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Full text of "Dance concert program, 2007. The University of the Arts School of Dance. College of Performing Arts. Spring Dances. Merriam Theater, May 4 and 5, 2007."

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The University of the Arts School of iJance 

College of Performing Arts 

spring dances 

Merriam Theater 
May 4 and 5, 2007 


"Begin. Keep on beginning. Nibble on everything. Short out electric fences. Eat moonshine 
pie. Drink wild geranium tea. Everything that happens will happen and none of us will be 
safe from it. Eat poems for breakfast. Wear them on your forehead. Learn how to die. Pull 
up anchors. Put yours hands over your face and listen to what they tell you." Ellen Kort 

Choreographer: Myriam Herve-Gil 

Music: O'Stravaganza, Vivaldi and Celtic musique, Hugues de Courson 

Dancers: Krystina Burton, Angelica Cassimoro, Danette Deichmann, Michelle Duval, 
Rebecca Ragsdale, Nathalie Roche, Janelle Stangl. 


Choreographer: D.T. Lunsford II 

Assistant to the Choreographer: Iquail Johnson 

Music: Remarc, Dropping Science, Asend and Ultravibe, Ganja Krv 

Dancers: Shani Alston, Kristen Berry, Felicia Cruz, Kyle DuPree, Kate Freeman, Virgil 
Gadson, Kimberly Grant, Shane Luksich, Courtney Mariani, Abby Mular, Kelly Powers, 
Kate Rafferty, Mary Remy, Tiffany Rush, William Smith, Michael Williams 

Lab^Bu (The Return) 

A Contemporary African Dance - Theatre 

Written and Choreographed by F. Nii-Yartey 

Assisted by Sharon Friedler, Direcotr of Dance Swarthmore and R. Jennine Osayande 

Poem by Kofi Anyidoho 

Musicians: Ira Bond, Daryl Kwasi Burgee, Alexander Shaw 

Produced at The University of the Arts and Swarthmore College 

Results of archaeological excavations and scientific studies point to Africa as the birth place 
of humanity. This production explores the relationship of Mother Africa and her 'children' 
who today, occupy every corner of the globe. After millions of years. Mother Africa decides 
that it is time for her children to come back home. In this Contemporary African Dance- 
Theatre production, simple movements from life's experiences, as well as 'pure' dance move- 
ments intertwine with musical and dramatic elements, pictorial images and symbolisms to tell 
the story of the 'return' to Africa. 

The Creator (Poet) Kofi Anyidoho 

Spiritual Attendants: Nana Korantema, Sarah Ayeley Okine, Ebenezer Nii Aquaye Addotey 

Mother Africa: R. Jeannine Osayande 

Dancers: Khadija Ahmaddiya, Laura Annunziata, Brittany Brown, Kyle Carney, Angelica 

Cassimiro, Blair Edwards, Kimberly Landle, Erin Lang, Jonathan M. Ponder, Shannon 

Rooney, Jessica Thompson 



Choreography: Ronen Koresh 
Music: Jon Hopkins and Anon Tobin 

Dancers: Lamar Baylor, Eric Bean Jr, Holly Becker, Leah Bock, Ashleigh Brodhead, Sarah 
Goodhue, Courtney Greteman, Lindsay Harris, Ashley Johnson, Ashley Kemp, Monteece Mask, 
Stephanie Nale, Coco Rivera, Charles Russell, Ashley Seldon, Marissa Signor, Alisa Vancort, 
Colt Weiss 

The Other Sid< 

"If it were possible to present all points of view at once, and if we could see all aspects of our- 
selves, i.e. each possible point of view, which ones could we really be able to perceive? Suppose 
we were watched from different perspectives that zoom in, closer and closer and out, further 
and further away from us, from another side." S. Cardell 

Choreography: Silvana Cardell and the dancers. 

Music: Orquesta - section 5. lo tenido ( the sustained) by Juan Pablo Caceres 

Photographs by Katie Stevens & Silvana Cardell 

Dancers: Maria Atrim, Leah Bloch, Jennifer Enriquez, Amanda Foy, Sacha Formoso, Senead 

O'Neill, Lindsay Oullette, Gretchen Perrucci, Katie Stevens 

As Time Goes By 

Choreography Twyla Tharp, o 1992 Twyla Tharp 

Staged by Beatriz Rodriguez 

Rehearsed by Christine Cox 

Original Costume Design by Chester Weinberg 

Costumes: Kansas City Ballet 

Lighting originally by Jennifer Tipton 

Music by Franz Josef Haydn 

After The fact: Danielle Grimm 

Ten Makes Six: May 4 - Danielle Grimm, Christina Jensen, Jessica Lang, Jeffrey Sousa, Kyle 
Riviccio, Steve Vaughn May 5 - Danielle Grimm, Christina Jensen, Susan Phillips, Jonathan 
Ponder, Jessica Lang, Jeffrey Sousa, Kyle Riviccio, Steve Vaughn 

Finales: May 4 - Christina Jensen, Britney Boyd, Eddie Carillo, Joe Colter Amy D'Alessandro, 
Leo Goykhmann, Jessica Lang, Greg Marchetti, Amy Novinski, Katherine Richardson, Kyle 
Riviccio, Jeffrey Sousa, Steve Vaughn, Eddie Carillo, Joe Colter, Leo Goykhmann, Greg 
Marchetti, Trey Smith May 5 - Susan Phillips, Jonathan Ponder, Catherine Roth, Christine 
Geohringer, Christina Jensen, Britney Boyd, Eddie Carillo, Joe Colter, Amy D'Alessandro, Leo 
Goykhmann, Grgg Marchetti, Kyle Riviccio, Jeffrey Sousa, Steve Vaughn, Eddie Carillo, Joe 
Colter, Leo Goykhmann, Greg Marchetti, Trey Smith 

Then: May 4 - Britney Boyd, Joe Colter, Amy D'Alessanda, Danielle Grimm, Leo Goykhmann, 
Amy Novinski, Kyle Riviccio, Katherine Richardson May 5 - Britney Boyd, Joe Colter, Amy 
D'Alessanda, Danielle Grimm, Leo Goykhmann, Kyle Riviccio, Christine Geohringer, 
Catherine Roth 


"As Time Goes By" Twyla Tharp, choreographer 

Since 1963, Twyla Tharp has choreographed more than one hundred thirty-five dances, five Hollywood movies, 
directed and choreographed three Broadway shows, written two books and received one Tony Award, two Emm 
Awards, seventeen honorary doctorates, and many grants including the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur 

In 1965 Ms. Tharp founded her dance company, Twyla Tharp Dance. In addition to choreographing for her owr 
company, she has choreographed for many other companies including: American Ballet Theatre, The Paris Opers 
Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance and The Martha Graham Dance Company. Ms. Tharp co-directed the television 
special BARYSHNIKOV BY THARP, which won two Emmy Awards as well as the Director's Guild of America 
Award for Outstanding Director Achievement. Today Ms. Tharp continues to create and to lecture around the 

Beatriz Rodriguez, Repetiteur of "As Time Goes By" is a 1993 Dance Magazine Award recipient and former 
long time principal dancer with The Joffrey Ballet. Ms. Rodriquez was in the original cast of the ballet created 
by Twyla Tharp in 1992. Ms Rodriguez has danced, lectured and instructed throughout the world during her 
long career and continues to be a role model and inspiration for young dancers, through a scholarship award in 
her name, given by The Hispanic Youth Organization of New Jersey. She is now also a dedicated practioner of 
Iyengar Yoga. 

"Nana" choreographer Myriam Herve-Gil is a visiting guest artist at the School of Dance. A Parisian-based 
choreographer, Ms. Herve-Gil is known for her exploration of feminist themes coupled with unusual folk music 
from around the world. She is a 2007 participant in the dance-driven, artist-fueled New Festival and is a frequen 
choreographer at the Edinburgh International Festival. 

"Lab-bu" Choreographer F. Nii-Yartey is the Director of The National Dance Company of Ghana since 1976. 
Established in 1962 under the directorship of Professor J.H. Nketia at the Institute of African Studies, the tradi- 
tional choreographed pieces of that time still remain as a part of the standard repertoire of the company. Under 
the artistic direction of Nii-Yartey, the company has enlarged its standard repertoire to include the creation of 
extended works. Both in his written scholarship and his choreography. Professor Yartey investigates ways in 
which dance can both reflect and shape social change. 

The School of Dance gratefully acknowledges the support of Sharon E. Friedler, Stephen Lang Professor of 
Performing Arts and Director of the Dance Program at Swarthmore College for all her help and support in 
creating the dance and making it available to The University of the Arts School of Dance. 

School of Dance Production Credits 

Production Director: Susan B. Glazer 

Production Associate: Maria Urrutia 

Costume Designer: Tina Marie Green-Heinze ^_ 

Lighting Designer: Jay Madara ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

Stage Manager: Phil Colucci ^^^ ^^^^^ 

Program Cover & Design: Jessica Waters ^^^^B ^^^^B ^^ 


The University^