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Full text of "Dance concert program, 2004. The University of the Arts School of Dance Presents: Rhythms of the City. The Merriam Theater, December 10 and 11, 2004"

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School of Dance presents 

R H 

H M 



The Merriam Theater 
December lo & ii, 2004 



The University 
OF THE Arts® 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2011 with funding from 

LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Rhythms of the City 

Merriam Theater 

The University oe the Arts 

"Only the wise can dance the Rhythm of Life.... " 

- Unknown 

The School of Dance offers professional training leading to a four-year BFA degree 
in Ballet, Modern, or Jazz; or in Performance/Dance Education; or to a two-year 
Certificate. Our aspiring young artists are prepared to pursue careers in perform- 
ance, teaching or choreography. Recognizing the changing parameters of our art 
form, we encourage and support individual student creativity and provide the 
knowledge and skills necessary for graduates to manage their future careers. 
Former students of the School of Dance have gone on to perform with such promi- 
nent companies as Alvin Alley, the Joffrey Ballet, Philadanco, Jose Limon Dance 
Company, Bejart, and Momix. They have also appeared in Broadway productions of 
Fosse, Fame, 42nd Street and Movin'On. Alumni have become dance teachers in 
high schools, colleges, and private dance studios. Graduates have found numerous 
choreographic opportunities in companies throughout the world and several have 
established their own companies. 

The School of Dance is one of the largest dance programs in the United States. 
This March, more than 1200 dancers from Australia, Bermuda, Japan, Hawaii and 
across the United States will come to the UArts School of Dance for the 7th 
National/International High School Dance Festival. The 4 days of classes, perform- 
ances and workshops culminate in gala performances in the Merriam Theater, show- 
casing the best of high school dance. 

Thonk you for sharing this evening with us and we hope you enjoy the program. 
Please note that all photography and all videography is strictly prohibited. 
Thank you for your cooperation. 



(No one is faithful. I am weal<, I go astray.... Forgive me for my ways) 
Choreography: Christopher L Huggins 
Assistant to Choreographer: Kayoko Amemlya 
Rehearsal Directors: Kim Y. Bears-Bailey & Ahmad M. Lemons 
Music: Meshell Ndege Ocello 


Joseph Bunn, Kyle Clark, Jill Collins, Richard Dieter, Jasmine Forest, Kelly Gill, Mary 
Glackmeyer, Lindsey Gruber, Allan Harmon, Jesse Jones, Marlayna Locklear, Teneise 
Mitchell, Darian Moore, Lauren Putty, Alex Ringler, Skyler Rodgers, Anneliese Sari, 
Frances Lai Stohlman, Danielle Torre 


Choreography: Brian Sanders 

Set Design: Pedro M. da Silva 

Music: Juan Garcia Esquivel, Art of Noise; Talitha McKenzie, Banco de Gaia, 

Lhasa De Sele 


Holli Colino, Sara Lonngren, Shana McCartney, StephanieMeliti, Marvin Millora, Teneise 

Mitchell, Greta Pinyan, Alexander Ringler, Coralis Rivera, Maggie Ryder, Anneliese Sari, 

MaryEllen Sharrer, Rachel Spada, Summer Stephens, Danielle Torre, Alisa VanCort, Tyra 




A Collaboration among the School of Dance, the School of Music, Writing for Film and 
TV and the Media Arts department * 


This is the story of MATT and CARLA, who meet and fall in love against the backdrop of the city. The graf- 
fiti of abandoned lots and the rhythms of street life set the stage for their romance. Add a sax player, 
who plays at the local Swing Club, who has the "hots" for Caria, and you have heat. Mix it, swing it, and 
let the "rhythms of the city" move you. 

Collaboration Coordination: Susan Glazer 

Dance Coordinator: Kim Bears-Bailey 

Script: Jeffrey Ryder 

Music Coordinator: Marc Dicciani 

Visual Arts coordinator: Harris Fogel 

Digital Projections designed by: Duston Kemper, UArts Senior Film Student 

Lighting Design: Jay Madara 

Matt: Jesse Jones 
Carla: Frances Stohlman 


Music: Leonard Bernstein, America from West Side Story 

Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim 

Choreography: Karen Cleighton 
Musical Director: Terry Boyle Greenland 
Accompanist: Katie Stanislavaskaya 
Rehearsal pianist: Chris Ertelt 
Percussion: Mike Pietrusko 

Members of ensemble: 

Soloist: Amanda Bay, Maxx Passion, Sara Reardon 

Core: Yaqshaan Abdul-Malik Ralph Coppola, Jenna Domin, Samantha DuBoff, Jennifer 

Hurley, Jessica Kroboth, Jesse Jones, Rachel Levy, Stephanie Male, Angie Riepensell, 

Ryan Richardson, Vincent Roach, Tricia Stanley, Ryan Tuerk, Joshua Wright 

Choreography: Kim Y. Bears-Bailey 

Rumble Ensemble The School of Music, Marc Dicciani, Director 


Elizabeth Boyd, Jason Chuong, Samuel Dent, James Dudas, William Grillo, Alexis Olsen, Philip 

Pardell, Eric Slick, Ashley Tini, Alan Toka 


Danielle Aviezer, Tamera Brown, Becky Byers, Jaclyn Dunne, Kelly Gill, Lindsey Gruber, Lindsey 
Hashinguchi, Tara Henderson, Rayna Kampanelas, Marlayna Lockear, Sara Lyons, Lia 
McPherson, Erington Moore, Chantel Parrett, Lauren Putty, Lindsay Restaino, Skyler Rodgers, 
Laura Tucker, Valeen Williams 

Choreography: Faye Snow 
Composer: Duke Ellington 

Interpreted by: The UArts Big Band, William Zaccagni, Director 


Alto: Michael Cemprola, Andrew Sorenson 

Tenor: Brian Adamczyk Jonathan Rees 

Baritone: Kevin Korn 


Christopher Aschman, Thomas Levecchia, Evan Lindner, Robert Reustle, Robert Stein 

Trombones: Theodore Blohm, Michael Eustace, Joseph Ferrante, Harrison Horowitz, 

Daniel Leimer 

Rhythm Section: 

Piano: Jason Brown 

Guitar: Brian Manser 

Bass: William Johnson, Timothy Lappin 

Drums: William Grillo, Jonathan Van Osten 


Abigail Borzewski, Tacy E. Bradbury, L'Orelia Davis, Sandra Davis, Joi Anissa Favor, Jasmine 
Forest, Jared Giordano, Danielle Grimm, Ashley Nicole Johnson, Maya Johnson, Jesse Jones, 
Lance Liles, Mariah Lewkowitz, Lindsey Mal<ovsky, Mandy Marakowski, Melissa Metro, Kandace 
Nunn, Emily Price, Marcus Robinson, Skyler Rodgers, Molly Root, Leslie Silver, Michael Weems 


Choreography: Curt Haworth in collaboration with the performers 
Rumble Ensemble The School of Music, Marc Dicciani, Director 


Elizabeth Boyd, jason Chuong, Samuel Dent, James Dudas, William Grille, Alexis Olsen, Philip 

Pardell, Eric Slick, Ashley Tini, Alan Toka 


Danielle Catone, Brooke Chaffee, Kyle Clark, Robin Cohen, Jill Collins, David Dillow, Christina 
Gesualdi, Melissa Goodbout, Laura Jenkins, Kaleigh Jones, Jacklyn Koch, Darian Moore, Laura 
Muzerall, Johnica President, Danielle Ragaglia, Jilly Richcrik, Catherine Scanlon, Ashley Seldon, 
Zach Svoboda, EricTheilman, Hope VanSas 

Choreography: Andrew Pap 

Music: Unknown Soldiers, Composed by: Rick Lawn 
Interpreted by: The UArts Big Band, William Zaccagni, Director 
Conducted by: Rick Lawn 


Alto: Michael Cemprola, Andrew Sorenson 
Tenor: Brian Adamczyk Jonathan Rees 
Baritone: Kevin Korn 

Christopher Aschman, Thomas Levecchia, Evan Lindner, Robert Reustle, Robert Stein 
Trombones: Theodore Blohm, Michael Eustace, Joseph Ferrante, Harrison Horowitz, Daniel 
Rhythm Section: 

Piano: Jason Brown 

Guitar: Brian Manser 

Bass: William Johnson, Timothy Lappin 

Drums: William Grillo, Jonathan Van Osten 

Synthesizer: Matt Hyzer 

Percussion: Michael Wyatt 


Ashley Ayers, Joseph Bunn, Jennifer Cadden, Paige Colas, Richard Dieter III, Elizabeth 
Glendinning, Lisa Kazmer, Sara Lonngren, Laura Martin, Monteece Mask, Sarah Miller, Jennifer 
Mooney, Alex Ringler, Joseph Rivera, Megan Rumberger, Anneliese Sari, LeSana Sharpe, Jill 
Vanek, Kelli Venter 


The vibrant and renowned Suzanne Roberts escorted by distinuguisehd President 
Miguel Angel Corzo perform a dance of elegance and style. 

* The University of the Arts is grateful to Board of Trustee member Eleanor Davis 
for her generous contribution to this collaboration. 

Suzanne Roberts "Dance Enhance" Studio at UArts 

The Suzanne Roberts "Dance Enhance" Studio was opened during a visit by Mrs. 
Roberts, who donated the cost of the new facility at the School of Dance of The 
University of the Arts. During the special inauguration day, student dancers per- 
formed several unique site-specific dances choreographed by UArts faculty members 
Curt Haworth and Brian Sanders. 

It is not often recognized that dancers must possess all of the components of 
fitness - strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and cardiovascular stamina. As 
"athletic artists", dancers train continuously to move with musicality in an aestheti- 
cally pleasing way. It is not sufficient to have just the "technique". Extraordinary 
stamina is essential to enable many repetitions of movement flows that include "bal- 
lon" - in-air leaps - and a wide variety of joint rotations and body positions. In clas- 
sical ballet there is the added demand of lifting partners - especially strenuous for 
male dancers. The result is a spectrum of "athletic styles' that are studied in dance 
kinesiology - the science of how we move. Unless dancers achieve the necessary 
levels of fitness and stamina they risk injuring themselves, particularly if fatigued or 
incurring repetitive strains. 

UArts Dance students have long wished for an in-house facility where they 
can cross-train to reduce injuries and help recover from physical limitations that 
temporarily prevent their participation in dance classes. On an average day there are 
about a dozen students who cannot dance and will now be assigned to the new stu- 
dio for rehabilitation exercises on the specially selected equipment. We are all grate- 
ful to Mrs. Roberts for her generous, useful, and visionary contribution. 

SAVE THE DATES! April 22,23 and 24. 2005 

Dance Alumni Weekend 

To help celebrate the 6oth anniversary of the School of Dance, we are planning a 
spectacular weekend of performances, classes, and symposia. 

We kici<-off the weekend activities with a School of Dance performance featuring the work 
of dance faculty on Friday, April 22. 

Classes all day Saturday taught by your favorite professors including Andrew Pap, Peter 
Bertini, Wayne St David, Roni Koresh and others. Saturday evening, the School of Dance 
will present a Gala performance with the theme of "Legacy," a concert of alumni choreog- 
raphy performed by current U Arts School of Dance students. 

Sunday morning, brunch, more classes, symposia, workshops and performances. 

In the afternoon Alumni are invited to perform additional works in the Merriam Theater. 

We hope to see many alumni from many years at this celebration. 
Further information will follow! 

Guest Choreographer and Artist in Residence: Christopher Muggins 

Since his departure from the renowned Alvin Alley American Dance Theater, Mr. Muggins 
has worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has staged works in numerous 
venues around the world including Japan, Italy, France, Switzerland, Norway and England. 
Born in Boston, Mr. Muggins Studied under Martha A. Gray, Andrea Merbert Major and 
Danny Sloan. Me attended State University of New York at Purchase and The Julliard 
School. After graduating, Mr. Muggins joined the Alvin Aileycompany where he performed 
and toured for 8 years. Mr. Muggins presently sets Alley ballets under the auspices of the 
Alley estate. Mr. Muggins has appeared as a guest artist with the Donald Byrd/The Group, 
Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Oslo Dance Ensemble (Norway), Aterballetto (Italy), and the 
International Conference of Blacks in Dance. He was most recently seen as a featured per- 
former in Debbie Allen's "Soul Possessed" and The Essence Awards. For the past five 
years, he has taught at PHILADANCO's summer intensive program. Mr. Huggins is present- 
ly on the staff of Ballet ARTS (NYC) and will be a featured teacher for Dance Masters of 

School of Dance would like to thank the following people for their 
generous contributions: 

Linda L. Alter, Valla Amsterdam, Brian G. Bagnall, Ira Brind, Eve M. Conway, Dominique DePaul, 
Teresa Dolan, Boris Drucker, Ecole Francaise International de Philadelphie, Anne F. Elder, Theresa 
Friedman, GlaxoSmithkline, Marjorie M. Goodman, Alvin P. Gutman, Phyllis Fialpern, Mary and 
Howard Hurtig, Stephen Jay, Arthur Klein, Lillian S. Kosloff, Sylvia Mann, Stella Moore, Henry F. 
Morley, Betty Musser, Ronald J. Naples, Lihby Newman, Monica R. O'Connell, Jeri Packman, Brian 
Peterson, Virginia S. Red, Judith Skoogfors, Robert Stern, Elisabeth Swing, H. Daniel "Webster, The 
Ralph and Suzanne Roberts Foundation 


Modern Dance 

Dance Composition and 

Costume director - Clyde Michael 

Susan B. Glazer, Director 

Kim Bears-Bailey 



Maria Urrutia, Assistant to the 

Rachel Berman 

Manfred Fischbeck, Curt Haworth, 

Technical Director, Lighting 


Jennifer Binford 

Wayne St David, Brian Sanders, 

Designer - Jay Madara 

Marlene Rice-Whittal<er, 

Joan Myers Brown, Visiting 

Connie Vandarakis 




Guest Artist 

Business of Dance 

Tom Baust 


Manfred Fischbeck 

Susan Glazer, Elise Kurland 

Larisa Trump Bell 


Curt Haworth 

Music Survey/Language of Music 

Hans Boman 

Christine Cox 

Brian Sanders 

Annette de Medio, Stephen Jay 

Otis Clark 

Scott jovovitch 

Faye Snow 

Jim Hamilton 

Andrew Pap 

Dance Therapy - Elise Tropea 

Asya Haykin 

Suzanne Slenn 

Tap Dance 

Dance Education - Susan Glazer, 

Rick lannacone 

)on Sherman 

Karen Cleighton 

Connie Vandarakis 

John Levis 

Carole Luppescu Sklaroff 

LaVaughn Robinson 

Yoga - Nancy Kantra 

Tom Lowery 

Eva Szabo 

Pilates ■ Brie Neff 

Irina Priog 

African Dance - Jeanine Osayande 

Dance History - Catherine Robert 

Valentina Slutsky 

Jazz/Theater Dance 

Brazilian Dance - Peter Bertini 

Health and Rtness - Lisa Fox 

Jeff Story 

Peter Bertini 


Pedagogy - Lester Tome 

Nancy Kantra 

Spanish Dance - Nancy Heller, Anna 

Theater Functions/Senior 

Ronen Koresh 


Production/Notation/Music - 

Donald Lunsford 

Social Dance - Kelly Ray 

Peter Bertini 

Molly Misgalla 

Voice - Terry Greenland 

Wayne St. David 

Production Credits 

Susan Glazer- Production Director 

Maria Urrutia - Production Associate 

Jay Madara - Lighting Designer & Technical Director 

Anna Oldham - Stage Manager 

Travis Mesman - Assistant Stage Manager to 

Desiree Godsell-Crew ^ 

Michael Clyde Hayes- Costumes 1^ 

Jessica Waters - Program and Cover Design _®