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Full text of "Dan Michel's Ayenbite of inwyt; or, Remorse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, 1340 A.D"

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The Publications for 1864 and 1865 are out of print, but a few copies 
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by A- Morris, Esq., 10«. ; and No. fi. Of the Orthographie and Congruitie of 
the Britan Tongue, be Alexander Hume, ab. 1617 a.d., edited by Heniy B. 
Wheatley, Esq., 4(. (No. 1 is Early English Alliterative Poems, A. 1320-30, 
A.D. ; 2, Arthur, ab. 1440 a.d. ; S, Lauder on the Dewtie of ' Kyngis, Stc. 
1G56 A.D.; 6, Lancelot of the Luk, ab. 1600; 7, Genesis and Eiodus, ab. 
1350; 8, Morte Aithure, ab. 1440; 9, Thynne on Chaucer's Worka, ab. 
1598 i 10, Berlin, ab. 14S0, Ft. I. ; 11, Lyndesay's Monarche, Stc. 1552, 
Pt. I. ; 12, The Wright's Chaste Wife, ab. 1462.) 

The Publications for 1866, are — 



the linlreidty of Cunbridge by tha Ber. J. B**aan Lumby. ii. td. 

other •OUTCCS. Edit«d bjP. J. Pnrniv»ll, Ehi., U.A. U.ISd. 
IS. A TBETICB IN ENGLISCK hruuely dnwe out of be book of Quintis emnoUi In Ulyn. 

bat Uenun ^ pn^heM KQd king of Bgipt, after >e flood or Noe, fkdcr of Fhilowiphrii, 

ludda tn reudaclouii of an miurII of God to him lento. Edited from the Blouie US. 7S, 

b; P. J. Pumlvall, Bxq., U.A. U. 

Coaimenta,andaiVn)po>alror (he Socletir'iTluee-Teit Edition of tha Poem. B7 the Ret. 

HAL! HEIDBNHAD. ab.lS00i.T<. Edited for the Ont tbne ftom the VS. (with > tian>- 

IMlon). by the Rev. Oswald Cockayne, M.A. 1*. 
SIB VAVID LTNDESAT'S MONARCH E. Part II.. the Compliynt of (ha Elni^ P«i[nn>, 

and other Minor Vwmt. Edited froio the firrt editiona, b; Fitiedward Hall, Btq., D.CvL. 

■(. Sd. 

ThomWiie'a unique MS. by the Bct. G. 'Perry, M.A- IJ. 
n. MERLIN. OK THE EASLT HISTORY OP ARTHUR. Edited Ibr the lint time frnai 

the unique US. in (be Cambridge UnlnnKy Librar; about IIMa.d. Part U. Edited 

by Heury B. Wh«t]ey, Eiq. ii. 
K. THE ROMANCE OP PARTENAT OR LUSIGNEN. Edited Ibr the tint (Ime from the 

unique MB. in tbe LibnirT of Trin. Coll. Cambridge, by the Rev. W. W. Bkeat, H.A. tt. 
13. DAN MICHEL'S AYENBITR OF INWTT, or Bemor» of Conadenee. in the Sentlab 

dialect, IMO i.D, Edited from the unique MB. in the Brltiah Huaeiun, In Richard Horria, 

Eaq. 10».64 , ~, 

The Society's Beport, January, 1667, with Lists of Texts to be published 
in future years, etc., etc., can l>e had on application to the Hon. Secretary, 
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fan lt%rs 







Jan Pi^tl's 



ntTHODncriON oir the feculiabities of the southern d 






JOHH CHlUa ASV tO!*, rBtlfTCaS. 



About the same time that Richard Kolle the hermit completed 
the Prtcke of Consaienee for the uae of hia unlearned countrymen in 
the Xoith of England, Dan Michel, of !Northgate, Kent, furniahed 
the Sosthern folk vith a devotional manual, bearing the quaint but 
thoroughly English title of the Ayeiibite of Iniot/t (the again-biting 
of the inner wit), or the Kemorae of Conscience. 

The Pric&e of Conscimee ie, aa ita author tells us, drawn 
out of divers booia, but the Ayenhiie of Inwi/t is a literal trana- 
latioD of ft Fiench treatise, entitled Le aomme dss Vices et de Vertaea, 
and sometimes, but incorrectly, styled Id Uhrea roiaux de Vioee et de 
VeHuB ; Lb livre de» Commandemens ; La somme le rot ; Le miroir 
du monde. It was compoaed in the year 1279 for use of Fhihp 
the Second of Fisnce, by Frere Lorena (or Lauientius Gallus, aa he 
is designated in lAtin), of the order of Friais Preachers.' 

Two copiea of the French treatise are preserved in the British 
Museum collection — Cotton MS., Cleopatra, A v., and Hoyal MS., 
19, c II., the former of which has been frequently consulted and found 
nsefnl in explaining some few difficulties in the Engliah text 

Mr Stevenson notices two Engliah prose versions much later thau 
the one here printed. 

The earlier copy, written in a Midland dialect about the year 
HOO, 01 perhaps a little earlier, is contained in Additional MS. 17013, 

I No intimation of QiU a given in the Tninslator'i prefkcs. He Bpeaii of tba 
workuhiiownprDdnction. See pp. 1, 262. Ui Bond, of the Britiih HnKom, found 
it ta be k toaniktion, anil pointed oat to the Editor of the Roibargh Clnb the HS3. 
eoDluning the original French renian. (See Ayenbite of Invjt, p. Tii-ii, edited 
by Oke Ber Joa. Stereiuoii, U.A., I8S5.} 

' and U entitled ^Jeboe of vices and vertueg. The other, in the Bod- 
leian Library, MS. 28S (formerly MS. R 7.7), may be referred to 
about the year 1440, or perhaps a little later, and ia entitled The 
mirrottr of the te&rlde that gome ealleth vice and vertu. 

The next prose version was made by Cazton, who calls hia work 
The book royal, or The book for a kyng,^ 

It was probably snggeated by Chaucer's Peraonet Tale, which ia an 
adaptation of some chapters of the French treatise,' to which it is of 
coarse much superior. The poet has introduced much original matter, 
aa in the chapter on Pride, where he speaks of " inordinate scantiness 
and saperiluity of clothing," and his treatment of the subject ditfeis 
considerably from hia author : thus Chaucer makes the remedium in 
each case immediately follow the description of any particular sin. 
Fr^re Lorens treats the remedia eepaiately, as so many gifis of tlie 
Holy Ghost. 

In the Peraonea Tale there occurs, but once only, the cuiioos 
phrase "the aehipe (or the hyre oi the wages) of seruauntes," in 
which the term schipe ia explained by the words kyre or wages 
(probably an addition of the scribe's). Tyrwhitt and subsequent 
editors hare left the word unglossed, and its meaning was not go 
clearly evident until I had. found the following corresponding phrase 
in the AyenbUc of Inwyt: " Je eeepe o£ hare sei^ons," the j>ay of 
their servants.* 

As I have not succeeded in finding the word in any English 
writer of the 13th or 14th centuries, I am inclined to think that 
Chaucer was not altogether ignorant of Dan Michel's version. 

For some years past a new edition of the Ayenbiie of Inwyt has 

I Hr SUreoion doet not appear to hiTe knawii of the eniteaoe of wf mstiical 
Englidi Temona of Fr^rs Lorens' work. They irere probablf more abnitdftnt than 
the proM tnuulstion. A oopj in the Noitbem £al«ct, aacribed to Hampok, U 
pteMrred ia Cotton US. Tib. B Tii. (and a later fra^ent amoi^ the Bion College 
USS.), vliieh Mama to hara giren riae to ntcibI dialectioBl vanioiia, among which 
nuj be mentiontd Hari. US. 435, MS. BodL 4S, MS. Laagb. S, MS. More 21fi, 
MS. Singw. See ExamtHalim af IA» "Semartt on (A« Olonarg to tit .Anliint 
MttriaU Awmnm ofSavttok iht Sane," Ac. (p. 30.) 

' Tyrwhitt and latMeqnent editors hare been ^together in &e SaA u to (be 
original of this tale. 

> mpt ia Kentish for tehipr, for in this dialect an « ia conitantl; pot fbr a 
Nurthcra and Midland i. 

been ffxailj needed, and both Wii^t and Thoipe have at diffennt ' 
times proposed its republication. The Soxboigh Club edition ia both 
scarce and high-priced, and therefore entirely out of the reach of 
ordinary atudents of Early English. Moreorer, it is much to be 
TCgretted that Mr Stereneon has conaider&bly leaaened the value of 
his edition of so important a work by aappreesing the English author's 
Preface and Table of Conteute, oe well as two little treatises following 
the larger work, which, being included in the Contents, should have 
been pnnted, or, at any rate, some reason assigned for their omission.' 

From the Manuscript itself we leain that the Ayemhita oflmeyt wae 
completed "ine )w years of oure Ihordes beringe (birth) 1340," " ine 
^ eue of ^ holy apostles Symon an ludsj^" by Dan Michel of 
2forthgatcs a brother of the Cloister of Saint Austin of Canterbury. 
We cannot but regret that no more information is afforded us of one 
who so thoroughly identified himself with the country-folk among 
whom he dwelt as to choose this homely " English of Kent," in pre- 
ference to a less provincial form of English, adopted by other South- 
vm writers, in which he might teach, as he himself says, old and 
young, parents and children, to eschew all manner of sin, and to 
preeerre a conscience void of all impurity. 

Of all the En glish works written in the 14th century, the Ayen- 
bUs of Inwyt is, unquestionably, the most important and valuable 
that has hitherto been published ; and we owe a debt of gratitude to 
ISi Steveosoa who first called attention to its philological peculiar- 

Much uncertainty attaches itself to most of our Early English 
works of this period aa to auihorskip, date, and diaiect — particulars of 

1 Hr Btereiuon Iiu wronglf traiulBt«d his anthor*! title. Aj/mbiu cfltueit 
ioMViAmemaBmlntptionvflheSBia. DuiMichelosea rn^if^^t iatbeuiue of to 
ledam, ud tlia anbftantire fDrmed from thU a tui^htggwgt (Wicliffe luu Aymiyiag), 
•r^ flu Mnect tem for tmd ii khmI. Many of the mistakn in the Text and 
doMnr to the Bozbnigb edition might hare been avoided bj ft TeferenDe to tba 
FMidiHSS. ThuUrBtOTGnTCnprinta t«m{—&a) for tme (yestardaj erening), 
nd explains vmdoTigitti* aa mmtmt instead of vtndagt, or sele ; ruaeltt be gloma 
M rwifi, iMte*d of eakea cooled in the frying-pan. With s twldnees not to be com- 
mandBd, he oestiioDanr oLten bis anthor'a Unguage, and in printing turn* (a 
B«Biiiiw 0. E. fonn) (or )>(m«, he teaehai ns how rigidly Editon of Early &i{^ 
wortaidMiiU sdhere to their VBB. 


the greateat importance to the philologist who eeeka to gain any 
clear notions of Early English Grammar ; bat with rare good fortune 
the Ayenbite of Invn/t cornea to iib as a philological monnment, the 
value of which is not diminiahed by any uncertainty on tlieae points. 
And as such it must ever be i^arded as the standard of comparison 
for the latignagft of the 14th century, l^ which a clearer knowledge 
of Early English inflexions may be gained than has, hitherto, been 
pOBBibls by means of the scanty materials within our reach. 

As a small contribution towards a more systematic inveatigation 
of Early English Grammar, the editor of thia volume has endeavoured 
to place before the reader the chief characteristics of the Southern 
dialect^ and the points of difference between it and Northern English. 
He felt he could not do better than avail himself of the present 
opportunity for discnssing these matters, in the hopes that others 
may be induced to devote soma attention to this subject, so that 
the future historians of our language will have no cause to endorse 
the opinion of no mean authority, "that there is not a general 
agreement of scbolaie on many cardinal points of English inflection, 
and indeed that no thorough systematic and comprehensive attempt 
at the investigation of these questions has yet been made." 




The Anmdel MS. 67, containing the Ayenbiie of Invn/t, is a 
folio copy, writtan on TeUum, and is the autograph of the author. 

The printed catalogue thus describee the other contents of the 
volume: — 

1. "Vereos Gylde de prophetia Aqoile," fol. 4. b. Incip. ToUe 
caput Mariia big. 

2. i^nsdem " Versas Nortfamatmie," fol. 4. b. Incip. Anglia 
tratumittet leopardum lUia OaHt. 

3. " Expositio venuum Gyldte de prophetia Aqnilro et Heremitn," 
foL 5. Incip. Ckmtineiur inter dicta heremite mtui. 

4. Thomas de Eiseldoune's prophecy of King Edward IT., foL 
8. b. 

Thomas de Erseldoune escot & dyeur dit aq Rey Alisondre le 
parolea de anthditea du Rey Edvard ke ore est kauut yl fast auestre 
To nyjt is boren a bam in Kaemeraam ))at ssal wolden )« oat ydliB ^Ic 
an ])e kyng Aleaandre aceede hmin ssal fiat be. ]>e menstral jede hwan 
banockes bonrne is ynlet myd mannis bonis, hwan hares kendle)) in 
faert^ stanes hwan laddee wenddefi' leuedes hwan me lede)i men to 
Belle wyt^ rapis hwan Rokya borji is no bar)) hwan men gyven an 
fain of tnenti pound for an seme of hwete. £. sseL nordo. P. Jiorj. 
vi;t and sbrei^jie of al Mijt £r M. ^ri oroked zL alle bi hoked. 

Seel diuerse an daunce ^t neuir wes .y. mad. ine fronce. 

5. Lee prophecies de Merlyn, foL 8. b. 

6. Prologns in ETangelium 8. Matthrai, foL 97. 

7. Evangelium S. Matthtei com exposttione penmpU, fol. 98. 




An list en U uie des peres que .i. saint honune oonta etmaoBat 
^ il estoit deuena motne e disoit.qiiil auoit este fij don ptuen 
qui eatoit preatre as ydolos . e quant il ostoit eofes vne foi} entra on 
temple auoec son pere repoatement lloec uit .i grant diable qui 
assist sor .L faudestuel e toute sa maisaee eniiiron lui. Iloec uint .L 
dea princes e laoura. Lors 11 demanda cil qui seuit ou throne dont il 
tienoit . e il reapondi qnil uenoit dune terre on il auoit esmeu e por- 
cWe mont de guerrea e mout de troubles ai que mont de genj i 
estoient mort . e mout de Banc 1 estoit espondu;. Le mestre demanda 
en combien de tens il asoit ce fet : e il lespondi en .xxx. iois. Cil 
li dist en tant de tena aa ai poi fet . lora eomnauada quil fust batuj e 
mal menez ^ apr«a celui uint .L autre qui ensuit Isouia com le 
premier. Le meetie li demanda dont H uenoit : Cil respondi quil 
uenoit de la mer ou il auoit fet mout de tempestes mout de niefs 
briaeee . e mout de genj neej. ^ Le mestre demanda en combien de 
tena. II req>ondi en .zz. iouia Cil dist en tant de tens as si poi 
fet. ^ Apres uint le tier; qui respondi qil uenoit dune cite ou il 
auoit eu&a noces . e iloec auoit esmeu e pourchace tencona e mellees 
ei que mout de gent i estoient mort . e enseur quetout il auoit occis 
le mari. Le mestre li demanda eombien de tens il auoit mis a ce fere, 
n reapondi qtM .x. iois. Lots commanda quil fenat bien batu poi ce 
qil auoit tant demore a ce fere aanj plus. ^ Audarrein uint .L autre 
denant le prince e laoura . e cil li demanda dont uiens tu. II re- 
spondi quil uenoit del hermitage ou il auoit eete .zL uij pour tempter 
.L moine de fomicacion cest pecche de luzuro . e taut ai fait que cele 
nuit M nunou . e tresbuche en eel pecchie. ^ Lots aailli sua le 
mestre e le bcusa e acola e li mist la corone en la teste . e le fiat aeoir 
ionate lui . e H dist que grant chose auoit fet c grant proesce. % Ore 
diaoit le preudomme que quant il out ce oi : e ce ueu il pensa que 
grant chose eatoit de moine e par cele acheson eetoit il deuena 

■ For tmulation tee pp. 238—240 of the praMnt work. 


Introdnction, page iii, 1. 25 ; iai promneuditUcs nedprovineialums 
Page viii, foot note 2, 1. 4 ; for occur read ocffurs 

— zxviii, foot note ; for and lead to 

— xxxTiii, L 6 ; for vie fe read ute tee 

YtgB 128, L 21 ; for in pn»(me read ineprisone 

— 140, side notes, I. 31 ; tot om U to its, ^c, read assaaain to 
his, ^ 

Page 159, foot note ; for anateerie^ read amtterie^ 

— 184, L 12 ; for icely-Itolpe read wel y-kolpe 

— 187, L 24; [<J(]aj/mon<. The MS. may be right Falsgrare 
has aymant. 

Page 194, L 19 ; for hMe^ read h^he\ 

— 223, L 21 ; for haHm read heHm 

— 231, L 1 1 ; for xey-oute read w^^^-ouie 

— 244,L 11 ; forsajffcr©adMj{«]fe 

— 246, L 3 ; tovytidded (so in MS.) read yudde 

— 246, 1. 7 ; for noj read nai[{\ 

— 253, L 25 ; for tayU read «ay[n]te 

— 262, L 18 ; for inwi/tlte read inwytta 

— 265, L 8 txom. bottom ; for rtflioHiehe read rt/^^uolliche 

— 269, 1. 9 liom bottom ; for broken read Iroyrea 

— 270, L 4 ; for uele^ read tde^ 

— 251, 1. 2 &om bottom; 'hoer jKt isapekoi^wyttes," &o.; 
it apek at first sight looks like either an error for ich ^)ek =: I spoke, 
or ia y-apeke = is spoken. The ia, howBTer, I believe to be an old 
and genuine form, corresponding to the modem provincial e^ L 

iiargory. Wall ye eat a couust o' brid and chazee, coxen 

Andrew. "So, ee thankee, cozen Margery ; vor e» eat a cnib as ea 

come along ; becidee ea went to dinner jest avore.— Well, bet, cozen 

Maigny, whot oneer dest gi' ma to tiia qoeason ea pat voip now-reert, 

{An Exmoor Court^p.) 




Ik eoMidering the characterUtica of tlie Soutliem dialect, we 
■hall not compare it 'with the Midland, which pieaenta ua with no 
one typical form, bnt with the Northern or Korthumbrian, the gram- 
matical forma and inflexions of which are more nnifonn and conetaitt. 
This appears to be the onl; mode of obtaining a dear conceptioii 
of the great and distinctive features of these two extensive forms of 
our ancient speech, and it ia, perhaps, the beat means we conld adopt 
to enable its to draw, as closely aa possible, the line of demarcation 
between the dialects fonneily spoken in the North and South of this 

We shall discuaa theae peculiaritiea of dialect under the following 
heads; — 

L Orthographical Differences; 
n. Grammatical „ 

III. Lexicographical „ 
L Orthographical Difierencesi 
A. Consonants. 
1. Ch for K. The Southern dialect prefen the soft sound ch to 
tlut of &.' The following examples may be added to those contained 
in Preface to Hampole. 

SonthetD. Northern. Bonthern. ITorthem. 

chele kele (cold) smech smek (smoke) 

crouch crok (cross)* smoch smak (taste) 

chef caf (chaff) zech sek (sack) * 

cherl carl (churl) 

I W« And in Um Bn dialect durehtd* for derknetw, darkneM. 

* Eziita is EnglUb enok, erMcli. ■ Cp. laok and latek^. 

Sonthein. Northern. 


In the twelfth cenhuy we find udaeh •= wlak ^^ 7uAe(-watm) ; 
haeii ■— leek, stream ; /olch, folk, people. 

Id Wiltshire and Devonahiie we may hetir the following renuumta 
of this pronunciation : — 
blatch = black pritch, prutoh = prick putch (= pitch) = pick 

The pronominal and adjectival forma eacA, such, and tehkh, 
were represented thus in the two dialects : — 

Sontham. Northern, 

swuch \ 

zuycb j ewilk 

such } 
whuch whilk 

The Semi-Saxon forms in the Southern dialect were 
ekh eadeh and welch 

The Midland fonns are mostly like the Southern with respect to 
the substitution of eh for k, but a piefeieuco is given to the i sound, 
e. g. ych, twieh {wich), wieh. 

Adjectives in the Southern dialect ended in 4ich (sing.), and 
4i<^ (pL), and Adverbs in Aiehe ; but in the Northumbrian, when 
the final •€ had no grammatical factions, the distinction between 
A4iectiveB and Adverbs could not well be kept up, so that the 
terminations -lieh and 4ioke were represented by -lie {Wf, like), 
and -/y.' We have a trace of the double sdverbiBl form -lihe and 
■ly in the Ormnlum. 

2, V for F. The use of v for /, as vinger for finger, viaeh for 
fiach, Ac., is another well-known peculiarity of the old Southern 
dialect, which has, however, gradually become disused in the Eastern 
division of the Southern counties (in Kent and Sussex). In the 
xivth, and np to the middle of the xviith centniy, this usage was 
well marked.* 

We never find the v for / in uiy Northumbrian prodnction. 
S ^ Z for 8. The Ayeubite is the only work of the xivth century ■ 
that contains examples of the use of 2 for s, as nnge for singt, sour 

< -Ijr if of coortea later form. 

* In me or two inrianees, w twt«A — fetch, vat = tat, we haxe reluned tlie 
Bootbcm and proihicUI form. 



for aovr, &c But while tluB pronunciation is well marked in 
modem Sontkem dialect, as spoken in the Southern and Western 
comities, we find no trace of it in the chronicle of Eohert of Gloucerter. 
The modem Kentish Temacular has dropped this peculiarity, 
though it seema to hare been common enough in Kent aa late ae the 
middle of the seventeenth century. 

4. In the present dialect of the South of England (as spoken in 
Wiltshiie, Devonahire, and Somersetshiie) we find 

buBh ^ hmsh hir<^h =: rich 

dird == dread* him = run 

dirah = thrush hirah = rash 

gurt = great 
We have several good instancee of this metatheeiB in the literatuiv 
of the ziiith and xivth centuries. 


heme (heme) 

= hrenne(bum) 

cuiUe = crulle (curl) 


= brende(buint) 

ferach (versshe) = fresch (fiwh) 


= breate (burst) 

fotst = &0Bt 


= brast (burst, 

gars = gres (grass) 


thirUo = thriUe(pierce) 

buide (birde) 

= bride (lady. 

theiBto = threst«(thiiBt> 


yroe = rinno (run) 


= crad (curd) 

om (am) = ran 

5. PS for SP Haps = hasp, wape = wasp, are well-known 
modem Southern ptovincialisbM^ but with the exception of cripe for 
eritp (in Wright's Fragments of Popular Science) I know of no 
ancient examples. 

6. G for Y. The Southern dialects in some few instances 
retained a g, which in the Northern became softened into y, as in 
the modem English buy and say, 

SoDthem. Noithem. i Southern. Hratiiem. 

begge bye I segge saye 

7. B for V, The Southern forms lUibe, habbe, and hebbe, were 
represented by the fi'orthem Ztve, have, and kece (heave). 

■ Cf. fnVf^biid, ttill in Ufa in tlia Nortli of Engluil. 


B. Vowelfl. 

1, O for A. I have previooaly pointed out in the preface to 
Hampole tlie substitution of d in the place of i in vratda of Anglo- 
Saxon origin. 

BoDtlieni. Northern. SotLtbern. Hortheni. 

bon ban h)re lare 

bor bar (ban) 

hom ham 

But we also find the following forma in the Southern literature of 
the xivtfa century, which are never met witji in any pure Northum- 
brian production : — 

^ hand 
= land 

Btonde =: 8 

plont = plant 
schome = shame 
stronde r= strand 

In Wiltflhiie, Gloucestoiahire, and Somersetshire we still find 
examples of this pronunciation in hotid (hand), load (land), dork 
(dark), tork (lark), opple (apple). 

The Ayenbite contains fewer examples of this than most speci- 
mens of the Southern dialect, and in some few instances a preference 
is given to the a sound, as 

blawe (blow) knaae (know) ntauw (mow) 

xange (song) taue (sow) 

This ptefeience of o to a, which is aLsio found in some of the 
Midland dialects, evidently explains the following cuiiona forma : 

lidland. NOTthunibrian. 

fto = fra (from) 
flo = fla (flay) 
gove = gave 

and (anger) 

[idland. NortliimibTisit. 
alo = ala (slay) 
thore = thare (there) 
wore = ware (were) 
= ya(yea) 

E for A. In some few words we have e in the Southern dialect 
whole the Northern prefers a. 
Bonlheni. NoTthsm. | SoathetiL Kortheni. 

a^en agan (gan, gain) = here haie = hair 

against reven raven 


Bovthen. Northt-ro. 



bero bani= bairn, 


ela = elay 

(chad, son) 


Bti& = straw 

cle claw (ckr) 


wapen = weapon 

em am = eagl« 


yha = yea 

del fla =fla7 

The following forms seem to come under this head : 

Soolhem. Northern. 



blein bUin 



clei olai = (cUy) 


graitlie = (prepare) 

dei ' dai = (day) 


hai = (hay) 

e^t aght = (eight) 


kai = (key) 

eye (eie) agh = (awe) 


With these we may compare the Midland forms of the Notth- 
nmbrian personal pronouns : 

Midland Hiei, their, iheim, for 

Northern thai (tlia), ' ihair (Ihar), thaim (thain) 
The Southern preterites of one class of strong verba often take an 
e when the Northumbrian has a. 

Korthein. Baathent. Northern. 

bar ^ bore spek spak ^ spoke 

brak ^ broke swer swar ^ swore 

gef gttf=gave 

In the modern dialect of Sussex wo find Jleg = flag ; heng = 
hang; mer«A^maish; r^ ^ rag. In Bevonshiie, tep ^ cap ; 
Tterping = carping. 

The Old Frisian langu^e presents ua with similar forme, as, 
tf^^ebeS ; bend^hand; wrfer^ water. 

Not only has the Ayenbite preserved similar fonns in which a is 
replaced by e, bat it preseuto us with a far larger number than any 
other Southern composition. 
bend = band 
berk s= bark 
bleddre ^ bladder 
blest = blast 
> Jb, tb, mij' Btand totjba and lUn. 

* In DocMtihire day and tehty are pronosDced d*, feht, tx. 
Donet Grammar in Philolog. Son. Proceed., 1864, p. 12. 














See Outlinea of 



= bran 


= aliall 


= braM 


= shade 


= chaff 


= shape 


= clapper 


= stripe 


= craft 


= Bbiff 


= awl 


= thiaU 


= apple 


= trap 


= a8h 


= Tftt 


= glad 


= water 


= b8d 


= Bad 


= kaat (tV-) 

zeterda7= Saturday 


= ladder 

Aw for Ai. (A.8. ag.) : 








flain (flayed) 





17 for I. In the works of the Southern writers of the thirteenth 
and fourteenth centuries we find the words fid, kUl, thin, sin, Sic, 
written /u*^, hul, thun, thunne, sun, &c. 

Oui modem prononciation coincides generally with the Korthem 
dialects, in which this subetitution of u for t was unknown. 

In 'Wiltshire we may still hear Uunh (^ blink), spark; frum 
(If. /rim), fiiesh; hud, hide; hia, his; lup, lip: pu^^, pitcher ; 
tmr, fire ; whvch, which. 

In the Old Kentish of the Ayenbite an e takes the place of the 
Southern u and the Northern i. 


















rig (tack) 









In the foUowing list of words taken from the Ayenbite, tlie a 
lepreaentfl u or i. 

bele = boU (bile) 
beetle = buatle 
besy = biisy 
biedale = bridals 
bredgronie —bridegroom 
breiigs = bring 
gait = guilt 
hel =hill 

kecheoe = kitchea 
ken ^ kin 
ken = kine 
kende = kind 
keeae ^ kiea 
ketb = kitb = cirfA or 
eouth in mi- 
kete = kite 
lema ;= limb 
melle ^ mill 

We find in O.Fiisian brenga, to bring, dek, stick, together with 
the doable forma Uenda and bUnda, helpa and hilpa. 

In Uie modem Kentish and SoBsex dialects we meet with knel = 
knit ; meece =■ mice ; melk ^ milk ; pet ^ pit ; v>hdst ^= whilat. 
This use of e for i etill prevails in some of the Southern counties. 

In Wiltshire we find j)^^ pig }«<ee2^Btile;e/eft% = stink, and 
the published spedmenB of the Ezmoor dialect contain the following 


= mUk 


= mind 

pet,pette= pit 


= prid. 


= rig = ridge = 



= .km 


= stick 


= stiff 


= sting 


= sUk 


= strip 


= iUth 


= 8l9 


= self 


= singe 


= siiik 

bed =bid 

ded =did 

desk = dusk 

drenk ^ drink 

meond = mind 

peg = pig 

prent = print 

preck =: prick 



tbeng =: thing 

trem = trim 

veeet c= fist 

zed = sad 

zeck ^ sick 



In Bome few instances wo have tetained the Southern orthography 
with the Northern pronunciation; &tuy=:the Northern bpey, just 
aa disiy ^s the Southern dun. 

BuUd, guUt, &c., in Southern orthography were written bulde, 
ffuU, and in the Northern, bj/ldti, gytt, &c In dint and stunt both . 
dialectal forms have been preserred. 

The o in hop and dope Beem to have arisen out of a u sound, since 

the older Southern forms were hupjie and sluppe, corresponding to 

the Northern hippe and dippe. 

, 6. £ijfot^. The Editor oftheOnnulum,inpointingout someof 

} the dialectical peculiarities of his author, notices the use of the simple 

I vowel e for the compound eo. In no specimen of the Northumbrian 

dialect do we ever find the employment of the compound vowelA 

Thus the Southern forms hreoste (breast) ; eheose (choose) ; ereopn 

(creep) ; deop (deep) ; leo»e (lose) ; neote (nose) ; teon (anger) ; 

weoved (altar), &c, are in Northern orthography breate, chese, crepe, 

dep, le»e, nese, tene, weved, £c. 

Occasionally in the Southern dialect the eo is written m, as dupe 
; for deope, durk for deork, midk for meolk ; dvere tot deore (dear),' 
i Cp. Vul ioi/eol, fell, and htdd for heold, held. 

In the printed examples of the Herefordshire dialect tie often 
takes the place of eo, as hue (they), for heo ; hvere (their) for iteore ; 
httem (them) for heom ; fmm (to be) for beon ; buere (bear) for beore ; 
duere (dear) for deore ; kuerte (heart) for heorte, &c.* 
/ In Kemble's paper on the North Anglian dialect, we are told that 
the West Saxon eo was represented in Kentish Manuscripts by iu, io, 
; to, and ie. 

I We find some traces of this in the Kentish specimens of the xivtb 
: centuiy, for in the Ayenbite ie or ye is constantly employed for eo,* 

* Tbii may icconnt tor the modem pronandBtEon of Ittt (lou) and cAett (choose) 
E3 the Sn {mm and cAmm. 

' Binoe wriUng the abore I have found both formi in Trev^aa's translatiao of 
Bigden'i Polfchronicoii (Cotton MH. Ilhenus D. rii. written in the Sn dialect, 
probabl; of Gloaceatenhjre), e. g., hto and hiu, ahe \ ^tot or ^hm, this, then ; tw 
perfaapi oocurjmore frequently thui ta, ai thu^, tbieF ; whmoA, for wtotch, waihipd. 

* The modem Kentish dialect ha* bif (used b; Shoreham) for bit (A.S. A/w), 
oclour, likeneM. In the Ajenbite and Shoreham'e poems we find by for beo, be ; vry 
tot/rm, free ; gly for jfco, glee ; cy for ws, see j gryhond for greyhonnd, to. 


chiese \ 
chyese \ 
chyew / 
di«pe "i 
dieiB 1 
dyere I 
liemy \ 
lyerny ' 
lieae ) 
lyem J 

Ordinary Southern fOTm, 
breoat (breast) 

creope (creep) 
deope (deep) 

deore (dear) 

leome (learn) 
leoee (lose) 


lieve 1 

lyeve ) 

niede \ 




tiene \ 

tyone J 






Ordinary SoDthern tonn. 
leove (lief, dear) 

neode (need) 

I theoetei (darkness) 

teone (anger) 

[ weoued (altai) 

weod (weed) 
feood (fiend) 
freond (Mend) 

Many pnt«rites in eo takfiJfi,.as kidd, laid, held, hielp, hUj}, belped. 

6. In the Sonth-westi of England at tbe present day such words 
as eari, card, and garden, aie pronounced as kyart, kyard, gyarden. 
Here tbe ya represents the original West Saxon ea, which in modem [ 
English is represented by a. In Somersetshire calf, grape, leap, 1 
leave, are pronounced keave, greap, leap, leave. In the Eastern 
division, as in Kent and Sussex, we may hear beam, deam, gdut (gSat), 
keaf, taugt, for beam, dew,^ate, eaJf, taite. (See Outlines of Dorset 
Grammar in Philolog. Soc. Proceedings, 1864, pp. 12, 13, 14.) 

We have no trace of this in Robert of Gloucester, Lives of the 
Sainte, Ac., but in the works of Shoreham and Dan Michel, we find 
abundant evidence (as the following examples will show) that the old 
Kentish folk of the fourteenth centuiy retained the ancient West 
Saxon pTOnunciation, for ea is written yea, ya. 1 


cheak ^ cbeek 
deape = clepe (call) 
chyeastei e \. 

= bread 

cheap =. cheep 

dyad 1 


dyeath =: death 

dyeaf = deaf 

dyau ) 

hy„ld.j ^^^^ 

bealde ) 

heaued ^ bead 


hy.p J 

= lie.p 


= hiie 


= l»f 


= leap 


= lewd 


= rob 


^ ahrew 


= 1.11 


= nlTe 


= .loth 


= .p.rk 


= eliow 


= Yirtue 


= dispute 


= tear 


= told 

Hie Eentidli preterites bea^ (bent) ; cheat (choee) ; leas (lost) ; 
laat (boiced) ; «fea; (ascended) ; zeald (sold) ; teald (told), correspond 
{ to the oidinary Sonthem he), ches, Jes, let, gte^, tdd (told). 

Sometimes tlie initial ea is represented by y, as yald, old ; yarm, 
arm ; yam, ran ; year, ear ; yeast, east ; yeme, run ; yerUie, earth ; 
yestre, eaeter. 

With these we may compare the modem Sonthem prOTiDCialisnu 
yarm = arm ; yarth ;= earth ; yeai =. eat ; yea^ = east, Ac. 

7. The only old Kentish forms corresponding to the modem buoy 
(boy), caoat (coat), Ac, are 

buoa = bone | gaos = goora 

guode = good xuolj = (the Dorset ntfi) s^ 

guo = go ' . ploo^ 




ToK Ormnlnm, vMch is of Midland <mgin and abounds in ITorth- 
em fbnn^ oontaiua scarcely any ploia^ nouns teimioating in the 
^U&bla «R, vhilQ th« Ancren Bewle, St M&rherete and Lajamon'a 
"Bnit," vritten in tlie Southern dialect, abound in them. 

In the longest and beet epecimens of the ^orthombnan dialect 
of the early English period, I have not succeeded in fimling more 
than thiee or four plural nouns in en, as eghen_ (eyes), oxen, and 
Khoa (shoee). But in Southern works of the same period they ate 
almost as plentiful as in the earlier (Semi-Ssxon) stage of the 

The following list of Southern plurals in en might no doubt be 
augmented, as they contain such forms only as have come under my 
own obeervation ; they aU, however, serve to corroborate t1 
made as to the &equent use of this inflexion. 

addren adders 















• beUen 




• benen 

prayers, boons 



• blissen 



blooms (flower) 


blossoms - 



* bougeren 


1 Th* aiodeni dialect ct the South- ireEtem oonuliea (till eihiUt* a fmidiieN for 
■ tefadnatioii, •• Amum, ptamti, utigMovriMdm, 

■ All vofdi BuAsd thu (•) oemz in the Ayenbite (1310) ; thoN marked with 
ttgpf oeeoT in Shonham. 





• trothren 


• dojtren 







• dropen 

• biyesten 




• earen 




• carten 


• ;eaien 

• ceUen 

cells ^ 

• eddren 



• ebnessen 








daws (choughs) 


• chepchen 








• clauen 






t verden 















• Ton 

• oioacben 









• halewen 






• dyeuelen 

• dialtnen 



I iritkern anil thildtm occar in Eulj Eng. vrileit. 








rewards (meeds) 


* messen 


shirts of hone- 




• moHJren 


heats, com- 














• netUen 



* nykeren 


• nykken 












• pinan 









• levoB 

sherifis, reeves 



roods (crosses) 

• roten 




1 rotkers, oxen 


j souls 


• laulen 
















• zenneii 




• treppen 









! scourges 

• weUen 




t Bibben 






• werren 



• wodewen 





t woken 



• wombon 



• Tonden 






• wrecchen 





• wychen 

* spearkeu 





• wyngen 

• fltabien 









• BtBiren ; 


t wyken 

Bteorren j 

• wysen 





• ympen 

• vetheren 

• tongen 1 
timgen ) 


• Tlejen 

• Torbisnen 



• toknen 



t ton 




The vhole of these do not, of course, belong to the n declension. ■ 
Benen, deuelen, dorett, handen, gunnea, soulea, originallj ended in 
-a; brotkeren, doMren (dojiren), fieaaeden, modren, msfren (to»- 
tren), terminated in -w; and ealvertn, ehUderen, li/ren, lambren,* 
fonnerly ended in -rw. 

The A.-Saxon plural vowel inflexions -a, -u, &o., were repre- 
sented in the Semi-Saxon by -e, and in the Early Enf^ish period by. 

The Northnmbrian fomui conesponding to the Southern breiheren, 
ehOdereti, kine, frare brether, ehilder, kye. 

The A.S. plural lendenu* (loins) became lenden in Southern 
English ; the Northern dialect employed the form lends, for which they 
formed a singolar, lend, which is not to be found in any pure 
Southern writer. 

Occasionally the -«n ie represented by a final -«, as atae = 
aggen, asses ; honde = hondett, hands ; lij^ = lippen, lips ; tterre = 
atenren, stars ; stede := gieden, steeds. 

Dr Guffit, in the second Tolume (p. 75) of the Philological 
Society's Proceedings, has noticed these forms, but considers them as 
JSorthem forms. His statement is as follows : — 

"Anglo-Saxon nonns belonging to the n declension, as tteorra, a i 
star, ateda, a eteed, atsa, an asa, &c, generally formed their plural in ! 
■an, as rieorran, gtedan, aaem, Ac But in the Morthem dialect they ' 
■nbstituted a vowel for the ending -an; and it is piobahle that these 
N'orthem plarals are represented by the tterre, atede, asee of the 
following examples : — 

(1) The fifte ^er he gan a^ument 

Of the it^re and of the fiimement. 

(Sevi/n Sagea, 197.) 

(2) Whi iyng other eorl cam on bym to weotre,* 
Qnyk he lokyd in the Heorre. — {Kany Alis. 76.) 

(3) As y you sey bothe heoro atede 

Feollen to grounde dede.— (iT. Alii. 2263.) 

> Zamirt ^ Umbs, occnii in tliB Ormidani. 

* The ling, does not occni ia A.S. aathon. 

* Tli« -t in tMtm repmenti the -<» in llie inflnitiTC. 


(4) And &ffljT ^'ftene hondiyd as»e 
Bar wyii ukd oyle, more and lasse. 

(fl. Gdeitoi, 6463.)" 
' The three works from vhich the qaotatious ara made, adds Dr 
Giicst, are strongly marked with the peadiaritiea of the Northern 

Thej certainly do contain some Xorthem peculiarities, bnt not its 
distinctire pecnliaritiea. The Seven Sages and the Bom. of King 
Richard are in a Midland dialect, and K. Alisander is in the dialect 
of a locality where both Soathem and Midland forms were em- 

The sabstitntion of a vowel for the -^n (as ego ^ eyes ; witgo, 
toitgu ^ prophets) was nndonbtedly a characteristic of the Northern 
dialect dnring the ninth and tenth centuries ; bnt is not to be found 
in any Northern writer of the thiitoenth and fooileeDth ceutnries. 

The sabstitation of -e for -n ' ie Southern rather than Northern, 
as the following examples will show : — 

The nijtingale bigon the speche 
In one hume of ^one breche 
And sat upone vaire boje 
Thar were abate biottae ino)&* 

{Owl and Nightingale, p. 1.) 
Berne = Bemm (tnunpets). 

The engles in the dai-red 

Blewedh heore beme. — {Rdig. Poeme, p. 68.) 

Angles . . hlewe here hetnen. 

(Lives ofSaiaU, Harl MS. 2277, foL lib.) 

' The use of flnal -» for-n isqoite Eomnion in the Soatfaem dialect, not only in 
th« plaral* of nmuu, but also in the pntttita plural, infinitiTe mood, and gernnd 
otrecbs. Inadditi<Hila these we findrach rormsu ^^^m (again); rac-^ain 
(own); <MWJ< •< «s^ (nine) ; hion, Uomen {\i\oatmi) ; teau = teovm (pevta). 

' BIoRoe ino)e =" flawen enoagh = many flo««ra. Ino^ ia the plaral of iiit\, 
■noBgh. The ft. Bloanen ocean much later, n in the rollowing extract ; — 
Lenten yo came with loTe to tonne 
With iZMinm ant irith bridde* roune 
That a] Oat hUne biingeth.— (iS^iw. ofLgric Pott. p. *3.) 


Browe ^ Browea (browa). 

(1) On hea hiie hei ia f^yt ynoh. 

Hire Invwe btoane, hire eje ' blake. 

iSpec ofLnTxt Poat. p. M.) 
(2) Hyra heje ' hsmth woooded me j-wisae 

Hire bende broieen that bringeth bluse. — {Ibid. p. S9.) 
Ckirehe ^ Ckirehen (chnrchee). 

{3) Hum let wnnshe 
Chapeles and ehtrche. 

[K. Bom, p. 39, £. E. Text Soc) 
(4) That folc hi gnime quelle 

And eJiurehen for to felle. — {Ibid. p. 2.) 
Brede = Braiea, (breasts). 

Thar to me aneleth the wyttea fyjf, 
And fejet^ and hregie and lenden. — {Shoreham, p. 43.) 
lb het that me scholde hire lede : to tbe tounes ende 
And hire breottwi fm^ hiie bodie, vith kene hokea lender 

{^ Katherine, p. 76.) 
Crotoe ■=■ Growen (ciowb). 

An hwanna heo habeth me of-slahe, 
Heo hongetli me on heore hahe, 
Thar ich a-schewele pie an erotoe 
From than, the thar ia i-eove. — (Oui and N. p. 55.) 
Wenestu that haaeck bo the vorae 
Thoj crou>» bigiede him bi the mereh, 
And goth to him mid hore chinne, 
E^t so hi ville vit him achirme. — {Ibid. p. 304.) 
Seint Edmund &, his felawe: aa hit was ofle here wcne 
In a day fram Lenkenore : wende to Abyndone 
Aa hi come in a gnt ^leye : blake monekes he sej 
A« hit eroteen & cho^n wen : fleo bi their auhej. 

{St Edmitnd, p. 7$.) 



Dede= Deden (deeds). 

My gode deden buetk fol Bmalle. 

(Sper. of Lsfrie Poet. p. 99.) 
Of myiie deden f^de y non god.— (/6id. p. 99.) 

When W9 bneth danpned afler or dede, 

A domesdaT; when ryfates bueth tolde, 

Wheii we ahule Buen thy woonde blede, 

To epeke thenne we bueth tmbolde. — (Ibid. p. 100.) 

Fewe gode dede ich habbe ido. — (St Brandon, p. 27.) 
£;e — £j«i (eyes). 

. . . . syththe bifore here eje 
He wende up to hevene as hi alle iaeje. 

(MS. Harl. 2277, foL 2S.) 
Gret fur heo let make bifoie here abe e^e 

(Ibid. foL 40.) 
Hyre heje haueth wounded me y-wisse. 

(Spec, of Lyric Pod. p. S9.) 
Ne eholde he vor bothe hia eje 
So don, )if he the bet ne se^e. 

(Owl and Nightingaie, L 381-2, p. 14.) 
Hyie ey^fm aren grete and gray ynoh. 

(Spec, of Lyric Poet. p. 34.) 
Fere = Feren (companions), 

CoToytUe nayn keyes here 

S'ithe ant onde were aafere 

That bueth folkea fyle. — (Spec ofLyrie Poet. p. 49.) 

Hi weren me ^ere. — (Moral Ode, p. 25.) 

Thia boBteiea & this lieces ae hi aitteth la here/ar« 

Bringeth wimmen in scUundie 

(Harl. MS. 2277, fol. 18 a.) 
Tuey/eren he hadde 
That he with him ladde. — (King Bom, p. 92.) 


See K. Horn, p. 3. 
HerU = HerUn (hearto). 

Ac hf hsbbeth hire liertat zao areted iue God that hi ne pnyzeth 
ibe insri]s.—{Ayenbae, pp. 112, 161) 

Tho they were on fote bothe. 

They fooghte togedie vith heorte wroUie. 

(K. Alts. p. 303.) 
Gnt ioye hi hodde in here htaie that hi mi^te this iaeo. 

(St Brandon, p. 7.) 
Sen = Herea (haii shtrts). 

He -werede harde here. — (St Beket, p. 75.) 
The moder weiede harde here : for ouie louerdea loue 
Fram the schnldre to the hele. — {St Edmund, p. 71.) 
fis children . . werede here here ^e a 'wyke. 

(Ibid. p. 72.) 
And eoBie as heo hem eende clothes : aa heo hem nujt iwynne 
Thenritk beo wolde heren sonde. — (Ibtd. p. 72.) 
Benae = Beanen (hens). 

The voze bird among al menne 
And tolde the wolf with the brode cmne 
That on him send geea and hetai^^ 
That other geet and motune. 

(Camden Soaety's Songa, p. 198.) 
H<mde ^ Eonden (hands). 

We ne thora no^t this knyjtes seide : do bi the as we wolde 
For the ^ng ons het Uie bringe him : thyn honde fusto ybounde. 

He makede hem al ajen hire wille : bis hcmdai faste bynde 
A Uddfl him f<nth harde ynouj : his honden fasto bihynde. 

(St Orido^r, p. 63.) 
. . . . he het his men anon 
Seint Andreu scourgi so : tho that him oke ech bon 
And siththe bynde him honde & fet. — (St Andrew, p. 100.) 

' StmUK, hem, ooenn in tha Ayentnt*. 



T-fetared were ys legges under bis horse -wombe ; 
Bothe with ym ant with atele mankled were ye lionde. 

(Politic. Stmga, p. 218. 
He Bmot douii is heued 

is kotidea gon he wrynge,— -(/biij. p. 193.) 
Mony frenahe wyf wryi^th hire honde. — (IMd. p. 188.) 
Sone, y ee thi bodi byswongen 
Fet ant hxmdeti thourhout stongen. — {Lyric P. p. 81.) 
. , , . att« last hi founds 

The forme of oure loueid in a Rode : ibeten and ibounde 
Intulled thnif fet and Tumde : as our louetd with vyf iwunc^e (wounds) 
That hadde the gywes ido : god jyre hem harde stouTide (blows). 
(TTie Jewe and the Cross, p. 43.) 
Lomt := Lumen (tools). 

At eve-song even neh 
Ydel men jet he seh 
Lomen habbe an honde. 

{Spee. of Lyric Pod. p. 41.) 
This other swore alle ant some 
That er wer come with iome 
That eo nee hit nout lyht — {Ibid. p. 42.) 
Mede = Meden (good deeds). 

Middel-erd for men wea made 
Un mihti aren is meete mede. — {Ibid. p. 22.) 
Sehreice = Schream (wretches, villains). 
' Gywes hatieth onre leuedi moche : and hire miete sone aim 
That is isene in manie dede : that the sehrewen habbeth ido. 
{Ths Jma and the Cross, p. 42.) 
The king hadde al to fewe 
To-jenee so vele sehrewe. 

{King Horn, p. 2, E. E. Text 8oc) 
^erre = Sferren (stars). 

Ine the Apocalyps Sent lohan 

I-se; ane wymman wyth Sonne by-gon 


Thane mowe al onder hyre too. 
I-CTooned wyth tuel(f) iterre 
Sydi a leuedf nas nevere non 

Wyth thane fend to werre. — (Shoreham's Poenu,p. 133.) 
And the coms of the Heorren 
la heom he juggeth al his iBeorren.—{K. AlU. p. 67.) 
Bj the mone and by the tterren 
Hy connen in^e alle verren. — {Ibid. p. 203.) 
He loked and kneowe in the eterre 
Of olle this kynges theogrete v!BOTre.—{Ibid. p. 113. , 
Uim thi^te that ther stod a tioo : n'jt tofore hia bedde 
lliat anon to the eterren tilde : and vel wide spredde. 

{St Kendm, p. 51.) 
Heieof je ssolle underatonde that in the firmament beth 
Planetee jlicbe dere sierren sevene as je Beth. 

(A o/ 61 foL 39.) 
Hwat canrtu wrecche thing of ttorre 
Bute that thn bi-haitest hi feorre. 

(OcZ a«d MffW. p. 46.) 
Thab tha iaeo the feorre al swa 
Nortu the wiaure neauer the mo. — {Ibid. p. 46,) 
The eonne and moune and many glerren 
By easte aiyfleth Hwythe/OTTWi, — {Skoreham, p. 137.) 
Snule = Soulen (boqIb). 

Ooie dettes byetb oore zeanes tiuX we habbeth ydo wex9 ope 
oar zoutei. — (AyetMU, p. 86.) 

And lete as hatie the woh 
And luvie the lijte 
And bringe ure aawle 

To heoveriche lijta — {Relig. Songs, p. 80.) 
To there bliaee as bringe god, the rixlit abnten ende 
Thenne he ore bouU onhint of licamee bende. 

{Moral Ode, p. 34.) 


Aile halewene totde glade booth : that in heuene beoth ido 
That snyeUi ooie loverdes wa^ : and for him schadde also 
Here Uod for hia euete loae. — (St Dwutan, p. 39.) 
Shvidre = Shvldrea (ahouldera). 

A Buetly auyra heo hath to holde, 
With armes, sKtddn, ase mon wolde 
Ant fyngiw feyre forte folde. — {Lyric Poemg, p. 52.) 
A stoong top ther wu aithths above : &am the aehuidre ido 
To his boUok of hoia her : to holde hit faste to. 

{^ Edmund, p. 75.) 
Up here aehtddren hi noma this holi bodi anon. 

{St Beket, p. 125.) 
Theo deVyna woneth hire byside 
A Btiong best of giet piyda, 
They havetb aehvldreH on the lygge, 
And eke as acharpe as sweoidis egge. 

(K. AlU. p. 272.) 
Sythe = Sythen (times). 

In a wyndoa ther we stod, we custe us fjfty aythe. 

{Spec 0/ Lyrie Poet. p. 91.) 
For pL see Gloeeary to Ayenbite^ 8.T. Zt/^en, 
Tunge — Timgen (tongues). 

tyme a Seint Petres del, gret feete with hete tunge 
Id the see hi makede of Seint Peter, and here serrise arnige. 

(St Brandon, p. 20.) 
Tongen occnn in the Ayenbite, pp. 22, 143. 
Lunge = Langen (lunga). 

Xn achal for-rotien 
thine teoh and thi tonge 
Thi mahe and thi milte, 
thi liTie and thi lunge 
And thi thtote-bolle 

That thn mide svmge. — {Sdtg. Song$, p. 76.) 
Alao in a maa hys body 
Seme^ . . . . aer in ^ tongon, 

{Trcmsa, 1387. Cott. MS. Tib. D vR) 


Wede = Weden (gumento). 

I-lsved ich hAbbe gomen and gleo 
And piude and feiie teede. — (Relig. Songt, p. 66.) 
Ifolde ich ^ven enne pen! for his teeden tHa. — (Ibid, p^ 71.) 
The kyng of Maatona and his knyghtes 
Bath j-amed redj to fyghte 
In bnmy of stel and riche teeden 
Tbfiy dotii go ewittiB on ttedat (steeds). 

{K. Alis. p. 87.) 
Wounds ^ Wounden (wooodfl). 

Wide were is teounds 

He liholede haide eiov,nde,-~~{Lyric Poems, p. 97.) 

Sona 7 wil with tha foimdeii, 

T deye y-wia for thine vxnmdett. — {Ibid, p, 82.) 

His deopa wounden bledeth fiist — {IMd. p. 112.) 

Th« wmden Uedde al longe n^t 

{& Bjket, p. 113.) 
Ae overcome nas he nojt, thai is wounden dedUche vere. 

<fi. of ai foL 67.) 
fc faa let him lede in to an yle, vot to hele is wounde, 
A deida as tha beste kn^t that me wuste eveie ^founds. 

(Ibid. 67 b.) 
See other example under Honde, Himden, p. xx. 
Tonga ■= Tongen (tongs). 

He sat longe and bitht^te him : longe hou hit weie 
He bithojte him ho hit was : he dro) forth his ton^e 
And leide in tbe hote for : and spec faire longe 
Forte the tonge was al afnre : and siththe etille ynon) 
The devel he heate bi the nose. — (St Dmutan, p. 36.) 
Tho oome ther soche echrewen mo wel thioke bi ache side 
With tangen, and witJi hameres beminge meni on. 

(at Srandan, p. 23.) 
Stame =: Smmea (sms). 

Godemen, for godee lave, 

bilereth eonie swum. — Riiig. Strngt, p. 63.) 


Nai ! fTai ! hi aballe wel aviode 
That hi mid louge wope mote 
Of liore maaten bidde bote. 
At M mote euer kume thore, 

{Owl and N. p. 30.) 
Wyke = woken (weeks). 

Tuekuonth & elleae wyke : alle thia maidenes ware 
At Kome with this holi pope.— (TOa 11,000 Virgim, p. 68.) 
In thyssere joye we scholde by-looken 
Al hyre joyen of Tomti teoksn 

The wyles he ^e with chyld. 

{Shoreham, p. 121.) 
The fbllowii^ are additional examplea of plotala in -6 : — 
The water wae ful of longe reede (reeds). 

(K. All*, p. 210.) 
Ac wat eteatn, that thou ne lije, 
Bate attercoppe (apidera), and fule vlife (fliee) 
An wonaes, — (Old tmd N., p. 21.) 
Ah thah my lif me bed at-echote, 
The jet ich mai do gode note, 
Me moi upotte smala dicke 
Me eette a wnde ine the thicke. 
An swa mai mon tolli him to 
Lulls briddea and i-To, 
An Bwa me mai mid me bi-jete 
Wel gode biede to hia mete. 

(Ouil and N. Tp. 66.) 
Of drawing of bowea and etikke (sticks) 
Theo eyi bycam tho trouble and thikke. 

{K. AlU. p. 168.) 
They haneth no wolle to spynne 
Heore cloUiia buth of bestis skynne (skins). 

{Ibid. p. 279.) 
Ke hy ne hsn boures no bailee 
Ne caat«le8 with hcighe walles 


Bot in trowes and in deane (dene) 
And in rochee holed withinne 
Theteione ia har wonyghing. — {£. AlU. p. 244.) 
Thia venym creopith under my ribbe (nba) 
That J may no longer libbe. — (Jbid. p. 324.) 
Th« kynadom of heueae ten maidenes iliche is 
That is ech manei folc that ne wilneth nojt amis 
Ko folie (rf fleschee wille ac thurf the ten hette (conuuandments) 
Lede hjB lyf in cleimisse.— (^ar/. 3377, fol. 1 1 a.) 
After numerals, in the older stages of the language, the gen. pL 
is properly used, but in 14tb-centniy English the pi. is often nsed. 
Of tiie hul of Olyret eone hi wende adonn 
To the bor3 of iBrosalem, and hiloTode in the toon 
A ^osend ttappe (paces) ther tntnene. .... 
A ^osend ttappeit of such pas a myle nt^t hit is. 

{Harl MS. 2277, foL 24.) 
Of plurals in e representing older fcrms ia -an, -a, -u (ru), numerous 
examples might be selected &om the Southern literature of the earlier 
port of the 13th centuiy. 



The Korthram dialect during the thirteenth and fourteenUi cen- ,. 
turies seems to baTS adopted the tennination -es as the inflexion of 
the gemtivB singalar for nouns of all genders. The Southern dia- 
lect, following the usage of the older stage of the language, formed I 
the genitiTe of ^aac^iiie and neuter nouns in ^, but 'of feminine 
BiibatantireB in ^^ 

Suete Iheeu, king of biysse 

Myn huerle loue, niin huerte liese 

Thon art saete myd y-wisse 

Wo is him that the shal misse. — (£^/ric Poeme, p. 57.) 

Suete Ihesa min hueiie lyht 

Thou art day vith-oute nyht — (Ibid. p. 67.) 
For loue thou aeje thin Jtem-te blode, — (Ibid. p. 69.) 


Thin lieorte lone thou sendest as. — (Lyric Poenw, p. 73.) 
The Buert is at myn herte grounde. — [Ibid. p. 81.) 
Suete Ihesu min ktterte bote 
In myn huerte thou Bete & iot« 
Of thi lone. — (Li/rio foetiu, p. fi7.) 
Snete Ihesu min kuerte gleem 
Bryhtore then the soime beem 
Ybore thou were in Bedlehem, — {VM. p. B7.) 
Suete IhsBu my eotde fode 

Thin werkea bueth bo Bwete ant gode.— (/&«i p. 58.) 
Ihesu, do ma thi^ for for thi name 
Me liketh to dreje pyne ant ahame^ 
That is thy goule note ant frame 
Ant make myn herte milde ant tam& — {Ibid. p. 71.) 
So that Barint the olde man ii}t at his kurle grounde 
Wei wepingo bigan to telle what he er founde. — {at Brandon, p. 3.) 
The wonde awelth an aketh 
So doth the naddre etenge. — (Shoreham, p. 104.) 
And (the devele) dede hym in an addre wede 
That beet was of meat scbrenhede of alle beste. 

(Ibid. p. 168.) 
At the woke end spake the ennyte 
And askede the munke of the apyryte. 

{Rob. B. Hand. 8yn. p. 61.) 
Hit is gode monne i-wone 
A was &om the loorlde frome. 

(Or. N. p. 17, L 476.) 
An nime jeme of ckirche stevene 
En muiie is the blisee of hovene. 

(Otrf and Jlf. p. 25.) 
Heo mai hire guld at-wiende 
A rihte weie thuih chinks bende.— (/Wd. p. 49.) 


But th^ the prest hys mesBe do 

Inne dedleche «e)tn« corse 

Thet BBCiwnent nun be thou syker 

For liyni njs n^t worse ; For lake 

The gacrement nys iia[}t] the woTa 

Tb&f that ludas hyt i6ke,—{3horAam, p. 27.) 
Thie muLer peyne man fongeth 
For hjs senne uede. — (Ibid. p. 37.) 

Hy thet slepeth ine teams elep 
Anendement to maky. — (Ibid. p. 01.) 
An hoTS is atrengur than & mon ; 

Hit berth on mgge gtete Bemea, 
An dr^th hivare grete temes 
An tholeih botho jerd and spuie 
An stont i-teid at maim dure. 

(Otrf and If. -^ 27.) 
The jostiae het his men openy thovene ' (the oven's) montii. 
{HaH. MS. 2277, ftJ. 96 a.) 
Craddok erl of Comwaile is avu sede 
Thlt a aenatonr of rome yhote maTiinipTi 
Was of the knnde of this londe, a euitbe noble man 
Tor he waa Leofllnee sone that M^pK uncle was 
The gode Constantines acne moder, vot non betere naa. 

(a 0/ m. fbl 32.) 
Sc^t Jttme the gode man lijt is to babbe in mone 
8oint Johnes brother the evangelist Ciodes autUe sone 
His moder was ome leuedi eoeter, 

{Harl. MS. 2277, foL 97 a.) 
In godhed toke be then way 
That h) heSe gates lay. 

{Harrowing of Hell, p. 16.) 

. ' An* word i% markad tnataJim ij Botwortb. 


Thou wilt me bringe to hdle detb. 

{Lyr. Poems, p. 103.) 
Tbo the nabbeth god idon & theriime beth ifnnde 
He scullen falle swithe rathe in to /idle gnmde 
Thser-iiuie he scoUen vunie baten ore and ende 
Ne bieoth never eft Cnat hdle dura to lese hem of bende. 

{Moral Ode, p. 27, J190,%1) 
Ac lidle king ia orolea with tha the he mai bride. 

(Und. p. 29, L 109.) 
Sone so the quene fader Coiineus was ded 
He vonoc ia owe wif and astrild made quene. 

(R. of CH Cott. MS. Oaig. AiX-M. 11.) 
Conui the quene coeyn he clupede tho aJ stille. 

{Ibid. toL 33 6.) 

Modied la neveu 

y ciouned him sulve king thorn the qtiette rede 

{R. of 01 foL 61 a.) 
Thia wee on ouie Ucedy even. 

{Pfiit. Softga, p. 219.) 
Thta aunne weole (delight of joy) y wole for gon 
, Ant wyht in wode be fleme. — {Lyr- Poems, p. 14.) 
Fnm dethe to lyre he aros thuif ouie hvedi lore,* 

{SaintB, p. 69.) 
The gode for-horode the fend 

Wyth hya Naundynge stmme (with the voice of his flattery). 
{Swreham, p. 69.) 
Ae Edward the other adde thre children bi is wive 
An aone tiiat het Edward & dc^tren aUo taeye 
Maigarete & Criatine that gode wimmen were beye 
This gode children i^te be evermore in munde 
Yor Engelond, jif hii nere, were jut out of kunde, 
Ae je mowe ihure her afterward in king Henries lif 

< GhauMT hu " ma ladg rajL" 8«e Frolc^e iiiA.CuitctbiU7 Talcs, 1. 663. 

ORAiDUTiOAL TBCUUAxerae. zxix 

How £iig«Ioiid com to ttmde ^en thorn the gode quene Mold iwis 
That thea Margarete dojtei was, Mold the gode qoene. 

{R. 0/ 01. foL 91 6.) 
He fond Horn in arme 
On Rymcnhilde banne. 

{K. Ham, L 706, E. E. T. Soc> 
The word bigan to springe 
Of BywenhUde weddinge.— (/W<t L 1018.) 
He dude Horn inn late 
Bijt at haUe gate.— (/bMJ. L 1074.) 
A.8ax. addre, a Tein.' 

Ich haue the leten eddre blod. 
(Of tiie TOx and of the wolf a &ble. Belig. Aniiq. p. 272.) 
Leore moder, quath Lucie ; if thu leoveet in holi churche 
.And the wordes of the godspel : & wold thei'^fteT worche 
Thnif tnochinge of Seint Agaee Tvunbe : thu woet hoi anon. 
{lavei of Saintt, p. 102, 1. S3.) 
Seint Lncie com 
To Sunte Agace holie Tumbe & hire moder with hire nom. 
{Ihid. p. 102, L 36.) 
To Seinte Lade norid he wende : and eschte hire faste 
What Ijoos, were bo oubicome hire god awei to caste. 

{Ihid. p. 103, L 69.) 
h, Constantin Kleyne son ;e witeth wel Bome nom 
& ButAtAe Maziman that of hor be;ie blod ich com. 

{R. of m. foL 60 a.) 
Kchard doc of Kormandie Eirnne brother &e qnene 
Adde an sone that hot Koberd. — {Ihid. 99 a.) 
Jl (on) Seinte Marie dai in the leynte biheveded [were] bathe ifere, 
{Harl. MS. 2277, foL 98 b.) 
-Crist jdeped haune lomb com to saynt Ion. — {RMg. Antig, p. 87.) 

) dm om out (be t»^^Aoi.-(,SfBl XS. 32T7, toL U ».) 


Iheni Ctist heouene king 
id OS alio god endyng 
That bone biddeth th«.— (Ljrr. P., p. S9.) 
Ihesa for thi muchele myht 
Thon giaunte ua alio heuene lyht. — (/WA p. SO.) 
Helpe me heuau quene, for tbyn ever y chsm. — (Ibid. p. 93.) 
Snete Ihesa of Xazaieth 
Thon do us heume mede. — {Ibid. p. 112.) 
See Uvea of Sainia, p. 103, L 67 ; p. 107, L 202. 


ISo tnoe of the Genitive plural in -e ns, -eij (A.-Sax. ma), is to 
be foand in the Ormiilam, the Bestiaijr, or Genesis and Exodus, 
althimgh exomplea of this infiexion are common enongh in Lajamon, 
Beinte Kaiherate^ and other Southern Triten of ihe Semi-Sazon 
^ period. It is entirely absent {<^m any pure speciioen ot the Kortliiun- 
brian dialect of the 14th centoiy, bat is frequently employed l^ 
Southern vriters as late as a.d. 1387. 
AjaotUeae veet =. feet of the apostles. 

Tho hym with a touwayle-echete Ihesa 

Aflcr Boper by-gerte 
And water inta bacyn 
Myd a wel mylde herte, 

And wesschte 
Al his apogtlene veet 

Thoa ordre forthe he lesschte. — (Shordiam, p. 51.) 
Here god hi solde stille 
And to thapogtlen fet hit caste. 

(Harl. 318. 2271, tdL 25 b.y 
Daym end* = end of fouity days. 

At fonity dayneada.-—(Shoreham, p. 126.) 
Deovtau/sresz the companion of derila. 
Ich wisse men mid mine songe, 
Tbat hi ne snnegi nowiht longe ; 



I Indde horn that hoo i-swike 
That heoiaHBeolre ne hi-awicke : 
For betere is that heo wepen here 
Than ellee-hw&r to beon deovlem feie. 

(Owl 4- N. ^. 32.) 
Da>dmt pryntea = princea of derils. 

Bene devden prjncea heth, — {^ShortJutm, p. 109.) 
Eng^me mntgi =■ songs of angels. 

Go we alle thene vei . for he lu wnlle bringe 
]£d tlio &iie fewe men . beforen heueae kinge 
Ther is aln memthe meat . mid englene songe. 

(Jfomi Ode, p. 33, L 177.) 
B^jNte wepipige = weeping of Uieeyes. 
nierfore thy schrifte man echel be wytboate stooeynge, 
VLjd herte loj, and, jef thon my^t, 
Hf d thyn ejene wepynge. — (S^oreham, p. 35.) 

Feaidat meatrye = power of the fiends ; fenden jewyae = judg- 
ment of fiends (devils). 

Schelde ons wani» we deade beth 

I^am aUe/MDcfen mestrjre. — {Ibid, p. 84.) 

I-echelde ons wanne we dede beth, 
FnuQ alle/endene jewyse. — {Ibid. p. 89.) 
fcmlai Parayt =. Parish of Fowls, 

Thar is ooro gode procniatoor that moche god oub haTeth ido 
la the Fowelea Farays and ine the Lond of Schep also. 

{St. Bmndan, pp. 16, 17, 11. 353, 366, 379.) 
Balyn Jtyag = Mng of beasts.' 

That begtyn kyng 
Hys kynde may he noght forgo. — {Odavian, p. 177.) 

ftji^an = of doga. 

A doeyn of doggen 

Se myhte hire diawa— (Polfl. Songs, p. 239.) 

> TtariM (1387) bM Iniam (or ImKnm) k^ndg.— (Otft. MS. Vmr. i> ril, foL S3 «.) 

D.s.i,:.dt, Google 


Grvmene ^ cf grooniB (men). 

Gfibelyn made is gemer 
0( gromene joxw. — [Polit. Songs, p. 238.) 
Jewene /aiM ^ law of the Jeva. 

To yejewene lawe. — (Cott. Veap., D. vii, foL 148 ft.) 

Ojfuene triSe ^ will of the Jews. 

Filatns thorf the gywene wille : him demde therto. 

(Life of POale, p. 114, L 103.) 
Qyvene fahhede =^fal8ehood of the Jews. 
Whan thou onderjete, qnath thempennii : the gifwene falahede 
Whi naddeston ispeke ther aje : and deaturbed the lithere dede. 
{Ufe of FiUde, p. 1 1 6, L 200.) 
R^ legom, that is kipigeM kyug.— (CMl. Vetp., D. vii, foL 282 6.) 
Prophdme ^ of the prophets. 

The man that healdeth thys two 
Of chazyte the heastes 
Al he folneth the lawe of gode 
And propkaene gestes. — {8horduim, p. 92.) 
Alh Kvlm day = Day of All Souls or All Souls' Day. 
& eke quath thangel that thcu telle the pope herof sone 
That me holde alio toiden day at i^ is to done 
& as wide as holl chuiche that he makie his heste 
The monre aftet alle kaleteen day ■ that me holde thnlke feste 
Hiat ech man ententifliche as forth ae he may 
For alle the aoulen in purgatorie hidde thnlke day. 

{HarlMS. 2277, fol 146 o.) 
Alle wulen day an urthe lijt is to holde h^e. — (Ibul.') 
Soueuijt hebilevedether: foMo alle iSoh^ day. — {St Beket,p. 58.) 
Soulen = Of Soul 
Ther Cometh two maner ^twZen. — (Harl. MS. 2277, foL 131.) 

I Alle ffofoiMH d«T — All HaUow^ Ob; ^ AU Sainti' D<r- iSti»£i^a/St 
DnufdH,]!. SB, 1.181, vberephrtM^Ut AaJmMMfMtlt glad baothv all theHmb 
of the ninti «m jojflil.} 



S^MMuebreehene naiee =i words of adulterais. 

These tpoiuebrechai sawe. — {Skorekam, p. 62.) 
Tren rynde =. The bark of trees. 

Sclupes they havea y-hote pyrates 
In the water is heore gates : 
Whan hit is ebbe, up they bath 
Whan hit is flod, y-scheot they booth 
Heo buth ymad of oysere y fynde 
And y-bounde al with tren rynde. 

{King Alia. p. 255, 1. 6187.) 
Wermene mde ^ Meat of worms. 
Huet is man hot veltbe and a zechvol of donge, te^tiume mete. 
{Ai/enbite, p. 216.) 
ThoTTiene crmi/ae ^ Crown of thorns. 
Hy to-ateks hys swete hofe<l 
Wylh one thomme coroune, — (iHwrdiam, p. 85.) 
See aim Harl. MS. 3277, foL 13 b. 

Occasionally we find -« as well as -ene, as the sign of the genitive 
plnnl, as in the fallowing examples : 
Bole httden = Uidee of bulls. 

Hi leten hem di^te a gret schip, and above it al bi-caste 
With bole huden stronge ynou ynailed (therto fasto). 

(St Brandan, p. 5.) 
Engle ^ martne btisse = SlisB of angels and men. 

Ho (God) one mai & seal beo engle & maane blissa 

(Moral Ode, p. 33, L 189.) 
Atteh(aewe= Of all Saints. 

a church he let lere 

Of Dore loverd & alle ftal&ee : in thulke place there 

Six handled jer & fyre : onre loverd ther biforo 

Of Marie hia swete moder : an urthe were ibore 

The church that was of oure levedi & of alle luUeieen ifonde 

Stont jot & is icleped Marie la rounde. 

{Harl. MS. 2277, foL 144,) 


Aire deede wei = The way of all Devils. 

& thifl tnei enchantours to gronnde horn oveioome ' 
8s dtyve hem aa aire devde wey, 

(Harl. MS. 2277, foL 121 «.) 

hi alao 

SchiiUe gon an aire devele wei bote god nyme jeme ther to. 

(Ibid. foL 145 6.) 
Vjif myle wei ^ The way of five miles. 
In paia hi wendo forth here wey : & the bodi with hem toko 

Vyf myle wei hi were awend i er thothere awoke. 

(Liseg of Saints, p. S6.) 
Tvxady myle weyes = The ways of twenty miles. 
TtDgfUy mijlii weyes and mo 
No myght men astryde go 
Bute he atop ondedo men, 
In dale, in downe, in wode, in fen. 

{K. Am. p. 183, L 4446.) 
Mamie lif^ life of men. 

Alle manne lif = the live of all men 

We Bcullen <dre matm^ ' lif icnawe ther also nre owe. 

{Moral Ode, p. 27, L 82.) 
AlU chUde = of all children. 

The eldeete soater of hem ))reo oure levedi swete & mylde 
Bar oure loverd Ihesu Criat best of alle childe. 

{Harl. MS. 2277, foL 37 a.) 
AUe thinge ^ of all things. 

Fairest of alle thinge. — {lUd. foL 38 a.) 

(See Moral Ode. p. 33, L 177.) 
Aire heme = of all children. 

Marie cleophee 
Hadde tuei holie sones bi hire loverd Zebedee 
Seint Jame the holl man & eeint Johan the wangelist 
That was aire berm best mid our loverd Iheeu Crist 

{Harl. MS. 2277, fol. 35 h.) 

' Mamu a* the gen. pi. u uwd by Tteriu (a.d. 1387) in Cott MS. \mg. D 
vii, fi)L 286 <i. 


T. T^aceH of the genitive singular nouns in -« are not very 
common, and they are lemnantB either of the n declension or of 
thst class of masculines in -u or -<7, which mado the genitive singular 
in -a. 

" How he lepte with myght and mayne 
on the etede iMck." 

(Rom. ofOctamem, p. 217, L 1446.) 
In is wode rage he wende 
Vor to Bwreke ' is uade deth. 

(a ofGl. Coti. MS. Ccdig. A xi, foL 65 a.) 
Bidde we seinte Marie 
For hire milde mode. 
For the teres that heo wep 
For hire eone blod, — (ReHg. Poems, p. 84.) 
Ich cristni the in the vader name 
And xme, and Holy Ghostes. 

(Skoreham's Poems, p. 10.) 
Fowel for thi false save 
For beddi (I forbid) the this teode schawe ; 
Thon fere into the filde. — {Bdig. Antiq. p. 245.) 

Whil y wea a clere in scole, wel muchel y couthe of lore, 
Ycfa hane tholed for thy love woundes fele sore ; 
Fer from horn ant eke from men, under the ttode gore. 

(Li/r. Poons, p. 91.) 
He let his echnp etonde 
And jede to londe ; 
Hifi folc he dude abide 
Under mtds side. 

{K. Horn, p. 29, L 1024, E. E. T. S.) 

■ ICanh treat! iMcb (and gtmtt) m fbllawing under tha aame mlo as hntha; 
trr, deffler, wbieh dropped tbe genitiTe inflexion in A.-9ai<m writen. 


Athulf heo sede be blithe 

And to Horn thou go wel swithe 

He is under vmde bo;e 

And with him knijtefl inoje.— {/6ii. p. 35, L 1227.) 


'i The adjective in the Southern dialects retains moat of the older 

I inflexions. In the Northern dialects the distinction between the 

definite and indefinite forms of the odjeutive is not preserved, and 

the final -« in the plural is for the most port disregai-ded. 


God (good), the gode (the good). 


Mate. Aw. ytul. 

N^om. gode gode gode 


gode I 
goden I 
gode ) 
goden ^ 
gode ) 

of all genders 

gode gode 


goden ) 
gode j 
godene ) 
gode ) 
goden 1 
gode ) 
goden j 


God (good). 


Mate. Am. 



god god 



godes" godre» 






godne gode 


Kom. & Ace gode 
Gen. godre 

' The genitive fonn of the indeBnite adjective i 
and demmutratire woidi than in other adjectiTes. 
■ Seldom used. 

more often used in indeflDite 



He (God) wythatent iha prouden. — {Shor^am, p. 107.) 
And pe children ham lovie togidere and beul^r ]»e uela^iede of fa 
greaiea.—{Ayenbite, p. 139.) 

Yor fteme dya]) hi clepieji Ijf and ^ane dya]i ])et is to )» guoden 
b^innjnge of line hi hit clepie^ ]ian ende. — (Ibid. p. 72.) 

Alsno t«k]) ]>e writinge ^t me seel zeche red ate yeaJden and 
najt mid ))e yonge, JM ne bye^ nt^t ypioued in nyedes ac mid ^ 
yaalde ^ habbe^ ysoje and yproued fie fringes, fiet is fiet wyt and 
^t red. Tor )nn ^t Boboam, Salomounes zone, vorlot ^ane ted 
of ^ yealden gnode men, tot ]iaae red of yonge he voileaa ^ 
grattoste del of his Idngdome. — {Ibid. p. 184.) 
For jyf thy wyl i^oth more 
In enyea hamee thynges 

Bote yn God .... thou ne anoorest God aiyjt. 

(Skwekain, p. 95.) 
Tuolf quad the vox him tho 
AI that thou haveet her bifore ido, 
In thouh^ in Bpeche, and in dede, 
In euche otheres kitnnea quede 
Ich the foijeve at thieee neda 

{Reliff. Antiq. p. 277.) 
Herbi f ou mijte wel underatonde, 
Jxit on hia areu, Jrat ojfor schonde, 
To stele to o^rea marmes bedde. — {OvA ^ N. p. 61.) 
Bysahopee and baronnes to the kyngea pea, 
Ase men that veren fals, fykel and lea, 
Othes hue him sworen in etude ther he wea, 
To bnen bim hold ant trewe for aUes cutmee tea. 

(Camden Soeietj/t Pdit. Songs, p. 214.) 
And what may pe dyches be 
But hire Jiolemode poTert4 
)}at nonea kunnea asaaylyng 
Ke may derve fte tour for no f ing. 

{Cagtdo/Love,l 885.) 


Ures/ormea fadeies gult we abigget alle. — (Moral Ode, p. 28.) 

)ies worlde ns wule fordiencho 
Meat alle mea he jiveS drinke of one deofles acendie 
He sceol him cunne scnldo vel, }if he him uele scienche 
Mid ealtaihtieg godes luve ute ^e as biwerien 
Wid (from) pea wrecchen worldes luue, fat he ne mawe us derien. 
{Ibid. p. 32.) 
Elche ruae he ihuid & he wot alle dede 
He f urti-eih* elch^ manneB fane fat seal us to red& 

(Ibid. p. 25.) 
He ia dchet godes fuL — (Ibid. p. 33.) 
Ther com to ous a jung man suythe fair and hende. 
He welcomede ous everechon mildeliche and suete 
And nemnede eoereches owe name and wel mjldeliche ous gan grate. 
{St Brandon, p. 3.) 
The fox BO ijodne ne can (knows) nanne 
The (thou^) he kunne §o vole wrenche. 

Otcl^N.i^ 28.) 
Ich wot hwo schal been anhonge, 
Other elles/u^ne deth afonge. — {Ibid. p. 41.) 

And hit is grat wondei thet hi loketh zuicb aaefi^ene caatel as 
hare fyeble bodye aye zuych ane dratujne v^id ase is the dyeuel of 
h.'iS\a.—{Ayenbite, p. 227.) 

Vor alsao ase the angles of heuene habbeth giat glednease of ane 
zene^ere huanne he him repenteth and deth penance vor bis zennea, 
alsuo the dyerelen ham gledieth huanne hi moje overcome and do 
valle into zenne aiie guodne man ; and the more thet be is of grat 
Btat and the parfiter, the more betb he the grattcr glednease huanne 
he him may gyly, ase the vissere beth more blisse voi to nime ane 
gratne visae thane ane littlene. — {Ibid. p. 238.) 

Kon yz^ ane yongne boiyeis and ane newene knijt. Mochel 
habbeth thos of vele tho3tes, newe, diversee, and wylvolle.— {/fti'd. 
JK 161.) 

Dinitizedb, Google 


Of aUe thise yefthes (of kende, of hap, and of grace) we sael thonki 
god and servi voi thet hi cometh &lle of Mm. Thajlea the proude 
faiae telth to the djevele vor thane valme peny of y dele blisae. 

(Ayettbile, p. 24.) 

tha) me godne sckele hem telle, 

Kauft hyt ne ganth (avails). 

(Shoreham't Poems, p. 135.) 

I vylle me ssrive and ich wills zigge alle mine zennes aye me, 
Haft of othren, ne ajena othren as doth the ypocrites. — (Ajjenbite, p. 

Eflerward the ssri^ asel by yhol najt to-deld ine velo Bsriveres. 
YoF me ssel zigge al to onen, najt o del to onen and thet other del to 
afutfAr«n,Tor godne taketh none hede of zuiche tales. — {lUd.^. 175.) 

Hit is more zenne in one etede thane ine anothren. — (Ibid.) 
Thanne ssel he verst yiy the zeue dyadliche zennes, of huychen 
we habheth above yspeke, and yholliche of eoAen him ssriTe be than 
thet ho him yvelth gelty, no-thing to hele, nothing wyth-zigge, n^t 
him to ddendi ne nenne othrenne wray. — {Ibid. p. 175.) 

Hy ne thencheth ne atndieth bote ham zelve to avonci and othren 
to harmL Thet wyt is the dorelos wyt ase zayth Saint Jacob, thot 
eche daye him vondeth othren to hanny, — {Ibid. p. 82.) 
For hyiQ poer nys uou}t y-leesed 
Ac toup allfi (Ahren hys y-bleesed. 

{Shoreham, p. 127.) 

To wm^-~{AymbUe, p. 121.) To echm.—{Ibid. p. 122.) 

To alUn.—{Ibid. p. U6.) Be enm (by one).— {/Wd. p. 129.) 

He wile dome ettrijtne be his dedee. — (Ihid. p. 134.) 
In the heite of evrichen. — (lUd. p. 146.) 

II. Inflected Article (Definite). 
In the Omailum the definite article is uninfected, the only 
renmant of the older inflexions being the phrase (still retained at the 


present day) ' for than anee ' = for the nonce. So, too, in the North- 
em dialect during the E. Eng. period the article remains the same 
for all genders and caaes — but not in the Southern dialect, iii which 
the masculine, feminine, and neuter forme, and some case endings, nrere 
preserved as late as the middle of the fourteenth century, if not much 
I In the Northern dialect iftat is the demonstrative a4jectL7e ; in 
the Southern it ie the neater of l^e detinite article. 




Horn, ft. 



Gen. Job,' 

fare, fere, 

i far, for. 

Dat fwn, 

fare, fere. 








Nom. and Ace. ]io, fieo, ^a. 


( ^ane. 


Zueche tyeana drive]* fane dyevel urara Jie herte as fet wetcr 
cachchef fan£ hond out of fe kechene.— {.Aj/enJiie, p. 171.) 

be fise virtue (pacience) Jie guode overcome]) alls 

his vyendes, Jxwtc dyevel, ]w wordle and fefvleea — {Tbid, p. 167.) 

Vor huanne man him ber]i hate to ^ torment and fe zaule and 
Jief bodi, zuo Jiet Jia man no may alepe ne non rest babbe, ofer hnyl 
him benim)) )iane mete and ^ane drinke and make]) him valle ine ane 
fevre ofer ine zuiche zorje (let he nimji paw. dya]). — (Ibid. p. 31.) 

}k>s he lycst al his time and pe nijt and pane day. — {Und. p. 52.) 

Loke Jwt fou haiji pane day of fe Sabat, — {Ibid. p. 7.) 

I Tb<ee fonoi are Kldam lued after ]; 



eerro }iine eseppere Jwt him restede ^ane zevende 

day of woikes ^t he hedde ymad ine fo six dayee bevoro. 

(Ilrid. p. i.) 
Go we f«!C lutrewe wei & Jjene wei grene. 

(Moral Ode, p. 32.) 
Bijt so hit far}) bi fan ungode 
(>at no)t ne anf to none gode, 
And is so fill of nvele wrenche, 
J)&t him ne mai no man at-pienche, 
And can wel pane Jiursstere wai 
And pane brijte wei lat awai.— (Oici ^ JV. p. 9.) 
Tho hit vas Eve thane Sonedai the deuelen come blaste. 

(St Brandan, p. 27.) 
Tho thrid dai than amorow grisful hit eal be to loke. 

{Early Eng. Poems, p. 9.) 
And 80 he la; al thuUce tpa& : and also thane friday. 
Ho let dipio the Saterday the &eres bifore him alle 
And bed alle godne day. — (Ldves of Sainie, p. 39, L 198.) 
. , . . Ofte beo gaf hem mede 
For to faste thane Mdai : to vatere and to breda 


And God zayj) ine hia spelle J>et buo fet zeneje]i aye pane holy 
gost he ne ssel nevie habbe merci ine ^ise vordle ne ine Jie opK. 
{Ayenbite, p. 28.) 
To qnendride Ms li)>ere soster anon he gan wcnde 
And tolde here al ^e li^ere eas : fram bigynninge to pan ende. 
{Lives of Saints, p. fi3, L 108.) 
He com of pan adel eye. — Otd ^ JV. p. 5, 1. 133.) 
Also hit is bi pan nngode 
Jjat is icumeii of fulo broda — {Ibid. p. 5, L 129.) 
Ine po manere and ine po vorbisne hef J>e f ri states of Codes 
zone ine erpa, bniche pe holy gost let and oondue]i^ a^e zay^ Sainte 
Taaxi.—{Ayetibite, p. 122.) 



Sej'nt Jame eeythe that catyaon 

Of ther holy tyleve 

Of hiia aiknesse helthe wyntlie, 

• •*••• 

That no feud Bch&l reve the hel|io. 

{Shor^am'a Poeme, p. 41.) 

Ich am that l^t 

Of alle th^ wordle lounde abouto. 

(Ibid. p. 49.) 

, . . ther mot alter apouBynge 
Be lyjt asent of botho, 
Of num and of ther wyntman eke. — (Ibul. p. 57.) 

bytemesae of mode 

That hiie tkare saule galle. — (Ibid. p. 92.) 
TlioiLho echok, tho souue dym bycom 
In tkaro tjde.— (Ibid. p. 86.) 

Therfore nas helle naujt yscliet, 

Ne dovelyn themme naa;t ydnt, 

Ine thare crybbe. — {Ibid. p. 157.) 

)X) stod on old atoc fror beside, 

^ar ^ nle Bong hire tide, 

And 'was mid ivi al bi growd ; 

Hit was fare hnle eaTding-stove. — (Ofd ^ N. p. 2.) 

]>e nijtingale hi isej, 

And fujte wel wl of fare hale. — (Ibid. p. 231.) 

Wostu to fan man waa ibore i 

To fare blisse of horene riche. — (Ibid. p. 25.) 

pe wranne, for heo cuf e singe, 

War com in yaie morcjeiing 

To helpe fare nijtegsle. — (Ibid. p. 59.) 
Of fiasa riche (heaven) we fionchet oft 
& of fere (belle) to eelde. — (Moral Ode, p. 32.) 


To J>ere blisse hb bringe god. f e lixlet abuten ende. 

(Moral Ode, p. 34.) 
In Sboteham'e poems we have an example of the pL dative Jwne. 
For ase wymman com of the ryb 
Of the matmee ryjt syde, 
So holyche c^use of God 
Sprange of thane wondeii wyde. 

(Shoreiiam, p. 80.) 

iiL Many of the older foims of this, wholly unlciicwii in the 
Iforthem dialect, are preecrved in the Soathem until a very late 
period. It appears to have been declined as follows. 

/ Jieoa, foe, \ 

Nom.|>e8,'fifl, j^„^, jK 

Gen, pises, Jiisse, Jiisea. 

Dat. . ' I bisae, blse. 
^isen, t 

Ace r^ ' I pisee, bis. 

feme," ) ' 

Nom. ]>eoB, pes, )>08, pis, piao. 
Gen. piBO, pisBc. 
Dat pise, pisen. 
Ace. pes, pise. 

Jjet b<^ hep monie tuygges. — (AyenbUe, p. 11.) ' 
Si wipynne a lytel etonnde ptw man pat semede so coldo & a fyle 
'mesel wcrp wbyt A &yt & sty^ up in to pe aer. 

{Cotton MS. Veap. D mi, foL 145 a.) 
J)e« William legnede pryttene jer a monp lasse. 

{lUd. fol 145 a.) 
Jwf Odo wastede &i deetniyedc po kjng hys rentes and e<)cheytcs. 

JM Edward was veyi of body.— (ffiA fol. 291 b.) 
Jfiee (= this man, i.e, Lotharius) was a lettrede man. 

(Ibid. foL 280 b.) 

I BaUined M hie H li 

* BeUuied u late as 1340. 


In hys vurde jer fiss (Honorins) changedo 
pa copes of freres carmes. 

{Cotfon MS. Vesp. D vii, foL 288 b.) 
]}eB seyde pat be was Ihesoa Crist — (Ibid. foL 283 b.) 
Peot Corea hadde a hoW— (Ibid. foL 28 b.) 
fyues mayde was ywedded to Bobett de Brui;. — (Ibid. foL 281.) 
He lay by pues mayde. — (Ibid, fob 272 a.) 
jKireuoro J« kyng caate to wedde pttea wyncho. — (Ibid.) 
\)eos (these) Jjto lawes.— {/fc/d fol 45.) 
\ive» (theeo) norsede men .... cheee |ie uoiaede Edward po 
eldere to be hero lord.— (/ftirf. foL 289 6.) 

Jjww Toure breddea (birds) quaf Jw kyng bej) my voure sones. 
{lUd 270 b.) 
On belle is unger & pcnA, vuele tuo ifere 
Jjos pine foliede J)o Jw were mete nltliingee here. 

{Moral Ode, p. 29.) 

Sculde him elc man fe wile be mai of poa belle pine, — (Ibid. p. 31.) 

jMoa hnJe abod fort (until) hit was eve, ~-{Oicl ^ N. p. 2.) 

Ac lete we awei pon cheate. — (Ibid. p. 7.) 

Heo bigati to sike sore ; and in thojte stod 

Alias heo seide that ich scbolde tkiene day evere abide. 

(Lives of Saints, p. 51.) 
Wend he seide whan tbu horn comest to Edward joure kyng 
And sai him that- he for was love he jaf Ihisne ring 
Him Bcnde here his ling ^en and thonkede him also. 

(Ibid. p. 106.) 
Mid graate wille Teh habbe peTtte paake ywylned, Jiet is to dggo 
feme dyaj), pise^ ssame, pite wendinge. — (Ayenhtte, p. 133.) 

'peme = peme, is peculiar to the Kentish dialect, and occurs in the 
poems of Shoreham.* 

1 plu shmn that uomi and temdmgt ore reminine naanFt. 
1 For thou Eieredit titrm iUina.—{SianAam, p. 161.) 


Of fi»en \te habbe^ vayre Torbysne. — {Ayenbite, p. 218.) 

In fiae bene (fem.) Jiet we dof to gode we bezechef ame yef|ie of 
fe holy goet — (Ibid. p. 89.) 

77tu»ere (gen. and dot', sing, fem.), A.8. fiasere; Thuaere (gen. 
and dat. pL), A.S. pisiera occur in Shoreham'e poems. 

To ihyssere joyen (joye) echolle be y-leyd (placed) alio the 
joyen that moje (may) be yseyd (named). — (Shorekam, p. 126.) 

To IhygBere joye longye (belong) acholle alle the joyen that 
byre (to her) foUo (may befall) of byre chylde God.— {Ibid. p. 123.') 

6. The plural of Adjectives (mostly of Bomance origin) in -es, as 
wateree prindpales, is unknown to the Korthem dialect 

IV. Degreet of Comjparigon, 

Adjecttvea ending in 4ich (sing.), -Jiche (pL), oilen form the com- 
paratiTe in 4ulcer or -ioker (Kentish -laker). This inflexion is 
unknown in the Northern dialect, in which the affix -lich becomes -Ilk 
(like) 4i/j and the distinctions between the singular and plural forms, 
aa well aa that between the adjective in -lich and the adverbial in 
•Jiehe, are lost sight o£ 

The affix -lie?i has not given ns the more modem -ly. It is jito- 
bable that this latter form has arisen &om -liff (thus barley, originally 
berlic, IB corrupted into berlig and berley). 

Traces of this corruption occur in the Ormulum, in which we meet 
with the double endings of adjectivei and adverbs in -like and -iij. 

V. Numertdji, 

Some Southern numerals (oTdinals)end in -the, aaseo/ethe (sevethe), 
seventh ; eiitdhe, eighth ; iteo^ethe (nithe), ninth ; tahe (tetbe), 

The corresponding Northern numerals end in -ntfe, -n^, as aemntl, 
arhtande, neghend, terid, and are doubtless of Danish origin. 

The Kentish dialect, like the old Frisian, prefers tide to -the. 




1. Dropping of the final -n. 
8eoven (seven), iteo^en (nine), ia the Southern dialect, frequeatly 
drop the final -n, as eeove (sove) ; neoya, n^e. 

VL Adjectives pecidiar to the Southern dialed, 
)iiZi, ^ilke, ^tdk, ytdke (older forms, ^llick, \elliehe) ^ this, 

these, snch-like, are not employed by Northern writera. They are 

still retained in the modem provincial dialect under the form thick, 

thuek, ihiaky. 

Bailier, bathers (of both), tame, twin (two), thrin (three), 

Aiks, silk, sic (such), ^ir, fer, fere (these), are unknown to Southern 



Our pronouns are sabstantially ^Northern onee. The Southern 
dialect had many pronominal forma which never occnr in any 
Korthem writer. 

The following table exhibits most of the Southern forms, in use 
during the xiiith and xivth centuries : — 

L The personal pronouns are : Ich (I), fu, poa (thou). Tie (he), 
Act (she), hit (it). 





Ich, uch, |.u, fou. 





min, mi, )iin,' ^i. 



ure,ur. ♦ 



f^k 1 


me, lie. 


( hunice, ) 

oas, US. 


get. git, 



( gunker 
( inker. 


I jure, yonre. 



f eow, ow, ou, 



' MBind jjiHsre tued berore wordi beginning with a vowel ;'«i'uid fiibefora 
a comonant. Thej follow the declsoiion of tho adjeeUTa, nuking ia tliB obliqaa 
tattm Muc, |)iw'; minm, ^intn, ftc. 




Som- I ha. 



hire, ■. 

his, J 

Nom. hi, hii, heo, hue. 

( hire, here, heore, 
( huere, hor. 
Dat. heom, huem, hem, hom. 

Ace. hi, hia, hise. 

7cA' OT dcA is still retained in the mdem Soathem dialects 
nudei the forms Uch and tdehy, and occasionally contracted into cA 
(as cham ^ I am, ehelly chill, I will). Bobert of GlouceateT fro- 
qaently writes IrJiolte ^ IcA tcolte, I will ; lehol = leh wot, I know, 
/c,' Ik, /,' aie corresponding Morthem forms. 

/ occasionally occius in the Southern dialect: (1.) before verbs 
commencing widi a denial ot nasal, as / nam, I am not ; / twt, I 
know not ; (2.) after Torbe, as mosti, I muet ; wotly, I will. 
Thritti wyntei and tbridde half yei 
Havy woned in londe her. 

{Harroiciry of Ht^, p. 15.) 

Thon miht wyten in thy lay 

That mine wolly have away. — {Ibid.) 

Thah men to me ban onde, 

To love nuly nobt wonde 

Ne lete for non of tho.— (Zyric Poems, p. 29.) 
There thou me non, hendest in helde 
Navy the none bonnes to hetha — {Ibid. p. 37.) 

I In the eaHier periodi of the ten^nags, le is (ba ordinai; fonn. 

* Hauf editon baTe inconaitlj [suited it initefid of tcA for the contraction I* 



Moati ryden by Rybbeadale 
Wilde wymiuen forte wale, 

{Lyric Poems, p. 33.) 

Ne Bixtu wel irham alino, ieholle sogge hoa it b. 

(A of ai. foL 51 a.) 
Hii verde iehot aa gydie men mid tean no ted oas. — (Ibid.) 

Ieholle sulle min (lif) dero ynou. — (Ibid, foL 67 6.) 

Thulke Woden adde a wyf that ycluped was Bamo Fryo 
A Latin Dame Venus aa xckahhe yaed nou tuye. 

{n»d. foL 69 a.) 
An bendy hap iehahhe y-hent 
Iehot from heuenc it U mo Bent 

{Lyric Poena, p. 28.) 
See Lyric Poems, p. 94. 
Vor I'c/tam mid min fon in eche half bieet 
& yi iehom may ouercome. thorn jou the bet 
Icb joa WUe mid me at-holde and in gret richeese jou do. 

{R. of Gl. fol. 39.) 
For wolny, radni, hi sul fle and that in-to the pine of helle. 

{Early JSng. Poems, p. 12.) 

II. Aat Ha==.He. 

Thifl form ia veiy common in all the Southern dialects, but never 
occuiB in any Xorthem writer. It is still preserved in the modem 
pioviucial dialeuta of the Soath of England. 

Mot belovad be loik a raw or a yoong hart : Zee ! a' stand'th 
behind our wall o' looVth voath at th' winders, zhowing hiszol droo 
th' lattice. — {Song of Solomon, Somersetshire veimon.) 

Tha voice nv ma beluvidl behold ha com'th laipin apin tha 
mowntins; — {Soiuj of Stilomtm, Devonshire version.) 

Every body kneows owld Bamzo, as wears his yead o' one ride. 
One night a was coming whoame vrom marketi and veil offs hoa into 
the load, a wns zo drunk. — {AkermarCs WHisliire Tales.) 



TreTisa uses a as an indefinite of the 3rd pen. pro. ^ he, ehe, 
it, they. 

Hy (they) babbeji no wodea Jerfore a m^e)) ham tajr of toraee, 

(CoH. MS., Vesp. D vO, foL 28.) 

JMh ba^ also cicade bryddes ^t syngge)) atte beste i. habbe)) a 

pipe opon ooder ^ |>rote & syngge)) betre whane ]>e henod ia offe ])an 

whyle hyt ye on & betre whaniie a beji deed J)an whylo )i«y bttf 

wljye.—{Ibid. fol 29 6.) 

He tan home to aore & prayede bye wyf {lat hue wolde helpe for to 
Bane hym ^at as mocbe as hue myjte hue ecbolde make here self uoul, 
bote a dude >e contiaiy, &a.—{Ibid. foL 222.) 

Yn Jna ylond gn>we)i a ston fat hatte gagates ; .... a ye ablak 

as genmies ba}> a brenne)) yn water, &c. — (Trevisa, quoted in 

Morris Specimens of Early Evgli^, p. 334.) 

Also Jwr ya yn Je cop of on hul a baryel ; everych man ^at come^ 
A mete)) ^ boriel a schal fynde hyt evene lyjt of bys onne meete & 
jef a pylgrym ojier eny weiy man lnieole|i Jerto, anon a schal be al 
ferach &, of weryaeb schal he feele non nuy. — {Ibid. p. 337.) 
This pronoun is used by Robert of Gloucester and Shoreham. 
King Arthure ajen )ie breet ia felawe vorat ahitte, 
A^n ^ brust }>at a vul & ne mi^te no leng sitte. 

(A ofGl., cm. MS., Calig. A xi, foL 57 h.) 
Ac a deythe (dies) and he not (knows not) wanne (when). 

(Shordiam'i Poems, p. 3.) 
In the foieheved the crouche a set (setteth). — {Ibid. p. 15.) 
Ea (Crist) grade ' heiy' to hys fader. — {Ibid. p. 86.) 
Dan Michad uses only the older form Ha* = he. 
Ha beat (beats) and smit and (both) wyf and children ase ha 
were ont of bia wytte. — {Ayenbite, p. 30.) 

1. Hine (ace). Him. 
Id the Southern dialect hine is found as late as 1340. It still 

< In tbe older lUge of the knjnage, called S«nu-8aian, Aa ^ aha and the;. 


exiflto in the modem provmcial dialecta of the South of England 
imdei the forma -en or -un. NotiaceoftbisaccosatiTeistobefotind 
in any Northern wiiten ; nor is it osed in the Onnnloffl, one of the 
earliest of Midland pioductiona, 'where ita place ia supplied by tha 
dative him, 


A kn^t wyth one acharpe epere 

Stang hyne i tiie ryjt ayda — (Skorehum'e Poemt, p. 86.) 
Jjo dyevel Jierto proprelich nonde)> |«ine man : fet he hine myjte 
wyfdr^e uiam Jw lone of God. — {Ayenbite, p. 116.) 

Jm inechche ne Jiengji of him pet hine halt — {Ibid. p. 138.) 

Tfiird Peritmal Pronoun, Feminine. 
Hie Southern personal pronoun of the 3rd person is Heo, which, 
occasionally takes other forms, as Hi (Kentish), as htie (Soath 
Western). Zfeo, .S^e,Zrue, is used as late oe 1387. See extracts, p. zlix. 
The corresponding Northern form is Sco or Sko (Midland Scbe), 
which seems to hare arisen out of the older (or A.S.) 8eo oi &'o,' 
and gradually to have crept into the Southern dialect towards the 
end of the xivth centuiy, for -we find it once or twice in Trerisa'a 
translation of Higden's Polychronioon (1387), where heo or hue is the 
ordinary form.' 

" Sihorea made gret mono to-foie Jndas of here wrechehede lyf & 
eoroofiU ; how tteo hadde ypnt here yonge eone in to ^ stremee, hew 
heo lost here hosbond aodeynliche & how ehee was yniaiyed ajenes 
here -wjUfs:'— {Cotton M8., Vesp. D vii, foL 137 a.) 
Hi or hy, her, ace, is used as late as 1327-77. 
The n^tingale hi ieej (the owl) 
And hi bihold and ovet-sej. 
An thujte wel wl of thare hule 
For me At halt lodlich and fule, — {Owl ^ N. p. 2.) 

\ Zti=^y^ oeenn once in Oia Aymibite, p. 102. In tlie itor^ of Oensni snd 
Biodni (K Midland dialect) ly* (v«) ooonn Mreral times. 

11 do not fladui tarUer imtanM of the use of ibinany pnra Sonthem writer. 
It akoold be nolioad, perhaps, that inch a form at tto or n» would tut become «A« 
biitw(i«) orM'(ii}i bat «A«aib«a out ofa form like fOM 01 «M. 


And [thu] lerdest hi to don shome 
An nnrijt of bhe licome. — {(hel ^ N. p. 36.) 
Semta (= fern.) hys swete and lyketh, 
Waone a man fti detli 
And idso sonre Ay biyketh (= brooketli) 
Wane he venjannce j-«eth. 

i&ioreham't Poems, p. 102.) 
To healde hy (eithe) op fayt njB no ned, — (Ibid. p. 136.) 
Perxmai Pnmoitn, ird Person Plural. 
'. Eii, Hi, Heo^ =: they ; hsare, hure, huere, hor, hare = their, heom 
^Auem, hem, horn, ham) ^them, are Southern forma (retained as late 
las 1387), the corresponding ITorthera ones being TTiai (tha), thair 
(thai), thatm (tham).* 

Si, tham, ia retained as kte as 1327-77 by Shoieham. 


Ac he that ine aavde is Strang, 
That ha with-etent hi alle, 
And hardeliche hert othre men, 
Adoon that hi ne falle. 

ac Btonda. — {ShorehariCs Poems, p. 14.) 
Anon fo foend fondeth hy ao. 
And he ne epateth nanne. — {lUd. p. 16.) 
Seeakopp.92, 94, 97, lis. 

The forms hor and hom are, perhaps. Western and South-weetem 
forms. The Kentish dialect employs hare (hire) and ham. 

Hise (His, is), (ace.) = them. 
Until I saw the UidJand version of GenesiB and £xodiis, 1 iraa 
under the impreaaion that hise (m) =■ them, was peculiar to the South- 
em dialecL But though it makes its appearance in some of the Mid- 

■ Bt — thejr (But Hidlwd) Menu to hsTa anMn oaiotBiaot Sii. • 
*ntir, 3V(«HB (them), BreMidluidTariatieB. pij^,]njpr,oeearinOieOnMi'am. 
^ei oMun in an ^it Midlsod H8., Trin. CoL, Cmli. (iiut>> cent.), ud in the 
Btorj «t QmtmM and Eiodu. pay ii wed aoetaoMllj ^j Tre'riia. 


land dialects, Iiavmg Soatliem tendencies, it ie Dever employed by 
any ^N'orthem writer. 

Dr Giieat his ahovn tkit this pronoun ansvera to the Gothic ing, 
ace. of m. The oldest form of the pronoau in English appeals to 
have been Aaa. 


Jku zayst Jrat ^n hest zixti year, fie dya]) hise hef and neoremo 
Am nele ^e yelde. — (AyenMie, p. 71.) 

God ne hej) hede of kaeade yef^ ac he Am lous^ trewe and guode. 
(Ibid. p. 192.) 
Alast thanne thet he [God] is vader be kende and be rijte, he 
loveth thet he heth ymad, ase zayth the hoc of Wysdome, and ia 
zneto and milde and zuo loveth and dr^th vorth Ms children, and 
ham deth hare proa, and betere thanne hi conne devisi ; and he hf8 
byat and hi* chasteth huanne hi miadoth, vor hare prou ase gaod 
vader and bletheliche he his ondervangth huanne hi cometh to hym. 
(Ibid. p. 100.) 
Of France & of o\rK londes ^t we wonne mid me mijte. 
We mowe s^ge ^t we nabbeth to aasnerye uojt mid ri;te. 
Whan hii vorso^c ta & vor slew|ie & to none defense ne come 
}>o wo ^oni chiualeho out of hoi poer is nome. 

(R. of Gl. foL 60 b.) 
Tho caste this gode molde hire mantel of anon 
& garde aboute hire middel a vair linne ecete 
& wess the meselea vet . echone ar heo lete 
A wipede is nessce afterward . A caste is wel suete. 

(Ibid. foL 123 b.) 
^f he hye (Godes hastes) breketh and ao byloefth, 
Hya saule schal he spylle. 
)ef thou hys halst man, God the seith. 
Ha wole be the so kende, 
He wole be f o to thyne fon, 

And frend to thyno frende — (Shorekam's Poerm, p. 90.) 
Ten hestes haneth yhot« God, 

I , ,Ch">(h;Ic 


Ho hys wrot (and) Moyses by-toke. 

In Bton ich wot that he hyg wrot, 
In tokiie of BykemesBe. 

[ShoreharrCt Poems, p. 92.) 

HUe {hyg, is), (ace) = her. 
The Gothic 8iz= elie, makes gen. ixog, dat. ixai; a cognate loot is 
probably preserved in the Soutliem fonn hU =. her. 

J>ulke sonle (Jem.) nyme^ Am (= herself) in and bilere)) iwie 
In ^ childee brayn anhej |)at ia ]ie soule Jiat hext is. 

{Popular Science, p. HO.) 
And jyf man halt bso hys wyf 

After the gelt [aa] hys spouse, 
Tha^ be by hyre ne ligge noujt, 
Other halt fiys ine hys house, 
In tome, 
Ne ecbal hy naujt departed be 
Fram bym for hordome. 

{Shoreham'e Poems, p. 77.) 
Ho (who) halt ys (ertLe) opi— (Ibid. p. 136.) 
Josephea Ikevdy, tho hy vand alone him, hi woM do him zeneji 
mid hire, ac he bim vledde aae wys and hise vorlet. 

{Aymbite, p. 206.) 
The goode man mid the rede of his wyue yeaf his cou to the 
pieste thet wes riche. the prest hi nom blethliche and hite zente to 
the othren thet he hedde. — {Ibid. p. 191.) 

Mochel is defouled, mid the ret of voUerea, tbe robe (Jem.) of 
Karlet, er-tban thet the kuen his do an. — {Ibid. p. 167.) 

Thervore the dyevel playth ofle mid the zone;ere ase deth the cat 
mid the moose {fern), thanne he his heth ynome, and huanne he heth 
mid hire longe yplayed thanne be his eth (eateth). — {Ibid. p. 179.) 

And of Alisondre me ret thet he yaf ane cite (Jem.) to onen of his 
BOTgona an huanne the ilke hi»e wolde forzake, toi thet giat thing him 


tiu^ to nime zuych f eflhe ; AHsondie anatrerede and zayde ' Ich ne 
iokjr n^t thet belongeth the to nimene ac me to jeue.' 

{AyenbUe, p. 196.) 
See also p. 203. 

He trende him vorp to durcbe, & bivoie the rod com, 

& mid mek herte pitoslicliB ia kinges erouns (= fem.) nom 

& aette is vpe |ie mie (fem.) fteved (head of the Ciobs). 

(S. of Gl foL 93 a.) 

Poesesgive Proitouiu. 
The forms urt (oum), yAurea (yours), kin (faeis), ttotr* (theirs), 
appear frequently in Korthem works written during the eariior part 
of the xivth oentuiy ; and firom the ^t that the Ormulum, whose 
tendencies aie Northern, uses fwjjra (theiis),' we may reasonably 
suppose that these forms were in use much earlier. The Southern 
corresponding forms were are, eowere, jure, jlu^j here. The Northern 
dialect has also such forms as allira and bathers :^ Southern aire (or 
alder), of all, and beire, of both. 

In the Lord's Prayer in the Northern veraion of the Curaor 
Mundi we have the phrase ' fader uresJ" In a Southern work of about 
the some date we have the corresponding phrase ' fader oura.' 

The following examples will illustrate the use of the possessiTe 
pronouns in the two dialects. 

On of hem wile fijte 

Ajen [other] thie knijtes 

Jef other thre sleii ure 

Al this lond beo ^oure ; 

3ef we ure on ouercometh ^ouri? three 

Al this lond schal tire beo.— (^inj^fTom, p. 3, E.KT.S.) 

A man of thair gains an of ur 

If vrg Tuai. him win in stur, 

That thai be urs & thair aiis (heirs) ; 

If thai win urs that we be ihairs. 
(Northern version of Cursor Mundi, CoH, MS. foL 42.) 

< In MUM Midbmd writon wa find hre* ud liar- = thdn. 
* A NorUinmbiuui oonld tnj yowi time. 


Some few Midland dialects employ the foima ouren, youren, 
heren. Thie seems to have arisen from the adjectival ose of these 
forms. (In the Ayeubite ve find thinen and hirm in the dative case.) 

Demonstrative and SelaHve Pronouns. 
The nominatiTe ^ is seldom used in the Southern dialect after 
1250, ^ or ^ being the ordinary relative in all dialects. Shoreham 
usee ^ occasionally,' and many other Southern writers preserve the 
dative and accusative fonus, thane, than (that), tahan, wm (which, 
what), never employed by Northern writers. 


Therefore thys tale rymeth 
Hou men in senne beth, 
And hon senne ly-lymeth 
Than that to senne hym deth. 

(Shoreham'a Poems, p. 104.) 
To wyte (know) Ihanne wat God hc^t (= hot = bids) 
Is eche man wel y-halde (bound). — (Und. p. 91.) 
And jet for al fan bi is dale, thora hor lu^er mode 
Hii brojte oure louerd Xhesn Crist to de])e on the rode. 

(a. of Ql., Cotton MS. fol 23 b.) 
An hwanne heo habbeth me of-slahe, 
Heo hoDgeth me on heore haha 
Thar Ich a^chewele pie an crewe 
From than, the thar is i-Bome. — (Owl ^ iPi p. 66.) 
The thridde condicion thet ssel by in elmesse la, thet me (one) 
ssel yeue Ijirgellche be than (according to that) thet me both hneiof 

' The nxte hule soheiretli wel 
The totlia to al nutnkenne, 
The dede y-do in leehery 
Hyi mt a dedleche lenne. 
And eliee neie hjrjt naujt 
Forbode amange the heatea tenne ; 
I%t that aeggeth hjs nji miajt. 
So ban vyt i< al to tbnme. 

{SMoniam'i flmu, p. 99.) 


the wyse zajth ' Yef to God be than thet he heth the y-yeue.' 

{Ayeti}>Ue, p. 196.) 

The ilke thet is zuo h^e arise ine prosperite thength in his herte 
verst to the dignete, efterward to his prosperity, efter than to his 
richesse efterward to his loetea thet his body heth, efter than to the 
greate velajrede thet him voljeth. — {Und. p. 21.) 

The thridde werre thet the wrethvolle heth ia to than thet byeth 
ondechim, thet is, to his wyve and to his rnsyn^ — {Pnd. p. 30.) 

Hit is a perilous ziknesse thet ne may najt tholye thet me him 
take, and to than thet alle medicines went in to venim. — {lind. p. 22.) 

Nou ich the hahbe seortliche yssewed huyche byeth the lyttte 
guodes and the midel guodee ; non ich the wylle ssewy haet ya the 
Eothe gaod srijt, thet maketh than thet hise heth giiod ; and wyth- 
oute ham non ne wea nevre arijt guod. — {Ibid. p. 79.) 

Saynt Ion ase we habbeth yzed topsrteth zeue oTeicomeingges 
and zeue croimes, thet is to zigge, zene maneres of medes thet God 
behat to than thet ouercometh. — {Ibid. p. 170.) 

Two kuynden he (Crist) haf, we witen H fwi 
J)at he is sof God and eof mon. — {Castd of Love, p. 60.) 
Tho bule one wile hi bi-tho;te 
And after than thia word np-bro)t«. 

(Otrf ^ JV. p. 8.) 
Telatu bi me the wniB for than 
That ich bute anne craft ne kan. — {Ibid. p. 28.) 
Ich not hu mai eni freo man 
For hire sechen after than 
Jef he biweneth bi hiean he lai 

Al mai the luve gan awai. — {Ibid. p. 52.) 
Ac after than the he haved idon . he seal ther boon idemed. 
Blithe mai he thanne buen . the god haved iqnemed. 

(Moral Ode, p. 27.) 
Efterward thench hou vclezithe thoD best yby onbcgsam to thine 


nder and to thine moder and to than to huam thou ssoldest bouje 
ud bero hooooie. — (Aj/enbiie, p. 21.) 

Hub zenne [of prede] is ybounde ine than thet be his o^ene 
montbe Iiim yelpth other of his wytte, other of his beone, other of his 
woibee, other of bis proaeese, &c. — {Thid. p. 22.) 
An som sot mon hit tihth thor-to 
Mid alle than that he mai do.--(Owl ^ N. p. 49.) 
Woetn to than inan was ihore 
To thaie blisse of hovene-riche. — (Ibid. p. 25.) 
£ne-ilc man mid ttum the he haved mai biggen benene-riche. 
(M(»vl Ode, p. 24.) 
. . bi than je wito than ende, 

{Livee of Saints, p. 72.) 
Anon BO hi seje the monekee come, hi gonne to singe ymone, 
A}en hem with gret melodie, as hit -were for than one. 

{St Brandan, p. 17.) 
This holi man makede loudere song as hit for than one were. 

{Ibid. p. 21.) 
Thfse hjeth the taelf articles of the Cristene Bjleve thet ech man 
Criston seel ylere stedevestliche (vor otherlaker ho ne may by yborje) 
hnanne he heth wyt and scele ; and ther-of byeth taelf by tbe tale 
of the taelf Apostles thet hise zetto to hyealde and to loky to alls 
than ' thet wyleth by ybore. — {Ayeabiie, p. 11.) 

The vifle article ino is, thet ha wento into helle efler his dyatho 
TOT to draje thannes and to deliTri the zanies of the hoU vaderes and 
of alle than thet vram the ginini^ wordle storve in zoth and guode 
^lesTB, and ine hope thet hi ssolden by ybo^e. — {Ibid. p. 12.) 

And thet he is ase theymaymed ate porche of the cherche thet 
ne heth none ssame vor to sseawy alle his maimea to alle than thet 
ther gnotfa vor thet me ssolde habbe of him pito. — {Ibid. p. 135.) 
He naveth bute one woning 
That his bischopen muchel schom^ 
■ ^oH b planL 



An alle than that of his nome 
Habbeth i-lieTt and of hifi ded& — {Owl ^ N. p. 61.) 
Tho stone ape wAon ich sitte that maketh me sitte above 
Ja a wei ich him fond ligge, ther no neod naa to eton. 

{8t Brandon, p. 27.) 
Icholle the make of this lond kyog thoa ssolt yse 
&, this h>nd al be thin : & the othra bniteine be 
Tor honoQT of biuteyne to toon thoa addeat kunde. 

Ac o^n Bomei the emperoor the he adde al an honde 
Wende hom towaide Borne and mid gret love 
Norn with him the eil of Kent thoni aane he was above. 
{Ibid. foL 23.) 
He let at Bome an atronge dich make al abouto 
& deop a^n Constantin & a^n is route 
VoT to holde hom ther, thorn vxnme hii como with outa 

{Ibid. foL 31 6.) 
Tho adde he al is wills vor wanne it was al ido. 

{Ibid. foL 38.) 
This weie lo ure faderes of wan we beth sn'AMe ycome 
That with »uch treyson abbeth this lond thus jnoma 

{Ibid. foL 42 b.) 
Hwat senile we beren biforen ns. 
mid wan scuUe we him iquemen. 

(iforal ftfe, p. 26, L 48.) 
To van were hi i-boiene 
The Bculle ben to dethe idemd &, evie mo forloiene. 

{Ibid. p. 26, L 53.) 
Ac heo nas no)t ahwar: to uAon hiie horto drou;. 

{S^nle Margarete, p. 25.) 
By lyjte toknynge thou ert the hel 

Of tean spellede Danyel. 
Thou ert Emaus, the ryche castel, 


Th&r resteth alle weiye ; 
lue the lestede Em&nael, 

Of wonyi epeketh Yeaye. — {Shoreham, p. 133.) 
Smnt Dmutoii com hom a^n ; & faire wm imderftMige 
Ladde his ablM^ al in pees, bata teJum he wae so longs. 

(Lives of SaiaU, p. 37.) 
We scolden alle ns bl-tbenche oft and wel ilome 
hwet we beth and to than yre sculle & of wan we come. 

(Moral Ode, p. 32.) 

JViMCTif Tenee, Indicative Mood. 
For the varions dialectical forms in the present tense of the 
bidieatire Mood, the reader is referred to Early Eng. AlliL Poems, 
Introdaction, pp. zz.-zxL; Qenema and Exodus, Introduction, pp. 
rriL, zxriL 

Third Person Singular in 4h. 

Jennings, in his Oheervatioos on the Dialects of the West of 
'Fjigl«ii<^ notices the foodnesa for the inflexion •(& (not -eth), instead 
(^-ttfin the 3id per. sing, indie. This may be illustrated in the 
following passage &om the Song of Solomon in the Devonshiro 

A eonCth jnmpin upon the mountains. He stan'th behaine onr 
woLL He leuKth TtAth vrem the kezment an' shotcfth bis zel ta th' 
htiice. — (Ch. ii 8, 9.) 

In tbe Soathem dialect of the Early Eng. period we find the 
same fondness for the inflexion -th. In many cases it distingniahee 
the singolai from the plural, as finkf ^ appears, yinke^ = appear. 

Ac thanne he (the dionke) heth yslepe, and eomtk to him zelue 
ttiaime he jfvelth his kuead and knauih his folye and him playneth * 
of his harm. 

Aten ende the isenejete, &se zayth Salamon is ase the ilke tiiet 
depth amide the ze and thet ssip spilth and he ue najt hit ne velth 
ne ntme diede ne heth. — (Ayenbite, p. 128.) 

■ Far tMNW f * lUgiulh ha* plaguy for the inBnitlTe, and dMnfore dow 

not affti Mobaclie&ni ; its plural would be f tt g n i tl k. 


Preteriie Tenec, Singular Number, Indicative Mood. 
The preterite tense' (fiist and third persons singular) of regular 
reibs tetimnatea in -de, as lovede, hopede, &a. There is no final -e in 
the singnlar of irre^dar veibs, e. g. doin (= slew), emot (= smote). 
In Northern writeia we often meet vith such forms as sloghe (slew), 
tmate (smote), which in the Southern dialect would be considered u 

Second Person Sinffidar, Preterite Indicative of Irregnlar Verbs, 
In the oldest English ot A.S. period the second person of Irr^olai 
verhs ended in -«, as he^ld^ =. heldest, drSge = drewest Those that 
change the vowel of the preterite plural, admit of vowel change in 
the 2nd peis. sing., as bunde (boimdesl), dri/e (drovest), dtife 
(dearedst or clovest). 

The Southern dialect of the Earlj English period has nnmerona 
examples of this final -e in the 2nd pera. sing., but it is exceedingly 
rare in Northern writers. Dr Guest has already pointed out that the 
author of the Ormulum exhibits a tendency to omit this -e, as badd 
= baddest 

Enes thu sunge, ic wod we] ware 
Bi one boure, and woldest lere 
The lefti to an uvel luve 
An sunge bothe loje and^bnve 
An lerdeet hi to don shome. — {Oicl ^ N. p. 36.) 
Thai^to ^u sleie in a day 
And leidest thar-on thy fole ey. — (Ibid. p. 104.) 
Slowe thn the holi prophete : to wrothere hele dndestu so. 

(Paate, p. 116.) 
Ihesu for loue thou deJie on rode. 
For lone thou eeje thin heorte Mod. 

(Lyric Poena, p. 69.) 
Thu ^eue us weole and wunne 
Thu brobtest dai, and Eve n^t. 

(Belig. Sotiga, p. 65.) 
' It is thu dittijigiiished from the pait participle which eudi in -^. 


Ich wille epeke toward the 

AJao thu apeAe toward me. — (Oiel if N. p. 20.) 

And levedy, the was wel wora, 

Tho (when) that thou ee^e in dede 

Thy leue childe renlyche y-nome 

And ase a thef foithe lede. 

{ShorehanCa Poems, p. 83.) 

PreUriie Teiue, Plural Number, Indicative Mood of Regvlar Verl«. 

The plural of the preterite in the Southern and Midland dialects 
terminates in -en.' 

The -n Ib, however, fr^nently dropped, as in the followinjj 
examples : — 

& alle the men that hii/twiufe hii dowe as hii come, 

(A of ai. foL 34.) 
And the pecee jtotoe aboute 

And gmyte on this lithere men . wel hftrde to the grounde. 
{Si Katherine, p. 96.) 
Hi name ken hokea of ire : and hire fleeche to^owe. — (Ibid.) 
In Dorjihumberland hi bigonne & ther hi rioje to grounde. 

{Ibid. p. 87.) 

A hi seje hira (tJie cou) eitte a diu in the valeye ther-doune. 

{8t Keneltu,p. 54.) 

Voael change in the PJural Preterite of Irregular Veehg. 

The Southern dialect, as in the older stages of the langaage, 
changes the vowel of the preterite pL of that class of verbs repre- 
sented by binden (to bind), driven (to drive), cfeiwn (to cleave), in 
which the vowel of the pret pL is the same as tbe past participle. 
The Northern dialect does not furnish as with any examples of this 
vowel change. 

And (hi) yeueth ham to sterue vor the lone of him (Crist) thet 

' The Korthem dklect has no inSiziuin in the ting, or pL pret 


^Tf Tor ham, other ine the londe beyende the ze other ine anothie 
stede. — (Aye^nte, p. 165.) 

Ha wente into helle . . . . to deli vri the zanies of the holivaderes 
and of alle then thet Tram the ginlogge of the wordle storve m zoth 
and gnode byleaue, Ac — (Ibid. p. 12.) 

Alle hi storven in soi^e ine the desert. — (_IJnd. p. 67.) 
And hor either ajen other gaderede hoi oat Taste 
So that bii come and smite an bataile atte laste. 

(R of Ghmceeter, Coti. MS., Gtdig. A xi, fcL 29.) 
For meni men ^yve onre louerd god : that were of gode thojt 
To sustejnie his apostles. — (Judas Iseariot, p. 1 10.) 

Preterite forms of Segidar Verbs peculiar to tJis Sofdhem ditdeet. 
1, Some few verbs in the Southern (and in some of the Midland 
dialects) ending in -eke or ~ge often make their pieteritoe and past 
participles in -n^e (-ntie) and -rd {-nd). 



Psst Part. 



clenohe (fasten) 



dronche (drown) 



f meinde 


menge (mix) 

I meynde 


qnenche (quench) 



senge (singe, toast) 






springe (sprinkle) 

( spreynte 
\ spreynde 


3. The preterites of ench verbs as drede, lede, eprede, Ac, were in 
the Northern dialect dredde, ledde, spredde, forms which ai« also 
found in the Southern idioms, but in the latter dialects we often 
find a change of vowel, as 

clethe J 

Pret. PartPart. 

cladde iclad 

drede (dread) dradde idrad 

grede (cry) gradde ig^ 





Part Part. 

lede (lead) 



lere (leave) 



reve (bereave) 



Bchede (ghed) 



sprede (Bprefld) 



Bwelte (die) 



threte (threaten) 



Infimtive Mood m-en; Gerund \a -cnneor -ens. 
The Northern dialect drops the -en' of the iniinitiTe, vhich ia 
retained by the Soathem and Midland dialects. The ■« ia mostly 
dropped, and the final -e strongly aounded lepreaenta the older 
inflexion -an, as krenpe, to creep, yeue, to give.* 

The gerandial infinitive in -eiute or -ene (originally in -ayme or 
enne) snrvived as late as 1340. It moie often takes the inflexion -e 
of the infinitive.* 

Ich ne loky nf^t ^t belonge}) |)e to nimene ac me to yme, 

{Ayenbite, p. 106.) 
He ons yef |) his blod to drinke and his vlesa to etene. 

{lUd. p. 146.) 
The inflexion -emte of the gemndial infinitive heing prononnced 
very much hke the present partic-iple in -inde or -efide, is very often 
confounded with it, and before the date at which Lt^amun's Brut 
was written we find the participle in 4nde or -ende doing dnty aa 
the gemnd ; thus, to helpinde = to helpenne, to help. 

When the ■4nde or -eiuie became -inge or -ing the mistake atill held 
its gronnd, aa we find late in the xivth centtiiy anch forms as to 
kepjfnge z=to kepene :=:to keep, &c. 

I In the Northon dialect ire meet with many Terlx ending in -m, btit they tie 
■ot to be regarded m inflnitive*, but rather the earliatt examplea of meh fonos at 
lyAfan, darttH (•= to make light, to mn^ dark], to. 

■ Thii fall form -tn ii frequently Died by poetioal writen ai a oonTenient Thym- 
ic lyllable. 

* What eome writers haTe called the long forma of the inflnitiTe oied by 
Chaaeer, aa to tfetw, to <tow, are in reality gerundial inflnitiTea. 



, Damascus jb to menyng schedyng blod. 

{Tremm, 1387 CoUoit MS., Tib. D wt.foL 9o.) 

Hy (they) tai^te ham to kontyng and to aeheti/ng. 

(Ibid, tolls a.) 
Also ho hadde sum tyme yuonge to kepynge bis doujter of 
Frauns, Tor a scholde marye hero to his eQaa.—{Ibid. foL 272 a.) 

Jjuee men wianede under fe hulles of Jude .... and went© 
(turned) to robbynge & reuynge. — {Ibid. foL 281 b.) 

Infinitives in -ie or -y. 

Infinitivea in -te, -ye, or -y' ^from older forms in i-an), aw exceed- 
ingly common in the Southern dialect as late as 1367. No tnce 
whatever of this inflexion is to be found in any Northern work, and 
though met with in the West Midland are of rare occurrence in the 
East Midland dialect of the xlvth century. They are still retained in 
Bome of the modem dialects of the South of England.* 

" Chell lehistl&i/ and zing and capery Tor oU yow cheeaen." 

{£xmoi/r diaJect.") 
PreBSrU Participle'i. 

The present participle in the Southern dialect terminates in -inde, 
in the Northern in -Kinde {-{ind) : as Southern lomnde, Northern 
lovande (lovand). 

As early as the b^:inniug of the xivth century we find a tendency 
in some of the Southern and Midland dialects to use the foim in 
■inge (-ing) instead of -inds or ende.' 

In Trevisa's translation of Higden's Polychionicon, written 1387 
(Cotton MS., Tib. D vt'i), there are no examples of participles in 
-eiuie ; all end in -ingt or ing. 

Id the Northern dialect the -an<2 was employed as late as the 
xviith century. 

' Uuijr rerbi adopted from the Bomuice dUlecti took tfaii inBffidoii, ■■ eJuulg 
^ chaatiae ; erawiy, to Drown ; Mwy, to Bare, &c. 

> Dr Baraoa has ahovn that the; atill exiit in Doncblure, u mpwy, t« mow ; 

* -aid a a HtdUod form, and U freqnaatlj used by Gatoar; -oiufe (-and) vaa 
fti^opted in aome of the Midland dialecb, and i( moit Fmjaently employed by But 
and Weat Midland wiitera. The participial form in -mg ia no duubt a oorraption 


Pari Partieiptea, 

1. In the Southern dialect np to a very late period the t- or y- 
(A.S. ge) was tetained aa the prefix of the paat participle ; as idemd, 
jadged ; ikote, called. 

No instances of this prefixal element is to be found in an; 
Korthera writers. In Midland works with Northern tendencies, like 
the Onnolum, the t-' is frequently dropped. 

The modem Southern dialects hare corrupted this prefix into 
a, as ayeU ^ eaten ; abroke, broken. 

2. Fast Participles of Strong or Irregular Verbs originally ended 
in -ea : as ibroken, broke ; ieorven, cut; ifaren, gona Southern writers 
frequently omit the -», as in the following passages.* 

Jh tyding to ^ contaase sone was yeome, 
J»t hire louerd was aslawe &, ^ castel ynome. 

(B. of G., CoUm MS., Calig., A xi, fol 61 a.) 
j/come -m yeomen (come) ; ynome => ynomen (taken). 
Bat when the participle is osed adjectiTally in the plural, the 
full form is often retained, as yboundetie (bound), ybrokejut (broken) . 
Northern writers never omit the -n, and instead of yeotne, 
j/tumte, Ac, write omien, nomen, &c. 

Negative Verbal Forms. 
The Northern dialect makes but little use of negative forms, 
which are veiy «oiiunon in Southern writers. 
nam, em not ; nU, is not 
nesgwae not ; nere, were not 

of -imA, and not of -tKdi oi -ttuh, Aa befora observed, there ii good erideneo for 
•appoeing tliat the wnmdi of -indt and -inge (and -at / ue O.tutU ati4 SxoAa, 
p, xxsTnl] were clooelf related ; in ftct, we And htnyngt {= terviadi => cutting) 
rtjBiiig with^^iw J i. 

" He hath in his fTont Strang, 
An horn fours feet long, 

So raaour ii sa itrvgng*."-[E. Aly:, U. 6561-3.) 
> This v or ( is froqneatlj found: Liaotherpattiof the Terb,aiy{Mw, to believe; 
yJbMH^, knows (AyiiMIt). 2. In nonns, as ffjion, arrows; jwm, foee; tietU 
(praTsn). S. In adjaatiTsa, u jfrtdy, readf ; yiMr, war; {A^tniil*). 4. In *d- 
Tota, aa flami, fraqnentlr ; ymnu (in oomman). 

' All Tretita's past participlas of strong verba end in ■#. _, 


vabbe, hATe not ; neth, hatb not. 
nade, had not ; not, knows not. 
Borf, knowest not ; nugte, knev not 
nSle, nile, will not. 
Verbal prejixa peculiar to the Southern dialect 

1. An (a), as angtnne (anginne), to begin. Angriie {agriee\ to 
Uirrdj. Anheie, to inflame, kindle. Anhitte, to abrike. Anhongo 
to hang. Ardikny, to compare.' 

2. Of : (a.) for (negatiTo), o/pimAe -= for think, repent ; of-ffuo ^ 
forgo; of-holde, withhold.' (fi.) for, as in oftecke, seek for; o/sende, 
send for. 

3. jli (A,S. «*), as ai-benite, burst from ; ai-mte, English at-wlt, 
reproach;* at-roiUe, to advance. 

The Southern dialect retains numerous adrerbial forms un- 
known to the Korthem speech. 

1. Adverbs in -s ; as (a.) longe (for a long time) ; unrijla, wickedly 
(b.) me, tme, thrie * (Northern atiet, fwiea, tkriee *) = Semt-Soxoa 
txert, twnen, ihrien, A.S. (cn/, tmiea, thrywa. (<r.) henne, hence ; 
thenne, thence ; whetme, whance ; ^ henneae (heoneae, hecmnen) ; 
whanene (wAannen, wannsn) ; tkanene (thefmen) ^ A.S. keon-an, 
thation, hioaiion.* 

2. Adverbs in -eg, as alleg, altc^ther ; wUles, willingly ; thordtet, 
willingly (as his thonkes ^ he being willing) ; wnthotdcet, un- 

3. 'Adverbs in -en, /erren, seldert, lehilen (= also /em, letde, 
while). The Northern forma end in -um or -om, as ferrum, eeldum, 

I In the Southern dialect, nich Terba u apa, atmJb, arim, sre exDcedingly 
eommoa, Init icarMlr a*er occur in uf Northern worki. 
1 of-mrtt oomn in Sonthera vriten Tot imrvt. 
> Chsncer tuea al-matt and nf-rMit (to run from, ont-mn ; get rid of, ont-wil). 

* MMb, nedo, ocean for titdu •> ttttdt, at neoenitj. 

* TheM fonni sie not nnknown to the Bonthem dialect. 

* Toward! the middle of tha 14tk Mntor; theee fonni beouie km mn , tim mtt, 
wibMNM (wJUiuMt}. The eorreeponding Northem forau aie MttMm, tittitn. 



4. Adverbs in -toai, as aJieat, alhud, until, neiwat, nearly.' 

5. Ac (but) ; «*■ (also) ; an — to (as — as) ; forte {/or to), until* 

6. Dropping of «, aa aje, aye, again ; stththe, sethtke, since, 


The following forms are peculiar to the Southern dialect 

L ^n,* on, in (before a vowel) ; a (before a consonant) : «. j. An 
er)ie, in earth ; an-ende, lastly ; an-Aej, on high ; aAyve, alive - 
a-tiepe, asleep.* 

The Northern dialect prefixes on : as on-live, alive ; on-lo/t, aloft ; 
OMlepe, asleep ; on-^anie, aslant, Ac 

The preference for on explains the curious Northern fomis, 
above (above) ; omang (among) ; olike (alike) ; onan (anon). 

2. From, from (Nortbem /ra ; Midland.^). 

3. Mid, mide (Northern 

4. Toppe (Keiitish), above.* 

' satt, u in algaU (tlgitei), thtufate, iioagatt, ia anknown to tha Southern 

1 Smm, u ; varne, nnleai ; uiteilh, without ; inteilh, with ; firwilh, before, are 
sot laed bf Sontheni writers. 

■ .i<H ii DMd b; Southern writers as a lepamte word, ta well m « prefli. It ii 
■till known in Sossex, where the peuantg luj, " Fat jonr hat on." 

* The • it itilt prourred in mm = in one [minace), a-kmitiiij, a-building, &c. 

^ al^ia; (iil^ to. ars not foond in the Sonthem dialect. 



A.D. 1260—1340. 


Ha, Wh 



Eo (le, Ub) 
E« (Ta, Yo) 

Specimeus of R 
English, p. xvi 


Large number of plurals 

Very few pluials in -m 





Brether, chUder, ky, 


Plurals in -ren 



Plurals in -e 



Genitive singular of 



feminine nouns in -a 

Genitiye plural of nouns 



in -ens and -e 

Adjectives retain many 

Adjectives drop all the 


of the older inflexions 

older inflexions, ex- 
cept aWer and 6<rffter 

Jw, J)o (fern.), the 



J»H (masc), Jhsfw, ^ee 



(km.), this 

Beye, both, gen. pi. beire 




pat, pet, nenter of the 

)}at, a demonstrative 




Attm, AHan, Atte 




After (fern.), at the 




Per, fir, fere, their 



J)ae (thoae) 



Sm (tic), such 


lch,Uch, I 

Unknown. Ik and / 
used inatead 


A, Ha, he 




Unknown. Sco, echo, 
tho, used instead 


Hine (ace), him 



Hi, Hit, Heo, Hue, 

Unknown. J>a,lwiy,uaed 




Heo, Here, Hire, Hor, 

Unknown. Pair, }ar. 


Heore, Haere, their 

naed instead 

Hem,Stm, Ham, Heom, 

Unknown, pam.paim. 



used inatead 

His, Hiee, It, them 



Hie, /. (ace), her 



Vre {Owe), eower 

Unknown. Urt.yhouret, 


(jroaw), here (hire). 

Taaires {Jfairs), used 

ours, youts, theiia 

Wan (whiuh) 



-e)i in all persona of the 

-ee in all peisons of the 


pL pres. indie. 

pL pres, indie 

^ ^, -^ (-H th. in- 
Besion of tlie aing. 

.68 in all peraons of the 

See Euly Eng. 

aing. pres. indie. 

ALiL Poems 

prea. indie. 

pp. xx, xxi 

-ede, -eded, -ede, the in- 

No inflexion in the 

Sen Ibid. 

flexion of the sing. 

aing. paat indie, of 

paat indie of r^nlar 

atrong verba 

or weak verba 

-e, the ending of the 2nd 

No inflexion in the 2nd 


pais, paat of irregular 

sing, past indie of 

or atrong verha 

irregular verba 

Change of vowel in 



pret. pL of atrong 


Infinitives in -en, -e 

Infinitive ending drop- 


Gerundial InfiniUvee 



Gerundial Infinitivea 

» >■ 


in ^ng 

. Cn^cH^lc 


Inlmitives iay met 

-inde or (-inge) the end- 
ing of the piesent 

y- prefix of the past 

•n dropped in post par- 

ScJuU (aeel), ttolde, 

))arf (need), ^ft«, 
f «rrfe (needed) 

yxmkea, willing ; wn- 
ymket, uawilling 

Henne, ferine, Aifonne, 
hence, thence, whence 



Adverba in -«, as ene, 
twie, thrie, neode, nede, 
OEce, twice, thrice, 
Adverbs with prefix on- 

Infinitive ending drop- Ixiv 

■amis {-and), the ending 
of the present parti- 

y- omitted as the sign 
of the past participle 

-n never dropped in 
past participles 


J)or, Jier, ^urt 

Hehea, ^"pen, whe^en, 
(que^en), used instead 

Mun, mon (shall) 

Ha (have), ma (make), 
ta (take) 



Sam iw), fra (from), tU 
(to), at (to, sign of 
infinitive), at (that), 
wame (unless) 

Affixes, -gate, -lingea 

See Hampole's P. 

See Hampole's P, 




The diflerencea in the voeabulariea of the Northern and Southern 
(li&lects mnj be discussed at a future period under the following heads : 

I. "Words peculiar to the Southern dialect^ e.g,, dene, a dean, 
Talley ; more, a root ; tuol^, a plough,' &c 

IL Words peculiar to the Northern dialect, e.g., brathe, wiath ; 
/d, « bill ; ui3, astray, &c. 

tiL Double forma, one of which is found in the Southern dialect 
and the oUier iu the Northern, e.g., 


ey egg woe, woke wayke (wealce) 

- »nibbe maipe* (snub) I &c. J^c. 

' Ffougk docs not oocar ia A.B. writer* ; and Sonthern aathon of the thirteendi 
and foaitevnth cantariei employ it onlf in compoond termi, apiowland, tx. 
' Siu^t uul leajfti ua evidently NoMe fontu. 


{A.D. 1327— 13"40.) 


1. Gender. The gendeis of Nouiu are tlie samo as in the oldw 
stages of the language. 

2. Dedeneion. Xouns may be divided into four declensions. 


Nouns of the n declension, containing toascoline, feminine, aud 
neuter substantives ending in -^n or .« (originally in -a or -«) and 
forming the pluml in -en (ori^nallj in -an). 


CUue i Nouna (originally feminine) ending in a consonant and 
fonniug the pluial in -en (originally in -a). 

Claas ii. Nouns (originally feminine) ending in -e (originally in -u) 
and forming the plural in -en (originally in -a). 

Ctaaa i. Nouns (originally neuter) ending in a consonant and 
having the singular and plural alike. 

Class it Nouns (originally neujer) ending in a vowel (originally 
in -w, -e, or -tt), togeUier with eome few ending in a consonant and 
forming the plural in -ea (origiiially in -u). 


CHia i Nouns (originally masculine) ending in a consonant and 
forming the plural in -es (originally in -as). 

Claaa ii. Noons (originally masculine) ending in a vowel and 
forming the plural in -en (originally in -v). — 0'- 




Mai. Apt. AiM. 

Nom. Sterre (Btar), tonge (tongue), eje (eye). 

Gva. Stem, tonge, ^o. 



Sterre, tonge, 


Xom. 1 

Aco. ) 

Gen. Stetreue, tongene, e^ene. 

Dat Sterren, Btetre^ ^ ejen. 

In like manner are declined: — bee, pL been; ehirehe, pL ehirchen; 
eare, flre (ear), pL MTvn, eren; Jlo (arrow), pL JJon; fa (enemy), pL 
fon; gome, gume (man), pL gomen; to (toe), pL ton; wise (manner), 
pL wiaen; woke, vuke (week), pL woken. 



ITom. Zand (soul). 
Gen. Zaule. 

( Zaole. 

Nom. Zaulen. 
Gen. Zaulenet 

I Zaulen. 
Ace. ) 

Thns are dedined: — ben (prayer), pL benen; edder (adder), pL 
eddren; zyn (sin), pi. sjfnnen. Ni}t (nigkt), tei^t (wight). 


Horn, rote (door). 

Nom. Doien. 

Gen. Tore. 

Gan. Dorene. 

^\-- ■ ■ 


To this declension bdonged originally cu, con (cow), pi. itun, ken 



' Xom. and Ace. Hoia (horse). Norn, and Aoc. HonL 

Gen. Horses. Gen. Home. 

Dat. Horse. Dat. Horse. 

Aitet the same maanei are declined : — hue (hoose) ; der (deer) ; bern 
(child) ; apel (story) ; taep (sheep) ; viif (woman, wife) ; yer (yeai). 
CUBS n. 


Kom. and Ace. Ssip (ship), J "**" ! (tree). 


Dat. J 
Ace. ) 


l tiowes, 
( tnnwea. 
I tiawe, 
( ttowe. 

Nom. and Ace Ssipen, 


[ Ssipe, 

/ trauwen, 
\ trowen, 
* tren. 
/ trauwene, 
J trowene, 

Dat. ] 
Aco. \ 



In the same -way are declined : — dyeod (devil) ; vet (vat) ; h^oed, 
heaved (head) ; Km (limb) ; riehe (kingdom) ; iolxin (sign) ; torwe 
(sorrow) ; wonder (marvel) ; werre (war). Oalf, ehUd, ey (egg), lawtt, 
form their plural in -ven (originally -ru), as — Otdvrea (A.S. cealfnt) ; 
ehUdren, ehildem (AS. eUdru) ; eyren (AS. cegru) ; lambnn (A.8. 

* CLABS 1. 


Kom. Ddes. 

Gen. Deleoe. 

Acc. ; 


£.E. aQraci.AB. 

Ifom. and Acc. Del (part). 
Gen. Deles. 

, J Dele. 

Acc. 7 


Thus also are declined :— day ; engel (angel); veld (field); muuik 
(moutli); king; doH (stone); wey (way). Fwnd (enemy), friend 
(fiiend), aie used as pluraU, the older fonns being fyiid or fe6nd, 
/rynd or/reond. Winter haa the pL mnter and winters; got, gayt 
(goat), makes the pL geet. Voder drope the -ea in the genitive case. 

GLASS 11. 

E.E, snaDLAB. 

Xom. and Ace Sone, Sune (son). 
Gen. Sone, Sune, 


Sone, Sune. 


Kom. Sonen, Sunen (Sune, 

Gen. Sonene, Stinene. 

Uat Sonen, Sunen. 

Ace Sone, Sune (Sonen). 
In the same manner are declined -.—dorter (daughter), pL doytren; 
moder (mother), pL modren; rotlter (ok), pi. rotlieren; zoster (sister), 
pL zottren. Brother, moder, dorter, are indeclinable in. the genitive 
singular. Brother makes the pliual brothren. 

Que endings. — a. The dative singular of all the declensions is 
denoted by a final e. Words ending in / change it into v before 
adding e, 'Sam. wgf ; Dat. ^Dym. Kouns having a short vowel 
beftne d, t, double these letteis, as — Nom. bed; Dat, bedde. 

b. The A.S. dative pL -wn, in some few cases, is denoted by -e; 
in the n^jority of instances it is the same as the nominative. 


For declension of Adjectives see p. xxxvi. 



The personal pronouns are : Ich (I), ^fou (thou), Ite (he), hi (she), 
hit (it). 


Nom. Ich.' Jn, |iou. I we, ye. 

G«n. min, mi. ^in, ^i. { oure. youre. 

"DiiL I ous, us. vou. 

me, be. ' J*"^ 

Ace) ' I 

> TUt pronona u atill preMrved ia tha Soiith-WMteTB diileeb onder tb« tornu 
PeA and Vltif. 
















I hare. 

Ace. hi, his, hiso, >nim 

The pereonal pronouna are frequently used reflectively ; as, Ich 
me reete, I rest myself. 

Sel/ia declined like an adjective (in tlie oblique cases, aelve eing. 
and pL) ; bo that we easily understand such forms as leh aOf =z I 
myself; fu nlf = thou thyself; (/cA) »« eylf ^ I myself where 
adf ifi placed after the daiive of the personal pronotm. Cp. Fr. ntot- 
mime, lui-mtme, Sec. 


The poBsessive pronouns are identical in form with the genitive 
case, e.g. oure =i our, ours, of us ; youre = your, youra, of yon j 
hare ^ their, theirs, of them. 


Jfow. and An. Ifiui. 

Kom. hua. Luet. 

Gen. huas. huaa. 

Dat. huam. huam. 

Ace. liuan, wan. huet. 

Moods. — There are four mooda : Indicative, SubjnnctivB, Impera- 
tive, and Infinitive. Besides the ordinary infinitive then is a gerund 
(need after to) ; infin. eomen, to come ; ger. to comene. This dis- 
tinction between the two forms is not always preserved. 

Tenaeg. — Only two tenses are formed by inflection— the present 
and the past 




Participles. — ^TLe present participle endo in -inde; the pMt 
participle has the piefix i- <a y- (iinleBS the verb commencee with 
one of the following prefixes : a-, a^, 6^-, b«-, for-, vor-, of-, to-, un-, 


There are two coqjagattOBB of verbs, the Sbong (or iir^nlor), 
umI the Weak (or regulu). 

iSPlNiTtra HOOD — Lovisn, loven, to love. 


Riu-ai. SingiUar. Ttunl. 

1. Lorie, love Lovietfa, loveth 1. Lovede Loveden 

2. Lovest Lovieth, lovath 2. Lovedest Loveden 

3. Loveth Lovioth, loveth I 3. Lovede Loveden 


Lovien, lovei 




Sing. Love. Plural, (a.) Lovie^, love)i ; (t.) Lovie, love 

(followed by the pronoun). 
Gerund. To lovienne, lovene. 

Prea Fort. Lorinde. 
Past Part I-loved, T-loved. 
like lovie, to love, are conjngatod depie, to call; herie, to piaise; 
hopie, to hope ; ma&ie, to make j aehunie, to shun ; thoUe, to softer. 

iNnRmvK MOOD — Syav, to hear. 





1. Hjen 


1. Hyerde 


3. Hyent 


2. Hyeideet 


3. H,«f 


3. Hyerd. 



SiHffubr. FlwvL Suiffutar. Hural. 

Hybte Hyereii , | Hyeide H^erden 


Sing. Hyer, Plural. («.) Hyereji ; (t.) Hyere (followed by 
the pronoun). 
Gerund. Hyerene. 

Prea. Part. Hyerinde. 
Past Part. Yhyerd. 

1, In the 3rd peis. sii^. indie, of verbs having i aid tat the last 
syllable, ( is often used foi -leth or -defA, as gr^, cries ; let, hinders ; 
Jet, leads ; tent, sends ; went, turns, &c. 

2. If the root of the verb ends vx d oi i doubled, or preceded by 
another consonant, the de or te of the past tense, and -d or 4 oi the 
past participle, are omitted : a g., wertde, ta turn ; preL icende, pp. 
wend ; letie, to hinder ; pret. lette, pp. ylet. 

The following verbs, among many others, belong to this class : — 

mr. MIT, P*BT PAST. 

Calle, to call 



Deme, to judge 



Ceppen, to dip 


Rede, to hide 



£e)>e, to show 



Lends, to lend 



Ssrede, to clothe 



Some verbs of this doss have double forms for the preteii 




( clodde 


Oofe, j 



Dete, to deal 

i dalte 


Grede, to ciy 



by Google 



_ . . , . ( redds yred 

£eae, to advise 1 , , , 

. l»dde ytad 

■ ( spredde yapred 

Spred& to spread i - , , 

( spradde sprad 

o . . . (ewelta yswet 

Sweten, to sweat j "' 

{ swalte ysvat 

CaccAe (catch) and teehen (teach) make tbe pieterites ea^te 
and ta^ie. 

Habbe, to liave, ia thus coitjugated : 

Indic. Pres. Sing. 1. hahbe; 2. hegt ; 3. Afi>. 

„ „ PI. 1. hahhe^; 2. habhe^ ; 3. ftoMeJ.. 

Iodic. Fret Sing. 1. hedde ; 2. heddest ; 3. hedde. 
PL 1. 2. 3. hedde (Mdm). 



UOOD—Telhn (A.S. fellan), to teU. 



1. telle 



1. teolde 




2. tealdest 




3. tealde 




Sing, telle 

Plur. teUen 

Sing, tealde 

. Plur. 



Sing. teUe. Plur. (o.) teUe^ ; (6.) telle. 

Genind. to tellene. 

Pres. Part tellinde. ■ 

Past Fart y-teald, ftald. 
To this class helong the following verhs : 

Begge, huy bo;te ybojt 

Bienge, brii^ hrojte yhrojt 




Seche, seek 

( lealde yzeald 

( zaldA ynld 

Worchen, work witgte ywrojt 

Jlenclien, sataa ^ta j^ojt 

Ziffge (zegge), to say, makes 2nd pCT, sing. prea. indic^ aayrf 
(zea^tf); 3id, zayde {laiyde). 
WSk, will, makes pre& indie. 

I. t0iZ& 2. teat Z. mU (aiiig.) 

1. 2. 3. tfiHeJ. (plinal). 
Fnterite 1. teolde 2. wo/dart 3. volde (sing.) 

I. 2. 3. teolden or in>2de (pliinl). 


(No change of vowel in the preterite ploraL) 

lufinitive^ Healde* (to hold). 


1. Heald« Healde^ 

2. Healdest (HaUt) Healde^ 

S. Bait 

1. Hield) 
Hild j 

2. Hielde 

3. Hield 



Heslde Healden (Healde) | Hielde Hielden (Hielde) 


Sing. Heald. Plural (a.) Healde> ; (6.) Healde. 

Gerund. Healdene. 

Preet Fart. Healdinde. 
1 Thealde. 
> Thyealde. 
Verba of this division £^ nnder three ckseaa : 

Past Part. 

■ AIn writton ffytwU*. 



(a.) 'Ben, bear 



Bidden, bid, ask 



Bihote, promise 



Breke, break 






Fonge, take 



Voijete, foi^t 



Zitte (ait) 



Speke (epeak) 



Wreke (tbroiit out) 



(6.) Ccme 



Name, take 




Bete, beat 



Cnowe, know 






Lhepe, leap 

(Uip ! 



Draje, draw 






Hleje, labgb 



Tonake, forsake 



Slea, Ble, alar 



Ssape, create 



Stonde, stand 




(Change of vowel in pret, plnraL) 
Infinitive. Binde, to bind ; Drive, to drive. 



Singular. Fhiral. Stngular. 

1. Binde, Drive \ i 1. Bond, Drof \ 

2. Binst, Drifat j Bindeji, Drive Ji 2. Bounde,» Drive (_ 1 

3. Bint, DrilJ ) 1 3. Bond, Drof J 

snBjuNcnvB mood. 

raMBliT. FBET. 

Singular. Hural. Singular. J^trwJ. 

Binde, Drive. Bounden, Driven | Bounde, Drive. Bounden, Driven 


Sing. Bind, Drif. PIumL (a.) Bindef, Driveji ; (J.) Binde, Drive. 

Gemnd, Bindene, Drivene. 

Pieaent Fart, Bindinde, Drivinde. 

Paat Part. Tboonde, Tdrivo. 

The following veibs belong to this division : 

(a.) Binde, bind 
Biginne, begin 
Delve, dig 
Drinke, drink 



PAffr PAST. 



Teme, (= eome) 


y yeme (= iume) 

Vinde, find 

fvond 1 
Iwiid i 


Vijte, fight 
Helpe, help 




Zinge, aing 



(6.) Bei^e, protect 
Kerve, cut 
Sterve, starve, die 







< The older fomu are: 2nd(iiig. hmde; 1. 3. 8. pi. buadm; tingt, ti 
makei Znd pen. pret iimge ; I, 2, 3. pL mtigtn. 



SsriTB, ahnue 











Chyeee, choose 








Scheie, (kiiol 


Lute,, ^ 








Seiheo, .eellie, boU 

f meth 





Loken, lock 






* ilowen 

f ibojen 





Ixxxiv ooTLuna of KXtniBH ORAmiAit. 

General Remarks on the Strong {or Irregular) Conjugation. 

1. Tf tbe base of a T8ib ends in-eor-ie the -e or -te la the -a of 
the inflexions in the pieaent indicative and imperatiTe, oa t^ef si 
flees ; zep = sees. 

2. Verbs having -dor-ita the final letter of the root^fllable, 
take -t instead of -dOi ot -f«(s, as the peiBonAl inflexion, as bint ^ 
bindeth, binds ; grint =: grindeth, grinds ; halt = holdeth, holds ; 
rii = rideth, ridee ; ttont, stent = etandeth, stands. 

3. The 2nd and 3rd pers. are frequently contracted thus ; eit ^ 
eateat ; haut = bindest ; drink^ = drinks ; drify =: driras. 

4. Verbs whose base originally terminated in g often retain it 
under the foim j in the 2nd and 3rd peiB. sing, indiu. : as dra^n, to 
draw ; drajst, drawest ; drajp, draws ; vli, to ily ; ^'lyt, fliast ; vlvjf, 
fliee ; vn-i, to cover ; vm^y, covers. 

6. In some verbs the vowel is changed in the 3rd sing. pree. 
indio., Bs healden, to hold ; halt, holds ; hoten, to command ; hat, 
commands ; itondat, to stand ; dant, stands. 


1. Ojen, ou«n, to own ; l8taad3id sing. pres. indie, o}; ojen; 
pret o^e. 

2. Am is the 1st pera. sing, of the old infinitive weaan, to be. 
The other persona ore as follows : — 2nd pera. prea. indio. art} 3id, 
is; pret. let, tees; 2nd, teere; pL weren, were. 

5. Bi, to be j get. byetme. Ist pera. prea. indie H; 2nd, ietf / 
3id, beth ; lsl> 2nd, and 3rd pets. pi. beth ; imper. pi. beth. 

4. Cunne, to be able, to know; Ist sing. pree. indio. eon; Snd, 
const; 3id, eon ; pL eonnen ; pret. cuthe, eouthe. 

5. Daren, to dare. Ist sing. pres. indie, dar, der; 2nd, dartl; 
3id, dar ; pi. dorren, dorrs ; pret. sing, dorgte. 

6. Do, to do ; gw. domne, 1st aing. piea. indie, da ; 2nd, dest ; 
3id, deth ; pL dt^h ; prat dede ; imp. doth. 

7. Quo, to go; ger. gaonne. let sing. pres. indie go; 2nd, gest; 
3id, geth (pi. gtioth) ; pret yede ; imp gitoth ; pp. i^uo, 

8. Mowen, to be abl^ may; lat aing. prea. indio. may (mat) ; 2nd, 
mi^t ; 3rd, moj/ (mot) ; pi. Tno^en/ pret. mi^te. 


9. 1st sing. pies, indie mot, may, muat ; Snd, matt; 3rd, mot, 
flud ; ^ moton ; ptet. ni<wfe. 

10. 1st sing. ptea. indie. «el, shall ; Znd, sseZf ; 3rd, swi / 
pL uoUen, molU ; pret. udlde. 

11. TFffen, to know. Ist sing. pros, indio. wot; 2nd, woH; 3rd, 
wrf/ pL wtts^A ; pret wide ; imp. sing, wife; pL utte^ 

Negative Form*. — Ajn, have, wSle, toiten (know), take negative 
forms, as nam, am not ; nis, is not ; nes, was not ; nedde, had not ; 
nele, will not ; not, knows not ; neste, knew not 

Many adverbs with the prefix y are preserved, as j/vere, tc^jothar f 
Hone, ihoUiehe, entirely ; ymone, together ; ymme, together. 

Atte, Attm{daX. maso.), atthe=a^^an,a^^me,' ^M«r (datfem.), 
at the =: of Jure; Afyttar (dat fern.), with the= myd ^ere, — aiensed 
hj Shoioham (aee pp. 34, (17, 64). 



Author'8 Prefeco 
Table of Contente 


The Ten QmmandTnetttt. 



„ thdid 

(Mosaic 4th) 


„ foOTth 

„ 6th 


„ fifth 

„ 6th 


„ sixth 

„ 7th 


„ 86Tenth 

„ 8th 


,, eighth 


„ 9th 


„ ninth 

(let half of 10th) 


„ tenth 


{2nd half of 10th) 

The Creed. 


The twelve Artie 

es of the Chriatian beOief 


Ist Article : 

written by St Peter 


2nd „ 

St John 


3rd „ 


St Jacob, brother of John . . 


4th „ 

St Andrew 


6th „ 


St PhiUp 


6th „ 

St Thoman 


7th „ 



8th „ 



9th „ 

St Jacob, brother of Simon and 



10th „ 

St Simon 


Uth „ 

St Judo 


12th „ 


St MatthUs 


The Seven Dea<By Btu. 
Of the vision that Saint John the Erongelist saw . . , , 1 
(Of the beaat that came ont of the sea with seven heads 
end ten homs) 1 

The tokens of the Heads of the Beast IR 

(The seven heads = seven deadly sins, and the ten home 

= breaking of the ten behests) 15 

Tka First Bead of the Beaet — Pride and its Seven Boughs . . 16 

The Firet Head of the Beast is Pride 16 

(Pride caused the fall of Lucifer) . . , . 16 

The Might of Pride 16 

(Pride is the devil's own daughter) 17 

How one shall classify the seven boughs of Pride . . , , 17 
The First Bough of Ride — Untmth; its three twiga are 

Foulness (crime), madness, apostas;^ 17 

Second — Despite (contempt) . . .' 19 

(Three kinds of Despite : a. Xot praising those deserving 
it ; b. "Sot giving honour to vhom it is dne ; c. Dis- 
obedience to those to whom obedience should be given) 20 
The Third Bough of Pride — Arrt^^ce or Overweoning . , 21 
This sin shows itself in six ways — in, 1. Singularity ; 3. 
Prodigality (extravagance) ; 3. False strife ; 4, Boost- 
ing (yelping) ; 5, Scorn ; 6, Opposition , . , . 21, 23 
The Fourth Bough of Pride — Foul Desire (Ambition) . . 22 
Ambition is the devil's &ying-pan . . . . . . . . 23 

The Fifth Bough of Pride— Idle Bliss (Vain glory) . . . . 23 

Idle Bliss is the devil's penny 23 

It has three small boughs . . . . . . . . 23 

God's gifts — I. of nature; 2. of fortune; 3. of grace . . 24 

The devil tries man in three ways 25 

The Sixth Bough of Pride — Hypocrisy ■ 25 

Three kinds of Hypocrisy : 1. foul ; 2. foolish ; 3. subtle 35 

The Seventh Bough of Pride— Foul Dread and Shame . . 26 

The Second Head of the Bead— iMvy 26 

Envy is a poisonous adder . . . . . . 26 

It poisons heart, mouth, and works of man . . 27 

The envious man sins in a threefold manner . . . . 27 

Three states of the envious 28 

The Situ against the Holy Ghost 29 

(Overweening, Despair, Obstinacy, Impenitence, Strife, 

Opposing truth) 29 

The Third Head of the Bead — Hatred 29 

The four wars of the Hater 29 

The seven twigs of Hate : Chiding, Wrath, Hate, Strife, 

Vengeance, Murder, Deadly War 30 

The horrors of war . . . . . . 30 

The Fourth Head of Vie Saw*— Sloth 3t 

The devO's advice to the slothful 31 

The six vices of Sloth prevent good banning and good 

amendment . . ■ • ■ • 31) 32 


Ixxzriii ooxTKOS. 

Foigetfolnesa spriogs &om Sloth . . . . . . . . 32 

The peril of Slackness 33 

The fijr poiitU of Sloth thai bring a man to his end . . . . 33 
1. Disobedience; 2. Impatience ; 3. Mmmniing ; 4. Sorrow ; 

5. Desire of Death ; 6. Despwr 33, 34 

Tht Fifth Head of the £M«f— Avarice 34 

Avarice^ a great Bchoolmistress , . . . . . 34 

The Roots of Avarice : I. Usury ; 2. Theft ; S. Eobbeiy 
(with violence) ; 4. False Claim ; 6. Sacrilege ; 

6. Simouf 34 

7. Fiand ; 8. Chaffer ; 9. Wicked Craft ; 10. Wicked 

Games . .* 35 

TJsnrj and TTsutera (seven kmda of) 35, 36 

The Seeoml Bough of Aixtrice—'nieitt 37 

FoQi kinds of thieves (1. The open thief; 2. Covert; 

3. Privy ; 4. Accessoi;) 37, 38 

The Third Bough of Avarice — Bobbery 38 

The roots of Avarice : I. Evil execatois ; 2. Dniaithful 

guardians 38 

3. Harbouring of robbets ; 4. Dishonest debtois ; 
5. Robbery of underlings by prelates ; 6. Oppression 

of the poor by provosts and beadlee 39 

TheFourth Bough of Avarice — ^FalBeCIaim(orFalse Accusation) 39 
Seven kinds of false challengers . . . . . . . . 39, 40 

The Fifth Bough of Avarice — Sacril^ 40 

Seven kinds of sacrilege 41 

The Sixth Bough of Avarice — Simony 41 

The six twigs of Simony 41, 43 

How lewd (lay) men may be guilty of Simony . . , . 42 

The Seventh Bough of Avarice — Depravity 43 

To this sin beloi^ Heresy, Witchcraft, Ac. . , . . 43 

The Eighth Bovgh of Avarice — Chaffer 44 

Seven kinds of Chaffering 44, 45 

The Ninth Bough of ^rartc&— Unlawful Traffic (Wicked Craft) 45 
This sin is practised by foolish women, heralds, and eoldiera 46 
The Tenth Bough of Avarice — Gambling (Wicked Games) . . 45 
A Tale : 1. Of a knight who swore by God's eyes ; 2. Of 

an archer who shot at God 45, 46 

The Sixth Head of the Beast — Lechery ■'. 46 

The devil tempts man to this sin in five modes ; 1. Foolish 
sight ; 2. Foolish words ; 3. FooUah handling ; 4. 

Foolish kissing ; 6. Foolish deed 46 

Two kinds of Lechery : a. of heart (its four steps). . . . 46, 47 

h. Lechery of body (five sorts) 47 

Fonrteen kinds of Adultery 48, 49 

The Seventh Head of the Beatt—^ioB of the Mouth and 

Tongue 50 



1. The sin of gluttony 50 

The glutton often comes to the gallows 61 

Five kinds of gluttony 51, 62 

1. Eating hefore time . . . . . . . . . . 61 

2. Immoderate eatii^ and drinldng 62 

Gluttony like the kite 63 

Hypocritea are the devil's m&rtyrs . . . . . . . . 53 

Dilute between the bdly and purse of the glutton . . 63 

The tricks of the devU 54 

3. A hasty r unning to meat, like the hound after the hare 65 

4. Extravagance (three kinds of) 65 

5. Undue auxiety about eating (three kinds of ) . . . . 65 

Jests and jokes form the glutton's entries . . . . . . 5$ 

The tavern is the devil's chapel , . . . 66 

The devil's miracles 6S 

The tavern Is the devil's castle . . . . . . . . 67 

The Sins o/ the Tongue (ten kinds of) 57 

Id idle words man may sin in five ways 68 

Of the Sin of Boasting 08 

The boaster is God's thief 59 

Five kinds of boasting 69 

The boaster is like the cuckoo, he can only sing of himself 59 
Affected humility — Many folk make themselves devils 

so that they may be esteemed angels 69 

Of Flattery 60 

Flatterers the devil's nurses . . , . . . . . . . 60 

The Five Boughs of Flattery 60 

1. Inconsiderate praise ; 2. Exaggeration; 3. Assumption 

of virtues ; i. Singing placebo . . . . . . , . 60 

5. Excusing another's faults 61 

Flatterers Uke, 1. Mermaids ; 2. The adder Serayn ; 3. The 

hygena ; 4. The ferrowed sow ; 5. Dong beetles . . 61 

Five Boughs of Evil-speaking 61, 62 

Leasing^ 62 

The liar is like, 1. Chaff among com ; 2. The devil j 3. The 

chameleon (that hath wind only in his guts) . . . . 62 

Three small twigs of leasing 6S, 63 

Of the Sin of Lying 63 

Swearing and forswearing (peijuiy) 63 

Seven modes of swearing 63-65 

&rife 65 

Strife like the devil's works 65 

Seven boughs of Strife 65, 66 

The chider is like, 1. A hedgehog; 2. A snarling dog . . 66 

Slandering and slanderera 66 

Of Mwnmtring, that t'g, of him that dare not be answered (be 

reprimanded) 67 

For this sin tlie Isrselites lost the Land of Promise . . 67 

Two bougliB of Murmuring 67 

The SoiigB of Heaven and the Songs of Hell . . . . 68 

(y Oppomiion (withstanding , . , , . . . . . . GS 

Four bonghfl of Oppositioa 68, 69 

0/Blaai^iemy 69, 70 

Blasphemers are like mad honnds 70 


Death is a separation and departure 70 

Mau's life hut a point compared with Eternity . . . . 71 

The Songa of Hell 71 

Wo have not our years — death has them, and will not give 

them up . . . . . . . . . . . . 71 

Death a separation of sonl and body 72 

Three kinds of death 72 

What is death t 72 

Uo out of thyself into the other worlds (heaven, hell, and 

purgatory) 73 

The Torments of Hell 73 

Of Piirgatory 73, 74 

The Bhss of Paradise 75 

The holy man is like the greyhound 75 


The beginning of good life is to seek virtue . . , , 76 

0/ Temporal Goods (gifts) . . 76 

(The small goods, the goods of time, the goods of fortune) 76, 77 

Of the Leaser Qooda 78 

The middle goods are the gifts of nature and of teaching 

(n. beauty, strength, &c ; b. learning, good manners) 78, 79 

Of the True Goods 79 

Grace, virtue, and charity 79 

What the old philosophers thought to be the greatest good 79, 60 

Dame Charity the queen of virtues 80 

Of three kinde of Good 80 

(Honourable, desirable, and profitable) 80 

True Virtue combines all three . , . .- . . . . 80 

Of Virtue 80 

Six things are desired because they are honourable . . 80, 81 

The Lynx can see through a wall 81 

Beauty soon fades , . , . 81 

Beauty of the Soul 81 

Of Wa (wwtfom) and of Clergy (learning) 81 

Those who love this world think the moon to be the sun, 
and nustake a glass for a sapphire ; they are like, 1. 
children ; 2. like a pregnant woman who prefers a 

sour apple to a wheaten loaf 83 



Their wit is the devil's wit 82 

Tme Viitne and Tme FiowaBS ' . . 83 

Foolish Undertaking 83, 8i 

He that is without virtue hath no coQti^ ; like a child he 

prefers a huttot to a kingdom 84 

Virtue makea a man aa bold as a lion 84 

Mighi 84 

Uau'e lordship 64, 85 

'Virtue makee a man to be maeter of himself . . 85 

Three soita of freedom (of nature, of grace, and of bliss) . . 85, 86 

1. Free will 86 

Deadly sin bereaves man of Una freedom 86 

2. freedom of grace— Those who possess this caie not a 

hntton for the world 86 

3. Freedom of bliss ia possessed by those who have 

passed from &is world 87 


True nobility springs from the gentle heart . . . . 87 

It does not spring from the body 87 

For all are descended frton One mother, L e. earth and mud 87 

Our tme Father is God 87 

True nobility consists in being like Ood 88 

It begins in grace and is completed in bliss . . . . 88 

None need be proud of earthly nobility, for the earth 

noniishea hogs as well as kings 89 

Gentle Good 89 

No good (gifts) truly honourable but virtue and charity, 

that is, Uie love of Ood 89 

Charity is good chaffer — never loses but ever wins . . 90 

Charity ia God's penny . . . . . . . . . ■ 91 

Of two loetfol (desirable) goods 91 

The five wits (eenses) 91, 92 

Spiritual gifts the best (peace of heart, mastery of devils, 

bliss of conscience) 92 

The Oil of Bliss 93 

Of Vaiue more especiaUy 94 

Hie soul of a good man like a fitiz garden, of which God is 

the gardener 94 

Of Vtne things Tieed/ul to the Earth 95 

1. Good mcnild ; 2. moisture ; 3. heat 95 

The Tree of Life 95 

The root — the love of God ; the wood — the flesh of Christ ; 

the rind — Christ's ii^ conversation ; the sap — His 

tears, sweat, and blood ; the leaves — His holy words ; 

the flowers — His holy thoughts ; the fruit — ^ifis twelve 

apostles; the boughs — the whole elect . . .^'^^^^^I^^- 



The Senuon on the Mount specifies the seven bongha of 

theTreeof Life 96 

In it we find the sum of the New Law 97 

The Well of God's grace and its seven streams . . . . 97 
Iji the Lord's Prayer we ptsy for the seven gifts of the 

Holy Ghost 98 

The Froloffue of the Soly Pater Nosier 98 

The Lord's Prayer, the first thing we teach a child . . 98 

It is short in words, and long in meaning . . . . , . 99 

God cares not for sleek and smooth words 99 

Here beginneth the Faier Noeter 99 

' Our Father," &c 99 

Of the sweet name of Father 99-101 

Why we say ' Father our,' and not ' Father mine' ■ . 101 

Of adoption 101-2 

Of the word 'our' 102-3 

'That art in Heaven' 103 

' That art ' asserts God's existence 103 

God alone is everlasting 104 

Of the words Father, our, art. Heaven lOi-5 

The Firat Petition of the Holy Pater Noder 105 

The preface is as the ingott^ (prelude) of the fiddle . . 105 

There are seven notes in this song of the Pater Noeter , . 105 
'llie seven petitions obtain the seven gifts of the Holy 

Ghost 105 

The three first make man holy ; the other four make him to 

abide in righteousness 105 

Man's holiness like the Trinity (for there ai« three things 

in the soul — though^ understanding, and wiU) . . 105 

' Hallowed be thy Name' 106 

In this petition we ask the gift of wisdom 106-7 

The Second Petition of the Hdy Pater Noder . . . . 107 

'Thy kingdom come' 108 

In this petition we ask for the gift of understanding, 

whereby man may see and correct his faults . . . . 108-9 

The Third Petition of the Holy Pater Noeter. 109 

'Thy will be done,' Ac .. 109 

In this petition we ask for the gift of good counsel . . 109-10 

77*e Fourth PelUion of the Holy Pat&r Nosier . . . . 110 

' Give us this day,' Ac. 110 

What may the eon ask of fiither better than bread! , . 110 
In this petition we ask for the everlasting bread — the food 

of the soul 110 

Hie bread of the altar is to be eaten rav^ionsly, and with- 
out chewing, for it is the tme body of Cluist . . Ill 
Christ left us this bread as his last bequest 113 



It is more nutritioua tlian all other bread . . 113 

Tfie Fifth PdUion of the Holy Pater Noder 113 

•Forgive ua our treapftaaes,' &o 113 

Our debta are oor Bine— the interest is Hell-pain . ■ . . 113 

The Court of Mercy and the Court of Doom (Justice) . . 113-14 

In this petitiou we ask the gift of knowledge . , . . 115 

The Sixth PetUim of the Holy Pater Noder 116 

' And lead us not into temptation ' 116 

The devil— ^the tempter 116 

The devil's temptations are like the blows on the back of a 

knight, whereby he ia ennobled and honoured . . 116 

In this petition we ask for help and pity 116 

We do not seek to be delivered &om temptation, but only 

to be aided 116-lT 

Tha Seventh Petition of the Hdi/ Pater Nogter .. .. 117 
' But deliver us from evil,' Le. Deliver us from the devil and 

hissldghta 117-18 

la this petition we pray for the gift of fear . . .. 117-18 

77ie Sevm Gifts of the Holy Ghoet 118 

Seven Bpirita and seven gifts received in baptism . . . . 119 

Wherefore they are called GifU 119 

They are cJled gifts for three reasons : 1. for their dignitgr 

and worth 119 

2. They remain with us for ever ; 3. They are given through 

love 120 

Wherefore they are called Gifts of the Holy Ghoti . . .. 120 

Works of might are the works of God the Father . . . . 120 

Worka of wisdom belong to the Son 121 

Works of goodness belong to the Holy Ghost .. .. 121 

The Holy Ghost ia the well, the gifts are the stream . . 121 

Whavfore Man is Saved- 121 

1. Man is saved ; 2. by eschewing evil and doii^ good . . 121 
The gift of dread causes ua to flee fiwm evil, and the other 

six gifts enable ua to do good .. 121 

Dread ia the door-keeper, the watch of the castle or the 

weed-hook of the gardener . . 121 

lliree stages of people in heaven . . . . . . . • 123 

Of the gifta peculiar to these states 122 

Qf the Three First Virtues 123 

Belief, hope, charity are called godly virtues . . . . 123 

Three things cause a man to love another 123 

0/ the Four Cardinal Virtues 124 

Pradeuce, Temperance, Strength, Equity 124 

These virtues are the four towers in the four comers of the 

good man's house . - . . . . . . . • 124 

qf the Q0ce of the Four Virtues 124 

Prvdsnee (three offices of) i* • i. Goc^ffc 



Temperanee (tihree offices of) 126 

Strmgth (three ofBcea of) 126 

Right/uineM (Equity) 126 

FliiloBOptly the love of wiadom . . . . . . . . 126 

The old philosophers put false Christiftne to Bhamo . . 162 

The four cardinal virtues are four kinds of loves . . 126-7 

Of the Gift 0/ Dread 127 

Dread rouses the sinner 127-8 

The ainner is like, 1. a dronkaid ; 2. one bound in irons and 
fetters, vho dreams of feosta and weddings instead of 

the gibbet 128 

The Holy Ghost is the Good Physiciaii 128-9 

The three questions the Angel asked Hagar in the wilderness 129 
Four questions put to the sinner hy the Holy Ghost are like 

four strokes of thunder . . . . ' . . . . 129 

Sow Mildneag (Meeknest) vtaxeth in the heart . . . . 130 

Fear strips the heart of its pride and confidence .. .. 130 

Thetree of meekness issetbeeidethe wellofthefearof God 131 

QftheStepsofMeeknem 132 

1. To know one's defects; 2. to bewail one's sins; 3. to 
confess and dirive our sins ; i. to acknowledge our 
nnworthinees ; 6. to hear willingly of our imperfec- 
tions ; 6. to endure reproach willingly ; 7. to desire to 

be accounted vile 133 

Qf the Seven Bought of Meekneea 134 

The First Bough of Meekness is to honour God as a child 

doth its master 134 

The Seamd Bough of Meekneaa 

Is to praise others (for three reasons) 136-6 

OfMeekHeaH 136 

The meek keep tbeir virtues behind their back, their defects 

beforo their face 136 

Of an holy courteousness 137 

The meek man blames himself in three ways ■. ■ 1 ^^"^ 
The Fourth Bough of Meticneea 

Is to love poverty (for three reasons) 138 

This is shown in three ways 139 

The Fifth Bough of Medtneaa 

Is to serve others joyfully 139 

Meekness is the moth^ of obedience 140 

qf Obedience (Buxovmeaa) 140 

Of the seven ornaments of obedience 140 

Holy simplicity is the good danghter of meekness . . 140 
The meek man is like^ 1. the star Saturn ; 2. the mill-asa ; 

3. the sun 141 

The Sixth Bough of Meekness 

la to avoid praise and fiattery . . , . . . _, . . 141 


Tlie meek man despises the world — but loves Bolitude. 

He ifl like a modest rii^D. . . . . . . 142 

77ie Seventh Bough o/Meeimesa 

1b steadfast belief Ii3 

Belief is like a grain of mustard seed 143 

Four kinds of We . . . , . . , , . . 144 

Of the Virtue of Love 144 

Pity is an antidote to envy 144 

Why Cbristians should be united . . . . . . . . 145-6 

The Bought of Love .. 146 

LoTB shows itself in seven diSerent ways 146-7 

Nature teaches us to seek " the common profit " . . 147 

On the right mode of administering correction . . . . 148 

The fiiendahip and teaching of Christ 149 

7%« Fint Step of Equity (Rightfulness) 

la to know one's self IfiO 

The gift of wisdom is the Friorin the cloister of the soul 151 
The two sides of the heart (1. Understanding and Will; 

2. Reason and Affection) .. .. .. 161 

The four offices of BeasoD lSl-2 

The faculties of the Will 153 

The onion of Season and "Will 163 

The Second Step ofEqaUy 

la to hold the body in subjection 154 

The five wits (senses) should be under the authority of the 

Beason 164 

The Third Step of Equity 

Is to obeerve discretion in the nae of tempOTal things . . 1S4 
The Fourth Step of Equity 

Is to follow the example of good men 166 

Novices like young greyhounds 166 

.^sop's fable of the Hound and the Ass 156-6 

The Fifth Bough of Meekness 

Is to avoid the follies of the foolish 156 

Fools and Sinners are not to be derided, but to be pitied 156 

The bad man may be good to-morrow 167 

The Sixth Step of£quity 

Is to keep an eye upon the devil's snares and devices . . 167 

The spirits of men are like a minor 168 

The devil puts thoughts into the heart 158 

The Seventh Step of Equity 

la to keep God atwayu before us 169 

Of the Boughs of Equity 159 

Tbe Boughs of Equity are seven in number ; 1 . Obedience ; 
2. Love ; 3. Meekness ; 4. Prowess ; 6. Liberality ; 

6. Chastity ; 7. Sobriety 169-60 



This world is called the Yale of Teaia 160 

Six kinds of tears an Bh«d by good men 161 

Ofthe Gift of Strength 161 

life of man may be compared to hugUhood or to citizeusbip 161-2 

The gilt of Strength enables a man to endure the haidahipa 

of this world 162 

Pioweaa strips man of sloth and idleness 163 

The DivUioiis of Virtue (Protreas) 164 

1. Magnanimity ; 3. Affiance ; 3. Security ; 4. Patieace ; 
5. Steadfastness; 6. Magnificence;?. Hanger and thirst 

of righteousness 164 

The Fiivi Step of Frouxsi 

To despise the world . . 164-5 
The Second Step ofProtrest 

Is Belief 165 

The Third Step of Prouxti 

Is Confidence (or Security) 166-7 

The Fourth Step of Proaeu 

Is Patiance 167 

Faience is acquired by trial, just as the cnp of gold baa 
to undergo the strokes of iron ere it is fit to place on 

the king's table 167 

The Fifth Step ofProweu 

Is Steadfastness or Constancy . . . . . . . . 167-8 

The Sixth Step of Prowesa 

Is Perseverance or Magnificence 168 

The Boughs of Prowees 169 

Seven Boughs of Prowess; for in seven battles seven 

crowns may be obtained 169-70 

The Firet Fight 170 

Is against deadly sin 170-1 

Of the Repentance of King David 171 

David repented in tears and sighs 171 

The sinner must so sorrow that his heart shall melt to teais 171 

The sinner is the murderer of his own Bonl , . . , 171 

The sinner's bed is the soul 171 

Of Shrift 172 

Of the six conditions of Shrift 172 

1. Let the sinner look, a. to the Shriver and seek a good 

confessor ; 6. to his own sins before he comes to ^ift 173 

2. Shrift must not be delayed 173 

3. Let shrift be made openly . . . . , , . . , . 174 

4. Lot shrift be made without reservation 174 

Let the sinner tcU first the deadly sins he has committed 175 
And how often he has fallen into sin, and with what 

members he has sinned 176 


5. Let shrift be made meekly and timidljr . . - . . . , 1 77 

6. Shrift moat be made oftwo, for eight reasoiiB . . . . 178 
Five things distnib shrift 179-80 

OyPenaaee 180 

Penance most be made by &sting, alms, and prayers . . 180 

The sinner's contest with, 1. Bin ; 2. with his own heart . . 1 80 

3. With his flesh; i. with the world j 5. with Dame Fortono 181 

6. With the limbs of Antichrist 182-83 

0/ the Gijt of Counsel and of the Virtue of Mvrey . . . . 1 83 

This gift bestows foiethonght and foresight . . . . 183 

Seek good advice 184 

Serea steps of the tree of Mercy — that is, the seven 

things that lead to mercy. 1. Ifature . . . . 185 

3. Grace ; 3. Behests of Holy Scripture 166-7 

Hie devil a *' shat-poise " . . . . , , . . 187 

4. The liberality of Christ ; 5. the honooi of God (the Story 

of St Martin) ; 6. Dread of Doom 188-89 

7. The Seed of Mercy 189 

The Storiea of St Gennain, John the Almoner, and St 

Boni&ce ^.190-91 

The poor man who gave his one cow to the Priest . . 191 

O/tAeOoodaeaiofAlnu 191 

lliree things to be considered in Alm^ving . . . . 193 

1. Give not of thy unlawful gains 193 

3. Gire not to ribalds and minatreh 193 

S. Give, a. nngmdgingly . . . ■ • . . . . . 193 

b. Withont delay 194 

c LiberaUy ; d. Willii^ly 196 

Seepiae not the poor 196 

Alma alone will not save a man . . . . , . . . 197 

Cnrsed are the unmerciful 198 

The Oifi of Underglatiditig and of the Virtue of CheuHty .. 199 

1. Life Active, and, 2. Life GontemplatiTS . . . . 199 

Martha a type of the first 199 

The Gift d Understanding is given by the Holy Ghost 300 

The Holy Ghost enlightens the soul 301 

He purifies the sonl &om the filth of lacheiy . . . . 201 

A lecher is no bettor than a beast 201 

Ofths Seven St^M of Chattily 203 

Z. Have a clear conscience ; a. Tme Shrift , . . . 203 

Jordan signifies ' the Stream of Judgment ' . . . . 302 

b. A remembrance of Christ's passion 203 

The adder of brass betokens Christ 203 

n. Abstain from foul words 203 

Font words denote a filthy heart 203 

UL Guard all the wits (senses) of the body 204 


The five eenees aie the five gates of the city of the heut, 

wherahf the devil oil enten 204 

IV. Auflterity of Life 204 

Luata nun chastity 204 

Jeremiah's girdle denotes chastity 305 

Great meats nourish lechery 205 

V. Avoid the fellowship of the wicked 205 

VI. Be occupied with good works 206 

Idleness the ruin of Bodom . , . . . . . . . . 206 

VII; Offer good prayerB to God 207 

Prayer a shield against lost . . . . 207 

Prayers ai« shored up with four poets 207-8 

Ask not what is improper for thee to have . . . . . . 208 

Let the sinner take heed to the poor beggars that exhibit 

their infirmities before men in order to obtain ahns . . 208 

God will not give thee a pear or apple as one doth a child 208 

Alk all things in the name of Christ 209 

Devotion of heart is necessary to prayer 210 

It is no use to move the lips while the heart is dumh . . 210 
FrayeLwithout devotion is like a messenger without letten 

01 recommendation . . . . . . . . 211 

Fray especially to God on Sunday . . . . . , . . 212 

The Sunday is more holv than the Saturday . . . . 213 

Of the great festivals . ' 213 

An answer to those who say ' We cannot always be praying ' 213 
And ' if all days be mass days and holy days, how then 

should we sow, reap, mow,' { &c. 214 

Let great lords and ladies lay aside their dignity when in 

church .. .. .. .. ., ., ,. 315 

Ladies should take pattern of Qneen Hester .. .. 216 

They should not be busy abont decking their heads with 

gold and silver 216-17 

The two wings that hear pnyer to God are &8ting and alms 217 

Come not empty-handed before God 218 

The paiaHe of the Ten Virgins 218 

Moses overcame Aroalek by prayer 219 

The prayers of many are more effective than those of one 

man 219 

The Seven Bought of Chadity are according to the states of 

men in this world 219 

1. Chastity of those who havs preserved their maidenhood; 

2. Chasti^ of those who lost their nuidsnhood before 

marriage 220 

3. Chastity of married folk 221 

The three cases in which the deed of spouaehood may be 

sinless 33!t23 


The proper timea for abetainmg from the deed of spoiiBehood 224 
The elephant vUl not dwell with hia wife wlule she is 

with chiM 224 

4. Chastity of widowhood 225 

Three things to be obeerred in thia atate 226 

5. Tha Fifih Bough of CheutUy ia unmarried life . . . . 227 
The devil tries to steal the treaaore of maidenhood . . 227 

Why the life of maidena ia to be piaiaed 227-28 

Maidenhood like a white robe 22R 

Three apota defile the white robe 228 

Bich robee often hide a poor and naked conscience . . S29 

Maidenhood like a lily 230 

The flower of maidenhood and its six lesree . . . . 230-32 

The three grains of the lily 233 

Virginity most fruitful in good works 234 

6. The Sixth Stale of C/uxstity ia of Hooded Clerka . . . . 235 - 

The girdle of chastity 23S 

The wickedness of ttis minister impairs not the efficacy of 

tiie aacramenta 237 

7. The Seventh State of ChaeHty ia the State of Keligion, T. e. 

of those who are dedicated to God 238 

Hie doTil ia most anxiona to cause the ' religious ' to fall 

into ain, juat aa the fisherman has greater joy in taking 

a great fiah than a little one 238 

Hera lies a Tale of the devil-princes' reports of their evil 

deeds to a great devil who sat upon a folding stool ; 

and how one devil had, after forty years' trial, tempted 

a monk to commit fornication, for whidi he was 

bugged, kissed, and crowned by the 'great devil,' his 

master 238-39 

Beligion is like a deaert 240 

True poverty the hoard of the religious man . . . . 241 

The story of Lot's wife and its lesson 242 

' Beligiooa folk ' that seek temporal riches pnt the plongh 

before the oxen 243 

The pore of heart shall see Ood 243-44 

<y tt« 00 of Witdom. Of the Virtue of Temperanee and 

of Sobriety 245 

Wisdom, the last and greatest gift of the Holy Ghost, makes 

man to know God perfectly 245 

The glue of love 246 

The spirit drags down the fleeh 247 

In tha great tavern (heaven) one shall drink to the full of 

God's sweetness 247 

Sohriefy springs from wisdom 248 

Death seizes the gluttoh auddenly, ' as one taketh a fish by 

the cheek' 248 

Wine drowns the glutton 248 

The month ia the chief gate of the caaUe of the heart . . 249 

All GTeatures teach man sobriety . . . . . . . . 249 

Sobriety must be exercised in good deeds, as fasting, vigils, 

&c 250 

Of the high rock (Christ) and the well of We .. .. 251 

Of the Seven Step* of Sobriety 252 

1. Measure (moderation) in the understanding . . . . 252 
Unbelievers overstep moderation — they seek a natural 

reason in what transcends the understoiiding . . 252 

The onderatanding should be subject to belief . . . . 253 

2. Moderation in the lusts and desires of the will . . . . 253 
Control the will with the bridle of sobriety . . . . 254 

3. Moderation in words 254^5 

Weigh thy words in^the balance of discretion . . . . 256 

4. Moderation in hearing 256 

Flatterere and liars ora plentiful, but there ia great dearth 

of thoee who adhere to truth 25S 

' Of the odder called in Latin Aspis ' 267 

^ 5. Moderation in clothing and precious robes . . . . 25S 

Excess is a sin 258 

The wearing of clothes comea of the ain of our first patents 258 
Nature has given man no clothes of which to be proud,like 

the tail of the peacock and the comb of the cock . . 258 

6. Moderation in Conduct 259 

The child of a hundred yeara shall be accused . . 269 

7. Moderation in Meat and Drink 260 

The virtue of sobriety is above all other virtues . . 260 

, He who hath this virtue is joined to Qod by charity . . 260 

Of rest in (Jod 260-61 

The Ayenbite of Inwyt is written in the English of Kent 262 

Date of its completion 262 

Paier Nogter *: . . . . 262 

Ave Maria 262 

Greed 262^ 

For to f^iake away heavineta and dread, and turn them into ffie 

loveofGod (Sermon on Matthew xxiv. 43) . . . . 263 

The FaUier of the House — the Will of Beason . . . . 263 

The House — Conscience 263 

The Thief— the Devil 263 

Door-keeper — Prudence 263 

Dread, the meaaenger of death 264 

Dread's description of hell 261-5 

Love of Everlasting Life — a messenger from heaven . . 266 

Deacription of heaven 266-69 

Difference betv>een Men and BeatU 270-71 


ATWrarr* oj Jmwrt.—Vage 4S, Sidenote to Siith Head, Jbr Foul {S timtt) 
rtad Foolish, at in Gbttary. 





Aye pe aondi[n]^es of )» dyeule : say ])is fet uoljej). " Znete iesu 
pia holy blod / pet ))ou sseddest ane pe rod / uor me and uor man- 
kende ; IcK bidde fe hit by my aseld / auoreye J>e wyckod uend : 
al to mi lyuee ende . zao by hit" 

)>is hoc is dan MichollB of fforthgate / y-write aa euglis of his 
ojene hand, pet hatte : Ayeabyte of inwyt. And is of fie hoc- 
house of saynt Austinee of Canterberi . mid pe lettres : C : C : 

Holy archan[g]le Michael 

M- A ; ri ; Saynt gabriel . and BaphaeL 

■ V ■ V ■ Ye brenge me to Jw casteL 

)>er alle zaulen Tare}* weL 

Lboid ihesa almijti kyng . pet modest / and lokeet alle ))yng. 
Me ^t am ])i ma^ng : to pine bllsse me Jmu biyng. Amen. 

Blind . and dyaf . and alsuo domb. Of zouenty yer al uol rond. 
Ve sBoUe by drajs to ^ grand : Vor peuy / noi Mark / ne uor pond. 


)}ise byej fe capiteles of fe boc uoljinde / And byeji y-wryto to 
vynde y-iedliche /hj pa tellynge of algorisme / ine bnyche leave of po 
boc ^ by by. And ine hnyche half of pe lyeaue be tuaye lettree of 
pe abece. )}et is to wytene .A and .b. .A. betocne)) po uereto 
half of . pe leave .b. pe o|ierhalf. 



Jje uore-speche of fise boc uol- J)e Jiridde boj of auarice .10. b. 

jynde .1. a. J)e verfe bo) of auarice .11. a. 

Jjouerstegodesheate.I. a. Jje Tjfleboj of auarice .11. b. 

Jj6 ofer godea heete .1. a. Jje zixtebo; of auorice .11. b. 

pe ])ridde godee heate .1. a. )k zeuendebo; of aoiuice .13. a. 

Jje uerjie godea hesto .1. b. Jm ^tinde bo) of auarice ,12. b. 

Jj6 vifte godea heate ,1. b. pe nejende bo) of auarice .12. b. 

)» zyxte godes heate .2. a. ]}e tende bo) of auarice .12. b. 

]}e zeuende godea heete .2. & )}e zyxte heaued of jrebeste.lS. a. 

pe e)t«iide godea heate .2. a J>e zeuende heaued of ]>e queade 
pe nejende godea heate .2. b. beete .14. a 

p6 tende godea heate .2. b. Of ]>e zenne of yelpinge .17. a. 

)>e tuelf articles of J>e criatene Leazinges .18. a. 

beleaue .2. b. Of pe zenne of lyejynge .18. b. 

Of ^ aaeawynge )iet aayn Ion f» Cbeaste .19. a. 

godapeUete yzej . 3. b. Of grochinge . 1 9. b. 

)}e,tokneii of |ie heaueden of fe Of wyjstondji^ .20. a. 

beste .3. b. Vot to lyemy stenie .20. b, 

Jjetuerate beauedof fie beste.4. a. Hou me sael Imawe guod aiid 
Hou me ssel to dele / J>e zeue bo3es kuead .22. b. 

of prede .4. b. Of tymlyche guodes .22. b. 

J» ojwr boj of prsde .5. a. Of Jte leaae guodea .23. a. 

P% )iiidde bo) of prede .6. b. Of Jre zojw guodes .23. b. 

Jw verjje bo^ of prede . G. a. Of jiri manercs of guode . 23. b. 

po vifte bo) of prede ,6. a Of uirtue .23. b. 

pe zixte bo) of prede .7. a. Of wyt / and of clergye .24. a 

Jje zeuende boj of prede .7. a. Myjte .25. a 

J)et ojwr heaued of Jw beste of Vrydom .25. b. 

helle .7. a Noblesse .26. a 

J»t Jiridde heaued of )» queade Gentyl guod .26. h. 

beate .8. a Of tuo loatuolle guodea .27. a 

pe uer^ heaued of Jm queade Of virtue more speeioUiche .28. a 

beste .8. b. Of pn pinges nyednolle/to ]re 
Pe vyfte heauod of (« queade erjio .28. b. 

bceto .9. b. J» uore-apeche of ^ holy pater 
pe opct bo) of couaitise .10. b. noster .29. b. 


Hyer begjiifi Jjet holy pat«r nos- Of pa zeue bo es of Myldeaosse 

ter' .30. a. Al. a. 

J7e aerete bene of po holy p&ter ]>e o^r bo) of Mildenesfio .41. b. 

noater .31. b. Of Milde berte .41. b. 

J>e ojire bene of )» holy pater |)eiier}iebo) of Mildeneeae .42. b. 

neater .32. b. Jje vifte bo) of Miidenesse .42. b. 

)>e ^ndde bene of pe holy p&ter Of boTBamnosse .43. a. 

noster .33. a. Jje zixte boj of MildenesBe .43. b. 

t»6 ner^ bene of Jw holy pater jje zeuende boj of MUdenesuo 

nost«r ,33. a. .44. a. 

J)e vifte bene of Jw holy pater Of Jw uirtne of loue .44. b. 

noeter .34. a. jje bojea of lovierede .45. a. 

Jje mte bene of Jte holy pater jje uerete etape of rijtuolnesac 

noeter .35. a. .46. b. 

))e zeuende bene of Jie holy pater ()eoI>erBtapeofri3tuolnesBe.47. b. 

noeter .35. b. jje Jiridde stape of rijtuolnesso 
pe zeue yefj»e8 of Jie holy goat ,48. a. 

■36. a. Jje uerfe etape of rijtuolnessc 
Hneruore hy byejj y-cleped yef^ .48. a. 

■36. b. Jje vifte etape of ri^tuolnosse 
Hueniore hy bye^ y-cleped yeffe .48. b. 

of J« holy goat .36. b. jje mxte atape of r^tuolneaso 
Hneruore is man y-borjo .37. a. .48. b. 

Of f)e frri nerste nirtuee .37. b. fje zeuende etape of ri^uolnesse 
Of ]ie nour uirtoes cardinalea. .49. a. 

Of fw office of ^e uour mrtues Of )» bo^ea of rijtuolnesBe .49. b. 

.38. a. Of (le yefjie of Btre[n]gjie .50. a. : 

Temperance .38. a. Jje todelinge of nirtuee .51. a. 

Stre[n]g^ .38. a. JM oJ«r stape of proueese .51. K 

Ri}[t]uolneB8e .38. a. J)e|iriddestapeofprouesse.51. b. 

Of )w yef Jre of drede .83. b. Jje verjie stape of prouesse.Sl. b. 

Hon myldenesse wext ine herte Jje vifte stape of prouesse .62. a. 

.39. b. Jje zixte stape of prouesse .52. a. 

Of |«stapee of Myldenesae.40. a. Jje bojes of prouesse .52. b. 



)M ueiste vi)t .53. b. pe vifte bo; of chastetd .70. h. 

Of }« norjieiichmge of ]m king Hyer l;}) a tale .74. b. 

dauiji .63. a. . Of fe yef Jw of wysdome. Of 

Of asiyfte .53. b. Jw utrtue of temperance. 

Of ynojbote .56. a And of aobrete .76. b. 

Of J>e yef^of red/ and of uirtue Of fo stapes of sobrete .79. a. 

of merci .97. a. Pater noeter . Aue maria . Credo 
Of )w guodes of elmesae .60. a. .62. a. 

|)e yef|« of onderatondi[n]ge . and Vor to ssake a-way heuiuease an 

of^uirtueof chastet4.62. a. diede .82. b. 

OfjMzeuestapoBof cliaBtet^.63. a. Hiiet is betnene man and beet 
i)e zeue bojes of cbastet^ .68. b. .84. b. 



Ahnijti god / jaS ton hestcs / ine ^ la;e of ievee / am g^n mom 
^t Moyses onderuing / ine Jte helle of Synay /jAS.tno lu mwo two u- 
tablee of rton / )»t were i-write / mid godee vii^^ . and "f "wm. 
him-zelf / efter Ma beringe / me his spelle / het Iiiee 
healde / and loin / to ech sum / )>et wile by y-bor^e . and whou brHinUi 
hao |iet agelt / ine enie of fe like hestes : him Bsel )»rof him npent Ui*n- 
uor-fieTiche / and him Bsriue / and bidde god merci / yef 
he wyle hy ybo^o. 

bia hoc 18 ywrito /' Tiii«boi*iiwrtt. 

uor engUsse men, )Mt hi wyto / ■»«, ui>t thi; 

hou hi ssolle ham-zelue ssriue, {£^n ud amn— 

and maH ham klene / ine bise hue. thraioihtu*. 
^is DOC hatto hno ^t wnt / 


anoTBt bye)i / fo heatoa ton / 
^t lold ssolle alle men. 


)» uersto heato Jiot god made / and het : is Jiis. " Jjou "» Finn com- 
ne eseh habbe / nele godea." ^t is to rigge / " ^u ne 
Bselt habbe god / boto me . ne woisaipie / ne Berui. And 
^n ne aeelt do Jine hope / bote ine me." Vor Jw ilte / 
fet de)> his hope / he;hche ine ssepf« : zene}e)i dyad- 
liche . and de]i aye )iise heato Zuiche bye^ Jie iUce / ]iet 
■ TJUfilhteriif litut art wrilitH eontinueutlst atprett in tkt MS. 



woTSsipe)) )ie momenes . and makeji hire god / of ssep^ / 

huich (let hit hy. 
ih^in"^ log -^y^ ^'^ ^^'^ I ^i^J^I" J« / }«t to moche / louie^ 
mucii lors tbtii hire guod. gold . ojer zeluer . ofer o^re fingea erjilicha 

Huo }«t / ine Jrise |iiiigea ageltej) : zette^ zuo moche 
' hire herto / and hire hope : Jiet hi uoryetef / hire 

ssepere . an lete^ him / ^et aUe Jiiee guodoe ham len)). 

And fieniore / hi ssolden him aenii / and )ionki / and 

toppe alle )iingea / h)aie / and worssipie / alzuo ]>o t«k[i / 

)iis uerste heate. 

tJE 0^E& 00DE8 HB8TS. 

Th» SKond coto- }p% ojKr heste / ya Jiellich. " ym. ne aselt nime / godes 
name: in y del" J«tistozi^e: " }>ou ne sselt zuerie / 
nor najt / and wyjMJuta guode scele . " )»et oure Ihord 
him-zelf / oua uorbyet / ine hia apeUe. ^ me ne zuorie / 
ae by ^ heuene / ne by Je erjw/ ne by ojire ssep^ . 

Bmv iu« vuK^ ])a les ine guode ekele / me may roeric / wyjK)ute zenne . 

gtiwr Boud cwH. ase ine dome / huer me okeeji / o))[er] / of zojw. o^er out 
of dome / in o))r« guode skele . and clenliche / and skel- 
uolliche. Ine non ojire manyere / ne ia no rijt to 
luerie. And Jwniore / huo )iet zueref vif-oute skele / 
)>ano name of onre Ihorde / and uor najt : yef he zuere)i 
uala / be hia wytinde : he him uorzuerrfi , and de^ / to 
ayana / |)ise hcsto . and zuer^ dyadliche . nor he zuerji / 
ayens inwyt . Jrat is to ondcrstonde / huanue ho hjm 

Bnwrmg ughuj uorzuerj) / be Jjojte / and be longe jienchinge. Ac (« 
ilke )>et znere)) zoj) / be his "wytinde / and alnoway uor 
na^t . ofer uor some akele kueade / najt kueadliche/ 
ake li;tlicbe / and -wyj^onte sclondre : zuere]) lijtUche . 
^}lea ^ wono / ie kueaduol / and may wel wende / to 
zenne dyadliche / bote yef him ne loki. Ac ^ Uke / 

■wHrtng hidnni- j»t znerej) hidoueliche be god / oJkit by hia hal^en / and 
him to-br^Ji / and zayf him aclondrea / Jret ne byeji najt 
to zigge: J» ilke zonejefi dyadliche. Ke he ne may 


habbe skele : fiet he him. nu^e excusL And fe itke fet 
tnest liiin wone^ to zuerie ; meet zene^{i. 


J)e ))ridde heate / is JwUicb . " Loke / fet Jwu halji / 
fane day / of Jie sabat ; [Zeterday]," ^t is to ngga . ^^^ ^' "-^ 
fou ne sBcIt do / ine Jie daye / of Jw sabat [Zeterday] / 
jriaB nyedes / ue ^e workes / ^t ^u ini;t do / ine o)>re 
dayes. Ac fou sselt (le resti / uor betere / fe yeme to rm ibe mmth 
bidde/ and to servi ^e ssepere / ^t him restede / Jiane ^ffv. a3f " 
zenende day / of workes / pBt he hedde ymad ine fe zix 
dayes beuore . ine huichen he made the wordle / an 
ordaynede [di^te.]. fis beste / uoluel)) gostlicbe / him 
^t lokefi / be his mi3te : Jie paya / of hia inwyt / god uor 
to eervi / more hoLylaker. fanne Jiia word / zeterday / B^tnniij or Hath 
jwt ^ iurie / clepej* sabat . ia ase mocbe worj) : ase reste. 

J)is heste / ne may non loki gosthche : }iet by iue 
inwyt / of dyadlicbe zerene . Vor zuicb inwyt / ne may 
by ine reste / jier hnyle / )iet hi is / ine zuicb state. And imuai of it, Hoiy 
ine pe stede / of ])e sabat / fet wes straytlicbe y-loked / 4*7 in Uw Ne* 
ine J» yalde I^e : zet holi cherche / fane sonday / to i,,^" i»[« ^ 
loty / ine J)e newe laje . vor oure Ihord / aros / mam 
dyafie to lyue / fane zonday. An ]>eruore / me ssel bine 
loky / and urefie / zo bolyliehe / and by ine reste / of 
workea / ope )ie woke . and more of workes / of senne . 
and yeae bim more / to gostlicbe workes / and to godes 
semise /, and fencbe / ane bis eaeppere / and him biddo / 
and |)onk y / of his guodo. And liuo / )«t brekf )iane indwhoK tmta 
zonday/ and fe ojtre bejo festes / fet byef y-zet to loky / high to 
ine holy cheiche ; zenejcf dyadliclie / nor ho deft / aye 
fe heste of god. to-uoro yzed . and of hoU cherche/ 
bote yef hit by / uore zome nyede / fet holi cherche 
grantep. Ac more zenejeji / Jw ilke / pet dispendef fane ""rf ^' 
Eonday / and fe festes iue zenne / and ine hoidoni / and uid ■) 
in ojire zennea / aye god. Jjise fri hestes / dijte} ous / to 
f^odc speciallichc. 

If mad nth«r 



[Foi. I. b.] j)g uer)ie heete / ia Jiellich . " Worf Bsipe Jjine uader / 

and )>ine moder . uor )iu seelt Ubbe fe lenger ine jer^" 

]}is faeete / oua amoneste)) / }«t we oub loky / Jut we / ne 

wntthnottiirr*- wrejjjri loader / ne moder / vytindeliche . And buo fet 

onwor^^ / his uader / and his moder / be hu wytinde / 

o])er ham miesaj^/ ojrer wrejie]) / mid kueade : zen^eth 

dyadljclie / an brek)i Jiise beste. 

WtiboQidhoDinT Ine fiee ilke heste / is onderetonde / jie wor^asipe / 

ihniMidthtoTn^ ^et we ssolle bere / to ouie uaderes / gostlicbe. }iet is to 

cf^_ ^ bam / jKit habbeji / )« lokingge / ous to tocbe / and ous to 

cbaeti / aee bye]) / fie onerlingea / of bolj cberche. And 

o?™'™!^**^ fo Jiet babbe^ / Jw lokinge / of ours zaulea / and of ouro 

bodyes. And buo ^t oete / bouje to ham / pet habbe)) 

f6 lokinge of biTn / huanne hi teche^ ^t guod. p^t me 

DiBtodigiHB to is y-hyalde to done : lenejef kneadlieha and znych 

^. may by / fe onbojsomneese : Jwt hit is / dyadlicfa zeniie. 

Tin Fifth Com- J)B VIFTE OODBS HE8TE. 

Tiioo • iiij no pei vifte heate / is )eUich / " Jwu ne Baelt / akje nenne 

man." Jjie bests uorbyet / Jret non ne asel / sl^e ojiren / 

i»iiil« <>" "°k^ nor a wrekinge . ne uor bis gaodes . o^r uor ofre 

rKxil, ftir ihii !• wyckede akele . uor pet is zenne dyadhch . Ji^lea uor to 

It !• ri^'to iiif ela;o ^e miedoeies / ri}t uor to done / and loki / and 

uor of re guode skele. hit is guod rijt / by Jie laje / to 

[FoL *. «.] W'o f^t ™oI hi* ^° I ^^^ ybyealde is (lerto. 

In iiiii bthM ii Ine fia heato ya uorbodo / lenne of hate / and of 

<rfhi<*,wr«ui',»Bd wrefe / and of grat ire . Vor olae zayf / Jie writing . Jie 

ThTblwhrn-hUM ^^^ / I"^* '"'**(' ^"^ broJiCT : he ia / mansla^jM / ase to 

■•■mu-aivn'. jj^ wylle / and zenejefi dyadliche . and Jie ilke / fet 

To bur long bereth longe wreJie / ayens ofreu . vor zuich wrejw / 

othen It ■ dMdv longe yhyealde / and byuealde ine herte : is ine wrs^ / 

and ine hate : fet is dyadlich zenne. and aye fise 

heate. And yet zen^f he more / fet def / o)wr poi^ 

chaneji / asame / ojter harm / to o)n«n : wrongliche, oJi«r 



is ine rede / and ine helpe / uor to do hanni ojiren / him 
to avreka . Jiajles wrejie / o)ier onwoF^aesse / ^et gef Hum done m- 
li;Uiche / wy|N>ut« greate wille / an willinge / uor to unw.ihiiiuj.i™ 
lianni ojrren : ne is n^t dyacUich Toane. 

)}K ZIZTE OODBB HEBTB. Tlia alxtb C^m- 

be axto heste / is beUicb. " tou ne sselt do / "■" "^t *> ™ 
non hordom." bet is to zigfro / bou ne sselt nait wylni itn ohui; miw 

1 :, ■, 1- V . - "'J rtltp wlih «U»r 

aelajrede nleasucn / wjp opK monne vjt. mn'iwifH. 

Ine bise teste / oua is uorbode / alia zenne of ulesso / ^"^ i^"* *^ 
)>et me clepeji generalliche / lecherie. ^t is on / of ^ wUiAiiaiuoruit 
renen dyadiicliQ zennes. |>^ Jier by zome broncheB / J»et 
ne hjep n^t dyadlicK zenne. ase byeji manie arizingea 
of Tleese / fet me ne may najt al[r|e bevly. and Jw me 
asel na^ / and wy^draje / ase moche / ase me may. xxu bnncha ot 
najt nor to QOiid his / ne porchaci / o|>er be to mocbe of tbt flHh, ir* 
mete / oJ>er dilnke / o^ be euele ^;tes. to longe y- 
hyealde. o^ be kueade takinges. Tor ine suiche Jiinges / 
me may habbe / barm of zaula Ine bise heste is Id ihii briint m 

lOrblilitoii ill ilni 

uorbode / alle zennen a-ye kende / ine hnet manere / hy nf^nM Und (m- 
byef y-do / ofer ine Ms bodie : ofer ine oJiren, 


Jje zeoende heste / ia Jwllich. " Jjou ne sselt do / ^ ii-it ao n. 
none ^ieffte." J)is heete ous uorbyet / to nimene / and 
of-hyealde / oJtb manne Jiing / huet fet hit by / be 
wyckede skele / aye fe wyl of him / Jwt hit ojji, 

Ine bise heste is uorbode / roberie / biefbe / stale / rhi' i^"* '"^ 
and ganel / and borgayn wy^ o^ren / uor his o^n to uieft, itaUiic 
babbe. And ]» ilke / fet deji / aye ^ heste : is yhyalde 
to yelde. ^t he he)> / of ofire manne kaeadliche / yef 
he wot to hoam. And yef he not :| he ia yhyalde / to 
yeue hit aor godes lona ofer / to done by J« rede of 
holi cherche. Vor he )>et vy])halt / o^ manne )iii^ m)i dUht m«-i 
mid wrong / be kueade skele ; zeneje)) dyadliche ; bote a^^ij. 


yef he hit yelde / )ier ha eset / yef he hit Tot / and moje 
hit do. offer yef he ne def> / by {le rede of holy cherche. 

Tin ElKhth Com. J)g £JTENDB 00DB8 HEBTE. 

Thm thiic twi Jw e^tende heste / is fellich. " J)ou ne saelt a^e j 

m(>Idu thine tna- none ualae wytnesae j aye ^ine emcristen." 

Th^uh« tai- ^°^ i"*^ heste / oub ye uorbode / J»et we ne lyeje/ ne 

^w^j*J^ "^ oufl uorzuerie ; ne ine dome / ne wyfottte dome / uor to 

do harmi fine emcristen . and fet me ne lede nenne 

in wytneese / uoi to ampayri his gnode loa. of«r his 

grewe / Jet he hejj / uor fet ia dyadlich zenne. To-ayena 

AriIw ihii t» fiiee heate do)i }io / ^t misogge)) guode men / behinde 

who ut sMtj tx ham / he hire wytinde, and by kueadnesae. ^t me 

incUw," clepo]) / )>e zenne of detraccion . and }io also / Jtet herie]> 

Je kneade / and hire dedee / of hire kueadnesae / and of 

hire fohea ywyte /Jo]jer yzo^e / o(ier yherd . ^t is zenne 

of bIondi[M]ggG / ofier of lozengerio / huanne me hit layji 

■ndoriUMTyud to uore ham. ojjerualehede/ojwrlyesinges/ huanne ho 

Jiet me apek]; of / ne ie ni^t present. Tor alle Jioa byeji 

^^ . . ualse wytnesses. 


Thoa ■hall Dot \>^ ne;ende heste / is Jwllich. " ))ou ne sselt najt 

b™"iwtfc. wylni/ Jine neyjbores' wyf. ne hia wylni / ine |iine 

TiiDO ituit Dot horte . " jMt ie to zigge / )>ou ne sselt ni^t eof scnti / to do 
™iirrh,u>^.'^ z«nne / mid >ine bodye. 

Jjia heate uorbyet / to wylni mid wyl of herte / to 

habbe uelajrode ulesslich/ mid alle wyfmon /' out of 

apoushod. And ^ kueado tocnen wiftoute / f)et byeji 

ynmd / uor to draje zenne / ase bye]) / kueade wordcs / of 

zuyche manere. o^ yef)ies / o^r kneode takingea. 

m* rii(itr«nM bt- And J>e difference of f ise heste / mid fe zixte / uboue 

>nd .iith Com- yzed : zuo U/ fet fe zixte heste uorbyet/ Jie dede wyjKiuto. 

tT Jlti rbrbidi " ^^ uorbyet / Jw grantinge wyfinne. Vor fie grant- 

ihe ouiw«nj dMd, inge / to habbe nela]rede ulesslich / mid wyfmen / J>et uc 

the inwmni con- IS na)t bis be spouae : ys zenne dyadhch / be )» dome / 

'*" ' M3. Kij'/iarM. > MS. xryfmrm. 


of godea spelle / pet zay^. " Huo pet zi}|) ane wyfman / 
and wylneji hia ine herte : he hop y-zenejed / ine liyre : 
ine his herte." ^tia tozigge : wyji aperte wylm[n]gge/ 
aad mid fiojto. 

J3E TENDE Codes heste. "^^^ ''™* 

J)e tends heste / ia bellich. " bou ne aeelt nait wylni Tuooihtitnotdc- 
fmg / fet IB Jime nixte. Jwa heste uorbyet / wyl to liUuMighbooft 
habbe ojire manne fing / by wyckede ecele. 

Ine bia heste / ia norboda enitie / of obre mawne '" *'■ '*''^ "^ 
gaode. ofer of ofire mawne grace . Vor )« ilke enuio / "Woii ™n« "- 
com}) of kueade couaytise / uor to habbe fet guod / ojier ly iin. 
fe ilke grace . ^et he y-zi^f ine ofren. And Jks ilke 
couaytise / huanue )« Cf>nsentement / and )« )fo;t«a Jier- 
to : is dyadlich zenne. and aye ^ise heate. Jj^lea / 
li3te couaytise / to habbe ojire manne ^ing / by ' 
guode acele : ne ib no zenue . and yef )>er is / eni knead ah; dcii uriiing 
arizinge / wyj^)ute wylle / and wyf-oute grantinge / to r",'b«'iJthB» tS 
hanni ojiren : hit ne is no zenne. and yef Jwr ia zenne : ^"i^^JflJ'^™'' 
hit is li}t zenne. 

))is bye^ )ie ten hestes / huer-of ]» \ti uerste / ous Th«aan the Tm 
di}! wel to god . Jje o^ zeuen / o«a dijt to ouie nirte. uu iime flrai di- 
Jjise ten hestes / byef to echen / f et he]? scele / and elde / J^ Mhf°'«evcn lo 
yhyealde to oonne / and to done . Vor huo Jiet deji fwr- "" ""'a'''"'"'- 
teyens / be hia wytinde : zenjejj dyadliche. 


c1« CFf Uu Chric 

byse bye|) ^ tnelf articles / of f e cn'atene bylene / tim Belief. 
fet ech moQ cneten / Bsel yleue stedeueatUche. uor iniciM o( th> 
o)«Tlaker / he ne may by ybor;e / huanne he hef wyt / 
and scele. And )ierof byeth tuelf, by (»e tale / of fe "bja»unofiii« 
tnelf apostles / )iet hiso zette to hyealde / and to loky / to 
alle fon/ ^t wylef by yborje. Jjanne fe uerste / bo- "" ""' heiongi 
Ionge|i to ))e uader. |« zeuende : to )>e zone, the uer)>e / tiw uven loiioir- 
to pn holi goat, uor fiet ia )ie byginninge / of the beleaue : mti tba ranuiiJiiK 
yleue ine Jw holy tnnite. fet is ine Jie uader / and ine ^^^ "" """' 
< toy in H8. 



^e zone / and jne ^e holy gost. on god / fui ]ih personea. 

AUe f iae articles / liye)i ycontyened ine Jie credo. / fet 

fe tuelf apoBtlea made . huer-of / ech zette his. 

The int «niei» he uerete article. y8 beUich. " Ich beleue ine god / 

•ru Bt bf SI fm uad«r almi^ti / saoppere / of beuene / and of er^ )>ia 

articlQ zette aaynte peter. 

Thi wond u^cie jje o]ier article / belonged to fe zone / aze to his 

hotdi «■ Ht t? godhede / f«t is to zi^e / |iet he is god . and is ^llich . 

" Ich heleue ine yesu crist / oure Ihord / godee zone ^ 

uader / in alle fiingee / ))et belonged to )« godhede / an 

is onlepi fing / mid Je uader : bote of fe persone / Jiet is 

o}»er / Jianne ]» persone of fe uader ; Jjis article zette / 

^dL s. l] eayn Ion ^e godspelleie. 

Tin ihirt nrHci* J)© f ridde article / and the Tift« / Jiet uoljefi efler / 

of Uh Son'i mu- belongo^ to ]» zone / ase to ]» manhode ; fiet is to 

zigge / ase ^t he is man dyadlich . )>amne mid ]k ^dde 

or hii onKHiition article / is ycontened / Jiet he wee y-kend / of J»e holi 

gost / and y-bore of ^ mayde Marie. }}et is to onder- 

stonde / Jiet he wee y-kend / ine )»e Mayde Marie / be Jie 

dede / and by ^ uirtu / of fw holi gost / and no])ing / of 

dede / of man. And the mayde Marie / blefte euro 

Thii utid* wu mayde / an yhol be-uore / and efter. ))is article zette 

St Jumn'trMhir. zByn lacob / sayn lonnes bro^r. 

The fDarth urtiiiie )^ uoT^ article / bolonge)) to hie passion . fiet is to 

MoDceioMipH- ^ggg j ^gj. jj^ ^lede dyaf onder pouns pilate / )>et wee 

paen / and demere / ine )h> time / ine ierasalem : by )» 

romayns, Onder (» demere / wes lesu crist y-demd / 

wyji wrong / to fe biddinge / of Jiri kueade ieus / and y- 

mnd wu M* br St do a rode / and dyad / and y-do in-to berieles. Jjis 

article zette s^mt andreo. 
Tbe aftfa (tti- )}e Tifte article / zuo is / ))et ha went« into hello / 

" lunowbig of efter his dya^e / uor to draje fiannes / and to delltiii |>e 
zaules / of f e holi uaderes . and of alle J»n / J>et uram ^ 
ginm[n](^/of fe wordle storue /in zoj & guode byleaue/ 
and ine hope / )>et hi ssolden by y-boc^e / be him / uor )ie 
zenne / of the nerste manne. Hit behouede / (let alle 


wenteti / into helle and Jiere abyde fe guode / ine in iwu >badi tM 

akxK hopa fet iesu criat / godee zone / esolde come / hia of deUnmm. 

to delitui / be ]wt he bedde bebote / be bis ptophetie. 

And uor ^ seek / wolde he / efter his dya)w / wende in to 

helle . J>et is to onderetonde, / ine Jjo half / Jwt were fe j^w ^^'M w.r. 

haljen . Najt ine ]» half : ^t were fe uorlorece. fet u >b<da br mr. 

vereu dyade / ine hire zenne / and in hire miabileue. 

And po ne droj he n^t . uor hi bye^ norlore / uor 

enremo. J^ article / zette saynt philippe. Phuir"** "" ^' 

Jje siite article is / of his ariainge . fiet ia to wytene , ^j'?"' ■• •* 
|iet ))anne ^ridde day / efter his dya^ . uor to uoluelle ^ t'^t 
writingea : he aios uiam dya^e / to hue . and aseawede 
him / to hia deciples. and ham prauede / his arizingo ; 
ine uele maneree / be uourti dajes. J)ia article / zette S^™ k* bj si 
saynt thomaa 

Jm Eeuende article is. ]>et ^ane uourta^te day / efter his Th>it»nthini 
arizinge / huanne he hedde y-yeto / mid his deciplee, to- hAw hb rMng 
uoreham/a]apertelidie/stea}intoheuene/]>et ieaboue/ intstnnn. 
alle ssepfie / Jiet ys ine heuene / al to godes rijt half / p6 
uader / huer he him made, bis article / lette aeynt TUiutwowt hi 

,' 1- I J Bmholonww. 


J)e ejtende article ie. fiet he ssel come / ate daye of The ti^ih uuds 

dome / to deme }ie dyade / and fe libfoinde . fie guode / coma u nooau. 

ande Je kueade . and yelde to echen / be ^t be hef of-guo ^ dlidT" '* " 
/ ine ]iise wordle. t>ise byeth ^ artikles / )>et belonged 

to fe zone. J>ia article zette seynt Matheu fe godaspellere. ^ ""S" *** 

be nesende article / and be bri laete : belonirab / to be tt^ rf""" ""W* 

, , ' ' '^'^ '^"'^•ndthe Ihna lut 

hou goet and is Jwllich. " Ich beleue / ine ))e hoh Mongiottaauiiijr 
goat" );ie article akaej) / Jmt me leue / }>et )ie hoh gost / 
is ^ yef^ / and )« loue / ot po uader / and of pe zone / 
huarof com^/ al ^ guod of grace . andjvetheis / onlepi r^^'^^f*'* 
god / an onlepi ^ing/ mid (« uader / and fie zone / bote *fth« FitbHua 
pe peraone / Jiet is, o)>er / ^ne fie peraone of pe uader / 
and / of fe zone, Jjis article sette / saynt lacob / zaynte JJ*,J|"'^ *"*' 
Simonoa and saynte ludea brojier. ^^^ ^ ^i 

pa tende article ia )>ellich. " Ich y-lcuc holy The tenth (nkig 


imlSiD'or^inu.' ''''®'^'' generalliche/and Jw menneBBe of taljeii"/ Jictis to 

zigge : pe uela^iede of alle fa haljen / and of alle po 

gaode meii }iet bye]) / and ssolle by. al to |*e ends of fw 

wordle / and weren xep^ )ie giimi[n]gge, to gidere / ine ]»e 

iDiUiirtida an byleaue of lesu crist And ine fise article/ byej ondor- 

lemHcnnwiu. atonde / pe leve sacremens / fei byeji ine holy cberche. 

Jwt ia to wytene. cristninge . conferminge. ^e sacrement 

of )ie wyefde. ordre. apouabod. p6 boly ssrifte. and fe 

TiitoirticH Mtst laste : anoylinge. Jjia article lette sayn aimoun. 

Th< devonUi uu- }}o eale&e ia. to leue -. ])e leBnesse of zenna fei god 

nwoTdni. "" yel)» bo Jw Virtue / of hie hob sacremena / ^t byef ino 

at Jolt ■« toil iioii cberche. bis article zett« eayn lude. 

Ti»tw8imi«rtici« J)e tuelfte article ie . to leue / Jw general anzinge of 

gtntni ri«ing of bodye. and fet lif / wy)H)ute ende. Jwt ia Jw bliase of 

wiUuHit nd, paradia. )>et god aael yeve to bam / Jiot hit habbej) of- 

guo / be gaode beleaue : and be guode workes. pia 

article / yeff to onderatonde / hia confrane. Jiet ie / )« 

iwtd for u» UK- pine / wyJ)-oute onde / Jiet god beji agrayjwd / to ]» uorlo- 

rene. pia article / asel ly onderatonde / ine myche 

Bj It n BDdw- manere : Jwt ech / by he guod / by he kned / asel by ate 

goDd uidt»dii»u daye of dome / arered mam dyajw / to lyue / ine Ms 

wwit In iii> bod; o;eae bodye / huer he Bsel habbe an. and onderuonge 

h*Y» dwrrri Id hia mode / ine bodye / and ine zaule / be ^t he hef of- 

"" '"^ guo / ine Jiise line, an ^ruore / esolle }e guode / at ^ 

daye / ine bodye / and ine zaule / by in lif / wyji-outo 

ende. and the kueade : uorlore euremo / ine bodye and 

™'t^^ ™ ine zaule. Jsia article zette asynt Mafjii. 

OfUHiUuiorSt Of \}E BSEAWYNOE ];i,T BEINT lON }}E 


at Joim aw > Hi Ihord sanyn Ion / ine ]w boc / of hia -saeawyingos. 

tba M, Jwt is y-cleped / fe apocalipae : zuo zayf / J«t he yzej a 

best / J>et com out of the ze . wonderliche ydijt and to 
ixviiigmiHiard'i moche dreduoL Tor bet bodi of be beete: wee aae 
> Hon', uinu, lipard. fe uet / weren of bere, Jie jirote / of lionn. 
hMdt tai ttn and hit hcddo / zeve heauedea . and ten hornea . and 


ope the ten liomee, ten corouiteA. And yzej saint Ion. JJ^i^^^^Hl] 

Jwt Jw ilke kneade beat / hedde m^te / of Mm-zelve / to '^^^%'^. 

vijto / wyf fe haljen / an his to ouercome / and to oue^ "'' w ught «jh 

maistri. ))b ilke best / zao wonderaol / and zuo y-coun- uiu^ 

trefeted / and diednol : betocnej) / fane dyeuel / f et com Tbu banit b»- 

out of peze / ot belle / fiet ia uol/ of alle zorje / and of Hbaanu^ nut of 

alle bitemease. J)et bodi of Jw beete / aae zayf saynt ^^ g,j|„ „ i,' 

Ion. zuo wes ylich / to Jw lipard. uor jwt aae Je lipard/ Jl^.^Jp^ mi 

hep dinera colure : zuo hej» J» dyenel diveiae pianerea / S^^** "* 

of waytingee / and of coutao / uor to gily / an nor to 

uondi )>e nolle )» net weren ilicb / fe uet of bere. vor 

alse fe bere / Jwt he^ ]>e ette[n]gf)e ine Jw net / and ine 

fo anuee / halt Btranglicbe. and bint / pei he befi / ondet 

bis uet / and pet he beclep^ : alauo de^ Jie dyevel ham / 

pet he liep beclept / and ouerjirawe be s 

wee of lion . uor bia greate cruolet6 / fiet al wyle 



leuea hauedliche zennos. be buicbeu / Jie dyeuel dra;)) •»iiw«viiiidmd- 

to him / ase al Jie wordle. Vor onnea^ ynalj) / fet me Enwy «i8 Giiia in- 

ne ualf / in-to Jie )irote / of zome : of po zeue heauedea, "m" "' ti» wvaa 

And JMTuore / zayfi wel saynt Ion : ^t hit bcdde mi^to / 

aye fe hal en. vor in erfe / no ya zuo holi man : fet "ooa i< » iioij u 

nioje / parfithche beuly / alle pe maneres of zenna )iet 

of Jiiee henedea zeue come)> / wy^oute special pn'uilege 

of grace / alae hit wea / ine pe maydo Marie / ofier ine 

zome ojren / p% special grace / >et he hedde of god. Jw l^^^-^^ 

ten homes of )« beete / betokneji / pe geltea of Je ten or ^' i» biin^.. 

heetes / of onr Ihorde / Jiet fe dieuel purchaceji / also 

moche ase may / by }« zeuen / beuore yzed zenneu. J)e The i» mn™ ■» 

ten coionnes aboue / betokne}) / Jw ouerconiinge / ^t hit buh mn ■iniwn. 

he)i aboue / allcj zenuolle / uor ]>et / he dep his agelte / ine 

)w ten heatea. 




Tht int t«d ii ^t uersto heaued / of fw beste of helle : ys prcde. }«t 
faidEiny, o^ / is enuie. pe ])ridde / wre^. ^ uer^ / sleauju / 

«Ui Sloth, ' |«t. me clepef / ine clergie : accidje. Jie vifte / icinge. in 

SihOkuttSjr* cle[r]gie / auarice. ofer couaytise. fe zixte / glotouiye 
7UiL»di«r. ^zeuenda lecherie/o^rltixurie. Of fise zeue heauedee / 
com|i ech manere zetme. and ^ruore / hi byeji y-cleped / 
ThcMustiihad- haTed-zennes. uor ftet hi byoji / heaued / of alle kueade / 
nin«ori>uoic<kid- '^^ of alle zeuies. and ginninge / of alle kueade. - be 
''™' by dyadliube / be by ueniaL Jiaiuie / ech of fe ilke 

And Ant w« wii] zeueQ him to-del^ / ine uele halues. And uerst / we 
ocmtrin, willejt rigge / of fe zeone of prede / uor J>et wes fe 

uerate zeime / and fo agtaninge / of alle kueade. vor 
whirft >™ «in- prede / brek ueret uelanede / and ordre / huanne Utibcre 

milled hi Liwlfcc, ' , ' ' 

pe angel / vor bis greate uayrhede / an bis greate wyt : 
wolde by aboue / J« ofre angeles / and hi*n wolde emni / 
to god / fet bine zo uayr / an zuo guod : hedde y-amd. 

viivnfei* ht ind And ^eruore / be vil uram heuenc : and becom dyeuel. 

hm.Ri. and ho / and al his ucl^rede. Hym anlllcne}! / alle 

proude / fet uelajrede / and ordre of men / ondef / and 

Likf him in lU brek^ / bnanne hi wyllef / by aboue o|iren. and more 

thiiriHivii above by alozed / and y-preyzed / )ianne eni ofer / fet betcro 
byef wor|i. 

TheMlghlor be KYiTE OF PREDE. 

piide bUndeih jjjg zenue of prede / ys to drednoL uor hi ablcnt 

men. zuo )iet hi ham-zelve / ne knawej* / ne ne zjep. 

H ihu tiKf tn pet is pe wel Strang / and pe wel special aid / to })e 

dfvUwhwiwrthtj dyeule / huer-of he be^'le.J) / po beje men / and Jw 

wiR, h^dr.'oc ' uayre / and fie riche / and pe wyse / and )>e hard! / and p& 

iJTl p^.i'i y vorfiuolle. And generalliche / ech manere of uolk. ac 

■™' '"*■' specialhche / fie graate Ihordes / zuo fet hy'_ham lelue / 

ne knawy^ / ne yzef / hire misdedea / ne hire foliee / ne 

hire wyttes. fianne is. hit / pa meste periluse zikneass / 

^t is of ofiren. Vor-zo^ / be is ine gtat peril / to huam / 


alle triade / went in to veuym. Abo de)) techioge / and x 
chastuement / to ^ proude. Yor fe more / fmt me Wm p 
wy[^]uiia)) / and blame)) / and chaste)) : pe more / he him 
vre^^. and pe mora him were)). 

Prede / is Jie dyeulea o^ dojtor / ^t he^ /g"** ^^l/ PiH«i.ih8*KU'« 
ine his kende. Prade weire)) vyp god / of his guode. nnigniuiaiid. 
and god / ))Tauf> doun prede / and werre)) wi)i him wiiA^^kUoh. 
Prade / ia kii^ / of wyckede )»awe8. Hy is )ie lioun / ^^Jj^^" "** 
fet al uoizoelf*. Prede astni^ / alle )» guodea / an alls Cf<^ *■ b-] 
^ graces / and alle p6 guode workes / pet hyef ine 
manne. Yor prede / make^ of elmesse / zenne. and of 
Dtrtaes / vieea. and of guode workes / huer-of me ssolde 
begge henene : make^ wynne helle. 

pie zenne / is )>e ueiste / pet asayle)! / Jiane knijt / oura '^^^ iin (• Uu 
Lhord / and hnan' last let Yot huanne he he^ / alle oarLo[ii.uidna 
opn kuedee ouwcome : fanne him aeaylef prede / )« um. 


)}is zenne him to-delf / and spiet / ine zuo uele 
deks / ^t onnea^ / me may hise tella Ac zeuen 
pn'ncipak dolea / )wr byef . Jiet hyef / ase zeue bojes / 
fet gaop out / and byej y-bore / of ane wyckede rote. 

Jlaone / )« uerete boj of prede : is / ontreu^e. pe i. untnith, 
ofer : onworfhode. pe ))riddfft ouerweninge. fet we* iii. PiwumpUHi, 
clepef / presumcion. J»e uerfo folebayrie. )tetwe*olepie)i/ iv, Amiiiiim, 
ambicion. pe rifte : ydele blisse. )>e eixte : ypocrisie. ti. h^ poon;, 
fe Eonende : wyckede drede. To f ise zene dijtinges / j,^ 
belonged alle pa zennes / ])et hyp y-bore of prede. 
Ac ech of fise zeue bojes / hef uele smale tuye^ges. 

pe iierste boj of pTede/))et is/ontreu)>e. hehim to- 
delf / in fri little bojes. huet-of fe uerate / is kuead. Th.ih»it.ristof 
fo ojier : worae. fe fridde / a])«rworst. |ie on ia Toul- !■ FoaiiH»i, 
hede. pe opeit : wodhede. pe fridde : renoyiye. Youl- iii. AptMuj. 
hede i generaHiche / is ine echo zenna vor no zenne / i- Fooihood 
ne is / wyf-oute uoulhede. and zuo beginne)) / alle 



2;eiuies / be Toulhede. Ac |ie uoalbede / ^t we apeke^ 

of hier specialiclie / fet comj of piede. and ie a man- 

yere / of ontieu))e : is a rice fpetia y-cleped / me clergie ; 

at in^nuuida !• jngmtitude/Jret IS uoryeti[n]ge of god / andof luBgaodes. 

hi> guu. ^t me ne ^onke)) him najt / ase me ssolde do. ne him 

□e jelde^ ^onkes / of his guodes / fet he ons he)) ydo. 

H< !• ■ gtft Vor-zobe he ia wel vileyn / and ontiewe / auonje his 

ntuTiK uumki tor Ili'ord / f^t alle gnod / him he)) y-do. and him. oe 

))oukef / ac uoryet : and yelt him / kuead uot ^od. 

Rnch vUmrj do and vileynyo / uor corteysye. Jje ilke vileynye / def 

uiuk God, man to god / huanne he / ne he))eng^ him najt / of ^e 

guodea / fet God him he)> y-do / and him de^ alnetray. 

and n^t him ^nke^ / ac n>)ire him / ofte werre]) / ine 

))et / ^t he use|i kueadliche / and aye godee viL 

tot ON tdi giBa )^ is vel grat vileynie / ase me ^ingji / ^t grat guod- 

nesse / onderua[w]g|) / and ne daynef na^t / to zigge : giat 

Jiank. And yet hit is more grat : huanne / me him 

uoTza})) / ofer huanne / me him uoryet ac ^ ilke / is 

ud wch dv ••- to grat : huanne echedaye / onderuang^ fe guodnessee : 

and echedaye / yelt kuead / uor guod. 

w> han no guu JK ilke / p^t ^nne wel ))eng)) / and olle lokede / to 

(icn u, ba ibaf ^ guodes / ))et god him he)) ido / and de^ alneway : and 

tai^^^.^ Jiet no guod / he ne he> : |iet god ne hej> / hit him 

y-yeve. ne guodea of kende : ase uayrhede. and hel))e. 

an atrengfe of bodye. an elejje. and naturel wyt / 

auoreye ))e zaule. ne guodes of auenture. ase richesses. 

wotsaipe, and hejnesse. ne guodes of grace, ase by)) 

LatH UumkOod iitrtues. and guode workea. wel saolde he bonki cod : 

n. of alle his guode. vor guodnesae : o)>er akse^. 

i\. v<A\j «t mad- J}e of er / ontreufe. ))et com^ of prede : ia wodhedo. 

Tba num la oat of me halt ane man wod. fet is out of his wj-tte / ine 

'' huam : skelc is miswcnt. ))anne wext arijt / )« ilke foL 

^**" *■ ^' and miswent and wel yzed / "wod, |>et wytindeliche / 

vho mi-oaea hia and hardiliche / .)« guodes / Jet ne byeji ,n^t his. ake 

wiunnr bei'oitth bye)i. his Ihordea guodes, huer-of / him behoue)) / 

s accoun , gj^jjjjpjjp j y^x^p. rckcningc / and ecole. ))et is to 


wyt«ne/}re gaodes/of suo grot pris/aud fw timliche 
gnodes / ]>eit he he)) / ine lokinge. fo m'rtups of ]>e bodie / 
and ]k }N))te8 / ^ e^msenteiuens / and pe willea of )w 
molM / waste]* / and de8peiide|i / ine folyes / aod ine 
oataiees / to-uore be eien / of his Ihorde, an him ne uid tbinktth not 


poraayfi / of his rekeninge. and wel wot / fet rekeni aoag. 
him bdioue^. an ne wot / hujanne- ne fane day. ne )ie 
oute. Zuych folio / is wel y-cleped / onwythede. Of of nu* rtoai ui 
luicfae vices / byef uoUe / ^ greate proude men / J«t usejj «■ ftm. 
kueadliche / ^ greate guodes / fet god ham hep ylend. 

J>e ^dde ontreu^ ^t comp of prede : ya renayrift ni. Apouuf. 
He ya wel lenay / J»et / fet land j>et he halt of his Ihorde / h. i> m iiwum 
de}> in-to po hond of his uyende. and de}) liim man- >«<]'> imad lo hD 
hode. Zaych zenne makeji ech ))et zenejef dyadliche. 
uor )»iuie alzo moche ase of hiTu is he de)i manhode to " <i«i'> >» "i^ 
fe dyeule / and beeomji his freL and him yelt al Jiet liuatvu. 
he halt of god / and hodi / and zaule. and o)iie guodes. 
bet he deb to be seruice of be dyeule. And albai he sachtmuiioiiiy 

' ' ' » " 1 J Cl.rlstlui in miu 

by be hib zigginge cristen : he renayf be dede / and ud not in dwdi. 

ssewef }>et he ne is n^L Ac apeciailiche ine Jiri man- 

eree is man ycleped renej. and uals criaten. o^ uoi p*>" ciirtiUuu 

|iet he ne belef ]> / ^t he ssolde / ase de)) pe bougre : and ngiinn Oaic 

^ heietike / tmd pe apostate, ^t leneye)) hire bileane.'ik.^ ud 

0^ nor J>et he agelt fe byleaue J»et he bylef f. Alsuo ™™™- 

do)i pe noizQorene. and pe lexers of pe byleaue. Ojver 

belef^ more ]>anne he ssolde. ase do)i pe deniues / and 

pe wichen / and pe chaimeresses ])et workef be pe 

dyeoles crefte. and alle po Jiet ine zujche finges EuchnMiiiio 

ylenef and dof hire hope: zenejef dyadliche, Vor (ortwibi 

alle EUJche Jtinges byef aye pe byleaue. and feruore '**'"" 

his norbyet holy cherche. Plae hyep pe manieres of 

on-tren^ / )iet is )ie ueiste boj of prede. 



) is onworfnf 


And Jiftj hit by zuo / pet no zenne dyadlich / by wij)- 

oute onworJjnesM / of god. alneway be )>et / ))et we spekef) 

mu tMi ^^ °^ onwor|ihede / byer epeciaHiche / ine Jiri mauerifi / me 

I, Notpr^ring may zene;i / be fise zenne. Ojier uor Jwt/me ne 

mm. prayze}) / o^ren ari}t / ine herte / ttse me Baotde. OJwt 

" '''*'f_'™°" uor J»et / me ne berji na^t woresipe / and leuerence ; Jiei 

•rhtr* cm ihookL )«t me ssolde. 0^ uor fet I ])et me ne boujft n^t ar^t : 

otiffUenc* to ttaoH to bam / ^t me ssolde / ri^tuolliche bonje. 

Thiiik*iiow oflm Nou Jjencb ri)t wel / ine fine herte / bou ofte / Jie 

^J^IU^^^^ heat y-do / J« ilke zenne / fet |)ou best / ine fine herte : 

Jie ilke / fet more byef wor)> / |isjine )ioii / onworfoat 

uor zome graces wyfonte / Jiet god / fe hef y-yeve. ofer 

uor noblesee / ofer uor proweese. ofer uor nchesae. 

oJ>er uor wyt. ofet uor uayrbede. ojwr uor ofre 

guodea / buet ]>et hi by ; hueruore / fou Jw piayzest / 

more fanne pe ssoldest. and ofren lease. 

bmthaahutbn- Efterward / f encb houuele lijm fon best / litel ybore 

tionogr to ood, Co worjsaipe / and reuerence / to ham / pet fou ssoldeet. 

Hinu, BoiiHia Auerst / to god. and to bta moder. and to hia balien. 

"*^ and to pe angles of beuene. Vor Jier ne is nou / to-yans 

buam / fet pon ne beat agelt / ine onworjjtjneaae [dea pit]. 

ofer be onworfnease / fet f on best / ofte zifea / euele / 

and wtoJw / y-lokod hire feates, 

uid how mur Efter fan )iench / bou uele zife / fou best missenied 

hid" Mmd "oM '•"^™ Ibord Jesu crist ojier ine }iet / Jiet Jnju ne beat najt 

teB«SuSw^ blefebcbe / y-hyerd bis seruise. ne y-zed bia benes. ne 

"""^ ybyerd aermona, and huanne fe aaoldest ybere his 

and injiuigiiiig mesae / ofer bis sermon / at cberche : fou iongledeet / 

■DIM. and bourdedeat/ to-uor god. and ine.fet / fu here bim / 

btel worfasipe. 
Think too how Efterward / hou f ou heat uelezife / litel ybore worf- 

bvi tho-n lo t^ aaipe. to J>e bodye / of Jean criat / faJine fou bit yzeje. 
■i^"'!^ kLcm "J**" y^^^^ I y^^ ^^ onderuinge, ine fet / fet fou nero 
or tMifBiii 11, nft]t / dignebche y-di5t / be asrifjie. and by vorfen- 
^^fo?!i'^ cbingo. Ofer be auenture / fet wors is : fet Jkju hit 

Dinitizedb, Google 


ondendnge ine dyadlicb zenne / be Jrine wytinde / fet is M<ni ud hj 
gmt oawor))iiesse. [despit] >«». 

EfWward / to Jtine mete uela;e / and to ^ine / guode 
lokere / ^ia angia ^t aineway / ))e loke]). kon uele 
uamee / {wa heat him y-do / ine f et / poa dedeat / ))iiie 
lenQes / beaore him. 

Efterwurd)iench/houiielazi]w/j)ouhesty-by/onboj- iwnk how onni 
sam to ])iQe nader / and to {tine modet. and to )>an / to diiobKiient to ih^ 
hoam J)ou aaoldeat bouje : and here honur, Yef J)ou Jf'rt^^!)'t°u^ 
wylt / ine ]nee maoere / recoidy fi lif : fou aselt ysi Jiet ^JJ^jJ^u 
(ion heat / more zijie y-zen^d / ine layche nuwiere / of "«" ^ •i"™* 
prede / fet is ycLeped / onworfmeese [deepit] : J«t fou / "»« •"^ mm- 
ne kanst na^t telle. 

fB iij fiO| OP FJUDE. 

J)e Jrridde 1k>j of prede : ia / arrogance, fet me clepef / i*" twni Bowh 
opweninga / o^ opniminge. ^nne pe man / wenji fur^orupwsHi- 
more / of him-zelae / )ianne he saolde. }}et ya to ngge : a un u pui^ of 
fet wenji by / more worj : Janne he by. o|«r more Ihto^hiJi'iiiueh 
may : )»niie he moje. oJ>er more eonne : f anne he ^^11^.^""*'°* 
can. ojier wenf by more worft, oJ>or more moje. oJ«r 
more conne : Jianne eny o)>er. Jjis zenne / is ]>e etrang)>e / 
of fe dyeule. tof he ]oke]i / and norissef> / aUe |ie greate Ttiti iiii naoiiih- 
gostliche zennes. ))is zertne Mm aaeawe]) / ine nele (picttuniw 
maneree. ofer be dede / oJ>er be aipeche. ac nameliche / JJ|^ utu-uf 
ine Eix maneres. bet is to wytene / ine onlepihede. uor )ie i. Bingniuitr. 

, , , TbgpnndudUw 

pronoe / and pe onerwenere / wenep more by worp / onrwHur wui 
oJier conne r more fanne enie ojite. and ne dayne)> ^^^ *" *" ' 
na^t do / ase ojtre / («t more bye)i vor]) / f anne he by. ac 
rajire / vile by / onlepi ine his dedee. pet U pe uerato 
zenne / be huam ouerweninge is ine dede. 

]}e o)>er is / fol niminge / of greate spendiAge. )>et me n. PnAgmtr. 
clepef prodigalit4. huanne he de]) / to moche deapense. ipending or 
o^ / of hia cgen : ojier / of ofre manne : uor to by / y- S^^!Ld ud 
praysed. and J»eniore / j»t me him hyalde / J>e more lai^ / StaiSl^d^r*. 
and be more corteys. *™*' 




Ill, nuH atiua. pe ^ridde kuead / ^t com)r of otierweninge : jb fole 

> thinit WB know opniminge of uole strif. ase zay]) / Salomon. ^ la to 

""^ rigge. huo Jiet num^ / a uals strif anhand / and wot wel / 

^t hit is uals. and hit uoljaf). 

iv.BoMiiBg )jeuer))e tuyg/of J»e iike boje/huer-by / Jwproude/ 

Tbt bduur ii uit 88eaweJ> prede / of hja herte : ia yelpinggo. J>et is / wel 

ooiriing of bim- uoul zenne/and to god : an t« ^ wordle. \)e yelpeie is 

" [Foi. 8. ».] I* cockou. fiet ne kan / najt singe / bote of him-zelue : 

TUii •In ii •»!> In )jia MHne ia ybounde ine Jian / ^t be hiB ojene mou^ / 

of ih.Lr on •It, him yelpjt. ojwr of his wjrtte. ofer of his kenne^ ofer 

pn>ve». of hia vorkea. o]Kr of his prouesse. Ac he him doble)i 

HoiiniMti ine ham / ^et ^ yelpere / and pe lozeniour / zecbe^ / 

oaimtateJ''' trnd redeji / and yeff ham of hie / nor ham to prayaL 

boMt^hS doSp """i ^^^ ^ ngge of ham : }»et hi / ne dorre n^t zigge. 

"■■ and nor to lyeje of ham : and t« grade hare nobleeee. 

T, scurD. Ttaitii ]}e vifte out-keatinge / oi fe ilke stocke / is scorn, 

proud, who Horn Vor Jiet ia Jie wone / of fe proude : oner--wen[er]e / fet him 

thnH uiey tte ne is na^t yno^ / to onvor^i / ine bis berto / ^ o^ra. 

"* *■ (let ne habbe|i na^t / fe graces / J>et he wenfi habhe. 

ac make]) / his biaemeTB / and hia acomea. and ^t 

wora is ; biaemereji and scome^ Jre guode men. and of 

ham / ^t he yzij^ / wende to guode. ^t is wel grat 

BjiiHitiPTii zenne. and wel dreduoL Ac / uor hire enele toniien : 

tongue, th., pre- ' ^ 

VBM maA Mk hi mis^TendeJl / rooche uolk / to done weL 

Jk zixte kestinge out / of tbe ilkc boje ; is wy)^ 

. stondinge, Jjet is / hnanne |>e man wyjjstant / to alle 

* w^uremwrttuin. '^™ " J** S""''^ / ^'" wolde. Vor Jie pronde / ouer- 

(hMUnfdg, ec >d- ^enere : yef me him wifinint^ : he him defende^. yef 

me him chaste^ : be ia wro^. yef me him vel ret. he 

Thi. «hx h» p«ii. no lefji nenne / bote his o;ene wyt Hit is a perilous 

•iD» •]! nwdietDH ziknesae / )«t ne may na^t jKilye : ])et me him take, and 

to {lan / }iet alle medicinea : went in to uenlm. 

)}B iiij. bo; of predk 

^Tprwe i. p^ Jj^ neijte beg of prede / ia fole wylninge. Jtet me 
Do^ (Ambi. clepef / ine clergie : ambicion. fet is / kuead wilninge 


heje to dine. J)ia zenne / ia fe dyenles panne / of helle, nm iin n Uw 

huennne / lie make}) his Briinges. Jkb bo] him spret / Tbii bench 

ine uele manyeres / arijthalf / and alefthalf. Vor ^ ud iga. 

ilke / fet wylnef / heje to cliue ; to lome / ha wyle cm «« me iid* » 

qoeme. and |)erof wexe]) / uele zennee : ase ari}tbal£ ud dmoiitian, 

^t ia to wyteno : lozengerie. aimulacioa iblliche yeue : 

uor )>et me ssel him hyealde / corteys / and large. To « >)>• °o>*' '» 

ojirea / ha wyle harmy. and ^erof com^ ^ zenne / a- 

lefthal£ ase to miazigge / to ham / ^t he wyle harmi: udirUwui) 

him nor to anhejL and htm arere]) blame / and wylnefi / 

Jiano dyaji / of |ian / )>et halt / Jiet he wenji come to / 

and beznykyngee. and euel red ; cnnBpiracions. strif. ' 


fie uifte boj of piede / is ydele blisse. peiis/ foie / tbe FUih Bin«h 
iikinge / of fole beryinge. >anne be uelj. / ine bis berto fi^X,^"^ 
vytindeliche / of fet be is / o|)er wenf by. yhered / of JJ^JIJ^™ ** 
Eome Jiinge / fet he hej ine him / ofer wenJi habbe. 
and vyle by yheied. )ierof / buerof / he ssolde hurie niUHUt ood am 
god. And ^rnore / ydeleblisse / benimji god / and ^hSi'ta' nt i fw 
stelf / Jwt hifl ie. Vor of alle oure guodes : he ssel ^^^1^*" 
habbe J>e vorjissipe / and J« beryinge. and we / J>e ""*'■'» "*^" 

Yddeblisse ; is fe grete wynd / fet f rau(» doun / idk-uiH !• ■ 
pe greste tours / and ^ be^ stoples / and }» greate ^s^xni nwt 
beches / ine wodea / frauf to giounda an ]»e greate ^[^^'j™!™' 
belles / makeji to reaya fet byef / J)e heje men / and ^"'"^ inwooiffc- 
fet byeji / most worfi, Jjet is fie dyeules peni / huer- it ii u» deiuv 
mide he hajf j alle ])e uayre pane-wor^ / ine the iMb^Mhg«)d 
markatto / of fiae wordle / Jwt bye}> / J»e guode workea. "" 
And nor )iet / (njt byef / Jai manere of guodes / ^t 
man he^ of god. and ^t |)e dyeuel / wyle begge / mid 
bis pana ; J>eruore / him to-delf Jia boj / ine J)ri manere / it «p™«wh ime 
smale bi^es / huer-of wezefi / ecb manere zenne / fiet no iwii(h>. 
clraek / ne ken telle. )M ilke ))ri manere guodea / Jwt 



b** '°^<M^ ** ™^° ^^f °' ^""^ ^y^J" ^ 1* guodea of kende. ^ gaodea 
i.goodiarnaiiin. of hap. ^ guodos of gmoe. )]e kendeliche guodee / 
».food.ofg™a..' byej) fo / Jjet me ckpej) / by kende. ojer / aye Jwt 
« otlI!f^^- ^"^y • "t*^"^ / "y^ f** ""^^ Auoiye f>et bodi ; ase helj*. 
'Sb Ml" "^ " uayihede. strengjie, proueese. noblesse, guode tonge. j' 
Th» bowj goeot (mode rearda Auorye be zaute : ase cUer wyt wel nor 
MrHigui,prainu, to undeistonde. and sotil wyt / vel aor to vynde / 
t(Hic»,'ud pnd guode ondeiatondinge : wel to ofhealdo. And |w uirtnes 
Ttw^rtritiui °^ kende / huerby / som ys kendeliche : more {nmne 
«"'' y^f^ ojwr. ojier larger / ofier milder / o]jer gmciouser. ojier ■ ; 
■ tooii nDdai- fttempres. and wel y-ordayned. Of alle Jiise yeffea. 
For ill tbHe kuu me SBel }>onki god / and semi / uor )iet hi come)) alle of 
w^oa«iii loihmk j^^ (j^les Jie proude / bise zelf to J»e dyeule / uor 
^3Stoth ihm ^* ualsne peny / of ydele ' bliase. and weirejt ofte 
t^ ^'"^f*' god / of alle his guodes. huer-of / he esolde Jwnki god. 1 ',' 
^"^ And huo ^t mm)i wel yeme / ine alle piaa guodes of 

kende / f«t ich habbe / ssortliche y-tald ; by hit zenne / 
be ydele bliase / ine to nele manerea / )>et / ech may 
betere y-^ / yne him-zeloe / yef he wyle / wel studie : 
pet ojire ne conne him idgge. 
Th« goodi at lae- pe guodes of liap : bye^ hejnesses. ticheeees. delicee. 
highnnn, riehH, ^nd prosperites. huerof me ^ng|) / in nele maneies. Yor 
jWighu. v<tm»- huanne Jie Iheuedi of bap / hej) hire huejel y-went to 
rf'XioM "tSn. I** ni^'ine / and arered. and yzet to Jie h^fie of ban 
MMiTNowMh^ hueje!/ase[^]*mell8to(tewynd6. and («re heje y-cliua 
himiudittoein here blaweb /allo be tuelf wyiides : of vdele blisse. Vor 
huanne Jie ilke / ^t is zuo heje arise / ine prosperity / 
■ltd tn hh pn- bengb in his horte / uerst / to be dignet^ efterward / to 

pmlljli.Uitjik.of ' ' . , J .... ^ , , 

bh digniu, pm- niB prosperity. efter)ian / to his nchesses. efterward / 
M^' MigllUip. ^ ^ lostos / fiet bis body hey. efteifian / to )>e greate 
hH'^J^'hi i^)i*de / fet him uoljej*. efterward / to (le uayie 
^il^^iur """^y"^ / I"®* *""* s«™e>- efterjian / to hie uayre mui- 
"t"! eres. efterward / to his naire ridingea efte[r]ward / to 

to ihe isokini of fe plent4 / of nayre robes, efterjian / to Jw dijtinge / of 
U(«nai his house / wyf eyae of loste / and ofre manero hai^ 

■ MS. ffdiU/*. < J)e ii ineonecCly erawd is MS. 



ney B / ))et zno moche is aayr / and noble, efterward / 

to fe greato preaeiu / and to po great« feetea / ^t me to imM Amm 

him mokeji ooeiaL efterjiaa / to his guode loa / and to hma. 

his praydngea / fiet oueral ulej). Jjus hint ioisseji and T^J^ "loSS! 

him gIon£e^ ^ wreche / ine his herte. zuo fet he not / W"* •>• to<nn«t 

huer he ys. Jjise byeji pa yei^tea / Jiet come)i of ydele 

blisae, ^t is to wyt«ne zij. maneree of uondinge of ydele 

blisa& ))et habbeji po : ine hej stat. o^ ine )ie 

wordle. o^r ine religion, ojwr clerk, o^r lowed. 

)je guodefl of grace, bye J) nirtuea / and guode workes. nugmdisriiM* 
And aye fiise guodea / ofte hlau^ pe etranglaker / ydele fuidwiirki; 
blisse. and ofl« uel^ pt greatte tiaues / and pa hejeate. 
)!et bye^ / pa me8t« guode men. And sselt y-wyte / 
Jwt yne Dirtaes / and ine guode workea ; Qonde}i fe SiS hT**^ 
dyeuel / be ydele blime / ine fri maneres. )m on / zuo ™t«- 
is / ine herto / wy^inne / hnanne me yherj) / of Jw ^^ '' *"' 
gnodes / Jwt me de^ / pnueliche. ase of benes. oJiOT / of I^^^jJ^^,^ 
pria< woi^ee. and wen{> |w man / by betere mid god ; ^^^^^71^ *^ 
fanne he by. Jje ofer / luo ya / hnanne he hef / ane ?"*■ "• '*™« 
fole blisse ine him / of J>et / he yherf / ofer y-«))> / »" hwHiwhimMif 
of hia gaode nameoof hede. and ^t he is ypiayaed. and mm. 
yhyealde nor guod man, J)e Jmdde zuo ie / huanne he ^ ^JC^ 
wilue^ / and zek^ / and porchacej) los / and name- *•* ■ ««^ "°» 
con^hede. and in zuiche onderstondinge / de)) his butbribawnrM-t. 
guodea / najt uor god propwliche : ac uor pe wordla 


J>e zixte boj of prede : is ypocrwye. ))et is a zenne / JJ'^Sj'^??'"''' 
f>et make^ to ssewy / |ie guod wy^ute / ^t ne is •'^• 
n^t / wy>-inne. Tpanae, byej po j ypomtea / |iet ^."p^w 
makef) ham guode men / and ne byeji na^t Jiet make^ toUgo^mibnt 
more streng^ / to habbe )nne name of guod man : 
Jianne J>e zof^neeae : and Jie hoHnease. And >is hire to- JJHSTofEvmSr 
delji / ine Jiry. Vor ^ ie / an ypocrisye / uouL and ^^*^''" "* 
ano^ / fole, and J» ))iidde / Botil. J}o bye)) / uoule JJl?J^^'„rt„ 
ypocntea / peX dof / hyre uoulhedes / ine halkes ; And **JrJj|°' *^' '" 

I I, .. ..Cookie 


■nd RuhmgDOBT sseawej) hsm ^ode / to-uore ^ uolka Zuicbe clepej) / 

iminiKi uid(Ud(d oure Ihord : berielea ypeynt and y-gelt. ))o bye)) / 

iS'tetjS hipo- Me ypocn'tes / Jiet ynoj ham lokoji klenliche / to fe 

^^^nt,Ktt bodye / and doji mania penoncen / an guode. pri'uci- 

^■"^Sr^ palliche : uor fe los / of ]>e wordle. uor («t / me halt 

mtim uh mcnaj imjn ^ guode men. J)o byBf wel folea. uor / of guod 

Tht .uM« hipo- metal : hy iti&ke)i / ualse moneye. Jjo byejt jpocntee / 

diciiiUBi.H>du<w sotyls. ]>et sotilliche / wylle)) heje diua aad etele^ / ^ 

l]Dl^ dingnetea / and ^ bayljea. Hy do)) / al Jwt guod man 

^uieir p»i- B^l ^<* - ^o ^^ no "i^Q / >^^ ™^7 lii^ knave / al-hoet 

ii^i^ii'ir™ P^""® / J>ot hi byf uol wexo / and h^e ycliue / uie 

thiir iroa adonn, dyngnctes. And Jtanne / Bseweji hy ^ kneadea / )»et 

were / y-hole / and yroted / ine }ie herte. fet is to 

ud nUMt iiMir wyt«De : prede. ftaaric«. malice, and o)ire kueade dedes. 

~.ib» huer-by me knau^ aperteiiche : Jrat / ^t trau / nefl 

neure guod. and pet hit wea / al fayntise / and ypocr/sie : 

al )iet he hedde beaore y-asewed. ]peruore / hit is eo)i 

yzed. " Ne sselt fou neure y-wyte / huet man ya : 

alhuet he ys / J>er he wyle by." 

))E SEVSNDB bo; op FRBDE. 

The Seimth J)e zeuende boj / of prede / ya / fol drede / and fole 

feuidrodmniL ssame / huane me let / wel to done / uor pe wordle / 
L B. wiieD one fet me ne by / yhyealde ypocrite / ne papelard / huer 
1^"™ iiiu nie dret more J» wordle : Jta/me god. )» ilka ssame / 
^^ comj of kueade kuemynge / fet me wyle kueme / 

Thu >in i> i)» fce kueade. And bcruore / is hy dojter of prede. and 

duu^lM of prhls, • i i j i t 

■ad makMh mni hg zeucnde b<^ / faejliche. and make)) ofte / lete ^t 
piHM uh world, guod to done : and do fet kuead / uoi to kueme knead- 
liche to )w wordle. 


Thu •MODd hnKi pet of er heaued / of )« kueade beate : is enuie. 
BnTj,.n«id«t fet ia Jie eddre / J«t al / enuenymej>. Enuie / is 
Bn^i. dauh-i moder / to fe dyafie. voc by ye enuie / of J>e dyeule : 
3it"d»TU^ "iiivj •^'" ^3^y / to J)e wordle / Jtet ia J» zenne / ))et meat 
STior™' "^ *"J* / "^^^^f ™*n / i^*''' J* dyeuls : his uader. Vor 


OF THB 8TK 0» BNVT. 27 

)» dyeuel / ne hatefi / bote ojirea gnod and ne louef / ^.^^ j. ^.j 
bote obrea harm, and zoo deb / be ennioos. be en- tiwwtIiw. mu 

f , ^ ' \ , ' , dUUIwtoHlUH 

moos / ne may yey / fet good of ofren / nanmoK / nmftMtattaiat 
^Bnno ^ oule / o^r ^ calouwe moufi / |ie bri^tneese / jmcuuuowiuid 
of ^ ronne. >i iike zenne/bim toJelJt / ine Jrri E^S^5^u„ 
bo^es / hejUcbe. Vor >e ilke Ewme / anuenymeji / ^^„^^rt*rf 
al|Knierst / Jw herte / of fe enuious. and efterward / ^'^^"'™«''"- 
Jiane moufi and efterward / fe workes. J)e berte of fe i«»it, ». um 
enuionB / ys enuenymed / and suo miswent. ftet be ne irDrki atmu. 
may / of re manne gnod / yiy / fet hit him ne uorfingji / oBin"b«ii<.iook 
vyjiinne fe berte. and demf kueadliche. and J«t he SS^.^^J^ 
yrijf / ojier J«t / he yherj* : nimf hit to kueade wytte / 
and of si / make)) his harm, zuo moche / Jrat to f e 
berte / of fe ennious / ^)t«s uenimousee / of uala 
dom / fet me ne hise may telle. Ellerward fanae / |>e ^^^^l^t?" 
enoioas y-herf / o^ yzyf / ofnemanne kued / buet f et ■««i»fi m[ii«. 
hit by / o)ier knead of bodye / ase dyaf / o^r ziknesse. vav, te., 
oya knead of auentnie [hap], ase pouett^ / ojver ad- 
nenite. o]ier kaead goetlich / ase buanne he ;hecf> / fet 
Kome / fet me hyelde guode men : ya y-blamed / of 
zome vice. Of jwUiche f inges / him gledef ine hia ?^"'"**' "" *"■ 
berte. Efterward / buanne be yrijf / oJ»er yherji / )« 
gnod of ojiren. by bit / guod of kende / o))er gnod of 
hap / ofer gnod of gmce / bnerof we habbef / aboue y- *■ ""'• ^mf- 
speke : Jnnne him comf / a zor^e to |k berte / fet be bim to ta Hmnr. 
ne may by ine leste / ne maky glednesse / ne uayr 
semblant Non Jwii mijt ysy / fet Jie venimoufie herte / 'T"" *■ ""Tit™ 
of fe ennionee / zene^f generalliche : ine fni mBneree. umxaid numv, 
ine oalse demynges. ine awai^ede gledneeee. ine worse i. in uh amd. 
zor^es. alsuo be zenejef by ]w moufe. Yor hit be- ^_ i^wMtdiud- 
houe^ / fet Eoich wyn / yeme by fo teppe : ase Jier J^ ^^^^ ^^ 
is / ine ^ tonne. And uor )>et / )ie hert« / wes nol of " 
nenym : hit beboue)) / J>et hit Uieape / out be fe nion]>e. ux m 
Jlanne of fe mo[u]^ / of fe enoious / comeji out / f>ri htgndiufTnoii 
manere woidea neoimouses. hnerof spekf danif / ine the tbt^sUi, in tii 
Banteie. fet " )w moufi / of (le enuions : is uol of cor- *'™ '* ""*" 



wn™>.«"* flinge / and of biterhede / an of bezuykynge." Of 

coreynge : nor Jw guodee of ojnen / he missay)) / and 

hise lesae^ / alsemoche / ase he may. Of byterhede : 

uor )ie kueadea / of ojiren / he hlse morejr / and afere^ / 

be hia mijte. Of bezaykyinge. vor al fet he yzijf / ofer 

yherf> : he went hit to kneode / and hit dem^ / ualalyche. 

Th« •rtooi luth Eflerward / J» enuiona / hej \iri manerea / of uenim 

Tsumindiiida. "te dcdc : ase he heji/ine nion)>e / and me herte. 

1101 kende / ot fa enuious : is to wij^dr^ / and nor to 

destrae / be hia mijte : alle gnod / by hit lite / by hit 

Th9 oTmu mu leese / by hit uoldo. Jjanne is he / of ])e kende / of ^ 

uik, DO gTMiuM baselycoc noT no grenkede / ne may yleste / benore 

n^iMt bifcn ]^yjjj_ jjg jjj gerae / ne in busse / ne in trauwe. jwma 

cornbuthM by pa godspelle ; }«t com he^ )iri staa.* uor hit la uerst 

ta'S»m»iAii- "^ *"* 8®™® / efterward : ine yere. eflerward / is nol of 

wad tt iTfaii^ ^^ / ""^ ^ "P®" ■^^<' t*' '^y^f ajme / Jjot habbe^ 

f^i- gaod ginninge / wel uor to libbe / and to proGti / and 

J. Timniiom byef ase ine goTTe. }»e iike / hiwt paynef / fe enuioue / 

^ uor te knenche / yef he may, Jje ojire byef / ase ine 

' yere / ]>et wel floure]) / ine guode / and profite)). by hit 

to god : opfft to fo wordle. and po rebele}> / pB enuyoua / 

nor to Bsende / and to deatnie : be hys mijte. ))e ofn 

bye}) uol-mad / and ine grat stat / and do^ moche guod / 

to god / and to )» wordla Vot fet guode los / to 

I abatye : and hyre guodes to lojy / Jte enuious agray^^ / 

^ alle hia gynnes. Yor ^ more / pet fe gnodes bje^ 

greate r pe more aoi^f / J>e enuious. (lis zenne / is zuo 

P«UD<u,>iid perilous : pet onneajie / me may / come / to ri^te uor- 

obvt, ^nchingo. Vor Jiet hi ya contrariona I tape holy goete / 

Ha who iIiiimUi pet js wello / of aUo guoda And god zay)i / ine his 

a)K«t dull »i- Bpelle / Jiet huo )iet zenejef) / aye )>ane holy gost : he ne 

tui vorid^iD ssel neuje habbe merci / ine ^ise wordle / ne ine ^ 

ftblS^mS^ of re. uor he zen^e^ / of his ojone kneadnesse. and m^e 

TtftauA ot gggi ine ^d j iioDyche onderstonde. Vor Jwr ne is / 

no lenne zno grat : ^t god ne noryef f / ine f ise 



wordle/ yef man him aoi)img^/ and byt meici / nor Tii«taiuain» 
fe zenne. fet wemp fbe his mijte / {« grace / of )te ioenjntfofgiTe 
holfgoet ine Jiet lie werref / ofiremarme guod goatlich / Urf^^^"**" 
ase fe jenres / werrede Jesu criflt / uor Jo guodes / fet °'™^- 
he dede. 


And J(ou saelt ywyte / pet ^ byef ax zennea / pet ^V'l''" 
byej epecialliche / ayens f6 holy goat fet ia to wy- Qtott. 
tene / onerweninge. fet make)) to moche aprede / pe marci !■ Overmmiag. 
of oar Ihorde / and litel ptayzep / bis i^tuolnesse. and 
|>eniore / sen^ej) mocbe uolk / ine hope. J)e ojer is / "■ wuhopa <is- 
wanhope. fet 1>enime^ god / his merci / aa onerweninge ; 
his i^[t]aohieBsa }}e Jridde is / vy[)i]BtoKdinge. ]>et is / m, opponttdo 
hardnesae of herte. hnanne man / is y-hert / ine his luHt). 
kneadnesee / ^t me ne may / him wende / and nf^t ne 
wyle / hym amendL be uerbe ie / onworbhede / of ^- i>o"pii« of 
penonce. pet is aoanne mnn j ordaynep me nis bene / Mmi. 
tet he / him ne seel naat uorbenche / hia zenne. be t. BnfHnj 

. , ,„,, '«•'»" *• Holy 

Tiite la / to wem fe grace / of fe holy goat : ine opren. abort inoUHn. 
tk zixte ia / to ^reiri zo^esse / he hia vytinde / and ti. Wurtng 
speciallicbe / be zobnesse / of be cristine beleaue. Alio mfvuiaf (gidnit 
Jiae zennes / byej aye |ie gaoODease : of pe holy goat. iiof. 
and byej) / oto greate / J>et onnoajie / come|i to rijte uop- ig.inT'ibe HdJ 
liencbinge. and ^eruore / byej> hy / onnea|ie noryeue. gnSj'J^" u 


be bridde heaued / of be beste / is hate. Ac boa The third hnd at 

■^ '^ , th.(ivUh-rtl. 

aselt ywyte / fiet )»r is an hate / Jiet is uirtue, ^t fie hu*. 
guode man he]) / aye ))et kueod. An ojne / pet is zenne ikirimu^ bni 
i*el giat ^t is felhede / of berte. hueiof comej / uele b_) ot twrt i> > 
bo^ee. and hejiiche : uonr. by J« uour ■werreres / fet ^SJ^JlJ 
fe felonn hef. J)e uerete is / to him-zelne. nor boawne ^J^'^^T'' 
man / him berj) hate / to J)e toiment / and Jje zaule / ^^Jl^^" 
and ))et body / zao J)et man / ne may slepe ne none ™'irt'dii»hini- 
reate habhe. O^huyl / him he-nim)) )iane mete / and 
^ne drinke. and make]) hint ualle / ine ane feure / 



ojier ine zaiche zoi^e : Jwt he mmp / Jnae dyafi. ))et U 

a ver / ^t waste}) / alle ])e gaodes / of ^ house. )}e 

The tn* !• with ofre wMxe / J»t fe feloim he)) : )>et is to gode. Vor 

KoutmiDkMM or wrejie / and felonnye / op-berej) / and nim^ zuo / ofer- 

orMffiiu! Ac huyl / ]» herte of ])e felle / nor zome aduersit^ timhch / 

o))er uor ziknesee / o})er uor dynp j of urendes. oJie[r] uor 

zome misual / Jiet his wyl / na is n^t y-do : fet ha 

groche)) / aye our Ihord. and euele ^onke]) god / and 

his hal^n / aad ziiere^ / and 'blasfeme)) / aye god / and 

The 3rd iiwHh hia haljeiL ))e ])ridde weiie / ^t })e wrefiuolle he)i. is 

oDfiethini.-ui to J»an / |i6t hyejj onder him, Jwt ia / to his wyue / and 

^d. to his mayn^ ^Vor fe man / is oferhuyl zuo ont / of 

pe^mhhi hiswytte: )>et ba beat / and emit / and wyf / and chil- 

il^ij^^'^ dren / and mayn^. and brekj) potes / and coppea / ase 

^ "m rfhli "" ^* '"^^ I ^^^ '^^ ^ wytte, and zuo he is. pe uerjw / 

^- is werre / wyfi-oute / to his nejybores / and to his 

wiih bit neigh- nixte / J>et byej> alle / aboute him. And of Jjiee boje / 

oriuihtngh wBxefa zeue smale boiea. Yoi buanne wrebe arist /be- 

iprlngeth T tnaU ' ' ' 

twiga: tuene tuay men : ^r la uerst chidinge / and Jianne 

t. wn»h. ». I>l^ wrejie / fet bleff ine herte. efiterwaid / wrefe. efter- 
4. Btrth i.Drfn ward / comf ofte atrif. efter wyhiinge of wreche. efter- 
s'j^inS^htw. "■"^ / ojwrhuil manslajte. and eflerward / ojwrhuil 
T. i>«iidiT "K. werre dyadlich / be-tuene Jje urendes / buerof com]p / 
ofte / to mocbe kuead / and perils / ^ ne moje / n^t 
wiriifodmM by amended. Vor huanne ber is werre / betuene tuajre 

amj homn. u 

thedeiittioriiuioT men: hit yualji ofle / J>et fer byej» moche uolko dyade / 
deBmruonof bet De habbob newne gelt, chorchea tobroke. tounes 

churcbM,U* ' I o 

buniinR of lowM, uorbemd. abbeyea. priories, bemea destnid / and 

uie diiiDiKriunc* men / and wyfmen / and children deserited / and 
■nd «n< or m.D. ' J I I 

waam. and y-exiled. and londes destrud. and to moche / of obra 

chDdmi, luidi ^ ' ' 

deetroT^ jtc hanues / J)6t bye^ y-do / be J)e encheyson / of J»bii / )>et 
hi bye)) yhealde / uoi te amendi / pet / ^ia purchaco^. 
and ^e Ibord / and alle po j }iet bye^ to ham helpinde. 
an ine zuycbe nyeda and })eruore hy bye)) / ine gT«at« 
balance / of byre helfe / of zanle. uor hi ne moje 

.■,,,„, =,Googl. 


araendi / ne yelde : fe hannee / ^t hi habbeji ydo. and 
hit behoue^ yelde : o^er hongy. 


J)et ner^ heaued / of fe wyckede beste / is onlust- Th» fomth hwi 
hede. J>et is onlosthede / and tyeue to do wel pis zenne / b«ut of hgii ii 
his a to knead lote / ^t kest / uele kueade bojes. J)is iiogoad,uid* 
onlosthede / )iet is sleu^ / make^ ^t man he)i / kueade £^^^'*'™* *° 
agionyuge / and more kneade / amendinge / and to ^^°^ ,^.1 
wore endinge. Kueade anginnynge / hej) Jie sleuaotle : ^Jf^™^ "" 
be zix zenuee. Jje neiste ia Jmnneliche. huanne J>e man ?''*''[|^J^'"" 
lone^ lite / and Iheucliche ouie Ihord / Jiet he ssolde nioc. bkd uwid- 
loaye / beniindeliche. and ^erof com]> / )>et he is / fyeble miiag. 
and Iheuc / to alle guodee / to done. ))e ofei ia i^ath out Lord 
arjnesse / fwt ia tyene / of hert« / ^t ia fiet bed / to fe ^nm" 
dyeule / huerine / he him reste]) / and zay^ to fie manne / ^J^f J" ^^^ ■" 
and to fe wyimanne. ' Jju heat y-by / to zofte y-dra;e aopemaa, and 
norf . Jwn art to fiebble / of wmpleccioun. J)ou ne mijt ia.t. of ui. B»h. 
na)t do / )ie greate penonces. ]m>u art to tendre. ]k>u tafxanioHi.] 
Bsoldeet by anhaste dyad.' and )>eruore J>e -wrechche*/ 
him let nalle to done be loetes / of hia ulesse. ))e bridde s. Tiuiiiienunii 

- II 1 1 1 J tsmpud b/ the 

IS ydelneeae. )iet is a zenne / fiet dep moche knead / aae d«vi] inttothiiik 
^yy 1 1* wrytinge. Vor huanne Jw dyeuel / nynt fane ,rMd»iod«i» 
man ydel : he hine def / to worke. and dejt him nerst / rtM,taqWL«. %bA 
fffinche knead, and eflerward / to wylni uileynies / S^*"" "^ 
ribaudj'ee / lecheries / and his time lyese / and manye 
gaodes / f et he mi^te do. huerof / he mijte wynne 
paiadia. Jje uerje is / heuinesse. huanne fa man / ia *. TiwimTTiiiin 
zno heni / ])at ne louef / bote to ligge / and resti / and ud >iep<. 
elepe. ofierhuil by bye]) / ynoj awaked / to nyedes / loKfounuumi 
fet hi hedden leuere / lyese vour messen : ^anne ane Ji^^ ' ''™" °' ' 
Euot / ofer ane slep, Jje vifte ie / wyckednesae. J>et is e-Tbewieiwiiiii*- 
hnanne^ man/li]> ine zenne/ and yvelfjieuondinges/ louHnd ui uri] 
of fe dyeule / and of hia ulease / fet hint asaylefi / and '^*' 
be rijte kueadnesae : nele arere fet heuod to gode / be 
zorje / ne grede / liarou be Bsriftc. no arcrc fm bonden. 



[FuL ». L] be eatdsfocioim. [dedbote]. J}e iUce anlikne}* / yeae 
HtitifufU] aarewe / fet he)> leuero rotye / in a pnson / aonl / and 
lUher rot la atuikinde : Jianne to habbe / fe pyne of stapes / to cUue 
ui«tnnbi> to uor hls outguoiugs. )}e sixte / is litel wyl [arjnesee} 
df^ <w by j^^ j^ leime / byeji ^ / J»t bebbe^ drede / of najt / 
utottS'Siii- f** '^^ done / n^t agiime / wel to dooeL uor hi habbeji 
t^fcrsL'uS dreda J«et god / ham wyla fayly / J»et b |ie drede / of (»e 
ood wui fcu meteres. fet habbej) drede / of We metingee. Jjo 
TUi !• On Ami anlikne^ )ian / ^t ne dar najt guo / ine pe pe)w aor ]>ane 
1 eiu^ge / pet, sseawe)i him his homea. And to ^ childe / 

))et ne dar najt guo bia way / uor ^ guos fat blauji. 
J Jjiae byef Je rix vices / J>et benymej) J>e manne / 
ohuanin »ft»id of ^°^ ginnynge. Vor ojjre ox vicee / ne may Jw sleawolle 
■ KtxM iiiu Mow- habbe guod aginnynge / o^r ameudemenL J>et byeji 
ThinuiiiiTioH techcbes / of kuead seriont / )iet make^ / pot non gnod 
begtimiDg ind man / ne sael bia onderuonge / in to his sendee / hnanne 
""^ bebsteuuoL [ontrewo.]ons8nueL' uoryetinde. slak. and 

nntnith. The fallinde. be uerate vice is / ontreube. Vor huanne 
dtvu ntbtr tbu god / Bot ine fe berte of man / guod wyl / wel to done : 
tpitdrninnd! Jnnne comji Jw dyeuel / uid him zay]) / ' Jiou hit seelt 
wel / recouri / ^u art yong / and sttai^ / (xtn aeelt 
libbe long.' and zno he him / onwone^ ^ dyeuel wel 
nor to done. Efterward / com]) sleu^ uor he / ^t 
wel de|i / and de)i hit auerst ; hit nis no wonder / pa^ 
he hit do / sleuuolliche. jKt is a uice hneraf al Jie 
wordle is besmet hue ^t nim^ wel hede. Vor lite 
uoik per byef / Jwt by diligent / ine ]>et hi byeji / 
yhyealde to done / auorya god / and biie luxte. 
Ti»-rt«h(«n. ^^' eleaufe/ia noryetinge. Vor huo fet ys 

ioUiioibrive,md sleauuol : ofte uoiyet. Vor Jrise tuo zennee / of uoryet- 
Ui iiiu. yngs : bit yualji ofte / )iet he ne can bint sariue. Vor 

huanne fe man / is eleuuol / him to sariue : he uoiyet 
Tmi itarift b H- hia lackes / and bis zennes / pet is grat periL Vor non 
SHI, ne may habbe / uoryeuenease : wy^ute / zoJ)e saiifW 

^t herf I uor)iencbinge / of herte. beknaulecbinge / of 



moD^ / bojsamnesBe / ine dede / fet is ameiidinge : and "■" pro4n«i ™- 
dedboto. Jwr ne jb non zoo guod man / pat yef he rioo, ohnuanr*. 
yieje *el / hie ojene lackea / fet he ne ssolde nynde / ^^^^^ 
yno) nor to agge eche daye / ine his 8arif])e. Ac Bleu)>e. 
and ooryetinge ; blende]) fw zenejereo. |iet hi ne zys^ 
nt^t ine ^ hoc / of hiie inwytte. 

)n PERIL OP BLACXB88B. TbapwDsfilMk. 

Eftenraid / com]i elacnesse / )iet com^ / of ]» de- bikIhuu o«nMh 
fante/of herte / and of kueade wone. ]>et bint zuo w>>nda(evD 
>ttne man / fet ounea^ / he him yefji / to done wel ^^^' 
o])ediail hit corn]) / of onconnyndehede : and of fole 8™«ti™»tt 
hete. huerhy |ie man / op let zuo his herte / and his ud oribui hMt. 
body / be neBtingea. and be wakinges. and by oJ)ie 
dedes. zuo ^t he ual]i ine ^eblesse / and ine zniche 
ziknesae ; Jiet be ne may oajt trauayly / ine godes 
seraice. and to-nal)i / ine )« slacnesse / ^t he ne he)i 
smak / ne deuocion / wel to done. Efterward / comb An*"™nii «»- 
wcaihede / ])et make)) faao man / weri / and worsi / om nukMh mu 
Oram daye / to daye / al-huet he is / al recroyd / and ""* 

defayled. And f la is / fe lixte vice / of J« kueade 
sergonte. fet he faylef / er J)an be come / to fe ende / 
o^ to his tetroa And me kan dgge : huo )iet Benie|i / 
and n^t uol-serue)) : his aeepe / he lyest. 

bE 6 POTN8 OP SLKOf)K : J)ST BBENQB)} U AN TO HI8 Tb* di pdnM oT 

(loth Uwt bring ■ 

And yet eft / ^ bye)* / zix poyns / kueade. huerby 
Aeupa I brenge^ man / to hie ende. J» nerate is / '■ i>i»bedimc», 
onbojsamneBse. buanne )« man / nele do / })et me him ■neah.dapm- 
rayf / ine penoDce. oJ)er me him hat zomfing / fet 
him ^ing^ hard, he him exciue)i : ])et he hit ne may ^^^ ^ ^j 
do. o^ yef he hit ondemang^ : he hit de}i / 6pet litel / 
ober niut. be ober poynt / ia inpacience. hot ase he ne l loipitiaHv o( 

' , oonlrol uid (or- 

may / no ^ing here / be bojsamnesse. he ne may ^olye/ ncttoa. 
be pacienae. zoo ^t non / ne dai to him speke / of his 



1 ondgiDg or guode, Jje ]iiidde / is grochynge. Vor huamie me 

■tuiBU gooj Id- Bieik) to hiirt / nor hia guode : he him wrejtej / and 

1. Bomw ud grochef. and him ^ng}> : (»et me him onworfep. and 

whicbiwdiisUi* perof he ua])i/iii-to zoi^e/pet is/Jie ner^Tice. An mo 

moche / him ouei^J» / J>e ilke zorje / (wt al / pet me 

hiiit iayj» / al pet me him dep / al pet he yherp / al pet 

he zijp : al hit him tlenep. and zuo he ualp / in-to 

zorje / and into tyone to lihbe / zuo pet him-zelf / him 

a. Daiieofriewt. Jiagtep / and wylnep / his dyap. and pis ia pe vifle vice. 

B. Dnpiir i( ibe Efter alio pise aoi^uolle poyns of sleape / him yefp po 

•troiwi dyeuel / pane atrok dyadlych / and dep him / into 

It euun ■ man to wanhope. peraore he porchacep / his dyap / and him- 

zelue / sl^p. ase despayred. and him yefp / alle kuead- 

neeees / to done / and him ne drot ns^t / to do zenne / 

huet pet hit by. To luich ende / let sleanpe ' pane man. 

pisa byep. xviij. poyns. pet pe dyeuel / praup / ope pane 

sleuuolle. hit ne ie no wonder / pa; he lyeee pet geme. 

The fifth hwl of 1'^ VIFTE HGAUED OP JjE BEBTE. 

S" rftSiii!!^'.™) ^^ vifte heaned / of pe beete / beuore y-zed. ia the 
ormouihii, uw zenne / of auarice / and of couaytyse / pet is rote / of 
■nil ii the gmx alle kueade. ase zayp zaynte pauL )pet ia pe mayatresse / 
■adiacberofait, pet hep / ZUO greate acole / pet alle guop prin / nor to 
(h( adiooi eT lyemi. asa zayp / pe wiytinge. Tor alle maneie of 
«mS'TtS«!'™ ^°^ I studiep ine anarice/ and greate / and smale. kingee. 
mdn^M.'*"'' P''^'**- clwkee. an lewede. and religioua. Auarice / 
ATirtH ii dbn- ie disordene loue. zuo disordene / him ssenep / in pri 
■luiwtth itHit In maneies geneialliche. ine vynnynge : boldeliche. ine of- 
i.nit^^.' healdinge: atreytliche. ine spendinge : scarsliche. ))ise 
t. ^X^' ^y^f* f ^ J*" ^^^ principalea : pet of pUe rote wexep. 
oribtnotat Ao apecialliche / and proprcliche / of pe rote of 

mu; muu nou auaiice / guop out / manye smale loten. pet byep / wel 
ai«d™iiii.: greal« / dyadliche zennea. J)e uerste is gauelinge. )>e 
JiSSui/.'^^oIiw/fyefJ*- J>e priddo / robeiye. J)e uerpe / chal- 
t. RkiIIm"^ enge. JK vifte / sacrilege. Jje zixte / symonye. J)e 
«. ShDooj. zeuende / kuedhedes. J)e ejtende ia / ine chapfare. pe 

' MS. tteaapB 

,.„:,. =,G00gk 


nejende ia / wycked creft. pe tende ia / ine kuade t. wiaiAah 
uolke. And ech of ^ise smale loten / Mm to-ddp j «. wicivd'cnA. 
ine'tieU nianyeree. w.wicWg™.. 

jTonne J»6 ueiate rote / Jwt is gauelinge. him to- i- ^^^JL 
delj) / ine zeaen / outkeati«ge«. Vor fer byej / leue the™ u* j kinds 
manere gaiielerea : lenynde, fet lenef zeluer. uor ojiren. 
And aboue Jw catel : nime^ )ie he^JieB. o]wr ine pans. Bom* imdan 
ofer ine hors. ojjer ine eom. o)»r ine wyn. ujjer ine divwinrntnmfbt 
&ut of |>e grounde / ^et hi nime^ / ine wedde dyade. buiuotuu 
■wy^ate rekenynge / fet &ut ine paynge. And ^t 
wora ya : hi wyllef rekeny tuyee. ojier Jiriee Jwt yer. uor 
to do ariae ^t gaueL and wylle]) / yet habbe yef^ 
aboue / uor eche terme. .and make]) / ofle / of fe gauel : ''"i "^fMTof 
principale dette. Jjtae bye]) gaiieleres kneade / and inun^ 
uonle. Ao ]«r ia anofier leneie corteya. ^t lene^ / nwamteHU 
wy^ute chflpfare makiinde. aineway in hejinge. ^iUiomdiMifcr, 
o]Kir ine pans. o])er ine bore. o]iei ine coupea of 
gold. o])ei of zelaer. o^er robea. o]wt tonneu mid 
vryrt j ojnt ine uette Euyn. seruicee uleealiche. of bois. [Fol lo. ■.] 
of carten. ojier prouendiea to ham / o]>ei to bare child- 
ren. o])er ine ojire ])ingeB. and oueral to gaud / bnanne 
me hit Dim)) / by )ie akele / of ]>e lone. Jjia is ]» uerste 
manere / of gauelynge / Jwt ia ine leuinge kueadlicbe. 
Jm o^ manere / of gauelynge / is ine |)an / ]>et ne l Th* Hnmd 
lene^ nt^t / to haie peraona ac])etblieaaderea/and^ i,Ufl.tuuHMiog 
nadena of bare wyues / oJ»r hare eldiingea / habbe]) '*i™'*™- 
ypoTchaced / be gauelinge. hit ofhyealdeji and nolle]) 
hit najt yelde. JM ])ridde manere of gavelinge. ia ine >. The third 
basL / ^t babbe^ onwor^ / to lene of hire hand : ac bi muurmoaer- 
do^ lene / hara aergons. o^ o^ie men / of hire pana. otuiiiinOi* 
)]iBe bye() J)o mayster gaueleres. Of ])e ilke zenne ne ^"^^JJ^ 
bye]) na^ ^ heje men quit / ]iet byealde]i and eostene^ "■* ■'"'*' 
iewes and fe caoTsina. ^t lenej) / and deatmiji / Jie con- 
ttaye / and hy nyme]) ])e modes / and ]ie greats yef]ie8 / 
and o]>erhuil / ]« ronsounes / ]>et bye^ of ])e guodes / 
of ^ poure. J)e uerfe manyere / is ine ham / ]>et i^tSSum 


Lwuiotiiwnien'i lenej) / of o^remanne zelvire / oj)erborjaji / to litel cost: 
•nuU' cat, u u uor to lene / to gratter cost. Jjise byefi / litle gauel- 
inunM. eres / })et lyeme]) / zuych uool creft. JK vilte manere 

■uaruuutuufa- is / ine cheapfare / huanne me zel)i / Jvet )>iiig. fauet)fet 
trtn. hit by ; mote ^anne hit by worJ> / uor ^ane time, an 

■ u^n?ft«'iom Y^^ """ is / J» timfr-iettere ontrewe. hoanne he yzijji 
i^Hmli! "'"*'" fet uolk / mest nyeduoL fawne wyle he zelle / J)e 
derrcr tuyea / ojier friee zao moche / )»ne J»t Jiing / by 
I. ThB duAran wor)). Zuych uolk / do^ to moche kuead. Vor hire 
hi^mento time-zettingc / hi deatruej> / and make)i beggeres / Jw 

f""*'- knyjtes : and fe hejemen / (let uoljeji )» tomemenB. 

iThejKmd and bet hy betakeb/hyre londes / and hare eritage / ine 

montj « lud i ■/ i i j i o i 

wfaich tiHv know wed. and dead wed / )>et na;t him ne aquytte^. pe 

doenwd, ofre zene ej) / to be^o Jie jtingee / ase com. ofer wyn. 

s.Tb.jbojihiDgi o])er ojierjimg / lesse be )« haluedele / ^ne hit hia 

•ad mu ibam WOTj). uor ]» pans / f et he payf beuore, and ))anne / 

dwnr. hit zelleji / ham ayen / tuyea zuo moche / o)>er fries : f e 

derrer. Jje ofre b^ge)) Jie Jiicges / hnanne hi byej lest 

trii^ boy com yfOY^ to greats cheape / ine henieate / pet com. ine uen- 

wbm it It tarn ; doDginge : fet wyn. ojire cheapfares uor to wile ayen / 

th* dHT itoiM n al-huet hi byef / mest diere. and wilne)) / |>ane dyere 

dHnr. time / uor to zelle ^e dcirer. p6 o^ra / fet com ageise. 

uidYW^""" J"® 'vines in flouringe / huanne fet hi byej) / of uaira 

Bw^ing am- ago-wyngo. be zuiehe uorwerde : fet hi habbe / huet cas 

«. -ntr SH r«dd yualle ; hire catel sauf. be zixte manure / is of ban / 

diH. pet take]) hire pane to marchons / be zuo ))et hi by 

uelaje / to Jte wynn^ge. and najt to fw lere. ofer pet 

hi betakep / hire beetes / to fe haluedele / be zuo pet hi 

by / of fer pris. pet is to li^e / pet yef hi st«mep / 

ine menc-time : do opre ine hare stede / ase moche 

7. Th«r uii( lid- worp. ))e zeuende manere / is ine pan / pet dop / hare 

cndtiHofUutr poure ne;]ehoures / ine hare nyedes. and uor pet hi 

hahbep / ham y-lend / a lyte zeluer. oper com. oper ydo 

znme cortaysye. And huanne hy hiae yief poore / and 

nyeduol : panne makep hy / mid ham / marcat / to do 

hire niedes. and pe pans / pet hi token bcnore / to pe 


poora manne. ofer him lende / a Ut« com. / hi habbej) ""* "**!?"!■ 
}»ri'panewor})eeof worko: uor ane peny, w«k br » pMrnj, 

,. ,. lt<a. 10 b.| 


J)e ofer b<^ of anarice : ys fyef Jib, J«t is nyme / ofer TiBiecffliii booRh 
of healde / ofre manne Ranges / wyf wroi^ / and onwy- uiefi, oi« ii, » 
tiude / and wy)i-oute wylle / of ^e Ihorde. And fwt me atfaFrmen'igoodi 
m&y do / ine uoor manerea be ]ie maiiire of ^eues. Vor vom UoLat 
far ya : a fyef open, and a fyef ywre^. a fief pWu^. i.^'iommt. 
and a Jpyef uela^ ^J^- *■ *^ 

pe fyof commun / and open / byef J)o / ^t be '■ ^' "i™' "■'•' 
zaiche crefte / libbef. of huam me deji dom / huanne wh«i™igiit. 
me hise nym)i. Of zuichen ^r bye)) / uele mansrea. 
ine londe / and ine ze. J)e fyef y-wreje / is fet stele}) ^T'^'lj"''*' 
ine halkes / and ywryjeliche greate bingea / ober g««or«i»u 

, , J , , . . . , - thing*, b^r MTlfe, 

little / be hire n^tinge. o)>er be tiaysoun. ojwt be trnuo, or cnft. 

pe prtMi fyeues byejt }io / |>et ne Bt«leji n^t / of »- Tinpriyjr oiw 
oncoufK). ac of priues. And of zuichen : fer byeji / of 
greate / and of smale. J)e greate /byeji of Jiekueade/ and Ti»grMto»t»« 
^ ontiewe reuen. pronos. and bedeles. andsenione. Taiu,bH>iiai,iiid 
^t atelef / ^ amendes. and wy^draje]) pe rentes / of uumHiBDMud 
hire Ihordea. and rekeneji more / ine dedes, and ine ofihrtrionu- 
spendinge. an lesse / ine onderuonginge. and ine 
rentee. Znyche byef / fe greate officials / Jiet bye^ / Th«ynuk«iha 
ine yo hoose / of riche men. Jiet make|i f e greate spend- •ai the imwrna 
ingefl. and yeue)) largoliche / ^ guodes of hare Ihordee / «d m ubeni 
wyjf-onte hare wytende / and wyji-oute hare wylle. ufi eoodi™*^ 

To f iae zenne belongej) / pa zennea of )» wyue. J>et To ihi> "in belong 
de^ zuo mocbe / be hare zenne / ^t )ie children / fet hi wiio mmgctii ber 
wot wel / )>et hi hep j be eponsbreche': berji away ^ hnnch. 
kende. Zuych is )ie zenne / of fe wyne )iet f e guodes / J^,^ SudTio 
of hire Ihorde atel^. nor to yeue / hare kenne, ojwr uor giwtohmiiin. 
to done / into kuead ua. And of ham / of religion / 
^t byeji (^enere& uor hi behoteji to libbe / wy[fi]-oute 



Tha Uttte tbimi J)e ofre byef / Jw littJe ^euea. Jiet steleji / ina ^ 
tiMiT migh- house : bread, wyn. uk ofre )»inge8 / hnyche [let hi 


wtafc- - 

, by. ofer of hire nejebores. hire capons, hennen. frut 
'^'- of hire gatdina. ojwr o^re Jiinges / huet pet hit by, 

BuchintiKH Zuyche byef fo / J«t ofhyealde)» / fe Jiinges / J>et hi 
uf^toiv^tng rindef. andwyte|iwel/huaaj»thibye)). and nollej: hise 
UHJ^ " ** n^t yelde. Vor yef >e vimt / and nt^t ne yelat : Jwn 
^^ta^ hit stelst. And (taj hi ne wyte / huaa (»t hi byej) : hi 
DM uw omw, n Jig aaoUe / w^t femore / hit ofhealde. ac hi asollen do 
TiaorHoij be fe rede / of holy cherche / ojier be hire Bsrifte- 

4. Thtihtof )>e pyeu«s be nel^rede / byef fm / |iet parteji / of J>e 

utHUmfDwiiuK |iyef )» / ofer uor nel^rede / o^ot by yef Jie / ojer be 
pudHHikani- begginge. o])er ine o^re manyere. Eflerward / ^ Jwt 
™!l^SuiMua eonsente)! / ojwr redeji / ojwr hotif / hit do. And )» 
"■^ pet defendef» fe pyeues / oper sostenep hia / in hare 

queade / ojwr his onderuonge]» / in to hare houae / o^r 

in to hia londe / mid hare fyef )«. Efterward / pe 
■n»oomiptjBd«« kueatle domeamen / pet hise eoffrep. ojjer be yefpea. 
imr!*'*"°* °P^^ ^ biddynges. ofer be ofre kueade ekele. and 

nollef. o)»r ne done / r^t do. 


Im pridde boj of auarice: ia lobeiye, pet hep 
uele smale roten. pe uerate is / ine kueade ezequitoors / 
of bekuydes. jie oper is / ine kueade lordea / by he 
kn^t / oper oper / pet be-nla;ep / pe poure men : pet 
hi ssolden lokL be tayles. be tomees, be 1on€& be 
kueade wones. be amendee. be preapnyngee. oper be 
opra TTonee / pet hy zechep. oper bepenchep / hoa hi 
moje habbe / of hiien. Ine piae tenne byep / pe greate 
■^^ princes. o)>er barouns. pet be hare strengpe / nimep pe 
ud cites, pe costeles. pe londee. pe baronyes. and pe opre 
riche men / pet hare poure nejeboures / benimep mid 
strengpe / londes / vines / opet opre pingea. and nimep 
ary^thalf / and alefthalf / pet no ping / ne may ham 

III. Tht third 


ascapie. J)e Jiridde is / ine robberea / and kueade her- «■ widiBi hir- 

berjeres / Jtet berobbe^ / 1« pilgrimee / an ^ marchoiiB / *«•. 

and o)ira wayaerindemeu. pe aer^ / is ine bam / )iet i. uopud debx. 

nollefi paje / fiet hi seolle. and )wt hi of bea[/]de)i / mid 

wrong / ^ saepes / of hare sei^ns. o)wr of ham / pet 

do^ hare niedea. jMvifte is/iue))iBegreate preIa[te]B/))et b.RobbnTcir ) 

benime^ / and robbe)> / hire ortderlingee / be to moche pntiiiu, i 

pnxnuuigeL o^ be zome oniijtuolle niminges fiet hi dofr < 

in to uele maoeres. po bye^ pa volnea : ^t nrete^ ^e «iu% uk* woim, 

esep. J)e zixte iB / ine zuyche reueiL pronoat. bedeles. e. ojipnoion of' 

o^ meeterBB men / huiche fet by byefi, )»et makef Jie pr^J^ inT^"" 

greate robbynges / and (« wrongee / ope fe poura and ""'^ 

be^e^ / ^ greate eritagee. ))6r bye|i zuo uele o))re 

maneres / of loberiea : fet long ^ing / hit were to ^gge. 

ac zome bye)i y-contined / ope p&a j Jwt bye^ yzed. 

jlB uer)}e boj of auarice. 

^ nerjie boj of auarice / ia acsynge. Jiet ifl to yeme "■ "« '™"'' 
opo' of re / mid. wrong, to fise zenne belongef / al Jwt i« <"" cuim. 
barat alle nabhedea. and alle gylea : )iet come)) / ine duu Anrt« 
plait. Ine ])is cleigie / he]) dame auarice / uele scolers. KboiuTin mii 
and of clerlcea : and of leawede. and epecialliche / zeue j^^^foi^ 
manyerea of nolke. pet alle / Jnis studieft. J)e uerste tti" tmu nodr. 
byejt / pe oalae pkynwes / f et makejt / pe ualae bezech- thu ua cornipt 
inges. and zechef / fe ualae demeres. and lang time, and jani«, 
fo ualse wytneaaea. pe ualse playteres. Jw ualae lettros "f^*""" 
uor to greui opreu. and trauaylejt Jiet uolk / myd wrong, 
oper be criatene eort. ojier be leawede cori Jje of re t^pmm*^ 
byep / fe nalse yulemdo / Jvet ylyef. and n^t fet / 
jwt rijt IB. and zecheji wyjisetti[n]gge8 mid reapit. uor 
to bynime ojiren / hare ojen, ()e ]iridde byeji/ ]» nalse i.p«i«ewitiiei»B. 
wytnesees. fiae make)) / )>e ualse manages. fiae 
benimef / fe heritages, f oa dof / zuo moche kuead / 
and harmea / )>et non / ne may his amendi. and al fis 
hi do)i / be hare greate conaytiae. J)o iierjie byeji / Jje JjrS*J^*^ 
ualae plaiteres / ))et onderuongof / ta\ sostinct / Jjc ™att. 



ualse cauBBB / be hare wytinde / Eind hise beciepie}) uor 
ssepe / aud uor je^es. ^ hi nyme^ ar^tbalf / and 
alefthalf. and ofte lyese / ]ie guode pla^tes / be hare 
kueadneeae / D)>er aoi onconynghode / oftei be sleaw^ / 
'l^]'ri miawendejj ]» rijtes/and doj' alle fie wronges /uor 
iDMtB* of KoUa, hare couaytiae / aae fo fet bye J; mayatrea of gylo / and 
■cciuuian. of contak / and of be-uelynge. }}e vifte. bye^ / })e 

i. FiiHDouiias. ualse notaryea /Jwt raakej) fe ualse lattres. and ualse)) 
^e celes. makefi fie kueade libelles. and to iiele o^re/ 
•■ ''■'"J™'*'^ ualshedes. Jje ojjre byeji / pe ualse dameres. Jwt 
by toi» or bj iau, ham wine hougeji / more of one half / ]ianne of ano)ire / 
be yef^es / ofier be behotingee / o]>eT be byddinges / 
[Toi. u.b.] ''1'®' ^°'^ ^^^ •*)*' ^^^ WToJie / ofer uor dreda and 
onb}mdefi ])e playntes / mid wrong. And do)) maki )» 
greate costee / and mmefi / ye greate yef])es / o^erhuyi / 
who HU ihtir of ^ on : o)»rhnil / of fe of ren / of erhuyl / of on / 
and of ofre. and Mile); / hare domes, ojjer ham / letef 
yworfe. And dofi / to )» ponre men / greate harmes / 
fet hi ne moje amendi ))e o)ire byef / )w kueade 
bezide-zitteres / )>et yeuef fe kueade redea / to )ie de- 
meres / and makef lyese f e playntes : uor )ie seniicea / 
All tiu ifondd )>et hy habbef . AUe f e p«reones / beuore yzed / byef 
M rMon wbu y-hyealde to yelde / fet hi habbef y-het kueadliche / of 
Sj wTu^S''^ ofren. and hare harmee / fet f e ofire habbef y-het / 
be ham. 


'f Jiri''"i'«rt ^ ^'*^ ''"J °^ aiiarice / is sacrilege, Sacnlege is ; 

i*g^iiiiti>,ta huanne mebrecfi. ofier bleche]i. ojier diajf noulljcbe/ 

th<ngi of Ho;; fe holy finges, ofer ))emen / of holy cherohe. o)>er 
fe y-haljede stedes / fot byef apropred / to guodes 
seruise. andJKtdefdo/ofte/rouaytiseineuele maneres. 

1. AbuMDfui* Verst/ huanne me draib uoullicho / bet bodi of oure 

LonlVlmdj. ' " ' ' ■ 

Ihorde / aze dofi fe er^es. and pe wychen. and )>e 
L^Hoftba kseade preatea / uor to wynne. Alsuo ich ligge/of 
>)ire sacremens, Efterward / huanne me brecf / 


)>e crouchen. ^e calic«e. fe creyme. fe corporeaus. 
y» yblissede oestemens. and o^re / ybliseede Jfiogee. 
£fterward /haanne me bem^. ojiei bret^ chorches. t. Burning ud 
oJmt holi stedes. cherchtotuiee. of or houe of lelygioun. efa„,dm, „\\gi- 
ofier hoanne me draj^ }k> / out / fet vie)) to Koly dnw^mt^ww 
cherche, ofer into cherchtoimes. uor to by y-boi^e. ^^t^i^Sn- 
Eftorward / boanne ma make^ tuedles / ine cherche / t. DupniMin 
rao J»t >er ya / blod yssed. ofer huanne ma de> / ti'^IT^ 
ranite of lecherie. Efterward / buanne me layji hand / fj^SrTioiBit 
ine kneade / ine clerk, ofer ine man / o|«r ine wyf- ""^ n dnfc « 
man / of religion. Eftenrard hoanne me 8tel)ii o)iet nUgioo. 
her)) / be kueade skele / out of holy etede / ybliesede uswd lungi 
Jiing«a/ot»r onbliaeede / hnet Jiet hit by. Of }\ae J^'S^i, 
Mwnea / ne byej> n^t kuytte fo / Jiet )« guodes of holy ^^^"^ 
cherche. fe patremoyne of lesu criet j despendeji "'y^^^^ 
ine kneode ua Ne Jo nafemo / Jet benime^ / ofer of pmpmtjodh* 
hyalde^ mid ^^[n] g / ojer mid etrengjie. o)ier withhaM mti, 
hedej Je Jinges / fet byef apropred / to holy chetche. uuJI'^ 
ojer hise payej kueadhche. aeo ]<e rentes, fm of- 
frendes. Jw tendes. and fe ofre rijtes / of holy 
cherche. Of Jise zelue zenne / ne byeji uf^t kuytte / Thtjmnot qoit 
)io )>et breke]) )« zondayes / and )« feetea / Jet bjej to dviudtHum*. 
loki, Vor Je holy day / hej his vridom / ase habbej 
Je holy stedes. })Lse byej [>e smale bojes Jet wezej of 
Je boje of sacril^e. 

}>B .Vj. BO} 0? AOARtOe. 

()e rixte boj of auarice / is symonye. Jet is zuo ^^- '""•i"'' 

ycleped / uor ane wychche / Jet hette Symonn / Jet <■ ■nnonj. 
volde b^ge / of eeynte peter Je aposte] / Je grace / 
iu>r to do miracles / and byad grat gaod. and Jeruore / 

hi byej y-cleped / Symoniaka : alle Jo / Jet wyllej simoniui an 

zelle / ojer begge / Je goetliche Jinges. Jet is amang / boj quritiu) 

alle Je dyadllche zennes : on of Je grateste. And Jee ^^^ ^^ 

boj / hej monie tuyggee. J)b uerste is in ham / Jet J*^£|J^j 
lellej / oJer be^cj / Je holy ordrca / oJer Jet body of/ Wndofi"* 


<mK Ihoide / oJ«r )« ofre saciemens / of holy chercha 

Jm o^ is ine ham / Jwt teiley j god«8 vord. and pre- 

cheji prtncipalliche / uor pans. J}e ^lidde is iae ham / 

I ^t be yef^ / o^er be behotu^es / o^ be biddingges 

^^ dreduolle / o)>er ulesBliche / make)) zao mocha / )>et hy / 

Hoi; ciiMEh. o^ ojijg . j,yg^ ichoso / to dynguetcs of holi cheiche. 
ase byef biseopriches. abbayes. ofer denyes. oJ»r 

4, (HTing iwiT o]iTe dingnetea / ^t me make)) / be chyezinge. ))e aer|)e 

b«uiiic>e(Ho)j ia ine ham / )iet be yefjres / ojier be behotmges. o]»r be 
biddinges dreduolls / o))er be semiae najt clene / yeue)) 
)>e prouendres. and )w parossee. o))er o^ beneAcea 
of holy cherche. ))e vifte le ine ham / ))et be m^rkat 
makinde : lete)) hare beneiicee / o)«r chonge^. )}e 

«. (^uiDRiMnia oste is ine ham / bet be raarkat makinde : miob in-to 

golMowUglanlij ' ' , 

i~ik»t. leligion. and ine ham / ))et ine luiche manere / his 


Vele ])eT byeji o^re zennee / and of diuers cae / ine 

symonye. Ac hi holonge)) more / to klerekea : Jtanne 

to leawede. And f ia bok ia more ymad / uot fe 
LwcJttaj>™n leawede : fanne uor )je clerkes. («t habbe)) ))e bokes. 
fMmttitiain. Ac alnoway hit ia nyed / to leawede men / ))et hi ham 
^Uonitins^n^: loUl / luam ))ise zenne : ine ))ri cae. ))e on is / htianne 
ttwiXtoiootLin ^ wylleft helpe hare ken / ojtor hare uryendea / an hojy 
d^^uHDfUu ijjg dingnetes /of holi cherch. J» of re hnanne hi 
(nd, bj gtring yeuef Jie prouendres o)ier benefices / fet l^)i of hate 
3rd, br cmring yeffe. J)e fridde / hna»ne hi yeldef hare children/ 
J^^l^^io^ *° ' into relig[i]on. Ine fise ))ri poyna / yef hi yeue)( / ofer 

ondoruongef yeffoa / o)»r kueade biddingges / ofer 

kueade semises : hi mijten zone oalle in to f iae lenne 
ThrMkiod»o( of symonie. Vor ase nggejt ))e holi writes. )ier byef 
uiaoj. fri manerea of yeffes. fet makef symonie. yeffe of 

I. oiftorhHiiL hand. yef|)e of mou]M / ase biddinges. yeffe of 
t. oift or ouiau seTuise na^t clenlich. Ich clepie onclenlich : hnanne 

fe seniises bye)) y-do / uor onclenliche cause, ofei 

pnncipalliche : nor fing gostlich. 




J»e zeoend boj / of auarice : ys wyckedhede. Ich clepie ™- '^ 
vychkedheiie : Imanne )« man / is zao wyklied / and ii ' 
mo moche djeuel : Jiet him ne dret lu^t / to done / ane 1rtc^h*l Uui ba 
gieate seima j dyodlich / and orrible. o^rgnt Iiann/ gTwtudboRniis 
to o^n / uor a lite wayn / ojwr uor oreme / to him. S^SnUiJ™ 
J)ee b<^ / hef manye tuyggee. Jje neiste is. hnanne / 5^|^tS^ 
eny nor diede / of poaerte. ojwi nor conaytiae / uor to ™nifi>W' 
Wynne : uoizajji [renay)i] god/ and ^ criatene bileaue. iwrnimtHmtte, 
and becom^ bongre. o)>er ien. o]>er saniain. To 
|«ao senne / belonge)) / Jie Eenne : of ham / pet nor j^!^*'"'* 
pans / make)) to clepie / |iane dyeneL and make)) }» ituH wba miin 
enchauatemens. and make)) to loky ine ^ znord. who look loiba 
o)>er ine )« nayle /of )« |iotime. uor to of-take / ^ RwiaMtatUnH, 
^yenes. ofer uor ojiro fiinges. And of ham alauo / *'^^^S,i! 
fet make}) / ojier porchac«)) / be charmes / ojier he omnUiowta 
wycbecieft. o^r be kneadnesse / huet ))et hit by. }iet bna <«• uoUwr. 
nolk / ^t h^y ins Bpouahod / togydere / ham hatie)i. 
ofer ne moje habbe uelajrede / )k on wyj> }io ojire / be 
iponshod. 0]rer ^t uolk / )>et ne bye)) najt ine spoua- 
bod : lotuep ham togidere / folliche : and be zenne. ))e 
o^ is / fe zenne / of grochinge / and of traysonn i. Omdgiiig md 
[beznykinge]. huanne fe man / uor wynnynge. o|ier sua to rnoc 
nor mede / de)i )iing / haet by hi di^e)> o)ire / to )» S^tJ^nwi 
dya^. oJ»er be zuorde. o)wr be nenym. o(«r ine o))r6 "^JJ^u^^, 
manere / buet ^t hit by. ))e ))ridde / ia ^ zenne of t. Bnming of 
ham / ^t nor wynnynge / hemeji hous. tounes. caetetes. utoncaon of 
citee. ojwrcherchen. o^r destme)! )ie vines, o^ comes, kirmtootfan* 
ojwr dop ofre hannes nor meda Jje uerjje is )ie zenne ^^^l^aK^i. 
of ham fet zawep discord, and pMrchaceJj ]?e stryfs / ^^[^^JS^£ 
and )« werrea in cites / oJier ine capiteles / ofer be-tuene b.g»iMMti«M- 
fe bejemen / nor fan f et hi wenef f e more to wynne 
mid strif ine )»e werre : ))anne ine pays,* pe vifte is [le s- Aomriegpow 
semie of leuen. of prouostes. of bedeles. of eergona. 
^t accuse)) / and c[h]alengef ^t poure nolc / and ham 


i["r<-'n ^°f raymi' / and kneadliclie lede uor a lite wynnynge 

fwt M habbe}) be-zide. 
TothtaxntHicwg- to ^196 zeRue belongs^ ^ Eenne of uilse domesmen / 
hiHjodgB, and of ualae playteres / and of ualse wytnesses. of 
udUHwu- buam tb habbe]) aboue j-apeke. Ine manye ofre 
"•■* manerea is ydo ye zenne of wyckednesae. Ac lang Jiing 

hit were to zigge. and betera may ech man n^e pe 

ilke zenne / and jw o^re / ine jie boc of bis inwyt r 

^anne ine ane eaepes acinne. 


Tm. The .igtiUi be eitende boi of auarice / is cbapfore / buerinne 

bDogh of prido il ' ' ' ' 

nuaer, i.i. adn- mo zeneje]) / ine uele maneres / nor timlich wynnynge. 
g^_ and nameUche / ine zeue maneres. ])e uerete is / to 

^^^^^ zoUe pe f ingea / ase dyere / aae me may. And to bc^ge / 

u pmSw*"!.^ "* guodcheap / aae me may. J3e ojwr is : lyeje. znetie, 
bui u Uw diMp. (mj uorauerie / Jie hejere to zeUe / hare cbapuaie. J)e 
i. To lu. iwnz, Jiridde manere is / fet me dej> ine wyjtes. and ine 

ordtrUHUfosdi. mesuies. and bet may by / ine bri mansree. be 
a. ToSiftKidin , , , ,. , , 

wdghu nd DM- uerete : buanne me ne|) / diuetse wyjtes / ofier dioerse 

a. taiTingt? A* mesures. and begge^ / be )« gratteste wyjtes / o^ be 

■nd uuing dt um )ie gratteste meaurea ; and zelle]) by ]» leste. )}e o)>Te 

i,°^I!!iiing br thort "fiaiifire ia / hiiarene me heji / rijtnolle wyjtes / and rijt ■ 

tamm ^wbo ^°^^ mesnres / and zelleji ontreweliche / ase dof ))ise 

^thUi^^T" tavernyers/Jtet uellefjiemesiire/mydscome. }^])ridde 

t. iiim«iog manere zuo is huanne Jio / J»et zellef be wyjte / purcba- 

wei^t orgoodt. cef/and makef> zuo moche fet / Jwt fing / fet me seel 

i. To Id] to cima. wBje / ssewejj more heuy. Jje uerfe manere / to zeneji in 

cbapfare : ia to zelle / to tyme. of ^ieen / we babbe^ 
E. To iM ■ diihr- yspeke aboue. })e vifte manere is : ojwr ping zelle : 
••■•utinitau- )ianne me bef / y-sseawed beuoro. Ase dof ^iae 

Bcriueyns / fet asawefi guode lettre / ate gtnnynge. 
«. To hida tht and efterward / makeji wycked. be riste is ; hede / bo 
ubowdHiwi zojinesee / of J» fmge / fet me wyle zelle / ase dof / 
T. To PHk* •thing (« wmongoure of hors. J3e zeueTide is / maki / por- 
" chaci / Jwt / ^l f ing / )»t me zelji / makeji uor to seewy 


betore / fanno hit by. aae do)i / ^ige zeileree of do^. <•< —*o ii<>»> a^ 
^ chieee}! / pe pjeatK etodes / liuer hi zelle^ / hare dim ii1h« ta mU 
cioj. Ine uele ojire manerea / me may zeneji / ine 
chap&iee. Ac long ping / hit were to zigge. 


)>e netende boi of auajice : ia ine kueade creftee. ix. Thuunth 
T I. 1 , , „ ■ . , bengk of prtita 1. 

ine pse / zeneje^ moche uolk : ins uele manerea. asf ' " ' ~ 

(riae fole wyiinea. J)et nor a lite wynnynge : hy yaef TiHmt™ 

ham to Eenne. Alzuo fise hysions / and ^ise kempen / ud a — 

and Tele ojwe / fat nor panfl / oJ»r uor timlich profit / gi.e 

ynef ham / to crefte / najt oneste. |>et ne may na)[t] / 

by do : wy))-onte lenne. an of )ian ^t hit doji : and of 

ham / ^t hise eortyenef . 


pe tende bc^/of auaiice : byefi kueade gemenea. z.Tiw(ntb 
aae bye|i pe gemenee of des. and of tables, and of i> vickid gmnm, 
ojrre huyche hnet pet by by / hnor me playf uor pans. I^S^uw., „ 
ofer nor oJ»r / timelich wynnynge. Zuyche kuade ^^^ pUr"* 
gemenes / specialliche of dea / and of tables : bye)! [Fsi. u.^^i 
oorhode / be ri te / uor manye sewnes / ^t udjef J?™"''"*^ 
zayche gemenes. )k nente b / conaytise uoi to vynne / i- CDTrtnawH 
and uor to diapoyly / his neli^e. ]}e ojier ia / gaue- ou'i wiow. 
lynge to grat. ase n^en / uor tuelf. n^t uor ane nina ir tnin, 
mon^. ne to ejte dajea ; ac ine one zelue day. J>e •■"•""w. 
^dde ia / to mori lyeasynges / and ydele wbrdee. and *■ i^^ >dig 
^t WOTS is : greate blasfemiee of god / and of his haljen. UHptumiHot 
haeniore / god him wre))e)i. aae ofbezifiee / he hep „tau. 
ynome / to lite wreche. Vor ofmrhuyl / ham miawent 
pe oisage / pei beaore : behinde 

.A TALB. AUldfikiililil 

A kny^t wes / ^t znor / be godes ejen. an haste / o«i'i •;«. 
his on eje / Ihip ope fok cheker. An aicher / uor pet thadwAv. 
he hedde ylore ate geme : nom his bo;e / and esat an dmtitoiit 



"""^-fcLil^r ^^ I *y* S^ J*^^ roorjen / huaime he let / ate 
bioodf.- gemene : his arowe / vil ope ^t cheker / si blody. 

i. Bwi nunpi*. J)e verjie is / Jw kueftde uorbyBne, Jiet he ^t phiy^ : 

6. Urn 01 Mm,, yofji to ojiren : J»et y-iye)i fet gema J>e Tifto / in lere 

of time / Jiet me SBolde be zette / ine guode vorkes. 

And manye ofire zeimes : ^t long jring / hit Trere to 
Ht uut iriim>tii zi^e. )>ing / ich ne ssel na^t uoryete. ))et / ^ ilke / 
»Uj tor ooii'i ^t wyn}» : he ne may n^t / ine guode manere of- 
*" healde / Jwt he wynf / ac eael hit y[e]ue / uot godes 

irit bg got bf lone, bote yef )iet hit by / ine zuyche manera : ))et he 
iiihoi^bsn- hit hedde / mid baiat / o}iei be streng^ie. ase }ie ilke / 
rtondtoibtioHr. ^ j^j^ ^ ofren pUye / be atre[E]g^ Ine ^t cas / 

he ssolde hit yelde to him / fiet hit he)i ylore. Alsuo 

ich zigge : of [«t me wyn^ / ine tomement 
Tbwotbw Jjise bye)i ^ bojes / of auarice / yno) )>er byef opre. 

bthagmonbi Ac by byep / moro to clerekee: Jiawne to fe leawede. 
d^ tiuD lawd ^^ ^^ -^^^ I jg tf^fyif, ymad j nor ^ leawede : panne 

uor J»e clerkes / J>et connep Jre writinges. 


Tin .irth hold oi J>e zixte heaued / of Je kueade beste : ia lecheria / 
]nh«T, La. too ]>et iB to moche loue / and deaordene / ine lost of lenden : 
™«iina!iw. ojwr / ine nlesslieh loat Of Jise zenne uondej) Jw 
to'Sitr^'ta'**'' dyeuel / in vif maneres / Aae zayp saynt gregorie. 
'''°5*^^!t Aueret / ine fole riabe. efterwaid / ine fole wordes. 

1 Pouiworifc ellenvaid / ine fole takiiuzes. efterwwd ine fole keas~ 

t. Ftol luiuUlii(. ' 

4. Fcni kbdng, inires. efl«rwaid / me comb to be dede. Yor of fole 

i. Foal datd. . , , , , 

ajfe : me comf to ]« apeche. and uram pe apeche / to 

Y^ handlinge uram pe han[d]linge : to pe keainge. urom ^e 

kessinge : to Jw dede. And jHtoa sotiUiche / make]) ]w 

Tiiii fin <• divided dyauol / guo uram on to o)>er. ]}ia zenne / hint to- 

I. L^dwry of delp / uerat ine tuo man^'^e. uor per ia lecherie / of 

1 Ucbn; of herte : and lecherie of bodia J)e lecherie / of hert« : 

5^;,„,j,^ or ^^ '*^}* / ^""^ stapea. Vor }« gost / of fomicacion / 

hMrt taui Blur j^j seruep / of fie uere / of lecherie / beclcppe* pe herten : 

1. Foul uunchu. makef ueret / come fe p03te8. and pe likinges. and pe 

■ to has been erated in the MS, before iecltpp*. 

ymt^iiiacioiu / of zenoe / to herte : and make}) ]>euclie. 

Efterward / Je herte blef]) / iae J»e ^jtee. an auo i. DmigM m tnui 

delite]). yet ne de^ lie n^t / )ie dede nor no piag. And ■«u>i tumnit- 

iue ^iee bleuinge / and ine Jie like lost : is fa o))er 

stape / pet may by / dyadliiib zenne. )» greate zenne 

may by / ^ lost ^e ))rldde / atape / ie Jw giaatiti[n]f^e s. cmHntJng or 

of berte / and of )» scele / and of Jje wylle. And zuyche .ndwiu. 

grantingee ; hyef alneway / deadlich zenne. Efter )>e 

grantinge : com^ )ie wylnynge. and )» greate bote )iet <. SH<n *nd 

by habbe)) nor to zenejy. and dof more fianno tuenti [] 

zenues / yne ^ daye / ine zi^Jra of leuedya / and of anwdivtiit 

maydynea / ^t saewe^ bam / nayio ydijt ))et ofte by n „.iniij lOanto, 

fieeawe]) / and di^te)) ham / pe more qiutyntebcbe / and 

pe moK honeateUcbe / uor to maki must / pe foles to 

ham. and ne wane)) u^t / gmtliche zene^y : uor pet hi 

ne babhe^ no wyl / to do Jie dede. Ac uor-zo)i6 : hy 

zeneje^ / wel greuoualtohe. Vor be pe ancheysoun / of 

ham : byef uoilore / manye zanies. And Jer byef / "iwniimbrtiig 

mocbe \iolk / y-do to dya^ / and to zenne. Vor aae 

layj) / (le uorbiane. ' levedi / of uaire di^tinge : is arblaat / [^?J,S2I«^ 

to Jw tour,' Vor hi ne bef leme / ine hire bodye : pet ""W"*'- 

ne is / a giyn / of )» dyenle. aae zayf Salomon. Jjawne 

behoue^ hit / yelde scele / ate daye of dome / of fe l«Jhi^ who >rit- 

zaulee / jiet be pe ancheaysoun / of bam / hjep uorlore. m 411. iiuu i» 

]}et is / to ondeistonde : huanne bi yeue^ encheysoun / u domudar. 

uor to zenejy / be hare wytinde. 

Lecherie of bodie. him todelfi : ine lecherie of ejen. L«b«T<<(bodT>i 
of yeoren. of moujw. of honden. an of alle pe wyttee j erj at tjm, an, 
of pe bodye. And specialliche : of pe noule dede. And jl^wiu (hhw}. 
hue' is hit uoul dede ze)>)»e hit is kendeheh I uor Jwt '[*-'-*o«] 
god / hit uoibyet / ine his apelle. and bis apostel panel : 
petpvBxajp. 'echmanhabbehisojene: uorfomicacion.' 
^tystozigge: hisc^euewyfl To ^ zenne / belonge]) / Tothiimnw- 
alle ^e ^inges / huer-by / )«t uleas him ariat / and owiiHigiuttcniy, 
wylne^ / zuiche dede. ase bye^ pe mochele drinkeres. ind-ciMiiH. wd 
and eteres. pe zoflie bed. clofes likerouses. and ^e ""•"*^- 



manyere eyse / of bodyo / out of nyede. and specuJ- 
liche : ydelneeae. 
ThednofOn be zenseof dede / of lecherie : him to-delb / ineuek 

itei of ltdwrj 1* , , 

diTidad iniDmiinj bo;es / bej>e Htatoffe persones / ^t hit do]), audge^an 

1. Ttw lit i> of hej / uram kuede / to worse. ))e uerste is of man / o^ 

gHiur out dt hk of wyfinsD / ^et ne habbep / nenne 1»nd. ne of wodewe- 

hod. ne of spoiuhod. ne of ordre. ue of religioun. ne of 

ojire manera ]Mt is ^ uerete zenne dyadlich : ia dede / 

t. Adniurjwuh oflecherie. J)e o^r is / to wyfmanne commune. Jris 

zenne / is more hard : nor hi is / more aid. and uor 

Jwt / zuyche wyfinen / byef o)»rhuyl wyuea. o^ of 

relig[i]on. and ne uorzake)) nenne. ne uader / ue bro^r. 

I. sbigii BiM ne zone / ne ken. |)e ^ridde is / of man sengle / mid 

•ridonwcht wodewe. oJwf ayeward. pe uerfie is / wi|i eengle wif- 

t. Adauirrwiih man. Jm vifte is / mid wyfioan ymarissed. ^t is po 

*. AA-M^wub zenne / of spousbreche. fet is wel kuead. nor fer is / 

J^J'^J^JIT" brekinge of treujw / Jiet pe on ssel bere / to J» of re. 

*'**'"■ eftorwatd J»r is / a sacrilege / huanne me brecft / fie 

saciement / of spoushod. hit yualj) o))erhuyl / deserte- 

ThkriiiadosiiM soiin / of eyi / and ualse mariagee. J)is zenne / him 

•n murM. dobble^ Of OThuil / hnsRne hi is / of man y-spoused : 

e. uniumni iiii, wyf wymmau fet hef housebounde. JM rixte is / 

huanne fe man / hef his oje wyf / def fing / ])et is 

uorbode / and disordene / aye kende of man. and ordre. 

and of spoushod. And mid 0}ene zaorde : man may / 

bim-zelue sle. Alsuo may be / mid his ojene wyue / 

""""""dSS zeneji dyadliche. )}eniore smot god / to euele dyafe 

Onu, Jicoti'i onam / iacobia neuu. And fe dyeuel / fet hette asmo- 

deus / astrauglede / fe zeue houseboundes / of fe ho^ 

[Foi. 14. ».] mayde / sare. fet zef fe wes / yonge tbobyes vyt Vor 

atle fe sacremens / of holi cherchs / me esel vsi / 

T. AdniMT ar* clenliche / and mid / greato worfsaipe. \36 zeuende is 

^^^^'^' of man / to his godmoder / ojiei to hia goddojter. ofer 

of godsone / to the children of hie godzyb / ojwr of hia 

godzybbe / nor fo children / ne moje najt come / to- 

gydere : wyf-oute dyadlich lenne / ne be spoushod. 



pe ejtende is of man / to his keune. and ^e ilke senne / *■ **?2?,?'' 

arist : and loje^. be ^t ^e kenrede / is ny^ / o]wr uer. Uu- 

Jm nc^ende u / of Jw manne / mid Jw kenne / of hia 

wyua 0^ ayeward / of ^o wyiie / mid fa kenno / of »■ Aioiurjrf* 

hare kouseboimde. )}e ilke zenne / is wel drednol afiiu«uk,arth* 

Vor huaime fa man / he^ ael^rede / myd enye vyf- tud'aun. 

mane ; ke ne may na»more / be spoushod ' / liabbe 

none / of hire kenne. and yef he / enye nim)i : ]» 

sponshod / ne is na^L And yef be / nim^ vyf : and 

efterward / of ^e half /of hire kenne: ha lyest / Jw rijt / 

^t he hedde / to his wyue / ine mo moche / f et he ne 

may / efterwaid / wonye mid him / bote by / hit no 

bidde beuore, )>e tends is of wyfmen to clerkea y- u. AdaH«T at 

boded. Jjifl lenne / anhejeji : and It^eJ). by ]ie hodes. koodiddnta. 

and fe worjBsiphede. J>e enlefte ia / of man / of Jte ii. AJuitwrf* 

wordle / to wyfman / of leligioun. opei ayeanward / of with > womu of 

Tyfmanof Jie wordle / to man/of religioun. jfe .xij. is w!^^.*^ 

of man / of nligiotin. and of wyfman / of religion, and J^*i''|^JJ^* 

Jis zenna : ao-heje]) / and Ic^^. be ft stat / of J» per- J^J^i^J™"" "* 

•ones / ^ hit doji. i)e .xiij, is of prelas / fet ssolden i*. Ainiuirjat 

bi licneese / and uorbyene / of holynesse / and of 

klennease / to al Jie wordle. J)e laste / ia meat noul / i4. The lui dn b 

an lodUkest / ^t na is nojt / to nemny. )>e ilke BuntiiBxL 

lenne / is aye kende / jwt ^ dyuuel tek^ to man. o^ 

to wyfman / ine nele maneres / ^t ne bye)) ua^t / to 

nemni / nor Jre materie / ^t is to moche / abomynable. 

Ac ine Bgnfjte / hit aael nemni / )ie ilke / to huam / hit 

in be-ualle. Vor asemocha / aaa be znnne / ia more Th« gniitr of ' 

nool/ and more gmlioh : fe more is worj* / )» ssrifte. i»»d of ihrHi. 

Yor fe Bsams / Jtet me hej) / of ^zi^nge : ia grat del/ 

of fe penonce. J^is zenne / ia zuo onwor^ to g 

he dede rine / ner beminde / and bemston stinkinde / iid ntn i 

ope fe cit^ of Bodome / and of gomorre. and azenkte / vif b 

cites / in-to helle. ]}b dynel him-zelf / fet hit por- „ 



chacefi : faeji Bsome / ^usnne man liit dej). and ^ ejr / 
is anuenymed / of ^ dede. 


TtMMiratb bod Pq zeuende tieaued / of ^ kueade heste : zuo la / 

•In of uu niMiUi. }» wnne of )»8 moufe. and )>eruore / f et J>e monji / ho^ 

w!^!ffi^outa tuo offices, huerof / J)b on belonge)) / to J« zualj / aaa 

mno-,u«o(i»r j^ ^ jj^g^ / an to )« drinke. J» ojior / luo is in 

speche. )}eniore / him to-del]) / ^ ilke zenne : in too 

deles / prtncipaUiche. ))et is to ^rytene : in zenne of 

faiDM w* hty dn glotounye / )iet is ine mete / and in drinke. and iue 

do of (tu ipHdi. lenne / of kueade tonge. )>et is / ine fole spekinge. 

I, sinotfiuunr. And ueret / dgge we / of fe lenne / of glotounye. fet is 

iTMiprnvbr <^ ^(=0 / ]Mt ]>e djenel / is mocho myde jpsyd. and 

"^ "^ moche / onpayfi god. Be zuych zenne / kef ^ dyeuel / 

wel grat mi)te / in marine. Hnei^f / we rode)) iue fe 

tFoL u. b.] godspelle / fet god / yaf yleaue po dyeulen / to guo in 

to)ie zuyn. and fo M^reien /ine ham: hise adieynten/ 

oimtouiHdtiM iue ^ ze. ine tokninge : fet Jie glotouna / ledej lif / of 

um d*TD mtii zuyn. and )ie dyeuel hef yleaue / to guo in bam : and 

Uhid, hise adrenche / ine )>e se / of helle. and ham / to do eto 

^ithitrbunt,uii zuo moche -. ]»t hi to-cleue. an zuo moche drinke : ^t 

Z^"^"" hy ham adrenchef. 

Huanne )ie kempe / hef hia uelt^ / yueld / and 

him halt / be Jw frole / wel onneaf« / he arist Alsuo 

hit is of )ian / pet f e dyeuel halt / be }ia 2enu& and 

Th* dnii bj tiiii ^raora blef eliche / he yemf / to ]» })rote : ase )>e wolf / 

bTthtthmtnd to |)e Bsepe / hint uoT to astrangli / ase he dede to eusn / 

and to Adam / in paiadya terestre. )>et is pa Tisseie / 

of helle / pet nymf) fane vies / bi pe frote / aud by fe 

cbiune. Jjis zenne / moche mis-payj) god. Vor Jw 

Tbtiinttfa clotouu / makeb to grat ssame / huanne he makeb / 

KKkfuiordimg, bis god : of ane zeche / uol of dong / })et is of his 

^^' wombe / fet he louef more / jranne god. and iue him 

oodUkMm&ii, yleftb / and him senief. God him hat neste: }>e 

«(i«windiiu*. wombe zayf / 'fou ne sselt / ac et longe / and artrayt.* 

THB sure 0? THE MODTH. Ol 

God him hat be pe moi^on ariae : fe wombs zayfi / 'po 

ne Bselt / ich am to uol / me behoue)i to alepe / pa 

cbcrche nya non hare / hy abyt me weL' And huanne 

bearist: be becjTib bis matyna / and his benea / and bis AHwrUiMb* 

orBjBOnes. and zay p. ' a / god / huet asolle we / ate to day, nmu (U. 

huader me eeolle / eny ping uynde / pet by woipl' 

£fter pise matynea : coniep pa laudes. asd [be] zayp. ' A. 

god / buet we hedde / guod wyn yeateneuen / and 

gnode metea.' And efterpan / he bewepp bia zewnes : Thm i» ihinki 

and Hiyp, ' Allaa he zayp / icb habbe y-by nye) dyad to goad win^ but 

nijt. to Strang / wes pet wyn / teue. Jjet heaued / me KWaf i»»rj. 

akp. ich ne ssel by an eyse: al-huet icb babbe / 

ydronke.' jMna to pe kueade zayp. Jjia zenne / let man 

to Bsame. Vor alperueist / be becomp tauemyer. 

panne be playp ate des. panne he zelp bis ojen. panne Tha^oiian onm 

he becomp riband, bolyer. and Pyef. and panne me !<><'•■ 

hine auhongep. Jjia is pet scot : pet ma ofle pay p. S'^b"* """^ 

J>is lenne him to-delp / ase be aaynt gr^orye. ino nii«iin*n«*»«t 
Tif bojes. Vor ine vif maneres / me senejep / be mete / 
and be dcinka. Oper uor pet / pat me eth / and dryugp : 
to-nore time, oper / to loetuoUiche. oper / out of 
mesm^a oper / to ardontUcbe. Oper / to plentynous- 
liche. Pe aerate boj panne / of piae'zenne : is to ete / i. BiUofbtRm 
beuore time, and to uoul ping hit ia / of man / pet hep taiHbir^at 
age : boanne be / ne may abyde / time / to etene. and ™^ 
of grat lecherie / of prote / bit comp. pet man / pet is 
Btiaog / and bol of bodye. wyp-oute ancbeysoun 
scelnoL to-aore rijte hour© / yemp to pe mete / aae MioOiUBinb 
dep a best donml^ And uele zennes comep / of po 
ilke wone. Jjanne hit comp / pet znycb a man zayp. Amugnuvof 
pet he ne may neete. ne do penonce. Vot he hep pet bu,buBHU> 
yzed. ' ich habbe / a to knead beaned.' And be sayp i^5™Slwi 
sop. nor he hep bit znycb ymad. and kuaad berte J«nb««)dm 
alzuo / pet hep ymad pet knead, and bim hep y-do 
tneke ' / pe uestingee / pat is grat i»rme. and yef he i pia. »nb.] 
him danmede / be him selue : per-of no strengpe. Ac 


Ha iriu Inn fti- he vrjla habbe uelajes / ]Mt do)> ase he de]i. hniche he 
' draj^ / uram wel to done and let his mid hii» / in-to 

helle. Yoi he de)i ham / breke hare uestingea. and do 
[PoL IS. ■.! hare glotounye*. huer-of hi ham / wolden loki ; yef J<er 

sere / kueade neli^es. Yor pe diiakere / and fe hor- 
TThnaWTiM ''''8 / amang ^e ojiro kueadea / )iet hi dof> ; propreliche 
'"•'^ one zenne / Jiet ia Jie dyenles / huanne hi wyji-drajef to 

do wel Hy zigge]) / ^et hi ne moje najt ueste. ac hy 

lyejej. Vor litol lone of god : ham heji ]>et / y do 
lb ton* the tiUt zigge. ToT yef hi loueden zuo moche / )« zoj^e ioye of 
Bwn than th« heuene. aee hy do^ / pe ydele blisse / of jiia wordle : aae 
«»]ojo(h»v». j^y ^^^^j, I ^^^ ^ timUche nyedee / al-huet nijt: aw 

wel / hi ntijten ueste / huet non / nor god : yef hi him / 
Htiiutbadiiiii zuo moche lonede. Ac hy bye)> / ase is fiet child. ptA 
iuia brad tnhii wyle alneway / babbo ^t biead / ine his hand. And^ 

eaelt conne / pet ase me zeneje)> / ine to la^ arizinge / 

uor to ethene : and alsuo me zene^J) : late to sonpi 
t^JtiMd"'^ Jxmne pet nolk / ^t late lomep to sonpi / and to waM 
rtringteM. be nijte. and waste)) ^ane time / ine ydelnesse. and 

late guo) to bedde / and arise]) late : zene;e^ / ino 
ThtjwMMumt nele maneres. Verat : ine bet hi waateb / bane time; 

tlmg,udlnni ' r I I 

si|bt inia d>r. and hine miawende)) / hnanne hi make^ J ot pa ny|j]t : 

Stub folk irt u- Jay. and of fe daye / nijt. Zuych nolk / god acoreeji / 
be p9 praphete. Vor me asel be daye : wel / da and be 
n^te / herie god / and bidda ac hno ^t ly}i a bedde / 
huanne he ssolde arise, slepe he mot : huanne he ssolde 
bidda and his seniiae yhere / and god heria and poa 
he / lyest al his time / and pB nijt : and )iane day. 

^^'^dLl'" ^^'^^"i / ine zuyche wakinges : me dej manye 
kueadea ase playe ate ches. o^t ate tables, and me 
zay^ / manye bisemera and folyea. and Jius Traate^ / 

So iixT wna ^e wieche his time / and hia wyttes / and his guodea. 

their bodiHuid and WTe^)i god. and banne)) his bodi/ and more ^zaul& 
be ober hot : ia of mete / and of drinke / be to 

•ttingud drink- moche / and vi^ute mesure. pe ilke bye^ / propre- 

^ Uche.glotounea / pat al uonuelje^ / ase deji p» kete o€ 


bis Bpemsgo, Hit is gnt wyt / to loki meanre / ine fflnttoBinvUk* 
mete / and ine dtinke / and grat hel^. uor moche aolk im Uit iptmrn. 
Btenie^. and ofl« per come)) / greate nkneaaea. Ac huo 
fet wyle ^ise meeiue lyemy : ha sael ywyte / and onder- oh nun u« 17 
Blonde /pet fet byefr / uele manerea to libbe / ine fw S'lS^lJ^ 
■wordle. Jje nerste Hbbef / be (»e ulesse. !» ofer be / ^ ^[^ ^'■ 
bia ioliuet^. )k ]iriddB / be bis fiaiia J>e neipe / be "'■ '""■^p • 
hia onestete. JM vifte / be )ian ^et hate zennes acse^. ud ■ iiiih bj tba 
J}B zixte be pe goete / and be pe loue of god. ood. 

(>o Jiet libbe^ be J» ulesse / aae i»yj» zaynte paul / 'n»w»h«iiT«bj 
hi sla^^ hire zaulen. uor hi make^ / of haie wombe : '•«]• and auna 
hare god. J)e ilke / ne hyealde]) ecele / ne meauie, and god. 
^more / hi esoUe habbe / ine f« ojire vonlle / pine 
vy))-outo mesnie. 

Jje ilte J»t libbe> be hare ioIyuet£ : wyllef hyealde / ^jj^L"^ 
hire fole uela^redea : zno Jwt hi ne conne / ne hi ne '<• nudaraiiai. 
moje / healde meaore. 

J)o pet hbbe)) be ypocriaye / fet bye) / |ie dyeulee ttkmUb»Ut»it 
maitires. hi habbeji / ttio meanrea. uor pe tuaye daru-i mutrn- 
dyenlen / ^t tormentej) )ane ypocnto; bye^ moche 
ayder / ayens o^ren. peonhiiaiayp. 'ethynoj/ al-hoet/ 
^u art uayi/and net,' })e o^bim zay^ : 'jHDu&easelt. 
■c ]k>u Bgelt neste / al bnet ^u art / bleche and Ihene.' 
Non bohonejr / to habbe / tuo meauiea / ane little / and "^^^H,^^ 
ana scene, bet he UBob / tcnore be uolie. And anobre '™'^ •»" i™"* 
gaode and la^;& p%i he nae)r / ^t non ne y-Eyi}>- )>es ne boh •« uum. 
bait m^ / )ie Tijte meauie. )k ilie / ^t couaytyae lede)» / iroLu-k] 
habbe^ myche meaure : aae J« pora wyle. Jet is Ibenedi / 
and hoteatre / of Jie honse. )ianne aaolle ve betoene pe osvHidh thtn 
pOTW / and ]>e wombe/ of pe glotonne: habbe a uayr tn* pon* ud 
atii£ )w wombe zay)). 'ich wyllebynoL' Jtepniszay))/ Jattoo. 
• ich wylle by uoL' j)e wombe zay(. / ' ich wyUe pet pou ^ 1^l^2 
ete. and drinke / and Jtet pou despendL' And pe purs J?^^'"^ 
zayp ; ' pon ne eaelt najt ich wille pet pou loki / and ^fU^**** 
wypdre^' Alias / huet aael be do / pes wrecbe / pet is UmiiiiiitDot,! 
pral / to znyche tuaye kneade Ihordea. Tuo meeniea / tmta&tnmA. 



make^ bo wyjte ymad. J)e mesnre of wombe / in ofriy 

manne house guode / and largo. And ^ mesuie of the 

purse / of his. ^t is zorjnol and scarss. 

ThoHtiBtnnbT ))o pet libbeji be fleike : hy healde)) )>e mesnre / of 

i^^l^itc. Tpocras j pet is lite / an strait, and hit ioal^ of te. }>et \>o 

like / pet be fisike lene^ : be fizike atertp. 
ThoM uving by po Jiet libbef be hyre onestete : fe ilke hyealdej) / 

u pnip« timta. fie TDCsnie of scele. and llbbe^'vonsipliche / to ^ wordle / 
pet ttef ine time / and ine onie. and niiaep mid guode 
•wyUe : pet hi habbe]) / and cortaysliche / an gledliche. 
ThMeKfiDgtir JTo ^ libbe]) be ))an / pet hare zennee okse]). 

dM^bTrmuiM. hyealdej zniche mane)% / and mesure / ase me ham 

chargep / ine penonce. 

*.°"iriul?'^ I)o Jwt hbbefi / be (» goste. byeji (kd / fet ine Jw 

thsH thit in in loue of god wonyeji, to huam pe holy gost tekf / to 

nHoouidiiKdH^ hyealde ordre / an sckele / and mesure. J» Jwthabbeji 

|ie Ihordaaip / ope |ie bodyes / fet is mo y-t«^t / fnt he 

ne acsefi / none outtrage. and de)> / ])et )>e gost hat / 

wy[|)]-onte gtochinge / and wijM>nte iri)mgginge. 

ThniwiiHUiu Uou jnijt ^u ysi / nor Jwt we habbeji hyer yzed / 

mmnj trinki by jjet uele giones / heji J» dyeuel / uor to nime ^t uolk / 

by ibi thniit. be pe Jirote. uor uerst / hs sseavej) ham / pe wynea / 

Fint, ha ■hooath and fe motes / fet bye^ najie / and likerouseB / ase he 

muta, dede / to eueu porta eppeL And }iet / yef fait h'Tn ne ia 

n^t vot^ : he him zay^. <eth / an drink ase po ilke / 

tdbumtodou and )ie like, ael^rede fie behouof) hyea[l]de. yef ^ 

wylt / ^t me ne storue pe n^t and pet me pe j ne 

hyalde uor papelard.' o^eihebimzay)). 'fiehel^of ^ine 

indtskHphta bodye / fjou Bselt lokL uor huo pet ne hej) bel^ : he 

uid itmigii' »» ne hef najt Ne by n^t manslajfie / of J»e seine. Jwu 

ana. BScIt to fiiuB bodyo : pe sostinonce.' Ofier he him layfi. 

iSl rf«i"'Sd. ' ^™ y^™^ / of Jw gnodes / fet fou desi / o>er niijt do. 

■od Boaarva ood. j^^ jjg ggj j ^^j mjj j^ i^gt / of fyne bodye : ac to 

aerui god. ]>ou eselt / fiine strengfie loki to god. ase 

zay^ daui)).' ^ise sceles / bye]) euo cleuiinde / ^et fie 

wyaeete / and pe holyistfe] man i byefi o^huyl / becajt. 


to p» mete / ase de^ )>o bond : to ^ has. and )» more / jwniDgiamHt. 

]Kt is / ^ ilke ueriichhede : pe more / is ^e zeniie. Vor 

aae hit ne is / no zenne / oor to liabbe richesses. Ac 

his / to moche louye. Alsuo / hit ne is no zenne / uor 

to ethe / pe guode metea : ok ethe his / to uerliche / 

ober disordeiielicheL Ethe metea / byeb gaode / to To •* m..!. n 

goode. and to ham : ^t be ecele / and be mesure / his ihir •» Him 

vaej), and Mae nime}) / mid fe sause / of fe drede / of uu diwi of our 

onre Ihorde. Vor me Bsel / earemo habbe drede : ^t 

me / ne mys-nyme '/ be onerdede. and me eael heiye C''- '•■ •■] 

god. and yelde hym ^ukee / of his yefjies. And be ^^'J^^^"^ 

^laetnesae / of ^ mete/ jwt wyf-oute/nemay by: me iiieoM lunk ob 

Mel Jwnche / godes cuetneeae. and to ]>e ilke mete : ^t 

uel^ fa herte. jTeniore me ret / ine hoos of religion / 

ate meto : nor ]iet / buanne jmt bodi / ajiap his mete / 

of one half: Jiet pe herte / nyme his of o^r hall 

• t)e narfeboj/of Jtise lenne / of Jian Jret / to noble- *-Thift™rth 
liche wylleji libbe. pet despeiide)i / and waste|) / uor to •pmUnaukd 
oelle hare glotonye / hwer-of an hondred pouie / mijten in ocdic to un 
libbe / and ynojiicbe by ueld. Zaicti nolk iene3ep ine s^ioik iia m 
uele maaeras. Yerst: in gieato despenses / ))et hi ^^^^^. 
makejr. efterwaid / ine fan /pet hi / hit vsejt / ine to J"^bit«mpM- 
srat hete / and ine to gnt lost. And efterward / ine ■^m. 
pe ydele blisse / fet hi habbep. Vor hit ne is najt / uk* ■<• naut a 
onlepiliche lecherie / of znel) : ao hit is / vel ofte uor 
boet / pet hi zechep / mo riche metes / and makep / rao 
uele mes. haer-of / ofte / comep / oele kneades. 

Jje -rifte boj is / pe bysihede / of glotuna / pet ne »■ ■rh.tiuitawgk 
eechep / bote to pe delit / of haie zael}. pise byep pro- tfnHcn^«bo*«k 
preliche / lechnrs / pet ne zechep / bote pet lost / of ttoxniicrw. 
hareiue^. Ine pri pinges / nameliche / lip pe zenne/ uuHMkihii 
of znyche uolke. Yent / ine pe greate bysihede / pet hy JJ^^uoo! 
habbep / to porchaci / and to agraipl Efterward / mid ^"^^"JJ^ 
giat Io«t / pet hy habbep / ine pe us. Efterward / ine p»p*V- 
pe bliaee / pet hi habbep / Ine pe re(X)rding& And hno iwsrdiacnt n- 


to tiuk* jtet inijte telle / huyche bTsinesse hi do^ / to fan / (»et 

diisniHd BUHM. hare metes / hy wtA. agray^ed. and ech to his (^eM 

Bmac. and hoa hy moje maki / nf one mete / uele me* 

Andwhw. uh de^yied / nor hwe noule lost. And buanne fe mea / 

emiftn-iiH byef y-come /on/ efterfe ofer: ^anne byef })e buides / 

and )>e tnifles/ttor entiemes. and ine ^ise nuuure/ gef 

iHti UKijoka ))etyme. |» wreche him uoiyet )>e acelealep^. jwnu^ 

[npiaiiimj gret / and zay)). 'Dame Zuelj f po me asaaL Ich am 

"thougfanv belly zno nol: ^t ich to-done.' Ac )ie tongo fe lyckeake/ 

irt uii. dUb ^^1^ ansnere)! : Mid zayp. ' f ^ Jwn saoldeet to-cleue : ich 

;^i55ru» neilt najt leto askipie / fia meB.' Efker J»e lecherio / )>ot 

tJtS^cJ^ilr '^ '"^ etingo : com]) }» blisse / J»et ia ine ^ recorder. 

tha.iitaofthg Efterward / hi weaacb bet hi hodden / nykken of crane, 

hid ih( naek of ■ and wombe of cou. uor fet fe mosseles / blefte longer / 

beUjrofiimr, ine ye frota and more mijtoD nOrzuelje. 

TtHiiniorgiDi- Nou ^u hetit y-hyord / pe zennee / ]Mt comej) of 

uiH mnimwir glotounyo / and ' of lecherio. and ^niore / )»t luychs 

vbu mia^ zeitnes / aiizejr communliche / ine taueme : pet is welle 

of zenne. )}eraore / ich vylle a lite take / of Jm zennee / 

)»et bye^ y-do / ine ])e tau^rne. \)b taueme / ys jw 

«rj ch^^hi *^ol8 of |w dyeule / huero / his deciples studioj. and 

''^ his ojene chapole / per j huer me deji / his eeraese. and 

f er huer be makef / hia mliaclea / zuiche see bohooe]* ' 

to pe dyeule. At cbercbo / kan god / his uirtues saeawy. 

and do his miracles, ^e blynde: to li^ pe crokode : to 

ri}te. yelde |ie wyttes of pe 7ode. pe speche : to fw 

whntiHBiaiton dombe. ^ bler^ : to ^ dyaue. Ac pe dyeoel Aep al 

[Foi. w b.] ayenward / ine |io taueme. Tor buanne pe glotoun ge^ 

H^iTtrt!^ in to )w taueme /bage)i oprijt, buanne be comji a-yen : 

^^■^'[^ lie ne bef not Jiet him moje soatyeni ne here. Huaane 

wS^'t. taun ^® f*™ ^} '• '^^ y-^*')' / ^i"* y-herf / and specf wel / 

iliM^'mM'-' ^""^ onderatant buan he com^ ayen : be bej» al |iis 

whm h( dxwti uorlore / ase fe ilke Jet ne bej wyt / ne ecele / ne onder- 

th«H,indbuna fltondinge. 2uyche byef pe miraolos ^t pe dyenol 

■iiudiDg. makej. And huet lesaoana pw be ret. alls ueljie be 

dnlTi'n^trtaiL tek]) pet. glotounye. lecherio. zuerie. uorzuerie. lye^. 


. reneye goA euele telle, contackj. and to tiele 
o^ manyeres of zennee. pee aruie}i ^e cheastea. ^ 
etriia. pa manslaj^. ^er me tek^ to Btele: and to 
hongL Jm taneme ia a dich to ^eues. and ^e djrenlea Th* t«an b ■ 
caatel nor to werri god / an hia hal^en. and ^ ^t ^ MduwdnU'i 
taoernee suatyene^ : hyef ueli^ of alle pe zentien Jiet ^^f^]|^ 
l>ye(i y-do ine hare tauemes. and uor 20^ yef me ham *"* "'"'^ 
lede / oper dede / asemoche ssame to Mre uader / o^er to 
hare moder. o^ to haie gromea. as me de^ to hire Sutaiun at 
nader of heuene. and to oure Iheoedy. and to pe lialjen taum lo au um 
of paisdis. mochel hi wolden ham vre^ and o^ red uvim>. ^ 

hi wolden^do ftj to ])anne hi doJ». 

pn ZENHES OP J3B TONOB. Tin il™ of tU 

Huo fet vyle conne and irejo pe zennee of fe tonge : 
hit behooe^ ' fet he conne weje / and ayenweje / fet itbjimrti tMfa 
word hnych pet hit by. and huer-of hit com)> : and huet n-wiigh nch 
kuead hit de^. Vor hit y-ual}) pat / ^t word is zenne umMiTud vh^ 
ine hym. nor fet hit ia kueod. And yef hit hy-ual^ Jiet "^ '**•*'>• 
hit by zenne uor pet hyt ge^ out of kueade herta And 
of heanede hit biual^ / ^t pe apeche ia grat zenne / uor 
|«t hi def grat kuead / ^ hy by uayre and yamojied. 
Kou aaelt pon ywyte / )>et )ie kueade tonge / is )>et trau Tii*<Tiitn«ub 
^t god acoTsede in hia apelle / uor put he ne uand n^t ^"bUs^ITta^ 
bote loauea. Jiet ine holy writ bye> onde[r]stonde ^^^11^^ 
wordea. And alsuo aae hit ia Strang fing to telle / alle " "r. "rf*' 
pe lyeaues of pe trauwe : aleuo hit ia etrang ^ing uor to 
telle pe zennea }«t of pe tonge comep. An ^iae ten bojea Wrmv.naoofi* 
yre mcqe alauo nemni: ydelnesae. yelpinge. hlondinge. Smuatwujhii 
todia^inge. lyesynges. voTZueriinges. atryfinge. gro- ^J^J^^l"* 
chinge. wyjstondinge. blaafemya. j'"'rtrit£'*^ 

be ilke bat ham yeueb / to moche to ydele worddea. «™iJgin[, opm. ■ 
•" r J 1 1 J •lum.MMph.iHj. 

hi zeche^ grat harm / Jet hi ne aparceyuejt m^t, Vor 
hy lyeaej Jnuie time praciooe. huer-of hi saolden habbe 
eftsone disete. and uoilyesej )>e guodes pet hi Jienchefi 
to done / and asolden do. and nime^ jw treaor of pe herte. 

" MS. JeAowf^ f-^ I 

Idla woTdAitxu 


Tbo«i who girt and hiae uelji B-yen mid ydelenesse. hi onwri^ ^aue poi 
uia worti nn- and Je ulE^en vlyef ^erin. hi hiae clepieji / ydds wordea/ 
uwtouAia ac hi ne byef>. ac hibyeji of gnt cost/and hoimnolle/ 

uid perilouB. ase yo ^t emte^ Jra herte of hire gnod& 

and nel^ hia ayen / mid ydeluesse / as )io / hner-of 
^^^^"^ behoue^ yelde rekeoinge of echen beaor god / ate daye 

of dome, aae god zay)i ine his spelle. Hit se is najt 

lite |iing / ne ydelenesae / huei-of hit behouef rekeni. 
ijid In iha high ^nd yelde Bcele ine Jw h^e cOrt / aae beaore god / and 
Inicojinrt^r"" al J)e baronage of heusne. 

^'idte-JH^ ^^ ^° ydele vordes me zen^e^ ino vif maneres. Vor 

•innMti la Sve jier byef zome wordea ydele / huer of J» tongea byef zuo 
I. itKMnKiH ii uolle / ^ot speke]) beuore / and bebj-nde. ^et bye)) use 
[FuL IT. 1.] ^e cleper of ))e melle / ))et ne may turn uajt hyealde 
siappantfimiu. Btille. And yef hi spekji bisye wordes of ham f>et zno 

ble)ieliche telle^ tidyinges. ]iet zette]) ofte haie herte to 
Thi nftw-uiini mosayse of ham ]>et hie yhere^. and make)> }>e efter 
fooii um iiia. tellerea ofte by yhyea[l]d6 folea and uor lyejeres. Eftej-- 
1 Idle taiv ud yr&nd byef ^ tales / and Je nayre ziggingee. huer-of hi 

habbe)) moche of ydele bliaae / po fet hiae conne sotil- 

liche zigge / nor ))e herkneres do vel Ihejje. Efter- 
1. jhu udjokv ward byep ])e bourdes / and )>e trufles uol of nel^ / and 
lui, ° of leazingea. Jiet me depe^ ydele wordee. Ac uorao)>e 

•unkiiiiHiiiftnii hit ne bye^. ac by byef wel stinkinde / and wel notde. 
*. MoeUBguid EftfTward byefi fe bisemeres and ])e scomee / ^et hi 
J^ '°°* aggap ope ^ gaode men. and ope alle ham (ret wyllef 

do wel / }reraoie ; )et hi my^ten hts dn^e to haie corde. 

and mam ^ guode ^t hi habe^ y-<»»tceyned wypdiaje. 

(let ne byef najt ydele wordea. Vor Jkih art aae man- 
ThoautuiBun. ala)^ / yef Jou be Jiine tonge / wy^rajat ane man / 
aBHrtujr ojier a child wel to done, and god Je can aaemocho 
b; ur Mogiw. ' yasik : ase wolde pa kyng / yef pa heddest ysl^e hia 

zone / oJ)er his treaor ystole. 

JJ,^^" Of J>b ZBffua op yelpinob. 

Etterwaid com^ pe zenne of yelpynge / ]>et ia wd 



^t / and vel soul / wel uals / and wel vileyn. Hi ia wel 

grat : Vor hno fot yelpji : he ie apertelicbe godes Jjet b» thit bouuih 

and him wyle benyme hia "bliBao / aae ive zede hyer- 

benoie. f et is a wel uals zanna Vor f e guodes huerof F" » mu* "iiia 

he m^te wynne )ie heaene : hi yeue)) noi a litel wysd. 

And zuo hit is a wel uoul zenne. Vor J» wordle lelf / ti« •"« n^f 

ham halt nor fol. and nor vilayn and nor nice. a toot. 

Ine f ise b«^e byeji vif leauea. Jiet byef vif manere i" ■h|» ""bI" "• 
of yelpinges. On ia preterit. )>e[t] is to zigga : of finge i. p 
ypased. |)et is ^ zenne of fian / )iet zuo blej^olicbe p 
recorded bare dedes / and hare prowesses, and ^t hi 
wene)> habbe / ojwr wel ydo : oJ>er wel yzed. pe opat i 
ia of present Jiet is to zigge : of non. ^t is fie zenne of nahH, nobioiH^ 
Jk) : ^t m^t ne do|i gledliche. ne ham ne pajej> wel to " '""^ 
done / ne wel zigge. bote aae me his yzy))> / o^r yberfi. 
Jjiee / ine dede / o^ ine speche / and ine singinge : hi 
yelpeji / and zellcf uor nt^t : al J)et hi doji. To Jian 
belonged ^ zenne of znichen ^t yelpe)) of fe gnodea 
^t hi babbe]) / ojrer fet hi wenef* habbe / of hare 
noblesse, of hare ricbease / of hare pronesse. Hy bye^ 
ase p& coccon / jiet ne can zinge / bote of bim zelae. ]}e ThmVutmir* 
)ndde ia ^e zenne of J>ise ouarweneres )iet zigge)). ich i. ortrwHDins— 
wille do fei / and peU ich wylle awreke forre. ich wille om wui lo." * 
maki be hellea and fe danes. be uerbe is more aotil *■ BUming wiut 
^t is of ^an })et ne mo)e nor ssame ham-zelae prayaL 
ac al ^t oJjTB do}) / and zigge^ : altogidere nayrliche 
blamye^ ase r^t na^ ne him piayse]). to ^t hi conne 
do and zigge. Jje vifte is yet more sotil / of ham ^t >■ ^^^ 
hnaniie hi wille^ fiet me hise piayai / and hi noUe)i uujfoikHO' 
zigge apertelicbe : hi hit make^ a na^t / and make)) zuo i(i«k*duid>iBmi, 
moche ham milde / and zigge^ / ^et hi bye)) zuo kneade / 
and zuo zennol / and zuo onconnynde: )iriei)>e mora / [FoI. iT.b.] 
Janne bi by. vor fet me ham here)i / and hyealde : nor J^,^^^,^ 
wel bojsam. 'Alias' zay)i sayntiwmard 'huet fer is hier "<«"■ 
Eorjuolle yelpiuge.' Hy make)) ham dyeulen: nor ^t hIvm dniii, »" 
me halt ham nor angles. Hy make)) bam kueade : uor ^S^'^i^ 

flatierhbs, the dsvil's svwia, 

]iet me ssolde his hyealde uor good, ne more me na 
may ham wrejii: ftmae nor to zigge / uor zofe ^ou 
zayst zo)i. To ))aa beIonge]i ]w zenne of ham pet zechi^ 
spekemen ham uor to piayei. and aor to ^de haie 
noblesse / be huas monjie M epekeji / and fe more 


SS^" ""bo ^ blondeiea / byeji fo dyeules norichea. jiet hia 

^udn** 'd'ljlur "^'•^^ yeuef zotike / and dof ham slepe ine hard 

theintoti«p. zenne be hare uayre zang. Hy Bmoriep fane way o£ 

wifDituuwuii helle mid hony / aae me def> to |)e here / uor Jiet fe 

zene^re hine seolde guo ))e hardjUker. J)is zenne him 

b^™^"rii. t*^*^'? ■ >"« ■"f ^l«s. fet hye> aae vif leauea : ine Jiiae 

^'^"^^°^^f^ boje. J)e uerete zenne id of fyee blonderes. fet hnanne 

or*™, hi yzej) ^t he / ofer hy / Jwt hi wyllef bouly / habbej 

wel yzed. o)rer pet he hep vel ydo : an-haate him ziggep 

to him-zelne/uoT pet ha hep ydele blisse. Ac hia kuesd 

*■ ^*|«™*'" nollep hi him najt telle. Jw oper zenne is / huanne pe 

litle guodea pet hire children pet hi dop zouke/ydo/ 

""""(i/SiaMi "''*' y^ ■ ''y ^^°^y I "^"^ dobblep / and motep hit of 

WT"i>- hiren / al-hnet per is more of lyeasinge / panne of zop. 

And pemore hi byep ydeped nalse vytnesees ine holy 

iL/jimmption of ^^j^ jjg pridde zenne ie / hoanne hi dop ondetstonde 

Tin Mk who »-j jjB manne / oper pe vyfmanne / pet he hep ine him 

■DdKdnin manie guodee / and graces / huer-of he ne hep none 

dHimn*. and peruore his clepep holy writ : charmeres. nor by 

becharmep zuo mocbe pane man : pet he ylef[j>] ham more/ 

panne hint zelue. pet he ylef)i bet pet he yberp : panne 

pet he yz^t and pet by ziggep of him : panne pet hi uaep. 

> )>enerpezemieis.pethaannehialleziiigep/'FIacebo.'pet 

edor ie to zigge : ' mi Ibord zayp zop. mi IhorddepweL' and 

Id bjr wendep to guode / al pet pe guodeman dep / oper zayp. 

by bit guod by hit kuead. And feniore hy byep ycleped 

ine pe writinge : ecko. pet ia pe rcarde pet ine pe b^e 

heUes comp ayen / and acordep to al pet me him zayp. 

by hit guod / by hit kuead. by bit zop / by hi uala. 


Pe vifte zenno is / huanne ])e blondere defende)* / and s 
excuse)) / and wryef fe kueades / and fe zennes / of ham h 
Jwt he wyle ulateri. and f eruore luyche hyeji ycleped ine j 
initlnge ; taylea Vor hi wreji f e ueljteo of zenne of ? 
liche men / uor zom timlich guod. hueruore hi byejr 
aulicned to fe tayle of Jw noze / be haie bcoat / and 
nor hare bezaykinge of tedr^jnge. 

Blondere / and mlBzi^ere : byef erf one Bcole. JjisB ^J^J^J^^ 
byef fe too nykeren fet we uynde)> ine bokea of kende iik»Nyk««or 
of beatos. Vor hy byef a ssewynga of f e ze / f et me 
klepe)) nykeren. Jiet habbef bodyes of wyfman / and 
tayl of uisssae. and clauen of am. and zuo zuetelich 
zii^^)i / J>et hi make]) alepe fe ssipmen / and efterward J^SJ^^'^ttU 
his uoTzae^)). Jjet byef J>e blonderes. Jet be hare uayie miim tham. 
zang / make J slepe |iet uolk. and ine hate zenne, hi 2lSr?n»™*'* 
leeemblej an eddre / ^et hatte serayn. ]wt yem^ more I7<>1- is. l] 
cuyjere / Janns hore, and of eriiuyl ylef. and habbe)) J^n«ttM« 
Jut uenym zoo Strang : pet no triacle ne is ^ to najt *""—• 
vary. Vol lafre com]) f e dyaf : Jwnne me' uelf Jutne 
byte. J)et byef fe missiggeies. of huam Salomon zayf / 
)>et hi byte}) / aee eddren ine bezaykinge. an Jiet nenim 
el^)i ]>ii / in one stroke, fane fet zayf. fane f et Ihest. 
and fane / of huam he missayf. JJet ia fe feUiate best S^*'"'^^ 
fet me clepof hyane. fet ondelff fe bodies of dyade g™i«"d«^ 
men / and hise etef . )}et byef f o / fet bytef and etef hu Hum. 
^ gnode men of religion / fet byef dyade to f e wordle. 
Hi byef mora feller / f anne helle. fet ne noizuylf / 
bote kueade. Ac hi yemef op to fe guode. hueruore hy Tbqr m iik> ih* 
byef anlicned to f e zoje. hnanne hi hef yuaijed / wel who bUH mn m 
blefeliche byt men : yclofed mid huyt Hy byef ase ^^'lkJlll,b^^tl« 
fe Ihapwynche/fetiueuelfeof man / makef his nest/ ^^^"^' 
and zuo restef. ]}et byef fe ssarnboddes fet beulef fe iuiwiuor«ii 
fiottres. and louief fet dong. And fes boj hef vif i. nndiv of iim 
leaues. )]e ueiste is / huanne me vint leajinges.' and f e otiMn. 
kneadea aor ofren to arere blama J}e ofer is / huanne 



P»t kuead )«t he yher)) of D^ren / be Itit telf aoif / and 
hit more^ of hla ojen. )}e ))ridde ia huanne he kuenc)) / 


into .til, wid def to ni^te / alio f e guodea f et f e man dej / and 

hise de^ hyea[l]de to ane kueade. pea eth ftaiie man al 

«. BpHkLng aril jhol f& o))Te HO eta^ hine najt al / ac bjt / and nim^ 

sfMiHn, ^ stech. and fiis is ^t uerfra lyeaf of {>ise boje / fiet ia 

propreliche ydeped todia^ge. Vor he to-diaj]) / and 

toheau)i eche daye zom stech of gaode / )>et he yhyerji 

iBr -h™ DM of ojren. Vor hoanne me zayf guod of oftren touore 

natter, mu oh him : alneway he vint / and Mt amee. Vor lofo he 

Jj^^*"!^^^ iay)t : |»et ia zoj. he ia wel guod man / and ich hine 

louie moche / ak he he]i ndch a lac ine him / and ^t 

Tbw ui Uk* iht ™® Tio'J>ingf . J>es ia fe scorpionn ^t make^ uayr mid 

■i»rpiaD,MrH ^e heauede. and enueymef mid |>e tayle. Jw vifts ia 

wboHt^Li huanne he miswcnt / and vent to )>e woiae half, al peb 

t. F»m md nn- he jhcrji / oJ»er ysijf / Jat mo may vende to guode / 

ottaaiVdHdi. and to kueade. and ^eruoie ia he uals demere / and 


Ljim. LKAZYyoEa. 

Lyiiv mAm 1 Leazinge nalse)) J>ane man / alse me nalae)i fe kingea 

°*" *** sol / o)ier )ie popes buUe. and ]>eniore Jiet me make)) 

ualee monaye and ber)i ualse lettres : ha asel by demd 
Tbaiuriiuiwiit ase ualseie / ato daye of dome. )}e lyejere ia amang fie 
uiwi« oDm. men : ase )ie ualse peny amang ))e gaode. ase ))et chef : 
TiwiiuiiUiN amang Jie com. )}e lyejere is ylich ^ dyeula )iet is 

his nader. oee god i&jf ine his spelle. Vor he is 
inaitH.iikeUM Ijejete / and uader of leozingoe / aae he ))et made po 
masr "v tiu neiste leazinge. and yet he hiae makeji / and tek)i eche- 

daye. ]}e dyeuel him ssewe}) ine uele ssef^iea. and him 
He ii uk* u>( chouge)) in neie vysen j ^et nolk not to gyly. Alsuo 
ii?>ui b; >ir, wbo de^ )ie lyejere. haeruore he le ase ^ gamelos ^t leue^ 
moon hu Dou by )» eyr and najt ne he)> ine his roppee bote wynd. 
"* [Firt!^. b.] ^^ ^^^ ^'^ manere colour / J>et ne he^ non his ojen. 
ih™ imiUMpim! ^^^ ^*** ^J^ yty^y fri amale tuyggea : Vor ^ byej» 

loazingos helpinde and leazinges likynde. and leodngea 


derijnde. and in ecben is zeime. Tor ase zayji saymt J- {|I"[J^^ 

oustin. asemoclie aae he ^t lyej^ / be hie leazinge / deji *• ^^ hanfai. 

gaod to ojnren : alneway he deji his o^ene hann / fanne i. Th* int iiii 

))e leazingea helpinde hyey zeiui& Ac ^e leaziages , 

likinde. byej) more grot zenne / ase byej* J» hy^ioges ^ ti„ , 

of f« lozeniooi. and of fe gememen / and of fa ecoraeree. '^^ 

^t aggeji ^ byBemBTOB. and ^ lesiugee. and fe Iho)- """ptaMawt 

ingea noi to eolaci ^t oolk / ine tdggynge / and bom to 

haddn : is zenoe. hit ne is non drede. Ac fe lyazingea •■ ^u UJf« rfni* 

deriyode : bye)) dyadlich lenue. huanae me his zay^ u na m uuncut 

wytindeliche / and be |Ki)tei / not to do harm to ojiren. [ijfa. ffoua 

To {lise boje belonge]) alle naUhedea / and Jie gyles / to lUi bonrt kr 
and ^ Gontackee. f«t me dej) in al ^ voidle nor ojtren ^^^^ ^^ ^.^ 
to gyly and hanny. o^ ine zaule/o^ in bodye. o^r humrtl^" 
ine gaodee. o^ ine loe / huych J«t hit by. 

Of bS ZENNE OF LYEIINOE. Ortbailaof 

Kvead fing hit is to lyeje / ac more zenne hit is him ^"^^i^*"* 
zelue aoRuerie. and Jteiuore oui« Ihord hit suo moche 
uorl^et. FeriloQS |>ing hit is to zuerie, ac najt nor 
^an / ^t ine no poynt me ne may zuerie : wy|Kiute 
zeime. ase lay^ fw bougre. Ac uor ^an |)et ofte znerie : |^ 
xaake|i ofte uoizoarie / and ofte tsaiejL Yot ine zeue Ttm « « 
maneres me zaere)). Yetat huanne me zaeraji boldliche / iiwi 
)ietie[in]onwoi^neese/andble^ehchQ. ^thit^ing^/])et 
him hit likejt to zuerie. feruoie hit uorbyet saint lacob. 
' ne zueriefi najt : bote hnaHne hit is nyed.' ac Jiet wyl : *■ "« 
is ^ lecherie * uor to zuerie. Eftei-w^id huan me zueiej) *■ ^M 
lijtliche / ])et is nor najt / and wy^ute scele. Jiet is ^ lu 
norbode ine ]ra o^re heete of )m li^e / ^t god wrot ine 
^ tables of ston / mid his vingte. Eft^'waid huanne ^^ 
me zuere^ be Tone : ase at eche vorde. Vor fet byef 
zome zno euele ytajt : ^et hi ne conne noting / zyggo 
wy^nte zueriynge. Jjiae habbej; god in to grat on- J^"(^^„ 
wor^hede. huanne al day / and nor najt / him clepiefi to '™p*- 
vytnesse / of al jwt hi ligge^. Vor zueriinge ne is noa 



o])er liing : ftanne to clepie god to wytaesse. and hia 
«, TooUiA iwMT- modet / and his haljen. Efterwaid huanne me zaaKp 
pd^** foUiche. and ^et ynal^ ine uele muieraB. O^er huanna 

me zuere)i be tyene / and eodajnlyclio / h.uer-of him 
inndipnmiH^ uorfingji efterward. Oj)er huanne mo zuere]) uor fing 

f et me ne may najt healde wy^uto zenne : zuich of 
tu told uHitiiiiii nie sael breka : and do penonce uor bane fole ob. Ober 

Htltaonl Mug ' ' ' 

necuin oT th* buanue me mere)> zikerliche / of ]>inge fwt me nis najt 

iiker / yet fa^ hit by Bof. Ofer hnanne me behat 

inpromitimwiBt likerliche fet me n^t not / yef me hit may uoluelle. 

■ni niHriiK br OjKi huanns me iniere)> be ^ aseppii^es / ase me iay)>. 

su'iblX^ ^ }i^ zonne ^t asin^. by ^t uer Jwt bemji. o^er by 

myn heued. ojrer by myne nader laule. o)>er o)ire )>ano 

yljch, Zuyche of es god uorbyet in hia Bpelle. Tor 

Jiet ich asel maky ziker : ich ne eeel najt diaje to 

[Foi.i».«.] wytnease / bote fane h^e zof. J»et ie god fet al wot 

najt fe clene aaepfee / fet ne byef bote ydolnease. And 

rJ^'ttTmuir *^'**'"'^ '"^ ^ ziierye be fojte : ich here ham ana 

iiutudocUH worfssippe / fet ich ssolde here to god onlepL Ac 

hoanne me zueref be f e ' godspelle ; me zaeref be him / 

fet f e wcrdes byef / and byef ywryte. And huanne ma 

zueref be fe holy relikes / and be f e ba^ea of paradis : 

me zaeref be ham / and be god fet ine ham wonef . 

Jji^'JJJ^^ Efterwaid bnanne me zueref vileynliche by god / and 

"■"^ J by his haljen. ine f ise zenne / byef fe cristene vorse / 

f anne fe saiasyn. fet nolden znerie ine none manerc / 

ne nolden folye/fet me zaoie beuoie ham/zuo Tileyn- 

^^™«'>'i9 <^ lyche / be leeu crist : ase dof fe cristene. Hi byef 

thutiuJtnvbo more worse fonne fe gyewes : fet hine dede a-rode. Hy 

ne bieken non of his buones. Ac fiaehim tobieke^ 

smaller : fanne me def fet zayn ine bocherie. Jjise ne 

uoiberef u^t oure Iheuedi and fise bis tobrekef more 

vileynlaker : and hiie / and fe of re haljen / fet hit ia 

'"•■™2^^ yonder : hou fe cmtendom hit folef. Eftervard 

bnntii uum. huanne me zueref ualslicha of er huanne me berf nalsa 

> It may be nod ^ 



wytneese. ofer me zueref uala / wytindelyche. ine i- fj« nwKhig 

huyche maiiTere / Jet me raereji of er openliche / of er iiw. 

atiUeliche be art / ofer be aophistne. Vor sse fe rijte 

WTjtaa idggef / god fet louef Mueknesse / and zof- OodioniniaA- 

nease / yne zayche wytte onderaaagf fane of /and oadet- 

staat fet word : aae he hit onderatant / fet ne fengf 

na^t bote good, and fet muekliche / and wyf-onte stryf 

bit onderatant. 

Mochel is gmt godes myldenosae. haanne zayche omt it oori 
men fet zaenef of f mge fet hi wytef vel : fet ne la man nw 
na^t zof . ofer behotef f iug : fetbinele' n^t healde. [tnciu^n 
fet fe dyeuel Mm ne astranglef hastelyche. Vor PorwhtnoDe 
hoanne be zayf : zuo god me belpe. ofermogodme iicipl'udifhiii* 
loky. and he lyeje : he def him out of fe heipe / oui'^'ttu pui at 
and of lokynge of god. nou aaolde he be rijte/ljeae **»'"™^- 
wyt / and onderatondlnge / and body, and guodea. and 
zanle / and al fet he halt of gode. 

J» htste bo) of f iae Ee;tne ia : hoanne man agelt hia Tb« lut bough at 
b«ufe / and fet be hef behote* / and y-granted. ofer nuudaiuth 
be his treofe. ofer be hia ofe. Vor troufe jloje / and .^ ^i-^ hi. 
of ybfoke : ia aae bit were al on. °^ia boboto) 

Chbastk. *^*- 

Saynt angoatin layf • fet nof ing zuo moche ne ya strtb ii uiu th* 
ylych to f e dyeulee dedes : aae cbeaste. pea * meyBt«r muii Ai«uU». 
hueTKif ne ia non drede : payf moche f e dyeule / and 
najt ne payf god. fet ne louef bote pays / aijd onynge. 

Jjea b<^ him tOHielf ine .vy. of re bojee. Huer-offe ^J^'Jj;^^ 
nerate ia: strif, JW ofer / chidinge. J)e fridda / ?■ ^IJ- 
nuBsiggiiige. Jje uerf e / godelinge. Jje uifte / atwytr i. - " 
inge. Jk zixte / freapninge. J7e zeuende / vnonynge ^ sapi 
anre. Huanne fe dyenel yzi^f loiie / and onynge 
amang ntdke : mocbe hit bim uorf ingf . and nor ham 
inalu monynge i be makef blefeliche hia mi^te ham 
nor to do atriuL And fe dyeuel b^jnf fet ner of 
■ It ii not dear nlMther ^w or t>>* i* Ute US. raadiiig. 



ir^Jt "^""w 'y^^® / '^^ ^"^^ ^^ ""'" *° llwcleppe. Panne efter fet 
oai By. to the ^ strif / and p% cheaat« : com)> Jw noyae / and Jie cheaste. 
"itiiiutio," Al / ^oo huanne me al^t ^ aer: Ihapji fwt smech 
-itnZ^H." efter ]» layt Stryf / and cheaeto / ajid hnanne fa 
on zayf to fe o])ien : ' mo hit ia.' 'zuo hit ne ia.' 'zao 
hit wee ' / ' zuo hit nea.' 
1. chMiiigit Chidinge ia : hnanne eyder lyexne^ oJ>ren / ojfet 

■Douiar. greate wordes. Efter ^on come)) pe myBaig^ngee. ^t 

[F<iLu.b.] ia huanne (e on peyne^ Jiannofren / and zigge)> ))e 
t. Aii«*uip«k« greate felonyea. Yor Jiei ia a felonu )iet he]) )>e tonge 
•taupHiiunii mon keniinde : )ianne Tasonr. 'more zuy^r / ^anne 
™"' arwe nlyinde. and more boryinde : ])anne zouterea de& 

Hs ii ukt ih( zuyche men bye^ aniykned to p& )iorn-hog. Jrat ya al 
hs(), mtfa III yivryje myd prikyinde elea. and hit is to moche fel ^ 
out ritifi" d i»ft, ^ii"! ^^f hit ia wrof. And J>anne hit ia of-tyened : he 
H> u iiks ■ Bern ^^^ °^^ ^^ ^^ "^ ^ bodye : arijthalf / and a lefthalf. 
^JJ^^^j Alsuo he ia anlikned to fe felle dt^ge, Jet hyt / and 
'»*'■ beberkf alle fo fet he may. 

Efterward come]) J)e godelingea. ))et ia huanne }« 
on godelej ^anne ojrene. And ])et is zuo grat zenne / ^t 
fe wrytynge zayp ; Jiet huo f et godele]) his emcriaten : 
he ys acoreed of god. And saynte paul zayf. ])et zuych 
iiolk ne moje hnbbe godea ryche. And Salomon zayj. 
month i»« fet hare monj) ia : aae )>e wyjte fet ual|i ine hot weter. 
tot Jet kest hyer / and J>er : and acoldej alle )>o Jfet bye( 
Jer aboute. 

Efterjan comej Je wyfnymyngea / pet byet yet 
luiirpin"^ more gratter zenne. hnanne me atwyt ane man / oJ>er 
mtWmio. ijg lennea / o>er hia folies / oper his pouert4 / ojer his 

poure ken / o]nr ojtre lac ' pet is ine hirn. 
ThMtaniBg la Efterward zuo comep pe preapnynges / and beginne^ 
^ pe medles / and pe weirea. Ac aboue alle pise zennes 

pet we habbep hyei ynenmed. : paaep pe zenne [of] 
r«d*nui>^ ham / pet be hare kneade tonge / aoatyenep / and 
«iinaitiu* arerep pe atrife / and pe euele wyllea / betnene ham 

bo bj ttulr na 

> dtfautt hu 1m«d «nwd in the HS. 

tba •Mgtit Lhit 
taiMtt KBldinf til 


fet byef niyendee togideie. and fo Jiet miswende^ {wrt Jj^^^^^, 
pays, and Jw onyBgea. God hatef moche zuycb uolk •»" "Ui- 
and zno zayfi )k vritinga 

Op qboohikqe. J)et is of hij* Jiet ne das najt ^b^J^SSJ" 
Ofte we hit yznf come / Jet Jie ilke fet ne dor an- ^4™^^ 
Buerye / ne chide, fet he b^ihj to grochi betuene his "J"^' ^^^ 
tej. and grunny. Tor efter ]>e chyaste : ve zette)) ^e "A iRmtiiic. 
xeniie of grochisge. Hou grat is )« zenne : oua ssewe J 
wel p& vieclie ^t god kati nyme. aae lecordej holi 
WTvt. Tor bise zenne / onleak be erbe / and norzaali Foruiit«iinni. 
d&tan and abyron. and villen doim al kuic in-to helle. "«i nniU(ma4 


An nor Jw zenne / zente god a ner / Jfet uorbemde kore : ^inm. 

and alle his uelajes. CC.L. of ft gretteste of godes oat 

ine desert. Vor be ilke zenne uoriore be yewea bet land ^"tiita-in uh 

of beheste / ftt god ham hedde behote. cao Jet of zix orpmniH, 

.C. Joosond/ bet god hedde ykest/out of Je Jreldome tbaniiiiuiAnd 

of ]ie kingea cf ^pte. and |iet he hedde yloked : aoorti ami out ^ 

year ine desert / myd fa maun4 of henene. ne yede in- '*"^ 

to Jie holy londe / bote tuo / wyfoute mo. Jwt hetten oni7t-o((«»b 

calef: and losue. ac alle hi stonien in zoi^: ine fe lomMrcuuB. 


)}is zenne hef tnaye bojes. Vor ]« on : is gronchT i„^ , ,, ii„^ 
inge aye god. and pe ofire aye n»n regneji. JriB renno ^J^^JJ^^ 
u ine nele maneies / ase ine sei^na aye hire Ihordingea. tn|ia*<uti>i»n- 
ine wyfinen : aye hare leuedis. and ine childiSQ / (vye in mur '■r^ 
haie oaderea / and hare modien. Ine poure : aye ^ ngniiut uwir 
riche, and fe freUea : aye fe kny^tes. Ine leawede : a«>ian iMr 
aye fe clerkes / and aye Jie prelas. and J>e cloystiers : ij^^^™ 
aye fe abbottes. and J» prionrs : and hire ofScials / ase p»™"^ *^ 
mbpn'or. and J>e opra. And wext )» grochingea ine alle C"*- **• "-l 
cayche persones : o^ of onbt^samnesse nor fan fet me thu ii tj» ™u«t 
is to hard ine heatea o^r ine aleau^ / nor Jwt me ia to mirKti.orimpk- 
slMinoL oftx of inpacience / uor |»t me ne de]) n^t 
■lie ^ wyllee. o]>er of enuie. o^r of felouie. nor ^t 

9 • (- f 


me auonce^ more ^ on : ^anne ^e ojire. and many e 

o^re knesdd roteu. 
Huteirw tab* Grochinge aye god hef yet nou ynoj mo enchey- 
uh* hu»t'b^ aouns. Tor man ))et hef uorlore grace / and ^lemod- 

'^^ HimT"" ^^^^ '■ ^^ 'T^ ^y mayater ope god. luo / fet / al god 
and tinipKh tht de> ine erbe : bote yef lie hit ne do al to his wylle : an 

ddll'l lODS. . 

haste he groche^ aye god. and zyng]) J)ot pater uoeter. 
Tba H(^ oboit to tokue. Vorzo^ Bc ^ dyeoles zang. Vot ase fn holi 
«v of tba iwHt goet tek)), and make^ his ychosene zinge ine hare herten 
"*' "* (« znete zongea of heuene. fiet ia of )>e gracea of al Jet 
TiM dtrii nuhitk he deb. and of al >et he us zent. AIsoo be kueade goat 

bli divcLplva -"" t « a 

thiiciigorbiu, makef) hia deciplee zinge )ianne zang of helle. )>et ia 

*' grochinge. Jtet eure sael yleete Ine helle. in al ^t god 

defi / bote hit by al to hire wylle. Yorzo^e mochel is 

zaycb a man fol / ant out of hia wyte / )nt wyle )iet me 

him yelde acele / of al ])et he he]) ydo / yef me him zent / 

Thijmimiiiir aduerset^, pouertfe. ziknesee. dyere time. layn. dru)^ 

amriidnntiT yef me yef^ him / and benymj) hit ojiren. bote yef hit 

ne by do al to hia wylle : he him niym^ anhasto to 

Whu wimdM !■ giochi aye god / and him euele ^onke)i. huet wonder is 

nn««iioiBpoa hit / |>i^ god him awrek)) of zuyche nolke / ^t wylle^ 

him benyme hia Ihordaaip / and hia wysbede. 


Kvead f ing ia grochinge : ac more la wore / wyf- 

stondinge. wyjiatondynge ia a zenne / ^t com|i of J« 

herte J>et is rebel / and hard / and reboura / and dynera. 

■tpiiHH In J(et alneway wyle Jiet his wyl by do / and hia zygginge 

onoBa, by yhyalde. ^et wyle / )>et alle Jie ofire / bouje to him. 

and he ne boujo to nonen. J}ia ia ))e harde berte : 

husr^f aalomon zayji. )>et he ne may uajt fayly : of 

■ hHTtaw kned ende. And aae )»er ia grochingeaye god. and aye 

uo. man : alauo ia znych herte rebel to god / and to man 

•la hath J}i8 Kenne heji vour bojes. Vor zuyche herten byeb 

ipparinui* rebouTS / and lebola / red /to leue. to done godea heate. 

chaatinge ])olye. and techinge onderuonge. Yef enj-e 


of bare Turendes ham wylleb rede, and hare nreme i- timt wm 

•(•liut Oh advlo* 

seewy. n^t ham DoUefi yheie. rajire nor ]»t hi faabbe^ uirimit. 

jspeke. hi do^ fa more Uejnlaket ^ contniiTe. To Jie t. tuv on n<>* 

nde of ooie Ihorde : ofte hi hje^ rebel / yef me ham chriMr"^ 

let fing: ^t by to belpo to hire zaules. ne no^yng 

nolle)* do / er^an me gabbe^ of ham. And yx hy i. Tb^wniaii 

bye]) rebels / to ^ heate of oore Ihoide / to hnam hi hauofonrLiiid. 

bye^ yhyealde. and zao moche ham set beoore )ie dyeoel 

of tokuen. o^ of fyehlesae. o]>erof elde. o^erofy^jelie. 

0^ of o|ire kneade sceles. ^t alast : hi ne do)) na^t 

Efterward hnanne me hia chaate^ / and wyjinymf . hi ""^ ""m 

ham defende)! ase ^ bor / zno )wt hare folyes ne be- <nr mrmud. 

kuawe)). and ))e more ^t hi ham excoae]) : ))6 more wext 

}<s nenne. And zno hit is hnanne god his beat / and ^^^^ g^ ^^^ 

chaste^, and maogre hy wytef . and ^ggejr ofte. onfiank ^J^ S^'IJIIif' 

))an: and ]w o^ren / *hu6t Tryle god me do. huet babe "U«(.iii.tHiia. 

ich him miado 1 ' poe de)i pe fol. and ]>et him asolde 

by triacle : to hint went in to uenym. and ye medeciue : 

him yef^ ^ane dya^. Efterward ])er bye^ zome of zoo t. -ntj mus u> 

dinere wyt / fet none gnode techinge ne ondemonge^. ^ wiow^Sir* 

ak alneway weiyeji hare sentenae huet pet hit by. mo ^^^^^^ " 

))et ofte hi nallefi ine emrar. and ine ualse opimona. and 

ine ereaye. and ine eaele byleaue. 


Blasfemyea is ase zay)i saynt auatin. o]>er huanne ' 
me ylefj and layji of god fing : Jiet me ne ssel yiene / oodwhuomdim 
ne healde. o^r me ne lef^ najt )>et me ssolde yieue. Ac taiin^ 
Bpeciallyche we clepiep hyei blasfemye : huanne me epwuiij !• tnu 
missay^ of god / and of his haljen. oJmt of the eacie- tttuknOotoBa, 
mens of holy cheiche. )}ia zenne ya ydo ine nek menmm^^" 
maneres. Offer huanne me hit layji be fojte. ase do)i p 
bongres / and pe myabyleninde. 0)>er me hit zay^ nor 
couaytise to vynne. ase do)i Jiise charmeres / and ^ise 
wycheTt O^ huanne me hit lajj) be tyeno / and he ^^ ,^ ^^^ 
despit aae dof fise playeres / )iet zno nyleynliche ''f^utMj 



^HkOuM^a tobreke)) Inu criates body, and mo nil^mliclie una- 

sigge^ of god an of his bliasedo moder / ^t hit ia 

ThwiiAniika drednol and zarje to hyete / and Iheeteu ^Aea bye)i ose 

UMiDdkiBviHt wode hoondca / ^t bite^ and ne knawej) najt hare 

IhoitL pia xenne ia zao grat : fet god bis awiek^ o})eT^ 

bayl apeiteliche ase -we habbe^ yzed benore / fo wa 

luttiaOaiiim Bpeks of wyckeds uolke. Of piae zeime zay^ god ine 

)»te«inn. his Bpelle / ^t hit ne ssel by noiyeue: ne ine Jiiae 

wordle ne ine Jre o^ie. 
otttaaiDihiior Kon we babbeji ytald tenmanere lennea of ^ tonge. 

tfat iM u idiinuu ^anne is ]m neiste : ydelnesse. and ^ laste : blasfemie 
jubbj; and be COS bit is ^t Salomon zayji. ]»et fte b^innynge 

ujjfSawT of ^ kueade tonge : is foUe. and }e ende : to knead 

Hm Bd tiw Hyer ende^ ^ zeae dyadliche zenaea / and alle hire 

bojea. and bno ])et wel bim stud£ def ' ine ^ise boc : be 

So nun eu Imp mnte moche prafiti / and lyemy / and knawe ecbe 

hlraHUqilltllt , /111 , -rr 

tiMHi Bui^ki manyeie of lenne / and nim'zelue wel aHryne. Vor non 
ne may bim wel asrine / ne Hot loki uram zenne : bote 
he bia ne knawe. Xou ssel ]»nDe )» ilke / |>et ine ^ise 
boc let. yzy i^genUicbe to by ysariao. and him loky 

ofUuMiinatiiK behismyjte. Of ojire zennee f>et be ne is najtgelti: 

Dittoi, iM bim he BBel berye god and bim bojsamlicbe fmnky. ^t hitn 

Mntat him mm be> yloked. 

Fortolwiito Voa TO LTEBNT 8TEBUE. 


L«nitiidi*,»u Onnea]ie aterf / fet ylyemed ne hep. Ljemo to 
IKimmttaiu aterae : fanne aselt fon conne libbe. Vor non wel 
uauxrntub libbe ne Bsel conne : f%i to etenie ylyemed ne hop. 
■wrdmiUL And p9 ilke ary^t is ydeped wrechche : Jret ne can 
lybbe / ne ne dar eteme, 

Yef )iou wylt Hbbe vriliche. lyeme to aterne gled- 

licbe. Yef poa me zayst / bou me bit sael lyemy : ich 

TtaiiUhtaimt ^^^ ^^ t^ "*8g^ ^ baste. Jjou Bselt ywyte ^t fia 

' lyf : no ia bote dya^. Tor dyaf ia a wendinge, and ^t 

1 UB. rtndedcfi 


ech wot. and ^niore me zay)) of ane manne baanne be 
Bterf^ : he went And huaAne he is dyad : ho is jwaat. 
)»8 lyf alsuo He is bote a wendynge. uor zo^e / nor zoJ>e : 
s wendinge vel eeort. Vor al ^t lyf of ane manne/ |>aj Aimwutmri 
he leuede a Jfousond year : ^t ne asolde by / bote uvidithDiiMnd 
onlepy prikke : to Jw lyjfe / of >b o>re lyue / )iet enre JStw^^w 
wyfouto ende Bsel yleste. ofer ine 10130 : o|ier ine ^"*' '*''"' 
bliaee / wyjKrato endynge. ^^ „ ^j 

pit on« wytnesset wel fe kyng. J>6 erl. fe prince. Jie Tbbii«tui 
emperonr. ^t |ie blysaeof ^ wonlle: hedden Eomtyme. mnt,iihiMt.te.. 
noa ine belle: wepe)) / and grede]). yelle]i / and EDT;e)i. biiHtmtiMwoiu, 
' A. alias : bnet is oua worJ» onre pouer. voijissippe. ^t^^^^' 
noblesse, richease. bliese. and boet al hit ys ywent / i.^'^^-X^^^ ' 
wel ra))ie Jnnne saed : ojwr nojel ulyinde. ojwr quarel ^- ""^'* "* 
of arinlaste. And Jwus gef al oure lyf. Non we were "Ii-Aiw. 
ybore: and an haste dyad, ne al onre lyf: nesnajt bote diadunuui 
a lyte prikke. nou we byej> ine zoijo wy)»-oute ende. 
Onre blisee / is ywent in-to wop. oure karoles: into oorMiHiituni- 
EOTje. gerlcmdes. robes, playinges. mesainges. and alle udoiirainii!!^ 
gaodea bjef ous yfayled,' Zuyche byef ))o zonges of JJSit^u^ 
belle, ase fo writinge oua telf. ous nor to seewy: fet •'»«"'>"'^ 
\iiB lyf / ne is bote a wendynga : wel ssort u)d fiis 
wordle : ne is bote wendynge. and libbe ne is bote 'a p ms. mh] 
wendynge. ]>anne ne is libbe : bote sterue. and ))et is T»u>*iabatta 
zo^ / aee potei noster. Yot huanne Jtou begonne libbe : whtn n i>tsiD 
anhaate ^u b^onne to sterae. And al fiin elde. and al u>di& 
fine time / Jiet ya yguo : f>e dyaf fe hej» ywonne : and 
halt J)ou zayat fet Jwu best zixtl year. J»e dyaf hiee w» •»! we hm 
he|i. and nenremo his nele ^ yelde. jjeniore is fet dmnhuuid 
wyt of )« wordle folye. And |« clerk zyinde : ne uma. 
y^jf n^L Day and nijt / makef o fiing. and )« more fet 
hit make]) : fe lesse mo knawej). alneway aternu)) : and 
hi ne conne stems. Vor day / and nyjt : Jiou sterfat / 
as ich fe habbe yzed. 

Yet eft ine o^ manure / ich )>e teche fise clcrgie. 



BmOi b ■ tfrnr- ^i ^n Gonne irel libbe : and wel eterae. Kou yhyM : 
udbodr. and ondentand. fe dya)) ne ia bot a todelinge of )« 

zaule : and of ^ bodje, and ^t ech wel wot. Noa otu 
cuooikiwiH tek^ ^ wyse cadonn. 'Lyetne we' zayfi lie ' to stenie. 
u» (lion froo todele we fnne goett of ^ bodie ofle.' pet deden ^ meste 
sA«K did tbi vyse of ^ise pfailoeophes ^t \na lif zuo moche hateden / 
^'^dBopin *°^ ^* woidle : mo moche onworfede. and mo mocto 
^^^^'^ wylnede lyf najt dyeadliclL fet hi weeten be hare 

wylle. ac hit nes ham najt vror^. Yor hi ne hedden 

D0» grace / ne ^ beleane of iesn crist. Ac Jw holy men 
^J^^f ' J»et louie^ god / and ylenej / Jiet of >ri dye^Jes / habbeji 
?*"*^ ^ tnay ypased. Tor fer ia dya^ to zenne : and dyid 

4pi>NLl to ]ie wordle. Xou abyde^ jtane Jiiidde dyeafi. ])et isjie 

taitamsiiadHih todijtinge of ]ra zaule : and of }« bodie. Betoene ham 
Tbatbirditeuiifi and paradyB ne is bote a lyte woj / ^t by agelte^ be 
itua^ftontiM fenchinge / and be wylnynge. and yef )>et bodi ifl of )ris 
Auiuwaii half: ye herte / and fe guet: is of o^fa&lf. ^Mr hy 
JJJ^^^J^JJ^ habbe)) hyre bleoinge / as iaj)» aaynte pan! hire scJa& 
TmiUngUa hiie bliase. and hire coofort. and alle hire loetes. and 
■Ddui^iBttiUi jraraore: hy hatjej) Jtis lyf : )iet ne is bote dya^. and 
daik'. wylne^ }ane dya^ bodylioh. Vor ^t is damezele beie- 

blisse /yetfe dya^ / fet alle fe haljen coronne]) / and 

dof [teiiep] in to blisae. 
[BiMit4i*t'] Djab is to gaodemen : ende of alle kneada and 

■misnaDfau gate / and ingnoynge ; of alle gaode. Dj^p is pe 
lauuwit or etream : pet todQl|i / dya]) / and ly£ Dyaf / is of ^U 
(totUwIiv. Jj^ jy.^ of ojwehall Ac fe wyse of piao wotdle fet 

of pis half pe streme yzye)i zao brijte : of o^erfaalf hi 
Tua wiH of iMi najt ne yze^. an jwniore hia clepe^ pe writings : folea / 
ud DUnd, and yblent. Toi ^me dya^ : hi clepie^ lyC And 

|iane dya^ j pei ia to pe gnoden / b^innynge of line : 

tarthtTctuaaai hi kit clcpieji / ^n ende. And ^eraoie hy hatye^ ao 

u^*^aw«d. moche ^e dyaf. Tor hi nyte^ hoet hit ia. ne of 

{Pdl n. tt] o^erhalf fie stieame ne habbe]i n^ yblened. and n^t 

ne wot : |>et out ne ge)>. 
uuioawiitkKr* iMnne yef Jkih wylt ywyte hnetisgnod/ andhnetis 

I I, .. ..Coo^k 


bieod : irno out of bi zelae. trao oat of be vordle. Heme «>>" i> t<»i •>' 

/-or irimta «Tii, »o 

to Btome. todel fine zaole xaaxa pe bodye be ^te. zend <Mvtaijm>ii 
(ttiB herte in-to )ie o^re wotdle : Jrat is to heaene. into ftoDUubodj.ud 
hellfl / ia-to pnigatoiie. for fou aselt' yzy ; huet isguod iaioSSbn'^ 
and tnet ia kue*d. Ine helle fou «>el[t] yzi mo zo^es : ^^I^t^^^^^^ 
f»niie me moje dernsy . Ine pu^^gatorie / mo tonnens ■■''^■ 
]»Rne me moje Jfolye. Ine patadye / more blisge )i&niie 
me moje wylny. Helle ]ie sael teche / hoa god awrekfi b*i< iiuQ twifa 
dyetdlyck zenne. Purgatorie : fe esel eeawy / hou imwH emiHj 
god clenze^ veniel zenne. Ine heuene ^u aselt jzj patttiarj ihin 
openliche / hon nirtues / and gaode dedee: byejj ^ii'^Jl" 
li^liche yolde, Ine J)ia Jiri f ingea : ia al ^ is nyed ^TiMMii tiuq 
wel to vytene hon me ssel conne Ubbe / and Trel J*^"" how food 
aterna wmud, 

Xcm loke eftzone a lyte / and ne tyene fe n^t / to FnvMUirbodr 
yiae fri ^inges. norfet ^ lyemest to hatye zenne. to^to tiiTiw^ 
Voiyet Jii body / onea a day. gno in-to helle ine >ine ISbi^i a" ^ 
libbinde : Jwt fon ne guo / ine fine eterainge. Jjia def S^;^ o/Jwu.i 
ofte Jre holi man / and fe wyse. })er fou saelt y^ : al Tum wtmn uwa 
pet herte hatef . and bevl^f . and defaute of alle guode. tu tbit la ftood, 
yn<g of alle kneade. yei beniynde. brenston atinlcinde. (riirku^nsfln, 
tempeste brayinde. vonle dyeulen. honger. and forst : I^JjJfo^^i,, 
fet me ne may najt stonchi. dynetse pinea / and J^T'^JJlil^ 
wepinges. and zor^ea : mo Jianne herte moje f enche / "* "orTow. 
ne tonge tella and erne aael yleate 'wyjKinte ende. And mit»r«i lu* 
femore ia Jie iike zo^e wel ycleped: dyaf wyji-onte dathwitbgwari. 
ende. And hoanne fan yzizt pet hit behouef zuo dyere 
abegge onlepy dyadlich zenne : pe woldeat po rafre lete 
be vlaje quik. f arme foa doratest / tu ondepi dyadlicbe 

of 1 ^ , 

cleue. aM bi weien ate poynt / and ate time / hnanne bi ' 

pzedb, Google 


TMti— M ■!» jedan oQt'of ^ welleof ciiBbiin^ Ac )m ilbe penouce 
f8 wel grialich and Laid. Yor al feA eore fmleden ^ 
iu tk^tuit]>n holy martires. o)ier wyfmen fei tranajle)) of cbilde / of 
woDiBwttkdiii^ EOr^e : n« ys bote a be^ ine chald weter : to ]w tevard 
EiMw^iBKMS- of ^ fomayse: haprinnB 'beme')) fa zaulee. al-hnet hi 
hnBuwhvtfs ^S^f yclenzed. ase gold al yclienzed* me ]» vere / me 
"^ **"■ ne Tint lesse ^ajine yclenzed. Vor Jet uer is of zayche 

kende / al Jet hit vint ine )>e zanle of gelte of dede. of 
speche. of )iojte / Jet yemej to zenne : ojer lite / ojer 
moche : al uorbern J/ and clenzej. and Jer bye J ypimyseed, 
TnUdnm and awreke : alle uenyal lennea. Jet we clepiej: title 
da oft. zennea Jet we doj ofte / and smale fole Jojtes. wordea 

ydele. tnifles. Bcomes. and alle ojre ydelnesses. al-hnet 
hi by worje : to gno in-to heuene. huer ne gej in n^t / 
■ ^^a^^^^ ^t« tit by rijt brijt Jwt iUte ner dredej Jo. Jet by 
thoH wbo kHp liBie my^tfl ham lokej tuun dyadlich zenne. aad lokej 
ud bodiM. hotyliche hare herten. and hare bodyea. and hare mou Jes. 

[F(*.B.»o and JeTifwytl«auram alle zenne. andznolibbej/asehl 
Bsoldeaechedaye to dome come to-nore god. Andjeruore 
N<u lUT un Jot non ne may libbe wyj-oute zenne. Vor aae say J Solo- 
fin good nwn mon : zeuezije a day / ualj Je guode man. and Jeruore 
■ dir, be holy ssrifte / and be tycaiea / and be benea : hi do J 

um, ud rnjtn hare mijte ham zelne to arere / and to amendL and ham 
u™,'ui4mnot ^^1"^ ™o dems : Jet hi onderstonde to uo^i Jane last* 
l^^""**'"'' ^"''^ VorhuohierhimdemJzoJIiche: himne worJnoH 
hedetobynorloreiatedayeofdome. And Jus me lyernojt 
kuead to knave / an to beiilj / and alle zennes to hatye / 
and grat and smal and onderatonde Je holy diede of 
HoirdnHiBraod god/ Jet is beginnynge of guod lif : and of alle gnode. 
of good ub. -^(^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^t y^*^ ^ 1^^ )^ kueadea : bote me 

wtmtutiHin lyemy Jet guod to dona and bote yef me zeche Je ni;^ 
•Tii.'biit iMn M tuee / nor wy J^nte hum : non ar^t wel ne leuej. )>anne 
yef Jon wylt lyemy wel to libbe be niHue : lyeme zuo 
ose ich Je habbe yzed / to stenie. Todel Jine gost uiam 
S^?b<!^'iw >"*° ^^y^ / ^ \"n^ I '^^ ^ wylniBge. gno out of 
"''^*- 1 MS. otot « MS. t/chtnud 


bise vonUe atentinde. guo in-to be londe of be libbynde / ooootoraiii 

Jrer non ne storflj)]/ ne yealdeji, fet ib me poradye. per ■o intoUitijadiit 

me lyeme^ wel to libbe / and wyt / an corteysye. nor 

^r ne may guo in : no uyleynye. })er is bliafolle L^^^^J*™* "^ 

nel^rade of god, and of angles, and of baljen. Jwr "hmi»tiwbiht- 

opwexe^ aUe guodeo. uayrhede, nchesse. worJtsBipe. Gi>d,aruiiEci^ 

bliBse. uirtne. loue. wyt. loye wy^out« ende. t>et ne is wnm n ndtntr 

non ypoo'tsye, ne batat. ne blondinge. ne diacord. ne taiu,aaUrT, 

ennye. ne honger. ne ^rst. ne bete, ne cbele. ne knead, hmpi^&r 

ne loi^e. ne drede of vyendes. ac aineway festes and 

kingen bredales. zongea. and blisse wyJNtute ende. )K 

ilke blisae ia zuo grat ; fet hno fet bedde ytake fer of tiunibIibi 

ennelepi drope / of ^ leste ^inge ^ per ys ; be saolde dnp aaau 1b- 

by of fe lone of god zuo dronbe : Jwt al ^ bliase of ^ise 

wordle / bun ssolde by / drede : andwo. ^y'''***^*^ = I^^^^^ 

dong. worjMsipes r uoulhede. and ^ ilke to greate loue "simaWwMiii* 

^ be Bsolde habbe to come ^f : him ssolde by an 

hondred ^nzen zi^ ))b more bardilicbe batye zenne. 

and looie nirtaes. ^t is al ]» drede of belle, buer-of 

ich babbe benore ispeke. Tor lone is more stranger: Lextmitrongv 

Jianne drede. And ^nne is pei lyf nayr / and oneste : 

^anne me benlyjt / ^t knead / and me deft fet gnod. 

najt nor drede / nor to by yapild : ac nor |ie wylnynge Mdih^iimrf 

of beuene. and nor po loiie of god. and uor ])e greate from dn. 

clennesse : ^t uirtue he}i. and gnod ly£ And ])b ilke 

yet loue lede^ : be zek}i ts])re / and lesse bitn costnep / 

^anne him ^t seiue^ god : be drede. Pe bare yemfi. Thahannu- 

po grytiond bym uol^eji. ^ on be drede : po ojier be kouDd buomth. 

■wylnynge. J)b on vlyjj) : pe ofer byne dryfj. J)e holy nJl,^ ^^ 

man yemf ase grihond. )>et babbe)* alday bare eje / to Si^j^m. la 

henene : huer hi y^ejt Jw praye : )»tbi driue|i. And ^^^whmD^ 

.|Minore hy noijete^ alle of re gnodes. ase dej> fe gentyl Jll^^'*"™^ 

bond : hnanne ha zjf his praye / tonore his ^en. fonhKa/H. 

bis is bet lyf /of be wellouiynde. of gentil herto / niaiithauiaaf 
Ih* iDTliiff ud tha 
and affayted. pet zuo moche lonye}> uirtne ; and batyef tnuia bau^ 

xenne. ^t yef hi wcreu zykere / fet me ne seolde hii 



conne / no god ne saolds liis awrcke : ham ne daynede 
[roLH-b.] najt / to do zenne. Ac al hare Jwnchinges / and ol hara 
who ituii lart ■wyllifl : hire herten clenliche loki / and agrayjti / ^ hi 
diH, by wor])i : to habbe fw blisse of parsdya. huer no cherl 

DDrihiifiiuii lie asel come in / ne uala. ne ))ye& ne prond. nor J)e 
"""' worse Bflolde by f e uel^rede. 


ToUnutiiitoH Kon ich fa habbe yaseawed / hou me tek}) vel to 

eterue / and lede guod lyf. Ac J)ou aselt y .vy te / ^t )>e 

begynnyrge nor to come to guode lyue ; ia to zecbe 

■ndkiunrwhit ii Virtue. })et is f>et me knawe / najt oalepilyche huet is 

■lutiiwiwig. zenne / and huet is elmesse : ac pet me conne r^t vel 

knave / and deme : huet is knead / and huet is guod. and 

uot to dele ^t Eo)>e gnod : unun ^ ojiren. and )>et greats 

AtUnctiixou guod / nram ^ little. Yor ^ing )iet me ne knan]) najt 

IlwhiSawi'' "^ ^ yhated / ne ywylned. And })eraora aselt fou 

"■^ ywyte be Jiaa fet }»e viytingea zy^ej) : fet fer byef 

zeue amale yefjies of god / ]iet me clepe^ )>e amale 

gnodea. on lite / an o{ier grat / and zo^ An onlepi- 

liche byejr guodes arijt. huerof al )>e voidle ys nyej 

begyled [fiezuyke]. Vorhi yeuef fe greategnodes : nor 

Ttiii wdrid !• H 1 })e little, ofiei ye lease /nor |ie little, opex )>sgreate/nor 

™'foIS^^p- }^ le88«- ^0' >'s Tordle is ase a &yM / huer byej» 

tte'T^oeM™ nianye fole chapmen, fet of alle f ii^es / hi knavef )>e 

thinKt propre nirtue and fet worf . fet ons tekf fe holy goat / 

' ' ' .on of er maistet. He oua tekf to knave fe greate 

n ft^aT" fingee uram fe little, f e preciousee / uram f e tUbs, fe 

ft™ ii« loiir. zuete / mam f e zoure. 

Tlnulrrtiraponl) Op TIHLICEE OUODES. 

Th.n»iig<>ddi Hy clepief fe smale guodes : fe guodeaof time / fe 

■n AoM rffbr- pjj^gg (jf fortune [hap], and fe lenedy fortune : went 

rctauM) wE^rth '^"^ huejel eche daye / and benymf / and yeff . and 

btr wh«i tub ^ent fet is ftboue : benefe. fet by«f fe amale stones of 

■onHind taking gi^H ssynyude. and fe conioun his bayf nor rabys. nor 

kiko|v lilt ptwl 



snfirts. o^r uoi emeroydes. ftet b;e)i as inelee to dul- 
deien. |>et god odb yef^ / ons to boIbs. and uot outb aod(iTM<atiiD*> 
lone : to dr^ to him. uor J>et he wot J»t we hyef tortm. °™" 
fjeble / and t«ndre. and hyealde we ne moje his. 

- efterwaid / wayes of pouert^ / of zorje / and of mftrtiro. 
ment / ase de} fe gaode godea luiyjt. ^t ^ane kyngdom mAm an not ib* 
of heaene payae^ be iitreng^ to wynne be hia pioneeee. Fn *•» ii lo, 
))Bnne fiae ne bye^ : ne grete gaodes / ae smale aiyjt be ■ dud, that 
(wme wee a fol lean crist goddes zone, ^t cheas poaerte. „^ i^^!%,i 

. and aaame. an efterward : he uoiajk / bliesea. worfesipeo. ^^^^^^^^^^ 
and licheesea : yef Jiet bye^ }« znfie guodes. panne ne 
byeji nAjt / all« zo]>e gaodes ise henene. }}anne ne la 
n^t god parfitliche yblysaed : ^et'ne vzeji najt zuyche 
gaodes. t>anne is god ontrewe / and oukende / Jret fiise Qod v<nu in bb- 

' guodee benym]) his luendes. and hii>e jetp moie large- 
liche : to his yna yef J>et byep tope guodee ; Jtanne UHHiBtaud 
weren foles alle fe haljen. and aUe ^ wyse clerkea. nuiud^ 
and pe gieate filosofes. ^et fiise guodes beulo^ / and 
onwor^ede / ase dong. Tef ^t byeJi EO)>e gnodee: 
^anne lyejj) god / pei lyeje ne may : and holy wryt ™> ■'«* ■«" <■ 
^t hise clepe]) / lea&ngea. and seed, and metingea. and 
nanitee. nettes. and bendee. and pB dyeoles grinea. and tih (Ub of (t:i> 
^t is tap j ana pater natter. Yot |)et hye}i pc dyeales dvra'imw* 
ginnea. hner-by fe zaolea ine a ^osond maneree he ^ [SuT? ^.^!. 
gyle)) / and nymf / and bynt / and bait. [TnL.ti. «.] 

Ac ]ie wyse chapman / }«t is ])e gnode man /y^tpB tim wih •±tf. 
holy gost aly^ be zo^ beknaolecbinge / ^t ouer al wmhufadi 
him knaa]i / huet ech Jiing is worjj / and yiy^Ji hit rijt '*''°"' 
weL Hi onderBtonde)) / ^et al pe wordle ne is na^t a 
gttod snode : nor mannes herte to uelle. and ])et ^ is nv ■• a^ 
mocheknead: and lite] of gnod. And^eraoie huo^ initMworia.'**' 
loke^ ^0 perils / and ^ kueadea fet pot bye^ / and 
wyte^ Jnt hit is zo)i ; )iet hi conne zigge. he ^ ne 
yef^ / Jiet he lone^ : he ne nym^ / fet he wylnej. Hy 
make)) to god ane handnol. uot hi yeue)) ^e woidle : a 


■LDdbcaonK god. richeasea. lostea. wor^saipeB. and become J) poure. 

pet is ])o uayriste lyf / an ]w zykeiiste : ^t is ine ^ieo 

Tbm ■» otiwa ))e o]ire bjreji / ]iet yze^ / Jiet ine aele manerea hi 

BM°of rirAni, moje do bare proa / of guodes of time, f et me may hise 

liabbe : ak uajt to mocbe louye. Yor god ne hat oa^t / 
who bDiii uiRD In al to lete. hy hise ofhyealde^ : ac litol hi^e prayze^. hi 

hise uze^ : ac Utel his loayc]). ase dede saynt Abraham. 

lob. and daui|). and nele ojrre. ^t ]» perils beuloje : and 

dedea hire profit / of }ie guodes pet god ham lende : hi 
ThQMrraOod cou]>«i b^ge heuena hi coupon hire zennen uorbc^e. 

and helpe hare nyzte. Hi cojien mora louye god / and 

herye / and fonki worfssipie. drede. and yleii& hot 
Thar w u>^ )ie greats perils huer hi bye^ / and bam zclue )>e mote 
ud iiieir dtiKU. bou^ / hua/tue hi yze^ bare fieblease / and hire pouts 

loue / and bate defautes. hoanne ^ane sttayte way ne 

dorren gno. buanne zuo lyte wyllef uor god Jiolye / and 
TiwyinnidTUbir yeue / ]iet ZUO mocbe Jiolede / and let uor ham / yef hi 
w^'.^i^ -wel bam wytyeji / ak at[r]ang hit is. Vor bit is wel lijter 
^iftMtuTt lot" P^S '■ *^« f« guodes of J)e wordle lete / at on tyme uor 
or Odd. go^ . jianiie his ofbyealde / and najt louya 

OtOalimgoodM. Of }}E LESSX ODODES. 

""rf^^iSdrf ^ midel guodes / bye|i of kende : and of techinge. 

Inching. Of kende ; ase uayibede of bodye. pionesse, strengje. 

•eniigui,ftci.i ' zuyftbed^. myldenosee. clyor nyt. iile;])o. ondetstond- 

]mniBt!tma y°gc- ^^^ '^^ zuyche guodes f>et kende bei)i. Be tech- 

'™'°*^ *^ inge : ase grat clergye. ine alio of to guodes : fot me 

vyn^ be atudye / ofer be guode wone / aae byef guode 

]>eawea / and zome u/rtnes. Ac fise ne bye)i u^t yet 

TbHa da not arijt pt zofie guodes : uor hi ne makef na^ fane / fet 

pod, bise bof uoUyche guod. Yot manye filozofea / ofer of 

piutM. dirki, greate clierfces ' / and of kynges / and of etnpei-ours / 

w^nch'crf mk fat bedden moche of zuyche guodes : byef ydampned 

£™dinh^ ine belle. Efterward / ruyche gaodes yeiji out© Ihotd 

■ H9. ehtrht 



alsuo to his nf endes : ase he def to Mb uryendes. to O" ^^^^"i,. 

BaTa:^iia / and to ualse ciiBteue ; aae to ^e gnode. nmia. 

EflerwEurd / hit ne ie lu^t zo|) guod / )>et fayle^ / and 

y^A me may lyese wylle he nolle he. and Jiet ^eues &e 

mo^ Btele. ne robbers benime. iilneway ate ende : djeafi 

Ilia benjm^. Efterward / zo^e guodes helpe^ eche 

daye / and ne hannefi neure, Ac uorzojw zuyche Tm goodi nntr 

gnodea / and zuiche graces wyf oute : dojr ofte kuead / jtm omwuni ' 

and harme]r ham / (let hiae hsbbe^ / bote hi Mae ne SJ^i,"^^^ 

wel nay. And hoanne hi ham yelpe|j / ojwr hi ham ''J^^^*"?^!-^ 

prode^ / and ojtren by onwor)»e|i. Yor fe iike to hnam ah- 

god be]) yyeue |>e like graces / and ^ ilke giiodes / ]Kt irwa donni am 

icb habbe beuore ynemned god nor to serui. and helpe 

his nixte. bote yef he bit ne vsy treuellche : he seel 

by ine fe more gratter torment, and etraytlyche him »• "Imu n«ii» 

behouejr rokeni. and yelde scele to god / ate daye of nunt. 

dome.' of fet he hef yda and of fet he beji ywonne / 

of fe guodes yet god him he)r ylend : uor to moiy. 

Op )>ei eo)>K OUODES. Ofilwtnutoodt. 

Xon icb ye habbe ssortliche yssewed / hnyche bye^ 
ye lyttle* guodes / and fe midel guodes : nou ich fe Tii«in»(«idi 
wylle ssewy huet ys ye zofie guod arijt : ^t make^ ^an uui luih u»a. 
pet hiae bep : guod. and wyp-oute ham : non ne wea 
neure arijt guod. pet guod me clepeft : godea grace, and 
ntrtue. and charity. Grace; uoe pet he yaf / hel^e. and TtuTwagmn, 
ly£ and zaule. uor wypHDute pise gnodea : pe zaule is rtv. 
dyead, Vor ase pet body is dyeod wypouto zaule : ^!^^''"* 
alEUO is pe zaule : wypoute godes grace. Hy is ydeped otood. 
ai'rtue : nor pet hy worpssiimp pe zaule myd gnode si»ii(an«dTi> 
workee / and mid gnode pewea. Hy is ycleped charity : aanUMtoaiwuii 
noT pet by ioynep pe zaule to god. nor charity ne is non £*kaiM 
opor ping : panne dyere onbede. pet is pe ende / pet is jJ^ll^'iS^^ 
pe porfecoion / and pe guodbedde / buer-to we ssolle oua ^ ^^ 
draje. Moche weren pe egypciena deceyued. pet is to 
£igge / pe ye&lde filozofes pet zno byzylycbe despntede / n* ou ptiiDK. 
>MB.4nM >M8./jrf/I. i*.n-.u» 



■tRoodiB and lojten buet vea ^e he;est« gnod ine ^iee lyne. ne 

rjidia^Mio ueure ne myjteii hit Tjude. Yor zome lut zette tne loate 

I'^tuvi '^^ urease, pe o^re : ine ridieaseB. and o^re / ine oneste 

^^aiMD ^y^ ^^ f® (f**** filozofe sajnte paveL fet wee ynome 

"^i" "" in to ^ Jiridde heuene / and pasede alle Jw ojne filo- 

zofes / ons proue^ bs uele skelea. fet Jw liejeate gaod 

ine ^ise lyne : ya |ia kaen of utrtues dame diarit^ Vor 

he zayji wy^i-oute hira ; non o}>er guod / ne ia worji. 

■ and liuo pet ])i8 he^ : be be^ alle ^ o])re. and huanne 

■iiutiiH alle fo ojne gnodea fay]e}i : pia ne &1b^ najt. and 

1 nob aboue alle pe o])re greate guodes ^ot bye|) : ^ya is pa 

Ibeuedy. Jjanne ia ^ia ^et gratteate guod : }iet is onder 



And buemore wylt f ou f et guod / Jet ia ycleped 
uBthni rijt ai'rtue more louie / and zecbe aboue alle o}irea : 
pia ich wylle yet eft / ble woi)> ssewy. Me can todele 
pn manere guodes. guod / worjiasiplicli. gnod / lostuol 
orth»Boofl«(i( an^ g^od : uremuol. nammore ne is of guodea. ne zoft 
NooiiiHintium ne ydele. bote ^iae ^ri maneres. and }iet ^ou yzist open- 
•itiurhtiHnnUi, licbe. Of ^e guodea of pe wordle / ^et non ne vylne^ / 
eiM». ne loueji nofing / bote yef be vene; Jet bit by him 

"t^^Snt^b, wor)Baipuol / ofer lostuol. ofet ureinuol. J)e proudo : 
m^aui^ zekji Jiing worJissipuoL Jje couaytous ; fing uremuoL 
i?**^""™'- Jje loatuol: ping lykynda And alle Jiet Jiiae zechejr 
ttutciiHuniiiK Tdelliche : is ine ut'rtue / zobhcha Vor uiitue is binii 

Uh plHunt, ud ' , , , 

Uwpraaubii. wel woi^ipuoL lostuoL and uiemuoL 
ofTtt». Of triiiTUB. 

\iR»i<iummii> Jwt ntrtue is worjissipuol : J>et myjt poa yay ine 

H?uiin m f^ manere. Zyx. Jinges byeji ine piae woidle moche 

dMind btanw ywylned / uor fet hit >iiigl> pet by byef mocbe wor^ 

Ui*Tanh«»nr- ssipuoL uayrbede. wyt. prouesse. myjte. vridom. and 

I. aLaxj, t. wii, noblesse, piae byep zix wellen of ydelnesse. Jjanne 

1 SuThti ft»*- ydele blisse ia to moche. Vayrfiede / ia f ing moohel 


yloued. nor ^t jb Jring mocte yworjeaiped. And m^t 

nor^ naphede ^t }« ^ of ^ bodye yij^f j and 

lone]), is ^ing nals / aaort. and ydeL Tab : yef he ne is Bgut; ippan to 

nayr- ne Jw ilke nayr. ac oure ejen byeji fyeble / fet ne "" ''*' 

lye^ bote ^t skin vy}»iite. )>anne hno ^t hedde ^ Bi4nti»a/aD( 

^jjie ase he)i ^ lynx / ^t me clepe^ o)>erlaker : ouoid h aub 

leacemeTa fet yiyj^ Jjorj ]»neval alouer. hassoldeyzy Slll^?^"*"^ 

openliche / fet non uayr body / ne is : bote a huyt 

Eech uol of donge atynkinde. and ose a donghel be- 

anewed. EfWward ))iB oayrhede ia ssorL nor zone hit anntr •oon biii 

&yle)) and nalouwe^ ase ^t ilour of ^ nelde / anon ase 

Jie sanle hint tode1)i. al ^ uayrhede ^t / \ei body he)i : 

^ zanle hit yeaC and uor ])e zaule be hit he^ )}eruoi« Hetimfooiuwt 

he is fol / Jiet of uayrhede of bodie him gledeji. Ac fe J2l«rfh" eTr. 

naphede of fe zaule : ie uayrhede ai^t / (>et ahieway Sl^orumoni 

wext and neure ne ssel fayly. bet la be eobe uayrhede / "" •"* •" " 
"^ ' f I J ( la iiiii to Hod ml 

hueniore ^ zaule to god likefi / and to y& angles jvet >>>oiu«aii. 
yrep ^ herte, J)ia uayrhede yelt / and yeff / to Jw " «•""• «™« w 
zaule ; grace, and utrtue. and lone of god. uor by re- 
fonne}i / and agray)>e^ / and him yelt his lyjto pryenta 
))et is }» ymage of his eseppere / Jiet is nayr wyjKiute ^2.?o~i S'tS. 
comparysoun, and Jet beat him anlyknef : mest is uayr. "niHmhuhim- 

- , , , fertljitiTi^t 

panne ^t uayreete ]img ^t ya onder god : u }ie zaule / ihipB. 

)>et hej parfitliche hia rijt« ssep^ / and his rijte brijt- 

nesse / colour of flour, bri^tnesse of zonne. seep)>e of 

man. lykyi^ of pieciouse stones. And al ))et )>e eje of 

herte ysyj of uayr : is uoulhede and uel^ / to ^ ?J^^ iwbiiw tn thg 

of him. and al f>et me may onder gode' |ienche of oayr : oompued to il ' 

hit ne may najt by ycomparisoued to him. 

Of WTT / Aim of OLSREQTS. OtwHudar 

Cler^ye and wyt / bye J ]nngee moche yworfndped. ana ud wtt 
Ac yef fon wylt by wys arijt and heje clei^ye lyemy : Eii^""* 
make ^t ^nhabbe fiet zojw godea guod. ^tis /giace/ oo4'icn«i>u» 
and ntrtoe. nor ^t is ^ zo^ wysdom. |«t alyjt ^ heite nURhioHth uu 
of man. ase dep ^ zonne : fe 'wordle. J}is wyt paaeji {w 


82 TEB wobld'b wrr is follt. 

Ttd> wit pwHtta wyttes of ]>e wotdle / ase de^ ^ zonae : fe biytnesee of 

wDrid, whieh i> I« mone. Vor yef wyt of fe wordlo ne is bote folye 

'^''"^' aae *ayji Jie wrytinge / and childhede / and onwjt. folye 

nwM who lava ine ham : fet Jie wordle loaye^ / and hire uayrhede / 

■binktiMiiuoah) ]wt hi Qe coune yknawe / |>ane day : unim fe nj^t ne 

deme betaene grat / and smaL betuene precious / an 

viL Hy weneji of J»e mone : Jot hit by fe zonne. nor 

hi Irene)) of ^ worjrssipe of ^ voidle : ^t hyt by )« 

zojw bliase. of ane epplo : an heL nor hi weneji by fe 

wordle : ()et hit by wel grat Jiing. fet to fe li^pe of |« 

Thtj'niiitako henene ne ia bote an eppeL hy wenej of a glee: ^t 

un. * " hit by a safir. nor hi wenef fet hare myjte / and hare 

streogjie : by wel grat. }iet more b biekynde / and 

T)i«;UnUk> fyeble : Jnnneglea. Efter ^ chi[l]dhede / ))et ))e wyt of 

onijOi^gim Jw wordle / and fo fet byejimo wyse to loky |iet body / 

tmd to eysy / and to delyty / ^t libbe)) ase children. 

In ndi Mk ii ^t no zeche)) bote hare wyl to dona In zuycb uolk is 

»*. b,] Aeh dyad, and f>eruore / hi libbef ase beetee. nor hare 

ttuT>»uke> wyt ia almyswent / andcorupt. aae Jie zuelj of ^ ^ke / 

•how^m »^ ofer of fe wyfinan grat myd childe. J»et more hi uynt 

HorqipieMft amak in ane zonie epple : bamne in ane hueteue Ihoae. 

and ^t child in ane cole : Janne in ane gaode mete. 

Th<T (winot y»- Alauo znych uolk ne moje yleue / {wt Jmt by more 

nunbiiiliii^- blisse / and lost / ine god to Benii / audto lonie : ^anne 

■m^ u«^ Dwn *" '^'"'^ ^ ^^ "^ ^"* loste. nor hi ne conne deme / 

'"^ betuene zuete / and byter. Eftorward / fria wyt / is 

onwyt. ine ^tm Jiet bye)) zno moche sotyl ine bnednesae 

to nynde / ine ofren to gyly / and deceyui o^ be playt / 

ofer be atrengjie / o^ be barat. )iet hy ne |ienchej / ne 

studied / bote ham zelue to auonci : and o^ren to harmy. 

Thiir vit ii tiw |)6t wyt IS ^ dyeules wyt / ase zayji saint iacob / fet ech© 

uiM aHii dv daye him nonde)> / ojren to harmy. Ac )« zo^ wyt / 

to do wniw. ^t Je holy gost tek)) to godea uiyendes / is ine knanyngo 

wyf-onte wyjmimynge / jiet ech )»ing is worf. hit ssewe)* 

w^"^™^' J'®*' f* wordle is ydel : ine byinge. vyl ; ine worf . biter : 

iitized by Google 


ine amaa ^t fie blisae of |)e wordle : is ydeL ^ turidMinTU^ 
richeeaea : tU. fie bates : bitere. uuw. 

Efterward ho yefji to y-uele / |*t ^ loue of god / virto. ii ■ inu 
and m'rtue / ia zoJ> J»ing / and of pris, Zof : nor hi ^^1^"'*°' 
nolael)) ^ herte / and aorisset / aud sostyeaef. of 
pris : aor me may god /an al fet he hej> : htgga. 
Znete : nor ^t is fie manne / fiet alle ])ise Jjinges makefi ii mdnmh >weM 
laete. zayncL zoi^es. tyeares / and wcpingos. asamea. uui^ ^^dTi^ 
martiras. and alle pinen. aud al pet me may jiencha ^t '"'*' 
is fe znete aucre / and of gnod asmak. and fiet ia )ie 
■wyt / and J« wysdom / fet fe vritingo clepej? / worji- n i, m. wh mid 
Bsipuol wygdom / huerof wext zofe bliaae ine inwyt h^^S«Sfc** 

Efler uirtues / an charites : he yetp zofw pronosse. [2D|«pr«i«.] 
jHuine yer nys piowesee arijt : bote ine godes knyjtea / TnepnrwM 
fet pe holy goet hef y-dobbed / and y-anned / mid ntVtu / kidghta! 
and mid charite. Ine pronease byefi firi ^inges todeld. inthiipnmM 
hardyeese. streng^ an atedeueatneaae. Nan ne is aiy^t u^n«tii, ud 
prens : J»t f iae pri ^inges ne he^. fet ne ys hardy / and •'*"™*"^ 
zyker / to greate pinge ondemime. Strang / and my;tnol / 
uoT to uol^y. zed / and stable : uor to uol^y. Ac ^fi-oute 
wyt / and wyji-oute porueyonce : ne byef najt worj) non 
of fiise ^ry fringes. Yor ase zay^ fie boc of }ie art of knyjt- in qumii ui 
hod / ine o])re queceles hnanne me mysnymf) hon ^t ^^^^ 
hit by noonde myd amendement Ac errour in batayle / miww^"wit 
ne may ns^ by amended, nor hi is anon awreke. u^JMndsd- 

Fole op-nymynge is huer hte profit li^. and moche ifbu ipnimhig'.] 
cost, and of p«nL and of payne. Zueche byeb be tm vorid'i 
opnymyngea / ^t me clepe^ proas, and hardi / me pise »». 
wordle / fet body / and zanle brengef into zenne / and 
fre gnodea also / and ine peril / and ine payne / uor a 
lyte lost to hahbe ; fet mochel is ydel / and Utel ylost 
Ac uirtue make^ man of greate herte / and of wyse virtmm»kMn 
opnymynge panne hi make]) man fiet ne is bote erfie / » tint hg upin 
2U0 haidi / pet he dar opnyme : pe regno of heuene to "^ 

Wynne, and alle pe dyenlen / pet byep zuo stronge / to buvra. 
6 • 

Dinitizedb, Google 


ouercome. Jjia opnimyngd : is guod / and wya. hner 

))er is lytel peril / and litel of pyne. and blisse. and 

boiiwuiunt worjaaipe wyj-oute meaiira. Hno |>et ne hef ut'rtue : 

coungm he ne he]) grat heite / eae hej> ^ ilke pot he]) drede of 

^tiH of tba tiajt. Znjche b; e^ }io ]iet zuo moche drede]) ^ kueades 

and ^ adueraetes of ^ wordlo. and ^et habbe]) diede 

uoT !<} lyese : ))et hi ne mt^e najt lon^ hyealde. ha ne^ 

najt grat herte Jiet hit yefj uor najt. aae dof fo J»et 

jeaep hare herten to louie ^ guodee of fortune / ^et 

ine zo])e : ne bye^ n^t / to f« Eij])e of ])e zo^ guodes of 

I H ■ (Dfld bliase. )]aniie zuycb nolo byeji ase is ]iet child / pei 

rthu (idiir loue]i more ane sseaweie : ^anne ane kingdom, an eppol : 

ADukMiiii I'f"*!^^ "^ his kende. Ac nirtue yefj) grot herte arijt 

'•r^J"™ Hor nirtue make)) wynne henene : and onworf i fe 

i. wordle. grat berdone of penonce to bare, and alle fe 

kueades of Jie wordle ondetbeie. and gledliche ^olye. 

and nor god to leste / to alle )>e asaylinges of ]>e dyeule 

>t ha !• no wydstonde. And ase zayj) Jie wyse seneke. Najt ne 

■Mj Own habbef more of myjte aye ufrtuea / kueade mysfaUea / 

eatibTdniia ^^^ ajrjeB / ne al Jiet fortune may freapny / an do : 

u DukH ■ more p&nne p6t bye{i dropen of rayn ine ])e ze. Virtue 

h ttrang u make]) man hardi / ase lyoun. stiang / ase olyfont. 

.batutha stedeuest and lestinde/aeo ))e zonne / ^t alneway 

yemji / and ne is neure wery. Jjanne Jrar ne is prowoase ; 

bote uirtae. 

^ Mtjte. 

nu torMiip AIsuo ^ ne IB non zo])e Ihordssip : bote ine utrtue. 

n lirvu. ^ gjj||, u^opj he is ; |iet to hnam al ]» wordle seme)). 

wut Oard- ^uych IhordsBip / yef]) man grace and utrtne. Vor hi 
zet man epirituellyche ine his rijte stat / huerinue 

WH tuda to h^ ^^ uerat ymad. ]m man ves ymad ine myche 

irar lU am- TfQjjjegjpe J jind ine zuyche Ihordssipe : ])et he wea 
Ihord of alle S9ep])es / ])et were ondei heuene. and to 
huam : alle ])inges bojen / and to huam noting ne 
my,te deiye. and ])et is ))e rijte stat to man and to his 


Ikordsaip. Ac yia Uiordasip he leaa be zenne. no he hit i> 
na^t ayen ne m^te awynue : bote be utrtue, Ac otrtue ^ 
ai«re)i ^aue man an h^ : and him de^ ^ wordle ondeiv huZ 
not / and him de)) weode to henen& 

Yirtne make]) ^ane man / more arijt Ihord of the vird* duuim t 
wordle : ^ne by Jw ^i^ / of hie r^ne. Vor of Je thmmiieiiii^bj 
guodes of }6 voidle / he he^ ase moche ase hia herte 
'wylne)). )Kr is his wone / and hie suBtinonce / and al 
^t he wyle habbe / more ynoj / Janne habbe pe kyng. 
nor al Jtet habbeji po guode / and p& kuede : al hit ia 
his. Yor of zao moche make)) hie ptou / and of al hiie it nam um lo 
god / and ponkep. and more louej) / and diede^ / and 
serue^. ine ^et he yzi)|> / and knaii)> / pet alle 8sept>eB 
byeb ymad him uor to seruL Eftervard / he heb h« *• ™p«or of 
ano^ empire / najr / an giat / wyjmnte ^t son ne ya hiabodjrud 
aijjt Ihord. uor he is emperoux of him-ielne. ^t is of 
his bodye : and of his herte. hoiohe he dem^ / and halt 
ina guode payse / hnerof he de^ bia vyL Tor his 
herte ia zno bh))e to ]ie vylle of gode : ^t al {)et god Hiihnrti*>)- 
deji : al hit is him uayr. and Jierbyhe)) he alneway; pe hiibod; URorarn- 
herte ine peyse. and ^t body goueme^ be p& wyUe of qoa. 
god / and al |)Bt god de)i to hia bodye ; he yelt ])onke§ / [p^j, ^ ],,] 
and hym payf. and )iet is Je Ihordsaip / fet uirtue yeff h» kIvh uuin 
to ^an ))Bt hit he^. Uuerof apecp senekes pet zay)i, gub. 
Ase moche Tor^smpe / and grat empiretS' of the kynge / 
by empn-our of fy-zelue. A god uelo byeji per kynges / Thm n mmj 
and of baroons ine pe woidle / ^et habbep castelea / nnthuhiTe 
citee / and r^nea / >et ne habbe^ na^t (ris Ihordsaip. ^SJtl."^^ 
J>et of hare herten : ne byejt n^t Ihordes. fet hyse '<«*^P' 
tormente^ ofte, o)»er be yro / ojwr be euel wil. oper be 
couaytyee / ojter be wylny[n]gge8. fet by ne moje na^ 

VbIDOM. Rwaom. 

EflOTward / non ne he^ uiidom : bote he habbe 
grace / and nirtue. Jjanne yef Jiou wilt conne huet is Tii»i»»»iiirM 
1 Bo in H8. 


86 FREB-TILL 00106 rROlt OOD. 

uridom ui;t. ^anne sselt )kiu ondentonde ])Qt ^ man 
1. of undimdon), he)) ])n maneree of uridom. ^ one of keade. fie o^re of 
uiH. grace ]>e ^ndde of blisea 

1. Fnt-wUi to do )je uerate is uri-wyl / haep-bf he may chyese / and 

do / luyliche o)rer f)et guod o^ ^t koead. fienie 

ThkfrHdom oridoin he halt of god zno niiliche )iet uon ue may hiTn 

■nd th* davii an- do ^mng. He aUe ])e dyeulen of helle ne mojen mannes 

»g«iiiithi«wiiL wyl Btrengjii to do one »nne wy[i-onte his irylle. Vor 

jref man. dede pet knead toyeans wylle : hit nere uon 

senUB. Yor uon ne zeue^^ ine ^et he ne may n^t 

hevly. ase tajf saynt anstyn. uridom habbe^ alia men. 

ao hit is ybounde ine children / and ine foles / and yne 

wytleaee / ])et ne habbe^ nense ekele / huei-by hi 

conne ubyese: ^ guode niatn ])e koeade. ferao 

KuiMMMaivw- uridom ^ roanbenym)) hjjn-zelue ine grat del. huanne 

Mth^koS, be zeneje^ dyadliche. uor him-ielue zel^ : uor ^ane lost 

of )« zenue. and him-zelue *yelt to )« dyeule / and 

■Dd baccoHtii tiH becom^ bia ^rel to fe zenn& zuo ^t he ne may hit 

"^■"'^ uorfrawetohiBwyUe/fBthebeJiymadiyker: botejw 

grace of god him helpe. 

I. PrHdon of JM ^P^ uiidom la )« like / ^t habbe^ pa gnodemen 

K^ hi.. tbiM in >isfi wor[d]le / )wt god he|i yvryd be grace / and be 

''**°^J^^ uirtue / nram fe freldoroe of jw dyeule and of zenne : 

Bnnoioocnr ^j }a ne byeji ))telles. ne to gold / ne to zeluei / ne to 

hare caroyne. ne to ]re guodea of fortune / )>et ^ dya^ : 

ne may benime. Ac hy habbeji hire herten zuo aiered 

TiuircBnnotm ine god : ^t hi ne prayse]) ]» wordle : bote ane botoun. 

S^ ud'to-d ^^ ^i "^ diede)) IqTJg. ne erL ne no» miauaL ne 

iSlnor 116* °" pouerte. ne ssame. ne dya)i. uor hi bye}» half deade. and 

tfii^ habbeji pe herten eno todeld iiram pe lone of )ie wordle : 

^t hi abide]) and wylne|) fiane dyap j ase de^ )>e guode 

but dnin dguii workman bia asepe. and be lezero hia heruest. and bo 

UtbBN^mloDgl . ' ' 

Ua lunwt. fet byef me wo of ze : guod port, and Je prisons : hare 

deliureonea. and Jte pylgrym : his contraya and Jise 
bye^ stedeneatliche uri / ase me may by ino^ise wordle. 

thin* im ood. ^T hi ne Icueji / ne dredoji no)iing bote god and byef 


ine greate paye of herte. nor h; hys hBbbe|i yzet ine 
god and bye]) nyej ine paiadye be wylnynge. And ^ 
like vrydom : corn)) o£ grace : aud of uiTiiue. 

Ac yet eft pia vridom : ne ia bote freldom / to fo »■ Tht UiW in» 
lyjjte /of ^e ]iridde uridome. ])ot babbe]) ^ )rat bye)) [huthtouw 
ny^ deliuied / of bodye / and of aL and myd gode 
byej / nou ine hia glorie, piae byef» zofiliche vry. uor 
hy bye)) delyuied of alie wo / of drede / of deafe / and Th«»hoh»« 
of lerme. of wanhopei of gyle, and of fe wordle. of d«ii"f«i from lU 
soi^e. and of alle pyne of herte / and of bodye : wy)»- oTdnth, fnan iin 
Gute comynge ayen. of huyche fiingea / non ne is 1117 umt m ooir in 
ine ^aa woidle : bnot hi ie y-da ''°^' 



Hto fat )>ano))i8Qe urydom buer-of ich babbe yepeke 
myjte habbe : to greate noblesse hit Bsolde ci 

« noblesse / com^ of fte gentyle herte. 
non herte ne is geutyl : bote he lovue god. |>anne ))er ne 
is non noblesse : bote to serui god an louye. ue vyieynye. Ttu gmua hwt 
bote ine |ie contnme fet is god to wref i / and to do i„i« ,10. 
zenne. Kon ue ys ar^t gentyl/ne noble /of }>e iiao»iii>ideUi 
gentilesse of ))e bodye. Yor ase to ^bodye: alle we ihmtiubuiri 
byeji children of one moder. ^t is of erfe : and of wose. t^ltom 
hner-of we noroe alle : nlese and blod. of ))0 side : non J^!^^ ^|^ 
ne is arijt gentil / ne ttI Ac onre rijte uader / is ^^^^^J^ 
kyng of beuene / fet made Jiet body of pe erf e. and 
88op fe zaule to his anlycnisse an to his fouime. An 
al aae hit is of fe nader ulesslich fet mocbel is blijte / 
huanne hia children bim byeb ylych. al-zuo bit is of 
oure uader gostiicb / fot be wijtingee / an be his zondes / 
ne let najt ona to somony / and bidde / f et -wo zotte mi Ha hdi m* 
payne ; to by bim ilicb. and feniore be ous zente bia (^ ^,^ „ ^h 
blissede zone Ihe«u crist in-to erfe / nor to bionge ous Jj^^^^ 
fe zofe uorbisne / huer-by we byep yssape to his ymage / ^™^^?|' 
and to his nayrbede / ase byef fo fet wonyef ine his am. 



iorfa cit£ of heaene. J)et byu^ )pe angles / and )« 

hal^en of paradie / hner ech ia fe more he; / aod ye 

more noble / ^ more propraliche ^t he ber^ fe ilke 

ThakoiTiiHnta aajn jmage. And ^emore Jie holy man ine ^se 

naniokuvaad wordle de)) al hia herte / and al his payne to knawe 

* god and lonye. Aitd of hire herte : alls zenne to 

niBontb* wayaje. Vor fe more ^t ^ herte is dene / and fe 

twumgpHiT oayrer : zuo moche he jij^f )pe &ce of lean crist ]k 

jhb. more openliche. and ^ more ^t be his fzyj]) openliche : 

^B moifl he him lone^ ^ stranglaker. )ie more he him 

liknep propreliche. And ftet is fa zo^ nobleeae / Jiet 

make)) ona godea sonee. And ^raore lay^ r^t wel 

saynd ion )« apoeteL nor ^ne we ssolle by godes 

children, and we Bsolle by him ylich propreliche hnanne 

In vmutt n we him BBolle yzy / ase he ys openliche, ^t ssel by ine 

«i>«iiHiuii. his blysse : hnanne we ssolle by ine paradys. nor hyer 

iBfaTi'™ "^ *y^ °^° onwryje fe uayrhede of god / bote ase hit 

'"^^ by ine ane sseweie. ase lay^ eainte panel Vor fntine 

we him ssolle yzy face to iace clyeilycfae. 
TnwHiMiHjtv- )M zo)m3 noblesse ^anne of man begynfi hyer be 

i>c«npuud*iii grace / and be nirtue. and is uolueld ine blyaae. Jjise 
noblesse niake^ ^ holy gost ine herte ])et he clenze)* 
ine clennesse / and alyjt ine zojmesaQ. and nolnelji ine 
charity. Jjise byef fe )ni greteste guodes : fet god yelj 
|ie angles, ase layjr saint denys, hner-by hy byef ylicho 
Tiiii iwwwjthi to hare sseppere. And fufl worke^ fe holy gost ine fa 
•ibuiihthwj''' herten of guode men be gmce / and bo ntrtue / hner- 
by hy byeji ymad to ^ ymaga / and to ^e anlycnesee of 
u> niHth lua up god / Bse hit may by ine ^ise lyne. uor he his arere^ rao 
ine god / and his beclep^ euo ine his lone / ^t al bare 

[Pol. K. b.] wyl / and al hare onderstondinge is / ^t is Jxtt 

is hare be^nchinge ^t is ywent ine god. |>is lone and 

|>is wylnynge / ^et ioyne)) / and one)) zno fe herte to 

n tint ttiiir Mil god : f et he ne may of er f ing wylny : ojier )ianne god 

UjUI"""'' ""*■ wyla nor hi ne habbo^ betuene god and ham : bote on- 

Inpi wyl. and ^nne to f e ymage / and to fe anlikneese 


of god. ase me may habbe in er)ie. and |iet ia )« grat- 

teste noblesse / and ]m hejeete gentilease / |iet me may 

to bopye : and diue. A. god / bon by bye]i ner nram fu frdo ooo u* 

|)iHe bejnesBO / ^ ^t make^ ham zuo quaynte of ]ie ilke pmod or u»ir no- 

poure Dobleue Jiet hi babbej» of hare moder fe er)ie / Sl^^,!^"' ''™ 

^t ber^ and noiyaaef azewel fe hogges : ase by dej) fe i^u^^^^ 

kingea. and hy ham yelpe^ of hare gentylet^ / uor pet Mi«^ 

by wene^ by of gendle woze. and )ie ilke kenrede : by 

conne njt wel telle. And fa ofK zyds by ne loke)i 

ni^t / huer-of bam com]) fe »)» nobleaso / and fe 

gentil kenreda Hy esolden loH to bare zo^ uorbysne ^* •faosid loot w 

Ibem Crist / ^t meat loaede / and worsdpede hie j«u cbriM, 

moder : ^onne euie dede eny oJ»r man. and alneway nu'^h"''' ^ 

baanne me him zede, 'sire : bi moder / and bi cosjn / BSttauM»tn 

' I r J I tboH wko do th* 

y% alcBeJi.' He ananerede. ' huo ys my moder / and huo wm i>ra»<i. 
bye]> myne cosynea ! bao ]iet de^ fa vyl of myne nader 
of beneue : he ts my broker / and my zoster / and my 
moder.' Vor ^is is ^ noble lyde / and Jie gentyl 
kende / ])er-af com]) / and wezt ine herte : zo^ bliase / 
ase of yo o^ren ydele noblesso : wext prede / and ydelo 

GkNTTIi aVOD. Omtl* blood. 

ITou ich pe habbe al uolliche ysseawed Jiet ich leue. Thm n DMhiw 
pet per ne is non good ar^t wor])ssipnol : bote airtue / ^ ,^ri» tMw 
and charyt^ ]>et is uayr lone of god. Jjct Jwr ne is non "^ '*^''' 
opoT good profitable, fm one wytnesse]) saynte paul 
^t zayji alana * Yef icb bedde zuo mocbe wyt ine me / 
|>ot icb con^ alio cleigyea. alle apechea. and speke also Lwidnc, v—i±, 
■wel ase myjte man / ofer angcL and icb coufe godes ^^^ ^S 
pnoitea / and his cedes, and yef ich beioke my body to '*^'J'' 
8la;& and yeue al fet ich habbe to ^e pouie. and dode 
by miiade fe hellea Iheape uram one atede / to ano]iTe. 
bote-ycf ich ne hedde pe ntrtoe of cbarit^ ; al bit nere 
me n^t vor^.' Noa aim hede Jiet zaynte paul ^t me KuBtPui 
Bsol wel yleue. oua be]) hyei ynemned / pe meate gentile pohMou pnu- 


hMXUmi Hiib- gaodefi / jMt man may do /and ^ meat weraywoned : 

to by woi^ and pnrfitL )Kt bye]) [)«] poraeyoncee of 

bodye. and ab^Jie to ])olye. helpe poore. to wende Jiane 

EenQolle. andconnynge. an speches. and ^e] zay]i yet alle 

^iflo gaodee wy^ute chaiitfi : ne bye^ m^t vor^. and 

>w iinii hH ydf pise guodes ne bye]i n^t wor]i : boa aaolde leue 

"^'""' gnodeaby worft Jjia Jii-wlf fe m^t yiy be skele Jet 

hyer beuore me hep yzed. nio moche is wot]) Jie man : 

aae is vorp bis land, {rat is aae zoj) / ase pater nost«r. 

Da thu mort Hno ^t wel onderstaftt boa / and buer-by / fe man is 

*h, u worth ^^^j^ ^ ^^^ ^j y ^j^ zomdel / oJ»r more o|wr leeae / 

and fet ne is non drede / ^t / )«t ne by charite / and 

^ lone of god. Tor boo fet meet bep : meat La vary 

and bao pet leat be)) : lest is worji. bno Jiet n^[t] ' ne 

bep : n^t ne is worp. Vor bno mocbe fe man bet of 

timlicbe gaodes / aaa byep / gold / an leluer. an licbesses. 

oper gnodes gostlicbe. opei kendelicbe / ase byep / creft / 

and queyntyse. wyt / and clei^ye. strengpe / and prou- 

Dw iiuii ■• H>j esse, and o^re gnodes. Hou ssel icb zygge fet bi dofi 

guod / panne be ssel by pe more zoraolloker ydamned / 

nor pet be bis benotep najt arijt. of po gnodes pet god 

bim bedde yiend uoi to winne. Eftorward yef be dep 

workes bodylycbe / as dop pise zuynkeree / and piae 

BodiiT imrka md gememen. Oper yef be dep workes gostlicbe. aae byep 

m nothiDi with- uoetiiiges. Tjenes. asrede pe ponre. bere pe bere, yef be ia 

' wyp-oute cbarite : zop uor to zigge : hit ne is bim lu^t 

worp. VoT peruore / pe more mode to-nore god bint ne 

worp pe rapre / yef he sterf p wyp-onte cbarite : y-damned 

ha voTp. Ac pe ilke pet bep ntrtne and charity gnode / 

of al pet god bim zent ine pise woidle / of al he dep bis 

nyeda and of al be wynp i gnice of blyace. 

ciHritri>;i»d Chariti is a guod cbap&ra / pet ooeral wynp / and 

wbanwhuud none time ne lyeet alle pe guode panewotpee by bayp. 

"'™ and dep alneway bis nyede, and najt uorpan : hy hep 

alneway hire peny ayen / pet is pe lone of beito / pet ia pe 

> MS. uj 

Dinitizedb, Google 


godee pen; / hnei-iiude me bayj / alle ^ gnodes of Jre TbeUmofuu 

vordlo / and alaewny ha blef ^ nor eniemo / ine ^ pmnj, vhwmiui 

pTuse. Lone hep me eche stede his zales. Charity ™^igith* 

wjnj> in edia fiinge. and playntea. and hy he^ Jie *"'^ 

m&jBteie : iue alle hataylea Hi dej) / ^et asemoche ciuiiijbaw 

is worf to onenen ueste enno day : ase to anoJTen : al ^Jj^ '" "^ 

ane lenton. Hi dej> ' / pet ase moche ia wor^ o peny to 

onen |mt hs yef )> : ase to ano^ren : on houdred pond. 

Zyggo a pat«r aoBter : ase to ano^ren a aaatyer. and ^t 

ne is Qor non ofire skele : bot« nor ^ / ^t zuo moche 

is varp )ie man / zno moche bye^ wor]i hie workea, Vor 

pe more ^ he he^ zo^ lone : pe more he wyn]i eche Looe is fa vyjte ine pa balance [zay^] aaynt Lnanifagni^ 

HicheL nor non ojwi )iing ne may w^e : hoanne me 

comfi to nime ech his asepe : bote loue and cliarit4. and 

^more ich dgge/fiet ^ ne ia non guod profitable ihmii Dapnut- 

aperteliche / and a ri^t epeke : bote nayr loue / and md ebuut. 


Of TUO L08TU0LLB OttODBB. OftwoliutM 

Ase god made man of body an of zaule : alzno he 
him hef) y-yeue too manere guodes loetnolle / not bis 
herte to him di^e. ine hnychen bye^ alle po zopo lostea. 
J)e neiste gaod wyjKinto: byef fe vif wyttea of pe UThiflMiriti 
bodyo^ be zjjpe be byerjie. / be amellinge. be zoeljynge. <»<r 
and be takynge. Jjise nif wytea/byej* ase uif condwys/ »«MflT«(iMi. 
huerby pe loetuolla gnodee of pe woidle guo^ in-to Jie iiutAUiioodiBitei 
herte not todelili/andnoihamzouketo Jteiofeloetea/ ugbtu. "**^ 
^t l^e^inegodtolouie. Yot al ]m1oM of ])ise wordle/ 
^t habbeji fte vif vytt«s / ne bye^ bote a drope of dean/ Tha tuta (^«- 
to pe d^pa of pe velle. oc of ^e gteate ze / haer-of alle "^i ua oui; ■ 
)iise gnodes comef. pe diope of pe deawe hnanne me his ^'p^^^^u„ 
Byk|i aner : anlyknef to ano stone, of pris. ac hnanne ^'J^J""»™* 
me wenfi bine nime : he ualj) agnind / and to n^te t<w^ 
becomj). Alsno Jw playii^ea of fe vordle/and pa [Fottr.b.) 
< HS-dej 


92 spuuTUAi. auTS the best. 

loetos of ^ nf wyttes haanne me hise )>eng^ / and 

TiH imf gftk* BMppe^ / and sseawe^ moche of piis : ac huanne me hiae 

J —— m-. .^- ^ halt: kUfi Iii hjep aorlore / and become^ na^t / and 

*"* metingea. ))ench of fe lost of uemyere / and of metinge 

of Uf jt / ^a sselt yey ^t hit is al on. an haste guo^ : 

and zone come^. ine none manere uelle ne ma;, and ^t 

ine one drope is zao moche znetneese / }iet hy ssel hj ^ 

zaetnesa of al ^ well& And jieniore J>q wyee and fe 

ThiirivinB JiqIj Djgji I ijig jiag wordle / ine al ^t hi ijej and 

srood, smacke^ of ^ gaodes loetfoUe of ^ise woidte : heryeji 

god. and ^ more wylne^ ^ loue of him. and fe more 

tkiMuntiiqr |iet hy yze^ fe zaete diopes: ^ moie hy wylne^ to 

dnv^ihtTiwi* come to ye welle. And ^emore |Mt hi wyte^ wel / ffA 

«n la aw*^ P^ ™°'^ ™^ loae^ Jiane drope : )« more me aor-yet fe 

welle, and ^ more fei lyke^ ^ luetnesae of fw woidle : 

TiMHHnoHton ^ lesse me wylnef / )ie znetneaae of goA )>eruore myd 

UHwgiM,uiBiM alle )« honden ^t hy mo}e / hi nemej) and use^. fe 

■waMoM c<Qed. lostes nlessUche / and ]ie pl^es. ^t he f>e vif wyttes 


•ntr H« IM'* A god hoD hi bye)i' foles / and more ftanne a best. 

btau ■)» tuak ^t wyte^ ^t / yet body of man ; is )ie meste ponre 

pHtwUuBtiH makynga. and ^ Tileste |iet is. and Jm spirit of man : is 

"^ fe zaulo. and ys |n noUeste ^ing / an fa he3Q8te ssep^ 

^t may by. and na;t uorjian / hy mt^e wene / )ret more 

bye^ ziiete / and lostaoUer / ^ gnodes }iet comej) by fw 

bodye : ^ne |k> ^t comefi be fe goeto. ^t bye^ lojfe 

guodos / and clene / and lestynde / and moje fe hertc 

SpMMaiguu voile and uotuelle. Zueche guodes yefji god to man 

^MMotbw^ ine fi^e wordla huanne he yeff pays of herte. and fo 

1^^°^^^ maystne of his Tyendee. and blisse of inwyt hnanne he 

"^ uolud^ }o herte of lone, and of blisse gostlych / and 

hint adiei^^ of ane ziietnesse wondenioL zao ^t he ne 

BnhuiaiiiM jngj iam hyealde / ne hitn-zelae yuela Of suyche 

wHh ih* luB of blisse / and of zayche loste / no liknesee / ne non eom- 

''"'™**" parisonn ne may by ynounde ine yoyes / and ino lostes 

of Jie wordle / fet ne byef bote dropen to Jw lijlie of fo 



welle of zaetseBse. J^ is ^ welle hnei-of oure Ihord TiMtnutaUaii 
spck^ ine his spells. ' Huo Jwt ssel drinke ' hezay)) / 'of «uiAd^>«itiuia 
|iewetere^ticlkwyUey[e]uehim: hi' Bsel become a welle/ "■*"'^ 
^et him ssel do Iheape/in-to fe lyue euieleBtynde.' J)et 
is |ie walle of blisse / and of zoetnesse. of loue / a[ii]d 
of iAiant&. fet may aoluelle fe hette / and Don o^ 
Jing ^t is. Of Jrise irelle hedde daiii)i y-nome / J«t 
sede ine his santere. 'O. god / horn is nou grot / ]ie ofitnimiDiiid 
mochelhede / of ))ine zyuetnesse * Jiet )>oa lokest to ^ine p^!tt. 
seruinde/andytiBt to ])iiLe oiyendee.' And norzo^ hno wbowihooid 
[«t hedde wel ytaated and jemacked fe ilie metneeso » t^OM*^ 
fet god yef f to Ms nrendea : he ssolde oawor))i alle Jie £[^'° *"* 
loates / and alle fe blissen of ^iae wordle. and volde 
chiae / and of healde fe goetiiche blisse / and ssolde by wooid dHpiH lU 
aae ^ ilke / ^et honteji J>et mele / Jwt to-delj) ^t flour Sw^tSt 
nnm )ie bien. and ase )ie ilke )wt make^ ^ oyle / ^t *<'''^ 
nim^ Jie pnie giece : and let fet greate dia£ Yor blisse 
of herte ^t comji of god to loaie fiet is zo^ blisse and lajtibimnit 
riker / ose myf fa aorbisne. fet non ne hejj zikere wMebtmeTot 
blisee / bote yef hi come of lone. And in J>e writyngge '™'**''«'- 
ha clepe^ uile' / onre Ihord by be* J» profete / Jiet zayji, 
'Ich wylle' ^t^ he 'vile* of blisse nor wepinge. alle blisse/ 
clene/and zojie ofherte/ uor wop of penonce.' Of fise withuwourf 
oyle bye^ y-emered / y}fet god he]> ymad kinges / and aHm)°|jLtn» ° 
Ihordes of ^ wordle /and god zelf. and jtanne is ^ man ^^^^"''^ 
akor cristen/hnanne he is ysmeied myd fise holy craymo. 
Tor of crayme : is jzed crist : and of crist : cristendom. 
And hno fet is ysmered mid (lise oynement : ^t is )e '^.^}°'™",'* 
blisse / and fa lone of god. he lene)i ine god ; and god ocooi. 
ine him. ase zay]i saint Ion )>e aposteL and ^t lif is of 
cristene Jiet is arijt to speke / lif of man. )>et is guod 
lyf and yblyssed fet cristene ssolle ylene / and wylny to ti« chmou 
leche : to habbe ^t lyf euieleetinde. uor he ne is najt ub, 
ttlyne: acinelangoni/^techedayelenef inebysybede/ ■mnajhdl, " 
ine jMjtee / ine zorjes. ne Jiet ne is najt lyf of man : ac ^Sii'^„^ 
of child / J»et non wepf / nou Ih^f / and non is wel an ""^ 
> be r ' Written for oyli > So in US. 



iMtbB ii tt itaa gjao : and non ia enele aneysB. nou ia vnof / Don ia ine 

■ (And, ohatiHT- payse. nou ine bliaaa noa me zoi^e. 

wKf. )»niie huo pet wyle lede guod lif ; tecfae ^t he 

babbe / ^t xofa gnod. and ^amne seel he habbe lyt 

vor^sdpuol lyf. loetuoL and profitable, and ^anne he 

whcwHaki tna ssel libbe oee a man. |iet is to dgge : zikerlyche. hollycha 

hMboDoonbta ^sliche. and blianoUiche wjft-oute zorje. and to zuiche 

udpnAubiL lyue me com^ : o^ be grace / o^r be aiHn& and na^t 


Of viirrve uoss sfboullichb. 

w* hnc ngw oon. Nou ich ]i6 habbe abona ysaewed generalliche Jie 

tbnugnicT.wonti, dingnet^ / and ]n vor]i / and pa guodnease : of mrtn / 

^JJ^"^" and of charit4 : and hueraore me ssel hiae zeche. Vor 

wiiichiaditojaT, giat uieme )Mr com^ hiB uor to habbe. bUssa vorjiasipe / 

and lyf euielestinde. Ac nor |ian / fiet me ne knan^ 

ni^t zno wel ^t Jiing ine general / ase me de^ in 

special : ^ruore hyer ya myn ywyl to spekene of uirtue 

more openliche. mo f«t ech pet wylle ine ^ise boc 

atndye : moje Us lyf ordejni be uirtue / and be guode 

itiinatmaiviita dedes. Vor oberlakex litel hit hint aaolde by worb to 

iPMd^taBw* conne Jiet guod : bote me hit deda Vor ase lay^ aaynt 

Ua diDtui who iacob. He Jiet can gnod / and ne de^ hit n^t : per is 

uutL zenne / yef ho misdep. Fol he is Jiet can Jtane rijte 

way / and be his wytinde myagef . 

^"" ^""^ Ih^ ni ^ ^''^y ^"* '''''"PMisonef fe zaule and of pe guode 

of Dm good mu luanne / an of )ie guode wyfmanne ; to ane nayre 

(Hdan, gardyne nol of grenhede / and of nayro trawes / and of 

hir uwTud^ guod &nL Huerof god zay^ ine p% boc of loneL ' My 

'■ zoster / my lemman fou art a gaidin bensot / myd tuo 

ssettelee.' {tet is p6 grace of god / and of angles, pome 

uch ui* gnmx gardyn zette p6 gresto gardynei / ]>et is god pe uader / 

r,xba''' ^ buanne he nhessef pa herte / and make)) zuete / and 

tretafale / ase wex ymered.' and ase land guod < and 

Bgray))ed / and worf i ^t hy by yzet mid guode ympen. 

whtD Hi nn^- Jk ilke ympen bye^ po utrtues / ^et pe holy goat 

' yitgttd (digged] fast lieen erased. 


be-deaweji myd bis groca Godes rone ^t is ^ lojie p«' 
zonne ha pe airtae of his clemesse : de^ ham wexe an 
he) / and profite. 


}}yae ^ Jiingee b;e|i nyeduolle to alle Jm ^icgea ftik 
in ^ er^ wexe)i. Guod molde. wocneese uorisBynde. 
&nd Tenable hete. wydoate ' piae Jiri Jiinges goetliche / ne 
mo^e |ie ympen of mrtne / ne vexe / ne here frat. Jiise 
^inges / make^ Jie grace of |w holy goat mid harte. and J^EJflS?'*'" 
hi de^ al greny / and flouri. and here &ut and hi tiau fruit. 
make^ alsao / ake a paradis er^lich to lykeiouB. uol of 
gnode traues / and of frut / and prBcioua. Ac ase god 
zette paiadys erjilich uol of guode tiawea / and of fint ai Ood m in 
and amydde zette a traa / ^t me clepe^ : ))et trau of gfuiaunidit 
lyae. hneraore Jret his frut hedde nyede to loky fet Ijf / '"^ *"^ °*^ 
to fan |)et hit asolde ete / wy^nta steruinge / and 
wyjioate ^kneese. and wy^nte ealdinga and 7y)K)ute 
fyebteeae. AIsuo de)i gostliche to pe herte fe greate KOodiuthHt 
gaidyner. ^t is god fe uader. Tor he he]) y-zet fe uiMMtiMtntot 
tmwes of uirtuB / and amydde Jwt ttau of lyue. f et "™^ 
is lean cnst / {rat zay]) ine faia spelle. 'He Jmt eth my ihuiuihu 
nless / and dring^ my blod : he he^ lyf eureleetinde.' 
piB baa gre&eji and uayrefi be his ntrtue : alle pa ine 
pftradis. Be ]>e m'rtae of ^ise trawe wexe)) / fiorisse^ / TfaiiuwcauH 
and makeb frnt : alle be obre trawes. Ine bise tmwe al 

' ' Th»i™l«tob« 

hit ys guod al ^et p^t is. )}iB tiau is to alows / and to pniwdforiu 
lonie / UOT manye fiingee. Yor pe rote. Vor ^ane Bmsr, an sneu, 
wode. Tor (wt flour. Vor fane amoL Vor pe leanea. ^iJj^iiJ°ajr 
Vor fet frnt And nor his uayre asei J>e rote of f ise ^^KiLtSfS 
tnwe / Jiet is the wel greate lone / and to moche charite S|2 "^^J^ "" 
of Rod be uader / hneraore he oua louede zuo moche / ™J«m»iiiii 
fet uoF his kueade fiel to begge : he yaf his wel guode iba uood anom 
zone, and him dehurede to fe dyajw / and to toraient. ofthiimtiiwi 
Of pma rote Bpek]i Jie profete / and layf. f et 'a yerd seel i, ^^^ 
gno out of pa rote of yesse.' )iet word is worf ase moche / 

" rod 

b, Google 



Til* puh XM HI* Clause uleae. 

becleppinge of loua Jwt Trade / ^t is hia pre- 
herte of fo traue : wea |ie holy zaule / 

ine liuain wea / Jre preoiouse yolk of Jje wysdome of 
Tiw riod WM Hit god Jje linde / wee fe uayre <;onaersacionu / wyfonte, 
TiH^iniiiii Jletzep: of ]k> traue / and ])e tyerea / weran uonr wel 
•Bi hioDd. prflcioueea Jtingea / and of rijt greate Htrtue / Jet of his 

preciouse lemea yonme. ^t weien tyearea. zuot veter. 
ThiiHTHwin and hlod. bo lyeauea : weron be holi wordes/bet 
ih( Oowan Hii helden of alle ^cnesses. be floures : weien be holy 
tbimitKia )io)tee /'^t alle weren uayre and oneste / and berinde 
*"""'"■** finit Jwtfmt/werenjwtuelfapoatlea/ Jwt aljiewordle 

uedde an noriseede be bare techinge / and by bara 

Qorbisne / mid hare guode dedes / and ^ benefices. 
Tbabgogiufaiiiiu ]je bojes / of Jo traue / ine one wytte / byefi alle ]m 
diet.' ychosene )iet euere' were, and ^t bye]), and Jet asollo 

by. uoraseheEedetohisapostlea. 'Icham' bazede 'J>e 
Ibuuuwmu* Tyns/and yebyej) pebojes.' Ine anoJ»re wyt : J» bojee 
tnaudninipi*^ wercD Je uayre UiHues / and Je gloriouee uorbyBnes / 
Id Ri> pririiK Jet be ssewede be dede / and tojto be mouje Jet weren 

Je nirtnea uol-do and nolle of Je zoje guodnesse / Jet be 
:fd). t*. L ssewede to his pria£ niindes / Jet weren Je tuelf 

apostles / Jet he ledde in-to ane heje belle, priuelyliche. 

)]er he zet ase zayj Jot godspel / and bia deciples abonto 
who on ih( him. Janne he openede his mon J / and his trezor Jet he 
HhToouihud hedde ywre^e ine bis herte. and ham Jus leayde. 
" BiMcd \» um Yblissed bye J Je poure of goste / uor Je kyngdom of 
ta^e king^ beuene is hyre. Yblieaed byej Je mylde : uor hi ssolle 
dJv^ta!,*t, l>y Ihordes of Je erje. Yblissed bye J Jo Jet hyer 
'^ wepej / nor hi ssoUe habbe Jet confort of god. 

Yblissed Jo Jet habbej honger and Jorst of rijt nor hi 

saol by uolueld. Yblissed byeJ Je merciuolle / uor hi 

ssolle nynde mercl Yblessed byeJ Je clene of herte / 

uor hi Bsole yzi god aperteliche. Yblissed byoj Je 
TbiH in tbt paysyble / uor hi ssolle by ycleped godes zones, {lise 
thitmorub. byeJ Je zeue bo^ea of Je trawe of hue / of godes zone 

lesu criat 



Ine fe Hsede of jiise trowe / him sael gaod herte 
Bseduy / and jzy ^e ilke uayre bojee ])et bere)i })et frut 
of line enrelestinde. Ine ^ise seue wordee is beloke alle in uhh who 
h^uesse / and alia perfeecion of grace and of aiHue of ^ la^Lm, m 
, f aojie blyasedhede. asomoche ase me may habb© in fise Sa^StaL'^fillS 
woTdlo. and habbe and ondeistonde ; ine J»e opn. Jjise w*-*^"™- 
bye)) f6 zeue niielea of holy lyf / Jvet ]m zo]ie Salomon tiuh n on 
Uskp to his children. )ns is )« zofe filozofie / fet ^ u^"™ " 
mayetor of angles tek^ to his deciples. Ine Jiise zeue 1° Uhh lem 

' Tordes bye^ besset ase ziggej* }e haljen / al ^ snmme lUmmortiM 
of fe neve laje / |wt is fe laje of loue / and of luet JJJ^ li^SwMt- 
neese. Hy is wel yzed newe : nor hi ne may najt ™5,ii^,„ 
yealdy / ase dede fe yealde laje to fe jrewee. hi is Jj^T?*^?^ 
lof liche newe / and desgised ntara o}iie lajee. La^ is 

' / yzed Jwruore )>et hy hare-Kelue ne bynk ake f e ofre 

byndef / and fis onbynt Pe o))ere chargef : and fis louwddi**** 
oncha>ge|>. Jw ofre jireapne)) : and f ia behot Ine fe SfCl^Sl^i 
ojtre to strif : ine fise to pays. Ine fe of re to nor- |J^njJU7p»i, 
zuerie ; ine fise to lone, Ine of re corsynge : ine fise "**'™'"«^ 
blissinge. fanne is fys / al uol of blisaiuge. and femore 
hi byef yblyssed fo fet hyse healdef iiayf aalomon. 
Vor fe ilke fet his hef : he hef ywonne fet trau of 
line. Hueraore fise zene fingea touoie yied byef ^!"TT 
ycleped blyssinges. uor hy makef man yblyssed ine mmhuwed in 
fise wordle ase man may by ine fise lyue : and moie iii«Md in tiw 
yblyssed ine fe ofre, 

Non best fou yherd huo is fet tran of lyue / fet is 
amydde paradis / fet god zet ine fe holy zaide. Ine fe 
ssede of fise trawe / wexef / and profitef / and beief 
frut fe traw of atrtue fet god fe nader /fet is fe ood nunth oh 
greate gardynei / zet ine fe gardyne / and his weteief uwmUariiii 
of fe welle of his grace / fet his def greny / and wexe / ■™* 
and piofitL An hise halt ine grenehede / and ine lyue. 3^5^*^,„„ 
fe itke welle hym todelf ine zene streames. fet byef fe •"J^- 
8Bue yeifes of fe holy gort / fet weteref al fane gardin. ■vnguuorib* 
Nou loko fe greate coitaysio of oure zuote mayatre leau mhow uh gnu 


anitHj of ood ciist godes zoRe / J»t com to ^c Tordle to zeche / an to 

^! eouy / |>et / ^t wea uorlore. Vor (wt he wyste wel 

™" ™n."Hj?i ""^ pouerte / and oure fyeblesae. and nor oure zennea / 

to tbt_i» lin Kid ^^ viBe. Ac be ous we ne moje u^t arise / ne come 

—^ » b.] syen. ne out of zonae guo. ne uij-tue to zeche / ne come 

to )>e blisaede lyne / Jrat in of his grace and of hie yef^ 

ThmfHvR* pro- h^ com^. jKruoTO he n^t ne let ous uor to somoni / 

utf™id'i^'* J*'' ^'^ ^y™ bydde and bezeche hia yefjtes. And moche 

uk lor tiHm. Q^ behat : pet yef we hym bezechi^ ^ing |iet ous b 

guod : ))et vo hit BsoUe habbe. And more he oub de)) 

chrijt !• oar of cortaysye. Tor he is oure play tere / ^t oua make)) 

mi^intom- owTO bezechinge : Jiet we ne coufe n^t niaky / yef he 

dmibriu. nero. Jje bezechinge Jtet he ous made of his nayre 

H* Riit u cha ybleaeede mou^ : nayre. guode. ssorte. an cleuiynde : 

rt^reta'^^irKi I*' '^^ J*'' pat**" noater, hueriane byejj zeue bezech- 

JJJ*^!^^^ inges / be huichen we bezechefi oure guode nader of 

of u« HoiT heuene / J>et he ous yoae J» zeue yeff es of Jw hoh g03t / 

^t hi ous delyuri of fe zeue dyadliche zennea / and 

hise screpe of al of ouie herten. and ine hare stede : 

zetto and nor^dt^e / )ie zeue nirtues / ^t oua lede to 

^e zeue bhssingea of perfeccion / and of holy lyf. huerby 

we mo^ habbe pe zeuen boheetea pet he makeji to 

ten^^Tih™ ^ ychoeene, Huerof onre onderetondinge is myd ]m 

^J^^JI"^^ holy gostee helpe. Verst speke of Je zeue benes of J» 

imm virtDH Out pat«r noBt«r. Efterward : of be zeue utrtnes bet byeb 

migitautttig ' r •! I 

HToidwUT'iiiii. ayens be zeue dyadliche zennea / hueinif we habbeb 

TlwMienpstt. , , ^ , ,' , 

Ham an u •«■■ sboue yapose. pe zeue benea hyep j aae zeue uayie 
trariidingnur maydeusB / Jffit ne letefi n^t uor to Uiade of pe zene 
UM^ltteuuw streomee pe qutkke weteies uor to wetery fie zeue trawea 
MLam>ni- jret beref fet fruyt of liue eurelestinde. 



Tta* pitu Momr Huanue me zet a child to lettre. ate b^;7Diiyiige 
m tMdi ■ difld. "IB him tekp his pater noater. Huo |iet of Jiiae cle^ye 
Btf m^™SSbe ^'® conne : become milde ase a child, nor to zuyche 
■BiidHdiUdnD. scoiere tekf oure guode mayater lean criat / Jiise 

ITS BEvsH pBrrriotJS. 99 

dergie / Jiet is |« ua,jTeste j and meat beho&am f>et 

is. huo Jiet wel hit onderetant and of-halk Vor zuyche Tbe mm immt or 

irene^ hit irel conne and onderstonde : )wt neaerte ne hiki'*'" 

cou^ bote ^ lynde vy|)out« / |>et is ^e lettre / )»et is 

giiod. Ac litel is wor^ to fie ^jjie of ^ newen ^t is 

Wf ^inne zuo zuete. Hit ys vel saort ine wordes : and tiiIi fttjw u 

vsl lang ine wytte. Li}t to zigge / an sotil to onder- ■ndioaginwit, 

stonde. Jmb bene / paseji alle ofre / ine )iri f inges. ine tai^hiu^M^a,^ 

dignetS / in aeortheda an ine gnodnessa Jje dignet^ ""^ 

is / ine ^n ^t godes sone hit mada To god }ie uader 

ine wOTde. God ^ holy goat / fiet is ^t me acse]). 

He wolde Jnt hit weie saort / uor )>et non ne saolde ood irined ii ba 

him weiye ^hit Tior to lyemy. An uor ^ Jet non ne I^j^V^S^ 

Bsolde hint tyeny hit nor to li^e gledliche / an ofte. *" '"^"e "■ 

And nor to ssewy / ]>et god )re uader ods yhyeij wel 

sons ; huanne we him bidde^ mid guode herte. noi he ood don not an 

ne hej none hedo of longe ryote of tales y-slyked / ne ^ijiud woniL 

y-rymed. Vor aae zayj sont grsgorye. Zo))Uche hidde / 

ne ie na^t to zygge uayie wordea / and y-slyked myd rmm da« not 

moo>e : ake teste pUyntes and dyepe zykyngea of JJ^S^*^"^ 

herte. |>e worj) / and fe profit of fiae bene : is zuo SJ^'Sriito^of 

grot / Jiet he belonkjt ine ssorte wordea / al fet me may *•« ''™^ 

wylny of herte. An to bydde wel to dona ^t ia ])et [Foi, m. \.\ 

me by delyured of alls kueade : and uolueld of alle 


HtBR begin)} }}ET Vi.1SR KOSTBB. H«n tagini Itat 


(ma beginj ^ pater noeter. ' Vader oure / fet art oor r«uwrthu 
ine heuene.' Loke hon ouie guode spekeman / and oure B«hi>id hm r^ 
zuete mayster lesn crist / )iet is ^ wyadom of god )« j,.n, chriR, 
uader / and kan alle It^ee / and fe wonea of his cort ^ pimj^ vIhIt^ 
tekj wbI to playty / and wyslyche / and sotilliche / an ^^,' "^ 
amrtlicbe to speke. Vorzn^ Jia uetste word J»et fou t»» •*** ™™" 
E^st / yef hit is wel onderetonde / and yuo^ed / Mi oibopeiow 
J« sael yeue al Jrine playnte. Vor saynt bemard Jua uuon. 
XKjp. pet )n bene fiet begynji be >e suete name of ^ 

100 ooD IS ODB father: we are 

uader. yef^ousfaopetoondeniongealleourebyddyitges. 

J)ia zuete word / uader / fet al (le remeuont make)) 

zuete / |>e sseawe)) ^t ^u sselt yleua and )k somone^ 

to fan f)et ))ou saelt do. and ^ise too ))iiiges S0De)> man : 

hiianne ho ylef^ wcI / and a-rijt. an he de)i efterward / 

wm uunoUart ^t he BseL Huanne )iou him clepeat tiader/)iou 

thm uknoiriiidg- beknaust )rct ho is Ihord of houae. )iet is of heaene / 

Lonioiu* ^""^ "^ ^^f^ ^^^ heaued / and ginnynge / and welle / 

'™'^ huoTof alle ssopfee j and alio guod come^. and Jiub ^ 

And rtuM n< la beknaust hiit mijte. Efterward / ze^fie )nt he ya uader / 

ibe pJlirtiter (br ■ •»« i* dijtere / and goueniour / and poraeyour / to his 

Hu^d^i-'t iiayno. an nameliche of hia children / J»et is of man / 

0*°™. jiet him-zelf heji y-mad and yesape / to bla anlik- 

*Ddi(F>«tboH neeae. and fius )iou beknauBt his wyadom. Alast )ianne 

^^ HI hMh ^t he is oader be kende / and be j^to / he louej* Jwt he 

ii> nwudt thna heji ymad / ase zay)) )ie hoc of wysdome. »id is mete 

uidchutenMb *"><} Dulde. and cuo loue^ / and dre;^ nor)i bis childran. 

^nwhmUnj ^^^ jj^jjj jgjj j^^j^ ^Ton. and betere ^anne hi conne 

deuiai. and he his byat / and his chaste)) huanne hi 

miedoji uor hare proa aae guod uader / and ble))eliche 

he his onderua[n]g^ / huanne hi come^ to hym. 

TbtwordPutHr ^"'^^ ^^ f* sseawy fanne J)is word ^t Jjou zayst : 

ihtn'rf*^''' '^^^'^- ^^ mijte. his wysdom. his guodnease. He fe 

m^hi^iidBiB, bej)eng)i of ojier half fe zelua. fine nohlesso. Jiine 

iMtirfitij nou*- uayrhede. Jiine richesse. More gratter nobleaae ne may 

ricfan. ich habbe : Jianne to by zone to ane zaa great« emperur 

cmiidDowhir* )»' is god. More gratter richesse ne may by : Jianne to 

•o^wtt'im ™. ^y I'yg of *^o fii^B- More gratter uayrhede ne may 

poa.uutt^ood. j)y . panne to by him arijt yUch. Huych uayrhede \b 

zno grat : ])ot hit paee)) ^t of man / and of angles 

LMtiMvord )}anne |)i8 word / uader / ^ be])eng}) Jiet ]niu art zone. 

due orthj aiatj 110^ J»t Jiou Jw payueat him uor to by ylyoh. ase guod 

"J^^^'* zone Bsel by ylich his guode uader. ^t is to zi^e : J>et 

*"*"• f ou by bold / and of grat wyl / and Strang / and mijtnol 

wel to done, and (tet )>ou by wys / and y-wer / large / 

and cortoya / zuete / and milde dene and wyfrnnte 


nileynye / ase he ia. and ]iet fiou hatye zenne / and sh uui dhw 

QouUiedes / and kueadhedes ase he de^. zno Jret |iou doH, 

najt ne do aye kende. J)ia vord )ianne |» deji befenche / 

at alio )« timee fet'Jwa rayst fet pater noeter : Jwt yef ^™' **■ "^^ 

{>ou art ari^t zone : ))0u neelt him aolykny be kende. be 

heete. and be rijte. and Jnn ^ijt" sselt loue. wor^ssipe. 

and reuereuce. drede. semice. and bojemnnesee. Kou ud h act u > 

|)encli J»nne hnanne |ion layet pi pater noster / fet f ou ^ *" "* 

by him a guod zone and trewe / yef fon wylt ^t he pe "^"""^'of 

byguoduader. anmilda ' ^nch huaa zone pouart' : me "^ 

cay|) to Jie newe knyjte huanne he gop into p6 tome- hmr mei u thk 

ment. Nou ^u yzyxt wel hou ))ia nerste word is znete. hDwiiidinaiiLiiiM 

and hou hit pe amonesteji J>et Jwu by bold and of ^^,nood 

guode wylle. and hit J)e tekji huych f on Bselt by. *""■ 

Xon ich p& acxy hneniore ^ou zayst ' uader onre.' wtarmi^ 
andnajt 'nadei myn' t and])et ^a him uel^est mid ^ / udnofFiUur 
hnanne ]iou zayat : 'yef oua'/andnezayst najt 'yef me.' ""^ *"■ 

Ich wile fe ziggo yef Jiou wyli Non ne ssel zigge / 
uader nun. bote pe ilke )iet ys his zone be kende wyp- 
onto gynnynge / wy^oute ende / pe tope godes zone. 
Ac we ne byeji n^t his zones be kende / bote aee- w. .n not ood'. 
mocbe Jiet we bye^ ymad to hia anliknesae. ac alsuo but b/ ■dopUon. 
bye]) pa sarasyns. ac we bye)) his zones be groee and by 
adopcion. Adopcioun zuo is a word of laje. uor by Jw aiup"™!""™ 
lajes of pe empenirs / buanne an hej man ne hef no 
cluld : ha may chiese ))et child of a guod man yef he 
wyle and moki him his zone be adopeionn. f)et ia be 
auoerie. zno ))et he ssel hi yhealde uor his zone auoud / 
and ssel here his eritt^ Jjise grace god ous made p& °?l!i''** ^ 
uader wyfioute ouie ofseruinge. aae zay)) saynt paueL wiiiwoiiouc 
Huanne he ous dede come to pe crtstenedome we were Bmtnnmiwmw 
ponre and naked / and child of yre / and of helle. pom.mkrf,™ 
fanne huanne we zigge)) 'vader ooie.' and we zi^e|i / 
* yef DOS.' we gadeie^ alle ouie brojiren mid ous of adop- 
cion / ^t bye^ children of holy cherohe. be pe byleaue 
^t hi ondemir^e ine cre'stnynge. 

Dinitizedb, Google 

102 WHAT "our TCACHBB US. 

Ood ginUi not Jfou oua SBeweb / huer-of bis word / oure. Tofl be lar- 

onlj to nH,t>ilt (0 '' ' ' L J r 

nuinj. geese / and fe coitaysye / god ours oader. ))ot ous yef^ 

more ble^Iiche / ynoj / fianne lyte and to uelen: 

Jianne to OQen alloue. Huei-of aaynt gregorie zay]i. 

Tbtondifdutii '^bene/fie more ^t hi b commun: Jramorehy is 

afpeopia, wor)). OBe fe candele is botere bezet ))et senie^ to one 

MEnputtDrtiM halle and uoJ of nolk : ^ne qr )iet no senie^ / bote to 

^. °" onlepy manna.' J^ia word hat oiw to yelde fwukea myd 

al ooie herteiL of {nae grace ]>et he ous heji ydo / huer- 

by we bye}» faia oblldron / and his eyis. and ^t moehe 

aidontliche louye oure ealde brojter leau criat / J»et oua 

aela^ef) vjp him ine his grace. 

Thii-orf FViw Jjia word oua amoneatej) ^t we bK ine oure herte 

thia (dopUon b ■ holylyche ^ne holy gost pet is oure wytnesse. pia 

^^^ adopciou is aao weddee / aae zayji saynte pauI / hn^- 

(bitvohjiiiiH by wobyji zikare/ J»et we ssoUe habbe )« CTitage of ouie 

J^, "" uader. fet is Jie blysse of paradys. Jis word ous tekj> 

it((w«i«iii>;u and zayf feb we byej alle brojiren / grat / and smal / 

bniiinn, grmt pouTc and licbe. he; / and loj / «f one uader / and of 

and poor, high One moder. ^t ia of god / and of holy cherche. and 

*" ' non ne asel ojireu onworjii : ac lonie aae bio))er. and ^ 

and [iut wo ou ssol helpe banne obre : ase dob be lemea of be zelue 

■faould help and , , , ' ,.,, ■ t , 

pnr ror OIK Hv bodye. and ech bidde uor ojven ase zayji samt locob. 

iimta'aftiM mat And ZOO hit is ouie ureme wel grat Vor huanne ^u 

'^^ zest J>ine bene Ine fe ueli^rede of al holy cherche : uor 

■ on patemostei- )>ot fou zayst / Jw wynst mo fianne an 

hondied )iousond. 

"''^""'° Jris word / oure, ous tekf to hatye fri fing namo- 

trtM, wTMh, ud' liche. Prede. wrejw. and auarice. Prede ; de^ man out 

of uelajrede, nor he wyle by aboue alle o^ren. Wrefe : 

deji man out of uel^rede, uor huanne he werrefi wjp 

enne : he werre)> wyfi alle J>e oftre. Auarice : def man 

whii* brinj lan out of uelairede. vor hi nele ne him / ne his bijures / 

ootorrioiowthip. ^ ' ' ^ ' 

conimnny mid o|iren. And ^eruore euych uolk ne hab- 

1?" "u!i ills' " ^f P*"* / i"^ I* holy patw noBt^. J)iB word /' oure ' : 
wn ous Bsewefi ^t god ia oure : yef we wylleji. and pe 


uader. and ^ zona and )« holy gost fet ifi 3'ef v 
loke^ his heetee. and zao xay]) ine ]m godaapelle sauit 

'VaderouTO / ^tartmeheuene.' Huanne ich zigge / "Th^utuiu*- 
' ))et ^u art ine heuane ' : ich zigge tuo ))ing. ^t he ia stn w> utut 
kyng / and ^t he is at paradis. Alsao huanne ich sndthitiis'i*?' 
zigge / ' ^t art / ine heaene ': ich zigge ^t he is / and 
fet lie is ina heuene. Me vint ywryte ine ]» ojire hoc 
of ^ U^e. pet god him asevede to Moysee ine ane wimOoiiip- 
lieUe / and him tede. guo in-to egipte / and zay to )« h« ludt ki»*n 
kynge fkraon of mine half / ^ct he ^ delyuri mi uolk -nji." """^ 
pa children of y[8]roel / of )ie ^Idome / hiierine he hiee 
halt 'Ihord ' / zayde moyaes. *yef me akeep hnet is pi 
nam& huet ssel ich zigge 1' ' Ich am / ]>et am.' zayde 
god. 2fou ziggej) pe haljen / and pa guode clerkes. 
Jiet among alle po hojB names of oure Ihorde : |>iB is Jie ^'"Jf^'* ""* 
uerete/ and )n meat propre. and ^t mest arijt ous proparnuneof 
tek(i uor to knawe j p^i j pet god is. Vor alle p6 ojwe 
names huer hi apeke)) of his guodnesse. and of his othtnumaipMii 
Tysdome. o^ of hia mijte. ojwr he is zaich / and trMnn, ae, 
zuich. he is )« T^t guod. pe rijt trewa pe rijt wya. pe 
ti}t mijtL and uele o^re maneres of speches ^t me 
zayf of him, fiet ne zi^eji propraliche |« mp& of fe ^*J^ "T^ 
byinge of god. Ac we )»t hyef greate / an boystoyse «wni« oroo ii. 
to spekene of mo heje Jringe / speke we of god / zuo / ^^J^r^^ 
ase we conne denisi ane man / of huom me ne kan nc^t otmn, 
his name / ase me zay^. he is kyng. he is erl. he is zuo 
giat. ZQO uayr. zao large, and uele of zuyche ^ingea / 
huer-by me may ywyte hou J)et hit by Jie man knawe. 
Ac ne ziggef) najt arijt his name / aee we speke^ of 
god : uele w« uinde^ of wordea / fet ous ascwef) huet 
bet hit bi of him. Ac ber ne ia non zuo prop™ ase bis butuwretann 

' ' 1-1 word » proper 

word /' fet art.' fet zuo propreliche. zuo ssortliche. zuo Miii««»ori^ 
cleniyndelycha zuo sotilliche / pa names nemne^ / ine 
zuo moche / ase ooderstondinge him may etrechche. 
Yor god is ase Jie ilkd / ^t one is / ase zay^ s^t lob. 


mM He one is / arijt to spekeue. uor. he one is / e 

tinde / wyfioute b^inaynge. and vy|>-oute ende. Jwtme 

^■ndwtttuDt ^^ jj^y ^jggg , of non ojite fing. Efterward he one is 

Heiitnand zo^liche. aor lie is zo)>*/ and zo^nesBe aboue alle ^ingea 

am^,. yssape. and zuo byefi alle ssep^ ydele and ydelenesse. 

[PotM.b.] Andaseza7])SalDnio[n]andn^tto^zy3^of:lum. and 

to n^te BBolden come : bote-yef he his ne soetyenede 

be hie nirtae. Ate laste he one ia zetnease an neatneaae 

Hiiicoitiflrni, inB onelepi poynte wy)Kiute him to trobli / vy|Kiute 

•hingtaft' "" hi"* ^ chongi / wyji-oute him remue ine none manere. 

aae zajp aaynt lacob. Alle o|>re )>inge8 bjreji chonginde / 

ine eche nunere of hare kende. ]}anne ia he propr«- 

licbe yclieped ' : |iet art. Vor he is zopliche wyft-outo 

ydelnesse / zetnease / wi^ute enye cbonge euie to 

on beg^ntng, ylesto : wy|H)ut« ende. wy^nt heaued. wy^-oute wea. 

I^^ToImu.- wyjM)nte / aael by. nor J«r ne ia no gelt 

Thm la uoUuBc ^°^ f"" ^^^ onderstondo ruo fet )«r ne ie na^t 

^uiiI,TS^ pet me moje betere ywyte / J)a«ne ^t : Jwt god is. Ac 

jvui'i^wi per ne is no-^ing zuo etcang to conne / ase huet / and 

wiaiuutkDDw huet Jiing is god. )Mt-uore ich )ie tede wel / pet pou 

ne mnay n^t to moche / hit uor to zeche. nor pou 

uduimnogh myjtest lyjtliche guo out of pe rijte waye. Hit is ynoj 

■■ Dmr FiSm. wor pe / pet pou zigge : 'lyeue uader J>et art ine heuene.' 

tt«i«rtinh» 2^^ 1^^ ia J>et he 18 onetal yhered, ine erpe. ine ze. ine 

RiinbaoUH^ belle, ase he is ine heuene. Ac me layp he is ine 

ttai m«t blisT^ heuene / uor pet he is pe eldeste / and pe meate yknawe / 

udAt mon hoa- ^^^ ^ meste beloued / and pe meste yworpesiped. 

£ilerwBTd he is ine heuene goatliche / pet is ine holy 

bodyes fet byep heje. clyre, and clone, aao is pe 

heuene. uor ine zuyche herten : heyaald. and yknawe. 

and ydied. and yworpadped and yloued. 

Ttw mrf Non faeet pou yherd pise uour wordes. Paten nndm 

worrfiiponi; ^ 9^* ®* "* ^^- ^^ uorate pe aomonep / to worpaaipie 

^^■'••urto ^""^ ^' ^^ ■ *** ^""^ ^"^ ^ pridde : to drede goA 

dindOad; "Vor p^ he by uader oure : ahieway he ys bezide / and 

■ US. baa jcbeped 



n^t chonginde. }}e uer^ }» to strengfiL uor aaemoche -»«««," to hii- 

880 he is zuo h^ / and f oo zuo loj. yef Jmn ne art bald / taantt m, 
and of guode vylle : foa ne aaelt u^t come / hner he 

woneji. }Kt uerete word oua ssewe]i ^e langnesee of hia tiu in ahowMh 

eniebleuinge. ))et o^r: |>q brede of hia charity, pa tiubiwUhofiii* 

|iridde : ]» dyepnesse of his zojihede. ^ iierjie : ^e uh dtcpua of 

hepesse of hia niagoat4, Huo fet haji wel Jiiae uoux ^^ ^ higbi™ 

^iogBB zojilicho wyjioate drede he ssel by yblyssed. '*"'' ""t-V. 

J)B uebste bbnb of J)b holt patxb sosisa. ^uiI'h^ Ru«r 


Ifou heat fou yherd fe uorespeche of ^e holy pat«r 

□oster. ^t ia Bse ane inguoinge of fe vijiele. ey god / ^1,?"^" "'i*'" 

huo bet coube wel al bane zans : hon he aaolde vinde ■• tii>)»ein>»°( 

' ' „ ,. " , oiuuadiiifc 
nayio notea. Vox hit ne le no drede f«t me Jie Mngo / 

J»ot fe wyadom of god made / Jie ilke Jiet tek j) }» uojelee 

synge ; ne he)i uele notes sotilea / and zuete / ^aj ]ieT 

by lyte lettrv. Ine ^iae awnge byeji zeue notes. )i©t '" "»* ""« »™ 

bye^ y^ zeue benes. jwt porchace^ |>e zeue yef|we of ■» uu «•« t» 

)» holy goat ^t atrepe)) ]m zeuen hared zennee of Jve u» Htm gifu nr 

herte. and hi zette^ / and noriase^ ye zenen ut'rtuea. be 

huychin me com)) to fe zeue blissingaa. Of Jiiae zeue 

benee / ^ |)ri uerst« : make)) man holy / aze moche ase Ths um* ini 

man may by ine )iiae woidle. ^ uour efterword him tha nthM rmr 

make^ atedeueatlyche : rijtuol. Al ^ holynesse of man / tuoj [Whuou 

fet ia ymad to fe ymage of fe tnmt^ / fet is be f ri ^'*- *•■ •■' 

]>ingea ^t byefi ine )« zaule. be))enchinge. onderstond- 

ynge. and wyL ine ^t ^t ^, zaule bi atedeueathche Thitimtuiigi 

yclenzed ine )ie wylle. atedeueathche alijt ine [te onder- k«i •» tiioaghi. 

etondinge. atedeueatliche yuestned in god. mid god ine ^ «iii, °^' 

^ be))enchisge. and ^ more ^ zaule onderuang)) uidUHn»niiM 

plenteliche ))iBe ^ri )ef)iee of god : and hy more proprc- phouniDj' tiwi 

hche ne;le[c])) / to hia rijte usyrhede of hia kende. ])et is 

to fe anhcnease of fe nader / and of Jw zone / and of ^ 

holy gosb )>et is huanne god ^ uader him cunferme^ 

Ilia be)«nchin|^ god ))0 zono him alyjt his -onde[r]- 



tbcBon laiiiu atondinge. god ^ holy gost tte^ yclensed hia wyL Jaee 
UwTriBitr. ^ri piagea we bezecheji iue fe fd ueiste beaes of pe 

pater noeter. 

"Rriiiiindtoar Huanne we agge^ j ganclifioetai nomen tuuia. we 

iV^Hi vorda saewaji to oure guode nader corteysliche oure pnndpa] 

^ta*i tortiTta ^^^ f** ''"^ '^^^ ^""^ habbe. ^t la )iet his name by 

t" *^" °^^ ylia^ed and yconfermed ine oua fnnne huanne we 

■nmxuflnHdiB zi^gep / »atKtiJieetxa namen tuuxa: fet istoagge. 'tare/ 

J)i8 is owe b^e wyl / pia we bezechi]) toppe alle ))iiig / 

)>et Jiin holy name / ))et is {>i guode los fi knaulechinge / 

pi beleaue by y-confermed ine ous.* 

tniiiiiMpwi- Ine fiise uerste bene : we bezeche)) {le uerste and 

ulT^i^wii- ^e principal yefl>e of (le holy gost / («t is fe yefjw of 

^'™' wysdom / fet uestnefi / and confermoft fe herte in god- 

and his ioyne^ zuo to him : ^t / hi ne may by ondo / 

wUdi HBbiH «• ne to-deld. WyadOmiByzed of amac/and ofsmacky. 

nan otood. ^0'^ huaitne fie man onderaangt* pieo yef^ : he zuel} []>] / 

and amackefi / and nel^ ^e zuetnesse of god Ase me 

nel]) ))e zuetnease of pe guode wyne ate zuelj / betere 

^ne to po ajfrn. Ac to )ian )>et ^u onderstanst betcro 

i-'hirtj" huetia to zigge/'fi name by yhaljed ine ous :' fou 

Bselt ywyte J>et ^a word / holy / ia aae moche worf : 

d^ilTiito^d^ aao / klene. aso wyjwute er^. aae yhaljed to godes 

semice / aae y-dept ine blod / aae yamfenned. Ine piae 

nyf manerea halje^ pe goat of wysdom / pe herte of 

: man. Verat he hia wypej / and dense J)i/ ase de(i |>et uer 

I'aJ^!^' ftet] cleoMf. and fine> pet gold. Eflerward he de)) away 

*■ H«iiowi»,. ^ j^ j]tg ngi^ I of alle er)iliche loue. and of alle wylle 

of uleaae. and make)) to comene al out of smak. al Jiet 

me wee ywoned bynore to louie. ase )>et woter ia out of 

amak to )»an fict ia ywoned to fe guode wyne. Efter- 

ward he him hal;ef< of al to godee aeruice. uor he deft 

him al away of alle WTe)>e. and dep hint al ^nche of 

god. and to louie / and aenu. Aae pe cherche ia yhaljed 

to godes aeruice. suo |wt me ne aael o)>eT ^Ing do 

bioad. Jierinne ; ^anno ^ aeroice of god. Efterward he dep)i 



ine falod Vor lie hise zet in ane zuo benu[n]de loue / 

and one zoo meto denocion of leeu crist. ^t huanne 

he ^eng)> me him / and his passion : he ye alsuo ydept / 

imd al-sno drooke of )m preciouse blode / )iet lesu criet 

ssedde nor him : ase is a Eop of hot biyead huamne me 

hit poteji in-to wyn. pet is a newe cnstninge. Vor 

depe and criHtai : is al on. Eftervard he him uestne^ fl. conArmingbi 

TOO ine god / J>et no (ring na may him to parti ne ^ 

onioynL {jamne [he] wyle Jiia word nou zigge:'Jiin name "ThjwonUB 

by yhaljed ine ons.' Jiet is to zigge : 'yefous jianegostof ^^'*'°""" 

wyadom / he huam bi we luo ycleosod ase gold, and J}wi»3™|^''" 

yaayied of alle ueljM / hner-by we seolle by zuo uol "'«"'•)' " mw 

dronke of frine loue : )>et alle o^re metneesea / ssolle by itawmamood, 

OUB bytere : be hnam we bsoUg by zuo yyeue to ]>e / an 

to Jdno acrnise : |>6t neure mo of o^ren we ne maky 

Btrengfe. be huant by we najt wyfoute more ywease : 

ac zuo moche ydept yne grayne / and ynewed and eft 

yciistned ine )>e bloode of lesa ^cmt be deaocioun of 

neste loue / huer-by Jie name of oure uader by zuo 

ynestned ine ons: ))et he by oure uadet and we hie BUutnoifaiiig 

zones / and his eyis. zuo yaestned ^t no ^ing ^t moje ^ oon, " 

beualle ne moje ous ondo of )re ilke ueetnease / ne of 

^iae grace.' "Wei is hit grot grace of god h[u]ajine ^ wyl 

is zuo yioted ine god hnich / ne may to cryepe nor none 

nondinge. Wei gnttter )iing his hnanne me is zuo 

ynestoed ine |» ioue and adrayngt in fe znetnesse of ^ ^Ttatu^ 

god. J»t no solas ne no confort me ne ondemang)) : bote »™" ofum 

of him. Ac y-yeue is |ie herte parfitliche and yeon- 

fermed. nor )« monorie is zuo cleuiynde ine him : ^t 

ne of no )iing Jienche / bote ine him. And fmt we 

byddej) him huanne we zigge)i : tancii/ketnr nomen 

iuum. ' Ihord fii name by y-ha^ed ine ons.' 

J}B o};bb bkkb of )3z holt fat£8 yoaisB. tim HOMd pM- 

Aduemad regnum tuiaa. )iet is Jm ojwe bene of ^ ««ur,"Thj ^ 

pater noeter. hner we byddej / )>et godes legne come Btnnpnrbr 



ood-i ni(n u to ons / aDd b; wy}i-uuie ous. Oore lliord zay^ ine his 

flh^'tobll^J^ Bpelle to his deciples. ' ^ regne of god : ia noa wy^inne 

J you.' Hon onderstand wel hoa ^t ma; hj. Hiunne 

' god yef^ ane grace ]iet me clepe]i / )m goet of ondei- 

stondinge to ))e herte. ase de)i the zonne ]>et de]i away 

fe f yesteraease of fw nyjt / and wastef fe cloudee / and 

)w hora urostee bi [le moi^eo. Alsuo waste)) ^ holy goet 

alle ^ ^yeatemesses of ^e herte. and him Hsewe^ his 

zennea / and hia defautea / mo ^et Jie iike vende by al 

ud ihowtth nun klens. fanne wynde)) hi zno ueie defautes. and of 

motea. and of donat wy))-oate tale. Aae [n zonne byam 

asewej) hia motee / and f et douat («t byef bene^ ine 

)ie house. Efterward he him eft asewe^ of opK half ns^t 

wyf oute more ^t / fet ia wyf-inne him / ac f«t / Jwt 

ia bene))e ^ helle. and ^t / )iet is aboue him ine 

heaene. ^t / ^t is aboute hint / alle uayre ssep^ : 

^t alle heiyn)) god / and him wytneseefi hott god is 

guod and almijtt. wya. and nayr. gnzt and niilde. 

zuete. and fe more me z^t |« sseppingea brijte : ^ 

HmaMhibuiM more hit is wynyude him-zelue to yzyenne. Ac ha 

wi^^H^Dg S^i} I ^^ ^^ D^ i^ clene / ne wor))i him to zyenne : 

^°^' ^anne anhet ])e guode herte and trewe / and him wre}ie)> 

to hi»(-zelue. ];anne nym|i he his pic / and his spade / 

and begin)) to delue / and to myny. and ge^ in-to hia 

» iw )»iiu (o herte, )}eriime he vint "zuo uele zennea / and vices / 

'^™"'"'1' and zuo uele defautea / and zuo moche douat / ajid 

dtpiivB him of trtbulaciouns of herte / and of boitea / and of wyckede 

UwitghtotOod. ' , 

wyllea / )>et he him wref ef / and zoi^ef. and uim)) a 
wycked wyl to him-zelue. zuo ^t he b^in)r pe herte 
to clenai to fe zo)w '/ and to kesto out alle |ie uelfes 
))et him benim)i |ie zij^ of god ine him and ^t he do^ 
mid )» spade of zo^ ssrif^ Ac huanne he he^ longe 
ymyned / and he he^ / alle hia nel^ ykeat out : ^anne 
Than h( ftndi nint he pays / and reste / and solas / and btisee / zuo 
JJIJ^;^ ''*™' )(et him fing)( )>et al the wonlle by an belle to fe lok- 

Dinitizedb, Google 


itige of fie iUe clyemeaee / and of fe ilke pays : ^t he 
aint ine his herte. and Jwt we oxe^ : huanne we zigge^ 

Adueniad regnum tmim. Jiet is to zi^e : ' Leue uader / " to j kin,aoni 

ylyky ^ / ]iet J)e holy gost ona wille alyjte ^ herte/ ■•ioHr."i^*H 

and denai and mope / al-hu jt hi by worfi god nor 'to hoIj aiio>t 

y-zy. and fet he will come and wonje aee kyng / and ^^^^ ""* 

aae Ihord. and gouemonr / and hotere. zuo pet al pt> KUmiaadirui 

herte by his / and he by kyng. and enremo we him. moje ^^q, ^ kiiw 

y^. nor Jiet is lyf wyj) oute ende. and godes riche habbe SS'IwJidoni i> 

wy^imne ous.' jMraore 2ayJ> oiire Ihord in hia spelle : "UJ^TI^^ 

fet godes riche is ase on tresor in J« uelde yhed. fet is f*'" "i^ »ii 
ine herte |)et is gratter )iajme al ^ wordle. 



Fiat iioluntag tua / mod tn eelo ^ in terra. \Ab N«ur- 
ia fe Inidde bene buerinne we t^ddeji ouie uader of dotH.-ac 
heaene / ^t his wyl by ydo ine ons : ose hit is ydo ine <» nuj dut ood 
henene. ^ is ase ^ holy angles of heuene / pet byej> tngrii in hJ>m, 
zuo alijt / and yuestned ine god : Jwt hi ne moje o^ 
fling wytny / bote fiet god wille. J)ie bene we ne moje bntuitaniiuuHit 
habbe : boteyef we ne habbe / ^ yef^ of red. fret is nfoaanmi, 
)ie jiiidde yefjie of f e holy gost / J»et ous tekf his ojene 
jmod wy^ and bet he one wende. oure wrechide wil / «»»«imirti» 
and hise eonfermy / al to )n he^e guode. zuo fat he ne ™brm ou wu 
he^ ne ojene vyt j ne ojene wyL ak hia ojene onlepi- 
liche / )iet hi hj Ihenedy of al ^ herte yhollyche. and 
maki ine one al \tt hi wyle ase hi make]) ine angles of 
heuene / ^ make^ echedaye his wil wy]>-oute Tnianim- 
ynge / and wy)ioute wyfizigginge. 

Kou heet fKiuyherd fie ))ri aerate benee' of )m pater inthwon** 
uoater. ^t byeji ]>e he^eete / and ^ dingneete. Ine fie Lofd'i Fnrv, 
nerste / we aksefi J» yefjie of wysdom. Ine fe* ofire : gm otwiidtiiu, 
fw yeffie of onderstondinge. Ine Jie Jiridde / fiet guode \ 
red. ase ich fie habbe aboue yasewed. Jpise ^li fiingea 
we ae bydde^ / najt nor ^t we hise habbefi ine Jiyse 
' MS. benene* * M8. ohe 



w> onoot hiva lyne dyadUch parfiUyolLe. ak we saeawe^ to o[u]re nader 
ortbaH)D(M> oure wylles / |ret bye^ / ojier Bsolle by / to Jian fot fiae 

)>ri benes by ineoiia ymad / and uolueld ine }o lyue euie- 
Tha rtnuiaint lestinda J>e ofM TOUT fet comeji Bfte[r]ward we willaf 
1WMH17 loMta spoke ane opre epeehe. Vor we ziggef aperteliche to 
lut moit^ uh. p^jg uader ' yef oua. uoryef oub. wyte ous. delyure oua.' 

bote fiae vour benes of him we ne habbe : we 1^e|> 

dyade / an euele betake ine ))ise wordle. Vor hi bye^ 

OUB nyeduolle ine ]iise lyae dyadlich. 

nufMnthpttl- t>B UER)}E BENE OF ]>E HOLY VA.TSH VOBTXB. 

lloD ortba puar 

Morter. Panem nostrum cotidianttm da ndbia Aodie. Mochel 

mrdiujhniid." OUS tek^ ooTO guode mayater / to spekene myldelyche / 

and wysliche. huanne he ons tek)i to zigge. Vayre 

nader / oure bryad of eche daye / yef ous to day. Huet 

wh^mv Ou may ^ zone betere aeey to his uader : Jianne bread wy^ 

bihir Mur tbu oute more / nor Jiane day to endy 1 He ne acsep none 

[Toi. n. k] outrage / ne wyn. oe ulesa. ne uiaa. [ac] bread wyjmate 

ai^i^S^!lat i»ore [he] byt, najt nor a-yer / ne ni^t uor al pe woke, ac 

ub • gnat ihtag wyjt-onte more : Jwne day to endy. Non hit |iing(i >et 

tt'immn^ hit by wel lite ping pet we acsep : ac uor zope hit is wel 

ughinqiMU, grat ping. Huanne me bit pe broperhede / and pe 

nelajrede / and part / and rijt / ine alle pe gnodes of J>e 

house. Alsuo hit is huose pet smackep of pise breade. 

He hep pe bropeirede. and part / and uelajrede. and rijt. 

and ine alle pe guode dedes pet byep ine heuene. jMt 

fiif •• Mk IM Uw is het bread of be ilke holy couent bet bread of heuene, 

(TailuUng bn*d ' i • ' 

Uiu jmetnm iha pet bread of anglea, pet bread loatuoi J»et bread of lyue 
eurelostinde. Voi hit yef)i guod lyf / and loke)i pe 
saule wyp-oute eteruin^ Huer-of zop zayp ine Jra 
godepelle. ' Ich am pet bread of lyue / pet com dona 
nram heuene. hou pet sael ete of ]>o breade : he ssel 

ThiiiitnuniH^ euie lybbe wyp-oute steruinge.' pet bryad is mete arijt. 

■11 ihg fauiigtr or uor hit etonchep al pane honger of pe wetdle / and uelp 
man pet he hep ynoj / mo ne dep non ofer mete. Jjet 

ttiitiiabnidui 13 pet bread and pe mete / pet pou nymst / of ^ sacre- 



meet of Jie wyeuede / }»et fou eselt ete zuyjw / and i«»Mt«k«orun 

glotoQiiliche / asB toh]) )is writinge / ase de^ ^e lecher- Mn. 

ous Jnne guode mete ; pet o^erlmil uonuelj^ ^ane gnode 

anode / wy^ute ehewynge. fiet ia to zigge / fet foa 

sselt nyme ]mme mete mid greate wylle of herte / and 

mid grat lost. And )>ou hit saelt ase hit by uoizae^e / 

wy)M>ute ehewynge. and jMt i£ to zif^. yleue ine grat / 

^t / )iet hit ia ]ie zo^e bodi of lean crist and )ie zaule. ■adOwtnubodr 

and ^ godhede / al to-gydere / wy^ate to zeche : hou 

hit may by. Tor god may more do : fianne man moje 

onderstonde. Efterward me seel ^me mete eft chyeve / on* ■haotd cDhw 

ase ]ie oze ^t gere ^t he he|r ooizao^e. Jjet is to A^^uifrui** 

ngge fet (ne ssel recordi raoteliche and smalliche be ^J^ """"'" 

little atechchea / alle fe guodneeaes of oure Ihorde and 

ol ^t lean crist ^lede ine er])e uor oils. And ^anue 

Tint ^ herte ^ane ri^te smac of )>e ilke met& and ondeis 

iia[n^^ ane wel greate het« of )pe lone of god. and ane wel 

greate wyhiynge t« do ynt^ an to Jiotye uor him al ^t ha 

m^te. andal^de^fieiiirtneof )K)bTeade. Vorjmt is Jwt Ttottumieaa- 

bread ]>et conforteji and streng^fi )>e herte / to ^et hy by nnngtiinii uh 

Trel Strang hot to ^lye / and do grat Jing uor Godes ihing«f«o!inm» 

lone. Ac Jet ne may najt by wyfurate )« uerjie jetpo "f '*"'■ 

of fie holy goat / fiet is y-cleped fe yef^ of streng}ie / ^et 

armej godes hnyjt / and him dej yeme to by martiied. 

and makeb ham Ie»e betuene be tormens. Xon mitt Tbuwbnwa 

' " • ' Mk bre«d wi uk 

^u wel yzy hoa corteyshche / hoanne va acse)> pet ilke or itnnph. 

bread : we acse}) pane yefjve of stie[n]g|)e. Vol ase ^et 

bread bodyhch / soet«ne]) and atreugje]) pet bodi : alauo 

pe yetpe of stre[n]g|ie / make]) pe herte Strang to ]iolye / 

and to done grat }nng nor god. ))et ilke bread we hit Thiibrnd nnu 

clepiyjy oure / u<a hit wee ymad of oure do^e. yblissed Dudaof mr 

by ^guode wyfmim: Jiet ofhiienfietflouTjer todede. 

fiet wes Je mayde Uarie. and y&yd ine Jib |iamie of fe bi,.,^!^ a^ 

cronche / ase he zay|i ine pe eantere. norzofie Monope JJ^ ouidai 

yfryd ine his ojene blode. uor fet dede he / ine )ie greate "* [Jfi"' "" 

wylle of his loue / ^t he hedde to oua. And |)et is ^t 


nutaHi twk* bread tuJes y-bake / Imenaide he astoie) his saip. Jiet 

is holy chenshe / uor to paay fe ffreate ze / of )rise 

It i> oQn iwaiiM perilouse wordle. Hit is oure. uor lie hit oub let : at 

uHHbtMtn- his yleaue nymyngB / and at his Uste hequide / leeu 

* crist pe wel large / ase meste greate tiesor : ))et he ous 

mijte lete. and hit ooa yaf ase ^et uayreste iowel / ^t 

he OUB mijte yeue. and )Kt ve hit SBOIde loky : uor his 

loue. Hit is uorzo)>e oure / nor nojting ne may / hit ous 

humtcuut benime teyens oure wylle. We hit clepie)i onre bread 

Hckdij-ididc of whedaya Jiet is to zigge / of eche daye. uor]>etie J« 

bi^vn u bj ^j^g dayes dol / fet god yeij to his wel wilynde ; J»et 

eche daye iof his eeroice / and ziggejr his ouies. fel is 

to alle guode heiten / pet eche daye zaeteliche be zo^ 

loue make^ memorie / and be^encfainge of his passion. 

BKhd*r It b jMt greate of pe pnnieiidie / we nime|i ine oure 

'^ "■ herueet ine heuene / huanne we him ssoUe ysy onwiy^ / 

ine his uayrhede / ase he is. Hit is ysed ))eraore eche~ 

■Dd ndi div OM dayes : {let eche daye / hit is ous nyeduol and echedaye 

Mtbaiuninwntar me ssel hit nyme / o))er ate Bac-rRinent of Jw wefde / ase 

ijghtbau^ dof fe preetee: o(ier goethche be rijte byleaue. J>et 

bread is wel pracions / an wel noble / and wel ydijL 

\>et is kynges mete / huerinne bye^ ech manyere lyk- 

inges / and alle gnode smackes / ase zay^ |m hoc of 

itiai>«d,i»t wysdome. bet ne is nait mete to gromee / ne to veue. 

tar diurii, bul tor "^ . .,, ■, .„ , , 

sotiii baaia. Be to piecailie. DB to chenaille. ne to cherlea, ac to 

M-toS^t^hriit nolile hert«n and gentiL an cortays. and dene. Jjet is 

.to pe herte ]>et ie gentil be gr>3ce. noble / be guod lyl 

yclenaed / and ywesse be zo|ie ssriite. Of |iiae ui'rtua 

It It «n «b- spekfi saynt matheu fie wangeliste / and hit clepefi dker 

bi«ad sabstancieL ^ is to zigge : frat pase^ / and 

KupHdng lii ouerge^ alle subatances / and alle aeepjma be Ter. ine 

loTirtunod utrtue / and ine dingnet4 / and in alle opn manerea of 

wor^. ne me ne may betere write / ne more ynoj : 

^anne wit snbstances. He zay)i pet mete is pe nii;[t]- 

uoller / Jianne he hep yno^ of rn^te. and of noriss- 

in^ and pe more }«t he is norisdnde : me lay^ ^t he 


is f6 sabstancieler. and frere-uote ^ ine ^ise breade is 

more airtae j and of guod / Mid of nortu«) / f anne me •BAtaaMBttoBn 

mc^e ^nche / o^r zigge. ne zay^ me najt )iet hit La lOTtUDgeiH. 

eubstanciel. alsuo me lajp Jret hit is ope aubstance / 

^t is / atrtuotis / and substanciel aboue onderston- 

digge / and wenynge. J)et bnsad we bydde^ to oure WapnTfotthii 

uader. and hint we bidde^ / |»et he hit ous yeue to-day. ,^ ini^Mmit^ 

ine ^ise daye / )iet is ine ^ise dyadliche Uue. euo ])et "^ 

we mo}e maky aue gnode iornee / and to abyde Jw 

gledlaikei oure ssepe. Jwt is ^ peny fet he yeff to his ™"^ ^"^^ 

workmen / h[u]aniie euen com)), }«t ia fe ende of ^ ■trtnumnw* 



Dimitte nobis debUa nogtiA eieut et nos dimittimiis 

' FomKl Ol Ml 

deintoribws ttottris. Ine Jiise bene we biddef oure 2|^^ 
nader of heuene / )«t he ons wylle uoryeue / oure JjjjtJwaniBr 
misdedea / ase we uoryeue^ to ham : |»t ous mis-do^. 
o(>or habbe)i mis-do. fanne ligge we fus. 'Leue uader/ c'"**'^! 
uoryef ous oure dettee ; ase we uoiyeue^ oure dettoure." —wtOKtittaa 
Oure dettes : bye^ oure lennes / J«t we habbe^ ydo Om mm m ov 
wexe ope oure laulen, J>et is yet besto wed of )ie house. 
Jje MQuolle be one zonne dyadhch / fiet zuo lone is 
y-pased / ase to fe loste / ofer ase to fie dede / is Oi«ini««*of 
y-obliged to zuo aue greate gauelinge: )>et he ne heji 
mi^te to hit endi, ^t is to fe pine of belle / fet is 
wyp-oute flude. Efterward / he ssel to gode / Jiet he No mu oanid 
^'faef ywrefed / zuo grat amendes : fet he ne hef m^te uwdi ibr c» 
uor to yelde. Vor ine al his lyue Ji^ ha leuede an *^ . 

hondied year oJ»r more : he ne mijte najt do uoluel- 
linde penonce of one dyadliche zenne / yef god wolde 
usy to yelde dom. And (wmore hit hehoueji to yeme ^^JIJJ^^J^,^ 
to j>e cort of merci and bidde merci / and aksy uorye- lo uh oonri or 
uenesse. Vor be J>e rijte of fe cort of dom / fe zene- 
jere asolde by demd / and yeondemned to dyafe eure- 
lesdnde. Jjeruore oure guode maystw lesu cri'st ous ft* by ih. mm 


•'J™'""^ tekf zao to oxi uoryeueneBse and quittinge hoanne we 
to AgMh iTwtot- bidde^ oure guode uader ^t U zuete and milde / uor to 
y[e]iiene : large and corteya / fet he ous uory[e]ue oure 

Ac nim wel hede hou ))ou bidde. 'Yoiyef ous oure 

miadL>dia / ase we iioiyeue)) to ham : ^t ous habbe^ 

irndD not ibf misdo.' Vor yet we ue uoryeue)) to ham ^et ona habbe^ 

wiuiHtfo^Te mi[s]do : god ne uoiyef]> n^t oua oure miededea. aae 

'^ he bifTtzelf zayji ous / ine ^e godspelle. Jjanne he |wt 

lay^ his pater noeter / and he]i ine his herte hate / 

wrejw / ojwr wyckedhede : he bit more aye him-zelue : 

^unne uor him-zelue. Vor he bit god / ^t he no 

wbewtontntbj uoryoue hiw na}t / huanno hezay)). 'uoryefme: aseich 

luMMwiekad uoryeue.' and nor )iet at alls |» times )iet )iou zayst ^i 

in«^«tu)'»^ pater noster beuore god Jiet yrijf fine herte : Jiou saelt 

*"^ uoryoue Jtine wyckede wil / and keate out of Jiine herte : 

alle wreffe / and alle hate, and euelwyL ojmrlaker |ii 

bene is more aye )re : fianne uor )ie. Yef hit fe )>ing|> 

Strang fiing and kuead uor to uoryeuene / fin euel wyl 

to ham fet )>e hatief / ofer |iet fe kuead willef / hner 

TUnk how chriit he ftl ulLedef : Jiench fet god uoiyaf his dyaf to ham 

DdHvbonodied ]f«t him dede a fe rode / )ie uor to yeue uorbiane / uor 

to noryeue to bam / fet )m habbe)i misdo / and mors 

yet eft: hamguoddo: yef hi habef nye[d6] to pe. Vot 

nitnorMt ase be zayf ine his spelle. Ne is hit najt gmt fing ne 

ickki tor Rood, grat ofsoTuingo aye god to do guod to faam fet ous dof 

gnod. ne to louie (lo Jiet ous louyef I Vot |iet def fe 

bat dnst m m paen / and fe sarasyn / and opK sen^eree. Ac we fet 

"^ byeji godea children be byleaue and be grace / and we 

byef crietene ynenined of lesu erist / and we byef eyra 

n flight to iM^ mid faim of fe heritage of paradys / of oua to uoryene 

ud iDvc our nw^ ))e ou to fe o]ire / and louye oure uyendea. )}et is to 

uuD. '^ " zigge hare p«raones. an bidde uor ham / and do bam 

guod yef hy habbef nyede and ))ou hit mi}[t] do. Vor fua 

ho hit hat ine his spelle. ]}anne ssoUe we onlepiliche 

hatye Jie zennes / and louie J>e zaulea. >et byef ymad 


to ]>e anliknesse of oure lorde. Aleuo aae a leme of fe 
bodye / loue^ ami uorber)) an o^r. yef o leme blciihe)) wainatiaiH 
auo^er be caa ^ ofer najt him aviec)) ]Kraore. We JSi!° "^"^ 
bye]) al o body ine lesu crist / ase zay|) pe aposteL and 
^niore we aaolle ech louye o^er / and najt hatie / se 
hanni mid wrong / ou / ^ o)ier. Hao ^t ojierlaker wbou hMtb u- 
dejj : he is manalajte / and him-zelue damne^ ase zay|) dere,.""™^ 
^ wijtinge. Zuych can zigge hia pater noster : hiin 
were bntere ^t he were stille. uor he let hia domes- 
man : ayena him. 

In )iise bene |>et we do)i to gode. we him bezechefi mtuipiatian 
one yef^ of J»e holy gost / |iet is y-cleped / ^ yef))e / OugM otknow- 
of coanynge. Jiet make)) fane man ino (lojte and uol of 
wytte. JKs gost him ssewe]) huet he is. and ine huet "dtfab^miui 
peril be is. and huannes he comji. and buyder he gef. ■»■ in wnu pnii 
and ^t be^dej), and ^ misdede Jret he he)i ydo. and 
hou moche / he hep hyer ywonne. and hou moche he 
sseL And huanne ha yziit bet be ne heb huermide undiHiDiUa 

own Impoifte- 

endy : fanna him dep pea goat wepe / and grade merci nun, im hIu 

to god / and zigge. ' Lhord / uoryef me mine dettes. ""^ 

fet byejt myne zennen. Vor ich am mocbel ino dette 

ayen Jte / and uor pe qneadea fet icb habbe ydo. and 

uor })e^guodea |>et ich babbe uoiyete / and ylete to done. 

J»et ich myjte / and seolde habbe ydo. And uor Jio „jfo^,j„„ 

guodes ^t fou me heat ydo, and fine great© guod- fari^gmxiba, 

nesses ^t ich habbe eche daye onderuonge / buyche 

ich habbe kneadUcfae yvzed / and p« kiieadliche 

yseraed. And femora Lhord ich ne habbe buoMif 

maki feyeldinge : uoiyef me fet ich fe sael' EuaTtne wtmbaiaum 

pea goBt Mti he)) zuo alyjt / f et be knauf bis defautea : 

and banne him deb keste out of be horte alle wrebe / htaiuootui- 

' ' will from hli 

and alle hate / and al to uoiyeue hie euele ywyl / yef haut, 

ber is enL and vef tier ne is : he is ine wylle and ine 

porpoB uor to uoryeuene mid bene /yet me uiimmBdep. tamj.-rMiitr, 

And fanne may he zjgge weL ' Vayre uader uoryef ous mixiw^aiwtda 

onremiflded6s/asewedoj»toham:)ietou8habbejimisdo.' JlUng^S^' 



"jSdWiunot ^( n« WW inducas in temptacionsm. Jjeybemde: 

Thttam™^ uer dret and J« ilke fet ofierhuyl yimlle ia into zeRDe. 

dndii ih« an, (juanne ^ zenne him is uory[e]ue : he ia pe more milde ; 

and fe more dreduol / and ]>e more he he|) grater drede 

Hthaiinntrwho of uondinge. }>eruore bit he hier to huam god hia mia- 

irftaw'^'wuBg dedea uoryefjt / fet he hine loky uram ayen-uallinga 

inioikn. j^ fig „^ indacas in temptaciomva. pat is to zigge. 

'Vayre zuete mider/ne led ousnt^t into uondinge.' )» 

Thfderuiiaw: dyeuelia^ uondero. vorhit is hia craft / huer-of he 

eerue|i ine godes house / uor to proui Jje newe knyjtes. 

and yef f e uondinge nera guod and uremuol to guode / 

god ^t al make]) uor oure guode / nolde najt folje Jtet 

int wbrni hebiM- lii comB. lAc ose zay[> sant bemard. hnanne be uondere 

hall miking our ous knoke^ ope Jiane reg : he ous asepji oure coroimea 

■I when ana dnU of blisso. Ase f)e ilke pet ope ]ie legge of pe guode 

iinfttaB-'i^ bait- knyjte / Bmit and beat / him asept his loa : and his 

Th'iu^uri^M ''li^''- i^ dyeuel ferto propreliche uondej) fane man: 

dnw DUD [ram j^]. j^g j^jj^^ myjte wyfdni^e uram fe loue of god. 

]}eruoTe bit aainte pawel his deciples / J>et hi bj yset 

ase tours, yroted ase trawes : ine loue. zuo pat non 

uondinge him ue mo^e tefye / ne rocky. )Kruore ine 

In dill ptiiuw pise bezechtnge we acaef help of gode ine oure batayle / 

OndinDwiMim and J» yefjje of pit4, )iet ia a grace fet bedeawef fe 

oiftt}. herto and makef his zuet« and reufeuoL and makef 

his al become greno / and berf ynoj frut of guode 

workes wyf-oute and wyf-inno erfe / atrengjii his roten 

ine fe crfe of libbende. fet is ase fet guode mortyer / 

huer-of me makof fe guode walles sarzineys fet me ne 

may najt breko / ne mid pic / ne mid mongenel 

Wtn;,"Swn( )}aRne huanne we ziggef. et ne not indueas in teiapt~ 

h«ju'bM,iD aciomra. fet is to zigge. 'Yayre zueteuadet/ make oure 

ukn'dii; ^ko herten ueste / an stodeuest / fet hi ne ssake uor none 

SrSo'notp™, uondynge fet to hare comf.' We ne byddef najt / fet 

uotiobeiimpuii, we ne SBolle by uonded : Vor fet were a fole bezech- 


ii^ / and ssamuoL Ase ^e tone of a guod man ^et 
ssel by a news knyjt him bezek)*, 'Leae uader ich ^e 
bidde |i6t )>ou me loki ^et icb ne guo nenremo : ne to 
ionstes / ne to tomemenB.' We wylleb wel bet we by tmi m d«d« lo 

, ' , ., . 1 b.tamp«*d,IM 

ynoDded. vor hit is oure uieme ine uele maneres. uor tnuiaiwipniu, 

we bye^ (w more ymylded / and J» dreduoUer / and fe 

more wys ine alle )iingee. and Jte more wor)) / an )« 

moi« aaayd. Vor ase zayfi Salomon. Ze ))et ne he)> ^ise 

uondinges : he ne may noting wel conna bote ase me for otbanriH n 

kan fe hatayle of troye / be hyere-z^ginge. Vor he ne octhwtrid% "* 

may him-zelne yknawe / ne him uestni ine pe etreng)>e nor iHm haw to 

of his nye«des / ne hare aotylhede. and hou god is ^l^itaMimd. 

trewe to jie nyede / his uryend nor to helpe. ne of hou 

nele zennee / ne of hou uele perils / he hep fe ofte 

yloked. and uor alle ))ise skeles / he ne ssel najt arijt 

coone god louie / ne him {>onki of his guode. Ac we 

him bidde)i fet he loky oure hertcn / fet hi ne guo in- J^^™"" "^ 

to nondynge / f et is fet hi ne ctwisentL Vor al fet is in»j mn ooutnt 

of ous ; we byef zao poure / and zuo fyeble / Jet we 

ne moje najt ane time of the daye (lolye Jie asaylingee 

of fe dyeule : wyjKiute fe help of oure Ihorde. And 

hoanne he one faylep ; we guof Jwt-in. Huanne be J^^^^'Sm*' 

ouB help]! : we wyjistondeji. and we wyjtef / and we "* oiwcmiifc 

ouereomej. And feraore we zigge]). ' Lyeue iiader ne 

led ous najt into uondinge. Jet is ne Jole najt / Jet we 

go in-to conaentinge.' 


' "^ of U« PiiUl 

Sed libera not a malo amm. Saynt austin zay>. ^SwdritTB-n. 
bet pe opre vic«s ous makej ojter Jie kueade to done ; '"™ ""■ 
ojier J>e guodes lete to done. Ac al Jet me hej yda J^iJ^oJ^"* 
and alle Je yefjes Jet he heJ yporehaced : prede is ine J^ "*' •" ^ 
wille to destrae / and to benime. An Jeruore h[u]anne 
god heJ y-yeue to man Jet he him bej ybede ine Jise 
lene benes heuore yzed. Jane uerat hit is nyed nor zoje ; 
Jet he him delyuri of Je kueado / and of his aspiingea. wbtition ■• ia 


ood w adinr o. _4ni {.eruoTO com)) alast fie bene / aeo fe eftw-warde / 

fet x&jf fous. Sod libera nog a malo. amen, }iet is 
wemirwtioiw to^ssfi: ' Lveutj uadet deliure ofule of be kueadc. betisto 
Uu d«ii ud tall zigge : of the dy[eJuelB. and of biB slejfies. fiet wo tie lyese 

be prede / fe guodes : Jiet fou oua best y-yeue,' lime 

We pnj (toim pise bene we him biddef / fet he ous yeue )>e yefj>e / of 

^ wi^mjiie 'li^de. huer-by we ssolle by delyured of f e kueade / and 

«|U»n>diMm.di of aUe o)>OT kuead. Jjet U of aUe zene / and of alle 

:?oLM.>.] perils iae fise wordle : and ine ])b o})re. Amen. 

Sou best Jjou y-herd fe notes / fet me kan noty ope 

(lise zonge J»t god made, pet ia J)et patej- noster. Non 
. ]oke )>et pou hit coone wel zii^ ine fine berte. Vor 

grat guod )ie ssel beualle : yef |iou zuo dest. 



u''brto Kta to Efter pe zene benes |tet byeji y-contyened ine holi 

ipertwiuirmu- paternoster: ous behouep to spekene mid greate reuet- 
Kifti. ence / of zuo beje matiere / sse of }ra zeuen holy yefjies 

of |)e holy gost / ase be hiinzelf ous ssel teche. And 
1. wuhmUmj uerst we wyllef zigge ; huyche bye J) fe yefJ»B. Efter- 
1. whj ftej in wani hueniore hi byep y-cleped / yef^. and huerenoro 
r whrgiftiartta* yeffe of fe holi gost Eflerward bueraore pec t^ef 
t '■hj^S™, ud ^leii / nc mo / ue lea. and afterward of fe guodes fet hi 
E^UHimonnoT pjjg ^^^ Wone is and cortayzie / fet h[u]anne man is 
b. wh«tg«idiiMj riche / andworfi / and noble / andcom|i to his spouse / 

and be bise loue)) mid al bis herte and hiie brengf of 
iL uiufui bridiii bis ioiaic Tsaie )ie profete yzej ine goste pe ilke blia- 
wotob of Mury uolls bredale / fet wea ymad ine fe wombe of pe blisfolle 
apoDHdoorSHh mayde marie / buawne godes zone nom"/ and aponsede 

onre zoster and ouie ulesa. oure manhode / and onre 
Kuj lUrgin* kenda Yef we telle]) ]ie ioias and ]ie uayre yef)iea pot 
tfom"^ he brojte mid him uor to yeue to his spouse / and to 

his eldringes / and zayde pous pe zuete profete wel 

corteisbcbe. 'Of pe rote of iesse ssel guo out a yerd / 
Hw^oTN** ^^* ^^' ''^'^ ^* ^""^ "' nazarep.' pet is to zi^e : pot 
»oi- floni / of flours. Vor nazarep ; is ose moche worp / ase 


flour / and grace, ase moche ase cos. and ope |>et flour : 
liim Bsel leati fe holi goat, ^e goet of Tryedome : and of 
ondentondinge. fe goat of atrengje : and of uiVtue. }» 
goat of wytte : and of pite. fe gOBt of godea drede. Jtise 
breb be straceB huer-of he wea al uol / uram be time bet from Hit uHh 

■'''° ' ' 'H.-m.faUot«U 

he wee onderuonge in-to fra wombe of hia moder. aae po etiuh, 
greate ze ia uol of wetere / and welle of alle weteras / orwu«. 
mete / an zalta huer-of hi weteref a! fe wordla AkUft 
vea he ase lay)) aayn Ion / zuo nol of grace and of 
«))« / ^t of hia uolhede ; we nime^ aL Jnae zone ^T^^^^"""^ 
goetea / and f ise leue yefjiea we onderaonge]> a! / mid w. imtiy Umh 
fe holy crtstninge. Ac ase fe graces Txidiliche ]iet god hoij iArM«a)Dg.^ 
jetp to^e childe / ine wytte / ine goodnesse / and ine 
streng))e / and ine ojiie graces ^t he yef|) to his wylle. 
to echin he him saewef litel / and liteL aae fet child ^'^ *" * '"*• 
wext / and com^ uor^. Alauo ia he in his gracea goet- 
liche be fan fet ech profitef ine guode / and ^rayf ef 
his herte / and him yeff to gode : be fan Jiet god him •*' ii«™«in(c 
yeff more / and more of grace. And Jtet sseweji fia ">"• "iio ™ 
yef^ be worke / fe on ; ine ))e on. and fe ofer / ine f e 
ofer. ase hit.lykef felioly goat / fet his todelf to his 
■wille, ase zaynte paul zayf. )}anne ine oua b^nnef ThtMgnuMin- 
fise gracea aae fe ui'rtuee ine loj. and saewef an he;, high. 
And fet ia of drede. )}anne ine wyadome. Vor drede 
jsb^imiinge of wyadom. ase zayf dauid. Ac ine him F«ri<ibeb«irtn. 
wereu echedaye alle pe grocoa / and alle fe uirtuea wel 
noUiche wjf-oute enie meauie. and femora hia zet fe CFoLub.] 
pmfete dounward / ech yeffe be f e ordre of hare ding- 
net^. Alauo aae zeue benea byef yzot beuore l»e fe 
ordre of hare dingnetcs. fe hejeete beuore. and fe lojeste 



J)iae gracea byef yhote yeff es uor fri skeles. Verst ' ■ ''*JJ^»?J" " 
uor hare dingneti and hare worf. yef me yeff ine fe fcriiwirjigtiur 
klnges cort ane robe to ane childe / ofer ane poure 


manne : ane dissuol of pesen f fet ae la no ])iiig ^et by 

wor))i to by ycleped yef^ of kyng. ))eraotQ eaynt 

iacob clepe]) alle |ie o^re guodes ^tgod yef^ / and tim- 

AUoUwrgiruin liche /ftttd goetliche. naujt yeffea: ac y-yeue. Jet by 

fotng. chonginde / and guoinde. Ac fiae graces he clepej 

^•en^utvdod yefjes uolueld. Vor he his ne yetp to nonen : fet he 

ne yeff him-zelue. Pe ofer scale ia / uor jwt fa ofre 

L oti»r gnim gmces / and ))e of re guodea he oub lenf uor to nsy ine 

In uit> Hii, int J>iee liue. Ac fise byef yeffes arijt wyjt-oute wyjtnym- 

mLn^ural 3^8* / *°*^ wyfumte lere. Vor huanne f e ofre seolle 

fayli / f ise ssoUe oua bleua J^nne byef hi zuo propre- 

liche oure : f et we his ne moje najt lyese wylle we 

t. Thir m gina nuUe we. ase we moje fe of re. pe f ridde ecele and fe 

' *" h^este is. uor fer byef yeff en clenliche bo loue and fou 

woBt wel fet yef]ie lyest fane name of yeffe : huanne 

hit ne is n^t y-yeue clenliche be loue, Vor huanne fe 

A gut baeatM yeuore hef zijf e to his ojene prou : fet ne is no yeffe ; 

givarhuuay* ac TEfre tfi chapuare. Huanne he yzy;f guodnesse 

to uiottu prom. Q^gr(,Qi,g(, I ojjgf Beruice / fet ne is no yeffe / ac hit is 

rafre dette y-yolde. Ac huanne fe yeffe uomf propre- 

AgiftoffliMfrsDi liche and clenliche of fe welle of loue wif-oute prou. 

wuihhi nnrii, wyf-oute yeffe. wyf oute diede. wyf-onte enie dette ; 

* " Panne is hit arijt ycleped / yeffe. Hueiof fe filoBofe 

zayf. fet yeffe / ie yeuynge ; wyfoute ayen-yeffe. fet 

is wy[f]-pute onderatondinge of nyenyeffe. ac wyfoute 

more : uor to zeche loue. Ine znyche manure god yeff 

Ood (ivH u Hu OQs his yeffes clenliche / uor fe loue fet he hef to ous / 

SThSto'iil!" *■"! '^*>' ^ gaderi oure herten. and ome loue. and uor 

fiae scele : propreliche hi byef y-cleped / yeffee. 


enlMglRjoT Uk 

Holy GboM, Ac hueniore hi byef y-cleped / yeffe of fe holy 

i^wataofBiiBM gogj. . jpaune' yeffe of fe uadet / and of f e zone, nor alle 
'"^i ""^ "^ hir^ dedes / and hire yeifes byef oommun. (1) Jjer-to 
8w ; work! Df byef tuayo sceles. Jm one. uor fan fet ase workes of 
Hotj obwt.' myjte / byef apprapred to fe uader. and fe workeB of 



wysdom / to ))e zone : alsuo fa workea of guoduesse ; to 

]>e hoi; gost. vor' guodneese is / ase mjf ganyt deuys / ■ (ms. »r] 

to lero him-zelue. Vot yet a man jeff pet him najt ne 

coetne]> : |)et ne is najt grat guodnesse. Ac uor ^6 

holy gcwt. be f yse zeue yef))ea / sprat him zelue ine oure ''ww gm"*»d 

hetten / ase zay^ zainte paul / ase be zeue streames. b; •«« itnuu. 

^niore hi byeji propreliche y-cleped yefjies of Jie holy 

frost Vot he ie be welle. hy bjeb be streames. And Tiia hoI; atnatii 

, , , . ,. , Ul« -111, Ih. gift. 

pe D)ier scele is / nor fet pe holy goet is propr^hche Jw ■» tn* •tnuu. 

loue / ]iet ie betuene jrauadet/ and )« zone. and]>eruore ],ih>iDvibMwtgD 

p9t loue is )>e propre / and ]» neiste / and ]ie he^este gg^ 

yefjw : fet man may yeue / fet orijt yeff. and ine Jiise J^lii'^i'f'" , 

yef^ : me yef]> / alle fw o^re. and wyf onte piaea : non 

o^ yef^ ne ie n^t ari^t y-nemned jetps. )ieraore is i^ HoIj ohut 

arijt pe holy gost propreliche / yefjie / and yeuere. Vor ibr h* giiath ud 

he him yef^ ; and is y-yene. Ine echen of Jiise zeuen [F^n.L] 

^t he yef^ uor to eonfermi oure loue to his / ^et hi 

by feruent / and guod / and zof>e / and dene. 


Vor tuo fiii^ee ia Jie man yborje. be fie be-uliynge whjmMi n 
of kneade : and do pet guode. ))et kueade beuly / and i- bj «Kh(iriii( 
hatie ; ous dep pe yef)>e of dieda Tpe ojire zis Aop oua i. b; Mug «»& 
pe guodes to done. Jm yef^ of drede is pe doreward caiu«njiu>«M 
to Jw gTeat« fireste. Jiet is to zigge : to pe greate preap- ^^rtigin. 
ninge of godea dom / and of fte pine of helle. pet ia ^^">"ito 
echedaye / aredy and arise, pet ia pe wayte of pe 
caatele / pet neuro ne alepp. pet is pe wyed hoc of pe TUtgiftofdiwi 
gardine pet uoidep al pet kueade gers. ]Mt is pe hor- kmttt. 
dyer pet lokep pe herte / and alle pe guodes pet byep cue, 
perinno. J)e opre six yefpes / ous makep pe guodes to uie^rtm. 

Non aselt pou ywyte / pet ase pe brij[t]neese of pe rh* mi bItm 
zonne pet pou izizt yefp li^t to pe woidle and utrtue / uHi<iRuud 
and strengpe to alle pe pinges pet wexep and comep to uiiBgiiDiti 
pe wordle. alsuo dep pe holy goat pet alijt in heuene ohcM ^^m ji^m 


to thoH 'wit, at and ine er]»e alle fio ^ bjef> in grace / and men / and 
Then in Hum aiiglea. And al alsno ase ine heaene / he)i fn stages 
iMtm. of uolke / ase zayt saynt denys. hnet-of pe oq is 

owiwiiidhnr hejera. fe overmen. ))e firidde Injest. )« hejeste / bjeji 
^*°^ ase fo / Jiet byef of fe kinges consayle, ^ise feyeji 

alneway mid god ))e nixte jianne pe o)ira / and jzyefi 

and yhere)i / and him : and his priuitea. pe men 
oDv m iik« [midliate] / bye^ ase pe barouns / and pe baylifs fet 
t^ayiL gouemefi and wytye^i p« kingriche / and guo^ / on 

come]), and lyemiefi of ^an of |ie consayle. an pnt hi 
a. TiiiiAirHtin bote)) and malce)i bit do o))Ten. \)b lojeste / bye^ ase 
not*). seigons and ^o pei byef> ine office / and habbe)) po 

mestyeres / and do}i ^e offices / and p% messages asa 
BonnUMntbm me ham zay{). In J)o manere / and in ))o aorbysne hej> 
•oiuaiHniL )>e )iri states of godes zone ine er))e. Haiche p» holy 

gost / let / and conduefi / ase zay)) sainte paueL ))e on 
ii^'toew"'* '^^ ^ °^P^ / >»* ^7^t "»« )"« woidle and libbef be 
nt«"*- godes hestea. and be f et hi leuef) / and yhyere)) of hyre 

t. ThoMwbo ouerlyi^es. Jje ofer fltat is of Jie stedeueste / ptttot el 
Id bMiin ud habbe^ pB herten out of p6 irordle / })et ysyoj) god ase 
wUi. moche ase me may ine ^ise lyue. and habbef) hire eon- 

uersacioon ine heuene / and fie bodyes ine erjie. and pe 
s. Ttwttiw berten mid god. J)e ))ridde byef ine J)e middel rtat / 
■dm uid Mum f et goueraej). wel / ojier ham / ofer ofire. and hbbej) 

be ^e hestee of god. )nee ^ri maneres tek^ pe holy 

goat / and let / and goueme]) / be ))i8e dx yefjies. and 

ham to-del^ fise gnrces to echen to bis wylle ase layf 
ThetwoOntor pB apostcL ))e tuo nerste of jiise six ye£poa j belonged 
OiuTiFiedge and to pen j )iet bye)i of p% nerste stat. )» yef)« of con- 
b^B lo tiioM of nynge : ham tekj. And fe yef)>e of pite : make]) h«i» 
TtwoiomiaMt ** bidde. Jje tuo midleste / belongef) to ham of pe, 
'^na^^'btuBa ^'^^^^ ^^^ ^ yef])e of red : ham goueme]). And pe 
toUiDHoruM yef]ie of 8tieng])e : uoluel]) pe nyedee. J» tno laste / 
~ belonged to ham of pe hejeste stat. ]» yef])e of ondei^ 

stondinge : his aly^t )}e yef^ of wysdom / bise make]) 
Uu bsfi—t •<■<•. stedeuest / and bis conferme]) / and ioynep to god. An- 


ojier skele for ia / hueraore for bye|i zeueo. Vor pe 

holy goet be piee zeue yefpea : beatrep)) ^e zeue zennes The ht« gift* 

uram )ie herte. and plontep / and norissep zeue utrtues Hm imiihini 

eon[i]ranee / fet makeji man stedeueetliche yblysaed. 

Jlise bye]) pe guodes / )iet fe holy goet mako^ ine herte 

hner he desceDdeJi be pise zeue yefpee, Ac er fan ich i win n™ i^gik 

decendi to pe mVtuee pet byep eonirariea to pe zeue Tiitmn whovof 

zennes : ich pe wylle Epeke ssortliche / of zeue opre um rnrevdiiui. 

utrtues. huer-of pe pri byep yclieped ' : godliche. and 

pe oottr byep y-cleped cardinals. 

Of }}B J}RI nEBSTB UimVKB. DrUHlfanaant 

])e pri nerete clepep saynte paul : beleane. hope. Bautf. iwpa. •m 
and charit^. and byep y-cleped / godliche. Vor fet hi wdij, Umj dmet 
oidajnep hue berten to god. BeUaue / ase zayp eaynt By tnuar n •<> 
auetin : . ous zet onder god. and hi oub dep beknawe / "™"«" 
and to byknawe. to pe.lhorde / of huam we beoldep al 
pet we babbep. of gaode. Hope : zayp. hi omb arerep Ropi niw » to 
to god / and oua makep Strang / and hardi / uor to on- 
demime nor him pet hi pet pacep m'rtue of man. 
Charity pis zayp. hi oue ioynep to god. Vor charity ne chMiti>oiiiMh u 
is oper ping bote dyeie oninge. uor hi dep of pe herte 
and of god : al on. aae zayp 8aynyt« FoL Beleaue / 
y-zi)t ine gode pe he^este zopuesae. Hope, ouerlycbe 
bejnesae. and ouerliche magest^. Charitf. ouerliche For time ihinga 
gnodnesee. Jjise pri uirtues byep to-deld be pri degi«s ™H«viiig t,^' 
of loue. Vor pri pinges me louep ane man. Oper uor ^^^^^"^ 
pet me hep y-herd grat guod of him. Oper uor pet me J^^^^JJ"^ 
ouderstaiit grat guod of him. Oper uor pet me hep on- L^S''^^.,^ 
deruonge grat guod of him. Jjiae pri manures of loue : orhim. 
byep ine pise pri utrtues. Loue of beleaue : hyerp ine 
dede. Loue of hope: uelppane smel / and zekp. Loue ofiove.nio"* 
of charity : nimp. and zikp, and zueljp / and bait. ^^ "* 

1 KS.yeAeped 



Op i)B uouR vmrvw cardinalgs. 

Of fe uour m'rtues cardinales flpekef moche Jw 
yealde philosofes. Ac )« holi gost hue yef)) / and 
'' tek)) / betere an hondredei^. aae zay|i Salomon ine fo 
boc of wradome. Of bis© uour utrtuea be uerate me 

1. SM^ (Fni- ' 

dmni. t. Tun- c1epe)i/slej)e^. )>e o])ertemp«rance. )>e^ndde/strengpo. 
rBunpii. A J« uorf e / dom [ri^uolnesBe]. J^iae aour uirtuee bye(i 
^taiioarfi^ y-cleped cardinala. uor ]Mt hi hy^f hojeet among ^ 
UniiWiiH. uirtuea / huer-of ^ yealde filoBofea speke. Vor be 

piae uour utrtuea ^ man gouemefi hun-zelue ine frise 

wordle. ase pe apostles gouemep holy chercbe be his 
t. pradnHkHi* cardinab. 8Ie^)>e ; loke^ ])ane man )>et he ne by be 
^J^^JJ^*"*"* none slej^ of fe kneade y-gyled. Temperance, fet 
*■ '^'"J^^J he ne by be none kuede loue amerd. Strengfie. fet he 
ta^SSid SmT* "* ^y ^ tyene. ofer be drede. o(ier be zoi^e : ouercome. 
1. stnngth twn |)ige |iri hjeldefi man ine guod atat auorye him-zolue. 
•oriow. Dom. bine zet ine ordie and ine rijt stat a-yene o^re. 

Vor hi yolt to echon ol )iet bis ie. (nse byef Jie uour 
Tb»M ire ib« four touTs ine Jie uour comyeiea of }» bouse of ^ guode 
tbt boDH artiH marine / )iet make^ ^t hous ziker and Strang. Slej|ie : 
udatnog. bit weie^ wy^ ^t yeast be porueyi^ aye fa perils. 

Tewiperan[ce] / aye (let zouf. aye Jie wykkede hetee. 

Strengfi. aye pet noi^. aye ^e wyckede cheles. Justice. 

ay[e] fe west, s-ye fe wyckede raynea. 

orihiDmeaofui* Of Jib offiob of J)B uour u/bturb. 

[FoLss-L] jjiae uour uirtaea habbef> diuerse offices / and 

hmvaj iTWM mochel ham diuersefi ine hire workea / ase zay|i an aid 

filosofe pet hette platoun ine hie boc peit he made of p6 

uouT uirtues. and bise to-del^ wel sotilliche. and z&yp. 

p™*™«^"*' fet slejjie be)> fri oificee, uor be Jtiae uertue al fet man 

dinot mu irtghi defi / and zayjp / and ^ng^. al be dijt/ and let / and 

word, ud dwd. reule|> to ^e lyne of acele. ne nojiing he nele do : bote 

ri)t and scele And ine alle his workes he him poruey^ 

Jiet bi by do / by fa ordinance / and by pe wyllo of 


god / ^t ol y-ti^f I and dem^. A grot Ihord ssolde he 
by ase me ^ing^ / ]>et )nee onelepi utrtue hedde : and 
be ))ise ))ri {>uig«s him gouemede. 


)» ntrtue of temperance he)) )ni offices. Yor herte Tiwyirtiiiartni- 
J)et ^iae offioe hef ne wyle / ne ne wylneft f ing ; JMt JSJST "* 
make^ to uorfwiiche. Ine none ^inge he ne agelt ^e 
laje to louie dkerliche. and onder him of scele he zet / 
and dret alls ^e conaytieea of ])e wordle. ]Kt la to 
zigge. he jiet he]i ^iae nirtae. he him loki / ])et he ne itksapiDUBfmn 
by amerd be )ilae |)ri fiinges ^t ^ wordle Bsent. aae ^ilin orihiiiHii, 
eayf Baiut Ion. zenne of ulease : and prede of herte. ^^^^J|!J^^ 
couaytiae of Jw wordle. "•" "^ "" ""'*'■ 

StBBNO)}!!. BUmgUi. 

|)e utrtiie of strong^ / he]) alauo ^ri offices. Vor xmi tIrih huh 
huo fet jiise uirtue hefi: ha him a-rereji an hej a-boue J,^,^nunio« 
>e perils fet bye> ine >e wordla No fing him ne diet / ^^ '' "" 
bote vileynie. 

Aduerset^ / and proaperiti / he berf / and Jiolef 
wyfi-out« wepinge. ne aiijthalf ne alefl.half. Wei ssolde 
he by gnod knyjt / Jwt ine Jtise f ri ^inges were wel y- 
proued. )>iae ^ri ni'rtues armen)) / an ordaynej). and it p>nn>> tb* 
agny^e^ man / ase to ))ri deles of )ie herte / \%t me tii>bMn,-iw 
cliepe^ ' Bcele. loue. and atrengjie. Fradence / loke|t ^||i„^ 
fane sckele * / Jiet hi ne bi becajt Temperance / lokefi 
Jiane loue / })et hi ne by amerd. Streng)ie. loke)> ^t 
wyl : JKt hi ne by ouercome. 


Rijtuolnease. make)) Jtane man ordeneliche libbe ^ 
among o])ren. Vor ase zayf> platon. f>is is )ie uirtue / n 

))et makej) ^t ])e man a-yens echen def ]wt he ssel do. ^ 
Vor hi yelt reuerence to ham fet byef a-bona loue to !jj^f™ 
> HS. chepcJ> 1 HS aclels 



MijonMttipali, liam J»et bye}) bezide. grace to ham ])at byeji bene])s. 

ntm lo liioH to- Be ^ise uour uirtuea ydo / ia ^ man worjii |iet he by 

gouemour uerst of him-zelue. and efterward of o^n. 

Ine fisQ uour utrtuea bam etudede ^e yealde filozofos 

fet al (« wordle onworj^ede / and uorlete / uor utrtiie 

to zeche and wysdom. and Jieruore bi were y-cleped i 

FbiiMopbj rir filosofea. Vor filozof^ ia ase mocbe wor]> : ase loue of 

,,ittiaa. wysdome. A god bou bit Sdolde ous ssende and astoaie / 

Tbn old ]]taiio»- buanne ])o ^t weren paenes / and wyfi-out laje y-write 

to dimb aaw ihi ^et najt US coufto of fe zoJ)e grace of god / ae of ^ 

bT iinDcth Gf boly gost : ne wenden. hi cUueu in to ^ belle of per- 

paHMiiiIa^ feccion of line be strengfie be hire ojene uirtue / and 

^Jj^^" hiiT- "^ daynede najt to loki ope ^ wordle. And we f et 

iS''!«w«ii™in ^^^^ cr/atene / and babbet fe zojie beleaue and conne 

tha mi™ g( tu> jje heatea of god and habbe}i fe grace of Jie holy goet. 

[Toi. ta. b.] Yef we yzeje |iet we mijte more in one daye prvfiti / 

^anne bi ne moje ine one yere y-bol / we walewe^ ase 

whenftm «ith ^"J^ byer benejie / ine Jtise wose of Jiise wordle. J>eruora 

S™!*iw" tt* ^yf aanynte paul / ^t f e payena ^t byej» wy])-onte 

i>« irtibnit iba lajg ^ and dof fe laje. ate daye of dome : bi asolle oua 

Lhii bill thi icir deme / ^t babbet Jte laje / and najt hiae do^. Ac nor 

|ian jKt hi ne hedden najt rijte byleae / ne Jiane holy 

goet/ne none ui'rtue. ne lyf / ne zo)ie beknawynge : hi 

virtw wfthont ne ' mo)e y-wyte hou mocbe Jet bi weren uayre / uor ase 

dHdinifiriKMi moche ase ^r is be-tucne dyad cot / and quyk / man 

™^ dyad / and man libbinde : ase mocbe Jier is be-tuene 

u(rtue ^t is wyJK>ute charity / ^t ia )>e guodnease / 

and )» worf) / and ]»et lyf of pe o|ire utrtues. Huer-of 

Thtfonriudini saynt austyn huanne he spec)) of )>ise uour uirtues / he 

kindi'of'isrH. bis to-del}> be uour maneres of loue. and be uour {linges 

^t zo|i loue makej. Panue he zayj / )>et Je nirtue of 

KmstihahHrt prudence : is the loue of herte. f>et wyslicbe uorlet / al 

^H^ibunuj ^^ bim may derie : and cbyest al ^t him may helpe, 

and babbe )ret he loue]) / f>et is god. )>e utrtue of tem- 

' perance is |ie loue of )te berte / buerby he hioi yefj y- 

' MS.M 

Dinitizedb, Google . 


holliche and nyjjoute corrupcion to ^et ha louej) / f>et is 

to god. pe uiHue of stiengjra / is f« loue of herto / etmgth oubiM 

buer-by he foUp stionglicbe alls ^inges ^t moje come / lUngi. 

nor Jwt he loue]>. Justice / is ^ loue of berte / huer- Jiuti» u ibi lov* 

by he serueji onlepiliche and wyft-outo more / to Jwt he coima yat^T 

loueft. Jiet is to god. and uor zuo mocbe daji onder not ^^U'^g^''*' 

alle ofm Jiinges. }>anne dom zet man / ine his ri^te stat. 

fet is aboue alle )iiuges / and ondei god. wyJ>-oute Jiise ?^'™' ""^ 

uour utrtues non ne may cliue into fie belle of perfec- "^ tUmb nnia 

ciou. Vor huo ^t wyle zno heje clyue / him behoue)> uw. 

ate uerate ^t he babbe prudence / )iet him makie to 

onworfii Jte wordle / and atrengja |iennido / }>ot Mm 

yeue grat berte / of grat ])ing to onderuonge. and uoljt. 

Of o)rerhalf Jmt be babbe temperance / uor fiet be ne 

by to mocbe y-cbarged. and rijtuolnease Jier-mide / ^tia 

pe rijte pej). and bim ssewy godes ricbo. aso god dede 

to lacob. ase iayf> ))e boc of wyadome. Huo y^t {lise -wmo h^i tbsa 

aour utrtues m^ zuo habbe / be seolde by wel per- biauad ud jmf- 

fect / and yblisaed ine Jiise woidle / and more ine Jje ■orw.'uij mw* 

opm, Vor be asolde by ine payse of berte. and ine "n"""^"' 

bUsse goetlycb / najt ne Bso[l]de him faily / ac wexe ine 

god ^t be ssolde babbe ine bim / ine huam be him 

Bsolde lyiy. 

Non we ayen come^ to oure kende. and bidde we L*„p,^t|„ 
mid al oure berte / Jiane holy gost/ fet tekf fe hertea. ^^^Jj^Jj^^ 
^t he by oure auocat / and ous tecbe to eseawy hou he ^^"'^^ 
be J)ise ueue yef^ r bestrepef fe zeue zennes of oure JJ^^T™''"' 
herten. and be zette / and noriesy ^e zeue utrtuea. 

Of J)b yefJ) of drede. aJ^*""' 

t)e yef)te of drede : is >e uerste / of Jie yeffee. pet ^JJIJJ'J^^ 
kest out alle pe zennes of )ie herte. ase we babbe]) yzed Uh tiiu from uh 
beuore wel proprsliche. He bestrep^ fie rote of prede. [fol m. ».] 
and zet in bis stede : ]>e ui'rtue of mildenessa !Nou n>iitgfpTid*.u>« 
loke and ondeistand wel bou. J»e zenejere ^t slepfi ine UHriruBof"**^ 
dyadUche zenne / is ase )»e riband and dronke / Jtet hej JJj'i^JJIl, ^ ,n, 


128 THE BINKBB'8 uscosscioubssss. 

whotawmmt gX Dorloie in be taueme / and is zuo naked and zuo 

lonttr. poure : ))et he ne he^ na^t ac najt he hit ne uelji ne 

playne)). Ac he wen]) by a wel grat Ihord. 

Ac Jianne he he]) y-etepe / and com^ to him-zelue : 

^nne he yuel]) hia knead / and knaa[> his toljo j asd 

TtaBntfoodtiui him playne|) of his harm. J}et is ])et nerate gnod ^t 

doth to UK dimcr ^ holf gost de}) to ^ zenejere / hnanne he him oisite]). 

hu"*^^ *° ^*"' be him yelt hia wyttea / and his ondeistondinge / 

■ouiubeiuT and him breng]) ayen to him-zelne. mo ^t he him 

taLhuJ^*" knau]) / and hiwi reuerte]) huet guodee ne hef notloie / 

■Bd bam «■!» and ine huet ponert4 he is y-ualle be his zenne. ase 

iifiaitnt ui dede fie guode mannes zone ))et his eritage wast«de and 

''*^'*'*' diapendede ine ribandie and lenede lecherusliche / 

alhnet him behouede to loki zuyn. ase oure Ihord ona 

make]) fiise norbyaue iae his spelle. Atenende ])e 

zen^erea < ase zay)i Salomon is ase f)e like fiet slep^ 

amide fie ze / and fiet ssip spil)i / and he n^t hit no 

TiwrinHFiiM nslfi / ne none diede ne he)). Ac huanne ))e holy gost 

bin^udMc^ bim awakefi : ])anne ynel^ he and zij]) his peril / and 

Jjjjjj*)'^^ b^pnfi to hftbbe drede of him-zelue. And yet eft ]»o 

Bto^S^rtmi. ^"^re b ase ])« ilke ]iet is in priaone in ysnea and 

Tfai winch ine ueterea / and ine greato lokinge / ase wee saynte 

ui« ^bbft, but pet«r ine heirodee pmone. and ]ie wrechche ne ^ng^ 

dnuuth that b* of him Jiet hine halt : ne of ^ gibet ^t him abib ac 

■Bd inddingL alep^ and met ^t ha ge^ to festes and to bredalea. Ac 

2'JlJJ^^^f^'* ]>e grace of ]»e holy gost is ase f o angle fet awakede 

■■ok* at Ptwr igyjxte petren / and him deliurede of be hand of heiroda. 

and dallnnd him ^ f I r 

oat of tbg hud of nor hi avakefi fiane zenejere / and him deliure)) of ^ 
■mHth th* iId- hand of })e dyeule. Atoende * ]ie zene;ere is ase ^ ilke 
htmouii/ttiT* ^t wen]i fay Strang /an hoi / and he he^ ])ane dya]) 
^^°"'" onder his clofies. Vor he heji fe kuode hnmonia and 
The •lima warn- coTTuptos ine ])e bodyB / hneTof he assl stenie wyf-inne 
rKhihuhDHtu ane monbe. and he wenb libbe yet nourti yer / aao 

ondarbboloUM* r j j i 

zayfi elynans ine nera of fie dyafie. Do away fie scoffea 
Tht Hoij 0h«t and Jie scomee. nor zuich me wrikf onder his clofies 
rang and ho 


leche / fet amRjBtreJi hiB ziknesse / and cIionge(i his thum«tmib. 
hnmottiB. and torn yefp luych a byter modecina : )>et jSSTiiS'iiici. 
him heljt. and Linj yef)i Jwt li£ Alano troblaj cure ^^^^^ 
liord fe herte )>et he wyle hele. ase zayj dauif in Jte "*»'™t«i 
sautera. and him wyb-nymb' / and deb him come aven Onriofdtnmbi. 

,.,.,_,, ' ■' IhgfagutthM 

lum-ieme to fanawe / ase he dede adam : onre uerste »« "riu ban, 
oader efter Jw zenne jw he him hedde / amang ]» trawea 
of paradys. HoeruoTehe himzede : 'adamhueTart))out' 
))Ti opre acain^es made he be enne of his angles 

Tbreg quttlmi 

ofRigir, «h8B 

fiieme [of] saynt abiaham / ^t hette agai fo hi ulea) utam • 
harelbeuedi Agorhezayde/'huanneBconiBt|»ou.Huyder ?ml!^«>di«i 
geetjion. Huetdestjwu)' Jjise Jiri aosii^es mate)> J»_hoiy ^'^j"*^ 
goet to Jie zenejere hnanne ha awahefi and aieieji and him ^^^ ""^ 
opene}> Jie ejen of .>e herte. and him yelt hie wyttes and jh^^**' '*■' 
his onderstondinire. ' Huer art boa 1 ' zayb he : bet is to i°««i<™ *>» 

' ' HoljOhortpata 

zigge; Yzii* vTOchcheinehaicheEoneB/andinehuiche t°t>H>i<>»T 
penis Jiou art in ^lee woidle. Vor jwu art ase ^ ilke Um un opntUi 
J»t alepf ine fe esipe / |«t ia yapild / and nast hit not ^^v^-i^.v'. 
ne onderstant his peril' ' HuaRnee comst Jiou) ' Jtet is to 11^^."^ 
rigge : ' Loke wrechche bi lif ca* arrieres / nor bou comst ^ "* *"?" 
uiam fo taueme of fe dyeule / huer [lou hest / Jii lif "» i"'^'* 
y-wasted / and y-lore Jiine time / and alia fte gnodea 
^t god fe hedde y-yeue.' ' Huet deet fiou ) ' pet ie to g^ ,^ ^^,^ 
liggd : 'Tay hou Jjou art fyabla / and brotel / and a- "aftuN* 
noiye fet body / and aruorye Je zauie. Jjou wenst by .^ ^^ ^^ 
hoi / and Strang, ac par aaenture fou hest fe hnmouis JJllS^J^" 
ine pe hodye ^t pe saolle lede to ])e dyajw. And ine ^'"^ 
|>e lanle ])ou heat hueada Jveawea / ])et ^e ssolle lede to 
^ dyape of helle : bote fe grace of god : fe ne werie.' ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ 
ElterwBid. 'huideTgeatJiout' Jtatiato zigge/ 'wxecbche ■••Hithittbiiii 
^ench / and loke / and ondeistand / |iBt pon gest to Jie ud tiuit lui 
dyajie. ojier faa aaelt nalle ine )>a hand of herrodes / ortbidaTU. 
|iet ia ^ dyenel / and to his mayn4' And J^eniore zay^ 
fe gnode man. ' Man may longe hia lynea wene / and lUii lUnki bit 
ofle him lye^e)) his wrench, ase nayr weder went in-to |„[ J^^,, ^ ^' 
'«*!>■«»».». in MS. » So in MS. '(oinMa *™i"4- 


rene / and uerliche moke^ hia blench, per ne ia no))eT 

Au ihiu drink kiBg ne knene / ^et ne S9el drinke of dea^ diench. 

' man jwruore ^ bejiencli / er ^n ualle of ]n bench / |n 

wfamnm nBBt ^i™^ aqoench.' |iou gest to Jie dome / hn«r fou smU 

tb«. m itun ninde : bane domes man zuo steme / and mo atont / aa 

Ulftnmth; ' ' ' 

'■""I'; zuo Btrayt / an mo mijtuoL Jiou gest in-to helle / liuor 

hiUwtuniifln, ^n Bselt yumde : rer. and bemston. and a' ^nsond 

(haoHiid tnr- * puicn / pet neure ne ende]) f« nor to pini. And fona 

ihUbb paiBi. ^^p ^ j^^jy g^^ j^ ^ zenejere / fe ^en op^ and [he] 

Tbmttim y^P ft-boae / and bene^M / and beuore / and be-bynde. 

m>itau^ok« ^^^ ^^^f '^""^ strokes of fondre / fet astonejt JMiaa 

afthoDdir, Uttt zeneieie / and makeb eaake / and habbe dnde. And 

utoukdud ' ' , ' 

tmit} Uia ))iae uour to n^^ / bye]i )ie uoui amale roten of Jw lote 

of mildeneese. }»t fe yefjie of drede let ine f e berte of 
]m zenejere hoonne god him nisite^. 


hHTt. J» uour )io;teB be-nore yaed Btrepe)i of |» gardine of 

t^s^nbrm P^ berte / Je uour rotin of prede Jiet Jier byef. bner-of 

th"n^rf*' J"® proude wen)i / of aaemoche ase can habbe. ojtor 

uaheutoruia ozemoche he is of mijte. oJ?er azemoche aae he can 

orprid*. conne. ofer ase moche ase can by wor|). f ise byeji fie 

uwfaarhomi uouT bomea. Jwt ia to zigge: fe uour oomardyes ^t 

S'lSXlih^'^ amerrefi >o contraye / Jwt god eaewede to rakarie ]» 
profete. Ac J» uour amiffee fet he him Bsewede efter- 
ward / )iet comen efter f e uour hornea to uello ; byej) 

■"" "™«'"* jie uour ^ jtea be-uore yzed. Vor huanne |ie man ^ng^ 

mnmu huannes he com^ / and onderatant and knau]i hia 

JlJU^r*^ pourehede / fe vilhede / fa brotelhede of his beringa / 

induiundMk hou he wes heyete in zenne / and of zuo ooule matere 

ind knowNti Um ' 

wwt^imirita- y-mad And y-ssape. and ine zuo poure house T-hor- 

HB (^hb birUi, , • •. 1 < 

rM, M. ».] ber^ed. me zuo greato pouertfi y-bore. and ra)ira dyad 
to J)e zaule : ^ne ybore to pe wordle, in hniche 
zoT^es he wes y-norissed. ine huet trauail he he^ 
yleaed. hou he hef his time uorlore. and he yz^^ 
hhn I>ane greate heap of his zenne?. and pa guodes ^t he 
hef> uorlete to done. Jianne him de])' ))e grace of god 

The KHir imltlK 

OodHubli- " 
to tM hill 


yuele mid beite : Jwt he na is ii^t wor}>. Efterward t 

hiian[iie] he ^eng|i huer he ys / and y-zij^ )>ise wordle / • 

)Mt ne IB bote an exil and a dezert ool of lyona an of adamhn ™ 

lipare. a forest uol of {lyenw an of calketreppen / and d ^«m*^ of 

grinea. ane za uol of atojm / and of peril a fomays anhet ''''*™^ 

mid uer of tenne and of zoi^e. a neld of uiy^t huerinne 

hij» bo-houe^ eure to libbe ine worre and wyjte' mid 

df eulen ^et luo moche bye^ wyse / and sotil / and 

etiang. Jjanne him dej) fe grace of god yuelo to zof e / ^1^'hJ^^ 

&nd to aparoeiuy his onconnjnge / and (wt he ne can ^jJJ^JT "^ 

nt^t. Ate laste h[n]annB he pengp and ondeistant his 

aennes and hia defantee ase he ia uol of zennes and ydel 

of alle gnode. ^anna >iini yetp ])e holy goat y^uele hia 

pourehede / and ]Kt he ne he|) na^L Efterward hnanue 

he y-z^]) be-uoie him huiderwaid he gef>. and he y- 

zyjf Jjane dyajt to huam non ne may wy}iBtonde. he ^^^^^ ^^ 

yzi^j) faia demers god / zuo rijtuol be hiiaa hand him ibee^efUt 

be-houe]) guo. he y-zij)i ^ pinen of helle / huiche non ibinn him hii 

ue may ascapie. )ianne yeff him god iuele fiet mannes xtau tten !• uh 

mijte ne ia najt / and ^t he ne may najt. Huanne he iS^Sf.JJ^.. 

y-n^} )>aane / and uelji / and ondoTstant ))et he ne ia 

juajt -wor)) / f)et he n^t ne he^. ]wt he na^t ne de]) / 

and fiet he ne de)> n^t / and )^et he ne may nt^ 

banne begio^ he nor to byenne pouie of spirit. Ine 

>ise uour fojtee / byef >6 nour bt^ea of >e rote of fe ^^^„^. 

trawe of mildeneeaa Jjis trau ieyzet bezide Jie welle of ii»i>iMi»ddi 

godes drede. huerof hit ia echedaye y-wetered / ine aod'i*-i, 

vjntre : and ine zomeie. fet la ine wykkedneeae and ine "^J^^^^ 

guodneeee. Non Bselt fmn conne Jiet ech of fiae zenen SiTtatti^pwd 

nirtaea. hueiof ich onderatonde to apekene of his stapes. Jjjj^^i 

hoer-by profited an cUf) / and wext ine pe herte. and nnucnrnth 

hia dedes / and his guode Jwanwee / huerby by haie tennm, •jn 

■aevej) wy^nte, Vor airtae weit an he; ase pahne / „a ^^twOm, 

o|>eraae dprea. o(«r ase cedre. and ^anne spret and J^^*^'^" 

keste lus bojes : an ech half. 

Dinitizedb, Google 


w^w««<if Of J)b stapes of uil[d]hi 

Of ^ atrtne of mildeaeeBe specf saynt a 

Thi. Tiitm, huh zayf fet hi he> zene stapes Imerby hy clifji an he; / al- 

huet ^t hi come / to peifeccion. Non onderstand wel 

Tbtflntnapit hou. po oeTste stape'of mildeaeBM / is to knawe his 

poTanrud pourehede. and hia defanto. Yor ase zayji saynt 

iwooi'i own iMmard. Mildenease is ])e ai'rtue fet make^ }iane man 

^^^^ him-aelue to onworjti / and healde not viL Hiutnne he 

him knau^ zojillche. pie tnaulechinge wext of noui 

ecDKi>>-UMir loten beuoreyzed. Ac bee byeb zome bet wel coune 

jw ui»iii. hyre defautes and hire ponert^ / ac n(^t hit ne nale^ 

ThtiHODdMp )>eruore is )» offer stape : ynek / and playni his de- 

bniUoM-siiu, fant«e and his pouertA And ^t he ynele his zoi^e and 

^^M^™ ^ zicnesse / he yemji ble^liche to fe fisiciane / and 

•^*"'' laip fet he y-uelf Jw kueade humonis ine p% bodye. 

hhjw he is hnanne J)et he may hia puigi and keata out. 

Th( uiird iMp of and Jmruore ie ^ ^dde stape of myldeneee / his zennee 

eonbHuidiiirin and his kueade wylles ble))eliche beknawe/wid ssriue/ 

taMttofiiiL" ^""^ ^ herte clensL Ac fer hyef zome pet beknawe^ 

hare defautes / and y-uele)) / and zorjnoUe bye)) / and 

wel ham sriue^. Ac hi nolden anone manere )iet o))Te 

Th* Ranh fp hit nyste hou hy do}. J^eraore fie nerfie stape is of pise 

mikakiuwD utrtue : wyhii to by y-knawe / and y-healde uor uyl / 

and onworj). Ac per bye^ efleone some pet wel 

yk[n]awe)i and uelep / and aggsf heie defautea / and 

nggep wel : ich am a knead / and zeuuol / and Euych / 

and zaych. ac yef an o)>er him zode : uotzoJm }»et ie 

zo)i / }iet ]h>u zayst : r^t^uolle hi wolden by / and 

wolden by wrojje to ^e dyajm. Jjeruore is |» vifte atape 

i of pise trawe / yhere blepeUche of him-zelue. and pet 

me hint zigge hia de&utea. and pet is pet saynt bemard 

zayp / pet pe Eope milde ; wyle hy hyalde nor TyL 

najt ase milde y-praysed. Jjeruore is pe sdite atape 

huanne pe man polep in polemodnesse pet he hy uoul- 

liche y-diaje / and aae persone onworplych / ase dede 


|» goode king danid / fet Jralede meteliche / and Iheete niidDmTiflwheK 

sue sergont ^t hette semej / ^t hint )irea mid Btonea / «oo«mhim,iiid 

and him missede / and him sede al fet he con^ of uooL nim. 

Tet eft ))ei is a atape / hueiinne is pe uolle of perfeo- Th*Hnnthit«p 

cion of Inse ntrtne. t>et is wylny to zo^/and mid baMHowdTiK 

herte wjlny wyf-onte fayntise : to by y-hyealde vyl / 

and villiche to by y-dit^e. )»t is arijt ponert^ of gost. 

andmi[l]dehedeofheTto. Mochelonede^isepouert^jie MuoTkHiL 

liche king of henene. huanne eho uer he com hit not 

to zeche / ase oram heueue ; to ^ er)ie. Wei he hit 

louede ine herte / ^ he hit zno dyere bo^te / )>et al Jwt 

he hedde / and ^ robe of hie legge be yaf / nor ^et he 

wee zojmolliche ponra. Moch^ he louede mildeneese / Msdi <im oum 

huanne ye ilke jMt nenie zenne ne dede. )>e iike ine wiwi tu (uu 

huam nes nenre defaute / him dede amang ))e ^eues. au^luong? 

fet wea amang adames zonee / and him do^e mid Jje ""■»•'' ***^ 

clo^ of )ie zennolle / and of ^e misdoere / uor ^t he 

wesjvilliche y-draje ase a Jiye£ Huernore he lode to 

his apoatlee fe nijt of fe Bopiere / mid gmate ville. 

Ich habbe ^me paake y-wylned. ]»t ie to zigge ; pem^ 

dya^. ^iee esame. (tise wendinge. Non bejere ne may 

^is trau arise. And huo fet were al-to Jiae stape of 

mildenesse y-cline : wy^nto drede : be asoMe by y- 

blissed ine liee wordle. Voi be ilke bet bis zede: ne ouwukJuuhu 
'' I I T tolmm*,«iidto 

may ly^e / pet fe hejesto zo^ zaif mid his mon^. innormm, 
* T'blissed byefi pe poure of goet' And hou )>et |iie by / 
he him ssewefi bnanne he zede. ' Lyeme)) of me ; and 
nait of obron / nor to by milde of herte ase icb am. "itiirtwiiow 
and Jkiu saelt uinde reste to Jrine zaule.' \n& reste is ^ia *™^ 
blisdnge. Ac haycb J»et hit is / ne buet hit hatto / ^^ ^^ ^, 
non ne wot : bote he ^t hit nimji. )Mnne yef fmu wtantbinhut 
wylt ywyte huet ]mt is : do ^i m^te of )iine herte zuo ^Jf^^*^ 
moche oaercome / fet fon by y-diue to ye Eeuende {^^Ii,^_. 
stape of mildeneese. and f anne Jtou mijt frayt gaderi '^^T^'JjI'jJ^ 
and ete of ^ trave of liue / ase god zayfi ine ye boo of 

Dinitizedb, Google 


WUMHTm ^' ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ »1i[l]dBNB8M. 

B^^ Ovt of )» trave of mildeneese wexe^ zeue bojes. 

i.TohonaarOod, i>or ]>iB utrtUB him Hseawe^ ine £eae mimsree. be god to 

*todi^b^?t worfsaipie. be o]!ren "to prayzy. bo hiTn-zelue to on- 

wr's"to^^ woTjn. be poftrehede to louie. be ble^eUcbe to soruL be 

tariojftiiij, 8. to heriynge to byiily. be him-zelue of ftl / ine god y-lane^ 

u In good bdicL p% 10^6 mllde : fror)«8ipe)> god in )ni maneree. Yor he 

ylef^ Bimplelicho. He Jioske^ treweliohe. He him bit 

Th» unit traij deuoQtelicbe. He him woiBfflpeb nerat / ine bet he him 

H ■ eMM doih iia lef^ simpleliche «f al ^t he zay]). ase de|i jre htel child 

his mayster. and uor Jiis skele / he^ oore byleaue 

meiite. jMnne huo ^t vel ^ef]) : god gnit worjisaipe 

H* btUfliH HI* him de]i. alsuo ase he iep to |)e maime wor^srape ^et 

Out it tha bagia- bim Isf]) be hifi simple vorde. and ^ is ^ beginnynge 

^^.. ' to done wel / Jwt is nyeduol to alle )ian / ^t wylle^ 

ham bouer^' ase zai^ zainte pauL )>et me ylef]) god 

ope bis simple woide ^t al is zop |>et he zay]). onlepi- 

Uche uor )>et he t&yf wy^ute o^re stele to zeche. and 

ThtbenUawin wyjKmte ojwe pioene zeche. Vorjwtbyef Jm bougree 

vntmngooii and |m heretiks proude aorlore. nor hi nolle}) yleue 

grttaus. god : wy^-ont« good wed. ]«t is to liggeae : bote-yef 

hi y-zy kuik ecele / ao hi hain hyealde^ / and aggap 

ase )« gauel^e he him halt to ^e wynnynge Jianne to pe 

orthb diibdiaf simple worde ne -wyle nonen yleua And ^rof byej> 

JJ^J^,,,^™"" y-come alle fe manerea of ereaye / and of miabeletdnge. 

Vor Je blynde proude / J>et hsie wyt wyllef emni to 

godes -wysdome / bi nollef y-lene fing Jwt god zayj / 

bote-yef me ue betoke ham guod wed. ^t is to sgge : 

TnuiwUitnn obBT bane quicke scele / ober aperte miracle. Ac wo 

hinmhnndnd ' "^ ^ , , ,, , , 

ttnMiiunkiHi ^t ^ lijte byleaue hyealde^ / yleae)> beteie an hon- 

m an; nini^ dred zi]>e him pet ne may najt lyeje : ^anne we ne do Ji 

tbv >UT Nfc ne miracle / ne seek / ne him-zeloe pet we yzef . God 

zayp he wile deme euiinne / be his dedes. and of oche 

ydele worde / pe behone^ yelde scele to him / ate days 

of dome. J» milde fet fis yher^ / hit ylefj. and dret / 

• *mj« t or torj» t 


IH hiiU maliail 


an de^ payne to loky hia liertie / and his mou^ / and 
alls his workee. Efterward Jw xope ndlde / Junke^ god 
treweliche of alle Ids guodea / Jwt he Mm fae^ y-do / 
and ^t he him def echedaye / and ^ he wyle do. 
Efterwaid see we habbef j-eseawed / ine )>e dgginge of 
prede. Vor ]>e milde ie aae f« poure man / ^t of 
little almesse : he)i gieate blisae. and yelt ^nkes mid 
herte / to his guod doeie. }wtne huanne jre milde / ne 
y^^ ine him n^t / hner-bi he bi vorjy to }e bresde mjtkii cmu> ot 
Jet he et / he be-knatij treweliche / and y-ajj* / and JS! '™* "* 
onderatant / and ylef^ / fiet al hit is of klene grace / 
and of yef^ and n^ of him. al ^t god him zent / 
and yaf^ / and lenfi. And uor ^t he ne lef^ na^t of 
him-zelne / of ^ gnodes of his Ihorde / ]>et be his hand 
pasej : Jeniore ia ]n aetgont trewe / ase lay^ aant 
bernard. Efterwaid ]w zojw milde wor^ eeipe]) god / Hi prvi *« Ooi 
and him byt nuldeliche. ]>et his to zigge mid zo^ Ewn uid rimpu- 
teaiee / ^ come)) of godes grace / and mid lijtaolle [^laLuTb.] 
oninge of beito. Vor bit him ^iagp / }ret he is aee Jet brHHuuioUni 
child fet is ecbedaye benoie his maistre / and n^t can ghiid, tint" wti 
his leasonn. Ojer |)et he by ase ys ]>e pouie ine dette. ^w^^bLr. 
Jet is y-nalle ine Je hand of gaaeleres. and n^t ne hej 2^^^'^'**' 
hnermide hit may endy. Ojer Jet he by ase ia Je Jief „ la, , uoti 
yproned / and y-nome and mid mo Jamne an hondred JJ^^J^^ 
miededes Jet hej ni^ Je wyjje ine Je nykka And Jet SShS*""^'" 
he is aae Je y-maymed ate porche of Je cherche / Jet "" "^ "'i'- 
ne faej none aaame uoi to sseawy alle hie maimee to nuinied it um 
alle Jon Jet Jer gaoj / noi Jet me ssolde habbe of him imh m iIivih to 
pit& Yef Jon vilt Janne lyemi god to hidde. and to (o^^thtpiv" 
aonri aiijt : Jise uour hit wytnessej. Jet child, he Jet "ho tSttr" °" 
ia ine dette. Je Jyef . and he Jet ia ymaymed. 

fal OtaR B09 OF HUiDBNBeSB. Tbe Hoond bosgfa 

'' ' » ormadnMi 

Wone is of Je zoje milde ojren to herie / and TtMmHkiDiHut 
praysy, and poty him uorj / an worjssipij. Praysy ine t![!^^^^|^i^ 
berte / heiie ine mouje. and be dede i worjesipe / bere. "^ bimoM^d. 


Hall Ilk* tiMbH He is aae ^ emale nleje ^t make)) ^ hony. and 

(ow«7 tMM ud beul73|> stench, and zek]) ^e ueldes yfloured. and of Jw 

flomee zoac^ ^ane deau huerof hi make^ |)et hony nor 

his hous to Bston. )}et def ^e milde herte ^t uajt ne 

HatakMhiwbMii nymj) hede of stench, no of fe lackes of D|iren. ac alls 

ftaita^ ])e guodes ]wt o}>re habbe)i y-rewarded. and lone}), and 

here]), and prayze)r and conceyne}> ^ zuetnesse : of 

deuocion. huearuore his bodi is ondo : and his inwyt 

noloeld. ' Vor-zofe zof hit is y-bore of stones and of 

ulyntes/kanheEonke ])e oly/and )>et hony :1' aseons 

tek]> ]>e sauter. Vor he ne wille nenno inio knead / ne 

mo hard / ne zao zenuol ; ^et he ne can diaje materie : 

HapniHthHiun god uor to heiie. Ine his herte he pTayzeJt o^ra / ine 

LUaMindii ^ri maneres. Vor he ylef^ more ojiremanne vyt : 

uontiiuhta Jnnne his ojen. He wile Jwt ^ mL of o^n bi more 

r^tiMintiiH y-d" = fanne his. He him fyef more in ojirea uirtue : 

tafcu™.d^m panne ine hi& Al Jte eontrarya dejj J)e proude / ase ure 

il^'traiuth I'^l^l'sji be-uore yssewed. Eflerward he hereji / and 

man Id oihirf prayse}) f e ojwe be speche. fe guodes fet ojire dop / and 

an. habbe^ : he hiae he;eji / and here)). }« kneades : he 

^"**™j"* his excuse)) / and Ic^e^. and lessep. ye myddelguodes : 

ikaiu of oUim he oodeistant inc gnodc / and vent alneway in-to ps 

guode hal£ And }»et is aye ))e pri qneade techches of 

Tbepnuamui, ]>e misziggeres / fet arere|) )iet qnead : on loje)i )iet 

dtiichM utfanr'or gnod. and pe middel ))ingcs oueF)iTawe)) and mia-wend- 

tefecu. ^p- ^ dede he worpssipe^ enrinna / and prayse^ ase 

moohe ase he sael and may do. wy)K)nte misdo. f)»t ne 

de^ najt ))e proude. ac al ))e contiarie / ase we habbe)i 

be-uore y-ssewed. ine )« chapitele of prede, 

ormwkfaHn. Op hildb hbrts. 

^bSn'dVir ^""^ "■ "^ ™^^^ ^^^^ J** ^^ ^ guodes he he|) 

buk, *nd U( d*- behindo his legge. and alle his qoeades : benoie his 

VH. ejen. An })erof comji / pet of asemoche ^t he prayzep 

■ ' more )ie o))re: fe more he him-zelne misprayaeji. He 

vcioiu Duiv lu is ase pe wel couaytouse wrechche / ^ alneway hep 


^t eje to )w gnodes : J>et ojm habbe]) / and doj alneway. >»U" in«T«'oUM 

and make^ alneway semblont : ]wt be ne heji najl Yor (tm tti« i> i 

aaemocbe ase ^ is an bolj prede : alzao Jmf is an holy ndaiiaif idtj). 

coneytiae / and an boly enaye. Hit U sse hit is of Jw 

litel childe / ^t is ]>e kinges lone / and eyr of fti king- 

lidie ^t wepfi ine his crete. and u^t ne kan of hia 

bejaesae / ne of his ricbeasa He is ase ^t simple seep. Ha,u]uth*aimpia 

ine hnam al bit is good and pi-dfLtable. and woUe. and i> good and pmu- 

skin, and uless. and melk. and &ut. and dong. and ne OHh. mUk, fntt, 

wenji / and ne kan n^t ne n^t ne J»ng;». Ine fiae ^1^J^,I^ 

maoere zay^ saynt abrabam J« greate patrtarcbe. pet he J!|^!f--«DgT 

nee bote essaee and donst And saynt lob. ^t wea zno a^nt Jobipaoa 

moche grst to fo wordle. and boly ine god / ^t xayde »>■, •i»k>. 

of him-Eelae. ' Huet am ich bote easBse. and apearken. miii, tmd, ■hiT' 

and hor. and stench. 761X066. wynd. seed, and smecb. 

fet pa Tynd ber|i and gadere]) dnye. Ji6t to najt ne is 

tot)) : bote to ^e uere.' And aleuo ase |ie zo^ milde ai the trw mHk, 

bere)r fe opte and mid berte / and mid moufie / and inithnHfiiid 

mid deda ase we babbe}> yaed. alsuo he blame)i bim- KinLhlwinn 

zelne ine )iise pa. maneres. he hint Jiing^ pet leromea '"''**™' ' 

zayji of bimzelne. (let yef be etb / ofer yef be diincji / 

yef be wake)) / yef he slepji / ^t ])6 ilke orible boeyne 

him went to ))e yeare 1 'comto^edom&' And^eruoie 

pe ilke ^ nele n^ by per ydemd : he ne endi nenre 

Mere : him^zelne to deme and damnL wij-nyme bia ^^^^^Sl^l!^ 

dedes. and bia wordes. and bia ^jtea. and densL and tt™ghu. 

telle, and weje. and wy^rw^& and wy^nime. Vor he ^^JTJ^^ ^g 

y-zij J more ynoj of cbef ; Janne of com. And fernore "^ "*■ 

^t be ne by y-demd ine pe cort of lijte / ne be nele 

n^t lete ne smal ne grot / ^t ne seel by examened / 

and y-zed / and y-demd / ine fe cort of merei. Jjet is ^t^l^^^T' 

ine holy ssriftte ine Jio cort. buo g 

al quit Ao ine po cort of ri^te / ^t Bsel bi ate daye of 

dome / boo ^t Bsel t^t : him behone^ paye. ne nenie * 

aqtn'tti he ne may. and ^enioie ha ssel by ydammed. ^ 

Vor be mot yelde : o^ hongy. A. alias huet ssel pe 



^^^'^™' like paye : Jst n^t no heji bote (wne nhicke j-caAeA 

itin baicoM nod zsRiie dj&dliclL ) B.T10 fiet onderatode and ^iielde 

Jiiae Jtingee / he hint Tolde hyeolde / and wyjidra^e 

uram Komes and uiam lefudngee / ^t be he^ yuonnde / 

SS^ta^taS. *y* f® ™1** milde / >et god dredeji. Jet not Jiaii hy 

•nd oft. vylleft ham loki clenliche / hy sariue)) ham blejeliche / 

and ofte. Ac htet ia worj to maky gaod dom : bote 

)ie demeie ne by afterward yprayted treweliche. and 

fienioie al-zoomoche ase ^ zo^ milde / loakef) of hun- 

zelue gnod dom / ine mr^ of berte. and ine earifte of 

HiDuutdoon mou^ and zoo de)i be dede loj dom. Yor he Mm 

tothagibtinof dem)i eae ane pyeL and he him dej tofhxbo to fe 

'™"'*' gyhet of penonoe wyf-oute slacneese / and wyjH)ute 


)}fl USR^E BO3 OF 1IT[l]D1 

Hto )«t hatej prede : he toneji ponert^ }>et zet ^ 
' herte loje / and {leruare alie zo^ milde lonyeji ponert6 / 
and byej pome of goat fe zofo milde louejt pouertS 
fir oam T«Hu : nor )ni sceles. Tor yo perils ^t bye^ ine richeesea. 
rid,^ ' Vor pe guodes J«t byefi in gnode pouerehede. And 

taMTWw'™" ""^ ^ ^"^^ louede buo moche pouert^ Jxi he wes ine fe 
s. for God kmd voidle / and yet hit loaup / ase }ie holy wrjtinge wyt- . 

neeaej in uele stedcs. jMnne zay]) he in ^ santere / 

OodbiHiUia ^t he y-bei^ ^ benee / and }« vylleeof )« poure. and 

■tnaofiiwinir, bam pomayj) / and agnky)«J hare ly£noJ zueteliche / 

J^]^^"*** and mid guod saaonr. and he is hire refti / and ham 

Aid ii Fuhv to gggj g^j^y Jqj, jj^yj, ^ ^ g^ jg ^ wader to >o ponre. 

and bam be|) y-yene mijte / o}iren to ii^gL And ooie 

ciuirt bioHdUia j^^ ^j^ biginnynge of bis uayre eennon zayf. ' fet y- 

udonsduw blyssed byeji ^6 poure: and a-corsed bied' Jieriche/^t 

habbej) byei hire paradis.' Ac fe zo))e paradys / bej 

be y-yeae fe poure. zno : ^t hi hit moje yeue / and 

zell& Ac ^ wordle nele y-lene / ^ god ogge zoji / 

sM MitT* that )wt ponert^ by )iing y-blisoed. Ac ))et is of ^ r«de of 

poTfrtf iititoMd. g^ j^ nador. Jieruore lesu oriBt ZAjf ine his spelle. 



' Vayre uador ych yelde ^ Jtoukes and lieriTi^es. )iet piaa 

^inges ;-lied / uid y-hole heet i to ^ wjse. and faise 

best v-88eawed to be milda' be milde his y-iyeb / and """ '"•* °>" 

irel iui yleuej) / and louk^ / an Londredzi^e more bimdnii umM 

pouert^ : ])anne ))e nixing de^ his richesse. Ine fni gurd ua mtiui. 

fiinges eBew«f> ^e man / )>et he louej) pouert^. Huaima inuiiwwiri. 

he louejr and halt blejieliche ^e nel^rede. and ]»t lyf. , Hdorv md 

and J>e wonea of ]« poure. Hire ndt^rede he loueji / ^^t^"™*" 

aae iesu crirt dede Jwr huils ha wes iae fe wordla Vor chr*" «» aw. 

kebde wyle ^t )ie Jamhren loule bam togidere / and 

benly }ie wolues. uid fie children ham lonie to-gideie. 

and benly )« uelt^rede of )ie greateo. and ^ milde 

ham louie to-gidere / and become uel^es to-gidera Lif J2*»o?u«giiwr 

of poore man is poure. uor he ne z^ J / ne metes of grat *^*^^ 

pria / ne robes out of scele. ne non boat hi' ne zeche^/ I> iw>] 

ne ine robes, ne ine ridii^eB. ne ine main^. ne iue 

feetes. ne Ine uel^redes. Bli)>e he is yef he hef hia : ^ w^t^^ 

BOBtinonce. ac he sof&efi and honger / an Jiorat, and ■»>•■ 

chald and hot and cheastee / and manye bit«mese& 

and alle zuiche Jiingea Jwt )>e kneade poure de^ / and 

|K)le)i : wille he nolle be. ]}e zo^ milde wilue]) / and i. Ha lamn ud 

jKile^ gledlicbe nor god. a^last hit is wone of }« poure mtaUfibcOod. 

manne / ^t yef he ne he^ na^t / ne nc^t ne may 

Tynne : he ne he)) none aeame to acsi. And )ie zo))e u -i ibrwhut b> 

milde : begge^ echedaye. Jie benea and )>e oreyaona of ™ug>Hi:hdv 

guode uolke / and of uiyendes of god. huer he wen^ ^' i™*" " 

most of guode. and more he be-lef)> ine bare helpe : 

^anne he do ine his ojene guodea. 


Frede / lone)) vel he^ stedes. Mildenesse : )>e lo}e. low pk«. 
pia is )» dyamod* of noble kende. fet nele najt sitte ine thu OHdi nut w 
gold, ac ine poure metal ase yzen. And zuo hit is of nMannnw 
|m hyeape of huele j-foieee. f» comes bye)) bene^ / chriit^^'^' 
and ^t chef a-boue. Ac cure Ihord eael uajmi his com / 5™!^! 
ate daye of dome / ase zay)) ^et godspeL and ssel fatwe I^<^ *■■ ■■] 
' So in MS. ,-. , 

I I. .. .A.oo^lc 


TbaduSduUBs jjet chef into jie uere : and Jwt com in-to |>e greynere. 

)>e mora fet f fet gold ia olene : |w mora hit wec)i. acd 

]ie mora ^t hit is beoi : ^ ra^ hit oal]) to ^ botme 

TiMiiiBikiBu -^^ ^ mora ^t ^ man is milde : fe more hs lone^ 

"dwii^Ttir^ loje Btedes. aae dede legu criet and his znete modor / 

unpieorcfariM fiot oufl yeaoe uorbisne to serui and to boaje. n^t wy}»- 

bhUht. onte more to )w giatteste ; ac to ^ leste. and po moro 

fe seruise ye onworf* : ]» ble^aker )w milde him de)> 

ferto. Jjeruore wyle teche oure Ihord lean criat / fe 

HnknHiftiH uot to wasse to hls ponre. )»nne mildenesae / ia moder 

JJU^°" ])ropralicli6 / of bajsamnesse. and hire noriase^ / and 

tekji / an loke^ / ^et hi ne hy y-corumped / ne by 

ydele blisse / ne be zoi^e / ne be grochchinge / ne be 

«>dbMi*AMhiwr ojene wytte / ne be ojene wiUe. ne ine o^ manere. 

— - Hy hiae agray^}* and azet : mid alle hire oumemena 

Op bojbahnbsbk. 

oTob*- pa oamemens of bojaamnease : hye)i zeuen. jKt ys : 

ii,thuocu }et me boa^e preetUche. gledliche. Bimplelicbe. klen- 

itiBd^, I. Arofij, liche. generallicha zuyilliche. ' and wiluolliche. Pa milde 

mS^^irtnu, y-^f beuora'his ejen: )>et he ys ponre and naked, and 

Thtmik'obedi. ''^ ^^f ^^^^ ^** ^°^ Mm-zelua and feruore ho is 

SoTmr'ni*. *li»eway ttgTayJjod / aae byej) ye saipmen ine adpe. fet 

Id abtr iiK op- ase zone aae he* y-hyer]) Jwne smite of )>e lodes-manne : 

hi yemeji / hi Ihoape^ aae wode. fie milde bonj|» gled- 

"^'iSs" "bvi^ '^''^^ ^ "''' l*^ i^ "*® )* hassasis. fet ya blife huanne ho 

nuMar. he^ |>e heete ondernonge of hie maistre. ^t fe perils / 

and )ie pinen / an >ane dyaf he ondernang^ P^"'?^ I 

mid to graate blisse uor )ie loue |iot he he^ to ))e obedi- 

Dnjd pnkmd ence. jKruore zayde daui^ ine ^ aautere. ^t he lonede 

gsidorpnsteu betere ^ hestes )iet god him made : ^anne he dede / 

Ha dwri •impD'. gold / o>er stonee of pna. J}e milde him boi^p al 

"SSi'liSri!™" aimpleliche aae deji fet hora / ojer Jwt asep / Jiet |« 

saepherdB let huer ha wyle / }>et ne zayf neure hner^ 

^ nore gao ioh hider : mora ^anne ))ider. Vot one of f>e 

giiode do^tren ))Ct mildenesae he^ : ia holy simpleasc. 

1 Zujiflh^ in MS. ' An-uora in H9. > M$ 


J)e milde is wbI trewe to god / ase ia a guod Iheuadi to Z???^^™' ** 

hin Ihoida ^t nele to nonen queme folliche bote to 

hare Ihorde onlepiUclie. and ^eruore non ne bou}^ zoo 

dienliche ' / ne mid luo dene onderatondinge : am de|» 

Jiezofe milde. ^t ne hatef* bot« uor to kueme J» ^'.T^n'^nriit. 

wordle. Eftervard )» milde is wel mift and wel ingnel / ^''T^^ 

huanne uirtae of obedience and JK iryl of god / mid his •in u ci^ Ua 

ouerling him bet)). Ac hoanne hia ojene wyl him berfi 

and let him. he is alac an eleuuol wel to done. Aae ia 

fo atem ^t hatte Batume make)) )>et asemoche yern|i H*i>uktUia 

in onelepi daye mid ^ finnoment aee ^ firmament ^'" 

hine let : ase he de^ ine ^ritti yei ine his ojene aercle / 

and ine his <^ene yeminge. Ate laate ^ milde boujf* 

generaUicbe onetal ))er he ylef)* )>et he queme to god / 

and ine alle Jringes ase de)i ^ aase of fo melle. ^t ase K<i*uinaM 

ble^elicbe berf bere : ase huete. and lyad. aae )»et com. «• urf arrj 

to po pome : ase to {« riche. Efter'wanl ^ milde is 

wel Strang, nor he chonge^ his streng)fe mid godes [FoLu.b.] 

stieiig)«. aae aayf ysaye fe profete, peruore nis he najt : ha'ch^lj^lhta 

))et ne may here. Vor god berf and him and his ber- SoSrfl^Xtii. 

dona / bneruore he Tk^Ji wij guode wille and bleoin- 

deliche. nor he ne is neutemo weri / ne ))e zonne )iet HaidftiUw 

god let / and brengf uorp. and ^ more ha leneji / }« ^iut. 

more him west his 8tre[n]g})e. alsuo ase )» litel amote. 

Nou mij[t] fou wel y-zy / hon mildeneese fe tekf wel to 

eemi / and parfiUicbe bot^e. 

"Hia siTth boDgh 


be ereate maister of mildenease lesu crist bo ho chrirtm.u« 

*^ °^ ' gnat mulanir 

hedde y-precbed / and y-ned )>et uolk / and pe zike / ni«Aii«>. 
and fe ymamed y-held. ^o be olea; aboue fie uolk in-to 
fe helle / uor to by ine bedee / ous nor to teche to K«tm«iiniiiD 
beuly )>et los and fe blondingges. and ^ruore pe trewe autn;, 
herte milde / ase him pine)) to done wel huanne he "Jjjt^"" 
bou))». alsuo him pune}) to be-uly loe / of him-zelue ■irt™»brtiy 
anauerie nor pane wynd of ydele blisse / and pet 
1 MS. ehenliehe 



Hii tnutiiin g^ereji uor Jie rage / and uor Jio tempeato of euele 
■ null. tongea / ine ^ esede of ^e roche. aae zayf ysaye. )}e 

TUKBknaiTUt. like roche is leeu oi'st hun-zel£ fet his reste / and 
bn[;]tiieBBe to ^ milde. ^hint leste^ )ie iichonon. saa 
zajfr fe sautei. fei bj ^ ndlde herten y-carked mid 
oorLodiai ])ome8 of ssoTpiiesse of peDOQce. An f«t is fiet coluer- 
vhiniB mMh houa / liuerinne reste^ and him de)> )>e colure cure 
Ihord. pet bye}) ^e inilde herten and simple nor ^ 
aojeles of p»ye. fiet bye)> ]>e dyeuleo. Huanns )re 
milde herte / hef zuo moche y-do / ))et he is y-guo in- 
to )« hole of ^ mche ase ]m colme ine his colueAoua. 

Id nmrdbig Uh bet is huanne he recordeb bet lif of ieeu crist / and his 
lUk ctf auw, ttu , 

iiiDdbautitii««* holy pasdoun : uor ))anne he uoiyet atle his zorjes / 

and prayse^ lite al ^t ))e wordle he]), and is wor^. and 

at iirina to b« ^'^y- Herte ^t fiis hefi a«ayd / na^t ne wiUieJi more / 

IraumJnrUH^ Janno uor to by uorlore / and uoryete to |w wordle, 

wotM. j)g TTordle is him prisoun. onhede / pamdia. Vor ase 

zay^ ^e wyse of Mm-zelue. ]nt he ne is neuremo lesee 

wkm micoa hs ii oUone / bote hnanne he ia one. ne more ine niedes : 

bMMtndi, bote huanne be is ydeL Vor he ys ])anne mid hia 

unueiL tuaye beste ari6[n]des. Jwt is mid hifn-zeloe / and mid 

god. i)eT trete]) he of his gr«ate qnerelee husmore alle 

H* ttkm daiight opK niedea him ])ing^ troflea. ^ he him to god / and 

piMiiagtoGod. god to him / be holy )>0]tee / and be stedeneat wil. 

per he nelp ' ^ greats znetnesae of confort / ))et god 

yeff ine prini stedea / to fan )iet him drede^ ase zajf 

fe sauter. and )ianne alle speches / and alle vordes him 

tyene^ / and grene)* / bote-yef hi ne by to god / o^t of 

ThiMOmimi god / ofer uor god. Jxiua biginfi Jie zaule to louie on- 

!^»i.'°*' "^ ^ede j and etillehedo. and Jtanne him weit ine herte 

"•ftlhii °" "' ^"^ ^°^y Bsamnesse / f et is one of Jw oariste do)»t«r* of 

^1=^*™"' nuldenesse, Vor al ase a mayde J»et be greato lone 

Aiuidiniova lotie^ / he^* gTat ssame he)i^ ]>anne hi is aspid / and y- 

rtm^Stta"'™' ^^''P f ^* °*^ apekf : of hire, alzuo hef |w ilke huanne 

••p'^ hi y-hyerji ))et me Bpek}> of hire : and of fe guodea |iet 

god him he^ y-do. And najt nor Jian hi de^ ase de^ 

' An » hue been cnnceUed before u. ' So in M 3. 


fo ilke iiiayde etrongliche opnome of loue.' uor huet Jwt udotiMinth 
fe votdle ngga j o|ier conne speke : alneway zee]) M ))e [cu. m. *.] 
halkes and )« deme stedes. aae ^ ilke )iet ne zec)i bote so dotb uw 
uor to \sj y-rauissed aM wes Bay[n]te pauL '"^ 


Of Jiise aquayntonce and of f iae priuit4 ^ ilke holy ^'|™'. 
saole be-gin^ to habbe of god be-toene hire / and an <• pniud or 
holy prede. Vor hiianne hi is y-reaued / Jwnna to wiihOoi 
henene / hi lokeji ope J>e er^ iiram uer / ase zayji ysaye / sta lonki ni"> 
and Mse yzy;]) z[u]o lite to ))e z^Jm of ^ gratnesee of }« (ftr, ud hh lu 
henene. zuo y-zic^ ))e ilke greate uayrhede / zuo dim / 
to )« djfe of fe grate hrijtnesse / mo emti. to )te rijjM 
of fo greate bliase ; ^anne onworjw)) and mieprayBef to 
^ zo|ie al )>et he heft ine Jw wordle of richeeses and of ^JJ^'""*" 
Torbsdpe / of nayrhede / of noblesse, ino moche him >m>»' m i™ 
))inng^ ))et hit is asa )» play of children a-midde |m 
atrate / huer y-noj hi trauaylef and najt ne wynneji. 
Him hit ])ing{i J>et hit is al wynd / and metinge / and '^ — ''** 
lyejynge / aae zayj) Salomon. And ^anne he he-gin^ TtuniiMbigiiii 
arijt to sterae to ^ wordls / and libbe ine god / ase w«id ud ibe 
zay^ xaynte panl. And ^nne is hi zuo ponre of gost : gfipiiu. 
^t hi ne he}i na^t. Yor god him he^ zuo hiB ojene 
goat y-reaued and be-nome. and ayen y-ueld of his 
o^ne / ase he dede |)e apostles at lokea. ]}anne hint 
yeff fe holy goat ane zuo greate herte : fet ne pros- ^^^J,^^ 
peritS / ne aduerset^ of |)e wordle hi ne praze^ ane 
nhote. Ane mo gieate akemesse of inwyt : fet hardi- ^I^^J^"^ 
liche abit bane dya}). ane zuo greate hope he)) ine god : 
^t ^ ne ia na^ / ))et M ne dorate nime anhand nor sba !• r—aj to 
fe lono of god. Vor hi hejt )io bylene huerof god spekji ™ing for'ihl"'' 
ine fo godspelle. ^t is aae fiet zed of mostard huerb; hi „ ^nutbhar 
may bote to fe stones an to ]>e belles / and hi him J^^l^iS'u. 
boi^f . J>et zed o mostard is wel smal / ac hit is wel "'!i!lljf^ 
Strang / and wel bitinde. uor hit is hot ine ^ nerjie ipoiieii of in uw 
d«f^ / aae ziggef jtise fisiciens. be hete : me onderatant / 



ngfltM Mud ai lone. i>e aerate atape of loue aze zay)) eaynt be[r]najd 
DQi, qbmm ia / hoanne ^ man ne can na^t louie : bote him-zelue / 
tefbitakntOod. ^"'^ ^ ojene guod. }}e o^i luianiiB he b^in^ god to 
^l^ifoiidMut ^"'^^ ac hit U aor his ojene guod. J» Jiridde / 
i^Jl!' ^^ huanne he knaufi betere god / and him louef propre- 
T b.4Uii.u iu licha nor his guodneese. J)e uerjrn. huanne he is mo 
Wv. M 10 Ion ynome of ]m holy lou« / Jwt he ne louie ne him-zelue / 
Thii iHt Ion ne god : ' bote uoi god. ))anne hyer let zobe mildenesse 
mak o». ^ane man. Nou mijt ^n j-wyte openliche hou fc pouie 

^riiinMHHd ''^ 8"** ^^J" y-bliased ine fise wordle. Vor hi ham 
intuiwotii. bygj, ^^ n^^i^g y^gj ^ ^j g„jjj / ]>et hire goet is al 

to n^te be-come.* and ^ holy gost he^ ^t houg ayen- 
BopanukHiiM yueld )iet is Ihord of })e herte. and uelj) zuo moche Jret 
Uiu^^^Tm hi uel^ p6 mylde. Jiet hi his make^ king of heuene / 
[foL *t. b.] be holy hope / and be zikemesse of invyl And ^er- 
hMHB £iM» ^'^'^ '^yf ''"^ Ihord Jiet ^ kingdom of henene is hai« / 
^^J^JH""^ najt wyf-oute more be behest« ; ac be saysyne zykere 

aee ))e ilke fei b^in^ to onderuonge )iet frut and )ie 
TiM Aui ta—m- rentes hou hi ssoUe by y-bliesed ine f6 ojiie wordle. ^t 
pucainttunut "e may non porfitlyehe y-wyte / al-hnet he is per. Vor 

hsrte of man dyadlich / ue may hit )>enche / ne mouj) 

ortiMvittu Or ps uiRTCB of lode. 

_^ ' J3e uerste yeffe of Jw holy goat : make)) fo berta 

hMrtmudiniMk). milde and dreduoL and feruore hej> he J»ne name / fo 
wt nutMh It y^^ "Jf drede. po ojiei make^ Jw herte zuete and milde / 
"Mt nd and piteus. and ^eruore he hatte : fie yeffi of pit& pet 

itiiuuudu* is propreliche a dyau / and a tmcle a-ye alle knead- 
*° ""^' nease / and nameliche aye Jet uenim of zenne of enuie / 

itiHtii tii« l>i«K)f wehabbe^ beiiore y-apeke. Vor ])is yefje be- 
ihTh^Lt "^ '™" strep J» f e rote of enuie of fe herte / and hire heljj 
itproduiHtta. likeriiche. Jjanne Jie herte fet onderuang)> Jise yeffe / 
root ofgoodioTB onderuangj) ane zuete deau/)iet his makefi apringe/ane 
itam wbmco ^^ "•** / "^^ ^^^ y-temprcd / )«t is guod lone. ]}anne 
^^"^ Jjer wext a trau uair and b^ and wel berinde frut, Jjet lb 

' guod f ) iv-e^mt in HS. 


a gnod ui'rtue and nayi / fet me ckpej) iue latin / maji- •nwi u Miwa 
Buetndo / o^ beningnitaa. }iet is zuyetneese of herte. bant." 
^et make)) man zoete and milde / manhede : and 
charitable, loniinde / and loueiede / nor hi dej) man 
parfitliche louie his nizte ase him-zelue. pia trau he)i TUitmhuii 
zBue atapefl / huerby hit clyf)) an hej. }ie ilke seue Jbidiwa^b 
BtapeB oufl saeawe^ aaynte paul / ^ he oua amoneete]) ** '"'''^ 
and bit / }iet we do oure payne / )>et we by al on ine god, 
i>et ie ^t we habbe one herte / and enne goat / an one w< ihaiiid »7 u> 
lone in god. J}e nerate scale buentore we aeolle by al ud qiirit. 
on. and |ie heje / and )» loje / and fe riche and }« 
poure / is uor ^an / )Mt we olle habbe]) enne uader ine Bimm, m, >■ 
heuene / ^t is god pet ous made alle comunliche to his thit <•, oo^ 
anlicnesse an to his ymage. J^eroore Jnnne ^t we alle ^uionUk^ 
habbe]) enne sseppere / ^t ons made alle of one "**' 
mat^rie / and hef yaaape. and to onelepi enda fet is 
fet we by al on ine him / see he zay]) ine his spelle. 
Mochil is grat scele ]>et we to-^dere lonie. uot ecb beat 
ase zayji salomouns loue^ his anliuhe. pe oJ«r scele is B«Mdif, •• ■>» 
uor we byef alle ciistene ine one cristenedome / and ,^ cjutatmiom 
riche and poure. ^t is f et we byef alls y-wesse of one- 
lepi leie. bet wee mid lesu cristes preeiouse blod. and «id»™«iiwnhrf 

"^ ~ ' ' with Ih. hlood o( 

ybojt mid onelepi moneye. and aaemoche costnede ]ie ciuM. 

on : ase )ie o]wr. Moche ssel fiamne )ie on louie pe opet 

and woreaipie / Jiet god hef zoo moche yloued and y- I'l"-*^ 

piayzed / and ymad of euo greate dingnet^ l>e ]nidde Thirdif, wb>u 

seek / uor pd we healde]i alle one beleaue / and we ui « nmti br 

bye^ alle ybonnde mid one l^e |iet is al uolneld / ase 

lai)) sainte paul ine ^ise worde. ' Lone ))ine nixte ase 

)n-zelue.' Of ^ise dette ne is non quit / uor ^ing pei 

he de]i. J>ise dette ssel ech to o|>ren. and buo meat his [F(4.u.l] 

yelt ; mest he saeL be uerbe scele is. uor we habbeb Fonnhij, ■• 

■^ >' r I hutum Lord of 

ennelepi Ihord / )iet is god of huam we hyealde]* alle wkomwaiuiiaid 
and body / and z&nle / and al ]iet we habbe]). alle he kq], 
he]) imad communliche / alle ybojt communliche / to 
alien poruey]) communliche / and alle ssel deme coft^ 

Ii6 THE flOtrOHS op tOVB. 

•nd by whom ws mmiliche / anil alle medi largeliche / fo jiet habbefr y- 

iihedornnrdKi. hyealdc his hestes / and }ob Bsolle by to-gidere yloueJ 

Fidhij, wt m troweliche. J)e viftc acele is / uor Jiet we byef alle 

inihefar^ofoar iiela3Ba ine f e ost of ouTe Ihorde. aud hia knijtee / and 

^J^ loo* aw ^ soudeura / [wt alle we abydef on-lepi ssepa / Jiet ' is 

auramrd. ^ blisee wif-oute ende / huet Jie loue imd fe uelajrede 

esel by uoldo and y-cwifermed / ^t hier ssel by wel y- 

Buuiij.wi >u bote. Jw zixte acele ia uor Jiet we libbej) alle of one 

goste goetliehe / ase we libbe^ of on eyr bodylich. Be 

mnd •» lu ood'i Jja goste we byej) alle godes children be adopcion / (<et 

kiopticm. is be auouerie / and children of holy cherche / bio^r 

germayu of uador and of moder / be ane bro]>erhede 

goatlich / Jiet aeemoche ia worji betere : jMuine J» 

brojierrede nleealich. ase Jie goat is more worji : ^anne 

sjiOTthij, w« m bet ixidi be zeuende acele is nor bet we byeb alle 

f one bodya huerof lesu criat is fiet heaued / 

lye)) Jw leuies. ^t we libbeji alio of oiielepi mete. 

i^fte^md J)et is of ^ holy uleas and of fe holy blod of lesu crtst 

chriit "™ ]wt oufl zuo moche loue^ / and zuo moche halt ous worji : 

Jiet he ous jotp hia blod to drinke / and Iiia uless to 

eteue. ^ruoie zuo ofte aointe paul de]) ous to be-^nche 

Jiise loue / ^t he ous seewef . Vor more quic scele / 

ne more nayrer uorbisne ha ous no may saeawy of lo^ 

B«Tm ttf of louerede. Yef ^u wilt wel Jrenche to |)ise zeue sceles. 

^^■priiu out j^^ gg^jj. ^j^ 2eue atapes of loue / Jiet comef of fe 

yetpe of pit4 

Thsbm^of J)g B0]K8 OP lOUBRKDK. 

ottbiifto* tarn Of Jise stocke wexeji aeue bojea. Vor Jiiae utrtuo 
tortiii. vtnu.'n him sBowe)) ine zeue maneres. ase me knauf ^ane loue 
wnj,." ""'" Jiet ia be-tuene fe lemes of ^ bodye ine zeue manyeros. 
1. o» limb ror. Verst J>e on leme norber^ / and loke^ an ojier / Jiet me 
tiu iattcf oTin- ^t him misdo / ne angT-fsi / ne banni / be liis mijte. 

and ine f ise we onderstonde^ * fe innocence Jet we 
Wtdwoudoio Bsolle loki Jie on a-ye Jie ojire. Yor pis heate is y-write 
•nnidiTiWbT. ^^^ P^ herte of euncheo. Jiet ^u ne do to ojiien : fet / 

Jiet Jwu uoldoet fot he Jw ne dede. ne Jiin rijt hand 
1 M3. bcl' > or4cTil(md* M3. 


dede to bine left hand. Efterward be on leme boleb *■ OwUmbAi*. 

' t ! I noiwrenklt* 

EDetliche ' / of Jie ojwe fet he hint de^ of angn'ce / and "piw omumum-. 

najt him ne aw[r]ecjj'. ns non arizinge of wtcJib ne 

nelf Jte leme ^ on aye fe oJ»r/ ne ne of-hyealdeJ>. Ine 

^ison we ouderetonde|r to uoluelle mildenease fiet he^ 

firi stapes. )}e uerete is ))et man him ne awreke najt. )}e 

o^r ^t me ne hyealde ni^t ire longe. \^ Jiridde / Jict s. Thoimia 

man ne uele none arizii^e of ire / ne of hate aye his J^^, iiw h«ti 

nixte nor najt ^t he def, Efterward Jie lemes ™'**'^J*'' 

hou^e|i olle to hare ouerling. Vor hi dof alle mid hare 

mijte Jmt Jie herte acse|> / and fet eje ham tekji. Ine bj a,,, „ n„^j^ 

^an we ondeTstonde]) (« ujHuo of bojeamnesse hnerof J^^SjlJ^"* 

we habbe^ beuore y-epeke / ^t he seel bi ine loue [FoL u. b. 

agrayjied / and ine charity / aae zai|) zoynte peter. 

£ft«rward ^ on leme help^ and eerue)) )>e o^ron wy^- i- o» umii bcip* 

oute groohinge and wyf-oute wyjjzi^inge / and wyj)- mib wiiungij 

onte auarice. Ine Jiiaen we onderstonde]) )ie utHne ^et ^ ^ ntm th» 

me clepe}> charity Jjanne a man huanne he help)* and v''*i«ofohiritr, 

hitn a-cordej) ble})eliche Jie oj^re mid Jie helpe ^t god whenti; an am 

him heji y-yeue. ojier hiro ret / of er tekfi / of hia wytte chruuM. bj hu 

^t he hej>. Ofer yeff and to-delf largcliche uor god hii'rtS«i«,af ui 

)» guodee >et he hef . Ofer he chaatef and dijt >e folee """"'W 

be )ie autorit^ ^t he he)). Ac ))anne zayji me }iet he is 

uol of charity. And )khis hit hat zaynte peter / )tet fe 

guodneese fet god ous hef y-lend f et we hiee dijte to 

oure nixte. Jlanne tulles )>e filoEofe zayf. 'weseolle Tkt phnoupiMr 

)ienche fet al |iet is ine fe wordle and wext : al hit is dunid all »a 

ymad man to helpe. an fe man uor to helpe fe on / fe proin,"™"'"" 

ofren. byef beyeta' 'dowefanne'zayf he /'fet : huer^ 

uore we byef ybore / and fet kende ous tekf. and •» natar. undi. 

Eeche we alle fet commun pi*ofit' Vor ase zayf zaynte 

pauL ' we byef alle lemes of onelepi hodye.' Efterward / »■ aii un unbi 

alle fe lemes uelef / and dra^ef to ham fet me def to u«iea(ihem,b« 

echen / by hit guod / by hit knead, by hit blisse / by 

bit zo^e. huanue me emit fane not : f e mouf zayf / 

bou me blechest. Be fan we onderstondef fe ui'rtue Bjthtawjondm- 

' ' .. ' ' lUiid III* vkrtot 


at piv. >i»t>t>i of zo)« pit4 / )pet we asuUe habbe contmunlicha / ^t 

he) tuaje offices / ase zay]i zante pauL Blianol aaelt 

tbaoDitouiiUd ^u by/ to >e piodea Jwt ojire habbop / and doji. 

icj, ind to m HT- Zormol sselt borul by / to be kuedes bet obre ueleb and 

»». dof , Eflerward / yef }e on leme is ak / ofer y-wondod : 

tii^tiieattHn alie }e o|ire hint helpe]) to ftel he by held. Ine pUe we 

iTlhtain andm- onderato[n]deft ^ uirtue of dom / and of amendement 

uiad uw tirdi wif-oute haam / )tet body of holy cherche ne may 

uundnunt, yleste. Vof ^ leme uorroted ssolde aeende ^ hole. 

Huo ^t wile ^anne conne hoa he seel hia brojier chasti. 

■nd •» iHin how hiB niicte / o]»r hie Beriont wy))nime / and pauiBsi : nime 

J^S^^Elh ^^^^ *" Uni-zelue / hnarine on leme is zik /oper y-wonded. 

ftjfc^uotiBH jioj, jnoche lorje heji Je herte and gmt compaseion 

y-nelf . and be fe greate lone fet he he|i ine him / he 

him def )« bond wel zuetehche. And aze zay]) senekea / 

' ase of Jk bodye / alauo of })e herte me eael zueteliohe fe 

*^f"Vj™J'' •■ wondeu agrayfi. Vor of zope loue / and of grot «wi- 

lovgudaxn- passion ssolle l»e amendes by y-do. and mid greate 

tint, w> mould drede he ssel be honden do berto. Verat he ssel berto 

otintMidiDa- do ^ smeiinges / and )>e piastres of zuete wamin^^. 

iftt^Ull,^ a„ EfWrward yef pet ne is najt wor)) : pe poudres efler- 

p«rd« odtavi. ^^pj ^ji^ prekiinde / of harde wyfiniminge. Efterward 

K^^dHdioT j^ ^g^^ ^f tochinge. and yef he ne daf wyji-oute 

Tiiai,ifUuHM], emparoment : |ranne behotie)) come pet zaord hit nor to 

■irard ortiKnu. ^^^ / o])er be manange / oper be hotinge out of con- 

nuniniian. traye. oper him do nram him-zelne. Efterward pe lemea 

T. ThiUmtahon- woTSflipep pe on / pe ©per. and uorberep. nor ase lajp 

udhnaikindij zay[n]to paid, we ssoUe here ech opien worpssipe / and 

[Fdl u. k,] reueience. and nameliche po / pet habep meet nyede : of 

btiing lot Hdi uorberinge. po byep pe meste foles / and pe fyeblwte. 

Tba good mu Euicho me Bsel meat norbere. ftaime pe gaode man and 

wMi Any, pe wyse berep / and uorberep alneway pe foles / and (»e 

■• uu boDM bw fieblea / ase pe bnones berep pe tendre nlesa. and pe poe[t] 

pet houB. Jiis is aye pe missiggeres pet zno moche 

gtedep blepeliche pe kneades / and pe deiautes pet hi 

"■ '^littt^ ^*'' ™* op"*". Efterward pe on leme werep pet oper 


ate nyede / and him set uor him. uor ate niede ma 

y-^f hoo is urend. Hoanne ^ on not elyt : f& o)>ei whtnttHOMioM 

him help^. An haste hoanne me wyle smite ^t heaued : bdp> it. 

^ hand hire dej be-nore. Ine fisen we onderetondeji / in ihi» ». nudw 

ooluelde / and clene loneieda Jjeruore za,jp god in his udHnddiip. 

8peU& ' ^ more louerode ne may by : Jianne zett« hia 

zaule nor his urand.' biae uiendrede ous ssewede lesu tui Maoddiip 

, .... . IV taulM ilmirtd (or 

cnst fie zof% mend )iet uor ons lajde his zaule and his u^ 

body to J>e dya^e. and Jiet dede he ous nor to yeuene 

norhyifne. ase zay|> zaynte peter/ and sain Ion zay^. wiHnii»w< 

yef god layde his zau]e uor oua: and we ssoUe legge ingtojiwoiir 

oure zaulee uor oure hrofren / Jiet ia uor ouie uizte. yef muinii. 

we byeji a rijt leme of )ie Ixxlie / huerof is )iet heaued. 

Huo ^t ^ise utrtoe hedde / ich volde zigge openliche 

^[t] he Bsolde by )o rijte yblissed. Jjia is Jie uirtue fet Tim Tiito^Mu 

oore gnode maister leeu crist ous tojte / fo he zede. nid- 

' Yhlissed bye) }» mUde : nor hy ssolle by in sayzine of -BitMaimiii 

^ erfie.' Jiet is to onderstonde ine )ri maneree. Veret / iiuIIpohmiii* 

of fe londe of fie libbinde ])et is god zelf / fiet is i.Tbtriiuniun 

woniynge of f© libinde / Jwt is of f e bal^n / and of °°* "™^ 

gnode men. Aae fie er{)e is woniynge of bestes and of 

men. And ^mor ^t god fwt is }>e land of )>e libbinde : irha u Ui* lud 

he beji his y-blissed in his saysine. nor hi ne makefi 

none stre[n]g^ ^t qaeme|>god ine hire eayzyne / ase zay) 

fie aauter. J>e milde zayfi / he ssel habbo fiet land ine NoihiIudiuh 

kende. and saynt augcMtin zuo zay])/ fHst non ne ssel imiHiUwTiin 

habbe god ine poeeession. Yor hi bye) ri^tuollicbe |„„^ 

Ihordes of hiie herten. ac ire / and felonie his 

amayatreji. J}e milde amaistre) fie queade fieawee. And Thgnuakmu 

beteie is wor) / )et zay) Salomons / hno jiet oueicomfi nauu. 

wel his berte : fanne fe ilke f>et nimfi be 8tr6[n]gf e / 

casteles and cites. £ft«rward / be milde byeb Ihoides *■ Tba mcdi m 

lOTlll of (UtUf 

of fe erfe / fwt is of erflicbe guodes. Vor yef hi hise goodi. 
lyezefi : hi ne wrefiefi ham n^ / ne ne troubleji. Ac fo Th«x grun bm 
]>et ham ynefef huanne hi hise lyeze) / hi ne ne bye) tben^ 
najt Ihordes : ac rafire Jrelles, and Jwruore he zay) /hit ""i "• "« •i»™ 


bi<nnKU7poc ie lijt / })et |>o f«t habbe)) bier Jw timliche guodoa and 

gostliche / and ham-zelue iiie posaeeaioun. ))et hi hflbbe 

ine ))e ende : ))et land of )ie llbbinde / ^t is god him- 

Thepoof»ti»u self ine posaesaioun. Ac nou ondeTstand and loke / 

I^tbT^t ii» >et / |»t god yef) to f e poure ^ heaene. and to fe 

•hiu twoniniiniB. wyjtoute / ine ^ zor^ of belle, 

Tin artt itep of l^*^ UEttSTE STAPB OF RlJTUOLKKaSB. 

The lit gtRor Uu ]}a uoTste yef|)e of ^ boly gost / makefi man milde / 

^iSntti^i^ '^^ dieduoL )]s ojier him make)) zuete / and pitous. 

thTs^d pitenm. ^ jnidde him makef brijte to zyenne / and uol of 

indU»8ri(uiiof Y^tte. and feruore hit hatte : ^ yefjie of wytte. 

Vor he makef man wytuol / and wys. and ame- 

Thiiiutgiftout- Bure}i alle \vd^. )}eB yefjra hnanne be com]) in-to ^ 

gf £^ herte : bestrepfi and keat out )>e rote and )>e zenne of 

iiuit drirMii ft ire / and of felonye / ))et trouble}) ]» herte / and make]) 

wita. fane man al oute of wytte. eno Jiet be no (ling ne yzijfi. 

Thi. guiwiight- ne nor him / ne unr ojiren to lede, Ac >e8 yeljie alijt 

thu i( ii Dot b^ f« herte of ech half / zuo fet hi ne may by y-gyled of 

"""•^ iionen. Aae }e yefj« of pit4 bim makef innocent : zno 

)>et be nelo gyly nenne. Jjanne aaint Ion zay)) ine ^ 

boc of zijfie ine goste. Jwt fe holy man fet wea uol of 

Jiise goete / wee uol of o;en be-uore and be-hinde. And 

Th* gsod men an angel asewcde to zacarien ])e profete ane ston hucr- 

HgbW ™^ werin zeue ejen. J)et byeji )« zeue djjies Jiet f>e guode 

Fnr tb^Hs inio men habbe)>. Vor hi zye]) brijtlicbe / and ine hare 

■iL ibcHii uu^ berten / and al abo[u]teham. [letia tozigge. be-nejw/ 

and aboue / be-uore / and behinde / and of ri]t half / an 

Tbit (tin t> 11k of left half. )}es yef)>e is |)e maister of workee. ^t is to 

zigge / of f e uirtuea of man. uor he de[i al to wylle. and 

itiithBUncroie, to be line /and to be reule /and to be leade / and to 

lead, ind 1»vbL ' , ' ' ' ' ■ ' 

])e leuelo. He mm]) uerst his pncK& and his boune and 

}K)t is \%% )ie wyse zay^. 'Of al ])et |>oa sselt begisne : 

loke fnne ende. and to huet heauede f)ou sselt come.' 

itanketUieiine Eftcrward / be halt bifl line, uor he ne be^ bcuore be 


rijte way / and be rijte ondeistoodin^. najt ase fe ofwodnettoiK 
eddre / offer ase ^ uox. Efterward. lie de^ al be leule / 
^t make)) ^aue wal emce / and man be JK eommvjie 
lyue of J« guode / wyfi-oute rinde news hedes. Efter- 
ward he prouef ofte hia work mid lead, uor he uim)i i«m»k"U»u* 
hede ^t his tour / ne hongi / ne etoiipi / ue arij[t]half uid uniMm. 
be prooperiib : ne alefthalf : be aduermt^. )>ea yef)>e is nd or 
prionr ine fw cloystre of fie zaule. )iet lokej) ^ ordre / "^^ 
and dej) hi loki otteraL Vemt ine Jie herte |>et] heji tuo "[^^"J;^"" 
rides, fe onderstondinge. and ^t wyL fe akele / and =iow*» 
|ie afieccioon. Haonne Jiise tuo riden / acordef : hi Th»i«rthMh 
make)) wel zuete melodie / and moche nayr semice. ]^t i. Tbs undBr- 
is huonne wyl wyle / al ^t onderstondinge tekji of t. Tbenuonuid 
guode. and guod vil uelfr: fwt scele ondeistant. nou iviuntbe«'K- 
onderetand wel f ise tuo riden / Jwt byeji ine f>e zaulo / ^J^tS^Ii^™ 
hou hy ssolle acordL Ine fio one Bj-da byef nour lokee / i" •** •nn'm 
and ine Jie ojire : uour, Vor fe skele hefi uoui offices. E«">»o hBk amt 
^t is uor to acsy. Vor to deme. Vor to be|Knche. i. ToqqmiUoB, 
And to ssewy )iet hi ondeistant be worde. And ^ iike ». u bMUnk, 
yef(>e tek(» fane scele / («t hi ssel lyemi / and acey. i^'Sj^orfk 
and ine huyohe ordre / and ine huiche manere / and to ^aS* i^' 
huet ende. And {>et is wel grat nied. Vor to nuBdo *'»• " lan ud 
ine znjcbe )>ingea / is wel perilous. He de)i fane 8(;k[e]le 
onderetonde / and to lyemi Jiet / Jwt is nieduol and Sj^^JJJJiT^ 
profitahle / and oneste. and hire wyfdrBj|i of fo eon- in™*- 
(rarie. A god hou me lyest )iane time and co8tni[n]gge ^^^ **■ "J 
uor to lyemi f ing fet n^t ne is worf> bote to ydele 
bliase / o>er to zenne Ac fe holy gost be. flee yeffe ^Jl^i^^^. 
tekf lijtUche. and makef man lyemi ordeneliche / fet «'iiii»n-ii»iw 
is mest nyed to }ie mule to fe loue of god. and al nuKoiioinn, 
make)) to done ine rijte onderstondinge / and to rijte 
ende / fet is fe worasipe of god. and uor (le profit of ^'^''i™Xn°' 
his zaule. and uor to helpe his nixta Efterward he i'"*'- 
def fane ekele wel to zeche fet zo)n of ))ingea. and 
nameliche hou hi ssel beleue. Wel heleue is hnanne "' '™^''« "»• 

mil ri^l balML 

me beleff simplcllche al ))et god mada aayf. and hot / Ui»» k w iM»n 


•riuunt ioM wy^ute to moche sea j and wyjMiute to zeche J»e red 

>iud*, of god / and )» dyepnesse of bis domes / and ^ 

hejneaee of bis inagest4 / and ^ skele of his o^. Wei 

Tm* iniitf ii w* Weue is / hiianne me ne lefb ne to rabe. ne to late, ne - 

hmtjoriloir. ' ' ' 

iieuminvjmd to alle / Qo to nonon. nor fe on and fe oJ>er : luo is 

menc. uice / Bse zajfi seneke. Efterward trel acsi : wile wel 

itdowtot Dwddii deme. Wel to deme be-longe]) fwt me n^t ne anfermi : 

doDotintoivMit. ^ote me hit habbe wel of-acaed and (anne bote-yef me 

by ziker : ^t me ne entremetti to deme |>ing ^et Da^t 

to him ne belongeji / ase bye]) ^ ^inges anbyalde. )m 

onderetoTtdinges of herten / of ^ii^es Jiet ne moje tomi 

to ))e lijthalf / aud to ]ie lefthalf / {let me hie onder- 

Thii gin mMn stonde ar^t ine ^e guode half. Jjanne ^ goet / be |rise 

gnUi brtmn yef)>e / make)) ))ane ecele wel to deme / and knawe 

' arijt. and to destincti be-tuene fe guode ^inges and fe 

betwenutua kueade. be-tueno be greate kneades and be lease, be- 

gnodiudlb* 11 I 

(tMur. tuene |>e little gnodee / and ))e more. Vor be de^ ech 

\Axig praysy / aae hit ia be rijte war]). Efterward he 

de)) )>aue scele be^nche. nor be be-fieng)) to |ie manne / 

al ^t hint is Dyed / ase god zay)) ine bia apelle. J)e 

itcwwniiiDto J)inges fet byef y-pased / be hiee def befencbe. j)e 

BMdAu thing! {)lnges ))et bye|) preeent / be do]) hia onderstonde / and 

TouBdiFntwd to y-zy. ^ fiii^es ))et bye)) to comene : he de)> poniay / 

•ha^u^T and ordayny. and Jiise byej> ))e fri deles of J>e nirtue of 

"""^ prudence be )»e filoaofe. Eft«rward he make)) fiane 

itmitHmuta Bcele be mesure speke / and ble^elicbe by stille. and 

dintinHHon; Bpeke onne))e, zno ))et ^ specbe come ra^re te ])e nile : 

Jiatme to fe tongc. )«t hi by y-weje aae gaode moneye 

and y-proued. ase iay|>. Salomon. ))et ia )>et hi by of 

guode matire / ase of guod metaL and of guode ssep))e / 

K (hit Hoh word )>et is of gnode manere y-speke. and hi habbe his rijte 

wdgtai, nritiMr wyjte / and his rijte tale. )>et is ^t )>er ne by ne to 

iMta^™* "" *" moche / ne to lite / and )>et hi by wel bezet nor guod 

moneye / ne guod word / me ne ssel n83t y[e]ue nor 

najt Huerof Hiyf ona god ine hia spelle. fet we ne 

\xtan nrtnt. jjranwe najt oure pre-ciouse stones to-uore fe zuyn. J)e8 


yoffe acordeji / and ordeynej / Jie o^ half of fe herte. ^"TJ? «»"™» 
)>e[t] u !» wyl / huerof per bye}) uonr delea. Iioue. Tbawuiiuth 
Biede. Blisse. and 20136. fet is / fiet he habbe ))et be URa,drwi,uia, 
sael / and ase he bsbI / and asenLOcbe ase me aseL wbntbHttMr 
and fet me yleue alsuo (»et me asel / and aae me sael j^Juon, iiJuh^ 
and aae mochejase me seel Hnanne ^iee uour '""'™'™*"" 
delea bye) atamed / ^aime lay)) me ))et f« man ia 
attempre. Aae me zay(> of one rote / ojiet of one herbe / 
{»t hi IB attempre / huanne hi ia ne to chald / ne to 
hot / ne to wet Alsuo ase to |ie bodye of man / come)) [Fol a. l] 
alle enelea nor ]>e deetempringe of ^ise uonr qtialites / ai au nodiu om 
o^ of }iiiBe uoui hnmouia : alzuo of |>e berte of ^ "oiManpaiiig" 
manne comeji alle pe oices / and alio ^ zennes be ye himonn, 
diatemp«nuiice of fiae feawes. Huanne Jise tuo idden JJ^^J?JE5«n- 
of Jie herte hye|» acorded and y-ordayned, fet ie Jie ^".^j^l^""" 
soelo and Jiet wyL panne ia fe man ordine -wyf-inne 
him-zelue. bet byeb be tuo roten of be rote of ane wel Thtnwu oftiM 

' ' ' ' tniDfrtght- 

nayre trawe. Jiet la of ane wel uayre utrtue Jiet i — -■ 

elepe}i ri^tuolnesee. Bijtuolnesae is pmpreliche / ))et lomuiiiiii 

me deji be dome lijtuol and trewe / ne to neasaae / ne to * 

hard / wyjM>ute boujinge to ]ie one half/ ne to }» RishtflunM ti 

o^n. Hnanns me gefi uorji onlepiliche / and a-rijt aae vaodiut. 

line. Yor r^tnolnease ne ie of>er ))ing bote ouiuge / n <• notiiiRK <im 

^t IB braw))e. Hno J)et hej }»iae utrtae : he is guod tratn. 

inatiae and wys. nor he ne de)i no|)ing bote hit by wel ,j^ ^ , ^,g^ 

ofecsed and y-trid / aae aeel do ]>e guode demere. "^ "•"Ji'^a* 

banne be nente stape of biae uirtne ia/bet toThaiintiupat 

, ,, ... , , '.(hi. TtHo. ti Ihit 

man by guod demere of his o^ene herte. nor be ssel ■mubaigood 

gao in-to hint-zelue / and yay his inwyt and wel ex- hHn." °^^ 

amini bia ^jtea / and hia wyllea ^ hi bi guode : ofier 

kueade. and al ordayny to ^ lokinge of acele / zno )«t 

^ wyl and ]ie acele : by of one onynge. Yor aae zay)) tmba, hiui at 

eain bemaid. 'ntrtoene ia non o>ei ^ing : bote ^ ^^i^!^lt^ 

onynge of acele / and of wille.' fiet is huanne wyl com)) ""* "^''^'^ 

wy]H>nte wyjiugginge. speke / and maky / and do to ubi >^ <rb« tin 

worke fet acele layj / and ssewej) / and tekf, "moq. 




Of Jiisewrtuefeoferatapeis. Iietmebyrijtuoldem- 

ere / aad healde rijtuolliche j fe line of rijte. betaene 

him : and fiet is onder him. ftet is Ma bodi ^t he he^ 

to lokL huich he sael zao norisBt : )>et he mtge serai / 

RsHon thmu )» and zuo teche / and chaeti : ()et he wyle bouje. Vol 

twwithgipirtt Jie scele esel by see a trewe arbytree be-tuene fe goato 

and {» ulesee fiet byef alneway stWuinde. J»et sael loki 

Baihuuieiiiiirit bet rist / of ORB half: and of obre. Ine zoiche manere 

he lord otllit ' 

bodj. Jwt fi© goat by gaod Ihord / and Jwt body : by guod 

por thtr. !• gnat ^ergont. Won ia bit grat nyed to hyealde in fise half 

^rtJiiata"^ oueral rijtuolnesse / and meeure / ine mete / and ino 

^]™^ ">«. drinke / and ine clo|?iiige / and ine hodynge / and ine 

eioUiing. Bsoinge. and ine alio fe |>ingea fet / fiet bodi acBe|r. 

[i(«f] ^'"' ^* "^^ "'^ boujji more to / to ' moche : [>anne to 

Th.flwwii.of Jie litle. EiWward bit behoue|i )» vif wyttea of (« 

nruiwitauHiio^ bodie wel lode / and reda be scele / and be ritjuol- 

nesae / zno )iet eeh serui of hia office wyfK)ute zenne / 

and wy)i-oute wyfniminge. Aae J>e ejen : to zye»ne. 

J)e yearen : to hyere. Jie naae : to SBmelle. Jje mouf» : 

to zue[l]je / and to sspete. J)e honden / and al fet body : 

^Ii™"'"^''" to vele. Moanne [jiae vif wyttea bye)) wel y-loked 

puTdid, ihm b panne ia f e caatel ziker / and ysaet, Jjet byejt )« gates 

fcrituT m ihB of pe laiile. J»et byep fe wyndowea huerby comp in / (»e 

SSVH^"'**" 'iyaj' ofte to J>e zaule / aae zayf [w profete. 

Tin Uiiri tUp of bB bBIDDB 8TAPE OF KIirTlnOLNKSB. 

rtghlftliiMi. "■ ■■ 

[Poiiftn.] Jje }iridde etape of pise nirtue ia. )>et ])e man by 

Th. third tns of guod demere. and hyeaQlde rirtneaae be-tuene him ■ and 

ihit TtniK iiitiu, .,-, ,. . 

nuii]ud««itv pan Jwt IB bBuore him Jwt byej) ^ pugee of time / jret 

«.d th. ™g. destrueji ofte and bodi and zaule / huanne me def J)erto 

ihuCtawem ^ moche / aae doji )« nijiingea and )» couaytous. and 

lll^liJS^t ^'^ Jw J»t Jw wordle louiejj to moche. pet habbej. mo 

^SiilXrihr f* ^^^^ engrmed ine )» dyeules netto / aae zayf lob. J>et 

Jerti-» neu. to timliche [eyse] ' / and to nyedea wyf-onte / fet to hare 

' eyt OT iHf Bcenu wanting here to complete the uiua. 


faerten hi ne moje goo in / ne haie lif oidayny . jMnne 

hit yuBl^ ^t bit is zo^ / ^t seiieke§ })e wyse z&yy /yet aii nn «ho uke 

m be ^an zenejfi alle / and foruions )iet of }6 parties of lUom oruit uiu 

fe line ecb ^ncbe / and is soigneus. ac of al Jie liue to " 

ordayny non ne )»jic)i / ne atude^. Kou is fanne wel 

grot Died ^t me ne do najt to moche )io herte ine ftise satiutuwheHt 

^inges wy^ute. Yor buo ])et him de^ to mocbe ^rto : VErTithingt,iat 

he nal^ in ^e hate / and ine fe couaytise of jw wordle / eotooawiJ!^^ 

^t is ^ rote of alle idces / aee we habbe^ be-uoie Stillfc"™''' 



po nerjie stape of f ise ui'rtue is. J»t man cliorliche , 
yzi ane his rijthalf Jiet is fet be nime bede to bam J»t SS^ wibi^iu. 
byef guode / fiet byefr aae ane his rijt zyde. and Jiet of JJ^^J "^ ** 
^ guode / and of |« wyse / be nime wyt / and uorbyane. ™pi^ 
Ac ine |nae ride bit be-honeji hyealde rijtuolnease and Dtoentton i« b«r» 
discredon. Vor al note ne moje na^t gao be one waye. au folk tun not 
ne alle pe guode / ne alle pe wyae / ne habbe^ na;t one- nn iuv< u» 
lepi grace. aUno aee p& lemes of ^ bodie / ne babbe)) iUo»omM.^^ 
na|t onelepi office, and ^rof bye|> uele berten nouicee 
of ^an / aae zay^ fie boc of collaciona of holy underee / 
fet di^t of po perfeccion of utHue. Vor huanne hi 
yze)) aite man vel y-mad pet wyle profit! ine on stat / SonuBmigggn. 
o^r ine one gmce i anon by wille^ / and him y-lycbe ot, .pHtai riruM 
wyllej» hj. And buanne hi eft yzyef anofrene / fiet ""jni™. 

ine ano))er stat / dep manie gao<les: alsuo hi wyilej) 
and yeme|> efter. an alsno to Jw firidde / and to pe Md w «tuin n> 
ner))e / ne to nonen bam ne Mtteji. po bye^ aee ie. ^ iVr >" iu» (>» 
yonge griboond / pet ia yet al nouis / Jiet yem^ ei^r uwt mm ■ntr"' 
eche beato / Jiet yem)i beuore him. and ne makef bote "2i. 
bim weii and his time lyese. )}erof zet ysopea |ie &ble [■»>«<«■.] 
of pe little boonde and of Jie asse. pe bond at ecbe time Tba Mia or ot 
fet be yhyerj) [^t] bis Ihord come)> bom. be yemf toyena "^ JJ^"" '"* 
bim / and Ibap]) aboute bis mere, and fe Ibord bim ^'"''^^ij^ 
makeb uayr cbiere / and him froteb / and makeb' him iionin»mLi« by 

' "^ ' „ " ' liWBlqBMld mil. 

' Blaifr ID MS, 



gieate feste. )w aese him be-^te / paaa aeolde ich 
do / and zao wolde mi Ihord me lonie. Betere he ssolde 
me maki ioye / fet ich serui eche daye Jwnne ^iae 

heiiixnihiB to Iheape / and yernj) to-yena him, and him frmf fe 
■nd It iiwii buun neb abonte his zuere / and begin)) zinge gnit-liche. }}e 

eergona fiet hit y-z^e / nome eteues / and byeto ])ane 

asse ri;t to )ie uoUa And |«rof )Kt he wende habile] 
BrndifiUa worfBsipe / and gnod : he hedde Bsame and harm. Bo 
[FeL 48.11.1 zneche fahlee wee y-woned Jw vyae man teohe his 
UDgbi hu hiniw- majnS / and be )>iee uorbisne / he ham asewede f«t hi ne 
DM u iiHirt Tir- ^ol^e lu^t wylni to )» graces huer hi ne moje nt^ 
Jw'ibrt^m '^™^ **>■ t""! )wt iike zelue tekf Salomon. ' zone ' ayj> 
hwirf!rt^ he / 'ne arere n^t fine ejen to ricbeasee' / f«t is to 
ih«ukw(pit- giacea fet fe ne mijt najt come to. Jteruore hit is grat 

nyed to habbe diecrecion ^t me ri of huam me may 

norbyBne nime. 


tb^ r^Sini'mid ■^^'* ^* ^ 8™* °y®^ f ^* 1* ™™ y^ *>'7l3]t« ane his 
I^tSnlJuS!' ^^ ^^*^ and Jtet ia Jie vifte ioyel / and Jw vifte atape. 
outhsnuBidiba uor he esel yjy fe foles and fe kueade / fet byef ase 
he •JuHiid bm * I* left half, nor by byf a Jje worse zide. to ham me 
'"'^' sael nime hede uetst / uor (fan Jtet he habbe pit4 an eom- 

^*™id.Toid pasaioun. Eftenrard nor Jiet me be-ulyjt hire folye / and 
soiomco look hire uorlyezinge / ase zayb be wyee Salomon. ' Ich wento' 

note of Uu ling. , -i • ^ 

gtriuthiM he zayf be J»e uine / and be ]» ueldea of fe fole alen- 
uolle. and ize) Jwt al hi weren nolle of nettlen and of 
femes / and of (tiae norbisne ich habbe y-nome wyt / 
and po[r]neyonce.' nor me kan zigge : fet zofle he him 
chastof : fet be ofren him chastef , Efterward / nor 

wwrtim 1. bn, f an fet me louef more god / be huam man is quit of 
zuyche zftnnea. Ac moche hit behoaef ine fa zyde / to 

liSSrid.^"* '""^ rijtuolnease / and diecrecion. Vor huanne ich yzy 

udebiDen. fane fol and fane zonejere / ich ssel habbe pit^ / and 


mid ^lyinge. and na^t niaJci Jnrof bisemets an. acomee. 

Ich aael alneway hatye be zenne ; and louie be kende. l* m iirt« rfn 

•' ^ r^ „ . bollmlUtto- 

and wel me behone^ to loky )>et icti ne wille ine mine n«. 

lierte nenne deme. ne me anlicny to aonen. nor Jiaj he 

by knead to day: he may by guod to morje. and znich ThimJinmiiiv 

is to day gnod : ha may by knead to mor^ Eflerward row. 

ich me seel &9e moche ase ich may wy^nte miadoinge Trj bj ^^^ 

a-yena ham paye. and i^ndecendre ine dede / and ine u. win tm itiuHr 

speche / bam nor to wynne to god. and vyji-dr^e nram 

zenue. Vor aae layf seuekes / and eaynt grsgorie. 'we 

ne moje najt / ^ pot bie^ ynalle : a-iete. bote-yef we 

wylte hon fiet hit by to ham boi^e.' 


J)e azte etape is / })e zixte eje ; Jwt habbej) )>e gnode TbtdiUiMapii 
men. ]>et is fet hi yiy brijtliche be-hinde ^ gidnea and UKgwdhu^ 
fe dyeules ginnea / Jwt bye^ ous aae be-hinde. Yor pe tbumrtami 
vyend one y-z^t / and we him ne more ' ysy. Oure 
^endes : fet byej J>e djeulen / fet byef wel atronge oamataumtn 
and wyae / and aotUe and eoigneua ous to gyly. Vor ■tia«, wb^ nb. 
by ne zuykeji neuie ni^t ne day / ac alneway bie^ ine bigaita. 
waytinge nor ous to gily be hare crafte /, an by hire ^JJ^^^"*^ 
ginnes / huerof hi uzej» more ^ue a ^osend maneies. "mo*«t"ii«. 
and aee zay^ saint gr^orie. })e dyeuel yzij^ wel sotil- 
liche J»e atat of fe mamne / and his mauyete / and his ^^"^^^^^^J^ 
e&mpleziaim / and to hnet vice he ys meat boujinde, •**"* ""^ 
ober be kende / ober be wone. and of bo half bim Bom h. «.!;■ 
asayio}) stranglakeet. ^ue colrik : mid iie: and mid hiuiuikhiuuI 
discord. Jjane sauguinien : mid ioliuet6 / and mid wiihiunrr. 
Iniurie. Jjane fleumatike : mid glotonye / and be "^■**-"i- 
8leau))e. * )}ane melanconien : mid enuie / and mid (ful m. ■.] 
Eorje. And fieruore faim seel enrich more defendi of po 
half haei ha yz^^ ))et his castel is meet fyeble / and miiBiiinDdtiH 
aye pe like vice uijte / huer ha zi^p ^t he is meat utaaMU. 
aaayled. ine zuycbe guod / ^t he / ne Bpari nenna iior 
' 1 Moy ^ may. 
* At bottom of pag* are the catch wordi mul ma ilru^, _^ 

158 THK airra step op equity. 

ho is hardy / and bold, aae )« ilke ))et asaayle)) godes zone 
hie Ihord leau crist. ' Yef f ou [woef] ' / zede oure Ihoid to 
iob / < ine hoa uele wyzeu he him deagyzef ' / alsuo ase 

ThanlrUaor J^ ^^ ^* ""^^ ^^ ^'^^ ^'^ '*^''' ^"^ *^ ""^^ Saynt 

uT. niibS' ^^^y*- ' tdp]8 Ji8 angles and Jie gnode and fe kueade / and 
mirror. alls Jw gosteB of men hyej) ase a sscwere gostlich. 

Tiie uni re«'i>« ]}anne ase a ssewere onderua[njg)i anhaste alle ]>e ssepfiea 
jKbinitiia^sg And ^ prientes ^t come)> him be-uoie : alsno def> ^ 
or>™king. gi^j^ p£ jjg (^^^,JJ^g ^ ijy Ij^j slepinde by hit wakinde. 

oiw mirror iriu Jfou njm fonne ane mirour and zete hine to-ayens an 
■MuoDinoiiwr. o])ren. an haste alle pe BBep))e8 ^t bye]) ine Jie onen ^u 
sselt yzy ine fe ojiren.' Ine EUyche wyae me zayj) ^t 
Diiini (bnni in )« dycuel BSBwef to |)6 goste zuiche s-ieppinges and 
imu open iba ' zuiche figures ase he wyle huanne god hit ^lef / and 
Moiof mui. ^ zaule hit ondeniangji al a-ye hia wyL and o^rhuil hit 
jotH dm !»• ^ ^^ ^ J*^ |K^te / o^ ase to ))e ymaginacion aae a-ye 
SoMeS^ThT" '"' ^' / nisbe-houejt to zyenn6ando[n]d6rui>nge ine^ 
vaAotonajt. pejle of fe eje Jie ssepfe of fe finge fet is him be-uore. 
Nou is hit a wel grat grace of god / and a wel gmt 
yef|)e of fie holy gost / onderstonde wel ]»e epecbes alle / 
of fe dyetile / and kuawe wel alle )>e uisages. Voi ase 
itiiidiaaiii zayf> saynt bemard. hit is wel sotil |>ing/ and stiang to 
luk^bMwwiUiB conne / distinct! be-tuene {k Jiojtee jiet }ie herte )>eng^: 
^■rtJImrUtalB """^ Jw fet )« viend : Jierinne zet. Huanne he comf 
•ntimbyttn ^gg uel^e / o|>er aso nriend / ofet aae chapman, and 
Thfljm.r«.uj Bseweb be zennes / hou hi byeb likinde. and lostaolle / 
ihd inrtrt li3tliche me may hit knawe. Ac huanne he com)) ine 

bot oihen m gyse of angle / and ssewej) fet guod : nor to draje to 
kueade. Jeanne is ]>e temptacion meat Strang. And 
))ereuore zayf saynt Ion. J)et rae no leue na3t Jw gostes / 
ac J)et me hise prouy erfan fet me hise onderuonge. zuo 
• doj) f / fet makef hire srifteuader guod / and holy 
man / and wys / and wel yproued ine zuiche pingea 
timliche / to huam hi sscwef ofte / and grat / and smal / 
alle fe fortes fet to fe herte comef and guode / and 
> Thii word u neceisKry to the Miue. 



kueode. Vor ase zayf eolomoiu. ' y-blyaeed he is : fet " »•■»« n *<*;' 
alnewa; is dreduoL' and ine an ojiie stede Eay|>lie. 'Do "ikinimjiii 
be red al ^t )>oti dest / aad eilerward hit ne sael fe 



Jje zeuende stape / ia |>e zeuende ^e. fiet hit behouej) T^t"™"^"*** 
habbe fet wile habbe fise uirtue. Jwt is )« ilke Jiet an ijittiuoM ought 
hej loke|> / )>et he)) god alneway to-uore bim. Of }kui ud which huh 
zayj) ouie Ihordine hia apelle. 'Yef {fine eje la aimple rtmtt."^"* 
and clene : al Jii bodi sael by clyer and brijt. 
J)in eje is wyckod and dym : al )ii bodi seel by f yeatre 
and dim.' Jjet ia to zigge / yef fin onderatondinge of [J^'SSl;;^' 
fine herte ia clen ' and aimple / and geji uorf Jiane rijto "tnniK 
■wAj ase atreng al a-midde flee atapea alle / fet we 
habbef y-nemned / fe hyap of fine workee seel by uayr ^^J^^™!' ** 
and clier / and lykinde to god. And yef J>e onder- 
stondi[n]gge ia wrong, of er yef hy tuyetef ofer wyfwent ^"^ *"■ ''■' 
ayen ase def fe qwarteus al f e inwyt sael by fiestre / J^^f^lJ'S''' 
and fe hieap of atrtuea. Vor wyf-onto rijtuolle onder- iiiMbmmrin. 
atondisge : elmesee be-comf zenne / and tuHue vice. 
)>e onderatondinge ie simple / fanne f e man def gaode 
werkes lijtQollicbe uor god. Hy ia wrang / hoanne he J^i^"*"""?!. 
hiee def nor fank of fe wordle / ofer uor ydeleblisae. ittnotioptaMt 
Hy tuystof ine tuo : huanne me wylnef of one half to afOod. 
god : and of ofeihalf to fe wordle. Ac hi went ayen : 
aae def fe cerceaus hoanne fe man zekf hia o;ene noto 
in al fet he def. Nou heet fou y-herd fe zeue stapes 
huerby fis trau cliff an hej. 

Op bB BOIES OP RmnOLNBBBE. OfUwboogfaiof 

' ' TtgHUnlnw. 

pe bojea of fiae trawe : byef fe zeuen principals Tbnmnanni 
Uirtues / fet ansaerief * to f e zeue vicea. aae def bojsam- i. obMUnwi. 
nesse a-ye prede. Loue : a-ye enuye. Mildenease : ^ MUduah 
a-ye felhede. Froneaae : a-ye slacnease. Largesse ; a-ye J- Tj^^JJr, 
Chastot^ : a-ye lecherie. SobretS a-ye clo- •■ <*»*it3'. 
> WriUm dm* in MB. > Written muwerid' iu MS. 




^J^V™"*!^ tionnye. Jjise zeues uirtuee lokeji and lede)) wel rijte 
•rishtUugiHt and wel Eikerliche ^ane goet of wytt« )>et bise let be fie 

wajre of rijtuolnesaa aae i&yf aalomon. be buiche waye : 
DiHntkiBiith* diacrecion and ecele / )iet is fe cartere of nirtuee. nee 
•mttheniddar of z&j^ saut bemard. and ])e rofier of )>q saipe of ]» zaule 
at •«£ "^ ^ 'b^ o^'l bieng)) uor)). ^t bi ne gno ns^t amis arijtludf 

ne aleftbalE, and Jnis bi profitej) and wexe]) and bere^ 

frat to ^ nolle. )]eruoie )ianne ^t ^ utHoe of rijtnol- 
withoutdu- nesse / be dlsciecioun him esewe)) ine alle f6 frorkes of 
BOdHTin. o|)re utrtnes. and wyjwnte ^ise / alle pe o)>re nu-tnea 

TiHM mn vii- lyezef f>ane name of niHue : and become)) uices. Zigge 
tuwd in (ba ich wel / ))et in on wyt / })ifle zene uif<tuea be-uore ysed 
and ihv prodncfl bye}) }>e bojes of lijtuolneese and al ^t &ut of guode 
u-^iofgood ^Qjjjeg j^t of ham wexef / belongeji to Jiise trawe. 

Nou 0ttder3tan[d] wel hou ))egreate maieteiof utrtuea oua 
"Bi(_gd ba 8pek)) of ])i»e uirt[u]e / nor bi ne is na^t ine his reule. 
chrtu, " vbD Id ' YblesBed byeji po ))et ri^tnolnesae biealde]) ouend / and 
diHnuao." ine alle fringes babbefi diacrecion and mesure wy^ute 

misnimynge.' Yor we ne babbe^ hire onneafie y-wonne. 

Yor uon ne ia fiet ne mianimfi ine uele manerea. And 
He dM DM nr ^mote ous amioitef wel zueteliche ouie zuete madste[r] 
wha nn not, lesu crist hnanne he ne eayfi na;t. ' y-blisaed byef f»o )»et 

ne zenejefi ne nusnimefi / ac do)> al be rijtuolueeae / and 
tnfUnHdbg^ be lingne.' Ac he zayjt wel cortayaliche nor to cojiforti 

f« zenuoUe. ' Ybliseed byef f o Jiet wepeji / uor by ssolle 

by cwiforted.' Jjet is to ligge : Jio byej) yblissed : (»et 
ih^KwhoiM yzye)) and ondecstondej) and knawe]) wel hire defautes : 
^viu, ine alle f ise leue poyua of rijtuolnesse fet we habbef 

"^^ H^w'"' ^^^ y-nenmed / and fieniore wepefi and byeJ) so^uol 
■iu. fiet hi uindefi zno ofte oni^t / hner hi asolden healde 

SuM^rf*^ and ninde rijtuolneaae. Vor feruore ia fe wordle 
■*v^ y-cleped ^e dane of tyeares. and non ne may ine fre 

wordle libbe : vy)K)nte tyeares ))et hef onderaonge fe 
bKUHnoHiur yefbe of wyt / huerof we habbeb yspeke. banne be- 
thu hitbtiugin houef ase zayf aalomon. uor buo f«t meat can / and 

meet ^)i ^ zoTjes and ^ fcueades of fw voidle : )«,S:,G00glc 


. more hef zorje to hie herte / and tyearee / and wepinges. [Fol m. lj 
And bus beinuti bis wordle to tyeny. And be more bet sorro>rc««» 

nnn lo dMUH Ui« 

tyene^ |ns lif : ^ mote ma wylne]) ^t o^r. And world, 
^rof wexeji ojira tyerea uor fe wylninge of Jie o^ liue. ud to dam tb< 
Ifou sselt ^u ^UB )>enche. Zix m&neTos of tyeres pet gi, muinv or 
|ie holy man hef ine J)iae wordle be fe yefjre of wytte. iJISwh!'"'^™" 
pe aerste come^ of (tot me zyjt (let me hef god ofte j^^^'JI'^^ 
ywrefod be fo^ia { be apecbe / and be dede. Jja ojier "*^ ^^ 
com]) ferof fet me yzij(» J>e greate tormena hidouae ooimiiM«i»rf 
an eureleatinde of helle. Huerof ecb man eael habbe aituii. 
grai drede. ^ }iridde irexe^ of ))e kneades / Jvet ma j. The laflMngt 
yzi}^ )« guoda ])olye. JM ner^e come]) of )« zenues )iat 4. tik ii>i>arih> 
fe kueade dof. J)e vifta uor fisa liue fef tyenef / and J^^5^rtn,„rf 
nor fe ofre fet dej) auerat Jje lixte com)) of deuo- ^J^^l? 
ciomi and of ^at plenty and of blisae of fe presense of "^^'^^^ 
lean crist / and of be uelinge of be holy goat and biae wi» ™i««i 1* 

' ' a , 1 -J , UlB prtMiiM of 

bye]) Biijt yblisaed ^et ziio wepe]) / uor hi ssolle by chriit imd Uw 
y-conforted aae zay^ ^ writinge. A4auo aee fie aorice AiuiennrHoam- 
conforte)) fiot child ]>et wep]). uor hi wypef Jie ejen / uun^ofuir 
and him kest / and hi def him l^e be atrengjte. alsuo ""p"*'*'". 
asel do oure Ihord to ham bet wepeb ine bise wordle aae » ""f i^J «™- 

Jbrt< the iponm- 

ich habbe yzed. Yor he wyle mo wypi hare ^en / ^A ■». 

neuremo ne aaoUe wepo / ne ne ssolle yuele knead ne BT«nni>ni iiuu 

sotje. Ac enremo eaolle by myd god ine paiae and ine in>>«,iiii«iihig, 
lejinge and ine bliaae wy^ute enda 

Of }}s tkf))b or axBENaJlB. or Ux gin of 

Kou we habbe^ yapeke of yef^ and of uirtnes / w* b»e ipoiun 
pet gquemep po pet ina ]>e wordle libbe]) mid pe l<^eat« TtnoH vUeb 
of Jiri statea / huerof we habbej) beuore y-apeke. Nou EETirortd. 
ssolle we mid ]>e heipe of pe holy goet apeke of pe NowwaahaU 
yef])eB and of pe ufrtuea ^et more propraliche belonge]) iirtiM vUch iw- 
to ham fet pe wordle onworfefi / and to pe heje helle u^t dwpCtiis 
of p«rfeccion wylnef. Of Jan zayj) propreliche lob. Ltfcofnunon 
pet lyf of man ope pe erj»e : ia aae kny[j]thod. Vor • 
mannee lyf ine pe er^ : is ase borgeyaye. fi^ou yzi) • 



Hiuhiuiaaoiia ane yongne boryeia and ane newene knijt Mochel 

ttumghu, habbe)) |Kie of uele ))ojtes newe diueraea and wyluolle. 

)» borgeya "wylnej) to chap&ti / an to wynne and to 

ud luhw ID bt gaderi. and pe ende of his wylle is al |«rto : )>et ba by 

«i. riche ine guodes. and ine his touue y-vorfiesiped. JM 

Tii» knight (1*. knyjt newe / geji al anojieme way. Tor he wilnef 

^" j^ "^ corteysyes to done / an lai^ebche yeue / and kuyl^jtbod 

"''• to lyemy and guo to arraoa, kneadea to ^lye / asewy 

■nd Id porchMi prouesses. porchaci los / and ine beje stat dine, piee 

■ution. tuo Btates wBzyef apertebch&iiie tuo maneres of uolke. 

Bane man k»#ii huerof Jw on is / J»et wel ham wyllej" nram greate zenne 

do peniDoi, ic, loki / do penonce. yeue ebnesee. byealde godes hest«6 / 

"«n If ihiy mi^ and of holy cbercbe and wel ham hit were yno) / yef bi 

Ha ■■'•! u imit, niijte ate ende bo ' luo moche by y-borje. Jjiae byef ine 

oihen m die guod Btat / and wel bam moje boul pe o|»r« byef to 

![^idi; jHrii^ hnatn. }>et fo wordle anoy)> uor ^ perila and Jie zennes 

iDdhHiDo'Ma """^ ^^* pinen / huerof hi is al uol. zuo fietnon ne may 

''"rpi habbe pays of hette / ne atedeuest inwyt Hi yaefi of 

Theywtno ofer half fet jMr ne is no trosor fet moje* by worji to 

eompMsdtoOod'i godes loue. no zuyetnease zuo grot : ase pays of hcrte. 

M^°ii»d Uiay ^° bliaso of J>e wordle fet by worji / to |)e bliaae of 

cjid^i^jv>^p«Q» jjene uiwyt luo ham fingf and wel bit is zofi / )iet 

"oSdiuYih ^''** f** ^^ t"" f^S^ "^y winne : he ssolde by more 

•aivn mon thui panne emperoui, ac ^et is zuo grat fiing ^t iieawe pei 

byefi zuiche / pet dorre |>iae niminge niaki. ac huanoe 

god yef)i to fe manne }nse grace, and pe ilke yef^ ^t 

mun Odd gtra me clepe|r pe goet of strengjie. he hym yetp ane newe 

l^^l^^ herte / ane noble herte / and hardu Koble : uor to 

Heginthimi oiiwor)>i a] ^t )» wordle mai behote / and yeue. 

hirdj heut," Hardyosse uor to Jiolie alle [« kueadnesso ))et pa wordle 

tiuit (utiM him may ))reapni. And of ^lae haidiesse spekf> oure uader 

waM-i tbnmxtR- huanne he zede. ))et ' yblyssefi bye)i )>o |iet habbu^ 

"*'' honger and forat / of ri^tuolneaee.' Salomon layfi. )«t 

' he ie r^tuol / Jiet onworjwji his harm / nor his uryend' / 

-hDd«n:dM fet ia uor god / J»t ia rijt urend. And saint beniard 

rHtiid,i.a. ood. zay^. 'bene isnajt rijtuol / )iet ne yzijji nt^t ine his 
1 h HS. I Bo ia MS. ' more f 


herte ; and xielp j and ondeistant / Jiet he is ytJdere. 

and a-jeua god of treu^ / toppe all« Jiing.' )>e ilke ^t ■>«> !• ■ dtuiiir 

zo^Ucbe vylne^ mid al his herte to j^elde ^e dette to 

gode / ^e iike is of )iau / huerof oure Ihord spekfp 

hiianne lie zede. })et ^e like bye^ yblissed / ^et habbeji ^,„,^ ,„ ^,^ 

honget / and Jioret : nor r^taolnesse. he ne zayf najt / Sj^ j^ri!!ht- 

' y-bliseed hi bye^ )io pet habbe^ / o|ier )»t do|i rijtuol- wanxH, 

nesse : ac }io Jwt habbeji honger uid |>oT8t.' Vor }iis 

rijtuolneBse ne may by ybyealde / ne pis dctte ne may Thu rivMhiinHi 

by nolliche y-yolde / ine fise wordle. Ac ine pise rt««iMdtoo^ 

■wordle hi ia y-wylned / and ine pe ofre / y-payd. li^Jl^^i^hm 

Jjeruore ne zayp ni^t cure guode Ihord and mayster. ^_*"^'" 

' ^ byep ybliaaed pet piae rijtuolnease ssolle do / and pet chrtrt inn not 

piae dette Bsolle yelde.' Ac he zayp wel cortayalaker / S,„d ," j^vt 

ase he pet wot onre pouert^ ' Yblissef ' bycp fe ilke J^^b*""* _ 

pet of pise ri^tnolneese / habbep honger / and Jioret.' 

Vor he ne aksep n^t pet we him yelde hyer his dett« / 

ac hit is him ynoj / yef we habbep guod wyl to yelda ^i??"i'^ 

Jjis wylninge hnawne hi is zop in berte / behouep pet he *"" <^^' boarti. 

hit esewy be dede. Vor ase zayp Salomon, 'non ne may 

pet uer ine hia bosme hede / pet hb robe ne beme.' Jjis 7'^ ''•''" "" 

Bsewynge ne may bi wyp-oute ui'rtue / and wyp-oute rirtiwiiBiiii 

proutwee. Vor be wytneaae / ne by playtinge r me ne 

prouep najt pet he by guod knyjt / ac be mocbe dude J^*,^,,*;;!!;" 

of anuee / and be moche pohynge / and to y-leste, "th bj' hi. druu 

And pet is pe neipe utrtue / pet pe boly goat yefp to 

pe manne uor to strepe of al: in al. pe uerpe vice. ^™,^^^ 

pet is pe zenne of sleaw^ and of onlosthede. Jjis iiu™™- 

niVtue is of zuo greate d^et6 / pet amaug alle pe opre 

uirtues / pis one berp propreliche be biin-zelue pane 

name of / u»rtua Vor uirtne / and prouesse is al on. ^^^^^ '" 

Jjiso uirtue / god yefj to his sorgona / huanne be his SL^T^i'' ^j, 

wile maki knl^tes / ase he dede to his apostles at lokes. >pomim, 

of huam we redep / pet hi weren zuo dreduol / pet hi 

ne ' dorate guo ont of hare house / alhuet hi weren mid J^^H^?^™ 





Oir Lord iddtd 

^ise u/rtue yanned. Ac inore hi jeden ledinde bliase / 
[F<a. M. •.] huanne me dede ham esame and harduesee. 


|>e filozofes fet of Jiise nt'rtuea drojen / hi to-deld«n 
Jtise uirtues ine rix deles, fet bye)) ase six stapes / 
huerby Jiise uirtuefl diueji / and profitef. Ac oure 
master Jwt made )» filoiofes / and filozofie. fet ia lesn 
crist : he zet / ^ane zenesde poynt pe uerste poynte 
of prowesse / hi depieji / magnanimity. ))3 o^r : 
fiaunce. )}e ))ridde: zikemesee. ))6 uer^: Jwlyinge. 
pe wHe : etedeueetnesae. J)e zixt : magmfic«nce. )}e 
Eenende ^t ouce mayster zette r hatte honger and poret 
of njtiiolnesee. J}ise urHuee me ne may na^t prapre- 
Uche nemni ase ondeTetondinge Mse to-di^t / ine latin. 
Magnanimitt k hejnesse. gratnessa and noblesse of 
wylhede / huerby ^ man is hardi ase lyon / and of 
greate niminga pia mrtne he)) tno dellea.' greate ^inges 
onwor^. and wel graten to nime tm hand / and to 
chiese. Of ])e uerste dele : Eayfi zaynt austin. Prowesse 
ia j huanne coia^ onwor^]) / al )iet ne is najt in his 
pouer. p%t ie al ])6t he may lyeae / wylle him nolle 
him. And seneke zay^. ' amang vordleliche ^ingee / no 
^ing ne ia grat / bote herte / )<et greate ^ingea onwor^^.' 
Of ^ o})re dele zay)) ))e filozofe. pet ' magnanimity / is 
renable niminge of he;e fjngs / and dreduoL' Hno yet 
^ise utHue he^ : he yzi}^ ))e wordle uiam ner. ase zay^ 
ysaye. )ie profete. And }ms him pingp al fe woT[d]le lite / 
ase a stene hit ^incfi to ous. )Mnne al po wordle / and 
alle ))e bieyhedes / and ps greate niedes of pe wordle 
hi»i |>ing)) ase na^t. and )<eruore hise ne piayze}i nt^t / 
bote ase pe web of pe 8pi|>re. p&nne Salomon hnanne he 
hedde al pe wordle y-went. and of alle ^inges / and of 
foles / and of wyse ystn'ued. he zayde hia dom ine roiche 
manure. ' ydelnesse. ydelnesse. ydelneese. and al ^t ich 
izi : is ydelnesse.' Jiet ia to sigge / fie wordle is ydel- 
nesse. and zno hi is al nol of ydelnesse. And po man 


of dUBcnlt tliiii^ 


him-zelf nor htiam be Tordle is v-mad : zqo is al ydel- '^'' uh am »• . 

neese. nor ine him is alle manere jdelneese / ase zaifi !>■ '»» >» *• 

)>e sauter. jdelnesae / be steniinge. Yor hiB lyf uli}}> 

ase seed, ydelnesae / be bysibede. Vor Jiise bysyhedes 

byeb ase metelea. Ydelneese / be koeadneese. Vor Ti»iii«rt«ptiim 

, . , , . . of Ihl. vlrtm 1. 

zenne hint make^ more naji / ^anne fimg )iet la me ^ lo do^iiH th* 
worddle, Nou is Janiie fie uerate del of Jiiee nirtue. 
jKt him de)) )ie woidle onworjii / aae babbe^ ydo iue 
ariere and pa filozofe payen. aad )ie boly cnatene man. 
J)e o|i6r del is zuo / fet hi makefi Jiane way of perfec- ^JJ?^"^ '' "" 
cion tonimene. and^t lyfjietzunmocheseewejtsearp/ tt-w^oigtr- 
as diednol to chiese. )Kt ia )re way )>et let in-to |>e Mhuihaiuuiir 
faelle of god. ^t ia ine ^ stat of pwrfecdon. |)et ia pe 
way of pnu6 red / of ouro Ihorde / Jet he asewede to 
his apostles ine Jb belle / huerof Jie bok epnip. tWme Thii n; ehoow 
way cby[e]ze|i Jo. to huam ne is na^t yn<g to lold / Je oniikniiOod'a 
heetes of god / huerto bi byeji y-hyealde. and wyllej) *"'""• 
aolnelle his redes / huer M ne byej) uajt be dett« y- 
hyealde / ase byeJ Jo / Jet letej al Jet hi habbej : nor buibrHhiiii 
god. and y[e]uej ham to sterne / nor Je loue of him ; Jet wtit. 
starf nor ham. ojer ine Je londe be-yende Je le / ojer [TdI- u. b.] 
ine anojre stede. And aae doj Jo / Jet uorletej / and both goodj ud 
al ODworJeJ uor god. and guodes. and uryendes. and hIih. 
ham-Eelne. and makeb bam-zelue Jiellea of ojren bet T|i(7b«oiMih« 
weren vry. and make J ham-zelue pouie : Jet weren urn uidun 
richo : oJer my^ten by. hy doJ ham to Jolye grat ^"^■ 
ssarpuesse / Jet hedden ine Je wordle : greate loates. ^^^'"JT" 
ase byeJ numie / Jet byeJ ine religion, and of berte / bMiUUps 
and of bodie. Vor htel is wor J to by ine reUgion / •» ""7 ''" *'» 
oJer ine ssarpnesBe of penonce / yef Je herte ne is n^t niigtoMDrdm. 
Jerto. Vor Je olojinge / ne makej najt fane monek. ^^ fhe'^„g,ti, 
nejeannes Jane knyjt: ac Je guode herte / and Je ?"'***^* 
dedes of pronesee. dwii ai piwHt- 


Jje oJer stape of Jiee m'rtue is : beleaue. Vor huo ■"» H»iid >ui) 
Jet he J Jano guode way ynome / hit be-houej Jet he Btikroiubis 


muitoponua him livealde veatliche ine bis wylle / tmd bet he habbe 

guodij beleaue ino god / ])et he him uolnelle yA he he)) 
udiDwitiiMud aBoime. bise utrtue hi clepiet) / beleaue, hi is wel 
tha doiii, -oria, nyeduol a-ye (le Baaylingea of fe wordle / otp^ ulesae. 

and of ^ dyeute. ^et stfsnglakei asayle^ ^dne man ate 
The BHh Bji, a-gynninge. J>et uleea him zayf. ych ne may Jiolye fis 
aj old bMu. lyf / ne mine ealde wones lete. ]m wordle zek)i efter / 
■an him u^M "^o' P^^ *" ^fdi^e / aee me »kf ane Jpyef huanne he 
TSdtrt*''iS^, "* aseaped of fe p)-*8one. J)e dyeael him zayj. ' wiechche 
"ir^'''^doP " ^"®* T^'oi d" / hueruore J» yeht |>e euo. Vor fon 

mijtest fie o^rlaket wel wytye.' Jjise byef fe uersto 
God'i iwr knii^i aeaylynges / ^t godes newe kny^t Jjote^ : fiet ]»ng^ to 
^^^ST ** Wynne )» regne of hcuene. Ac huanne he him yeff to 
Bf ludbMinUgr god be gaode an Btedeueate be-leaue / be ne he^ none 

hede. Vor he iB ^ treweste mend / )iet may / and 
tor whmn ood can / and wyle / hia ojene bkL and huam Jiet god wile 
■Mjr hmn. helpe : no fing him ne may derie. 

Tht third ntti of ))B )}RIDDE BTAPE OF FItODE8a[B]. 

ThaibirdMepoT )M [iridde Btapo of pTonesao : is zikemesBe. zyker- 

omitj7or'™«- nesae ase zayj) fe filozofe is a ntrtue / huorby me no 
iTe" bT «H ^^^ °^* P^ kuedea / ne fe perils / J»t biej) beuore hare 
S^wwf***- *'J^'*' ■*"'* J>et is (le }»ridde guod / (let ^ yeffe of 
«y"- strengjie def, Vor fe holy goat / huanne he hep y- 

The Hoij oboM aimed hie kny^t of his ntrtae : netet he him yefj noble 
ibls"ftio Md»r- herte / greate fingea to nimene. Eftorward he him jefji 
uhcgreuuiiDg., ane greate hete / and a grat wyl to uoljy/and grot 
hope uor to uoluelle. Efterward he makefi him ziker 
KiDukahim ase lyoiUL luo fet he ne hef drede / ne of perils / ne 
uoBdntui ^j pinen / ne of dyafe / ne of torment, ac he hia 
Aithannr wilne]) / aee de^ ^ newe knyjt )» tamemcns. an suo 

lonciuiiwnt.u dede )>e martires ase hit ^ing^ ine hare Hue. hneiKif we 
peril i^ddMh. ledef of zaynto agase / Jtet mid greate blisse hi yede 
wim™™' *" ^'■''icnt alsno ase hi yede to feete / ofer to a" 
joyflnijr M If lo bredale. 



))B UERJJE staph of PttOUESSR. The fenrlh ftap ot 

Ase })e holy goat make)) his knyjt ziker uor to abide 
pe tormens and ^ zoT^ee )iet hjefi to comene. Alsuo TheHoirahiin 
he him iuake)> atiang and Jroljinde. uor to ))olye nnnmud 

f huanne hi come^. and ^t is fe uer^ atape ^t hi v*""** 
clepie^ / pacience. be )iiee uiVtue / pB guode ouercom^ 
alls his nyeudee. ^ane dyenel. }» 'wordle, and ))et ulees. HUuitwnur 
and al ))et hi mcge zigge and do. Vor ))et is f>e sseld JJiJ^SS!"'"^ 
of gold/ to him fet nor godea loue folej) / fet him [Folb«.».i 

' -nrijfi of eche half / ase zayji }ie sauter. zuo fet no 
strok / ne may him breke fe herte. pise uirtoe non no 
heb : bet ne heb bi nonded. VoM tribulation: makeb p«ti«»imu»ti)» 

' ' ' '■ ' ' uqulnd by trtal. 

pacience. Ase iayf> zaynte pauL aee ^t uer : makefi forUuHbchudeu 
(»e te^e / hard. W)-|>-oute fise mrtue non ne is y- 

rf" proued. ne ^t gold ne may by wy[>-oute uer y-cleneed. "* p^i* *• p"*- 
wy^ute pacience : non ne he^ uictorie. Vor huo )iet 
lyeat pacience : he is ouercome. vy)i-oute pacience : 
non ne comf to perfeccion. jMrof we yzef uorbisne / Putn™taDs- 
ate leate inc alle ^ nestyerea ^t me de]) mid hand, rkuod. 

Z* Moche ^ole^ ^ conpeof gold of strokes of yzen/er^an TbeinportoM 
hi by yzet ope ^t bord of ))q kisg«. and Jm chalis er inogn itKMon 
ha by yblissed / and y-eet ope fane weued. Moche 
)K)le)i )>e tonne of greate strokes / er me do Jtrin |>et 
guode wyn. Mochel is defouled mid ^ net of uolleree -no HHn nu 

tf Jie robe of scarlet / erjian Jwt )ie kuen his do an. And l!„'^'i'^^ 
ase uele m^t fou to Jmn rinde norbisnes : ase fer byef "■"«"•"»'« 
workmen at pans of alle mestyeres. Be f ise m'rtue is 
Strang }ie man / ase ]>et ysen ^t alle metals a-daunte^ ■<]' ■><<• 'inoa i> 
Of gmt pris ase ^t gold / fiet )ie more hit is ine ueie : owd, 

)P ^ more hit is clene / and clyer / and tretable. a^e ])e 

salamandre bet leueb ine be uere. and ase be viss bet uihtniinunAer 

^ , , ' '^ In Ihf B™, or Uw 

ine |)e trauailinde weteie : him bafief and norisseji. nih in th* «»i«. 

J}B VIFTE BTAPB OF FB0UE8BB. Tim flUi itsp of 

J)e vifte stape of jiiso ui'rtu is ycleped Constance. T^'w^itEiCT ■ 


]}et is a uirtue ]>et make^ )>e herte Strang and stedeuest 

me god aae a toim fzet ope ane etionge roclLe / and ase 

tyj ohii^L mu !• a ttsiw ^ted ine guod land / ))et hit ne Bsake nor 

tow»r, nenne wynd / fet may come ne bUwe / f et is ine no 

cas |)et luo^e come / ne guode ne kueade. wy])-aat«. 

ind by •rhidi h* ^ise m'rtue / non ne com^ to ui[c]torie, uor huanne godee 

kny^t he]) ido zome prowesse : panne him asaylej* pe 

dyenel be ydele bliese. and Jiaitne is pe batayle ine |>e 

•Bd omeonin herte ]ffi stranger uor him-zelue to ouercome / ^t he ne 

nalle be ydele blisse : fianne alle ]m uereto uondinge / 

Tiwdertiofn^ ne wea. Huerof danid zayj) ine ]>e aautere / Jiet ]>e 

■d'tnHj or ky dyenel 'ouer))iau^ pu wel stronge of lefthalf be adueisite / 

and pG wel stronge a rijth&lf ; be ydele bliase. jjiao 

ui'Hue preyse)) moche seneke |>et say)), ^t per ne is 

ni'rtue bote ]» ilke Jiet ge)i uor)) proudliche be-tuene p^ 

virtna miiiMa In One auentufo and p^ o^re j fot ia be-tuene pe guode 

bgoMBgDi^ud tu>d pe kueade. and gntt oniror|ine8ee of on an of 


TbB riith iMp of ()o zixte etape of prouesse / hi clepiej) / magnificence. 

nitini'ot. ^ise ui'rtue hi descriue)) ))oub. Mt^nificence ia hi 

zi^ep of he^e nyede y-blieeede bleuinge. )}ise nirtue 

Thimnofl chrtM oure greate filoeofo Teeu crist clepef / persenerance. be 

„rm. huam pe guode godes kny[j]t }K>le)i fe kuedee / and ylest 

bj>rW(hth.g™d al to feende ine ^h^e waye of perfeccion Jiet he heji 

totbesiuL ynoma Of ^ise uM-tue zayp zaynte pauL ^t alle pe 

Bghi, taiuji"' "iVtues yemef) ; ao fia wynf fiet zuord. alle hy vi;te]i : 

"'^oi.tibl *" I**^ ^*f 1*^ uictorie and pe coroune. Alio werchef : 

ac ^ia bei^ away ])ane ssepe aneuen. Yot ase zayji oure 

Hoiwpanc Ihoid. huo )>et blef)i al to ^ ende : he ssel by bor^ / 

^mtamti* ^'"i ^'^^ '^^^- More uorf ne coufen fe filoeofea lede 

pe uirtue of prowesse. Ac Jie deciplis of oare mayst^- 

leau en'at / guojj ynoi more uorf. Yor aae zayf 

Salomon, huawne hi habbe)i al aeummed / jianne ueret 

The »inu« of tiw ham )iing)) / fiet hit is al to aginne. J>e uirtne and fe 



piouesae of fe filozofee wea al uor Jie uicM to ouercome / ow ^ 

and to leche fe utrtuea. Ac ^ proueeee of ha^en aor tIo^ 

to oneicome ^ uices and ^ atrtnea to seche. and ^erto oritiei^Bti 

pnncipallif^e aoi to healde T^[t]uolnes8e / an treu|ie bold riehi*aa>- 

auoTeye leau crist. He ne is na^t i^tnol / J>et ne yelt "** 

^t lia eae\ : be hie mijte. And nor zo^ mochel is w* owg our Uvm 

rijtnol fling / and sceluol / Jret ich yeue mi lif / and mi dm t„ „, 

dyea^ / uor him ^t his lif and his d;ea^ / yaf nor oua. , 

And Bsemoche ase he is worp betere ^anne ich: zuo udhiiuikwu 

moche ich am yeldinde he ri^te ri^tuolueese. ase zay^ thu sun. 

saynt anaelm. Jjise njtuolnesse ' ich may wylny / ac ich / w* ■uy i«in 

ne nan o^ / ne moje Mer hit yeldo / ne nolliche hit bminuHbuio 

paye ' / ase we habbe|i be-uoie y-wd. And ^enioie is ^ "^ 

zeuende stape of ^ise airtue / ^ ilke Jiet onre mayater 

lesu crist de]> ^rto / huerto fe filozofee ne m^te come / 

fo he rede. ' ybleesed bye[i fo : fet hahhef honger and Bieutd « Oiv 

^ist of rijtnoliLeeae.' Jeanne hyef> )k> arijt y-bliseed / ibsm nisr ngiik- 

]>et )ie ax stapes of prowease hyoft ydiue / and habbeji H^^^ia,, 

honger / and foist / and grat wyl ^ zeuende atape / SlJlIrfJJji^. 

be hare myjte cliue. 

Jib BojEa OF i 

Ine fiae tiawe ase ine ]» ojnen / we vindefi mub«i« 
bojes. VoT ine zeue mansrea of vijt : fwr comefi zeue toriamwta 
maneres onercomeinges. sjid be Jiise zeue oueicominges : *• mmj ?Mt>- 
hi wynnefi zene maneres of corounea. ]iet hye|) leuo nUrhidnHnB 
modes, huerof saynt Ion Bpek|i ine fc apocaUpee. Vor °™™^ 
aae zayb aaynt bernard. ' Mochel is he fol / and ouer- h< b> luoi who 

' ' tUnlialolwclh* 

weninde / ^t wy)>-oute oneixoniinge abit to habbe |)e ennraviUurattiM 
coroune. and hno wy}K>ute v^t : wen^ habbe fo 
niayetrie.' huerof zaynte paul sayfr. J}et neure to 
coroune ne sael come ; f)et trieweliche ne vijt. trewe- 
liche / ))et ia to zigge : be y% h^e of ]k nelde of ^ y- tiu sHtom in 
piouede / ^ wee y-woned to hyenne )« ealde manwv saiuwuthk!— 
at rome. )Mt ))e ilke ])et to ^ uelde him dede / uor to Ha vbo daind 
habbe loe : oueicom alio ^ |>et |>e mayster of ^ uelde / had lo ov«wdh 

CbrM, uHlha 
knowi Uw might 


dede come ayen him. pe mayater of )« uolde / 
is lesu criat / fet asay)) his newe knj^tes aae hit is 
ywiite ine )» hoc of kinges. jMs mayater is wel t)*cwe 
ase zay]) laynte pani and kan uol wel ^ mijte of 
echen / he ne }6\e)i ^t no vyend ooa nondy oaer onre 
m^te. ne non aduecBari oiu aeayli / fat we ne moje 
S!^^'™ ouOTCome : yef we wiUe> mid his helps. |)et ine >e v^t 
"""■*■ 008 wext oure streng|>e / aae iay(t zaynte paaeL Saynt 

Tb«7 tiui «■«■ Ion ase we habbef yzed / toparte^ zeue onercomei[n]gge8. 
•••ukiDdiof and zeue corounes. )>et is to zi^ : £eue manerea of 
medes / Jiet god be-hat to (lan / J»t ouercomeji. 

^[fTu'^I >'" OKBartE YIJT. 

ThtintB^iot J}e uerste u^t ))et )» criatene babbe^ : is ft-y* 

(giJnKdndij dyeadlich zenne. ine Jiis vijt neura ne is oneicome : fet 
""' nele to senne coRsenti, he ouercom|i Jiane yi^t / ^t is 

The bold hHrt wel lijt to ouercome to p6 bolde hert«. and lang and 
t^k lo^liTLhi riotouae to f>e sleauuolle / and to )ie onlosti / Jiet byeji 
TicutT. alacke to godes aeniice. ^t ne bye)> ne wel chald be 

poet, ne wel hot : ine (le loue of god / ase layji sunt 
HitiutfinMhiii Ion. )pe ilke )>et ualfi an is ouercome ine ^iae vijtinge : 
mtmnHdar he)) more strenger to done him-zelue to do arete / and 
i^^uiitis him-zelue to werie. Jjanne fe ilke ^ is atondinde. nor 
''"'''°*' he ne hefi none mijte him-zelue to arere : bote god 

A( th< HA ftM him hyalde Jie hand be hia grace. Vor aae visa gef in / 
toxLj m*^^ ' ^s him-zelue and be his wille in-to f« nette ; alsuo ^ 
gDainioiin, j^^^^ ^^^ in / be him-zelue and be his wylle in-to 
but ii» mw not zenne. Ac out ne may he n^t gno : wyjujute oure 
goodi of himnic jjjQpjgg helpe / Jwt him yeff huanne he wyle / and J« 

annea of penonce / hnerby he may ouercome his y-oa 
The una of pm- ]}et IB f6 armuie pei ^ apoatel zainte paul het to nime 
u> oiemnui 1b ine fise vijtinge / nor man on-armed : ne is na^t wor^ 
(Ml flght. ^^ ^.^^^ y^^ ^^jj. j^^ conne pet to Jian |>et pe man 

Thntpcdntaui by wel y-atmed uot to oaeicome parfitliche zenn& hit 
tni* pnum. behouej) fet he habbe )>ri ^ing ^et bye)) ine zo))e penonce. 
Ji^i^JI™'"" Jje uerete fing is : uor^enchinge of herte. J>e oJ«r : 


KINO david'b repentance. 171 

ssrifte of moa^ ]>e ]>ridde : is ynojamendemeiit be t- Bhrui of 
dede. Of piae pii ^ingea is y-hoi ; ]ie hauberk of t. Anundmnit in 
penonce. Yef fe on of fiao Jii fmgea iayle)i ; fe ifuaotiiieH 
anniira ia al uala / and he fet Mt ber> : ouercome. I^T.JSIS'if" 
Vorfenchinge : acaej grat zor^e and greate lykinges of J^mom d» 
hdrte / uor Jet he hefi y-wrefed hie sBeppeie. And fe "■"^^J' tna 
more fet me him hef y-wrejied : ^ more gratter ssel by ■tewndiofiMmt. 
pe zo^e. 

Op ]}E nORjjENCHlNOB OP KYNO DAUl)). Of thi npmuiin 


pous uor]iu}te ^e kyng daoi^ ase ne zayj me ))B sauter. Bnu Mn in tii* 
'IchzaynkeandtraiiByliiDeminezykinge8.andwillewe8ee irubmybeii 
echen^tmibedandmineconchemidminetearee.' J>eilke "^ 
|wt god he]) y-wrejed be dyadliche zenne : be seel zorjy Thg iiniiw (1d 
mid dyepe berte / mo )iet pe herte melte al in-to tyeaiea / „ •amm imt bk 
and in-to greate zoi^ee. and mid greate zikirgea me ssel inionui, ""^ 
grede to god merci / ase his )iyef / ase his mansla;)K / ud n? merer u 
ase hia bezuykere : fet hef ofeeruad Jet gibet of hella imuMmr."'"^ 
Jm zenejere is godes Jnefl uor )>e gaodee of his Ihorde ^> •btm u ■ 
Jet ne byeji him bote ylend not to wynne. J}et byej 
Je gaodee of keude / and of gmce / and of hap. huerof ^•'^ *" ^"^ 
him behouej / rekeninge / and scele yelde vel strayt- i">i't ipntui* 
liche. He hiae hej follicbe y-epended ine enele vones / srood. 
and al ylavd to an hazard. Efterward he is movrdrer b» u imurdnw 

of U» king'* 

of Je kingea dojter. )iet is of hia ojene zanle Jet wee diwgiitw, uut 
godee dojter be grace. Jet he hej yslaje be dyadlich .^, *"" 
lenne. Efterward he is godes bezuykere. uor Je caetel iiii>>initorto 
of hie herte / and of his bodye / Jet god him hej ytake ^d hii kh lo 
to loki : he heJ yolde to his yuo dyadlich / Jet ia Je "" """■ 
dyeoeL Wei Janne he aael grot zor^e habbe Jet is in 
znich poynt. and ofte mid his tearee his bed weese. Jet Whentbuuw 
is hia inwyt. hnerof Je uenimouse eddre of helle seri wHbbiibtd,[iut 
geus. zneche tyeaies drinej Jane dyeuel uram Je herte : . 
aae Jet bote vetei cachej Jane bond out of Je kechene. aiut npaatum 
Efler- Je noijenchinge ssel come Je ssrifte Jet ia Je guode n^ g^SSJ^?"' 
chomberier Jet clenze J Jet hous and kest out al Jc oelje IT*!- «■ W 



btnrthat (teH- mid fe beBme of fe tonge. haerof epek^ danid me J« 
sautete. ^ medUatuB mm cum a^r]de meo ^ exeensebar 
^ eeopebam a^nritum meum, 

ofSfcrin. Q, j,g seaiPTB. 

Thmaniixoii- Xon onderstaud vel hier hou ms ssel by Tssritie / 

dllhHU oTitiFin. 

^rto ^t be ssriite by worf to [« lieljie of zaole. )>erto 

1. Tkuitbt behoue^ ax eondicioiu. )}e aerete is ^ hi bi jmad 

(a) u lo* bMd vyslyche. pU wyt ia ine tuo Jriug. )ie oerste : feb me 

mkHihiin, niiiie hede to huam he eeel him bbHuo. EftorwBr[d] 

huerol Saynt aaatin zay^. aor fiet me def uor te bevly 

^ane dya^ of ^e bodie : me asel do nor to askapie jiane 

dya^ of ^ zaule. fie ake uor to be-uly ^e dya^ / 

and uor to habbe hel^e / zek^ ble)ieliche pane beete 

fidcian and ^ane vyziste ^t he may habbe. Alzuo 

zay|i sayut augtutiu / Jwt hou ))et wille wyeliche him be 

■DdtoHakipiiid rede / and grace auoreye god uynde : he esel seche 

zaych aue confosaoar : ]>et conne bynde / and onbynde. 

pet is ^et he conue wel y-knawe senne / an ^ane zenejere 

out vtas hull wel rede. And ^t he habbe power him to asoyU / and 

ind aodn pen- him poDonce to anioynj be )ie zenne. Qui wU coafiieri 

peceala ma ui inueniat r^mciant ; ijuerat meadotem qm 

aciat ligare ^ aotuere j ^e. 

H) wiuihuwOi Efter^an huo ^t him wiahche wyle seriue / he ssel 

htamiiM think ^^ wylle Jienche and his zennes auore ^t he come to 

he^^^^'w'cm^ ssrifte / and al his herte zeche / and his inwyt / hou he 

bn umn. jjgj, ^q^ j g^^ jjjg yfelyssede moder / and hia haljen 

ywrejied. and mid greate drede al Ms lyf bejranche / ase 

dede ^ gnode king ezechie / )iet zayde Jios. ' Ich vylle 

be^nche alle mine yeres / ine bitemesse of mine zaule.' 

Thadniwiiidi Jje zeuejeifl Bsel guo in-to his house / fet is in-to his 

ihiu Sm, hit hart, hert«. najt pasindeliche ase ))e iogelour fwt ne blef)i n^t 

blejieliche in his house, uor he ne he)) no worse houa 

■odtiHnhtahiiu Jaime hia ojen. Ac for he ssel bleue / and ysy alle 

lu hk deiMi, his defautes huerof he ssel yelde rekeninge / and ekele 

to god / an to his preste. ])et is to his sarifteuader. An 

Hid ihau think of ssel Jcncho of him-zelue aso fe ilkc Jwt ho^ day uor to 


rekeny of hie onderaonguige and of bis Bpendinges u* •eoMuit iob« 
beaore Mb Ihorde. jMnne he seel him diligentliche 
fvenche beuoie / and izy Jiet writ : of his inwyt. ^t he 
ne fely ine his rekeninge, Vor yef he faile^ at his 
rekeninge : god nele mt^t My at hie. Hn&Tine me he)i wimb m huh 
diligentliche y-^^t of his zennes / and yzoje hou / and wifihahub 
ine hou uele maneres he heji god y-wrefed. and hou J^lI'^l^J^^"* 
nelezy]ie. and hou kueadliche he heji yzenejed, and hou J^SiA* '"'"''' 
longe ybleft ine fce zenne. banne ssel he him of al ?" ""^ ^ 
hasteliche aeriue. i^iQ- 

And fiia is ]« o)ier amdicion fet aael by ine ssrifte. •■ oonotaiuj 
))e kyng danid aros at midni^t him uot to esriue aae he 
zsy]) ine ))e santere. Onnea))e abod be ane monjK / ne 
alhuet half a yet. And ]>e wyse ine o])re stede ine ^ 
viitinge zayf fuB. ' Ne abyd najt fe to wende to god / n^ i» "t 
ne zech n^ to lenge / ne benly. and na^t ne uerste rmtant. 
mam daye to daye / uor ])e abidinge is wel perUons nor 
manye skeles.' Non tardea convert' ad domimim neqae 
differoB de die in diem. Subtto. n[a»»]. umiet ira ilUaa j ~ii »l i 
^ IB iempoie uindicte perdet te. Veret uor Jw con- (•jstainbunitog 
dicion of zenne. uor zenne is a uer borninde ^ ne may n* qatnchwi by 
na^t by y-kuegt bote be tyaiea of sariflie. And mochel 
esolde he by fol ^t zeje hie houe heme : Jiet nolde an 
haste yeme to ^ wetere. Efterward zenne is wel grat »)eiBfi»gn»( 
idkneaee : and ^ serifte is ^ medecine. And uono}ie dirift la t)Hi»4i- 
he piaize]) lite his helf« / ^t him-ielue yci^f* idk al to 
]k dyajie / and n^t ne wilne)i zone to by hoL Eftor- 
ward Jie dya^ Jet is yredy / and oueiol aepij Jane i^iPj?"!^ 
zeneiere / him ssel sterie zone him to asiire. uor pnUftiniMhu 

' ' . , , , ihilTnlilnHlt. 

he not ne Jane tune / ne )>ane day / ne )« oure : 

huanne Je dyeaj seel come. Jet ofte ondemimj Jane 

zen^re huer he ne nimj none hede. And uoizoje huo 

Jet wyst« huet day he saolde sterue : he bine wolde 

agmyji ase zone aee he mi^te. Efterward yef Je zene;- j*^ ^Xta" 

ere y-zi; J wel Jet peril huer hit is : uor he is ine Je ma prUoo or dii, 

prwone of zenne / ine Je Jrale of Je lyone of helle / th* ucmotMi. 



and of f e dragoune (wt him wyle norzuelje / he wolde 

MDeUrnuToc- grede to god be asrifte aze zone aze herniate. Eft^rwaiti 

■vtriutiiig 111*, yef he yzeje J» greate guodea f et he het' Boriore be his 

zenne / |ie goodes eureleatinde / and ^e guodes goatliche / 

hia time / and hin^zelne / pet al may habbe ayen be 

esrifle ; mochel asolde he by fol bot« yef he him haateds 

(fi-ntmmjot te habbe hit ayen. Eftenrard )!e merci of god ^et him 

th* •iDur'i dDor abyt / and S8of)i at hia dore / aze zay]i )>e apocalipee : 

■hriiL *" '** **^l ^'** haati to SBriae. Vor azemoche aze god abyt 

more pana zenejere : fe more he him smit )>e more 

feUaker : huanno he him yzij^ onloati and sleaauoL Ase 

fe ssyetere / ]ie more pet he dr^t hifi boje ; fe harder 

he emit. And uorzo^ he he^ hia ojene boje y-bent and 

adr^e / ase zayjt pe aaiityer / uor to sla^e {lane zenejere / 

W ih whojww bote yef he him ne wytye. Efterward fe ilke Jiet late 

tagUiaOi hu ham BBrine^ / uoryet ofte hia zennea / zuo fet onnyeajw 

hit beuol)) )iet he by wel y-esriue. uor he uoryet manys 

zennea / huerof he nenre him gsel be-Jienche. and zuo 

him ne ssel neure uor^nche / ne neiire by serine, and 

J^^Jj*'^JJ™''' ^t is to him wel grat peril Eftcrward huanne he ia 

"""''ij- beuore hia ssrifteuader / he seel him ssriue opeuliche. 

^t is to zigge ^et he ssel zigge hie zennes clyerliche and 

nakedliche / zuo fiet pe aeriuero izi openliche Je herte / 

Ai Uh lick rnnn and Jie onderstondiwge of liim fet hi?»i aariff. Vor J>a 

known hiiBkk- zike BBel onwri hia ziknesee. uor ojieilaker ^e fizicien lie 

•idu If be wgnid may najt wel wercha ne pe leche ne may najt werche 

' mid po zike / bote-yef he yzi his wonde. And ^eruore 

zayj) boeice )>e wyse / J)et ' yef fou wilt fet |i6 leche po 

hole : hit be-houej) ^t ^u onwri ^ine wonde.' Jjanne 

pe truont ))e Bsel teche to by sariue / )>et ssewe^ haze 

ponertS and haie ziknesse/and do)i )Mtao[u]Ie3te beuore/ 

•" "^^^ ""■ nor to habbe pe elmesse. Alzuo seel pe zenejere onwri / 

fi>riata«ti»n7. and 8seawy hia zennes : uor to habbe merci. an ^a is ^ 

)iridde condicion Jwt ssel by ine eeriAe. Efterward ^e 

4. shrtm whoiij. zenejera him eael asriue yhollyche / Jwt ia fe nerj>e a>n- 

grutudmuii. dicion. Vor he ssel dgge alle his zennes / and greats 

and smale / and pe ahouteetondingee of pc zcnuef. 

EXCUSE NOT THT aims. 175 

Jjanne asel he ueret yzy pe zeue dyadliche lennes /of t.u am «■• 

huychen we habbe)) aboue y-speke. and yholliche of 

echea him ssriue be ^au |)et he him y-uelf gelty. no fing Kin™ mx iiij- 

to bele / no }>ing wyfzigge. n^t him to defendL ne ouun. 

nenne o)<renne wnye. And }>iis him esrof daui|) ])et 

zayde ine }ie saatere ' Icb wylle me asnue and ich wiUe 

idgge alle mine zennes aye me.' na^ of o^ren / ne ayens 

o^ien ase doji (te ypooritea / )»t doj) )>et uayreate wjp- B.notBih» 

out« / ))0t telle)) hire gnodneeees / and wrye)) bare bidethtuniu, 

kneodnesaea. and wniye)< p6 o)>ie / and )>erof )et bi 

bye^ meet ham-zelue gelti. fet y-zyej) Jjet mot ine Jie tiiMt«ui« mnu 

obree eie / and ne yzreb nait bane refter ine hire oiene tut hi not »» 

„, ,. ... , „,., imnwlnUwIrinrB 

eje. Zuycbe weren fa fanzeue of pe godapelle / ^t tr—. 

zayde hia guodneaaes / And onwor^e Jiane publycan 

^t mildelicbe byet his bryeet ine fe temple / and him- 

zetue demde beuore god / and zojte merci : and zede. 

* Lhord god haue mercl of me zenuolle.' And ^us bim 

ssel deme J>e zen^ere be-uore ' god / ni^t uor to leasi his '^^'™V^ 

lennea/ac nor to mori and weje wyJKiute lyeaainge. hiirimbsdm 

Efterward Jie serifte sael by yhol / najt to-deld ine uele 

esriueree. Voi me sael zigge al to onen. naj[t] o del to i>n*iniirt mnhw 

onen / and )>et oJ»r del to an-o^ren. uor god ne tak)) none •na not to miny. 

hede of zuicbe tales. Efterward me ssel ziinie naat Confewnotonij' 

"06 *-> til J iln^ bnt the 

onlupiliche Jw zennes / ac fe aboutestondinges alle J)et ttrmm-i*!™! 
more]r ^ zennes. Vor ]>e zenne is'gratt«r ine one manne : Uwm. 
]»nne ine ano^u. ase ine man of religion : Jjanne ine "" " *"*^['° 
ane seevder, and ine ane prelat : ^anne ine ane lo^er. •nouier-mo™ 
ine ane greate Ihorde ; parnio in ane simple manne. pih tnu Id ui- 
Eflerwuard / hit ia more zenne ine one stede : fanne 
ine anofiren. Aee in holi cherche / o|ier ine oJ>er holy 
Btede. Efterward ine one time ^ne in an-o)ire / ase in 
lenten / ofier in ane beje messedaye. Efterward buanue ■ndwerw.iow 
me zen^e]) wytindeliche / ma zeneje^ more ynoj / Jianne other. 
onknawyndliche. Efterwar[d]meBselzi^e|)e condicion ^j^^J^j^"^ 
of f e zewne. uor hit is mere zenne ine wyfman yspousod / 
^anne in ane sengle. ofer ine man / of er ine wyfman of 


religion, ine ane preste o^f in ane dyakne. nor Jw 
ud'hathwttw liejere Jiet bye)) ^ hodoa : p% grattfl[r] ia ]» zonne. 
^ „^" Efterward yef (le zenne ia a-je kende / ofier kendeliche. 

B4T how irften Efterward. Iiou ofte lie he)i yualle into Kime j and hoa 
inio •is.nDdiKii' longe he he^ y-bleued ^rine. Eflerward me eael zigge 
muiiiMd thmdiL yef ho ne hef n^t yut^to aye )ie uondinge. ojer yef he 
he^ y-porcliaced Jie zenne. o)«r yuojte ino Jie uondinge. 
ocntai wbtttHT VoT |>er hye]i aomo ^t ne.abidefi na^t ^e uondinge / ac 
^ his poFchace^ / and zuo hi ualle)i. Efterward / ))e 

cause and )>e uondinge ^ com)) ko do letliDe. me asel 
zigge and alle )ie o^ canaes / and ^ ahoateatondlngea 
^et moje mori ))e zenne. 

£fterward me esel m^e and yeme by )re lemea 
huermide me he)) y-zen^ed. Yerst me ssel guo to ^ 
herte / and dgge hie ^;tea huyche ^t hi by / o^ 
ulessliche / o^r goetlicheL Gostliche : ase aye ^ 
byleue / o)»6r of ydele blisse / o^ of euole. ofer of 
WTe]re. o^er of o^re manere huerof ^r is to mocha. )>e 
ulesaliche beloDge)? to lost / an to wylninges. zuo me 
esel wel loki ine alle jiiae fiojtes yef Jer is eonaentinge / 
o]>er lang bleuinge ine ^e loetes / )iet is ojwthuil aae 
TDOche wor)i : ase to eonaenti And of alle zuiche jmjtea 
lie ssel him ssriuo. 

Eflerward / me ssel nime yeme / yef me hej y- 
zen^ed be ^ lemes of )ie bodie. uor me kan zeneji ine 
uele manerea. Yeret be )» heanede. hueian me let ofte 
grat coat / ase do^ ))ise lenedis / ^t zuo curiouselichs 
agTay)!e^ hire heaueden mid preciouse agrayjnnges uor 
klene ydele blisse. uor to liki and uor to dra^ zenne. 
Hueruore hi zene^Ji ofte kueadliche. and nameliche ^ 
^t make)) zno gteate homes of haie here / o)>er of o^n / 
fet hi semblef wel fole wyfmen. Tuo) )>er is of ydel- 
nesse aboute hire heauod / to kembe / to weese / ine 
troBsinge / an ine sseweres pouringe. huerof god mochel 
him wre^^. Of ]nse ydelenease / ne bye)) ni^t qut'tte 
^ men fiet do)) zuo gnit psyne ham to kembe and to 

I I, .. ..Cookie 


pouii ine sseaweiefl and toe ihare here wel to cioki an to wbMjtmfnm 
bJeue be strengju / to ^an ^t hi lisbbe uajr dorilot / iOh pan bto 
^ ia ioe tokne of kneadneese / and of micheydelenesse gntpUnitooiri 
lii asoUe ham ssriue. 

Efterward me sael yeme to );e vif wittes of )>e bodie / look lo th> fli« 
hnerbymezeneje^' welofte. o^rbe^ejoninefolezi}^ irti««taoi»^ 
ofer be ^ yearen ine follicbe to hiere / and y-here ble^ tataudSt^ 
liche ^ misziggerea. and pe blonderee. and ^ scomeres. ^^T" ^""^^ 
and f% lyejerea, and ofre folyes. Ojier be f e moujre / ine month in irti 
folliche to BpekoBe. iue to moche ethe / and to moche um now in d^ 
drinke. Ojwr be ^e naae / ine to moche him to liky in ,m«u^ 
gtiode Bmelles. Ojier be fole takiuges and inhoneate- b^fonihuduai. 
liche / o]ffir ine bim-zelue / ojier ine his vyue. ^t he be^. 
offer ine o^ien )«t vara is / bi hit man / bi hit vyfinan. 

AJsno he him Bsel aarine of mochel hede jtet me d^ aiu iiuu nu 
ine ssredinge to bedde and to r^ge / and hoeiinge and grHtngudto 
aaoinge. and of alle of re Jnngea fet he bejiengf. And „flbS,'hgdiia, 
|K)ua is ]ra eanfte y-hol huanne me myf alle ^ kckea '''°*'^- 
greate and amala And f is is ^ uer^ ri?Rdicion : ^t 
aeel by ine aaiifte. 

}K Tifte ctmdicion zuo ia fet me esel by y-ssriue ». sbru 
mildeliche. uor J>e lenejen apekji to god ^t yaj^ his ^H^. 
herte. jKinne ^ aariuere ne ia bote fet yeare of god. 
and ^t ha yherf / he not na^t aee man : sc ase god. 
And feruore esel ft zenejere him mildi ase moche aee Tiudui'H nu 
ha may benore god / and zi^e his zennes mid greate TtH*ttin iiuii 
drede. and aael hia zennea alle keste out touore him / SlJto^uI'p^ 
ase zayj) fe writinge. Aae me helt uol a pot of wetere. ^T*- _„_^^| 
hnSTine J»t weter ia y-seet : Jwr ne blef|) no color, ase ine ■" "" ''>™ ""■ 
melk. ne amel aae ine wyn. ne smac ; aee ine bony. 
Alzao me ne aeel ofhyealde of f e zenne ze^fie he hit hef 
Tied ine aarifte / ne bet colour / bet is be koeade manere HanmrtMno 

' ' ' thing imoiin UiM 

^t me hef yhet / ojwr ine epeche ofor ine zij|>e / ofier ■ ■ - 

ine kueade nelajrede to uo^y / ojiei ine o)>re ]>inge [>et j 
hef colour of zenne. Efterward me aael lete )>aae sm^ ^^^^^^ 
< HS. inUiff 



uid nntr ibink of zenne. yef he ofhalt fwne smak of zenne )>et )>eng^ 
pHt nu. of fe zenne fet he hejj y-do / and him lykejt wel ine 

^ ^;te and ia ypayd. Ac he Bsel Jiencho of his zennea 

mid greate drede and mid greate zor^e of herte / and 
Haih^thiakrf him-zelue Bsende ine him zelue / and habbe greate 
iimd,uinnr,ud Bsame to-uoTe god / and uest wil Jiet neuremo to zenne 

ne Bsel wende ayen f)a^ me eeolde hine &L to-heawe. 
HBihiiiiftm- Efterward me ssel lete and be-uly ^aae smel. pet 

tiH"iiii^"uid bye J) zome ^t wel uorlete^ ^ zenne : ac ble]ieliche 
■inftu qiHcb. lu heiejt Jjerof epeke. Ac ho ]>et him wel uor^ing)) ; 

ho ne ssel n^t J>erof yhere apeke / fet he ne Bsolde 

habbe wlatdinge. 
«. ehrin mtut ta pe dxte condicion ))et bs^I by ine s^rifbe is / |iet me 
muj rtHco. ssel ofte by yssriue nor manie skeles. Verst / nor to 

zeche pe more grace of clennesGe / aac pet line cIo]i ])et 
■. Ton™™ ia y-huyted be ofle weeainge. Efterwaid nor J»e zennes 
iub. nenials hoeriue me nal^ ofte. and hoo )iet ofte him 

t. FortbaiiiB- beuelb : ofte he him asel weaee. Alsuo ase hit behoueb 
dw" ofle ))et Bsip Ihade ont ^t weter f«t alneway ge^ in. 

E, To drin wnj Eft^rward nor to cachie and nerri Jiane dyuel uram him. 

pB uoje) bim uerre^ blejKliche mam Junnes huer me 

brek)) hia neat, and uram fiaiinea huer me him benim)) 
d. ToiHiB lo his eyren. Efter^ud / nor to lyemi him wel to ssriue. 
pncUa mikM ^oT wone : make)) maister. ase hit ssewej) ine Jiiee ojire 
». To vimm tor- creftea. Efterward / nor fet me noryet ofte fe zennea / 
^^'"^'^'^ Jternoro me asel ofle by y-seriae and telle. Efterward / 
kDS«S^ ™ uor fet me not yef me hef wel yby yasriuo / o)>er uor- 
whMiK ■hiift jiencbinde. zao me sael ofle wiwne ayen / fet me hej» 
pertonnwi. lease ynoj y-do. EfteTTrard / him-zelue pe more nor to 

mnd of a«i. boii}e / and uor to habbe |)e more mede of god. Jjemore 

me acsede ane abbotte / hueruore he him ssiof zuo ofte. 

and he ansuerede / ' Jwruore ' he zede / ' fet ich habbe 

alneway drede / ))et tch ne am najt wel y-eeiiue. Efter- 
k. Tobttunkof ward / ich me bejtencbe ofte of some Jiingea ^t ich ne 
[FvtxHfBdutn^ babbe najt yzed. and ]»eraoie ))et be ]m sarifte ich me 
kc^HrVf.] OKK alneway pe more milde.' 

Fiw thtoii ae- Nou liest |)0U yhcrd hou me ssel by y-ssriue. nou 


Jiou uselt y-wyte Jwfc vif pingea apeciaUiohe destorbef «tTojtUi ma 
zojie Bsrifffe. 

JjQ uerste is ssame. )wt he ue dar najt zi^e his i. Btiu», wtiich 

zenne uor ssame / and Jjet deji Jw dyeuel / Jwt him zet nan. 

beuore pe ssame / him uoc to ssette Jiane moa]). ase de)) 'rhs itrn »(■ 

Je f yef Jiet |)rau(i fane little bal in-to ]» hondes Jirote turowi ■ uta* 

^t ha ne ssel najt berke. Vor of zuyche kende is fe jufai-tmoaOi, to 

ilke litel bal : Jiet make)) fiane houd domb huanne me ^j^" 
hit fmvp in-to Jie frote. Ac fe zenejere bsoI fenche 

fiet pe Bsame p%t me he]) iue ]m idggenge of )« zenne : is tiu diuH <■( 

giat del of }ie ameudiuge. Efterward he sael blejieliclie goMrtttai 

drinke a lite of ssame : uor to beuly Jie greate saame, "™*°™*- 
fet ))e zenejerea abide)) ate daye of dome huanne ech of 

)>e wordle ssel yzi his ojene zennen, )Kt o)ier }iing is l a wicksd f«r 

wycked diede nor to do greate penonce. faime f e dyeuel „c^ ^^ 

de)) in-to J»o eare of fe zenojere : ' pou ne mi^t n^t lete smm iinnsn ■» 

fine woues' / zuich uolk is y-lich fe horse pet hef drede thu ii itMd of 
of his ssede / and uorzojw hit ne is bote ssed al fet me 
may do of penonce ine pise wordle / to f e zij))e of pe 

pine of helle / ofer of pwrgatorie. pe jjridde / kueade i, wiok^ lovt of 

loae / fet fe dyeuel hef zuo Jiane zene^ere uoTzoke / iheiimwrtgiiBtp 

fet he louef zao his lost / fet he hit nele lete, zuo ^,i^'^bitiM 

))engf )>et uor najt he htm ssriff. zuo he slepj) ine his [PoI.m. ».] 

zenne : ase def fet zuyn ine fo woae. J)e uerfe fing *. napiariong 
is / hope of lang lit feraore fe dyeuel zayf. 'fou art 
yong man / fou saelt libbe longe / Arere pe j and do 

fi wyl / foa sselt wel come fer to fe to ssriue.' Ac he whmbrUmta- 

ne djj) ua^t fane dyaf fet him wayte)i / and fet hlne dHth, 

wile nime : raf re f anno he ne wene. Vor god fet ^^^Sunia 

behot uoryeuenesse to him fet uorf ingf : he ne behat '■»«>*i>. 
him na)t to-morje / ase zayf saynt gregoria )}eruore 

fe dyeuel playf ofte mid fe zenejere ase def fe cat mid Th« dtvu piiji 

pe mous fanne he his hef ynome. and huanue he hef u tin «t aah 

mid hire longe yplayd : fanne he his eth, ))e viile g. o^a^. 
f ing is / wanhope huerine fe dyeuel def fane zcnejere. 

Ac he ssolde fenche fet god uoryeff lijtliche to ham / iu!lk itattGoTti 


)nt uor])ing^. and more is ble))elaker \ior to f eoe not- 
yeueneeae : ^vtue we aor to aksL 

Of tnojbotb. 
Aftoi pe BBiifle comfi ynojboto / petiafe amendioge 
Jwt me Bsel do bi |« wille /andti)»eredeof)»e8ariiieTe/ 
pet ssel deme pe amendee be }e geltes. o)>er ine aest- 
inges. opet ine elmeese. o^ ine benes. o))er ine o)ir« 
w }iiiiges / ase be }nui ^t ^e lenne acse^. And }w like 
■ick mia hiiptv- ssel ble^eliche bouje to )w fisicien uor to babbe heljre. 
' And fet guode chi[l]d defi blefeliehe Jte beete of his 

uader goetlich uor ^e guod of his zaule. 
TiwiiBMriui Kou heet ^u jberd pe fri ^ingee pest heUep ptA 

u^ight afiinit Jj^^Ij^jIj of penonce buenoide god anne^ his newe knyjt 
uor to oiiercome (let vijt fet he hef aye £e«ne. And he 
aael onercomo ^ise vi}tinge ; be ue befi bede of ^ne 
1. And Bin o^rene dyaji / ase zaj)i sayn Ion. ))e uerate dya^ of pe 

ofiin. zaule is pe dya^ of eenne ptA me ouercome^ be penonce. 

»«niH br pa- huerby me aakape^ p&ae o^reno dya)i pet ie pe dya)i of 
belle Jiet sterae ne may. J)et is pe uerste boj of Je 
tniwe of prouesae. Huo ^et oaercome^ )nne vijt / be 
L TbcHxad ooeFcomb ane obrene, Hnan be man him norbineb of 
wiih n»-m awn bis zenne : fiane com[f ] pet a newe'wrestlinge to his ojene 
lua Hd iriiiit herte hiiet penonce he ssel do / and hoet Uf be aeel lede. 
Bid aele Jwr bye^ zayche })et ine pa vijt byeji onercoma 
Tor ase god zay}i ine bis apelle. nou [h]y leueji / nou hi 
misleue^. nou hi vylle^ / nou hi ne wyllej). nou hi pro- 
posent / nou bit is betore. jKniore bi bye|) ase p^ 
wedeiGoc )>et is ope |re steple / pv>t him went mid eche 
thai taiHtt wttb wynde. Ac huanne Jie man serueji god and stteng^]) 
bis bert« ine his guode wille. )iamne if pe ilke vijt oner- 
coma an Jianne makej) him god stmng and atedeuast 
ase a po6[t] ine his temple / ^et is holy chercbe / ase 
xay}> saint Ion. fiis is ^e o)kf ouercominge and pe aaepe 
^t be bim kepj). 
I. Thg tuid Efter ])iee wreatlinge com^ ^e Jnidde / ^t be man 


hejt to hk c^ne nlease / fet mochel him playnef and ""l^^" *"* 
gioche^/hnanne hi' begin]) to nele ]ie hamessee and ^ (■ *<^ 
flmertnesses of penoncos. and mochol hfl vi^t uor to 
come ayon to his yealde wonee. jKt nlee iB ]>Qt kneade .],mi ihumii 
wyf hueiof apek^ salomo. )>et hno ))et meat de]) hare v*'™' 
iril: )« wotse him is. and fe more hi ia ayen him. —,,„., 
And hno |Mit him let onercome be hia nlesse. he is ine Hiwboiaonr> 
a wel EOijnol Jireldome and wel viL And ])et wes iiiBaonwfid 
betokned ine samson )« Eitronge / }rat no>^aii )ret he udounato- 
let him onorcoma be ane wyfinamne : he norleae his J^of^SiS^ 
her of his heaoede hoerinne wee hia greate etreng^ 2d J^iShJ"" 
and j»e ejen of hia heanede : and Jte atrengfe of his SjJiJJJj£'j 
bodie. and oil into ^ honden of his yoo / ^t ■■'•bodj. 
him deden grinde ate queme aaamnollicha Al ^1b de^ 
^ dyenel gostliche to ftta )>et him let onercome be hia 
nlesae. Hno ^t ^eme vijt ouercom^ ' god him bebat ^ i-,.nMMii 

huyte Tobe of chastetee and of innocence / aae zay^ fe 

Efter Jnae nijtinge com]i ]>e wordle and dome t.Aiiwtu>B|U. 
fo itune mid al bare hnejel / ^t asayleji Jnne man a wiau, md dm* 
rijt half and a loft half / fet byejt tuo wel gieate ^ed. 
T^tingee hner moche uolk ia ouercome a rijt half and a 
left half / Bse zay^ fe aauter. Tot more is Strang ^ 
oondinge ^t comji of wor^ipes / of licheesea / of 
lostea : )»t ^ dyeual byet / and de)> benore : Jianne by 
]» ilke fet com^ be adneraet^ / ase of pouert^ / of 
^cneaaes J)et god zent And )» iike Jjet onercom^ Jiane ^"^"^J^ 
ueT]>e vijt : Jiet is hno J>et nl^f and onworjief mid dwrtanii uh 
herte ^ wor^aaipe of }e wordle. god him bebat wor^- 
adpe and h^nease ine henene. Yor he him wyle do 
dtte mid him ine Ma trone / ase zay^ po apocahpae. 
To him Jwt aael ouercome |>ane vifle vijt )>et is aleft- J^^^^^ 
half : |iet ia adueraetS of Jiiae wordle : god him behat )ie ^*^- 
mann^ Jet ia y-hed. )>et is )ie greate znetneaae an J« ^jil^fti^^ 
greate likings of paradie / fet non ne him may braiyme. ™to»«o(P»»- 
Vor be ]>e manne J»et wea zuo zuete / |>et ech u&nd 

182 PRIDE Was thk ruik of lucifrr. 

zaych smac : aee he wolde. ie ondcratonde / ^ graat« 

metneese / ^et greate )oet / pet god borde]) / and 

wyte)) / to ham )i6t ouercomeji Jw aduersetos of J>iee 

e. The iiitii )i^ TTordle. Jje zixte vijt f et is wel Btrang / ia a-ye fe 

iri^dHilL irf the Jtueadea fwt byef ine Jiise wordie / )>et byef pe lemes of 

'"°^*' anticriati pet werreji f e goode men bo hare etreng)>e / 

ase deden ine ealde time )« tyraiui ^ martiies / pe 

eretiks : pe gaode cristene men / and asolle do ine ]m 

^■luttha iimta eiide of pe woidle. pe lemeB of anticnst )iet ssoUe wetn 

rfinodiriM, jjj^^ p^ guode cristene / jwt oniiea|ie asel by eny fet dor 

by-knawe jiet hy crteten / nor )»6 streng^ of anticrist 

uh dHiniTiin a( and of his lemes. )}et is fiet best |iet aayn Ion yzej Jiet 

chriiiun'^n, werredo J>e haljen huerof wo habbeji benore' yapeke. 

ThSui^r^ihi. J** lemos of Jiise heste ham aaeawep noa ine knoade 

M^^^™ princes / and ine kueade ouerlingea / pet be hare greate 

md roian. couaytiee / defoulent and be-nleaf / and ethe]> [h] are on- 

derUnges / zuo ])etr p& guode men ^t bye)) onder ham 

habbe)> ynoj to Jolye / and ynoj of zoi^ea / and of 

greate misuaL Ac pe ilke )iet al nim)i ine Jiolmodnesse 

H< *tao tnuu In ase dede iob. and him hip al ine god : ouercom|) ^b 

™e'iwi ^t, ■"?'■ *•"* ** I*" I** 1"* oueicomj) / god him behat ]iet 

ud lu ui Ah. }jq Yiim wyle yeue mijte / oner his yuo / ase mjp laint 

Ion ine fo apocalipse. Eft«r alle Jiifle vijtingee camp 

[ToL BT. ij I* ^"^ )** ■°^^'' "^ ^™iig- ^*>'' J» dynel fet mocfaal 

Tiu dndi HiaUi ^ kueduol / and sotil huanne he jajp ^t p^ man is 

liX^tS^ ycliue ope Jiane hel of p«-feccioiin. and ha hef alle J»e 

■unptiaL nijtes benore yeed ouercome. f amie he asaylefi hbn be 

ydele blisse and be presumcion. Vor him f>ing)i pet he 

is a wel guod man / and wel mid gode / uor ])et he he^ 

TOO moche y-do / and y^led nor him, Hnemore he 

^■^^^^ ualj) o|ierhuil uram too heje : zuo loje / ase dede 

i"**^ lucifer. And feruore hit ie grat nyed jpetpe man 1^ 

rt^SdlTM^ wye / and ywer him nor to werie uram ydele blysae Jwt 

JJ™- makef pe efterwarde. Vor ine pe ende / lijj ofte pe 

often deetTOTvi accombringe. and nyxt J>e hauene : spilf ofto ^t asip / 

luTmi. )»t gfip dkerUche ine ^e hcje tie. J^ruore hit behoue^ 


^t lie ^ra7))i bia zayl / fiet ia his onderetondinge to J>e 

bauene of helj»e / |«t is to lesuB cnst / be ^e wyade of 

atedeueet loue / and of grat wybunge of god. ^is is ^e l« th> Kni bt 

ende of r^tuolnesse / bueraf we babbe|) aboue yspeko / vtaiaftiMi- 

fet com^ (^ )k) ye^ of streng^ / and of ^e uirtue of 

proweeee. aze f e guode knijt and orped / Jiet hejj guod 

berte snd bardi / and beb v-by ine uele breetes mid Tbegmd knight, 

giat wil / and grat honger to ssewy his strei^pe me ut lUU ssd cow 

tomemens ojter ine v^tinges / him uor to alosL and JSn in Uu tour^ 

noTxofti buo Jwt beji grat loue of god and grat bonger / "'™"' 

and grat wilninge of his bel|)e. he oaercom}) lijtlyliche 

^ise laste rijt. Yor he nele ne na^t ne wyhie)) ine ^ise 

liue bote fiet is to )ie worjissipe and to ^ bhsse of god / 

and heljw of bis zanle. And boo pet ^ uijt aueicom|i / Ha who ma- 

be Tinji )« mede huerof saint Ion spek / huer ]iet oure tgiit 

Ihord zayde ine ^e apocalipae / ',to him fiet sael ooer- 

come. ich wylle bim yeue to ethe of f e trawe of liue 

^t is amidde paiadys.' )iet is lesu crist ^et yef) lyf ihdi mire thi 

enieleetinde / huerby alle )« ba^en libbe)i ine ^ blisse mt, 

of paradiB and byeji alle nolle and uolueld. And fiet 

is ^ bliasinge fet oure gaode mayster behat ine hia 

spelle to his guode kn^tes huanne he zede. 'ybliased 

byef po Jet habbe)) bonger and forat of rijtnolnease' / 

^t is of god to serai and to louie / not hi ssolle by ud iw auad wiui 

uolueld of |ie iiut of )« trawe of liue. )»t is fe ende JSit'rf u^"* 

and pe guodnesee of Jise utrtue ^t is ycleped prowesse 

bueito 0U8 lede |ie yefjie o strengjra. 

Of bE YEFbE OP RED /and OF U/iCTUB OP MERCI. Oftluglftar 


Afle f e holy gost yeff atrengfe and wyl of greate **ii« of manr. 
Jingee to onderuonge : alsuo be yef]i red / huerby me 
com}) to guode heauede and to guode ende of pot me 
nimfi an hand. Jjet is a grat grace )iet p» holy gost Tha gut of ann- 
jetp Ipfitia ycleped fie yeQie of red. huerby fie man hefi gnoaortna Holy 
giat ^fejyinge / and grat bejvencbinge in Jet he nymj k ggidwiimu 
an band. And Jwt he ne by to hastif ine his ninunges. "'*'"' 


YoT ase zay]) ]io filozofe / ' greate jjinges bje^ y-do / n&j^ 

be 8treiig])e of bodie ne be amies : ac be guod red.' 
hhq Hjmmi i> -And ano^r zao i&jp ^t hett« atKratee j ]wt ' of hastif 
^^^^ "■ red : hit uorfii^Ji efte[r]ward.' and^raore Efty|» sitlomon. 

' He do ni^t wyjKiute guod red. and efter |)e dede hit 

ne Bsel na^t fe norpcnche.' 
ThiigTMibov- )}is grace him aeewe^ ine man ine ])ri maneres. 

Tiyi. Terst to leche blefieliche guod red. )>oafi redde tobye / 

id 'i™.""* *™* ^ ^^''^^ ' Vajre zone ' zayf he / ' lech ouiemo rod of 

wyse men.' And Salomon )!ua zay^. '^ no guod red 
Folk B^, nri ne ys : Jjot uolk to-ualfi / and is al onzauwed. ac hi is 
wmtofoMimi. wely -holpo huanne ^r \a moebe guod red wyjrinne.' 

'Ac lobe' ))e zay^ ^ wrytinge ' nram kueade rederes. and 
BmnoThife no ftjtse no red at folea / uor hi ne louieb / bote bet 

wiy\tm. ind uk ' , , 

no counHi of ham like]), n^t )>et paye)> god.' AIsuo tek[> ^ 
BsekadTtaoTtiM writinge / jwt Die ssel zeche red ate yealden / and najt 
mwT"''''^ mid Je yonge fe ne bye]) n^t yproued ine nyedes. Ac 
mid J»e yealde Jwt habbeji yzoje and yproued Jie finges / 
lUhobouniiHta bot is bet w vt / and bet red. Tor ban bet roboam 

gnUputDfUi ''■•'' ' ' 

UnRdcuD thnneh Balomonnos zone / norlet }iane red of ^ yealdea jicaode 
■drta.'^ Rion / uor fiaae red of yonge : he uot-leas ^et gratteete 

del of his kingdome. 

RCwkeiiiUi lUi Efteward / hno ]iet hefi >ise yeffe / he onderaekfi 

^ redea }iet me him yef]) / and ])engp mid greate 

iltiw^iba'' be])enching6 : ]«t is grat bezyinge : yef me him let 

nnuiMiiX eOan, ^^1 j and trewelicho / najt lijtliche ylene to ^ rede / 

o)>er to ])e ziggenge of one manne / ne of tuaye / hon 

moche f et hi by his priuee / and his nrendes. Hnerof 

scneke zede. ^et 'wys man oxamene^ )« redes / and ne 

ylef^ Dc^t li^tliche. nor ^ ilke ))et ylef)i lijtliche : nint 

taKUinoMhoiiir o^ ^t me him gy1c]i / and misret' £ft«rward / buo 

fet J)ifl yef^ hef / he bo;]) to gnod red Jianne he hit 

he^ ynounde. Tor n^t he zek^ red / )iet ne he]) no 

'wyl to do laje. Huerof Salomon zay^. J}et 'hit fling]) 

to Jie fole fet he is ine rijte waye. Ac Jw wyse zay^. 

on red is to zigge. uor fe wyae bonj^ to guod red / fet 



pe folea onworfef.' J)e meste profitable red fet me may wUeh fceJi do- 

habbe fiafe red of oure gaode maistre leea crist J)et is tih aH^ pmai- 

fe wyBdom of god fe uadar of hnam com^ al gaod red ,,t«irgoaiiiH- 

[and] ooB biengj) nram heaene / ^ iike )>et ie Jie angle of ' 

red / ase zayji )« writinge. Jiet is )iet red )«t he ons yef^ 

ine bis spelle huanne he sede. ' jef |)ou wylt 1^ paifit : 

guo and zel al ^t ^a best / and yef bit ^ ponre nor 

godes lone, an com efter me / and )k>u seelt habbe grat 

hord ine benene.' Yid) and ^ench bao yetp ptate rod. 

uor ^t is aae zayde fe wyedom of god ]m aader. fe HfiiUMugdif 

angel of red / Jiet is zo)i god / and zo^ man / Jiet com tm ood ud tma 

ine erfe Jw nor to rede / and po nor to toche Jiane way ™^Mn, m m 

and Jane rijte peji to guonne into paradia ^t ie )ie ^^^J^J^ 

pef of pouert^ / buerby let fe holy gost Jo J»et he alijt ^'"^^ 

of fe yef]>e of red. Zap hit is pet ine ofrre manere / 

and be o|>re wsye hi mo^ bam soni. ase be ])B waye of 

pe bestea of ome Lbord lean crist loH: ase ine 

Bpoushod / oJKr ine vodewebod / and ine richeeaee of 

pa wordle bnanne me bis uze}) weL Ac pe boly gost be 

pe yefje of red / let and di^f uorjt more rijtuollicbe 

and mDi« zikerliche be Jve peps of zo^ ponert^ / bneiv ij tbi puh at . 

by meonwor^)) and def onderaot po wordle and alia '™*™"'- 

conaytyee / uor pe loiie of god. 

(Jes yef>e of red beatrepf pe zenne of auarice and of Sdi^^Mh™" 
conaytiBe / and zet a wel uayr trau / ^t is Jw ui'rtne of ""i" "*«•«*■ 
merci / |iet is zo^ and Jralemodnesse of o)iiemanne taunigrmma 
knead / and of ojiremanne misdede. Pel trau heb zeue n>s t»t of motr 
stapes hnerby hit west and profitef.' pet byeji Jte zeue [FTM.m.] ' 
Jringea j»t rooche ledej) man to merci / and to habbe I^^^ftto^wU* 
Jiolemodnesee of ojtre manne kueade. Jjet uerate f ing ""^ " ™^" 
^t ssel man steiye to merci : is kende. uor ase zayb be i' Niton. 
boc ])et apekj) of kende of beates. ' no u<^el ne eth of no nmi mtub 
o^n yef he is of hia kenda' Efterward Jte ilke zelne Usd. "" 

boc zay|>. J»t 'on mere dr^Ji uorji ^t colt of anojire 
bnanne hi is dyad.' Eftenraid me hej moche yzi^e and 
' US.porJU,)' 



Th* wolf rnuct- yprooed / and ia mo po boc ynonde. )>et ^ woluee 

dnnrnmooiR dxH^Bp uor)> ^ children ))et bye)) uor-keat / and veKp 

t^^^animu ^ nnun o^re bestes. Wei aael )>anne a man habbe 

^*^j2^'j^ pite / and ^olemodneBse of ]w kneade of J» ojire )iet ia 

bii ovD Un. i^fft anlicb ins kende. )}et alle -we bye^ of one kende / 

and of one ssepjra. and to one norbisne ymad / ase we 

habbe^ y-zed be-nore. )7e ojier ])ing pet Bsel man drajo 

L onu. to merci / and to ^lemodnesae of o]iFe manne knead / 

Wt vt lU umia ^t is grace, uor olle we byeji lemes of o body / pet is 

uintasb ninni- ot holy cheiche be grace, and o leme heji kendeliche of 

b^teui wim B- jmp^jgn . jHjiemodneBBe. Efterwaid atle we hyejt wi^ 

w* ■» in boo^ bojt of one zelue prie. ^t ia mid p6 bliauolle blode [of) 

ZnhtoJuoMiirf lean crist pet ho seedde nor ons ine po rode / oub nor 

'^'"^ to wi]>-begge uram pe dya)>e enrelestinde. Huanne 

godes zone wea ^anne zuo leufwnol / mo nol of merci 

auoreye ous : wel asolle we habbe reu^ / and ^le- 

modnssee ^ on of ^ o^ra helpe / and soucouii ^6 on 

weaniUofaiii- ^ ojffir. EftfiTward / alle we bjefi children of [on] nadflT 

bjbMaiMniij ' and of moder be byleaue and be grace, nor we hyep 

*™* godea children and of holy cherche. and pe on bro])er 

sael helpe pe o))ren : panne he yzijp his niede. nor ate 

I. ThB sertptarH niode : me jnjp huet pe mend ie. ])e firidde pii^ pet 

bmruu^ BSel moche man sterie to meici : is pe heste of jw holy 

writinge. pet redep and botep pe workea of mersi abooe 

alle opre workea. Huerof pe wise aalomon zayp / 'y- 

wyte pe' zayp he / 'pet pin heued ne by na^ wiponte 

Tha ou tHdi ih* ojlo.' VoT be oyle isy-uorped pet ner ine pe lompe. 

Ti» lump ig and ine lompe ia ondeistonde meici pet ssel by euiemo 

A^iSioUoi- ^^ P™o henede / pet is ina herte. And al aae pe oyle 

il^p'^rtLi "^P "^ "^ 1* ^o™t* / *^e pe opre woaas : olsuo merci 

^^'^1^ ^ alle pe opre ut'rtues. An alguo aae pe oyU norisaep and 

■bDV* lu oU»r lokep pet uer ine pe lompe. and huanne hit fatlep : pet 

ner is y-kuencL alzuo buanne merci foylep : pe lone of 

wfatn nuKT bc- godfailep: ase saynt Ion zayp. 'Huopetyze^hiabroper' 

ood biLMb. Eayp he ' habbe niede and mezayse / and he [ne] him yefpe 

[sset] pe dore of bia berte' / pet ia to zigge / ' huo pet ne 


hef reujw &iid hi»» ne belp)) yef he may / hou is' lie ood-i lort i. not 
zayb / 'inxlee lone ine liimt' / ase yef he zede / bet ne aumMiiia 

, „ , - . . - , , . HfoUm In hi. ' 

may oa^t by. Vor Jie oyle of meici lb y-faled ine pe am. 
lompe of his herto. 

EiWward be iniode tobie toite hie zone / and zayde Ttw good tdUb 
jioA. ' Vayie zone hi merciuol as fe mijt. yef ^ou heat u mareuu ud lo 
ynoj of gaode : yef largeliche. and yef (lou hest lite : " 
of ))o litle yef gledlicha' And ouie Lhorde lesu mst chruau, -os 
zay^ ine his spelle. 'gno zayjr he and zel al ^t fiou hut,udginu 
he«t / and yef hit jie poure.' ^t is )ie uirtue fet J» holy •"^f™-" 
writinge ret more generalHche. Yor ^et is Jw ut'rtue 
^t god most ia mid ypayd ase zay^ [re writinge. [FaLu.!).] 
Huer-of god z&yf be J» profete. ' ich wille he iay|> A.ooii«itii."i 
meici : and na^ sacrifice.' and saint austin ^us zayji / ud lutnau^" 
^t ' ^ ne is no ^ing ^et make^ man sao by beloued 
mid god : ase pite.' Vele men makefi to god sacreficee / 
of aeetinges / of per^rtnagee / of ssarpnesses of bodyo / ^SJJ^™ "*^ 
ac uoT to do elmeeae / hi byeb straite and wrechcben. ^^ «>') fta™ 

pUgrinuget, but 

Efterward ]>er bye)> manie men to huam god hefi large- •puii«Dfth*ir 
liche y-yeue of timliche guodes. and make^ sacreficee 
nf^t to god : ac to }ie dyeule / o^ to p% wordle / in ""j™™ h 
fet hi deepende)) folliche hare guodes ine ydelneeses mg imi mon^ 
uor boat of ^ wordle ac uor to yeue uor god : hy bye)? tba d*yu. 
harde ase an [di] aymonL 

Efterward ase merci liteb to god alsuo hit ne likeb *n«Ti»di^ 
noting to ]>e dyeule. Yor }»et ia )» armure hner-by he davu, 
is be rabre onercome / ase zayb a gloee ope be sauteic '°Tttiitba 

' ' ' rff o- r r tnaaatwbtnbj 

Vor he ne may najt folye fane guode smel of fe ilke i» (■ mn m«-- 

smeiielefl namore fnnne fe boterel fianne smel of fe He amicit «idDn 

vine. Zuych smel ne nujte nt^t Judas ))olye ^o ps oiiiuiieiiiot 

magdalene smerede lesn cristes net mid ])e precious smb n»ii JndH 

smerieles. Yor him fojte fet hit wes fing uorlore. and "" "* 
he betere louede Jiet zeluer ine his porse be his couay- 

tiee. Of zaiche uolke is Ihord a dyeuel and mayster. ^^^(^^^ 

^t is ine helle. fet is y-oleped : seetto-pors. Jtet an 4^_"ho n ■ 

hennite y-ze) / |iet zede |iet he hedde fet meatier uoi to pona." 


Bsette ^e poreeii of Jw vmchclieii / fiet M lie saolle hj 

open to do elmesse. 
«. Tba itbanutr ]>e usrfie Jiiiig ])et eeel man sterie to merci / is )» 
ood giTMh uber- greato lafgosse of ouie Ihorde / Jiet yef^ la^liche to 
(truuminiiiiiwch alien / be ])et / f«t h; bye^. ase zay^ saint lacob. and 
udltaen^ maks^ ^ zouie seme ope Jw gaode / and ope fn 

koeade / ase he zajf ine his spelle. Yor ftmae hno 
wbmfcmwe jjet IS zno large to ons, nor lie ons yefji al Jwt we 
■ud i»iin»iii to }iabbe|) of guod : ve ssolle hj laige and coitoya / fe 
"" on / a-je pe ojre / and helps )>e on / ^ ofre. nor fns 

he ous hat ine his spelle |ni tie zede. ' bye^ no! of mraci 
Tha Ko ■hooid aae yoore uadw is.' fe zone ssel by ylich Jw uader ofet 

he is onkende be zaynte peter. And )>emore zayde J>e 

wyse ine |>e writinge. 'by mercinol and res^eaol to Jw 
Tiitiiw»uuan oaderlyese / ase hire nader / and hire moder. and |>ou8 

)mti saelt by godee zone.* 
t. ThahoQKir of )k Tifte )>ing fot Bsel mui sterie to merci / is : vot^ 
Hawhobononn ssipie god Yor 886 zay}i salomon. }}e ilke woTfiHsipe)) 
totiHFoor. wel god ouie Ihord : ^ de]) guod to ^ ponre. nor fet 

me ham defi : me hit de^ to god / ase Mm-zelf fait vyt- 

nesse^ ine his spelle. 'J}et )K>n hest y-do he zay)i to 
ituia'htmSi*? "^^^ *^^ mine pome : fou hit heet y-do to me.' j)e ponre 
of «u Lara. byef ^ little mayne of ouie Ihorde. yef Jwn woT}>8sipe« 

^ pooere fou wor])Bsipea god. Yor hno fet wor)i8sipe|i 
Hawtaotaonoan j)e mayii4 ! he vorasipe)) Jw Ihoides seigont and hno 
Ood, ' Jiet de]) Bsame to pe iaBm6 : he defi ssame to )>e seigond. 

Of Jjiaen we habbe^ nayre uorbysne ine mine Ihorde 
■aniHantiT sant martjn to hnam god him ssewede J« ni;t efterwaid 
gtn Mi muUi )>et be todelde bis mentel to )« ponra / and wra hene- 
IM.ML»j*°^ ^^^ j^^ ^ mentle / and zede. to his aisles. ' Martin 

yet non y-primsened me hef yeared mid Jase clo>e.' 
a^^diMdot j)o 2axte fing J«t ssel moche sterie ane man to 

DDmDwitboot merci : is be dred of dom. Yor ase zavb saint lacob. 

manrihiUUUi , ' •" 

ihuawhodonot 'dom wy]Kiute mcrci / Bsel bi do to Jian : )iet ne de^ 

aa^ workes of mercL' Yor ase god zayde in his spelle. 

' Huanne me com^ to ^ dome / fe dom ssel by yene aye 

I I, .. ..Coo^k 


]k> ^t He liabbe)) j-do ])e workes of merci.' uor god Qodwiutaniai* 
ham wile do ^et dyaue eaie. and ^rof hit ne ia no TrnmnunL 
wonder / to )»n jiet anhaate moke^ ham dyaue to ^ 
poure / ase hit esewe}) ine ps godspelle. ine Jw uorbisne tuiCIuMAm- 

- of )« riche manne / p^t onwor^ede ^ane lazre. uoi ^t m, ^ ihtm and 
he him wemde his elmesee : god him wemde ane djxipe ^^""^ 
of weter / ^r he wee ine uere of helle. Alsuo to fa 
fole maydenes )>et ne hedde non oyle ine hire lompen / 
god ham gaette ^e gate of ]k epoeayles / and ham zede. 

. ich not huo y[e] hjap. zuo ^t hy bleften wy^-oate. )}ub Tbtamiaat 
he asel do ate day of dome to wrechchen and to ^ ,., to pwidiH 
couaytouB / j>et ne ssolle habbe J»e ledii^ of me[r]ci / ""'"'•*^' 
])et let {le zaulee in-to paradie / and ham make^ way to 
Gomene to-uore god. ase zayj) fe wiytii^e. aae me 
- make}) way and onde|i fe gate blejwliche to fan Jwt 
breng]) nayr present Vor-zo^ arijt acoreed ssel by Jiet but amd timu 
mam reiif e went fane i^ at fo daye. Vor god asel ^ ^,^1 iwki ou 
yeae dom wel drednol / J)et aael by zqo uest and mo "™^' 
stable / and noi alle time y-omfermed/ ue neure ine ciuinitujigin 
none time wyjxileped. J)ee dom yzed beuore / asel he 
do ase king, fianne esel he keete hia greate manzinge 
08 )>e h^e bissop an souerayn pope. Vor king he is : udmniiigixa 
and biseop / ase zayf f e writinge. Vor he nom kende Krmign pc^ 
of man of kinges kennd / and of biesaoppea. Jje ilke ibrHvtocik ow 

' amanzinge eel by ope alle Jio nolke / pet eaole by a lefli- Ung.uiiar 
half/ non ne worf uorbore. J>et ssolle by ]» kueade TuH^infdun 
huiche he seel miszigge nor hare on-trewjre. and Jms he JSthS^*"*""" 
seel ham idgge; ' Gnof ye acorsede in-to ]« greate ueie "ao,"ii*ou>n 
eureleatinde ine helle fe etinkinde / and fyestemess of inionwintiDg 
Bsed / )>et is agrayjrad to fe dreduolle dyuele / and to ^i^i^hu 
his aela^ / |>et habbef ymad his meaa^ea.' A. alias / "'""*■ 
^ dom pa^ hit by wel esort : uor-zo}>e hit seel by wel Thi> d«Kn >iuii 
zo^uol and hard. Huanno he hia eeel wreke out of his nnrhi. 
uel^ieda Mochel is to drede ruo harde to-delinge. 

J}e zenende f ing fiet sael moche man eterie to merci : t. Tha wd at 
is a zed fet betere m^ef fimt Ine Ihene land / fanne hit gmd halt. 


ine uette^Hou meed multiplied ^ timliclie guodes. 

hyer-of we habbeji uele uayre uorbiauen. haerof ich 

wille liier zome telle. Me ret of s^t genDain of 
et oemuin bid anceme. ]}et po he com oram rome / ate out-guoingQ 
mcnaj to um of melane lie acsede at oneu of his diaknen y ef he 
'™'' hedde eny zeluer. and ho aufiuerede ^t he ne hedde 

bote Jirijiane. uor 88y[n]t germayn hit hedde al yeue to 
"f^'^^PJ?" pouren-J Jjanne he him het : J»et he hia ssolde yene to 
of hii docHu, )ie poure. aor god hedde yno) of guode huerof he hise 
g<TtUimoi]»ta uedde uor faae day. pe dyacne mid greate pine and 
nka'dsom i>va mid gToate grochinge yeaf ^ tnaye pans / and ofhild 
t^twopniM j^jj^ Jiridda pe eergoat of ane riche tnijte him 

brojte one his Ihordea haf tuo hoDdred pans. Jw 
et OHmiiin dii- clepede he his dyacne and him zede / fet he hedde 
byrewi^nro bonome [le pome ane peny. and yef he hedde yeue 
J,'^^^^ >ane Jaidde peny to fe ponre ; Je knijt him hedde 
^^ftm..rii!ii yaent : pri hondred pans, 

Efterward me ret ine ^ lyne of Ion Jm amoner )Kt 

wee zuo ycleped uor Jie greate elmeesea fet he dede, 
1. rich gmiionui A iiche jentilman wes y-robbed of bieues / euo bet him 

wu robbed b; ' r • r 

ootm df lU iiiit najt ne blene. He hini com to playm to ^ uorzede 
■Bdha eompiitn- manne. and he him zede hia cas. he hedde greate 
Jj,^^^},^* reujw f«rof. and het his deespendoure )tet he him yeane 
Kd ti^is'hltr^ uyftene pond of gold, pe apenders be hia cooaytise ne 
MesatKBindoof ye^f ]jot« vyf. An haste a gentil wymman vodeve 
but *e Mrymiii zente to )ie uore yzede Ion / uif hondred pond of gold. 
A geniie widow po he clepeds his ependeie / and bim acsede hou moche 
ta^dredpoJ^ he hedde y-yeue to )ie kn^te. he anauerede: Tyilene 
pond. J» holy man ansuerede : Jjet nay. ho ne hedde 
Ddh toidhii ^** ^' ^^^ huajme he hit wiste / fe ilke zelue ^ 
Bervuni ihui If he j^ig ijedde onderuonge / zuo zayde to his spendere. ^t 
15 pound., Dur yef he hedde y-yeue f6 viftene pond Jiet he hedde y- 
Muhim iMo bote : oure Ihoid biw hede yzent be Jje guode wyftnan : 
J^ISw™»!* "■ pouaond and vyf hondred pond. And huanne he 
acsede ate guode wy&nan ))0 ho hedde hise ycleped 
hou moche hi hedde him y-lete / hi andzueredo / f et 

THE 000D5B8S OF ALMS. 191 

uerst hi hedde y-vrrite me h&re teatament / )ieti M him 
let It ^aseud and vyf hoadied pond. Ac hi lokede JJ^^^i*"^ 
efterward ine hare teetament and hi yeej Jw Jwuaend him in ber wui, 
pond debced of hire write / ' nd zao ylefde fe guode pmnm >*• ifur- 
r wyfman / ^t god vol Id ^t hi ne zento bote vif itrta. 

Efterwaid saint gregon tel^ ]Mt saint boni&ce stBonib«iiw<r- 
uram ^t he wee child / he wea ziu) piteuoua : ^t he to oh pu, be 
7^ ofte his kertel and hia sserte to )ie poute uor god. on„ natinbr 

n ^j his moder him hyete ofte ^nioie. }}anne he-Til S^^^^Jl^^;,^™. 
^t / fet child yzej manie poure fet hedden mezeyse. ^JH^^f,^'^ 
he aapide ^t his moder nee najt j»r. an haete he yam ^^ i*»" '« *>>• 
to )>e gemiere / and al }>et his moder hedde y-gadered •°d 'bu nuthv 
uor to pasi ^t yer : he hit yaf }ie poure. and fo his iuTviti,batiiiii- 

,\ moder com and wyete )ie ilke dede : hy wea al out of pn^noftba 
hare wytte. Jjet child bed oure Ihorde : and Jtet gemier S^J^^i^^l,^"*' 
wes an haste aluoL 

£jterward Jiei wea a poure man ase me layji. f et it^^S^J"^^^^^" 
hedde ane con / and yhyerde zi^e of his ptesto ine his o^^ 
prechinge / ))et god zede in his spelle ^t god wolde 
yelde an hoodreduald al )>et me yeaue nor him. \)b 
guode man mid ]» rede of his wyue/ yeaf his cou to f«<Mi(»wu> 
his preate )iet wes riche. ^ prest hia nom ble]>eliche / tsdcithAmtwiih 
- and hise zente to Jw o|)ren ^t he hedde. )]o hit com unoDg ui oUur 
to euen : pe guode mannes cou com hom to hia house ^, ,^,ntu« uu 
ase hi wea y-woned / and ledde mid hare alle pe proatea S^b!S,'tainr- 
ken al to an hondred. J)o fe guode man y-zej fet / ^o^,^^*?^ 
he Jwjto Jet |iet wes fet word of Jw godspelle Jiet he longrngtoun hi* 
hedde y-yolde. and him hi wereu yloked beuore hia 
biflsoppo aye |Mine preat. )}ise aorbisne aeewep wel ^t ifm ii oood 
merci is guod chapuare. uor hi de J wexe : pe timliche HpUMh tMnpani 
guodea. "^ 


'' ofJmt. 

Uoa best f ou y-hyerd f e bojea of Jte tiawe of mercL hu^ b^now 
ac UOT pan ^t moche uolk bye)) / Jiet hare elmesse Jet „i ^^^j. 


AiauDuoMU hy dob: hi lyezeb / and hare obre gnodes. uor hi no 
lu. Mid iiuHiid do)i najt ase hy SBolda Jieraora ich ^ wyle aeeawy 
to ood. ssortliche / hoa me ssel maky elmesse : to ]ian )>et hi 

by behofeam. and |«t hi liky god. 

|)anne huo Jiet ssel do elmesse : hel seet loki ^ri 

Jiingea Yeret : hnraxif he deji elmesse. uor he hit aael 
1. A mu moM <!*> ^^ ^ (^606 / and lu^t of o])iemBnn& and Jierof ^ 
k!i^ M htol ^ ^^ ^^J" "f ga'>de wynnyi^ and trewe. god ne he)» hedo 
tatata»'»'^ of kueade yel>ea. ac he his loue) trewe and guode. 
"^- Elmesse |iet is y-do of ^yef^ of toL of rohbinge. of 

uhr. toll, nb- gauelyi^. o|ieT of o^re kneade gaderinge : hit ne llke^ 
bm piauins to nojiing god. Huerof fe writinge layji. ' fon ne sselt 

na^t maky none saciefice to god of oxe / ne of ssep / 

Jiet by spotty, uor god hef grat wlatiynge / of zuyeh 
HairboiuMii . BBcrefice.' and ^e wyze zay^ in ]» writinge. ' }ie ilke ))ct 
tbacoodiDftiM make^ sacrifice to god / of )ie guodes of )>e poui^: he 
E^'htwiioitar- de)) ase ^ ilke ^t sslajt fet child be-uore his uader.' 
^ttaft^Jr ■^■"'i ^y^* austin fua zaif. ' huet yefjw ia )jet ' he layp. 
***"*"'^pu. 'f** ^ "^"^ nim|» glodliche / and Jw ofer hit lyest 
mdujr ud lb* wepindcUche : I ' and beruore seel ech loki bnerof he deb 

oUmlo-lh r I I 

utttiatu. elmesse. 

L Look to whom Eft«rward he ssel loky to hnam he hit def>. )»nne 

good. ' ^ writinge zay)>. Loke to huam Jiou seelt do guod. 

do guod to f6 guode. ]>et is to )ian : ^t )>ou wenst by 
oiniotbDgood guod. and ne yef najt to pe ssrewe. ne ne loke najt 
■iirn'ud th> pMie zenejere. J»t is to zi^e : fet ^u ne sselt niqt 
'^°"- yeue to pe kueade / be ^e scele of his kueadnesse. ase 

do]) po ptit yeiie^ pe ribaus / and menestrals / uor hare 
thit ii to HT, *• wykkednesse.1 nc ojierlakei hi nolden ham yeue na^t 
wii^viiiaH, ^ is we] grat zenne ase zi^e|r pe baljen. Ac huo |iet 
rtiM^udmia- h*™! jefj / ^^^ B"' J>B™ kuoadnesse : ac uor ren^/ 
" and uor ^olemodnssse of hare ponrehede / and of hare 

MovntbtiM •imi wyues / and of hare children, yof hi hise hebbe^. o|»er 
uwa on •moat of lu)^ uader / o])er of hire moder. o^er uor ojire guodo 
cftMipomtr. gjjgig ^ aae his uor to wyfdraje uram zenne ; he dej> 
> HS. wyUwAMtM. 


wtH banne elmeaae v-yeue to be poure. and more to oi"itauioti» 

' poor, ud spacl- 

ham fet byef njt poun of horto / and of wyl. fet lUr to m.poor 

habbej) ylete nor god )iet hi hedden / ofst ^t hi mijte lo uw fubwiM, 

habbe. )>et ^ fwt no bye)) n^t poure of wylle : ac oum " nt rrftfuf 

poure 'of nyede : wel ich habbe ^ eft / y-zed. And '™'™*' 

alneway me sael ham ble^licbe yeoe / and namehche 

to pe poure ssamneste. and to ]>e naderlease. an to wyf- 

iuen wodewen. and to ojire nieduolle / )>anne me ynj^ 

fe nyede / and me Tiit moje do. and mo me ia y-healde 

to fe oncon^e / aboue alle ojiren me is y-byealde : to Aba<i*ii tbta 

uader and to moder / huanne me y-zi^)i hare nyede. pwiu* m Uwir 

Yor ^ kende bit tek}i / and god hit acse)) / and hat 

Me ret of ^ heyrone ]Mt he dtajfr uor^ hia uader (^wrMnHi 
and Me moder hnamae hi bye)) ealde / and ne moje HuiwtwiMUi 
ham na^ porcbacL )}eruois kende tek)) ))et me esel nu&tbicuid 
good do to uadei and to moder. and huo ))et bit ne de^ -. ""'*^' 
he is onbenda and zen^e)> a-ye kende / and a-ye god. 
^ hat to wor))aBipie uader and moder / and |)eruoTe [Foi.mb.] 
hit is Tel rijt ))et hit misnalle to hint and to bare 
^t de^ harm uader o)ieT moder / aae hit is manye d^ 

Efterward me ssel ysy hou me ssel do elmease / *■ C"^^io« 

' tO|(T*iln^ ud 

and ^ manere bis nor to yenene. Your condicions be UHmunffst 

f6 Tiitinge ssolle by ine elmesse. pe uerste is pet me i.omsudirud 

hise yeue gledtiche and mid guod herte. uor god loke^ wium^. 

more fe herte : ^nne pe bonden. Huerof saynt gre- 

gorie zay^. )>Qt god ine his aacrement ne loke^ na^t bou ood lookaUi sm 

gnt ^ing me yeue / ac mid huet herteL ase hit asewe^ uh hnrturiu 

wel in fe godspelle of )ie poure wyfman pet ne hedde '"' 

bote toaye ner^inges Jiet M of&ede to po temple. Huerof 

oun Qkord say)) / ^t hi hedde more y-layd : ^anne alle 

pe opn ))et hedden y-layd gieate )>inges. Yor more 

like)) o^rhuil to god an alfpeny |)ot a poure yefj) gled- 'J*^!! '"i'"*^ 

liche uor sod: bannearicbe man yeane an bondred pccrmu'i hiir- 


marc grocbindelicbe and mid zor^e of herte. and ^eruore Huh mn't bnu- 
zay}) ^ wyse ine ))ewTLtinge. 'make'bezay|i 'uayrechiere' 



and glede ine alle Jnme fef^e&' And Eaynto paul zuo 

XKf} f%t ' god lonet moche faaa yeuen ^ ia ^ed and 

cortoya.' And lome Jiar byef mo uyleyne to fe pooie 

huaniiQ hi ham yeoeji en je elmeese / an haste hia 

miwdgge^ uoulliche / and his clepye^ trnons / and bam 

thii tbar KRni- zigge^ zao oele atnytinges / and of folyes er ^an hi ham 

with mtnj twtt- ^t yeue / Jiet wel Is vor^ fiet zelner. pe ilke elmesse / 

bnidi!^.''*^ se payji n^t god. and {wtenore zayji ^ wyse ine pa writ- 

inge. * bouj ^in ears he zayji ' to ^ poore / wy^ute 

lorje / and him ananere mildeliche.' 

L i»n au* ■iw Jm o^ ^ing ^t behooe^ ine elmasee ia. ])et me hit 

do zone and hasteliche. ])eraf aalomon lay^. 'necay 

s>T not ta Oif ns^t to Jiine nrende / guo / and com ayen to morje / 

(Dm* aaiin to- and paaiaa ich wylle pe yeue : huanne ^n him mijt an 

haatfl yeue.' And ine anofire atede he lay^. ' ne leng 

MmkiKiiWiir, ni^t f>ine yef^e nram Jrn nyeduolle.' ^t is to dgge / 

HtouiTpowaio 'ne make him najt abyde: huanne ^u m^ 

"" an haste yeue.' }Kt is aye uele riche / ^t make}i 

grade )ie poure ftet hebbeji to done mid ham. and 

zuo moche his do^ abide / mo uele zi|>e hit behone^ 

ham bidde and bezeche / beuore er hi wyllefi ajt do / 

fiet to moche hy ham zelle^ )>e guodnesae ^t hi 

"KotiriB«,~Mn liam willej do. Vor ase myji senekes. 'So jiing ne 

dHiij bcngkt is zuo dieie y-bojt : ase }iet me he]i be biddinge.' And 

bj Mmt." pit is ^t me tay)) ine atwytinge. ' Dyeie ha bay^ : pet 

byt' And ^us eeel ech man wel do Enyf[t]liche nor his 

Btule ^rhuyle Jrat ha leue^ / and hoL jMnne pa wyae 

On aj (AriBgi zayb ine be writinge. ' VayiB Eone ' he xayb ' do guod of 

to Ood white tboB JT o 

lint, )iinen : yef ^u heat huerof. and of&e to god vatpi 

tar dntb miMh of&inge ^huyls p%t ^u leueet Vor p^ dyafi ne sbyt 

najt.' And ine anojtre etede he zay^. ' do guod to |iinQ 

uiiende : to-uoie Jie dyajie.' ^t is to pine zaula / to 

hnam ^ou saelt do gnod to-noie pine dyape. o^er to 

GinUijiiiiu )>uiQ trewe uiende / fwt is lesa crist to huam ^ou aselt 

^^ lew t guod do to-nore Jiine dya])e / doinde elmeasea nor pa lone 

of leau crist to his pome, Voi pet me dep pe poms : 



me de^ hit to him. ase he zay)i ine his apelle. J)anne !7^ a. l] 
fe ehnease fei ine yef)) ine Ijus / and ine heljra / more aidu nim in 
is «or^ : |>anne )M ille ^t IB y-do efter ^ dea^ AIsuo mon^^lu^thvi 
ase pa lanteme fet me her^ be-noio J« monne / him let h^ **™""" 
bet / and moie akerlaker / ^anue }k ilke Jmt me her^ a luMm wiiad 
behynde fa regge. And ^raoie ous unoBeste^ aainte bKurUuDu 
paul >et Te do guod / ferhnyle )et we Hbbel*. H[u]anne JS! ""^^ ^ 
a hche man aael come to ane toune / ojwr to ane cite. 
he sent his meBsagyers be-oore ' uoi to nime guod in. [t kb. v«sr] 
o^ ojwrlaker he mijte wel iayly : good in uorto habbe. 
J>e gnode foniers fet nime^ and agray^eji Jtet hous of ^*'^!^"' 
paradys to ^ riche manne : bye^ ^e elmeseen ^t ha ti^ tnp»n ler 
de^ ine his line. J>e elmeeaen ])et bye^ y-do efter ^o PndiH. 
dya^ : bye^ ase pe hewe recreyd )»et late com^ bom. 
luo )>et ^ Ihord is o^boil euele y-herbei^ed. 

)}e Jiridde eondicion Jiet Bsal by in elmesse is / ^et *■ oivt ubanUj. 
me Bsel yeue lai'gelicbe be )hui ))et me he)) hnerot pa 
wyee zayji. 'yef to god / be fan ^t he bef Jie y-yene.' VOunhtn 
And thobye zayji alsuo. 'be ^ine mi;te by reujienol / ■mntuur; 
and merciuoL Yef ^u heet mocbe guod ; yef large- biitiruitii,^T( 
liche. and yef ^u best lite : yef petot blefeliche / and t«niiir.. "™' 
coiteisliche.' )Mnne ech ssel yene efter his mijte / and -iiurhii 
be ^t / ^t god hint bej» y-yeue. Me Tint of ana 3l^d«imi« 
hinge, to huam a pourc acsede ane peny. he hym •J^'«™j|"^ 
uunerede / )nt caich a lite yef^ ne wee na^t uor ane "<><im ntatt it 
king. And of alisondrema ret. )iet [he]yaf anecite / to ihacMMMHot 
onen of his sergons. an buanne pe like tusa volde uor- nukingauto 
sake, uor ^t / grat ])ing bim pojte / to nime Eoych ^wkunpn^w 
yefjre. Aliaondre ansuerede and zayde. ' Ich ne loky El^'JU'iMto"' 
najt fet belonged Jib to nimene ; ac me to yeuene.' <•"■" 

)» uetf 6 coTidioion is / )«t f>e elmeese by ynio mid t,^!^!^!'!^'" 
ville / and mid eondicion. ftet me ne ceche none ydela '°''^' 
bliaae / ne ^t me ne ODWor|)i pa poure. to hnam fwt me 
hit jetp. ne nor elmeese )iet me de^ ine dyadlich Kenne. 
me he^ pMBnmpcion nor to by y-bor}e. Zom nolk ^r snu tan urn 
byef / )iot yef hy do^ elmeeae : hi willef ^ alle bit cut lU nuaid 


iM««f ihrtr wyte. Ac fe wyse layj / fiet me do J>e elmeaae in-to 

P% greode of ]ie poure. Vor ase zay^ saynt giegorie. 

'hit is y-uojto ^eguodemanuB / ^tyef hehitzent / of 

chiiM hub oom- huam lie oaderatout his esepe to hahbe.' - And )>eruore 

gin our (inu zay|) OUTS Ihord ine hie spelle. ' Huanne ^ou dost elmesae. 

irtWmrt ^nu- "^ ^y** '"'J* J*' '^^ hand i huet def ^i rijt hand, zuo 

'^^- fet pin elmesse by y-hed. and )>i uader of henene ^ 

izyjt |im hedinge : hit fe halt' )>et is to 2i^e- )»niia 

J»ou sselt do elroesee : lote Jtet ydele btiBse. ]mt is to 

onderatonde be fte left half, ne by ni^t y-mengd. Ac 

do his in rijte wone / and rijte onderatondinge. ^et is 

Qoodimtiiiiv ondeistonde by pe rijt hal£ Ich ne zigge nt^t ]iet me 

tti(6iu^ for good °e sael do pe guode workee o^erhuil to-uore J» uolke / 

aui|Ai^ Kiu, ^^^ j^ yeue guode uorbyBne / buemore god by yhered : 

and y-^nked. Yor ^mb him zay^ oure Ihord ine his 

apella Jiet we maki oure gaode dedee to-uore pe uol- 

•o Uut Sod mv kerode / ^etuore fet god by y-heied and y-glare&ed najt 

* uor fe los of uolke ase defi fe ypocnte. and feruore 

tvfP saint gr^orie / ^t me do his workea aperteliche / 

fiet fe ondeistondisge bi rijtuol bezide. 

Tba tf iu-(itw Efterward huo fiet wyle do ebnease / he hit sael luo 

CFoL n. b.] do / ]>et he na^t ne onwor^i pe poure to huam pet he 

^^J^™^' hit def, jTeraore zayji Jw profete. 'He onworfe ni^t' he 

zay|> ' pi ulesB. ^et is pe poure ^ot is ilich pe j and of 

aniiche kende of ulesa and of blod ase (kiu art. and of 

Borne toi* daqdn luiche woso,' Zom uolk byef ^et ouworjfe^ Je pouie / 

uid u^ tai»i» ""^ °^ daynoj "'^ W ^ flpeke to ham. and yef hispeke^ : 

■n^pra'a'j to gr^iiche and proudliche hi spekeji. Zuo ne dede na^t 

iob / ^t zede / Jjet [be] ne onworjiede netire J»e guoinde / 

Tor ^et hi weren naked, ac ra^re ham yaf clojiinge / 

[«^Mfc« hi M (md niate and drioka Jje holi man faj he were king / 

J^™ noi and he3 man / ne hedde none ssame of pe poure / asa 

b™- dof some greate Ihordes of Jiise wordle, Jiet wel Aop 

elmesse to pouie / ac alneway hia habe|> ineonworQijnesse 

Mor hare pouiehede. And yef hi weren rijtuoUiche 

ibe poor milde : hi ssolden betere louie )n uel^iede of poors 


men / }>et bye^ poiire uor god. ]>et hiee mo^ vel edefie ii <iit« to ba 
be ootbisnea and be irordea / ^t of mamie riclie men hi Sttcb m«i. 
habbe)) aboute ham / huer ^r ue is bote coTay[ti]se / 
ulaterie / yelpinge / 'and ham piakeji lete moche wtH. to 
done / and make]) bam moche kuead to done / be liare 
euoie rede. 

Efterwaid ^r byeji eom uolk ^t do^ ynoj elmesse / sont tcOi gin 
ac alnewey hi ne letefi najt to done bare greate zenne. jtt bndi* dm 
j>e ilke elmesse ne ssel his najt be^e. Tor yef hi •*,<. , 
stenie}) iue zuich stat : hire elmesse ne ssel ham najt Ainu •lou wui 
wytie / ^t lii ne ssolle by uoi-lore. Jianne zniclt uolk 
l^ef ase )« ilke ^t of one half make^ ^t hous / and 
of o^ half be hit bTekJi. And ^ruore zayj) |>e writ- 
Inge. ' Yef bou wilt kueme god : haue uerat leube / wtboawoiptaiM 

' ' a«d.IuT«ant 

and merci / of Jiine zanle. nor hno )>et is kaead and dukt upon thj 

ostrewe to him : to huam esel he bi guod and tiewe I' 

z«y)i fe writinge ; ase yef be aode. [he] ne may najt ' by p us. luHJ 

guod and trewe to ojiren : ^ to him-zelue is kaead. 

And ^raore saint austin zay^. ' Huo ])et wile rijtuol- LMaimiiwpn- 

liche do elmesse ; he ssel beuoie aginne at bimzelua ^J^ ^ npmt- 

nor he ssel more lonie his ojene zaule ; ^anne anofires : 

uor god.' Non ne wolde ligge }>et yef he were reu^uol / 

and uol of merci / ^ ne ssolde habbe reuf« of his 

moder pouie and zik. bou moche he hedde reufe of 

ojiren. Alzuo ich zigge / ^ Uke Jiet ne is najt reu|ienol HtiaDot mnai- 

ne uol of merci / ^t ne heji pit£ of bis zaule: huanne pUtodUiowh 

he wot JKt hi is zik to )>e dyajte / jret is ine dyadlich unto dHth. 


Nou ich habbe fe y-no^ y-ssewed of fe trawo of 
merci. fe stapes, fo bojes. and pet frut. |)et comji ine 
fiise wordle / and ine ^ o^re. of Jw &ut of ^ise trawe 
ous spek^ dani^ rijt wel ine )» sautere / ^er he zayp 
Jwus. ' yblyssed byeft Jio fet bam yeuejt to J» pome / p,^^^,^, 
and to be nieduoUe.' bet is to zigge r bet ne abit naat : ti-igintoth. 

' , . poor mi nwdftij, 

nl-wet fie poure hint bit / ac rafre him yef(i wyjK)ute wiihuntd^r, 
aksiuge. Vor me wes ywoned to zigge / and zo^ hit a-aana. 


U. ^t to iiu>[c]lie bay]) / Jiet byl Ne ^ iike ne be|) 

CFoL a. *.} herte to yeueue : )iet ne yet^ et me acsi }>e iIke de^ 

vel ^ yef^ to ^ pome ^ aoae}>. bc he de^ bet : Jiet 

yef^ wyjMute aksinge. And of ^an zay^ ^ sauter. 

T)i« iMTtifni 'Y-bliasedis be Uke bet onderatant to be poure.' ftud 

■tuUl t* blsHvd, , 

huemore is be y-bliased 1 ho zayjp eflerward ine fo ilke 

■nd A.U be St- "^™- I*' 8**^ ^'^ ^^^ deliuri in f e kueade dales of bis 

ftlT^ttrdw'of y""* f®* *^ ^' *** *^y* "' dome fet ssel by hard and 

donru kuead to fe wickede / ^t esolle by y-danmed / aoi ^ 

voikes of merci / ^et hi ne habbe^ na^t ydo. J}arme 

TiM BuramUii fo demere ssel ham zigge at fo daye. 'gao)i ye' acoreede / 

p MS. t>tj in-to ]m uera of helle / mid alle |w dyeulen / ^t you is 

{kd'apcMoiH, y-*!*)* nJ*iii 1*0 ginnynge of Jki wordle. Vor ich hedde 

honger / and Jjont / ye ne me yeaue mete / ne drinke / 

ich wee eik / )ioa ne come n^t to me.' And yaa he 

ssel ham attwyte : ^ workes of merci / ^t hi najt 

udahiiibigiTHi habbe]) y-do. and ^raore hi ssolle bi betake at )>o 

tlbTdiTiih daye : to hare yuon. )>et bye^ ^ dyeulen of hella Of 

huam Je rev)euolle / and fo fet dop ham to fe ponre / 

Tba Dwrdhi and to ^e workes of mercL ssolle bi betake at ^ daye / 

unedom aTba- and ssolle by do in-to sayzine of |ie riche of heaene / ase 

*™* zay^ oure Ihord ine his spelle. Yor he ssel sigge to ^an 

P vs. M ^ habbe^ y-do )» workea of merci/ ' come^ f« ' yblisseda 

of mine uader / ondemouge^ ^e liche of heaene / jwt 

is to yott y-dyjt / nram fe ginjnge of |»e wordla Vor 

Jet ye habbejt y-do to mine ponre : ye hit habep me y- 

da' Grat worjssipe god ham ssel do / Jianiie ha ham 

^nkej / of Jra workes of merci. and he ham B8ely[e]ue : 

fet lyf wyf-oute end& And Jwraore he ayf ine hia 

uidfbrthdTiiiiu spella ' Yhlissed byej pe merciuoUe ; uor hi eeolle 

SJJJ^*""" habbe merci.' uor ^t hi habbe)i jlengd / Jiet lyf of )» 

Tiuj Una htn poure be hare ebnesse. Wei hit is rijt / and skele / ^t 

•TtriHtiiigUh, goj jjam yene Jiet lyf wyji-oute ende / >et is / and ssel 

by wy^ute ende. and ^ruore f«t hi hahbej) y-het 

Ten)>e / of lesu mates lemes ine f» er^ / and hise 

habbej) y-Ioked / and y-confoited ine hare nyede. Hit 



is wel akele )iet ms do ham ate eude merci / and fet me 
his deliuii of alls kueadnesae / of aUe nyede. and ^et udChituiiiaii 
sael he do / hnanoe he aael yaue fw blisse eureleatinde / foi em. 
mid meici his let oor) / and hia ssel herher^ 

J)B TSF})B op OMDBBaTOJfDINOE. AND OF fs DISTUS OF Tba gift of DBder- 

, lUndtaig, tad of 

OHASTITrB. lluvlniHof 

Holy Writ oDH tekf / tao manwea of liuea. huerby Thw. >ntwa 

me com^ to ^ line wyji-oute ende. Jje aeiBte is yhote llt^i^^ 

workuol [actiue] / uor fet hi is ine raynch of gaode ^^u^?^ 

workea / and make]) man onderatonde to Je profit of '^,^^'1^'" 

him-zelue / and of hia emcnaten. ))e o]»i is y-faote ^rmu. 

lesteuol [eontemphitiae]. uor ])et hi is reste / of irarkes tmuupiiUn— 

vyji-onte / and ne de)i him nt^t bote to god uor to the •oni wki to 

knaive / and lonie, hnemora hy his ydel of nyedes ^dTDjS«»u 

vy^ate / and aae aelepe. Ac hi is avaked wy^ine to '^ 

)ienche of god / and him lonie / and nt^t ne wylni : 

bote him to habbe / and uoi him / alle ofire }iingea / 

def ine uoiyetinge. Vor hi la of al y-robbed / and y- mdiiddwitob* 

pijt Ine god. and wylne)i hot to by to-deld urnm pe ummaruibadr, 

dyadliche bodye : nor to by alneway mid leeu cWst / Q,ri«. 

ue zai^ zainte panL 

be nerste llf is ine be viitinse / ine be nelde of TbBflntud nio 
aghUog In Hit 
gaode vorkee / huer po kni^t liemeji / ham prouefi / om at gooi 

and alose^. pe offer his reste 'wyf) god ine fw chonthre of [Fdi. a. b.] 
dene inwyt. J)e neiste onderatant to node god / mid ^oSS'to to* 
ye mete of gnode vorkes. |)e ojier ondeietant to by ^S^^'^™" 
yued / and yneld of god be sojw eonfort gostlich. )}anne 
)ie neiBte is be-tokned be marjien / fet wes bisy nor to "^^liVP* 
nede oure Ihord / aee zayf ^tgodapeL {jeojrer is be- uKmirrefUi* 
tokned be Marie / )fet hire zette ate net of lean cmt / 
and Iheete his wordea. pe nerate is wa,j j and ingno- 
inge'to y> o^n. Vor non ne may come to )« line 
cestnoUe : bote he by uoret wel y-prored ine line by- 
aye / ase layf sain gr^orie. Jje yef^ / and |ie ut'rtuea 
huerof we habbeji y-epeke aboue be-longe)) / to ^ uetste 
line Jiet is ycleped workuoL ^ tuo laste hneiof we 



ThBgutofanasr^ ssolle apcke mi3 Je holpe of gode and of pe holygoet 
S^^'l^"^^^ }et is to wytene / [« yefife of onderetondinge / and Jie 
ih. ^ sDDUm- yefj^ of wisdom : belongef to |»6 ojire liue Jwt ia y-hoto 
restuol pet lif is ine tuo Jiioges / ase ire Itabbe)) aboue 
Tothnu&uiang y-zed. J}et is to wyteue/ine ri;t« knawlechinge of god / 
kmiwiaig* ot and ine atedeueste loue. ^ loue of onderetondinge leth 
lovfc to Btedeueatnesse of rijte knaulecfainge. J)e yef^ of 

wysdom / leth to stedeuestuesse of loae. 
n»iMBtanitt: Nou we ■willef ngge uarat of (le yefjie of onder- 
tg' a* HoIt btondinge / be )ian })et ^ lioly goat wile ous teche. Jns 
yetpe pet is y-hote yeffe of onderstondings / ne ia ofer 
Jiiug / be ])e haljen / and bl fe maiatreg / bot« a lyjt 
(•■ughtud* and a grace of brijtnesse / ^t ^ holy goat zent iu-to 
HHirhidi en- ^6 Iierte / huoiby onderatondinge of man is arered nor 
know hii'ibkn, to knawe bis Bseppere / and fie goatlicbe piagBa pet ne 
udihoHipMi- moje najt by y-zoje bodilicb ine alle pe fingee Jiet be- 
uiningtotta* longe)) to pe hel^ of zaulo. mid skelo kendelich ne on- 
deretondinge of man of him / na nor him / ne may 
Tui gUt ii «ii«d come. Jjes god ia y-cleped lyjt, Vor he ulenze)) pn 
oituHthttw onderatondinge of man / of JriestemesBe of prede / and 
(be diADM of of spottee of zeone. Vor aae ^t lijt bodilich de^ away 
■iwti "iiD, |)iestornesae and makej> bri)tUche izy pe ^ingee bodilich : 
alsuo ^is lijt gostlich deuze^ pe onderetondinge of 
man / al to J)an ]iet he moje brijtliche ysy / and fwt he 
moje knawe brijtliche and ziketliche / aae me may y- 
MknT'crT" ''°**'^ '°^ }^ dyeadliche liue god hia aseppore / 
■nd ninu Ood and pB Bseppinges gostliche / ase biefi pe angles / and |ie 
zaulen. |iet belongeji to Jie helfe of z^es. ase byef fe 
artidee of |ia beleaue / hueiof we habbejj beuoie y- 
spoke ine ane atede be bim-zelue. ))is knawynge nis 
'V*'*^'"^ bote in Inwyt wel yuayred / and wel yclenzed. Vor 
rndthamar ase Jie zike eje ne may najt wel yzi br^tneaae. alauo Jie 
■unding parcriva onderstondinge of man aae mocbe ase in him is / ne 
wiuuM btinc may ysy / ne knawe pe ^ingea gostliche / bote he by 
Uu Diviu ughk wel yclenzed / of alle lac of uel|>e / be zojie byleane / 
pet clenze^ pe herten / aae zayji pe writinge. Ac po 


ye£pe of Jie holy goet / hueiof wb apekd)) hier / nol- 

make^ piee nayrhede / aod ^iae clennesse ine faerte / to mitikMBaik* 

fei his holy zaule / ^t is y-clenzed / and alijt / mid 

Jiim lijte of ondeTBtondinge : mijte jbj and koawe 

god / and al ^t him is niede / and good to his yboi^- 

inge / and ^t is Jk blisaioge / hueiof god apek^ ine 

hia spelle /^ he eede. 'ybliwed byeji ]ro : yet hjep Tbaokuof 

clene of herte / uor hi ssolle yBy god ine him-Eelue ase oodHUtHiij 

be is be byleaue aly)l« / and y-streng^ be ^ yef^e tiw gUt of ondtK 

of onderatonndinge.' Vorzojw efter fe dyea)M / ine *"'*'*■ 

pacadis hi saoUen yzy him / al aperteliche / wizage / [folal] 

to visage. 

jMnne zayf zaynte panl fis yefjio de)» away alia ""*''? Ja t 
uelbe of herte / and hire cleuzeb paifitliche of alle tht iihii, but 
lackea / and apecialliche of fa lacke of ^ zenne of 
lecherie. Vor hno bet is be-ueld mid bo lac : he ia FonriwiaMUad 


lijtnolliche yblent / and he^ yloie fe ^en of f« herte / ivt dh ith of 

akele and onderstondinge / zao ^t he ne oiayry-knaws 

his aaeppeie / ne fiingea ^t vende]* to p6 heljie of 

zaule. Ac is ase best ^t ue he^ wyt ne skele ioe him. 

))anne dauifi zayji ine pe sauteie. pet man to huam ^t 

god he]) y-do zuo grat wor^ipe fiet hine made to his 

ymage and to his anlikuesse huerby he may y-knawe 

god and habbe / fet he ne heji y-do none beste : hef •rft«iioii«ur 

cno noryete his seeppeie / an ^ guodnesse ^t he he^ 

bim y-do / )>et he is become ilich to fole bestea / ftet 

ne habbeji none onderatondinge, Jx lenno Jret mest '**f^''"^' 

make]) "lan ilich to uoule bestea / and to ueljie : ia benua. 

zenne of lecherie. huerof we habbe^ b»-aoTe y-eed ^er 

we Bpeke of zenna fe yefjie ^anne of ondaretondii^ / SISm'iwm^ 

^t ia of erfe apecialliche / to po uel^ beetrepji of ^ a» imrt otihii 

heite ye zenne of lecherie / an he tekji uayrhede and 

clennesse / hnerof wext a wel uayr traw. ^t is ^ 

lurtue of chaetet^ / huerby me com^ to po greate 

blisainge ])et god be-hat to pan ^t lokep clejinesse of 

herte : huanne he lede. ' yblissed hi by Je clene of ^""^ •" "" 


pgnothMit, herte uoi bi saolle yzv eoA.' nor bet M 8§oUe h&bbe H 
ood. ^en of hsrte wbI yclensed and irel ali^t of Jw yd^ of 


Of Iha inBi ttqa Ot J}B ZBUI STAPES OF OHABICt£. 


J>ys tJBw weit and piofitej / and clifj use doj Jw 
\^l^ <™- ofre to-uoi« yzod / be zeue stapes. 1)6 uerete stape is 
Arfwi" t^^ clene inwyt / }>et is ^ rote of (rise trawe uor wyf-onte 
th« ii no di*>- clene inwyt ; no chaatet^ ne lykejj to god. J^is chastet^ / 
oai. ^is clennesse / ]ns purU / acse^ ^t me loki ^ herto 

Oram euele jKijtes / fwt bi n^t ne etmsenti / and of 
B* aba ecoHDU koede viliu[u]ggee. Yor bno ^t bim consented to kueade 
!■ hcahu, wylles / and to ^ kueade ^jtes of hie herte : be ne is 
^^m (ht najt cbast. ^a^ be by ner uram ^ dode. nor be ^ 
^"^ consentinge wyji-oute more : he ssolde by uorlore yef 

he steif ^rinne. 

T''™"^<^'»J t)ri finges mocbo byef worf to loki Jie clenneeae of 

ofbaui. herte. )}e uerste is / ble^elicbe y-hyere ^ woides of 

hoMjtrfwiT <*» god / and hia spellea, Huerof onre Ihotd zayji ine his 

spelle / to his deciples. 'yebyefhezajf 'alleclene/be 

^e wordea pet ich you habbe yzed.' Yor godea void is 

aae a oayr ssewere / ine hnam^me yzijt alle ^ lakkes of 

'"" ^SSfc wiiicti ^ ^^''*' ^'*'* "f^ f*"^ ^ ™^ sarifte f et is fet lauor / 

i»u»uvBrto hner he him ssel ofte wesse. be writinge zayb ioe be 

cA wHii. bok of kingee. ^t elyseu fie profete bet to naaman ^ 

bmt In mind Ui* -jfeg mezel / bet be hiTn wesae ine be flom Jordan zene- 

■tor^ orKiunu'i ' ' ' 

widiiig Id Joi^ zifie UOI to by dene of his euele. And ^o he |ier was 

yvrease : ])o wes he al klene and al hoi of his euela )7e 

^Tdu rignuw gm^ Jordan fet ia ase moche woip : ase stream of dom / 

jnagnuoi md and be-tokneb ssrifto, huer man seel bim-zelue deme 

btUAuuihiUt, ' 

In wUch nan mid gieate zorje' of herte / and mid greate repentonce / 

Hif •Tiui gnn zuo ^t o stream of tyeares : yeme be |>e condut of \b 

'^^efBAtasa, cjen. and zuo ^ mezel Rsel bi al hoi and clene. ))et ia 

^M«'"'7taB J* zenejere / yef he him wesst zeuezyjie / Jet is to 



zigge / of alle his zennea. And ^nioie zayfi eaynt 
bemard. 'loue sBiifte : yef fou wilt liatbe uayrhede. 
VoT Bsrifte ne is n^t vyjKinte uayrhede.' 

pet ^dde Jing is / be^nohmge of lean cmtoa tiw iwra thing 
pine. Vor no nondinge / none eoele ^jtes ne moje otOnUt'iFU- 
bleue ine herte : fei ofte recoideji |iane dyaj) and )« 
pine of lean ciiet. Vor fet is fe annoie )»et Jie dyeuel fi»u«ti«iiM 
diet mest ese ^ ilke he huam he wea onercome / and dt»d.dbriiia 
be huam he lyeae his mijte. )Mt ie ous betokned in ^ 
initiiige of J« eddie of brea pet Moyaea be fe heate of twi ii bMokeud 
oure Ihorde aroiede ope ^ pole zuo heje : ^t al ^t uolk bjthtiaoeroi 
hise jzef. And alle ^ ^t his yze^ : veren y-hetd of 
J>e piekiyiigea of }6 eddien. ))e eddre of brea aieied 
ine yo pole; be-tokne^ Jiet body of leeu mat y-hanged TbtmUMtatDoM 
ine ^ rode. Jjet wea Jw eddre wy|M)ute uenym huerof oaiti. 
wea y-mad ^ trtacle of oure hel^ / to ham ^t byeji 
y-amite / and enuenimed of )ie pcekyingee of fe uenim- 
OQS eddie> of helle / }>et is ^ dyneL Loke be zo))e i^*^^^ 
belyaue ine (le eddre of brea. |)et ya to zigge / fet he ^^^i^.^'Ji^^" 
ftenche of Je pinen of lean cmt, and anhaste he aeeJ Jj^^jJ^^*^ 
by hoi / and by y-niyd of )m uondinges of ^ 

Jje ofer stape hoerl^ fis traw clyfj and profite^. n- ^"L'^'fc^, 
IB to loki ^ane mou^ uram uoule wordes / ^ weude^ "on^ 
to ribaudye and to onclenneese. nor be znych bleat and ""i* o** 
be zuych wynd : is ofte aquyked ^t uer of locherie. otivArrj. 
Huerof ^ writiMge apek}*. |>et 'word of fole wyfinan / 
ie bominde ase uer.' An zaynte paul ^ua zayji. fiet 'Jie BiUwortior 
kueade woidea of fole wyfmen : amene^ guode fieawea. g<ni vimbm. 
And ^raore huo }>et wyle loki chastete : hit behone^ 
Jtet he him loki mam zuyche wotdee. Vor huo fet "".T^?^^ 
ble[^]Iiche hise layjt / ofer ble^Iiche his yherji : be *"*» " "* 
8eewe{> wel |iBt ho ne is n^t chaat Yor per ne may 
go onte of Jw uete : bote zuych ase fer ia inne, Tef J» ^^^I^,'^ 
wordea byeb uoule and lodliche / bet is apart tokne bet •ipmi"t*im 
fe noulbede and ^ lodlichhede bye^ ine fe herte. Yor >>•"<■ 


be ^ moclielhede of fe herte ; fie moa^ spek^. f>et 

t&yp our Ihord ine his apella 

in. ourd 111 the )}e {vidds atape is irel to loki alle fe wjUea of f>e 

uu*T*fr«ii foil bodye / ose ^ ejen arun fol ^j)>e. ^ earen / to hyere 

ihiaumnKbui fole wordes. ]re hondeu tira[in] wyckede takingsB. pe 

owbiaiMboai nase: uism to modie lostuolle smelles. } mou^ 

jtoked budUDg, ^J,,m^ j^ lostuolle metes / and ine guode smackes. fise 

iiYt*ir»t™mh' ^^^^ ^ ^ gates of fe dt4 of fe herte / huerby J» dieuel 

*'2mtoih<r"' ^f* ''" °^ ine (le vif Jierlee of (le house / huerby fe 

danioagotth dyeuel ofte geji in-to pe herte / ase »yji Jw profete. 

Yele guoda men and stionge habbe^ by y-nome and 

oueicomo / be psa fet hi ne lokede najt vel ^ise gates. 

And yef pou wylt hahbe uorbisnea : ^nch pot non ne 

BuuoD, DiYiii, wes stret^er psttue samson fortin. no wiser fiamne 

oTincmu thTiiD(h Salomon, ne more milder J>anae dauid. and alneway 

^^^J^^ uillen be wyfinen. Ac uorao^ yef hy hodden wel 

yemd pe gates : po uyend ne hedde na^t yuome zuo 

greate casteles. Yoi ase zay^ saint gr^rie. ' pa tour of 

, pe herte ne may na^t by nome bote pe gates by opene 

to p^ ost of pe dyeule.' Hnerof yealde filozofes bem 

uledden in-to uerre etedes in-to desert, ^emore ^t hi 

ne mijten yzy / ne yheie / ne uele / fing huerby )» 

Btreng|>e of hire workes nledde away / ne huerby hi 

ssolden lyeee hire chaatete. pe o^ra ^ruore ^t hi nere 

^■Mtiiwpre- ^^ zenue to ])enche of filozofie / hy firesten out hare 

■m iiHit iii»»- gjg^ q£ jjg iiert^ I j^t hi ne zejen fing fet ham mljte 

ThB i»iui7 iriu wy))dr^e uram hire Mmtemplacion. )]anne |ie bodiliohe 

iHthoBt ■ brtdia, wyttes hjep ase ])et hors ^t yem^ wy^ute bridle eno 

bDi ■ diiita ))et hit de^ ualle his Ihord. Ac pe herte chast« / ham 

thoD with uu ofhalt mid pa bridle of skele. ^ou ich habbe pe yzed 

IV, L«t (fat omd t>e uer)ie atape is esarpnesse of liiie to do hia oless 

UH^rii. onderuot ^t is wiang to pe goste / ase zayji zaynte 

Th*nuu«n4 pauL Vor huo Jwt wile qnenche ^t oer of lecherie : 

h«rt mu etui- he mot do away pe aUjtyi^es |iet norisee^ zuych ver. 

' ''' Jict bii!^ pe lostes and pe eysea of {)e herte / peb beme^ 

"Ttw lower of Ui» 
hwl nwj Dot tn 

B8C&KW LimVDL HKAT8. 208 

and al^te^ foi ner of lecherie / ajid wnerre^ chastet^. 
Jjanne aaint bemaid ^ns zay)) / fet chaatete apilfi ,be jimUh'i (Ml* 
loatea. )}e writiiige zay^ / ^t leremiee biechgerdel / imbHidtibi 
rotede bezide pe wetere. Vor ohaatet^ / fet ia onder- aSw^T^Swaij, 
atondfi / and betokned be fe brechgerdle : fet nor- ^^"jj^^T** 
rotede / ine ^ Vetera of uoule loetee. And Jieraoie / ud tiHn(« w* 
fauo ^ wjle bim loki uiam. beminge : he aael do a- ■nj.brkUiv. 
way fe ilk brondea / be wyfdn^ingea of mete / and of "* " pn>»«. 
drioke / and be Bsarpneases of hia bodie. Haer-of ^ 
-writinge zayji. ^t ^ cMldren )»et weien j-noriased t)i> diu jm who 
mid greate metes / nolden mijt eths of Jw loetuoUe " tuttoi nuau," 
metee / weien y-borje ine fe fomayae of babyloyne- tL'ihi't™^ of 
huerby ia onderetonde : lenne of lecherie / Jwt ia ■''^"' 
yquBDct mid uoiberii^ of mete and of drinke / and be 
aaatpneese of lyne. Ac fe greate met«s / and ^t antmf 
fitronge wyn/ alijte^ and noriaseji lecherie /aae oyle •MooagrwmMt' 
ojiei grese al^te^ and 8t[r]eng^|i }>et u». ^ 

be vifte atape la be-uly kneade oelaiiede and be t. Amu ti» fbi- 
encheeons of zenna Uoche uolk bye^ y-nalle ine wkkvi, 
zenne be kueade nela^rede ^t n^t ellee ne hedden 
yoalle. Aee Jw lenayne zonie^ Jwt doj and hit dr^^ to **f "^'^^ 
smac : alano Jie queade nelajrede amer^ fei gnode loa 
of ^ manne. A roted eppel amang fa holen : make}) a nun ippii 
rotie ^ yzonnde. yef he ia longe y^i amang. A quic „.,j umd 
cwl beminde ope ane hyeape of dyade coles : hit his ""^ 
zet alio aaer. Hnerof Jie aauter zay|i. ' Pou. saelt by holy 
mid fe holy, and ponre mid ]>e pome.' aae yef he zede. 
yef Jiou wilt loki ^ine klenneeae and ^ine chaatet^ : 
beuli ^ oeh^rede of ^ kneade. Yor yef ^u loneet )>e ittiknioTM itn 
ueli^rede of ^ qneade : )rau aselt by znych aae hi bye^. wUikiA tbov ibdt 
Vor huo J>et louef uelajiede of fol ; bit behouef ^t he u^ " 
by foL fet zayf Jie wyae ine Jw writinge. Alsuo be- *™w*«»^ 

houeb him benly be encheysonee of zenne / ase epeke nil, ud (o not 
' J r J I r IMoumptaUoii, 

pnoeuche to wynnan in atede suapecton : vy^ one. 
Vor ^t ye^ ofte Bncheyaoun to zenejy huanne me heji 
jnne time and ^e etode. HueiKtf wo redef ine pe hoc 



TbaitotTsf of kinges. ))et amon ^t wes dt,aif is zone : liaaima 

iiBTU'iun. he hild his zoster / on ; to one / pnaellclie ine his 

chombie / he hise norUy. Josepea Iheuedy )» hy nand 

slone him / hi wolde do him zeneji mid hiia ac he him 

«ToidttK»ihiii(> niedde / aee wye / and hise uorlet. )7eraore zay)i zainte 

uAuj. P^^ henly fomicacion. ^t is to sigge / fo encheyaons 

[Ti)LH.b.] ^et moje lede to zenne of lecbeii& Yor me ne may 

na^t betere ouetcome zenne of lecherie / ne loki 

chaetet^ : fiaTtne to by-nly f6 encheysonea of zenne. 

Lutwrnam- J^emore Jie angle zede to lot / fet he asolde guo ont of 

to i*»a sodcB^ be cit6 of sodomme / and alle be houndee. Yor hit ne 

boDBiL is najt 3^oj to lete ]« kaeade nelajiede ne fe zenne : 

BooHinut&ir- ^^ ^^ '^^ ^^^ t^ markoB of zenne, J)et is to zigge : 

Ita'i^^S'oo"'' J*® encheisons of zenne. Me cou^ zigge. zno longe gej 

ir"^^^ .. Ifet pot to be wetere : bet hit comb to-broke hom. and 

m> '■ uHyP ■'™' "* ''"^ zno long nl^ J ^ ulindre aboute pa candle : ^ hi 

bem^. Alsuo me may zno moche zeche j>e encbeeonna 

of zenne / ^t me aalj>. Jianne huo ^t wyle him loki / 

Oram beminge he seel him vy^drt^e. 

TL Btoooipiid )7e zixte stape is / to by ine nyedee of guode workw 

bw^owkL '^^ oneete. Tor ])e ayend }wt neure ne / sJep^ / 

Ttwdgriiumpt- hmuuie he oint man ydel and sleawol guod nof to done / 

idkoMiiUM ' he him de^ ine his niedee / and de)i him etempe ' l^tliche 

in-to zenne. )}anne ^ writinge zay^ / )>et idelnesse / 

^ is to ELgge / 8len)>e and onlosthede vel to done / is 

maystr«88e of moche qnead. And ^moie ay)i zaynte 

panL 'Neyef na^t' zay^ he 'stede to fie viende.' )}et is 

to zigge r ne by m^t ydel / ^ ^ uiend ne ninde stade 

p6 nor to nondL Yor he is ydel of good wockes : ^t 

yefji stede to fe zanle hire nor to nondi. }Kmore zay^ 

M^'d^^. saint gerome. ' Do alneway some })inges of zome gnode 

'S^^^)!" workea / zno ^t )m dyenel ^ nynde alneway workinde. 

nor hno ftA is ydd / he him ne may m^t longe hyalde 

■ton Ml irto J*^* ^^ °® voile in-to zenne.' panno fe profete zayf . aor 

l^^JI"^^ >ot wee >e zenne of sodome / |wt prede. ydelnesse. and 

""'■ plenty, ^t is to zigge / Jiet hi ethen / and norznolje / 


and na^t ue dede. hner-by hy nillen in-to ]>e noule 
zenne pet na^t ne is to nenrni. alsuo dep moclie uolc hoa uk low 
fot Ijeseji hare time / and bine Iwzetteji ine ydelneaee / „^^ ,„ n,,,^^ 
and ine to moche of metes an diinkes / and ine fole ^i^,^'^*' 
pl^ea. ine ohildhedea / ine lijthedea / ine jKinges / ine Jj^- ^JJj* 
karolee / and ine tables / in elies / and ine obre fole ""^ '^ ""^ 

' III Anlguiua, 

gemenea. Ine znyche lijthedes waste^ haie tim& and andMhuioiD 

))emoTe hi usUe^ li}[t]liolie ine moche uonl zenne / and 

ofle in-to ys pette of helle. ]>et ia ate pricke of pa 

dya]^ / hneiof he ' ne nim^ none liede. [■ Mf] 

)}o zeuende stape is guode benee to god / ^t moclie vn. Oflw ■ood 
is worf to ouercome alle zenne / and nameliche zenne of ■"*"" *" 
lecherie. ))anne saynt ambroyse zay]). ' holy bene is a 
guod BBold / a-ye alle f e beminde ganelockes of fe 
dyenla' and ysidre zayji. fet / fet his remedie aye alle Hoifpn^viga 
senne. to him )»et yem^ to holy benes / an haste S^^utiau. 
hnanne pe vyend aaaylej pe herte. Vor wone to bidde : ["J* ^'T^^ 
aquenc)) alle pe aeaylinges of zenne. Holy bene is wel <• •'•o'^ *hi> 
mij[t]nol aooreye god. uor hi is y-ssored / mid uour Jiingee vitii "Kir p»u. 
ase mid uour poss[t]es. 

}}e nerste is rijte beleaue huer-of zay^ oure Ihord ine i. th* bi« t> 
his Bpelle. 'In al Jiet ^n acsest ine Jdne benes / haue iut* ■ good 
guode beleaae / and uest hope ine god : and f>on eselt ud ov pn^M 
habbe / }>et Jiou acsest.' Saint Jacob zay^. fet me acsy •«"»««*■ 

to god/neste bileue / wy^ute diede. uor huo Jiet Hairhoiiwith- 
diet : he is ase pe waje of f e ze / ^t pe vyud let hider ,„„ g(u„ ,^ 
and pidex. And JteruoTe he pet geji ^eminde / and Jl^J" "* "" 
talyinde / ne ^ng}i najt aye god. pe ojter ^ing jjet itoL w. a.] 
ssel by ine bene is hope nor to habbe ^t me byt 
Hnerof pe aanter zay^. haue guode hope ine god / and l tm*gini 
he ^ wile do ^t ^u him acsest. And feroorazedebe th«ukstti>c. 
ine ane ojne stede. ' Lord haue merci of me : uor min 
herte hopeji ine pe.' Grat hope ous yefp him uor to 
bidde / cuo.^t he ne zayde nt^t / ine bebotingge / fo 
he zede ine pe godspelle. ' huo Jiet acsefi : he uimji. and 
huo ^t zeikp : be vinL and huo ]Kt depe^ : god him 



A^ niHtj, dm- oponef .' pet U to ondeistonde / liuo Jwt acBeJi / wysliche. 

varin^, hao ^t zacp j diligentliclie. and huo ^[t] clepe^ / 

bletundelicba Huanne Jaae fri finges byeji ine hire 

Bkek. wyt. diUgencd. and perseueiance : god ham y-LerJ> 

udsodihaohai an haste. wjt: fiet Jwn acsi wisliche. Moche uo]k 

tatuietiir ^^_^j^ ^ j^j. ^^ ^^p ^j^ y-herd / uor hi raake^ knead- 

liche hire acsinge. Hueiof saint Jacob zay^ to ))an ^t 

ne vytej) huet hi acae^. ' )}ou acseat ' he zay^ ' to god 

Son* uk man <**^ / *" '*^*' '^^ ondenia[n]g8t' wmo akseji to h^ ping / 

iwttillir^i* more Jiamne ham hehouej / ase dede >e tuaye apostles 

o» ^oMiH John aaint Jon / and 'aaint Jacob, Jiet acaeda >et on of ham 

zete ane pe rijthalf of oure Ihorde ine his r^ne / and 

fie oper ane his lefthal£ Hi ne acsede nt^ wifiliche ac 

wIh wm n- rafire hit ))0}te grat presumoion. And ^more he ham 

^^^^ thX anaurede oure Ihord haidliche and ham zede. ' Ye oe 

■w^tep huet ye acaep.' )}aflne huo ])et wile wysliche 

hidde god / yef he him loke^ uram preBampcion / open 

]>et he ne wene greato pingea of him-zelne ase dede pe 

farisen' Jiet yalp ine hu^nea / and onwor^ede ^ane 

pubblycan. Ac mlldeliche ma ssel to god bidde / and 

him-zelue deme beuore god ^t yz^)) p^ herten of p^ 

uolke. and wot hare eueles / and hire lackes / and wot 

Tika hwd to tiH huet ham is nyed / betere )ianne ham-zelue conne. Nim 

bow u»T nhiut hede to ^ poure truons / hon hi ssewe^ hire euelea / 

m^^o«du ^'^^ ^^^'^ defautee / uor to maki Jwt uolk / to habbe pe 

p"r- more reuje of hftm , AIbuo me ssel do to-uore god / 

BoihiiifSMituw mildeliche'saewy his lackes/ and hiazenneaJwrerecoTdy/ 

Qod hi> iKki uor to habbe grace and noiyeuenesse. )M o^re 'byp ^t 

Whir fctt ffj "^ conne acsi bote^^pingee libbinde and little / ase byef 

»rfcjinpo™i ^ guodea of time. God Je wyle wel gratter Jiisges 

but Qod vui not ysue. He nele ^e yeue pere / ne eppel / oee me de^ 

Hu ippil^^u B^e childe. ac greate Jiingee he wile pet }h)U him acBL 

domtoi^id. j^gg ^^ j,g i^y profitable / to heljie of zaule / ase 

his grace and his hlisse. Vor huo ]>et acee)) to god 

nchesseB / worpssipea / hejnesses / o^ dyeaji of his 

yaon : he rent to gode uonle benes. and ^eraon he ne 



hier|i his najL t)enioiG zay)> zaint auatin. ' Se onder- K*4MirH ■■ tn 

stand nB^t' hezay^ 'of goduorgreatej'iiigee/fie goodea luiiiaie Uh 

pet he jefp j alsuo wel to ^ kaeade / ase to ]ie gnodo.' i 

he ^le agge. me ne ssel najt hyealde uor greate u 

Jringes / ]ie guodee pasinde ]>et god yefjt / alsuo and " 

more yet to f« kuesde : ^anne to )« guode / and ^eiuora 

hJfl yef|» god to )*e wyckede: ))et Jw guode lierni to whu*ftintiH 

onwor^ ]Mt he yef^ to ^ kueade / ase zay}i zaynt MitMtMantv 

aostin. ' Huanne )>ou bist {nnne god' / zay^ aaynt am- *""' 

broyee / ' acae]) grat }ring / ))et bye^ ^ ^t euiemo ileate)> 

vry]K)at« ende / na^ ^ Jiinges pasiiide. Vor ^ ilke 

bene ue com^ n^t to gode.' J^enioie oos tek^ onre [mi. «. b.j 

iniode mayster lesu crist / uofrl to acsi tryaliche. and v* ™»> "^ ■" 

, . -^ IWiifilnim 

000 Bsep]) ouie acainge ^ he zede. ' Yef^u acaeat em npuctfJtMu. 

)iing to mine uader / ine mine name : he hit ya wile 

yeue.' Yef he hit acseji mid fe name of lean crist / 

)iet acse^ Jwt behone^* to hel^ of zaule. Yoi Isau / is '•«• ^iciUm 

asemoche wor^ : ase hel^. And huet ^ing asolle we a ms. Mowt] 

|nnne acsi : he ous t«k^ ine his spelle ^o he Eode. 

' Yerst ocae^ godea riche/and his rijtnolnesse. and alle 'Baakint," 

fiise timliche Jnngea : }kiu aeelt habbe to aaontage.' Vor '^oait ungdcm 

ase me can dgge / 'to ^ meste niede : messel alneway "^^^^ t. 

yeme.' We habbe^ niede of too Jring. ^of goetliche widwnidTHn 

guodes / and of timliche gnodes. Ac wel mon nyede gift. 

we habbeji of gostllche guodea. and ^eruore we seolle i""»1i»"=k« 

his uerst and pnncipalliche bidds. and god his wile ihuorumpani 

ons yeue / and ous wile do auontage of }ie ofire guodes / 

^t bye]) ^ timliche guodes. We ne ssolle u^t maki 

of ^ o^ [secondej guodes prtncipals / ase do^ ^ 

couaytouae / J»t ne zeche^ ofar lif / bote J«t / fet ham 

laile^ / and ham aacapeji wille hi nolle hi. Ac ^ richa 

of hauene is Jjet lif eurelestinde : we saoUe bidde be '"**^J?J*"' 

ofseruiDgea of guode workaa. And Jnt is ^t god zay^. i>mii« 

'bidde^ neiat godes riche/and his r^tuolnesee.' ]Mt is/ •ndpoiwtoiiD 

do guode workee / huerby me may come to ^o riche ^t whanbr o» 

neuie ne sael faill an huo ^us hit bit : god de^ him a!!^'i°i^fltiiiL 


auont^e of )» timliche gu<Mte8. uor he hise him jet^ 

to hia woue ynojUche. uor na^t ne kcke^ to ham fet 

Thtsorgtgisiun lome)i god / and drede^ / ase tajf pe writiiige. Ac )>e 

BtrtfuOMaai. couaytouse of ^ wordle : fe mote )rat hi balibe)> / fe 

lesse hi habbej). huo ^t meat he^ of mayn4 / and meat 

him fiule])* of mete, and ^t meat hefi hors : meat him 

faylef) giumea and stablen. And aain[te] lerome za;^ 

)>et ' to ^ wreche fayle)) : )»et he he^ / and ^t he ne^.' 

Noa ^nch franne huanne faa voidest bidde god 

and acsi wialiche / and diligentliche / jiet is ententif- 

liche / and pereeueiantUche : and he pe wille y[e]ue : 

|iet )>e heat niede to ^i profit / an to hel^ to )nne 


I. LMUunbe ]7e [tridde }iing ^t ssel by ine bene : is deuocioii of 

In ttijptmjtr. herte / pet is to arere fe herte to god / wyf-oute ^jte 

ine ojire ateda Jjanne onre Ihoid zayf / ' huanne ^u 

evuwnjnin Bselt bidde god / be-tuene ^e te^.' ^t is to zigge / ine 

)iine herte. aaete ^ dore ope |)e. ))et is to zigge : do oat 

■ndpntoDtaU aJle ftojtea uleaaliche / uoule / and wordleliche / and 

ttMo^iM. luo bide ^e nadet of heuene ine halke. Saynt 

cipmn ^tus zay^. ^t alle ])0)tes uleasliche and 

wordleliche me ssel di}te uram )» herte / ^t wyle god 

bidde. lao ^t his herte ne ]>enche to o)ire ^inge : bote 

to |ret he Bsel bidde. 'hou' lay^ 'he / wenst ))ou / ^ 

wipnrtraiT S°^ ^y-here / huanne fiou ne hierat nat fiizeluet' 

^^rtii^ "* ^^^ yaidre layf . ' Jiajine / we biddefr zofliche / huanno 

we fienche^ nawerellee.' And saint auguftin lay^. 

wht gocaiMit ' Huet ia hit wor]» to eterie and to beate al day fe 

irtaiia th< imit ii lippsu / huanne f© herte ia al domb t' zuych difference 

ose Jmr ie be-tuene Jie cheue and J>e com / be-ttiene 

Tiw f oi« Dt bren and flour of fauete / betuene ^ aelle and ]w boato : 

SS'uid bna. znycho difference is betune |>6 narde of Jie bene / and 

S'tartt^ fs deuocioun of f» herte. God ne is najt goth » to node 

om^Bd BDor o( mj^ leaues. alsuo fe bene ^t is y-wrije ine leanea of 

vordea / wyjHDute deuocion of herte / ne like)) n^t to 

' MS. «tfe)> » jB(/ = goat 


god/ftc n^iQ him mis-pay^ /and him' vent ^ jesKJ p>\ 
ftt he hit ne y hiero. aw be ne onderetant na^ loiche [Fol m. u 
epedie. Huo fet bit god wy^ate denocion of herte : ^T*? ![2i^ 
he speb)) to god patroyllert. ase p6 ilke fei Bp»if half iddiMH Ood •• 
eo^JB and half oieniss. be apek^ to god mid mou^ : 
«o ye herte apek^ o^re speche / hnanne he >eng) 
elleabuer. Jjarme hit fe ^ing^ ^t mjcb uolk / Jiet zoo 
bidde^ god : hint acomefi. ase be Jrat wile kothj ane smiiaAHni 
dyane ; he wagge^ ^ lippen onlepiliabe and make]* B«b ■ tmi 
semblont to apekene : and na^ ne ay^ To luiche TonrtiOod 
oolke nutkef god ^ei dyeaue eoie. Ac pe bene ]>et m,, 
com^ / of ]» dyepneaee of fa herte : fo yber^ oura 
Ihoid. Tor ase a.yf fei goclapeL ' god is a goat and 
^emore hno pei wile by yhierd of god : hit him beboue^ and n ■ ipiiu, 
)>et he bidde ine goste / and in eofie.' Dani^ ona tek^ pi^edhiiiitiw 
to bidde god denontliche ine ^ santore / ^ he aede. ''^^ 
' Ibord mj bene hi ydijt benore ^ : aee ^t etor.' jKt 
stor huanne hit ia ope )w oere smel^ zoete. alaao dep Fnrvo'afti' 
Jie bene : huanne hi com^ of bemide herte of ]m loue >iki tb« idw» 
of god / smei^ wel saete to-nore god. o^ilaker f% bene 
ne com^ nt^t beooie god / bote M come of ^ herte. 
aae fa meaaager ^t none letties ne breng^ / o^ fet Pni*r>MHnt 
ne ia najt wel yknawe : ne com^ n^t lijtliche touore HuvwiauDt 
p& kinge. bene wyji-onte denocion / is measagiw wyjr- mtf fiM-i- 
onte lettrea / and wy^-oate knawlecbinge. hao Jwt 
mych meesager sent to cort : eude ha deji his niedea, 
' Vor ase me lay]) amunnnlicbe. hno pet fol sent ; fol 
abyt. Hno Jwt wyle fnnne zo^Uche bidde god : be 
seel to god grede mid dyepe herte / ase dede dauid ^t piv>bo<^ 
zede ine ^ santere. ' Uiord god yhyer mine bene and hHit. 
mine learde ^t ich grede to )« / mid ^ dyepnesae of 
herte.' JK hete of loue : ia ye gredinge of herte / ^t 
zay^ aaynt augu«tin. )» ilke learde and ye ilke gred- 
inge / him like^. nt^t reaide uor to telle tales. Seint 
gregoiie aai^. yet zo^liche bidde god : is biter zobb- ctMiuroai- 
inge (^ ooT^enchinge. Jiet ia todgga/ of lorje/ and of fj^^j^'^''' 


udau of Buub rapentonce of herte / keste to god. najt woidea af^ted 

and y-slikad nelenold. Ziiy<di giedinge caclte^ ^ 

Jyeuee / >ot bye)i fe dyenlen fet oua wayte^ ous to 

robbL and ^more ssolle we ofte grede to god / ^t he 

sndipnjmiriTH ons loki mam fo ^ieuos. ALiuo Bsolle wq Btrangliche 

thitii, itM dnfii. giedo to god / ^t he ous h>ki uram )» ^yenes. and 

uram |ie nei of couaytise / and of lecherie / ^t he ous 

Oodgintbe yetie )nt wetcT of tyeares noi to qnenchs luich ueT / ^ 

u> qaeiicii iba tn hit no heme oure herten. Alsuo esolle we grede aye fe 

1^^ °" foles of euele Jwnchinges / |iet oueiguoji ofte pe hert«. 

^ fo hert« ne spiUe be granntinge. ))eruora gradde 

daniji to god ine ^ saut«r. ^t zeds. Ihord / y-wyto 

TiMpnaofiiiiii me uram )ie peril of weteris / ^t is niej j-gno into 

nun, mine berte. And f« deciplea of oure Ihorde }o hi 

udUwtmpwt yzejon )» tenipeste of ^ dya^ ope ham gredden. 

' Siie / y-wyte ous / nor wo spUlef.' 
wadunidprv Vor fo yti fringes ^t icb habbe bier y-eed/me 

ni rrom ssel ofte grede to god / ^t be ous wytie uram ^ise fn 

i|,ii^ perils / of )iQ )iyoues of belle / uram }ie oero of 

i! i^r^ov^ couaytise. of foles and of koeade ])ojtea / and uram 

N ou seelt poll conne / fiet ine ecbe time / and ine 

PnrttOinj u, ecbe stede : mijt ]iou bidde to god. ac epecialliche 

cinimh. and more deuoutelicbe me ssel Mm bidde at cherche / 

^ane zonday / and ine feates ^t bieji iset god uor to 

CFoi. M. b.] bydde. bene / and woifissipie. and Jreruore me let of 

wtibnikauia bodilicbe workea of fa woke / uor betere to onder- 

WMkinardHtii stotido to bidde god. serai / bene / and woiasipia. 

mihiua*7?"'" JJer tyej* tuaye manero benea / on Jwncbinde ine berte / 

^"orl^ ^ J'S* ™^ ""^y oueral bidde. an ofer ine speche of mon)e. 

fiet me ssel bidde ine oneste stedes / najt ine longaynee 

ase doji ^ ypocrites / fet bam aseawe^ wyjJ»]-out6 / and 

■iidMt»nprv» 1^3* wif-ine. and alauo Jier bie> ofre fet gredef hare 

tub^MDw ^*6nes zno Ihoude J>et Jio fet byef y-bende / byef 

tboa. desetorbed of bate deuocion be ham / and fenche^ 

Etiyob icb am. And ^raore to zuicbea Eay^ god. 


VoT'Zope ich zigge to yow : ye habe^ ondemonge youi« 

mede. Tef god het / zao straytlic[h]e loki ^sne zeter- it^mma n> 

d&y / ine ^ yealde It^ / ^t he made, ane man / to ingwDodou iba 

stene / to-uore al fe nolke / uor fet he hedde y- '""^' 

gadered / a lite wode / ^ne zeterdey. hnet s^el he do / 

of ^an / ^t do^ / greate zenues / ^ane zonday / and wkK^nuiM 

ice fsBtes / and waateji ^ane time in ydelnesse / and ratarxtM gnu 

ine foKea and worse doji ine feetes : frawne in ojire J^™""*^ 

df^es. Vorzo^ hi esolle by more y-pined / and m^ore 

y-damned ine )« ojire wordle : franne gens / ^t biehen f« tha aondi; 

haie zeterday. Vor Jte zonday a more holy : ^nne fe thu um anat- 


Alflo bye^ fe feetea pnncipals / jiet byef yzet ine The gnut ami- 
holy cherche / nor god to bidde / and ^nki / serui / for wooMKiiiig 
herie / and vor^ipie. of ^ greate guodnesaee ^t he 
fe hej y-do / ase holy cherche recordej, Ine zuyche chrtBUmu »• 
festes ase at cn'steranease / his beringe / hon he wee y- ctariuaUrUi, 
bote J at Pb mayde. At yeetre / hie oparizlnge / hon [Mug, Anvdaii 
he aroB mam dya)« / to line. Ate asseudon / hou ha J^^m"*"* *" 
8t«a5 to henene / ine zij>e / of alle his aposUes. At ^^^^J^" 
lokee / hou he zente fane holy goat ; ope his apostles. *^ *•<* '"™'- 

AJ^no p6r bye^ yzet ^ feetee of ha^en / ine holy Tbtn ■» u» 
cherche / uor to worjieeipie / an uor to serui god / and which nnutu* 
herie / and his haljen / of Jje mitaclea }iet he dede uor "'■•""• 
ham. uor to ueetni ouie beleaue. And ^eruore / we 
SBoUe }k feBtee of hal^en loki / and bidde / ^t hi oua 
helpe auoreye oure Ihord leeu cfriat j ^et zuo mocbe his Letutpi^thM 
woiseipe^ / ine heuene / and ine er^. )lanne zen^ej) om ood, 
he wel kueadliche / )«t ne loke]) ^ festes. Vor he 
de)i aye godes heet«. and of holy cherche. 

Ac zome mijte zigge. ' lyeue siie / me ne may ni^t ^™» ""gi>t "w. 
alneway bidde god / ne by at chercha hnet kueod is nj fat jmriiw. 
hit / yef ich guo playe. and Bolaci. jMi^huile ^et ich cbnrdi.-' 
mfi solaci j an playe : iche ne ^nche none manne 
kuead.' To fan ich wille apsuerie ^tiiche. uoi al fane ^.^J^^ 
time / f et J)OU bezest ^i fole gemenee / in ydelnoese -/ i°m uiih. 


and ine niedea / |»t ne bye^ najt i-di;t to god : pon Iiis 

lyeat. Vor )iou saelt jwyte / feteX ^ane time / )>et ^a 

DO pen^ n^t a god : ^n hise eselt Ttkem uor najt. 

^et 2ay^ aa haljen. )>et is to <aiderBtcH)de / hoanae yaa 

ne ]>engBt / bote to ydelnesee of ^inge / ^t ne is ydijt/ 

He loMh ■ gnt ine Qone maner to god. And uorzo^ he liecrt giat 

kti Uatt, ybug j ^ liest liis time / zuo zay^ eenekee. oor be lyeit 

Jw guodes ^t he ssolde do / me euo mocbe time / aae be 

(M ba loHUi uw lyest ine |ie playea / and ine yddnesae. and ]>et se is 

^t^^Uiu ™'^* wy^oute lenne / to lieae Jtane time / in queade 

"■»* wonea. Vor god wile aod reheninge / ate daye of dome. 

[FoLti.!.] ^is zay^ stunt anselm. And f«nioTe me sael alneway 

Bt omipM In wel do / sud Tel bezette ^ane time / ine guode workea / 

anil ihBt, ase moche / aee me may / ^-hnile pei be leae^ nor ^ 

whuwtihau 1^^ >^ Bsoit / ase zay^ f« vritinge. ne non ne wot / 

"^ hou longe he hit ssel habbe. nor non ne wot / boanne 

ba seel sterue / ne bnanne he ssel pacL 

AnouiBraiv An oJmt may ligge. ' Yef bit were suo / ))et alls 

■nutitBMM d^es ine ^ yeate vere messeda^es / and y-bote 

bntUHn^oDM byealde be boly cbercbe. bno ^anne ssolde erye / and 

JJ^^JJI'^j^^ 2aw& ripe / and mawe. and ofre erflicbe workes to 

done / hner-by men ssolle libbe 1 ' Jume ansnere icb lete 

nwkBnri to bam : {wt beteie conne ansamie / Jnnne icb. Hno 

bNiwmbtoia ^et wyle Jianne loki ^ feetee / aee he Bsel : he him seel 

umrttUiuL j^j^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ j fet to gode ne ia ui^t likinde / ne 

to his baljen. and wel to bezette ^ane time / in god 

to bydde / bene / and Jtonki of his guod& y-Jiere bis 

sennonB/andondeTBtondetoallegaode worites. Alsqo/ 

whmmiiiiiiinii buanne at chercbe / man bitn ssel habbe / wel oneste / 

■amtvuiat uw and do wor^eaipe / an reueience / to god. and to his 

^^ ^' haljen / uor ^ atede ie holy / and is y-Kot / to hidde 

god, najt uor to iangli / uor to Ih^^e / ne aorto trnfly. 

itnibooMor Jjanne oure siie isay^ 'Minhoua/ isbooaof bene.'and 

'"'"' jreruore me ne sed ojrer fing do / ne ogga : bote fsA 

bueruoie bit is y-zet yia cay^ saynt aostin. ))e ilke ^ 

stel come to-uore fe kinge ine bia cbombre / uor aome 


grace to bidde / be him loki wel to ligge ^ing / jret 

na^t ne liti ^ kinge. Wel more he him ssel loki / Jw n i, ood-i dm- 

ilke fet coin)i to cheiche / Jiet ia godee chombre / and Jj^^^ 

godes houa / to done / and to rigge / to-uore god / and Sta^?iiS5" 

to-uore his angles / ^ii^ ^ him ne likL Grod nele i^vi"'^-' 

najt |iet me maki his hone ntaicat / ne bojie / huerout 

he wiek / ^ ^ lyalde / and bojte / iue ^ temple, uor 

he nele / })et me maki norewetdee / ne noyeea / ne 

nyedee eecnleree / Jierinne. ac rafre wile / ^ me on- wi»r»ton pr.» 

derstonde / to bidde god denouteliche / and him herie / u™* aii for 

and ^nki of al his guode. }>ei me asel wy})-clepie hia uih, 

berte to him / and do al out / alio seculere niedea. 

jemere )K^tee. and ^encbe an hU sseppere / and ane ud ihink of hii 

Ms guode gnodneeaes (let god him hef y-do, and bim **™~" 

de^ cmnmunliube. lecordi hie zennee / and bia lackes / 

and him-zelue mildi / to-uoie god / and bidde uoryeue- 

nease / and grace / him to loki nram zenna and Pn; loi tumtve- 

bleuinge ine gnode line / al to ^ enda )}ere asolle ^ ma to uia 

greate Ihordefl / and ^ greate Iheuedyee uoryete hare ^^' 

blisse / hare m^te. hare diugnet4. and haie b^neeea indiDndigTMi 

and Jieache ffA hi bye^ beuoie hare demere / }et Bsel ibaiiidumidt 

his zette to skele / otfa guodee ^t he bam bet y-da 

of )m dingnet^ / faner be his be^ y-zet. bou hi hit 

habbe^ y-used. and ham ssel yelde be haie ofgoinga 

))eraore bi asollen fer / bam moche mildi to god / m^t 

f^orifie ban hejneese / ne of hare uayre dijtinge / ne of 

hare uayre robes / to Jw norbysne of kinge daui^ / Jtet J^l?"^^ 

bedde uoiyete bia dingnet4 / )k> he bed god / and on- "i"« taft™ 

war))ade him-zelne / tonore bim. 'Icb am'bezede 'alite 

werm / and no man.* and ine ^ / he bekneti / bis 

fKilemodiiease^ bia pouiebede / and bis noulhede. Vor "" •• u** » 

asB ^ verm is uoul / and lite / |>iug ouwor^ / and west 

al naked / of ]m er^e / al-sao ia man / uoul |nng of 

bim-zela& nor hoanne he yede / in-to ]w exil of Jiise niwd ud worth. 

wordle ; n^t be ne brojte ; ne n^t ne asel here away. 

al naked be com : and al naked he ssel guo. jMnoe IT<H- n. b.] 


uui,ftw^ftiu aaint bemard zayb. 'haetie man / bote tielbe / and a 

mwtbcvoniH. zech uoI of donge / weTmeae metel' He is vel uool an 

etinkiude zed ine ]» byetinge.' a zecli uol of donge ine 

hia liue. mete t» wermee / ine Mb dya^ Alsno ^ 

Onu iidtH greate ' Iheuedyee / ^t come^ zao idi^t mid gold / mid 

ura Hi (hMi zeiuer/mid etonee of pris/and mid lobeaof grat cost/ 

to cbeiche be-uoie god / hy ssolden nime norbisne of 

^e quen heater / ^ dede of hire couatouse lobee / aod 

■ndihooidiwa hiie o])Te agtaijiinges / ^aime hi com to chercbe / to 

u boH. bidde god / and hire to lojy / and bekneu haie ponie- 

hede to-uore god / and zayde to god. ' Ihord ^n wost 

^ ich batie ^ toknen of prede / and ^ blisae of 

^Tay|>ingeB / and of ioyans / jiet me behonef) do / ope 

GodbUiiaM mine beauede ine grat wlatiynge.' Yorzojie / and zuo 

r^oiainibaH he)) god gist wlatiynge / to ham / ))et ine ^Jee Jiiuges 

topiHM*)oi*. habbef blisse / and ham agray^^ / ham uor to esewy / 

and to paye ^ folea. God ne he^ n^t to done mid 

a>i If vi«h4 zuyche payinges / ine his cherche. ac of milde herte / 

hvrtmndiiinn ^^'^ of cleue inwyt. Zainte panel tek}> r^t wel / hou 

"***""*■ ^ gnode wyfinen / ham ssolle agray^i / huanne hi 

Vootn iboQid come|) to cherche / to bidde god. He zay^ f>et hi ssoUe 

wHii elan ejotta- habbe clenliche clo^inge / wyjKmte to mocha ^t is to 

iriMiiiiljiln onderatonde ; be J»an fet Jie wyfinan is. Vor |«t / J>et 

tbdr rtMioB. jg ^ moche ine one wy&ian / aoia n^t to moche ine 

ano^re. More behouef» to ane kuene / ^ne behone^ 

Thariiunid ta to ane bd^ay^e / o^ to ane simple vyfman. £fter- 

bcML ward he tek)i / huiche bye)i of simple z^^ fet is to 

zi^e / milde / and ssamueste / n^t )ie bolde / ne |ie 

najt saamneste / ase bye]i fe fole iryftaien / fiet gnoJ» 

mid Btondinde nhicke * / aee faeii ine launde / and 

lokeji Bzide / ase hois of gist cost Efl«rvard / he 

bt toa biu; ibont nele na^t ))et hi hi to bysi / of haie heaueden to agiayjri 

^^^J7^,i, ,,42 mid gold / and mid zeluer / and mid predouse atoaes. 

i^^dlSiii ^^ ^^ ^^ y^' eft / >et at cherche / ^ hi faabbe / 



hare heaueden 'y-vreje / zuo ^t aon ne bi ine kuede ^ 

pontes HOT h&m. and ^t hi ne yeue. none endiesoon / 

to ^enche qnead / to ham / ^t hise yeye]). Ac hi 

asollen bi yd^t ' ase he my^ / ase guode vy&nen / ])et [i us. fdifti 

88eawe)i ^e guodnesae of hare herten / be guode dedee / 

and femore zayf saynt Amlnoyse. ' Hue fet wyle by a« wbo doini 

yherd ine his benes : be aeel do away mam him / alle te bcwd, mut 

toknen of prede / and he sael bonje to god / be zofe uiktmttrttii- 

bojsanmeeee / uorto steiie god to merci.' Vor ase he 

tajf. ' prondnol clojiinge / ne wyn^ na^t of god. ac yelp 

encheiaoun / euele to deme j of ^an oJkit of hire : ^et hit 


Nou ich pB babbe y-Bseved / pn ^ng / pet ssol by 
ine bene, beleaaa hopa and deuociotin. Ac to ^an pet TnwiiiciBn 
pe bene / by j)ai£tlicb6 licuol to gode / and wot^ to thapr^vta 
bi y-heid : hit behoue^ / ^t uer^ ^iug. ^t ia ^ bim ''"^ 
behone]) / tao wyngen / ^t hit bere toaore god. )}ise 
tuo «7ngen / bye^ : nestinge / and ebaesse. jKniore / Thej « baUnc 
J>e angle zayde to tobye. pe bene is good : buaime lii wuiKnt Uwe u 
hej» mid hire / elmesse / and nestinge. and wyJ»-out« J^""* "" 
piae tuo jtisges : bene n« may n^t / vly to gode. ac 
zenne amer)) and him vi^di^^ ayen. jTeniore poo. seelt 
y-vyte / ^t ine tuo maneres is bene amerd / ase zayji 
ysaye. Vor )wt me ne let ns^t euele to done. And 
^emore / )>et me nele noryeae / his misdedea / ne his ^ w^ >^*" 
eueleywyl. VoralsnoaselMemeTyelefl/neisn^wor^/ wiumtiHimn. 
to hele pe wonde / ne non o^ ^ing / )«r-hnile ^t / ])et 
yzen is })emme : olsno hit ne b n^t wor^ /ne ni^t ne pro- 
fited pe bene / to him ^ hit zay^ : ^t huile ^t he is / 
ine dyadlich zenne. ne ase longe ase he he^ / quednesse 
ine his herte. And femora zay^ pe proiete. ' Arere we Thmftm hhh 
oure herten / and onre honden to god / ^t ophebbe}> "sJll^^n^ 
oure benes be goode workea.' And pe apostel tekj / hS2"oSiirt 
|>et me arere / clene honden ine bene. Jw clene J|^'^'^ 
honden / Jwt byej fe clene benen / Jiet byej» y-do ine ij?*i^ 
clone inwyt. Vor God ne yher^ nt^t pe bene / Jiet "• "« i*-^ 


cem^ of inwyt uol of uel^ / aad of zeruie. Jjume he 

ood >in luc ^J^ ^ f* pnrfeta ' Hnanne f« multeplieat; ^ine benes : 

'^m.'uul?™ '*''• °^® """^ j-here. uor Jine hoaden byof al blody.* 

toi.^'bklX ■^'"' '^y^f J"* I **' ''*^^1' J* tondeu brodi : bote >o / 

buidL ^et be-ulea^ ^ pouie nolk / ^i bye)* onder ham / amJ 

hudi w^ m-oH benime)) bfun hire gaodes be etreng^e ? Hy habbe^ hare 

""^°°'' honden al uol of blode / of fo poure. uor hi benimoj) 

ham hare lyf / and hare sostinonce / be hare conaytiae 

ThajHttiioodr and be hire roberie. and make)) f>e greate to mocbcl- 

-hi-A.iwy.h.ii hedee / and ete^ ^ blodi snoden. Hneiof hi bboIIq 

i^*oibw°* P^y^ hax^ scot / ine J« o^ wordle / bote |ie writfnge 

*'"'*■ ne lyeje / fet zayf. Jiet god wyle acsi / ^t blod of J»e 

poure: of hare hoaden. ))anne hit behoue]) fwt hi 

yelde : ojiei ^t hi hoi^ Yor ase me zay]) : ' o|>er yelde : 

o^r hoDgL' And Jmniore god ne yhyer^ na^t znich 

K* who iriii I* uolk / nor M ne bye}i n^t worjii, Huo ))et 'wyle fanne 

Km naftm Ood by yherd : ne come na^t beuoie god / mid moide 

"''^ adi^e / and mid blodi honden / ne ydel hondea >et is 

to zigge : in wyl to zen^i / ne mid lac of ontreujw / ne 

ydel of gnode workes. nor yox zay^ onre Ihord ine his 

spelle. '))oa ne sselt na^t aseawy )»/ beuore me : ydel- 

bonded.' ^ like com)> to-nore god / mid ydele h<aiden : 

))et com|) him to bidde / wy^-onte maUynge of present 

to god / of guode workee. uor ayeus ^an / ha saet his 

w* iwd Id uh S^to : f>et him bit / and n^t ne bTengfi. Of Jiisen we 

^^of tabbef ane uorbiBne / ine )» godapeUe / |«t My)>. ^t 

mii^'whaH J* 8^** ""^ y-saet / aye fe fole maydines / )jet hedden 

Ijl^^""" hare lontpen ydeL and god ham zede. ' ich ne knave yo« 

Ood ban Ouat n^fc.' [let is to zigge : ' ich not huo ye byej».' Tor god ne 

lunri tuu of knau^ bote Jro : ^t him trewliche senie^ / )wt habbe^ 

Kara lompen uol of oyle : aee hedden jie wyae maydenes. 

^t 18 to zigge ; ^t habbe^ hare herten nol of pit« / and 

hit Bsewe)) be gnode dedea. Zuich nolk he y-her^ / and 

to zuiche uolk he opene|i hie gates / uor he onderuang^ / 

ble))eliche hare benea 

Xou ich zigge fianne / )Nit bene ]>et is ysaored mid / 

fawumiuior ; 


Jtise oont poBs[t]eB / aae ich haLbe benoreyzed : ys wel iiwnavuii 

mi)tiiollM-amegod.narheBselhabbely3tlicheof}um/&l bpamtniiMbn 

)>et he he^ niede / byMttojnbodie/byhittoJnzauIe/ 

ase wytnesae^ ^ writinges. jMnne saint lacob zayji. ]iet Tbamrvofs 

mocbel U wor^ bene of guod man, nor hi is wor^uor to hele u, ih^, n^t- 

Jie nke/ofbodie / andof mole. Huerof him-zelf zede. bSff!*"*"^ 

yef he ia ine lenne : hit esel him hf aory[e]ae. Jm 

-writinge ixtyf. pei Moyses onercom amalec / and al his uaim dtssw 

ost / n^t be n^t : ac be his holy biddingea. nor ase ^^^ ^ 

zay^ an holy man. more is wor^ an haljen / and may 

biddinde : )nne nele Jmosond of zen^eiee : uijtinde. [Pc4.«.b.] 

)>e bene of a gnod man / opene^ ^ heuene. hon ssoldB xb« phvr gtn 

he /hoteouercome^wyckedeiiieer^ Aguodaldwyf £2|J^I"°'"'"* 

poichace)) more' of heuene / ine on»-lepi onre biddinde : 

)>ann6 asolde do / a ^uzond knyjtes / oife londe in lang 

time/ behuearmes. And ^enioie hit is gnod / tozeche whmfanitii 

}» benee of gnodemen. and spedalliche of men of re- pnrmgfggad 

ligion / ])et bye]) to-gydere / god nor to aerui / and nor 

to bidde nor ham / ^t do]* ham gnod. Vor yef jie bene 

of ane gnode manne / is moche wor^ be-nore god / aae -m pmm tt 

zay)) )>e writinge : more is wor]i / and may : pe bene / •Aoin'tSu'tiu 

of nele guoda Vor ase eayj an haljen. Hit ne may ^2."**"* 

oa^t by / ^ ^ bene of oele gnode men : ne is y-hetd. 

J)e benes of a conent / bye^ ra^ yheid of ^ abbotte : rh>iKv««r* 

^anne ^e bene of one moneke. alsuo jheip god is^ ^ lUiHinxxaBr 

benea of )«n ]wt bye]) togidere him nor to send. jMnne pnrvofin 

he zay^ ine his spella ' yef tno of ous / one]i ham to- 

gideie / me nor to bidde ; Al J»t hi bidde^ / mine 

nador : [he] ham vile do.' 

pB ZBUB BOJBB/ or OHABTSri. Th( KTB bsDgha 


Non ich habbe yzed fe zeue stapes / huet-by cliiji / H" "t™ 
and wext / and profited / )iet trau of nirtne / and of " ■"■ ft— 
cha[B]tet& Non behone^ to ligge / of )ie bi^ea / of wortiL 
^ise tiawe / ^t bye^ zeuen. be ^ zene states / of ^ 
stapes of nolke / fet ^)yep ine Jiise wordle. 

Dinitizedb, Google 


TiMflirtititoia J>eueTBtestat/iaof^aii]>etbye]);holeofbodie / and 

wiioii Dtbodf, habbe^ wel yloked hire maydenhod. Ac einevay j hi 

^ iM'miid- ne bye)i najt y-bounde )ierto / )wt M ne bi iue manage. 

in''wriM*o« ^'^^ ^^ °^^ / "^ ^^' ^**^ chaeteto / ^ is cleimease of 

SlI^J^'^J^^^ herte / and of bodie. }>eruore Jie cbildren of riche men / 

oAottrAj. ssolle habbe euode lokeres / and oneste / bet hi by 

bingnod be-zide ham / and ^t hi bi diligent ham wel to teche / 

and loki orani zenne / and aram kueade iieli^rede. 

lot Out b* =>«- Vor be fole aelairedes / amerreb ofle children, and bare 

eomiHiiiiuL. te[c]hingB. ]Mt kueade uolk / ]» wordea of kueadnesae / 

of hbandie / ))e fole takinges / and inhaneate ine semne 

of lecheri& and ojverhnil of ^ lecherie / ^t ia aye 

kende. JJerof anofre time we habbef yapeSe ine Jo 

chapitle of nices. an Jeraore hit ne behoae]i najt to 

te AuJ^duL '*^^^'*'- "^^ )* "^^ kende ne is najt uayr. And femora 

lugbt whOt me esel ]ie cbildren ohasti / and wel teche / and bi bezide 

good muDm. hfltn ^huile )iet hi byej yonge. And wonye bia to 

hyealde ^ goode techingee. Vot aae zay)i aalomon. ' ^t 

child lyeme J ine hia yeje^ : he hit wyle healde ine hia 

elde.' And ^ filozofe zay|). ' Hit ne is nE^t lite Jing / to 

wonie gaod / o^ koead / ine bia y^J>e.' Vor ase me 

zayj>. ' Huo ^t tekji colte endaunture : hyalde hit wyle 

audi bnn u uh Jierhuyle hit ilest' Zuiche fourme aee ^ sao takf ate 

flinunmnon ginnjnge : he halt euiemor ine )>et stat. )}anne heji 

chastet4 nyede of guode lokinge. nor ojMrlaker hy aael 

zone by uorlore. 

wum OM ^ °^ ^^^ ^ °^ ham fiet biefi n^t clene of bodie / 

ban loM u»ii and habbefi hare chaeteti uorlore / and hare maydeuhod / 

[1 Bo la MB.] er |iBQ hy weren euerte ' ymariseed / ne y-bonnde mid 

bende. huo may ham wy^yme uorte bi y-mariased. and 

alnevay hy byef y-aariue and uorjenchinde of haie 

Etn In till* zennea. Ine )k) stat me ssel loki chaatet^ Vor huo ^ 

•hooid be D? is ine JMt stat : be seel habbe neat porpos / and wyl / 

Ttt^mm^"' i** 1^""* ™'" "^ ™^ "y^"" yeme to ^ lenne of his 

to iMnii ftran bodye, ac raf>re he him aael loki be his mijte. Ty)>-oute 

uidthaSMh j^t j jiet he him moe mariaai yef he wyle. And huo 


Jwt wyle ine ^t etat loki his chastet^ : hit behoueft fet ■i™w i» ™ia«r- 
he defouly and chasti his ulees he haidueaae of uest- tnrUt of Bu»- 
ingee / and be penoncea. Jina ia fe o^er boj of fiiae uu^ "" 

)7e f>ridde is of ham ]ret bye)i y-botmde be mariaga. Th> lUid luu 
ine ^ Stat me ssel loki chaatete / out-ynome pe dede of uuHbcaniiiv 
epouahod. Vor hi esolle loki hare bodi ^ on to Jie o})ie TboXoia 
klenliche and treweliche / wy)>-out« do onr^t : J» on to to^jiity'ttd*'" 
fe oJ.rea and |wt acsef )re l^e of apoushod. fet fio on S^^^IS.^. 
beTe to |>e o^ren la^ and trewfie of his bodie. Vor Formuooa 
^rhuyle fiet hy bye|> y-uestned to-giderebe spoushod trmmitttm 
^ on to fe ojire / hi byeji o body / ase myf j»e writinge. "* ' 
and fferuoTO ssel ^ on louye ^ o{>ren / ase him-ielue. 
Tor ase M bye)i on body, hi ssolle by on herte be wiertionibtT 
trewe-loue / ne nanmoie ham to-dele / be herte ne be iiHrmytrw* 
bodie ))erhaile )Mt hi libbe)i. |)eruore hi ssolle loki hare '°**' 
bodyes cleua an3 chaetliche oat-ynome ^ dede of wivHihiuinrg 
apoushod. and ^eraore zay{> zay[n]te pauL fet ^ wynes uetamJa 
esoUe lonie hare Ihordes / and worsaipie. and deuoute- **"' 
liche by cheat and sobra chaste to loki hare body uiam chui* in thair 
ojffen Jianne of hare Ihordea. aobre ine mete and ine m mM nd in 
diinke. uor to moche diinke / and to moche ethe: ^^ 
is giat ali)ti»ge to fo uere of lecherie. Alauo sad Thtmuriuii 
^ man loki his body denliche jiet he ne yeue hit toothinrcmaa. 
na^t to o^ie iryfinen / bote to his. Spoushod is a 
etat yet me ssel wel klenliche / and wd holylycbe iiuTi>c*b> 
loki uor manie skeles. uor hit is a stat of greate naUiaiiiT, 
autorit& uoi god hit made ine punidis teieetre ine Jie •«* "— ordai»d 
atat of clennesse. er^an man hedde y-zenejed. And 
Jiemore me ssel hit holyliche loki / uor ^ne skele 
Jret god hit made / and uor ^ane stede huer hit wee 
ymad. Ellenrard / hit is a stat of greate dignete. auwiniaot 
nor god_wolde by bore of wyfinan yspouBed. J>eruore fie *™'*'«°"'' 
mayde maiie made of apoushod hire mental : hueronder pdt ood wh bom 
wolde by godea zone bi y-co»ceyued / and y-bore. Under wm^'™"'^ 
^ mentle vcs y-bole nram'Jie dyeule / fe prinite / and 



vaitrbKmuia* fie rod of ome scele / and of onre heljie. ^eruore ^anne 
of (h( •oDi'i hrip me ssel hit worjiaaipie and clenliche lokl Efter ^tA me 
dniL asel hit loM holyliche / nor hia bolyneasa.' nor hit is on of 

It ti 1 luij rtM*. ff, BacremenB of holy chercha and betokne^ ye aponshod 
menamu ; ^t is bo-tiiKie faolj cheicho : and lean criJeit and betnene 
•owtiiKwHbifan god / and ^ zanle. jMnne >et st&t of spoof^od ia zao 
an* HI ifai ib boly ^^^ Buo hooeste : ^ )» dede f«t Tee dyEwllich Eenne 
'°*''**^ put of spooshod / is wy^ute E^tne ine eponshod. SDd 

n^ onlepiliche wy^at« zenne : ac hit mai by to merite 
H( hiitii gnat uoF to Wynne \tA lif wy|>-oat« eude. And ^ou sselt 
iotbtaM^ ywyt« Jwt ine ]ni caa me may do fa dede of epouahod 
««¥iM» wUhoB* T|fyjK)Tite zenne, and he mai habbe grat merite aae to ]» 


]>e nerate cas is hnanne me de^ fe ilbe dede ine 

wylle nor to babbe child to Bemi god. nor ine miche 
' ondentondinge wea nerst spoushod yxet Pe oJmt caa 

ia : buanne ^e on yelt to ye oyre hia dette / yanae he 
tbTmirMdM. hit okse]). and ]wrto aaal aterie dom : yvb yelt to edien 
^wtMba" ^ "?^ huanne he hit akae}i and bit be mou^ / ofierbe 
'^^^ *** tokne ase do)) ye wyfineu yei hjey Bsamoest niich ^ng 

nor to acel )k ilke ^t uorzakj) frane ojnene yet acse^ : 
Thaonahuhi] zen^e)).* uoi be de)i bim wrang of his ojene ^inge. oor 
bt^J^iSr 1* <*° ^^I" ^^ "'^ }* ^>odie of y^ ojwa Ac he yet acaey 
<"'>*'- yet he HSel : he dey wel and arijt huanne he bit de^ ine 

fo ondaiBtondioge he ofserue^ auoieye gode. nor rijt 
TUrfiT.whMit bim d^t yeiio j and ni^t lecherie. J)e ^ridde cas ia 
, huanne me bit acse^ hia vyue of ya dede / nor to loU 

hire uiam zenne. nameliche hnanne he yzij^ ^t hi ia 

zua aeamuest / )>et hi nolde neniemo acsi bora Iboide of 

zuiche ^innge. and ylef^ ytX, hi asolde ualle ble^elicbe 

in-to zenne / o^ l^tliche bote yef me biie ne acsedo. 

Huo ^et ine |k> ondentondinge / yelt / o^ ac«e^ zoiche 
' dette : he ne zeue}[e)>] najt / ac ra^ o&eme}) auoieye 

god. nor pite him ateie^ |iet to done. Ine ^ise ))ri caa / 

ne is no zenne ine ye dede of apoushod. 

1 HS. leir>"*' * MS. MH^i 


Ac ioe o^recasme may zeueji/o^r lijtliche /o))er oniUothv 
dyadliche. and specialliche ine ^ cas. pe uerate is. .iii m an* 
liuanne me ne zek)) ine suich dede : bote fe lecherie and rSTirt u *ba 
luB lost and ine J)o cas me may zen^i / lijUiche / and ™^Sifrhiiw'^ 
deadliche. Lij[t]liohe / hoanne ^e lost ne paeef> m^t 
^ markes / ne ^e tetnessea of apousfaod. Jwt is to zigge / 
Iiuanne ^e lost is zuo y-led mid scele / ^t )ie ilke ))et ia ^^""J**^' 
ias )iet atat nolde n^t ]>et Jiing do : bote ine hia vyue. 
Ac huanue ^ lecberie and )ie loat is zao grat ine his wyue 
Jiet aeele is y-blent / and aee moche wolde do he ine i*!"™!* ii ii 
hire : ^ by neie najt Ma nryf : ine fet casiape ilke 
zenne dyadlich. nor zoich lecberie gef oner f e markes of 
sponsbod. bnerof god him wie^e^ ofte to zuiche nolke / w»ii ua do 
and yeij o])^huil giat mi3te to {» dyeule ham uor to i, wnul! 
filea / aee me zayf of aaren' ragnelis defter / Jiet wee P "i"*/! 
yong© tobies wjl f et bedde y-bet zeue houabovmdee / 
|>et alio were y-slaje of Jw dyeule : [le uerste nijt ^t hi 
wolden ligge by hire. }>eruore ]>e angel zayde to tobyen 
^t hise aaolde babbe to wyue. ' Ich Jie wyle n^e ' he Ti»a«iih«Ui 
zayde / ' ine huet uolc pe dyeuel he|i myjte / ine pAH fet, wiw (in thnn- 
do)) out god / zuo ont of bare harten / and of bare huM^ '"' 
poytea. pet no yeuej) bam najt / bote to ban lecherie to 
aoluelle /ase anhore dep. o^eramule.' and ^ruoreham ■•■hcnen-i 
benim^ god ojierhuil hare trat j zuo |iet hi ne mojen 
babbe no child. Yet hi moje zen^i dyadliche ine 
anojtre man ire, jjet is to wytene / huanne pa on deji 
aye kende / and o^laker fianne kende of man acae^ / 
ne'laje of manage acae^ / ne ouetyem^. znicb uolk 
zeneje)> more gratUcbe / fianne o)ire beuore yzed. Ac ^^>°" t^^ <■ 
bo bet in bare aponshod lokeb be drede of oure Ihoide / tha ftu of mr 

n 1 . . 1 > , , . , . . i«f*. P*™* ''o^ 

and lokep klene bare aponshod ase bit la yset znych 

uolk payej) god. 

J)e ojier cas hner me may zenejy be apoushod / is T^^^ "" "' 
biianne man ge^ to hia wyue ine time Jiet he ne asolde '"™' " ■■ '''™ • 
nut gno. bet is huanne hi ia ine be ziknease bet wrf- HU>initii» 

' , , , , ,. , , . , , . Unilh.ibogM 

men babbe]> commnnhche. zuo ptA he his ne^t ne spare^ sMgo. 



biianne he wot ^ hi is ia zoich atat. maojep giatliche 

and uor pan pet god uorbyet / pet mun ne habbe nela^- 

Ood hufa (brud- rede mid his wyue. ine zuich. stat / and uor pe peril of 

ftiiombip, his children. Vor aee za;|i saint gregone. ine zaych 

mn anbr^Mm fitat byef ofte beyete f e crokode / Jib blynde / and fo 

HinTwi^ mezela. Jte dyaoe / po doumbe / pe SBoraede ' / fe acallodet 

dvf. dumb, *t j^^^ j^g^ j^j wyfinea ^t habbe)i ofere lykneasea in hare 

bodie Jtanne hi comefi to manhod ase goatei / and belea. 

and o^re ssrewede euelea jMruore ^e wiiinan ssel wet 

zigge to hire Ihorde huanne hi ys ine zuych stat / ^t he 

abyde. and hi alsuo abyde ; Jierhuile hi is ine fe ylke 

AiBthtrduu stat Alsuo hi ssollen to^dero epari mam )re dede of 

dndixhoif aponshod : ine holy times / ase ine greats festes and 

iiMtuduiBnn solemnes / to yeue ham-zeliie fe betere god uottoseniL 

""^ Alsuo in times of nestings of holy cherche M saolle abide 

udinUiiMaor mid ^o dede. najt uoi^an ^t hit by zenne znych ^ing 

•dbj^hTibDnfa. to done ine zulche tima and ine zuiche onderBtondinge 

me may hit do. Ac o^rhnil hit is )iet me ssel abide / 

^inubebiDHB,] ^etmem<^ehitdow7)>-outeze»ne: uor betere* tohabbe 

of god ^t me him bit/ase zay^ saynt austin. Alsuoine 

AiKwtani ita* time ^et pe wyfinan ly)) a chi[l]dbedde / o^r nye; uor 

obudtod,orii to childi he ssel him loki uiam ^e dede of eponshod / 

uor onestete / and nor peril fet m^te by. jKraore ])iae 

K]ngi,«iri*, ind kmges / etlee / barouna / and of re Ihordee habbe)) haw 

chambren be ham-zelue uiam hare wyues ine zuiche 

) yzy hare kasteles / o|ier hare 

ih^'iMOs^ o)"* stedea. and Jteruore hi habbef mo uayre children 

to^*hll^!t[^ and zuo cliene* of bodye. Me lunt ine |ie boc Jtet apek)i 

&ir chudrm. gf tende of bestes. )>et fe eMms nele mqt wonye ■ mid 

Tbeaitpbut his wyuB : ferhuyle fet hi is mid childa and man be 

with iiii iru» Bcele Hsel bi more antempred |ianne a best, and ])emoie he 

asel more him-zelue ine ])o stat )iolye / and ine |k) time. 

Ac alnewey / ich ne zigge nt^t )iet yef he de)r pe dede 

of spoushod ine po time be guode canse / and ine guode 

onderstondinge / hnerof god is demere yef hit is zerme. 

1 Loolu like MoruMJin MB. > US. time 

whOa ih* !• wl 



))© Jtridde caa ie/hiierine me may kiieadliche zeneji TT»ihird(Mt ii 

ine hiB spouahod : is, ino holy stede. uor ine holy etedea *am ld hoiy 

ase ine cherchen ^et bye^ aproprod uor god to hidde and ihn an •«« nvmn 

hym aeruy. me ne sael najt do pe dede of epoushod uor q^ "" " 
wor]iSBipe of Jw stede. And hno fet ine zuyche atede 
H6 loke]) him najt po dede uor to do : he zen^ep nor )>e 
scele of fe stede ^t godea ulees and hia blod byef 
y-sacred iane. uor zuich \iiBg mai by zenne in one 8t«de / 

andineone time; ]ret ne is no zenneineo^re. J}e'uer))e (iiiB.)n-] 
atat is of ham pet habbe]> yby ine aponshod ; ac dyaf> 
he^ to-deld po on uram ]m o)iere. And )»e ilke pet ia 

ybleued ine lyne he ssel him loki chastliche ase longe cbMUtj ibiai 

aae he ia ine ^e atat of wndewehod. pet ia a atat pet wMswhoni. 
zaynte paul prayze]> moche / pet zayf to wodewon. 'huo 
pet guod ia : he him hyealde ine pet atat. and yef hit 

him najt ne lykep : he him wyui Vor betere and iiubMterui 

more holy ping ia to wyui : pawne him-zehie heme.' J>e bum. 

ilke bemp / pet to zenne grauntep. Yor he zet hia u> bnmeth uut 
herte be wylle and be viloinge to pe uere of lecherie. 

Ac more hit were worp him to wyui / pajine himzelue Thsy whotre 

of zuiche uere uorberue. and pet ia to onderstonde of torramin'iliaow. 
ham pet byep ine pe etat of aimple wodewehod. najt of l^^t"^^ 

pan pet byef ine pet atat y-bounde be heete pet ne moje '^ 

n^t ham spouay / wyp-oute deadlich zenne' / efter pe [Toi. to, b.] 

beheate. Ac alneway yef pe beheate ia aimple / pet is "<^ '"'••m >• * 

to zigge / huanne hi ia do pnueUche / and wyp-oute / lu tMuidii 

Bolemnet4. p^ hit by zuo pet ha zeaeji dyadliche / pet mca. '"^ 
efter zuych ane beheate Mm apousep : alneway he may 
bleue ine his epouahod / yef per no ia now oper destorb- 
inge. Ac he sael do penonce / uor pe behest*. Ac 
huanne pe beheate ia aolempne / aae be hand of prelat / ir>i» i»i»" i» 

oper be profession of religion, oper be holy ordre / pet hud or a pre- 

me hep onderaonge / ase audyakne / oper dyakne / oper ^ „^ ,^ ^^ 

Drest banne po' apouahod ne ia nait. ac rapre hit be- N fl 

I ' ' tlu iln !• deadly. 

houep / to dele po / pet ine zuiche manyre / comep to- and the marrtaR* 

gidsre / nor hi ne moje najt by aonod ine zuych atat. nived. 


To loki J»et stat of wodewehod / me bbcI sterie [le 
uorbiane of )» turle. Vor ttef, zayjr fe boc / of kende 
of bestes. efler ^et ))e turle hef ylore hare make : hi ne 
Bsel ueuremo / habbe uela;rede / mid o|iTeii. ac alneway 
hi is one / and be-ul^t / ))e nela^rede of o^rien. 

Jlri jiingcfl belonged moche / to ham jiet byoj) ine ^e 
etat / of vodewehod. ))e uerste is him-zelne kepe / and 
p pnueliche bi ine his house, najt uor to uol^y ^ 
uelajredes suspiciouses. ]>erof yrt habbe]) norbisne of 
ludit / fet wea wodewe / and hi wes a uayr wyfinan / 
of huam me ret ine }ie writinge. pet hi hild haie ine 
BtFtainproni hate boore be-s8et mid hare mavdenes. Huerofraynte 
being idi>, panel wyji-iiimf }ie yonge wyfimen wodewen / ^ were 

uid food of ydele / and byaye to guonne / an to comene / ganglinde / 
thTb^'^ tuid to moche spekinde. ac biseet hy ssoUen by ine haie 
**"*"■ house / and yeue ham guode workea to done / ase 

saynte paul Uskf. 
t. ond avnia be ^ ''I*' f™8 ^ I y^^^ ^"'^ *" bidde god. and ble^ 
fmaOjitnei, ]£g],g ^j ^ cheiche ine denocion / and ine tyarea / ase me 
ret ine ]>e godspelle of saint Inc. )>et )re ilke guode 
of Anio, the wodewe / J»et hette anne / pet hy ne to-delde hire n^t / 
•erved ocd tZuie uiam pe temple, and semede god n^t / and day. ine 
temple dsj and ]jenea and ine uestinges. 

t. shuinunot )>6 Jiridde ping is / ssarpues of metes. Vor aae zayp 

lut 11119 u ^^'i hemard. pys epilp ine lostea. alsuo aae he spilp ine 
•""^'^ Jw wetere / Jwt zuo longe he may by per ondet : pet he 

lyest pet lif. Non ne may habbe his heaued. pet is his 
The heHt ii herte / longe ine be wetere / of loetea of bise woidle / 

dnHnwdlnth* , , , , 

wiuroriiuuor pet he nessel lyase pet lyf /pet is pe grace of pe holy 

"' gost. be huam pe sanle lenep ine god. To po stat 

belongep : ase loje clopinge. n^ proud / ne bisiuol / to 

ThteiDttiiiigor be norbiane of indit. Pet let hire uayre robea / and hare 

wldon ihoBld . ' *' ' 

be bmnHi. Hche agraypingee / po hire Ihord wes dyad, and nom 

Thi^ ihooM clopinge of wodewehod / onworp / and I03 / and more 

mttipie of jQiuth, wes tocneofwepinge / andofzoi^ : panne of goye. and 

of ydele bUsae. ))eiuore pet hi ledde chastet^ / and hi 


hit wolde loki al hare h£ Hyhire sercdde mid fie vim ciouied hn^ 
here / and ueste eche daya and hi wee oayr / and ^tud tub dir- 
yong / riche / and vys / ac gnodnease of herte / and 
lone of chastet£ : hit hire dede do. And ^us ssel libbe : 
. pet vyle loki chaetet4 ine fo stat })i8 ia fe nerfw hoj 
of fiae trawe. 

JJB VTFTB BOJ OF CHASTEli. The Bfth t»u(h 

of oh»rtlly. 

Jje nyfte hoj of J>e twwe of cbostete : ia maydenhod. ^^"^ ''^ 
and )iet ia ]» nifte etat / of ham J>et lokej) / and hahbeji eiu«iir ii 
ahieway lokinge / and bye^ ahieway ine wylle / to loki (iingin utt). 
al hare lyf / hare hodyea yholliche / wyjH)ut6 enye cor- 
rupcion / nor )« lone of god, Jjis etat ie moche to tu* iuu ti 
alowe / nor hia dingnetS / nor hia uayrhede / and nor pniMd lor lu 
hia gnodneaae, Vor hia dignet^ : uor J«t stat makef inSita'gooanM. 
Jiane Jjet hit wel lotej / anlyke to fe angles of henene / rorw aiitmiy- 
ase z^geji ])e haljeu. Ac foa moche hahbeJi ^ maydines Mua m iii« m 
mora fanae )ie angles, uor f& anglee libbe^ wy^onte "^ 
nleaae: ac f% maydinea habbe^ onercominge of hare 
nlesee. and hit ia grat wonder ^t hi loke^ zuich ane 
fieblene castel / aae hare fyehle body / aye mych ane 
atrangne nend / ase ia Jie dyenel of belle / fet alneway th. dnn n »- 
zec)> gumes / hneiby he may nime ^ane castel uor to tib ti» cwtL> 
robbi fot tresor of maidenhod. pet is Jiet treaor / iJ^ra,,rfniiit 
huerof oure Ihord / spekji ine his spelle / |io he lede. "'"^ 
])et ' ^ kingriche of heueae / is anlycned / to )ie tresor / ouiM qmiu at 
Jiet is y-hed / ine Jw uelde.' J«t trezor y-hed ine fe octiMUd. 
uelde ; is maydenhod y-hed ine bodie /fet is ase aTii»««MiiOw 
ueld / ^et me asel eiye / mid penonce / and zawe mid *h«dd bttmi 
guode workea. Jjet trezor is anlikned / to ]>e kingriche uIkwdwIUi 
of heu[e]n6 / uor fet lif of maydines / k anlykned to f e " "" 
line of henene / ^t is )ret lyf of angles. Huer-of oure 
Ihord zayf ine hia spelle. ^t ine fe opriainge / no seel 
"by non spouaynge / ase ])eT is hyer, ac hi ssollen by ase 
|)e angles of henene. 

Efterward J>et stat is to prayay / nor hia uayrhcda '«it«i>«»W— " 


■• tiH Mmt uor ))ot la pe uariste stat pet is ine er^e / madeDhod 

clenliche yloked. Huerof Salomon zayf ine bia boc of 

Solomon uHsi- wysdome. '0.' zayfhe/ 'huetiauayr chastot^/kenrede 

with dmu™ mid bri^tneaae.' ho zet rijt wel brijtnesae mid chaatete. 

nor fanna ia uayr c[b]astetiS / and maydenhod / buanne 

aiiiiw hi is br^t be guode liue / and oneate. Ase fie brijt- 

ud brUhi ii»T* nesse of ]ra zonne make)) Jiane uayre day : alsuo p6 

ochntirtoM, brijtnesse of grace / and of guode liue: make]) J»8 

[I Hs. lOflide] maydenhod uayr / and likinde ' to god. Huerof saynt 

lerome j p%i mocbel ia uayr and brijt / to-uore 

)ie ojire uirtuea / maydenhod. huanne hi is wyjioute 

lac / and wyji-oute ueljie of zenne. Vor hno )>et is yhol 

of bodie / and uoul ine herte : ia aee ^ berieles yhuited / 

Jiet is uayr wyj-oute: and wy|i-irtne uol of atench. 

HaidwhDod !■ Maydenhod ia f)e huite robe / buerinne )« spot is uouler 

wwUlI*.^ !• ^^'^ ^°^ yzyenne / )>anne in anofer clojt. Jwt esel by 

•ann-dinnrirsd ^^j yloked uram JiH spotteB. uram hor. uram blod. an 

cioUi. uram ver. bise bri apottes be-uelob moche bia huite 

wrvBd from Aitb, clo)). ))e Spot of hor : ia |ie couaytise of }ie wordle / )>et 

Tbe Aith ii ih^ ne ssel ni^t by ine his herte / fie^ wyle queme god ine 

ihoxirid. f'^ ^^^ °^ maydenhod. uoi non ne may y-queme god / 

Nona mtj pinua and to his yno / aae zayji sainte gr^orie. And fe ilka 

i^iwu!^'' hi™ sscwej) / fet he ne is n^t godes vrend : f et wyte 

oSi'fc!" "' kueme Jie wordle / fet ia godes uend. ])eruore saint 

Ion zayf / Jjet ' huo fet wyle by mend to fo wordle : he 

sselby uend to god.' andaainte paul zayf. 'yef ich wylle 

b So In MS.] queme to fe uolke of pe wordle : icbc* ne ssel na^[t] by 

lesu cmtes senont.' 

One iigii of tocne / pet me wyle kueme Jie wordle ia : fe 

world iiuu agrayfinge aboute J>et body, uoi non ne wolde neure 

d*^ncortba ^^^ zeche / uairhede / ne bisihede of robes / ne of 

[FoL VL b.] agrayjtinge : bote yef he ne wende to by yzoje of fo 

mntm vithoni uoUie. Ac huo fet wile zeche zuich uayrhede wyf-oute : 

^Un lou of he lyest fe nayrhede wyf-inne / huer-by me kuemf god. 

)}eiuore saynt bemard zayf to bam fet zechif fe 

coustouse robes / and fe uayre agrayf inge nor to kueme 



fe woidle/ and ham uor to aaatry. ')>e dojtren' he zayfi 

' of babilonie / Jtet is of confusion / zechef hire blieee / 

and Mt ssel vende ham in-to confuzion / and to asame 

emelestiiide / bote yef hi ham ne wytia' 'Hi ham PoipiicioUiH 

clojie)' hezay^ / <mid pourpre / and mid uayierobefi/ oftnudovoor 

and costuolle / and onder ^e uajre robea / ia oft« fei 

inwyt / poure / and naked. And hi hise alijtef wyf- 

oute / mid stonee / and mid brochea of gold / and of 

zelaer. Ac hi byef ealde / and uoule / beuore god / 

be kueade ^eawea.' Ac saint bemard zayji / and spek}> 

of ham J)et zuo ham asewef / ine wykkede onderstond- 

inge / and do^ more ^anne haie etat acaef. Ac al Jie 

bliase of ^kingea dojter of blisse/ ase tAjf daui^ / ia uioincjt^ 

wyj^-inne / ine holy inwyt / and ine uayre utHuea huer duDghurofbUH 

pet ne ia no couaytiae / bote uor to kueme god. And mid nodioi^ ' 

^ofi )» spot of ^ hoTs : ne beael^ hit n^t. 

And ]ioe me seel wytye in )>et stat / nram }e apotto tiu •tum nh* 
of blod. Jwt ia of fojtea / and of uleesliehe wylninges. ftomMooa, 
Huerof saint lorome layf . J«t J>6 iJke maydenhod is So^St'"^ 
sacrefice and ofringe to lesu criat : ]ret ne is n^t be- 
smetted ine herte mid kueade Jio^tes. ne ine ulesse : of 
lecherie. ase himzelf myf . ' N^t ne is worp maidenhod n 
of bodye : pet pet is nel^ of berte.' Ase ^t frut ne is ^iJboat pnrttr or 
najt guod / faj bit by wel uayr wijKiute / huanne hit ia 
uonoted and vennethe. 

Eflenvaid he sael him loki ine ^t stat uram fra Tbanbanut 
apotte )>et comji of ]» nere. Jiet uer ^et zeagf fmd ihaipotnfiirc. 
bem]) ofte p» huyto lobe of chaatete / and of mayden- 
hod : is ble^eliche zigge / oJ>er to Iheete wordea fet 
moje sterie to zenne. Vor ase zayf zaynte paul / and 
dtzone we liit habbe]) abouey-zed. 'f>e kueade nordea : Btdwcv^mu 
amerrefi Je guode Reaves.' And |ieruore zayji senekea. •"""■™"^ 
' loke pe uiam uoule wordea ^t ne bye]) najt houeste.' Oitjamtriij 
Tor hno ))et him y[e]f^ to uoule wordee hi ham saolle najt 
ssamie and afrounti / ^t ia te zigge / hi lyeze^ J>e 
saame / and nalle^ fe lijtlaker in-to zenne. and |>eieuore 


ud mrn a itnga huo ]iet vjle loki clenliclie fioiie huyte kertel of maden- 

hod : him behouej) him loki nor to speke / ofer to 

y-hieie wordea zuyche / Imerof he may him heme / 

oJ)ei be-»<Dge. ]}e priu4 cat bezengji ofbe his acin / and 

lUdsniuBdii Euo ne deji na^t ^ wylde oat Maydenhod among ^ 

udwuu.'' o^re ut'rtueB ia aolikned to }ie lylye ^t is wel oayr tmd 

liuyt. jKnioie ouie Ihord zay]> ine \& wiitiiige be 

aalomonnea m.ouJie. ' My lemman is ase \a lylye amang 

^ ]>onLe8.' Oure Ihordes \emaxa. special is yloued / 

fet lokej) maydenhod. Vor |iet is a uiHue huerby zaole 

ouderoang^ speciaUiche more kme / and fe taaour of 

BtjDhDtba cure Ihordd lesu cmt. ))anne saint Ion Jie ewangelist 

thtmntti^ad )'@^ ^^ mayde / wes amai^ fie apostles /Jw meate 

fli^ia o(our belouede of oure Ihorde. and him ssewede oure Uund fe 

[Foi. n. B.] meate tokne of lonerede / ase hit ssewe^ ine ^ god- 

spelle. And zao ha wee jcloped amai^; ))e o^ 

docip[l]es : )ie deciple / ]>et lesu onst mest looede. n^t 

noi'^an / jiet he ne louede wel ]ie ojire / ac Jtane more 

specialliche uoi )ie maydenhod. ))is lilys flour lokef) his 

uayrhede amang )ie fiomes of nOtidi[n]ggos of ^ uleese. 

YoT )>et nlesa is see a donghel / ]iet ne carke^ asemoche 

ase is of him-zelue / bote Jiornea / and netlen. ])et bye^ 

Miidantaood wiu ku6ade meniynges / ^t ofte prekie^ ^aue goet Ac )n 

imt, flour of maydenhod ne hep hede of Jw ^ornee. uor hi ie 

b piwrTHi ETom wel y-roted ine godes loue / Jiet hiie wereji nram pe 

tmpuiioo. jjomes of uondinge. 

TiMtrmaot bis flouT hit ssel habbc zix leues / and bT firayns 

■uldantaud »■-"■ . j u □ u 

III ihih. of gold abooe wypinne. ]^ uerste lyaf is yhoJuesse / 

M^IT^'' ^^^ cleKuesse of bodye. pet is to rigge / fet pot body 

r°iiSi^'^8.i ^y y'*"^* / ■^[t']-<"»'» ' uelpe of lecherie. Vor yef a mayde 

were uorlaye be strengje / and a-ye wyl : hi ne esolde 

nf^t peniote lyeae bare maydenhod / ne pe mede of 

hare maydenhod. J^ruore sainte lucie layde to pe 

tiiont. ' Yef pou me beuelst aye mi wyl : my chasthede 

hit seel by me y-dobbled / ase to pe coroune of blisae." 

la puiitf at Leuct. J>et oper lyaf ia clennesse of herte. Vor ase zayp saint 


lerome. Xa^t ne is wotf to habbe maidrathod of 

b odye : ^t faeji wyl to by ;-«poused. He spek^ of ^an 

)>et habbe]) behote maidenhod. Yor hno ^ beji be- 

hote maydenhod o]ier cliastot^ to loki / be ssel loH hia 

herto chastliche / and denliche. J}e Jiridde lyeaf is Thaiurdiiifi* 

mild^ieeae. Yor maydenbod ptond : ue quemji noting 

god. And peruoM layf saint bernaid. ' Hit is wel wyr 

ping : )>et hap ]ni[l]dene8se mid maidenhod. and irel 

stranglaker kuem)) to god pe ilke zaule to huam mil- 

denesae yei^ loe to maydenhod. and maydenhod / 

uayiQ^ mildeneese.' Ich dar wel zigge / ^t wy|ioate witboatniMk- 

mildenesse / fie maydenhod of marie / ne hedde neuTe otMuywouu 

y-qoemd to god. uor vy)K>ute madenhod / we moje by piH^nciaood. 

y-borje : and n^t wy-onto mildenea. |)e uerjie lyeaf of nafounhiMf 

pe flour of lilye of maydenhod : is drede of god Yoi ood. 

|k> |iet bye^ zojihche maidinee / hi were y-woned to bi 

dreduol / and aaamuest and bit nis no wonder : uor 

hi beref' a wbI precious tiesor ine a wel fyebble net. 

J}anue fa mayde marie wes alneway by hiie-selue / and 

hedde greate drede / fo^ angel ssewede him to hire. 

Ac )« drede of god / is J)e tresoriere / J»t / Jet tresor J'li?^!!!?"* 

of madenhod lokef / (»et Jie dyeuel me may hit atele. •" tm tnMnij of 

uoi hi lokej fe gates of pe kastele : huei Jet tresoi ia 

be^aet. Jje gates of fe .kastele huer madenhod is: Theguwofth* 

byej Je gates of )« herte. )>e ilke gates lokej / Je gi^ocoa 

dnde of ouie Ihoide / Jet hi ne by opene to Je viende Tin fcv or a<a 

be ydele bysyhede of zijje /of hyerjie / and of apeche/ MtiluthtTva 

ojer of guoingea ine nelsjiedes auspicionses. uor biai- ^^1™""" 

hede ia specialliche to yzy / and to hyre J>e ydelnesses 

of ]« woidle / hy byej ofto way to zeftne of lecherie. 

Jjanue me ret ine Je writiuge / Jet locobbes dojter / 

Jo hi yede mnzi uor bysihede uor to ysy Je wymen of 

Je contiaye huer Jet hi wes. Hi wea y-rauissed of Jo [Fot n. b.] 

princes xone of Je cite / and uorlaye. And Jemore Whowiiipre- 

kno Jet wyle loki maydenhod him behouej moche mniitwitiidnir 

wyjdiaje his wyttes uor to zyenne ydele bisUiede. And huIdw, 



^t me deji be holy diede of oure Ihorde ^t me <irti 

alday to wk))L ))et ifi |Kt wyt of j>e uif mfiydinw 

huerof oare lliord leea crtst spek)) ine his spelle ^ be 

TbaUDKdoaiir zede. ))et ^ kingriche of henene U anlikned to ^ t«9 

to ihc m madines. huerof ]» vif were wyae. and pe o^re uif «b« 

aiiw™'iriM folea. He clepef hier-ine pan of J>e kingriche of 

^^ oUHn heuene : holy chercbe. ^t is hier beue)>e. hoerinne 

bye^ guode / and knesde / of foles / and of wyse. f>A 

byef> lemes of holy cherche / by (le byteaae of crtsten- 

ThfflrtwiHsn dom, be vif wT86 betokneb bo bet wel lokeb J mi 

Uon tbu wntnil , . , , . , , . . . v 

ih»Bv.wiurf lede^ fe vif wyttee of fe bodie, hnerof we haboef 

beuore yspeko. pe vif foles be-tokne^ ]ki : ^t foUiche 

his loke^. 

Thsatihiwrii Jjet rifle leaf is searpnesse of liue. Vor huo fet 

[MMUrttjiof wyle wel loki his maydenhod : him behoue{i yre\ wy»- 

Uche his ulesa ouercome / aad do oudemot / be 

uestinges / be wakiinges / and be benes. Ssafrjppnesse 

wwt* k > ■tnma of liuc / IS ase a Strang heg uor to loki fane gardiu of 

lug Uwguikn or pe herte uiam kuede bostes. )iet bye|i pe riendee of 

hello / pet hy ne mo}e na^t in. ]Kit ne wylnejj)] n^t bote 

stele : pet tiesor of maydenhod. and penioie esel pit 

tresor by wel be-eset / and wel y-do op / pet hit ne by 

Dorlore. uor huo [rat hit lyest : neure ne ssel hit babbe 

ayen. nanmore panne pe lompe hoanne hi is to-broke / 

ne may by y-held. 

Tb* iinh laf !• Pet idzte leaf is / bleuinge / pet is stedeuest wyl to 

(itdUutHu). loki pet me hep behote to god. Jjanne sayut austiii 

*■ f^wil^^b ^rj* ""s f° ^^ "' maydenhod. and spekfi to maydines / 

and zayp pus. Voljep pet lamb of mildeneeae / pet is 

lesu cmt / lokinde aesthche / pet pou heat behote to 

god. do hardiliche aleuo moche ase pe mijt. pet pe 

guodnesse of maydenhod ne spille ine pe. nor ^n ne 

mijt do no ping hueil^ hit comp ayen : yef pou hit 

liest. ase we pe babbep y zed uorbysue of pe lompe. ^nd 

saint bernard pus zayp. Stude pou to bleue. uor hi 

one / wynp pe coroune of heuono. 



J}iae nz leuee beuoie yzed uayie^ moche fw lyly e of 
maydenhod. ac hit behooe]) ^ fia flour habbe wy^ 
inae frri comes of gold, pet betokne^ Jtri manetes to 
louie god. Tor maydenhod wyjKiute ]ie loue of god / Tb^biitTviihoin 
is ase ]>e lompe wyjxiute ojle. tHutue ^ fole maydenee n 1 1,^ wiuxnt 
uor ))et hi ne iielden najt hare lompeu mid fra oyle : 
wereu beeset wy)K>at« mam pe bredale. And ye -wjae 
maydines ^t wel iielden hyie lompen of }>e oyle : 
yeden in mid ^ bredgome to )>e bredole. 

pe fn maneres to louie god / fet byeji be-tokned n* tbm gniu 
be ^ ^n cornea of }e liJye: saynt austin tek)) )w he ■thhowtsiort 
zode Jufl. J»u sselt louye god mid al Jiine onderatond- ^ y,, ^„j^ 
ing« wyjK)ute enoui. mid ale fine wylle wyji-oute '??^'"*''' 
wyjizigginge. and mid al ^e be^chinge vyfKiute 
uoryetinge. Ine xuyche manyere ia godea anlyche in nun uauts 
uolueld ine maune / by jra ^ dingnetes )«t bie)> ine f& fmuM is mu 
zaule. t>et is to wytena onderstondinge. be]>enclunge. propeniacrfuia 
and wyL Huanne fiae ^ri |iingea byef wel ydijt to 
god ine pn maneres / ase zay)> saint auatin / panae byeji [Pot n. l] 
fe f ri cornee of fe lilye wel y-gelt mid Jie golde of 
charity J)et yeff uayrhede / and guodhede to alle 
uirtues. uor wijKiute fo golde / no uiftue ne is be-uore 
god. Ofeilaker spek^ saynt bemard of ]>e maniere to et nmud 
louye god. And ^us zayf . ' 0. )m pel art cristen / ]„, g^ 
lyeme hou [loa sselt louie god / pet is Ibbu crifit.' 
lieme him to louie / wyslicbe. zueteliche. stran[g]licha wintj.wmfar, 
and stedeuestliche. Wyslicbe : }iet ffou ne by y-ateied itMi&Mi^. 
be none prosperity. Strongliche : J»t Jou ne by ouer- mm/niondbr 
come / be none aduereot^. and pUB ia uayr |iet flour of ^JJjS^'uiii 
Jie lylye of maydenbod / huanne hi is zuych / aae we ''™ ^^ft"*^ 
habbe^ y-zed. And J»t is pe opet acele huer-by pe atat '")'■ 
of madenhod / ia moche to praysy / ^t ia uor hia 

J)e fridde Bcele huerby hit is to alowe / ia uor his ^^^o^J*!!* 
guodhede / and uot pe note Jiet Jwrof comp. Vor may- J°^?[*'*^ 
donhod is a tresor of zuo grat worf : J»et bit ne may ntw. 


by / be nonen y-iet a pHa. Jjanne fe writinge zay^ 

MtttiBgta jjet no f jng ne is worjii to bo yiykned : to fe chaste 

aimFu«d lottaa herte. and ia to ondeistonde Bpecialliche : of ye chaste 

maydenhod. uor maidenhod aboue alle ojrre states berjp 

Tirttaii^ irinci ^t gTotteste fruk po ^t byejp ine spouahod yef hit 

HuT^B lUi^ loke]) ase hi ssolden ; hi habbe)) ]»t Jiritt^te trot. t>o 

^^torhoodrinr- fet byef in vrodewe-hod : habbef J»et zixtiajte firut J>o 

mdTiigiBiiy ■ f** lotsj" maydeiihod : habbeji ^t hondr[od]a}te frut. 

huQdnd-Wd. YoT zuo zayji cure Ihord ine his apelle. fet / |ret ted 

^t Til into Jragnode loiide : frnctefide of one half to ]» 

pnttAjte. of ofex half to zixti^la and of Jie Jndde 

half / to ^ hotidt«da}t& Jiise ]iri nombres of fnttL of. 

p Mangel and 1^ ^^tl "^ B° handled : belongejt ' to ^ ]iri states benaie ' 

*»«"'" "81 yjed. J?e tale of Jiritti / J>et is of |rtisi>e ten: belongef 

insMiriis*™* to be stat of spouahod. huer me asel lo][i be ton hastes 

ihull kaqi Uk Un • ^ ' 

M>«u. ine ^ byleane of }ie trtuit& JK tale of axti ^t ia wel 

In vidovtacnd gratter / ^ is of zixzi])e ton. be-longe^ to )>e stat of 
ths im bduMi, wodewehod. nor in luych stat me SBe[l] laid ^ ten 
B*nT. hestes. and mid ^an me sed do ^ ziz vorkes of merci / 

hner-of we habbeji abone y-apeke. Ac ^ tale of an 
T^Jf™*" hondred ^t ia ^ mest« of Jie Jai uol-do. nor hi betokne^ 
Mhinond rumf ane Toiuide figure. )>et is ^ uayreeto amang alle ^ 
fciTHtoriU 0^10 figures. Yor ase ine |ie rannde figure : Jm ende 
went ayen to his ginoinge / and make)* ase ane coronne : 
It bMokneth tha alzuo be tale of an hondied : ioyneb ban ende to be 
ihewininMMBB gimninge. uor tenzijie ton ; makejp an hondrod / ^t be- 
HiTMk tokne^ ]>e coronne ]>et ^ vyae maydynea : hani 

[1 ot\^iaDj th« corounede.* And ])^ hit \!j zno })et ine ^ stat of 
spousliod. and ine ^ stat of wodewehod / me may wiel 
wynne ^e coronne of bliaae / and more habbe of merito 
auoreye god : ^ane nele madines. Yor manie ^er bye^ 
ine paradis of ham ^t hafabe^ yby ine sponahod / and 
ine wodewehod / ^ more bye^ nier god : Ratine manye 
maydinee. ac alneway babbe^ ^ maydines ane epeciale 
coronne : aboue fe coroune of blisse / ^t is }« coroune 
to alle ^ ha^en. Yor ^t ]w maydines habbe)) ane 


speci&le onercomynge of hare oleaee. nor to uo^y fe 

lamb of mildenesse / hayder hit gep / to huam hi [PoLn.b.] 

hyeji y-epouaed. sai habbe^ ylete fe uleseliche (MtWhrn* 

sposayles / uor to by mid him ate epoeaylee euro- Hp>cUiiuD»r 

1™*:^J OiilQrtiottlu 

leatinde. f,^ di,«stete n-h. 

|>e tende' etat hnex me eeel loki cly&tet4 /is of ThiiiiUiiw*i>< 

clerkes y-hoded / aae byej Bupdeaknea / dyaknes / h™d.ddtiii, 

preetee / and biasoppea Alle foe byef y-hyea|l]de to JIuSTSa. who 

loki cliBstete / uor manye Bceles. Veret / uor )«t bod ™^^^^ 

pet hi habbef onderuonge /Jwt acsef alle holinesae. ftnnuiq.mmii. 

jMnne Jnt eacrement is zuo h^ and zuo holy / )iet jio ibiir'boad d* 

)iet hit oiid^7ioiige)r / bye)r ybonnde to chaatete to loky. i 

]>et neoremo hi ne mo^e ham do to apouahod. Efter- Btcmai, Otb 

ward uor hare office Jwt hi babbejf. uor hi byef y-dijt. ooii, "" 

propreliche to Benii god ine hie temple at hia veuede. 

and handle)) / and be-takoj) to hare honden Jra Jtinges 

Jiet byef> y-haljed. ase ^ ueaselea ybliased. pa chalis. tahuditBcn 

fe copereaua. and pet more is grot Jting wyf-oute a/mr ^^,„ ji_ 

parisoun : Jtet bodi of onre lorde leau crist / ^ ^ ^*^im™ 

pteBtes sacre]) / and onderuongej) / and betake|i of ren. <3">^ 

If ou hi esolden faitne by vel klene / and wel holy / 
nor jMine sc«le of p» Ihorde to hnam hi seruef / Jiet is 
holy / and hatef alle neljie. Jeanne he zayf ine fe Tba Soriptun 
vritinge. ' Bye|r holy / nor icb am holy.' not to zoiche ^ i „ hoij." 
Ihorde / zuich maine. Vor |ie scele of fe stede huer hi 
seruef / J)et is f e cherche / fet is holy / and y-haljed 
god to seruy. Me oint ine pe wiitinge / fet amang pe Am«« uh 
paenea fe presles fet lokeden chaatete ine Jie temple / otMnidiudt: 
■weren to-deld uiam Jw ojren / fet hi ne loren hire '"'**'™*''^ 
chastete. Mocbel asoUen bi more clene wyf-onte com- 
pariaoun / and more chast pe cn'stene piestes / fet 
aeruyeji ine godes temple / Jwt is y-haljed / and 
apropred god to aeruL Yet eft M ssolle by more chiuiuprtn 
clene / and more holy / uor fet hi semef at godes sun ohuu, 
horde of his coupe / of his breade / and of bis wyne / 
[■SoinUS. : tteAiixttf} 



tut th*7 Hm It and of hia mete. Godee table is ^e wjeued. J)e coupe 
is Jw chalie. fau bread and his wyu : fret is his pmpre 
bodi and his propre blod. Mochel ssolle hi Jianne by 
dene and holy / ^o )wt zoiche seniice do^. ))aiuie 

Bt pui nhofti sainte paul zay]). hit behone)r ^et Jie bissoppee / and )» 

to ba niiTir ofire ministiea of huun he he^ y-epeke / fwt bye^ ^ 
minifitrea of holy cherche / by chaste. 

J)jg chaatet^ wea be-tokned ine ))e yealde I^e huer 
>d het to ham ^ ssolden ethe of ^ lombe / Jiet be- 

SStaL*" toknede ^t bodi of leau cnst / fet hi gerten wel hare 
lenden. ]>e gerdel hueimide ]k mluistres of holy 

T^^"^ " cherche / ssolle ham gerde / ope J>e leaden ; is chaeteto / 
}»et wyj>-dia)ji )>e lecherie of hare ulesse. )7o god het 
to aoron / fet wes pieet and bissop / fet alle Ms chil- 
dren weren yclofwd ine linene kertlee / and y^ert 

Ainaudua abouo mid hulte linene gerdles. Aaion and his chil- 

chlUnn w»« 

cMhadiii ibH dion / ^t serueden ine ^ tabernacle : be-tokne]i / ^ 

ministies of holy cheiche / ]>et esol by y-do^ed mid 

linene kertlee / of chastete / pet is be-tokned be Je 

^" ?*"™ huite uleze. Vor aee linene kertel er)ian hi by huyte : 

HmanixbHKn uelezi|ie him behouefi]>et he by ybeate / and y-wesse: 

KmutUuflarOi And alsuo hit be-honep / pet nless beate / and vesse / 

f^amaJ.- ^ dissipliaes / and be hardnesses, and ofte wesse his 

herte of kneade lostee. and of kueade wylnyngee / be 

Eope Bsriile / er pan me moje habbe pane hnite kertel 

Tat Wrtu mtt of chastete. Ac pee kertel sael habbe pane huyte gerdel 

whiugMKof aboue. pet la to zi^e / pet chaatet« ssel bi straytliche 

[M. J*. «.] y-loked / and wel wyp-dn^e be abstinence [uorberii^] / 

ase moche aae scele beip / pet is pe bocle of pe gerdle. 

Tba Usn kirtia Opsrlaker me may zigge / pet pe linene kertel / be-tokn- 

itjofiwrt. ep chaetet^ of herte. )}e gerdel aboue / be-tocnep 

Thi (irdia miuva chastete of bodie pet seel wypdia^e pe lostee of pe 

otbsdT. ulesse nor to loki pe chB8t«t4 of pe zaule. )}is like seine 

is ous betokned / ine pe aube / and ine pe gerdle abone / 

pet pe miniatres of holy cherche dop an / huanne hi 

ssolle serui at godes wyeuede. Vor hi seoUe by chaste 


wyjine ine fe lierte / aad wyji-oute ine bodye. Mochel ^irj eui n tn* 
is uoul be spot of zenne / and nameliche of lecherie / tha mtninm or 

' * ' ' Uu cbnrdi, 

ine p& muuBtres of holy cherche. Vor hi bie^ pe ^e 

of holy cherche / aee zay|i po writinge. Yor ase ]iet 

eje let ^t body / and him asewej) his way huerby hit rwii»r»«u» 

Bsel gao : alsuo seolle fe prelas / and fe ofire ministres chnntu 

of holy cherche Bsewy Jiane way of heljje to ojiren. 

Jjanue alsuo ase ^ apot ^et is wel uoulei ine )>e ^en / AittHipotii 

Jtanne ine of re lemea of pe bodye : alsno is Jie apot of thu in tiu mimt 

lecherie more uouler/ and more perilous ine clerkea ^^idwrjimm 

and ine prdae : fanne ine leawede uolke. Efterward / ^^'"f,^^";^ 

hy byef J>e eaeawere of holy cherche / huerine fiet i"i«.diwk. 

lewede uolk Ioke)r / and nime^ norbysne. Ac huanne 

p0 Bseawere ia bri^t me zij^ vel fiane spot / and fe 

uelpe ]iet is ine pe asewere. Ac pe ilke ^t ine zuicb a 

sseweie na^ ne lokeji / he ne ziJc])' m^t Ms o^ene spot / wtiH} 

ne ^t me de^ mid |ie aaeawero Jret is uoul an d'"* Ac 

huanne Jw ilke sseaweie is vel bri;t and clene : pinns 

may me wel y-zy / and wel y-knawe his apottea. Aizuo 

huanne ]>e prelat is of guode lyue / and of guod los. 

banne he eeel nime uorbisne of guode lyue. Efterward. Prtitum iiuoid 

bt pun ubl itdj, 

hi ssolle by wel klene / and wel holy, uor pet hi for uib; iwHow 
clenzef / and halje^ fe ojire. Vor aae aiyji eaynt 
^egorie. '}« hand ^t is uoul / and behorewed / ne 
may o|iremanne ueljie do away.' and pe writinge zay^. 
bet be ilke bet is uoul : ne may nenne obienne klensr. ixu »» *><>i •» 
And )iet is to ondeistonde : ase moche ase fayleji of hie oUm. 
meiite. Yor p6 sacrement ^et is y-mad be fie ministre / 
be ^a hand of ^e kueade ministre. ne is najt leese wor]) 
ine him-zelue / ne leese uirtuona / ne ^ lesse mijtool / 
uor to haljy ham ])et hit onderuonge)). Yor yef hit on- 
denionge|i be pe hand of ane guode miniatre. uor pe Tba wkkduM 
kueadnesse of be ministre / ne apayreb nut be sacre- bspainth not 

f rf /■ -^ J- tht TlftM ottlH 

ment / ne fe guodneaae, Ac alneway J»e kueadnesse of mataaat. 
fe ministre / may anpayri pe o(ire be kueade uorbysnen. 
and pe guodneaae edefie / be uorbisne of guode lyua 


JJeruoTO ])anTie hnam f>et hi halje^ / and clmiee]) ^ o^te 
me )>et hi mini8tte|) |ie Bacremeiis of holy cberche : hj 
Hiniturm iiiMid Bsolle by })e more holy / and more clene / ^onne fe 
BbMMiitj loibtiii o])re. Yoryefhibye^ queade: hi saolle by }ie more 
y-harmed / jianne Jre ojrre. pis ia Jw zixte stot. 
buer ma aael loki chastot4. and |ie idxte boj of )nM 
Tba anntii itaM \3e zeuends stat hner me Bsel loki chastet^ : is po 
r^igign, Btat of religionn. aor I'D fiet bye)) ine ^t etat / habbe^ 

to god behote : fiet hi saoUe libbe eoiemor chasteliche. 
ThoMwhonn And fcTuore hy byeji y-byaalde / and y-obl^ed be 
muitiintfiab- Euych beheate. fot neuramor hi ne mn^ by spomed / 
MrTt.chmrtiij, ^fjie hi byefi profee. And huo Jret him dejt eponsy : 
nroLTt. b.] ]>e sponehod ne seel by najt. and ^emore hi ssoUe do 
greate payne / and grat diligence wel to loki hare 
ftiriiMirHiu chastete / and aor hate etat / |)et is stot of boly p«rfec- 
feMion. cion. ^t ^ more ^t / ^ stat is holy : be cno moche 

is ^e zenne JM more / and ^ more uonL ))e oooler 
f et ia Jie apot : ^ more be is yayenne ine )>e buyte rob& 
And huo |iet hejeat nalji : fe xom he him bleche^. 
And nor to oaercome hire aduersarie })et ia ^ dienel / 
ifttdgrfi itriTH pet meat him payne]) nor to aondi and to do nalle fro of 
uinniiiain, religion, and more is gled hnanne he hie may oner- 
come : })anne of eni o^ stai Yor alsno aae ^ an^^es 
of faeuene habbe)i grat gledneaee of ane len^en 
huanne he him repente^ / and de^ penonce uor hia 
brh(iiu(T«t« zennea: alsno be dyeulen ham gledieb huanne' hi moie 
of»(ooduid ouercome / and do nalle in-to zenne ane guodne man. 

KitU nuu Uun ' ^ 

„nritanf*bm. And Jk more J)et he la of grat stat / and J)e paifiter: 
e he^ he ^e gratter glednesae / hnanne he hJm 
■ly. Ase po Tiasere hef more 
ane gi^ztne visa : fiane ane litUene. 

HtBB Lift A TAJ.B. 

Me let ine liuea of holy naderea / |iet an holy o 



tealde / hou he com to by monek / and zeda hon Jet iwIt **«» 
he hedde y-by one payenes zone / Jiet wea a prest to ^ told bow imiv 
motnenettes. And fo he wes a chDd : on time he yede hs n* ■ lagia 
into )ie temple mid hi^ nader pnueliche. )^r he yz^ wtna^utu 
f ane gratne dyeuel fet Mt ope ane uyealdinde stole / and J^^IJ^*" "* 
al his mayne abonte him, ()or com on of fe pn'ncea : ^l?*!^!^ 
and leat to him. bo he him akeede be Uke bet let ine tenwdmiiiu 

' ' Hng on ft Mdint- 

^e stole, hnannes he com. and he ausuerede / Jiet he •tool, tod lU u* 
com mam ane londe hner he hedde arered and ymad um. 

/# manye werren / and manye Tijtinges / zuo fet moche anumdwdita 
uolk weien yaslaje / and moche hlod fer y-ased. Jje y^^^^^J^ 
msyster him acsede ine hon moche time he hedde ^et ™uo*in *• "taji. 
y-da and he anfloerede : 'ine britti daiea.' he him zede / hh »»««' uj» 
'Ine ZOO moche time/ hestzao litay-dol }>o he het lomwaiitHMm 

// fet ha vei rijt wel ybeate / and eaele y-diaje. Efter noditbuhaind 
fan : com anofer fet alsuo to him leat ase fe uersto. " 
be majBter him acsede : hoonnes ha com. He ansuerede / AmttMr nm* 


fet he com uiom f e ze. hoer he hedde ymad manye » diyi h* 
tempeetes. nele saipes to-hrohe / and moche uolk peniudiup- 
3^ adTey[n]ct Jje maister acsede ine hon long time, he "™**' 
ansaerede / 'ine tnenti dt^ea.' He layde / ' Ine zoo h< too «• r^ 
moche time: best zQo Htey-dol' Efterwaid com fe unntm. 
fridde. fet ansaeiede / fet he com uram ane cite huer Athimauna »d 
he hedde y-by at ane biedale/ and fer he hedde arered wtddmcuiui 
and y-mad cheastes / and strifa. zao fet moche uolk duoam, ud 
fer were y-al^a and fer-to : he hedde ysl^e fane ^^ " 
hosebounde. )>e maiater him acsede hou long time he 
zette fet nor to done. He ansueiede fet ine ten d^ea. 
)X) he het fet he were wel ybyata uor fet he hedde nirohidDwn 
mo longe abide fet to done: wif-onte moie. Ate bvton'itabri^" 
lasten com an-ofer to-uore fe prince, and to him he J^'J^Sl?"' 
be^. And he him acsede / huannea comst foo. He *"■" •"*•"■ 
anmerede fet he com uram fe ennitage /.huer he who aid ih euw 
hedde yby uonrti yer noi to nondi ane monek of fomi- ,^ ,^„ m 
cacion / fet is fe zenne of lecherie. and zno moche ich "^ "^^iSi™,, 
habbe y-do fet ine f ise nyjt ich hine habbe ouercome / ^i^^^^' 


[?oi.7a.«.] and y-do him ualle in-to fe zenne. po Ihip op Y i 
HuaHfBi. mayster / and him keate / and be-clepte / and deit Y 

uuprinn.iLd coToune ope his heued / an dede him zitte be-dde bio- 
S^biSund ^^^ ** ^"^ ^^^ / J"^' ''^ hedde grat fing y-do /wi 
hu'^i™."" ^™^ prowesse, Jjo zayde Jie guode man / J>et howra* 

he hedde ^t y-hyerd / and ^t y-zojo : he ^ojte / ^ bh 

were grat Jiing to by motiek / and be po enehewun 

he becom monek. 
Ttiiu wt ttt hor lae ^iae tale me may ysy / |>et greate glodnesse hsb- 
wiim ha mtf he^ ^^ dyeulen huanue hi mo^e do usUe ane man of if- 
^tk!Ii^fcii ligion in-to zenne. Vor huanne Jtet a man is y-gao in- 
tnioiin. jq religion / he ia aae )« ilke pet gef in-to fe uelie 

nor him-zelue / to uijte wyj Jane dyeueL Jtenne 
Onr Lord wmt huanne oure Ihord wolde by uonded of Jie dyeule ; h" 
ba tonpud. yede in-to desert, nor fe desert of lehgion : is neld of 

nondinge. Rehgion is ycleped desert, uor alsno aee ^ 
BcUgiuniai dlaert ia hard and dniye / and uer uram alle vKn' 

hardncsae of Hue, Jiet is a strong heg aye j>e wyckeJe 

bestes. and a Strang armuie a-ye |iane uyend. pi^ '^ 

wiYQio wtu nvcdd remedie aye zenne of lecberie. uor buo Jwt wyle quenche 

•itiidnw from }>et uer of lecherie ine him-zelue '. he asel wyjKlra^c ^ 

ths^Liuu of tb> ijpjii^es. J>et byef fe loetes of J»e ulesse / fet J»e guode 

religious ssel wy^raje of his ulease / be ucetingee / ^ 

wakiinges / be diciplines. ojier ojierlaker fet uer ne may 

Bi «iu> iriii tiki najt by y-quenct. Huo ^t wyle ane cite tiper ane casfel 

wiifadn<r tbe nime : he ssel asemoche ase he may / wy^ra^ ^ 

^ucr»uu metes / and fiet weter / uor to asterue his, Vor huaflne 

rtirvibiifog. j^ castal is asteraed : he ne may hym hyealde aye hie 

yuo. AIbuo fie castel of )» wombe p%tiBpe streng^ "^ 

fe ulesse / ne may him hyealde aye fane goat : Jiannebf 

is astenied be uestinges / and be wyfdia^fee. )}e slat 

Tha iHtia of Uu of religion ssel by zuo yuerted uram fe wordle : fet f« 

HUaiudUii ilke fet is ine fet stat / ne uele najt huerof he ssel bv 

■urrvi 17 kt- dyead to fe wordle / and libbe to god. ase zayf zajote 

,^^ paul. fet alsuo ase f e ilke fet is dyead bodilich / hf} 



ilora alls hia bodiliche wyttes / ]>e zij)>e / ^ hyer^ / ^ 

speche. ^aoe soelj / ^ane emel / and pe nelinge. akao 

Bsel by )n nl^oos mo dyead ase to ^ woidle : ^t he DHnUghn 

noting ne uele ^t bdoi^p to zenne. ^et he moje UHwcrid. 

EO^liclie oggB fwt wmd / fiet ^ apostel Baiute paul atPnihridtiu 

zsyde of him-ielue. 'jKvordle' heiay^ 'is y-C7vcelyed ^t*nii,unH 

to me : and ich to fe wordle,' he wolde zi^e f et al ^JJ^fleTorltaiii- 

slsoo ase Jw wordle him hild nor nyl / and nor wlatnol / ^^ '"'■ "^ 

ase me def) enne y-honged : alsuo hed he pa voidle 

uoi tU / and uor wlatuol / ase me he^ fnine : fwt is y- 

crucified o|>er anhonged nor his misdede. Alsno seel 

pe ilke fiet ia ine atat of perfeccion / pa woi{d]le h> um i> in k 

^t is to EJgge : pa conaytiBe / and pa kueodneaae of pa hititii t£>cont^ 

woidle / ^t he no uele n^t be loue and be wylnii^e, J^a|'°"'" 

zuo^Jtet his cofraersacion by al ine heuene. ase zAjp 

sainte panl of hint / and of ham ^t bye^ ine atatipf 

perfeccion. 'OarefMnuenacioau' bezayb 'iainehenene. i»»thitrBiiiTti»- 

uor fet body is ine |ie erf a pe herte ia ine heuene be 

lone / and be wylninge. 

Man teligiDiia ne seel nojiing c^en habbe ine erfe. !7<^n. k] 
Ac he sael makj his hoid ine heuena aae zayf ouie ahiUnbUi 
Ihoid ine his spells. ' Yef (mu wylt' he zayji 'by parfit ; 
guo and zele al ]>et fou beet / and yef hit pa poore nor 
godw loue / and zuo ))e sselt habbe )nn hoid ine heuene.' 
Mamnes hord of religion : ys lojw pouerte fet comf of J^™°^,, 
guode wylle / ase zayf an hal^en ine fe lyues of uaderes. >"» f'^j. 
Tor pouerte is Jret menet / huermide me bayf pa riche tKunn tin unx. 
of heuene. Hneruore onre Ihoid zayf. Jiet pa poure of 
sprit byef y-blissed. Vor fe riche of henene : ia hare. 
Voraojw huo |>6t is ponro of spirit / fet ie of wylle. He 
ne zek]) ine ^ise wordle / ne lostee. ne rixiheases. no 
worfssipes. ac lafire noryet al / uor god. And ruo ssel "" "^"^^ 

do be Ruods lelifrioua / bet wile cliue into be helle of cUmb uuo nu 

' " air T hiu rfpBftoUoB, 

perfeccion. Jjanne fe angel zayde to lot / )>o he w€s 
y-guo out of aodome. 'ne trost fe n^t ine }» stede ]iet 
fou host ylete. ac ywyte pa ine fe helle of perfeccion.' 

'" I 1... ,Co(H^lc 


be bt cnuti not Vor huo J»et is y-gno out of Jie sonoersadon of )ie wordle : 

he ne Bsel him najt trosti / ne hyealile beeyde pe woidl« 

be wyUe / ne he wilninge. Ac him asoyny Me mocha 

ase he may / al huet he is ine ))e halle of peifeccioii / 

and ]>er me Bsel abide to hia helfie / wyjioute loMnge 

LM'i <rib looktd ayen. Lottea wyf lokede behinde hiie / ^ cite |iet 

ii«i:nT,uidin> beT[n]de hueront hi vea i-gno. and fteruore hi ires 

taS^f "W." ychonged in-to an ymage of zalt. Lottes wyf / \m- 

Lot.wun bt- toknef ham / ze])])e fiet hi byeji iguo out of fe woidle / 

whoHbodiHtn and bye^ ygno into religion, wendeji ayen be wille and 

tai^fa^ l« wyhiiflge / Jtet habboji hare body ine oloyetM / an 

latiHwcFPid. Mttefi baie herten ine ^ ■wordle. Jjob anlykneji fm 

ymage of ealt / Jiet ne he)i bote pe lykuesse of man. and 

hit is hard / and chald ase a eton. Alsuo bye^ fd 

nolk ohealde ine }« loae of god / and haid wy^ut« 

•naj hin odI; 'wetnease of pite : and of deuocion. banne hi ne habbeb 

tbD ciolhlug of 

niigioiL oote pe clo^iinge of haie religion. i>e ym^ )»et wes of 

bMakBBUi wu ^t / be-tokne^ ine fe writinge : wyt / and diecrecioQ. 

ud dtanHJgii. ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^j. ^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^ ^^^^^ . Jg„Q ggg| mjjj 

habbe wyt and discrecion ine hia dedes / and ine his 

troidea. ))e ilk« ymage Ratine of zalt sset y(e]ae iryt / 

and onderetondinge / and norbysne : to ham of religion. 

pei habbef) uorlete Jie wordle / )Kt hy ne wende ay«i to 

Out tm^ aibMta fian ^ hi hsbbefi y-lete. And )ieruore zay^ onra Ihotd 

miHiDiHT Lofi in his spelle to hia deciplee / ^t him uoljeda 'be^enche^ 

yon he zai)> of lottea wjrue.' Jjet is to zigge / do lobe^ 

n^t to )>et ye habbe)i y-lete nor me. ]wt ye ne lyeae fwt 

lyf of grace and of bUaae: Alano aae lottos vyf / 

aoriyaa Jtet lif of ^ bodye / uoi f>et hi lolcede to pan j 

Pai M hedde y-lete. Jeanne onie Ihoid zay^ ine fads 

HtwhBHtituiid apelle. jKt p% ilke |«t zet pa band a)>e ziiolj and loke^ 

loduui twhind ii behinde him : ne is najt vorjii to po riche of henene. 

hS^JT*^ "* ^™ "Isno ase Jie ilke fw let f e raol) loke|i alnevay 

ThoH dtdinud beuore him / uor to lede wel hia ztiob : Alsuo ssel do 

to GDd ■bndd ' ^ 

•va bin tiM he p^ zet ffo band to |ie zaol^ of penonce o^er of nli- 
[Foi. 71. no gion : alneway sael habhe ^e ejen of hia herte / ^ is to 

DieiBK BPtBirUAL BLESalHOft. 143 

zigge pn oademtoudinge and fe wyl to fan fet is be-uore : ^™*^||**^ 
and najt to ^an fet ia behynde. ^t ia to pe goodes udnMuton- 
earalefltmde Jrat ssoUen by be-uore ine Jw herte. ns^t to 
Jm tunliche guodw / Jrat ssoUe by bebynde. And fua 
dede aynta paul ]Mt zede / ^et be hedde noryete ^ / Bi Pui aiw*^ 
]Mt wee bebinde. )iet wee fo -voidle aiul al )ie couaiUee ianiudin«ud 
^et f«t is / Jfet be ne prayzede n^t / wid yede alneway 
beuoie him. Yor he hedde alneiray his cnderstondii^ 
and hia wyl to henene. Ac modie uolk ot leligion 
zette]) ^ taol} be-aote |w oksen. nor uele fw bye^ imd hbv niiei™ 
^t ia hiie hum ftA more zecheji J)e tamliche ^ingee / ponitUBon* 
and do^ beaoM / ^et ssolde by behynde. fe timllche bicgn^ow. 
guodes beuoie : fe eareleatiiide. and pe goetliche be- 
hynde. Zuyche idigious hyef ine wel grat peril of bore 
aoriywynga nor hi ne babbeji bote Jie clopuige of hue 
religion. To fe uorl^sne of zainte paul / sad fe gaode et puj (Aon 
religions / uoryete )ie wonlle / aad lete bis bebinde him. -,Mris(ii« 
and Jw goodes anieleatinde ahieway habbe beoote hia SSH't^^ 
eien. and alneway gao uram utrtue / to utrtue / albnet ud ga from 
he com)> to fo mont ioye. ^et is / to ^e helle of blisae goiu Oaj naat 
eureleetinda hner he seel clyerliche izy god. and him ^^^^ ^om. 
Bsei lonis parfitliche. and wor^ssipie eoremo. ))et is fe 
blisaiuge huei ]w yef)^ of ouderetondinge let ^o ^t 
lokefi clomiosae of hetto / and of bodye / ase we babbe) 
abone y-aseawed. And )>eruoie iay|> oaie Ihoid. })et 
ybliaaed 1^^ fa clene of herte. nor hy saoUe clyerliche "BiMedHtta 
yay god. \>o like blisainge b^iu^ hyer. nor bi hjep tx »b*j itiu 
yclensed of ^ieetemesse / of Miour to pe ondeistond- 
inge / and of epottes of Eenne / ase to ^e wylle. And 
peiuore bi y-«yeji god be byyleane alijte / of fe br^tneese Thej »tau h* 
peb camp of pe jaffe of onderetondinge / bnerby me i^ the gift rf 
knauj) bis Bseppere / and al Jwt beIoi^> to belJ»o of "**'*^''*' 
zaole wyjKJttte drede / wyji-onte compwer / wyjMjnte 
obanceliei. and ine J» t^leue of leau met huer hi bye^ 
sno to-gidoe / and yzet nestliohe / |ret hi ne mo}e ham 
to-dele : nor dyap / ne nor torment And ^emore hi 

'" ,.«=,Googlc 

z44 nr butbit aix is bbautiful. 

TiM gima ThTt ijyej yblisaed / pe clene of lierte / iae ^ise lyue dyad- 

BUfUi lib, lich. nor hi habbe^ fw e^ of liare herten / and Jra 

cmderatondinge of hare vjlle / zao cl«ne / and zao clyer / 

tarttiam»aei fet hi zy^' god / and ylene^ be etxonge beleane / and 

qHttfituii nker& aae zaj}i onie Ihord to saint thomaa ]w sposteL 

'Tor Jwt Jou me heat y-zcge : |k)u me heat ylened. Ac 

^o Bsolle by yblisaed : ^ me ne y-z^e and me ylene)).' 

TUibiaMbig Ao yie bhsainge Bsel by nolueld / ine fie liuo eureles- 

bi ttu uft «»■ tinde. hner ^ dene of herte fet hier sfloile yay hint be 

'"^' byleauQ. ac alneway Jiiesterliche. hi asolle y-zi face wy^ 

face : al aperteliche / ase zay^ zayte panL )>et ie ]m 

hlisBinge of angles / and of ha^en of paradis. {Kit y^ 

god ine ])e face / yknawe enne god ine pn pereones. to 

ysy clierliche me Jw eseawere huerinse alle fiagoe bye> 

brijte / mid-^ lombe / and ye haljen ham vondie^ / 

and ham j-zyep. and nolle ne moje by : him an to lokL 

YoF ^ ia alle nayrhede / aUe metnesse / alle gao[d]- 

nesse. Telle of lif eureleetinde / and al Jwt herte may 

wylnj / and of gaod deeiri. Ac ich zigge lite, aor 

ane zayj> fie vritiiige. ' ne e;e dyeadlich ne may najt 

ysy. ne eare hihera. ne mannes herte fienche. peA 

god he^ Bgray])ed to his niiendes.' jMnne sant 

anaalm zay^. ' Man arere al J)ine onderstondinge Jkt 

aboue / an ^nch ase moche aae ]» mi^t / huet / and 

hon moche gmt / and hno moche lostaol / ia Jnt gnod / 

yet hey ye ioye and |iane lost of alle gooda and n^t 

zaych lost / ne zueche Idisse / ase me oint ine sseppingea : 

ac aaemoche more : aae ye sseppete ia moie ^anne )» 

sseppingea.' Non eajy he / ■ nuumea maktage hart 

y-zyxt ^on foleant nor to zeche diuerse goodee to fina 

zaule and to )rine bodye. Lone wel on gnod huer bye^ 

alle gnodea / and bit is ync^. )>et is hitn-zelf ^t is hejest 

gnod of huam comeji alle fie ofire / ase }w streames / of 

ye velle.' Yorzo^e he ssel by wel yblissed zay^ saynt 

anstin / ^et wyjkinte none nakede nisage onwr^e ssel 

u* iwtod li-v yzy fe bhase of god. and ssel by y-vent ine aolicneBse 

' For tje^. 



of ye bliase liuer he aael jv^ god ase be is. buych a^^e '>'^ ■tOod 

is ooTonne wyjfoute ende / Bud al Jio asepe of holjen. 

^t Bsei by al )ie gnod of man / zay^ huje de saint 

uictoi. auoieye fane man f^ he made ine bodye and ine 

zanle / nor ^an ^t man him j-zd) mid fe e^ea at fe 

bodie ine his manhode. and ^e zanle him yziji ine his 

godhede. rao ^t he oand zaetnease / and lost ise his 

Bseppeie vy^ine / and wyf-onte / wy^inne : ine fe 

godhede. ^)>oute : ine fe manhode. {«tssel by ]« bliase 

of man / fet asel by hia ioje / and hia lost / and lif ^^^J^^SS 

eoreleetinde fe iike yblisaede 8^(ie. J)et ia fe bhasinge ariifc««tii«uiif. 

yef hit onderetondeji : fo fet loke^ clenneeee of heite 

and of bodie. 



J)e laate yef^ / and Jie meste / Kud yehejeete : ia J»e ?''**»"*""' 
;ef^ of wysdom. ))et is a grace fot fe holy goat yef^f to wmimn, 
^e contemplatiue herte. hneiby he is ynome of Jw loue ir^in dithi 
of god. Jrathe u^t ne wyhie)i/ne ne teq^ o^fiing/ wtthtbaionot 
)nnne him to ^enne / and to habbe / ine him nor to 
likni /mid him noi to bleoe. bis is bet gieateof per- TUit>tii*it« 
feccion / Jie ende of eontemjuacion. pe yef^ of onder- 
atondinge hnerof we habbe^ aboue yspeke / make^ 
knawe god / and J>e gostliche ^isgee ase be zi^fw / and 
be simple lokingeo. Ac ^ yeffe of wysdom / make]) to ^^^^^ 
yuele god / an to y-knave ase be cne^ |)anne vysdom fb^mij, 
ne ia ober bing / ^anne knanlechinge smackinde / pel is 
mid smac and mid grat lost of h^te. noi ojierlaker he 
knauji wyn / J» ilte Jret hit yzijP ine a nayr glee, ofer- "T?*^^ 
lakei fo like pet bit drinc^ / and taste|i / and amacke)>. uti>«it 
Ac >e filoaofee yknewen god be writinge / ase be ane n* phii<Hpii«* 
Bsewme buerinne by lokeden. be skelo and be ondei- irrittBc.ubyt 
Btondinge of his m^to. hia nayrbede / hia wyt and hia 
guodnewe / eifan hi y-wjen )ie saeppingea fek he hejt 
ymad mo gieate / luo nayre / luo gnode / and mo wel 


246 THE STEPS or thk laddsr or ferfsction. 

Mdnyawwa*. y-ordayned. p&nae hi knewen wel be cfj^ and be 

Bituni nuon, uorbisne / and be ilmple i^po of oudeistondiiige / and 

[Pol- 77. L] Qf kendelkh akele. Ac aeoie najt ne yoalded / ns 

bat nam bfl se mijte y-uele be Eoa^ of r^te lone / oe by denocWHt. 

" " AIbuo ^ bye^ nels crtstene deikes / and leawede / 

fet wel ham yknewe be t^Ieaue / and be wrytitige. Ac 

nor fret hi habhe^ fane me^ ni^ vel y-di)t be lenne 

hi ne m<^ no Jiing yuele nanmore ^anne ^e zike oint 

Thigiftofwii- smak ine fe gaode mete. }}e yef^ of wysdom / ]>et ^ 

inu'i bfit to holy goet zet ine hert« / eikerliche uayre^ / and olense)) / 

OgdinrtbaKiudf ^f jjg ue]^6 of zenne / and sfeiefr £00 }>aDe gost of man : 

J«t he him ioiaef to god / be a glu of loue / buo Jet he 

ud uun h( ^ ^^ °'^ ^^ S°^- i^ ^ ^"^ neth. ^r he him noaaaep. 

^^^„^^i^ fer he him uetteji. fer he him loatef. Jwr he him reBte|i. 

btai»t™S^'" fer he him elepji. fet he uoiyet al hia tranail / alle hia 

didna ((mnui nylningee ulessliche / and erjiliche / and him zelae / 

^t he him ne be]>eiig)> of na^t : bote of ^t he kmej / 

TUiiitbaiut and fiet is god onlepiliche. J>u ie )ie lasto stape / of ^ 

ofrBtetUoiL Iheddre of perfeccion / |«t lacob yiej ine his salepe / Jet 

tok ]>e heuene / huerhy Je angles of onre Ihoide lean 

nw iMpi of thii crtst clioe op : and doan, be atapea of biee Iheddre : 

-nn guu d lb* byef f e lene yef^ of Je holy gost / huerof we habbe^ 

bt thva (tafH y-epeke. Be fio zeue stapes cliuej pe angles. )>et bye^ 

}h) Jet habbej hare herten to heuene / Jet ledej lyf of 

angle ine erjie / be uayiehede / and be olennesse / Jet 

habbej hare herten in heuene be wylnynge. hnamnehi gnoj 

tttat from Tirtaa and pTofLteJ Oram mrtue to nirtne / al huet hi yryej god 

aperteliche and heriej paifitliche. Ac hnanne hi byej 

Bt^ig iwdai y-diae op al to Je laste stape : ojerhuil hit behouej gao 

•top, doun be lojnesse. Vor ase moche ase man is more 

parfit ; Je more he is milde / and Je lesse him-eelne 

pisysej. Jerof me kan zigge : he Jet is meat worj : hs 

tbirg b k^THttr him meat lojej. )}anne Je guode parfite maiui sael by 

udHiFditH- ase Jet tniu Jet b y-kariced mid &at / Je mme hit bonj 

to Je gnmda Ine anojie maniie me may onderatonde / 

Jet Je angles yeden donn. uor Je gnode men Jet led«]> 


lif of oiunl an erbe / be hire holvhede / Imanne hi bveb h baborMh umm 

7-clme op to ^e areata stepo of e&ntemplacion / huyder ugaii on wtii 

yo jti!p& of wjadom hia let / )iet ie alsuo j-^^yned to 

god / ])et he uoryet al (wt is onder god / be fe groate 

laetneaae fet fa herte nelj) / ^t is alsuo iroted ine god ; 

^et he lyeet alle o^ luetea. zno ham behoue]) o^hnyl 

goo doun of )iise zuetnesse / of Jiise leate / of ^lee loato / 

mam bis zaete biyeatrai of solas, hner god hsm de^ 

Eoukeme fie amtemplacion to^e vorkes of }e bysye tadeH«di«iii* 

lyue / hoerof we habbe^ abone y-epeke. hner |« parfite muj u*. 

abide ssoUe / and nor haie note gostlich / and uor 


Anoyei scele yetia/ haeniore hit behoue^ gao doun 
of fo ilke Mte of amietn^Miou j hner ^ gost of wisdom 
woneji. YoT ^ coirupcion of }« ulesse is euo grat ^et ThinmnioB 
^ goet ne may ine ^ise line dyeadlich longe hleue / in g„^ ** 

no hej Btat of coMtemplaoion. ne yuele Jte ilke greeto ^^ w" 
suetnesee / ^ pase^ alle lostes ^t me may yuela ine wnuin^Kiiiih 
^iae woidle f aae fo wytef fet hit habbe}* y-proued. impiMitiiL 
Jjenmre pa ayenwyjte of ]ra uleeee / is zuo heuy / }iet he Tb* itrA dng* 
dn^^ )>ane gost a-doun wylle he / nolle he. and ^emoie 
ye ilke gieate zuetnesse ^t fw hert« contemplatif uel)i / 
be |ie yefjie of wysdome ine Jiise dyadliche lyue. ne is [lu. rr. b.] 
bote a litel mel; / hneiby me emocke^ hou god la mihUMRbaM 
mete / and zofte as me taste^ and emacky^ )iet wyn. tuuaia^i 
«i)>an me diinc> hie nolle. Ac huanne me eael come J^J^^^. .luiii 
in-to ye gieate tauerae / huer J« tonne is be-taka ^t is J^^J^ 
ine fe lino enreleetindeL huer fet god of lone / and of n™™"!. 
pays / ifi / of blisee / and of lostee / and of eolas / ssel 
bi EUO abandones to echen / Jmt alle esolle by uoUeL 
Am lay^ ye eanter. pat al ye wylninge of ^ herte b, duu drhk u> 
asolle be oolneld ]wr. huanne god sael do come ope his 
niendes «n« nlod cJ pays / ase zay^ ^e prophete. huerof «■ ood ainu 
hisaoUebymouoldronke/Jethiseollebyalledronke/ JS^afTaiSdof 
of ye gieate plenty / ^t is ine fins house / and his ssalt JJ^j^^ ^ 
do drinke of fe ulode of fine eoetneese / and of fine •>^ <■ ^™^- 


likinge. fot mid peia pe trelle of lyos. ^t is Jre wella 
Burelefltinde / )»et alnevay kue^ ' / and fojl; ne maj. 
pet ia god zelf / )>et is welle of line / and eterae ne n»j. 
tiaeiof arut / and ge^ donn abone alle fie ha^en. pet 
bye)> / and eeolle hi iae paradie / a alod of blisae / of 
lost / andofpaiB. auo grot /f>et alle J»o pet ferofdrinkef: 
hi byeji dronke. )Kt is ^et pays and pe blisainge Jiet 
Bsel by ine ]» wordle jret is comiade hiie nor to vyne / 
and habbe / me ssel libbe Bobrelicbe ine Jiise woidla. 
Bse zayp aaynt auBtin. Yot non ne diiDg|i of |nae 
Btremee of pais : f>6t ne ie dronke of ^e pleute of blisse : 
Jwt ne lokep 8obret4. pet is ]>e uirtue pet po yefpe of 
vysdom set ine horte / aye pe tomochelbede of glotunyst 
Vor wysdom tekp BobretS / ase Salomon zayp. Sobieti 
is a traw vel precious, nor hit lokep pe helpe of pe nnls 
aiDUonrpndiuH and of pe bodie ase zayp pe 'writii^ Of ^otonye of 
often dMth. mete and of drinke to moche : comep nele greate ok- 
nesees. and ofte pe dyap. Tor be to moche drinke and 
DHib Hiui etbe : steifb moche nolk / and be dvab his nimb eodam- 
■■ <itit doui th* liche / ase me nimp pane Tise by pe cheake. pet is to 

HA br the cbmk. ... ... 

zigge / pe morsel ine pe monpe. 

))ise Qirtne me esel loky toppe alle pinge& nor pe 
gaodee pet hi dep to pan : pet his wel lokep. Yeast J 
sobrete lokep be skele / and to pe ondeiBtoudinge hire 
' uridom / pet dronkenesee hire be-nymp. Voi pe ilko 
pet is dronke / is zuo y-nome of wyn : pet he lyeet 
skele / and onderstondinge / and ie ase sdiayngt ine 
vyin. and huanne he irenp drinke pet wyn : pet vyn 
dryngp him. J)e oper good pet sobrete makep is pet hi 
deliurep pane man of to nonl preldom. pet is of pe 
prddome of pe wombe. Vor pe glotoon / and pe to 
moche nimere of metes : makep of hare womben hare 
god. ase zayp zaynte pauL Voizope mocbe he him 
onwotpep : pet seruop to ane zuiche noiile Ihoide / ase 
to his wombe. buerof ne may go out : bote nelpe and 
stench. Ac sobreti lokep man ine hia Ihoidssip. nor 
> For kne1|i. 


pe goat eael by Ihoid ooer ]wt body, and ^ body asel TbaiphitihoDid 

serai to ^ goete. pe Jtridde giiod ^ so^H«t^ maked bodj. 

is ^ hi loki fe gate of ^ cctstele aye ^ane ost of Jm [roLTT.a.] 

dyeule. ^t is ^ mou^ ^t is ^ mayster gate of ^e tih math it lu 

casl«le of pe herto / )>et ^ dyeael asayle^ ase modie t—atmaitbmit. 

ase he may. Ac sobret^ him ver^ fw gate / ]iet is ^ 

mon)). And huanne ]>e gate of ^ iiion]M b open : ^ 

geet of senne gefi in lijliche / and not najt he vijt ayes 

pe ofn Eennes / ^t na^t vy^halt his tonge. Hno pet 

hep pise utrtae: he he^ of his bodye pB Ihordaeip. 

Alsao aae me ouercom^ ^t hots bi po bridle, sobrate aeMMf ii sni 

he^ Jw nerste batayle ine ]» oat of otrtnee / and loke)i / boitof Tiit«i. 

and were^ pe ofK tuHuee. |)aane pe dyeuel uondede 

uant / ase be ^ mou^ / of ouie Ihoide Jio he him n*<kmi«apMi 

tede / ^t he eeolde maki of stouea bread. Alano he oanouk. 

asaylede Jnne nerste man be pe monjn / and him ouec- 

com. uoi he him openede pe gat« of his castele / fK> he 

hint eonsentede to pe uondinga To loM aobrete ous 

tek^ / kenda vritinge. an alls asep^ kende / ^t 

amang pe bestes / m t i he^ pane leete moa^ be pa 

bodie. TStei man to ]>e o^ie lemee y-dobled / aae ^e xuinifaHBa 

^en / [and] earen / ac — he ne he^ bote enne mou^. liie mi lu hu cai? 

^t ons tek^ kende / ))et me asel ethe lite / and diinke ™ ""^ 

lita nor kende is mid lite y-payd. and be to moche 

of mete / ie ofto y-ueld doun. J)e iratmge ous tekp 

Bobret4. ine uele manyeres / and be manye Docbysnea / 

aae moje yai / ^ ^ conne^ pe -mitinge onderatonde / 

an >o )iet yi^e^ pe lines of ha^en. Efterward / alle JJ^^^Jj^^,^ 

saep^ee tedie|i sobretd nor ine alle ssepjiee / he^ god 

y»et rijte mesnre / aae zayj Salomon ine fe holy writ- 

inge. Sobtet4 ne ia ojier ping pwax to loki rijto Jjjjlj^^^ 

meeuie. ^alnewayhalt ^ane middel ine to moche: ■Bdteouuw. 

and to lite, be ^an )iet scale a-l^t be gnuM Uikp. Toi 

ine ^ise timliche gnodea / ))et / p^ is to moche to 

onen : is to lite to ano^ren / and ^t / fiet is to moche 

to ane poure manne : to ane riche manne hit wete ofte- 



zi^es to lite. Ax: sotiret^ and tempenmoe / zet oueF^l 

meeure. Alsao ine goBtliche guodes : ase iiie usBtinges / 

ine wakiuLgeB / iue disaipliuee / and iuo o^ dedes of 

uirtue / ^t byef y-do nor god / an nor note of fa 

zanle : zet mesora. zuyche oee ac«le acse^. )}e atrtue 

of temperance and of sobret^. fa ilke utrtnea loke^ 

I meauie sceluolle. n^t onlspiliche ine mete and ine 

""°*^ diinke: ac ia alia uirtoes. ase zay[^] eaynt bemaid. 

for It modntii ^o" f^ uirtae 2et alle fm Jnjtee. alle ^e wille& idle ]» 

wi^^i'dSM Bteriynges of fe herte. and alle fe wyttee of pe bodje / 

<f thttoAr. oDtnime )ie Ihordasip of ri^te acele. ase layji tuUIus fe 

wyse. zaa )>et a I^te acele ^ie ^ yef^e of wysdome / 

halt ine peae pe Ihordsaip of )>e herte / and of pe bodie. 

Tbamdorin and ^et u ^e ende and }% ondentondinge of alle 

iM^ud boAr"^ m'rtuee ^t f e harte and fet body by wal y-ordayned to 

^iHinU wiiiiHd go^ j^g p^ g^ onlepilicbe by hej llionL ine znyche 

maoere )iet al by ine his bc^Bamneese al ])et he he^ ine 

fie regne of bodye and of ^ zaul& and Jiet make)) 

Bobre lone of god. )>et zet of al / ^ herte in-to pe wiUe 

of god. Jjanite zaynt aostin iay)>. ]>et ft nirtne of 

temperance and of sobrete / ia alone ^t is yloked to 

D god y-bollycbe wyfi-onte conupcion. and ona vy)^ 

dra}^ Qiam ^e lone of hier bene^ fet ia pa lone of 

[Fci w. ..] pJBB wordle / pet troDble)) Jie herte of man / and hiee 

let ine EOi^a and him benimji rijtuolle knanlechtnge of 

god / and of him-zelne. Alsno ase me ne a^p JMji 

Tk*ianofQod biijUlche iue fre wetere ystered. Ao pa lone of god / 

fff — , })et is wel y-clensed of alle eifiliche lone / and of alle 

uleesliche willee zet pa herte ine paia. Vor hi him de^ 

and zet ine his (^ne steda. ^ is ine gode. })er be him 

reatef). )ier be is in pais, ne ne he^ bliese / ne reete : 

oarLodHttii, ^^ }^- jMfuie zay^ onie Ihoid ine his spelle. <^u 

talllntatta^'" *^' **y "'^ tnraayl ine fise wordle. ao ine roe >ou 

warid,iiaibDB ggeit; Tlnde leste.' And aaynt austin zoda 'Lhoid: 

tK." min herte ne may by ine pais : albnet hi reate^ ine 

pa.' pa ilke loue ne Text na^ of er^ / ne of maiee. 

from tin Im erf 


Of ^iae mmlle. Ac hj com}) doim of ^ heje rochs '"•^ ia*«M«(h 

Imeroppe hi ys yzet and y^tuid ^ greato cite of u^ r«& (jmu 

paradia / and fe cite of holi cherche. Jjet is lera '*"*'■ 

crtBt / ope hnam bye> y-aet and Tinad ueatUche be 

guode bUeaoe. f« Btrong« castelee. fet bye)) )ie berten 

of gnode men. Of ^h^ rocheotmi]) donu ^e velle otoiMmk 

of lone ine herte ]>et is wel 7-clenzed nor fw lona of ^ cjiantntothi 

-woidle. J)e like welle is nio clier and mo j-zendred / 

^t fe htaie bin y-knan]i / and y-zij)) bin zeino and 

lure makieie. alsno aee me yz^^ ine ane uayn valle 

■wel yzendred ope po welle ^ herto iesl«^ eftei fo Browtmuth* 

tronayl of gnode workee / sse we lede^ of leeu crut nanuiiDuurat 

onre Ibord. Jjet Jo he hedde «uo moclie y-guo ^t bo ""^ 

ires al weri / he him zett« and restode ope Jie velle. JM 

ilke irelle bone pet guode beite / be ))et him wille 

herjB j him reatej is Jm lous of god. t>e ilke welle ia tu> ma d nMt 

mo zuete and of euo gnod smac ; ^fX Je ilke )iet fwiof 

dringj / noryet alls ojre zuskteaHs and ajre smakkes. 

J)e ilke welle ne uelj n^t Jane fane ne J>e erjM / ne u >• pm uid on- 

^auB merss of Jise wordle / and Jornoie by is mete and 

of gnod smac to drinke. uor ase mocbe ase Je welle •»> whoiaou* la 

ynelj leese of Je erje : zno mocbe hi is Jo holer and 

^ betere of to drinke. Jjet is Jw welle of wytte and of Jil'^^ "* 

wysdome. nor Je ilke Jet Jerof dringj / be knanj wyt wiidom, 

and wysdom and vel J / and smackej Je greate luet- driiMii uimmt 

nesse Jet is ine god / and Jet is Je hejeste wyt of wmodi. 

man ; wel to knawe his aseppere / and him louie mid 

al his herte. Yor wyjoute Jiee filosofie / alle ojre 

wyttee ys folye. 

Znycb wyt zet Je holy goet ine herte / Janne be Smtwinii* 
him yefj Jane yefje of wisdom / Jet is herte of govt- r**»>. 
liche blisse / and bin adiaynkj / and makej hint 
dionke of holy lone. Hnet wyt ia Jet / Jet Je holy 
goHt zet in-to Je herte wel y-clenzed : Jet ich habbe BiaiWtttBin 
kiei bfrnore y-Bsewed / bner Jet is spek of Je wyttee of 
Je zaule / ate giunisge of Je dr^Je of mrtue. and Jei- 



uoie ich paci fw Bsortlakei. )}et goatliche wyt Jiet com^ 

--S ^il!^ of Btedeaeat loue of god. makefi Jw heite aobie / and 

zofte / and alle ^ingee a-mesora)) / zuo Jtet ]» herte ^ 

is ine zaich gtat is ise payee / ase M may by ine )>ise 

Koumiriinfai djadliclie liue. Vor ine fiae wordle / non ne may 

Mii'iau libbe wy^nte torment / and vy^ute zome v^tinge 

fOaiL.' '^ temptacion. )iet god zeat ofte uor to nondi his 

knyjtes. and uor ^an ffA hi corme osy of aimee of 

[Folicl] ai'rtus. nor ofierlater hi ne mo^ hy gaode kn^tea. 

Jjanne me couJm maky pe tomoymeiu ise time of pays. 

Ac hnaniie fe guode kuy^ het ouercome )>et tomoy- 

ment : he went ayen to his house, fiet he him leete^ 

tim good ham, al in eyae. Alsuo de^ J>e giiode herte huanne hi he^ 

wfU fODgfa^ '^^ yuo}te and he^ ouercome fet tomenoyment of 

nuiniitgUHir uondingea: ha com]) ayen to him-zeloe / and hint 

ood. leste^ ine god. jMt hint eonforte^ eiW fe tianayl / eno 

^t he fa uoryet al his trauayL and ne ^eng}> bote of 

god. huer he uint al Jiet he wilne^. )>et ia ])et trot fet 

])e traw of sobret^ hetp j ])et comfi of Jn yef^ of vya- 

dom / ase ich habbe abone yzed. 

OftbaOipiitf Op )}B 8TAFB8 OT SOBBKTfi. 


Ase ich habbe abone yssewed / sobret^ ne is o]Mr 
fling / bote to loky rijte mesure ine alle )>ingee. Ac 
epecialliche : ine vyf Jiinges me sael bki mesuie. J)et 
bye^ alsno ase zeue stapes fanerby wext and profited ^t 
traw of sobret4. 

))e aerate atape of sobratj is / ^t me lette mesure in 
his onderatondinge. spacialliche to ^ articles and to pe 
oTintap poyns of fie beleane. |>e Uke oueigeji meetue / ^t wyle 
Lbditnn, zeche kendelich skele / Loe )>an ^ is abone ondenrtond- 
Luge / ase do^ )ie bongres / and )« misbylefde.' ))et 
wylle^ mesuii )» beleane be hoie onderstondinge. ac hi 
esolden meanii hire onderstondinge and hara skele to ^ 
mesnie of ^ beleane / ^ god ous heji y-yeoe. And 
Salomon zayde to his Eone. < Tayra zone / do in^to ^e 


wytte meeoie.' Jjet is to zigge / ^ ^u ne bi Ti^t j of hu •hooid no4 

xuo o)€ike vytte / ne lu^t mo ypijt in )>iiie onerwenioge : ud ■■tf«ii&- 

^ ]h)1i ne flechchi / nor to leas to good red. and ^ 

|Km ne lete ^m ojene wyt / nor to booje to ]w wyser 

Jwnne ^n. And apecialliche to }>e articles of ^ beleane 

me ssel Iet« his ojene wyt / and his ondeistondinge h* ibDau Mt kh 

flechchi / and zett« ine }iroldom of ]re beleane / ase zayji vkiMaa^avaa. 

^yte paaL ni^t nor to apeluchier ne seche kandehcb 

Bcde. huer he non ne he|> / ase do|> fe bysye / ofer ^ 

malancolien / )iet bye^ ylich ^an JKit zekj* )ie cmmmeles 

ine ^ mssoles. o}>er ^an ^ sek^ jut ael ine ]m aye / 

o^r ^aue knotte ine )« reese. 

)7e o^ atape is / Jmt me zette meaura ine ^ loste t- SitmHnin in 
kdA mid ^ likinge of ]»e wllle / ^ me ne him ne aslaky idwan otthi 
najt to moche ^ane bridel to yeme to loetes of ^ ulesae / 
ne to ^ oonaytiae of ]iiae wordla Jjanne ^ wyse zayj 
ine ya wnt[i]nge. ' Ne uo^e na^ he zay^ ^ couaitisee ne rnonr tm uh 
^ wylninges of ]iine herto / and }>e misvende to do )ii tUMk«it. 
wyl / ^t ^u hit ne uolnelle n^L and yeld good skele. 
nor yef ^on dest to ^ine herte his wyl : ^n makeet 
blisse to ^ine vyendes / ^t bye)) ^ d3%alen of belle.* 
nor alsno ase fie iike ^ make^ blisse to his no / ayens 
buam he sae) nijte / hnanne he him yelt to him ouer- 
come. Yef he him yelt oaercome to ^ dyeule ])et him omm m* to 
consented to hia euele wylninges. )>emore say J) zayte h». ' "*'**' 
peter )ie aposteL * ich you helany / fet ye ase oncouje / 
and pUgrimes / yon loki nram wilningea.' J)e ilke ^t tiw^smtt^*. 
is pilgn'm and ine onconfw contraye / huer byef manye ■« mmmm ftw 
^yenee an robberes yeA aspie^ ^a pilgrims / and wayteji [Fol n. d.] 
yo wayes : ham loke^ moche / fiet hi ne nalle ine ^e 
honden of pyenes. and )>eng^ bon he may gno dkerlicha 
Alle J»e guode men ine ftise wordle byef oncou^ and ^^jl^ "* 
pilgT tTiT. Hi bjefi oncon}>e / nor hi bye^ onte of hare 
contraye. ^t is paiadys. ^t is ^ contraye / and heritage 
to guode men. Hi ne bye^ Jieudunde bote nor to TbttrhKU^di 
uolnelle hire iomayes / al hnet hi comef to hare eritage / J""™* 
' For »ek(i. 


Thi goad pn- )>et is ^ citS of paiadis / pet, fo gaode pilgnma nche^. ase 

goed weiMj, zay^ zsynte pauL ^tne habbe^ / ne nolle^ babbe pe ari- 

tage bier in Jiae -wordle. Zuyobe pilgrtmB jwt wille^ gno 

zikerlicbe : hi do)i ham ofte ine gaode oel^rede / and 

ine zikere gnoinge. JM guode ud&jiede |)et let xikerlidie 

ladpsKMtb^ and gaoj) r^taoUiche / is byleane / and lone, beleaue / 

briWudtiiH let fnne w&y to pilgnmes. ac loue his berji. zuo ^t )» 

way ham gr^uej) lite / ojnr najt. Huo pet hep zayctw 

Tiiy bin DD bu oela^rede : he ne heji of ^yues none diede fat waytef pe 

tbidwUindui wayee. }Kt byef dyenlen ^ nimeji and robbef alia 

pa I peA none zniche oelajiede ne habbef . J>et byefi ^ 

J»et wyllef do hyere / hyre loates : ^t ham dop in-to fe 

BdkirudionBr bonden / and in-to pe grinee of pe dyeole. Beleaue / 

2*^ '*'™ and loue of god. of-halt fe herte / and hja -wyjidrajt 

unun qneade fo^tea / and mam fole ' lostes / Jtet he ne 

eonaenti. AIsuo aee ms ofhalt ^ne uo^I be pe gee / 

TbakHrtiaUka t** ^^ "^ ^^7 *" ^ 'wylle, J)e herte is aae is ^ nojel 

• urd, jgj. Tfoije ^y to hiB wylle / and bote by by ofhealde / 

be pa ges of heleaue / and of lone / hy uly^f perilona- 

ud Im ikbii to Bj ^^^^ / ™o pei hy hyre apilj / and nalji ofte into pe 

iDtoUMnun. grines / of J» nojelere of belle, pet is pe dyeuel / pet ne 

vylnep / bote to nime pane uojeL J^eruoie pe gaode 

inan and pe iryse / -wypdra^ep hare frjl / and haie 

lostes / and haio pontes, be temperance and be sobret^ 

Huerof senekes aiyji. ' yef pou loueat to bi sobre / and 

cminiuiTiriiL ***"*?'*= wypscore / and wypdi^ pine willee / and lote 

uoMdoaoa "°^ hrydel to pine couaytiaes.' Tor alauo aae me wyp- 

iijwMrtUi. i^jjt j^t 1j(,„ t,y jia bridle pet hit ne gno najt to his 

wille : olsno me asel ofbyealde pe herte be pe briddle of 

BoMftr ii til* sobret4 / pet hy ne yeue hire n^t / to pe wiUe ne to pe 

conaytiBe of pise trordle. 
otmm mo4*n- P^ pridde stape of sobieti is / zette and loki mesuie 
ine wordes, Huerof Salomon zayp. Jjet ' pe wyse / and 
pe wel ytojto / temprep / and meemep hia wordes.' And 
saynt leiome zayp. pet 'mid oeawe woidas / is y- 

Dinitizedb, Google 


proned mannee lyf. ' Jmt ia to figgo. hj fe wordea me aj mrdin; 
may yknawe fe folyes / and Je wyttea of men. Vor wndomoriuBtia 
Bse me knan^ ^ znin be fe tonge / yef hit jb hoi. ^°°*^ 
O^ abone y-zaw& and Jmruore zayji )>e wyse ine fa 
viitinge. Jwt ' ]w woides of ^e \ryBe byeji y-we^e me ^e 
waye.' ^t is to dgge / J>et ^ wyee sael zao we;e ^e w<i|£tiiTinird 
woides ine ]ie waye of ekele and of diacrecion ^t )ier ne diwiMKa. 
by najt to wy^nymene. Zome uolk bye^ / ^t ne moje 
ham na)t byalde etille / ne na^t ham loki / Jwt M ne zigge / 
by hit 10)) by hit leozinge. ^t byef ase f e melle vjp- 
oute ecluBe. )iet ahie-way went be |ie yemjnge of ]>e 
weteie. Yot hi habbe]) ase aele wordea / aae fei com)i 
of veter to Jm melle. Ac ^e viae zette^ fe aclnae of TiwwiMHtMh 
discredon / nor to ofhealde ^et weter of fole woidea. enuoBUkHp 
and to uele. f et hi ne guo be Jw melle of Je tonge. J)er- Jj^tiht^jST °* 
nore zayj fe wyae ine fe writinge. 'Yz^ |iet weter C*"-*-] 
yem&' jTet is to li^^ : hald ^ine wordes ine f« sdnse 
of disciecion. nor aae lay^ Salomon. * Hno ftA let guo 
)>6t wetar to his wille : he is ofte canse of strif / and of 
chidinge / and of maoie kuedea / ^t come)) of kneade Kiuv«vni<niu(i( 
tonge.' aae ich habbe bo-uore yiod/ina Je chapitele of 
uiceB, hner idt qiek of ^e lenne of ^e tonge. jMraore 
ayf wel Je wyee ine ft writinga ' do' iay)i he ' / Jina 
-wordee ine waye / and gaod bridel ine ^e mou))e. and ^^ijT??!! 
nim hede ^t ^ou ne nalle be ^ine tonge b&-uore pine thrimcw. 
no : Jet Jw aaapiej.' An-ofer layfi. ' Do to )iine monpe / Put • aooc iBd 
A dore and a loc and to )iine wordes ; a nuye and a moBth. 
yok.' Hoo ^t ne we^Ji hia woidea ine fe waye of discre- 
tion, and ne ofhalt n^t hia tonge by fa bridle of skele. 
f^ aeel ofhyealde fe tonge of kueade W0Fde& he nalji H*whod«not 
lijtliche ine ^ hondeu of his uon. ^ bye)) ^ dyenlen / nuiftutDioth* 
>et oneral ous aspiej / and wayte)). Huanne fe von / SJ'JI^'^ '"" 
^ vijte) aye ^e caatel / yef hi rynde) fe gate oppe : 
hi gaof in lijtlicha alsuo fe dyeuel )iet n^t wyj fane 
castel of fe herte / huanne he nint fe gate oppe / f et ThdoaiihiJtU 
is fe moaf / he nimf l^tliche fane casteL And femora ''^ 



siyde daui)* ine fe saatere. ' Ich sette gnode lokinge to 

p6 mou^ ays mine yao ' / Jret is ^e dyeueL t)e lokinge 

of )» mou>e / ^ is akde and discredan. ]Mt exameoe)) 

pe voidea / er^an hi gno out ate mo^. Jiie is )w T^t 

Imerof ^e wyse spekji aae ich habbe abone yzed / hnCT 

wai(]iwAtii7 me ssel weyo Jwt word er hit by yzed. And Jwu aaelt 

vobo- ywyte / ^ lojinesse halt ^iae rijtnolle waye. Yea 

zofaeeae acorde^ fa ondeietondinge of fe herte-. and 

^t word of pe monjw / as hit ia ine |)e herta )m waye 

ne seel hougi of ^ia half / ne of yettd half / arijthalf ne- 

Bmoiiftiuui aleftbalf bet nor none prvii loue of man ne of wyf- 
i|iit 111 I iriil''. 

man. ne nor timlich note, ne nor hate of o^ren : me 

ne ssel lete to zi^e zof j huer )wt me ssel / and hnanne 

ud wfttk not ^t is nyed. ne leazinireB / ne ualsnesse / me ne aael 

■nr DB*. ''SS^ i'<"' neTine mun , ^ 

Aae me seel loki mesnre ine wordes : alsuo me ssd 

Bi|aniu^«iiM lot mesuie ine hyeijia Vor asewel me may une^ine 

kuede hyer|)e : ase ine kneada speche. Jxtroie ^ ilke 

>et yhyei^ ble^che missigge o^ren : ya portiner / 

u ihoB hwiM and uel^ of Jie zenns of ^an ^et he yherf. J)et non ne 

•tu oTiBoUiB, wolde zigge 'ble^eliche kuead of ofit«n / namsUche to- 

ttwiiirorth? ^ noie greate men / bote yef lie ne wende J>et hit likede 

•"■*""■ to him ^t hit hyer]). Jjanne an haljen zayj. fet 'non 

ne seolde by misnggwe : bote Jkt by an hyerere," J»p- 

nore Salomon zay|i. '^ norjiene wynd / to-^i&n)) ^ 

rayues / and ^ louiinde cbiere: Jie wordea of ^ 

1 misei^ere.' }}ise greate men M seolden wel ham loki/ ))et 

hi hieie^ / and f et hi leuef . fet hi vinde^ veawe / fet 

zob ham zigge. Ac olatours / and lyeieiee / breb to 

grat cheap me haie cort Jm meate dier^ ^t is abonte 

botfcwiretmtti- ham/ifl of zojmesse/eui of trewfe. and ^ernora hi hye^ 

[»i>L».b.] ofte y-giled, J)et hi yheref ble])eliche / and y-lfflie)> 

li)tliche ^ me ham zay^ and Jwt bam like]). Senekea 

°^™^" *ftyf. >et >erne lackeji to greate UioideH; bote loji 

UuHwho ziggeres. Vor hi habbeb Iveaeres / and vlatoura: to 

t«rta(il7 ipaftk i t / i 

UHintiL greate cheape. and veawe zo^ ziggeies. Me ssel habbe 


Je eareu opene / uot to hyere Wejwliche / fe guode 

woides / fet bye) worji to fe help of laule. Bud y-sset ; ^^^^*' 

to fole Tordes / ydele / &iid qaeade. pet moje do hana : 

and ae m<^e do guod. Jnemoie ]ie wyse zayji iue ^ 

writinge. * Stoppe pine ©aren mid pontes, and no hyer ^^^™ '^^ 

n^t pe queade tongen.' )ie queade tonge : ia tonge o^. 

eddie of helle jpotpe misziggerea bere). and enuenime)) 

po Jet his y-herej). Aye myche toi^n me eeel stoppi 

pe yeren mid ^omee / mid fo drede of cure lorde / oi«n», with ua 

o)>er mid po ^oinee huennide god wea y-corouned / uor 

be])enchinge of hia paasion : Vor hno ^t hof drede of '"'''" "^ 

god / and be})enulunge of his passioii: te nolde n^ nMUrtiDiaiun 

Ue^icbe y-hyere )e misziggerea / ne flatoura / ne fol^ 

vordes / ne lodliche. In anojire manere me may o^ 

deratonde pis word. ' Stoppe Jiine yeren mid Jmniesif 

Jk )omea Jiet prikie) / be-toknefi haide Tordea and 

prekiinde / heiuore me sael wy^nime p^ misaiggeres / 

and maki hie atille and eaevry aemblont }iet me ne hior) 

his na^t blepeliche. J}er is an eddre Jiet ia y-hote ine Thfa^dcHOi 

latin / aspis. f et ia of Eulche kendo / fet hi atoppej) Jet ^tt^ oui^*^ 

on eaie mid erjw / and Jwt ojier mid hare tajle / fet hi J^^^*^ 

ne yhere Jane chanuere. J>e like eddre ous tekf a wel *"" "" en*™* 

gtat wyt / Jet we ne hyere na^t Jane cbarmere / Jet is ThiUuinii 

Je lyejore / and Je flatour. Jet ofte be-charmef Je riche JjJJ^'U^ „^ 

men. Ac hno bet stoppeb bet on eaie mid erbe / and °"^ unim tt. 


Jet ojer mid Je tayle : be oe asolde habbe none hede to m wui wt b* 
bi b&«harmed of Je dyeule / ne of kueade tongen. iuuiti ' ' 
)>e like atoppej Jot on oaie mid erje: Jet JengJ Jet he uiwiiiiUiikof 
is of orjo / and to erje sael com& and zuo Jenche his whni» iw aa», 
nonlhede and hia ziknesae. haeruore he him sael mocha 
mildi : and na;t him prayay. J>et oJer eare stoppi mid 
Je tayle / nor to bejenche of Je dyaje / Jet him sael nd otdatii iiim 
wel astonie. Huo Jet Jus couje stoppi bis earen:' ntj^MTiktt^ 
he nolde ybyoio blejeliche ijgge / ne lecordi Jing : Jet "^^^ ^mb, 
ssolde Tnialiki god. and zao asolde he by irel ytomprod / JJ^^*'^'*"''"' 




aad amesured ine hyerjie and ine Iheetinge. And ^a 

is |ie uer^ stape of sobreta 
MoientiMiB |)e uifto fltape u / to loki meeure of BSredinge trf 

uihiupof pr^ciouse Tobea / hueiof me pase^ moche meeuie/and 

■u^baiiii, make^ moche ouerdoingea. and Jjeraoie pai oueidede k 

grat zonae / and nelezifie anchosoon to zene ine oynn. 
whBvCms* ^eruoie me ssel ine zujcbe ^isges loky mesnie. Vor 
ta^"Iteld^ hit ia to moche of pris and to moche byay agrayjringe 
•"••''* ne were zemie : oure Ihord ne Bpeke n^t mo steflii^ 

ine his spelle a-ye fe qaeade riche / ^t zno ofte ham 

serede{> / ase of to zofto boogeren and of to moche of 
Biiiibduid prta pourpre. O. moche is he fo! uotzo^ /and child cf 
pcondof hia wj^te / pet of his ssredioge is pioud. Me ssolde him 
*'°''''^" wel hyealde fol : fet were proud to bete Jie asredinge. 

^et ne ssolde by bote a tokne. and a be]>enchin^ of pe 
Tbg nuiDg ct ssBm.e of his nader / and of his ojene. )}es 'wooe of 
the (In of OUT tint lobes nes yuotinde / bote nor pe Eenne of onre nciste 
""^d Bi, l) uader nor to wry his wmfiision / and oure. Huanne 

me yzij^ here ane byrie. ^t is tokne pat per is wyjiioe 
nniaifurntigi a dyad, alsuo bit y-nsJ^ ofiie / ]ret onder pe nayre 
dnduoL robes: is pe zaule dyad be zenne / and nameliche ine 

iTitonbB pen ^t bam gledye|i / and ptedefi. Tef pe pokoc him 

eotktiaitK^ prette nor his nayre tayle. and |ie coc nor his kombe / 

bit ne is no wonder J)et kende hatn he^ y-yeno / an 
KitanfaugiFfli do)) be hare kende. Ac man o^r wy&nan / |iet he^ 
wtiktaiobapniai. wyt and skele / and wot wel ^t kende ne he|i n^t y- 

yeue him (let ilke ssroud / be ne ssel him najt prede : 

of pe Bsredinge of his bodya ne of po qoayntises of his 

heueda )>eruore zay)» f e wyee ine Jw writinge. • ne glede 
«-P^««|'*»«* Jw na^t ine nayt ssroud,' And laynto paul Jms taylf]. 
tdom uumHiTH )jet be wyfinen hi BSoUe ha»i Mrraybi : mid sobret^. bet 

trlUi proprtalj. . . 1 .^ -» J 

IS to zigge ; be meaure / and wyjf-oute ouerdoinge / be 
MuT poor migbi p^ stat / ^t pB wyfman acaep. Tor zojie Jwt ne is najt 
aJ^^^^ wyji-oute ouerdoinge. fet on wyfinaTt ssel habbe nor 
Jil^^^i^in ■ '^"^ ^"^7 ^^ ™^ y^'* ™*> ^^ P*y™ of robes / and 
'*"■ of diaerae maneres / huerof manye poure m^ten by 



eostened of f&a Jiet is to moche. Ac yet eft yef hi tntiht; ■mmc 
weren ate ende y-yeue uor godee loue to jie poure : yet b«™ uh ^^ ' 
hit were zomjiing. ac hi byef ofte j-jeue to rybaus fet ^"^ 
IB irel gtat zenne. Jjeniore me sael loki meanre ine 
zuychs )>inge be |m stat ^t fa persone acse^ sae ich 
habbe aboue y-zed. 

l>e lixte Btnpe of temperance and of eobret^ ia / ^et Thtm 
ech loki gnode masuie ine his contenonce / and ine his e 
beringe. ))anne eeneke zay|i. Yef ^on art aobre and Tikabniaiit 
atempied / nim Jon hede Jtet pe steriynges of Jiine ^^^^^^a-* 
herte ne of Jiine bodye / no by uoula ne onworji. Tor *^ " ""»- 
of |m diacordonce of )ie herte : com)) po discordance of 
be bodie. Zome ber byeb zuo childhedi / and of zuo aommma 
nice m&nere j pet hi makep ham-Eelne to by hyealde sQHUumHivB 
folee. Hit becom)r wel to man of -worsaipe / and f et is ^ ^1^^ °'™ 
ine grat stat / ^t he by irel online / and ameenred ine Look Uut tby 
alle his dedes / and in alio his a^iinges. and of uayie d^uiMtm 
contenonce to-nore alle men / luo |jet non ne mo)e ^ ''^."'y ^ 
nime of him kueade uocbiane / ne pet he ne by ybealde 
not fol / ne noi child. Vor ase zay^ a grat filosofe. 
' child of elda child of wytte. and child of |)eawes : 
'byey al on.' ]}e writinge zayj pet j Jet child of an TbiAndaru 
hondred year : aael by acoised. ^t is to zigge. Jet Je ituumunrH^ 
like Jet hej nolle elde / and leuej ose a child : sael by [^ivtiadiiMbii. 
acoraed of god. Jisnne xaynte paul zayde of him-zelue. 
* Jh) ich iras child : ich dede ase a child, ich Jojte ase 
a child, ac zejje ich com to elde of nol man; ich 
Bo[riet] alle mine childhedea.' Vor huo Jet halt aid '^'^^^ 
man uor child : he hine halt nor foL And Jeniore ixim boMMii ua 
a>yj zaynte paoL ' Ne by ni^t child of wytte. ac ine 
qaeadneese by lite.' Nou is hit Janne gnod Jing and 
oseate. profitable / and worjasipuol to man an to wyf- ""''^^^ 
man / and namelichs to jrrat aolk. Jet hi loki sceluoUe M*«UMircii»- 
meenre / ine berynge / ine contenonce / and Jet hi by inana, imat- 
vel oidyna oueraL and be-uore god / and be-uore Je ibiibiRinDoii 
nolke. And Jia is Je iLXt« etape of Jise tiaire. 

'" ' rM:sa:,G00gIc 


Mmmnudtr- JM zeuend Btape is / to loH meaure ine mete and 

drink. iue diinke. Tot oaerdede of mete &nd of dimke : de^ 

moche liarm ine bodie and ine zaule. ase icli habbe be- 

tPoLBi.b.] jjpjg yzed. jMruore layf onie lliord ine his spelle 

iMdBoitu 'ITime^ ye hede / ^t youie berten / ne by ygreued / 

du of f intMaj ^^ j-chaxged of glotonnie / ne of dionkehede.' J>et is to 

wdiiunkm- ^jgg^ J ^gj. ^^^ j,g ^ ouGrdoinge of mete and of diinka. 

Sobiet^ Ioke)i mesure ine mete and ine drinke. fet me 

OToiiHi innuiu ne moki ouerdoinge. Of pa oneidoinges Jiet me wea y- 

tba ouptii"' woned to do ine drinke and ine mete / ich habbe ynoj 

g^loi^M^ yspeke ine p» dia^fie of vices hoanue Jvet ich apek of f9 

"^ xenne of glotimie / to buam Jiis utrtue huerof ich bab^M 

yapeke / zuo is eontraria apecialliche. and ^eniore ich. 

nelle nanmore hyer speke. 

Ifou heat fou y-hord ^ atapes huerbi f is traw vext 

HotesUonitio and note)), and yof }>ou wylt ywyte ^e bojes of ))ise 

taToudiaiu ti-a^e : yzij alle Jw ojire uirtuee / fet byof y-contynent 

ine )iia boc. and ])au sselt yuindo oueral piao m'rta. 

Vot ase ich babbe yzed aboue / and y-ssewed. Jlia 

ni'rtue zet mesure in alle Je ui'rtues. hueruore ich 

dgge / fet oUe Jve ofire urrtuea bye)) bojea of ^ise. hot 

ittonturtm, by byie asewe^ ine alle )ie opre bojes. jMt traw ber^ 

tttmothvn. ^^' ^^7^ ^^^ ^'^^ ^"^^ smakinde. Jiet is pais of herte. 

B« wiio hmh iMa ase icb babbe aboue yzed. Vot huo pet hep fiise 

o«i bj rturiiT, uirtue : he hef> pe herte zao to-deld uiam pe loue of pe 

ihmthl'^wi wordle / and mo y-yoyned to god be cbarite fet is 

'"^ cbarite : lone of god. Vot hi zet alle ofiro ^ingea ine 

indKhanMath uoTyotinge ^et ne bye^ na^t jdyjt to god. And ine 

CKnAntudbiia. zoTche lOAnyre pe heTto him reste^ ine god. hnaT hi 

he^ al biie confort hire blisse / and hire lost, ^t 

swiiiittaHnaUl pasejr alls ofre lostee. Zuycb comfort / zaych lost / set 

SitartSnfi'" y^ ^°^7 S^ ^^ heTte )wt b uolmad ine pa ufrtue of 

tM^KM^ Bobret6 / pei comf of Jie yeffe of wysdomo / ase ich 

babbe aboue yzed. Vorzo])e be Jiet zuich pays of herte 

m^te babbe / and yuclo : he asolde hifn resti ine god / 

{let is pe ende / and pe uoluellinge / and pe aornme of 


liifl wylningae, he saolde bi y-bliased ine Jiise wordlo / 
and ine fce obre. uor lie asolde habbe y-woime be ilke T!^ pmMa m 
bliasinge jtet god behat ine his apelle to ham ^t ^iae ntMoadiHuu, 
i]ke pais lokede wyjMmte btekinge. nor he zay^ {wt hi 
bye^ yblissed fe payaible. nor hi asolle by y-cleped 
godes ronee. Jlo byeji payzible / Jiet zayf zaint sustin / Tno„„p,,^ 
^t alle ^ Bteriinges of fo herte ordaynef / and lettef '^i^^^ 
ondei (le IhordsBipe of riite Bcele and of J« goate. Jjoa '^^^ "^ "" 
byeji arijt y-cleped children / nor hi here^ ^ anlik- 
Desae of hire uadsr / ^et is )re god of loue and of pais, 
aze zay^ zainte panl. and franae pays and loue of god / PeuaudtbaUm 
is }>et )iing ^t mest make^ man anlikni to god. and )>e uka Ood. 
,c(wi[t]rEirie to )» dyeule Jiet is godes ua Efterward / 
hi bye^ y-cleped godes zones, uor hi uol^e)) al haro 
nader wel nier ^anne eni a))er. aoi pays / and loue / him 
uolje^ more nyer : ^anne eni ofier uirtua EJlerward / m oued ood'a 
hi do)) ^ workes of hire uader. nor god ne com in-to Jtooont into. ^ 
Jiise wordle / bete tomaki pays he-tuene god and man. Slmrfdw 
be-tnene man and angle. be-tue[n6] tit*" and himzelue. ^^'T^T'* 
)>anne Jio he wea ybore / ^ angles zonge uor fet pays [foL ai > i 
^t god hedde y-bn^t in-to erf a and ^ruore Jiet fe 
uolk ne ssolde zeche bote pays. Jjeruoie Jnnne f«t hi 
bye)) godes zonea / hi bye)> yblissed ine fise wordle oad'aKmin 
be special grace. Ac \t '^^ blissinge esel by nolmad wnid bj (phui 
hnanne hi bsoUc by ine payzible possession of )»e ^^J^muMii 
eiibige of hire uader / |)et is of ])e riche of heuene huer E^"*'"* *" 
hi ssolle by ine rikere pays, ine pese uoldo / hner alle 
lostes saolle by nolueld. huer ne may by no kuead / 
ne zorje / ne adueraet^ / ne depute, ac abondance / ^™ '" ""' ■'"' 
and plenty of alle guode. blisse and ioye wyjKinte iiir, 
ends. jKt ssel by pus worfseipuol / lostuol / and «tb1iuUii( ion, 
euielestinda. Pais ))et pasef / and oue^eji wyt. ase 
zay}> zaynte paid. And ze))))e ftet hi pasef alle wyttea ; 
hi paaef alle wordes. Vor herte non ne may ^nche / ^"^'J^" 
ne mannefl tonge telle : hnet J)ing is fet pais ^t god K™io™ofii.ii 
he}> beboto his urendes. And ))eruare ich ne ssolde by 



wiwn(Mi I vtr* bote a wlaffen ne aggfi fmg to fe uoUa And ^erwn 
uumpttodf ich uelle non more zigge. ac bier ich wille endi mine 
KritMUtoint matire. To Jw bUase of ouie Ihorde / to hnam by alia 

worfiBsipe. ^t cos lete wonie ine bia uelajiede / hum 

ia lif eureleatiada. 

i^w^'"™' ^^ ^°^ " ycoine to }e ende : 

Hv ood bk biiu Houene bliase god ona amde. Amer. 

Thb boo* ta Kou ich vllle bet ye ywyte hou bit ia y-went : 

XngiUh of K«Dt Jiet ^ia boc is y-write mid englias of kent. 

for l«rd BHo, for l. . . . i i i 

fottam ud pia DOC la y-mad uor lewede men / 

toS^Own'froni ^™ uadeT / and uor moder / and uor oper ken / 

bam uor to berje tutun alle manyere zeu / 
J)et ine bare iuwyttte ne hloue no uoul wen. 
' Huo ase god ' ia bis name yzed / 
^t fie boc made god Mm yene pet bread / 
of angles of beuene and fierto his red / 
and ondentoDge bis zanle huanne ^et he is dyad. 

wunniihtdia Ymende. bat bia boc is nolueld ine be ene of be 

ihiEviDfiho r r T r 

Hoir AponiH holy apostles Symon an ludas / of ane brofer of fe 

iiribrotbgrof cloystTQ of sanynt anstiu of Ganterberl / Ine ^ yeara 

Ail^'Sc^^ of cure Ibordea beiii^o. 1340. 

biii7. tn t)w jmr 

[ptor noXfT.] Vader oore Jvet art ine bouones / y-haljed by [ti 

iml^tr""**, n*™^- cominde J)i richo. y-worpe ^i wU / ase ine 

beuene : and ine erfe. bread oure eohedayes : yef ous 

to day. and uorlet ous oure yeldinges : ase and we not^ 

lete^ oure yelderes. and ne ous led najt : in-to uond- 

inge. ac vri oua uiam queade. zuo by hit. 

but KuiLi Hayl Marie / of Jwnke uoL Ihord by mid fo. y- 

"■^' blissed Jiou ine wymmen. and y-bliased |»et ouet of 

|)iae wombe. zuo by hit. 
londo.] Ich leue ine god / oader almijtL makere of heaene / 


and of er^. And ine ieaa cnat / his zone on-Iepi / t beitna in ood 

oure IhonL fat y-kend ia / of Ji6 holy goat y-boro of mightj.tukernr 

Marie Mayde. y-pyned onder pouns pilate. y-nayled & Il^™j™""'^ 

rode. dyad, and be-beied. yede doim to helle. Jiane C"*^**- 

|)ridde day o-roa uiam fie dyade. Steoj to heuenea. 

lit a^ lijt half of god ]ie uader al-m^ti. Jiannea to 

comene he is / to deme be quike / and be dyade. Ich iwk™taMi« 

y-lene ine Jw holy gost. holy cherche generalliche. 

Mennesse of haljen. Leeneaae of zennes. of ulesae 

arizinge, and lyf earelestinde. zuo by hyt ^^ g, ,^j 

tJor to BBeawy fe lokynge of man wyji-inne. ]>eUyche 2m bmlmiK ; 
ane uorbyene / onre Ihord ibeen criat layb. ' bis uorzobe "* ''™'' • •"* 
ywyte|>. Jrat yef }re uader of p^ house wyste huyche lonaorgodj 
time fo fjfi were comynde : nor-zo^ he wolde waky / uh houa kuw ■ 
and nolde najt ^lye )wt me dolae his hons.' Be Jiise ^^JJu'w^tT' 
nader of house me may ondeistoude / fa wyl of skele. "■" *™^ *^ 
to huam be-Ionge]) moche mayn& JiOjteB. and his Tbg7>th«<irthi 
besteriinge. wyt and dedes / aee wel wy))-oute: ose ofanim,o>u. 
wy^-inne. ^t is to zigge / haych maynS / to moche tmdut^ *• 
slac / and wylles uol ssel by : bote yef ^e ilke uaderes emoticm^ mu*. 
stefhede hise strayny / and ordayny, Vor zojio yef he S?^Iir,„„ ,^11 
hym a lyte of his bysyhede wyf-drajf : huo may zigge / J« •i'*i''°i ™i« 
hou ^tes. ejfiu. earen. tonge. and alle of re wyttea : «""■ 
become^ wylde. Hous. is inwyt / in huychen pe idi*,tii*tii«i«hu, 
uader of house wonef. fe hord of uirtues gaderef. Vor h»i»>rn wiid. 
huych herd : J»t ilke zeluo houa ne by y-dolue / inii,'i^nirit.' 
h^lychehe wakeji. fer ne is najt on Jiy-jf : ac uele, ac ^^5^^JI^''not 
to eche ntrtne : eoh vice waytejj. pujlea hejlyche by ^«»uinrtint 
po fyeue : is onderstonde Jw dyeueL a-ye hiiam and hie J"^^'^''" 
kachereles / ]m ilke zelne uader / )iajle3 yef he ne were ■ntmatdqioiH. 
najt ouloBti : his hous mid greate Btiengjra wolde loky. 
J}e uader of )m honse / ate ueiste guoinge in : he zette tIm FWbir oruw 
fllejfe / to by doreward. fet y-knanf> hoet is to uorlete; siei«brii>nidm«) 
and huet ys to wylny, huet uor to bessette out of Jw Ii,p„. "^ 
house, huet uor to onderuonge into fe house. Nixt ^|l,jlh^^^ 
^an : ha zette strongfe. >et }>e vyendes / J>et slejjw zent J^'p^X-. 


to zygge / to keste oat : etreng^ wy^droje. Jiet his 
Soli's 5^ ^<"^^ I'^tes wyjKiroje: and wyjj-zeda. EijtiiesM 
tojKh lu own aoTZoJ« aael ntte amjdde / Jwt echen his ojen yefj. 
Atwhuunntbi HueniOTe : huycha time Jie fyef ia comynde / me not 
ooa knowMh not. ac eche tyme me asel diede. piae zao y-di^t : n^t longe 
to )»e watynde fe slep of zenne henymji. Vor al fet 
wji»ftiiit»»ijnw lyf is to waky. Zome meaBugyera Blejfe asel let* in. 
iin nniDg. ]iet zome fringes moje telle / |iet me may a-vaki myde. 
The iniiMiig.r of J)u8 )« meflsogyer of dyajw acsefi inguoyi^ : he ia on- 
■11 mtnaee, deruonge. Me hitn acaefi ' hno he ye. baannes he comfr. 
dHd tiinM, ud huet he he}> yso;e.' He ansaero]). he he may n^t 
"i^Dn^ud 'isge : Iwte yef f&c by hejliche clom. Huych y- 
D«ui, who to graunted : fms he begynf . ' Ich am diede / and be- 
omtng upon jeQchinge of dyajw. and dyaji comyde : ' ich do yon to 

[> wHKiidi/] wytene.' Slej^e epec^ uor alle. and ac«e^. ' And hner 
"w^"Dl«hf " *"*" )* '^^ ^7^P- ""1 huanne sael he cornel' Drede 
whrnrtiiuiit z&yf. 'Ich wot welfet hene ahyt najt tocomene/and 
"^Mm*" ^^^^ he is. ac ^ane day / ojwr ^ane tyme of liia 
hirtii nigh u coraynge : ich not' Slejjie zayfi. ' And huo asel come 
■ndnuunuuid myd hyre)' Drede zayji. ' A })Ouzend dyeulen esoUe 
iriOi her, come mid hire, and brenge mid ham / greate bokes / 

udMnggmt gjj^ bomynde hokes / and chaynen auere.' Sle)^ "*??■ 
^iS^'^tat ' ^'^^ ^"^^ wyUeJ. hy do mid alle Jmn r Drede myf.. 
In the boofei uv * Ine fie bokes by^ y-write alle )>e zennen of men. and 
du. hise brenge)) / f>ct be ham hi mojc onercome men. of 

huychen )>e zennea Jierinne byef ywryte. ^ byefi to 
Tht hooki inw hare rijte. Hokes hi brengoj) / |)et }k> f et byeft to hare 
tha bodiM, rijto oaercome^ : hire zaulen be etreng^ : of )>e bodye 

rbmiiu tn Out dra^o)) out and hise byndeji mid ^e chaines / and in 
iniohta" "" to helle hise drajef.' Sle;^ zay)>. 'Huannea comstet 

IJoLBim.] Drede zayji. 'Vramhello. Sle;^ zayfi. 'Andhuetis 
«iiiHmmii*]i, belle, and liuet ysejefie ine belle r Drede nty^. 'Hdle 
M^^-w^ is ^<i / wyf-oute raetii^ dyep / wy^ute botma 
JunTlw inioi^ Vol of brene on-Jiolyinde. Vol of etenche / wy-out« 
rw'uidNbfi^ wmpariaoun. Jjer is zorje. fer ia jtyestemease. for no ia 
non ordre. ^r is groniynge wyfi-oute ende. fer ne is 


non hope of guode. non wantrokiynge of kaeftde. Edi ^""imofcop* 
^t ^erinae is : hatep him zelue: and alle ojven. pei lOiBiKiuiniifiui. 
ich yzej alle manyere tonnens. po leste of alle / ie more 
Jtanne alle )ie pynen ^t moje by y-do me ^ise 'vroidlft 
J>er ia wop- and grindinge of tef. yer me gaf uram Thm it waqKng 
cliele in to greate bete of uere. and buojm OD]»lymd& tttb. 
Jjere alle be uere / ssolle by uorbemd. and myi ti» imi ami b» 
wennee bboUb by y-waated / and n^t ue eaolle ^aatL monii t< Con- 
Hire wermes / ne ssoUe na^t aterae. and baie rer na 
asel neuie by ykuanct. No reaide ne asel ^er by y- 
byerd / bote, wo : wo. wo by habbe)) : and wo by 
grede^. po dyeoles tormentoTS pyneji. and to^dere 
hy bye^ y-pyned. ne neon ne ssel by eode of pyne : 
o^er reete. (lellicli is lielle / an a fiouBend zy]M woibsl Halt !• inn wn 
And )ris icbyzej ine belle /and a Jiousendzi^ more ■thouiuidi^M. 
worse, jjiaich com HOT to zygge you.' Sl^^zay^. 'God P™i™»«v^ 
wet ssolle we do. Won brofiren and zostren y-hyrej ■h«Uw«doP" 
my red. and yneji youie. ByeJ sleje. an wdce) ine b* -nehiw 
yonre bedea / pomeynde gnodes. nl^t onlycbe beuoie "* P^Mrfui. 
gode: ac be-aore alle men.' Jjolemodness zayj). 'Do ^^^^ 
'we to woike codes nebsseft / ine BSiifte / and ine iii«n««in«Jirin 

" ' ' IBIllti pulmi." 

zaltaee : glede we bym. byeji sobie / and wakyejj / 
uor youie uo Jre dyuel / ase p6 lyonn brayinde gep 
abouto ban : bet be wyle uor-iueba' Strenebe layK simgih Hrm, 

.^ , , . , , ' ",W)thlt«lld tlw 

* Wy^etonde]) bym : stronge ine byleane. Byep glede dnu \>j ttoni. 
ine god. Clofiefi you mid godee aimes. pe hauberk of aotbtrinwttii 
tyjt Jiane aaeld of beleaue. nyme)) ^ne holm of bel))e. 
aDd))eholyg06teszuord: [letisgodesword.' £j^[t]neBse E4id9HT>, 
zayfi. ' Lybbe we sobieliche. lyuollyche an bonayrelyche. 
Sobielycbe : ine ous zetue. ryjtuollyche : to onro 
emcristen. bonayrelyche : to god. fet we nollef Jiet me 
do to OOB zelue : ne do we hjt lu^t to o^ren. and Jret 
we wylle) )et me do to ous zellue: do we bit to o^re prodnaivi, 
men. and uor zofe |iet is rijt' Sle^^ezay)). ')}eiis gm .mii, -"lu^." 
ano^r wy^-outo |)e gates uayr. and gled. bit Jring)) ^ be ^^^J"''"!?" 
bre[n]g))gleduea8e.' Eyj[t]ne8seaiyjj. 'onderuougejibym. f^fii- 


be cae he oub seel gledye. uor pts Uke uerste: grat- 

lychs he oiia he]) y-mad of-dret.' Slejjw zay]) to fe meaaa- 

gere, 'Guo in. and huo poM art. and huanuee paa 

comst and huet fon best yzoje : zay ons.' JM meo- 

aagyr zayj). 'Ich. am lone of lyue enielealifndB. an 

wylnjTige of J» contraye of heiiene. Yef ye me wylleji 

y-here : Iiabbe^ amang you. dom / and laste. Najt 

nor zo^ amang gredynges and noysea : ych ne m^ by 

tint yherd.' }^[t]uoInes8ezay^. ' Yefwelongegodeadiede/ 

and be-fienchinge of dya)ie were stille : r^t Mt is / )>et 

J« spekinde / wel more we by stille,' Wybiingge of Jm 

lyue wyf-oute ende / zay^. ' Jjemore byej) stiile / and 

couafroo ybere}) myd wylle. Ich come Tuam heaene. and 

]>ellicbe )iisgee ich y-ze; )ier. ^t no man ne may 

dyngnelicbe zigge. J^les zomjiyng ich wylle ngge : 

"* oS""^* aae ich may. Ich yzej god. ac be ane eeeawere ine 

mliror, saedd.' 

•li^rui^Xii. ' ^'^^ y"J f® ^^ onspekynde / an on-todelinde 

uid tndiiMu* mageat^ of Jw holy tnnyt4. be-gynnynge / ne ende ne 

usJT tiIdUj I he)i. Ac and lyjt Jwr-inne wone}i / pet me ne may nt^t 

ihtugbi uienfccdi come to. Viwn ^ lyjte bye)) y-Jrorsae mine ^en / and 

and lurpu^^ P^ ^f^ ))yester. Hyt ouei^J* uorzo))e alle wyttes / 

""^ and alle zyj))ea. fe ilke brj3[t]nes8e. and pe ilke nolneaee. 

iH>ci»w«i l^^lea a lytel ich yz^ oure Ihoid ieau criat / ine njb 

Qgd-i rtgbt hud, ]m]f zittunio. Jiet Ib to zygge : ine fe lyne wyf-oute ende 

legnynde. J)^ he ouer alle asepfws by zuo uayr : p^ 

B>dH«i>MnUia ine him wylnef }» angles to zyenne. Yet non J>e 

tekeniDThii woiuiden and )ie tobnen of pe passion he he^ ine hie 

puaion Id Ui todye. bueimyde he ons bo^te. be-uore |ie nader nor ona 

f m uiivtwiii ^^^^^ "*" ''** bydde. Ich y-iej nyit ieau criat fa ilke 

■'■rj. bhsfolle mayde / and modei pa ilke zodes' / and omv 

uDM rj Ihordea iesn crietes / myd alle woF})seipe and renetence / 

y-nemned marie / ine fe wondemoUe trone attynde / 

aboue alle fe holy ordres of ai^lea / and of men : an- 

whawuiniw hsjed. hire zone iesus nor ona byddinde. and to huam 

hi is uol of merci. Ac pt ilke wonderuolle magest^ / 


and Jn bri^tnease of ^ moder / and of |>e cone : ich ne 

n^te najt longe |)olye / ioh weute myne ri)^ uor to ^do'^ij'j^ 

yri / J» ilke holy ordres of >e gostea : )et stondejt bo- t'lm-ft^Wrtifc 

uore god. of huichen }>e eurelestinde holyneeae of ]re . 

zi)^ of god /an of fe lone, ne hit ne asel lesai : ne hit 

ne Bsel endi / ac eura wexe and blef^, Ac najt ]» ilke 

degrei / and dingnetea / heiylnges olsuo / huyche hyre 

makyere hy bereji no mai uollyche ^nche / ne najt ne 

may by ynoj to telle. Jjerefter fe profetes ich y-zej. """mHwIb^ 

aud ^ patrjarkes wonderlyche glediynde ine bliase. aor pMrUniu 

^t hy yzejen ine goate : iiolaeld by yze]). pet ine longe 

anoy onderuynge / ^et onet of blysse -wy^Kmie ende 

cbongedea. Icb y-zej pe apostles ine tronen dttynde. udthB^ntia 

^ tribj / and J* tongen / oUe preete. and of ponre / ■""^™"™* 

and of syke : zuo blieuolle and holy / of oure Ibord iesu 

crirt I and zuo b^ / ynoj olneway ich am wondrinde. 

Ich y-zej / ac uoUyche ich ne my|j]te al yzy / Jw inntunet- } ■•" ••• <"»• 

ahU uela^rede of ^ holy martiies / mid blisse and •upc^uwhoiT 

vorjnsipe / y-corouned. )>et be )>e pinen of ^ise time/ 

hayche hi beten to po bliese / Jwt wes yseeawed ine ■ 

bom : hy come fierto. Hyre bolynesse / and byre 

blyBse : long time ich me lykede. Ich yz^ to )« i •»" thtw*™* 

biyesede heape of confeesours. amang huam / men udMuhmDr , 

apostles / and tecberes / ^t holy cberche mid bare ' 

tocbingewereden. and alsaouramalle heresy 6/wy[^]-oute 

-weni habbe^ ycUnzed : sseawefi. and by nele habbe^ 

y-ta)t Bsyneji s«e sterren / iue euieleatynde wy[))]-outo 

ende. jTei bye^ Monekea ^t nor daustrea / and uor TtamnnmDniii 

stiayte ctllen. vel mocbe / an clyorer fianne pe zonae : -thutbgnB. 

habbe^ wonyinges. Yoi blake and uor horde kertles / 

huyter ^aoe pa snaw. and of alle loftbede / and 

uessbede / clo))ings habbe^ an. Tram hare ejen / god 

vypo^ alle tyeres. and ^ne kyng hy esolle ysy ine hys 

uayrhede. Alast / to J« uelajreile of maydynoa ich ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ 

lokede. of huychea / blyase / ssep^ / agrayjnnge / and wi<i">>* <•' 

melodya. huycbo none mannee apeche : dingnelyche 


MdhaudtiMir may telle. And hf zonge }Hine zang : ]nt non o^ ne 

' ""*■ may ^nge. Ac and fe zaete smel ine hare regjon / 

mo zaete ys : ^t alle manyre zaete Bmelln oaercom^ 

[FoLM. >.] And to hara benes : oan Ihord arisL to alle ojrren: 

sbigfatiMiiiini zittinde he Ihest.' SI^^ zay^. ' Hyt lyke^ )iet ^on 

ohuw^uh zayet Ac hot of echen of |ie holy ordies / wondree 

ub ottiH uoHd. ^^ jj^j j-zed : wa byddeji fet Jjon zi^^e ous / huet is 

hare dede in mennesee / and hnet ia fo «muei8[ac]ion (^ 

aelajrede : zay oos.' ^ wjhiy[nj^ of ^ lyae wy^-oate 

Bautoidthit ondezayf. * Vorzo^ich wyllezygge. J)e dode of alle 

iJS[ IJjoto?^' "le mennesae / ya zeaeaald. Hy lybbeji. hy emacke]). 

pni^inawi^ hy louyeji. hybycfigleda hyheryej). hy byef zuyfle, hy 

•MoriiT- tyeji zikere.' 81^^ zayf . ' J»5 ich zomdel (lis oade> 

stonde : noi bam ]>et Iheste^ / of echen zay.' Wylnynge 

n<Titn "' ^ '^^^"^ wy-oute ende layji. 'Zuo by hyt Hy lybbe^ 

b*ib«ufcftH be lyue wyji-oute ^ida wyf-oute enye tyena wy-oota 

jiirttufctatb. ^°y* lesainge. wy^^mte enye wyfstondynge. Hyre lyf 

•irik oTtha is ])e zyj^ and (« knaolechyi^ of pe holy trinyt^ asa 

zayj oure Ibord ieana. fiis ia ))et lyf -wyjurate ende / fot 

hy knatre ^ zo^ god / and bnam )» zentoat iesa crist. 

and J«ruore ylyche hy bye|» / nor hy y-zyef : ase he ia. 

Tiidjtuuor Hy smacke^ ^e redes and pe domes of god. Hy 

ioam^i'<ani emackcf ^ keadee/and )« causes/and fe begynny[ii]ge« 

^Ji^JJ'™"' of alio }>yngee. Hy louye^ god wy^ate enye com- 

■fih "1!n^ parisoun. uor fot by wyte)) haerto god his heji y-brojt 

imi. uorb, hy louyeS ech obrea : ose ham zelne. Hy byeb 

Oodudariiuic glede of god onzyginde. hy byefi glede of zuo moche of 

hare ojene bolyneese : and uor pet ech lone^ oprea ase 

Tbey lun u ^"^ zcluc ase moche bliase he)i ech of ojires gaode : aee 

JJJJI'JJJ^**" of his ojenc Jjeruore by ziker / uor euiych hefi aaeuele 

blyssen : ase he he]) uelajea. and aseuele blieeen to 

id thtir Jo; la echen : ase his ojene of alia and ^eruore cureich more 

louo^ wyfonte comparisoun god : f et hym and ofre 

made / ^nne him zclne / and alle o^re. More hy bye^ 

glede wyf-oute gea^nge of godes bolyneese : ^aaue of 

his ojene / and of alle ofire myd bym. Yef ^anne on 


onneajie nym^ al hia bliase. hoa seel he nyme mo uele 

and Eoo maaye blyssen ? And femore hit is yied. guo ^i^|^^^ 

Into |m blyase of pyae Uiorde. na^t ^ blieee of )iine tfuii Lmd.- 

Ihorde / goA in to ^ noi hy ne may. J>eTefter / hy 

herie^ god wymote ende / wymote werynesee. ase hyt 

is y-wryto. Lhord / y-blyssed by po Jet woiiyej ins 

l^yne house / in wordles of Toidks : ssolle herye ^ 

Zuffba by bye)), uor baei ^t ^ goet wyle by : uorzojie Tbn mniit, 

}>er IB ))et body. Alle by bye)i my[]]taolle. Zykere hy wb« ttu ipiru 

l>je^ of myche lyne. of coo mocha Tysdome. of zuo Tiiar*nMsit» 

moche loue. of zuo moche blysBe. of zayche heryii^^ of ^J^to™."'"'" 

zuyche bolynease. ^t non ende. uon lessynge. non 

uallynge dotin asoUe habbe. Lo alyte ich. bahbe yzed 

to yotL of Jnn ^ ich yze) ine heueii& Najt nor tope 

no may ziggo / ase ich yzej / ne n^t ase hy bye^ : ne 

myjte yey.' Slejfe t&yp. * Vorao^ ine heaene we onder- st™** »»k% 

atonde^ pot poa vore. and zof) fiing Jwr poa jreejo. and Hpuuurnn 

zo)» ^oa host y-Eed.' Strong^ x&jp. ' Hno ssel ous to- 

dele mam cristes loue % tribulacion. opei zorje. and o^re. 

zykeTQ bye(i. nor nofer dyap / ne Iy£ and oj»ro.' Byjt Big*-* •»*. w™ 

z&y^. ' Doji out ))ane uerste measagyer. hyt ne is najt omd, 

xijt fet be blaue ine pe bonae / myd pe Tyjtnolle. Vor P^ **■ ^i 

ry3[t]aoil6 loue : deji out drede." Strengjieiayf. < goo out tat^tatoot 

drede. ^a ns aselt ns;t by ine oure stedes.' Drede 

zay]). 'Hnet habbe ich mis-do. do. do. ich uot guode 

zede.' Temperancia zayf. 'Bro^n and zostren / ich t«hp™»bhd. 

zi^e to you. nanmoie amacky / Jianne be-houe)i, ac r> ™t wiiiiogir. 

smacke to sobret4. )x>u dtede / gno out myd guode wylle. 

fiole ^ane dom / peb rijt he^ y-demd. be auentuie pe 

myjt eft by onderuongo. yef wylnyngc of lyf wyfM>ute 

ende / o^huyl let of t>e makyere £ay)i. Jjus / bus / Tim m « cut 

Qoa sael eunch hya neuyneBse / ssake o-way / mam ihaimaruH 

drede / to fo loue of pe beuenelycbe contraye him-zelue Sj^^ "''" 

wende. Zuo by hit 



N'ammoie ue is be-taene ane maime / and ane beste : 

bote ine onderstondynge. Na^t of o)>ie ^ings ne 

^orefye fe. Of uirtues fe preet J» / of beetes |iou »elt 

by ouoreome. Of Euyfthede f e preet Jie / of uel^n ]»e 

worst ouercome. Of uayrbede ^ preet )ie : hoa moche 

*i* th^h" '"^^ ** ""^ ^* ueferen of J>e pokoce / huerof art ^u 

OofaiDugaHn- moTB wor|)1 of godes SBepJra. Haer U godee saep^ t 

ud sDiwuud- Ine Jienohinge / and ine ondoistondiiige. Yef ^n 

]NUine ^ernore art beteie )ianne a befrt; / not ^ ]>ou best 

^enchinge / buerby ^u onderstans[t]. ^t a beat ne may 

onderetonde. J)er-nore nono^ : man is more betera / 

uu'iUcbtMci- fianne a best Lijt of man is lyjt of ^t^tes. Lijt of 

JUJ^^*""''' Jojtes aboue |)03tes ia. and oneigefi alio ^ojtes. Tet 

TimiotnM,ii« eft ,0. men/ ne byeb nwt byeetre. no byeb na*t 

andwk. ontrewe. onnjtaole. qneade. lobberee. wrecnen. lonieraa 

Li^atiMa,ti« of ^ wordle. Jlise uor zoJm bye^ ))yestemesse. Ly^t 

. tt. ne is nt^t awaye : oc ye bye^ awaye / uram ly)te. )}e 

^^ " blynde ine ^ zonne : he]i {»e zonne present ac be is 

nram ^ zonne. J)eniore ne bye]> na)t Jiyestre. Tet 

nismiidu eft. Jia wordle fyestre. nor fe louyeres of )»e wordle, 

byefi Jiyestre. and )ie wordle is quoad, nor ]» \fA wonye^ 

ine wordle byef queade. ase a quead bous. najt J« 

cfaItatdl■dlMl|]^ walles : ac ^o ])et wonye]r ^erinne. Yet eft. crist ne 

SStnii."" hedde no fjyng hueniore he ssolde eterue : and dyad 

be is. ^u best hueruoie : and to sterne ^u best 

suibrp.u«U7 oo^fM '^s Jwy^ ?"od wyUe to Jmlye : be >yn6 of- 

udwiihigoad seroynge / fet he >olede myd guode wylle. fet he 

God mida ingtii volde delyuiy / uram ))B dya)« ourelestinde. Yet eft. 

Hl^,,,^** be huam ^et angel is ymad : be him is ymad Jn smale 

TiMoiHtaironhr 'werm. Ac ^ angel is wor|)y to )ie heuene : ]w wenn 

^^f^ to J« er|>e. !» ilke (>ot made : he dyjte, Yef he dede 

ftane smale wenn in-to beuene : )» woldest hym vyjr- 

Trt woaidM oioo ^J"^^- ^^^ ^^ wolde maki angles of uoule stynkynde 

"I™" *^ " "f ^fi**8 ■ pou woldest hym wyjnyme. And na^t uor^an : 

hmnat nyst )ian dej) god, and fables he no is najt to wy^ 

u npnrgj. nvmene. Vor alle men of ulesse ymad : hnet byej hy 


lx)to wermes i and of weimes / he makef angles. Tot JUxtni 
eft hay ch herte me arore)) : ech may y-zy. fei najt J>6 oo* ""lu 
heaynesse of nleeses wylle benoie ygreued / auore ualji / 
Ea« hit by arered. Ac ech liun zeluo y-zybere/^e Thahnri 
heayneese of his nlesse : yue wyl be wy)idr^ynge. ^t „ H^ 
he clensy : ^t he arere to god. zuo by hit. Hayl godea 
model Mazie / Mayds uol of Jjonke / god by myd ])e / 
y-blygsed by J»ii / oner alle wyfmen. And y-blyssed 
by oure Lhord iesus / fet znete ouet / of f yne wombe 
jblessed. zuo by hit Mayde / and modet mylde. nor ludud 
lone of Jiins childe : )>et is god an man ; Me f>et am zuo uvud n 
wylde / Oram zenne J«u me aaylde : ase ich fe bydde "" ""^ 
can. amen. 



Page 1, L 3, leycked. The definite fonn tetjekede ia roquired 
after the definite article. 

Page 1, I. 15, dra^e. The prefixed y is omitted on account of 
the preceding hy. 

P^ 6, L 2, huich . . . by, -whatsoeTer that it may be ; L 9, 
ti^pe = abova This preposition ia frequently used hy Shoteham, and 
seems peculiar to the Centiah dialect;! 18, oiwji^cuue^^ demands, 
requires ; oji of tope, oath of trutli. 

Page 8, i 6, be his wyttnde =hj his willing ^ he being willing = 
willingly; L 23, and — oTK^hoth — and; L 25, yhyealde^kolden:=s 

Page d, I 12, arinngee is used to translate the O. Fr. 
moeuemmtes; L 17, takinges, touchings, handlings, 0. Fr. atouehe- 

Page 10, L 1, aseZ ^ owes. It has this sense occasionally ia 
Chaucer ; L 15, ywyte . . , yherd, known, seen, or heard. 

Page 11, L 2, Sw = her. 

Page 13, L 19, al to, O. Fr. iueqaa; L 20, hucr . . . made 
[«'( (e]. The Fr. ia ou i7 «e «ig( ; 1, 24, of-guo, deserved. 

Page 14, L 22, huer . . . an == Fr. ou Q aura vescua ; 11. 28, 30, 
Meav)ynge renders the Fr, revelacion, vision. 

Page 16, L 33, toyUei^wytes, fault. 

Page 17, L 24, ouerweninge, Fr. aourquidrie ; L 25, folebayrie = 
over-boldneas ; L 26, ydele blis8e = 'Bi. veynglorie; L 32, voulhede, 
Fr. vQeynye = crime, disgraca. 

Page 18, L 4, ingratitude = 0. K unkyndenessa 

Page 19, 1. 12, renay = renegatB, apostate. The Midland copy 
reads ' As may ted be cleped renegate ;' L 2, itie lokinge, in custody ; 
L 10 from bottom, deuinea = deuineree. 


NOTES. - 2T3 

Page 20, L 16, Jw, the reflexive pronoun =: thou thyeelf. 

Page 21, L 16, opweninge^upweenini/; opninunge = uptaking, 
eBterpriso, and henee presmnpUon. The Fr. text has aorguidavM 
(O.K mtrquidrie) and preaumpcion. See p. 22, L 2, where 
opnimitige tranahttee Fr. emprise; L 18, aorth, Fr. valoir; 1. 19. 
may, Fr. pooir; L 20, mo^e, Fr, pnetj eonne, Fr. savour; L 21, 
eon, Fr. set; nw^e, pooir; L 22, conne, Fr. savour; 1. 26, onlepi- 
hede := singularity, ct L orilepi, singular, L 30. It ofteu aignifics 
only, alone. 

Page 22, L 18, onvm^i, Fr. deapiie = despise, cf. onworfineBee and 
onworyhede ^Yt. despit; L 20, bisemers, mockings, derisions, Fr. 
gaa J L 21, bimterep, Fr. moke ; L 31, take = teJce = may teach. 

Page 23, L 2, friinge*^ frying^ Fr. frUures. Stevenson 
printed ariingea, and it is apparently so in the MS. ; L 3, ari3,thalf 
and al^hdlf^ oar modem expression right and left ^ on both sides ; 
L 6, fdliche yeue = Fr. folement doner, to give foolishly (or as 
Chaucer would say, fool-largely) ; 1. 16, fole heryinge, foolish prais- 
ing ^ flattery, Fr. vwne loenge ; 1. 17, ykered = praised, from hery, 
bene, to praise, line 19 ; L 24, yddehlisse ^ vain-gloiy. 

Page 24, L 4, oye ^ again ^ Fr. <nt devers, auorye^de par; 
IL 7, 8, tpyt tod . . , qf-heaJde. Wit, well for to devise (discern) j good 
memory well to retain; 1. 11, atempres^'^T. attempre, tempered, 
moderated, contentod ; 1. 23, Ihetiedt hap. Dame Fortune ; 1. 24, 
hare huejel, her wheel; page 25, L 34, aotil, Midi Vers, eli^e; 
1 35, uoalkedes, Fr. orduiee, kedkes, Fr, repostailles. 

Page 26, 11 18, 19, ne sedi . . . by. ' Thou shiJt nevw learn 
what man ia until he is where he desires to be ; ' L 22, Id, ceaseth ; 
L 23, papelard, Fr. papdarf, flatterer, deceiver. 

Page 27, L 4, ealouwe moas, the hat. Fr. ekaum soriz ; 1. 29, 
awariede = Fr. maloite, schrowd, wicked. 

Page 28, 1. 34, hollycAe, Fr, sain6mont = 8ainglement= en^i'ero- 

Pago 29, L 30, werreres = aerres = wars. 

Page 30, L 20, ' efilerward wref e,' wrepe ia an error for hate. 
The Fr. text has kaim. 

Page 31, IL 4, 5, onluslhede, Fr. paresce; tyene, Fr. anui; L 10, 

274 KoTse. ) 

^omtlicke = thinneea, acaatiueea. The Fr. text has tenmta, and the 
Midland MS. reads tendemeeae. ))oimeliche ahould evidently tie 
^etineleeha or yirnideehe ^ thin-ness, the -ledie being the same Vt- 
mination as in knowledge, O.E. hnowleehe; L 11, Uieueliehe, Fr. 
tenuremeut, Mid. Vers, dakly. Stevenson printed ZA«n«Zicft& Cf. 
Iheue in L 13. 

Page 32, L 17, tmaariv^, Fr. perreceu*. This wotd doea nit 
occur in Boewortb'a A. Sax. Diet It aeema to be ^ un^rifri. 
Mid. Vera, rechdea, negligent, careless, from A.S. acrifan, to care for; 
L XlfihuwiUi^deu^-wMe, slothful, see deateolie in L 13; L22, 
onwoneth, Fr. deeacouatuma ; oa^vxme thereiora comes from the O.C 
Kone, habit, custom, wont, and signifies to cease to do what has Ik«d 
custumaiy oi habitual; L 23, Ilfterward . . . deuuoliiefie. The 
Fr. has ' Apres vient negligence, car qui bien fait dolaiement nest pas 
merueil le eil le fait negliiaument' Here we see atter^ ^ Fr. 
delaiement ^delayingly, from A.S. fgrst, delay, respite. 

Page 33, L 12, apiet = Fr. sormaine, fr. surmeaer, * nud meter, 
maUmiter ' (Eoq.). 

Page 34, L 27, vynnynge boldeliche, Fr. en aquestier ardaument; 
o/-healdi»ge dreytliche, Fr. en retenir reetreignamnent ; L 3J, 
gaueHnge, Fi. uaure ; L 34, kuedhedea, Fr. malignites. 

Page 35, 1. 7, fe hejpet, Fr. lea monies ; c£ he^nge, profit, L Ifi; 
L 9, wedde-dyade =: mortgage, Fr. gage mort, see dead-wed, p. 36 ; U- 
16, 17, ekap/are makiinde = covenant (bargain) maUng ; J, 24, lesef 
na^t, &c., I.e. londeth not tftemselves. 

Page 36, 1. 6, time-zettere onireae. Fr. has termoiora deeloiaus ; 
L 20, vendonginge, Fr. vendengea, vendage, vending, sales. 

Page 37, 1. 20, »eru<mg. The Fr. scriana shows that this word 
should be aeriions (constables). 

Pago 38, L 27, taylee, eomeea. Fr. taillee, coruees. The latter 
tcnn aignifiea a duty on beasts and com; L 30,o/Atren:3=da Ieui-= 
of thein. 

Page 39, L 5, eaepei, payments, wages, Fi. loier ; L 8, mmingea, Fr. 
exactions; L l\,mesterea men, officials; L 15, ae . . . yzed, hat some 
are continaed (above that) in addition to that that is here related ; 
L 17, ywna = erne = eame, run ; L23,j)7ayii«rw,FT. playntif,&c2»rA- 

by Google 

NOTES. 275 

inget, Fr. peticions ; 1 26, playterei, Fr. auocas ; L 28, yxdemde = 
fugitives; L 28, mf^ettinggea, exceptiona =; Fr. harrea. 

Page 40, 1. 7, £e-2t«fy7)^e= defiling^ false accusations; L 20, 
beada-zittereg, Fr. aateaeurs; U. 23, 24, yhet = yked =:had. 
Ft. eu ; 1 33, eregee ^ Fr. heregee ^ heietica Stevenson ezpltuns 
this wton^y as witches. 

Page 42, L 7, denyee = ¥i. deenez, deaneries. 

F^e 44, L 2 from bottom, ronumgoura, Fr. magMgnons = moqui- 
nons, fraudulBiit dealeis, &om 0. Fr. ratnander, baisser le priz. 

Page 45, L 9, hyaiana =^'Ei. hiziaua, heralds. Kempen^Vi. 

Page 47, L 26, be hare leytinde. Fr. a son eecienL 

Page 48, L 1, out o/nyede "= unneceseaiily. 

Page 51, L \l,teu€. Stevenson printed <en«, as if ^ tin ; bat 
ieue = to-eue ^= yesterday evening, and it tnmslates the Fr. deraoir. 

Page 52, L 13, huft rum = al-kaet rum ^= until noon, Fr. iosqua- 
none. Cf. al-haet nij(, p. 52, L 12. 

Page 56, L 8, ««fMf ^ ssJajsJ, slayest ,- L 19, ich tm/lle a lUe ta^ 
of the Knnea, Ac., I will a little touch of the sins, ftc 

Page 57, L 1, eu^le telle, Fr. mieconter; amiacky, Fi. baieter. 

Page 63, L 10, for a-mea read a mea = Fr. mes. 

Page 66, L 19, goddinget, Fr. maudiscons ; c£ godelinge, p. 65, 
^ Ft. maudire ; L 28, atwyi, blame, the word reproue^ has been 
erased in the MS. 

Page 87, L 12, huethi ia y^^ until they do them; huet^ 
al-huet = until ; is = ftw = them. Fr. tant soit parfais. 

Page 96, L 1 4, in one leytte = in one sense. 

Page 101, L 6, pou esdi loue, &c =Thou owest him love, &a. ; 
L 16, ti^ajeAJ =joinest, cf. ueZaje, accessory; u^lajreije, p. 102, com- 
panionship, fellowship. See p. 102, L 12, where uela^ep =i joineQi. 

Page 103, L 24, boystoyae, O.K hostwise, boiaterovs, blustering. 
This is the earlieat approach to the fonn bosteous ox boatoua, which 
has given rise to boiaieroua. 

Page 104, L 16, wor fer m m no gdt. The Fr. text has, ear il 
nia nul trespas sement 

Page 106, L 29, out of smak = out of taste = disagreeable. 

276 NOTES. 

Page 108, I 10, wjmdej. = Myn<fe)i = findeth. 

Page 111, 1. 32, ofhiren, of hereelf. 

Page 112, 1 15, greate, Fr. groa; L 26, piecaiZZe jm to cheiiame = 
cattle nor to d<^8. The MS. reads eheaaUU, whicli is evidentl; 
wrong. The translator seems to have been unable to render these 
French terms into English. 

Page 113, L 4, ope, above. The Fr. has sor (but). 

Page 116, L 21, re^e, Fr. movoir; ne Toeky, Fr. crouller; move 
nor render unsteady ; rocky ^ to rock, and is equivalent to the 
O.E. iBogge = wag. 

Pt^e 120, \. Z\, Ac . . . zone; more is wanted before famie, 
as the construction is. But wherefore Me they called gifto of the 
Holy Ghost more than gifts of the Father and of the Son t 

Page 121, L 23, (w y^/^e of dreda w pe doreteard to }e greafe 
fre^ The gift of dread (fear) is the doorkeeper to the great crowd ; 
L 23, uordep, Fr. esterpe. The Midland MS. reads ' drawej up,' 

Page 123, IL 14, 15, hi ous dey beknawe and to byknawe, she 
causes us to know and be known. Byknawe = hy yknawe = be 
known ; L 21, dyere oninge, prec^oua union. Chaucer has onedin = 
united (pret pi.) ; IL 31, 32, Love of hope feeleth the smell and 
eeeketh. Love of Charity taketh, and soeth, and irwallowetlk, and 
holdeth ; L 32, a'kp = z^J = sees, zueZ;)i =; Fr. gonste, tasteth. 

Page 128, L 21, yanes, irons, fetters, from ym ^ iron ; 1. 2 from 
bottom, leriky ^ wrijip •= hideth. 

Page 129, L 20, ca arriereg. The Mid. MS. renders this phraGO 
by to-ftre ; L 34, ' JUan may longe,' &c. This quotation occura in 
the Religious Poems printed by Wright in the Owl and Nightingale. 

pBfge 130, L 22, comardyet = eoenardiee, deceits. 

Page 131, L 4, eaJkeireppen, Fr. pi^es, see Clossaiy; L 5, 
anh^, Fr, embrasee ; L 7, wyjfc, uyjte = fight. 

Page 132, L 21, atume is o-»io«e = in no. 

Page 134, L 16, botierje is for bor^e^a&ve, not for bouje'^ 
hoye, bow, be obedient. 

Page 1 35, L 25, fe w^ffs ine the nykke = the halter (rope) roond 
the neck. 

Page 137, 1. 3 from bottom, eed ajt, owes ai^ht (anything). 


NOTES. 277 

Pago 139,1 14, «^Ji = w*Ji, Beeketh; ct wee} Q. 2, p. 140) for 
■w^f ^ weiglieth. 

Page 140, 1 25, hauatU. Thus the word stands ia the Fr. and 
Eng. text It is ooi modern word aBsossm. 

Page 141, L 6, ingnd, 0. Fr. ignaua, O.E, delipiere, activa 

Page 143, L U, y^eicf = y-zijji = seeth ; L 24, atlokei = aX 
Whitsuntide (Pentecost), seep. 163, 1. 3 from bottom. ZoitSunday 
^ WMteunday, occurs in Shoreham's poems. 

Page 147, L 2, tM^rieo, Fr, angoUte v L 3, (iw['']«')J ^ aunvkp = 
wreaketh, aTeageth. 

Page 160, L 4 from bottom, &ouiM:=rule, line. This is the 
word in the Fr. text D. Michel was evidently unable to 
tnnaUte it The Midland MS. for pricke an bowte reads mark and 

Page 1S4, L 1 from bottom, [egte]. The Fr. text has eaa. 

Page 155, L 3, zmejf is here plural, and sliould be written 
scenejef ; L 3, /oruiont le the 0. Fr. fonuiions. 

Page 161, 1. 14, de^ auertt, putteth in dday. See uenU=*to 
delay, respite, caose delay. See p. 173, 1. 16 ; L 20, &e ttreng^ = 
forcibly, by force ; c£ no strengthe = O.E. no fore ^ no matter; 
L 34, FOT-=or. 

Page 167, L 25, eryan fet ^e kuen his tlo <hi >= ere that (before) 
that the queen putteth it on ; hi3 = her, and refers to robe, which 
is considered as feminine. 

Page 171, L 5 from bottom, aeaf^eiM; bo the words stand in the 
Fr. text The Mid. MS, bAnslates getu by euele pieces (evil 

Page 173, L 22, y^uegt = y-kae(n)gt = O.R yiwejnrf = 
quenched. Cf dreynt =^ drenched, Ac 

Page 178, L 24, uor icons make} maUter. This passage 
literally signifies ' for habit makes master,' and is equivalent to our 
phrase, 'practice makes perfect ;' cf. page 181, L 4, where yeatde 
uon«« = old habits. 

Page 182, 1. 16, ' be-tdea} and ethe'^ [AJare onderlingse, flay and 
eat their sabjecte : 6e-«/ea> = be-ulea^ey = he^Jlaye} = flay, fleece, 
rob. , 


278 MOTBB. 

Page 184, L 12, tedy-holpe ^ ted y-AoZpe=well-holpen (suo- 

Page 187, L 24, [dtjayTmrnt. The MS. has aynumt, but the Fr. 
tert shows that diaynwmi ^ diamond, ie the correct reading. 
Page 193, L 4, Jief (for |)en ;) Jw = than thoaa 
Page 194, 1. 10 from bottom, and hoi ^ and [i*] ykol — and is 

Page 195, IL 9, 10, in = inn, lodging. 

Page 196, IL 1, 2, iWo f e greade of fe poure = unto (at) the sup- 
plication of the poor ; L 8, hedxtige — aecresy ; cf. O.E. hidlinges, 
secret places. 

Page 198, L 23, ' comey ye ' should be come^ ye. The participle 
yUUsede ia plumJ, the singular being yUiaaed ; zt aeorsede, in L 

Page 203, L 5, ne ^nor, seems wanted after uondinge. 
Page 204, L 14,/ortin. This word is taken out of the French 

P(«B SOS, L 21, hit dmjji lo mac, maketh it tasty. 
Page 207, L 9 from bottom, talyinde, Fr. contant. 
P^;e 210, 1 3 from bottom, Ood ne it na^t goth to nede mid 
leauea, God is not a goat to be fed with leaves. 
Page 231, I. 14, wy-cnite = iByy-otUe^ without. 
Page 237, 1 16, ziky ^ zi^y = aeea. 
Page 241, I 9, hed, an error for heald, held, esteemed. 
Page 244, L 21, hikere, an error for ih^re, hear. 
Page 247, L 2 from bottom, and hit tidt do drinie, and thou 
shalt cauae them to drink. 

Page 248, L 2, ftaeZj = quelf = welleth, apringeth, or trellt up. 
Page 249, L 2, maked -= makey — makes. The preterite would be 
makede; cf. p. 248, 1. 29. 

Page 251, 1 2 from bottom, i» spek = iehspek, I spoke. 
P^ 252, L 31, mlshyl^de = mis^lefinde = unbelieving (onea) 
"— anbelieveTs. Chancer has misleved = mithdeued = miscreant ; 
bat mytbylminde occurs on p^e 69 of this work. 

Page 253, L 10, zeky = 2ek^ = aeeketh ; 1. II, uel ine }e aye = 
the skin in the egg. The Mid. MS. reads ' straw in the egg," 

NOTES. 279 

Page 254, IL 16, 19, get, 0, Fr. get. Liens pour attacher les 
oiseanx de proie (Roquefort). 

Page 254, L 23. The pronoun kare {their) aeems to leqnira 
men instead of man. 

Page 264, L 12, he^icJie eZotn.a profound aileuce ; L 14, eomydo 
may be an error for comiptde — coming ( ^^ is about to come), or for 
eome^ <°> comes ^^ is coming ; L 22, chaynen auere, chains of fire ; 
auere = a firej L 30, etnn^fo ^comest thou; L 32, $we}e^«- 
j/»eje-f6 — what didst thou see ; L 34, brene on-ydlyinde, intolerable 

Page 26S, L 1, wantrokitfng«''=]atik; tron^un, as in O.K 
leantnut, vmnhope, &c. ; troekiynge ^ failure, inmt The icon 
seema to be intensitive; L 18, yue^ youre =~yeue^ years => giveth 
ear ; youre would eiguify yours ; L 27, helm of hetpe ^ helmet of 
salvation ; L 29, ryvtollycha ^'ry^tuoUycke >- lightfully, righteously ; 
L 35, kit ^ingf }m — hit fingp ^ei, it appeareth that 

Page 266, 1 1, 60 etw ^ per-haps, per-chance; 1. 2, of-drd'^ot 
diead =0 adread, afiaid; L 6, wylnynge of ^e eontraye of heaene*^ 
deeire of the kingdom (countiy) of heaven ; IL 9 — 11, Tef . . . ttilh. 
If we, (m account of ' God's Dread * and ' Bethinking of Death,' were 
still (silent), right it is that thee speaking (whilst thoa art speaking 
ire should be much more silent ; L 1 3, viyd loylle ^^ willingly j L 20, 
^e aiuJ, hut also ; IL 25, 26, in« ri}^ AoZ/n^ttkie, on therighthand 
Bittbg; L 31, n>ie»'=toN«« — of theson. 

Page 268, 11. 13, 14, '^ . . . eay.' Though I understand some- 
-what of this, (yet) for them that listeneth tell (in det^) of each (of 
these particulars, Le. how they live, e^joy, die, see IL 11, 12); L 30, 
by ^ker^lky"] bj^ejf] ziker ; they are in security; L 32, aeehit 
o^eae of aSe = as is possessed hy alL 

Page 269, L 2 from bottom, supply ontJ^before to. 

Page 270, L 4, ^ prett )e = thou pridest thyself; ueUjn 
is an error for ufejen = flies ; }e wont, thou shalt 



A I ah ! 51, 71. 

A, on, a Jie, on the, 12, 64, lU, 
156, 214. 

Abandonee, free, 247. 

Abatye, Ft. dbalre, to abate, less- 
en, 28. 

A.b.c.&, 1. 

Ab^^ge (pret dlto^te), to suffer or 
atone for, pay for, 73. It cor- 
Tesponda to the latei Engliab 
abie; A.8. aMcg<m. 

Abide, j>p. delayed, 239, 

Abyd, imp. delay, 173. 

Abide, Abyde, await, remain, 51, 
113, 194;endure,166;refrwn, 
242 ; A.S. abtdan, bidan. 

Abide, Abyde (pi. pret.), abode, 

Abide^ Abyde^, remaineth, 72, 
86; look for, await, (pi.) 146, 

Abidinge, delay, 173. 

Abit, Abyt, abideth, waitetb for, 
Bwaitetb, 128, 143, 194, 169, 
211; bear with, 174. 

Ablent, blindetb, 16 j aUende, to 
make blind, occurs in R of 
Gloncester, 208 ; Cbaucer uses 
blende, prei yUetU, in the same 

Abod {pret. of Abyde), abode, do- 
Uyed, 173. 

Abomynable, 49. 

Abot, Abotte, abbot^ 178. 219; 
Abbotee, 67. 

Abone, above, 13, IB, 35. 

Abonte, about, 30. 

Aboutestondinges, circumstance!, 
174, 175. 

Abstinence, 236, 

Abundance, 261. 

Abyde. See Abide. 

Ac, but, 6, 10, 16, etpauim. 

Accidye, sloth, 16. 

Accombringe, destruction, miD, 
182. The root of this word is 
comber, as in encumber, Du- 
komber, loss, adveisity. Ger. 
kummer, trouble. 0. Fr. cti- 
comlrer, to hinder, vex, annoy. 


Acordod, accorded, nnited, 153. 
Acordeji, agreeth, 60, 147, 151, 

153 ; uniteth, 256. 
AcM)Tdi, to accoid, agree, 161, 152. 
Acoreed, jjp. accunwd, 66, 138. 
Acorsede, pret. accuraed ; 57, jjp. 

ft. 189, 198. 
Acounte)), cotmtett, 137. 
AcqoaTntonce, acquaintaaca, 143. 
Acaede, asked, 178, 190, 208, 

222, 239. 
Acaeat, aakeat, 207, 209. 
Acae^t, eing. aaketh, demandeth, 
praye for, requireth, 63, 84, 99, 
109, 180,. 209, 221, pi HI. 
116, imp. 209. 
Acei, Acsy, Acxy, to ask, de- 
mand, reqaire, inquire, claim, 
101, 110, 139, 151, 198, 209, 
Acringe, aaking petition, quefr 

tioo, 208, 209. 
AcBingea, AcMnggeB, aakii^ ques- 
tions, petitions, 129. 
Acaynge, false claiming, Fr. c/wt 

enge, 139. 
Active, 199. 

Adaunte>, tameth, 167; Fr. 
domptei;doiiter, to tame, dauvi, 
Adopcion, AdopciouD, adoption, 

101, 102, 146. 
Adoun, downwards, 247. 
Adra}e,H>. diawn, 174, 218. 
Adrayngt — adreynt, jy). drown- 
ed, drenched, 107, 248. 

Adraynkp = maketh drink, 251 ; 

AS. a-drenetm, to drench, 

drown, prd. dremte, j^. go- 

Adienche, to drown, 50. AS. 

Adronche]), drowneth, 50. 
Adrengf, gives drink, 92. 
Adreynct, drowned, 239. 
Adreynteu, pi. prel. drowned, 50. 
Aduenture. See Auentnro. 
AduerBaii, Adversarie, 109, 170, 

Aduerset^, AdueidtS, AdTeraetes, 
27, 30, 68, 84, 125, 168, 181, 
AMted, feigned, 212; 0. Fr. 

Affayted, tmsting, 75. 
Affeccioun, affection, 151. 
Afiounti, to be offended, 229; 
Fr. afronter (from Lat. frotu, 
the forehead)., 5. 

Agelt, sinneth, treapasseth, offend- 
eth or sinneth against, trana- 
greas, 5, 19, 65, 125. 
Agelt, jjp. sinned, 20. 
Agelte, to sin, commit trespass, 
15 ; AS. agyltan, to offend, 
sill against. 
Ageltef, pi. sin, 6, 72. 
Agerse — a gerse, in grasa, 36; 

AS. gere, gcers. 
Aginne, Agynne, to begin, 32, 
I 168, 197. AS. agynnaji. 


Aginnynge, Aginni ng e, Agyn- 
ninge, begiimiiig, 16, 31, 166, 
Agonne, pp. b^an, 165. 
Agrayjred, pp. prepared, 11, 56, 
89, 214; read}', 110; estab- 
lialied, 117. 
Agray|>e^, directs, oiden, advises, 
81, 119,125, 138, 110; deck, 
pi. 176, 195, 216. 

Agrayjii, to prepare, aet in order, 
array, dress, direct, 55, 76, 
118, 173 ; to ornament, 316, 
268 ; to set (sail), 183 ; O.N. 
ffreida, to make ready. 

Agray^inge, sh. adorning, 229, 

Agiay^iDgee, decorations, orna- 
ments, 176, 216, 226. 

Agrund, on the ground, 91. 

Ak, Ake, but, 6, 18, 56, 62, 69, 
97. See Ac. 

Akse, ask, 181. 

Akaede, asked, 239. 

Akse^, aaketh, demands, re- 
quires, 13, 18, 103, 109, 163, 
208, 222. 

Aksinge, asking, 197, 198. 

Akay, ask, 113 ; see Aal, acMy. 

Akp acheth, 51. 

Al, adj. ting, all, 13 ; sing., 15. 

AI, adv. quite ; al uol, quite full, 
191; alripe, quite ripc^ 28; 
al quio, quite alive, 67. 

Al alsuo, just as, 66. 

Alast, lastly, last, 69, 118. 

AH, old, 16, 48, 104, 124,219. 
Alday, Aldaye, ado. all day, 75. 
Ale = Alle, 233. 
Alefte, on the left. Alefthalf, on 

the left side (ob the other 

side), 23, 38. 
Alfpeny, halfpenny, 193. 
Algorisme, calculation, compila- 
tion, numbering, 1. 
Alhuet-p until, unto, 26, 33, 36, 

51, 71, 109. 
Alijt, Alyjt, enlightoneth, light- 

eth, 77,81,88,105, 115, 121, 

122, 185, 219; klndleth, 66. 
Ali^t, Alyjt.p/'. enlightened, 105, 

109, 201. 
Alijte, Alyjte, to enlighten, 109 ; 

A.S. alihtan, to enlighten. 
Alijte, Alyjte, jip. pi. enlightened, 

201, 243. 
Ali^te^, enlighteneth, 204, 205 ; 

maketb bright, beautiful, 229. 
Alijtynge ^^alighti Qg, -enkindli ng, 

incitement, 321. 
Alijtynges, passions, 201. 
Alle, adj. pi aU, I, 5, 6, 10, rf 

AUe,proR.aU, 10, II. 
AUen (to), all, 115, 188. 
Allone, alone, 112. 
Almijti, almighty, 1, 5, 12. 
Almoner, 190. 
Alneway, always, 84, 178. 
Al on, the same, all one, 2S9. 
Alose^, make famous, 199. 
Alosi, to render famous, re- 


nowned, 183. C£ O.E. loe, fame. 
Ft. loe. 
-Alouer, everywhere, 81. 
Alouwe, Alowe, to praiae, to bo 
praised, 95, 227, 233 ; 0. Fr. 
alouer, ta pmse, &om I^ 
Alozed, famed, 16. 
JLlse, as, 8, 15. 

.AJse-moche-ase, AUo-moche-ase, 
AlEO-moche-ase, as much as, 
15, 19,28; A.S. alated, tieo ; 
for the form alse, cf. O.K 
wko-ae >— wlio so. 
Aisuo, Alzuo, also, 51, 57. 
AJjiaj, although, 19. 
Aljwruerat, first of all, 27, 51. 
At^m^aUer, A.S. fdre, gen. 
pi. o/all. 
Alferworst, worst of all, 17. 
Alto, unto, 1, 13, 14,215. 
Altogidere, all to gather, 59. 
Al-wet ^ alkuet, until, unto, 197. 
Alyjt, Alyjte. See Alijt^ Alijte. 
Amang, among, 65, 103. 
Anianzinge, cursing, excommuni- 
cation, 189 ; O.E. amanae, to 
cuise, ftom AS. amaiteumian, 
lit. to disjoin, and hence to 
Amaystre^, masteretb, overpower- 

eth, 129. 
Ambidon, 17, 22. 
Amended,^. 30. 
Amendement, 32, 83, US. 
Amendes, amercements, finee. 

debts, 37, 38, 113; amends, 

corrections, 147, 148, ISO. 
Amendi, to amend, 30, 31, 39, 

40, 74. 
Amendings, amendment, 31, 170, ' 

179, 180. 
Ameid, marred, spoiled, 124, 125, 

217; O.H. Ger. marrjan, to 

hindei, makevoid; Du. merren, 

to obstruct, 
AmerreJ), pL mar, spoil, 130, 

203, 204, 220, 229. 
Amerji, Amerrji, 205, 217. 
Ames, a but } 62. 
Ameenreil, moderated, tempered, 

Ameaure^, moderates, tempera, 

Amidde, Amide, amid, 128, 143. 
Amoueste]), admonishes, 8, 101, 

102, 128, 145, 195. 
Amote, ant, emmet, 141 ; AS. 

Ampajri, impair, 10 ; Fr, «ni- 

pirer, to make worse, from Fr. 

pie, pire, worao ; Lat. p^or. 
Amydde, 95. See Amidde. 
An, snd, 4, 6, 7, 8, et paeeim. 
An, Ane, A, prep, on, in, 1, 7, 14, 

51, 156, 214. 
An, adv. on, 167, 244; AS. 

and 0. a an. 
An, Ane, aH. a, 11, 14, 13, 18, 

25, 29, 31, 37, 43, 50, et pag- 

'.. 161. 
Ani^t, nought^ 6 




Aacheayaoun, Ancheysoun, rea- 

eon, cauae, 47, 258, 2S9 ; Fr. 

And— an, i^ 65. 
Andzaerede, answered, 190. 
Ane, one, 117. 
Aneoea, at last, 168, 
Anfemu, affirm, 162. 
Angiuuyti^ beginuing, 31. 
Angle, angel, 20, 21. 
Angles, angels, 20, 2L 
Angrice, hurt, harm, 146. 
Angiisi, terrify, hurt, harm, 146. 

A.S. OffTJ/aan. 
Anhand, in hand, 22, 164. 
Anhaste, in haste, 31, 4S, 60, 68, 

70, 189. 
Anhe;, on high, high, 85, 95, 

125; upwards, 45, 46. 
Anb^^, increases, is increased, 

Anh^i, exalt, elevate, raise, 23; 

from O.E. he^, high; A.S. heg, 

Anhet, heated, kindled. 108, 131 ; 

A.S. On-hcdan, to heat, In- 
Anhonged, hanged, 241, ct Eng. 

Anhonge)), hangeth, 51. 
Anhongi, to hang ; A.S. an- 

Mn, to hang. 
Anhyaldi, Anhyealde, pp.'='an- 

healde ^ an • haldea, with- 

holden, forbidden, 152. 
Auioynj, to enjoin, 172. 

Anlich, like to, 186. 

Anliche, Anlyche, image, like- 
ness, 145. 

Anlicned, Anlycned, Anlikned, 
Anlykned, compared, likened, 
like to, 61, 66, 101, 227, 232. 

Anlicnesse, Anliknesse, Anlyc- 
neese, likeness, 87, 88, 100, 
101,105, 111, 145, 201,244; 
A.S. an-lic net. 

jVnhcny, Anlykny, to be like to, 
resemble, 101 ; compare, 157, 

Anlikhe^, Aniykneji, is like tc^ 
16, 32, 81; compaieth, 91; 
are like to, 24Z 

Anlyke, ahke, 227. | 

Anono, in none, 132. 

Ano^me (ace.), another, 162. 

Anojire, def. another, 25, 175. 

Ano^ren, Ano^iene (aec), an- 
other, 91, 165, 176, 186, 249. 

Ano^i«s, anothera, 197. 

Anoy, sb, 267. 

Anoylinge, anointing 14. 

Anoy]), annoyeth, 162 ; It. an- 
TToiare, iiom Lat in odio. 

Ansneie, answer, 194, 214. 

Ansuerede, Ansuiede, answered, 
178, 208, 239. 

Ansuere^, answer, 56, 264. 

Ansuerye, Answ^jr, 
■, 67, 213. 

Ansucrie^, 159. 

Ant, and, 68. 

An tempered, attempered, 224. 


The author aeeraa to confound 
the an in this void with the 
on or a in anhongi, anhe^i, &c. 

Anpayri, impair, 237. 

Anuenymed, envenomed, poi- 
soned, 60. 

Anuenyme^, poiaone, 27. 

Aparceiuy, to perceive, 131. 

Aparceyue^, pereeiva, 67. 

Apayreji, impairs, 237. 

Apeluchier, 253. 

Apert, Aperte, open, dear, plain, 
11, 134, 203. 

Aperteliche, openly, 13, 26, 69, 
70, 96, 162, 201, 244. 

Apocalipse, 14, 183. 

Apostate, 19. 

Apoatel, 41, 213. 

Apropred, appropiiatad, 40, 41, 
120, 235. 

Aqueme, to please. See Queme. 

Aquench, imp. qaench, 130. 

Aquenc^, queneheth, 207. 

Aquitti, acquit, set free, 137. 

Aquyked, pp. kindled, 203, from 
quyk ^ quick, alive. 

Aquytte^, acquit, leleaae, pay, 

Arblast, Arblaste, arbalast, 47, 71. 

Arbytrea, arbitrees, 154. 

Archangle, 1., 

Archer, 46. 

Ardontlicbe, ardently, 61. 

Arody, Already, ready, 121, 

Arere, raise up, elevate, atir up, 
excite, 31, 61,66,74,178,179, 

210 ; imp. 136, 217 ; «m6?". 217. 
Arerede, Arered, prH. and pp. 

raised, 14, 24, 86, 200, 203, 

Areref, rai3eth,23,85, 129; raise, 

pi., 66, 126; exaggerate 136. 
Aipeese, timidity, alownees, 32 ; 

A.S. earg, inert, timid, evlL 
Arijt, Aij^t, aright, 70, 74. 
Ar^t-half; Aryjt-half; on the 

right side, on the one side, on 

this side, 23, 38, 40. 
Arise, inf. 35 ; imp, 61 ; pp. 

arisen, 24, 121. 
Arise)!, sing, ariseth, 62 ; arise, 

pi., 67. 
Ariat, aris^, Insteth, 30, 47, 49, 

50, 186. 
Arize, arise. Soe Arise. 
Arize]), arise, pi., 66. 
Arizinge, lesuirectioii, 13, 14 ; 

rising, 62 ; lustful emotions or 

deeirea, 11 ; emotion, 147. 
Arizinges, lusts, 9. 
Armee, 162, 166, 266. 
Armeji, armoth, 26, 111, 180. 
Armure, 170, 203, 240. 
Am, eagle, 61 ; A.8. eani. 
Aros, arose, 7, 13, 173. 
Arrc^ance, 21. 
Art, 65. 

Article, 12 ; articles, 252. 
Arwe, arrow, 66. 
Asayd, tried, essayed, 117, 142. 
Asayled, pp. assailed, 167. 
Asaylede, prtl. assailed, 249. 

I I, .. .CocH^lc 


Aaaylef, aasaaeth, 17, 31, 157, 

166, 168, 181, 182. 
Asayll, to assail, 169 
AsaylingeB, assaults, 81, 117, 166, 

Asayf, essayeth, 168. 
Ascaped, escaped, 166. 
Ascapep, Askape)), escapeth, floe 

away, 180, 209, 210. 
Aacapie, Askapie, escape, 56, 

131, 172. 
Ase, as, 6, 7, 8, et pamm. 
Aae-moche^ise, as mach as, 9, 

Ase-wel, as well, 256. 
Aslaky, to slacken, 253. 
Aalepe, asleep, 199. 
Asoyli, absolve, 172. 
Asoyny, to strire, busy, 242. 
Aspid, Aapide, espied, seen, 142, 

Asjae)), Asepie^, look after, 

watch, 253, 255. 
Aspiii^es, watchings, spyings, 

Aspi^, spieth, 173. 
AssenciGn, 213. 
Asterue, kill (by depriving of 

food), 240. 
Asterued, starved, enfamishod, 

Aetone^, astonisli, 130. 
Astonie, astonish, 126, 257 j off- 

trniish. is Ft. eetonner (lAb. at- 

timare, to thunder at), to as- 
tonish, amaze ; but adonis, O. 


E. gtcmnie, to dull the senses, 
is &om the A.8. dimian, to 
strike, stun. 

Astore}), victualeth, 112. 

Astorie, store np, victual, 136. 
B. of Gloucester uses as-ton, to 
store (a place), IL 375, 386 ; 
Fr. estorer, to erect, build, 
gamish ; Lat. iiutaurctre, to re- 
pair, renew. 

Astranglede, strangled, 48. 

Astrai^Ie]), strangleth, 65. 

Astrangli, to strangle, 50. 

Astnip, destroys, 17 —tutnide^t 
A.S. Or&dan, to rob, spoil, 

Asunimed, reached the summit^ 
completed, 168. 

Atamed, subdued, 162. 

Ate, at, 13, 14, etpatgim. 

Ate-Uate, lastly, 104. 

Atempres, Attempr«, temperate^ 
moderated, 24, 163, 254. 

Atenende, Ate-ende, lastly, 128, 

Ate-uerste, firstly, 127. 

AJie, on the, 242. 

Atrayt, O.Fr. atrai/t, continuously, 
protractedly, 50, 

Atuytinge, blame, reproof, 194. 

Atuytingea, reproaches, 194. 

Atwy^ reproacheth, leproveth. 

Atwyte, Attwyte, ■ 
reprove, twit, 198 

A. S. (rf- 


Atwytinge, reproaching, twitting, 

65, 194. 
Anarice, 16, 34, 38, 102, 147. 
Aubo, priest's vesture, 236. This 

void ia the same as alb, a white 

Anentuie, adventure, hap, chance, 

18, 20, 27, 16a 
Auer, a-fire, on fiie, 20S. 
Auere, fieiy, 264. 
Auerat, delajingly, in delay, 32, 

161; AS.;V<f,^>^, aspaceof 

time, delay, respita. 
Aaerst, adv. first, R, 20, 32, 

Aiiocat, advocate, 127. 
Aooacep, advanceth, 68. 
Anonci, to advance, 82. 
Anontsge, advantage, 209, 210. 
Auore, before, 271, 
Auoreye, Auoiye, towards, with, 

before, against, as r^;aKis, aa 

to, 1, 18, 24, 124, 129, 168, 

172, 186, 207, 213, 222. 

Auoreye — auore-aye; aaora ^ 

before; a^e = agtun, towards. 
Anoud, avowed, acknowledged, 

Auonerie, Auoerie, adoption, 101, 

146 ; Fr. awuer, to avow; Lat. 

Autorit^, authority, 147, 221. 
Awakede, woke, 128, 199. 
Awai^edc, shrewd, wicked, cursed, 

27 ; AS. aieerged, accursed. 
Awrec^, Awrekji, wreketh, taketh 

vengeance, puniehes, 68, 73, 

115, 147. SeeWreke. 
Awreke, pp. punished, 74, 83. 
Awreks, avenge, punish, 9, 69, 

Avnekinge, vengeance, 8. 
Awynne, regain, 65. 
Ayans — x ayens, against, 6. 
Ayder ^ either, each, 53. 
Aye — ayen, against, 1, 5, 6, 7, et 

passim; as to, 24 ; towards, 

Ayeanward, on the contrary, 49. 
Ayen, back, agun, 36, 66, 68, 

85; against, 170. 
Ayen-hit«, remoree, 1. 
Ayens, against, 6, 18, 29, 98, 116 ; 

towards, 166, 163. 
Ayen-uallinge, apoeta^ (again- 
falling), 116. 
Ayen- ward, Aye-waid, on the con- 
trary, 48, 49, 56. • 
Ayen-w^e, again-weigh, consider, 

Ayen-wy^te, down-beaiing, 247. 
Ayen-yefte, Ayen-yeije (agMn.- 

gift), recompense, 120. 
Ayen-yeme, recur, run to, 220, 

iSee Yeme. 
Azonkte, prei. caused to sink, 

Azet, setteth, setteth out, 140. 
Aze wel, ae well, 89, 
Azide, aside, 216. 
A3t, ought, 194. 
Ajt, owe, 137. 



Bal,baU, 179. 

Balance, balance, peril, 30, 91. 
Bald, for beald, bold, 105. 
Bamt, baigain, also fraud, deceit, 

39, 46, 61, 75, 82; O.Fr. 

harder, to lis, cheat, bogoile ; 

Sp. baratar, to truck, exchange. 
Bai^yn, onfoir dealing, 9; O.Fr. 

bargainer, to chaffer, also to 

wrangle, haggle. 
Baronage, 68. 

Baronn, 38. 

Barouns, 38, 85. 

Baselycoc, basilisk, 28 ; Gr. 
^aikiaKot, a king. This form 
of the word is nsed by Chaucer 
in the " Persones Tale," 

Batayle, battle, 83, 117, 167, 

Bataylcs, 91. 

Ba|ie)i, bathos, 167. 

Baylif8,bailiSk,122i 'iM.bajuliU, 
Mid, lat, hajvla, 1, a bearer ; 
2, a nurse ; 3, a tutor. From 
bajulus comes Fr. hailli. 

Baylyes, the jurisdiction of a 
bailiff (a term once applied to 
poreoni holding high ofBcea, as 
r^ents, &c.) ; hence a king- 
dom, 26. 

Bayji, buys, 23, 76, 90, 91, 194, 
241. See B^go, to buy. 

Be, by, 1, 6, 7, 8, etpam'm; for. 

13; though, 12; A.& hi,'-- 

Beat, beateth, 30, 69, 116. 
Beato, to beat, 210, 236, 
Beaj, bowed, 239 ; A.S. %i*> 

beogan (pi. beah, heag, if 

hogen, btigen). 
Becajt, jm. broiled, ensiun^l, 

54, 125. 
Becharme, charmeth, 257. 
Beches, beech troe^ 23. 
Beclepie^, Beclep)i, embraccti, 8?- 
Beclepie)), pi. plead for, 40. 
Becleppe, to embrace, dift i^'- 

A-S. 6e-cZj(ppan. 
Becleppe, to raise a clatter, 66: 

A.S. dappan, to clap, move; 

c£ O.E. dappe, talk. 
Becleppe)), clasps, embraces, 15- 
Becleppinge, embrace, 96. 
6eclept,j)p. embraced, 15, 
Beclepte, pret. emhiaced, 240. 
Becom, became, 6, 240. 
Become]), pi. become, 78, 92. 
Becomji, becomes, 19, 43, 51, SI- 
Bed, prayed, 191, 215 ; A.S. hoi, 

pret of biddan, to piay. 
Bed, 31 ; obliq. cas. bedd^, 1"'- 
Bedeawo)), bedewej, moisteneth, 

Bedele, messenger, 37, 
Bedeles, 39, 43; A.S. 6yM • 

preacher, messenger; Eog. hca- 

Bodes, prayere, 141 ; A. S. beil, » 


I I. .. ..C.oo^lc 


Begge, to bay, 17, 23, 36, 41, 

44, 78, 83; to redeem, 96; 

A,8. bycgan, to buy. 
Eeggerea, beggars, 36. 
Beggeji, buys, 36, 44, 139 ; buy, 

j^. 39, 41. 
Begginge, buying, 38. 
Boginne, to begin, ISOi 
Beginnejt, pi. begin, 17, 66, 


ning, 70, 72, 76, 97. 
Cegin^, Begyn)), b^ins, 51, 69, 

67, 88, 99, 108, 131, 181. 
Begyiineji, pi. 17. 
Bcgoime, 2 pete. proL sing, bo- 

ganst, 71. 
Begyled, pp. beguiled, 76. 
Begylef, beguiloth, 16. 
Behat, promises, 64, 170, 179, 

181,183,201; A.S. b^idtan, 

to promise, tow (ptet hehdt, 

pp. behateTi). 
Beheete, promise, tow, 67, 144, 

225 ; A S. Uhtes. 
Behestea, pi. of beheatn, 98. 
BaMnde, Bebynde, behind, 10, 

45, 130. 
Bohofeam, needful, 99, 192; A.S. 

beMfian, to behove, to need. 
Beborewed, defiled, dirtied, 237. 
Behot, promises, 97, 179. See 

Behote, inf. to promise, 162. 
Behote, pp. promised, 13, 65, 67 ; 

vowed, 231. 

Bebote]), promiseth, 40, 42; pi. 

promise, 65. 
BoboUnge, entreaty, 207. 
Behotinges, pi. of behotinge, 40, 

Behouede, pret. behoTod, 128, 
Behoueji, behoveth, 58, 79. 
Bekuaulechinge, confession, ac- 
knowledging, 32, 77. 
Beknaust^ confessest, 100. 
Beknawo, bekttow, confess, 69, 

123, 132; A.S. be-cn&tsan, to 

Beknawe)), pi. acknowledge, 132. 
Beknawynge, knowledge, 126. 
Bekneu, acknowledged, 216, 216, 
Beleaue, Beleue, Byleaue, belief, 

2, 11, 14, 19, 29, 72, 106, 

Beleaue, Beleue, Eileane, believe, 

12, 13, 151, 203. 
Belcfji, believetb, 19,139, 161. 
Beloke, comprehended, 97 ; A-8. 

bducan, to lock up, enclose. 
Belca, boils, 224; Du. huHe, 

boil, swelling. 
Beleuinge, abiding, continuing, 

176. See Bleue, Bleuinge. 
Belongef, appertain to, 12, 17. 
Belouk^, includes, 99. 
Bench, 130. 
Bead, bond, tie, 48 (tie of mar- 

ri^), 220. 
Bendes, bonds, 77 ; A.S. bend, a 

bond, band. 
Bene (/), prayer, petition ; 



Bonen, pi. prayers, pctitionB, 
3,99,102,114. A.S. 6en. 

Benefices, 43, 9& 

BeneficcB, benefits, 96. 
. Benes, prayers, ptititions, 25, 51, 
74, 90, 97, 105, 180. 

Bene)«, Imeatl), 108, 126. 

Benime, Benyme, to rob, deprive 
of, steal, 39, 59, 68, 79, 86, 
117, 181. See Hime, Nyme. 

Benim]), Benym)i, Benime^, Be- 
nyme)), Zrd pen. sing, and pi. 
of bmime, 23, 29, 32, 38, 39, 
68, 76, 77, 79, 86, 108, 218, 
223, 248. 

Benome, taken trom, 143. 

Bunoteji, employs, uses, 90 ; iS, 
nottt, use ; bi-niotan, to enjoy; 
notian, make use of, employ. 

Beqnide, bequest, will, 112 ; A.8. 
be-cwedan, to bequeath ; etcide, 
a testament, judgment 

Bekuydes, bequests, wills, 38. 

Berdone, burden, 84, 141. 

Bcro, a bear, 14, 15, 60. 

Bore, to bear, 8, 21, 56, 
118; wear, 90; enjoy, possess, 

Bcre, 1st p. gin{j. bear, 64 ; 2nd 
p. sing, horeat, 20 ; tuhj. pree. 
niay bear, 217. 

Bere, barley, 141; A.S. lere; 
barley^ bero + lie (older forms, 
barlic,berelich) ; the /I'c^A.S. 
lcac=" plant, leek; cf garJick, 
hemlock (old form hciulic). 

Bere-blisse, Bear-bliss, 72. 
Bere)i, Ber^, bears, produces, 8, 

20,29,78,88, 97, 195, 217; 
pi. bear, 97, 231. 
Berieles, tomb, sepuldiro, 12, 

26, 228; A.S. byrgeU, a se- 
Berinde, bearing, 96, 144. 
Boringe, birth, 130, 213. 
Beringe, burial, S. 
Berke, to bark at, 179. 
Berade, burnt, 242. 
Berne, to burn, 163, 173, 235 ; 

suhj. pres. 212. 
Benies, bams, 30; A-S. hem, 

(= ber&-em, a store-house for 

Berne)), Bem^, ting, burns, pi. 

bum, 43, 74, 204, 206, 229. 
Bomide = Beminde ^ burning, 

Beminde, Bemynde, boming, 49, 

73, 107, 173, 203, 205, 207. 
Beminilellche, ardently, 31. 
Beminge, gb. buming 205, 206. 
Bernaton, brimstone, 49, 130. 
Berobbe)), pi. rob, 39. 
Bei^ save, preserve, 197, 251. 
Besme, broom, 172 ; A.S. besmoy 

a broom, begom ; hesmas, rods ; 

S. Prov. Eug. bitsam, the heath 

Besmet, Besmetted, defiled, be- 

emutted, 32, 229; A.S. be- 

tmiian, to beamut, d^le. 
Besnewed, made white as eaow. 


81 ; heenevxd seems to stand 

for beaneawed. 
Besset =• be-shut, enclosed, 94 ; 

iacluded, 97 ; A.S. acyttan, to 

lock up. 
Besset, sbat, 231 ; kept secme, 

232. See Ssete, to enclose, 263. 
Best, beast, 4, 14, 51; obliq. 

ease, bede, 2, 14, IS. 
Besteriinge, emotions, 263. 
Beatee, beasts, 82. 
Beatrepe)?, Bestrep^, root up, 123, 

127, 144, 150, 185, 201 ; A.S. 

beatrypan, to strip. 
Bet, better, 195. 
Betake, pj). assigned, 198; taken, 

247 ; A.S. heidcan, to assign, 

Betake^, ^. assign, 36; give, 235. 
Boteio, better, 7, 16, 24, 100, 

Bet«cDe^, Betokneji, eing. and pi. 

betokeneth, betoken, 15, 203, 

222, 236. 
Betoke, suhj. should give, 89, 

Bctokned, pp. betokened, 199, 

203, 236. 
Betoknede, pret. betokened, 236. 
Betaeno, Betune, between, 66, 

Be(i, bath, 74 ; A.S. bad, he^ian, 

Bejwnch, imp. remember, bethink, 

130, 146. 
Bejicoiclie, remind, 101 ; bethink. 


174,178; repent, 172; A.S. 

Be^uche|), imp. bethink, con- 
sider, 81, 243. 

Bejienchinge, hethiriking, memory, 
remembrance, 105, 188, 203; 
repenttmce, thought, fore- 
thougbt, 183, 184, 233. 
3)iengJ), bethinks, remembers, 
considers, reminds, 18, 100, 
162, 177, 246. 

Be)M)3te, bethought, 156. 

Beualle, beiall, 107, 118. 

Beuolle, pp. befallen, 49. 
Us, 174. 

Beuealde, befolded, wrapped, 188 ; 
A. 8. befealileii, befolded. 

Beuele>, pi. de&le, 228. 

Beuelst, defilest, 230. 

BeuelJ., defileth, 178, 229; A.S. 
b^ulan, t5 defile; bejyled, do- 

Bouelynge, deiamation, fiilse ac- 
cusation. It signifies, literally, 
defiling, 40. 

Beuil, befell, 191. 

Beula^e^, flay, hence to ficece, 
rob, plunder, 38 ; A.8. be/lean, 
pret bejlofj, to flay, 

Beulea}), pL beideapf, rob, fleece. 

BenleJ, j)Z. avoid, 61. 

Beuliynge, bo-flying, eschewing, 
avoiding, 121. 

Beuloje, pi. pret. avoided, re- 
nounced, 77, 78. 



Beuly, Beuli, to fly from, flee, 
avoid, 9, 15, 60, 74, 86, 121, 
139, 178, 179, 205; A.a 
befleon (fiefieogan), to flee away, 

^ily^J*! Boulyjt, avoidoth, 73, 
75, 136, 226. 

Bewepe, to weep. 

Bewepjt, bewGcpeth, 61, 

Bcyende, beyond, 165. 

Beyete, begotten, 130, H7, 22i; 
A.S. be-getan (pt. ber/eat, pp. 
begeaten), to begot. 

Bezeche, beeeecli, 194. 

BczQcbeJ), BezechiJ), pi. beseech, 
98, 108, 116. 

Eezechingo, petition, 97, 116. 

Bezechingos, petitions, 97 ; com- 
plaints, 39. 

Bozok)), boseechoth, 117. 

Bezonge, ainge, 330 ; A.S. besen- 
gan, iiO singe. 

Eezeng^, ainges, 230. 

Bezet, placed, beset, 102, 152. 

Bezest, beaettoat, 213. 

Bozetto, inf. to beset, occupy, 

Bezettef, besetteth, 207. 

Bedde, beaide, 105, 126, 220,240. 

Bozuyke, ^. begiiiled, 76 ; A.S, 
beawican, to b^iile, deceive ; 
O.E. gteike, to deceive, swikere, 
a deceiver. 

Bezuykere, traitor, 171. 

Bezuykinge, Bezuykyinge,trGaaon, 
28, 43 ; deceit, 61. 

Bezaykiinges, Bezuykyngea, 

frauds, 23, 61. 

Be^inge, be-seeing, forethought, 
183, 184. 

Bi, be, 49, 105, 135, 136, 163, 
177, 220. 

Bide ^ bidde, imp. pray, 210. 

Biddc, we, let us pray, 127 ; 2nd 
pert m^. 114, 

Bidde, Bydde, pray, entreat, sup- 
plicate, 1, 6, 7, 49, 52, 87, 99, 
194,207, 209,210,211,212; 
A. 8. biddan. 

Bidde]), prayetfa, 211. 

Biddejt, ByddeJ», pi. pray, 99, 1 13, 
114, 116,117, 210,219; imp. 

Biddinde, praying, 219. 

Biddinge, command, 12; en- 
treaty, 194. 

Biddinges, Biddyngoa, conunanda, 
38, 42; piayera, 219. 

Bied, Biejj, EyeJ», are, 138, 157, 
200, 204. 

Blhote, See Behote. 

Biginnyi^e, beginning, 138. 

Bileaue, Byleaue, Byleue, belief, 
19, 176, 186. 

Bint, binds, 16, 33. 

BisenLere, scorn ; pi. bitemeres, 
bisemers, mockinga, derisions, 
22, 52, 58, 156 ; A,S. bimntr, 
reproach, mockery, 

BisemereJ), mocketh, 22 ; A-S, 
biitmerian, to mock, insult. 
care, 228. 

Bisiuol, buai-ful, officiona, 226. 

BisBop, bifihop, 189. 

BUsopes, Biasoppea, Bissoppe, 

189, 191, 236. 
BiBBoprichea, biahopricks, 12. 
Bist, biddeBt, 209. 
Bisye, busy, officious, 68. 
Bisftiede, Bysibede, B^yhede, 

labour, care, 164, 228; pas- 
time, 231. 
Bit, Byt, prayeth, asteth, 110, 

114, 116, 134, 209, 211, 218, 

Bit, biddeth, 116, 145. 
Bite, sb. bite, morsel, 223. 
Biter, Byter, aiuj. bitter, 62, 

Bitere, pi. bitter, 83. 
Biterhede, Byteihede, bitterness, 

Bitemesse, bitterness, 15, 139, 

Bitef, pi. bite, 70. 
Bitinde, biting, pungent, 143. 
Biualjr, befalls, 57. 
Blame, 23. 

Blomeji, blameth, 17, 137. 
Blamye J, pi. blame, 69, 79. 
BlasfemeJ), blaspheme, 30. 
Blasfemie, to blaapbeme, 70. 
Blaafemiee, Blosfemyes, blaspbe- 

mies, 45, 69. 
Blasfemye, blasphemy, 57, 69. 
BUuJi, puffa, 32. 
Blawc, blow, 168. 
Blawef , pi. blow, 24. 

iBX. 293 

Bleche, pale, 53 ; A.S. Udc, pale ; 

blkcan, to fade, bleBch. The 

mot still exists in blighi. 
Bleohest, hurtest, 147. 
Bleche)), injures, defaces, 40, 1 15 ; 

harms, injures, 238 ; A.S. 

blceco, spot; WtricA, a blotch. 

Shoreham uses blokne, to be 


The thridde daj he (Christ) aros a^eyn 
or the tiaoaj (tomb) tbcr men hioe 

\ejia, in tokene 
Thtit, man, thi bod; nrUe schel 
Of deithe nanmora to JMw. (p. 4.) 

Blefde, Blefte, remained, 12, 59, 

Bleff ^ hUffoelk, remains, abides, 
30,47,91,177; A.S. bfa<ifan 
(prot bda^de), to leava 

BIeften,2>^. remained, 189. 

Blench, change, 130; Blench is 
the soft form of Uittk. 

Blende)), pt make blind, 33; 
A-S. Uertdian, to blind. 

Blest, blast, 203; A.S. Uiest, 

Blefeliche, joyfully, quickly, read- 
ily, 20, 50, 65, 100, 102, 177. 

Blefelaker, more quickly, readily, 
69, 140, 180; A.S. blide, Uithe, 

BleuB = hUew, to remain, con- 
tinue, endure, 120, 203, 225, 
245 ; persevere, 232 ; remain 
in (curl), 177 ; A.S. bd^an, to 
leave. See Blefde, Blefte. Xho 



O.E, Mere, bdere, eignifies to 

remain, abide, coutinne. 
Bleuindeliche, peiscrerijigly, 141, 

Bleuinge, abiding, coutinimnce, 

dwelling, 47, 72 ; peiseveiance, 

constancy, 215, 232. 
BlisfoUc, blisBful, 75, 118. 
Blissc, BlyBsc, Blysce, /. bliss, 

BliBsede, adj. def. blessed, 70, 87. 
Blissen, blessings, blisses, 93. 
Blisses, blessings, 77. 
Blissinge, blessing, 97, 183, 243. 

Blisuol, blisful, 148. 

BlisuoUe, def. /. blisful, 118, 

BlisuoUicbe, blisMly, 94. 
Blife, glad, 87, 132; ready, 

eager, 85. 
Elod, blood, 1, 41, 87; obliq. 

eaee, Mode, bloode, 107, 111. 
Blody, bloody, 46. 
Blondere, flatterer, one who 

speaks blandly, 61. 
Blonderes, flatteiera, GO, 61, 177. 
Blondinge, flattery, 10, 57, 76. 
Blondinggea, 141. "WithWand- 

ing ne with boste." Shoreham's 

Poems, p. 14. 
Blynde, pi. blind, 56. 
^lysscdbede, bliss, 97. 
BljBsinges, blessings, 97. 
Boc, book, 1, 2, 6, 14, 70, 124. 
Bocberie, butchery, slaughter, 64. 

Fr. bowJter, from hoc, a goat 
Boc-honse, library, 1. 
Bocle, buckle, 236. 
Bodi, body, 236. 
Bodilich, bodily, 200. 
Bodiliche, Bodylyche, adj. jJ. 

bodily, 90, 119, 212. 
Bodye, body, 10, 14. 

Bodylich, adj. tituj. bodily, 72; 

corporeal. 111, 146. 
Eok, boot, 42. 
Bokes, books, 42, 61. 
Bolde, pi. bold, forward, 216. 
Boldeliche, ado. boldly, 34, 63. 
Bonte>, bolteth, sifleth. 93 ; ct 

S. ProT. En^ hunt, to sift corn ; 

£ng. hmUing, &om BreL bimia, 

Eng. bttjtt, to knock, posh. 
Bor, boar, 69. 
Btod, Borde, table, 235. 
Bore, j^. bom, 221. 
Borgesye, citizenship, 161. 
Borgeys, Borgeyse, burgess, citi- 

Mn, 161, 216. 
Boryeis, citizen, 161. 
Boryinde, piercing, 66; A.S. 

bdrian, to boro. 
Borje^, toko in pledge, 36. 
Bosme, bosom, 163. 
Boat, boast, 71. 
Boayne, sound, 137; A.S. bj/«en. 

Bote, bnt, only, except, &, 22, 65, 

Botcrel, toad, 187. 




Eote-yef, except, 6, 7, 10, et 

Botme, bottom, UO ; A.S. botin. 
Botoan, bntton, 86, 134. 
Boner^a = boije, save, 134. 
. Bo^^ren, heretics, 258. 
Sougre, heretic, 19. 
Bongres, hereticfl, 69, 134 (itLs 

derived ,froin the Bulgarians, a 

SlaTonian tribe). 
Boundes, limita, 207. 
Bonne, O.Fr. a reed, rule, 150. 
Bonrdedest, jeatedest, 20. 
Bonre, chamber, 226 ; A.S. Hr. 
Boi^e, to obey, be obedient to, 

bow to, 8, 20, 21, 68, 140. 
Boujef, pi. obey, 143; 8^.68; 

A.S. 6i«?an, to bend 
Boi^inde, prone, lit. bending to, 

Bouj, imp. obey, 194. 
Boujinge, ah. bendii^, inclining, 

Bon;^, inclineth, 154; obeys, 20, 

140, 141. 
Boj, bough, 2, 3, 4, 17, 65 ; boje, 

oUiq. ease, 22, 23, 58. 
Bojea, boi^ha, 3, 4, 17, 65, 68, 

191, 219. 
Boje, bow, 45, 
Bojen, pret. pi. obeyed, 84. 
Bo^ni, obedient, 59. This word 
still exists, in bwxum, O.E. 

boghmvt, bughsom. 
£o)samliche, obediently, 70. 
Bojsamnosse, obedience, 101,140, 

147, 217. 
B(^te, bought, 133. 
Boj)), BoujJi, obeys, 184. 
Boystoyse, boisterous, 103. 
Brayinde, bowling, rosring, 73. 
Bread, bread, 113; dbtiq. c. breode, 

113, 235. 
Brec)i ^ breaks, 40. 
Brech-gerdel, a girdle, 205. 
Bredale, bridal, wedding, 118, 223. 
Btedales, marriages, 76. 
Brede, breadth, 105. 
Brodgome, brid^room, 233. 
Brek, broke, 16. 
BrekB,tobreak,51,62, 116. 
Breken, jji. pZ. broke, 64, 213. 
Breke}i,j>2. break, 41. 
Erekji, breaks, 7, 8, 16, 41, 178. 
Brekinge, bieach, 48, 261. 
Brekynde, brittle, breaking, 82. 
Eren, bran, 210. 
Brenge, imp. pi. bring ye, 1. 
Brenge, to bring, 87. 
Brenge)), pi. brii^, 33, 83. 
Brengji, brings, 118, 128, 141, 

Breneton, brimstone, 73. 
Bres, brass, 203. 
BMelfObliq. case, bridle, 249, 254. 
Brijt, bright, pure, 74. 
Bri3te, adj. pi. pure, 73, 108. 
Erijto, adv. clearly, 72. 
Brijtliche, br^htly, clearly, 150, 

Brijtnesso, Bry^tnease.briglitness, 



Biochea, brooches, 229. 
Bronches, bronchei, 9. 
Brondes, brands, 205, 240. 
Brotcl, brittle, 129 ; A.S. breolan, 

to bruise, break ; 0. Norse, 

Brotclhcde, brittlenesB, poverty, 

Bro)«Thedo, Brofeixedo, brother- 
hood, 110, 146. 
Brojiren, brethren, 101, 102, U9. 

This form is osed by Shoieham. 
Brojte, brought, 118, 190. 
Eryad, bread, 107, 110,111. 
Bryest, breast, 175. 
Bryesten, breasts, 247. 
s^^uones, bones, 64, 148. 
Zir /^'"^^ jssts, 56 ; Fr, hourde, a 

jest ; Bret, board, deceit, joke. 
Busee, buah, 28, 
By, to be, 7, 14, 88; is, 7, 14, 

16, 85 ; are, 9. 
Byad, offered, 41 ; A.S. bedd, 

from beodan, to offer. 
Eyat,beatotb, 100. 
Bydde, Bidde, to pray for, 98, 99, 

113, 114. 
Byddynges, Byddingee, prayers, 

petitions, 100 ; entreaties, 40. 
Byddeji, pi. pray, 107, 109, 113, 

116, 117, 118. 
By earn, beam. 
Eyenne, to bo, 131,169. 
Byet, Byef, are, 1, 3, 6, 8, 66, imp. 

Byet, begottoth, 181. 

Byete, euhj. beat, 191. 
Byetinge, begetting, 216. 
Byginnisge, b^innisg, 11. 
Eyinge,'being, 82, 103. 
Byknave, acknowledge, confess, 

123, 182. 
Bjleff, belleveth, 19. 
Byleue, Byleaue, belief, II, 12, 

19,69, 101, 112, 114. 
Bynime, rob, deprive o^ 39. 
Bynt, Byndef, bindeth, binds, 

77, 97. 
Eyrie, bier, 258. 
Bysemeree, scorns, derision, 63. 
Bysi, busy. See Bisye. 
Bysihede, Eyayhede, diligence, 

care, anxiety, 55, 93 ; occupa- 
tion, amusement, 231. 
Byeihedes, occupations, 165. 
Bysinesse, labour, trouble, caro, 

By Bye, ^. busy, officious 226, 
Byt, bites, 61, 62, 66. 
Byt, biddetb, prayeth, 29, 110, 

Byter, bitter, sour, 82, 129. 
Bytere,j>i. 150. 
Eyte>, i>7. bito, 61. 
Byjt = byej>, are, 17, 26, 102. 
Byuealde, befoldod, 8. 
Eyuly, avoid, 134. 
Byzylycbe, busily, 79, 

Cachie, catch, to drive out or 
from, 178; O.Fr. chacier, 

cockier; cf. modem phrase 


* caught off.' St 
to ' Geneeit and Exodus' 
' CdaAjpt, away, f ugo, a^to, 
abigo, effugo,' Pr. Parv, 
Calicos, chalices, 11. 
Calketreppen, pits or snares, 131 ; 
A.8. adca-trippa, trap, snare ; 
cf. Fr. cluateie-trappe, caltrap, 
tribulus, murinua (Wr, Voc. 
140), K. Alys, L 60, 70. See 
note on this word in Promp- 
torimn, ToL i. p. 69. 
Calowe-moufl, bat, 27 ; A.S. cailu, 
ealuwjhaid; O.H. Ger. cftato- 
jper, bald. The bat ia eome- 
times called a reremouse, irom 
the A.S. krere, raw. 
Can, knows, 58, 94, 135. 

Candele,/. candle, candelle, 102 

Caorains, Saiasins, usureis, 35. 

Capitelea, chapters, 1. 

Capi teles, capitals, 43. 

Capons, 38. 

Cardinales, Cardinals, a<^'. ^. car- 
dinal, head, 3, 123, 124. 

Cardinals, sb. 124. 

Carke)), produces, 230, 

Caioyne, carrion, 86. 

Carten, carts, 35. 

Cartere, carter, 160. 

Cas, case, chance, aa in be-eas = 
perchance, 36, 42, 70, 115. 

Cast«l, Castele, castle, 1, 43, 
121, 154 ; pi. castoles, 149. 

Catel, wealtl^ 35, 36; O.Fr. 

catd, ekaid ; Lat. eapitale. 
Cause, 224. 
Cedre, cedar, 131. 
Cellen, cells, 267. 
ChaceJ', drives, 171. 
Chald, Cheald, cold, chiUed, 47, 
138, 152, 170; A.8. ceald, 
cdld, cold, 
Chalenge, false claim, 34. 
Chalei^^, pi. accuse, 43 ; O.Fr. 
ekcdent/ier ; Lat. ealumman. 
See Glossary to Hampole's P. 
Chalis, chalice, 167. 
Cbambren, chambers, 234. 
Chancelier, chancellor, 243. 
Chapele, chapel, 56. 
Chapfaie, Chapnaro, chaffer, tin- 
fur dealing 34, 35, 44, 90, 
120 ; pi. eheapfares, 36, 45. 
Chapfaii, vb. to chaffer, trade, 
162 ; A.S. eedp, a bargain, 
sale ; cedpian, to buy ; feriaTt, 
to bear, carry. 
Chapitele, Cbapitle, chapter, 136, 

Chapman, merchant, 77, 158 ; 

pi. chapmen, 76. 
Chapnare, chaffer, 191. 
Chai^f, loadeth, 97 ; see E. of 

GL 13, 416. 
Charitable, 145. 
Charito, 79 ; pi. charites, 83. 
Charmeres, charmerB, 69. 
Charmes, 43. 
Cbast^ Chaste, chaste, 203, 221. 



Chasteta, Chastetee, 4, 159, 181, 

Chaste^, chastise, 17, 69, 100, 
147. 15S. 

Cbasthede, chastity, 230. 

Chasti, to chastise, chasten, 8, 
148, 15S, 221 ; O.Fr. ehaMter. 

Chastinge, chastening chastise- 
ment, 68. 

Chastisement, 17. 

ChasUiche, chastely, in purity, 

Chaynen, Chainee, cbuns, 214, 

Cheoke, cheek, 24S. 

Chealde, jjZ. cold, 242. 

Cheap, cheape market, 36 ; ' gist 
cheap,' ' greate cheape,' abund- 
ant, plentifbl, 2S6. CI rJieep ; 
pretium. Pr. Parr. 

Cheapfaie, chaffer, 35, 36. Se% 

Cheapfares, chaffera, b&igaina, 36, 

Cheas, chose, 77. 

Oheaste, chiding, strife, 30, 65, 
66; ifi. cheastea, 67, 138; 
A.S. tea^, strife, dispute, con- 
tention. See Piers Plough. 
L 8946. 

Che^ chaff, 62, 137, 138; oUiq. 
cote, cheue, 210; A.S. eeaf; 
0. Dutch ftq/: 

Cheker, chess-hoard, 45, 46, 

Chele, chill, coU, 75 ; A.S. cfU ; 
O.H.Ger. cAatrft ;p^. Cheles, 124. 

Chenaille, O.Fr. dogs, 112. 
Cheiche, church, 7, 8. 
Cherchen, churches, 30, 43. 
ChercQetflone^ chnnsh-towns, 41. 
Cheri, chml, 76; iS. eeoH ; 

O. Butch heeii (vii, rusticus) ; 

pL cherln, 112. 
Ches, chess, 53. 
Cheue, cha^ 210. See Chef. 
Chewynga, «&. chewing, 111. 
Chide, 67. 
Chidinge, tb. chiding strife, 30, 

€5, 66. 
Chiere = diere, cheer, 155, 193 ; 

O.Fr. ehire, countenance, en- 

tertainment, cheer. 
Chiese, Chiae, Chyese ^ ekeots, 

86, 93, 101, 165 ; A.a ceowK, 

to choose ; O.Saz. ktoaan, 
Chiese}), pi. choose, 45. 
Child, nevi. 58, 84 ; oUiq. caae, 

cMlde, 82. 
Childbedde, 224. 
Childhede, childhood, 82. 
Childhedes, childishnesses, 207. 
Childi, to bring forth a child, 

224. See Orm. 156. Chadin, 

parere (Pr. Parv.). 
Chinne, chin, 50. 
Chise, choose, 93. 
Chomberier, chamberer, 171. 
Chomhro, chamber, room, 215. 
Chonge, change, 104. 
Chonge}), changeth, 129 ; jH, 

diange, 42. 
Chongi, to change, 104. 



Chonginde, changing, 104, 105, 

Chyaate ^ eheagte, strife, 67. 
Chjese, choose, 86. 
Chyest, chooseth, 126. 
Cliyewe = dieotee, to chew, 111; 

A.S. ceowan, O.H. G«r. chiu- 

vian, to chew. 
Ch.jeiB^,pl. chooM, 165. 
Chyezingo ^ cheosingc, election, 

Cite, city, 49 ; pi. cites, 43, 

Clauen, claws, 61 ; A.8. dd ; 

O.Sax. rfauw ; O.H.Ger. ddoa ; 

pL chiateen, claw. 
Claustrea, cloiaters, 267. 
Clene, clean, pure, 73. 
Clenlich, Clenliche, a^. clean, 

45, 216. 
Clenliche, cleanly, in purity, 6, 

48, 76, 120, 138. 
Clennesse, purity, 75, 201, 202. 
Clenai, Cleusy, to cleanse, purify, 

75, 137, 271 ; A.8. damian. 
Clenze>, cleanaeth, 73, 74, 88, 

106, 171. 
Clepede, called. 190. 
Cleper, clapper (of a mill), 68; 

O.Dutcli, Meppen, pulsare, 

Cleport, callest, 100. 
Clepe)., calls, 17, 21, 22, 26, 58, 

72, 78, 79, 81, 168. 
Clepic>, pi. call, 69, 72, 74, 1 12, 


Clepie, to eaU, 42, 43, 64 ; A.S. 

deopian, dypian, to call. 
Clepiy^ — elepye^, call. 111. 
Cler^ye, Clergie, Cleigye, clergy, 

learning, 16, 18, 71, 78, 81, 

Clergyes, sciences, 89. 
Clerek, Clierk, clerk, scholar, 23, 

25, 49, 78. 
Cleiekes, Clcrkes, Clierkes, Bcho- 

lais, 39, 42, 46, 78. 
Clemesse, clearness, brightness^ 

Cleuiinde, Cleuiynde, eloaviDg, 

persistent, lasting, convincing, 

54, 98, 107; A.S. deojian; 

O.H.Ger. ddebea, cleave, sdck 

Cleuiyndeliche, completely, 103. 
Caiepef — clepeji, calls, 125. 
Cliene, clean, 224. 
Cliei, Clyer, Clyre, clear, 24, 7S, 

104, 159, 167 ; O.Fr. der. 
Clierliche, Clyerliche, clearly, 88, 

155, 174, 243. 
CUfJ., Clyi), climbs, 131, 132, 

145, 219 ; A.S. dtfan, to ad- 
here to ; O.N. klifa, ecandere. 

C£ O.E. daveren, to climb; 

Dateh Maveren ; Dan. hlam-e, 

to climb. 
Cliue, Clyue, to climb, 23, 26, 89, 

127, 162. 
Glinen, prd. pi. climbed, 126; 
Gliue^, ^. climb, ascend, 164, 





Cloffi, silence, 266. See Clomsed, 

in Glossary to Hampole. 
Clo)), cloth, 45 ; obliq. ease, clojie, 

188;^. clothes, 47, 128. 
Clo>ede, pt. clothed, 133. 
ClofBji, imp. clothe, 265. 
CloJiingB, 8b. clothing, 154, 165. 
Cloystre, dobter, 151, 242. 
Cloystrore, 67. 
Clyerer, clearer, 267. 
Coccou, Cockou, cuckow, 22, 59. 
Col, coal, obliq. caie, cole, 

126, 205 ; pi. coles, 205 ; A.S. 

Callacious, 155. 
Colour, Colur, Colurs, 15, 62, 81, 

Colrik, 167. 
Colt, Colto, 185, 220. 
Coluer, Colure, dove, 142^ A.S. 

culjre, a dove, pigeon ; O.E. pL 

Coluei-hous, doTe-cote, 142. 
Com, came, 26; imp. aing, 185. 
Come, tTff. to come, 87, 98 ; kh 

pi. 93, lU; 137. 
Comen, pi. prat, came, 130. 
Comene, gerund, to come, 106, 

ComeJ»,pZ. come, 27, 91, 92. 
Cominde, Comynde, coming, 264, 
Comyde='Comynde, coming, 264. 
Comman,Comun, Commune, com- 
mon, 37, 48, 102, 147. 
Communliche, commonly, 145, 


Communy, to share, 102. 
Comparer, 243. 
Compaiisoun, 81, 92, 235. 
Compassion, 148. 
Complexion, 157. 
Comst, comest, 239. 
Comste, comest thon, 264. 
Comji, Come)), cometh, come, 18, 

19, 26, 61, 87, 89, 161. 
Comnnlicbe, commonly, 145. 
Comynge-ajen, retnm, 87. 
Conceyne]), conceiveth, 136. 
Condecendie, condescend, 157. 
Condicion, 173. 
Condicions, conditions, 172. 
Condue|i, leadeth, 122. 
ConfenuijConfermy, confirm, 109, 

Confermejt, confirm, 105, 106, 

Confenninge, confirming, 14. 
Confessour, 172. 
Confort, comfort, 96, 142. 
Conforted, 160. 
Confort«>, comforts, HI, 160, 

Conforti, to comfort, 160. 
Confusion, Confuzion, 229. 
Conioun, 76. 
Conne, inf. to know, can, be ablo, 

21,70, 73, 94, 98, 104, 117, 

130, 148; pi. 46, 58, 69, 

82, 86, 100, 126, 132; 2nd 
pera. 1 18 ; A.S. cwman. 
Connep, pi. know, 249. 
Connynge, knowledge, 115, 122. 



Consayle, 122. 
Consentede, pret. 249- 
CoiLseutemens, Conseatement, 

consent, 11, 19. 
Conaenti, to consant, 10, 73, 117, 

170, 176. 
Consentii^e, 117, 176. 
Conspiracions, conspiracies, 23. 
Constance, constancy, 167. 
Contac, Contak, contest, dispute, 

15, iO; pi. Contakes, 63. 
Gontemplacion, 204, 247. 
Contemplatif, Contemplatiue, 199, 

Contrarie, Contiaiya, contrary, 

14, 136, 151. 
Contraries, 123. 
ContrariouB, 28. 
Contraye, country, 130. 
Conueisacioun, 96, 112, 241. 
Goppea, cups, 30. 
Cor^e, coura^ 164, 
Corde, 58. 
Com, 62, 140;^. comes (grains), 

Comardyes, deceits, 130, 
Comoes(0.i'/-.),cuBtoni3 or duties 

on com and cattle, 38. 
Corayeres, corners, 124. 
Coroune, crown, 168, 169. 
Coiounede, j;?. crowned, 234. 
Corounes, crowns, 15, 116, 169. 
Coisinge, Corsynge, cursing, 28, 

Cort, court, 137, 256. 
Cortays, courteous, 112; O.Fr. 

Cortayseliclie, Coiteisliclie, conrte- 

ously, 106, 118, 160, 195. 

Comp. Cortayslaker, 163. 
Cortaysie, Cortayaye, courtesy, 

civility, 36, 97, 98. 
Corteys, conrteous, 21, 22, 35, 

113. iSee Cortays. 
Corteyaye, Corteyzie, courtesy, 

75, 118; pi. corteysyes, 162. 
Cortoys, courteous, 100, 188. 
Conupcion, 227. 
Compt, 82. 
Cost, 58, 113, 119, 137, 176; 

O.Duteh ftorf, sumptus, expeu- 


Costes, expenses, 40, 
Costnede, cost, 145. 
Coatne>, costeth, 75, 121. 
Costningge, expense, 151. 
Costuolle, dear, expensive, 229. 
Coayn, Cosyne, cousin, 89. 
Cou, cow, 5G;pl. Ken, 191. 
Couaitise, Conaytise, Couaytyse, 

covetousness, 2, 11, 16, 34, 

125, 154. 
Couaytous, Couaytouse, covetous, 

), 136, 154, 197, 
Couche, 171. 
Couent, convent, 110, 219. Ct 

Covent Garden. 
Coueylise, covetousness, 137. 
Coupe, cup, pi. coupes, 35. ; 
Coustouse, expensive, dear, 228 ; 

O.Fr. coujd, expense, cost 
Conjie, could,knew, 105,126, 133. 



Coujieii, Cojten, jil. could, knew, 

78, 168. 
Cranuneles, crumbs, grains, 253. 
Ciaue, 56. 

Crayme, Crejme, chiism, cream, 
41, 93. 

Credo, creed, 12. 

Creft, oUiq. case, craft, art, power, 
35, 45, 90, 116, 157; A.&. 
craeff, O-Fris. krefi. 

Creilea, handicrafts, 178. 

Crete, cradle (cf. mod. Eng, 
craie), 137. Crate is generally 
derived from Lat cratea, wicker 
or htirdle work. It. erate, 
hmdle ; but erete, a cradle, may 
be from A.S. craia, a cart. 

Cristen, sing. Christian, 93. 

Cristendom, Cristendome, Chris- 
tendom, christening, Chris- 
tianity, 64, 101, 145. 

Ciistono, sing. d^. form. Chris- 
tian, 165. 

Cristene, jrf. Christian, 79, 93, 
114, 145. 

Cristesmesse, Christmas, 213. 

Cristni, to christen, baptize, 107. 

Cristniuge, christening 14, 74, 
107, 119. 

Crokede, jrf. crooked, 224. 

Croki, to crook, curl, 177, 

Croache, cross. III. 

Cronchen, crosses, 41. 

Cmelet^, 15. 

Crycpe, >=• creope, creep, move, 
107 ; A.S. ereopian. 

Curionseliche, curiously, caiefol- 
ly, 176. 

Dues, days, 198. 
Damexele, damsel, 72. 
Domnode, 51. 
Damne^, condemns, 115. 
Danmi, condemn, damn, 137. 
Danes ^ deanes, vales, doles, 39, 

59 ; dean, A.S. den, denu, is a 

common element in local names 

iu the 8. of England. 
Dar, dare, 32, 67, 70, 83. 
Daye {obliq. com of day), 7, 13, 

Dayes, days, 7, 13. 
Daynede, deigned, 76, 126. 
Daynef, deigneth, 18, 196. 
Da^ mease dajcs, days, 214. 
Deade, pi. dead, 86. 
Deadlich, deadly, 47, 223. 
Deadwed, mortgage, 36. 
Dea;* (fiUiq. ease), death, 87, 

129; dea>es (ffon. ting.), 130; 

Deau, dew, 91, 136, 144; A-S. 

Deawe {oUiq. case), dew, 91. 
Docende)), descendeth, 123. 
Decendi, to descend, 123. 
Deceyned, decdved, 79. 
Deceyni, to deceive, 82. 
Deciple, disciple, 13, 96, 
Dedbote, satisfaction, amend, 32, 

33 ; A.S. daidrbot. 
Dede, did, put, placed, caused. 



78,86, lU, 133,211,216. 
Dede, «6. deed, 10, 12, 21, 74. 
Deden, pret. jA. did, caused, made, 

73, 78, 181. 
Dedes, deeds, 10, 73, 137. 
Dedest, didst, 21. 
Defaced, obliterated, 190. 
Dofayled, wearied, overcome (with 

weorinesa,) 33. 
De&ute, lack, want, 33, 73, 261 ; 

pi. defautes, 73, 78, 108, 131, 

DefendeJ), defends, excuses, 22, 

Defende)), j^. defend, excuse, 38, 

Defendi, to defend, 157. 
Defoulod, defiled, 167. 
Defoulent, defileth, 182. 
Defouli, defile, 221. 
Degrea,D(^rez, degrees, 123, 267. 
Del, deal, part, 17, 86, 175 ; A.S. 

Dele, to separate, 76 ; A.S. dalan. 

Deles, Delleo, divisions, parts, 17, 
50, 60, 153; properties, 125. 

Del ices, delights, 24. 

Delitejr, deljghteth, 47. 

Deliti, Delyty, to delight, 82, 91. 

Deliure, imp. deliver, 110, 118. 

Deliuied, Delyured, pp. deliver- 
ed, 87, 118. 

Deliuiede, pret. delivered, 96, 1 28. 

Deliuri, Delyuri, to deliver, 12, 
13, 103, 117, 198. 

Doliurc|), delivereth, 128. 

Deliuroonse, liberty, 86. 

Delles, parts, 164. 

Delne, delve, dig, nndermine, 

108 ; A.S. ddf-an, to dig, delve. 
Delyty, to delight, 82. 
Delyury, to deliver, 270. 
Demde, jndged, 175. 
Deme, to deem, judge, decide, dis- 
criminate, 13, 74, 76, 82, 126; 

A.S. denum, to judge. 
Demere, judg^ 12, 62, 131, 138 ; 

A.S. dhnsre. 
Demeres, judges, 39, 215, 227. 
Demf , ju^th, deemetb, 27, 28, 

74, 125, 138, 
Demynges, opinions, censuiee, 27. 
Denyea, deaneries, 42. 
Depe, to dip, 106 ; A.8. depan. 
Dep^, dippeth, 107. 
Derie, to hurt, ia6, 166; A.S. 

deriem, derigan, to hurt, hann, 

Deriynde, hurtful, iiyurions, 63. 
Deme, secret, 143 ; A.8. d^me. 
Derrer, dearer, 36. 
Derye, to hurt., injure. Sef Derie. 
Deryinde, hurtful, injurious, 63. 
Des, dice, 45. 
Descende]), descends, 123. 
Deacriucji,^ describe, 168. 
Deseritcd, disinherited, 30. 
Desert, Dezert;, 67, 131, 240. 
Desertesoun, desertion, 48. 
Desgised, distinguished, 97, 
Do^yM)i, disguiseth, 158. 
Desiri, to desiio, 244. 



DeeoidenQ, inotdluate, 46. 

Sespayred, 34. 

Sespendi, to spend. Dosponde^i 
Bpendath, 19, 41, 53, 187. 

Despense, Kpending, cost, 21, 55. 

Despit, contempt, despising, de- 
spite, 19, 30, 21, 69. 

Desputede, 79. 

Daespeudonie, almoner (treo^ 
surer), 190. 

Deet, doBt, 118, 129, 159. 

Destempringe, distempering, 153. 

I>estiiicti, distinguish, 152. 

Destorbe, disturb. Seetorbed, 
dieturbed, 212. Destoibefi, dis- 
turbs, 179. 

Destorbinge, disturbance, 225. 

Destnid, destroyed, 30. 

Deatrue, to destroy, 28, 117. 

Destnieji, Destrui^, destroyeth, 
destroy, 35, 36, 43, 

Detraccion, 10. 

Dette, debt, 35, 120, 135, 223. 

Dettes, debte, 113, 115. 

De^, doeth, causetb, placeth, 31, 
58, 67, 97, 102 ; ' def aye,' 
breoketb, doth against, 57. 

Deuines— deniueres, diviners, 19. 

Deuisi, denise,name, tell, 73, 100, 
103, 144. 

Seuocion, Deuocioun, 33, 107, 
136, 210, 226. 

DeuouteUche, devoutly, 134, 211, 
215, 225. 

Diaknen, deacons, 190. 

Diaymont, diamond, 187. 

Dich, ditch, 57. 
Diciplines, 240. 
Diere, Dyere, dear, beloved, 36, 

44; dearly, 194. 
Dierjie, deamess, scarcity, 256. 
Dieuel, Dyeuel, devil, 15. 
Difference, 10,210. 
Digneliche, worthily, 20. 
Diligence, 238. 
Diligent, 32, 220. 
Diligentlicha, diligently, 70. 
Dingnet*, dignity, 24, 112, 119, 

Dingnetes, Dyngnetes, dignitiea, 

26, 42. 
Dii^este, worthiest, 109. 
Dii^elyche, worthily, properly, 

Discord, 43, 75, 157. 
Discordance, 259. 
Discrecion, 242, 256, 255. 
Disete— Disese, sorrow, grief, 57. 
Disordene, inordinate, immoder- 
ate, unrestmned, 34, 48. 
Disordenliche, immoderately, 55, 

Dispondede, expended, 128. 
Dispendefi, I passthotime,8pend, 
Despende|i, i 7. 
Diepoyly, spoil, rob, 45. 
Dissiplines, disciplines, 236, 250. 
Disauol, dishful, 120. 
Distemperance, distemperii^, 1 53. 
Diners, obstinate 68. 
Diners, Diuerse, diverse, diiFcrent, 

15, 42, 124, 244. 


Diueisee, pi. Tarions, 162. 

Diaeraeji, differs, 124. 

Dijt, ordora, directs, prepares, 11, 

24, 124, 147, 222. 
Dijte, to Older, direct, ordain, 

separate, pat finm, 210 ; A.8. 

di&t, a diaposing, ordering; 

dihian, to order, arrange. 
Dijte, Bhoald distribute, 147. 
Dijteie, director, 100 j A.S. 

Cijte^, pi. direct, adorn, 7, 47. 
Dijtinge, decoration, adorning, 

24, 47, 216. 
Dijtinges, divisions, 17. 
Do, put, cause, 210 ; 247. 
iyo,jip. done, 68, 124. 
Dobble>, doblef, doubleth, 22, 

Doere, doer, 135. 
Boinde, doing, 194. 
Dol, division, 112. See Del 
Doles, divisions, 17. 
Dolue, should delve, break into, 

Dom, oUiq. com. Dome, doom, 

judgment, opinion, 6, 10, 13, 

37, 74; justice, equity, 113, 

124, 127, 148 ; A.8. d^m. 
Domb, dumb, 1, 179. 
Dombe, pi. dumb, 66. 
Domes, verdicts, 40. 
Domesman, judge, 115. 
Domesmen, judges, 38, 44, 
Done, to do, to be done, 8, 9, 11, 

68, 74. 

Dong, obltq. tam, Donge, dnng, 
61, 75, 77, 81, 137, 216. 

Donghel, dunghill, 81, 230. 

Dore, door, 210, 255. 

Doreward, doorkeeper, 121, 263.. 

Dorilot, 177. 

Dorre, Dorren, jrf. dare, 22, 32, 

Dorste, pi. durst, 143. 

Dorstest, durst, 73, 

Do|i, ^. doth, place, set, cause, 
69, 72, 73. 

Doumb, Doumbe, dumb, 51, 224. 

Douflt, dust, 26, 108. 

Doj, dough, 205. 

Dojter, daughter, 26. 

Dojtren, daughters, 140. 

Dia^ dre^, 93. 

Dragoune, 174. 

Draye, dry, 137, 240. 

Dr^e, to draw, lead to, lead oul^ 
10, 12, 77, 79, 137, 186. 

Dra3e,j)p. drawn, 

Dra^)), draweth, leadeth, 15, 43, 
100; taketh away, 40, 41; 
treats, 45. 

Dr^e)), j>/. draw, lead, 43, 147. 

Drajfie, treatise, 251, 260. 

Drede, fear, 4, 32, 74. 

Drede, doubt, 105. 

Drede^, ^. dread, fear, 74, 84, 
86, 138. 

Dreduol, dreadfal,fearfnl, cautious, 
timid, 14, 15, 16, 22, 70, 144. 

DreduoUe, ^. fearful, 116; ter- 
rible, 42, 70 ; -horrible, 189. , 



Dieduoller, mote fearful, more 

cautious, 117. 
BreQch, «6. diink, 130, 
Drenche, to drink; 3rd ling. 

Dringji, 251, 248. 
Dret, dreodeth, 26, 34, 116, 125, 

Drinkerea, driokers, 47. 
Drincji, drinketh, 137, 246, 247. 
Drinkf), drmketh, 96, 2S1. 
Drinke)), pL drink, 248. 
Dronke, pp. drunken, 75, 107, 

127, 247. 
Dionkeliode, dmnkenneaa, 260. 
Bronkenese, dcunkennesa, 248. 
Drope, drop, 75, 91, 92, 189. 
Dropen, drops, 84, 92. 
Dropes, dropa, 92. 
Droj, drew, led out, 13. 
Dro;eii, treated, 164. 
Druj^e, drought, 68. 
Dryfjt, driveth, 76. 
DrpigP, drencheth, 248. 
Dyacne, deacon, 190. 
Dyad, Dyead, «. dead, 12, 71, 82. 
Dyad, dead, 126. 
Dyade, pL dead, 13, 30. 
Dyade, obliq. cote, 263. 
Dyadlich, Dyeodlich, «. mortal, 

deadly, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 73, 

110, 144. 
Dyadliche, Dyeadliche, pt. and 

de/. form of tlie a^., 9, 70, 

Dyadliche, Dyeadliche, adv. 

deadly, 6, 7, 86, 225. 

Dya^ deaf, 1. 
Dyakne, deacon, 225. 
Dyaknes, deacons, 235. 
Dyamod,:= Dyamond, diamond. 
Dyaf), Dyea^, obliq, case, Dya^ 

dyeajK>, 7, 12, 13, 23, 27, 69, 

70, 71, 72, 86, 95. 
Dyan, deao, dew, 144. 
Dyaua, Dyeane, d«af, 189, 211, 

Dyead, dead, 240. 
Dyeadlich, mortal, 244, 247. 
Dyere, dear, precious, 36, 68, 79, 

Dyerev adv. dearly, 73, 133, 194. 
Dyep, Dyepe, deep, 211, 264. 
Dyepenesse, deepness, depth, 105, 

Dyeuel, dcTil, 15, 65. 
Dyenele, obliq. ease, 1, 16, 19, 86. 
Dyeolee, devil'a, 77. 
Dyenlen, Dyeules, devils, 17, 73, 

DyneiB, obstinate, hard, 68. 
Dyuerse, pi. diveis, 73. 
Dyjte, disposed, ordained, 270. 

Ealde, d^. old, 169 ; A.8. eald, 

old. See Aid. 
Ealde,irf. old, 102,166. 
Ealdinge, becoming old ; 95, A.S. 

ealdian, to grow old. 
EoK, ear, 189. 
Earen, ears, 204, 219. 
£ch, obliq. txue Eche, each, 11, 

12, 17, 18, 62, 71, 104. 


£chedsye, eacli day, 16, 
Kchedayes, ado. duly, 1 12. 
Echea (o^ to, ina), each, 11, 13, 

63, 119, 121, 122, 124, 126, 

X^ldre, adder, serpeiit, 26, 61, 

150 ; A.S. nceddre, 
Eddren, serpeats, 61, 203. 
Edefie, 197. 
Eft, Efte, Bgain, 12, 13, 33, 71, 

Efter, after, 66. 
Efter^ui, afterwaida, 24. 
Efterwaid, afterward, 24, 25. 
Eft80iiB,£ftzotie, eftsoon. 73, 229. 
Elde age, old ago, 11, 69, 71, 

Eldeste, eldest, 6, 104. 
Eldiioges, elden, 35, 118; A.S. 

ealdor, an elder. 
Eles, O.E. otoett, awU, 66 ; A.9- 

ai, 61, awd, an awl, needle, 

Eli&nB, elephant, 224. 
EUeahaer, elsewhere, 211. 
Elmesse, alma, 17, 76. 
mmcsaen, ^. alms, 198. 
Emcristen — O.E. eoencHMen, 

fellow-chrietian, 10, 199 ; A.3. 

em. (in comp.) even. 
Kmeioydes, emetalda, 77. 
ijnne, even, 151 ; A.S. emne. 
Enmi, tomakeeqnalto, 16 ; A.S. 

Emparement^ becoming worse. 


Emporour, Empernr, 71, 78, 100, 

Empire, Empirite, empire, 85. 
Emti, empty, 143; A.S. emtig. 
Emtefi, emptiee, 58. 
Enchauntemens, enchfmtments, 

Encheyeones, Enchesona, causes, 

205, 206. 
Encheyaeun, Encheeoon, Enchei- 

soun, Encheyson, teasoo, cause, 

68, 205, 206, 217. 
Endaunture, taming, 220. 
Ende, end, death, 33, 68. 
Endi, Endy.toend, 110, 113, 116. 
Endinge, death, end, 31, 71. 
Englis, EngUsh, 1. 
Englisse, irf. 5. 
Engrined, ensnared, entrapped, 

154. See Grina 
Eni, Eny, eing. any, 16, 21, S9, 
, \\b;<Miq. ea«0,enie, 119. 
Enie, 'Ennja^pl. any, 5, 21, 68. 
Enlefte, eleventh, 14, 49 ; A.S. 

endlu/rm, eleven ; endlyfta, 

Enne, ace. one, 129, 244 ; A.8. 

&SI, one. 
Ennelepi, single, 75, the same 

145 ; A.8. (Ktdepig, anlipig, 

each, every, singular. 
Ententiflyohe, attentively, 210. 
Entiemes, entries, 56. 
Entremetti, meddle with, 162. 


ed, 27, 203. 


Euuenyme^, Euneymejr, poisone, 

Enuie, Enuyo, envy, 7, Ifi, 26, 

67, 75. 
KnniouB, ntig. 27. 
Enuiouee, pi. 37. 
Eppel, apple, oUiq. ease, epple, 

64, 82, 84. 
Eiegee, O.Fr. heretics, 40. 
Ereeye, heresy, 69. 
Eretiks, heretics, 182. 
Eimitage, hermltt^' 260. 
Eritage, heritoge, 36, 39, 101, 

Erl, earl, 71, 86. 
Erles, 224. 
Ertour, 69, 70. 
Er]»n, before that, 160. 
Erfe, earth, 2, 5, 12, 67, 89. 
Er^lich, earthly, teneatrial, 75. 
Erjiliche,^. earthly, 6, UH, 250. 
Eiye, Erie, to ear, 2U ; A,S. 

erian, till, plough, ear. 
Eeasse, ash, 137. 
Est, eateat, 94. 
Et, imp. eat, 50. 
Ete, to eat, 50, 51, 95. 
Eten^toeat,51, 146. 
Eterea, eaters, 47. 
Ete>, pi eat, 64, 61. 
Eth, eateth, 51, 52, 53, 95 ; imp 

Ethe, Ethene, to eat, 62, 177. 
Ethen, pret. pi. ate, 206. 
Etheth,p2: eat, 182. 
Etinge, eating, 56. 

Euel, Euele, sCng, evil, 86 ; 

disease, 202. 
Euele, pi. evil, wicked, 20, 66, 

69; adv. badly, wickedly, 68, 


Eneles, evils, ills, diseases, 153, 

Euelwyl, malice, 114. 
Eure, ever, 48, 71. 
Euiebleoinge, etemi^, 106. See 

Enrich, Eniych, eveiy, 268. 
Eureichen, Euiichen, aee. eveiy 

one, 146. 
Enreleetinde, everlasting, 95, 97, 

Enremo, evermore, 5, 13, 14, 6S. 
Enriniie, cux. everyone, 136. 
Ewangelifit, 230. 
Examene^, examines, 184, 266. 
Examined, 137. 
Examini, to examine, 163. 
Excuse^, excuses, excuse, 33, 61, 

Excnsi, to excuse, 7. 
Ezequitouis, executors, 38. 

Eyder, either, each, 66. 
Eyi, 62. 

Eyien, eggs, 174. See Aye. 
Eyrs, heira, 102, 107. 
Eyse, ease, pleasiue, 46, 24, 94. 
Eyses, pleasures, 204. 
Eysy, to ease, please, 82. 
l4e,Bye,76, 81. 
%eii, eyes, 19, 76, 81. 


Zyjte, eight, 45, 

i^tende, Ejtende, eighth, 2, 10. 

Fails), foils, 186. 

Faili, to fiul, 209. 

Foilinde, foiling alothfid, 32. 

Fair, to foil, 173. 

Faoc, scythe, 251. 

Fauour, 230. 

FayleJ), aing. & pL foils, foil, 33, 

68, 171, 210. 
Fajlj, to foil. 32, 195. 
Fayntise, deceit, 26. 
Fel, fierce, aarage, 66. 
Felhede, fieiceness, 29, 169. 
Fellaket, moTQ fiercely, 174. 
Felle, def. fierce, 66, 60; fierce one, 

30 ; superL Felliste, 61. 
Feller, fiercer, 61. 
Felonie, Felonye, felony, crime, 

30, 67, 149, ISO. 
Felonyes, crimes, 66. 
Felonn, felon, wretch, 29, 30. 
Fement, 121. 

Festo, feast, estertainment, 156. 
Feetes, feasts, 7, 26, 41, 213. 
Fenre, forer, 29. 
Fiannce, afSance, confidence, tnut, 

Fiebble, Fyeble, feeble, 31. 
FieUee, feeble ones, 148. 
Fiebleoe, ace. feeble, 227. 
Filoeofa, Filorofe, philosopher, 

164, 126. 
Tilosofie, philosophy, 164. 
Figure, 334. 

Fisician, Fisicien, physician, 143, 

Fisike, Fliike, physic, 53, 54. 
Flatour, flatterer, 257. 
FlatouTS, flatteren, 267. 
Flechchi, to flinch, waver, 253. 
Fleumatike, pU^matic, 157, 
Flom, Flum, 96, 202, stream. 
Flour, flower, 230. 
Flour, 210. 
Floure), floweis, 28. 
Flonringe, bloom, flowering, 36. 
Fol, Fole, foolish, 22, 23, 26, 46, 

64, 68. 
Fol, fool, 69, 206. 
Foleant, fooUsh, 244. 
rolebayrie, O.Fr. ambition, 17. 
Foles, fools, 86, 164, 212. 
Folie, folly, 70. 
Folies, Folyea, 10, 16, 52, 66. 
Folliche, foohsh, 23, 43, 64. 
Folliche, foolishly, 141. 
Fomayse, fomace, 205. 
Fomicacion, 4, 6, 47. 
Forre, O.Fr. doubly, 59. This 

word is adopted from the Fr. 

Forriers, harbingers, 195. 
Fonme, form, 87, 220. 
Friinges, fryings, 23. 
FroteJ), mh. rube, 155. 
Frut, fruit, 38. 
Fructefide, 234. 
Fyeble, feeble, 157. 
Fyebleese, feebleness, 33, 69. 
Fyebleste, feeblest, 148. 



Qabb6|», pi. talk, chatter, 69 ; 

A.S. gabban, to scoft gather, 101. 
Qadeii, to gather, collect, 120, 

• Gaderiuge, gathering, 192. 
Gamelos, chameleon, 62. 
Ganglinde, jangling, dtattering, 

Gardin, Gaidyne, 94, 97. 
Gardins, 38. 
Gardjnet, 94. 
Gauel, nsnij (exorbitant), 9, 35; 

A. 8. gc^ol, tax, tribute. 
Ganelerea, money-lenders, usurers, 

36, 36, 130. 
Gauelinge, Gauelyi^, usuiy, 34, 

Gauelockes, fetteis, 207. 
Gelt, ton, trespass, guilt, 30, 104 j 

Gelte, 06%. COM, 74; Geltos, 

offences, 15. 
Gelti, Gelty, guilty, 175. 
Geme, game, gambling, 34, 4S, 

Gememeu, gambleis, 63, 
Gemene, game, play, 46. 
Gemenes, games, 45, 213. 
General, 14. 
Geneialliche, geiieially, 9, 14, 16, 

Oeueralliche, catholic, 14. 
Gentil, Gentyl, 2, 75. 
Gentilesse, nobility, 89. 
Gentylete, 89. 
Gentile, pi. 89. 

Gerde, gird, 236. 

Gerdel, girdle, 236 ; oUiq. aue, 

gardle, pi. gordlee, 236. 
Gerlondes, garbiads, 71. 
Germayn (bro^r), 146. 
Gemier, Gemieie, garner, 191, 
Gerse, Gerze, grass, 28, 121. Sm 

Gertea, pi. girded, 236, 254. 
Gee, a abort etnp with ring at- 
tached round the feet of a 

hawk, 254 ; Fr. geeta, bom 

lAt. jaeere, to cast 
Gest, goest, 129, 130. 
Geet, guest, stranger, 249. 
Geji, goes, 56, 57. 
Gibet, gibbet, 128. 
Gily, Gyly, to beguile, deceive, 

15, 157, 238. 
Ginnea, snares, 54, 77, 131 ; Fr. 

en^'n, engine, instrument ; 

O.Fr. engin, fraud, craft 
Ginninge, Ginninyge, Ginnyngi^ 

beginning 12, 14, 16, 28, 32, 

Gled, glad, 265 ; pi. glede, 268. 
Glede, to rejoice, 265. 
Glede), rejoiceth, gladdens, 27, 

Gledie]), p!. be ^oA, r^oice, 238. 
Glediynde, rejoidng, 267. 
Gledlaker, the more gladly, 113. 
Gledliche, gladly, 54, 69, 187. 
Glednesse, gladness, 27, 238, 265. 
Gledye, to f^adden, r^oice, 266. 
Gledyeji, rejoice, 258. 



Olea, glass, 76, 82. 

Glorefye, 270. 

Glorified, ^rifiea, glories, S{t. 

Close, 187. 

Glotonfe, Glotunye, gluttony, 

248. -^ 

Glotoon, glatton, 50, 53, 248. 
Gtotoune, Glotounea, 50, 52, 65. 
Glototmlichfl^ glnttonly, 111. 
Glotoimye, Glotasye, Glotonj, 

16, 60, 62, 55, 157. 
Glo, cement, 246. 
Godale^, pi. sl&ndei, 66. 
Godelinge, slander, eril speakii^ 

Godelinges, slanderan, 66. 
Godhede, 12. 
Godspelle^ goepel, 28, 60. 
Oodspellete, Oodaapellen, evan- 
gelist, 2, 12, 13, 14. 
0«Bt, GoBte, ghost, spirit, 12, 64 ; 

GfxtBa,pl. 159. 
Gostlicli, rinff. spiritual, 27, 29, 

Gostliche, ;i2. 7, 8, 21. 41. 
Gostliche, ghosUy, spiritually, 7. 
0oth = 90f, goat, 210. 
Goye. joy. 226. 
Gnat«, great, 133. 
Grace, 10, 16 ; graces, 17, 79. 
Gracionser, 24. 
Grante^, Granntefi, grants, 7, 

Grantinge, Gmmtinge, granting, 
consent, 10, 11, 47,211,212. 
Giantinges, Graoutinges, con- 

sents, 47. 
Grat, great, 17, 18, 19. 
Grater, Gratter, greater, 36, 79, 

Grateste, Gratteste, greatest, 41, 

44, 88, 140. 
Gratliche, greatly, 47, 166. 
Gratne, aee. gnat, 238. 
Grayns, 230. 

Greate, Greatte, pi. great, 19, 25. 
Greaten, dot. pi. great, 139. 
Gredden, p2. cried, 212. 
Grede, cry, boast, 22, 31, 212; 

A.S. gnedan, to cry, coll, say. 
Grede^, proclaim aloud, 148. 
Giedinge, cry, 212; Gredynges, 

tslking, chattering, 266. 
Gren^, beoomes green, 96. 
Orenhede, greenness, 28, 94, 97. 
Greny, to become green, 96, 97. 
Grese, 206. 

Gret = gredeth, crieth, 56. 
Graoe^, grieves, 142. 
Greni, to grieve, 39. 
Greuousliche, grievously, 47. 
Oieyneie, gamer, 140. 
Orihond, Gryhond, greyhound, 

Grines, snares, 77. See Giyn. 
Grislich, horrible, 49, 74. 
Gioche]), murmura, 30, 34, 68. 
Grochi, to mnrmnr, grudge, 67, 

grudgingly, 193. 
Groching^ Grouchinge, murmur- 


ing, 2, 34, 43, 54, 57, 67. 
GrochingeB, 67. 
Gromea, men, grooms, 210; A.8, 

guma, a man ; O.E. gom& 
Grond, Groimde, Grunde, gtoimd, 

1, 23, 34, 246. 
GroiuTiige, groaning, 264. 
Grunny, to gnmt^ groan, 67. 
Gryhond, greyhound, 75. 
Gryn, Bnare, tap, 47 ; A.S. grin. 
Guo, go, 32, 60, 
Guod, Guode, «&. good; also 

goods, wealth, money, 5, 6, 10, 

13, 14, 41, 61. 
Guod, adj. good; oHiq. case, 

goode, 2, 6. 
Guoden, dat. pi. 72. 
Guodcheap, cheap, 44. 
Guod-doere, benefactor, 135. 
Guode, pi. good, 10, 51 ; def. 2. 
Guodea, goods, 2, 4, 18, 247. 
Gnodhede, goodness, 79, 233. 
Guodne, ace. good, 238. 
Goodnesse, goodness, 18, 20, 90. 
Goodnesses, pi, 18. 
Guoinde, going, passing, tempo- 
ral, 120; wayfeier, 196. 
Guoinge, *6. goin^ 254 ; ^. Guo- 

inges, 231. 
Guonne, to go, 226. 
Gooe, goose, 32. 
Guojt,^. go, 7,34,52. 
Gyly, deceive, 238. 
Gynnes, plans, devices, 28. See 



Ha,he,lO, 12, 28,30, 49.56. 
Habbe, to have, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 
Habbe, Itt pera. ting, have, 24, 

Habbe>, pi. have, 6, 14, 22, 25, 

Haf =>half, behal£ See Hal£ 
Half, side, hand, 1, 13, 72. 
Halke, corner, reti«at, 210 ; A. S. 

heal, angle, comer ; Halkea, pL 

Halle, hall, 102. 
Halt, holdeth, esteems, 15, 18, 

19, 23, 26, 128; obaerres, 

Haluedele, half-part, half, 36. 
Halues, halves, divisions, 16. 
Haljede, hallowed, 40. 
Hal^en, holy ones, saints, 6, 13, 

14, 72. 
Haljen, holy one, 97, 72, 219 ; 

A.S. hedga, a saint. 
HaljeJ), hallows, 106, 237. 
Halji, Haljy, to hallow, 7, 237 ; 

A.S, hdlffian. 
Ham, them, 5, 8, 13, 14, SO. 
Ham-zelue, themselves, 5, 16, 40, 
Hand, /em, 149; obtiq. eoas, 

Honde ; pi. Hosden, 235. 
Handle]), handle, 236. 
Handhnge, handling, touching 

Hap, fortune, chance, 76. 
Hard, Harde, severe, 189. 
Harder, 174. 
Hardi, Haidy, 16, 83, 123. 



Hardiease^ Haidjreese, boldnew, 

83, 162. 
Haidiliche, Haidyliche, boldly, 

liaidily, 18, 76, 143, 208, 233. 
SardncBae, seretity, haidahip^ 

236, 240. 
Hardylakei, moie boldly, 60. 
Hare, her, 76, 181. 
Hare, their, thein, 72, 73, 144. 
Hare, to them, 116. 
Harkni, to hearken, 63. 
Harmi, Harmy, to harm, 9, 10, 

11, 23,63, S2. 
Hanavol, Haimuolle, iqjuriooa. 
Hacneaaes = faardDeeses, hard- 

flhifw, 181. 
Harten ^ hearten, hearts, 223. 
Hassaseis, asBaasm, 140. 
Haate. See An-haate. 
Hastede, made haste, 174. 
Haatdiche, hastily, 173. 
Hasti, to hasten, 174. 
Hastif,haBty, 183, 184. 
Hat, conunanda, 8, 78. 
Hateden, pi. hated, 72. 
Hatie, to hate. See Hatye. 
Hatie>,j)f. hate, 43, 114. 
Eatte, is called, 1, 133, 160. 
Hatye, to hate, 73, 74, 101. 
Hatye|), jti. hate, 72. 
Haaberk, 171. 
Haoed, head. Ses Heaoed. 
Hanedliche, capital, 16. 
Haned-zennes, head sina, deadly 

sins, 16. 
Hauene, haven, 183. 

Hazard, 171. 

Healde, hold, keep, obserre, 

esteem, 6, 53, 66, 132, 160. 
Healde)), J);, hold, 146. 
Heap, Heape, collection, quan- 
tity, 130} assembly, 267. 
Heaued, oMiq. eaee, Heauede, 

head, 1, 2, 16, 67. 
Heaueden, Heaudea, heads, 2, 14, 

16, 16. 
Hed^'hield^ held, 241. 
Hedde, had, 7, 13, 14, 15. 
Hedde, hid, 129. 
Hedden, had, 31, 77, 126. 
Heddest, hadet, 68. 
Hede, heed, caution, 32, 155. 
Hede, to hide, 44, 163. 
Hede}), pL hide, 41. 
Hedinge, secrecy, 196. Robert 

of Gloucester need kvdinge, 

secrecy. Cp.O.£.&t(feb, hiding 

phtce, lair. 
Heg, hedge, 232, 240. 
Hel, oUiq. cow, Helle, hiU, 5, 82, 

Held, healed, 148. 
Helden, pi. healed, 96. 
Hele, heal, 129. 
Hele, to hide, 176. Helef, i»t 

cover, 180; A.S. hUan, to 

HeUe, hdl, 13, 16. 
HeUee, hills, 69, 143. 
Helm, hdmet, 265. 
Helpe, to help, 42, 102. 
Helpe, A. helpe, 66. 


Helpiade, helping, 30, 62, 63. 

Uolpp, helps, 147. 

Helsny, entreat, 263 ; A.8. heal- 

tian, 1. 
Hellj coreieth, 177. 
Hel>, heal^ 144. 
HeljM, salratioD, 26S. 
Hennen, hens, 38. 
Her, imp. hear, 161. 
Her, obtiq. ease. Here, hair, 181. 
Herberjeries, innkeepen, hax- 


Herberji, to harboor, entertain, 

Here, hair, 176, 177. ,8^ Her. 
Here, hair doth, 227. 
HeieBfe, 267. 
Here>, pi. hear, 69. 
Here^, praUee, 136. 
Heretike, 19. 
Heretika, 134. 
Herie, Herye, to praise, 23, 52, 

65,78, 212; A.S.&A^afl. 
Hetieji, pt. pnuse, 10. 
Heriynges, praises, 39, 267. 
Harkneres, hearkeners, listeners, 

Hert, hart, 216. 
Herte, heart, 3, 6, 8, la 
Herten, hearts, 46, 68. 
Heruest, harvest^ 86. 
Herye, to praise, 78. 
Herye), pi praise, 108, 266. 
Heiyinge, Heriynge, praise, 23, 

Heryinges, praises, honours, 267. 

Hes, hare, 66. 

Hest, (thou) haat^ 20, 21, 31,71, 

Huete, behest, commaDd, 2, 5, 6, 

7, 8, 9 ; A.S. lulet. 
Hestea, beheatB, commanda, 6, 11, 

18, 103, 234. 
Het,hath, 90, 174. 
Het, commanded, 5, 239 ; A.S. 

hdtan (preL hcet), to com- 
mand, ordain, 
Hete, heat, 56, Hrtea, heats, 

He>, hath, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16. 
Hette, Hetten, vas called, 41, 

48, 67, 124, 184. 
Hened, Heaned, head, 31, 
Heaedes, heads, 16. 
Henene, heaven, 6, 12, 13. 
Eeuanelyche, hearanly, 269. 
Eeneniyche, Heaven-kingdom. 
Keni, Heay, heavy, 31, 44, 110. 
Henineese, heaviness, 4, 31. 
Hewe, cry, 195, 
Heyrone, 193. 
Hej, stTig. Heje, def. form & 

pi. high, 7, 16, 23, 25, 48, 60. 
Heje, adv. high, 23, 24, 26. 
Hejemen, great m^n, nobles, 36. 
Hejens higher, 44, 122, 133. 
Heje se, the high (open) sea, 1 82. 
Hejeste, He^eat, hi^iest, 26, 109, 

H^e^, exalts, exaggerates, 136. 
Hejinge, profit, osury, 36. 
HejUche, chiefly, principally, 6, 

26, 27 ; profound. 264. 



H^ease, higlmesa, exaltation, 

97, 10S;hei^t, 89. 
He^neases, highnessea, exalted 

etatioos, 24, 208. 
H^Jie, height, 24. 
H^Jras, profits, 35. 
Hi. she, 7, 16, 28, 37. 
Hi, they, 3, 8, 12, 13, 20. 
Hider, hither, 140. 
Eidouse, horrible, 161. 
Hidooaliohe, horriUy , 6. 
Hiealde]), pt. hold, 160. 
Hier, here, 18, 116. 
Hiere, Hihere, to hear, 177, 244. 
Hiere]), pi. heat, 266. 
Hierine, herein, 232. 
Hieiat, heareat, 210. 
Hier)r, heai^ 209. 
HierjKi, heanng, 64. 
Hild, held, 206, 226. 
Him, Ttiin nalf j 6, 6. 
Him-zel^ 5, 6, 34 ; oUiq. eate, 

Him lelue, 16, 21, 22, 24, 38. 
Hine, him, 7, 16, 31, 63. 
Hire, thein,6,10,13,16,19,32,35. 
Hire, gen, her, 34, 37, 49, 217. 
Hiren, (of) her, 111. 
Hiien, theits, 38, 60. 
Hia, Hiae, them, 5, 11, IS, 17, 

24, 26, 27, 28, 32, 36, 37, 36, 

40, 65, 58. 
His, Hiae, h«r, 64, 58, 64, 97. 
Hit, it, I, 8, et pasrita. 
Hoc, hook, 121. 
Hod, Hode. conaeciatioii hood, 


Hodee, hooda, 49. 

HoggeA, ho^i 89. 

Hokee, hooka, 264. 

Kol, whole, healthy, 61, 129. 

Ho1b,jA whole, 148. 

Holen, whole onea, 205. 

Holer, more wholesome, 261, 

Holinesse, Holynease, 25, '49. 

Hollyche, wholly, entirely, 28. 

Holylaker, mote holily, 7. 

Holyer, whoiemongei, 51 ; O.Fr. 

Holyhede, holiness, 247. 
Holyliche, Holylyche, holily, 74, 

102, 331. 
Holyiste, holiest, 54. 
Holywiyt, 77. 
Hond, hand, dmiq. eaae, Honda, 

Hond,honnd,ofi/t2. ease, Hounde, 

06, 76, 155, 166 j pi. Hondas, 

Hoondee, 70, 179. 
Honden, hands, 31, 47. 
Hondied, hundred, 66, 234. 
Hondieda^te, hundredth, 234. 
Hondredai^e, HondredzijM, hun- 
dred times, 124. 
Hondreduald, hundredfold, 191. 
Honesto, honest, decent^ 222, 

Honestiiche, fairly, beautifully, 

Hongei, hunger, 75. 
Honge^, pL han{^ 40. 
Hongi, HoDgy, to hang to be 

hanged, 31, 67, 137, 318. , 




Hony, honey, 60. 

Hope, trust, expectation, desiie, 

6, 6, 12, 19, 29. 
Hope), trosts, 207. 
Hopye, to hope, 89. 
HoF, filth, 228 ; obliq. ease, Hoi^ 

229 ; A.S. Hmv, filth. 
Hotd, treasun, 189, 241 ; A.S. 

Horde), treasures np, 182. 
Hordom, whoredom, 79. 
Hordyere, treasorea, 121 ; A.S. 

Hore-nroste, hoar &oat. 
Horling, whoremonger, 02. 
Homes, 14, 16, 32. 
Bois, neut, horses; obliq. ease, 

Horse, 39, 110. 
Hosebound, husband, 239. 
Hosiyng^ Hoeiiiige, wearing 

hoaen, IH, 177. 
Hot, 139. 
Hote), Gommandfl, 122. See 

Hotere, commander, lawgiver, 109. 
Hotestre, hostees, 63. 
Hotinge, exiling, banishment, 148. 
Hou, how, 2, 3, 17. 
Hons, oblig. ease. House, pi. 

Houses, 41, 43, 172. 
Housebonde, Honsebondes, 48. 
Hnader, whether, 51. 
Huam, whom, which, 9, 16, 18, 

20, 14a 
Huan, whom, 17. 
Huanne, when, 6, 8, 11, 103. 

Huannes, whence, 116, 264, 
Huas, whose, 38, 60, lOL 
Hue, how, 47. 
Huer, where, 6, 13, 14. 
Hneran, whereon, 176. 
Huer-by, whereby, 24, 26. 
Huerine^ Huerinne, Huerynn^ 

wherein, 23, 31, 44, 109. 
Huermide, wherewith, 23, 176, 
Hner^t whereof, 13, 16, 17, 24. 
Hueronder, where under, 221. 
Hueroppe, where np, 261. 
Huaraore, where for, 3, 80, 123. 
Huet, what, whatever, 4, 9, 20, 

26, 27, 34. 
Huet^ h> ! 61, 69. 
Huete, wheat, 139, 141. 
Huetene, wheaten, 62. 
Huejel, wheel, 24, 76. 
Huich, Huych, which, whatso, 

such ; jH. Huiche, Hnyche, 

6, 38, 45, 52, 57, 100, 107, 

Huichen, Huychen, dot, pL 

which, 7, 15, 91, 98. 
Huider, Hnyder, whither, 115, 

Huiderward, whitherward, 131. 
Huile, Huyle, while, whilst, 7. 
Huils, whilst, 139. 
Hnmouis, 129. 
Huo, who, 6, 7, 8, 10, 24. 
Huose, whoso, 110. 
Huyt, white ; pi. Huyte, Hwit«, 

161, 228. 
Hy, she, 17, 26. 



Hy, they, 1, 8, 16. 

Hyalde, hold, 21, 54, 306, 220. 

Hyane, hyena, 61. 

Hyap, Hyeape, heap, 139, 159. 

Hyealde, to hold, eateem, 53, 54, 
68, 138, 154 ; to be observed, 
11 ; contain, 225 ; pres. aubj. 
23, 69; jw«<. ffuA/. 147, 166. 

Hyealde)), pi. gapport, 35; be- 
lieve, 134; hold. 145. 

Hyelde, jrf. held, 27. 

Hyelde]),^. hold, 124. 

Hyer, imp. hear, 257. 

Hyer, here, 66, 163. 

Hyer-be-uore, herebefore^ 69. 

Hyere, to hear, 70, 154. 

Hyerare, hearer, 256. 

Hyere-zigginge, hearsay, 117. 

Byer^, hears, 256. 

Hyerfe, hearing, 231, 240, 266. 

Hyejiugee, exaggerations, 63. 

Eyre, to hear, 231. 

Eyre, their, theirs, 72, 96. 

HyeiaoB, heralds, 46. 

langli, to talk, chatter, 214. 
langledest, chatterest, 20. 
Icinge, itching, avarice, 16. 
Idi t, ordered, directed, 214 ; 

decked, 216. 
leutilmen, gentlemen, 190. 
Tguo, gone, 242. 
leu, Jew, 43. 
Ilesto^, lasteth, 209. 
Ilich, iliche, like, 87, 202. 

Bke, same, 88. 

Bore, lost, 241. 

Imad, made, 146. 

Ine, Inne, in, 203. 

Ingaoinge, entrance, prelude, 72, 

Inhoneet, dishonourable, 220. 
Inhonestliche, indecently, 177. 
Innocence, 141, 181. 
Inpadence, impatience, 67. 
Inwyt, Inwytte, conscience, 
logelour, 172. 
loie, loye, joy, 75, 166. 
lolinete, lolynete, jollity, 63. 
loine, loyne, 77,88. 
lomaye, journey, 253. 
loiase^, loyssef, rejoices, 26, 
loj^ue, jewels, 206. 
lowele, loyel, jewel, 112, 166. 
Inshooon, urchin, hedgehog, 142. 
Ire, anger, 147. 
Iroted, rooted, 247. 
Inalf), befalls, 64. 
luele, to feel, 131. 
laeles, jewels, 77. 
Inggi, to judge, 130. 
lustise, justice, 153. 
Iri, I^, to see, 164, 173, 243. 
Iz^t, sees, 196, 
Ize^, saw, 158. 

Kan, can, knows, 23, 99 ; Kanst, 

KaioleB, carols, 71. 
Eechene, kitchen, 171. 
Eembe, to comb, 177.,S:,G00glc 


Kempe, soldier, champion, ^. 

EempeD, 15, 60. 
Ken, Eenne, kin, 22, 37, 42, 48, 

Sen. kine, 191. 
Kende, Kennd, kind, natuM, 18, 

37, 61, 189. 
Eendelich, Kendeliche, nattml, 

24, 47, 90. 
Eenrede, kindred, 89. 
Keasinge, Keeinge, kiaelng, pi. 

Eeet, kisaes, 46, 90, 16L 
Eeste, to caat ; Eeete, cut, pret. ; 

Eeat, casts, 66, 99, 171. 
Keete, kissed, 245. 
Eestinge, casting, 22. 
Kete, kite, 62. 

Klene, clean, pura^ chute, 6, 106. 
Ktenliche, cleanly, chutely, 26, 

Elennesae, cleanness, purity, 206. 
Klensy, to cleanse^ 236. 
Klerek, clerk, 42. 
Enanlechinge, Euawlechinge^ 

knowledge 106, 132, 200. 
Knaw^ knows, 26, jil. Knawe^, 

Kneven, pi. knew, 246. 
Knijt, Kny;t, knight, 36. 
Kny^od, knighthood, 62, 161. 
Enotte, knot. 263. 
Kuead, Sued, Eneade, Euede, 

w^. bad, wrong, sinful, ah, 

sin, evil, wickedness, 6, 8, 

11, 14, 17, 38, 39, SI, pt. 

Koeades, Eaedes, 17, 26, 61 j 
Eoeadhedes, Eoedhede^ enb, 

sins, 101. ' 

Enaadlich, Eneadliche, Ewd- 

liche, wickedly, badly, sinfully, 

6, 6, 8, 9, 40, 41. 
Eueadnesse, Euednesse, sin, 

wrong, 10, 40. 
Eueaduol, Kaeduol, sinful, 183. 
Eoeme, to please, 21, 197 ; 

Euam>, pleases, 238. See 

Euemynge, pleasing, 26. 
Enm, Enen, Quea, qneen, 80l 
Ene^ = knel]), wells up, 248. 
Euenche, to quench, 204. 
Kuenc^, quenches, 62. 
Euik, Quik, Euikke^ Qoicke, 

alive, living evident, 67, 98, 

134, 146. 
Euit, knyt, quit, free, pL Enytte, 

kuittcs 41. 

Lac, &ult, 62. 

Lackes, faults, defects, 33, 33, 

136, 177, defilement, 201. 
Lacked &ils, 210. 
Lamb, vbliq. eiue, Lombe, 233, 

236 ; pi. Lambron, lamb^ 138. 
Lang, long, obliq. etue. Longer 

99, 170, 218. 
Languesse, lougness^ length, 105. 
Langour, 93. 

Laige, libenl, 21, 23 ; laiger, 24. 
Laigeliohe, largely, liberally, 37, 

77, 147 




HATSeBae, libenlit^, 102, 1S9. 

I^aste, Luten, (ate) ai last, 19, 

Jjaadta, 61. 
LAunde, plain, 216. 
Layde, laid, U9. 
I^yt, light, 66. 
XAy>, lays, 41. 
Ltye, Uw, B, 7, 169. 
iM^ee, laws, 97. 
X>eade, lead (pltunb-line), 150. 
Leas, lost, 86. 
Leat, bowed, 239. 
Xjeaua, obliq. ease of Leaf, 1; 

Lreaues, 67, 69. 
X«aved(^ Leweda, Uted, hkjmen, 

39, 42, 46, 237. 
T^eaziiige, lie, 62. 
LeozingB, Lexinges, Uqb, Uadngt, 

2. 58, 62, 63. 
Xiea^nges = leaxinffet, Ilea, 61. 
Leche, physiciaii, aorgeoo, 129. 
Lecheiie, 9, 17, 11; Leclieiies, 

Lecheioiifi, 111. 
Lechtus, 65. 
Leclierualy, 128. 
Lechi, to heal, 174. 
Led, imp. lead, 116, 262. 
Ledde, pt. led, 96. 
Lede, to lead, pass, 11. 
Lede^, pL lead, pass, lue, 60, 53. 
Ledinde, leading, enjojin^ 166. 
Leflhalf, leftside, 162. 
Lef>, liveth, 69, 131. 

Lefji, believos, 182. 
Le^e, to lay, 119. A.8. lecgan. 
Leme, limb, 17, 116; Lemes,6, 9. 
Lemman, beloved, 230. 
Lendrai, loins^ 16, 236. A.S. 

Lends, lent^ 37, 
Len^ to lend, 35. 
Lenere, lender, 35. 
Lene), pL lend, 35, 36. 
Leng, imp. delay, 191. 
Lenge, to delay, prolong, 173. 
Longer, longer, 66. 
Leninge, ab. lending 36. 
Lenten, 176. 
Len)r, lends, 6, 136. 
Lenynde, lendisf^ 36. 
Lere, loss, 36, 16. 
Lesee, Lea, less, 2, 28, 90, 118. 
Lesse^, lessen, depreciate, 26, 

Lesee, to lessen, 176, 267. 
Leesonn, 135 ; Leesoons, 66. 
Lest, Leete, least, 36, 11, 61, 90. 
Leanessc^ foigiveness, 11, 263. 
Lesqmge, diminution, leesesing, 

Leete, to endnie, 81. 
Leetynde, lasting 81. 
Let, lead, 51, 115, 185. 
Let, lettetb, 31, 181. 
Let^ leaves, ceases, 17, 26, 97, 

111, 212, 269. 
Lete, to let, permit, 56, 73. 
Lete, to leave, forsake, give up, 

71, 78, 117, 165. 




Lete)>, let, pi iO, 12. 

Letep, foTsak^ leave, 6, 77, 160. 

Lettre, lettres, 1, 40. 

X^th, leadeth, 200. 

Leuayne, leaveii, 205. 

Leue, Leueji, 60, 86, 89. 

Leue, dear, beloved, 113. 

Leve, Leue^, live, lives, 54, 62, 

74, 93, 141. 
Leuede, lived, 71. 
Leoed, Leuedy, pi. Leuedys, 47, 

Leaere, ratber, liever, 31. 
Leuest, livest, 194. 
Leiietb, lives, 214. 
Leuinge, remtiiiider, 73. 
Lewed, Lewede, layman, laity, 

Lezero, gleaner, 66. 
Lezingea, lies, 63. 
L^e, to laugh, 161. 
Lejere, liara, 19, 
Lejinge, laughing, 161. 
Le];e, to laugh. 111. See Lhejje. 
Lhade, to lads, 178. 
Lhapwynche, lapwing, 61. 
Lhapjr =: Ihoap^, leaps, jumps, 

66, 155. 
Lheape, to run, spring, jump, 27, 

89, 93, 156. 
Lheape^, pi. leap, run, 140. 
Lhene, lean, 53, 189. 
Lhest, listens, 61, 268. 
Lheste, to lUten, 70, 133, 199, 

Lhesteji, pi. 268. AS. Ihtttan, 

to listen. 
Lheatnings, listening 258. 
Lheuc, slow, loaUt, 31. A.S. 

wltec, alack, remiss. 
Lheucliche, Inkewaimly, slow, 

Lheuedi, Lheuedy, lady, 34, 53, 

87, 64. 
Lheuedyee, ladies, 215. 
Lh^inges, laughter, 63. 
Lhejji, laughs, 93. 
Lhejje, to langh, 58, 214. A.S. 

MiAan (pi«t hloh). 
Lhip, Ihiep, leapt, 45. 
Lhoid, lord, master, husband, 

obliq. cage, Lhorde ; JJJ. 

Lhordes, 1, 6, 7, 20, 37, 54, 

Lhoidinges, lords, 67. 
Lhordssip, Lhordssipe, lordship, 

Lhoude, loudly, 212. 
Lhoae, oliliq. ease, baf, 82. 
Libbe, Libbef, live, 28, 32, 34, 

53, 70, 74. 
Libbinde, libinde^ living, 13, 73, 

74, 149. 
Libelles, 40. 
Licnesse, Likneaso, likeaes^ 

pattern, 49, 92. 
lacuol, pleasing, delightful, SI 7. 
Lieee, lose, 214. 
Lieme, imp. leam, 73. 
Liemi, to leam, 209. 
Lif, oMiq. eaae, Line, life^ 72. 
Ligge, to lie, 31, 223. 


Ukeronses, pleasant, delightfal, 

47, 54. 
JJkep, pleases, is pleasing 63, 

I-iki, to please, 215. 
Likinde, Likynde, pleasing, 62, 

63, 126, 214. 
T.ibingft (pj. LUdnges), plaoBore, 

delight, 23, 46, 248. 
Likne^, resembUa, 88. 
T.ilmi, to delight in, 249. 
Li^, to delight in, 177. 
Line, Linens, linen, 178, 236. 
lingne, line, 160. 
lions, lion, 17. 
Ijpan, leopards, 131. 
Iippen,lips, 210, 211. 
Lite, Httle, 28, 31, 43. 
litel, little, 29. 

Li)>, lieth, 31, 55, 83. 

Ijjiiche = lijtliohe, easily, 249. 

I.i}te, light, Httle, 11, 99. 

L^te, Lijte, light, 270. 

Ijjter, easier, 78. 

Lijthedes, levities, 207. 

Lijtlaker, easier, sooner, 229. 

Lijtliche, Li^tyliche, easily, quJclc- 
ly,veniaUy, 6, 9,63,115,183, 

Loc, lock, 355. 

Lodeemanne, pilot, 140. 

Lodlakest, most loathsome, 49. 

Lodliche, obacene, 257. 

Lodlichhede, loathsomeness, 203. 

Loke, look, behold, 97, 129. 

Lokede, kept, 18, 204, 235; 


looked, 242. See LoM, Loky, 

Lokeden, pi. looked, 245. 
LokeTo, guardian, 21 ; pi. Lokeres, 

220, 222. 
Lokes, locks, 161. 
Lokes, Whitsunday, 143, 163, 

A] hera joTsn B hi Soondtf , 
And alle Uis thit me upys BUJ, 
That hyn and (on) artha faUe, 
Al fram Cryito uceQcioon 
Al-wat [until] eomtlie hyre unimpaiaaa 
To th jMsn loongj MtuUe. 

Bhoiehain't Pmdu, p. 127- 
Lokest, keepeet, 93. 
Loke>, look, 26, 89. 
Loke>, keeps, 213, 248. 
Loki, Xioky, to keep, be kept, 

observe, keep goard, beware, 

keep from, protect, save, 5, 7, 

8, 11, 39, 41, 42, 63. 
Loki, Loky, look, 43, 89 ; regard, 

consider, 195 ; AS. lodan, 
Lokinde^ keeping, observing, 232. 
Lokinge, Lokynge, Lokingge, care, 

custody, award, decision, 8, 19, 

65, 128, 158; ' to >e lokinge of,' 

as regards, 108, 109. 
Lokii^e{ayen),looking back, 242. 
Lokinges, looks, 242, 245. 
Lombe, lamb, 236. ' 
Lompe, oMiq. case of Lamp, 233. 
Lompen, lamps, 189, 218, 233. 
Londe, obh'q. com of Land, 37 ; 

pi. Londes, 36, 
Lone, loan, 35, 36. 
Longaynes, comers, 212. 



Longe, adv. long, 205. 
Longe, on account o^ 2GG. 
Loren, lost, 235. 
Loe, fame, 26, 28, 63, 116, 141, 

Fr. los. 
Losengeri, deceit, Uen, 10, 33. 
Lost, obliq. case Loste, pi. Lostes, 

lust, desire, plensuie, 24, 46, 

72, 78, 82, 91, 92. 
Lostejt, pleaaea, 246. 
Lostuol,/u8^u^, pleasing, pleasant, 

desirable, 80,94,110,244. 
loetuolle, Lostfolle, pleaaant, 

desirable, 91 ; delicious, 158, 

Loatuoller, more pleasant, 92. 
LoBtuollicbe, greedily, 51. 
Loaede, Loueden, loved, 52, 230. 
Lonerede, love, 3, 145, 146. 
Loni, Louie, Louy, Louye, to 

kve, 6, 31, 55, 62, et passim. 
Louie)), Louyef, loves, love, 6, 61, 

78, 210, 270. 
Louiinde, Loulynde, loving, 75, 

Lonriiade, louring, 256. 
Louyeies, lovers, 270, 
Lozeniour, liar, 22. 
Loj, Loje, low, 105, 138, 139, 

140; eomp. Lojer, 175 ; superl. 

I^este, U9, 123. 
"Loje^, diminishes, is lessened, 

humbles, 49, 136, 246. 
Lojnesae, huioility, 216. 
Lojy, to lower, lessen, depreciate, 

humble, 28, 216. 

Luzurie, 157. 
Lyod, lead, 141. 
Lyazinge, leasing, lies, 63. 
LyckeBtre,lickstei; translates Fr. 

leeh grease, 56, 
Lyeaf, leaf, 62. 
Lyeas, lost, 203. 
Lyeasinge, He, 60, 175. 
Lyeaue, leaf, 1. 
Lyeaues, leaves, 57, 96. 
Lyeme, Lieme, imp. learn, 70, 72, 

Lyemest, leomest, 73. 
Lyeme^, Lyetniefi, leain, 36, 53, 

74, 75, 122, 133. 
Lyemi, Lyemy, to leam, 2, 34, 

70, 99, 135, 161. 
Lyese, to lose, 40, 57. 
Lyesingos, lies, 10, 57. 
LyeBt» loseth, 33, 49, 52. 129. 
Lyene, oUtq. case of Lief, dear, 

117, 213. 
Lyexneji, lies, 66. 
LyezeJ, lose, 117, 149. 
Lyeje, lie, 218. 
Lyejeji, Lyeje)», lie, belie, 10, 22, 

44, 63, 56, 63, 129, 133. 
Lyejinge, lying, 63, 143. 
Lyjere, liar, 58, 62, 266. 
Lyejfi, liee, 63. 
Lyf, life, 70, 71 ; oUiq. bow^ Lyae, 

Lyfno^, livelihood, sustenance, 

Lykede, delighted in, 267. 
LykeioUR, pleaeant, 95. 


Lykep, is like, 81. 

Lykeji, delighte, 178. 

Lyky, to delight in, 127. 

Lykyude, pleasing, 80. 

Lykyngc, likeness, 81. 

Lykyngea, pleasures, 112. 

Lylys, 230. 

Lyoi, 81. 

Lyte, little, 36. 

Lyf, lies, 52. 

Lyjtliche, lightly, easily, lOi. 

Hageste, nuy'eety, 266. 
Ala^namitie, 163, 161 
Iklagnificence, 164, 168. 
Maimee, maims, sotes, 135. 
Maine, Mayne, tetinuo, servants, 

household, 139. 
lUaister, master, pi. maistres, 76, 

Make, maec mate, 226. 
Maked = makey, makes, 249. 
Maki, Maky, to make, 27, 40, 

44, 47, 154. 
Makiere, Makyere, maker, creator, 

251, 267. 
Makiinde, Maklnde, making, 35, 

Makynge, Makiynge, making, 

creation, creature, 1, 92, 218. 
Malancolien, Melancolien, melan- 
choly (one), 253. 
Malice, 26. 
Man, oMiq. easa Manne, pi- 

Men, gen. pi. Manne, 8, 9, 11, 

21, 24, 31. 


ManeTe.ManieTe, Manire,ManyerB 
(pi. Maneies, Manycres), man- 
ner, mode, way, 6, 14, 15, 19, 
21,23,37, 146. 

Manhede, Manhod, Manhode, 
. manhood,homage, 12, 19, 118, 

Msnie, Manye, j>^ many, 26, 31, 

Mankende, mankind, 1. 

Mansla;)ie, Manslajte, pi. Man- 
s1^)k3, manslaughter, homi- 
cide, 8, 30, 54, 57, 115. 

Manzinge, excommunicate, curs- 
ing, 148, 189. See Amanziuge. 

Marcat, Markat, market, ohliq. 
case, Markatte, 23, 36, 42. 

Marchons, merchants, 36, 39. 

Mares, marshes, 250. 

Manage, Mariages, 39, 148. 

Morissi, to many, 220. 

Markes, bounds, limits, 223. 

Martire, Martires, 53, 73,83, 166. 

Martired, 111. 

Martirement, martyrdom, 77. 

Materie ^ Matisre, matter, 49, 
118, 136. 

Mfltyns, SI. 

Maugre, 69. '* 

Ma-WB, to mow, 214. 

Mayden, pi. Maydenes, Maydinos, 
12, 15,48,98, 118, 218. 

Maydenhod, maidenhood, 228, 

Mayno, family, household, domes. 
tics, 30, 129. 

;,. ,.„:,.=,G00glC 


HajBter, Sfaystre, master, 35, 6 

HaysheMe, mutiesB, 34, 206. 
MajBtrie, mastery, 91, 92, 169. 
11^0, mav, etomacli, 56. 
Me, one, they, 17. 
Mede, reward, payment, pi. 

Medes, 35, 42, 90, 169. 
Medi, to leward, 146. 
Medicine, Medicines, 23, 69. 
Hedlea, qoanels, 41, 66. 
Meduol, meritorious. 
Kele, meal, flour, 93. 
Melk, milk, 137, 177. 
MoUe, mill, 24, 68, 141. 
Melodie, Melodya, 161. 
Melte, melted, 171. 
Memoiie, 104, 
Menestralfi, minstrels, 192. 
Menet, mint, 241. 
Menetime, meantime, 36. 
Meniynges, meanings, thongbts, 

Menneese, commnnion, fellow- 
Bhip, 14, 268; A,S. ge-mhmet. 
Mentel, mantle, 188, 221. 
Merci, Mersi, 28, 29, 137. 
Meiciuol, merciful, 189. 
Mere, mare, 185. 
Merite, merit, 134. 
Meiae, marsh, 251. 
Mee, mess, dieh, 66, 56. 
Mesayae, Mezayse, Meeeyse, un- 
eaeiness, sorrow, poverty, 186, 
191 ; to displease, 68. 
Mesaager, Messagier, Messagyer, 

meeeenger, pi. Meesaginee, 
Meaeagyers, 151, 195,211. 
Meaeagea, 122, 189. 
Mease, mas^ 20. 
MoBse-daye, meBftJay, 175. 
Messen, masses, 31, 32. 
Measingee, meaaee, dishes, 71. 
Meat, ado. most, 23, 26. 
Meste, adj. most, 72, 89. 
Keateres, officials, 39. 
Mestder, craft, 187. 
Mestyerea, officeo, 122 ; works, 

operationB, 167. 
Mesore, MeBures, measure, mo- 
deration, 44, 51, 52, 53, 252. 
Mesoie^, moderates, 264. 
Mesnri, to moderate, 252. 
Met, dreams, 12a 
Metal, 139. 
Metals, 16T. 
Met«, Metes, meat, food, meats; 

9, 29, 61. 
Metelea, dreams, 164. 
Meteres, dieameis, 32. 
Metinge, dream, 143. 
Metinges, dreams, 32, 77, 93. 
Meyster, practice, 65. 
Mezel, leper, 202 ; Mezels, pT. 

Mid, Myd, Myde, with, by, 5, 10, 

13, 43, 44. 
Middel, Midel, Mydle, mean, 78, 
136, 249 ; mperl. Midiistis 
Middelguodes, Myddolgnode^ 
middle goods, 136. 




Milde, Mylde, meek, 133 ; comp. 

Milder, 24, 204. 
Mildehede, Myldebedo, meekatsa, 

no, 133. 
Mildeliehe, MUdelyche, meatly, 

Mildenesse, Myldeaease, meek- 

aeee, 65, 131. 
Mildi, to make mild, become 

meek, 177. 
Miracle, Miiaeles, 56, 134. 
MisWeaiDg, unbelief^ 134. 
Hiabiletie, unbelief, 13. 
Misbylefde, Miabyleuinde, un- 
believing, 69, 252. 
Hiadede, misdeed, j>l. Misdedes, 

113, 114, 135. 
Misde^, misdoea, acts wrongly, 

Miado, ain, err, 19, 113, 115, 

Hisdoere, 6, 132. 
Misdoinge, 157. 
Milidiijt, pi. misdo, sin, 100. 
Mis&llefl, sb. misfortunes, 84. 
Mi^>, goes wrong, 94. 
Mialeuee)), disbeUeve, 180. 
Mialiki, displease, 257. 
Misnim^, mistakes, errs, 160. 

See Nime. 
MiBoimynge, error, 109. 
Miepey^, diapleaaes, 50. 
Miaprayse, mis-prase, 136. 
Mis-ret, advisee badly, mifr^dvise, 

Mis-asyfi, Mis-zay)i, mis-sayB, 

slanders, defames, 8, 28, 62, 69. 
Mis-aede, Mis-zede, slandered, 

de&med, 132, 133. 
Mis-aenied, aerved badly, 20. 
Mis-eigge, Mis-zigge, niiB-eaj, 

slander, defeme, 57, 189. See 

Mis-e^fger, Mis-zif^re, elan- 

deier; pt, Mis-eiggeres, Mis- 

xdggerea, 266, 267. 
Mia-aigge^, Mis-zigge^, j>I. slander, 

10, 70, 193. 
Mis-eigginge, Mia-zi^inge, mis- 
saying, slander, defamation, 

65, 66. 
Miaual, misfortune, 30, 86, 182. 
Misualle, to turn out badly, mis- 

be&ll, 193. 
Miswende, to turn aside, go 

astray, 253; ^. Miswende)), 22, 

40, 52, 67, 136 ; sing. Miswent, 

18, 27, 62. 
Mis-ziggere, slanderer; pi. Mis- 

xiggeres, 61, 136, 177. 
Mijt, mighteat, 57, 179. 
Kijte,v&. might, 31 ipL Mijten, 

42, 52, 55. 
Mijte, sb. might, 7, 15. 
M^ti, mighty, 103. 
Mijtuol, powerful, 130, 237. 
Mo, more, 118, 135. 
Modie, Mochel, mnch, great, 7, 9, 

21, 57, 119, 181 ; to moche, 

exceedingly, 14. 
Mochelhede, Mochelnesse, great- 

neaa, fulness, abundance, ex- 



travagance, 93, 117, 204, 218. 
Moder, mother, 8, 89. 
Modren, mothers, 67, 
Molde, mould, 95. 
Momenes, Momenettes, idob, 6, 

Mono, moon, 82. 
Monek, Moneke, monk, 219, 239. 
Monoye, Konaye, 26, 62. 
irongenel, a warlike inatrument 

for battering down walls, tI6. 
More, mora, greater, 7, 18. 
Moref, increaaee, exaggerates, 28, 

60, 175. 
Mori, Mory, to mcreaao, 45, 79, 

175, 176. 
Morsel, ji. Mosselee, 24, 56, 248. 
Mortyer, moi^r, 116. 
Morjen, morning, 46, 108. 
Mostard (seed), 143. 
Mot, may, must, 52, 137. 
Mot, Mote, speck ; ^. Motea, 

108, 175. 
Mo)w, mouth, 256. 
Moydrer, murderer, 171, 
Moje, Mojen, may be able, 10, 

15, 21, 31, 86, 92, 
Muekliche, meekly, 65, 
Multepliest, 2ia 
Multiplief), 190. 
Musi, Musy, Mu^, to wonder, 

muse, amuso, 47, 104, 231. 
Myde, with, 50. 
Myny, to mine, dig, 108, 
Myuuymo, mistake, 55. See 


Mysnym^, mietaketh, 83. 
Mys-eiggingo, slander, defamation, 

My jten, y.. might, 58, 165. 
Myjteat, mightest, 104. 
Myjtuol, mighty, 83 j pL myjt- 

uoUe, 269. 

Xakedliche, Dakedly,openly,l'4. 
Kamecojihede, Xamecou)>hede^ R- 

nown, feme, 25 ; A.S. ann- 

cu$, renowned, 
l^amehcbe, especially, 21, 44. 
Ifamoie, Nanmore, no more, 2|, 

49, 187. 
Nase, nose, 204. 
Ifaturcl, natural, 18. 
Na}>emo, neverthemore, 41. 
Xayle, nail, 43, 
Xa; = najt, not, 222, 24G. 
Kajt, not, 18. 

Ifawerelles, nowhere elae, 210, 
Nebsseft, im.igo, likeness ; A.S. 

•neb, &C0. 
Nele, Nelle, ne wile, will not, 

KemeJ) = nime)>, takes, 92. 
NemneJ, names, 103. 
Keumi, Nemny, to name, m<>n- 

tion, 49, 57, 164; A.S. neiwi'ifi. 
Nenne, aee. none, 22, 30, 4$. 
Kere, were not, 20, 86. 
Hes=ne kb», was not, 26, 66, 12. 
Xesshede, delicacy, softness, 3G7. 
Netlen, Ncttlen, nettles, 1%, 



Nette, Kettes, net, nets, 77, 170. 
fie^, hatli not, 84, 210. 
Kauerte, ii6ver-to, never yet, 99. 
ITeaie, never, 26. 
ITenremo, noYBrmore, 71. 
- Nevehodes, novelties, 151. 
Newen, (of the) new, 99. 
Newne, aee. nev, 162. 
NejeboieSiN^elMuieg, N^ybores, 

N^jelMrsB, neighbours, 30, 36, 

K^en, nine, 4S. 
Kejende, ninth, 38, 45, 49. 
Kejlec^, approacliea, 105; A.S. 

neahrloBcan, to approach, 
mieaae, N^eassse, soft, 153 ; A.S. 

hnoM, soft, delicate, neeh. 
IHiesse]!, makes eoft, 94. 
Uliioka, neck, 138, 216. 
Kice, foolish, 59. 
Ifiede, Njede, busineas, need, 

nece8Bity,emergenc7, j^. Niedae, 

Nyedea, 30, 31, 36, 39, 52, 

63,73,95, 142,161,152,168. 
ITieduol, Kiednolle, needful, 

neceasitoos, 36, 95, 110, 112, 

134, 151, 193. 
Ni^, Nyej, nigh, near, 61, 76. 

Comp. Hier, B^yer, nearer, 234- 
ITim, imp. take, 54. 
Kime, Nyme, should take, 55, 

148, 155; A.S. niman (pret 

Nime, Nyme, to take, 37, 67, 77. 
Niiaane, to take, 166, 166, 195. 
Nimere, taker, 2i8. 


Nime)!, pi. take, 35, 38. 

Niminge, Hyminge, taking, un- 
dertaking, 21, 164; exactions, 

N^iminges, andertakings, 183. 

Simy, Nym^ takes, 22, 24, 30, 
32, 87, 49, SO. 

Nijiingea, ni^^arda, 134. 

Mixt, Nixte, Nyxte, next, neigh- 
bour, 30, 78, 79, 122, 182. 

Nijt, Nyjt, night, 51, 62; olAiq. 
ease, Xijte, 52. 

Noble, 87. 

Nobleliche, nobly, 65. 

Noblease, nobleness, 20, 22, 24, 
59, 60. 

Nobleste, 92. 

Nolde, sing., Nolden, pi., would 
not, 64, 132, 173. 

Noldest, wouldst not, 146, 

Nole, Nolle, NoUeJ, will not, 35, 
38, 39, 59, 60, 64, 79, 134, 209. 

Nom, took, 45, 87, 88. 

Nome, pp. taken, 204. 

Nome, pi. took, 97. 

Non, None, no, none, 29, 64. 

Non, noon, 32, 

Konen, none, 68, 134, 152, 157. 

Nonce, nurse, 161. 

Noriches, nurses, 60. 

Norissede, nourished, 96. 

Norisse)), Norisset, nourisheth, 
21, 83, 140, 167. 

Norrisainde, Noirisaynde, nourish- 
ing, 95, 112. 

Norissii^e, Dourishing, 112. 


2foriBfly, Norrisi, to nourish, 127, 

Noptuie, 112, 113. 
Nor^ne, northern, 256. 
Not ^ tie wot, knoTTB not, 25. 
Kotaryea, 40. 
Note, profit, 247, 256 ; A.S. 

notu, nyt, atiiity. 
Note)), flouriahes, 260 ; A.S. 

nolian, to use, enjoy. 
Nojwr, neither, 130, 134. 
Nojiing, not*t-al], no wise, 192. 
Noty, to note, 118. 
Kou, now, 87, 
Noyse, 66 ; Noyaea, 266. 
Ko vices, 155, 
IfoviB, novice, 155. 
Nykeren, mermaids, syrens, 61. 
Nykke, neck, 135j jrf. Nykken, 

Kymst, takeet, 110, 111. 
KyteJ», ne witeth, know not, 72, 

0, one, 186. 

Obedience, UO. 

OfacBod, questioned, tried, 153, 

Ofdret, afraid, 266, 

Office, offices, 122, 134, 125, 

Official, 37. 

Of&e, offer, 194 ; Oflrede, offered, 

0^0, deserved, 13. 
O^uoinge, deeerving, merit, 216. 
Of halt, restrains, refrains, 1 78, 
Ofhealde, Ofhyealde, to keep 

bock, withhold, restrain, re- 

frain, 9, 24, 38, 46, 177; pp. 

Ofhealdeji, Ofhyaldeji, keep 

hack, withhold, 38, 39, 41, 78. 
Ofhealdinge, s&. wiUihoIding, 34. 
Ofhild, restrained, 190. 
Ofrendes, offerings, 41. 
Ofringe, offering, 229. 
Ofserred, deeerved, 131. 
Ofaenie]!, des^ves, 222. 
Ofseruinge, deserving, merits 114. 
Oflake, orerUke, 43> 
Oftyened, very ai^ry, 66. 
Okaen, oxen, 243. 
Okse^ = aksdfi, ask, demand, 54, 

Oly, oil, 136. 
Olyfont, elephant, 84. 
On, one, 9, 48 ; ' al on ' = the 

same, 15, 
Onarmed, unarmed, 170. 
Onhint, Onbynt, unbinds, 97. 
Onblissed, unconaocrated, 41. 
Onbojsam, disobedient, 21, 
Onbojsanmesse, disobedieDC«, 33. 
Onbynde, unbind, 172. 
Onbyndejt,^. unbind, 40. 
Oncharge]), unloads, 97. 
Onclenlich, Onclenliche, nn- 

cleanly, impure, 42, 
Onclenueese, uncleanness, 203i 
Onconnynde, ignorant, wnjbioav 

Onconnynge, ignorance, 131. 
Onconnynghede, Onconnynd- 
hede, ignoiauce, 33, 40. 


Oncoujw, uhcouih, atrangors, 37, 

193, 253. 
Oudelf^, digs up, 61. 
Onder, under, 12. 
Onderbera, Buppoit, 84. 
Onderlinges, undorllnga, subjects, 

Ondemime, undertake, 83, 123. 
ODderaim^, BUipriaes, 173. 
OnderBtanst, imdeTatandeat, 270. 
Oodentout, uudeistaads, 66, 129, 


Ondeistonde, to ondeistaad, li; 

undertake, IZl ; pp. 14, 67; 

pret. Understod ; miip. Undep- 

Btode, 13S ; imp. Underataad, 

129. Ondeistonde]), ^f. 79. 

Ouderstondinge, Onderetond- 

ingge, undeistanding, 24, 56, 


Ondemang^ receires, 33, 65, 

Oaderuii^e, Onderujnge, pi. 

received, 101, 267. 
Ondenioi^o, to recelre, 14, 100; 

pp. received, 14. 
Ondemonge), pi. receive, 38, 42. 
Onderuonginge, receipts, income, 

37, 172. 
Onderaot, underfoot, 85, 184. 
Ondeizek^ Bearclies out, 184. 
Oiide|», opens, 189. 
Ondo, undo, 106, 107, 136. 
One, alone, 103, 104. 
Onen, dot. one, 101, 102, 190. 
Onest, honest, decorous, decent. 

45, 214. 
Oneatete, decency, 63, 224. 
One>, unites, 88. 
Onhede, unity, oneneea, solitude^ 

79, 142. 
Oninge, Onynge, union, concord, 

65, 67, 135, 163 ;^. Onyngea, 

Onjoini, unjoin, 107. 
Onkeude, unkind, unnatuial, 188. 
Onknawyndliclie, unknowingly, 

Onleak, unlocked, opened, 67. 
Onlepi, Onlepy, Onelepi, one, 

same, single, 12, 13, 14, 21, 

73, 88, 101. 
Onlepihede, singularity, 21. 
Onlepiliche, Onlepilyche, only, 

55, 76, 176. 
Onlosthede, disinclination, sloth, 

31, 153, 163. 
Onloeti, idle, 170, 174. 
Onlyche, only, 266. 
GnneajKs, Ounyeafie, scarcely, 

hardly, 15, 18, 19, 28, 29, 174, 

Onpayp, displeases, 50. 
Onrijt, unright, 39, 221. 
Onrijtuol, Oaii^tuoUe, wrong, 

unlawful, 39, 270. 
Onssriuel, careless, 32. 
Onspekynde, ineffable, 266. 
Ontodelinde, indivisible, 266. 
Ontrewe, untrue, unfaithful, dis- 
' honest, 18, 36, 37, 270. 
Ontreujie, untruth, 17, 318. 



Ontrewelicho, untruly, dishonest- 
ly, 44. 

On^auk, diapleasore, 69. 

On^liynde, Onfolyindo, mtolQi- 
able, 265. See Jjolie. 

Onwona)), discontluttes, 32. 

Onworp, <&. Bhame, dkpleaaure, 
adj. poor, hateful, mean, 3$, 
49, 132, 215,270. 

Onwor^ imp. despise, 196. 

Ouwor^e, despised, 77. 

Ouwor^t, despiaest, 20. 

Oawor|)ef>, despises, 8, 34, 79. 

Onwor^hede, contempt, 29, 175. 

Onwor^i, uuirortliy, to hold un- 
worthy, despise, 22, 64, 84, 
162; A.S. MBuwrf ion, to dia- 

Onworjilych, unworthy, 132. 

Onwor^nesae, contempt^ 9, 168, 

Onwri, discover, lay bare, 174. 
See Wiaye, Wn. 

Onwri)), opens, 58. 

Onwrije, uncovered, 244. 

Onwryje, openly, 88, 112. 

Onwyt, folly, 82, 83. 

Onwythede, folly, 19. 

Onwytynde, unwittingly, 37. 

On-zauwed, unsaved, lost, 184. 

Onzygindo, invisible, 268. 

Op, Ope, up, above, over, upon, 
39, 54, 236, 240. 

Oparidnge, ascension, 213. 

Opbere, upbear, support, 30. 

Openede, opened, 96. 

Openi, to open, 1 30. 

Openliche, openly, 65, 73. 
Ophebbe^, heave (lift) n'g, 217. 
Opinions, 69. 
Oplet, to starve, 33. 
Opniminge, Opnymynge, mxki- 

taking, enterprise, 22, 83, 84. 
Opnome, uptakeu, posaeased, 113. 
Oppe, open, 253. 
Oprising^ leaurrectioD, 227. 
Oprijt, upright, 56. 
Op >et, upon that, so that, 231 
Opweninge, overweening, prd- 

sumptnotLS, 21. 
Opwexetii, grow up. Increase, 75. 
Ordaynede, 7. 
Oidayneji, OrdeyneJ, 29, 123, 

153, 260. 
Oidayni, Ordeyni, to set in order, 

subject to, 94, 152, 263. 
Ordenliche, Ordeneliche, orderly, 

temperately, 125, 151. 
Ordinance, 125. 
Ordine, orderly, not inordinate, 

153, 259. 
Ordre, order, 48. 
Oreysonue, Oieysonnee, prayer, 

prayers, 51. 
Orible, Orrible, horrible, 43, 137. 
Orpod, valiant, 183. 
Oat, host, 67. 
0|>, oath, 6, 64 ; oUiq, earn, o^ 

65 ; jpi. ofes, 64. 
0|N3r, or, 9, 10. 
O^r, other, second ; pi. o))re, 6, 

O^erlaker, otherwise, 91, 94. 



O^rlmil, OJierhajl, aoffletimea, 

21, 30, 40. 
0>TQn, dot. pL 136. 
Ojtreue, O^renne, ace other, 8, 
9, 10, 11, 21, 27, 28, 29, 30, 
66, 175. 
Oueial, everTwhere, 25, 35, 173. 
Ouercom, oreicame, 169. 
Oaeroome, if^. 167, 168. 
Oneicomiuge, victoiy, 169. 
Ouercom^, oveicomeB, 117, 149, 

Ouer4ede, excxw, 56. 
OuBrdoiugQ, excess, 258, 260. 
Ooeige]), overgoe^ surpasses, 34, 

112, 252. 
Ouerguo^, pi. surpass, oveigo, 

Ouerliche, Ouerijche, above, 123. 
Ouerlinge, ruler, 8, 132, 141, 

Ouerjiiau^, OTertbrowe, 168. 
Ouer)n:awe)), pL overthrow, 136. 
Oaerweueie, presumptuous (one), 

21, 22 ; pi. Ouerweneres, 59. 
Ouerweuiude, oTerweoning, 169. 
Ouerweninge, presumption, 17, 

21, 29. 
Ouer-yemf, ttansgresaes, over- 

runs, 323. See Yerne. 
Ouet, fruit, 27. 
Oule, owl, 27. 
Oure, hour, 54. 
Oure, OUT, ours, 19. 
Ouies, prayeiB, 112. 
Oumemens, ornaments, 140. 

Ous, us, 117. 

Ou%aoinge^ outgoing, 190. 
Outkestinge, out-casting otEahoot; 

.pi. Outkestii^es. 
Outnime, Ontynome, Outnome, 

except, 221, 250. 
Outrage, Outtrage, extraordinsij 

thing, excess, extravagance ; 

j^. outrages, 19, 54. 
Oxi,toask, 114. 
Oyle, oil, 93. 
Oynement, ointment, 93. 
Oje, Ojen, Ojene, own, 17, 21, 

22, 28, 39, 48. 
Ojeixeres, propiietora, owners, 37. 
Ojninge, possession, 37. 
Ojf, owneth, 9. 

Paci, Pasi, to pass, pass away, 

191, 214. 
Pacience, 166. 
Paneworjw, pennyworth, 90. 
Pans, pence, 190. 
ParBte, perfect, 185. 
Parfitlyche, perfectly, 144. 
Parti, to part, 107. 
Partiner, partner, 253. 
Pasinde, passing, temporal, 209. 
Paaindeliche, temporally, 172. 
Passion, PosBioun, 142. 
Patroyllait, provincial, 211. 
Paye, to please (ffinj. payj, pi. 

payef), 182, 216. 
Fayenes, pi^ans, 235. 
Payinges, pleasings, 216. 
Payse, peace, 162. 



FenoQce, penance, 221, 
Per^rinage, pilgrimage, 187. 
Periloualiche, perilously, 254. 
Perie, pearl (of the eye), 158. 
Ferseueiance, 208. 
Persenerantliclie, perseveringly, 

Feee, peace, 261. 
FeaeOipl. pease, 120. 
Pette (oNiq. case otj)^), pit; 207. 
Pb|i, Fe^Ki, path, 127, 185. 
Pilgrime, 253. 
Fine, torment; pi. Pinen, tor- 

menta, 130, 131, 265. 
Fineji, tonnenta, 141. 
FiteoB, Fitoua, piteous, merciful, 

Ui, 150. 
Flail^ pleadii^ law-suit, 39. 
Flaetres, 148. 
Flayneres, plaintifia, 39. 
Flayni, to complain, 132, 190. 
Playteres, advocates, 39. 
Flaytinge, pleading, 162. 
Playty, plead, 99. 
Plenty plenty, 161. 
Flepteliche, plentifully, 105. 
Pl^ea, plays, aports, 207, 214. 
Foer, power, 170. 
Pokoc, Fokoce, peacock, 257, 270. 
Fond, ponnd, 190. 
Forchace), 176, 219. 
Porchaci, Purchaci, to purchase, 

obtain, or earn a living, 193, 

Porpoa, purpose, 209, 

Pom, Porae, purse, 187, 188. 

Poruaye, Forueye, to foresee, pro- 
vide for, 152. 

ForuayeJ, Pomeyji, provide fon 
distribute, 145. 

Foruay)r, provides for, 138. 

Pomeynde, tiding thought for, 

Foraeyonce, prudence, 156. 

Posseesionn, 149, 150. 

PosHt, Posste, post, 148, 207. 

Poty, to put, 135. 

Pondres, powders, 1 48. 

Fouer, power, 164. 

Pouer, Fonre, poor, pi. Poueren, 

Poueiehede, poverty, 138. 

Pourehede, poorness, 130, 216. 

Pouri, to pore, 177. 

Pouringe, lookinge, 177. 

Pourpre, purple, 229, 

Poyns, points, 160. 

Praysy, Prayzy, to pruse, 134, 
135, 152, 227 iplpres. PraieJ., 
USlpret. Prayzede, 243. 

Prechinge, 191. 

Prede, pride, 258. 

Prekie)!, prick, 230, 257. 

Frekiinde, pricking, 148. 

Prekiyngee, Frekyinges, prick- 
ings, stings, 203. 

Prelat, prelate, pi. Prelas, 175, 

Presense, presence, 161. 

Present, Preaont, 189, 2ia 

Freste, proudest, 267 ; pridest, 




Prestliche, readJI;, 140. 
Preaumcion, 182, 195. 
Prette, prided, 25a 
Freus, brave, 83. 
Pria, Talue, price, 234. 
Friueliche, secretly, 225. 
Piodef, pi. pride, 79. 
Profit!, to profit, 126. 
Prou, profit, 8fi. 
Prondliche, proudly, 168. 
Prouduol, proud, 217. 
ProneBBe, Prowesse, 162, 164. 
Prons, bold, hardy, 83. 
Provi, to prove, 158. 
Pryente, piinl^ mark, 81. 
Pnuiaai, to puuish, 148. 
Purgi, to purge, 132. 
Purte, purity, 202. 

QoalJtefi, 153. 
Quarel, arrow, 71, 
Quaynte, gay, 89. 
Quaynteliche, gaily, 47. 
Quead, Qued, bad. See Kuead. 
Queayntese, Qeyntiae, craft, de- 
ceit, 38, 90. 
Queme, to pleaae. See Kueme. 
<jueme)>, please, 149. 
Quem^, pleases, 231. 
QueQ, queen. See Euen. 
Quereles, quarrels, 83, 142. 
Queme, mill, 181 ; A.S. aeemn, 
Quic, alive, living. See Kuio. 
Quit. See Euit. 

Rago, 141. 

Basour, razor, 66. 
Bajie, early, Boon,52;<»mj>. Ea^re, 
rather, Booner, 61, 71, 120, 140. 
Eaymi, to accuse, 44 ; A.S. reo- 

mian, to ciy out 
Eearde, speech, sound, 24j 211 ; io^^r 

A.S. reard. 
Eebel, rebeUion, 68. 
Rebele, v. rebel, 28. : 
Rebouis, rebellioua, 68. 
Recoide, 142, 203. 
Becorder, 55. 
Becordi, Eecordy, to record, call 

to mind, 21, 59, 208. 
Becordinge, 65. 
Eecreyd, recreant, 195. 
Bed, Bede, counsel, advice, con- 
spiracy, 23 ; pi. Bedes, 9, 10, 
23, 89, 165, 183, 184. 
Bedde, advised, 184. 
Bede, to counsel, 38, 104, 164. 
Rederes, advisers, 184. 
Beforme, 81. 
Belter, rafter, 175. 
Raiye, to move, shake, 116 ; A.S. 

reafian, to seize. 
R^ {phliq. ease, Begge), back, 

116, 133, 177; A.B. riff. 
Begne, reign, kingdom, 85. 
Begne, to reign, 67. 
Bekeni, Bekeny, to reckon, 35, 

37, 173, 214. 
Bekeninge, Bekenynge, account, 

35, 171, 214. 
Beligioun, 41, 
Belikes, 64. 



Eemedie, 207. 

Bemenontt lesuiant, 100. 

Bemoe, to lemave, 101. 

Banable, teasaDAbla, 95, 163. 

Benay, Beuay, apostate, 19. 

Kenaje, Beiu^ei, deny, foisake, 
disbelieve, 19. 

Benayrie, apostasy, 19. 

B«Qe, lain, 130. 

Senoyre, Ronoyiye, unbelief, apo- 
stasy, 17. 

Bentes, revenue, 37, il, Hi. 

Bepente, 238. 

Bepentonce, 201. 


Bespit, 39. 

B«a6e, a rush, 253 ; A.S. reece. 

Eeete, to rest, 7, 31, 119, 260. 

Bestede, 7. 

Resteuol, Bestaolle, contempla- 
tive, 199. 

Beaye, to quake, resound, 23. 

Bet, advises, 22, 184, 187. 

Bet, reads, 147, 231. 

Beule, rule, 150. 

Eeule, to rule, 124. 

Beufte, Bewfre, mercy, pity, 186, 

Beujievol, meTciful,116, 186,188, 

Bevon, sheriffi, leevef^ 37, 39, 

EeverencB, 20. 

Beverte, 128. 

Eeward, regard, 74. 

Bewjwuolle, merciful, 198. 

Bibaud, ribald, 51, 127. 
Bibaudie, Bibaudy, ribildiy, 

128, 203, 220. 
Bibaus, pi. of Bibaud, a ribald, 

Ricbe, kingdom, 197 ; A.S. r^e& 
Eichesse, riches, 24, 77. 
Bidingee,' ridings, 24. 
Itine, rain, 49. 
Biotouse, 170. 
Bipe, to reap, 214. 
Eijt, Eijte, Kyjte, right, a 
Bijtea, 40. 
B^tuol, just, equitable, 44, 105, 

135, 196. 
Bijtuolliche, equitably, right- 
fully, 196, 201. 
Bijtuoluease, Bijtnesse, rightM- 

neea, rigbteousness, 3, 29, 124, 

Bobbere, robber, 39, 79. 
Bobbi, to rob, 39. 
Bobbynges, thefte, 39. 
Boberie, Boberye, robboiy, 9, 34. 
Bobea, 24. 
Eoche, rock, 142." 
Bocky, to rock, U6. 
Bod, rode, cross, 1, 114. 
BomongouTs, horBe.dealer3, 44. 
Bond, round, 1. 
BoDBoune, ransom, 35. ' 
Boppes, entrails, 62; A.8. roppae. 
Bote, root, 34, 95 ; pi. Boten, 

34, 35, 68, 116. ^ 
Roted, rotten, 205. 
Eofcr, rudder, 160. 



Kotie, Botjre, to rot, decay, 32, 

Ruby, 76. 
Saieles, roles, 97. 
Kussoles, ritioles, cakes made in 

the frying-pan, from O.Fr. m- 

aoler, to fiy, 253. 
Ky1>aaa, 269. 
Pjche, kingdom, 66. 
Kynde, rind, 99. 
Eyote, rote, 99. 
Hyjtnesse, lighteouBneea, 266. 
Kyj-aollicho =iy)t-uollicbe, right- 

Mly, 266. 

Babat, GabUth, 7. 

SacreSces, 187. 

Sacrement, j7{, SacremesB, 14, 10, 

48, 238. 
Sacre), makes sacred, 236. 
Sacrifice, 187. 
Sacrilc^ 34, 40. 
Safyr, sappbiie, 76. 
Salamandre, 167. 
Sangoine, 157. 
Banynt, Sayut, saint, 262. 
Satis&cciou, 32. 
Savour, 138. 
SatU; safe, 36. 
Saose, sance, 65. 
Santere, psalter, 27. 
Sayn, Sanyn (for SaynC), saint, 1, 

2, 12, U. 
Saysine, Sayzine, possession, 144, 

Scallede, ba-ring the tcaU or 

scab, 224. 

Scaise, scan^ 63, 54. 

Scaislicbe, niggardly, 34. 

Scarsnesse, ni^ardliness, 169. 

Scele, Sckele, skill, reason, 11, 
12, 18, 53, 64. 

Sceluol, Sceluolle, skUfiil, reason- 
able, 51, 169, 269. 

Scin, Scinne, skin, 44, 137, 230. 

Sclondre, slandii^ 6. 

Scluse, Sluice, 255. 

Scoffe, scorn, ridicule, 128. 

Scolde, to scald, 66. 

Scole, school, 34. 

Scolere, scholar, 39. 

Scome, scum, 44. 

Scome,^. Scomes, 22, 74, 128. 

Scome, to scorn, 33. 

Soomere, jrf. Scorneres, 63, 177. 

Scomi, to scorn, 211, 

Scorpioun, 62. 

Scot, payment, 51 ; A.S. geeat, 

Scriveyns, scriveners, 44. 

Seculeies, ji. Secnleer, 215. 

Semble|», j>I., resemble, 176. 

Semblont, pretence, 27, 137. 

Sengle, single, 48, 175. 

Sentense, opinion, 69. 

Sercle, circle, 141. 

Seigond, Seigont, Seriont, ser- 
vant, ofBcei, pi, Sergons, Se- 
rions, 33, 33, 35, 39, 186. 

Sermon, Sennoiin, 20, 138. 

Servi, Seray, to serve, 5, 6, 24, 
54, 79, 225. 

Serrise, 7, 20. 




= senioiu, Betvants, 

officers, 37. 
Simple, 134. 

Siihpleliche, simpljr, 134. 
Simplesae, simplicity, 140. 
Simnlacion, 23. 
6kele, reason, cause, 6, 7, 8, 38 ; 

1^ Skeles, 80, 117. 
Skeluol, reasomible. 
Skeluolliclie, leasomibly, with 

teasOQ, 6. 
SUc, slack, slow, 32. 
Slacuesse, slowness, idleness, 33, 

138, 159. 
Sl^e, to slay 0rd per». ting. 

SlajJ.), 8, 3^ 61, 89, 174. 
81a;>e, slaughter, death, 90. 
61e, Slea, to slay, 48, 223. 
Sleaujfo, Sleawfie, Slen^e, sloth, 

16, 31, 34, 40, 67, 157, 163. 
Sleaauol, SleauooUe, Sleawol, 

slothful, 170, 174, 
81ep, sleep, 31, 264, 
Slepe, to sleep, 29, 51. 
Slep>, sleeps, 56, 127. 
Slepinde, sleeping, 158. 
Slenuol, Sleawolle, Sleuuollc^ 

slothful, 31, 32, 34, 67. 
Slenuolliche, slothfully, 33. 
Sleje, adj. pradent, 265. 
8Ie;^ sleight, craft, prudence, 

18,78, 118, 124, 265, 
Slyt, slides, 149. 
Smac, Smak, taste, relish, 33, 

82, 83, 106, 245 ; pi. Smaokes, 


Smackinde, tasting relishing, 

245, 260, 
Smacky, to taste, 247, 269. 
SmakeJ), taste, relish, 92, 106. 
Smal, small, 74, 137 ; pi Smale, 

23, 130. 
Smalliche, adv. minntely, HI ; 

A.S. ameaiiee. 
Smel, smell, 123, 177. 
Smerie, to smear, anoint, 60; A.8. 

Smeringe, anoinlong, 148, 
Smeryels, Smeriels, ointment, 

187, 217; A.S.«»A-efo. 
Smit, smites, 30, 116. 
Smite, aonnd, voice, 140. 
Smijree, corpent'eiK ■ 

Smot, smote, 46. 
Snaw, snow, 267. 
Sne^e, snail, 32 ; A.S, meg-et, 

Snode, morsel, 77, HI ; pi. 

Snoden, 218 ; A.S. emd, fiom 

STiddani to cut. 
Sobie, 254. 

Sohreliche, soberly, 248, 265, 
Sobrete, sobriety, 4, 254. 
Sodaynliche, suddenly, 64, 248. 
So&e, au&r, 139. 
Soignens, busy, 155, 
Sohtci, to please, 63, 213. 
Solas, solace, 72, 108. 
Solemnes, j^. Solemn, 234. 
Solempne, solemn, 235. 
Somblont, pretence, 211. 
Sommo, sum, 261. 


Somoiii, to snmmoii, 87, 101. 
Sophistrie, 65. 
■ Sopiere, snpper, 133. 
Sostene, Soet^e, to sustain, 35, 

38, 39, 45, 66, 57, 104. 
Sostiiionce, 54, 139. 
Sotil, aabtle, craftjr, ji,. So^ls, 

26, 59, 82, 99. 
SotUliche, aabtlel^, 26, 46, 99. 
SotirUi^ subtlety, 117. 
Soucouii, to succour, 186. 
Soudeuis, Boldieis, 146. 
Soupi, to sup, 52. 
- Soverayn, 189. 
SoTJ, Sory, to aare, 98, 162, 226. 
Spaciallicbe, speciallj, 252. 
Spade, 108. 

Spaii, to spare, abstain, 157, 224. 
Speche, speech, 21. 
Special, 15, 16, 94. 
Specialliche, specially, 2, 7, 16, 

Bpek, spake, 251. 
Speke, to speak, 33 ; 3ri pen. 

ting. Spek^, Specl), speaks, 10, 

34, 66, 126 ; jJ. Spekejs 18. 
Spekeman, spokeemaD, 60, 99. 
Spekenne, to speak, 94, 103, 104, 

Spekinde, speaking, 226. 
Spekinge, speakiug, speech, 50. 
Spelle, atoiy, gospel, 5, 6, 57, 
. 56, 109. 
Spenders, expender, treasurer, 

Spendinge, expense ; pi. Spend- 

inges, 21, 34, 37. 
Sperringe, a sparrow, 62; A.S. 

Spille, to destroy, 232 ; ^rdpera. 

sing. 8paj», 182,212. 
Spirituallyobe, spiritually, 14. 
Spi^re, spider, 164, 
Sposayles, espousal, wedding, 

189, 235. 
Spotty, blemiabed, faulty, 192. 
Spousbreche, adultery, 37. 
Spouse, 10, 118. 
Spousede, espoused, 118. 
Spousbod, marriage, 10, 43, 185. 
Spousy, to marry, 226. 
Spoosynge, marriage, 227. 
Sprede, to spread, 29. 
Spret, spreads, 23, 131. 
Ssake, to shake, 4, 116. 
Ssame, shame, 8 ; pi. Ssames, 

21, 82. 
Ssamie, to be ashamed, 229. 
Ssanmesse, shame, 142. 
Ssamnest, Seamueste, modest, 

193, 216, 222. 
Ssamud, shameful, 117. 
Ssamuolliche, shamefully, 161. 
Ssambodde^ sham-buds, a dnng 

beetle; A,8. tc^am, dung, 61. 
Ssarp, sharp, 166. 
Ssarpneese, shaipness, penance, 

142, 165,186. 
Ssast = ss/ojrf = il(^gt, slayest, 

Seat °= meat, shot, 45. 
Sseawere, a mirror, 84, 177. 


Sseftwinge, levelationa, appeal^ 

ULce, 2 ; pi. Saenwyngea, 14. 

Saea.'Wj, ssewy, to show, 66, 73, 

100; pt. Saeawe^, 21, 26, 

110; pret. Sseavede, 13. 

SbbcI, Seede, sluide, ahadov, 77, 

95, 97, 137. 
Ssedde, elied. 1, 107. 
Sseduy, to take shade or shelter, 

Sm^ks — saoplma, fonna, 62. 
Ssel, (1.) shall, 2, 5, 101; (2.) 

owes, ought, 113, 115, 115, 

Smid, shield, 1, 167. 
Sselt, Shalt, 5, 129. 
Seende, to destroy, confound, 

ruin, 28, 136, 118 ; Zrd pen. 

ling. pree. Ssent ; A.S. tnendan. 
Ssep, Ssepe, sheep, 50, 88, 137, 

Ssepe, reward, pay, hire, 33, 10, 

86, 113, 116; pi. Saepos, 

wages, 39. Chaucer uses Shype 

(Parson's Talo) in the same 

sense ; cp. A.S. sceoppa, a 

Ssepingea, forms, cieatnres, 61, 

108, 245. 
Sseppere, creator, 6, 7, 18, 145. 
Ssep|i, giveth reward, 209, 
6sep)Ki, creature, form, 5, 6, 81, 

101, 270 ; pi. Seep^ea, 13, 

64, .84, 112 ; A.S. sceppan, to 

form ; tce(^, creature. 
Sserte, shirt, 190. 


Sset, ahnte, 186, 21& 

Seette, to shut, 179, 16&;pnl. 

Ssette, 189. 
Seette-pora, a shnt-piuse, 187. 
Ssetteles, han, 94 ; A.S. aq/Oti, 

lock, bar, bolt 
Sareweee, miirots, 176. 
Saewy, to show, 11, 69. See 

Saewynge, appearance, 36. Set 

Sedne, to ahiae, 188. 
Ssin^, ahisea, 64. 
8Bip,Saipe, ship, 112, 129. 
Saipmon, shipmen, aailon^ 60, 

Ssmak, taste, 83. 
Sso, shoe, 230. 
Ssoinge, shoes, 164. 
Ssofji, shoves, 171. 
Seolde, should, 1 2 ; 2nd per. nng. 

Saoldest ; 3rd pL Ssolden, 6, 

12, 20. 
Ssolle, Ssollen,i]I. ahaU, 1, 3, 5, 8. 
Ssop, created, 87. 
Saomede, acabby,221. jSeeSeain- 

Ssort, Ssoite, short, brief, 81, 98, 

99, 189. 
Ssorthede, bientf, 99. 
Ssortlaker, more briefly, 252, 
Saortliche, briefly, 21, 79,99,123. 
Ssrede, to clothe, 90, 268 ; A.9. 

scrydan, to clothe. 
Saiedinge, clothing, 177, 258. 
Saiewe, wretoh, 32. 



Ssrifte, Saryfte, Ssriljw, almft, 4, 

14, 20, 31, 32. 
Ssriffi, shriree, 174. 
SsriiiB, p.p. sbrireo, 174. 
Sariuere, confeeaor, 174. 
Ssriuftenader, father confessor, 

Ssrive, Ssiyve, to shrive, coofeBs, 

5, 32, 70, 132. 
SsTO^ shrove, confessed, 178. 
SsToad, covering, dros^ 258. 
Ssyetere, shooter, archer, 174. 
Sejldo, to shield, 27L 
Ssj^e, to shine, 267. 
Ssynynde, shining, 76. 
Stable, 83. 
Stablen, stables, 210. 
Stages, 122. 
Stale, stealing, theft, 9. 
Stape, step, 3, 47 ; pi. Stapes, 32, 

Stas (pi. of Stat), states, 28. 
Stat, state, 7, 26, 46. 
Steaj, ascended, 13, 213; A.S. 

riigan (pret. gidh,), to Bftcend. 
Stech, Stechche, piece, pJ. Stech- 

chee, 62, 111 ; A.S. dvxe. 
Stede, place, 7, 140. 
Stedenest, stedfost, 84, 116, 232. 
St«deuestliche, stedfastly, 11, 66, 

105, 233. 
Stedeoestneese, stodfastness, 83, 

8t«f, staff, pi. Steaee, 156. 
Stefhede, stiffness, strength, 263- 
Stefliche, strongly, 258. 

Stele, to steal, 79 ; ^nd per. eing. 

Stelat, 38; irdaing. Stel>, 23, 

37;jrf. Stele>, 26, 37. 
Stempe, to stumbles ^^^- Stampt 

occnrs in this sense in Owl and 

Stench, stink, 248. 
Stene, to stone, 213. 
Steple, 23, 160. 
Sterie, to stir, direct, endeavour, 

173, 186. 
Storre, star, 164. 
Steiien, stars, 267. 
Sterue,todie,2,70, I43;j>I. 2nd 

ting. Sterist, 71 ; Srd sing, 

Sterf>, 54, 71; Srd p/-. Ster- 

uef, 36, 71 ; subj.pret. Storue, 

54 ; pret. Sterf, 70. 
St«ruinde, dying, 75. 
Steruinge, death, 10, 73, 95, 165. 
Steve, staff, 156. See Stef. 
Stillehede, solitude, 142. 
Stilliche, secretly, 65. 
Stinkinde, Stynkynde, stinking, 

32, 49, 81, 189. 
Stele, stool, 239. 
Sten, stone, 1 ; pi. Stones, 140. 
Stenchi, to staunch, 73, 110. 
Stondinde, standing, 170; stiff, 

Stoppi, te stop, 257. 
Stor, incense, 211 ; A.8. tlor. 
Storue, Storuen, died, 12, 67, 

See Sterne. 
Stonpi, to stoop, bend, 151. 
Strait, Strsyt, Strayte,54,78, 130. 



Stautliche, Stiaytliche, StTeyt- 

liclie, straidy, strictly, 7, 18, 

34, 171. 
Stnng, Strang, I6;j]l. Stronge, 

Strangor, stroi^r, 168. 
Stranglaber, more strongly, 17, 

26, 88, 116. 
StrangUkeet, most strongly, 157. 
Strsngliche, strongly, firmly, 16, 

127, 212. 
Strayny, to reetnun, 263. 
StFechclie, to stretch, 103. 
Streme, Streame, stream, 72. 
Strenger, stronger, 170. 
. Strong^ force, 3, 45, 161 ; no 

strengfK = no f ors, no matt«i, 

Streng))!, to strengthen, 86, 180. 
Strepe, to strip, 98, 105. 
Strif, Stryf, strife, dispute, 23, 

67, 66. 
Striui, to striye, dispute, 66. 
Striuinde, striving, 154. 
Stryfinge, strife, 57. 
Strok, stroke, 34. 
Stude, Studie, Stndye, to study, 

24, 34, 70, 78, 232. 
Substance, 113. 

Subetanciel, SubBtancielor, 113. 
Sudyakne, Sujfdeakne, subdea- 

con, 225, 236. 
Suapiciouses, pi. auspicious, 226. 
SuetyeneJ), ^. sustain, 67. 
Symoniaks, 41. 
Symony, 34, 41, 42. 

Tables (cononaiidments), 6. 
Tables, games of bazaid, 45, 62. 
Take, to give, 22; toocb upon, 

56 ; 3rd ting. Tak>, 175. 
Takinges, touchings, handlings^ 

9, 10, 46. 
Tale,number, estimation, 11, 108, 

Talyinde, tal»-bearing, 207. 
Taueme, 66. 
Tauemyer, a tavern-keeper, 44 ; 

a tavera-^oei, 51. 
Tayles, duties, toUage, 38. 
Te, to, 172. 
Tealde, told, 239. 
Techches, liabits, bad habits, 32, 

Teche, to teach ; 3rd ring. Tek>, 

6, 49 ; jrf. Techeji, 8. 
Techinge, teaching, 68. 
Tedra^j'nge, detraction, 61. 
Telle, to nnmber, reckon, 17, 21. 
TeUeres, narrators, 58. 
Tellinge, numbering, 1. 
Telf, teUs, 62. 
Tempenuice, 4, 124. 
Tempeste, 73. 
Tempre)), tempers, 264. 
Tende, tenth, 2, 11, 13. 
Tendes, tithes, 41. 
Tendie, tender, 77, 148. 
Teppe {oUiq. ease of Xep), a tap, 

Terestre, 50. 
Terme, 33. 
Tejp, teeth, 67. 



TeuB = to eue, yesterday evBn- 

ing, 51. 
Tejek, tUe, 167. 
Hdyingefl, tidings, 58. 
Tiene, to annoy, weaiy, 34. See 

Timlich, Timliche, timely, tem- 

poial, 19, 30, 44, 52. 
To, too, 6. 

To-ayeoB, against, 6, 10, 26, 166. 
To-bnke), pi. break in piecea, 64. 
Tobie}^ , breaks in pieces, 6. 
Tobroke, broken in pieces, 30. 
Toclene, bnrat in pieces, 50, 56. 
Tocne, Tokne, a token, aign, 226. 
Tocnen, Toknen, tokens, signs, 

10, 69, 216. 
Todele, to divide, separate, die- 
tingnish, diatribute, 2, 17, 80 ; 
Todel {imp.) 73, 74 ; pp. To- 
deU, 83, 86; pret. Todelde, 
226, 164 ; To-dele we, let mb 
depart, 72. 
Todelinge, division, separation, 3, 

72, 189. 
To-del^, divides, Beparates, dis- 
tinguishes, 16, 17, 119. 
To-dijt, explained, rendered, 164. 

Todijtinge, division, 72, 
To-drajinge, detraction, 57, 62. 
To-dra^^, detracts, depreciates, 62. 
Togidere, Togydere, together, 43, 

To-heawe, to hew to pieces, 62 : 
to-heau^, cnrtails. 

Tokne, token, 68, 177. 
Toknen, tokens, signs, 2. 
Tokninge, sign, 50. 
Tol, toll, 192. 
To-mofhe, very much, 14, 
Tomochelhede, excess, 248. 
Tonge, tongue, 24, 50. 
Tongen, tongues, 22, 142. 
Tonne, a tun, barrel, 27, 167. 
Tonnen, tuns, 35. 
Topart«, to divide, distribute, 1 70. 
Toppe, above, 6, 106, 163. 
Torment, »6. 29, 79 -,1^ Tormena, 

73, 166, 167. 
Tonnente, v. 53. 

Tomement, Tomoyment, a tour- 
nament, 46, 101, 117, 252; j)!. 
Tomemens, Tomoymena, 166, 
Tojian, to that, 56, 
Toual), falls back, perishes, 33, 

Tonnes, towns, 30. 
Touoie, before, 7. 
Tout, tower, 23, 47. 
Toyans, Toyeans, Toyens, against, 

towards, 20, 86. 
Tojte, taught, 96, 149. 
Trau, Trew, Tiaue, Trawe, 
Trauwo, tree, 28, 67, 96, 201, 
Trauail, ab. labour, 130. 
Trauailinde, running, 167, 
Ttanayli, to labour, oppress, 33, 

39, 171. 
Trauea, Trawea, trees, 25, 94, 95. 



Trajsonn, treason, 37. 

Treeor, Tre2»t, treaame, 57, 96. 

Tresoriere, treaaUTer, 231. 

Tretable, tractable, 94, 167. 

Tret«, to treat, 142. 

Trewe, true, 101. 

Tieneliche, Treweliche, Tiiewo- 

liche,truly,79, 134, 169. 
Treu>e, Trewfe, truth, troth, 22 1 , 

Triacle, remedy, medicine, 17, 

Troblij Troubli, to trouble, 104, 

Trone, throne, 266. 
TroBaing^ tresaing of hair, 176. 
Troat, imp. tniat, 241. 
Trosti, to truat, 242. 
Truflea.jeeta, 66, 68. 
Truont, a b^gar, 174 j pL Tru- 

ona, 194. 
Tuay, Tuaye, two, 1, 30, 67. 
Tuelf, twelye, 2, 11. 
Toelite, twelfth, 14. 
Tuo, two, 2. 
Turle,' turtle dove, 226. 
Tayea, Tuiea, twice, 35, 36. 
Tuyg, a tw^, 22 ; pi. Tuyggea, 

Tuyeggea, 17, 41. 
TnyEite, to twiat, 159. 
Tyares, Tyearea, Tyeres, tears, 

74, 85, 173, 267. 
Tyeoe, anger, grief, disinclination, 

31,66, 124; A.8. tedria. 
Tyeni, Tyeny, to grow weary of, 

73,99, 142, 161;A.S. teotian. 

Tymlich, l^mliche, temporal, 2. 

Tyrana, tyrants, 182. 

Jja,/. the, that, 33. 

)»n, dot. that (man), 23. 

t^an, those, 21, 265. 

Jjane, )}anne, ace. the, 27; 34, 66. 

})ank,^thankB, 18. 

)}anne, than, then, when, 12, 16, 

18, 20, 30. 
JXuinea, thence, 12. 
pa:^, thongh, 9. 

)}a}tes, yet, nevertheless, 6, 8, 9. 
J)6, tbou-thyaolf, 54. . 
jManwea, jMawea, practtcea, habits, 

17, 78, 131 ; A,S. JjsAp. 
t>ollich,J)eUicbe, Uiis, theBe.Bucli, 

7, 8, 9, 10, 27, 266; A.S. 

^Uie, fyle, the like. It is pro- 
bable that the pL yeUicAe, O.K. 

Jiel/ee, haa been confoimded with 

A.S. Jia ylca, the same. 
J}enche, to think, 47, 55 ; imp. 

Thench, 20 ; Jiengst, 2nd per. 

ting. 214 ; 3j^ a. Jjengji, 18, 

66, 92. 
)}enchinde, thinking, 212. 
)}enchinge, thought, 6, 72, 213. 
pel, there, where, 1, 6, 6, 58. 
jMrhuile, )}erhuilB,l}erhuyl, whilst, 

139, 217. 
Jjerlea, windows, 204 ; A.&. >*«/, 

a hole. 
}}ermide, therewith, 127. 
peme, for peene, ace. this, 94, 

))erteyenB, tluirMigainst, 11, 




)>e3, fR. thia, {S3, 65, 160. 

tnt, rei. that, 1, U, 19. 

Pet, tlie artifXe neater, the, 2, II, 

16, 19, 181. 
)>et 0^, second, 16. 
J)6t-to-)ran, in order that, 170. 
Jlewea, customs, habits, 79. 
t>ider, thither, UO. 
)}ie(>e, theft, 9. 
)>ieiiie, a mud servant, 129. 
))ieBterliche, darkly, 244. 
Jjiostemesse, darkness, 201. 
Jjieatre, dark, 169 ; A.B.^md«r. 
Jjincfi, )f\agf, appeals, 18, 108, 

143, 164. 
t)inen (of), thine, 194. 
)}is {^dat. |)ise, Jjisen), 2, 6, 7, 

44, 121. 
))is, )}iBe, J)ea, these, 1, 7. 
|to,/. the, that, 1, 12, 13. 
)fo, pi. the, those, 8, 9, 13. 
Jm, when, 141. 

(tole, imp., suffer, endure, 117. 
)X>leinodnBase, patience, endur- 
ance, 63, 133, 183, 185. 
))oIie, iJolye, to suffer, endure, 12, 

22,33,74,162; A.S. JkSIwn. 
jToliynge, Jjolyinge, endurance, 

suffering, 167, 163, 164. 
|>olynde, enduring, 167. 
J»on, those, 11, 12, 135. 
jKindie, thunder, 130. 
Jxinke, tJoukes, thanks, IS, 66, 

jMnki, )>oakj, to thank, 6, 7. 
)>om-h<%, hedge-h<^, 66. 

>oret, thirst, 73, 96. 

Poij, through, 81. 

)^ Pom, thus, 39, 184. 

Jpoome, thumb, 43. 

jMusend, )X)iizeu, Jionsond, 67, 
75, 77, 268. 

Jlojt, )Xijte, thought, 6, 9. 

Jmtnwe, )}rawe, to throw, 139, 

Jjrawji, JjiauJ, throws, 17, 23, 

Jjieapni, Jneapny, to threaten, re- 
prove, 97, 162, 184 J A.a 

Jjreapninge, J^reapnynge, threat- 
ening, 38, 66, 66, 72. 

Jlrel, pi. tnelles, thiall, slave, - 
19, 67, 86, 87. 

tweldom, Jneldome, ekvery. 

Jjrestee, crowds, hosts, 183. 

Jlreu, threw, 133. 

Jjri, three, 2, 3, 7 ; jMisifie, three 

times, 234. 
>ridde, third, 2, 12. 
pnsa, thrice, 35, 36. 
{irin, therein, 167. 
Jjrittf^te, thirtieth, 234. 
Jjritti, thirty, 141, 234. 
Jjrote, throat, 14. 
pjei, oUiq. eaue, Jjyeve, thief, 

37, 263 ; pi. Jjyeuea, 37. 
Jjyefjw, thef^ 38, 192. 
Jjywter, Jjyestre, dark, 45, 264, 

266, 276; A.S. }eoater. 
Jlyestemcese, darkness, 189. 


Jiyuefl = t^eues, thieves, 254. 

Uader, &ther, pt. TJadeiea, 16S. 
Uaderlease, Uaderljese, father^ 

leas, 188, 193. 
TJair, Uayr, Uaire, Uayre, fidr, 

16. 27, 81. 
UaUe, to bll, 29, 31. 
Vilp, fells, 66 ; UaUe)>, pi. faU, 

Ualouwe, to fede, 81. 
TTals, Uabe, felse, 6, 10, 18. 
Uabe, to foigs, 40, 62. 
L'alsere, a laleifier, 62. 
Ualahede, Msehood, 10, 39, 63. 
TJaUliche, Ualslyche, falsely, 28, 

Ualsne, aee. falae, 24. 
Uand, found, 57, 181. 
TJanito, vanity, 77. 
Uaani, to Ian, winnow, 1 39. 
Uare, to &re, 1. 
Uayre)), becomes fair, 9fi ; makes 

teir, 233. 
Uayrhede, beauty, 16, 18, 75. 
Uayrliche, feirly, emootlily, 1, 

Ueawe, few, 162, 254. 
Uedde, fed, 96, 190. 
Uede, to feed, 199. 
Uelaje, fellow, participator, ac- 
cessory, 36, 37, 67. 
TJel^e, to join, share, participate, 

101, 102, 2D6. 
Uela^rede, fellowship, commn- 

nion, 9, 10, 14, 38. 

UeU, Uelde, Udden, Med, 55, 

Ueld, Uelde, field, 81, 131. 
Ude, Uelen, many, 6, 13, 102, 

103; vdenpe, veiatfe, many 

times, 20, 257 ; utHeuald, numj 

fold, 212. 
Uele, tofeel, 154, 180. 
Uelioge, feeling, 241. 
UellB, skin, 210. 
UeUe, to fill, 77, 92. 
Uelleji, pi. fill, 44. 
Uel>, feels, 23, 25, 131. 
Uel)>, fills, 58. 
Uelf«, filth, 56, 61, 81. 
Uend, Uiend, Uyend, enemy, 

fiend, devil, 1, et ptugim. 
Uendonginge, vendage, sale, 36. 
Uenial, Uenyal, 16, 73. 
Uenim, Uenym, 17, 22. 
Uenimoose (pi. Uenimouses), 27, 

Der, Uere, fire, 30, 66, 66, 74. 
Uer, far, 133, 143. 
Uerliche, suddenly, hastily, 55, 

Uerlichhede, haste, 65 ; A.S. fih; 

endden ; ftkrliee, suddenly. 
Uerre, la, distant, 204. 
Uerri, to pat at a distance, le- 

move, 178 ; A.S.feorTiaa. 
Uew, verse, 128. 
UMBt, Uereto, firet, 1, 2, 31. 
Uerste, to delay, 1 73 ; A.S. Jynt, 

interval ; Jyntan, to give n- 





Uer^ fourth, 2, 3. 
TTer^inge, &ithiiig, 193. 
TJest, U«8te, fast, 60, 91, 17& 
Ueete, to feat, 61, 62. 
Uestemens, veBtmentB, i\. 
Ueatingea, faate, 33, 61, 52. 
Uestliche, &8t, fiim, 166, 252, 


Ueatni, to fitsten, strengtiieu, 

flstablieh, 106, 117, 213. 
Uet, feet, 14, 16. 
Uet, Uette, tat, 36, 53. 
Ueto, obiiq. cote of ITet, a rat. 

Teasel, 199. 
Ueterea, fetters, 128. 
Ueth, feedeth, 241. 
Ue^eren, feathoTB, 370. 
tTette|r, pi. fatten, 241. 
TJice, 27. 
Vil, fiT«, 46. 
TJifte, Uyfte, fifth, 2. 
TJil, Uile, TJyl, Uyle, Tile, 82, 

132, 180. 
Ua, feU (pi TJille, UUlen), 16, 

67, 98. 
Uilsyn, XTilejm, Uileyne, wicked, 

disgraceM, vile, 69, 194. 
Uile, "Vile, oil, 93. 
UUe, will, 152. 
Hike, pt. Tila, 76. 
Uileyiiie, TJilayneje, Uileynye, 

disgiacefid conduct^ wicked- 
ness, 18, 31, 75. 
Uileynlaker, more wickedly, 64. 

Uileynliche. Uilejnlyche, wick* 

edly, 64, 69. 
TTilhede, vilenees, 130. 
Uilliclie, vilely, shamefully, 133. 
ITinde, Uynde, to find; 2wJ 

pen. sing. TJinst; Zrd pert. 

sing. Uint, 38, 39, 74, 207. 
TJingre, finger, 6, 63. 
Uisage, 45. 

insH, Uiaae, fish, 50, 110, 170. 
Uiesere, fisheiman, 60, 238. 
Uijwle. fiddle, 105. 
Uyt, m^, fight, 131, 169. 
TJ^ to fightv 15, 157. 
U^tinde, fightii^;, 219. 
Uijtinge, fitting, fight, 37, 170, 

TThiteri, to flatty, 61. 
UUtoon, flatteien, 256. 
Ulaje, pp. flayed, 73. 
Ulo^, fled, 130, 141. 
riedde, TTiedden, fled, 204. 
TTlees, UlesBe, flesh, 9, 31, 47, 

80, 110, 180. 
Ulesalich, Uleaaliche, TJlesalycbe, 

fleshly, carnal, 10, 35, 42, 87, 

nie>, fliea, flieth, 25, 41. 
Uleje, fly, 136. 
Ule^en, fliea, 39, 58, 270. 
XJlindre, moth, 206. This is con- 
nected with flitter and fivtter. 

Cp. ProT. E flMider, JHtter, 

fragment; Prov. Gta. JUmdta^ 

to flutter, 
tm^)), niyj)>, flies, 166, 206, 254. 



Ulod, Ulodo, flood, 247. 

Uly, to fly; Ulye|r, pi. fly, flee, 

mpnd^ flyingf ®6. ''■ 
TJlynte, flint, 156. 
XTDonynge, discoid, 65. 
Uol, Uolle, fiill, complete, 1, 28, 

44, 96, 166, 160, 299. 
TJolc, Uolk, folks, people, 15, 43, 

Uoldeat, completest, 270. See 

Uoldo, perfect, perfected, 28, 96, 

Uolhede, fUlaess, complete, 119, 
Uolkeiede, people, 196. 
UoIIe, Uolnesae, fulneBS,133, 266. 
rollerea, fuUera, 167. 
UoUiche, UoUyohe, fully, 73, 78, 

Uolmad, perfect, 28, 260. 
Uoleerue, to serve fully, 33. 
Uolueld, Uoluelde, fiilfiUed, 88, 

96, 149. 
TTolueUe, to fulfil, 64, 93. 
Uoluellinde, perfect, 88, 113. 
Uoluellinge, completion, 260. 
Uoluelf, fulflla, 7, 83, 122. 
Uolje), foUowB, 12, 24, 36. 
TJolji, Uol^y, imp. Uolje, follow, 

74, 83, 166. 
Uoljinde, Uoljynde, following, 

Uon, foes, 255. 
Uondero, temper, 116. 
Uondi, Uondy, to tempt, 16, 46, 


116, 170; A.S.fandian. 
Uondinge, Uondynge, Uondinj^ 

temptation, 1, 25, 31, 116, 

168, 176. 
Uor, for, 1, 3. 
Uoibegge, to atone for, 78. 
Uorbere, to forbear, abstain, 148. 
Uorbeiii^ forbearing, abstin- 
ence, 148, 205. 
TJorbeme, to consume, 225. 
Uorbemedi'Uorbemde, consumed, 

burnt, 30, 67, 266. 
Uorbem}), consumes, 74. 
Uorberf, forbears, beais with, 

Uorbiane, Uorbyane, pi. TJor- 

bisnen, example, 46, 47, 87, 

89,237; A.S. /tfreftyaen. " 
Uoibode, forbidden, 8, 9, 45. 
TJorbyet, forbids, 6. 
Uoide)), does away with, destroy, 

121. See Uonio. 
TJor^-yzede, aforesaid, 190. 
Uorkest^ cast forth (as dead). 
Uorlay, lay with, lavished, 23<^ 

Uorleaa, lost, 181, 184. 
Uorlet, forsakes, forsook, left, 

184, 269. 
tlorlete, to leave, forsake, forgiv^ 

126, 165, 262; A.S. /orkitan. 
tJorlore, lost, ruined, 11, 14, 128. 
Uorlorene, pi. lost, ruined, 13, 14. 
Uoilyese, to lose, 57. 
Uorlyeaiiige, TJorlyezingei loss, 

156, 243. 



Uor-rotod, Uoi^rotede^ rotten, de- 
cayed, 148, 205. 

Uorapeclje, prologue, prafoce, 3, 
lOfi, 166. 

TJorte, for to, until, 220. 

Uorp, forth, 119. 

UoTjian, becauae, 181. 

Uorjienclie, to i«pent, forthlnk, 
5, 29, 125, 159. 

Uor^chinde, lepentin^ 4, 20, 
28, 32, 178. 

Uor^nchinga, repentancey 73. 

Uor^ing]), npents, 27, 29, 62. 

Uorfrawe, overtbiow, 86. 

Uorwarfe, bargain, 36 ; A.8. 

tJoiya^ forgave, 114. 

Uoiyei; imp. foTgive, 110, 114. 

VoiyefJ, foigiTOB, 28, 112, 179. 

Uoiyet, foigsta, 18. 

Uoryet, imp. forget, 73. 

Uoiyete, to foiget, 6, 46, for- 
gotten, 115. 

Uoryetel-, ^. forget, 6, 78. 

Uoryetinde, foigetfiU, 32. 

Uoryetinge, forgetfulness, 18, 32, 

Uoryeu^ to forgive, 29. 

Uoryeueneeee, forgiveness, 32, 
113, 179. 

Uonake, to forsake, 48, 196. 

Uonak^, Uoizajji, forsakes, 18, 
43, 221. 

TJorzede, aforesaid*, 190. 

Uonok, forsook, 77. 

Uorzoke, forsaken, 179. 

Uoizofe, foraooth, 16, 79. 

ITorzualj, devoured, 67. 

Uorzuelje, to devour, 15, 56, 
111, 174, jji TJorzueljeJi, 62. 

UoTzuelJi, Uorzue^)), devours, 17, 

Uorzneiie, pe^nre, fotawear, 6. 

IToizueriinge^ pwjiry, 67. 

Uorzuolje, jjp. devoured, 1 1 1, 206. 

Uorznoreney perjured, 1 9. 

Uorzuylji, devours, 61. 

Uot, foot, 66, 127. 

Uoul, Uoule, foul, 22, 25, 35. 

Uoulhede, crime, disgrace, dis- 
honour, 25, 75. 

UouUiche, foully, wickedly, 41, 

Uonnde, pp. found, 83. 

Hour, four, 3. / 

TJonrt^te, fortieth, 4, 13. 

Uourti, forty, 13, 67. 

Uox, fox, 151. 

UojeJ, bird, 71, 178. 

TTojelere, fowler, 254. 

Uojelee, birds, 105. 

Uram, from, 7, 12. 

Uieme, advantage, pofi^ 43, 69, 
94, 117; A.S./renie. 

Uremuol, advantageous, bene- 
ficial, 80. 

Urend, Uriend, Uryend, friend, 

Urendiede, frieudahip, 149. 

Urete, to eat, devour, 39. 

Uiepie, to keep free or holy ; A.S. 
f notion, friditm. 




TTri, to deliver, 262. 

Uri, TJry, ftwe, 86. 

TJridom, TTiydom, fteedotn, 1, 11, 

85, S7. 
Uriliche, UrilTche, freely, 70, 86. 
Uriiul = Urie&d, fiiend, 96. 
Uriwyl, bet, will, 86. 
Uroetes, ftoets, lOR 
Us, nse, 55. 

Usi, Usy, to uae, 48, 79. 
Uyealdinde, folding, 239. 
Uyeud, enemy, devil, 75, 117. 
Uynde, to find, 1, 31, invent, 24. 
Uynt, finds, 31. 
Uyjte, to fight, 117. 

WaH, Waki, to watch, 52, 263. 
Wakinde, waking, watching, 166. 
Wakinge, vigil, 33, 52, 232. 
Wolewe, to wallow, 126. 
Wanhope, deepur, 29, 34. 
Wantiokiynge, lack, want, 265 ; 

A.S. trvean, to fail, abate. 
Waste, 19. 

Wayn, profit, advant^e, 43. 
Waynye, to iliminiah, 88; A.S. 

Wayte, to watch, lie in wait, 
121, 179. 

Waytlnge, watching, 15. 

Waje, wave, 206 ; A.8. wrfy. 

Wed, pledge, 36, 102, 113; A-S. 

Wed-dyad, Wedde-dyad, mort- 
gage, 35. 

Weder, weather, 129. 

Wedeiooc, vane, 180. 

Wefde, altar, 112. See Wjefde. 

Wei, very, 16, 22. 

Wellen, welia, 80. 

Wel-wilynd€^ well-wiaher, frieatd, 

Wende, Wenden, thought, 108. 
Wende, to turn, go, 6, 13, con- 
vert, 90. 
Wende}), pi. turn, go, 60. 
Wendinge, Wendynge, departure, 

separation, 70, 71. 
Wene, to think, 179. think, 21. 
Wenat, weraieHt, 129, 
Went, tains, 69, 180. 
Wenf, thinks, SI, 22, 128. 
Wenynge, thought, 113. 
Wepindeliche, weepingly, 192. 
Wepf, weeps, 93. 
Weieden, protected, 266. 
Were^, guards, 124. 
WereJ, becomes weary, 17. 
Weri, Wery, (1) to become 

weary, 33, 99. (2) weary, 84. 
Werie, to guard, 129, 182 ; A.S. 

Werihede, weariness, 33. 
Werm, reptile, worm, 137, 215, 

Wermen^ of worms, 216. 
Wermethe, worm-eaten, 229. 
Wemde, denied, 189; A.S. ttyi-- 

nan, tonAiee. 
Werte, war, 30, 48. 
Wenen, wars, 239. 



Weneies = werret, wan, Btrife, 

WeneJ), ware against, oppoeee, 17, 


Weiri, to war agunst, oppoae, 29, 

Weiye, to def^id, piotoot, 69, 

Wea, wae, 7, past existence, 104. 
Wesee, to wash, 171. 
WessiTigo, washii^ 178. 
Weast, irashea, 202. 
Wesleu, knew, 72. 
Weter, water, 66, 74, 98. 
Wetery, to water, 96, 98. 
Weued, altar, 167. See Wyefdo. 
.Wexe, to grow, 95 ; grown, 26. 
WexeJ, pi. grow, increase, 23. 
Wext, growB, 3, 18. 
Weyaeiindemen, way£uiiig men, 

traTelleis, 39. 
Weje, to weigh, 44, 91, 256, 256. 
W^^, weigheth, 255. 
Wichen, Wychen, witohea, 19, 

Wile, Wyle (3nl pere. ang.), 

will, pi. Willef, 16. 
Willinge, willingneas, 9. 
■flTilni, Wylny, to.deaire, 35, 36. 
Wilttolliclie, willingly, ml/vlly, 

Winne, to profit, 90. 
Wisliche, wisely, 210. 
Wip-b«^ge, redeem, 186. 
Wif-bojt, redeemed, 186. 
Wi|)-cleped, recalled, 189. 

Wi^raje, to withdraw, 28. 

Wlafleie, a silly babbler, 262. 

Wlatiinge, Wlatiynge, disgosti 
178, 192, 216 ; A.S. uZofton, 
grieve, loathe. 

Wlatuol, hateful, di^usting, 241. 

"Wod, Wode, mad, 56, UO. 

Wode, wood, 23, 96. 

Wodewe, widow, 48, 190. 

Wodewen, Wodewon, widows, 
193, 225. 

Wodewhod, widowhood, 48, 185. 

Wodhede, madness, lage, 17, 16. 

Woke, week, 7, 212. 

Wolde {pi. Wolden), would, 16, 

Woldest, wonldst, 73. 

Wolle, wool, 137. 

Wombo, belly, Womben,^. 63. 

Wonde, wound, 174, 217. 

Wonden, wounds, 148. 

WonderUche, Wonderiyche, won- 
derfully, 14, 267. 

Wondeniol, Wonderuolley won- 
derful, 16, 266. 

Wondrinde, wondeiing, 266. 

Wone, habit, custom, 6, 22, 38 ; 
A.S. mtn6. 

Woue^, accustoms, 7. 

Wonie, Wonye, to dwell, 48, 54, 
87, 109; to accufltom, 220; 
A.8. wimiin. 

Woniyngo, Wonyinge, dwelling, 
abode, 149, 267. 

Wop, weeping, 71, 93, 265; A.S. 




Wordleliche, worldly, 164, 210. 

'Workmde, working 206. 

Worfcuol, active, 199. 

Wore, woreo, 20. 

Worai, to become Torae, 33. 

Worjr, ' is wor^,' signifies, 7 ; avails, 

Wor>, shall be, 74. 
Worf, Worfe, worthy, fit, 23, 74. 
Worf, value, 82. 
Worfe, to be worjie =■ to avail, 

Worfissipe, Worssipe, hononr ; »b. 

worahip, 8, 18,20,75, 104. 
Worjissipie, Woissipie, to honour, 

woiahip, 5, 6, 8, 79. 
Worlissiphede, honour, eeteem, 

Worf seiplich, honourable, 80. 
Worftasipliche, Worasipllche, hon- 
ourably, 54, 
Wor^asipuol, honourable, 80, 83, 

Wor)iuolle, honourable, 16. 
Woae, Woze, mud, 87, 89, 186; 

VHpours, 186 ; A.S. wase. 
Wot, knows, 9, 10. 
Wouudon, wounds, 266. 
Woje, wall, 72. 
Wrong, wrong, 208. 
Wraye, Ut bewray, betray, 176 ; 

A.S. wrigan. 
Wrechchen, wretches, niggardB, 

187, 188, 189. 
Wreche, Wreche, a wretch, 26, 


30, 31, 70, 129. 
Wreche, vengeance, 45. 
Wrek, thrust out, 189, 215 ; AS. 

wrtkcan, to exile (pret. wrtte). 
Wrench, craft, deceit, 129. 
Wre^ = Wre))), hides, 61. 
Wrejw, wrath, 8, 30. 
Wre^Ji, is angry, 17,34. 
Wiefi, WreJIri, to make angry, 

be angry, 8, 60, 232. 
Wrefuolle, angry, enraged, 30. 
WrikJ>, Wrijji, hides, 128. 
Writ, wiitee, 5. 
Wron^che, wrongfully, 8. 
Wrof, angtjj 22. 
WroJjB, badly, 20. 
Wry, hide, cover, 258 ; AS. wri- 

Wiyef, hide, 61, 175. 
Wychche, witch, 41. 
Wychecrefli, witchcraft, 43. 
Wychkedhede, Wyckedbede, 

wickedness, 43, 114. 
Wyed-hoc, weed-hook, hoe, 121. 
Wyefde, Wyeued, altar, 14, 236; 

A.S. iceo/od. 
Wyf, naii. wife, woman, 9, 181. 
Wyfman, woman, 10, 11. 
Wyfinen, Wymmen, women, 10, 

Wylhede, will, 164. 
Wylles, desires, 138. 
Wyllesuol, wilful, 263. 
Wyllief, pi. deaire, 142. 
Wylni, Wylny, to desire, 9, 10, 

11, 34, 243. 

"Wylninge, Wylaynga, dasir^ 11, 

22, 30, 47, 72, 85, 176. 
WylaoUa, wilful, willing, 162. 
"Wyn, wine, 27, 
■Wyngen, wings, 217. 
Wynne, gain, obtain, rinff. 2nd 
pert. Wynet, 3rd pen. Wynf , 
17, 4G, 102. 
"Wynnyngge, gain, 23, 24. 
Wynynde, prermling, 108. 
Wypi, to wipe, 161. 
Wyaen, modes, 62. 
Wysliede, wisdom, 68. 
WyaKclie, wisely, 94, 172. 
Wyste, knew, 98, 173. 
Wyt, Wytte, wit, wisdom, sense, 

II, 16, 62, 53. 
Wyte, to chide, blame, 69 ; A.S. 

Wyte, Wytene, to learn, to know, 
to wit, 1, 6, 39, 72 ; A.S. wtfem. 
Wytie, Wytye, to keep, preserve, 
keep from, to heed, 212, 229 ; 
to guard, 122, 166, 174. 
'Wytinde,'Wytynde, knowing, 'by 
his wytinde,' he being aware, 
knowingly, 6, 8, 21. 
Wytindeliche, knowingly, 8, 18, 

65, 175. 
Wytleaa, witless, 86. 
Wytnesse, witness, 10, 13. 
Wytte, out of his wytte, out of 

his wits, 68. 
Wytuol, intelligent, wise, 15i 
Wy)«lepie, to rocaU, 215. <S^ 

, IHDEZ. 351 

Wyfidraje, to withdraw, abstain, 
cease, forbear, 9, 52, 53, 136. 

Wy^drajes, abstinescee, 240. 

Wy^di^iuge, abstinence, 205. 

Wy^drajst, withdrawest, 58. 

Wy>dr^)i, withdraws, 151, 254.' 

Wy^droje, should withdraw, 264. 

Wyforweje, le-weigh, 137. 

Wy))halt, withholds, 9, 249. 

Wyjiinne, within, 10. 

Wyjinime, -Wyjinyme, Wyfini- 
mene, to blame, reprove, err, 
137, 220, 255, 270. 

Wyjniminge, Wyjnymynge, re- 
proof, error, 82, 120, 148, 164. 

Wyjmim>, Wyfnym^, reprOTes, 
17, 22, 69, 129. 

Wyjmymynges, reproaches, 66. 

WyJ)8core, separate, 254. 

Wy^ttingges, exceptiona, 39. 

Wy)istant, withstand^ opposes, 

Wy^tonde, to oppose, 84, 265. 

Wyjntondinge, opposition, 2, 22, 
29, 268. 

Wyffe, rope, 135. 

Wy^Qgge, deny, contradict, 176. 

Wy^zigginge, denial, contradic- 
tion, 52, 109, 153, 233. 

Wyui, to wive, marry, 228. 

Wyjt«, weight, 44. 

Yat gave, 5, 50, 79. 
Talde, old, 7. 

Talp, boasted, 208 ; A. 8. g'dpan 
(pret. gecUp). 



Tanned, armed, 63, 161. 
YanL,rau, 191. 
Tbake, baked, 112. 
Ylieate, beaten, 236. 
Tbede, asked for, 117. 
Ybemde, burnt (one), 116. 
Yblent, blinded, 72, 201, 223. 
Tbieued, remained, dwdt, 72, 

Yblissede, jpl. blessed, consecrated, 

Tbore, bom, 17. 
Yboi^e, saved, protected, 3, 6, 41, 

121, 306; A.S. &ear^n,to save, 

protect (pret heorh, pp. gfhor- 

Tborjlnge, solvation, 201. 
Ybounde, bound, 22, 146. 
Tbojt^ bought, 144. 
Tbrojt, brought, 269. 
Yby, been, 31, 178. 
Tbyate, beaten, 239. 
Ycwked, loaded, 138, 142. 
Ychai^ loaded, 127, 260. 
Tchonged, changed, 242. 
Ychoaene,^. chosen, 68. 
Yclenzed, Yclienzed, cleansed, 74, 

Yclepod, Yclieped, called, 3, 18, 

73. 104. 
Ycliue, Yclfne, climbed, 26, 133; 

Do. Meveren, to climb. 
Ycome, come, 262. 
Ycomparisoned, compared, 81. 
Yconceyued, conceived, 221. 
YconfermedjYconfinned, 106, 1 46. 


Tcontined, continued, 39. 

Ycontyened, Yooatinent, con- 
tained, 118, 260. 

Ycorouned, crowned, 267. 

Tcommped, corrupted, 140. 

Ydammed "^ Ydamned, damned, 

Ydampned, damned, 76. 

Ydel, in rain, empty, 6, 131. 

Ydel-blisse, vain gloiy, 17. 

Ydel-honded, empty-handed, 218. 

Tdelliche, in vain, 8a 

Ydelnesee, idleness, vanity, 48, 
74, 164. 

Ydemd, deemed, judged,12, 137. 

Ydept, dipped, 106. 

Yd^t, Yd^t, prepared, ordered, 
20, 112, 197; decked, 47. 

Ydo, done, 80. 

Tdobbed, dubbed, 63. 

Ydobled, Ydobbled, donbled, 
230, 249. 

Ydolue, broken through, 263. 

Ydn^, drawn, 31 ; treated, 133. 

Ydretd, afraid, 104. 

Ydronke, dnuik, 61. 

Yeaf, gave, 81. 

Yealde, old, 79, 97. 

Yealde)), grows old, 76. 

Yealden, pi. old, 184. 

Yeare, ear, 137, 211. 

Yeai«n, ears, 164. 

Yeast, east, 124. 

Yeden, went, 74, 166, 233. 

Yeii imp. give^ 101. 




Tef, if, 5, 21. 

Ye&t, giTest, 93. 

Yefji, gircB, 22. 

Yeffe, gift, 3, 4, 24, 35. 

Yeld, imp. pay, 253. 

Ydde, to yield, give, pay, nstore, 

1, 18, 31, 38. 
Yeldere, debtor, 163, 262. 
Yeldinde, Indebted, 169. 
Yeldinge, debt, 115, 262. 
Yelpe, to boast, 79. &>eYalp. 
Yelpere, boaster, 22. 
Yelpingge, Yelpinge, boast, 22, 

Yelp>, boasts, 22, 34, 69. 
Yelat,re6toredBt,paidwt, 38, 1G6. 
Yelt, yields, raatoiee, gives, 18, 

81, 124, 253. 
Yeme, take care oi^ preserve, 7 ; 

A.8. gyman. 
Yeme, care, notice, heed, 24, 64. 
Yemere, sad, 215 ; A.S. geomor, 

Yend, yonder, 266. 
Yer, year, 1, 110. 
Yerd, lod, stem, 96. 
Yere, ear, 28. 
Yeren, ears, 46, 267. 
Yeme, to desiie, 74. 
Yemes to ran, 27, 39, 66 j A.S. 

yrnan, to ran (pret am ; pp. 

Yeminde, ranoiug, 207. 
Yeminge, ranning, 255 ; revoln- 

tion, 141. 
Yeni>, rana, 60, 51, 75, 84, 304. 

Yarfe, earth, 8. 

Yeeteneuen, yester evening, 61, 

Yeue, togive, 7, 23, 212. 

Yenene, ger. to give, 114. 

Yetfere, giver, 120, 194. 

Yenynge, giving, 120. 

Yexiljd, exikd, 20. 

Yiayled, failed, 71. 

Yfionred, flowery, 136. 

Yfryd,fiied, 111. 

Ygelt, gilded, 233. 

Ygelt, sinned, traspaased, 26. 

Ygert, girded, 236. 

Ygoyned, joined, 247. 

Ygrannted, granted, 264. 

Ygieued, grieved, 260. 

Yguo, gone, 142. 

Ygyled, beguiled, 124. 

Ybal^ede, hallowed, 40, 106, 

Yharmed, harmed, 238. 
Tbealde, Tbyealde, Yhyalde, 

bound, holden, esteemed, 32, 

Thed, bidden, 109, 139, 227. 
Ybende, near, 212. 
Yherbe^ed, harboured, lodged, 

130, 195. 
Yherd, heard, 97. 
Ybei«, to hear, 20. 
Yhered, praised, honoured, 23, 

96, 104. 
Yher>, hears, 25, 27, 56. 
Yhet, had, 40, 177. 
Yhoded, hooded, conseonted, 49, 


» rat.:,S:,G00glc 



Yhol, Yhola, whole, 62, 126, 171, 

Thole, hidden, 26, 109, 221. 
YhoUioho, YhoUyche, wholly, 

109, 127, 227. 
Yholnesse, wholaness, 230. 
Yholpe, holpen, helped, 184. 
Yhote,caUed, 118, 199. 
Thuyted, Ybniled, mode white, 

178, 228. 
Thyalde, Yhyeolde, hound, 8. 
Yhyer, imp. hear, 72. 
Yhyerd, heard, 20. 
Ybyeie, to hear, 297. 
YhyeT0},pl. hear, 122. 
Yhyer]), hean, 62. 
Ykarked, loaded, 246. 
Ykeud, conceiTed, 12, 263. 
Ykest, cast, 108. 
Yknau]!, knows, 251. 
Yknawe, to know, 82 ; known, 

Yku^:t=Yknenct, quenched, 173. 
Ykuenct, quenched, 186, 265. 
Yleaue, pennisaion, 60. 
Yleaue-nymynge, leave-taking, 

Ylefde,heUeTed, 191. 
Yleft, remained, 173. 
Ylef), beHevea, 60, 69, 222. 
Ylef^, temaina, 50. 
Ylend, gave, lent, 19, 36, 90. 
YIengd, prolonged, 198. 
Yleat, lasts, endures, 83, 168. 
Yleate, to last, peMevere,28, 68, 


Ylete,lefl,foreaken, 115,193,235. 

Yleue, to live, 93. 

Yleue, to believe, 11, 19, 69, 72, 

82, 242. 
Yleued, beheved, 242. 
Yleiied, lived, 130. 
Ylich, Ylych, alike, like, pi. 

Yliche, 62, 65, 88. 
Ylke, some, 224. 
Yloked, kept, guarded, protected, 

awaided, 7, 20, 67, 70, 191. 
Ylore, lost, 45, 129, 226. 
Yloje, lied, lessened, humbled, 

65, 144. 
Ylyemed, learned, taoght, 70. 
Ylykned, likened, 234. 
Ylyky, to please, 109. 
Ymad, made, 7, 84. 
Ymage, 87. 

Tmarissed, mamed, 48, 220. 
Ymaymed, crippled, 135, 141. 
Ymengd, mixed, 196. 
Ymeid, purified, 94. 
Ympen, bianchee, 94, 95. 
Ymylded, meekened, 117. 
Ymyned, mined, 106. 
Yiie, in. See Ine. 
Ynenmed, named, 66, 79, 366. 
Ynewed, renewed, 107, 
YnOme, seized, taken, 46, 144, 

Ynorissed, nourished, 130, 205. 
Yno}, enough, 22. 
Ynojbote, reatitudou, penance, 4, 





ITnojliche, sofflciently, abnndant- 
ly, 55, 210. 

Tobliged, bound, 113. 

Tot, yoke, 255. 

Tolde, pp. of Teldo, requited, 73. 

Yonge, young, i8. 

Tongne, atse. young, 162. 

Yordayned, ordained, 21. 

Youre — Yeara, esr, 265. 

Youme, pi. isn, 96. See Yeme. 

Ypasid, post, 59, 113. 

Ypayd, pleased, 60, 177 ; payed, 

Ypeynt, painted, 26. 

Ypined, Ypyned, tormented, suf- 
fered, 213, 263. 

Ypijt, establialied, confirmed, 
199, 263. 

Tpocriaie, 17, 26. 

Ypoorite, 26. 

Yporcbased, puichaaed, 36. 

Ypraysed, praised, 21. 

Tprimeened, clothed, adorned, 

Tpunnyased, punished, 74. 

Yqueme, please, 228. iSstiEuame. 

Yquenct, quenched, 206, 240. 

Yraoissed, raTished, 143, 231. 

Tre, wrath, 101. 

Treaued, taken away, 143. 

Yredlicho, readily, 1. 

Yredy, ready, 173. 

Yroted, rooted, 107, 230. 

Yrymed, rhymed, 99. 

Ysenied, deserved, 1 15, 

Ysej, saw, 156, 264. 

Yseje fe, sawest thou, 264. 

Yei, to see, 21, 54. 

Yelf^, slain, 68. 

Ysliked, Yslyked, made sleek or 

smooth, 99, 212. 
Ysmaked, ysmacked, tasted, 93. 
Yameied, smeared, anointed, 93. 
Ysmojied, smoothed, 57. 
Ysnes, irons, 128. 
Yst^e, seen, 264. 
Yspeke, spoken, 69, 87. 
Yspild, destroyed, 75, 129. 
Yspoused, espoused, married, 221. 
Yssape, made, 87, 100. 
Ysseawed, Yssewed, shown, 44, 

76, 109. 
Yssed, shed, 239. 
Yseet, shut, 154. 
Yseored, shored, 207, 218. 
Yssred, clothed, 188. 
YBsrnie, shriven, 70. 
Ystole, stolen, 68. 
Ystreng^ed, strengthened, 201. 
Ystriued, disputed, 164. 
YByeJi,j>/. see,217. 
Ytake, taken, 75. 
Ytald, told, 24, 70. 
Yt^t» Ytojte, taught, 54, 254. 
Ytempred, tempered, 257. 
Yjwled, suffered, 182. 
Yjionked, thanked, 196. 
Y>0Tsse, thiashed, 139 ; struck, 

Ynalle, might bdaU, 36 ; fallen, 

Ynal]), fall^ causes, befalls, 36& 




Tuai^ed, (arrowed , 6 1 ; A. S. /eari, 

a txnow, litter. 
Yuayred, made fair, 107, 200. 
Yue = F«w, give, 271. 
Yued, fed, Ul. 
Yueld, feUed, struck, 60, 143, 

Yuelded — Yuelde, fiUed, 246. 
Yuele, to feel, 83, 92, 131. 
YuelJ., feels, 31, 128. 
Yuerfed, removed, 240. SeeVerri. 
Tuestned, confirmed, stTength- 

ened, 105, 107, 109, 221. 
Yueji, imp. give, 265, 
Yuinde, to find, 30, 48, 64, 130. 
Tuleiued, fugitive, 39. 
Yuo, foe, foes, 76, 171. 
Yuoljed, followed. See Uoki. 
Yuon, foes, 197. 
Tuonde, found, 186. 
Yuouded, tempted, 117. 
Yuorfed, nourislied, 186 ; A-S. 

fordian, to aid, assist. 
Yuounde, found, 92. 
Yuojte, ijp. fought, 176. 
Yuryd, set free, 86 ; delivered, 

Yvied, used, 115, 
Ywent, turned, 24, 88; gone,164; 

come to pass, 262. 
Ywer, wary, 100. 
YwessB, washed, 107, 112, 236. 
Ywetered, watered, 131. 
Ywonded, wounded, 148. 
Ywoned, wont, 90, 106. 
Ywor^, be, become, 263 ; come 

(to nothing), 40. 
Ywor}«tiped, worshipped, hon- 

otued, 81. 
Ywrethed, made angry, 161, 171. 
Ywreje, Ywrije, hidden, covered, 

covert, 37, 96, 210. &a Wrij. 
Ywiyte, written, 217. 
Ywiyje, covered, 66. 
Twryjeliche, secretly, 37. 
Ywyl, will, 94, 217. 
Ywylned, desired, 76, 80. 
Ywyte, to learn, notice, know, 

24, 29, 57, 70 ; pp. known, 10. 
Ywyte, preserve, 212 ; guard, 

241. See Wytie. 
Yyeue, given, 20, 79. 
Yyolde, paid, restored, 120, 163, 

Yyoyned, joined, 260. 
Yzawe, sawn, 255. 
Yzed, said, 20, 34, 39, 74 ; called, 

Yzen, Ysen, iron, 139, 167, 217. 
Yzendred, purified, 251. 
Yzenejed, Yzanjed, sinned, 21, 

173, 221. 
Yzet, set, ordained, 7, 167 ; set, 

131, 213. 
YmJi, see, 36, 72. 
Yz^,saw,2, n8;jrf.Y«^126, 

Yzeje, sawest, 20 ; subj. saw, 

Yz^en, pi. saw, 212. 
Yzi, Yzy, Yay, to see, 24, 27, 70, 

73, 157. 




YzUt, Yiiit, Tiyit, seeat, 73, 80, 

Tz^, see, 18S. 
Tzijt, Tz^f), Yzyip, eees, 22, 25, 

81, 85, 114, 115, 130, 157. 
Yiojs, seen, 10, 173, 184. 
T^enne, to see, to be seen, 108, 

228, 238. 
Yzjef, Yzyi), sees, see, 53, 56. 
Tzyef, Tzy|r, Yze>, sees, see, 27, 

46, 72, 75. 

Zalt, salt, 242. 

Zong, song, 60, 61, 68. 

Zanlo, soul, 14, 106. 

Zaulen, Zaules, souls, 1, 113, 264. 

Zt-wa, BOW, 43, 214. 

Zay, say, 1, 8, 103. 

Zajde, said, 103, 166. 

Zayl, sail, 183. 

Zaynte, Zaynt, saint, 12, 13. 

Zayst, sayeet, 70, 102. 

Zay^, says, S, 14. 

Ze, sea, 14, 37. 

Ze, he, 117. 

Zeade, Zeayde, said, 96. 

Zech, Zeche, sack, 60, 81, 216. 

Zeche, to seek, 22, 38, 74, 94, 

184 ; imp. Zecli, 184. 
Zed, sad, firm, 83. 
Zed, seed, 143, 216. 
Zede, said, 59, 89. 
Zekf>, eeeks, 123, 184. 
Zele, sell, 241. 
ZeUe, to sell, 36, 138. 

Zellere, seller, 45. 

Zelle>, pi. sell, 36. 

Zelf>, sella, 24, 36, 51. 

Zelue, self, same, 41, 46, 102. 

Zelner, Zelnre, sUrer, 6, 35, 36. 

Zen, sin, 262. 

Zende, to send, imp. Zend. 

Zenejere, sinner, 33, 60, 114. 

Zeneje]), sins, 4, 6, 6, 19. 

Zeneji, to sin, 20, 45, 63. 

Zeng^, Binges, 229. 

Zeune, sin, 2, 6, 15. 

Zennes, Zennen, sins, 7, 9, 115. 

Zanl^ sends, 5rd eing. 73. 

Zenuol, Zenuolle, sinful, 15, 59, 

90, 113. 
Zep, sap, 96. 
Zet, sets, 7, 62, 124. 
Zet, sat, 96. 
Zete, imp. place, 264, 
Zeteiday, Satuiday, 7, 213. 
Zetnesee, stability, 104. 
Zetnessee, bounds, 223. 
Zette, to set, place, appoint, 6; 

pret. ^pointed, ordained, II, 

12,13,95; sat, 199. 
Ze)i^ since, afterwards, 14, 47, 

48, 100, 242. 
Zene, seven, 3, 4, 14. 
Zeoende, seventh, 2, 3, 7, 9. 
Zeuenti, seventy, 1. 
Zeaezi|ie, seven times, 201. 
Zeneuald, sevenfold, 268. 
Zaj, saw. 

Ze^ should see, 173. 
Zeysa, pi. saw, 204. 


Zi, see, 166. 

Ziden, sides, 151. 

Zigge, to aa;, 4, 5, 6, 7, 16, 91. 

Ziggen, sayer, 134. 

Zigginge, Ziggingge, saying, 19, 
49, 68, 135. 

Zik (pi. ZUce), sick, 148. 

Ziker, Zikere, certain, sura, con- 
fident, 13, 64, 93, 94, 268. 

Zikerliclie, secuiely, confidently, 
certainly, 64, 94, 125, 182; 
eomp. Zikerlaker, 194. 

Ziknesse, sickness, 16, 22. 

Zikf, sees, 123. 

Zing«, to sing, 22, 267. 

Zi>e, time, 20, 21, 74. 

Zittinde, Zittynde, sitting, 266. 

Zix, six, 21. 

Zixai^, Zixzi^ six times, 133, 

Zixte, sixth, 2, 3, 32. 

Zixti, sixty, 234. 

Zixtiajte, sixtietli, 234. 

Zi;)), sees, 11, 34. 

Zi;^ sight, 46; revelation, 133. 

Zohhinge, sobbing, 211. 

Zoft, soft, 31, 47. 

Zofthede, softness, delicacy, 

Zom, Zome, some, 7, 16. 

Zomdel, somewhat, 90, 268. 

Zom])ing, something, 33. 

Zomere^ sonuner, 131. 

Zonday, Smiday, 7, 41. 

ZondeB,ines8engerG,87; A.S.Ain<f, 

Zone, son, 11, 12, 46. 
Zone, soon, 42. 

Zongee, songs, 68. 
Zonne, son, 27, 81. 
Zonnebyam, Bonbeam, 108. 
Zop, sop, 107. 
Zorer, sorer, 238. 
Zorjuol, Zoi^uolle, ZoraoU^ 
sorroirfai, poor, 34, 54, 59, 
132, 147. 
ZoT^ soiTOT, anger, 15, 27, 70, 

Zor^ollaker, Zoriiollaker, mon 

aorrowfiil, 90. 
Zoi^y, to sorrow, bo angiy; 3rd 

sing. Zorjef, 71, 108. 
Zoster, sister, 89. 
Zostren, sisters, 265. 
Zofi, Zo}«, tnie, troth, 2, 6, 12, 

32, 76, 79. 
Zofhede, truth, 105. 
Zo>Iiche, tmly, 74. _' 
Zojinesse, tmth, fidelity, 29, 44, 

Zo)iuoiliche, tmly, 133. 
Zo^nggere, soothsayer, a Bpedur 

of tmth, 266. 
Zoucji, sucks, 1 36. 
Zouke, snck, 60, 91. 
Zome, sour, 76, 82, 227. 
Zoure)), sonis, 205, 
Zoutere, shoemaker, 66. 
ZouJ), south, 124. 
Zojten, sought, 80. 
Zuech, Zueche, such, 156, 244 
Zuel), awallow, taste, 50, 55,83; 

A.S. ewelgan, to swallow. 
Zual}]), swallows, 106, 133. 
Zueljynge, taste, 91. 



Zueie, neck, 156 ; A.S. aweora. 

Zaem, sweat, 6. 

ZuUiui- Zaerye, to swear, 7, 14, 

56, 61. 
Zaemnge, Zueriynge, swearing, 

Zuer^, aweaiB, 6. 
Zoete, Bweet, I, 68. 
Zuetliche, sweetly, 61, 111. 
Zuetnesse, sweetnees, 55, 92. 
Zuich, Zujct, Zuiche, Zuyche, 

Zoicheo, such, 6, 10, 14. 
Zno, to, 1, 14, 86. 
Zaolj, plough, 242 ; A.S. ealh, a 

Zuor, swore, 45. 
Zuoid, Zuorde, sword, 43, 48. 
Zuot, sweat, 2, 31, 96. 
Zujetnesee, sweetoees, 145. 
Zuyn, swine, 126. 
Zujnkere, toiler, 90. 
Zuyft, swift, 141, 268. 
Zuyfter, swifter, 66, 
ZnyfUiede, swiftness,- 78. 
ZuyfUiche, swiftly, 140. 
Zuynch, toil, 83. 
Zaynche, to toU, swink, 171. 

Znyjw, hastily. 111. 

Zuy^, fastei, 61. 

Zwope, sweep, 109. 

Zy, shp, 102. 

Zyalde, sold, 216. 

Zycuease, Zykuesse, sickness, 96, 

Zyenne, to see, 150, 231. 

Zye^, yf. see, 16. 

Zycg = Zyeji, see, 244. 

Zygge, to say, 69. 

Zyinde, seeing, 71. 

Zyke, sick, 82, 266. 

Zyker, Zyk^«, secure, 75, 78. 

Zyk|. = Z^Ji, sees,91. 

Zykynges, sighs, 99, 171. 

Zynge, to sing, 105. 

Zyf, see, 75, 88. 

Zy^t, sees, 161. 

Zyjte, sixth, 2. 

Zyuetnesse ^ Zuyetneese, sweet- 
ness, 93. 

Brene, burning, 264. 
Borilot, head-dieas, 177. 

JOBX CUILM *XD i,S:,G00glc 


The publications of Tke Early EnglUh Text Society are divided into 
Pour ClasBes. I. Arthur aod other Somancea. II. Works illmtratinj; 
our Dialecta and the History of our Language, including a Seriea of 
re-editioD8 of our early DictiouarieB. III. Biblical Tranalations and 
Beligioua Treatiaea. IV. Miacellaneoua. The following are aome of 
the worka which in future yean will be published in each of the 

The Ronunce of Arthoor uii] Merlin. From the Ancbinlsclc MS. (sb. 1320-30 i..n.), 

and the Uncoln'a Inn and Douce MS3. 
The Historj of the Saiat Orud or Sank Byal. By Henry Lonelich, Skjnner Uh. 1440 

*.D.). To bo re-edited from the nniqne M3. in the Library of Corpna Cbruti Coll., 

Cambrid^, by F. J. PumiTOll, Esq., M.A. ' 
SjrThomM Haleor'* Mart d' Arthur. To he edited horn Caiton's edition (liSfi a.d.), 

«rith a new Pre(kc«, NoCei, and a Glonary. 
The Arthur BiUsdi. 

The fiomance of Sjr Tristrem. To b« edited from the Auehinletk HS. 
The Snglub Charlemagne SomanceB. From the Anchinleck and other HSS. 
The TUmaDce of Sit Oenaridea. From th« MS. in Trio. Coll., Cambridge. 
The Bomance or L^nd of Sir Ypoda. From the Temon MS. 
The Romance of William and the Werwolf. To be edited Irom the unique MS. in the 

Library of Sing's Coll., Cambridge. 


Hampole'i Vernon of, and Conuoentary on, the Pialmi. To be edil«d from a Korthera 

MS. hjH. Morris, Eaq. 
Hsmpole'i other Eagliih Works in the. Northern dialect. 
The Goapel of Nicodemui in the Northumbrian dialect To be edited for the first time 

from Harl. MS. 41B6, b:., Cotton-Gelba, e ii., by R. MotHb, Esq. 
LJTM of Saintj, in the Southern dialect. To he edited from the Harleian MS. 2277 (ab. 

1306 i.D.), by a. Morris, Esq. 
Barbouj'ii Livee of Saints, in tiie Northern Dialect, From the Cambridge TJniTorsity HS. 
Ahcedariom Anglico-latinDm, pro Tynuutulis, Bichardo Hultelo eiacriptore. Londini, 

A little Dictionary for Children fW. de Worde), or a ahorte Dictionarie for jonee be- 
ginners (ed. Evans, 1J66], by J. Withak. (The earliest edition, to be collated wilh 
ttie auceeeding editions.) 

An Alrearie or Quadruple Dictionarie in Euglishe, Latin, Greeke, and Freach, by John 
Baret. (The edition of ISSO coUated with that of 1573.) 

A collection of Early Treatises on English Oranimar. To be edited ahiedy from HSS. 
for the first time by Benry ». Wheatlej, Esq. 


The Old and New Testament in Verse. To be edited from the Temon MS. by B. 

Morris, Esq. 
The History of Adam and Etc. To be eifited from Eari. MS. 1701, by S. Waylaod Ker- 
shaw, Esq., M.A. 
The Stories of Sosanoa and the Elders, J.Azants, ka. To be edited from the Vernon MS., 

by J. W. Hales, Esq., M.A. 
UedTtaciona of the Soper of our Lords Ihesa, &a., perhaps br Kobert of Bmnne. To be 

ei£t«d from the Harl. MS. 1701 (ab. ISSO a.d.), &c., by F. J. FumiTall, Esq., M.A. 
Lydgatt's Life of St Edmund. Frcra the presenUtion MS. to Henry VL, Harl. 2278. 

Two different Versions of Piers Plowman, in separate editions. To be edited from |hs 

MS3. by the Het. W.W. Skeat, M.A. 
Lydgate's Works. 
Le Venerr de Twelr and The Master of the Game. To he edited from the MSB. hy 

Alfred Sadler, Esq. 
Barboui's Bm. To be edited from the M3S. in St John's CoHegf, Cambridge, kn., \a 

J. tale, E«i., M.A., and the Ber. W. W. Skeat, M.*. 

(garlj (gnglish ^(jd ^am% 

The Subscriptioii is £1 1*. a year, due in itdTanoe on tlw 1st of Jandabt, 
uitl aliould be paid eitber to the Society's Account at the Union Bank tit 
London, 14, Argyll Place, B^gent Street, W„ or by post-office order (made 
payable to the Chief Office, London) to the Hon. Secretary, Hen&t B. 
Wheatley, Esq., 58, Bemera Street, London, W. 

The Publications for 1867 will be as many of the following texts as the 
subscriptions received will justify the Conunittee in issuing. 

other Retlgioua Foema. Bdited from the LunlMth H8. 869, bj F. J. FuzaiTAU. 

Pi)rkir«toiiK39-Ac..bFP.J.P(rBJ>rrti,i,.Bsq.,M,A. 1 
to. KBIiIOlODS FIBC^ IH fsbSB AND VESSB. Edited f> 

MS (ab. IMO A.i>.) in the Rer. O. S. Pbest. U.A. ii. 

17. LBTINS'S MAKIPULUS. UTS) the carlleBt Rhjming Dlotiaauj. To be edited bf 

BuiT B. Wdsitlbt, Xaa. [Ai tit Prtm. 

PIHB8 PLOWHAV-8 TlSIOIf; tba euiidit Tenlon from tha earilett US. QoUMed tbnxiA- 

out with three oUurHSS. at the lame lor eulieatltjpe- To be edited hr tbe Re*. V. W. 

aiUT. HJl. [/> a* Pr^m. 

KIRK'S DUTIES OP A PASIBH PEIBRT. In tbttc. To be edited fbr the flnt time rnm Ike 

HS8. in (he Britieh Uiueum Hid Bodleiu Libraries (eb. MM xjt.) b; E. PUCOO. 



TN6, CORIABYB, ANU DBMBANOOB, Ac,- with snne Prencta and I^tir P 

■ubJeotL TobeedltedrromHM'lelMiuidotheTMSS.bTF. J. Fcbiituj, Eu.. If .A. 

THE KNIQHT DB LA TOUR LANDHT. 1371. APktber-i Book far hi* DMicfaten. To be 
edited rrom the Hirleiau H8. ITM b; TBMUa WuaHi, Eiq., M.A„ ud Mr. VlUIUi 
RosuTKit. lilt Ot Frmt. 

PLEK8 PLOWMAN'S CREDE. To be edited rrom the HSS. by the Ret. W. V. Beu^ILA. 

VABI0U8 POBHS RELATING TO SIB GAWAINB. «o be edited bom the MS^ br B- 
HosuB. Esq. (In UU Prta 

PALLADIUB ON HTJSBONDRIE: tluMrlieit BngUah Pbao on HmbMsdrr. To beediHd 
ft-om the uoique US. in Cahshertar OHtle lib. HSU t^.) br the Ber. Btxrox honam, MX 
Ptrtl. rAiM«Prw. 

CURSOR HTINDI, OB CUBSTTR O WOBLDB. in the Northern Dbleot. To be BdHed ttaa 
the HSS. in the Brltiih Htueom snd Trinity College, Outbridse. bj RickaSD Houn, 
Bw. P«i I. ^^ lOvM. 

■^BRLIN, P— ■ ■" '^' >:•"•••-« » w — — =— i^^-i 

BIB DAvId LYNDBSAVS WORKS, Put til. To b^'edited by F. Huj, Bu., D.C.£."' 

1. IL WHSillJT, B»q.^ _ 


edited ttm On HSS. by VTAi.dis 'Wsisht, Eh, M.A. [Oi] 

EARLTnroLISa HOKILIBS (ah. 12ai^» A3.) rnan unique MSB. In UmbeUi.MdTt: 

CcdlenjOHnbrida. Ubrarlea. To be edited by R. Houus, Eaq. tCtpmi. 

CATHOCIOOIT ASmaOVU. An EngKeh-Latin IHetliniaTy (t,-D. 1480). To be edlteil fan 

Loan HOBaort MS. Iv H. B. VaBAiun, Bu. tCcvitt 

CHAUCER'S PROSE WORKS. To be edited from (be HB8. by R. HoftSiS. Bu. 
ENGLISH OTFILDS, their Slatuteeuid Cuatonu.Hlth (m bitn>duc«ao and an AppenUi df 

tranilaled SUtuto. To be edited fnjm the MBS. ISSO JuD., by Touutii Smith, En. 

FOEHB ON UANNEE3 AND MORALS, In the Northern Dialect, rWim » unlqiie MS. in tin 
C«mbrldgBUniver»ityLibrai7. Tobeedltcd by the Buy. J. R. Ldmby, M.A- tCnM. 

JossFH OT EziTBft. To be sdlled rrom ChB unique US. Id the Bonterian Hiueum.QlM- 
gow, by the Rev, O, A. PiBTOH. [CorM.