ^Bftjt » aaTtmnt, 
htn u hia awn 
, itfjpptd tiim- 
« niMn bin. 


^ehnlil my Mrr 

._ FwiUI Ki'ii tlii-u 

Id wif.! : only be lliou »»Imitt fur 
mf, Bud H^lit llie Ldbd'» bnti1v«. 
For ^ul tai'J, l.i>< not inliif li»iii) t>« 
Dpon liliD, I'liI l<'l l)io hand nf ihi? 
PnDiaiiiiMi br upnn liini. And !)»■ 
ridnid unlu.SQuI, Will) nn I ? niiil 
wJat it mj liff. or my fatlwr'* fa- 
mily In Ifr9«l, thai 1 tliniiM he son 
III iaw In Il»> king ? Ilnl it rnniK Co 

Saui 3i iba time wh^a Mitab .Saurit 
Auiitiipr ilioald lutve been Kin'u 
to miu\, Hut ihe was xiren unlo 
Ailrii-1 ttie >Ifhu!a[hife to trlfo. 
And Mlch»l Saul'* liniiglitnr loivd 
Daiiil : anil ihti/ (did Siiil. ntiil th* 
thino plewiid turn. And Saul xiid, 
IwiJlsJT« liiin liL-r. thuiHliD tuay b« 
a maK to Iiim, and that Itie hiwiil of 
llie llilllMinr-A nu b« aniiKC liim. 
Whrrvfcirr Sniil wud Id DaTiO, Tliau 
slialt tlii« lUj be my nun in law in 
Hit one ufl\itlvi:t'ni, Auil Smil ceni- 
mniidi'd 111" et'riaiils "Kjiio, ColB- 
DiUDi' Willi Ifarid trrirtiy, and rit, 
Dchnld, the kiniD Inih drliidii in 
thcci and all liu wnauto lutu t!ie« : 

hilt I 



Datid full liv llie 

hiitin«t. Aua vtm ] 

Divid thnn words, 11 

hn: nnd tho danl 
liLTVd. Wlivn-fort DM 
w«ut. Ii« and lilj Din 
tlio rhilldlinpi vtn b 
nnd nitvlil 
and Ihay gare I 
the kill):, llisft 
ktnji's •on la 1i. 
him Michil Ui iliiiis 
And Stu] nw and i\ 
L'iKU ipot vith 
Mlchal Sunl-B 
And 8aul was yel 
of Darid i aod S 
rid't minv eantioa 
pTinrw cf Ibe PbilittH 
md It eaau to paaa, ■ 
forlh. thai DaHO] 
nnorn Hiicly (hin all 1 
^iil : M ilul his 

Ml by. 

Apkil 8. iflornjng, I Samuel XIX. 

A KD Saul make to .Intinthnn hLi I nliat I ace. that 


■ trilh k Kfr*! tlnagit- 
iBadfaoMhim. Aiiilth* 
n iIm I>oiui wbi upon 
H la hb biMM wilb hi* 
ImJ : aad bxtU pUr- 
iaa4 Aail Swil wai^i 
i*U arM la lb* mil 
••Ma i kui b* altpiitd 
Saal*! -piawDoe, uid li« 
lido iMa tlw wkO : wmI 
nd MMpcd (kst nicht. 
I ■■■■lull nnta Dk- 
to wMsh Um, uiJ I« 
brnMnlas: knd Ml- 
vrtis tokl bim. ujln^. 

not l)lT life to IllAfllE, 

mi aluJt tw iliiiii, ^ 
ImU down tlirwigh a 
: \m wmt, anil fl«4, siid 
id Hkhal took an im- 
ta'Aair for U« boUsr, 
if with • eloUi. AnJ 
M miM ia g pn to Uka 
id. lU It dck. And 
■wiMytn ivfli" to 

iBK> BnuB bim op (a 
. thai [ Biajr tisjr him. 
■CMragora mn ottioa 
M WM an tmagg in 

lie and SudupI went and dwelt In 
Naioth. And it orai (old SsbI, iu- 
lay, mtiDld, IliTlil if at Kaiolh In 
Etainab. And Sanl anl lOBwugjii 
to UJlo DaFid: uid irbon thajr m« 
tbp ctfmpaiij of lb? propbcti pTv- 
phetriiic. and ^tansi ttandinjc w 
■ppointvd oTsr ibno, ibv tipiril «f 
tied ••»* opoa lb* naawumira of 
SauU and iba^alio pn»ibiiidad. And 
whrn ii vu laid Saul, ha idit Mbtr 
mnoniKm, and ibcjr pnpbMMd 
Uk«iriM. Aud ^nl aint nmatngina 

r'n l)ia (liird liin«, and th«r pro* 
Jod iilaa. Tlitn «onC b« alio to 
TlAinBh, and came to a RTFal wdll 
llinl ifl Ln S^cba : jknd \te ukcd Bud 
HiM. Whi'iT itrr Ifamue] aud Uaiid^ 
A'ld o'j' •tiiil, Id-liuld. (Vv Ar ■■ 
N.ilirlli jii ItaiuAb- And btf wrnt 
lIiilliL-r tu NBiiiili la Ranah : and 
tbo Spirit «f Uod irai upon blm 
a,\Bo, uaA lid went (m, and ^rotthc- 
oid, until )m cama to Naiolli in 
Ranali. And bo Btripp**! "^ ^ 
clotbot alto, aiid i>nif>bciticd bi;- 
bn Sainucl Iu like mumor. nnd 
lajr down ntki-d nil tlui da/ and 
all tbat ULHhl. Whvrefum llwy 
ay, /i Saal *1w unmig tli* pr*. 



JoMlhwi, BthoM, t» BOTTOw k tb« 
ttM* ouMo, lad I ■bould not fill to 
rit witb tlw king M iomI: but l«t 
■• go, (hit I Duv hid* idjmK in 

Ik* bid unto the Uiinl ibqi U SMB. 

If ibv ittliec al Ui mint n», th« 
WT, DkTld urneitlj uk«il (mm of 
IM lh4t be miffht ran W noih-lcluin 
hi* dij : for ihrrf ii i yririir Doi- 

Soi lllcrs fur ill iho familj. if lis 
HjUii)a,/Iu well; tLv wririiul Hti&ll 
tumftMBt: but tf he b« T017 wTotb, 
litm M mn th«i oiil ii ilabTiiiiiwd 
by Urn. Ttifri'fiitv thou itult dul 
DOdly nitli Itiy if n 121 1 ; fur Iboa 
hMI brouKlil III/ blTVaUt 1D1« k CO- 

niMilt of th« Lord with thw : 
MtwHIttUndtcig, it thrrc be in mt 
tnlqnitj, nUy mc thyMlf ; fur irby 
«houiilp,il IJiuu l)rin(( tor to Ihy fa- 
ther? Anil ■Iiiiialhan siiJ<I.Faj bu it 
from tbw: fwi If 1 knew <nrt»irilT 
thfti RTil m-rc dctenninril bj m; fa- 
Itiei U Moip upnti [I1W, then wualil 
not I («il it ilin ) Thi-u wld Uariil 
la JonaLtuii, >^'lia tlinll ttU mo ? or 
irbat i/'ltiTf*tlitranaTn'r ihm ti)i\x\\- 
tit And JoDiithiii Mid until Daiirl, 
Cone, ftod lot Di go out into the Jic lit. 
Aaat IIm)- mnl out baiU uf them 
iato tbfl Bald. And Juiiiillisn nJd 
imto DaTitl, Lqkc UuiI uf Irnvt, 
irttOO I liBtv Kmndcd m.? father a- 
boat to nurrroiT an; Utni?, up tbe 
tfiird rfnr, and, Uihuld. if ihcrt be 
good lowud D4ii<l, and 1 then mdU 
not QDIn thcr, anJ iliew il tlier ; thg 
Lmui ilo 90 and much more to io- 
naUiiin : but if it pleiu« ui; btbct 
(a ifu Ihei* evil. IhcD 1 vtill shvw it 
thcr, mill Mill! iivte Kway, tXitxt thuu 
niaTcnt ki> in pPMO: D,U<1 tliB LoRP 
hti wUli. ihnr, an Ho hatb bten with 
tny lallKir. And thou shalt nol oalr 





wtil. TiiMJoaathn 
To nonow b U>» 
Ibon ihall be tnlncd 
MM will bo 0iBpl7> * 
hui itvxl thiM d| 
(halt go down qnkklg 
llio piMo when ikMi I 
wif nhiu) the bwiiiMH 
and ihalt reuain. 
And I wlU 
Qio aiile iA«r»qA 
a mark. And, I 
lad, tayiw^tOitf 
If 1 «ipraaljgi 
hold, tht MTOWi 
|]ic«, takfl Aca 
loT ilhuv fa 
buH; lu the Lor* 
Mv tbiu onto Uw 
hrild, the amwi 1 
ffi ilij wny : fw iht 

IhM »WBT, A 

nialter wtiiob 

kon ofi bcliold, il 

Ihcf and mc f>)r fvt. 
himself in the Ssld : 
tKit mooa mm 
hiia diiitu 10 
hiiiic ml upon 
Ximtt, trtn upau ■■■ 
anJ Joimth.iii aro*c, 
b<r SikUl'i liiic, and I 
ira* vmpi)'. NcTirUujIi 
not my Uiliitt thai < 
tliQDghtt Something | 
him, bo U no! dou ) 
aoc clcto. And it oil 
tho momwi vAi«A m 
Jai) Dt the ouiatli, lliat 
was emply: and S*«I 
nolhan nia tun, Wh« 
Dot the BOH ofJnBaItt 

Sold: ■ 


lau aMM 

tSk3on DOW vend uH 
|(a Ma, for hu iliall imra- 

Ikt, »Bd mU out* Um, 

dMUktM^inf ••to 
ft Aad Saul cut a jn- 
l^letaiUhia: wlMrrbf 

KUiat il WM >If:lur. 

I Hiw> ft«n tin tnUc In 
& aad &1 oM na mcBt 
iarof tka moBib: fmlin 
I lir OavM, bvcMH hu 
MM Un ihWML And il 
■ b tkt aiafaiiu, Ibii 
«Bi a«t lat« the Sfia Bi 
piltenl with Dktid. ud 
wtalk him. And bf mil 
, Rob, find out imir lli* 

l« hia Dinfitcr. Dut tito ]a<l kctifr 
nut anT ibiaa: onlf JoiikUibb uid 
Ite'id LnvwiW iDBlicr. And Jon v 
t)iui gate liis atiillisn uuto bi« tail. 
■ad aud ontti iiiu, u«, cxrrv lAm 
to the *»t;. .,4nd u WWII m ttin liut 
waa gono, Dsrid araaa out of a ftaet 
tuwuil tlMi Mutb, and f«l] on hia 
fkM Wtb* nemd, utd bownl hlta- 
fcil llm* ODUu: Bud llw/ kiiitiMi 
oae iiaollic<r, nod wept one with ut- 
otbi-T, until DuTid exceeded. And 
JooBlhan mid to Dbtid, Go in pc*ae, 
fonimiiali m w* Lit« twum Iwtb of 
DB lu the nuiw of ttir Liirii, luytnif. 
The Loud be li«tw<vQ mir md thi^, 
nnd bi^tmen m^ arod and tliy Hl^d 
furrrer. A nd lit tLTO-tr uii J depatled : 
and Joiiithiui ntul ialo tlie oit^r. 

ffiorning* l Sakvbl XXI. 

AritiL 9, 

. DsTid (0 Nob to 
wAAm ptioN ; and Ahl- 

ifaM »t ibe BWBiing id 
\mU voto kiot, Wby arf 
ftd mo RMa witb ihM? 
mli ^tto Ahlmabelt ika 

Uog luth DonmaBdad 
wm. sod hath mii nnl* 

Kkaow anjr lUiw «l 
r—hwtlatniitt— . 

&Mn k>i>l fii>iii n* about tliiH thrv* 
dura, Hiiiio I rauM uut, iiuid lliig vra- 
Klii of the joung man »n hutjr. and 
iht brtad u in a manner cotnmoD, 
r*a. tboDBh it wrr« BanoliBad (Ida 
day III ih« TMoul. S«i tlio priait ■>*« 
him lullomj ttfaJ: for thvr« WM 
DO broJ ihi^rt but ibo ilicwtirvad, 
tbart w«B taken (niiu befoRlhe Ln tin. 
to Dal kol broad in the dar aticn it 


Ann 9. 



tirtian thoa mUwom tn ih* rslltr nf 

■ti, bohoM, U U bm Hra|vpM hi 

1Mb Iwhind tho cphoil : U Ihou 

1 telle thit, take it: lot Ihrre u 

1 BVn that livrc. A nJ DuriJ 

Jd, Thtn u ounv Ilk* IhU ; Kim 

aa. And Darld mom, uid Bed 

' ihftt dmy for tetx «f San], ttnd wmit 
lo Acbiiib Uu Una of (iith. Aiul 

lliB ssmuit* of Anbiah Mid unto 
Wn, /■ Dot tMa Davltl tlw kinc of 
iha land ? did limy not atng ons to 
aaothcF of klm in dutvs. ayini^ 
Saul halh iilain his (liguniidi. ind 
Dariil Lis tqn tlioiuamls P And. Da- 

Apbil 9- 

<?bnitits, I Samvel XXII. 

rid laid up tliow w«*4a ta 
and wna ■•*« afmld of At 
king of Guh. Anid be 
bfUTioar bcftite Umh 
kimaclf mad in tWk 
K(*tilil»d oa (b« dmn cf I 
and. IM Ma m>HU* fall dx 
hi) bokrd. Thca mU Atb 
bi> ■onanU. I«, ye ■«• Ih 
mad : nbrrrfore li^ hai* yM 
Un tA me? Hi'tb I nM 
mu>, ihM ra Iui«> Inwgb'' 
hif lo plar tbe bM B«a hi 
■mw) aluU tUa>dVMt ■ 


DAV ID tbcnfun dvpELnct! tli i;n or , 
and wm^xvl Ui tlll^ ("av*! AJu]> 
lam: wai nlien bl* 1)r«tbniii auJ 
•U bia [athrT'i hauu bcanj it, ihoy 
went ilowu tbilbcr lo bin. And 
Wt*rj oiM that not iu diitnm, and 
ory aa« that vim in dtbt, and 
•VStjr ODB JAoT NNH dUcontitnteil, 
plDend IbgnuclTH nnto him : hoi 
M booanw k CBpUin orcr then ; and 
tb*r* ««r« witb him alxut four hiin- 
diod molt. Anil David vmnt Dienoa 
U) Uiqi*h of Moab: and bv naid 
DSto tb* ting of Uoab. Lot \ay fn- 
tb»r aiiJ toy mothvi', I jinj tbfr». 

eouH> hirlb, aiwJ f* with j.mi. till 
I know vrhjit God will ii» fi>r me. 
And he bran^l ihom bffoi* ihc Irin^t 
•( Mdlb ; luiii t)iET ilwclt with him 
all Uie while tha^t bniid wna iii tliD- 
bold. And tbe praphot VtxA nid 
mu David. AlriiU not in tha hold ■ 
<bpart, tiul nt tbe fnto the bud 
of Jadah. 'rhfa UiTtiF di^puti^, 
and Mine IntD xYn Uirtn if flamlb. 
WIhd Saul Iw.'iH Ibat Dunil wax 
dUeonrcd, and the nun tlint hwv 
wtth him. (now Saul abode iu Gl- 
ba^ under a live iu Ksiuiib, biLvitiit 
Ul tipva In Ills hand, »ri<l all Iiin 
Mmnla %rfre Eta.ndinp ubtiut falinO 
then Haul uid nnto hia toriinu 
MoikI abuul liiu. Hoar nuir, ye 
Junitu; will tb* urn o( Iwu 
tmymt^fn ftsldaawlTliia. 
aitd inalte jrou kll eaottim 

idi, uul wptaiaa oi bun- 

dndii : that all •( 70a h 
•filrad a^uiMl ma, and 14«< 
tlial diawatli d* thai ay 1 
made a k^o with tin MS' 
and 1A«M w none of ;a« 
wmy far niu, or alwdh I 
that tBj aon bail) Mirrad af 
rant aeniuit mo. to He ta' 
at IbU dftj f Th™ anawm 
Iho Kdumibr, wlucb ma 
the •FTTanta of Sao], and ■ 
lIlM Mill or J«IM coBii&t ta 
AhitDaUob tka un ef Atub 
be enquiicd of tbo LoBO 
and mic him Tietuals, and 
thi> Bword of tioliatb Um I 
Thpn tho king ami lo <ai 
lri>h tbo prifut, Iho bm ti 
and iJttiiifiilh^T'iliaMe.Ul 
that nuTt ia Ni>b: and ikl 
all of thtm to th# btv. A, llfiar noir, tboe iMiaf 
And ha uinimad, H«n I 
lard. And Saul aud WU U 
bare y« MHsptivd afalMl i 
and tbe Km of Jwmi, ia d 
hajil rnma Um braad. and 1 
und hut nnqaiKd e( U«4 1 
ibat Itu ihould riM a^aM 
lk< ill wnll, u at llilt te 
Ahiini^lecli anldvnd th« ■ 
laiil. And trho li tn failUtlB 
ill Ih/ UflMlla M tlBTiJ. 1 

l>wVuf\ «Mk in law. and | 
fti7 WAAui^. w»A \» tiiKM 
«AwiTw«B»'* VrA\-iiBBa 

IfetT kMw^WWn he SiU, 
. Mt Omw b l« Bu. Uut tliu 

Uib* king would not pui 
hud M hU Bpni tlw 
M the Louiw Aad (Im kiu 
[DMb Tam it»m, u4 Ml 
b pTibu. Aud Umh iIw 
• feOMA. mn4 bn Ml niwi 
Mi^ Hd tltw «Q Ihal da; 

Lotto'i piititA And Da-iiil i»iil 
uulo Abiatbai, I kaev U Oat tUf, 
vliun 0«C8 tli« EJoiuilv kch Ihcrc, 
ihut Lc iruiild tai«iy kII fuiuLi ] 
hii'c vocnaiviivd (^ ^<a^t »f all the 
IHfniviiH "t <h; rither'i! Iiuudi:. Abide 
liioii n-itli lull, f><ar iihti fur In Ihkt 
K«ltctll mvlifc "cchi'tli Ihj-lif*; but 
witli mc 1L10U iJiuft ^ in ntvguATd • 

L 10. jBorntns, I Sahukl XXIII. April la 

dN7 leU Daiid, MjriiUi 
, rti, tke PIuIuUms figlil 
I Xnlilit ud llier nb tha 
■Iwn. TlK*«ron Darid 
Enf»« l.MU>. njrtas, Slwll 
id HiiM Am rbiUfliuear 
It MMR nU BUM V»iid, G«, 
|il* ift* PUIMikM, ud >»T« 
. And Eteitd^ Bwn Mid tmto 
MWd, «« be tteid hem lu 
F^** Bavh marc ikon iT *« 
• K«3>h i^iiiut the annict 
IUMM*r Thea Usriil m- 
'*{A* LnsD nc again. Ami 
•Bt*4 kim and aald, 
U> K«iUk; for I 

tho people luHTtlier W WW, (0 ^ 
dutrti [u Kiibli, U> l>v(u«|ii9 Uand 
Uid liiu ai; u. Aud l>a<id kiiinr Uut 
S*ut leeretly practucd muchiet a- 
m1u( him I and I» nud toAbiaiW 
toe pmflC, Britw bilhcr ibu ephoil. 
Then Bii'l L>ati<], l> Luku (iud »! 
Innivli 'I'hy nt^rvaiil liulEi ci'^ajiiljr 
lieitd tliDl f'aiil wnliL'tli U cotuu lo 
Kcllah. lo dcslToy ihn city for my 
nkc, Will till' men d( Keilob deli- 
•Tf me< lip iiiUi 1ii( band } will SbdI 
coini' >i1tiwn. ■» Til/ MTTiuit badi 
Jmar.l? U 1,0 RD IJml o( IdUcI, I be. 
td'ch ThFc, ttll Tby Hrrant. And 
the Laiii> «id, lU vrill osmo j' 

U9 wood, nod JuuaitiAn went lo hla 
luniw. Tlicn came up Ih? XiphilM 
to ^itnl to Ullxuli, Kivinif, Dolh not 
DiTiiihidi-hiinwIf wflli un m ctfonr 
liold* in tlte wvod, in thfl liill of 
Hubilsh. trhEoli it an llm Bouih uf 
JeshimoD ? Now Ihenfort, O kinR, 
emu down tcoordiiu to all ttic ilr- 
riiv of tlgr mmi to ooiod dDim ; antl 
OUT part mall bt to ildtiTcr Iiini lulo 
tka King'* hud. And Snul loiil, 
Blnsed (f y» of tbo Lonv ; for ro 
hive rnmii'SMiIon on n^e. Go, I piay 
Tpu, prcpsre yet, niiiJ Itn-uw anil »cc 
nil pl.Kr ivhurv liia hanat is, and 
irbv lialli DL'L'D him lli«ii:: fur it U 
told me that iivdualvlli very fubl ill j. 

of all Ujo luikiug pliKo irhcrc be 


in tin tril 
Rwil wmt oa ll 
taJD.ftnd Dbt!i1 
■ide uf the lag 
mMlc liuUt to I 
Saul ; ibt Sjiui 
paiwRil IteTid I 
about to taku ill 
a aiKMCumr nnl 
tliM, and oonti 
huTo laTOdod I 
Sao] ntunwd 
Uarid, and ma 
luclinis: UwrtM 
pbCT S>la-l»u)d 
rid went up frari 
IB stiwig lioldi d 

Aphii. 10. ffi&mfnst ' 8*mukl XXIvJ 

AND it oomt lo psBi, when Sanl 
"OS rvtumcii frt-iu lolloirin*[ 
tie Pliilintiiip!!, tlinl it «ni» lo1<l liiiii, 
ny!iiK, Ui>liuliJ, Ihivlil 11 ill til* wtl- 
dcnwH of blii-uoiii. 'I'hcn Saul taolE 
UiTM ilioawud shoBcn mon out of 

*I1 1.^.1 .»« ....■ tn .-V tV.T(.l 

Sanl'a robe fnnj 
paw a(t«nrBt^ 
taooXB him, 'bM 
SauJ'i iikin. A 
lucn. The LoU) 

do imH t^*'tf n 

l.n ■ Ik's Mwt j Ji 


Ay bnrtP BduIJ, 

. ■ mi kiTv »«i how 

LaaK hut ilili*mil ibcc 
p niiw liaad io thu oaTp ^ 
' hkj« *w kill IbM : lilt 

^•Kil llu« ; tnil 1 wiJ, 
t p«t forth Buna buiil a- 
Wi : for be li the L-ohp'i 
Mo w o nr . taj- follm'. mf. 
b> (kirt iif ttij iii}# lu my 
a Iku I nil oir Oil ikirt 
b*. uid killcJ (Ihc not, 
I iiul Ke ihat tA«v ii ncj- 
lOT tnowmnon lu miiw 
1 barf ool «Ian«d ie«iiu>t 
tbw bonlcH 107 »<il In 
PW LMt» jnilSB between 
M. mhI Um U>kb i>«dcf 
>: b«t miDii band thall 

• IbM. Af ttitli Elia pTO- 
tt ancirnln. Wiciii'diiMa 
t htm At irirktii : bat 
I AftU not t* upon lh«o. 

• It ib« kins it Imtl 
I tAer when (bwl thoa 
{W a dead iig. after a 
Iaui IbeNfaac be jaift, 
I bHWMa ne ud thM. 
■i ptod BJ OOM, AM 

dulirer me oat of thlat head. And 
II ome t« pB«, wbcn Darld had 
made ui unil of epukliut tbMe word* 
unto S«ul, Oiat Sasi tafd. /i tfeu 
UiT TDiH, mr van Darld } And Sbnl 
lift^J up bii loioe. uni] nej>l^ And 
)iii laJil to t>s<riil. Tboii ar< niaro 
ngblciiiia lliiiii I : fur tboti hxt rt- 
wstJcJ iob good. vlitTSu I hmc 
nnriirdcd ihrc tril. Ami ihtu hast 
pbrocd ihU dnr hoir thai tliot baol 
ilc-nlt whlJ with mv ' fur^jmueb &« 
tvlirii ihn I.OHD lisJ dolivrrrd nc 
into tiiinc liuid, thuii klllodxt mc 
not. For if a man find bii rsuny, 
will ho tvl him gii well awiy * 
whorrFiiru iliu I.aRii n^wjiril lh«c 
ii;a(Ml for tlmt Ibou hiut done onto 
iM this diiy. Aiid Tiitn, behold. I 
Icnoir well that Ihaii nliall Him-lj 
b* king, and Ihnt thi' liiii iiilaiii nf 
l«nul iliaJl bo fu^lahlishcd in thine 
hand. iivr«Ar tiow Ihcrwforc nnto 
IDC Itjr the L<lt1^. Ih&t tLuii wilt not 
CDl oil' my *i>e'l afcrr ma, and IhM 
Ibou wilt not dpBlR>7 caf nnmn out 
oiF iny faliior'n houM. And IH^id 
fwitro nnto iiaal. And Saul went 
hone : biil littld and ha mvn g%i { 
(km op uDlo the bold. 


I. £Bamia<i, l Samusl XXV. Apiiri, u. 


mmi 4M; and ill iha 
■■ «*n mthirrud tosv 
Mi fm bim. atid buntd 
I hooH ai Rututi. Aail 
pi, tad vMt dnwn tn the 
m Paraa. And Arrr irni 
Utt»t. whoK pMKUialia 
Bval ' uol llif laaii irai 
ind he iaa Ihrac ibou- 
.nds llio—Kd (ostt: 
H dMwing U« Amp in 
PMT th« Mwi of tlM maa 
H; »d lb* una of hii 
Ai Hi iAa (KOI a wonaii 
MnMOdbu. and of n 
HMMMnM : but th* msui 
Vk M< eril in bin dain^ ; 
to af Dm hoiu* nf Cikbi. 
K hud in tin! wiUanNB 
iMidnirAuAtw^ Ajnf 

""tjl^ /valuta. Get 

you Dp to CamiDl, and en to NabBl.| 
nail ifD'ot him in my iiiuii*: anal 
Ihui aliall ye my lo liiui ihal iir*th{ 
tn pnuftritg, Pdri-o in both tv thee. ^ 
and pMM M Ui Ihine hoiue, and 
pcAOr 6* aala ail [hm thou hut. 
Anil now 1 Imvt livanl that thou 
liaal »hMnri; now thy tlivplKrdl 
which w«rB "-ilh i]», wo bwt them 
not, nmdicr xa- tlicie onsht mUnc 
unto Ihi-'iii, all the while Uwy irm 
in QiTUitl. A»k lliy jonnK men, and 
lliey will th«w ilicc. WIiMtfoM M 
the foang men flail faioiir in thine 
cjea : fnt we oome In a good day : 
giTc, I pi»y IbM. wbataoenr ««mim 
to thine hand imM tbr terrBNla,aa4 
M thr ton l>a>id. And wbon Par 
rld'tjvaat men Muae.tbljipalttto 
.VafWs^eordiiM to lU tmw HWda 

/a lAe nans of DnvM, and 0CM»4. 

-lad Nab^ aanrrnd D&nd's "" 

uwnd HM mis mi ■*■■ t*iF« 7* 
on «Tn7 BMi hit **ri>rd. Ami Oiry 
AJritod CO ^(crriain hi* inranl; knJ 
WTld*l*o p^)■I>i onhii mord: ftoil 
Oo* weuc lip >iUi DKTi4 kboat 
fow fanadred men; umI laro hua- 
^Hd ftbMb by tlw fUt. Bm mw »f 
llw yanng nuB told AbiniL N»- 
hir< TriCi, Mfiug. DchalS, Uarid 
MDt a m tBiiftn ant of ilu <riJ<Icr- 
IMH ta aUaU our naiUr ; uid ha 
nUM OS tbnt. Bai dw Bwa imm 
voj poo^ nnbi ni, uid we wen not 
hart, nethrr miiMd wo uijr thins, 
u wng u ui.> wi>re conventst iriUi 
1l«B. whMi w(i w«ra in th« lleUla ; 
tbn w«tv 1 u-nU onto m botli hj 
siBSt tnci ila/. ill tlis whtln we 
wen with tiiciu lnvgiiuic llie iheqt. 
Kow tlii'rvfuru know auJ ronildBr 
vh»t thou irilt dn; f»r i>nl it de- 
tninliiad asninul nur muur, and 
Sgsinit M Din }IoulH^alll ^ fur he ii 
tUfh 1 Mill i>{ Uriial. thai a miin 
CAiinirt iiii'nk lohlni. Thi'ii Ahiifnil 
madu tiaiui, knd took Iwn hiuidri-d 
IcHiTOL and two boltln of wino, ud 
fin ibinp rend)' dictcn-d. and tin: 
neisurvi of puclicil otm, uid uu 
hindntd rlitufn iif ralii'K, »iiiJ iwu 
liunilFrd cikri of tigi, onil Ui'i f/iPHi 
on MWt- Anil abi! uid unto hn 
nliL Itn An iHvfHmvk mil ■ IwIiaM 

ihinc mud>nx«, 
of tbine '"—'■-*<■' 
t pmjr thM. 
ii^.rivn ^MiAlt 
Ml M be ; NktAl 
(oilvxwiltihim: I 
maid nw nnl the ■ 
lord, icbon ihra 3 
theipfore, mjr lord 
l»Mh, mod «f 4f j 
iiUt llwL«Kii hftu] 
iirmginji oijMlf i 
hand, now bt IH 
iber thai M«k afU 
IE Nabnl. And B 
wliinh thiol! handal 
imU my loKl, let f 
Dnt« the ymiBff nM 
IohL 1 pn^ Uwe, 1 

fmt nf thnui hut 
^na will nrlsan^ 
a. Hire lioiue; bMU 
I'lli ttie batUM oft 
Dili hath not tMn I 
Hxj dtyi. Yet a } 

Earw« ihee, uil k 
111 tbs aou) of ^ 
\«iant in the bitndli 
Lnun th; (Sod: ^ 
tliiiio rnnnieik, thet 

iMft di mif til Am a 

Ua rnMabet Utint )tuid- 
IM DatU ni4 to Abt«»il, 
rilt lb* Uu> a«d of lowl. 
kaM Um Ihli d«r ta Bi««t 

■I UmnJ hf thr MTJrr. Ktid 

lb Am), which hut kini tne 
V^Mi eoMing t« lA^ Unod, 
I muciac BTMlf wtlh nlna 
ii P«t n *«rT dtmJ, <m tha 
J M <« t«Ml Itmh, Whi^h 
I bfl ■• ha«k fron tmrtine 
■Vt tbm k»dM hMtca and 

I M(t me. Mr«l« tbcm had 
I Mt nnto Kdwl by thn 
W u; that Dunth a- 
I nU. So DmHd imeiTod 

FkMt Mai wUch the ha<l 
Ikta, wd wld Bill* her. Go 
>lo iUMh»iuo: (M, I 
to titj TiHM, inii 
Ithrpenaa. AndAlii- 
— w M KiB«] ; ud, bvhoM, 

I I laff i and Nabal'i htart 
Uo Un, br ba mu 

whwalDie abo told 

,\tm or noR.imUl tbe 

Dot It eiaia to pa«i 

, whan lb* oina wu 

,udbw wifabMl 

• •taAthMUahuut 

•Iti, mi he baopia «i 

1 tilnri*. 
N»U1. tl 
Utrid hM 
he mid. II 
halh pIcAi 
the Lout I 
n»* of N 
And DkvU 
Abixul. to 
A III] itljt'i 
wi>r* pom 
■tiny Hpak< 

KTIlt III ui 

bim 1^ n1 
bowoit he 
mnh, ■!!< 

fcvl llFllll! 

Abinail ba 
upon »n : 
h«r'« thai 
went aft«i 
uid becu 
touh Abin 
were ilW 
[tut Sial 
the am i 

(flitnmg, I Samuki. X 

I to 


a ^ 

fc HpUlaa east nnUi iUnl 
*wn1, MTiiw, Dvth not 

'^^^anl/r tlw Ull of 

Md W«iU<lnni (4 

Zlpli. haiiog thT«« 

^M Mca of Israel niih 

<• Darld fai tb« wUdcniMe 

-Aaa SaaJ Edtdied la Iht 

^^^t^ibk, wtlch (* beforr 

^T^br iha wrw. B«t Daiid 

mIJ!' <V^ >fUr hin tela Dm 
^7S wWlbawto** ••ni out 
S!r**'*"»*i <^t SmI «m 

aZi*^ d»»4. And I>»»iJ »- 

iw!L™* "btw SmI Uy. »ad 
^•••a «< K.r, ib» «i>i(«m o/ 

liu hast: I 
and Um p 
him. Tbei 
lo Aliimcl 
biiiiii the 
mo to Sat 
So David 



ihiii* ( 

DD1T til 



AruL 13. 

AbljtiKl, Dcalra; tiim aoi: for who 
Mn itKteli fuTth fain hunt asiinst 
lb* [.«kb** •uoIdiciI. o-dJ !>• nillt- 
Itw? DaTldBld AirtlHrmMc, Jifih* 
Lmu> liivtb, Iba Lotur •h&ll inute 
UniiM hii day tliall«nBue tu divi or 
h« wall dewiviKl into lutllw. niiil pp- 
rtili. Til* l^iu* fcibiil lliat I aboald 
itnUli fortli niiaii li&nd mouiui thn 
Loiui'i uiointvd : lut, I prar thcv. 
tab* tbM now til* upTM IImI w at hii 
btjatcr, and tho crow of fiit«T< and 
M iw Ko- ^ Daiid took tho ipau 
and tho ctuh of water (rum Svil'* 
boUtn ; and tlipy nai litem nws^, 
and no man mivi •/. utir kiirw if, 
■williur Bwaliuil : for they vrrr all 
aalfrcp ; bcoau^f a, <ii?cp iiltc-p from 
the Lanii uaj fiillpD iir"lli lli<ln. 
Thru llin-iit wirail "iH't I" Ihv otiii'r 
•ill*, and atoiul on tlio top of nn hill 
•EaroflfikgK'fttipaM bfiitg between 
than: anil Uaila crii^it to tho iifo- 
pj*i ud to Atni'i ihi' Biin nC Si'r, 
•uiDK, An*Wfliv'Bt thdii nrit, Ahnor? 
Tm n Abnm niuWi'iMil iinil ui-id , Who 
or( thou lltal ericit to the kiuti ? And 
bivid taiJ to Atiaor, A rt not tliou a 
•oJiaiUinui^ aiiilnliii idlk^ Ir>t)i(>f 
in IitmI.' whun'fnTi' ihim hnnt than 
not kept thy lord ihr kin^ '• furl)uT.i 
mne one ol thu pvouli' in to di'iin"- 
tlio ktiiu lljy TorJ. 'llils Ibliii^ i> m'<i 

nl thai iboti bsBt dnno- .*i iliu 
II livrlli, yn art ivfirlliy to ilic, 

becauH VI- luirr iiu-t kcpl yaar mw. 
(rr, liiv Lukii'* aiiuiiitcd. And now 
fM irlietv ihir kiiiu'x B)i«itT u. aud 
the NUitf of wnin- ttiat wii at hu 
bokhw. And .'teni know Darid'a 
toJM, anil mid. It Ihii thy rukt. pit 
HHi Dirid? AiuJ David Haul, tl u 



tny TMI4, mj Wrd. O hue. i 
■Aid, Wliwrebn dMh By Im 
nunaio aft«r liU rnntat f In 
bav* I40noF«r«rhairTiluii 
hand? Now thmlore, I tnj 
tat my loH th« kiag btai d* 
of hU MrTMt. If lb« L«K 
atimd tboa op i^aliut bm. h 
Bownt nnaflbnog: bottf Mm 
childrni of mtti, e«ne4 i« tt 
ion Ibe Loui; farther bait 
mir oat iLu day ^n abiduy 
iDbefitsncaofUw L*i«t>.n]« 
•ervu other aodo. Kow llintfi 
oat my blood Jail to At oaiib 
Ui« facf i>r Un) Lokii; forlb 
laraul it com* out to wdl a 
when one doth hunt ■ p»tU 
th« mountain*. Th«ii mU : 
hkTp niincJ: ivtuniiBT M« 
fiir I will no edoi* i» Iboaka 
oatiM my *oal ma preeiMI I 
«VM thia dar: bchuld. 1 ha** 
tti« fML and hav* tfiMl «tQ*i 
And David Mwwertd asd ■ 
hold ih« king^npearl aad Ic 
the roiuic non eomo orer 
it. The hr>M> render to ma 
lii^i riKhi<''>iiArii."-<i and hi* I 
neu ; f<ir thii l.i.iin dditol 
ilil.i rai/ IiziuJ !;■ day. but 1 
ijiif .h'' <.<ii fiirtli niine hand 
li'i' I - iiiitiiitcd. Alld. 

both do Ktrit lAiii^i. and sh 
DttJI I'revail. Su L'»iid »enl 
way. mid Siul rttuni»d t« bl 

April 1-2. ^orninf, 1 Hamukl XXVII. Apft 

ill miiii' ' 
act by III 
lul Kiui iluliv 
tiiiii. ThoiiN 
»d d*" thou, my 

:-h fwi by I 

my liM b 


.41 lii>..l:tM 

AND Daiiit laid in h\t lioart. I 
Bbttll uow iirn.iti one day by 
Iha lunil vl Sauh Ihrri ii imihiiu 
better (vi idl< ilian tlial L ahuiild 
■ptedilr neape into the land of Uio 
PhJlUUDM] nd Saul ghall do^tir 
9f rnit to aMk me tay nunc In *aj 

IcoMtw iirael: w ntuU 1 Mckpewk 
AfjUibud. Aud David uoK. Ml 
M fitMcd uKi- with tbe aU tuutdnA 

men tliat icrre wjtk bla 
diiih. Uio wn nC Maoc^ I 
Ciail). And IMfiil dmdt 
uhinh ai Uaih. ht aDd Ma ■ 
nan wtlh hit Iioiinholil, 
nitit bin two nirea. Aliati 
Juratlile«,aail Abinillhai 

%WA «M \>>.VvL 'ma«A^ 
Bn4 ta wn^ M 

Id k tlM eoonin' "t tlio 
■M k hH ;«u Ml] four 
bad I>«rifl viil hui tn«in 
»d invidMl thn GMhur- 
wQttritai, and the Ains- 
IrtbOM mAhu wtn tt 
bKmu at Uw lud, u 
I U SbaT, «t«ii unto tha 
KnL And David nnote 
M left neiDiCT nun iior 

l!»r mini nnr tvoinsn iliva, to k 
lidinai lo Gnth, tnyiiitl, Lmt . _, 
■hoiiril If II onuD, tnj'iiig. So 4id Da- 
riiU and Ri> irill tt* 111* msniicr ill 
thn while he iJwellclh in llie mmhiItj- 
f>( till' F)iiii!itiiii'!<. Am] Adiiili !><■- 
lltred UiviiJ. M.iiiiif, \\t Imth inndt 
Ul pMple ti!rM>t iillrrlr In alihor 
Un ; tliarcfarc br j>liall m mr Mr- 
tttnt for cTiT. 

1 Cbramff, I Samuel XXVIII. Aphil 12. 

SUM tSDMa in thow ikTi. 
iba PhiltMiim gsUieral 
■ t*BtUwr for wufan. lo 
iHd. AmI Aohlrii (Kid 
1 Know ihou WMicdljTt 
Mt n avt iriih mc M 
nwdHviMDi. And Dk- 
iiUib, Sortlr Dura chnlt 
lltajMiTuitauda. And 
ItolhTid, Thei«r<n« will 
MkMfCTof iiiin« hnd fur 

«BmJ irudMd.Mdalt 
h w uKt i Udl ud buried 
hf*u la bii «iTii eiijr, 

ft familiar iqiirit at En-dor. And 
inul dittlulKd hlnurlf. and put un 
ullirr Tui[iirni,&uil }io wrtit.aiid iwo 
mrn with hini. njid llirj rariir tn llir 
«ranu»ili^nig:ht: aai hiiwid. I pny 
thea. dirinc unto mi^ ty tl»! fjimiliaV 
fpirit. atid brinK mt^ hva ii)>, wliuiu I 
>aall ntmg anto tlicv. And tbc wo- 
man Bald unto him, Dchnldi thou 
JtHDwart what Saul iiaili done, how 
!iu tutti out olF iIluk Dim li&t« (aiai- 
liar ipirita, and (lie minrdft nut *f 
llio land: wh«nforc Ihni latest tlion 
» marc for ny UA>, to mi^ lorto 
did ^ And Saul iwiuv to liar bjr i ' 


AnuL 13. 


pomlTtil tlmt It feat SunocI, «nd he 
■I^OT>vcl v'tih hii face to the gi>}UDiJt 
uulbaoitl liimsrlf. And 5wni)*l nid 
M Skul, n'iiy liiwt llioo diaqnlaUJ 
B*, lo bring me up i Ami Saul ■&■ 
■•nmd, I km poto totrtw«d ; fur llie 
PWIH''™* m>ke WKr afiiiui mc, 
*Dd Qod i> tleputoil tram n*. and 
kOlvrcreth a* uo miHV. nclltiet b; 
DnphcU. nor bj drcfttna : WMnion 

I httic i-illc'l t)i««,t1iat ihoti luBTmt 

Bl«1c<i klJOHTI llltlll (»(' tvflHt 1 Klmll 

do. TliDii Hiiid Siitniii<l, Wlicrof-in 
then doil ihoii luk ol' me, teoicu the 
LoBii in ilcpoHi'd from thoo, ncd if 
becutnH ihinvi I'lifmy ? A n<l llii> I.cnii 
batli Jotii> (i> liiiii, na lln iTiitliu i>y 
mo: far till- I.niui Itnlli »iit tlickiuif- 
dijin &ut of lliine iiniKt, And jrivcn it 
to tliy nr.'iKlibvur, r7Vii tu l>iivid ; 
b^CviiM* l1i4*ii {4>i<yiidii| not tlic i<ilr* 
sf lliki Lord, nur riPcuMdit lib 
fierce tmthifpon Amulck. tliL^rvforo 
hath tJip LuBji dona this thing iinto 
tbre lliia <hj. MotrArM th« l>oiu) 
will tiXfii Av\\irT IhtmI villi lho« In- 
to l1ie hJiid at ihc riiiLintina : and 
ta murrow ihall tliuu anil tli5 euiia 
ke witli MM : thv Liiili> ■!»« kIwII <!«- 
lirertW hnat i>(I«ra>il into Clin luiiid 
«f tJic PlulliliniuL Thcii Saul fell 

ntraigfatira^ t 
nnd wM Mn I 
■nirdaof Sknn 
■transUi In hun; fwl 
tnsM »U ilw d>;) an 
And tbe womaa caml 
•aw Uiat ha tna mn 
■aid ODl* hint, Bsbol 
maid batli oWnd it 
hare pat mj lUig ia 
haia tt«BiMnMl ■& 
wLli-li llioa tpakad i 
tlierefaro. 1 pTB7 IhM 
also unto the raHai oft 
luid let me scl a men 
fore tliiv ; aoiJmt, ill 
liave (treuth, yttmwt 
thy way. Uat be nf 
1 inll D«t eat. list I 
Buthur widi tha *at 
liiia; and ha biarhc 
TtJco. So tM BM«e I 
and Ml npon th« bed 
man had ■ fal <M iu 
•ha bMlnl. and killi 
flour, and luwailnd >i 
nnlcaivDcii bread th 
bruUKht H brfqrr S( 
liin tcnanU; and l_ 
lh*v MM op, aad ' 

Apbii, is. iftornina, 1 Samubl XXIX. 


NOW 111* Philiitlufa galb«Nd 
lASnilicr alt Iholr ormiw to 
ft fouuialii wliieh it in Jraraol. And 
lb« loriUof ths I'hilininMpumil m 
bv liiinilred*. Uid by thotuaudt ; bul 
David and hit men paaMtl ou in tbv 
mewBMl wilb Aablah, Then a&ld 
Uw HtncN of the PltlllniDH, Whal 
Ai tUMB HnbivWKAfr/T AndArhiah 
nid nniii (Iib prinen of ihc Pbilii- 
thita, h uat llili Uuvid.tha lenul 
of Sftn) Uie Idns of tnwl, nUeli 
bMll bMti with int thsN otjrs, «r 
ibiM ^mrt, and 1 li&fw fnonil no 
ball in htm nlueu he fell t^nlv mt 
unto lliin day ? Anil tlie prince* uf 
(lie FhiliitinM weN wrolh with 
bim ; 31x1 llip prlD«M od tb» Philit> 
linit oid unto Um, Makt ttdi CbI- 
low return, that he mar bu W*m Ui 

hii plsM whirh tlioa 
him. uid let bin noi 
na U bttlle. iMt in t 
an adrmu7 to u : 
ahonld ba 1 
hcaits id thHsl 
Tid, of whom 
other In donots, 
bl> tlitiuian^ 
UHiu:;andii^ Then Ac 
fid. and mill unto I 
the Ix)Rti liielh, the 
right, and thf gniji 
evniins in witb no 
Rood iu ngr righl t 
fuuDd evil In ihae g 
ihy (ominff unto m* 
uurrrtheln* lb* Im 
nut. Whenforv i 
So. voM.Vhax Uioo.] 

nC f&UuitaM hkn t toJured.'' 


CbmtnH, i Samubl XXX. Aphii- 19. 

to pUH,<*)icn Da- hn ind fniir hutiiira'! mrn: for Iwa 
Ijtiniltnl nbfiilii bvhiiicl, which rtrre 
K> fijijt Ilul Ihiy I'wld nut m ow 
thf bm'^k 1Iir>i>r. AiirliliirTfoiindnn 
RKypli"" '" 'lii^ i^f^d, ;iDil brnoghl 
hiai tu DiLvid, uuil iiave liini brciHl. 
and he did vat ; Bud tliL'jr niul« Mm 
Jiiiik nntti : nii4 (her k^vc liln > 
l>ic(''; of a cake q[ li»;r. aud two 
rlustrrs ('( raiiiun : suil yilwa hil had 
caieii, lib ipiril cimu a^ikiu to biin: 
far lie liaJ vutoii uo Ircu^, uor drunk 
■>n)i •rater, ilirev <lari aud ilnw 
niulita. Aad DsTid wid unto htm, To 
•rliiim Mtmgai Ihoa ? and trhvncc 
orl lliuui' And b» nid, I nm a j-ouoft 
man ul tJci>l, nfTTant to ui Aina- 
Ickil'? ; and 107 mnilcr toft mr, bc- 
caiiwT tlirrv dap ac^onc I fell ■ick. 
Wf niulv >n i™>;uiiiiH npnn the *Oiiib 

of lilt' (1u^tVtlli(l>l,BNUu]>l>n JA«IMUI(( 

vli^«h ^A-tifHffifth tQ Judahf ^ud upon 
the toiith of Caleb : and -hi? bunivd 
Ziklia mth fliT. Ami I»a»itl mid w 
him, C'anKt tlmii bring mc dam to 
thin cumnnny? And he loitl. Sw«n 
unto IDC bj Uod, that thou wilt npl- 
lliitr If iti iiip- nnr ilcUwr Ine into tbe 

Ua HKD ir«ra n)iiii> lu 

• tUiil dav, Uut ihu 
•4 nn4M the wulh, 
■d nillM akiu, Knd 
lb lira; uid baJ taken 
plli«s, lliat vcrr llii-re- 
' Mt a«T, ciiber fiKMt 
purled <n<in iirnj, auti 

f way. tki l>a»id and 

• to tiM ciiji and, be- 
bnnvd wiiA Bi« ; uid 
Dd tbctr MU. and thotr 
■ctolMaHptiTM. Thvn 
» Mo^ that wrre wiilt 

IMlr *0iM »od «i']'I, 
»i ■« BDro povier to 
ilmd*( two wiles »rct» 
N, AhiDoau til* Jfi- 
Aa'^ililiH nib ofNa- 
itlHo. And Iterld mil 

nacd ; for tbo pHph) 
itaf bin, liecaiue tlie 
ll noph waa |pip>«d, 
It b« MM aoil for hi* 
HI David CDCOIUwd 

• LoMD bH Gad. And 

A AUfetkav tliH iiTiiui- 



AnuL U. 




rod« apdn cuni^U. nnd OeH. And 
UatiJ ivcuTtnil ill ibal Uin Ami- 
loUlN lUHl CUTlDd tWKJ L uid !>«■ 

vMnMiiodbiiKninlTc*. Andthcra 
ma notUog iMking U tbcm, nsf th«r 
man am' gnat, nrilbec tans nor 
Atu^tcti. neitbir tpoU. nor tny 
Abu that ttM7 bad Ukcn to Ibcra ; 
■tend noonrtd all. Aod Iiarid 
t«A all Iha Books ami Div lu-rdi, 
KAicA tlwjr cinva Ufar* Uiow vfVr 
«a(Uc, and **i<t, TM* i« DftTl-l'f 
RpoU. And Dnri'l oain« U the lw» 
liiin'lrpil lupti, vrhii^b Arre «s ftint 
tlutt iliry amid not fuUow David, 
iriiora Incj had ma'te alea la aliltln 
■I tho brook DcKor: and Ihoy wfiii 
fartli t« Ueot D>Titl, and to uimI 

ttt pMpI* <liM vm >''>'■ '""< : >^Kd 
wliMi Inrld c*m* near to Ihn ])i>4- 
plo, he ulntftl tliFiu. Then uniiroi- 

0«1 ftll ttio Vk-jckcd ti^oci nitJ mrn of 
Btlial, of IhiiM thni wviit wiili Da- 
vid, uitt uid, Hor-uiM tlir7 tvnit 
MM with u>, yn will out filre Iheni 
<Highl of tho spoil that we have rr- 
rp'rf'd, TOVp to rrvrj >nan hEi irtb 
mil] lux i-)illdn-a. liiui lhu7 nay Iwid 
Itirm aviny, itiil di'^jinrl. Tliun Mid 
Davi4t Yd fliiiU not do so. mT brc- 
tliire^u, vrith tliat nhich the Ldhd 
hstli ewta iia, Whu hatli )ii«nTTcd 

nt. uid ddiTMtd the vmpuf 
oaaa acaiiut na Into oar uM. 
wt» wil hcMlwii OBlo 7«« t 
mature Imt atUa pan if >tel 
dswu t« Die twttl*. w afWr Hi 
ht Unl tani«th bjr Uw auff: 
*hall PAH alilit. Ani K wu ** 
tlial ia.j fonrarii. tli»t he 
BiMate and an ordiauice fm 
unlo tliiB dajr. And whi 
nmo to 'JMAtfi, W arsi 
imto the clden <>( Judftb, 
frtcnd% (app^ Debold 

Co of iIh >|><m of (h> 
MtD ; Iq Mm irtiloh mm )■ 
cl, Mid (o AAra whidi vwrK ka 
Ranuilli, and la tAra whldt 
Jaltii. and ■« (Ami Hbatk 
AroCT, and t« fA««< wlncfc 
Siiditiinlh, and \a JAnn wUdl 
in Rihtanaa, aad ta lAra 
uvrr in l<B«bll, and to titem 
trvre in th» oilMa of the Jr. 
lint, i-nd to thtm irbi<h 
th* cltiB* of llw Krnilc*, 
tArn whleli nwra la i 
to itMi whioh tMtw in 
■ad to <A<m which wmw i 
and lo Arm whldi Hrtv in 
and to all tb* place* wboc 
hltniclf and bia mm irm 

April 14. ^onitiig, I Saml-kl XXXI. Ai'iiti 

Now tW Ptuliitines fouRht a- 
Atnut Inrutli nii<l tlLO mpn of 
Inacrfleil tn-ra befum tUn Philla- 
liiieii, uid (ell dowii ilaiu in mount 
Oilboii. And llie I'hiliitines follow' 
p(l hard ii[>iii iviti\ anti iipiii his 
K>D*i and ihc PhiliitLiiii'M hIi^w Jo- 
lutithaii. Had AliinaJn-b, and .Mclelii- 
timm. Saul's •ons. And ihu balllc 
mnt ■oro Dxainst Sniil. aiid t1ie 
MehsT* hit him; and h' wof tun 
wooBdod of (111) arclHTm. Tli»ii laid 
Sutl Oltlo lti> imoutbci-rcT. Draw 
tli7 twnrd. and tlirurt ma tlmtnKb 
tliornw itli i ImI tliuvi uncirtintiRiwd 
Mno and tliniit mo thrnugti. aud 
aAiMe DM. Hul hia aTowniWarvT 
waatd not ; for lie woa aora atraiA. 

hearer law that Saul wai < 
fnll likrwiw upoa hii 
iliiid irilli lilin. Saj>aiil<livd, i 
tbna iMu, and hb annev' 
and all hit men. that aaM* 

SUmt. AiuI whea tha i 
al V4TW on ihi Dthar 
valle7, mil Otep thai 
othar dde Jordan, mr thw « 
of Imol fled, aad (hat Saal I 
iwii« went it*i, Ibey 
citifH. aad HpJ; and tho flii 
came anil dncll in ibom. 
came to paas on the mo 
the Plululinee rame lo 
•lain, that tbHr found .. . 
iUtw ■ana tal\Mi Itt tnoual 

«/oflj SanI took • nrord. xnd ^ t\nw*4<*^**»S»;.U*! 
And whMi hb ntnow- \ to «>• \»«& W «* 1 

lib of Aaul. irh«8 Dintl iraa 
L bnin Uk lUJigbtor of Ibe 
■Bi, ud UaTJd had ibode 
b-ta 2lUtK; ll aiae trien 
Ign Ite Itdrd d»T, Uinl, ■«- 
taaa tsnw oat <d llie ramp 
bI «Wi kit ilotim rciii. uid 
bM hii hnd : and tn il wu. 
^tam to Davtd, thai lu^ Ml 
MKhuI4M obciwice. Aiiil 
■id UCd kiin, Fran whrnrt 
feM? And he nad nnlo 
l<f tte UMp of IsMl am 1 
i A>d PftTld nid DDto him, 
Mike Mailer^ I pny Itipf, 
And he «*i*rmd. Thai f be 
in Bed trma the batik, atid 
I Iba PMVU abo an (allun 
it Bad Btal and Jooatliaii 
«■ dnd alM. And Darld 
fl thB TDvag nan Uiat told 
nr toainat ihmt that Saul 
M^bi«tmbt<tMd? And 
■r ■•• that loM Mta taid, 
■fif il by (4iaaM vpoa 
ittoa, b«bi>ld, Saol Uaned 

I^W felloind hard aft«r 

L_ * L^d L.L 

id rrut tliein: 
. . . _ _l«i thai iprrt 
irtth him: and thtj maiiruad, anil 
irept, atid ratil«il uiitH ttrv, ftir 
fnaU anil fcr JonniliAfi IiIk Mti. and 
for llii: p<?njilc of Ihr I.nMi. and for 
tUe hniiBC iif Ikt:!!'! ; licraunc the; 
mm Mlru by iIil- Mtcril. And Ua< 
*lil Batd UDM tlip youiift man that 
told Mm, Wlirncc a'l thoa' Anil 
ht kciiwsrcd. I nil) the ron of a 
ilraiuiir, an AnialclciliJ. And Uafifl 
tlid aPW Uta, Hun vra.<l Ihuu not 
atald la (iKtcJi fortli iltine hand to 
dMtmjr the I.nnn'i snoinltd 'r Anil 
I^avid called od« of the yemiB men. 
aii<i uLid, Gi> uvar, and till upon 
hire. Aitd hr iinuta him tliat he 
died. Ad4 Oavld tuLd unto Llm, 
Tli^ blvod £0 upon tti^ head ; tor 
tl\y moil ill tiDlh IcitiScd a^oitut 
thn, ujiiiu, I liHru alaiu the Luau's 
onolulC'l- Aii-> I>avj J lauiauttd with 
tliii iBDienlntiDii oTcr Saul and OTvr 
Janallmn hie »in : (alao ht bade 

th*u taMli the ohilili«n «f Judah 

(i« M*« 4/' the bovr : behold. U i» 

wiiitaM in aha book of Jaahtr.) Tha 

Arau. IS. 


Jooftthu tanud Ml bMk. ud tl» 
nmd ot Sul oHiwii sol Miptr. 
8mi] ud Jouthui MMw Imwlr kod 

Couit in tluir Htm, Mid in their 
li UiFT irere not di'ided : ihtj 
wm (wiftoTtluii Molai. UwT «NM 
Mtcuw Hun UoiK. Y* damftww of 
ImwT, WMp orar Suil, irlio clothed 
foil in trMlat, with othrr delifihtK 
who put on aniainenu of iruld upon 

APKti. 15- 

nnr KpnnL 
fftlloD Stht m 
Jonuhut, Ami 
bgh pkeML I ftm < 
my btoUier Jcai ' 
hut thou bMB 1 
no mi modPifaUl 
nf wouoB. HMVt 
fftlleo, . 

iSorntiij. 2 Bahcbl 


ud tfct wd 

AND it eua» t« ytm tfUt tliJn, 
. that David auqnired «d itiv 
LuRD. Mjinft. SIibSI I iIeo up into 
&Dy af thi! <!itiv<i of JuJilj? \iii]I)ie 
LoRd mill niiti> him, lio u]). And 
Dutiil wui, Whitlirr nhall 1 h" npf 
Ami ili^ <3[it. l^nLu Hcbnm. ^u IH- 
vlil wtiit ii|> IliilliiiT. uiiil hit Ivro 
inrtn aUo, Alilnoam tlie Jmit*i1. 
iti-M, ami Ahitrsil NiIkiI'i wifi- tTir 
tirmelilff. And !ii« m»n tJul iDfrr 
itilb liiiii ilii! Duvii! briiii; u[i. citrj* 
null Hilli liiH lioiU'diotit : niitl lliry 
dtrrlt in llin cHin of Il*liri'ii. And 
tht lorn ai( Jiiilih rime, mil Ihr.rc 
111!!/ aouiiilcJ Uavid kinu uver llic 
hoiMe of JTidikli. And tliry K>l(l l>a- 
rJd.wrlnf;. /a«i the m^iv dlMntiMh- 

gilrad verr IlifH Imrtcil .Siiil. 
Aod UaviJ auiit nii'iBcnKifa ""to 
the men of Jiibnli-aliBiul, ui'i h>i<1 
UBio ihnro, Blamd 6* ye of V.» 
LoHii, llut ]r> h»Tg ntirivrd thin 
kindovn uuto j-our lurd. Kirjt unto 
Swil. ait'i \\cir biiricil liim. And 
DOTT Ihe Lcittii Btievr kiiiduew Olid 
truth uDto Tou: aud I \\ui wUl rc- 

JtuM roa this kinducH, bcraiuo yi 
>«• man th;« thing. lliensfoK auir 
IM }«nz huuU b« nniistlmncd, uid 
bo ye cftUuii: for joui ma«t«r ^ftul 
i( ccnd. mid uUo llie hgunc of Judih 
h«»B auornlnl nii? kin* o»Br llicm. 
But Abiirr the win of Nor, cuptaiu 
of SaDl** hotl, UvA Ith-lHMheth Ihe 
aon of Ssnl, aitU brottRht him over 
I* Mkhinun ; aad midc him king 
•VM Cilud, and ot«v tho A<hnnt««, 
Mnd oT»r J(>xi««l, and oror Rphtain, 
an4 orcr BviiJ&ialn, anil over all 
l*net. Isli-lHIihoth ^al'B ho imu 
iert^r pinia oiA irhua h« began to 

Ntjil OTvr IbimiT, I 
roan. But ihv honi 
lowed Datid. Aai 
l)a*ld wu htug to4 
honw «f Jodah wtrt 
idx nonth*. Aad 1 
t1i« am if SMd. \ni 
hanalm u OfbcdB^ 
■nn of ZcniMi, ani 
Uatid. wi-iil out. It 
by the t>oi>l ut Oil 
ul down. Iliu oiM 
nf th* poiil, and d 
□thci udR of the ft 
mid 10 Juab, Lei I 
now ttrlM, and jAag 
Joob wid. Let tht 
Ihrrc oroK and wei 

bur tn-rlTF of BenJB 
Uiiiifd lu Ish-boalioti 
and twehe of lb* m 
Aiid Ihejr euiatt «l 
loir b^ (lie Eaadfl 
trrurd tii liii foUoil 
fell down toatlm 
plnoc WM called 9 
which w in Gl' 
a yvTj turn 


And Xhm wciv tt 
luiih tlivro, J««ih I 
Aabirl: uiil AaaW 
(uDl lu a wild roa.d 
furd afUi Abotr;! 
lurned Dot l« the a 
lh« left from fallslf 
Arl \ho» Aultd?^ 
cil, I ofli. And 
i:«n the* aaide 


■mtOi On Uain md of 
MM Utn nnder the UUi 
• (PMi euDv *Dt l«hind 

thU down then, iind 
« pk<* : Mil It cuia 
0l »• "f ** (^uio (o 
wktn A«li«) bll down 
imdMOL JoAbkboaod 
jVMd aflrr Atorr i and 
M 49wa wlBB lb** Kvrv 
to hill of AniD&h, llut 
I GUi br till yrtf of (he 
of GibMik. And til* <lul- 
njaaim ^htnd tbom- 
Dtfirr afUr AbniT, aiiil 
I tfoop. aad MooJ on (he 
MU, The» Abon calird 
,SImU thP (wohI 
Ihou not 

Biinl a[i(r Israel tiff inorc, neither 
foiiK'il tliej ■nr mun. And Abncf 
Bod bii ni*n w«lk«tl All that nlgM 
Itmugh llie pbin, hiI pMMd om 
•lorilui. uid wiut ihrovg^b all Ditfc- 
ron, and tlwr csri* to Miiluiiuum. 
Aud Joab reliiniod from fiflluwina 
Abn«r: iknd when he tiitd in^therM 
kll ilir {woplc (''K'-Ilicr, then lacked 
of llitml'4 ^iTonli niuflvco men 
■nil A*»hul. Hit! On nrvunit of Da- 
Till had inittuiii at llciijamin, knd 
of Ahner** inon, m> that timo ban- 
drvd and tlin«oor« in«n iiti, And 
Uin look UD Amllvl, and bartcd him 
111 111* Mpu'chni of hit tallipr, vliich 
VNU in fUtb-lchem. And Joab and 
hia niEi) mnt all nighl, and Ihejr 
Dame lo lltbron at break of dAjr. 

Clitnms, iS Sauvkl III. 

ApniL 12. 

«r»i )ona nt be- 
houM of S«b1 and 
af IHtM : bat David 
Hucr and ttrMign', and 
•r SmI trastd wcalwr 
r. And uata Darid werv 
in tl«bra«: and hia tnt- 
AamiiB, of AtiinoacB th* 
i; and hia accand. Dd- 
t>toiU the wife of Nabal 

lUUiiii mu Rlniah, the darutitcr of 
Aiah : and trn-toth*lfi uiif lo Ab- 
nrr, Wh w aftore hail tlinii gono in 
iiiil« my Httutt't miionliinit? TboD 
WM Abner tdij- irrolh for the worda 
of lib-boihclh, and naid, .Ini 1 a 
dog'i h«ad. wbicK n^iiirt Judali do 
atK^nc kiniJiirvi Ihu day unto the 
hodtc uf Saiil iKy filhcr, lo hi* hn- 
tbrm, and to liJt triendj. and hate 


~lo lAh-hoiilK'tb SnulV tiaa, .°Dyins, 
Xfelirer me my wife Micliu. nhicli 
I MMIMtd M UE («r u buiidNd 
toMUU of (he rbiliilincB. And 
Idi-toAetii WDti and toO'k her from 
ktr hnpbkutl, rren frvm I'hallicl tk' 
Mft of I<*ia1i. Ami livT liunliaiiil vrpiil 
Wllh htt aloDK wMplna bctiinit her 
IvB^uuln. lliFn nicl aWft uiiio 
Um, Oo, retura. An<] h« nltirnr-d. 
Am AbiiCT liB'l ruinnniinullun witii 
tlw eldan of I unci, wjiiig, ¥a 
•ousht for Daiid m liniiii ]>ut to 
Ite iinif vvr yuo ; uuvr thrn tlo if - 
for lh» l,<ini> lialh HiJukfln ul ll;»i<J, 
a^liu, Uj' tlia hjtna of My tHcviiit 
D»*la I irill MTo M; pDopIo lir«ol 
vat of tbn hand of (h« PliilistiniH, 
mnd OnC 'tfO^t* hnniL of iH thvir niict' 
mlo*. AniJ jVliiifvr ulao tpiAr in tlic 
••n of Bcqjainlii: and AI>iiot mm 
kbo to q>Mk in iho pars of DaviJ 
in Hebran all lli>t fl«sin<td fonil lu 
Ixriuil, siiil that ux^Died good to tlw 
vrlioln lioiinr of Btnjsrain. So Ab- 
Dor TAliLC to Da.iI4 to ll^bTOD. anJ 
twifiity mm witli liiio, Aiirf iHviJ 
iii»Jp Abij'T ftiiil lliM toiMi iliul 'crrr 
w!tli hliD II fiiut. Ai»l Abntrr mIJ 
uBto David, I triW aruo ftnd go, and 
will Rather all Imcl unto my lord 
(111) kiDH, thai ihcy may makv .i 

ull lh»t ihim doiHi.^ 
»b vtu touio out [r« 
MBI notimgtn klltr; 
broncbt bin ksun fra 
Sinh; but Da*i<I kool 
wbvn AtiiKT wM rcM 

bn>n, JiMkb tAfk liirn 
B*W l» ipMk nnh Ul 
inoto Un ihcpo OBdai 
that bo JM, far Uw bl 
hU InvUimr. And afl 
Dadd hnud il, 1» a 
kingdom ore galltlM 
Li»» Ibr nw frooK 
Abiiar tli» »on »f N« 

on Ihc head at Joob, i 
fiili<r^4 hoUH ; aad 
fjLiI from Ihs bowe of- 
luih an i»mv, or Ibat 
that loanetli on k oul 
cth on the aword, or 
bnod. So JoaJt »ai 
bralher ilow AbiMT, b 
■lain llwir brotlwT AM 
in llto batllo. And 
ab. adid tO «II ._ 
KJtli Mm, lUnd 
uird yon villi SM 
brfun Aboor. And 
it(/_ followed ibo 
buried Abncr In I! 
kinif lifl4nt up^hia ti 


ArftiL \S. 

' cIm, Un Die ntn he 
41 Vm peoirir tuuk no- 
I ll pImmiI tlivu: at, 
M Ung did pltMVd all 
rsr kll Uie pvopiD kud 
kntwi that &T U»t 
ib« ung: wid 


unio lili wrvsnUk Knot* yt not that 
ihcTT u ft pnnrr and r urtil mau 
fiillcn lhf3 djy in Itrscl? An'l 1 
am this ilay weak, Ihoiich anoirld 
kinc ; :iii'i 1\kv mea [tii? wni of 
Zoruiali /« l(Ki lidti] fur via : tliu 
Limii aliall tijitari) Ihp itofi uf t*tl 
stttTiliuK li> his iritikfduru. 

jilting, 2 Samcki. IV. 

Ai-iiii, i6. 

Saalti «a hrirt lh»t 
"M di»4 ill ilthron, hi> 
mU^ >Dd at Ihe I,. 
UmUc4. And Saiil'n 
■m Uai tMTtf capulnit 

oaaw of ihp ona ten* 
Uw HUB* or th« Mhrtr 
«kl of Rlnman > R»r- 
•InMmi of Btqjutfii: 
>!•• wu raekwed lo 
■d tb* H««rolUlufled 
•nJ wire Mjoanwre 
hb dkjr.) Anil Jaiu- 

M> Hb wia £*• V(Bn 

fidin^ CMao of Sanl 
t Mit <rf JntTMl. and 

Uh np, tad Ard! tad 
«. •« Ui« made hule 

!■ fril, and bMiuna 
lb aaui* trai KlEptii- 
I ik ■uiw of Riianuiii 
It, RMliBb ftnd Ilw- 
4 aww kboDt the licit 
I IIm hvoM at ]>b-bo- 
|7 OB a bod U twon. 
Mt thilk* bta lhi> 
bmiK » lAoufh timy 
tthfi wKot; aiid th«7 
dtr llw 8flb rii uid 

Bf — h Ua t*Qlh*r 
' i^ w ll>^ caw« Into 

hr on bu W in hia 
•M tbty «Dale Uio, 

ti)'l tl«w him. aiifl Iii:>Iie)d;d hjoi, 
uid look lilt hroil, luid k*\ tlwin 
■war ttirough ihi- i-lnin til nlubt- 
Anil tlii^ br-i'i^lil Ilir lip»'i oj Ith- 
biMliDtli mill) Un'itI Ui Ufbron, knil 
nid lo LhL- kiH^. HthoW ihr- hnnj «f 
tnh'bosbctli thu cnti of Nml tliLna 
ninnjr, wliiph Knight Ih;r lifa ; lad 
lit* l.nitii hatti nvvngvil mjr lunl the 
king till) day ai Saul, and of hi* 
•w1. Ami Lhirid answiiwd Reohab 
iii'i lluiiinh hin lirolhrr, tJH^ wmg of 
RtiiiULcni I1i» ilMTOlhlM. and aiiid 
ocilDitiein, .!> the Lonii 1lveth,Who 
hiith rpilccmni ay auul oot of all 
ad'i-r-ilj. 'rhcti iini lold me, o^- 
iD^ B«l'i{>1<1, Saul in di^ad, tliinkitiff 
u> nara hroitghl leoiA liJini^ I tooE 
hoU of hbn, and alcn him in Zik- 
W, who thought ihut 1 irould luT* 

Cirrn him a ruwaril fur hi' tiditiKi: 
ow mnoh mon^ vrhnn wipbnl men 
hni> Kliln a rigWoua pcHon In hi* 
ovni houK upon Ilia h«d r ihull I nnjt 
tln'rvfuiv tiuw iwiiire hin blood vt 
j\y\\t lurid, und thki* .*i^<i away fnm 
thu uarlli^ Anil David comiuanded 
bb 3vung imrn, and thcT ■lo"' ihrm, 
and eut off thpii huida and llwir 
HfcI, and )ivis"d Oitrm up orar Iho 
nCHil in IlKhmn. Bill ihcT took the 
nrul of Imh-haalielh. uid bunwl it 
in Ulo Hpalolm of Abn«r in il»> 


Cbttring, S aAMUKi. V. Aritii. I& 

Id lo llkH. Thou mholl t'rtA Kf 

people Imcl, ind thon xhslt h» a 

vsiilain 0T«rl"T»*l, S» all Ihe tild- 

if InniMl vintc ib (he kins U 

____ J llw Uibri of Ii- 
tmA unto llfbroti, nnd 

; B*b«ld. w* aif thr 

r flub. Alw In timtt 
nl MM king Old lu, 
I llnl Mdal ««1 ^uA 

Hnbrmi ; tU'l kins Uuiid maM I 
loa;^a irith ihem in Ui'bran W 
Jbn lA( Lout: anil ib«y tawiM 

AruL 17. 

IHtii ktog over ln»l. Dsrld anw 
that; r»" "^•i "hea he began ta 
rein, dnrf be niRUHt fMtr tmh- 
1b HaWoii lie tvisned cmr Jutkli 
M10U ]rou« miJ *Ji moDlli*: an J 
In JtnmJftm Ho ri'imicd thirty vid 
ttuM J«aj) over sti Inncl ami Jii- 
dah. Ami Uif Wiii); anJ lii> rnnii 
WMil to Jonu-ntiMa uiitu Ovr Jobii- 
ritei, thu inbBbitinlK of Ihe tind: 
wtiiro Hjiakt unto Duvid, sarins. 
Exoiipt lli<>» tnlcH j^war tliv Miixl 
■sd IliD lime, (lioii nrliBll oat eoatB 
in hither : tliinkintc. Uivii cannot 
eoni« in liilliur. Ncrertlialfw Dniid 
took tlm Htrvng lio1<l of Ziiin : UiP 
unw u tUi) Etly vf Hnviil. And Da- 
rid uii oil tliat d:i.v, WhoiocTCt 
gctlcth Df lo Uie uiitUr, iiid nail- 
«tli the Jebunilo*. oud tiiu lame uid 
thii hliiiil, Ihal utr lialml «t I>i>iil'i 
«Oiil, A* lAu// tir rAi*/<in(( niptain. 
Wherotote they aaid. The blind unJ 
till) Univ kIibII not eaiac idio Ihc 
hniifci.. S:> ll»vl(l liwpll In tho foTt, 
nnd callivl it Ihn oily of David. And 
Dfttid built raiind nbout ftom Millo 
and iun-ud. Aad U&vid mnt on. 
aii'l ffi^w gK&t. uid ttie Lonn God 
of Iiatu iF'u with hJD- And HJMin 
kinjt of T>Ti( iwnt nM«anscm to Da- 
vid. Bud enixT iTMa-MiiI <upcDl«r>. 
aii<l tnuoni : and tliey balli D&iiiJ 
M liniiM. And Diivid pprcrlvrd ihst 
thn I.DBD hod ocUtih-Oiril liiin kins 
ovet ImC'l, nad Ihnl iii-hadiM.alk'd 
hil UiiKdoiu flit IllB [itu|>!<! l^raHl'a 
tdu. And D&vid idol: Aim rn>>r(< 
COturabinrii and wivpi; onl of Jirn- 
nJrni, uftcr lie w^t I'otne fruiu IU>- 
btun; and theru wrre veI mva md 
dauatiWii twm lo Darld. And lliM« 
b« tiw DomM of tlioK ilot wn« 



bom «■(« lu« In JfwlMil 
miuh.and Shubab. aaJ Ni<fe| 
Salpmoa, IUmt alM, (ai 
and Napbw, and JapUt, 
■tiama, and CUada. and 1 
Bui wlH>n the PUIMmmI 
tlier had annnUd DmU 
Iiraol, aU tb* PUIblbM 
to iMK Da*id; and DaHd 
U. and west domi i« tbe ' 
I'iiilijtiaaa alto aaa* and 
thiNiLMdTM JB Iht nJbf 
phatni. And Daitd (oqaM 
Lord, tmying. Shall I •« vf 
I'hiliiliiiM? vrilt Ibon daU 
into miua hand? And ftl 
Mid uttta Dind, Ua m: 
dnubdaa dalirar the FUENi 
tu lliiiie huid. And Da*id 
thri*, and Mid. Th* Lon 1^ 
ken foith Dpan ntna cuiill 
lue, u thd breach of •ratctfc 
fum be failed tbe name (tVn 
llail-poniJm. And tk«n 
tlieir imjiftM. and pKrid 
Dion bumcd than. .\fid tk* 
tinu fanu np ret u»Ja, aad 
IhcBiMlTM InlluTiJIejofH 
And Khan David anq«iN< 
Loan. Ha Mid. TImb ' ~ 
up: hut fti«h ft tomtjtm 
Itivm. and Mma npoa iliw 
(isliitit die nulbcny tiMi. 
ii bo, whim thcM bMfMl t 
of A swng in tho tcpa at ' 
berry Ires, tliU (Im IfcM 
tilr thi-M'lf : for ttea ■hftU I 
HO oitl before (hm, to mfW 
of th> rhiliitinn. And U 
■u, u iliH Lord bul 
him: and Hnote ihe I'hilMii 
Gcba UDllI thoD com I* 

ApstL 17. 

fHorning, 8 Samv bl VI. 


AGAIN. David saibBWd togetli^r 
uH iKk chowa Pitcn of laranl, 
tliiTty Lliuuaud. And Dtrld inuM, 
Bud wont nith nil tliu pvuiitc tlial 
vtii wlih him from itaafp of Judali. 
to bHnu up fr)iii Ihrnnr llic xrk of 
Ood, Wliijje iininf i< ■r.iUud by thif 
nanie ol Ihe Lnuu of liu«u Ttiit 
dwtUnh UltBitn Vue chftiuUma. 

And tltry «at tho uk tf C 
a nrw cart, and broo^ I 
iho huuiw af Abiundak (M; 
Gibeili: and U^h tad J 
Mna of Abiiutdab, inn 
nirt. And iLajr bmn^Aj 
the tiouae of AUoaiw M 
at liibsaht BMOi] 
(AtitiA-. ud Alilo wnt I 



•nrf aQ te tiDiiHi 
hefon tin Lord 
mMlmmrtit* mtuir 
on hum^ aiul on 
m tiaitMa, and on 
eynbUi: And vlmi 
t» hukan't Uir«tLiiij)- 
nh put iaeih hit tmiul M 
«( CM. ud iwk boll] of 
k «lMt tfaotdc it. And Ihff 
An Lou «*• kindloil »■ 
1Mb I aad Ood mmu bim 
I Ait wror: aad U»m h« 
buk«f4iod. AiulDaTJd 

[*] ■*. bcMDM ihn Ll>KU 

m ft bRwcb npou L'uali: 
■IM iht &>■• of iht pliM 
nh M «U* d«T. Anil n>- 
I tfraid cf Um Ldkd ihnt 
I Bid. ll*» riMU Itw ark 
o^ eaoe lo b« ? So I>i- 
U Ml ttBora llw ftfk tf 
» nto tiiDi into ibc dif of 
an Oarid (sniai it uide 
iaaat tit Obci]-«diiiii the 
Iht ufc of Uir Lbittt 
boUM •( Obrd-«dom 
mwiilii: iDil tlic 
■fflHD, saj all 
And H WM told kius 
TIm LoBfi huh bkie- 
'«( Obcd-edomi tfid sU 
M BUM Um, bt«MM 
G«d. t)0 pKTid went 
■p Ih* Hk «f God Xrom 
' Ob»d-rdom !■(* tlie 
wiili ^kdncM. Anil 
. wbcD tbtj Ihal bare 
it tim L«*.B IimI Jlijlir,- HI 
wrlflcwd 03on Kod (al- 

.d I>mnd daneed before the 
lb kU Au niflhl ; and Ua- 
|Wad ■riib > Kara tpbod. 
Md aD Uw bauM et l-mal 
B Ik* art: al the Lnsa 
Nlas^ aod with tW nwDd 



of l)i« trntSMl. And u llw ark of 

(h< I.Ditn cam* ifllo thi' <iily '^f Da- 
vid. MichaJ Saul'f danK'ii^r hiuki-d 
thfoniili a ttinJuw, inj mw bluu 
David iMiiiBC anJ duurlnfi befnra 
the Lord; and she dcapiwid lirm in 
her liL-sri. And tbaj bron^l in Uio 
ark of iUd Lomw and atl It in llii 

pItlV. ill tllf UjidM of Ibe UbOTDMlt 

ilint liinil hu:| pitetwd for It: aad 
Ilniid uOorid burnt offariiun and 
PMM offininK* befna Uie Lord. 
AdJ a« »oon u UhTid bad mada 
an tnd of ofMsg burnt oSbrbip 
and pMoa oflbniiga. be bltnad ilu 
peopla in the name of the Loud 
of huatt- And lie de&ll amotiil ail 
tbo pciiptc, tvfii aninng the Whole 
niullltudi' of 1i>ru>l. ki nrll tu ihc 
winatu .11 roi:n, to every tiiic a e.iVi; 
uf bitfiil. aud u uui'd t'lecK iiTjtttH, 
uid a Uhmuu (if mini. .N>iiU iIk pcv- 
plo dciinrli'il rTi'rj onr (o hii 1iudm> 
Thrn l)ariil rrtnrticil Ui blun hii 
tiouBcliulii. And Mji'IiuI tbo diia|Vh- 
Icr of tuul cauir utit tu mu«l Iw- 
Tld, anil uid. How gloriona iru 
(ho kind of lirwl tu dar, wba an- 
ooien'd IiinuKlf tu dar m Uw ajM 
of tils haadawldi ol Di* MrruM, 
u uiic cf Ih* rala (ollom Aaioa- 
ItMlj UDCOTenlh lilmiclf! AuilDa- 
•iU said unto MirhoJ, /( inu h/titn 
tlu Lonu, Wliicli chuBC me bdfuic 
thr faUiiert and bt-Iur* all hU b»a>«, 
to apiwliil iu« nikr orir the {wo- 
nlpof ihc LoatsoTcr IumI; tbvrv- 
(ijrij will I plajr beXorn tho l.nau. 
Ai)d 1 iiill jrvt b* nutro vile thMi 
Iliup, HnJ will be b»H in miiia 
own ilglit : uil of th« uuiidtrrvaiit* 
irliii:li Ihou liHt ipnktu uf, of iLcm 
■hail I V lu<l in bonour. Tbcn- 
for* .Micliil tbe dangbler of Saal 
hftd no dilld imta tbo day »f b«r 

ApHtL 17- 

Cfitning, 2 Saxcbl VII. 

nrJar, but iho ark of O'ld awoltDlli 
wlthiii curtains Ao'l JJniliaii mjd 
to tixr. kiag, Ha, du kH tl>al ■' >a 
thing hc^ari ; for Chi Luiii> h vrith 
tlire. Aiid It camu to f»aa tbtt 
c^t, (/ml the word uf th* Lqu» 

to HHa, vtlion Iho 
I in Uf iMDae, and (ho 
«»■ Un ml runad 

' '>* *a(iiiiiea ; tint the 

^atllaa lk« 
itwcll tn an 

Ann. 17. 



oun* unto Nittian, nvlnB. Ga uid 
■ell Atx Bcrrmt Ltavid. Thu* oaitli 
ih* Ijuiiii. i>lralt iliou Luilil Ma ui 
hoiiM tot Mo la durvll In? WlM««- 
»a I tuvo nnt ilvrelc in nitjr hoiuw 
flbkcie the Ifmc thai [ (>Tviuj;ht up 
the cbiUrvn uf I (nirl nut <>f )-*i,';ii!. 
■i-ea to tliM i!»T, Lot havf wklkvil 
Id k Mat and la k t&lMruulH. In 
nil Ihtplacii tw\ietr\a. I have irtlkcd 
wjth kU tbf clilMrfD nf Inmvl •f.ika 
I k word with uiy of (In- liilim iif 
Ivm^I, wbon I aommimU'il \a fixd 
My people IsrMl.wyiiift.Vi'hv build 
JO not Mv an \mitB of c«du? Now 
llwrtforn M *hiklt tlwu any uiitd M; 
■wrmnt Vmvid. Tliui «il1i Ihi- [^iiii 
«f hofta, 1 tMik tlico from tlir aheap- 
MU, fram folbwinit tlie ibtop, to 
b* rulwr (n«T My iKKnili", «r*T !■- 
tMl : and I wai wilb lK»o whitlier- 
•6«r(r than nvotent, wid li»Vit out 
olT&ll thine »netiiiM one ef Ihj-UKht, 
ud haT« madt lhe(» a rrvnt uani;. 
liks unto th« nun* at iho atmI nwn 
tltftt an in the Rurth. MacnnvcT I 
will ippoint k nlnec f«r My poopl* 
Ian«l, and will plant tbem. tutt 
Ih^r may dwell in • plaM ai their 
(imi. and nDW no more: n^'iiW 
nhiil) the ehUdrtn oi wickfJnMi ;if- 
fliat ibea uv nora, u bcfcretino, 
■nd u able* tka Unu that I eom- 
fliBn'ti^il iadji-a 16 he over Mr peo- 
pk Itncn. mil hnrs niiwil wm to 
■Mt rroui ill thins cnnniii'ii. Aim 
Ibc LuHii ttfllmh ihoe that Ho nill 
tuAv itim sa hoiua. And w)i«ii 
0)7 dtj'i he fiilfHluii. and thou thali 
*lMp with thy fnthpn. I will lot 
Op thy awd aftrx thw. which »yiall 
prMced uiit of 111; txiwrli. and 1 
will Mtti)ilk«tt His liii^-duDi. il« »tiall 
bnild an houiw fur Mv nsin*. and 
t will Mlabliih iho ifiTTiiv of hii 

kiOKdtilii tut wet. I will be liJ* k- 
ther, ftad lie iliall lie >t>' >""■ If h« 
mmtDli Iniquit}-. I mill «buwn him 
with thu rod of mm. unit with the 
ulripM of the i-.hildnii of taat : hut 
M)f mVTcy shkll not depart iwnjr 
from him, as I tuuk U Iram SquI, 
whom I put away b«fcra thM. Anil 
tliinc liuDiv and thy kingdom shill 
4* eaiahliahitd tor ctot hebm VhM -. 


ihy ikroM 
«cr. Aorardiiu 1* all 
Md iMtalilmg l« all I 
did Nation tptak ma 
went Iclajt liorid ia, • 
the Loan, and ha bU 
l> Lqr<l(iOi>? andwfia' 
tlisl Tlwu hul bfDUsI 
ta? And llila waa tM 
in Thv aittbt. O Lon 
Than lujit tfnkco aUi 
•■111'* hiniaf for a gi 
ctiRi». And >■ thb tl 
man. (> Lord Golt* A 
Darid say moR lurtf 
Tlinit, Liurd God, Iedo* 
v»iit. I'lir Thy min] 
Bccordiiix to Thin* «W 
Thou doni! all thiM , 
to nuke Thy atrrani 
Wl>«n&r* Thou art « 
Ood: lot thtrt ii not 
BDitbar ii lAfvc xw 
TkM. MMrdinti to all 
hMTd with IMF nra. 
ono nation in tha MttI 
ptopla, rarn like load 
went to redeem for 
Hinaolf, and to loike . 
mill til An fiiryou gni 
ii-rribto, fur Thy kuid 
pi'iipli!. whieh Thou B 
Tbvv riMiu KiorpU/rM 
anii tlwlr gmi*? fWTl 
flmod Id Thviulf Thy ; 
la Ac a pBupla ualo Tl 
and 11iuu, Loan, ait ' 
lind. And now. O 1.0 
woni that ThoQ hut 
(wruiiitf Tliy atrvant, i 
inn hii liuiiiF. ntablia) 
and du an TIhm haM ■ 
Thy iinmt bo mncoM 
myin^, Ilia Loan of 
Uod oiriTr Iirael : tad 

of Thy wrraat l>iTid 

ed |i«foi« ThM, ForT 
of hmls, God t>r Ifniel, 
»d in Tbj ferrant. n 
build this an houiBi ll 
Thy aorraot foand hi 
pray tliii prayor unio 
now. U Lord Gon, tl 
Ood, and Thy womo i 
Thfitt taut ponuMd I 

II. IX. 

al: Ihvninv uvn 
I ThM Iv blMs the huDiv 
Bt, UiM It OAjp wn- 
•r bcfoo Thoc: {w 


Thuu, Lord fiim, hii-t npuli-ii 
iV," un4 n'itli Thy }ili'>.«tTi« l^t (lie 
liOua^ <ii TliJ -uTrtaat bv Idlvtiat^J fur 

^loniing, 2 Samvbl VIII. 

. .- tia» U Ulna U r'*^. 

. tkrtd moto iIk PlitlU- 
L^dUacd Ibna: and Da- 
I oat o( Ihc 
_ . . AihI Iw 

»d BMMMiI th*aa 
■Ming llwm d^jim to 
It •*»■) wiUi two lines 
Ik tvjiDt t« dvBtii. and 
Ul ItM lo Im«p nliie. 

. aa</ broUKht ^fu. 

■tu lluUiIcur, thi 

, Um oI Zohah, lU ho 

rar b0 iMrder at tlir 

A*d DatiJ louk 

> Iha—taJ charinlt. aiiil 
I iMOCBuia. snJ twen- 
footmen: kud Dtvid 

IIk chuSol horiet, bnt 

Ihriu yiir Ml hiiiidnd 

ka4 wliia til* .'^jriiini of 

I eiM* U mcconr Hk^Iad^ 

tvo and Imntjr lliou- 
^Tfci'D iJkTid tiut csrrl' 

MUCni: and llip 

rvMU to Da (id. 

And tlie LAlt^