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Full text of "The Dancey gift ; catalogue of manuscripts, books, pamphlets and prints relating to the city and county of Gloucester, and other works of general literature deposited in the Gloucester Public Library"

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* :']'•"'■ 


L6. 94241 
31d \ 

578412 ' 




3 1833 03033 5175 

iDi)(i iDance? (5ift 

> • < 



Manuscripts, Books. Pamphlets 
AND Prints 

relating to the 

(Tily an6 (Tount? of (Bloucester 

and other works of general literature 
deposited in the 

Gloucester Public Library 


Ohe iDancey (Sift 





Manuscripts. Books. Pamphlets 

AND Prints 

^/^^.'^^ Vc2^^/ relating to the 

(Lity art6 (Lounty of (Bioucester 

and other works of general literature 
deposited in the 

Gloucester Public Library 





THE Collection here catalogued was presented to the City 
of Gloucester by Councillor C. H. Dancey on the 
31st of May, 191 1, the Minutes of the City Council of that date 
recording the proceedings as follows : — ^'^l^>.i^iO 

AT A MEETING of the Council of the City of Gloucester, 
held at the Guildhall, on Wednesday, the 31st day of 
May, 191 1. 


The Mayor stated that it was the nth Anniversary of the 

j^ opening of the Gloucester Pubhc Library, and therefore he 

"5 thought it appropriate that he should at once read a letter 

pi which he had that morning received from Councillor C. H. 

Dancey : — 


6, MrDLAJTD Road, 

-■' Glottcestee, 

4 31st May, 1911. 

^ Dear Me. Mayoe, 

^ At a Meeting arranged by the Bristol and Gloucestershire 

Archaeological Society and held at the Guildhall, on the 16th 

! January last, Mr. Roland Austin (the Librarian of the Gloucester 

Public Library) read a very interesting paper on " Some Gloucester 
shire Books and their Writers " ; and, after referring to the books 
^ and pamphlets in the Reference Library and explaining how they 

sS had been acquired, he intimated that if Citizens and others would 

» allow him to look over books which they did not want to keep, 

.■ he might find some which woiild be worth preserving in the 

i!^ Reference Library. 

As you are aware, I took much interest in the establisliment 
(N, of the Gloucester Public Library. The Public Libraries Act, 1892, 

<o was adopted on 29th May, 1894, and came into operation in the 

1<T City on 25th March, 1895. Li order to comply with the conditions 

tin which the balance of the Price Memorial Fmid was made 
ivvailable for the purchase of books for the Library, the City Council 
(l(>cided to establish a Public Library by opening a Reference 
Library in one of the rooms on the ground floor of the Guildhall 
and the Library was formally opened on the 30th December, 1 897. 
In Januarj^ 1898, I offered to assist the Library Committee and 
was appointed Hon. Librarian, and I acted in that capacity until 
Mr. Austin took up his duties as Librarian shortly before the Public 
Library in Brunswick Road was opened on the 31st May, 1900. 
Since that time, as a Member of the Library Committee, I have 
continued to watch the growth of the Library and been pleased to 
find it so much used and appreciated by the Citizens. 

For some years I have been collecting books and pamphlets 
more or less connected with the City of Gloucester ; and, with the 
kind assistance of Mr. Austin, I have selected a number of them 
whicli, I think, might fittingly be placed in the Reference Library. 

Bearing in mind Judge Powell's bequest of books for the use of 
tlie Citizens of Gloucester and knowing how these books have been 
cared for and appreciated, I have much pleasure in giving the books 
and pamphlets mentioned in the annexed Schedule (hereafter 
referred to as " the books ") to the Mayor, Recorder, City High 
Sheriff and Town Clerk for the time being of the City of Gloucester 
(hereafter referred to as " the Trustees ") upon and subject to the 
following trusts and conditions: — 

1 . Subject as hereafter mentioned, I request and empower the 
Trustees to deposit the Books with the Librarian in the Gloucester 
Public Library for the free use of the Citizens and Visitors to the 
]^ibrary, subject to proper and suitable provision being made and 
maintained for the books in the Refei-ence Department of the 
Library or some room or part thereof to be specially appropriated 
for books relating to the City of Gloucester ; but in the event of the 
Library Committee not making such provision within one year from 
1 liis date, or not afterwards maintaining it to the satisfaction of the 
Trustees, I desire and empower the Trustees to remove the books 
from the Public Library ; and in the event of any subsequent 
failure to make or maintain such proper and suitable provision for a 
peri(jd of six calendar months after notice from the Trustees to the 
Library Committee calling their attention to the matter, then and 
in any such case I empower the Trustees either to deposit the books 
upon sbnilar conditions in any other Library in the City or Coimty 
of Gloucester to which the public are freely admitted or to give them 
to the Trustees for the time being of the British Museum. 

2. Save as aforesaid, I desire that none of the books shall be 
removed from the Library in which they may be deposited, except 
for exhibition or any other special and temporary purpose approved 
by the Trustees ; and that any manuscripts and note books or 
extracts therefrom shall not be published without the previous 
written permission of the Librarian or the Trustees. 

3. If practicable, I should like the books to be kept in a 
separate case or cases, and to be known as " The Dancey Gift." 

I trust this gift may be appreciated by my fellow Citizens and 
that it may induce others to take an interest in and endeavour to 
preserve books and other things relating to the ancient City of 

I am, dear Mr. Mayor, 

Yours faitlifuUy, 

James Bruton, Esq., 

Mayor of Gloucester. 

After reading the letter, the Mayor stated that he had 
conferred with the Chairman of the Library Committee, who 
felt sure the Committee would be glad to comply with the 
conditions on which the Trustees were authorised to deposit the 
Books in the Gloucester Public Library, for the free use of the 
Citizens and Visitors to the Library, and proposed to ask the 
Committee to appoint a small Sub-Committee, of which 
Councillor Dancey should be one, to make the necessary 
provision for the Books, and see that the terms of the trust are 
duly observed. 

Moved by the Mayor, seconded by Coun. Langley-Smith, 

Resolved unanimously : — 

That the warmest thanks of this Council be given to 
Councillor C. H. Dancey for his most generous Gift, and that 
the Library Committee be requested to endeavour to comply 
with the conditions as to the disposition and use of the Books 
and Manuscripts. 

The above proceedings were reported to the Library 
Committee at a Meeting held on the 2nd of June, when the 
following Resolution was passed : — 

" That this Committee have heard with much pleasure of the 
most generous gift made by CoxnsrciLLOB Dancey, will gladly 
undertake the duties imposed by the Trust as recorded on the 
Minutes of the City Coimoil of the 31st of May, and wish to express 
the satisfaction they would feel if Me. Dancey's name could be 
associated with the Trustees named in his letter to the Mayor." 

Councillor Dancey's letter conveying this gift fully 
explains his long connection with the Public Library, and also 
his interest in local hterature. The Collection now deposited 
in the Library comprises 225 volumes, 321 pamphlets, and 150 
prints and portraits relating to Gloucestershire, many of these 
being of exceptional interest, as will be seen by the notes 
appended to the entries in the Catalogue. 

In addition to the printed matter Councillor Dancey has 
included his series of manuscripts illustrating the histories of 
the Saxon Churches of Gloucester, which have been compiled 
from City Records, Parish Registers and Records, and other 
sources. With these are his note-books, which are full of 
matter relating to local history. 

There are also over 400 volumes relating to the surrounding 
Counties, Wales, and of general literature, these forming a 
welcome addition to the Reference Library. 

A special case for the Collection has been provided in the 
Gloucestershire Room. 

The Gloucestershire books and pamphlets have been 
catalogued, so far as possible, by subject, the entries under 
each heading being arranged chronologically. An Author-Index 
is added, 

R A. 




History : — 

Civil War, and other Tracts: — 

(1) General. 

(2) Gloucestershire. 

(3) Gloucester. 

(4) Cirencester. 

(5) Bristol. 
Ad ministration. 


Fauna and Flora. 

FoLK-LoRE (including Dialect, Ballads, Games). 






Acts of Parliament. 







Water Supply. 


Part IV. BRISTOL 20 

Part V. TOWNS and VILLAGES 21 









The Bible. Littjbgy. 

Architectuke. Coins. Glass. 

Cathedrals and Churches. 









XLbc S)ance^ (5ift 




The Ancient and Present State of Glostershire. By Sir Robert 
Atkyns. [First Edition]. 1712. Folio. 

The Ancient and Present State of Glostershire. By Sir Robert 
Atkyns. [Second Edition]. 1768. FoHo. 

Some large paper copies were printed on superior paper. 
This is the largest known copy. {Manual of Gloucs. lAt., 
i, 19). 

Dugdale's Monasticon. The part relating to Gloucestershire. 

Magna Britannia : the topographical, historical, ecclesiastical 
and natural history of Gloucestershire. By Rev. T. Cox. 

Historical, Monumental, and Genealogical Collections, relative 
to the County of Gloucester ; printed from the original papers 
of the late Ralph Bigland, Esq. Garter Principal King of 
Arms. 1791-1887. Folio. 

Vols. 1-2 and Continuations 1-3. Vol. 1 includes a folio 
return of statistics relating to Gloucestershire. 

Abstracts and Records respecting the County of Gloucester. 
By Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke. 1807. 2 vols. 4to. 

Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis : a collection of scarce and curious 
tracts relating to the County and City of Gloucester. Edited 
by John Washbourn. 1825. 4to. Large paper. 

A Brief History of the Weavers of the County of Gloucester. 
By Timothy Exell. Stroud : 1838. 

Account of Ancient Remains existing in the District adjacent 
to the confluence of the Wye and Severn. B}^ George 
Ormerod. 1840. 

Medieval Houses of Gloucestershire. By J. H. Parker, (Re- 
printed from the Gentleman's Magazine, i860). 


Landholders of Gloucestershire named in Domesday Book. By 
A. S. Ellis. (Reprinted from Trans. Bristol and Gloucs. 
Arch. Soc, vol. iv., 1879-80). 

Archaeological Handbook of the County of Gloucester. With 
Map. By G. B. Witts. [1883]. 2 vols. 

*Aid levied in Gloucestershire in 20 Edward III. (i349)- By Sir 
J. Maclean. 1885-6. 

♦Knights' Fees in Gloucestershire 3rd Henry IV. By Sir J. 
Maclean. 1886-7. 

*Kirby's Quest. By Sir H. Barkly. 1886-7. 

*Liber Niger, or Black Book of the Exchequer. By Sir H. Barkly. 

*Hundredal and Manorial franchise in the County of Gloucester. 

By J. Latimer. 1887-8. 

Parliamentarv Historv of Gloucestershire. Bv W. R. Williams. 

Some old English and Gloucestershire Records. By R. C. 

Barnard. 1898. 

CIVIL WAR, and other TRACTS 

(1) General 

Geree, John (Preacher in Tewkesbury). Vindicise Voti. Or a 
true sense of the Nationall Covenant... 1641. 

— The Down- Fall of Anti-Christ, or the Power of Preaching, 
to pull down Popery. 1641. 

j\Ir. Thomas Pury Alderman of Glocester. His Speech, upon 
That clause of the Bill against Episcopacy the which 
Concernes Deanes, and Deanes and Chapters, at a Committee 
of the W'hole House. 1641. 

The Robbing and SpoiUng of Jacob and Israel. Considered 
and bewailed in A Sermon Preached at Westminster before 
the Honourable House of Commons, at the late solemn 
Fast, Nov. 29, 1643. By WilHam Mewe B.D. Rector of 
Eastington in the County of Gloucester and one of the 
Meml:)ers of this present Assembly of Divines. Pubhshed 
by Order of that House. 1643. 

♦ Reprinted from the Transactions of the Bristol .and Gloucestershire 
Archaeological Society. 


A Sermon tending to set iorth the Right Use of the Disasters 
that befall our Armies. Preached before the Hon. Houses 
of Margarets Westminster, Sept. 12. Anno 
1644. By Matthew Newcomen, Minister of the Gospell at 
Dedham, in Essex... 1644. 

The Levellers Designe discovered : or the Anatomie of the late 
unhappie Mutinie : presented unto the Souldiery of the Army 
under the Command of His Excellency the Lord Fairfax... 
Written by Henry Denne, an Actor in this Trag8edy...i649. 

(2) Gloucestebshiee 

Mercurius Aulicus...The sixt weeke [Feb. 5-11, 1642-3]. 
Contains many references to Gloucestershire. 

A Famous Victorie obtained Against the CavaUers in the 
County of Gloucester : By Sir Wilham Waller on Munday 
last at a town called Padsworth..,i643. 

The Victorious and Fortunate Proceedings of Sir William 
Waller... with the true manner of his taking Highnam...i643. 

Three Letters : The first, From an Officer in His Majesties 
Army to a Gentleman in Glocestershire...May 24, 1643. 

A Petition Presented unto His Maiestie At His Court at Bristoll 
on the 7 day of August 1643. By Sir Baynham Throkmorton 
Baronet, High Sheriffe of the County of Gloucester, on the 
behalfe of the Clothiers of the same County. With His 
Maiesties Answer thereunto. Oxford, 1643. 

The Cry of Oppression and Cruelt}^ inflicted upon divers Innocent 
People called Quakers, in the County of Glocester... being 
a Copy of a Paper directed to the Judges of the late Assizes 
at Glocester,,.[i677]. 

(3) Gloucester 

A Briefe and Exact Relation of the Most Materiall and 
Remarkeable Passages that hapned in the late well-formed 
(and as valiently defended) Seige laid before the City of 
Glocester, Collected by John Dorney, Esquire, Town Clarke 

A true Relation of the several passages which have happened 
to our Army since it advanced towards Glocester. 1643. 


Two Letters : the one from His Excellencie, Robert Earl of 
Essex, To Anthony Nicoll, Esquire, a Member of the House 
of Commons, The other from Warwick Castle, To Sir 
Samuel Luke at his Quarters : Concerning the state of the 
City of Gloucester... 1643. 

An Historicall Relation of the Military Government of Gloucester. 
By John Corbet. 1645. 

Contains book-plates of T. Jolley and Thomas Bell, and 
autographs of G. S. Win tie, George Riddiford and J. D. T. 

— Another Edition, 1647. 

Wants title, verses, and dedication. On the back of the 
portrait is the autograph " Hugh Massie,his Booke, 1652," 
and it is interesting to note that the many passages in the 
book which are underlined are references to General Massey, 
Governor of Gloucester during the Siege, and brother of 
Hugh Massey. 

— Another copy of this Edition, 1647. 

Title wanting, portrait of Massey inserted. 

Foure Ordinances of the Lords and Commons. ..i. for raising 
and maintaining of Horse and Foot for the garrison of 
Glocester. The 2. for a weekly Assessement on the County 
and City of Glocester. The 3. for continuance of a weekly 
Assessement on the City and County of Glocester. The 4 
concerning Currans. 1645. 

The Spirit of Prelacie, yet working. Or, Truth from under a 
Cloud, in a Relation, of that Great and Publike Contestation 
had in Glocester, July, 1644. Written then, and now 
pubhshed, as it were of necessity... By Robert Bacon. 1646. 

More News from Rome : or Magna Charta, discoursed of between 
a Poor Man and his Wife. As also a New Font erected in 
the Cathedral-Church at Gloucester in October 1663... By 
Ralph Wallis. 1666. 

Room for the Cobler of Gloucester and His Wife... By Ralph 
Wallis. 1668. 

(4) Cirencester 

A Particular Relation of the Action before Cyrencester (or 
Cycester) in Glocestershire Taken in on Candlemas Day 

— Another copy, bound with other tracts. 



A Letter to the Earle of Pembroke from Sir Edward Baynton 
in Glocester... [Relates to Cirencester]. 1643. 

A Relation of the Taking of Cicester in the County of Glocester 
On Thursda}^ Febru. 2, 1642-3. 

A Warning- Piece to all his Maiesties Subjects of England. 
Being the Lamentable Complaint of them that were brought 
Prisoners from Cycester, being eleven hundred sixty and 
odde, told in the view of all for their misguided zeale. ..1642-3. 

(5) Bristol 

The Copie of a Letter sent from the Maior of Bristoll unto a 
Gentleman, a friend of his in London. ..1643. 

A Relation made in the House of Commons by Col: Nathaniel 
Fiennes, concerning the surrender of the City and Castle of 
Bristoll, August 5, 1643.... 

An Extraordinary deliverance, from a Cruell Plot, and bloudy 
Massacre... in Bristoll... 1643. 

The Cop5^ of a Letter sent from Bristoll wherein is set down the 
true Relation of the Great Victory obtained by Sir William 
Wallar, against the Welch Forces, under the Command of 
The L. Herbert... 1643. 

A Perfect Diurnall of some Passages in ParHament...June 4 to 
June II, 1649. [Refers to Bristol]. 


An Acte that kepers of feries on the water of Seuerne shall not 
convey in their ferie botes any maner of person goodes or 
cattalles after the son goynge downe, tyll the sonne be up. 
ca. V. Henrici Octavi. Anno xxvi. 

Act for amending the Road from the Nine Mile stone on the 
Bristol Road... to or near the chapel at Stone... 1779. [With] 
An Act for continuing the Term of the above. 

A State of Proceedings on the subject of a Reform of Prisons 
within the County of Glocester. (Raikes, 1783). 

Doubts concerning the expediency and propriety of immediately 
proceeding to provide a Lunatic Asylum for the County of 
Gloucester. By Sir G. O. Paul. 12 Jan. 1813. 


Laws, Rules, Orders, and Regulations for the Government and 
Controul of the several Prisons in the County of Gloucester. 
Second edition. 1820. 

Report of the County Chairman [P. B. Purnell] upon the 
proceedings in the Court of Queen's Bench, in the case of 
Gaisford v. the Justices of Gloucestershire. (Gloucester, 
Power : 1857). 

Catalogue of Count}^ Records... and Record Publications in the 
Library, Shire Hall, Gloucester. 1899. 


A Manual of Monumental Brasses. By Rev. Herbert Haines, 
Second Master of the College School and Chaplain of the 
County Asylum, Gloucester. 1861. 2 vols. 

The Monumental Brasses of Gloucestershire. By C. T. Davis. 

Cuttings from the " Glovicester Journal," in which the 
series appeared during 1882-90, with traced drawings and 
illustrations of brasses inserted by Mr. Dancey. Also 
inserted is a paper "On the Monvunental Brasses at 
Cirencester," by Rev. W. E. Hadow, 1877. 

Zoology on Brasses, chiefly from Gloucestershire examples. 
By C. T. Davis. (Trans. Monumental Brass Society, 1900.) 


Baylis, F. G. Ancient Churches of Gloucestershire. 1861. 

— Parts I to 4 (all published) of the Second Issue of above. 1865. 

Transactions of the Society for the Protection of Ancient 
Buildings, 1880. With notes on Old Churches in 

Sculptured Effigies of Ecclesiastics in Gloucestershire, By 
M. E. Bagnall-Oakeley. (Reprinted from Trans. Bristol and 
Clones. Arch. Soc, vol. ix.) 


Notes on the Old Crosses of Gloucestershire. Bv Charles 
Pooley. 1868. 


Fauna and Flora of Gloucestershire. By C. A. Witchell and 
W. B. Strugnell. 1892. 




(iNCLUBrNG Dialect, BAiiADs, Games) 
George Ridler's Oven, in Black Letter. Sheet folio. 
— Another cop}', arranged for the Voice and Pianoforte, sung 

at the Anniversary Meeting of the Gloucestershire Society. 
Certain Superstitions prevalent in the Vale of Gloucester. By 

John Jones. [1854]. 

A glossary of the Cotswold (Gloucestershire) Dialect. By Rev. 
R. W. Huntley. 1868. 

Two hundred and twenty illustrations of Gloucestershire 
Dialect. By F. G. Baylis. 1870. 

Dover's Annalia Dubrensia. A reprint Edited by E. R. Vyvyan. 

1878. [Caulfield's plate inserted]. 
La3^s and Legends of Gloucestershire. By Adin Williams. 1879. 

Roger Plowman's Garland of Merry Tales. By Adin Williams. 

Ballads of the Cotswold Hills. By the Rev. H. J. R. Marston, 

Rector of Icomb. (Stow : 1887). 
Local Names of Gloucestershire. By Rev. R. Hall. 1888. 
Glossary of Dialect and Archaic words used in the County of 

Gloucester. Collected and compiled by J. D. Robertson. 

Edited by Lord Moreton. 1890. 

County Folk- Lore. Printed Extracts. No. i. Gloucestershire. 
Edited by E. S. Hartland. 1892. 

The Mother and the Priest ; or the Burial of the Unchristened 
Babe. A Gloucester Ballad of the Olden Times. 


Glocestershire : or original dehneations...of that Count}^ By 
E. W. Brayley and J. Britton. 1818. 

The Geography of Gloucestershire. By U. J. Davis, Master of 
Upton St. Leonard's School. 1858. 

The Severn Valley. B}^ J. Randall. 1862. 

A Canoe cruise down the Leam, Avon, Severn and Wye. By J. 
Heaviside. 1871. 

Black's guide to the County of Gloucester. 1886. 

Murray's handbook for Gloucestershire. 1895. 

Some ancient English homes [in Gloucestershire and Warwick- 
shire]. By E. Hodges. 1895. 

Two days' excursion from Gloucester to Llanthony Abbey and 
the Black Mountains. By John Bellows. 




General View of the Agriculture of the County of Gloucester. 
By George Turner, of Dowdeswell. 1794. 4to. 

Letters of Cincinnatus : one addressed to the Rt. Hon. Lord 
Grenville ; and three to The Woollen Manufacturers of the 
County of Gloucester, on the Resolutions entered into by 
that Body, at a meeting held at Rodborough, March 8, 
1815, on the subject of the Corn Bill. 1815. 

Vindex to Cincinnatus : being a reply to the Letters which 
Cincinnatus has addressed to the Woollen Manufacturers of 
the County of Gloucester. 1815. 

An Address to the Electors of the United Kingdom. By a 
Gloucestershire Freeholder. (F. Vigurs : Stroud, 1818). 

A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Gloucester 
and Bristol. By James Henry [Monk] Lord Bishop. 1847. 

Geology of the country around Cheltenham. By E. Hull. 
(Geological Survey of Great Britain). 1857. 

Facts and Suggestions : the River Severn, as it was, is, and 
ought to be. By E. L. WilHams. 1863. 

Dirge of the Avon. By A. H. May. 1868. 

Kelly's Directory of Gloucestershire. 1870 and 1879. 

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society. Report of 
Inaugural Meeting, with Rules, Government, and List of 
Subscribers. 1876. 

— Catalogue of Books, Pamphlets, and MSS. in the Society's 
Library. 1891. 

On some features in the formation of the Severn Valley as seen 

near Gloucester. By T. S. Ellis. 1882. 
Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Kalendar. 1891. 

Gloucestershire Magpie. From No. i, 23rd May, 1891 to 2nd 
December, 1893. 

— Another Set. From No. i, 23rd May, 1891 to 28th January, 

Wanting 12 Sept., 1891 ; 4 June, 16 July, 13, 20, 27 Aug., 
29 Oct., 26 Nov., 1892; 7 Jan., 1893. 

Gloucestershire County Football-Union : year-book, 1903-4. 
Ancient Straits of Malvern. By J. Buckman. 



A Candid appeal to the Religious Public, in a Letter addressed 
to the Inhabitants of the Forest of Dean, occasioned by the 
dismissal of the Rev. Isaac Bridgman from the curacy of 
Trinity Church in the said Forest... Ross : 1823. 

The Forest Marauders. A tale by R. Morse, of Yorkley, in the 
Forest of Dean, a self-taught Forest Youth. 1836. 

De Wyrhale : a tale of Dean Forest. By P. J. Ducarel. 1836. 

Lays of the Forest, and other Poems. B}' Richard Morse, of 
Yorkle}^ (Gloucester : Walker, 1840). 

Author's owTi copy, with MS. corrections for another 
edition, and MS. notes by H. Y. J. Taylor. 

A Collection of Poems on the Forest of Dean and its neighbour- 
hood. By Catherine Drew of Littledean Woodside, 
Gloucestershire. (Coleford : Hough, 1841). 

The Forest of Dean. By H. G. Nicholls. 1858. 

Personahties of the Forest of Dean. By H. G. Nicholls. 1863. 

Ironmaking in the Olden Times : as instanced in the Ancient 
Mines, Forges, and Furnaces of the Forest of Dean. By 
H. G. Nicholls. 1866. 

Something about Coleford and the old Chapel. By M. Mushet. 

A Week's hohday in the Forest of Dean. By John Bellows. 
(C. 1880). 

MS. verses on the Forest of Dean. 




Histories of the Saxon Churches of Gloucester compiled by 
C. H. Dancey, from City and Parochial Records, and other 
sources. lo vols. MS. 

The Churches are St. Mary de Crypt, St. Mary de Lode, 
St. Mary de CJrace, St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. John, 
Holy Trinity, St. Aldate, St. Martin and All Saints. 

The volumes are illustrated with many plates recording 
the heraldry in the Churches. These are the work of Mr. 
Armstrong Howitt and were done by Mr. Dancey's wish. 
There are also photographs of interesting documents, and 
original drawings by Mr. F. S. Waller. 

A series of Note-Books compiled by C. H. Dancey containing 
extracts from City and Parochial Records, etc. 

Certain Speeches made upon the day of the Yearly Election of 
Officers in the City of Gloucester... By John Dorney Town- 
Clerke. 1653. 

An interleaved copy in the possession, in 1790, of James 

Dallaway, who wrote the description of the coats of arms 

of each Mayor mentioned in the Speeches. An inscription 

at the end of the book, in Mi\ G. A . Howitt's writing, states 

"By Mr. C. H. Dancey's wish I, dleorge Armstrong 

Howitt, certify that I drew and coloiired these armorial 

bearings for him beneath Mr. Dallaway's written 


The Coats have been very beautifully and correctly 
drawn by Mr. Howitt, the descriptions by Mr. Dallaway 
being exceedingly clear. On the title is the autograph of 
"Petri Le Neve Norroy," and pasted on the blank leaf 
before the title is the autograph signatvu"e of John Dorney. 

— Another copy, in Manuscript, presented by J. J. Powell to 
J. P. Wilton. 

The Loyal Scout... April 6 to April 13, 1660. 

Contains an account of a disturbance in St. Nicholas 
Church, Cloucester, Apr. 9, 1660. 

History and Antiquities of Gloucester. By Thomas Rudge. 
181 1. Large paper. 


History of the City of Gloucester. By T. D. Fosbroke. 1819. 

This copy was originally the property of the late J. J. 
Powell, who extended it into two volumes and inserted 
over 500 engravings of rare portraits, views, original 
drawings (by Robert Kendall and others) and photographs 
illustrating the history of the City. These volumes were 
purchased by Mr. Dancey at the sale of Judge Powell's 
library at Sotheby's in 1892. 

— Another copy, 4to. large paper, in the original cloth, 

Statement of the circumstances connected with the Destruction 
of the Toll House and Gate at the Westgate Bridge, 24th 
September, 1827. 

History and Description of the City of Gloucester. By G. W. 
Counsel. 1829. 

Transactions of the British Archaeological Association at 
Gloucester, August, 1846. 

The History of Gloucester. B}^ F. Bond. 1848. 

Picturesque antiquities of Gloucester. By G. T. Robinson. 1849. 

City of Gloster, 1671. Edmund Nest, Gloster 1871. [Map 
of Gloucester in 1671]. 

Archives of the City of Gloucester. By K. H. Fryer. 1876. 

True story of the Siege of Gloucester, with map. By W. H. 
Greene. 1878. 

The Priory of Lanthony. By K. H. Fryer. 1882. 

Historical Sketch of the Volunteer movement in the City and 
County of Gloucester from 1859 to 1884. By W. R. West. 

The History of the Royal Gloucester Lodge of Freemasons, 
Gloucester [1785 to 1852]. By T. Ta3^nton. 1885. 

Gloucestriana. By J. J. Powell. 1890. 

With letter and photograph of Judge Powell inserted, 
and a copj' of " Pleas against the Proposed Disfranchise- 
ment of Gloucester. By Censor" (J. J. Powell). 

Notes on Gloucester's Ancient Walls and Gate Houses. By 
G. A. Howitt. 1890. 

With additions, Mr. Howitt's letters on Massey, etc. 


A Series of Drawings of Carvings in Oak Illustrating House 
Decoration in Gloucester in the early part of the Reign of 
King Henry the Eighth A.D. 1520. 

Tho carvings described are at 5, Westgate, and these 
drawings were done by Ck Armstrong Howitt in 1890 by 
Ml-. Dancey's desire. Photographs and cnttings are inserted. 

The Establishment and Progress of Oddfellowship in Gloucester. 

By E. Richings. 1891, 
History of the Gloucester Football Club. 1891. 
Note^ on Gloucester. By T, S. Ellis. 1901. 
The High Cross at Gloucester. By C. H. Dancey. 1902. 

The Crypt Church, Gloucester, sometimes called St. Mary of 

Southgate. By C. H. Dancey. 1903. 
Natural conditions affecting the location and story of Gloucester. 

By F. J. Culhs. 1906. 
Historical Mementoes of the New Inn Hotel, Gloucester. Circa 

1450-1907 A.D. By C. H. Dancey. 


An Act for taking down several Buildings and inlarging the 
Streets and Market Places in the City of Gloucester. 1750. 

An Act to provide for Lighting the Suburbs of the City of 
Gloucester with Gas. 1834. 


An Abstract of the most material things belonging to the 
Cathedral of St. Peter, Glocester. [Printed by John Pytt 
between 1784-1809]. 

Illustration of the engraved subjects which compose the First 
Number of the Copperplate Itinerary. Consisting of ten 
views of the interior of Gloucester Cathedral. By Thomas 
Bonnor. 1796. [Mr. J. T. D. Niblett's copy in case as 
issued, with the second number and plates.] 

Some account of the Cathedral Church of Gloucester. 1809. 
Folio. Plates drawn by Carter. 

With this is bound *' Some account of the Cathedral 
Church of St. Alban." 1813. 

Dallaway's Discourses upon Architecture in England. 1833. 
Gloucester Cathedral, pp. 129-192. 


A Histor}^ of Gloucester Cathedral with some account of the 

Monuments. (Gloucester : Jew, 1839). 
The Cathedral : a poem. (Gloucester : Bryant, c. 1840). 

Visitor's Guide to the Cathedral Church of Gloucester, ist 
edition. 1848. (J. E. Lea). 

— loth edition. (A. Lea). 1853. 

Gloucester Cathedral, or the last days of the Tudors. B}^ J. R. 
Clarke. 1856. 

Stranger's guide to Gloucester Cathedral. 1863. 

Guide to the Cathedral Church of Gloucester. By Rev. H. 
Haines. 1867. 

With a copy of F. S. Waller's " Gloucester Cathedral : 
notes and sketches for the information of Visitors," 1882, 

Sonnets : suggested by a visit to our Lady's Chapel. By 
H. Y. J. Taylor. 1867. 

Gloucester Cathedral : notes and sketches for Visitors. Bv F. S. 
Waller. 1882. 

Gloucester Cathedral Society : Programme of Conversazione, 
5 April, 1883, and catalogue of books, charters, etc., in the 

Gloucester Cathedral ; Sacred music for the People. Printed by 
request, November, 1886. 

Sketches and History of the Cathedral Organ. 1888. MS. 

Includes Cartouches of Armorial Bearings, etc., painted 
upon the Organ Pipes, Case and Gallery front, in the reign 
of Charles the Second, taken by G. Armstrong Howitt 
when the additions were made to the Organ in 1888 and 
1889. "Done by desire of Mr. C. H. Dancey, he wishing 
to have some kind of memento of these things before being 
placed out of sight, 1889." Cuttiugs and photographs 

Memories of Gloucester Cathedral, and other poems. By H. B. 
Lester. 1893. 

The Coats of Arms and Devices as emblazoned upon the Shields 
decorating the cresting to the Altar Reredos in the North 
Ambulatory of Gloucester Cathedral (called Abbot Boteler's 
Chapel). Drawn and coloured from the originals by G. 
Armstrong Ho\\dtt, at the request of C. H. Dancey, 
Gloucester, August, 1895. MS. 

Photographs of the Saints depicted on the Reredos, with 
MS. notes and sketches, by C. H. Dancey, inserted. The 
Heraldry drawn and tincttired by G. A. Howitt. 



Lines on the Cathedral at Gloucester and the Sacred Festival. 

By Rev. R. J. Cooper. 1895. 
Gloucester Cathedral : Enthronement of the Rt. Rev, Father in 

God Edgar Charles Sumner, Lord Bishop of Gloucester, 15 

June, 1905. Order of Service. 


Remarks and suggestions on the Medical Rehef of the Poor in 
Gloucester and the surrounding Parishes. By H. W. 
Rumsey. 1847. 

Report as to the Estates and Revenues and Scheme for the 
Application and Management of the Annual Income, and 
for the government of Sir Thomas Rich's Hospital, Gloucester, 
approved 1852. 1856. 

Dame Joan Cooke's Charity. Scheme for the management and 
administration of the Estates and Revenues and for the 
government of the Grammar School in Gloucester. Approved 
by the Court of Chancery 2 August, i860. 

Charity Commission : Scheme in the matter of Dame Joan 
Cooke's Charity, and others. 1878. 


Reflections upon that Act of the Gloucester Common-Council 
which occasioned Dr. Fowler's printing his Discourse of 
Offences. 1683. 

For the " Discourse " see page 16. 

The Present Charter of the City of Gloucester containing the 
Rights and Privileges granted to the Corporation and 
Freemen, in the Reign of Charles IL (Gloucester : J. 
Roberts, c. 1830). 

The Charter granted by King Charles the Second to the City 
of Gloucester 1672. (Gloucester : Walker, 1834). Large 

— Another copy, in MS. 4to. 

— Another copy, in MS. Written by Edward Baylis. 
Nugae Canorae Prsetorium : being A Pleasaunte Hystorie Of ye 

Gouvernemente Locale of Oure Fayre Cytie of Gloucester, 
in ye Fifety-and-Fourthe Yeare of ye Nineteenthe Centurie ; 
And forming a Matin For ye firste daye of April, or All- 
Foole-his-Daye, Of ye same Yeare of Oure Lorde, 1854. As 
Recorded by a Fewe Righte-Merrie Burgesses of ye saide 
Cytie. Gloucester. 



House of Commons. Session 1874. Gloucester Borough 
Extension and Improvement Bill : Minutes of Evidence, 
April 29th, 1874. 

A Letter of ye Venerable Bumm}^ formerly ye Sworde-Bearer 
to ye Anciente Citie of Gloucester. 1884. 

The Maces, Swordbearer, and Swords of the City of Gloucester. 
By C. H. Dancey. 1902. 

The Silver Plate and Insignia of the City of Gloucester. By 
C. H. Dancey. 1906. 

Gloucester City Relief Fund : balance sheet, 1909. 


List of Freemen of the City of Gloucester. 

No date, probably late 18th Century. 

The Report of the Freemen's Committee on the origin of the 
Freemen's Rights, with regard to the Hospitals. 1875. 

Copy of Correspondence between the Corporation and the 
Freemen of the City of Gloucester, relating to a draft 
provisional Order being issued by the Inclosure Com- 
missioners for the better regulation and management of the 
Freemen's Common Meadows. [1880]. 

The Freemen of Gloucester. Notes by W. Stephens and H. Y. J. 
Taylor. 1891. 


The Gloucester Guide. Collected and arranged by a Citizen. 1792. 

A new guide to the City of Gloucester... And a correct copy of the 
Charter of the City. (J. Roberts). 1820. 

— Another edition. [C. 1821-6]. 

— Another edition. [C. 1827-8]. 

Bryant's Directory for the City of Gloucester. 1841. 

Historical, pictorial and topographical illustrations of the County 
of Gloucester... with specimens of the architecture, and 
street view^s of Gloucester... 4to. 

Circa 1844. The Gloucester portion, with Northgate, 
Sonthgate and Westgate Streets. 



The Handbook of Gloucester ; or Traveller's Chart. By 
Thomas Niblet. (Gloucester : Jew). 1846. 

Jew's Stranger's guide through Gloucester. 1848. 

The A.M.C. Illustrated history and guide to Gloucester. 1888. 

Brief history and guide to the City of Gloucester. Compiled by 
John Jennings. 1889. 

The City of Gloucester. Published by the Traders' Association. 


— Another edition, much enlarged. 1909. 
Where to Buy at Gloucester. 


The Strong Man ejected by a Stronger then (sic) He. In a 
Sermon preached at Gloucester the 15th May, 1660. Being 
the Day His Royal Majesty, King Charles the Second, was 
Proclaimed. By Wil. Bartholmew, Vicar of Campden. 1660. 

A Sermon preached before the Judges, etc., in the time of the 
Assizes in the Cathedral Church at Gloucester, On Sunday 
Aug. 7, 1681. Published to put a stop to false and injurious 
representations. By Edward Fowler, D.D. 

A Discourse of Offences, delivered in two Sermons, Aug. 19 
and Sept. 2, 1683. In the Cathedral Church of Gloucester. 
By Edward Fowler, D.D. 

A Sermon at the Cathedral-Church at Gloucester on Monday 
January 30th, 1715. By Benjamin Newton, Master of the 
College-School in Gloucester. 

Good Magistrates a great Blessing: a discourse... Previous to 
the abovesaid Discourse you have a large Exordium, which 
includes a concise topographical account of the City of 
Gloucester for above a thousand years past, etc. By T. 

No date. Dedicated to John Blackwell, Mayor. 
Blackwell was Mayor in 1744 and again in 1754. The 
date 1745 has been added in MS. 

A Sermon preached in the Cathedral-Church of Gloucester, 
September 10, 1766, at the Annual meeting of the Three 
Choirs. By C. Bishop, Rector of Rudford, and Under- 
master of the College School in Gloucester. (Gloucester : 



The Beneficial Effects of Harmony. A Sermon preached at the 
Meeting of the Three Choirs in the Cathedral-Church of 
Glocester, gth of September, 1778, By S. Glasse. 

The Masonic Jennerian Sermon, preached in the Cathedral of 
Gloucester, August 19th, 1823, in aid of a monument in 
honour of Dr. Jenner. By Rev. T. D. Fosbroke. 1823. 

The Behever triumphing over Death and the Grave. Two 
Sermons occasioned by the death of Mrs. H. *****. By J. E. 
Jones, Curate of St. Nicholas, Gloucester. 1824. 

A Sermon occasioned by the Death of Mr. William Hewlett, 
who was drowned whilst bathing in the River Severn, on 
Monday morning, July nth, 1825. Preached in St. John's 
Church, Gloucester, July 17th, 1825. By J. E. Jones, 
Curate of St. Nicholas, and Sunda}- evening lecturer at 
St. John's, Gloucester. 1825. 

A Sermon preached before the Right Worshipful the Mayor 
and Corporation of Gloucester, October 4, 1830. By the 
Rev. James Commeline. 1830. 

Religious Persecution : a Sermon preached in the Cathedral 
Church of St. Peter, Gloucester, on Wednesday, September 
18, 1861, being the day appointed for laying the Foundation 
Stone of a Monument to be erected to the Memory of Bishop 
Hooper. By the Rev. G. Roberts. 

Farewell Sermon preached at St. Mark's Church, Gloucester, 
August 30, 1868. By the Rev. J. J. Barlow, Vicar of 


Reports on the Gloucester Water Supply, 1854-1891. 

Report of Mr. Bateman upon the Witcomb Reser\^oirs. 1866. 

Report of Mr. William Fox on the best means of increasing the 
Water Supply of the City of Gloucester. 1891. 

Report of Mr. Robert Etheridge on various schemes for increasing 
the Water Supply of the City of Gloucester. 1891. 

Reports of Mr. Fox and others on the best means of increasing 
the Water Supply. 1892-3. 



Account Book of the Nourse Charity, St. Catherine's, Gloucester, 

An Address to the Ladies of Glocester. By a Lady in the 
College. (Pytt, 1775). 

Articles of a Friendly Society, holden at the House of Mr. 
George Mander, the Maidenhead Inn, Northgate Street, 
Glocester. (Gloucester : Raikes), 1801. 

Miscellany of Rhimes. (Glocester : Raikes). 1802. 

Hebrew Calendar (MS.) for 1810-11, prepared for the use of 
Jews attending the Gloucester Synagogue. 

The Christian and Unitarian Controversy : being extracts 
from the Gloucester Herald, on the Claims of an Unitarian 
School to Public Support. 1819, 

The Bachelors' Bali ; or. Lawyer E — 's Dream. (Gloucester, 

Power, 1835). 
Deed of Settlement of the County of Gloucester Banking 

Company. 1836. 
Extraordinary facts and circumstances relating to the Will of 

Mr. James Wood. By R. Leighton. With postscript. 1838. 

Will and Codicil of the late James Wood... Report of the 
Important Judgment... By Sir H. Jenner, Feb. 20, 1839, ^^ 
the Cause of Wood and others v. Goodlake, Helps, and others. 

Judgment delivered by Sir Herbert Jenner in the Prerogative 
Court, Feb. 20, 1839, in the case of Wood and others. 

Gloucester Musical Festival : Programmes 1844, 1847, 1850, 1853. 

A discussion on Mesmerism, between Mr. E. T. Hicks and Mr. 
J. Q. Rumball at the Theatre, Gloucester, 1845. 

Proceedings before the Governors of the Gloucester Infirmary 
relating to the Case of Henry Ridler, admitted 3rd August, 
1847, removed from the Hospital on the nth October 
following. 1848. 

Consecration of the Church of St. Michael, in the City of 
Gloucester, 28th April, 1851. 

History of the last Trial by Jury for Atheism in England. By 
G. J. Holyoake. 1851. 



Shreds and Patches. By a neighbour. Gloucester : Printed 
by D. Bretherton. 1857. 

Gloucester Fragments. 1861. 

Facsimiles of Saxon MS. in Gloucester Cathedral Library. 

The Owlet's Home ; or out of what cage did the Owlet Fly that 
is seeking its Roost in the Gloucester Infirmary. A Question 
for the Governors. By one of themselves. 1865. 

Centenary of Sunday Schools. Visit of the Earl of Shaftesbury 
to Gloucester. 1880. 

The Gloucestershire Wasp. Nos. 1-7. 1881. 

Cop3^ Agreement between the Gloucester Raikes' Memorial 
Hall Committee and the Gloucester Society of Science and 
Art. 1885. 

Illustrated Catalogue of Gems, Cameos, and Amber collected 
by A. Booth, Gloucester. Printed by John Bellows. 1886. 

A Domestic Drama in one Act. Gloucester, Christmas, 1889. 

By John Matthews [Sword Bearer]. 
Newspaper Cuttings relating to Gloucester, etc., 1884- 1894. 

6 vols. 
Gloucester Football Club : cuttings and printed matter relating 

to its formation. 1891-4. 
St. Catherine's Parish Magazine. [Containing an account of 

St. Oswald's Priory, by M. H. Medland]. 
Gloucester District Nursing Society : report of the special 

Committee for Small Pox Nursing. November, 1896. 
Gloucester Municipal Schools : Syllabus, 1896-7. 

The truth about the Sanitary Condition of Gloucester. [By 
F. T. Bond]. 2nd edition. 1899. 

Gloucester's Detractors : Who are they ? a question for the 
serious consideration of the Citizens of Gloucester... 1899. 

Gloucester Electricity Works, opened July 19th, 1900. Souvenir. 

Loyal Phcenix Lodge of Oddfellows, Gloucester District : reports, 

1902 and 1904. 
— Rules relating to advances on property. 

Revised report of Mr. Fox on the Gloucester Sewer outfall. 1910. 

Catalogues of local Book Sales. 1876-1889. Mostly priced. 

The Wonderful Shops in the Island : a song. 



A Sermon preached at the Cathedral Church of Bristol, 

13 November, 1790. By Daniel Lysons. 1790. 4to. 
Charters and Letters Patent granted to Bristol. By Rev, S. 

Sever. 1812. 4to. 
Historical and Architectural essay relating to Redcliffe Church, 

Bristol. By J. Britton. 1813. 
History of Bristol : civil and ecclesiastical. By J. Corry and 

J. Evans. 1816. 2 vols. 
History of Bristol. By J. Evans. 1824. 
Narrative of the Bristol Riots, 1831. By W. H. Somerton. 
Trial of Charles Pinney... charging him with neglect of duty, in 

his office as Mayor of Bristol during the Riots. 1833. 

History and present state of Brislington House, near Bristol. 

1836. 4to. 
Chilcott's descriptive history of Bristol. 1849. 
Guide to St. Mary RedcHffe Church. (Jefferies). 1850. 

— Another edition. 

— Fourth edition. 1858. 

Notes on the ecclesiastical and monumental architecture of the 

Middle Ages in Bristol. By G. Pryce. 1853. 
Book of Bristol Sonnets. By H. D. Rawnsley. 1877. 

Some account of the oldest Plans of Bristol. By William 
George. 1881. 

How to see Bristol. By J. F. Nicholls. 1882. 

Brief romances from Bristol history. By J. Latimer. 1884. 

Antiquarian essays contributed to the " Saturday Review." By 
John Taylor. With memoir by Wilham George. 1895. 

The history of St. Peter's Church, Bristol. By A. W. Little. 1899. 

Bristol Channel District Guide. 1905. 

The Boundaries and Civic Authorities of Ancient Bristol. By 
J. J. Simpson. 1907. 

Shields of Arms in Bristol Cathedral. 





The Statement of His Grace the Duke of Beaufort respecting 
the Country hunted bj^ Mr. Horlock, with counter statement. 



Bamwood Church. By F. G. Bayhs, 1865. 


Arms of the Earl of Berkeley. (Universal Magazine, 1772). 

The Trial of Mrs. Mary Reed for Petit Treason, in poisoning her 
Husband, Williarn Reed, Gent, of Berkeley... 1796. 4to. 
(Glocester : R. Raikes). 

Berkeley Poachers. The Trial at large of [eleven persons] for 
the wilful murder of W. Ingram, gamekeeper to Colonel 
Berkeley... 1816. 

Extracts from a MS. History of the Berkeley Family. By 
Samuel Lysons. 

This was evidently intended to have been published in 
Archceologia, vol. xv., but for some reason was not com- 
pleted. The sheets printed are paged 1-39. No copy 
appears to be in the Library of the Society of Antiquaries. 

Bye Laws for the Regulation of the Lodge, No. 449 ; 
distinguished by the title of Faith and Friendship ; of the 
most ancient and honourable Society of Free and Accepted 
Masons ; now held at the White Hart, in the Borough of 
Berkeley, in the County of Glocester. (Stroud : Printed by 
Brother Jenner, 1806). 

Fairburn's Edition of the Trial between Maria Foote, the 
celebrated actress... and Joseph Hay ne... for a breach of 
promise of marriage. 1824. 

Fitzalleyne of Berkeley... By Bernard Blackmantle, [C. M. 
Westmacott]. 1825, 2 v. 

The trial of Judge versus Berkeley and others. 1825. 



History of the Town of Berkeley. By Rev. J. Fisher. Second 
edition. 1864. 

A sketch of the history of Berkeley. By J. H. Cooke. Second 
edition. 1873. 

The Berkeley Manuscripts. The Lives of the Berkeleys. By 
John Smyth of Nibley. Ed. by Sir J. Maclean. 1885. 3 v. 

Glimpses of Old Enghsh Homes : Berkeley Castle. (" English 
Illustrated Magazine," 1889). 

Descriptive Catalogue of the Charters and Muniments in the 
possession of Lord Fitzhardinge at Berkeley Castle. Com- 
piled by J. H. Jeayes. 1892. 


A memoir of the Manor of Bitton, Co. Gloucester. By Rev. 
H. T. Ellacombe. 1869. 


The Roman Villa at Chedworth. By H. M. Scarth. {Jour. 
Brit. Arch. Assoc, 1869). 

An Address by the Rev. Samuel Lysons on the Roman remains 
at Chedworth. [1871]. 

Notes on the Roman Villa, at Chedworth. By Prof. Buckman 
and R. W. Hall. 1872. 

— Third edition. 


A Sermon Preach'd at Cheltenham Before a Polite Audience, 
August 5, 1750. By the Rev. Edward Pickering Rich. 
Which occasioned his being silenced for three years. 

The Cheltenham Guide : memoirs of the B — N — R — D — 
Family. 1781. Fourth edition. 

Royal Recollections on a tour to Cheltenham, Gloucester... 
1788, Seventh edition. 

The first book of the Royal chronicles, with the tales, and 
parables of Peter Pindar to the Royal Farmer, at Chelten- 
ham Wells... [1788]. 

Ruff's History of Cheltenham. By Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 1803. 
Large paper. 


Moreau's Tour to Cheltenham Spa. 1805. 

Picturesque and topographical account of Cheltenham. By 
T. D. Fosbroke. 1826. 

New Historical description of Cheltenham. By J. Y. Griffith. 
1826. 4to. 

Large paper, one of 50 copies. 

Williams's New Guide to Cheltenham. 1829. 

The Stranger's Guide through Cheltenham... By Henry Davies. 
Second edition. 1834. 

— Third edition. 1842. 

Cheltenham and Great Western Union Railway Bill : Minutes 
of evidence before the Lords Committees. 1836. 

Geology of the neighbourhood of Cheltenham. By R. I. 
Murchison. 1845. 

Rowe's Illustrated Cheltenham guide. [1850]. 

Smithius, a lay of modern Cheltenham... not by Macaulay. 1858. 

Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Cheltenham 
General Hospital and Dispensary... 1877. 

The Maid of Chelt.: or lays, lore, and legend of fertile Glouces- 
tershire. By A. W. Peachey. [1889]. 

Tlie Run from Hazelton with the gentleman in Black. 1893. 


Geology of Churchdown Hill. By Rev. F. Smithe. (Gloucester : 
Perrins, 1861). 

Churchdown Church. By F. G. Baylis. 1865. 

Churchdown in Ye XII. Century. By Rev. F. Smithe. 1877. 

History of Churchdown. By W^ T. Swift. 1905. 


History and Antiquities of Cirencester. By S. Rudder. 1780. 

— Second edition. 1800. 

History and description of the Parish Church of Cirencester. 
(Bailey and Jones, c. 1842). 



Report of proceedings at the Meeting of the British Archaeological 
Association at Cirencester, 1869. 

Corinium Museum : a guide. By A. H. Church. Third 
edition, 1871. 

History of Cirencester. By K. J. Beecham. 1887. 

Cirencester Illustrated. 1905. 


Something about Coleford and the old Chapel. By M. Mushet. 



Notes on the Priory and Church of Deerhurst. By G. Butter- 
worth. 1886. 


Dursley and its neighbourhood. By J, H. Blunt. 1877. 


The Lying-Wonders, or Rather the Wonderful- Lyes, lately 
pubhshed to the World... containing a relation of the 
wonderful power of God, shewed for injustice at Fairford 
by Frogs and Toads and in the sudden death of the Clarks 
daughter at Brokington in Gloucestershire. 1660. 

Vita D. Thomaea Morie. Ab G. Roperi. Edidit Tho. Hearnius. 
[Includes a description of the glass in Fairford Church]. 1716. 

History of Fairford Church. By S. Rudder. Sixth edition. 1772, 

— Eleventh edition. 

An account of the Parish of Fairford. By R. Bigland. 1791. 

Albert Durer..,in reference to the Fairford Windows. By H. F. 
Holt. {Jour. Brit. Arch. Assoc, 1869). 

The late old Clerk's humorous description of the Painted Glass 
Windows of Fairford Church, 1873. 

Handbook to Fairford Church. By J. Powell. 1875. 

— Second edition. 1875. 

— Third edition. 1883. 




The second edition of a letter to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Ducie, 
with a postscript, b\' Daniel Capper, Rector of Huntley and 
Rural Dean. 1859. 


Mills V. Harris. Deceit and Treachery exposed... Facts relative 
to the above action, tried at Gloucester Assizes, 1832... By 
Thomas Harris, of Hardwick. 1836. Second edition. 


On the intended enlargement and repairs of the Parish Church : 
A Sermon preached in the Parish Church of Haresfield. By 
Rev. E. H. Niblett. 1841. 


" Hope under chastening," and " The tempest stilled : " two 
sermons preached at the church of the Holy Innocents, 
Highnam ; on the day of Consecration, Tuesdaj^ April 29th, 
1851. By W. F. E. Knollys, Rector of Quedgeley ; and 
Richard Davies, Rector of Staunton. 

Musings in Highnam churchyard. By H. Y. J. Taylor. 1868. 

Documents respecting the Estate of Horfield Manor. With 
preface by the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. Third 
edition, with additions. 1851. 


Lechlade : being the history of the town, manor, and estates, 
the priory and the church. By A. Wilhams. 1888. 


A Brief Account of the occasion, process and issue of a late trial 
at the Assize held at Gloucester, March 3, 1743, between some 
of the people called ]\Iethodists and certain persons of the 
towm of Minchin-Hampton. By George Whitefield. 1743. 
Second edition. 


"Little Jonathan": the godly shoemaker... with notes on 
Newent. By W. Harris. 1885. 

E 25 



The Battle of Nibley Green. By J. B. Kington. 1847. 


On hearing the Painswick Bells ring out the Old Year, December 

31, 1854. By W. H. Hyett. 
Painswick Church. By F. G. Bayhs. [1865]. 
A short account of Painswick. By W. J. Gardner. 1877. 
Painswick Parish Magazine. 1888-1890. 
Painswick Annual Register, 1890-1896. By F. A. Hyett. 

Painswick during the Civil War, 1642-6. By F. A. Hyett. 

Reprinted from the Painswick Register for 1893. 1894. 
History of the Church of St. Mary, at Painswick. By St. Clair 

Baddeley. 1902. 


St. Mary's Prestbury, Parish Almanack for 1873. 

History of Prinknash Park. By Canon Bazeley. 1890. 


Rendcombe : a poem, with historical notes. By G. A. E. 
Kempson. 1889. 


Rodborough Tabernacle, Gloucestershire : a poem. By Jeptha 
Young. 1859. 


Agricultural Labourers' Question : a letter to the owners and 
occupiers of land in the parish of Sandhurst, from the 
Vicar [Rev. Percy Brett]. 1873. 


Letters and Correspondence relating to the Sharpness New 
Docks and Gloucester and Berkeley Navigation Company. 
By John Chadborn, Barton House, Gloucester. June, 1883. 


A few parting words to the Inhabitants of Standish and 
Randwick, May, 1835. 




History and Antiquities of Stow. By Rev. D. Royce. 1861. 

Versified Stow. By W. Bartlett. 1899. 


Notes and recollections of Stroud. By P. H. Fisher. 1871. 

Geology of Stroud. By E. Witcheil. 1882. 

Catalogue of Books in the Stroud Natural History and 
Philosophical Society, 1882-3. 

The Stroud Valley Illustrated. 2nd edition. 1903. 


History of Sudeley Castle. By Rev. C. Willyams. 1791. Folio. 


History and antiquities of Tewkesbury. By W. Dyde. 2nd 
edition. 1798. 

Disquisition on the Conventual Church of Tewkesbury and its 
antiquities. B}^ Rev. R. Knight. 1818. 

Tewkesbury Abbey and other poems. By T. Baylis (of 
Gloucester). 1820. MS. 

The Abbey Church of Tewkesbury. By T. Amyott. (Vetusta 
Monumenta). 1825. 

An Account of the Battle fought at Tewkesburv in 1471. 
(Tewkesbury: MiUs) 1826. 

History of Tewkesbury. By J. Bennett. 1830. 

Tewkesbury Guide. By J. Bennett. 1835. 

Tewkesbur}^ Yearly Register and Magazine, 1830-50. By J. 
Bennett. 2 v. 

Restoration of Tewkesbury Abbey. Report of a Meeting held 
at Lambeth Palace, on Saturday, March 3rd, 1877. 

Notes on a gold chain of office presented to the Corporation of 
Tewkesbury, by Capt. W. E. Price in 1878. By W. H. 

New Handbook and guide to Tewkesbury Abbey. Fourth 
edition. (North). 



A short paper on Tewkesbury Abbey Church. By the Rev. H. 
Robeson. 1882. 

Descriptive particulars of the Battle of Tewkesbury. 1885. 

A short account of the old houses of Tewkesbury. By H. P. 
and F. Moore. 1886. 

Tewkesbury Abbey. By H. Littlehales. 1886. 

Battle of Tewkesbury. A.D. 1471. By Canon Bazeley. 1888. 

A short account of the Abbey Church of S. Mary the Virgin, 


The Glocestershire Tragedy ; Being an account of Miss Mary 
Smith, of Thornbury, who poisoned her Father, Sir John 
Smith, for love of a young man. (c. 1800). 


Historical and descriptive accounts of Toddington, By John 
Britton. 1840. 


Landboc sive Registrum Monasterii Beatae Mariae Virginis et 
Sancti Cenhelmi de Winchelcumba. Edente D. Royce. 
1892. 2 V. 


Account of Roman Antiquities discovered at Woodchester. By 
Samuel Lysons. 1797. Foho. 

Bonum Eventum. An account of Roman Antiquities discovered 
at Woodchester in 1695. (Stroud, 1880). 


Historical Notes relating to the Borough of Wotton-under-Edge. 
By W. H. Wright. 1872. 





To the worthy and Independent Freeholders of the County of 

Ode for the 17th June. 

To all qualified Persons who intend to vote at the ensuing 
Election for the County of Glocester. 

These three pieces relate to the Bromley Chester Election 
of 1776. 

Substance of three speeches, recently delivered in different 
assemblies of Freeholders, in the County of Gloucester. By 
J. H. Moggridge, Esq., Late High Sheriff of the County of 
Gloucester. 18 10. 

List of the Poll for the Eastern Division of the County of 
Gloucester. December, 1832. 4to. 

List of the Poll for the Eastern Division of the County of 
Gloucester, August, 1834. 4to. 

A correct list of the Poll at the election of a Knight of the 
Shire for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. 


The Poll taken at the Election of Members to Sitt in the Ensuing 
Parliament, 1705. MS. 

Alphabet of the Poll taken at Gloucester, 26th May, 1741. FoKo. 

The earliest known printed Poll-book. 

To the Worthy and Independent Freemen of the City of 
Glocester. Address of Robert Morris, 1807. 

Songs, addresses, squibs, etc., published during the late Contest 
for the City of Gloucester. 1816. 

Gloucester City Election, 1816 : Book of the Poll. 

Gloucester City Election, 1818 : Book of the Poll. (Roberts, 

Gloucester City Election, 1857. List of the Poll. 



Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the 
existence of corrupt practices at the last Gloucester Election 
with the Minutes of Evidence, i860. 

The Case of the Citizens of Gloucester, as respects the suspension 
ot their Electoral Franchise. By J. J. Powell. 1861. 

A List of the Poll at the Election for the City of Gloucester. 1862. 

Old Gloucester Election Literature. By F. G. Baylis. 1864. 

Gloucester Election Petition. 1869. s. sh. fol. 

Report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the 
existence of corrupt practices in the City of Gloucester. 
With Minutes of Evidence. 1881. 

Pleas against the proposed disfranchisement of Gloucester. By 
" Censor." 

Written by J. J. Powell in 1881 

A Song picked up near W gate Bridge ! Supposed to have 

been composed by a Civic functionary. [Jimmy Murrell]. 


The Cirencester Contest : letters, papers, verses, etc. relative 
to the Election. Cirencester : Rudder. 1753. 

Book of the Poll at the General Election... Cirencester. 1812. 

Stroud Political Squibs ! The Chronicles of Gotham, and other 
election squibs. 1880. 



A Catalogue of the Dukes and Earles of Glocester and Hertford. 

A Collection of Coats of Arms Borne by the Nobility and Gentry 
of the County of Glocester. [By Sir Geo. Naylor]. 1792. 4to. 

Good and Great Men of Gloucestershire. By Joseph Stratford. 

Gloucestershire Biographical Notes. 1887. By Joseph Stratford. 

APSLEY. History of the Apslev and Bathurst Families. By 
J. A. Hankey. 1889. 

BARNES. Gloucester Cathedral : In memoriam. Bro. Charles 
Burton Barnes, June 20th, 1908. 

BOWLY. Presentations at Gloucester in celebration of the 
Eightieth Birthday of Mr. Samuel Bowly, with sketch of Mr. 
Bowly's public career. 1882. 

The late Mr. Samuel Bowly. Reprinted from the " Gloucester 
Journal," March 29, 1884. 

CHATTERTON. Footprints of genius : a biography of Thomas 
Chatterton. By F. G. BayUs. 1859. 

CORBET. A re-print of a very curious Tract written during the 
Great Rebellion. By John Corbet. With a biographical 
memoir of the Author, by G. W. Counsel. 1850. 

CRESSWELL. A Narrative of the Affair between Mr. Cresswell 

and Miss Sc e address'd to G V E Sc E, 

Esq.... 1747. 

CROLE. Memoirs of the Rev. P. R. Crole, late Minister of the 
Whitefield Memorial Church, Gloucester. 1881. 

FORBES. Gloucestershire Tracts. No. 7. James Forbes. By 
J. Stratford. 

HALE. Journal of James Hale, late Sergeant in the Ninth 
Regiment of Foot. 1826. 

HOGG. Memoir of Wilham Hogg. Theological Magazine. 180 1. 



HOLLINS. Pastoral recollections ; six years' work among the 
seamen and watermen at the Port of Gloucester. By James 
HoUins. 1857. 

HOOPER. Some account of the hfe and martyrdom of John 
Hooper, By G. W. Counsel. 1841. 

Archaeological remains in Gloucester relating to the burning 
of Bishop Hooper. By John Bellows. 1878. ist 

— Second edition. 1880. 

Bishop Hooper, the Gloucester MartjT. By William Higgs. 
JEFFS. In memoriam : Thomas Jeffs. 1876. 

JOHN of WINCHCOMB. The history of Mr. John Winchcomb, 
alias, Jack of Newbury. 

JUXON. Memoirs of Archbishop Juxon and his times. 1869. 
[With autograph letter from the Author — Rev. W. H. 
Marah — inserted] . 

MOUNTJOY. Life, labours and deliverance of a Forest of Dean 
Collier [Timothy Mount] oy]. Written by himself. 1887. 

NIBLETT. Leaf from Family Bible recording births of members 
of the Niblett Family, of Haresfield. 

PENN. Memorials of the professional life and times of Sir 
Wilham Penn, Kt. By G. Penn. 1833. 2 vols. 

RAIKES. Memoir of Robert Raikes, the founder of Sunday 
Schools. By G. Webster. 1873. 

Robert Raikes, Journahst and Philanthropist. B3^ A. 
Gregory. 1877. 

Robert Raikes, and others. By Joseph Stratford. 1880. 

Robert Raikes, the Man of Gloucester. A musical memoir. 

Compiled and adapted by E. Paxton Hood and C. H. 

Fogg. 1880. 

Robert Raikes and Northamptonshire Sunday Schools. By 
P. M. Eastman. 1880. 

Robert Raikes : the man and his work. Edited by J. H. 
Harris. 1899. 

ROBERTS. Life of John Roberts, a Gloucestershire farmer of 
the time of Charles IL Bv his son. (Reprinted by 
Bellows). 1882. 


ROBINSON. Sir Thomas Robinson. Biographical Magazine, 
Jan., 1887. 

RUNDLE. The reasons alledged against Dr. Rundle's promotion 
to the See of Gl . By a Gentleman of the Temple. 1734. 

SANDYS. Letters of the late Thomas Rundle to Mrs. Barbara 
Sandys, of Miserden. With memoirs by J. Dallaway. 1789. 

TRYE. A sketch of the Life and Character of the late Charles 
Brandon Trye, Esq., F.R.S. Senior Surgeon of the Infirmary 
at Gloucester. By Rev. Daniel Lysons. 1812. 4to. 

With autograph letters to Rev. D. Lysons from Jenner, 
Richard Raikes, Anne Hunter, J. J. Watson, Piozzi, J. 
Garden, Bransby Cooper, Hannah More, and Huntingford, 
Bishop of Glovicester, inserted. 

— Another copy, with autograph letter from Lord Spencer 
to Samuel Lysons inserted. Presentation copy from Daniel 
to Samuel Lysons. 

— Another copy. 

TYNDALE. William Tyndale the Bible Martyr and his 
Memorial. (Bellows, 1866). 

VALLENDER. Biographical sketch of Robert Jones Vallender, 
of Gloucester, Grand Master of the Order of Oddfellows, 
1901-2. Oddfellows' Magazine, Jan., 1902. 

WARD. Hymns and Psalm to be used at the Funeral of John 
Ward, Mayor of Gloucester. Gloucester Cathedral, March 
I2th, 1895. 
WHITEFIELD. A volume containing 11 pieces relating to 
George Whitefield, his Journals, Sermons, etc. 1738-9. 
The two first parts of his Life, with His Journals. Revised by 

George Whitefield. 1756. 
Memoirs of the Life of the Rev. George Whitefield. By John 
Gilhes. 1772. 

Life of Rev. George Whitefield. By L. Tyerman. 1890. 2 v. 

WHITTINGTON. The model merchant of the Middle Ages. 
By Rev. S! Lysons. i860. 

WILLIAMS. Williams, Jonathan. " Little Jonathan " : the 
godly shoemaker, Sunday School teacher, and death-bed 
visitor ; with Notes on Newent. By W. Harris. 1885. 

WOOD. Life and anecdotes of Jemmy Wood, the eccentric 
banker, merchant, and draper, of Gloucester. 1882. 

F 33 



Ackers, B. St. J. {of Huntley). Vocal speech for the Dumb, 1877. 

Bellows, John {of Gloucestey). A Winter journey from Gloucester 
to Norwa3^ (Bellows, 1867). 

Benson, M, {Bishop of Gloucester). A sermon preached before 
the House of Lords, January 30, 1737-8. 1805. 

Bond, R. {Bookseller, of Gloucester). Poems, divine and moral. 

Buckman, J. {Prof, of Geology, Royal Agricultural College, 
Cirencester). Stone steps. 1852. 

Cambridge, R. O. {of W hitminster) . Works. 1803. 

Cooke, J. H {of Berkeley). Shipwreck of Sir Cloudesley Shovell 
on the Scilly Islands in 1707. (Bellows, 1883). 

Cooke, W. {Rector of Oldbury and Didmarton). Patriarchal and 
Druidical Religion, Temples, etc. 1755. 

Cother, Tom. Fayre Rosamond. (Gloucester: Judd). 1869. 

Cripps, W. J. {of Cirencester). Pre- Reformation Chalices. 

Dawes, W. {Born in Gloucester). The works of Elijer Goff. 1881. 

— Central African Buster. 

— Senior Devle. 

— Kronikle. 

Dobell, Sydney {of Cheltenham) England in time of war. 1856. 

— Parliamentary Reform. 1865. 

Dorney, Henry {of JJley). Contemplations. With memoir. 
Third edition. 1773. 

Fosbroke, T. D. {of Horsley). Encyclopaedia of Antiquities. 
1825. 2 v. 

— Foreign Topography. 1828. 



Gardiner, William {of Lydney Academy). Original poems, songs, 
and essays, with narrative of his life. 1854, 

Gardner, J. The unpardonable sin... By a Citizen of Gloucester. 

Griffith, G. {of Gloucester). Ribbesford. 1859. 

Hack, Maria {sometime of Gloucester). Geological sketches. 1839. 

— English stories of the olden time. 1829. 3 v, 

— Winter evenings. 1818. 3 v. 

Holt, T. {Secretary to the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol). The 
Act for the abridging of the holding of Benefices in PluraHty. 

Horsley, S. {Prebend of Gloucester). Tracts. (Gloucester: 
Raikes). 1789. 

Hyett, W. H. {of Painswick). Flowers of the South. 

— Tintern Abbey. 

Isacke, J. {of Stroud). Leisure hours : poems. (Stroud : 
Elliott). 1859. 

Jones, J. H. {of Gloucester). The present condition of the Land 
of England in relation to its inhabitants. 1896. 

Kerslake, T. {of Bristol). A Primaeval British MetropoHs. 1877. 

Knight, Rev. G. {Minister, Barton Street Chapel, Gloucester, 
1880-3). Earl Beaconsfield, etc. : lectures. 1881. 

Law, H. {Dean of Gloucester, 1862-85). Forgiveness of sins. 

— Beacons of the Bible. 1869. 1 37^4. 1 S> 

— Family Devotion. 1878. 2 v. 

Lloyd, Rev. W. {Minister, Barton Street Chapel, Gloucester). 
Dr. Wallace on Sanitation and Small-pox. 1898. 

Lysons, Rev. S. {Rector of Rodmarton). Our British Ancestors. 

Maitland, S. R. {of Gloucester). Superstition and Science. 1855. 

Medhurst, W. H. {of Gloucester). China. 1838. 


Payne, J. {of Moreton-in-Marsh). A lesson from Parliament. 

Richard of Cirencester. Description of Great Britain, 1809. 

Roberts, Mary [of Sheepscomhe). Flowers of the Matin and 
Even song. 1845. 

— Ruins and old trees associated with English History. 
Shergold, Rev. C. [of Stroud). The Bible, 1876, 
Smith, T. S. [of Bristol). Pharoah's dream verified, 

— History of the Ross and Archenfield Building Society. 1906. 

Taylor, H, Y. J, [of Gloucester). The Sabbath breaking miller, 
and his savage dog. 

Taylor, John [the " Water-poet," born at Gloucester). Taylor's 
Motto. 1621 

— An arrant thiefe, 1622. 

— The Praise of Cleane Linnen. 1624. 

— Works, Edited by Hindley, Large paper, 1872, 

Tovey, Thomas {of Cheltenham). Things as they were, as they 
are, and as they ought to be, (Glocester, 1803). 

Tucker, J. {Dean of Gloucester, 1758-99). Tracts and sermons, 
(Gloucester : R. Raikes). 1774-6, 

Washbourne, B. {of Gloucester). Use and abuse of the Intellect. 

Wickenden, Rev, W. {of the Forest of Dean). Adventures in 
Circassia, Third edition, 

— Count Glarus. (Dedicated to Jenner). 1819. 

— Poems and tales, with autobiography. 185 1. 

— Reginald. 1853. 

Williams, J. {of Stroud). Sacred allegories. 1810. 
Young, Jeptha {of King's Stanley). Rural poems. 1858. 



The Lives of the Six Notorious Murderers and Robbers... who 
were executed at Kingston for the murder of Mr. Thomas 
BaU...(R. Raikes, 1726). 

Dallaway, J. Origin and progress of the Science of Heraldry 
in England. 1793. (Gloucester : R. Raikes). 

Lauder, P. A letter to John H. Moggridge, Esq., upon the 
late County Meeting at Monmouth, on the subject of 
ParUamentary Reform, etc. (Gloucester : J. Roberts). 

On the National Debt. (Gloucester : J. Roberts). 1822. 

Observations on the Landed possessions of Ecclesiastical 
Corporations. (Gloucester : Jew and Wingate, 1833). 







Speed's Map of Gloucestershire. 1610. 

Moll's Map of Gloucestershire. 

The Avon, Severn and Wales (Gent. Mag., 1815). 


Break of Gauge at Gloucester, 1846. 
Cathedral : — 

Details of Architecture, 5 plates. (Hurrell and Moore, 1876). 

View of exterior. (G. Rowe). 

Abbot Seabroke's Crozier. 

Figure on Glass in Lady Chapel. (Lysons). 

Prentice Bracket. 1783. 
County Gaol. (Bonner, 1795). 
The Cross. (Virtue, 1751). 
Floods at Gloucester, 1852. 
Lanthony Priory. (Coney). 

New Inn : details of carvings, etc. (Hurrell and Moore, 1876). 
Old Bank (Jimmy Wood's House). 1839. 
Old doorway and passage on North side of Old Abbot's House. (Hurrell 

and Moore, 1876). 
Ring on door of St. Nicholas Church. 
Robert Raikes House. 
St. Mary Crypt Grammar School. 
First Sunday School in Gloucester. 
Scrivens Conduit (now at Edgeworth). 
Toll-house, near Gloucester, struck by lightning. 
The " Mayor of Barton," from drawing by G. A. Howitt. 
Set of 21 Plates on large paper illustrating Clarke's Architectural History 

of Gloucester. 


Abenhall. Drawings of Arms in the Church. (G. A. Howitt). 

Adlestrop House. 

Batsford House. 

Beckford, View. (Ackermann, 1800). 

Berkeley Castle. (G. P. Johnson). 

South-east view. ' 

Beverston Castle. (Buck, 1732). 
Bibury Church. (Storer, 1809). 
Bitton Church : Effigy of Robert de Bitton. 



Bristol High Cross. (Buck, 1734). 
Calcot Bam. {Gent. Mag., 1795). 
Charlton Kings, View. (Gent. Mag., 1823). 

Church. (Gent. Mag., 1823). 

East Court. (Brooks). 
Cheltenham : — 

Four views. (Lyford). 

View. (Phillips, 1803). 

Entrance to Cheltenham from London Road. (Johnson). 

View from Bay's Hill. 

View from Battledown. 

View from Pittville. (Johnson). 

Churches : — 

Christ Church. (Yearrold). 

— (Rowe). 

— (Johnson). 

St. James's. (Johnson). 

St. John's. (Johnson). 

St. Mary's. (Lysons, 1792). 

— (Rowe). 

— (Johnson). 
St. Matthew's. 

St. Paul's. (Johnson). 
St. Peter. 

— (Rowe). 

St. Philip's. (Johnson). 

Trinity. (Jolinson). 
Albion House. (Byrne). 
Churchill's Plough Hotel. (Jolinson). 
College. (Johnson). 
The Crescent. (Johnson). 
Female Orphan Asylum. (Johnson). 
Glenfall. (Jolinson). 
Hewlett's House. (Johnson). 
Imperial Promenade. (Johnson). 
Lake House. (Johnson). 
Lansdown Crescent. (Jolinson). 
Lansdown Place. (Johnson). 

Literary and Philosophical Institution. (Johnson), 
Lodge Gate Park Estate. (Johnson). 
Mawe and Tatlow's Museum. (Jenkins). 
Montpellier Gardens. (Johnson). 

— The fountain. 

Montpellier Promenade. (Johnson). 

Montpellier Rotmida. (Johnson). 

Old Well Walk. (Rowe). 

Oriel Lodge. (Gauci). 

Pittville Spa. 

Pittville Pump Room. (Johnson). 

Royal Old Well and Spa. 

Seven Springs. (Jolinson). 

Sherborne Spa. (Bartlett). 

— (Calvert). 
Spa. (Johnson). 

— (Ross, 1798). 

Suffolk Square. (Edwards). 
Thirlestaine House. (Johnson). 
Wells. (Sewell, 1786). 
Williams' Library. 




Cirencester : — 

Painting in Trinity Chapel. (Basire, 1806). 

Roman Capital at Cirencester. (St. Aubyn, 1838). 

Roman Monimiental Stones foiind near Cirencester. (Gent. Mag. 
Clearwell Cross. (Greig, 1812). 
Clifton Old Church. 

Cohi St. Aldwyns Church. (Bigland, 1787). 
Dj'moclv Church. Norman Doorway. 
Fairford. Tame Brasses. 
Hales Abbey. (Buck, 1732). 
Harescomb Church Bell Turret. (1883). 
Hempsted Font. 
Icomb Place. (Waller). 
Kempsford Mill. 
Leckliampton Church. (Lj'sons). 

— (Johnson). 

Forest of Dean Chapel and School. (Oent. Mag., 1814). 
Mitcheldean. Dean Michel, or Great Dean. (Oent. Mag., 1822). 
Newland. Tomb of Jenkin Wyrhale. (Oreig, 1812). 
Prestbury Church. (Oent. Mag.) 
Rodmarton Place. (Hooper, 1785). 
St. Briavel's Castle. (Stockdale). 

— (Buck, 1732). 
Sandywell Park. (Johnson). 
Sapperton Tumiel. (1794). 
Southam. (Johnson). 

— (Oent. Mag., 1824). 

Sudeley Castle. (Shepherd, 1805). 

— (Buck, 1732). 

— (Joluison). 

— Tomb of Catherine Parr. 
Swindon Church. (Oent. Mag., 1843). 
Tewkesbury Abbey. (Buck, 1732). 

— Choir and Chancel. (Rowe). 
Thornbury Castle. (Buck, 1732). 
Tortworth Chestnut. (Gent. Mag.). 
Weston Birt. (Neale). 
Withington Parsonage. (Bonnor). 
Woodchester Vicarage. (Donoghue). 


Sir Robert Atkyns. (Richardson, 1812). 

Henry Charles Somerset, Duke of Beaufort. (Phillips, 1832). 

Frederick Augustus, Earl of Berkeley. 1801. 

George, Earl of Berkeley. (Harding, 1800). 

Hon. F. Henry F. Berkeley, M.P. 1839. 

Ralph Bigland. (Debrett, 1803). 

Samuel Bowly. 

Charles Owen Cambridge, Vice-President of the Gloucester General 

Earl Ducie. (Briggs, 1854). 



Henry, Duke of Gloucester. (Vertue, 1736). 

William, Duke of Gloucester. (Goldar, 1785). 

INIaria, Duchess of Gloucester. 

Princess Sophia of Gloucester. (Beechey). 

Sir Matthew Hale. {Univ. Mag.) 

Rev. Rowland Hill. 

Bishop Hooper. DraAvn by G. A. Howitt from Houston's portrait. 

Laurence Hiimphrey, Dean of Gloucester. 

George Isaac Huntingford, Bishop of Gloucester. 

Edward Jenner. (Skelton, 1826). 

Samuel Lysons. (Lawrence, 1833). 

Robert IMorris, M.P. for Gloucester. 

William Philip Price. (Mathias). 

Henry Ryder, Bishop of Gloucester. (Woolnoth). 

Charles Brandon Trye. (Smirke). 

Josiah Tucker, Dean of Gloucester. 1793. 

Rev. Joseph White, Prebend of Gloucester. (European Mag., 1785). 

Joseph Wilcocks, Bishop of Gloucester. (Harding, 1822). 


View of Frankpledge of the Town of Cirencester, 30 April, 2 Eliz. 

Roll of the Courts of the Hundreds of GlovTcestershire, 10 October, 9 Eliz. 

Copy Agreement (9 Hen. 8. 1517) and Composition between the Abbot of 
Gloucester and the Mayor and Burgesses of the Same Citj'. 

Ordinance of James I., dated 29 March, 1618, signed Fulk Greville, for 
the suspension of cutting do-woi the Timber in the Forest of Dean. 

Heads of a Petition from the County of Gloucester against Episcopacy, 
September 1641. 

Indenture dated 1653 between William Angell, and Gilbert Wheeler, both 
of Gloucester for sale of freehold house situated near the Cathedral. 

Agreement between Charles Nash, " Navigator," of Elmore, Gloucester- 
shire, and William Adams, of Elmore, for due observance of 
Indentures, 6 November, 1675. 

Deed of Appointment of Richard Hill to be Lieutenant in the Red 
Regiment of Militia raised within the Forest Division of Gloucester- 
sliire. Signed by Charles, Viscoiint Dursley Lord Lieutenant. 1694. 

Copy of Will and Codicils of Sir Robert Atkyns, May 27, 1708. 
Agreement between George Savage, Henry Wintle and Constant Elmes 

concerning their Mortgage to Mr. Savage. 1735. 
Conveyance from iMr. John Dighton to Mr. James Davcocks Junior of a 

Messuage in Gloucester. 27 May, 1736. 
Deed of Appointment of Overseers and Governors of the Commons 

belonging to the City of Gloucester with amounts to be paid for 

pastvxrage. 1739. 
Copy Lease of tenement, etc., in parish of St. Mary de Grace by Mayor 

and Corporation to Rev. Thomas Rudge. 1790. 
Samuel Commeline and Charles Parker, Sheriffs, 1826-7. Account of 

the Issues of their Office. 







Godwin, Rev. G. N, The Civil War in Hampshire (1642-5) and 
the story of Basing House. 1882. 


Excursion down the Wye. By C. Heath. 1799. 

Glossary of Provincial Words used in Herefordshire and some 
of the adjoining Counties. 1839. 

Wye Tour, By T. D. Fosbroke. 1841. 

Some passages in the Life and Character of a Lady Resident in 
Herefordshire and Worcestershire during the Civil War. By 
J. Webb. 1856. 

Diocesan histories : Hereford. By H. W. Phillott. 1888. 

Excursionist's guide to the neighbourhood of Hereford. 

Musick the Delight of the Sons of Men. A sermon preached at 
the Meeting of the Three Choirs, Hereford, 1726. By 
T. Bisse. 

The Pleasures of Gratitude and Benevolence improved by 
Church-musick. A sermon preached at the Meeting of the 
Tliree Choirs, 1753. By W. Parker. 

Hereford Infirmary : Explanation of Rule 54. 1776. 

Vicar of Wakefield. By O. Goldsmith. (Printed at Hereford 

History and antiquities of Herefordshire. By John Duncumb. 
Vol. I and vol. 2, pt. 2. 1804-12. 4to. Large paper. 

Description of the Monuments in Ross Church. Bv C. Heath 



Conditions and Circumstances of the Cathedral Church of 
Hereford. By Rev. J. Merewether, Dean of Hereford. 1842. 

Illustrations of Kilpeck Church. By G. R. Lewis. 1842. 4to. 

Helps to Hereford History. By J. D. Devlin. 1848. 

A pilgrimage to the Tomb of John Kyrle. By Mrs. S. C. Hall. 

History of the Parish of Bosbury. By Rev. S. Bentley. 1891. 

Taylor's guide to the Banks of the Wye. 


Tintern Abbey. By C. Heath. 1793. 

Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, By W. Coxe. 1801. 2 v. 4to. 

Historical and descriptive accounts of Monmouth. By C. 
Heath. 1804. 4to. 

Topographical and historical description of Monmouth. By 
Rev. J. Evans and J. Britton. 1807. 

Picturesque and topographical account of Raglan Castle. By 
T. D. Fosbroke. 183 1. 

A Companion to Ragland Castle. (Monmouth : C. Hough). 1833. 

Tintern and its Vicinity. By W. H. Thomas. 1839. 

Tintern Abbey. By W. H. Hyett. 1858. 

A Day at Raglan Castle. By Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Hall. 1861. 

Annals of Chepstow Castle. By J. F. Marsh. Edited by Sir 
J. Maclean. 1883. 

Beauties of Monmouthshire. 

Handbook to Monmouthshire and South Wales. By J. H. 


Illustration of the Roman Antiquities discovered at Bath. By 

R. Warner. 1797. 
Glastonbury, its Abbey, its ruins, etc. Bj^ Rev. J. Williamson. 

The Churchwardens' accounts of the church and parish of S. 

Michael mthout the Northgate, Bath, 1349-1575. Ed. by 

C. B. Pearson. 1878. 




Picturesque views on the Upper, or War\vickshire Avon. By 
S. Ireland. 1795. 

Description of the Collegiate Church of St. Mary, Warwick. 1824. 

History, topography and directory of Warwickshire. By W. 
West. 1830. 


An authentic account of old and new Sarum. 1795. 

The history of the Town of Malmesbury, By Rev. J. H. Moffatt. 

Dehneations of Fonthill and its Abbey. By John Rutter. 1823. 
4to. Large paper. 

Brown's guide to Sahsbury. 1857. 

Monumental Brasses of Wiltshire. By E. Kite. i860. 

Notes on Wiltshire and its Worthies. By J. Stratford. 1881. 
Cuttings from the Wilts, and Gloucestershire Standard, 1881. 

Wiltshire and its Worthies. By J. Stratford. 1882. 


A True Relation of the late Proceedings of part of His Majesties 
Forces in Worcestershire... 1642. 

Collections for the History of Worcestershire. By T. Nash. 
1781-2. 2 V. Folio. 

Address of the Council of the Worcestershire Natural History 
Society. By H. E. Strickland. 1837. 

The free schools of Worcestershire^ No. 4. Dudley. By G. 
Griffith. 1852. 

British, Roman and Saxon Antiquities and Folk-lore of 
Worcestershire. By J. Allies. 1856. 

Pictures of Nature in the Silurian region around the Malvern 
Hills and Vale of Severn. By E. Lees. 1856. 

Ecclesiology of Worcestershire. By J. S. Walker. 1862. 

Charge delivered to the Clergy and Churchwardens of the 
Diocese of Worcester. By Henry Lord Bishop. 1868. 



Guide to Worcestershire, By J. Noake. 1868. 

Diocesan Histories : Worcester. B}^ I. G. Smith. 1883. 

William Symonds, Rector of Pendock. By J. D. La Touche. 
(Bellows, 1888). 


Worcester Royal Directory for 1794. 

History and antiquities of the City of Worcester. By Valentine 
Green, 1796. Large paper. 

Account of the Discovery of the Body of King John, in Worcester 
Cathedral. By Valentine Green. 1797. Large paper. 

— Another copj^ small paper. 

General history of Worcester. By J. Chambers. 1819, 

Cathedral Church of Worcester. By John Britton. 1835. 

Worcester in olden times. By J. Noake. 1849. 

Architectural history of Worcester Cathedral. By Rev. R. 
Wilhs. 1863. 

Monastery and Cathedral of Worcester, By J. Noake. 1866. 

Carvings and Sculptures of ^^^orcester Cathedral. By Elijah 
Aldis. 1873. 


Morton Court, Birtsmorton : guide. 

Eldersfield and its Associations. By T. W. Wood. 1882, 


History and antiquities of Evesham. By E, J, Rudge, 1820, 

Memoir, on the Antiquities discovered by Edward Rudge, in 
excavating the ruins of the Abbey Church of Evesham. By 
E. J. Rudge. (Vetusta Monumenta, vol. 5) 1832. 

History of Evesham. By G. May. 1834. 


Poems on Malvern. By E. Smith. 1829. 
Observations on the Water and Air of Malvern. 1831. 


Dissertation on the antiquities of the Priory of Great Malvern. 
By Rev. H. Card. 1834. 

Lays of Malvern. 1859. 

Forest and Chace of Malvern. By E. Lees. 1877. 

Cross's Handbook to Malvern. 


Historical and architectural notes on the Abbey Church of Holy 
Cross, Pershore, including a paper by G. G. Scott. 1864. 


Records and Traditions of Upton-on-Severn. By E. M. Lawson. 

The nation in the parish : records of Upton-on-Severn. By 
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H 49 


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Ackers, B. St. J., 34 

Aldis, E., 45 

Allies, J., 44 

Amyott, T., 27 

Ashton, J., 51 

Atkj-ns, Sir Robert, 1 

Bacon, Robert, 4 

Baddelev, St. Clair, 26 

Baffiiall-Oakeley, M.E., 6 

Baker, Sir R., 49 

Ballinger, J., 46 

Barklv, Sir Henry, 2 

Barlow, Rev. J. J., 17 

Barnard, R. C, 2 

Barrington, A., 49 

Bartholniew, Wil., 16 

Bartlett, W., 27 

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Baylis, T., 27 

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Bazeley, William,26, 28 

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Bellows, John, 7, 9, 32, 34 

Bennett, J., 27 

Benson, M., 34 

Bentlev, S., 43 

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Bishop, C, 16 

Bisse, T., 42 

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Blnnt, J. H., 24 

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Bond, F. T., 19 

Bond, R., 34 

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Brov^iie, Sii- T., 51 

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" Cincinnatus," 8 

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Clark, J. H., 43 

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Cooke, W., 34 
I Cooper, Rev. R. J., 14 
I Corbet, Jolin, 4, 31 
I Corrv, J., 20 

Cother, T., 34 
! Counsel, G. W., U, 31, 32 
i Cox, Rev. T., 1 
I Coxe, W., 43 
; Cripps, W. J., 34 

Cullis, F. J., 12 
I Dallaway, James, 12, 33, 37 
i Dancey,'C. H., 10, 12, 15 
j Da\des, Henry, 23 
i Da\-ies, Richard, 25 
I Davis, C. T., 6 

Da\"is, IT. J., 7 
: Dawes, W., 34 

Denne, Henry, 3 

Devlin, J. D., 43 

Dibdin, Rev. T. F., 22 

Dobell, S., 34 

Dore, J. R., 47 

Domey, Henry, 34 

Domey, John, 3, 10 
I Dover!; Robert, 7 
■ Drew, Catherine, 9 
I Ducarel, P. J., 9 
! Dugdale, Su- William, 1 
j Duncumb, J., 42 

Dyde, W., 27 

Eastman, P. M., 32 

EUacombe, Rev. H. T., 22 
' Ellis, A. S., 2 



Ellis, T. S., 8, 12 

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Etheridge, Robert, 17 

Evans, J., 20, 43 

Evelyn, John, 48 

Exeli, Timothy, 1 

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42, 43 
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Gardner, J., 35 
Gardner, W. J., 26 
George, W., 20 
Geree, John, 2 
Gillies, John, 33 
Glasse, S., 17 

" Gloxicestersliire Freeholder," 8 
Godwin, Rev. G. N., 42 
Godwin, H., 47 
Goff, E., 34 
Goldsmith, O., 42 
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Henry,' R., 50 

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I Hodges, E., 7 

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1 Holt, H. F., 24 
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34, Homer, 51 

Hone, W., 51 

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I Hough, C, 43 
j Howes, Edninnd, 51 

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Hull, E.. 8 
! Hume, D., 50 

Huntley, R. W., 7 
I Hyett, F. A., 26 
j HVett, W. H., 26, 35, 43 

Ireland, S., 44 
I Tsacke, J., 35 
I James, G. P. R., 50 

James, W., 50 

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Jenner, Sir H., 18 

Jennings, Jolin, 16 

Jew, T., 16 

Jones, John, 7 

Jones, J., 50 
i Jones, J. E., 17 
i Jones, J. H., 35 
I Jones, T., 16 
j Kelly & Co., 8 
I Kempson, G. A. E., 26 
1 Kerslake, T., 35 
I ICington, J. B., 26 

Kite, E., 44 

Knight, C, 51 
I Knight, Rev. G., 35 
i Knight, Rev. R., 27 
! Iviiollys, W. F. E., 25 
i " Lady of the College," 18 
j Laneham, R., 50 

Laughoi'ne, J., 48 

Latimer, John, 2, 20 

La Touche, J. D., 45 

Lauder, P., 37 

Law, H., 35 

Lawson, E. M., 46 

Lees, E., 44, 46 

Leighton, R., 18 
I Lester, H. B., 13 



Lewis, G. R., 43 

Little, A. W., 20 

Littlehales, H., 28 

Lloyd, Rev. W., 35 

Longman, W., 49 

Lucan, 51 

Ludlow, Edmund, 50 

Lysons, Rev. Daniel, 20, 33 

Lysons, Samuel, 21, 28 

Lvsons, Rev. Samuel, 22, 33, 3f 

Maclean, Sir J., 2, 22, 43 

Maitland, S. R., 35 

Marah, Rev. W. H., 32 

Marsh, J. F., 43 

Marston, Rev. H. J. R., 7 

Matthews, John, 19 

May, A. H., 8 

May, G., 45 

:Medhurst, W. H., 35 

Medland, M. H., 19 

Merewether, Rev. J., 43 

Mewe, William, 2 

Millard, Rev. J. E., 47 

Moffatt, J. H., 44 

Moggridge, J. H., 29 

Monk, J. H., 8, 25 

Moore, F., 28 

Moore, H. P., 28 

Moreau, S., 23 

Moreton, Lord, 7 

Morris, Robert, 29 

Morse, R., 9 

Mount joy, Timothy, 32 

Murchison, R. I., 23 

Murray, J., 7 

Murreil, Jimmy, 30 

Mushet, M., 24 

Nash, T., 44 

Naylor, Sir George, 31 

Neele, H., 50 

Nest, Edmund, 11 

Newcomen, Matthew, 3 

Newton, Benjamin, 16 

Niblet, Thomas, 16 

Niblett, Rev. E. H., 25 

Nicholls, H. G., 9 

NichoUs, J. F., 20 

Nightingale, J., 48 

Noake, J., 45 

Ormerod, George, 1 

Parker, J. H., 1 

Parker, W., 42 

PajTie, J., 30 

Paul, Sir G. O., 5 

Peachey, A. W., 23 

Pearson, C. B., 43 

Penn, G., 32 

Percival, Mrs. E. H., 48 
Phillott, H. W., 42 
Pindar, Peter, 22 
Playfair, W., 48 
Plutarch, 48 
Polano, P. S., 50 
Pooley, Charles, 6 
Powei, J., 48 
Powell, J., 24 
Powell, J. J., 11, 30 
Pryce, G., 20 
Purncll, P. B., 6 
Purv, Thomas, 2 
Ralegh, Sii- W., 50 
Randall, J., 7 
Rapin, H., 50 
Rawnsley, H. D., 20 
Rich, Rev. E. P., 22 
Richard of Cirencester, 36 
Richings, E., 12 
Ricliman, T., 47 
Roberts, Daniel, 32 
Roberts, Rev. G., 17, 46 
Roberts, M., 36 
Robertson, J. D., 7 
Robertson, T. S., 47 
Robertson, W., 50 
Robeson, Rev. H., 28 
Robinson, G. T., 11 
Rochester, John Earl, 51 
Roper, G., 24 
Rowe, G., 23 
Royce, Rev. D., 27, 28 
Rudder, S., 23, 24 
Rudge, E. J., 45 
Rudge, Thomas, 10 
Ruff, H., 22 
Rumball, J. Q., 18 
Rimisev, H. W., 14 
Rundle', Thomas, 33 
Rutter, J., 44 
Scarth, H. M., 22 
Scott, E. J. L., 48 
Scott, G. G., 46 
Scott, Sir W., 50, 51 
Seyer, Rev. S., 20 
Shergold, Rev. C, 36 
Sijnpson, J. J., 20 
Sims, R., 49 
Smith, E., 45 
Smith, I. G., 45 
Smith, T. S., 36 
Smithe, Rev. F., 23 
Smollett, T., 50 
Smyth, G. J., 49 
Smvth, John, 22 
Sornerton, W. H., 20 



Spurrier, W. H., 27 

Staclchouse, Rev. T., 47 

Stephens, W., 15 

Stevens, Henry, 47 

Stockdale, J. J., 50 

Storer, H., 49 

Stow, John, 51 

Stratford, Joseph, 31, 32, 44 

Strickland, A., 48, 51 

Strickland, H. E., 44 

Stnignell, W. B., 6 

Swift, W. T., 23 

Taylor, H. Y. J., 13, 15, 25, 36 

Taylor, J., 20 

Taylor, J. (" Water-poet "), 36 

Taylor, R., 43 

Taynton, T., 11 

Thomas, W. H., 43 

Thorbnrn, W. S., 47 

Throkmorton, Sir B., 3 

Tovev, T., 36 

Tucker, J., 36 

Turner, George, 8 

Tyerman, L., 33 

" Vindex," 8 

Vvvyan, E. R., 7 

Walcott, M. E. C, 49, 51 

Walker, J. S., 44 

Waller, F. S., 13 

Waller, Sir W., 3, 5 

Wallis, Ralph, 4 
Warner, Rev. R., 43, 49 
Washbourn, John, 1 
Washbourne, B., 30 
Webb, J., 42 
Webster, G., 32 
West, W., 44 
West, W. R., 11 
Westmacott, G. M., 21 
Whitefield, G., 25, 33 
Wickenden, Rev. W., 36 
Wild, C, 49 
Williams, G. A., 23 
Williams, Adin, 7, 25 
Williams, E. L., 8 
Williams, J., 36 
Williams, W. R., 2 
Williamson, Rev. J., 43 
Willis, Rev. R., 45 
Willyams, Rev. C, 27 
Winston, C, 47 
Witchell, C. A., 6 
Witchell, E., 27 
Witts, G. B., 2 
Wood, T. W., 45 
Wolcott, Dr., 22 
WormuU, T., 49 
Wright, W. H., 28 
Young, J., 26, 36 



if ;1- 

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