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Full text of "Dan Michel's Ayenbite of inwyt; or, Remorse of conscience. In the Kentish dialect, 1340 A.D"

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Tk gift of 





San Mtl^tl 

^ptnhitt of ivAapt 


Original SkttitM, No. 23 

1866 (reissued 1965) 

Pbiob 50s. 

Ban MitWfi 

Upenbite of Sntopt 


i&emors(e of Conntitntt 







PvbliaJied far 


by the 


M4^<^» ^^'2. 

BBFBIKTBD 1888, I89O, 1895 

BBissuBD {fviih corrections to the text-pages 
and with Morrises editorial opparaHiB omitted) 1965 

^Cl 18^1966 

Original i^tviH, No. 23 






British Museum MS. Arundel 57, f. 82.a Frontispiece 





Richard Mobbis's E.E.T.S. edition of Dan Michers Ayenbite 
of Inwyty first published in. 1866, has long been out of print. In 
this reissue Morris's transcription of the text has been retained 
except that miscopied forms have been corrected (see Note on the 
Text). Morris's introduction, notes, and glossarial index, which 
have been superseded by later work, are omitted, and a new 
volume of editorial apparatus will be issued by the Society in due 

The Society is indebted to the Trustees of the British Museum 
for their permission to reproduce a portion off. 82.a of B.M. MS. 
Arundel 57 as the frontispiece plate in this volume. 


Since in a photographic reproduction the lineation of the 
original cannot be disturbed, the corrections to the text have had 
to be limited to miscopied forms. Thus, at page 4, line 7, .07. a has 
been corrected to .57. a ; at page 7, line 20 ine has been corrected 
to in, and so on. Certain types of error which could not be corrected 
may be summarized as follows: 

1. Misplaced or missing stops or virgules, wrong capitali;&ation, 
and minor inaccuracies of italicization have been ignored. Incon- 
sistencies and inaccuracies in the use of u and v and i and y have 
been ignored, though th has been corrected to p and $ to ^ or vice 

2. Morris sometimes tacitly corrects the manuscript reading. 
Thus at page 43, line 24 for MS. niede he reads mede, a correction 
confirmed by the French original. It has not been possible to 
record the manuscript reading in these cases. 

3. Morris prints some but not all of the marginalia. There has 
been no attempt to complete these. 

4. It has not been possible to indicate the numerous manu- 
script corrections which Morris tacitly incorporates in the text. 

AprU1965 P. GRADON 




Aye ]»e uondi[n]gges of ])e djeule : zay fia ]yet uolje]). '* Zuete iesu 
]^n holy blod / yet yon sseddest ane ])e rod / udr me and uor man- 
kende : Ich bidde ye hit by mj sseld / auoreye ye wycked uend : 
al to mi lyues ende . zuo by hit." 

pia boc is dan Michelis of I^orth^te / y-write an englis of his 
o^ene hand, yet hatte : Ayenbyte of inwyt. And is of ye boo- 
hoose of saynt Austines of Canterberi . mid ye lettres : C : C : 

Holy aTchan[g]le Michael. 
• II r ' r\ * r\ * Saynt gabriel . and EaphaeL 

. iTl • \J • \J • Ye brenge me to f o castel. 

])er alle zaulen vare]) weL 

Lhord ihdffu almi3ti kyng . ^t madest / and lokest alle J^yng. 
Me J>et am J>i makying: to J>ine blisse me J>ou bryng. Amen. 

Blind . and dyaf . and alsuo domb. Of zeuenty yer al uol rond. 
I^e ssolle by draje to J)e grond : Vor peny / uor Mark / ne uor pond. 


Jjise byef ye capiteles of f e boc uol^inde / And byef y-wryte to 

vynde y-redliche / by J>e tellynge of algorisme / ine huyche leave of ye 

boc yet hy by. And ine huyche half of ye lyeaue be tuaye lettres of 

ye abece. \>et is to wytene .A. and .b. .A. betocnej) ^e uerste 

half of . ye leave .b. ye oj^er^alf. 




pe uoie-speche of ])i8e boc uol- 

^ynde .1. a. 
pe uerste godes heste .1. a. 
j)e oper godes heste .1. a. 
j>e ])ridde godes heste .1. a. 
f)Q uer]»e godes heste .Lb. 
pe vifte godes heste .1. b. 
)?e zyxte godes heste .2. a. 
pe zeuende godes heste .2. a. 
\)e ejtende godes heste .2. a. 
pe nejende godes heste .2. b. 
Pe tende godes heste .2. b. 
pQ tuelf articles of fe cristene 

beleaue .2. b. 
Of pe sseawynge pet sayn Ion fe 

godspellere yzej .3. b. 
pe toknen of pe heaueden of fe 

beste .3. b. 
)>et uerste heaued of pQ beste .4. a. 
Hou me ssel to dele / pe zeue bojes 

of prede .4. b. 
pe ojrer boj of prede .6. a. 
pe fridde boj of prede .5. b. 
pe yer)}e boj of prede .6. a. 
pe vifte bo3 of prede .6. a. 
pe zizte bo; of prede .7. a. 
pe zeuende bo^ of prede .7. a. 
pet o)>er heaued of pe beste of 

helle .7. a. 
)pet ])ridde heaued of pe queade 

beste .8. a. 
pe uetpe heaued of pe queade 

beste .8. b. 
pe yyfte heaued of pe queade 

beste .9. b. 
pe o]yer bo) of couaitise .10. b. 

pe fridde boj of auarice .10. b. 
pe yer]>e boj of auarice .11. a. 
pe vyfte boj of auarice .11. b. 
pe zixte boj of auarice .11. b. 
pe zeuende bo3 of auarice .12. a. 
pe e3tinde bo) of auarice .12. b. 
pe ne^ende boj of auarice .12. b. 
pe tende boj of auarice .12. b. 
pe zyxte h^ued of pe beste .13. a. 
Pe zeuende. heaued of pe queade 

beste .14. a. 
Of pe zewne of yelpinge .17. a. 
Leazinges .18. a. 
Of pe zenne of lye^ynge .18. b. 
Cheaste .19. a. 
Of grochinge .19. b. 
Of wyfstondynge ,20. a. 
Vor to lyemy sterue .20. b. 
Hou me ssel knawe guod and 

kuead .22. b. 
Of tymlyche guodes .22. b. 
Of pe lesse guodes .23. a. 
Of pe zope guodes .23. b. 
Of pn maneres of guode .23. b. 
Of uirtue .23. b. 
Of wyt / and of clergye .24. a. 
My^te .25. a. 
Vrydom .26. b. 
Noblesse .26. a. 
Grentyl guod .26. b. 
Of tuo lostuolle guodes .27. a. 
Of virtue more specialliche .28. a. 
Of pn finges nyeduolle / to J)e 

er]»e .28. b. 
pe uore-speche of pe holy pater 

noster .29. b. 


Hyer begynj) J>et holy pater noa- 

teri .30. a. 
]>e uerste bene of ])e holy pater 

noster .31. b. 
])e' o])re bene of pe holy pater 

noster .32. b. 
))e ])ridde bene of ]»e holy pater 

noster .33. a. 
]>e aer|)e bene of ])e holy pater 

noster .33. a. 
))e vifte bene of ]»e holy pater 

noster .34. a. 
pe zixte bene of ])e holy pater 

noster .35. a. 
]>e zeuende bene of fe holy pater 

noster .35. b. 
pe zeue yef))es of pe holy gost 

.36. a. 
Hueruore hy byej> y-cleped yefpes 

•36. b. 
Hueruoie hy byej> y-cleped yeff e 

of pe holy gost .36. b. 
Hueruore is man y-borje .37. a. 
Of pe pn uerste uirtues .37. b. 
Of pe uour mrtues cardinales. 
Of ))e office of pe uour uirtues 

•38. a. 
Temperance .38. a. 
Stre[n]g))e .38. a. 
Bi3[t]uolnesse .38. a. 
Of fe yef)>e of drede .38. b. 
Hou myldenesse wext ine herte 

.39. b. 
Of pe stapes of Myldenesse. 40. a. 

Of j^e zeue bo^es of Myldenesse 

.41. a. 
pe o])er boj of Mildenesse .41. b. 
Of MUde herte .41. b. 
pe nevpe bo3 of Mildenesse .42. b. 
pe vifte bo3 of Mildenesse. 42. b. 
Of bo^samnesse .43. a. 
pe zixte bo) of Mildenesse .43. b. 
pe zeuende boj of Mildenesse 

•44.- a. 
Of pe utrtue of loue .44. b^ 
pe bojes of louerede .45. a. 
pe uerste stape of ri^tuolnesse 

.46. b. 
Pe o)7er stape of rijtuolnesse .47. b. 
pe ))ridde stape of ri3tuolnesse 

.48. a. 
pe uerpe stape of ri3tuolnesse 

•48. a. 
pe vifte stape of rijtuolnesse 

.48. b. 
pe zixte stape of ri^tuolnesse 

.48. 1). 
pe zeuende stape of rijtuolnesse 

.49. a. 
Of pe bo^es of ri3tuolnesse .49. b. 
Of ))e yefjje of stre[njg))e .50. a. 
pe todelinge of mrtues .51. a. 
pe o]yer stape of prouesse .51. b. 
pe pndde stape of prouesse .51. b. 
pe Yetpe stape of prouesse .51. b. 
pe vifte stape of prouesse .52. a. 
pe zixte stape of prouesse .52. a. 
pe bo3es of prouesse .52. b. 

* MS. noBterer, 



pe ueiste vijt .53. a. 

Of pe uor]>encliinge of ]ye king 

daui]) .53. a. 
Of ssryfte .53. b. 
Of yno^bote .56. a. 
Of ))e jeipe of red/ and of mrtue 

of merci .57. a. 
Of J)e guodes of elmesse .60. a. 
pe yef}»e of Qnderstondi[n]ge . and 

of ])e mrtue of chastet^ .62. a. 
Of y^ zeue stapes of chastet^ .63. a. 
]>e zeue bo^es of cbastet^ .68. b. 

J>e vifte beg of cbastet^ .70. b. 

Hyer lyj) a tale .74. b. 

Of J)e yeffe of wysdome. Of 

fe mrtue of temperance. 

And of sobrete .76. b. 
Of J)e stapes of sobrete .79. a. 
Pater noster . Aue maria . Credo 

.82. a. 
Vor to ssake a-way heuinesse an 

drede .82. b. 
Huet is betuene man and best 

.84. b. 



J)E UOBS-fiPEOHB. TnAogw, 

[Fol. 1. a.] 

Almi3ti god / yaf ten hestes / ine ])e li^e of iewes / Ood gave mom* 
fet Moyses onderuing / ine pe belle of Synaj / ine tuo ten npon two ta- 
tables of ston / pet were i-write / mid godes yingre . and 
bim-zelf / efter bis beringe / ine bis spelle / bet bise 
bealde / and loki / to ecb man / ])et wile by y-boi^e . and whoM> bmOceth 
buo ])et agelt / ine enie of pe ilke bestes : bim ssel pevoi him repent there- 
uor-])encbe / and bim ssriue / and bidde god merci / yef 
be wyle by yboi^e. 

pia boo is ywiite /^ This book is wnt- 

,. t i. !_• i. i ten Ibr Bnglieh- 

uor englisse men, ])et bi wyte / men, that they 

« V • 11 1. 1 • niay know how to 

bOU bl SSOlle bam-Zelue SSnUe, shrive and cleanse 

J 1*1. 1.1 . • L- 1- them in this life. 

and maki bam klene / ine piae hue. 

))is boc batte buo )7et writ / This book is 

named by its an- 
ATENBITE OF INWYT. thor Ayen-bite of 

auerst bye)) / fe bestes ten / oinijiinc^.**"*** 

, . 1 <i_> 11 11 First are the Ten 

))et loki ssolle alle men. Behesu that au 

men should keep. 

])e uerste beste ))et god made / and bet : is ))is. '' ])ou The Pint com- 
ne sselt babbe / uele godes." )>et is to zigge / ** ])ou ne 
S3elt babbe god / bote me . ne worssipie / ne serui. And 
povL ne sselt do pine bope / bote ine me." Yor pe ilke / 
])et de]) bis bope / be^licbe ine 8sep)>e : z&ne^ep dyad- 
liche . and de]» aye ))ise beste. Zuicbe hjep ^e ilke / ]»et 

^ Thcfollomng lines are wriUen continuotisly as prose in the MSm 

O TAB SSOOKjD commandment 

worssipejy pe momenes . aud make)) hire god / of 8scp])e / 

huich J)et hit by. 
•gaiiwt which Aye fiso heste / zene^ej) J)o / fet to mocbe / louief 

mudi love their hire guod. gold , ober zeluer . ober obre binges erbliche. 

goode (wealth). tt ^ / • • • r r r o r 

Huo pet I me ))i8e ])inges agelte]) : zette]> zuo moche 
hire herte / and hire hope: ))et hi uoryete]) / hire 
ssepere . an lete)) him / ])et alle \f\&e guodes ham len]).' 
And ])eraore / hi ssolden him semi / and ]>onki / and 
toppe alle ]yioges / louie / and woissipie / alzuo ])e tek|) / 
]>is uerste heste. 


The Second Com- ]>e opet heste / ys J^ellich. '' ]»ou ne sselt nime / godes 

maudment* . 

name : in ydel.' )»et is to zigge : '^ ])ou ne Isselt znerie / 
uor najt / and wy]K)ute guode scele • " })et oure Ihord 
him-zelf / ous uorbyet / ine his spelle. ))et me ne zuerie / 
ne by )>e heuene / ne by J>e erj)e/ ne by ofre ssepjje . 

Sirear not except )>a3les ine guode skele / me may zuerie / wy )}-oute zenne . 

other good cenae. ase ine dome / huer me okse]) / o)>[er] / of zo))e. o])er out 
of dome / in o]»re guode skele . and clenliche / and skel- 
uolliche. Ine non o])re many ere / ne is no ri^t to 
zuerie. And J>eruore / huo J^et zuerej? wyf-oute skele / 
])ane name of oure Ihorde / and uor na^t : yef he zuerc|) 
uals / be his wytinde : he him uorzuer|> . and de]) / to 
ayans / ]>ise heste . and zuer]» dyadliche . uor he zuer]» / 
ayens inwyt . ])et is to onderstonde / huanne he him 

Swearing Ughtiy uorzuer]) / be Jjo^te / and be longe ])enchinge. Ac ])e 

ia evil * 

ilke )>et zuere)? zoJ> / be his wytinde / and alneway uor 
na3t . o)>er uor some skele kueade / na^t kueadliclie / 
ake li3tliche / and 'wy]H)ute sclondre : zuere]» li^tliche . 
fi^les fe wone / is kueaduol / and may wel wende / to 
zenne dyadliche / bote yef him ne lokL Ac fe ilke / 
awearing hideoua* )>et zucre]) hidousUche be god / o]»er by his hal3en / and 

Iy |g deadly sin 

him to-bre}]) / and zay]) him sclondres / )>et ne bye]) najt 
to zigge : J^e ilke zene3e)) dyadliche. Ne he ne mav 


habbe skele i fet he him moje excusi. And )>e ilke fet 
mest him wone)> to zuerie : mest zene^e]). 

])B ])BIDDB OODES HESTB. The Third Com- 


pe ])ridde heste / is ])ellich . ** Loke / )7et ])ou hal3i / 
]yane day / of pe sabat; [Zeterday]," ]>et is to zigge . [Foi.i.h.] 
))oa ne sselt do / ine )>e daye / of )>e sabat [Zeterday] / 
]>ine nyedes / ne ])ine workes / pet pon mi3t do / ine opve 
dayes. Ac pou. sselt pe resti / uor betere / pe yeme to Best um acfrenth 
bidde / and to servi )>ine ssepere / ])et him restede / )7ane serve ^df 
zeuende day / of workes / )>et he hedde ymad ine pe zix 
dayes beuore . ine huichen he made the worlde / an 
ordaynede [dijte.]. pia heste / uoluelf gostliche / him 
fet loke]» / be his mi3te : pe pays / of his inwyt / god uor 
to servi / more holylaker. panne ])i8 word / zeterday / satorday or sab- 

, m I m « 1 bath «»MMi«« reet* 

])et pe vane / clepe)) sabat . is ase moche wor]) : ase reste. 
))is heste / ne may non loki gostliche : ])et by ine 
inwyt / of dyadliche zenne . Vor zuich inwyt / ne may 
by ine reste / ber huvle / bet hi is / ine zuich stat. And inateadof it,Hoiy 

•^ '/ v/r / ,,,, Church eeU Sun- 

iue pe stede / of pe sabat / )7et wes straytliche y-loked / day in the Neir 

in pe yalde la3e : zet holi cherche / J>ane sonday / to holy: 

loky / ine pe newe la^e . vor cure Ihord / aros / uram 

dj&pe to lyue / pane zonday. An )7eruore / me ssel hine 

loky / and urej)ie / zo holyliche / and by ine reste / of 

workes / ope pe woke . and more of workes / of zenne • 

and yeue him more / to gostliche workes / and to godes 

seruise /, and ])enche / ane his sseppere / and him bidde / 

and ponky / of his guode. And huo / fet brekf fane «nd whoao breaka 

Sunday and other 

zonday/ and pe ofre heje festes / f et hyep y-zet to loky / high foaau, aina 

ine holy cherche : zene^ep dyadliche / uor lie de]» / aye 

pe heste of god. to-uore yzed . and of holi cherche / 

bote yef hit by / uore zome nyede /.|>et holi cherche 

grantep. Ac more zen^eb / pe ilke / fet dispende]) J)ane and none if he 

. /I'lji/ji "P®"^ them in aia 

zonday / and j^e festes me zenne / and me hordom / and and whoredom, 
in o])re zennes / aye god« ])ise pn hestes / di3te)) ous / to 
gode specialliche. 


The Fourth Ckxn* Jje UBRbE GODBS HESTB. 


[Foi. 1. b.] J)e uer)^ heste / is ])ellicli . " Worjjssipe fine uader f 

and fine moder . nor \\x sselt libbe fe lenger ine yerfe." 

\>Sr heste / ous amonestef / f et we ous loky / fet we / ne 

Wrath not thy Fft- wrebbl uader / ne moder / wytindeliche . And huo bet 

ther or Mother. rr i i J r 

onworfef / his uader / and his moder / be his wytinde / 
ofer ham missayf/ ofer wrefef / mid kueade : zene3e]) 
dyadliche / an brekf fise heste. 
We should honour Ine bise ilke heste / is onderstonde / be worbssipe / 

our ghoBtly fii- ' ' I T T f I 

therg and the over- bet wc ssolle here / to oure naderes / gostliche. bet is to 

lings of Holy ; /,,,!,, , , 

Church, ham / fet habbcf / fe lokmgge / ous to teche / and ous to 

chasti / ase byej) / fe ouerlinges / of holy cherche. And 
who have the care bo bet habbeb / bo lokinge / of oure zaules / and of oure 

of our souls. 

bodyes. And huo fet nele / bou^e to ham / fet habbef 

fe lokinge of him / huanne hi techef fet guod. ])et me 

Disobedience to is y-hyalde to done : zenejef kueadliche. and zuych 

sin. may by / f e onbo3samnesse : fet hit is / dyadlich zenne. 



Thou Shalt slay no ]>e vifte hcste / is fellich / '' fou ne sselt / slt^e nenne 

man." ))is heste uorbyet / fet non ne ssel / slaje ofren / 
neither for venge- uoT a wrekiuge . He uoT his guodes . ober uor of re 

ttnoe» nor for his i i i t . i -ii. « 

goods, for this is wyckedo skele . uor fet is zenne dyadlich . fables uor to 

It is right' to slay 8la3e f misdoeres / ri3t uor to done / and loki / and 

* " ** * uor of re guode skele. hit is guod ri3t / by fe laje / to 

[Foi. 2. a.] him f et ssel hit do / and y-hyealde is f erto. 
In this behest is Ino f is heste ys uorbode / zenne of hate / and of 

ofhate, wrath, and wrefe / and of grat ire . Yor alse zayf / fe writing . fe 

The br^er-hater ilkc / f et hatef his brofer : he is / mansla^f e / ase to 

saman-s yer. j^.^ -^yUe / and zene3ef dyadliche . and fe ilke / fet 

To bear long bereth lo7?ffe wrebe / ayens obren . vor zuich wrebe / 

wrathagainst o r i J r r i 

others la a deadly longc y-hycalde / and byuealde ine herte : is ine wrefe / 

and ine hate : fet is dyadlich zenne. and aye f ise 
heste. And yet zenejef he more / fet def / of er por- 
chacef / ssame / of er harm / to of rcn : wronglichc. of er 


is ine rede / and ine helpe / uor to do harmi o])ren / him 

to awreke . babies wrebe / ober onworbnesse / bet geb Ham done un- 

' ^ ' * ' ' I M ^ 9 wlUitigly to Others 

lijtlicbe / wy])oute greate wille / an willinge / uor to is not a deadly lin. 
harmi o])ren : ne is na3t dyadlich zenne. 

[Fol. t. a.] 


)?e zixte heste / is )>ellich. " ))ou ne sselt do / Tiioa shait do no 
non hordom." )>et is to zigge / )70u ne sselt najt wyhii sire fleshly' feiiow- 

« J t i» 1- # «- •- ^ Bhlp with other 

ueic^rede ulesshch / wy]) o]yre manne wyf. ^»^ ^vm. 

Ine bise heste / ous is uorbode / alle zenne of nlesse / This behest for- 

biddeth lechery, 

])et me clepe]y generalliche / lecherie. ])et is on / of )^ which is onsof the 

zeuen dyadliches zennes. Jyaj ^er by zome bronches / ])et ^ * "^ 

ne byejy ni^t dyadlich zenne. ase bye|> manie arizinges 

of ylesse / \ei me ne may najt al[2]e bevly. and \o me 

ssel na)ti / and wyj^dra^e / ase moche / aae me may. some branches of 

. . y, , •L'/i.i.j. i_ whidi, as arisings 

na^t uor to nonci nis / ne porchaci / oper be to moche of the flesh, an 
mete / of er drinke / o))er be euele J^o^tes. to longe y- "*** ^ * '*** 
hyealde. o]»er be kueade takinges. Vor ine suiche )7inges / 
me may habbe / harm of zaule. Ine bise heste is in this behest are 

•^ , ' , , i . , . , forbidden aU sins 

uorbode / alle zennen arye kende / me huet manere / hy against und (na- 
bye)) y-do / ofer ine his bodie : of er ine ofren. 



pe zeuende heste / is f ellich. '' ))ou ne sselt do / Thou shait do no 
none f ieffe." jAs heste ous uorbyet / to nimene / and 
of-hyealde / of re manne fing / huet fet hit by / be 
wyckede skele / aye fe wyl of him / f et hit ojf . 

Ine bise heste is uorbode / roberie / bief be / stale / This behest for- 
and gauel / and bargayn wyf of ren / uor his ojen to theft, stealing, 
habbe. And f e ilke / f et def / aye f is heste : is yhyalde 
to yelde. fet he hef / of of re manne kueadliche / yef 
he wot to huam. And yef he not : he is yhyalde / to 
yeue hit uor godos loue. ofer / to done by fe rede of He that withhold- 

- ,. , , ^^ , ... -.«•*» other men's 

holi cherche. Vor he fet wyf halt / of re manne f ing things simieth 
mid wrong / be kueade skele : zeae3ef dyadliche : bote ^' 


yef he hit yelde / ^i ha ssel / yef he hit wot / and mo^e 
hit do. o]>er yef he ne de)» / by )>e rede of holy chercho. 

The Eighth Com- )?E E3TENDB 60DES HBSTB. 


Thoa Shalt baar pQ e^tende hesto / is j^ellich. '' J^ou ne sselt zigge / 
agaiiMt thine ^^^^ iialso wytnesse / aye )>ine emcristen." 
52JJ'^^SJJJJJJ\^ Ine ))i8e heste / ous ys uorbode / pet we ne lyeje / ne 
2J|^JJJ^^* "* ous norzuerie ; ne ine dome / ne wyfoute dome / nor to 

do hanni fme emcnsten . and pet me ne lede nenne 

in wytnesse / uor to ampayri his guode los. o]yer his 

grace / pet he he)» / uor )>et is dyadlich zenne. To-ayens 

Agtiinft this be- piBe hestc do]) ]k) / ])et miszigge]) guode men / behinde 

who are guuty of ham / be hire wytinde. and by kueadnesse. )»et me 

tracUon,** clepc)) / pe zenue of detroccion . and ])o also / ]»et herie]) 

pe kueade / and hire dedes / of hire kueadnesse / and of 

hire folies ywyte / o)^r yzo3e / o])er yherd . )7et is zenne 

of blondi[n]gge / o])er of lozengerie / huanne me hit zay|> 

and of flattery and to uore ham. o|>er ualshcdc / o])er lyesinges / huanne be 

of treachery. 

]»et me spekp of / ne is ha3t present vor alle ])06 bye]) 

ualse wytnesses. 

[Fol. t. b.] . 


Thou Shalt not 1^6 ucjende hcste / is ])ellich. " pon ne sselt na3t 

b^?s wife."*** " wylni / fine ney3bores ^ wyf. ne his wyliii / ine fine 
Thou Shalt not hcrte ." bet is to ziffce / bou ne sselt nait co7iseuti / to do 

consent to do sin oo / r -7 1 

wiui thy body. ze?me / mid fine bodye. 

p\a heste uorbyet / to wylni mid wyl of herte / to 
habbe uelajrede tdesslich/ mid alle wyfmen / ^ out of 
spoushod. And f e kueade tocnen wifoute / f et byef 
ymad / uor to dra3e zenne / ase byef / kueade wordes / of 
zuyche manere. of er yeffes / ofer kueade takinges. 
The difference be- And f c difference of f ise heste / mid fe zixte / aboue 
and sixth Com- yzed : zuo is / f et f e zixte heste uorbyet / fe dede wyf-oute. 

mandroents. .« ii/« i» •• -v-r « ^ 

The sixth forbids ac f IS uorbyet / f e grantmge wyf mne. Vor f e grant- 
the *ninth forbids i^gc / to habbe uela3rede ulesslich / mid wyfmen / f et ne 
sentingT"* **° ^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ spousc : ys zeune dyadlich / be f e dome / 

* MS. ne^ybarea, ' MS. wyfrncm. 


of godes spelle / pet zayj), ** Huo J)et zijj) ane wyfman / 
and wylne)) his ine herte : lie hep y-zenejed / ine hyie : 
ine his herte ." J)et is to zigge : wyj) aperte wyhii[w]gge / 
and mid J^o^te. 

])B TENDS GODBS HESTE. Tlie Tmfh Com- 


j>e tende heste / is J)ellich. '* ))ou ne sselt najt wyhii xiumshait not de- 

))ing / pet is pine nixte." pis heste uorbyet / wyl to isthjnaighboar'a. 
habbe opre marine ping / by wyckede scele. 

Ine pis heste / is uorbode enuie / of opre manne in this behert la 

forWdden buvj, of 

guode. oper of opre manne grace . Yor pe ilke enuie / which oomet oo- 

Tfitonnnoap 1 dw/d* 

comp of kueade couaytise / uor to habbe pet guod / oper \j sin. 

pe ilke grace . pet he y-zi)p ine opren. And pe ilke 

couaytise / hua7^ne pe conseuteuient / and pe pontes peiv 

to : is dyadlich ze7?ne. and aye pise heste. J^a^les / 

li3te couaytise / to habbe opre manne ping / by^ 

ffuode scele : ne is no zerane . and yef ber is / eni kuead Any evil wiiiiig 

** I / without wiU Is no 

arizinge / wyp-oute wylle / and wyp-oute grantinge / to sin, hat if there be 

, sin. It is not dead* 

harmi opren : hit ne is no zenne. and yef per is zenne : ly bat ught. 
hit IB li^t zenne. 

pia byep pe ten hestes / huer-of pe pii uerste / ous These are the Ten 

Behests, whereof 

di3t wel to god . pe opre zeuen / ous di3t to oure nixte. the three first di- 

\)iae ten hestes / byep to echen / pet hep scelo / and olde / the other seven to 

yhyealde to conne / and to done . Vor huo pet dep per- °^ ' ^' 
teyens / be his wytinde : zenjep dyadliche. 

cles of the Chris- 

Jjyse byep pe tuelf articles / of pe cr^tene byleue / tian Beiiet 

pat ech man cn'sten / ssel yleue stedeuestliche. uor articles of the 
operlaker / he ne may by yboi^e / huanne he hep wyt / «» « . 

and scele. And perof byeth tuelf. by be tale / of be "by the tale of the 

'^ '^ twelve apostles." 

tuelf apostles / pet hise zette to hyealde / and to loky / to 

xtlle pon/ pet wylep by ybona Jeanne pe uerste / be- The first belongs 

to the Father, 

longep to pe uader. pe zeuende : to pe zone, the uerpe / the seven foUow- 

to pe holi gost. uor pet is pe byginninge / of pe beleaue : and the remaining 

yleue ine pe holy tnnite. pet is ine pe uader / and ine ohost. 

^ u;^ in MS. 


fe zone / and ine pe holy gost. on god / an ]»ri persones. 
Alle jfise articles / bye^ ycontyened ine pe credo. / fei 
pQ tuelf apostles made . huer-of / ech zette his. 
The iknt mrtida f>e uerste article, ys )>ellich. '' Ich beleue ine god / 

(of Um Fatliw) _ 1.,.. t i* t* 

wM Mi 17 St pe uader alnii^ti / sseppere / of heuene / and of evpe. pis 


article zette saynte peter. 

The seeond article pe o])er article / belonge)^ to pe zone / aze to his 
hewi) was set 17 godhede / ))et is to zigge / )>et he is god . and is ]>ellich . 

** Ich beleue ine yesu cnst / oure Ihord / godes zone )7e 

uader / in alle ^inges / pet belonge)) to ])e godhede / an 

is onlepi ])ing / mid fe uader : bote of pe persone / fet is 

oj^er / Jeanne J>e persone of pe uader. " J>is article zette / 

[Foi. s. a.] sayn Ion pe godspellere. 

Tiie third arUde pe pndde article / and the vifte / pet uolje)? efter / 

of uie Son's mail- belonge]^ to pe zone / ase to pe manhode; ])et is to 

zigge / ase ]>et he is man dyadlich . p&nne mid pe pndde 

of hu ooDoeption article / is ycontened / )»at he wes y-kend / of pe holi 

*** ***** gost / and y-bore of pe mayde Marie. J>et is to onder- 

stonde / Jjet he wes y-kend / ine pe Mayde Mario / be J)e 

dede / and by pe uirtu / of J)e holi gost / and noting / of 

dede / of man. And the mayde Marie / blefte eure 

This article was mayde / an yhol be-uore / and efter. pia article zette 

i^jumes' brother, zayu lacob / sayu louues bro)>er. 

The fourth article pe uevpe article / helongep to his passion . ]»et is to 

^^OTigsto pas- ^.^^^ ^ ^^^ ^^ Jjolede dya)) onder pouns pilate / J>et wes 

paen / and demere / ine ]>o time / ine ierusalem : by pe 

romayna Onder fo demere / wes lesu crist y-demd / 

wyj) wrong / to fe biJdiuge / of fri kueade ieus / and y- 

and was set by St do a rode / and dyad / and y-do in-to berieles. J^is 

Andrew. " 

article zette saynt audreu. 

The fifth aru- pe vif te article / zuo is / ])et ha wente into helle / 

«• Harrowing of '* o^ter his dyapo / uor to dra^e pSLiines / and to deliuri J>e 

"*"'*' zaules / of pe holi uaderes . and of alle J)on / J)et uram pe 

ginni[n]gge/ of pe wordle storue/inzofe guode byleaue/ 

and ine hope / ]>et hi ssolden by y-boi^e / be him / uor pe 

zennc / of the ue«3te manne. Hit behouede / J>et alle 


wenten / into helle and J^ere abyde pe guode / ine in heii abode the 

zikere hope, fet iesu crist / godes zone / ssolde come / his or ddiTenmce. 

to delinri / he )>et he hedde hehote / he his prophetis. 

And uoT po scele / wolde he / efter his djeipe / wende in to 

heUe . fet is to onderstonde, / ine po half / J^et were J^e The wicked were 

11 %-r J • . 1 i4> . < • 1 ,. left in bell, there 

ha^en. JNs^t me po half: J^et were fe uorlorene. pet to»udefbrever. 

weren dyade / ine hire zenne / and ine hire misbileue. 

And ])o ne dro) he najt . nor hi byej^ uorlore / uor 

euremo. ))is article / zette saynt philippe. this artide eet st 

j>e sixte article is / of his arizinge . pet is to wytene . The sixth leof 
pet Jeanne ])ridde day / efter his dyaj^e . uor to uoluelle pe uon, 
writinges : he aros uram djSLpe . to Hue . and sseawede 
him / to his deciples. and ham prouede / his arizinge : 
ine uele maneres / he uourti da^es. J^is article / zette and was eet by st 

. .. Thomas. 

saynt thomas. 

pe zeuende article is. J^et ])ane uourti^te day / efter his The seventh arti- 

j./'ji-'j-ix de is, that 40 days 

anzmge/ huanne he hedde y-yete / mid his deciples, to- after his rising 

uore ham/al aperteliche /stei^ into heuene/])et is aboue / into heaven, 
alle ssepj^e / ])et ys ine heuene / al to godes ri^t half / j^e 

uader / huer he him made. J^is article / zette seynt This artide set st 

^ ,. . Bartholomew. 


f)e e^tende article is. ])et he ssel come / iate daye of The eighth artide 
dome / to deme pe dyade / and pe libbinde . pe guode / oome at dooms- 
ande pe kueade . and yelde to echen / be fet he hef of-guo ^^ d«Si.** **" ^ 
/ ine J^ise wordle. ))ise byeth pe artikles / ]>et belonge]> 
to be zone, bis article zette seynt Matheu be godsspellere. st Matthew set 

r * J r o tr thisartide. 

J)e nejende article / and be bri laste : belonge]; / to ]>e The ninth artide 

and the three last 

holi gost and is ]>ellich. "Ich beleue / ine be holi belong to the Holy 

. 1 ,. I Ghost. 

gost pis article aksep / ])et me leue / ])et pe holi gost / 

is pe jefpe / and pe loue / of pe uader / and of pe zone / The Holy ohoet is 

huerof isom|» / elpe guod of grace . and ])et he is / onlepi of the Father and 


god / an onlepi )»ing / mid pe uader / and pe zone / bote 
pe persone / fet is, ofer / fawne pe persone of pe uader / 
and / oipe zona J^is article sette / saynt lacob / zaynte This artide set st 


Simones and saynte ludes brober. 

[Fd. S. b.] 

pe tende article is ])ellich. " Ich y-leue holy The tenth arud* 

14 ST John's VISION of the beast. 

trmto of the (U- cherchgeneialliclie / and be mennesse of hahen" / bet is to 

lowshipoftainto. , ^ i w 

zigge : ]je ueli^rede of alle ])e haljen / and of alle )>e 

guode men ]yet bye]' / and asoUe by. al to ]>e ende of j^e 

woidle/ and weren ze))]>e ])e ginni[77]gge, to gidere / ine ]>e 

In this urtioto an byleaue of lesu crist. And ine bise article / byeb onder- 

ondentood the > ^ » 

•eren Monunente. stonde / ]>e zeue sacremens / ]>et byejj ine holy cherche. 

j^et is to wytene. cristninge . conferminge. ]>e sacrement 
of fe wyefde. ordre, spoushod. f e holy ssrifte. and f e 

This aitide let St lasto : anoylinge. J^is article zette sayn simoun. 

The eleventh art!- ))e enlefte is. to leue : ]>e lesnesse of zenne. J^et god 
of eins. ^^ yofJ> be Jw vtHue / of his holi sacremens / Jet byej ine 

St Jade set this holi cheiche. J^is article zette sayn lude. 


The twelfth article ]?e tuelfte article is. to leue / ])e general arizinge of 
genend rising of bodyo. and jjct lif / wy]H)ute ende. ])et is ]>e blisse of 
withont^n^T paradis. j^et god ssel yeve to ham / ])et hit habbe]; of- 

guo / be guode beleaue : and be guode workes. J^is 
andsTerinsting article / yeff to onderstonde / his contran&, fet is / fe 

punishment pre- 

pared for the for- piHC wy]H)ute ende / J^et god \\&\ agray])ed / to j^e uorlo- 

rene. J^is article / ssel by onderstonde / ine zuycho 
By it we' under- Bfianere : J^et ech / by he guod / by he kued / ssel by ate 
good and bad siiaii daye of dome / arered uram dyaj^e / to lyue / ine his 

receive their re- i_ t / i i 11. -lt. j j 

ward in the body ojcue bodye / huer he ssel habbe an. and onderuongo 
have'deserred ^ ^^ mede / ine bodye / and ine zaule / be j^et he he]} of- 
this life. g^^ I jj^^ j^jg^ Yxxx!^ an J^eruore / ssolle f e guode / at Jo 

daye / ine bodye / and ine zaule / by in lif / wyj-oute 
ende. and the kueade : uorlore euremo / ine bodye and 
This article was ine zaule. ]?is article zette saynt MaJJi. 

set by St Mat- 

Of the vision of St Of J^E BSEAWTNGE )?BT S£I)9T IoN pS 



St John saw a Ml Ihord sanyn Ion / ine Je boc / of his sseawyinges. 

theseir™* ^ ^ \^^ iry-cleped / fe apocalipse : zuo zayf / fet he yze^ a 

best / fet com out of fe ze. wonderUche ydi3t. and to 
having a leopard's moche dreduol. Yor Jet bodi of Je beste : wes asc 
S/sJhl^*^ lipard. Je net / weren of here. Je Jrote / of Houn. 
Sfdi an*?Lr''"" an^ liit hedde / zeve heauedes . and ten homes . and 


ope fe ten homes, ten corounes. And yze^ saint Ion. horns, ramoant- 

6d 1^ ton crowns. 

])et ])e ilke kneade best / hedde mi^te / of him-zelve / to The wicked beut 
vijte / wy]) j^e lial3en / an his to ouercome / and to ouer- s«if lo fight wuh 

... 1^. •%! 1 < / ji 1 / ji luid OTeroome the 

maistn. pis like best / zuo wonderuol / and zuo y-coun- nants. 
tref eted / and dreduol : betocne]> / ])ane dyeuel / yet com This beast be- 
out of j^e ze '/ of helle / ])et is uol/ of alle zoi^e / and of whooomethoatof 
alle bitemesse. ))et bodi of ]>e beste / ase z&yp saynt u. gaues^we de^ 
Ion . zuo wes ylich / to j>e lipard . uor J)et ase fe lipard / J25?g**]^2l^ *hu 
hej diuers colurs : zuo hej) fe dyeuel diverse maneres / ^^^^ ^ 
of waytinges / and of contac / uor to gily / an uor to 
uondi Je uolk. J3e uet weren ilich / fe uet of here, vor 
alse ]>e here / fet hep pe stre[n]g])e ine pe uet / and ine 
pe annes / halt stiangliche. and bint / ])et he he]} / onder 
his uet / and )>et he beclep]> : alsuo de]} pe dyeuel ham / 
pet he he|» beclept / and ouerj^rawe be zenne. pe j^rote his ccaeity Vjr the 

1 » / 1 1 lion's throet, 

wes of lion . uor his greate cruelete / )>et al wyle uor- for the devii wui 

, foT'Swallow all. 


bB TOKNEN OP bB HBAUEDEN OF bB BB8TB. The tokens of the 

^ ' '^ headsofthebea«% 


be zeue heauedes / of be beste of helle : byeb be The seven heads 

*^ / r J r r are the seven dead- 

zeuen hauedliche zennes. be huichen / be dyeuel draab ly sins. 

^ , Bveiy one fclls in- 

to him / ase al ])e wordle. Vor onnea]>e yualf / f et me to the throat oir 

some of the seven 

ne wsXp I in-to pe J^rote / of zome : of pe zeue heauedes. beads. 

And feruore / zayp wel saynt Ion : pet hit hedde mi^te / 

a^ye be hahen. vor in erbe / ne ys zuo holi man : pet None is so holy as 

to avoid all siiis. 

mo^e / parfitliche be-uly / alle pe maneres of zenne. pet 
of pise heuedes zeueu comep / wyp-oute special pr/uilege 
of grace / alse hit wes / ine pe mayde Marie / oper ine 
zome obren / be special sraee I bet he hedde of god. be The lo boms be- 

'^ '^ o ^ tokeneththeguUts 

ten homes of pe beste / betoknep / pe geltes of pe ten of the lo behesu. 

hestes / of our Ihorde / pet pe dieuel purchacep / also 

moche ase may / by be zeuen / beuore yzed zennen. be The lo crownn are 

' . the 10 victories he 

ten corounes aboue / betoknep / pe ouercominge / pet hit hath over sinners. 
hep aboue / alle zenuoUe / uor pet / he dep his agelte / ine 
pe ten hestes. 


The firat head of bET UEBSTE HEAUED OF bE BESTE. 

the Beast. ' 

Tiie first iiead is ])et uersto heaued / of \^ beste of belle : ys prede. ]9et 
2nd Envy, o])er / is enuie. ])e ])ridde / wre]7e. ^ uer])e / 8leau])e / 

4th sioS!'' )>et me clepe]' / ine clergie : accidye. ])e vif te / icinge. in 

5thCovetottsneis, irT*/ • t i.*«-»i.i"ix . 

6th oiattony, cle[r Jgie / auance. o])eT couay tise. \q zixte / glotounye. )>e 

th Lecheiy. zeuende lecberie / oJ)er luxurie. Of Jise zeuen beauedes / 

com]> ecb manere zenne. and J^eruore / bi bye]) y-deped / 

Theseare au bead- baued-zennes. uor |»et bi bye]) / beaued / of alle kueade / 

ningofau wicked- and of alle zennes. and ginninge / of all kueada be 

by dyadlicbe / be by ueniaL )?anne / ecb of )»e ilke 

And first we will zeaen bim to-de]]> / ine nele balues. And nerst / we 

talk of pride, «»«.„.. / r v t a i i. 1 t 

first sin, willej) zigge / of ])e zenne of prede / uor pet wes )»e 

uerste zenne / and ])e aginninge / of alle kueade. vor 
which was eom- prede / brek uerst uela3 rede / and ordre / buanue l^tbere 

mitted tar Lodftr, , .. .. ii/i. 

pe aDgel / vor bis greate uayrbede / an bis greate wyt : 
wolde by aboue / ])e o]>re angeles / and bim wolde enmi / 
to god / ]>et bine zo uayr / an zuo guod : bedde y-mad. 

wherefore be and And ])eruore / be vil uram beuene : and becom dyeuel. 

from heaTen. and be / and al bis uek^rede. Hym anlikne)» / alio 

proude / )»et ueli^rede / and ordre of men / onde]) / and 

Like him an au brek)» / buanne bi wylle)» / by aboue obren. and more 

that exalt 

themaeiTes abora by alozed / and y-preyzed / ])anne eni o])er / ])et betere 

others. i_ «. t. 

bye]) worp. 

The Might of bE HT2TE OF PBEDE. 

Pride. ^ 

Pride bundeth Jjig zenne of prede / ys to dreduol. uor bi ablent 


men. zuo ])et bi bam-zelve / ne knawe]) / ne ne zye]). 
so that they are pet is ])e wel Strang / and ])e wel special aid / to ))e 
derii whether they dyeule / buerK)f be be-gylej / ])e be^e men / and J)e 
wise, hardy?or° ' uayre / and ])e ricbe / and ])e wyse / and ])e bardi / and \^ 
bat e^peeuiy wor])uolle. And geuerallicbe / ecb manere of uolk. ac 
''*^^®^ speciaUicbe / Je greate Ibordes / zuo fet by bam zelue / 

ne knawy)) / ne yze]) / bire misdedes / ne bire f olies / ne 
bire wyttes. ))anne is. bit / )>e meste periluse ziknesse / 
^t is of o]>ren. Yor-zo])e / be is ine grat peril / to buam / 


alle tf I'acle / went in to uenym. Also de)) techinge / and to whom teachitiff 
cnastlsement / to fe protlde. Vor pe more / pet me nmi profiteth not. 
wy[))]nim> / and blamej) / and chaste)) : >e more / he him 
\vre]}e))» and ))e mote him were)). 

Prede / is ))e dyeules oje dojter / ))et he)) / grat del / i»rideUUiedBVii'ii 
ine his kende. Prode werre]) wy)) god / of his guodc. waiv against God. 
and god / ])rau]> doun prede / and werre)) wij) him. wicksdpnusticea. 
Prede / is king / of wyckede peawes. Hy is ))e lioun / dBr^antJi 
pet el uorzuel]). Prede astru)) / alle ))e guodes / an alle CFoi. 4. b.j 
Jje graces / and die ))e guode workes / ))et bye)) ine 
manne. Vor prede / make)) of elmesse / ^nne. and of 
ntVtues / vices, and of guode workes / huer*of me ssoldo 
l)egge heuene : make)) wynne helle. 

))is zenne / is ))e uerste / ])et asayle)) / ))ane knijt / oure This sin is tht 
Lhord / and huan^ last let. Yor huanne he he]) / alle oar Lord, and was 

Lii ^ -11 1. j/^ Uiela<ttoabiuid»ii 

opre kttedes ouercome : ])anne him asaylep prede / fe him. 

HOU MB BSBti TO-DBLB ))B 2BUB fiOJBS OV l>tlEt)B. The Seven fioughi 

j)ia zenne him to-del]) / and spret / ine jsuo uele 
deles / ))et onnea))e / me may hise telle. Ac zeuen 
principals doles / per bye]), ^et bye)) / ase zeue bo)es / 
))et guo)) out / and bye)) y*bore / of ane wyckede rote. 

))anne / f e uerste bo^ of prede : is / ontreu])e. ))e 1. Untruth, 

<,■,«.«. -It • o^'* Despite* 

oper: onwor])heae. pepndde: ouerweninge. ])et we^ iii. Presumption, 
clepej) / presumcion. ))e uer^e t folebayrie. ))et we^ cle- iv. Amwuon, 

/» til • •^* Jdle-bli88» 

pie))/ ambicion. ))e vifte: ydeleblisse. ))ezixte: ypocrisie. vi. Hypocrisy, 
^e zeuende : wyckede drede. To ))ise zeue di^tinges / dread, 
belonged alle ))e zennes / ^et by)) y-bore of prede. 
Ac ech of ))ise zeue bojes / hep uele smale tuyegges. 

jje uerste boj of prede / ))et is / ontreu))e. he him to* 
delb / in ))ri little boaes. huer-of |)e uerste / is kuead. The three twigs of 

. . . . 1 1 i ,.. *^ . 1 Untrnth. 

po Oper : worse, pe pndde / alperworst. pe on is voul* i. Fouihood, 

It -11 1 «. • 1 1 -tr 1 ^^' I'ooHshness, 

hede. pe oper : wodhede. pe pndde : renoyrye. Voul* iii. Aposusy. 

hede : generalliche / is ine eche zenne. vor no zenne / i. founiood 

ne is / wy))-oute uoulhede. and zuo beginne]) / alle 

1 huaTTi? ^ mtfl 



seniles / be voulhede. Ac ))e uoulhede / )»et we spekeji 

of bier specialicbe / ))et com]; of prede. and is a man- 

yere / of ontreu))e : is a vice / f et is y-cleped / ine clergie : 

or ingratitnde is ingratitude /])et is uoryeti [n]ge of god / and of bis guodea 

Usgifti. J^et me ne Jjonke)) bim na3t / ase me ssolde do. ne bim 

ne je\dep j^onkes / of bis guodes / ^et be ous be]y ydo. 
He is a irreat Vor-zofc he is wel vileyn / and ontrewe / auoieye bis 

return thanks for Ihord / ])et allo guod / bim hep y-do. and bim ne 

porikep / ac uoryet : and yelt bim / knead uor guod. 
snehTiiianydo and vileynve / uor corteysye. be ilke vileynye / deb 

those who do not . ^ ,1 , / , , . / . 

thank God, man to god / buaime be / ne be]>eng)) bim ni^t / of ])e 

guodes / \q\> God bim be]y y-do / and bim de)) alneway. 
and na^t bim J^onke]) / ac raj^re bim / ofte werre]) / ine 
))et / \Qi be use]} kueadlicbe / and aye godes wil. 

bnt vse his gifts )?et is wel grat vileynie / ase me ))ing)) / ))et grat guod- 

nesses / onderua[r<]g]) / and ne dayne]> na3t / to zigge : 
grdt ])ank. And yet bit is more grat : buanne / me bim 
uorza^]} / ofer buanne / me biwi uoryet. ac f e ilke / is 

and each day r»- to grat : buanne ecbedaye / onderuang]) ])e guodnesses : 

and ecbedaye / yelt kuead / uor guod. 

We haye no gifts \>Q ilke / Jjct ]>anne wel J^eng]? / and ofte lokede / to 

given us, be th^ \^ guodcs / jjct god bim be]) ido / and de]) alneway : and 

tanefS'^f gJ»Sr fet no guod / be ne bef : J>et god ne bef / bit bim 
y-yeve. ne guodes of kende : ase uayrbede. and bel])e. 
an 8treng])e of bodye. an sle3])e. and naturel wyt / 
auoreye ]>e zaule. ne guodes of auenture. ase ricbesses. 
worssipe. and be^nesse. ne guodes of grace, ase by)» 

Let us thank God utHues. and guode workcs. Tf el ssolde be ])onki god : 

for all his gifts to ^ni* -i j «.iv 

„a. of alle bis guode. vor guodnesse : of er aksep. 

ir. Folly or mad- J^e ofer / ontreufe. fet comf of prede : is wodbeda 

The'manisoatof me bait auo man wod. fet is out of bis wytte / ine 

' buam : skele is miswent. f anne wext ari^t / f e ilke fol. 

[Foi. 5. a.1 and miswent. and wel yzed / wod. fet wytindelicbe / 

who mirases his and bardilicbe / fe guodes / fet ne byef na^t bis. ake 

whereof behoveth byef. bis Ibordcs guodes. buer-of / bim bebouef / 

mye acooont, g|.j^|^j[jgjjg J ygi^e rekeniuge / and scele. J?et is to 


wjrtene / j>e guodes / of suo gi'at pris / and f e timliche 

guodes / pet he he)) / ine lokinge. ]>e utHues of )>e bbdie / 

and fe pontes / and pe consenteinefus / and pe willes of 

pe zaule / waste]? / and despende]? / ine folyes / and ine 

outrages / to-uore be eaen / of his Ihorde, an him ne «nd thinketh not 

** ' r ^ / 9 of the day of wck- 

poruay]> / of his lekeuinge. and wel wot / pet rekeni oning. 

himbehoue]?. andnewot/huanne. nej^aneday. nefe 

oure. Zuych folie / is wel y-cleped / onwythede. Of of mch viow the 

grant proud men 

zuiche vices / byej) uolle / pe greate pioude men / f et use)) are iwu 
kneadliche / pe gieate guodes / ^et god ham he]) ylend. 

j)e ^dde ontrea])e ))et com]) of prede : ys renayrie. ni. ApostMy. 

He ys wel renay / ))et / ])et land ^t he halt of his Ihorde / He is an apoetato 

de]) in-to pe hond of his uyende. and de)) him man- lord** und to his 
bode. Zuych zerme make]> ech ])et zene^e]) dyadliche. 

uor banne alzo moche ase of him is he dej) manhode to ss doeth he who 

pays homage to 

pe dyeule / and becom)) his pre], and him yelt al ))et the deTii. 

he halt of god / and bodi / and zaule. and o])re guodes. 

])et he de)) to pe seruice of* ))e dyeule. And &]p^ he sachaonaisoniy 

Christian in name 

by be his zigginge cristen: 'he renay)) be dede / and and not in deeds. 

ssewe)) ])et he ne is na^t. Ac spccialliche ine ])ri man- 

eres is man ycleped reney. and uals cristen. ofer uor False christians 

are tliose who sin 

))et he ne belef^ / ^et hQ ssolde / ase de]) pe bougre : and against their 

pe heretike / and pe apostate, ^t reneye)) hire bileaue. sworn, lian, and 

0])er uor ])et he agelt pe byleaue ))et he bylef^. Alsuo 

do^ pe uorzuorene. and pe lexers of pe byleaue. 0))er 

belef)) more ])anne he ssolde. ase do)) pe deuines / and 

pe wichen / and ^e chaimeresses ])et worke]) be pe 

dyeules crefte. and alle )>o ))et ine zuyche ])inges sachmensin 

yleue)) and dof hire hope: zene^ep dyadliche. Vor for they sin 

alle zuiche ))inges hjep aye Jje byleaue. and Jjeruore 

his uorbyet holy cherche. Jjise bye]) pe manieres of 

on-treu])e / ])et is pe uerste boj of prede. 

))E 0))BB BO3 OF PA£DB. 

be ober boi / bet comb out / of be stocke / of prede ; The second Bouph 

ri . 1 / . I 1 of Pride l« Despite 

zao is onwor])nesse [despitj / ])et is / wel grat zenne. (Contempt). 

2 ♦ 


And Jjaj hit by mo / J>et no Kenne dyadlich /by 

wifoute onworpnesse / of god. alneway be )>et / )>et 

There afe three We spekeb of onworbhede / hyer specialliche / ine bri 

sorts of this sin. , ^ T I J r I Y 

1. Hot praisiti^ maneris / me may zeneii / be bise 2enne. Ober uor 

others as the/ de-. .,. ,v. 

serve. pet / me ne prayxep / opren anjt / me nerte / ase me 

II. Not to honour ,, ^, ,. . / ■• ^ . * ■» 

and reverence ssolde. Uper uor pet / me ne berp najt worssipe / and 

where one should. t. «. j. u r^*^ « ^ / • < 

111. Not to show reuerence : per pet me ssolde. Oper uor pet / pet me ne 
over us.** ***^"** bou^p na^t ari^t : to ham / pet me ssolde / rijtaollicbe 

Think how often Nou bench Hit Wei / itte bine herte / hon ofte / be 

thou hast dis- ^ 7 / r / IT 

t>raised others, hest y-do / pe like zenne / pet pou best / ine pine herte \ 

pe like / pet more byep worp / panne pou / onworpest. 

uor rome graces wypoute / pet god / pe hep y-yeve. oper 

uor noblesse / oper uor prowesse. oper uor richesse* 

oper uor wyt. oper nor uayrhede. oper uor opre 

guodes / huet pet hi by : hueruore / pou pe prayzest / 

more panne pe ssoldest. and opren lesse. 

how thou hast faii- Efterward / pench hou uele zipe pou hest / litel ybore 

honour to ood. to worpssipo / and reuerence / to ham / pet pou ssoldest 

saints, and His Auerst / to god. aud to hls moder. and to his haljen. 

""'^ ' ' and to pe angles of heuene. Vor per ne is non / to-yans 

[Foi. 6. b.] huam / pet pou ne hest agelt / ine onwor[p]nesse [despit]. 

oper be onworpnesse / pet pou hest / ofte zipes / euele / 

and wrope / y-loked hire festes. 

and how many Ef ter pan pench / hou uele zipe / pou hest misserued 

badly served our ourc Ihord Jesu cHst. Oper ine pet / pet pou ne hest najt 

in^not hearing ser- blcpeliche / y-hycrd his seruise. ne y*zed his benes. ne 

" "* yhyerd sermons, and huanne pe ssoldest / yhere his 

and in jangling messc / Oper hls scrmou / at cherche : pou iangledest / 

in'aJr' "* * and bourdedest / to-uor god. and ine pet / pu here him / 

litel worpssipe. 
Think too how Efterward / hou pou hest tielezipe / lilel ybore worp- 

hMt shw^tothe ssipe. to pe bodye / of Jesu crist / pawne pou hit yzeje. 
^enttiS wlest ©per panue / pou hit onderuinge. ine pet / pet pou nere 
orreceivedstit, ^^^ j ^gneUche y-dijt / be ssrifpe. and by vorpen- 
p^^foMt^*** chinge. Oper be auenture / pet wors is : pet pou hit 


onderuiTige ine dyadlich ze«ne / be Jine wy tinde / Jet ig bofowhwid hy 

grat onwor])nes8e. [despit.] anoa. 

Eft^rward / to ])iiie zuete uela^e / and to ]>ine / guode 
lokere / ]>in angle, j^et alneway / ])e loke]). hou liele 
ssames / yon hest liiin y-do / ine ])et / ])ou dedest / ])ine 
zennes ./ beuore him. 

Efterward ]>enoh/ hou uelezij^e / J)ou hest y-by/onboj- Think how often 

earn to ]>ine uader / and to pine moder. and to pan / to disobediMit to thy 

huam ]k)u ssoldest bou^e : and here honur. Yef ])ou ir thou wiit thus 

wylt / ine J)ise manere/ recordy J>i lif : fou sselt ysi Jet IhS!Ji«hlittee*that 

f ou hest / more zife y-zenejd / ine zuyche manere / of J^®* timM**than 

prede / fet is ycleped / onworjnesse [despit] : Jet Jou / ^ **^* '*'*"*' 

ne kanst najt telle. ^ 


))e Jridde bo) of prede : is / arrogance. Jet me clepej / The third Bough 

. . . . of Pride is Arfo- 

opweninge / ojer opnuninge. panne Je man / wenp gance^orupween- 


more / of him-zelue / Janne he ssolde. pet ys to zigge : a man is guilty of 

.Jet wenj by / more worj : Jaaine he by. ojer more Slnk^th tJi much 

may: Janne he mo^e. oJer more conne: Jawne he oJ^JI^'**"^^*^ 
jcan. oJer wenJ by more worJ. oJer more mo^e. oJer 
mora conne : Janne eny o Jer. ])is zeTzne / is Je strengje / 

.of .Je dyeule. vor he lokej / and norissej / alle Je greate This sin nourish- 

gostliche zennes. pis zenne mm sseawej / ine uele spiritual sins. 

--,.,- , T 1 / This sin showeth 

maneres, oJer be dede / oJer be speche. ac nameucne / itself in six ways, 
ine ziz maneres. Jet is to wytene / ine onlepihede. nor Je i. singularity. 

. The proud and tb« 

proude / and Je ouerwenere / wenej more by worJ / overweenerwm 
oJer. conne: more Janne erne ojre, and ne daynej as others. 
na^t do / ase oJre / Jet more byej worJ / Janne he by. ac 
rajre / wile by / onlepi ine his dedes. J5et is Je uer^jte 
zenne / be huam ouerweninge is ine dede. 

be ober is / fol niminge / of create spendinge. Jet me ir. Prodigauty. 

, ,. ,. , , , , 1 J This is ft foolish 

depej prodigalite. hua7me he dej to moche despense. spending of 

.,»■,, ./*, av/ money, in order to 

oJer / of his ojen : oJer / of oJre manne : nor to by / y- be pndsed and 
praysed. and Jeruore / Jet me him hy aide / Je more large / jJberai and^court- 

j - _. eons. 

and Ja more corteys. 


in. ium Strife. be bridde kuead / bet comb of ouerwenins^ : vs fole 

ThU U to rapport T . . , . o J 

a thing we kuow opnimiDge of uals strif. ase zayb / Salomon, bet is to 

to be wrouff • 

zigge. huo ])ot mim^ / a uals strif anhand / and wot wel / 
^et hit is uals. and hit uolje)). 
IV. Boiwting J>e uer])e tuyg / of fe ilke boje / huer^by / J)e proude / 


The bouter is the sseawe]) prede / of his herte : is yelpingge. ])et is / wel 

only sing of him- uoul zenue / and to god : an to ))e wordle. \)e yelpere is 

[Pol. 6 a.1 I'® cockou. f et ne kan / na3t zinge / bote of : 

Thu tin is seen in Jjis zewne is ybouude ine fan / fet be his o^ene mouf e / 

or their own wit, him yelpf . o^er of his wytte. oj^er of his kenne. oj^er 

prowess.^^' of his workss. oj^er of his,prouesse. Ac he him doble]> 

He sinneth ine ham / J^et j^e yelpere / and ))e lozeniour / zeche]) / 

others to extol and tedef I and yef )» ham of his / uor ham to praysL 

him, and to Ue and . . ,, vi.v/ j i.* 

boast of his noble- and uor to ziggo of ham : pet hi / ne dorre ns^t zigge. 

and uor to lye^e of ham : and te grede hare noblesse, 
y. Scorn. Thu is ))e vif te out-kestinge / of \q ilke stocke / is scorn. 

tlie w(H)t of the . _ 

proud, who scorn Vor fet is )>e woue / of f e proude : ouer-wen[cr]e / f et hiw 

good men and . , .•/• i.'i.i./t. t. 

tiiose they see ne IS ua^t yno3 / to onwor]7i / ine his herte / )>e oj^re. 

* * Jet ne habbe)) najt / fe graces / ))et he wen)> habbe. 

ac make)) / his bisemers / and his scomes. and ])et 

wors is : bisemere)> and scomej ])e guode men. and of 

ham / fet he yzi^J) / wende to guode. fet is wel grat 

By their evil zc/me. and wel dreduol. Ac / uor hire euele tongen : 

^nf much foik'*^ lii miswcudef / moche uolk / to done wel. 

vi"oppoStion ' J5© zixte kestinge out / of the ilke boje : is wyj>- 

The prolld "oyer- stoudiuge. Jjet is / huawus f e man wyf stant / to alle 

•"r;^;!!i.ition, l^am : fet guod / him wolde. Vor fe proude / ouer- 

chMtening, or ad- -^enere : yef me him wi)>nim]> : he hiw defendej). yef 

me him chaste^ : he is wro]>. yef me him wel ret he 
This sin is a peril- uc \%Vf uenue / bote his 03ene wyt« Hit is a perilous 
since au medicines zikuesse / ]7et uc may na^t ]7olye : ))et me him take, and 

turn into venom. ..^/..n !•• x«j. 

to pall / pet alle medicines : went m to uenim. 

]?£ iiij. BO3 OF PBEDE. 
The Fourth Bough jy-/.i i* vi. 

of Pride is Foul pc uerpe D03 of prede / is fole wylnmge. j^et me 
tien)? clepe]) / ine clergie : ambicion. ])et is /' kuead wilninge 


he;e to cliua bis zenne / is be dyeules panne / of helle. Thu sin !■ the 

. . derirspanofhell. 

haerinne / be makep his sriinges. pea boj him spret / tub bough 

ine uele manyeres / arijthalf / and alefthalf. Yor ))e and istt. 

ilke / ^et wyhie]) / he^e to cliue : to zome / ha wyle on the one side it 

, . . , • i.i ii» appear* in flattery 

queme. and peroi wexep / uele zennes : ase an3thalf. and timuiaUoD, 

pei is to wytene : lozengerie. simidacion. foUiche yeue : 

uor ^et me ssel him hyealde / corteys / and large. To on the other in 

o))ren / ha wyle harmy. and ])erof com]} ]>e zenne / a- 

lefthalf . ase to miszigge / to ham / ])et he wyle harmi : and eru wius 

him uor to anheji and him arere]; blame / and wylne)) / 

J^ane djsf / of ]>an / ^et halt / ])et he wen]? come to / 

and bezuykynges. and euel red ; conspiracious. strif. in deceit, treaoh- 

BTjf bed advioet 

and uele o^re zennes / ])et wexe]) / of pise queade boje. conqiinuor, and 


pe uif te boj of prede / is ydele blisse. J^et is / fole / The jifth Bongh 
likinge / of fole heryinge. ]?anne he uel^ / ine his herte (idie-buss). 
wytindeliche / of pQt he is / opev wen)> by. yhered / of be praised, 
zome ])inge / ])et he hep ine him / opev wenp habbe. 
and wyle by yhered. ))erof / huerof / he ssolde herie robbeth Ood and 
god. And )>eruore / ydeleblisse / benim]) god / and which is His; for 
stel)> / pet his is. Yor of alle oure guodes : he ssel ehauh^ethe* 
habbe pe worfssipe / and pe heryinge. and we / pe ^7a«dwethe°' 
T^imy[«]gge. '-*"*^ 

Ydeleblisse : is pe grete wynd / ^et ]jrau)> doun / idie-buss is a 
pe greate tours / and ^e heje steples / and pe greate hngdown great^' 
beches / ine wodes / ]>rau)) to grounde. an pe greate ^Js! w»d pJea?"*' 
belles / makef to resye. f et byef / pe heje men / and ***"**^ ^"^ """^ 
|»et bye)> / mest wor^. J^et is pe dyeules peni / huer- it is the devirs 
mide he bay]? / alle pe uayre pane-wor]?es / ine the hebuyethgood 


markatte / of fise wordle / fet byef / pe guode workes. tFoi.6.b.] 

And uor ]?et / per bye)> / ]>ri manere of guodes / ))et 

man hej» of god. and Jet pe dyeuel / wyle begge / mid 

his pans : ]?eruore / him to-del]? pia boj / ine pn manere / it spreadeth into 

three small 

smale bo^es / huer-of wexe]) / ech manere zenne / ]?et no boughs. 
clerek / ne kan telle. J^e ilke ]?ri manere guodes / ]>et 


Tb« goods tbfttfre men heb of god. bveb / be guodes of kende. be guodes 

have of God are, 

1. goods of nature, 01 hap. fe guodes of grace. \)e kendeliche guodes / 

S. goods of fortune, ,,,.,, ^.i-iii # 

«. goods of grace, byef po / fet me clepef / by kende. ofer / aye J>et 

are*thale pertoin- ^odj I ofer / aye fe zaule. Auorye J>et bodi : ase liel]>e. 

theiouV* uayrhede. strengjje. prouesse, noblesse, guode tonge, 

w«*hMjthfbMw^ guode rearde. Auorye fe zaule : ase clier wyt. wel nop 

nowufy^l'i"^*"' to undeistonde. and sotU wyt / wel uor to vynde / 

Swiurae"* *"*^ guode onderstondinge : wel to of healde. And fe utVtues 

The spiritual Qf feendo / huorbv / som ys kendoliohe : more banne 

goods are clear i ^ i j r 

aiidsubuewitand ofer. ofer larger/ ofer milder / oJ)er graciouser. ojer 
stonding. atempres. and wel y-ordayned. Of alle bise yefbea. 

For all tliase gifts */ *f w ^ w 

we ought to thank me ssel ^onki god / and serui / uor ])et hi oome^ alle of 
iTeYertheiess the him. ]}a3les )>e proude / hise 2el)> to ])e dyeule/ uor 
KedevUforttw Jjsue ualsue peny / of ydele^ blisso. and werrej) ofto 
^^^ penny e- ^^ ^ ^j ^^ j^.^ guodes. huer-of / he ssolde ^onki god. 

And huo J^et nim]) wel yeme / ine alle ])i8e guodes of 
kende / ^et ich habbe / ssortliche y-tald : by hit zenne / - 
be ydele blisse / ine to uele maneres / ^et / ech may 
bctere y-zy / yne hi7n-zelue / y-ef he wyle / wel studie : 
^et o])re ne oonne him zigge. 
Tite goods of for. ])e guodes of hap : bye]} he^nesses. rich esses, delices. 

tuns (hap) are 

highness, ricties, and p9Y)sperites. huerof me ]jeng)> / in uele maneres. Yor 

Hy. ' huanne ])e Iheuedi of hap / he^ hire hue^el y«went. to 

of fortune turns f® mauue / and arered. and yzet to fe he^Jje of hare 

thiwr woweth *to huejel/asc [J)e]2 melle to Je wynde. and fere he^e y-cliue, 

win^ofTduT"^''* J?ere blawef / aUe >e tuelf wyndes : of ydele blisse. Vor 

***^ huanne fe ilko / fet is zuo heje arise / ine prosperity "/ 

and in his pros. J)engJ> in Ms hcrtc / uerst / to f e dignet^. ef terward / to 

iiis dignity, pros- his prosperity, efterfan / to his richesses. efterward / 

lusts/ fellowship, to his lostes / fet his body hef. efterfan / to fe greate 

his manners, his ucls^rcde / f ct huu uol^ef . cfterwsrd / to f e uayre 

abundance of fair mayn^ / J)et him seruef . efterfan / to his uayre man« 

'***^' eres. efterward / to his uaire ridinges, efte[r]ward / to 

to the decking of he plenty / of uavre robes, efterban / to be diatinfire / of 

his house, and to f . \ , ^ , , / / , / 

bUeaaej his house / wyf eyse of loste / and ofre manere bar- 

1 MS. ydelele, ^ \>e is incorreotly erased In MS. 


neys / fet zuo moche is uayr / and noble, efterward / 

to ]>e igreate presens / and to fe greate festes / ]>et me to great feasts, 

him make)) oueral. ef terj^an / to his guode los / and to fome. 

his prayzinges / ]>et oueral vle^, J^us him ioisse]> and Then he eo ntfoio. 

him glorifie]) ]>e wreche / ine his herte. zuo ]>et he not / that he knowetu 

huer he ys. J^ise byej) fe yeffes / fet comef of ydele 

blisse, ])et is to wytene xij. maneres of uondinge of ydele 

biisse. pQt habbe]) ]>o : ine hej stati o))er ine fo 

wordle. ojjer ine religion. oJ>er clerk. oJ)er lewed. 

\)e guodes of grace. bye]> uirtues / and guode workes. Thej^sofffraot 
And aye J^ise guodes / ofte blau]) ]>e stranglaker / ydele good works i 
hlisse. and ofte uel)> ]>e greatte traues / and fe hejeste, 
Jet byej / fe meste guode men. And sselt y-wyte / 
yet yne uirtues / and ine guode workes : uonde)> ))o these the devii 
dyeuel / be ydele biisse / ine j^ri maneres. J^e on / zuo ways, 
is /ine herte / wyfinne'/ huaTzne me yher)> / of fe [Foi.7.a.] 
guodes / J>et me def / pnueliche. ase of benes. ofer / of manSriilkWmseif 
^tmi workes. and wen> ))e man / by betere mid god : Si5? hrli^ ^^ 
fsame he by. ])e o])er / zuo ys / huanne he hej / ane and. He oauses 
fole biisse ine him / of J^et / he yherf / ofer y-zi^f / at hearing himseir 
of his guode nameoofhede, and Jet he is ypraysed. and San. ** ^^'^ 
y-byealde uor guod man. pe Jridde zuo is / huanne he srd. He makes 

, J1-/ 3 1 1 / 1 *^*°* desire and 

wilnep / and zekp / and porchacej los / and name- seek a good name 

^ t t T. .-I T^T I1-1* not tor God's sake, 

cou]7hede. and me zuiche onderstondmge / dep his but for the 
guodes / n£^t uor god properliche : ac uor Je wordle. 


J^e zixte boj of prede : is ypocnsye. Jet is a zenne / The sixth Bough 

• . . , . .of Pride is Hypo* 

Jet makej to ssewy / Je guod wyj-oute / Jet ne xs crisy. 

na^t / wyj-inne. ]?anne byej Jo / ypocntes / Jet Those are hypo. 

makeJ ham guode men / and ne bye J na^t. Jet make J tobegoodmenbnt 

i» a are not truly so. 

nibre strengje / to habbe Jane name of guod man : ^jiere are three 
Janne Je zojnesse : and Je holinesse. And Jis hire to- oriiy!tou?>Sish, 
delb / ine bry. Vor ber is / an ypocnsye / uoul. and •"^•«»>^^- 

* ' ' *" ' ' *^ *" ^ " ' Those are foul 

anobre / fole. and be bridde / sotil. bo byeb / uoule hypocrites who do 

^ ' ' ' 'I f I their foul deeds itt 

'ypoc7*^'tes /Jet doj / hyre uoulhedes / ine halkes : And comers; 


and Mioh mra oar sseawe]) ham guode / to-ucHre be uolke. Zaiche clepeb / 

LfMrd compsrM to 

pftintadaiMigUdod ouio Ihoid : berieles ypeynt and y-gelt. po hyelp / 
nMfooUthhypo- fole ypocntes / ])et ynoj ham loke]> klenliche/to fe 
hodjduJL,Zim hodye / and do]) manie penonces / an guode. pnoci- 
me^;'charuier P^^^^^^^® • ^'^^ P^ ^^ / ^^ f® wordla uor Jet / me halt 
I!i* rfJJS^^. ^^ / S^^^ «i®^- t^ ^y®f w®l ^ol®8- ^or / of guod 
Sto.*2SSle to^ ^^^^ • ^y niakef / ualse moneye. po byef ypocntee / 
KeTil'Sli^ sotyls. fet sotUliche / wyUef he3e diue. and stelej / pe 
b«r;h«a they ding^etes / and J>e bayly es. Hy, dof / al fet guod man 

SoMtlw'dil! ®®®^ ^^ * ^^ ^®* ^^ °^*^ / ^® "^*y ^"* knawe / al-huet 
covMrtiMtnaeivM Jeanne / Jet hi byf uol wexe / and heje ycliue / ine 

ookmn, dyngnetes. And Janne / ssewej hy Je kueades / Jet 

were / y-hole / and yroted / ine Je herte. Jet is to 

and exhibit their wytene : prede. auarice. malica and ojre kueade dedes. 

pride, avarloe^ aiid 

maiioe. huer-by me knauj aperteliche : Jet / Jet trau / nes 

neure guod. and J^ethitwes/alfayntise/and ypocnsye: 
al Jet he hedde beuore y-ssewed. J^eruore / hit is zoj 
yzed. "Ne sselt Jou neure y-wyte / huet man ys: 
alhuet he ys / Jer he wyle by." 


The soTenth be zeueude boa / of prede / ys / fol drede / and fole 

Bough of Pride Is ^ i ir i ^ i § 

foul dread and ssame / huane me let / wel to done / uor Je wordle / 

i.e. when one Jet me ne by / yhyealde ypocrite / ne papelard / huer 

nMMftAAt.1l ft.nA 

world more than me dret more Je wordle : Janne god. ))e ilke ssame / 

comj of kueade kuemynge / Jet me wyle kueme / 
This tin la the Je kueade. And Jeruore / is hy doctor of prede. and 
and maketh man Jo zeuBude bo3 / he3liche. and makej ofte / lete Jet 
please the world, guod to douB : and do Jet kuead / uor to kueme kuead- 

liche to Je wordle. 

The Second Head 

of the Beast of bET 0])ER HEAUED / OF pE BESTS OF HELLE. 


The second head bet ojer heaued / of Je kueade beste : is enuie. 

of the beast is r f , i 

Envy» an adder Jet is Je eddro / Jet al / enuenymej. Enuie / is 

that poisoneth all. , ./n.^i 

Envy u death's modsr / to Jo dyaje. vor by Je enuie / of Je dyeule : 
the devU's envy com dyaj / to Je wordlo / Jet is Je zerane / Jet mest 
uie wortd!** ari3t / makeJ man / ilich Je dyeule : his uader. Vor 


fe dyeuel / ne hate]> / bote of res guod. and ne \ouep / [FoL 7. b.] 

bote o])res harm, and zao def / fe enuious. ])e en- The envkNu man 

. I ^ . t M ^ , , dislikes to Me the 

uious / ne may ysy / pet guod of oj^ren / nanmore / proeperityofotber 

f&nne ]>e oule / o])er pe calouwe mous / pe bri^tnesse / just as the owi end 

of ' pe zoune. pe like zenne / him to-del)) / ine pn brightuese or* the 

bo^es / hejliche. Vor fe ilke ze?me / anuenymej / 5Siis sin is divided 

alferueret / fe herte / of J>e enuious. and efterward / u^^HIIiITSI; 

l^ane mouj and efterward / fe workes. J>e herte of f e SlJJujf'sl'Sle 

enuious / ys enueuymed / and suo miswent. fet he ne Jhl VDWcSTheen 

may /ofre mawne guod / yzy/ J>et hit him ne uorfingf / S^n'^.^Je^***** 

wyj)inne fe herte. and demj kueadliche. and fet he "»*»»'• i>»i»P»tt«M. 
yzijf / ojer fet / he yherf : niinp hit to kueade wy tte / 
and of al / make]) his harm, zuo moche / pet to ^e 
herte / of pe enuious / J^ojtes uenimouses / of uals 

dom / pet me ne hise may telle. Efterward ^anne / ])e when theenTiooe 

man heaieth of 

enuious y-her]) / op&t yzjp / o})remanne kued / huet ])et another's misfor- 

hit by / oj^er kuead of bodye / ase dya)> / o])er ziknesse. pover^, Ao., 

o])er kuead of auenture [hap], ase pouert6 / o)>er ad- 

uersit^ o])er kuead gostlich / ase huay^ne he yher)> / ])et 

zome / ])et me hyelde guodo men : ys y-blamed / of 

zome vice. Of belliche binges / him gledejj ine his he njoioeth in Ue 


herte. Efterward / huanne he jzi^p / o))er yher)) / pe 

guod of ofren. by hyt / guod of kende / ofer guod of 

hap / o])er guod of grace / huerof we habbe)> / aboue y- so men's happi- 

speke : pSLnne him com]) / a zorje to pQ herte / pet he htm to be sorrow- 

•t • A. I 1 1 J / fill in heart. 

ne may by me reste / ne maky glednesse / ne uayr 

semblant. Nou ))ou mi^t ysy / ))et be venimouse herte / Thos the envioos 

. , . 11* 1 • u • heart Binneth in a 

of pe enuiouse / zene^ep generaUiche : ine pri maneres. threefold manner, 

ine ualse demynges. ine awar^ede glednesse. ine worse 1. in fiOse deem- 

zorjes. alsuo he zeneje]) by pe mou])e. Vor hit be- 2. in wicked gud- 

houe)> / ])et zuich wyn / yerne by pe tcppe : ase per s. in worse sor- 


is / ine pe tonne. And uor ])et / pe herte / wes uol of Hesinnethaiaoby 

uenym : hit behoue]) / fet hit Iheape / out be pe moupe, fo* hu^hirt be- 

Jjanne of pe mo[u\pe / of pe enuious / comef out / fri I" *iil^SJ oTb^ 

manere wordes uenimouses. huerof spekf dsMip / ine pe tonn"of^cwming! 
sautere. ))et ** pe moup / of pe enuious : is uol of cor- 


bitternen^and Binge / and of biterhede / an of bezuykynge." Of 
corsynge : uor fe guodeg of o])ren / he missay]) / and 
hise lease]) / algemoohe / ase he may. Of byterhede : 
uor ])e kueades / of o])ren / he hise more]) / and arere^ / 
be his mi^te. Of bezuykyinge, vor al J>et he yzi^]) / ojer 
yher)) : he went hit to kueade / and hit dem]) / nalslyche, 

Th« •nTioQi bfttb Efterward / ^e enuious / he]) pn manures / of uenim 

three manners of. ,, "ii./' •# j* i* 

▼enom iu dMda. mo dede : ase he hep / }ne moupe / and me herte, 

uor kende / of ])e enuious : is to wi))dn^e / and uor to 
destrue / be his mi^te : alle guod / by hit lite / by hit 

The envious man lesse / by hit uoldo. \)SLnne is he / of ^e kende / of |)o 

la like the baai- 

liak, no greennesa baselycoc. uor uo greuhede / ne may yleste / beuore 

may laat before , # • i , - ± %^ 

mm. hym. ne m gerse / ne m busse / ne in trauwe. J^nne 

comhaatiiree by pe godspelle : pet com hep ])ri stas.^ uor hit is uerst 

atageajtisflrataa . . j / • i ^ 

in tbeRraaa.a(terw ase 1716 gerse / afterward : me yere. efterward / is uol of 

ward i" k'^fou of f^it / and al ripe. Alzuo pex bye)) zome / ))et habbe^ 

^ guod ginninge / wel uor to libbe / and to profiti / and 

1. The enviona bye]) ase ine gerze. pe ilke / him payne)) / pe enuious / 

man triea to -I'l/i.! «.i / • 

quench (lie begin- uor te kueuche / yef he may. pe o]}re bye)) / ase me 

that he seea in yere / ]}et wel floure]) / ine guode / and -prohiep. by hit 

8. H7trieato to god : opet to )>e wordle. and ])o lebele)) / pe enuypus / 

di'troy those ^or to sseude / and to destine : be hys my^te. J>e ojre 

flou^hn« in ^y^j, uol-mad / and ine grat stat / and do)) moche guod / 

[roi.8.a.] to god / and to pe wordle. Vor J)et guode los / to 

8. HeiafliUofsor- abatye : and hyre guodes to lo3y / pe enuious agray))e^ / 

towards thoee who alle his gyuues. YoT pe more / ])et pe guodes bye^ 

are established in . , . / . • t^* / • 

goodness. grcate : pe more zor^ep / pe enuious. pis z&nne / is zuo 

This sin is rery ., , . , , . / i. • i. 

perilous, and pe?ilous : fet ouueafe / me may / come / to ri^te uor- 
^^»t e oiy jjg^Qjjjjjgg^ Yqp jjqIj 1j^ yg contrarious / to J)e holy goste / 

])et is welle / of alle guode. And god zay)) / ine his 
He who sinneth spelk / ])et huo ^et zene^e)) / aye pB,ne holy gost : he ne 
Ghost shau nei- 8sel*neure habbe merci / ine piae wordle / ne ine pe 
Sta iwWMrrto'' oJ)re. uor he ziene^ep / of his o^ene kueadnesse. and me 
S?s rin'^^ b^ ^^ ^^ H / lioUyche onderstonde. Vor pev ne is / 
repented ot j^q jjenue ZUO grat : J)et god ne uoryef J) / ine ^ise 

1 ttapesf 


Wordle / yef man him uorfingjj / and by t merci / uor There in m »)n m 

. . , - great that God 

pe zenne. pet werre]) / be hi^ mijte /,pe grace / of pe does not fbrKive 

holy gost. ine pet he werrep / opretuanne guod gostlich / anHik for"^'*" 

ase pe yewes / werrede Jesu crist / uor pe guodes / pet ^^^^' 
he dede. 


And pou 88elt ywyte / pet per byep zix zennes / pet ^e ^x •»«■ 

^ against the HoIjT 

byep specialhche / ayens pe holy gost. pet is to wy* Ghost. 

tene / otierweninge. pet tnakep to moche sprede / pe merci i* Overweening, 

of our Ihorde / and litel prayzep / his r^tuohiesse. and 

peruore / zenejep moche uolk / ine hope. J>e oper is / ii- wanhope (d«- 

ivanhope; pet beniraep god / his merci / as ouerweninge : 

his ri3[t]uolnesse. J?e pridde is / wy[p]stowdinge. pet is / in. opposition 

hardnesse of herte. huanne man / is y-hert / ine his heart). 

kueadnesse / pet me ne may / him wende / and na^t ne 

wyle / hym amendi. be uerpe is / onworphede / of tv. Despite of 

penonce, j>et is hua7^ne man / ordaynep ine his herte / tence). 

pet he / him ne ssel naat uorpenche / his zenne. J?e v. strtring 

nfte is / to wern pe grace / of pe holy gost : ine opren. ohost in others. 

be zixte is / to werri zobnesse / be his wytinde / and vi. Warring 

, .11 in against truth, and 

specialliche / pe zopnesse / of pe cristme beleaue. Alle especially against 

the Christiau be* 

pise zennes / byep aye pe guodnesse :. of pe holy gost. nef. 

and byep / zuo greate / pet onneape / comep to njte uor- against the Hoiy 

-,. ,_ /1.1/ - Ghost, and are so 

penchmge. and peruore / byep hy / onneape uoryeue. great as not to b§ 

repented of. 

))e pridde heaued / of pe beste / is hate. Ac pou The third head of 

Bselt ywyte / pet per is an hate / pet is uirtue. pet pe hate, 

guode man hep / aye pet kuead. An opre / pet is ze97ne is rirtuous. but 

wel grat pet is f elhede / of herte. huerof comep / uele iIUJ)*^* hearTis « 

bojes. and hejliche : uour. 'by pe uour werreres / pet T^SSrluw 

pe feloun hep. Jje uerste is / to hiwi-zelue. uor huanne TheTsUs^h*'' 

man / him berp hate / to pe torment / and pe zaule / foJtefr'ofto^***" 

and pet body/ zuo pet man/ ne may slepe ne none tnentheiiiUshiiii- 
reste habbe. Operhuyl / him be-nimp pane mete / and 
pane drinke. and makep him ualle / ine ane feure / 


opev ine zuiche zor^e : fet he oim^ / ^ane dya^. )>et is 

a ver / pet waste)) / alle pe guodes / of |)0 house, be 

The tnd If with obre weiTe / bet be feloun heb : bet is to code. Vor 

wmw stckneH or WTe))e / and felouDye / op-bere^ / and mm^ zuo / o))er- 

of friends', Ac. huyl / ))e herte of fe felle / uor zome aduersit^ timlich / 

o)7er uor ziknesse / oper uor dya)> / of urendes. o])e[r] uor 
zome misual / )>et his wyl / ne is na^t y-do : pet ha 
groche)) / aye our Ihord. and euele )7onke)) god / and 
his hal^en / and zaerep / and blasfeme^ / aye god / and 
The srd Is with his habeu. be bridde werre / bet be wrebuoUe heb. is 

thonewhoare ^ ;,,../,. ^ 

under him,— hie to ))an / )>et hye^ ouder him. )>et is / to his wyue / ana 

hold. to his mayn^. Vor be man / is oberhuyl zuo out / of 

He beateth hie his wytte : )>et ha beat / and smit / and wyf / and chil- 

and bnaketh iX ^^^ / &^d mayu^. and brek^ potes / and coppes / ase 

wwe wiToniu *'* ^* w®'^® / o^* of his wytte. and ziio he is. J)e uer))e / 

SwithUwar ^^ werre / wyJ>-oute / to his nejybores / and to his 

mrin* ^Ytmau ^^^^P ^^® smale bojes. Vor huanne wrefe arist / be- 

I'^cTidi tuene tuay men : )>er is uerst chidinge / and ^afine 

2. Wrath. 8. Die- yfjepe j jjet blef J) ine herte. efifterward / wrefe. efter- 

4. strife. 6. Deeire ward comb ofte strif. ef ter wylninge of wreche. efter- 

of vengeance. ' ^ «=» 

6. Manslaughter, ward / o|)erhuil mansli^te. and efberward / o]^rhuil 

7a Deadly war. 

werre dyadlich / be-tuene pQ urendes / huerof com^ / 

ofte / to moche kuead / and perils / l^et ne mo3e / na^t 

War prodnoee by amended. Vor hua^^ne ber is werre / betuene tuaye 

many horrors, as 

the death of many men : hit yualf ofte / )>et pet byef moche uolke dyade / 
destruction of )>et ue habbe)) ne/zne gelt, cherchen tobroke. tounes 

churches, the ijiit •• ■* jj.j/ji 

burning of towns, uorbemd. abbeyes. pnones. hemes destrud / and 
the dtainheritance men / and wyfmeu / and children deserited / and 
wlenl'lnd "*"• y-oxUed. and londes destrud. and to moche / of ofre 
dli'^i'ic'f Cannes / fet bye), y-do / be fe encheyson / of fan / J,et 

hi bye]) yhealde / uor te amendi / pet / pis purchacep. 

and )>e Ihord / and alle Jjo / pet byep to ham helpinde. 

an ine zuyche nyede. and peruore hy byep / ine greate 

balance / of hyre helpe / of zaule. uor hi ne moje 


amondi / ne yelde : pe harmes / ^et hi habbe^ ydo. and 
hit hehoue^ yelde : o))er hongy. 


pet nerpe heaued / of ))e wyckede beste / is onlust- Th« fMirth hmOi 
hede. ])etisonlosthede/andtyeiietodowe1. piszenne/ bMstorbdito 
his a to kuead rote / ^et kest / uele kueade bo^es. pis do good, md « 
onlosthede / pet is sleuj^e / make^ pet man hep / kueade JI^u.*"**** 
aginnynge / and more kueade / amendinge / and to wioked^rontl timt 
wors endinge. Kueade anginnynge / hep pe sleuaolle : SJHJ^.."""*^ *^ 
be zix zennes. pe uerste is ponneliche. huawne pe man SiwbS^effin^ 
loueb lite / and Iheucliche oure Ihord / bet he ssolde «*"8» *»^ wnead- 

' ' ' ' ing, and worM 

louye / bemindeliche. and ferof comp / J>et he is / fyeble ending, 

and Iheuc / to alle euodes / to done, be ober is loreth our . ord 

arjnesse / pet is tyene / of herte / pet is pet bed / to pe wanniy. 

dyeule / huerine / he him restep / and zayp to pe manne / heart, !• loth to 

and to pe wyfmanne. * pn best y-by / to zofte y-dmje fcu^h tato the 

uorp. pou art to fiebble / of compleocioun. J)ou ne mi^t [pf^wie* wd* 

na^t do / pe greate penonces. pou art to tendre. pou •oJ***"*®^^ 
ssoldest by anhaste dyad/ and peruore pe wrechche / 

him let ualle to done be lostes / of his ulesse. pe pridde s. The idle man la 

tempted by the 

is ydelnestse. pet is a zenne / pet dep moche kuead / ase devti first to think 
zayp / pe wry tinge. Vor huawne pe dyeuel / uynt pane waide to desire 
man ydel : he bine dep / to worke. and dep him uerst / ries. lecheries, and 
penche kuead. and efterward / to wylni uileynies / time.'''* 
ribaudyes / lecheries / and his time lyese / and manye 
guodes / pet he mi^te do. huerof / he mi^te wynne 
paradis. pe uerpe is / heuinesse. huanne pe man / is 4. The heavy man 
zuo heui / pat ue louep / bote to ligge / and resti / and and siepe. 
slepe. operhuil by byep / yno3 awaked / to nyedes / loee four masses 
pet hi hedden leuere / lyese vour messen ; panne ane 2SIp.* "'**** ^' * 
zuot / oper ane slep. pe vifte is / wyckednesse. pet is s.The wicked siiw- 
huanne pe man /lip ine zenne / and yvelp pe uondinges / to amend his evil 
of pe dyeule / and of his ulesse / pet him asaylep / and ''"^** 
be ri)te kueadnesse : nele arere pet heued to gode / be 
zoi^e / ne grede / harou be ssrifte. ne arere pe honden. 


[f^i.s.a.] be satisfaoioun. [dedbote]. f)e like anliktie)) / bane 

He Is lilro the / i i 

■hrt«r, who wotdd ssrewe / Jet hef leuere rotye /ma pnson / uoul / and 
prison than take stlnkinde : ])a72iie to habbe / ))e pyne of stapes / to cliue 

the trouble to ,. . . , - , i • fA t ir •-■ 

climb out by not hia ontguomge. pe isixte / is litol wyl [arjnessej. 
STiiie man of ^^^ P^^ TCTine / byejj po I ])et babbej) drede / of najt / 
rthtTte^iTtodo f®^ ^® done / na3t aginne / wel to done, uor hi habbe]) 
G^;^[JS'**"'' <lr®<^« f®*^ god / ham wyle fayly / fet is >e drede / of fe 
TWs* Is the diwd ™®*^^- J®^ habbej) drede / of hare metinges. J)o 

^ their dreams, snegge / J>et sseaweb him his homes. And to be childe / 

He is lilce those 

who are aibdd to ]>et ne dar ni^t guo hia way / uor be gnos )>et blau)). 

go out for fear of 

a snail, or like bise bveb be zix vices / bet benymeb be manne / 

children afraid of '^ ^ r T I r J f r I 

a gooMi that blow* guod ginnynge. Vor o))re zix vices / ne may ]»e sleawoUe 

There are six Yices habbe guod aginnynge / o])er amendement. ]9et bye]) 

beginninganr*"*^ tcchches / of kuead seriont / ])et make)) / ])et non guod 

amendment ^^^ j ^^ ^^^ j^-^ Qj^ieruonge / in to his seruice / huaTzne 

he is sleuuoL [ontrewe.] onssriuel.^ uoryetinde. slak. and 
Untruth. The fallinde. )?e iierste vice is / ontreuje. Vor huanne 

sinner believes the >,,. ,i.- / , i#i.-. 

devtt rather than god / «et me'fe herto of man / guod wyl / wel to done : 
HP^dyeuiesredt )?anne comj? fe dyeuel / and hym zayj? / 'J?ou hit sselt 
toj>eontrewe.] ^^j j recouri / fou art yong / and Strang / ])ou sselt 

libbe long.' and zuo he him / onwonej) fe dyeuel wel 
Sloth. This is a uor to done. Ef terward / com)) sleu])e« uor he / J)et 

vice that all are __ , -11,1., *!•*• 1 i. 

besmutted with, wel de]) / and de)) hit auerst : hit nis no wonder / p&) 

he hit do / sleuuolliche. pet is a nice huerof al ])e 
Few folk are as wofdle is bcsmet. huo fet nim]) wel hede. Vor lite 
arehSde*nto'be. uolk J)er byep / J)et by diligent / ine fet hi bye]) / 

yhyealde to done / auorye god / and hire nixte. 
yofgetminess. Efter sleauje / is uoryetinge. "Vor huo fet ys 

loth to shrive, and sleauuol t ofte uoryet. Vor ])ise tuo zewnes / of uoryet- 
KJsiMB?* ^ ynge : hit yualf ofte / fet he ne can him ssriue. Vor 
huanne pe man / is sleuuol / him to ssriue : he uoryet 
True shdfk Is ne« his lackes / and his zennes / pet is grat pe/il. Vor non 

cessary to forgive- t_ i,i_ / ,. x / u Ti. 

tieae, ue may habbe / uoryeuenesse : wyJ)-oute / zofe ssnite. 

pet berp / uorpenchinge / of herte. beknaulechinge / of 

^ OTuaritunf 


moube / bossamnesse / ine dede / pet is amendirage : and and produces re- 

• pentonoe, oonfes- 

dedbote. ]?er ne ys non zuo guod man / pet yef he sion, obedience, 
yze^e wel / his ojene lackes / pet he ne ssolde uynde / Mttefkotioii. 
yno) nor to zigge eche daye / ine his ssrif])e. Ac sleu))e. 
and noryetiwge : blende)) fe zene3ere8. ])et hi ne zyep 
n£^t ine ^e boc / of hire inwytte. 

J?E PERIL OP SLAONESSE. The peril of slack. 


Eft^ward / comb slacnesse / j^et com]) / of ^e de* slackness cometh 

of defkolt of coar- 

faute / of herte and of kueade wone. bet bint zuo ageandofevu 

)>ane man / fet onnea))e / he him yef)) / to done wel. 

oberhuil hit comb / of onconnyndehede : and of fole sometimes it 

comes of ignor- 

hete. huerby be man / op let zuo his herte / and his anoeandoffoai 


body / be uestinges. and be wakinges. and by o])re 

dedes. zuo ])et he nal]) ine fyeblesse / and ine zuiche 

ziknesse: ^et he ne may ni^t trauayly / ine godes 

seruice. and to-ual]) ine f& slacnesse / pet he ne he)) 

smak / ne deuocion / wel to done. Efterward / com]) Afterwards com- 

werihede / pet make)) paap man / weri / and worsi / that make^ man 

uram daye / to daye / al-huet he is / al recreyd / and ^**^ *^ '^*"*' 

defayled. And ))is ia / pe zixte vice / of pe kueade 

sergonte. ^et he tajlep / er ])an he come / to ))e ende / 

o])er to his terme. And me kan zigge : huo ])et seme)) / 

and nt^t uol-serue)) : his ssepe / he lyest. 

})E 6 POYNS OP SI^U])E : ))ET BRENGE]) MAN TO HIS The six pointe of 

sloth that bring a 
ENDE. man to death. 

And yet effc / per bye]) / zix poyns / kueade. huerby 
8leu])e brengeb man / to his ende. pe uerste is / i. Disobedience 


onbo3samnesse. huanne pe man / nele do / ^et me him ancetodopen- 

zajp I ine penonce. o))er me him hat zom))ing / ))et 

him ))ing]) hard, he him excuse)) : ))et he hit ne may [Foi. 9. h.i 

do. p^er yef he hit onderuang]) : he hit de]) / o^er litel / 

ober natt. J?e ober poynt / is inpacience. nor ase he ne «. impatience of 

, control and cor- 

may / no pvag here / be bo3samnesse. he ne may ^olye / recUon. 
be paciense, zuo ))et non / ne dar to him speke / of his 



s. Gnidging or giiode. ]?e ^ridde / is grochytige. Yor huannc me 


agiunft good ad- spek)> to him / uor his guode : he him wre)>e)> / and 

4. somnr and gToche)). and him ))ing|7 : pet me him onyrorpep. and 
which toada to the petot he ual]) / in-to zoi^ / pet is / pe uer^e vice. An zuo 

moche / hi^n ouerge)) / pe ilke zoi^e / pet al / j^et me 
him Z3,jp I al )>et me him de)> / al ^et he yher^ / al pe\ 
he n^p : al hit him tiene)). and zuo he ual)> / in-to 
zoi^e / and into tyene .to libbe / zuo ])et him-zelf / hi?7i 

5. Derirtof daath. haste)) / and YTjhiep I his dya]). and pS& is pe vifte vice. 

6. DeqiMdr Is tht Efter alle ^ise zonuolle poyns of sleube / him yefb be 

devil's daadly 

afcroke; dyeuel / pBXie strok dyadlych / and de]) him / into 

iteaosasamanto wanhope. ))eruore he porchace]) / his dya^ / and him- 
zelue / slaj]). ase despayied. and him yef^ / alle kuead- 
nesses / to done / and him ne diet ni^t / to do zenno / 
hnet ^et hitby. To zuich ende / let 8leau)>e^ ^aue man. 
Jjise hyep. xviy. poyns. )>et pe dyeuel / f rauj) / ope ^ane 
sleuuoUe. hit ne is no wonder / p^ he lyese ])et geme. 

The flfth head of ))ET YIFTB HBAUED OF ))E BESTS. 

sin of avarice and )>et vifto heaued / oi pe beste / beuore y-zed. is the 

root of au evil. zenno / of auaiice / and of couaytyse / ])et is rote / of 

schooimistreMT*^ alle kueade. ase zay^ zaynte pauL )}et is )>e maystresse / 

for all study ta ' J^t he]) / ZUO greate scole / f et alle guof frin / uor to 

IvwTw!^*!^ and lyerni. ase zayj) / pe wrytinge. Vor alle manere of . 

lates! cieri^ lewS ^^^^ / s^^dlef iue auarice / and greate / and smale. kinges. 

and religious. prelates, clsrkes. an lewede. and religiotis. Auarice / 

Avarice Is disor- is disordene loue. zuo disordene / him ssewe^ / in ^ri 

showeth itself in maneres generalliche. ine wynnynge : boldeliche. ine of- 

1. winnh^'. healdinge: streytliche. ine spendinge : scarsliche. J^ise 

i. sunginesa?'" ^J^p f© fri bo^os pnucipales : )>et of fise rote wexep. 
Of the root of Ac specialliche / and propreKche / of be rote of 

avarice come 

many smaU roota auarice / gaop out / mauye smale roten. ))et hjep / W( 1 
deadly sins: greate / dyadliche zennes. pe uerste is gauelinge. pe 

8. liSry. * ofer / Jjyefjje. pe )}ridde / roberye. pe uer])e / chal- 
b! sacrii^."' enge» J?o vifte / sacrilege, pe zixte / symonye. pe 
c Simony. zcueudc / kucdhcdes. pe e3tende is / ine chapfare. pe 

^ MS. 8senu)7e. 


ne3eitde is / wycked creft. j>e tends is / ine koade 7. wickediieu. 
uolke. And ech of ))ise smale roten / him to-del^ / 9. wicked ci»ft. 
ine uele manyeres. 

]?anne be nerste rote / bet is gauelinge. him to- i. UsniyhM? 

, , , . 11. -rr 1 / outCMtlngt, for 

del)) / ine zeuen / outkestinges. Yor ))er bye]) / zeue there are 7 kinds 

of nmren* 

manere ganeleres : lenynde. pet lene]) zelaer. uor o})ren. 

And aboue ])e catel: nime^ pe he^J^es. o])er ine pans, somsienden 

. . . . (mortgi«ees) lend 

oper me hors. o))er ine corn, oper ine wyn. oper me sUver in return ror 

frut of ))e groonde / ))et hi uime]) / ine wedde dyade. fhuteortiie 

wy)H)ate rekenynge / pet frut ine paynge. And pet 

wors ys : hi wylle)> rekeny tuyes. oJ)er Juries J)et yer. uor 

to do arise ^et gaueL and wylle]) / yet habbe yef|)es 

aboue / uor eche terme. and make)) / ofte / of ^e gauel : Tiiey fkiMij in- 

creaae the rate of 

pnncipale dette. J^ise bye]) gaueleres kueade / and interest 
uoule. Ac ^r is ano))er lenere corteys. ^et lene]) / Theooorteoos 

lender lendeth 

wy])-oute chapfare makiinde. alnerway in he3inge. vithoatchaflbr. 
o^er ine pans. o))er ine hors. opet ine coupes of 
gold. o))er of zeluer. o^er robes, o^er tonnen mid 
vrjn I o^er ine uette zuyn. seruices ulessliche. of hors. [FoU 10. a.] 
of carten. o))er prouendres to ham / o))er to hare child- 
ren, o^r ine o|)re |)ing6S. and oueral to gauel / huanne 
me hit nimf / by pe skele / of ))e lone. J?is is pe uerste 
manere / of gauelynge / ))et is ine leniuge kueadliche. 
\>e obre manere / of gauelynge / is ine ])an / ))et ne s. The second 

_ , J manner of usury 

lene]) na3t / to hare persone. ac ))et hire uaderes / and pe is the wiuihoiding 
uaderes of hare wyues / opet hare eldringes / habbe^ 
yporchaced / be gauelinge. hit of hyealde)) and nolle]) 
hit na^t yelde. ))e ^dde manere of gavelinge. is ine 8. The third 

-,.,- -, usurers are the 

ham / pet habbep oix^oxp / to lene of hire hand : ac hi master money- 
do)) lene / hare sergons. oper opre men / of hire pans. ^ *"' 
))ise bye^ pe mayster gaueleres. Of pe ilke zenne ne oftussinthe 

great men are not 

bye)) najt pe he^e men quit / pet hyealdep and sostenep free who support 
iewes and ^e caorsins. ))et lenep / and destruip / pe con- 
traye / and hy nymep pe medes / and pe greate yefpes / 
and oberhuil / be ronsounes / bet byeb of pe guodes / 

* V u 1. / • • U / 1. 1 *.Thefourthklnd 

of pe poure. )9e uerpe manycre / is me ham / pet u in those utat 

3 • 


lend other nieH'» leneb / of obremanne zelure / ober boneb / to litel cost : 

sUver obtained at ^ t r i r i r I 

nuau cost, eo m uoi to lene / to gratter cost. Jjise byeb / litle gauel- 

to get greater *> t i o 

Interest. eres / J>et lyemej) / zuych uoul creft. J)e vifte mane7*e 

It is the little • / • -i i? i i , # . ^ 

usurer that teach- IS / me cneapiare / nua/zne me zel|) / ))et )>ing. nuet )7et 
craft. hit by : more ))anne hit by worj) / uor fane time, an 

a thing*for more ^^^ wors is / fe time-zettere ontrewe. buanne he yzi^f 
Srt^S!''*^*' H uolk / mest nyeduoL >a«ne wyle he zelle / J)e 

derrer tuyes / ofer fries zuo moche / fane f et f ing / by 

1. The chafferers worf . Zuych uolk / dob to moche kuead. "Vor hire 

bring kniglito and . ' . / , 

high men to time-zettmge / hi destruef / and makef beggeres / f e 

knyjtes : and f e he^emen / f et uol3ef fe tomemens. 

2. They lend and fet by betakef / byre lond^s / and hare eritage / ine 

mon^ on land 

which thej know wed. and dead wed / fet na^t him ne aquyttef . ])e 

will notbere- _ ^/^i »•• i 

deemed. of le zene3ef / to begge f e f inges / ase com. of er wyii. 

8.Thflyba7thinga ober oferbing / lesse be be haluedele / banne hit his 

at half their value ' ' ' ^ > f ' ^ 

and sell them worf . uor f e pans / fet he payf beuore. and fanne / 
dearer. hit zellef / bam ayen / tuyes euo moche / of er fries : f e 

4. Thv buy com deiTer. J)e of re beggef f e f inges / buanne hi byef lest 

ohei^, and sell it ... 

when it is scarce; worf to gTcate chcape / iuc berueste / fet com. ine uen- 
the dear time so donginge : fet wyn. of re /sheapfares uor to zelle ayen / 
SJaren * al-huct hi byef / mest diei:e. and wilnef / fane dyere 

5. They buy corn time / UOT to acUe f e derrer. J3e of re / fet com agerse. 

and vines hi a 

flourishing con- f Yuies in flounngc / buanne fet hi byef / of uaire 

Bsewynge. be zuiche uorwerde : fet hi babbe / huet cas 

6. They use fraud yualle : hire catel sauf. ]9e zixte manure / is of fan / 

in their merchan- , ^ • i 

disc. fet takef hire pans to marcbons / be zuo fet hi by 

uelaje / to f e wynnynge. and ni^t to f e lere. of er fet 
hi betakef / hire bestes / to f e haluedele / be zuo fet hi 
by / of fer pris. J3et is to zigge / fet yef hi steruef / 
ine mene-time: do of re ine hare stede / ase moche 

7. They take ad- worf . ]7e zeuende manure / is ine fan / fet dof / hare 

vantage of the ne- i • -l j j i. i. v 

cessities of their poure ne33eboures / me hare nyedes. and uor fet ni 

poor neighbours, ,,, ,, ,,/•..! . . i 

habbef / ham y-lend / a lyte zeluer. of er com. of er ydo 
zome cortaysye. And huanne by bise yzef poure / and 
nyeduol : f anne makef by / mid ham / marcat / to do 
hire niedes. and f e pans / fet hi token beuore / to f o 


pooie manne. ober him lende / a lite com. / hi habbe)> andukethrae- 

penny worth of 

pn panewor])es of worke : uor ane peny. workforapeuny. 

))E 0)?ER BO) OF OOUAYTIBB. [FoLlO.b.] 

j)e oper boj of auarice : ys ])yef])e. pet is nyme / opev The second bough 

M1-I/. ,. /. /J ^ of coTetousness i» 

ofhealde / ofre manne f inges / wyj) wrong / and onwy- theft, that is. to 
Jinde / and wyjH)ute wylle / of fe Ihorde. And f et me othermen's goods 
may do / ine uonr maneres be )>e manire of Jjyeues. Vop JJaHdnds of 
J)erys: a )>yef open, and a >yef ywre3e. a>iefpnu6. J^;,. covert, 
and a fyef uelaje. s. Privy. 4. Ac 

be byef commun / and open / byeb bo / bet be 1. The open thief 

"^ ' " * f f ' takes his doom 

zuiche crefte / libbe]). of huam me dep dom / huanne when caught. 

me hise nym]). Of zuichen per hjep / uele maneres. 

ine londe / and ine ze. be byef y-wreae / is bet steleb t. Tiiesiy thief 

'*"*''''' ' stealethinooniera 

ine halkes / and ywry3eliche greate ^inges / o])er great or smaii 

httle / be hire vijtinge. oper be traysoun. o))er be treMra,ororaft." 

J>e pnu6 )>yeue8 byeb bo / J>et ne stele^ na^t / of s. The privy thief 

is great or sinall* 

oncon])e. ac of priues. And of zuichen : )>er hjep / of 

greate / and of smale. ))e greate / bye)) of )>e kueade / and The great ones are 

pe ontrewe reuen. prouos. and bedeles. and seruons. vosts,beadiee,and 

])et stele^ / pQ amendes. and vrypdi&^ep pQ rentes / of that steaiflnee and 

hire Ihordes. and rekene)> more / ine dedes. and ine of their lords.'^ 

spendinge. an lesse / ine onderuonginge. and ine 

rentes. Zuyche bye)> / be greate ofBcials / ))et hjep / They make the 

expenditure great 

ine pe house / of riche men. ))et make)) pe greate spend- and the income 

inges. and jeuep largeliche / pe guodes of hare Ihordes / and are uberai 

'wyJ)-oute hare wytende / and wyJ)-oute hare wylle. J^» goods!***^ 

To ))ise zenue belonge)) / pe zewnes of pe wyue. ))et To this sin belong 

the sins of the wife 

dep zuo moche / be hare zenne / ])et pe children / bet hi whowrongeth her 

. ,., /I «■• -I k^nd by spouse* 

wot wel / f et hi he)) / be spousbreche : berp away fe breach, 
kende. Zuych is pe zenne / of pe wyue ))et pe guodes / and who steaieth 
of hire Ihorde stel]). uor to yeue / hare kenne. o])er uor give to her kin. 
to done / into kuead us. And of ham / of religion / 
pet bye)) ojeueres. uor hi behote)) to libbe / wy[))]-oute 


Tiie uttte ttiiem J)e of TO bjef / fe little ^yeues. yet stelef / ine )h5 
wiiit, their ndgh- bouse : bread, wyn. an o))re ))inge8 / huycbe ]>et bi 
heiis, and gardm by. o])er of bire ne^eboros. bire capons, bennen. fnit 

of bire gardins. o))er o))re )>inge8 / buet yet bit by. 
Baeh an thoM Zuycbe bye]) )k> / ^t of byealde^ / ye ^inges / yet bi 
theyflnd^knowiiig vinde]>. and wytep wel / buas yet bi bye)>. and noUe^ bise 
long*. ns^t yelde. Vor yef ye vinst / and ni^t ne yelst : yon 

thing* Md know ^^^ stelst And f aj bi ne wyte / buas ^t bi byef : bi 
miLfuHr^'ii;;! ^^ ssolle / na^t yemore / bit of bealde. ac bi ssoUen do 
chSreh!*''*^ be )>e rede / of boly chercbe / oJ>er be bire ssrifte^ 

4. The thief J>e ))yeues be nelajrede / bye^ )k> / ^et parte]) / of ]>e 

tiOceth of the theft ^yef))e / o))er uoi uela^rede / oyev by yefye / o]>er be 
^!^ShMM^ heoon- bcgginga oyer ine oyie manyere. Ef terward / fo f et 
S,1S?dS:fi^ consented / oyer redef / ofer boti> / bit do. And Jk) 
****^ J?et defende]) ^e Jjyeues / oyer sostene)) bis / in bare 

queade / oyer bis onderuonge)) / in to bare bouse / oyer 

in to bis londe / mid bare yyeiye. Efterward / ye 
The corrupt Judge kueade domesmen / pet bise sofifre]}. ober be yefbes/ 

Snathiefaooee- ^^-ii i«i \ •» % 

aoiy. oyer be biddynges. oyer be oj^re kueade skele. and 

nolle]), oyer ne dorre / ri3t do. 


III. The third ]>e ))ridde bo3 of auarice : is roberya ^t hey 

is robbery, that uele smalo Toteu. )}e uerste is / ine kueade exequitours / 
^^^ many sma ^^ bokuydes. J)e ofer is / ine kueade lordes / by be 
if^Je^ir'**'* kny3t /.o>er oJ)er / fet he-ui^ey / ye poure men : Jiet 

bi ssolden lokL be tayles. be tornees. be lones. bo 
s. unfaithfhi kueade wones. be amendes. l)e ])reapnynges. o^r be 

gnardlauahip. ». . ^ ^ t ■* ^ 

oyre wones / yet by zecbe]). o^er be^encbep / bou m 

[FoL iL a.] moje babbe / of biren. Ine yiae zenne byep / ye greate 

Unlawful poaiee- pnnces. o]>er barouns. yet be bare Bttengye / nime^ ye 

aion of other men's . ^ 3 m ^ ^«. 

cMties, lands, and cites. pe casteles. ^e londes. pe baronyes. and pe oyre 
ricbe men / yet bare poure nejeboures / benime]) mid 
streng^e / londes / vines / oyer o])re ))inges. and niiuo|) 
ary^tbalf / and aleftbalf / ])ot no ying / ne may bam 


ascapie. be bridde is / ine robberes / and kueade hor- 9. wicked har- 

, , boaringofrob- 

bei^eies / ^et berobbe^ / ))e pilgrimes / an ^ marcbons / b§n. 

and o))re wayuerindemen. ]>e ner^ / is ine bam / ^et 4 Unpaid debti. 

noUe^ paye / ])et bi ssolle. and ])et bi of bea[Z]de^ / mid 

wrong / ^e ssepes / of bare sergons. o))er of bam / ^et 

do]) bare niedes. ]}e vif te is / ine ])ise greate pr6la[te]8 / ^t 5. Bobbery or 

benime)) / and robbe^ / bire onderlinges / be to mocbe pnutes, 

procuringe. o]>er be zome onrijtuolle niminges ])et bi do)) 

in to nele manures. ])o byeb be wolues : bet ureteb be who, lUce woWetr 

devour tbe sheep. 

8sep. ))e zixte is / ine zaycbe reuen. prouost. bedeles. e. oppreeeion of 

the poor by Tee?eo^ 

o])re mesteres men / buicbe ]>et by bye)). ))et make]) |)e provoets, umi 
greate robbynges / and ])e wronges / ope ])e poure. and 
begge]) / ^ greate eritages. \>qi bye^ zuo uele o])re 
maneres / of roberies : ^et long ])ing / bit were to zigge. 
ac zome byej) y-contined / ope fan / fet byej yzed. 


))e'aer])e bo^ of auarice / is acsynge. ])et is to yerne iv. The fourth 

opo^ o))re / mid. wrong, to ])isQ zenne belonge]) / al ])et is ^ %»^ ^ 

barat. alle nalsbedes. and alle gyles: fet come]) / ine Dame^!^ 

plait. Ine ))is clergie / bef dame auarice / uele scolers. JSJoiarato this 

and of derkes : and of leawede. and speciallicbe / zeue J^SndJo? folk" 

manyeres of uolke. pet alle / ))U8 studiej). J?e uerste l^^p^jSuft 

bye|) / ))e ualse playneres / ])et makef / J)e ualse bezecb- fSjl^^Say*^ 

iuges. and zecbe]) / ))e ualse demeres. and lang time, and J"*'*^^ 

fe ualse wytnesses. fe ualse playteres. ])e ualse lettres and hire &i8« 


uor to greui o))ren. and trauayle]) f et uolk / myd wrong. 

ober be cnstene cort. ober be leawede cort. J)e ol)re 2. The pretended 


byef / ^® ualse yulemde / f et vlyej). and na^t ])et / 

f et zi)t is. and zecbe]) wy])setti[n]gges and respit. uor 

to bynime o])ren / bare o^en. J?e fridde bye)) / J)e ualse s. False witnesses. 

wytn^dses. fise make)) / ))e ualse mariages. ))ise 

benime]) / f e heritages. ))os do]) / zuo mocbe kuead / 

and barmes / f et non / ne may bis amendi. and al ])is 

bi dof / be bare greate couaytise. J)e uerje bye)) / J)e *• False accusers, 

ualse plaiteres / ])et onderuonge]) / an sostinet / ])e causes, 


ualse causes / be hare Yrytinde / and hise beclepic)) nor 
ssepe / and uor yef))ea. ))et hi nyme^ ar^thalf / and 
alefthall and ofte lyese / ^e gupde playntes / be hare 
kueadnesse / of ex uor onconynghede / o))er be sleaw]>e / 
»[*>)>?] miswendef fe rijtes / and do3i alle Je wronges / vor 
mastan of guile, hare couaytise / ase bo J)et byeb maystr^ of gyle / and 

dispute end of . . 

accusation. 01 contak / and of be-uelynge. j)e vif te. bye]) / ])e 

6. FaiM notaries, ualse notaryes / fet make^ ])e ualse lettres. and ualse]) 

]7e celes. make)> fe kueade libelles. and to uele o])re / 

6. False Judges, ualshedcs. J^e ofve byeb / be ualse demcres. bet 

ifho are influenced , , . ,,*/ « , 

byioveorbyiiate. ham zelue honge]) / more of one half / ]7aime of ano)>re / 

be yof J)es / of er be behotinges / oJ)er be byddinges / 

[FoL 11. b.] o])er uor loue. o])er uor wref e / of er uor drede. and 

onbyudcf pQ playntes / mid wrong. And dof maki fe 

greate costes / and nimef / fe greater yef fes / oJ>erhuyl / 

who seu their of fe ou : oferhuil / of f e o]}ren / o])orhuyl / of on / 

and wrongfuUy ' and of of re. and zelle]) / hare domes. o])er ham / lete]) 

use epoor. yworfe. And dof / to ])e poure men / greate harmes / 

7. False coun- fet hi ne moje amendi j)e ofre bye]) / f e kueade 

bezide-zittercs / fet yeuef pe kueade redes / to f e de- 
meres / and makef lyese \>e playntes : uor fe seruices / 
All the aforesaid ])et hy habbef. Alle fe persones / beuore yzed / byef 
to restore what y-hyeolde to y elde / fet hi habbef y-het kueadliche / of 
fuuy wiUMu"^ ofren. and hare harmes / fet fe of re habbef y-het / 
be ham. 


V. The aah bough j)Q vifte bo3 of auarice / is sacnlege. Sacnlege is : 

of avarice is sacri> 

lege, that is, to hua^mo me brecf. ofer blechef. ofer drajf uoulliche / 

things of Boiy f 6 holy fluges. ofer fo men / of holy cherche. ofer 

'*^ f e y-hal3ede stedes / fet byef apropred '/ to guodes 

s^ruisei and fet def do / ofte / couaytise me uele manures. 

1. Abuse of the Verst 7 huanue me dra^b uoulliche / bet bodi of oure 

Lord's body. ^'^ ' ^ 

Ihorde / aze do]) fe ereges. and fe wychen. and fe 

2. Abuse of the kueade prestes / uor to wynne. Alsuo ich zigge / of 

other sacraments. 

s. Destruction or f e ofro sacr^mens. Efterward / huanne me brecf / 
things. ^ ofer stelf / ofer drajf uoulliche / fo haljede finges. 


pe croucheu. ]>e calices. j^e creyme. ))e coporeaus. 
])e yblissede uestemens. and o])re / yblissede ^inges. 
Eftej'ward / huarane me bemb. ober biekb cherches. 4. Burning and 

' r r r breakingof 

ober holi stedes. chercbtounes. o])er hous of relygioun. ohorohes, religi- 
ous bousMy and 

oj^er' buaTme me diaj)> ])o / out / ])et ylep to boly drawing out thoM 

1-1 .-J.! 1.x xi-i- who hav« taken 

cneiche. o])er into cberchtounes. uor to by y-boi^e. aanotuaxy therein. 
Ef terwaid / buanne me makeb medles / ine cbercbe / s. nispntes in 

chnrdh, aheddiiig 

zuo ^et pQt ys / blod yssed. o^er huanne me dep / ofbiood,andain 
ze^me of lecberie. Efterward / buanne me lay)) band / e. Laying' violent 

,_-. -- ,. /•• _• handa on derk or 

me kueade / me clerk. o])er me man / o))er me wyi- man or woman or 
man / of religion. Efterward buanne me stel)). o^er 7. stMaing or 
berf / be kueade skele / out of boly stede / ybUssede ft^^ ^^ pfj^, 
>inge8 / o>er onblissede / huet fet hit by. Of fise SZ^ who"^' 
zennes / ne byef ni^t kuytte fo / fet }e guodes of boly S^S^S?^ 
cbercbe. fe patremoyne of lesu cnst / despende]) ^ro^**^'^^* 
ine kueade us. Ne po napemo / fet benime)> / o])er of ^^{^^ ^^ 
byalde)) mid 'wro[n]g / ofer mid 8treng)>e. ofer oflbriuga, and 


bede^ ])e ])inges / ^et bye)) apropnsd / to boly cbercbe. 
o))er bise paye^ kueadliche. ase pe rentes, ^o of^ 
frendes. pe tendes. and ])e o))re ri3te8 / of boly 
cbercbe. Of bise zelue zenne / ne bye)) na^t kuytte / They are not quit 

V / X ./ / who break Sun- 

])0 ])et breke^ ^e zondayes / and ^e festes / pet bye]) to days and rettivau. 
lokL Vor pe boly day / bef bis vridom / ase babbe)) 
pe boly stedes. piae bye]) pe smale bo^es ^et wexep of 
^e boje of sacrilege. 


pe zixte bo^ of auarice / is symonye. ))et is zuo vi. The sixth 

, _, ii*,.i.,oi t , bough or avarice 

ycleped / uor ane wychche / pet nette Symoun / fet u simony, 
wolde begge / of seynte peter pe apostel / pe grace / 
uor to do miracles / and byad grat guod. and ))eruore / 

bi bye)) y-cleped / Symoniaks : alle fo / ))et wylle)) simoniacsare 

zelle / o])er begge / pe gostlicbe ])inges. ))et is amang / boy spiritual 

alle pe dyadlicbe zennes : on of pe grateste. And ^es simony hath 

boj / hcj) manie tuygges. pe uerste is in bam / ))et i!'8eiiirg*^and 

zelle)) / ofer begge]) / pe boly ordres / ofer fet body of / ^"^*"« ^^ ^'°*^ 



order*, or tha m- 


2. Preaching for 


[FoKlS. a.] ' 
8. Porduudngand 
obtaining oorrnpt- 
ly the dignitiea of 

4. diving away 
for gifts, Ac., the 
benefloea of Holy 

5. Letting and 
clumging of bene- 

6. Cansing men to 
go into religion by 

Lewd (Iny) men 
should keep them 
from this sin, 
which they may 
commit in 8 ways : 
1st, by helping 
thcdr Irin to obtain 
dignities of the 
Snd, by giving 
away beneflces. 
8rd, by causing ■ 
their kin to go in- 
to religion. 

Three kinds of 
gifts moke si- 

1. Gift of hand. 
8. Gift of mouth. 
8. Gift of midean 

oure Ihorde / o^er ])6 o^re sacreinens / of holy cherchej 
j)e o^er is ine bam / ])et zelle)) / godes word, and pre- 
che]) p'tncipalliche / uor pans, pe )>ridde is ine ham / 
pet he yeipes / oj^er be behotinges / o])er be biddingges 
dreduolle / ofer olessliche / make^ zuo moche / ))et by / 
o])er of re : bye^ ichose / to dyngnetes of holi cheiobe. 
ase bye]> bisaopriches. abbayes. ofer denyes. o]>er 
o))re dingnetes / ^et me make]) / be chyezinge. pe neipe 
is ine ham / ])et be yefpea / o))6r be behotinges. o])er be 
biddinges dreduolle / of ex be seruise na^t clene / yeue]) 
^e prouendres. and fe parosses. oj^er o])ie benefices 
of holy cherche. pe vifte is ine ham / fet be markat 
makinde: lete]) hare benefices / o^r chonge]). pe 
sdxte is ine ham / ])et be markat makinde : guo)) in-to 
religion, and ine ham / fet me zoiche manere / his 

Yele fer bye^ o)>re zennes / and of diners cas / ine 
symonye. Ac hi belonged more / to klerekes : fanue 
to leawede. And ^is bok is more ymad / uor fe 
leawede : panne uor pQ clerkes. j^et habbe)> pe bokes. 
Ac alneway hit is nyed / to leawede men / ^et hi Yuan 
loki / uiam ^ise zenne : ine pn cas. pe on ia / huanne 
hi wylle]) helpe hare ken / oj^er hare uryendes / an h^y 
ine dingnetes / of holi cherch. pe oj^re huanne hi 
yeuef pe prouendres of er benefices / )>et hjep of hare 
yef fe. pe ]}ridde / huanne hi yeldejj hare children / 
into relig[i]on. Ine fise f ri poyns / yef hi yeue]) / o])er 
onderuoDge)) jeipea / o])er kueade biddingges / opet 
kueade semises : hi mi3ten zone ualle in to f ise zenne 
of symonie. Vor ase ziggef pe holi writes, f er byef 
pTi maneres of yetpea, ]>et make]> symt)nie. yeipe of 
hand, yefpe of mou])e / ase biddinges. yeipe of 
senlise na3t clenlich. Ich clepie onclenlich: huanne 
pe seruisos byef y-do / uor onclenliche cause, o^r 
pnncipalliche : uor pmg gostlich. 



\>e zeuehd 1303 / of auarice : ys wyckedhede. Ich clepie vii. The aevmtii 

bough of availctt 

wychkedhede : hiiarine ))e man / is zuo wykhed / and itwickedneM,i.e. 

zuo moche dyeuel : )>et him ne dret na^t / to done / ane wicked that he 

greate zenne / dy adlich / and oirible. o])er grat harm / ^t and horrible 

to o))ren / uor a lite wayn / oJ)er uor ureme / to him. tootheri"forto 

J)es boj / hef manye tuygges. pe uerste is. huanne / tS^JJI*I!IJ'' 

eny uor drede / of pouerte. oJ)er uor couaytise / uor to J^JJJJJ^y^ „ 

Wynne : uorza)|) [renayf] god / and f e cnstene bileaue. 5*"*°*J??^?2iJ^**^ 
and becom]) boagre. o^et ieu. o])er sarasin. To 

fise zenne / belonge]) / ]>e zenne: of ham / ))et nor Tothittinbe- 
ii.^i*/. 4 1 1 t * m iongeth the iin of 

pans / make)) to clepie / ])ane dyeuel. and makep fe thoee who make 

enchauntemeus. and make]) to loky ine ))e.zuord. who look in the 

ofer ine J)e nayle / of J)e foume. uor to of-take / J>e ?o,totake*thtoTe8, 

byenes. o])er uor obre ])inges. And of ham alsuo / am of them alio 

that I7 witcheraft 

])et make)) / o])er porchace]) / be charmes / o])er be caiue thoee in 
wychecreft. o])er be kueadnesso / huet ])et hit by. ])et hate one anotiier. 
uolk / fet bye)) ine spoushod / togydere / ham hatie]).- 
o))er ne moje habbe ueli^rede / fe on wy)) jje o^re / be 
spoushod. 0))er ))et uolk / pet ne bye)) nnjt ine spous- 
hod : louie)) ham togidere / folliche : and be zenne. pe 
o])er is / be zenne / of grochinge / and of traysoun s. aradging and 

■ - treaw>n, wheii a 

[bezuykingej. huanne pe man / uor wynnynge. o))er man for profit 

uor mede / de)) ))ing / huer by hi draje^ o))re / to ))e death by sword 

dya))e. ofer be zuorde. o))er be uenym. ofer ine ofre ^' ^aH^it. b.] 

manere / huet ))et hit by. t>e fridde / is fe ze?ine of tomiVor* hoJieej 

ham /))et uor wynnynge /berne J) hous. tounes. casteles. JjUJli*^^' 

cites. o))er cherchen. oj^er destrue)) ))e vines. o])er comes. JoTrewaM?*" 

o))er do)) o))re harmes uor mede. f>e uer^e is ^e zenne 4. sowing dieoord, 

_ 1. 1 1 1 ik I "trife^ and wars In 

of ham ))et zawej) discord, and pi^rchace)) pe stiyfs / cities in order to 
and ))e werres in cites / dpei ine capiteles / o})er be-tuene by. 

))e he3emen / uor ))an ))et hi wene]) ))e more to wynne 

mid strif ine be werre : banne ine pays. Jje vifte is be s- Accusing poor 

'^ '^ r J f r folkfldsely. 

zenne of reuen. of prouostes. of bedeles. of sergons. 
))et accuse)) / and c[Ii]alon^e)) ]}et poure uolc / and ham 


» [rajfunif] doj) raymi^ / and kueadliche lede uor a lite wynnynge 
fet hi habbe)) be-zide. 
To this sin belong. to bise zenno belongeb be zenne of ualse domesmen / 
fidsejudget, and 01 ualso playteres / and of ualse wytnesses. of 

1US6 plftintiiflbp » 1 l_ 1 n 1 -r 

andikiMwifc- huam WO habbe]) aboue y-speke. Ine manye o])re 
manures is ydo ^e zenne of wyckednesse. Ac lang J^ing 
hit were to zigge. and betere may ech man rede )>e 
ilke zenne / and pe o]7re / ine fe boc of his inwyt : 
banne ine ane ssepes scinne. 


VIII. The eighth ))e e3tende bo3 of auarice / is chapfare / huerinno 

bough of pride is / .. i- 1. 

chaffer, i.e. a sin- me zQne^Qp / iDo uelo maneres / nor timlich wynnyngp. 

gain. and nameliche / ine zeue maneres. pQ nerste id / to 

modes : ^qUq Jjo finges / ase dyere / ase me may. And to begge / 

ns p^bie?but*to ^ guodcheap / ase me may. J)e oJ)er is : lyeje. zuerie. 

buy at the cheap- ^^^ uorzuerie / J)e hejere to zelle / hare chapnare. pe 

!nJ**"riurr*in' f^^^^® manure is / J)et me dej) ine wyjtes. and ine 
order to sell goods, mesures. and bet may by / ine bri maneres. be 

8. To defhtud in r J J / r '^ f 

weights and mea- uersto : huanne me hej) / diuerse wyjtes / ofer diuerse 

o. buying by the mesures. and beggef / be fe gratteste wyjtes / ofer be 

and selling by the j)e gratteste mesures : and zellej) by fe leste. J^ oJ)re 

6. seiung by short manure is / huanne me hej) / ri3tuolle wyjtes / and rijt- 

tavemers do wiio uolle mesures / and zelle^ ontreweliche / ase do]) ))ise 

with scum ; tavemyers / ))et uelle]? ]>e mesure / my d scome. pQ ])ridde 

fhiaduientiythe mauere zuo is huanne ^0 / ]7et zelle]) be wyjte / purcha* 

we g t o g ^^ I ^^^ make]) zuo moche ])et / f et ])ing / f et me ssel 

4. To sell to time. ^Q^Q / ssewe)? more heuy. pe uer))e manere / to zeneji in 

chapfare : is to zelle / to tyme. of ))isen / we habbc]) 

5. To sell a differ- yspeke abouc. pQ vifte manere is: o\et \img zelle: 

ent article than . 1./ :i-i k i %. %.• 

was at first bar- ])anne me he)) / y-sseawed beuore. Ase dop pise 

^'* scriueyns / fet ssewe]) guode lettre / ate ginnynge. 

6. To hide the and ef terward / make]) wycked. pe zixte is : hede / ])e 
as horse-dealers' zo])nes8e / of ])e ])inge / ])et me wyle zelle / ase do^ / 

7. To make a thing ])e Tomongours of hors. ))e zouende is / maki / por- 

chaci / f et / J)et fing / fet me zelf / makef uor to ssewy 


betere / banne hit by. ase dob / bise zelleres of clob. i8,Mdocioth8eii- 

' '^ '' ^ ' '^ ^ era, who chooM 

])et chiese)) / ])e Jyyestre stedes / huer hi zellep / hare dim places to mU 
clo]). Ine uele o])re manures / me may zeneji / ine 
chapfares. Ac long fing / hit were to zigge. 


j>e ne^ende bo^ of auarice : is ine kueade creftes. ix. The ninth 

Ine ^ise / zeneje^ moche uolk : ine uele manures, ase in wicked crafts, 

bise fole wyfmen. bet uor a lite wynnynge : hy yueb Thus sinneth foul 


ham to zenne. Alzuo bise hysians / and pise kempen / and champions 

that for pence 

and vele oJ?re / J?et uor pans / oJ?er nor timlich profit / give them to 

r 1 I dishonest craft. 

ynej) ham / to crefte / najt oneste. pet ne may na3[tj / 
by do : wy]H)ute zenne. an of pan ))et hit do^ : and of 
ham / ^et hise sostyene]?. 


be tende boa / of auarice : byeb kueade gemenes. x. The tenth 

ase bye]) pe gemenes of des. and of tables, and of is wicked games, 

o])re huyche huet ])et hy by / huer me play|) uor pans, and of tables, as 

of er uor of er / timelich wynnynge. Zuyche kuade for pence! ^ *^* * 

gemenes / specialliche of des / and of tables : byef [Fol is. a.] 

uorbode / be rijte / uor manye zennes / fet uoljep itcaosethmany 


zuyche gemenes. })e uerste is / couaytise uor to wynne / i. covetonsness 

- ,j. 1I-I. 1 ^ ^ ' I to win and despoil 

and uor to dispoyly / his ueli^e. pe oper is / gaue- one's feiiow. 

•I XX / A 1^ i 2. Great usury, as 

lynge to grat. ase nejen / uor tuelf. ni^t uor ane nine for twewe, 

monfe. ne to ^te da^ea: ac ine one zelue day. J)e * '*• ^' 

fridde is / to mori lyeasynges / and ydele wordes. and s. Lies, idle 

words, and great 

fet wors is : greate blasfemies of god / and of his hal3en. buuphemies of 

* lit. , -J .. » 1 1 God and of His 

hueruore / god him vftepep. ase oftezifes / he hef saints. 
ynome / to lite wreche. Vor oferhuyl / ham iniswent 
pe uisage / f et beuore : behinde 

.A TALE. A tale of a kiiight 

who swore by 

A knyjt wes / fet zuor / be godes ejen. an haste / ^.^;'y:*,:,^p,„p,„ 

his on eje / Ihip ope pet cheker. An archer / uor pet ^^^Ji^^J^'j;^© 

ho hedde ylore ate geme : nom his bo3e / and ssat an '^o* »* ^^^d 


foandhu arrow hej / a-ye god. Jjane morjen / huanne he zet / ato 

on cos on9okcv mi 

Uoodj.' gemene : his arowe / vil ope ))et cheker / al blody. 

4. Bad tzunpie. ))e ver^ is / ))e kueade uorbysne. )>et he )»et play)> : 

ft. LoMoftiiiM. yeff to o^ren : fet y-«yej> fet geme. J)e vifte / in lere 

of time / ])et me ssolde l>e zette / ine guode workes. 

And manye o))re zennes : )>et long \\ng / hit were to 
He that winnath zigge. })ing / ich ne ssel na^t uoryete. bet / be ilke / 

ahoald gtve libtr> 

aiiyibrQod'a ^et wjnf : he ne may ni^t / ine guode manure of- 

healde / J)et he wynj) / ac ssel hit y[e]ue uor godes 
ifitbagoti^ lone, bote yef }et hit by / ine zuyche manere : ^t he 

atrifa or atraugth «., •j** .^v t m •%% 

it should be ra- hit hedde / mid barat / o])er be streng)>e. ase ye ilke / 

fet def ye o])ien playe / be stre[n]gj)e. Ine fet cas / 
he ssolde hit yelde to him / yet hit hey ylore. Alsuo 
ich zigge : of ^t me wyn^ / ine tornement 

Thaaa other ))ise bye]) ))e bojes / of auarice / ync^ yer hyey oyre, 

belong more to Ac hy bye]) / more to clerekes : ^anne to ye leawede. 

men. And ))is boc / is more ymad / uor ye leawede : yanne 

uor ye clerkes / ^et canney ye writinges. 


The sixth head of pe zixte heaued / oi ye kueade beste : is lecherie / 

lechery, i. a. too ]'et is to mocho loue / and desordene / ine lost of lenden : 

il^re and lost. o]>er / iue ulesslich lost. Of ^ise zenne uonde^ ye 

to totolto iSft*"" dyeuel / in vif manures / Ase zayj) saynt gr^orie. 

"^Foii'sight. Auerst / ine fcle zijj^e. efterward / ine fole wordes. 

s! FoS hanSii ©^terward / ine fole takinges. efterward ine fole kess- 

^ S®"!^*'^*"** inges. efterward / me comb to be dede. Vor of fole 

ft. Foul dead. ° i r r 

zi^ye : me corny to ye specbe. and uram ye speche / to 
ye handlinge uram ye han[d]linge : to ^e kesinge. uram ^c 
kessinge : to ye dede. And yone sotilliche / make)) ye 
This sin is divided dyeuel / guo uram on to oyer. )?is zenne / him to- 
i^iM^rjot * del]) / uerst ine tuo maneres. uor J>er is lecherie / of 
s. Lechery of herto : and lecherie of bodie. \)e lecherie / of herte : 
T&>cheryof ^uo hej> / vour stapea Vor ye gost / of fornicacion / 
heiui hath four ^^^ ^^^^^ y ^£ j,^ ^^^ j ^f igeherie / becleppei fe herten : 
1. Foul thoughu. niatef uerst / come ye fojtes. and ye likinges. and ye 

^ to has been erased in the MS. before bedeppe. 


ymaginacions / of ze7me / to herte : and make)) ^nche. 

Efterward / ))e herte blef)) / ine ))e ])03tes. an suo s. Delight in rooi 

thougiits without 

delite]). yet ne de]) he naft / pe dede nor no ])iug. And aotaai commi*- 
ine ^ise bleuinge / and ine )>e ilke lost : is po o^er 
stape / ])et may by / dyadlich zenne. )}e greate zeune 
may by / pe lost. Jje J)ridde / stape / is J)e graTinti[n]gge «• c<m»0nting of 
of herte / and of pe scele / and of pQ wylle. And zuyche and wiu. 
grantinges : bye]? alneway / deadlich zenne. Efter pe 
grantinge : comf pe wylnynge. and pe greate hete J)et «. !>«<» and 
hy habbejr nor to zenejy. and do]) more pBLnne tueiiti [Foi. is. b.] 
zennes / yne be daye / ine ziabe of leuedys / and of cRnnedbythe 

' , ^^ , sight of fair Udiet 

maydynes / ])et ssewe]) ham / uayre ydijt. ])et ofte hy quaintly adorned, 

sseawe)) / and dijte]) ham / ])e more q?£aynteliche / and 

])e more honesteliche / uor to maki musi / ])e foles to 

ham. and ne wene]) na3t / g7*atliche zenejy : nor ^et hi 

ne habbef no wyl / to do fe dede. Ac uor-zofe : hy 

zene3e]) / wel greuotisliche. Vor be ])e ancheysoun / of 

ham: byeb norlore / manye zanies. And ber b^eb / who thut bring 

many fbllc4o ein* 

moche uolk / y-do to dyafe / and to zenne. Vor ase 

zay ]) / be uorbisne. ' levedi / of uaire dijtinge : is arblast / Lady of fair adorn- 
ing is 'arbaiett* to 
to Jje tour.' Vor hi ne hej) leme / ine hir^ bodye : J)et the tower. 

ne is / a gryn / of ])e dyeule. ase zay]) Salomon. ))a7nie 

behoue]) hit / yelde scele / ate daye of dome / of ])e Ladies, who wit- 

zaules / ])et be ^e ancheaysoun / of ham / bye]) uorlore. to sin, shaii be 

))et is / to onderstonde : huanne hi yeue]) encheysoun / at doomsday. 

uor to zenejy / be hare wytinde. 

Lecherie of bodie. him to-delb : ine lecherie of e^en. Lechery of body is 

divided into lech* 

of yearen. of mou])e. of honden. an of alle ])Q Avyttes / ery or eyes, ears, 

of ])e bodye. And specialliche : of ])e uoule dede. And and wiu (senses). 

hue^ is hit uoul dede ze])])e hit is kendelich) uor ])et i [teo/show.] 

god / hit uorbyet / ine his spelle. and his apostel pauel : 

])et ])us zay]). ' ech man habbe his 03ene : uor f omicacion.' 

bet ys to zigge : his 03ene wyf . To fo zenne / belonge]) / To this sin be- 

,-. .#-i lo"S«*i>» drunken- 

alle ^e ^inges / huer-by / ^et uless him anst / and ness and gluttony, 
wylne]) / zuiche dede. ase bye]) ])e mochele drinkeres. bed-ciothes, and 
and eteres. fe zofte bed. clofcs likerouses. and alle ******* 



The tin of the 
deed of lechery ie 
divided into nuuiy 
1. The 1st ii of 
those who live to- 
gether ont of the 
bonds of wedlock. 

S. Adultery with 
oocninon wanen. 

S. Single men 
Uving with 
widows or the 

4. Adultery with 
single women. 

5. Adultery with 
married women 
(or spouse- 

This sin Is doubled 
wlien both parties 
ai« married. 

6. Unnatural sin. 

for which God 
smote to death 
Onan, Jacob's 

[Fol. li. a.] 

7. Adultery of a 
man with his god- 
mother or his 

manyore eyse / of bodye / out of nyede. and special- 
liche : ydelnesse. 

Jje zeTzne of dede / of lecherie : him to-del]) / ine uele 
bojes / be J)e stat of f e persones / J)et hit doj). and gej) an 
hej / uram knede / to worse, pe uerste is of man / o)^r 
of wyf man / f et ne habbe]) / nenne bend, ne of wodewe- 
hod. ne of spoushod. ne of ordre. ne of religioun. ne of 
o])re manure. ))et is ])e uerste zenne dyadlich : in dede / 
of lecherie. J)e oj^er is / to wyfmanne commune. Jjis 
zerone / is more hard : uor hi is / more aid. and uor 
pet I zuyche wyfmen / byef ojjerhuyl wyues. oJ)er of 
relig[i]on. and ne uorzake]) nenne. ne uader / ne bro])er. 
ne zone / ne ken. \>e ])ridde is / of man sengle / mid 
wodewe. ofer aye ward. "J)e uerj^e is / wif sengle wif- 
man. ))e vifte is / mid wyfman ymarissed. \ei is ))e 
zenne / of spousbreche. f et is wel kuead. uor fer is / 
brekinge of treu^e / )»et pQ on ssel here / to ])e o])re. 
efterward ])er is / a sacrilege / huanne me bi*ec]) / ])e 
sacrement / of spoushod. hit yual]) o))erhuyl / deserte- 
soun / of eyr / and ualse manages. ]?is zenne / him 
dobble}> oJ)erhuil / huanne hi is / of man y-spoused : 
wyf wymman pet hep housebounde. J)e zixte is / 
huanne pe man / hep his 030 wyf / dep ping / pet is 
uorbode / and disordene / aye kende of man. and ordre. 
and of spoushod. And mid 03ene zuorde : man may / 
him-zelue sle. Alsuo may he / mid his ojene wyue / 
zene3i dyadliche. ))eruore smot god / to cuele dyape 
onam / iacobis neuu. And pe dyeuel / pet hette asmo- 
deus / astranglede / pe zeue houseboundes / of pe holy 
mayde / sare. pet zeppe wes / yonge thobyes wyf. Vor 
alle pe sacremens / of holi cherche / me ssel vsi / 
clenliche / and mid / greate worpssipe. ))e zeuende is 
of man / to his godmoder / opev io his goddo3ter. oper 
of godsone / to pe children of his godzyb / oper of his 
godzybbe / uor po children / ne mo3e.na3t come / to- 
gydere: wyp-oute dyadlich zenne / ne be spoushod. 


be e^tende is of man / to his kenne. and beilke zenne / «• Adultery of a 

^ ' ' man with hit own 

arist : andloje]^. be ]>et ]>e kenrede / is njej / oj^er uer. un. 

pQ RQ^ende ia / of fe manne / mid pe kenne / of his 

wyue. oJ)er ayeward / of pe wyue / mid be kenne / of »• Adultery of a 

man with the kin 

hare housebounde. ])e ilke zenne / is wel dreduoL ofhiawife,orthe 

Vor huanne pe man / hep uelajrede / myd enye wyf- hand's un. 

xnane : he ne may nanmore / be spoushod ' / habbe 

•none / of hire kenne. and yef he / enye nim]>: pe 

sponshod / ne is ni^t. And yef he / nim]> wyf : and 

efterward / of pe half / of hire kenne : ha lyest / pe n)t / 

J>et he hedde / to his wyue / ine zuo moche / fet he ne 

may / efterward / wonye mid him / bote hy / hit ne 

bidde beuore. pe tende is of wyfmen to clerkes y- lo. Adultery of 

hoded. piH zenne / anheje^ : and loje]^. by ^e hodes. hooded oieria. 

and be worbssiphede. be enlefte is / of man / of be ii. Adultery of a 

/ /x r / / r • ^ A I f man of .the world 

wordle / to wynnan / of religion. oJ?er ayeanward / of with a woman of 
wyfinan of }>e wordle / to man / of religioun. pe .xij. is TOntorwy.**' 
of many of religioun. and of wyfman / of religion, and JJi,f;Jf*iSgion* 
pla zenne : an-hejejj / and lo3e]>, be pe stat / of pe per- '^J5^*^**°'"^ 
sones / J)et hit dojy. pe .xiij. is of prelas / J)et ssolden is. Adultery of 
bi licnesse / and uorbysne / of holynesse / and of 
klennesse / to al be wordle. be laste / is mest uoul / 14. The last tin ia 

1 too foul to be 

an lodlakest / ^et ne is ni^t / to nemny. pe ilke mentioned. 

zenne / is aye kende / J)et pe dyeuel tok]> to man. oj^er 

to wyfman / ine uele maneres / fet ne byej) najt / to 

nemni / uor pe matorie / ]>et is to moche / abomynable. 

Ac ine sfflif|)e / hit ssel nemni / pe ilke / to huam / hit 

is be-ualle. Vor asemoche / ase be zenne / is more Thoeeguutyof 

' '^ ' this sin stand In 

uoul/ and more gnslich : ^e more is worjy / pe ssrifte. need of shrift. 

Vor pe ssame / ^et me hej) j oipe zigginge : is grat del / 

of be penonce. bis zenne / is zuo onworb to gode : bet TWssinissohate- 

'^ *^ '^ ' r ^ r ftd to God, that he 

he dede rine / uer berninde / and bemston stinkinde / did rain burning 

... fire and stinking 

ope pe cit6 of sodome / and of gomorre. and azenkte / vif brimstone upon 
cites / in-to helle. pe dyuel him-zelf / pet hit por- morrah. 

^ MS. spuoahod 



chaceji : heji ssame / Jiuanne man hit dcjj. and fe eyt / 
u anuenymed / of J>e dede. 


1 pe zeuende heaued / oi pe kueade bests : zuo is / 

" fe zenne of ^ moufe. and feruore / ]iet f e mouf / lie|» 

tuo offices, huerof / f e on belongef / to fe zuel} / aee 
' to fe metu / an to (lo diiiike. J)e ojier / zuo is in 

epeche. Jjeruore / him to-delf / Jie ilte zenne : in tuo 

deles / pz-incipalliche. Jjet is to wytene : in zenne of 

n glotounye / ^t is ine mete / and in diinke. and ine 

,. zBHne / of kueade tonge. Jiet ia / ine fole apekiage. 

'. And uerst / zigge we / of Jie zenae / of glotounye. J>et is 

a vice / fet Jie dyeuel / is moche myde ypayd. and 

moche / onpayjj god. Be zuych zewne / liej» fe dyeuel / 

wel grat mijte / in majine, Huer-irf / we redej ine fe 

godapelle / fet god / yaf yleaue f e dyeulen / to guo in 

to ^e zuyn. and ])o hi weren / ine ham : hise adreynten / 

1 ine pe ze. ine tokoinge ; ^t ^e glotouns / lede^ lif / of 
zuyii, and (le dyeuel hef yleaue / to guo in ham : and 
hise adrenche / ine f e ze / of helle. and ham. / to do eta 

j zuo moche ; ^t hi to-cleue. an zuo moche diinke : ^t 
hy ham adrenche |i. 

Huanne fe kempe / hef hia uelaje / yueld / and 

him halt / be fe )troto / wel onneafie / he arist. Alauo 

bit is of ])an / fet fie dyeuet halt / be pa zeime. and 

I f eruore blef eliche / he yemf / to J» frote : ase fe wolf / 

I to f e saepe / hinr uor to astrangU / ase he dede to euen / 

and to Adam / in paradys terestre. Jjet is fe vissere / 

of helle / fet nymf fane visa / bi f e f rote / and by f e 

chinne. J3is zenne / moche raia-payfi god. Voi )ie 

glotoun / niakef to grat asame / hua/ino he makefi / 

;, his god: of ane zecho / uol of dong / fet ia of his 

wombe / Jet he loueji more / Jjanne god. and ine him 

I, ylefth / and him seruej). God him hat ueste : )ie 

. womlie zayf / ' f ou ne aaelt / ac et longe / and a-tj-ayt.' 



God him hat be }>e moi^en arise : J>e wowbe zayf / * J>o 

ne sselt / ich am to uol / me behoue]? to slepe / ye 

cherche nys non hare / hy abyt me weL* And huarane 

he arist : he besrynb his matyns / and his benes / and his After rising h« 

oreysones. and zay]>. ' a / god / huet ssolle wey ete to day. thau eat. 

huader me ssolle / eny fing uynde / }>et by worf 1* 

Efber ^ise matynes : come^ ^ laudes. and [he] zay]>. ^ A; 

god / huet we hedde / guod wyn yesteneuen / and 

guode metes.' And efterfan / he bewep}> his zennes : Then he thinim 

and zayjy. ^ Alias he zay]> / ich habbe y-by nye} dyad to good wine, but 

ni3t. to Strang / wes ]>et wyn / teue. ))et heaued / me aching head. 

ak]>. kh ne ssel by an eyse: al-huet ich habbe / 

ydronke.' ])ous to \q kueade zay^. ]>\a zenne /let man 

to ssame. Yor al^emerst / he becom]> tauemyer. 

)>a72ne'he playf ate des. ]>anne he zelj> his 03en. ^anne Thegiotton often 

he becomjy riband, holyer. and ]>yef. and ])anne me lowe. 

hine anhonge)?. J)is is fet scot : f et me ofte payf. S^fun*** *** 

J)is zcTine him to-delJ» / ase be saynt gregorye. ine Thieeinepreadeth 
vif bo3es. Vor ine vif manures / me zene3e]> / be mete / 
and be drinke. Oj)er uor J^et / ^et me eth / and dryng]? : 
to-uore time, of er / to lostuolliche. ojjer / out of 
mesure. o]>er / to ardontliche. Oj»er / to plentyuous- 
liche. ))e uerste bo3 Jeanne / of ])ise zenne : is to ete / i. Kating before 
beuore time, and to uoul fing hit is / of man / fet hef to lecueiy of 
age : huanne he / ne may abyde / time / to etene. and ***"*'• 
of grat lech^rie / of f rote / hit comjj. fet man / fet is 
Strang / and hoi of bodye. wy]H)ute ancheysoun 
sceluoL to-uoro ri3te houre / yemf to }>e mete / ase •• doth a dumb 
de]> a best doumb. And uele zennes comejy / of f o 
like wone. ))a7}ne hit com)> / f et zuych a man zay]?. a man gouty of 
Jet he ne may ueste. ne do penonce. Vor he hej> fet c^t, beca^hia 
yzed. ' ich habbe / a to kuead heaued.' And he zayj> i^i^;J^ii, 
zoJ>. uor he hej> hit zuych ymad. and kuead herte i»e*rt becomes 
alzuo / Jet he]) ymad ))et kuead. and him he]> y-do 
breke ^ / ]>e uestinges / ])et is grat zenne. and yef he i [ms. ^nOBe.i 
him damnede / be him zelue : Jer-of no streng])e. Ac 

4 • 



Bawiuhivttii- be wylo habbe uelajes / ^et do)) aae he de^. huiclie he 

drajj) / uram wel to done and let bia mid hiw / in-to 

heUe, Vor he def ham / breke hare uestingea, and do 

[Foi. IS. ».] hare glotounyea. huer-of hi ham / woldan loki : yef Jier 

nero / kneade uelajes. Vor fe drinkere / and Jib hor- 

whom htcuua ling / amang Jib ojire kueades / fet hi doj) r propj-eliche 

"""^ one zennB / Jwt is Jie dyeulea / huanne hi wyjj-drajej) to 

do weL Hy ziggef / Jtet hi ne niO)e najt ueate. ac by 

lyejejj. Vor liteL lone of god : ham heji Jiet / y do 

He loTH On lai* Jiiggfl. Vor yef hi loueden zuo moche / fo zofe ioye of 

mprt tiiui ibe heuene. aae hy doji / f e ydcle bliasB / of Jiis wordle : ass 

iraejojothwun. j^^ uestejt / uor Jje timliche nyede8 / al-huBt nijt : ase 

wel / hi mijten ueate / huet non / nor god : yef hi him / 

Btbuthacuid zuo moche louede. Ac hy hyep I ase is Jiet child. J«t 

tmn br»d ld hii wylB abiBway / habbe fiet bread / ine hia hand. And fo 

" saelt conne / fet ase me zenejeji / ine to rajie arizinge / 

uor to ethene : and alsuo me zenejejj : late to soupi. 

Somi rin by top- jjanuB Jiet uoUc / fet late louiej) to soupi / and to waki 

rtainginM. be nijte. and waatef Jiane time / ine ydelnease. and 

lato guofi to bedde / and ariseji late : zenejejt / ina 

They wmm ihiir ueie man«^/-eB, Verst : ine Jiet hi wasteji / fane time. 

Dight inw dmj. and hine miswendeji / huanne hi makeji / of Jie ny[3]t : 

Bttch roik >r< u- (iay_ and of f e daye / nijt. Zuych uolk / goii acorsejt / 

be )ie prophete. Vor me b9b1 bB dayB : wbI / do. and be 

nijte / herie god / and bidde. ac huo J>et lyji a bedde / 

huanne he ssolde arise, slepo he mot : huanne he ssoldo 

bidde. and hia semise yhere / and god herie. and ))oa 

he / lyest al his time / and Jie nijt : and fane day, 

■^"'^ "'Jl^di "" ^'*'''*^ / ii"* zuyche wakinges : me deji manya 

kueades. aae playe ate ches. ofer ate tables, and ma 

zayf / manye hisemera. and folyes. and fua waatef / 

■ih fe wreche his time / and his wyttea / and his guodea. 

I Bill andwrefefgod. and harmef his bodi/ and more fezaule. 

J)e of er boj ; is of mete / and of drinke / be to 

(Wuk- moche / and wijj-onto mesure. Jje ilke byef / proprs- 

liohe glotounes / )jet al uorzueljef / ase def fo kete of 



his spernnge. Hit is grat wyt / to loki mesure / ine oiattons an like 
mete / and ine drinke / and grat heljye. uor moche uolk lows the Bparrow. 
sterue]^. and ofte ^er come^ / greate ziknesses. Ac huo 
J)et wyle J>ise mesure lyemy : he ssel ywyjte / and onder- om man utm by 
stonde / J)et J>er bye> / uele maneres to Hbbe / ine fe {J\^^J^^' 
wordle. J^ uerate libbef / be fe ulesse. J)e ojjer be / ^SiShS^' 
his ioliuet6. be bridde / be his fisike. be uerbe / be hiihonerty.a 

. *- J I fifth I7 hit tins, 

his onestet6. ])e yifte / be ]>an ^et hare zeTines acseb. andaiixthbyUie 
\^ zixte be ^e goste / and be ]>e loue of god. ood. 

J)o fet libbef be fe ulesse / ase zay}> zaynte paul / ThoMthatiweby 
hi slaieb hire zaulen. uor hi makeb / of hare wombe : wraia and make 

, J their belly their 

hare god. ])e ilke / ne hyealdej? scele / ne mesure. and god. 
^ruore / hi ssolle habbe / ine Je of re wordle / pine 
'wyjH)ute mesure. 

J)e ilke fet Hbbe> be hare iolyuet^ : wyllej) hyealde / ^^j Jj?^ kJoJ 
hire fole ueh^redes : zuo f et hi ne conne / ne hi ne »<> moderauon. 
mo3e / healde mesure. 

J>o }>et libbef be ypocnsye / fet byef / fe dyeules ThoeeUiatHveby 
martires. hi habbej? / tuo mesures. uor ))e tuaye devU't martiyra. 
dyeulen / )>et tormentef J^ane ypocnte: bye]> moche 
ayder/ayensofren. ]^ on him zay]>. 'ethynoj/al-huet/ 
f ou art uayr / and uet.' )>e o]>er him zay]) : ' )>ou ne sselt. 
ac ]k)u sselt ueste / al huet ]>ou art / bleche and Ihene.' 
Nou behouef / to habbe / tuo mesures / ane little / and ^^^^^^^ 
ane scarse. bet he useb / touore be uolke. And anobre ^o^i*. *>»* *""«>" 

'^ I derately when 

guode and large. ]>et he use]> / f et non ne y-zy^Jy. ]>es ne none eeea them, 
halt ni^t / fe rijte mesure. Jje ilke / f et couaytyse ledef / CFoL w. b.] 
habbe]? zuyche mesure : ase ])e pors wyle. f et is Iheuedi / 
and hotestre / of be house, banne ssolle we betuene be Oftentimee there 

' ,/« ,^ vt_i. i« a itrlfe between 

porse / and ]>e wombe / of ]7e glotoune : nabbe a uayr the purse and 
strif. J)e wombe zayj). * ich wylle by uoL' J)e purs zayf / JJSon*! 
' ich wyUe by uoL' )?e wombe zayf / ' ich wylle J)et J)ou '^^ ^t^^o 
ete. and drinke / and fet fou despendi.' And J)e purs 5!?eOTe£mfi 
zayf : * Jk)u ne sselt najt. ich wille fet fou loki / and "^^^^^^^^ 
wy bdraae.' Alias / huet ssel he do / bes wreche / bet is thou thait not, i 

^' ^ ' '7 ' '^ wiU that thou 

frel / to zuyche tuaye kueade Ihordes. Tuo mesures / aate and retrench. 



inake|) be wyjte ymad. fe meeiire of wombe / in ofro 

manne house guode / and large. And pe raesure of pe 

purse / of his. fet ia zorjuol and ecarae, 

ThoHthiitinbT ))o ^et libbe^ be fisike ; by healde^ fie meanre / of 

bj^So. ' ypotras /))etia lite / an strait, and hit iualf ofte. ))et{>o 

ilke / fet be fisike leuef : be fizike sterff. 
Tiiow iMng by J)o Jiet libbef be byre onestete r fie ilke hyealdef / 

uproj»rimiu. fe raesure of acele. andlibbejiworssipliche/tofe wordle/ 
f ct ete)) ine time / and ine oiire. and nimef mid guode 
iv^'lle : fet hi habbejj / and cortayalicbe / an gledliehe. 
ThMB iwiia by }3o fiet libbej) be fan / fet hare zeranea obseft. 

aiotadbjiadano!. hycaldef zuiche manere / and mesnre / ase me bam 

charge}) / ine penonce. 

r"™irt''"* *' i^° t'^* libbef / be Jw goste. byej) fo / Jtet ine fio 

thoHihiiuHiii loue of god wonyeji. to huam pe holy goat tekf / to 

rauonuidiiiodip. hyealde ordre / an eckele / and meauie. j3o (lethabbe^ 

fe Ihordssip / ope )« bodyea / |)et is kiio y-tajt / pet he 

ne acsefi / none oVittrage, and lief / pet pe goat hat / 

wy[p]-oute grochinge / and wip-oute wipziggjnge. 

Thiu«aM«ihit Uou mijt pou yai / uor pet we habbep hyer yzed / 

muij irirti bj put uele ginnes / hep pe dyeuei / uor to nime pet uolk / 

byuuthnat. be pe pvote. nor nerst / he saeawep ham / Jie wynes / 

pirri, fan >hDw«h and pe metes / pet byep uajTe / and likerohaea / ase he 

aau, dede / to euen pane eppeL And pet / yef hit him ne ia 

najt worp ; he him zayp. 'eth / an drink ase fe ilke / 

WLihinnodo M and pe ilke. nelajrede pe behouep hyea[l]de, yef pa 

wylt / ("et me ne scorne pe nagt. and pet me pe / ne 

hyaldeuorpapelard.' oper he him zayp. 'pehelpeof pino 

indLoketphii bodye / fou saelt loki. uor huo pet ne hep heipe ; ha 

uBi itrength by ne hep najt. Ne by na3t manala^pe / of pe aelue. poa 

■no. Bselt to pine bodye : pe aoatinonce.' Oper he him zayp. 

u* IS^ti "^aoibi ' "^™ yeme / of pe guodes / pet pou deal / oper mijt Jo, 

uduHnaOod. fow ne est / najt uor pe lost / of pyne bodye : ac to 

semi god. pou saelt / pine atrengpe loki to god. ass 

eayf dauip.' pise accloa / byep zuo cleuiinde / fet po 

wysoste / and pe holyi8t[6] man : byep oporhuyl / becajt. 


pe Jridde boj of fiae zenne is / to uerliche yeme / ^^^^^^ 
to pe mete / ase dep ^e hond : to pe hes. and pe more / yeamingformeat. 
)>et ia / pe ilke uerlichhede : pe more / iape zenne. Yor 
ase hit ne is / no zenne / uor to habbe richesses. Ac 
his / to moche louye. Alsuo / hit ne is no zenne / uor 
to ethe / pQ guode metes : ak ethe his / to uerliche / 
ober disordeneliche. Ethe metes / byeb guode / to To6«tnw«t«to 

^ . i ! ^. good, provided 

guode. and to ham : |)et be scele / and be mesure / his thayftreetten 
Yseb. and hise nime]) / mid be sause / of pe drede / of thednadofour 
cure Ihorde. Vor me ssel / curemo habbe drede : J>et 
me / ne mys-nyme '/ be ouerdede. and me ssel herye ^^'' *•• •-l 
god. and yelde hym ^onkes / of his yefjjea And be ^'y **»« aweetneM 
pe zuetnesse / of pe mete / f et wyjH)ute / ne may by : me "iwuid twnk on 

. , Qod'a iwaatnana. 

ssel J^nche / godes zuetnesse. and to ^e like mete : ]>et 
uel]> pe herte. ]^ruore me ret / ine hous of religion / 
ate mete : uor ^t / huanne ))et bodi / nym]> his mete / 
of one half: ^et pe herte / nyme his of o]>er hal£ 

\ J)e uer))e boj / of fise ze?me / of fan }>et / to noble- *• Tb« foorth 
liche "wyllej^ libbe. J>et despende]) / and waste)) / uor to Bpendiug and 
uelle hare glotonye / hwer-of an hondred poure / mi3ten in order to uve 
libbe / and ynojliche by ueld. Zuich uolk zene^ep ine snchfoik tin in 
uele manures. Verst: in greate despenses / fet hi J^^2^ex- 
makej). effcerward / ine Jan / J)et hi / hit vsef / ine to S^,Jintemper. 
grat hete / and ine to grat lost. And efberward / ine «««• 

- , -,. , ' 8. In vanity; they 

pe ydele blisse / }>et hi habbej). Vor hit ne is najt / uke to boast of 
onlepilicho lecherie / of zuelj : ac hit is / wel ofte uor 
host /pet Yd zechep / zuo riche metes / and make]) / zuo 
uele mes. huer-of / ofte / come]) / uele kueades. 

J^ vifte boa is / be bysihede / of glotuns / bet ne »• The fifth bough 

V . - - ,. , ' '^ lathe anxiety of 

zeche]) / bote to pe delit / of hare zuelj. piae bye]) pro- ginttons^whoseek 
preliche / lechurs / fet ne zeche]) / bote ])et lost / of SHetwiaiow.*^ 
hare zuelj. Ine J)ri f inges / nameliche / li]) pe zewne / these fouTST: 
of zuyche uolke. Verst / ine J)e greate bysihede / fet hy J;,'^^"* 
habbe]) / to porchaci / and to agraij)i. Efberward / mid Jif^^?^ 
grat lost / J)et hy habbe]) / ine pe us. Efberward / ine property. 

■tft 1*1^ /. • '* BUsa in the 

pe blisse / ])et hi habbej / me pe recordinge. And huo recording and en- 


deiTninto inika fet mijte telle / huythe bysinease hi dof / to fan/ pit 

riiiguiMd rnnH). hare metes / by wel agrayfied. and ech to hia ojene 

Bmac. &ad hou liy mo^e maki / of one mete / uele mes 

And "h«B thi deegyaed / uor hare uoule lost. And huawne pa mes / 

oMitiMtba byef y-come/on / efterfe o|jer: f anne byef fe bnrdes / 

and f e tnifles / uor entremes. and ine Jiise manej^ / gep 

jnbiiHijokiii Jie tyme. fe wroche him uoiyet. (le wielealepf. fe maje' 

[a pinviui] gret / and zay)>. ' Dame Zttel^ / fo me ssast. ich am 

"ihoughmj belly zuo uol: fet ich to-cloue. Ac fe tonge Jie lyckestre / 

iEi7hiB ash ™ him aitaueref ; and zayfi. ' fi^ |)0U SBoldeat to-cleue ; ich 

t A^r'iin neWe najt lete aakapie / f is mes.' Efter fe lecherie / fet 

etinge' : comj) f e blisse / fet ia ine f e recorder. 

if f et hi hedden / nykken of crane. 

iior fet fe mosseles / blefCo lengei / 

)re mitten uorzuelje. 

y-hyerd / fe zennea / fet come]) of 

at eating cotoBa 

Efterward / hi -w 

and wombe of cou. 

ine fe frote. and n 

Non bou I 

iirtw commonly glotounye /.and' of lecherie. and feniore / fet zuyche 

weu of iiB, ' zeHnea / arizef coiwrniinliche / ine taueme r fet is welle 

of zenne. J)eruore / ich wylle a lito take / of fe zen.neB / 

fet byef y-do / ine fe taueme. J)e taueme / ys Jje 

viir'rh'.^io'f'lhii ^"^^ °^ P^ dyeule / huere / his deciples studief. and 

^"^ his ojene chapele / fer / huer me def /.hia seruese. and 

f er huer ho makef / his miracles / zuiche aae behoaejj * 

to f e dyeule. At cherche / kan god / hia nirtues sseawy. 

and do his miracles, fe blynde: to li)te. )ie crokede : to 

rijte. yelde fe wyttea of fo wode. fe apeehe : to fe 

When the giniion dombe. fe hierfe ; to Je dyaue. Ac f e dyeuel def al 

[Foi, ia, b.) ayenward / ine fe taueme. Vor huanne fe glotoun gef 

u^^t'whenba in to fe tauemc / ha gej» oprijt. huanne he comf a-yen : 

™'«'.^'iiOTt he ne hef uot fet him moje sostyeni ne here. Huanoe 

wh^i.™M« ^^ >erm ge]i : he y-zj-cf / and y-herf / and specf wel / 

'"a'rae^'' "h^' ""'^ onderstant. huan he comj) ayen : he hef al Jiia 

when ho demm uorlore / aae fe ilke Jiet ne hef wyt / ne acele / ne onder- 

iinM.indiiMno atondinge. Zuyche hyef fe miraclea fet fe dyeuel 

mmdiDg. makef. And huet leeaouns fer he ret. alle uelfe he 

di'tT.'^iwi-. t«k> Jier. glotounye. lecherie. merie. uoreuerie. Iye3e. 

■ MS. atfn * MS. bohaaep 


miszigge. reneye god. euele telle, contacky. and to uele 

o]>ie manyeres of zennes. ]^r arise^ fe cheastes. ^e 

strifs. pe iiiansla3))es. pet me tek^ to stele: and to 

hongL pe taueme is a dich to ]>ieues. and pe dyeules tim tay«n u » 

castel uor to werri god / an his lialjen. and ]>o )>et pe and um &»vn^ 

tauemes sustyenef ; byej uelajes of alle pe zennen Jet ^iSLfaJSISd 

byej> y-do ine hare tauemes. and uor zope yef me ham *"* ■*'"'•• 

zede / o]>er dede / asemoche ssame to hire uader / opet to 

hare moder. o)>er to hare gromes. ase me iep to hire saitainen of 

uader of heuene. and to oure Iheuedy. and to pe haljen loriM to au the 

of paradis. mochel hi wolden ham wre]>i. and o]>er red tevem . 

hi wolden do p&r to p&nne hi do J. 

])E ZENNES OF j>J& TONGE. The tint of th* 


Huo ))et wyle conne and we^e )>e zennes of pe tonge : 
hit behoue]> * f et he conne weje / and ayenwe3e / f et it behoveth each 
word huych ]>et hit by. and huer-of hit com]) : and huet re-weigh each 
kuead.hit dej). Vor hit j-nslp })et / fet word is zenne TOmethand*what 
ine hym. uor >et hit is kuead. And yef hit by-ualj) fet ^"^ ** *~"'- 
hit by zenne uor Jet hyt gep out of kueade herte. And 
of heauede hit biualj / Jet Je speche iS'grat zenne / uor 
Jet hi dej grat kuead / Ja^ hy by uayre and ysmojed. 
Kou sselt Jou ywyte / Jet Je kueade tonge / is Jet trau Theevutongneia 
Jet god acorsede in his speUe / uor Jet he ne uand najt ^^"Z^h^ 
bote leaues. Jet ine holy writ byej onde[r]stonde ^"it;^i*"J2f^J 
wordes. And alsuo ase hit is Strang Jing to telle / alle *® ■•y» ^®'^- 
Je lyeaues of Je trauwe : alsuo hit is Strang Jing uor to 
telle je zennes Jet of Je tonge comej. An Jise ten bojes wemaj, amongst 
we moje alsuo newni: ydelnesse. yelpinge. blondinge. ^JmetoJ^ght: 
todra3inge. lyesynges. vorzueriinges. stryfinge. gro- J^^tel^iSro^"*' 
chinge. wy Jstondinge. blasfemye. **o"» ^y*"«» v^ 

"be ilke l?et ham yeuel? / to moche to ydele worddes. grndging, ©ppo- 

'^ ^ . TT •ition.blasphemy. 

hi zechej grat harm / Jet hi ne aparceyuej najt. Vor 
hy lyesej Jane time precious, huer-of hi ssolden habbe 
eftsone disete. and uorlyesej Je guodes Jet hi JencheJ 
to done / and ssolden do. and nimej Je tresor of Je herte. 

i MS. hohoue\ 



^H Thwwfao^v. 

and hise uelji a-yen mid ydelenesse. hi onwrij) Jiane pot. ^H 

■ L-s-£ 

and |)e ulejen vlje(i f erin. hi hise clepie^ / ydele wordea/ ^H 

" H£f 

ac hi ne byej>. ac hi byef of grat coat/ and harmuolle / ^H 

and pcriloua. aae ))o fet emtef fe herte of hire guode. ^H 


and ve\p his ayen / mid ydeliiease / aae }io / huer-of ^| 

^^ bmnftil. 

behoue) yelde rekeninge of echen beuor god / ate daye ^H 


of dome, ase god zay[> ine his epelle. Hit ne ia najt ^H 


lite fing / ne ydeleneaae / huor-of hit behouef rekeni ^H 

^^1 Aai In ttai bigh 

and yelde scele iae pe he;e cort / ase beuore god / and ^H 


' al ^e baronage of heucne. ^H 


Ine f ydele wordea me zenejef ine vif manerea. Vor ^H 

^^ iliiDalblDllvs 

f er byef zome wordes ydela / huer of f e tonges hyej) zuo ^H 

^^B TKe tongua U 

nolle / ))et apekej) beuore / and behjude. ))et bye^ ase ^H 


Jie cleper of fe melle / fet ne may him najt hyealde ^H 

^^P and Boa like 111* 
^H^ ctappuodtmlU. 

atille. And yef hi spekf bisye wordes of liam fet zuo ^H 

blefeliche telleji tidjingea. fet zettef ofte bare herte to ^H 

^H Tb* iflec-UllBn 

meaayse of haia fet hia yheref. and makef fe efter ^H 

^^1 foaliudUui. 

tellerea ofteby yhyea[l]defoleaanduorly^ereB. Efter- ^H 

^H l.Idl.ul».iid 

ward byef fe tatea / and fe uayre zigginges. huer-of hi ^H 


hahbef nioche of ydele blJsae / f o fet hise conne sotil- ^H 

liche ziggB / nor fe hcrknerea do wel Ihejje. Efter- ^H 

^^1 1. Jssti uidjokH -ward bye^ )ie bourdes / and pe> truflea uol of uel]?e / and ^H 

^m WlO«Ulb«Ulrf ^J l^^„ggg_ JjgJ J^g ^.jgpgj, jjg,g ^^^gg_ j^^ y^^ojW B 

^H t^^"""'^ 

hit ne byef. ac hy byef wel atinkinde / and wel uonle. 

^H 4. MocUngud 

EftvTward byef fe biaemerea and fe soomea / fet hi 

^H Hmiofgwd 

ziggef ope f e guode men. and ope alle ham fet wyllef 

do wel / f eniore : fet hi myjten hia draje to hare corde. ^H 

and uram f e guodo fet hi hahef y-cowceyued wyf draje. ^H 

]}et ne byef na3t ydele wordea. Vor fou art ase man- ^H 

^H ^X" tZ; ^^^'f® / ^""^ f"" ^ ^'"'^ ^^'^^ ^ wyfdrajBt ane man / ^ 

^H «tu«tuy 

ofer a child wel to done, and god fe can asemoche ^H 

^V brlhylonpie. ' 

f ank : ase wolde f e kyng / yef fe heddeat yalaje hia ^H 

zone / ofer his tresor yatole. ^H 

^H Of the (In of 
^^K iKJutlng. 

Of J^g zb.vne of y»:lfinoe. ^| 

Efterward comf fe zenne of yelpynge / fet ia wel ^M 


grat / and wel uoul / wel uals / and wel vileyn. Hi is wel 

grat : Vor hue pet yelpf : he is aperteliche godes fyef. «• that boasteth 

and him wyle benyme his "blisse / ase we zede hyer- 

beuore. bet is a wel uals zeTme. Vor be gnodes huerof For »iitti« wind 

• ha loMth hMven. 

he mijte wynne fe heuene : hi yeuef uor a litel wynd. 

And zuo hit is a wel uoul zenne. Vor be wordle zelf / The world itseii 

- holdeth him to b« 

ham halt uor foL and uor vilayn and uor nice. « fooi. 

Ine fise boje hjep vif leaues. fet hjep vif manere inthisbooghar^ 
of yelpinges. On is preterit. ))e[t] is to zigge : of ))inge i. past-boasting 
ypased. t)et is ))e zenne of pan / fet zuo ble))eliche ^rowesi»4o. 
recorde]) hare dedes / and hare prowesses, and pet hi 
wenej) habbe / ober wel ydo : ober wel yzed. pe ofer «. PrMent-bowt- 

ing of present 

is of present ])et is to zigge : of nou. ])et is pe zenne of riches, nobleness, 

fo : fet najt ne dof gledliche. ne ham ne payef wel to ^^^^^^ 

done / ne wel zigge. bote ase me his yzy^)) / o])er yher]). 

pise I ine dede / o])er ine speche / and ine zinginge : hi 

yelpe]) / and zellep uor najt : al ])et hi do]). To ))an 

belonge]) pe zenne of zuichen ])et yelpe)) of pe guodes 

))et hi habbe]) / o])er ^t hi wene]) habbe / of hare 

noblesse, of hare richesse / of hare prouesse. Hy byef 

ase be coccou / bet ne can zince / bote of him zelue. be These boasters tre 

. . « . . .t_ like the cuckoo. 

])ridde is pe zenne of piae ouerweneres ])et zigge]>. ich s. overweening-^ 
wille do J)et / and fet. ich wylle awreke forre. ich wille one wiSL7 
maki be helles and be danes. be uerbe is more sotil *• Blaming what 

'^ '^ J Is right In others. 

])et is of ])an ])et ne mo^e uor ssame ham-zelue praysi. 
ac al ])et o])re do]) / and ziggej) : altogidere uayrliche 
blamye]) ase rijt najt ne him praysej). to ])et hi conne 
do and ziirge. be viffce is vet more sotil / of ham bet *• Affected 

.111.1, hamiWty- 

huanne hi willeb bet me hise praysi / and hi nolleb Mamy folk say 

that they are 

zigge aperteliche : hi hit make]) a najt / and make]) zuo wicked and sinfiii, 
moche ham milde / and ziggej) / pet hi bye]) zuo kueade / 
and zuo zenuol / and zuo onconnynde : prisipe more / [Foi. 17. b.] 
panne hi by. vor pet me ham herep / and hyealde : uor J^w ^^^®ij**^ 
wel bojsam. 'Alias' zayp saynt bemard 'huet per is hier tsteem. 
zorjuolle yelpinge.' Hy makep ham dyeulen : uor pet .eivL^eviis, sT' 
me halt ham uor angles. Hy makep ham kueade : uor i|^*|;2d'^^*S. 


ham \ 

) his hyealde uor good, ne more me ne 

Olhen iHl 

zayst zojj. To Jiac 


M>e Jjoi 

a ^et zechifi 

: to grede hare 

[e)i / and ^ more 



1. Pnlilnghwlil; 

L ham uor to praysL and i 
/ be buas mou^e 

Of blondinoe, 

pe lilonderea / byep fe dyeulea noriches. Jiet hia 

children yeuejj zouke / and dof ham slepe ine hare 

zenne be hare uayre zang. Hj araeriejj fane way of 

hells mid hony / ase me def to fe here / uor fet [le 

zenejere hine saolde guo |?e hardylaker. ]iis zenne him 

to-deif : ine vif deles, f et hyep aae vif leaues ; ine fise 

bo^e. ^ aerste zenne if of fyae blonderes. fet huanne 

hi yzej) pet he / oper hy / fet hi wyllej) heuly / habbep 

we] yzed. oper fet he heji wel ydo : an-haate him ziggef 

to liim-zelue / uor fet ha heji ydele hliaee, Ac hie kuead 

'™ nol!eJ» hi him najt telle. \)e ofer zenne is / huawne fe 

Utle guodea fet hire children fet hi do|) zoute / ydo / 

ofer yzed ; by leuejt / and dobblef / and more)) hit of 

hiren / al-huet Jjer is more of lyeasinge / fawne of zofi. 

And Jjeruore hi byejt ycleped nalse wytneases ine holy 

■writ, pe fridde zenne ia / huanne hi doj) onderstonde 

/ oper fe wyfrnawne / fet he hef ine him 

Md H doMivo manie guodes / and graces / bueiHDf he ne heJi none 

chimera and Jjentore his clepef holy writ : cb'armeres. uor hy 

becharmejjzuomocheftaneman: pet heylef[f]hammore/ 

panne bim zelue. pet he jlefp bet pet he yherp : panne 

pet he yzijt. and pet hy ziggep of him ; panne pet hi uaep. 

*. BiagiKgHMbo jje uerpe zenne is. pet huanne hi alle zingep/ 'Placebo.' pet 

a«d, be It good or is to ziggB : 'mi Ihord zayf zop. mi IhorddepweL' and 

■iiiiiit !>uid)i7 wendep to guode / al pet pe guodeman dep / oper zayp. 

j|U««.i,up«d Tjji^itguodty hit kuead. And peniore hy byef ycleped 

ine pe writinge ; ecko. pet ia pe rearde pet ine pe heje 

helles comp ayen / and acordep to al pet me him zayp. 

by hit guod / by hit kuead. by hit zop / by hi aals. 

Tha Calk who u-J 


pe vifte zenne is / huanne fe blondere defende]) / and 5. Defending, 
excuse]) / and wiyej) pe kueades / and pe zennes / of ham hiding ftuiu of 
fet he wyle ulaterL and feruore zuyche byep ycleped ine TjiowTgaiity of 
writinge : taylea Vor hi wrep >e uelpes of zenne of ?^?."*'*^^ 
liche men / uor zom timlich gnod. hueruore hi bye]> pe tayle of pe uoxe / be hare barat / and 
uor hare bezuykinge of tedrajynge. 

Blondere / and misziggere : byep of one scole. Jjise ^^JJSir^*!!^ 
byep pe tuo nykeren pet we tiyndep ine bokes of kende iifceNykmor 
of bestes. Vor hy byep a ssewynge of pe ze / pet me 
klepep nykeren. pet habbep bodyes of wyfman / and 
tayl of uisssse. and clauen of am. and zuo zuetelich 
zingep / pet hi makep slepe pe ssipmen / and efterward who ting i^ori 
his uorzueljp. Jjet byep pe blonderes. pet be hare uayre •wiiiowthem. 
zang / inake> slepe Jwt uolk. and ine hare ze«ne. H ^S?,^^"- 
resemblep an eddre / pet hatte serayn. pet yemp more , [Fol is. a.] 
zuypere / panne hors. and operhuyl vlep. and habbep *JJ5i™^S!? 
pet uenym zuo Strang : pet no triacle ne is per to najt bono^ 
worp. Vor rapre comp pe dyap : panne me uelp pane 
byte. ])et byep pe missiggeres. of hu&m Salomon zayp / 
pet hi bytep / ase eddren ine bezuykinge. an pet uenim 
8la3p pri / in one stroke, pane pet zayp. pane pet Ihest. 
and bane / of huam he missayb. bet is be felliste best of^bebewt 

' ' J r ^ r Hyane, whooh- 

pet me clepep hyane. pet ondelfp pe bodies of dyade *n»^f« ^««* 
men / and hise etep. t)et byep po / pet bytep and etep eauthem. 
pe guode men of religion / pet byep dyade to pe wordle. 
Hi byep more feller / panne helle. pet ne uorzuylp / 
bote kueade. Ac hi yemep op to pe guode. hueruore hy They are uke the 
byep anlicned to pe zo3e. huanne hi hep yuarjed / wel whoTitee men in 
blepeUche byt men : ycloped mid huyt. Hy byep ase or" to the beetle. 
pe Ihapwynche / pet ine uelpe of man / makep his nest / ^ ^®^* *^^*' 
and zuo restep. pet byep pe ssamboddes pet beulep pe bought of evii 
floures. and louiep pet dong. And pes bo} hep vif i. Finding of Uet 
leaues. pe uerste is / huanne me vint leajinges.' and pe othen. 
kueades uor opren to arere blame, pe oper is / huanne ** ''^®*"°«"** 

' leazinget ? 


inorwiiw iha bet kuead bet ha yherb of obren / lie hit telb uorb / and 
wronK-AsitiR. lilt moreji of his ojen. pa is huafeae he Kuenc)i / 
inio«iL "^ ai"! dej) to ntqte / alle fe guodea Jiet fe man deft / and 

hise deji hyea[l]de to ane kueade. J3e8 eth fane man al 
«. Bp»iiing .tu yliol. fe ofre ne etef hine najt al / ao byt / and nimf 
oTothiir^ ^ Btech. and fis ia fet uetjie lyeaf of Jiiae boje / fet ia 

propreliehe ycleped todrajynge. Vor he to-drajf / and 

toheauf eche daye zom atech of guode / (let he yhyerji 
(or«h«ione of of ren. Vor hiiaiine me zayf guod of ofren touore 
Iimther, ^nwoM li"™ '■ aliioway he vint / and zet amea. Vor zofe ha 
o^mXT" ^°-yP '■ P^^ ^ ^"f- ^^ ^ ^^^ S"°^ ^^" / ^^d ^^^ ^'^'' 

louie moche / ak he heji ziiich a lac ine him / and Jiet 
Thej ire iihs the ^^ uorfingf. Jjes ia Jib scorpioiin pet makefi uayr mid 
"™'f'°°\*'''" fe heauedc. and enueymef mid pe tayle. Jw vifta ia 
-hoMUii i> huajine he miawent / and went to Jie worse half, al Jiet 
B, FitiH mi on- he yherji / ojier yzijf / fat me may wende to guode / 
ouun' dasiK and to kueade, and ^eruore is be uals demere / and 


Ljinf. Leazvnges. 

Lying mikei ■ Leozinge ualsej) fane man / alse me ualsef fe kiagea 

sel / ofor pe popes bulla and femore fet me makef 
ualae monaye and berf ualse lettres : ha ssel by demd 

Thi lUr ii ■mong ase ualsero / ate daye of dome. ]^ lyejero is amaog J)e 

wnopgrara. men : aae fe ualae peny amang fe guode. ase Jiet chef; 

The lUi Is like amang Jie corn. Jje lyejere ia yHch Jie dyeitle, fet is 
hia uader. aee god zayji ine his apelle. Vor he ia 

The iiir, like the lyejere / and uader of leazinaea / ase he bet made be 

d„vll, rhnngeth In ■> ' ' ° I y y 

miiny wnys the uerste leazinge. and yet he hiao makef /and tekji eche- 
daye. }je dyeuel him aseweji ine uele asefpea. and bi)« 
He le like the chongeji ine uele wysen / J>et uoUc uor to gyly. Alsno 
liveth bj .'it, who deji f e lyejere. hiietuore he is ase Jie gamelos fet leuejj 
coioan bu aooe by fe eyr and najt ne hef ine his roppea bote wynd. 
" rFni"iB hi "°d hej) ech msnerc colour / fet ne bef non his ojen. 
Ibr',^,Sti^ ^^ f"^^ ^^'^ '^i'^f f" ^'^^ tuygges : Vor fer byeji 
leazinges helpindo and leazinges bkynde. and leazingea 


deriynde. and in echen is zenne. Vor ase zayf saynt J- Jj" ^^^' 
austin. asemoche ase lie fet lyejf / be his leazinge / def •• Liwhurtftii. 
guod to obren : alneway he deb his o^ene harm / banne i. The ftwi sin 

«/ X y I f^ does h»nn to the 

pQ leazinges helpinde bye]) zenne. Ac ))e leazinges man whole gouty 

likinde. byef more grai zenne / ase byef fe hyejinges J, xhe leoond tin 

of Je lozewiour. and of fe gememen / and of fe scomeres. JJJT^^SSSJTho 

J)et zigge]) J)e bysemeres. and pe lezinges. and fe Ihe^- u«topi«»toik. 
inges nor to solaci pet uolk / ine ziggynge / and ham to 

harkni: is zenne. hit ne is non drede. Ac pe lyazinges »• The third einie 

deadly, whether 

deriynde : byeb dyadlich zenne, huanne me his zayb u be in thought 

or deed. 

wytindeliche / and be pojte* / uor to do harm to opren. [ims. potto] 

To ))ise boje belonge]) alle ual^hedes / and pe gyles / to thie bough be- 
and pe contackes. fet me dep in. al pe wordle uor o]>ren ^f^ J^^ eon- 
to gyly and harmy. oper ine zaule / oper in bodye. oper ^[J^^'J,*^ 
ine guodes. oper ine los / huych J)et hit by. 


Of bB ZBNNB OF LYB^INGE. Of the sin of 

'^ lying. 

Kvead ping hit is to lye3e / ac more zenne hit is him ^Y^'^"** 
zelue uorzuerie. and penlore oure Ihord hit zuo moche 
uorbyet. Perilous ping hit is to zuerie. ac nf^t uor 
pan / pet ine no poynt me ne may zuerie : wyp-oute 
zenne. ase zayp pe bougre. Ac uor pan pet ofte zuerie : swearing leads to 
makeb ofte uorzuerie / and ofte zeneji. Vor ine zeue There are seven 

' ' modes of swear- 

man&res me zuerep. Yerst huanne me zuerep'boldliche/ ing: 
pet is [in] onworpnesse/ and blepeliche. pet hit pingp /pet * 
him hit likep to zuerie. peruore hit uorbyet saint lacob. 
* ne zueriep na3t : bote hua^me hit is nyed.* ac pet wyl : J- Needful swear- 
is be lecherie * uor to zuerie. Eft^^'ward huan me zuereb s. Light swear- 

. ing. 
Ii3tliche / pet is uor najt / and wyp-oute scele. pet is p ms. uucherwi 

uorbode ine pe opre heste of pe Ifi^e / pet god wrot ine 

pe tables of ston / mid his vingre. Efberward huanne j^Hawtuai swear- 

me zuerep be wone : ase at eche worde. Vor per byep 

zome zuo euele yta^t : pet hi ne conne noping / zygge 

wyp-oute zueriynge. J)ise habbep god in to grat on- JJjf^^'^" 

wdrphede. huanne al day / and uor najt / him clepiep to *«™p^* 

wytnesse / of al pet hi ziggep. Vor zueriinge ne is non 



of er f ing ; f anne to clepie god to wytnesse. and hia 

I. ?oQUjih«w»r- moder / and hia haljen. Efterward huanne me zuereji 

piiiii, folliche. and f et yualf me uele maaereB. Of er hiiaime 

me zuereJi be tyene / and eodaynJyche / huer-of him 

in ruh promiMi, uorfingf efterward. Ofer huanne me zueref nor fing 

fet me ne may najt healde wyf-oute ze»ne : zuich of 

u bold ■BtrtJoni me Bsel breke : aad'do penonce uor fane fole of. Ofer 

«ni>in otihe huanne me zueref zikerliche / of f inge f et me nis najt 

ziker / yet fa) hit by zof. Ofer huanne me behat 

inptomtaingwiui Kikerliche fet me nigt not / yef me bit may iioluelle. 

■Dd •wniing b;' Ofer hua^ine me zueref be f e aaepptngcs / aae me zayf . 

ooB'i'hiBS^tt ^ fe zonne fet ssinf. by. fet uer fet bernf. ofer by 

myn heued. ofer by myne uader zaule. ofer ofre fans , 

ylych. Zuyche ofea god unrbyet in hia spelle. Vor 

fet ich sael maky ziker r ich ne asel najt draje to 

[Fai, i», ».] wytnesae / bote fajie beje zof. fet is god fet al wot. 

najt fe clene ssepfea/fet ne byef bote ydelneaae. And 

irt'''tt''°^^ huanne ich bia zuerye be fojte : ich here ham ane 

iiuwuioithi iFoi))ssipe / pet ich ssolde here to god onlepi. Ac 

huanne me zueref be f e ' godapelle : me zueref be Mm / 

fet f e wordea byef / and byef ywryte. And huanne ma 

zueref be fe holy relikes / and be f e haljen of paradia : 

me zueref be ham / and be god fet ine ham wonef. 

oJltldWj''' Efterward huanne me zueref vileynhehe by god / and 

Hiitu. jjy ]^J3 lialjen. iae f iae zewne / byef fe cristene worse / 

f anne f e saraayo. fet nolden zuerie iae none manere / 

ne nolden folye/fet me zuore beuore ham/zuo vileyn- 

aliHin^re'^lf lyche / be lesu ctist : ase dof f e crietene. Hi byef 

ihuith«jawi-bo more worae fanne fe gyewea : fet hine dede a-rode. Hy 

ne broken non of hia buones. Ac f iae him tobrekef 

smaller ; fanne me def fet zuyn ine bocherie, Jjise ne 

uorberef na^t oure Iheuedi. and f iae his tobrekef more 

vileynlaker : and hire / and fe ofre haljen / fet hit is 

itiii»oi>a« wonder ; hou be cn'atendom hit bolef. Efterward 

umntbtbem. huanne me zueref ualaliche, oferhuarene me berf ualae 

' It may be read ^o 


wytnesse. ofer me zuere]) uals / wjrtindelyclie. ine f- fiIm sweMing 
nuycne manyere / fet me zaere]> ojer openliche / ofer ing. 
stilleliche be art / oJ>er be sophistne. Vor ase fe ri3te 
wiytes dggep / god pet loue]) Mueknesse / and zof- God iovm meek- 
nesse / yne zuycbe wytte onderoang]) fane of / and onder- °®" *" '^ 
stant pet word : ase lie hit onderstant / ]>et ne pengp 
najt bote guod. and pet muekliche / and wy)K)ute stryf 
hit onderstant. 

Mochel is grat godes myldenesse. huar^ne zuyche Great la God's 
men fet zuerief of finge fet hi wytef wel : fet ne is men swear' ^^ 
nsL^t zoj). ofer behotef fing : fet hi nele ^ najt healde. ^^liitooepf} 
])et pe dyeuel him ne astrangle]) hastelyche. Yor For when one 
huar^ne he zayj) : zuo god me helpe. oper zuo god me hSp/'andifheUe 
loky. and he lyeje : he de]) him out of pe helpe / Sut^oft^^i'of 
and of lokynge of god. nou ssolde he be rijte / lyese ^^'" °^"^' 
wyt / and onderstondinge / and body, and guodes. and 
zaule /and al pet he halt of gode. 

pe laste boj of pise zenne is : huanne man agelt his The last bough of 
treupe / and pet he hep behote* / and y-granted. oper manVinneth *°* 
be his treupe. oper be his ope. Vor tr<3upe yloje / and ISfaSiSBt*h£*^ 
op ybroke : is ase hit were al on. "^^g ^^^^ 

ChEASTE. strife. 

Saynt augustin zayp. pet noping zuo moche ne ys strife ib uke the 

devil'a deeds. 

ylych to pe dyeules dedes : ase cheaste. J)eB ^ meyster mtth Augastine. 
huer-of ne is non drede : payp moche pe dyeule / and 
najt ne payp god. pet ne louep bote pays / and onynge. 

J)es boj him to-delp ine .vij. opre bojes. Huer-of pe 2^^"JJ**^^*. 
uerste is : strif. })e oper / chidinge. Jje pridde / *• strife, 
missigginge. pe uerpe / godelinge. pe uifte / atwyt- s. bvu speaking, 
inge. pe zixte / preapninge. pe zeuoTide / vnonynge 5! Reproaching. 
arere. Huanne pe dyeuel yzijp loue / and onynge 7] Discord. "** 
amang uolke : moche hit him uorphigp. and uor ham J^* to^ k^e°°' 
maki vnonynge : he makep blepeliche his mijte ham *^* concord 
uor to do strixii And pe dyeuel beginp pet uer of he tries to raise 

> It U not clear whether )^es or I'm is the MS. reading. 



whksh iafi>iiow«a tvene / and euel wyl uor to becleppe. baitne efter bet 
one Mys to the stiif / and be cheaste : comb be noyse / and be clieaste. 

other ** So it ie." # x •» / # 

•'itianotso/' Al / alsuo huaTine me alyjt ^t uer: Ihap)) pet smecli 
"itwunotso." efter ]>e* layt. Stryf / and cheaste / and hnarane ])e 

on zayp to pe opren : * zuo hit is.* *zuo hit ne is.* * zuo 

hit wes * / *zuo hit nes.' 
s. Chiding is Chidinge is : hnanne eyder lyexnej) o]>ren / o])er 

lying one against , _ _«^ ^ , , . . _ , 

another. greate wordes. Efter ])an come]) ]>e myssigginges. pet 

CFoi.i9.b.j is huanne ])e on peyne]> ])a7»no])ren / and zigge]> ]7e 
s. An evil speaker gTcate felonye& YoT ])er is a feloun ^t he]) ])e tonge 
ahaiTtf'thana ^^re keniinde : panne rasonr. 'more zuyffcer / panne 
''^'* arwe ulyinde. and more boryinde : panne zouteres eles. 

He la like the zuyche men byep anlykned to pe pom-hog. pet ys al 
hog), with its ywryje myd prikyinde eles. and hit is to moche fel / 
out right*and left. *^^ 2^^® ^* ^ wrop. And panne hit is of-tyened : he 
He is like a fierce ^^* ®^* ^ ^'^ ^^ ^® bodye : artjthalf / and a lefthalf. 
^wtiS'Jje ^^^^ ^® ^ anlikned to pe felle dogge. pet byt / and 
*^y* beberkp alle po pet he may. 

4. Slandering. Eft^Tward comcp J)e godcUnges. J)et is huanne pe 

on godelep panne oprene. And pet is zuo grat zenivd / pet 
pe wrytynge zayp : pet huo pet godelep his emcristen : 

Slanderers are he ys acorscd of god. And sayute paul zayp. pet zuych 
uolk ne mo3e habbe godes ryche. And Salomon zayp. 

Their month la as pet hare moup is : ase pe wyjte pet ualp ine hot weter. 

fidiethSito hot f®* ^®st hyer / and per : and scoldep alle po pet byep 

^^^^^ fer aboute. 

5. Reproaching a Efterpau comcp pe wypuymynges / pet byet yet 

man for his sins, ai. !_ j. l / «. 

fouies, poverty, Hiore gratter zenne. huanne me atwyt ane man / oper 

poor kin, Ac. ^ns zenncs / oper his folies / oper his pouert6 / oper his 

poure ken / oper opre lac * pet is ine him. 

6. Threatening is Eftcrward zuo comep ])e preapnynges / and beginnep 

the beginning of 'n/i ai ii* 

wars. p3 medles / and pe werres. Ac aboue alle pise zennes 

pet we habbep hyer ynemned : pasep pe zenne [of] 

Above all i^iesins Jiam / pet be hare kueade tonge / sostyenep / and 

the sin of those arcrep pe strifs / and pe euele wylles / betuene ham 

who by their evil 

^ defaute has been erased in the MS. 


fet bye]) uryendes togidere. and po pet miswendej) pet J^SJ^*^"*\ 
pays, and pe onynges. God hatep moche zuych uolk •vii wul 
and zuo zayp pe writinge. 

Of QROCHINGE. JJBT is of him JJET NE D4R NAJT mumSx« **' 


Ofte we hit yzep come / pet pe ilke pet ne dar an- ^^^JJ^,^ 
suerye / ne chide, pet he beginp to grochi betuene his of their &uiu 
tep. and grunny. Vor efter pe chyaste : we zettep pe »* gnmung. 
zonne of grochinge. Hon grat is pe zenne : ous ssewep 
wel pe wreche pet god kan nyme. ase recordep holi 
wryt. Vor pise zenne / onleak pe erpe / and uorzualj For this tin un- 
datan and abyron. and villen doun al kuic in-to helle. «nd swallowed 

Dathan and 

An uor po zenne / zente god a uer/ pet uorbemde-kore : Abiram.. 

and alle his uelajes. CC.L. of pe gretteste of godes ost 

ine desert. Vor be ilke zenne uorlore be yewes bet land For'thu dn the 

'^ ' '' * Jews loBt the land 

of beheste / pet god ham hedde behote. zuo pet of zix of Promise, 

/^- lii^ -iii-ii / nil ^ ^***^ out of 

.L. pousond / pet god hedde ykest/ out of pe preldome the six hundred 
of pe kinges of egipte. and pet he hedde yloked : uourti camewit of ^ 
year ine desert / myd pe mann^ of heuene. ne yede in- ^^^ 
to be holy londe / bote tuo / wyboute mo. bet hetten only two (Caieb 

/„ JT yy J ^ • • V «^d Joshua) lived 

calef : and losue. ac alle hi storuen in zorje : me pe to enter Canaan, 

J)is zenne hep tuaye bojes. Vor pe on : is grouch- J^^^^^.^mu^** 
inge aye god. and pe opre aye man regnep. Jjis zenne ?^| m**"*^^. 
is ine uele maneres / ase ine sergons aye hire Ihordinges. ing against man. 

' o ^ o Tills sin is seen 

ine wynnew : aye hare leuedis. and ine children / aye in many ways, 

in servants 

hare uaderes / and hare modren. Ine poure : aye pe against their 
riche. and pe prelles : aye pe knyjtes. Ine leawede : ^^U^theiT*'^ 
aye pe clerkes / and aye pe prelas. and pe cloystrers : l^^SsuiI^r" 
aye pe abbottes. and pe pnours : and hire officials / ase p*"'**^ *«• 
subpn'or. and pe opre. And wext pe grochinges ine alle ^FoI. 20. ao 
zuyche persones : ober of onboasamnesse uor ban bet me This is the result 

, , ' ^ ^ of disobedience, 

is to hard ine hestes. oper ine sleaupe / uor pet me is to sioth, or impa- 
sleuuoL oper of inpacience / uor pet me ne dep najt 

alle pe "wylles. oper of enuie. oper of feloiiie. uor pet 

6 ♦ 


me auonce)) more ))e on : ))anne ]>e o))re. and manye 

o])re kueade roten. 
Man desires to be Grochinge aye god he]) yet nou yno3 mo enchey- 
S^ bJ^iSt'hi?^ souns. Vor man fet hef uorlore grace / and folemod- 
iSiMt S"""^ nesse : lie wyle by mayster ope god. zuo / J)et / al god 
and singeth the deb ine erbo : bote yef lie hit ne do al to his wylle : an 

devil's song. , ' "^ 

haste he grochep aye god. and zyngj) pet pater noster. 
The Holy Ghost to tokne. Vorzobe ac be dyeules zang. Vor ase be hoH 

maketh hischosen 

sing of the sweet gost tekp. and makep his ychosene zinge ine hare herten 
"**°*' ' pe zuete zonges of heuene. pet is of pe graces of al pet 

The devil maketh he deb. and of al bet he us zent. Alsuo be kueade gost 

his disciples sing ' ' . 

the song of hell, makep lus dcciplcs zinge panne zang of helle. pet is 

*'* *™ * grochinge. pet eure ssel yleste ine helle. in al pet god 

dep / bote hit by al to hire wylle. Vorzope mochel is 

zuych a man fol / ant out of his wyte / pet wyle pet me 

him yelde scele / of al pet he hep ydo / yef me hi7/i zent / 

They murmur aducrsct^. poucit^. ziknesse. dyere time. rayn. dru^be. 

against God for . 

eveiy adversity yef me ycfp him / and benymp hit opren. bote yef hit 

that befiklls them. _. i.i* ti 11* •• i<x 

ne by do al to his wylle : he mm niymp annaste to 
What wonder la grochi aye god / and him euele ponkep. huet wonder is 

it, if God take 

vengeance upon hit / pa^ god him awrekp of zuyche uolkis / pet wyllep 

such folk I 

him benyme his Ihordssip / and his wyshede. 

Of opposition Of wyJ)stondynge. 

(rebellions con- 

wittiitandingis Kvcad ping is grochinge : ac more is wors / wyp- 

worsethangrudg- stondinge. wypstondynge is a zenne / pet comp of pe 

herte pet is rebel / and hard / and rebours / and dyuers. 

This sin is seen in pet alncway wyle pet his wyl by do / and his zyggiTzge 

bow to none, by yhyalde. pet wyle / pet alle pe opre / bouje to him. 

and he ne bou^e to nonen. ))is is pe harde herte : 

huer-of Salomon zayp. pet he ne may na^t fayly : of 

whose hearts are kucd ondc. And ase per is grochinge aye god. and aye 

and man. D^^ • alsuo is zuych herte rebel to god / and to man. 

This sin hath J)is zc^ne hep vour bo3es. Vor zuyche herten byep 

that appear in the rcbours / and rebels / red / to leue. to done godes heste. 

rebellious. • . • 1 1 • 

chastmge polye. and techmge onderuonge. Yef enye 


of hare uryendes haw wylleb rede, and hare nreme i. Th^ rebel 

against the advice 

ssewy. najt ham nolle]) yhere. rapre uor fet hi habbef of fwonde. 
yspeke. hi doj) ]>e more ble])elaker pe contrarye. To ]>e 2. They an nbei- 
lede of oure Ihorde : ofte hi byef rebel / yef me ham c^t. 
ret ))ing: ]>et by to hel]>e to hire zaules. ne nopyng 
noUeb do / erban me Rabbeb of ham. And bos hy s. They are wbeia 

' ' ' or r ^ againitthebe- 

bye)) rebels / to ]>e heste of oure Ihorde / to huam hi hettaofonrLord. 
bye^ yhyealde. and zuo moche ham zet beuore |)e dyeuel 
of toknen. ofer of fyeblesse. oferof elde. oferofyejepe. 
o])er of o]>re kueade sceles. ]>et alast : hi ne do]> najt. 
Efberward huanne me his chasteb / and wybnymb. hi '^ ^^^'"^ ^ 

'^ ' Jr J r themaelvee when- 

ham defendej) ase fe bor / zuo Jet hare folyes ne be- ever corrected. 

knawe]). and pe more ))et hi ham excuse]) : pe more wext 

pe zenne. And zuo hit is huanne god his beat / and ^^i,^ q^ ^^^^^ 

chaste]), and maugre hy wytep. and zyggep ofte. onfank J^J"*^**'^^ 

J)an : and J)e ojren / * huet wyle god me do. huet habe evu against mm. 

ich him misdo ? ' ))os de]) pe fol. and pei him ssolde 

by triacle : to him went in to uenym. and be medecine : ^ , _ ^ , 

•^ .7 J- [Pol. 20. b.] 

him yef J) Jane dyaj. Efterward per byej) zome of zuo 4. Th<v listen to 
diners wyt / pet none guode techinge ne onderuongep. but^foiiow their^* 
ak alneway weryep hare sentense huet pet hit by. zuo ^^^{^"errOTf ^ 
pet ofte hi uallep ine errour. and ine ualse opinions, and 
ine eresye. and ine euele byleaue. 

Op BLASPEMTES. OfWasphemy. 

Blasfemyes is ase zayb saynt austin. ober huanne Blasphemy is to 

•^ Jj- ./ r believe or say of 

me ylefp and zayp of god ping : pet me ne ssel yleue / ood what one does 
ne healde. oper me ne lefp na3t pet me ssolde yleue. Ac beueve. 
speciallyche we clepiep hyer blasfemye : huanne me specially is this 
missay]? of god / arid of his hal3en. o]?er of ]?e sacre- speak evii of ood, 
mens of holy cherche. Jjis zenne ys ydo ine uele Slframente,^' ™* 
maneres. Oper huanne me hit zayp be pojte. ase dop pe JJJjJJuevT]^^ ""* 
bougres / and pe mysbyleuinde. Oper me hit zayp uor 
couaytise to wynne. ase dop pise charmeres / and pise 
wychen. Oper huanne me hit zayp be tyene / and be ^n^ in those 
despit ase dop pise playeres / pet zuo uyleynliche who wickedly 


taretk Christ's tobreke]) lesu cristes body, and zuo tiileynliche mis- 

8igge]> of god an of his blissede moder / ])et hit is 

These folk are like dreduol and zone to hyere / and Iheste. bise byeb ase 

mad hounds, that ./ / . r ^ w 

bite and know not wodo houndes / ))et bite]) and ne knawe]> na3t hare 
Ihord. ))is zenne is zuo grat : ]>et god his awrek]> oj^er- 
huyl aperteliche ase we habbe]> yzed beuore / J)0 we 

This sin Qod has speke of wyckede uolke. Of bise zenne zayb god ine 

declared shaU not ^ • ' ^^ ^ 

be forgiven. his spelle / pet hit ne ssel by noryeue: ne ine ])ise 

wordle ne ine pe opre. 
Of the 10 sins of j^qu we habbej) ytald ten manere zewnes of J>e tonge. 

the ist is idleness ))anne is ]>e uerste : ydebiesse. and pe laste : blasfemie 

and the last bias* c^ ■% 

phemy; and be cas hit is ])et Salomon zay]>. pet pe beginnynge 

fou^^^nd of ]>e kueade tonge : is f olie. and ]>e ende : to kuead 

error. ^-«^,.-. 

Here end the HyeT ende]) ])e zeue dyadliche zennes / and alle hire 

seven deadl v sins* ■■_«-■■. 

boBes. and huo ]7et wel him stud^ de]>^ ine \^& boc: he 
No man can keep myite moche profiti / and lyemy / and knawe eche 

himself quit of ^ ^ ^ i 

them unless he manyere of zenne / and him-zelue wel ssryae. Yor non 

know them. i-/i.'ii- -ui. 

.ne may him wel ssnue / ne him loki uram zenne : bote 

he his ne knawe. Nou ssel panne pe ilke / pet ine pise 

boc ret yzy diligentliche to by yssriue. and him loky 

Of those sins that be his myjtc. Of opre zennes pet he ne is ni^t gelti : 

he hath not com- 
mitted, let him he ssel herye god and him bojsamliche ponky. pet him 

thank Ood for pre- ■• . i i j 
serving him from liep yloked. 

For to learn to VOR TO LTERNY 8TERUB. 


Learn to die, so as Onncapo stcrf / pet ylyemed ne hep. Lyeme to 
iNouwti^trwi sterue : banne sselt bou conne libbe. Vor non wel 


He is a wretch libbe ne sscl connc : pet to sterue ylyemed ne hep. 

who cannot live 

nor dare die. And pe ilke ary3t is ycleped wrechche : pet ne can' 
lybbe / ne ne dar sterue. 

Yef pou wylt libbe vriliche. lyeme to steme gled- 

liche., Yef pou me zayst / hou me hit ssel lyemy : ich 

This life is but ^* ^1® f® zigge an haste. J)ou sselt ywyte pet pis 

atj^^'mtior^^^ lyf : ne is bote dyap. Vor dyap is a wendinge. and pet 

1 MS. studede)' 



ech wot. and pemore me zayj) of ane manne huanne he 
sterf)) : he went. And huanne he is dyad : he is ywent 
Jjis lyf alsuo ne is bote a wendynge. uor zofe / uor zofe : 
a wendinge wel ssort. Yor al ])et lyf of ane marine / pa} aii the ufo of « 

. - - - muit although ho 

he leuede a pousond year : yet ne ssolde by / bote uved % thoiMmd 
onlepy prikke : to pe zy^pe / of pe opre lyue / pet eure JSJJ'o^Ji^to 
wypoute ende ssel yleste. oper ine zorje : oper ine J^^^*'® '''^<w»* 
blisse / wypoute endynge. (Tol 21. ».] 

Jjis ous wytnesset wel pe kyng. pe erl. pe prince, pe Thia bear ub 

witness kings, 

empeiour. pet pe blysse of pe wordle : hedden zomtyme. eads, princes, Ac, 
nou ine helle : wepep / and gredep. yellep / and zor^ep. bussintheworid, 
'A. alias: huet is ous wor]? oure pouer. worfssipe. ^^J^j^^^^' 
noblesse, richesse. blisse. and host al hit ys ywent / l^'l^"^^'^ 
wel rapre panne ssed : oper uojel ulyinde. oper quarel ^^ ",2uto*Ii* ** 
of arblaste. And pons gep al oure lyf. Noti we were "hadow, 

' ^ ' " we were born, and 

ybore : and an haste dyad, ne al oure lyf: nes najt bote died in haste; 

a lyte prikke. nou we byep ine zorje wyp-oute ende, 

Oure blisse / is ywent in-to wop. oure* karoles : into our bUss is tum- 

1 J VI- J n ed into weeping, 

zoi^e. gerlondes. robes, playinges. messinges. and alle and our oaxx>is 
guodes byep ous yfayled.' Zuyche byep po zonges of sn*Sh^tbe 
helle. ase pe writinge ous telp. ous uor to ssewy : pet ■®'»«»®'^^ 
pis lyf / ne is bote a wendynge : wel ssort. and pis 
wordle : ne is bote wendynge. and libbe ne is bote * a [« ms. boto] 
wendynge. ))anne ne is libbe : bote sterue. and pet is To uve is but to 
zop / ase pater noster. Vor huanne pou begonne libbe : when we begin 

to live* we besin 

anhaste pou begonne to sterue. And al pin elde. and al to die. 
pine time / pet ys yguo : pe dyap pe hep ywonne : and 
halt. J)ou zayst pet pou best zixti year, pe dyap hise We say we have 
hep. and neuremo his nele pe yelde. Jjeruore is pet death has and 

,« 11 i», Al ii'-i will never yield 

wyt of pe wordle folye. And pe clerk zyinde : ne them. 
yzyjp na3t. Day and m3t / makep ping, and pe more pet 
hit makep : pe lesse zuo knawep. alneway steruep : and 
hi ne conne sterue. Vor day / and ny3t : pou sterfst / 
as ich pe habbe yzed. 

Yet eft ine opre manere / ich pe teche pise clergie. 


Death u a aepar- i)et bou coime wel libbe : and wel sterue. Nou yliyer : 

and body. and onderstand. ))e dya]> ne is bot a todelinge of ])e 

zaule : and of fe bodye. and fet ecb wel wot Nou ons 

caton the wiee tekb be wyse catoun. *• Lyeme we* zayb lie * to sterue. 

teUBustoseparate ' r ^ ^ ^' 

the ghoet from todele we ))ane gost of ])e bodie ofte.' ])et deden ]>e meste 
oiten sordid the wyse of ))ise philosophes Jjet J)is lif zuo moche hateden / 
who^had*no ^loe *^^ f® wordle : ZUO moche onworjjede. and zuo moche 
ci^**'''' wylnede lyf najt dyeadlich. Jjet hi westen be hare 
wylle. ac hit nes ham najt worf. Vor hi ne hedden 
non grace / ne pe beleaue of iesu cnst. Ac ])e holy men 

2Sm w^''* f®* ^°^®f g^^ / *^^ y^®^®> / H ^^ f^ dyea>es / habbej) 
r^*** bH f® *^^y ypased. Vor fer is dyaf to zenne : and dyad 
<iiw^«.] to Je wordle. Nou abyde]> fane fridde dyeaf. J)et is fe 

to Bin and a death todi3tinge of \q zaule : and of ]>e bodie. Betuene ham 
The third death is and paradys ne is bote a lyte wo^ / ]>et hy agelte]> be 
the 3fromthe fenchinge / and be wylnynge. and yef fet bodi is of J)is 
Auttie wall ^*^ • f® herto / and fe gost : is of oferhalf. Jjer hy 
^JJ^^^^^j^^ habbe]) hyre bleuinge / as zayj) saynte pauL hire solas. 
Their thooghte \^^ blissc. and hire coufort. and. alle hire lostes. and 

are in heaven, 

and they hate thi» jeruoie : hy hatyc]) Jis lyf: fet ne is bote dyaf. and 
death. wylnej) ))ane dya)) bodylich. Vor J>et is damezele bere- 

blisse / ))et pe dya)) / ))et alle pe haljen corounef / and 

do]> [zette))] in to blisse. 
[-ffuet fa dya)).] Dyab is to ffuodemen : ende of alle kueade. and 

Deathtogfood J r o 

menieendofau gate / and inguoynge : of alle guode^ DyaJ) is J>e 

evils and com' 

meneement of stieam : ])et todel)) / dya]> / and lyf. Dya)) /is of ])is 
every bie«iing. i^gjf jjf / ^f ^y^^ l^alf. Ac fc wyse of fisc wordlc ]>et 

of fis half pe streme yzyej zuo brijte : of o]>erhalf hi 
The wiaeofthie najt ne yze]). an peruore his clepej Jje writinge : foles / 
and blind, and yblent. Vor J)eme dyaj) : hi clepie)) lyf. And 

]>ane dya)) / ])et is to ]>e guoden / beginnynge of liue : 

for they call death hi hit clepie]) / J>an ende. And peruore hy hatyej zuo 

toey^SitS^end. "loche fane dya]). Vor hi nyte]) huet hit is. ne of 

[FoL 21. b.] operhalf J)e streame ne habbej) najt ybleued. and najt 

ne wot : Jet out ne gep. 
If thou wilt know J)awne yef pou wylt ywyte huet is guod / and huet is 


kuead : guo out of bi zelue. guo out of be wordle. Heme ^^»»* *■ ««>* «* 

what ii 0Til» go 

to steiue. todel bine zaule uram be bodye "be boate. zend oatof thyMii; 

' " ' ^ ^ diyide thy KNil 

])me herte in-to \q o])re wordle : ^t is to heuene. into ihmith«bod7,Mid 
helle / in-to purgatorie. J>er J>ou sselt* yzy : huet isguod inxo^^M* 
and huet is kuead. Ine helle ]>ou Bsel[t] yad mo zorjes : J^i^^S^ 
]»anne me moje deuisy. Ine pt^rgatorie / mo tonnens •^t. 
])anne me mo3e ])olye. Ine paradys / more blisse ])anne 
me moje wylny. Helle J>e ssel teche / hou god awrekjy Han dun umSb. 
dyadlych zenne. Purgatorie: ]7e ssel sseawy / hou «T«iigwdMd]7 
god denze]) veniel zenne. Ine heuene ])ou sselt yzy pu^atoiy shau 
openliche / hou mrtues / and guode dedes: byef ^SHostoto^ 
hejliche yolde. Ine J)is fri finges : is al J>et is nyed ^'JUJ^thou 
wel to wytene hou me ssel conne libbe / and wel J»it>w how good 

Sterue. warded. 

Nou loke efbzone a lyte / and ne tyene ^ najt / to Forget thy ho^y 
])ise ]ni ]>inges. uor])et ]>ou lyemest to hatye zenne. touu^ uifuib^ 
Voryet >i body / ones a day. guo in-to helle ine fine nlriktott^rtttT 
libbinde : J>et ]>ou ne guo / ine J>ine steruinge. J)is dej> ^h^ ofhau.^ 
ofte ])e holi man / and ])e*wyse. ]?er ])ou sselt yzy : al There ahaitthon 
]»et herte hate]), and bevlyj]). and defaute of alle guode. au that la good, 
ynoj of alle kueade. ver bemynde. brenston stinkinde. e^ifterningiire, 
tempeste brayinde. voule dyeulen. honger. and ])orst : I^^,?dSJiia, 
fet me ne may nj^t stonchi. dyuerse pines / and J^"^***^ 
wepinges. and zorjes : mo ])anne herte moje ])enche / ■"* •orrow. 
ne tonge telle, and eure ssel yleste wyb-oute ende. And wherefore thia 

■orrow is called 

])eruore is ])e ilke zorje wel ycleped : dya]) wy])-oute death withoatend. 
ende. And huanne ])ou yzixt ])et hit behoue]) zuo dyere 
&1^>6gge onlepy dyadlich zenne : ])e woldest J>e ra])re lete 
be ylaje quik. ])anne )k)u dorstest / to onelepi dyadliche 
zenne consenti 

Efterward guo in-to pt^rgatoriie. fer J)ou sselt yzi J>e i2fr^J[3J*^l 
pines of J>e zaules / fet hyer hedden uor])enchinge / ak to purgatory, 
nere naat uolliche yclenzed. nou hi dob ber / be leuinge of those who were 
of haie penonce / al-huet ])et hi bye]) / bnjte / and deanaed of their 
dene, ase hi weren ate poynt / and ate time / huanne hi 

1 MS. sselelt 


Their penanM ii yeden out * of pQ welle of cristninge. Ac be ilke penonce 

grisly and hard. 

ys wel grislich and hard. Vor al pet eure ])oleden pe 
Au that martyrs holy martiies. ober wyfmen bet trauayleb of childe / of 

•ver toffered or i ^ . , -i •• 

wommwithehUd, zorje : ne ys bote a De)> me chald weter : to ])e leward 
ooid water in oom- of pQ fomayse : huerinne beme]) pe zanies, al-huet hi 
faralkM wherein* ^J^f yclenzed. ase gold al yclienzed* ine fe vere / me 
they bum. ^^^ ,^^ j^g^^ panne yclenzed. Vor fet uer is of zuyche 

kende / al pet hit vint ine pe zanle of gelte of dede. of 
speche. of fo^te / fet yemef to zeTine : ofer lite / of er 
moche : al uorbem])/andcleiize]). and ])er hjep ypunyssed. 
Venial aine are and awreke *. allo nenyal zeTznes. ])et we clepie]) : litle 
do oft. zennes. ])et we do]) ofte / and smale fole po^i^a. wordes 

ydela trufles. scomes. and alle o])re ydelnesses. al-hnet 
hi by worf e : to guo in-to heuene. hner ne gej> in najt / 

S** uTdJl^d^ ^^ ^* ^^ ^5* ^^3*' ^^^ ^® ^®^ dredej) ]>o. j^et by 
those who keep bare myate ham lokeb nram dyadlich zenne! and lokeb 

holy their souls '^ ^ * 'f * 

and bodies. holyliche hare herten. and hare bodyes. and hare moii)>es. 

^® "• **^ and pe vif wyttes uram alle zenne. and zuo libbe)) / ase hi 

ssolden echedaye to dome come to-nore god. And )>eraore 

Kone may Uve j,et non ne may libbe wyJ)-onte zenne. Vor ase zayj> Salo- 

for good men mon : zeuezi])e a day / nalb be guode man. and beruore 

sin seven times 

a day, be holy ssrifte / and be tyeares / and be benes : hi do]) 

twrs.'and prayers ^^^ mijte ham zelue to arere / and to amendL and ham 

iWM,"imd wenot ^^^® ^^ deme : ))et hi onderstonde to uoJ^i fane laste 

J^m! "*• ^^ ^ doni. Vor huo hier him demj) zofliche : him ne worj) non 

hede to by norlore : ate daye of dome. And fus me lyemej) 

kuead to knawe / an to beiily / and alle zennes to hatye / 

and grat and smaL and onderstonde pe holy drede of 

Holy dread of God god / J)et 18 begiimynge of guod lif : and of alle guode. 

of good life. -^^ ^^ 1^6 is n£^t ynoj to lete pe kueades : bote me 

We must learn lyemy J)et guod to done, and bote yef me zeche pe utr- 

evii, but learn to tues / uor wy))-oute ham : non ar^t wel ne leuef. ]>anne 

o good. y^^ j^^^ ^j^ lyemy wel to libbe be utVtue : lyeme zuo 

ase ich pe habbe yzed / to sterue. Todel fine gost uram 

2!:X^by >'^« '^y® / ^ ^3*« / »^d ^ wylninge. guo out of 
"""*""• » MS. owl » MS. yeheimd 


pise wordle steruinde. guo in-to be londe of Jje libbynde / Go out of ihii 

IT -I I 11 • • J «^ world dying, and 

per now ne sten|J)J / ne yealde)). fet is ine paradys. per go into the land of 
me lyemojj wel to libbe / and wyt / an corteysye. uor * ' 
J>er ne may guo in: no nyleynye. J)er is blisfolle J^!^^***"**^ 
uelajrede of god. and of angles, and of haben. bor where is the biiaa- 

^ All oommnnion of . 

opwexej) alle guodes. nayrhede. richesse. worbssipe. God,ofangei«, 

... . and of walntffi 

blisse. n/rtue. loue. wyt. ioye wyfoute ende. J)er ne is where is neither 

non ypocj'tsye. ne barat. ne blondinge. ne discord, ne strife, lultery, 

enuye. ne honger. ne forst. ne hete. ne chele. ne knead. hun^A^ 

ne 20130. ne drede of vyendes. ac alneway festes and 

kinges bredales. zonges. and blisse wyjjoute ende. J)e 

ilke blisse is zuo grat : bet huo bet hedde vtake ber of The biiss ii so 

, . ^ 1^1 . 111 greatthatone 

ennelepi drope / of pe leste ]>mge pet per ys : he ssolde drop would in- 

by of Jje loue of god zuo dronke : fet al pe blisse of J)ise 

wordle / him ssolde by / drede : and wo. Eychesses : fothatricheewid 

' *' ' *' honour would be 

dong. worjjssipes : uoulhede. and Jje ilke to greate loue •coountedwoeand 

)>et he ssolde habbe to come per : him ssolde by an 

hondred jK)uzen zijje >e more hardihche hatye zewne. 

and louie mrtues. fet is al Jje drede of hello, huer-of 

ich habbe beuore ispeke. Vor loue is more stranger : Love is stronger 

than fear, 

panne drede. And pSLnne is Jjet lyf nayr / and oneste : 

p&nne me beuly3t / f et kuead / and me de)) Jjet guod. 

na^t uor drede / nor to by yspild : ac uor pe wylnynge «»d the love of 

of heuene^ and uor pe loue of god. and nor pe greate ft-om sin. 

clennesse : Jjet mrtue hej). and guod lyf. And pe ilke 

Jjet loue ledef : he zekj) rajjre/ and lesse him costnef / 

Jjawne him Jjet seruejj god: be drede. Jje hare yemf. The hare nm- 

111 1 neth, the grey- 

Jje gryhond hym uol3eJj. Jje on be drede : J>e ojjer be hound foiioweth. 

wylnynge. Jje on vly3> : pe ofer hyne dryfjj. j)e holy ^neJhaTSi 

man yemf ase grihond. J>et habbejj alday hare- 030 / to Si^y^^eyeis 

heuene : huer hi yzyejj J>e praye : Jjet hi driuejj. And fo^*JJ2ihidi*£j 

Jjeruore hy uoryetejj alle ofre guodes. ase dejj Jje gentyl " ^0*^* ^^^ hound 

hond : huanne ha zyjj his praye / touore his e3en. fore his eyes. 

J)is is Jjet lyf / of Jje wel louiynde. of gentil horte / This is the life of 

and affayted. Jjet zuo moche louyejj mrtue : and hatyejj gentle heart, 
zenne. Jjet yef hi weren zykere / Jjet me ne ssolde his 



conne / ne god ne ssolde his awreke : ham ne daynede 

CFd. SI b.] najt / to do zenne. Ac al hare jrenchinges / and al hare 

who dun hav« wyllis : hire herten clenliche loki / and BLgrajfi / fet hi 

diM, by wor))i : to habbe fe blisse of paradys. huer no cherl 

whttra no drarl 

northtefihau && 8861 come in / ne uals. ne pjef. ne proud, uor )>e 
worse ssolde by J>e uela^rede. 




To live aright oDo JN'ou ich be habbe ysseawed / hou me tekb wel to 

nintt 86ok viitney 

sterue / and lede guod lyf. Ac J)ou sselt ywyte / fet fe 

beg3mnynge uor to come to guode lyue : is to zeche 

and know what ia utHue. bet is bet me knawe / nait onlepilyche huet is 

rightaawellas /^ ^ . , 

what iB wrong, zenne / and huet is eunesse : ac ]»et me conne njt wel 
knawe / and deme : huet is kuead / and huet is guod. and 
uor to dele ^t zojre guod : uram pe oj^ren. and ^t greate 

A thing that on« guod / uram ])o little. Yor ])ing ])et me ne knau]> na^t 

knowethnotofia . v j. j i i j a j «. u. «. 

not hated or de- ^^ ^ yhated / uo ywylned. And J>eruore sselt ]>ou 

^^ ywyte be J>an fet J>e wrytinges zygge]) : j>et j>er byej> 

zeue smalo yef)>es of god / J^et me clepe)> ]>e smale 

guodes. on lite / an o])er grat / and zoj^e. An onlepi- 

liche bye]) guodes arijt. huerof al fe wordle ys nyej 

begyled [ftezuyke]. Vor hi yeue)) Jje greate guodes : uor 

. This world la as a J>e little, oj^er ])e lesse / uor ])e little. o])er fe greate / uor 

many foul chap- f^ Icssc. Yor ])is wordlc is aso a fayre / huer hjep 

Se'vidue ofiSr ^lauye fole chapmen, fet of alle finges / hi knawe)> fe 

ttI"h 1 Oh propreutrtue and jtet worf. fet ous tekjj fe holy gost / 

t^acheth as to and noTi obcr maister. He ous tekb to knawe be greate 

know the precious ^ ' . ' ' 

things fh)m the ])mges uram \>e little, pe preciouses / uram )>e yiles. fe 
from the sour. zucte / uram ])e zoure. 

Timely (temporal) Op TIMLICHE QUODES. 


The small goods Hy clepie]) ])e smale guodes : ])e guodes of time / fe 

tone. ' guodes of fortuuc [hap], and Jje leuedy fortune : went 

^MwTS^rth ^^^ ^^63^1 eche daye / and benymjj / and yef>. and 

day^SHn*1to* wcut J)et is abouB : bene])e. Jjet byejj f e smale stones of 

•°™* *"* ^^^ gles ssynynde. and fe conioun his bayj> uor rubys. uor 


safyrs. o])er uor emeroydes. fet hye\> as iueles to chil- 
dren, pet god oas yeSp / ous to solas, and uor oure ood gives utime- 
loue : to dn^e to him. nor fet he wot fet we byej) foif as. "*"*" 
fyeble / and tendre. and hyealde we ne mo3e his. 
efterward / wayes of pouert^ / of zorje / and of martire- 
merat / ase deb be guode godes knyat. bet bane kyngdom Riches are not the 

^ . tme happiness. 

of heuene payne]) be strerigj^e to wynne be his prouesse. For were it so» 
]?anne ^iae ne byeJ? : ne grete guodes / ne smale ary3t. beafooi,that 
]?anne wes a fol lesu crist goddes zone. ])et cheas pouerte. LdB^eTaiid 
and ssame. an efterward : he uorzok / blisses, worfssipes. ^J^d^^Si"*" 
and richesses : yef pet byeJ? pe zo\>e guodes. ]?anne ne 
bye)> najt / alle zope guodes ine heuene. ]?anne ne is 
najt god parfitliche yblyssed : pet ne vze]) na3t zuyche 
finiodes. banne is god ontrewe / andonkende / bet bise God would be nn- 

^ i' © / / r r true and unkind, 

guodes benym]) his urendes. and hise jefp more large- 
liche : to his yuo. yef pet bye)> zoj^e guodes : fanne the saints and 
weren foles alle pe haljen. and alle pe wyse clerkes. aUfoois, 
and pe greate filosofes. pet piae guodes beuloje / and 
onwor])ede / ase dong. Yef fet bye)) zojje guodes: 
])anne lyejj) god / J>et lyeje ne may : and holy wryt. •"^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^ 
J>et hise clepe]) / leazinges. and ssed. and metinges. and 
uanites. nettes. and bendes. and pe dyeules grines. and The gifts of for- 
f et is zoj) / aze pater noster. Vor Jet byejj fe dyeules devU'ssnaro 
ginnes. huer-by fe zaules ine a fousond manares he jS^fs^iT 
gyle]) / and nymj) / and bynt / and halt. [FoL.«8. a.] 

Ac pe wyse chapman / pet is \>e guode man / ])et pe The wise chap- 
holy gost alyjt. be zoJ)e beknaulechinge / J)et ouer al worth of each 
him knauj) / huet ech J)ing is worj) / and yzy^J) hit ri3t **^^* 
weL Hi onderstoude]) / pet al pe wordle ne is nc^t a 
guod snode : uor mannes herte to uelle. and ))et per is They see that 
moche kuead : and litel of guod. And feruore huo J)et in toe world. **^ 
loke)) pe perils / and pe kueades J)et per byeJ) / and 
wytej) J)et hit is zop : J)et hi conne zigge. he J)et ne 
yef)) / J)et he louej) : he ne nymJ) / fet he wylnej). Hy 
makeb to god ane handuol. uoir hi yeueb be wordle : uor 
neuene. nsgt / uor al. hor : uor gold, and letej) al uor world for God, 


andbeoom* gocL richesses. lostes. worbssipes. and 'becomeb pome. 


])et is J70 uaynste lyf / an )>e zykeriste : fet is ine ])ise 

Then are others ])e o])re hje\> / ]>et yze]) / pet ine uele maneres Id 

OM of riches, moje do hare prou / of guodes of time. ])et me may hise 

habbe : ak najt to moche louye. Yor god ne hat ns^t / 
who hold them in al to lete. hy hise ofhyealdej? : ac litel hise prayze)>. hi 

hise uzep : ac litel his louye]). ase dede saynt Abraham. 

lob. and damp, and uele oj^re. J^et pe perils beulo3el and 

deden hire profit / of pe guodes fet god ham lende : hi 
Th^y serve God cou])en begge heuene. hi coujjen hire zewnen uorbegge. 

and helpe hare nyxte. Hi co])en more louye god / and 

herye / and fonki worjjssipie. drede. and yleue. nor 
They see their pe greate perils huer hi byeb / and ham zelue be more 

own feebleness , «,, /i-i. 

and their defiEicts. Dou3e / huaTine hi jzBp hare neblesse / and hire poure 
loue / and hare defautes. huanne ])ane strayte way ne 
dorren guo. huanne zuo lyte wyllej) uor god J>olye / and 
They wonid rather jeue / J^et ZUO moche ])olede / and let uor ham / yef hi 
world's goods ^^^ ^^ wy tyej) / ak st[r]ang hit is. Vor hit is wel lifter 
irtSout^Vtov" f"^^ • ^® J'® guodes of pe wordle lete / at on tyme uor 
of God. god ; panne his ofhyealde / and na3t louye. 

Of the less goods. Of pE LESSE GUODES. 

The middle goods jje midel guodes / byeb of kende : and of techinire. 

are of kind and of o / ./ j^ o 

teaching. Of keudo : ase uayrhede of bodye. prouesse. strengbe. 

Ofkindarebeauty. «, , J r or 

strength, Ac J zuyfthede. myldenesse. clyer wyt. slejfe. onderstond- 
Tearning,^^ J^g^- and alle zuyche guodes fet kende berj). Be tech- 
"*°"®"* inge : ase grat clergye. ine alle oJ>re guodes : fet me 

wynjj be studye / o)>er be guode wone / ase byejj guode 
pesLwes I and zome u/rtues. Ac Jjise ne byej> najt yet 
These do not ari3t be zobe guodes : uor hi ne makeb na^t bane / bet 

make men flilly i » ■% ■* ■% i 

good, hise hejj uollyche guod. Vor manye filozofes / oJ>er of 

phers, clerks, greate clierkes* / and of kynges / and of empe^'ours / 
hadfmuch of auch f®* heddeu moche of zuyche guodes : byeJj ydampned 
S^ta htu. "^® ^^^®- Afterward / zuyche guodes yef> oure Ihord 

> MS. cherkea 


alsuo to his uyendes : ase he deb to his uryendes. to Our Lord giveth 

^ ^ ^ '^ rooh goods to HU 

sarazyns / and to ualse cristene ; ase to ])e guode. •nemiM. 

Efterward / hit ne is ns^t Z0J7 guod / ])et fayle]) / and 

])et me may lyese Tvylle he nolle he. and ])et J^ieues ne 

moje stele, ne rohbere benime. alneway ate ende : dyea)> 

his benymjj. Efterward / zofe guodes helpej) eche 

daye / and ne harme]) neure. Ac norzoj^e zuyche Tme goods never 

guodes / and zuiche graces wy])oute : do]) ofte kuead / Here oatwwd 

and harmej) ham / ))et hise habbej) / bote hi luse ne SJJJ'if"SJy*^^e 

wel nsy. And huawne hi ham yelpej) / o)>er hi ham °***^^***'*J^t. 

prode]) / and ojjren hy onworf ejj. Vor Jje ilke to huam ftii- 

god heb yyeue be ilke graces / and \^ ilke guodes / ])et if we do not use 

aright Qod's gifts 

ich habbe beuore ynemned god uor to serui. and helpe 
his nixte. .bote yef he hit ne vsy treueliche : he ssel 
by ine be more irratter torment, and straytlyche him we shau receive 

J r ^ J J the greater tor- 

behoue]) rekeni. and yelde scele to god / ate daye of xnent. 
dome.* of J>et he hej) ydo. and of fet he hejj ywonne / 
of J>e guodes J>et god him heJ) ylend : uor to mory. 

Of ]}B Z0]}E*0U0DES. or the true goods. 

Nou ich J>e habbe ssortliche yssewed / huyche byef 
J)e lyttle^ guodes / and fe midel guodes: nou ich J>e The true goods 

... make him good 

wylle ssewy huet ys \q zo)>e guod an3t : ])et make]) ])an that hath them. 

fet hise heJ) : guod. and wyJ)-oute ham : -non ne wes 

neure ari3t guod. ]}et guod me clepe]) : godes grace, and 

Ui'rtue. and charite. Grace : uor bet he yaf / hel])e. and They are grace, 

' - , virtue, and cha* 

lyf. and zaule. uor wyJ)-oute J)ise guodes : J)e zaule is rity. 
dyead. Vor ase J)et body is dyead wyfoute zaule : ^h***?*?L^** 
alzuo is J)e zaule : wyJ)oute godes grace. Hy is ycleped of ood. 
mrtue : uor J)et hy worJ)S8ipeJ) J)e zaule myd guode she is caUed vir- 
workes / and mid guode ])ewes. Hy is ycleped charite : onn the soni with 
uor J)et hy ioyne)) J)e zaule to god. uor charity ne is non 15^ i7»iiJd 
oJ)er J)ing : J)awne dyere onhede. >et is >e ende / J)et is ""^^^^^^^ 
J)e perfeccion / and J)e guodhedde / huer-to we ssolle ous *® ^^^*^ 
dra3e. Moche weren Je egypciens deceyued. ))et is to 
zigge / J)e yealde filozofes ))et zuo byzylyche desputede / The old phiioso- 

1 MS. efomo ^MS./yftfo pherssetthe 


graatestflroodin and zo^ten huet wes ])e he^este guod ine piae lyue. ne 

or in riches, or in neure ne my3ten hit vynde. Yor zome hit zette ine loste 

Bv^ltPauis^yt ^^ ulesse. ])e opTQ I me richesses. and of re / ine oneste 

SH^^ttie queen ^^^ ^^^ J^ 8^*^ filozofe saynte paweL J)et wes ynome 

oJ^^j*»fjJ^^ in to Jje fridde heuene / and pasede alle J>e oJ>re filo- 

zofes / ous proue]) be uelo skeles. ])et )>o he3este guod 

ine J>ise lyue : ys Jje kuen of mrtues daipe charit4 Vop 

he zayj) wyjK)ute hire : non oJ>er guod / ne is worJ>, 

and huo ])et ])is hej? : he he]> alle fe o])re. and huanne 

When all other alle be obre suodes fayleb : bis ne faleb na)t. and 

goods fidlthii xxo f f j t j 

fuieth not. aboue alle J^e oj^re greate guodes ])et bye]) : ])ys is \e 

Iheuedy. Jeanne is J^is ])et gratteste guod : ])et is onder 

Of three faannert Qp bRI MANERES OP OUODB. 


And hueruore wylt J>ou ))et guod / j>et is ycleped 
There are three ri3t utHue more louie / and zeche aboue alle o])ren : 
1. Honourable. Jjis ich wylle yet eft / lus worjj ssewy. Me can todele 
8. ProfltSJe. f^ manere guodes. guod / worjjssiplich. guod / Ipstuol 
ttf*w ^2l^^' and guod : uremuoL nanmore ne is of guodes. ne zoJ>e, 
None desire them ne ydele. bote Jjise J>ri maneres. and fet J>ou yzist open- 
either honourable, liche. Of be guodes of be wordle / bet non ne wylne)> / 

pleasant, or prd- 

fltabie. ne loue]) no))ing / bote yef he wene : fet hit by him 

eth tSeftrsvthe worJ)ssipuol / ojjer lostuol. oJ>er ure^Tiuol. J)e proude : 
SiiS!*imdUie ^^J' f^g wor)>ssipuoL J)e couaytous : J>ing uremuoL 
VlSS^m^i^ J)e lostuol: fing lykynde. And alle >et J)ise zeche> 
the honourable, ydelliche : is ine mrtue / zofliche. Vor mrtue is J>ing 
the profitable. ^el worf ssipuoL lostuoL and urewuoL 

Of virtue. 0^ U/jrrUE. 

Virtue is honour. J)et uirtue is worf ssipuol : J>et my^t J)Ou ysy ine 
st^things ai« f^® iHanere. Zyx finges bye)) ine Jjise wordle mocbe 
^"[Foi^ira!? ywylned / uor Jjet hit J>ingjj J>et hy byej> moche worJ>- 
they are honour- ssipuoL uayihede. wyt. prouesse. niyjte. vridom. and 
1. Beauty, 2. wit^ noblesso. ])ise byeb zix wellen of ydelnesse. pannQ 

8. prowess, ^ ^ ..-it 

4. might, 6. f^ee- ydele bUsso is to moche. Vayrhede / -is bing mochel 

dom, 6. nobleness. 



yloued. uor fet is Jjing moche yworjjssiped. And na^t 

uorfan uayrhede f et Jje e^e of J>e bodye yzy3j> / and 

lone]), is jjing uals / ssort. and ydel. Vals : yef he ne is Beauty appeals to 

uayr. ne J>e ilke uayr. ac oure e^en byef fyeble / Jet ne **^** 

zyej) bote fet skin wyj)-oute. Jjanne huo Jjet hedde Jje Had we the eye of 

zyjjje ase hef be lynx / bet me clepeb oberlaker : should see each 

. fiur body as a sack 

leucemere. Jjet yzy3)> forj Jane wal alouer. ha ssolde yzy ftiu of dung. 

openliche / Jet non uayr body / ne is : bote a huyt 

zech uol of donge stynkinde. and ase a donghel be- 

enewed. Efterward bis uayrhede is ssort. uor zone hit B<««ty "oon &«■ 

' *' and withers. 

faylej and ualouwejj ase Jet flour of Jje uelde / anon ase 
f e zaule him todel)). al j)e uayrhede Jjet / Jjet body he)j : 
be zaule hit yeaf. and uor Jje zaule he hit heb. Jjeruore HeUafooithat 

. ri^Joiceth on ac- 

he IS fol / Jjet of uayrhede of bodie him gledejj. Ac Jje count of his feir- 

uayrhede of Jje zaule: is uayrhede arijt / Jjet alneway Beauty of the soul 

wext and neure ne ssel fayly. J)et is Jje zojje uayrhede / ^ Se^aiuuid 

hueruOTe Jje zaule to god likejj / and to Jje angles Jjet ^* *°*^^- 

yzejj Jje herte. Jjis uayrhede yelt / and yefjj / to Jje ^^^^^^^*** 

zaule : grace, and mrtue. and loue of god. uor hy re- 

fonnejj / and agrayjjejj / and hiw yelt his iy3te pryente. 

Jjet is Jje ymage of his sseppere / Jjet is uayr wyjj-oute TheWreetthinff 

comparysoun. and bet best him anlykneb : mest is uayr. soui that hath per- 

•^ ^ «/ fectly its right 

J}a72ne Jjet uayreste Jjing Jjet ys onder god : is Jje zaule / shape. 

Jjet hejj parfltliche his rijte ssepfe / and his rijte bri3t- 

nesse / colour of flour, brijtnesse of* zowne. ssepjje of pMS. os] 

man. lykynge of preciouse stones. And al fet Jje e3e of 

herte yzyjj of uayr : is uoulhede and ueljje / to Jje zy3jje Nothing in the 

world may be 

of him. and al Jjet me may onder gode Jjenche of uayr : compared to it. 
hit ne may nc^t by ycomparisoned to him. 

Of WYT / AND OF CLBRBGYB. Ofwltandof 


Cleregye and wyt / byejj Jjinges moche yworjjssiped. ciergy and wit 

- - are things much 

Ac yef Jjou wylt by wys ari3t. and he3e cleregye lyemy : honoured, 
make Jjet Jjou habbe Jjet zoJje godes guod. Jjet is / grace / God's grace is the 

, . . .... . 1 ,11, -t . *™® wisdom that 

and uirtue. uor Jjet is Jje zoJje wysdom. Jjet aly3t Jje herte eniighteneth the 

of man. ase dejj Jje zonne Jje wordle. Jjis wyt pasejj Jje 


82 THE world's wit is folly. 

Thii wit pftnetti wyttes of Jje wordle / ase dep Je zowne : fe brytnesse of 

world, which if J© mone. Vor yef wyt of fe wordle ne is bote folye 

**^ **"3r. jygg 2ayJ) Jje wrytinge / and childhede / and onwyt. folye 

ThoM who love ine ham : fet J>e wordle louyej) / and hire uayrhede / 

think fhe moon to pet hi ne coiine yknawe / fane day : nram pQ iiy3t. ne 

deme betuene grat / and smaL betuene precious / an 

vil. Hy wenej) of f e mone : Jjet hit by fe zonne. uor 

hi wene)) of f e worjssipe of f e wordle : fet hyt by fe 

zoJ)e blisse. of ane epple : an heL uor hi weneJ) by pe 

wordle : J>et hit by wel grat J)ing. fet to fe zi^f e of J>e 

Th«y mistake a heuene ne is bote an eppeL • hy weneJ) of a gles : fet 

phire. hit by a safir. uor hi wenejj J>et hare my3te / and hare 

strengjje : by wel grat. fet more is brekynde / and 

They Uve like fyeble ; fsLnne gles. Efter fe chi[l]dhede / J>et pe wyt of 

^^' and to eysy / and to delyty / Jet libbej) ase children. 

In each folk i* )>et ne zechej? bote hare wyl to done. In zuych uolk is 
[Fd. M. b.3 skele dyad, and Jjeruore / hi libbejj ase bestes. uor hare 
They ai« like a wyt is al myswent / and corupt. ase pe zael} of pe zyke / 
whop^fen a^^ ofcr of J)e wyfman grat myd childe. fet more hi uynt 
•our apple to a gmak in ane zoure epple : banne ine ane huetene Ihoue. 

wheatenloaL ^^ ' 

and ])et child in ane cole : Jeanne ine ane guode mete. 
They cannot be- Alsuo zuych uolk ne mo^e yleue / ])et ])er by more 
morebiinineerv- hlisse / and lost / ine god to serui / and to louie : )>anne 

se^tof^theSown ^ ^^^® f® ^^ ^^ ^*^ loste. uor hi uc conuo deme / 

*"*■• betuene zuete / and byter. Efterward / Jjis wyt / is 

onwyt. ine fan J>et byef zuo moche sotyl ine kuednesse 

to uynde /ine ojjren to gyly /and deceyui. ojjer be playt / 

oJ)er be strengfe / ojjer be barat. fet hy ne ))enchej> / ne 

studie]) / bote ham zelue to auonci : and oJ^ren to harmy. 

Their wit ia the J)et wyt is J)e dyeules wyt / ase zayf saint iacob / fet eche 

that each day daye him uonde]) / o])ren to harmy. Ac ])e zojre wyt / 

to'do wro^g. f®^ f® lioly gost tekj) to godes uryendes / is ine knauynge 

wyjj-oute wyfnimynge / fet ech bing is worJ>. hit sseweb 

The blln of the n • 

world ia idle, ]?et Jje wordle IS ydel : ine byinge. vyl : ine worf. biter : 


in einac. bet be blisse of be wordle : is vdeL be it«ridie««i«viie, 

f f ^ ^ f and it« liwte are 

richesses : viL J>e lostes : bitere. wtter. 

Efterward he yef> to y-uele / >et >e loue of god / ^2^ liS5°' 
and nirtue / is zoj) J>ing / and of pris. ZoJ> : uor hi "^f^^* 
uoliiel)> ])e herte / and norisset / and sostyene]). of 
pris : uor me may god / an al )>et he he]) : begge. 
Zuete: uor fet is J>e manne / J>et alle J)ise J)inges makej) {J^^'lIJ^*** 
mete, mynch. zorjes. tyeaers / and wepinges. ssames. ?J^*^*''*^ 
maitiies. and alle pinen. and al ])et me may ])enche. )>et 
is ]>e zuete sucre / and of guod ssmak. and J>et is ])e 
wyt / and J>e wysdom / fet fe writinge clepejj / worf- "|J**"^^* 
ssipuol wysdom / huerof wext zojje blisse ine inwyi honourrtifc 

Efter uzrtues / an charites : he yef)) zo])e prouesse. [zo|>« pnmm^ 
)>anne J>er nys prowesse arijt : bote ine godes kny3tes / Tnw proweH 
J>et J>e holy gost hej> y-dobbed / and y-anned / mid mftu / ood's knighu. 
and mid charity. Ine prouesse byejj fri ])inges to-deld. in thu prowew 
hardyesse. strengjre. an stedeuestnesse. Kon ne is aTy3t itrength, and 
preus: ])et ])ise ])ri ])inges ne hej7. ])et ne ys hardy / and 
zykor / to greate )>inge ondemime. Strang / and myjtuol / 
uor to uoljy. zed / and stable : uor to uo^y. Ac wyjK)ute 
wyt / and wyjK)ute porueyonce : ne byej> lu^t worJ> non 
of fise J>ry ])inge8. Vor ase zayjj J>e boc of J)e art of knyjt- in qn»wii « 
hod / ine oj^re quereles huarzne me mysnym]) hou ]>et rectified, 
hit by uounde myd amendement. Ac errour ine batayle / miitake may not 

. ^ <, ^ ... ^ be amended. 

ne may najt by amended, uor hi is anon awreke. 

Fole op-nymynge is huer lite profit lijj. and moche iFou opnim^*.^ 
cost, and of pe^ril. and of payne. Zueche byeJj fe Theworid'a 
opnymynges / fet me clepej) prou^. and hardi / ine f ise 5^7*** ^ 
wordle / fet body / and zaule brengejj in^to zerzne / and 
)>e guodes also / and ine pml / and ine payne / uor a 
lyte lost to habbe : fet mochel is ydel / and litel ylest. 

[I Jus. OCJ 

Ac uirtue makeb man of* create herte / and of wyse virtue makes a 

^ ^ , , ° . , ^ , man boldln heart, 

opnymynge J^a^me hi make]; man J^et ne is bote er)>e / lothat heaspina 
zuo hardi / fet he dar opnymo : f e regne of heuene to ^.^^j ^ , 
Wynne, and alle f e dyeulen / Jjet byej) zuo stronge / to heaven. 

6 ♦ 


ouercome. pis opnimyngo : is guod / and wys. huer 

J>er is lytel peril / and litel of pyne. and blisse. and 

He who u without worfssipe wy}K)ute mesure. Huo J>et ne hejj utrtue : 

great courage, ^6 HO hep grat herte / ase hep pe Uke pet hef drede of 

adveraities of the ^^^' Zxijche byej) Jjo f et zuo moche drede]) pe kueades 

^***^^ and f e aduersetes of f e wordle. and pet habhep drede 

uor to lyese : ))et hi ne mo^e na3t longe hyealde. ha ne]) 

na3t grat herte J^et hit jefp uor ns^t. ase do]) ])0 ])et 

yeuej) hare herten to lonie pe guodes of fortune / fet 

ine zo])e : ne byef na3t / to ])e zi3 fe of pe zope guodes of 

Heuasachiid bHsse. p&Tme zuych uolc byeb ase is bet child / bet 

who likes a mirror , , , i . ■• i 

better than a king- louej) more ane sseawere : panne ane kingdom, an eppel : 
Virtue maketh a p^^^^ ^ bis kende. Ac uiHue yefj) grat herte ari3t. 
Sd'to d^i^iSS ^^^ uirtue makef wynne heuene : and onworfi pe 
world. wordle. grat berdone of penonce to here, and alle pe 

kueades of J?e wordle onderbere. and gledliche folye. 

and uor god to leste / to alle pe asaylynges of pe dyeule 
•0 that he is no wydstoude. And ase z&yp pe wyse seneke. Neat ne 

more troubled by i,,, « . ., ,, , «.ii/ 

adversity than habbep more 01 my3te aye mrtues / kueade mysfalles / 
of raS. ^ **^* aJid zor3es / ne al fet fortune may ])reapny / an do : 
Virtue makes a more pSLnne pex bye]) dropen of rayn ine pe ze. Virtue 
a Hon"trong m" make]? man hardi / ase lyoun. Strang / ase olyfont. 
8tea*d2rtM*tbe* stedeuest and lestinde / ase J?e zonne / ]?et ahieway 
■^* jemp I and ne is neure wery. ])anne pet ne is prowesse : 

bote uirtue. 

Might. MY3TB. 

No true lordship Alsuo ber ue is non zobe Ihordssip : bote ine mHue. 

but in virtue. 

A grat Ihord he is : ])et to huam al pe wordle seme]). 

iMawMi jjwrdr Zuych Ihordssip / yeff man grace and uiHue. Vor hi 

zet man spirituellyche ine his ri3te stat / huerinne 

Man waa made to he wes uerst ymad. \>e man wes ymad ine zuyche 

tures, wor])ssipe / and ine zuyche Ihordssipe : ])et he wes 

Ihord of alle ssepjjes / fet were onder heuene. and to 

huam : alle ])inges bo3en / and to huam no])ing ne 

my3te derye. and pei is pe ri3te stat to man and to his 


Ihordssip. Ac Jjis Ihordssip he leas be zenne. ne he hit but he loet thu 
najt ayen ne m^te -awyime : bote be mrtiie, Ac ui'rtue virtue puts au 
arerej? ])ane man an hej : and him def ])e wordle ondei^ und^us foot, 
not / and him dej) wende to heuene. 

Virtue makeb bane man / more ariat Ihord of be virtue makes a 

• man more a lord 

wordle : fawne by fe kyng/ of his regne. Vor of fe than is the king 

guodes of J)e wordle / he hej> ase moche ase his herte ^ 

wylnej?. per is his wone / and his sustinonce / and al 

J>et he wyle habbe / more yno3 / p&nne habbe J)e kyng. 

nor al pet habbej; pe guode / and pe kuede : al hit is 

his. Vor of zuo moche makeb his prou / and of al hire i* causes him to 

"^ -^ ' e^joy all things. 

god / and fonkejj. and more louejj / and dredejj / and 

serue]). ine pet he jzi^p / and knau]) / J^et alle ssep])es 

byej) ymad him nor to seruL Efterward / he hef SnweiTTr^of**' 

anoj^re empire / uayr / an grat / wyjoute fet non ne ys wsbody and 

aiyjt Ihord. nor he is emperour of him-zelue. pet is of 

his bodye : and of his herte. huiche he dem]) / and halt 

ine guode payse / huerof he de)> his wyl. Vor his 

herte is zuo blibe to be wylle of gode : bet al bet god His heart is ai- 

' ' ^ 1 M V waya in i)eace,and 

deb : al hit is him uayr. and berby heb he alneway : be hisbodyisgovem- 

edby the will of 

herte ine peyse. and fet body gouemef be pe wylle of ood. 

god / and al fet god def to his bodye : he yelt f onkes / [FoI. 25. b.] 

and hym payjj. and Jjet is pe Ihordssip / Jjet mrtue yefjj ^®^®* *^J" 

to ])an )>et hit hep, Huerof spec]) senekes J)et zay]). gifts. 

Ase moche worfssipe / and grat empiret^* of Jje kynge / 

by emperour of fy-zelue. A god uele byejj f er kynges / There are many 

and of barouns ine pe wordle / f et habbef casteles / rors that have 

castles and cities 

cites / and regnes / J^et ne habbej; n£^t p\& Ihordssip. who have not this 
Jjet of hare herten : ne byej) nsgt Ihordes. fet hyse ^' ^' 
tormente]) ofte. o))er be yre / of er be euel wil. of er be 
couaytyse / of er be wylny[n]gges. fet hy ne moje najt 

VrIDOM. Freedom. 

Efterward / non ne hejj uridom : bote he habbe 

grace / and mrtue. Jjawne yef f ou wilt conne huet is ]Stro"fr2ed!>m, 

J Soin^MS. 


uiidoiu arijt. yanne sselt fou onderstonde fet ])e man 
i.orkind(iuitcure), heb bri maneres of uridom. be one of kende. be obre of 
bliss. grace / fe ])ridde of blisse. 

1. Free-wuitodo J)e ueiste is uri-wyl / huer-by he may chyese / and 

good or evil. 

do / uryliche o])er pet guod ofet pet kuead. ]?erne 
This freedom nridom he halt of god zuo unliche pet non ne may hiw 

comes from Qod, 

andthedevUoan- do wiang. ne alle pe dyeulen of helle ne mo3en mannes 

not influence *»•" ... .... ..-.. 

agidnst^ wmT wyl 8trengJ)i to do one zewne wyjK)ute his wyUe. Vor 
yef man. dede ])et kuead to-yeans wjUe : hit nere non 
zoTzne. YoT non ne zene^ep ine ])et he ne may ns^t 
bevly. ase za,yp saynt austyn. yridom habbe]) alle men. 
ac hit is ybounde ine children / and ine foles / and yne 
wytlease / Jjet ne habbejj nenne skele / huer-by hi 
conno chyese : ]>et guode uNLm pe kueade. peme 

Man loses his free- imdom be man benymb him-zelue ine grat deL huanne 

dom when he sin- ' <* * «=» 

neth deadly, he zGne^ep dyadliche. uor him-zelue zeljj : uor fane lost 

of pe zcTine. and him-zelue yelt to pe dyeule / and 

and becometh the becomb his brel to be zenne. zuo bet he ne may hit 

devil's thrall. / 

uorfrawe to his wylle / fet he hej) ymad zyker : bote pe 

grace of god him helpe. 
8. Freedom of ]?e opeT uridom is pe ilke / ])et habbe]> pe guodemen 

Thaw h«ve thu in fiso wor[d]le / Jjet god hejj yvryd be grace / and be 
Si^^imrvirtM ^^'^^6 / urani pe f reldome of J>e dyeule and of zenne : 
Saves ofX' t^^ ^ ^® ^y®J frelles. ne to gold / ne to zeluer / ne to 

hare caroyne. ne to pe guodes of fortune / fet pe dyaj) : 

ne may benime. Ac hy habbef hire herten zuo arered 
They care noti^ ine god : bet hi ne prayseb be wordle : bote ane botoun. 

button for the © j- r j r T 

world, and dread and hi ne dredej? kyng. ne erL ne non misuaL ne 

earl, nor life uor pouerte. uc ssame. ne dyaj7. uor hi bye)> half deade. and 

' habbe]) pe herten zuo to-deld uram pe loue of pe wordle : 

J>et hi abide]) and wylne)) fane dyaf / ase dejj pe guode 

bat desire death workman his ssepe. and pe lezere his heruest. and fo 

as the reaper longs , _ i . -i 

for harvest Jet byej) me wo of ze : guod port, and Jje prisons : hare 

deliureonse. and pe pylgrym ; his contraye. and fise 
bye)) stedeuestliche vri / ase me may by ine J)ise wordle. 

Tbev dread no* 

thing but God. Vor hi ue leuej) / ne dredef nofing bote god. and byef 



ine greate pays of herte. nor hy hys habbej? yzet ine 
god. and byej> nyej ine paradys be wylnynge. And J>e 
ilke rrydom : comjy of grace : and of m'Huo. 

Ac yet eft bis vridom : ne is bote breldom / to be «• Tha third frte- 
zy^jre / of ^ ])ridde iiridome. )>et habbe]) fo fet bye)> uumthaothw 
nyej deliuied / of bodye / and of al. and myd gode * 
bye]) / nou ine his glorie. ])ise bye]) zo])liclio rry. nor 
hy byej) delyuied of alle wo / of drede / of deajje / and S»fre25mar» 
of zenne. of wanhope. of gyle, and of be wordle. of deUveredflpomaii 

^ ^J r woe, from dread 

zoTie. and of alle pyne of herte / and of bodye : wyj)- of death, from sin 

and sorrow, for 

oute oomynge ayen. of huyche finges / non ne is ury they are now in 
ine ])ise woidle : huet hi is y-do. 

Noblesse. voY^^tir^ 

Hvo fet ])anoJ)rene urydom hueivof ich habbe yspeke 
my3te habbe : to greate noblesse hit ssolde come. ]?e Tme nobiuty 
zo])e noblesse / com)) of ])e gentyle herte. YorzoJ)e tie heart. 
non herte ne is gentyl : bol^ he louie god. ])a7me J)er lie 
is non noblesse : bote to serui god an louye. ne vyleynye: ThegenUe heart 
bote ine ])e conircan&, ])et is god to wre])i / and to do hate* tin. 
zenne. Non ne ys ari^t gentyl / ne noble / of fe Noonehoideth 
gentilesse of ])e bodye. Yor ase to ]>e bodye : alle we (h>m the body ; 
byeJ) children of one moder. fet is of erfe : and of wose. ^"^ofoL 
huerof we nome alle : uless and blod. of J)o zide : non ^*^dmud[ 
ne is arijt gentil / ne vri. Ac oure ri3te nader / is ^Ki'^^'f hwv' 
kyng of heuene / ])et made ]>et body of J)e er])e. and 
ssop ])e zanle to his anlycnesse an to his fourme. An 
al ase hit is of J)e uader ulesslich ])et mochel is bli])e / 
hua/rne his children him byeJ) ylych. al-zuo hit is of 
oure uader gostlich / fet be wrytinges / an be his zondes / 
ne let ns^t ous to somony / and bidde / fet we zette *°^?®'*°i5!'* 
payne : to by him ilich. and beruore he ous zente his to bring ns the 

true pattern, 

blissede zone Jhesxi crist in-to erj)e / uor to brenge ous whereby we are 
])e zo))e liorbisne / huer-by we byef yssape to his ymage / image and fair- 
and to his uayrhede / ase byef J)o J)ot wonyej) ine his "*"' 


11636 cit^ of li6U6n6. ]^6t hjep pe angles / and pe- 

haljen of paradis / liuer ech is pe more lie3 / and pe 

more noble / pe more propreUche pet he ber]) pe like 

The holy man in nayre ymage. And feruore J)e holy man ine J)ise 

vottntoknowand wordle de]) al his herte / and al his payne to knawe 

god J and louye. And of hire herte : alle zenne to 

The more the waynye. Vor pQ more pet pe herte is clene / and J)e 

the more openly uayrer : zuo mocho he yzyj]) pe face of lesu crist ])e 

Jewtts. ^ more openliche. and J)e more J)et he his yzyjj) openliche : 

pe more he him loue]) pe stranglaker. pe more he him 

likne]) propreliche. And pet is pe zope noblesse / pet 

make]) ous godes zones. And'])eruore z&jp rijt wel 

saynd ion pe aposteL uor pa.nne we ssolle by godes 

children, and we ssolle by him ylich propr^liche hnanne 

In paradise we WO him ssollc vzy / ase he ys openliche. bet ssel by ine 

shall see God _ . ^ «/ / ,/ jt x ^ 

openly as He is. his blyssc : huannc we ssolle by ine paradys. uor hyer 
as in a glass HO zjp non / onwryjc pe uayrhede of god / bote ase hit 
^^' by ine ane ssewere. ase zayj) sainte paueL Vor ])anne 

we him ssolle yzy face to face clyerlyche. 
True nobUity be- be zobe noblesse banne of man befinrnb hyer be 

gins in grace and , ^J r J 

is completed in grace / and be mrtue. and is uolueld ine blysse. j>iae 
noblesse make]) pe holy gost ine herte ])et he clenze]) 
ine clennesse / and aly^t ine zo])nesse. and uoluel]) ine 
charity, piae bye]) pe ])ri greteste giiodes : ])et god jeip 
pe angles, ase zajp saint denys. huer-by hy byep yliche 

This nobility the to hare sscppere. And pua worke]) pe holy gost ine pe 

ethL the heart. ' hertcn of guode men \>e grace / and be uirtue / huer- 
by hy bye]) ymad to pe ymage / and to pe anlycnesse of 

Heraiaethmenup god / asc hit may by ine bise lyue. uor he his arere]) zuo 

to God, 

ine god / and his beclep]) zuo ine his loue / ])et al hare 
[Pol. 26. b.] wyl / and al hare onderstondinge is / fet is pet 

is hare be])enchinge ])et is ywent ine god. pis loue and 

Jis wylnynge / fet ioyne]) / and one]) zuo pe herte to 
so that their will god : ])et he nc may o])er ])ing wylny : o])er ])anne god 
^iii, wyle. uor hi ne habbe]) betuene god and ham : bote on- 

lepi wyL aud ])anne to pe ymage / and to pe anliknesse 


of god. ase me may habbe in erpe. and fet is fe grat- 

teste noblesse / and pe hejeste gentilesse / ])et me may 

to hopye : and cliua A. god / hou hy byej uer uram Far from God are 

])ise hejnesse / fo pet make]) ham zuo quaynte of ])e ilke proud of their no- 

poure noblesse pet hi habbe]) of hare moder Je erpe / the earth,*" " 

fet ber> and norysse> azewel >e hogges : ase hy de> >e l^\^^^^^ 

kinges. and hy ham yelpef of hare gentylet6 / uor fet ''*°«'- 

hy wenej by of gentile woze. and fe ilke kenrede : hy 

conne ri^t wel telle. And pe ofie zyde hy ne loke]) 

nfi^t / huer-of ham com]) pe zope noblesse / and pe 

gentil kenrede. Hy ssulden loki to hare zope uorbysne weahoaidiookto 

Ih^tfu cnst / ])et mest louede / and worssipede his jemiBChrist* 

moder : banne eure dede eny ober man. and alneway wJ»o has said that 

^ ^ . . His mother and 

huanne me him zede. ' sire : pi moder / and bi cosyn / His coasins are 

- , __ _ _ , , those who dothe 

pe akse]). He ansuerede. ' huo ys my moder / and huo wui of God. 
bye]) myne cosynes 1 huo ])et de]) pe wyl of myne uader 
of heuene : he is my broker / and my zoster / and my 
moder.* Vor fis is pe noble zyde / and pe gentyl 
kende / ])er-of com]) / and wext ine herte : zo])e blisse / 
ase of pe o])ren ydele noblesse : wext prede / and ydele 

Gentyl GUOD. Gentle Good. 

Nou ich be habbe al uoUiche ysseawed bet ich leue. There is nothing 

, ■* . worthy of hon- 

bet ber ne is non guod aryat worbssipuol : bote m'rtue / our except virtue 


and charyt6. fet ys nayr loue of god. Jjet fer ne is non 

ofer guod prc»fitable. Jjis ous wytnesse]) saynte pauL 

pet zayp alsuo. * Yef ich hedde zuo moche wyt ine me / 

])et ich cou])e alle clergyes. alle speches. and speke alse Learning, speech, 

wel ase myjte man / o])er angeL and ich cou])e godes worthless wioioat 

pnuites / and his redes, and yef ich betoke my body to * ^' 

sla^e. and yeue al ])et ich habbe to pe poure. and dede 

by miracle pe helles Iheape uram one stede / to anopre. 

bote yef ich ne hedde pe mrtue of charit6 : al hit nere 

me natt worb.* Nou nim hede bet zaynte paul bet me HasstPaui 

^ * ^ "^ ^ ' says, these great 

ssel wel yleue. ous hep hyer ynemned / pe meste gentile possessions profit 



nothing without 

how shall l«M 
goods avail? 

Who that most 
hath, is worth 

[Fol.27. a.] 

How shall we say 
that those do good 
who shallhereafter 
be damned in hell^ 
beoaase they have 
abased the gifts of 

Bodily worlcs and 
spiritnal deeds 
are nothing with- 
out charity. 

Charity is good 
chafferfthat every, 
where wins and 
never loses. 

guodes / J)et man may do / and J)et meat were ywoned : 
to by worj). and profitL Jjet byef [Jje] porueyonces of 
bodye. and slajj^e to ))olye. kelpe poure. to wende paxie 
zenuolle. and connynge. an speches. and [he] z&jf fet alle 
])ise gnodes wy)K)ute charity : ne bye]) na3t wor]?. and 
yef ]7ise gnodes ne bye]? n£^t worp : hou ssolde lease 
guodes by worJ 1 Jjis ])i-zelf fe myjt yzy be skele fet* 
hyer beuore me hep yzed. zuo moche is worJ fe man : 
ase is wor]? his land. ))et is ase zo]) / ase pater nostar. 
Huo Jet wel onderstant. hou / and huer-by / fe man is 
worf / ojer najt / ojer zomdel / ofer more ojer lesse / 
and fet ne is non drede / pet / pet ne by charite / and 
pe loue of god. Vor huo fet mest hef ; mest is worp. 
and huo pet lest hep : lest is wor]). and huo ])et na3[t]' ne 
he]) : ns^t ne is wor]). Yor huo moche ])e*man het of 
timliche guodes / ase bye]) / gold/ an zeluer. an richesses. 
ofer guodes gostliche. ojer kendeliche / ase byef / creft / 
and queyntyse. wyt / and clergye. strengfe / and prou- 
esse. and opte guodes. Hou ssel ich zygge ])et hi do]) 
guod / p&nne he ssel by pe more zoruollaker ydamned / 
uor ])et he his benote]) na^t ari3t. of pe guodes ])et god 
him hedde ylend uor to wiwne. Efterward yef he de]) 
workes bodylyche / as do]) piae zuynkeres / and Jise 
gememen. 0])er yef he de]) workes gostliche. ase bye]) 
uestinges. benes. ssrede pe poure. here pe here, yef he is 
wy])-oute charite : zop uor to zigge : hit ne is him najt 
worf. Vor ])eruore / pe more mede to-uore god hi»i ne 
worJ pe ra])re / yef he sterfj) wy])-oute charite : y-damned 
ha worJ. Ac pe ilke ])et he]) mrtue and charity guode / 
of al ])et god him zent ine piae wordle / of al he de]) his 
nyede. and of al he wyn]) : grace of blysce. 

Charit6 is a guod chapfare / ])et oueral wyn]) / and 
none time ne lyest. alle pe guode paneworjes hy bayj. 
and de]) alneway his nyede. and najt uor])an : hy he]) 
alneway hire peny ayen / Jet is fe loue of herte / Jet is pe 

1 MS. naj. 


godes peny / huer-mide me bayb / alio be guodes of ])e TheioveoftiM 

,. heart ia God'i 

wordle / and alneway ha blefp uor euremo / me pe penny, wher«with 
purse. Loue he]) ine eche stede his zales. Charite the^^oftb* 
neyn]) ine eche J)inge. and playntes. and hy hej J)e ^®'^** 
maystxie: ine alle batayles. Hi deb / bet asemoche charity i« ever 

^ '^ J- / i- uniform in her 

is wor]) to onenen ueste enne day : ase to ano])ren : al oonduot. 

ane lenten. Hi de])' / ])et ase moche is wor]) o peny to 

onen ])et ha yef)) : ase to ano])ren : an hondred pond. 

Zygge a pater noster : ase to ano])ren a sautyer. and ])et 

ne is uor non o])re skele : bote uor ])et / ))et zuo moche 

is worj) fe man / zuo moche byej) worf his workes. Vor 

])e more ])et he he]) zo])e loue : ])e more he wyn]) eche 

daye. Loue is Je wy3te ine fe balance [zayj] saynt Love i« the weight 

MicheL uor non o])er ])ing ne may weje : huanne me 

com]) to nime ech his ssepe : bote loue and charity, and 

beruore ich zigge / bet ber ne is non guod profitable Thereisnoproiit- 

' I M » gfjl^ good but love 

aperteliche / and a rijt speke : bote uayr loue / and and charity, 


(pleasing) gooda. 

Ase god made man of body an of zaule : alzuo he 
him he]) y-yeue tuo manere guodes lostuolle / uor his 
herte to him dn^e. ine huychen bye]) alle ])e zo])e lostes. 
J3e uerste guod wy})-oute : byeJ fe vif wyttes of Je JTheflvewiu 
bodye. be zy3])e be hyerje. / be smellinge. be zueljynge. body 
and be takynge. Jjise uif wytes / by ej) ase uif condwys / *""*▼« <*«• 
huerby ])e lostuolle guodes of ])e wordle guo]) in-to ])e lastfoi gooda enter 
herte uor to deliti / and uor ham zouke to Je zofe lostes / ught it. *° 
Jet byeJ) ine god to louie. Vor al fe lost of Jise wordle / 
Jet habbej Je vif wyttes / ne byeJ bote a drope of dpau / *"»« *°»^ ^pJ*^ 
to be ziibe of be welle. ac of be create ze / huer-of alle ^^'W are only a 

T JY r i- o / dropofdew, 

bise guodes come]). Je drope of fe deawe huanne me his compared withthe 

- . well and the great 

zykj auer : anlyknej to ane stone, of pris. ac huanne sea of God's blest- 

me wen]) hine nime : he ualj agrund / and to na^te 

becomj. Alsuo fe playinges of Je wordle / and fe CFoi.27.h.] 

' MS. de^ 



The lusts of the 
flesh are but as 
dreams that oome 
and go. 

The wise men 
long for the love 

The more thej 
see the sweet 
drops, the more 
they desire to 
Gume to the well. 

the sweetness of 
the world, the less 
(me desires the 
sweetness of God. 

They are fools 
and worse than 
beasts who think 
the body to be 
greater than the 

Spiritual gifts 
are the best, as 
peace of heart, 
victory over 
devils, and Joy of 
the soul. 

Such bliss is not 
to be compared 
with the lusts of 
(he world. 

lostes of pe vif wyttes huaTzne me liise pengp / and 
sseppe]) / and sseawe]) moche of pris : ac huanne me hise 
halt : aUe hi bye> uorlore / and become]) na^t / and 
metinges. Jjench of fe lost of uemyere / and of metinge 
of nyjt / ])ou sselt ysy pet hit is al on. an haste guo]> : 
and zone come]), ine none manere uelle ne may. and pet 
ine one drope is zuo moche zuetnesse / pet hy ssel by pe 
zuetness of al pe welle. And feruore pe wyse and pe 
holy man* ine >ise wordle / ine al fet hi zyej) and 
smacke]) of pe gnodes lostfolle of Jise wordle : heryej) 
god. and pe more wylne]> pe loue of him. and pe more 
])et hy jzep pe zuete dropes : pe more hy wylnef to 
come to pe welle. And feruore ]>et hi wytep wel / J>et 
pe more me loue]? fane drope : pe more me uor-yet pe 
welle. and pe more ]7et Ijkep pe zuetnesse of pe wordle : 
pe lesse me wylnef / pe zuetnesse of god. Jeruore myd 
alle pe honden ])et hy mo^e / hi neme]) and use]), pe 
lostes ulessliche / and pe plejes. ])et be ]7e vif wyttes 

A. god hou hi byej foles / and more pomie a best. 
])et wytef / fet / ])et body of man : is pe meste poure 
makynge. and pe vileste ])et is. and pe spirit of man : is 
pe zaule. and ys pe nobleste ])ing / an ])e hejeste ssep])e 
fet may by. and najt uorfan / hy mo3e wene / fet more 
bye]) zuete / and lostuoUer / pe guodes Jet come]) by pe 
bodye : fanne Jo fet come]) be pe goste. ])et byef zope 
guodes / and clene / and lestynde / and moje pe herte 
velle and uoluelle. Zueche guodes yefj) god to man 
ine fise wordle. huanne he yefJ pays of herte. and pe 
maystri'e of his vyendes. and blisse of inwyt huanne he 
uoluelj pe herte of loue. and of blisse gostlych / and 
him adrengp of ane zuetnesse wonderuoL zuo Jet he ne 
may him hyealde / ne hi??i-zelue yuele. Of zuyche 
blisse / and of zuyche loste / no liknesse / ne non com- 
parisoun ne may by yuounde ine yoyes / and ine lostes 
of pe wordle / ])et ne byej bote dropen to pe zi^pe of pe 

^ men? 


welle of zuetnesse. pet is be welle huer-of oure Ihord The true bUm it 

the well whereof 

spek]) ine his spelle. ^Huo ]>et ssel drinke' he zsjf / ' of oar Lord speaks in 

fewetere fetich wylley[e]ue him : hi* ssel become a welle/ ^^^'^ * 

fet him ssel do Iheape / in-to Je lyue eurelestynde.' pet 

is pe welle of blisse / and of zuetnesse. of lyue / a[n]d 

of charity, fet may uoluelle pe herte / and non o])er 

Jing Jjet is. Of J)ise welle hedde dauij) y-nome / fet 

zede ine his sautere. '0. god / hou is nou grat / fe ofthisweUDftvid 

mochelhede / of ])ine zuetnesse fet fou lokest to ])ine psaiter. 

seruinde / and yefst to bine uryendes.* And uorzobe huo whoso should 

taste the sweet- 

pet hedde wel ytasted and ysmacked pe ilke zuetnesse ness that ood 
fet god yef J> to his urendes : he ssolde onworfi alle fe Mends, 
lostes / and alle pe blissen of ])ise wordle. and wolde 
chise / and ofhealde be gostliche blisse / and ssolde by would despise au 

,.. , ^ , ' ^ thelustsand 

ase pe ilke / pet boute]) pet niele / ])et to-del]) ])et flour blisses of the 


uram pe bren. and ase pe ilke J)et makej) pe oyle / J)et [poL28. a.] 

nim]) pe pure grece : and let fet greate draf. Vor blisse 

of herte bet comb of god to louie bet is zobe blisse and Joy of heart it 

.,1 , . , ., the true bliss, 

ziker / ase zay]> pe uorbisne. Jjet non ne he]? zikere which comes of 

blisse / bote yef hi come of loue. And in pe writyngge 

ha clepej) uile^ / oure Ihord by be^ pe profete / fet zayj). 

* Ich wylle* zayfhe *vile^of blisse uorwepinge. alle blisse / 

clene / and zofe of herte / uor wop of penonce.' Of bise with the oil of 

, , bliss (or the oil of 

oyle byej> ysmered / J)o fet god hej ymad kynges / and cream) aii true 
Ihordes of pe wordle / and god zelf. and ])anne is pe man smeared, 
ziker cristen / huannehe is ysmered myd fise holy crayme. 
Vor of crayme : is yzed crist : and of crist : cristendom. 
And huo ])et is ysmered mid p\se oynement : ])et is pe The ofaitmentit 
blisse / and J)e loue of god. he leuej) ine god : and god ofood, 
ine him. ase zay]) saint Ion pe aposteL and ])et lif is of 
cristene. ])et is ari^t to speke / lif of man. ])et is guod 
lyf and yblyssed fet cristene ssoUe yleue / and wylny to The christian 
zeche : to habbe J>et lyf eurelestinda uor he ne is najt iife, 
alyne: ac ine langour / fet eehedaye leuef ine bysyhede / J*ho each°da^*^* 
ine fortes / ine zor^es. ne fet ne is najt lyf of man : ac UJ[J2^^*^?* 
of child / J>et nou wepf / npu Ihej]) / and nou is wel an '®^•• 
1 he ? * Written for oyle s g© in MS. 


Neither is it the eyse : and nou is euele aneyse. nou is wro]) / nou is ine 

life of man, but of • i -i. 

» child, who aitei^ payse. nou me blisse. nou ine zoi^e. 

weepc "* " Jjanne huo Jet wyle lede guod lif : zeche J)et he 

liabbe / pet zope guod. and ])anne ssel he habbe lyf 
worfssipuol lyf. lostuoL and profitabla and Janne he 

Who«) seekB true ggel libbe ase a man. bet is to zigge : zikerlyche. hollyche. 

hftppinew shall ' z. 

have honourable wysliche. and blisuolUche wy[J)j-oute zoT^e. and to zuiche 
and profttobie. lyue me com]) : o])er be grace / o])er be mrtue. and najt 

Of u/jztue more spegialliohe. 
Weharenowcon- Nou ich be habbe aboue yssewed geneialliche be 

sidered generally * v o j 

thedignity.worth, diuguet^ / and J)e worj / and pe guodnesse : of mrta / 

▼irtue, and of charit6 : and hueruore me ssel hise zeche. Vor 

which leads to Joy, grat uieme pel com]) his uor to habbe. blisse. wor])Ssipe/ 

evitastingf * ^^^ ly^ eurelestinde. Ac uor fan / Jet me ne knauj 

najt zuo wel Jet Jing ine general / ase me dej in 

special : Joruore hyer ys myn ywyl to spekene of utrtue 

more openliche. zuo Jet ech Jet wylle ine Jise boc 

studye : moje his lyf ordeyni be utrtue / and be guode 

itisnotenouffhto dedcs. Yor ojcrlakcr litel hit him ssolde by worj to 

good, unless we counc Jet guod : bote me hit dede. Yor ase zayj saynt 

He sinneth who iacob. He Jet can guod / and ne de J hit najt : Jer is 

his ^iet. zenne / yef he misdej. Fol he is Jet can Jane rijte 

way / and be his wy tinde mysgej. 
TO * ^**^ J'** ^ t© holy writ coTwparisoneJ Je zaule and of Je guode 
of the good man manne / an of be guode wyfinanne : to ane uayre 

or woman to a fair i r o *f «/ 

garden. gardync uol of grenhede / and of uayre trawes / and of 

fiih' trees, and of* guod frut. Huerof god zayJ ine Je boc of loue. * My 

good fruit. 

zoster / my lemman / Jou art a gardin besset / myd tuo 

ssetteles.' Jet is Je grace of god / and of angles, peme 

This garden set- gardyn zettc Je greate gardyner / Jet is god Je uader / 

teth the great 

gardener. God the huanne he nhesse J Je herte / and makej zuete / and 


tretable / ase wex ymered. and ase land guod' and 

[Fol. 28. b.] agrayjed / and wor Ji Jet hy by yzet mid guode ympen. 

Ithtiie h«rt.° J5e ilke ympen byej Je u/rtues / Jet Je holy gost 


ydegud (digged) has been erased. 


be-deawe]) myd his grace. Godes zone pet is fe zope Thebnnehesara 
zonne be ])e mHue of his clemesse : dep ham wexe an edVth?gnoe^or 
hej / and profite. theHouohort. 

Of bRI biNGES NYBDUOLLB TO JjE ERbE. Of thjee things 

* *^ needftil to the 

Jjyse fri finges byej) nyeduolle to alle J)e finges fet J*^ mould, 
in j>e erj)e wexej). Guod molde. wocnesse norissynde. motatiure!'**"' 
and renable hete. wydoute* fise Jri Jinges gostliche / ne he2r*°°*^'* 
moje fe ympen of mrtue / ne wexe / ne here frat. fise ^^Sgs'ttiebonf hs 
]7inges / make]) J)e grace of J)e holy gost mid herte. and J^TMSSt'"^'**** 
hi de]) al greny / and floiirL and here &ut. and hi 
make]) alsuo / also a paradis er])irch to lykerous. uol of 
guode traues / and of frut / and precious.. Ac ase god 
zette paradys eTl)lich uol of tmode trawes / and of frut. ai God set in 

' Pandiae the tree 

and amydde zette a trau / ])et me olepeb : bet trau of ofiifeunidst 

other good trees, 

lyue. hueruore fet his frut hedde nyede to loky fet lyf / 

to ])an J)et hit ssolde ete / wyjoute steruinge / and 

wyjoute zyknesse. and wy])-oute ealdinge. and wyj-oute 

fyeblesse. Alsuo de]) gostliche to ])e herte ])e greate lo God hath set 

gardyner. bet is god be uader. Yor he heb y-zetbe amidst the tree of 


trawes of mrtue / and amydde fet trau of lyue. Jet 

is lesu crist / fet zayj ine his spelle. * He Jet eth my *^* ^' '««" 

uless / and dring]) my blod : he heJ lyf eurelestinde.' 

Jjis trau grenef and uayref be his mrtue : alle Jo ine 

paiadis. Be be m'rtue of bise trawe wexeb / florisseb / This tree causes 

* ' • i others to flourish. 

and makeb frut : alle be obre ttawes. Ine bise trawe al 

' , \, . , , Thetreelstobe 

hit ys guod al bet ber is. ])is trau is to alowe / and to praised for its 

•^ ° ' ' ' root, Its wood, the 

louie / uor manye Jinges. Vor Je rote. Vor fane flower, the smeii, 

_ the leaves, the 

wode. Vor Jet flour. Vor fane smeL Vor Je leaues. itnit, and its fair 

Vor Jet frut. And uor. his uayre ssed. Jje rote of Jise The root of the 

trawe /. Jet is Je wel greate loue / and to moche charit6 God, which 

of god Je uader / hueruore he ous louede zuo moche / wicked thraiisby 

Jet uor his kueade Jrel to begge : he yaf his wel guode go^Kison.*^ 

zone, and \n.m deliurede to Je dyaje / and to torment. th"Sro^et!wh«J 

Of Jise rote spekj Je prof ete / and zayj. Jet * a yerd ssel shijiXont ^e 

guo out of Je rote of yesse.' Jet word is worj ase moche / "*<****'•'«*"• **'• 

I So in MS. 



The wood ii the 
flesh of Ohrist. 
The pith was His 
holy soul. 

The rind was His 
fftir conversation. 
The sap was His 
tears, sweat, water 
and blood. 

The leaves were 
His holj words, 
the flowers His 
holy thoughts, 
the fruit his 
twelve apostles. 

The boughs. In one 
sense, are sil the 


In another sense 
they are His vir- 
tues andexamples, 
which he showed 
to His private 

[Fol. 29. a.] 

when on the 
mount He opened 
His mouth and 

"Blessed be the 
poor of spirit, 
for the kingdom 
of heaven is 
theirs," &c.,&e.. 

These are the 
seven boughs of 
the tree of life. 

ase a becleppinge of loue. Jjet wode / fet is his pre- 

ciouse uless. J3e herte of J)o traue : wes J)e holy zaule / 

Ine huam wes / Je preciouse yolk of J>e wysdome of 

god. Jje rinde / wes Je uayre cowuersacioun / wyfoute. 

Jjet zep : of fo traue / and fe tyeres / weren uour wel 

preciouses finges / and of rijt greate mrtue / fet of his 

preciouse lemes youme. fet weren tyeares. zuot. weter. 

and blod. J3e lyeaues : weren fe holi wordes / fet 

helden of alle zycnesses. J3e floures : weren fe holy 

fojtes / fet alle weren uayre and oneste / and berinde 

frut. j)ei frut / weren fe tuelf apostles / fet al fe wordle 

uedde an norissede be hare techinge / and by hare 

uorbisne / mid hare guode dedes / and pe benefices. 

J3e bojes / of fo traue / ine one wytte / byej) alle J)e 

ychosene fet euere* were, and fet byef. and J)et ssolle 

by. uor ase he zede to his apostles. * Ich am' he zede *pQ 

vyne / and ye byeJ J>e bo^es.' Ine ano]7re wyt : fe bo^es 

weren fe uayre uirtues / and Je gloriouse uorbysnes / 

])et he ssewede be dede / and to3te be mou])e fei weren 

fe mrtues uol-do and nolle of pe zo])e guodnesse / pet he 

ssewede to his priu6 urindes / fet weren fe tuelf 

apostles / fet he ledde in-to ane heje helle. priuelyliche. 

per he zet ase zay]> pet godspel / and his deciples aboute 

him. panne he openede his mou]) / and his trezor pet he 

hedde ywre^e ine his herte. and ham fus zeayde. 

Yblissed byej> pe poure of goste / uor pe kyngdom of 

heuene is hyre. Yblissed byef pe mylde : uor hi ssolle 

by Ihordes of pe erfe. Yblissed byeJ) fb J)et hyer 

wepef / uor hi ssolle habbe J>et confort of god. 

Yblissed ])0 ])et habbe]) honger and ])orst of rijt. uor hi 

ssol by uolueld. Yblissed byej> pe merciuoUe / uor hi 

ssolle uynde merci. Yblessed byeJ pe clene of herte / 

uor hi ssole yzi god aperteliche. YbKssed byef pe 

paysyble / uor hi ssolle by ycleped godes zones. Jjise 

byef pe zeue bo3es of pe trawe of Hue / of godes zone 

lesu crist. 

^ MS. euerte 


Ine ])e ssede of piae tiawe / him ssel guod herte 
sseduy / and yzy fe ilke uayre bojes' J)et berep Jet frut 
of Hue eurelestinde. Ine bise zeue wordes is beloke alle in theM seven 

, words are in- 

Iie3ne8se / and alle perfeccion of grace and of mrtue of eluded au hiRh- 
zope blyssedliede. asemoche ase me may habbe ine piae tion of grace and 
wordle. and habbe and onderstonde : ine J)e ojre. Jjise biissftihiesiu* 
bye]) fe zeue ruieles of holy lyf / fet pe zofe Salomon These are the 
tekj) to his children, pia is fe zo>e filozofie / fet fe J^«»™i~«'^o^y 
mayster of angles tek]) to his deciples. Ine ])ise zeue in these seven 
woides bye]) besset ase zigge]) ])e hal3en / al ])e summe ^^ samofThe 
of ])e newe la3e / ])et is ])e laje of loue / and of zuet- ©fiovelind sweet-- 
nesse. hy is wel yzed newe : uor hi ne may najt ij^^'cgued new 
yealdy / ase dede Je yealde laje to pQ yewes. hi is J??^!!J|? "*^!^ 
zo])liche newe / and desgised uram o])re lajes. Laje is 
yzed ])eruore pet hy hare-zelue ne bynt. ake pe o])re 
bynde]) / and bis onbynt. pQ o])ere charge]) : and pia in the old uiw we 

find threatening, 

oncharge]). pe o])re ])reapne]) : and pis behot. Ine pe strife^and cursing; 

,....«.-.. T«.vj. in the new law, 

ojre to strif : me Jise to pays. Ine pe ojre to uor- promises, peace. 

zuerie : ine Jise to loue. Ine ojre corsynge : ine piae *°* wessings. 

blissinge. pSLune is pja / al uol of blissinge. and ])eruore 

hi bye]) yblyssed ])0 ])et hyse healde]) z&yp Salomon. 

Vor pe ilke fet his he]) : he hej ywonne fet trau of 

line. Hueruore bise zeue binges touore' yzed bye|) These seven 

'^ ' ° J J J- things make a 

ycleped blyssinges. uor hy make]) man yblyssed ine man blessed in 

. this life, and more 

pwe wordle ase man may by me piae lyue : and more hiessed in the 
yblyssed ine pe ofre. 

ISTou best ])ou yherd huo is ])et trau of lyue / ])et is 
amydde paradis / ])et god zet ine pe holy zaule. Ine pe 
ssede of fise trawe / wexef / and profitef / and here]) 
frut be traw of mrtue bet god be uader / bet is be ood w^tereth ti e 

' r ^ f I r r tree of virtue fnm 

greate-gardyner / zet ine pe gardyne / and his wetere]) thewcUofHis 


of pe welle of his grace / Jet his dej greny / and wexe / 

and profiti. An hise halt ine grenehede / and ine lyue. I*^.^®" *■ 

^ o / J dividied into seven 

be ilke welle hym todelb ine zeue streames. ])et byej) pe streams, 

which are the 

zeue yef])es of pe holy gost / ])et wetere]) al ])ane gardin. seven gifts of the 

Kou loke pe greate cortaysie of oure zuete maystre lesu Behold the great 



ooorte^ of God crist godes zone / bet com to be wordle to zeche / an to 

in Mnding Uia ^ i r r i 

Son ! souy / pet / Jet wes uorlore. Vor fet he wyste wel 

neu»andinia>iutj oure pouert^ / and oure fyeblesse. and uor ouie zennes / 
to oomato gnwSf ^® yUIq. Ac be ous we ne moje na3t arise / ne come 
[FoL ». b.] ayen. ne out of zenne gno. ne mrtue to zeche / ne come 
to fe blissede lyue / pet is of his grace and of his yeipe 
ThenforeHepro- ne comb. beruore he nait ne let ous uor to somoni / 
gifts, if we would bet WO hvm bydde and bezeche his yefbes. And moche 

bat Mk for them, , , . , , , . . 

OUS behat : pet yef we hym bezechi]) pmg pet ous is 
guod : ])et we hit ssolle habbe. And more he ous dep 
chrieti«*our of cortaysye. Vor he is oure playtere / fet ous make]) 
nukes interces- oure bezechinge : ])et we ne cou]7e najt maky / yef he 
[iMs.oe] neiQ, j)e bezechinge ])et he ous made of^ his uayre 
Hegave us the yblessedc mou])e : uayre. guode. ssorte. an cleuiynde : 
wherein are seven bet wes bet pater noster. huennuc byeb zeue bezech- 

petitions, . . 

for the seven gifts inges / be huicheu we bezeche]) oure guode uader of 

Ghost. heuene /Jet he ous yeue pe zeue yefjes of pe holi gost / 

Jet hi ous delyuri of Je zeue dyadliche zennes / and 

hise strepe of al of oure herten. and ine hare stede : 

zette and uorjdra^e / Je zeue mrtues / Jet ous lede to 

Je zeue blissinges of p^eccion / and of holy lyf. huerby 

we mo3e habbe Je zeuen behestes Jet he makej to 

We shau now hig ychosene. Huerof oure onderstondinge is myd Je 

seven petttions, holy gostes helpc. Vcrst speke of Je zeue benes of Je 

afterwards of the , . _j, * , « . , 

seven virtues that pat^r nost^r. Efterward : of Je zeue mrtues Jet bye J 
seven deadly sins. ayoHS Je zeue dyadliche zennes / huer-of we habbe J 
Sons^IiS^aTMien ^^ovLB yspcke. Jje zeue benes byej / ase zeue uayre 
^|!^^J*^^, maydenes / Jet ne letej na^t uor to Ihade of Je zeue 
to water the seven gtreamcs be Quikke weteres uor to wetery be zeue trawes 

trees that bear the '^ ^ • </ T 

fruit of life ever- Jet berej Jet firuyt of Hue eurelestinde. 

Theprefiweofthi Jjh U0RBH3PBCHB OP ])E HOLY PATJPJl NOSTSB. 

Pater Noster. ' • '^ 

The Pater Noeter Hvanue me zet a child to lettre. ate befinmnynffe 

is the first thing o^ J © 

we teach a child, me him tckb his pater noster. Huo bet of bise clennre 

Wemustlcnow "^ ^ ^ ' ^ 

itif we wouidbe wyle conne : be-conie milde ase a child, uor to zuyche 

mild as children. 

scolers tekj oure guode mayster lesu crist / Jise 


cleigie / fet is ]>e uayreste / and most behofsam pet 

is. huo bet wel hit onderstant and of-halt. Vor zuyche The mew letter of 

* *' the prayer ie the 

wenej) hit wel conne and onderstonde : J)et neuerte ne rind. 
cou])e bote pe rynde wyfoute / fet is Je lettre / Jet is 
gaod. Ac litel is worj) to J)e zy^fe of pe newen fet is 
wybinne zuo zuete. Hit ys wel ssort ine wordes : and tw» p»y« ^ 

•"^ •' ihort in words 

wel lang ine wytte. Liit to zigge / an sotil to onder- and long in wit, 

, . easy to repeat, 

stonde. pja bene / pase]) alle o])re / ine pn ])inges. ine bnthardtoonder- 

dignet6 / in ssorthede. an ine gnodnesse. j>Q dignet6 

is / ine ])an ])et godessone hit made. To god pe uader 

ine woide. God fe holy gost / ])et is ])et me acse]). 

He wolde bet hit were ssort / uor bet non ne ssolde oodwiueditiobe 

•* ^ ' * ^ short, that none 

him werye : hit uor to lyemy. An uor ban bet non ne should be wearied 

*' " * * in learning it. 

ssolde hiTTi tyeny hit tiorto zigge gledliche / an ofte. 
And uor to ssewy / J>fet god J)e uader ous yhyerj) wel 
zone : huanne wehim biddeb mid guode herte. uor he ood does not care 

' for smooth and 

ne he]) none hede of longe ryote of tales y-slyked / ne rhymed words, 
y-rymed. Vor ase zayj) sant gregorye. Zo])liche bidde / 
ne is nwt to zygge uayre wordes / and ynslyked myd Prayer does not 
mou])e : ake keste playntes and dyepe zykynges of words, bat of 

« • It e*t t» * t • petitions and 

herte. pe wor]) / and ])e profit of ])ise bene : is zuo deep sighings of 
grat / Jet he beloukj ine ssorte wordes / al Jet me may *^* ^^*^ 
wylny of herte. An to bydde wel to done. Jet is Jet t^®^ ^- *-^ 
me by delyured of alle kueade : and uolueld of alle 

HtER BEOINb bET VkTBR NOSTEiJ. Here begins the 

■^ ' Pater Noeter. 

bvs beffinb bet pater noster. * Vader oure / bet art "Oui Father that 

. . _ art In heaven/* 

ine heuene.* Loke hou oure guode spekeman / and oure sehoid how <mr 
zuete mayster lesu crist / Jet is Je wysdom of god Je jesus^rST*"* 
uader / and kan alle lajes / and Je wones of his cort Je ^^ wisely, 
tekj wel to play ty / and wyslyche / and sotiUiche / an ^^^^\ "^ 
ssortliche to speke. Vorzobe bis uerste word bet bou The sweet name 

^ ^ '^ r r of Father giveth 

zayst / yef hit is wel onderstonde / and yuoljed / hit us hope to re- 
Je ssel yeue al Jine playnte. Yor saynt bemard Jus utions. 
zayJ. ])et Je bene Jet begynj be Je zuete name of Je 

7 • 

100 ooD IS OUR father: we are 

uader. yeff ous hope to onderuonge alle oure byddynges. 
Jjis zuete word / vader / fet al Je remenont make]) 
zuete / ])e sseawe]) pet fon sselt yleue. and pe somoue]) 
to ])an ])et ])ou sselt do. and ])ise tuo ])mges soue]) man : 
hiianne he ylefp wel / and a-rijt. an he dej) efterward / 
When thou oaiiest ijet he sseL Huawne bou him clepest uader / bou 

God the Father, '^ r XT I r 

thou acknowiedg- beknaust bet he is Ihord of house, bet is of heuene / 

ertthAtHeis '^ ' ' 

Lord ot the and of er])e; and heaued / and ginnynge / and welle / 

huerof alle ssep])es / and alle gaod come]), and ])us fe 

And since He is beknaust hls miite. Efterward / zebbe bet he ys uader / 

Father, He is also i u j ^ i 

the provider for he IS dijtere / and gou<?mour / and porueyour / to his 
HisS^i^idbvM-e. mayn6. an nameliche of his children / ])et is of man / 
of man, j^^. jjjj^.^elf he]) y-mad and yssape / to his anlik- 

and loves those uesse. and ])us ])ou beknaust his wysdom. Alast ])anne 
made! * f^t he is uader be kende / and be rijte / he loue]) J)et he 

He rewards them he]) ymad / ase zayj) fe boc of wysdome. and is zuete 
and'chasteneth and milde. and zuo loue]) / and dra^]) uor]) his children, 
misdo. and ham de]) hare prou. and betere ])anne hi conne 

deuisi. and he his byat / and his chaste]) huanne hi 
misdo]) uor hare prou ase guod uader / and ble])eliche 
he his onderua[n]gJ) / huaTine hi come]) to hym. 
The word Father Nou ich fe sseawy fawne Jis word fet ])ou zayst : 
thee^of GodS vadcr. his mijte. his wysdom. his guodnesse. He fe 
UJidlS^'^"* M^^gf ^^ o])erhalf fe zelue. Jine noblesse. ])ine 
hut of thy noble- uayrhede. bine richesse. More gratter noblesse ne may 

ness, fidmt^8s,and •' x «=» 

riches. ich habbe : ba77ne to by zone to ane zuo greate emperur 

Greater nobility » t -Ktr 

could none have ])et IS god. Morc gratter nchesse ne may by : ])anne to 
so ^eat an em- ^J kyng of alle fing. More gratter uayrhede ne may 
gsror, that is, -^^ , jawue to by him ari3t ylich. Huych uayrhede is 

zuo grat : ])et hit pase]) }fo^i of man / and of angle. 
Let the word ])a77ne ])is word / uader / ])e be])eng]) ])et ])ou art zone. 

Father remind .j.*.. i-i* a-«ti_ j 

thee of thy duty ^or Jet Jou Je payuest him uor to by ylych. ase guod 

ward^s'^gJS"^ zone ssel by yUch his guode uader. fet is to zigge : ])et 

^^^' fou by bold / and of grat wyl / and Strang / and mijtuol 

wel to done, and fet fou by wys / and y-wer / large / 

and cortoys / zuete / and milde clene and wy])-oute 


uileynye / atSe he is. and fet fou hatye zewne / and see that th<m 

nst6 Bin fts Qou 

uoulhedes / and kueadhedes ase lie def. zuo J>et fou «ioe«, 

najt ne do aye kende. pis vord Jawne fe def befenche / 

at alle Je times fet Jjou zayst fet pater noster : J)et yef t^®^- ^« *»-3 

])0U art arijt zone : foil sselt him anlykny be kende. be 

heste. and be rijte. and Jjou him sselt loue. wor])ssipe. 

and reuerence. drede. semice. and bojsamnesse. Nou andiotctM* 

good ion and 

])ench p&nne huanne ])ou zayst ])i pater noster / ])et ])ou tme, 
by him a guod zone and trewe / yef Jjou wylt fet he J>e SSoMionthoa 
by guod uader. an milde. *J)ench huas zone J)ou art' : me ^^ ^hou seest 
zayj) to fe newe kny^te huanne he gef into fe tome- SjJJJ^JJJlid**** 
mewt. Nou bou yzyxt wel hou bis uerste word is zuete. howitadmoniBhea 

•'*'•' ^ ihee to be bold 

and hou hit pe amonestej) fet fou by bold and of and of a good 
guode wylle. and hit fe tekj) huych fou sselt by. 

ISTou ich J)e acxy hueruore J)OU zayst * uader oure.* JJiherour" 
and ns^t *uader myn*1 and fet Jou him uelajest mid Jje / »"* not *^ather 
huaTzne pou zayst: *yef ous' / and ne zayst najt *yef me.' 

Ich wile Je zigge yef fou wylt. Non ne ssel zigge / 
uader min. bote J)e ilke pet ys his zone be kende wyf- 
oute gynnynge / wyjj-oute ende / fe zofe godes zone. 
Ac we ne byeb najt his zones be kende / bote ase- we are not God's 

' tons by nature, 

moche ])et we bye]) ymad to his anliknesse. ac alsuo bat bj adoption. 

byej) pe sarasyns. ac we byej) his zones be grace and by 

adopcion. Adopcioun zuo is a word of la3e. uor by J>e Adopuonisatenn 

la3es of fe emperurs / huanne an hej man ne he]? no 

child : ha may chiese fet child of a guod man yef he 

wyle. and maki him his zone be adopcioun. fet is bo 

auoerie. zuo pet he ssel bi yhealde uor his zone auoud / 

and ssel here his eritace. Jjise grace god ous made he Qod adopted w 

° ' ° ° ' without any de- 

uader wyboute oure ofseruinge. ase zayf saynt paueL serving on our 


Huanne he ous dede come to pe cnstenedome we were Before we were 
poure and naked / and child * of yre / and of helle. poor, naked, and 

- i • t. I J »j •«./ chlldien of hell. 

Jjawne huawne we zigge]) * vader oure and we zigge J) / j-jms. chihdj 
* yef ous.' we gaderej alle oure brofren mid ous of adop- 
cion / fet byeb children of holy cherche. be pe byleaue 
fet hi onderuinge ine c^'istnynge. 

102 WHAT "our" TBACHE8 US. 

God giveth not Nou 0U8 ssewe]) / huer-of Jis word / oure. Je largesse / 

to nuuij. and pe cortaysye / [of J god oure uader. J)et ous yef^ 

more ble])eliche / ynoj / ])anne lyte and to uelen : 

])anne to onen allone. Huer-of saynt gregorie z&jp, 

TiMouidiethatii ']>e heme I )» more ])et hi is commun : )>e more hy is 

of paopi^ wor]). ase ])e candele is betere bezet ]>et serue]> to ane 

MtHMurt fcrt^ halle and uol of uolk : ])anne zy J)et ne seruej) / bote to 

we of oM man oulepy manne.' J)is word hat ous to yelde ])onkes myd 

al oure herten. of ])ise grace ^t he ous he]) ydo / huer- 

by we byej) his children / and his eyrs. and J>et moche 

ardontliche louye oure ealde bro])er lesu crist / ]>et ous 

uelaje]) wy]) him ine his grace. 

tMdiMUBSi^' Jjis word ous amoneste]) fet we loki ine oure herte 

this adoptioo ia a holylyche fane holy gost J)et is oure wytnesse. Jjis 

adopcion is ase weddes / ase zay]) saynte paul / huer- 

fiuit we ihaii be by WO byb zikere / J)et we ssolle habbe J^e eritage of oure 

tare <tf oar heri- •ii t* i» 

tage. uader. ]>et is ])e blysse of paradys. ])is word ous tek]> 

'hilt^twSr *^^ ^yJ^ J^®* ^® ^y®!* ^® brojren / grot / and smal / 
brethren, great poure and richo. hei / and loi / of one uader / and of 

and imaU, rich '^ 7 17 1 I 

[Foi. 81. a.] one moder. ]>et is of god / and of holy cherche. and 

imd low'' ****** ^^^ ^® ®^ oJ)ren onwor pi : ac louie ase broJ>er. and pe 
and that we on ssel helpe ]>anne o])re : ase do]> ])e lemes of ]>e zelue 
praj for one an- bodyc. and och biddo uor o])ren ase zay]> saint locob. 
uraUoTtiMMme -^^ ^^^ ^* ^ ^^^"^ ureme wel grat. Vor hua^me ]k)u 
^*^* zest ]>ine bene ine )>e uelc^rede of al holy cherche : uor 

on paternoster ])et ]>ou zayst / ])o wynst mo ]>anne an 

hondred ])ousond. 
It teaches ns to \A& word / oure. OUS tek]> to haiye ]>ri ]>ing name- 

pride, wrath, and Hche. Prede. wre]^ and auarice. Prede : de]? man out 
avarice. ^£ ^elajredc. uor he wyle by aboue aUe o^n. WreJ)e : 

de]) man out of uelajrede. uor huanne he werre]> wy]> 

enne : he werre]) wy]> alle ]>e o])re. Auarice : de]) man 
which bring men out of ucla^redc. vor hi nele ne him / ne his ])inges / 

oat of fellowship. i ii i_ •• 

communy mid o])ren. And peruore zuych uolk ne hab- 
The word "our" ^eb part / ine be holy pater noster. bis ,word / * oure ' : 

shows that God is T r I r J r j / 

our^ OUS ssewej) pet god is oure : yef we wyllej). and J)e 


uader. and be zone, and be holy goat, bet ia yef we if w« keep ma 

. oonmuuidnieiite. 

loke)> hifl hestes. and zuo zay)> ine pe godsspelle saint 

* Vader oure / pet art ine heuene.' Huanne ich zigge / "Thj* wt in bea» 
* bet bou art ine heuene ' : ich zigge tiio bing. bet he is Here we eeeert 
kyng / and |>et he is at paradis. Alsuo huanne ich andthetHeiain 
zigge / ' ))et art / ine heuene' : ich zigge |>et he is / and 
]>et he is ine heuene. Me vint ywryte ine pe o)>re boo 
of pe laje. J)et god him ssewede to Moyses ine ane !^^^^*^ 
helle / and him zede. guo in-to egipte / and zay to be He made known 

' o o x^ / ^ r to him hie name^ 

kynge faraon of mine half / ))et he pe delyuri mi uolk "i am/* 

pe children of y[s]rael / of pe J^reldome / huerine he hise 

halt. ' Ihord * / zayde moyses. * yef me akse|> huet is ))i 

name, huet ssel ich zigge ? ' ' Ich am / |>et am.' zayde 

god. Nou zigge}) pe haljen / and pe guode clerkes. 

|>8t amang alle pe heje names of ouie Ihorde : pisiB pe This ia the flnt 

uerste / and pe mest propre. and |>et mest ar^t ous proper name of 

tek)> uor to knawe / |>ot / ]>et god is. Yor alle pe o))re 

names huer hi spekej) of his guodnesse. and of his ^UJUSIT 

wysdome. ojwr of his mijle. ojjer he is zuich / and JJ^JJJV 

zuich. he is ))e rijt guod. pe ri^t trewe. pe rijt wys. J^e 

rijt mijtL and uele o)>re manures of speches ^t me 

zayj) of him. J)et ne zigge|> propreliche pe zope of pe buttheeetenne 

byinge of god. Ac we ))et hjep greate / an boystoyse eziaunoeof God. 

to spekene of zuo heje pinge / speke we of god / zuo / we apeak of ood 

ase we conne deuisi ane man / of huam me ne kan na^t of men, 

his name / ase me zay)>. he is kyng. he is erL he is zuo 

grat zuo uayr. zuo large, and uele of zuycho |>inges / 

huer-by me may ywyte hou ^t hit by pe man knawe. 

Ac ne zigge)) na^t arijt his name / ase we speke|> of 

god : uele we uinde)> of wordes / ]>et ous ssewe|> huet 

pet hit bi of him. Ac |>er ne is non zuo propre ' ase )>iB bat there is no 

word / ' ^t art.' ))et zuo propreliche. jsao ssortliche. zuo aatheae worda^ 

cleuiyndelyche. zuo sotilliche / pe names nemnep / ine 

zuo moche / ase onderstondinge him may strechche. 

Vor god is ase ^ ilke / )>et one is / ase z&yp saint lob. 

' MS. ^rcpree 


God alone u, for He One is / amt to spekene. uor he one is / eureles- 

He !• everlasting, , , / 

without begin- tlnde / wyjjoute beginnynge. and wyjH)ute ende. pet me 

ning and without . ... -ca. j i 

end. no may zigge : of non o)>re )>ing. Efterward he one is 

Heistrae and zobKcho. uor he is zob / and zobnesse aboue alle binges 

truth above aU '^ r I r r o 

things. yssape. and zuo byej) alle ssep)>es ydele and ydelenesse. 

[FoL SI. b.] And ase zay)> Salomo[n] and na3t to )>e zyjj^e of him. and 

to na^te ssolden come : bote yef he his ne sostyenede 

be his u/rtue. Ate laste he one is zetnesse an uestnesse 

He alone is firm, ine onelepi poynto wyb-oute him to trobli / wy |)-oute 

and fast, and un- 
changing, him to chongi / wy)>-oute him remue ine none manere. 

ase zayj) saynt lacob. Alle ojrre J^inges hjep chonginde / 

ine eche manere of hare kende. panne is he propre- 

liche yclieped'' : pet art. Vor he is zojjliche wyJ)-oute 

without end, ydelnesse / zetnesse / wijj-oute enye chonge eure to 

ning, "without yleste : wyJ)-oute ende. wyJ)-out heaued. wy)K)ute / wes. 

^Aau 6«." wyjj-oute / ssel by. uor Jjer ne is no gelt. 

There is nothing Xou bou ssolt ondeistondo ZUO bet ber ne is na3t 

that one may bet- j • a 

ter believe than ]>et me mo^e betere ywyte / ]>anne pet : )>et god is. Ac 

Nota pit weL )>er no is no)>ing zuo Strang to conne / ase huet / and 

wiuTSod is,"^'' ^^^^ P^^ is god. Jjer-uore ich pe rede wel / Jet |)ou 
ne musy ns^t to moche / hit uor to zeche. uor )>ou 

and it is enough my^tcst ly^tUchc guo out of pe li^te waye. Hit is yno^ 

"DearPaufer, uor Jjc / Jjet Jjou ziggc: *lyeue uader fet art ine heuene.' 

ven!"*^ *" ^^^ 2oJ) hit is fet he is oueral yhered. ine erpe. ine ze. ine 

He is the oldest, helle. aso he is ine heuene. Ac me zayb he is ine 

the most known, 

tiie most beloved, heueuo / uoT J^ot he is pe eldeste / and pe meste yknawe / 

oured. and pe meste beloued / and pe meste ywor)>ssiped. 

Eft^rward he is ine heuene gostliche / ))et is ine holy 

bodyes J^et bye]? he^e. clyre. and clone, ase is ^ 

heuene. uor ine zuyche herten : he ys aid. and yknawe. 

and ydred. and yworj^ssiped and yloued. 

The word Nou hest J)ou yhord J)ise uour wordes. Pater noster 

worship God; the T^'^ ^ **w celis, Jjet uersto pe somone]? / to worjjssipie 

ii^r^r^to g^d- t®* ^t^^ ' ^ ^^^® g^^ J^ Jjridde : to drede god. 
dread God; y^^ p^ j^e by uadcT oure : alneway he ys bezide / and 

^ MS. has ycheped 

THE lohd's prater: its preface. 105 

na^t chongmde. J>e ueT|>e ]>e to strengj^i uor asemoche "kmvmruiva' 
ase he w zuo he^ / and pou zuo I03. yef Jjou ne art bald / oonr^^ *" 
and of guode wylle : ]k)u ne sselt n£^t come / huer lie 
wone]>. pet uerste word ous ssewe)> )>e.langnesse of his TtMistthoweUi 
enrebletdnge. ^t o|>er: )>e brede of his charitd pe thebraldthofuto 
]>ridde: pe dyepnesse of his zoj^hede. pe uerj^e: pe thedJepneH^ 
he^nesse of his mageste. Huo )>et he|> wel piae uour 4th, thehuJ^MH 
l^inges zo|>liche wy^oute drede he ssel by yblyssed. of Hiam^wtj. 


of the Holy Pater 

Nou best povL yherd pe uorespeche of J^e holy pater ^°*'*''- 

noster. )>et is ase ane inguoinge of pe vi^le. ey god / Theprefeoeofthe 

huo |>et covLpe wel al J^ane zang : hou he ssolde vinde m the'^^mng 

uayre notes. Vor hit ne is no drede |)et ine pe zonge / * * *"** 
^t pe wysdom of god made / pe ilke )^t tek)> pe uo^eles 
zynge : ne he)> uele notes sotiles / and zuete / )>s^ |>er 

by lyte lettre. Ine bise zonge byeb zeue notes, bet in this song an 

, _ ' o,/f «,« ■«▼«» note^ that 

bye)) pe zeue benes. |>et porchacej) pe zeue yeipes of are the leyen pe- 
be holy fifost. bet strepeb be zeuen haued zennes of be the leyen gifts of 

; ,,.. /f. . , the Holy Ghost 

herte. and hi zetiep / and nonsse)) pe zeuen uirtues. be 
huychin me com]) to |>e zeue blissinges. Of piae zeue 
benes / |>e )>ri uerste : make]) man holy / aze moche ase The three first 

... ., * 11. make man holy, 

man may by me p\ae wordle. pe uour efterward him the other four 
make]) stedeuestlyche : ri^tuol. Al])eholynesseofman/ fiwuy righteous. 
])et is ymad to pe ymage of pe tnnit6 / Jet is be pn [Foi. 32. a.) 
])inges ])et bye]) ine pe zaule. be])encliinge. onderstond- 
ynge. and wyl. ine ])et ])et pe zaule bi stedeuestliche The three things 

. that are in the 

yclenzed ine be wylle. stedeuestuche au2t me be onder- mui are thought^ 


stondinge. stedeuestliche yuestned in god. mid god ine and win. 

be bebenchinize. and be more be zaule onderuani?!) and the more the 

•^ . '^ *^ soul receireth 

plenteliche piae pn ^eipea of god : and hy more propre- plentifully these 
liche ne}le[c]]) / to his ri^te uayrhede of his kende. ])et is 
to pe anlicnesse of pe uader / and of pe zone / and of pe 
holy gost. Jjet is huanne god pe uader him conieimep 
his be))enchinge. god pe zone him alyjt his onde[r]- 


the more ft maa stondinge. god )>e holy gost hef yclensed his wyl. piae 
tSeTWnitr*"** J)ri J^inges we bezeche)> ine J)e Jjri uerste beoes of fe 

pat^r nosier. 
Hanow«db«tti7 Huanne we ziggej) / mndificetxa nomen tutmL we 

By theM words sseweb to ouie guode uader corteysliche oure prtncipal 

we show tbftt our 

princiiMidedreia desvr bet we ssoUe eure habbe. bet is bet his name by 

to hare God's ^ 

name hsUowed yhal^ed and jconiermed ine ous. banne huanne we 

and oonllnned In , . • 

na. ziggej> / sanctificetui nomen tuum : J^et is to zigge. 'sue / 

|>is is oure he3e wyl / J^is we bezechi)> toppe alle |>ing / 
)>et )>in boly name / ]>et is J^i guode los )>i knaulechinge / 
)>i beleaue / by y-c<mfenned ine ous.' 

In this lit peu- Ine bise uerste bene: we bezecbeb be uerste and 

tion we ask fur ' ' ' 

the gift of wis- |>e pnucipal yef]>e of )>e holy gost / |>et is ]>e yef|)e of 
wysdom / )>et uestne]? / and conferme|> ))e herte in god. 
and his ioyne|> zuo to him : |>et hi ne may by ondo / 

which enables OS ne to-deld. Wysdom is yzed of smac / and of smacky. 

to taste the sweet- >/ ^ i *i 

neas of God. Yor huanne J^e man onderuang]^ |>ise yef))e : he zueljf))] / 
and smacke]) / and uel|> J^e zuetnesse of god. Ase me 
uel]^ )>e zuetnesse of J^e guode wyne ate zuelj / betere 
)>anne to J^e zi3]>e. Ac to )>an |>et ]>ou onderstanst betere 

The word " holy" huet is to zigffo / * bi name by yhahed ine ous : * bou 

signifies clean: it ,. . V^ x.' ^ I X. ^ I ' X. \ 

fsasmnchasto sselt ywyto pet bis word / holy / is ase moche worb : 

say that we are i t ^ 

dipt in blood and ase / kleue. ase wy)>oute er]>e. ase ynal^ed to godes 

seruice / ase y-dept ine blod / ase ycowfermed. Ine |)ise 

Wisdom hauow- uyf niaucres hal^ejj |)e gost of wysdom / fe herte of 

man In fire ways : man. Verst he his wypejj / and clenseb / ase deb bet uer 

By 1. Purification. 

2. Cleansing. [))etj cleuze)) and fine]? )>et gold. Efterward he de)> away 
al ]>e ilke uelj^e / of alle erj^liche loue. and of alle wylle 
of ulesse. and make]? to comene al out of smak. al ))et 
me wos ywoned byuore to louie. ase |>et weter is out of 
smak to |>an ]?et is ywoned to )>e guode wyne. Efter- 
ward he him hal3e]? of al to godes seruice. uor he de]) 
him al away of alle wrej^e. and de)) him al ))enche of 
god. and to louie / and serui. Ase )>e cherche is yhaljed 

4. Dipping in to godes seruice. zuo ^t me ne ssel o|>er ]>ing do 
Jjerinne : ]>anne J^e seruice -of god. Efterward he depj) 



ine blod. Vor lie hise zet in ane zuo bei[nm]de lone / 

and one zuo zuete deuocion of lesu crist. )>et huanne 

he fengp ine him / and his passion : he ys alsuo ydept / 

an4 al-suo dionke of fe preciouse blode / Jwt lesu cnst 

ssedde uor him : ase is a zop of hot biyead huanne me 

hit pote)) in-to wyn. ^et is a newe cnstninge. Vor 

depe and cnstni : is al on. Efterward he him uestne)) ^oonthrminf in 

zuo ine god / ^t no piag ne may him to parti ne [FoI. u. b.i 

onioynL psame [he] wyle Jis word nou zigge : * Jin name " Thy word be ^ 

by yhabed ine ous.' bet is to zigge : * yef ous bane gost of meuii, 

glTV Of ih6 iplrlt 

wysdom /be huam bi we zuo yclensed ase gold, and ofwiMiom. 

* 1 ^Iwwby w» may 

yuayred of alle uelbe / huer-by we ssolle by zuo uol be renewed and 

\ ^ ' / <ii <• ft^tenedinOod, . 

dronke of ))ine loue : ))et alle o))re zuetnesses / ssolle by 
ous byteie : be huam we ssolle by zuo yyeue to ))e / an 
to ))ine s^ruise : ))et neuie mo of o))ren we ne maky 
8treng))e. be huam by we ni^t wy]>oute more ywesse : 
ac zuo moche ydept yne grayne / and ynewed and eft 
ycristned ine ))e bloode of lesu cnst be deuocioun of 
ueste loue / huer-by ))e name of oure uader by zuo 
yuestned ine ous: bet he by oure uader and we his lothatnoihiaf 

, ' may seperate ne 

zones / and his eyrs. zuo yuestned ))et no )>ing ])et mo^e from Ood, 

beualle ne mo^e ous ondo of ))e ilke uestnesse / ne of 

Jise grace.' Wei is hit grat grace of god h[u]anne ^ wyl 

is zuo yroted ine god huich / ne may to cryepe uor none 

uondinge. Wei gratter ))ing his huanne me is zuo 

yuestned ine be loue and adraynct in be zuetnesse of and nothing com- 

' fortnsbntthe 

god. ])et no solas ne no confort me ne onderuang|> : bote grace of Ood. 
of him. Ac y-yeue is )>e herto parfitliche and jcon- 
fermed. uor )>e memorie is zuo cleuiynde ine him : |>et 
ne of no |>ing ))enche / bote ine him. And )>et we 
bydde)> him huanne we zigge)>: sanct^ficeiMi namen 
tuum, ' Ihord pi name by y-haljed ine ous.' 

pB 0]?RE BENB OF ])B HOLY TATEB VOSTBR, The leeond peU- 

^ tion of the Pater 

Adueniad regnum tuum. bet is be obre bene of be ?P^* '"^'^ „ 

*^ ' ' ' ' kingaom come. 

pater noster. huer we byddej / Jet godes regne come Here we pray for 



Ood't reign to 
come within us, 
which la brought 
about by the spirit 
of understanding, 
that enlighteneth 
the heart. 

and showeth man 
his many (isults. 

He seeth that he 
Is not clean nor 
wortliy of seeing 

so he begins to 
cast out the in- 
ward fllth which 
deprives him of 
the sight of God. 

[FoL 33. a.] 

Then he finds 
peace, rest, solace, 
and bliss. 

to ous / and by wyjj-inne ous. Oure Ihord zayjj ine his 
spelle to his deciples. * J^e regne of god : is nou wy|)-inne 
you.' Nou onderstand wel hou Jet may by. Huanne 
god yefj> ane grace Jet me clepej / Je gost of onder- 
stondinge to Je herte. ase de)> pe zonne Jet dej away 
Je Jyestemesse of Je nyjt / and wastej Je cloudes / and 
Je hore urostes bi Je morjen. Alsuo wastej Je holy gost 
alle Je Jyestemesses of Je herte. and hiw ssewej his 
zennes / and his defautes / zao Jet Je ilke wende by al 
klene. Jarane wyndej hi zuo uele defautes. and of 
motes, and of doust wyj-oute tale. Ase Je zonne byam 
ssewej his motes / and Jet doust Jet byej beneje ine 
Je house. Efterward he him eft ssewej of ojre half na^t 
wyJ-oute more Jet / Jet is wyj-inne him / ac Jet / Jet 
is beneje Je helle. and Jet / Jet is aboue him ine 
heuene. Jet / Jet is aboute him / alle uayre ssepjes : 
Jet alle heryej god / and him wytnessej hou god is 
guod and almi3ti. wys. and uayr. grat and milde. 
zuete. and Je more me zy3t Je sseppinges brijte : Je 
more hit is wynynde him-zelue to yzyenne. Ac he 
yzy3j / Jet he ne is clene / ne worji him to zyenne : 
Jarzne anhet Je guode herte and trewe / and him wrejej 
to him-zelue. panne nyin J he his pic / and his spade / 
and beginj to delue / and to myny. and gej in-to his 
herte. J)erinne he vint zuo uele zennes / and vices / 
and zuo uele defautes / and zuo moche doust / and 
tn'bulaciouns of herte / and of Jo3tes / and of wyckede 
wylles / Jet he him wreJeJ / and zor3eJ. and nimj a 
wycked wyl to him-zelue. zuo Jet he beginj Je herte 
to clensi to Je zoje* / and to keste out alle Je ueljes 
Jet him benimj Je zi3je of god ine him. and Jet he dej 
mid Je spade of zoje ssrif Je. Ac huanne he hej longe 
ymyned / and he heJ / alle his ueljes ykest out : Janne 
uint he pays / and reste / and solas / and blisse / zuo 
Jet him JingJ Jet al Je wordle by an helle to Je lok- 

1 MS. so\>o 


inge of ))e ilke clyemesse / and of )>e ilke pays : ))et he 
uint ine his herte. and )>et we oxe)> : huanne we zigge]> 
Adueniad regnum tuum. pet is to zigge : ' Leue uader / "Thy kingdom 
ylyky Je / pet pe holy gost ous wille aly^te pe herte / J^wiy.^^JJ'* 
and clensi and zuope / al-huet hi by wor|>i god uor to Hob*ohMt*'** 
y-zy. and Jet he wile come and wonie ase kyng / and oS?h!»rti** *^^^ 
ase Ihord. and gouernour / and hotere. ziio |)et al pe ^^l^^ 
herte by his / and he by kyng. and euremo we him moje ^?T™'Jf*-*^*°' 
yzy. uorjet islyf wyjH)ute ende. and godes riche habbe ^^*®**l"°**^T,? 
wyj)-inne ous.' J>eruore zayj) oure Ihord in his spelle : *"» * fleid, that ib 
|)et godes riche is ase on tresor in pe uelde yhed. fet is **» ^o^W- 
ine herte. |>et is gratter |>anne al pe wordle. 


. of the Pater 

Fiat uoluntas ttia / sicut in celo & in terra, bis Noeter. 
is pe ))ridde bene huerinne we bydde|> oure uader of d«ne," ke, 
heuene / ^t his wyl by ydo ine ous : ase hit is ydo ine we may obey Oud 
heuene. |>et is ase pe holy angles of heuene / ))et bye|> angeia in hearen. 
zuo ali3t / and yuestned ine god : ]>et hi ne moje oj^ec 
))ing wylny / bote )>et god wille. pia bene we ne mo3e but this we cannot 
habbe : bote yef we ne habbe / pe jefpe of red. ))et is of eonnsei. 
pe J^ridde yefpe of pe holy gost / J^et ous tek|> his ojene 
guod wyL and bet he ous wende. oure wrechide wil / girennsbythe 

^ 1 . 4. I 1 . . 1 1 .it Holy Ghoet to 

and hise eoniermy / al to ]>e heje guode. zuo pet he ne conform onr wui 

he|) ne o^ene wyt / ne o^ene wyl. ak his o^ene onlepi- 

liche* / J)et hi by Iheuedy of al Jje herte yhoUyche. and 

maki ine ous al )^t hi wyle ase hi make)> ine angles of 

heuene / )>et make|^ echedaye his wil wy))-oute misnim- 

ynge / and wyfoute wyfzigginge. 

Nou best ))ou yherd pe J^ri uerste benes* of pe pater in these three 
noster. ^t bye]^ pe he3este / and pe dingneste. Ine pe Lord's prayer, 
uerste / we eikaep pe jeipe of wysdom. Ine fe* oj^re : guiof wisdom, 
pe yef J)e of onderstondinge. Ine pe J^ridde / fet guode J J^ counsel?^ 
red. ase ich pe habbe aboue yssewed. Jpise )>ri ]>inge8 
we ne byddej) / na3t uor J)et we hise habbej? ine piae 
MS. onlepihicbe * MS. benenes ' MS. o|>e 


We oumot b*Te lyue dyadUch parfitlyche. ak we sseawe)) to o[u]re uader 

ofiheMintUB oure wylles / ))et bye}) / o)>er ssolle by / to |>an |^t p'lae 

pn benes by ine ous ymad / and uolueld ine pe lyue eure- 

The remaininc lestinde. pQ oJjTO VGur Jct comej) efte[r]ward we willej> 

iMoeMMTtoiisin speke ane o))ie specbe. Vor we zigge)> apartelicbe to 

oure uader * yef ous. uoryef ous. wyte ous. delyure ous,' 

bote ^ise your benes of }dm we ne babbe : we bye}) 

dyade / an euele betake ine Jise wordle. Vor bi bye}> 

ous nyeduoUe ine })ise lyue dyadlicb. 

The fourth petl- hfl UERbfi BENE OP bB HOLY FATSB NOST^JK. 

tion of the Pater r r- 9 

^GWe us this day Panem nodrum cotidianum da Tiobis Jhodte, Mocbel 
our dally bread.* Q^g f^^^p q^j^ guode mayster / to spekene myldelycbe / 

and wyslicbe. bua^ine be ous tek}) to zigge. Yayre 

uader / oure bryad of eche daye / yef ous to day. Huet 

What may the may })e zone betere acsy to bis uader : |>anne bread wy]y- 

•onaakofhia . , , j * -i « -rr 

fkther better than oute more / uor |>ane day to endy ? He ne acse|> none 
' [PoL S3, b.) outrage / ne wyn. ne uless. ne uiss. [ac] bread wyjouto 
for wine, fieah, nor more [be] byt. na}t uor ayer / ne najt uor al |>e woke, ac 
It it a great thing wyjK)ute more : )>ane day to endy. Kou bit }>ing|> fet 
it may appewra bit by wel lite |>ing })et we acse|> : ac uor zo|>e bit is wel 
* request. ^^^ ^^^^ Huawne me bit Je broferbede / and pQ 

uelajrede / and part / and rijt / ine alle |>e guodes of fe 
bouse. Alsuo bit is buose fet smacke)> of piae breade. 
He be}) pe bro})errede. and part / and uela3rede. and rijt. 
and ine alle pe guode dedes pet bye}) ine beuene. pet 

iverillttalr'bl^ ^ ^®* bread of pe ilke holy couent. pet bread of beuene. 

that preserres the },et bread of angles. })et bread lostuoL })et bread of lyue 
eurelestiude. Vor hit yeip guod lyf / and loke}) pe 
zaule wy])-oute steruingo. Huer-of zop zay}) ine pe 
godspelle. * Ich am ])et bread of lyue /- })et com doun 
uram beuene. huo })et ssel ete of })o breade : be ssel 

This is tme meat, ourc lybbe wy])-oute steruinge.' })et bryad is mete arijt. 

authe hunger of uoT bit stoncbc}) al })ane honger of })e wordle / and uelp 
man ])et be be}) yno^ / zuo ne de}) non o])er mete. )>et 

It is the bread and is })et bread and pe mete / })et })ou nymst / of pe sacre- 


ment of fe wyeuede / Jet pou sselt ete zuyj^e / and "*^**^°^J'^ 

glotoimliche / ase tek)) J^e writmge- / ase dep ye lecher- •^^^ 

ous ))aiie guode mete : |>et o)>erliml uorzuelj]? ))ane guode 

snode / wy)K)ute chewynge. pet is to zigge / pet fou 

sselt nyme |>eme mete mid greate wylle of herte / and 

mid grat lost. And ]>ou hit sselt ase hit by uorzue^e / 

wyj-oute chewynge. and Jet is to zigge. yleue ine graty 

bet / bet hit is be zobe bodi of lesu crist. and be zaule. »* *>>« *ro« body 

' > ' ' ' ' of Jmus Christ. 

and pe godhede / al to-gydere / wy]H)ute to zeche : hou 
hit may by. Yor god* may more do : Janne man mo^e 
onderstonde. Efterward me ssel beme mete eft chyewe / Onethooid chew 

this meat again as 

ase Je oxe Jet gers Jet he hej uorzuobe. )>et is to tfieozthegnas 

that he has swal- 

zigge Jet me ssel recordi zueteliche and smalliche be lowed. 

little stechches / alle Je guodnesses of cure Ihorde and 

al Jet lesu crist Jolede ine erje uor ous. And Janne 

yint Je herte Jane rijte smac of Je ilke mete, and onder- 

ua[n]gj ane wel greate hete of Je loue of god. and ane wel 

greate wylnynge to do yno^ an to Jolye uor him al Jet he 

mi3te. and al Jis de J Je mrtue 6f Jo breade. Vor Jet is Jet ^Ws bread com- 

bread Jet confortej and strengjej Je herte /to Jet by by •trengthens the 

wel Strang uor to Jolye / and do grat Jing uor godes things ror the lore 

loue. Ac Jet ne may ni^t by wyj-oute Je uerje yefje 

of Je holy gost / Jet is y-cleped Je yef J of strengje / Jet 

arme J godes kny^t / and him dej yeme to by mai'tired. 

and makeb ham \ex%e betuene be tormens. Kou miat Thus when we 

, ^ ^ ask bread we ask 

Jou wel yzy hou corteysliche / huarane we acsej Jet ilke for strength. 

bread : we acseJ Jane yefJe of stre[n]g Je. Vor ase Jet 

bread bodylich / sostenej and strengjej Jet bodi : alsuo 

Je yefJe of stre[n]gje / makej Je herte Strang to Jolye / 

and to done grat Jing uor god. \>et ilke bread we hit This bread we eaii 

ours, for it is 

clepiv J oure / uor hit wes ymad of oure doje. yblissed made of our 
by Je guode wyfman : Jet of hiren Jet flour Jer to dede. (Foi. s4. a.] 
Jjet wes Je mayde Marie, and yfryd ine Je panne of Je JJ^^J®** **^ ***• 
crouche / ase he zayb ine be sautere. uorzobe uorzobe Mary, 

' ^ ^y I r r andfirtedinthe 

yfryd ine his o^ene blode. uor Jet dede he / ine Je greate p»n of the cross, 
wylle of his loue / Jet he hedde to ous. And Jet is Jet 




It la oon becaoae 
Ohrbt left it to 
ua M His iMt re- 

It is onr daily 
bread, because 
each day's dole 
Is giyen us by 

Each day it is 
necessary to us. 

and each day one 
ahalltalie it either 
at the sacrament 
of the altar, or by 
right beUet 

It is bread, not 
for churls, but for 
noble hearts, 
cleansed and 
washed by shrift 

It is sure sub- 
stantial bread. 

surpassing all 
other substances 
In virtue and 

bread tuies y-bake / huermide be astore)) bis ssip. |>et 
is boly cbercbe / uor to pasy J^e greate ze / of )>i8e 
parilonse wordle. Hit is ouie. uor be bit ous let : at 
bis yleaue nymynge / and at bis laste bequide / lesu 
crist \>e wel large / ase meste greate tresor : |>et be ous 
mijte lete. and bit ous yaf ase J^et uayreste iowel / fet 
be ous mijte yeue. and ))et we bit ssolde loky : uor bis 
loue. Hit is uorzoj^e oure / uor uo|>ing ne may / bit ous 
benime toyens oure wylle. "We bit clepiej) oure bread 
of ecbedaye. pet is to zigge / of ecbe daye. uor ))et is pe 
ecbedayes dol / pet god yeff to bis wel wilynde : pet 
ecbe daye do]^ bis seruice / and zigge|> bis oures. )>et is 
to alle guode berten / |>et ecbe daye zuetelicbe be zope 
loue make)) memorie / and bej^encbinge of bis passion. 
pet greate of pe prouendre / we nime]? ine oure 
beruest ine beuene / buanne we him ssolle ysy onwry^e / 
ine bis uayrbede / ase be is. Hit is ysed J^eruore ecbe- 
dayes : ])et ecbe daye / bit is ous nyeduoL and ecbedaye 
me ssel bit nyme / oj^er ate sacrament of pe wefde / ase 
doj) Jje prestes : o|)er gostlicbe be r^te byleaue. Jjet 
bread is wel precious / an wel noble / and wel ydi^t. 
pet is kynges mete / buerinne hyep ecb manyere lyk- 
inges / and alle guode smackes / ase z&yp pe l^oc of 
wysdome. J^et ne is na3t mete to gromes / ne to yeue. 
ne to piecaille. ne to cbeuaille. ne to cberles. ac to 
noble berten and gentil. an cortays. and clene. ^t is 
to Jje berte Jjet is gentil be grace, noble / be guod lyf. 
yclensed / and y wesse be zope ssrifte. Of |)ise utrtue 
spek]) saynt matbeu pe wangeliste / and bit clepe|> ziker 
bread substancieL )>et is to zigge : ))et pase|> / and 
ouerge); alle substances / and alle ssepj^es be ver. ine 
mrtue / and ine dingnet^ / and ine alle oj^re maneres of 
wor|). ne me ne may betere write / ne more yno^ : 
]>anne wit substances. Me zayp J^et mete is pe iDi^[t]' 
uoller / Jeanne be bej) yno^ of my3te. and of noriss- 
inge. and pe more J^et be is norissinde : me z&jp ))et be 


is J^e substancieler. and J^ere-uore fet ine J^ise breade is 

more mrtue / and of guod / and of nortwe / fanne me and oontains more 

.,/, . , i,x"i.«j-« nutriment than 

mo^e penche / oj^er zigge. ne zay]^ me najt fet hit is anything else. 

substancieL alsuo me zayp pet hit is ope substance / 

|>et is / uirtuous /and substanciel aboue onderston- 

digge / and wenynge. Jjet bread we byddejj to oure we pray for thi« 

uad^r. and him we biddej) / J^et he hit ous yeue to-day. i "in this mortal 

ine |)ise daye / Jet is ine Jjise dyadliche line, ziio Jjet ^®* 

we mo^e maky ane guode iomee / and to abyde Jje 

gledlaker oure ssepe. Jjet is be peny bet he yefb to his twb is the penny 

, . P _ . 1 « ^^ B*ve8 to His 

workmen / n[ujarane euen com)>. J^et is pe ende of pe workmen when 

I . evening oometh. 

pE YIFTE BENE OF pfi HOLY TAHEB IXOSTER, The 5th petition 

of the Pater 

Dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimtttimMS i^<»ter. 

"Forgive us our 

debitorib\ia nostns, Ine J)ise bene we bidde|> oure trespasses," Ac. 

uader of- heuene / Jjet he ous wylle uoryeue / oure Forgive us our 

misdedes / ase we uoryeue}) to ham : Jet ous nus-doj. * ** 
oJ)er habbej mis-do. Janne zigge we Jus. * Leue uader / IToi. 84. b.] 

uoryef ous oure dettes : ase we uoryeueb oure dettours.' " ^® forgive our 

*' * debtors. 

Oure dettes : byej oure zennes / Jet we habbe J ydo our debts are our 

, sins, 

wexe ope oure zaulen. Jet is Jet beste wed of Je house. 
]?e zenuoUe be one zenne dyadlich / Jet zuo zone is 
y-pased / ase to be loste / ober ase to be dede / is the interest of 

.^.' ,. - ' which is hell pain. 

y-obhged to zuo ane greate gauelinge : Jet he ne he J 
m^te to hit endi. Jet is to Je pine of helle / Jet is 
wyb-oute ende. Efterward / he ssel to code / bet he No man could 

•'' • ' o I r make sufficient 

hej ywrejed / zuo grat amendes : Jet he ne he J mijte amends for one 

deadly sin,* 

uor to yelde. Vor ine al his lyue Jaj ha leuede an 
hondred year ojer more : he ne mijte na3t do uoluel- 
linde pojionce of one dyadliche zewne / yef god wolde 
usy to yelde dom. And beruore hit behoueb to yeme therefore it be* 

*' '' ' I ^ hovethhimtorun 

to Je cort of merci and bidde me^'ci / and aksy uoryeue- to the court of 

nesse. Vor be Je rijte of Je cort of dom / Je zene- 

^ere ssolde by demd / and ycowdemned to dyaje eure- 

lestinde. Jjeruore oure guode mayster lesu cr/st ous '<>' ^ tt»« ^o^rt 



of jnatiMw* tekb zuo to oxi uoTveuenesse and quittimre huanne we 

■hould be doomed ' *' ^ o 

tode«theveriM(- blddej) 01116 guode uader |>et is zuete and milde / uor to 
y[e]uene : large and corteys / Jet he ous uory[e]ue oure 

Ac nim wel hede hou Jou bidde. * Voryef ous oure 
misdedis / ase we uoryeue)) to ham : ))et ous habbe)) 
misdo.' Vor yef we ne uoryeuej to ham fet ous habbe]> 

ifwedonotfor- mirsldo : god ne uoryefb na^t ous oure misdedes. ase 

give othere, God •- -■ ° . 

wui not forgive he hi^n-zelf zay)> ous / ine pe godspelle. . ]}anne he |>et 

zay|> his pater noster / and hejf ine his herte hate / 

wrej^e / oj^er wyckedhede : he bit more aye hi^n-zelue : 

]>anne uor hi/T^zelue. Vor he bit god / Jet he ne 

Wherefore in thy uoryeue him na3t / huaTzne he zayj. * uoryef me : ase ich 

heat no wicked uoryeue.' and uor Jet at alle Je times Jet Jou zayst Ji 

wniiC^S^LMi pater noster beuore god Jet yzij J Jine herte : Jou sselt 

***^* uoryeue Jine wyckede wil / and keste out of Jine herte : 

alle wreje / and alle hate, and euelwyL ojerlaker Ji 

bene is more aye Je : Ja7^ne uor Je. Yef hit Je JingJ 

Strang Jing and kuead uor to uoryeuene / Jin euel wyl 

to ham Jet Je hatiej / ojer Jet Je kuead willej / huer 

Think hmrchriet he al nusdej : Jench Jet god uoryaf his dyaj to ham 

forgave his ene- - . , , , , -i • / 

mieswhocmoifled Jet him dede aje rode / Je uor to yeue uorbisne / uor 

to uoryeue to ham / Jet Je habbej misdo / and more 

yet eft : ham guod do : yef hi habej nye[de] to Je. Tor 

It ie no great ^se ho zayj ine his spelle. Ne is hit na3t grat Jing ne 

S^tor^r ^"* ofeeruinge aye god to do guod to ham Jet ous doj 

guod. ne to louie Jo Jet ous louyej 1 Vor Jet dej Je 

bat einoe we ere paeu / and Je sarasyn / and o Jre zenejeres. Ac we Jet 

God • children, ^^^^ godes children be byleaue and be grace / and we 

bye J cristene ynemned of lesu cnst / and;we bye J eyrs 

we onght to tor. mid him of Je heritage of paradys / of ous to uoryeue 

SyreTufcS. J>e on^ >e ojre / and louye oure uyendes. Jet is to 

miee,uidpr^for zigge hare persones. an bidde uor ham / and do ham 

guod yef hy habbej nyede and Jou hit mi3[t] do. Vor Jus 

he hit hat ine his spelle. panne ssolle we onlepiliche 

hatye Je zennes / and louie Je zaules. Jet byej ymad 


fo pe anliknesse of oure lorde. Alsuo as^ a leme of pQ 
bodye / louej) and uorber|> an ober. yef o leme blechej We are »a one 
an o^r be cas. pe o))er najt him awrec|> )>eruoie. We bpdyinChriet 
bye)) al o body ine lesu ciist / ase zay)> pe aposteL and 
|>eruore we Bsolle ech louye o|>er / and najt halie / ne 
harmi mid wrong / on / |>e o|>er. Huo ))et o))erlaker whoeo hateth an. 
de|> : be is manslc^te / and hi^n-zelue damne]? ase zayp derer. 
J)e wrytinge. Zuych can zigge his pater noster : him 
were betere f et he were stille. uor he let his domes- 
man : ayens him. 

Ine J^ise bene ))et we dop to gode. we him bezechej) in this petition 

--,,, ./.. 1 1/ A.i we ask God for 

one yeipe of pe holy gost / |)et is y-cleped / Je yeffe / thegwtofknow- 
of connynge. |)et mskep |)ane man ine Jjo^te and uol of ^^' 
wytte. bes gost him sseweb huet he is. and ine huet -whereby man 

, , '^ • sees what he is, 

pari! he is, and hnaranes he com)>. and huyder he ge]). andinwhatperu 

he is, 

and ^t he de)). and pQ misdede ))et he he|> ydo. and 
hou mochQ / he he|) hyer ywonne. and hou moche he 
ssel. And huanne he yzi^t bet he ne heb huermide and seeing Ua 

own imperfeo- 

endy : Jeanne him de)> |>es gost wepe / and grede merci tions, he asin 

to god / and zigge. * Lhord / uoryef me mine dettes. 

))et bye)> myne zennen. Yor ich am mochel ine dette 

ayen p^ / and uor pe queades ))et ich habbe ydo. £knd 

nor pe guodes Jet ich habbe uoryete / and ylete to done. 

bet -ich myjte / and ssolde habbe ydo. And uor bo and forgiveness 

J^ J7 f J r for his great sine 

guodes ))et ])0U me best ydo. and J^ine greate guod- 

nesses Jet ich habbe eche daye onderuonge / huyche 

ich habbe kueadliche yyzed / and pe kueadliche 

yserued. And Jjeruore lhord ich ne habbe huer-of 

maki pe yeldinge: uoryef me fet ich pe sseL* Huanne when he knows 

Jes gost him hej zuo. alyjt / Jet he knauj his defautes : 

and Janne him dej keste out of Je herte alle wre Je / he casts oat m- 

and alle hate / and al to uoryeue his euele ywyl / yef heart» 

Jer is eni. and yef Jer ne is : he is ine wylle and ine ^dthenishenbie 

porpos uor to uoryeuene mid herte / yef me him misdej. ^*^' "Father, 

And banne may he zicKe wel. * Vayre uader uoryef ous m^deedBa«we»io 

. 1 ^ / to them that have 

oure misdedes/ase we doj to ham : Jet ous habbej misdo.' wronged us." 

8 ♦ 




Norter. Et ne no8 inducas in temptacionem, be ybernde : 

*' And lead us not j j • * " 

into temptation.- ^©^ diet, and J)e ilke Jjet o^rhuyl yualle is in-to zenne. 

dreads ^e tn, ^^^nuB pe zcniie him is uoiy[e]ue : lie is )>e more milde : 

and ))o more dreduol / and ye more he he)> grater drede 

•o the tinner who of uondinge. peTVLOTe bit he hier to huam god his mis- 
it forgiven it __ n, i -i-i'ii 

afraid of fkiiing dedes noryelj) / )>et he hine loky nram ayen-uaUinge. 

£t ne no8 inducaa in temptacionem. \>ei is to zdgge. 

' Vayre zuete uader / ne led ous na3t in-to uondinge.' pe 
The devu is ti»e dyeuel is be uondere. vor hit is his creft / huer-of he 


serue)> ine godes house / uor to proui pe newe knyjtes. 

and yef pe uondinge nere guod and uremuol to guode / 

god ^t al makep uor oure guode / nolde nc^t ])olye pet 

hut when he heat* hi come. Ac ase zAyp sant bemard. huanne pe uondere 

•th our hacks, • -^ 

heitmakinff our OUS kuoke)) ope pane reg : he ous ssep|> oure corounes 

^^n!^^^\» ^^ ^li«se. Ase Jje ilke J)et ope pe regge of pe guode 

tmrtingimd beat- ^73*® / smit and beat / him ssept his los : and his 

Th "d%*trt^ blisse. pe dyeuel Jerto propreliche uonde)) |)ane man : 

draw man from Jet he hine my3te wyjnin^e uram pe loue of god, 

])eruore bit sainte pawel his deciples / ))et hi by yzet 

ase tours, yroted ase trawes : in loue. zuo ))et non 

uondinge him ne moje refye / ne rocky. ])eruore ine 

[FoL 85. h.3 

In thit petition piBe bezechinge we eucaep help of gode ine oure batayle / 

G^in ou?uIttie. ^^^ f© 7®^® ^^ P^^e. Jjet is a grace >et bedeawej) pe 

of pity ***^**^* herte and make]? his zuete and reujjeuol. and make)> 

his al become grene / and ber]? yno^ frut of guode 

workes wyjj-oute and wyjj-iime erjje / strengj^i his roten 

ine pe er]^e of libbende. J^et is ase ))et guode mortyer / 

huer-of me makep pe guode walles sarzineys ^t me ne 

may nt^t breke / ne mid pic / ne mid mongeneL 

We say. ** Sweet ])anne huanne we zigge)>. et ne nos indtteaa in tempt' 

Father, make our . . x • x • * tr x j / -l 

hearts fiwt, to acionem, ]^et 18 to zigge. * Vayre zuete uader / make oure 
ation^may'ihsJce berteu uesto / an stedeuest / )>et hi ne ssake uor none 
We'd© not pray wondynge fat to hare com]?.' We ne byddej) na^t/ fet 
not to be tempted, ^^ j^^ ssoUe by uoudcd : Vor Jet were a fole bezech- 


iiige / and ssamuoL Ase fe zone of a guod man ^et 
ssel by a newe kny3t him bezek]^. * Leue uader ich J^e 
bidde ^t ))ou me loki J^et ich ne guo neuiemo : ne to 
ioustes / ne to tomemens.' "We wylleb wel bet we by bat we detire to 

be tempted, for 

yuonded. vor hit is onre iireme ine uele manures, uor th^t is our profit, 

we byejj pe more ymylded / and Jje dreduoUer / and pe 

more wys ine alle ))inges. and J^e more wor)> / an ))e 

more asayd. Yor ase zay|> Salomon. Ze |>et ne he)> |>ise 

uondinges : he ne may noj^ing wel cowne. bote ase me forothenrtaewe 

cut know notliin^ 

kan ))e batayle of troye / be hyere-zigginge. Yor he ne of thew trials, 
may himrmhie yknawe / ne him uestni ine ))e strengj^e norieamhowto 

ft' t I 1 11 1 11 !• tortiiy oanelves 

of his uyendes / ne hare sotylhede. and hou god is agaiiut the fiend. 

trewe to pe nyede / his uryend uor to helpe. ne of hou 

uele zcnnes / ne of hou uele perils / he hej) pe ofte 

yloked. and uor alle pise skeles / he ne ssel na3t arijt 

conne god louie / ne hi77» J^onki of his guode. Ac we 

him bidde}) Jet he loky oure herten / Jet hi ne guo in- ^« «»*»«* oo* 

to uondynge / Jet is Jet hi ne consentL Yor al Jet is maynotoonieut 

of ous : we byej zuo poure / and zuo fyeble / Jet we 

ne mo3e ni^t ane time of Je daye Jolye Je asaylinges 

of Je dyeule : wy J-oute Je help of oure Ihorde. And 

huanne he ous fayleb : we ffuob ber-in. Huanne he when He heipeth 

. ^ / , nsthenwefight 

ous helpj : we wyjstondej. and we uy3tej / and we end overcome, 
ouercomej. And Jeruore we ziggej. ' Lyeue uader ne 
led ous ni^t in-to uondinge. Jet is ne Jole na3t / Jet we 
go in-to consentinge.' 


of the Pater 

8ed libera nos a malo / amen, Saynt austin zayj. J^^'i^iiverne 
Jet Je Jre vices ous makej ojer Je kueade to done : fr<»™ •^^'* 
ojer Je guodes letie to done. Ac al Jet me he J ydo. ^***t|J?''* 
and alle Je yefjes Jet he he J yporchaced : prede is ine pride leeks to de- 
wille to destrue / and to benime. An Jeruore h[u]awne 
god heJ y-yeue to man Jet he him heJ ybede ine Jise 
zeue benes beuore yzed. Jane uerst hit is nyed uorzoje : 
Jet he him delyuri of Je kueade / and of his aspiinges. ^*»««fc" '^^ ^^ 



from 6vil. 

W* mtratt to be 
dellTored from 

W« pray for tlM 
glftofftar, fo 
that ire may be 
delivered from all 

[FoL 86. a»] 

The aeven ffifta 

of the Holy 


It behoveth us to 

apeak with rerer- 

enoe of these 


1. We shall say 
what are tiie gifts, 

2. why they are 
so called, 

5. why gifts of the 
Holy Qhost, 

4. why seven, and 
neither more nor 

6. what good they 

A blissftil bridal 
was made in the 
womb of Mary 
when (Sod's Son 
ssponsed our flesh 
and nature. ■ 

Ifany Air gifts 
. He brought to his 

Christ was the 
flower of Naza- 

And )>eruore comJ» alast j^is bene / ase fe efter-warde / 
J)et 'iAjp )>ou8. /Sed libera nos a malo. amen, |>et is to 
zigge : 'Lyeue uader deliure o[u]s of ]^ kueade. ]^t is to 
zigge : of )>e d7[e]uele. and of his sle^^ fet we ne Ijese 
be prede / pe gaodes : fei pou ons best y-yene/ Inno 
)>ise bene we him bidde)) / pet he ous yeue pe jefpe / of 
drede. huer-by we ssolle by delyured of pe kueade / and 
of alle o)>er kuead. ])et is of alle zene / and of alle 
perils ine J>ise wordle : and ine fe of re. Amen. 

Nou best pan y-herd pe notes / ])et me kan noty ope 
J)ise zonge Jjet god made. Jjet is f et pater noster. Non 
loke ]>et povL hit conne wel zinge ine )>ine herte. Vor 
grat guod pe ssel beoalle : yef po\i zuo dest. 


Efber pe zene benes pet hjep y-contyened ine holi 
pater noster : ons be-hone)) to spekene mid greate rener- 
ence / of zuo he3e materie / ase of "pe zeuen holy jetpes 
of pe holy gost / ase he himzeK ous ssel teche. And 
uerst we vrjUep zigge : huyche byej) pe yeffes. Eftei^ 
ward h[u]eruore hi hjep y-cleped / jefpe. and huereuore 
yef|>e of pe holi gost. Efteiward hueruore ]>er bye)> 
zeuen / ne mo / ne les. and efberward of pe guodes )>et hi 
ous dof . Wone is and cortayzie / )>et h[u]a7me man is 
riche / and wor)>i / and noble / and com)> to his spouse / 
and he hise loue)) mid al his herte and hire breng]> of 
his ioiax. Ysaie pe profete yzej ine goste pe ilke blis- 
uolle bredale / Jjet wes ymad ine pe wombe of pe blisfolle 
mayde marie / hiianne godes zone nom / and spousede 
oure zoster and oure uless. oure manhode / and oure 
kende. Yef we telle)) pe ioiax and pe uayre yefj^es )>et 
he bro3te mid him uor to yeue to his spouse / and to 
his eldnnges / and zayde )>ous pe zuete profete wel 
corteisliche. * Of pe rote of iesse ssel guo out a yerd / 
))et ssel here )>et flour of nazare]>.* ]>et is to zigge : )^t 
flour / of flours. Vor nazare)) : is asemoche wor)> / ase 


flour / and grace, ase moche ase cos. and ope fet flour : 

him ssel resti ))e holi gost. fe gost of wysdome : and of 

onderstondinge. J)e gost of streng^e : and of mrtue. ]>e 

gost of wytte : and of pit6. ])e gost of godes drede. )>ise 

hyep pe graces huer-of he wes al uol / uram )>e time pet From hii Mrth 

he wes onderuonge in-to ]>e wombe of his moder. ase fe gmm, 

greato ze is uol of wetere / and welle of alle weteres / of water. 

zuete / an zalte. huer-of hi wetere)) al ]>e wordle. Alsuo 

wes he ase z&yp sayn Ion / zuo uol of grace and of 

zofe I )>et of his. uolhede : we nime]> aL j^ise zeue Andw«ptftaiMor 

gostes / and ])ise zeue 7ef|>es we onderuonge)) al / mid we receive theee 

)>e holy cristniTige. Ac ase ))e graces bodiliche )>et god holy dirutening. 

yef|) to ]>e childe / ine wy tte / ine guodnesse / and ine 

streng)>e / and ine o))re graces ))et he yef)) to his wylle. 

to echin he him ssewe)) litel / and liteL ase |)et child 

wext / and com]> uor]>. Alsuo is he in his graces gost- 

liche be )>an ))et ech profile)) ine guode / and agray))e)) 

his herte / and him yef )) to gode : be ))an ))et god him 

yefj) more / and more of grace. And ))et ssewe)) ))is thoMwhonee 

yef^ be worke / ))e on : ine ))e on. and ))e o))er / ine ))e 

o))er. ase hit lyke)) ))e holy gost / );et his todel)) to his 

wills, ase zaynte paul zay)). ))anne ine ous beginne)) Theee gneee be- 
gin low endifee 

))iae graces ase ))e mrtues ine lo). and ssewe)> an h(^. high. 

And ))et is of drede. ))anne ine wysdome. Yor drede 

is beginninge of wysdom. ase zayb dauid. Ac ine him '««^*» thebegin- 

niiig of wiedom. 

weren echedaye alle ))e graces / and alle ))e mrtues wel 

uolliche wy)K)ute enie mesure. and ))eruore his zet ))e CFflLi6.b.] 

profete dounward / ech yef))e be ])e ordre of hare ding- 

nete. Alsuo ase zeue benes bye)) yzet beuore be ))e 

ordre of hare dingnetes. ))e hc^este beuore. and ))e lojeste 






more and more in 

Jjise graces byeb yhote yefbes uor bri skeles. Versl *• ^*«" i 

are called gifle 

uor hare dingnet^ and hare wor)). yef me yefj) ine ye for their digntty 

and worth. 

kinges cort ane robe to ane childe / o))er ane poure 


manne : ane dissuol of pesen / pet ne is no ))ing ]>et "bj 

worfi to by ycleped yefjje of kyng. Jjeruoie saynt 

iacob clepe]) alle fe of re guxxles )>et god yef|> / and tim- 

AM other gifta are liche / and gostllche. nauit yef bes : ac y-yene. fet by 

changing and 

going. chonginde / and guoinde. Ac j^ise graces he clepe)) 

given to 118 b7 God jefpes uolucld. Vor he his ne yef)) to nonen: ))et he 

ne yef)> hiTT^zelue. J}e o)>er scele is / uor pet pe o))re 

s. other giaoee gmcos / and pe o))re guodes he ous len)) uor to usy ine 

to*thte life, but" fisd liue. Ac jjise hjbp yef>es arijt wy)K)ute wjpnjm- 

^^^!ih^thm. y^g® / ^^^ wy))-oute lere. Vor huanne pe o))re ssoUe 

fayli / f ise ssolle ous bleue. pa.nne bye)) hi zuo propre- 

liche oure : . fet we his ne moje na3t lyese wylle we 

3. They are given nolle we. ase we mo3e ))e o))re. )}e ))ridde scele and ))e 

he3e8te is. uor ))er byej ydffes clenliche be loue. and ))ou 

wost wel ))et jefpe lyest ))ane name of jefpe : huanne 

hit ne is ua3t y-yeue clenliche be loue. Yor huanne pe 

A gift becomes yeuere he)) zi^pe to his o^ene prou : ))et ne is no yef))e : 

chaffer when the . • i xr i. «. j 

giver has an eye ac TSLpie IS chapuaTc. Iluanne he yzy3p guodnesse 

**^ ^^ ' onderuonge / ofer sendee / ))et ne is no yeffe / ac hit is 

lajre dette y-yolde. Ac huanne pe yeffe com)) p-opre- 

A gift comes flrom i[che and clcnlichc * of be welle of loue wib-oute prou. 

the well of love, ' ' * 

without reward, wy^-oute yef))e. wy))oute drede. wy))-oute enie dette : 
Jeanne is hit ari3t ycleped / jeipe. Huerof pe filosofe 
zay)). Jet yef|)e / is yeuynge : wy))oute sjen-jefpe. ))et 
is wy[f ]-oute onderstondinge of ayenyef))e. ac wjpoiite 

God gives us His moTo : uoF to zcche louc. luc zuychc nianere god yef)) 

gifts for the love 

ue hath to us. . Qus his jefpes clenliche / uor pe loue ))et he he)) to ous / 
and uor to gaderi oure herten. and oure loue. and uor 
piae scele : propreliche hi hjep y-cleped / yefpea. 


called gifts of the 

Holy Ghost j^^ hucruore hi bye)) y-cleped / jefpe of pe holy 

1. Works of might ^Qg^ . ^anue* vefbe of be uader / and of be zone, uor alle 

belongtothe ® '^ . '' '^ '^ ' '^ 

Father: works of ^jre dedes / and hire yefbes byeb commun. (1) ))er-to 

wisdom to the ' ^ m *> m \ . 

Son: works of bvcb tuavc sccles. be one. uor ban bet ase workes of 

goodness to the J r J » ' ' -l- 

Holy Ghost. my3te / bye)) appropred to pe uader. and pe workes of 

* MS. ehenliehe ' more panne f 


wysdom / to ))e zone : alsuo fe workes of guodnesse : to 

pe holy gost. vor' guodnesse is / ase zayf sanyt denys / [' ms. «w] 

to lere him-zelue. Yor yef a man jeip pet him n&^t ne 

costnej) : pet ne is na3t- grat guodnesse. Ac uor pe 

holy gost. be byse zeue yefbes/ spret him-zelue ine oure Th«M gifts ipread 

in oar hearts as 

herten / ase z&yp zainte paul / ase be zeue streames. by seTen stnuan. 

^eruore hi hyep propreliche y-cleped yeffes of pe holy 

gost. Vor he is be welle. hy byeb be streames. And The Holy Ohostis 

° V^ J J r r the well, the gifts 

pe ojjer scele is / uor Jjet pe holy gost is propreliche pe «» t^e streams, 
loue / bet is betuene be uader / and be zone, and beruore tothe !<>▼« be- 

' ^ ^ / *^®*" *^® Father 

)>et loue is pe propre / and pe uerste / and pe hejeste and son. 
yef))e : Jjet man may yeue / )>et ari3t yeff. and ine piae est of »u gifts, 
yeff e : me yeff / alle pe o)>re. and wyfoute Jjisen : non 
ober yefbe ne is na^t arist y-nemned yefbe. beruore is The Holy Ghost 

is gift and giver, 

ari3t pe holy gost propreliche / yeffe / and yeuere. Vor forhegivethand 

is given. 

he him yeff : and is y-yeue. Ine echen of fise zeuen [FoLsr.a.] 
J)et he yeff uor to confermi oure loue to his / )>et hi 
by feruent / and guod / and zo])e / and clene. 


Vor tuo binges is be man ybor3e. be pe be-uliynge why man is 


of kueade : and do ]^et guode. ]?et kueade beuly / and i. By eschewing 


hatie : ous de]^ pe jeipe of drede. pe opre zix. do)) ous s. By doing good, 
j^e guodes to done. J)e yef))e of drede is pe doreward caiues ns^to nee 
to pe greate ^reste. ))et is to zigge : to pe greate ])reap- Theother six gifts 
ninge of godes dom / and of pe pine of helle. j)et is JJJ^*® a» *<> d© 
echedaye / aredy and arise, fet is pe wayte of pe 
castele / })et neure ne slepf. f et is pe wyed hoc of pe ^^f^^J"^ 
gardine )>et uordej) al J)et kueade gers. J)et is pe hor- ^^^^^ of the 
dyer )>et loke)> pe herte / and alle pe guodes J)et byej) ^Jjjj;^ h k f 
j^erinne. J)e ojre zix yefj^es / ous make]) pe guodes to the garden, 

Nou sselt Jou ywyte / fet ase pe bri3[t]nesse of pe The sun gives 

_- , , . light to the world, 

zonne bet bou izixt yefb li^t to be wordle and mrtue / and virtue and 

'^ ' J I- 7 r / strength to aU 

and streng))e to alle pe ])inges ])et wexe)) and come]) to tungsinit; 
))e wordle. alsuo de]) pe holy gost ])et ali^t in heuene Ghost gives light 



to those who are 
In grace. 
There are three 
stages of folk in 

L The nearest to 
Oodseeand hear 

2. The middle 
ones are like 
barons and 

8. The lowest are 
as seijeants (senr- 

So are there three 
states of God's 
sons on earth. 

1. Those who live 
by God's behests. 

2. Those who 
have their hearts 
in heaven and 
their bodies on 

S. The third 
govern them- 
selves and others 
by God's behests. 

The two first of 
these six gifts 
(knowledge and 


belong to those of 
the first state. 
The two middle 
ones (counsel and 
strength) belong 
to those of the 
second stage. 
The two last 
and wisdom) be- 
long to those of 
the highest state. 

and ine er)>e alle ])o pet hjef in grace / and men / and 

angles. And al alsuo ase ine heuene / hef pn stages 

of uolke / ase zayt saynt. denys. huer-of fo on is 

he^ere. ]^e opeT men. pe pndde lowest, fe hejeste / hjQp 

ase ))o / Jjet byef of J)e kinges consayle. j^ise hyef 

alneway mid god ^e nixte Jeanne fe o])re / and yzye)) 

and jhereip / and hir?} : and his pnuites. J)e men* 

[midliste] / byej ase pe barouns /' and J)e baylifs J)et 

goueme]> and wytyep pe kingriche / and guo]> / an 

come]>. and lyemie^ of pan of pe consayle. an ]>et hi 

hote]^ and mskkep hit do o^ren. pe lo3este / bye)) ase 

sergpns and )>o ^et bye]) ine office / and habbe]y pe 

mestyeres / and do]^ pe offices / and pe messages ase 

me ham zajp. In ))0 manere / and in ^o norbysne he)) 

he pn states of godes zone ine er))e. Huidhe pe holy 

gost / let / and condue)) / ase z&yp sainte paneL ))e on 

stat is of pan / ))et bye)) ine pe wordle and libbe]) be 

godes hestes. and be fet hi leue^ / and yhyere)) of hyre 

ouerlynges. J)e o)^er stat is of pe stedeueste / )^t of al 

habbe)) pe herteh out of pe wordle / ))et ysjep god ase 

moche ase me may ine ))ise lyue. and habbe]) hire con- 

uersacion ine heuene / and pe bodyes ine er^e. and pe 

herten mid god. J)e pndde bye^ ine pe middel stat / 

])et gouemef . wel / ojer ham / o))er of re. and libbe]) 

be pe hestes of god. ]?ise pn maneres tek]) pe holy 

gost / and let / and goneme]) / be piae zix yefpea, and 

ham to-delf ]^ise graces to echen to his wylle ase z&jp 

pe apostel. J)e tuo uerste of piae zix yef))es / belonge]) 

to fan / fet byej) of pe uerste stat J)e yeffe of con- 

nynge : ham tekf . And pe jefpe of pit6 : makef ham 

to bidde. J)e tuo midleste / belowgef to ham of pe 

middel stat. J)e yef))e of red : ham goueme)). And pe 

yeffe of strengf e : uoluelf pe nyedes. J)e tuo laste / 

belonge]) to ham of pe he3este stat. J)q yef|)e of onder^ 

stondinge : his aly3t. J)e yeffe of wysdom / hise make]) 

stedeuest / and his cofifermep j and ioynef to god. Ah 


o|>er skele Jer is / hueruore Jjer bjej) zeuen. Vor f e 

holy gost be piae zeue jefl^es : bestrep)) )>e zeue zenneB TheMrengifto 

Oram be herte. and plonteb / and norisseb zeue uiHiies MTensiiisfroiii 

- - . the heart 

C077{tjraries / fet make)) man stedeuestliche yblyssed. [Foi. sr. b.] 

piae hjep fe gaodes / fet )>e holy gost make]) ine herte 

huer he descendeb be bise zeue yefbes. Ac erban ich iwiiinow«pe»k 

^ ' ^ ^ ' ' of eeven other 

decendi to J>e mrtues Jjet byejr (;{m[t]raries to be zeue ▼irtoes. whereof 

three areso^y 

zennes : ich Jje wylle speke ssortliche / of zeue ojjre and four c»rdin»L 
utHues. huer-of Jje Jjii byef yclieped* : godliche. and 
))e uour bye]> y-cleped cardinala 

Op bB bRI UBRSTB U/HTUES. Of the three tot 

' '^ Tirtuet. 

])e ))ii uerste clepe]> saypte paul : beleaue. hope. BeUef. hope, and 
and charity, and bye]> ycleped / godliche. Yor ^et hi godiy. they direct 
ordayne]) hare herten to god. Beleaue / ase zay)) saynt By^beUef weao- 
austin : ous zet onder god. and hi ous dej) beknawe / ^^ 
and to byknawe. to ]>e Ihorde / of huam we healde)) al 
)>et we habbe]>. ofguode. Hope: zay]). hi ous arere)) Hoperaiaeenato 
to god / and ous make]) Strang / and hardi / uor to on- 
demime uor him ]>et hi ])et pace]) ui'rtue of man. 
Charity. J)is zay)). hi ous ioyne]) to god. Vor charity ne Charity joinethua 
is o])er ])ing bote dyere oninge. uor hi dej of Je herte 
and of god : al on. ase zay]) saynyte Pol. Beleaue / 
y-zi3t ine gode ])e he^este zo])nesse. Hope, cuerlyche 
he^nesse. and ouerliche magest^. Charity, ouerliche For three thing* 

^ ■^ " one loTeth a man. 

guodnesse. Jjise bri mVtues byeb to-deld be bri degres i. Haying heard 

■ome great good 

of loue. Vor bri binges me loueb ane man. Ober uor of him. 

2. Haying learnt . 

])et me he]) y-herd grat guod of him. 0])er uor ])et me great good of him. 

onderstant grat guod of him. 0])er uor ])et me he]) on- ceiyed great good 

deruonge grat guod of him. ]?ise ])ri maneres of loue : 

bye]) ine ])ise Jri uirtues. Loue of beleaue : hyer]) ine 

dede. Loue of hope : uel]) ])ane smel / and zek]). Loue ^f "e^J^n *^^ 

of charity : nimj). and zik]). and zuel3]) / and halt. ^ **»"• ^- 

^ MS. yeheped 



nal Tirtnes. 

OodgiTethand ^^ J® ^^^"^ mrtues cardinales speke]> moche J)e 

l^d^timr y®^^® philosofes. Ac fe hoU gost hise yeff / and 

Sd**hUow?w» ^^f / betere an hondredsife. ase z&yf Salomon ine Jje 

boc of wysdome. Of Jise uour mrtiies pe uerste mo 

1. Sleight (Pru- clepe]^/8le3))e — , Jje o})er temperance, pe f ridde/stiengf e. 

penmee. Jjo uer])e / dom [ri3tuolnesse]. Jjise uonr mrtues byej> 

Doom (JoBtioe). y-cleped cardinals, uor ])et hi bye)) hejest amang ^e 

dinai virtues. uiHues / huer-of pe yealde filosofes speke. Vor be 

J)ise uour mrtues pe man goueme]) hiwi-zelue ine )>ise 

wordle. ase pe apostles gouemef holy cherche be his 

1. Prwiencekeepe cardinals. Sle3^e : loke]) fane man J)et he ne by be 

beguiled. none sle3))e of pe kueade y-gyled. Temperance. )>et 

preeenres man he ne bv be none kuodo loue amerd. Strengbe. bet he 

from being '' ^r r 

marred by wicked ne by be tyone. oJ>er be drede. ojer be zoi^e : ouercome. 
a strength bean l)ise bii hyoldeb man ine smod stat auorye him-zelue. 

him lip against Vv , . 

sorrow. Dom. hino zet ine ordre and ine ri3t stat aryens o))re. 

Vor hi yelt to echen al fet his is. Jjise byef )>e uour 
These are the four touTs ine pQ uouT cornyeies of pQ houso of pQ guode 
the bouse of the manne / ])et make)> pei hous ziker and Strang. Sle3))e : 
Sd^sSJS^ bit were]) wyj) )»et yeast be porueynge aye f e perils. 

Tewiperan[ce] / aye peX mup, aye pQ wykkede hetes. 

Strong^ . aye ))et norf . aye f e wyckede cheles. lustice. 

ay[e] j)e west, a-ye fe wyckede raynes. 

Of the office of the QP IjE OPPICB OP bB UOUR U/iJTUBS. 

four virtues. ' '^ 

Thesetoiw vtotues V^ ^^ur uiHues habbe)) diuerse offices / and 

^ediveise mochel ham diuersej) ine hire workes / ase x&yp an aid 

filosofe ])et hette platoim ine his boc ])et he made of ]>e 

uour mrtues. and hise to-delj wel sotilliche. and zay]). 

Prudence hath ]>et 8le3])e hop )>ri offices. uor be ]>ise m'rtue al ))et man 

direct mim'aright de]> / and zAyp / and pengp. al he di3t / and let / and 

wort,'aSd*diid. reulej) to pe lyne of scele. ne noting he nele do : bote 

ri3t and scele. And ine alle his workes he hi7n poruey]) 

J)et hi by do / by pe ordinance / and by pe wylle of 


god / pet el j-n^p / and dem]>. A grat Ihord ssolde he 
by ase me pingp j pQi ))ise onelepi m'rtue hedde : and 
be ))ise ))ri j^inges bim gouemede. 

TEMPfiZANCE. Tempermnce. 

Jje u/Hue of temperance be)> J)ri offices. Vor berte ^^J^^^*^" 
)>et J)ise office be)> ne wyle / ne ne wyhie)> )>ing : })et ^^^^ »*«»•• 
make)) to uor]>encbe. Ine none j^inge be ne agelt ]>e 
laje to louie zikerlicbe. and onder bim of scele be zet / 
and dret alio ))e couaytises of ^e wordle. ]?et is to 
zigge. be Jet be)> )>ise uirtue. be bim loki / J)et be ne Jif'^JJ^JIS'S""* 
by amerd be J^ise Jjri finges J)et J)e wordle ssent. ase the sin of the 
zayb saint Ion. zenne of ulesse : and prede of berte. >>«^. «»* the 

*" ' * oovetonsneM of 

couaytise of Jje wordle. the world. 

StRENGJJE. strength. 

Jje mrtue of strong J>e / be)) alsuo )>ri offices. Vor ^^^L^d 
buo )>et ))ise mrtue be)> : be bim a-rere)) an bej a-boue J^^^S^f*^/* 
))e perils )>et bye)> ine ))e wordle. JSTo )>ing bim ne dret / ^®'*<*- 
bote vHeynie. 

Aduerset^ / and prosperity / be berj / and )>ole)) 
wy)H)ute wepinge. ne ari3tbalf ne aleftbalf. Wei ssolde 
be by guod kny3t / ))et ine )>i8e fri )>inge8 were wel y- 
proued. Jjise Jri mrtues armen)» / an ordayne)). and S^^Soa^ of 
agray))e)> man / ase to ))ri deles of J)e berte / )>et me iJ;,^,^;^'^' 
cliepej) ^ scele. loue. and strengje. Prudence / lokef ■*'«*»k*^- 
)>ane scele * / fet bi ne bi beca3t. Temperance / loke)) 
)>ane loue / ])et bi ne by amerd. Streng)}e. loke)) )>et 
wyl : ))et bi neby ouercome. 

E13TUOLNESSE. Bightftalnese. 

Eiiituolnesse'. makeb bane man ordenelicbe libbe RtehtfWnew 

^ * ' makes man to 

amanff obren. Vor ase zayb platon. bis is be mrtue / uve orderly 

<=» ' •'-» ^ ' » ' among others, 

))et make)) ))et fe man a-yens ecben def ))et be ssel do. to yield reyerenoo 
Vor bi yelt reuerence to bam fet byej a-boue. loue to {^*** *^*^® 

< MS. cliepe|> > MS. sclele ^ MS. pi3tuolne8se. 


Md*to8ho^idM- ^^*^ ^^^ ^^®^ bezide. grace to ham fet hjef benefe. 

*»•"*<> those b©- Be Jjise uour uirtues ydo / ia pe man worji fet he by 
gouemour uerat of hi?7i-zelue. and efterward of ojjren. 
Ine J)ise uour u/rtues ham studede fe yealde filozofes 
fet al fe wordle onworjjede / and norlete / uor uirtue 
to zeche and wysdom. and ))eruore hi were y-cleped : 

phtioMphy liff- filosofes. Yor filozof6 is ase moche worb : ase loue of 

nifles the lore of 

wisdom. wysdome. A. god hou hit ssolde ous ssende and astonie / 

The old phiioeo- huawne bo bet weren paenes / and wyb-ont la^e y-write 

pherswhostroTe ^ '^ '^ I J r 7 J 

to climb onto the het najt ne coube of be zobe tnuce of cod / ne of be 

HiU of Perfection '^ ^ r r r Q ©/ r 

i>7 strength of holy gost : ne wenden. hi cliuen in to be helle of per- 

their own Tirtue, « . . 

putso-caued feccion of line be strengj^e be hire 03ene airtae / and 
shMue. who. har- ne daynede na3t to loki ope fe woidle. And we ]>et 
iietyetwaUowin bye)) cWstene / and habbet ])e zoJ)e beleaue and conne 

the mire of %^^ -• i»iiiii a 

world. pe hestes of god and habbe)) ]>e grace of fe holy gost. 

Yef we yzeje pet we mijte more ine one daye profiti / 
]>anne hi ne mo3e ine one yere y-hol / we walewej) ase 

Wherefore saith zuyn hyer benebe / ine bise wose of bise wordle. bemore 

St Paul, that the i 

pagans doing the z&yp sanynte paul / ))et ))e payens ))et bye]> wy)K)ute 

law shau Judge ns la3e / and do)> ^e la3e. ate daye of dome : hi ssoUe ons 

and do it not deme / ]>et habbet pe la3e / and ns^t hise dof, Ac uor 

j^an ^et hi ne hedden na3t ri3te byleue / ne ))ane holy 

gost / ne none ntrtue. ne lyf / ne zo Je beknawynge : hi 

Virtue without ne * mo3e y-wy te hou moche Jjet hi weren uayre / uor ase 

dead coal or dead moche ase fer is be-tuene dyad col / and quyk / man 

dyad / and man libbinde : ase moche ))er is be>tueno 

uirtue pet is wy)K)ute charity / pet is pe guodnesse / 

and pe worj) / and f et lyf of pe ojre uirtues. Huer-of 

The four cardinal saynt austin huaTine he Bpenp of bise uour mrtues / he 

.yirtues are four ,.,, at 

kinds of loves. his to-del)> be uour maneres of loue. and be uour ))inges 

)>et zop loue make^. ]?anne he z&yp / ))et pe mrtue of 

loTe of the heart prudeuce I is pe loue of herte. Jjet wyslyche uorlet / al 

S«*aut^tma7 ^®* ^^ may derie : and chyest al )>et him may helpe. 

^^ and habbe bet he loueb / bet is god. be mrtue of tern- 

Temperance en- ' J I J o * 

abies man to give pemuce is be loue of be herte / huerby he him vefb y- 

himself whoUy to^ '^ '^ ' ^ J T J 

God. 1 MS. no 


boUiche and wy)»oute corrapcion to pet ha louej) /pet is 

to god. J)e u?'rtue of 8treng))e / ia pe loue of herte / strength enables 

111 1 fill*- / ^^ ^ endure all 

huer^Dj he ])ole]) stronguche alle ])mges ]>et moje come / tungs. 

uor bet he loueb. lustice / is be loue of herte / huer- Jurticeii the lore 

' , whereby he serves 

by he serueb onlepiliche and wyb-oute more / to bet he God and putteth 

1 . , 1 111 »*> o*^" ti»in«« 

loue^. ]^et IS to god. and uor zuo moche de)) onder uot underfoot. 

alle o^re ^inges. Jeanne dom zet man / ine his ri3te stat. 

bet is aboue alle binges / and onder god, Wyb-oute bise without these 

'^ r -o y fb Jr r four virtues none 

uour uiVtues non ne may cliue in-to be helle of perfec- may ciimb unto 

. theHlllofPerfoo* 

cion. Vor huo Jet wyle zuo he3e clyue / him behoue]^ tion. 

ate uerste Jet he habbe prudence / Jet him makie to 

onworji pe wordle / and strengje Jermide / Jet him 

yeue grat herte / of grat Jing to onderuonge. and uol3i 

Of ojerhalf Jet he habbe temperance / uor Jet he ne 

by to moche y-charged. and ri3tuolnesse Jer-mide / Jet is 

Je rijte pej. and him ssewy godes riche. ase god dede 

to lacob. ase zay J Je boc of wysdome. Huo Jet Jise whoso had these 

virtues should l»e 

uour mrtues mi3te zuo habbe / he ssolde by wel p^- blessed and per .. 
feet / and y blissed ine Jise wordle / and more ine Je world, and more 
ojre. Vor he ssolde by ine payse of herte. and ine 
blisse gostlych / na3t ne sso[l]de him faily / ac wexe ine 
god Jet he ssolde habbe ine him / ine huam he him 
ssolde lyky. 

Nou we ayen comeb to oure kende. and bidde we Let us pray the 

•^ '^ Holy Ghost to 

mid al oure herte / Jane holy gost / Jet tekj Je hertes. teach and show us 

how He, by these 

Jet he by oure auocat / and ous teche to sseawy hou he gifts, strippeth 

^ the seven sins 

be Jise zeue yefjes : bestrepe J Je zeue zennes of oure from our hearts, 
herten. and he zette / and norissy Je zeue utrtues. 

Op )?b yepJje op drede. 2^*""***' 

J)e jefje of drede : is Je uerste / of Je yefjes. Jet '^^^^^^^^ 
kest out alle Je zewnes of Je herte. ase we habbe J yzed the sins from the 
beuore wel propreliche. He bestrepb Je rote of prede. it strippeth the 

* * *■ ' ' * root of pride, and 

and zet in his stede : be mrtue of mildenesse. Nou settethinits stead 

' , [Fol. 39. a.] 

loke and onderstand wel hour. Je zene3ere Jet slep J ine the virtue of 

Jet he J The sinner Is like 
' the drunkard. 

128 THE sinner's unconsciousness. 

who knows not al uorloTe in ])e taueme / and is zuo naked and zuo 

his nakednen and 

poverty. poure : ^et he ne hef najt. ac na3t he hit ne uel]> ne 

playne]). Ac he wen}) by a wel grai Ihord. 

Ac ))anne he hej y-slepe / and com]) to hi7??-zelue : 

famie he yuelj) his kuead / and knau)) his folye / and 

The first good that him pla3mej) of his harm. ])et is pet uerste guod pet 

doth to thb sinner pe holy gost de]) to ^e zene3ere / huanne he him uisite]). 

his senses, Yor he him yelt his wyttes / and his onderstoudinge / 

■0 that he may ^^id him breng]) ayen to him-zelue. zuo ))et he him 

SwfSTe^^^* knauj) / and him reuerte)) huet guodes ne hep uerlore / 

and how waste- ^^^ ^^6 huet pouerte he is y-ualle be his zenne. ase 

squLdered his ^^^^ t^ guode maiines zone ^et his eritage wastede and 

heritage. dispe/idede ine ribaudie and leuede lechemsliche / 

alhuet him behouede to loki zuyn. ase oure Ihord ons 

make]) ))ise uorbysne ine his spelle. Atenende pe 

zenejeres ^ ase z&yp Salomon is ase'])e ilke ])et slep]) 

amide pe ze / and ])et ssip spil]) / and he m^t hit ne 

The shiner is as uel]) / ne none drede ne he]). Ac huanne pe holy gost 

Irons and fetten, him awake]) : psjine yuelj) he and zi^p his peril / and 

guarded, as was begin]) to habbe drede of hiTTi-zelue. And yet eft pe 

St Feter in . , • .-t-, • i • • » • j 

Herod's prison, zenejere IS ase pe like ])et is me przsone in ysnes and 
The wretch ine ueteres / and ine greate lokinge / ase wes saynte 

thinketh not of i*i i • i« ii 

the gibbet, bat peter me herrodes prtsone. and pe wrechche ne ])engj) 
dreameth that he of him ])et hine halt : ne of pe glbet ])et him abit. ac 
«^ weddings. slep]) and met ])et ha ge]) to festes and to bredales. Ac 
as the angel that p^ grace of pe holy gost is ase pe angle ])et awakede 
and deuverwi htan zayntc pctren / and him deliurede of pe hand of herrode. 
Herod.*ftrrhe***^ ^or hi awake]) ])ane zene3ere /and him deliure]) of pe 
DCT^ddeUvOT ^^^ ^^ f® dyeule. Ateende* pe zene3ei» is ase j)e ilke 
^e?of til?'' f®* ^®^^ ^y ^^^^ / an hoi / and he he]); pane dja,p 
Thisinner ween- ^uder Ms clojes. Vor he he]) pe kuede humours and 
yethehathSea'th corrupt^s ine pe bodye / huer-of he ssel sterue wy])-inne 
nnder his clothes, ^j^^ monje. and he wenj libbe yet uourti yer / ase 

zayp elyuans ine uers of pe dya])e. Do away pe scoffes 
The Holy Ghost and be scomes. uor zuich me wrikb onder his clobes 

Is the good physi- ^ ' ' 

dan. ))et wen]) by Strang and hoL Ac pe hoh gost is pe guode 

> zene^ere ? « Atenende f 

THE sinner's sickness. 129 

leche / ])et amaystre]> his ziknesse / and chonge]) his thftt masters the 
humours, and him yefj) zuych a byter medecine : Jet giveth man such 
him helj). and him yef|) Jet lif. Alsuo troblef oure Jhat^^'hwietii * 
Ihord Je herte Jet he wyle hele. ase zayj dauij in Je J^J^f^*** 
sautere. and him wyj-nymj ^ / and de J him come ayen ^" J'"'* feroabies 
him-2elue to knawe / ase he dede adam : oure uerste hewuiheai. 
uader efter Je zenne Jo he him hedde / amang Je trawes 
of paradys. Hueruore he him zede : *adam huer art Joul' ^^^^ ^ 
Jjri Jre acsiwgges made he be enne of his angles to Je ^^ questions 
Jieme [of] saynt abraha?7i/ Jet hette agar Jo hi uleaj uram o' Hagar, when 

she fled from her 

harelheuedi. Agarhezayde/'huawnescomstjou. Huyder mistress, 
gest Jou. Huet dest Joul* )?i8e Jri acsinges makej Je holy thou? 2. wwther 
gost to Je zene3ere huanne he awake J and arere J and him |^what*doet 
opene J Je e3en of Je herte. and him yelt his wyttes and ^^^^^^^^ ^ ^^ 
his onderstondinge. * Huer art Jou 1 * zayj he : Jet is to ^^^^oJ^'^the 
zifffije : * Yzij wrechche ine huiche zorjes / and ine huiche ^oiy Ghost pats 

^>^ 7 ■) I to the sinner 

perils Jou art in Jise wordle. Vor Jou art ase Je ilke when he awaketh 

, , .-I 1/1 1. ^"^ *"^ openeth 

Jet slepj ine Je ssipe / Jet is yspild /and na3t hit not his eyes, 
ne onderstant his peril.* *Huawnes coinst Joul* Jet is to "in what peril 
zigge ; * Loke wrechche Ji lif ca'* arrieres / uor Jou coinst i^Vand see how 
uram Je tau6?me of Je dyeule / huer Jou hest / Ji lif JJe deTs*** ^"^ 
y-wasted / and y-lore Jine time / and alle Je guodes tavem. 
Jet god Je hedde y-yeue.* * Huet dest Jou? * Jet is to 
zigge : * Ysy hou Jou art fyeble / and brotel / and a- see how brittle 
uorye Jet body / and a-uorye Je zaule. Jou wenst by thou art, 
hoi / and Strang, ac par auentwre Jou hest Je humours foui humlurs 
ine Je bodye Jet Je ssolle lede to Je dyaje. And ine ^^^^^ '® 
Je zaule Jou hest kueade Jeawes / Jet Je ssolle lede to 
Je dyaJe of helle : bote Je grace of god : Je ne werie.* 
Efterward. *huider gest Jou V bet is to zigge / * wrechche i-ook «nd under- 

_ , , , _ , , , , , r , stand that thou 

Jench / and loke / and onderstand / Jet Jou gest to Je goest to death, 
dya Je. ojer Jou sselt ualle ine Je hand of herrodes / into the hand 
Jet is Je dyeuel / and to his mayn4* And Jeruore zayJ ®'*^® **®^"* 
Je guode man. * Man may longe his lyues wene / and Man thinks ws* 
ofte him lye3e J his wrench, ase uayr weder went in-to but often is he ' 

J wyi>-nyv\) in MS. * ta in MS. 




All •hall drink 
of death's drink. 

wherefore repent 
thee, ere thou 
fall flrom thy 

Thou goest into 
hell where is fire, 
brimstone, and a 
thousand ever- 
lasting pains. 

These four 
questions are 
like four strokes 
of thunder, that 
astound and 
terrify the 

How mildness 
waxeth in the 
The four 
thoughts above 
mentioned strip 
the garden of 
the heart of the 
four roots 
of pride. 
These roots are 
the four horns 
that Ood showed 
to Zechariah the 
The four smiths 
are the four afore- 
said thoughts. 

When man 
thinketh whence 
he Cometh, and 
and knoweth the 
poverty and vile- 
uess of his birth, 
LFol. 4U. a.] 

then the grace of 
Ood enables him 
to feel his own 

rene / and uerliche make]) his blench. )3er ne is nojjer 
king ne kuene / pet ne ssel drinke of dea))es drench, 
man jjeruore f e befench / er J)ou ualle of fi bench / Ji 
zenne aquench.* Jjou gest to J)e dome / huer pon sselt 
uinde : p&ne domes man zuo steme / and zuo stout/ an 
zuo strayt / an zuo mi^tuoL fou gest in-to helle / huer 
J)ou sselt yuinde: ver. and bernston. and a )>ousond 
pinen / Jjet neure ne endej) fe uor to pinL And poxxB 
def f e holy gost to pe zene^ere / f e e3en openi and [he] 
yzy)) a-boue / and bene^e / and beuore / and be-hynde. 
]}ise bye^ uour strokes of ])ondre / pet astone)> ])ane 
zenejere / and make)) ssake / and habbe drede. And 
Jise uour to zi3jje / byej) pe uour smale roten of pe rote 
of mildenesse. ])et pe yef))e of drede zet ine pe herte of 
pe zene3ere huanne god him uisite]). 


J)e uour ]>03tes be-uore ysed strepe)> of pe gardine of 
pe herte / pe uour rotin of p7*ede )>et per bye)>. huer-of 
pe proude wenj) / of azemoche ase can habbe. oJ)er 
azemoche he is of mi3te. o])er azemoche ase he can 
conne. oj^er ase moche ase can by vrorp, Jjise hyep pe 
uour homes, ^et is to zigge : pe uour comardyes J)et 
amerre)) J)0 contraye / J)et god ssewede to zakarie pe 
profete. Ac pe uour smij^es J)et he him ssewede efter- 
ward / fet comen efter pe uour homes to uelle : byej) 
pe uour Jo3tes be-uore yzed. Vor huanne pe man pengp 
huannes he com)) / and onderstant and knau]> his 
pourehede / pe vilhede / pe brotelhede of his beringe / 
hou he wes beyete in zenne / and of zuo uoule matere. 
y-mad And y-ssape. and ine zuo poure house y-her- 
ber3ed. ine zuo greate pouert6 y-bore. and rajre dyad 
to pe zaule : fanne ybore to pe wordle. in huiche 
zor3es he wes ynorissed. ine huet trauail he hej) 
yleued. hou he hep his time uorlore. and he jn'^p 
])ane greate heap of his zennes. and pe guodes ))et he 
heJ) uorlete to done. j)&nne him dej * pe grace of god 

1 MS. de^ 


yuele mid herte : bet he ne is najt worb. Efterward Afterward* when 
huanfiiel he bengb huer he ys / and y-zijb bise wordle / toA«re he le, that 

^ , ^ ^ ^^ ^ ' J ^r r ' thts world Is but 

pet ne is bote an exil and a dezert uol of lyons an of a desert ftiu of 

lipars. a forest uol of ))yeaes an of calketreppen/ and of forest taa of 

grines. ane ze uol of stonn / and of peril a f omays anhet **^^^ 

mid uer of zenne and of zoi3e. a ueld of uiy3t huerinne 

him be-houej) eure to libbe ine werre and wy^te * mid 

dyeulen pet zuo moche hjep wyse / and sotil / and 

Strang. J)amie him deb be grace of god yuele to zobe / <*«*» *>• experi- 

, I enom his own 

and to aparcemy his onconnynge / and pet he ne can weakness and 

na^t. Ate laste h[u]anne he pengp and onderstant his 

zennes and his defautes ase he is uol of zennes and ydel 

of alle guode. panne him yeff pe holy gost y-uele his 

pourehede / and ]>et he ne he]> na3t. Efberward huanne 

he j-zi^p be-uore him huiderward he gej. and he y- 

zj^p ])ane dya]) to huam non ne may wy]>8tonde. he 

yziib his demere god / zuo riituol be huas hand hi;n And, lastly, the 

'^'^ o / ^ thought of his 

be-houe]) guo. he y-zi^p pe pinen of helle / huiche non sins and defaults 

. /., 1 . J • 1 - . shows him his 

ne may ascapie. p&nne yef]) mm god mele pet mannes utter poverty, 
nmte ne is na^t / and bet he ne may nait. Huanne he Tims then is the 

. /,,/,, , . "inner led to be 

y-zi^f ))anne / and uelj) / and onderstant Jet he ne is "poor of spirit." 
na^t woTp I ])et he na^t ne he]>. ))et he na3t ne de]) / 
and ))et he ne ^ep na3t / and ])et he ne may najt. 
))anne begin]) he uor to byenne poure of spirit. Ine 
bise uour bo^tes / byeb be uour bo^es of be rote of be 

. . . . Thetreeofmeek- 

trawe of mildenesse. Jjis trau is yzet bezide be welle of "©as is set beside 

the well of 

godes drede. huer-of hit is echedaye ywetered / ine cjod'efear. 

, ,. .... -Ill J. The iwten virtues 

wyntre : and ine zomere. ]>et is me wykkednesse and me are seven steps 
guodnesse. Nou sselt )>ou conne })et ech of fise zeuen ^^mith^^Tgood 
uirtues. huerof ich onderstonde to spekene of his stapes. ^*^?®! "1** 

* * good deeds. 

huer-by profiteb an clifb / and wext ine be herte. and ^^i^ue groweth 

' ' ' ' as high as a palm, 

his dedes / and his guode beauwes / huerby hy hare « cypress, or a 

ssewej) wy]K)ute. Vor mrtue wext an he3 ase palme / and spreadeth 

ojer ase cipres. o})er ase cedre. and p^nne spret and andi"^ * 
keste his bo3es : an ech half. 

9 • 



Of the steps of 

This virtue hath 
seven steps. 

The first step is 
to know one's 
poverty and 
defects, and to 
feel one's own 
and vileness. 

Some know their 
faults but do not 
feel them. 

The second step 
is to feel and 

[Fol. 40. b.] 
bewail one's sins, 
and to endeavour 
to ^t rid of the 
sorrow and 

The third step of 
meekness is to 
confess and shrive 
and cleanse our 
hearts of sin. 

The fourth step 
is to desire to 
make known 
one's un- 

The fifth step is 
to hear willingly^ 
gladly of our own 
failings and 

The sixth step is 
a willingness to 
endure reproach. 

Of )?e STAPES OF mil[d]hedb. 

Of Je UiHue of mildenesse spec J saynt ansalm. and 
zayj fet hi hef zeue stapes huerby hy clif)) an he^ / al- 
huet fet hi come / to perfeccion. Nou onderstand wel 
hou. j)e uerste stape of mildenesse / is to knawe his 
pourehede. and his defaute. Vor ase zayj) saynt 
bemard. Mildenesse ifi( J)e iwHue Jet makej fane man 
hi?w-zelue to onworfi / and healde uor viL Hnawne he 
hiw knaii]) zofliche. J)is knaulechinge wext of uour 
roten beuore yzed. Ac Jjer bye]> zome Jet wel conns 
hyre defautes and hire pouert6 / ac najt hit ne uelej). 
Jjeniore is Je ojer stape : . yuele / and playni his de- 
fautes and his pouerte. And Jet he yuele his zoi^e and 
his zicnesse / he yemj blejeliche to Je fisiciane / and 
zaij Jet he y-uelj Je kueade humours ine Je bodya 
blije he is hua72ne Jet he may his purgi and keste out. 
and Jeruore is Je Jridde stape of myldenese / his zennes 
and his kueade wylles ble Jeliche bekn^we / and ssriue / 
and his herte clensi. Ac Jer bye J zome Jet beknawej 
hare defautes /■ and y-uelej / and zorjuolle byej / and 
wel ham sriuej. Ac hi nolden anone manere Jet ojre 
hit wyste hou hy do J. Jjeruore Je uerje stape is of Jise 
uiHue : wylni to by y-knawe / and y-healde uor uyl / 
and onworj. Ac Jer byeJ eftsone some Jet wel 
yk[n]awej and uelej / and ziggej here defautes / and 
ziggej wel : ich am a kuead / and zenuol / and zuych / 
and zuych. ac yef an ojer him zede : uorzoje Jet is 
zoj / Jet Jou zayst : zorjuolle hi wolden by / and 
wolden by wroje to Je dyaje. Jjeruore is Je vifbe stape 
of Jise trawe / Yhere blejeliche of him-zelue. and Jet 
me him zigge his defautes. and Jet is Jet saynt bemard 
zayJ / Jet Je zoje milde : wyle by hyalde uor vyL 
na3t ase milde y-praysed. Jjeraore is Je zixte stape 
hua/ine Je man JoleJ in Jolemodnesse Jet he by uoul- 
liche ydra3e / and ase persone onworjlych / ase dede 


pe guode king dauid / pet Jyolede zueteliche / and Iheste as did David 

ane sergont pet hette semey / J>et him J>reu mid stones / threw stones at 

and him missede / and him zede al J>et he couJ>e of uoul. JlJ*ofWi?^^* 

Tet eft ]7er is a stape / huerinne is pe nolle of parfec- The aeyenth step 

cion of J>ise mrtue. J^et is wylny to zofe / and mid boMteemed vue, 

herte wylny wyJ>-oute fayntise : to by y-hyealde vyl / ^^S^*^ 

and villiche to by y-draje. J)et is ari3t pouerte of gost This is true 

and mi[l]dehede of herte. Moche louede Jyise pouerte pe and meekness of 

riche king of heuene. huanne zuo uer he com hit uor 

to zeche / ase uram heuene : to pe erpe. Wei he hit 

louede ine herte / J>o he hit zuo dyere bo3te / J>et al J>et 

he hedde / and pe robe of his regge he yaf / uor J>et he 

wes zo]7Uolliche poure. Mochel he louede mildenesse / Much did Christ 

huanne pe ilke Jyet neure zenne ne dede. pe ilke ine when he came 

huam nes neure defaute / him dede amang pe J>yeues. thatiljamonij?* 

fet wes amang adames zones / and him cloJ>ede mid pe ***® •on'o^-A.dam. 

cloJ>e of pe zenuolle / and of pe misdoere / uor fet he 

wes villiche y-dra3e ase a fyef. Hueruore he zede to 

his apostles pe nijt of pe sopiere / mid groate wille. 

Teh habbe J>eme paske y-wylned. J>et is to zigge : J>eme 

dyaj>. f ise ssame. J^ise wendinge. Non he3ere ne may 

Jyis trau arise. And huo ))et were al to Jyise stape of 

mildenesse y-cliue : wyf-oute drede : he ssolde by y- 

blissed ine J>ise wordle. Vor pe ilke J>et fis zede : ne Christ teacheth as 

may lye3e / J>et pe he3este zoJ> zaif mid his mouJ>e. leam of Him" 

* Y-blissed byef pe poure of gost.* And hou jjet J>is by / 

he him ssewej> huanne he zede. *Lyeme]j of me : and 

na3t of oJ>ren / uor to by milde of herte ase ich am. «> that we may 

and ]70U sselt uinde reste to Jyine zaule.' ]?is reste is Jyis souis. 

blissinge. Ac huych jjet hit is / ne huet hit hatte / 

. When thon haat 

non ne wot : bote he f et hit nimjj. pawne yef Jjou cUmbed to tito 
wylt ywyte huet Jjet is : do ]ji nii3te of fine herte zuo seventh step*of 
moche ouercome / jjet jjou by y-cliue to pe zeuende thou mightert 
stape of mildenesse. and panne Jjou mi3t fruyt gaderi JJ*' '^^ *"^ ®** 
and ete of pe trawe of Hue / ase god zayjj ine pe boc of 

mlghtest ga- 
fhilt and eat 
the tree of life. 


OftheBeven ^^ 1^^ ^^^^ BO3ES OF Mi[l]dENESSE. 

Ovt of pe trawe of mildenesse wexep zeue bojes. 

LTohonoar God, uor bis utrtuo him sseawob ine zeue maneres. be god to 

S. to praise othera, 

s. to daspiae one's worjyssipie. be ojyren to prayzy. be hiTT^-zelue to on- 

"rty, 6. to^mi^ worJ>i be^pourehede to louie. be blej>eliche to serui. be 

bSiS^p'JSi.^.^to ^eriynge to byuly. be him-zelue of al / ine god y-leue. 

beinip)od beiiec p^ ^oj^e milde : worJ>ssipeJ> god in pn maneres. Vor he 

jlefp simpleliche. He ponkep treweliche. He him bit 

The man truly deuouteliche. He him worssipe]) uerst / ine pet he him 

as a chud doth ito lofj) simpleliche of al pet he z&jp. ase de]7 pe litel child 

"** '* his mayster. and uor J^is .skele / hej> oure byleaue 

merite. ]?anne huo fet wel jlefp : god grat worfssipe 

He believes His him de]). alsuo ase he de]7 to pe manne worjyssipe ]>et 

tSotathebe^- ^^ Icff ^® ^^ simple wordo. and J>et is pe beginnynge 

dX/' *''*"" ^ ^®^® ^®^ / J'®* ^^ nyeduol to alle J>an / J>et wyllej) 

ham boueT3e.^ ase zaip zainte pauL ])et me ylefj) god 

ope his simple worde ])et al is zop ))et he z&jp, onlepi- 

liche uor J>et he zayj> wyjj-oute ojjre skele to zeche. and 

The heretics will wyjK)ute of re pioeue zeche. Vor J>et byej> pe bougres 

without good and pe heretiks proude norlore. nor hi nolle]) yleue 

evidence"*^**"*"* gocl • wyJ?-oute guod wcd. J>et is to ziggene : bote yef 

hi y-zy kuik scele / ac hi ham hyealde]) / and ziggep 

ase pe gauelere he him halt to pe wynnynge Jeanne to pe 

Of this disbelief simple worde ne wyle nonen yleue. And J>erof byef 

come all manner n • a / j i» • t_ i • 

of heresies. y-come alle pe maneres of eresye / and of misbeleuinge. 

Vor pe blynde proude / J>et hare wyt wyllej> emni to 

godes wysdome / hi nolle]) y-leue fing ]>et god zayf / 

bote yef me ne betoke ham guod wed. ])et is to zigge : 

True believers opeT ])ane quicke scele / o]7er aperte miracle. Ac we 

tiraJ. m^« fetth f®* f® "3^ byleaue hyealdef / jlenep betere an hon- 

thimto'My^ ^^ ^^^ ^^* ^^^ ^® ^^^ ^^^ ^7^3^ • ]>a^no we ne dof 
•miracle they may j^q miracle / ne scele / ne him-zelue ]>et we yzef. God 

z8Ljp he wile deme eurinne / be his dedes. and of eche 
ydele worde / pe behoue]> yelde scele to him / ate daye 
of dome. })e milde ]>et pia yherf / hit jlefp, and dret / 

1 bou]e ? or bor^e f 


an dep pa3me to loky his herte / and his mou]) / and 

alle his workes. Efterward ])e zope milde / ponkQp god 

treweliche of alle his guodes / pet he hi^/i he]) y-do / Th« truly mild 

and fet he him dep echedaye / and pet he wyle do. ^u hii gifts that 

Eft^rward ase we habbej> y-sseawed / ine J>e zigginge of JJ^U^ "<»*ved 

prede. Vor J?e milde is ase J>e poiire man / pet of 

little elmesse : he]) greate blisse. and yelt ])onkes mid 

herte / to his guod doere. ])anne huanne pe milde / ne 

yzijb ine him nwt / huer-bi he bi worby to be breade foraiithathere- 

J 7r ~7 / ro r oeiveth comes of 

])et he et / he be-knau]) treweliche / and y-zij]) / and pore grace and of 
onderstant / and ylefj; / ])et al hit is of klene grace / 
and of yef ])e. and na^t of him. al ])et god him zent / 
and yef]} / and len]7. And uor ))et he ne lef)> najt of 
him-zelue / of pe guodes of his Ihorde / ]7et be his hand 
pase]) : ]7eruore is pe sergont trewe / ase zay]) sant 

bemard. Efterward pe zope milde wor]>ssipe]j god / ^^ 4^, 1,3 

and him byt mildeliche. bet his to zigge mid zobe He prays to God 

teares / ]7et come]> of godes grace / and mid rijtuolle tears and simpu- 

oninge of herte. Vor hit him ]>ing]> / fet he is ase Jet fot^it'seemstohim 

child Jet is echedaye beuore his maistre / and na3t can chud! th*t"is*each 

his lessoun. Ober bet he by ase ys be poure ine dette. day before Ws 

' * •' J T r master and know- 

Jet 18 y-ualle ine Je hand of gaueleres. and na3t ne he J ®th nqt his les- 


huermide hit may endy. Ojer Jet he by ase is Je Jief ©rUkeatMef 

yproued / and y-nome and mid mo Jawne an hondred STan a hundred 

misdedes J,et he), nie, ).e wy»e ine J,e nykke. And fet ■'^^-;^',^ 

he is ase Je y-maymed ate porche of Je cherche / Jet °®*J ^ll!^"^^' 

ne heb none ssame uor to sseawy alle his maimes to maimed at the 

' church-porch,who 

alle Jon Jet Jer guoj / uor Jet me ssolde habbe of him hath no shame to 

pite. Tef Jou wilt Janne lyerni god to bidde. and to maims to excite 

aouri ari3t : Jise uour hit wytnessej. Jet child, he Jet of those who 

is ine dette. Je Jyef. and he Jet is ymaymed. ®"^®'^* 

]?E 0])ER BO3 OF MILDENESSE. The second bough 

^ of meekness. 

Wone is of Je zobe milde/ obren to herie / and The meek in hear 

' ever desires to 

praysy. and poty him uor J / an worjssipij. Praysy ine hear others 

herte / herie ine mouje. and be dede : worjssipe / here, honoured. 


He is uke the bee He is 086 be smale uleae bet makeb bet hony. and 

that aeeketh the '^ -^ ^ ^ ^ *^ 

flowery fields and beulyjjj stench, and zekjj f© ueldes yfloured. and of fe 
floures zoucJ> fane deau huerof hi makej> J)et hony uor 
his hous to astori. \)et dep ]>e milde herte ]>et najt ne 

Heukethnaheed nym]) hede of stench. ne of pe lackes of o]7ren. ac alle 

feaits. P^ guodes J>et ojre habbej) y-rewarded. and louef . and 

here]?, and prayzejj and co/MseyueJ? fe zuetnesse : of 
deuocion. hueruore his bodi is ondo : and his inwyt 
uolueld. * Vor-zojje zoj) hit is y-bore of stones and of 
nlyntes / kan he zouke J>e oly / and J>et hony:?* ase ous 
tekf f e sauter. Vor he ne wille newne zuo kuead / na 
zuo hard / ne zuo zenuol : pet he ne can draje matiere : 

He praiseth others god uoT to herie. Ine his herte he prayzeb obre / ine 

for three reasons. . tt t i o 

i.HebeUeveth jjii maneres. Vor he ylefjj more ojjremawne wyt : 

more than his J>awne his 03en. He wile J>et pe wH of ofren bi more 

i^He desires the J^^ ' J>a^ne his. He him fyejj more in oJ>res mrtue : 

Cm^elml >anneinehis. Al >e co4t]mrye dej> J>e proude / ase we 

8*He^rusteth l^^^^f he-uore yssewed. Efterward he here]) / and 

more in others' praysej> pB opTG be speche. pe guodes fet ojjre do]) /and 

his own. habbe]) : he hise he^ep / and herej). pe kueades : he 

The meek ex- his excuse]) / and lo^ep. and lesse]). pe myddelguodes : 

caseth and 

pauiatesthe&oito he ondoTstant ine guode / and went alneway in-to pe 

guode half. And J>et is aye.fe J>ri queade techches of 

Theioroud man, pe Husziggeres / J>et arercj? J>et quoad : an lo3eJ> fet 

delights to hear guod. and pe middel ]>inges oMerpTOwep and mis-wend- 

of other men's «t>i-i-i_ «••_ • /j «. 

defects. ©)>• ^ deae he worfssipej) eunnne / and prayse]) ase 

moche ase he ssel and may do. wyf -oute misdo. J^t ne 
dej) najt pe proude. ac al pe contrarie / ase we habbe]) 
be-uore y-ssewed. ine pe chapitele of preda 

Of meek heart. Of MILDE HERTE. 

The meek heart 

keeps au his vir- Wono is of mildc herte. bet alle his guodes he heb 

tu€s behind his « ^ r o r 

back, and his de- bchiude his regge. and alle his queades ; beuore his 

fects before his * /» / « 

eyes. e3en. An jjerof com]? / J)et of asemoche J)et he prayzej? 

He is Uke the CO- more J)e oJ)re : pe more he him-zelue mispraysej). He 
veu>u8 man, he -^ ^^ j^^ ^^j couaytouse WTechcho / f et alneway hej) 


J)et eje to J)e guodes : jjet ofre liabbej> / and doJ> alneway. hath an eye to the 

goods of others. 

and makeb alneway semblont : bet he ne neb najt. Yor (for there is a 

holy covetousness 

asemoche ase ]>&r is an holy prede : alzuo ]>er is an holy andahoiyenvy). 

coueytise / and an holy enuye. Hit is ase hit is of ]7e 

litel chUde / pet is pe kinges zone / and eyr of ]>e king- 

riche ]>et wepjy ine his crete. and najt ne kan of his 

hejnesse / ne of his richesse. He is ase pet simple ssep. He.iike the simple 

ine huam al hit is guod and profitable, and wolle. and isgoodandproflt- 

ft. it 1 A vr/wt1 R It I ti 

skin, and uless. and melk. and frut. and dong. and ne netih. miik. frait. 
wen]) / and ne kan najt. ne na^t ne ])eng]7. Ine pise weenet^noUiing 
manere zay]> saynt abraham pe greate patWarche. ]7et he in this manner 
nes bote esssse and doiist And saynt lob. ])et wes zuo of himself as but 
moche grat to pe wordle. and holy ine god / J)et zayd. mth, stench, ver- 
of him-zelue. * Huet am ich bote esssse. and spearken dow, and smoke, 
and hor. and stench, wermes. wynd. ssed. and smech. 
J>et pe wynd berj) and gaderej> draye. fet to na3t ne is 
worj) : bote to pe uere.' And alsuo ase be zojje milde As «he true meek 

. , . one praises others 

here]) pe o])re and mid herte / and mid mou]>e / and in a threefold 
mid dode. ase we habbej) ysed. alsuo he blamej) him- so in three ways 

... . . he blames himself^ 

zelue me piae pn maneres. he him ])ing]) ]>et Jeromes . 

zayj) of hi^nzelue. Jjet yef he eth / oJ)er yef he drincj) / 

yef he wakef / yef he slep]) / J)et pe ilke orible bosyne 

him went to pe yeare : * com to fine dome.* And feruore 

pe ilke fet nele najt by J)er ydemd : he ne endi neure 

hiere: hi7»-zelue to deme and damni. wif-nyme his S^dr^oSs*!^ 

dedes. and his wordes. and his J)03tes. and clensi. and thoughts. 

telle, and we^e. and wy berweie. and wy b-nime. Vor he He sees more 

chair than com in 

y-zi3j) more ynoj of chef : Jjanne of com. And Jjeruore his life, 

fet he ne by y-demd ine pe cort of rijte / ne he nele 

najt lete ne smail ne grat / fet ne ssel by exaamened / 

and y-zed / and y-demd / ine be cort of merci. bet is f"^ he examines 

J I J / r ^ himself in the 

ine holy ssriftte ine J)o cort. huo acountej) ari3t : he is SjSi®'**®*^ 
al quit. Ac ine pe cort of ri3te / J)et ssel bi ate daye of 
dome / huo J)et ssel a3t : him be-houej) paye. ne neure J?*J****!?*^^5i** 
aqwttti he ne may. and feruore ha ssel by ydammed. court of Right at 
Vor he mot yelde : ofer hongy. A. alias huet ssel pe 


Woetothemui iike paye : fet najt ne hef bote fane nhicke y-carked 
then be loMied mid zenne dyadlich ? Huo bet onderstode and yuelde 

with deMll7 iln. . 

|)ise ])inges / he him wolde hyealde / and wyjydraje 

nram scomes and uram leazinges / pet he he]) ynounde / 

The linner most aye be zobe milde / bet god diedeb. bot uor ban hy 

shrire him gladly 

Mid oft. wylle]) ham loki clenliche / hy ssriue]) ham blejyeliche / 

and ofte. Ac litel is wor]? to maky guod dom : bote 
fe demere ne by efterward yprayzed treweliche. and 
))eruore al-zuomoche ase \>e zo]>e milde / make]) of hiin- 
zelue guod dom / ine zor^e of herte. and ine ssrifte of 

He most doom moube. and zuo del) be dede zob dom. Vor he him 

himeelfM ft thief r r r 

to the gibbet of dem]) aso ano ])yef. and he him de]) zo))liche to ])e 
gybet of penonce wyJ>-oute slacnesse / and wyJ)-oute 

The fonrth bough ))E UEB])E BO} OF MT[l]dENESSE. 


iFoi. «. b.] jJyq jjgt hatef prede : he loiieJ> ponerte J>et zet pe 

The true meek one herte lo^o / and J>eruore alle zofe milde louyeJ> pouert^ / 

and byej) poiire of gost. J>e zofe milde loue]) pou«rt6 

for three reMoni: uoT bii sceles. Vor be penh bet hjeh ine richesses. 

LFortheperlliof "^ r r r J r 

riches, Vor pe guodes pet hjep in guode pouerehede. And 

tn poverty. uor bet ffod louedo zuo moche pouert^ bo he wee ine be 

8. for God loTod ,, 7 , , , i • i , 

poverty. wordlo / and yet hit loueJ> / ase pe holy wiytinge wyt- 

nesse]) in uele stedes. Jeanne z&yp he in pe sautere / 

God hean the Jet he y-herb pe benes / and pe wylles of be poure. and 

prayen and de- 

•iresofthepoor. ham poruay]) / and agray]7e]> hare lyfno]) zueteliche / 

and is their rsfUge 

and safety. and mid guod sauour. and he is hire refu / and ham 

God is Father to . 

the poor. ssel souy. lob z&yp I Jet god is pe uader to pe poure. 

and ham hep y-yeue mi3te / o]7ren to iuggi. And oure 

Christ blessed the \q^ ^to biginuyngo of lus uayro sermon zayj>. * fet y- 

and cursed the blyssed byef pe poure : and a-corsed bied * pe riche / J)et 
habbe]) hyer hire paradis.' Ac pe mpe paradys / he]) 
he y-yeue pe poure. zuo : f et hi hit mo3e yeue / and 

The world does zelle. Ac be wordlo nele y-leue / bet cod zitrste zob / 

not beUeve that / . "^ / r o oo r ^ 

poverty is blessed J>et pouertc by fing y-blissed. Ac fet is of pe rede of 

god pe uader. ]>eruore lesu crist zay]) ine his spelle. 

1 biep f 


* Vayre uader ycli yelde J?e fonkes and lieriynges. fet f ise 

Jjinges y-hed / and y-hole hest : to f e wyse. and hise 

best ynsseawed to fe milde.' J)e milde his y-zyej) / and ^*^"~* ™*» 

wel his yleueb / and louieb / an hondredzibe more hundred times 

^ y I 'I ^ ^ morethsnthenig- 

pouert6: banne be nibinsr deb his richesse. Ine bri g»rd hi* wealth. 

^ ^ * ' ^ ' , TT Thlsheshowi 

])ii]^es ssewe]) fe man / fet he louej) pouerte. Huanne in three waja 
he loueb and halt blebeliche be nelaarede. and bet lyf. J- Heiove«and 

' t > ^ f " holds eommonlon 

and J)e wones of J>e poure. Hire uela3rede he loueJ) / JJ^*^*^;^ 

ase iesu crist dede J>er huiis ha wes ine fe wordle. Vor 

kende wyle J>et J>e lambren louie ham to-gidere / and 

beuly J)e wolues. and J>e children ham louie to-gidere. 

and beuly fe uela3rede of J)e greaten. and J>e milde 

ham louie to-gidere / and become uela3e8 to-gidere. Lif etety*of S'e^Sllu' 

of poure man is poure. uor he ne zejj) / ne metes of grat "** '^**- 

pns / ne robes out of scele. ne non host hi* ne zechej> / li *e/j 

ne ine robes, ne ine ridinges. ne ine main^. ne ine 

festes. ne ine uelaaredes. Blibe he is yef he heb his : Giadi8he,ifhe 

have his susten- 

sostinoTZ'ce. ac he soffre]> and honger / an ]7orst. and ance. 

chald and hot. and cheastes and manye bitemese^. 

and alle zuiche ))inges ))et ])e kueade poure de]; / and 

boleb : wille he nolle he. be zobe milde wilneb / and 2- He suffers and 

' ^ *^ y 'I endures all things 

]7ole]7 gledliche uor god. a-last hit is wone of J>e poure meewy for God, 

manne / J)et yef he ne hej? na3t / ne na3t ne may 

Wynne : he ne he]? none ssame to acsi. And \^ zo]>e s. He has no shame 

milde : beggef echedaye. J>e benes and J>e oreysons of wants. 

guode uoike / and of uryendes of god. huer he wenj> "hisprayOTsto' 

mest of guode. and more he be-lef|> ine hare helpe: 

Jyanne he do ine his 03ene guodes. 

J)B VIFTB BO3 OF MILDENESSE. The fifth bough of 


Prede / loue]? wel he3e stedes. Mildenesse : J?e 1036. Meekness loves 

low |llftCc8« 

J)is is be dyamod* of noble kende. bet nele naat sitte ine i*^ *» the diamond 

, ■^ that needs not to 

gold, ac me poure metal ase yzen. And zuo hit is of be set in gold. 

- - - The com Is ever 

pe nyeape of huete y-J)orsse. J?e comes byef benefe / beiowthechan; 
and J)et chef a-boue. Ac oure Ihord ssel uawni his com / [Foi. 43. a.] 
ate daye of dome / ase zayf J)et godspeL and ssel J>rawe Doo^^da*. 

3 So in MS. 



The chaff shall go 
Into the Are. 

The meek man 
prefers low places, 
and follows the ex- 
ample of Christ 
and His sweet 

Meekness is the 
mother of obedi- 

and bedecketh her 
with all her orna- 

Of obedience. 

There are seyen 
ornaments of obe- 

That is, that one 
obey, 1. readily, 2* 
gladly, S. simply, 
4. cleanly. 6. ge- 
nerally, 6. swiftly, 
7. willingly. 
The meek obedi- 
ent one is like a 
sailor ever ready 
to obey the cap- ^ 

He is as obedient 
as the assassin to 
his master. 

David preferred 

God's behests to 

gold or precious 


He obeys simply, 

as doth the horse 

or the sheep. 

Holy simplicity is 
the character of 

pet chef in-to pe uere : and pet com in-to pe greynere. 
})e more jjet / Jjet gold is clene : pe more hit wecj>. and 
pe more ]jet hit is heui : pe rajjre hit ualjj to pe botme 
And pe more jjet pe man is milde : pe more he louej) 
loje stedes. ase dede lesu crist and his zuete moder / 
Jjet ous yeaue uorbisne to semi and to bou3e. ni^t wyf- 
oute more to pe gratteste : ac to pe leste. and pe more 
pe seruise ys onworj) : pe blejjclaker Jje milde him dej> 
Jjerto. J^eruore wyle teche cure Ihord lesu cnst / pe 
net to wesse to his poure. panne mildenesse / is moder 
propreliche / of ho^samnesse. and hire norissejj / and 
tekjj / an lokejj / f et hi ne by y-corumped / ne by 
ydele blisse / ne be zor3e / ne be grochchinge / ne be 
03ene wytte / ne be 03ene wille. ne ine ojjre manure. 
Hy hise agray)je]j and azet : mid alle hire oumemcTis. 


J)e oumemens of bo38a?nnesse : byej) zeuen. Jjet ys : 
Jjet me bou3e prestliche. gledliche. simpleliche. klew- 
liche. generalliche. zuyftliche. and wiluolliche. pe milde 
y-zy3jj beuore^ his e3en: Jjet he ys ponre and naked, and 
ne hejj niede bote uor him-zehie. and Jjeruore he is 
alneway agrayjjed / ase byejj Jje ssipmen ine ssipe. Jjet 
ase zone ase he^ y-hyerjj Jjane Smite of Jje lodes-manne : 
hi yemejj / hi Iheapejj ase wode. J?e milde bou3jj gled- 
liche / uor he is ase Jje hassasis. Jjet ys blijje huanne he 
hej) Jje heste onderuonge of his maistrc. Jjet pe perils / 
and Jje pinen / an Jjane dyajj he onderuangjj Jjerwyjj / 
mid to greate blisse nor Jje loue Jjet he heJj to Jje obedi- 
ence. Jjeruore zayde dauijj ine Jje sautercj Jjet he louede 
betere Jje hestes Jjet god him made : Jjawne he dede / 
gold* / ojjer stones of pns. pe milde him boujjj al 
simpleliche ase dejj Jjet hors / oJjer Jjet ssep / Jjet Jje 
ssepherde let huer ha wyle / Jjet ne zayjj neure huer- 
uore guo ich hider : more Jjawne Jjider. Vor one of Jje 
guode do3tren Jjet mildenesse heJj : is. holy simplesse. 
* bO'Uore in MS. * hi ? 


})e milde is wel trewe to god / ase is a guod Iheuedi to The meek man is 

true to Uocu 

hire Ihorde. pet nele to nonen queme folliche bote to 
hare Ihorde onlepiliche. and f eruore non ne bou3]j zuo 
clienliche* / ne mid zuo clene onderstondinge : ase dej? 
be zopQ milde. bet ne hate]) bote nor to kueme pe He seeks not to 

please the world. 

wordle. Efterward pe milde is wel zuift and wel ingnel / He is swift to 
huanne u/rtue of obedience and Jje wyl of god / mid his slow to obey his 

own will. 

ouerling hi??i berjj. Ac huanne his ojene wyl him berf 

and let him. he is slac an sleuuol wel to done. Ase is 

J>e sterre J)et hatte satt^me make]; J>et asemoche yernj) He is like the 

in onelepi daye mid pe firmament ase pe firmament 

hine let : ase he de]j ine jjritti yer ine his ojene sercle / 

and ine his 03ene yeminge. Ate laste pe milde boujJ> 

generalliche oueral per he yleff fet he queme to god / 

and ine alle binores ase deb be asse of be melle. bet ase He isukethe 

^ ° ^ '^ '^ ^ mlll-assthatwiU 

blebehche berb here : ase huete. and lyad. ase bet com. as uef carry 

barley as com. 

to pe poure ; ase to Jje riche. Efterward pe milde is 

wel Strang, nor he chongeb his strengbe mid godes [Foi. 43. b.] 

' . He is strong, for 

strengjje. ase zayf ysaye ]je profete. feruore nis he na3t: he changes Ws 
J>et ne may here. Vor god berjj and hi??i and his ber- God's strength, 
done / hueruore he bo3]j wij> guode wille and bleui/i- 
deliche. uor he ne is neuremo wen / ne be zonne bet ^« ^ ^^^^ **»« 

' ' ' sun that is ne^ 

god let / and brengj) uorjj. and pe more ha leuejj / pe ^e»»T. 
more him wext his stre[n]gj)e. alsuo ase pe litel amote. 
Nou mi3[t] J)ou wel y-zy / hou mildenesse pe tekj) wel to 
serui / and parfitliche bou3e. 


j)e greate maister of mildenesse lesu crist J)0 he ^JJlJ*,^er of 

hedde y-prechod / and y-ued Jet uolk / and pe zike / "»eok»e»- 
and pe ymamed y-held. ]jo he ulea3 aboue pe uolk in-to 

pe helle / uor to by ine bedes / ous uor to teche to ^oid'^iSLraM 

beuly jjet los and Jje blondingges. and f eruore pe trewe fl»**«»7' 

herte milde / ase him pineb to done wel huawne he wherefore the 

I ^ r mild heart 

boii^b. alsuo him paineb to be-uly los / of him-zelue strives to beiiy 

^'^ x- J- . / J all vain glory. 

ansuerie uor Jjane wynd of ydele blisse / and Jet 

1 MS. ehenliche 



Hia trait it in gadere]) uor fe rage / and nor fe tempeste of euele 
tongen / ine \>e ssede of \>e roche. ase zayj> ysaye. J)e 

ThiarockiiiChrist. like Tocho is lesu cmt him-zelf. pet his reste / and 
bri|3]tnes8e to pe milda ^er him reste]) pe irchouon. ase 
zayj> \>e sauter. \>et by \>e milde herten y-carked mid 

Our Lord it ft ]yomes of ssarpnesse of penonce. An J>et is J>et coluer- 

wberein resteth hoiis / huerinne lesteb and him deb be colore oure 

the meek heart 

Ihord. pet hjep ]>e milde herten and simple nor pe 
no^eles of praye. fet byej? J>e dyeulen. Hnanne fe 
milde herte / hej> zuo moche y-do / J>et he is y-guo in- 
to pe hole of po roche ase pe colure ine his coluerhons. 
In recording the i,et is huanno he recordeb bet lif of iesu cnst / and his 

lifeofChrtot.the ^ ^ '^ ' 

mUd heart forgets holy passioun : nor banne he uoryet alle his zortes / 

aUhia sorrows "^ ^ '^ '' ^ ' 

and prayse]) lite al ]>et pe wordle he];, and is wor]). and 

Stto^andfor!* ™*y^- H®^ J^®* P^^ ^®f a-sayd / ni^t ne williej) more / 

woricL**^*^* J>awne uor to by uorlore / and noryete to 'pe wordle. 

Jje wordle is him prisoun. onhede / paradis. Vor ase 

zayf pe wyse of hi7?^-zelue. J>et he ne is nenremo lesse 

^th hi8*^o * allone / bote huanne he is one. ne more ine niedes : 

withG»iMd ^^® hua/ine he is ydel. Vor he ys J>anne mid his 

tuaye beste urie[n]des. Jyet is mid him-zelue / and mid 

god. Jjer tretej> he of his greate quereles hueruore alle 

He takes delight obre niedes him bintrb trufles. ber he him to god / and 

only in what Is ■'^ r or i o / 

pleasing to God. god to him / be holy Jjojtes / and be stedeuest wiL 
t)er he uelj) * pe greate zuetnesse of confort / J>et god 
yefj) ine pnue stedes / to J>an J>et him drede]>. ase zayj> 
pe sauter. and ]>anne alle speches / and alle wordes him 
tyenej) / and greuejj / bote yef hi ne by to god / ofer of 

Thus the soai god / ober uor cod. bous bi-ginb be zaule to louie on- 

loves solitude and ^ i » « ' . ^ 

quietness. Jiede / and stillehede. and banne him wext ine herte 

Modesty is one of ' ' 

the fairest aue holv ssamnessc / bet is one of be uariste dobter * of 

daughters of ^ ' ^ ^ ^ 

meekness. mildenesse. Yor al ase a mayde Jyet be greate lone 

A maid in love louef / he J? ' grat ssamo he])' fawne hi is aspid / and y- 
when she is her]) ])et me spek]) : of hire, alzuo he]) pe Hke huanne 

hi y-hyerf fet me spekf of hire : and of pe guodes J)et 
god him he]) y-do. And najt uor ^an hi de]) ase de]) 
^ An « has been cancelled before m. ^ So in MS. 



fe ilke niayde strongliche opnome of loue.' uor huet ]7et [Foi. 44. « ] 

J- . . _ , - --1., and ihe iaeketh 

])e wordle zigge / ofer conne speke : alneway zee]) m \>e retired piaoe*. 
halkes and pe deme stedes. ase \>e ilke fet ue zee]) bote troiymeek. 
uor to by y-rauissed ase wes say[p.]te pauL 


bough of 


Of J)ise aquayntonee and of fise priuit^ J>e ilke holy "^"^^^i 
zaule be-gin1) to habbe of cod be-tuene hire / and an is proud of 

'^ ^ *=' ' her acquaintance 

holy prede. Vor huanne hi is y-reaued / fanne to ^^^ ^^ 

heuene / hi loke]? ope f e erfe nram uer / ase zayj> ysaye / she looks upon 

and hise yzyjj) z[u]o lite to J)e zijfe of J)e gratnesse of J)e •'*'. andteeaiu 

heuene. zuo y-ziej) \>e ilke greate uayrhede / zuo dim / 

to ]>e zijjye of ]>e grate brijtnesse / zuo emtL to ]>e n^\>Q 

of J)0 greate blisse : pBJtne onworjje]) and misprayse]) to 

be zole al bet he heb ine be wordle of riehesses and of The world's riche* 

» t f f f and honour 

worJ>ssipe / of uayrhede / of noblesse, zuo moehe him *p''*®^*®^, 

])i7ing]> ]7et hit is ase ]>e play of ehildren amidde ]>e 

strete / huer y-noj hi trauaylej) and na3t ne wynne]). 

Hiw hit J)ingJ> J)et hit is al wynd / and metinge / and 5?** " ^d^iies 

lyejynge / ase zayj) salomow. And Jjanne he be-ginj) ^^ 'Jf tS?^"* 

ariat to sterue to be wordle / and libbe ine cod / ase ^^'^^^ "* "^^ , 

^ / ' o / becomes poor of 

zayf zaynte paul. And fanne is hi zuo poure of gost : •p^^t. 

fet hi ne hej? na3t. Vor god him he]) zuo his 03ene 

gost y-reaued and bc-nome. and ayen y-ueld of his 

03ene / ase he dede ]>e apostles at lokes. ])anne him 

vefb be holy cost ane zuo greate herte : bet ne pros- she cares not a 

^ r' f ,^„,. nut for the world. 

pmt6 / ne aduersete of J)e. wordle hi ne prazej) ane 

nhote. Ane zuo ereate zikemesse of inwyt : bet hardi- "^ Ff^'l" 

^ ^ » death to life. 

liehe abit fane dyaj). ane zuo greate hope he]) ine god : 

bet ber ne is na?t / bet hi ne dorste nime anhand uor she is ready to 

' ' ^ I ' undertake every- 

be loue of god. Vor hi heb bo byleue huer-of god spek]) thing for the 

-111 • -I/* J-I1--L* love of God, 

ine be codspelle. bet is ase bet zed of mostard nuerby hi so great is her 

1 1 11 I 1 1- 1.- beUeflnHim. 

may bote to ])e stones an to ]>e helles / and hi mm This belief is as 
bou3e]). J)et zed mostard is wel smal / ac hit is wel mustard-seed. 
Strang / and wel bitinde. uor hit is hot ine Je uerfe gospel, 
degre / ase ziggef J)ise fisiciens. be bete : me onderstant / 

' MS. has hne. 



The first kind of 
love is to love 
ooly oneself. 
The 2nd is to 
begin to lore God. 
The 3rd Is to 
know God better 
and to love him 
for his goodness. 
The 4th Is to be 
so possessed with 
love as to love 
God only. 
This last love 
hath the true 
meek one. 
The poor of 
spirit are blessed 
in this world. 

Hope makes the 
meek men to be 
kings of heaven. 

The kingdom of 
[Fol. 44. b.] 
heaven is theirs 
by behest and 

The fall posses- 
sion shall take 
place in the next 

Of the virtue 
of love.. 

Dread makes the 
heart mild (meek). 

Pity maketh it 
sweet and 

It is an antidote ' 
to envy. 

It bestrips the 
root of envy from 
the heart. 

It produces the 
root of good love. 

firom whence 
comes a 
fair tree. 

loue. ])e uerste stape of loue aze z&jp saynt be[r]nard 
is / huanne pe man ne can na^t louie : bote him-zelue / 
and his ojene guod. ])e ofer hnanne lie begin]) god to 
louie. ac hit is uor his 03ene guod. \>e ])ridde / 
huanne he knau^ betere god / and him louejj propre- 
liche uor his guodnesse. ))e uer]>e. huanne he is zuo 
ynome of J)e holy loue / J?et he ne louie ne him-zelue / 
ne god : ^ bote uor god. Jjawne hyer let zoJ>e mildenesse 
fane man. Nou mijt J)ou y-wyte openliche hou fe poure 
of gost byej? y-blissed ine J>ise wordle. Vor hi ham 
byej? zuo moche ylojed / and emti / Jet hire gost is al 
to najte be-come.^ and J)e holy gost hef fet hous ayen- 
yueld J)et is Ihord of J)e herte. and uelf zuo moche pet 
hi uelj> pe mylde. pet hi his make]) king of heuene / 
be holy hope / and be zikernesse of inwyt. And j>er- 
uore zayj) oure Ihord Jet Je kingdom of heuene is hare / 
najt wyJ)-oute more be beheste : ac be saysjme zykere 
ase pe ilke Jet beginj to onderuonge Jet frut and Je 
rentes hou hi ssolle by y-blissed ine Je ojre wordle. Jet 
ne may non parfitlyche y-wyte / al-huet he is Jer. Vor 
herte of man dyadlich / ne may hit Jenche / ne mouj 

Op Jjb vibtve op loue. 
pe uerste yefje of Je holy gost : makej Je herte 
milde and dreduol. and Jeruore hej he Jane name / Je 
yefJe of drede. J)e o Jer makeJ Je herte zuete and milde / 
and piteus. and Jeruore he hatte : Je yefj of pit6. J)et 
is propreliche a dyau / and a tmcle a-ye alle kuead- 
nesse / and nameliche aye Jet uenim of zenne of enuie / 
huerof we habbe J beuore y-speke. Vor Jis yefJe be- 
strepj Je rote of enuie of Je herte / and hire helj 
zikerliche. Jeanne Je herte Jet onderuangj Jise yefJe / 
onderuang J ane zuete deau / Jet his make J springe / ane 
zofte rote / and wel y-tewipred / Jet is guod loue. panne 
Jer wext a trau uair and hej and wel berinde frut J)et is 
^ fft4od t ^ ho come in MS. 


a ffuod uiVtue and uayr / bet me clepeb ine latin / man- whidi «■ cftiied 
euetudo / o]>er beningnitas. ^et is zuyetnesse of herte. hMrt." 
]>et make]) man zuete and milde / manhede: and 
charitable, louiinde / and louerede / nor hi de)) man 
parfitliche louie his nixte ase him-zelue. \yi& trau he]) This tra* hath 

flre uteps by 

zeue stapes / huerby hit clyf ]> an hej. ]>e ilke zeue which we dimb 

stapes ous sseawe]) saynte paiil / ])er he ous amoneste]) 

and bit / ]>et we do oure payne / f et we by al on ine god. 

]?et is bet we habbe one herte / and enne gost / an one we tboaiatry to 

be all one In heart 

loue m god. ])e uerste scele bueruore we ssolle by al and spMi;. 

on. and ]>e he^e / and ]>e loje / and ])e riche and ^e 

poure / is nor ban / bet we alle hablpeb enne nader ine Becaue, ist, we 

^ ' Tit J ^ ^ have one Father, 

henene / bet is god ])et ous made alle comunliche to his that is, ood, 

who made us all 

aiilicnesse an to his ymage. ])eruore ]>anne yet we alle in hia own uke- 


habbe]) enne sseppere / ]>et ous made alle of one 
materie / and he]) yssape. and to onelepi ende. ]>et is 
fet we by al on ine him / ase he zay]) ine his spelle. 
Mochil is grat scele ))et wo to-gidere louie. uor ech best 
ase zayb salomouns loueb his anliche. Ioq ober scele is Secondly, we are 

'''^ .7 ; all Chriitlana In 

uor we bye]) alle cristene ine one c77stenedome / and one chriatendom, 
riche and poure. ])et is f et we bye]) alle y-wesse of one- 
lepi leje. pet wes mid lesu cristes p9*eciouse blol. and and are an washed 
ybo^t mid onelepi moneye. and asemoche costnede pe Christ. 
on : ase ^e o^er. Moche ssel pa,nne ]>e on louie pe o^er 
and worssipie / pet god he])^ zuo moche yloued and y- [> Ms.he)] 
pray zed / and ymad of suo greate diiignet^. J>e fridde Thirdly, we aii 

have one belier 

scele / uor pet we healde]) alle one beleaue / and we and are bound by 

bye]) alle ybounde mid one la^e pet is al uolueld / ase 

zaip sainte paul ine ])ise worde. * Loue ])ine nixte ase 

J)i-zelue.' Of fise dette ne is non qwit / uor fing ])et 

he de]). ))ise dette ssel ech to o])ren. and huo mest his CFoi. 45. a.] 

yelt: mest he ssel. Jje uerbe scele is. uor we habbeb Pourtiiiy,we 

. have one Lord of, 

ennelepi Ihord / bet is god of huam we hyealdeb alle whom we aii hold 

and body / and zauJe / and al ^et we habbe^. alle he sooi, 

he]) imad communliche / alle ybojt communliche / to 

alien poruey]) co7nmunliche / and alle ssel deme com' 




and bj whom we 
all thaU be pan- 
ished or rewarded. 

Fifthly, we are 

all lUlow-soldiers 

in the boat of oar 


and all look for 

one reward. 

Sixthly, we aU 
live bj one epirit, 

and are all Ood'a 
children by 

Seventhly, we are 
all limbe of one 
body, whereof 
Christ is Uie head. 
We all Uve on the 
same meat, that 
is, the flesh and 
blood of Jesua 

Seven steps of 
love spring out of 

The booghs of 


Ofthis stock come 

seven boughs, 

for this virtue is 

seen in seven 


1. One limb for- 
bears and bears 
the defects of an- 

We should do to 
others as we 
would be done by. 

munliche / and alle medi largeliche / fo ]>et babbe)) y- 
byealde bis bestes / and ]k)s ssolle by to-gidere yloued 
trewelicbe. J}e vifte scele is / nor pet we bye]) alle 
nellies ine fe ost of oure Iborde. and bis kni^tes / and 
bis soudeurs / fet alle we abyde)) on-lepi ssepe / ^et^ is 
]>e blisse wi^-oute ende / bner pe lone and pe nela^rede 
ssel by noldo and y-conf enned / pet bier ssel by wel y-* 
bote, pe zixte scele is nor pet we libbe)) alle of one 
goste gostlicbe / ase we libbe^ of on eyr bodylicb. Be 
])a goste we bye]> alle godes cbildren be adopcion / ])et 
is be auouerie / and cbildren of boly cbercbe / brojyer 
germayn of uader and of moder / be ane bro]>erbede 
gostlicb / ]7et asemocbe is wor)) betere : ^anne pe 
bro])errede ulesslicb. ase pe gost is more wor)) : Jeanne 
]>et bodi. pe zeuende scele is nor ]>et we hjep alle 
lemes of one bodye. buerof lesu cnst is ]>et beaued / 
and we hjep pe lemes. ]>et we libbe]) alle of onelepi mete. 
])et is of pe boly uless and of pe boly blod of lesu cnst 
])et ous zuo mocbe lone]) / and zuo mocbe bait ous wor]) : 
])et be ous yeip bis blod to drinke / and bis uless to 
etene. ])eruore zuo ofte sainte paul de]) ous to be-))encbe 
pise loue / ])et he ous ssewe)). Vor more quie scele / 
ne more uayrer uorbisne be ous ne may sseawy of zope 
louerede. Tef ])ou wilt wel ])encbe to ])ise zeue scelcs. 
])ou sselt yinde. zeue stapes of loue / ]>et come]) of pe 
yeipe of pit^. 


Of ]>ise stocke vrexep zeue bojes. Vor ^ise utVtue 

bim ssewe]) ine zeue maneres. ase me knau)) pene loue 

))et is be-tuene pe lemes of pe bodye ine zeue manyeres. 

Verst pe on leme uorberf / and loke^ an ofer / J)et me 

na^t him misdo / ne angrtsi / ne barmi / be bis mi3te. 

and ine ])ise we onderstonde^^ pe innoccTice ])et we 

ssolle loki pe on a-ye pe o))re. Vor J)is beste is y-write 

ine pe berte of eurichen. ))et J>ou ne do to o^ren : fet / 

])et poll noldest ])et he pe ne dede. ne ])in ri3t band 
^ MS. |>o> 2 order/ttonde\f MS. 


dede to bine left hand. Efterwaid be on leme boleb i One umb does 

znetliche^ I dl \^ o])ie |»et he him de)> of angrtce / and spito on another. 

ni^t him ne awtr]ecjj>. ne non ariringe of wn3j)e ne P^'-'**"**^ 

ncl]) \^ leme \^ on aye \^ o\et / ne ne of-hyealde]). Lie 

])isen we onderstonde)^ to uoluelle mildenesse ))et he^ 

)>ri stapes. ]^ uerste is ])et man him ne awreke ni^t. J>e 

o])er ]7et me ne hyealde na^t ire longe. ])e ])ridde / ])et s. The iimbt 

, . . • • / ^ V 1. !_• obey their lieod 

man ne uele none arizmge of ire / ne of hate aye his (i.e. the heart 

nixte uoT na^t ^et he de]?. Efterward ])e lemes ' 
l)on3e]) alle to hare overling. Yor hi do)> alle mid hare 

mijte |»et ^ herte acse)> / and )>et eje ham tek^. Ine By thta we under- 

)mui we onderstonde)) \^ utrtue of ho^samnesse huerof of obedience, 

we hahhe)> heuore y-speke / |)et he ssel hi ine loue cfoi. 4s.b.] 
agray)»ed / and ine charity / ase zai]i zaynte peter. 

Eft^rward ])e on leme help]) and serue]) ]>e o^ren wy]^- 4. one Umb helps 

oute grochiwge and wyf-oute wyfzigginge / and wyj>- StiierirtmSy 

oute auarice. Ine \Sskvl we onderstonde)) )>e utHue J^et iHtifisweseethe 

me clepe]i charity. Jeanne a man hua^me he helpf and "*"* ® '^'^* 

hi^Ti a-corde)> hle]>eliche |)e o)>re mid ]>e helpe ])et god whereby one man 

him he)> y-yeue. o])er him ret / o^er tek)) / of his wy tte chrisuana by his 

])et he he]). 0])er yef^ and to-del]? largeliche uor god hu ri^hee, or his 

])e guodes ])et he he]). Ofer he chaste]) and di)t fe f oles •*'"*®'**^* 
he ))e autorit^ ))et he he^. Ac ))anne zay)) me ^et he is 
uol of charite. And ])ous hit hat zaynte peter / ^et ^ 
guodnesse ])et god ous he]) y-lend ^et we hise di^te to 

oure nixte. )?a/ine tulles be filozofe zayb. * we ssolle The phUosopher 

Tully saith we 

])enche ])et al ^et is ine ))e wordle and wext : al hit is should aii aeek 

ymad man to h^Ipe. an ])e man uor to helpe ^e on / ])e profit/* 
o])ren. hyef heyete.' *do we fanne' zayj) he / * fet : huer- 

uore we hye]) ybore / and ])et kende ous tek]). and as Nature teach- 

etli us. 

zeche we alle ])et commun p7*ofit.' Vor ase zay]) zaynte 

pauL *we hyeb alle lemes of onelepi bodye.' Efterward / 5. au theiimbe 

1 , # , , 1 , ' feel what is done 

alle ])e lemes uele]) / and draje)) to ham ])et me de]) to to one or them, be 

echen / by hit guod / by hit kuead. by hit blisse / by 

hit zoi^e. hnanue me smit ^ane not : ])e mou^ zay^ / 

^u me blechest Be ])an >\e ouderstonde]) ))e mHue stuud the virtue 

10 ♦ 



of pity, that hath 

the one to be glad 
of others' protper- 
ity, and to be sor- 
rowful for others' 

6. If one limb Is 
sick the others 
heal it. 

In this we nnder- 
stnnd the virtue 
of doom and 

and we leam how 
to reprove, cor- 
rect, and punish 
the fiiults of ooe 

Faults should be 
love and com- 

First, we should 
apply the plasters 
of sweet admo- 
afterwards the 
powders of sharp 

Next, the deeds of 

Then, if these fail, 
must come the 
sword of excom- 

7. The limbs hon- 
our one another, 
and have a kincUy 

[FoL 46. a.] 

feeling for each 


The good man 

bears patiently 

with fools, 

as the bones bear 
the tender flerti. 

8. The limbs pro- 
tect each otlier. 

of zo]>e pite / ]>et we ssolle habbe communliche / fet 
he]) tuaye offices / ase cay]> zante paul. Blisuol sselt 
]>ou by / to ]>e guodes ]>et o]>re habbe]) / and do]). 
Zor^uol sselt ^o[ii] by / to ])e kuedes ])et o])re uele]) and 
do]). Eftei'ward / yef ])e on leme is adk / o])er y-wonded : 
alle ])e o])re hbn helpe)) to pet he by held. Ine ])ise we 
onder8to[n]de]) pe nirtue of dom / and of amendement 
wi])-oute huam / pet body of holy cherche ne may 
yleste. Vox pe leme uoiroted ssolde ssende pe hole. 
Huo ])et wile panne conne hou he ssel his bro])er chastL 
his nixte / o])er his seriont wy])nime / and ptinissi : nimo 
hede to him-zelue / huanne on leme is ak / o^er y-wonded. 
hou moche zoi^e he]) pe herte and grat coMipassion 
y-nel)). and be pe greate loue ])et he he]) ine him / he 
him dep pe hand wel zueteliche. And aze z&yp senekes / 
' ase of pe bodye / alsuo of ^e herte me ssel zueteliche pe 
wonden agrayfL' Vor of zope loue / and of grat com- 
passion ssolle pe amendes by y-do. and mid greate 
drede he ssel pe honden do ])erto. Yerst he ssel ])erto 
do pe smeringes / and pe piastres of zaete wamingges. 
£ft67*ward yef ])et ne is na3t wor]) : pe poudres ef ter- 
ward and prekiinde / of harde wy])niminge. Efterward 
pe dedes of techinge. and yef he ne dep iYy]H>ute 
emparement : panae behoue]) come ])et zuord hit uor to 
dele / o])er be manzlnge / o^er be hotinge out of con- 
traye. o])er hir^e do uram him-zelue. Efterward pe lemes 
worssipe]) pe on / pe o])er. and uorbere]). uor ase zayp 
zay[n]te pauL we ssolle here ech o^ren wor])ssipe / and 
reuerence. and nameliche ])o / ])et habe]) mest nyede : of 
uorberinge. ])o bye]) pe meste foles / and pe fyebleste. 
zuiche me ssel mest uorbere. Jeanne pe guode man and 
pe wyse here]) / and uorbere]) alneway ^e foles / and pe 
fiebles / ase ])e buones here]) pe tendre uless. and pe pos[t] 
])et hous. J^is is aye pe missiggeres ])et zuo moche 
grede)) ble])eliche pe kueades / and pe defautes ])ot hi 
zy«J) ino o])ren. Efterward pe on leme worof ])ct o])er 


ate nyede / and him zet uor liiTn. nor ate niede me 

y-zi^]) huo is urend. Huanne ^e on not slyt: pQ o]>er when the one foot 

himhelp^. An haste huanne me wyle smite fet heaued : h^it!***'*'^ 

]>e hand hire de]> be-nore. Ine ))isen we onderstonde]> / in thit we nnder- 

uoluelde / and clene louerede. J^eruore zay)» god in his and friendship. 

spelle. * ]>et more louerede ne may by : )>anne zette his 

zaule uor his urend/ J^ise urendrede ous ssewede lesu This friendship 

, ,,. Christ ehowed for 

crist ]>e zo]>e urend pet uor ous layde his zaule and his us. 
body to ])e dya])e. and ))et dede he ous uor to yeuene 

uorbysne. ase zay)) zaynte peter / and sain Ion zay]>. wherefore we 

yef god layde his zaule uor ous : and we ssolle legge ing to give our * 

1 v u / t i. • 'J. ^ souls for our 

cure zaules uor cure bropren / ]>et is uor oure nixte. yef brethren. 

we bye]) a rijt leme of |)e bodie / huerof is ]>et heaued. 

Huo ])et ))ise utrtue hedde / ich wolde zigge openliche 

beft] he ssolde by ]>e ri^te yblissed. ))is is ))e ui9*tue bet Tiiis virtue Christ 

. tauffht when lie 

cure guode maister Icsu crist ous to^te / ]>o he zede. saidr- 

* Yblissed bye]> ]>e milde : uor hy ssolle by in sayzine of '* Blessed be the 

be erbe.' bet is to onderstonde ine bri maneres. Yerst / shau possess the 


of ]>e londe of ^e libbinde ]>et is god zelf / )»et is i.They shall have 

woniynge of J>e libinde / J>et is of ]>e haljen / and of 

guode men. Ase ]>e er]>e is woniynge of bestes and of 

men. And ))eruor ])et god ]>et is ))e land of )»e libbinde : who is theUuid 

he he]> his y-blissed in his saysine. uor hi ne make]> 

none stre[njg))e fet queme))god ine hire sayzyne / ase zay]> 

]>e sauter. pQ milde z&jp / he ssel habbe ]>et land ine None shaii have 

kende. and saynt aMgustin. zuo zay)> / pet non ne sscl unless they are 

habbe god ine possession. Yor hi bye]> ri^tuolliche hearts. 

Ihordes of hire herten. ac ire / and felonie his 

amaystre)). pe milde amaistre]) pe queade ]>eawes. ^ And The meek maa 

li • m 9 I m A .1 I ,-» . subdues evil 

betere is worp / fet zayj> Salomons / * huo J>et ouerconi f hawts. 
wel his herte : fanne fe ilke J)et nimj> be stre[n]g})e / 

casteles and cites.' £f toward / )>e milde bye}» Ihordes s. The meek are 

of J>o erj>e / fet is of er))liche guodes, Yor yef hi hise gLda! ^ 

lyezejj : hi ne wrefef ham na^t / ne ne trouble)). Ac po They grieve not 

J>et ham wrefe)) hua7me hi hise lyezej) / hi ne ne byef them, °** " 

na^t Ihordes : ac raprc ])rellcs. and ])eruore he zay]> / hit and are not slaves 


to worldly pof 18 Tiat / bet bo bet habbeb bier bo tiinliche guodes and 


gostliohe / and ham-zelue ine possessioun. ^et hi habbe 

ine ]>e ende : |»et land of ^e libbinde / ^t is god him- 

The poor shall zelf ins possessioun. Ao nou onderstand and loke / 

Mid tiM mMk th« pet / pet god yef }» to pe poure ^e beuene. and to pe 

"bitter and Ml" milde : pet land / huei ssoUe by fe bitere and ]>e felle 

ahall be tinknown. 
[Fdl. M. b.] 

wy^oute / iaepe zoi^e of belle. 

Tlieflrstitepof Ijb UBRSTB BTAPB OF BI2TU0LNES8E. 

Blghfteounieae. ^ 

Tiie let gia of tiie f)e ucrste y ef ^ of ^e holy gost / make]> nian milde / 
makethman and dreduol. pe o])er bi77» make)) zuete / and pitons. 


tiie 8nd piteona, ])e )ddde him make^ brijte to syenne / and uol of 
wit. wytte. and ^eruore hit hatte: pe ^efpe of vrytte. 

Yor he make^ man wytuol / and wys. and ame- 
Thu last gift cast. sure]> allo ))ing. )}es yef]>e huanue he oom^ in-to }e 
or ire, herte : bestrep^ and kest out pe rote and pe zenne of 

thatdrivekh a iro / and of felonye / |^t trouble^ pe horte / and mnkcb 

roan oat of his _ _ 

wits. ^ane man al oute of wytte. zuo ^et he no |»ing ne yzi^)). 

This gifteniiffht. ne uox him / ne uor o^ren to lede. Ac ^es yefj^e tili3t 
tiiatitianotbe- ^6 herte of ech half / zuo l^et hi ne may by y-gyled of 
' nonen. Ase |>e yef^e of \M him make^ innocent : zuo 

pet he nele gyly nenne. )^nne saint Ion zay]) ine pe 

hoc of n^pe ine goste. pet pe holy man ]>et vres uol of 

^ise goste / wes uol of ejen be-uore and be-hinde. And 

The good men an angel ssewede to zacarien ^e prof etc ane ston huer- 

have ** seven 

sights." ine werin zeue ejen. ])et bye]> pe zeue zi^pea ))et pe guode 

For they see into men habbe}). YoT hi zye^ bri}tliche / and ine hare 
au about them, hexteu / and al abo[u]te ham. ])et is to zigge. be-iie])e / 
and aboue / be-uore / and bohinde / and of rijt half / an 
Tiiis gift is the of left half, pes yefpe U pe maist^r of workes. bet is to 

master of works. 

zigge / of pe utrtues of man. uor lie de]> al to wylle. and 
It is the line, rui^ to bo line / and to be reule / and to be leade / and to 

lead, and leveL '^ 

pe leuele. He nimj) uerst his p9nicke. and his boune and 

^et is ^et pe wyse zay p. * Of al j)et ^u sselt begiune : 

lokc )yane ende. and to huet heauede )>ou sselt come.' 

It makos tiie Uue EfUrward / he halt his line, uor he ne he]> beuore bo 


li^te way / and be rijte ondeistondinge. na^t ase pe of conduct to be 
eddie / opei ase pe uox. Ef terward. he dep al be reule / 
)^t make)) ))ane wal emne / and man be pe commune 
lyue of pe guode / wy]H)ute vinde newe hedes. Efter- 
ward he proae]> ofte his work mid lead, uor he nim^ it makes the ua 
hede fet his tour / ne hongi / ne stoupi / ne ari5[t]half Jnd a^fy^!"*^ 
be prosperity : ne alefthalf : be aduersit^ Jjes yefl^e is ^^^^T^ 
pnour ine pe cloystre of pe zaule. fet \6kep pe ordre / J^vSSS!^^ 
and dej) hi loki oueraL Verst ine J>e herte \}et] hej) tuo 251' ^'^ie"'* 
zides. pe onderstondinge. and J)et wyL pe skele / and cio^'wof**** 
pe affeccioun. Huanne ^ise tuo ziden / acordej): hi The heart hath 
make]> wel zuete melodie / and moche uayr seruice. pat i. xhe un'der- 
is huanne wyl wyle / al ^t onderstondinge tek]) of sl^The SJlIlm uid 
guode. and guod wil uel)»: ^et scele ondeistant nou when then ao- 
onderstand wel fise tuo ziden / j)et byej) ine pe zaule / JSrwt*SS<Idy?*" 
hou hy ssolle acordi Ine ^e one zyde hjep uour lokes / in each side are 
and ine pe o^re : uour. Vor J>e skele hef uour officea R^^hath four 
J)et is uor to acsy. Vor to deme. Vor to befenche. i.^-J^question, 
And to ssewy ^et hi onderstant be worde. And pe ilke J; tobJthtak 
yefj)e tekj) fane scele / fet hi ssel lyemi / and acsy. J^o**^ "tTworda 
and ine huyche ordre / and ine huiche manere / and to '"'*'*■ f^^ (doom) 

" ' ' teadieth reason 

huet ende. And bet is wel crat nied. Vor to misdo '«^'»"' ^ !««"» «»»* 

. to ask, 

ine zuiche ))inges / is wel perilous. He de|» )>ane scelo 
onderstonde / and to lyemi ]>et / ]>et is nieduol and and what is need- 
profitable / and oneste. and hire wy))dn^]> of pe con- honest, 
^rorie. A. god hou me lyest ]>ane time and co8tni[n]gge [FoU 47. a.] 
uor to lyemi pimg pet na3t ne is wor)y bote to ydele 
blisse / o]7er to zenne Ac 1pe holy gost be ]7ese jeipe By this ^ft the 
tek}) li^tliche. and make]) man lyemi ordeneliclie / pet eth man what is 
is mest nyed to pe zaule to pe loue of god. and al the soui to learn, 
makef *to done ine rijte onderstondinge / and to rijte 
ende / pet is pe worssipe of god. and uor pe profit of for the honour of 
his zaule. And uor to helpe his nixte. Efterward he profit." 
de]> }»ane skele wel to zeche pet zope of })inge8. and 
nameliche hou hi ssel beleue. Wel beleue is hua^ine He teaches the 
me belef]) simpleliche al pet god made. zay]). and hat / that is, to beUeve 



without doabt 
whatever God has 
made, laid, or 

Trae belief is nol 
liosty or slow* 
It examines and 
desires right Judg- 

It does not meddle 
with maUers that 

Tills gift enables 
reason to distin- 
guish between 
good and evil, 

between little 
goods and the 

It causes man to 
remember all 
iieedfiil tilings 

To understand 
things iMDesent, to 
see the things 
to come. 

It makes man to 
speak or to be 
silent in season ; 

so that each word 
is of its right 
weight, neither 
too much nor too 

Throw not pearls 
before awine. 

wy]K)ute to moche acsi / and wy}K)ute to zoche ^e red 
of god / and pe dyepnesse of his domes / and fo 
hejnesse of his magest^ / and )»e skele of his oj^es. Wei 
beleue is / huanne me ne lef]> ne to ra]>e. ne to late, ne 
to alle / ne to nonen* uor pe on and ]>e opev : zuo is 
nice / ase zayj) seneke* £fte7*ward wel acsi : "wile wel 
deme. Wel to deme be-longe]> pet me najt ne anfernii : 
bote me hit habbe wel ofacsed. and ))a/zne bote-yef me 
by ziker : ]>et me ne entremetti to deme )>ing pet ni^t 
to him ne belonge)) / ase bye)> pe p'mges anhyalde. l)e 
onderstondinges of lierten / of )>inges ))et ne mo3e tomi 
to pQ ri^thalf / and to pe lefthalf / ))et me his ondei- 
stonde ari^t ine pe guode half. Jeanne pes gost / be pise 
yef)^ / make^ ]>ane scele wel to deme / and knawe 
SLTiyt, and to destincti be-tuene pe guode ])inges and pe 
kueade. be-tnene pe greate kueades and pe lease, be- 
tuene pe little guodes / and pe more. Yor he de]> ech 
ping praysy / ase hit is be ri^te wor]>. Efte}*ward he 
dej) ))ane scele be^enche. uor he be-^ng]) to ^e manne / 
al ])et him is nyed / ase god zajp ine his spelle. pe 
)>inges ]>et bye|» y-pased / he hise de]> be]>enche. f)e 
))inges ])et bye)» present / he de)) his onderstonde / and 
to y-zy. pe ])inges ]>et bye)y to comene : he de]> poruay / 
and ordayny* and pise bye)) pe pn deles of pe utrtue of 
prudence be pe filosofe* Eft^ward he make]) pane 
scele be mesure speke / and ble)>eliche by' stille. and 
speke onne])e. zuo )yet pe speche come ra])re te pe uile : 
fawne to pe tonge. fet hi by y-weje ase guode moneye 
and y-proued. ase zayf. Salomon, fet is J)et hi by of 
guode matire / ase of guod metal, and of giiode ssep]>e / 
)>et is of guode manere y-speke. and hi habbe his ri^to 
wy3te / and his ri3te tale* fet is J)et Jjer ne by ne to 
moche / ne to lite / and J^et hi by wel bezet uor guod 
moneye / ne guod word / me ne ssel najt y[e]ue uor 
ni^t Huerof z&yp ous god ine his spelle. J>et we ne 
frauwo na)t oure pre-ciousc stgucs to-uore f e zuyn. pes 


yeffe acordef / and ordeyne)) / J>e o}>er half of pe herte. Thi« gift govenw 
beftl is be wyl / huerof ber byeb uour deles. Loue. The win hath 

'^'••*'^ r^f^ four fiicultiei, 

Drede. Blisse. and zor^e. pet is / ]>et lie habbe fet he love, dread, bUt«, 

. - - and sorrow. 

ssel / and ase he ssel / and asemoche ase me ssel. when these four 

... .are held in sab- 

and pet me yleue alsuo pet me ssel / and ase me ssel jecuon, then they 

, , 1 TT L* are ''tempered." 

and ase mocbe ase me ssel. Hnanne pise nour 

deles bye)y atamed / Jeanne z&yp me pet pe man is 

attemprc. Ase me z&yp of one rote / ofer of one herbe / 

^et hi is attenipre / huanne hi is ne to chald / ne to 

hot / ne to wet Alsuo aaetope bodye of man / come J) CFoI. 47. b.] 

alle eueles nor be destempringe of j^ise uour qzialites / As aii bodUy evils 

«. 1 i*.-ixi?t- arise firom the 

ober of )>ise nour humours: alzuo of pe nerte of pe "distempering" 

, . , ,, V . of the four 

ma^ne come)) alle pe uices / and alle pe zennes be pe iiumours, 

distewipc^-ance of Jjise ])eawes. Huanne ))ise tuo ziden ftv>mthe"di8teni- 

of pe herte byej) acorded and y-ordayned. J>et is pe tovay^uuL^^^^ 
scele and ]>et wyl. |»anne is pe man ordine wy))-iune 

him-zelue. bet byeb be tuo roten of be rote of ane wel Therootoofthe 

V X • * 1 -^ V 4 tree of "right- 

nayre trawe. pet is of ane wel .uayre uirtue pet me fianess"aiea 

clepe]> ri3tuolnesse. Eijtuolnesie is prop9*6liche / ]>et son and a subdued 
me dej) be dome ri^tuol and trewo / ne to nesssse / ne to 

hard / wy)K>ute bou^inge to pe one half / ne to )>e RightAiiness is 

TT *- . 1 •!• i_ / J • i '"»e "*><* uniform 

o)>ren. Huanne me gep uor)> onlepiliche / and a-rijt ase conduct. 

line. Vor rijtuolnesse ne is o])er ))ing bote oninge / it is nothing else 

))et is trew^e. Huo ]>et he)» )>ise utrtue : he is guod traUi. 

,. J V J t !.• -u X "L'l. -L 1 He wIk) hath this 

lustise and wys. nor he ne dep nojjmg bote hit by wel virtue is a good 
of acsed and y-trid / ase ssel do pe guode demere. **"^ ^^■^J^'^^- 
pSLune pe nerste stape of ))ise mVtue is / ))et pe The first step of 

. «■, />i* 1. 1 1 ^^i* virtue is tliat 

mail by guod demere of his ojene herte. nor he ssel a man be a good 

. .V. t /J !_•• J. J 1 Judge of his own 

guo in-to hiw-zelue / and y-sy his inwyt and wel ex- heart, 
amini his Jio^tes / and his wylles ]>et hi bi guode : o])er 
kueade. tind al ordayn'y to pe lokinge of scele / zuo |»et 
pe wyl and pe scele : by of one onynge. Vor ase zayjj virtue, saitii st 

V 3<'i. • !.«.• -ij.. Beniard, is Uie 

sam bernard. * mrtue ne is non ojjer fmg: bote pe union of reason 
onynge of scele / and of wille.' fet is huajine wyl comJ> *'*'*®^''"'» 
wyf-oute wyfziggiwge. spcke / and maky / and do to that is, when the 

will obeys reason 

worke J)ot scole zayj) / and ssewej) / and tekj). 


Tlie Mcond stop f)E OJ^ER 8TAPB OF RI3[t]U0LNESSE. 

The Meond stop Of ^iBB uiHae )>e opBT ptape is. ^t me by rijtaol dem- 

bodyinpraptr 6re / and healde ri^tuollicbe / ))e line of ri}te. betueno 
•a^jaeuoiu ^^^ , ^^^ ^^ j^ onder him. J)et is his bodi J^et he he^ 

to loki. huich he ssel zuo iiorissi : pet he m(^e semi / 
Reawm dwaid bt and ZUO teche / and chasti : fet he wyle bou3e. Yor 
twMatiMapirit P^ ^^^^ ^^ ^7 ^^ & trewe arbytres be-tuene ]>e goste 

and ye nlesse ^et bye^ alneway stnuinde. ^t ssel loki 
sothattiMipirit pet ri)t / of One half: and of ojyre. Ine zuiche manure 
body. J'et fe gost by gnod Ihord / and pet body: by guod 

Fortherate gmt seigont. Nou is hit grat.nyed to hyealde in pise half 

ue«d that modnr- i*i.i /j' i* j.ij* 

atiootboiddbt oueml njtuolnesse / and mesure / ine mete / and me 

SSXtLf"^ drinke / and ine clofinge / and ine hosiynge / and ine 

^^^'^^^^' ssoinge. and ine alle pe ^inges }»et / pet bodi acse^. 

C^ Jw'l Vor hit wel ofte bou)]> more to / to^ moche : psame to 

Thaflrewitoof pe lltle. Eft^Tward hit behoue^ pe vif wyttcs of pe 

nndertiie rathor- bodie wel lede / and rede, be scele / and be ri^taol- 

ity of nkMoo, nesse / ZUO J)et ecli serui of his office wyjH)ute zenno / 

and wy^ute wy^niminge. Ase pe e3eu: to zyenne. 

pe yearen : to liyere. pe nase : to ssmelle. pe mou^: 

to zue[l])e / and to sspeke. pe honden / and al )»et body : 

wiieii tiMM five to vele. Huanne piae vif wyttes bye]> wel y-loked 

goarded^TiMiiis psame is |>e castel ziker / and ysset ))et bye)? pe gates 

fyia!!^t!nSt ^^ 1^ zaule. ))et hjep pe wyndowes huerby comj in / J)e 

Stte'lSr'****^* dya> ofte to pe zaule / ase zayj> pe pi-ofete. 

The third step of P^ JjRIDDE 8TAPB OF RI J [t] U0LNES8B. 


[Foi.4B.a.] P^ pndde stape of )>ise utrtue is. )>et pe man by 

The third step of guod demere. and hyea[l]de ri3tne8se be-tuene him : and 

numjudgeebe-"' P^^ J^^ ^ beuore hiw. J)et byej> pe J^inges of time / Jnst 

andttieShlge destruef ofte and bodi and zaule / huanne me dej) ^rio 

S[t*iil.*b6twe«i *o moche / ase dof pe nif inges and pe couaytous. and 

po'TupowMi^"! alle fo J)et pe woidle louiej) to moche. J)et liabbej) zuo 

eiwn^'hl'the* f® herten eiigrmed ine pe dy eules nette / ase zay^ lob. ^t 

devil's nets. ^ timliche [eyse] ^ / and to ny edes wyjK)ute / J)et to hare 

' eyae or lost seems wanting hero to complete the sense. 


herten hi ne moje guo iu / ne hare lif ordayny. ))anne 

hit yualb bet hit is zob / bet senekes be wyse zayb / bet ah iIb who take 

^ f ' ' * ' / "" ' ' more oare for tlio 

we be ban zeneib alle / and foraions bet of be parties of thing* orure than 

, , , , . . ^ , , 1. X tor the life ItMlf. 

)^ hue ech ])enche / and is soignens. ac of al ))e liue to 
oidayny non ne ])enc^ / ne stade}). Nou is ]>anne wel 
grat nied |»et me ne do najt to moche ]>e herte ine ])ise set not tb« heart 

too w^ nf K on out* 

^inges wy)K>ute. Yor huo )>et him de^ to moche ^erto : wara things, lent 

he ual]) in )?e hate / and ine ]>e couaytise of ^e wordle / oovetoosnea^*^ 

fet is fe rote of alle uices / ase we habbej> be-uore ^^"^""^ 

))B UER)3B BTAPB of BI^TUOLNESSB. The fourth step or 


))c uer)»e stape of )?ise utrtue is. )^t man dierliche tim fourth step of 

yzi ane his ri^thalf. ^t is ^et he nime hede to ham |»et heed to those who 

byo|? guode / ^et bye)? ase ane his ri^t zyde. and |»et of Tow their w 

^ guode / and of J>e wyse / he nime wyt / and uorbysne. **"P*** 

Ac ine bise zide hit be-hoaeb hyealde riatuolncsse and Discretion is jiert 

^ '^ "^ ^ ' teryneedftiJ. 

discrecion. Yor al uolc no mo;e najt guo be one waye. ah foiic have not 

, 1, . I t t t ^ M the same virtues, 

ne alle )>e guode / ne alle pe wyse / no habbep na^t one- nor imve the 

lepi grace, alsuo ase )ye lemes of ])e bodie / ne habbe]> aii one office. 

n£^t onelepi office, and ]>erof bye^ uele herten nouices 

of ^an / ase zay)? )?e boc of collacions of holy uaderes / 

))et dn^t of ^e p69*feccion of mrtue. Yor huanne hi 

yze)» ane man wel y-mad ^t wyle profiti ine on stat / some novices en- 

- . 1. Ml «. / J !_• 11- deavour to fcUow 

o\qx lue one grace : anon hy wille)? / and him y-ly cne the special virtues 
wyllej) by. And huanne hi eft yzyef ano)>rene / fet °**^ "*"' 

ine ano])er stat / de]> manie guotles: alsuo hi wylle)) 
and yeme)) efter. an alsuo to \q )?ridde / and to )>e and so attain to 
ner])e / ne to nonen ham ne zette)>. \>o bye)» ase is. ^e They are uke the 
yonge grihound / J>et is yet al nouis / fet yernf efter tiSIt"roS!TrSr'"* 
echo beste / fet yemf beuore hiw». and ne makef bote JTI^^**** "*** 
him weri and his time lyese. ]perof zet ysopes ]>e fable [exeMpium.] 
of ))e little hounde and of ))e asse. ^e bond at echo time The&bieofthe 
fet he yhyerj) [fet] his Ihord comeJ> hom. he yemj) to-yens S u!l^ "'* 
him / and lhapj> aboute his zuere. and J^e Ihord him «^ZiLtVs 
makej> uayr chiere / and, him frotej) / and makefi him fc^^^S^JJi 

^ maker in MS. 


bing and fair greate feste. J?o asse him be-])0}te / ]>oiis ssolde ich 

do / and zuo wolde mi Ihord me louie. Betere he ssolde 

me maki ioye / pet ich serui eche daye ]>anne )>ise 

The us attempts hounde pet him scrue)» of na^tl hit nes na3[t] longe efter- 

exiimpK * ^ ward pet pe asse ne yze^ his Ihord come hom : he hegiii]> 

f(Mt about his* to Iheape / and yernp to-yens him. and him ]>rau]> pe 

wnd L weu bMten ^^^ ahoute his zuere / and begin)) zingo grat-liche. pe 

pains. sergons J^et hit y-zeje / nome steues / and byete fane 

asse ri3t to pe nolle. And )>erof ])et ho wende hahb[e] 

By such fables \ror]>ssipe / and guod : ho hedde ssame and harm. Be 

[Foi.48.b.] zueche fables wes y-woned J>e wyse man teche his 

tau^niis"hoiise- ^i^y^^ / ^^^^ ^ f^so uoibisne / he ham ssewede J)et hi ne 

notto desire vir- ^^^^® ^^^ wylui to pe gracos huer hi ne mo3e najt 

tucs that were be- come to. and bet ilke zelue tekb Salomon. *zone' zayb 

yond their powers. ' ' •'' 

Wherefore take he / * no areio naat bine eaen to richesses '/ bet is to 

lieed of whom ' j t j t s 

thou takest pat- gracos fot pe ne mijt na^t come to. |)eruore hit is grat 
nyed to habbe discrecion \et me zi of huam me may 
uorbysne nime. 



It 18 neoessaiy Alsuo hit is grat nyed pe\, pe man yzy bry[3]te ane his 

see clearly right left half and ))et is pe vifte. ioyel / and pe vif te stape. 
onthe'*o^esidS'he ^or he ssol yzy pe foles and J>e kueade / J>et bye)) aso 
iTellhoTiw^ua'I^^^^ a pe left half, nor by byf a pe worse zide. to ham me 
^*^' ssel nime hedo uerst / nor pan pot he habbe pite an com- 

and should avoid passioun. Eftorward nor pet me be-uly^t hire folye / and 
Solomon took ^^i**® uoilvozinge / asG zayp pe wyse salomo/i. * Icli wente' 
^ «.dhil*"*" ^e zayp * be pe nine / and be pe ueldes of pe fole sleu- 
doings. uuUe. and izej pet al hi weren nolle of nettlen and of 

pomes / and of pise uorbisno ich habbe y-nome wyt / 
and po[r]ueyonce.' nor me kan zigge : pet zofte he him 
chastep : pet bo opren him chastep. Efterward / nor 
Discretion is here pail pot me loucp moro god / be huam man is qwit of 
necesMuy. zuyclie ze/tnes. Ac uioche hit behouep ine pa zyde / to 

We must pity and lokl ri^tuolnesso / and discrecion. • Yor hua»ne ich yzy 
ttiid'siniiersr * pano fol and pane zenojere / ich ssel habbe pit6 / and 


mid ^yinga and na^t maki ^erof bisemen an 80onie& 

Ich asel alnewaj hatye ^ senne: and lotiie ^ kende. iMmha^ttm 

and wel me bdiaae)^ to lokj fei ich no wille ine mine mc 

herte nexne deme. ne me anlicny to nonen. nor ^ he 

by knead to day: ha may by gnod to moi3e. and zoich 

iB to day good : ha may by knead to moi^ Efterwaid 

ich me aael ase moche aae idi may wy^nte misdoinge Txj^tmi 

a-yens ham paya and omdecendie ine dede / and ine tovta 

speche / ham nor to wynne to god. and wy^-dxa^ mam 

senna. Vor aae zay^ aenekes / and aaynt gregorie. ' we 

ne nM^ mn^ / fo fe^ bie^ ynalle : a-iere. bofte-yef we 

wylle hoa ^ hit by to ham boo^' 


))e zixte stape is / ^ zixte e^ : fet habbe^ ^ gnode 
men. fe^ is fe^ hi yzy bri^tliehe be-hinde fe grines and 
^ dyenles gixnes / fe^ bye^ oos ase be-hinde. Yor ^ 
yyend oos y-zi^ / and we him ne more^ ysy. Care 
Tyendes : ^ bye^ ^ dyenlen / ^ bye^ wel strongs 
and wyse / and sotHe and soignens oos to gyly. Vor 
hy ne znyke^ neore ni^t ne day / ac afaieway bief ine •^■^^"^■■•^ 
waytin^ nor oos to g^y be haze cxefte / an by hire 
ginnes / hnerof hi nae^ more ^asme a ^oeend maneres. «*to*«*w"fc 
and ase za^ saint grvgorie. f)e dyeod yzi^^ wid sotfl- 
Ikhe |pe stst of fe waume / and his manjeie / and his 
eompkaaamk / and to hnet Tiee he ys meet boi^inde. 
o^ be kende / o^ be wone. and of ^ half him 
asayl^ stnmgiakest fane ecdzik: mid ire: and mid 
disoonL pane sangicuiien: mid ioHoete / and mid ^ 
Inxnrie. pane fleomatike: mid gktonye / and be 
deanpe* \^ane meianoolien: mid ennie / and mid (fM.«La.] 
mt^ And yanote hif « asd eoneh more def endi of fo 
half hoer ha yz^^ ^ his eastel is meat fyeUe / and 
aye Jie iike rioe ni^ / hner ha z^^ ^ he is meat 
aaqrled. ine soydbe gnod / ^ he / ne ^Mii nexne. nor 

< f ma^ mm. WXf. 

* At bottoai fif page are 1^ eatdii w<irdB wU mii dempc 


ho is hardy / and bold, ase ))e like pet assay le)) godes zone 

his Ihord lesu crist * Yef j)ou [wost*]^ / zede oure Ihord to 

iob / ' ine hou uele wyzen he him desgjze)) ' / alsuo ase 

TtM ipirita or yef he zede non ne wot bote ich. Yor ase zay]> saynt 

men and ungeU _ _ 

tn a spiritual denys. ' al[lje ^e angles and ])e guode and ))e kueade / and 

alle pe gostes of men bye]> ase a ssewere gostlich. 
The wmi norirei ))anne ase a ssewere ondenia[n]g^ anhaste alle )?e ssepl^es 
je^beitsiMping A^d ^ prientes ))et come}» him be-nore: alsuo dep )>e 
^"^ "*• goat of fe nianne / by hit slepinde by hit wakinde. 

One mirror wiu K"ou nim hanne ane mirour and zete hine to-ayens an 

reflect the forma ' 

aeen on anotiier. o^ren. an haste alle pe ssep)^s ]>et bye]) ine ]>e onen pon 

sselt yzy ine pe o^ren/ Ine zuyche wyse me zayj) J>et 
iNvers forma are be dyeuel ssewe^ to pe goste zuiche sseppinges and 

reflected firom the 

derii upon the zuiche figures ase he wyle huanne god hit |»ole)y / and 

po zaule hit onderuang]) al a-ye his wyL and o]>erhuil hit 
Just as one re- is ase to pe ))0}te / o]>er ase to ^e ymaginacion ase a-ye 
of objecto in the mi wyl / me be-houe}» to zyenne and o[n]deruo?tge ine ]>e 

perle of pe e^e pe ssep)»e of fe ))inge pet is him be-uore. 

Nou is hit a wel grat grace of god / and a wel g?'at 

yeipe of pe holy gost / onderstonde wel pe speches alle / 

of pe dyeule / and knawe wel alle pe uisages. Yor ase 

itisadiflieait z&yp sayut bemard. hit is wel sotil ))ing / and Strang to 

guuh between the co/zue / distincti bo-tueue pe )»o}tes )>et pe herte ]>eng)> : 

heart, and thooe and ))0 ]>et pe vieud : ])erinne zet. Hua^me he com)» 

aet there by the i#i. ' j t ±. i j 

devil. ase uela3e / oJ)er ase unend / ofer ase chapman, and 

JillSiilSf ^e^of ssewej) pe zewnes / hou hi byej> likiude. and lostuoUe / 
SwiS»to!,' Ii3tliche me may hit knawe. Ac huanne he com^ ine 

mo.f i'ub" e*^d gyse of angle / and ssewej) J)et guod : uor to draje to 
dangerous. kuoade. pvame is pe temptacion mest Strang. And 

])ercuore z&yp saynt Ion. pet me ne leue najt pe gostes / 
One must try the ac ]>et me hise prouy er|)an ])et me hise onderuonge. zuo 
receive them. doj) })0 / ))et make]) hire srifteuader guod / and holy 

man / and wys / and wel yproued ine zuicho J)ingert 

timliche / to hua??) hi ssewe)) ofbe / and grat / and smul / 

alle pe ))03te8 ))et to pe herte come)) and guode / and 

^ This woixl is necessary to the sense. 


kueade. Yor ase zay) solomons. ^y-blyssed he is : fet «*Bi«iMd u he," 

Mdth Solomon, 

alneway is dreduol.' and ine an o)>re stede zay)) he. ' Do •'that aiw^rt it 
be led al ^et ^ou dest / and efterwaid hit ne ssel fe 



pe zeuende stape / is ])e zeuende e^e. ])et hit hehoue)^ The seventh step 

•iiii«» •* •.A««*iii is the seventh 

habbe ])et wile habbe pise nirtue. pet is pe like pet an eye that one ougiit 

he^ loke)) / )>et hep god alneway to-uore him. Of p&n and which hath 

zayj) oure Ihord ine his spelle. • Yef fine eje is simple Seiu^*^* 

and clene : al pi bodi ssel by clyer and bri^t. And yef iftheejreisdim 

pin eje is wycked and dym : al fi bodi ssel by f yestre dark. 

and dim.' J^et is to zigge / yef bin onderstondinge of if the understand- 
ing in clean and 

fine herte is clen^ and simple / and gef uorf fane rijte simple, 

way ase streng al a-midde fise stapes alle / fet we 

habbef y-ne7;iued / f e hyap of fine workes ssel by uayr thy works wiu be 

and clier / and lykinde to god. And yef f e onder- 

stondi[n]gge is wrong, of er yef buy tuystef of er wyf went [FoL «. b.] 

ayen ase def fe quarteus al fe inwyt ssel by fiestre / without right 

and fe hieap of uirtues. Yor wyf-oute rijtuoUe onder^ aims become sin. 

stondinge: elmesse be-comf ze7?.ne / and uirtue vice. 

J^e onderstondinge is simple / f anne fe man def guode 

workes ri3tuolliche uor god. Hy is wrang / huawne he Tiie nndcrstand- 

hise def nor f ank of f e wordle / ofer uor ydeleblisse. it tries'to^pter.i*" 

Hy tuystef ine tuo : huawne me wylnef of one half to Sood.'* 

god : and of of erhalf to f e wordle. Ac hi went ayen : 

ase def fe cerceaus huanne f e man zekf his o^ene note 

in al fet he def. Nou best f ou y-herd f e zeue stapes 

huerby f is trau cliff an he). 

Of J)E BO^ES of W3TU0LNE8SE. or the boughs of 


)}e bo}es of fise trawe: byef fe zeuen principals There are seven 

uiVtues / fet ansuerief to f e zeue vices, ase def bo38am- i. obedience, 

iiesse a-ye prede. Lone : a-ye enuye. Mildeuesse : J jHuiness. 

a-ye felhede. Prouesse : a-ye slacnesse. Largesse : a-ye J* Sb^^7ty. 

scarsnesse. Chastet^ : a-ye lecherie. Sobret4 a-ye glo- •• ^Jf|*J^' 

* Written eleiu in MS. 



Tlieie seven vir^ 
tues leadeth 
aright tlie ghoit 
of wisdom. 

Discretion Is the 
outer of Tirtnes, 
and the radder of 
the ship, that ls» 
the SOUL 

Witlioat dis- 
cretion virtue be- 
comes vice. 

Theae seven vir- 
toea before men- 
tioned are the 
boughs of equity, 
and thej prodoce 

"Blessed be 
those," said 
all things hoUl to 

He does not say 
blessed be they 
who sin not, 

but** blessed be 
they who weep/ 

that is, who see 
and know their 

and are sorrowAil 
becaose of their 

Tlie world is 
called the vale 

becanse none may 
live without tears, 
that hath the gift 
of wit. 

tounye. Jjise zeue uiHues lokef and lodcjj wol rijte 
and wol zikerliche ]>ane gost of wytte ])et hise let be ye 
waye of ri3tuolnes8e. ase zay^ salomo/^. be huiche waye : 
discrecion and scele / ))et is ])e cartere of utrtues. ase 
zajp Rant bemard. and pe ro]>er of ]>e ssipe of pe zaule 
his let and breng)^ uor]). pel hi ne guo najt amis ari^thalf 
no alefthalf. and Jms hi pr/^fite^ and wexep and bereji 
frut to J>e nolle. J^eruore ]>anne pet pe nzrtue of ri3tuol- 
nesse / be discrecioun him ssewe)) ino alio pe workes of 
o)yre ntrtues. and vryponte ^ise / alle ^e o])re utrtues 
lyezep }»ane name of uiHue : and become]) uices. Zigge 
ich wel / Jjet in on wyt / Jjise zeue uiVtues be-uore yzed 
bye)) pe bo3es of ri3tuo]nesse and al ])et frut of guode 
workes )}et of ham wexe^ / belonge}». to ))ise trawe. 
Kou onderstan[d] wel hou pe greate maister of utrtues ous 
spek)? of j^ise mH[u]e / uor hi ne is na3t ine his reule. 
' Yblessed bye]> ^o ]>et ri3tuolnesse hiealde)) oueral / and 
ine alle ])inges habbe]> discrecion and mesure wy]K>ute 
misnimynge.' Vor we ne habbe)) hire onnea]>e y-wonne. 
Yor uon ne is ))ct ne misnimj) ine uele manures. And 
))eruore ous cofiiortep wel zueteliche oure zuete maiste[r] 
lesu crist huanne he ne z&yp na3t. ' y-blissed hyep ]>o ]>et 
ne zene^ep ne misnime)) / ac do]) al be ri3tuolnesse / and 
be lingne.' Ac he zay^ wel cortaysliche uor to eonforti 
pe zenuolle. ' Tblissed bye)> ]>o ^t wepe]> / uor hy ssolle 
by conforted.' pet is to zigge : J>o byej) yblissed : J)et 
yzye^ and onderstonde)) and knawc]) wel hire defautes : 
ine alle J^ise zeue poyns of rijtuolnesse |)et we habbe]) 
hier y-nemned / and J^eruore wepef and byeJ zorjuol 
))et hi lunde)? zuo ofte onri3t / huer hi ssolden healde 
and uinde ri3tuo]ne8se. Yor ^uore is pe wordlo 
y-cleped pe dane of tyeares. and non ne may ine pe 
wordle libbe : wy]H)ute tyeares ))et he^ onderuonge pe 
yefpe of wyt / huerof we habbe)» yspeke. psame be- 
houe)y ase zayp Salomon, uor huo ))et m^t can / and 
most zy^p pe zoi^es and pe kueades of pe wordlo : ))c 


more hej> zorje to his herte / and tyeares / and wepinges. [Foi. m. a.] 
And ])us begin)» ])is wordle to tyeny. And pe more pet sorrow causes 

- ..,.., i.,i. Ai man to dislike the 

tyenej) Jjis lif: pe more me wylnej> pet ofer. And world, 
j)erof wexejj of re tyeres uor J>e wylninge of pe of re Hue. and to desire the 
Xou sselt f on fus f enche. Zix maneres of tyeres pet six manner of 
J>e holy man hej> ine fise wordle be J>e yeffe of wytte. sheddeth/^""" 
pe Tierste comej) of J)et me zy3t fet me hej) god ofte because ofo^T 
y wxefed be fo^te / be speche / and be dede. Jje ofer J^iJie second 
com> J)erof J>et me yzi^f fe greate tormews hidouse ^rJo^nu'^ 
an eurelestinde of helle. Huerof ech man ssel habbe ®^ ****^' 
gmt drede. pe ])ridde wexe)) of pe kueades / j)et me s. The sufferings 

of the good. 

yzi^p pe guode j)olye. pe uer]>e come]> of pe zennes ]>et 4. The sins of the 


pe kueade do)». pe vifte uor j)ise Hue ])et tyene)) / and s. weariness of 
uor pe o])re )»et de]> auerst. pe zixte com]> of deuo- desire of ule 
cioun and of gmt plenty and of bHsse of pe presense of J^^^VoUon and 
lesu crist / and of fe ueHnge of pe holy gost. and J)ise "e pS^*5 
byej) arijt yblissed fet zuo wepej) / uor hi ssolle by Hof'St*** 
y-conforted ase zayjj J>e writinge. Alsuo ase pe norice ^''® "™ *^"" 
confortej) fet child fet wepj). uor Jii wypejj pe e^en / tt»eeye»ofthe 
and him kest / and hi de]) him le3e be streng)}e. alsuo 
ssel do oure Ihord to ham )»et wepe)) ine ))ise wordle ase so oar Lord com- 
ich habbe yzed. Vor he wyle zuo wypi hare e^en / J)et ers. 
neurerfio ne ssolle wepe / ne ne ssolle yuele kuead ne Evermore shaii 
zorja Ac euremo ssolle by myd god ine paise and ine S^^lil^hilfg, 
lejinge and ine blissd wyf-oute ende. andwiss. 

Of ])E YEF])B of STRENG])E. Of the gift of 


Nou we habbej) yspeke of yefj)es and of utHues / we have spoken 
J)et gonemep po fet ine pe wordle libbejj mid pe lo^este ^nues whSh 
of pn states / huerof we habbej) beuore y-speke. Nou S?J world.*** *" 
ssolle we mid pe helpe of pe holy gost speke of pe Now we shall 
yef]>es and" of pe uiHues fet more propreliche belongejj vWues^^wVidTbe- 
to ham J>et J>e wordle onworj)eJ) / and to J>e heje helle Ihit dSspiTthe 
of perfeccion wylnej). Of j)an zayj> propreliche lob. ^^'^^' 
Jet lyf of man ope pe eipe: is ase kny[3]thod. Vor earth is as knight- 

1 A ... . . ^^ hood or as citizeu* 

mannes lyf me pe erpo : is ase borgeysye. Nou yzij ship. 


! yongiie Ijoryeis and ane newene knijt. Jlochel 
habbefi fos of ue!e (lojtes newe iliuerees and wyluolle. 
JJe borgejH wylnef to chapfari / an to wynne and to 
gaUeri. and )e eude of liia wyile ia al («rto ; jjet ha by 
riche ine guodes. and iue his toune y-worfssipcd. Jje 
knyjt newe / gef al anofenie way. Vor he wilneji 

'. cocteysyea to done / an largeliche yeue / and kiiy[j]thod 
to lyemy and guo to armes. kueades to [lolye / saewy 
jjrouessea porchaci los / and ine heje stat cliue. Jjiee 
e zyeji apertetiche ine tuo nnanerea of uolke. 
huerof fe on ta / ^et wel ham wyllefi uram greate zeime 
Joki / do penonce. yeue elmesse. hjealde godea hestea / 
and of holy cheiche and wel ham hit were ynoj / yef lii 
mijte ate ende be* zuo moche by y-borje. pise byep ine 
guod etat / and wel ham mo;o bouL )}e o^re bye)) to 
11 fet pe wordle anoyp uor pe perils and pe zennes 

, and de" pinen / huetof hi is al uol. zuo pet non ne may 
habbe pays of herte / ne etedeucat inwyt. Hi yzep of 
oper half pet per ne is no Iresor pet mojo' by worp to 
o grat : ase pays of hertc. 
no blisse of pe wordlu pet by worp / to pe blissu of 
kleno inwyt. zuo ham pingp and wel hit is zop / pet 

■ Imo pet piae pri pingea may winne : he eaolde by more 
mpe«)ur. ac pet ia zuo grat ping pet ueawe per 
byep zuicho / pet doire pise niminge maki. ac hiia»no 
god yefp to pe manne piso grace, and pe ilke yefpe pet 
Die clepep pe gost of etrengpe. ho hym yefp ane newo 
herte / ane noble heite / and hardi. Noble: uor lo 
onworpi al pet fe wordle mai behoto / and yeue. 
Uardyesae uoc to polie alle pe kueadnesse pet pe wordle 
may preapni. And of piae hardiesae apekp oure uadcr 
huaime he zede. )3et 'yblysaep byep po pet habbep 
honger and porst / oE rijtuolnesBB,' Salomon zayp, pet 
' he is rijtuol / pet onwotpep his harm / uor his uryend ' / 
pet ia uor god / pet is ri5t utend. And aaint bemard 
zayp. ' he ne is najt rijtuol / pet no yii3p najt ino his 



iierte : and uel^ / and onderstant / ^ he is yeldeie. 

and a-yens god of treu])e / toppe alle ^ing.' pe ilke ^t ibn i» a debtor 

zo^liche wylne^ mid al his herte to yelde ^ise dette to 

gode / fe ilke is of )»in / huerof ouie Ihord spek^ 

huanne he zede. ))et fe ilke hye^ yhlissed / ^t hahbe]> Piamdawthow 

1 /i«^A •i« § tluit hnncMT and 

hunger / and poist : uor n^tuolnesse. he ne zay]> najt / thtntaitorrigiit- 

' y-hlissed hi hye]> fo pet hahhe]> / o^r ^t do]> ri^taol- 
nesse: ac ]k> ^t hahbe]> honger and |K)i8t.' Yor fia 

Ti3taolne88e ne may hy yhyealde / ne ]>is dette ne may tm* rigiitfoii 

by uolliche y-yolde / ine J^ise wordle. Ac ine ]>ise ^^intiii/ 

-wordle hi is y-wylned / and ine fe o^re / y-payd. utodadrediMra 

])eruore ne zay]> ni^t ouie g^ode Ihoid and mayster. ^ti^r^JriiL^ 

' po byej) yblissed J)et ]>ise rijtaolnesse ssoUe do / and |>et 2^^^*^ 

J?ise dette ssolle yelde.* Ac he zayj) urel cortayslal^er / JJ^rfittwiIr^* 

ose he ^t wot ouie poueite. 'Tblisse]^^ bye]> ^ ilke 

^t of ]>ise ri^tuolnesse / habbe^ honger / and |K)rst.' 

Yor he ne akse^ na3t ^t we him yelde hyer his dette / 

ac hit is him ynoj / yof we habbe^ guod wyl to yelde. batthoMara 

pia wylninge huanne hi is zo]> in herte / behoue]> ^t he utatMrhMcte!* 

hit ssewy be dede. Yor ase z&yf Salomon. ' non ne may 

^t uer ine his bosme hede / ^t his robe ne heme.' pis TUa dcain «► 

ssewynge ne may bi wy^ute uirtue / and wy)H>ute JStJU^StaT 

prouesse. Yor be wytnesse / ne by playtinge : me ne '■^•^ 

proue]> ni^t fet he by guod knyjt / ac be moche dede Tbasood knight 

of annes / and be moche )K)liyDge / and to y-leste. IS^htodaed* 

And ^t is pe uer)>e uirtue / ])et ])e holy gbsi yeff to ^"^^ 

^ maitne uor to strepe of al: in al. ^* uer^ vice. prowaMatripa 

^t is ^ senne of sleaw])e and of onlosthede. pia SIILJi^*^ 

utrtue is of zuo grsate dignet^ / ])et amang alle ye o]>re 

ui'rtues / pis one ber]> propreliche be hii^t-zelue ]>ane 

name of / uirtue. Yor utrtue / and prouesse is al on. God bartovaiion 

piae utrtue / god yef]> to his sergons / hua^ine he his M^iudidla' 

wile maki kni^tes / ase he dede to his apostles at lokes. ^!^l^ ^ ^^ 

of huam we rede]> / ^t hi weien zuo dreduol / pet hi -^^ — TTthtfm 

ne' dorste guo out of hare house / alhuet hi weien mid ^'^^ *" 

^ So in MS. * M in MS. 

11 • 


e hi yeden leiijnde bliase / 

(lise un-tue jarmcd. A 
huanne me dede ham e: 

JjQ filozofes Jiet of fiiso iiiVtues drojen / hi to-delden 
fise uirtuea ine zix deles, (let byep aae zix stapes / 
huerby fise uirtuea clioej) / and profitej). Ac oure 
master pet made ^e filozofes / and filazofie. ^et is lesu 
Crist: he zet / pane zeuende poynt. pe uerste poynt 
of prowesse / hi clepieji / magnanimity. Jje of er : 
fiaunce. J3e )ridde : zikerneSse. ))e uerf e : folyinge. 
])o uifte : stedeuestnesse. \)e zixt : magnificence, pa 
zeuende ]iet oure mayster zette : hatte honger and fiorst 
of rijtuolnesse. Jjise u^'rtues me ne may najt propre- 
liche ncmni aae onderstondinge hise to-dijt / ine latin, 
MagnanimitiS is hejnesse. gratnesse. and noblesse of 

( ivylhede / huecby fe man ia hardi asa lyon / and of 
greato nimioge. ))is uirtuo hof tuo dellcs.' great* Jiingea 
onworfi. aiid wel grater to nime an hand / and to 

1 chiese. Of (te nerste dele ; zayf zaynt aiiatin. Proivesso 
is / huawne corage onworfef / al fet ne is najt in his 
pouer. )3et ia al ^et he may lyeae / wylle him nolle 
him. And aeneke zayji. 'amang wonllelicho pingea / no 
fing ne is grat / bote herte / fet greate Jiingea onworfef .' 
Of J)e ojire dele zayj) [le filozofe. J)et ' magnanimity / ia 

s. renable niminge of beje fynge / and dreduol.' Huo fet 
f iae uiVtue hef ; he yzijf fe wordle uram uer. ase zayji 

1 yaaye. f e profcte. And f ua him f ingf al fe ■woT[d]lo lite / - ' 
aae a sterre hit fincf to oua. J5anne al fe wordle / and 
alle fe bisyhedes / and fe grcate niedea of fe wordle 
hi™ f ingf aae najt. and f eruore hise ne prayzef najt / 
bote ase f e web of fe spif re, ]3anne ealonton hnanne he 
hedde al fe wordlo y-wenL and of alle finges / and of 
folea / and of wjse ystrj'iied. he zayde hia dom ine zuiche 
mane?^. 'ydelnease. ydelnease. ydehieese. and al Jtet ich 
izi : is ydelneaae.' fet is to zigge / fo wordle is ydel- 
nesso. and zuo hi is al nol of ydelneaae. And fo man 


liim-zelf uor huam be wordle is y-mad : zuo is al ydel- This ufe flies m a 


nesse. uor ine him is alle manere ydelnesse / ase z&ip its cares are as 


pe sauter. ydelnesse / be steruinge. Vor his lyf uli3j) 
ase ssed. ydelnesse / be bysihede. Vor fise bysyhedes 
bye]) ase meteles. Ydelnesse / be kueadnesse. Yor The first step then 

-. ,, ./. ,. .^•••. of this virtue is 

ze72ne nim makep more na3t / panne pmg fet is me pe to despise the 

worddle. Nou is panne pe uerste del of fise uirtue. 

})et him dej) pe wordle onworfi / ase habbef ydo ine 

ariere and pe filozofe payen. and pe holy cnstene man. 

j)e o)7er del is zuo / )7et hi make]) J^ane way of perf ec- The second is to 

cion to nimene. and ]7et lyf ]7et zuo moche ssewe]; ssarp / the way of per- 

jjii !• i^i.*!. t. 1. 1 M • ± %. fection, tliat lead* 

an dreduol to chiese. pet is pe way fet let m-to pe eth to the wu of 

helle of god. fet is ine pe stat of perfeccion. pet is pe 

way of pnu6 red / of oure Ihorde / fet he ssewede to 

his apostles ine pe helle / huerof fis bok spekj). Jjerne xiiis way choose 

iTT 11 • ill-/ those who not 

way chy[ejzej) fo. to huam ne is na3t yno^ to loki / pe only keep ood's 

' behests 

hestes of god / huerto hi bye J) y-hyealde. and wyllej) ' 

uoluelle his redes / huer hi ne byej) na3t be dette y- 
hyealde / ase byef fo / fet letej? al J? et hi habbef : uor but forsake aii 
god. and y[e]uej) hsun to sterue / uor pe loue of hi?» : fet sake, 
starf uor ham. ofer ine pe londe be-yende pe ze / ofer [Foi. 51. b.] 
ine ano]}re stede. And ase do]) ))0 / ])et uorlete)) / aud both goods and 

, ,, ijj 1 1 1 friends and tliem- 

al onworfej) uor god. and guodes. and uryendes. and selves. 

ha7/i-zelue. and make]) ham-zelue J^relles of oj^ren ]7et They become the 

weren vry. and" makef ham-zelue poure ; fet weren Lid widure *"* 

riche: oJ)cr myjten by. hy doj) ham to folye grat Therjut them- 

ssarpnesse / J)et hedden ine pe wordle: greate lostes. Jj^h^^*' 

ase byeJ) manie / fet byej) ine religion, and of herte / as many do who 

und of bodie. Vor litel is worf to by ine religion / JS^ouI^order. 
ofer ine ssarpnesse of penonce / yef pe herte ne is na3t 

ferto. Vor pe clofinge / ne makej) na3t fane monek. Arms do not 

ne pe armes fane kny3t: ac pe guode herte / and pe butthe'^oS^' ' 

11 . heart and the 

dedes of prouesse. deeds of prowess. 

bE ObER STAPE OP PROUESSE. The second step 

of prowess. 

be ober stape of bise u^Hue is : beleaue. Yor huo The second step 

* r ± r is to believe. 

fet hej) fane guode way ynome / hit be-houef pet he BeUef enables 


min lopumu him liyeaJde vestliche ine his wylle / and fet he hftbl 

giiode beleaue ine god / |)et he him iioluelle fet he hejj 
.rdio-iuuima agonne. Jjise luVtue hi clepie)) / beleaue. hi is wel 
tiie dtfii, wDTid, nyeduol a-ye fie aaaylinges of f e wordie / of fe ulesae. 

and of fe dyeiile. (let stmnglaker aaaylefi fane man ate 
Tin Seih iiiji, a-gymiingQ. J3et ulesa hi?re zayf. ydi ne may folye (lis 
mjiiidiaHu. Ijf / no mine ealde wones Jete. J3e wordle zekfi eftor / 
■OMhimiikeM uof )"»" to wyjidraje / nao me zekfi ane fyef Imanno ho 
T^ttavii'ilri, '^ asRaped of fe prwone. J)e dyeuel him zayfi. ' wrechche 
iriituioo'dop" '"'^^ wyltoii do / hueruora fe yeist fe zuo. Vor foil 

luijtest fe oferlaker wel wytye.' Jjiae liyejj fe uerste | 
God't ne- knigbt aaaylynges / fet godea newe knyjt f olef : f et f eng)) to 
Muiuiu. Wynne fe regne of heiiene. Ac huainie be him yeff lo 

B/ audfnit biikc gud bo (juode HH stedeuestc be-leaue / he ne hef none 

liede. Vor lie is f« treweste urend / fet may / and 
rnrirhDiDOod cait / and'wyle / hia oiene loki. and buam bet god vile 
mnj iiuiD. helps : no ping him ne may dene. 

'J1>t Uilrd aUsp of l3E )?BtDDB BTAPE OP PKOTISBS[e]. 

Tbe tbird (tap or ]i)e fridde Btape of prouesse : ie zikemease. zykcr- 

pu^™orcmifl- nesse asa zayfi fa filozofe ia a u?Hiie / huerhy me ne 

-llewbjBn. i^fpt najh fe knedes / ne fe perils / fet bief beuore liaro 

^"Kw";*'. cj«n- And fet is >e fridde gaod / fet fe yeffc of | 

'""' atrengpe dej). Vfr fe holy gost / huanne he Lef y- 

Tin Holy OhMt armed bis knyjt of bia uiHue : uerst he hi'« yefj) noble 

"^fTi'niiMj.r- hevte / greats fiingea to nimeue. Efterward he him yeff 

i»i. ^^^ greate hete / and a grot wyl to uoljy / and grnt 

HenmiiBUini hope uoc to uoluellc. Efterward he makef him ziker 

wnBdsniM* ^^^ lyoun. zuo Jiet he ne hef drede / ne of perils / ne 
of pinen / ne of dyafe / ne of tonnent ac he Lis 

AitiinK" wilnej) / ase def fe newe knyjt fe tornemens. an suo 

uln^mt"t"a dede fe mattires ase bit fingf ine hare Hue. huer-of we 

pehiMd^BMii. redef of zaynte agaae / fet mid greate blisse hi yede 

«*™iitM' to torment alsuo ase hi yede to feste / oJ>ot to a 

{"w^jjiii'a " '" bredale. 


bB UERbB STAPB OP PROUESSB. The fourth step of 


Ase fo holy gost make)? his knyjt ziker uor to abide 
be tonnens and be zones bet byeb'to comene. Alsuo TheHoiyOhost 

'^ 1 . , makes hi* kiiitht 

he hbn makeb Strang and bolymde. uor to ])olye strong u&d 

, patient^ 

huafine hi come]), and ]}et is fe uerj^e stape ])et hi 
clepie]) / pacience. be fise uiVtue / fe guode ouercom]) 
alle his uyendes. bane dyeueL be wordle. and ^et iiless. so that he may 

, . _ overcome all his 

and al |>et hi mo3e zigge and do. Yor pet is pe sseld enemies. 

of gold / to hbn fet uor godes loue folef / J?et hiw 

yrri^p of eche half / ase zay|> ])e sauter. zuo ]7et no 

strok / ne may him breke pe herte. ])ise ueVtue non ne 

heb : bet ne heb bi uonded. Vofrl tnbulacion : makeb Patienoemustbe 

• Au * 1 u^ 1.V "^"i'ed bj trial. 

pacience. Ase z&yp zaynte paul. ase ])et uer: makep for the fire iiardeus 

pQ te^ele / hard. Wyjhoute fise utVtue non ne is y- 

proued. ne fet gold ne may by wyjj-oute uer y-clensed. »nd gold is puri- 

. . fled by it. 

wyJ?-oute pacience : non ne hej? uictone. Yor huo fet 
lyest pacience : he is ouercome. wy])-oute pacience : 
non ne comf to perfeccion. j3erof we yzej) uorbisne / Patience is ne- 

1 . 11 3 • 1 1 1 cessary to per* 

ate leste ine alle pe inestyeres pet me de]) mid hand. fecUou. 

Moche )7ole]} pe coupe of gold of strokes of yzen / erj^an The cup or gold 

hi by yzet ope ]}et bord of pe kinge. and pe chalis er iron ere it is set on 

ha by yblissed / and y-zet ope fane weued. Moche 

f ole]> pe tonne of greate strokes / er me do pun ))ot 

guode wyn. Mochel is def ouled mid pe uet of uolleres Tiie scarlet robe 

is oft defiled by 

pe robe of scarlet / erj^an ]7et pe kuen his do an. And the feet of the 

ase uele mijt )70U to ]}an vinde uorbisnes : ase pev hjep queen puts it on. 
workmen at paris of alle mestyeres. Be |>ise mrtue is 

Strang pe man / ase ]}et ysen ]>et alle metals a-daunte]). By this virtue u 

Of grat pr/s ase fet gold / fet pe more hit is ine uere : SSd,' ""^ 
pe more hit is clene / and clyer / and tretable. ase pe 

salamandre ))et leue)? ine pe uere. and ase pe viss )7et •» the salamander 

ine pe trauailinde wetere : him ba]}e]> and norisse]). fish in the water. 

j)E VIFTE STAPE OF PROUESSE. Tlie fifth step of 


pe vifte stape of J?ise u/rtu is ycleped Constance, e^afed wntuniy. 



by which man is 
established as a 

and by which he 
ieoores victory. 

and overcomes 

The devil over- 
tlirows man by 
adversity or by 
idle bliss. 

Virtue consists in 
following a mean 
between good and 

pet is a uzVtue fet make)) pe herte Strang and stedeuest 
ine god ase a tour yzet ope ane stroiige roohe / and ase 
a traw yroted ine guod land / )>et hit ne ssake uor 
nenne wynd / fet may come ne blawe / fet is ine no 
cas J?et mo3e come / ne guode ne kueade. wyjj-oute. 
J)ise u/rtue / non ne comf to ui[c]torie. uor hua7zne godes 
kny^t hej) ido zome prowesse : f awne him asaylef' f e 
dyeuel be ydele blisse. and ^Sinue is fe batayle ine pe 
herte f e stranger uor him-zelue to ouercome / fet he ne 
ualle be ydele blisse : ])a7?ne alle pe uerste uondinge / 
ne wes. Huerof dauid zayf ine pe sautere / J>et J^e 
dyeuel ouerfrauf pe wel stronge of lefthalf be aduersit^ / 
and pe wel stronge a ri3thalf : be ydele blisse. ))ise 
uiHue preysejj moche sencke fet zayjj. Jet fer ne is 
uiVtue bote pe ilke J)et gej) uorj proudliche be-tuene pe 
one auentM?'e and pe ofre / fet is be-tuene pe guode 
and pe kueade. and grat ouwor]}nesse of on an of 

The sixth step of 

The sixth step of 
prowess is mag- 

This virtue Christ 
calls persever- 

by which the good 
knight endures 
to the end. 
All other virtues 
fight, but this 

[FoL 52. b.] 

He who perse- 
veres to the end 
•hall be saved. 

The virtue of the 


pe zixte stape of prouesse / hi clepie]) / magnificence. 
)7ise uzVtue hi desGriuep poua. Magnificence is hi 
ziggej) of he^e nyede y-blissede bleuinge. pise uirtue 
oure greate filosofe lesu crist clepef / perseuerance. be 
huam pe guode godes kny[3]t folef pe kuedes / and ylest 
al to ])e ende ine J)0 heje waye of pey'feccion fet he heJ 
ynome. Of piae mrtue zayp zaynte pauL ))et alle pe 
uzVtues yemef : ac J?is wynf fet zuord. alle hy vi^tejj : 
ac ])is he)? pe uictorie and pe coroune. Alle werche)? : 
ac ]7is ber)) away J^ane ssepe aneuen. Yor ase z&yp oure 
Ihord. huo ]>et blef]) al to pe ende : he ssel by boi^e / 
and non o]}er. More uor]) ne cou))en pe filosofes lede 
pe mrtue of prowesse. Ac pe deciplis of oure mayster 
lesu cnst / guoj) ynoj more uorj). Vor ase z&yp 
Salomon. hua72ue hi habbe)) al asummed / panne ucrst 
ham ))ing]) / ])et hit is al to aginne. pe u/rtue and pe 


prouesse of be filozofes wes al uor be uices to ouercome / old phuotopiien 

* *^ was to overcome 

and to zeche be uiVtues. Ac be prouesse of halaen uor vice, 

'^ \ bat the prowess 

to ouercome be uices and be U7Vtues to zeche. and J)erto of tiie saints 

^ , . r T 1 enabled them to 

pnncipalliclie uor to healde nj[tJuolnes8e / an treupe bold righteou^- 

_ , __ . . . . 1 / • . 11. ness and truth. 

auoreye lesu cnst. He ne is na^t njtuol / f et ne yelt 

bet ha ssel : be his miite. And uor zobe mochel is we owe our uvea 

, , , . , • Ti. / J • to Christ who 

ri^tuol fing / and sceluol / fet ich yeue mi lit / and mi died for us, 

dyeaj) / uor him fet his lif and his dyeaj) / yaf uor ous. 

And asemoche ase he is wor)) betere ]>anne ich : zuo and his ufe wns 

more precious 

moche ich am yeldinde be rijte n^tuolnesse. ase zayj) than ours, 

saynt ainselra. J3ise rijtuohiesse * ich may wylny / ac ich / we may desire 

ne no/i of er / ne moje hier hit yelde / ne uolliche hit buf2e*un«we to' 

paye ' / ase we habbef be-uore y-zed. And J?eruore is fe ***** 
zeuende stape of fise mrtue / fe ilke J?et oure mayster 
lesu crist de)) ))erto / huerto \q filozofes ne mi^te come / 

\o lie zede. ' yblessed bye)) ])0 : )jet habbe]) honger and Blessed are tiiey 

forst of rijtuolnesse.' Jjawne byef J)o ari3t y-blissed / thiret afS^rilliit. 

fet fe zix stapes of prowesse byej) ycliue / and liabbej) SnTwho'have 

honger / and f orst / and grat wyl fe zeuende stape / ^l^^*^f p^ow^.. 
be hare my3te cliue. 

]?E BO3ES OF PROWESSE. The boughs of 


Ine ))ise trawe ase ine \q oj^ren / we vinde]) zeue in this tree are 

•1 -XT ' e • t. X. t- tw^n bougliM, 

bojes. Vor me zeue maneres of yiy, : fer comep zeue for in seven 

•11,. . battles Uiere nre 

maneres ouercomeinges. and be pise zeue ouercominges : as many vicio- 

lii wynnej) zeue maneres of corounes. Jet byeJ) zeue wWch gain seven 

medes. hucrof saynt Ion spek]) ine J)e apocalipse. Vor *^''°^ 

ase zay]) saynt bemard. ' Mochel is he fol / and ouer- He is a fooi who 

• i/.i .1. • "L-i.x'L "UT- i_ thinks to Jiave the 

weninde / fet wyf-oute ouercommge abit to habbe f e crown without uie 

coroune. and huo wyjj-oute vi^t : wenf habbe J?e ^^^^^' 

maystrie.' huerof zaynte paul zayf. J)et neure to 

coroune ne ssel come: J?et trieweliche ne vi3t. trewe- 

liche / ])et is to zigge : be \q la^e of ]7e uelde of ]}e y- The custom in 

i/.. jxi « lii former times at 

prouede / pet wes y-woned to byewne fe ealde manere Rome was this.-^ 

at rome. ]}et ))e ilke )>et to ]7e uelde him dede / uor to He who desired 

fame in the field, 

habbe los : ouercom alle )70 J^et ])e mayster of ])e uelde / had to overcome 

■iiwhimiuit deile come ayen him. }3e ninyaW of fo uelde / 
ruM Hut iqpdnit IB lesu cmt / fei a&ay^ hia uewe knyjtcs aae hit is 
Thiamuisrii ywrite ine fo boc of ki^tjjes. })es mayster is wel trewo 
kiiDwi tu< migiit 130 zayji zaynte pad. and kan uoL wel )e inijte of 

eolieu / he lie folef fet no vyend ous uondy oiiet oura 
■Diiiunrigi iiiijte. ne uo)i ailuei-aarl oua asayli / fat we ne moje 
ibgn gut oiiercome : yef we willef mid his helpe. J)et ine fe vijt 

ous wext ours strengfe / ase zayfj zaynte panel. Saynt 
ihijtiiitorn- lounse wehabhej) yzed / topatte)! zeue ouertoniei[n]gges, 
«t>n kind! ui oud zeue corouuee. pet is to zigge ; zeue manerea of 

mcdea / ^et god l>c-hat to ^an / fet ouercome^. 

Tilt nr»l Bght hs UEB8TB VUT. 

TiMiiniiiRiitor }]e uetste nijt p&t Jie cristeno habhe^ : is a-ye 

■(■iiui dwutij dyeodlich zenne. ine ^li vijt neure ne is oufircome : f)et 

uele to senna noroenti, he ouurcomf fane vijt / Jiet ia 

ThtboidiMirt wel lijt to ouercoiiie to fie bolilo Iieite. and lang and 

tuk to fiiu Lii* riotouse to fe eleauuolle / and to pe oiiloati / )iet bye]) 

slaclio to godea aeruice. fet ne Lyefi ne wel chaid ho 

peer, ne wel hot : ine pe loue of god / ase zayfj zaint 

HiththiMhiu Ion. be like bet uslb an :s ouerconie ine biee vi}tiii<;e : 

UiliSlllitliuli *- / I I r n 

moniMjiif liefi niOM atrengei' to done hiin-zelue to do arere / and 

tiiiu hi uiu ii him-zelue to werie. fanno Jie ilke fiet ia atondinde. uor 

"*' he ne lieji none uiijte him-zelue to arere : bote god 

Ai lu. fliii ROM him hyalde fe hand be Ilia grace, Vor aae viss gej» in / 

iinij.Mm.n ' be him-zelue and be his wille iu-to Jw neile: alauo J)a 

man ge)) in / be him-zelue and be hla wylle iu-tQ 

bui ix iDiv lu* zenne. Ac out ne may he najt guo : wyji-oute ouro 

" ' Ihordes helpe / fet hii« yeff huaiiue he wyle / and fu 

arnica of penonce / Ituecby Le may ouercome liia y-oo. 

Ti* unit nf pen- )]«t 13 fo aiTOure ^t pe apostel zainte paul het to iiinie 

tn aiin»u» 111 ine ^iae vittinge / uor man on-armed: ne is Dojt wor^ 

*" ine vi^t Xou !iselt ^u conne pel to fan fct fe mail 

iimapoiDutg by wei y-armed uor to ouetcoue pac&tiicbe zenne. hit I 

irw pfDiiic*. bebouef pet he habbe f ri f ing fet byef ine zofe penoncb ' 

Uu^"" Pe uerste f ing ia : uoi'|)encUinge of bert«. pQ ofier : 


8srif te of inou])e. ))e Jnridde : is 71103 amendement be t. siitia of 


dede. Of ]>ise ])ri J^inges is y-bol : fe hauberk of s. Am«ndment in 
penonco. Yef ]>e on of fke fri pingea fayle);: ^e ifomofthiM 

1 / J 1. u i. v.'x 1. u three thingt fall 

armura is al uals / and ne pet nit berp : oaercome. uie armour u 

VorJ?enchinge : acsej? grat zoi^e and greate zykinges of lu^muncede- 

berte / uor J?et be bej? y-wrefed bis sseppere. And fe JJJ^tTIIiSdlip 

more Jet me hbn bej? y-wrejed : J?e more gratter ssel by •*»*>*"«• o'**^^ 
J?e zor3e. 

Of j)E U0R))EN0HIN0E of KTNO DAUI)). Orthcraptntanot 

of king David. 

))ous uorj^ujte fe kyng daui]? ase be zay)? ine ye sauter. David eays in the 

'Icbzuynkeand trauayliineminezykinges. and'wille wesse waah my bed 

ecbe ni3t mi bed and mine coucbe mid mine teares.' pe ilke ^ "^ ^^^^ 

Jet god be J y-wrejed be dyadlicbe zeTine : be ssel zoi^y The tinner (in 

mid dyepe berte / zuo Jet Je berte melte al in-to tyeares / m> lorrow ^'hia 

and in-to greate zorjes. and mid greate zikinges me ssel htj^teanj! "^* 

grede to god m^ci / ase bis Jyef / ase bis manslajje / and cry merrj to 

ase bis bezuykere : Jet bej ofseraed Jet gibet of belle, a murderer.* '^" 

))e zene^ere is godes Jief. uor Je guodes of bis Iborde The tinner u a 
Jet ne byej bim bote yiend uor to wynne. J)et byej 

Je guodes of kende / and of grace / and of bap. buerof beoante he hath 

bim bebouej / rekeninge / and scele yelde -wel stray t- eviiiy epentthe 

licbe. He bise beJ foUicbe y-spwided ine euele wones / Jf OoSl ''**^ 

and al ylayd to an bazard. Efterward be is moyrdrer He it a murderer 

of Je kinges dojter. Jet is of bis ojene zaule Jet ires danghterl'tiwt 

godes dorter be grace. Jet be he J yslaje be dyadlicb |5,uf **** **''" 

zenne. Efterward be is godes bezuykere. uor Je castel He it a traitor to 

of his berte / and of bis bodye / Jet god bim be J ytake aoid'hit toui to 
to loki ; be beJ yolde to bis yuo dyadlicb / Jet is Je 
dyeuel. Wei Janne be ssel grat zor3e habbe Jet is in 

zuicb poynt. and ofte mid bis teares bis bed wesse. Jet whenfora the 

is bis inwyt. buerof Je uenimouse eddre of belle sest wash hi* bed, that 
geiis. afueche tyeares driuej Jane dyeuel uram Je berte : *** 

ase Jet bote weter cacbej Jane bond out of Je kecbene. 

_- , , . _ - .* , . 1 Alter repentance 

Efter Je uor Jenchmge ssel come Je ssrif te Jet is Je guode thau come shrift, 
chomberier Jet clenzej Jet hous and kest out al Je uel Je [foi. u. b.] 



berer t^at clMns- 
•th the Itoaie. 

or Shrift. 

Tlien are bIz con- 
ditiout of shrift. 

1. That it be 
made wisely, 
(a) to talce lieed 
to whom one 
malces slurift. 

and to seek a good 

one wlio liatli 
power to absolve 
and enjoin pen- 

(6) Who that will 
wisely shrive 
bim roust tliink 
of his sins before 
lie comes to con- 
fess them. 

The sinner shall 
go into house, 
tliat is, his heart, 

and there he sliall 
remain and see 
all his defects. 

and shall think of 

mid pe besme of ])e tonge. huerof spek]) dauid ine ]fe 
sautere. ^ meditatus sum cum co\f\d6 meo ^ excercehar 
^ scqpeham spintum meum. 


Nou onderstand wel hier hou me ssel by yssriue / 
ferto J)et pe ssrifte by worj? to fe helfe of zaule. })erto 
behoue]} zix co/zdlcions. \)e ucrste is pet hi bi ymad 
wyslyche. J3is wyt is ine tuo f ing. fe uerste : pet me 
nime hede to huam he ssel hi???, ssriue. Efterwar[d] 
huerof. Saynt austin zayf. uor f et me dejj uor te bevly 
]}ane dyeip of pe bodie : me ssel do uor to askapie })ane 
dyajj of pe zaule. j)e zike uor to be-uly fane dyaf / 
and uor to habbe helfe / zekj? blefeliche J?ane beste 
fisician and ])ane wyziste ])et he may habbe. Alzuo 
zayf saynt augzwtin / fet huo Jet wille wysliche him be 
rede / and grace auoreye god uynde : he ssel zeche 
zuych ane co/ifessour : fet conne bynde / and onbynde. 
\)et is J)et he conne wel y-knawe zenne / an fane zenejere 
wel rede. And fet he habbe power hi??* to asoyli / and 
hi??i penonce to anioynj be pe zenne. Qui wit conjiteri 
peecata sua ut mueniat graoisim : querat sacerdotem qui 
sciat ligare ^ soluexe / S^c, 

Ef terfan huo fet hi??i wisHche wyle ssriue / he ssel 
mid wylle fenche ane his ze?2nes auore fet he come to 
ssrifte / and al his herte zeche / and his inwyt / hou he 
hef god / and his yblyssede moder / and his haljen 
y wrefed. and mid g?*eate drede al his lyf bef enche / ase 
dede pe guode king ezechie / pet zayde fus. * Ich wylle 
befenche alle mine yeres / ine biternesse of mine zaule.' 
]>e zenejere ssel guo in-to his house / pei is in-to his 
herte. na^t pasindeliche ase pe iogelour pei ne blef J> najt 
blef eliche in his house, uor he ne hef no worse hous 
faTzne his o^en. Ac pei he ssel bleue / and ysy alle 
his defautes huerof he ssel yelde rekcninge / and skele 
to god / an to his preste. pei is to his ssrifteuader. An 
ssel f enche of hi??^zelue ase pe ilke fet hej> day uor to 


rekeny of his onderuonginge and of his spendiDges the acconnt to be 

, rendered to God. 

beuore his Ihorde. panne he ssel mm diligenUiche 
J)enche heuore / and izy fet writ : of his inwyt. J?et he 
no faly ine his rekeninge. Vor yef he failef at his 
rekeninge : god nele na^t faly at his. Hua7<ne me hef wiien he hath 

,_ -i/j ■•*** *" ^'^'^ many 

diligentliche y-J^o^t of his zennes / and yzoje hou / and*" ways he hath 

ine hou uele maneres he hef god y-wrefed. and hou how wickedly 

uelezyj?e. and hou kueadliche he hep yzene3ed. and hou InnJd"*^ 

longe yhleft ine Jje zewne. ))anne ssel he him of al haatiiyahrivehim 

hasteliche ssriue. ®'*"* 

And bis is be obcr condicion bet ssel by ine ssrifte. «• Do no* deJ«y 
pe kyng dauid aros at midni^t him uor to ssriue ase he 
zayp ine \>e sautere. Onnea|)e abod he ane ]non]}e / ne 
alhuet half a yer. And ]>e wyse ine oj^re stede ine ^e 

writinge zayf j>us. ' Ne abyd na3t J?e to wende to god / Delay is very 

1 . ^ / 1 V -I , perilous for many 

ne zech najt to lenge / ne beuly. and najt ne uerste reasom, 

uram daye to daye / uor J?e abidinge is wel p^dlous uor 

manye skeles.' Nan tardea conueTti ad c^ominum neqtte 

differas de die in diem, Subito. n[am], tumist ira ilHxis / 

(J* in tempore uindicie perdet te, Yerst uor pe con' (a)8ini8abuming 

I*.* . i.*^a^< fire, and can only 

dicion of zenne. uor zenne is a uer berninde ^et ne may be quenched by 
na^t by y-kuegt bote bo tyares of ssrifte. And mochel **^ *'■*"*'*• 
ssolde he by fol ]>et ze^e his hous heme : pet nolde an 
haste yeme to pe wetere. Efterward zenne is wel grat (b) sin u a great 
ziknesse : and pe ssrifte is pe medecine. And uorzoj^e shriaiTt^ medi- 
he praize]) lite his hel))e / ))et him-zelue yzi^p zik al to 
pe dya]>e / and na^t ne wilne)> zone to by hoi. Efter- 
ward pe dyaj) fet is yredy / and oueral aspij) J?ane (e) Death may 

/ i_ . 1 x • 1. • J. • OTcrtake the sin- 

zene^ere / him ssel stene zone him to ssnve. uor ner befon he hns 

he not ne J)ane time / ne J?ane day / ne pe oure: ■**^^*" ^^^^^^'^ 

huanne ^e dyea^ ssel come. ]>et ofte ondemim)> pane 

zenejere huer he ne nimp none hede. And uorzo^e huo 

]7et wyste huet day he ssolde sterue: he hine wolde 

agray])i ase zone ase he mi^te. Efterward yef ^ zenej- (d) The sinner is 

. , 1 . i. -11 V4. • 1. • • 1. i» great peril i" 

ere y-zi^p wel |)et penl huer hit is: uor he is ine pe the prison or sin, 
prtsone of zenne / ine pe J^rote of pe lyone of helle / the uon of heu. 


and of fe dragoune fet him wyle uorauelje / ha wolJe 

(r) Dei«j m.j DC- gvede to god be sarifte aze zone aze he mijte. EftM-ward 

tvtriutini tih. yef ho yzeje ))e greate guodes |iet he het' uorlore be his 

zeime / fe guodes eurolestinde / and ^ guodes gostlicbe / 

his time / and him-zehie / fet al may habbo ayen be 

Bsrifte : mochel ssolde he by fol bote yef he hint hastedo 

If) Tiie la.rej of te hftbbe hit ayen. Ef terward Jie meici of god fet him 

ii» •ininr'i iionr abyt / and asofj) at hia dore / aze zayji fe apocalipse : 

rtrtn. " ' ha ssel him hasti to sariue. Vor azemothe aze god ahjt 

mom fiane zene^ere : ^e more he hiui smit ^a mora 

fellaker : huanne he hijii yzijfj onloati and sleaunol. Aaa 

^e Bsyetere / ^e more ]>et he dra^t his boje : ^e harder 

he Biuit, And uotzo)i&he he^ hia ojene bc^e y-bent and 

adraje / aae zay)) fie Baut>yer / uor to slaje ]!ane zenejere / 

([>) H«»iioiiti«r- bote yef he him ne wytye. Efterward fe ilke fet late 

/on[8ti»ih iiii ham Bsriuefi / uorytt ofte hia zennea / zuo fet onnyea^ 

hit beualf )iet he by wel y-ssriue. uor he uoryot manye 

zennes / huorot' he neure him eael be-(enche. and zuo 

him ne sael neure uorfienche / ne neure by ssrine. and 

3. shrir* optnij, |)et ia to him wel grat peril. Efterward huanne he is 

nikiiu;. beuore his ssritteuader / he sael him gariae openliche. 

^et is to zigge )iet he ss«l zigge his ze»nes clyerliche and 

nakedliclie / zuo ))et ^e ssriuere izi openliche ^e hert« / 

Al Lt>( <ick wm and (le onderstondinge of him fat him Batifj). Vor }ie 

known hii lirk- zike ssel onwri his ziknesse. uor ojierlaker }ie fizicien ne 

itaUui If hs^JiluJd niay najt wel werche. ne ^e leche ne may najt weTche 

""'"■ mid fie zike / bote-yef he yzi hia wonde. And feruore- 

zuyfi boeice f e wyse / )tet ' yof f on wilt fat fe leche fe 

hele : hit be-houe^ fet fou onwri fiine wonde,' )}ainie 

fre tment ^ sad teche to by Bstiue / fiet sBewefi hare 

pouert^ and hare zikilease / and dof f et uo[u]leato beuore / 

■n mnii ihf iir. uor to habbe f e elmesBe, Alzuo sael f>e zonejere onwri / 

•iriDhnniBwia. and sseawy hia zennes : uor to habbe mercL an ^ia is f)e 

fridde condicion fiet ssel by ine Bsrifte, Efterward fie 

«. aiiHv. -iwiiy. zenejere him ssel ssriue yhollyche / fiet ia fie uerfe cw*- 

■nLi ud^iii! dicion. Vor he sael zigge alle hia zennes / and greata 

'**■ and amale / and fo abouteatflndingea of fie zcifnca. 



banne ssel he uerst yzy be zeue dyadliche zennes / of Ten iirst the 

i-iii'ij! ■•ven deadly sins. 

huychen we habbej) aboue y-speke. and ynollicne of 

echen him ssriue be ban pet he him y-uelj) gelty. no J?ing ezcom not thy- 

self nor accuse 

to hele / no fing wyfzigge. najt him to defendi. ne others. 

nenne ofrenne Wraye. And J)us him ssrof dauij) fet 

zayde ine \>e sautere * Ich wylle me ssriue and ich wille 

zigge alle mine zennes aye me.' na3t of oj^ren / ne ayens 

o))ren ase dof fe ypocntes / f et dof pet uayreste wyf- Be not m the 

oiite / pet telle]} hire guodnesses / and wrye)) hare hide their sinsl 

kueadncsses. and wraye]) pe oj^re / and peroi ])et hi 

bye]) mest ham-zelue gelti. ]}et y-zye]) ]7et mot ine pe that see the mou 

o]>res e3e / andne yzyep najt peme refter ine hire ojone bursee'nouii^* 

r*i vx* ^1. Jii/Lj. rafter in their own 

eje. Zuyche weren pe fanzeus of pe godspelle / pet eyes. 

zayde his guodnesses / And onworjyede J^ane publycan 

])et mildeliche byet his bryest ine pe temple / and him- 

zelue demde beuore god / and zojte me?'ci : and zede. 

* Lhord god haue merci of me zenuolle.' And ))us him 

ssel deme pe zenejere be-uore^ god / najt uor to lessi his The sinner shait 

/ . . , . i 1 • not try to lessen 

ze/mes / ac uor to mori and yreze wyboute lyeasmge. his sins before 


Eft^ward pe ssrif te ssel by yhol / najt to-deld ine uele 

ssriueres. Vor me ssel zigge al to onen. na3[t] o del to one mast confess 

onon / and ])et o]}er del to an-o)7ren. uor god ne tak]) none and not to many, 

hede of zuiche tales. Efterward me ssel zigge na^t ck)nfess not only 

onlepiliche pe zenneB / ac pe aboutestondinges alle ))et circumstances 

. , -IT 1. • It. ' that increase 

morep pe zennes. vor pe zenne is gratter ine one manne : them. 
pSLtiTLe ine anoj^ren. ase ine man of religion : p&nne ine sin u greater in 

. , . 1 . , * 1 one person than 

one seculer. and me ane prelat: panne me ane lo^er. anotbei^-more 

. ,. . ^ . . I heinous in one 

me ane greate Ihorde: ]7anne me ane simple manne^ place than 4nan- 

Efterwuard / hit is more zenne ine one stede : Jeanne ^ * ' 
ine ano]7ren. Ase ine hoU cherche / oipet ine oper holy 

stede. Efterward ine one time ]7anne in an-o]7re/ ase ine and wo^ at one 

lenten/ ofer ine ane he^e messedaye. Efterward huanne 2Si!**"* "' 

me zene^ep wytindeliche / me zene^ep more ynoj / Jeanne 
onknawyndliche. Ef terwar[d] me ssel zigge pe condicion Ten the oondiuon 

• , "L'i. • • £ J I of the sinner, 

of pe zenne, uor hit is more zenne me wyf man yspoused / 
pa,nne ine ane sengle. oper ine man/o]7er ine wyfman of 

^ bO'tiore in MS. 



religion, ine ane preate oper ine ane dyakne, uor 1pe 
ud whiHitriba hejeffi fet byef Jie hodes : (le g)'aUe[r] ia pe zenne. 
men*. Eftwward yef [)e /enne L^ a-ye kende / ofiBr kendelicle. 

Bayhoiroflffli Eft^j-ward. hou ofto he hep yualle into zPiine / and him 
iiiuiiii.iDdiiriiT longe he hefi y-bleued fieriue. Ettei'ward me ssel zigge 
nm^ned Unrein, ycf lie He hej) najt yuojte aye fe uondingp. ofer yef ho 
hep y-porchace(i fe zeranc. oper yuojte ine fie uondinga. 
coniiM wiMiiH' Yor per hyep some pet ue abidep najt pe nondinge / ac 
•In, his potchacep / and zuo hi nallep. Eftwward / pe 

■ndniitaihs cause and pe uondinge pet comp to do zeiine. me Bsel 
iwr.uduui zigge and alle pe ojire causes / and fe abouteatondiwgea 

'' "' {let moja mori pe le/ine. 

Afif rwnrdi ona Eftcrward me asel zigge and yeme by pe lemes 

tiieiiinbi where- huermide me hep y-zenejed. Yerst me Hsel guo to )ie 

> Bj. herte / and zigge his pojtes hnyche pet hi by/ o(ier 

mtii i>r''^'iioiUj ulessliche / oper goatliche. Gostjiche : use aye fa 

ule^hu'-) byleue / oper of jdele blisae / ofer of enrne. opet of 

wrefe. oper of opre manera huerof per is to moche. J)a 

[Foi.M, a.] ulessliche belongef to Jost / an to wylningcB. zuo me 

aael wel loki ine alle piae pojtes yef per ia consentinge / 

ofer long bleuinge ine fe loatifs / pet is operhuil nsB 

moche worp : aae to consenti. And of alle zuiche jiojtes 

he 8se[ hi»t ssriue. 

Tiiiebudint Eftfifward / me eael nime yeme / yef 

wii«wii Dill ret- zenejed be pe leraea of f e bodie. uor roe kai 

■• do India Hho uele maneres. Yerst be pe heauede. hueran 

UMmHiYM out, grat coat / afe dof) fiae leuedia / fet zuo ci 

agraypep hire heaueden mid preeiouse agraypingea uor 

klene ydele blisae. uor to liki. and uor to draje zenna 

Hueruore hi zenejef ofte kueadliche. and nameliche po 

who mtk6 gTMt fet makep zuo greate homes of hare here / ofer of of ren / 

bill, jiet hi semblej) wel fole wyfmen. Yeoj f er is of ydel- 

■ndwhowuh, nesse bbonte hire heaued / to kembe / to wesse / ine 

luio miiran. trossiuge / an ine sseweres pouringe. huerof god mochel 

him wref ef. Of fise ydelenesse / ne hyef najt quibta 

Htnueniii pe men fet dof zuo grat payne ham to kembe ajid to 

ne bef y- 
zeueji ine 
□e zet ofte 


pouri ine sseaweres and ine hare here wel to croki an to whouy firee from 

bleue be strengbe / to ban bet hi habbe uayr dorilot / also pore into 

°^ ' ' / 1 « . 1 J 1 mirrors, and take 

bet is ine tokne of kueadnesse / and of zuiche ydelenesse great pains to curi 

^ , ' theirhair. 

hi ssolle ham ssriue. 

Ef t<9rward me ssel yerne to be vif wittes of be bodie / Look to the five 

II. 1 . r, .^ witoofthebody 

huerby me zeneieb ^ wel of te. ofer be fe ejen ine fole zi3pe whereby one sin- 

neth : by the eye 

oJ)er be fe yearen ine f olliche to hiere / and y-here blefe- in foui sight, by 

.. 1--11J 1. the ears in foolish 

liche fe misziggeres. and fe blonderes. and pe scomeres. hearing, by the 

and Jje lyejeres. and ofre folyes. Ofer be J)e moufe / ine speaking, by 

f olliche to spekene. ine to moche ethe / and to moche ughung in good 

drinke. Ofer be fe nase / ine to moche him to liky in *™ ' 

guode smelles. Ofer be fole takinges and inhoneste- by foul handling, 
liche / of er ine him-zelue / ofer ine his wyue. f et he hef. 
ofer ine ofrcn fot wors is / bi hit man / bi hit wyfman. 

Alsuo he him ssel ssriue of mochel hede bet me deb Also shaii one 

shrive him of a too 

ine ssredinge to bedde and to regge / and hosimge and great regard to 

clothing, to bed 

ssoinge. and of alle o))re ))inges ]7et he bej^eng]). And and back, hosing, 
J)ous is J?e ssrifte y-hol huaTine me zayf alle }>e lackes 
greate and smale. And J^is is ])e uerj^e coTidicion : ]>et 
ssel by ine ssrifte. 

J3e vifte cowdicion zuo is bet me ssel by y-ssriue »• shrfft 

must be made 

mildeliche. uor ]7e zene3ere spek]) to god ])et yzv^}p his meekly. 

herte. })anne fe ssriuere ne is bote J?et yeare of god. 

and ))et ha yher|> / he not na^t ase man : ac ase god. 

And )7eruore ssel )>e zenejere him mildi ase moche ase Thediriverisan 

ha may beuore god / and zigge his ze^mes mid greate Therefore shaii 

jj J i-L* nil M , ...the sinner confess 

drede. and ssel his zennes alle keste out touore mm / his sins with great 


ase zayjj fe wrili72ge. Ase me belt uol a pot of wetere. andw water shaii 

huannc fet woter is y-sset : f er ne bleff no colur. ase ine *** <»■* them out. 

melk. ne smel ase ine wyii. ne smac : ase ine hony. 

Alzuo me ne ssel ofhyealdo of fe zenne ze]7)je he hit hej) 

yzed ine ssrifte / ne fet colour / J?et is fe kueade manefre He must let no- 

,,,. vt.. •!./• thing remain that 

pet me nep y net / oper ine specne oper ine zi^pe / oper has the colour of 

in kueade uela3rede to uol3y / ofer ine o]7re )?inge ]?et xftljrwardshe 

heJ? colour of zenne. Efterward me ssel lete fane smak "^ack" of aint 

1 MS. 5<jruj3<j> 



i. yef he oflialt fiane smak of zeime ^et ))cng^ 
of J)e zenne fet he hefi y-do / and him lyke)i wel ino 
])Q )>o}te and is ypnyd, Ac he bsgI ^enchc of hia ze»DC9 
mid greata drede aiid mid gceote zorjo of herte / and 
liim'iieliie esende ine him zelae / and halihe greato 

t esame to-uore god J and uest wil ^et neuromo to zenne 
no Bsel wondo ayun ^aj me ssolde hine al to-hcawe. 

Efterward mo ssel lete and be-idy ^irne smel. )]cr 
bye)) zome fet wel uorleteji Jio zenne : ac blo^elicho 
hi heref Jerof speke. Ac ho J>et him wel uorfingji : 
he no Bsel najt fierof yliere speke / ]»et he ne seoldu 
habbe wlatiinge. 

)}e zixte condiciou ^et ssel by ine asriflo is / ^et mo 
ssel ofte by yssriiie nor manie skeles. Vcrst / uot to 
zeclie fa more grace of eleunesae / aso fet line clof (let 
b y-huyted bo olio wesainge. Efterward uor fe zetmes 
uenials hueriiio me ualji ofto. and huo fet ofte him 
bouelf ; ofle he hisii ssel wesse. Alsuo use hit behoiie)i 
ofte Jiet ssip Ihade out [let wetor Jiet alncway geji in, 
Efterward uor to cachiu and uerii fane dyuel uram hint. 
J>a uojel hint uerivji blufeliche uram ^annea huer me 
brekjj hia neat, and uram faniies huer me liiin bcnim)) 
hifl eyrcn. Efterward / uor to lyertii hiui ivel to ssriue. 
lake^ maiater. ase hit sse\ve)i ine )iiEe vpre 

■ creftes. Efterward / uor Jiet mo uoryet ofte Jte zeiiaes / 
Jioruore me ssel ofte by y-ssriue and telle. Efttrward / 
uor ^t niQ not yef me hej? wel yby ysariue / ojier uor- 

, feiichiiide, zuo me aael ofte wiiine oyen / fct me heb 
lease ynoj y-do. Efterward / hiin-zeliie Jie more uor to 
boujo / and uor to habbe fe more mede of god. (joruore 
me acsede ana ahbotte / hueruoie he him ssrof zuo oft«. i 
and ho aiisuerede / '^ruore ' he zede / 'fet icli habbu 
alneway dreJe / Jiet ich ne am najt wel y-ssriue. Eiter- 
ward / ich me befieuuho ofte of some finges fet ich nn 

. habbe najt yzed. and )>ei'uore fiet be Jie ssnfte ich mv i 
e alneway ))e 
Nofx heet fou ylietd hou me ssel by y-ssiiue. noa j 


bou sselt y-wyte fet vif ])inges specialliche destorbe]) •troyethtme 


zopQ ssrinj^e. 

pe uerste is ssame. ])et he ne dar na^t zigge his i. shame, which 

zenne uor ssame / and ]>et de)) ]>e dyeuel / ])et him zet aiou. 

hcuoie ^e ssame / hi??^ uor to ssette ))ane mou)). ase de]> The devil acts 

fe yyef ]>et )rrau]> ])ane little bal iii-to fe hondes ))rote turoireftiitue 

1 i_ I "XT /» i_ t_ 5 • y)tJl into the 

))et he ne ssel na^t berke. Yor of zuyche kende is ))e hound's mouth, to 

ilke litel bal : Jjet makef fane bond domb huawne me bSui^ ^'^^ 

hit fiavrp in-to fe frote. Ac J^e zene^ere ssel ]>enche 

))et fe ssame ]>et me he]> ine ])e ziggenge of fe zenne : is The ehame of 

grat del of ])e amcndinge. £f t^rwaid he ssel blej^eliche great part of 

drinke a lite of ssame : uor to beuly ])e greate ssame. 

pet pe zenejeres abide)) ate daye of dome huanne ech of 

pe wordle ssel yzi his ojene zeTinen. pet o]7er J^ing is s. a wicked fear 

to do great pen* 

wycked drede uor to do greate penonce. Jeanne pe dyeuel anoe. 

de]> in-to pe eare of pe zene^ere : * ]>ou ne mijt n£^t lete some einners ar* 

))ine wones ' / zuich uolk is y-lich pe horse ))et he]> drede that is afraid of 

of his ssede / and uorzo])e hit ne is bote ssed al ])et me 

may do of penonce ine piBe wordle / to ])e zi^pe of pe 

pine of helle / o]7er of p^tt'gatorie. pe J^ridde / kueade s. wicked love of 

i/aiii t I B^t ^>^^ maketh 

loue / pet ])e dyeuel hej) zuo J^ane zene3ere uoizoke / the ainner to sleep 

])et he loue]) zuo his lost / ))et he hit nele lete. zuo t^Sdnobihiruth. 

])eng]) f et uor ua3t he him ssrif J), zuo he slep]) ine his [w>u 5«. a.] 

ze7ine : ase dej) ))et zuyn ine pe wose. pe uer))e ])ing 4. Hope of loog 

is / hope of lawg lif. feruore pe dyeuel zayj). * fou art 

yong man / ])ou sselt libbe lo^tge / Arere pe / and do 

))i Wyl / pOVi sselt Wel come ])er to pe to SSriue.' Ac he whereby the sin- 
ner seeth not 

ne zi^p ni^t pane dya]) ])et hi^n wayte]) / and ])et hine death, 

wile nime: ra))ie psmne he ne wene. Yor god ])et sooner than iie 

behot uoryeuenesse to him ]>et uor))ing)) : he ne behat 

him nsk^t to-morje / ase zajp saynt g7*<;gorie. ]}eruore 

pe dyeuel play)) ofte mid pe zene3ere ase de)) pe cat mid Thederiipiays 

pe mous panne he his he)) y nome. and huaTine he he)) as the cat doth 

mid hire longe yplayd : panne he his eth. pe vifte Z Des^n^"*' 

])ing is / wanhope huerine pe dyeuel de)) fane zenejere. 

Ac he ssolde fenche J)et god noiyeip lijtliche to ham / uiiuk thlu uoTIs 

13 • 


J)et uor|)uigJ>. and more ia blefelaker uor to yeue Hor- 
.nne y/o uoi to akai. 


Efter pe sarifte coml' yiio3bote / pet ia J^e ameadinge 

fet me ssel do bi jie wille / and bi fe redo of Ji 

^et esel deme pe ainendes be fe geltea. ofiet ine ue'st- 
iiiges. ofer ine elmease. ofet iue benes. ojier ine ojire 
i finges / ase be fiin fet fe zeime acsefi. And pe zike 
. ssel blefelicha boiije to fe fiaicien uor to babbe heljie. 
And fet guode chi[l]d def blejieliche fie beste of bis 
uader gosthcb not pe guod of bis zaule. 

Nou best poll yberd pe pri pitiges pet helep pot 
bauberk of penonce buermide god armitp his newe kny;t 
not to ouercome pet vijt pet he bep aye zenne, Ajid be 
aaol ouercome pise vijtinge ; he ne bep hede of pane 
oprene dyap / use zayp sayn Ion. Jje uerate dyap of pe 
zaule is )>e dyap of zeime pet me ouetcomjj be penonce. 
huorby me askapep pane oprene dyap pot ia pe dyap of 
belle pet sterue ne may. Jjet is pe uersle boj of pe 
truwe of proueese. Huo pet ouerconiep pone \ijt / ha 
ouercomp ane oprene. Huan pe man hiiii uoipingp of 
bia zenne : pane coin[p] per a newe wreatliiige to his ojeiie 
bert« buet penonce be esel do / and buet lif be ssel lede. 
and' uele per byep zuyche pet ine po vijt byep ouercome, 
Vor ase god zayp ine bis spolle. nou [b]y leuep / aou hi 
misleuep. nou hi wyllep / nou bi ne wyllep. nou bi pro- 
posent / nou hit is betere. ])eruore hi byep ase pa 
1 wedercoc pet ia ope pe steple / pet him went mid eche 
wynde. Ac huanne pe man seruep god and strengpep 
bia berte ine bis gnode wille. panne is pe like vi^t ouer- 
come, an fauna niakep biin god Strang and etudeuest 
ase a pos[t] ine his temple / pet is boJy cherche / ase 
zayp saint Ion. pis ia pe oper ouercondnge and pe esepu 
put he bii» kepp. 


Kfter pise wreatlin 

mp pe pridde / pet pe man 


heb to his 03one ulesse / fet mochel him playne]) and wrettiing is with 

- one's flsshy 

groche]) / huanne hi^ begin J) to uele ])e .harnesRes and pe [>««/] 

smertnesses of penonces. and mochel ha vi^t nor to 

come ayen to his yealde wones. ]}et ules is ]>et kneade which retisteth 

\vyf hueiof spek]) salomo. fet huo ])et mest de]) hare 

wil: ))e worse him is. and ))e moie hi is ayen him. 

And huo bet him let ouercome be his ulesse. he is ine He who is over- 

a wel zo^uol ])reldome and wel vil. And pet wes is in sorrowftd 

betokned ine samson pQ stronge / ])et uor-]>an ])et he and that was be- ' 

•i.i. i » ^ 1 ii.» tokened in Sam- 

Jet him ouercome be ane wyf manne : he uorleas his .on the strong, 
her of his heaucde huerinne wes his greate strengjye. ILT eye* oThis 
and fe e^en of his heauede : and fe 8treng])e of his t^rtrengS*©? 
bodie. and uil into fe honden of his yuo / J)et *****^y* 
him deden grinde ate queme ssamuolliche. Al pia de)) 
])e dyeuel gostliche to yan )>et him let ouercome be his 
ulesse. Huo fet peme vi^t ouercom)>^ god him behat pe p us.oueram^ 
huyte robe of chastetee and of innocence / ase zay]) fe 

Efter fvBe ui^tinge com)) ]>e wordle and dame 5. Alter this fight- 
fortune mid al bare hu^el / pet asayle)) pane man a world, and dama 
ri^t half and a left half / pet hjep tuo wel greate whaai. 
vi^tinges nuer moche uolk is ouercome a ri^t half and a 
left half / ase zay)) pe sauter. Yor more is Strang pe 
uondinge ])et com)) of wor))8sipes / of richesses / of 
lostes : ))et pe dyeuel byet / and de)) beuore : panne by 
pe ilke ^t com)) be aduerset^ / ase of pouert^ / of 
zycnesses ))et god zeni. And pe ilke ))et ouercomp pane Heorereomcck 
ueTpe yi^t: ^ is huo ))et uli^)) and onwor))e)) mid deapMbthe 
herte pe wor))88ipe of pe wordle. god him behat wm^ worid'a bamwr. 
ssipe and h^nease ine heuene. Ypr he him wyle do 
zitte mid him ine his tione / ase zay)) pe apocalipse. 
To him ^ ssel ouercome ^ane yifte Ti^t pet is aleft- TohfAwbodMi 
half: ))et is aduersete of ^ise wordle : god him behat pe ^ttj, *^' 
maimd ))et is y-bed. ))et is pe greate zoetnease an pe Miaad the grait 
greate likii^ of poradis / ^ son ne him may benyme. '^^^^^^^^ 
Yor be pe maane pet wes zoo zoete / pei ech nand 


zuycl) Bmac : ftse lie ivolde. ia ondetstonde / fie greate 
zuetnesse / fet greate lost / ()et god liordef / and 
wytefi / to liam fet ouercomefi J« aduerBetos of Jiise 
[ wotijle. J)e ziate vijt fet is wel atrang / ia a-je ^e 
I kueadea Jet byef ine fise wordle / fet bye)> Jw lemee of 
antierist fet werref fe guodc iiieii be bare strengjje / 
ase deden ine ^Ide time ))e tyrana ]:e iiiattirea / ^a 
ercliks: |)e guode cristeue men / and EsoUe do ine )io 
enje of fe wordla. fe lemes of antierist )iet ssolle wcrri 
Kilo fe guode cristene / pet onneafie ssel by eny pet dor 
by-knawe pet by ci-('st«n / iior pe strengpe of antierist 
and of his lemes. )}et is pet best pet sayu Ion yzej pet 
werrede fe haljen buerof we habbep beuore' yapeke. 
})e lemes of pise beste ham sseawep nou ine kueade 
, pii'nces / and ine kueade oneilingea / pet be bare greate 
couaytise / defoiilent and be-uleap / and etbep pi] are on- 
derlinge? / zuo pet pa gtiode men pet byep onder liam 
liabbep ynoj to polye / and ynoj of zovym / and of 
greate mianal. Ac pc ilke pet al ninip iiiu pDlmudnes»ie 
aae dede iob. and biin lefp al ine god : cuercomp pia 
vijt. and to pan pet hit ouercotnp / god hiin bebat pet 
he liim wyle yeiia mijte / ouer his yuo / ase zajp zaint 
Ion ine pe apocalipse. Efter alle pise vi^tingea conip 
pe iaste pet nieat ia attang. Vor pe dyuel pet niochel 
ia kueduol / and aotil huanne he yzi^p pet pe man is 
ycliue opo pane bel of pei-fecciomi. and he hep alle po 
uijtea beuore yzed ouercome. panne ho asaylep hint be 
ydele blisse and be presumcion, Vor biwi pingp pet lie 
ia a wel giiod man / and wel raid godo / nor pet ho hep 
zuo niocho y-do / and ypoled nor him. Hueruore be 
ualp operhuil nraui zuo heje : zuo loje / ase dede 
lucifer. And petuore hit ia grat nyod / pet pa man by 
wys / and ywer him nor to werie urani ydele blysae fet 
raakep pe efterwardo. Vor ine pe endra / lip olte pa 
accombringe. and nyxt pe hauene : apilp ofte pet ssip / J 
pet gep zikerliche ine pe beje ze, )}emoie hit behone^ I 


J)et he agray))i his zayl / fet is his onderstondinge to J)e 

bauene of heljje / fet is to lesus crist / be f e wynde of 

stedeaest loue / and of grat wybiinge of god. ])is is ])e ut the loai bt 

ende of ri^tuomesse / huerof we haboep aboue yspeke / wind or stod- 

\tet comj) of J)e yef}>e of strengf e / and of f e utrtue of 

prowesse. aze ])e guode kni^t and orped / ^ct he]) guod 

hcrte and hardi / and heb y-by ine uele brestes mid Tht good knight, 

grat wil / and grat honger to ssewy his stTeng])e ine hisikiiundeoor- 

■g0» obUdncth r»* 

tornemens o])er ine vi^tinges / him nor to alosi. and nown in tbt t<mr- 


uorzo))e huo ))et he)) grat loue of god and grat lionger / 

and grat wilninge of his hel])e. he onercom)) li^tlyliche 

\na laste vi3t. Vor he nele ne na3t ne wjlnep ine ynae 

line bote fei is to |>e wor)>ssipe and to ^ blisse of god / 

and helbe of his zanle. And huo bet bis niat ouercomb / h« wIm ov«r- 

'^ J r ^ t I eonwth this latt 

he win]) ))e mede huerof saint Ion spek / huer ])et oure flgm 

Ihord zayde ine pe apocalipse / ' to him pet ssel ouer- 

coroe. ich wylle him yene to ethe of fe trawe of line 

bet is amidde paradys/ bet is lesu crist bet yefb lyf OuanetifOm 

gift of •vcrlMting 

eurelestinde / huerby alle pe hal^en libbe)) ine pe bUsse uf^ 

of paradis and bye)) alle uolle and uolueld. ' And pet 

in pe blissinge ))et oure guode mayster behat ine his 

spelle to his guode knijtes huanne he zede. 'yblissed 

bye)) ))o ))et habbe)) honger and )K)r8t of ri^tuolnesse ' / 

])et is of god to semi and to louie / uor hi ssolle by aktteiiiidwftk 

uolueld of pe finit of pe trawe of Hue. pet is pe ende um^tntb, 

and pe guodnesse of pise m'rtue ))et is ydeped prowesse 

buerto ous lede pe jefpe o ettesigpe. 



Ase pe holy gosi yefj^ istxengpe and wyl of greate «<«<«» •'"•wy- 
))inge8 to onderuonge : abuo he jefp red / huerby me 
com)) to guode heauede and to guode ende of ))et me 

nim)) an band* pet is a grat grace ))et pe holy gost TWgfftor< 
jefp ! ^ is ycleped pe yef|)e of red. huerby pe man he)) gmetortiM iMif 
grat bezjinge / and grat be^enehinge in ))et he njmp UfHuih mm 
an hand. And ^ he ne by to hastif ine his niminges. ""^^^ 



Voraae aiyfifie filozofe/'greate fingea byeji y-do/najt 

be Btrengjio of bodie ne be ai-mea: ac be guod red,' 
HuvcoanHio And anofer ziio zayfi Jiet hette BocmteB / fet 'of hostif 
peuionc*. red : hit uoi'f ingji efte[r]ward.' and )>emoro zay)i saloinott. 

' No do najt wyf-oute guod red. and efter fe dede hit i 

ne ssel najt ])e uor^enche.' 

Thii gum ■how (jia grace him aaewef ine man ine fri maneres. 

wnyi. ' "Verst to zeche blefeliche guod red. Jjoua redde tobye / 

fFo], B7, b.j his zone. ' Vayre zone ' i&yb he / ' iwch ouremo red of 
1. T= mh go,«l , . , , 

uiiice. wyee men. And Salomon fiUB zay]?. ' ^r no guod red 

Folk oil, Mji ne y* : fet nolk to-ualfi / and ia al onzuuwed. ac hi ia 

vuiiiK^nHi. ivel y-holpe huaiine fee is nioche guod red wy)iinne.' 

BmrireoffaiM ' Acloke' fe Myf fewrytingfi ' uram kueade rederea. and 

noiMUDKtor ne akse no red at foles / uor hi ne louie^ / bote pei 

ham like)i. najt )>et paye^ god.' AIbuo tekj» |)e 

BHkidviMafUu writinge / |)Gt me ssel zeche red ate yealdcn / and najt 

anJd! " mid pe yonge \>et ne byeli na^t yproued ine nyedea. Ac 

mid fe yeaido fet habbe|) yzoje and yproued Jie f inges / 

iw.<*mniioin (let is jiet wyt / and fiet red. Vor fan (let roboani 

kii^dom ihroiwii salomoxnes zone / uorlet ]>ane red of fe yealde guode 

44.°in.'* men / uor Jmna rod of yonge : he uor-Jeas ^t grattesta 

del of his kingdome. 

HtHimhubu.ii Efteward/huo )iet hep [lise yef))e / he onderzekp 

fe redes f et me him yefj> / and Jjeng|j "mid grente 

iinotouLiyicd bo))enchingQ : fet is grat bezyinge : yef me him ret 

oaonHiatniiwn, wel / and treweliche / na}t lijtliche yieue to fe rede / 

ofer to )>e riggenge of one maime / ne of tuaye / hou 

moche ])et hi by his priues / and his urendes. Hiierof 

seneke zede. fet ' wys man examenejt pe redes f and ne 

yiefp najt h^tliche. uor )ie iike ])et ylef)i lijtliche : uint 

baKoiio-«h onij ofte (let me him gylejj / and mieret.' Eft^rward / hno 

[let pis yefj>e hefi / he bojp to guod red |)a;ine he hit 

hefp yuounde. "Vor uajt he zekp red / pet no hep no 

wyl to do kyo. Huerof Salomon zayf. Jjet ' hit pingp 

to pe fole pet he is ino rijte ways. Ac po wyse zayp. 

on red is to rigge, uor pe wyse boujp to guod red / pet 


ye foles onworfe))/ Jje meste profitable red ))et me may which fooUde- 
habbe / is ]>e red of oiire guode maistre lesu crist ^et is The most proflt- 

/.-i, -, n 1 -1:1:1 «hle advice U tlmt 

pe wysdom of god pe iiader of liuam comp al gnod red of oar good Kn«- 

[and] ous breng)) uram heuene / ))e ilke f et is ))e angle of 

red / ase zayf J>e writiwge. J)ot is ))et red ))et he ous yef J) 

ine his spelle huanne he zede. * yef fou wylt by parfit : 

guo and zel al fet ))ou hest / and yef hit Jje ponre nor 

godes lone, an com efter me / and ))ou sselt habbe grat 

hord ine heuene.' Yzi^ and )7ench huo yefjj f ^ne red. 

nor )>et is ase zayde pe wysdom of god pe uader. pe He is the aiigei of 

1/1 counsel, 

angel of red / )7et is zap god / and zo]> man / j^et com tme Ood and true 
ine evpe pe nor to rede / and pe nor to teche ))ane way who came on to 

J , • . . , . . . T 1 i • . **»• ••rt*» to teach 

and pane n^te pe); to guonne into paradis. pet is pe man the way to 

pej) of pouert^ / huerby let pe holy gost Jjo Jjet he ali^t "■°*^ 

of pe yefjje of red. Zop hit is fet ine o))re maftcre / 

and j?e ojre waye hi mo3e ham souL ase be Jje waye of 

pe hestes of oure Lhord lesu * crist loki : ase ine 

spoushbd / ofer ine wodewehod / and ine richesses of 

fe wordle haa9me me his uzej) wel. Ac pe holy gost be 

pe jefpe of red / let and dra^)) nor]) more ri^tuolliche 

and more zikerliche be pe pe]>e of zo))e pouerte / huer- by the path of 

by me onworj^e]) and de]) onderaot pe wordle and alle 

couaytyse / nor pe lone of god. 

pes yef])e of red bestrepj) pe zenne of auarice and of This gia of coon- 
conaytise / and zet a wel uayr trau / ))et is pe mrtue of avarice and coret- 
merci / ))et is zo^e and ]>olemodnesse of ojnremanne motes sorrow aild* 
kuead / and of o]>rema7ine misdede. pet trau he]) zeue TiM^'of mertj 
stapes huerby hit wext and profiteth.^ pet byej) pe zeue p-oi. ss. a!] ' 
finges J)et mocbe ledejj man to merci / and to habbe 2JiJthi,I^which 
])olemodnesse of oJ)re manne kueade. J>et uerste fing >«^*on>«^- 
)>et ssel man sterye to merci : is kende. uor ase zayp pe l Hatore. 
boc ]>et spck)» of kende of bestes. 'no uo^el ne eth of Koibwieateth 
ojrren yef he is of his kende.' Eft^rward pe ilke zelue uad. 
boc zsLyp. ))et ' on mere dra^)) uor)» |>et colt of anojnce 
hoaiine hi is dyad.' Efterward me he)) mocbe yzoje and 

1 ^iS.par/iUp 


Th» wolf protwt- 

/ and i: 

' drajef 

rfi fe chiUi 
his uram o])re bestes. 
pile /' and folemodnea 
him anlich inc kende. 
and of one aaepfie. and to 

1 (lo boc yuonde. 


Jiet bye^ uor-kest / and were(» 

Wei sael fance a man habbe 

1 of pe kueade of fie ofire fet is 

()et alle we byef) of one kende / 

uorbisiie ymad / a 

Imbbej? y-zed be-nore. ))q of er Jiing fat esel man draje 
to merci / and to f olemodnease of of re manne kuead / 
mbi fet is grace. «or alio wo byef lemea oE o body / fet is 
.o™i. of lioly cherche be grace, and o leme hef kendeliche of 
""' anofren: folemodnesae. Eftarward alie wo byef w if - 
■HiKbc bojt of one zoliie pria. fet is mid fe bjisuolle blode [of] 
od'of lean criat fet he saedde uor oaa ine fe rode / ous uor 
to wif-begge uram fe dyafe eurelestinde. Huanna 
godes zone wes fa»ine zuo reufeuol / euo uol of merci 
auoreye oiis ; wel saoUe we habbc reuf e / and f ole- 
modnease fe on of fe ofte. helpe / and soticouri f e on 
Liid- f e of er. Eftei'ward / alle we byef children of [on] u:ider 
"&/"' and of niodet be byleaue and be gi-aee. uot we byef 
godes children and of holy cherche. and f o on brofer 
sael helpe fe ofrcn : faime he yKi3f his niede. uor ate 
plum niede; me yzijf huet fe urend is. J3e fridde fing fet 
esel moche man stciie to merci : is fe hcate of fo holy 
writinge. fet redef and hotef fo workes of merei aboue 
alle of re workea. Huerof f e wise Salomon zayf / ' y- 
wyte f e ' zuyf he / ' fet fin heued ne by najt wif oute 
■ Die oyle,' Vor be oyle is y-uorfed fet uer ine fe lojiipe, 
and ine lompe is ooderatoniic meici fut ssel by euremo 
^ ine fine heuede / fet is ine fine herte. And al ase f i 
'„ op aiiat ine fe lomiie / alie fe ofre wosea : alaiio 

alio fo ofre uiVtuea. An alauo aae f e oyle . 
lokef fet u 

sef and I 
e lompe. and huanne hit failef ; fet ' 
y-kuenct. alzuo huanne merci faylef : fe loue of i 
god failef 1 aso saynt Ion zayf. 'Huofetyzejehisbrofer' 
zayf ho ' habbe niede and mezayse / and he [no] him yef f 
[sset] f e dore of his herte ' / f tt is to zigge / ' huo fet 


heb reube and him no helpb yef he may / hou is' he €k>d*»iovei«not 

"^ r r t-r J j / in him tl«t help- 

zavb / * codes loue ine him 1 ' / ase yef he zede / bet ne eth nothi> 

, . . I. 1 / . *. brother lnhl« 

may najt by. Vor fe oyle of merci is y-faled me pe need, 
lompe of his herte. 

.Eftcrward be cuode tobie tojte his zone / and zayde The good ToWe 

' ° , . ^ . ^ . ' /^ taughl his ton to 

l7us. ' Vayre zone bi merciuol ase pe mi^t, yef J?ou best be merdftii and to 

.,,., ••* i_i' give wiUinglj. 

ynoj of guode : yef largeliche. and yef fou hest lite : 

of Vo litle yef dedliche. ' And oure Ihord lesu cnst c»>rt8t eaid, "Oo 

^ ^ e sell ftll that thou 

zay]) ine his spelle. 'guo zay)) he and zel al ^et ])ou hast, a»d give it 

heat / and yef hit fe poure.* J)et is J)e uiVttie Jjet \>e holy 

writinge ret. more geneialliche. Yor ])et is J^e nt7*tue 

J>et god most is mid ypayd ase zayf J)e wiitinge. CPoi.68.b.] 

Huer-of god zayb be fe profete. *ich wille he zayb AsGodeaith,"! 

. . will hate mercy 

merci: and na3t sacrifice, and samt austm ^us zay])/ and not sacrifice." 

]>et ' ^er ne is no ))ing ]>et make]? man zuo by beloued 

mid gode : ase pite.* Vele men makeb to god sacrefices / some men are 

willing enough to 

of uestinges / of peregnnages / of ssarpnesses of bodye / fkst and perform 
ac uor to do elmesse / hi bye]) straite and wrechchen. sparing of tiieir 
Efterward per byef manie men to huam god he]) large- 
liche y-yeue of timliche guodes. and make)) sacrefices 
najt to god : ac to fe dyeule / oJ)er to fe wordle / in Many men so 
])et hi despende)) foUiche hare guodes ine ydelnesses ing their money 
uor host of |)e wordle ac uor to yeue uor god : by bye]) the derii. 
harde ase an aymont. 

Efterward ase merci like]) to god alsuo hit ne likeb Mercy u dis- 

. pleasing to the 

iio])ing to ])e dyeule. Vor fet is J)e armure huer-by he devii, 

is ])e ra])re ouercome / ase zay]) a glose ope ])o sautere. armour wiiereby 

Vor he ne may najt J)olye J)ane guode smel of pe iike come.**^ °^*' 

smeiieles namore ponne J)e boterel fawne smel of pe Se raeTuf ihr'* 

vine. Zuych smel ne mijte najt Judas Jolye ])o pe ***"*"*•"' ®' 

magdalene smerede lesu cristes net mid pe precious 

smerieles. Vor him Jojte J)et hit wes J)ing uorlore. and 

he betere louede ])et zeluer ine his porse be his couay- 

tise. Of zuiche uolke is Ihord a dyeuel and mayster. The lord of the 

])et is ine hello. ])et is y-cleped; ssette-pors. Jet an devu^whoisa 

hermite y-zej / fet zede fet he hedde fet mestier uor to June." " 


Sach smell Jndaa 

coold not abide. 



of oar Lord. 
God giTeth Uber- 
for the sun shinath 
upon th« good 
and the evil. 

wherefore we 
•hould be kind 
and courteous to 
one another. 

The son should be 
like the fother. 

The merciful are 
God's sons. 

5. The honour of 


He who honours 

God will do good 

to the poor. 

The poor are the 
little household 
of our Lord. 

He who honours 
the poor, honours 

as was seen by 
St Martin, who 
gave Ills mantie 
to a poor man. 
[Fol. M. aO 

6. Jhe dread of 


Doom without 

merqr shall be to 

those who do not 

the works of 


esette ])e poises of ])e wrechchen / ))et hi ne ssolle by 
open to do elmesse. 

pe uerj>e J)ing fet ssel man stme to merci / is ye 
greate largesse of oure Ihorde / J)et yeff laigelicbe to 
alien / be fet / J)et by byef. ase zayj) saint lacob. an«i 
makej) pe zonne ssine ope pe guode / and ope pe 
kueade / ase be zay)) ine bis spelle. Vor ])a72ne buo 
])et is zuo laige to ous. uor be ous yef)) al pet we 
babbej) of guod : we ssolle by large and cortoys / ]>e 
on / a-ye Jje ofre / and belpe J)e on / fe oJ)re. uor J) us 
be ous bat ine bis spelle J)0 be zede. * byej) uol of merci 
ase youre uader is.' J)e zone ssel by ylicb fe uader oJ>er 
be is onkende be zaynte peter. And )>eruore zayde )>e 
wyse ine J>e writinge. * by merciuol and reujeuol to \>e 
uaderlyese / ase bire uader / and bire moder. and ])ous 
J)ou sselt by godes zone.' 

J)e vifte J)ing fet ssel man sterie to merci / is : worj)- 
ssipie god. Yor ase zay^ Salomon. j)e ilke wor])S8ipe)) 
wel god oure Ibord : f et dej> guod to J)e poure. uor pet 
me bam dej> : me bit dep to god / ase bim-zelf bit wyt- 
nessej) ine bis spelle. * Jjet fou best y-do be zay J) to 
onen of mine poure : Jjou bit best y-do to me.' pe poure 
byeJ) Jje little mayne of oure Ibordc. yef J)ou wor))S8ipes 
pe poue7*e fou worfssipes god. Vor buo J)et worfssipef 
pe mayne : be worssioej) pe Ibordes sergont. and buo 
))et de]) ssame to ^e main^ : be de]) i^same to pe sergond. 
Of ]7isen we babbe)) uayre uorbysne ine mine Iborde 
sant martin to buam god bim ssewede pe nijt efterward 
)}et be todelde bis mentel to pe poure / and wes beue- 
alde ine pe mentle / and zede. to bis angles. ' Martin 
yet nou y-primsened me bej) yssred mid fise cloJ>e.' 

^e zixte J^ing ]7et ssel mocbe sterie ane man to 
merci : is pe dred of dom. Yor ase zay]) saint iacob. 
' dom wy|)-oute merci / ssel bi do to p&n : ])et ne de]> 
workes of merci.' Yor ase god zayde ine his spelle. 
' Huanne me com]) to pe dome / pe dom ssel by yeue aye 


1)0 bet ne habbeb y-do be workes of merci.' uor god God win turn the 

ham wile do pet dyaue eare. and ]}erof hit ne is no onmerciAiL 
wonder / to ]>an )>et anhaste make]) ham dyaue to pe 

poure / ase hit ssewej) ine pe godspelle. ine ]>e uorbisne tms chritt mhow 

6d us in the psr* 

of ]>e riche manne / pet onvrorpeae peme lazre. uor ))et abi« of mm and 

he him wemde his ehnesse : god him wemde ane drope 

of weter / pei he wes ine uere of helle. Akuo to pe 

fole maydenes ))et ne hedde non oyle ine hire lompen / 

god ham ssette pe gate of pe sposayles / and ham zede. 

ich not huo y [e] bye]), zuo ]>et hy blefteTi wy ))-oute. ]}U8 The eoretoot 

he ssel do ate day of dome to wrechchen and to pe waytoPandite 

eouaytous / ])et ne ssolle habbe pe ledinge of me[r]ci / ' 

]7et let pe zaules in-to paradis / and ham make)) way to 

comene to-uore god. ase z&yp pe wrytinge. ase me 

makep way and onde)) pe gate ble))eliche to pan. ))et 

breng]) uayr present. Yot-zope arijt acorsed ssel by ))et bat coned nban 

. .1^^ . , th^ be that torn* 

iiram reu])e went ])ane reg at ])0 daye. vor god ssel ed their badu on 

yeue dom wel dreduol / J)et ssel by zuo uest and zuo "*'*^' 

stable / and uor alle time^y-c^mfermed / ne neure ine chrirtahaiigire 
none time wy])cleped. pea dom yzed beuore / ssel he * ^' 

do ase king, panne ssel he kcste his greate man zings 

ase pe he^e bissop an souerayn pope. Vor king he is: andeoninf aaa 

. high bidiop and 

and bissop / ase zajp pe writinge. Yor he nom kende eorenignpope, 
of man of kinges kennd / and of bisssoppes. ))e ilke Cnr Betook the 

« nature of Boan, of 

amanzinge sel by ope alle ])0 uolke / ))et ssole by a left- ung^andof 
half / non ne wor)) uorbore. pet ssolle by pe kueade tus eoraing shaii 
huiche he ssel miszigge uor hare on-ttewpe. and pna he ieft°£uBd. ^ 
ssel ham zigge. ' Guo]) ye acorsede in-to pe greate uere "Oor be ehaii 
eurelestinde ine belle pe stinkinde / and ))yestemess of into ereriaeUnK 
ssed / ])et is agray))ed to pe dreduoUe dyuele / and to tbedevuandhte 
his uela^es / ])et habbe)) ymad his messages.' A. alias / 
bes dom baa hit by wel ssort : uor-zobe hit ssel by wel TUedoomehau 

beebort bat eor* 

zor^uol and hard. Huanne he his ssel wreke out of his mwud. 
uela3rede. Mochel is to drede zuo harde to-ddinge. 

pe zeueiide ))ing ))et ssel moche man sterie to merci : 7. Tbe eeed of 
is a zed ])et betere makep f rut ine Ihene land / panne hit food iMt. 


sinrx muiiipiiMU do iiie uette. Hou. merci multiplied fe timliche gaodes 

hyer-of we habbej uelo uayre uotbhiien. huerof icli 

wille bier zoiao telle. Me ret of eaint jjennam of 

stOernitnimd ttnceme. ()et fo he com uram ro;iie / ate out-guohige 

■noiwrUiUw of mejaue he acsede at oiiea of his diakneii yef he 

'"™' hedde eny zeluer, and he ansuerede fet he no heddp 

bote (iri pans, uor e3y[n]t germayn hit liedde al yeue to 

■mptthm ptnca pouren. Jlaime hn liiin bet : |iet tie hu Gsulde yeue Ui 

ufi.)! deacoiii, fe poure. uor god hedde ynoj of guoJe huerof lie hise 

iiinUiiiiKUatii uedde uoi [latie day. }}c dyacno mid greate pine and 

ril'S™on giivo niid greate grochinge yeaf {le tiiaye pans / and ofbild 

OT^iwo pniM Jane ^ridde. Jje sci-gont of ane riche kni3te him 

hto}te ane hia lliordos haf tuo bondred paus. po 

Bt Uirmiui dj>- clepede he his dyacne and Li»( zede / |)et be hedde 

bj «™iricg twu benome f e poure ane peny, aud yef bo hedde yeue 

oftiaMhuud™! fane fridde peny to fe pouie : fe kuijt him hedde 

kSi^L " " " yzent : fri hondred pans. 

Efterward me ret ino fe Ijue of Ion fe amoner fet 

was zuo yclcped uoi fe gieate elmesses fet he dede. 

A rich giniiimui A liche icntilmau wes y-robbed of fieues / zuo ])et hivt 

uiitvnortuuiu najt ue blefte. He him com to pl.iyiii to ))e uorzede 

■nd be'annptain- mB7me. Hud be bill zede bis cos. he greate 

AinuMr.who leufe ferof. and bet his desspeudoure fet be bin; yeauo 

Kd'^give'i'iui" nyfteiie pond of gold. }je spendere bo his couaytise ne 

eitHupuia o y^^ ^^^ ^jj^ ^^ haste a gentil wymman wodewe 

(tiiv»™iyB'B''' ^eute to fe uore yzede Ion / nif bondred pond of gold. 

tiu^j'^non' t"" ^^ clepede his spendere / and him acsede huu mocbe 

iiuudnd poiiuiK he hedde y-yeue to Jjo kiiijto. he ansuerede l vyftene 

loitd. pe holy man ansuerede : fet nay. be se hedde 

bote vyf. and huanne be bit wiste / fo ilko zelue put 

widhtwdUi bis hedde ondcTuongc / zuo zayde to bis apendere. )>et 

lud g)<(n tiie yef be hedde y-yevie fe viftene pond pet he hedde y- 

Lordwomd'l!!™ ''^''^ ■ ^'^'^ Ibord hij« hede yzent be fe guode wyfman ; 

MMu^'bjX ^ fouzond aud vyf hondred pond. And huaitne be 

vudmau, a,03ed6 ate guode wyfman fo he hedde bise ytdeped. 

hou moche hi hedde him y-lete / hi andzoeiede / ^t 


iierst lii hedde y-umte ine hare testament / yet hi him 

let a ]>ou8eiid and yyf hondred pond. Ac hi lokede wUdiwMOe 

efterward ine hare testament and hi yze^ pe fouaend himfaiWrwia. 

ft^gA ^%^ I^^M 

pond defaced of hire write / and zao ylef de pe guode pouids wm 
wyfman / pel god wolde fet hi ne zente bote vif 


Efterward saint gr^ori tel]> fel saint boniiace stBonifee* 
uram )»et he wes child/ he wes zao pitenous: fei he toS!toor,for 
yaf ofte his kertel and his sserte to ye poure nor god. often ^ 
fa^ his moder him byete ofte )«moie. panne be-yil ^ 
yet I yet child yze3 manie poare fet hedden mezeyse. ULlrt^u^MSS 
ho aspide J>et his moder nes na^t |>er, an haste he yam ***• f*»«^*« «** 
to ye gemiere / and al yet his moder hedde y-gad^^d *^ ^^ 

nor to pasi yet yer: he hit yaf ye poore. and Jk) his J[^''**^J|* 

moder com and wjste he ilke dede : hv wes al ont of pnjcroruM 

hare wy tte. })et child bed oare Ihorde : and yet gemier imum fiOL 
wes an haste alnoL 

Efterwazd yet wes a poare man ase me 2ay]». ]yet Apooranhnr. 

fflC tkat a sift to 

hedde ane con / and yhyerde zigge of his pieste ine his ood !• n^at»± 

prechinge / f^ god zede ine his speUe f^ god wolde 

yelde an hondiedaald al yet me yeaae nor hitn. ))e 

guode man mid ye rede of his wyne / yeaf his oou to sM*hisflovtoa 

his preste y^ wes ridie. ye prest his nom ble^liche / tookit hoacvftUi 

and hise zente to ye ojven ^ he hedde. })o hit com ^^^i^H^T^ ^ 

to enen : ye guode maimes ooa com hom to his house Ai«vMiubiiM 

ase hi wes y-woued / and ledde mid hare alle ye prestes *^/ 

ken al to an hondred* po ye guode man y-ze^ yet / {|^,]|^' 

he jK^te ydtyetweayet word of ye godspelle >et he ^^^^t^^i^ 

hedde y-yolde. and him hi weren yloked beuore his 

bissoppe aye jane prest. J^ise uorbisne aaewey wcl yet Menjbgood 

mezei is gnod ehapuaxe. uor hi de^ were : ye timliche UfikAim^tinA 


Of te GUQDSBi or elmxbbe. oi^i 

'^ «ralM 


Xou best )Km y-hyecd ye bo^ of ye tzawe of merd. 

ac uor ]>an yei moche uolk hyey / yet hare elmesse yet mA 



Alms slionld be 
given to the need- 
fat, and ehoald 
be made ptoMing 
to God. 

In almegiTing 
three things are 
to be conaidered. 

1. A man must 
give of what be* 
longt to him, and 
not of thai per- 
taining to an- 

Alms given of 
theft, toll, rob* 
bing, osory, are 
not pleasing to 

He who maketh 
saorlfloe to God of 
the goods of the 

is as he who slny- 
eth the child be- 
fore liis father. 
That is not gift 
whidi one talieth 
readily and tlie 
other loseth 

S. 1/Oolc to whom 
thou shalt do 

Give to the good 
and not to the 
■brew and tlie 

that is to sny, as 
the reward of their 
as one giveth to 
ribalds and miu- 

Nevertheless alms 
may be given 
them on account 
of their poverty. 

hy doj) : hi lyezef / and hare oJ)re guodes. uor hi ne 
doj) n£^t a?e hy ssolde. ))eruore ich fe wyjo sseawy 
ssortliche / hou me ssel inaky elmesse : to ])an fet hi 
by behofsam. and fet hi liky god. 

]}anne huo j^et ssel do elmesse: hel ssel loki ]>vi 
J)mges. Verst : huerof he dej) elmesse. uor he hit ssel 
do of his ojene / and na3t of o])rema7ine. and ))erof pet 
he hej) of guode wynnynge and trewe. god ne hej) hede 
of kueade yef))es. ac he his loue]) trewe and guode. 
Elmesse fet is y-do of fyeffe. of tol. of robbiuge. of 
gauelynge. o))er of o))re kueade gaderinge : hit ne like]) 
nofing god. Huerof J>e writinge zayj). *J)ou ne sselt 
najt maky none sacrefice to god of oxe / ne of ssep / 
Jjet by spotty, uor god hej) grat wlatiynge / of zuych 
sacrefice.* and pe wyze zayJ? ine J?e writinge. * pe ilke J?et 
mnkej) sac77*fice to god / of J)e guodes of fe poure : he 
de)) ase ])e ilke ])et 8sla3t ])et child be-uore his uader.' 
And saynt austin ])us zai)). * huet yef])e is pet * he zay]). 
*J)et J)e on nimj) gledliche / and pe oJ)er hit lyest 
'\vepi72deliche : ? ' and J)eruore ssel ech loki huerof he de]) 

Eflerward he ssel loky to huam he hit de]). Jeanne 
pe writinge zay)). Loke to huam ))ou sselt do guod. 
do guod to pQ guode. fet is to fan : J)et fou wenst by 
guod. and ne yef na3t to pe ssrewe. ne ne loke na3t 
])ane zeno3ere. pet is to zigge : ])et ])ou ne sselt na3t 
youe to pe kueade / be pe scele of his kueadnesse. ase 
do)) ])o ))et yeiiep pe ribaus / and menestrals / uor hare 
wykkednesse.^ ne o])erlaker hi nolden ham yeue na3t. 
))et is wel grat zerme ase ziggc)) pe hal3en. Ac huo ])et 
ham yef]) / na3t uor hare kueadnesse : ac uor veupe / 
and uor ])olemodnesse of hare pourehede / and of hare 
wyues / and of hen'e children, yef hi hise habbe)). o])er 
of hire uader / o])er of hire moder. ofer uor oJ)re guode 
skele / ase his uor to vrypdrsafe uram zenne: he de]) 

^ MS. wylkedncsse. 


wel. \>a,nne elmesse y-yeue to pe poure. and more to Give aims to the 

poor, and especi" 

ham ])et bye]) rijt poure of herte / and of wyL pet aiiy to t)ie poor 

habbe]) ylete uor god ]>et hi hedden / oper pet hi mi^te to the fatheriesa, 

habbe. ))et po pet ne byep na^t poure of wylle : ac otiier neceUitoua 

poure of nycde : wel ich habbe pe eft / y-zed. And ^"®"*' 

alneway me ssel ham blepeliche yeue / and nameliche 

to pe poure ssamueste. and to pe uaderlease. an to wyf- 

men wodewen. and to opre nieduolle / panne me yzi3p 

pe nyede / and me hit mo^e do. and zuo me is y-healde 

to be oncoube / aboue alle obren me is y-hyealde: to Above an shau 

uader and to moder / hua/zne me y-zi^J) hare nyede. ptirants lu their 

Vor pe kende hit tekp / and god hit acsep / and hat. 

Me ret of pe heyrone pet he dra^p uorp his uader [ .a uorbisH«.2 
and his moder huanne hi byep ealde / and ne mo3e Nature teaeheth 
ham najt porchaci ])eruore kende tekp pet me ssel our father and 
guod do to uader and to moder. and huo pet hit ne dep : 
he is onkende. and zene^ep a-ye kende / and a-ye god. 
pet hat to worpssipie uader and moder / and peruore [Foi.60.b.] 
hit is wel ri3t pet hit misualle to him and to hare 
pet dep harm uader oper moder / ase hit is manye zipe 

£f terward me ssel ysy hou me ssel do elmesse / *• Consider how 

" " ' to give alms, and 

and be manere his uor to yeuene. Vour condicions be the manner of 

' ^ giving them. 

be writinge ssoUe by ine elmesse. )?e uerste is pet me i* Give giadiy and 


hise yeue gledliche &nd mid guod herte. uor god lokep 

more pe herte : panne pe honden. Huerof saynt gre- 

gorie zayp. pet god ine his sacrement ne lokep najt hou God looketh not 

grat ping me yeue / ac mid huet herte. ase hit ssewep tiieiMartofthe 

wel ine pe godspelle of fe poure wyfman pet ne hedde ****'• 

bote tuaye uerpinges pet hi offrede to pe temple. Huerof 

oure Ibord zayp / pet hi hedde more y-layd : panne alle 

pe opre pet hedden y-layd greate pinges. Vor more 

likep operhuil to god an alfpeny pet a poure yefp gled- and He is better 

-. , ,. ., -Ljij pleased with the 

liche uor god : panne a nche man yeaue an hondred poor man's half- 

marc grochindeliche and mid zoije of herte. and feruore Sr^."^. 

zayp pe wyse ine pe writinge. 'make' hezayp 'uayrechiere' "^ 




Thore tra MmM 
■0 diaooartoont to 
the poor. 

that thqr aomnn- 
pany their alms 
with many twit- 
tings and ap- 

S. Give thy alms 
aoou and hastily. 

Say not to thy 
Mend, "Qo, and 
oome again to- 

Make no delay, 
wlien thou hast 
it in thy power to 

«* Nothing," says 
Seneca, " is so 
dearly bought 
as what one hath 
by delay." 

Give thy offerings 
to God while tliou 

for death watteth 
f6r none. 

Give thy alms 
for the love of 

and glede ine alle ))ine yefj^es.' And zaynte paul zuo 
zayp pet ' god loue)) moche pane yeuere pet is gled and 
corteya' And zome per bye)) zuo nyleyrie to J>e poure 
huanne hi ham yeue]> enye ehuesse / an haste his 
miszigge)) uoulliche / and his clepjep truons / and ha?^ 
ziggep zuo uele atuytinges / and of folyes er |)an hi ham 
i^t yeue / ]>et wel is wor|) ]>et zeluer. j>e ilke ehnesse / 
ne pay)) na^t god. and peieuore z&yp pe wyse ine pe writ- 
inge. ' bou^ ))in eare ' he z&yp ' to pe poure / wy)H)ate 
zoi^e / and him ansuere mildeliche.' 

))e opeT ))ing ))et behoue)) ine elmesse is. ))et me hit 
do zone and hasteliche. ])erof Salomon zayp. * ne zay 
na^t to ))ine urende / guo / and com ayen to mor3e / 
and psinne ich wylle pe yeue : huanne ))ou him mi)t an 
haste yeue.' And ine ano))re stede be zay)). ' ne leng 
na3t ))ine jeipe uram pe nyed nolle.' ))et is to zigge / 
'ne make him na^t abyde : huanne ))0u mi^t 
an haste yeue.' J?et is aye uele riche / j)et make)) 
grede pe poure ]>et habbe)) to done mid ham. and 
zuo moche his do)) abide / zuo uele zi))e hit behoue]) 
ham bidde and bezeche / beuore er hi wylle)) f^t do / 
])et to moche by ham zeUep pe guodnesse ))et hi 
ham wille)) do. Vor ase zay)) senekes. * No fing ne 
is zuo diere y-bojt : ase ))et me hef be biddinge.' And 
p\a is ])et me zay)) ine atwy tinge. * Dyere ha bay]) : ))et 
byt.' And fous ssel ech man wel do zuyf[t]liche nor his 
zaule ))erhuyle ))et ha leue)) / and hoi. pa.njie pe wyse 
zay)) ine pe writinge. * Vayre zone ' he zayf * do guod of 
])inen : yef povL best huerof. and offre to god wor])i 
ofEringe ))erhuyls fet J)ou leuest. Vor pe dya)) ne abyt 
nf^t.' And ine ano))re stede he zay)). ' db guod to pine 
uriende: to-uore pe,' ))et is to ))iDe zaule / to 
huam ))ou sselt do guod to-uore ))ine dyape. opet to 
piae trewe urende / ))et is lesu crist to huam ])ou sselt 
guod do to-uore ))ine dya))e / doinde elmessos uor pe loue 
of lesu crist to his poure. Vor ))et me de]) pe poure : 


me de]) hit to him. ase he zajf ine his spelle. Jeanne [Foi.6i.a.] 

pe elinesse ]>et me yef]> ine lyue / and ine hel))e /> more Aims given in 

is wor]) : p&nue ]>e ilke ])et is y-do efter pQ dea]>e. Ahuo more worthy than 

ase ))e lanteme pet me berj) be-uore pe mawne / him let deaS. ^*" 

bet / and more zikerlaker / panue pe ilke ))et me herb a lantem curried 

behynde pe regge. And peruore ous amonestep samte better than one 

paul fet we do guod / f erhuyle fet we libbej). H[u]a7ine bade 

a riche man ssel come to ane toune / opet to ane cite. 

he zent his messagyers be-nore^ uor to nime guod in. [i ms. te-nore] 

ofer o))erlaker he mi^te wel fayly : guod in uorto habbe. 

pQ guode forriers ))et nime)) and agray))e]> |>et hous of Oor aims are our 

paradys to pe riche manne : bye]> pe elmessen ))et ha tiiat prepare foT* 

de)) ine his Hue. pe elmessen ))et byef y^o efter pe ParaiseT" 

dyskpe : bye]> ase pe hewe recreyd ])et late com)) hom. 

zuo ])et pe Ihord is o))erhuil euele y-herbei^ed. 

pe pndde condicion pet ssel by ine elmesse is / pet s. Give iibenaij. 
me ssel yeue largeliche be ))an ))et me he]) huerof. pe 

wyse zay)). * yef to god / be ))an ))et he he)) pe y-yeue.' if thoubaet 

much, give 

And thobye zay)) alsuo. ' be pine mi^te by reupeuol / abondauuj; 

and merciuol. Yef pou best moche guod : yef large- bntifiittie,give 

liche. and yef fou best lite : yef perof blepeliche / and Looeiy!" ~" 

corteisliche.' psknne ech ssel yeue efter his mi3te / and "after iiis 

be pet / pet god him hep y-yeue. Me vint of ane SSLndergavea 

kinge. to huam a poure acsede ane peny. he hym M^^taTtho''*' 

ansuerede / pet zuich a lite jefpe ne wes nf^t uor ane on al^*I!Jt^f *" 

king. And of alisondre me ret. ))et [he] yaf ane cite / to JJ® |JJ*'"®" °' 

onen of his s^rgons. an huartne be ilke hise wolde uor- 3?®^.*"*"**!'*' 

° ' bim,** I consider 

zake. uor pet / grat ))ing him ))03te / to nime zuych not what is proper 

yefpe. Alisondre ansuerede and zayde. *Ich ne loky but for me to 
na^t pet belonge)) pe to nimene.: ac me to yeuene.' 

be xxerpe condicion is / bet pe elmesse by y-do mid *• oive wiUingiy 

' '^ ' ' ' •' "^ and with a para 

wille / and mid condicion. ])et me ne zeche none ydele mind, 
blisse / ne pet me ne onworpi pe poure. to huam pet me 
hit yef)). ne uor elmesse pet me dep ine dyadlich zenne. 
me hep presumpcion uor to by y-borje. Zom uolk ^ 
bye)) / pet yef by do]) elmesse; hi wille^ ])et alb 

13 • " 



hatr of their 

Christ hath eom<- 
giTO our alms 
without ostenta- 

Good works may 
lie done before 
the i'olk, for f^ood 
cxitui pie's suko. 

so that God may 
be glorified. 

The alms-fciver 
must not despise 
[FoL 61. b.] 

the poor reci- 

Some folk despise 

the poor, 

and speaJc largely 

and proudly to 


[a tokiM pet iob 
Job was not 
ashamed of poor 

The fellowship of 

wyte. Ac pe wyse zayp / pet me do pe cimesse in-to 
J>e greade of J)e poure. Vor ase zayf saynt gregorie. 
' hit is y-no} to ])e guode manne / pet yef he hit zent / of 
huam he onderstant his ssepe to habbe.' And ))eraore 
zajp ooie Ihord ine his spelle. ' Huanne ])ou dest elmesse. 
ne wyte ns^t pi left hand : huet dep ]>i ri^t hand, zuo 
]>et |>in elmesse by y-hed. and ))i uader of heuene ))et 
izy^t piD. hedingct : hit pe halt.' j)et is to zigge. Jeanne 
]>ou sselt do elmesse : loke ])et ydele blisse. ))et is to 
onderstonde be pe left half, ne by ns^t y-mengd. Ac 
do his in ri^te wone / and ri3te onderstondinge. ]>et is 
onderstonde by pe ri3t half. Ich ne zigge na^t ))et me 
ne ssel do pe guode workes o))erhuil to-uore pe uolke / 
uor to yeue guode uorbysne / hueniore god by yhered : 
and y-ponked. Vor pua him zayf cure Ihord ine his 
spelle. ])et we maki oure guode dedes to-uore pe uol- 
kerede / foruore f et god by y-hered and y-glorefied na^t 
uor pe los of uolke ase def pe ypocnte. and feruore 
zayf saint gregorie / J)et me do his workes aperteliche / 
pet pe onderstondinge hi ri3tuol bezide. 

Efterward huo ))et wyle do elmesse / he hit ssel zuo 
do / ])et he na^t ne onwor))i pe poure to huam |>et he 
hit def . Jjeruore zayp pe profete. * Ne onwor))e nf^t ' he 
z&yp ' ))i uless. ]>et is pe poure {^et is ilich pe / and of 
zuiche kende of uless and of blod ase ])0u art. and of 
zuiche wose.' Zom uolk byep pet onworpep pe poure / 
and ne daynep na3[t] to speke to ham. and yef hi spekep : 
gratliche and proudliche hi spekep. Zuo ne dede na^t 
iob / pet zede / pet [he] ne onworpede neure pe guoinde / 
vor pet hi weren naked, ac rapre ham yaf clopiuge / 
and mete and drinke. pe holi man p£^ he were king / 
and he^ man / ne hedde none ssame of pe poure / ase 
dop zome greate Ihordes of pise wordle. pet wel dop 
elmesse to poure / ac alneway his habcp ine onwor[p]nesse 
uor hare pourehede. And yef hi weren ri3tuolliche 
milde : hi ssolden betere louie pe uelajrede of poure 


men / bet byeb poure uor cod. bet liise moje wol edofie i* often to bo 
be uorbisnes and be wordes / pet of mania nche men ])et of ricii mem 
hi habbe]) aboute ham / huer J)er ne is bote covay[ti]8e / 
nlaterie / yelpinge / and ham make)) lete moche wel to 
done / and make]) ham moche kuead to done / be hare 
euele rede. 

Efterward |)er bye)) som uolk ))et do)) yno3 elmesse / some folk give 
ac alnewey hi ne lete)) ns^t to done hare greate zenne. yet fonake not 
\)Q ilke elmesse ne ssel his najt bei^e. Vor yef hi sinJ^"^ "'^ 
stcrue)) ine zuich stat : hire elmesse ne ssel ham na^t Aims alone win 
wytie / pet hi ne ssolle by uor-lore. })&nne zuich uolk 
bye]) ase pe ilke pet of one half makep pet hous / and 
of oper half he hit brekp. And peruore zayp pe writ- 
inge. 'Yef pou wilt kueme god: haue uerst reupe / if thou wiit please 
and merci / of pine zaule. uor huo pet is kuead and mercy upon thj 
ontrewe to lii?» : to huam ssel lie bi guod and trewel' 
zayp pe writinge : ase yef he zede. [he] ne may na^t^ by p ms. napt] 
guod and trewe to opren : pet to Im/i-zelue is kuead. 
And peruore saint austin zayp. ' Huo pet wile ri^tuol- Let aims be pre- 
liche do elmesse : he ssel beuore agi/tne at himzelue. aoot. 
uor he ssel more louie his 03ene zaule : panne anopres : 
uor god.' Non no wolde zigge pet yef he were reupeuol / 
and uol of merci / pet ne ssolde habbe reupe of his 
moder poure and zik. hou moche he hedde reupe of 
opren. AIzuo ich zigge / pc ilke pet ne is na^t reupeuol He is not merd- 
ne uol of merci / pet ne hep pit6 of his zaule : huanne pity on his own 
he wot pet hi is zik to pe dyape / pet is ine dyadlich unto'deatiJ 

ifou ich habbe pe y-no^ y-ssewed of pe trawe of 
mercL pe stapes, pe bo3es. and pet frut. pet comp ine 
pise wordle / and ine pe opre. of pe frut of pise trawe 
ous spekp dauip rijt wel ine pe sautere / per he zayp 
pons. * yblyssed byep po pet ham yeuep to pe poure / Blessed be those 
and to pe nieduolle.' )?et is to zigge : pet ne abit najt : poor and needfui, 
al-wet pe poure him bit / ae f* Ulid Jiuio«*»iu- 

aksingo. Vor me wee y 




■hall b« btessad. 

and shall tw de- 
livarad from liia 
foM at Um day of 

TIm unmercifbl 
•luill be euned 
{} MS. M 
and driven from 
God'a presence. 

and slioll be given 
over to their foes, 
tlie devils. 

Tlie mereiftil 
shall inlierit the 
kingdom of hea- 

[} MS. |>e] 

and for their alms 
bhall obtain 

They sliall have 
everlasting lUe, 

is. f9i to mo[c]he bay]) / ^t byt Ne pe ilke ne he]) 
herte to yeuene : ])et ne yefp er me acsL fe ilke de]) 
wel ))et yef)) to pe poure ^t acse]). ac he de]) bet : pet 
yef]) wy^ute aksinge. And of ])an z&yp pe sauter. 
'Y-blissed is pe ilke ])et onderstant to pe poure.' and 
hueruore is he y-blissed ? he zay]) eft^ward ine pe ilke 
ueis. ])et god him wyle deliuri in pe kueade daies of his 
yuo. ))et ssel bi ate daye of dome ])et ssel by hard and 
knead ^ pe wickede / ])et ssoUe by y-damned / uor pe 
workes of merci / J)et hi ne habbe]) na^t ydo. p&nne 
pe demere ssel ham zigge at ])o daye. * gaop ye^ acorsede / 
in-to pe neve of helle / mid alle pe dyealen / ))at you is 
y-di}t uram pe ginnynge of pe wordle. Vor ich hedde 
honger / and ^rst / ye ne me yeaue mete / ne drinke / 
ich wes zik / ))ou ne come na^t to me.' And ])us he 
ssel ham attwyte : pe workes of merci / ])et hi na^t 
habbe]) y-do. and ])eruore hi ssolle bi betake at po 
daye : to hare yuon. ])et hjep pe dyeulen of helle. Of 
huam pe rew))eaolle / and po ])et do]) ham to pe poure / 
and to pe workes of merci ssolle bi betake at ])0 daye / 
and ssolle by do in-to sayzine of pe riche of heuene / aso 
zay)) oure Ihord ine his spelle. Vor he ssel zigge to ))an 
J)et habbej) y-do pe workes of merci / 'come]) ye * yblissede 
of mine uader / onderuonge]) pe riche of heuene / ])et 
is to you y-dy3t / uram pe ginynge of pe wordle. Vor 
])et ye habbej) y-do to mine poure : ye hit habe]) me y- 
do.' Grat wor])Ssipe god ham ssel do / panne he ham 
J)onkeJ) I olpe workes of merci. and he haw ssel y[e]ue : 
])et lyf wyJ)-oute ende. And feruore he zay]) ine his 
spelle. ' Yblissed bye]) ^o merciuolle : uor hi ssolle 
habbe merci.' uor J)et hi habbe]) ylengd / fet lyf of pe 
poure be hare elmesse. Wel hit is ri^t / and skele / pet 
god ham yeue f et lyf wyJ)-oute ende / J)et ia / and ssel 
by wy])-oute ende. and ])eruoro pet hi habbe]) y-het 
lenpe / of lesu cnstes lemes ine pe expe / and hise 
habbe]) y-lokod / and y-conforted ine hare nyode. Hit 


is wel skele ])et me do ham ate ende meici / and pet me 

his deliari of alle kneadnesse / of alio nyede. and bet andChrirtsiaii 

' . '' . '^ '* harbour "tlMm 

ssel he do / huanne he ssel yeae pQ blisse eurelestinde / for erw. 
mid merci his let aor]» / and his ssel herbei^i. 

pE TBF})B of ONDEBSTOIVDINOB. AND OF })S U/JTrUE OF The gift of nadar- 

, itaiidiiig^ and of 

CHASTKTB. the Tirto* of 

Holy Writ oos tekp / tao manures of lines, huerby Then m two 
me com)) to pe line wy)M>nte ende. pe uerste is yhote ^^bmby "^ 

worknol [actine] / nor ])et hi is ine znynch of gnode Sft^UiJh^J^ 
workes / and make]» man ondeistonde to pe profit of ^^J]!!^^ 
him-zelne / and of his emcriiBten. J)e oJ>er is y-hote J?!*?Lo_^,, 
resteuol [coutemplatine]. nor J>et hi is peste / of workes '^JJJf^'JjSj^ 
wy]K)nte / and ne de]> him na3t bote to god nor to tfMMaiMeksto 

Iboow atij Ctod» 

knawe / and lonie. hnemore hy his ydel of nyedes aodtofaivaiau 

wy))-onte / and ase aslepe. Ac hi is awaked wy]>ine to 

)yenche of god / and him lonie / and ns^t ne wyhii : 

bote him to habbe / and nor him / alle o)n« ])inges / 

deb ine noryetiwge. Vor hi* is of al y-robbed / and y- awddetiPMtoba 


pist ine god. and wylne]> nor to by to-deld nram be the mortal bod j, 

atid to ba vitk 

dyadliche bodye : nor to by alneway mid lesn crist / chiisu 
ase zaip zainte panL 

j)Q nerste lif is ine pe vi^tinge / ine pQ nelde of Tiieftmufeisin 
gnode workes / hner pe kny^t lieme)) / ham prmie]» / Add o7good 
and alose)). pe o])er his reste vryp god ine pe chombre of ^^p^ n. b.] 
clone inwyt pe nerste onderstant to nede god / mid JJi^SSji? ^ 
pe mete of gnode workes. pe o))er onderstant to by ^^^^^^^^^ 
yned / and yneld of god be zope eanfort gostlich. psnne 
pe uerste is be-tokued be mar]>en / )>et wes bisy nor to ifarthaisatypa 
nede onre Ihord / ase z&jp )>et godspel. pe o)>er is be- andUarjatttm 
tokned be Marie / )>et hire zette ate net of lesu crist / 
and Ibeftte his wordes. pe uerste is way / and ingno- 
inge to pe opreu. Vor non ne may come to pe line 
restuolle : bote he by nerst wel y-provcd ine line by- 
zye / ase zayp sain gii^orie. pe jefpes / and pe utrtnes 
hnerof we liabbe]) y-speke aboue be-longc)» / to )»e nerste 
liue pet Is ycleped workuoL pe tno kste huerof we 



The gift of and«r> 
•Unding aiid wli- 
dom belongeth to 
the life QOBtem- 

To this life belong 
also a riglit 
knowledge of 

itanding given 
bj the Uoljr 

is a light aiid a 
grace of bright- 
neM whicli eit- 
ablae man to 
know hi« Maker, 

and thoee spirit- 
ual matters per- 
taining to the 
help of the soul. 

This gift is caUed 
light, for it 
cleanseth the 
understantitug of 
the darkness of 
pride and of 
spots of sin. 

and enables man 
to know clearly 
and sorely God 
his Creator. 

The sick eye may 
not lee clearly, 
neither may 
man'ii under- 
standing perceive 
spiritual trutlis 
without being 
first purified by 
the Divine light. 

ssoUe spoko miU |)e helpe of gode and of pe holy gost. 
J)et is to wytene / fe yeff J)e of onderstondinge / and fe 
yef fe of wisdom : belongej) to pe oJ)re line j>et is y-hote 
restuol. )^t lif is ine tuo ]>inge8 / ase we habbe]) aboue 
y-zed. Jjet is to wytene / ine ri3te knawlechinge of god / 
and ine stedeueste lone. pQ loue of onderstondinge leth 
to stedeuestnesse of r^te knaulechinge. )?e yef|>e of 
wysdoni / letli to stedeuestnesse of loue. 

Non we yrUlep zigge uerst of fe yef])e of onder- 
stondinge / be ]>an ))et pe holy gost wile ous teche. ]>e3 
yefj^e J)et is y-hote yefj^e of onderstondinge / ne is oJ>er 
])ing / hQ pe hal^en / and bi pe maistres / bote a ly3t 
and a grace of bri3tiiesse / ]>et pe holy gost zent in-to 
pe herte / huerby onderstondinge of man is arered uor 
to knawe his sseppere / and pQ gostliche ])inges |)et no 
mo^e na3t by y-zo3e bodilich ine alle pQ ))inges ])et be- 
longe]) to pe hel]>e of zaule. mid skele kendelich ne on- 
derstondinge of man of him / ne uor him / ne may 
come. Jjes god is y-cleped ly3t. Vor he clenzc]» pe 
onderstondinge of man / of ))iesternesse of prode / and 
of spottes of zenne. Vor ase ))et li3t bodilich de]) away 
l^iesteniesse and make)) bri3tliche izy pQ pingea bodilich : 
alsuo pia h^t gostlich clenzep pe onderstondinge of 
man / al to ])an )yet he mo3e bri3tliche ysy / and )>et he 
mo3e knawe bri3tliche and zikerliche / ase me may y- 
knawe ine ))ise dyeadliche Hue god his sseppore / 
aud pe sseppinges gostliche / ase bie]> pe angles / and pe 
zaulen. ))et belonge]) to pe helj^e of zaules. ase bye]) pe 
articles of pe beleaue / huerof we habbe]) bcuore y- 
speke ine ane stede be him-zelue. pia knawynge nis 
bote in inwyt wel yuayred / and wel yclenzed. Vor 
ase pe zike e3e ne may nt^t wel yzi bri3tnesse. alsuo pe 
onderstondinge of man ase moche ase in him is / ne 
may ysy / ne knawe pe J>inges gostliche / bote he by 
wel yclenzed / of alle lac of udpe / be zope byleaue / 
])et clenzo]) |>o hertcn / ase za,yp pe writiuge. Ac pe 


yefbe of be holy gost / huerof we spekob hier / uol- ThaHoijOhoat 

eiiUghteiw the 

make]) ))ise uayrhede / and piae deiineaae iue herte / to souL 

))et his holy zaule / ))et is y-clenzed / aud ali3t / mid 

])ise li3te of onderstondinge : mi^te ysy and knawe 

god / and al ))et hvm is niede / and giiod to his yboi^- 

Inge / and |)et is pe blissiuge / huerof god spck]> ine 

his spellc / |)o he zede. ' yblissed bye J) fo : fet byej) The dean of 

1 . 11 1 • 1 • 1 heart shall see 

clene of herte / uor hi ssolle ysy god me lum-zelue ase God as Me is, by 

he is be byleauo alyjte / and y-strengfed be fe yetpQ thegiftof miier- 

of onderstowndinge.* Vorzofe efter fe dyeafe / ine * "*^' 
paradis hi ssollen yzy him / al aperteliche / wizage / [poi. es. a.] 
to visage. 

])anne zayb zaynte paul. pis yeffe dej) away alle This gia puts 

away all flltli of 

ucl|)e of herte / and hire clonze]> pariitliche of alle thehean^but 

esDeclallr lecherv 

lackes / and speciallicho of }>e lacke of ]>e zcune of 

lecherie. Vor huo ))et is be-ueld mid ))0 lac: he is For who is defiled 

ri3tuolliche yblent / and he]) ylore ])e ejen of |)e herte / lost the eyes of 

skele and onderstondinge / zuo fet he ne may y-knawe ^^ 

his sseppere / ne |)inges pet wende]) to pe hel])e of 

zaule. Ac is ase best J'et ne he]> wyt ne skele iue him. 

panne daui)? zay]) ine pe sautere. {^et man to huam ])et 

god he]) y-do zuo grat worpssipe pet hine made to his 

ymage and to his anliknesse huerby he may y-knawe 

god and habbe / ])et ho ne he]) y-do none bcste : he]) and is no better 

zuo uoryete his sseppere / an pe guodnesse pet he hep 

him y-do / pet he is become illch to fole bestes / ])et 

ne habbeb none onderstondinge. he zewno bet mest Lechery makes a 

'^ , n' / J 1 . iniui like to foul 

make]) man ilich to uoule bestes / and to uel))e : is beasta. 

ze7ine of lecherie. huerof we habbep be-uore y-zed pev 

we speke of zenne. \)e yef))e banne of onderstondinge / Thegift of under- 

standing stripe 

])et is of eTpe specialliche / to ])0 uel])e bestrep]) of pe the heart of uiia 

herte pe zenne of lecherie / an he tek]) uajrrhede and 

clewnesse / huerof wext a wel uayr traw. pet is pe 

mrtue of chasteti / huerby mo comp to po g?'eate 

blissinge pot god bc-hat to pan pot lokep clomosse of 

herte : hua/^ne ho zede. ' yblissed hi by pe clone of Dietsed are tiit 



imre of heart, 
for tlMjr ■hall 

horte nor hi ssolle yzy god.' uor fet hi ssolle habbe fe 
e^en of herte wel yclenzed and wel alijt of fe yetpe of 

or the 


L AdaaaooB- 

Without an an- 
defUed mind 
tliere is i|o ciiaa- 
tity pleating to 

Ha who eonsenta 
to eril thoagfata 
6ur from the dead. 

Three thinga tend 
to produce poritj 
<>f Iteart. 
The arrt is to 
liear Joyfiilly the 

true shift, whidi 
is the Uver in 
whidi one alum 
oft wash. 

Bear in mind tlie 
story ofNaamaii's 
washing in Jor- 
dan seven times. 

Jordan signifies 
the stream of 
Judgment, and 
betolceuA slirift, 
in wliich mim 
shall judge liim- 
self witli great 
Borrow of lieart» 
and repentance, 
80 that a stream 

Of j)E ZBUB 8TAPSS OF cbaAtkhA. 

J?y8 traw wext and piofite]) / and clif]> ase do]> ye 
o])re to-uore yzed / be- jseue stapes. j>e uerste stape is 
clene inwyt / pet is ])e rote of ])ise trawe uor wy]K>ute 
dene inwyt : no chastet^ ne lyke]> to god. J?is chastet^ / 
)>id clennesse / ])is purt^ / acsep fet me loki ]>e herte 
uram euelc ]K)3tes / ])et lii na^t ne ca;isenti / and of 
kuede wihii[n]gges. Vor huo pet him coiisentep to kueade 
wylles / and to )>e kueade ])03tes of his herte : he ne ia 
na^t chast pei^ he by uer uram ])e dede. uor be )>e 
consentinge wy]K)ute more : he ssolde by uorlore yef 
he sterf ^erinne. 

j)n ])inges moche hjep wor^ to loki pe clennesse of 
herte. l>e uerste is / ble))eliche y-hyere pe wordes of 
god / and his spelles. Huerof oure Ihord zay]) ine h[i]8 
spelle / to his deciples. * ye byej) ' he zayj) * alle clene / be 
)re worJes pet ich you habbe yzed.' Vor godes word is 
ase a uayr ssewere / ine huam me yzi3t alle pe lakkes of 
pe herte. )X$t o]K;r ])ing is zope ssrif te )>et is )>et lauor / 
huer he him ssel oite wesse. ])e writinge z&yp ine pe 
bok of kinges. ])et elyseu pe profete het to naaman )>et 
wes mezel / ))et he him wesse ine pe flom lordan zeue- 
zi]^e uor to by clene of his euele. And |k> he ))er wes 
y wesse : ]k) wes he al kleue and al hoi of his euele. pe 
flum iordau ])et is ase moche wor]» : ase stream of dom / 
and be-tokne]y ssrifte. huer man ssel hi7)i-zelue deme 
mid gi*eate zorje^ of herte / and mid greate repentonce / 
zuo )K}t o stream of tyeares : yerne be pe coitdut of pe 
ejen. and zuo pe mezel ssel bi al hoi and dene. ))et is 
pe zenejere / yef he him wesst zanezype / ])et is to 


zigge / of alle bis zenues. And J^eruore zay]) saynt 

bernard. * loue ssrif te : yef ])ou wilt habbe uayrbede. [Foi. «. bj 

Vor ssrifte ne is nf^t wyf-oute uayrbede/ 

pQt ]>ridde ^ing is / be])encbinge of lesu cn'stes Tiia third mng 

pine. Vor no uondinge / none euele fortes ne mo^e of Christ's pu- 
bleue ine herte: pet ofte recorde)) p^ne dyap and ]>e ' 

pine of lesu cnst. Vor ]>et is pe armure ^et pe dyeuel for timt f • th« 

dret mest ase pe ilke be buam be wes ouercome / and dreaded by th« 
be buam be lyeas bis mijte. pet is ous betokned in ])e 

writinge of pe eiddre of bres ])et Moyses be pe heste of This u betokened 

_- - _ , _ , „ in the Scriptures 

oure Iborde arerede ope pe pole zuo beje : ))et al ))et uolk by the odder of 


bise yze3. And alle ))o ])et bis yze^e : weren y-beld of 

pe prekiynges of pe eddren. J?e eddre of bres arered 

ine pe pole : be-tokne|) ))et body of lesu cnst y-hanged Tiie adder denotes 

ine pe rode. ))et wes pe eddre wyf-oute uenym buerof Christ. 

wes y-mad pe tr/acle of oure hel))e / to bam ))et bye]> 

y-smite / and enuenimed of pe prekyinges of pe uenim- 

OUS eddre ^ of belle/ pet is pe dyuel. Loke be zope Look by true be- 

belyaue ine pe eddre of bres. )}et ys to zigge / ))et he serpent, that is, 

))enche of pe pinen of lesu cnst. and anbaste be ssel sion^ofchrist'**" 

by bol / and bi y-uryd of pe uondinges of pe 


pe of er stape huerby f is traw clyfj) and profite)). ii. Keep the 

is to loki fane mouf uram uoule wordes / fet wendef wonis, *" *^" 

to ribaudye and to oncleTtnesse. uor be zuycb blest and whicii oft 

be zuycb wynd : is ofte aquyked fet uer of lecberie. of lechery. 
Huerof pe writiwge spek|). J>et * word of fole wyfman / 

is beminde ase uer.' An zaynte paul pus zayf . f et ' pe evU words of 

kueade wordes of fole wyfmen : amerref guode f eawes.' ^LTwrtues?*' 
And feruore huo fet wyle loki cbastete : bit bebouej) 

fet be him loki uram zuycbe wordes. Vor buo fet He who win say 

ble[])e]liche liise zayf / ofer blefelicbe bis yherf : be words u not 

11* t IT chaste. 

ssewe]) wcl |>et be ne is na^t chast. vor fer ne may 

go out of pe uete : bote zuycb ase J^er is inne. Yef pe if the words be 

--,,.,, . , ItMithuome, it is 

wordes bye]) uoule and lodliche / fet is apert tokno fet sign that there 

pe uoulhode and pe lodlicbhcdo byef ino pe bcrte. Vor heart. 


guaud the bodilt senses. 

III. Goard all th« 
wiU ot tlie body-' 
the eye from foul 

the ear from foul 


tiie hands trom 

wicked handling, 


These are the 

five Kates of the 

city of tlie lieart, 

whereby the 

devil oft goeth 

Into the liearU 

Samson, David, 
and Solomon were 
overcome tlirougk 
not guarding 
tlieae gates. 

St Gregory says, 
** The tower of Uie 
heart may not be 
talcen unless the 
gates bo <>|teti to 
tlie devil's host." 

[PoL 64. a] 

Plinoeophei-s of 
old fled into 
deserts to pi-c- 
serve ttieir chas- 

The bodily wits 
are as a horso 
without a bridle, 

but a chaste 
iieart restrain a 
them with the 
bridle of reas.ui. 

IV. Let the (lesh 
be governed by 
the spirit. 

Tlie lusts and 
pleasures of tlie 
heart mar chas- 

be ))o roochelhede of po herte : ))0 mou)) spek]». ])ot 
ZB.YP oure Ihord ine his spelle. 

\)Q ])ridde stapo is wel to loki alle ])e wyttos of fo 
bodye / ase ^qq^gh uram fol zy^po. po earen / to hyero 
folo wordes. pe hoiidcii iiia[m] wyckede takinges. pe 
nase : uram to moche lostuolle smelles. pane moxip 
uram to lostuolle metes / and ine guode smackes. ]>ise 
bye J) J)e vif gates of J)e cite of po hcrte / huerby pe dieuel 
gep in ofte ine pe vif ))erles of pe house / huerby pe 
dyouel ofte gep in-to pe herte / ase zayj) pe profete. 
Vele guode men and stroiige liabbej) by y-nome and 
ouoreome / be pan pet hi no lokodo na^t wel pise gates. 
And yef pou wylt habbe uorbisnos : pench pet non ne 
wes stronger panne saroson fortin. ne wiser paTino 
Salomon, ne more milder panne dauid. and alnowav 
uillon be wyfmen. Ac uorzope yef hy hedden wel 
yemd pe gates : pe uycud ne hedde na3t ynome zno 
greate casteles. Yor ase zayp saint gregoiie. * pe tour of 
pe herte ne may na^t by nome bote pe gates by opene 
to pe ost of pe dyoule.' Huerof pe yealde fdozofes hem 
ulodden in-to uerre stedes in-to dezert. peruore pet hi 
ne mi3ten yzy / ne yhere / ne uele / ping huerby pc 
strengpe of hire workes uledde away / ne huerby hi 
ssolden lyese hire chastete. j)e opre peruore pet hi i ^ 
ine zo/zno to penche of filozofie / hy prcsten out hare 
03011 of pe herte / pet hi ne zo3en ping pet ham mi^te 
wypdra3e uram hire rontemplacion. p&nne pe bodiliche 
wyttes byep ase pet hors pet yernp wyp-oute bridle zuo 
pet hit dep ualle his Ihord. Ac pe herte chaste / ham 
oflialt mid pe bridle of skele. Non ich habbe pe yzed 
pane skele. 

pQ uerpe stape is ssarpnesse of line to do his ulcss 
onJeruot pet is wrang to pe goste / ase zayp zaynte 
paul. Vor huo pet wile quenche pet uer of leoherie : 
he mot do away pe ali3tyiiges pet norissep zuych ver. 
pet biep pe lostcs and pc oyses of pe herte / pet bcmcp 


and ali3to)7 ])ct uer of lecherie / and amerre]> chastet^, 

pSLTiuQ saint bernard ))0us zay)) / ))ot chastete spil)) be JeremUh's girdle 

lostes. \>e writinge zay]) / ))et leremies brechgerdel / ten beside the 

rotede bezide fe wotere. Yor chastete / ])et is onder* denotes oiiutity, 

stonde / and betokned bo fe brechgerdle: J)et nor- bjfouiinste; 

rotede / ine |7e wetere of uoule lostes. And |>eruore / and therefore we 

huo ])et wyle him loki uram beminge: he ssel do a- away, by fiutint;, 

way f e ilk brondes / fe wyj)dra3inges of mete / and of *" ^ P«nanc«. 

dxinke / and be ssarpnesses of his bodie. Huer-of pe 

writinge zayb. bet be children bet weren y-norissed The children wi»o 

^ ' ' would not eat of 

mid greate metes / nolden na^t ethe of ))e lostuolle ••lustfoiineato/' 

were oreserved 

metes / weren y-boi^e ine J)e fomayse of babyloyne. inthefomaccof 
huerby is onderstonde : zenne of lecherie / J)et is ^"* 
yquenct mid uorberinge of mete and of drinke / and be 

ssarpnesse of lyue. Ac ])e greate metes / and pet Great meats 

stronge wyn / alijte)) and norisse)) lecherie / ase oyle as oil or grease' 
oy&t grese alible]) and st[r]engj)ej) fet uer. ** ° ^ ^' 

pe vifte stape is be-uly kueade nela^rede and pe v. Avoid the fei- 

enchesons of ze77ne. Moche uolk bye]> y-ualle ine wicked, 
zenne be kueade uela^rede pet na^t clles ne hedden 

yualle. Ase |)o leuayne zoure)) |)et do^ and hit dra^)) to for it mars a 
smac : alsuo ]>e quf3ade uela^rede amer]) pet guode los 

of pe manne. A roted eppel amang pe holen : make]) a rotten apple 

rotie pe yzounde. yef he is longe per amang. A quic manylwund"** 
col beminde ope ane hyeape of dyade coles: hit his 
zet alle auer. Huerof pe sauter zay p. ' )?ou sselt by holy 
mid J)o holy, and poure mid pe poure.* ase yef he zede. 
yef povL wilt loki pine klcnnesse and pine chastete: 

beuli pe uels^redo of pe kueade. Vor yef pou louest pe irthoaiovestthe 

iiela^rede of pe queade : pou sselt by zuych ase hi byep. wicked thoa shait 

Vor huo pet louep uelajrede of fol : hit behouep pet he un!^^ *** *^ 

by fol. pet zayp pe wyse ine pe writinge. Alsuo be- Avoid the very 

houcp him beuly pe encheysones of zienne / ase speke evii, and go not 

. T i . n 'J. 1 . - Into temptation, 

prtueliche to wyfman me stede suspect, on: wyf one. 
Vor pet yefp ofte encheysoun to zenejy huanne me hejx 
pane time and pane stcdo. Huer-of wc rcdep ine pe boo 



Tlie Btory of 
Amon, king 
Ihivid's •on. 

Avoid thoM 
Uiings that l«id 

[Fol. 64. b.] 

mandad not oo^ 
to leave Sodom, 
but aU ite 

So one must tor- 
sake lechery, and 
the temptation 
leading to it. 
The moth flieth 
aboat the candle 
until it is bornt. 

VI. Beoccnpied 
with good and 
honest works. 

The devil tempt- 
eth the idle man. 
Idleness is the 
mistress of mudi 
[1 steppe?] 

•ays St Jerome, 
•Met the devil al- 
ways find thee 

Sodom fell into 
■in through pride. 
Idleness, and 

of kinges. ])et amon )ret wes daui]) is zone : huanne 
he hild his zoster / on : to one / pnaeliche ine his 
chombre / he hise norlay. losepes Iheuedy po hy uand 
alone him / hi wolde do him zeneji mid hire, ac he him 
nledde / ase wys / and hise uorlet. )}eruoie zay]» zainte 
panL beuly fomicacion. pet is to zigge / )>e cncheysons 
fet moje lede to zenne of lecherie. Yor me ne may 
ni^t betere ouercome ze^tne of lecherie / ne loki 
chastet^: {marine to by-uly ])e encheysones of zenne. 
))eraoie pe angle zede to lot / ^t he ssolde guo out of 
pQ cit^ of sodomme / and alle ])e boundes. Yor hit ne 
is ni^t yno3 to lete pe kueade uela^rede ne pe zenne : 
bote he ne lete ^e markes of zenne. pet is to zigge : 
pe encheisons of zenne. Me cou))e zigge. zuo longe ge]) 
J)et pot to pe wetere : fet hit com|> to-broke horn, and 
zuo longe viHi'^p pe ulindre aboute pe candle: J>et hi 
bem]>. Alsuo me may zuo moche zeche pe eiu^hesouns 
of zenne / ]>et me ual]). Jeanne huo ))et wyle him loki / 
mam beminge he ssel hi7n wyl^dra^e. 

pe zixte stape is / to by ine nyedes of guode workes 
and oneste. Yor pe uyend J>et neure ne / slepj^ / 
huanne he uint man ydel and sleawol guod uor to done / 
he him de]) ine his niedes / and de]> him stempe^ li^tliche 
in-to zenne. )?anne pe writinge z&yp ^ pet idelnesse / 
)>et is to zigge / sleu])e and onlosthede wel to done / is 
maystresse of moche quead. And )yeruore z&yp zaynte 
pauL ' Ke yef na^t ' zay]> he ' stede to pe viende.' ])et is 
to zigge : ne by na3t ydel / ])et pe uiend ne uinde stede 
pe uor to uondi. Yor he is ydel of guode workes: J>et 
jeff stede to pe zaule hire uor to uondi. pemore zay]) 
saint gerome. ' Do alneway zome ])inges of zome guode 
workes / zuo pet pe dyeuel pe^uynde alneway workinde. 
uor huo pet is ydel / he him ne may na3t longe hyalde 
pet he ne ualle in-to zenne.' panne pe profete zayp. uor 
pet wes pe zenne of sodome / pet prede. ydelnesse. and 
plenty, pet is to zigge / pet hi ethen / and uorzuol3e / 


and najt ne dede. huer-by hy uillen in-to fe uoulo 

zerzne bet nast ne is to nemni. alsuo deb moche uolc Much folk Iom 

, . thair time In idle- 

])et lyese]) hare time / and hine bezette)) ine ydehiesse / new, in meats, 

and ine to moche of metes an drinkes / and ine fole chiidiaimM*, 

pieces, ine childhedes / ine li^thedes / ine zonges / ine earobltabio! 

karoles / and ine tables / in ches / and ine ofre fole SJTgMiiir***' 

gemenes. Ine zuyche li^thedes waste]) hare time, and ^ ■<> ^** *"*• 
J^eruore hi uaMep ]i3[t]liche ine moche uonl zenne / and 
ofte in-to ye pette of helle. ]>et is ate pricke of ])e 
dyaj^e / huerof he^ ne nimf none hede. P *</] 

be zeuende stape is guode benes to god / bet moche vii. oifiBrgood 

11 / i 1. 1 i. PrayeretoGod. 

is wor)) to ouercome alle zenne / and nameliche zenne of 
lecherie. panue saynt ambroyse zay]>. ' holy bene is a 
guod sseld / a-ye alle )>e beminde gauelockes of fe 

dyeule.' and ysidre zayb. bet / bet his remedie aye alle hoIj prayer is a 

good shield 

zenne. to him ])et yern)) to holy benes / an haste against hist. 

hua?ine fe vyend asayle)) f e herte. Vor wone to bidde : before God, for it 

aquenc)) alle pe asaylinges of ze;2ne. Holy bene is wel foarthin^,a8 

mi3[t]uol auoreye god. uor hi is y-ssored/ mid uonr ])inges '^ ' * ^""^ p** 
ase mid uour poss[t]es. 

pe ueiste is ri3te beleaue huer-of zay]) oure Ihord ine i. Tiieftmia 

his spelle. 'In al pet ]>ou acsest ine ])ine benes / haue uaveagood 

guode beleane / and uest hope ine god : and ])oa sselt and t^Vi^ 

habbe / fet f ou acsest.' Saint Jacob zayf . fet me acsy ' *"'^* 

to god / ueste bileue / wy|)-oute drede. nor huo bet He who is with- 

,, , , 111.1 o"* ^^ *■ ■■ '**• 

dret : he is ase ))e wt^e of pe ze / |7et ])e wynd let hider wave of theses, 

and ))ider. And |>eruoi*e he ]>et gep yerninde / and wind. 

talyinde / ne ]>eng)) na^t aye god. pe opev ))ing pet CFoL65.a.] 

ssel by ine bene is hope uor to habbe pet me byt. 

Huer-of pe saut6r zay|). haue guode hope ine god / and b. Have good 

,..,_,, ,. .*! i« hope to have what 

he pe wile do |>et |>ou him acsest And )>eruore zede he tiiou askest for. 

ine ane o])re stede. ' Lord haue merci of me : uor min 

herte hopof ine pe.' Grat hope ous yefj) him uor to 

bidde / zuo pet he ne zayde najt / ine behotingge / po 

he zede ine pe godspelle. ' huo pet acsep : he nimp. and 

huo pet zekp : he vint and huo pet clepep : god V 



Ask wiaely. dili- 
gently, aiid p«ne- 

and Qod shall bwr 
ill liftNte Uqr 

Some ask more 
tlian is proper 
for tliem, as did 
the niHMtlcs John 
and JameSy 

who were re- 
proved by our 
lx>rd for their 

Let no man be 
overweening like 
tlie Pluuisees, 

[i faHituf} 

but let him pray 
meekly befcNre 

Take heed to the 
poor beggars, 
liow tliey exhibit 
tlieir evils in 
order to excite 

So shall one show 
meekly before 
God his lacks 
and sins. 
Other folk pray 
for temporal 

but God will not 
give thee a pear 
or an apple as one 
doth to a child. 

opene)).' |>et is to onderstonde / huo pat acse]) / wyslicbe. 
huo J»et zecj» / diligentlicho. and huo J»e[t] clepe]> / 
bleuindeliche. Huanne )»ise pvi Jyisges bye)> ine hire 
skele. wyt diligence, and p^rseuerance : god ham y-herj) 
an haste, wyt: pet poxx acsi wisliche. Moche uolk 
acse]) / |>et ne bye)» na3t y-herd / nor hi make]) kuead- 
liche hire acsinga Huerof saint Jacob zay]) to pan ]>et 
ne wy te)) huet hi acse]). ' ]}ou acsest ' he zay]) * to god 
of te / ac na3t ne ondenia[n]g8t' zome akse]) to hej ])ing / 
more panne ham behoue]) / ase dede pe tuaye apostles 
saint Jon / and saint Jacob. ])et acsede pe on of ham 
zete ane pe ri^thalf of ourp Ihorde ine his regne / and 
pe o])er ane his lefthalf. Hi no acsede najt wisliche ac 
ra])re hit ])03te grat prosu772cion. And ])eruore he ham 
ansurede oure Ihord hardliche and ham. zede. ' Ye ne 
wytep huet ye acse]).' Jeanne huo ])et wile wyslicbe 
bidde god / yef he him loke]) uram presumpcion / o])er 
])et he ne weue greate |)inges of him-zelue ase dede pe 
farisen^ ])et yalp ine his benes / and onwor])ede pane 
pubblycan. Ac mildeliche me ssel to god bidde / and 
him-zelue deme beuore god ])et yzi^]) pe herten of pe 
uolke. and wot hare eueles / and hire lackes / and wot 
huet ham is nyed / betere ])anne ham-zelue conne. Kim 
hede to pe poure truons / hou hi ssewe]) hire eueles / 
and hare defautes / uor to maki ])et uolk / to habbe pe 
more reu])e of ham. Alsuo me ssel do to-uore god / 
mildeliche ssewy his lackes./ and his zennes fere recordy / 
uor to habbe grace and uoryeuenesse. pe opte by]) fet 
ne conne acsi bote ])inges libbinde and little / ase bye]> 
pe guodes of time. God pe wyle wel gratter ])inges 
yeue. He nele pe yeue pere / ne eppel / ase me dej) 
ane childe. ac greate ])inges he wile ])et ])0U him acsL 
J)inges ])et pe by profitable / to helj)e of zaule / ase 
his grace and his blisse. Vor huo ])et acse]) to god 
richesses / worfssipes / he3nesses / ojer dyea]) of his 
yuon :4he zent to gode uoule benes. and J)eruore he ne 


liierb his nast. J^eruore zay)) zaint austin. ' Ne onder- He desires as to 

. ask what is pro- 

stand iia3t he z&y^ * of god uor greate J^inges / ^e guodes fluuie to the 
])et he yef)) / alsuo wel to ^e kueade / ase to ^e guode.' Temporal gifu 

. . . 1^111 .are bestowed upon 

he wyle zigge. me ne ssel na^t hyealde uor greate the evu as weii «• 

J^inges / J)e guodes pasinde fet god yeff / alsuo and "^" •««»• 
more yet to pe kueade : Jeanne to ])e guode / and J^eruore 

his yef ]) god to pe wyckede : pet pe guode liemi to wherefore the 

,.-., 1 m t II ^ V*^ should not 

onwor))! J^et he yef]) to pe kueade / ase z&yp zaynt set gnat store by 

austin. * Hua»ne )»ou bist )»anno god ' / zayp saynt am- 

broyse / * acse)) grat f ing / fet byef J>o J)et euremo ileste]) 

wyJ)-oute ende / najt pe )»inges pasinde. Vor J»e ilke 

bene ne com]) na^t to gode.' ]}eruore ous tek]> oure [Foi.6s.b.] 

guode mayster lesu crist / uo[r] to acsi wysliche. and we must ask au 

ous asepp oure acsinge )»o he zede. ' Yef )»ou acsest eni nl^or JeaL. 

J^ing to mine uoder / ine mine name : he hit pe wile 

yeue.' Yef he hit acse]) mid pe name of lesu cmt / 

]>et Bcaep J^et behoue])^ to helj^e of zaule. Yor lesu / is jesasatgnifies 

asemoche wor]): ase helj^e. And huet ping ssolle we [i iis.bokou^} 

p&nne acsi: he ous tek]) ine his spelle ])o he zede. 

*Yerst ocsep godes riche/and his ri^tuolnesse. and alle •'Seek first," 

plae timliche ]»inges : ))ou sselt habbe to auontage.' Yor •«ood's kingdom 

I £ , m <•:! 11 and his riffht> 

ase me can zigge / ' to pe meste niede : me ssel alneway eoosness," Ac 
yeme.' We habbe]) niede of tuo ])ing. of gostliche we should yeam 
guodes / and of timliche guodes. Ac wel more nyede gm, ^^^^ 
we habbe]) of gostliche guodes. and )»eruore we ssolle for we have mora 

need of spiritual 

his uerst and prtncipalliche bidde. and god his wile than of temporal 

ous yeue / and ous wile do auontage of pe o])re guodes / 

pe% bye]) pe timliche guodes. We ne ssolle na^t maki 

of J^e o))re [seconde] guodes pn'ncipals / ase do]) pe 

couaytouse / fet ne zechef ofer lif / bote ])et / f et ham 

faile]) / and ham ascape)> willo hi nolle hi. Ac pe riche 

of heuene is bet lif eurelestinde : we ssolle bidde be wiierefore let as 

pray for lift ever^ 

ofseniinges of guode work^s. And ])et is ])et god z&yp, lasting, 

' biddejy uerst godes riche / and his ri^tuolnesse.' )>et is / md power to do 

do giiode workes / huerby me may come to )k) riche pet 

neure ne ssel faili. an huo pus hit bit : god de]> him 




The coTetotu ineii 
of this world are 
never satisfied. 

8. Let there be 
devotion of heart 
in thy prayer. 

Say thy prayer in 
thine heart. 

and put oat all 
fleshly and Toiil 

We pray truly 
when we think of 
nought el»e. 

Wiiat good is it 
tu move tlie lips, 
while tlie heart is 

The voice of 
prayer is but 
chaff and bran. 
The devotion of 
the heart is the 
com and flour of 

auoTitage of pe timliche guodes. uor he hise him yefp 
to his wone yii03liche. uor na^t ne lacke]> to ham pet 
louie)} god / and drede]) / ase zay]) pe writinge. Ac pQ 
couaytouse of fe wordle : pe more pet hi liabbe)> / pe 
lesse ]ii habbe]). hiio )>et meat he]) of mayn^ / and mest 
him failej) ^ of mete, and ))et mest he]) hors : mest him 
fayle]) gromes and stablen. And sain[te] lerome zay]). 
)»et ' to ])e wreche faylef : J»et he hef / and fet he nep.' 

Xou )»ench panne huanne )»ou woldest bidde god 
and acsi wisliche / and diligentliche / ])et is ententif- 
liche / and pe9*seuerantliche : and he pe wille y[e]ue : 
^t pe best niede to ])i profit / an to hel])e to ])ine 

J)e ])ridde fing ])et ssel by ine bene : is deuocion of 
herte / fet is to arere pe herte to god / wyf-oute Jjo^te 
ine ofre stede. ]}anne oure Ihord zayf / * huanne ])ou 
sselt bidde god / be-tuene fine tef.* J)et is to zigge / ine 
J)ine herte. ssete pe dore ope pe. ])ot is to zigge : do out 
alle fortes ulossliche / uoule / and wordleliche / and 
zuo bide fine uader of heuene ine halke. Saynt 
cipnan fous zay]). ])et alle fortes ulessliche and 
wordleliche me ssel di^te uram pe herte / fet wyle god 
bidde. zuo fet his herte ne f enche to oJ)re f inge : bote 
to fet he ssel bidde. * hou ' zayf * he / wenst fou / J)et 
god pe y-here / hua9ine fou ne hierst nat fi zelucT 
And ysidre zayf . * fa/me / we biddef zofliche / huanne 
we fenchef nawerelles.' And saint aMgustin zayf. 
*Huet is hit worf to steiie and to beate al day pe 
lippen / huanne pe herte is al domb ? ' zuych difference 
ase fer is be-tuene pe cheue and pe com / be-tuene 
bren and flour of huete / betuene fe uelle and pe beste : 
zuyche difference is betune fe rearde of pe bene / and 
pe denocioun of pe herte. God ne is na3t goth* to uede 
mid leaues. alsuo pe bene fet is y-wxi^e ine leaues of 
wordes / wyJ)-oute deuocion of herte / ne likef najt to 
» MS. sailc\f *gotf = goat 


god / ac rafre hiwi mis-pay f / and hiin^ went fet yeare / {} ms. a<«] 
pet he hit ne yhiere. nor he ne onderstant ua^t zuiche V^^ m. a.] 
speche. Huo bet bit god wyjM)ute deupcion of herte: Hewhopnyt^ 

witliout devotion, 

he spek]) to god patroyllart. ase pe like ))et spek]) hali addreMM Ood m 

englis and half urenss. he spek)) to god mid mou])e: hair English and 

ac pe herte spek]) oj^re speche / huanne he )>eug]) 

oUcshuer. f)3Lnne hit pQ p^gp J'et zuych uolk / pet zuo 

bidde]) god : him scome)). ase he ))et wile scornj ane snch folk scom 

dyaue: he wagge]) pQ lippen oiilepiliche and make)) modes a deaf 

semblont to spekene: and na^t ne z&yp. To zuiche TosoohOod 

uolke make)) god ])et dyeaue eare. Ac pQ bene ))et ear 

com)) / of fe dyepnesse of fe herte : ))0 yher)) oure 

Ihord. Yor ase -zay)) ))et godspel. * god is a gost. and 

j^ruore huo ))et wile by yhierd of god : hit him behoue)) God is a spirit, 

pet he bidde me goste / and me zope. Dam]? ous tek]? prayed to iu um 

to bidde god deuoutliche ine pe sautere / ))o he zede. *^'" 

* Ihord mj bene bi ydijt beuore pe : ase ))et stor.' J3et 

stor huanne hit is ope pe uere smel]) zuete. alsuo de)) Prayer or a br- 

pe bene : huanne hi com)) of berni[n]de herte of pe loue uke the ineenae 

of god / smel]) wel zuete to-uore god. o))erlaker pe bene 

ne com)) na3t beuore god / bote hi come of pe herte. 

ase pe messager ))et none lettres ne breng)) / o))er ))et Prayer without 

. mm . A f Af 1 A derotton is a mes- 

ne IS najt wel yknawe : ne comp na^t li^tliche touore senger without 

^i_» V • A J • / • • ^ letters of reooni" 

e kinge. bene wy))-oute deuocion / is messagier wy]>- mendatioo. 

oute lettres / and wy)K>ute knawlechinge. huo ])et 
zuych messager zent to cort : euele ha de)) his niedes. 
Vor ase me zay)) c(nnmxmlich.e. huo ))et fol zent : fol 
abyt. Huo ))et wyle panne zo))liche bidde god : he 
ssel to god grede mid dyepe herte / ase dede dauid ))et Pray to Ood 
zede ine pe sautere. ' Ihord god yhyer mine bene and heart, 
mine rearde )>et ich grede to ))e / mid pe dyepnesse of 
herte.' \>e hete of loue : is pe gredinge of herte / ))et 
zay)) saynt augttftin. )>e ilke rearde and pe ilke gred- 
inge / him like)), najt rearde uor to telle tales. Saint 
gregorie zai)). ))et zopliche bidde god : is biter zobb- of utter oot- 

inge of uor))enchinge. )>et is to zigge / of zor3e / and of ^t!^ 

14 • 



and not of smooth 

Such prayer drives 
away tlie thievew, 
that is, tlie devils. 

God ^ve the 
water of tears 
to quench the fire 

The peril of sin is 
like the peril of 

and the tempest 
of death. 

We should pray 

God to preserve 


1. the thieves of 


S. covetousnesR, 

3. evil thouglits. 

Pray specially to 
God on Sunday in 

CFoi. es. b.] 

We forsake the 
worlcs of the 
week in order to 
serve God better 
on that day. 
Some pray to bo 
seen of men. 

and others pray so 
loud as to dis- 
turb those near 

repontonce of herte / keste to god. najt wordes afaited 
and y-sliked ueleuold. . Znych gredinge cache]) fe 
fyeues / fet byej) fe dyeulen pet ous waytej) ous to 
robbi. and )»eruore ssoUe we ofte grede to god / pet he 
ous loki uram po ])ieues. Alsuo ssolle we strangliche 
grede to god / ))et he ous loki uram ))0 ))yeues. aOid 
uram pe uer of couaytise / and of lecherie / ])et he ous 
yeue J»et weter of tyeares uor to quenche zuich uer / J»et 
hit ne berne oure herten. Alsuo ssolle we grede aye pe 
foles of euele ]>enchinges / ))et ouerguo)) ofte pe herte. 
)»et pe herte ne spille be grauntinge. J^eruore gredde 
daui)) to god ine pe saute?, fet zede. Ihord / y-wyte 
me uramj^e peril of weteris / fet is nio3 y-guo in-to 
mine herte. And pe deciples of oure Ihorde ))o hi 
yzejen pe tewpeste of pe dyafe ope ham gredden. 
* Sire / y-wyte ous / uor we spillej).' 

Vor J)o pn finges J)et ich habbe hier y-zed / me 
ssel ofte grede to god / J)et he ous wytie uram f ise fri 
perils / of pe fyeues of helle / uram pe uere of 
couaytise. of foles and of kueade pontes / and uram 

Kou sselt ))ou conne / J^et ine eche time / and ine 
eche stede: mi^t ])ou bidde to god. ac specialliche 
and more deuouteliche me ssel him bidde at cherche / 
pSLUe zonday / and ine festes |)et bie]) iset god uor to 
bydde. herie / and wor)^s8ipie. and J^eruore me let of 
bodiliche workes of pe woke / uor betere to onder- 
stonde to bidde god. serui / herie / and worssipie. 
per bye]) tuaye manere benes / on ])enchinde ine herte / 
)»et me may oueral bidde. an o])er ine speche of mou])e. 
]»et me ssel bidde ine oncste stedes / na3t ine longaynes 
ase do]) pe ypocrites / fet ham sseawe]) wy[]»]-oute / and 
na^t wif-ine. and alsuo pet bief o])re f et grede]) hare 
benes zuo Ihoude f et J»o ])et byef ham y-hende / byef 
desstorbed of hare deuocion be ham / and ]>enche]) 
zuych ich am. And foruore to zuichen zayj» god. 


* Vor-zoJ)e ich zigge to yow : ye liabef oiuleruonge youre 

mede.' Yef god het / zao stray tlic[h]e loki pane zeter- in^manwas 

day / ine ))e yealde la^e / pet he made, ane man / to ing wood'ou uie' 

stene / to-uore al J>e uolke / uor fet he hedde y- 

gadered / a lite wode / fane zeterdey. huet ssel he do / 

of pan I |)et Aop / greate ze/mes / ))ane zonday / and what ihaii bo 

ine Testes / and waste)) ))ane time in ydelnesse / and commits^great '^ 

M f. 1 jt.*i»i. I. '1. ■'"* Oil the Sun- 

me folies. and worse dop me testes : |)anne m opre day? 

da^es. Vorzofe hi ssoUe by more y-pined / and more 

y-da77ined ine pQ o))re wordle : ponne geus / )»et breken For the sonday 

. is more holy 

hare zeterday. Vor pe zonday is more holy : panne ]>e than the satur- 

Also bye)) ))e festes pr/ncipals. / ))et bye)) yzet ine The great fiwti- 

holy cherche / uor god to bidde / and ))onki / send / for worshipping 
herie / and wor])ssipie. of pe greate guodnesses ]iet he 

))e he]) y-do / ase holy cherche recorde)). Ine zuyche Christmas re- 

festes ase at C7*zstesmesse / his beringe / hou he wes y- ciirist's birth, 

bore / of pe mayde. At yestre / his oparizinge / hou rising' Ascens^Si 

he aros uram dyaf e / to liue. Ate assencion / hou ha heavenf* "* 

j.r /• •i./*n'i_* Al Ai. Wliitsuntlde of 

stea^ to heuene / ine zi3))e / of alle his apostles. At the descent of 

lokes / hou he zente fane holy gost : ope his apostles. ^**® ^^^ ^^***'* 

Alsuo fer bj'^e)) yzet pe festes of hal3cn / ine holy Tiiere are the 

,,. . !.••/ . •iij feastaofsainrs, 

cherche / uor to worfssipie / an uor to serui god / and which must be 

herie / and his hal^en / of fe miracles fet he dede uor 

ham. uor to uestni'oure beleaue. And feruore / we 

ssolle fe festes of hal^en loki / and bidde / fet hi ous 

helpe auoreye oure Ihord lesu cr/st / fet zuo moche his Let m pray that 

worssipe)) / ine heuene / and ine er))e. ]}anne zene^e)) fore Ood. 

he wel kueadliche / fet ne lokef pe festes. Yor he 

de)) aye godes heste. and of holy cherche. 

Ac zome mi3te zigge. ' lyeue sire / me ne may na^t some might say, 

'* One cannot al* 

alneway bidde god / ne by at cherche* huet kuead is way be pn^iug, 

hit / yef ich guo playe. and solaci. ferhuile fet icli church." 
me solaci / an playe : iche ne fenche none ma^/ne 

kuead.' To ])an ich wille ansuerie li^tliche. uor al ))ane Anttma 
time / fet fou bezest in fole gemcnes / in ydelnesiO / 



He loMth a grmt 
tiling that loMth 

for he lowth tlie 
good that he 
might do ill that 

[Fol. 07. a.] 

Be occupied In 
good works, fur 
time ie short, 
and we know not 
wlien we sliali 

Another nttij 
•ay, "If all days 
are to be man 
days and holy, 
how then should 
we sow, reap, 
mow, Ac. ? '* 

The aiiRwer I 
leave to those 
better able to 
answer It than I. 

When at drarch 
a man should re- 
member that the 
place Is holy. 

It is a house of 

and ine niedes / pei ne bye)) ns^t l-dijt to god : ))oa his 
lyest. Vor f ou sselt y wyte / fet al fane time / J»et J>ou 
ne fengst na3t a god : fou hise sselt rekeni uor na^t. 
fet zayf an haljen. fet is to onderstonde / huanne fou 
ne fengst / bote to ydelnesse of fiuge / f et ne is ydi^t / 
ine none maner to god. And uorzofe he liest grat 
f ing / fet liest his time / zuo z&yf senekes. nor he lyest 
fe guodes fet he ssolde do / ine zuo moche time / ase he 
lyest ine fe playes / and ine ydelnesse. and fet ne is 
najt wyf-oute zenne / to liese fane time / in queado 
wones. Yor god wile acsi rekeninge / ate daye of dome, 
fis zayf saint anselm. Ahd feruore me ssel alneway 
wel do / and wel bezette fane time / ine guode workes / 
ase moche / ase me may / f ei-huile f et he leuef . nor f e 
time is ssort / ase zayf f e writinge. ne non ne wot / 
hou longe he hit ssel habbe. uor non ne wot / huanne 
he 8sel sterue / ne hua^ine he ssel pacL 

An ofer may zigge. * Yef hit were suo / f et alle 
da3es ine fe yeare were messeda^es / and y-hote 
hyealde be holy cherche. huo f arane ssolde erye / and 
zawe. ripe / and mawe. and of re erfliche workes to 
done / huer-by men ssolle libbe 1 ' feme ansuere ich lete 
to ham : f et betere conne ansuerie / f anne ich. Huo 
f et wyle f anne loki fe festes / ase he ssel : he him ssel 
loki to done f ing / f et to gode ne is na3t likinde / ne 
to his hal3en. and wel to bezette fane time / in god 
to bydde / herie / and f bnki of his guode. y-here his 
sermons / and onderstonde to alle guode workes. Alsuo / 
huanne at cherche / man him ssel habbe / wel oneste / 
and do worf ssipe / an reuerence / to god. and to his 
hal^en / uor fe stede is holy / and is y-zet / to bidde 
god. na^t uor to iangli / uor to lhe33e / ne uorto trufly. 
Jjanne oure sire zayf. ' Min hous / is hous of bene.' and 
f eruore me ne ssel ofer f ing do / ne zigge : bote f et 
hueruore hit is y-zet. f is zayf eaynt austin. })e ilke f et 
ssel come to-uoro fe kiuge ine his chombre / uor zome 


grace to bidde / he him loki wel to zigge fing / fet 

naat ne liki be kinse. Wel more he him ssel loki / be ititGod'tcham- 

. , n^ ,. / J ber and God's 

like pet com]) to cherche / ])et is godes cbombre / and house, and w 

godes hous / to done / and to zigge / to-uore god / and uim only what 

to-uore his angles / ))ing pet him ne liki. God nele Htm. 

na3t pet me maki his hous marcat / ne bo])e / huerout 

he wrek / J»o J)e zyaldo / and bo^te / ine fe temple, hot 

he nele / fet me maki uorewerdes / ne noyses / ne 

nyedes seculeres / berinne. ac ra])re wile / pet me on- wi»erefore pray 

ddvouUyt and 

derstonde / to bidde god deuouteliche / and him herie / thank God for 

and ]}onki of al his giiode. ])ei me ssel wy|)-clepie his uiee, 
herte to him / and do al out / alle seculere niedes. 

yemere bo^tes. and benche an his sseppere / and ane and thhik of His 

•^ '^ ^ '^ ,11. goodness to thee. 

his guode guodnesses ])et god him he)» y-do. and him 
de]} communliche. recordi his zeimea / and his lackes / 
and him-zelue mildi / to-uore god / and bidde uoryeue- 
nesse / and grace / him to loki uram zenne. and Pray for forgive- 

nesSf and for 

bleuinge ine guode Hue / al to ]>e ende. ]}ere ssolle pe grace to live 
greate Ihordes / and pe greate Iheuedyes uoryete hare '** ^' 
blisse / hare mi3te. hare dingnet^. and hare he^nesse. in church great 

lords and ladies 

and ])enche ))et hi bye]) beuore hare demere / ]>et ssel should lay aside 

his zctte to skele / of pe guodes J»et he ham het y-do. 

of pe dingnet^ / huer he his he]) y-zet. hou hi hit 

habbe]) y-iised. and ham ssel yelde be hare ofgoinge. 

])eruore hi ssoUen pet / hwn moche mildi to god / ns^t 

glorifie hare he3nesse / ne of hare uayre di^tinge / ne of 

hare uayre robes / to ])e uorbysne of kinge daui]) / J»et and, uke David, 

hedde uoryete his dingnet^ / bo he bed god / and on- selves before 


wor])ede him-zelue / touore him. * Ich am ' he zede ' a lite 
werm / and no man.' and ine )^et / he bekneu / his 
J^olemodnesse. his pourehede / and his uoulhede. Yor Man is uke a 

« > . < « worm, 

ase pe werm is uoul / and lite / ))ing onwor^ / and wext 
al naked / of pe er])e / al-suo is man / uoul ))ing of 
him-zelue. uor huanne he yede / in-to pe exil of fise naked and worth- 


wordle : na^t he ne bro3te : ne na3t ne ssel here away. 

al naked he com : and al naked he ssel guo. \)Sk7ine [FoL e?. b.] 



filth. « sack AiU 
of duiiR, and 
meal fbr worms. 

Great ladles 
should take pat- 
tern by Queen 

and slurald leave 
their fine robea 
at borne. 

God Is dlsfpisted 
with tliose wlio 
rejoice in these 
things, and desire 
to please fuols. 

God is pleased 
with a mild 
heart and a pure 

Women should 
come to church 
witli clean cloth- 
ing and not 
dressed above 
tlieir station. 

Tliey should be 
meek and shame* 

They should not 
be too busy about 
decking their 
heads with gold 
and silver, 
for at church 

saint l)ernard zay]). ' huet is man / bote uelj^e / and a 
zech uol of donge / wermene mete 1 ' He is wel uoul an 
stinkinde zed ine pe byetinge.^ a zech uol of donge ine 
his Hue. mete to vermes / ine his dya])e. Alsuo pe 
greate* Iheuedyes / J)et come)) zuo idi3t mid gold / mid 
zeluer / mid stones of pr^s / and mid robes of grat cost / 
to cherche be-uore god / hy ssolden nime uorbisne of 
pe quen hester / pet dede of hire coustouse robes / and 
hire o))re agraij^inges / pajine hi com to cherche / to 
bidde god / and hire to lo3y / and bekneu hare poure- 
hede to-uore god / and zayde to god. ' Ihord pon wost 
))et ich hatie pe toknen of p7'^e / and pe blisse of 
agray))inges / and of ioyaus / ^et me behoue)» do / ope 
mine heauede ine grat wlatiynge.* \oTzope / and zuo 
he]) god grat wlatiynge / to ham / pet ine ])ise );iiiges 
habbe]) blisse / and ham Bgvaypep / ham uor to sscwy / 
and to paye pe foles. God ue he)) na3t to done mid 
zuyche payinges / ine his cherche. ac of milde herte / 
and of clene inwyt. Zainte pauel tek)) ri^t wel / hon 
pe guode wyfmen / ham ssoUe agraypi / huanne hi 
come]) to cherche / to bidde god. He zay)) ))ct hi ssoUe 
habbe clenliche clo))inge / wy])-oute to moche. ))et is to 
onderstonde : be ])an ])ot pe wyfman is. Yor ])et / ]>et 
is to moche ine one wyfman / ne is najt to moche ine 
ano])re. More behoue]) to ane kuene / panne behoue]) 
to ane borgayse / o])er to ane simple wyfman. £ft^- 
ward he tek]> / huiche bye)) of simple zi^pe, ]>et is to 
zigge / milde / and ssamueete / na3t pe bolde / ne pe 
na3t ssamueste / ase bye]) pe fole wyfmen / ))et guo]) 
mid stondinde nhicke^ / ase herte ine launde / and 
lokej) azide / ase hors of grat cost. Efterward / he 
nele ns^t ])et hi hi to bysi / of hare heaueden to agray])i 
mid gold / and mid zeluer / and mid pr^iouse stones. 
And he wile yet eft / ))et at cherche / ])et hi habbe / 

I For 'beyetingc. 2 j^g, greUOe. 

' MS. reads nihcke 


hare beaueden y-wreje / zao ))et non ne bi ine kuede their heads should 

be covered* 

J^o^tes uor bam. and pet bi ne yeue none encbesoun / 

to )»encbe quead / to bam / ))et bise ysye]). Ac bi 

ssollen bi ydi^t^ ase be z&yp / ase guode wyfmen / ]}ct c* Ms.y<i(/»] 

sseawe]) ])e guodnesse of bare berteu / be guode dedes / 

and feruore zayf saynt Ambroyse. *Huo bet wyle by He who desires 

his prayers to 

yberd ine bis benes : be ssel do away uram bim / alle be heard, must 

put away all 

toknen of prede / and be ssel bou^e to god / be zo]}e tokens of pride, 
bo^samnesse / uor to sterie god to merci.' Yor ase be 
zayf. * pronduol clofinge / ne wynf ns^t of god. ac yefj) 
encbeisoim / euele to deme / of ]>an oj^er of bire : pet bit 

Nou icb fe babbe jr-ssewed / J)ri f ing / fet ssol by 
ine bene, beleaue. bope. and deuocioun. Ac to ban bet Two wings are 

' ' needed to bear 

f e bene / by parfitliche licuol to gode / and worf i to the prayer to 
bi y-berd : bit bebouej) / fet uerfe J)ing. fet is J)et bim 
bebouej)./ tuo wyngen / ^et bit bere touore god. Jjise 

tuo wyngen / byef : uestinge / and elmessc. Jjeruore / They are cuUng 

and alms. 

))Q angle zayde to tobye. pe bene is gaod : bua^ne bi without tiiese it 

be}? mid bire / elmesse / and uestinge. and wiJ?-oute God, 

])ise tuo ))inges : bene ne may najt / vly to gode. ac 

zenne axn&rp and bim vripdra^p ayen. J^eruore pan sselt 

y-wyte / ^et ine tuo manges is bene amerd / ase zsyp 

ysaye. Vor fet me ne let najt euele to done. And [Foi.68.a.] 

beruore / bet me nele uoryeue / bis misdedes / ne bis in prayer there 

'^ ' '^ '' ' ' must be no lU- 

euele ywyl. Vor alsuo ase pe smeryeles / ne is na^t woi f / wui in the heart. 

to bele pe wonde / ne non of er f ing / J)er-buile f et / f et 

yzen is f erinno : alsuo bit ne is na^t worj) / ne na3t ne pro- 

fite]) pe bene / to bim ])et bit ZAjp : ]}er buile ])et be is / 

ine dyadlicb zenne. ne ase longe ase be be]> / quednesse 

ine bis berte. And beruore zayb be profete. * Arere we Therefore saith 

'^ *> > ' '^ the prophet, 

oure berten / and oure bonden to god / bet opbebbeb "Eatoeweour 

hearts and our 

oure benes be guode workes. And pe apostel tek)) / hands to God thut 
J7et me arere / clene bonden in bene. J)e clene prayers by good 

irnrkm " 

bonden / J)et byef pe clene bonen / fet byef y-do ine tiw dean hands 
clene inwyt. Vor God ne yberf najt pe bene / J)ct JH^yJ™. '^^ 



God will not 
liiten to prmyen 
from A fllthy 
■oul, that is, from 
tlK>M with bloody 

They Iiave bloody 
hands who ill-use 

Thsy eat bloody 
morstflK, for 
which Uiey Kltall 
pay hard iM-ut 
in the other 

He who will be 
heard, mukt not 
come before God 

bat mmlbear a 
present of good 

We read in the 
Roepd tliat the 
Kate was shut 
against those 
maidens whoete 
lamps were 

God liears tli<«e 
that hare thuir 
Ihmps fUU ot 

that is, whose 
hearts are taXl of 

Prayer thm 

com]) of inwyt uol of uel])e / and of zenne. panne ho 
zay]) be fe profete. ' Huanne ])e multepliest pine benes : 
ich nolle none y-here. uor fine honden byej> al blody.' 
Huo bye]) po / pet habbe]) pe honden blodi : bote ])o / 
])et be-ulea]) pe poure uolk / ])et bye]) onder ham / and 
benime]) ham hire guodes be strengj^e 1 Hy habbe)> hare 
honden al uol of blode / of pe poure. uor hi benime)> 
ham hare lyf / and hare sostinonce / be hare eouaytise 
and be hire roberie. and make)) pe greate to mochel- 
hedes / and etef pe blodi snoden. Huerof hi ssoUe 
paye hard scot / ine J»e ojrre wordle / bote pe writinge 
ne lye3e / |)et z&yp. ^t god wyle acsi / ])et blod of pe 
poure: of hare honden. Jeanne hit behoue]) ])et hi 
yelde : ofer fet hi hongi. Vor ase me z&yp : * ofer yelde : 
ofer hongL' And ))eruore god ne yhyer]) najt zuicli 
uolk / uor hi ne hyep nc^t worfi. Huo fet wyle fawne" 
by yherd : ne come ns^t beuore god / mid zuorde 
adra^e / and mid blodi honJen / ne ydel honden. ])et is 
to zigge : in wyl to zene^i / ne mid lac of ontrcuf e / ne 
ydel of guode workes. uor )ms z&yp oure Ihord ine his 
spelle. ' poll ne sselt na3t sseawy pe / beuore me : ydel- 
bonded.' J»e ilke comf to-uore god / mid ydele honden : 
])et com)) him to bidde / wyJ)-oute makiynge of p'esont 
to god / of guode workes. uor ayens fan / ha sset his 
gate : fet him bit / and na^t ne breng]). Of fisen we 
habbe)) ane uorbisne / ine pe godspelle / ])et z&yp, fet 
pe gate wes y-sset / aye pe fole maydines / pet hedden 
hare loy^ipen ydeL and god ham zede. * ich ne knawe you 
na^t* ])et is to zigge : * ich not huo ye bye]).' Vor god ne 
kiiau]) bote fo : fet him trewliche seme]) / fet habl)e)) 
hare lompen uol of oyle : ase hedden pe wyse maydenes. 
fct is to 3igge : ])et habbe)) hare herten uol of pite / and 
hit ssewe]) be guode dedes. Zuich uolk he y-herf / and 
to zuiche uolk he opene)) his gates / uor he onderuang)) / 
ble])eliche hare benes. 

Nou ich zigge p&nne / fet bene fet is yssored mid / 


))i8e uour 'poss[t]e8 / ase ich habbe beuore yzed : ys wel thowd with 

11 1 1^ iiiiiii'i ill* /• thew four pwf < 

mi^tuol be-uoie god. uor he ssel habbe ly3tliche of bim / al u powarrui uroit 

J)et he hef niede / by hit to f e bodie / by hit to fo zaule / 

ase wytnesseb be writiTiges. Jeanne saint la cob zayb. bet Thapnywof n 

. cpood nan !• nbit 

mochel is wor]) bene of guod man. uor hi is wor)) uor to to iitai the itck- 

neM of >oul Niid 

hel'e pe zike / of bodie / and of zaule. Huerof him-zelf body. 

zede. yef he is ine zenne : hit ssel him by uory[e]ue. pe 

writinge zay)). pet Moyses ouercom amalec / and al his Moms overcMne 

ost / na)t be ui^t : ac be his holy biddinges. uor ase pmymr. 

zay]) an holy man. more is wor]) an haljen / and may 

biddinde : ))ane uele ))ousond of zene3eres : ui^tinde. [Foi. as. bj 

|je bene of a guod man / openeb be heuene. hou ssolde Tiiepwyerof* 

. good man opmMtili 

he / bote ouercome )^ wyckede ine.erj^e. Aguodaldwyf/ itear«n. 

porchacej) more of heuene / ine one-lepi oure biddinde : 

panne ssolde do / a pouz^md kny^tes / of pe londe in lang 

time / be hare armes. And beruore hit is truod / to zeche wiMr*for» it it 

' ; o / goodtoa«*tti« 

be benesof guode men. and specialliche of men of re- prayMraorgood 


ligion / J>et byej» to-gydere / god uor to serai / and uor 
to bidde nor hatit / ]>et do]) ham guod. Yor yef pe bene 

of ane guode manne / is moche worb be-uore god / ase Tbapn^araor 

maay atv mor* 

zay^ pe writinge : more is wor]> / and may : pe bene / ttbeaw9 umh um 

of uele guoda Yor ase mjp an hal^en. Hit ne may man. 
na^t by / pe^ pe bene of uele guode men : ne is y-herd. 

)>e benes of a couent / bye^ xa^ yherd of pe abboite : ruvnftnt4m 

Jiaiiiie pe bene of 6ne moneke. alsoo yherjy god rsLpre pe aM«ta»i 

benes of ^ ^ by e^ to-gidere him uor to semi patmc pnfwid^m 
he zay^ ine his speller * jei too of oos / imep ham to- 
gideie / me uor to bidde : Al pe^ hi bidde^ / miiie 
uader: [he] bant wik do/ 

ta ZEUS BOSn / or CHJUrtKli; tW m^m ifdftifftm 

Xoa idi habbe jzed be leoe tsUpem I hueT-bT eli/b / T>«a«rM 
and wext / md profiled / M tiaii of mriae I ami of a^«rMx»^ iim«9 
dba[s]tet^ Xoa bdkonie^ to n^^ / ^ f^ ho^ / of wt^rt^, 
pwt tnwe / pe^ bjre^ xeaen, be pe^ zfixie ^rtacteg / of |^ 
stoics €i w>(ke / fet bf ft^ inbe )r»e v^oirll^ 



The first state is 
of those that are 
whole of body, 
and liave well 
kept their maid- 

In marriage one 
shall observe 
chastity of heart 
and of body. 
Children should 
have good 

lest they be mar- 
red by foolish 

Cliildren shoofd 
be diastened and 
taoght while 
yoang to practise 
good maiuiers. 

Such form as the 
siHie takes at 
first it evermore 

The other state 
is of tliem thiiti 
have lost their 
[I 80 in MS.] 

[FoL (D. 0.] 

Even in this 
state cliastity 
should be ob- 
served by having 
to abstain flrum 

and the flesh 

J)e uerste stat / is of fan ^t byef yliole of bo<iie / and 
habbe)) wel yloked hiire maydenhod. Ac abieway / hi 
ne byej> na3t y-bounde ferto / J)et hi ne bi ine manage. 
Ine pet stat / roe ssel loki chastete / \>et is clennesse of 
herte / and of bodia Jjeruore fe children of riche men / 
ssolle habbe guode lokeires / and oneste / pet hi by 
be-zide ham / and fet hi bi diligent ham wel to teche / 
and loki uram zenne / and uram kueade uela^rede. 
Vor pe fole nela^redes / araerref ofte children and hare 
te[c] hinge, pet kueade nolk / fe wordes of kueadncsse / 
of nbaudie / pe fole takinges / and inhoneste ine zenne 
of lecherie. and oj^erhuil of |)0 lecherie / J^et is aye 
kende. ]}erof emopTe time we habbe)) yspeke ine pe 
chapitle of uices. an ])eniore hit ne behoue)) najt to 
reherci. uor pe ilke kende ne is na^t uayr. And J^eruore 
me ssel pe children chasti / and wel teche / and bi bezide 
ham )>erhuile ))et hi bye)) yonge. And wonye his to 
hyealde pe guode techinges. Yor ase z&yp Salomon. ' peit 
child lyeme)) ine his je^epe : he hit wyle healde ine his 
elde.' And pe filozofe zay)). ' Hit ne is na^t lite ))ing / to 
wonie guod / ofer kuead / ine his ye^efe.' Vor ase me 
zay]). * Huo f et tek)» colte endaunture : hyalde hit wyle 
|)erhuyle hit ilest.' Zuiche fourme ase ^ sso takp ate 
ginnynge: he halt euiemor ine ^t stat J)anne he)) 
chastete nyede of guode lokinge. uor o])erlaker by ssel 
zone by tiorlore. 

pe o))er stat is of ham j^t hie)) najt clene of bodie / 
and habbe]) hare chastete uorlore / and hare maydenhod / 
er psm by weren euerte^ ymarissed / ne y-bounde mid 
bende. huo may ham wypnyme uorte bi y-marissed. and 
alneway hy byef ynssriue and uor))enchitvde of hare 
zennes. Ine ])0 stat me ssel loki chastete. Vor huo ])et 
is ine f et stat : he ssel habbe uest porpos / and wyl / 
fet neure mor ne ssel ayen yeme to pe zenne of his 
bodye. ac ra])re he him ssel loki be his mi3te. wy^ute 
])et / ))ot he hint moje marissi yef he wyle. And huo 


bet wyle ine bet stat loki his cbastete : hit behoueb bet •hooid be render^ 

he defouly and chasti his uless be hardnesse of uest- nevHtyortut- 

inges / and be penonces. Jpis is fe o^et bo^ of yiae uom. 

Jje bridde is of ham bet byeb y-bounde be manage. The third sute 


me ])o stat me ssel loki chastete / out-ynome pe dede of those bound bj 

spoushod. Yor hi ssolle loki hare bodi )»e on to |>e oj^re They should 

klenliche and treweliche / wyjH)ute do onri^t : fe on to in puH^ and ** 

fo o]}ren. and pet acse)) pQ la^e of spoushod. pet pe on towards theaher. 

here to pe o])ren la3e and trow)»e of his bodie. Yor For man and 

,_ .«ii 11 ^^^ Wngr bonnd 

^rhuyle ])et hy byep y-uestned to-gidere be spoushod by marriage are 

pe on to pe ofre / hi byef o body / ase zayf J>e writinge. * 
and ^raore ssel pe on louyd ^e oj^ren / ase him-zeluo. 

Yor ase hi byeb on body, hi ssolle by on herte be wherefore they 

•^ '^ ^ ^ shall be of one 

trewe-loue / ne na^imoro h&m to-dele / be herte ne be heart by true 


bodie ^erhuile ))et hi libbej). J^eruore hi ssolle loki hare 

bodyes clene. and chastliche out-ynome be dede of wives shaii love 

"^ J r their lords, and 

spoushod. and feruore zayf zay[n]te paul. fet pe wyues be chaste and 


ssolle louie hare Ihordes / and worssipie. and deuoute- 

liche by chast and sobre. chaste to loki hare body uram Chaste in their 

1 • 1 • bodies and sober 

o])ren psaine of hare Ihordes. sbbre ine mete and ine in meat and in 

drinke. nor to moche drinke / and to moche ethe: 

is grat ali^tinge to pe uere of lecherie. Alsuo ssel Themanshau 

pe man loki his body clenliche )»et he ne yeue hit to ouier women. 

najt to o]>re wyfmen / bote to his. Spoushod is a 

stat bet me ssel wel klenliche / and wel holylyche Marriage is a 

' . state of great 

loki nor manie skeles. uor hit is a stat of greate authority, 

autorit^ uor sod hit made ine paradis terestre ine be and was ordained 

stat of clennesse. erj^an man hedde y-zene^ed. And 

)>emore me ssel hit holyliche loki / uor J^ane skele 

^et god hit made / and uor pane stede huer hit wes 

ymad. Efterward / hit is a stat of greate digneto. itisasuteof 

great dignity. 

uor god wolde by bore of wyfman yspoused. beruore be For ood was bom 

of an espoused 

mayde marie made of spoushod hire mentel : hueronder woman, 
wolde by godes zone hi y-c<wceyued / and y-bore. Under 
)k) mentle wes y-hole uram pe dyeule / pe pnuite / and 



Under her mniitle 
was tb« Moret of 
the sours help 
hidden from Uie 

It is A holy state* 
being oiie of tlie 

deadly sin, be- 
came no sin in 

He hath great 
merit who may 
do the deed of 
marriage tritiioot 

The deed of 
spousehood may 
be sinless flrst 
when one desires 
to beget children 
to serve God. 
Seooiidly, when 
the one yieldeth 
to the other his 
debt when he 
asketh it. 

[Fol. eo. b.] 
The one hath a 
right in the 
body of the 

Thirdly, wnen it 
is done to keep 
away lechery from 
Ills wife. 

In this there is 
no sin, but ratlier 

fo red of oure scele / and of oure holJ>c. ])eruore ]>anne 
me ssel hit wor)»6sipie and denliche loki. Efter ]>et me 
ssel hit loki holyliche / uor his holynesse.^ uor hit is on of 
pe sacramens of holy cherche. and betokne)) pe spoushod 
pet is be-tuene holy cherche : and lesu cnst and betuene 
god / and pe zaule. )>anne ])et stat of spoushod is zuo 
holy and suo honeste : )>et pe dede ))et wes dyadlich ze77ne 
out of spoushod / is wy|)-oute zerane ine spoushod. and 
na^ onlepiliche wy)»oute zenne : ac hit mai by to merite 
uor to Wynne ^et lif wy)K>ute ende. And J^ou sselt 
ywyte ))et ine ))ri cas me may do pe dede of spoushod 
wy])-oute zenne. and he mai habbe grat merite ase to pe 

pe uerste cas is hua^me me dej> pe ilke dede ine 
wylle uor to habbe child to serui god. uor ine zuiche 
onderstondinge wes uerst spoushod yzet. pe o]>er cas 
is : huanne pe on yelt to pe o))re his dette / p&nne he 
hit akse]}. and J^erto ssel sterie dom : ]>et yelt to echen 
his ri^t huanne he hit aksep and bit be mou]>e / opet be 
tokne ase do)) pe wyfmen ))et bye)) ssamuest zuich ))ing 
uor to acsi. pe ilke ))et uorzak)) pane o|)rene ))et acaep : 
zene^ep,^ uor he def him wrang of his o^ene ^inge. uor 
pe on he)) ri^t ine pe bodie of pe o))re. Ac he ^et acsc)) 
))et he ssel : he de)) wel and ari3t. huarme he hit de)) ine 
))0 onderstondinge he ofserue)) auoreye gode. uor ri^t 
him di^t ))erto / and na3t lecherie. pe pndde cas is 
huanne me hit acse)) his wyue of ])o dede / uor to loki 
hire uram zcnne. nameliche huanne he yzi^)) ))et hi is 
zuo ssamuest / ))et hi nolde neuremo acsi hare Ihorde of 
zuiche )>innge. and ylef)) ))et hi ssolde ualle ble))eliche 
in-to zenne / o))er li3tliche bote yef me hire ne acsede. 
Huo fet ine fo onderstondinge / yelt / ofer acse)) zuiche 
dette : he ne zene3[e))] na^t ac ra))re ofseruef auoreye 
god. uor pite him stere]) pet to done. Ine ))ise ))ri cas / 
ne is no zenne ine pe dede of spoushod. 

1 MS. lolynesse * MS. zene^ 


Ac ine ofre cas me may zeneji / ofer li3tliche / ojjer on the other 

. , . handy one may 

dyadliche. and specialliche me pn cas. pe uerste is. tin in three 

hnarone me ne zek^ ine zuich dede : bote pe lecherie and The first la wiien 

his lost, and ine J)o cas me may zeneji / lijtliche / and JHiSSaiy lorta!^ 

deadliche. Li9[t]liche / hua?2ne pe lost ne pase]) najt 

)>e markes / ne ]>e zetnesses of sponshod. pet is to zigge / 

huanne pe lost is zuo y*led mid scele / pet pe ilke ]yet is The sin is venial 

ine pet stat nolde najt J)et f ing do : bote ine his wyue. ' °*^™ * 

Ac huaTine pe lecherie and pe lost is zuo grat ine his wyue 

])et scele is y-blent / and ase moche wolde do he ine otherwise it is 

hire : ])a3 hy nere ns^t his wyf : ine ))et cas is )>e ilke 

zenne dyadlich. uor zuich lecherie gep ouer pe markes of 

spoushod. huerof god him wre]>e]) ofte to zuiche uolke / with such sin 

and jefp o]>erhuil g9*at mijte to pe dyeule ham uor to wrath. 

slea / ase me zay^ of saren^ raguelis dojter / ]>et wes [isaretf/] 

yonge tobies wyf. f et hedde y-het zeue housboundes / 

f et alle were y-sls^e of pe dyeule : pe uerste nijt J)et hi 

wolden ligge by hire. Jjeruore pe angel zayde to tobyen 

pet hise ssolde habbe to wyue. * Ich pe wyle zigge ' he Tiie devu hath 

zayde / * ine huet uolc pe dyeuel hef myjte / ine fan 'Jet who give them- 

doj) out god / zuo out of hare herten / and of hare J^^"p**^^«^ 

J^ojtes. ]yet ne yeue]) ham najt / bote to hare lecherie to 

uoluelle / ase an hors de]). o]>er a mule.' and ])oruore ham as a horse or a 

benim]) god o])erhuil hare frut / zuo ]>et hi ne niojen 

habbe no child. Yet hi moje zeneji dyadliche ine 

anofre manire. ))et is to wytone / huanne pe on dej) 

aye kende / and o])erlaker psmne kende of man acsep / 

ne Is^e of mariage acse]) / ne oueryem)). zuich uolk 

zenejej) more gratliche / ))anne ofre beuore yzed. Ac Those that in 

fo fet in hare spoushod lokef pe drede of oure Ihorde / SJ^cafof our 

and loke]) klene hare spoushod ase hit is yset. zuych ^'^» p****" *^od* 

uolk payef god. 

pe oJ)er cas huer me may zenejy be spoushod / is 2Il*in*"Jp^^' 
huawne man eeb to his wyue ine time bet- he ne ssolde ****®**" *■ j^'^®" » 

^ ' •' ' man goeth to his 

nciit suo. bet is huawne hi is ine be ziknesse bet wyf- ^^f® '" « **"»« 

■f ^ ' '^ r J that he should 

men habbe)) communliche. zuo f et he his najt ne sparef not go. 



CM hath forUd- 
den tliU Improper 
for in such state 
areofl begotten 
the erookeil, 
blind, lepers, 
dea( dumb, Ae. 

[Fol. 70. a.] 

Also tliey shall 
abstain from the 
deed in holy 
timee eodi, as in 
great and solemn I 

and in times of 
fiuting appointed 
by the church. 

Alto when the 
woman lieth in 
childbed, or is 
near her time. 

Kings, earls, and 
barons, have at 
such times their 
chambers to them- 

or thflj go to 
their castles, 
and therefore 
they have such 
fair children. 

The elephant 
wiU not dwell 
with his wife 
while she is with 

huanne he wot )»et hi is in zuich slat, zene^ef gratliche 
and uor ])an fet god norbyet / pet man ne habbe aela3- 
rede mid his wjue. ine zuich stat / and uor Je peril of 
his children. Vor ase zayj) saint gregorie. ine zuych 
stat byej) ofte beyete Je crokede / fe blynde/ and pe 
mezels. fe dyaue / pe doumbe / pe ssornede^ / pe scallede. 
and men and wyf men J>et habbe]) o^ere zyknesses in hare 
bodie ^anne hi come)^ to manhod ase goutes / and beles. 
and ojyre ssrewede eueles. J/eruore pe wifinan ssel wel 
zigge to hire Ihorde huanne hi ys ine zuych stat / ^et he 
abyde. and hi alsuo abyde : ])erhuile hi is ine pe ylke 
stat. Alsuo hi ssollen to-gidere spaii uram pe dede of 
spoushod : ine holy times / ase ine greate festes and 
solemnes / to yeue ham-zelue pe betere god uor to serui. 
Alsuo ine times of uestinge of holy cherche hi ssolle abide 
mid ]yo dede. najt uor]yan ]>et hit by zenne zuych ping 
to done ine zuiche time, and ine zuiche onderstondinge 
me may hit do. Ac o]>erhuil hit is ]>et me ssel abide / 
]>et me moje hit do wy]>-oute zenne : uor betere to habbe 
of god ])et me him bit / ase zayp saynt austin. Alsuo ine 
time Jet J>e wyf man lyf a chi[l]dbedde / ofer nye^ uor 
to childL he ssel him loki uram pe dede of spoushod / 
uor onestete / and uor peril Jjet mi^te by. Jjeniore J)ise 
kinges / erles / barouns / and opre Ihonles habbe]) hare 
chambren be ham-zelue uram hare wyues ine zuiche 
time. o)>er hi wende]> to yzy hare kasteles / o])er hare 
o]yre stedes. and ]>eruore hi habbe]> zuo uayre children 
and zuo cliene^ of bodye. Me uint ine pe hoc Jet spekj 
of kende of bestes. Jet pe elifans nele ns^t wonye mid 
his wyue : Jerhuyle Jet hi is mid childe. and man lie 
scele ssel hi more antempred Janno a best, and Jeruore he 
ssel more him-zelue ine Jo stat Jolye / and ine Jo time. 
Ac alnewey / ich ne zigge na^t Jet yef he dej Je dede 
of spoushod ine Jo time bo guode cause / and ine guode 
onderstondinge / huerof god is demere yef hit is zcnne. 
^ Looks like ssorued in MS. ' MS. ehcM 


be bridde cas is / huerine me may kueadlicbe zeneji The third case it 

^ •■111 when the deed is 

ine his spoushod : is. ine holy stede. uor me holy stedes done in holy 


ase ine cherchen pet by ef apropred uor god to bidde and that are set apart 

- ,1,11 if 1 1 * for the service of 

hym seruy. me ne ssel na^t do fe dede of spoushod uor ood. 

worfssipe of f e stede. And huo f et ine zuyche stede 

ne lokef him na3t f o dede uor to do : he zene3ej) uor f e 

scele of )>e stede ]>et godes uless and his blod bye]> 

y-sacred inne. uor zuich fing mai by zenne in one stede / 

and ine one time : fet ne is no zenne ine ofre. Jje^ uer])e p hs. J>«-j 

stat is of ham ]>et habbe]> yby ine spoushod : ac dya]y 

he]> to-deld )>e on uram ])e o))ere. And ))e ilke ))et is 

ybleued ine lyue he ssel him loki chastliche ase longe chastity shaii 

ase he is ine ^e stat of wodewehod. ]>et is a stat jiet widowhood. 

zaynte paul prayzej) moche / fet zayj) to wodewon. * huo 

])et guod is : he liim byealde ine ]yet stat. and yef bit 

him na^t ne lykej) : he him wyuL Vor betere and it is better to 

more holy f ing is to wyui : ])anne him-zelue heme.' J?e bum. *" 

ilke bern]) / )>et to ze/zne graunte]). Vor he zet his Hebnmeththat 

herte be wylle and be wilninge tp J)e uere of lecherie. 

Ac more hit were worf him to wyui / fawne hi?7izelue They who are 

of zuiche uere uorbeme. and ))et is to onderstonde of to remaii/widk>wa 

ham fet byef ine J?e stat of simple wodewehod. najt of Sithout°deadiy 

J)an f et byef ine f et stat y-bounde be heste fet ne moje *^' 

nc^t ham spousy / wyJ>-oute deadlich ze?irie / ef ter fe [FoI. 70. b.] 

beheste. Ac ahieway yef ))e beheste is simple / jiet is if the behest is a 

to zigge / hua?2ne hi is y-do pnueliche / and wyf -oute / ito violation 

Bole7)mete. J)a} hit by.zuo J)et ha zeneji dyadliche / fet anw!" ^"^ 

efter zuych ane beheste him spouse]) : alneway he may 

bleue ine his spoushod / yef ])er ne is noM o))er destorb- 

inge. Ac he ssel do penonee / uor j^e beheste. Ac 

huanne j^e beheste is solempne / ase be hand of prelat / if the behest be 

ofex be *^7*ofession of religion, ofer be holy ordre / fet hin?of "pre- * 

me hej) onderuonge / ase sudyakne / ojer dyakne / ofer « ^ ,^ ^^^ 

prest. ]?a7ine \q^ spoushod ne is na^t. ac ia}»re hit be- ^'J 

houe]? / to dele ))o / j^et ine zuiche manyre / come]y to- uwitiiAiMRiiw* 

giderc / uor hi n6 moje iia^t by soued ine sajd 




The turtle dove 
t«achethiM to 
keep the state of 

Three things 
belong to this 

1. The fellowsliip 
of suspected per- 
sons should be 

St Paul reproves 
yoong widows for 
being idle, 

and fond of 
gossiping in 
the houses of 

2. God should be 
devoutly served. 

as one readeth 
of Anna, tlie 
good widow who 
served QoA in the 
temple day and 

S. Sharpness of 
meats by which 
lust may be 

The heart is 
drowned in the 
water of lusts of 
this world. 

The dothing of 
widows should 
be humble. 

They should 
imitate Uie ex- 
ample of Judith, 

To loki ])et stat of wodewehod / ine ssel sterie ))e 
uorbisne of )>e turle. Vor ase zayf Jje boc / of kendo 
of bestes. ef ter ]>et ]>e turle hep ylore hare make : hi nc 
ssel neuremo / habbe uela3rede / mid o]>ren. ac alneway 
he is one / and be-uly^t / fe uela^rede of ofren. 

Jjii f inges belongej) mocho / to ham J)et byef ine J)e 
stat / of wodewehod. \)e nerste is hiTTi-zelue kepe / and 
pnueliche bi ine his house, najt uor to uoljy ))e 
uels^redes suspiciouses. ))erof we habbe]y uorbisne of 
ludit / J)et wes wodewe / and hi wes a uayr wyfman / 
of huam me let ine ]ye w|:itinge. fet hi hild hare ine 
hare bouie be-sset mid hare maydenes. Huerof zaynte 
pauel wyj>-nimf pe yonge wyfmen wodewen / J)et were 
ydele / and bysye to guowne / an to comene / ganglinde / 
and to moche spekinde. ac bisset hy ssoUen by ine hare 
house / and yeue ham guode workes to done / aso 
saynte paul tek]>. 

)3e ofer f ing is / yeue ham to bidde god. and blejje- 
liche bi at cherche ine deuocion / and ine tyares / ase me 
ret ine pQ godspelle of saint luc. ])et pe ilke guode 
wodewe / f et hette'anne / fet hy ne to-delde hire na3t / 
uram pe temple, and seruede god nijt / and day. ine 
benes and ine uestinges. 

\)e pndde ]>ing is / ssarpnes of metes. Vor ase z&yp 
saint bemard. ]>ys spil]> ine lostes. alsuo ase he spil]> ine 
pe wetere / fet zuo longp he may by f er onder : J>et he 
lyest ]7et lif. Non ne may habbe his heaued. ^et is his 
herte / longe ine pe wetere /of lostes of fiso wordle / 
J)et he ne ssel lyese pet lyf / J)et is pe grace of pe holy 
gost. be huam pe zaule leue]) ine god^ To ])o stat 
belonge]) : ase loje clopinge. najt proud / ne bisiuol / to 
pe Ubrbisne of iudit. ))et let hire uayre robes / and hare 
riche agrayjjinges / po hire Ihord wes dyad, and nom 
clof Inge of wodewehod / onworp / and loj / and more 
wes tocne of wepinge / and of zor3e : panne of goye. and 
of ydele blisse. ]?eruore pet hi ledde chastet^ / and hi 


hit wolde loki al hare lif. Hy hire ssredde mid be who clothed her*. 

•^ . /J ■elfinhalrand 

here / and ueste eche daye. and hi wes uayr / and faated each day. 
yong / riche / and wys / ac guodnesse of herte / and 
lone of chastet^ : hit hire dede do. And J)us ssel lihbe : 
]yet wyle loki chastet^ ine po stai )^i8 is pe uerpe bo} 
of fise trawe. 

JjE VIFTE BO3 OF GHASTETE. The flflh boogh 

of ehaatity. 

pe uyf te bo2 of be trawe of chastete : is maydenhod. The fifth bongh 

of the tree of 

and pet is pe uif te stat / of ham ^et loke)) / and habbe]) chastity is 

ahieway loki?ige / and byej) alneway ine wylle / to loki (single life). 

al hare lyf / hare bodyes yholliche / wy f -oute enye cor- 

rupcion / uor pe loue of god. \)ia stat is moche to tius state is 

alowe / uor his dingnet^ / uor his uayrhede / and uor praised for iu 

his guodnesse. Yor his dignet^ : uor pet stat make]) and its goodneM. 

])ane ]>et hit wel loke]) / anlyke to pe angles of heuene / For its dignitj^ 

ase zigge]) pe haljen. Ac ]>os moche habbe]) pe maydines state are nu to 

more pmne pe angles, uor pe angles libbej) wyjjoute 

ulesse: ac pe maydines habbe]) ouercominge of hare 

ulesse. and hit is grat wonder ))et hi loke)) zuich ane 

fieblene castel / ase hare fyeble body / aye zuych ane 

strangne uend / ase is pe dyeuel of belle / ]yet alneway The devu is ai- 

zecp ginnes / huerby he may nime fane castel uor to uk^theclutie 

robbi fet tresor of maidenhod. J)et is fet tresor / treMuw^maid- 

huerof oure Ihord / spek]y ine his spelle / J)o he zede. ®"**~^- 

])et ' pe kingriche of heuene / is anlycned / to pe tresor / christ speaks of 

J)et is y-hed / ine pe uelde.' fet trezor y-hed ine pe of the field. 

uelde : is maydenhod y-hed ine bodie / fet is ase a The field is the 

ueld / ])et me ssel erye / mid penonce / and zawe mid should be eared 

guode workes. pet trezor is anlikned / to ))e kingriche ^d Mwn wuh 

of heu[e]ne / uor fet lif of maydines / is anlykned to pe ^^^'^^ ^^ 

Kue of heuene / fet is fet lyf of angles. Huer-of oure 

Ihord zayf ine his spelle. J)et ine pe oprisinge / ne ssel 

by non spousynge / ase ])er is hyer. ac hi ssoUen by ase 

pe angles of heuene. 

Efterward ])et stat is to praysy / uor his uayrhede. ForUita* 

15 • 



is the fairest 
•late on earth. 

Solomon aaeod- 
atee brightness 
with chasUtj. 


chastity is fair 
and bright above 
other Tirtoes. 

[} MS. Ukendt] 

Maidenhood Is 
the white robe 
wherein a spot is 
sooner discovered 
ttian in any other 

It should be pre- 
nerved firom flltii, 
blood, and Are. 
The flith is the 
eovetousness of 
the worid. 

None may please 
God wlio seek 
to please tlie 
world, that is, 
God's foe. 

[S So in MS.] 

One sign of 
pleasing the 
worid is the 
decking of the 

[Fol. 71. b.] 

Fairness withont 
is often gained 
by the loss of 
purity within. 

uor pet is ])e uariste stat ])et is ine eT])e / madenhod 
clenliche yloked. Huerof Salomon zay]> ine his boc of 
wysdome. * O.' zayf he / * huet is uayr chastet^ / kenrede 
mid brijtnesse.' he zet n'3t wel bri^tnesse mid chastete. 
uor ]yanne is uayr c[h]a8tet6 / and maydenhod / huanno 
he is bri3t be guode Hue / and oneste. Ase pe hn^i- 
nesse of ]>e zo7me make]) ^ne uayre day : alsuo ])e 
bri3tnesse of grace / and of guode Hue: make)> pe 
maydenhod uayr / and likinde^ to god. Huerof saynt 
lerome zayf / Jjet mochel is uayr and bri^t / to-uore 
pe o]>re m'rtues / maydenhod. huanne hi is wy])oate 
lac / and wyjj-oute uel))e of ze/ine. Vor huo fet is yhol 
of bodie / and uoul ine herte : is ase pe berieles yhuited / 
J>et is uayr wyjj-oute: and wyj>-inne uol of stench. 
Maydenhod is pe huite robe / huerinne pe spot is uouler 
and more yzyenne / )>anne in smoper clo]>. pet ssel by 
wel yloked uram )>ri spottes. uram hor. uram blod. an 
uram ver. j)ise pn spottes be-uele)> moche pis huite 
cloj). pe spot of hor : is pe couaytise of pe wordle / ))et 
ne ssel na^t by ine his herte / ])e]> wyle queme god ine 
pe stat of maydenhod. uor non ne may y-queme god / 
and to his yuo / ase z&yp sainte gr^gorie. And pe ilke 
him ssewef / fet he ne ia na3t godes vrend : fet wyle 
kueme pe wordle / jiet is godes uend. Jperuore saint 
Ion zayf / f et * huo f et wyle by urend to pe wordle : he 
ssel by uend to god.' and sainte paul zayf . * yef ich wylle 
queme to pe uolke of pe wordle : ichc* ne ssel na3[t] by 
lesu cnstes seriont.' 

tocne / J)et me wyle kueme pe wordle is : pe 
agrayjjinge aboute ])et body, uor non ne wolde neurc 
mor zeche / uairhede / ne bisihede of robes / ne of 
agray))inge : bote yef he ne wende to by yzo^e of pe 
uolke. Ac huo f et wile zeche zuich uayrhede wyjj-oute : 
he lyest pe uayrhede wyfinne / huer-by me kuem]) god. 
))eruore saynt bernard z&jp to ham )>et zechi]y pe 
coustouse robes / and pe uayre agray])inge uor to kueme 


))e wordle / and ham uor to ssewy. * Jje do^tren ' he zayf 

* of babilonie / f et is of cmihision / zechej) hire blisse / 
and hit ssel wende ham in-to c^nfuzion / and to ssame 
eurelestinde / bote yef hi ham ne wytie' *Hi ham Purpie clothe* 

uid rich rol)68 

clofej) ' he zayf / * mid pourpre / and mid uayre robes / often wde a poor 


and costuoUe / and onder \>e uayre robes / is ofte fet 

inwyt / poure / and naked. And hi hise ali^te]) wyf- 

oute / mid stones / and mid broches of gold / and of 

zeluer. Ac hi byef ealde / and uoule / beuore god / 

pe kueade peawes.' Ac saint bemard zay)> / and spek]) 

of ham J7et zuo ham ssewej) / ine wykkede onderstond- 

inge / and do)) more Jeanne hare stat acse]>. Ac al pe 

blisse of fe kinges do3ter of blisse / ase zayf dauij) / is An the joy of 

wyf -inne / ine holy inwyt / and ine uayre u/Hues huer daughter of bUss 

. • !.• I \^ i. J.1 jiAi consifts in a h(dy 

pev ne is no couaytise / bote uor to kueme god. And and undenied 
J)0s pe spot of pe hore : ne beuelf hit najt. "* " * 

And })os me ssel wy tye in ))et stat / uram pe spotte The white robe 

i.111 ... i., , 1 f t I'l !• should be free 

of blod. pet IS 01 ]703tes / and of ulessliche wylnmges. from uood, 
Huerof saint lorome zay)). fet pe ilke maydenhod is thougiiS. **'^ 
sacrefice and ofringe to lesu cn'st : ])et ne is na^t be- 
smetted ine herte mid kueade Jyojtes. ne ine ulesse : of 
lecherie. ase himzelf z&yp. ' !N'a3t ne is wor]> maidenhod Maidenhood of 

.-- , body is worthless 

of bodye : ]>er ]>et is uel})e of herte. Ase ]yet frut ne is without purity of 
na^t guod / fa^ hit by wel uayr wif -oute / huanne hit is 
uorroted and wermethe. 

Efterward he ssel him loki ine ])et stat uram pe The robe mnst 

be preserved from 

spotte J)et com)> of pe uere. pet uer ])et zengp and the spot of Are. 

bernf ofte pe huyte robe of chastete / and of maydeii- 

liod : is blepeliche zigge / o))er to Iheste wordes ))et 

mo^e sterie to zewne. Vor ase zayf zaynte paul / and 

ef tzone we hit habbe)> aboue y-zed. * pe kueade wordes : Bad words mar 

amerre}) pe guode f eawes.' And f eruore zayf senekes. * ™*"" "' 

* loke pe uram uoule wordes fet ne byej? na^t honeste.' they destroy 
Vor huo)>et him y[e]f]> to uoule wordes hi ham ssollenajt ™ **^' 
ssamie and afrounti / ])et is te zigge / hi Ijexep pe 

ssame / and usllep pe lijtlaker iihto < 



and barn or lingt 

MaidMihnod is 
like the lily, fiUr 
and white. 

8t John the 
•vangeliet wa« 
the most beloved 
dieeiple of oar 

[FoL 78. a.] 

beeaoeeof hie 

Haldenhood well 
rooted in God's 

Is preserved from 

The flower of 
maidenhood bath 
six leaves. 
The first leaf is 
holiness and 
parity of body. 

The second leaf 
is parity of heart. 

huo fet wyle loki clenliche J^ane huyte kertel of maden- 
hod: him behoue]) him loki uor to speke / o]7er to 
y-hiere wordes zuyche / huerof he may him benia / 
ojyer be-zenge. pe pn'u6 cat bezeng]> ofte his scin / and 
zuo ne dep najt \te wylJe cat. Maydeiihod amang pe 
o])re mrtues is anlikned to ])e lylye ]>et is \vel uayr and 
huyt )}eruore oure Ihord zay^ iue ])e writinge be 
salomonnes movLpe, * My lemmau is ase pe lylye amang 
)?e ]yomes.' Oure Ihordes le^nman special is yloued / 
])et loke]) maydenhod. Yor pet is a mrtne huerby zaule 
onderuang]) specialliche more lone / and pe fanour of 
oure Ihorde lesu crisi. ))anne saint Ion ])e ewangelist 
))et wes mayde / wes amang pe apostles / pe meste 
belouede of oure Ihorde. and him ssewede oure Ihord pe 
meste tokne of louerede / ase bit sse we}» ine pe god- 
spelle. And zuo ha wes ycleped amang pe ojire 
decip[l]es : pe deciple / ]7ot lesu cnsi mest louede. na3t 
uor|>an / ]>et he ne louede wel pe o]>Te / ac ))ane more 
specialliche uor pe maydenhod. ))is lilye flour loke]y his 
uayrhede amang pe pomes of uondi[n]gges of pe ulesse. 
Yor ]>et uless is ase a donghel / ]yet ne carke]> asemoche 
ase is of hi??^zelue / bote ]>omes / and netlen. )>et hyep 
kueade meniynges / ])et ofte prekic]) ))ane gost. Ac pe 
flour of maydenhod ne hej; bede of )>o ])omes. uor hi is 
wel y-roted ine godes loue / fet hire weref uram pe 
pomea of uondinge. 

pla flour hit ssel habbe zix leues / and jiry grayns 
of gold aboue wyfinne. J)e uerste lyaf is yholnesse / 
and clennesse of bodye. J)et is to zigge / J)et J)et body 
by y-hol / wy[f]outei uelf e of lecherie. Yor yef a may do 
were uorlaye be streng))e / and a-ye wyl : hi ne ssoldo 
na^t ])eruore lyese hare maydenhod / ne )>e mede of 
hare maydenhod. J^eruore sainte lucie zayde to pe 
tiront. * Yef J)ou me beuelst aye mi wyl : my chasthedo 
hit ssel by me y-dobbled / ase to pe coroune of blisse.* 
t)et o))er lyaf is clennesse of herte. Yor ase zayp saiut 


lerome. Nu}t ne is wor]? to habbe maidenhod of 
bodye : f et hef wyl to by y-spoused. He spek]) of J)an 
])et habbe]) behote maidenhod. Yor huo J^et he^ be- 
}iote inaydenhod o])er chastete to loki / he ssel loki his 
lierte chastliche / and clenliche. pe Jyridde lyeaf is tim third toaf is 
mildenesse. Yor maydenhod proud : ne quern]) no))ing 
god. And ])eruore zay]) saint bernard. * Hit is wel uayr 
])ing: )>et he]) mi[l]denesse mid maidenhod. and wel 
stranglaker kuem]) to god pe ilke zaule to huam mil- 
denesse yef]) los to maydenhod. and maydenhod / 
uayref mildenesse.* Ich dar wel zigge / Jjet wyfoute withontmeek- 
mildenesse / ])e maydenhod of marie/ ne hedde neure or Mary would 
y-querad to god. uor wyf-oute madenhod / we moje by piecing to ood. 
y-bor^e: and na^t wy[])]-oute mildenes. ]^ uer])o Ij^eaf of tim fourth i«af 
. J)e flour of lilye of maydenhod : is drede of god. Yor ctod. 
J)o fet byef zofliche maidines / hi were y-woned to bi 
diBduol / and ssamuest. and hit nis no wonder : uor 
hi here]) a wel precious tresor ine a wel fyebble uet. 
jjanne fe mayde marie wes alneway by hire-selue / and 
hedde greate drede / fo J?e angel ssewede him to hire. 
Ac ])e drede of god / is pe tre-soriere / pet / pet tresor ThefwrofGod 
of madenhod loke]; / |)et pe dyeuel me may, hit stele, or the treasury or 
uor hi loke]) pe gates of pe kastele : huer Jjet tresor is ^^^ ^* 
be-sset j)e gates of pe kastele huer maydenhod is : tim gates or t)ie 
bye]) pe gates of pe herte. pe ilke gates loke]) / pe ^lusortiM 
drede of oure Ihorde / ])et hi ne by opene to pe viende Therearorood 
be ydele bysyhede of zijfe / of hyerfe / and of speche / J^Jhat^S? ^aic* 
ofer of guoinges ine uela3redes suspiciouses. uor bisi- no*"P«ntothe 
hede is specialliche to yzy / and to hyre pe ydelnesses 
of pe wordle / hy bye]) ofte way to ze/zne of lecherie. 
pSLime me ret ine pe writinge / fet lacobbes do3ter / 
J)o hi yede muzi uor bysihede uor to ysy pe wymen of 
pe contraye huer fet hi wes. Hi wes y-rauissed of pe [Foi. 72. b.j 
prmces zone of fe cite / and uorlaye. And feruore wiiowiiipre- 
huo ])et wyle loki maydenhod him behoue]) mocho must withdraw 
wyfdraje his wyttos uor to zyenno ydele bisihede. And business. 



The kingdom of 
hwven is liliened 
to the ten 
maidens, whereof 
five were wise 
and the others 

The five wise are 
thoHe tliat control 
the five wits of 
the body. 

The fifth leaf is 
(austerity) of 


which is a strong 
hedge surround- 
ing tlie garden of 
the heart. 

The sixth leaf is 
St Austin saitli, 
of meekness, 
that is, Jesus 

Study persevere 
ance, for it win- 
neth the crown of 

]yet me de]y be holy drede of oure Ihorde ]>et me diet 
alday to wrefi. Jjot is J)et wyt of ))e uif maydines 
huerof om*e Ihord lesu cnst spek]) iue his spelle ])o he 
zede. pet ^q kingriche of heuene is anUkned to fe ten 
madines. huerof f e vif were wyse. and f e ofre uif were 
foles. He clepe)) hier-ine J)an of J)e kingriche pf 
heuene : holy cherche. ^et is hier bene])e. huerinne 
byej) guode / and kueade / of foles / and of wyse. pet 
byej) lenies of holy cherche / by J)e byleaue of cristen- 
doni. Jje vif wyse betokne]) po J)et. wel loke)) / and 
lede]) fe vif wyttes of J)e bodie. huerof we liabbe)> 
beuore yspeke. pe vif foles be-tokne)) po : J)et folliche 
his loke]>. 

Jjet vifte leaf is ssarpnesse of Hue. . Vor huo ]>et 
wyle wel loki his maydenhod : him behoue)) wel wys- 
liche his uless ouercome / and do onderuot / be 
uestinges / be wakiinges / and be benes. Ssa[r]ppnesse 
of Hue / is ase a Strang heg uor to loki fane gardin of 
pe herte uram kuede bestes. pet bye]) pe viendes of 
heUe / pet hy ne mo3e na^t in. fet ne wylnej? na^t bote 
stele: ])et tresor of maydenhod. and ])eruore ssel ))et 
tresor by wel be-sset / and wel y-do op / J)et hit ne by 
uorlore. uor huo j^et hit lyest : neure ne ssel hit habbe 
ayen. na72more panne pe lompe huanne hi is to-broke / 
ne may by y-held. 

pet zixte leaf is / bleuinge / fet is stedeuest wyl to 
loki ])et me he]> behote to god. Jeanne saynt austin 
zayf ine J?e bok of maydenhod. and spekj) to maydines / 
and z&yp pus. Yol^ep ]yet lamb of mildenesse / ])et is 
lesu cnst / lokinde uestliche / ))et J)ou hest behote to 
god. do hardiliche alsuo moche ase pe mijt. ])et pe 
guodnesse of maydenhod ne spille ine pe, uor ])ou ne 
mi^t do no f ing huerby hit com]y ayen : yef J)ou hit 
Hest. ase we pe habbep y-zed uorbysne of pe lompe. And 
saint bemard ])us zayp, Stude |)ou to bleue. uor hi 
one / wynj) pe coroune of heuene. 


Jjise zix leues beuore yzed uayref moche J)e lylye of 
maydenhod. ac hit behouef f et pis flour habbe wyj>- 
inno ]>ri cornes of gold. ))et betoknej) ))ii maneres to 
louie god. Vor maydenhod wyf-oute fe lone of god / virginiiy without 
is ase fe lompe wyjj-oute oyle. j)a,nue fe fole maydenes ultoi^p without 
nor fet hi ne uelden najt hare lompen mid fe oyle: ^' 
weren besset wyjH)ute uram fe bredale. And f e wyse 
maydines fet wel uelden hyro lompen of jje oyle : 
yeden in mid f e bredgome to fe bredale. 

pe ]>rL maneres to louie god / pet bye]) be-tokned TI10 three grain* 
be J)e fri comes of fe lilye : saynt austin tekf J)o he eth h^ to*iove 
zede f us. J)ou sselt louye god mid al fine onderstond- ^ ^^ ,„^y. 
inge wyJ)-oute errour. mid ale J)ine wylle vryf-oute aJSulSLjJ,"* 
wyfziggiwge. and mid al ])ine be])enchinge wy)>-oute 
uoryetinge. Ine zuyche manyere is godes anlyche in each manner 
uolueld ine manne / by fe fri dingnetes fet bief ine pe ftiimiedinmil!!* 
zaule. J)et is to wytene. onderstondinge. befenchinge. Jroperttwionbe 
and wyl. Huawne fise jjri finges bye]) wel.ydijt to ""** 
god ine fri maneres / ase zayf saint austin / peaine byej) [Fol ts. «.i 
pQ fri comes of ])e lilye wel y-gelt mid fe golde of 
charite fet yeff uayrhede / and guodhede to alle 
uwiiues. uor wiJ)-oute fo golde / no uirtue nef is be-uore 
god. 0))erlaker spek]) saynt bernard of ])e maniere to st Bernard 
louye god. And fus zayf. *0. fu fet art C7*tsten / loveOoa, 
lyerne hou fou sselt louie god / fet is lesu cr/st.' 
Lierne.him to louie / wysliche. zueteliche. stran[g]liche. wi^iy, eweeuy, 
and stedeuestliche. Wyslyche : J?et pou ne by y-stered itedfaetiy. 
be none prosperity. Strongliche : ])et ])ou ne by oner- be notmoved by 
come / be none aduerset^. and fus is uayr fet flour of stroSg»yfthat 

,11 £ jij/i- v«« •!_/ thou be not over- 

J)e lylye of maydenhod / huanne hi is zuych / ase we ©ome by adver- 
habbe]) y-zed. And \>ei is fe ofer scele huer-by fe stat '*'^' 
of madenhod / is moche to praysy / fet is uor his 

\)e ])ridde scele huerby hit is to alowe / is uor his The third reason 
guodhede / and uor pe note pet peioi corn]). Yor may- to be praised 
denhod is a tresor of zuo grat wor}) : pat hit ne may 



Nothing Is 
worthy of being 
compared to the 
cliaete heart. 

Virginity bring* 

forth moet fhiit. 

Morrijige thhrty- 


widowhood iixty- 


and virginity a 


{} bolonff^ and 
bouore ill MS.] 

In marriage one 
shall keep the ten 

In widowhood 
one shall keep 
the ten behests, 
and six works of 

The number 
hundred betoken- 
eth a round num- 
ber, and is the 
fairest of all 

It betokeneth the 
crown wherewith 
the wise maidens 
crawiied them- 

[S Originally the 
passage stood 
thus, were mid 

for they have a 
special crown 
above the crown 
of bliss. 

by / be nonen y-zet a pj-ts. psmue J)e writinge zayf. 
J>et no fing ne is worfi to by ylykned: to J?e chaste 
herte. and ia to onderstonde specialliche : of J)e chaste 
maydonhod. uor maidenhod aboue alle ofre states berj) 
pet gratteste frut. Jjo J)et byej) ine spoushod yef hit 
lokef ase hi ssolden : lii habbe]) fet ])ritta3te fnit. Jjo 
pet byeJ? ine wodewe-hod : habbe^ J?et zixtia^te frut. po 
pet lokej) maydenhod : liabbe)> fet hondr[ed]a3te frut. 
Vor zuo zayj) oure Ihord ine his spelle. .fet / fet zed 
pet vil into pe guode londe : fructefide of one half to pe 
Jjrittajte. of o]7er half to zixtia3te. and of pe jiridde 
half / to |)e houdreda3te. Jjise pfi nombres of jiritti. of. 
Ix. and of an hondred : belouge])^ to pe ]>ri states beuore^ 
yzed. pe tale of fritti / f et is of ))ri8i]>e ten : belonge]y 
to pe stat of spoushod. huer me ssel loki pe ten hestes 
ine pe byleaue of pe tn'nit^. \)e tale of zixti ^et is wel 
gratter / ]>et is of zixzi))e ten. be-longe]) to pe stat of 
wodewehod. uor in zuych stat me sse[l] loki pe ten 
hestes. and mid ]>an me ssel do pe zix \irorkes of mere! / 
huer-of we habbef aboue y-speke. Ac pe tale of an 
hondred ]>et is pe meste of pe jiri uol-do. uor hi betokne]) 
ane rounde figure. ]7ct is pe uayreste amang alle pe 
of re figures. Vor ase ine pe rounde figure : pe ende 
^yent ayen to his ginninge / and make]) ase ane coroune : 
alzuo pe tale of an hondred : ioyne]) pm ende to pe 
gi?niinge. uor tenzife ten : makef an hon«lred / J)et be- 
toknej) pe coroune fet pe wyse may dynes : ham 
corounede.2 And faj hit by zuo fet ine pe stat of 
spoushod. and ine pe stat of wodewehod / me may wel 
Wynne pe coroune of blisse / and more habbe of merite 
auoreye god : fane uele madines. Vor manie fer byef 
ine paradis of ham f et habbef yby ine spoushod / and 
ine wodewehod / fet more byef nier god : f anne manye 
maydines. ac alneway habbef pe maydines ane speciale 
coroune : aboue pe coroune of blisse / fet is pe coroune 
to alle J?e hal3en. Vor f et pe maydines habbef ane 


speciale ouercomynge of hare ulesse. nor to uol3y ^e 

lamb of mildenesse / huyder hit ge]) / to huam hi [Foi.78.b.] 

hyeb y-sponsed. and habbe]) ylcte |)e ulessliche for they have 

.11.. 1 overcome In an 

sposa'yics / uor to by mid bim ate sposayles eure- espedai manner 

. the liuU of the 

lestinde. Heeh. 

pe tende^ stat huer me ssel loki chastet^ / is of The sixth state or 

. I chastity is of 

•clerkes y-hoded / ase bye]) 8a])deaknes / dyaknes / hooded clerks, 

prestes / and bissoppes. AUe ])os bye]) y-hyea[l]de to priesu, Ae'., who 

loki chastete / uor manye scoles. Verst / uor fet hod preserve chastny 

J)et hi habbe)) onderuonge / J)et acse]) alle holinesse. p'rsiCbwawr*"** 

Jjawne Jet sacrement is zuo he^ and zuo holy / fet J)o maliVeSihoil- 

J)et hit onderuonge)) / bye)) ybounde to chastete to loky. "•"* 

bet neuren.o hi ne mo3e ham do to spoushod. Efter- Secondly, their 

/v. 1.111 1.1 1. ***** *• *® ■*'^* 

ward uor hare office fet hi habbe)). uor hi byef y-di3t. God, 

propreliche to serui god ine his temple at his weuede. 

and handle)) / and be-take)) to hare honden ])e ))inges 

))et bye)) y-haljed. ase pe uesseles y-blissed. pe chalis. to handle sacred 

. . tiling, 

pQ copereaus. and pet more is grat pmg wy))-oute com- and, above aii. 
parisoun : pet bodi of oure lorde lesu crtst / ))et pe Lord Jesoa 
prestes sacrep / and onderuonge)) / and betake)) o))ren. 

Nou lii ssolden p&une by wel klene / and wol holy / 
uor ))ane scele of pe Ihorde to huam hi serue]) / ))et is 
holy / and hate)) alio uel))e. \)anne he z&yp ine pe TheScHptnre 
writings. * Byef holy / uor ich am holy.' uor to zuiche fori am holy .•'•' 
ihorde / zuich maine. Vor pe scele of pe stede huer hi 
seruej / fet is pe cherche / fet is holy / and y-haljed 
god to seruy. Me uint ine pe writinge / ))et amang pe Among the 

pagans the priests 

paenes pe prestes pet lokeden chastete ine pe temple / observe chasiuy 
weren to-deld ura?7i pe ofren / fet hi ne loren hire 
chastete. Mochel ssollen bi more clene wyjj-oute com- 
pa?'isoun / and more chast pe c?-?stene prestes / fet 
seruye)) ine godes temple / fet is y-hal3ed / and 
apropred god to serui. Yet eft hi ssolle by more ciiristian priesu 
clene / and more holy / uor ))et hi serue)) at godes more chaste, 
borde of his coupe / of his breade / and of his wyne / 

[^ So in MS. : read zixte f] 



for they Mrve at 
God's tabto. 

St Panl exhorts 
Christian btsltopa 

This diastlty 
was betokened in 
the Old Law by 
tlie girding of 
the loins. 

The girdle is 

Aaron and his 
children were 
clothed in linen 

Before the linen 
*'kirtle" is white 
it roost be beaten 
and waslied ; 
so most the flesh 
be disdpUned Igr 

The kirtle mnst 
have above the 
white girdle of 
[Fol. 74. a.] 

The linen kirtle 
betokeneth chast- 
ity of heart. 

The girdle above 
denotes chastity 
of body. 

and of his mete. Godes table is J?e wyeued. J>e coupe 
is ]>e chalis. his bread and his wyn : ]>et is his propie 
bodi and his propre blod. Mochel ssolle hi pann^ by 
clene and holy / fo fet zuiclie seruicc do)>. Jeanne 
sainte pauI zay]>. hit behouej) pet pe bissoppes / and pe 
o]>re ministres of huam he hep y-speke / )»et bye}» ]>e 
ministres of holy cherche / by chaste. 

Jjis chastet^ wes be-tokned ine pe yealde la^e huer 
god het to haTTi ])et ssolden ethe of pe lombe / ))et be- 
toknede J)et bodi of lesu cnst / fet hi gerten wel hare 
lenden. pe gerdel huermide pe ministres of holy 
cherche / ssolle ham gerde / ope pe lenden : is chastet^ / 
)>et wy)>-dra3]> pe lecherie of hare ulesse. po god het 
to aaron / ))et wes prest and bissop / ^et alle his chil- 
dren weren yclofed ine linene kertles / and y-gert 
aboue mid huite linene gerdles. Aaron and his chil- 
dren / ]yet serueden ine pe tabernacle : he-tokuep / pe 
ministres of holy cherche / fet ssol by y-cloJ>ed mid 
linene kertles / of chastete / ))et is be-tokned be pe 
huite ulexe. Vor ase linene kertel er]>an hi by huyte : 
uelezijie hi/?i behoue]) fet he by ybeate / and y-wesse : 
And alsuo hit be-houef / f et uless beate / and wesse / 
be dissiplines / and be hardnesses, and ofte wesse his 
herte of kneade lostes. and of kueade "wylnynges / be 
zo]>e ssrifte / er ]7an me mo^e habbe ))ane huite kertel 
of chastete. Ac ])es kertel ssel habbe jiaiie huyte gerdel 
aboue. )>et is to zigge / ]>et chastete ssel hi straytliche 
y-loked / and wel wyf-draje be abstinence [uorberinge] / 
ase moche ase scele her]) / ^t is pe bocle of pe gerdle. 
0))erlaker me may zigge / jiet pe linene kertel / be-toku- 
ep chastete of herte. pe gerdel aboue / be-tocne]> 
chastete of bodie )»et ssel wypdm^e pe lostes of pe 
ulesse uor to loki pe chastete of pe zaule. pi8 ilke selue 
is ous betokned / ine pe aube / and ine pe gerdle aboue / 
J).et pe ministres of holy cherche doj) an / huanne hi 
ssolle serui at godes wycuede. Yor hi ssolle by chaste 


■wvbine ine be herte / and wy b-oute ine bod ye. Mochel very foui is the 

'''^ '^ ' ''^ . . upot of lechery In 

is uoul be spot of zewne / and nameliche of lecherie / the minute™ of 

, , the charoh, 

ine fe ministres of holy chercbe. Vor hi bief fe 030 

of holy chercbe / ase zayf ))e writinge. Vor ase f et 

eje let fet body / and hiw ssewej) his way huerby hit for they are the 

ssel guo : alsuo ssoUe Jje prelas / and ]7e o))re ministres church. 

of holy cherche ssewy J)ane way of helf e to ofren. 

))anne alsuo ase ^e spot ^et is wel uouler ine ]>e e^en / a« the epot is 

__ ■!•. i.^ fouler in the eye 

])anne ine o))re lemes of )>e bodye : alsuo is pe spot of man in the other 
lecherie more uouler / and more pe?'ilous ine clerkes m is lechery more 

J . 1 . * 1 J 11 T?ri. J / perilone in clerks 

and ine prelas ; f arzne me leawede uolke. Eft^rward / \^^^ prelates than 

by byejj fe sseawere of holy cherche / buerine ))et *"*«''d'^*'' 

lewede uolk lokef / and nime]) uorbysne. Ac huawne 

\^ sseawere is bri^t me zi^J; wel jiane spot / and ]>o 

uel))e ])et is ine ))e ssewere. Ac jie ilke ))et ine zuich a 

ssewero najt ne lokef / he ne zikj)^ najt his o^ene spot / [» «^p] 

lie )>et me de)) mid ]>e sseawere ])et is uoul an dim. Ac 

huanne ]7e ilke sseawere is wel brijt and clene: |)a?2ne 

may me wel y-zy / and wel y-knawe his spottes. Alzuo 

huanne ]7e prelat is of guode lyue / and of guod los. 

]ya7ine he ssel nime uorbisne of guode lyue. £f t€7*ward. Prelates should 

.be pure and holy, 

hi ssolle by wel klene / and wel holy, nor ]>et hi for they haiiow 


clenze]) / and hal^e)) )>e o))re. Yor ase zayj) saynt 

g?'egorie. * Je hand J)et is uoul / and behorewed / ne 

may o])rema7me uel])e do away.' and ])e writinge zayjy. 

])et ])e ilke ])et is uoul : ne may nenne o]>re?me kle;^sy. but the foui are 

And ])et is to onderstonde : ase moche ase fayle]> of his others* 

merite. Vor J)e sacrement f et is y-mad be fe ministre / 

be ])e hand of ]>e.kueade ministre. ne is ns^t lesse wor]y 

ine him-zelue / ne lesse uirtuous / ne J)e lesse mi^tuol / 

uor to hal^y ham J)et hit onderuonge]>. Vor yef hit on- 

deruonge]) be ]>e hand of ane guode ministre. uor be xhewickedneM 

of the minister 

kueadnesse of ]>e ministre/ ne apayre]) najt ]7e sacro- impaiiethnot 
ment / ne ]>e guodnesse. Ac alneway ]>e kueadnesse of sMvament. 
]7e ministre / may anpayri ])e o])re be kueade uorbysnen. 
and ])e guodnesse edefie / bo uorbisne , of guode lyue. 



MIniit«n thoold 
be an •xunple of 
eliMtity to their 

The wTcnth itata 
ia tlM ttoto of 

Thoee who are 
dedicated to God 
muat alwaye ob- 
eenre chastity, 

[Fol. 74. b.] 

for their state 
ia one of per- 

The devil strives 
most to tempt 
them to sin. 

for he has greater 
joy over tlie fall 
of a good and 
great man than 
over many otliers, 

as the fisherman 
hath greater joy 
to take a great 
fish than a little 

))eruore Jeanne huam pet hi hal^e]) / and dense)) fe o)yre 
ine pet lii ministre]) pe sacremens of holy chercbe : hy 
ssolle by pe more holy / and more clene / ]>anne pe 
ofre. Vor yef hi byej) queade : hi ssolle by fe more 
y-harmed / ponne pe opve. jpis is pe zixte stat. 
huer me ssel loki chasiet^. and pe zixte bo^ of pise 

pe zeuende stat huer me ssel loki chastetiS : is pe 
stat of religioun. uor ])o ])et bye]) ine )>et stat / habbe]) 
to god behote : ])et hi ssolle libbo euremor chasteliche. 
And J^eruoro hy byef y-hyealde / and y-obliged be" 
zuych beheste. ])et neuremor hi ne mo^e by spoused / 
zeppe hi bye]) profes. And huo ])et him de)) spousy : 
be spoushod ne ssel by najt. and J^eniore hi ssolle do 
greate payne / and grat diligence wel to loki hare 
chastete / and uor hare stat / ])et is stat of holy p^rfec- 
cion. ])et pe more })et / ])et stat is holy : be zuo moche 
is pe zenne pe more / and pe more uouL pe uouler 
))et is pe spot : pe more he is yzyenne ine pe huyte robe. 
And huo ))et hejest Mslp : pe zorer he him bleche)>. 
And uor to ouercome hire aduersarie ])et is pe dieuel / 
]>et mest him payne]) uor to uondi and to do ualle ]>o of 
religion, and more is gled huanne he his may ouer- 
come : pRnne of eni oj^er stat. Yor alsuo ase pe angles 
of heuene habbe]) grat glednesse of ane zene^ere 
huanne he him repente]) / and de]) penonce uor his 
zennes : alsuo pe dyeulen ham gledie]) huanne^ hi mo^e 
ouercome / and do uallo in-to zenne ane guodne man. 
And pe more ])et he is of grat stat / and pe parfiter : 
pe more hep he pe gratter glednesse / huanne he him 
may gyly. Ase pe vissere he]) more blisse uor to nime 
ane gratne viss : ])ane ane littlene. 

Here lieth a 


One readeth in 

the lives of the 

HyBR LY]) a TALE. 

Me ret ine Hues of holy uaderes / ]>et an holy man 

^ MS. puanne 


tealde / hoii he com to by monek / and zede. hou bet i»oiy fathers 

that a holy man 

he hedde y-by ane payenes zone / J^et wcs a prest to ]>e toid iiow he be- 

,, .' 1 5 came a monk. 

momenettes. And po he wes a child : on time he yede He wa* a pagan 
into pe temple mid his uader pn'ueliche. j)eT he yze^ when a chiid he 
ana g/v/tne dyeuel fet zet ope ane uyealdinde stole / and temple of 
al his mayne aboute him. Jjer com on of fe pWnces : ma uwre he mw 
and leat to him. Jjo he him aksedo fe ilke J)et zet ine uJ"IJ5i*a fiJuilng- 
])e stole, huawnes he com. and he ansuerede / fet he Ijjja„ulb«it'* 
com uram ane londe huer he hedde arered and ymad i^"** ... . 

'^ One of hit princea 

manye werren / and manye vijtinges / zuo pet moche *»»«»«<* toWh>"» 
nolk weren yssla^e / and moche blod ber y-ssed. be bloodshed he imd 

•^ ' ' . '^ ^ ' caused hi 80 dnyt. 

mayster hi^u acsede ine hou moche time he hedde ])et 

y-do. and he ansuerede : ' ine ))ritti da^cs.' he him zede / His master the 

' Ine zuo moche time / hest zuo lite y-do V ]po he het to be weii beaten, 

fet ha wer rijt wel ybeate / and euele y-dn^e. Efter machtimehehud 

fan : com anofor f et alsuo to hi??i leat ase pe uerste. **"* ^ 

))e mayster hiin acsede : huannes ha com. He ansuerede / Anotiier came 

and said tliat ia 

]>et he com uram pe ze. huer he hedde ymad manye 20 days he 
tempestes. uele ssipes to-broke / and moche uolk pests and ship- 
adrey[n]ct. pe maister acsede ine hou long time, he ^"^ *" 
ansuerede / 'ine tuenti d^^es.' He zayde / 'Ine zuo He too was re- 
moche time : hest zuo lite y-do ] ' Efterward com pe idleness. 
])ridde. j^et ansuerede / ]>et he com uram ane cite huer A third came and 
he hedde y-by at ane bredale / and jjer he hedde arered wedding he had 
and y-mad cheastes / and strifs. zuo J)et moche uolk discord, and' 
J)er were y-sla^e. and f er-to : he hedde ysla^e fane Sys/' ° 
hosebounde. pe maister him acsede hou long time he 
zette f et uor to done. He ansuerede fet ine ten da^es. 
]?o he het fet he were wel ybyate. uor fet he hedde for which he was 
zuo longe abide fet to done: wi]H>ute more. Ate beaten for being 
lasten com an-ofer to-uore pe prtnce. and to him he At huf there 
beaj. And he him acsede / huannes comst fou. He ^ ' 

ansuerede f et he com uram pe ermitage / huer he who said he came 
hedde yby uourti yer uor to uondi ane monek of forni- il^?wher^ hS 
cacion / fet is pe zenne of lecherie. and zuo moche ich years tempting a 
habbe y-do >et ine fise ny3t ich hine habbe ouercome / S^'^l^Td' 



[Fol. 75. %."] 
this prince, aiMl 
on his bead and 
praiMd him for 

That W0 Me how 
Rlad the deril U 
wlien be may 
eanseaman of 
religion to lUl 
into sin. 

Oar Lord went 
into the desert to 
be tempted. 

Religion is a 
desert hard and 

Whoeo will avoid 
lechery, mast 
withdraw from 
the lusts of the 

He who will take 
a castle most 
withdraw the 
meat and the 
water so as to 
starve his foe. 

The castle of the 
womb may not 
withstand the 
spirit when it is 
starved by fast- 
ings and absti- 

and y-do him ualle in-to ])e zenne. po Ihip op ^ 
maystor / and him keste / and be-clepte / and dede pe 
coroune ope his heued / an dede him zitte be-zide him. 
and to him zede / pet he hedde grat ])ing y-do / and 
grat prowesse. po zayde pe guode man / pet hnatme 
he hedde fet y-hyerd / and fet y-zoje : he fojte / pet hit 
were grat ping to by monek / and be J)o encheysoim 
he becom monek. 

Ine f ise talc me may ysy / f et greate glednesse hab- 
be]) ^e dyeulen huanne hi mo^e do ualle ane man of re- 
ligion in-to zenne. Vor huanne fet a man is y-guo in- 
to religion / he is ase j^e'ilke ])et gep in-to pe neldo 
uor him-zeliie / to ui^te wyf fane dyeuel. p&iine 
huanne oure Ihord wolde by uonded of pe dyeule : he 
yede in-to desert, uor pe desert of religion : is ueld of 
uondinge. Eeligion is ycleped desert, uor alsuo ase pe 
desert is hard and draye / and uer uram alle men : 
alsuo ssel by pe stat of religion hard / and draye be 
hardnesse of Hue. ])et is a Strang heg aye pe wyckede 
bestes. and a Strang armure a-ye ])ane uyend. pia is 
remedie aye zenne of lecherie. uor huo f et wyle quenche 
]}et uer of lecherie ine him-zelue : he ssel v/ypdiofe pe 
brondes. f et byejj pe lostes of pe ulesse / )>et fe guode 
religious ssel 'wy]}dra3e of his ulesse / be uestinges / be 
wakiinges / be diciplines. oJ)er o])erlaker f et uer ne may 
na^t by y-quenct Huo fet wyle ane cite opet ane castel 
uime: he ssel asemoche ase he may / vfypdrsi^e pe 
metes / and J)et weter / uor to asterue his. Vor huanne 
pe castel is asterued : he ne may hym hyealde aye his 
yuo. Alsuo pe castel of pe wombe J^et is pe streng]>e of 
pe ulesse / ne may him hyealde aye ])ane gost : pSLiine he 
is asj;erued be uestinges / and be wyJ^dra^J^es. ' pe stat 
of religion ssel by zuo yuerred uram jje wordle : J>et pe 
ilke ]}et is ine ]}et stat / ne uele najt huerof he ssel by 
dyead to pe wordle / and libbe to god. ase zayp zainte 
paul. ]>et alsuo ^ ase pe ilke ])et is dyead bodilich / he]) 


ilore alle his bodiliche wyttes / fe zi^fe / J)e hyerj^e / Je 
speche. |)ane zuel^ / )>ane smel / and pQ uelinge. alsuo 
ssel by pe religious zuo dyead ase to pe wordle : pet he xbe reiigioot 

•hoold b6 d6ad to 

no])ing ne uele pet beloDge]) to zenne. |)et he mo^e the world, 
zobliche zigge ])et word / ]>et pe apostel sainte paul st Paai held the 

world vile md 

zayde of him-zelue. * pe wordle ' he zayf * is y-crwcefyed hateftii, as one 

to me : and ich to pe wordle.' he wolde zigge ])et al iscmcifledor 

alsuo ase pe wordle him hild uor uyl / and uor wlatuol / n^^Seedi?^ 

ase me de]) enne y-honged : alsuo hed he pe wordle 

uor vil / and uor wlatuol / ase me he]> ])ane : ]>et is y- 

crucified o])er anhonged uor his misdede. Alsuo ssel 

pe ilke ])et is ine stat of perfeccion / pe wor[d]le hatie. He that is in a 

" state of perftction 

])et is to Zigge : pe couaytise /and ^e kueadnesse of pe iiateththeoovet- 

wordle / ])et he ne uele na^t be loue and be wylninge. world, 

zuo ])et Ids caTzuersacion by al ine heuene. ase zajp 

zainte paul of him / and of ham ]>et bye]) ine stat of 

perfeccion. * Oure cowuersacioun' he zayj) * is ine heuene. for their oonversa- 

,^_v,.. . .-ii.. 1 V tlon is la heaven. 

uor ])et body is ine pe erpe. pe berte is ine heuene be 
loue / and be wylninge. 

Man religious ne ssel nofing o^en habbe ine erfe. 
Ac he ssel maki his hord ine heuene. ase zay^ oure shaii make his 
Ihord ine his spelle. * Yef f ou wylt ' he zayJ) - by parfit : 
guo and zele al ])et ])ou hest / and yef hit pe pbure uor 
godes loue / and zuo pe sselt habbe ])in hord ine heuene.' 
Mannes hord of religion : ys zobe pouerte bet comb of The man of re- 

** 'f f^ ^ r T ligion's hoard is 

guode wylle /ase zayb an halaen ine be lyues of uaderes. true poverty, 

wherewith one 

Vor pouerte is fet menet / huermide me bay J) pe riche buyeth the kinj?- 

dom of heaveu. 

of heuene. Hueruore oure Ihord zay]). ])et pe poure of 
sprit byef y-blissed. Vor J)e riche of heuene ; is hare. 
Vorzojje huo f et is poure of spirit / J)et is of wylle. He 
ne zek]) ine ])ise wordle / ne lostes. ne richesses. no 
worbssipes. ac rabre uoryet al / uor god. And zuo ssel The good reUgi- 

\ , ous man seeks to 

do be sniode religious / bet wile cliue into be belle of ciimb nnto the 

I , ^ , , ,/, hlUofperfeoUon. 

p^neccion. pa7me pe angel zayde to lot / po he wes 

y-guo out of sodome. 'ne trost ])e na3t ine ])e stede ]}et 

))ou hest ylete. ac ywyte pe ine pe helle of perfeccion.* 




for ha tnutt not 
to the world. 

Lot** wife looked 
hack to the bam* 
ing city, and was 
changed into an 
image of aalt. 

Lot'* wife be- 
tokeneth thoee 
whose bodies are 
in the cloisters 
bat their hearts 
in the world. 

Thfj have <mly 

the clothing of 


The image of salt 

betokeneth wit 

and discretion. 

Oar Lord exhorts 
his disciples to 
remember Lot's 

He who sets hand 
to the ploagh and 
looketh behind is 
not worthy of 

l^ose dedicated 
to God should 
erer have the 
eyes of their 
[Fol. 76. a.] 

Yor huo pet is y-guo out of pe conuersacion of ])e ivordle : 
Jie ne ssel him najt trosti / ne liyealde besyde pe woidle 
be wylle / ue be wilninge. Ac him asoyny ase inocho 
ase he may / al huet he is ine pe helle of perfeccion / 
and p&r me ssel abide to his hel])e / wy])oute lokingo 
ayen. Lottes wyf lokede behinde hiie / pe cite pet 
ber[ii]de hueiout hi wes i-guo. and Jeruore hi wes 
ychouged in-to an ymage of zalt. Lottos wyf / be- 
tokne]) ham / zeppe ])et hi bye)) iguo out of pQ wordle / 
and bye]} yguo into religion, wende]) aveii be wille and 
be wylninge / ))et habbe]) hare body ine cloystre / an 
zette]) hare herten ine pe wordle. ]>os anlykne]) pe 
ymage of zalt / ))et ne he]) bote pe lyknesse of man. and 
hit is hard / and chald ase a ston. Alsuo byej> ])et 
uolk chealde ine pe loue of god /and hard wy)K)utc 
wetnesse of pite : and of deuocion. Jeanne hi ne habbe)> 
bote pe clo])inge of hare religion, pe ymage ])et wes of 
zalt / be-tokne]) ine pe writinge : wyt / and discrecion. 
uor ase ]>et zalt yeip smac to pe mete : alsuo ssel man 
habbe wyt. and discrecion ine his dedes / and ine his 
wordes. pe like ymage p&nne of zalt ssel y[e]ue wyt / 
and onderstondinge / and uorbysne : to ham of religion. 
]>et habbe)) uorlete pe wordle / ))et hy ne wende ayen to 
pan ))et hi habbe]) y-lete. And ])eruore zayp oure Ihord 
in his spelle to his deciples / ])et him uol^ede. ' be))enche]) 
you he z&ip of lottes wyue.' pet is to zigge / ne loke]) 
na^t to ])et ye habbe]) y-lete uor me. ])et ye ne lyese ))et 
]yf of grace and of blisse : Alsuo ase lottes wyf / 
uorlyas ))6t lif of pe bodye / uor ])et hi lokede to pan / 
))et hi hedde y-lete. Jeanne oure Ihord i&yp ine his 
spelle. ))et pe ilke ))et zet pe hand ape ZU0I3 and loke]) 
behinde him : ne is najt wor])i to pe riche of heuene. 
Yor alsuo ase pe ilke pe let pe ZU0I3 loke)) alneway 
beuore hi77» / uor to lede wel his ZU0I3 : Alsuo ssel do 
he ])et zet pe hand to pe ZU0I3 of penonce o])er of reli- 
gion : alneway ssel habbe pe e^en of his herte / ])et is to 


zdgge fe onderstondinge and ])e wyl to pan pet is be-uore : heart dirMted to 

and na3t to |)an pet is behynde. ])et is to ])e gaodes and not to tem- 

eoielestinde ])et ssolle/t by be-uore ine pe herte. najt to 

pe timliche guodes / ])et ssolle by behynde. And ]>as 

dede zaynte paul bet zede / bet he hedde uoryete bet / st Pani aiirays 

, ,. , ,, , , directed hto un. 

)>et wes behinde. ))et wes ])e wordle and al pe couaitise dentanding and 

)>et J>er is / fet he ne prayzede na3t / and yede alneway 

beuore liim. Vor he liedde ahieway liis onderstondinge 

and his wyl to heuene. Ac moche uolk of religion 

zettep pe ZU0I3 be-uore pe oksen. uor uele ])er hyep and Many religious 

]>et is hire harm ])et more zechep pe timliche ]>inges / poni thing* and 

and do]) beuore / }>et ssolde by behynde. pe timliche before the oxen. ' 

guodes beuore : pe eurelestinde. and pe gostlicho be* 

liynde. Zuyche religious byej) ine wel grat peril of hare 

uorlyezynge. uor hi ne habbe]> bote pe clo}>inge of hare 

religion. To pe uorbysne of zainte paul / ssel be guode stPani exhorts 

them to hvn 

religious / uoryete J^e wordle / and lete his behinde him. "ereriasting 
and pe guodes eurelestinde alneway habbe beuore his befonthem, 
e^en. and ahieway guo uram uirtue / to utrtue / alhuet and go from 

▼irtae to Tiftae^ 

he comb to be mont ioye. bet is / to be helle of blisse ontutheyeome 

'^ .^ / / r tothehUlof 

eurelestinde. huer he ssel clyerliche izy god. and him ereriaetingbiiae. 
8S0I louie parfitliche. and wor])8sipie euremo. \>et is pe 
blissrnge huer pe yeQye of onderstondinge let )yo ))et 
loke]> clennesse of herte / and of bodye / ase we habbe)) 
aboue y-«seawed. And ))eruore z&jp oure Ihord. f)et 
yblissed hjep pe clene of herte. uor hy ssolle clyerliche "Bieeeedbethe 
ysy god. )>e ilke blissinge begin]? hyer. uor hi bye^ forth^ehau 
yclenzed of J^iestemesse / of errour to pe onderstond- 
inge / and of spottes of zenne / ase to pe wylle. And 
]>eruore hi y-zyeb god be byyleaue ali^te / oipe brijtnesse They shaii see 

.... him by b^ief ^b4 

))et com]) of pe jefpe of onderstondinge / huerby me i^ the gift or 

knau]) his sseppere / and al ))et belonge]) to heLpe of 

zaule wy])-oute diede / wy])-oute comparer / wy))-oute 

chancelier. and ine pe byleue of lesu cnst huer hi bye]) 

zuo to-gidere / and yzet uestliche / ))et hi ne mo^e ham 

to-dele : uor dyaj) / ne nor torment And ^eruore hi 

16 • 



The pare of heart 
are bleeaed in tliU 
mortal lift. 

for thfy tee God 
dearly with the 
eyes of their 

This blessing 
shall be perfected 
in tlie life ever- 

when they shall 



[FoL 76. b.J 

In heaven there 
is aH beauty, 
sweetiiees, and 

wherefore think 
oil things above, 
and consider how 
desirable is that 
bliss which com- 
prehenda ail 

God is the highest 


of Him come all 

goods, as the 

streams of the 


He is greatly 

blessed who with 

Ills naked visage 

byej) yblissed / f e clene of herte / ine fise lyue dyad- 

lich. uor hi habbe]) pe c^en of hare herten / and pe 

onderstondinge of hare wylle / zuo clene / and zuo clyer / 

pet hi zye^^ god / and yleue}) be stronge beleaue / and 

zikere. ase z&yp oure Ihord to saint thomas pe apostel. 

* Vor J)et f ou me best y-zoje : ])ou me best yleued. Ac 

fo ssolle by yblissed : pet me ne y-zeje and me yleue)>.' 

Ac p\a blissinge ssel by uolueld / ine pe Hue eureles- 

tinde. huer pe clene of herte ])et hier ssolle ysy him bo 

byleaue. ac alneway ])iesterliche. hi ssolle y-zi face wy]) 

face : al ap^rfceliche / ase z&yp zay[n]te paui. pet is pe 

blissinge of angles / and of balden of paradis. ])et yzy 

god ine pe face / yknawe enne god ine pn persones. to 

ysy.clierliche ine po sseawere huerinne alle pinges byep 

bri3te / mid pe lombe / and pe balden ham wondrep / 

and ham y-zyep. and nolle ne mo^e by : him an to loki. 

Vor per is alle uayrhede / alle zuetnesse / alle guo[dJ- 

nesse. welle of lif eurelestinde / and al pet herte may 

wylnj / and of guod desiri. Ac ich zigge lite, uor 

ase zayp pe writinge. 'ne e^e dyeadlich ne may na^t 

ysy. ne eare hihere. ne ma^mes herte penche. pet 

god hep agrayped to his uriendes.' Jeanne sant 

ansalm zayp. ' Man aarere al pine onderstondinge per 

aboue / an pench ase moehe ase pe mi^t / huet / and 

hou moehe grat / and hou moehe lostuol / is pet guod / 

pet hep pe ioye and pane lost of alle guode. and na^t 

zuych lost / ne zueche blisse / ase me uint ine sseppinges : 

ac asemoche more : ase pe sseppere is more panne pe 

sseppinges.' Kou zayp he / 'marines makinge huet 

y-zyxt pou foleant uor to zeche diuerse guodes to pine 

zaule and to pine bodye. Loue wel on guod huer byep 

alle guodes / and hit is yno^. pet is him-zelf pet is behest 

guod of huam comep alle pe opre / ase pe streames / of 

pe welle.' Vorzope he ssel by wel ybUssed zayp saynt 

austin / pet wyp-oute none nakede uisage onwrije ssel 

yzy pe blisse of god. and ssel by y-went ine anlicnesse 

^ For zye)>. 


of be blisse huer he ssel ysy god ase he is. huych n^fe siuaiMeaod 

. •nch M He U. 

is coroune \7y]}0ute ende / and al ]>e ssepe of haljen. 
pet ssel by al ]>e guod of man / zay]) hu3e de saint 
uictor. auoreye p&ne man pet he made ine bodye and ine 
zaule / uor fan ])et man him y-ze^ mid pe e^en of pe 
bodie ine his manhode. and pe zaule him yzip ine his 
godhede. zuo )>et he uand zuetnesse / and lost ine his 
sseppere wy])-ine / and wyjK)ute / wyj>-inne : ine he 
godhede. wyj^oute : ine pe manhode. )>et ssel by pe blisse 
of man / bet ssel by his ioye / and his lost / and lif Thia right thau 

. . be the great Joy 

eurelestinde pe ilke yblissede zi3))e. pet is pe blissinge ofiifeereriMttitg. 
yef hit onderstonde]) : ))o ))et lokep clennesse of herte 
and of bodie. 

Of t)B yefJje of wysdohe. Of Jje vibtjje of or the gm of 


pe laste yeffe / and pe meste / and pe he^este : is ))e The i««t gift and 

yeffe of wysdom. f et is a grace J)et J>e holy gost yeff to wiwiom, 

jje cowteiwplative herte. huerby he is ynome of pe loue *>y "»»*<* *»»e 

of god. fet he na3t ne wylnef / ne ne ze3 j) of er f ing / with the love of 

Gk)d <Miljr. 

paiJine him to zjenne j and to habbe / ine him uor to 

likni / mid him uor to bleua bis is bet inreate of per- Tiiie u the step 

*- r o iT ofperfcctlon. 

feccion / J>e ende of cowtemplacion. pe jeipe of onder- 
stondinge huerof we habbe]) aboue yspeke / makef 
knawe god / and pe gostliche finges ase be zi3]7e / and 
be simple lokinges. Ac pe yeffe of wysdom / makef to Thiegiftmakee 

at to know God 

yucle god / an to y-knawe ase be zuel^. fanne wysdom perCact^. 

ne is ofer fing / p?aine knaulechinge smackinde / fet is 

mid smac and mid grat lost of herte. uor oferlaker he 

knaub wyn / pe ilke fet hit yzi3b ine a uayr gles. ober. «• one knoweth 

wine by seeing or 

laker pe ilke f et hit drincf / and tastef / and smackef. tasting it. 
Ac be filosofes yknewen god be wri tinge / ase be ane The phoosopben 

'^ JO "-0 / fnewGodby 

ssewere huerinne hy lokede/i. be skele and be onder- writing, as by « 


stondinge of his mijte. his uayrhede / his wyt. and his 
guodnesse/er]?an J^et hi y-ze3en \>e sseppinges \>et he he)? 
ymad zuo gre^ite / zuo uayre / zuo guode / and zuo wel 



and 17 Um work* 
naiaral reason, 

[Fd. 77. a.] 

bot never 1>7 
lota or devotion. 

The gift of wis- 
dom Joineth 
man's heart to 
God by the glue of 

and there he 
ftedeth, resteth» 
and Is nourished, 
and forgetteth all 
his labours and 
desires (carnal 
and eartlily). 

Tilts is the last 
step of the ladder 

The steps of this 
ladder are tlie 
seven gifts of tlie 
Holy Ghost. 
By these stepe 
climb the angels. 

going from virtue 
to virtue. 

Having reached 
tlie higliest 

there is a greater 
need for meekness 
and self-abase- 

y-ordayned. )}anne hi knewen wel be zy^pe and be 
uorbisne / and be simple zi^pe of onderstondinge / and 
of kendelich skele. Ac neure najt ne yuelde^ / ne 
ne mijte y-uele be zuelj of rijte loue / ne by deuocioii. 
Alsuo per bye^ iiele cnstene clerkes / and leawode / 
J)et wel Lam yknewe be byleaue / and be wrytinge. Ac 
uor pet hi habbe)) ])ane znelj na3[t] wel y-di^fc be zenue 
hi ne moje no ))ing yuele nar^more )>a;ine pe zike uint 
smak ine ^e guode mete, pe yetpe of wysdom / )yet )7o 
holy gost zet ine herte / zikerlicbe uayref / and clense]) / 
of alle uel^e of zenne / and arere^ zno ])ane gost of man : 
]>et he him ioine]^ to god / be a ghi of loue / zuo ))et he 
is al on mid god. per he him uetli. per ho him nonssep. 
per he liim uette]). per he him loste]). pev he hi77i reste)>. 
per he him slepj). J)er he uoryet al his trauail / alle hid 
wylninges ulessliche / and erj^liche / and him zelue / 
])et he him ne be))eng)) of na^t : bote of ])et lie loue]) / 
and ]>et is god onlepiliche. pis is pe laste stnpe / of |:c 
Iheddre of perfeccion / Jet lacob yzej ine his sslepe / J)et 
tok pe heuene / huerby pe angles of cure Ihoide lesu 
cnst cliue op : and doun. pe stapes of j^ise Iheddrc : 
byej) pe zene yeff es of pe holy gost / huerof we habbe)> 
y-speke. Be ])0 zeue stapes cliue)) pe angles. ]>et bye)) 
))0 ])et habbe]) hare herten to heuene / )>et lede)) lyf of 
angle ine er])e / be uayrehede / and be cle^messe / )>et 
habbe]) hare herten in heuene be wylnynge. hua7inelii guoj) 
and profite]) urani u?'rtue to mVtue / al huet hi yzyej god 
aperteliche and herie)) parfitliche. Ac huaTzne hi bye)) 
y-cliue op al to pe laste stape : oferhuil hit behoue]) guo 
doun be lojnesse. Vor ase moche ase man is moio 
parfit : fe more he is milde / and pe lesse hi?/i-zelue 
prayse)). ferof me kan zigge : he fet is mest wor)) : he 
him mest loje]). ^a?me pe guode parfite mamn ssel by 
ase ])et trau ])et is y-karked mid frut / pe more hit bou^ 
to pe grunde. Ine ano])re manire me may onderstonde / 
])et pe angles yeden doun. uor pe guode men ))et ledej 

1 ^IS. yucldid 


lif of angel an erj^e / be hire holyhede / buanne hi bye]) itbehovetii tboM 

y-cliiie op to ))e he^este stape of contemplacion / huyder angeis on eaitu 

J)e yef f e of wysdom hi« let / J)et is alsuo y-goyned to 

god / })et he uoryet al pet is onder god / be ])e greate 

zuetnesse pet pe herte uel]7 / ])et is alsuo iroted ine god : 

])et he lyest alle o])re lustes. zuo ham behoue^ o])erhuyl 

guo doun of phe zuetnesse / of ^ise reste / of }>ise loste / 

iiram his zuete bryesten of solas, huer god ham de)) 

zouke ine pe co^ztemplacion to pe workes of pe bysye tod«somdtotho 

lyue / huerof we habbe]> aboue y-speke. huer pe parfite buy ufe. 

abide ssoUe / and uor hare note gostlich / and uor 


Ano]}er scele per is / hueruore hit behoue}) guo doun 
of ]7o ilke zete of conte?raplacion / huer pe gost of wisdom 
wone]). Yor pe corrupcion of pe ulesse is zuo grat ]>et Theoomptionor 
^e gost ne may ine pise Hue dyeadlich longe bleue / in gnat, 
zuo he^ stat of coratemplacion. ne yuele pe ilke greate may not long 
zuetnesse / ])et pase]> alle lostes ))et me may yuele ine Tstate of ««- ^ ^ 
J)ise wordle / ase Jjo wytej? Jjet hit habbe]) y-proued. **"p^*"** 
jperuore pe ayenwyjte of pe ulesse / is zuo heuy / J^et he The iiesh drags 
dra^]} pame gost a-doun wylle he / nolle he. and J^eruore 
pe ilke greate zuetnesse J^et pe herte crmtemplAtii uel]) / 
be pe yeipe of wysdomo ine J)ise dyadliche lyue. ne is [Foi. 77. b.] 
bote a litel zuelj / huerby me smacke)) hou god is in this earth the 
zuete / and zofte ase me taste)? and smacky)? J^et wyn. taste ora^'I 
crjj^n me drinc]) his nolle. Ac huanne me ssel come butwhen'heshaii 

.,- .. I ■» ,, •i_j.i_ti.» come Into the 

in- to pe greate tauej-ne / huer pe tonne is bo-take, pet is g^eat tavem 

ine pe line eurelestinde. huer J)et god of loue / and of (*'**^*"^» 

pays / is / of blisse / and of lostes / and of solas / ssel 

bi zuo abandones to echen / ])et alle ssolle by uolla 

Ase zayf pe sauter. pet al pe wylninge of jje herte he shau drink hu 

ssolle by uolueld J^er. huanne god ssel do come ope his 

ureudes ane ulod of pays / ase zay f pe prophete. huerof for God shall 

hi ssolle by zuo uol dronke / bet hi ssolle by alle dronke / Mends a flood or 


of pe greate plente / petia ine pine honae/aiid his aselt wmnrUehau 
do drinke of pe ulode of ])ine zuel 



To win thl* bleM< 
iiig one studl live 
■oberiy in Uiie 

Sobriety cometh 

Gluttony prodooee 
•ickneea and 
often death. 

Death seixea 
as one doth the 
fieh by the cheek. 

Dninkennees de- 
prives man of his 

The drunkard 
loses his reason, 
and the wine 
drinketh (drown- 
eth) him. 

The glutton 
makes a god of 
his belly. 

out of which go 
filth and stench. 

likinge. )>et mid )>e is ])e welle of lyue. J^et is ye welle 
eurelestinde / yet alneway kuel^^ / and fayly ne may. 
yet is god zelf / yet is welle of liue / and sterae ne may. 
huerof arist / and ge)) doun aboue alle ye hal^en. yet 
byej) / and ssolle bi ine paradis / a ulod of blisse / of 
lost / and of pais, zuo grat / yet allc ])o pet ))erof diinke}) : 
hi bye^ dronke. pet is yet pays and ye blissinge yet 
ssel by ine ye wordle yet is cominde hire uor to wyne / 
and habbe / me ssel libbe sobreliche ine yise wordle. 
ase zay]) saynt anstin. Yor non ne dring]> of yise 
stremes of pais : yet ne is dronke of ye plente of blisse : 
yet ne loke}) sobrete. ))et is ye uirtue yet ye yefye of 
wysdom zet ine herte / aye f e tomocbelhede of glotunye. 
Vor wysdom tekj) sobrete / ase Salomon zayf . Sobrete 
is a traw wel precious, uor hit loke]> ye helye of ye zaule 
and of ye bodie ase say]) ye writinge. Of glotonye of 
mete and of drinke to moche : come^ uele greate zik- 
nesses. and ofte fe dya^. Yor be to moche drinke and 
ethe : sterf^ moche uolk / and ye dyay his nim]) sodayn- 
liche / ase me nim]) pane viss by ye cheake. yet is to 
zigge / ye morsel ine ]>e mou])e. 

piae u/rtue me ssel loky toppe alle )>inges. uor ye 
guodes yet hi de]) to ])an : yet his wel loke]>. Yerst / 
sobrete \6kep be skele / and to ye onderstondinge hire 
uridom / yet dronkenesse hire be-nym]>. Yor ye ilke 
J>et is dronke / is zuo y-nome of wyn: yet he lyest 
skele / and onderstondinge / and is ase adrayngt ine 
wyin. and huanne he wen^ drinke yet wyn : yet wyn 
dryng]7 him. pe oyer guod yet sobrete make]) is yet hi 
deliure^ ])ane man of to uoul ])reldom. yet is of ])e 
Jreldome of fe wombe. Yor pe glotoun / and ye to 
moche niraere of metes : make]) of hare womben hare 
god. ase zay]) zaynte paul. Yorzo])e moche he him 
onworJ)e]) : ])et serue]? to ane zuiche uoule Ihoide / ase 
to his wombe. huerof ne may guo out: bote nelpe and 
stench. Ac sobrete loke]) man ine his Ihordssip. uor 

For knelff. 


he goat aael by Ihord ouer bet body, and J)et body ssel The spirit thonid 

, b6 lord OT0r tho 

serui to J^e goste. \)q ])ridde guod ])et sobrete maked body. 

is J)et hi loki fe gate of J)e castele aye fane ost of fe [Poi. 78. a.] 

dyeule. bet is be moub bet is be mayster sate of be Themoathittiie 

castele of })e heite / )7et ])e dyeuel asayle]) ase mocbe cutie of uie heart. 

ase he may. Ac 8ob?-et^ him werj) f e gate / fet is J)e 

mou]). And huawne f e gate of J)e moufe is open : )>e 

gest of zerane ge)) in ]i3[t]liche / and uor na^t he vi^t ayen 

)>e o])re ze?ines / ])et na^t wy))balt his tonge. Huo ])et 

hej) fise uirtue : he hef of his bodye J)e Ihordssip. 

Alsao ase me ouercom]) ]}et hors bi ])e bridle, sobrete sobriety is flmt 

Mtailed In the 

he]) fe uerste batayle ine ])e ost of utVtues / and loke]) / hoetofTirtnes. 

and werej) f e ofre u/rtues. ))anne jje dyeuel nondede 

uerst / ase be ]}e mou])e / of oure Ihorde ]>o he him The deru tempted 

oar Lord first by 

zede / ])et he ssolde maki of stones bread. AIsuo he themoatu. 
asaylede ])ane iierste man be ])e monj^e / and him ouer- 
com. uor he hi??^ opeuede \e gate of his castele / ]>o he 
him coTisentede to fe uondinge. To loki sobrete ous 
tekf / kende. writinge. an alle ssepfe. kende / J)et 
amang ])e bestes / man he]) })ane leste mou)) be J)e 
bodie. Ef ter man to })e ojire lemes y-dobled / ase ])e Man hath some 
ejen / [and] earen / ac — ^he ne heJ) bote enne mouj). Ine bat he has only 
))et ous tek]) kende / ])et me ssel ethe lite / and drinke 
lite, nor kende is mid lite y-payd. and be to moche 
of mete / is ofte y-ueld doun. J3e writinge ous tekj) 
sobrete. ine uele manyeres / and be manye uorbysnes / 
ase mo^e ysi / ])o ])et conne}) ))e writinge onderstonde / 
an \o ])et yzye]) fe Hues of hal3en. Efterward / alle aii creatures 
8sep})es teche]) sobrete. uor ine alle ssep])es / he]) god 
yzet ri3te mesure / ase zayj) Salomon ine J)e holy writ- 
inge. Sobrete ne is o])er ))ing ])anne to loki ri^te Sobriety is a mean 
mesure. ))et alneway halt ])ane middel ine to moche: andtoouttie. 
and to lite, be fan J)et scele a-li3t be grace tekf. Vor 
ine fise timliche giiodes / fet / fet is to moche to 
onen : is to lite to anofren / and ))et / fet is to moche 
to ane pouxe mam^ - ^il were ofte- 



Ev«n in fiutingB, 
watdtinga, Ac., 
•obrtotj mmt be 

Tlie rirtue of 
tempennce matt 
biB obMrvad in all 


for It modermtM 
all th« thoughts, 
wills, and deairn 

The end of all 
virtues is that tlie 
heart and body 
** be well ordained 
to God/' 

and be withdrawn 
from the love of 
this world. 

[Fol. 78. b.] 

The love of God 
sets the heart in 

Our Lord saith, 
*' Thou slialt be in 
travail in this 
world, but in me 
slialt thou find 

zij^es to lite. Ac sobret^ and temperance / zet oaer-al 
mesurc. Alsuo ine gostliche guodes : ase ine uestinges / 
ine wakiinges / ine dissiplines / and ine o))re dedes of 
mrtue / f et bye^ y-do uor god / an uor note of pe 
zaule : zet mesure. zuyclie ase scele acse]). )}e uirtue 
of te7»perance and of sobret^. fe ilke U27*tues loke]) 
mesure sceluolle. na^t onlepiliche ine mete and ine 
drinke: ac in alle U2?'tnes. ase zay[]}] saynt bernard. 
Yor ])ise uiVtue zet alle fQ ^o^tes. alle pQ willes. alle pe 
steriynges of pe herte. and alle pe wyttes of J>e bod ye / 
outnime pe Ihordssip of ri^te scele. ase z&yp tullius ))e 
wyse. zuo J)et a li^te scele be pe yef jtc of wysdome / 
halt ine pese pe Ihordssip of pe herte / and of pe bodie. 
and ^et is pe ende and pe onderstondinge of alle 
nirtues fet pe herte and fet body by wel y-ordayned to 
god. zuo ]}et god onlepiliche by hej Ihord. ine zuyclie 
manure J^et al by ine his bo^samnesse al ))et he he)) ine 
pe regne of bodye and of pe zaule. and ])et make]) 
sobre loue of god. ])et zet of al / ))e herte in-to pe wille 
of god. Jeanne zaynt austin zay^. ])et pe uirtue of 
temperance and of sobrete / is alone ))et is yloked to 
god y-hollyche wyJ)-oute corrupcion. and ous wyj>- 
dra^]) uram pe loue of hier bene])a ])et is pe loue of 
])ise wordle / ^et troubleth pe herte of man / and hise 
zet ine zor3e. and him benim]) ri3tuolle knaulechinge of 
god / and of him-zelue. Alsuo ase me ne zij]) na^t 
bri3tliche ine pe wetere ystered. Ac pe loue of god / 
f et is wel y-clensed of alle erfliche loue / and of alle 
ulessliche willes zet pe herte ine pais. Vor hi him dej) 
and zet ine his o^ene stede. ^et is ine gode. f)eT he him 
restej). fer he is in pais, ne ne he)) blisse / ne reste : 
bote per. Jjawne zayj) oure Ihord ine his spelle. 'J)ou 
sselt by ine trauayl ine J)ise wordle. ac ine me ])ou 
sselt vinde reste.' And saynt austin zede. *Lhord: 
min herte ne may by ine pais : alhuet hi reste]) ine 
J)c.' J3e ilko loue ne wext na3t of erj)e / ne of mares. 


Of bise wordle. Ac hy com]) doun of pe heje roche Thtoio?e«mi«ih 

, down from tlio 

hueroppe hi ys yzet and y-mad ]>e greate cite of hig b roek (Jmm 


paradis / end fe cite of holi cherche. pet is lesu 
crist / ope buam bye]? y-set and ymad uestliche be 
guode bileaue. ]>e stronge casteles. ])et bye]) pe herten 
of guode men. Of ])o heje roche com]) doun pe welle Ofthfaw* 

of loue ine herte pet is wel y-clenzed uor pe loue of pe or lot* into tb* 

\rordle. pe ilke welle is zuo cher and zuo y-zendied / 

|)et pe herte hire y-knau]) / and y-zi;]) hire zelue and 

hire makiere. alsuo ase me jzi^p in ane nayie weUe 

wel yzeitdred. ope ])0 welle pe herte reste)) efter ^ ^fthctwriittio 

tntiuayl of guode workes / ase we rede)) of lesu criet guriuubmrat 

oure Ihord. pet ])o he hedde zuo moche y-guo ))et he 

wes al weri / he hiin zette and restede ope pe welle. pe 

ilke welle boue )>et guode herte / he )>et hif7> wille 

ber^e / him leste^ is pe loue of god. pe ilke welle is TU t^^faw rtii 

zuo znete and of zuo gaod smac : ))et pe ilke pei peroi 

drii^^ / uoijet alle opre zneioenes and o^ smakkes. 

pe ilke welle ne uel^ na^ ^ane fane ne pe erpe J ne m^w^mtkm^ 

^ane meras of ^ise wordle / and ^eruore by is zoete and 

of guod smac to drinke. oor ase moche ase pe welle ■■*» *< ■— > t» 

yuel^ lesse of pe etpe : zoo moche hi is ^ holer and 

^ betexe cf to diinke. )>et is ^ weUe of wytte and of <t<«<^««>4^ 

wysdone. nor pe ilke pei. petoi dring^ / be knan^ wyt «m 

and wysdom and rd^ / and smaeke^ pe gieate zoet^ 

nesse ^ is ine god / and )Ki is ^ be^este wyt of 

man : wel to ksawe bis aseppen / and him lonie mid 

al bis bote. Tor wy^ooie ^iae fikso6e / aDe <fpm 

wyttesys Di^je. 

Z«yck wyt set pt boly pM ln« berte / jmnKe be *^«fiAf 
bint jeip pome jtfpe of wisfiooi I p^ u haie of gost- 
liche lihrnt I and Ytm tdajnkp / and imkitp Yam 
dronke of Lr>ly kmu Htj^ wjt » pet / p^ pe boly 
gost aei in-to pt httU: wti j-^^^tcmtA ^ yx kb babUe •i*-^*** 
bier be-ttcm y-«ew*4 ; bc««r ^ m i^^ <;f ^ wytU« of 
^ zanle / ate gisEid»^ *A ^ dia^)^ of wV¥t. mA ptt^ 



to maka it sober, 

Kone may live {n 
this world with- 
oat ** soma 
fighting of t«npt- 

[Fol. 99. a.] 

The good heart, 
whan it hath 

ratama to ItMlf 
and reeteth in 

uore ich paci ^e ssortlaker. j)et gostliche wyt pet com)) 
of stedeuest loue of god. make)) ])e herte sobre / and 
zofte / and alle ))mges a-mesure)) / zuo pet pQ herte ]^t 
is ine zuich stat is ine payse / ase hi may by ine ]>i8e 
dyadliche line. Vor ine J)ise wordle / non ne may 
libbe wyjj-oute torment / and wy)H>ute zome vi^tinge 
of temptacion. )>et god zeiit ofte uor to uondi his 
kny^tes. and uor ])an )>et hi conne usy of armes of 
utrtue. uor o])erlaker hi ne mo^e by guode kny3tes. 
Jeanne me couj^e maky pe tomoymens ine time of pays. 
Ac huannc pe guode kny^t het ouercome ])et tomoy- 
me72t : lie went ayen to his house, pet he him reste]) 
al in eyse. Alsuo de]? pe guode herte huanne hi he)) 
wel yuo^te and he]) ouercome ])et tornenoyment of 
uondinges : ha com]) ayen to him-zelue / and }dm 
reste]) ine god. pet him conioitep efter ^e trauayl / zuo 
))et he ])er uoryet al his trauayl. and ne pengp bote of 
god. huer he uint al ])et ho wilne]). pet is ])et frut ])et 
pe traw of sobret^ berf / ])et com^ of pe jeipe of wys- 
dom / ase ich habbe aboue yzed. 

or the stepa of 

Moderation shall 
be observed iu 
five thinga. 

1. Set bounds to 
tlie nnderstaiiding 
and to belief. 

Tliose overstep 
moderation who 
are unbelievers, 

and measure 
belief by their 


Ase ich habbe aboue yssewed / sobret^ ne is o])cr 
))ing / bote to loky ri^te mesure ine alle pinges. Ac 
specialliche : ine vyf ])inges me ssel loki mesure. )}et 
bye]) alsuo ase zeue stapes huerby wext and p'ofite]) ])et 
traw of sobiet^. 

pe uerste stape of sobret^ is / ))et me zette mesure in 
his onderstondinge. spacialliche to pe articles and to pe 
poyns of pe beleaue. pe ilke ouerge]) mesure / ])et wyle 
zeche kendelich skele / ine p&n ))et is aboue onderstof;d- 
inge / ase do]) pe bougies / and pe misbylefde.^ ))et 
wylle]) mesuri pe beleaue be hare onderstondinge. ac hi 
ssolden mesuri hire onderstondinge and hare skele to pe 
mesure of pe beleaue / Jjet god ous he]) y-yeue. And 
Salomon zayde to his zone. ' Yayre zone / do in-to ])ine 


wytte mesuro.' ))et is to zigge / fet pou ne bi najt / of Man ahonid not 

... .be overweening 

zuo ojene wytte / ne iia3t zuo ypijt m ])me ouerweninge : and seir-Goufident. 

pet ])oa ne flechchi / uor to leue to guod red. and ])et 

J)ou ne lete pin ojene wyt / uor to bouje to pe wyser 

panne pou. And specialllche to pe articles of pe beleaue 

me ssel lete his ojene wyt / and his onderstondinge He should set his 

understanding in 

flechchi / and zette ine preldom of pe beleaue / ase zayp thraldom to belief, 
zayte paul. na^t uor to apeluchier ne zeche kendelich 
scele. huer he non ne hep / ase dop pe bysye / oper pe 
malaacolien / pet byep ylich pan pet zekj^ pe crammeles 
ine pe russoles. oper pan pet zekp pet uel ine pe aye / 
oper pane knotte ine pe resse. 

])e oper stape is / pet me zette mesure ine pe loste s. Set measure in- 

tlie lost and tiie 

and mid pe likinge of pe wille / pet mo ne him ne aslaky pitasure of the 


na3t to moche pane bridel to yerne to lostes of pe ulesse / 
ne to pe couaytise of pise wordle. Jjajme pe wyse zayp 
ine pe writ[i]nge. ' Ne uol3e na3t * he zayp * pe couaitises ne FoUow not the 

. , ooyetousuess of 

pe wyminges of pme herte / and pe miswendc to do pi thine heart. 

wyl / pet pou hit ne uoliielle na3t. and yeld guod skele. 

uor yef pou dest to pine herte his wyl : pou makest 

blisse to pine vycndes / pet byep pe dyeulen of helle/ 

uor alsuo ase pe ilke pet makep blisse to his uo / ayens 

huam he ssel ui3te / huanne he him yclt to him ouer- 

come. Yef he him yelt ouercome to pe dyeule pet him Consent not lo 

■,.<,,. , r 1 the devil's sugges- 

consentep to his euele wylninges. peruore zayp zay[njte tions. 

peter pe apostel. * ich you helsny / pet ye ase oncoupe / 

and pilgn'mes / you loki uram wilninges.' pQ ilke pet Travellers in a 

•1 • J • u X / I V 1. strange country 

IS pilgnm and me oncoupe contraye / huer byep manye are watchful for 

pyeues an robberes pet aspiep pe pilgnms / and waytep ^"[PoLw.Ti 

pe wayes : ham lokep moche / pet hi ne ualle ine pe 

honden of pyeues. and pengp hou he may guo zikerliche. 

Alle be guode men ine bise wordle byeb oncoube and ah good men are 

" * ^ like pilgrims. 

pilgnms. Hi byep oncoupe / uor hi byep oute of hare 
contraye. pet is paradys. pet is pe contraye / and heritage 
to guode men. Hi ne byep penchinde bote uor to Their heritage is 
uoluelle hire iomayes / al huet hi comep to hare eritage / 

1 Forzekb. 



The good pilgrims 



and pmrrat tlMlr 
journqr bj right 
belief and triM 

Th^ hate no ftar 
of thieves, that it, 

God lead thmn 

The heart is Uke 

and is liable to fly 
into ttie snare. 

Control thy will, 

as one doth the 
horse with a 

Sobriety is the 

Obeerve modera- 
tion in words. 

))et is ])e cit^ of paradis / pet pe guode pilgnms zeche]y. ase 
zayj) zaynte paul. f et ne habbef / ne nolle)) habbe J?e eri- 
tage hierinef ise wordle. Zuyche pilgnms )?et willej? guo 
zikerlicbe : hi do)) ham ofte ine guode uela^rede / and 
ine zikere guoinge. pa guode uelajrede pet let zikerlicbe 
and gaop rijtuoUiche / is byleaue / and loue. beleaue / 
let pane way to pilgnmes. ac loue his ber)>. zuo ))et pe 
way bawt grenep lite / ofer na3t. Huo fet he)) zuyche 
uelajrede : he ne he)) of fyues none drede pet way tej pe 
wayes. pet byef dyeulen pet nimep and robbe)) alio 
])o / ))et none zuiche uelajrcde ne habbe)). pet bye]) ))o 
fet wyllef do hyere / byre lostes : fet ham do)) in-to pe 
honden / and in-to pe grmes of pe dyeule. Beleaue / 
and loue of god. of-halt pe herte / and his vrypdi&^t 
uram queade ])03teB / and uiam fole^ lostes / ))et he ne 
ccmsentL Alsuo ase me ofhalt ))ane uojel be pe ges / 
))et he ne vly to his wylle. pe hcrte is ase is ))e uojel 
fet wolde vly to his wylle / and bote by by ofhealde / 
be pe ges of beleaue / and of loue / by viij^p perilous- 
liche / zuo ))et by byre spi])) / and ual)) ofte into pe 
grines / of pe uojelere of belle. ))et is pe dyeuel / ])et ne 
wylnej / bote to nime Jane uo^eL Jjeruore pe guode 
men and pe wyse / wypdn^ep haire wyl / and hare 
lostes / and hare pojtes. be temperance and be sobret^. 
Huerof seoekes zayp. ' yef ))ou louest to bi sobre / and 
atempre : wy))8cx)re / and wypdra} pine willes / and zete 
ane brydel to pine couaytises.' Vor alsuo ase me wyp- 
halt pet hors by pe bridle pet hit ne guo na^t to his 
wille : alsuo me ssel ofhyealde pe herte be pe briddle of 
sobret^ / pe by ne yeue hire na^t / to pe wille ne to pe 
couaytise of pise wordle. 

]?d pridde stape of sobret^ is / zette and loki mesure 
ine wordes. Huerof Salomon zayp. ))et ' pe wyse / and 
pe wel yto^te / temprep / and mesurep his wordes.' And 
saynt lerome zayp. pet 'mid ueawe wordes / is y- 

1 MS./ofo 


pioaed mamies lyl' ^ is to zigga 1>J ^ wcxdes me BSf ^ii i ay 

may yknawe ^ folyes / and fe wjtbes of men. Vor 

ase me knan^ fe^ znin be ^ tonge / jef hit ys hoL 

ojier abooe y-nwe. and ^erooie zay^ fe wyae ine fe 

writinge. fel *fe woides of fe wyae bye^ 7~^"^^ ii>® f^ Wi 

\raye.' ))et is to zigge / fet fe wyae ssel zoo we^ fe 

\roides ine fe waye of skele and of discredon ^t fer ne 

by na^t to wy^ymene. Zome mAk hj^ / fe^ ne m<^ 

ham n^t hyalde stiOe / ne na^t bam loki / )pet hi ne zigge / 

by hit mp by fait kaziiq^ J)et bye^ aae fe meile wjp- 

oute adose. fel alne-way went be pe yemynge of ^ 

weteia. Vor hi habbe^ aae nele wordes / ase fet ctnnf 

of weter to fe mefleL Ac fe wise zette^ fe adose of 

discrvdon / nor to crfhealde fe^ weter of f de woides. 

and to nele. fe^ hi ne goo be fe mdle of fe tonge. per- 

Qoie ay^ ^ wyae ine ^ writinge. 'Yzi^ fe^ weter 

yeme.' J)et is to z^ge : bald ^ine woides ine fe sdose 

of dlKiedon. nor ase Btyp Salomon. * Hoo fe^ let goo 

pet wtier to his wille : he is ofte eaose of strif / and ci 

dudinge / and of manie koedea/ pel eom^ of koeade 

t<mge.' ase idi habbe be-noie yzed / ine pe chapttele of 

nices. hner idi sptk of fe zemie of fe tonge. Jteroore 

EKjf wd fe wyse ine pe writinge. * do ' zay^ he / * fine 

wordes ine "waje/ and good bridd ine ^ine moo^ and TakmhatAOaA 

nim nede Jiet faa ne nalle be ^ine tonge be-nore ^ine otimvml 

no: ftif^ngp^/ An-afer Exjf. *J)oiofu»iwm\»/ rmM^mr. 

a dore and a Joe. and to ^ine wordes : a waye and a 
ydL* Hno ^ ne we^f his wordes ine ^ waye of disere- 
don. and ne ofhalt na^t his tonge by pe bridle of skde. 
fe^ ssd offayealde }pe tonge of koeade wordes. he nd^ ^*^f 
li^Uieheine^hondenof huQon. ^ bye^ ^ dyeulen / 
fe^ ooecd oos si^iie^ / sad w^rte|». Hoaicoe pe Ton / o^ 
fe^ ri^tep aye fane eastd / jtild rjndep pe gate oppe : 
hi goc^ in li^tlidfte. alsoo pe dyeod Jiet n%t wy ^ fane 
castdof }pe herte / hnaieae he oint fe gate oppe / fei Tbc 
is^moo^/henim^li^ilidie^aoeeasteL And^erooie "^ 


zayde daui]) ino pQ saut^e. ' Ich sette guode lokinge to 
RtMon hw the ])e inou])e ayo mine yuo ' / ])at is ])e dyeuel. pe lokinge 

out of tlM nioaUi. 

of ]>e mou})e / })et is skele and discrecion. ])et examene)) 

))6 wordes / er])an hi gao out ate mo})e. ]^is is pe Yi3t 

huerof pe wyse spek]) ase ich habbe aboue yzed / huer 

Weigh well thy mo ssel weje ]>et word er hit by yzed. And ])oa sselt 

spoken!'* *^ ywjrte / pet zo])nesse halt fise rijtuoUe waye. Vor 

zopnessQ acorde]) ]>e onderstondinge of pe herte : and 

]>ot word of ))e mou))e / as hit is ine pe herte. ])is wayo 

no ssel hongi of pia half / ne of yend half / ari^thalf no 

Be not efrftid to alefthalf. Jpet uor none pnu^ loue of man ne of wyf- 

ipeak e truth, ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ timlich note, ne uor hate of o]>ren : me 

ne ssel lete to zigge zo|) / huer ))et me ssel / and huanne 
andepedcnot hit is nyed. ne leazinges / ne uaUnesse / me ne ssel 

fldeely to pleaM 

any one. zigge uor nenno man. 

Ase me ssel loki mesure ine wordes : alsuo me ssel 

Becftrefhiofwhat loki mesure ine hjeipe. Yor asewel me may zenejy ine 

kuede hyer])e : ase ine kueade speche. J^aTtne pe ilko 

Jet yhyerf ble|)eliche missigge opren : ys partiner / 

irthoahewett and uela3e of pe ze^^ne of pan pet he yherp. )?et non ne 

eyii of another, wolde ziggo blepeliche kuead of opren / nameliche to- 

thesinofthZ uore greate men / bote yef he ne wende pet hit likede 

'*•"''* to hiwi pet hit hyerp. Jeanne an hal^en zayp. pet * non 

ne ssolde by misziggere : bote per by an hyerere.' )>er- 

uore Salomon zayp. 'pe norpene wynd / to-praup pe 

raynes / and pe lourinde chiere : pe wordes of pe 

Great men should missiggere.' Jpise greate men hi ssolden wel ham loki / pet 

they hear. hi hierep / and pet hi leuep. pet hi vindep veawe / pet 

Futterers and zop ham zigge. Ac ulatours / and lyejeres / byep to 

liars are plentiftil, i • i • i • • i 

g7*at cheap me hare cort pe meste dierpe pet is aboute 

but fm are truUi- ham / is of zopnesse / an of trewpe. and peruore hi byep 

[Foi.80.b.] ofte y-giled. Jjet hi yherep blepeliche / and y-leuep 

li3tliche pet me ham zayp and pet ham likep. Senekes 
Great men have zayp. pet per HO lackop to greate Ihordes: bote zop 
those who ziggeres. Yor hi habbep lye3eres / and vlatours: to 

thi^trath.*^'**^ greate cheape. and veawe zop ziggeres. Me ssel habl)e 


pQ eareh opene / uor to hyere ble]yeliche / pe guode 

wordes / bet bye)) worb to be help of zaule. and y-sset : shat thy «un to 

fool words* 

to fole wordes / ydele / and queade. pet mo^e do hann : 

and ne mo^e do guod. ))eruoTe pe wyso zay]> ine ])e 

whti^ige. ' Stoppe ])ine earen mid ]>ome8. and ne hyer stop thmn with 

na^t pQ queade tongen.' pe queade tonge : is tonge of ' 

eddre of belle / ])et pe misziggeres here]), and enuenime]) 

]yo pet his y-here]). Aye zuyche tongen me ssel stoppi 

be veren mid bomes / mid the drede of oure lorde / that la, with the 

., r^ '. , ,1 fcwofthoLord. 

o]7er mid pQ pameB nuermide god wes y-corouned / uor 
bebenchinffe of bis passion : Yor buo bet heb drede of Fbr who that 

. Ibaroth God will 

god / and be]yenchinge of his passion : he nolde najt not iut«n to iian 

ble]>eliche y-hyere pe misziggeres / ne flatours / ne fole 

wordes / ne lodlicbe. In ano])re manere me may on- 

derstonde ])is word. ' Stoppe ))ine yeren mid Jyomes.' 

pe Ironies ])et prikie]) / be-tokne]) barde wordes and 

prekiinde / heruore me ssel wy})nime pe missiggeres / 

and maki his stille and ssewy semblont J^et me ne hier]y 

his nait blebeliche. ber is an eddre bet is y-bote ine ^^ •^ cioMth 

, J J one ear with earth 

latin / aspis. bet is of zuiche kende / bet hi stoppeb bet and the other 

, ^*^ '^ '^ with Ite tall, io 

on eare mid expe / and pe\, o))er mid hare tayle / ])et hi that she may not 
ne yhere ])ane charmere. \>e ilke eddre ous tek)) a wel 
grat wyt / Jet we ne hyere najt pane charmere / f et is The iiar and 
be lyeaere / and be flatour. bet ofte be-charmeb be riche channer that one 

. \ .,,, mustbewareof. 

men. Ac buo pet stoppe]) ])et on eare mid erbe / and He who stops hu 

pet opei mid pe tayle : he ne ssolde habbe none hede to beguiled by 

bi be-charmed of p^ dyeule / ne of kueade tongen. ^ 

\>e ilke stoppe]) pei on eare mid erbe : bet ])eng]) pe\, be ^^^ ^^i ^("i^ ^ 

, the earth flrom 

is of expe I and to er])e ssel come, and zuo ])enche bis whenoe he came, 

uoulhede and his ziknesse. hueruore he him ssel moche 

mildi : and na^t him praysy. ))et o])er eare stoppi mid 

pe tayle / uor to be])enche of ])e dyape / ])et him ssel and of death that 

wel astonie. Huo pe\, ])us cou])e stoppi his eaien:^ Hewhothinketh* 

he nolde yhyere ble])eliche zigge / ne recordi ])ing : pei win not iisten*to 

ssolde misliki god. and zuo ssolde he by wel ytempred / to°God, ^*" "' 

* MS. eraren 



Moderation in 
clothing ia tba 
fifth step of 
Ezoese is a aln. 

wherefore we 
should not be over 
busy in adorning 

He is a fool and 
childish that ia 
proud of hia 

The wearing of 
clothes comes of 
the sin of our first 

[FoL 81. a.] 

Under fidr robea 
there is often a 

Nature has 
adorned the pea- 
cock and cock. 

Nature has given 
man no clothes of 
which to be proud. 

St. Paul says that 
women shall 
adorn themseWei 
with propriety. 

Many poor might 
be sustained by 
the number of 
robes that one 
woman wears in a 

and amesured ine hjer^e and ine Ihestinge. And ]>is 
is \fe uer])e stape of sobrete. 

]>e uif te stape is / to loki mesure of ssredinge of 
preciouse robes / huerof me pase]) mocbe mesure / and 
make]) moche ouerdoinges. and j^eruore ]yet ouerdede is 
grat zenne / and uelezi])e anchesoun to zene ine ojyren. 
^ruore me ssel ine zuyche ]>inges loky mesure. Yor 
hit is to mo«be of pns and to moche bjsj agrajl^inge 
ne were zenne : oure Ihord ne speke najt zuo stefliche 
ine his spelle a-ye ])e queade riche / pet zuo ofte ham 
ssrede]) / ase of to zofte bougeren and of to moche of 
pns pourpre. 0. moche is he fol uoizope / and child of 
wytte / ]>et of his ssredinge is proud. Me ssolde him 
wel hyealde fol : ])et were proud to here ])e ssredinge. 
J^et ne ssolde by bote a tokne. and a be)>enchinge of ])e 
ssame of his uader / and of his (gene. J^es wone of 
robes nes yuounde / bote uor fe zenne of oure uerste 
uader uor to wry his confusion / and oure. Huanne 
me yzi3]> here ane byrie. ]>et is tokne pet per is wy]yine 
a dyad, alsuo hit j-xualp ofte / ])et onder pe uayre 
robes : is pe zaule dyad be zenne / and nameliche ine 
]yan ])et ham gledye]) / and prede]y. Yef pe pokoc him 
prette uor his uayre tayle. and pe coc uor his kombe / 
hit ne is no wonder ]yet kende ham he]) y-yeue / an 
do]) be hare kende. Ac man opet wyfman / ])et he]) 
wyt and skele / and wot wel ])et kende ne he]) na^t y- 
yeue him ))et ilke ssroud / he ne ssel him najt prede : 
of pe ssredinge of his bodye. ne of pe quayntises of his 
heuede. ])eruore zayp pe wyse ine pe writinge. ' ne glede 
pe na^t ine uayr ssroud.' And zaynte paul puB zay[))]. 
])et pe wyfmen hi ssoUe ham agiay))i : mid sobrete. ^t 
is to zigge : be mesure / and wy))-oute ouerdoinge / be 
pe stat / ])et pe wyfman acsep, Yor zope ))et ne is najt 
wy])-oute ouerdoinge. ])et on wyfman. ssel habbe uor 
hare body ine one yere zuo uele payre of robes / and 
of diuerse maneres / huerof manye poure mijtea Iqf 


sostened of ])an ])et is to moche. Ac yet eft yef hi bat they are not 
weren ate ende y-yeue uor godes loue to pe poure : yet but to the disao- 
hit were zom])iiig. ac hi byej) ofte y-yeue to rybaus J)et 
is wel grat zenne. ))eruore me ssel loki mesure ino 
zuyche ^iuge be pe stat ]>et pe pe^'sohe acse}) ase ich 
habbe aboue y-zed. 

pe zixte stape of temp^^rance and of sobret^ is / pet The •ixth step of 

-I- . /j-i- Temperance is 

ech loki guode mesure me his contenonce / and me his moderation in 
beringe. Jparme seneke za,yp, Yef pon art sobre and Take heed that 
atempred / nim J)ou hede J)et J)e steriynges of fine ShiShS? binot 
herte ne of fine bodye / ne by uoule ne ouworfi. Vor '®°*®'""*y' 
of pe discordance of pe herte : com]) pe discordance of 
be bodie. Zome ber byeb zuo childhedi / and of zuo some are so 

, , . , , , ' , , , childish that they 

nice manure / fet hi makef ham-zelue to by hyealde cause themselves 
foles. Hit becomf wel to man of worssipe / and f et is as fools, 
ine grat stat / bet he by wel ordine / and amesured ine Look that thy 

deeds be well or- 

alle his dedes / and in alle his zigginges. and of uayre dered^sotiiatnone 

., / be * led astray by 

contenonce to-uore alle men / zuo fet non ne moje thy example.* 

nime of him kueade uorbisne / ne f et he ne by yhealde 

uor fol / ne uor child. Vbr ase zayf a grat filosofe. 

'child of elde. child of wytte. and child of feawes: 

byeJ) al on.' pe writinge zayj) fet / pet child of an TiiechUdofan 

hondred year: ssel by acorsed. ]^et is to zigge. ]>et pe shaiibeaccursed, 

ilke ]>et hef uolle elde / and \euep ase a child : ssel by and yet is childish. 

acorsed of god. psame zaynte paul zayde of hiTT^zelue. 

' ]^o ich wes child : ich dede ase a child, ich fo^te ase 

a child, ac zeppe ich com to elde of uol man: ich 

uoFrletl alle mine childhedes.' Vor huo bet halt aid Hewhohoideth 

*- '' ' an old man a 

man uor child : he hine halt uor fol. And beruore child hoideth him 

a fool. 

zayJ) zaynte paul. *Ne by najt child of wytte. ac ine 
queadnesse by lite.' Kou is hit pSLune guod plug and 
oneste. profitable / and worbssipuol to man an to wyf- ^^t ""» "»* 

^ I ' *^ J woman shall so 

man / and nameliche to grat uolk. bet hi loki sceluolle order their con- 

' , , ^ dnctthatitbe 

mesuie / ine berynge ine contenonce / and bet hi by decorous, profit- 
able, and honour- 
wel oidyne oueiaL and oe-uore god / and be-uore be aue before God 

,, . and man. 

mOMA, Ai vawe. 


obarnvtmodw J)e zeuond stape is / to loki mesure ine mete and 

fttion in miMit Mid 

drink. ine drinke. Yor ouerdede of mete and of drinke : dep 

moche haim ine bodie and ine zaule. ase ich habbe be- 

[FoLSLb.] uore yzed. ))eraore z&yp oure Ihoid ine his spelle 

Loud not the ' Nime]) je hede / yet youi*e herten / ne by ygreued / 

sins of gittttooj ne y-charged of glotounie / ne of dronkehede/ Jpet is to 

Mss. ^ zigge / J^et ]K>a ne do ouerdoinge of mete and of dnnkoi 

Sobiet^ loko]) mesure ine mete and ine drinke. fet me 
or excess in msnto ne maki ouerdoinire. Of be ouerdoinses bet me wes y- 

■nddrinlcssee °. '^ . Of J 

the chapter woned to do ine drinke and ine mete / ich habbe ynoa 

whentliesinor . ' ^ ^ 

gluttony is treated yspoke ine ]>e dra)])e of vices huanne ]>et ich spek of ]ye 
zenne of glotunie / to huam Jyis uirtne huerof ich habbe 
yspeke / zuo is eontrarie specialliche. and ]>eruore ich 
nelle nanmore hyer speke. 

Nou best ]>oa y-herd ]7e stapes huerbi ]ns traw wext 

Moderation is to and note]), and yef )k>u wylt ywyte ]>e bo^es of j^ise 

▼irtoea. trawe : yzij alle ]ye o^re m9*taes / ])et bye]> y-contynent 

ine \\a hoc. and ]>ou sselt yuinde oueral Jyise utrtu. 
Yor ase ich habbe yzed aboue / and y-ssewed. J^is 
mrtue zet mesure ine alle J^e mrtues. hueruore ich 
zigge / ]>ot alle ]>e o))re mrtues bye]) bojes of ])ise. uor 

itisafkirtrse, hv hvre sscweb ine alle be obre boaes. bet traw berb 

and ito fruit is \ .,,,.,. 

peace of iieart. wcl uayr frut. and wel smakinde. ^et is pais of herte. 
He who hath this asc ich habbe aboue yzed. Yor huo bet heb bise 

Yirtue is joined to . . _ ^ ' ' 

God by charity, uzHue : hc he]) |)e hcrtc ZUO to-deld uram ]>e loue of be 

and is separated 11 i -i -• j 1 -i 1 . 

from the world's wordlc / and ZUO y-yoyucd to god be charite. Jet is 


charite : loue of god. Yor hi zet alle o])re ])inges ine 
andsoheresteth uoryetingo J)et uc byej) na3t ydyjt to god. And ine 

in God and liath 

oomfort and bliss, zuyche manyre ])e herte him reste]) ine god. huer hi 

he]) al hire confort. hire blisse / and hire lost )>et 

Such bliss setteth paseb alle obre lostes. Zuych comfort / zuych lost / set 

the Holy Ghost in ^ ' ^ ^ ^ I J I 

the heart thst is be holy gost ine herte bet is uolmad ine be mrtue of 

perfected Iqr the ' , , - #^1. ,, 

▼irtue of sobriety, sobreto / |»et com]) of ])e yef])e of wysdome / ase ich 
habbe aboue yzed. Yorzo])e he ])et zuich pays of herte 
mijte habbe / and yuele : he ssolde him resti ine god / 
])et is ])e ende / smd ])e uoluollinge / and ])e so»imo of 


his wylni7iges. he ssolde bi y-blissed ine J)ise wordle / 

and me be o|)re. uor he ssolde habbe y-wonne ])e ilke The peaceable an 

blessed and are 

blissinge \fet god bebat ine his spelle to ham ^et ^ise called Ood's sons. 

ilke pais lokede wyjH)ute brekinge. uor he zay]) fet hi 

byej) yblissed pQ paysible. uor hi ssolle by y-cloped 

godes zones. ])o bye]) payzible / ]>et zay]) zaint austin / Those are peaoe- 

\>et alle ])e steriinges of ^e herte ordaynej) / and zette]) the emotions or 

onder fe Ihordssipe of ri^te scele and of ])e goste. Jjos loMship of reason. 

byej) ari3t y-cleped children / uor hi here]) J)e anlik- 

nesse of hire uader / fet is pe god of loue and of pais, 

aze zay]) zainte paul. and |)anne pays and loue of god / Peaoeandihoiove 

is pet plug ])et mest make]) man anlikni to god. and pe uke God. * "^^ 

co9i[t'\rane to pe dyeule ])et is godes uo. Efterward / 

hi bye)) y-cleped godes zones, uor hi uolje]). al hare 

uader wel nier p&nne eni o^er. uor pays / and loue / him The peaceable 

are called Gkxl's 

uol^ej) more nyer : psirme eni o^er uiVtue. Efterward / sons because they 

hi do]) pe workes of hire uader. uor god ne com in-to christoimeinto 

])ise wordle / bote to maki pays- be-tuene god and man. maicTpeace with 

be-tuene man and angle. be-tue[ne] man and himzelue. ^^^ *"* "*"* 

Jjanne fo he wes ybore / pe angles zonge uor ])et pays CFoi.88.a.] 

])et god hedde y-brojt in-to erj)e. and feruore ])et pe 

uolk ne ssolde zeche bote pays. ))eruore panne ])et hi 

bye]) godes zones / hi hjep yblissed ine pise wordle ood'ssonsara 

be special grace. Ac pe ilke blissinge ssel by uolmad world by special 

huanne hi ssolle by ine payzible possession of pe batoieirbiissit 

eritage of hire uader / ])et is of pe riche of heuene huer heav«i» 

hi ssolle by ine zikere pays, ine pese uoldo / huer alle 

lostes ssolle by uolueld. huer ne may by no kuead / 

no zorjo / ne aduerset^ / ne defautc. ac abundance / where is no sin, 

and plenty of alle guode. blisse and ioye wyf-oute sity, 

. .. ,. . «. 1/1.11 1 but blissAil and 

ende. pet ssel by pais worpssipuol / lostuol / and everlasting peace. 

eurelestinde. Pais fet pase]) / and ouerge]) wyt. ase 

zay]) zaynte paul. And zej)])e ])et hi pase]) alle wyttes : 

hi pase)) alle wordes. Vor herte non ne may ])encbe / No man's tongue 

^11 1 .*.• 'i-j. 'vi. J may tell of the 

ne niannes tonge telle: huet pmg is pet pais pet god greatness of tiiu 
he]) behote hi» ureiides. And ^ni09!ip 



Wherefore I were bote a wlaffere ne zigge \>mg to ])e uolle. And ))eruoTe 

a mocker to • v n • i.* • i. -n j« • 

attempt to de- ich nelle non more zigge. ac hier ich wille ondi mine 
ftiU. matire. To ])e blisse of oure Ihorde / to hnam by alle 

worjyssipe. )>et ous lete wonie ine his uelajrede / huer 

is lif eurelestinde. 

Tilts book is oome 
to an end. 
May Ood bia blisa 

This book is 
written in the 
English of Kent 
for lewd men, for 
fathers and 
mothers, ftc.» 
to keep them flrom 
sin, so that their 
oouscienoes may 
The author's 
name signifies 
and may God 
give him the 
bread of angds 
and reoeiye his 
soul when dead. 

)}is boc is ycome to fe ende : 
Heuene blisse god ous zende. Amen. 

Nou ich wille fet ye ywyte hou hit is y-went : 
yet pia boc is y-write mid engliss of kent 
])is boc is y-mad uor lewedo men / 
Yor uader / and uor moder / and uor o])er ken / 
ham uor to ber^e uram alle manyere zen / 
pet ine hare inwytte ne bleue no uoul wen* 
' Huo ase god ' is his name yzed / 
)^t ])is boc made god him yeue ])et bread / 
of angles of heuene and J^erto his red / 
and onderuonge his zaule huanno ]>et he is dyad. 


Ymende. pet pia boc is uolueld ine pe eue of pe 

N.B. This book 
was ftuished in 
the Eve of the 

simmi M^d Jadas, holy apostles Symou an ludas / of ane bro])er of fe 
the'cMstorof St. cloystrc of souyut austin of Canterberi / Ine fe yeare 
C wS^ of ouro Ihordes beringe. 1340. 

of our Lord 1840. 

[pat«r no«f«r.] 
Our &ther that 
art in heaven, &c. 

[aue Maria.] 


Vader oure fet art ine heuenes / y-haljed by fi 
name, cominde J>i riche. y-worfe fi wil / ase ine 
heuene : and ine er])e. bread oure echedayes : yef ous 
to day. and uorlet ous oure yeldinges : ase and we uor- 
lete]) oure yelderes. and ne ous led na3t: in-to uond- 
inge: ac vri ous uram queade. zuo by liit. 

Hayl Marie / of fonke uol. Ihord by mid J?a y- 
blissed pon ine wymmen. and y-blisaed pet ouet of 
fine wombe. zuo by hit. 

Ich leue ine god / uador almijtl m&kere of houene / 


and of dr})e. And ihe iesu crht / his zone on-lepi / i believe in God 
oure Ihord. J)et y-kend is / of fe holy gost. y-bore of mighty. Maker of 

■»«■••»«• a J J Mi 1 J heaven mid earth. 

Mane Mayde. y-pyned onder pouns pilate. y-nayled a and in Jesos 
rode. dyad, and be-bered. yede doun to belle, pane 
])ridde day a-ros uram ])e dyade. Stea^ to heuenes. 
zit a]ye rijt half of god ])e uader al-mi^ti. ]yannes to 
comene he is / to deme pQ quike / and pe dyade. Ich i beueve in th« 
y-leue ine fe holy gost. holy cherche generalliche. ^^ *"' 
Mennesse of hal3en« Lesnesse of zennes. of ulesse 
arizinge. and lyf eurelestinde. zuo by hyt. 

TJor to sseawy J)e lokynge of man wyf-iwne. ]yellyche [Vor to ssaice 
ane uorbysne / oure Ihord ihe^a crist z&jp, ' pia uorzo]ye anddrede: tad 
ywytej). fet yef pQ uader of pe house wyste huyche ufuo of gJdo*"*^ 
time pe pyei were comynde : uor-zof e he wolde Waky / S^oSTSew « 
and nolde najt folye pet me dolue his hous.' Be fise Ji^t^o^d w~S"* 
uader of house me may onderstonde / pe wyl of skele. J"* *^"* ^** 
to huam be-longeb moche mayni boates. and his t*»« father of the 

^ '^ *' "^ ^ house is the will 

besteriinsre. wyt. and dedes / ase wel wyb-oute: ase ofB«won,that 

° " ^ ' •'' liathmanyat- 

wyj)-inne. fet is to zigge / huych mayn^ / to moche 'tendanto,a8 
slac /and wylles uol ssel by : bote yef pe ilke uaderes emotions, tense, 
stefhede hise strayny / and ordayny. Yor zope yef he The servants win 

•L ii.ri-*T-"LJ vjv-i- • / be slothful unlew 

hy m a ly te of his bysynede wyp-dw^p : huo may zigge / the master is 
hou pontes. e3eu. earen. tonge. and aUe opre wyttes: if thereasonis 
become}) wylde. Hous. is inwyt / in huychen J)e ^^^^t^^"*' 
uader of house wonep. pe hord of uirtues g^^ierep. Vor JH^houm ts the 
huych hord: pet ilke zelue hous ne by y-dolue / i^j^'houseir'* 
hejlyche he wakep. per ne is najt on pyef : ac uele. ac JJJ^^uf^w®* 
to eche mVtue : .ech vice wayteb. babies healyche by **y "**"y- 

•^ '^ ^ ' ^ -^ ^ The chief thief is 

be byeue ; is onderstonde be dyeuel. a-ye huam and his ^^ ^^^ **»« ^^^ 

f Y '^ '^ '^ awhisoatchpoles. 

kachereles / pe ilke zelue uader / paries yef he ne were 

na^t onlosti : his hous mid greate sti^ngpe wolde loky. 

pe uader of pe house / ate uerste guoinge in : he zette The Father of the 

sle3pe / to by doreward. pet y-knaup huet is to uorlete : siei«ht(Prudence) 

and huet ys to wylny. huet uor to bessette out of pe l^i^r.***^'" 

house, huet uor to onderuonge into pe house. Nixt SgSito'SX 

pun ; ha zette stiengpe. Jet pe vi -t X^'ixla^ 

26 i 


Equity tiU in th* 
middle aiid gives 
to each iU owa 


At what time the 
tiiief will oome 
one kuoweth uoL 

Sleight lete tome 
inessengere in to 
give warning. 

The meaienger of 
Death demands 
ail entranoe, 
and claims a 
dead silence, and 
time speaks: 
** I am Dread, and 
a reminder of 
Death, who is 
coming npoa 
[} eoaqnide/] 

Sleight asks, 

•* Where is Death P 

When shall he 


Dread answers, 

** She delays not, 

but is nigh at 


mid a thousand 

devils shall ooiue 

with her, 

and bring great 


burning hobks, 

and fiery chains. 

In the books are 
wHtten men's 

The hooks draw 
the souls out of 
tlie bodiee, 
and with the 
cliaius are they 
botiud anil di uwn 
into hell." 

[Fol. 83. a.] 

Dread says he 
conies (him hell, 
which is immea- 
surubly wide and 
full of fire intoler- 
able, and of sor- 
row uud darkness. 

to zygge / to keste /<mtr: 8treng])e vrjfdrofe, fet his 
uoule lostes wyjKlrc^e : and wy))-zede. Bijtnesse 
uoizo])e ssel zitte atnydde / yet echen his ojen yefj). 
Hueruore : huyche time pe ])yef is comynde / me not 
ac eche tyme me ssel drede. pise zuo y-di)t : na^t longe 
to pe wakynde pe slep of zenne benym]). Yor al pet 
lyf is to waky. Zome messagyeis dei^pe ssel lete in. 
^et zome Jyingos mo^e telle / ))et me may a-waki myde. 
pMS pe messagyer of djape acse)) inguoynge : he is on- 
deruonge. Me him acse)) ' huo he y& huannes he com]), 
huet he he]) ysoje.' He ansuere]). he ne may nt^t 
zigge: bote yef yet by he3liche clom. Huich y- 
graunted : ]yus he hegynp, * Ich am drede / and be- 
J^enchinge of dya])e. and dya]) comyde :^ ich do you to 
wytena' Sle3])e spec]) uor alle. and acse]). 'And huer 
is nou pe ilke dya]). and haanne ssel he comet' Di^de 
zsjp, ' Ich wot wel ])et he ne abyt na3t to comene / and 
nyej he is. ac ])ane day / o})er ])ane tyme of his 
comyuge : ich not.' Sle3])e z&jp, ' And huo ssel como 
myd hyre 1 ' Drede zay]). ' A pouzend dyeulen ssoUe 
come mid hire, and brenge mid ham / greate bokes / 
and bemynde hokes / and chaynen auere.' Sle^J^e zajp. 
' And huet wylle]) hy do mid alle ^an ? ' Drede z&jp, 
' Ine pe bokes bye]) y-write alle pe zennen of men. and 
hise brenge]) / ])et be ham hi mo^e ouercome men. of 
huychen pe zennes ferinne byej ywryte. J)et byej) to 
hare ri^te. Hokes hi brenge]) / ])et ])o ))et bye]) to hare 
ri3te ouercome^ : hire zaiilen be streng])e : of pe bodye 
draje]) out. and hise bynde]) mid pe chaiues / and in 
to helle hise dra^e]).' Sle3))e zay]). < Huannes comste 1 ' 
Drede zayf. * Vram helle.' Sle}])e zayf. * And huet is 
helle. and huet ysejefe ine helle 1 ' Drede zayp. * Hello 
is wyd / wyf-oute metinge. dyep / wyJ)-oute botmo. 
Vol of brene on-polyinde. Vol of stenche / wy-oute 
comparisoun. Jjer is zor3e. per is fyestemesse. pev ne is 
non oixlre. fer is groniynge wy])-oute ende. per n© is 


lion hope of cuode. non wantrokiynge of kueade. Ech Thwe is no hope 

^ ^ •' " of good, and 

)>et ]>erinne is: hate^ him zelue: and alle ojyren. ))er abuudanoe oruia. 

ich yze^ alle manyere tormens. ))e leste of alle / is more 

fsLime alle J)e pynen J)et mo3e by y-do ine Jdae woidle. 

bar is wop. and grindinge of te]). ber me geb uiam There is weeping 

, and gnashing 

chele in to greate hete of uere. and buo]>e on])olyinde, teeth. 

bere alle be uere / ssolle by uorbemd. and myd The eooi shaii be 

^ , \ It . tofmentedbjthe- 

wermes ssolle by y-wasted / and na3t ne ssolle wastL wormofOon* 

Hire wermes / ne ssolle na3t sterue. and hare ver ne 

ssel neure by ykuenct. No rearde ne ssel J>er by y- 

hyerd / bote, wo: wo. wo hy habbej): and wo hy 

grede]). ))e dyeules tormentors pyne]). and to-gydere 

hy bye]y y-pyned. ne neure ne ssel by ende of pyne : 

o]>er reste. ])ellicb is helle / an a ))ousend zy]>e w'orse. Hen is even worse 

And ))is ich yze} ine helle / and a ))0usendzi};e more a thoasand'times. 

worse. ])is ich com uor to zygge you.' Slej])^ zay]). ' God Pradeneesays, 

wet ssolle we do. Nou bro|)ren and zostren y-hyre^ ahauwo'do?" 

my red. and yue]) youre. Bye]) sleje. an wake]> ine sewatehftd 

youre beJes / porueynde guodes. na^t onlycbe beuore 

code: ac be-uore alle men' bolemodness zayb. 'Do patience says, 

** Work God's 

we to worke godes nebsseft / ine ssrifte^ / and ine likeness in shriA 

11 1 1 Y/11 / *i^ hi pealma." 

zalmes: glede we hym. bye]) sobre / and wakye]) / 

ViOit youre uo ])e dyuel / ase ]>e lyoun brayinde ge]> 

aboute ]7an: ])et he wyle uor-zuelje.' Streng))e zay]>. strength says, 

' Wy]>stonde]> hym : stronge ine byleaue. 3ye)> glede devu by beiiec 

ine god. Clo])e]) you mid godes armes. ))e hauberk of ciotheyoawith 

ry^t. ])ane sseld of beleaue. nyme^ ])ano helm of hel])e. 

and be holy gostes zuord : ])et is godes word.' Ey^ftlnesse Equity says, 

•* Live soberly.** 

zay]>. * Lybbe we sobreliche. ry[jt]uollyche an bonayre- 
lyche. Sobrelyche : ine ous zelue. ry3tuollyche : to oure 
emcristen. bonayrelyche : to god. ])et we nolle]) ])et me 
do to ous zelue : ne do we hyt na^t to o))ren. and ])et 
we wylleb bet me do to ous zellue : do we hit to obre 

Prudence says, 

men. and uor zo))e ])et is ri3t.' Sle3])e zay]). ')?er is "AnoUiermessen- 

ano])er wy]K)ute ))e gates uayr. and gled. hit ])ing]) ^e he out." Equity com* 

bre[n]g])glednes8e.' Ry3[t]nesae Ziiy]). 'onderuonge])hym. received. 

* MS. ssriffG 



Tha OMnenger 
•nten mnd rays 
Ihat he is * Love 
of everlasting life.' 

He asks for silence 
and peace. 

Equity rays that 
his demand is 

The mewenger 
says that he 
comes from 

and that he has 
seen Ood as in a 

[Fol. 88. b.] 
" I sa«r the ineflT- 
able and indivi- 
sible ini^esty of 

tlie light there- 
from daisies the 

and surpassetli nil 

I saw Christ on 
God's light hand. 

and He bears tlie 
wounds and 
tokens of His 
passion in Hia 

Next to Christ 
I saw the Virgin 

[1 godesP or 
zones ?3 

who was inter- 
ceding for OS. 

be cas he oas ssel gledya nor fea like ueiste: giat- 
lyche he ous hep y-niad of-dret.' Sle3]>e z&yp to ye messa- 
gere. 'Guo in. and huo ])ou art. and huannes )k>u 
comet, and huet ])ou hest yzo^e: zay ous.' pe men- 
sagyr zay]). 'Ich am lone of lyue enielestynde. au 
wyhiynge of pe contraye of heuene. Yef ye me wyllej) 
y-here : haLbeJ) amang you. clom / and reste. Na3t 
uor zofe amang gredynges and noyses : ych ne may by 
yherd.' Ki3[t]uolne8se zay|». 'Yef welougegodesdredo/ 
and be-penchinge of dya})e were stille : ryjt hit is / pet 
pe spekinde / wei more we by stille.' Wylningge of pe 
lyue wyp-oute ende / zay p. * Jperuore byep stille / and 
yherep myd wylle. Ich come uram heuene^ and 
pelliche pinges ich y-z^ per. pet no man ne may 
dyngneliche zigge. J^a^les zompyng ich wylle idgge: 
ase ich may. Ich yzej god. ac be ane sscawere ine 

*Ich yzej pe ilke onspekynde / an on-todelindo 
magestc of pe holy triuyt^. be-gynnynge / ne ende ne 
hep. Ac and ly^t per-inne wonep / pet me ne may na3t 
come to. Vram po ly^te byep y-porsse mine ejen / and 
pe zy3pe pyester. Hyt ou'ergep uorzope alle wyttes / 
and alle zyjpes. pe ilke bry3[t]nesse. and pe ilke uolnesse. 
Jpajles a lytel ich yzej oure Ihord iesu crist / ine li^t 
haK zittinde. pet is to zygge : ine pe lyue wyp-oute ende 
regnynde. l)^ he ouer alle sseppes by zuo uayr : pet 
ine him wylnep pe angles to zyenne. Yet nou pe 
wounden and pe toknen of pe passion he hep ine his 
bodye. huermyde he ous bojte. be-uore pe uader uor ous 
slant uor to bydde. Ich y-ze3 nyxt iesu crist pe ilke 
blisfoUe mayde / and moder pe ilke zodes^ / and oure 
Ihorde^ iesu cristes / myd alle worpssipe and reuerence / 
y-iiemued marie / ine pe wonderuolle trone zittynde / 
aboue alle pe holy ordres of angles / and of men : an- 
hejed. hire zone iesus uor ous byddinde. and to huam 
hi is uol of merci. Ac pe ilke wonderuolle magcst/ / 


and fe brijtiiesse of J^e moder / and of ]>e zone : ich ne 

myjte na3t longe polje / ich wente myne zi3j)e uor to Next i turned my 

sight to the order 

yzi / pQ like holy ordres of pe gostes : ]>et dtonde]? be- of uisefoispirita. 

uore god. of huichen fe eurelestinde holynesse of ye 

zi^pQ of god / an of ]>e loue. ne hit ne ssel lessi : ne hit 

ne ssel endi / ac enre wexe and blef]>. Ac najt ye like 

degrez / and dingnetes / heryinges alsuo / huyche hyre 

makyere hy here]) no man uoUyche ])enche / ne na3t ne 

may by yno3 to telle. J^erefter ]>e profetes ich y-zej. Thereafter isav 

and ye patnarkes wonderlyche glediyiide ine blisse. uor patriarohs 

pet hy yzejen ine goste : uolueld.hy yzef. Jet ine longe 

anoy onderuynge / Jet ouet of blysse wyJK)ute ende 

chongeden. Ich y-ze3 pe apostles ine tronen zittynde. andtbeapoeues 

pe trihiis / and f e tongen / alle preste. and of poure / * °" "*"**" 

and of zyke : zuo blisuoUe and holy / of oure Ihord iesu 

crist / and zuo he3e / yno3 alneway ich am wondrinde. 

Ich y-ze3 / ac uoUyche ich ne my[3]te al yzy / ye innumer- i saw the innn- 

able uela3rede of Je holy martires / mid blisse and ship of the holy 

worf ssipe / y-corouned. f et be pe pinen of fise time / ™*'^^^* 

huyche hi beren to Jo blisse / Jet wes ysseawed ine 

ham : hy come Jerto. Hyre holynesse / and hyre 

blysse: long time ich me lykede. Ich yze3 to Je laawtheUessed 

, . 1 , » M ■ 1 I ^oap of confSsasors 

blyseede heape of confessours. amang huam / men and teachers of 

apostles / and fecheres / Jet holy cherche mid hare 

techingewereden. and alsuo uram alle heresye/wy[j]-oute 

wem habbej yclenzed : sseawej. and hy uele habbej 

y-tajt. ssynej ase sterren / ine eurelestynde wy[J]-oute 

endc. per bye J Monekes Jet uor claustres / and uor There w«re monks 

, . -It 1 i_/i L . ^luit shine clearer 

stray te cellen. wel moche / an clyerer Janne Je zonne : than the sun. 
habbej wonyinges. Vor blake and uor harde kertles / 
huyter Jane Je snaw. and of alle zofthede / and 
nesshede / clojinge habbej an. Vram hare 03en / god 
wypej alle. tyeres. and Jane kyng hy ssoUe ysy ine hys 
uayrhede. Alast / to Je uela3rede of maydynes ich Lastly, i saw the 
lokede. of huychen / blysse / ssepje / agrayjinge / and JJlISma^**' 
melodya.. huyche none mannes i^eebff^* 



Md hMrd tlMlr 


Sleiffbt Inqnim 
ennoeniinff tha 

He It told that 
tiMj Uve, ei^Joy, 
love, r^dce, 
praiae, en BwUt, 
and are in 

Tliey live an ever- 
liietlng Ub flree 
from all pain. 

Tbeir lift ie the 




God'e ooaneel and 

dooma, and learn 



Tliey love God 

with an infinite 


They rejoice in 

God and of their 


Ttiey have aa 
many bleaainga aa 

and their Joy is 



may telle. And by zonge Jratne zang : fei non ojyer ne 
may zynge. Ac and ye zuete smel ine hare regyon / 
zuo zuete ys : |>et alle manyre zuete smelles ouercom]). 
And to hare bcnes: oure Ihord arist to alle o)>ren: 
zittinde he Ihest' Sle^)^ zay)». ' Hyt lyke)> fei )>ou 
zayst. Ac uor of echen of pe holy ordres / wondres 
|k)u heat y-zed : we bydde)» )»et )k)u zigge ous / huet is 
hare dede ine mennesse / and huet is pe oonuers[ac]ion of 
uela^rede : zay ous.' pe wylny[n]ggo of fe lyue wy)H)ute 
ende zay]). * Yor zofe ich wylle zygge. pe dede of alle 
ine mennesse / ys zeueuald. Hy lybbe)». hy smackc)». 
hy louye]). hy byef glede. hy herye)». hy byej> zuyfte. hy 
bye]) zikere.' Sle^l^o zay]). ']>i^ ich zomdel ])is onder- 
stonde : uor ham ))et lheste)» / of echen zay.' Wylnynge 
of ])e lyue wy[])]-oute ende zay)). * Zuo by hyt. HylybbeJ> 
be lyue wy^ute ende. wyp-oute enye tyene. wy[))]-oute 
enye lessinge. wy^ute enye wyj^stondynge. Hyre lyf 
is ])e zy3))e and fe knaulechynge of ^e holy trinyt^. aso 
zay)) oure Ihord iesus. ))is is ])et lyf wy^ute ende / pet 
hy knawe pe zope god / and huam pe zentest iesu crist. 
and ))eruore ylyche hy bye]) / uor hy y-zye]) : ase he is. 
Hy smacke)) pe redes and pe domes of god. Hy 
smacke]) pe kendes / and pe causes / and pe begynny [n]ges 
of alle ))ynges. Hy louye]) god wy))oute enye com* 
parisoun. uor J>et hy wyte)? huerto god his hep y-bro3t 
uor]). hy louye)) ech opien : ase ham zelue. Hy bye]) 
glede of god onzyginde. by bye)) glede of zuo moche of 
hare o^ene holynesse : and uor ))et ech loue]) o))ren ase 
him zelue. ase moche blisse he]) ech of o])res guode : ase 
of his o^ene. ))eruore by zyker / uor eurych he)) aseuelo 
blys^en : ase he he)) uela^es. aChd aseuele blissen to 
echen : ase his o^ene of alle. and ])eruore eureich more 
loue)) wy))oute comparisoun god: ))ct hym and o))re 
made / psune him zelue / and alle o])re. More hy bye]) 
glede wy))-oute gessynge of godes holynesse : ))anne of 
his o}eno / and of alle o))re myd hym. Yef paauQ on 


onnea]>e nym)) al his blisse. bou ssd he nyme zuo uele 

and zuo manye blyssen 1 And ])eruore hit is yzed. guo The commMid la, 

into pe blysse of pyne Ihorde. ni^t pe blisse of ])ine or thy Lord.* 

Ihorde / guo in to Je. uor hy ne may. ))erefter / hy 

herie]) god wyjM)ute ende / wyjjoute werynesee. ase hyt 

is y-wryte. Lhord / y-blyssed by po J>et wonyef ine 

)»yne house / in wordles of wordles : ssolle herye pe. 

Zuyfte hy byej). uor huer pet pe gost wyle by : uorzo)^ Ttujwnwwut, 

J>er is Jet bcK^. Alle hy bye)> my[}]tuolle. Zykere hy JJiiw tht •pwT* 

bye]) of zuycho lyue. of zuo moche wysdome. of zuo TbeymMenra 

moche loue. of zuo moche blysse. of zuyche heryinge. of ^^^0^ |^y^ " 

zuyche holynesse. |>et non ende. non lessynge. non 

uallynge doun ssolle habbe. Lo alyte ich. habbe yzed 

to you. of ])an pet ich yzej ine heuene. Ni^t uor zope 

ne may zigge / ase ich yze) / ne ni^t ase hy bye]) : ne 

my3te ysy.' Sle3))e zayf, * VorzoJ^e ine heuene we onder- strangth Mkt, 

stondej) pet ])ou were, and zop ))ing per ))ou yse^e. and w&p^nu nt from 

zo)) po\i best y-zed.' Streng))e zay)>. * Huo sscl ous to- 

dele uram cristes loue 1 tribulacion. o^r zor^e. and o Jre. 

zykere byef. uor nober dyab / ne ly£ and obre.' Ey3t Right wy^ Tarn 

oat tli6 mcnenger 

i&jp. ' Do J out ))ane ucrste messagyer. hyt ne is na^t unto, 

ri^t ])et he bleue ine pe house / myd pe ryjtuolle. Yor [Foi.M.b.] 

ry^[t]uolle loue : de)) out drede.' Strengje zay)). ' guo out farioftorood 

drede. ))ou ne sselt rni^t by ine oure stedes.' Drede 

zay]). * Huet habbe ich mis-do. do. do. ich uor guode 

zede.' Temperancia zay]). * Bro])ren and jBOstren / ich TMnptranoe oom- 

zigge to you. nanmore smacky / panne be-houe)). ac gooatwuiingiy. 

smacke to sobret^. ))ou drede / guo out myd guode wylle. 

j)ole )>ane dom / ))et r^t he)> y-demd. be auenture pe 

my3t eft by onderuonge. yef wylnynge of lyf wyjK)u1 

ende / ojerhuyl let of.' pe makyere zay]). pua / pua/ Thnt totm cMt 

..... . , . / offfear Mid receive 

nou ssel eurich hys heuynesse / ssake a-way / uram tbeioveoruie 
drede j iope loue of pe heuenelyche contraye him-zeme dom. 
wende. Zuo by hit. 



between a man 
and a beast. 
Glorify tbee not 
in other things. 
Flies surpass tbee 
in swiftness. 

The peacock is 
Ikirer than thoa. 
God's image con- 
sists in thought 
and underataud- 

Man's light con- 
sists in purity of 

The untrue, the 
evil, thieves, &c., 
are dark. 

Light exists, but 

we go away from 


Sin makes OS 


The world is 
blind and wicked. 

Christ died for us, 
and yet was witli- 
out sin. 

Sufhr patiently 
and with a good 

God made angels 
as well as small 

The one is worthy 
of heaven, the 
other of earth. 

Tet wouldst thoa 
reprove God if He 
place the worm in 
heaven ? 

But God is not to 
be reproved. 

Nammore ne is be-tnene ane manne / and ane beste : 
bote ine onderstondynge. Ha^t of opre )>inge ne 
glorefye ])e. Of uzrtues fe prest ))e / of bestes ])ou sselt 
by ouercome. Of zuyftbede fe prest J)e / of ule^en f e 
worst ouercome. Of uayrhede J>e prest J>e : hou moche 
uayr is ine fe ue])eren of fe pokoce / huerof art pon 
more worp'i of godes ssep)>e. Huer is godes ssepj^el 
Ine )>enchinge / and ine onderstondinge. Yef j>ou 
Jeanne ])eruore art betere ])anne a best / uor pet pon best 
))eBchinge / huerby pon ondeT8tans[t]. ])et a best ne may 
onderstonde. ))er-uore uorzo)»e : man is more betere / 
panne a best. Li^t of man is ly^t of )K)jtes. li^t of 
])03tes aboue J^o^tes is. and ouerge]) alle J^o^tes. Tet 
eft .0. men / ne bye]) na3t Jjyestre. ne byej> na^t 
ontrewe. onrijtuole. queade. robberes. wrecben. louieres 
of pe wordle. J^ise uor zo^e hjep ^yestemesse. Ly3t 
ne is na3t awaye : ac ye bye)) awaye / uram ly3te. })e 
blynde ine pe zonne : he)) pe zonne present, ac be is 
uram pe zonne. ))eruore ne bye)) na3t ))yestre. Yet 
eft. pe wordle Jyestre. uor pe louyeres of pe wordle. 
bye]) ))yestre. and pe wordle. is quead. uor ))o ))et wonye)) 
ine wordle bye]) queade. ase a quead hous. na^t pe 
walles: ac ))o ))et wonye)) ))erinne. Yet eft. crist ne 
hedde no ))yng hueruore he ssolde sterue : and dyad 
he is. ])ou best hueruore : and to sterue ])ou best 
onwor)? ? wylne myd guode wylle to polje : be pjne of- 
seruynge / \>et he ]7olede myd guode wylle. pet pe 
wolde delyury / uram pe dya])e eurelestinde. Yet eft. 
be huam ))et angel is ymad : be him is ymad pe smale 
werm. Ac ^e angel is wor^y to pe heuene : pe werm 
to pe evpe. \)e ilke ))et made : he dyjte. Yef he dedo 
])ane smale werm in-to heuene : pe woldest hym wy))- 
nyme. Yef he wolde maki angles of uoule stynkynde 
ulesse : J)OU woldest hym wy))nyme. And ni^t uor))an : 
nyxt fan dej) god. and ))a3les he ne is ni^t to wyp- 
nymene. Vor alle men of ulesse ymad : huet bye)) hy 



bote wennes 1 and of wermes / he makeb angles. Yet Men are worms, 

and of worms 

eft nuych nerte me arere^ : ech may y-zy. ])et na^t )»e God makes 

heuynesse of ulesses wylle beuore ygreued / auore ualj) / 

ere hit by arered. Ac ech him zelue y-zy bere / be The heart must 

•^ J J I T be lightened and 

heuynesse of his ulesse: yue wyl be wyj^drajynge. )>et so raised to Ood. 
he clensy : ]>et he arere to god. zuo by hit. Hayl godes 
moder Marie / Mayde uol of ])onke / god by myd f e / 
y-blyssed by fou / ouer alle wyfmen. And y-blyssed 
by oure Lhord iesus / ])et zuete ouet / of ]>yne wombe 
yblessed. zuo by hit. 

* Mayde / and moder mylde. 
uor loue of ])ine childe : 
]»et is god an man : 
Me fet am zuo wylde / 
mam zenne ]»ou me ssylde : 
ase ich ])e bydde can. 


Maid and Mother 
mild, me that am 
so wild, fWnn sin 
mesliield. Ameu. 

^ This stanza is written as prose in the MS. 


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