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Full text of "Davidson County women in the world war, 1914-1919"

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Gc 976.801 D23gi 
Gil more, Rose Long. 
Davidson County women 
world war, 1914-1919 

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e^ ef* 


(Mrs. John G. Gilmore) 

4^ 4* 






Nasliville, Tennessee 


DAftDsoy coiMV ir(>Mi-:\ /.v the no rid war. i9iii<:>r 

AHen County Public Library 
900 Webster Street . 

PO Box 2270 ^ 

Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 

L' hrinrsi lidlllr llllll (XT lllis l()Ui:hl. 
Shall I tall uiu. where ami uhr„y 
the maps oj the jvorld you'll firiil it i 
It was joiight by the Mothers oj ]lr 



Mrs. Granbery Jac 

vSON, Chairman 

Mrs. Frank Searc\ 

Green. Secretary 

Mrs. Idabelle Wilson 


Percy D. Maddin 


A. Lyon Childress 


Alexander S. Caldwell 


Edward A. Potter 


Madge Hall 



F. Blackie 

Mrs. Guilkord Dudle'i 

Mrs. Robert Wh 


Mrs. James H 



Percy Warner 


Richard T. Wilson 


T. Leigh Thompson 



West Foster 

Mrs. Jesse M. Overton 



umphreys Morton 

Mrs. Reuben Mills 

Mrs. p. a. 


Mrs. Walter 

L. Jones 


Dempsey Weaver 



W. Evans 


Bruce R. Payne 





DAVID s (' .V (. o I ^ r y if o m e ;V / .v the /r o r l d a a k. 19 1 ii 1 9 

KO |{ K W 1; I) 

Tlu- title (h.-M-n lor llii.- vuli.m,- is •■|)a\i.i-n„ Cnuntx \\.,„mm, in llif \\..,l,l 
War." ahlioujih il is a very complete ieeo.,1 ..1 \\nrl,l War w,.,k Jmu- l.x «..riirn"s 
organizations throuiihout the State of Tennessee, iiia-niiK li a- llic Stale iKadqu ii li r< 
of all patriotic organizations was located in Da\i(l-nn ( ..urilv. Willi llic ixccplmn 
of Mrs. George W. Denny, of Know ill,'. Slalc Cliairrnan ol ih,- Woman'- CotnnMllce. 
Council of National Defense, and Mi-, .-am I'liillip-. ,.1 Mmiplii-. Stale ( h airman of 
the Fourth Liberty Loan, the women selected to dinrl tin- uoik ol h niic-n World 
War organizations were residents of D;i\id-on Coimtv. \No tin- pir-id<Mils of 
practically all State organizations and chili-, ulilrh ui ic in cxi-liiirc al die time 
of our entrance into lli<- World War. ucrc l)a\id-on (!ounl\ uomcii. 

Tiiese existing organi/alion-. Ii\ llicir -ui;i;i'-lioii- and artixitic-, wire umk-liops 
for ideas for llie ncwiy-organi/i-d patiiolir liodii-. \inon:; llir-c were: Tennessee 
Federation of Women's Clul>-. Mi-. \li\. S. CalUMll, I'n-idcnt: Tmiiessee Society 
of Colonial Dames, Mrs. Jamc- 11. kirkland. I'n-i.lrnl: •|Vinir-r,. K.pial S„|Trage 
Association, .Mrs. Leslie Warner, President; Daugliln- cd tlir \mriirin l!r\olntioii. 
.Mrs. Edwin A. Price, Tennessee Regent: Woman'- \ii\iliii\. Soiiilinn ( ommi-irial 
Congress, Miss Louise Grun<l\ l.iiid-li\. ( diaii man-( iiiicial : State Housewives' 
League, Miss Louise Grund\ laiid-li\. I'le-i.ient: I mted I )aii-litei - '^)f the Con- 
federacy. Tennessee Divi-ion. Mi-. Hcnndl 1). Udl. Proident: Parent- Teachers' As- 
sociation, Tennessee l)i\i-ioii. Mrs. Kugene Crutcher. President; King's Daughters, 
'rennes.s<"e Division. Mi-. W. I., \orvell. President: Tennessee Capitol Association, 

Mrs. Robert F. Weakley. Prt-iden' : and Teime Stale Fair. Home an. I F.dnrational 

Department, Mrs. Robert Whaiton Nidiol. Direetoi. 

Furthermore, there are recorded in lln- I k lero.d- of l)avid-on Coimlv (.old 

Star heroes of the World War anil the lliiei' tlion-aml l)a\id-(.n Comilv veterans 
whose families contributed to the (dia\e- -woid liiml. 

led the women of lli,- .-oulli in \irliialK ru;s rampaiijii an.l diue loi W.ald War 
relief work, and thai they a. eompli-lied n-nit- uliieli ueic nn-nrpa-ed in tlic en- 
tire country. 

'i'his recognition of l)a\id.-on CoiinU'- a,lii.-Neni.-nl- inspired llie lu ,iil\ -lour 
public-s|)iritcd women of the CouriU. who rompo-e llie \d\ i-oi\ ((imii il id ihi- 
work and who^e exei-utive ability and devotion to diit\ uere denioii-.t r.ited dailv 
during the war. to undertake the -tupendoii- la-k id pi I'-ei \ m;; a leiord of these 
achievement-. Tlic\ fell a -ciih' ol piide in l.eiii>: L'i\en tin- piixile^ie ol' -eniring. as 


a heritage for posterity, the records of patriotic services rendered voluntarily l)> tiie 
women of Davidson County in the greatest war that has ever been staged in history. 
To these women this publication owes its existence. 

The work of compilation began immediately after the close of ihi' war while 
memory was fresh, in spite of the fact that prices were inflated. Howt-ver, at this 
time it was possible to secure a more complete and accurate record. The council 
members, fired with the true spirit of patriotism and possessing the dauntless courage 
and supreme capacity for endurance which characterized our fighting forces in 
battle, steadfastly held to the determination of accomplishing their purpose. They 
originated their own ways and means and overcame almost insurmountable diffi- 
culties in accomplishing their aims, riicy were well aware, when they assumed this 
responsibility, that the cost of produclioii would exceed the receipts of sales, yet they 
continued the fight with "conspicuous bravery."' At the final mesting, when the fact 
wa? announced that sufficient funds were in the bank to begin publication, the signing 
of the contract with the publishers occasioned a rejoicing among these sponsors 
similar to that occasioned by the first news of the signing of the Armistice. 

The "Distinguished Service Cross"' merited by the women of the Advisory Coun 
cil is the satisfaction that they have passed on to future generations a record of the 
])art their ancestors plaved in the first war known in history where women were 
tirafted into service. Not one woman whose name appears in connection with the 
compiling or publishing of this volume, which required months and monthj. of labor, 
has received any compensation for her services. 

The expense of the Gold Star illustrations, of the dedication pages, of the scrap- 
of-paper illustration, of the memorial for women World War workers, of the frontis- 
jiieie and of many other illustrated pages of this volume was borne by the Advisory 
('.(.uncil in addition to the cost of publication. They purchased a number of 
volumes and presented them to many Davidson County mothers, whose sons paid the 
Supreme Sacrifice, to Libraries of Tennessee and to National Headquarters of the 
organizations represented in this book. T!ie earnest endeavor of these patriotic 
women to "carry on," regardless of toil or sacrifice, justified and encouraged the 
compiler of this book to "finish tlie job." 

If there are any honors to accrue therefrom I would like to share them with 
each council member. Their loyalty, their unselfish devotion, their utmost con- 
fidence and eager willingness to assist during the struggles that naturally accompany 
a gigantic efl'ort of this character, afforded the writer the support necessary through- 
out the long period of compilation and publication. 

I Signed I Rose Long Gilmore. 

Nashville. Tenn.. June 15. 1923. 

nA\ inso.\ (ot XTY womex in the KORin ir-tR. hiuioio 









®l|p **^rrap of Jappr" 


Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland, His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, 
His Majesty the King of the French, His Majesty the King of Prussia, and 
His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, declare, that the 'Articles men- 
tioned in the preceding Article, are considered as having the same force and 
^'alidity as if they were textually inserted in the present Act, and that they 
are thus placed under the guarantee of their said Majesties. 


Belgium, within the limits specified in A rticles I., II., and IV. shall form 
an independent and perpetually neutral State. It shall be bound to observe 
such neutrality towards all other states. 

^^,„ /:.>AJ:yu. 

/2-yy^.A«y»— ) 







Russian Plenipotentiar, 

DAiiDsoy coiyry i(ome.\ i.\ the horld in h. i914i<)1' 

A N A P P R E C I A T I N 

To a iiuniJ)er of iii(li\> and luchii)- nl imlix iilu.iU llii' c ompili-r ol llii- 
volume wishes to e.\j)rf>- an appiciialiini. Ilicii ink-n-l ,iiui >iiji|M)rl j;a\c iinj)(.'lu> 
throughout the four years spent in conipilinj; these records, lliey include, lust, tliose 
who gave generous donations: second, those who subscribed for volumes prior to 
compilation: third, those who made possible the feature jjages. and fourth, those who 
assisted in securing the record-. 

In the first group were Wliilelnwid K. W . (). linill. J^:. C. Fail, lot!,. Dr. 
W. D. Haggard, Vernon Tupper. M.ijm !.. i;, Sl.ihliiuin. Col. Tli,,Mia- W . W lenne. 
T. Leigh Thompson. Joel Cheek. Mrs. I'n, s D. Maddin and Mrs. Idabelle W ilson. 

The funds necessary to begin piililn iln.n were secured through the instrumen- 
tality of the second group. The coiirhltn.c pi ircd in their abilities by these puldic- 
spirited citizens of Na.shville and l)a\id-Mii (;nuiil\ inspired tlie iiieinber- nt the 
Advisory Council and the compiler nl llii- \nluiiic lo Imld [,, llu- deteMiiiiialioii ol 
finishing the job. Thev were: 

G. M. Neelv. Mrs. I'ercv Warner. \li-. K. W . I.dr. \l,.. Whildnonl U. Cole. 
Mrs. R. A. Gulbenk. .Mrs. I'ercv I). M.hI.Iiii. \h~. Mal,.llr W lU.m. Mr-. W . O. Tir- 
rill. Miss Jean Haggard, N'ernnn Tuppr,. \l,-. liubnl I. Jackson. Mr.-. George 
Washington. Mrs. Horace G. Ilill. M.-. Ki.l,,,,,! T. Wil-on. Mrs. A. ET Potter. E. C. 
Fain-loth. Major E. H. Stahlm.m. \li-. b—,- \l. (l\.il.m. Mrs. T. Leijrh Thompson. 

Dr. W. D. Haggard. Mr-. Mai V W ..-Inn. I, .,/,■, 

Bruce R. Pavne. Mrs. Chail,- l)u.ll.-\ J -. \li-. 

Bass. Mrs. May Erenrh \,mI. M , -. \ ,■,,„•, M ■ 

Mrs. Harry W. Evan-. \h-. I'.mi,-, I'I,,II,|,-. M,-. 
Roberts, Mrs. James II. KnkLin.!. Mi-. Wilii.nii I'.. 
Mrs. B. F. Wilson, Mi-. KoIm-h W . \h |„,l. M,-. 
Morton, Mrs. Craig .Xbd-arland. \li-. kil I. M.C,,, 
R. H. Lacev, Mrs. John A. M, i:uri,. M,-. I i,,„k 
Blackie. Mrs. Edward \V. I'o-hi. Mi-. \r^ 
Lvon Childres-. Mr-. \U■^. liMiiii. \l,- Min.i Olix 

thews. Mrs. J.,liii W, Mn-I,x. \li-. I!,, -:.„,, I. \l -< 

Lucy .Manninu. Mr-. M. ( . M Ji.. \li-. W . \ . 

Miss Lutie C. Jones, .Mr,-. Lee II. Fani- Mi-. (.I.hU- 
rev Timothy. .Mrs. John Coode. Mi-. (I. I. Cimi. 
James Weakley. Miss Klizabelh liiiiioi,!. Mi-. J. 
Judge Lvtton llirknian Mi-S,ua llihl„,.,k. Mi-. M 
M. Duncan. Mi-. W . II. li.iilcu Mi- M.iiv F. llu 
Lillian Taylor, .\li-s Mary Webb. Mi-. I). C. I In I. 

Whitsitt. Mrs. Paul Treanor. Mi-. \l. 1. I .ml, ■. M 

Daisy M. Gunn. Mrs. Kendri, k I l.u d. a-i Ir. Mi-. K.,- ILim.IIn, \I,-, \).u-^ Irncli.iii 
Hoffman. Mrs. Fred W. kel-,\. Mi-. .1. \, Hair Mi-. .S. K. Dirk.y. .Mi.-. O. N. 
Bryan. Mr.s. Eugene Cnii.lin. Mi-, join, I'. W illi.nii-. Mrs. C. C. Young, Mrs. W. F. 
Young. Mrs. Andreu I'm.,-. Mi- I. .hi-,- C. Fii,.l-lr\, Mrs. Charles F. Amierson. 
Mrs. J. T. Allman. Mr-. \ an- e Alex.m.l.i . Mi-. ,|..-.|.li \brams. Mrs. B. H. Allen. 
Mrs. John U. Ausl. Mrs. Kalherine T. \ll.ii. II. I!. . Mi-. W . S. lir ,n- 
ford. Mrs. H. B. Bond. Parent-Tea, lici -■ \-... i..i,. T.-i.ii.. I!,i|,li-I .Sun- 
day .School Board. Mrs. Robert B. Hranniii. II. ( >. lUa. ku I. Mi-. I,,aii-,- F. 

Bran.lon. Joshua Brown. Dr. Richard A. Ban. Mi-. J. W . III,..!. M,-, C. S. Iir,,un. 
Mrs. W. A. Bryan. Mrs. Brown Buford. Mr-. Fiaiik A. i;,n\. Mr-. A. B. liincll, I. 

. M 

r-. Gr 


rv ,Ia,ksnn. 



l.'U 1 


. Mrs. Frai 

,k M. 


-. Ml 


-. W 
1 F.i 

. II. Siliii,- 
kin. Ml-. 

\. II. 




.|,.-,|ih W- 



ii.- W 


1. Mis. We 

-l 11. 

. Mr-. 


S. t:r,>ekett. 



,v Gi 


Mrs. Geor 

!Ze F. 

J. ill 

. Mrs, 

. Byi 

ron Martin, 

■ Mrs. 

■1. \ 

h.. F 





\. Ml 

-. .Sa 

im McKay.. 





. Henry XeuhofT. 


h-. 1) 


lin. Mr-. Ill 


;. II 

1. F 

,1111. 1. 

. D.-i. 


.. c. \. (;. 

i\. Ml-. W 





III,- llin.l. 



-. ( ..1 

ml 1 

;.,x,i. Ml-. 

Muin 1..:,!. 

J. M- 


Mrs. Charles A. I?nnii,lrnan. Mrs. Georgia Knox-Berry, Mrs. L. F. Beaty, Mrs. 
J. G. Crevelinu. Jr.. \li-. Walter L. Jones, Mrs. Margaret Wade Thompson, Mrs. 
James E. Cak'lu.ll. Mi^. Kogers Caldwell, Mrs. Alex. S. Caldwell, Mrs. Charles 
Caldwell. Mrs. Kate B. Hutchinson. Mrs. E. B. Craig, Mrs. William A. Carter, Mrs. 
Henry Beach Carre, Mrs. H. Taylor Campbell, Mrs. R. S. Crutcher, J. H. Corbett, 
Mrs. Henrv E. Colton, Mrs. W. B. Cook, Mrs. A. E. Cudworth. Watkins Crockett, 
Mrs. Sadie M. Corson, Mrs. Robert Cheek. Mrs. M. H. Dobson, Paul M. Davis, 
Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Mrs. John H. DeWitt, Mrs. Mary C. Dorris. Mrs. Sam 
Douglas. Mrs. Alice Smith Dayant, Mrs. W. W. Dillon, Miss Elizabeth Eye. John 
Early. Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Mrs. Arthur Evans, Mrs. James S. Frazer, Joe Fenster- 
wald, Miss Ellen Foster, Mrs. Rufus E. Fort, Mrs. Carey A. Folk, Frank D. Fuller. 
Memphis, Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald, East Nashville Library, Mrs. W. L. Granbery, 
Mayor William Gupton. Mrs. Reba Wilson Gray, Mrs. C. C. Gilbert, Miss Madge 
Hall. Mrs. Orrin T. Higgins, Mrs. J. A. Hawkinson, Mrs. P. D. Houston, Mrs. Mary 
Bright Thomas. Mrs. Joseph T. Howell. Mrs. Budie E. Harrison, Mrs. Rush Hawes, 
Mrs. Foster Hume. Mrs. J. W. Howard, Mrs. Thomas Herbert, Jr., Mrs. W. T. Hale, 
Jr., Mrs. Ellis C. Huggins, Mrs. Harvey Herbert, R. Boyte C. Howell, Mrs. George 
W. Hale, Inquirers' c1ub, Mrs. R. Griffin, Mrs. Hill McAlisler, Davidson County 
W. C. T. v.. Mrs. Reuben Mills, Mrs. Horace Cauvin, Mrs. James B. Ezzell, Miss 
Lillian Joy. Jack Price Jones. Kennedy & Stevens, Mrs. S. J. Keith, Mrs. F. E. Kuhn, 
Miss Alice Hall Lindsey. Mrs. Luke Lea, Mrs. Robert Lusk, Mrs. Lou Lusky, Mrs. W. 
H. Lambeth. Mrs. Carey E. Morgan, Miss Theresa McGavock, Mrs. M. A. Montgom- 
ery, Mrs. John H. Moore, Mrs. C. A. Manthey. Mrs. Jo B. Morgan. Mrs. C. A. Mar- 
shall, Mrs. J. Spencer McHenry, Mrs. Cliff McClendon, Parent-Tea( lin A^-.x iaiinn for 
Donelson Library. Mrs. Elizaljeth M. Norvell, Mrs. Louise A. O^.lrn, \li-. Sandy 
E. Owen. Dr. W.' A. Oughterson, Mrs. Edwin A. Price, Mrs. Gibson I'att.iM.n. Mrs. 
George H. Price, Mrs. W. 0. Parmer, Mrs. R. E. Porter, Miss Frances 0. Pilcher, 
Mrs. Alex. Perry. Mrs. James H. Parkes, Mrs. David Rosenfeld. Mrs. Granville 
P. Rose, Mrs. Jordan Stokes, Mrs. Reuben Seay, N. B. Shyer, Mrs. Edward Scruggs, 
Mrs. Charles Stetson, Mrs. W. J. Spire, Mrs. Leo Schwartz, Tennessee State Library, 
Miss Mary R. Smith, Mrs. Walter Stokes, Mrs. Vernon Hibbett Sharp, Mrs. A. W. 
Shipp. Mrs. Louis H. Sperry, Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Mrs. Joseph Thompson. Mrs. 
John W. Thomas, Mrs. Smith Tenison, Miss Roberta Tarpley. Oliver Timothy. 
Mrs. Dempsey Weaver. Mrs. Sam Woolwine. Mrs. Joe Werthan, Mrs. Percy Williams. 
Miss Mary Shackelford, Mrs. Abram M. Tillman, Mrs. Fielding Yost, Mrs. T. Dwight 
Webb, Mrs. J. W. Warner. Board of Y. W. C. A., Mrs. W. H. Witt, Mrs. Miles Wil- 
liams. Mrs. W. Ridley Wills, Mayor Felix Z. Wilson, Mrs. Betty Lyle Wilson. Mrs. 
P. A. Murray, Mrs. Thomas G. Garrett. Mrs. Laura C. Gillespie, Methodist Publishing 
House. Miss Emnia Wheat Sullivan. Miss Martha Handley, Advisory Council of thi^ 

G. M. Neely, whose death occurred during the period of compilation, was the 
first subscriber in the County and one of the originators of this project. His splendid 
counsel, his unfailing confidence in the compiler's ability to do the work and his 
hearty approval was at all times encouraging. 

Feature pages and those who made them possible are: "Greatest Mother." Nash- 
ville Chapter, American Red Cross. Executive Board of 1921; "Columbia Calls Her 
Women," Mrs. Idabelle Wilson; "God Save Our Splendid Men," Executive Board, 
Army Comfort League; "Polk Memorial Fountain," Executive Board. Tenn. Sfate 
Fair, through Mrs. Robert Wharton Nichol, Director of Home and Educational De- 

I) All I) S O .\ C i .\ lY U O .1/ E .V / .V T H E l( O R L l> tt A H. 191 l-I 9 I 9 

pailmeiil: "N ictoiy Aich." .\li>. B. I- . W ilsmi. \ iii- l'ii>icliiit nl Home-coming Parade 
and Reception: "Cenlonnial C.lul.." tlu- Clul. Kx.-, .iii\.- r..Ku.l of 1921: "the Her- 
mitage." Andrew JacksonV home. Davidson tiounly Board. Woman's CommiUee 
Council of .National Defense: "Scrap-of-paper" page. Gold Star pages, memorial 
page for women World War workers and F-^ontispiece, the Advisory Council. Mrs. 
Granherv Jackson, Chairman. 

.Assisting in securing (he recoids were: 

Mrs. Frank Searcv Green. Mrs. Geori:,' V. BLuki.-. Mi- Elizabeth Binford, 

Miss .Madge Hall. .Mrs. Jordan Stokes. J... \1.-. \ r, , Sharp. Mrs. Dempsev 

Weaver. M:s. Percv I). Ma.idin. Mis. llaii\ W . I v. in- \li-. S. S. Crorkell. Mrs. 
\{. H. I.acev. Mr.s. 'Rohert Wliaih.n NirlHil. M, . Bi.har,! T. WiK.m. Mr-. Itrul.-n 
Mills. Mrs.' Frank W. Rin^^. \li-. i;. W . I ivr. \l,-. Cmi.^ia knnN.B., , \ . \li-. Kil 
r. McConnico, Miss Carrie In-lr,. \it-. -^, \1. C,,,-,,,,. \1,- Maiia -|. „nnn,,-. 
.Miss Marv Webb. Mrs. A. B. An.l.i-.m. \l,-. K. i:.,. M,-. i;. I . \\,U,,n. \l,-. 

Alice Wilson Clovd. .Mrs. \crner M ■ l.rui-. \li- Ma.x Hal.-, nan. \1,-. \. 

Lvon Childress. Mrs. Walter L. J<.n.-. \l,-. 11, .ana- \,ul.ill. \l,-. IMua,,! W . 
Foster. \Ir>. Idabelle \\,1-.,m. Mr-. \U■^. S. (aMurll. M,-. W . II. S, !„„■,, „an. M,-. 
Charles Caldwell. Mrs. I'. \. \hn>a\. M,-. I!nl,.-,l ( l,r,k, Ml- \Iu\ l'lra-ai,l- .bai.- 
and Mrs. T. Leigh ThoinpMm. 

In addition to these the following Ipu-ine— I, mi- nl \a-l,\illc .,i,lr,l l.iiurh wilh 
their unfailing interest and i-iiin,ii,,^ri,ir,il : i:. 1!. S, h,in,,,( I,,-, . W . (i. TImi- and 
.Marvin W. Wiles, photographers, wli., , n,,i, ,|.i,lr,| ., \.tr2i- i,,,iiilic <.! lli,' |il,..l(igraphs 
used in this book; the American \aii.ii,al l'.a,ik. iIikmil'I, I'. !). Iliai-l..,,. I'li'sident, 
who served as trea.surer for the AiIm-o,\ C,,,,,,, il: I .,-iia .,,,,1 I'aikc- (.c,.. through 
E. W. Foster, President: B. \. (>iill.r,,k I ,,ii,.,\ ,,,..• ( ,... ilimugh Clifton Greer, 
.Manager, and Mrs. R. A. (Hilhrnk. ^^\u, u.,- ,,,„• ,,l il,,- |,,n,,i,,l<Ms of this enterprise 
and who assisted constantly will, ih.- uck iir,t,l lir, ,li',ili. which was an irreparable 
loss to the Council. 

The Nashville Tennesseati and tl,,- \a-li\illr I!,, nun were generous willi space 
in their columns in presenting the i ,i,i-c to ihc |i,j|ilii . 

T. Leigh Thompson, one of Na-1,\ illc'- ni,M,c-|>ii ,1,(1 ,,li/c,,- ai,d ,,l-ii one id 
the originators of this project, wa- ai, .,Mc a--i-lai,l d the cianplh-i. with aiKicc 
gained from his successful busine>- cane. 

' .Mrs. Granbery Jackson. Chairniai, ..I the \il\l-..i\ Can,, ,k piiAcil a w i-c cam- 
felor and co-worker. She acccplcil the h.ii(l-h,|i- ii, caincciin,, \^ith thi- wmk a- a 
part of the job and Ircald the, a, cu, ,1,,,^ K . s|„. |,,| ,,,||, ,, , h.-c, l„l,;,- and 
complacency that made ,l a |ih-a-iiie tn he a--ii. iatcl wilh he 

The compiler of ihi- I k I ee 

Advisory Council, laih ,ncn,hci 
Searcy Green. Mi-. \. Lmh, < hih 

began this projei t vsith the , \i 

to every call (hiiin'_' the lo,ii va 

Apprecialion i- dne \1,-. I. 
192;', Mardi (,ras l.alL a-i-te,l h' 
immediate jjub Meal ion. 

.Mis> .Madge Hail, will, her .xpericnce ,,- a -iMce-fnl -neietN edit.u of a local 

in thi. book, r.-nden^.l a-i-t.,Mce to ih- coinp,!,; ,l„,,ni. the pi .■, days 

of the work. 

hat -he ua- 

1 Uhll h ,- 1 

- .mil \l,-. 

1. I.c 

-pent in the 


idle \\,i 


,el -1, lech, III, 

II, <a,. 


Grateful Acknowledgment 

Many of the Most Striking Photographs Used in this 
Book is Herehv Made 


21511. Fifth Avenue. Nortli 


17 Fiflli Avenue, Nuith 


Nashville, Tennessee 

They were out best; they gave their all; as long as love lives they iiill run die 

AUnnl, I'vt. Will. P. 
Alesaiirter. Sgt. Horace L. 
Anderson, Corp. Edgar B. 
Anton, Pvt. TUos. C. 
Anthony, Sgt. H. B. 
Arnold. 2nd Class Sei.- 

iiian Roiit. E. 
Baile.v. 1st Lt. Oliver >T. 
Baker. ';a,it. Robert 
Banks. Ptl. Wilkie S. J. 
Battle. Pvt. Alexander 
Bennett. Pvt. DeWitt 
Biggs. Cook Hugh D. 
niacknood. Pvt. Harold F. 
Bohaiinan. IstLt.SbirleyD. 
Booth. Pvt. Wm. H. 
Braee.v. Pvt. Walter L. 
Bradley, Corp. Ernest H. 
Branch. Pvt. Leslie 
Brown, 1st Lt. A. Stewart 
Burke. Pvt. Frank E. 
Bush, Pvt, Alexander 
Byrara, Sgt. Jas. M. 
Caldwell. Candidate Dand- 

ridge W. 
Caldwell. Sgt. Wm. S. 
Calhoun, 1st Lt. Paul C. 
Cameron. 1st Lt. Alvin H. 
Carter. Corp. Overton 
Casey. Pvt. John 
Chilson, Sgt. Carl A. 
Cleghorn, Pvt. Wm. R. 
Clements. Capt. Paul 
Cochran.^lstClassPvt. Prank 
Conry, Pvt, James 
Cooper, Sgt. George E. 
Cudworth. Pvt. Jos. H. 

Pvt. Wi 

Davis, Corp. Will L. 
Dismukes. Pvt. Geo. 
Dixon, Pvt. Geo. L. 
Donohiie, Pvt. Wm. 

Pvt. En 


Douglas, Pvt. Abner B. 
Dowell. Pvt. Carlos B. 
Duncan. Capt. Chas. B 
Earls. Pvt. Eugene 
Kdrnondson, Pvt. Marvin ] 
Elliott, Appr. Seaman i 

Fvnn<!. Pvt. K.irl 

Farmer, Corp. Tobey 
Ferguson. Pvt. Chas. M. 
Fiison. Pvt. John W. 
Frazier. 2iid Lt. Hilary R. 
Frierson. Capt. Meade 
Frith. 1st Class Pvt. 

Thos. R. 
Garland. Pvt. Jas. L. 
Gatlin. Pvt. Joshua O. 
Gerard. Pvt. Geo. R. 
Gilliam. Pvt. Arthur B. 
Gilliam, Pvt. Ernest P. 
Goff. Oiler Wm. .\. 
Goode. 1st Class Pvt. 

Mark A. 
Goodwin, Sgt. Harold G. 
Graham, 1st Lt. Richard H. 
Grant, 1st Class Pvt. 

Greer. Corp. Orman P. 
Greer, Pvt. Walter 
Gregory. Coppersmith S. 
Griffith. Corp. John O. 
Grubb. Corp. Wm. A. 
Haas. Pvt. Doss B. 
Hadkthorn. Pv.t.ClarenceE. 
Hager. Pvt. George W. 
Hart. Pvt. Johnnie S. 
Hart. Capt, Leonard K. 
Hathawa.v, Pvt. Fred S. 
Head. Sgt. John W. 
HUl. 1st Class Pvt. 

Hindman. 1st Sgt. Thos. J. 
Hinds, Corp. Arthur J. 
Hinkle. Pvt. Jas. T. , 
Hitner. Pvt. Fred 
Hodges, Pvt. Leighton 
Holman. Pvt. Chas. J. 
Holman. Pvt. Wilson D. 
Hortoff. 1st Class Pvt. 

Houston, Isir.t.UiiymondF. 
Hudson, Sgt. Harvey L. 
Hughes, Pvt, Otto J. 
Jacobs, Pvt. Earl W. 
Jackson, Bugler Buford 

Jovdnii, Pvt. Henry 
Journey. 2nd Lt. Jas. B. 
Joyner. Pvt. Roy E. 
Keeling. Pvt. Joseph 
Kerrigan. Pvt. Frank A. 
Kidd. Corp. Geo. G. 
Kirwin. 1st Class Pvt. 

Thos. M. 
Knox. Pvt. Wm. N. 
Layne, Pvt. Owen B. 
Lee. Pvt. Louis E. 
Lehning. Pvt. Henry 
Lewis. Pvt. John 
Long. 1st Lt. Geo. W. 
Lovelace. 1st Class Pvt. 

Alcey M. 
Luter. Bugler Richard M. 
Lyle. Pvt. Justin O. 

Pons, Sgt. Donald 
Ray. 1st Class Pvt. Hern 
Ray. Corp. Leroy 
Raymer. Pvt. Claude 
Ricketts, Corp. Kriiest 
Ring. Pvt. Henry G. 
Riter, Pvt, Horton A. 
Rosenthal. 2n(l Lt. Jos. 
Ross, Pvt. Dee 
Seaton, Mechanic Jas. 




Jack G. 

McCarthy. 1st Lt. Mar- 
shall H. 

McClanahn. Pvt. Frank C. 

McFolin, Pvt. Waldo F. 

Maddux. Bugler Ernest 

.Manier, 1st Lt. Emmett M. 

Maniiis, Pvt. Jesse R. 

Ma.vers. Pvt. Christian F. 

Milam. Pharmacist Carter 

iMitchel. Pvt. John 

Mocker. Pvt. Lambert H. 

Monk. Capt. Chas. E. 

Moran. Pvt. Jas. W. 

Morris. IstCl.Pvt.JohnnieL. 

Newell, 2nd Lt. Jas. McC. 

Nichols. Pvt. John H. 

Nixon. Pvt. Rile H. 

NoUner. Pvt. John H. 

Norton, Pvt. John F. 

Olney. Pvt. Guy R. 

Ormsby. Pvt. Thos. F. 

Orr. 1st Lt. Samuel K. 

Overton. 1st Lt. John W. 

Parker,, Wagoner E. Homer 

Patterson, 1st Class Pvt. 
Joseph H. 

Pat ton. A. Seaman Edw. T. 

Payne. Corp. Chas. J. 

Persley. Pvt. James 


John R. 

Small, Pvt. Invin 
Smith. 2lidCl.FiremanH. 
Smith, Pvt. Kin^ J. 
Smith, Pvt. Simi 
Snyder. Pvt. Robert 
Speck, Corp. Thos. 6. 
Spire. Sgt. Wm. J. 
Stephens. 1st Lt. Clay 
Stephens, Corp, Wm. B 
Stevens, Pvt. Chas. L. 
Stuart. Pvt. Boyd E. 
Taylor, Pvt. Wm. T. V 
Terry. Sgt. Paul 
Terry. IstClassPvt. Wm. 
Thomas, 1st Class Pvt. 

Timothy, 1st Lt, Jas. g 
Turbevillc. Pvt. Jas. W 
Turner, Pvt. Hear 
Vaughn. Pvt. 


Wainright. IstClassPvt.R. 
Wair, Pvt. Lawrence A. 
Walsh. Pvt. Edward J. 
Walton. Pvt. Lycurgns M. 

Sgt. Jos. 


Warren. Sgt. Robt. 
Wasserman. Pvt. Di 
Watterson. Pvt. Hen 
Watkins, Pvt. Allen 
Webb. Pvt. Robt. P 


Wilbur, Candidate Chas. H 
Wilkinson. Pvt. Jos. W. 
Williams. Pvt. Edgar O. 
Williams, Pvt. Geo. H. 

DAI I DSO.\ (.Oi A /■ 1 ir (> .1/ A .V / A 7 // K tt O H L I) II t H. 1 » I It " 1 t 

GOLD > 1 A K |{ L C U K 1) .S 

Every possible efl'ort was made by the compiler and Advisory Council of lliis 
volume to obtain the record of each fallen hero of Davidson County in the World 
War. Repeated visits to the homes were made; letters were sent; numerous adver- 
tisements were placed in the Daily Press; and various other means were employed. 
After four years of volunteer service spent in this work, we herein submit such 
records as it was possible to obtain, the information liavinp been given by the 
families of the soldiers. 

FVT. Lambekt HEMn Mo. ki:k. M,n of Cluulcs llcruv. deceased, and Elizi. Mocker 
was born in Nashville. Tenn.. Nov. 6. liioi!. Me \\,i- ilu- liisl native Davidson County 
boy to give his life in World War service, ihuinii U-m drowned Feb. 5. 1918, while 
en route overseas with his regiment, when hi> i c)ri\(i\. llie Tuscania. was sunk bv a 
German submarine. 

The first realization tlial lb.- pcjilc of l)a\id.-oii C.uiiIn IkkI .,1 llic grave dani;cr 
of our boys came with the message that tiie Tuscania had been sunk and Lambert 
Mocker, one of "our own," had been a victim. Pvt. Mocker's untimely death was 
felt by every citizen in the County, and the people back home imniediately awakened 
to the importance of all calls for relief uiuk. 

Private Mocker enlisted |..r Woil.l Wai -nxir,. in ihr retiiila. aiiin, M l'(.rt 
Oglethorpe, Ga.. December IT). I'M 7. and ua- a rn.-nii.ei ,,1 Cmnpanv 1 ). l^dlh Kni;!- 
neers Corps, 6th Hallali..n. lie rc.cixed lii~ Iraining al Km I OgN'lhn, |„.. Ca.. an.l'al 
the American Inivcr-itN. W a-hin;;loM. I). C. and ^ailcl r,,i ,,\,-i-i'.i-. .|arni,M\ I'). 

The exact place of burial ■■! llii- lum U n<>i km.vsn. lail il i- lli.aiiilil In be <in 
the Scottish coast. He is >nr\i\i'd l«\ a laigi- larniU ((innciiinri. who loid.- in 

l'\T. Uos.s B. Haas, the lusl Da\id.-on CounU boy. in llic I njlc.l .Slalo Regular 
Army, to be killed in action, was born in iNashville, Tenn., September. 1881. He en- 
listed in the regular army at Jefferson Barracks, Mo., April 26, 1915, and served 
with the following organizations: Company A, 1!')lh Infantrv; Companv A. Ttli In- 
fantry: (Company F. 60th Infantry: anil (Company M, 18th rnfantry. A- a nienibci 
of the last-named organization, he served with the A. E. F., having sailed for o\cr-ca~ 
duty October M, 1917. 

Private Haas receixid iln- I )i--iinguished Service Cross, and was aUo liicd lor 
gallantrv in action and -|ie( iai meritorious service at Canlignv. Frame, bx tlw 
Division Commandant of the French Arm\. He »a^ killed in a< lion Mav l','.. 1918. 
and his bodv lies at rest in France. 

Mr. an.lMrs. W. M. Sparks, resi,lenl> ol Na^lixille. Tenn.. are lo-ler pareni- .d' 
Ihi^ valiant soblier. 

P\T. Lot Is Edwaki> Lee. the fir-l l)a\icl~..n (ounlx volunteer in the World War 
to pav the Supreme Sacrifice, was llir -on ..I \li-. W . II. Hamby (Susie Beasley), of 
Nashville. Tenn. He was born in Na-livillr. Xpul I 1. 1898; educated in the Nash- 

D A V I DSO N C O i N T Y ff () hJ EN IN T HE If' R L I) WA R. I 9 I 4-1 9 1 9 

\ille City Schools; and was among the first to answer his country's call. He volun- 
teered for service at Nashville, April, 1917, with Troop A, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, 
uhich was recruited by Captain Bruce Douglas in the early stages of the war. 

Private Lee's one desire was to get into active service as quickly as possible. 
Fearing the organization he was with would be delayed, by request, he was honorably 
discharged by Captain Douglas and reenlisted December 12, 1917, with the United 
States Marine Corps, going immediately to Paris Island, S. C, for training. 

After a short period of preparation Private Lee was chosen for duty on foreign 
fields, due to his willingness to perform well any line of duty that might hasten his 
progress to the front lines. He sailed in March. lOli!. willi the 2()th Conqiaiu. .ith 
U. S. Marines. 

A letter written by Private Lee to Mrs. Hamby on Mother's Dav. 191 <!, gave 
joyful expression of the fact that he would soon be "scrapping with the Huns." In 
less than a month his desire was granted, which resulted in the sacrifice of his life. 
He was killed in action June 7, 1918, at Chateau Thierry. 

Private Lee received a citation from the French Government, signed by Major- 
General Petain, and one from the United States Army, signed by General John J. 

Mrs. Hamby receixed main communications from her son's comrades, from 
highest to lowest rank, in wliicli they referred to Private Lee's bravery and po])ularity. 

Private Lee's body was later brought to Nashville and was laid to rest in Mt. 
Olivet Cemeterv. at Nashville. 

1st Lieut. Jvmes Simmons Timothy, son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Timothy, 
residents of Nashville, Tenn., was the first officer of Tennessee to give his life on 
ihe battlefield. He was born in Nashville, November 18. 1892; prepared for college 
at St. Mary's College in Maryland; and entered Vanderbilt University in September, 
1912, graduating in the Engineering Department in 1916. At the time of his en- 
listment he was Assistant Paymaster of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours. Wilmington. Del. 

Lieutenant Timothy volunteered his services in the World War. August 29. 1917, 
at the Officers' Training Camp, Plattsburg Barracks, N. Y., where he ranked as a 
second lieutenant. He was soon commanded overseas, sailing January 12, 1918. 

I pon reaching France Lieutenant Timothy entered a French war college, where 
he took tlie examinations for the regular army and passed with high honors. Soon 
thereafter he was made a first lieutenant. 

In March, 1918, he was placed in command of a platoon under Captain Bailey 
M. Coffinberg, of the Medical Corps, near Verdun. 

On May .31, 1918, he was sent to Chateau Thierry. While there he was badly 
gassed and was sent to a base hospital. After leaving the hospital he was temporarily 
assigned to the 80th Company, 6th Marines in Belleau Woods. 

On June 14, 1918, Lieutenant Timothy led his men — two hundred in number — 
"over the top" in the fierce engagement at Bois de Belleau. He was one of eight 
fortunate enough to return from this encounter. 

Later the same day. while sitting outside his dugout, he was struck in the back 
by shrapnel and his death resulted in about fifteen minutes. As he was dvina 
comrades heard him murmur: "Into Thy Hands, my Lord. I give my soul." This 
was evidence of his readiness to meet his Maker. His body now lies in Mt. Calvarv 
Cemeterv. at Nashville. 

Lieutenant Timothy died on the date of his brother's (Captain P. H. Timofhv 
f 15) 

n.niDSOX coiyTY ifo.\if:.\ /.v rut: iroKi.i) war. n>iii<>i9 

a World War veU-ran l marria,^.- in Ani.'ri, a. II,- ^a- .liv .i^-u,^ th,- uol.liMi; ul,.-n 
lie ua# killed. 

Lieutenaiil Tiniotliv n-rcivi-d Fri'iuh cilalioii and ua~ auaid.-d lli.' Di-linuui-iu'd 
Ser\ii-e t'ros-. iici-tliuiiiiui>l\ . 

PvT. FlUNK K.tKKI(.AN. w a.- die Mill (d' Pahil. (Ie<ea.-ed. and Marj^arcl Kn li^an. 
of \a*liville. Teiin. He volunteered in llir I . S. Marine (^orps Deeeinlur I I. I'M 7. 
at Nashville, and was sent to Paris Mind. S. ('... and later to Quanticn. \ a. On 
March 27, 1918, he sailed for overseas, and p irlici|»ale(l in piit;ageineiil> al ( li ilran 
Thierry as a member of the 67th Company, 'ith Maiim-. Ili- w.i^ killed in .niion. 
fighting for World Democracy, in Helleau \\n,,d» Jnnc 1 1. I'»l;i. lli- IhmK rc-W in 
.\lt. Calvary Cemetery, at \a~livillc. 

Privates Kerrigan and l.nni- I. re unc rln-c Iritnd-. and cnli-li'd al llu- -arnc 
time in the L. S. Mannr loi,,-. I lu'\ -ailed f.., f..iviun ^x\\\ nn llu- -anic -hip. was called into action jn-l ,,nr urck pi in, 1.. I'ri\,ilr kcniiian. hnlli hcii.j: 
killed in action near Chateau ThieriN. 

Private Kerrigan and I.iciilcnanl SiniiiKin- Tiiih.iIin \mmc killed in aelimi on 
the -ame dav. \Nilliin two ucek- of I'lixal.'- Ilaa-' and I ,ee"- death-. 

The deaths of the^c lour l)a\id-..n Couiil\ l.ov- m-pin-d ll,e umnen ol DaMd-on 
Countv to renewed efforts in carrying to suere-- e\ei\ Woil.l W ai .icliviu n> \\lii(li 
they engaged, and no sacrifice was too great Imi iliem lu make. \- [Uv nie--ai'( - \w>iild 
come from time to time that another of "our cum." -o piomlU ( heend a- he ni.iK hed 
away, had been a victim of the Huns, the desire for jii-li(c .iinl wm Id wide lieedoin 
to prevail increased in the hearts of every |)atricilic eiii/en ol iIh' eounl\. The 
wruncn recorded in llii< volunic will never forget. 

P\r. JoSKlMl II. ClDWiiHiii. -on of Mr. and Mi-. \. K. (aniuoitli. of Na-li\ille. 
Tenn.. was horn in \a>liville. He volunteered for World War -ervice during the 
first call to arms at the age of (iftccn years and iiim- nioiilh-. giving his age as 
eighteen. He was sworn into service July 18, 1917. al \,i-h\ille. as a meiiiher of 
Company B. 2nd Infantry. Tennessee i\. G. Later he -eued in ( oinpaiix 1. I -I 
Training Battalion. .S.ith De])ot Brigade and with Compan\ V.. \\'H\\ liilaMlrx. '.Dili 
Division, al Camj) Sevier. Greenville. .S. C. He sailed for dul\ o\ri-,a- \la\ II. I'lll',. 

Private Cuilworth engaged in -i\ olleii-i\e- iiaineU. S me. ^pie-. ^pie-l,\-. 

Chateau Thierry. Bellicourl ami St. Snpl.i\ -.-iloi-. Ih' roUL:lil willi r,,ii-pieiiou- 
bravery and was killed in action Ortohei id. I'M;;, uhen In- .ind .i . ,,mi.ide .illeiiipled 
to take a machine gun nest. His pannl- weie -eni the " \( rolm.nle id llu- Ni'u 
Order of Chivalry" antl a s])ecial o\i i-e,i- (eilihc.ile liom (ienei.d I'ei-hinu. 

Private Jo.seph Cudworth was l)a\id-on ( onnl\'- \.iim;je-l fallen hero (d' the 
World War. He promised his mother that, il -he would not reveal the secret of 
his age. he would write her everv dav. He laithliilK kept hi- pidiiiise until his death. 
He po-^e>-ed manv true and nojde qualitie- lor one -o Noimii. Tho sacrifice of this 
l.ov"- life for hi- e.,nntn \eiilie> the fact that l)a\id-on Counix -avi- her he-t. 

Com-. Kuc.Mt HuowN Andijuson. son of Kdgar B. and Mary Elizabeth Ander-on, 
of Thomjisons Station. Tenn., was born June 20, 1<W.'{. in Franklin, Tenn. He was 
engaged as a .>.alc>man for Foster & Parkes Co.. al Nashville, Tenn.. when hv u a> 
inducted into service September f.. I')li:. it the Board ,d' Wil-on Coiiiit\. He 
wa- a member of Batlerv F. 1 I lib V. \. iLninerh I'.atlers F. I -t F. A.. Tenn.. 


National Guard) and received his military training at Nashville, Tenn., and Camp 
Sevier, Greenville, S. C. He sailed with the famous 30th Division May 26, 1918, for 
overseas duty. He was stationed with his company for several weeks in a French 
training; camp. He fought with bravery in the engagements of St. Mihiel and Meuse- 
Argonne defensive sectors and of the Woevre offensive sector. On February 20, 1919, 
he died of pneumonia at Le Mans, France, after faithfully assisting America and 
the Entente Allies in winning peace. His body rests in the Anicrican Cemeterv at 
Grand Le Mans, Sartha, France. 

PvT. Thomas C. Antom ( Antonopoulos), son of Christian ami Helene Autono- 
poiilos. of Greece, was born in Lycucliorion, Doridos, Greece. April 1 .'5, 1119 1. grad- 
uating from the high school of that place. He emigrated to the United States from 
Patras, Greece, and was naturalized soon after his arrival. 

Private Anton was a nephew of a popular restaurateur of Nashville, Tenn., Paul 
Anton, with whom he was associated in business when he volunteered his services. 
He enlisted with the 1st Tennessee Regiment, at Camp Jackson, Nashville, Tenn., 
June 15. 1917, which organization later became the 115th Field Artillery. He went 
with this regiment to Camp Sevier. Greenville. S. C, as a memljer of the Sanitarv 

Private Anton contracted pneumonia while in training at Camp Sevier and was 
•ent to El Paso. Texas to regain liis health. All efforts failed and he died at 
Herrick Sanitarium, at El Paso. December 29, 1918, a short time before his company 
sailed for overseas. Every Da\i(lMiii (^(luntv citizen feels a special pride in Private 
Anton's loyalty to America, his .i<l(iiilcil country, for which he paid the Supreme 

Robert Edgar Arnold. 2nd Class Seaman, was the adopted son of Mrs. Annie 
E. Arnold, of Nashville, Tenn. He was among Davidson County's first to answer the 
call to arms, having volunteered in the U. S. Navy April 17, 1917, at Nashville, two 
weeks after America entered the conflict. He was sent to Norfolk, Va., to begin his 
training. In less than a month he contracted spinal meningitis, and died on May 12. 
1917. being the first Davidson County boy to die in a government camp of disease. 

Private Arnold was only seventeen years of age when he enlisted. He was a 
member of Christ Episcopal Church, at Nashville. His blue star was the first turned 
t<i gold on the large service flag that hung in the auditorium of the church. He was 
a model young man, due to the splendid rearing of his foster-mother who bestowed 
upon him the same mother love that she did her own. Private Arnold's bodv lies 
ill the cemetery at Mobile, Ala., by the side of his foster-father, W. L. Arnold, for- 
merlv a well-known newspaper man, of Nashville. 

1st Lieut. Oliver Winston Bailey, son of Charles Winston and Florris H. 
Bailey, of Nashville, Tenn., was born in Nashville April 21, 1896. At the time of 
his enlistment he was employed with the Tennessee Inspection Bureau, at Nashville. 

Lieutenant Bailey entered the Second Reserve Officers' Training Camp, at Fort 
Oglethorpe, Ga., August, 1917, and upon completing the course there he was com- 
missioned a first lieutenant in Company H, 47th Infantry. 4th Division. He was 
then sent to Camp Greene. N. C. On May 18. 1918, he sailed for duty on the front 
lines, landing May 2.3, 1918. He fought with the French Army until the second 
battle of the Marne, when he rejoined his regiment. He fought valiantly until killed 
in action August 7, 1918, near the Vesle River. He was buried near Bazoches, France. 


PAi ll)SO\ COl XTY irOMF.y /.Y THE K () R L I) If.tR. 1 ^ i II >t m 

CvFT. KoBEKT Bakek. was born .May .'i. 1880. in Nashville, Tenn. He enlisted 
a> a private in the regular army, at Jeflerson Barracks, Mo., December 10, I'Jl.H. 
On July 19. 1917, he was honorably discharged in order to accept a commission as 
Captain. At the lime of his discharge lie was a first sergeant of the 27th Ret. 
Company. General Service Infantry. After receiving his commission Captain Baker 
was stationed at Fort Bliss. Texas, and served with the 7lli Cavalry and later with 
the .iOlh Pioneer Infantrv. until his death. He sailed for overseas Si|itiniiiii 
1. 1918. On February 27,' 1919. he died at Kvacuation Hospital, Mayen. Cvvmim) . 
and was buried at New Friedhof. ilhineland. Germanv. 

P\T. Hakoi.I) I'kldlkicr BlACKWooi). was the .-on of Georue W . and 
Blackwood (deceasedi. and brother of II. (). l',la,kwood, orNasliMJI. 
was a patriotic and valued member ol ihc "Xmn at Home." 

I'rivate Blackwood volunteered in the I . .'s. .Marine Corps. Deceniliei 
Na-h\iile. and was sent to Paris Island. S. C.. for military training. He 
tu ihc l.)2nd Conipanv. 2n(i Replacement Battalion Marines, Regular 
l'ari> Island. S. C, sailing for duty overseas March 12. 1918. He fougl 
uith the 17th Company, 5th I'. S. .Marines, and received a medal for mi 
On Februarv 10, 1918, he was made a sniper. He partici])ated in the f 
of Chateau Thierry June 0. 1918, and was wounded. d\ini; from the , 
wnuiids June 8. 1918. at a hospital near the front lino. 

Private Bla. kw I was I 


1917. al 



mv Post, 


U in I). 

i-one vears 
dIIic.t: and 
-on Coimlv 

alii. II 
.dl as 1. 

1st Lieu, ."^iiiklk-. 
iper Bohannan. ot I. 


l)iaper Bohannan. ot l.i\ ing.-ton. ICnn., and was born at Living.-ton, May 2 
lie volunteered in the service of his country soon after its entrance into th 
War. He was a member of Companv (». 12()th Infantrv. and received 
training at Knoxville. Tenn.. Eagle Pa-s. Tcxa>. Camp Ja. k-on. S. C.. an 
Sevier. S. C. He entered service as a |iii\.ili- .md \\.i- |ii(iiniilcil In l'ii>l l,i 
before sailing for service overseas Ma\ 12. l'*!,'!. 

He look part in all engagements in which the .'.Otii l)i\i>i(>n f'ouglil i 
death. He was fatallv wounded at Cambrai. OcIoImm II). I')i8. and died 1 
later. His body was brought to Nashville an.l interred in Ml. ()li\el Ceinel 

Lieutenant Bohannan married Mis- Annr Neil, i.f l)a\id~oii (!oiml\. uliili 
ing Vanderbilt Universitv. Their son. ul,., ua- l.un. ulillc 1,1- falii.i ua- , 
fighting for world freedom. i,ears hi- licm lalliei- name. 

e World 
d Canin 

PVT. WaMKK I.. \W.XiA:\. ulio belore 1,1- enli- 
was born in .Stewart County, Tenn., in 1890. lb- 
country at Nashville. Tenn.. September 22. I')i7. 
(". :'.27th Infantrv. He received his training al Can 
seas dutv May H, 1918, with the ;',()lh l)l\l-l„n. P 
lies of this division with marked brave, \ . nnlil !„• 
court area. September 29. 1918. a lilllr nn.i,- lli.,,, 
the -.Tvi.e. Mr-. I'.cli.- 1.. P„a.e^. ulfe nl ihl- In,.. 


.1 (, 

.ale Bracev engaged in 
,- kill<-d in action in ll 

\ca, f,nm the dale br 
- a ie-i(lrni ,,! \a-l,\lll 


PvT. Fr.\nk E. Burke, was born in Nashville, Tenn., September, 1898. He was 
the son of James P. Burke ( deceased ) and Mrs. Frances O. Burke, a resident of 
Nashville. Private Burke enlisted with the National Guard, at Nashville, May 16. 
1917, in Troop A, Tennessee Cavalry, which later became Company A, 114th Ma- 
chine Gun Battalion, 30th Division. He received his military training at Camp 
Sevier, S. C, and sailed for overseas duty May 11, 1918. He foiipht couraceouslv 
in the battles of Bellicourt area and Premont sector. On OcIoImi 21. I')|,'l. Up died 
of wounds received in action while fighting for world freedcuii. 

Corp. Ernest H. Bradley, son of R. Edgar and Delia Bradley, who re^^ide in 
Davidson County, Tenn., was born in Sumner County, Tenn., in 1891. He volun- 
teered in the National Guard, December 15, 1917. at Camp Sevier, S. C. and 
served with the following organizations: Supply Company, 114th Field Artillery 
and Battery A, 114th Field Artillery. He contracted pneumonia while in train- 
ing at Camp Sevier, from which he died October 8, 1918. He was popular with 
both officers and men of his regiment and in the community in which he lived. 

PvT. William H. Booth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Willard F. Booth, of Goodletts- 
ville, Tenn., was born at Goodlettsville, August 16, 1896. He was inducted into 
World War service September 5, 1918, at the Local Board of Davidson County. As 
a member of Company F. 57th Pioneer Infantry, he received his training at Camp 
Wadsworth, Columbia. S. C. He sailed for overseas duty September 29, 1918. ar- 
riving October 7, 1918. He contracted broncho-pneumonia immediately after land- 
ing in France, from which he died October 13, 1918, at Brest, France. His remains 
were returned to Goodlettsville, where he had a large circle of friends. He served 
with courage and faithfulness. 

PvT. DeWitt Bennett, was born at Joelton, Tenn., March 22, 1895, and was 
the son of Irvin and Maude Bennett, residents of Joelton. He enlisted for World 
War service with the Kentucky National Guard June 4, 1917. at Hopkinsville. Ky. 
Private Bennett died of spinal meningitis at a government hospital, while still in 
training. At the time of his death he was a member of Headquarters Company. 
119th Infantry. He also served in Company D. 3rd Infantry, Kentucky National 
Guard. He was among the first Davidson County volunteers, and his devotion to 
dutv was highlv commended bv armv officials. 

Candidate Dandridce Wentwortii Caldwell, youngest son of James E. and 
Mav Winston Caldwell, of Nashville, was born at "Longview," the historic estate 
of his parents on the Franklin Pike, in Davidson County, Tenn.. June 16. 1894. 
He received his early education from tutors at home and later at Montgomery Bell 
Academv. where he made a magnificent record as a gentleman and as a student. 
He won several prizes for exceptional work and a number of medals for oratory, a 
gift inherited from his maternal grandfather. Dr. C. K. Winston, who was noted in 
his day as a finished public speaker. 

Candidate Dandridge Caldwell entered Vanderbilt University in the fall of 1910. 
at the age of sixteen, and was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Realiz- 
ing the necessity of a business career, owing to his approaching marriage to Miss 
Elizabeth Keith, with whom he had been in love since childhood. Candidate Cald- 

■-S a~ a 


- 1 il 


,lu.|| n 

1 l-..uilh 


u.ll left collefie a few inonlhs liefoie •riailiiatioii. He .nl.r.Ml Lu-iii. 
ami iiiaiiager of Uie iiisuraiRf finn of James E. Calilwi II \ Smi-. 
lie ua* made Vic-e-Pics.itlenl of Caldwell & Company. Iinolnirni ll.i 

Home obligations lut-essilated the classification of Dandridge Cal. 
Class liy the government, which meant a delay in entering service. IuIiIIm-. and 
close friends were vividly impressed with the "fight within himself" ol llii- iinlil.> 
voung man. and they admired the manly and courageous manner in which he sur- 
rendered to the call to arms .Augu-st 29. 19i;i after much conflict of spirit between 
dulv to his country and duly to his home. He volunteered for service in spite 
of the earnest persuasion of' manv pc,,pl<- that hi- lir-t dulv was as a luwl.and 
and father. 

Candidate Caldwell was selected as a candidate to the Ollicers" Kirl,! Arlillriv 
Training School. Camp Zachary Taylor. Louisville, Ky., and atta<lir,l i,, ili, 12lli 
Trainiiej; Batterv. \\liile in training at Camp Tavlor he contracted piMiiinniila. and 
ccmplications developed uiii.l, ,,>ullcd in his death O, t.,!,,-, 20. l'>l;;. 

Candidate Caldwell's -a- vilnr u.,- c..n,|.l,.:r. -in, ,■ he Ml a Ins, -I-, ^uu^y^ uil,. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Keith Caldu.ll. .laui^lil,-, ,,1 Mr. an, I Mi>. Wait,, k.illi. ,.l \a-h- 
\ilh-: one son. Dandridge Wenluorlh. Jr.: two posthumous sous. James E.. 111. and 
Walter Keith, twins born one month after their father made the Supreme Sac- 
rifice. He is also survived bv on.- sister. Mrs. Dan C. Buntin. and tliree br,,thers. 
Rogers. Meredith and Charh's W. Cablu.-ll. an, I a lav-,- , ,,nn,',ti,,n ,,r r.lalivcs. 
who are prominent citizens of \a>li\ill,-. \ br,.lli,'i. Jaino E. CaMw,-!!. Ir.. ,lir,| 
several years previous. 

Candidate Dandri, !■.:,• Cahlu,-!! p,,-M>M-,l a ,li,',ix ,in,l .,ll,vii,„Kil,- ,li-p,,-ili,,n. 
and was a devoted liu-band an,l fath,-,. In th,- aii.iv tiainin^ , .imp. a- «,-ll as in 
\ashville. he numbered his friends bv all who knew him. Hi- |.,.,K «a- brought to 
Davidson Countv and the funeral was held at ■"Longs i,\\ ." lli,' Imm,- ,.t lii- parents. 
His casket was draped in the .American flag and wa- inl,rr,,l .it Ml. n|ix,.t Ceme- 
tery, at Nashville. Tcnn. 

1st Lielt. P.VLI. Cl.-WTO.N C.\1.1H)I N. -,.n ,,r I. li. aiul l.ula Claxliui Calhoun, of 
(Covington. Tenn.. was born in Covinsilon. Mai, li I."). U)91. He enlisted for service 
in the Second Reserve Ollicers' Trainiicj (,am|, at Eort Oglelhorp-. Ga.. Mav I.i. 
1917. among the first volunteer- of Daviil-,,n Cuiiitv. After ompleling his i-ours,' 
111- was commissioned a -,-,■, ,n, I li,-iilinanl ami i--ijmil |,i (!,,nipan\ C, 12 lib In- 
fanlrv. He died suddenh li,,m ,,v,r-,'X.Tli,.n uli.l,' in tiainin:: at Camp W Iiim-I.t. 
(ia.. February 27. 1918. and «as burie.l at Cosinglon on Mar, li 2. I'lKI. 

Lieutenant Calhoun was a member of the historic First l'ii-l,\ l,i ian ( linnli. at 
-Na.-hville, Tenn. and his blue star on the large service flat; ,,1 thai , lim, li wa- the 
first turned to gold. He was wll kn„uii ami '|mpnlai in l)'a\i,l-.,n C.NnU. uIi,t,' Im 
li\cd when he enlisted in the si'i\i,,'. Ili- ,l,\,ili,m |,> ,liil\ v\.i- bijiilv , ,iiniir'n,l,'d 
bv armv officials with whom le- -,i\,-,l. 

I'\T. John Cas|.:v wa- b-.m in Nashville. IVmi.. In 
David.-iin (Countv when be enlisted for sei\ ice in tin- 
(iuard. at Jefferson Barracks. St. Louis. Mo.. July I'.. 
fb-alh hr- was a memlx-r of Company F. 17th Enginii-i 
\vith Company A. 12nd En-.-ineers (Hv.l and C.mpan 
-ailed for over>eas .liitv JiiK 2,'!. I')I7. On Mav 20. I') 

W a, in 

a i,-i,l,nt 
til,- \al|. 



\t III, 
-. havim 

■ .il-.. >,i 


/* . I I / I) S N C i ■ ;V T y U O M E .V / A T // /•, 11 O R I. I) K'A R. I <> I 11 '/ / 9 

icifi\i-(! while in a French training camp. His nearest reiali\i- is an aiinl. Mrs. 
,)( e Cane, who resides in Dayton. Oliio. 

PvT. I 1st Cl.\ss) Fr.4nk Buford Cochran was born at Nolensville, in Davidson 
Ciiunty. February 21, 1896. He was the son of Thomas G. and Mary B. Cochran, 
wlio reside at Antioch, Tenn. Private Cochran was inducted into service Sep- 
tember 22, 1917, and was sent to Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga., where he was as- 
signed to Company E. 327th Infantry. Later he was sent to Camp Sevier. S. C. 
and became a member of Companv D. 105th Engineers, and sailed with the .30lh. 
Division May 26, 1918. He fought with bravery in the engagements at Ypres, Belli- 
court and all other engagements of the 30th Division until he was killed in action 
September 29, 1918, on the battlefield <.f France. Mis Inidv now rests in the ceme- 
tery at Nolensville. Private Cochran \vas a model soldier and lii- dutv to his flag 
was always his first consideration. 

Capt. Pall Clements was born at Morganfield, Ky., November 27, 1871. He 
was the son of George D. and Mary Welbourne Clements (deceased), of Nasiiville. 
Tenn. At \ anderbilt University he won the Founders medal in medicine and served 
as an interne in the City Hospital, at Nashville, for one year after graduation. At 
one time he was a member of the Tennessee Militia and was sent to Coal Creek, 
Tenn.. when trouble broke out among the miners in the summer of 1892. Captain 
Clements went to the Philippines in 1903 in the Public Health Service of the United 
States, where he was stationed at the Department Hospital. Manila. P. I., for fifteen 

He enlisted in the Medical Corps February 2.5, 1918, and was stationed at Fort 
McKinley. Manila. P. I., where he made a reputation for his work toward eradicating 
cholera. He died of disease June 29. 1918. at the Department Hospital, Manila, P. 1. 

Captain Clements married Miss Effie Skillern, of Pulaski, Tenn., whose death 
occurred in 1911. In 191.5 he married Miss Trinidad Munoz. She and two children 
survive him. also his father and three brothers. R. M., C. R. and Melbourne 
Clements. He has a large connection of prominent relatives in Davidson County. 

\\'iLLL\M Orjl\n Chest (2nd Class Matet, son of E. R. and Anna Laura Chest, 
of Nashville. Tenn.. was born January 28, 1897, at Nashville. He entered the 
U. S. Navy in October, 1917, at Minneapolis, Minn. Later he was transferred to the 
Naval Aviation Corps. He was wounded in November. 1918, while aboard a 
submarine chaser in French waters. Second Class Mate Chest died of pneumonia 
December 23, 1918. at the base hospital, at Brest. France, and was buried in Ker- 
fautras Cemetery. 

Sgt. Carl A. Chilson. son of Mrs. Emma Neese Chilson, of Nashville, was born 
in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1896. He enlisted in the regular army at Jefferson Barracks, 
Mo.. April 19. 1916. and sailed for overseas duty May 5. 1918. Sergeant Chilson 
served in the following organizations: Company L. 22nd Infantry: Company K. 
35th Infantry: Company L. .344th Infantry: and Company M. 59th Infantry, until 
his deadi. He participated in engagements of the Marne sector and was wounded 
July 22. 1918. He was killed in action October 7. 1918. on the battlefield of France. 

PvT. \\'ILLIAM R. Cleghorn. Son of Isaac and Sarah Cleghorn. of Nashville. 
Tenn.. was born in Cookeville. Tenn.. in 1893. He enlisted for World War service 

p.iiioso.s cotyTY no.MF.y /.v the ii oki.d itar. i9 111919 

in the National (Juaiil. at Nasluill.'. Tcmi.. June 12. 1917, among the first voluii- 
tt-ers. and mobilized al Camp Kirklaiul. in Nashville, with Battery E, 1st Tennes- 
see Infantry, which later trained at Camp Sevier. S. C. Private Cleghorn sailed 
tor France with the famous .iOth Division as a nundier of Battery E. 11 tlh Field 
Arlillerv. Mav 26. 1918. He fought l.ravely in the l.attles engaged in l.v ihi- 
ilivision. including .St. Mihiel. Meuse-.Argonne and V^oevre sec-tors. While in the 
armv of occupation he coiilracled pneumonia, from uliirli lie died lVluucu\ l.'j. 
1919. in Germany, alter failhfullv a^iMing Anirri. a m gaining world frcclnm. 

l'\T. Ar.MCK H. l).>l(.l.\s ua- 1m, rn al Jurll,,,,. Tcnn.. In K:')7. an. I ua- ih,' -.,n 
of Mr. and Mr-. A. S. l)ou,iila>. rr>i,lri,l> uf David-,. „ (;,.unU. 11,- ,-rdi-trd in the 
regular army Deeemher II. I'M 7. .il Fort Oglethorpe. Ca.. for military training. 
Vt hile a member of the .'llJlli \ii,. Scpiad. Signal (^orps. Aviation, he died from 
fracture of the skull ()(l,,l,ci Kl. Vnw. resulting from an attempt to crank his 
aeroplane. His l,„dv ua- l,r,,Hd,t ba, k to Dav id-on Counlv t„ rr-1 in hi- nativ.- -oil 

PVT. WlLU.VM J. DuNuillK ua. lH,in in \a-b\ilb'. Tcnn., October II, UlfW. 
He was the son of Mrs. Kate Donohue. ,1,", ,a-, .1. an, I hi- nearest relative is James 
P. .Morgan, a cousin, who resides in Na-li\ill(. I'rivai,' Donohue was inducted 
into World War service at Fort Thonia-. K\.. \la\ _'7. I'MIl. He was a member of 
Headquarters Company, 50th rnfaiili\. W liil,- in liainini: , amp lie , imtractcd jineu- 
monia and died October 5. 191)1. at llii' .amp li,,-pilal. 

C.\I'T. CHAKI.KS BknJAMIN DtNCAN vva- I.,. in in \a-li\ill,. IVnn., Dcvnib.r I, 
1893. He wa> the so,, of Charb's H. and Anna Clair Diiii.aii iboll, ,|cc,-a-c.l , . lb- 
was reared bv bis grandmother. Mrs. Carrie Fastman Duncan, a lifedong resident 
of Davidson County. He was prepared for college at Wallace University School 
and entered \ anderbilt Iniversitv in the fall of 1911. While in \ anderbilt he was 
a member of the Ddla Kappa Fp-ilon I'ralrrnilv. Capli,.n Duncan later a.-.v|il.-d 
an appointment to \\ c-l l',,iril. 

-V-i a student of West Point. Captain Dun, aii ua- commissioned a second li.ii- 
tenant of cavalry. March 22. 1917. On Mav 1'.. 1917, he was promotcl i,, lb,- 
rank of first lieutenant and advanced I,, lli,' lank ,,f a captain August r,. 1917. and 

was stationed at Fort Fibui Mian. \ ,i nl : ( ain|) Shelby. Hattiesburg. .Miss.. 

and Camp Greene. Charb,li,-. \. i.. lb- ua- a nniiibcr of the 19th Cavalry ( Light 1 
which was converted inl,. lli,- 77lli F. \.. lib Division, sailing for the front lines 
April 19. 1918. Captain Dun. an l,,iiLihl uilb ,li-liii, li,.n in llic folb.uin'j -.mI.,!-: 
•\isne-.Marne. Vesle. .St. Milii.-l an, I \>Li,.nii.-. an. I u.i- tal.ilU u..iiim1..I >,-|il,anbcr 
M). 1918. and died from the u,,niHU i,-,,i\,-,l i 
was buried in the ficbl bo-pital c.iiirl. , \ al C 
made the supreme sacrifi.e. an<l ua- lal,-, i,i 

Captain Duncan lias a large lainiK , ,,mi 
one of the most popular olfKcrs in tlic arlillc 
th.- Di.-lingui-bed Service Cross. poslhunn.nsK 

P\T. (;koh(,i; 1',. Dl-\II ki:s was b<.rii at Goo, 
and was the -on of W . II. an, I bla C. Di-mnkc- 

i,,n lal, 1 al a InTI 1 

Fran,,-, near lb,- -| 
I'd in an Aincn,an 


1 livin.j in \a-b\il 
lli- ,b\isi,.n. lb' 


n.ivin s o N c o n a' t y w omen in the w or l d in r. i q i j-i '> i <) 

Di^mukcs was iiiilucted into service for his country, at Nashville, Tenn., June 27, 
l')ll!. He was trained at Camp Gordon, Ga., and served with the following orga- 
nizations: 29th Company, 8th Training Battalion, 157th Depot Brigade; and 
Company D, 7th Infantry Replacement Training Battalion until his death. He 
sailed for France September 14, 1918, and while in a French training camp con- 
tracted pneumonia, from which he died at a government hospital in France. October 
9, 1918. Private Dismukes was considered one of the regiment'^ lust ami was 
popular with both army officials and comrades, as well as a larL'c nuriilir ,,[" ac- 
quaintances in Davidson County. 

PvT. Marvin Eugene Edmondson, son of William and Mary Edmondson. of 
Clarksville, Tenn., was born October 1, 1892. He enlisted in the U.' S. Marine Corps, 
June, 1917, and was trained at Paris Island, S. C, and Quantico, Va. On January 
31, 1918, he embarked for France. As a member of the 79th Company, 6th Marine 
Corps, 2nd Division, he took part in engagements at Bois de Belleau from June 2-13, 
1918, and at Soissons and Champagne" from October 1-4. 1918. He was w-ounded 
June 2, 1918, in Belleau Wood, and was killed in action October 4, 1918, at Cham- 
pagne. His body was brought to Clarksville, Tenn.. and buried there September 11, 
1921. Private Edmondson was cited three times for bravery, first, at Bois de Bel- 
leau; second, at Soissons, and third, at Champagne, and was presented with the 
Fourrogere. His record is a source of pride to both Davidson and Montgomery 
Counties, where he was well known and popular. 

HoLLiCE Clinton Elliott (Apprentice Seaman), the son of William and Ema- 
line Drake Elliott (both deceased), was born near Normandy, Tenn.. February 28. 
1896. His nearest relatives are two brothers, Emmett L. and Alvin E. Elliott, resi- 
dents of Nashville, Tenn. Private Elliott enlisted in the Navy December, 1917, and 
was sent to the Naval Training Station, at Norfolk, Va., where he contracted pneu- 
monia and died in the government hospital at Portsmouth, Va., January 14, 1918. 
He was among the first Davidson County boys to die in service. His body was 
sent to Wartrace, Tenn.. for burial. 

PvT. Eugene Earls was bom in Nashville. Tenn., in March, 1893. He was the 
son of Mrs. Effie Earls, of Nashville, and resided with his mother at the time of 
his enlistment. He enlisted at Fort Thomas, Ky., August 3, 1917. He sailed on 
April 16, 1918, for duty on foreign fields, and was killed in a railroad accident 
in France, September 23, 1918, together with several other brave American soldiers. 
He was a member of Company D, 61st Infantry, at the time of his death, and was 
greatly beloved by members of his regiment. 

1st Lieut. James Dixie Everett, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Everett (both 
deceased), was born October 28. 189.5. at Nashville. Tenn. He graduated from 
Montgomery Bell Academy and entered Vanderbilt in September. 1911. He was a 
member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. 

Lieutenant Everett enlisted with Company F, 1st Tennessee Infantry. N. G.. in the 
spring of 1915, and served on the Mexican border as corporal and as sergeant. He 
had accepted a place in the French army but when the United States declared war, 
he resigned. He then enlisted in the United States Army in 1917. and entered the 
First Reserve Officers' Camp, at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., where he was commissioned 


•. and died of 

of his 

(l(Mth In- was 

:lil uil 

h l.iaMMv and 

D Al I D S O .V C O I Y 7" 1' IT O M K V / A 7 // F. IT O R I. I) « A R. I " i ( i <> } 

Sfvund Lifiitenant in tlif lesular army. In llii- fall of 1917 lie was made First Lieu- 
tenant and sent for further trainin-r to Fort Sill. Oklahoma, and was stationed later 
at Camp « adsworth. S. C. On July 6. 191!!. he sailed for 
wounds reeeived in aetion Novemher 11. 191t!. At the timi 
a member of Headquarters Company. 51th Infantry, lie fmi 
was one of the most po|)ular members of his repimeril. 

2m. T. Mil. Mi-, liKlI. Kln/IM!. >, n ..I liol.rllT. I,lr:r,l.:.|i and ( :. ., , I nnr I irid 
Fra/ier, of W a:-liini;l.m. 1). C. uas imin al W a--hiiiL; \ii,i;u-t 2!'.. IJl'W). and re- 
ceived his early education in the puhli< -; IkxiI- (jI ihal cils. For several years he 
was in the office of the Ssr-reant-at-arms (■! ih.- I niird Stales Senate. He was chief 
clerk in the Ajiricultural Department i>f du- \.. C. vS M. I.. Railroad, at \a.shvilie. 
Tenn.. when the I nited Stales entered lln- w.u. lie iidi>ted witii tiie Tennessee 
National Guard, which mobilized at Tcllim I'lain-. Tnin.. in Jun-. 1917. He was 
made Supply Serueant of Company M. •lid Ti iiin— ,i- hdantry. and received his 
traininij al Camp Sevier. S. C. On December '2\. I'M 7. li.- received a commission as 
Second Lieutenant and was<;ned lo Coinparn 1. il7:h Infantry. 30:h Division, 
sailing for overseas duly May. 191!!. After reachiiij; I'rance he entered a French 
training school at Clemancy in September. 191!!. rejoining his regiment in October of 
the same year. He fought in all the battles in which th? famous .'iOlh Division was 
engaged. As all higher officers of the Second Battalion had either been killed or 
wounded al that time. Lieulenanl Frazier was placed in command. He was in com- 
mand of his companv at the lime he was killed October 17. 1918. Official reports 
show that he lost his life bv heavy shell fire immediatrlv after pawing Molain en 
route to Irbanville. The following cablegram from Headcjuarters of the American 
Red Ooss. in France, was received by Lieutenant Frazier's motlier after h's death: 

■"Lieutenant Frazier was recommeiidnl fi.r Imlli lln- Xniciiran 1). S. C. and tli'- 
r.iilish D. .S. C. in recogniti.m of th — • l.ri- O. On,. I,,-, '». \n\:-_ I,,. ^,„|, 1,1, 
com|)any. was practicallv cut off from lln' ll.ill.dioii. l.inilcnanl Fra/i<'i. unc'er 
terrific shell fire uri~liicldcil. niaiiaacd lo gel hi- cnlirc (()rn|)an\ bark in line by 
infiltration meth(Hl uilli ..mIv .me man uiuindcd." 

This Davidson Couritv "bov"" hero prov.'d himself unrlln ,d llir |,, -pirit 
instilled bv the example of his forefathers of the ..Id \ ,.|,,,ilr, , Mah . Mi- 
T\ler Calhoun, of Nashville, is an aunt of this valiant -,.ldic:. 

I'\T. John Wilson Fii.m)\. >on u{ Jamc and Nannie Fd-. n. nf Nadnillc. T.-nn.. 
wa- born in Trousdale Counts, T<-nn.. Feli'uai\ .). i;;''7. lie ua- (■ii.jaLicd a- a 
jitney driver at the 01.1 Hickory Powder Flaiil uli.i: l,r cnl.' rd lli- --.xi..' nf l,i- 
founlrv Sejjteinber 6, !9](J. He received his liiininj ,ii ( iiii|' \\ .i l-wn' lli. Spailan- 
burg. S. C. and sailed for oversea- ^cvicc Sr|.|.M,,l.r, Li'i. I'll;:. \\ l,M,- ..n iIm' mm 
Ik- contracted |)neumonia. from In- ilii.l (lili.l.ii I. I'lll'.. lb w.i- a t'lcndici' 
of Coni|)anv H. .57th Regiment l'i..n.i-i lid.miix ,ii ih.' lim.- ..I lii~ .I'-iih. lb- «a- 
buried at Hartsville. Tenn.. OrlMJ.r, 22. I'Mi;. I'.u.ilc I M-.n'- -on. ul,., v.a- born 
after his father gave hi- lif.- fo, In- ...nnliv. I.rai- ll.c , 
Private was a mo.lrl -,.l,l„r and p.-i lo, hcmI hi- du 

Cm'T. Mi.\I)K Fiuki!S(.\. son .d Mr. and Mr-. Meade Friei 
wa- born in C.dinnbia. Tenn.. January 29, 1B9L He aband. 
in ih.- aulunni <A 1916 and successfully pa.ssed the West Po 
(24 1 

.1 lli- li r.. r.illi 
hr,', fiilK and u 

,f Na-li\illc. Ten 

ioiniiali-lic .an 
,iniiiiali..ii and v 

DAVIDSON CO f ' N T Y 1 1" O M E A' / A' T H E W O R I. I) WA R. 19 1 1-1 9 I 

commissioned Setond Lieutenant in the United States Regular Army, doing this 
from a deep conviction that his own country would be drawn into the WorkI War 
and wishing to be prepared for service when the need arose. He was sent to Fort 
Leavenworth, Kansas. After three months he was assigned to the llth Cavalry and 
was with General Pershing on the Mexican border. He was then sent to Fort Ogle- 
thorpe, Ga., and went from there overseas March 15, 191iS, attached to the L5th 
Cavalry. Before sailing he hat! reieived promotions to First Lieutenant and then to 

In France Captain Frierson was assigned to the 125th Fnfantry, .">2nd Division, 
with which organization he served in tlii' trenthes in Alsa<i-. lie ucnl inld luittlt' 
for the first time on July 30, 1918. 

Captain Friei'son with his company figured in the defeat of the Prussian Guards 
;-n the battle of Ourcq River and in the seven days' campaign from the Ourcq 
to the Vesle River, during which engagement the Germans were driven out of Cour- 
mont. Les Jomblettes. Hill 212. Hois Belger Gergy, Soissons and tin- railroad vards 
at Fismes. 

After a rest period Captain Frierson went into line as Acting Major, the obiertive 
being Juvigny: and after two days of fierce fighting before .luvigny was cap- 
tured, he was killed in action on August 29, 1918, at the age of twenty-three and 
one-half years. At the time of his death he was suffering from wounds received 
in action,' and gave his life in an effort U< save the life of a friend \^\u> had been 

Because of his bravery and leadership in the Alsace offensive, ("aptain Frier- 
son's men as a unit requested the commanding officer of the 32nd Division that 
he be decorated with the Distinguished Service Cross. This decoration was awarded 
posthuni.iii^lv. ills promotion to Major and transfer to the air service came on 
the moiniri'j lolldwirig his death. 

His bod> :e:ts at Columbia, Tenn., the home of his birth, where he has a large 
and prominent family connection. The last service rendered by Captain Frierson 
was characteristic of his devotion to his fellow-man as well as to his country, and 
the sacrifice of a life such as his was is a constant reminder of the price paid for 

Captain Frierson was prepared for college at the Columbia Military Academy 
and entered Vanderbilt in the fall of 1911 at the age of sixteen. He was a member 
of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fralernity and active in many student clubs and or- 

PvT. I 1st Cl_\SSI Thomas R. Frith was born in Nashville. Tenn.. in July. 1!!03. 
He was the son of John H. and Annie Frith, who are residents of Nashville. On Feb- 
ruarv 18, 1916, he enlisted in the regular army, at Jefferson Barracks, Mo. As a mem- 
ber of Company L 16th Infantry, Private Frith sailed for France June 12. 1917. 
and was one of the first Davidson County boys to arrive overseas, where he was 
soon promoted to first class private. He fought with courage in engagements in the 
Artois sector, and was killed in action July 19. 1918.. fighting for his countrv. He 
was a model soldier and his military duties w?re well performed. 

PvT. J.\MES LAUTtENCE Garland was born at Bellview, Tenn., September 4, 1892. 
He was the son of William B. and Margaret K. Garland, of Bellview, and was en- 
gaged in farming before entering World War service. Due to the importance of 


DAVID S O S i: O I STY HOMES / .V THE K R I. D K.IR. I 9 1 4-1 9 \ 'J 

raising "fooil >lulV for the army. Private (iarlaml wa;^ not tailed into service until 
September 5. 191B. He was sent to Camp W adswortli. S. C. for training, and was 
assigned to Company L, 57th Pioneer Infantry. In less than a month after enter- 
ins service he sailed for the front lines. <iue to his splendid rtxord made while train- 
in", arriving in Europe October 7. 191<S. One week later he contracted pneumonia. 
from which" he died October \X 1918. at Brest. Fran.e. His hodv r.-;ts in the 
American Cemeterv at LandiczcUiH-. France. Pri\alc Cailand was possessed of 
maiiv noble traits of ( liaraclcr. 

PVT. JoMIl \ (). (ATI.IN wa- l.nin al .b.i,|..nia. in Davl.^Mn C-m-.U , T.mim.. I. Ii',')7. lie ua- llic -..„ ,,l Jaitir- aiul Mai-aiW (;allin. nl \a-l.Mllc, 
Tenn. He wa> a member of the TennoMC NalmMal laiard and ua,- in MTsiee un the 
Mexican border prior to his entering service in the W orld War, having enlisted on 
June 19, 191(). at Nashville. He was a member of Company E, 1st Tennessee 
Infantry, which later became Batterv K. II Itb V . A. Private Gatlin was in traming 
at Camps Jackson and Kirkland. al \a>li\ilie. -din- laler to CaMi|i Se\ I.t. S. C, 
with the 114th Field Artillery, for fnrlbei miiilars tiainmi:. W iiile al Camp Sevier 
he became a victim of the disease which proved fatal lo -,, many of our American 
soldiers — pneumonia — and died April 20. 191!!. al a L:(i\enuiicnt hospital at Camp 
Sevier. He was buried at Nashville. Tenn.. two (!a\- lah i. His casket was draped 
in the American Hag. which he served faillifniiv inilii l.i~ death. 

P\T. Gkorce Hohekt GeiuhI) wa- a lui.lliei of lailin and Jacob Gerard of the 
I. S. Navv and Mr.*. Marv Blak.K an. I \li~. \ mla ( nili-. residents of Davidson 

Countv. He enli.sted in the I'. S. Mannr ( o,,,- al ll ill. teak of the World War 

with the first volunteers. lie ua- killed in .ulinn in llie I'.i us engagement at 

(^lialeaii Thierrv. October \\. I'M.':. \l lli.- liin.' ..I hi- .I.miIi Iu' was a member of 
the !;.?rd Marines. His b,.d^ i.-N n, ll.,- Nali.mal ^^■u^<■u■^^ al Nashville. Tenn. 
Private Gerard mmvc.! failhlulU a. id uell and lii- e..iii.ii:e ,,n llie balllefiel,! was 
highly compliin.'nied i.v ..liiee.s and men ..f hi- rei^imenl, 

PVT. M.VHK A.NTIIONV (;<K.I>K. >uu ,,f J,,lin W . i.lerea-e,ll a.ul Delia linen (,.„Hle. 
of Nashville. Tenn.. was born June .'.. i:;.'!'). lie wa> indn, le,l inio .eixire al Na-h- 
ville. September 20. 1917. among the early volunteers, and was sent to Camp (Gor- 
don, Ga.. for a few months' training, and then to Fori Ogleihorpe. Ga. He served 
with the following organizations: Companv D. .S26th Infantrv: Companv M. .'^2.Srd 
Infantrv: and with Compain M. Ilth InfanlM. nnlil in- d.alli. He -.lile.l f..r 
overseas .April 21. PJl.'i. ami l.aejhl uilli ihr laiii..ii- '.(Mh l)i\i-i..ii. II.- ^^as 
among those who llelped I.. I.ieak lli.- Ilin.l.iil.iii ■- l.iiu'. ami ua- killed in .ii|i..n 
in an en^'agemenl in llie Si. Mihi.'l -<■, I..,, ^.phnil.. i I-'. I'M.':, al lli,- aLM- .,1 lu.ailv- 
-even vear-. lli- Im„K i,.,u ie>l- in Ml. Cavalix C.iii.l.M al Na-h\ille. wli.i,- 
his family i- well krmwn. 

Private Goode was a brother (d Mi— "-^ii-ie (njn.le. and ,i M.un- man pii--e--ed 
of many noble qualities. As a soldier he |i.m fii tneil hi- .liili. - \mII an. I -ei\ed his 
country in a courageous luaimer. 

PvT. Kknest Petti e (Jii.i.iam wa> born in Na>hvillc, Tenn.. O. i.,lMr lo. lf',9.'i. 
He was the son of Waller Ov.rlon and Jane Gilliam, of (;re.nhi ie, . lenn. lie en- 
tere.l the >crvice of hi- cunlrv Fchruarv 2.'). 191!!. at Na-li\ilh. where h,' was 

n.iriDSON COUNTY no MEN IN THE If () R L D ITA R. I '> I I I 'i I 9 

iocatetl in the mercantile business. Private Gilliam served with the 13olh Aero 
Squad, and was in training at Vancouver, B. C and Raymond, Wash. He was 
drowned while in training at Raymond, Wash., June 28. 1918. His body was sent 
to Greenbrier, and his burial took place on the anniversary of the Declaration of 
Independence of his country for which he gave his life. 

1st Lielt. Richard Helm Graham, son of John Meredith and Ellen Foster 
Cheatham Graham, native Tennesseans, was born January 18, 1890, in Pinewood, 
Tenn. He entered Federal service in April, 1917, the month America entered the 
great conflict, as a second lieutenant from a reserve officers' training camp. He 
was stationed at the following posts: Camp Stanley, Texas; Camp Travis. Texas: 
and Camp Funston, Kansas. Lieutenant Graham also served with Headquarters 
Troop, 90th Division, being transferred later to Company F, 360th Infantry. 90th 
Division. On June 10. 1918. he sailed for foreign duty and fought bravelv in the 
St. JNIihiel ofl'ensive. He was killed in action while on patrol dutv in the St. Mihiel 

Lieutenant Graham was prepared for college at Webb Sthool. at Bell Buckle. 
Tenn.. and at Branham and Hughes School, at Spring Hill, Tenn. He entered Van- 
derbilt Universitv. at Nashville, in September. 1910. At the time of his enlistment 
he was associated with the firm of Goldman & Lester, cotton factors. Houston. Texas. 
At \anderbilt I'niversity he was a popular member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. 

Sgt. Harold G. Goodwin was born in Nashville, Tenn., January 7, 1887. He 
was the son of Jolm E. and Louisa Buford Goodwin (deceased). He volunteered 
his services among the first of Davidson County with the 1st Infantry, Arizona Na- 
tional Guard, June 11, 1917, at Douglas, Arizona, which later became Company 
K. 158th Infantry. He entered for training at Camp Kearney. San Diego. California, 
and sailed for overseas duty June 27. 1918, arriving in Europe July 13, 1918. He 
]iarticipated in the engagements at Vesle River, near Fismes. France, and was gassed 
while on the battlefield, August 10. 1918. from which he died August 12. 1918. at 
Base Hospital No. 27, Angres. France. He was a member of Company G. 30th 
Infantry, at the time of his death. 

The news of Sergeant Goodwin's death in action was felt throughout Davidson 
Countv. where he and his family are well knowii and prominent. He came from 
a long lineage of patriotic ancestors who served with distinction in other wars, and 
his courage and devotion to service was highly commended by his captain and fellow 
comrades. He was a brother of Misses Mf rv Louise and Rose Goodwin, of Nashville. 

Corp. William Allen Grubb was a brotlier of Mrs. J. E. Shipley and Mrs. Anne 
L. Woodward, of Nashville, Tenn. He was in Detroit. Mich., when he enlisted in the 
World War in September. 1917, and was stationed at Camp Custus, Mich. Later 
he was transferred to Waco, Texas, where he received military training with Com- 
pany G, 126th Infantrv, 32nd Division, sailing for overseas duty with this division. 
Soon after he arrived in France he was promoted to corporal, in which honor he 
expressed great pride, as he boasted of being able to serve his country well. Cor- 
poral Grubb was called into action August .5, 1918. and was severely wounded. 
Seven months elapsed before Corporal Grubb's sisters in Nashville received official 
notice of his death. It is supposed he died from wounds received while fighting for 
freedom of the world on that date. He was twenty-seven years of age at the time 
of his death, and performed his duties cheerfully and bravely. 

nuiDsox (:oi\Ty itome\ i\ the iroHi.i) ir.iR. loiiioio 

Corporal Grubb became interested in tlie moving piilure business when only a 
small bov anil was an expert machine operator at the time of his enlistment. He 
was a voimtr man of many noble trails of charaeter and numbered his friends by 
all wild whom he was associated, both ci\iliatis anil members of military circles. 

PVT. Wai.TKK Gkkkk wa> born in l!cl!\i.-u. T,nn.. in March i;;')|. He ua- the 
son of Louis \^'. and Cora Greer, ol \iu-.>in~ Slat ion. IVnn. lie was inducted into 
service at Nashville. December 7. I'M 7. On \ia\ 22. I'M."., lie sailed for duty 
overseas, and died of wounds rcciivcil in a' linn Oi loin '). I')i;;. He served faith- 
fullv with the 21th Company. Ca-uallN Dria. Iniicnl. l-.7lli Dr,,,.! lirigade. Coast 

.•\rtillerv Park, and with Deix.t C |\. Ui C.aM \iiillrr\ i'aik until his death. 

He was' popular uilh his rei;iniciil and ua^ held in lic.;li r^\r,;u in the commnnilv 
in ^^hi.■h he ii\ed. 11,- foni:hl uillmul tear an,l ua- al all llnio (hcciinl. 

PvT (1st ClaSSI ..\l lil!i:i Gicxnt ua- llic urand-.n ..I ,|a( k ilaukin- uilli ulmni 
he resided in Nashville. Tenn.. uhcn I,.- «a~ inch,, id into ihc -c,\i,r ,,l hi- ...nnlrv. 
.March M). l«;i.S. He was born in Winrhc-ln. Ten,,, in \i\'hK He r.vcixcd hi> 
military traininji at Camp Gordon. (,a.. and -ail,,! I,., diil\ ,>n the forei;!n shore 
.\pril 29. 1918. Private Grant >cr\,-,l uilli ll,,- L'dll, C.rnpanv. |-,7th Depot Brigade, 
and with Company L. :i27lh infantry, until hi- ,l,all,. II,' ua- promoted to first- 
cla-s private after reachinsr France. He fouiihl uiti, laa\,i\ in a number of noted 
battles, and was killed in' action October 1."). I')li:. ,.n ll„- balll. Iicld. fightimr for 
world frc.-.Iom. 

PvT. AliTlll K I!. Gli.i.iwi uas Im,i„ in l)a\i,ls,,n Cmnlv in Manli. 1!!<)2. and was 
the son of William an.i \,na II. Clliain. ,,l \,,-li\ il I,'. ll-> was inducted into 
service Mav 22. 191!!. an. I «.i- -,iil I,. Ciirii- UaN. \l,l.. I,,i liainiiig. He was as- 
siu-ned to Machine (;un C-mpans. .'.Olh Inlanlix. W hih- in liainini: he contracted 
tuberculosis, from which he died October M. I'>l,".. ir, a :j,.\ ,inni,Mil h,>-pilal in 
Maryland. Private Gilliam had a large circle ,,f fii,,,,!- in \a-li\ill,- and wa- a 
model soldier, beloved bv his comrades. 

Cm'T. I.ia.NMa. Kll.l.lN,. \\\V.\. -,,n ,,f l.,-,,nanl K,-,linii and Ln, v Ka-lman Hart. 
of Nashvill.-. T.-nn.. ua- I,., in in l),xl,l-on CainU. jiih I. li;'"'.. He enlisted with 
the Tennc— ••• \ali,.nal (inai.l ..n W.n I. I'll'.. II,' -r,^rA uill, Company C. 2nd 
Supply Batlali.pu and in th.- OH,,,-,-- T.aininL' Cmip al l,.,l ( ).■ h-llnnpe. Ga. Cap- 
tain Hart was honorably dischai-,-,1 \.,\,a,il"a 27. I'll 7, t,, a. , ,'pl a ■■o,nn,l-i,,n. 
and was called into active service a- (!.iplain nl lnlanli\ Imni ll,,- \ali, (.ii.iiil. 
He was stationed at Camp Greene. \. C.. as a member of Cu.ipan-, G. -.::ili Inlanl.v. 
beinL' transferred later to Company G. 1th Ammunition Train III, lb 
sailed for France Mav 22. 1918. and contracted pneumonia ,„i b,>a,I ll,,' han-pml 
from which he died at Brest France. June n. ]>)]i\. Hi- nan.iin- a,,- n,.u l,nrl,,l in 
Mount Olivet Cemetery, at Nashville. Captain I la, I i- -n,\i\r,l b\ a lai'j,' nnnil„r 
of relatives who are prominent litizeiis of l)a\i,l-,,,, (.,iin,l\. 

PvT Fi(Ki) Simon Hathaway, son of \V. S. id-ccasedi an.l \nna llaihauav. ,,f 
Na-hville. Tent,., wa- 1m, •„ near Whiles Creek. Davidson G.nnU. T,-n„.. I'cbrnaiv 
6. i;;90. He uas a b,.,,kbindcr bv trade, an.l .nPn.! -I'rv i, ■ in ll„' W,.,l,l War 


D A V 1 DSON CO U N T Y W M E ^' / V T H F. WORLD WAR. 1914-1919 

May 28, 1918, at Nashville, receiving his training at Camp Pike, Ark. He served 
with Company D, 4th Infantry, Replacement and Training Regiment, Camp Pike, 
Ark., and was with the Camp Pike July Automatic Rpplaccmenl Draft at the time of 
his death. Private Hathaway contract.',! inllu.Miza. wliicli dcNclopcd hit., h)har pneii- 
ni.inia. while at Camp Merritt. N. J., fr.nn li.' di.-d O.t.ili.-r V,. I'M.';. He was 
buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, at Nasluillc. 

1st Lieut. Raymond Freeman Houston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Monroe 
Houston, of Nashville, Tenn., was born in St. Louis. Mo., April 1.5, 1893. He volun- 
li ered his services to his country in July, 1917, at Nashville, where he was employed 
in a local furniture store. He entered the Second Reserve Officers' Training Camp, 
at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga., where he was conmiissioned a first lieutenant. He was sent 
t.> Camp Greene. N. C, and sailed for overseas duly April 15, 1918, and served with 
Company D, Company G, Company H and Company A. 47th Infantry, 4th Division, 
initil his death. He saw active service in the engagements at Chateau Thierry and 
in Belleau Wood sector. Lieutenant Houston was killed in action July 31, 1918. at 
Sergv. Fere-en-Taidenois. 

PvT. Fred Hitner. son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hitner, who are residents of Nash- 
ville. Tenn.. was born April 14. 1893, and enlisted for World War service in Cin- 
cinnati. Ohio, June 27, 1918. He received his training at Camp Sherman, Chilli- 
cothe. Ohio, and sailed on September 2, 1918, for overseas duty. He fought with 
bravery in the Ypres-Lys offensive, and was severely wounded on November 11, 
1918, the day Peace was brought to the world, and died the same day. Private 
Hitner sen'ed with the following organizations: 10th Company 3rd Transport Bat- 
talion, 158th Depot Brigade: Company M, 333rd Infantry, 84th Division, and with 
Company F. 363rd Infantry until his death. His body now lies in Mt. Olivet Ceme- 
tery, at Nashville. Tenn.. when' he has a large and prominiMit family connecti.m. 

Sct. John Waller Head, son of Charles R. and Alice B. Head (both deceased), 
was born May 14. 1876. in Gallatin. Tenn. He volunteered his services in the 
World War. at Nashville. September 4, 1917. where he was engaged in the insurance 
business. He was a member of the Quartermaster Corps and received his training 
at Fort Barancas, Fla. Sergeant Head was stricken with pneumonia while in train- 
ing, from which he died October 14. 1918, in a government hospital at Fort Barancas. 
Pensacola, Fla. He had successfully passed the examination for Second Lieutenant 
a short time before his death. His body was sent to Chattanooga. Tenn. for burial, 
October 16. 1918. 

Sergeant Head served for fourteen years with the Tennessee State Militia. He is 
survived bv a sister. Mrs. W. J. Nixon, of Chattanooga, and a brother. J. Allen Head, 
of Nashville. 

1st Sgt. THO^L\S Jehu Hindman was the son of X'iilliani Mattliew and Mary 

\^'right Hindman I both deceased). He was reared as devotedly as an own son by 

his aunt. Mis? Julia Hindman. a popular mendier of the insurance firm of Jackson 

& Hindman. of Xashvillp. Tenn. Sergeant Hindman wa< born in Giles County. 


Dlimsoy cm STY !rO.ME.\ l\ the rORLU ir.lR. I0I4!910 

Tciiii.. Octolier 7t. IJicJ'J. and was engaged as an engraver at Chicago 111., when he 
answered the call to arms, enlisting at Chicago, September 11. 1917. He received his 
military training at Quantico, \ a., and Paris Island. S. C. Having a keen desire 
to get to the front lines, he enlisted with the 95th Company. 6th Regiment. U. S 
Marine Corps, which was among the first commanded for overseas duty. This regi- 
ment landed in France October r>. 1917. on the twentveighth birthdav of Serceaiit 
Hindman. They were M-iit I.. (:.un|. (:ii.i„i|,l.::nrull,- (,.v inl.'MM\,- liaiiiin^.' and 
.Sergeant Hindman enl.'n-.l In- In-l |.,illlr m M.n.h. I'i|;;. ||,. |,,ii'jlil uilli i-oii- 
spicuous braverv in the balllrs ■.! llir Xi-iduri -i-i Im I mjn Man h ,;| i,, \la\ 2. \')\l\. 
On May liO. mH. his regiment received an urgent call from Marshal Focii to assist 
in checking the rapid advance of the (Jermans on Paris. From June 1 to Julv 1. 
1918. Sergeant Hindman was in the front lin<-s of the famous battle of Heli.-au Wood, 
the turning point of ll„- \\o,l,l War. uhc, ih,. (;,-,inan tide ua^ rh.vk->,l. II,- ua- in 
the Soissons M-<t..r iii .|iil\. I'M:;, ulu-ir lie ua- killed In arli,,ii at lli,' l.alll,' of 
Belleau Wood on Juh I". I''!.':. 

Sergeant HindmanV -idrndid in md ,A' a(li\c -i-i\ir,- in ih,- \\(,i|,| War uill ever 
be a source of pride to (iilr- (:ounl\. hi- n.ili\i- li..nic. a- \\f\\ a- t.i l)a\id-on 
Countv. His ancestors in (lilc- Counlv u.t.- di-tin-ui-lu-d m oiIht uai- tor their 

PVT ChARI.Ks J\i Km,n llnl.M\N. >uu of Ft,::rnr T. and Lena MrCalhnn llolman. 
of Nashville. T.'nn.. ua- l.oin \ni.N-I l(,. \i\'n,. in Na-lixillc T.'im. lb- nT,-iv,',l hi< 
Mluralloii in ihr -,l,ooU ,.r Na-liMll,-. and lirl.l a responsible poMtion uilli 
Kirlli \ --nnnion- llaiduair (|.aii\ . ol \a-li\ill.-. |„f,,re enlisting. lb- volnn- 
Irrrr.l 111- -riM,r- I,, hi- ,oiii,li\ and ,-iilrir.l ll,r I . S. Marine Corps, June i. Dlo. 
and on the saini- .l.ilr \^a- -ml i,, I'aii- l-land. S. ('... for training, where he passed 
a practicallv pi-ilr. i |ili\ r\aiiiinal ion. II,- uas assigned to Companv 17, .5th 
U. S. Marines. Wliil,- ,il I'aii- l-lan,l lie mail,' a n'l-ord as a marksman. After nine 
weeks of intense traimnii li,- ua- liansferred to Ouanlico. Va., for a few dav- and 
then was ordered over-.-a- lo j,,in ihe .A. F. F.. leaving Quantico August Id. ]')\r.. 
He went almost immedialch to the front liiws after hi- arrival overseas and foimlit 
with marked bravery in the St. Mihi.-I an, I Ulan, \\u\vv -,-, l,,r-. !!,■ ua- -e- 
\erelv wounded in one of the engag<Miiiail-. Iml i,, ,i\ ,i ,-,1 -nlli, i,aill\ lo ai:aiii i,'turn 
t,, the front line<.. He w.a. killcl in a,li,.n on ih,- hall I, -li, -I, I al lilan, M,,nl Ih.Ilm'. 
(),!,. b--r II. I')];;, aft, -I r,,iM iii,.i.lli- ,,r \alnal.l,- an,i ,!,-\,.l,-,l -,'i\i,,' i ,-n,l,'i ,-,l ,-a, li 
dav diirin- hi- briid' niililai\ ,ai,,'i. lb- ua- i;i,-all\ Im-I,>m,I l,\ .■\,in ni,'iiib,-r ,,f 
his regiment. 

Coup. AktIILH Jack-on IIi\I.-. -,,n ,,1 \ll„il and Mars llin.l- (l„,lli diveascdi. 
was born in Harriman. 'I,nn.. in l.'l'lo. II,' wa- in, In, I,, I inio -,a\i,,' Oilobcr 22. 
l'»17. at Nashville. Teiin.. an, I ua- l,ain,-,| al l,,il ().J,ll„,i ,„■. (,.i.. an,l Camp Ja,k- 
son. S. C. He sailed for ih,^ front lin.-s April 9. 191!;. After reaching Fran,,' li,- 
re<-eived his promotion to rank of corporal. He fought in the engagemenl- in lli,' 
St. Mihiel sector and in the famous Argonne. On 0-l, 16. lOlt!. h,. ,li,-,| ,,f 
wounds received on the battlefield, while fighting f,.r u,,.l,l I, ,,-,|,,in. II,- -,iv,,l 
with the following organizations: Companv H. .H2(.lli Inlanlis: (..inpanv F. ;2;i,l 
Infantry, and with Companv F. 6lh Infanlrv. imlil ,l,alli. II,- ua- |„,pnlai uilh 
hi- (-omrades and in Na-liville. wh.-r,- 1,1- l.i,.ll„-r. F,luai,l Ilin.l-. n-ides. 



Wii.soN Davis Holman (Cook), son of Reuben h. and Lula Ellen Holman, of 
Nashville, Tenn., was born August ], 1898, in Columbia, Tenn. He joined the 
Tennessee National Guard in October, 1916, and was in service on the Mexican 
border as a member of Company L, 1st Tennessee Infantry. When the United 
States entered the World War he was honorably discharged, re-enlisting for World 
War service on August 22, 1917. He was a member of Battery F, 111th Field 
Artillerv, 30th Division (formerly Battery F, 1st Field Artillery, Tennessee National 
Guard ) . serving as cook, and was trained at Camp Sevier, S. C, with Battery F. 
114th Field Artillery. He sailed for overseas duty with the famous 30tli Division. 
May 26, 1918, and participated in several engagements of this division. He died 
in Camp Hospital No. 15, Guer, France, of wounds received in action, August 15. 
1918, at Coetquidan, and was buried near that place. Previous to his enlistment 
Cook Holman was a farmer. He was one of the most popular members of his 
batterv, alwavs cheerful and willing to do his duty. 

PvT. Frank R. Johnson was born at Donelson, Tenn.. December 29, 1887. near 
the Hermitage, the home of the noted hero of the battle of New Orleans. General 
Andrew Jackson. He was the son of Thomas and Betty Johnson, of Donelson. He 
was inducted into World War service May 28, 1918. and was sent to Camp Pike. 
Little Rock. Ark., for military training. On August 3, 1918. he sailed for overseas 
duty. He was engaged in several battles, giving his life while in action October 16, 
1918, on the battlefield of France. He served with Company B, 4th Training Regi- 
ment. Replacement Training Camp. Camp Pike. Ark.. 83rd Division, 2nd Depot, 
and with Company F, 11th Infantry, until his death. Private Johnson possessed 
courage and patriotism inspired by the example of his neighborhood hero. 

2nd Lieut. James Britt Journey was born in Nashville. Tenn.. November 
29. 1890. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. James M. Journey, of Columbia, Tenn. 
He entered the Second Reserve Officers' Training Camp, at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga. 
On completion of his course he was commissioned Second Lieutenant and was 
stationed at Camp Greene. N. C. On March 3, 1918. he sailed with the 3rd Division 
for overseas duty. He fought in engagements in the Chateau Thierry, Marne and 
Vesle River sectors. He was killed in action August 10, 1918, while leading his 
men across the Vesle River. Lieutenant Journey was recommended for First Lieu- 
tenant, and his commission was received at the headquarters of his organization 
shortly after his death. 

Lieutenant Journey was one of the most popular men of this county, and was 
greatlv beloved by his comrades. His duty to his country was ever his first thought, 
and his cheerful performance of same was favorablv commended hv officials of the 
A. E. F. 

PvT. Jack G. Jenkins was born in Mt. Juliet. Tenn.. in 1892. On September 
22. 1917. he was inducted into service at Nashville. He sailed for overseas duties 
April 24, 1918. and fought in engagements in the St. Mihiel sector. He was killed 
in action October 27. 1918. He served with the following organizations: Company 
G, 327th Infantrv; Company E, 322nd Infantry; Company K. 11th Infantry, and 
was with Headquarters Company. 11th Infantry, at the time of his death. Private 
Jenkins was a jirother of Elbert T. Jenkins, who resides in Davidson Countv. Tenn. 


[) II in SOX CO (MY irOME.X /Y THE tt O R L I) WAR. 1 Q I 41 9 I o 

HiKOKO Vi. Jackson (Bugler) was in \a>livill.'. T.-mi.. ill lull,-. l,",or,. 
and was the son of William H. am! ElizalMili ,l,ii k-mi. d \.i>li\ illi-. He ri-,i-ivi-(1 
his early education in the Nashville city s<iio<.l~. II.' (■riii>tiil in the nnuiar army 
at Kagle Pass. Texas. November 15. 1917. as a meniix-r of Battery A, Srd Meld 
Artillerv. After completin;: liis niilitarv training he sailed for dutv on the front 
lines. July U. 191!!. Me died of eholeiyslitis August 21. lOl!!. while in training 
in a rreiuh eani]i. His cheerl illness at all limes. wIkiIi'Mm lln' ciriiimslani t-;. was 
an inspiration In his ((Uiira.les. His .hitio \\cr.> ,ilua\- hi- lii-l ih. night. 

CoKi'. (".KoiaiK r.KiGSiiv KiiM) was horn in \nhii-\iili-. Triiii.. Se|ii.nilMT (i. 1.".91. 
and was the son ..f George Washin-ton and L.ak Kid,!. ,.f \a~hviil,>. Tenn. 
He was indueted into World Viar service March 30. 191;:. al \a~h\iih-. and was 
-ent to (lamjj Gordon. Ga.. for military training. He was a--ignrd to I'rcivnst 
Guard (Company. J.oTth Depot Brigade. On September 1. I'Jl!!. hr \\a< made a 
corporal. He died al the base hospital at Gamp Gordon, Febiiiarx 1. I'M'), frnni 
hemorrhage shock, as the result of accidentally shot)ting hiniscH \\ilh a Iwelve 
gauge shotgun, while hunting near the caiiip with c.imradcs. Thir- \ni\\<- -nliiiei's 

untimely death was deeply dejilnicl l.\ lii> ii'^inKiit. a- c.icii iik f ihc rriiinirnl 

was his friend. He was behivtd li\ iriiml- in lii- ripiiiiiiiinil\ a- uril. 

Coi'.p. •riloMvs MoiiriMKi; Kli;\\l\. ^..n nf J,,hii J. and S,-l.illa lloumin Kiruin, 
,.f l)avids,.n Gounly. was born in Nasli\ilie -m O.tnlM-i L'.",. Ii;');;. He was .uie of 
the fir^t Nashville hoys to volunteer his services to lii- r,iiiiiii\. enlisting April 11, 
]')\7. with the Tennessee National Guard, during llir ~anie \m rk the United Slates 
enlered the World War. He was assigned to Troo|) A. .Separate Squad. 1st 
Tennessee Cavalry, which later became Company A. I 1 ith Machine Gun Battalion. 
Headquarters Platoon. He received his training at Camp Sevier. S. C and sailed 
on May 11,1918. for France on the U. S. S. El Penor. landing al Liverpool. England, 
on May 21. 191.'!. and proceeding at once to Calais. France. Al La Panne. France, 
this battalion re<pived its final training in the use of machine guns and ent(^red 
active service in the Rellicourt. I'remonl. Bohain-Kemmel Hill and Ypres-Lys se<tors, 
also taking part in the breaking of the llindcnbiirg Line and ihe Offensive of the 
Somme sector am! LaSalle River. During this last-named engagement Corporal Kir- 
win was badlv wounded, and was S"nt to Base Hospital No. 16. at La Treport, 
France, on October 17. 1918. where he died. October 27. 191!!. He fought with 
marked braverv and was one of the most |)opiiIar members of the llllh Machini" 
'.iMi Battalion.' with both officers and pri\al.- in tin- ranks. 

('orp.iial Kirwin's family received niaii\ • oiiiiiiiiniialion- IVoin iiis coniradi--. in 
uliirji llii-\ commented on his lovall\ and (l(\ilion to dut\ in li1owiii'_! teini-. Hi- 
body was broiii^dit to Nashvilh- f.n- bin iai in Mt. CaKaiv CnirlriN. ilr u as a 
brother of Misses Kalhrvn and Jcvm^II Kiiuiii. of \a-h\illr. uiinr hr ha, I nianv 
fiicnds. who were iu-llv proud .,f his patriotic' service so .jaliantiv icndncd. 

P\T. Wll.l.lxM Nkwton Knox was the son of J. Ma<k I (ie<ease(l ) and Alice 
Heed Knox, who rr-sides in Nashville. Tenn. Private Knox answered his country's 
call December 1.1. 1917. He began niilitarv trainint: al Paris Island. S. C. as a 
member of Company 76. r.lli 1. S. Marine Coi,,- W hi!,' in trainiuL' al Paris Island 
h.- conlracled pneumonia, whirl, he <hV.I \ li I. I'M!). 

DAI 1 1) S N C U N T Y IF O MEN IN T H E ff O K L I) ir A R. 1 » 1 l-l '> 1 9 

Private Knox was a brother of Herman and Hugh Knox and a iiipluu >A' Mrs. 
John McKenzie. all of whom reside in Nashville. His body was lakrn lu (iiles 
County, the home of his birth, and rests in Mt. Moriah Cemetery, beside his father, 
who was one of Giles County's most prominent citizens and a most devout Christian 
man. Private Knox possessed many noble traits of character. He performed his 
(hales well and was one of the most beloved members of his regiment. 

PvT. Owen Bryant Layne was born near Brentwood, Tenn., in Davidson County, 
in August, 1899. and was the son of James and Alice Layne, of Brentwood. He 
answered his country's call with the first volunteers, at Nashville, April 14. 1917, 
and enlisted with Troop A, 1st Tennessee Cavalry, National Guard, which later 
became Company D, 114th Machine Gun Battalion. He received his training at 
Camp Sevier. S. C, and sailed for overseas duty May 11, 1918, as a member of the 
30th Division. He saw active service in the engagements at Bellicourt, Molain, La- 
Salle River and on die Hindenburg Line. Private Layne was wounded in action 
October 17, 1918. and died at a hospital in Winchester. England. Novemlier 1. 1918. 
In his death the 114th Machine Gun Battalion lost one of its most loyal soldiers. 
Later his bodv was brought to the land for which he gave his life and was laid 
to rest at Brentwood. Tenn.. May 20. 1920. 

PvT. Justin 0. Lyle. son of William Lyle (deceased I and Malvina M. Lyie, of 
Nashville, Tenn., was born in Hickman County, Tenn., in 1896. He enlisted on 
March 22, 1917, in the regular army, at Fort Thomas, Ky., and sailed for overseas 
dutv October 31, 1917. He fought in several of the most noted battles of the war, 
and died May 6. 1918, from wounds received on the battlefield. He served with the 
following organizations: Company K, 40th Infantry: Company K, 58th Infantry; 
and was attached to Company H, 18th Infantry, at the time of his death. 

1st Lieut. George Walter Long, son of George W. and LaVonia Xowlin 
Long, of Nashville, Tenn., was born in Farmington, Tenn., September 14, 1889, and 
was among the first volunteers in the World War from Davidson County. He en- 
listed in Battery E. 1st Tennessee Infantry. National Guard, in July. 1917. and was 
one of two selected from that organization for the Second Reserve Officers' Training 
Camp, at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga. He received a commission as First Lieutenant in 
November, 1917, and was assigned to Company I, 58th Infantry, at Camp Greene, 
N. C. He sailed with tlie 4th Division for overseas duty, May 6, 1918. 

While en route overseas the transport "Mollavia," which was just in front of 
Lieutenant Long's ship, was sunk by a German submarine with many of his com- 
rades aboard. In a letter to his mother, Lieutenant Long assured her that he had 
no fear for himself, and wrote of saying to his men: "I don't know what our fate 
will be, but if need be we will die together like men." The same courageous spirit 
dominated this brave hero until he fell in action on the battlefield three months 
later during heavy shell fire along the Vesle River. 

The following is an extract from a letter written by a comrade to Lieutenant 
Long's mother: 

"On the night of August 5. 1918. the 58th Regiment took its position in the front 
lines f acting the Vesle River, and on the afternoon of the 6th we received orders 
to move forward for the attack. After advancing about 1,800 yards, we encountered 


DAf I usu .V COL .\ r J ;r o m k .y / .v r // e tr o r l i> it a k. i»i ii 9 1 9 

sonu' of tlie inotit terrific slicll and iiuuliiiiL' gun fire we hail experienied in our 
several nionllis" fijihtinj.'. During a lull in the firing Major Robinson ordered 
Lieutenant Long to organize the headquarters seetion. and thi- lasl I heard of him 
he uas hurrying through the thickest of shell fire. .\o one e\ii did hi- diitv more 
cheerfully and bravely, and in the greatest danger he was calm and al\\a\- >miling. 
He was a man among men and one of the roidest 1 mcr saw ijiid( i liir." 

Lieutenant Long was a inriMb.-r .iF ih.- lii-lmii M. K.'iidicc Chunli d \a-h\ille. 
Tenn.. and his was the first lilii.- Mai liirnr.l I.. t;..l,l ,,i, ihr lai-,- MTxi,,. Ila;^ ,.| lliis 
church. Many letters were rec<'i\i-il li\ lii- l.iiiiilx i unmicaHliiiL: in i .iin|ilirnrnl.ii v 
term.-. Lieutenant Long's high ideal- .md In- l.i\c li.i In- ((uni.idi-. a- will ,i- his 
Hag. Hi- commission as Captain \\.i> ir.ii\r,l l..ui d,i\- .illn In- dralli li\ ihe 
connnanding officer of his divisii)n. His liod\ ww if-l- in tin- \ alimial (iiinrinv 
at -Arlington. \ a. Lieutenant Long is -ni\i\(d h\ .1 Kniji- l.nniN 1 unncc linn who 
are prominent residents of Nashville. Tenn.. hnlh ni -..rial ,nid hu-in,— , mh-. 

l'\T. llKNin 1.KIIM\(. ua- b..rn in l)a\id-..n (a.nnlx. in .|ui\. K;'):,. and uas 
tiie .-on of L. .S. and Kii/abrlh 1.,-hnini:. uli,, rr-ide in Na-luillc I'lixalc l.rhrnng 
was inducted into service al \.i-h\illc. \|iiil '2li. I'M.'!, and w.i- -iiil 1.. Camp 
Humphries. \'a.. where he ii'ici\r,| In- nulilar\ li.nnniL:. Mr -aHi-d Im diitv i,n 
the front lines .Augu-t 2(k I'M;;. ||r Inuuhl uilh maikc.l l.i.i\.i\ m .1 imnd.n of 
battles in which hi- ..-.innrnl pa, In ipalc,!. .mmm; whirl, ua- ihr nnlrd h.,lllr ..I ihi- 
Argonne. He died N,.vrml.r, I. I'M.';, Imm w.m„d> ,,-r,.ivrd uhih' m a,l,n„. \rja- 
ing for world democracy. Hi- -r,\r,l with ihr following organizations: .Slst Com- 
pany. 8th Training Battalia, 1. I'linh l)i|ini liiigade; Company G, .3rd Engineers 
Training Regiment. Camp I Innipin ,r-. \,,.: ij,L'ineers Replacement Service Camp, 
Camp Humphries: 116th Kniii,,,'.-, -: ,,i,d ua- will, (:nmpan\ I'.. ;'.(i:)lh l'a,L' incci s. at 
the time of his death. 

I'rivate LehniuL' LMVc hi- lilr ,,nU ., Irw dax- hrl,.,,- ihr wn,hl ^a,nr,l ihr pra.e 
for which he -,, ,l,rr,l„IU .„id willm.K tun, hi .,nd ,l,rd. II,- |..mK ua- lal.-r 

brought to N.,-I,vil|r. ,,„d ,r-l- in \lt. (Ilivrl Crnirh^N. Mr u .,- a l.i..ll,r, ,.l Chaii.-s 

Howard. Fduaid and John l.rlmimi. Mi- Annir \la\ LrhniiiL:. ,iml Mi-. S. I!. Smilh. 
and came of a w.dl-kiioun Davi.lxm C.nnlv famih. 

PVT. (LsT Cl..\ssi \i. I > Mmmin Ln\M \. 1. -o„ ol T. \. and ;\da Lovelace, of 
Greenbrier, Tenn.. wa- hom m Hio\Mi-\illr. rmn,. j,,,ir .';. I.'l')]. He was emjiloyed 
as a clerk in one of \a-h\,llr'- drpai Ininii -loir- uhrn hr \oliinlccred amoiit; the David.son ComiU l.o\- to, -,i\,rr m ihr Wo, Id Wa,. Ilr rnl,-lrd will, ihe 
National (iuard. at Na-hNillr, jnnr I I. I'MT. Mr u.i- ,i,nl„l, /rd al (;.ii,,|. Knkland. 
at Nashville, wher.- he wa.- a m.-nd,.'i of HatlcrN K. l.M Tenn, -rr I nhl \,l,llri\. 
National Guard, which organization later became Battery L, 1 I lih I irl.l \iiillriv. 
Private Lovelace received his training at Camp Sevier. S. C will, r>illri\ 1 . I I lih 
Field Artillerv, .'JOth Division, will, which be 'tailed for over'-ca- Mav _'(.. I '»!;;. for 
frontdine dulv. He fonudil will, ro„,,,...r i„ ll,r \h'n-r- \,-onnr ~rr|,n and ,l,rd 
October K). iOia. from ' w..i,„d- ir,,i\,d ,a, ihr |,alllrl„.|d. Hi- |,o,K ,,-!- at 
Luton's Chapel, al G,rr„l„ir,. whr,,- hr ha- a ri,, h- ol f, i,„d- who a,r jn-llv p,o„d 
of this her,,-.- -pl,-nd,.l ,„ilil.,,v ,r,o,,l. 

FUNF.ST MAI>ni:x (I'.nglcrl. so,, of William M. an,l 0|,l,rlia Ma.idnx. of Chapel 
Hill. Tenn.. was born .lidv 16. I'JUd. nra, W II.i,,n. Tmn. Ijr u a- ,.n.,a..rd a- a 


salesman at Lebeck Brothers' department store, of Nashville, when he enlisted for 
service with the Tennessee National Guard, April 14, 1917, at Nashville. Bugler 
Maddux was among the first Davidson County boys to volunteer, and served as 
bugler with Company A, 114th Machine Gun Battalion (formerly Troop A, 1st 
Cavalry. Tennessee National Guard). He was trained at Camp Sevier, S. C, and 
sailed for overseas with the 30th Division, May 11, 1918. He fought in all battles 
in which this division was engaged until his death. He was gassed in the LaSalle 
River Offensive, October 17, 1918, and died from the effects on October 19, 1918. 
His body rests at McMiniivillc. Tcnn. His service to his country was uillinglv given. 
and his bravery was often a mailer of favorable eduiiin'nl willi Imlh ollicers and 
men of his battery. 

PvT. Christian Frank Maveks was born in Nashville. Tenn.. January 3, 1894. 
He was the son of Philip J. and Jessie Mayers (deceased I, of Davidson County. He 
enlisted in the regular armv at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga., for World War service. De- 
cember 13, 1917. and received his military training at Fort Gaines, Ala., and Fort 
Morgan, Ala. He served with Battery C, 3rd C. A. C, and later with Battery C, 3rd 
Battalion, C. A. C. On August 8, 1918, he sailed for overseas duty, and died of 
accidental gunshot wounds September 7, 1918, at Paris, France. Private Mayers' 
father, his wife, Mrs. Amanda (Mayers) Riggins: one son. Christian Phili]i. and 
one sister, Mrs. Aileen Thorn, are all residents of Nashville. Tenn.. where he was 
well known and prominent. 

1st Lieut. Emmett Malone Manier was born in Nashville, Tenn., March 19. 
1893. His father, J. W. Manier. resides in Hudson, Mass. Lieutenant Manier 
enlisted in the Aviation branch of the LI. S. Army May 3, 1917, in Chicago, and was 
sent to France for overseas duty August 17 of the same year. He received his 
commission as First Lieutenant March 18, 1917, and was sent to the French Escadrille 
as pilot of a daylight bombing machine. He participated in all the fights of his 
unit, which embraced the American fronts, including those near Chateau Thierry, 
St. Mihiel. and the British and French fronts, until his death. He was killed in 
action October 2, 1918. The day before he was killed Lieutenant Manier had been 
recommended for the Croix de Guerre. His body rests in an American cemetery 
in France. 

The following is a copy of a citation sent Lieutenant Manier's father by the 
Commander of the 12th Escadrille: 

"October 5, 1918. 
Order No. 56. 

"The Chief of the Escadrille Vuillemen, Commanding Bombardment Squadron 
No. 12, cites in the orders of the squadron the soldier whose name follows: 

"Emmett Manier, First Lieutenant. American Pilot of the 12th Escadrille. 

"A pilot as skillful as courageous. Since his arrival in the Escadrille he has 
always been to his French comrades a beautiful example of coolness and energv. 
While taking part in all the attacks of this unit under atmospheric conditions often 
very painful. (Signed) VlILI.EMEN. 

"Commander of the 12th Escadrille." 

Capt. Charles E. Monk was born in Olney. 111.. April 19. 1880. He enlisted 
for service in the World War Julv 19. 1917. with the 2nd Tennessee Infantrv, at 

D.iilDSO.S COIMY l(()MF\ l\ Tllh II o R I. I) U t H. I " 1 I I -i I 9 

.Minfrffi-luiro. Tciin. Later lie was translei ii-il tn llic ll.itli Mailiiiu- (am Company 
and >ervetl as adjutant supply oflker of tliis loinpaiiy. He received iiis eoniinis- 
sioii as First Lieutenant July 2.S. 1917. with the lOStli Field Signal Battalion, and 
was eoniniissioned Cajjtain .November 11 of the same vear. CajJtain Alonk sailed 
for overseas duty ^hly 27. 191{i. and sa\\ a<li\r sii\i(c in the Somine ( )lVeMsive, 
Ypres-Lys seitor and the Flindenhurg Line in S.|it(nil..i . l')i;;. 

.\fter the signing of llie Armistice, Captain Monk rcniaintil willi llic Ainiv of 
Occupation until ALtrch. 1919. when he siiiled for America, llr landr,! al Charles- 
ton. S. C in .^pril. and was sent to Camp Jackson. S. C.. and lalri in I <iit Ogle- 
thorpe. Ga. He was assigned duty as chief signal officer at Washin-lon. 1) C.. and 
later as camp signal officer at Camj) Benning. Ga. It was here thai Ca|itain Monk 
met his untimelv death, having heen injured liv a falling leliplKinc pole, from 
which he died April 9. 1920. at the C^\^ Il,,^pilai in C..limil.u-.. Ca. 

No soldier in Davidson Connl\ lia- 1.. hi- .irdii .i ir.,,ii| ,,t iiim,- milii iiii: 
s«>rvice or a more splendid militarx .a,,-,, ilia,, I, a- Caplai,, Mn„k. Hi- l.n,|\ lies 
in Greenmounl Cenielcis. at "^Hik. I'a. Hi- wilr ai,<l Iwn i,,a,,l\ -o,,- le-icle in ihe 
West End section of \a-l,vill.'. Tr„„. 

CaKTEK Mii.\M I Phaiinarisl I. son of 11. il 
Carter Milam, of Nashville. Ten., uas l,o,„ i, 
enlisted in the service of hi> , ..i,„l,\ al N.u \ .„ 
a mcmher of iJie U. S. Na\ \ ll.>-piial C<.,|.-, a 
military seirice for three monlli.- at CoIui,,l>ia. ^ 
ter. N. Y. He was also trained at Paris l-l ,,,(!. 
he sailed for foreign duly and was stalio,,iil 
Louisville. He died of pneumonia, at Brest, 
liody rests in .Mt. Olivet Cemetery, at Nashville. 
Pharmacist Milam came of a prominent Davi( 
education in the Nashville city -(ho(ds and a 
He was a resident of New York Citv at the time 
Milam. ll.-Mh Field Artillcrv. and Capt. J.,hn 11 
memhers of the I'nited .Stah - K, ji,l.,, \,,i,\ i 
Corps, are itrothers of Carl, i \lila,,i. ul,,. p.,- 
1111 Death is given below, the pmi,, lia\ i,ii: lur 
hi- d.-alh. and exjjre-ses the courage of ihi- voung he, 

THE PIHIM i; I'diil 

Dim, I, I- a iH.i.l nf mvslerv: 

Pi,rpl.- ,l.-e|.- aiKl slill 
A dim. riark. lurii lilclcien. warn, and c;iliii 

■As a sunt; -'nealli a lonely liill. 
Si.m.- seek Ihe way; some stnndilo. blind. 

.Some an- drawn "(;ainsl a finzcii will. 

.Some fi-ar fdk-rl- come, as a i liild al ,iit;lil 
Goe^s into an iinlil room: 

.\nd lie liy llie pool; and l)arc llieir fiel 
.\nd lave ilicm, there, in the clooiii. 

liiil. like moths that an- lured by a dirk", in 
They pi hack lo a livinp tomb. 

, \a- 
- a p 

hxilli-. \„M 

X. N. v.. 1,1 


anil u.i- l,a,„r,l fnr 

In, i 


•arnl,,. II.,. 
, „1 1, o„ 

"•• >''|'l''iii 

1 1,, lining al Korhc- 
(»„ Mav 20. 1918. 
l,a,i-port U. S. S. 

I.i-i 2<). 101!!. His 

Ison ( 
1 \i, 

of 1,1 

. Mil, 

;..,,„l\ Ian, 
■jini., 1,,-lil 
- rl,ll-l„lr„l 

i,n. 1, 1 

1 (:ii.,,llM„ 
1 .1 l.,illi.,„ 
Urn ,.„l\ a 

,lv. anil rrrrivril his 
iilr. I.rxini^lnn. \a. 
. M,,|.., I!,,|,r,l M. 
irl,l \,lill,a\ innw 
1. \l,l,,n,. \\iation 
1 niiiiil. Hi- poem 
^hoil uhilc before 

DAflDSON COVNTY WOMEN IN THE If O K 1. 1) WAR. 1911-1919 

Others lie on tlie ledye, at the water's edge, 

To drink from the pool of death. 
And lingering, long for the mirrored face — 

Stoop and pause on its every breath — 
And bend to its lips — and are lost in the depths— 

Fof a kiss is the tool of Death — 

And some leap to the pool as an unknown joy. 

And are lost in the orchid spray 
That drenches .imi -Ii..vmis ihe weeping flowers 

That perfuiiir ilir I. K way. 

And the ripple^ 'lir, ,i^ jll ililngs die 

Like Love, \\lii(li lives hut a day. 

So, all men seek the purple pool; 

Some are sent by treacherous tongue; 
Some go as a prodigal, going to his home; 

Some follow a siren's song; 
For all things die, as all things must. 

At the toll of some sunken gong. 

Bv C.\RTEii Milan. 

PVT. Frank C. McClanaiian. son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. McClanahan. of 
Brentwood, Tenn., enlisted for service in tlie World War at the first call of his 
country. Although Private McClanahan was thirty-five years of age, which was 
beyond the draft age, he felt that his services were needed and he wanted a part 
in gaining world democracy. He was a courageous, fighting member of Company 
F, 2nd Regiment, Engineers Corps. On June 7, 1918, he died of wounds received 
in action on the battlefield of France. His body was sent to Nashville, Tenn., for 
burial. He performed his military duties, regardless of diflTiculty, without a murmur, 
and was popular with both officers and men. 

PvT. Waldo F, McFolin, son of Robert P. McFolin (deceased) and Emily E. 
McFolin. of Nashville, was born in Erin, Tenn., March 9, 1893. He was inducted 
into service, at Nashville, September 6, 1918. He was a member of Companv G, 
.57th Pion. Infantry and was in training at Camp Wadsworth. S. C where he con- 
tracted influenza, from which he died. October 7, 1918, at tlie camp hospital. 

PvT. I 1st Class I Arthur Lee McCampbell was bom in Donelson. Tenn.. April 
24. 1893. His mother, Mrs. May Evans McCampbell, resides near Donelson. He 
was educated in the Nashville schools and was inducted into World War service 
September 22, 1917, at Nashville. Private McCampbell was sent to Camp Sevier, 
S. C. for training, and on May 11, 1918. he sailed for overseas duty with the 30th 
Division as a member of Company M. 117th Infantry. He fought with bravery 
in engagements at Ypres, and died from wounds received in action. June 2.5. 1918. 

Private McCampbell was the son of T. G. McCampbell (deceased), and before 
entering service he was engaged in the dairy business. He was reared near the 
historic home of General Andrew Jackson, and possessed to a large degree the cour- 
age of that famed hero. His family are well known and prominent in the Hermi- 
tage district. 

PvT. John Herbert Nollner. son of John L. Nollner (deceased! and Mrs. 
Laura A. Nollner, a resident of Nashville. Tenn.. was born in Hartsville. Tenn.. May 
1. 1900. He enlisted in the regular army at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga.. as a m°mber 

l>ltll)S().\ COtMY I10.ME.\ I .\ THE IT O H I. I) 11 A R. t >i 1 It 'i 1 9 

of Ballerv D. UUli Fiel.I Artill.Mv. ..n,l «.i~ li.Mir.l al DuwAa-. \n/n„a. II, ■ -aihil 
for overseas amy April 2:^. l')i;;. ami sau arll\,- -.rvi,,- in >rv,al l.atll.-. anim,- 
ulikh \va.< tlif enj;a!.'fnR'nt at Clianipagnc. llr ua~ killed in ai tioii Julv If). 1')!!!. 
havirii.' been at llie front from the lime ol In- aiu\al in I laiiic. He fou<;lit witli 
hraverv ami wat: noted for his lovallv to Ir- c .iunlr\ and In !ii> feliounian. He was 
buried near Chateau Thierry. France. I'rixale N.dlnr, ua- a n>i,l,-nl ol Na-liviile 
uhen he enlisted, and had a large circle of li irnd-. Im.iIi anioni; (iinnadcs in the 
armv and citizens at home. 

I'VT. John F.Mtm.s NohtoN. son of Oscar an, I Mai-ai,-! \,..l,.n. ,,f \a-li\ill,'. was 
another of Davidson County's heroes who i:a\,' lii- life al l'lial,-,ni Tln,ii\. li.uiii'i 
been killed in action there June 18. 191!!. at lli, lirn,' ,.f M.ii-lial I ,„ h- jr,.,! of- 
fensive. Private Norton fought in several ,ali,a |,.illl,- \silli marked l.raverv. He 
was only nineteen years of age. yd hi- ,le\,,liiin I,, dul\ an, I liis courage was com- 
mendable in one so young, and he wa- on,' ol lli,' ni.i-l |i,i|iular members of his 

PVT. (;iv H. Ol.NKY. son .,f II. 1.. and J,,>,-plun,- ()|n,x. ,>l \a-li\dl,-. I.rn... was 
born October 12. 188!!. in Mann-, la. II,- ua- nnln, l,,l inl.i \\,.,l,l Wai -,xi.-,' 
November 10. 1917. at Akron. Olii,,. II,- i,-,,-i\,-,l In- li.iinin-j al K,,.l < ). I,lli,.i p,-. 
r,a.. and Camp Gordon. Ga.. and -ailed f... oM-i>.-a.- dnl\ April 21. I'M!'.. II,- u.i- 
oiie of the fallen heroes of the noted St. Mihiel drive, having been killeil in .i, li.m 
in that si^tor .September 20. 1918. He was buried at St. Manic Farm, li,- -,-i\,,l 
with the following organizations: 1 lib ("onipanv. ilh Tr.-iininL' Batlali,,n. I'lTlli 
Depot Brigade: Companv K. -.YZM Infanl.N. .n„l C.rnpan^ 11. I Ilh lidanliv. unlil 
death, and was beloved by officers an, I nun ,,1 lli,-,- ,„ uani/.ilion-. .,- u,-ll 
as a large number of acquainlani-c- al Home. 

1st LlKlT. Samiki, K. Ollli. son of C. H. Orr. of Lvinuill,-. r,-nn.. \\a- li,,in in 
Lvnnville. Novemlier 9. 1889. He enlisted with the Tenn,-, , \ali..nal (,Na,,l \l,i\ 
I. 191.1. and was a member of Company G. 1st Tciinessc,- lnriMli\. W 1i,-m \Miriii a 
entered the World War he was sen! I,. F,,il fbl,-lli,,rp,-. (.a.. I, a -p,- li.nnin--. 
He was honorably flisf-harsed Auiin-I M. I''I7. I,, a, , , pi a , imini: — iiui. ami \\,i- 
called into active service for his coiinli\ a- .i -,-,,,11, 1 li,-iil,nanl .il lnr.nili\. Vn-ii-l 
1.x 1917. from the National Guard. He «as sen! to Camp l.n k-.m. ^. ( ;.. ami I ,1,-. 
to Camp Wheeler. Ga.. for further training. He died of ,11-, ,-,- ,1 (amp \\l„-,l,i. 
Ga.. De,-ember 2. 1917. at the base hospital, l.ieul.-nanl On I, a, I a pi,.mi-n,-j nnli- 
larv career and was fearless. He bad manv fri,-n,l- in ih,- .nrn\ ,anip. a- \\i-\\ as 
Davi.l-on and (;iles Counties. 

1st John W ii,i.m\'s Ovkhton. ,,nlv s,:n of J,-,- \1. 1 ,1-, ,-a-,-d 1 and 
Sadee Williams Overton. «as born in l)avid-,,n Canilv. (),l,.|„-r |U. |;;'li. al "(hr,. 

Ion Hall."^ the home of his parent-. II,- all,-n,|,-,l -Hill ■-, I I" in l',-nn-\ K ani.i. 

from which he graduated in June. I'M i. aji,l \\a- i-l,, |,,l ,iial,,i ,il In- ,1a--. Il,- 
graduated from Yale University in .Inn,-. I'M 7. r,-,,-i\in-- lli, , I, •■:,■,- ,,1 i;i,le-|.n 
of Arts. He held the world's amateur in.loor record f,M I. I ^ ,,,l- n, lu,, .nin- 
nies. ff)ur|pen seconds, and the world's indoor re<-ord fm ,11,- mm!,. I minnl,-. 

.'ixleen secr.nds. He was a member of the Sophomore >,"i,l\. Mjilia |),-ll,i I'lii 

( .•?B ) 

I) All I) s o N c u N r y ir o u /•; ,v / ;V t ii e ho r l n ir i r. i'h i i 'H <> 

ami the Senior Societies. ■■Skull and Hone^"" and "Sigma," being presideiil of the 
latter. He received military training in the Yale Battery, at Tohyhamia. Pa., in the 
Slimmer of 1916. 

Lieut. John 0\ert(in \iilunteered his services on the same day the I nited States 
entered the World War, April 6, 1917. Soon after, when the schools and colleges 
were requested to name ten students each for commissions as second lieutenants in 
(he L'. S. Marine Corps, Lieutenant Overton was one of the ten named hv President 
Hadley of Yale. 

On Mav 21. 1917. Lieutenant Overton was commissioned Second Lieutenant of 
the U. S. Marine Corjis at the Brocjklyn Navy Yard, and was called into active 
service at Winthrop. Md. In July, 1917, he was transferred to Quantico, Va., where 
he entered the LI. S. Marine Officers' School, and graduated three months later. On 
November 10. 1917. he was assigned to 119th Company, 1st Replacement Battalion, 
with which he sailed. February 3, 1918, for overseas duty. During March and 
April he served at the Marine Training Area, Chatillon-sur-Cher, and took the 
course at the First Army Corps School at Gondecourt, graduating June 1. 1918. 
In the files of the Yale Bureau in Paris were preserved some of Lieutenant Overton's 
examination papers taken at the end of May, 1917. giving him exceptionally high 
official ratings. 

LTpon completing his training course at Gondecourt. he was innnediately assigned 
work with the 12nd French Chausseurs in the Vosges sector. He had in his pos- 
session the "■Alpine Imi\\." the insignia of that great fighting squad of '"Blue Devils." 
On January 15. I'M'', oiic of his French comrades, in an address on "War and 
Friendship."" paid him ati eloquent tribute. 

Lieutenant Overton was transferred at his own request to active service at the 
front, and on June 14, 1918, he was assigned to the 80lh Company, 6th Marines, 
with which he fought at Belleau Wood and Chateau Thierry. The night of July 
17. 1918. the Marines arrived at Soissons, and next morning the regiment joined 
in the great offensive under General Mangin of the 10th French Army. Lieutenant 
Overton was killed in action during this offensive. On July 1. 1918. he was pro- 
moted to the rank of First Lieutenant, LT. S. Marine Corps, but the notification ar- 
rived after his death. 

The following is an extract from a sketch of Lieutenant Overton in the Yale 
World War Memorial volume, giving details of his death: 

'■On the morning of July 19. 1918, First Lieutenant John W. Overton ('Johnny 
Overton of Yale and the Marine' I was killed while leading his men in desperate 
attack on the enemy near Vierzy. A fragment of high explosive shell striking him 
in the heart brought instant death. By his side was one of his closest Yale friends, 
a fellow lieutenant in the Marines. 

"'I had just said "■hello" to him in the attack a minute before he was killed.' 
says this friend, ■when he was typi( a! Johnny, full of life and did not know xvhat 
fear was.' " 

That afternoon his friend burled him where he fell, about a mile from Merzy. 
His liody was later removed to tcm|iorary cemetery 594, American battle area, at 
Parcy-Ligny. in the department of Aisne. and on May 16. 1919, to the permanent 
cemetery at Nissy-aux-Bois. where a memorial service in his honor was held. 

Lieutenant Overton was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross posthumously. 
The following is the citation which accompanied this reward: 

( 39 I 

Ililll ll 

ir InllcuiMi: tril.iit<-: 

nul tl 

i> a 11 


u;r ill li,,nl lik.' .),.liniiv 
uukfd mail to In- picked 
1 straiglit at the (icrmaii 
icidinj: imt to tlealh. Init 

Urn, in 

t ()\,'ilon liN liiplcv. ni- 

i>iiii>so.\ coisrv a o m e v / v r n f. \i a r 1. 1> if t k. i"i ti " 1 9 

"For extraordinarv linoiMii in ac ti<.n iirai \ ii-i/v. Fiaiuc. JiiU l'>. I'M.'!, uliil.- 
valiantly leading lii^ platoon in an altai k against tin- .'iicmv under >evei<' nuu iiino 
gun and artillery fire, he was mortally wounded. His courageous eoiiduet had a 
great moral elTivt upon his men and helped to insure the success of the attack." 

.\ major in the \ . S. Mariii.-^ wrote as f,.llnws concerning the death of Lieutenant 
Overton : 

"\i 8:;i0 we jumped oil uilli a Inie nl laiik> in llir lead. For tuo "kilos" the 
four lines of marines were as straight a- a di,-. and tiieir advance over the open 
plain in the bright sunlight was a picluie I >li all nr\er forget. The fire got hotter 
and hotter, men fell, bullets sung, shell- ulu//e,ll.anged. and John fherton was 
hit by a large piece of shell and fell, lie ua- liil in the li,-ait. -o his death was 
without pain. Of the twcntv conip,in\ oHicei> ulio ui'iil in. ihree came onl. and 
one of those was slightly wounded." 

\ private in Lieutenant Overton's conipanv paid 
'it takes a thoroughbred and a hero to 'jet awa\ 
Overton did. As an ollicer. he well knew llial lie « 
off by sharpshooters when he raced far aliead ol li 
lines. I am persuaded that he met his end \mi1i lii- - 
triumphing over it." 

The following is an extract froni a tribute In Lie 
titled '-His greatest \ icloiv": 

"Johnny Ch'erton lia.- won his greale-l \i(loi\ -iiin bi- 
son of Tennessee who. a \ear ago la-l March, i.iii the 
credited to a pair ot luinian le;j>. gave his liie loi hi- . 
men in a race acro-s in. iikims land near Chateau lliiiiM 
this race— his life: an.l uoi, all there is— the gloiv of (e 
The response to tin- new- ol the dealli in aiiimi ol Lii 
immediate, at home and abroad. I liioiiijlioiil \iiieiira lln 
nition to his national fame in athlilie-. and I.. Iii- ex. mpl 
courage. His name was memoriali/ed ..\ei .md o\er aj, 
petitions, at school and college, in llie aini\. ind lliiou 
Those whose memories of him were inlimile. md ih.-r 
soeiation, joined in honoring him. Ilnndied- nt liii.i-. po 
were received by his family from all p.iii- ..I ilie I niiei 
has often been called "'the worldV be-i known lallen hen 

Lieutenant Overton came from a lannlv di-lini!ui-lied 
in many wars. His mother, Sadec Williams ()\eiion. j.! 
service in the army at home as did her son on llie liiiiii 
was always that of the highest oflicial. slu- speni nin-i , 
private, not commanding but leading, lb r rciii.iu.' in e a 
the death of her only son on the batllelnld in-pind -oi 
war activities accomplished by the women ol |).i\id-on C 
fort to many Gold Star mothers throughout llie .stale. Sin 
a |)rominent Davidson County family, a bad ■! in the 
Auxiliary work, and a descendant of a long line ol palii 
Lieutenant 0\erlon's father, the late Jesse M. OmiIoi, 
an automobile accident in December. l'J22. was al-o an ai 

le p„ 

1 al 

,■ 1. 
1 1, 

,■ 1 

liie_: bis 
la.l inio 

nil in 




Ion was 

III li, 


1. k 




ler and 
lie com- 
.nal a- 


1- nil 



p,-. lie 

1 heroic 

1. \ 
.1 III. 

'1 1 


1 1 


ler rank 
iig as a 
•Iv after 
a com- 

a lib 


idenl of 

I) III p S (> A' C V N T y ir O M en / A' the if O R L I) II . I R. 191 4-1 9 I 9 

son County's army at lionie. He led to success many of the most important drives 
of the county in World War work. He, too, was a descendant of heroes of other 
wars and was one of the most beloved and influential citizens in Tennessee. His 
son's World War services, so bravely rendered, was a source of great pride to him. 
The ex-service men of Davidson County lost a valuable friend in the death of Jesse 
M. Overton, who considered it a privilege to "fight," if necessary, for their welfare. 
Lieutenant Overton was a brother of Mrs. Henry E. Colton, who resides at the 
home of her parents. "Overton Hall," on the Franklin Pike, in Davidson County, 
and whose son, John Overton Colton, bears the name of his hero uncle. Mrs. 
Lucius Robinson I Harriet Overton), of Indiana. .Pa., is also a sister. 

Elias Homek Parker (Wagoner), foster son of M. C. and Susan H. Lampley, 
of Nashville, Tenn., was born in Dickson County, Tenn., December 9. 1897. He 
enlisted in the regular army April 20, 1916, at Jefferson Barracks. Mo. He was 
trained at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and at Camp Pike, Ark., where he died of 
pneumonia January 11. 1919. He served with the following organizations: Mounted 
Service Cavalry: Quartermasters Corps. Fort Sam Houston. Texas, and with Supply 
Company, S7th Infantry, until his death. 

Wagoner Parker was given to Mrs. Lampley at the death of his parents, T. J. 
and Bettie Parker. He was very fortunate in having such a foster mother. She 
reared him from a baby and deserves all honors of having furnished this loyal 
Davidson County fallen hero in the World War. His splendid traits of character 
were due solely to her training and care. He is also survived jjy several brothers 
and sisters who reside in Davidson Countv. Private Parker was buried at Nashville. 

PvT. (1st Class) Joseph H. Patterson was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. 
Patterson, of Waverly Place, Nashville, Tenn.. and was born in LInion Citv. Tenn.. 
in 1895. He was among the first volunteers of Davidson County. He enlisted at 
Nashville, Tenn.. June 5. 1917. and was assigned to Battery E. 1st Tennessee Field 
Artillery, National Guard (which later became Battery E, 114th Field Artillery), 
which was then in training at Camp Kirkland, Nashville. Tenn. His battery was 
later sent to Camp Sevier. S. C, for training. On May 26. 1918, he sailed with the 
30th Division for duty on foreign fields. He was actively and cheerfully engaged 
in the battles in the St. Mihiel sector, in the battle of Flearn, and in engagements 
in the Argonne Forest. He gave his life on the battlefield less than a month before 
world freedom, for which he so willingly fought, was gained, having been killed in 
action October 15. 1918. He was one of the most popular members of his battery 
and was loval to his duty and fearless at all times. 

Sergeant Donald Pons was a brother of Mrs. Blanche Pons Piatt, of Davidson 
County, and was born in Jacksonville, Fla.. in 1891. He received his education at 
Madison. Tenn., and in the Nashville public schools. He was inducted into World 
War service at Nashville. May 27, 1918, and sailed for overseas duty with Com- 
pany A, 533rd Engineers Corps, on August 26. 1918. He contracted lobar pneu- 
monia while in training in a French camp, from which he died September 20, 1918. 
His body was returned to Nashville and interred on his native soil, where he was 
well known. He was a model soldier and performed his duties well. 

(41 ) 

Dii iDsoy coiM) n (> M i:-,\ i .\ the iroHi.i) ir.iR. i'>ifi'>i9 

1st LlElT. James Aakon Pk;i E «as Imm i.i Na-lmll,-. T.r.n.. Oih.l.n II. l!i;!l. 
ami was the s..n of K. H. Pij:iie. of \a>li\illc. lli> moti,.-, ,li,d s.v.ial \rai> ,,i,- 
vioiis lo the war. He attended the Naval Acadeniy al .AmiaiJoiis and wa- s •! r'cil 
as one of six men to aeconipany Gcu. William C. (Jorgas to Panama, for iin|)n laiil 
work in the Canal Zone. He served eighteen months with .Admiral Bad::ir. 1 . S. 
N.. in the Mediterranean, and did scout duty with the North .Atlantic Heel. When 
the Mexiean border trouble arose he was with the 1st Tennessee Infantry. National 
Guard, and was eonunissioned a second lieutenant in C!)ni]i;uiv !•' of thai rcLMnicnt. 

He was drafted into Federal service August ."1. l'i|7. a- a lii-l li.iilniaiil licin 
the National Guard. He was stationed at Nashville. Iriiii.. aiul al Gaiiin Si\ i. 1. 
5. C.. with the ll.Slh Field Artillery. At his own request he was transfern^d lo the 
117th Infantry, preferring that branch of the senice. On May 11. 191;!. he sailed 
with the .lOth Division for overseas, and was killed in action on the niorninsj; of Julv 
IK. 191!!. at i'icardy. His death was the first in action in the .iOlh Division. 

Lieutenant Piuucs wife was active in the war work al home, and his fallicr was 
also ati active worker in the armv at home. He was buried in ih.- \nieiii an Gcnic- 
tery. .-^21 Gevalia Farm. Bret Klverdenghc. Hi- laniilv i- u H knouri and pmmi- 
nent in Davidson Count\. 

PvT. (1st Class: Hkumvn 
service Mav 21. 1917. al Cam 
F. 1st Tennessee Infaiiliv. whir 
was further trained al (!a]ii|F S( 
dulv June 1. 191«. He wa- |. 
France. On July 1. 1918. Uv ' 

Private Ray"s nearest nlal 
Texas, his parents beiii^ dcica- 
in Nashville, made whil,' Mali-,, 

Coup. I.i; |{oi Litiikhw Hw was Immii m David-m, CmnU. >r|,|,i,,l.ri 
190(1. and was the s,,n of l!iirlon I., and l.illir Ma\ llav. ..I \a-liMll.-. Mr 
among the first Davidson CciiiiU \..„- |,, \ .,|,ii,i,.,-i f,,, -i\„r ,„ il,,- \\ ,.; |,| \ 
enlisting in the regular arni\. al .blln-.m llanad-. Mc. Iinir 1. I')I7. in l!al 
F. 10th Field Artillery. He rr,,.,N,d I,,- liannuL' al D.acJa-. \m/.. and ^ailrd 
duly overseas Febrnarv 27. 191;;. jlf Imi'jlii \siili laaxi i\ in all jialtli- nv'.fj,- 

bv his regiment until killed in adini, JuK IV I'M;;, i,, ih,- ,, ,| |,aiii,.nl ll, • \l.i 

He was the first soldier to be killcl in In- ballrM. uli.,,- ,x,ix man ua- In- Iri 
He was buried in the .American (^cnichiA. al \riiiir. Fi nnr. 

Cor[)oral i{av was a student wliiii lir \ nlnnlrciid lii- -rivicr-. and alllmni 
mere bov. he f„M;.'hl and >erved his r,,unlr\ uilli llir I., sails an. I abilils ..I a 1 
He po.-essed manv noble trails of chata.lrr. and wa- d, \..|,,l |,, |l,r -■isi.,- ,.| 

PvT. Henhv (,n\l>^ |{in... who ha> the .lislinrlion ..I unnnnv more liori„r> an.l 
engaging in more battle^ than anv other Davitlson Couiilv fallen h-ro. was born 
September 9. 1«9I. and was the s.m of James Harvey and Leihia Jacobs Ring, who 
reside in East Nashville, Tenn. He volunteered h's services t(j his country imme- 


Ha\ .•nli>lc,l in Ihc Nahnnal ( 
|. Jackson, among llir In -1 \.. 
ll later be<-ame Pallri\ C. 1 I'lij 
\ici-. S. C. and sailed uilli l.i- 

;uard for W . 
Innlrri- mI ( 
1 1 lrl,| \,ti|l 

' ululr ni 1, 

.,1,1 Wai 

.TV. H( 

lining il 

.a- ,l,nun,-d ulnlr al a 1 n-n, I, 
,\.- i- a -i-lri. Mr-. \,.,al, 1!, 



' '"""'' 


(li;Uely after Anieriia's entrance into the \^ inkl ^\'ar. He was a member of the 
o2nd Company, 6tli U. S. Marine Corps and received his military training at Paris 
Island. S. C, and Quantico, Va. On October 29. 1917, he sailed for service on 
foreign fields, being among the first Nashville World War volunteers to sail, and 
laiuied at Brest, France. October 18, 1918. Soon after his arrival he was com- 
manded for service on the battlefield and fought with conspicuous bravery in en- 
gagements of the Aisne Defense. Aisne-Marne, St. Mihiel. and Meuse-Argonne 

The following official record reveals the character of this hero and the splendid 
service rendered bv him: 

Personal Honors. 
1 Croix de Guerre — Bronze Star. 1 Meuse-Argonne Battle Clasp. 

1 Aisne Defense Battle Clasp. 1 Defensive Sector Battle Clasp. 

1 Aisne-Marne Battle Clasp. .S Bronze Stars. 

1 St. Mihiel Battle Clasp. 2 Silver Stars. 

Citation: Private Henry G. Ring. No. 121.987. 82nd Companv. 6th Regiment. 

"His constant heroism and abnegation in the accomplisliment of his dutv is be- 
yond praise. During action in Champagne. October 3-9. 1918. ceaselesslv carried 
messages to the first line, all the time lieing exposed to machine gun and artillery 

(Signed) "Marshal Petain. 
"Commander-in-chief of the French Armies of the East." 

February 16. 1919. 

Citation: Private Henry G. Ring. 6th Marines. 

"For distinguished and exceptional gallantry at Blanc Mont on October 2-9. 
1918. in the operations of the American Expeditionary Forces. 

"In testimony whereof and as an expression of appreciation of his valor I 
award him this citation. 

(Signed! "John A. LeJerene. 
"Major General. I. S. M. C. Commanding." 

Awarded on December 31. 1918. 

Citation: Private Henry G. Ring. Battalion Runner. 6th Marines. 
"For distinguished and exceptional gallantry at St. Etienne on October 3-9. 
1918. in the operations of American Expeditionary Forces. 

"In testimony thereof, and as an expression of appreciation of his valor, I 
award him this citation. 

(Signed) "John J. Pershing. 

Awarded 27 March. 1919. 

Private Ring was spared to win laurels for himself, his State and Davidson 
County, where he was well known and beloved, until near the end of the world 
conflict. He was wounded at the battle of the Meuse-.\rgonne sector. October 31. 
1918. from which he died November 1. 1918. just ten davs before the signing of the 


/) U 1 1) S O .V C U I V T y If M E V / V T H E (T () R I. I) Hi H. 1 o 1 II o I 9 

Arinislicf. His reiiiaiiis lunv rf>l in tin' t.itniU hiiiMiii: i^rouiul al Mint h-i-Imhh. 
Ti-ni... Kh.-re his faniilv i* |.ron.iiu-nll\ . mu..-, t.-.l. 11,- «a~ a i.n.llu-i „1 .Mi>> l',-ail 
Hitis. of Nashville. T<-nn. Private Kiii.-iV Mi\i,.- >,. iicMv r.-iul.-ii-d is also a source 
of pri.le to eveiv ,iti/.en of Rutherfoni Couiilx. his native home. 

Com-. KUNKST F. KlCKKTTS. >on nt ,1. i;n|,.-, an, I F.lla Ki.krll^. ,,f llohrnuahl. 
Tenn.. was horn in Flattwoods. Tenn.. Manh 17. I.':'i;i. He e„h-le,l in the r.-iiular 
armv. at Fort Oglethorpe. Ga.. Mareh 21. I'M:;, .nnl u.i- li,nne,l at Fort Sereven. 
Ga. ' On Oetoher 5. \')\H. he sailed for ih.' luiilrlHl.! ,.|,-. hut was strieken 
and died of pneumonia. Noveinher 2. IMl;;. al the ha-r h...|, .il Franee. 
He was l)uried in the .Ameriean Cemetery, at I,aml>e/..-lh-. . Fi.inrr. \l tlie time of 
his enlistment Corporal Kieketts was a valued emploxr ..I ih. (u-lom House at 
Nashville. Tenn.. and was as loval to his eountry as to hi- hu-ine-- (iulie-. He was 
beloved hv hoth his comrades and f.-llowemploves. 

FvT. HoitTON Allen Ritkk was horn in Na-hNiUe. Tenn.. in June. 1.S99. He 
was the son of James E. Riter ( deceased i an,! M.u\ 1. Riter. who resides in Nash- 
ville. He volunteered his in the irnn.-Mr \ati.>nal Guard. June 11. 1917. 
at Nashville, aii.l ua~ atlarhr,! t,, li,.,,,, \. >ii.nal C.ixahv. whl,ii later became 
Companv A. 1 1 Uli Ma. hiiir Gnu i;.illalin„. Whih- In lianiiir.i al Gamp Sevier. S. 
C. he contra<ted lui,er.ulosi>. iVoni uhi.h ,,K he died ( »., 1'). ^lOl,'!. at the 
camp hospital. His remains were l.i<ai;jhl I., \a~h\ille lor I'ii\ ale Riter 
also served with Companv C. Pro\i>iunal (^i-ii.dl\ llallall..ri. (anip >(\iri. >. (,.. and 
was attached to the .School fo, liakn- and Gnnk- .il Gain|. Sr\i,i. al ihr lime of his 
death. His only regret at goi,,;, ua- ihal ,.| ,„,i ,rll,nL' In lli.- Iroril line-, lie was a 
model soldier and |)opulai wilh hi- (.iiuiadr-. 

PVT. Angklo SilvkHMAN. son of Mr>. Atuiie SiKeiuKin. of Nashxillc. Tenn.. was 
horn in HusL Rumania. 22. i;i')(.. lie ua- a traveling salesman uhrn he 
entered the .service al Camp .McClellan. Ma., m O.lnher. 1918. He wa- a mrml.rr 
of the 2.ilh Field Artillery. ll.Sth Rrigade. -hmlK iller he entered the -e,\irr !„• 
contracted [jneunuinia from exposure in militaix liainirij. rrom whii h In- dii d al 
the camp hospital, at Camj) McClellan. OctolM'i ;l. I'M.'!. Hi- l..„l\ u a- -ml h. 
Nashville for burial, wrapped in tlie flag of his rmmlrv. I'livalr SiK.rman «a- 
loval to dutv. alwavs .heerfnl and willing to serve regar.llo- of sarrilice. 

COHI'. TlIOMVS (;. Si'KCK was i I r'rl.Miaix d. I.':'',, al I .i\ inv-lon. Tcmi.. and 

was the son of John W. and Lula ^|m-, k. oi l,iMn" He rnlnrd ih- rrvular 
army on December 1:5. 1916. at Jedci-.U! lianarL-. .M... Ih- nr,i\r,| hi- liainm- al 
JefTerson Barracks and at Camp Nogatese, Ariz. He -.lIIcI Ini ov.i-ii- dnl\ in 
June. 1917. being among the first troops of Davidson G..nnl\ ho\- |.. aiiivc in 
France. He was ()romoted to corporal after his arri\al o\ii-ra-. dur In In- -plcn- 
di.l rcord made in a French training camp. ]\v u a- ja-.J an.l lain ununded in 
action, dving of these wounds Mav 11. 191!i. Inl.l lii- .l.dli li.- ua- in piacticaliv 
all the large battles fought bv his detachimnl. lb- ua- a mrmbci nl Iba.lquarlers 
Company. ]«lh Infantry. Signal al ih.- li.n • ..I hi- dralh. a.a.l Imcjlil 
with marked lourage atui cheerfulness. 

( M ) 


Sgt. XS'illiam John Spusk. Jr.. wa- Ikhh in I)aviclM)n Cdunty. Tcmi.. Septcmlier 
13, 1896. and was tlie son of W. J. and Pauline Woulaid S|jiic. of Nashville. He 
received his education in the Nashville public schools and at Montgomery Bell 
Academy. At the time of enlistment he was a valued employe of Phillips & Buttorff 
Manufacturing Company, of Nashville, and was among the first volunteers in David- 
son County to enter service in the World War. 

The following complete military record of Sergeant Spire was sent to his mother 
by the Lieutenant Colonel of the Headquarters Department of the United States 
Marine Corps, at Washington, D. C: 

"June 2. 1917 — Accepted for enlistment in Marine Corps at Recruiting Station. 
Nashville. Tenn. 

"June 10. 1917 — Enlisted for the duration of war. joining Companv D at Ma- 
rine Barracks, Paris Island. S. C. 

"August 10. 1917 — Qualified as 'Expert Rifleman.' 

"September 11, 1917 — Joined Companv C at Marine Barracks. Paris Island, 
S. C. 

"September 24. 1917 — Promoted to the rank of Corporal. 

"February 23. 1918 — Joined 137th Company at Marine Barracks. Quantico, Va. 

"March 13. 1918— Embarked on U. S. S. Henderson at Navy Yard. Philadelphia, 

"March 14, 1918 — Sailed for foreign shore service. 

"March 26, 1918 — Arrived at Brest. France. 

"March 27. 1918— Disembarked at Brest. France. 

"March 30, 1918 — Arrived in the Zone of Advance. 

"April 12, 1918 — Promoted to the rank of Sergeant. 

"June 8, 1918 — Joined 49th Company. 8th Regiment, in the Chateau Thierry 
sector. France. 

"June 16. 1918 — Killed in action while participating in the engagements with 
the enemv in the Chateau Thierry sector. Had Sergeant Spire been discharged he 
would have been awarded character "excellent.' 

(Signed! "H. Lav. 
"Lieutenant-Colonel. V. S. M. C. Washington. D. C." 

Sergeant .Spire's father was honored by being made a life member of the Second 
Division of the U. S. Marines, of which his son was a member when he paid the 
supreme sacrifice. Accompanying the presentation was the following message: 

"As a tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of your son, and in profound respect 
and affection for his memory, by his comrades." 

Sergeant Spire's mother was awarded a "Victory Medal" I with ribbon), an 
"Aisne Defense Battle Clasp," one "Defensive Sector Clasp." and two "Bronze 
Stars" with citations. Mrs. Spire was also presented with a French Certificate. 

.\lthough he was barely nineteen years of age. Sergeant Spire received the recog- 
nition and commendation of many high officers of his division, which indicates that 
he possessed the superior qualities of maturity. 

Sergeant Spire is the only Davidson County hero whose body was never officially 
located and who was classified among the "unknown." The memory of his heroism 
will never be "unknowii" to those who knew him and will ever be cherished in the 
hearts of the people of Davidson County throughout endless generations. 


DAI ID >■ o A cm -v r ) HOMES /.v lilt: iihrld war. nnir'iQ 

An I'xtrait fioin a tril>ult> received hy Seigeaiil S|iire"> I'aiiiilv iiDin hi# caiitaiii. 
\vliieli reveals llie iiol.le iliaraeter of this v..imn s.ildier. i> a- f(ill..M.-: 

"He lielped us make Marines that gaiiuil l.u ,,iii >ci\i(i- I'anir lli at will la-l. and 
then he fou<ihl and died with them. As Im lii> lua\ri\ well. I nni\ want imn 
like him about me when the lioiiis are dark and Ilea. iiei.,u>. Hi- .oniai^,- nr\er 

.>^er?eant Spire wa> a iuolli.T .-t _M.>. Lewis McCarv. of Na>livill,-. and Mr~. II. 
M. Rahoru'. of St. Lonis. Mo. 

1st LiKlT. (Jl.AV G. StkIMIKNs. .In.. \onn,i;e>t son of Chu (;. and Miiniie Ccdlins 
Stephen.s. of .Nashville. Tenn.. wa~ l...,n on ().|,,l„r 12. l.".'r,. in Davidson County, 
Tenn. His early education w,i~ ol.tainrd m tlir N.i^ludl.- ^.liools. At the ase of 
nineteen he entered the lni\er.--it\ of l'rnii-\ Kani.i. flu- deizree of Bachelor of 
Science was conferred posthumousiv npon liini i>\ llii- nni\(r-it\ in !')2(l. 

Lieutenant Stephens volunteered lii- Mivi.i- in tin- W orl.l W ai on tlie day .Xmer- 
ica entered the conflict and during llu- latter part of his .-senior year at Pennsylvania 
I'niversitv. Desiring to go overseas witli Iroop.s from his home slate, he returned 
to Tennessee and enlisted at Coknnhia. T.'rni.. April 27. 1917. He entered the 
First Reserve Oflicers" Training Camp, at foit ();jl.tliorpe. Ga.. on May 12. 1917. 
On completing his course he was re. ..rnni.ndrd lor I n>t Lieutenant of Infantrv. hnt 
before the comnii.-sion was award.'.l lir |onH,l ll,,- \viation Corps. .Tulv 2:5. 1917, 
and was -sent t.i ilir 1 . >. >rln.o| ol Milil.n\ Vrmn.niiir-. al \tlanta, Ga.. for ground 
training. He ji.idiMir.l iImw .^ciiIi ml.n ;; ol ilic s.inii- Lieutenant Stephens 
was so eager for a<li\<- >ri\iic that li<' icpir-l.'.l airn\ olli,> to allow him to go to 
France for further training. His reque.-t ua- j:i.nit.-d and In- mailed ^\illl the Itli 
Delacliment. Aviation Section of the Signal (!oip>. Iroin Montnal. Canada. Oi tohcr 
9, 1917. for duty on foreign fields. 

This detachment reached l"inidnn. I'lari..-. f'lldis. No\cndMT 2. I'M 7. and in- 
stead of a camp equipped for trai liinii ( a<lit- to ll\. llic l>o\^ lonn<l "the nniddiol 
hole" in France greeting them. For two ol tin ...Id.-i in..nlli- in lii-lory these gal- 
lant soldiers built roads, hangars and canip-. -|ilillin'j r.iiU. liaidinu logs and saw- 
ing timber, when the tools they used wen- immicI in \>,-. Yd llir\ endured these 
hardships without complaint. 

In January. 191R. Lieutenant Stephen^ wa~ >enl to Chalean Honx. Fran..-, where 
he was trained in flying under a .^killed nionit(n. (hi .\|nil (i he wa> ( (innni»i.ined 
First Lieutenant in the Aviation Section of the Signal Ollieers" Reserve (orp- ol the 
Army of the LI. S. A. Detained again from getting into active servii e. .hie I., hi. k 
of planes and organi/ation. he a-k.-.l to he transferred to llu- H.iniliiiej S.-. In.n. 
where thenr was ne.-.l .il li.iin.-.l plloN. \. . .■.lint' I., llii- r.'.pi.'~l. In- w.i- -.-nl l.i 
Clermont-Ferrand on jun.- 2'>. uli.-n- !..- -p.-nl tu., ni..nlh- ni..i.' .iw.nlirej plan.-. 
A diary kept by him shows how dis,-ouraged he grew, and h..u he was 
over the cf>nlinued post|)onement of his supreme desire, to gel int.. ih. ■-.rap." 

On Septemlx-r 10. 1918. this desire of his heart was gratitn-d and h.' was as- 
signed to the 2()lh Aero Squadron, Isl Daylight Bombardment Grou]). and made his 
first (light over the enemy's lines. After five days of active service for world free- 
dom from the Huns. Lieutenant Stephens was called u|)on to make the Supreme 
Sacrifire. On the morning of September l.i. 191!!. when starting on a bond)ing 
expi'ditirtn against Gorze. a German town on the Moselle River, an overloaded plane, 
of which he was pilot. f(dl. and another heroic boy of Davidson County forfeited 


DAIIDSON COi NTY 11 M E N IN THE WORLD if A R. 1914-1919 

his life. He was Iniried at Gdiiclecourt, a nearby French town, uhiic his Ixxly lav 
until the spring of 1921. when it was brought to Nashville. 'ICnii.. to rest on his 
native soil in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. 

On September 14, 191o, Lieutenant Stephens was awarded the bicNrl of full 
Bird-Pilot of the International Aeronautic Federation. This was a niiu h-coveted 
honor and one which few American fliers ever won. He was posthumously awarded 
the brevet D'Aviateur Militaire by the French Minister de la Guerre. 

Lieutenant Stephens' mother was chosen by the Davidson County Post No. 6, 
American Legion and the Legion Auxiliary, to represent the Gold Star mothers of 
Tennessee in the "Good Will" contest held in Nashville in the spring of 1922 by 
the National Devastated France Committee. This included a trip to the battlefields 
in France. While on this pilgrimage, Mrs. Stephens was the recipient of many 
honors in recognition of her son's loyal service and the sacrifice made by all Gold 
Star mothers of Tennessee which she represented. 

PvT. King J. Smith, son of Moses (deceased) and Melissa H. Smitli, of Nash- 
ville, Tenn,, was born in Woodbury, Tenn., in 1892. He received his education in 
Nashville schools. On March 30, 1918, he was inducted into World War service, 
at Nashville, and was sent to Camp Gordon, Ga., for military training. He was 
transferred from tlie 20th Company, 157th Depot Brigade, to Company L, 327th 
Infantry, with which organization he sailed for the front line trenches April 29, 
1918. He was killed in action October 10, 1918, on the battlefield, where he fought 
bravely for world freedom. He was beloved and highly commended for his devo- 
tion to service by his comrades. 

PvT. Irvin Small was born in Nashville, Tenn.. December 1.5, 1896. He was the 
son of L. H. and Rosa Small, who reside in Nashville. He was inducted into service 
October 8, 1918, and entered Headquarters Company, 138th Field Artillery. He 
died October 26, 1918. as the result of a train accident, while still in training in 
a southern camp. His remains were brought to Nashville wrapped in the Ameri- 
can flag, to rest in his native county. His family is well known in Nashville, where 
his father is prominent in business. 

James E. Seaton (Mechanic) was the son of J. D. Seaton, of Nashville, Tenn., 
and Mrs. James Beals. of Louisville. Ky. He was born in Nashville in 1895. On 
August 21, 1917, he enlisted in the National Guard, at Chattanooga, Tenn., and 
sailed for overseas duty after several months' training at Camp Sevier, S. C, with 
Companv L, 117th Infantry (formerly Company L, 3rd Infantry, Tennessee Na- 
tional Guard I, on May 11, 1918. He was promoted to mechanic and was active 
with the 30th Division in the engagements of Bellicourt. Poncho and other sectors. 
He was killed in action on the battlefield, October 6, 1918. where he fought with 
skill and bravery. 

PvT. William L. Shores, son of W. C. and Mary C. Shores, of Nashville, Tenn., 
was born in Pulaski, Tenn., February 15, 1895. He was inducted into service June 
20, 1918, at Local Board No. 2, at Nashville. He was first a member of the 872nd 
Replacement Squadron, and later was sent to the Aviation Mechanical Training 
School at St. Paul. Minn., where he contracted pneumonia, from which he died 
October 3, 1918. in the government hospital at St. Paul. Private Shores was of a 


Dlllimoy COl .\TY ll().ME.\ l\ THK ir O H I. I) If I K. I « I l-l •< I » 

u.ll-kii..»ii i;il.',- C.iMilv I'.iinilv .uul u.i- a ino.l.l \umiij 1,1,111. an, I a cniii aii.-oiis 
solilU-r. Hi> aiU> I., his r.uintix aluav. ran.r ln>t Hilli llll^ li.i... 

CoKr. William H. Stki-iikns. mhi ,.f ],„• T. arul Marv L. Sl.plicns. of Nash- 
ville. Tenn.. was borii in WikxHuhn. T.iiii.. \Iai,h lii. IJi'JU. He was iiuhulfd into 
servile in the World War at Naslnill.-. \lav I.;. 1918. He was a member of Com- 
pany H. 51st Infantry, and sailed lor iIuIn mi lli.- battlefields of France Jnly (i. 191!!, 
where he was promoted from private list elassl to corpoKil. lb- ua~ ni'aijiil in 
the batth-s of llie Gerardner setter ( \ osges I . He wa> llir \irliiii nl an a. . idrnl. 
from which he died March 2n. 1919. in France. Corporal -^Icph, n- u.i~ a brother 
of Joe T. Stephens, ulio rc-idoni \a~liNillc. 

PVT. Bovi) F. .^riAl;-!. -on ol D.^onl an,l >allic Sliiail ibi.lli dccca-cll. was 
born in Waverlv. Tenn.. Seiilcmbc 21. I.';'i.'., II,' ua- indiiri,,! inl.> -cnl.c M,i\ I I. 
1918. at Xashvi'lle, Tenn.. and ua- -.lU lo C.uiip M.Cbllaii. \la.. loi iraiimrj. lie 
was attached to the Medical C.ip-. While in ii.uniiiu al llii- camp lie contracted 
bronciio-pneumonia. fmm \\|iic|i h,- dicil ,|aiiiiai\ 21. I'M'). H,- \\a- buried at 

Goodlett-sville. Tenn. Mi-. l,i//ic Our,,-, an aniil. of i, Ilcll-\illc i- ih,- nearest 

of kin of this soldier. 

S(;t. I 1st Classi I'ai l J\Mi\. ^on of Felix 1!. and Maillia Tcriv. of \a>liville, 
Tenn.. was born in Smithville. Tenn.. in 1886. He wa- 1 nicinl,, 1 ,,l llic rejinlar 
army, havin? enlisted at Fort Leavenworth. Kans.. Au;;ii-I l.". I'M '.. He received 
his training at Fort Leavenworth and sailed for oversea- diiU in ihe W.iild War 
February 27. 1918. He fonnht with dislitidion in lli.' >ccoiHi bailie ,.f il,e M.une. 

and was cited for braverv. and also fonulu in llie adxance fi llie Main.- b'lxei l.i 

the Vi-sle River, where he was killed in'acli..n. (), lob.r 12, I'll;;. II,- ua^ alia, lied 

to the following organization-: \ini\ ."s, r\ i, ,■ ."-<, 1 1 I )i|,ii linn iil. Fort Leaven- 

woiih. Kaiis.: Detachment ('.,iin|,,in\ . 1 -1 .'^iioial (l.up-. Iml l,,',i\,iiworth. Kans.: 
and was with Company 6.t. li,lil Si;jii,il iinlil lii- .|,-,illi. Si-rL'eant Terrv 
came of a well-known faniiK. uli,. i,,,i\,',l iii,in\ I, 11,1- lioni liiuli aini\ ,,111, l,ils 
and (.'omrades telling of .'^citj'Miil Teir\'- -pi, ndnl i,-, ,.i,l ,1- ,1 -ol,li,-i ami ,1- a 
comrade. \ews of his death was received diiiiicj lli,- loiiilli l,ib,-il\ l.o.m in Daviil- 
son County, and the love of the citizens of tin- , ,iniiiiiniil\ f,ll loi ihi- i>i.i\,- Ih-iu 
inspired splendid results in th(^ canipaicn. 

I'VT. I 1st Cl.ASSl Wll.l.lVM Hlki) JKHin ua- I, 
temper. 1890. and was the son of .lames T.-rrv. a 
inducted into service .September 10. 1917. and 1,, 
Camp Sevier. S. C. On May 11. 1918. he -,iil,,l I 
fought with flistinclion in the engasremenls ol ImIII 
the famous ."'.Oth Division, and was killed in 
field of France, fighting for world freedom. lb- u 
K. :'.2.ilh Infanlrv. and later with Com|)anv \. II I 
which oru-anizalion he served in France, lb- u.i- p,.piilar uilli lii- , oinr.ul,- and 
onicials. and was a splendid soldier. dev<,l,-,l lo diiu. aii.l I, n I,--. 

fvT. D\Mi.;i. Wasskkmw was ibe son of I'.i'iili.u.l W ,,-,1 man 1 ,!,■,. M-cd I and 
Carrie Wa.-serman. of Nashville. T.'un. He wa- b,,rn in Anislerdani. \. Y,. ,Iann- 

ill \,1- 

i,l,'nl ,, 
■,l ,1 p. 
Inix 0, 

hville. Te, 

f \,l-ll\ill. 
1 iii,'ri,.iii 

li'ne-. ^b 


l'r,ni,.i,l -, 

. i')i;;. ,m 

■,!,.,-. uill 


,,lla,li,Nl 1. 

,, ( 
t.ili.m, will 

D.I r ID SON COUNTY WOMEN IN THE U O R I. I) « \ K. I 'i I it <> ! 9 

ary 5, 1874. For eighteen years previous to his enlistment in the World War he 
was a resident of Durlian, Natal, South Africa, where he was engaged as an agent 
for a large shipping company. Private Wasserman had had military training as 
a member of the Imperial Light Horse during the Boer War. His love for the land 
of his birth and the American flag caused him to give up his business career in a 
foreign country and return to his former home, when his country became involved 
in the World War. He enlisted the day America entered war, April 6, 1917, and 
was attached to Company A, 3rd Infantry. His death occurred January 10, 1918, 
at Gouzeaucourt, France, and he was buried in a military cemetery near that place. 
Private Wasserman came of a well-known Davidson County family. Nashville 
citizens feel a special pride in his patriotism and loyalty to America. Private Was- 
serman was a successful young Inisiness man. but his duty to his country was his 
first thought. 

PvT. James William Turbeville was born on the Mill Creek Valley Road, in 
Davidson County, Tenn., in November, 1891. He was the son of James K. and 
Marv Minton Turbeville and brother of Miss Mary and G. R. Turbeville, of David- 
son Countv. He received his high school education at Hume-Fogg High School, at 
Nashville, Tenn. He was inducted into the service of his country March 20. 1918, 
at Nashville, and was sent to Camp Gordon, Ga., where he was in training for only 
two weeks when he was sent to Camp Upton. N. Y. After a week in this camp be 
sailed for overseas and was trained for a month in a French camp. He participated 
in the engagements of the Toul, Lorraine, St. Mihiel and Pont-a-Mousson sectors, 
and was killed in action in the St. Mihiel drive. September 12. 1918. 

Private Turbeville fought in more battles than many who were in service much 
longer. His military record is a source of pride to Tennesseans. and especially to 
Davidson County citizens, where his family is well known and prominently con- 
nected and where he had many friends. 

PvT. Joseph W. Wilkinson was born at Joelton, Tenn.. February 2. 1891. His 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Wilkinson, reside at Joelton. He was inducted 
into World War service September 22, 1917, at Nashville, Tenn. He was the victim 
of an accident while in training, from which he died December 3, 1917, in a govern- 
ment camp. His remains were brought to Joelton to rest in his native State. He 
was first attached with Company G, 327th Infantry, but was later transferred to 
Battery B, 317th Field Artillery, with which organization he w-as attached at the 
time of his death. Private Wilkinson's short service was well performed, and he 
was considered a model young man in the community in which he lived, and also 
in the army camp. 

PvT. Lyclrcl's M. Walton was the son of Air. and Mrs. B. T. Walton, of Nash- 
ville. He was born at Lexington, Ky., in 1893. He was inducted into World War 
service June 27, 1918. and received military training at Camp Gordon. Ga.. and 
Aberdeen, Md. He w-as one of the many victims of the influenza and pneumonia 
epidemic, from which he died October 6. 1918. while in an army training camp. 
He was of a prominent and patriotic Davidson County family and was a vouns; man 
with many noble traits of character. He was first attached to the l.'i7th Depot 
Brigade, at Camp Gordon. Ga., but was a member of the Ordnance Department at 
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Md.. at the time of his death. 


rnunlx. Trn,,.. i 

111 Mav. 1" 


lir u,-ll-kM..un 1, 
u- Cical l'.r\ 1 

nn ,.l Wai 
in.r. II,' > 


D 41 1 1) s o Y c o I .V r y ir o M E v / v ?■ // E ir o h i. d it a h. i u i n <> i 

I'VT. I.VWUKNCK A. W All! «;i> hum al \nli,„li. Tciin.. in Maivli. Kl'Jj. and «a 
in.hul.-(l into Wcrlii War s.-ivir,- Mav 12,":. I'Jl;;. at Nashvill.-. IVmi.. aiul ua> >r,, 
lo Cani|) Pike. Ark., for iniiilary trainin<:. lie was al lirst a iiitinhci nl ( iini|i an 
D. kli Traiiiiiig Keciiiieiit Inlaiilrv. i\ci)iaiemi>iit Draft. Camp Pike. Aik.. ami u a 
later transferred to 2.1(1 Coinpanv. Camp I'ike Julv Auto Replaeemenl Diall. W liil 
on tlie transport en rciuli' fm n\n-ta~ diitx lir ronlraeted nienim;ili- ind dice 
Angust II. 19i;i. on ih,- >lup a.ul u.,^ Lunrd .,1 -ra. lie was a model >,,ldirr an, 
was held in liisli este,in li\ aini\ ulli, ial> and li\ lii> comrades, as W(dl .i> all , iti 
zens of Antioeli. 

.^CT. ROBKKT B. ViAliKIA wa- l>nrii in n.i\i, 

and was a member of one ,il ili,- iil,l,'-i ami ~i [iiu 

He wa.s the son of Joseph M. \\a,i,n. |.t, -1,1,01 ,.l ll 
Bros. Co.. of \ashville. His in,,|li,-i |.a-^,-,l ml., ll, 
time before the messa;:e came that li,i -,.n hi, I •ji\,' 
a brother of Mrs. Jordan .-^tokes. Ji.. ,.1 Na-lixill,'. T, 

.•Vlthough PiUal,' \\a,,,n ua^ l„\,m,l llu- ,liall a 
ilin the worhl -,ilc tm ,l,in," i a, \ . 
at' Nashville. May !>_'. I'M 7. uilli C 
became Headquarlir- ( !i,iiipaii\ . II 

training al Camp Si-\iiT. -^. ( ... uIhm- Ih- ua- ii aii-l,-i m',1 i.. Hall, -in C. I I ">lli I ii'l, 
Arliliery. He .saih'd I,., .,\,i-,a- -im. ,• uilli ll„- lani..N- .'.dlh Division on Ji 
4. 1918. After sev.'ial iii..iilli~' liainiiij uilli hi- ..i ;jani/al i,in in a French camp, 
he engaged in a nninh.-i ul halth- in wIihIi llif '.nih Dixi-i.iii gained fame. Aftc 
serving throughout lh,> W-ihl W ai uill, ,1 ,-l im I „.ii. Ii,- ,li,,l .d' pm-iinionia. Ma 
1919.^11 a port of ,inlM,kali 
nK.urned bv a larL',- , in h ..I |ii,ii,U in i„illi hi- i,-ini,-nl .iml in \a-li\ilh-. «Ii,tc 
he had a larL-e famil\ ,„iin,-. lion. 

PVT. KdwaKI. J. W \l.-ll. -,,,1 ,,f Jan,,-^ (,l,-,-,M-,-,li .,i„l l.lh-ii W.iMi. ,,r \a-li- 

ville. Tenn.. has th.' , I liaxiic^ -nv,,! In- ...iiiHm a- a x.d,inl,-.'i iii lu,, 

wars. He enlisted will, lli,- l-l IVnm-,-,- \ ,d.iiil,,, - in ih,- :>|,ani-h- \n„i i. an Wai. 
and .served with distinction. W li,-n ih,- I nil,,! ^i.n.- ,i,i,m-,I ih,> \\..ihl W.n. !„• \,d- 
untecred immediately and u,nl .A,i-,a- uilh lli,- laiiiMii- i;aiiil.,iu l)i\i-i..ii. II, ■ 
was in the thickest of a niiinh,-! ,d ih.- hallh- ..I ihi- ,li\i-i,.n. u,i- lli,- lii-l 
division of the Imtcd .States Ann\ I,, nrja'j.^ in hall!,-. I'ii\.il,- Wal-li ,nnli.rl,il 
tuberculosis and died at Longuv. Ii.iiu,-. ,i immlh alhi llii' -rjiiiicj ul llu' \ini]-- 
tice. His untim,-lv <l.-ath was kivnU l,ll hv hi- ,.n,i.i,l,-. Hi- nniaiii- ii,,u i,-l 
in Mt. Calvarv ( ;,-m,-l-T\ . al Na>li\ill,-. uli,n,- h,' ha- .i laiu,- ,iii,l u.ll km.un I.iiiiiIn 
conne<,'tion. l'ri\al,- W aUh - re,-, ml i- an li,>n,ii I,, In- iiniiilix ami 1., ih,- Slal,' ul 

Sot. JosKPIl IUkku WMiIIKN. s,,n ,,f Sainn,d W. ami \niii,. I!i,.un W nnai. ,,f 
Springhill, Tenn.. volnnl,-,i ,-,l r,.i \\,.il,l War -cm,,- uilh lln- lii-l l)a\i,l-.n 
Conntv troops al Nashvill,-. \l.i\ '.ii. I'M 7. Ih- ,idi-l,-,l in lie- /Mh CMinpaiK. dlli 
Regiment, I. S. Marine C.ip- 2ii,l DIm-ioh. ami ,,-,-,is,-,l hi- nnhl.iix liiiiiii,._j al 
Paris Island, S. C, and Ouantico. \a. Mhn -.■\,i,il innnih-' hainiirj !„■ u.i- ,..iii- 
manded for over.seas duty, sailing ianii.iiv I'*. I'M.';. Ih- li.ichl wilh ■ .iii-|ii, inni- 
braverv in the engagements of the \, 1,11111. \i-ii,' ami \laim- ,l,'l,-ii-i\,' -,■, l,ir- and 

II, ' ,aili-t,',l 
mi|,.,ns r. 1- 

in III,' r 

-1 T,'nii,' 

Ih 1 irhl \, 
• Ih- ua- liai 

■1 \ il ,' Willi ll 



mil. uhh hi 

,i',,inl Wai 

DAI I D S O N C U A' r >• If M E N I A' T H E U () H h I) U A R. I fJ 1 4-1 " I •) 

at Soissoiis. He was awarded hvci |icisiinal cilaliuiis feu (li>liiii;iii-liril service. He 
was killed in action while liuhliim lo|- U(jild (leinoria< v in lln- m.lid lialtle of the 
Soissons sector, July 19, 191o. He was buried in the American Cemetery at Floisy, 
Aisne, France. Sergeant Warren's fearlessness on the battlefield and his ability as 
a soldier was often commented upon by officers and comrades of the A. E. F. 

PVT. John Walker Wecer was Jjom in Davidson County. Tenn.. December 24. 
1892, and was the only son of John Walker, deceased, and Maude Johnson Weber, 
of Nashville, Tenn. He was among the first volunteers to answer the call to arms 
after the United States entered the World War. He entered Camp Bowie, Fort 
Worth, Texas, for training, and was a member of Company 112. .'^Cth Field Ar- 
tillery. While in training at Camp Bowie he was injured in an explosion of a 
trench mortar, from which he died May 8. 1918. 

The following is an extract taken from a letter written by Private Weber's cap- 
tain to his mother after his death, which expresses fully the sentiment of all who 
knew John Weber, both as a soldier and as a private citizen: 

"He was an admirable and model soldier and as such he died. I was with him 
in his last moments, anl although badly hurt as he was, there wasn't one whimper 
passed his lips. He died as a soldier should, with a smile in his eyes and with these 
words on his lips, 'Captain, we'll call it square.' And his death was an example to 
all of us, and I can say for myself and the officers and men of his company that, 
should we pay the supreme sacrifice in this great struggle, if we can meet it with 
the courage and bravery that John Weljer did, we will indeed have left a glorious 
heritage for the future generations." 

Private Weber's mother, a popular and beloved teacher of the Nashville public 
schools, inspired many by her courage in so bravely "carrying on" after the death 
of her son. Her pride in having given her only son to the cause is a beautiful 
example of true patriotism. 

The following account comes from a lifelong friend of the Weber family in Cal- 
vert, Texas, where Private Weber was in business when he enlisted for World War 
service, and where he was as popular and well known as in Davidson County: 

"At the entrance of our government in the world's great struggle John Weber 
was among the first to volunteer. He sold all of his possessions, invested his funds 
in Liberty Bonds for the benefit of his widowed mother and, untrammeled. dedi- 
cated himself with heart and hand to the services of his country. 

"He sought no office, desired no insignia or rank, but joined a batter v of ar- 
tillery as a private soldier, and by his soldierly conduct attracted the attention and 
esteem of his officers and the admiration and confidence of his comrades. 

"On the practice field, by the explosion of a trench mortar of his battery, he 
and four of his comrades met instant death. His remains were taken back to the 
home of his childhood, to the great State of Tennessee, whose soil has been conse- 
crated bv the blood of more patriots than any state of the American Union, save one. 

"John Weber made the supreme sacrifice for his country and its cause, and if 
he had lived through all the years allotted to man on earth, and every virtuous 
effort crowned with its full reward, and had there been vouchsafed to him a chariot 
of fire, he could not have left this earth with greater glory. 

"He lived and passed like some rare flower: maturing early, opens wide at night, 
di^els its richest fragrance on the air. and in the morning is withered on its stem. ' 

f 5n 

DAllDSOy COl.MY IIO M 1. .\ /V ///A II () K I. I) II I H. 1 '> I II '> I o 

Private Vi I'ht'r'* mother lias iiuiiiy litli'i> in licr |)o>M's>i(>ii trnm armv oHirials 
and friends which coniinend her son's I'eai lessiuss and readiness to pav the siiprenie 

PVT. Edgar 0. Wii.iu\i> ua- Ih„„ ,„ \i~lnill.'. Tenn.. in 1873. He ua- a 
brother of James T. Wiliiain-. uli^ i.-i.l.- m \,i-li\ ill.-. He was a nl ihc 
regular army, havini; rnliMr,! al I..1I \l.|),,urll. Calil.. O.-.-emher 24. I'M,;. W lini 
the United .'States entered the W.mM W.ii lir ua~ li an-IVr i.-d liv request from Com- 
pany I. 30th Infantry, to C.rniMiis i.. I lih lulanliv. Mr .lied of disease July 1, 
1918, which he contracted wliilr al ramp auailinu ,inl.arkali..ii for overseas. His 
body was broii,i;ht |.> Na^hxil!,- In, ,h.,prd in llic Ihe. ulii.h hr -o faillifiillv 
and willinjily -nx.'d. .in. I f..r whi. Ii In- iii.i.l.- ih.- ~.i. lili.r. 

PvT. Al-l'IlKls \ki.s..n WllITi:. M.n ,>f l!..|.,H an.l K. Whit.-. ..I \a~h. 
ville. Tenn.. was born in Mli^.ma. 'Icnn.. \p,il L>l 1 \r.')U. lie ua> indiule.l ml.) 
'World War service al \a~li\illr. <.pi.inl.i 1 22. I'MT. and was trained at Camp 
Jackson. S. C. He >ail..l 1... .A.'.-.a^ .liiiv \piil L'l. 1918. He was actively en- 
gaged in several noted l.altl.->. anion- «liiili u.n- iIh- .■n^aL'cments in the St. Mihiel 
sector. He died November 29. 1918. of u.ain.l- ,,-.,i\.-.l .m lli.- lialllH,,!,! in lliat 
sector. He served with the followint' ori;ani/alh.M~: (;|\ I.. '.L'Tlli lnlanlr\: 
Company F. 322nd Infanlrx; an.l ua~ uilh C.nipanv I '. 1 III, lnranli\. al ih.^ lini,- 

of his deatll. He wa^ I ..I ,,l l!.aun,',- .TOi. Kian.,-. I',i\.,l,' W liil,. ua^ Irar- 

less and his marked ..ana..- n, l.alll.- «a. UyAA^ . I.n ,,m|I,..mI i.- in 

1st LitLT. \\Ai.Ti:i( S. Y\ltr.KOM.:i. -..n ..f M.-. Dai^v Va,ln..n.Ji. u( Na^lnill.'. 
Tenn.. was born on Februarv 1^7. IliT,. II.- ua- ,..ii.'.l ni \a-luill.- an.l ..■.,ix.,l 
his early education in the Na-lnill.- -. Ii.h.U. \rnlali..u- I..1 a . .'.In- 
cation, he worked his way tlironi;li ...II.-:.-. an.l .linin:' lii- la~l \.ai al\l- 
vania University he became instrndoi ..I -. lb- v\a~ ,1 Lmllall -lai in |ii.|i 
school, and was chosen, while at tin- I ni\.a~il\ ..I k.iilii. k\. ,i~ alll\.ntii. k\ .piai- 
terback. Before completing his edu.ili.m. ll,.- I .nl.,1 States entere.l ih,' 
War. and immediately thereafter i.i.iil. n.inl "l .11 In .m-li iiitered an odiccr-' liainin- 
camp, at Fort Benjaniiii Harrison. In. I., an.l ^^.l- . . .inniissioned First I .i.iil.'nanl. 
While there he was allil.-lic an.l l..,\in,^' in-l M1.I..1 . 

A quotation from lli.- pap.r. |.\ lli.- Ililli Inl, \ Clnli. al I'.irl II. n- 

janiin Harrison, of In- ua- a ni.inl.. 1. i.a.l- a- l.ll.iu-: 

••Walter S. Yarbr-.n^J,. 'W al.' ua- lli.- -la, ..I ll,.- Il2ll, C.nnpanx, an.l in 
addition to coaching lb.- b..\.-,-. ,.-p,,-i-,,l.-.l lli.- . ..inpa,,\ in lli.- ini.l.ll.-u.-iulil ili- 
vision of the boxing w.nld." 

Fieutenanl Yarbrough was -eiil l.i l-', Ka,,-.. a,i,l laic lo Sill. 
Okla.. for special training in bav.>nel fl'jhli,,;'. .,,i.l .,1 ll,.- . ..,„pl(-ll..n .;!' lli.- ...n,-.- 
was sent back to Camp Funsl..n as bavon.-l i„-l,n. I..,. II. ,.- I,.- .av.,ni/,-.l ll,.- f.,..!- 
ball team of lb.- 89th Division, which lal.-i pl.,v.-.l ,,: I'.,,,-. I, an..- uill, ,1,-1 >„- I i.„. 

When the 89lh Division embarked f.,r ,,\ ,-, -.-,,-. I ,.-„|.„,,,il V,, hi ..,.•■ I. ua- at- 
tached lo Company F. .','^Mh Infantry, and -.,\..l uill, llii- ,.-i,i,.,,l <,\. ,-.,-. I, ah, 
he was transferred to the olfK'er's stall. n,n. I, I.. I,i- .|,-,ili-r,,. I i..,,. a,,<l l.\ i.-.pi.-l 
was allowed to again join his comrades al ll,.- IV'.nl uill, ll,-- .".''ll, |)i\i-i.i,,. II.- 

f .'52) 


])artiri|iatfd in all engagements from St. Mihiel to Meuse-Argonne. On tin- ni;;ht 
of Novemfiei o a patrol of fifteen men was sent to swim the Meiise River, which 
was entirely frozen over. The men were compelled to turn back before they 
reached the German lines. As im])ortant information was needed at the time, the 
night following Lieutenant Yarbrough was again selected to attempt this sacred 
duty, due to his splendid athletic record. 

Captain Malvin C. Fisher, who was in conmiand of the regiment at the time, in 
a message sent to Lieutenant Yarhrough's mother, said: "Watt was the only officer 
whom I could hope to successfulh >\\\iu lln' i( v rixcr. The mission was one of 
great danger. A friend accompanied liini aiul liny were to he protected from the 
ice by a barrage, but it failed. Lieutenant Yarbrough was desperately wounded and 
was taken prisoner and died November 26, 1918." 

Mrs. Yarbrough received many communications from the highest officers of the 
A. E. F. down to "buck" privates of the 89th Division, commenting in glowing terms 
on the courage and faithfulness of her son, on his cheerful devotion to dutv, and on 
the love for him of his comrades. 

One officer wrote: "I hope if it is necessary for me to give my life that I can 
give it as willingly and cheerfully as Lieutenant Yarbrough. He had a smile that 
would make his worst enemy love him." 

Lieutenant Yarbrough's body is uuw buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. Columbia. 
Tenn., by the side of his grandfather, a captain in the Civil War. Lieutenant Yar- 
brough was a model young man and his record as soldier will be read with pride 
by Tennesseans for generations, and his name will be listed among the greatest 
heroes of America. This last brave act which caused his death is a deed but few- 
soldiers of the World War can boast, yet no sacrifice was too great for this brave 
hero to make. His was indeed the supreme sacrifice. He smilingly gave his all. 

1) -I I ; i> s o y coi \Ty n o 1/ e v / v the if o k l n (r •( h. 101 v-i 9 ; 9 

» IGuuiuri 
% iflnuitrir 

Mii>. LiziNKA Elusion Birorii) (Mrs. IMuanh \1k-. Chmim- 

Mrs. W. D. Haccahu (Annie Laurie Cluuni.' Mis-. I. I>. C' 

Mrs. Amende Mutii \1k-. \iMn 1 

Mrs. Rachel Jackson Lawhenci; Mii-. II. B. II 

Mrs. Joseph Linhai er \Ik~. \. .1. I'" 

Mrs. Margaret Campbell I'ir.i.KKii <\!i-. J. S. i \li;-. ^\m I!i i 

Mrs. Verner M. Williams IIaih i \1i>. J. K.i \li;~. I W . Ih 

Mrs. James Knox I'olk (Mary llil,l,lrrl \li:v 1'. A. M 

Mrs. R. a. Gi lrlnk ( M.i.all i \1rv Kk.imv 
Mrs. Edward .'^iierlev ( Elizalx-ili Sin.l.n 

,«1N Ijrssi,- (:,.x> 

WMi'i: (Mrs. n. A. 


ntiiDsoy <:()i\T) ir o m f. \ i\ t ii F. uorld if .i k. I'liimio 

Ti'il)iit''s liv n.iNidsoii County's Tnvo Coloiifl-- whose 
of I );i\ i(l->(»ii (>()imlv Soldiers 

llKikf a |K'nimncnt i.-dud i,| lli,- (lr,-|] a|ipiiMi;ili(iii Tell li\ cm-in ,,I1i(ci ami ciili-lcd 
man ..f the reLMinciU Im lli,- ulH.I.-lirai I. .1 an. I umm-IIi^i M-i\i.r irn,l.-:r,l il |.\ ih.- 
S|.l.-n(ii<i uomanhood .,f Na-luillr an, I l)aNi,l~..n Camlv. 

Th.- unlimited ^a.■l■ill.e> an.l l.ranlilnl (lr\oli,,n ..f tli.-r unnim in .M.nli il>nting 

I wish to extend lo every one of them my a^^urance ..I (lee|i |ier-iinal apijieeia- 

tioti and respeel. 

(Si-nedl 1.1 Ki- 1.I:a. 

Colonel, m li.1.1 \ilill,-,v. \. K. F. 
Na-hville. Tenn.. .juK .'.. l'>22. 

Il i- fillin,!: an.l |m..|mt thai a i,-e.„,l ,,l ihr \\.„l,l War a.livili,.. ,,| the uonien 
of Davidson CnnniN -Inaihl he pn-ened. The u,,rk ..I the-,- nchle u,.nirn , nn~li- 
tuU's a preciim- ln'iila-je id |ici-teril\. 

Modern warfan- i- nut men-U a .nnlliei hriueen ihr ,,i,„r,l In,,,.. ,,( ih,' e,,ni- 
hatanls, Init it ha.- he.nnie a --Inej-le in vshirh ih,i,- i- a po-l ,,l dnu r,,i i'\,i\ man. 
woman and ehild. and th,' pari thai ea. h nniM plav i> . — .ntial I,, lli,' Imal -a. les-. 

The -enliment of the -,,l,li,-r- i-: Ml Imnor lo the uomnih I ,,r l)avid>on 


( ll\l;K^ >>. Ihliin. 
C.lonel. Il.nh I'iehl Arliilerv. A. K. V. 
Hendersonville. T.'nn.. ,Inlv 1(1. 1922. 

DAVIDSON cor MY WO M E .V / A' THE U O R I. D UA R. I"I tl9l9 

Tennessee and Davidson County Surgical 
Dressings Committee 

Mrs. George \\ i i ks II \i 
Mrs. Arthur L\ \ns 
Mrs. Joseph Thompson 



The first organized efforts for World War relief work in Davidson County were 
made by a voluntary organization under the chairmanship of Mrs. George \^eeks 
Hale. State Chairman, and Mrs. Hale's sister. Miss Louise McHenry, Davidson 
Countv Chairman. Mrs. Hale and Miss McHenry were traveling in France when 
war was declared in 1914. Impressed with the need for women's services, they 
worked in the Red Cross woikrooms at Tours. France, for three weeks in order to 
acquire the correct knowledge for making hospital supplies. They were the onlv 
Americans in diis group. 

Upon their return to Nashville, in November, 1914, Mrs. Hale assembled a few 
of her friends at her home and organized them into a 
unit for making surgical dressings for French hospitals. 
Money for materials was obtained by voluntary sub- 
scriptions and meetings were held at the homes of the 
members. The work went forward with such earnestness 
that by spring of 1915 three cases of hospital supplies 
were ready for shipment to the hospital at Tours. 
France — the first offering from any Southern State to 
the belligerent countries. 

In October, 1915. Mrs. Hale was appointed presi- 
dent of tlie National Organization, Surgical Dressings 
Committee, for Tennessee, by Miss Carita Spencer, Na- 
tional President. Mrs. Hale consolidated her unit with 
the new organization and organized four other un'ts in 

DAI If) so \ <:oi.\ry iro.uEy i\ the 

R I. I) IT I H. I ') I ;./ 1 y 

dilTcreiit section* dI" llic ci 
seat of the State, and mv 

Mrs. Simpson \^alki-r. M 

Thomas 1. W t-l>b. Mrs. Jam.s ."^p.-n, 

.Miss Dolla Dorlcli. Miss l.,,- M 

ViOrkin;.' unit- were .-Lilili-lied in nearlv i'\ 

than lour ihou.sand wonii-n «ere enrolhil n- 

<:f ttie Tennessee orizani/.ation. Ihirlv tlm 

gieal dressiiiiis were made lu tlie Teiirn 

iillr,l Slates entered the World War of the ,\nir,„,ni \\r>\ 
Mr-. Ilah- advised mendMi- ,,f li,.r 

Mi-. .|..1,„ Al.hiM.ri. Mrs. Frank .\. Brrrv, Mrs. .Inlinsuii 
l',,l. Mrs. W l,il,.f.M,r,l K. C.le. Mrs. llenrv Connor. 
\li- ll.iiiN i:. Cohon. .Mrs. Guilford D.ullev. .Mrs. I.iabelle 
\\iIm,„. \1,s. llarn- \V. Evans. Mrs. Arthur Evans. Mrs. 
IrHv i:»u,c. .Mrs. E<l»ar .M. E.-^l.-r. Mr-. MrPh.-.trrs Glas- 
fiow. .Mrs. Graham Mall. Mr- II, .in II, .u.. \li-, (larence 
Lewis. Mrs. Porcv I). .MacMii.. \li-. ( l.iik I'm. Ii.ii. Mr.«. 
John B. I!ans<,m. .Ir.. Mr-, i;..l..>l .--niitli. Mr- Harry 

.'Mcik.-s. Mrs, Jo.rpl, Tl .-,.... 1... Mr-. T. Graland Tinsley, 

Edwin Warn.r. Mr-. I!..h,rt \li-. Dcmpsev Weaver. Mrs. 

Mell.-nrv. Mi-. Kinin,. \1 u \i..l,-rson. .Miss Sara Berry. 

nrv, aii.l Mil,-, \larp..,l Sam.n. 


1 lll> 

» Ih 
,11 1 

■ I 

1 Ihl 








llir ••|{er,.n„aissar 
li..M ,.r !.,- \ahial, 
Wrlniore. \alional 
nd. JMlrrrialional ( 

Medal" fi 

Mrs Hal 
in lok(>n of il- a|.|ir< 
lions from Mi-s \lai 
Mrs. Marv Hal. h W 

\^hen the call for a niilli.>n dressings r 
see was the first Southern State to rt-spond. with 
Mrs. Hale as leader. Before the United States en- 
tered the war. shipments to the warrinp nations were 
made by the American Red Cross and other relief 

Mi.- L.mi-,- \h\\rm^ drx,,|rd hrr enlire lin, ' 
to World War u.,rk unlil In-r t.ilal illiie-s in .Inne. 
1917. She was stricken uliiir u,,rkini; on a lla.i; 1.. 
present to two little I.,,n- in ul,,;in she wisli<-d to 
instill patriotism. Her d(-ire to serve her counlrv 
until the end of the .-trife was her onlv r.-i^rcl in 
jroin.L'. She l>eli(vcd that the great corilli. I was -j.j- 
nificant of the spiritual welfare of the uorl.l. ami 
she alluded to death as ".uoinpr over the top." .Miss 
MrHenrv was ever eager to make any sacrifice neces- 
sary for her .ountrv. 

She orgaiii/cl ll,c In-I l!ed Cross cla-s in Nash- 
ville at the y. W. C. \.. an, I lhron::h !.■ <(fMt- the 
first Red fhiL- elevated in Na-lnill 
the roof of the Y. W. C. A. iMiil.lirii... 

The idea cf local childreiis au.xiliaric- was Mis. M 

( .S8 » 

French Government 
received couKratula- 
nl Home Relief, and 
ical Dres-imis Com- 

d will 

n 11 I n S ON CO ( ;V T Y if O M E .V / A' THE IT O R /. Ii If I R. I'll ll 0^ 

rest unlil an auxiliary \\a> Icmni'il in Na-luillc. I mli-i iu-r luNini: iiiiiii~liy main 
children received lessoii> in i^ihkI liti/cn^liip. 

Miss McHenry was an ardent patriot, and a few davs lief'ore her death she re 
marked: "It is a wonderful time to live and a beautiful time to die, when so many 
liuoyant vouns; spirits are soing." Her casket was draped with the flag of her coun- 
tiv.'whicii she loved and served s,> failhfullv. 


Lniisi; McIlENin. Jun.- 10. 1918. 

■'Deep within the soul of her, 
Where no eye could see. 
Burned the radiant ecstasies 
Of God's Eternity. 

"As through Cathedral windows 
The Temple light doth glow. 

There shone about her holy life 
The truths her soul did know." 

—Mary DeMo 

DAI IPSO. \ c.n(\Ty nnvF..\ i\ the it or in ir -i r. iqi 1.1919 

I);i\i(ls(>ii Cdimtv Fi'ciich lu d Cross Lnit 

In Decemlier. 1911. tlirt-e years, ht-foie Aiiinira mln.,! ihr W.ul,! War, a unit, 
composed of young school girls, was formed fci ilir |iui|m.-c hI making surgical 
dressings for the French Red Cross. Mrs. Janii'> >|ii m > i \|i||iiir\ was the presi- 
dent of this pioneer unit. 

Meetings were held once a u.mI al the li ■ ,,1 \li^. Mrll,iir\ Im a period ol 

five months. More than foinlivii hiindir,! nin~liii liamlaL:!-- and i:au/c coiiipresses 
were made and sent to Frami- i>\ llii~ iiiiil. 1 umU La |iiiii lia-ni;j -upplii-s were 
donated hv the memhers of llir miil. wliirh \'.a- icnipM^rd ol ihr lollnu in;^ \ciirng 
ladies, with .Mrs. James Spcm ii \f llirii\ a> inc-idcnt ami in.-liuclor: 

Miss Gladys Willicrspoon, Mi-- lluili W iiIk i-podn. Miss l.ilv .Atchison, Miss Emma Morrow 
.Vlcliison, Miss Kathleen Garr.ti. \li- \lMl^ llanlinj: Bu.kner, Miss Lundv File. .Miss Annie 
Laurie Campbell. .Miss Elizab.tli (.mi.Iimi. \1i- Martha Killchrew. .Miss Elizabeth Neil. Miss 
.Martha Lin.lsev. Miss Valere Blair. Mi- Mnili.i Haves. Miss Linda Landis, Miss Cornelia 
Keeble. Miss Mar>- Wheeler. Miss Lillian h,,l,-,„,. \li<s Reba Wilson Grav. .Miss Elizabeth 
Buckner, Miss Alice Hall I.indsey. Mi- l\ ilina k. Miss Helen Killebrew, Miss Ellen 
Slokes. Miss Sophia Ezzell. Miss Liicilr Man, a. Mi- Mary DeMoville Hill. .Miss Elise Maney, 
Miss Ajinez Zarecor. Miss Corrinne Craiii. \li-- "-irali Shannon. .Miss .Mildred day. Miss 
Evelyn Douslas. .Miss Emma .Schwab. Mi- \^Mn Miss Mildred Bond. Miss Elizabeth File, 
and Miss Lillian Warner. 

II i I ID S O :V C O V ;'V T Y 

() M E ,V / N T H E 

Query Club 

Miss Frances Piixher and iMi<s Feumine Pkide. n orld \i ar I'rcsiilcnis 

,( World W; 

1 meniheis of 
ivlieii war was 

It i^ pt'culiarlv lillin;: lliat llic Oiumv Clidi sli,,uld 
Davidson Coiinly to undfrtakc any constructive form 
as it is the oldest woman's club in Tennessee. 

In the summer of 1914, Miss Louise McHenry, one 
the club, and for several years its president, was travel 
declared. She witnessed the stirring mobilization of 
the French troops, and immediately joined a group of 
French women organized for the purpose of making hos- 
pital supplies. Thus from the outbreak of the W 
War — three years before America's entrance into th 
conflict — the Query Club had the distinction of havin 
a part in World War relief work. 

Returning from France in the fall of 1914, Miss Mc 
Henrv presented to the Query Club the needs of th 
Frcncli lio^pitals: and at a meeting on November 21 
191 1. it was decided that the club would prepare a lio 
of hospital su])plies to lie shipped to France as 
as possible. 

The first meeting for this purpose was held at the m,,^ UANti:^ PiLCHtK 

Y. W. C. A., December 10, 1914, with the Club Presi- 
dent, Miss Paralee McLester. and Miss McHenry as instructors. Both the active and 
honorary members of this club took part in the work, which was so vigorously car- 
ried on that on January 14. 191.5, a box. containing one hundred and eight band- 
ages, six hundred compresses, and a large quantity of other necessities, was ready 
for -hinnieiil to France. Hospital supplies were so scarce in France at that time 
il the letter of appreciation from the hospital at Tours, 
uliiih the shipment was sent, was a very warm one. 


of 1915 and 1916 several of the 
assisted Miss Louise McHenrv in 
lining outfits for the World War 

bies in France. 
The Club members 

1(1 a part in this Davidson 
County pioneer World War work were: Miss Louise 
McHenry, Organizer; Miss Paralee McLester, President: 
Miss Annie Allison, Miss Lula Andrews. Miss Ella 
Blown, Miss Anna Blanton, Miss Dorothy Calhoun, Miss 
Libbie Morrow, Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Miss Louise 
P>ivan, Miss Delia Dortch, Miss Lizzie Elliott. Miss 
Mi . .LIMINE PB.tE ^' "'"tney Hollins, Miss Eunice Jackson. Miss Alice Orr, 

Miss Frances Pilcher, Miss Fermine Pride. Miss Mar- 
garet \ance. Miss Maiy Lou White, Miss Rebecca Jones, Miss Lucile Landis. Miss 
Mary Linda Manier. Miss Mary Lipe. Miss Cornelia Marr, Miss Marv Ramase. Miss 
Theodora Scruggs. Miss Ada Swann. Miss Flavel Wilkin, and Miss Ellen Wallace. 
Honorary members: Mrs. Charles Kinkead, Mrs. Charles A. Martin. Mrs. Tvler 


VAiiDSoy coLwry iroME.\ /.v thk world ir.iK. I'Ufi'jiu 

Calliouii. Mr*. Cliarl.-> C.<-. Mi>. \\.iv ilaiull\. \1.>. Horace Tral)ue. Mrs. 
IVrtv 1). Maddin. Mrs. W altcM K. itii. Mr>. Frank W . Ki.iL;. Mrs. Leslie Kirkpatriek, 
Mrs.Harrv Leech. .Mrs. Guilford Dudley. Mrs. Thoma> J. 1\ ne. Mrs. W . L. (;ran- 
berv. .Mrs.' W . H. .Monl-;omerv. .Mrs. Claude Waller, Mrs. A. C. Adams, and Mrs. 
A. B. Benetliet. 

The Query Clul> wa- one c.f lln- lir-l (ir,2ani/ali(ins in Tennessee to maki- appro- 
priate war-time eliani;e> in it- nuilinc woik. A- early as December \'2. l')\ \. it 
was agreed that the <\u\> >lioul,l ,1,. au.i\ uilli il> .^pensive year book and '^wr the 
money thus saved to Wmlil War uliil wnik. 

In May. I'JIT. as a Mil.-lilulr Id ihr annual , lub pi.nir. an informal ^latlu'ring 
was held at the home of .\Ii>s I'raiue- I'llrh, r. ihrn Clnb President, and the sum 
of SCO. wiiieh would ordinarily iiave been ili\,.|iil Im an elaborate picnic luncheon, 
was voted bv the clnb members to be scnl 1.. lIu- \merican Permanent Blind War 
Relief fund.' The Querv CInl. mrnd>rr> nul unU made hnancial .nntribulion- to 
war charities, but they ulr-n juinrd the rialional nmM-ment for ronscrx atidn and 
simple living. 

At the club meeting in I'M7. it uas v.,t.-d thai the , iub. a- a uhole. 
would adopt one FreiK li oiiihan. 

In February. 191;). a War 
with Mi-s Marv .Stahlman as 
as president of the Query Clul 
adopted by .Miss Mary Lou W 
picnic was planned along >iii 
to the \ashville Ian<Mgenc \ 
Harry Evans was (!(.mniandai 

On Febrnar\ 1. I') I'), llir i 

In addition to the clnb im i 
World War work, the follouli 
ganizations and had share in 
caret Bransfoid. Mi-- \nn,i ( 
Miss Frances \l. l,,-i,-,. \li- \l. 
ton. Miss Ann.- \li 
irarel Hansom. Mi-,- Kallini, 
.Mis. FUen Hansom. 

The honorary member- of th,' (.Iiica Clul. ulu. aii-u.'i.'.l r^rv^ .all. r.-gar,ll,-s 
of how difTuult the task might be. wir.-: 

Mrs. A. G. .'V.lams. Mrs. J. .M. .An.!, ,-,.„. \l>-. \. B. l!,„,-,li.l. Mi-, s,,,. |.. l!,„wi,. Mrs. 
Clailx.rn.- Brvan, Mrs. .him.-s C. Bra.ll..i.l. \l.-. IM.-. ( .ill,..ui,. Mr-. T. W Crul.-li.-i-. Jr., 
Mrs. L.-mu<-l U. (:am|il,.-n. Mr- M.N. ill I ..\. \li-. W hil,-f...,i-,l K. Cok-. .Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett, 
.Mrs. John H. O.-Witt. M.- (,ii.ll..,,l Dm.II.a. Mi- M, |>lie,-ters Gla.sfiow. Mrs. W. L. GranlH-rv, 
.Mrs. J. W. Howard. Mr-, \^.l^ ll,,n.llv. Mi- W . 1). Hardeman. Mrs. Maryin llol.l.-rness. Mrs. 
-\lfr.-d E. Howell. Mrs. Knox lliun.-. Mrs. C-mfir llillman. Mrs. W. T. K. .-m..n. Mr-. Walter 
Keitli. Mrs. Charles S. Kinkea.l. Mrs. I'.-rey I). Mad.lin. Mrs. I.esli,- Kii k|.;.ti .. k. M.-. Frank 
W. Rinp. Mrs. Waller Stokes. Mrs. .Mamie IJ. .Sawrie. Mrs. Charles s.k. -. Mi- < kirles C. 
Trahiie. Mrs. John \V. Thomas. Mrs. Joseph Thomp-on. Mrs. Thoma-. J. Tmi. Mi- ( I..1..I.- Waller, 
Mrs. Demi.scy Weaver. Mrs. Georjie P. Winton. Mrs. Thomas V.. Nhiill, u- Mi- W W . Rerry, 
Mrs. John ^r. Reeyes. Mrs. Ge.,rKe I'rire. Mrs. M. A. .Monlt:..M,. 1 v M.- -,n,n.l II Orr. Mrs. 
Charles C. Martin. Mrs. W. H. Williamson. Mrs. Ann Rankin. Mi- \Li.\ h-M. imII. Mi- Annie 
De\roville. Miss Mary Allen Thompson. Miss Annie Thompson. Mi- I l.n.l W.lkin. \li- Marv 
WoocIh. Miss I''e I'olk. Miss Alire Orr. and Miss Cornelia Mm 

It is a matter of pride with the Query Club that, wh.-ii lln- I uil.-.l Mat.-- .-iil.-i.-d 
the World War. the club furnished many directors of imp.'rlanl uai a. tivilies. Mrs. 


Savings an 

.1 riuifl Cbil. ua- f..rmed by the members, 


Mi— liaii..- I'll, h.-r remained in office 

. during th 

.- \.-.ii I'll;;. \ -.-.'..lid Frencli or|)han was 

111.- in lb.- 1 

laui.- .if the Query Club. Again tin- annual 

,|.l.- Im.- , 

iii.l liu- sum of .S25 thus sav.-.l u.i- l-i\.ii 

Ih.- \iiierican Red Cross. ,.f Mrs. 

,)ii.-r\ Cliil. 

a-Mim.-d ihai-.- of a third Fren.h .irplian. 

,|..-i- ulu. 1 

..,,k a.ln.- pari in lIu- Qu.-rv Clul."- pu.ii.-.-r 

... I,,.. 

III,., |„., ■||,|,. illilial.-il willi ..lli.-r ..r- 

11. -Ill u.ii u.,ik in 111,- ...iiiilv: \li- \lar- 

''.„|...,. \l, 

- k. nil, -liu.- Il.ill. \li- \ui.-li,i M, Lester, 

.I.IM lllU.-l 

. \li- XL.M Ib.jlin-. \li- \I,.M i). Hous- 


Kiikl.iii.i. Ml- I'.iik,-. \li-s Mar- 

-^.-,l\. \ll- 

- \l.iiv \li- f.ll.-ii M.,k,-. an.] 

DAI I DS ON C O b A" TY J! O M E A' / A' THE H () R L D II A K, 1<H4-191^ 

Percy D. iMadilin uas \ ire-Cliainnaii ,.l' llie Nashville Red Cross Chapter aiul Chair- 
man of the Administrative Bciaid: .\h>. Sidney S. Crockett organized and was tile 
first leader ot the i\ashville Chapter Emergency Canteen, and Chairman of Camp 
Activities; Mrs. Guilford Dudley was State Chairman of the Woman's Committee 
for the First, Second and Third Liberty Loans and a member of the National Board; 
Miss Louise McHenry was Chairman of the L(hiraiiunal Classes and Nursing Service, 
Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, and was the iii^l Daxidxui County woman to serve in 
World War work; Mrs. Frank W. Ring was super\isur and instructor of the Surgical 
Dressings Department of the Nashville Red Cross Chapter; Mrs. Dempsey Weaver 
was President of the Middle Tennessee and Davidson County Society of Fatherless 
Children of France and a member of the National Board; Miss Virginia Nelson, 
Miss Catherine Hall and Miss Ann Blanton were selected for overseas duty, and 
Miss Ellen Wallace was stationed at a Y. W. C. A. hostess house in a southern camp. 

Many of the Query Club members were mothers of sons in service and the wives 
of husbands in service. The service flag, which bore more stars on its white field 
than any other in Tennessee, hung in the home of Mrs. A. G. Adams, who, as Miss 
Sue Howell, was one of the charter members of the Query Club. Mrs. Adams had 
six sons in active service and a seventh in government work. 

There was no call of the government which did not receive the loyal support and 
assistance of the Query Club fn;m 191 1 until 1919. the close of the World War 

Mrs. Claude Waller had die distinction of cutting the first pattern for surgical 
dressings used in Nashville. Mrs. Walter Keith was one of the first volunteers for 
Red Cross work. Mrs. James C. Bradford served on the National Board of the 
United States War Garden Movement. Mrs. J. M. Anderson was one of the first 
Red Cross instructors. Miss Libbie Morrow was one of the first to begin publicity 
work, and continued to perform this duty during the four years of the war. Miss 
Delia Dortch was State Chairman of Belgium Relief, and raised S60,000 for this 
work. Miss Mary Linda Manier completed one of the first Red Cross courses in 
surgical dressings and served as one of the first instructors. Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne 
was State Vice-Chairman of National League for Woman's Service and Vice-Chair- 
man of Army Comfort League. Mrs. W. L. Granbery was Chairman of Christmas 
parcels for soldiers of the A. E. F.. 1918. when thousands of packages were labeled 
and mailed by the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross. Mrs. M. A. Montgomery w'as 
among the first instructors in Red Cross Surgical Dressings classes. Mrs. Averv 
Handly and Miss Mary Ramage were active members of the Nashville Emergency 
Canteen. Mrs. Ann Rankin served as instructor of business women's evening classes 
at the Tulane Red Cross workrooms. Miss Mary Allen Thompson and Miss Annie 
Thompson were among the most active workers in the W. S. S. movement. Miss 
Frances Pilcher. one of the war presidents of the Query Club, led several important 
committees in various war campaigns. Miss Paralee McLester. a former president, 
assisted at a Southern army camp hostess house. Earli member of this pioneer 
Tennessee club was an active member in pioneer war work and remained in the ranks 
until "honorablv discharged." 

I) .Ml D > V C <) I V ■/■ 1 IT () 1/ 1: V / V T H E 11 (I K I. I) \f A R. I <> I l-l <> I 9 

Tennessee .iiid |)ii\i(U(iii (-omit) Socictv 
ol ( l(»l()iii;il I );unes 

Mk-. Jv\ik- II. klUKl.vMi. ;/-.,/,/ It „r l'rrsi<lcnl 

Th<- Tenno.c. Snvwly of (■.<,|. iiial \)inn-< ..f \nir.i.a. icpn-rnlativ.- 
earliest palriolism uf tlii? coimlry. iiM;ani/r<l and cnii.lii. iid ilir iii-l uriil 1'^ 
Vi'ar relief work in Tennessee. 

.■\t the oull.nak of the Spani-li \n, n-:M, War. lii^ \aliM„al <,Mi,.|s ,,1 ( 
Dani.s organized within it- rii.rnlr i -ln|, a Xaliiaial I! lid \--o. iali.NL llic 
of which was "to co-eiiierale in all iim.i-iim- ami I-. |ii.i\l(li Mrrc~-i|i.s and c 
for our arniv and navv in lime of uai." I lie nlli' i r~ ol iln- Relief Assoeiali 
to l.e the same as those of th- Naf.nal S,,ri, |v ..f Colonial Dames, hut il 
were to he kept in separate a< •oiinl- and di-lril.ulrd h\ llie National Tr 
preferahlv. ihrou^'h the American Red Cro-.-. 

Within ihi- orL-ani/.at'oM. alreadv pr( pared |r> Ininlion. llir \ Tr 
nl Washinjrton. f<,reseeinf.' the advent ef the I nilr.l .stale- into llir W ,,rld Wa 

( r>4 ) 

of lh( 

)n were 
* funds 

D A t I DSON <: V N TY WO \i E V /A' THE WORLD ir in. 1 9 1 l-l •' I 'j 

to Mrs. James H. Kirkland, President of the Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames, 
on February 10, 1917, recommending immediate formation of a Tennessee branch 
of the National Relief Association in Nashville. 

The officers of the Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames for the period of the 
war were: Mrs. James H. Kirkland, President; Mrs. Overton Lea and Mrs. James 
S. Pilcher. Honorary Presidents: Mrs. Frank W. Ring, First Vice-President; Mrs. 
A. S. Buchanan, of Memphis, Second Vice-President; Mrs. C. B. Wallace, Corre- 
sponding Secretary; Mrs. Samuel H. Orr, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Owen Wilson. 
Treasurer; Mrs. William Duncan, Registrar; and Mrs. J. D. Blanton, Historian. 

On February 20, 1917, Mrs. Kirkland called a meeting of the Tennessee Society, 
at the home of Mrs. Edward Buford, to consider the suggestion of the National 
Treasurer. The plan was received with entire approval by those present, and the 
Tennessee branch of the Relief Association was formd with the following officers, 
who served throughout the war period: Mrs. A. S. Buchanan, State Chairman of 
World War relief work; Mrs. L. D. Tyson, Chairman of the Knoxville unit; Mrs. 
Thomas Day, Chairman of the Memphis unit: Mrs. D. T. Montague. Chairman of 
the Chattanooga unit; and Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Chairman of the Nashville unit. 

At the bidding of the National Society, the Colonial Dames of Nashville and 
Davidson County entered at once upon their work. Mrs. Robert F. Jackson was 
elected permanent Chairman of the Nashville unit; Mrs. J. D. Blanton, Vice-Chair- 
man; Mrs. Samuel H. Orr, Treasurer; and Mrs. C. B. Wallace, Secretary. In reply 
to requests, the National headquarters of the American Red Cross sent plans for 
organization, patterns for hospital garments and directions for surgical dressings. 
In a short time a charter for a Red Cross unit was granted and the affiliation with 
the National Red Cross organization was completed. All of this took place several 
months before America entered the World War. 

The Colonial Dames' Auxiliary was the pathfinder in Davidson Countv for 
United States World War relief work. At the time of their entrance into this field 
of endeavor there were only three Red Cross chapters in the State. The honor of 
forming the first auxiliary of Red Cross relief work in Tennessee, with its various 
departments of surgical dressings, hospital garments, knitting and first-aid classes, 
after the entrance cf the United States into the World War, belongs to the Nashville 
and Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames, with Mrs. James H. Kirkland as leader. 

The week in which President Wilson made his great appeal to Congress for a 
declaration of war found the Tennessee Colonial Dames already mobilized: and 
when war was declared on April 6. 1917. they were readv for service. For some 
time previous to the United States' declaration of war this organization had been 
giving aid to France, England and Belgium. 

Immediately after America's entrance into the war ]\lrs. James H. Kirkland. 
President, Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames, sent the following telegram to 
President Woodrow Wilson from that organization: 

'The Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames of America, founded to stimulate a 
spirit of true patriotism and love of country, wishes through its officers and hoard 
of managers to extend to President Wilson hearty endorsement of his action in the 
present crisis and pledges him loyal support." 

An immediate reply came from the President, expressing his appreciation for 
the message and its sentiment. This body of women kept their promise during the 
war period, regardless of any sacrifice. 


I) III I) s () Y <: o I .V r y ir o \i e v / .v the w o a i. d ir .i r. i"i i-i 9 1 9 

T\n: \\v>\ «a. 
the equipmi'iil nl 


;( 11 Itv till- National Scx-iety of Colonial Dames was 
1(11 ilii- I iiiit-tl Stales Navy. The Tennessee Society 
ml as its quota of the §50.000 raised by the National 
Soiiety. One of the means employed in raising the 
local fund was the inauguration of informal gather- 
ings at the homes of the Nashville Colonial Dames, 
where each guest brought her knitting and a cash 
contribution. Hefreshmciits at llu-si- gatherings con- 
formed to the strictest iuod n-gulalions and tiie 
onlv topics of discour~i> wen- tho-c n-laliiig to 
W orld War propaganda. 

Wallace School generously gave all space needed, 
and headquarters for Red Cross work of the Nash- 
ville Colonial Dames wa- ..pened in Fehruarv. 1917. 
Appropriate leclnn- ui:r ,lili\crc<l in ihc chapel. 
Kveculive ofTicc>. and wm kioiiii> Idi lin-pila! gar- 

:,. ;, lir'o" ■111'- Nandcil.ill 

WnUlAU- Club ur,,. 
Colonia! Dames in ll.i^ «u,k. M,>. C. \l. \r,U ua 
both organizations in I'u d t:!!^-.-. uurk. Ah.~. Saiiiinl 
were appointed chairmen of a committee to solii il ~i 
the work. Manv of the members gave SIO towaid lb 
tions were so generous that the work was slaili-,1 i 
were borrowed and rented I'm lin- ib.-pilal (ianiiciil 
ballroom was appropriali l\ hllcd up loi llic >uiiiir, 
was conducted under llir -iipn \ ision ot Mrs \\ . A. 
were not members ol aii\ nl ilic organizations rep- 
resented were also iiuilid In a~--ist in the Red Crns'- 
work. From a very modest beginning the work l.c 
gan in a short time to assume im|)ortant ])r(ipiir 
tions. and the ()Ul|)Ut |)er day of each deparlni nl 
was daily increased. 

workrooms, stimulating the spirit of |)alr i(.li~iii and 
informing the workers of the needs ol tin- lioiii. 
The work grew to such large jiroportions llial llm^c 
in charge were not ((inh-nlcd uilh n~iri- nine paper 
instructions and sent h. \alii.nal licaili|iiai Ici s at 
Washington for a .■.unpi.-lc -ri ,,1 Iml-licd :jainicnl-. 
which was used by lb.' C.donial Danic.- \n\iliarv 
during the entire period of llieir work and wa- pic 
scnted to the Nashville Chapter of llic \rnriiran 
Red Cross, formed several inonllw laic, a- ihri, 
first model. 

Mrs. W. A. Brvan an.l M.-. Lluai.! W . bn-lci p 
zation of Red Cross auxilia,,.- al lien,!., -..nMlic al 
Pike, at the Hermitage, and al DoncNmi. in i ibiiiai 


1 SorirU and 111,. \andri|,ill 
iivilcl I,, a^M-l III,- \a~li\iMe 
,l,- l,-,l ,baiiinaii I,. i,-pi,-,-iit 
.On aiul \li-. Claud-' Waller 
|ili,- anil rniiils for beginning 

^iippK 11111,1. and other dona- 

iiii',lial,'l\. .Sewing machines 
."iiii al Wallace .School. The 

l>i,--iiigs Department, which 



Fi.,m left to l,„iinn, 
son (iMaiini. liiM.H I'l.-n 

dent of I.nn (li_ n \li I hn I V 

made lll Dim I n ( nnU in ill W i 1 1 W 1 1 

Top rou I. II I, lulit \li- ( I. W ill,. 
Organization. Mr- \^ \ Br\an (Emma Ben 
Edward West Foster t Susie Cockrilll, one of 

Mr- Frank W Ring (Finnie (,alel 
I nit Ml- lime- H knklmd (M 

I Marv Thompson ) , and Mrs G M Neely ( Mamie Robinson ) 

Ml- Roheit F. Jack- 

. Hindei-on) Presi- 

iNlnilii \ I 111 wli lilt llii fii-t garment 

I ill II ii_l, lllh kiikiiiiii) 

,1 in hiiliouii S| It. Siiiilm ot Tennessee 

"\fr- \^liit,foord R ( ol. iMiu Bds-l: Mrs. 

I organizers of Count\ . Mr- bamuel H. Orr 

When the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross was formed and its 
headquarters opened in July, 1917. the Nashville members of the Colonial Dames 
liecame an auxiliarv of that organization, and under Mrs. J. D. Blanton. Chairman, 
they met each Wednesday at the Chamber of Commerce and Hermitage Club work- 
rooms with a splendid per cent of the membership represented. 

Members of the Colonial Dames who, by virtue of their knowledge of the work. 
were selected to be officers of the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross, 
were: Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Director of Women's Work; Mrs. Frank W. Ring, 
Supervisor of Surgical Dressings; Mrs. Harry W. Evans, Commandant of the Emer- 
gency Canteen Service. Nashville Chapter; Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. Chairman of the 
Red Cross Motor Corps; and Mrs. C. B. Wallace, Chairman of the Communication 

The Colonial Dames had representatives on tlie Woman's Committee. Council of 
National Defense, practically all of whom served as leaders of some war activity: 
the League for Women's Service: War Savings organizations: in all house-to-house 
canvasses for war activity; registration for war service and for student nurses; in 
all Red Cross drives; Y. M. C. A. campaigns; French. Belgian. Armenian and 
Civilian relief work and the several book campaigns. 

In the Liberty Loan campaigns the Colonial Dames took an active part, both 
in the buying and the selling of bonds. Booths were maintained by them, and rep- 
resentatives from the membership acted as bond salesmen every day during the 
five Liberty Loan drives in Davidson County. Over $100,000.00 in bonds were 


COIWTY irOMF.\ I .\ r II F. II OR I. I) ir I R. I'll 11919 

{ED CliOSS \\( 


Memhers appeariiiii in this piclme are: Miv*. C. M. Neely CliairmanGeiural: Mrs. W. H. 
Schuerinaii. (^Iiairnian of Scwin;; Deparlmoiit; Mrs. liufus E. Fori: and .Mrs. Kicliaril Barr. Chair- 
man of Surfiral Dressings DcparlmenI: Mrs. .Mcl'liecl.-rs Glastiow (Sannic Keilhl. Vice-Cliair- 
man-General; -Mrs. C. S. IJrown. and Mrs. J. II. .Sitfvcnson Chairman of Knittin}; Department: 
-Mrs. W. II. Witt. -Mrs. K. H. Lacy. Mrs. D. (I. Han. Mrs. H. C. Tolman, Mrs. .1. T. McGiU, 
Mrs. J. \. Dale. Mrs. Clarenee Dixon. Mrs. II. B. Hon.l. .Mrs. Dan .McGusin an.l Mrs. II. B. 
Carre, .Mrs. Eustace Hail. .Mrs. Will C. Cherrv. 

l.oudit and. sold l,v tin- \asliNill.-.„ 
I.) tiie sum <pf S6.').(I()M. Mr-. Ouci 
booths for tlio sale of Im.ihIs and ll 

Tluir sa 
I Mr-. 1. 
\'.y tiir s: 

ol III 

I!. I' 

Members of tlie Colonial Dainr- ulio Inld |uo,niii(iil n 
orjraiiizalions v.ctc: Mrs. James II. kirklaiid. I'rr-iilinl. Cli 
and Thrift Stamp organization for \.i-liMllr. I)irr,i.,r ,,! u 
the second caiTi])aij.'n for hook- For -oldiri~. Diniioi in iIh 
lion, Vice-Chairman ipf |)a\i(l-oM CoiniU lor I .unili ii\ 

Emergency Hospital for \ amln hill I iii\ri-ii\. Dinri I 

Liberty Loan parade, in which thoLJsan<l> jiarlic i|i.itc d. .uu\ 
nessee Budget Committee for the W. S. S. organi/.ilion. \l 
supervisor and instructor in surgical dressings for iln' \,i-li\ 
Red Cross, from the opening in liiK. I')17. iinlil ihr i Ih-( 
Robert F. Jackson was Director of \\. nun- \\..ik ..! llir \,i 
can Red Cross, during the entire |iiiio(| ol oi j.ini/.ilion. 
was Tennessee Chairman of Vi''- liin ii\ l,.,,iii ('oiimiill 

Tliird Loans and member ot llic \.il ,il W ..hmh', I.iI.,iI\ 

the period of the war: ol ihr Milr Hoard. W ,in 

Council of Defense: National Public ity Chairman f.ii I ..i 
Loans, and a member of the .Stale Kxeciitive Roard of \\ . ^. 
ton was Teiuiessee Chairman for the National League for \\ 
Chairman of Third Liberty Loan, and City and County (^hai 
Loan. Mrs. Harrv W. Evans was State Chairman of Navy C 
Commandant of Emergency Canteen .Service. Nashville Cha 


llicrs in othe:- patriot!.- 
lirnian of War Savings 
mien's organizations in 
■ War .Savings Associa- 
l.oan. a Director of the 
I lie spectacular Fourth 
a member of the Ten- 
.-. Frank W . King was 
ullr (:iia|i|cr. American 
r in Innr. I'll'). Mrs. 
i-li\ill.- Cliapl.-r. \nieri- 
Mr-. Cnillord Dudley 
rr of Fir-I. Sr,-,,nd and 
I .o.iii ( ^nnlnil|l•l• during 
I- Coinniilhr. \alional 
Mill) ,ind IHll, Liberty 
^. Mr-, b-r M. Over- 
onirn'- Srr\ ii i" ('oiinty 
rman of Fourth Liberty 
omforts ("ommiltee. and 
pier, Red Cross. Mrs. 




At the Home Coming of the Tennessee soldiers. A. E. F.. 
Dames. Children impersonators in the tableaux were: W. 
Alice Holman. Elizabeth Brvan and Pollv Orr. 

embers of Colonial 
Fielding Yost. Jr., 

Alex. S. Caldwell was State Chairman of Food Production and Conservation for 
Woman's Committee, National Council of Defense; originator of food pledge cards, 
and World War President of the State Federation of Women's Clubs. Mrs. Percv 
Warner was President of the Tennessee and Davidson Countv Armv Comfort League 
and State four-minute speaker. 

The Colonial Dames were in the line of march of the returning soldiers of the 
A. E. F., and as a welcome-home booth they fitted up the la\ni of Mrs. E. W. Foster, 
one of the members, to represent a colonial drawing room. Children were cos- 
tumed in the picturesque style of old colonial days. Polly Orr was quaintly attired 
at Betsy Ross, and Fielding Yost, Jr., impersonated George Washington 

Forty-five sons from families of the Tennessee Society of Colonial Dames served 
in the United States Army and Navy, and winn llir W ..rid War was over there were 
six gold stars in the service flag of the N.i-lixill. S... iety. The two Regimental 
Colonels of Nashville were sons of Tennessr.' an. I |)a\ County Colonial Dames. 
Colonel Luke Lea. of tlie 114th Field Artillery. A. E. F.. is the son of Mrs. Overton 
Lea. and Colonel Harry Berry, of the 115th Field Artillery. A. E. F.. is the son 
of Mrs, Horatio Berry. 

Davidson County Dames who were active throughout the World War in every 
form of service and pioneers of World War activities in Tennessee Red Cross work 

Mrs. T, F, P, Allison. Mrs, J, 
W. W, Berry. Mrs, J, D, Blanl..n 
Mrs. Alex, S. Mi-. .Ian 
Mrs. H. B. Cooluai,,-. Mr-. Wliilrl 
Mrs, William C, Dak.. \1,-. 1I,.,m 

Douglas. Mrs, Gu.ll..i.l Uu.ll..\, .Mr>, William iJiiiuan. Mi>, Artlmi Exai..-, Mi.-, Harry W. 
Evans, Mrs. F. G. Ewing. Mrs, W, G, Ewing. Mrs, L, B, File. Mrs. Sophia Fitts. Mrs. E. W. 
Foster. Mrs. Mary Washington Frazer. Mrs. Laura C. Gillespie. Mrs. Hallum Goodloe. Mrs. 
R. J. Gordon, Mrs. Margaret L, Hoyt Hicks. Mrs. George Hillman, Mrs, H, C, Horton. Mrs. 


M, Anderson, Mrs 

John ^L 

Bass, Mrs 

Horatio Berrv. Mrs, 

Mr-. ,1, C. Bra.lf, 

r.l, .Mrs, ( 

. .S. Browi 

. Mrs, W, A, Brvan. 

- K. 1 ■-I 

. Ml--. 1. 

-li., Cli.'.k. 

Mr- 1' 11 1 Ivmer 

.,,1,1 i;. ( ,,t,'. Mi- 

1.. \l. ( , 

^allall. \li- 

1 i.. > ..wling. Jr., 

ll, kill-,, ,1, \li- .1. 1 

. |ii-i,iiik, 

-, Ml-. Ili.i 

,■ Il,,iij:la-. Mr-. Byrd 

I) . ( I / /; S O V C O I XT Y If M F. V / V T H A ff K L I) HI R. I 9 1 h! " I 

J. W. Howar.l. Mr>. William Hun.,-. Mi>. U.iImii V. Jackson. \Ii-. Norman Kiikman. Mrs. 
Overton Lra. Mrs. U . T. .Mannint:. Mrs. .\mlr,« Marsliall. Mrs. (;. M. .N,.,.|\. Mrs. W . E. 
.\orvi-ll. .Mrs Samm-I II. Orr. .Mrs. Jes^e M. Ovrrlon. Mrs. C. B. I'armer, .Mrs. Bruce K. Haviie, 
.Mrs. T. H. Pavnc. Mrs. J. Kccd Pearson. .Mrs. W. K. Phillips. Mrs. James S. Pilcher, .Sirs. 
Lucius E. I\ilk. .MVs. Frank W. Kinp. Mrs. J. O. Rust, Mrs. D. K. Stubblefield, Mrs. John 
Tliompson. -Mrs. George N. Tillman. Mrs. II. C. Tolman. Mrs. Charles C. Trabuc, Mrs. C. B. 
Wallace. Mrs. Claude Waller. Mrs. Percy Warner, Mrs. George \. Washington. Mrs. Joseph 
E. Washington. Mrs. F. W. Webster, Mrs. John P. Williams, Mrs. 0. H. Wilson. .Mrs. Louis 
G. Wood, Mrs. Fielding Yost, Miss Cornelia Dismukes, Miss Marv Ewing, Mis,« Mattie Fletcher, 
Miss Susie Gentry, Miss Rebecca Jones. Miss Elizabeth Kirkland. Miss Elizabeth Lea. Miss 
Prudence Polk and Mi- M.un 

^Fr^=. Jam.- ]\. Kirklan.l. I>,rsi,l,.„l ,.r l!.r Tr,u„-ss,.,- S.xielv. CLuiial Dames, 
was chosen I.ilri i.i riKim nilici p.iliioiii ,\ill(s. Ilcr ahililv lo organize 
women workn- \\,i~ ( mi-pii imiis jn v\i\\ iiha cinrnt. llic iiIiikisI ((Hifidence 
was placed in her as a leader, liecaiise she re(]uired no tnt-inher ol her coininittee 
to make a sacrifice that she was not willinp: to share, .Mrs, Kirkland's patriotic en- 
deavors hegan hefore .Xmerica entered the conflict, and she pave of her time and 
strentrlh, as faithfidlv as anv soldi.r i„ ih,' ariiiv, until the rlosc ,.f the «ar period. 
As a nicmher of tiic \.l\i>..i\ Couiiril nf this \,,lnrnr -lie al.l\ a-JMr,! in ihe raising 
of funds for its puhliralion. 


Vanderbilt Unit 

Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. President 

The Vanderbilt Unit of the Red Cross was organized before the Nashville Chap- 
ter. The organization was affected in February of 1917 for the purpose of aiding 
French hospitals. The work of this unit began one week following the organization 
of the Colonial Dames, the pioneer Red Cross unit of Tennessee. The Vanderbilt 
Unit membership was made up of women from the Vanderbilt University. Vander- 
bilt Aid Society and the Vanderbilt Woman's Club. Mrs. Robert F. Jackson was 
elected president of this unit, and when the Nashville Chapter was organized she 
was made chairman of Woman's Work in that organization, and was succeeded by 
Mrs. Jesse M. Overton, who continued to serve as president of the Vanderbilt unit 
until the close of the Nashville Red Cross headquarters. 

The pioneer officers of the Vanderbilt Red Cross Unit, organized in Julv, 1917, 
were: Mrs. G. M. Neely. Chairman of activities; Mrs. J. T. McGill, Secretary, and 
Mrs. George E. Bennie, Treasurer. 

The Executive Committee was composed of Mrs. James H. Kirkland. Mrs. E. W. 
Cole. Mrs. A. Loveman, Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Mrs. B. F. Wilson, and Mrs. Jesse 
M. Overton. 

The committee on organization from the Vanderbilt Aid Society, which met at 
Wallace School for Red Cross work before the Nashville Chapter opened, was com- 
posed of the following: Mrs. James H. Kirkland, Mrs. Jo B. Morgan. Mrs. A. B, 
Hill, Mrs. C. B. Wallace, Mrs. John A. Witherspoon. Mrs. George E. Bennie. Mrs. 
Arthur B. Ransom, Mrs. Jesse H. Thomas, Mrs. J. M. Anderson, Mrs. John Bell 
Keeble. Mrs. Richard Barr, Mrs. McPheeters Glasgow, Mrs. Edward T. Seav. Mrs. 
J. T. McGill, and Mrs. G. M. Neely. 

The committee on organization from the Vanderbilt Woman's Club, which met at 
Wallace School for Red Cross work, was composed of the following members: 
Mrs. J. H. Stevenson, Mrs. Bert Young, Mrs. Granberv Jackson, Mrs. E. A. Rudiman, 
Mrs. C. S. Brown. Mrs. W. H. Schuerman, Mrs. J.T. Altman, Mrs. Jack Wither- 
spoon, Mrs. W. H. Witt, Mrs. Robert Caldwell, Mrs. Clarence Dixon, and Mrs. 
O. N. Bryan. 

The committee on surgical supplies and bandages included these: Mrs. Richard 
Barr and Mrs. Rufus E. Fort, Chairmen; Mrs. J. A. Witherspoon, Mrs. McPheeters 
Glasgow, Mrs. Henrv Morgan, Mrs. Hazel Padgett, Mrs. J. T. Altman. Mrs. W. H. 
Witt, Mrs. W. C. Dixon, Mrs. Jack Witherspoon, Mrs. 0. N. Brvan. and Mrs. D. G. 

Mrs. C. S. Brown and Mrs. J. H. Stevenson were Chairmen of the Knitting 
Committee, and Mrs. W. H. Schuerman was Chairman of the Sewing Committee. 

Mrs. Schuerman's committee on hospital garments, at headquarters of Nash- 
ville Chapter, American Red Cross, was as follows: Mrs. G. M. Neelv, Mrs. Jesse 
M. Overton, Mrs. Henry E. Colton, Mrs. P. D. Houston, Mrs. J. A. Witherspoon, 
Mrs. W. C. Dixon, Mrs. Jesse H. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas G. Garrett, Mrs. Robert 


n II IDS o \ c o I v r > /r o m t: \ i .\ r /; /. ii o h i. n ir i h. i <> / ; ; '> / <<". Mrs. W. H. HiW.ctl. Mrs. Hamilton Mrs. Thomas I'aik: s. Mrs. Ceorse 
E. Bem.i.'. Mrs. Jol.n Irotwoo.l .M.u>rc. Mrs. Sf.warl Campl.t-ll. \h>. A. W . Brandt, 
Mrs. M. -M. CiM-il. Mrs. O.-^car ^Valdkircli. Mrs. H. \\ Salter. Mrs. \V. S. H. Armis- 
stead. Mrs. W. A. OL'd.-n. Mrs. KIlis C. Hu^^'ins. Mrs. Charles F. Ander.son. Mr.s. 
J. H. Stevenson. Mrs" A. B. Hill. .Mrs. H. B. St.ele. .Mrs. John E. Dunn. Mrs. J. T. 
McCill. Mrs. Bert Youn;:. Mrs. Rol.erl Armistead. Mrs. Harrv Hartupee. Mrs. F. L. 
\\ ilkerson. Mr-. John H Atchison. Mrs. J. M. Anderson, and Mrs. George Martin. 
This eonnnittee worked each Friday at the Nashville Chapter. .\. R. C. headqiiar- 
teis. until the close of the workrooms. 

Work in surgical dressings was condu. ted at Walia.c S< hool. Mrs. H. F. Wilson 
made a large donation for the purchase of raw materials for this deparlmenl during 
its pioneer struggles in February. 1917. The wholesale dry goods funis of Nash- 
ville made lilieral donations of gauze and cotton at the same time. 

The Charter members of the \ anderbilt Surgical Dressings I'nit were: Mrs. 
Jo B. Morgan. Mrs. J. M. Anderson. Mrs. Irving Chase, Mrs. Bailev Rice. Mrs. 
Thomas G.Garrelt. Mrs. Sam Underwood. Mrs. 0. N. Brvan. Mrs. J. H. Stevenson, 
Mrs. R. B. Steele. Mrs. E. A M,-. I'. D. llmi-lon. Mr-. A. 1!. Hill. Mrs. 
Thomas Parkes. Mrs. Oscar Waldkiirl,. ;„„! \li-. W . ('.. l)i\nn. 

A large class in first aid was eMabli-lid U Dr. .1. \. W illir.,.,, ,. a-^iM,'d bv 

Dr. W. C. Dixon. They were pioneer iii-l i im i,,i - in ihi- wnA in \,i-li\lllr. 

.At the opening of the Vi'oman's Work I )(|mi inicnl. \,i-li\illc ('lia|itri. Xnirrii an 
Red Cross, in August. 1917. the Van. Ic bill 1 ml alliliald uilh that organization 
and removed from Wallace School in iIm- (:lia|.l.i bra(|i|ii,ii lci~ in llie Chand)er of 
Commerce building. Mrs. Roberl V. Ja, k~nn. I' u.,^ ihr director of this 
department for the Nashville Clui|il(r. 

The record of work turned out b\ llic Xandnbill I nil w.i- an rn\ iabb- one. ihe 
workers having given themselves 1.. lli.ii la-k- ol nirrr\ inmrnilliirjU horn ibe 
time of the call for service. Mi-. M. M. Cn il. ,,nr ol tin- ln-l ni-lrnrim- in 
knitting in Davidson County, did ia. . |.li..nal umk uilli ihi- nnil. Mi-, l.fuis 
Baxter was among the one hundicd |"i rml ui>ikri~ Im ibr \.in.liibill I nil. 

The \anderbilt .Aid Societv u.i~ mw u\ ibr oiiiain/ali.iii~ \\bi< li made |Hi-~ible 
the War Salvage Association, of Mi-. (;. M. NrrU ua- Sii|,ri x i-m . Ibe 
members of the N'anderbilt organization- wen- animrj ibr mn-i anirnl -ii|i|)..rlii - of 
all patriotic work done in the countv. Tlirii | i u..ik in llir X.iihlnliiii I nil 
equipped them for efTicient work later. M.-. (.. M. Nr.K -r,x,-,l a- ( l.aiinian ol 
World War \r|i\ili,- l,„ liir \an.lribill \i.l ^..,,rlx. ,,n,l \li-. Cianbriv Ja.k-nn 
as Chairman ..I lb. Xan.j.ibiil W'- (liib. Mi-, la. k-.m an, I h.i . ..iniiiillci- 
sold SHbOOO in War ^axiiiL'- :-l,ini|.- in lb.- 
She received the hearty sii|.| ..I .ill in.inb.- 
as chairman of hostesses lin ib.' ^ i-' ii 
tional League for Womans .Sii\i. .. 

Mrs. Jackson was chairman of lb.- h-,ini w 
for the War Salvage Associatb.n : .liaiiinin 
1919 Fourth Red CIni-lin.i- lb. II (all 
members during iIm- .nlin- |..ii...i ..I lb.- \n.i 
cfjmmittees were din-. I.-.I bs Mi-. la.k-..n. v 

Mrs. Ja.kson olabli-bcd a npi>t,ili..M <ln 
for war relief work xxbidi could not b,- ex. c 


!> ..inipaiLin in Inn.-. 


bi- .11 

•j,iiii/,ili..n ubiai -ll.' ■ 


l.n-' 1 

b-1 b' ..1 ibc Mai 

1.- Na- 

ai-cl 1 

.ll lol 

In. Ii 1 

In- laii^.-l am. ami ..1 

|)a\i.l-.m Coiinlx I. 

iiiic the lai-est nnml 

,lbd. Several otbei 

icllc-lcd credit to 1 

.1 Ibe 
..■1 ..f 
b.- ..r- 

he W, 

nl.l Wai r.n lai-br^ 


Sh.- .1 

i.u lln- i.-m.4c>l 

nrr in 

n AV 1 DSO N C O I !S T Y If O M E A / .V T H E If H I. I) ir ,1 R. 191 '-; 9 / <; 

the citv in the allotment of places by the captains of the Fourth Lil)crl\ Loan. Imt 
she and her committee gained first place in Zone Two in the selling of Lilic rl\ l!ornl- 
In recognition of this splendid reputation, Mrs. Jackson was unanimously elected 
by the members of the Advisory Council of this volume as their leader in securin? 
funds for publication. She brought this stupendous task to a successful conclusion 
This; work was done purely as a labor of love and in order to stiniidate liistoric in- 
teri'sl and lh° pride sh? felt in the achievements of her c(iLinl\. 

Mrs. Granbery Jackson 

(Margaret Early) 

Cliairmaii of Advisory Council of this History 

n.tiiDsoy coixTY itomf.\ /.v riu: uohld war. I9ii-i9i9 

IViiiu'sscc . •111(1 I );i\ 1(1x111 ( -oiiiitN Navy 
Conil'crt- (^ommitt'.'e 

Mi>. ll\Kl{\ W. K\A.\s. n orl,l n >ir President 

The first conc.Ttf.l \\nri,l W ;m u,nk of llic uotnrii ,,l T,-ini.—rr ua- ,lon,- l.\ llir 
Xavv Comforts Coniniittfc. llir pinnrcr W.uld W ai pair i.. In m :.'aiii/alion In llic 
State. This committee served uinlii \\\r I nilcd Slair- \a\\ Lra-uc al W a-liin'^lmi. 
When America entered the World Wai. llir \a\\. uidi inan\ im-u rcniiiN. wa- railed 
into immediate action for pici^et dul\ and iiiinr la\irij aJMULi tin- cda-l-. and llic 
demand for woolen comforts for llic mm al lln- linir ua- ini|Mi ali\c. 

The patriotic women ..f Term. -mc. Id \.^ \l,-^ llaiiN W . l.\aM-. nf \a-luillc. 

the pioneers uliu Ida/.-d ih,- ua\ Im ihr lirnimduu- \\,,ild Wai uml dial lalcr 
became necessary \\licii llir liiii;r aiin\ nl ihr I nilrd Slalo ua- lianiiirj Ini (i\rr- 
seas diitv. 

Mrs. 'Evans was ap|,..inlrd l,x W a-liiniilon nlJiriaU a- Irnnr-rr Cliaiinia.i for 
the Navy Comforts Commillcc. and alllioiiuh llir \\..ik ua- nru and llir lica-inv 
without funds, an organization was formed wliirli allarkr.l ilir umk uilli -inh ef- 
ficiency that the results were l.olli iriimcdiatc and -ali-Mii'. 

sT\Ti; I \ris 

AmouL' the most active T.-iincs>cc iniil- niiNidr ,.l l)a\i.l-nn Coiuilv ucrc: C.laik- 
villc Unit. Mrs. J. D. Herndon. I'residcnt : Mi-. William C. Daniel. Secretarv; 
Fayelleville Unit. Miss Lucile Lamb. Pre-idr„i \|,- I l,/alMil, Heasley. .Secretary; 
Torn Hve Unit. Paris. Mrs. John Sweenev. I'lr-hlmi : \li-- l.,,iii-c Scales. Secrclarv; 
Miss Corrinne Lewis. Treasurer: Hunlin-<ln„ 1 ml. Mi- M.iiv llaukin-. P. r-l,lriil : 
Franklin Unit. .Mr.s. William H. Dozier. Pir-idrnI: Mi-. J.-r,,!, Iv:_lr-|,.n. S . i r- 
tarv: Hendersonville Unit. .Miss Sara Pn i v . Pn-idrnl; Cda. Ildl I ml. Mi-. 
Joseph Washinpton. Presid.-nl : ( :..Mkr\ illr I ml. Mi-. Knllrd'jr Simlli. Pir-i,l,iil- 
Union Citv Unit. Mrs. .A. I,. PirN.u.l. Pir-idml: ^p, iic lirl,l (nil. Mi-, \ril •s. 
Glenn. President: and HuLmIoi. Unil. Mi-. .1. II. /.ar.< ,.r. Prr.-i,lcnl. The la.-l- 


nanied unit was the first unit to fill an order for helmets for aviators. This unit 
served later with the \ashville Hed Cross Chapter. 

A central committee was appointed by Mrs. Harry W. Evans to direct the work 
in the State and consisted of: Mrs. Harding Jackson, Vice-Chairman; Miss Mary 
Ramage, Secretary and Treasurer; Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett. Advisor and ex-officio 
member of all committees: Mrs. W. J. Morrison, Publicity; Mrs. Andrew Price, In- 
spection: Mrs. Spencer McHenry. Packing; Miss Lillian Warner, Girls' Auxiliary; 
Nfrs. I. W. Miller, Centennial Club, and Miss Sallie 
Richardson, Knitting. 

]\Irs. Andrew Price's Inspection Committee was 
i(iin|ici^c(l cif Mrs. Percy Warner, Mrs. Edwin A. 
I'ii( 1-. \li-. Joliii Hill Eakin, and Mrs. George Price. 
Si r\iii;j with Mrs. Spencer McHenry in the Pack- 
ing Department were: Mrs. Charles C. Trabue, 
Miss Annie DeMoville. Mrs. C. A. Coding, Mrs. 
J. W. Howard, Mrs. Kate B. Hutchinson, Mrs. L. 
G. Handley, Mrs. Charles Dudley Jones, and Mrs. 
W. V. Kennedy. 

Miss Lillian Warner's Girls" Auxiliary included: 
Miss Mary Nelson. Miss Reba Gray, Miss Eleanor 
Tyne, Miss Mary Lee Crockett. Miss Mary Harding 
Buckner. Miss Lucile Holman. and Miss Frances 

''^%\tah!"h 1"")'' Miss Sallie Richardson's Knitting Committee 

was composed of: Mrs. Edwin Warner. Miss Kath- 
erine Berry. Miss Mary Linda Manier, and Mrs. Edward Scruggs. 

Mrs. I. W. Miller's Committee included: Mrs. John Hill Eakin, Mrs. D. C. Scales. 
Mrs. W. 0. Tirrill, Mrs. Sam Puryear. Mrs. Charles S. Brown, Miss Alice Tuck. Mrs. 
Simpson Walker, Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett, Mrs. John W. Mosby and Mrs. A. W. Shipp. 
The Central Committee organized sixty-one charter units of the Navv Comforts 
Committee in Tennessee, and these units worked constantly in the closest harmony 
with the Nashville Committee. 

The Davidson County Navy Comforts Committee was organized at a mass meet- 
ing at the Centennial Club in April, 1917, and representatives from everv woman's 
organization and club in the county were present. They were organized into a 
Headquarters Committee, with Mrs. Harry W. Evans as director, and also director 
of the county organization. The use of the Centennial Club was tendered the com- 
mittee for their headquarters bv Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett, the president, and the 
members of this club gave generous assistance in every branch of the work which 
was carried on in the club house for ten months. 

The executive Board of the Davidson County Committee consisted of: 

Mrs. Walter .Stokes. Review Club; Mrs. George E. Blake. Browning and Friday Morning 
Clubs: Mrs. John Kreig. Kipling Club; Mrs. Mary C. Dorris, Daughters of 1812; and repre- 
sentatives of the following United Daughters of the Confederacy Chapters: Mrs. Mark Harrison, 
Mary Frances Hughes Chapter; Mrs. Harry Lee, Annie Humphreys Morton Chapter; Mrs. W. T. 
Davis. William B. Bate Chapter; Mrs. Thomas Newbill, Nashville Chapter; Miss Mar\- House. 
Harriet ON,Hnn n,:,|.i,.r; and Mrs. John C. Brown. State U. D. C; Mrs. Reau Folk. First Ten- 
nessee i;.L:iin.M; \li-. [,. G. Noel. Vanderbilt Woman's Club; Mrs. Armstrong Allen. Twentieth 
Century ( Inl-; \li- IImiiit Eastman. Belmont Magazine Club. Mrs. W. F. Bang and Mrs. W. L. 
Tally. \\ . < . T. I .: Mrs. Robert W. Nichol. Art Association; Mrs. Leslie Warner and Miss 


II>S(>.\ (.()l.\TY lf()ME\ I .\ THE WORLD WAR. 1 " I -il " ] 'J 

MaliUla 1'orl.T. SulTrapi- A^M.rialioii; Mrs. C. M. Ne<-ly. Vaiulcrhik Aid; Mrs. Granbcry Jack- 
son. Vaiulcrbill Woiiiair* Cliil): .Mrs. LlizalK-tli Frve I'apc. Metaphysical Club; Mrs. Alice Clovd. 
Parent-Teacher Association: Mrs. Charles Cohn. temple Sisterhood; Mrs. J. D. Blanton. Ward 
Belmont: Mrs. James I'almer. Fli>rence Crittenden ^[ome; Mrs. Walter Keith. Old Woman's Home; 
.Mr-. Horace C. Hill. Old Woman's Home. Junior Board; Mrs. W . G. Ewing. Protestant's Or- 
phana'j;e: Mrs. O. .N. Ilollabauiih. Kullediie -Magazine Club: and the following representatives 
of the .Nashvill.- I). A. H. Chapters, with Mrs. E. W. Foster as chairman-general: Mrs. K. T. 
.McConnico. Cumberlan.l Chapter: Mrs. James K. Cal.lwell. Campbell Chapter; an.l Mrs. W. W. 
Lvon. McCrorv Chapter: Mrs. Edward Buford. Y. W. C. A.; Mrs Henrv Teitlebaum. Council 
of Jewish Women; .Mrs. James F. Caldwell. IVabody Woman's Club; .Sirs. John Hill Eakin, 
Centennial Club; Mif. Robert F. Jackson. Colonial Dames; Mrs. Walter Johns, East Side Civic 
Club; Nfrs. Alex Caldwell, State Fe<leration of Women's Clubs; Miss Louise G. Lindsley, Ladies' 
Hermitage .\ssnciation; Miss .Martha llandlev. A. J. Harris Circle. Independent Daughters of 
Confederacy: .Miss Elizabeth Bloomstein. Magazine Circle; Miss Fermine Pride a.ul Miss Frances 
Pilcher, Query- Club; Miss Roberta Tarpley. Second District; Mi>s .Margaret Thompson. Ninth 
District; and Mrs. Count R. Boyd, Fourteenth District. 

at Washinctdii. 

'ktiit the kils" were reeeived from National Headquarters. 
111(1 armv cd knitters was recruited from the veteran knitters 
of other wars and from every rank and file of Davidson 
(lountv'.s womanhood. To procure wool for -iic h a kiiit- 
tinjl force now became the first interest id lli'- \a\v 
Comforts (lomniittee. and various kinds of 

.Mnrncan I'atriot. 

Nashville newsiiapers p:ave ^'enerousK 
houses kept the committee's work constant 
on the screen and hy allowinsr school eii 
Comforts Committee l.adiic i,, |,,i" r,,ll,-, I 

The following l,alllr-ln|.~ ur,,- lulK r, 
orpanizalion: The l. S. S. \n~li\illi 
the Shaw, the Stewart, tin- (nlc 

In AufTust, 1917. 
that the members of tlo- Naw (!(.nilorl~ C 
diers as well as the s:iilor-. \; 
permission, and all u.Hibn cijUii^ ili,n nn li, 
wherever they cf)uld be reached. .Many oulills were sc 
mander of itie 11 1th Field .Artillery, and to Col. Harrv 
ll.Mh Field Artillery. Four hundred and eiphty-eight 
Captain Percy A. Perkins. .AmbulaiK <• C.>iiipan\ No. 
bow Division. The men of this unit rm ~\\>:i[i- 
in twentv-foiir hours after the reoiK-l Im -ii' li ai 

niic-sec I nit of the Kain- 
HT woolen comforts, and 
a- received the consiprn- 

( 76 ) 


meiil was sliip]ied. reaching Captain Perkins' men on tiie day tliev sailed for overseas 

Lieut. John Overton, one of Nashville's fallen heroes, of the U. S. Marines, was 
supplied with a complete woolen outfit, and on the day he left America he wrote a 
letter of appreciation to the members of the Navy Comforts Committee. Capt. Lewis 
Tillman, of the United States Reserves in France, was sent many of comforts 
for his men. Howell Adams, cf the 12th Engineers (Ry. I. U. S. Reserves, was also 
tlie recipient of a complete outfit. 

After ten months of the most strenuous and efficient work the jNavy Comforts 
Committee realized the necessity of consolidating its forces with the newly estahlished 
.American Red Cross Chapter to prevent duplication of work and waste of material. 
Mrs. Harry W. Evans, President, sent a circular letter to all the units in Tennessee, 
asking them to merge widi their local Red Cross Chapters. When this was done the 
life of the Navy Comforts Committee as a separate organization ranie to n close: hut 
the intelligent efforts of its trained women added much 
to the efficiency of the Nashville Chapter of the Red 
Cross, as well as other patriotic organizations formed 

Mrs. Harry Evans became the Commandant of th? 
Emergency Canteen Service of the Nashville Red Cros:- 
Chapter, where she worked with the same ability which 
had made the Navy Comforts Committee such a siicces'^. 

Mrs. Evans also had charge of four hundred wait- 
resses at the Nashville Hippodrome during the home- 
coming of the Tennessee boys of the A. E. F., at wdiic'i 
time three large banquets were served, giving thousand 
of soldiers a bounteous "feed." 

Women who made possible the success of this pio- ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ f^mue 

neer organization, which began its service with the en- 
trance of America into the World War, will be found to be practically the personnel 
of the women of Davidson County who carried on until the close of war activities, 
Avhich culminated in the 1919 Christmas roll call of the Nashville Red Cross Chap- 
ter, of which Mrs. Granbery Jackson, a member of the Central Committee, was 
chairman. Due to the experience gained in organization by the members of the 
Navy Comforts Committee, many of whom became leaders in other patriotic or- 
ganizations, credit is due a large per cent of the splendid war work of the women 
of Davidson County. 

The following members of the Navy Comforts organization, who were pioneers, 
gave generous donations and assisted materially from their homes by knitting and 
by serving on Telephone Committees to secure workers: 

^ Mra J. T. Altman. Mjs. Horace Allen. Mrs. T. P. F. Allison. Mrs. Charles Anderson. Mrs. 
\V. L. Anderson, Mrs. Vance Alexander, Mrs. A. B. Anderson. .Mrs. Joseph Abrams, Mrs. B. D. 
Bell, Mrs. B. B Allen. Mrs. W. S. Bransford. .Mrs. Johnson Bransford. Mrs. Byron Martin. Mrs. 
C. D. Berrv, Mrs. O. N. Brvan. Mrs. W. W. Berry. Mrs. H. B. Bond. Mrs. L. P. Bellah, Mrs. 
H. O. Blackwood. Mrs. W. t. Blue. Mrs. Frank A. Berrv. Miss Mary E. Burke, Mrs. Charles 
Bringhurst. Mrs. Charles Bringleman. Mrs. Dan C. Buntin. Mrs. Count Bovd. .Mrs. 0. C. Barton. 
Mrs. J. W. Black. :\Irs. H. A. Batchelor. Mrs. Robert Cowan. Mrs. M. S. Combs. Mrs. Robin 
Cooper. Mrs. Paul Cohn, Mrs. Thomas Craighead. Mrs. Sheffield Clark. Mrs. W. L. Coulter, 
Mrs. R. E. Donnell. Mrs. H. M. Doak. Mrs. H. F. Dulin. Mrs. A. S. Dabney. Mrs. William 
Duncan. Mrs. C. H. Dabnev. Mrs. Frank Dodson. Mrs. Samuel Douglas. Mrs. L. F. Davis. Mrs. 
C. W. Clifford, Mrs. M. E. Everett, Mrs. John Early, Mrs. James M. Frank. Mrs. Thomas Farrell. 


Driiii)S().\ coiy'T) iroMEy i\ tiik no rid war. loiii'ii^) 

Mr<. Marc-llus Fro>I 

.Mr?. Jaiiir-i C.walline\ 

Mr;;. C. A. Ilarriiigl'. 

U. .N. llujil.e*. Mrs. P. L. Harm-il. Mrs. Frank Hobson. Mrs. Laura Hut 

II.M.pi-r. -Mrs. .Marv Hawtliornc. Mrs. E. A. Halcher. Mrs. Grace llous 

Mrs. .\v,-r\ Ilamlly. Mrs. B,-n Herman. Mrs. Alex Irvinp. .Mrs. Thonia 

Jaekstiu. Mrs. Edwin Jackson. Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. Mrs. Norman K 

Mrs. G. \V. Fowler. Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald, Mrs. W. L. Granbery, 

.Mrs. F. Searcy Green. Mrs. Marv Graves. Mrs. Roberta Cbase Harding, 

, .Mrs. George Hale, .Mrs. Carrv' Herman. Mrs. W. D. llutcbison, Mrs. 

■ Mr-. n,.r,.nce W. 

-. Il.iii\ Horlon. 

. \1.-. Unwell E. 

1.. .\h>. Van Leer 


W. M.,i 

Mis. i; 

Kirkman. Mrs. George Killebrew. Mrs. John Kennedv. Mrs. R. C. Kenvon, .Mrs. Ikrtnide Lewis, 
Mrs. E. T. Lowe. .Mrs. Jobn Leilvell. Mrs. Jake Lefkovilz. .Mrs. Lee Loventlial. .Mrs. Horace 
.\<blev. Mrs. Jobn Asliford. Mrs. J. M. Anderson. Mrs. C. S. Brown. Mrs. diaries Dudlev Jones, 
Mrs. T. A. Leonard. Mrs. W. A. Brvan. Mrs. Lewis Baxt.r. Mrs. Dora B. Grimes. Mrs. E. W, 
Cole. Mrs. H. B. Garre. Mrs. Irving Chase. .Mrs. Walkins Ci,.,kelt. \li>. Nathan Crockett, Mrs. 
C. C. Christopher. .Mrs. John Cheek. Mrs. M. .M. Cecil. Mrs. John W. \lo>l,v. Mrs. K. C. .Moore. 
Jr.. .Mrs. W. \. Kennedv, Mrs. Buist Richardson. Mrs. Kmilie \hith. Mrs. Daisv Leiiehan Hoff- 
man. .Mrs. Robert Cheek. Mrs. Robert Caldwell. Mrs. Louis Davis. Mrs. W. 0. Parmer, Mrs. 
Clarence Dixon. Mrs. Craig McFarland, Mrs. W. R. Dismukes. .Mrs. 11. M. Drifoos, Mrs. Ilarvev 
Hogg, Mrs. J. A. Dale. Mrs. Ilenrv Neuhoff. Mrs. Albert Ew-ing. :\Irs. Sandy E. Owen, Mrs. 
. Kuin-. Mrs. Mvra Fall. .Mr.s. R. E. Fort. Miss Daisv M. 
Cni.n. \Ir~. K. \V. Frve, .Mrs. William Gupton, Mrs. C. A. 
\lai.ilu. \li- Murlimer Gaines. .\rrs. J. E. Hart, Mrs. 
I) (, II, 111. \l>-. K. V. Havward. Mrs. Eustace Hail, Mrs. 
s,,,„ \1, k.ix. Ml-. ( h.ul.- iluiii. Mrs. Lucy Manning, .Mrs. 

M.,1 H. Il,.„.ll. \li., ,1. W. Howard. Mrs. Boyt C, 

llnu, II. \1,.. I ,1,1,11.111.1 kul.ii. Mrs. John Coode, Mrs. P. 
\. MunaN. Mr>. .^,im W.M.Iuiiic. .Mrs. Katherine T. Allen, 
Mrs. W. 11. Bailev. .Mrs. Sam K. Harivell. Mrs. M. E. 
D.rrvberrv. .Mrs. .^iarshall llotcbkiss. Mrs. W. D. Haggard. 
Mr-.' J. 15. Johns. Mrs. C. A. Coding. Mrs. James H. 
kiiklaii,!. Mrs. J. P>. naiii.l. Mrs. John Kreig. Mrs. Wil- 
liam I \h-. I'i,,l K.U,-v. Mrs. Dan .McGugin. Mrs. 
.1. W. M,».ir. Mr-. M. C. \l, Cannon, Mrs. Jo B. .Morgan, 
\li-. {;,-,.n;.- M,.r;;an. Mrs. II. II. Corson. Mrs. Garnet 
\.„ I. Ml- Margaret Thompson. .Mrs. James E. Caldwell, 
li Ml-. Hazel Padgett. Mrs. E. A. Ruddiman. .Mrs. John 
\ M, luen. .\[rs. Edward Bnford. Mrs. Lou Rascoe. Mrs. 

( lill .McClendon. Mr-, J. II. Sl,v 
Mrs. Carev A. Folk. Mi- .1, \, ' 
Whitworlh, Mrs. W . II, Will. 
Mrs. \V. G. Waldo. Mi-. W . I!. ( 
Mrs. Louis Wood. Mrs. John A. 
Mrs. II. B. Chadwell. Mrs. Fi. 
foord R. Cole. Mrs. James Cave 
bell. Mrs. W. W. Crandall, Mi 

1. Mrs. W. F. Tillett. 

1-1 M. Mrs. Len K. 

W illiam A. Ogden, 

Mr-. Frank Walkirk, 

^ Mrs. B. E. Young, 

Yost. Mrs. White- 

of T.I..., -..■•, loyal patriot.. f„„r,| 1! C,,],. Mrs I.imes Cavee .Mrs. H. Tavlor Camp- 

K. D. Crulchor, .Mrs. 

Verner Moore Lewis, Mrs. William A. Carter, Mrs. J. H. Corbett, Mrs. J. G. Creveling, Jr., 
.Miss Alma Oliver, Miss Dorothy Ashley. Miss Elizabeth Cage. Miss Ola Nunn Cage, Mrs. Lee 
H. Farris. Mrs. .M. E. Fontaine. Mrs. G. A. Lock,-. Mrs. Ben Lindauer. Mrs. A. Loveman, Mrs. 
E. G. Lewis. .Mrs. Lou Lusky, Mr- M. < I, I..,!. Mr- West H, Morton. M,-. Ki.ll.s Wills. Mrs. 
Menrv McClellan. Mrs. J. D. C-. M,.ii,,ii. Mi- 1 W . Miller. Mrs. Tlumia- M.,iili,u-. M,-. Ellen 
.Mar.siiall. Mrs. Richard McClain. Mi- h.lm W \l,.-l,x. Mrs. G. N. Martm. \li-. I. M. McGee, 
Mrs. T. J. .Ma.sfm. .Mrs. Robert W . Ni,, Mr- Sri.h.w O'Brien. Mr-. M.u-inl I'rck, Mrs. 
Elizabeth Frve Page. Mrs. Harris Pinrr.r. Mi-, William C, l',.ll.r,,l. Mr-. Jam.'s K. Polk. Mrs. 
\Jarsh Polk. Mrs. Robert Pickering. Mrs. \l.\ l>,.il, r. Mr- l',,il, i I'lirllr].-. Mrs. Samuel Prilcbett, 
>rrs. James Beaslev. Mrs. Boiling Rice. Mr- I. li 1;,,%.-. Mr- Wril.arir B. Rees.-. Nfrs. Charles 
Reeves, Mrs. EJj Ridelsheimer, Mrs. L. R, H,.g,t>. .Mis. (,,arr^ill,• P. I!,.>e. Mrs. C. G. Stephens. 
Nrrs. Edward T. Seay. Mrs. M. Sobel. Mrs. R. S. Salzkotter. Mrs. M. J. Smith, Mrs. Jobn Sbarpe, 
Mrs. Vernon Sharp, Mrs. Gertru<lo Schrader, Mrs. Euclid Snow. Mrs. Margaret Sykes. Mrs. 
(;. L. Smith. Mrs. T. M. Steele, Mrs. W. H. Bailey. Mrs. Brown Bufor.l. Mrs. J. C. Sweeney. 
Miss Helen Buford, Mrs. A. M. Shook. Mrs. Leo Schwartz. Mrs. M. A. Spurr, iSfrs. A. B. 
Benedict, Mrs. Joseph W. Byrns, Miss Frances Bcnnie. Mrs. Thomas Newbill. Mrs. William B. 
Sbelton, Nfrs. James B. Ezzcll. Miss Elizabeth Eve. Miss Margaret Early, Mrs. W. G. Ewing, 
Mrs. Henry E. Collon, Mrs. E. W. Foster, Mrs. Rogers Caldwell, Mrs. Charles Caldwell. Mrs. 
Lyon Childress, Mrs. James S. Frazer, Mrs. Georgia Knox-Berry, Mrs. Gladys L. Chamberlain, 
.Mrs. E. B. Caycc. Mrs. Ed. A. Lind.scy. Mrs. ^L M. Cullom, Mrs. Charles Baker, Mrs. George 

f 781 


f. Blackie, Mrs. Percy D. Maddin. \liv \\ a i.i K,-itii, Mrs. Leu B. Kite, Mrs. .Mary Washington 
Frazer, Mrs. S. E. Dickey, Miss ijl.n l..-(.i. \ns. Sam Douglas, Mrs. W. M. Duncan, Mrs. 
Rulus Port, Mrs. John H. D.-Wiii, \li-. \l.u\ C. Dorris, Mrs. Bruce Douglas, Mrs. Oliver 
Timothy, Mrs. A. N. Tilljiian. \l,-- Inn. in I.ium,. M,-. •^,,nl W ,..,!» in,-. \1,^. !,„■ W rrlliam, 

Mrs. W. H. h. Mi-. !■. ii |.,,. \l- I W \\i,n-ni. \li-. \Kiik ILniiMn,. \l.>. John 

O. White, Mrs. (,r,,i„. lu,/,.,. \li- r.nn W. 11,1,1. \h-. i;,lln l^l,• W.l-nii. \liv ,l.,ln, Weber, 
Mrs. J. W. Wani.n. \ii- \nii U.iii.n. \li-. ( 1 . 1 , \li- |n„„ ||,.|iia Mmih. \iiv. Tnumas 

(.. I.ailrll. Ml-. \. !■:. ( inlunllll. \l,-. Il,,,^,^ I|,,1miI \|-,- .-;;,|', llll, llru.k \U^. Jolui A. 

liil'l^.-k. Ml-"lli IniilMMl. \i,-. ( ,,. Will,,, Ml I, III. \li-, 1;. I'. \\il-,,ii. Mr.s. Idabelle 

\Ml-,,ii, \ii-. i;i,li.n,l I. W, !-,,!,. Ml- I.,,,,,-, \l,ll,,,,^ \l,- i;,,|,.ii I' \lr^. Humphrey 
Tm.uiln. \l,-. ( 1,11 \|.( l.iHhni. \li-. W. K. \., \li- W . II. -, liii, , iii.,n. Mi-. Joseph W^est, 

.Mrs. \\ M.nii,,. \l,-. (lu-l.x \|,,n„,. Ml-, I. - \\,-,iIJ,a. \1,-. II Lu lor CampbeU, 

Mrs. J. 11. I ,,i!.,.|i, \l,- IViiil \l. h.iM-. \li- (.,,,i„ --,,. \li-. \l. II. II,, I, -..II. Mrs. Horace 

Cauvin. Ml-, ^.i.h,' ( ..mni. \li-. II |l Ii.n. Mi- ImImi I \li-. I laiik D. Fuller, 

Miv l.'.iili.ii Mill-. \l,-. ha, I. A \l,,l!l„«-. \li- \li.. Hall i i,i,l-.A. \l,-, ( a,,■^ E. Morgan, 
Ml-. Il„i.-.i \l.(.aN..,k. \li-. ( . \ \l.ii-!,all. \li- 11,11 \l.\li-i.i. \li-. II. .1,1.,, (;. Hill, .Mrs. 
C. \1- .\.,'K \li-. I.--, \l nx,al,,ii. \li-. l,-li, \\,,,n,>. Ml-, A. i:. I'. .11.,. \1,-. Gibson Pat- 
t. •■-..„. \l,-. K,,,,;,i. k llardca,l!c. Mi.--. W . A. Uu.i.U.,-uii. M,>.. L. "l . 1' U/.l.u:;li. Mrs. W. L. 
(.l,,,,l„.^. Ml- W.ili,, ,M„kes. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson, Mrs. R. A. Griffin, Mrs. Elbe Hugsins, 
Ml-.. Iiui^li! \\,l,|,. Ml-,. Joseph T. Howell, Mrs. Eugene Crutcher, Mrs. Watkins Crockett. 

Ml- (;,,.„ 1:,, Mi>. Pv. E. Porter. Mrs. C. A. Craig. Miss Kalhrvn Crai-. Mrs. George 

\\:i-lnn,.,l,.,,. M,- 1. 1'.. Itani.L Mi-. Gnilf,.,,! nu.ll.^. Mr-, i. Iji.' r:al,l«,.ll. Mi-. F. M. 

CI. III. an-. Ml-. W . 11 Will. Ml-- I .an, T.i 1 1 , l,,| li. Mi-- ki. - l'il,li,i. Mi-, llallum 

(. II,,,-. Ml-- Inn,, ( I ■-. Ml- \I,A l•,ll^. Ml- i;. ( \l Nil- Mil,- W illi.n,,-. Mrs. 

J. k. i;.,,,i-. \i|. li.iM.I i;, .-,,,, I. I.I. M,-. k.l».,,,l -„,„,--. M,-, I hark- .^i,a-..,i. Ml-. W. J. 

.^1 M.-. l.,»i> .McCary. Mr,. 1... ^. liu.m/ \l,-- \kll^ i; ^mith. Mrs. A. W. Sliipp, Mrs. 

Tla.ina. ,1. Tm„,. Mrs. John W. Th..Mi.i-. M>- I..-, |,l. 1 li,,,,,,.-,,,,. Jr.. Mrs. Smith Tenni.son, Mrs. 

J.'lni v.. Tl a-. Jr.. Miss Elizah..:!, l;,i, ,,„,. \l,- \l..,^ ll,,,,|,,n, Buckner. Miss Anna Blanton, 

M,-. M,,,ii,i llarlman. Mi" Mi,,, (, -nnlli. M,- l-nll,, lk,-kin-. Mi" I nnra Bi'iitini. Miss 
C..i.ili,.,^ Il..|lin-. Ml-- |-|i/.,l.,ll, Ik.'lni-. Ml- l,.iii-,, s,,„,, \|,.^ l|,„k,-,,„. Ml-- Rr-rtha 

ill,,,,. Mi- 

iian,. Ml- M,, Kn,,ln..,i,.li. M,- M.,, L.n.-N. M,- Ik, .a I i,.,,,„i!,, \li- \,ll K,,,,,. Miss 

Jan.- Turr.nilni.,. Mi- \k,rv I'.nl.,, K,,k,i,.ni. M.-- M.nll,,, T,l|,„,,,,. M,-- \k,i^ii,l I -nil. Miss 

I'ntlir Milka-. Ml- Am,,., Ma, I. \1,-- l,/„, Klla.ii. Ml- ^,,-1, M.Wn,,i.r. Miss 

r:ii/al,rili W I. Ml- lai.i Ka-iin.iM, M,- v,,|K M.,,,,,,. \|,- |'.,,il W,ii-..„. \1,-- I.ucile Mi-, Klk.- M,.r:iaii. Mi- M,,,^ Wxall. Mi- l,,.,,,-.' Caail.l. Mi- llkii .\aiiLc. Miss 

M.n^ I. ,11 C lu,,,. \l,-- \.ll.i I'.iii, .,-..,,. \l,- l;,,-.. (:.,.,.l„,,, M,.. I h,.,l,..ii. Price, Miss 

K,,,,l,., C I,,. I,. \l,- \'.i,N I'nkaiii. Ml- .1,11., „■ Ik.niih. Mi- li, - ll,^,.,-. Miss Ellen 

II, III. ,1. Ml- M..\ 1..UI-. \li-- I. .11 Ham-. Mi- Mar\ Han. I.I. Mi- 1 .1 i/.ik.lli Hart. Miss 

hlizaheth kirkland. Mis^ 1 i-,- l,,n.l-l.,v. .Miss ll.-Irn .Mitchell. .Miss Blannlir .Martin. Miss 

Martha Nichols, Miss Ague- .smhli. Mi" Ida Swann. and Miss Rebecca Ward. 

Several strong knitting iniiks were organized in Nashville through this organiza- 
tion, one of the largest being the D. B. Unit, organized by Mrs. John B. Ransoin, Jr., 
and Mrs. Rogers Caldwell, with Mrs. James E. Caldwell, Jr., as instructor. The 
members of this unit were: 

Mrs. John A. McEwen. Mrs. Allen Berry, ^[rs. Charles Hunt. Afrs, Paul Rve. Mrs. W. D. 
Haggard, Mrs. Richard Pake. Mr-. Fdwin Mnrrav, Mr- F.nmt William^. Mr-., .^^p.n.'.-r M. -Henry-. 
Miss Mary Webb. Mi-, iliirl.-^ l,,,,,- Mr- Ik-nrx Kia/.-r. Mi-, K„-J.l,i,i; ( i.., .I..n. Mrs. 
Walter Morgan. Mi- I,,-,]. I, l'.,li,i,i. M,-. I'.s,,,,, M,, ■,,,,. Mr-. M,,,,,l,il, (.,|,|u,ll M,- Felix 
Cheatham. Mrs. l)a„,|,,,lLn (.,I,I»,II. \l,- ,|,,l,,, ( l„ ,,k. Mi-, .1 \, I l.,u k,n-,.ii. Mi- l.eland 

Rankin. Mr-. C, il 1 uin^. Mi- la,,;,,,,,, ^1,,,, \l,-- \l„,, (.,,i,,„l,. Sniill,. M,- |,,-,,|di H. 

Tl,..,n|.-..n. Mr-. Ii.nik -..,,. n C,,.,-,,. \l,- ( I,,,, I,. I M, „,,.». \|,-. ' ,,- \kil..,i,. In, Mrs. 

I'.ikin- ^.■\l..i,. Ml- H.ii-^ I. II, I,., I, II, ,111,,.,,,. Ml-,,, ^i,.k,,- 1, . Ml- I lank- WlniKurth, 
Mr-;. \n,|n-w Z.-ilki. Mi- ( ..rrin.- ( r,ii^. Mi- I illiii, J,, v. Mi- -.ira -^liainn.n. Mi- \l,,r^ Hard- 
ing Buckner. Miss Elizabeth Buckner. Mrs. Foster Hume. Mrs. C. A. Coding. .Mrs. Thomas Herbert. 
Jr.. Mrs. K. C. Moore, Jr.. Miss Lillian Warner. Miss Evelyn Douglas, M^iss Bessie Dunbar, 
Miss Ellen Stokes, Miss Ruth Vance, Miss Margaret Vance, Miss Martha Lindsey. 

The personnel of the National Life and Accident Company Unit, with Miss 
Margaret Crecellus as president, consisted of: 

/>.( I I nsoy CO I v r y 

o 1/ /■; V / V 7 // A ;; o a 1. 1> ir i A'. / <> i ii " i : 

GKOLP UF MEMliEKS Ol" GlKl.S Al Mil \1!V 



Mi?s Lillian Warner in centre cf jilelure. Cliairrnaii. .-^tandinj; buck of her is Mrs. Harry 
Evans. Presiileni of llie Tennes-.e orianizalion. Ullicrs in the i.icluje are: Miss Francis 
Dudley. Miss Marv Lee Crockett. Miss Eleanor Tvne. Miss Corinne Craig. Miss Percie Warner, 
Miss Marv Harding lOnckner. Miss llariel Dillon. Mrs. Paul Kyc, Miss Gladys Wilherspoon, 
.Miss Allien Tillman and Miss Delia Martin. 

Mr< \. L. Anderson. Mrs. Douglas Moxlev, Mrs, Ethel .'^niith. Miss Annie Aycock. Miss 
Mildred Brown. Miss Lorine Cunningham. Mis* Er<'aa Chilton. Miss Nellie Ferguson. Miss 
i ucile f-Vr"U-on Mi-^s Clara Sue Ge,-. Miss Margaret Kellev. Miss Karline Meadow. Miss Nellie 
\I Nevin-^" Mi- Julia M,l. h.-Il. Mi^- l)u,-,•^ Monger. NJi-s Gla K- Ku-l. Miss Sadee .Shea. 
Mrs. Louise Hailev. M.^. -.lU Mm,.,. Mr-. Grant Thoma>. \li-> IMi,;, M-nway. Miss India 
Cooper Mi« llesl.'-r (..... ^... \l,-- \l,,,,i,.. |)i\,,i.. Mi- Martha frilh. \1,-- N.'lie .Mai Gibbons, 
Miss Inna Jackson. .Mi- I ,n,„, K.M.n. \I.— l)<;vev \la\wrll. Mi- Ir.iiu-.- Morton. Miss Iteba 
Orndorff. Miss Ka- i'ad., 11. Mis- .-um- Slalev. .Mi- Frances Heaves. Mi- Vola Thomas. Miss 
Pearl Watson. Mi- Matii,- William-. Mi- N,l! \\e>l,>. Miss .Margaret Welch. .\l.iss Helen Walker. 

C. A. Craig. I'residcnl of the National LilV and .Vccidciit liisiirance Conipaiiv, 
challen;.'f<l this unit lo fuitlicr eiulcavor hy promising to iJiirchase knitting needles 
and all tlie wool consumi'd. This unit in their splendid woik gave Mr. Craig ample 

Ciitucii Ol- Tin; \i)\i;nt IMt 

Mrs. J. Huist Kirhardson was preside I' llir (:liiMrli ,1 ll.r \.lvent Inil. and 

the work of this organization was exeeplional. -.. thai iIh\ \m n- di.illrd as a unit lo 
continue to knit for the Red Cross at tin- l..nnali,ji nl llic \,i-li\ill,- Ciiapler. 

The following were the memhei- , f Mi-. K i. I,,,, ,l-..n- : M,-. .1. P-iiist Kieh- 

ardson. President; Mrs. Koseoe .Niirni. \li-. .1. II. :-n\ iiohll. Mi-, \iiiia C Shipman, 
Mr.s. J. \. Chamherlain. Mrs. C. 11. ll,..ll..,-. \li-. \. I). l;.\,n,. Mi-. II. C Hihhs, 
Mrs. M. H. Parrish. Mrs. Wiiliatn .S helTer. Mi- j..,- C,,,!!.-. Mi- (oitrude Lewis. 
Miss Priseilla Polk. Miss Med.ira Mill. Miss l),,rnll,\ llill. Mi- M,ir.iaret Edwards, 
Mi-s Hula Niinn. Miss Amv Nunn. Miss Frances Niiiui. Mi- l.nnn.i Jean Lawrence, 
Miss Willie Temple. Miss' Lorena Southgate. Mi- Kli/alM-lh SmilliLate. and Miss 
Klizaheth Jungerinan. 

Ckniknm.m. Ci.i I! IM I 

Mr-. 1. W. Miller ua- pr.-ideiil of the Chil. Inil. llir piinripal ., Inject 
of which was lo . -tahlish knitting units at the Wariolo Sclllcicnl Horn-, the Wesley 


Home ;,M,1 the OM \V,..nair- Home. V„v llie unit inMilullnn. Mi-. Kniili,- Mull,, 
inutlier of Mrs. Miller, at tlie age of ei;^hly-six. eontril.iited over seven luindred 
artieles knitted for the boys by her own hands. Later Mrs. Mulh was among the 
most ardent knitters of the Red Cross Chapter, and was unsurpassed by any other 
knitter in Tennessee. 

Miss Corrinne Cavert organized a unit among the public school teachers, whose 
patriotism cannot be too highly praised for the excellent manner in which they in- 
stilled with the spirit of helpfulness the children in their charge from the beginning 
of tlie war through the reconstruction period. The Davidson Countv Teachers' As- 
sociation received favorable comment from National and State officers of all World 
War organizations. 

The members of Miss Cavert's Unit were: Miss Corrinne Cavert, Miss Rose 
Goodwin, Miss Annie Cavert, Miss Ida Cavert, Miss Alice Leonard, Miss Hettie 
Duff, Miss Laura M. Malone, Miss Lillian Taylor, Miss Margaret Rose, Miss Grace 
Rose, Miss Claytie Robinson, Miss Jennie Waggoner, Miss Hattie Cotton, Miss 
Marie Cage. Miss Louise Cage, Miss Keeble Trimble, Mrs. Henry Manthey. Miss 
Julia Green. Mrs. Ross Hudleston, Mrs. Lou Rascoe. and Mrs. P. M. Tamble. 

CoLNciL OF Catholic Women 

The Catholic women's unit was organized at the residence of Mrs. John Coode. 
Mrs. Horace Cauvin was elected president, Mrs. Herbert McSweeney, secretary, and 
Mrs. John Steadwell, treasurer. The meetings of this unit were held at the Kniehts 
of Columbus club house, and tlie instructors of knitting were Mrs. Bettie Dahlgren. 
Miss Alice G. Smith. Mrs. T. R. Behan. Miss Sadie Cauvin, Mrs. John Bevington, 
and Mrs. Dora Bruce Grimes. 

The following members of the unit donated the wool and knitted a large number 
of articles: 

Mrs.. John Coode. Mrs. A. P. Ottar=nn. Mrs. J..lin B.niiigton. Mrs. M. I. Smitli. Mrs Herbert 
.McSweeney. Mrs. .\rtluir .I;nAi-. Atr-, ,1. II. Criin. -. \I,-. F. K. Kiiliii. Mi-, T. T., T^ Mrs. 
Joseph H. Thompson. :\Ir-. I, \, ^i, m,Iu, II. M,-. Ih,,..,,. (.,„mii. \I,-, -i,,„i,a ■|,,nlh,ni. Mrs. 
John Lowery. Mrs. John Tivhii.-, \|i-. \IImii ^muIii. Mi-. |mIi-i \1,mi,,.. \I,- \ | I In,-. Mrs. 
P. A. .Murray. .Mrs. Fran,.- \l,(alill^. Mr-. ,1. I,. >p,,r.-. \l,-. Cluirl.- Iln,„. \l,-. Th.,mas 
Swords. Afrs. Thomas Mo„ney, Mrs. T. K. Behan. Mrs. John Miller, and Misses .Mary Finnegan, 
Dorothy Lutzler. Elizabeth Green. Annie Marie Nenon, Annie Mai Kennedy, Mamie Brew, Mary 
DeMoville. .\nnie D.-Moville. Catherine Grimes. Cornelia Coode, Kathleen Langham, Agnez 
Kuhn. Kate Fitzgerald and Ellie Sutherland. 

The Fire Fighters Umt 
The fire laddies of Nashville formed a volunteer unit, '"the kit unit." and gave 
their spare time to knitting under the instructions of Mrs. John Coode and Mrs. 
Sam Orr. These men turned out a very creditable number of hand-knitted articles. 
Later they learned to operate a sock machine and greatlv increased the volume of 
the units work. 

Mrs. Harry W. Evans donated the first knitting machine to be used in Nashville, 
and after the practicability of the machine was established several more were pur- 
chased later for the Red Cross Chapter. 


DAI 1 1) S O \ C O I V 7 )• K M E .V / A' T H K If R I. I) If A R. 19 141919 

Y. Vi'. C. A. Annkx IMt 

Mis. r.liarl.'s Dudl.-v ],m,'> an.l Mrs. K.luin \. I'li.v ^^vu^ l\u- oi-aniziMS and 

Mi-- Mai\ Smith. I'lvsid.-nt. 
Mi-- Mar\ Sult..n. Trcasiin-r. 
Mi- kat.- Healey. Serrctaiy. 


M>-. K. 1{. Dooliule. PlTsidLMl. 

Mr-. \. ,). McGaughey. SetiTtai y. 

Mi— llallic Rose. Treasurer. 

Ml-. V. T. Carturi-ht. riirchasins.' Aiicnt. 

M,-. II. 11. Clia.lurll. Kxtrnsion. 

DriMMM M\(.\ziNE CiKci.E Unit 

M,-. .I„lin II. DrWitt. President. 

Mis. .1. C. (avveiins. Jr.. \ i.ePicsid.-nt. 

Mrs. I). M. Smith. Serretar\ and Tn-a-iiivr. 

Mrs. Clav C. Stephens, lii-li iMl<.r. 

This unit was composed of the < iilire in(ndin-hi|i nl ihr lirhiiMiit Magazine Club, 
whose rosier of members apjirars in {h- l-edcrali'd ( liih ( liaplri. 

Miss Lina Kaminsky. one of the most eHirimi kiiittci- .^1 the Navy ComforU 
Committee, was born in Berlin. Germany. She. h< vm m i. nnr -o impressed with 
Ameriean ideals and principles that her adopted . nunliA did not have a more ioval 
or devoted [jatriot. 

To Mr.s. Harrv K\an-. Pn -ideni of this oi-iani/ali.,n. rredil is due thr training 
of a lar"C number of wcinien of Tennessee who later beranie eni( ierit war workers. 

\o other I oiiiil\ ill llie M.ilr i an hua-l iil iia\ inp more sons in the service of their 
countrv from the same families than that of Davidson County. While we sive a few 
illustrations of the mothers and their sons, there were more than a hundred families 
in the county with from three to six stars on the Service Mafrs that hunji on the 
front doors of the absent soldiers' homes. Mr. and Mi-. Marl Rice. Davidson 
County residents, had six sons who were native- nl ihr . miiiiI\ in the service, and 
a number of other families who had several son- in x-iw,,- are iccorded with the 
Cleaves Sword Chapter. 



World War Mother of Tenr 


D.niDSoy COLM) iroMF.y i .\ the iiohlu ivar. i'ji-ii'jiq 

(\lai-a.rl \\in^l^^l 

To hrr ri;:l,l. I'rivalc W in-ln„ I l(a,l,,iiai Icrs I).-la,lini 
(Wihlcal) Division. To I.e. l.-ll. Li.ulmant llarnM I'. CaliUM-ll. 
Gun Baltalioii. 59 Bri>;a(lr. .iOlli (Old llickoryl Division. A. K. 1- 
William Dakc Calclw.-ll. llTlli Infantry. 59tli Bripade, 30lli lJivi>i(,i 

.\rember of Advisory' Council of this History. 

Arliljcrv. Hist 
null Machine 
L-ft. Lieutenant 

DAVIDSON CO U N T Y IT' M E N I ,\ T H E tt R L D K.l R. I 1 4-1 ■^ ] 9 


l,s |()s| I'll U. WEST 
(Pdltie irouthworth.) 

The Service Flag is for the four sons of Mr. and Mrs. \^est ^vho were in service. Her en 
family were patriots. Mrs. \^'est and daughter Miss Pattie Ready West, served as faithfully 
the "Army at Home'" as the sons wlio were under military discipline. 

on 1 1) s o v 

Ol .\T y a (> M E V / V 7 // A If ORL D 

To k-r k-fl. I.irulcnai.l W illiain 
ville. Ky. Field Arlillery. 

To iuT right. I'rivat.- 11. r I' 

Camp SevicT, S. ('.. 

Top row: l..'fl. WhMv \llri, 
Private IJavid .Siralloii Ilii!:f;in>. Na 

cased I, Officers' Training; Camp, Louis- 
?edl. Batten- E. lUtli Field Artillery, 

-inell Huf-cins. Cam|) .Inlinsl..n. .la.U>.iMville 
Operaliiij; Base. Haiii|itiin Kciads. \ a. 


n.illDSON COINTY rOMEN IN THE If O R L D WAR. I '> I l-I <) I Q 

(Lenora Badger) 

To the right. Charles Barrlngton Cridd'e, Bat. F, 312 F. A.. 97th Div.. A. E. F.: William 
•Smith Criddle. U. S. Navv Reserve Force. San Dieio, Cal.; Fe'ix Ewing Griddle. I!. S. Eng. 
Supply Corps, Washington. D. C: Edward Scruggs Cridd'e. S. A. T. C, Vaiulerbilt University. 

DAllDSoy col MY ITOMEy / V THE llOHLI) WAR. 1 1 1-1 9 • 


. "^Tt^^^i^tM^^H 

MliS. MAUY lUilMlT TIKIM \.s 

Tcp row. In \uv l.-fl; l.i,-iit.-Ti,iiil .|..l,,i W. Mm^an TIh.tiki-. .Tl-I In 
fanlrv. A. k. V. l!..Uo„i mw. Ir(l: W inM..i] i:iit:lu •|linina-. YaU- ^a^; 
Traininp VnH. IJiclit. Scninr l.irul.iiant I . S. N. C.movr.l in war z.iiic oi 
I'. S. S. Salem. 




Below. Private Louis Eclwaril Lee. llie first Davidson County volunteer to pay tlie supreme 
sacrifice on the liaitlefieliL after America entered tlie war. To tlie left, above. Private Carter 
\^'ebb Lee. who served thirteen months in South America with the U. S. Marine Corps. Right, 
Private Harry Eugene Lee, U. S. Marine on board L'. S. S. Pennsylvania, U. S. S. Arizona, and 
.Submarine Base, San Pedro, California, 

DAI I DSO .V C O I \T y ir O M E Y / V THE IT K 1 1) IT I K. I " //■/";' 


s Chri liaii Association 

If o,l,l II 

operated with ;ill ; 

•^ Cli 

The Nashville As> 

1918. Exeenlive I?,,: 
Lewis. Mrs. Per. V W 
Trawick. Mrs. John R. .'\ust. Miss Kath.-ri 

Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis, ehairinaii I 
wilh a eommittec selected from the nierni« i-hi| 
This was the second largest amount collected 
Icrifrth of time in ativ campaijrn throiifihoiit 
]\irs. Ferdinand Kuhn faised si2.(M)0 the hi 
the war in a campaiiin. 

For several years U-(.nr the Iriil.'.! Slah- 

war the ^alional Hoar.l of YomiL' W an 

Association had l)e<'n co-operatin; 
Red Cross, and throiifrh the Red ( 
inir Service an educational iimur: 
out hy which the women of I lie i 
pared for emerjiency work. In I 
fieslion came from the Nalinnal Una 

A. that trainin*.' chi--(- in 1 ir i ,ir 

aid and home dietetii> -hnnlil hr (Pij 
Nashville Association. Mr^. I. .1. \ 
of the Fducational Commillcc. appon 
Red Cross educational work nl ll,r In 

Miss McHenrv and Mi-~ \lar\ I 
ized. during the WorM War. ihc In- 
IlomcCareof Ih.-Si.k in Davi.iMm ( 

-niialion llirnu,t:hnnt the . ..uiilry co- 
ll uere engaged in World War ac- 
lliis policy implicitly, and took an 
arli\c |iail in all lampaigns. beginning their services 
imniedialcK after the United Stales dwiared war. The 
Nashville Y. W. C. A. building became the headquarters 
for all organization^ and committees engaged in war 
activities which .lid n..l have established headquarters. 
No more patri.>lii wnm. n . .add be found thati the girls 
of tin- two b.iar.lin- ,I.|m. Ini.-nts of the Nashville Asso- 

. latinn. Th.n u.M- ,,.,M,-.n|,-.l in ,-.ry. pha f war 

u,„kan,l ...l.l.-.l nialriialU l,,ll,.- t.-ain, .■ pnbli. ilv .ivcn 

Tla- v. W. C. A. officers. I...1I1 \..lunt.-.a- an.l .-ni 
p|.i\c^. llic -landing commitl.'.- ami li.-n.-ial nuinli.r- 
-hip h.'l.l p..-ili..n- .if li-a,lcr-lnp in l.nal and State 

palii.ili.' .irtiani/alinn-. 11 III.. a- ami h.uird members 

,,f III.- .liiiin'j lli.' W.ul.l War were as fol- Mrs. George F. Dlackie. Proi.l.-nl. lOlT, |„ 
•rnl.,-rs were: Mrs. W. G. Fwing. Mr-. \ln,„,. 
Mr-. Kdward Ruf..rd. Mrs. W. W. Cian.lall. Mi-. \i.h 
M..rri-" aii.l Mi— Marv Pleasants Jones. 
Na-liMll- in ih,- lii-t Y. W. C. A. drive, 


li.inal secretaries, organ- 
l.l.rnenlary Hvciene and 

,11 «a< given on\'\pril 17. 


() M E N I y T H K W I) R L I) If A R. 19 1 41 ^ 1 ' 

1917, with a class of nineteen members; the second class, assembled on April 20, 
1917. had twenty members; and the third class, organized April 25. 1917, had 
twenty -five members. On April 26. 1917. an evening class of sixteen members was 
organized. At that time Miss Fannie Owen Walton was the only Red Cross nurse 
in Nashville qualified to teach beginners. She was detailed by 
the American Red Cross to take charge of the Y. W. C. A. 
ilasses. Mrs. Willie F. Acree, who was later qualified to teach, 
completed the work begun under Miss Walton, and organized 
four additional classes. Miss Walton was appointed bv the Red 
Cross to hold examinations of those who applied for certificates. 
She was later commanded for overseas duty. Lectures were 
given by Nashville physicians on all matters pertaining to public 
health service, in the auditorium of the local Y. W. C. A. Miss 
Pearl Sanders and Mrs. Frank Avent lectured on practical home 


leled the fi 

the Red 

as foil 

Class No. 1: Mrs. Medora McAlister 

llackie. Mrs. 
Virpinia Mc 


-. Mar 

,• Hurt 

in Evans 







M, \l, 

l,r. Mrs 

W lUidms,,, 

Ml-. M 


W. .\riss Malikia Fi 

Miss Per 


Class No. 2: Mrs. Vance Bogle Bryan. Mrs. Margurite Burr, Mrs. Elizabeth Brooker, Mrs. 
Barclara Dunnivant, Mrs. Eula Golden Gaines. Mrs. Margaret McCloud. Mrs. Gertrude. Mc- 
Gannon. Mrs. Leila Smitli. Mr-. Anna Ku— til Cnle Weaver, and Miss Alexine Bogatsky, Miss 
Mabel Cohn. Miss Loraim- li\riinrniii-. \Ii-- Mary Jane Napier, Miss Miriam Poyntz, Miss 
Ilattie P.obertson. Miss Ln. \ lltHi/.i. Mi-- Tlir,„lnra Scruggs. Miss Roberta Steadwell. and Miss 
Vivian Watkins. 

Class No. 3: Mrs. Elizabeth L. Buntin, Mrs. Ellen Rion Caldwell, Mrs. Helen Pickslay Cheek. 
Mrs. Martha Ballard Dobson. Mrs. Theresa Greif. Mrs. Annie Boiling Jenkins. Mrs. William 
F. Cheek, Miss Katherine Butler, Miss Frances Davies. Miss Katherine Diiry. Miss Ellen CockriU 
Foster, Miss Bernice Frank, Miss Emmeline Green, Miss B.riki ll.ili.ii, \[iss Helen E. Kelley. 
Miss Eleanor Patrick, Miss Margurite Pittin^rer, and Mis- I j'l m WrMiliaiim. 

Class No. 4: Miss Lillian W. Stephens. Mile. Germain.- -^jm-.i. \I,- Eleanor Gardner. Miss 
Annie Gary Gosnell, Miss Mary Pleasants Jones. Miss Vera King. Miss Mabel Miller. Miss 
Katherine Morris. Miss Sallie Parchment, Miss Sara Paris, Miss Emma J. Sisson. Miss Lucile 
Talley, Miss Louise Tarpley, ^Dss Louise McHenry. Miss Dene Smalling. and Miss Roberta 

Class No. 5: .Mrs. Jennie Peebles DeWitt. Mrs. Beulah Campen. Mrs. Marx M.Millian. Miss 
Flora Arledge. Miss Eliza Arlidae. Miss Sophie Acree. Miss Jean Bradford. Mi- Nan. x ( astner. 
Miss Sadie Frank. Miss Mary Hibbett. and Miss Margaret O'Leary. 

Class No. 6: Mrs. Florence Saunders. iNIrs. John W. Thomas. Jr.. Mrs. Josephine Young. 
Miss Lucretia Owen, Miss Eula Skinner. Miss Edith Pentecost. Miss Sara Ogilvie. and Miss 
Nelle Roache. 

Class No. 7: Mrs. Martha Buford Jones. Mrs Hazel Brock Alexander. Mrs. .Sara Polk Brad- 
ford, Mrs. Louise B. Crutcher. Mrs. Mamve Ridlev Nichol. Mrs. Frances Crutchfield. Mrs. 
Catherine Riley. Mrs. Jessie Thomas Green. Miss Rebecca Polk. Mrs. Lutie Vance. Mrs. Chris- 
tine Smith, and Mrs. Julia Sharpe. 

Class No. 8: Mrs. Luella Hall. Mrs. Marv F. Baird. Mrs. Harriett Ingram. Mrs. Nannie 
Dudley Pilcher Folk. Mrs. John A. McEwen. Mrs. Mary B. Vaughn, Mrs. Ophelia Hecht. Mrs. 
Julia Dudley Dak... ^rrs. Anni,- H. Orr. Mrs. Helen Fleming. Mrs. Annie Sinnott. Mrs. James 
Weaklev, Mrs. P.. .ml W illi.n,-. Mrs. Adine Allen. Mrs Sammie Keith Glasgow. Mrs. Edith H. 

Cobbs. Mrs. W. T V ■■ Mi- Frances Kirkpatrick. >riss Martha Weaklev, Miss 011a Oglevie, 

Miss Carrie Lee lliint.M. Mr-. Bvron Martin, and Mrs. Charles Hunt. 

("91 ) 

DUiDsox r.o/.vri iroMF.\ /.v the \iorii) itih. iou.;c,q 


v w. 

They are: Miss Mary Pleasants Jones. Mrs. Kobert Ciieek. Mrs. Henrv TeitU-jjaum. .Mrs. 
Dempsey Weaver, Mrs. .\nne Davis Jackson, Mrs. Ellen Kion Caldwell. .Mrs. Dea Fletcher- 
Cherry, Mrs. Carrie Hovt .McHenrv. Mrs. Louise Bransf..rH Kirknum. Mrs. Louise McFerrin, 
Aflss Sara D. Hi. liai.lM.n. \Iiv \ i-i,ii,i (;,,,-. \I,-, \I.,n i;,.,,K Wr.nn WIlliaiM-.ui Mr< 
.Margaret M. \lr<:io,„l. Mi- \|.,Ih.| MMI,,. M,- \,.,,, Ku,- \1,-- \ uunw (.irm. \l,- i:ilr,. 
Cockrill Foster. Mi- kjiliniiir linn. Mi- M.iiiM,, l',,,i,,. \I,.. | ,,. i!.- T.ijlv. Mi- i:ir.ii,,,r Kiik- 
palrick Miss ll.nlr-. Mi- I .nim.- (1. W.iii.,,,. Nin-,. Mi- I i,-,l W K.l-r\ Mi- rheiesa 
Grief. Mrs. Eula GoUlen Gaine>. Mrs. Marjiaret Rurr. .\h>. Fli^al.elli BnM.kes. Mrs. Vance 
Bogle Bryan. .Mrs. Blanche Lindauer Fensterwald. .Mrs. Louise Jackson Me.Alister. Miss Vivian 
Walkins. Miss Percie Warner. Mrs. John O. Vi lute. Miss Lorraine Hyronenius. Miss Louise Prich- 
elt. Mrs. Hascornh Montgomer>-. 

Tin- first class in DavidsDii C.imlv in Red Ci(i>s lioini- Dietetics «as c,ri;aiii/.c(l 
at the Y. W . C. A. on June 2.'>, 1917. with Miss Ada M. Field and Miss .Marian Oney, 
of Peabody College, as instructors. The following women were inenibeis of the class: 

.Afrs. .Sophia Acree, Mrs. Pea Fletcher Cherrv. .Mrs. Jennie Peehles DeWilt. .Mrs. .Sara Polk 
nradford. .Mrs. Blanche Lindauer Fensterwald. .Mrs. Eula Golden Gaines, Mrs. Annie B. Jenkins, 
Mrs. Mayme Hidley .\ichol. Mrs Sara I). Ilichardson. Mrs. Ittie Kinnv Reno. Miss Sadie Frank, 
.Miss \era King, .Miss Mabel .Miller. Miss Sara Ogilvie. Miss Lucile Tallev. Miss Vernon Kirk- 
patrick. Miss Matilda Porter. an<l Miss Vivian Watkins. 

A second class in Ii.umi- (lirlclicv was tauL'lit (iiici. r liir -iip<'! vision of a P.-aliddv 
Coileire instructor. 

On May 8. 1917. al llo- In, al V. W . C. A., a rla>^ in l!c,l (;r.i>- Fii-I Aid was 
organized with Mr-. \l. C. \|. ( ;,iiin..n and Dr (.CMi-r WillianiM.n a- iii-lnirl,,r^ 
The followiiiL' Unmrn r.-rei^rd ,r,lll,ralr- in llli- r,,„r-r: 

Mrs. Anna lius-ell Cole Weaver. .Mrs. Anne .1,,. k-.m. Mi-. III. 
Ufa Fletcher Cherry. .Mrs. Virginia .\Icllenr\ . M,- ( ,,>„ II. .m 
Bransford Kirknian. Mrs. Louise .McFerrin. Mi- ^.ii II l.'i. Iiinl-.m. 
Teitlebaum. Mr.x. Virginia (Jross. Mrs. Marv l!..i.l\ W.-.nn W illi.iin-. 
AfeCloud. Mrs. There..^a Greif, Nfrs. Eula Goldin Gaines. Mr- Helen 
.Margurite Burr. .Mrs. Elizabeth Brooker. Mrs Vance Bogle Brvan. Mile. 
Blanche Lin.lauer Fenst.-rwald. .Mrs. Louise Jackson McAlisler,' Miss Vivl 
Hughes. Mi^s Lorraine llvronenius. Miss Mabel Miller, Miss Louise P 
Sleadwell. .Mrs. Ba,«;onib .Montgomery. Miss Vera King. Miss Emmelin. 
Foster, Miss Kalherine Durv. Miss Percie Warner. Mrs. Fred W. Kels.v. > 
Miss Mary Jane Napier. NJiss Marv Steadwell. Miss Matilda Porter. \li 
Frances Davies. and Miss Ehanor Kirkpalrick. 


II. 1 

n. \ 

,-. I 



-. .'-.II .1 




-. M 

ngaret M. 







ne S 



a I 







. Mi 

-- |{< 




- KM 

■n C. 


- 11 







Thuse appearinj; in llit- pirture are: Mi-* ^Ial-^ Pleasants Junes and Miss Sue White, instruc- 

-: Ml" Klli.l F,i-lM„. \I,- \|„||,1 -,„,-, Mr--. llilhn.M, ( li.allian,. Mi- Delia Byrum, Mrs. 
inr- liili.r \|i-- (.ri-i^ij |inl',,-,. Mi-, v.nlh' (,i!ii. Ml-- V.i\ i.hiiitr-. Miss Alc-xinc Bogatzlcl, 
I- \liM,::. I MUl 1,-1, ,11. \h-- \1,„ lluii. Ml-- I'aiitiiir i:,l»ai,l-. M,- Ruth Foster, .Miss 
llleli.R LallrU>. Ml- Mal.el Clia. Ml.-? Callleiinr Me(.c,%elii. 

The niajoiitv of these women took instructions in the preparation of surgical 
dressings under Mrs. Willie F. Acree. and those who complied with the require- 
ments were entitled to become instructors in the Nashville Red Cross Chapter. 

During the influenza epidemic, in the fall of 1918, the Y. W. C. A. co-operated 
in every possible way with the Red Cross, Nashville Chapter. 

In May. 1917, war emergency training classes were organized at the Nashville 
.\ssociation in the following subjects: Use of adding machine, day and evening 
classes, taught by a representative of a standard adding machine company: Stenog- 
raphy, day and evening classes, taught by Mrs. Hofstetter Graham. Miss Agnes 
Selley and Miss Sue White; Typewriting, taught by Miss Eunice King and Miss 
Pearl Hobbs: Bookkeeping, taught by Miss Pearl Hobbs: Business English and 
Arithmetic, taught by MiSs Helen Brown; Civil Service courses, taught by an in- 
structor from Peabody College: English, taught by Mrs. Jordan Stokes, Jr.: French, 
taught by J\Ille. Calusant and M. Robert; Spanish, taught by Miss Claudia Caranza: 
Home Management, taught by Miss Marian Oney; and Public Speaking, taught by 
Mrs. Harry Anderson. 

The Y. W. C. A. service flag contained twentv-two stars in honor of members of 
the Nashville Association who were in foreign service. The members who served 
overseas in the Vanderbilt Unit '"S" were: 

Misq Cathe 
Mi- I. iiiii.- I 

G. Sinnot. Miss Elizabeth Beal. Miss Iva Br 

. Mi- .lelini,. Drn-nn. Mi- Mallir Dru. Mi- 



M. Bu.-hanan. 
■:a-lla,M. Miss 

Mi- K;,„.' ^uaiir,. \|,- ll.ulah Ta^l..r. Mi- Lrna W Mi- Fannie ( t. Walton. 
and Miss Mary Steadwell. 

Through the Industrial Department of the Nasliville Y. W. C. A., of which Miss 
Katherine Morris was chairman. Red Cross units were organized in several large 


D III D S () .V C I \T y «■ M E .V / .V T H E K R I. I) If I H. I » I l-i <> I 9 

industrial centers. These incliKicil the Xdlunlr.M Manul';i( liniiij; Chiiiikimv ;iiu1 llu- 
Methodist Publishing House. A larjie iuiiuIxm ..t -ul- Imni lli.- \,iii(.u- i\l,'nH,in 
clubs of the asso<-iat"ion and the lu,, hoaidinj; de|iaitiiiriii- w,-ic .■iii,>llc.l in llic K.'d 
Cross classes. 

Knitting circles were formed in liie Association and Annex l.uildini:. and cnni- 
plete outfits for liie soldiers were made al ni^liI hv tin- tiirls who were ein|do\ed 
during the day. 

Classes were organized in which ihe mo-l a|i|Mo\eii nieiliods of camiing. drvmg 
and preserving foods were taught h\ \li-~ \.la field, ol I'ealiody College, at Nash- 
ville. Members of these classes \nlnnleei iiiMiu.i,,i~ in the neighborhood 
camiing demonstrations, which proved of inestimable valne. 

In June. 1917. a canning demonstration was given in llie \\ airier Vudilorinm of 
the Y. W. C. A. by Miss \ iVginia Moore, leader of the KMen-ion Departinenl of the 
University of Tennessee. At a lecture given at the |m, al \-oeiatiou on Food Con- 
sen-ation by Dr. Francis Lund, in June. l')17. more iliaii luo hundred women were 
in attendance. In AuLni-^t. 1017. a dcmon-lralinn nl the making of war emergencv 
bread was •inn, b\ Mi- \\.->lin-. a L:ox,.rmnent eN,,eit. In June. I')|;;. ||„. Y. W. 
C. A. co.operate,l uilli th,' food \dniiniMratn.n in air.niL^in'^ a ,ne,-tin;. in llie Warner 
Auditorium for Dean Arnold, of Siimnon> Coll,-^.-. al lIoMon. in the inle.eM of food 
conservation. :\lrs. Charles Caldwell, a inemlur of tlu- \"o, iailon. u a^ the Nash- 
ville (Chairman of Food Conservation. 

On May 16. 1917. Mrs. Aib-en fillman MeLan^hlin. a loinMr Daxid-on 
Countv girl, gave a talk on her expriienie- .i- .i nni-r in llie \\.,\ lio-|,ilal- ni llalv 
and France before a large andiowe in the ^ . W . ( .. \. andil.., mm. Ihe ILi- lai-ing 
on the roof of the \^~o.iali..n l.nihiinj ua^ an im|.ie-,\e and I.eanliriil feature 
of the program. Mi- l.ou,~e MeJIemN ~e,se,l a- ehanman. and m llir al,M-nce of 
Governor torn C. Hve. Ib.n. CIvde vlnop-hue ma.le an addle-. The ^lai -^panLdcd 
Banner was plaved as the lariic Hag wa,» nnlniled l.\ Mi-^- Maiiha .md Wil- 
liamson. A handsome flag pole had been |.,e-, nl, d |o the \a-li\Mle V W . ( . \. I.v 
Wade Kirkpatrick. The Nashville Raihsav \ l.i.uhl CompanN eM.ndeJ ihe r.,nile-v 
of a spec-ial car to traM-p..rl the First T.-nnessee Irdanlix fiom C.nnp .laek^on for 
the ceremony. 

In May. 1917. a conunittee was a|)poinled |,\ the -^ . W. C. \. |o recpn-t all 
women's organizations of Nashville to co-o|m r.ile in ( nilnrj -i-nlmienl lo -alcLMiard 
the morals of the soldiers stationed at ("amp \ndM\\ ,|,iek-i,n. near \a~li\dli\ 

In June. 1917. Mi— fell and N holliehl. naln.nal , e|„ e~enl,,l in e- ol ihe father- 
less Children of Frame, niade a.ldie-e- al the \a.h\ille V W. C. \. n, le.ani lo 
their work, and by re,pie-l uen' fmni-heil ihe name of llie unman ulh. eoidd m,iki> 
the Fatherless Children of France organi/alion a -iieee~- in \a-h\dle and Middle 
Tennessee. This woman was Mrs. Dempsev Wea\ei. 

The Western Union Tclcirraph Compaii\. ol Na^li\ille. ■femi.. e,|iii|,ped .i looin 
and furnished an in~liii(loi in \\:,\ iinei^M-iH \ woik loi llian .i \ear .it the 
Y. W. C. A., in o,,le, to enahh- ■,u\^ to piepaie ihem-eKe. lo, -e,A iee ,n lelcraph 
work. Miss Mary Pleasants Jones was chairman of several classes in tele' r,iph\. 
A large number of girls availed themselves of this opportunity. Sc\i i.d of ihem 
became expert operators and rendered valuable service in war w^ork of thi^ i haiaeiei. 

The Nashville Association co-operated with and a.ssisted Mrs. Rogers Caldw(dl. 
president of the Girls* Patriotic League. This league was a junior branch of the 
.National League for Woman's Service, of which Mrs. Jesse M. Overton was presi- 
( 94 ) 


dent. Miss Katheriiie Morris, chairnuin „f llu- liulnMiia! l)ivisi,.n of llir Y. W. 
C. A., was instrumental in securing several tliousand ncu members l^ir the League, 
from all walks of life, thus making the Girls' Patriotic League one of the most 
democratic organizations in the county during the war. 


In January. 1919. plans were made bv the National Executive Cominitlee of tlie 
Y. W. C. A. for a Social Moralitv Campaign. The meeting held in Nashville for 
the purpose of fm miilaliiiii plans for local co-operation was held in the Y. W. C. A. 
building on April LM. I'M 7. \lis. John R. Wheeler presided and Dr. Sara Windsor, 
of New York City, made the principal address. 

Mrs. Spencer McHenry was chosen chairman-general of the campaign, which 
began active work in Nashville on May 5, 1919. Many distinguished physicians 
from other cities were guests of the local committee, which arran'jcil io liave lec- 
tures delivered before all the schools and women's organizations in \a-li\illi\ stress- 
ing the importance to the countv of education along the lines of social molality. 

Mrs. McHenry's Committee for the campaign was composed of Miss Susie Mc- 
Whirter, Local Executive Committee: Mrs. Joseph T. Howell. Publicity Chairman, 
and the following members: 

Miss Sara Scoggins, Mrs. Arch Trawick, Mrs. J. R. Wheeler, Mrs. Frank .Searcy Green, Miss 
Mary Pleasants Jones, Mrs. Lemuel Campbell, Miss Addie Fuller, Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis, 
Mrs. Jennie Zarecor, Mrs. T. B. Agertoii, Mrs. Robert Cheek, Mrs. Leo Schwartz, .Mrs. Carey 
Folk, Mrs. George F. Blackie. Mrs. John Kreig, Mrs. Charles Eastman, Mrs. Reau Folk. Mrs. 
O. N. Bryan. Mrs. James Weakley, Miss Flora Gordon, Miss Adele Stamp, Miss Katherine 
Morris, and Miss Jennie Sparks. 

A luncheon was arranged by Mrs. McHenry, at the local Y. W. C. A., as a com- 
pliment to three distinguished women who came to Nashville to assist in the cam- 
paign. These were Dr. Julia Schoenleber, of Ohio: Dr. Valeria Parker, of Con- 
necticut, and Dr. D. Kerr, of New York. The hospitality committee for the luncheon 
was composed of: Mrs. J. L. McWhorter. Mrs. Arch Trawick. Mrs. Weaver Harris, 
Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett. Mrs. W. T. Hale, Jr., Miss Addie Fuller. Mrs. John Mc- 
Clure, Mrs. Sam Wilkes, Miss Susie McWhirter. and Miss Jennie Sparks. Following 
the luncheon. Dr. Parker delivered a lecture at the Centeiini<il Club to the memJjers 
of the Cotillion Club, the Red Cross Motor Corps and the Girls" Patriotic League. 
Mrs. George F. Blackie. President of the Y. W. C. A., was later selected bv the 
Executive Board of the Nashville Chapter of Red Cross to organize the Red Cross 
units in Nashville and the districts of Davidson County. The experience which she 
had gained from her work in the Y. W. C. A. enabled Mrs. Blackie to accomplish 
the splendid results achieved by the Nashville Chapter's Red Cross Extension De- 
partment. It was through her efforts that the records of each of her units are given 
so completely in this volume. As a member of the Advisory Council for the publi- 
cation of this book, she worked untiringly to secure accurate records of all depart- 
ments of the Nashville Red Cross Chapter. Although Mrs. Blackie's rank was that 
of an official, she worked with as much enthusiasm as a private. She led to success 
a number of committees for World War relief work and ablv devoted her tim.e and 
talents to war work from the day the need arose until the end of the conflict. 

niiiDsoy cor\Ty komex i .\ the iroKi.i) ir.tK. i9H!9i9 


MH>. .I..HN llUl. KVKIN. Fouml.T 

Mrs. Sydney S. Ijiockktt. n<'rl,l 11 ar I'roUlent 


Headquarters for a larpc iiuiiiher of fuccc^^sfiil w.i 
j! apiiroximalely every Wfirld War orpani/alion n |ir.- 
rif rhe organizations were .e!e.|e<l from il> niriiilier-l 

DAllDSON COUNTY if M E N IN THE WO RED WAR. 1 <J 1 11 9 1 9 

Centennial Club 

]\Ii!s. John Hill Eakin. Fmiiuh'r 
Mrs. Sidney S. C.ko(:ki-;tt. W orl<l W ar I'n'sidrni 

Tilt: Centennial Club is a clepaitninU rlul. ni' \a.liMll.-. llie clnl, lia.l a mem- 
beiship of five hundred women duriiii; tin- Wdrlil War. and I unii-lied the majority 
of workers in all patriotic orgaiiizaticm^ in llic Slatt ami county. The club was 
founded bv Mrs. John Hill Eakin. The ,AU,;-v> and dire, l,, is .lurin- the war period 
fon-i^trd of: 

\li- -I, ill. . S In- Lrii. President; Mrs. John Bell Keeble and Mrs. Percy D. Maddin, Vice- 
1',, -1,1, ill-; \ii- i;,,l., II -. Webb and Miss Ella Brown, Secretaries; and Mrs. Samuel H. Orr. 
Tr.M-iii. 1. 11:. li,|jiimrnt Chairmen were: Mrs. Robert F. Weakley. Art; Mrs. Samuel C. 
Douglas, Home; Mrs. John H. Reeves. Literature: Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. Music; and Mrs. 
Lemuel R. Campbell, Public Interests. 

Serving with Mrs. Campbell were: 

Mrs. M. G. Buckner, Mrs. Mary Washington Frazer. Mrs. Dempsey Weaver. .Mrs. E. W. 
Foster. .Mrs. Harry Evans, JNIrs. Edwin A. Price and .Mrs. George E. Blake. 

The official life of the Centennial Club Board of Directors, who are given 
above, was almost coincident with the participation of the United States in the 
World War, and the history of the club's activities during this period is a record 
of the endeavors of the members to put at the disposal of their country the training 
of group action and collective intellectual effort which had hitherto been devoted 
to the improvement of local conditions and the enjoyment of the cultural side of life. 

Mrs. R. H. Lacev served as the club's chairman of the Emergency Service Com- 
mittee and she and her committee were appointed with authority to act in all mat- 
ters pertaining to the war, to co-operate with patriotic organizations and to lend the 
club house for war work. Mrs. Lacey's committee was a large one and she divided 
the members into neighborhood groups for quick action. An automobile service, 
with Mrs. Emmett Cooper as chairman, was placed at the disposal of the Home 
Service Section of the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross. 

The use of the club house and equipment was tendered to the Xavy Comforts 
Committee, to the Society of the Fatherless Children of France throughout the war, 
to the War Savings Society, to the Ciuinril <>( National Defense, to the National 
League for Women's Service, and to the \a-h\illr Chapter. Red Cross, until suitable 
quarters could be provided. Various jjuliiir Irrtun s on timely topics were delivered 
each dav in the auditorium of the club. 

The first woman's Liberty Loan meeting held in Tennessee convened at the Cen- 
tennial Club, and committees were furnished from its membership for every financial 
campaign conducted in the county for World War relief work. Sixty thousand 
dollars' worth of Liberty Bonds were sold by Mrs. W. T. Hale, Jr.. who served as 
chairman of the Third Liberty Loan, assisted by members of the Centennial Club. 
Fifteen hundred dollars in War Savings and Thrift Stamps were bought by the 
club treasury. A War Savings Society was organized within the club membership, 
with Mrs. George William Fall as chairman. 

Serving on the committee for the W. S. S. Carnival on Capitol Boulevard. April. 
1918, were the following Centennial Club members: 

Mrs. Arthur B. Ransom. Mrs. W. G. Adams. Mrs. ^ilarv Bright Thomas. Mrs. Lemuel R. 
Campbell. Mrs. W. S. Bransford. Mrs. Richard Dake. Mrs. Frank Carl Stalilman and Mrs. 
Louise Davidson. 


I) A I IDS o \ C () I V T y IT O M E A / A T H F. \J O R L D Ift K. 1 9 / /-/ ■> 1 9 

The Rt'.i (:ro>s (;iui>lnui-- I'ark.ii;,- f.oinniill.-,- ,.f ]')\r. u a> a>-iMr,l |.\ m.inl.ris 
of the Cent.-miiul «itli _M.>. W . L. (;.anl..TV a> ( luiinu.iii. arul M,-. W all.-r 
Stokes. Jr.. viLe-ihairmaii. 

One hundred and fiftv .oniloit kit> were tilled l\,r tlir Tennessee soldiers bv 
members of this club. 

The Red Cross operated a soup kitchen in llie i lul. limi-e iliiiiiiji the influenza 
epidemie in October. 1918. with Mrs. .^nna Conger arul \lr~. Cailn 1 Jeeves in charge. 
Mrs. 0"Bryan Washington served as chairman nl xoliinleci^ wlm ilislrilmted the 
delicacies. She was assisted by a large number i>t ilu- rlnli inrmlH i>. 

Courses in First Aid were arranged at the rliib liniise in Maw l'*17. willi Dr. 
McPheeters Glasgow as instructor. The following members eoinpleted the course: 

Mrs. .M. n. Dobsoii. Mrs. Minus Fletcher. Mrs. A. B. Beiu-.licl. Mrs. KIsworth P. Scales. 
yhi. Albert Brill. .Mrs. \V. O. Tirrill. Mrs. Clav G. Stephens, .Mrs. Veriier Moore Lewis. Mrs. 
Brown Bufonl. Mrs. I. W. .Miller. .Mrs. \V. L. .\ichol. ..Mrs. W. D. Phillips. Mrs. .John W .,-. 
.Mrs. T. Graham Hall. Mrs. W. D. Trabue. .Mrs. Chauneev Foster. .Mrs. B. F. Blankenship. Mrs. 
Clarence "Woodcock. .Mrs. C. C. Christopher. Mrs. .Samuel Pouplas. Mrs. llarrv P. Murr.v aiul 
Mrs. Joseph Gibson. 

Dr. William 1). .Suin|Mer aUn InMni. l.'.l a lar 

The following mciiiber.-- of llic Clu 
means of fitlinsr tiiemselves for all plia-c- nt w ii 
Mrs. George Parkes. Miss Rebe. ra b-nr-. \1,~~ \ 
Miss Ella Browii. Miss I-:ilen Wall.iee. Mi- M.,, 
and Miss Frances Pilcher. An in-lnicloi ri..iii 
secured for these courses b\ ihe l'ulili( liil( n-i 

The club \va-. re|Me>enle.l at lb.- |.nll> ,,„ vr;\~\ 

mittee. 1917. b\ the Inllnuirrj r,,inniillee ,,1 men 

Mrs. W. (). Tirrill. Mrs. \ .•rner Moore Lewis. Mrs. Kilwii, MurraN. \1,-, W , T, Male. Jr.. 

.Mrs. W. L. .Nichol. .Mrs. Kobin Cooper. Miss Lillian Tavlor. Mrs. Ilalliiin ( 11..,. \1,.. Abram 

.\L Tillman, .Mrs. Perkins Baxter. Mrs. Frank A. Rerrv. .Mrs. Mile. Will,.,,,,-. \1,- (arev V 
Folk. Mrs. James B. Ezzcll. Mrs. W. C. HofTman. Mrs. James II. Kirklan.l. \li. \i,na Conner. 
-Mrs. Leslie Warner. Mrs. Bruce Douglas. Mrs. George F. Blake. .Mrs. Leslie Cli. . k. \li-. Irank 
Carl Slahlman, and Mrs. Mary Bright Thomas, who served as tlie club's chairniaii. 

Mrs. I. W. Miller, chairman for the club, collect 
and four hundred and twenty-five mudler- rr..m ilie n 
Knitting .Sfvtion of the Red Cro.*s De|,ailni. m. \a-l 
McGannon and Mrs. Walter Stokes sened a.- ( a|)laiiis 

in the Hospital Garment Section of the Nashville Cha]itei. Ileil Cm--, an.! riiiMisbed 
workers from the o[)ening of the workrooms, in Angus 
February. 1919. Miss Fllie Mo.-an was nssistani s„,,er\i-,,r nl il,e >iM.ji,al l)re..s- 
ings for the Red Cross, and fiiniislied u,.rkei- lor llial depai liin'iil Ir/.in the ,l,ib 

The following members .,f llie rliib responde.l |,, a call for clerical work at llie 
State registration olTice: 

Miss Susie McWhirler. Mis> (, lacks Blake. .Mrs. Tom Forde. Mrs. F.. M. Brugli. Mrs. M. C. 
Butler. Mrs. Thomas L Webb. Mrs. L. K. Campbell. Mrs, K. H. Lacev. Mrs. A. F. Potter. Mrs. 
Pollard Caldwell, Mrs. H. A. Ilenrv. Mrs. Cbauncey C. Foster. Mrs. j. \X. Joplin. Mrs. George 
F. Blackie. Miss Kale Smith. Miss Marv Harding Buekner. Miss Frailer. Pil.lier. .Mi.- Flliel 
While, and ^rrs. E. W. Foster. 

Among the special lectures pi..\ideil 1,\ llir Cenliiinial Club f.., il- meinbers 
and the Nashville public was an adilir- lu Cli.iii.ellor J. II. Kirklan-l of \ ariderbilt 


■g,' class ill liisl Aid. 

1. eo,ii|,lele,l lui-ini-s 
u..ik: \!,-. ,|..lin Til 


N 11, .Mil,-. Mi-. Su-i,- 

.■,,lle;M. w, 

Il.llloii ,1,1V f,,r llie W, 

.inan's Coi 


1 fifteen 1 



lie (:ll,l|,l 

till- elll 
rr. Ml 

1. l,,r 
.. \l. 

I'M 7. mil 

-. ,111,1 
ll 111,' , 



rniversity, entitled "An Interpretation of the War Aims of the United Stales." Miss^ 
Helen Frazier delivered one on "English Women's War Work." Under the auspices 
of this club, Major Beith (Ian Hay I , of the Black Watch, and Mme. Frances Wilson 
Huard gave their experiences in the war zone, at the Vendome Theater, at Nashville. 

The Hospitality Committee, wilh Mrs. Percy D. Maddin as chairman, offered 
several distinctive hospitalities, nevertheless complying with the Food Administra- 
tor's request for simplicity in entertaining. Among these entertainments were the 
following: The presentation of a service flag with one hundred and ten stars on 
New Year's Day, 1918; the Victory Reception, New Year's, 1919; and a reception 
for Admiral and Mrs. Cleaves in April, 1919. 

In the Public Interest Department, with Mrs. Lemuel R. Campbell as chairman, 
a course of lectures on historical subjects was given by Dr. W. L. Fleming, of Van- 
derbilt University, Nashville, and lessons on Red Cross Home Service were given 
bv Dr. George B. Mangold, of St. Louis. 

The Art Department, with Mrs. Robert F. Weakley as chairman, furnislied 
a number of patriotic programs, among which were the following: '"Paris Under 
Fire." "Cleave Me a Way with Banners." and "The Spirit of America Responding 
to the Call of War." All of these were inspiring and well attended by the Nashville 
public, as well as members of the club. 

The Home Department, with Mrs. Samuel G. Douglas as chairman, directed the 
major portion of its efforts to Red Cross Emergency Canteen work. Mrs. Douglas, 
captain and secretary of the Canteen Department, was ably assisted by the following 
club members: 

IVIxs. Percy D. ]\raddin. Mrs. P.iiil D-Witt. Mr.^ John W. Moor--. Mi-^ ,|.-,|.li 1!, W.-t. Mrs. 
Alfred Merritt. Mrs. J. E. Britt. Mi- l^lr^ Williams. Mrs. R. H. L.i,,n. \1,-. I, W Miller. 
Mrs. C. A. Craig. Mrs. J. T. G«ailii..x. Mi- linn P. Murrev. Mr-^ II. II. > ■•<-■:<- Mi- W ■ C. 
Chem-, Mrs. Brown Buford. Mrs. Cl.n C. x,,.,,!,,.,,,, Mrs. W. D. Phillir-. Mr-. *■<■..,-.■ Dil.rell. 
Miss Mar^- Porter Kirkman. Miss Marv P.anuiire. .Miss Marv DeMoville Hill, and Mi- Katherine 

The club kitchens were used for the preparation of Hoover refreshments. Courses 
were given in Canteen cooking by Mrs. Frank Herbrick, dietitian, and in canning 
and drying vegetables by Miss Mary McGomi, a government demonstrator. The first 
months of Nashville Emergency Canteen service of the Red Cross were financed bv 
the members of this committee and the service rendered by these patriotic women 
was far-reaching. 

The INlusic Department, with Mrs. Robert F. Jackson as chairman and Mrs. Wil- 
liam C. Hoffman as chairman of programs, furnished the music and leaders for all 
jiublic gatherings held in the club house during the war. 

The Literary Department, with Mrs. John H. Reeves as chairman, presented, 
among other attractions during the war. Robert Nichols, one of a group of English 
war poets, and also a wounded soldier, in a reading of his poems and also poems 
of other members of his group. 

The Library Committee, with Miss Mary Ewing as chairman, placed on the 
librarv tables of the club current literature indicative of allied thought and criticism. 

The Press Committee, with Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin as chairman, and the Decora- 
tion and House Committee, led by Mrs. Claude Waller and Mrs. Claude C. Chris- 
topher, each in its own sphere, made important contributions to the club work 
throughout the war period. Mrs. Kirk Rankin promoted the success of a number 
of activities by her splendid method of presenting the cause to the masses. 



Main Stale conferciit< - wcic held .it llic ('..■iil.' Clul.. ainmii: uliicli wim 
the Fir.-t. Second and Third l-ilu-ils l..>an>. at uhirh oil,,,-,- aiul .l,'l.-,i:atrs In. mi ll 
Southern and National lieadiiiiarlci.- wire in allriul nu r. 

A patriotic tea was given at tin- i luli on .|aiiiiai\ W. I'M.".. I.\ tlir l.adir^ llciin 
tage .Association, of which the |.iiii.iiU urn- di\idiij .iiih.iili lliiif |iatiic.tir o 
ganizations of the county. Thi> tci w.i- .iiir 
from over the State, who were in \.i-li\illr 
conference, of which Mrs. Pcm \ W.iiiki ^^.i 
tlie organizations benefited hv ihr tci. 

A patriotic response w,i> niadi- l.\ tin- ( C.lid. niiinliri.. and ..liners t( 
everv Vl'orld War activitv i.f Davids. n (iounty. 1 he prcjidcnt and loundn i.f tin 
club inspired to a large degree the patriotic spirit manifested at all times In W Hi h 
War gatherings within the club's departments. The Centennial Club house lia~ iii. 
distinction of harboring more patriotic meetings during the war than anv ..tli.T ii 
na\ids..n (;.iiintv. 

.\ .1 laiu.- mil 
.11.1 th.' \iiiK of delegates 
Comfort League 

I.I III. III.' i,.M 

:jiie being one ot 

Tennessee Housewives' League 

Mi» Loiim: C. I.INDM.KV. Slair I'lr.idcnl 
Mks. Chahi.KS Cmdwki.i.. Cnuily I'n-s'ulrul 

Mrs. Charles Calducll served durinii the uai a- I'n-id.'iit ..I lli.- H..ii-cwives- 

League of Davidson County, an organizali.m lia.l 1 ii in .'xi^li'ii..' Inr several 

years. Vi'hen America entered the war tlii» li...l\ nl Iim Imnili.'.l w.ini.n was a tre- 
mendous factor in the cmmtv in the c.ln^■ r\ali..ii ..I I I. Iiaviiii: had widi- 

experience in the pr.|.ai ali..n ..f all f.....!-. Tlic\ al ..n..- I.i'lmii. uIicii tin- liiil.-.i 
States entered war. tli.' pi ..|).inii.linii ..I ri'.ci|.l> l.n n..iii '-!iiii,^ l.nt \ iir.' ..I ,il! 
foods. They published their receipts in the daily papers and assisted the gn\eriuni-nl 
by appointing committees to see that restrictions on certain foodstuffs were kept by 
merchants in the city. They purchased Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps as 
an organization and as individuals. The members were workers in the Red Cross 
and gave liberally to all war drives: were active in the influenza epidemic jjy makitig 
and distributing nutritious foods. The odicers of ll: • Housewives' Leaiiue during 
the war period were, beside Mrs. Charles Caldwell. I'l .■>i.l.nt. \li>. Itlie Kiiuiev Reno. 
Mce-President. Mrs. William Lrwin. Treasurer, .in.l Mi-. C.-i.e W illiams. Se.ivtarv. 

Miss Louise Grundy Lindsley. who served a- I'l . -i.l: nl ( ..n. lal ..f tlii> W Oman's 
Auxiliary of the Southern Commercial Congre— ami Slal. I' ..I lli.- II. .ii^.- 
wives' League, was largely responsible in making lli.' I w i\. -' I .avm- ..I l).i\i.l- 
son Countv the im|)ortant factor it proved t.> I..' in \\,m \\..ik l.\ .i|i|i..iiiliiij Mrs. 
Charles Caldwell as President.. Mi-. li.i.l -:, mi.-. .—I iilK ,l.iii..n-i -.n.-.l lier 
ability in this organization as an aiilli.niu ..ii lli.- . ..ii-it\ ali..ii ..I l.i.i.l- l.ilcr. 
when thi- Council of Defense came into .xi-l.ii. .-. -In- «,i> .Im-. ii I.. I. a. I |),i\iil<.in 
Countv iti this new organization, and aU.. lli.' \l.l..i\ (..ii.l.ii Mi.\ .iimiiI. Mrs. 
Caldwell received special commendation ri.,m,- ..lli. iaU l..i li.i u..ik .i1..m" llii-^ 
line among the colored w,.inen ..f llic ...iinlv. Liiiej lli.- Iii-I u..iiiaii in lli.' . ..iintv 

to ask for voliinl.'crs am-uig the ...I.Ti'd for \i.l..i\ ^.ird.'ii- ami f I ...n- 


D. 4 1 in SON COUNT Y rOMES IN THE WORLD r A R. I » I 4-1 <>! Q 

Tennessee and Davidson County Federation of 
Women's Club 

Mrs. Alexander S. Caldwell. World War President 

The Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs \ 
bodies, in existence before the World \\ ji to it ili/i 
in the emergency of war times. Since i\Iis 
Alex. Caldwell, President of the State Ifdtia 
tion, was a resident of Nashville, the ledtiated 
Clubs of Davidson County naturally be line one 
of the most active contributors to \^()iid ^11 
work. In April,. 1917, immediately aftii the 
United Staes entered the war and seveial monlh- 
before the government created the office of I 
Conservation for Herbert Hoover, the Ti iint - 
Federation had offered its services to the ^1 il 
in this work. In October, 1918, when Hd 1 1 
Hoover sent his pledge cards to Tenne^-it \\i 
Federation substituted their 40,000 pledsrc ( 11 d 
for the Hoover cards, and chose the (onsei\ i 
tion of foods as their special war woik Ihtii 
activities along this line proved of such \ ilue 
that the ideas and plans originated b\ the Fed 
eration of Tennessee were adopted b\ other 
World War organizations tliroughout the coun 

The Davidson County Federated Club>- aUo 
created a systematic method of teaching ( annina; 
and preserving long before demands foi >.U( h ^^ , ^ ^^ ^"'^ r^'"'^i "i"^f ii 1 Hi T^ 
work came from the Government. Aftei the 

universal appeal for food conservation and organization of canning units was made 
through the Council of National Defense, these clubs were in a position to render 
valuable assistance in this important matter. 

HThe First Liberty Loan Drive conducted in David- 
son County was through the Federated Clubs. Mrs. 
Guilford Dudley, State Chairman for the Loan, ap- 
pointed Mrs. Alex. Caldwell as chairman of the Ad- 
visory Board, and the drive in Davidson County was 
effected through the Federated Clubs, the club women 
selling 148,000 in Liberty Bonds for this new work. 
The State officers of the Tennessee Federation who 
resided in Davidson Countv during the war period 
were: Mrs. Alex. S. Caldwell. President: IVIrs. Hallum 
Goodloe. Secretary; Miss Madge Hall, Press Chair- 
man: Mrs. R. S. Maddox, District Chairman: Mrs. 

M„« jon^ kkic Leslie Warner. Legislation: Mrs. Charles S. Caldwell. 

(Ntii, Pride) Home Economics: Mrs. A. H. Pardue. Club Extension; 

D.nil>SO.\ COIMY IIOMF.\ / V T H F. ir O H L I) 

H. I " I II 9 1 

.Mi<. GfOi-e niakc. Aiulitoi; Mrs. Claii.l,- I). Sullixan. Kuial K.hMali..n; 
Frank Aveiit. Art. Mrs. Join. Kr.'iu li.l.l tlu- im>ilio„ of Nalional Sr.rri 
IV(l.rat.-.l C.hihs. 

A puMiiitv f,alur.> of far-rea.-hiii'.; \al.i,- «as . 
the nianai:cnu-iit ..f a ]>aj!f in Tin- \a^h\illr T.-iiri. 
in^ and encouraging tlie WoiM W n \\.iik ilmir I 
Slate. This page was edilid li\ ihi- Malr I'ns- ( 

1,1 Mr 
. of tl 

.hiairied lhr„ui;h the (h.natiun bv 
-^,an. uhirh was used for outiin- 
\ all llir federated Cluhs in the 
lianinin. Miss Madi;e Hail, and 

,1 ,ind Ml 


lal their record is more a roster of ii 

1 work. Mrs. Jones, tiie |)resident. was o 


thoroughly trai.u-d uar uorker- I 

chairmanships than a recital of dii 

county's most efiicient organizer> 

helow held a number of important olln r- in uar oi'j.nii 

zations throughout the entire war: 

Mrs. Vt-rnon Sharp, Secliimal Chairman for llie \.i-li\il!i 
Woman's Committee, Council of National Dcfcnpc. Mi-. W . 
G. Harris. Calvin Avenue Red Cross Init: Mrs. ii.iin.ii II 
Bell. Reel Cross Chairman for East Nash\illr: \1.- K \I. 
Dudley. President. Pioneer Knitting Lnit: Mr- l.ui- !. 
IJullcr, Secretar>-. Pioneer Knitting Lnit; Mrs. (>. W . \l.( l.ini 
han. Canning Clubs; Mrs. R. L. Sawver. Vicloiy (;ar.l.i,-: Mi-. 
Thomas De Moss, Belvedere Red Cross Unit: .Mr-. II. W. 

Thomas. Ihe Club's Auxiliary to Red Cross: Mrs. W. \l (. I 

l.-lt, general war activities in the Twenty-third Ward; .Mr-. I ii. n- 
Orav, Re<l Cross activities in the Twenty-third Ward; Mr-. I!n-Ii 
IleriR-rl. Red Cross Christmas Roll Call for East .Nashville: 
.Mrs. C. A. Davis. Food Pledge Campaign for the Kiglile, iilli 
Ward: Mrs. B. H. .'Spain, Social .Service for PZasl Nashville: 
.Mrs. Ira B. Clark. Chairman of Finances for Twenty-third Ward; 
Mrs. Harvey Herbert. Chairman Warner .School Surgical Dress- 
ings. Red Cross; .Mrs. Harry .Murphy. Chairman of Finance. 
East Nashville Woman's Committee. Council of National Defense 
Dislrirt, flounly Woman's f:.pnimittee. Council of D<fen 
li.e dislriet; Mrs. Joseph Monlgomerv. notable mention I 
H. M. Thomas. Vice-President of Club and Chairman of 
Sewing lnit; Mrs. W. M. Bramwell. Chairman of foo. 

.f the 

.Mrs. C. M. Russell. Eleventh 
and ('hairman for .Social .Service of 
expert knitting for Red Cross; Mrs. 
.lies' Auxiliarv. N. C. T., Red Cross 
Ir.l..:,. eards for Twenlv-third Ward; 

Mrs. H. E. Benaugh. Chairman of soldiers' eomf 
bugh. Chairman of Registration in Twentv-tl.ird V 
Crorkett. flbairman of Allied R.-lief for Eighleent 


1 Ward: Mrs. E. Y. Fitz- 
)mmittee; Miss Anna Bell 
Reed Dicks. Chairman of 




Finm left tn li-lit. bnitnm row: Miss Laura Price, Mrs. Susie Scott Bass. .Mrs. .Neil S. Jones 
.(Aiviai, Totlv), .Mrs. J. \\ esley Weaver (Myrtle Rushton), Mrs. Goo.lloe Cockrill (Mamie Har- 
ris). Rev. J. W. Cherry. Founder of Club. .Mrs. T. W. Schlater (.Mary Matthews), Mrs. Frank 
C. Guthrie (Jennie Harden!. Mrs. Joseph H. Hooper (Sallie Newsom), Mrs. George C. Appleby 
(Ada Drake). 

Finance for the Eighteenth Ward; Mrs. Kate Weathers. Chairman of hospital garments for the 
Red Cross. 

Top row: Mrs. G. W. Sweaney (Alice Kirkpatrick), Mrs. B. C. Wright (Jessie Jones), 
Mrs. Lee H. Farri^ Dillon). Mrs. B. T. Young (Villa Carley), Mrs. Lit Malone (Mary 

Lain). Mrs. J. 1), l. I«im i ^■.^ie Cox). .Mrs. 0. B. Childress (Mary Armstrong), Mrs. A. J. 

Hamilton (EentoDi.i I'liihp-i. Mrs. R. L. Woodward (Emma Brennecke) , Mrs. Conrad Miller 
(Amy Alexandrei. \li-^ In. ih- Hale. 

The following members served eaeh Friday at the sewing rooms of the ,\ashville 
Chapter, Red Cross Headquarters, during the two years of war: 

Mrs. Thomas Beal. .Mrs. G. A. Davis. Mrs. J. P. Hatch. Mrs. W. C. Yarbrough, Mrs. W. S. 
Bramwell, Mrs. Bennett D. Bell, and Mrs. Kent Bandridge. 

These women were also active in every relief drive of the war. Mrs. Kate 
Sanders held an exceptional record for knitting in the Red Cross. 


The Inquirers Cluji. of which Mrs. Neil S. Jones was world War president and 
Miss Lucile Hale, secretary, from May, 1917, to May, 1918, furnished chairmen for 
every activity, along patriotic lines, for the West Nashville section of the city. 

Members of the club who were leaders in war work were: 

an's Committee. Council 
ion; Mrs. B. T. Young, 
Mrs. Goodloe Cockrill, 
xi.e. Nashville Woman's 
will. Chairman of Health 
Registration; and Mrs. 
>mmittee. Mrs. Goodloe 
e of the war. with .Miss 

Mrs. Lit Malone, Chairman of Twenty-fifth Ward. Nashville Woi 
of National Defense; Mrs. Joe Hooper, Chairman of Food Conservi 
Chairman of Education Propaganda, Nashville Wom.nn'^ rommitter 
Chairman for Red Cross; Mrs. R. H. Allen. Ch.ili mmh mI \1, Jh ,1 < 
Committee; Mrs. J. W. Weaver. Chairman of Publinu : \l,- I |i (.,„ 
and Sanitation, Woman's Committee; Mrs. Neil >. |.Mir~. ( li.uiiiian 
J. A. Cox, Chairman for Packing and Shipping. Nashville \\i>iiian's 
Cockrill served as president of tliis club from May. 1918. to the cli 
Laura Price as secretary. 

The Inquirers Club was instrumental in having union praver services on the days 
soldiers were drafted. Si.xteen members of the club registered for Red Cross service, 
and the West Nashville Red Cross Auxiliary was organized through the efforts of 
this club. The club, with the assistance of the Junior Inquirers, raised one hundred 
and forty-seven dollars for Red Cross work. The members participated in every 
house-to-house canvass for every necessarv cause, and assisted in collectins deli- 

OME.\ /.V r II K WORLD WAR. 1'>III91< 

cacies and magazines for the soldiers. Tln-y i aniiiil tlinc tliousiiml (]ii;uts of tniit 
and vegetables and were active in ail W. S. S. and I.HmiIx HoikI sales. 

In addition to those already iiienlioiu-d. \\u- ( liih iiii-ml.iTs \vlio kmi.I.mihI i'x- 
ceptional war sen ice were: 

Mrs. George Applebv. -Nfr-s. Susie Bass. Mrs. 0. B. Cliiklress, Mrs. Isa Moore Cross. Mrs. Lee 
Farris. .Mrs. Joseph Hooper. Mrs. W. V. Jarretr, Mrs. Conrad Miller. Mrs. F. W. Sclilater. Mrs. 
I. N. .Strolher. Mrs. Weslev Weaver. Mrs. Robert Woodward, and Mrs. B. C. Wright. 

Cll VKI.OITI. KOM) IKiMIM \kl li:-" Cl-l 1! 

Mr?. K. A. Savage was the World \N ar pie^ and Mrs. .1. A. Cox. -err.'larv. 
of the Charlotte Road Home-makers" Ciui.. uhirli liad a niend.cisliip of -esenlecn 
housewives. The club was organized as a Red Cross Unit and held its meetings 
each week to sew on hospital garments and knit for the soldiers. Over two hundred 
members were knitters for the Nashville Chapter. Red Cross. Thev also 
the wool and made sweaters, socks, trench caps and wristlets, wliii li iIh\ 
soldiers uho enlisted from their district. Thev organized a \\ . >. >. <\t 


ranks, sold 82.000 
pl.'dge cards. Tli 
Hoad Home-maker 

in W. 

• Ijll.i 
-■ di^il 

S. .Stai 

llie L'reatest nnml)e 
Countv. The nirin 
Ihr Na-hviHe (ha 
(i\e l.iJM-rtv Loan 

,.| |o,M 

Ml> nl 1 

,ie,. i;, 



1 ('in- 

>2..",(l() in u 

,s sold 

.\ men 


1 --V ( 

l;u-,ne.~ and y 
ship of the Allrusa 
the \^'orld War pr 


Club. . 


al uo, 
r ulllr 

\l 111. 

Ihr C 

.U.v^ur^ in l)a\id>on 
iked in all branches of 
nd were active in all 
ond an.l third drive. 
. of lid- rluh. 

its entire efforts to the Nashville Chapter. Red 
Two of its members, Mrs. E. W. Frye and 
supervisors in charge of the night classi- o 
where business women employed during \\ir < 
their bit during the evening hours. The -m ( 
women who gave their time and streni;lli i- 
Cross. Nashvilh- Chapter. 



of Davidson C 
the W orld W ar 

Mr., ,( Blake. Mrs. J. Hough Guest. Mrs. W. A. King. \1,-. Mill.-,. \Ii.« Pearl 
Bl.-.|-..,e. Mi" Orlrude Conk. Miss Daisy Com|.ton. Miss Marv Ca,i,|ili,. \Ij- \niii. ( ..,,|„t. Miss Chanre. Miss Frances Estes. Miss Cordelia F.rwing. Mi>. I u. il.- I ..,1. Ml^ Iiilia Ilind- 
man. Mi«s Kvlvn Laughren. Miss Kleanor Mearham. Miss .lull;, Mllrhrll. \!i-. Crlrud.- Naive. 
Miss Kale r-vlms. Mis« Gladys Rust. Miss Rosa May Rust. Mis. Mars l.nui-.- Sl.,an. Mi- Marv 
Steph.nM.n. Sli.« Emma .S|.,an. and Miss Mary Wy.litT. 

( KlI I 


Left to right: Mrs. 'William E. Beard. President; Mrs. P. DePierre, Mrs. Frank Weakley. Mrs. 
Harrj- S. Vaughn. Mrs. E. L. Geistman. Mrs. Spiller Campbell, Mrs. R. H. Wilson, Mrs. Jo. 
W. Towler, Mrs. George Reed, Mrs. Herman Trotter, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. J. C. Casey. 

Miss Emma Sloan was one of the most loyal and efScient workers in the Nash- 
ville Chapter. Red Cross, and received a certificate as an instructor. 

All members signed Hoover pledge cards and registered for service. War Sav- 
ings Stamps clubs were formed by the members of the Altrusa Club and a number 
of'^them cultivated Victorv Gardens. A contribution of fifty dollars was given the 
First Red Cross Drive for' funds, in May. 1918. and during the summer of 1918 over 
five hundred gallons of raw material were canned and preserved by the members. 
Miss Julia Hindman gave to the county one of the Gold Star heroes. Jehu Hindman. 
who ^^'as reared by her. 


The Sunset Park Club, with Mrs. William E. Beard as war president, in 1917. 
converted its activities during the war from social to patriotic purposes. This was 
done at the request of Mrs. A. B. Anderson at a meeting at which she was hostess 
in July. 1917. Everv member of this club joined the Nashville Chapter. Red Cross, 
and the club formed a Red Cross knitting auxiliary, which was instructed by Mrs. 
Marv M. Hotchkiss and Mrs. Claude C. Christopher, with each member of the club 
enrolled. Each week a number of knitted articles were turned over to Red Cross 
headquarters. The Sunset Park Club membership was active in all World War 
activities. Owing to many of the members being housekeepers with small children, 
the principal activities of the club were confined to knitting and such work as could 
he done in the home. A roster of the club members is filed with the Nashville 
Chapter. Red Cross Knitting Department. Mrs. Harry Vaughn was president of the 
clul) in 1918. and Mrs. Herman Trotter, secretary and treasurer. 


Mrs. Claude Waller was the World War president of the Review Chili, and under 
her leadership the club developed keen interest in all patriotic endeavors. Each 
member signed food pledge cards and contributed a set of knitted garments for the 
soldiers. The knittina was brought to the meetings, which were open forums for 
discussions of patriotic subjects. All literarv reviews of this club during the war 
period dealt with World War problems. The entire membershi]5 worked in every 
branch of women's service dining the war. 

The personnel of this organization consisted of: 

Mrs. Percv D. Maddin. Mrs. J. M. Anderson. Mrs. J. B. Atchison. Mrs. Leslie Warner. Mrs. 
Alex. Caldwell. l\frs. Jesse M. Overton. Mrs. G. M. Neelv. Mrs. Charles S. Caldwell. Mrs. George 
E. Blake. Mrs. James E. Caldwell. Mrs. W. W. Berry Mrs. Claude Waller. Mrs. Robert F. 


I) It 1 1) so.\ coiXTY iro.\ih:.\ / v nil-: iiorlp hah. loiiioio 

Jack^iin. \rnj. Vi. A. Uuntiii. Mrs. Janu-.; C. Hra<lfiinl. Mrs. .'^. .S. Crockett. Mrs. Julin Carpenter, 
.Mrs. Ceursie W. Fall. Mrs. W. C. Dake. Mrs. F.. Folk. Mrs. W . L. Graiib.rv. Mrs. Mary 
Wasliiiijit.-n Frazer. Mrs. Waller Keith. Mrs. .lolin liell Keehle. Mrs. .1. II. Kirkland. Mrs. Thomas 
.Malone. Mrs. Charles Afarliii. Mr-, jlunl.r M. DonaKI. \li-. \Vall<T Stokes. Mrs. Thomas M. 
Steger. Mrs. D. 11. SlubblelleM. Mr-. J, ->, II. Tliumas, and Mrs. A. G. Braiulau. 

This club had th. 
■hih it. Tennossee. 



St;ili' li-aders 

I! M.CYON Ci.l I! 
The Halcvon Club had a ■nrnii.-, -in|, .,1 lu,-„U xouiil: uon,.-n 
<'f the war. Under the leachM>hi|, ,.i Mr-. W . 11. l.,\iri,>. ihr pn-sid 
reorganized into a public service body, i'he iiiendiers coni|jlicd with all government 
requests for food conservation and registration, and were actively engaged in all 
departments of the \ashville Chapter. Red Cross. Each member 'of this club was 
also a member of the Girls" Patriotic Leacue. As m , lub llicv subscribed on,' hun- 
dred dollars to each Red drive and formed W . S. S. c lulw. 

No organization was more active in WinM W ,h woik 
of the Southern Association of College W ..m, n. 

World W.ii |.i,m,Im,I. \I., 
[•hapter ii,i\c llicii rnlin- 

\r hegmning 
he club was 

,1,1 (, I \\()\ll A 

\.i-|imIIc (:i,,,pt,.| 

Th.- chapt,r c 
overseas, with .\li» At 
donated to the mountain 

to the Home Funding S<,ci,u .ni,l lo the i'.lind ibli, I W 
table oiu: day each week in the .Surgical Dressings Dc 
Individual members did Red Cross work, .sold Libertv I 
I)ublic service made necessary by war conditions. E 
tribul.-d two dollars to the College E.,ai 
Stam|.s. The members of this organizali, 
president. Mrs. R. S. .\laddox. a member ,.l llir \. 

Mrs. John Kreig was chairman of the Program ( ..minillrr ,, 
the war. and was assisted bv ih.- following: \ii-, \. K. I',. 
Crutcher. Jr.. and Miss Adelaide l.yon. 

I 106 ) 

/) / 1 1 I) SON CO iXT Y 



The membership of the Magazine Circle of Davidson County was limited to thirtv- 
five. and under the leadership of Miss Elizabeth L. Bloomstein. World War presi- 
dent, and Mrs. Joseph Abrams, secretary, this club 
meant thirty-five active workers in every branch of 
World War service. The circle's work as a whole was 
the adoption of a French orphan, and seven French 
orphans were adopted li\ indixichial members. The 
circle contributed genei(.ii-l\ lo iIh- lielgian Relief Fund 
and to the fund for Jr« i-h War Kclief. Manv of the 
members held official positions in the Nashville Chapter, 
Red Cross, the five Liberty Loans, War Savings and 
[I Thrift Stamp campaigns, and all patriotic movements. 
In the conservation of foods, the Magazine Circle canned 
and preserved approximately 6.000 quarts of fiuits and 
vegetables. Miss Sadie Frank, a member, served with 
distinction in Armenia and Turkey, after the signing of 
Miss Elizabeth l. nu..iMsri,> the Amiistice. The Magazine Circle sponsored Dan 
Wasserman, a Gold Star hero, for the Davidson County 
Memorial of the Kiwanis Club. The following members served as leaders in various 
war organizations: Mrs. Leo Schwartz, Mrs. Henry Teitlebaum, Mrs. Dave Rosen- 
feld, mI-s. Reuben M. Mills, and Mrs. Lee J. Loventhal. 

Individual members adopting French orphans were: Mrs. Lee J. Loventhal. 
Miss Stella Rich. Miss Carrie Rich, Mrs. Dave Rosenfeld. Mrs. J. Lowenstein and 
Mrs. J. W. Martin. 


Mrs. James E. Caldwell was the World War president of the Peabody Woman's 
Club, and its principal activities were the formation of a Red Cross Auxiliary, 
which met each week, the purchasing of SL500 in Liberty Bonds, and the establish- 
ment of an agency for the sale of War Savings and Thrift Stamps at the Peabody 
College book store. Each member was active in the following war organizations, 
many of them serving as chairmen: W. S. S. and Thrift Stamp organization, Red 
Cross, Canning Units, Liberty Loans, Army Comfort League, National League for 
Woman's Service, and the Woman's Committee, Council of National Defense. From 
among its members the Peabody Club furnished more chairmen for the various 
branches of World War service than any other club in Tennessee. 


Tiie Rutledge Magazine Club, with Mrs. 0. N. Hollabaugh as World \^ar presi- 
dent, was composed of twenty-two members, which meant twenty-two patriots. In- 
stead of following the literary and social pursuits, for which it was formed, this 
club reorganized itself during the war period into a knitting unit. Immediatelv 
thereafter a surgical dressings Red Cross Unit was formed, which met each week. 
Hospital garments for the Red Cross were also made by this club. War Savings 
Stamp and Thrift Stamp clubs were organized by the membership of the Rutledge 
Magazine Club, and every member joined the Red Cross. All signed Hoover pledge 
cards and several cultivated Victory Gardens. More than two thousand quarts of 
fruit and vegetables were canned by the members. 

I) A I 1 1) s o v c o I v T y ir o m k v / v t ii K iron i d iri a. im i I'ng 

^rrs. K. C. Wright, a s.-m-d as S-ili^iuil Chaiinuu, In, Sn„ll. \a-ln,ll.- 
WoniaiiV Committee. Couniil of National Defense: lluee meml.ei-. ueic uaid rliair- 
ment i>f the Woman's Committee. Coimcil of Delense: one an au\iliar\ leadei lor 
the Red Cross: one a teacher of a fr.'e rlass in shorthand: an,l on,- ^doplrd l«o 
French orphans. 

The annual sprinp luncheon of liii- ( liili \\a- alMiidoned and llir Imid^ ~a\i'd 
were used for the support of two 1 iciirli or|ilini-. \ii~. W . \. ( (mlIiIii -on. Mi-. 
W. L. Onarles and Mrs. Marv R. Harris, nirmhrr- of ihi- , In!.. I, .1,1 nianv inip.nlant 
.hairmanships throu.Jiont the war. a- di.l its incMdml. \!,-. 1 1,,| laLaudi. 

I!l.i.\l()\T M \f;\/l\l (1,1 i; 

The Relmont Magazine C.lnl.. uilh Mr-, .lolm II. \)v\\ ill a- W orl,l War president. 
had an active memhership of twenty-five women, all of wiiom were engaged in 
\^'orld \^ ar work of some capacity. Every meniher signed Hoover j)ledge cards; 
a numher of Victory Gardens were cultivated, and nuich food was saved hv canning 
the products of the gardens. The . Inl. fnnncl a knilliii'.: cin le Awvnv: llir <iinniicr 
months and completed twenl\ kil-. I.acli iin'riil.rr <.! tin- rlul. diil a.iixc \\,,\V in 
some department of the Nashville Chapter. \\i\\ (jo—. \- a (lid., I.ii cl..ll.u- was 
contrihuted to the Woman's Committee. Council ..I \alii.iial I )iliii-i': ..m' hundred 
dollars to the W. $. S. and Thrift Stamp organi/.ili..n : llii..- I i.ii. h ..iphaiis were 
adopted hv individual memhers: and two mrmhi-r- -. iahI in llic lanir',i(iii \ Canteen 
Service. Nashville Chai)ter. \, I!. C, 

There were thirlv-five >lai- ..ii lli.' lielnionl Ma'ja/in.- Cliil."- -.-rxi.v ll.i-. Tuo 
of the duh's memli.-r-. Mi-, William M. Mani, r iiul Mr-. ,|..-.|.li W. WV-l. ucir 
termed the World W ,n in..ll,.a- ..f the cluh. Tli.' I..ii„.-, Ii.i.l ihn-,' -..n- in -.'n i<-,- 

and the latter four. Mi-. W, 11. Richardson, a ni.n.l,.r. ua- ■ ,.l lli,. rliiL's 

staunchest snpp.,rler- in rxcrv a.livll%. aii.l lln- pi .-i.l.iil. Mi-. I),-Will. uas 
an active worker in tin- Canlci-n. 

I'W in I I.I NIC \^-^()(:l \i i()\ 

Th.' I'an-ll.-llcii, \-,,. I, III,, I, \,,|,,1 M..I I,.,l,.n i 
gram- f.,r uar u,.ik ,n, hi-ix ,-h . I..',ai 
reeon-lni.|i,,ii p.-M,„l. Mi- M.ivl„-ll 
and III,- ,lnl.-- u,.rk lor three vear- lia. 
vi,-u- 1,, ,,,ll..lin:: data to he availal.l,' 
t.-r.-lc.l. Til,' a-ociati<.n did spl.-iuli 
and met on<- dav each week at Na-li\i 
of the memhers knitted arti, 1.- Im ll 
serve in various other eapariii.-. ,il\\a\- -.'inIicj v^illi -ii,-,cs^. 

I I JOI i; CI. I I! 
,'\ very commendahle f<Mliire of the W.,rld War w.nk of Le Jour Cluh. with 
Mis- Nettie McMurray as president and Mrs. W. E. Rowlin as secretary, was die fact 
that this organization assisted in takinir care of some particular familv from which 
the hread-winner had gone to war. They adopted a four-vear-cdd dauiililer of a 
soldier of th<- ,'\. E. F.. whose mother was forced to earn the family's livelihood. 
In afldilion tf> clothing and other iie<(ssities. the cluh gave the child many pleasures. 

!in'l!'i'-"u'a- ' 


,.l \ali 

i,.ir- 1 


1. a -lii,K ,,l 
, r\ l..,al ,■,. 

\....ih..ii- 1,. 
II,-,' •^u\ ul 

r u,,i,i, 

1,1 1.,' 

1 u,.ik al,.ii: 

1 uilh ll- r. 1 

,1 : 

hapl.M. i;,',i 

(a,.- II, -,1,1, 


: \\. 

,11. a- al hoii 

V aii,l in iin 




he Jour Club had a special day to ^cv^ (mi li(i>|iilal i;aiinfuls at lu-il (iidss Head- 
quarters each week, and organized itself inlu a W . S. S. and Thrill Stamp club. 


Out of a membership of tweuty-hve, the f^riday Morning Literary Club, with 
Mrs. George E. Blake as the World War president, not one went unregistered for pa- 
triotic service. Three of the members registered for automobile service, one for 
gardening, one for journalism, and the remainder for hospital service. Every 
housekeeper in the club signed the food pledge cards and each of the twenty-five 
members kept Thrift Stamp cards. The club adopted twenty-five French orphans, 
preserved over 1,000 quarts of food, and was enrolled one hundred per cent for Red 
Cross work. Several members of this club received certificates as instructors in the 
Surgical Dressings Department of Red Cross. In every drive for raising war relief 
fimds, the Friday Morning Literary Club had some member as leader. Each mem- 
ber was engaged in some branch of service of the Woman's Committee, Council of 
National Defense, and the five Liberty Loans. 

In answering a questionnaire sent out by the President regarding services ren- 
dered in educational propaganda of the Woman's Committee, one member's answer 
was: '"The most strenuous war service I do is to try to keep my mouth shut."' 

Mrs. Blake, President of the Friday Morning Literary Club, was one of the most 
convincing four-minute speakers on all war propaganda in Davidson Countv. 

A roster of this club during the war is as fciliows: 

^rrs. r„-„r£rp F. Blake^ Prr^i,l,-nl : \!,~ I,, In, \rii..!.| ll-IL S.-rr.l.irv : \lrv \\illi;ini Berry. 
M.-^. I'\:v„\.^ r ' |,M-.,,pl'ri. \l,- I. .■..,;.■ DiIhMI, \l!- I i/inl:, l-.invll. \l,-. \llir,l:, Kilr. Mrs. 

-- !..,,,-,■ ILill. \li-. \ji-j,ur .1 -. \ii-, (,,.,„-,. Kiik|ialii. k. \li-.. J.o!in 

Inrn^. Miss I'crmme Pn.le. Mrs. Arcli Iniwick. Miss Marv Kit,- Turley. 
Irs. J, ,1m Wils.m. Mrs. Douglas Wright, and Mrs. Clarence C. Woo.lrock. 


Whilr .-ach member ,,f tiie Twentieth Century Club, of which Mrs. Wendall Mc- 
Faddin was World War president, did varied and untiring war work, the club as 
a whole organized a W. S. S. and Thrift Stamp organization and oversubscribed its 
quota. Two orphans were adopted by the club, and the members rendered a splendid 
service in volunteering as assistants in classifying books for the soldiers. Each 
member was associated with some branch of the Red Cross work and took part in 
every war relief campaign. 


Each member of the Nashville Metaphysical Club, of which Mrs. Eliza!)eth Frye 
Page was the founder and World War president, answered every call during the 
entire war period. The president was a member of the State Publicitv Committee 
and conducted a column in The Nashville Tennessean, called "This. That and the 
Other," which was used by the various war organizations for propaganda and which 
received favorable comment from National authorities. Mrs. Page also contributed 
a number of war poems which were helpful to leaders of the many war drives. 
While the membership of this club was small, they gave willingly of their time and 
means to every patriotic endeavor. Thev adopted and published a praver, compiled 

no9 ) 

DAI ID so. \ COLXTY If O M E \ 1 1\ THE If OKI I) II.IH. 1 " I l-l 'J 1 9 

by iheir president, wliich was dislriluited over the 
leaders of religious organizations as an expression 

i> and 

SOlTli \ \--ll\ 11.1,1. 11.1 
The South Nashville lVd.Tati..n li.ul I.., ii- 
was also a sectional chairnian for ilu' \a~li\illi 
National Defense. The spl.-ndid ^suvk a.r,„npli 
South Nashville was due to the experience and v 
this cluh. The work of the inend)ers of tills f.- 
patriotic movement in this volume. .Many of thi 

It Mrs. E. C. Wright, who 
us Committee, ('ouncil of 
Kiuahout the entire war in 
aliililv of the members of 
uill he found with every 
■ rli(i!M'n to lead important 

]\Irs. Alex Caldwell. World War President of the Tennessee Federation of 
Women's Cluhs. inspired to a large degree the splendid results achieved hy the 
federated club women of the State, and especiallv of Davidson Counlv. durinsi the 
World War. Every faculty of her mind ua- alluricl |,, palrioliMii. In addili.'.n I,. 
many oHicial duties, well performed, in \ariuii- w.n m iiani/alimi-. -In lanicd mi llic 
automobile business in which her thnr -ons ucn- rriLi.ijril .il llic lime <,{ their en- 
listment in the service until they were discharged JKun tin- annv. \s State Chair- 
man of Food Consenation during the war, Mrs. Caldw. II •-, ,M,|i,ir' Herbert Hoover 
with the pledge card idea, and as a niember of the \d\i>Mr\ Cnunril ,,( thi-^ volume 
she ably assisted with the preservation and |MiMiealinn nl icrrjids heicjn ((.nlained. 

In May. 192.3. a memorial tablet ua- er.i ted il llie Ti'nne--i-e \oe.iti..nal S( hod. 
at Tullahoma. in honor of Mrs. Cahh\ell \i\ the lediraled ( luh uonieii of Tennessee. 

which was an honor worthily 1)(sIo\m-,I. Tin- -(I I w^- lounded during Mrs. 

Caldwell's administration as State l're-i,leril ,.l lli,- I edeialnm of Women's Clubs. 

Afrs. Robert Lu-k. Chairman 
Clul) .luririK ll..- W orM War. w 
World War r.-li.-f work lurid a 
club liousc without com|ipnsal 

.Mils, lioiiiin I.I > 
* Bonnie Brig{;si 

)f KntfTlaln 

nt Cornmillc- al ihr li.ll.- t;..!! and Coininy 

slant in all uf tin- many henelil rnlcrtaininenl.s (or 

\l her requot I he Executive Board gave over the 

the war for all the entertainments given in its 


QLARTEK.s OF Ml.sS WILL VLI LN Ui;0M(,U01 E n FHL \ \\ \L sLU\ K E 

Her picture appears in the upper left-hand corner of the cut. In the left of the 
hut was the Canteen Department: the room to the right was used as a library and 
for insurance business. Between the two a small room and bath served as quarters 
for Miss Dromgoole, who was the first woman volunteer from Tennessee to enter 
the service, enlisting the first of May, 1917 She acted for some months as publicity 
veoman, sending out such publicity as directed by Capt. Philip Andrews, of the 
U. S. Navy. She also did recruiting work for some linir almii: the waters of Mary- 
land, Virginia and North Carolina. One of these in iiiiliiiL; c ruises covered the 
historic countrv of Raleigh's lost colonv, the entire cruise covering three months. 

For more than a year Miss Dromgoole did shore duty at a small base in Virginia, 
where she collected, through the papers and otherwise, more than a thousand books 
for the exclusive use of seamen. She also sold a large amount of government in- 

DAf'lDSOy cor \ TV llOMFy l\ THE irORLD tr.tR. 19111919 

Army Comfort League 

Mrs. l>i;ii(:v Waunkh. l',rs,d,;n 






God save our splendid men. 
Send them safe home again: 

Gcd save our men. 
Keep them victorious, patient and chi 
They are so dear to us: 

God save our men. 

Army Comfort League 

p.nii>S()\ coi.MY iro.\i.f:\ i\ the ir o k i. n ir t k. lonni'j 

Trihiilc l)y Mi's. IN'rcy Warner 

T.. lllr |MlM 
1..TS nf Ihr \mi 


(1 hi. 
lull 1 

to MT\i..- irlnl. 

r,l In 


iz.-,l unlH Ihr 1, 

-1 i.lli- 

ua- < 

woni.-,i rnaM,-,! 

ll> lo 



No boflv nl 


in A 

wholc-heartfdly llian this one. No ~ac lilnc was loo jircat. no task too dillicult, ai 
we were inspired l)y the fact thai wr ucn- "motlierinf:"' our own boys. 

iSi-rnedi M\ia,\i!iT I.inksi.kv Waknkk (Mrs. Pkrcy). 

I'rrsiiirn!. linn Cnnit'nrl l.rnauc. 
Na-hviih-. T.MM.. Fi-hriiary II. 1022. 

( 114 ) 


Army Comfort League 

Mrs. Percy Warner. I^ resident 

The Army Comfort League was the outgrowth of the Army Comfort Circle, of 
Nashville, organized July, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, with Mrs. Henry 
Beaumont as i)resident. At the end of tlie war the activities of the circle ceased, 
until the troubles on the Mexican border developed in 1916, at which time the or- 
ganization renewed its services under the leadership of Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. 

On April 22, 1917, after the entrance of the United States into the World War, 
the members of this circle called a mass meeting at the Tulane Hotel and perfected 
the new organization. Mrs. Percy Warner was unanimously elected President. 
Through the courtesy of the management, the weekly meetings of the League were 
held in the assembly room of the Tulane Hotel. Mrs. Warner appointed the fol- 
lowing officers to assist her in the volume of work confronting the new league: 

Mrs. Georgia Knox-Berry, First Vice-President; Mrs. M. S. Lebeck, Second Vice-President; 
Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Tliird Vice-President; Mrs. Laurent Brown, Recording Secretary; Mrs. 
Mary C. Dorris, Corresponding Secretary; and Mrs. Lou Rascoe, Treasurer. The last three officers 
served until December, 1917, when, upon their resignations, Mrs. W. B. Shelton was appointed 
Recording Secretary; Mrs. John G. Gilmore, Corresponding Secretary and Press Chairman; 
Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Treasurer, and Mrs. John 0. White, Assistant Treasurer. 

An advisory board was selected from the various local women's organizations, 
the personnel of which was: 

I^frs. Edward Buford. Y. W. C. A.; Mrs. John Hill Eakin. Centennial Club; Mrs, Jesse M. 
Overton, National League for Woman's Sorvirr: Mr<. Ahx, S. Caldwell, Federated Clubs; 
ATrs. Robert F. Jackson. Colonial Dames aiwl ll. .1 <!..— : \li^ Marry W. Evans. Navy Comforts 
Committee; Mrs. John C. Brown. State and C..iini\ I . Ir ( ,: Mr-. Henry Teitlebaum. Council of 
Jewish Women; Mrs. Bruce R. Payne. Peabn.K \\..u,:>n\ ( Inl,: Mrs. B. D. Bell. Side Civic 
League: Mrs. James H. Kirkland. Vandirluli \\..i„,m,-. (:hd>: Mrs. W. A. Overall. Nashville 
Equal Suffraee League; Mrs. W. Winter l\..ri. \lr( ,,,n Chapter. D. A. R.: Mrs. E. A. Price, 
State D. A. R.'s; Mrs. James Frazer. Na-lmll.- \\n,ii:in\ Committee; Mrs. Robert W. NichoL 
County Woman's Committee; Mrs. Eugciu- (.:itili her. I'aient-Teacher Association: Mrs. Mary 
P. Bang, W. C. T. U.; Mrs. James E. Caldwell. Campbell Chapter. D. A. R.; Mrs. K. T. Mc- 
Connico, Cumberland Chapter, D. A. R.: Miss Louise G. Lindsley, of the Ladies' Hermitage 
Association; and Miss Mary Ratterman. Godmother's Auxiliary. 

The purpose of the League was to supervise the comforts of the Tennessee sol- 
diers, especially those who had no relatives or friends, and to send help direcllv to 
the individual. From a small nucleus, under Mrs. Warner's able leadership, the 
Army Comfort League grew to a membership of seven hundred women. The work 
inaugurated at the camps in Nashville followed the bovs across the seas and on to 
the battlefields. 

In Mav, June and July, 1917, when the First Tennessee Infantry was stationed at 
Camp Jackson, Nashville, Tenn., the League built and equipped a reading room for 
the regiment stationed in that camp: and tri-weekly entertainments were given for 
the soldiers by the best talent of Nashville, under the direction of Mrs. Kinnard T. 
McConnico and Mrs. H. Louis Sperry. 

In equipping the reading room, Mrs. Joseph H. Thompson donated a victrola: 
Mrs. Mary C. Dorris. stationery, distinguished by the equestrian statue of Andrew- 
Jackson, for whom the camp was named. The die for the stationery was presented 
by Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne and Mrs. B. F. Wilson. A bookcase and many books were 
supplied through the efforts of Mrs. George H. Williams. Mrs. John Steadwell and 
Mrs. M. S. Lebeck. The daily papers of the State were obtained through the efforts 
f 115) 

D.niDsoy coi.\T\ 

OME.\ /.Y Tllh: IK) HI. II If .1 H. I » I 4-. 

Mrs. (;<-..r!:<- Kra/ir. Mrs. llinry Morgan. Mr-, 
Weaver Harris. Mrs. L. L. Gamble. Mrs. C. .\. Mantl 
While. Mrs. S. E. Dickev. Mrs. Saruly Owen. Mrs. E. 
Kirklan.l. Mrs. B. F. Wilson. Miss Louise Li 
Mrs E \ Lin(ls,-v. Mrs. Robert \V. Nichol. Mrs. We-i 
11. Morton. .Mrs. W. B. Cook. Mrs. 11. Louis S|urrv. 
Mrs. Clarence .Sutherland. Miss Aleda Waggoner, and 
Mrs. Thomas Malone. Jr. 

Chairiiicri iti various sections of the county 
for tlif Arinv Comfort League's activities were: 

Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Mrs. George H. Nevins. 
Mrs. George Dean. Mrs. Arthur Cooncy. Afrs. I 1' 
Lowe. Mrs. M. II. Dobson. Mrs. Thomas J. Tyn.-. M.- 
Ilenry Morgan. Mrs. J. O. White. Mrs. Lou 1.u4..a. 
Mrs. Horace G. Hill. Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, \1.^ 
Ellr-n Marshall, and Mrs. George W. Fall. 

The camp hospitals were supervised liv lli'- 
.Army Comfort League, and in the work of sr 
curing furnishings, hospital garments and deli 
cacies for the sick. valual)Ie service was ten- 
dered ihe League hy other organi/alii.n- nl 
Nashville. Among them were: KIII-Imu I nil 
Carev E. Morgan Auxiliary, Girl-" \ii\ili,ir\. 
women's societies of the Baptist Chun lies. C, 
Ionia! Dames, and Nine Street Temple Sister- 
hood. Mrs. Harrv W. Kvans. President of the 
Tennessee Xavv Cf.niforts Commille,-. duiml. 
f;ver one hundred knitted garments fm llic (.. 
vakseenl soldiers at Camp Jackscm. 



Mrs. W. W. Margraves contribiitfd H\|. luiiulred l.acljies 

League members during their service al tin- laiiips. 

When the 114th Field Artillery was stationed on Va 

ville, three hundred blankets were furnished the men by 

in ronnection with this camp was under the supervision 

of Mrs. J. T. McGill, Chairman, assisted by the women 

of \'anderbilt Campus, who were members of the League. 
After the boys had departed for other camps and 

enlistments grew, the demands made of the Nashville 

organization were so great that Mrs. Percy Warner, 

President, and her Executive Board, decided to call a 

conference of county representatives on Jackson Dav. 

January 8, 1918, for the purpose of extending the 

League's activities throughout the counties of Tennessee. 

Mrs. John G. Gilmore served as general chairman of 

the conference, assisted bv Mrs. Percv Warner. Mrs. T. 

Leigh Thompson. Mrs. John R. Aust,' Mrs. W. B. Shel- 

ton, Mrs. J. 0. White. Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, and Mrs. 

M. S. Lebeck. ^^Tc.,!i"" nufli"' 

Although the weatlicr cindilicins were such as to 

cause the rural roads lliroughout the State to be practically impassalile. the fact 

that the women were to be allowed to form an organization to work for their own 

sons brought representatives from seventy-five counties of Tennessee. Mrs. Percy 

Warner, President, presided, and made an appealing address at the luncheon fol- 
lowing the conference, which was attended by over four hundred workers. Other 

helpful talks were siven at the luncheon by Mrs. George W. Denny, of Knoxville; 

Mrs. Alex. Caldwell. Mrs. James S. Frazer, Mrs. Jesse M. Overton, Mrs. Robert W. 
Nichol. Mrs. Charles Caldwell, Miss Louise G. 
Lindsley. and Miss Delia Dortch, on the work of the 
organizations which they represented. The inspira- 
tion gained from the conference was far-reaching 
in its benefits, and was helpful to other patriotic or- 
ganizations throughout Tennessee. 

Mrs. John C. Brown, an active member of the 
Advisory Board, gave a liberal donation at the con- 
ference for the formation of a league in Giles 
County, her husband's native home. This branch 
grew to be the second in activity in the State. Mrs. 
Thomas B. Wade served as president of the Giles 
C(.untv LeaLiue. and Miss Ruby Carter, secretary. 
Mrs. Sam X^'oodward represented Giles County at 
the conference. This league not only equipped everv 
soldier from Giles County with a knitted outfit and 
kept in personal touch with them throughout the 
lunch for each soldier on departure for camp, suf- 

war, but furnished a farewi 
ficient for his journey. 

Other leagues developing from the Nashville League's conference were: Ruther- 
ford County League, Murfreesboro, Mrs. W. C. Covington. President, and Mrs. 
Mahlon Brown, Secretary: Montgomery County League, Clarksville, Mrs. Gracev 
( 117 ) 

D.lllDSOy <:Ol.\TY ffOMEy /.Y THE WORLD IT.iR. 1 >i 1 4-1 >■ I • 

Childress. President, ami Mi>. J. D. ll.-rrulon. Chairman ,.t ll„- knillin^ l).|KUln 
Henry County Leagii.-. l*aii>. Mis. 1- ram .-s (;. Mollis. I'rr-i.i.-iU : W iiliaiii>un ('.. 
Leajrue. Franklin. Miss Susie Gentry. President: Robertson (lounty League. Sj) 
field. Mrs. Joseph Washington. President; Wilson County Leajrue. Lebanon, 


Nathan Robertson, President: Putnam County League, Cookeville, Mrs. Rutledge 
•Smith, President: Sumner County League. UciKJer- 
sonville. Miss Sara Berry, President. 

.^dviee in regard to organization and work of 
the Teimessee League was sought by other states, 
and leagues were formed in Texas, Kentucky. South 

Carolina and Mississippi a 
M.uiid from the iNasluili 
On April 22, 1918. lii,' 
League celebrated the lir- 
sanization with a patriolii 
'')av. Mrs. K. P. Blair an 
nn -.•ur,l as r,,-,lKnr,n,'n 
I lllr n,,.n,l/ali,.M nIr.L 

bv liiis mean 
d speeches wa: 
•sume of tlie v<' 

ill of informati 

'\s n as Sacrifice 
. Lrigl, Thomp- 

request of her workers, she pledged herself lo ■ nnliniir li 
the war as President of the iVashyille organi/aiinn. 

Lvidence of the Army Comfort League's iiiliiRnce ua^ 
diale response giyen all demands for assistance. A call 
helmets was received from a captain at Camp Sevier. ( 
three days the President of the League was in re- 
ceipt of a telegram of lli.nik- llii~ captain for 
the required allotmenl. M. >. IrLiik. llic League's 
constant friend, supers i-rd ilic -liippiirj of tin- ar- 

On an.,lher occasion a .Icmand came f,,r one 
hundred and eighty helmets. Owing to the large 
number of j)revious calls, there were none in stock. 
Immediately after the call reached the organization 
a rmniber of machines were rented li\ lln- nuinlHrs. 

khaki-colorcd flamicl purchased. an,l Iir , vrnln" 

of the day the ajjpeal was made the cnlirc lot was 
wrajiped and ship])ed on the 9:'M) P.M. train leav- 
ing Nashvilh; for a .Southern army camp. Again 
.M. S. Lebeck defrayed tlie expenses of shipmenl. 

Strving on this ru-h ordir were: 

Mrs. IVrcv Wariwr. Mr-. 1. l..i(;li lliomiis..],. Mrs. 
John I!. Aust. Mrs. O. V. Miiilh. Mrs. l.ronar.l (Wlli.rl. .Mrs. J 
McGav.ick. .Mrs. W. C. Dake. Mrs. E.lward Hamilton. .Mrs. W. B. 
Mrs. llarrv Maiil.v. Mrs. A. G. Boslick.. Mrs. Edward .SlicrUv. 
Mart. Mrs. W. C. Covinpton. Mrs. M. .s-. I.,l,.rk, Mrs. U. A. C 
Lulie Jones, and Mrs. T. B. Molt. 

Tile Army Comfort League had lln- (li-liri( lion of oi 
Club in Davidson County. Mrs. Cil.M.n I'all.rson w 

( llfi) 

program of patriotic 
. Mrs. Percy Warner 
>rk. and bv unanimous 

D.llinSON COUNTY WOMEN IN THE W R I D If, IK. 19141919 


Bottom row: Mrs. George William Ivill. Mib. Tlidiiuib I T>ne. Clidirman, Mrs. Wjlliam S. 
Bransford. lop row: Mrs. Laurent Brown, Secretary of League; Mis. William B. Slielton, 1st 
Lieutenant who had charge of booth in campaign; Miss Theresa McGavock, who purchased the 
first thousand dollar War Saving Stamp sold to a woman in Davidson County; and Mrs. Frank 
McGavock (Theresa Perkins). 

Miss Theresa McGavock. an active member of the League, purchased the first Sl.OOO 
worth of War Savings Stamps sold to a Nashville woman. Mrs. Foster Hume, a 
member of this organization, sold the first $1,000 W. S. Stamps purchased by a 
man in Davidson County. The League was also prominent in the selling and pur- 
chasing of Liberty Bonds, and tlie members took an active part in every campaign 
and patriotic organization. 

A booth, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne. Mrs. T. Leigh Thomp- 
son, and Mrs. John G. Gilmore, was maintained by the League at the W. S. S. Car- 
nival, April, 1918, on the Capitol Boulevard, to secure funds to further the League's 
work. Mrs. W. B. Shelton had charge of the Girls' Committee, assisted by Mrs. J. 0. 
White. Numerous articles were sold at this booth. War Savings Stamps were also 
sold. The decorations of the booth were lavish and attractive. 

The Army Comfort League had the ice and candy concessions at the magnificent 
Patriotic Ball at the Belle Meade Club in February. 1918. These booths were ar- 
tistically decorated and equipped by the members, and over $400 was realized from 
sales. Mrs. John G. Gilmore and Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne had charge of the candv. 
and Mrs. Percy Warner, Mrs. John 0. White, and Miss Roberta Carter presided at 
the ice cream booth. Mrs. W. B. Shelton and Mrs. Alfred Merritt were chairmen 
of "stunts." One of the features was the presentation of a handsome lady's hat, 
donated the League by a local millinery firm, to the winner in a guessing contest. 
A small sum was charged for each guess. 

In the Fourth Liberty Loan Drive the Army Comfort League supervised a booth 
at Fifth Avenue and the Arcade, of which Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne was Captain; Mrs. 

( 119) 

DAI IPSO \ cm MY ITOME\ / .V T II F IT O K L D UAR. I <> 1 t] " 1 9 

\^'. B. Shellon. First Lieulenant. and .Mi>. ( W . 1 ,ill. Sc. mul l.iriihiKml. Dil- 
feient niPiiiliers acted as salesladies eaili ila\. M-llini; stxrial tlmusaiul dollai- in 

Mrs. 11. A. i;rillin. Cliainnan of rununaue sales for the L.'a^ue. ,(,n,lii,ted a mini- of >ales M-a-,,.,. from «iiieh xvas derived a sum of ..xnal IninJrrd dolhu-. 
_ - Mr>. Smith Tenisoii served a- \\\- ir.i^ue- . hairmaii 

.r the War .^alvaue store and. lo^nl,,-, uhli Mrs. I'er.'v 

'I ll 

11,11- lo Ihr l!e,l 
hIm,. I')|;;. and 
MM- ,,f the amliirlaii.-e 
\lolo, (;orj)s Depart- 
,. , u,,. Captain. 
\h- I, l.eiudi Thomp- 
•r„. \,i-hvill,- Chapter. 

I lo 


son served as Chairman of an olliiinii lo I 

Red Cross. Several automohdes ui ir ri( 

bv the members for this offeriiip. Mi-. Iliomp-on u 

Wallers MeGill, who served as telrph.Mio . Ii.nrnian. 

For the 1917 Christmas fund -..^.ral huiuhr,! ran 
bearinfr impre.ssive inscriptions from tiie iiif'.v.l pin o 
.[ohn Trotwood Moore. Mr. Moore donated the iii-( lip 
tions. Several thousand dollars ])asse(l throu'jh ilr 
League treasury, which was handled hv Mrs. T. Lei^il 
Thompson in an expert manner durint; the two years o 
the League's existence. Every penny of this fund wa 
uspd directly to benefit the Temiessee soldiers. Tin 
( ntire overhead expenses of the organization were borni 
Ity the president and officers. Mrs. Warner never al a call to go unanswered. 

The League sponsored one of l)a\i(Uon (!oimlv': 
fallen heroes in the V^'orld War. «ho had neither rela 
lives nor friends, for \hr Davidson Connlv Memorial 
Vt\ a coincidence. wh":i iii> name was revealed, it wa; 
i:ne of the boys whom ih" Li-ague had mothered while ii 
lamp and when Ir avit)L' Nashville for overseas (hil\. ^. ^ 

Aside from the idlicers of the T.,eague. who wiHin'.il\ 
answered . verv call, exceptional servi.e was rendered lo c\erv adivilv of llu' World 
W ar bv the following 

\rr>. Frank Mr(;av...k. Mrs. .Smilh T-nis,,,,. Mrs. I!u>l, llaw,>.. .Mr.. .\. \1. Carr,,!!. Mrs. 
f:l.arl.-. .S|,.|.„ii. Mrs. .(„lin W. Black. Mrs. It. A. (Jrifiin. Miss Tlien.a MrGavork. Mrs. s;. E. 
Dirk.v. Mrs. M. II. Dol.son. Mrs. Charles r:„lin. Mrs. W. C. Harrison. Mrs. Arlliiir Cooney, 
Mrs. K.lwar.i .>^rruf.'ns. Mrs. E. \\ Blair. >rjs. Guy Nevins. Mrs. Charles Cooncy. Mrs. James 

(120 ) 

D.IJIDSON cor NT y WOMEN IN THE W O R L D WAR. 19 14-1)19 

Weakley, Mrs. W. E. Thomas, Mrs. George W. Dean, Mrs. Frances Darden Allen, Mrs. S. Walters 
McGill, Miss Lena Marx, Mrs. John Steatlwell, Mrs. James E. Long, and Miss Mar>' Smith. 

The success of this organization was largely due to their whole-hearted service. 
The following women were members of the Army Comfort League throughout the 
war, and assisted either with work or funds to carry on the League's many activities: 

Mrs. Robert L. Abernathy, Mrs. Armstrong Allen, Mrs. Jesse H. Anderson, Mrs. R. L. 
Alexander, Mrs. Frances Darden Allen. Miss Annie C. Allison, Miss Stella Abrams, Mrs. J. P. B. 
Allen, Mrs. John B. Atchison. Mrs. John R. Aust, Mrs. A. B. Anderson, Mrs. J. W. Black, Mrs. 
B. D. Bell, Mrs. Albert Britt, Mrs. W. S. Bransford, Mrs. Count R. Boyd, Mrs. W. A. Buntin, 
Mrs. Dan C. Buntin. Mrs. L. Bogatsky. Mrs. John C. Brown, Mrs. Charles Barham. Mrs. H. B. 
Bond. Mrs. Doswell Brown. Mrs. A. G. Brandau, Mrs. J. D. Blanton. Mrs. Frank Bnensrh. Mrs. 
R. D. Blum, Mrs. Robert Brannan. Mrs. John Barksdale, Mrs. E. P. B'air. Mr-. Claiborne 
Bryan. Mrs. M. G. Buckner. Mrs. Johnson Bransford. Mrs. Harry Batchcl.., Ii \li- Laurent 
Brown. Miss Mary Laurent Brown. Mrs. Green Benton, Mrs. W. W. B.■n^. Mr-. Ki. iiard A. 
Barr, Mrs. E. J. Booker. Mrs. David Brandon. Mrs. Nathan Crockett. Mrs. Kubcrt Lli.ek. Mrs. 
Charles Cohn, ISfrs. C. A. Craig, Mrs. S. A. Champion. Mrs. Nathan Cohn. Mrs. C. H. Crawford, 
Mrs. Samuel Cohn, Mrs. C. P. Cooney, Mrs. H. T. Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell. Mrs. E. 
B. Craig, Mrs. Runcie Clements, Mrs. James E. Caldwell. Mrs. Lyon Childress, Mrs. J. W. 
Childress, Mrs. W. R. Cole. Mrs. Henry Connor, Mrs. Char'es S. Caldwell, Mrs. Watkins Crockett. 
IVTrs. Marvin Campen, Mrs. E. W. Cole, Mrs. John Cheek, Mrs. William C. Cherry, Mrs. Sol. 
Cohn, Mrs. James H. Campbell, Mrs. C. C. Christopher. Mrs. Goodloe Cockrill, Mrs. Leslie 
Cheek. Mrs. A. M. Carroll. Mrs. Eugene Crulcher. Mrs. M. E. Derrvberry. Mrs. G. W. Dean. 
Mrs. M. H. Dobson, Mrs. C. C. Dabney. Mrs. ! ettv M. Donelson. Mrs. Sol Dryfus. Mrs. Hunter 
Davis. Mrs. L. G. Durr. Mrs. Paul DeWitt, Mrs. Paul Davis, Mrs. A. A. Doak, Mrs. W. W. 
Dillon. Mrs. W. L. Dismukes. Mrs. Houston Dudley, Mrs. R. M. Dudlev. Mrs. L. H. Davis, 
Mrs. Guilford Dudley. Mrs. B. A. Enloe, Mrs. Duncan Eve, Mrs. John Hill Eakin. Mrs. R. C. 
Ewinff. Mrs. Cecil Ewing. Mrs. W. G. Ewing. Mrs. Harry Evans, Mrs. James B. Ezzell. Mrs. John 
Marshall Ewinc. Mrs. George Frazer. Mrs. Carev A. F,dk. :\rrs. Mvra Fall. Mrs. Gn.rge W. 
Fall. \!i-. i'M-Miar.l I'rn-lrrual.l. \lr~. 1,. TrankiaiHl. Mr-. Al.-_\an,l.r Fall. Mr-. Wilson 
i-inljr. \1,- \l,.|,l, |-,Mi-M,i. \1,-. i;,,,ii In'k. Ml-. IImu.i,,! Iim-i. M,- |' Ki.iiik I'l-M-. Mrs. 

Fkiii, I il.-pilir k. Ml-. .Ia,„r- K 1 II.M.. \l,-. llnliMl ( Ik 11. Ml-, ^li.a... („.M|ki.-, Mrs. 

Kolliii 1'. Ciaul. Ml,. J. i;. Gnu..-. .\h=.. .\llowav Gra\. Mr,. U li. Glenn. \h.-. AK Pheeters 
Glasgow, Mrs. R. A. Griffin. Mrs. Frank Gurlie, .Mrs. W. L. Granberv. Mrs. Horace G. Hill. Mrs. 
Sam Hirsch. Mrs. Joe T. Howell. Mrs. Drake Hyde. Mrs. Ross Handly. Mrs. Frank Herbrick. 
Mrs. Joseph T. Howell. Jr.. Mrs. J. Harry Howe. Mrs. W. W. Haigraves. Mrs. Foster Hume. 
Ml--. \Nrrv Ilaii.llv. Mr-. J..-,.,,h IlaMiir. Mr-. Harr\ Hill. Mr-. W Mark I l.iiri-Mi,. Mi- lliiinphrey Ml-, \. M. Ila^.ui. Mi-, I.', Ik i . Il., Mr-, I Ni- ( Mi-jm.- \1i- W I Ikirrison, 
Mr-, Mai-1-ail ll,.l,l,ki-. Mi-, II kii II. h,-,.. Mi-. I,, I, I I ,n, , p". a, Mi- h',,,:.! Ilunir. Mrs. 
William lliiMi.-, Jr.. \lr>. Ku^ll llaHe.. Mr,. Kuberla C. llardiiit:. Mi,. (Ii,,i, I lh-)i;-. Mrs 
Edward Hamilton. Mrs. L. Jonas. Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Mrs. Howell F. .1,.. k -, .. \l - Thomas 
P. Kennedy, Mrs. Thomas C. Keebng, Mrs. J. M. King, Mrs. Louise Bran-ia.! ki kmin. Mrs. 

n Bell K' ' ki. M ; - Huncan 
Ml- I > i ,:,■ M.-. Lee 
M,-, k.^. - ..,,,. r, Mrs. 

I.i.iii- l.'lhM.k, M.- i;,.k. |.:i.-i.i. Ml-, \,in.a M |.a,i-, Mi- I .-I ,,.:,•,, Mrs. 

K..|..-rl I ii-k. \k-, ,| , 1.^,1-, Mr-. ,1 (I, L.ak.-, Mi-, |..nn M.-- k' v ' I.;-. Mrs. 
James R. Love, Mr-. J. W . Mo-bv. Mrs. James II. Moore. Mrs. Henrv M. . . >' I H.i. C. 
Marshall, Mrs. Charles A. Manthev. Mrs. Thomas H. Malone. Jr., Mrs. C. .\, \ki,-' I \k-. J. C. 
McHatton, Mrs. L. A. McMurrav. Mrs. S. Walters McGill. Mrs. J. T. MrCilk \h- -... i,.,r Afc- 
Henry. Mrs. John B. McFerrin. Mrs. Frank MrGav,.rk. Ali" Thrr. -a \I. ( .,, . ... k. \h>. H. R. 
Manby. Mrs. F. P. McKeel. Mrs. West \l..rl..n. Mr-. Ikirn.ll \ \l..|.in. Mr-. John Ma?on. 
Mrs. R. C. Moore. Mrs. S. S. McKav. Mr-, k.lum Mm,-. Mi-. \,,.|,.av \k,,-kiM. Mrs. Guv H. 
Nevins. Mrs. W. E. Norvell. "Mrs. tlmma- \.»|,ill. Mr-. William \. l-..n. Mr-. G. M. Neelv. 

Mrs. T. B. Neal. Mrs. Cliaik- \,. !-,.„. M,- ,|, M, Overton. Mrs. W. A. Overall. Mrs. Andrew 

b'Brien. Mrs. Andrew Pri, . M,- I'.n., I'kik,.-. Mrs. WiUiam Phillips, Mrs. Thomas Parkes. 
Mrs. II. C. Parrent. Mr.-. Ilu.ii.i I ', 1 1 .. . Mi-. .1. W. Pentecost. Mrs. E. A. Price. Mrs. A. E. 
Potter. Mrs. Bruce R. Pa>m,'. Mi,, .lam,,, K. I'olk. Mrs. Marsh Polk. Mrs. Ernest Pillow. iVfrs. 
George S. Parkes. Mrs. Dave Rosenfeld. Dr. Celia Rich. Mrs. Arthur Ransom. Airs. Paul Rve. 
Mrs. Thomas C. Rye. Mrs. A. G. Rutherford. Mrs. Granville P. Rose. Mrs. Lou Rascoe. Mrs. 
W. A. Roberts. Mrs. J. H. Reeves. Airs. Jo' n R Pa-som, Jr.. Mrs. George Ratterman. Mr? 

A. 0. 


an. Mrs. 

Sam Kessler. 


J. S. Kennedv. AIr5 


r. Mr-. 

Ink.- 1 

.1. Ml- F. \ 

,. Lin 

1 ..II 

.l-.N. AL-. \. r, la 
1 ii-k^. Ml-, Ik T, 

DAI I U S O .V COi .V T y II M E A / A T H A H O R L D If A R. I 9 I 4-1 9 1 9 

llov Kuscor. Mrs. M.Ewcii Hansom. Mrs. John B. Kansoni. Mrs. J. II. Kilev. Mr*. Leo Schwartz, 
.Mr^. Jolin Hi-nry Smith. .Mrs. Walter Stokes. Mrs. Jordan Stokes, .Mrs. E. B. Stevenson. .Mrs. 
C. E. Skinner. .Mrs. Jordan Stokes. Jr., .Mrs. Charles Stetson. Mrs. Paul Sloan. Mr.s. D. Perkins 
Sexton. .Mrs. J. D. Skinner. .Mrs. E. .\1. Skinner. Mrs. \. S. Sohel, Mrs. Clyde Shropshire, Mrs. 
.Marv E. Scru-igs. .Mrs. J. .N. Steadwell. .Mrs. A. M. Shook. Mrs. Louis 11. Sperry. Mr.s. Eugene 
Shannon. .Mrs. T. M. Steger. .Mrs. Charles Trahue. .Mrs. Henry Teitlehaum. .Mrs. John W. 
Thomas. Jr.. Mrs. K. W. Turner. .Mrs. Smith Tenison. .Mrs. J. A. Trousdah-. Mrs. Jesse H. 
Thomas. .Mrs. Vernon Tupper. .Mrs. .Vrch Trawick. .\rrs. E. O. Tate. .Mrs. James I. Vance. Mrs 
John J. \ertrees, Jr.. .Mrs. .Annie Lindslev Warden. .Miss Marjiaret Warden. Mrs. J. K. Wheeler, 
Mrs. Edttin Warner. .Mrs. Joseph Warner. .Mrs. A. S. Warren. .Mrs. Olin West. .Mrs. Oscar 
Waldkirch. .Mrs. Percy Williams. .Mrs. Betlie Lvle Wilson. .Mrs. B. F. Wilson, .Mrs. Idabelle 
Wilson. .Mrs. T. Dwigiit W ehh. Mrs. L. A. Warner. Mrs. K. II. Wright, Mrs. Dempsey Weaver, 
.Mrs. Joseph R. West, Mrs. J. din O. White. .Mrs. William 11. Witt. .Mrs. W vlie Williams, Mrs. 
Ridley Wills, Mrs. Douglas .M. Wright. Mrs. Jo,- Wertlian. Mrs. .Mton Wade. Mrs. Frank Weil, 
Mrs. John G. Webber. Mrs. I.. M. W.iUh. Mi-. 1,. I!. W.ukin-. Mi-. < In. -In..' !,. Williams, Mrs. 
W. J. Wallace, Mrs. Richard .T^ W ,1-..,,. \l,-. i I,,,,,!, \\,ll,i. \l,-. \l,l.- W ilium-. Mrs. John 

A. Wilson, Miss Cornelia . Mi- Vnn.i \\\. n. M.- Mimh. I. I'.mk.. Mi- Elizabeth 

IJreen, Miss Sadie Cauvin. Miss Kuueua C.ul,i. Mi- I.t C.Kkrlt. Mi- Mlinla Cooper. 
.Miss Mabe! Cohn. Miss Ida Cavert. Miss Kal.- ( im. Mi- ilattie Dismukes. Mi- Maiv I mui 
Dobson, Miss Delia Dortch. Miss Elizabeth Ev, Mi- ll.niv K«ing. .Miss Loiili. I »iii.'. Mi- 
Corrine Cavert, Miss Susie Edwards. Miss Cjiii-iin. (,. Mi^s Margaret 01. -1111, Mi- MmTi 

Goldberg, .Miss Bella (;n...lin,.iK Mi- Ida E. II I. Mi- ( "Li ll.iu.i. Mi- I,..,raine llvronemus. 

Miss Amanda Ilan.llv. \li- S..1..1,, ,|,.,iii.,m1. M,- IIi/.iIi. ih Iuhl:. 1 iii.i.i. Mi- .Medora Jones, 

.Miss .-Vnna Marv Kenn.-.K. Mi- I mn-, (,. Ill„l-I,^. \! 

Miss ElBe Mclver. Mi- Mar> i:ii/al..lli I'mln. Mi- I! 

Percie Warner. Miss Kate Quinn. Miss Chri^tim Kili\. 

Sluite. Miss Mabel Truby, ^riss Willie William-. Mi- I 

.Meda W'aggoner. and Mrs. Daisy Yarbrough. 

Mrs. Percy Warner, the beloved Prc-iilml n 
the women of this organization to victorv li\ In 
thtisiasin. The patriotic addresses dcliMTcd |i\ In 
were both inspiring and eloquent. Mi-. W.iinr 
garding all movements of the Gusn mm ni. unl 
among the first organizations in l)a\iii~nii Cciiiiil\ 
r-omernitiL' the Tennessee and l);ui,l-,m C.imhiIn -. 

\ll. . 1 . 

I.. i'nl..|. 

- K.lii.i 
lan Warm 

li« Mi- Juanita long. 

Ml- 1 illian Tavlor. Miss 

i;i,li.iid-n„. Mi- Margaret 

IT. Mi- Marv Webb. .Miss 

In- \ini 

\ Comfiirl League, led 

,l,...|, ,„ 

icinal interest and en- 

,.l Ihr I.I 

M'j lie's wci'klv meetings 

k,|,l lli-l 

-ill urli iiilnriiied re- 

llr \,ln 

\ (■ It! l,,M.jiie was 

. IC.IIM- 

inr..iiii.ili..n ..! interest 


() 1/ F N IN THE TOR L f) ff'A R. 191 4-1 " 1 ' 

Press Committee 

It is an acknowledged fact that the splendid amount of publicity given to every 
World War movement was a telling factor in not only the final result, but also in 
the formation and extension of every patriotic endeavor. This work was a real 
necessity as a means for bringing about a successful conclusion of hostilities. 

The newspapers of Davidson County responded so generously with space that 
it was a pleasure to hand copy to them, knowing that it would be featured in an 
effective manner. 

The press women, both professional and amateur, who constantlv kept every 
issue before the public, and who were so indefatigable in the seeking and handling 
of every item of news that would interest or arouse the public, deserve a special 
tribute of thanks for the unceasing application and the intelligent handling they 
gave to this important branch of public service. Among the women who handled 
the press work in Davidson County were: 

Mrs. Frank Searcy Green, Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin. \h'. junlan Stokes, Jr.. 
1. Miss Corrinne Rich, Mrs. Morton B. Hc.wvll. 111. \l,-. \ i-rner .Moore 
ri^im. Mrs. Reuben Mills. Mrs. Emma Look >im||. \1i— Maria Slemmons, 
'a;:,-. Mrs. John M. Kenny, Mrs. J. H. Nye. M... Kailu-nn,- P. Wright, 
-. Margaret Erw-in Ford, Miss Will Allen Dronigooie. .Miss Madge Hall, 
li-- Katherine Powers. Miss .Mary Stahlman. Miss Florence Wilson, Miss 
linma Wheat Sullivan. Mrs. Charles Baker. Mrs. John G. Gilmore. and 

Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin, as Chairman of the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross. Emer- 
gency Canteen Publicity Committee, brought world-wid? famg to this organization 



H. C, 


s. n 


W. ^ 




W. 1 


- W 


nh V 





~- 1 







-. 1- 



DAVID S O Y €01 ST\ If M E Y / .\ T H E If O H I I) If, I H. I » I 41 9 1 9 

u kr,-|, llir «u,k ,.r \\u- 
,,r nM-nnli,,'^ llirlnuuli: 

ll.<' U 


by her eonslant and (■;irni--l (iidivud 
the pul.lie. and \>\ her < miipitenl man 
sttiries each day in the daily pre>s. 

The following women did exe,,, 
the oriranizations they re])resented ii 

Mrs. It. II. Corsc.n. Cliairmari. Nashville Chapter. American Ked Cross: Mrs. Keulien Mills, 
rhairinan, Nashville WomanV Commiltee. Council of National Defense: Mrs. Robert Wharton 
Nichol. .Slat.. Chairman, Le Bicn-Eln- du Hlesse: Mrs. John M, Kennv. .'^lale Chairman. Woman's 
Commill.T, Council of National Defense. 

Mrs. John (;. Gilmore served as Stale and l)avid-(in Cmmlv i'i-es~ ( :li.iiriii:\n for 
.he Third. Fourth and Fifth Fihertv Loans. Zone and Conntv Ciiairnian of ih.- W. S. 
S. orsanization for I'Jl.'!. State and Conntv I'ress Chairman of llie National League 
for Woman's Serviee. Chairman of Pnhlieitv for the Armv Comfort Leatnie from 
\ovemher. 1017. to elo.s,. of W.„l.l War. Stale an.l Connlv I're-s Chairman of the 
Cirjs" Patriolie Leajriie. and Connlv ( li.ilr man nl lln- War Salva.L'e \s.n,ialion, 
Piihlieity Committee. 

( 124 t 


For a |ipriiid of nineteen months, beginnin"; two months after the th-elaration of 
far with the United States and lasting until after the signing of the Armistice, Mrs. 
Edward A. Lindsay served with the United States 
Food Administration as a retail price ir|iiirlcr. wliicli 
responsibility was entrusted to only a lew individ- 
uals. The duties of this position consisted in per- 
sonally securing each week prices on all necessi- 
ties, including food and fuel, for the purpose of 
preventing profiteering. This service, which was 
done secretly, entailed an immense amount of de- 
tail work. 

As a reward for her services, Mrs. Lindsey was 
awarded a certificate from headquarters at Wash- 
iniiton. which reads as follows: 

Washington, 1919. 


LJnited States Food Admin 

Edward A. Lindsey in recogni 



sents this 

the appreciation and esteem in which it holds the valuable 
price reporter. 

with fidelity as a ret 

(Signed) Heubkut Hoover. 

Food Administrator. 
Dr. Raymond Pearl, 
Chief Statistical Director. 

Mrs. Tennie Coleman Sharpe and Miss Anna Hayes were appointed liy Post- 
master Williams to serve at the postofRce at Jacksonville, being the first women to 
assume duties at the gigantic Powder Plant. 

Though these women received a salary for their services, the compensation was 
small compared with the vast amount of work that was required in handling the 
mail for the many thousand strangers who daily poured into the Government work 
at the magic city of Jacksonville. Often these patriotic women remained on duty 
from seven o'clock in the morning until eleven o'clock at night, and the patrons of 
the postoffice had many occasion> to thank the intelligent and gracious postmistresses 
for helping them through the dilfh iiltics that were unavoidable in the confusion 
tiuit of necessitv attended tlie building overnight of the greatest powder plant in 
Ihe world. 

DA ill) so \ c o I ■ y r y n o m e v / v r ii /•; ir oki. n ir i r. i"i iioi o 

Nashville' Chapter American Red Cross 

Miis. I'KKcv 1). .M\i)i)i\ 
I'ice-Chainniui of Chapter and (.liairmiin of Adininislraliic Hoard 

Miis. IvDHKKT F. Jackson 
Vlce-Clmirinnn of .tdiiiinlslraliic Board and CJiairnian oj Woman's If'orh 

n. -If ID SON COUNTY IT' M E N IN THE If O R L I) WAR. I'll I! 9 I' 


Greatest Mother 

in the WDRLD 

I) III P S O .V cot :V T y IT f ) U F \ I V T H K 

ni.n ir./A'. n>iii'Ji9 

Mil-. Vim:-, 1). \Ui.niN 
(Man li.-llr K.-ilhi 
\ic.- ClKiiiinan nf Nn^luill,- A. H. C 
Chairman cf A,llnHli^l^ali^.■ I'-.a..!. \I,iii|jcr 

Ad\is.„v (:,.,IT„il nl llli. lliMuiA. 

Tiil.iilc l)v Mrs. Pcn-v 1). Mnddii 

Th.- work ,.r til,' \:.>li\il 
tlfisc to tlie hearts of tlir- pi- 
as the ireiierosity of its ser\ ii 
aijparent. Lartre as were tin- -ill- u 
itself in the ineal.iih.Me ani.Hinl ol 
flepartiiient of chapter unrk. 

In \ashville the He<l Cross hera 
hours of need when the ery of so ii 
the Red Cross made answer. 

No matter where one xrxed in 
and mr)st far-reaehint.' voluntarv oi 
with it has ever developed in „i,„l,., 

pir,. \,o, 

I D.iM.U, 

Illr L'lr,,] 

in every 


To be a vital part of it was a lasting decoration. "Afli'r all. to love sonielliing 
more than one's self is the secret of all that is great: In kriou love fcir oilins is 
the aim of all noble souls." 

The women who made up the working organization of llie \a-hvillc Ch.ipler 
were drawn from every walk of life and represented every iiilcrr>l iii the ri\ic and 
social life of the cdinnuinity. Ardent and consiicntiiiiis. tlicv lalHurd unliiiniilv 
and wisely. 

The men arc due the credit for the financial su(c,-.> „f ihc drive- for finuK. in 
the first dii\c [lionccr- deserving of much praise blazed the trail, and in the >ccnntl. 
tlK> lari;c-[ anidiml collected in the Southern Division was secuncl bv the Nashville 

From beginning to end. x\halc\cr measure df success was attained by the Nash- 
ville Chapter was due to tin- palridlir dt\(ili(in (if those who banded themselves 
together to aid the (Jovernmcnt. through the American Red Crciss. to "bind up the 
woiuuls of a Idceding world." 

(Signed) Mary Belle Keith M.addin. 
( Mrs. Percy D. Maddin ) , 
Vice-Chairman of Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, and 
Chairman of Administrative Board. 
Nashville. Tenn.. July .5. 1922. 

[),tiiDS(}.\ <:oi.\r) if()Mt:.\ /.\ r ii r iiohi.d itir. nnii'iio 
Or<:anIzMti(tii (tf Naslivillc Cliaj)lt'i'. A. i\. C. 

Tins miglity organization so intcilact-d ilsi'll uilh cviiy inlcrest of liie soldiers 
and sailors that its influence and htMicficencc was universal. Red Cross were the 
magic words that caused every purse to fly open and snnnnoned every worker to his 
or her task without hesitation or question. 

It will he of interest to the many thou>an.U of fiirn.l- of ihc He.l Cr.iss. Nash- 
ville Cha|)ler. to know that more than one lunulrcd niiiiioii d<illars was spent for 
war relief work in foreign countries and in America during the first year of the 
Red Cross Organization, which ended June 30. lyio. and that the appropriation for 
working capital was .'S26.2.'!6.()()(). Tliese slatistiis were taken from the annual 
report submitted hy tiie National Red Cross OrL^ani/alion to Secrctarv of War 
Newton D. Baker. 

Each woman of Davidson County recognizes ihr fail ihal ihe organization of the 
Red Cross, with its tw<-ntv-five thousand active u. ikn-. w.i- ihe most efficient and 
far-reaching of all \^'orl(l War organizations, and jlidlv jives it precedence over 
the others. As we read these pages it is a source of great pride to every woman 
recorded within to note thai whenever a call came from the Red Cross they re- 
sponded in unison, whether it was dub. patriotic organization or individual. 

The roster of the Nashville Chapter. Arnrii(an IJrd ('ross. included everv man, 
woman and child in Davidson County, and lln- \\><i\ accomplished in this countv 
was surpassed by only a few larger couiitir~ in Xmrrica. \ rcniarkabli> record 
reported by the Red Cross Southern Di\i>iiiii lb adi|ii niii ~ id ijic NiiiiJiial reads 
as follows: "Final record of the Red Cro-> .lii\c c (.mlin inl li\ die \a-li\illc Chap- 
ter in May. 1918, reached .■'■SO.OOO. IreMirvj llir (|N,.la. Tlii- ,-\r,r,N an\ .hive uj) 
to this time in the entire S.Jiidi. and .iid\ lr\s nion- in ihr .nliir ...nnlrs." 
Loventhal served as general ciiaiirnan of liii- ilii\c. and \li-. i'iiv\ |). Maddin as 
chairman of women's organizations. 

On May 15, 1917. a charter was granhd 1.. .,\r,al \a-lulllr ,ili/,-n^ l.\ ihe 
National organization to form a chapter ol ihc Xmniian lod ( n--. bihn Ibiiiv 
Smith was elected Chairman of this pioneer organization: Id. I. |). lilanliai. Nice- 
Chairman; T. Dwight Webb. Treasurer, and Thomas C. Kiiin II. ^.i mI ii\. 

These oHicers began at once to organize for a War I nnd (.ini|iai;'n lo be 
launched between Junr !.': and .Innr 2-"). I')I7. W nmm^ ..i;.Mni/ali.Mi- ..I \.idi\ille 
and Davidson Countv a^isrd h. join lln- cain|Mi'.Mi. ami \i\ti\rt \\,r 
ship of Mrs. Percy D. Maddin. \ u e-Ciiaiiinan ,.f liie Na.-^livillc Chaplrr. ihc f.d- 
lowing organizations collec-tively raised §21,814.14 during this drive: 

Centennial Cliil). with Mrs. R. H. Laccy as Chairman: Prolcsiant Churches. Mrs. M.l'luclirs 
Glaspow. Chairman; Y. \V. C. A.. Mrs. George F. Blackie, Cliairman; Nashville I'uhlic Schnol 
Teachers. Miss Delia Dorlch. Cliairman; Colonial Dames. Mrs. W. A. Bryan, Chairman; U. D. C, 
.Nfrs. Thomas Newl)ill. Chairman; I). A. K., Mrs. K. W. Foster. Chairman; Council of Jewish 
Women, Mrs. Henry Teillebaum. Chairman; King's Dauphlcrs, Mrs. Gibson Patterson. Chairman: 
.Suffrage Association, Miss Delia Dortch, Chairman; I-'arent-Teacher Association, Mrs. Eugene 
Crulcher, Chairman; Elliston Auxiliary, Mrs. Norman Farrell. Chairman; Donelson Auxiliary, 
.Mrs. Craig McFarland, Chairman; While's Creek Auxiliary. Mrs. A. P. Connell. Chairman; 
South Nashville .Auxiliary. Mrs. J. Paul Ilarvill, Chairman; North Nashville Auxiliary, Mrs. 
George M. Ilile, Chairman: West Nashville Auxiliary, Mrs. Goodloe Cockrill, Chairman; East 
.Nashville .Auxiliary. .Mrs. Bennett D. Bell. Chairman; and Nashville City Hospital Auxiliary, 
>riss >rary Itatlernian. Chairman. 

Nashville's tpiola in tin- M-rond campaign f,>r fund- was >;1 .lO.OOO. and .«;|,'r).00n 
was raised bv the Nashville (iliaolcr. 


I at RMnaii Auditorium to celebrate the victory of the Second Red Cross campaign 
111 this campaign Nashville Chapter, led the South and also led the entire country 
r. pih.n of a few large cities. Mrs. Percy D. Maddin served as Chairman of the 
1 -.;iii/,ations of Davidosn County in this campaign, and the women did exceptional 

When the first campaign for finances had been successfully completed, the work- 
ing organization of the Nashville Chapter was perfected and the first selection of 
officers was confirmed. These were: John Henry Smith. Chairman: Dr. J. D. Blan- 
ton, Vice-Chairnian ; Mrs. Percy D. Maddin, Vice-Chairman: Thomas G. Kittrell, 
Secretary; and T. Dwight Webb, Treasurer. These officers served until January 24, 
1918, at which time the following were elected: Whitefoord R. Cole, Chairman; 
J. G. Creveling, Jr., Vice-Chairman; Mrs. Percy D. Maddin, Vice-Chairman : Thomas 
G. Kittrell. Secretary: and T. Dwight Webb. Treasurer. 

The Board of Directors was composed of the above-mentioned officers, supple- 
mented by the following: 

John Henry Sm.ith, Dr. J. D. Blanton. Robert L. Burch. Dr. L. E. Burch, Dan C. Buntin, 
Dr. Duncan Eve, Jolm Bell Keeble, Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, George E. Bennie, Art J. Dyer, 
W. 0. Tirrill. Ridley Wills. Lawrence O'Bnan, B. C. Edgar. Edgar M. Foster. J. H. Allison, 
Judge George N. Tillman, Dr. Bruce R. Payne, Dr. J. H. Kirkland, J. H. Peyton. H. J. Grimes, 
Mrs. H. H. Corson, Mrs. S. S. Crockett, Mrs. Leslie Warner, Mrs. George F. Blackie, Joseph 
H. Lindauer, Mrs. John Hill Eakin, Pat. H. Cain, Lee Loventhal, Mrs. Harry W. Evans, and 
Mrs. James C. Bradford. 

Owing to efficient services rendered the Chapter by Mrs. Jo B. Morgan. Mrs. 
Frank W. Ring, Mrs. Kinnard T. McConnico, Mrs. R. H. Lacey, Mrs. Joseph H. 
Lindauer Mrs. W^ L. Granbery, and Mrs. John W. Thomas, they were added to 
the Board of Directors in January, 1919. 

The Executive Committee consisted of: J. G. Creveling. Jr.. Chairman; Mrs. 
Percy D. Maddin, Vice-Chairman: Whitefoord R. Cole, John Bell Keeble. Joseph 
H. Lindauer, Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. Thoinas G. Kittrell, Secretary: T. Dwight 
Webb, Treasurer; Chancellor J. H. Kirkland, and Mrs. John Hill Eakin. 


DAiinSOS COIM) irOME\ l\ THE tt O R L D W i R. I'^HI'UO 



111(1 Chair- 

iille Cliapter 

rd. and Vice 

The piclurc was lakcii a^ti-r n-iiioxal I., llir 1 l.-niiila;:.- Clul.. S,al. 
frnm lofl 1.1 ri^hl: Mrs. I!..lxTt F. Ja.ksoii. \ ice Uiaimian «( \.lMiini-lrali 

man of Wiiman's Work Department: Mrs. H. H. Corson, Cliairm. I il 

Piililicitv Oiinniiltee: and Mrs. Percy D. Maddin, Chairman of \.liiiiiii-lia 
Chairman of .Nashville Chapter. 

Those appearing in the |iicHire. standing, left to liyht: Mrs. Ceoifie F. IMaekii-. Chairman of 
Extension Uepartment; Whitefoord R. Cole. Chairman of the Nashville Chapter: .Mrs. K. 11. Lacey, 
Chairman of K<hi<ational Committee and Nin>in? .Service: and Mrs. Joseph I.indauer. Chairman 
of Shipping De|iarlment. Mrs. (^arii.i Murnaii. <iii ahle a--i^lanl in lli.- Nashville Chapter's 
various departments, is seateil .il lli.- urlii. Mr-. I'iir\ I). MaiMiii ami \lr-. C.eorge F. Blackie 
served as members of the .\(KI-..i\ Ciiiiril ,,\ ihi- lli~lnr\. and aid.d in -ccurin!; the records 
that make the splendid ehapler of the Nashville l!,-.l Cn... -,■, tin,, in tlii^ l„K.k. 

Those composinu llic .Xdiniiiistrative Hoard of llic Naslivillc Cli, 
were: Mrs. Percy D. Maddin. Chairman; Mis. Kol.rrl V. .la.k-on. 
and Thomas G. Kittrell. Secretary. 

\'arious departments and chairmen of each ol llic \a-h\illi' 
Extension Committee. Mrs. George F. Blackie; AhniJHi -liip CMininill 
and W. O. Tirriil: Pul)licilv Committee, Edpar \1. I ..-in. (Ihmuki 
H. Corson. Vice-chairman, to .laniiarv. 1918, and Mrs. H. II. Coi 
with Mrs. B. Kirk Hankin. Vice-Chairmaii. from Januarv. 1918, iinti 
quarters. June. 1919. The Department of Womairs Work, which 
Called Military Relief, had Mrs. Robert F. a- Dii.. |..r. The 
sub-committees and chairmen of Mrs. Jackson's .1. p. ii : 

Hospital Garments, Mrs. Jo B. Morgan, Stip.rvi.Mir: Sin,i; 
Frank W. Ring. Supervisor: Knitting Department, Mrs. R. K. I..1I n 
T. McConnico, Supervisors; Purchasing and Shipping Depaiiin.n 
Lindauer, Chairman: Regi.slration Desk. Miss Helen Biiford. Cliii 
Kits Committee. Mrs. John Coodc. Cliainnaii : an.! ( 
Van Lf-er Kirkman, Chairman. 


Irr. \. I{. C, 



I < 


ia|i|.-r. were: 
. r.. C. Edgar 
a 11,1 Mrs. H. 
11. Chairman, 
lose of head- 
as origitially 
.Mowing were 



.-in.-. Mrs. 
Ml-. Kinnard 
\lis. Joseph 
1111; Comfort 
niiiill.-,.. Mrs. 


( V\1P \( ll\ll\ Kl I) ( Koss OFFILULS \M1 W ( 
Taken nii ( liiiuli S|ie, I diiiin^ tin -pectaculai street i.l. -ti 

Nasluille in the interebt of the bec<md Red Cioss Campaign lot 

June, 1917. 

Mrs. Sydney S. Crockett, Chairman for Camp Activities, and Mrs. 

W. Evans. Commandant of Nashville Chapter Emergency Canteen, 

in the picture leading the group. 


Other important departments of the Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, were: Nursing 
Service and Educational Classes, Miss Louise McHenry and Mrs. R. H. Lacey, Chair- 
men: Civilian Relief, which later became Home Service Section. J. G. Creveling, Jr.. 
Chairman, and Miss Evelyn Carrington, Executive Secretary. 

The Home Service Department, organized by the Nashville Chapter of the Red 
Cross, was still in existence when this volume went to press. The office was main 
tained in the Chamber of Commerce building, with Miss Evelyn Carrington as 
secretary, and the body of the ambulance used by the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross 
Motor Corps was being used by this department on their service car. 

Other active departments of the Nashville Chapter were: Camp Activities, Mrs. 
S. S. Crockett. Chairman, who in this capacity organized the Nashville Red Cross 
Emergency Canteen, with Mrs. Harry W. Evans, Commandant: Motor Corps, Mrs. 
Jesse M. Overton, Chairman: Mrs. Robert S. Cheek. Captain, and in charge of all 
activities: Refugee Garments, Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Mrs. Frank W. Ring, and Mrs. 
George F. Blackie, Chairmen; Linen Shower, Mrs. Van Leer Kirkman, Chairman: 
Clni-tmas Parcels for Overseas Soldiers, Mrs. William L. Granbery. Chairman, 
with ]Mrs. Walter Stokes. Jr.. Vice-Chairman; Junior Activities, Mrs. George F. 
Blackie. Chairman, with Miss Ruble Simpkins, Secretary; Communicative Service, 
Mrs. C. B. Wallace. Chairman; Awards Committee, Mrs. Frank W. Ring, Chairman: 
Red Cross Christmas Roll Call. 1918, Mrs. John W. Thomas. Chairman; 1919. Mrs. 
Granberv Jackson, Chairman: Home-coming Banquets for the Tennessee soldiers of 
the A. E. F., Mrs. Harry W. Evans, Chairman. 

[)Alll)SO.\ COLMY irOME.\ /A' THE WORLD ttJK. 1 'tl il 9 1 9 

Credit is due Mrs. S. S. Crockett for the pioneer organizalion cil wdiniii workers 
of the -Nashville Chapter, Red Cross. Mrs. Croekett showed ui-ilnm in seletting 
Mrs. Percy D. Maddin to fill the highest oflice anioiic the wcuiirn d tlie Chapter. 

Mrs. Maddin assumed her duties as if under niilitai\ \\\\i~. .md practically closed 
her home for the two years of tlie war period and gave \u-v inliic lime in volunteer 
service to the Chapter work, regardless of sacrifice. Slie was one of the most gen- 
erous supporters financially, too, of this organization, and each department of tiie 
Chapter keenly fell her interest and lielp. Each of the twenty-five thousand women 
who are recorded in the various departments ol ihc NM-h\illc Chajitcr lound in Mrs. 
Maddin a friend, willing and reads al all tinu- |o ,,, np.ralr in anv wav Im, the 
success of the Red Cross work. 

As a member of the Advisory (Iduncil ol tlii- \idinni' -In- ucukcd caint-tlv to 
accurately record every worker and every palriotir cridcaNor nl the \a>liville Clia[)- 
ter of tlie Red Cross, which she so ably served throughont its existence. 

As in the case of the Vice-Chairman of the Nashville Chapter and Chairman ot 
Administrative Board, no mistakes were made in the leaders cliosen to diiect 

eai h, 

)f the various department^ and -ul>-( urnrnitlcr^ <A' ih,' \a-l 
Thev. al.-o. gave voluntarily of tlnii -.■i\ir,- until llir lini-li .in<l Ird ca, li ilcpart- 
ment under their jurisdictions with >wh jiatridliMU anil ciuhn-ia.-m thai tlicv in- 
spired to a large degree the wonderful results obtained by this organization, whidi 
National autliorities have recorded as being unsurpassed by but few larger cities in 
America, each of these bavins more than double the po[)nlation and wealth nf 

During the fii 
services of an K 
were provided 

the N; 

Chapter. Red Cross, the 
Miss Pauline Wilherspoon, of T.ouisville, Ky., 
After that time all the work of the Chapter was done by volunteers, 
with the exception of a stenographer, a stock-room keeper, two workers in the Home 
Service Section, and a janitor. 

|)ro |)atna 


in recognition of/Sfrbitc taitf)fiillp pcrformcb til 
befjaU of the mation anb fjcr men at arms 

DtlinSOX cm MY TOMEN in the world WAK. 1914-1919 

\ A-H\ll.l.i: i:H\l' 
Staliunca on McKcnJiet' Cluiieli 
of the A. E. F. Miss Effie Morgan 
Motor Corps is stationed 

at the Home Coming Paraile of the Teiine. 
Gieate'^t Mother," appears in centre of pict 
the front. The ddik colored costumes were of red in thi 

Although Miss Rubie Simpkins, as secretary of tlie Chapter, was paid a small 
salary, her interest and overtime were of valuable assistance to every department. 
The janitor's services, also, were well rendered, and each paid worker's salary was 
small in comparison to the patriotic service they gave. 

The development plans suggested by National and Divisional Headquarters of the 
Red Cross were followed by Nashville Chapter officials as accurately as local con- 
ditions would permit. The Chapter's first headquarters, both offices and workrooms, 
were located in the Chamber of Commerce building, where sections of two floors 
were given bv The Nashville Manufacturers' Association. These headquarters were 
maintained until June. 1918. when, by that time, the work had outgrown these gen- 
erous arrangements. Inasmuch as the war was tlien at its height and the supplies 
sent out by the Red Cross were so essential to the welfare of our fighting forces, it 
became necessary to remove to larger quarters. 

The Hermitage Club of Nashville, with a spirit in keeping with the club's record 
of twenty-five per cent of its membership in active service, offered the Nashville 
Chapter, Red Cross, the use of its spacious ball room, roof garden and public dining- 
room, with the promise of more space if needed. The Hermitage Club created 
through its individual members a w^ar fund which made all changes necessary for 
the convenience of the Red Cross workers. The rooms were rearranged to accom- 
modate special needs and coinforts. In these commodious and well-lighted rooms 
Red Cross war activities were carried on until June. 1919. when there was no longer 
any need for work. 

Practically all groups which had been doing Red Cross work before the or- 
ganization of the Nashville Chapter became auxiliaries and parties to the general 
production schedule, supplemented by a large number of new auxiliaries through- 
out Davidson County, under the direction of Mrs. George F. Blackie. the Nashville 
Chapter's Extension Chairman. 

The detailed report of the work accomplished in the various departments of the 
Nashville Chapter. American Red Cross, will be read with pride bv everv citizen 
of Davidson County, as they were all friends and supporters of this organization. 


niiiDsoy coi.\Ty ro.i/fv /.v r ii k ijorld war. I'lu-ioig 

Mcml..M->lii|) Coiiiinittee. Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. 

Ii. C. Ijm.m; a.ul W. O. Tiuiili.i.. (.hairmni 

Tlu'ie Wfif o.-ild aiiiuial iiR'iiilifr> m llit- \a>li\illi' Cliaptir. A. II. C. paving one 
hundred dollars each: four hinuhed and forty-cifiht magazine nu-nihers paying two 
dollars each: twenty-eighl contrihuling niendx-rs paying five dollars each; two life 
menihers paying ten dollars each: and one patron mcmher |)aviiig one hundred dol- 
lars. I?. C. Edgar. Chairman of Membership Committee, appointed Mr-. Idhn W. 
Thomas. Chairman of the Nashville Vt'onian's Committee, Council of Natimuil l)c 
fense. as Chairman of the second Red Cross Christmas Roll Call foi' nnnilii r-liip^. 
which was begun December 1, 1918. Mrs. Thomas used the entire personnel of the 
Nashville Woman's Committee, supplemented bv Mrs. Robert \V . Nichol and her 
County Woman's Committee and eonuuiltees drawn from oilier patriotic oriraniza- 
tions. A full account of this cam|)aign is given in lln' ( liapl.i ..I ihc \a-h\ilie 
Womairs Conunittee. Council of National Dcfcn-c Tlinc u.rc ( iik.IIi d in llii- ,liive 

:;.:'»(. „ir„ii.,T-iii;,-. Mrs. 

Jul,,, \1. (;,a\ .,T„red the 

f ruemliers 


OM-: OK Flli.ST WJOTII.S KliKCTKI) I\ l)\\ll)S(i\ Mi~. |.i. k-.,, an, I h, 

COI/NTY Ihal ll,r fxr, ,,li\,- (:,.,,,„,illre 

Ki)r llic piiriiDsi,- of sf)licitiii|4 incmbcrsliins for il,i- \,i-h- i ii \ |,,;|1,. (liiuiir I'.'il 

vill.- Chapl.T, A. K. C. Miss Krba Wils.,,. (;rav apprarv , '" '". "I"'- " <■ 

sealcil iaside the Imolli. and Miss /\niiie Laurio Camplicll "-'''"^S- "'^'' 'I'' "" -'I'' Id llie 

is pinnlnK a Ked Cross biilinn on a subscriber. right leadri ii, ll,,' lijjil pla, c. 

( 1.% I 

D .•( V I DSOiy CO U N T Y IT O M E .V / V T II E IT O R L I) lf\t R. 191 4-1 9 1 9 

Extension Committee, Nashville Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mrs. Gi:ok(;e F. Blackik. Chainnan 

-\Ins. George F. 

I Meilora McAliste 
.f Advisory Cduncil , 

Through tlie efforts of the Extension Conniiittee of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. 
C. there were organized in Nashville and Davidson County eighty-six auxiliaries. 
Thirty-six of these auxiliaries came to work at Red Cross Headquarters, which were 
at first located in the Chamber of Commerce building, and later, at the Hermitage 
Club: and nineteen worked at various churches, clubs and neighborhood centers. 
Each of these auxiliaries received their supplies from the Woman's Work Depart- 
ment at the Nashville Chapter Headquarters. 

The policy of the Nashville Red Cross Chapter in the beginning of 1917 in 
regard to auxiliaries was tliat no supplies be given out except in the w'orkroom at 
headquarters and in the Davidson County districts. Later, at a State Convention 
of American Red Cross workers, held in October, 1917, a call was issued for thou- 
sands of flat muslin dressings from the Surgical Dressings Department. As that 
department was not equipped with sewing machines, these dressings were made bv 
the city and county district auxiliaries of the Extension Department, and this ruling 
was thereafter followed throughout the war period. 

D n 1 1) s v (, 01 \T y if o u f y / v r ii /: it o r i. d it ,t h. i « ; ;■/ o i g 

The loimtrv Red Cross auxiliaries worked with sueh faithluliu-^- and i-lln iiiu v 
tliat ihey betame valuable assistants of the Central Headquai In- \\oikiM,.m. and 
no adequate estimate of the spirit of self-sacrifice and heroism ili:-[da\<il li\ die 
women of Davidson County districts can ever be made. Owin'i to so many of the 
boys being in service labor was scarce, and the horses were frequently needed for 
farming purposes, which worked nianv liardsliip^. \ft the*o |intriolic women walked 
miles to their Red Cross meetings lallii-i lliari ml— llinii. Ilii- fail alcuir ]iri.\cd 
that the Red Cross Extension Service \\.iA a di liiiilcK -liiiiiilalint; itlnl cii ihi- sup- 
port of all government activities in rural coninuiiiities. 

Tile quality of work turned in by the county district aiixiliai i( -. likr llial nl llie 
city auxiliaries, was perfwt. never failing to reach the striri -tan.laiil- -il li\ llu- 
National American Red ("ro^s. 

Before the organization of ihc \a-li\ illr Cliaph'i'- \lntoi ('.c,r|i~ l)(|iarliii(nl. Mi'^. 
Bernard Fensterwald personally cuiui-Md llic malciiaU In anil linni llu- cilv aux- 
iliaries of the Extension Committee in her private car. Other \\niiirri ulm ~ii\(il 
faithfully in this same capacitv for the counlv auxiliaries were: 

Mrs. 11. II. C.rsuii. Nfrs. K. f. McComiio,. Mrs. (;arlan(l \1i- I'.m v H. W.uUlm. 
Mrs. A. J. Dyer. .Mrs. Jolin Woochvard. Mr>. KnlH-ri S. Clirrk. \1.>. Kdu.inl l!iil..i,i. \li-. i;,,l„rt 
Turner. Jr.. and .Miss Alice G. Smith. 

Chairmen and city auxiliaries of llu- Extcii-iun l)i |iailiii(iil. \a-li\illc Chapter. 

A. H. C. whose work and nieml>ershi|is urre Imlli chh- luin<lii-d per rrril. were as 

.Vllrusu Chih. .Miss Julia llindman; Dixie Auxiliary. Mi-s Frames Harris and Miss Emma 
Mai Crockell; Christ Church. .Mrs. Josepli (nhson; Aflilialed Chapters, l. I). C. Mrs. 
Thomas .Newbill: Belvi.lere Auxiliary. .Mrs. Thomas DeMoss; Kin-'s Dauphlcrs. .Mrs. Gibson 
Patterson: Ella Kpsilon (;amma. .Mrs. Edwar.l Poller. Jr.: Ellislon Plaee. Mrs. Norman Karrell: 
Eastland Auxiliary. Mrs. K. B. .Mitchum: First Baptist Church. Mi- l.iin. - II. I .uii|.l,.ll; Girls" 
Auxiliary. .Miss Mary Halterman: Glen I.cven. .Mrs. David T. .M.Cill: ( ..un. ,1 ,.l |.„,-l, Women, 
Mrs. Ilenrv Teillehaum and Mrs. A. Loveman: Clentennial Cluh. \li-. K. II I ,h . \ : Kil Knitters. 
.\rrs. Alhert Kinc; La Hue Club. Mrs. George M. Adams; Noelimi (luh. .Mrs. Illir Kinney 
Reno: Order Eastern Star Auxiliary, Mrs. Felix Ewing: Peabody Dames. Mrs. C. 11. Lander and 
>[rs. F. B. Wre-ssler; Colonial Dames, .YFts. Robert F. Jackson; Calvin Avenue Patriotic Knil- 
Icrs. Mrs. J. Washinglon Moore; Pioneer I'nit. Mrs. R. M. Dudley and Mrs. Lewis Riiller; First 
Presbyterian Church, Mrs. James L Vance; .Sixlemil, Mr-. ri,,i,l,- II..I1.1.-; S,.ulh Nash- 
ville i nil. Mrs. J. II. Campbell; Trcvac Circle. \I,- ( ,,1, .n,,i ,,„,! M,- Id., Cavert: 

fnilv Red Cross. Fisk I niyersilv. Mrs. .S. W. I m. -«,,,!.; \,,-I,mII, I', s. I„.,,l Teachers. 
Miss Delia Dorlch; Vanderbill Aid Society. Mr-. (,. \1. \, ,K : W , -1 Na-livill.-. Mr-, (niodloe 
Cockrill: Allison's .School. Miss Josephine Farrell and NHss Annie Allison; East Nasluille. Mrs. 

B. D. Bell and Mrs. Vernon Sharp; )X ard-Belmont. .Mrs. J. D. Blanton: Council of Catholic 
Women. Mrs. John Good.; William B. Bale Chapter, V. D. C, Mrs. W. T. Davis; Belmont 
Auxiliary. Mrs. Fred Kelsey; Nfoore Memorial. Mrs. Charles Kinkead and Mr-:. H,„„ii Ruford; 
May Gerald. Peabody Dames, Mrs. C. J. W. Dressier; Quill f^ircle. Life aiul (\i-u.ilu ( ..nipany; 
Parent-Teacher Association. Mrs. Eugene Crulcher and Mrs. Alice Clovd: \.in.lriliili Auxiliary, 
Mrs. W. FL .Schuerman; Y. W. C. A. Knitters, Mrs. Charles Dud'ev J..,,,-: II, In, . mi IVrracc, 
Mrs. Robert Bransford and Mrs. Fred Kelsey; I'irsl Lutheran Cl.iinh. Mr-. I ,.d UMll.nslap; 
McKendree Church. Mrs. Clay G. Stephens and Miss Alma Olix.i: \.iilli.,,-i \;i-liMl|e. Mrs. 
Florence Roberlson; Ordwav Place. Mrs. E. T. Ilollins; Peabody AiimIi.iix. Mi- \1:ii-i. Carohcr; 
Suns.-l Park Club. Mrs. William E. Beard: Woodland Street I',. -I,M.-, ,,,„ ( I,,,,. 1,. Mr-. Sam 
>rcKav and Mrs. Green Benton: Vine Street Christian f:hunh. \l,- M K 1 1. , rxl.. , , x : Equal 
Suffrage League. Miss DePa Dorlch and Miss Matilda Porl.r; Y..,„i.j \\. .,„.,„- ( l„i-n;,n A-o. 
ciallon. Mrs. George F. Blackie. 

The \ashville and David-.. n C.nnly ,11-hi.l-- ul,.. .ii.' ,,■...,, I. ,1 In llie 
Extension Department of the \a-li\lllr Knl C,..-- ( l,,i|.l.i. I.l,i/r.l llu- li.ill I..1 .miv 

World War campaign and iImm- llial ua- lann. Ih.I In l),nl.l-.,ri C I\. Tlirv 

worked earnesllv and cfTicientlv for i-vn \ |.alil.lli ,.i LMiil/alinri anil had a \ilal 
part in the success of th.- World War arlil, m.I |,v IVnn.-ic uonien. 

DAVIDSON CO V N T Y W M E N 1 A' THE WOR L I) WA R. 191 l-I 9 I 9 





The Affiliated Chapters of tlie United Daughters of the Confederacy Auxiliary 
was organized in June, 1917. with Mrs. Thomas Newbill as chairman. This auxiliary 
sewed on hospital garments at headquarters one day each week during the entire 
war period. 

Charter members of this organization were: 

Miss Meta Orr, Mrs. Thomas Appleton, Mrs. Mark Harrison, Mrs. Har\-ey Hogg, Mrs. L. A. 
McMurray, Mrs. James McHatton. Mrs. Ross Handly, Miss Virginia Claybrook. Mrs. L. F. Beaty, 
Mrs. W. J. Warner, .Miss Elizabetli Campbell. Mrs. Lyman Gunn, Mrs. Harvev Lee, Mrs. John 
McCreer%-. .Mrs. Robert Abernathv, Mrs. Charles Huril, Miss Daisy Gunn. and Miss Eliza Clav- 


The .Mtru^a Auxiliary was organized on September o. 1917. with jNIiss Julia 
Hindman as chairman. This unit organized to knit as well as to make surgical 
dressings at night at the Tulane workrooms. 

Charter members of this auxiliary were: 

Miss Julia Hindman, Miss Lucile Fort, Miss Rosa .AL Rust, Miss Katherine Morris, Miss 
Lillian Joy, Miss May Selley, Miss Grace Dawson, Miss Pearl Bledsoe, Miss Frances Estes, Miss 
Adelaide Lawrence, Miss Nina Wooten, Miss Bertha Childs, and Mrs, W, A. King. 


The William B. Bate Auxiliary was organized on January 8, 1918. with Mrs. 
W. T. Davis as Chairman and Mrs. Ross Handly as Instructor. Meetings were held 
at the home of Mrs. Davis for the purpose of making surgical dressings. 

Those composing the charter membership were: 

.Mrs. David Rice, Mrs. M. M. Ginn. Mrs. Frank Wheeler. Mrs. E. T. Hall. Mrs. M. L. Tucker, 
Mrs. Floyd Wliillow, Mrs. Charles N. Price, Mrs. E. T. Lester, Mrs. W. J. Morrison. Mrs. R. D. 
Herbert, Mrs. William l.unsford. and .Miss Reba Lee Yeatman. 


The Belmont Terrace Auxiliary was organized in November. 1917, at the home 
of Mrs. Robert Bransford. Mrs. Bransford was elected Chairman, and Mrs. Ross 
Handly and Mrs. Fred Kelsey, Instructors. This unit made surgical dressings. 

Charter members were: 

Mrs. R. F. Sloan. Mrs. R. H. Bransford. Mrs. P. P. Paxlon. 
Benedict. .Mrs. J. B. Cowden. Mrs. G. A. Purvear. Mrs. M. 
Mrs. Fitzgerald Parker. Mrs. Oscar Waldkirk. Mrs. T. A. Leon 


The Belmont Auxiliary was organized at the Belmont Methodist Church on June 
23. 1917. with Mrs. Fred W. Kelsev as Chairman and Instructor. Knittina and 


s. George Nuckols. Mrs. ^ 


Wheeler. Mrs. J. ■«-. Ci 


1. and .Mrs. P. S. Ligcett. 

DAVID >■ o Y c o I .V r ) ir M f: y / .^ r ii i- ir o n i. p ita r. i»i t.i 9 1 9 

inakiiip sinj:ital drt-s.-iiips was tin- wmk ul llii- imil. wlid-r iluiiti-r iiii-mlirr-liip 

Mr<. E. E. Bau*,-1. Mr*. Battle Clark, .\lr^. I'ullanI CaKiwdl. .Mr.-. Taniur Ih-.i.lrick. Mrs. 
Elma .Martin. .Mrs. Harry Hclrick. Mrs. Giori:.- Kivcr. .Mrs. James Cooper. .Miss Mary Crit- 
tendon. Miss Elizabetli Redfor.l. .Miss Ella Rivers Finch. Miss Louise Blakemore. Mrs. F. H. 
Hut:j:ins. .Mrs. Tliomas Spain. Mrs. W. M. Carr. Mr>. ^\'. E. Ilogan. and Miss Mary Byrnes. 

l!i;i,\ IDI III \l \ll.l \I!V 

Tlie Belvidere Auxiliary was ortiaiiizi't! on .laiuiarv 7. I')|". willi Mis. Tltoinas 
DpMoss as Chaiiniati and Miss Sallie Cornelius as iii-lriir|,M . I lii> wmk of tiie 
auxiliary was making surgical dressings, and the cliailrr nimilici- wlm vmmc resi- 
dents of the Belvidere Apartments were: 

Mrs. J. E. Binns. Mrs. E. B. Bradley. Mrs. T. H. I'.a.i.irll. M,-. ilart^ Kralun. \h-. \\all,.n 
Cunningham. Nfrs. A. E. Potter. Jr.. .Mrs. 1)1, k F,,.,-, Mr-. \. II. ( ,.,„ I.m.l. M,-. Thomas 
DeMoss. and Dr. Emma Godwin. 

THF. RF.SSIF. SCin Ylll! \l \lll\i;^ i K \^ 11 i;\ -^T \l! i 

The Bessi.. S.-lnnier .\uxiliarN i I .,-lr, n Si. in ua- .., •.i,u,i/r,l i,i .juh. I')|7. |,v 
Mrs. Frank W . Kiti.L;. at lii.' imn.,- ,,1 M,-. Cliailr. S.hinlrr. ulirrr all .ncrliii- u,-re 
held until the <)|)eiiiiig of the central u..ik in in \ii-ii-l. I'»17. Tlii- unit re- 
ceived its inspiration and instructions finni ihr ( |),iiiii-. .ii Will.irc School. 
The first work turned in for the Red Cki-- w i- r.,in|ililr,l |.\ ihi- iinii in llic name 
of the Order of Ka-tnn Slai. and roMM-lr,l nl -ix l,„i„li,-,l ,li,--iims. 
hospital shirts and knillc.l ailirl,-. II,,- u..nHn ulm did llii- inniircr 
work afterwards dcvi-lip|, rd inl,. a \ri\ lariii- aii\ili.ii\ Inniird lioni ii-|.ir-riii.iii\,'^ 
of five chapters of the Eastern Star. ha\ inji xvinkrooins at riclnKnil Culjriic and 
Clenimons .School. They were: 

yUs. Charles .'^chuvler. Captain, and Mrs. Roland S. Clark. Srmi.nx .,...1 li.MMii.r: Mr-. 
W. II. Hampton. Mrs. .S. B. Wilson, Mrs. H. M. Jared. Mi- I T ll,.II.Ml,n Mrs. I'at 
Quiplev. Mrs. Ilallum Goodloe. Mrs. George Bradley. .Mrs. E. 1 
M. E. Neyvell. Mrs. F. B. Dressier. Miss Eliza Frith. Miss .\r 
brand. Miss ^^aud .\li.rn. Mrs l.eland Hume. Mrs. George C 
I.. J. T.owrie. Mr-. F. K. Henderson. Mrs. John Bevington. an 


The Christ Chin. I, \iiMliary ua- or..:aiii/rd oi, >r|,|,.|,il„r 22. I'M 7. uill, Mi-. 
.Icseph Gihson as Cliaiiinan. and Mi- linir \ii-l,aiiiii a- Sr. irl.iiv. Jlii- iiinl had 
two croups, one of which sewed on lin-|iil,il ■Miinrnl- .il lic.iili|iiai hi -. ami llir ullirr 
composed of business women who woik.-d al lli.- (Iniiili ,il inLdil makm'j -m-iral 
dressings. Mrs. Charles Starr yya- rli.iii man nl ihr -nond ;^ioii|i ,iiid Mi-,- \l.iiilda 
Porter, instructor. Charter mendni- im linlrd : 

Mrs. Jo.scph Gihson. Mrs. Thomas \l:,l.„„ . Mr- Du.llrv Gale, and memhers of various so- 
cietics of Christ Churrh. 

COl ACIL OF C\l IKillC WfiMI \- \1 Mil WW 

The Catholic Women's Auxiliary ua- or,i:ani/rd ()rlnl,rr 17. I'M 7. uilli Mr-. |oI,n 
Coode as Chairman. This m 
charter memhers were: 

Mrs. John Conde. Mrs. John > 
Cauvin. Nfrs. ]'. A. Murray. Mr-. 


. Ml- 

. 1 



. Mr> 




- \ 

-- 1 il 

M.ii, I 




ill J. 

•••' "" 1 


Mrs. F. 


F. Clel 

Mi- ( 

( ]U) 1 


Miss Sadie Cauvin, Miss Henrietta Wessell. Miss Barbara Kiilui. Mrs. Dora B. Grimes, and Miss 
Maud Ahern. 


The Nashville Public School Teachers' Auxiliary was organized during the first 
Red Cross campaign, with Miss Delia Dortch as Chairman and Miss Hettie Duff as 

Three thousand and four hundred dollars was given by the teachers to purchase 
an ambulance for use in France. Six plates engraved "From the Public School 
Teachers of Nashville" were sent to Washington to be placed on the doors of the 
ambulance. Although no official word was ever heard from these ambulances, a 
letter from a wounded soldier was received by the chairman, saying he had been 
conveyed to a hospital in an ambulance with one of these plates on the door. 

The teachers who were charter members of diis unit were: 

Miss Delia Dorteh. Miss Elizabeth Binford. Miss Julia Green. Miss Lillian Taylor. Miss 
Eiiprn,' C.illilan.l. \li<» Hattir Cotton. \li« Ro^r Goodwin. Mi" Graro I!o^o. Mi~^ '/.uc Goodloe, 
Ml-. \1, .,.,,.,, I i;,,-, \h-- i:i,/aliril, IImIIi,,-. M,-. l',,„l.a,r,. I'nik. \l,- l,a,,-r II, ,11, Mi- IrMuie 

i;, \\,.'j- I, Ml-, \l,iiil,,i I, Willi,., Ml- \rll„- l.'narli. Ml- \lai\ Loll ( lum. Mi-. Lucy 

Lull. .III. Ml- ll.aii.. Hull. Ml- \iii,ic \lli~..n. Mis, .L.Iim WrlH^i. Mi~, Loii La-.a..-, Mi-. Cor- 
n,.|ius Hall. Mr-, (a.rinn,- Ea,-lman. Mrs. M. G. Armstrou!;. Mrs. I'. .M. and .^rrs. Ross 


The Centennial Club Auxiliary was organized during the campaign in June, 
1917, with Mrs. R. H. Lacey as Chairman. This club raised .|2,203 for the cam- 
paign. Two groups of club women sewed on hospital garments at headquarters; 
one group served under Mrs. M. C. McGannon as Captain, and the other, under 
Mrs. Walter Stokes as Captain. The charter members of this unit were: 

Mrs. K. II. Lacey. Mrs. Cdav G. Stephens. Mrs. John W. Moore, Mrs. Foster Hume, Mrs. 
W. L. \i,li..l. M,-, L.i. N \\illi,iin-. Ml- Maix I'enn Thompson, Mrs. C. A. Marshall, Mrs. John 

n.Wiii, Ml-, ^ani 11.. I, -la-. Mi- ^, --, k.ii. Mrs. Albert Britt, Mrs. Claud C. Ciiristopher, 

Mi- Man W.l.l.. Ml-- M.iiMii \\,il-li. Ml- liilia Harris. Miss Alma Oliver, Mrs. Joseph West, 
_Mi=.. 1. W. .Mill.i. aiol .Mr,-. _McLhe..l..i, t;ia.-t;ow. 


The Council of Jewish Women's Auxiliary was organized during the first Red 
Cross campaign, in June, 1917, with Mrs. Henry Teitlebaum as Chairman. This 
auxiliary raised S3,000 for the campaign. Charter members were: 

Mrs. L. Breyer, Mrs. Alex Colm, Mrs. Hyman Cohn. Mrs. Abe Epstein. Mrs. Morris Ellis, 
Mrs. James M. Frank, Mrs. L. Er.=inklin. Mrs. .'^aul Gordon. Nirs. .A. Goldbrrsr. Sr., Mrs. Ben 
Herman. Mrs. Joseph La Cat, Mi-, I,.-.- L..x. nilial, M,-, Maitm I ..v. mliil, M,-, --,,1 Lowenstein, 
Mrs. Joe Morse, Mrs. Juliii- M.iiiin, Mr-, II,. him M,ik-, Mi- li,n.- i;..-. nl. I.I. Mrs. S. Roth, 
Mrs. Hannah .Sulzhacher Mr-, Mil, h. 11 s,,|„,!_ \|,. ||,,,,n W , i,il,aiiiii. Mi-, \ l». Weise Mrs. 
Harrv •^".■iiili id., -Mi- r,„,iini,- (:,.!,ll„i,. Mi-- Ll-i. II,, di. Mi- \l,ni. I ..^. nili,,l. M,-. Maurice 
I'.i.l,. M.- ,l,.l,,i L Li, ink, M.-, Lik. Ii-li.l, \li-, ll.iiiv I 1 1. .Im,,,,. \l,- ,|,„. (.,11,., I. Mrs. M. Ml-, \.l.,l|.l, .|..ii,i-. Mi-, L., Iiil.iii, Mi-. (Iiirl.- I . .v .n I li,i L \l,- I I . ,u , ,,-i ,a n, ^^^s. 
Jiiliii- L,.«,a,, Mr-, 1. IL M,„-,.. Mr-, L,a, 1!, M.iii,,,, M,-, i:i, i;,M,.M„ ,„,.a-, M , -., IL^rman 
Rich. .Mrs. M. Steiner, >rrs. Leo Schwartz, ^frs. Victor Sobel. Mrs. Julius Weil, Mrs. A. S. 
Weinbaum. Miss Stella Abrams, Miss Bella Goodman. Miss Maude Lindauer. Miss Lena Marks, 
and Miss Stella Rich. 


\l E \ / \ 7 /.' I: 

R I. I) tl .1 R. 191 II 9 1 ' 

Boltoin Kuw. lefl to righl: Mrs. Daniel Webster Phili|.s. \1.>.. J. 

Willium Grav Harris. Mrs. J. Wasliinnton Moore (Mamve .Vnnisicaii i . 

Mrs. AUIritlye Miller Hitt. .Mrs. George Thowas Hutcinsoii. 

Top row: Nfjs. Charles Frederick Rhea. .Mrs. William Clinton Ja.. 

Kitzhuph. .Mrs. William Blair Armstead. .Mrs. James llenrv Ban.U. ami ' 


lOilC k\l 

Tin- CmK 


A\,nu,- I'aliinii, Kiiill.i. NumIkim u,i- or. 

,1, \\.,-lii,i:il,.n \l ■ .1- ClKMinuin. .in. I \li-^. 

.Sara >Ik.i i ami \li-. >am l),.ui;la~ ~,r\iMi^ ,i- in-l i ii. |,,, ... 

also inadc in ll.i^ au.xiliary. 'i lu- t.Ual am. .mil ..I uoik ,,. . . 
lliirly-L'iglu sweaters, forty pairs of sink.-. Ii\r Imiiiliiil -irnh 
sand five hundred curtailed jjandages. Iilinn liimilnij inan 
hundred many-tailed bandages and four Immli..! ,iml lili\ |. 
five dozen handkerchiefs, four dozen towiU and li'^lihrn n.i 
the l{ed Cress linen shower by this au-\iliai\. \\lii< h il~.. 
Belgian children and furnished material ami knith-.l ..m- . 
soldiers. This auxiliary canvassed the Twent\ llni .1 W.iid I 
the drive for Belgian relief. Charter members (.1 lln- .iii\ili 

.Mrs. James Washington .Moore, Chairman; .Mrs. AUlridge Miller lli 
Eugene .McElrov, .Mrs. William Clinton Jacobs, .Mrs. Wailc Hampton Ela 
lih.-a, .Mrs. Ilarrold Harding Ward, Mrs. Emmetl .Shepard. Mrs. .Samn 
Blair Armstead. .Mrs. (;eorge Thomas Hutchin-c.n. \lr< S.imni-l .Solon 
I'ayne Gross, .Mrs. Ewing Pollard. .Miss Lois \\.:nl.. r-. Mi^- Kalheiyn 
Harris, .Mrs. Rosa Haminon .McElrov. .Mrs. Jarn.^ II.mi\ Mrs, 
Young Filzhugh, Mr.s. William Yarhrough. .Mr-. Ml.n. \Ir.s. .\ 
Webster Phillips. Charles Winston Bailey. Mrs. Kal.' W .alli.i -. ^ 
Mr.s. Charles Wilson. .Mrs. (iabie Cox. and .Miss Lnril.- I l.nivli.l.l. 

COLONIAL D.WIFS \l \!l,l \I!Y 

i--iri^s were 
, ..n-i>lcd of 
.-. lu,. 

.nin,-. Kight sh.-cls. 
.kill- were donated to 
,■ liliv night shirts for 
{iiill fi.r convalc-ccnt 

s..; Mr-, l.onise 
\li-. ( I. ,1.1.- Kn-drrieh 
\I,,\«.-I1. Mi-. William 
II llan-li,l.l. .Mrs. J..lm 
lira. Mrs. William (^av 
inuiel Barr. Mrs. Elmer 


. .Mrs, Daniel 
E, llarlslicid, 


The (Colonial Dames .^uxiliarv was i.ij.mi/ril ..n I liuii^i 
organization of the Nashville Chapter, witii .Mr.-. Kobcrl F. Ja. kson as Ciiairman. 
Mrs. W. A. Bryan as Instructor, and Mrs. C. B. Wallace as Secretary. This auxil- 
iary raised 82.7.^0 for the Red Cross campaign. Their meetings were first held al 
Wallace School, and later transferred to the Chamber of Comniene Hed Cross 
Headquarters, where some of the members sewed ..ii lii.-]iilal n.iriiiriil-. uiiilc others 
worked in the Stirgical Dressings Department. 

f 142 ) 


The personnel of charter members of the Colonial Dames Auxiliary included: 
Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Mrs. Samuel Orr, Mrs. McPheeters Glasgow, Mrs. C. B. Wallace. 

Miss Klttie Berry, Mrs. J. H. Kirkland, Mrs. James Pilclier, Mrs. Claude Waller. Mrs. G. .M. 

Neely. Mrs. E. W. Foster, Mrs. W. A. Bryan, Mrs. Joseph Warner, Mrs. Frank W. Ring, Mrs. 

Fred Kelsey, Mrs. Bruce Payne, Mrs. R. H. Lacey, Mrs. Edwin Warner, and Mrs. Bruce Douglas. 


The Dixie Auxiliary was organized June 25, 1917, with Miss Emma Mai Crockett 
and Miss Frances Harris as Chairmen. This auxiliary was composed of young 
girls who met at the homes of the members and knitted sweaters, helmets and oilier 
woolen articles. A lawn party was given by them at the home of Mrs. Paul Roberts 
for the benefit of the Red Cross, from which a splendid sum was realized. 

The roster of charter members includes: 

M-- Emma Mai r,„,';rtt. MN. Franr,-. Dirkrr.un. Mi-< Marllui Rair.l. Mi- \laiLM,.-i Sim- 
mnn- \l,--,,-,. I', II. \n-- KitliiMi (..,,,1^. \n- r.anr,- ll,.,li.n. \l,- \l,.l^ \]. ...,.■. Miss 

.lull.i I'.i.ii,. \li- I Ilix Ii,mM,a. \Ii- \,i,i r.,,,l;-lM,,l. \1,- \I,M,,.I lininl. \l,- I,., - Hall, 

\li- kalh.Ti,,,. ( laik. Ml- < ha \laihn, \li- (atli.-iinr Mall. Mi- |),,!ira Tink.-r. Miss 

liani,! Wnnhvine. Miss Katherine Corlette. Miss Loiette Hampton. Miss Frances Harris. Miss 
Kraiuas Hampton. Miss Edith Roberts. Miss Elizabeth File, Miss Travania Dudley, Miss Kather- 
ini- llinihicks. Miss Helen Hooper. Miss Mildred Woodwine, Miss Margaret Duval, and Miss 
Frances Stahlman. 


The Davidson County King's Daughters' Auxiliary was organized June 20, 1917. 
during the first Red Cross campaign, and raised $250.00 for the fund. Mrs. W. E. 
Norvell was Chairman and Mrs. Gibson Patterson, Captain, of the auxiliarv. The 
meetings were held at headquarters of the Nashville Chapter, where the memliers 
sewed on hospital garments. The charter members were: 

Mrs. W. E. Nuiv.ll. Mi~. 11. r.. I l,a.l«,M. \l,.. Cihson Patterson. Mrs. R. D. Ezzell. Mrs 
E. C. Skinner. .Mr-, i hail.- I i-h.i. \li- hihii \ii-i. \!i-- Jennie Skinner. Mrs. Jolui A. Jone-. 
Mrs. G. W. Norton. \li-. \mi,i. (.^h Hr.u hM,,,, . \li- J. Y. Craivford, Mrs. E. R. Doolittle. 
Mrs. A. B. Hill, Mr-. Diakr il>.l,. ami .Mi- Jaiiic Outlaw. 


The Eta LIpsilon Gaimiia Auxiliary was organized September 24. 1917. at the 
home of Miss Sue Holmes. Mrs. A. E. Potter, Jr., w^as Chairman, and in addition 
to knitting this auxiliary worked in the Surgical Dressings Department at Red Cross 
headquarters. Charter members were: 

Mrs. A. E. Potter, Jr., Mrs. Howard Eskridge, Mrs. William Carroll. Mrs. W. H. Morrison. 
Miss Willie Ruth Ravidson. Miss Sue Holmes, Miss Mary White Guill, Miss Margaret Coor.p 
Miss Frances Davies. Miss Elizabeth Hart. Miss Susie Weakley, Miss Louise Benedict. Miss 
Emmaline Green. 


The Elliston Auxiliarv was organized in March. 1917. several months before 
the organization of the Nashville Chapter of the American Red Cross, at the home 
of Mrs. George William Fall and Mrs. Rollin P. Grant. Meetings were held each 
week at the home of Mrs. Norman Farrell. in Elliston Place, until August, 1918. 
when they began work at the Red Cross headquarters. The following officers served 
for this auxiliary throughout the entire war period: Mrs. Norman Farrell, Chair- 
man; Mrs. A. G. Brandau, Secretary; and Mrs. John B. Ransom. Treasurer. 

( 143 ) 

I) li I i>so.\ <: o I wry ir o m e .v / .v the world n a h. i9i ii " 1 9 

As (he Nashville Chapter ha.l n,.t .U llii^ Inn,- |.r,„ >taM,,l. llii- auNill.uv re- 
ceived inslriii'tioiis from Washiiiiituii and >i-iit the liiiishcil arliilo l«i Natiniial head- 
quarters at \^ ashinjilon. Three standard Luxes, luiniber eif;ht. were sent before 
August. 1917. when the auxiliary became adiliated with the Nashville Chapter, 
.\merican Red Cross. Besides night shirts and refugee garinenls. nuislin bandages 
were made by this auxiliary, and all expenses. r\( .'iii loi mi]>liii. whiili was fur- 
nished by the Nashville (^hajjler. were met by xnlunlaiv n.iiii il,iiii,,ii-. In addition 
to purchasing materials, the following contrihutinii^ ueic made: ."^luel- for relief 
during the influenza epidiini( . s'l.') lo llu- i\( d (aci» Emergenev Canteen Service, 
and S125 to the Red Cross liruu ~h,,uri in \,.\r,nbri. 1918. 
Charter members of this unit were: 

Mrs. .Norman l-arrdl. Chairman: Mrs. \. G. Brandau, Secrelar\'; Mrs. John B. Ransom, 
Treasurer; -Mrs. .\llison Hunlin. Mrs. \. G. Camphell. .Mrs. Lee Cantrell, .Mrs. George Castner, 
.\rrs. W . -A. Chamhers. Mrs. Jolm Gluek. .Mrs. Robert Cheek. .Mrs. Walkins Crockett. .Mrs. \. S. 
Dabnev. .Mrs. C. C. Dabnev. .Mrs. S. II. Dennv. .Mrs. L. H. Davis. Mrs. Edward Buford, .Mr>. John 
Dix. .Mr.s. Houston Dudb-N. Mrs. .Arthur Evans. Mrs. George W. Fall. .Mrs. Reau Kolk. Mrs. 
Howard Frosl. .Mrs. Meade Fri.-rson. Mrs. Marrelbis Frost. .Mrs. James Frazer. Mrs. Marshall 
Gaither. .Mrs. Kollin P. (;ranl. Mrs. Foster Hum.'. .Mrs. Norman Farrell. Jr.. Mrs. Andrew I'riee. 
-Mrs. Charles Hughes. .Mrs. Porter Phillips. Mrs. William Philli|)s. Mrs. Ernest Pillow. Mrs. 
Alex Porter. Mr^. Edwin I'riee. Mrs. Abb I.andis. Mrs. John Landis. Mrs. J. O. Leake. .Mrs. 
Claude Martin. Mrs. A. B. McCarty. Mr>. K. T. M.( lo.mi, n. Mrs. Charles Morrow. .Mrs. Joseph 
Gibson. Mrs. Thomas .\ralone. .Miss l'..ri.i. \li-- Kcbeeea Porter. Mrs. George Price, 
.Mrs. 1. J. Haves. Mrs. William Nels„„. \1.. ( ||„„i. Mrs. G. T. Ingram. Mrs. Harding 
Jackson. Mrs. Charles Dudlev Jones. \1,.. J. \1. Kin^. \!,-. Paul Roberts. Mrs. T. J. Smith, 
Mrs. William J. Smith. Mrs. R. G. Sparrow. Mrs. I). K. Sinbblefirld. Mrs. J. W, Sewell. Mrs. 
Thomas J. Tvne. Mrs. Vernon S. Tupper, Miss Eli/alMlh Enrrrll. Mi.~ I.i/inka I'air.ll. Miss 
Josephine Farrell, and Miss .Mary V. Gaither. 

iii!>r iiM'Tisr cm ucii \i \ii,i \i;y 

The First Baptist Cliiurh AuxiiiarN u.i- .u-ani/.,l ..n 0,|,,|Mr 1. I'llT. uilh 
Mrs. J. H. Campbell as Chainnan. Hi,- ,n, >,•«,■,! ,„, li...,,ilal LMrn.mN at 
Red Cross headquarters and made kriitlnl ailii Ir- at lioinc Tin- iliailcr nuiiiliers 

.Afrs. J. H. Campbell. .Mrs. \V. P. Rankin. Mrs. C. A. Jones. Mrs. John l.lKeii. Mr.. A. Y. 
Stephens. Miss Marie .Moore. Mrs. W. A. Roberts. Mrs. A. .M. Saunders. Mr-. J. W . Hurt. Mrs. 
W. L. Dunn. Mrs. IJ,-n.ler-on li.iker. an.l Mis^ Frank llollowell. 

Fii;-i I'Ki -in 1 1 Ki \\ (III III II \i \IM m;^ 

The First Presbyterian Chun li ViimHim ua- u^•^.mu^■^ in >rpipmber. 1917, 
with .Mrs. James 1. Vance as .Supn \ i-.,, . ,,m.| \Ii-. JmIih \. Mmkin a- Captain. This 
unit served as an auxiliary on lii.-|iiiil LMinniii-. uorkiiiy <-a<\\ Moiidav at head- 
quarters. The charter members urrr: 

Mrs. James I. Vance. Chairman; Mr-. 1.. T. Kirkpiitri. k. Mrs, Ki.liar.l A. Barr. Mrs Frank 
Cray, .Mrs. A. Tillman Jones. Mrs. J. A. Mnrkin. Mr>. Jani.s K. Polk. Jr., Mi-s Kffie Mclver, 
Mrs, E.lward Shcrb-y. Mrs. Harvey Alexander. .Mrs. C. B. Wallace. -Miss Mary Burke. Mrs. 
V. A. Shelton. Mrs. (iillespie Adams. Mrs. Edward Hart. Mrs. John A. McEwcn, Mrs. John S. 
Walker, Mrs, Frank B, Fields, Mrs, H--nrv MrCb-lland, Mrs. Arthur Jones. Mrs. Gales Adams, 
an<l Miss Margaret H.ill Fri.r-n„. 

Fii!>T 1.1 riiii; \\ (III i;( II \i \ii,i \\\\ 

The First Lutheran Church Auxiliary was organized l)...inl.ri 11. I'MT. .u ihe 
church, with Mrs. Fred Batlenslag. Chairman. The wmk ..I ilii- unit (..n-i-|r,l ,,f 
making surgical dressings at headtiuarlers. Members were: 


Mrs Fred Battenslag, Mrs. William Marsh, Mrs. Frank Dahlinger, Mrs. Harry Sudekum. 
Mrs Derby McClellan. "Mrs. R. J. Crutchfield, Mrs. Tony Sudekum. Mrs. Marllia Burt, Mrs. 
^r M Johnson. Mrs. Charles Turner. Jr.. Mrs. David Kuhn, Mrs. William Gerth, Miss Emma 
Platz. Miss Katie Hauff, and Miss Madeline Fehr. 


The Glen Leven Presbyterian Church Auxiliary was organized in September, 
1917, with Mrs. Dayid T.'McGill, Chairman, to make hosiiital garments at head- 
quarters. Knitted articles and comfort bags were also made at the iiomes of the 
charter members, who were: 

Mrs D. T. McGill. Mrs. George Dean, Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Mrs. John Campbell. Mrs. Charles 
H. Stetson, Mrs. W. H. Schuerman, Mrs. S. Walters McGill, Mrs. 0. Walkirk. Mrs. J. N. Gaut. 
Mrs. Arthur Cooney, Mrs. W. C. Alexander, and Miss Margaret McNeilly. 


On October 29, 1917, Miss Sadie Cauyin and Miss Mary Rattennan organized 
the girls of Nashyille into a Godmothers" Auxiliary, and Miss Mary Ratterman was 
elected Chairman. 

In February. 1918. the name of the organization was changed at the request of 
the Nashyille Red Cross officials to the Girls' Auxiliary of the Red Cross. The pur- 
pose of the organization was to work in the interest of the Tennessee soldiers, sup- 
plying them witli such comforts and necessities as "smokes,'' knitted garments, jams 
and j'ellies. The membership grew until it enrolled over 300 young women in 
Dayidson County. 

The first funds of the organization were obtained at a dance giyen at the Cham- 
lier of Commerce, and were used for equipping two hundred and fifty comfort bags 
for JNIrs. John Coode. Chairman for the Red Cross. The members of the auxiliary 
paid yearly dues and kept a sacrifice box for the trench smoke fund. Wooden boxes 
accompanied by brilliant posters were placed in down-town stores for free-will dona- 
tions to the smoke fund. 

A play at the Vendome Theater was sponsored by the auxiliary, and the sum 
of one hundred and fifteen dollars was raised. On Thanksgiying. 1917, the girls 
sold their own buttons in the morning and added two hundred and seventy-six dol- 
lars to the treasury. 

The most unique and successful undertaking of the auxiliary during the war was 
the plan of running tlie Hermitage Hotel for one day. On May 17, 1918, tire man- 
agement of the hotel turned its affairs completely over to the Girls' Auxiliary, and 
every "tip" job in tlie hotel, from bell boy, elevator operator, waiter, clerk, page, 
to general manager, was filled by a smiling girl, wearing Red Cross headgear. The 
sum of SI. 711. 00 was realized. Miss Corinne Craig. Chairman of Ways and Means, 
was Chairman General of the hotel day. On her committee were the following sub- 
chairmen, who selected their respective committees, the members of the committees 
including the entire personnel of the auxiliary: 

Waitresses, Miss Mary Lee Crockett ; Maids, Mrs. W. D. Trabue, Jr. ; Elevators. Miss Percie 
Warner; Flowers and Shoe Shine Parlor. Miss Alice Hall Lindsey: Clerks. Miss Sarah Shannon; 
Newsie Girls, ^^iss Frances Hillman; Decomlinn^, Mi^s^ Sue Holme-i: Reservation of Tables. 
Mrs. Dandirdse Caldwell: Bel! Girls. Miss \l:nv ll:,ii, , mm : ( alil.M-. M.-.- Jane and Elizabeth 
Culbert: Smokes. Miss Barbara Kuhn: Taxi.-, \l,- Wilii, l.'uil. H.imI-m,,; Cashier, Miss Mar- 
garet Creighton; Hat Checks, Miss Elizabii!i 11 nl iii.l \li-- Aiinn- Laiiri.' Campbell. 

( 145 ) 

I) 1 1 1 1) so v c o I \T Y If o M r. .\ / v '/• // /■: w o a i. d iri r. 1 9 1 i-i 9 1 9 

"idi \t, i,\i)i;:> (.1' \ \-ii\ II 11: 
\i\i)K \\ i\iri;i>M\ ! wii I 

AM) \l\-- Ml 

111. \Tiii;iii 


I {{II 

; i;i 

1 1 1, 

|vs 1 


1 i;i ■>(ii 1: ^K 

.11 1 

\ 1 

\i \ 

ir.i 1, 

(i|- r 


M,> 101; W 

K 1 

1,1 11 

|- \\( 


.1. Mil.lrr.l (;n.v. .\1..IT 
>. Willi.- Kulli UavidsoM, 

Tlu-V iMT. t..p i„w. k-fl to ri^lil: Aliases Maiv K.illnnia,,. \l.nia l-, 
Son, nil rmv: Lillian luyer. Lillian Joy and Mane Knlm. Iliml u.^ 
Janici Slalilman, Frances Hillman. 

Ann of tile cross: lop row, left In ri'jiil: Mi— \„„ l'.i,iii-l..i 
Hiinler Orr. Mar'nicrile Ballon. K.lna l,rlK,n. It, I,, (i-l,,,,,,,. |;, |,,, (,,,, 

\'ir):inia Vales. Hiilli \aiR-e. Lniilv, Mi-. ( Imi \ikin- .m.l i mimui. ( r.ii^. .'Second row. 
k-fl 10 riclil: .Misses Lucile llolman, M.ix ll.u.lint: lUi.kii.i. M,„a 1 ,-,• ( n.ik.Mt. KUie Mae 
Bradley. Amelia Johns. Klizalielli (Jilliland. .N,|d.ia K/z.ll. (ornelia W illierspoon. Esther Nichol, 
\aMee Talhot, .Sarah Shannon, Malinda ILinipion and .Stella Abranis. 

The nine f;irls in the lower section, third row. left to rif;ht. are: Misses Alice Dale Durr, 
Lillian Weiniiaiim and Ke!;ina IJ!;hlnian. .Second row: .Misses Louise Hester, Frances Gray and 
Hazel Brizz.-tl. First row: Misses Dorothea Tucker. Sara Kirkpalrick an.l Elizalxth Fossick. 


\ dance wa.s jiivcii diirin;; the evcninp; lumrs uIk ii a larL'c .-iim 
.Miss Liicilc Holinan was Chaiiman of this fealuir. 

As a Chrislma.s {.'leetiiif!; in 1917 the girls scut .',.(i:)l) |,ai kai:i~ nl ~iri..kis .iiid 
twenty-one barrels of jam to the Tennessee hoys at ( ,iiii|i l-ordnn .md ( ,iiri|> Sevier, 
and two hundred and fifty victrola records wen- (Iniilrd |„mrrri ilo |\m. .amps. 

For Christma.s, HJIM. Iwenlv-five homeless s.d.ii. i- u.,.- a.l..|.l.-,l In llic auxil- 

iary, and ihroujih the Red Cm- ca. Ii w,i~ |MrMnl,d a l".\ . ..iitamm::. 
things, a flashlight, "Eversiiarp" |..-ri. II. fniil . akr. Hii.,k(- an<i 
The auxiliary gave to the Nashville C.liapl.r lu.. Iiiindnd .m,\ lln 
twenty helmets and seventy-five jiairs of knitted -... k-. iii.l lii.- jiiU 
jjroperty hag.s for convalescing soldiers, fiftyoiic I!. i. Inure i.iji 


:; oth 

D A V I DSON CO U N T Y IT M E N IN THE IT O 11 L D WA R. 19 14-1919 

?rMEl) _\[ANAr,E\lEN-l 

N Till 



Miss Mary Lee Crockett sened as chairman of waitresses. Others who appear in the picture 
are Miss Kathryn Craig, Miss Viri;inia Benton. Miss Lillie Atchinson. Miss Evelvn Douglas, 
Miss Sarah Shannon, Miss Ruth \ance, Mrs. Dandridge Caldwell, Mrs. W. D. Trabue, Jr., Miss 
Frances Hillman. Miss Luciie Miss Sue Holmes. Miss Elizabeth Culbert. Miss Jane 
Culbert. Mis; Willie Ru:h Davidson. Miss Annie Laurie Campbell and .Miss Lundy File. 

four wash cloths. Over five hundred scrap-books, newspapers and things to amuse 
the boys when ill were sent to Camps Taylor, Sevier, Jackson, and Fort McPherson. 

The auxiliary was divided into ten teams for work in surgical dressings. A shell 
shock ward in the Base Hospital at Chattanooga was adopted by the girls and sup- 
plied with many luxuries, among them being five quilts, knitted from fragments of 
yarn left from sweaters, and a five-dollars-a-week order for flowers. 

The Girls' Auxiliary sent twenty-five dollars a month to the Southern Division 
for trench smokes, and twenty-five dollars a month to the Nashville Canteen Service, 
five hundred dollars being donated the Canteen and one hunched to the Red Cross 
linen shower. 

In all patriotic drives in Nashville the Girls" Auxiliary liad a prominent part, es- 
pecially in the Red Cross Christmas roll calls and the Thrift Stamp drives. In the 
first Red Cross Christmas Roll Call the girls had complete charge of all booths in 
stores and banks. 

The officers serving at various periods of the war were: 

Miss Mary Ratterman and Miss Sue Holmes. Chairmen: \^ice-Chairmen. Miss Sailic Cauviii. 
Miss Corinne Craip. Mi^^ ^iir Ilnlm,.. Mi.. Alir, Hall li,M-.A. Mi- M,,n 1, , r,M, and 
Miss Stella Abram-; i;r,nnlHr.j <r, , .In i.-, M,.. l^ninn,! V.s,\u_. \li-- lll/ii Tiaiuir ami Miss 
Willie Ruth David^-.iii: i ,.m r-iMMMlm^ ^r.,.iaii.- \li- Willi-- I.'miIi jiaxhl-..!. ,,,,! \l,- Itince 
Douglas, Jr.: Tr.-a-ui-i-. \li- Kmli \ an. ,■ ami \li- Eianr,- (,„,„liu-: (haiiinai, nl --.-rap 
Book. Miss Marie kiiliii; ( liaiini.ii nl I , ain-. Ml- Elizabeth Buckner and Mrs. M. B. Howell. 
iH: ('hairnian of \1. inln a .|ii|i. \li-- I iMian l.'rx.i: Emergency Committee, Miss Corinne Craig. 
-Miss Sadie Cauvin. \li-- Hail, \li-- \larv Harding Buckner, and Miss Annie Mae 
tnderwood: Chairnuu ul .\li,,. Ainue .Mae Underwood. 

Charter members of the auxiliary besides the officers mentioned above were: 
Mrs. Dandridge Caldwell. Miss Jane Culbert. Miss Reba Gray. Miss Sarah Shannon. Miss 
Elizabeth Hail. Miss Maria Fprri<-. Mi^^ Annie Whit.^ Folk. Mi-^i Eli/ab.-th Brrm Mi.= '\lan- 
DoMovllle Hill. Mi- I'laair Wanai, \li- I, urn. II, s|„,,, M,_, r||,.,, Tialai. \1,- I'l,-.- Manev 

Miss Marv N.-I>„n. \li- \,.„ W ,,i,.a. \l,- Kli/ali.ili Mill. \li- M.nilia Drl.MU. \1,- \ Dale 

Durr. Mrs. V,'. D. Jr.. \li- Aiiu-lia ImIih-. \|,- KalluMi I raiLi. \li- ( ..n„-lia W.llier- 
spoon. Miss Helen Killebrew. .Miss Evelyn Douglas. Miss Elizabeth Sharpe. Miss Harriet Dillon. 
Miss Dorothea Tucker, Miss Frances Gray, Miss Susan Baxter, Miss Elizabeth Culbert. ,\Iis= 
Barbara Kuhn. Miss Katherine Lewis, Miss Mildred Gray. Miss Catherine LeSueur. Miss Martha 


h-^llDSO.\ CO I MY 

M F V / V /■ // / 

A' / II ir I H. / ; ./.; Q I 9 

GKoi I' (ii III ii I i;ii-- i,ii;i - \i Ml I \l;^ i i i i,k- \ i i mi III.U\1IIA(.I-. iiou.l. 
.MAY, vna 

\\ lu-n llii; iiianafiemi'iu of llie hotel !:avL' one day to the yirU. to laije funds to fiiitlic-r their 
work. -Miss Marjiaret Creishton was casliicr-niaiiai;fr. To tlie left, standint;, is .Miss Mary 
Rallermaii. Clerks at the desk, left to right, are: .Miss Melinda Hampton, Miss Keba Wilson 
Gray, .Miss Elizabeth Hill and .Miss Sarah .Shannon. Miss .Marie Kuhn is standing to the right. 

Tillman, Miss Cornelia Coodc, Miss Margaret C 
Buford, .Miss .Margaret Wherrv. .Miss .Mildred H. 
.Miss Ellen .Stokes, .Miss Keba Dean. .Miss Kdna I.. 
berrv, .Miss .Sipliia Kzzell. -Miss Frances Duk. i-.i 
Siimpter. .Miss .Martha Baird, Miss Nfad.K,, >-,i„ 
Miss Ann Bransfor.l. .Miss Mary Hiinle, (>,,. \1 
Virginia Yates, Miss KmilN >li»ali. \li-. ( Iimi 
Holman, Miss Elizabeth (;,!I.I.,m.I. \Ii-- i;-ih,, \ 
ton, Miss Regina Liglitni;ni. \li-~ I II. ^lh. 
Nfiss "Red"' Lowe, and \li - I h/il.. ili |,.-i.k. 


W I 

II. \li^- Margaret 
\li" ll.l.n Baird, 
\li" l;.I..Hca Sed- 
\l,- I I.M.i Wrenne 
il. Ml-- llillman, 
\li-- Krl..! I).|„„ue. Miss 
Atkiii-, Miss Elsie .\lae Bradley. Lucile 
ell.. I. Miss Vance Talbot. Miss .Matilda ilamp- 
\li" Hazel Brizzett, Miss Sarah Kirkpatrick, 


The Kit Knitters .Auxiliary was oifjaiiized Septcuiljer 
King as Chairman and \Hss Maud Balhird as Secretary, 
homes of the memhers, where sweaters and socks were kiii 

Mr3. Albert King, Mrs. George Tenniso 
Gregory. Mrs. Ira Park.-r, .Miss Mand Balla 
Bouchard. Miss Bessie Yarbrouj 

Mrs. Ed K»in^. 

. Miss Marv li.Lk. 

Ml-. W. A. T.niii-.m. 

uilh Mrs. Mhcit 

Mrs. B. T. 
Miss Marie 

LA l!l I. \l \Ii.l \I!Y 

The La Hue .\uxiliarv was .ii-ani/cl \,,xr,i.l.r, L T)17. uilli Mr-. Ccult \L 
.Adams as Chairman. This unit srunl ,„i hn-.|iilal ..:.n iiinil- al ilrd Cro-- licad- 
quarters and made knitted artich's al llie JKimcs (d ihi- Muinhci-. 

The charter members were: 

Mrs. G. >r. Adam.s, Mrs. S. W. Fifimar. Mrs. \V. }.. Gillespie. Mrs. li. M. Tinker, Mr-. .1. F. 
Corbilt, Mrs. Henry Wiggs. Mrs. T. J. Hobbs. Mrs. G. L. Maddux, Mrs. I'al Qm|s\r^ . Mi-. C. B. 
Moody. Mrs. E. F. KIdd, Mrs. C. H. Holmes. Mrs. A. E. Wiggs. and Mrs. C. H. Damnn 


CKOI 1' l)F -BELL IIOI'>- \T TIIK IIK1L\HTA<.L llolKL o.N \L\^ 17. I')|H 
From left to right are: Miss Barbara Kulin, Mrs. James Stahlman. Miss Mary Pnrter 
man. Miss Mary DeMoville Hill Miss Sadie Cauvin. Miss Marie Kulin and Miss Mary Ratt 
Mrs. Dandridge Caldwell (Elizabeth Keith), was Chairman of this group. 

The McKendiee Church Auxiliary was organized in 191 

Stephens as Chairman and Miss Alma Oliver 
made surgical dressings. The charter memhers wer 

Mr-. Mil.- ■R'illiani-. Mr-. ,Inl,n Ri-krrx ill,.. Mr-, Ma 
Mi- II II. I.n.x. Mr-. Tin,,,,,,- li.,r>,.MM. \l,- ^. F. Will 
L.illl-.. ( r.,ulM,,|. \|i- FIl/.llMlh I .l,,A. M,. 1,1., l!ln,-, 
Ib.u.M. Mr- \Li,l,l,„ --a^nr. Mr-. Tiirn.r |l..,l,l. M.-, Dm, 
Loui-,. l>„w,.ll. Miss Jane Douglas Crawford. an,.l .Mi=.s P. 

with Mrs. Clav G. 
Assistant Chairman. This unit 



The !\ray Jerald'^xiliary was organized May 3. 1918, with Mrs. C. J. W. Dress- 
ier as Chairman. Meetings were held at the home of Mrs. Dressier, and the unit 
was entirely self-supporting. The work consisted of making refugee garments. 
Charter members were: 

.;. M. Lisk. Mrs. H. A. Webb. Miss Agnes 
Miss Eleanor Perkins. 

Mrs. D. R. G. 
Hibbs, Miss Ann; 

jhart. Mrs. C. f.'. La.i.ler. Mr 
Mallison. Miss Pearl Gray, ai 


The Moore Memorial Presbyterian Church .Auxiliary was organized on November 
8. 1917. with Mrs. Brown Buford as General Chairman. Mrs. Charles Kinkead had 
charge of the knitting, and one hundred and one women composed the knitting 
department. This unit also sewed in the Hospital Garment Department at Red 
Cross Headquarters. The charter members included: 

Mis. Brown Buford. Mrs. T. J. Bailey. Mrs. Crarles Odom, Mrs. A. A. Dickerson, Mrs. W. 
H. Webb. Mrs. W. D. Trabue. Mrs. E. B. Cayce. Mrs. W. E. Metzger. Mrs. Lyon Childress. Mrs. 
H. P. Thomas, Mrs. Sam Wilkes, Miss Fanny O'Brien, and IVOss Stella Ford. 

DAllDSOy C O I \T y IT U M E V / A^ THE If O K I. I) HI H. I 9 I II 9 1 c 
GROUP OF OiriCKHS. CIKI.S- MAll.l AKY. \ ASII\ ll.l.F. CIIAl'Tl.K. A. W. C 

Miss ALKt 111 

Th.- No.-hon C 
,-.l in ,Iun.-. 1MI7. 

Noli.KiX (1,1 I'. \l Mil WW 

h M,-. lltic kiiiM,-\ ll.nn a^ i:h 

Mi>. Cl.arl.-s \lanlli.-v. Mrs. Frank linrnscli. jr.. Mr-. \. M. I!i) 
Mr-. M H. .S|.l-..ri. Mrs. Dorris Krilrv. Mi- Man.N. \li-. 
Lell^.■^. Mi- .\unr W arn.r T.-nnisnn. an. I Mr-. Sniilli T.nni-..n. 

\()i;tiii:\st \ \:-ii\ ii.i.i. \r\!i,i \i 

Til.- Nn.lh.'a-I \a-li\ill<- \i.\iliarv u,,- .:rjani/r,l \,,\ 
Aniiif;!.,.! Sli..-t Willi Mis. Fl.u.nrr 1!oIm ,1-..,, .i- ( 
son later n'signefl and Mrs. Boyd Drake u a- niaJr (liaiiii 
was Instructor, and wccklv mectinfrs were Ik M al tin- \rriii; 
work of this unit coiisisifd of makiir.r iiiiislin (Im-iii'j-. \ I' 

ronsislfd of flflv T ha.i.l-. luo luindM ,1 l.rh-. ll ■ liuinlir 

da"PS. fivf linndrcd IWuIvmi IjuikI-. -i\ liuiiclird nimlrrr 

-IhmI uork 


one thousand livr luiiidicd fmlv-fix.- plailiniis. scvrji tli(iii>aiMl and si-vi-iily-iiiiie first- 
aid basis. CIiailiT mciiilin-. were: 

Mrs. Fin, ,.,„,. i;Ml„.,i-Mn. \l 

,-. 1.1//1,- l!,>naph. Mrs. II. i . r.,ii,i,li. Mrs. J. A. Todd. Mrs. 

Charles IImu-i,,,, \\, - | n,,, \\ , \li-. K. L. Baskette. Mi-. W il. v h.liiiM.n. Mrs. A. T. Lovell, 

Mrs. J. T. < mL „,,,,,, \1,- W. 1 

. Ilinl-ui,. Mrs. A. J. Wil-nn. \l,-. \likr llalloran, Mrs. Lyman 

Gunn, M.-. L J. LIul.aii. Mi,. 

.^. G. Marshall. Mrs. Boyd Drake. M.-. D. F. Allen. Mrs. R. J. 

Neville. .Mrs. \V. W . Parminter. 

Mrs. J. D. Herblin, Mrs. W. D. Johnson. Mrs. J. A. Marsliall, 

Mrs. Clarence Jackson, Mrs. J. 

E. Coleman, Mrs. S. E. Swann, Mrs. B. A. Butler, Mrs. Ben 

Bracv. Mrs. John Dillarcl. Mrs. 

John Matthews. Mrs. C. C. Swponev. Miss Daisy Cunn, Mrs. 

Tlulni- \la,-l,,,ll. M,-, riii^r,,,. ( 

iillil.iiHl. Ml-. J. J K.A,-. Ml-. W. U. ■^iiiltli. \li-. Kal. Parrish, 

Ml- W . \ Hi.ik, Ml 1 i (. 

11,111 Mi- I) 1 ImIii,- Ml- II r --li. li,.ii. Ml-. iLiiik M.u-shall. 

\ii-. 1 (. iiu.iir-. \i,- 1 ,., !■: 

niM li. Ml- III h. Ii . Ml- ■-l.ill.^ M.iMi Ml-- Mi/.abeth 

Dl.llsr \|,-- 1 ,,,, (,,ll,,r,, \l,-. 

k.iili. ■ 1 \li.- \liMn-,l 1,1, k-nii Nil- \ , ( liaiiman. 

Ml--, ^,n,lll |:|J.I-^|,|^^ \1|.- \1 

JM 1 |\,i-,,i, \li-- llikii liMi-iM. Nil-- tilirl |i, 1,11-, .11. Miss 

M.IM (.rr. \||- 1 . ( . ||;,MM N 

\li- W ^ (.illi,,„i. Ml- i; M 1'. lit,,-, Ml. Ml-, k:. T. .'-tfvens, 

Ml-. 1 ,1. ^ (,).,inl. \li- 1 ,,MMM 

1 W M-lii. \li- l; l\ 1,1, k-,,,. Ml- 1 1 . M,,i,l,,. k. Mrs. Ira 

i'. Juno. M,.-. T. 1. < i,i,-l„,,n, 

M,- \l,i W, 111. Ml,-. Ml- 1 1. 1, Ii. Ml-. .1, . 111! (J. Owsley. 

Mrs. John A. Gnm. \l,. 11 ,mn 

1 1 ,.l. Ml-- ( illi, (.11,11.1. Ml- I, an Cnai.l. \lii-s Bessie Mav 

Beal. Miss Loni- 1-. \l,- 

-.1,1,, i; I.I, k-,, II. Ml-- i;,iil, 11,1111. Mi- Knili Gilliland. Miss 

Dorothy Keyes. \li- Hlan, l„ 1 

111, .11. ,in,l Ml- Kli/al„,||i ,|,,li„-. 


L. K. Tins).- 

V. Mrs. John Turn, 

rr. Mrs. E. T. 

. .Mis 

,. W. J. And.-, 

r-nii. Mr-. S. A. T> 

ler. Mrs. Paul 


The Ordwav Rlare Auxiliary was .u-auizrd Nnvi-nil-er .'.(I. I'M 7. at Ress School, 
with Mrs. E. T. Hollins as Chainuaii. This unit made muslin dressings at the school- 
house. An average of forty members attended the meetings each week. 

Its charter members were: 

Mrs. E. T. Hollins. Mrs. Euaene Prii 
Booth. Mrs. E. T. Hall, Mrs. H. F. WiUii 
Treanor, and Miss Martha Douglas. 


The Peabody Auxiliary was organized October 1.5. 1917. from members of the 
student body of Peabody College, with Miss Maisie Caraher as Chairman and Miss 
Effie Morgan, Mrs. Fred Kelsey and Miss Vivian Watkins as Instructors. Meetings 
were held each Friday evening at the college, where the work consisted in making 
surgical dressings. 

The following students were charter members: 

Miss Maisie Caraher. Miss Martha Kelley. Miss Annie C. Murphv. Miss Marjiarel Berrvhill, 
Miss O. Dell Kelby. Miss Anna M. Nullv. Miss Ethel Everett. Miss Miriam Hizar. Miss Ruth 
Horton. Miss Edna Cox. Miss Mary Taylor. .Miss Mary C. Lanier, and Miss Nora C. Selby. 


The Peabody Dames Auxiliary was organized October 15. 1917, with Mrs. F. 
B. Dressier and Mrs. C. H. Lander as Chairmen. The membeys worked at the 
central workroom on hospital garments. Knitting was done at home. Charter 
members were: 

Mrs. C. H. Lander. Chairman: Mrs. K. C. Davis, Nlrs. H. A. Webb. Mrs. C. A. McMurray, 
Mrs. Carter Alexander, and Mrs. D. R. Gebhart. 

( 151 ) 

DAI I D so. \ COI WTY IT O M E .\ l\ THE WORLD WAR. 1 <)! 41 9 1 9 

Rr.i) rR()s:> (n ii.T ciitci.i: oi Tin wiiowi, i.iii: wn cvsi \i.ty 
i\--i i; \\t 1 ( oxirwi 

Tlu- 1!,->1 (;^..^. Ouill Cii.l^- ol ll>.- \,,l,..„al III,- ,„„l \.,i,i,nl I,.-,,,,..,,,- (,,,„i- 
pany was composed of" girls in the dllii c who v.w,- ihrii linu- (lining ilic ruMMi Imui 
and also at outside meetings to makf (|iiill- l<>i llir -olilin-. j hex I m ni-hrcl miii h 
of their own material, obtaining: the rest hum llic llii~|iil,il (.anmnl >crii(iii al Krd 
Cross Headquarters. Mrs. Johnson was ."^iipci vi^u dl tlii> uiiil. and ih.- rharlcr 
memhers were: 

.MUs Minnie Gollilhan, Miss Eula Girard, Mass Mary Brails. Mi- K..- D,- Pierri. Miss 
Rebecca McDaniel. Miss Mollie Walkup, Miss Lociiie Walkup. M.- Knil, D.uis. Miss Charlie 
.Mai Selpli. .Mi?s Lena Graves, .Miss Bessie Baker. Miss .Angelina !)■ I'mhi. \Ii— Gcrlriule Rice, 
.Miss Daisy Franklin. Miss Alice Dickerson. Miss Mappie Giraril. \li- MmiI. (.,,,„. \li-< Marv 
Halloran. Miss Louise Howlin, Miss Evelyn .Sanford. Miss Clara K. II, ,liat-. \h-- I !,.,.„,, Ciaw- 
foriL .Miss Leilali Baber, Miss Lena Canquest. Miss Hazel Harris, \li-- M.ii\ \i U..ii. \li~- Lillian 
Smilh. Miss .Margaret Hill. Miss Florence Clemnions. Mj-s Lni., W n;M..„. \1,-. l,„r,l Mc- 
Candless. .Miss Flora Persley. Miss Elizabeth M,a,l,.r>. Mi>^ \Iar\ M.,,,,,-. Miss Siuli,- Kapan. and 
Miss Mamie Hayes. 

SINSFT r\l!K \l Mil \I!V 

The Sunset I'ark AMxiiiarv. !,., al.-.l |u- 
Pike, was organized in .Sepltiiil>rr. I')! 7. \ 
Knitting instructions weregi\in \>\ Mi-. M 
and the meetings were held al llir luinn • 
valescent soldiers were pie<-ed. (ihartf'r n 

Mrs. A. B. Anderson, Mrs. ^L L. Baxter, Mrs. Spiller Campbell. Mr-. I'. Dil'Inii. \li-. Cur-e 
Reed, Mrs. Herman Trotter, .Mrs. Harrv Vaughn, Mrs. Spencer K.akin. Mr- Sa,,, MrCiw. .Mrs. 
A. F. Woodward, .Mrs. Robert Wilson. .Mrs. T. J. Baker. .Mrs. W. E. Beanl Mr-, llionra- Craw- 
ford, Mrs. Marvin Dcaver, Mrs. Edward .Swain, Mrs. R. N. Tavlor. Mr- W . II. Wa.le. Mrs. 
Geislman, .Mrs. Houston Sexton. Mrs. Frank Weakley. Mrs. J. M. Hill, arr.' Mr- .1. M. luwier. 

SIXTKIATII W \i!l) \r\II.I\l!^ 

The Sixteenth War.! \ii\iliarv wa- r.r'Mrii/rd in \n^r^^^\n■^. I'M 7. uilli Mrs. 
Charles Holmes as Chairman. Knitting wa- il..rr.' I.\ llu- rinil. ulr.,-,. , haiirrian a!-.. 
gave three months' work on the draft hnaid. a--i-lril l.\ ilu- im rirli- r-. \\\\n i-ai Ir 
worked in some department at Red Cross IIi'.iil(|ri,ir hi -. '\\\,- rlraili i nniiiliii - uiii': 

Mrs. Charles Holmes, Mrs. Newton O'Calahan. Mr-, l!..!.. ri ( irnn,. Mr- W . 1). Milhr, Mrs. 
Felix Ashley, Mrs. L. E. McElroy, Mrs. B. F. OMiar. an. I Mr- s.uah I an.a-i,-,. 

SOI 111 \ \'>li\ 11 1,1 WOM W^ \l Xll.l \I!V 

- ua- nriiaiii/ci .lunc 

ll-l,lr' ill,- . 
\h-. Willi. 
Ilot.hkl- ,1 

ils lilllil- . 
1111 K. r.r.ll 
aid Mr-. C. 

rll IIh' 11 

I.I a- Cli 
C. (!lii i 

llir' niraill, 

ra-. uh.a.- 

,,iiill- 1 

iters w<-re: 

The South Nashvill 

.■ W. 

.111, 111' 

- \ll\lli,ll 

\ 1.. til.' i;. 

21, 1917. with Mr.s. I'm 

Ill II. 1 


a- Cli.iiiiii 

an and Mi-. 

and Treasurer. This ii 

nil u. 


ill llir uai 

'iii"iil -.'( Ii..i 

The charter members w 


.Mrs. I'aul Harvill. Mrs. .1. H. Campbell. Mrs. Charles S. Brengleman. Mi 
Mrs. R. L. Eaton. Mrs. .John Nf. Gaut, Miss Susie Eagan. Miss Sadie M 
>rarlin. Miss Ethel Carroll. Miss N.-ttie .M.-Murrav. ami \Ii-s Nannie Ea-aii. 

Tl!i;\ \(: CIRCLI \l \ll I v\\ 

The Trevac .Auxiliary wa- or-ani/.-.l in .Inn.-. I'M 7. uilli Mi- C 
Chairman. This unit was formi'd l,v the \avv ( C.i h. . 


W. Evans was instructor. Its work consisted priiicipallv ul kriilliiiu. allliiiiit;li sev- 
eral members worked each week in the Surgical l)irs>iiiiis |)i|i,irliiirMl al head- 
quarters. Tlie charier iiieniliers were: 

Mrs. .1. \ ( i.Mi... \1,-, I ,„^ ManiMiii;. Mrs. E. L. AsMord, Miss Mary Napier, Miss Mary 
Parham. \li~- I.M/.ili.ili It.ilr, \li-- ( onihh. Cavert, Miss Louise Cage, Miss Maria Cage, Miss 
Claytie l! \Ii-- M^p.:".. i;, and Miss Elizalietli Hoyle. 


The Tennessee Mothers' Congress and Parent-Teachers' Au.xiliary was organized 
(luring the first Red Cross campaign. May, 1917. Mrs. Eugene Crutcher, State 
Chairman, was assisted by Mrs. Alice Cloyd, Chairman for the Central Council, and 
Mrs. J. C. Walker, Mrs. Alex. Irving, Mrs. R. A. Griffin, Mrs. T. H. Burleson. Mrs. 
Russell Longhurst, and Mrs. Lou Lusky. The members were drawn from the Cen- 
tral Council, a roster of which will be found with that chapter. 


The Vanderbilt Unit Auxiliary was organized in June, 1917, with Mrs. W. H. 
Schuerman as Chairman and Mrs. Thomas Garrett as Vice-Chairman. the members 
being chosen from the Vanderbilt Aid Society and the Vanderbilt Woman's Club. 
They sewed in both the Surgical Dressings and Hospital Garment sections at Red 
Cross Headquarters. The charter members were: 

Mrs. C. \K \r,lx. Mk. lr..r \1 ()\r,inn. ^[,.. \\,■n^^ Y.. ( ..ll..n^ Mi~. 1*. 11. Ilnn^lon. Mrs. 

J. A. Willi, M-i \li,, !,•.-,■ II. Tlhmia-, \li- T. C (..nirll. \l,- ,|,iln, I'.. \M,i.,„,. Mrs. 

Hamilton I ..w .. \1,.. Tm„, I'nk--. \l,- ^■r.,^■^,■ \-\. I',.mm,... \1,- JmIm, I Mm,,,,.. Mrs. 

Stewart CaiuplKll. Mib. A. W . BiJiil, .^h^. U-ur W al.Jkn,:li. Air-. W . .^. II, .\i ni.-l. m,I, Mrs. 
Ellis C. liugtiins, Mrs. J. H. Stevenson. Mrs. K. B. Steele, Mrs. 0. N. Bryan. .Mrs. J. T. .McGiU, 
Mrs. Bert Young. Mrs. Robert Armstead, Mrs. Harry Hartupee, Mrs. Clay G. Stephens, Mrs. 
Robert Ewing. Mrs. G. E. Hibbett, Mrs. J. M. Anderson, Mrs. Granbery Jackson. Mrs. J. H. 
Kirkland, Mrs. George W. Martin, Mrs. Byron Martin. Mrs. M. M. Cecil, Mrs. H. P. Salter, 
Mrs. W. A. Ogden, Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mrs. A. B. Hill, and Mrs. John E. Dunn. 


The Woodland Street Presbyterian Church Auxiliary was organized at the church. 
with Mrs. Sam McKay as Chairman and Mrs. Sam Douglas as Instructor. Muslin 
dressings were made by this unit, whose charter members were: 

Mrs. Sam Seav McKav. Mrs. William Hume. Jr.. Mrs. Walter Caldwell. Mrs. Andrew O'Brien. 
Mr-. C. H. Ba-k',.llr. Mr-. l-n,.,.n,. Tl,,llin-. Mi- H.-iiix S|, ;..,■■, Mi-. Aiiiii,' W:iK..n, Mrs. Green 
i;,. ill, ,11. \l,- Will, Ml i:,, 1^1,1, ,n. \li- ^.iMi |i,,ii.J.i- \1,- ^,1,1, \l,i.ill. \lr- M,,!,l,.- Brengelman, 
Ml- I \\:i-li,i,,:l,,n \l, „,,,-. \li- 1.1-.,, T,,-],.. \li- |,,hn T lii,,|-U Ml- .1. Y. Fitzhugh, 
Ml-. C,.. .!■-,■ J. Suil,l.l,.rirl,l. Mr-, iiln,A IViM,.-. Ml-. ( ImI,' \\ali,.|-. Mi-. I),.\\iit Gordon. Mrs. 
H. 0. Blackwood, Mrs. John Price. Mrs. Albert Moore. Mrs. George R. Gillespie. Mrs. E. G. 
Holladay, Mrs. W. H. Elam, Mrs. Anna E. Bennett. Mrs. Charles C. Fuller, Miss Zadie Baskette. 
Miss Carrie Hollins, Miss Laura Spicer. and Miss Evelyn Patterson. 

Mrs. Green Benton was Chairman of this unit for the sewing of hospital gar- 
ments one day each week at Red Cross Headquarters. 


There were two auxiliaries from the \ ine Street Christian Church, one working 
on hospital garments at Red Cross Headquarters, with Mrs. James Cayce as Super- 
visor, and the other one making flat muslin dressings at the church, with Mrs. M. E. 

( 153) 

DAI I DSO iV COi N r Y If O M K N I A' T H E If O R L I) K'A R. 19 141919 

Derryberry as Cliainiuui. Mi>. Ross Ha.ullv «a> In>lrurl..r. and the m.'.>tin-s w.-ie 
held each week. I'i\<- >c«in;j iiuicliiiH- «<•!,■ iiv, .1 l.\ llii> unit. uli(.>c cliartcr 
hers were: 

.^^rs. James Cavce, Mrs. M. E. Derryberry, .Mrs. Turner Jolinson, Mjs. John Hooper, Mrs. J. 
.M. Jacobs. .Mrs. Anna Condall, Mrs. J. E. Houk. Mrs. Carey Morgan. Mrs. B. C. Shackelford. 
Miss .Marv Shackelford. .Mrs. Ed. Corbin. Mrs. Hunter Perrv. .Mrs. Laura Rerrv. Mrs. A. H. 
Anthonv. Mrs. Ale.x. IVrrv. Mrs. James A. Yowell, Mrs. W. K. McAlisl.r. M,-. I..,- Ilolman, 
Mrs. Mill MrAlister. Mrs. Andv Griffin. .Mrs. J. C. KranUlin. .Mrs. A. S. Wuim. \I,-. W. P. 
Ballard. .Mrs. J. E. ILipkins. .Miss Cornelia <;.M.dall. Mrs. K. L. Gentry. \1.~. .1 II IL.krr. Mrs. 
A. H. .Mizell. Mrs. Craig McEarlan.l. Mrs. C. G. Eastman, Mr.-. livn.n \Luln,. \l,~. Claudt 
-Marlin. Mrs. Theresa P. \li~. I. I\ liealv. Mrs. llill. Mi- Kmli Cowden, Mrs. 
P. D. Houston, .Mrs. Fred Fish.r. \li-- I ii. il.' Il..lnian. Mrs. HouMm,, |),„1I, n. M,>. I{oy Shelton, 
Mrs. Rush Hawes. Mrs. Fieldint: (...,,1,.,,. M,-. liufnnl Corl.itt C.uim.i. \Ii-. K. C. Moore, -Miss 
Maud Ballard. Mr:-. M. G. Gleas.-. \1,- ,l.,,„- n.illii-. :i..,l Mi- lain,,,- Gl.aves. 

i:(,)r\L SI ill; \(,i. \i \iLi\i!Y 

The Equal SulV,at;r \uxiliaiv «a^ ,M-ani/r,l , Inline tli.- In-I li,-.i Cm-, rarnpai.-n. 
with Miss Delia Dorl.h as Chairman., , \li-~ MatiM.i I'.Mlri ua- Chair- 
man for the city workers, and a laiL^c niinihi i .I rnrinlHi- wnikrd (^h li \\ci-k at thr 
Tulane Branch Workroom on niu-lin di c>-in;j-. I hi- unit i,ii-i'd ^^iHi' Im thr 
first Red Cross campaign, and nndrr Mi- M.ilihl.i ruilci -niind dir lai'jc-t num- 
ber of workers of an\ nnil in the ( it\. Tin- c h.iilti mrmhn- u. re; 

Mrs. Leslie Warner. \l.-. II. T. Kin,l.r..ii^.|,. \l,~. liMiik \ \li-. Mil.- William-. Mrs. 
W. A. Overall. Mrs. Lou l,u-k^. \l,-. I.. II. ( 1».„. \1,-. .|,,1,„ Ha, k-.l,,lr. \1,-. ,|a„,.-- li. Kzzell. 
Mrs. E. \V. Frve. .Mrs. U. A. ll.■^^^. \l.-. ( liailr- I'.ak,,. \li-. .1. \l. K.iinx. \li-. ha Parker, 
Mrs. Ed. Gardner. .Mrs. Aver\ llan.lK. \l,-. I, .ink \l,-, .l.ini.- I la/n. M , ~. J. L. 
Fossick. Miss Cornelia Barksdalr. \!,-. (.. II. William-. \l.-. ^ain KiiMiaiM.k, \li-. E. E. 
Clearv. Mrs. A. M. Mitchell. Mi- KliAihnli lliiil..,,!. \l,-. .|.,li,i G. G,l„i..i,-. .\h>. Illir Kinney 
lien,..' Mr-. I!. L. Sawyer, .Mi-s Lulie J,mu-s. and M.-. T. li. Unit. 

Y. Vi'. C. \. MAIII \KY 

Thr Y. W. C. \. \n\iliarv ua- ,n-,mi/rd diinn.; ihr lir-t ltd Cm- Cam|.ai:in. 
\%ilh -Ml-.-. (;,-ori:r I-. Ida. kii- a- Ch.nini.m. Tlii- unit i,n-,,l .^.-..:;il(l in thi- cam- 
paign. The Y. W . C. \. tin.r «..ikn.- unit-: knhtn,.. ..•,..u|,- at thr V W . C. \. 
building and a! thr I ulanr unrknaun- .in.l lln K.nn.-t \\,uk. i-. u,lh \l,- l.llir Bush 
as Chairtnan. with the Inihiwinn nirmliri-: 

Miss Evelvn I.auglirrn. \li- 1 
Lena McA-kill. Mi-s G,,i.. Iiv. 
Nanny, and Mr-. P.-arl Mniiill. 

aiiia \l.n-l 
r. \li" \l 

ll. \li-- 

|)..i,. \l. 


\li--' Kal. 

. Mai 
■ lil.i 



u- Whit.-. \li-- 
1. Mi- saniniy 

.'Xnolher •.■rru|i uh.. knilt. 

r.l and u 


at niLdil 

1 in th.' 


mr u 

o,k,n„m «as 

composed of llir Clhiump . 

hartrr ni. 


Afiss Mary Smith. .Miss Effie 

Bell. Mi- 

- \l.d» 

■1 Wiih.-i, 

-1 u. Ml 

-s \i 


Jnh„-on. Miss 

Virginia Hutehins. Miss Pearl Vantrea-,-. Mi- Julia 
Sirump, and Mrs. Fanny Harris. 

Mrs. Charlr- 1). jnn. - and Mr-. W .,. d- unr ll,.- knittin'j in-t Mi.t..r- f..r 
this group. 

The third gr.aip of \.,ung girls uiukul ,,n -u,-iral dir-niv- ,il th,- Y. W . C. \. 
building, with Miss Helen Brown as Ch.iiiin.m ,n„l Mi- MatH.I., r..ilrr a- ln-l,u,|,u. 
The charier members for this organi/ ition urrr: 

Mr-. (;.-orge F. Blackir. Mrs. Vern-r \l.i..i.- I.ui-. \li-. W. (,. Kuiiir. Mi-. W. ( . I'..|lai.l. 

Mrs. J. H. M.-Clure. Mrs. John S. Lewi-. \l,-. \li- Kalli.r \l,„ii-. Mi- 

."-u-ie \rr\Vhirl.-r. Miss Marv Pleasant- .|..n. -. \li-, lli'l \I. \li-l.r. Mi-. T.awi.k. Mi-. 

DAVIDSON CO f A' T Y IT' O M EN IN T H E U OR L l> 11 A R. 1 9 I 4-1 9 I 9 

Richard Dake, Mrs. J. R. Wheeler. Mrs. J. G. Creveliug. Jr., Miss Elizahrlh McDonaia. Miss 
Jennie Sparks, and Miss Addie Fuller. 


The West Nashville Auxiliary was organized in June. 1917. luit did not begin 
active work until Red Cross Headquarters were opened at the Chamber of Com- 
merce building. Mrs. Goodloe Cockrill was Chairman, and prior to the opening 
knitting was done at home and sewing on hospital garments was done at Red Cross 
Headquarters. The charter members were: 

Mrs. Goodloe Cockrill, Mrs. T. Van Hooten, Mrs. Lee H. Farris, Mrs. John Bratton. Mrs. 
B. C. Wright, Mrs. Nell S. Jones, Mrs. Lit Malone, Mrs. R. S. Williams, Mrs. S. Grainger. Mrs. 
Capitola McDaniel, Mrs. Keith Vaughn, Mrs. E. H. McHugh, Mrs. Roscoe Williams. Miss Lora 
Cullom, Miss Lou Ella Wolfenden, Mrs. John Trimhle. Mrs. R. Horton. Mrs. W. F. Jarrett. 
Miss Ellen Lovell, and Mrs. Warren B. Sloan. 

The Ward-Belmont Auxiliary was organized in December. 1917. with Miss ^Tary 
Lou Mclnnis as Chairman, and six hundred girls became members. The workers 
were drawn from die student body, with Mrs. J. D. Blanton as Instructor. A large 
class was formed and work was done at the college. Miss Pauline Sherwood Town- 
send assisted with the membership. During the summer months Mrs. Blanton offered 
the workrooms to the Nashville Chapter, and many classes were instructed in sur- 
gical dressings. During each year of the war several nursing and educational classes 
were formed among the Ward-Belmont pupils. 


Chairmen and Davidson County district auxiliaries of the Extension Department, 
Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, of which Mrs. George F. Blackie was leader, whose 
work and membership were both one hundred per cent, \ 
Amioch. Mrs. J. W. Sirls: Beechland. Mrs. Ora Lee Patton: 
Bordeaux, Mrs. Jones Noblin; Donelson Emergency. Mrs. B. E. 
McFarland; Eastland. Mrs. R. B. Zarecor; Goodlettsville. Mr-. 
Myers and Mrs. J. J. Ransom: Hadlev's Bend. Mrs. Livingstni, 

Gen. Andrew Jackson. Mrs. John T. H.n.l. , ,,nl M,.. ( l.,,,l,- 

Core; Linton, Mrs. L. F. Joslin; Locust (.h n \li- T \ I .,;. hI.n 
Mt. View, Mrs. R. T. Rucker. New Hope, \li-- \nMiMl,i \. \|..i-,ii,: 
Pasquo, Mrs. J. B. Miles: Pioneer Knitt.i.-. liili Di,Uk1, Mi.-.. U 

W. B. Armstrong; Seifried, ; Tusculum. .Mrs 

Charles Wilkerson; Una, Mrs. Andrew McLaughlin; White's Creek, Mrs. Count Boyd; Ridgetop, 
Mrs. J. H. Zarecor and Mrs. Spencer McHenry. 


The Antioch Auxiliary was organized on January .31, 1918, with Mrs. J. W. 
Sirls as Chairman and Mrs. George F. Blackie and Mrs. Robert Cheek as Instructors. 
All the members served on surgical dressing work and five of them made knitted 
articles. This unit raised funds to purchase material by holding lawn festivals 
and musicals. They donated fifteen dollars to the Red Cross linen shower. Charter 
members were: 

Mrs. W. A. Matthews. Mrs. John Barry. Mrs. Slierman Hope. Mrs. Josie Lankford, Mrs. Ella 
Cline, Mrs. C. K. Austin, Mrs. L. B. Shumate, Mrs. J. A. Dunn. Mrs. W. W. Smith. Mrs. J. R. 
Briley, Mrs. R. G. Briley, Mrs. 0. W. Harris, Mrs. Walter Hessey. Miss Willie Collins, Mrs. 
W. E. Raines, Mrs. J. W. Sirls, Mrs. W. M. Kuykendall, Mrs. John Rieves, Mrs. John Nevils, 

( 15.5 ) 



! 1( 






. Mrs 

. A. I. Mvhr; 
n. Mrs. Craig 

.^. 1 




; 1 




Ui- 1 

. Mrs. W. B. 
age. Home of 
1,1. \li-. W. A. 
. i;. Itn,, little; 

W. ,1-1. .,11 Polk; 




■\: S, 

.uu.buro. Mrs. 



.un and Mrs. 

DAllDSOy cniWTY llOME\ / .V THE If O R L n WAR, 191419 19 

Mrs. H. A. J^irls. Mrs. Julian McDani.-l. Mi-. J. A. Collins. Mrs. J. G. Hunt.-r. Mrs. W . K. 
Waldrow. .Mrs. Heiirv Turner. .Mrs. W. 'l . NUi-..,,, \1.-. Tom Dolan. Mrs. V.irgil X.uUir. Mrs 
Kellev Davis. Miss Johnnie Wall. Miss /i.l.. \l,iiilu»s. Miss Minnie Hays, and Mi-s linl„Mla 


11. \M) \i \iM \i;v 

The Bewhland Auxiliary «a~ l<.ralr,i mM 
field Pike. It was organized in \|iiil. I'M;'. 
-Mrs. John Woodard as Instrurl,,,. il,,. m, 

S. D. I'atton made llie knilliiiii Mrrdle- „>,•,! U this auxiliarv. Th,- rharter 
members were: 

Mrs. S. D. Palton. Goodlettsville: Miss .\Iyra Patton. Goodlettsville; Mrs. Ora L. Patton. 
Goodlettsville: Mrs. J. E. Polk, Baker: .Miss .Allabell. Polk, Baker; Miss Margaret Polk. Baker; 
.Miss Louise Polk. Baker: Mrs. Hudson Drake. Goodlettsville: Mrs. F. D. H.-.-,l. Goodlettsville; 
Mrs. Sallie Kev. Baker; Mrs. Porter Kev, Baker; Mrs. Ella Johnson, Bak.r; \li-. W . \. I lamer, 
Baker; .Miss Addie B. Padgett, Baker; ^frs. Allen Coggin, Baker; .Mrs. Il,^l^ Mniin. Haker; 

-Miss Naomi Martin, Baker; Miss l.oraine Shoat. Baker; Mrs. Marshall l)i.i|i.i. (. Ih iisville; 

Miss Thelma Draper. Goodlctts\ill.-; \!i-. W. E. Tinnin. Goodlettsvill,-: Mr- I ..iui.l \lcGee, 

Goodlettsville; .Mrs. M. Pike, G Ilni-^ illr ; Mrs. E. E. Grizzard, Good!, ii-mI,-: Mr-. Henry 

Adams, Goodlettsville; Miss Elsi,- \.l.,in-. C ll.ttsville; and Miss Julia .Spin In, k. G Il.iisville. 

HKl.l.KX nW MAIL! \I!V 

Tile Delleview .\Msiliar\ wa. ,a ..^ani/.-,l \| 7. I')!;;. ,,! i'.-l I,a i,-u . ul.lrli i- 

twelve miles from \a-lnillr. ..n llai.liii^ i'lkr. Mi-. \. 1. \Mn ua- rli,,-ri! a- 
Chairman of the au\ili.ii\ ami Mi-. II. 'Im Tiiiini. jr.. wa- In-ii u. i,,i . kniiiinL' 
was done by this au.\ill,ii\: mu-liii dii — iiiu- wvn- mailc al-n. The lollnuiiiL' were 
charter members: 

Miss Adele Alexander. Mi- Marx I ail.r. \li- Kli/.il.. ll, ll,-\I,,-. Mi- K,an..- Harding, 
Miss Sadie 11,-rrin, Miss Iva I.oii \Mu. \I,- \1,, 
Susie Work. Miss Frances Farrar. Mi- i.i.i.. i..i 
Mrs. S. .^. .>^hawl. Mrs. B. F. fiarl.i. \Ii. I ill. 
Mrs. E. 1'. Horn. .Mrs. J. B. Hom^. Mi-. .^. I' II. i 
J. A, Moselv. Mrs. A. 1. Mvhr. Mrs. W. W . .Mill 
Mrs. Henry .Sadler. Mrs. James A. Easlc>. and Mr-. ,|..hii C.iddi-. 

i;()i!i)i \i \ \i Mil \i:y 

'Ihi- ISonlrai.x Auviliaiv. .ai llir livdr'- I n i \ I'ikr. u,i- .a.j.mi/rd \,,\r,iilirr 21. 
1017. with Mrs. Jones \,,ldiii a- Cli.iii iikim. Miv C. S. Ilmun .iiid Mi-. \l. \l. Crril 
were instructors of kiiilliirj. a\u\ Mi-. Will Clnais and Mi-. I'.niiaid I rn-l,.| u.ild 
were instructors in muslin dn — iiij-. 

The meetings weic laid al llir Iimiim- .d Mi-. 1,. M. l.rui-. Tin- u.ak ,d llie 
auxiliary consi.stcd in in.ikin^ llircr Inindird l.n l\ --r\rii l.,iiid.i"r-. ,,iir 
hundred twenty four-tail l)aridaj;e>. mic liiiiidnd lliiiU -i\ 1 1 laii._'iil,ii liandi.jr-. luo 
hundred ten nianv-tailed bandages, i'oiii Inindird -i\ iil.illin...-. \\\\,;- Imndird -rNcnlv- 
seven r.dled bandages, one thousand luu hnndird iwrnU-lu.. Iii-lai,l |,.irka'jr-. 
fiflv-oiie pairs of so.-ks and >iiiM-l<-i-n -uralrr-. Tlir rliarln innnl.rr- nl llii- 

.Mrs. L. M. Lewis. Mrs. j. L. Lewis, .Mrs. Jaik l!ra\. \li-. I'.a-I I K dr. Mr-. ,1 
Mrs. Enimell Hv.ic. Mrs. Brooks Butlenvortli. .Mrs. A. V, . Sirphn,-. Mi- |.,„r- 
Netlie Hvde. Mrs. W. W. Ghappell, Mrs. Thomas .Snell. Mr- Jrl.n -mitl,. Mr- W. 

n.- 1 n. 


II. Miss 

h - W 1 1 



II- (., 

w. w. 

II 1 


n, Mrs. 

Mrs. 1 

. M. 



From left to right, bottom row: Mrs. Thomas Snell. Mrs. J. N. Noblin. Miss Ellen Siiell, 
Miss Evelyn Stephens and Lady Audrey Noblin. Top row: Mrs. L. M. Lewis. Mrs. A. W. 
Stephens. Mrs. James L. Lewis. Mrs. Nettie L. Hyde and Mrs. A. A. Doak. 

L. D. Maupin. Mrs. Will Hagev. Mrs. .Miller. Mrs. Josie Miller. Mrs. Robert Cato. .Mrs. Albert 
McPherson. Mrs. W. J. Thompson. Miss Wendolen Hyde. Miss Ladv Grace Hvtie. Miss Ruth 
Hyde. -Miss Ellen Snell, Miss Madgelene Sudekum. Mrs. F. E. Pfeiffer. .Mrs. Thomas Snell, and 
.Mrs. Jennie Torian. 


The Donelson Auxiliarv. six miles from Nashville on the Leiiaiion Pike, was or- 
ganized Jime 25, 1917, with Mrs. Craig McFarland as Chairman. This unit raised 
a large fund in tlie first Red Cross Campaign. They held weekly meetings at the 
home of Mrs. McFarland and made hospital garments from material furnished hy 
the Central workroom. 

vorkers and members in this auxiliary: 
»urtli. ^Ils. Will Griswold. Mrs. Harry Nichol, 
\li~, I Ih.inas DeMoss. Mrs. Sam Sweeney, Mrs. 
MnlM, liusenfield. 

DaNi.lMm County. Mrs. McFarland per- 
th from headquarters for this unit. 

The following women were pioneer 

Mr.s. Craig McFarland. Mrs. James Wl 

Mrs. S. J. Ballentine. Mrs. Edward Lani. . 

H. C. Criswell, Mrs. Annie Wright, and \li 

This was one of the banner units 
sonallv conveyed materials back and f 


The Donelson Emergency Auxiliary was organized in May, 1918. with Mrs. B. 
E. Spain as Chairman and Mrs. John Woodward as Instructor. Meetings were held 
at the home of Mrs. L. W. Lane, and the auxiliary made muslin dressings. At a 
large lawn fete given under the auspices of this unit several hundred dollars was 
raised to purchase materials for the work. The charter members of this auxiliary 
were : 

Mrs. B. E. Spain, Chairman: Mrs. L. W. Lane. Secretary: Mrs. I. Benedict, Mrs. R. J. Ben- 
son, Mrs. ^^alcom Benson, Mrs. D. D. Marler. >rrs. T. C. Crockett. Mrs. W. M. Crockett, Mrs. 
O. W. Crockett, Mrs. A. F. Stanford, Mrs. Edgar Keeling. Mrs. Stanley Fuqua, Mrs. J. H. Comp- 

D.ninso.x cm \TY novEy i\ r in- aoRi.n iriR. 1011-1919 

:m.\ \; \ii.iAia. ,. ,,. '. . ,.i!.,ki.i,.- 

Bullom row. kit lu lifilu: Mrs. li. K. Spain. Mrs. Slanl.v !• iiqiia. Mrs. J. W . T. Dahbs. Mr.s. 
D. D. .Marlcr. Sc.-..rul ruw : Mrs. L. W. I.aii.'. Miss Krankic Cninploit. Mrs. T. C. Cro.kelt. 
.\rr.s. W. M. Cro.kclt. Tliinl row: Mrs. .'s. A. ISass. Mrs. Kiliiar K.-elin-. Mrs. .\i.l.rov .Swan. 

Ion. Mrs. Branllcv liovd. .Mrs. Will Hiillin-lon. Mrs. J.-ssi,- Mor;;ai. Horn... Miss Marfan-' 

.McCampli.-ll. .Miss Krankir Com i. Miss Anna Kinal.lo. Miss Marfrart-t Binkl.v. .Miss LoriMU- 

Wliitworlh. .Miss H,ssi<- HoN.I. .Miss Jonnell,- I'roctor. Miss Ida Kidlev. Miss .Mack Uidley. .Miss 
Anna Hidi.-v. Miss Delia Morsian. .Miss Marv Dean Baird. .Miss .Marv ijranilev. .Mrs. Edfrar 
IVnson. and .Mrs. A.,-. 

KASTl.WI) \l \ll,l \i;^ 
llic l-a>llaii(l Au.xiliarv was urj;aiii/(il Aii^u-t Id. I 
Mrs. K. B. Mitchencr as Chairman, Mrs. Ross as Sn n i. 
as Instructor. During pioneer days of this orjiaiii/aiim 
due* and bought their own materials for tlie iiiu>liii 
supplied with materials from Iti-d (iross llra(li|iiarl(i-. 
clotlis. The charter members were: 

>rrs, R. B. MiUluim. Chairman; Mrs. Thomas Hak.r. Instrn 
S. Ross, Mrs. F. F. (;rain!:.-r. Mrs. Gillrm. Mrs. Cole. Miss Ma 
Adams. .Mrs. C. T. Bass. Mrs. H. .M. Bai.;:li. Mrs Thomas Si 
James Sloan, Mr.s. William .Norlhom. and Mrs. Barlo-ld. 

.I.H,,.-. \I,s, M. 
.1.-. \1.-. \,„i II. 
\l. \lo,„,. \|,.. 

(;(K)1)Li;tts\ 11, m; \i \i 

The Goodlettsville Auxiliary of ilir llnj Ciu-- 
with .Mrs. J. J. Ransom as Chairman I |m.ii \Ii-. 
letlsville she was succeeded as l.\ Mi-. ^. 
for this unit, which was one .d iIh- no.-i a.iur 
variety of work and was one IhiiiiIhiI \<r\ icni rlli 
anfl presented to their home l"i\- |p\ lin- (:lia|ilci 
shirts and muslin dressings from malciiaU fiiniisli 
Nashville Red Cross Headquarters. 

Mrs. J„hn Wondard an.I Miss All.,- Crrlrn.j.' 
nnil. «hi.h raisc.l il- .,un |., ,„ak.- tu,-„ls-|.. 


as organized June 22, 1917, 
aiisom's removal froin Good- 
NX ilhoite. wh,. acted as Ica.ler 

kr....m. at 

r- .d- lliis 
„l s,.v,.imI 

D A V I D S N C U N T Y IF M EN IN T II E IT R L D WA R. I 9 I 4-1 9 I 



Mrs. J. J. Ransom was pioneer cluiinnan. Mrs. S. H. Wi|. 

hoite succeeded lier. 

to the liefune 

comfort bags. Tliis unit was a lart^e coi 
made a large number of handkercliiels. I 
outfits for refugee women to the value ( 
tributed by charter members who held tl 

The following were charter members of the Goodlettsville Chapter 

d socks 
uur hi 


t Ihf il. 

Clothing Fund and 
id wash rags. New 
\ne made and con- 
c of Mrs. Wilhoite. 

Mrs. Martha House. Mrs. R. E. Travis, Mrs. J. 
Cuniiiiisihain. Mrs. Nannie Grizzard, Mrs. Robert C 
Willi-. \li- (....rtie Watkins, Mrs. Ben Cunningli 
Ail- III I. nil. Mrs. Robert Patton, Mrs. J. H. It. 

.\li-- In.- li ■. Miss Penny Sniilev. Mrs. E. (.. 

KouncN. .\ll^^ Irene Cole, ^rr«. CcrLT W. .lark.nn 
E. T. Cunningham. Mrs. ,1. ^. I'.n. Mi-. I'mv..||. 
Mrs. Brown. Mrs. B. F. .I..1.I.11.. \li- I . n v„, ,],.,. 
Mrs. .';. J. Wilhoite. Mrs. \m,.i |;,I, . \1,-. 1 I;. I;;in 
Mk. Will \Uri-. Ml-. Dii.ll.A |m,„.-. Ml-. I II., 1'.,^ 

!. CartwTight, Mrs. J. K. Taylor, Mrs. Sallie 
irtwriaht. Mrs. .">allie Herman. Mrs. Harvey 
III. Ml-. Kn-,,,, Diaki. Ml-. .1. R. Harris. 

-rn, . Ml- t.l.iiir 1;,,-,,,,. \h-- kate Lassiter. 
1. III. .11. Ml-. II, .1,1.. (..ill,,, Mill. Mrs. J. W. 
.Mr.-. l;..ljrrl .l.,Mi.i. Ml- Will Peay. Mrs. 
li- I Morris. 
M.ii \ trances Jones. 
. Ml-. Kate Herman, 

Mrs. B. C. Wak 
Mrs. T. L. Drak 
-.,m. Mr^. S. 11. 

,.■. Ml-, i:. 1;, M 

liiinii,. M,-, W , 


.« tiern, 
1;. Lee, 
is. Mrs. 

Mr.-. C. W. Kmyhl. Ml-. \{.n .\1..( :a-llaii.|, Mr>, Kal.^ l,.„,ll,■^. Mi- I illi.' ( i.,-» 
Williams, Mrs. John Burklin. Miss .41ma Moore, Mrs. Frank White. .Miss Vale 
Mira Scruggs, Miss Mary Grizzard, Mrs. Jim Phipps, Mrs. G. 0. Bachman. at 


The Hadley"s Bend Auxiliary was organized on June 21. 1917. with Mrs. Liv- 
ingston Hadlev as Chairman. This unit was not long in existence, because the homes 
of many of the members were sold to the Government for the construction of the 
"Old Hickory Powder Plant." which became the largest in the world. During the 
active work of this unit money for the wool used by the members in knitting was 
raised bv them bv voluntarv contributions and bv other means. The charter niem- 

Mrg. Livingston Hadley. Chairman; Miss Martha Turner. Treasurer; Miss Hallie C. Turner. 
Secretary; Miss Annie E. Hadley. Miss Katherine Hadley. Mrs. J. G. Turner. Miss Leolla Robin- 
son, Mrs. Tillie Wade Hadley, Mrs. D. B. Dismukes. Miss Beulah York, and Mrs. Edward May. 



Ol 1' 




1,-ft I" riiil 

1 lemon 


oiul roM ■ 



J. Kooiun. 



Georj;e ,la(k 

K. Tav 

or. \1 

-. .[. li. Car 

and \li 

~. S. 

1. Willi.. ile. 

This unit 


Ir.l <MH' ol 


)ss CampaiLMi. 

riir inrinl 


l.elie Wils. 

n as 


M.S. J. 

Ill Itlev 

,■ lust Red 
,k l>v .Mrs. 

ii,i!\in \(,i: \i \ii.i \i!Y 

\l,-. lull,, 

kir and M 

The Hcrriiilafrc Aiixiliar\ u.i> , 
homestead of Geii. .'Viidrcw Jaek.-on. 
dcrson was selected as (]iiairman an 
of this auxiliary. Mrs. (Jcorge 1". I 
in knitting, and instriittions for -i 
Bryan from the Colonial Dames' \i 
Auxiliary. The meetings were lield 
ant of .Andrew Jackson, and the nri 
with the exce|)lion of a few holts i 
Sweaters and scarfs were furnished 
this district hy the auxiliary, which worked I.. MiMairi ll.r pah i.. lie irmi,! i„~|M,rd 
bv the one-time owner of the Hermilajzi'. \\li<ir lln- aii\ili,ii\ \\a> hnirnil. 

Charter members of the Hermitage Auxiliaiv in( luded: 

Mrs. John T. Ilondcrson. Chairman; Mrs. John Donelson, Secretary anil Treasurer; Mrs. 
fJiarIrs Buntin. Mrs. W. W. Ciinninpliam. Mrs. J. W. Svkes. Mrs. Will Rakes. Mrs. Tom Hakes. 
Mrs. I-M. Craip. Mrs. Sam Johnson. Mr<. Hurl \o,d,rrn. Mrs. C.orpe Lrepcr. Mrs. Willard 
'•weetman. Mrs. H. E. Ciillfn. .Mrs. M. I'l,. r-..„. Mr-. \1. A. II. n.l.rM.n. .Mrs. Cora Burnette, 
Mrs. .^nnie .Smith, Nfiss Lola GrilTuh. \li- 1.1... W ,IIj.l,ii-..m. \li— I'ranccs Williamson, Miss 

f ir,o) 

)I7. al ill.- 

li.L.ri.- ..1.1 

,n. Mr-. J 

-111, T. Hcn- 

■<.-.i.-|,ii \ an 

1 Treasurer 

Ciaik u.-i. 


■■.■i\,-.l I.N 

Mi>. W. A., 1 d. 


,il.-~ I'.uolin 

a descend- 

\a-lixiil.- II 
liil.- an.l . .. 



First row. left to riaht: Miss Rachel Smith, Mrs. William Cunningham. Mrs. Jesse Tyler, 
Mrs. Margaret Henderson Hutchinson. Mrs. W. E. Stoneham. Mrs. W. L. Baker, Mrs. G. A. 
Henderson. Second row: Mrs. John T. Henderson, Mrs. Edward B. Craig. Ji 
Buntin (Jane Bern" I . and Mrs. M. -\. Henderson. 


Charles A. 


" Sara Weher, Miss Elizabeth Fuller. Mss Annie Murphy, Miss Dorothy 
11. Mrs. Frank D. Fuller, Mrs. W. G. Hutcliison. Mrs. H. P. Meredith, Mrs. 
riaret Bennett, Mrs. George Henderson, and Mrs. Rachael Smith. 


The Jordonia Auxiliary, on the Hvde's Ferry Pike, was organized in October, 

1917, with Mrs. J. H. Drake as Chairman and Mrs. Charles S. Brown, Mrs. K. T. 
McConnico and Mrs. William Core as instructors in knitting. Mrs. William Cherry 
and Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald were instructors in surgical dressings. This auxiliary 
met each week at the home of Mrs. E. C. Correll. A lawn party was given by this 
unit and funds were raised for the work. 

Tlie following women were charter members and eificient and active workers 
througliout the war: 

Mrs. J. H. Drake. Chairman; Mrs. W. W. Chappell. Mrs. Flinloll lluni. \li-. lini,, ,|.,idon, 
Mrs. W. -M. Hard, Mrs. Ella King, Mrs. William Setters. Mrs. In-, i ll,ini!iuij. \li- \lattie 
Fletcher, Mrs. W. W. Core, Mrs. Henry Spann, Mrs. Martha BiallM„. \1,- l;, --,, ( Im^tian, 
Mrs. J. W. Drake. Mrs. Robert Cato. Mrs. R. S. West. Mrs. E. C. Cui.. II. and Mi.-> l,iu~Me L. 


The Linton Auxiliary, eighteen miles on the Harding Pike, was organized March, 

1918, with Mrs. E. C. Joslin as Chairman, and Mrs. Byron Martin as Instructor. 
This unit made flat muslin dressings and knitted articles. The following women 
were workers and charter members in the auxiliary: 

Mrs. E. C. Joslin, Chairman; Mrs. Byron Martin. Instructor: Mrs. C. D. Breedlove. Mrs. 
Charles Joslin, Mrs. J. D. Allen, Mrs. William Linton. Mrs. Hooper Linton, Mrs. David Pinker- 
ton, Mrs. John Stinson. Mrs. Rome Hannah, Mrs. Louis Joslin. .Mrs. A. W. Allison. .Mrs. James 
Smith, Mrs. 0. A. King, Mrs. L. F. Joslin, Miss Marie Lou Pinkerton, Miss Louella Linton, 

(161 ) 

DAI IDSO\ C.OISTY IT O M E \ / V THE WORLD WAR. 1 " ! 11 1 9 

WOKKKltS IN ,|()K1)0M\ Al XILIARY. \. K. <:. 
Fir-I n,». l.-ft I„ ri^lil: Miss l!.-llii- .I„linsM.,. Mrs. Hettir ,|..i.l..n. \1,-. I.„„r- W ray, Mrs. 
J, I). Ilv.l.-. Mrs. W. W. Core. Mrs. \\ . \1. .S.|l,-rs. Svr,md ru» : \l,v K. K. ( ..,,,11. Mrs. Isaac 
.W-wlin.'Mrs. Bessie Clirisliaii, Mrs. .1. W . I)r.,k,-. Mr>. II. K. KI.Mi,,. \liv W . W . ( ;1kiim"-I1. 
Thinl r.,«: Miss Alyne Jordun. Mr>. .1. A. .j,.!,,,-..,,. M,-. W . M. Il.n.l. \l,s- W.,,:,,,- W.ih,,,,. 
anil Mrs. .1. Ui>n Thompson. 

Miss .sa.ii,- .-^cluilTn an. Miss Lillie Scluiflman. .Nfiss Emma Smitli. \li- r.-i-ir,. Ci.-. i. \li-~ 11,1, mi 
Ipsetk-r. Miss Marjorie Jn-iin. Mrs. K.i. Yourre. Mrs. D. E. Mrl'h. r^..n, Miv .1. A. I.inl.,n. 
.Mrs. Steven I psetler. an.l Mr.. -. ^. \l..rl„n. 

Mrs. Byron Martin scrvr.l a~ inMrurl,,r ,,! knillinj: ,,f lliis unil. as uell as ihc 
Surgical Dressings Departnnnl. 

LOCI .<! (.I.IA \1 Mil \I;Y 

The Lonist Clrn \u\lllar\ ua- .a-ani/r,! \1.,n. I'M;;. ui||, M,.. W \. I,a/eiiliy 
as Chairman .iri.l \li-. I!..!..,! Clnrk a- I i.-l i n. I,., . Tlir l,,lal u..,k nl ll,,. ..uMliarv 
consisted of niakiriL' Inui liiirnhr,! rv'U\ m.II,-,I |,an(k,,"r-. ninr luiiMlir.l l,ll\-.rM.n 
plaitings, six hundred seventy-niiic firslaid i>ags. I hi- (h.irhi iiiiiiiKri ~ vmmc: 

Mrs. T. N. Lazenby. Chairman: Miss .Susie (;arner. .Se,■l.■l.^^ .mmI I,.,,-,,,.,: Miss Zula 

Gardner. Mrs. Shannon MayfieUl. Mrs. Rhoda Hunt. Mrs. .1. M \1..,, I \l,. k. Osborne. 

Mrs. Oliver Binpham. Mr.s. II. M. I,"v.ll. Mrs. Joe CartwTifihl. Mi^. Kmuiki Mrs. Dan 
Alavfield. Mrs. Emily Gardner. \1.- I I < arney. Miss Gladys CariirN. \1,~. K. I.. Tml'^.H. Mrs. 
Andrew Mavrhe. ^^rs. .lames (,.,i.. „„l \l,-. Tom B. Lazenby. 

Ii; \ \-<ll\ 11, Li. CI! M'TLK. \. K. C 

I.MOirJ .11 Ma< 
\1,-. L. !!. I). 

\1 \l)l-()\ \l \ILI W'A 

Thr|, \umIi.,ix. ulii 
Pike. wa.s organized June 1. I'' 

A. J. Over as Instrii. l,„. Tlii^ au\ili,n\-~ rnrnii.n- hrl,l llirn rrn 
son schoolhousc, an.l iheir umk r,,„M-lr,l ,,! makn.j Hal nui^lin 
lowing pioneers worked willi ihi- iinil: 

Mrs. E. R. Doolitlle. ChairnM.,; M.^. W . II. ll,uM-,.n. Mi-. ( \l. \i 
Anderson. Mrs. L. I'. Bellah. Mr>. Ii. E. liixl.r. \ljs> Ophia l!i\l.., M.- W ^■,:u,^. \li- ( C. 
Hannah. Mrs. W. II. Harris<,n. Mrs. C. L. Jones. Mrs. J. M. I .n,„i. \l,- i; I \la^l,.l,l Mrs. 

II. S. Morris. Mrs. E. Z. Carlwright. Mrs. L. S. Doolitlle. Mrs. I i; I lull. \li- I .1 H-iris. 

Mrs. W. E. Davis. Mrs. W. W. Fercuson. Miss Nina Eerpu-un. \li- ( .. . \l,- Minnie 
Oe \lri-. E. L. Morris. Jr.. Mrs. T. O. Morris. III. Mr-. T. II, M. \i-l,. M,-, \ll,.il Knhms. 
Mrs. Amelia Staines. Mrs. T. M. Slii.-ld-. Mrs. C,-,.. W . Siii.-lil-. Mi-. Sioiie. Mr-. Tiiinli'e. and 
.Mrs. (.. II. Woodruff. 

( ir>2 ) and Mrs. 
.- .11 llir Madi- 
in.-. Thr lid- 


Sawyer. Second 
Amanda V. Morgan 


Tlie Mount View Auxiliary, twelve miles from Nashville, on the Murfreesboro 
Pike, was organized May 30. 1918, with Mrs. R. T. Rucker as Chairman and Mrs. 
A. J. Dyer as Instructor. Meetings were held at the schoolhouse, and the work con- 
sisted in making first-aid bags. The following women were charter members of this 

Mi-s. Dave Woodall, Mrs. J. R. Hibbett, Miss Belle Hibbett. Miss Martha P. Woodall. Miss 
Nannie Carothers, Miss Claire Rucker, Miss Mary Hibbett. Mrs. B. R. Hibbett. Mrs. R. S. 
Carothers, and Miss Hattie Carothers. 


The New Hope .Auxiliary, seven miles from Nashville, on the Hillsboro Road, 
was organized April 23, 1918, with Miss Amanda V. Morgan as Chairman and Mrs. 
James I. Vance as Instructor. This unit sewed on hospital garments, which they 
obtained already cut at the Chapter headquarters. They met at the schoolhouse 
and had the following charter members: 

Miss Amanda V. Morgan, Mrs. E. W. Farley. Mrs. Emerson Horton. Mrs. Thomas Lazenby. 
Jr., Miss Grace Sawyer. Mrs. W. J. Carson. Mrs. Thomas Lazenby. Miss Effie Rucker. and Mrs. 
Abe Sawyers. 


Th? Oglesby Auxiliary, nine miles on the Edmonson Pike, was organized in 
July. 1918, with Mrs. Marshall Polk as Chairman and Mrs. George F. Blackie as 
Instructor. This auxiliary made twenty-four quilts for convalescent soldiers in the 
army camps and fifty pajama suits. They raised the funds to buy material at a 
barbecue given by the charter members, at which time they cleared over five hun- 
dred fifty dollars. The charter members were: 

.Mrs. James. K. Raines. Mrs. 


Mrs. Marshall Polk. Chairman: Mrs. John Hill. Secreta 
Billie Hill, Mrs. John Holt, Mrs. Arthur D. Fitzgerald. Mrs. 

James. K. Raines 
Edmondson. Mrs. 


DAI- ID so. \ COiyTY r O .1/ f V /.V THE WORLD WAR. m U-l 9 I 9 

Drumwright. Mr>. J,.^,-|.li M.-Mali...i. Mr-. M. I. \\.,ll,i, \li-, 11, .li Willi,,,,,-. M,-. K„,,\ \\.ir,.„. 
.Mr*. W. II. \Villi;.Mi>. Mr>. J.,l.n \1. \\,lli..„i-. \1,- .1. K. \\,,ll.,. \1,- M,,., (,i„,„l,-. \1,- 
Gambill. Miss .N,-ll Hill. .\lis> L.-li,- Wall.-,. \1,- >,i.l,. W ,I1,,li„-. \1,-, ~.,,m„ I I.„ ,I,„i,,„. M,- 
Irma WalU-r. Miss Kli/al.,-tli I'liillip-. Mi- \l,,ii..i, \1. \l,lla„. \li- \h,n l'l,,lli|,.. \I,-. >. Thai- 
man. .Mrs. M. .\. Bn.oks. .Mrs. G. Vi'. Carmical. .Miss Carrie Hill. .Mrs. Waller Jor.laii. Mrs. C. E. 
.\llev, .Mrs. Will Caldwell. -Mrs. H. I'. I'liillips. Mrs. D. L. Leeds. Mrs. M. 11. McMillan. Mrs. 
J. W. Mavs. Mrs. II. G. Hill. .Mrs. W. n. Carnes. Miss Sara Fitzgerald. .Mrs. W. H. Williams, 
.Ir., and ^rrs. .'^. P. Tiirrontine. 

i'\.^(,»i (I \i Ml. I \in 

The Pasqiio AuxiliaiA. lilt.-,,, inilr. tmn, \a-l,Mllr. ,„, ih,' llanlin.^ I'ikr. u as 
organized in .Novcmlicr. I'M7. vsilh Mi-. .1. I!. Mil,- a- (^haiinian and \li-. MInTt 
Britt, Mrs. Marcellu* Fr.,.sl and Mi.s.s Saiah Shaiui.m a- In-hu,!.,,-. \\,Tkl\ intH- 
ings were held in the Fasquo schoolhouse, and a Inial dl lliicr llmn-and lirst-aid 
bag.s and four hundred plaitings. Iie.sides l)andagis. ^^^l■al(■r- and -ml-, wen- turned 
in from this unit. Charter members (if this a(ti\c and illi< uoikinu unit were: 

Mrs. .\. K. Bnmn. .Mrs. W. J. MrCr..,,. \li-. l.„l., K,,|„„-..„. M,-. O.i.ll l',,li-. Mrs. Jim 
iVach. Mrs. J.du. IVaeli. .Mrs. Ella Maxs. Mr-. l!l,,.,rl, \1,1,-. M,-. Will,.,,,, (;.,rla,i,l. Mrs. Ada 
Ensev, -Mrs. W . A. Koreliand. Mrs. T.,in l).,rri-. Mi- (Ha l',.li-. M,- 1 ,//„■ I'oieliand, .Miss 

Tabit'ha Miles. Mrs. .Matlie .MeCrorv. -Mrs. A. 1). 11, .nil..,, I. Mr-. \,,ni.> I ,,,l Mrs. .1. T. Potts, 

Mrs. Tom Barnes. Mrs. Elsie Smith. Mrs.,- I'.,,. I,. M,-. .1. K. M.n.ii. Mr-, .leniiie Ensey. 
.Mrs. .Mollie Ivev. Mrs. .Maiul Sawyers. Mrs. ll.iii,.. \.,„.J,.,. M,- (,,il,.,,n. I',.rel,and. .Miss 
Mollie Peach. Miss Mai Anderson, .Miss Ola M,,, l' Mi- M.i-,. (^.■ll.^. M,-- I.orene 
Wright. Miss Edith I'otls, Miss Ida Crallon, Mi- i:i,/,,l.. il, 11,..«„. M,- M„,i \l.,i Brown. 
Miss Jennie Pits Brc^n. Mi-s Lillian Wright. M,- I ,i„., IL.v, Mi- Ia,, l'..n-. .„,,l Miss Pearl 

1,1. 1,\ IMIl I)|^II!K:T 

,,- ,, i;,-,l (a..- \uMli,H\ .nid a- a 

III,- . U\ I.,, t,.i l!,-<l (a,,-s 

111,- 1 1.- ..I \h-, U, \l, DiidlrN ,,11 

l.,-ui- I , lli.lirr were elertod joint 
, iMnlhii;-. ,111,1 making refugee gar- 
,-—,-- wi-Yi- I 111 lied in to ii('a<l(iuarters. 
iIm-1-, I„.|Ii adiill ami iniii,,r, did a 
inl.rr- in, I ii,l,-,l : 

Mrs. Matlie Adams, Mrs, ,I..-.-|.l, M..„lji,ii„,-, ^ , Mi-. W. 1. I,..i„,,n. Mi-. ( l,;irl,- h-rguson. 
Mrs. J. T. Benson, Mrs, Davi,! K,..-. Mr-. \l,,iil,.u i.,ll,.,„,. M,-. il,..,,,.,- l!ii„.K. Mr-. F. L. 
Schardt. Mrs. Wilherspoon Hav,-. Mi-. K. ,.l (.,i„ili.i-. Mi- I i.i„k --,,,a,, il. \I,-, Reuben 
Dunbar. Mrs. Herbert S. Bell. Mr-, L,-v^i- Biiil.i, Mi-, 1'., (.. K. ..,„. Mi-, I..- (a,-,:..iy. Mrs. 
J. M. Bonner. Mrs, J. M. .'^anders. Mrs, IbTin.ii, II, n. M,-. W ,11,;,,,, r.l,,,.k,„-l,,|.. Mrs. Bush 
Sneed. Mrs, O. P. Hampton. .Mrs, O. H, Clarks,.,,. M,-. li, I. Lin.n. Mi-. .1. n, i I, irk. Mrs, 
R, F. Williams. Mrs, Harrv Lee. Mrs, Andrew Dmal. Mi- I,,,. -1 W.iii-. Mi-, \i,t^„- M, l.aughlin, 
Mrs. Ben Doswell, Mrs, 11,-nrv Fn-nch. Mi-. Mar\ K. Ii..i,i.,„. M,- Kl. ,,,,.., ( l,,>k. Mi-s Mary 

Overton. Miss |ew,l \!,-ad..»-, Mr-. J, ,\, TMi,-r. Mrs. I-..I I -. M,- ( W H. .,„, Mi-. Jennie 

Winston. Mrs, William Hall, Mr-. I!. M. nii,ll,-\, Mr-. .l..l,„ W,IK.,,.I. M,- l|.,,i,.,,, 11,11. Miss 
Dora Benson, Mi- Ma.x la,,.- M,( .,,^,-r. Ml- Kva ll.-,i.l. M,- jjh.l l„-i..n. ,,.,.1 M,-- Kalhcrinc 


\l Ml 

.1 \in 


The f'ion.-,i Nil Ml, 

,1M. Ul 

li.ll u 


Council of Deli-ii-i- mil 

t. U.I- . 

.11,- ,.r 

ih,- Il 

work. Mrs. 11. II. ( ,. 

I-..II I..1 

m.-.l 1 

III- 11 

March 6, 191!!. .Mr-. 

i;. \i. 


\ .im 

chairmen. The uiiil- 


u,.ik . 


ments. \ large iiiiinl., 

-1 .,1 liii 

1-' ,i|i, 

,.ii- , 

and al-c. -iil>-lilnh- li.i 



large am. .mil ,.l kiiillii 

IL- at II, 




|-;T()I' \I Mil W'A K 

) \ \-s|l\ 

The Ridgel, 

,|, Aiixiliarv ilid kiiilli 

11, r,.r 111, 

:cd in ,Iulv. 1 

')]'.;. fnini \a-lnillc- v -111 

.is.-d from a 1 

,arl,r,-m- 1,, l.m nn-dli- 

- ami mail 

irv was eiilirc- 

Iv -rir-iislainin^. 


Mrs. J. H. Zarecor I Jennie Msbet ) was Chairman of lliis unit, and the pioneer 
members were : 

jMrs. Isabelle Clarke, Mrs. Corneille Foard, Mrs. James Bailey (Lily Beaumont), Mrs. L. H. 
Davis (Anna Bruce), Mrs. B'rank Siemens (Hallie Colman), Mrs. J. Knox Hume (Sallie 
Foard), Mrs. W. J. Holman. Mrs. Emiline Burns, Mrs. L. F. Davis (Bessie Sawrie), Miss Fanny 
O'Bryan, Miss Agnez Zarecor, Miss Maria Slemmons, and Mrs. Mattie Coggins. 

Mrs. Zarecor personally knit a sock a day, in addition to other articles, while 
this unit was in existence, which was only during the summer months. 


Tlie first unit in surgical dressings formed after the certificates were awarded 
was organized at Ridgetop by Mrs. S])encer McHenry (Carrie Hoyt ) among the 
summer residents, practically all of whom were Nashville women. The work of this 
unit was so uniformly perfect tliat the muslin bandages turned in by them at the 
Red Cross Headquarters were used as samples for other units then beginning to be 
organized, Mrs. McHenry having had wide experience in this line as director of a 
French Red Cross unit before the Nashville Chapter was formed. Charter members 
were : 

Mrs. Len F. Davis (Bessie .Sawrie), Mrs. Snencer McHenry (Carrie Hovt), Mrs. T. C. Kags- 
clalr (A.l.-lr Armstrong I. Mrs. Georiie C. Durv (Kat.- Walkinsi. Mrs. Thomas For.l.. (Alii,- High- 
l.iiiiii. Mi-. l-.i|.,-lle Clark (Belle I'lnnknn. \li~- lv.,lli,Mn.- UriM. Mi~. i. kM,.\ IIiiiim- ( Sallie 
Ko.imI' \Ii- I T. Foard, Mrs. Tliu,,,;,- ( laik-n„ d;, --„■ \\,l-n„.. \.|,-. v.,,,, k ||,nu.i|. Mrs. 

.lam-- I.' Invr I Mary Hooper), Mr-. .I:niir-. II.uNa iliihan 1^ iii I'. \li-- lli.alnil, /ar.-cor, 

Mr.s. Jeniii, .\,.-l„'ii Zaivr,,, i\l,-. J. II. ). and Mi» EUn, Davis. 


The Scottshoro Auxiliary, on the Hyde"s Ferry Road, was organized Feliruary. 
1911!. with Mrs. W. D. Armstrong as Chairman and Mrs. K. T. McConnico as In- 
structor. The work of this auxiliary consisted of knitting and making muslin dress- 
ings. The charter members were: 

Mrs. C. L. Scott. Miss Lillian S<„tt. Mrs. T. M. .Nnit. Mrs. Alva Scit. Mrs. Lucian Scott, 
Mrs. Orma Simpkiiis. Mr- In, \r,,i. \|,- liM«,n-l..i,. Mi- \aM Ihiunrjlun. M,-- I ,.,,|a Mmiikins, 

Mrs. S.J.Taylor. Mi-. II. ..I ImIi;.!!, Mi-- ( iilir M.iiili.u-. Mi-- IMnh (innx. M,-.. Reins 

Hyde, Mrs. H. Cam. a. Mi-- \I I l'..!. \li-, I. l;. Xnn- -, Mi-. \l..lli.- .viin|,kins. Mrs. 

W. L. Armstrong. Mi.. J. T. Dicksm,. Miss Lunk- Taxi..,, and .Miss Louis,- .-s,-,,!!. 


The Seifried Auxiliary, located on the Hyde's Ferry Road, was affiliated with 
the junior activities of the Red Cross, and was entirely self-sustaining. Miss Eliza- 
beth Bush was instructor, and the work of this unit consisted in making quilts, com- 
fort pillows, substitute handkerchiefs. The Seifried unit gave benefit entertainments 
and purchased its own materials with the proceeds. The pioneer members were: 

Miss Elizabeth Bush, Miss Irene McElroy, Mrs. Geo. White, Mrs. J. U. Putman, Mrs. R. P. 
Reasonover, Mrs. R. M. Hudson. Mrs. Will Cotton, Mrs. Otto Hackerbiel. Mrs. Lampley, .Mrs. 
Harris, .Mrs. Dortch, Miss E. Bell. Miss Maxie Claiborne, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Jim Nichol, Miss 
Agnes Nichol, Mrs. Neighbors. Mrs. Carney, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Matlock, Mrs. Langford, Mrs. Oliver, 
Mrs. Helton, Mrs. C. M. Smith. Mrs. C. SuUins. Mrs. Richmond, Miss Hudson, Mrs. Sadler, 
Mrs. Green, Mrs. Noland, and Miss Clara Bumpass. 

I IfiS) 

lj;l IDSOS COl .\TY ITOMF\ I .\ THE WORLD WAR. 1 1 41 9 1 9 

J. WVKh. Jr.. Mjs. W. M. Waller, Mrs. C. W. Wilk.-r.^on, 
Supervisor iif Knilliiif;, and .Mrs. .\. J. Sliellon, Chairman of Linil. Second row: Mrs. Ilenley 
Harris, .Mrs. Reese Smith, .Miss Annie Seat. Miss Tennessee Tucker. Mrs. Thomas D. Chaml)ers 
and Mrs. W. H. McMurrav. .'^ex-retarv and Treasurer of Unit. Third row: Mrs. .1. D. Boring. 

^rrs. Henrv Jones, Mrs. .Martin Go..drieh. Mrs. J. H. .Seat. Mrs. M. T. C Iiirh and Miss Mary 

Lee Lunn. 

Tl SCI I.IM \r\ll,l \HY 

The TuMiilu,,, AiiNiliaiv. rvjM mil.. ,,,, 
Tiisciilum Cliunli on April 2.i. I')i;i. uilh \l 
^'. H. Mc.Murray as Secretary and Trea.stm i 
siir<rical tlressinjr.s. This unit did a jrrcai ' 
sewinp: <n hospital {rannents, the itieinbers m, 
containers and other surjiical. handajies. II 
and a larjre number of sheets and pillowca-i ■ 
at the Slate Fair, by uhicti s,.ven hiindrnl li 
was fjiven by them, and uilli llir pK" rcil- lln 
four layettes for Fremh Ip.iliie.-- wen iii.nli- ,ii 
coterie of patriotic pioneer wcrkei> im liidnl 

Mrs. Thomas Calhoun. Chairman: Mr- LI W . ' 
Mrs. Ilenrv Jones. Mrs. Georce Joms. \l,- (. \ 
Wilkerson. Mrs. I'rire Holt. Mrs. Lee li:ini- \l.- 
Mavs. Mrs. T. R. Horini. Mrs. Henl.■^ M.iin- \1 

Mar> Bruee Calhoun. Mrs. T. M. G In. I, \l,v 

Brvant Reeves. Mrs. Ilenrv Chamhers. \li- I' k 
Mrs. Will Waller. Mrs. K. M. MrPher...... \li- II.. 

Cochran. .Mrs. Latimer. Mrs. Clarenre \\,,l|., \li 
Minnie Goodwin, Miss Mariah Calhoun. \li-- \.iii 
Mabel Baker. Miss Tennie Tucker, Mi-- I u. ^ 11. 
Ada Brown, Miss .Mary Lee Loomi.s, an.l \l,- W . I 

This auxiliary accf!m])Iished roiili- ili ii p 
workin- forces. ' 

j..liii W 


A. WrUI,. 

Ml-. W, T. ( 

11. ,e. 

Ml-- T. ]. 

l;;iin.-x. \li- 

( . w. 

Ml-. \. 1, 

^llrll,,,,. \1,- 

\ r. 

W.l-li, \li 
1. h. \1,- J 

- \,ll W.l- 
„ M.l'llr,-,, 

. Nil — 
. Mr-. 

\ - (..!■•■■ 

- Ml- II. I' 


\l.-, |..lin 1 

..-«.. 111,. \ll- 

i; \. 

.I.K \Ii- 

\ln.'ll,, Wrl- 

. \ii- 

. Ml- Tl,.' 

111. 1 W llk.l-.. 

. \ii- 

. \li- \iii 

Il.l \\,Ik.-l-..l 

. \ll-s 

The Tna .Auxiiiarv. 
worked for six mi.nlli- 
Mrs. William Weavn ,i 

r\A A^\ll,l\l;^ 

Minfn-, -I,,,,,, I'ikr. MM 

llir ,|>.ii,ni:iii-liip .,1 M 
In, ,iiHl Ml-. Ilol.r,! ( 



Fir..t nnv. l-ft to right: Mrs. F. [, F.n,l:iinr. \I,<. Wn- Gaines. Mrs. W. L. Earlhman. Miss 
Ili^ I I. iiiumI. Mrs. A. E, McCiM.I. \li- l I; l;, \J. Mrs. Oscar Carney. Second nnv; Miss 
|i|l|"^ I MMKune. Mrs. A. P. (on,;. II. \l,- i. .:.,'■.■ llnnter. Mrs. F. A. Graves. Mrs. Lulie 
iiM V \l,- Dan Campbell and Mi- \1,im Kiln, F..i,laiiie. 

dressings. This auxiliarv turned out an average of two luindreil first-aid hags and 
two hundred alidoininal liands each week. The following women were pioneer 
niemhers : 

Ml-. Will K:,,i ,. M,- II. v.. ^1, .■:,,,„,. M,- K.l i;,iii.,. \1,- F,,l Hill. M,. Will M,„a,i. Miss 

.M.i-i" \I..,,i,,. \|,- i;,,|„.,i \|,.,,u.,,il„,. \l,- W, K \„l„,|-,,,,. \l,- \\,^,^,, II.,,,,-. .Miss 
Fkui,,- \M ,-i,-, \Ii-- \la,^ I. ,,,,,,„■, Ml-- ^„-i,' \l,i,l,.d. \l,- II i; v«, „„!,,_ \l,, ( omb.s, 

Ml" \n., W Iai,l. \l,- Tiail. \l,-. IImI,. \Ii- I l,.i,lr- sa,i,„. \|,. \ V, T, ,„„„,„-, \1,-. Frank 

Smith. Mrs. J„e Brrnl. Mr.. Ben TvN-r. Mrs. Jes.i,. Myrick. Mrs. Rnhrrt llcitun. .Mr.-. Swinnev. 
and .Mrs. A. E. Mc.Malion. 


The White's Creek Auxiliary was organized in July. 1917. with Mrs. Count 
Boyd as Chairman, Miss Nell Earthman as Treasurer, and Miss Mary Ellen Fontaine 
as Secretary. Mrs. S. S. Crockett and Mrs. W. A. Bryan were the organizers. This 
unit met each Friday at the Alex Green Church and sewed all day, many of the 
ladies bringing their sewing machines with them. At the Community Fair they had 
a booth to raise money to buy more sewing machines. One member donated a calf 
to be sold at the fair for this fund. The first five dozen bed sheets made by them 
was a gift to the Nashville Chapter. Red Cross. Later the materials W'ere secured at 
the Central workroom. Three hundred ninety-seven hospital garments were made 
by the members, who also knitted a large number of articles of which no record 
was kept. Mrs. 0. L. Grimes did a large and efficient amount of knitting, for which 
she received a service stripe from the Red Cross. This unit was also at the top in 
results accomplished. The following were charter members: 

Mrs. Count R. Boyd. Mrs. D. J. Campbell, Mrs. Lizzie Carney, Mrs. A. P. Connell. Mr*. 
E. E. Drake. Mrs. W. L. Earthman. Miss Nell Earthman. Mrs. W. Freeman. Mrs. F. J. Fontaine, 
Miss M. E. Fontaine, Miss Courliu^ F,.iilaiiM . Mi- Cailuii,,,. Foiiiaiiio Mi- \ i; Craves 

Mrs. F. S. Graves, Mrs. 0. L. Cnni,-. \l,-- IMnl, C, -. \li- r,,-,lal..' (.11,,,.-. \li-. T. E. 

Hale. Mrs. Estelle Harris. Miss Fli/, H.,i,,-. \l,- (,..a^,. ||i,,,i,,. \|,, I nal, llnnter. 
Miss Maggie Hunter, Mrs. T. J. k.iii..i,. \h-. i;. .\. \l.(,,,,l, \|i-. \|lai, Milln \li— Helen 
Neuhoff, Miss Catherine Neuhoff. Mrs. J. B. KnljerK. Miss Ilettie Treppard. Mrs. B. G. Tucker. 
Miss Mattie Walker, and Miss Ethel Williams. 

( 167 ) 

D I I I DSO Y C O INT Y IT M F. .V /A' THE If OR I. I) K A R. I ') I l-l 9 I 9 

lloiiic Service Section, Nashville Cli.i 

J. (',. Jh.. Cliairnuin 
Miss Evi:i.\\ (:viiiii\(.roN. Exccuiive Sen 

\. R.C. 

The Home Service Section of llie Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. was organized in 
the spring of 1917. with J. G. Creveling. Jr.. as Chairman. The committee was 
composed of James H. Parkes. Dr. J. Paul Harvill. John H. DeWitt. Miss Nan 
Dorsev. and Mrs. (Claude I). Sullivan. The oflice in the ('hamher of Commerce 
Iniilding was opened Januav 1. 1918. and Miss F.velyn Evans Carrington. social 
.-( rvire worker, was secured as Executive Secretary. She. 
with the clerical assistance of .Miss Ruhy Simpkins and 
the aid of a few volunteers, conducted the work until 
July. 1918. at whi<h lini- Miss Vir^'inia Howlett. an 
experienced social umkri. uas added li> the fe.ree as a 
salaried assistanl I.. \li-> Carrington. 

The duty of the Home Seivice Se.lion was to care 
for the families of the soldiers and sailors in any emer- 
uciicv. and to guarantee their welM)i!nL' at all times so 
that lamilv worries w.,uld n,>t he add :<1 lo ih ■ .-iddier's 

Not oidv (lid the llnme Service Deparlment of the 
Nashville Chapter keej) up the morale of the soldier 
while overseas and in the army camjjs. hul it main- 
tained the e.sential standards of home life. 
This section estahlished communicaticn between soldiers and their families 
through odicial sources at Waihingtcn and in the various camps, wliere the families 
would have been absoluttdy helpless. The department loaned nionev to families 

pending the receipt of checks for allotments, and sr;ured 
Bureau on matters which could not have been handled 
bv the individual. Thev sent marriage and birth cer- 
tificate.', to the Bureau in allotment cases, and \\i\es of 
the soldiers were sent to the hospitals and cared hir al 
childbirth. For cliildren of all Davidson Counlv sol 
dicrs who were not fortunate enough to have a Sania 
Clans otherwise, the Home Service Department acted a- 
guardian angel, and ex-service men in the hospitals re- 
ceived the same tender care. Tubercular wives of all 
soldiers in service were sent to the hospitals and nurses 
were |)rovided lo care for llir^ i liildren at home uliile 
thev were awav. Busim^- < oiir-i~ were given member-- 
of s.ddiers" familie- b\ llii- .1. parlnient. which also 
looked after lb.- cmfoil of M,l.lier<- u ive- ub.'n thev 
first reached Nasbvilb- from llie allie,l eonnlrio. 

Each of the Nashville Cbaplei'. (:i\llian Ibiief ,oNr- 
vided a number of Nashville Nohintee,^ ub,. .Ii,l \aliial.le 
ofTice until June. 1919. Tlie-e s uere: 

War I^sk 

rp. Mr-, W; 

D A V I D.SON C <) I A T Y If () M E ,V / .V T II E 

i< 1. 1> n A K. n I 1 1 '< I '' 

Coles, Mrs. Heiirv Wasliiiif;!. 
Mrs. Matt G. Buckner. Mi- 
Buford, Mrs. Arch Trawi.k. ' 
Mrs. H. H. Corson, Mr^. k.„, 
Mrs. Florence Standaril, aiul > 

l!a\liT. M 

-^ K 

\l,-~ \1,,IV 


■1.1,1,.,. \l 

-, !,■„ 


r.. E, E. Johnson, 
.,-.v, Mrs. Edward 
\l,v K. A. Henry. 
1,-. I.rslie Purvear. 

These women visited thf 
special problems of [he fam 

" " "lelief tt,,ik for 


ts addr.l 
!!. and ,v 

einergencv ca 


iM.iry E.luarils) 

d every possible service was 

homes of ser 
es. A chapte 

in Civilian Relief work f(ir ciilored vulunli 

later held, wliidi i 

their own race. 

Mrs. Emma E. .lohnsmi u 

quarters salaried funt- in l')l 

August, 1919. 

Among the thousands of 

swered by this department, two stand out arnoii;j 

many as typical of the ever-ready and willing spirit 

of the Home Service worker. When the railroad 

wreck at Dutchman's Grade occurred in the sum- 
mer of 1918, in which inore than a hundred people 

were killed and injured, the Home Service workers 

visited the injured, took messages from the dying 

to their loved ones, and sent telegrams and letters 

to the families. In addition to this, an emergency 

hospital was arranged at the colored Y. M. C. A. 

rendered to the injured passengers of the colored race 

The influenza epidemic of the fall of 1918 called forth all the energies of the 

Nashville Chapter, Home Service workers. Every call was attended promptlv. al- 
though every paid worker, except Miss Carriiigton, 
was stricken with the disease. She secured the serv- 
ices of a trained nurse, Mrs. Florence M. Fletcher, 
who visited and caied for the patients in their 
homes Miss Mai\ Woods and Miss Mary Webb, 
\olunteei woikeis took charge of the work on alter- 
11 Ue dn- 

An in\aliiable seivice was rendered to the Home 
S(i\ice ^ettion b\ the Red Cross Motor Corps and 
tlie Emeiaencv Auxihaiv Motor Corps. The Emer- 
_en( \ Auxiliarv was in charge of Mrs. Enimetl 
C(_ opei 

Those who furnished their autrni:ibiles and also 
acted as chaufteuis weie: 

Mrs \ ance Alexander, Angus -McGannon. Mrs. W. H. 

Mns \s ALTER L jo%E Budianan Mrs Harry Murrey. Miss Marv Webb, Mrs. West 

(Olnc Hcnlcrson) J, ^f,,r,„„ M,, H, ndn s„„ Baker. Mrs.' H. 0. Blackwood, 

Menber of Wv,.orv Cuunc.l of tins ^j^.^ h, I, , ( I M, \i, |x C,,,!),,,. Ml-, Cannon Hendrix. 

""'' Mr- i I li I 1 I \1,-. Till,,,',,, ( ,ix,-rt. Mrs. Green 

Benton, Mrs L G Durr, Mrs Charles Gill ii Mi In II \li-. 1'. A. s|,,.ii,,„. Mrs. A. E. 

Potter Mrs Steve Wherry Misb Percie Wan. i \li- 11 iii\ lli nu,,n. M.>. Jain.s G. Stahlman. 

Mis9 Frances Herbert Miss Mary Nelson \li-s JcannttU Sloui. Mrs. Byron Martin, and Mrs. 

Bernard Fensterwald. 

More than 10.000 needv cases were handled liy the Nashville Red Cross Home 
Service during the three vears of the war period, in addition to thousands of appli- 


calioiis for information concerning \^ ar Risk Insurance and c(]iiall\ as manv com- 
nninications with soldiers" families. The \ashville ofTice c,.\i[,d llic 
Davidson County, including the Powder Plant, at Hadley's ImiuI. uliii li 
jxipulation of more than 50.000 ])eo|ili'. 

In Julv. 1919. Miss Virginia Houlni rr-i.:n,-.l ,,- as-i~la,il al lirad, 
was succeeded by Miss Moliie Brewc, . lli.m^aiuU ,.1 Inin- u,-,r ui 
Home Service workers to the soldiers, and liiinilrnl- ,,1 Idhis li.un 
families were hrouudil to headquarters to In- a(hlir--r,l. I'mpl.^ uiir i .iiili(lriil llial 
a letter written l.v^he He<l Cross would rcarli iN ,lr-l inal hhi. 

The llonir S,Tvi<-e Section ,.f ih,- \a^l,xill,' Chaplr, vruArvrA valuaM.' assislan,-e 
lo the rclurncj sohjicr after hi> ,li-.haiiir. r-prrialU llu- .li^al.lcl xclcrans. The 

l.N Ihr \a-hNilh- Chapter. Red Cross, ami i^ ,,n,- of ihr riio^l far-rra. hini: nr^ani/a- 
II.. ,1- 1,1 l)a\i.U..M County. It was al all lini.- i.ihI.t iI.c M,p,a\iM..n ..f ih,- Mm'-. 
Committee. Miss Evelyn Carrington. to whom . i.-.lil i- lai'j.K .lin- l.n ili.- -pli'iulid 
results obtained through this department dMriiij llir w.w. \sa- i.l aiii..l a- I \.-. iili\r 
Secretary. James H. Parkes and J. G. Creveli,,,.;. .jr.. lu.. „,.■,>, I..-, ~ ..I ih,- \a-luillc 
Chapter. F{ed Cross Home Service Committee, stand uiil a- iiiip.iilanl Iriii.s j.r 
cause of lh(> untiring labor of love which tliev reiulcn-.l llii> dcpai I1..1I1 iliirucj 
Ihe \\„rl<l \^ar and in the re<onstruction period. 

Mi" lA.-Kn Carri„iil,.„. the S,Tr,-lar\ ..f llii- d.pai I Iia.l ill.,-.. .■..iiMn- |., 
.jhr ,|„1, lu,- ,„ ll„. !;,ili-h \,,n\ h.-l.:,,' II,.- I nil.'.l Slah- .■„!,■, .-,1 ll,r \\,„l,l War. 
Allhoudi ..r lliall-li l.uth. her l.,\alU lu lua , ....iiihv u,i- -,„ I, llial ^hr uas 

.Mrs. Waller L. ,|„Mes. a pioneer \ ..Ini.l,-.-, u..,k.a 11, lln-, 1 ulm com- 

])leted the course in Civilian Reli<-I. laiiulil lli.' Iir-I .la-- ..I ...I .1 \si.ikiT- in 

Davidson ('ounty. She rendered a an. I unliiin'j -cim..- an ■^ \\\r ...l.iicl 

soldiers' families, as well as a lanre niiinl.i-r ..I .li~liluli- laniilio i.t lua ..uri iaci\ 

DAVIDSON COVNTY WOMEN IN Till: II (H< I. I) ll\l R. J 9 I t-l 9 I 9 

Publicity Committee, Nashville Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mks. H. H. CoKMiN. Chairman 

Irs. H. H. Cmso 
(Sadie McGuire) 

The work of the Publicity Department involved the publishing of certain bulletins 
sent from National and Divisional Headquarters in newspapers and the posting of 
these bulletins throughout Davidson County on specified dates. The committee was 
held strictly accountable for the accuracy of all information given to the public, 
and was responsible for keeping the name and emblem of the Red Cross from being 
misused. This required the committee to be familiar with the personnel of each 
department of the Chapter's work in its nine divisions and to know the varying 
aspects of Divisional and National authorities and their relationship to each other 
and to the chapters. 

An average of eight hundred and six inches of copy per month was printed in 
the daily papers of Davidson County. All copy, except telegraphic news and canteen 
publicity, passed through this committee's hands, was edited and made acceptable to 
the newspapers and delivered to the printing offices, night or day. as the issues re- 

Intensive work was called for in special drives or unusual activities of anv de- 
partment. The American Red Cross authorized its chapter "machinery"' to exploit 
all other relief agencies. 

The First Annual Report of the Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, 1917-1918, was part 
of the routine work of the Publicity Committee. I nso .\ COL yrv n o m k v / y r ii /■; ;r o k i. d ir.t r. i9i ti 9 1 9 

PuMisliiiig by word of mouth was done iti spetnhes before eivie. business and 
advertising clubs. Clipping and permanent filing of ])ress notices was undertaken 
systematically in May. 1918. and continued to the close of chapter activities. 

Mrs. H. H. Corson was Chairman of Publicity in the \;isliville Chapter of the 
i'u'd Cross from May to November. 1918. \ ice-("liairman and Acting Chairman from 
I ebruary to Mav of the same year. She received the highest Red Cross award pre- 
sented to administrative officers, as she had given the maximinn period of service 
and the maximum number of hours. Mrs. Corson helil the following ofhces: 

Correspondent for Tennessee for V. S. Committee mi I'lililic Information. (Jeorse 
Creel: Woman's War Work Division. Clara --rar-. T.nin,. Im,,, Ma\ In \ujjusl. 
1918: on State Publicity Staff of Tennesse.- Dimm..,,. W ..inan- ( .Minniii.v. (.mincil 
of National Defense: Associate Kdil,.r of MonlliU War Bull, tin: A.-.M>taiil to Ten- 
nessee Field Secretary (Paulin,- V. Willi, i-^iioon K for Southern Division. A. R. C, 
November and Dei'ember. 1917: c a-liii i al lieadijuarters and workroom of Nashville 
Chapter. A. R. C. from Jnlv. 1917. I,, June. 1918: Kmergencv Committee. Motor 
Corps. Nashville Chapter. Red Cross: and I'oin Minute Speaker. 

Members of the Publicity Commill.e of tiie Nashville Chapter. A. K. C... were: 

Mrs. B. Kiric Hankin. Sp.-cial Cank-rn I'uljlicitv : Mrs. E. D. llallnck. Clerical ami Clipping; 
.\riss Etiu-l While ami Mr<^. .Xrmslrung .Alien. Press Clippinps: Miss Maud Ballanl. I'ostcr Dis- 
:ribulion; Miss .\nnie Mary Elliotl.; Mrs. John H. Knllelin Dislrilnilion; Miss 
Julia Gre.-n. (^rls' Auxiliarv ami M.-mI.ers c.f Mnt(,r Corps: T,-le|.hone Cnmmillee, Mrs. W. C. 
il.ifrman ami Mi-s Kli/abetii r.\e. 


Department of Woman's Work, Nashville 
Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. Director 

Mr?. Robert F. J. 

iMannie Baxt. 

Chairman of Woman's Work. Nasli 

and Vice-Cliairman of .'\dmir 

Chapter. A. R. C, 
itive Board. 

So great was the part played by women in the work of the Nashville Chapter, 
Red Cross Production Department, that it became known as "Woman's Work." al- 
though women were occupied in every other department of the Chapter. The 
''Woman's Work," or "Chapter Production Departme-iit." \sa> made up entirely of 
women volunteers who gave faithfully and generously of tlicir time and talent. 

The Department of Woman's Work was directed by .Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, who 
led her "Regiment" of several thousand women ably and wisely. This department 
received all communications from Divisional Headquarters of the National Red 
Cross Committee in regard to the materials to be used and instructions for the making 
of hospital garments, surgical dressings and knitted article?. The departments in 


I) 11 ID SOX COl\TY «OME\ IN THE WORLD WAR. I o i .(.] 9 i 9 

cluirjje of this work were the tliree large?! in the Naslnilh' Chapter, and tliey repre- 
.■^ent the greatest activity of this organization. Tlie most self-sacrificing, the most 
tedious and the most hd)orious work in which tlic womi'ii of Davidson County en- 
<:aged during the war was that of the u,.nicn listed in llic^e dcpartmcnls. in wiiirli 
nu>re than 15.000 were engaged. 

."Standard patterns and specilications from National !lr,i(l(]uai Icis ucic used in 
the workrooms of the Nashville Chapter of Woman- Wnik. .nid iiislrin linn- were 
passed on by the dinx^'tor to the heads of the various (l(|Milrnrnl> Id 1 nn-idria:ion. 

As the work of the Woman's Work or Production l)c|)arlmeMl of liie Nashville 
Chapter increased it was found by llie National ]lead(|uarters of the .\. R. C. that 
there was danger of overproduction of some articles and not enough of others, and 
also that only limited transportation could he seiurcd. I his la(t made it neces-ary 
lo put l\ed Cross production on the allotment ]dan and \>< ici|ii(-l cha|)lers to make 
onlv the kind and quantity of articles specified hv lln' >.pnlli(in Division olliie. 
The allotments assigned the Nashville Chapter were in\aMal.K and the 
high standard of work set hv the National Red Cros- u,i- jnainlain.d at all lime- in 
every ilepartment of the Nashxille orcanization. 

The work completed by the unni,n of lli- W Cnian'- \\.,ik I )r|.ai linrnl ,,,n-ti 
tilted a factory service greater than mulil lia\c hi-i-n\ril In 
War. and the motive power behind it u.i- lli. -\ni|ialli\ an<l ln\a 
County women. 

Mrs. Robert F. Jark>on. Direct,,, ,,f \\,,nK,n--. \\,,ik. wa- loit 
women leaders in the \arioiis deparlniml- ui,,|ri In', jni i-dn Imii v\ 
dcred faithful and eflicieut service. Th,s u,i. ; ll,,-|„l,l (.aim, 
-Morgan. Super\isor: Surgical Dressing-. Mi-. I rank \\ . liinu. >\i\ir 
llMie .Morgan, Assistant Supervisor; Knitting Dcj)artmeiil, .Mrs. Rufus K. I ui I an, I 
Mrs. Kinnard T. McConnico, Supervisors: Purchasing and Shipping Depai lin,rit. 
Mrs. Joseph Lindauer. Supervisor: Comfort Kits. Mrs. John Coode. Chan man : 
K.ristration Desk. Miss Helen Buford an, I M,-. J,,lin Tli...n|,-.,n. ],.. Clianin,-,!: 
i;,ncfit Kntertaiimient Committee, Mrs. \ an \ .m Kiikmaii. Mi-. |..-,|,li 
11. Thompson was Chairman of the Surgical D^,■^-lnv- I',,, kiicj I ),|,a, l,i„-nl. ,ni,l 
Mrs. E. W. Frye and Mrs. .Ann Poterfield Rankin ua- m ,l,aiLj,- ,.l tli,- llii-incss 
women's evening classes of Surgical Dressings at the I iilan,- II, ,1,1 l',li ,,lliii-. 

A detailed report of the workdone hv the Nashvill,- Cliapl,,. \. II. C.. -W,, man's 
W,.,k.- ,ln,-,lc,l \,^ Ml-. R,,lH-,t F. Ja,k-,,n. f,,ll,,u-. 

Sli;(,l(;\l. l)lM.-.^l\f.- DFPMITMI \ I. W^IIMII.I 

Mk>. Kh.VNK W. I.'IN,.. >Nlnni.s,„ 

Ml- Fnii; .Is.,./,,,,/ S,,/',;, 

The Surgical Dressings Se<ti,,ii ,,1 tli,- Na-li\ill,- Cliapl, 
ized August I. 1917. with Mrs. Frank W. Riri, a- Mi|„im-.. 
a- Assistant Supervisor. 

The first thing undertaken h\ tlii- ,1, p.n lni,nl u.i- ih,- 
the proper preparation of surgical >n|>plii--. wlii, li ua- alv 
dulv of Ih.-dcparlnicnt. ,\ Red Cro- nni-,- «lp, «,,- a ,,alil 
.ln-inL'> wa. >cnt from lid (aa.s- Divi-i,,n I l,ad,n,ai l,-i -. 

.1 1 

■ W.,il,l 




-. .1,, 1;. 

• 1,1 \ll-S 

\. I{. ( 

'.. w: 

11,1 Mi- 

- ihc III 

. Flli. 

■ M,,r 


<R[.D iriK. I'll 4-1 9 19 



-enlre of the ^njup appears Mrs. Frank W. Rinp (Fr 
: I" hrr l.-ft. Miss Effie Morgan. \<^i-lant ^..prni-,-i 
nil" rMiiiplrlrd a course in uiir mI ih.' In-i , !,|.., - \j 
■-'-. i"|i row. all of whom \\r\r |ii(.ii.-i i m-iiihiMi- 
I: Mr-. W. v. Cooper I Mary Ian. la Maiu.ri. \li.. \l 
W. Krl-ev. Mrs. M. A. M,jms..nitrv i Maxir 

■or of the 
ml taught 

1--1!-. are, 
ilr Ford), 

to instruct three classes, each consisting of fifty-six women, in the making of surgical 
dressings. Twenty-five of the women who took this course qualified as instructors, 
thus giving to tlie Nashville Chapter a nucleus for the continuation of classes and the 
training of women for the special work of expert making of surgical dressings. 
From this heginning twelve instructors conducted twenty-one classes in Nashville, 
each class being composed of three hundred twenty women, and also eighteen classes 
in the counties of Middle Tennessee, composed of two hundred ninety women each. 

The value of the trained worker for the making of surgical dressings was re- 
vealed by the quality and quantity of the completed work. These trained workers 
gave their services in various ways to keep up the required standard set for such 
work. Twenty of them, four each day, were floor chairmen in the workroom at the 
Chamber of Commerce and Hermitage Club Headquarters. They received special 
instructions from the supervisor or her assistant and kept the tables supplied with 
necessary materials for the large body of daily workers. Each table was provided 
with a trained worker whose duty was to see that all work came up to the standard. 

Special activities of this department were operated under Cutting. Inspection and 
Packing Committees. No exact valuation can be put on the splendid work of these 
sub-committees and their chairmen. 

The work of the Surgical Dressings Section of the Nashville Chapter increased 
so rapidly that it soon became necessary to open other gauze rooms. Four addi- 
tional surgical dressings workrooms were put in operation by tliis department. Thev 
were located at Ward-Belmont College, at Clemens and Warner Schools and at the 
Tulane Hotel, all being model workrooms in charge of qualified instructors. Thr 

I)IIII>S0\ cor MY irOMF\ l\ THE irORI.I) ITIR. lOll-l"!" 




From left to rifilil. (irM row: Mr~. Graliam Hali iKdtii- MarliiU : Miss Ellic Mor^.ui. \-siM- 
am .Supervisor ol the Drparliiieiil; Mrs. Frank liiiii:. .Supirvisor o.' iIk> Dcia.'Unciil. ami in ion- 
slam alti-n.laii.T .laily for almost two years. To licr l.ll. Mrs. Andrew Price and .Mrs. Joscpli 
riioin|>son. Mrs. Thompson was ako Chairman of Paikiiij; for this Drparlment. 

.Second row. left to rif:ht : .Mrs. M. A. Montuomery (Maxie Hardison i . .Mrs. Louis Davis, 
Mrs. Humplirev Hardison (Elizabeth Escolti. .Mrs. Carter Reeves (Ada Morrow), .Mrs. Robert 
Cheek (Helen Pickslav l . and Miss Mary Webb. 

11 Ih. Tulaiie Hut. I. 

Iiii'iit. \\as fiivi-ii ii|) i-iilircK !>• Im^iricss wnnnii allrr a 

lew n.nnlh>. 

Till- w.nk 

wa.-i open from five lo niiir d'clirk in tin- (■\c]iiiii^. al 

wliii h linir s 

M'jieal (Ire- 

were made mid instruction- uirc j:i\(n to uc.niiii uli 

, (lid nol lia 

e am olhe 

pdrtiinily lo rcreive tli< in. 

Th.-re VM-n- twenl\-M\,n -in-iral .IresHic- auxili^ 

lie- doin'j in 

i-lln w.pik. 

of th.-ni wire located in \a-luillc an<l sr\cnl.'cn in Da 

\id-on Cnuni 

(Il-lil( I-. 

of llu-sc wen- ill .iiai-c of a Iraincl uoikcr. \ mMrr 

,,r rarl, ,,r Ih 

-(• ( h.lliniel 

committees is piveii in lliis \()lniiii- iiiuh i ihc lAlnisioi 


,d ihe \,l-l 

Cliapter. A. H. C. 

The Surgical Drcssin,- 1 )c,,;,, hneni nl ih,- \a-l,xil 

r (Im,,!,', c. 

inpleled ,V;. 

dressings during its exislmi r. Ii i- ,i umIIii n\ ■ji.m 

|Mhlr lo Ih 

■ (..uiil\ ih; 

luiiidreds of women enrolled in llii.- dciiarlincnl -u -ki 

llulK and |> 

tlii'ir efforts; that their work gained the recognition 

,il N.iih.nal 


lieiiig as perfect as it was possible to make it. and tli 

il ihe . a-.- ■- 

H|r''l ' 

.!.-paitment of the Nashville Chapter. A. H. C. were 

-III due: 1 In 

1 -ui 

repa.king." This reputation for exccllcm r ,,l tlir 

ini-lied pnu 

nd. w.m 1. 

workers of this di-partment. reflects great > inlil npun 

Mel, indlMdll 

,1 uoiker. - 

vis(.r and instructor recorded as a worker, and ii| 

ic pa. kinj a 

(1 -lilppiirj 

niiltees of this department. 

The following were among the pion<-.i inslim loi- 


in surgical dressintrs and win. laiiglil -c\cral . la^-es in 

\a-llMMe ,11 

(1 111 llii- 1 .a 

of .\Iid<lle Tennessee: 


Fii-st row, left to right: Mrs. Ben Herman. Mrs. Edward West Foster, Mrs. William Luton 

Talley. Second row: Mrs. George Karsch, Mrs. M. A. Grief, Mrs. Gladys M. Chamberlain, 
Mrs. J. D. Blanton and Mrs. Carlton Rogers. 

Mrs. Al.iaiM I i! 
Fred K,-]-.v \h 
Mrs. ^\illi^ 1. . 

,. \l.,i,i:„,„„ ,^. Miss Elizabeth McDonald, Mrs. W. L. Morrison, 

, I .11 I I \1 r. Mrs. E. W. Frye, Mrs. Frank W. Ring, Mrs. 

ill-- I >!iM Kh liardson. Mrs. J. P. B. Allen. Mrs. Carter Reeves, 
.Vim Guluuli- Smith. 

The following women took the course in the Nashville Chapter. Surgical Dress- 
ings Department, taught by one of the women mentioned above, and upon completioii 
of their course became supervisors and instructors for the Chapter: 

Mrs. Louis Davis. Mrs. Sarah Palmer Mc 
Mr^. ,ln«,.|,h H. Thorn, i^oii. \li«^ Sallip PevI 

A\ 1 

li, I. 


3ter. Mrs. Andrew Price. Mrs. James C. Bradford, 

\li" Pnidpncp Pnlk. Vlis. I.izinka Farrell. Miss 
liMni.i- \r«l„ll, \li-. !. II.imM, Curst, Mrs. Fred 

I. \li- I h I;, ilrl-h. iiiiri . Ml-- ijnnieline Hanes, 
;,ink,ii. \li-. AJ.Ir (,..,. In,,. \l,-, F..unt Williams, 

\li-. V,. I . \I..,M-M„. \|,.^ \iil,„, Exans. Mrs. 
Alii .■ It. I, Ml-- I- .111111.- II. -III. -Ml. \li- Margaret 
W. !■:. M.-i/^.-i. Ml-. I II .■ .iiii|il.. II. \ii~. M. A. 

M... II. y. (\iiii|.l..-ll. Ml-, i:..- Ilan.lly. .Mrs. 
M.iii Kirkiiatrick. Mi- V. W . \v\r. Mrs. Alorgan 

Goodwin. Miss .Mali. I \Ki-..ii. Mrs. T. J. Mason, 
II. Mrs. Vance Ki.^'l. I'.nan. \li-. Carrie Hovte 

I in. Ian. -r. Mr-^ Wiliiaii. ( . i Ih-iia. \Ii« Lucille 

- ii. Ml- ll-lu^ T.-ill.-l,,iiiiM. Nil-. Til. .111,1- Baxter, 
Ml- Miii'i- I i. :. i.i. Ml-. \,l,.l|.liii- 11,11. Mrs. 

- M.Miii I i[i|-i,iii. Ml-, W illiani II. W ilt. Miss 
l;..iii I I ..Ik Ml- ,1, (. kiikpalM. k, Mr-, Ua- 


bamucl 1 1. .11'- . 
r>rown. Ml- I 
Miss Paniiii.- 
McHenrv. Mi- 
Tallev. .Ml- ^ 
.Mrs. R..I..1I ( 
W. H.,-. 
Corinne I i.iiii 
dore L.•^^. Ml- I. II. M.ulli:. Ml-, l.nn. It M..i_- 

Mrs. W, I l,,ll.-^. Ml- ( .111. r i;.-.-x.-, \|i-- M 

Louise Braiu-fur.l kiiknian. Mis. Eula G..!,l,-u (... 

Mile. Germaine Sansot, Miss Mary Steadwell. \ 

Sallie Cornelius, Mrs. W. C. Dixon, Miss Zue G 

ardson, Mrs. Charlton Rogers. Mrs. John Thoni].- 

Norvell, Jr.. Mrs. Ben H.rinan. Mi- V.n-. V.;l 

McWhirter. Miss Nella I'atl. i -..ii. Mi-- ,^.iia ■-...-i 

Mrs-. T. Graham Hall. Mi-, M.a.l. I ii,i-..ii, Mi- 

INIiss Kathleen Garrett. Mr- William K, Mam.. Mr-, Inn.- ( ;^^al!llll.■^ , Mi- Kli/alu-ll 

Miller. Mrs, W. A. Pavne. Mrs. 0. P. Smith. Mrs. C. G. Griffin. ,Mrs. B. M. Corlelt,-. Miss Nanc\ 

Erwin. Mrs. James L. Glenn. Miss Natelle Hirsch. Mrs. Ben Lindauer. Mrs. A. C. Webh. Mrs 


■rank. ,Mis, \ man W 
r. Mrs. W. A, I' 
cca Jones. Mis- I .In,, 
de Waller. Mr-, Will 
U, r, I,.-,,nai,i, Mi- 

\ii-l, M,-, 

till) soy coiM) ir o M !■: \ i\ rut: uoHi.n ii i k. nniioio 

(;|{()l P t)K WOKKEKS IN THE SlRCilCAL iJltESSINCS 1)11' \i; 1 MINI . W-IIN 

In ill,- .filler <if tlie proup. first row: Mrs. .1. 1). l!l>inl..,i. Iii-|im.i..i ,.i ili.- I nil. I hi- 
,mv uf III,- larji.'sl classes c.f ll.e Nashville Cliapler^ Sin-ir,,l Dr.-^i,,..; I)r|.ai lni.„t ..M-nh 
Heailciiurler.s. In the group are a of ii.>tni,l..i> l"..r llie Na-hville (.liaplrr. \. K. 

kiiiii.,. M,-.. 


W. L). W ithersp,.,,!,. Miss Lillie Frankland. Mr. Il,,rar, r,„,p,.r. Mi- Kiila 
liruoks, Jr.. .Mrs. Eilward W . Kosi^r. Mrs. M. U. l;,i:n.~. \l.. Ilu-I,\ Man 
l.i.Mi. .Mrs. Joseph H. O-Hrvan. Mrs. Frank ^...i.v (.,,.„. \l,.. U. I. |>,, 

Mrs. J. 1). Blanlon. .Mrs. j'. D. C. Atkins. M,-. |l,,n lll.ik. ,,. \l,- \,| 

l.o^enIhal. Mrs. C. A. .Manthev. .Mrs. Hunter M,l)..naM. \l,-. W . I',. \K,.|. 
-\lrs. K. Ii. .>,luinia(her. .Mrs. R. A. Griffin. Mi-. I . II. II.k,-. Mi-. I ,,ink \. (, .11.11, \li- 
llarrin^lon. .\Ii>- K,-<;ina Li^htnian. Miss Klli.l l.,Mn"-l..n, Mi- I,', 1,., Il-l„nn, Mi- 11 
-MeKav. .Mrs. J. H. Reeves. .Miss Nannie Akin. M— I ,n.i M.iik-. \1,-. I.ll„.|| W ,11,,,:,,-. M, 

i.ipsiomi,. .Mrs. W. T. Young. Mrs. Bruce I ui.i-. Mi- I ai ■ il„nnii-,.n. Mi- lian. . 

lingsworth, .Xfiss .Nettie Bumpass. .Miss Etli,-I \ll,n. Mi-- I'.nl-,!!. Mi- (,I,mK- Kn-i 
Louise E. Brandon. Mrs. D. ClilT Stone. Mr-. \. I.. \\. ,..,.■. M,-, (.l.nlx- ( l,.,n,l.. 

Anni,- Wliil,- Folk. Mi- Mau .-lalilinan. Mi-. .|..ln, I,. M,-. \i„l,,u (li;,„i,. M,- \, 

l;raii-f..r,l. Mr-. Pal M. l-i, -. Mi-, li,-.| liill.i. Mi-. W ll I l.i- mi ,1, M,- l.,lu,,nl \ li 
Mr-. J,.-,-pli Wain, I. Mi-. Ili.liar.l 1. \\il-,,n. Mi-, l>. I, \l'.n. Mi- I,.,,,-, I, i;in.r 
Ii,-tlie Cohn. .Miss MaiA |I.\1,.mII, IIiII. Mi-, \i,i I Xha^.m, Mi-. Ii-li, i (.,!,-. Mi- 
Webl). Mrs. B. G. Alexan,l,r. Mi- Kx.i l',al,i. Mi- II. I. n |l,iu-,.ii. Mi- \,l, I.n.- 

Frances Estcs, .Miss Tenne- .-.■ I.v.i-. Mi- V.!a In i-. Mi- M..I^ -M,n..ii, Mi- I'.m II. 

,Miss Louise Blakemore. .Mi-. Il,-i,.v \l. ,|.,ii,-. Mi- M,ll^ ll.iii, iman, \li-, I , U, K, IK 
F.velvn Crutclier. Miss .^adie Cauvin. .Mrs. I'earl Kelly. .Mrs. I', iLiii- ll.iM. i. Mi-, ( , I 
.Mrs. Edward ^L Foster .Mrs. Joseph A. Gray, Mrs. (ieorp.- W , II., I,. Mi- I inik ( .iil ^i,il 
Mrs. Edwin Warner .Miss Stella Abrains, .Miss Alexine Bo^ai/kv, Mi- ,|..Imi W , i I,. -i.i 
.\ial)el Cohn. .Mrs. George A. Lipscomb, Mrs. J. H. Woo,l»,ii.l. Mi-, i;,.| W , Inin.i 
Wiley J. Williams, Mrs. A. R. VVhiteman, Mrs. J. M. A11.I.1-..11. Mi- I. an-. s|„,,-,,.;il.eth Hail. Mrs. Ewing Griffin, Mrs. W. L. Granberv. Mi- l„.l„l -ml.u. Mi- J., 
1,,-llvett. Mrs. John Leilyett. Miss Dora Benson, Miss Annie Sullivan. Mi- Willi, linlli I l,u 

.Mrs. Samuel C. Wilk.'S. Mr-. \li.,' I!, af, r. Miss Lillian Reyer. .Miss l-aniK ( ,lii. Ii, Mi- J.., 

.--loan, Mrs, Robert NL Dinll. -, Mi- IIm.iim- J. Tyne, Mrs. Thomas I. W . Mi. Mi- .1,.-. plim 
r.'ll. .Miss Evelina K.-nnir. Mi - Mim \. I-..11. Mrs. Douglas Baxter Mi-, l|..ii-I,.ii ( 
Alice Dal.- Dnrr, Mrs. i;..l„iia 1 I.,,-. II, ,1, ling. Mrs. Baxter Jackson. Mi- lliiii,.iii K. iin.i 
Frances Ridley. Mrs. Jos,-pli II. Thompson. Miss .Sallie Jo-.|.li. Mi- M.iii.l,. I ,in.l,,,„i , 
Marcellus Frost, Mrs. Ferdinand Powell, Mrs. W. L Edwaril-. Mi- Man ll.iukin-. Mi-, s 
K. Harwell, Miss .Sarah Slianm.n. Mrs. Carter Reeves. Mi- Mux l!,ii-..n. Mi-. I in 
Wheeler Mrs. Edward A. Potter Mrs. Edward Potter Jr. Mr- I . ui- I'.iM, i. Mi- N N - 

Mis, Virginia Lee Pond. Miss Frances Linger >riss Virginia I , ,|..lin-. Mi- W W ,,n 

William C. Hoffman, Miss Lida Smith, ^riss Harriet Dillon. Mi- \l.,. 11,11 I hhI-.a 
Virginia Benton. Miss Sue Burton. Miss Elsie Mnr Bradhv . Mi- I ,liv ( I,., ill, in,. \li- 
-'er.d.l Hall. Mrs. Cbarle- Hunt. Miss Amelia Johns. Mis- Maillia l.iii,l-.v, an. I Mi-. Jan 



,■ Fai- 
. Mi- 
. \li- 

, Mi-. 
ik II, 






First row, left to right: Mrs. J. G. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Charles A. Manthey. Mrs. Morgan 
Brown, Miss Amanda Handly, Mrs. John Orman, and Miss Virginia Johns, bottom of picture. 
Second row: Mrs. H. Louis Sperry, Mrs. Ross Handly and Mrs. Hazel Padgett. 

The Personnel of the Cutting, Inspection and Packing Committees consisted of: 


Committee No. 1 — Miss Alice Orr, Chairman, and Nashville Public School Teachers as joint 
Chairmen: Committee No. 2 — Mrs. Fannie Parrish. Chairman: Mrs. Ben Lindauer and Mrs. D. 
G. Hart. Assistant Chairmen; Committee No. .■?— Mrs. J. G. Kirkpatrick. Chairman: Mrs. James 
H. Parkes. Mrs. H. C. Parrent. Mr-. (»l,n WV-t. Mrs. ArtJmr F. Evans, Miss Floy Lewis, Miss 
Katherine Pilcher. Mrs. Isadore I..a\. \1i- K,.unt Williams. Mrs. John Orman. Mrs. E. R. 
Schumacher. Mrs. Merritt P. Piklicr. ,li.. .\li>. Aliram Tillman. Miss Louise Parkes, Miss Louise 
Shelby and Mrs. Frances Webb. 

The work of this department was greatly facilitated In- two cutting machines 
given the department by the Nashville Chapter and by Mrs. E. W. Cole. After 
these machines were installed the production of surgical dressings was dotdiled. 


The Inspection Committee of the Surgical Dressings Department was in charge 
of Mrs. J. P. B. Allen, Chairman. Assisting her were: 

Mrs. A. H. Robinson, Mrs. Harry Howe, Mrs. T. Graham Hall, Mrs. Frank Searcy Green. 
Mrs. John Grief. Mrs. George Marsh, Mrs. Thomas Newbill, Mrs. D. G. Hart. Mrs. Albert Britt. 
Mrs. John Hill. Mrs. Clarence Lewis. Mrs. Garnett Morgan. .Mrs. C. A. Manthey. Mrs. Palmer 
McLester. Mrs. Carter Reeves. Mrs. Silas Mason. Mrs. H. P. Lewman. and Mrs. William H. Witt. 


nilll>>0.\ COINTY irOME.X /A' THE irORLI) WAR. 1914-1919 

Tin- Packiiif; Committee of the Surgical Dressings Deparliiirnt \\,i> in ■, luui^c ol 
Mis. Joseph H. Thompson as Chairman. Mrs. Tliompson's rmiiinillir u;is rom- 
pos.-.i of: 

Mrs. Aiulr,« I'li.v. Mrs. Tli.Mnas Lr.^^u.ur. Mrs. l.uiii^r l)avi>. Mi>s Kli/ahrlh M,I)„nal,l. 

\Ir~. M. A. \l..„i^,,„„M. \lr~. .\. K. W hitmian. Mi- MarN Ni-ls,,,,. Mrs. Bas.-un.l. W . \1,.MI- 

^..mcry. Niiss Effio .M.irfian. .\Ii.<s Li/.inka Karroll. .Mrs. 

William Manier. .Mrs. John Ldlvelt. .Mri. J.-iuiL-lte 

I. .an. Mrs. S. S. Crockt-tl. and .Mrs. Bn.wii Bufonl. 

l|..t.I \li- rill.- \l..r!;an was ^^upcrvisor, 
..M., l;,,v,-. \1,.. i;„l„.rt Cheek, .Mrs. E. 
.1.1 \li- \..i. I'..ii.ili.l,l Kankin were .As- 
iif the war. 
.1 Mis. Charles 
I. Mis- i;ii/al)etli 
.III C..lle..:e, Mr,-. 


ik W. 

Ml-, Wil 
.1. \.lki- 



liam All.mav. Mrs. Ilarrv An<lers..ii. Mi-. < l.ail.- 
..Uniisleail. Mrs. Clint Alk.n-. \li- I .1 
\anre Tru.leau Axlell. .Mrs. Thonia- .\|.|.|. 1..... Mi- 
Mi- Kli/al.elh Brant. Miss Helen liiaiil. .\Ii>. J. II. lira.K. Mi.-. 
Bra.lf..r.l. Mr-. Iloi.erl B. Brannon. .Miss lilsie May Bradley. .Mr, 
Hra.i.iaii. Mr-. Ji.lin Brattiin. .Miss Margaret Bransfon], .Miss Kleanor Breen. Miss Marfiuril-- 
Jin-.M Mi- Alevine Bopatskv. .Miss .Margaret Boisseaii. Mrs. W. T. Bright. Mrs. Cliarles Hr..vv(r. 
Mrs. T. (t. Brnoks. .Mrs. A.M. Brooks. Jr.. Mr-. M. C. Hii. k,i,-r. Mi- MaiA llai.liim F.ii. kii.r 
.Miss Klizalielh Biiekner. .Miss Anne Bnekn.i. M.-. H. C. Hii.ll. \li- i;...l,.ll.- P.ii.ll. Mi- 
Carolvn Buell, Miss Mamie Burke. Miss Kli/,.|.. lli Hiiik.. Mi- Im.ii,..- I'.iiik.. Mi-, I, O. Bint..-. 
\rrs. J. (). Burge. Jr., Miss Eslelle, Mr>. I..ui- K. Biillri. Mr-, I), in, .in Bull,., Ii, 1,1. 
Mrs. A. (;, Buekner. Mrs. C. IF. Buchanan. Miss Helen Biilonl, Mrs. K.UvanI Bufonl. Miss 
Ma Bl.-vins. .Miss (ierlruile Bovd. Miss Mamie Barksdale. Mrs. Jnse].li W. Bvrns, Mrs. James 
Bnw. Miss Delia Brew. .Mrs. W. |{. Bringhur.-t. Jr.. Mrs. S. S. Briggs. Mrs. Dosw.OI Brown. \\\s<^ Bright. Mrs. Innis Brown. Mrs. IVrey Brown. Mrs. Aaron Brown. Mrs. Henderson Baker. 
Mi- Margaret Barry, Mrs, \V. F.. Baleman. Miss I'ollv Baird. Miss Effie Bush. Miss Carrie Bush. 
Mr-. I.. C. Bradley. Mr.s. E. M. Bond. Mrs. II. B. IBond. Mrs. (;eorge B. Bond. .Mrs. Clara E. 
Bond. Mi- Willie' Lou Bond, Mrs. J, W. Bonn.r. Mrs, J, N. Bonner. Mrs. Krank Boyd, Miss 
Kuth Boiling, .Mrs. J. II. Bomar. Mrs. I.. G. Boxwell, Mrs, B, I). Blum. Mrs. Ilarrv S. Blum. 
Mr-. Max Bloomslein. Miss Hella II. Bloomstein. Mrs. \ auglin Blake. Mrs. II. (). Bla,k»,.,..l. Mi-. 
C.orge E. Blake. .Mi- Cla.jys Blake, Mi>s Valen- Blair, Mrs. J. T. Blair, Mrs, Miun Biiiii-, 
Mrs. E, L, Binkley, Mrs. Henry I,. Binns, Mi- Virginia Benton, Mis> I.illi,- Bell. Mr-. W . W . 
Berry, Mrs, Allen Berry. Mrs. John T. B.rry. Mis- Kitli.- li.rry. Mr-. B. C. Beii-oii. Mr-. W \. 
Benson. Mr-, I!. B. Beal. Mr-. John (;. B.-nnelt, Mi- Maiiii,- H.yiiiglon, Mrs. John B,v iii;:l..n. 



Mi^ Fred \^ K. 
tor of the class wlm 

tF M \HUL ( L\ssLs OF THE NASH\ ILl.K C 
«li II I .dii in the picture, -econd to the right on first row, was Instruc- 
1- I 11 _i U tomposed of men-i:iers of the U. C. T. and U. D. C. organiza- 

Mr- ( , ( l!,.,~l,A. \I,-. A. B. Benedict. Mi- Icm^,- !!.ll. Mi- i:.l,r, , a i!.H. \Ii>^ I'aulme Bell, 
Ml-, i;. — ir i;.iik-.L.I. Mrs. John Barksdalr. \li-. W K Hani:. \li-. Mil.- I. I; iiih -. Mi- Agnes 
IJamr- \l,. I ( r.aiiinan. Mrs. L. E. Bamlx. \li- ll.i.ii I'.ainl. \li- Mailli.i DLiii. Mi-. Alex 
Barlhrll. \1.-. W. l; I'.air.l. Mr^. W. W. Han, I. Mi- M.iiil.a ll.i, luim. Mi- .1. A. liailc>. .Mrs. Wil- 
liam Bailr\. Ml-- I iir\ r..iil,-\. Ml-. .|.i-,|,li Karl. Ml- I \, l;,i-k. im[I.-. Ml- Kate Bariisdale, Mrs. 
W. B. HailanI Mi-- M.iii.l Ballai.l. Mi-. ImImi M H,,--. Mi- I'.i-. Mrs. J. H. Baker, Miss 
Susan liaxhi Mi- Mi/a llaxha \li- i;rli,,,,i I'.iM.a. Mi- II \ KiMi.-lnr. Miss Mary Baker, 
Ml-, n.iiil,. ( Ml-. M. W. l-Il.ui. Ml- i'.a.l l;lr,l-M,.. \li- I nun, II I m,,,,,,. Mrs. J. B. Court- 
,i,.\. Ml-. ( h.iilr- < .,1,11. Ml- \I.A ( ,,lir,i. Ml- II \ ( mIiii. \],-. ^,M„ ( mIi,i. Ml-, Keubcn Cohen, 

Ml-- I'.riiir ( mImi Ml- \ailiaii I mIiii \|,. s,,, ,,,,„_ \i,,, \,,,|,, r,,i„|,i,,ii M r s. Van Coles, 

Miss .Nara Cu^.cllu^. .\li>=, Jessie Cnnvlm^. .\li.-.- .Marll.a Cnirliu-. Mi- kiaii.vs Cornelius. 
Miss Hattie Cotton. Miss Laura Conger, Miss Catheriiit- 
Cox, Mrs. Cliff Cooper, Miss Margaret Cooper, Mrs. W. E 

D 1 1 I n s o .\ c o I STY ir o m e .v / .v r he wo r l n ita r. initial') 



N 4**fc 

i;i ij 1 i,()>> \\(ii;ki;i!> in m ki.icm- i»i;i>-in(.^ 

)| l'\ 

; r\i 

K\T o 

• w \i!m:i; 

SCHOOL. 1 \^T N \^ll\ II 


Kir.l row. [.■ft in ri.Jil: _Mis< Kian,-,-- \l,\\^ v,,,,,,. \ 

1 1 - 1-. 


,\. Ch- 

.-land. .li.. Mi- 

\.-rm.n Kirk|.alik-k. Mrs. Ilarvt-y Herlx-rl. \1,-. >.n„ I)...,. 

I-. \i 

-. 1- 

Urn IL 

rri- Wrl.!.. \li- 

(itorgia Keecc Wade, Mr.*. 'R'. F. Bans;. 

Second row: Mrs. Kdward D. Mallli<»-. Mr-, (am.- W. 


. Ml 

-. \iina 

M.K.tun.-. Mi-s 

.\nna .Morrison .Smith. Miss Virginia Smith. Mr-. W illi.un I 

.In, C 


. Ml-. 

\n.ii,- \lrK,.,-l. 

Third nm: Miss Waller Ruth .McU.ifzhli,,. Mi- S.hvl 

M. !., 


n. Mi- 

M.HN Kll.aI.eth 

Lowe. Mrs. Ilorac- H. Smith. Mrs. Rains K. Watkin-. Mr 


1 .> 

Mrs. Il.-„rv C. 




.1 II. 




- Klr.l 

1.1, ( l...k. 



. Ml 

Ilk. Miss 
W illiam 

r-llr ( 1 

.,k. \l,-. 

. \Ii- 
1 W. 


Ml-, .1. r. 

Mr-. T 
. 1 ,.■ ( ' 

\. ( 'aik- 
\lr-. Join 
nil. 11. Mi- 

.11. Ml 
- M.ii 



J. ' 


l-.A. Ml-. 

- Mil.h.-.l 
,1111. \li- 

I'r 1 .nil 

n. Ml 

1. Ml 

. 1. 


,1,1. Ml-. 


(,..., k. \li-- (, I,-. Mr-. T. II. ( ..l.iiiaii. Mr-. Il.iiu ( .iii.aii. Mi-. 

.Martlia ( Imi.-nt-. Mrs. R. M. Ci.inint-. Mi- .M,l,- ( :lrni.iil-. Mr-. Ii..hrrl Cl.ii 
(.lrni.-nt>. .Miss \,r!:inia Claxhrook. .Miss Kiiza 
t;iark. .Miss Clark. .Mrs. Dan Clark 
Faith Clarke. Miss I)orolh\ Clark. .Mrs. J. 11. 
Carroll. .Miss Hertie Ciseu. .Miss Ruth Chapm 
.Mrs. J.d.n S. Cheek, Mrs. William T. Cheek. M 
Cherrv. Miss .Menilee Cheek. Mrs. Shefiiel.l ( 1. 
Tillman Calvert. .Miss .\mv Carpenter. Mr- I. 
Camphell. .Mrs. B. J. Carver. .Miss Sue Caiiii. II 
llenrv Cain. .Nfrs. J. L. Cain. .Mrs. J. C. ( .iii» 
John F. Camphell. Mrs. S. J. Camphell. Mi - 
.Mrs. Thomas Carpenter. Mrs. James K, ( .il.l».ll. \li-. Ian,.- K, (,il.l»,ll. Jr.. \l 
Caldwell. Mrs, Charles Caldwell. Mrs. Charles Caldwell. Jr. Mi-, \l.s I ,il.l».ll. Mi 
Caldwell. .Mrs. Danrid^e Caldwell. .Mrs. Ropers Caldw.-ll. Mi- lll.i, K,..,, ( 
Carnev. .Mrs. K. K. Carnev. .Miss Rachel Carpenter. Mr-, I i..l M, ( iii. i. Mi- ( 
Mrs. Stanley Cornwell. Mrs. C. K. Collev, Mrs. R. K. Doiinrll. \l,- I ..iii-, (, \ 
C. Corl.itl. Mrs. Victor Cooney. .Mrs. Arthur Coney, Mi- limh i ..».!■ n. Mi- W I, 
Cole. Mrs. Henry E. Colton. Miss Mildred Cowden. Mr-. (... ln..M. Mi-, V 
.Mrs. Elizaheth W.*de Craip. Mrs. Edward B. Craip. Jr.. Mi- KiiImm, ( .ml: Mi- ( 
.Mrs. G.-orpe Crawford. Mrs, J. Y. Crawford. Miss Jane l)..i.u'l.i- ( .,.»l..i.l. Mi- \I 
Crawford. Mrs, W. W. Crandall, Mrs. John Craip, Mi- Man lt;iii.l ( i.^. Iim.. Mi- 1 
inp. Jr.. Miss Marparel Creiphton. Mrs, W, V. (:reiLilir..ii. Mi-, X.nli.m i i...;.ii. Mi 
Crockett. Mrs. B. Duke Crouch. Mrs. M. Crutchhehl. Nfi- Ia. Kn ( ini.l..i Mi- K 
held. Mrs. T. W. Crutcher. Jr.. Mrs. Eupene Crutcher. Mi- I..1.1 < nlLn.. Mi- \ 
Mr-. J. A. Cullom. Mrs. John Cummins. Miss Eva Bell ( iininin - Mi- I < < 1,1,111,1 
llenrv Curran. Mrs. R. B. Currev. Miss Evelyn Culberson. Mi- I s ( „||,, ,,. Mi- I-..1 
Miss Kathleen Cnmminps. Mrs, Henry faillom. Mrs, l,ena C.,],, lainl. Mi- Mn. I im 
Ruth Crafton. .Miss Nannie Culhreth. .Mrs. S. J. Cohen. Mrs. Ira IV < Ink. Mi- I 1 
Mi-s I'auline Cave. .Mrs. William A. Carter. Miss Uowena Carl.i. Mi- It. — e i >" 
Marparel Dnvall. Mrs. E. B. Duvall. Mrs. Houst.m Dudley. Mjs- K.nli.iin. Hum. 
Durr. Mrs. H. M. Drifoos. Mrs. .Sol E. Dryfu.s. Mrs. Jidia Orumwripht. .Miss .Sue i: 
\Ii-s Frances Du.llev. .Mrs. John Donelson. Mjss Helen Dowd. Miss Emily Doupherl 
n. nol.son. Miss Lillian Dol.son. Miss Ruth Dohson, Mrs. Turn.T Dodd. Mrs. All 


d R, 



•: WOr.KEliS IN THE Sll!(;iCAL 
Fir^t row: Mrs. Fred I. Ehrhart. Mrs. Boyd F. Drake, Mrs. Xc-riinn M. Crihble. Mrs. John 
L. Dillard. Mrs. W. T. Simmons and Mrs. W. F. Allen. Center mw: Mi- .John H, Matthews. 
Mrs. Thomas J. Chrisman. Mrs. Sam G. Marshall. Mrs. A. C. W.l.l, and \lr>. W. F. Marshall. 
Third row: Mrs. J. L. Gann, Mrs. Margery S. Williams. Miss Una Gilliam. Mrs. Waiter J. 
Williams, Mrs. J. C. Morelock and Mrs. J. A. Williams. 

Mrs. Finlev D..rris. Mrs. W. 
Miller DiMiink,-. \ll~^ Aim; 
ainia D...ik. \liv A. \. Mu; 
Frantvs |i,,m.-. \I,-. \.„n, 

Mrs. Bulnnl Uiikerso 

rk.. \ll>. Mlll.M DlHI 

.^ W, Haw-, Ml-- \,. 



W. W. hank I, . \li- I'Ji/ali.ali Ikink M \li-- \kiM 
xMary Hx. i, \li-- Xkiix I mhi DmI.-mii. \ii- Kmm, 
weese, \li-- k:.ik'. Imm-. Mi-. \ktM i nn.^ i)..iii 
garet Ea.K. Mi.-. Williai.i W . EaUhi.iaii. _\1:.- K.. 
liam L. Edwards. Mrs. W. C. Edwards. .Mrs. E.v, 
Miss Lizzie Elliott, Mrs. Floyd Elliott, Mrs. ■« . 
Miss .Marv Embrv. Mrs. B. A. Enlor. Mrs. J. IL 
Mrs. K. C. E«iiiii. Mi- Frain,- E»lii^. Mi-. II 

Estes. Ml- --Miihia l./.^.lk Ml-. Mk.ll \''^nr:. 
Nell Eaiiliiiian. Mi- kki k:i;;,iiiih L Ml- W ill I 

Mrs. T. S. Klain. Mi- k ilr I -h-. Mi- < ; ■ 

Miss Catherinr Im. I,! ,,ai:,. Mi- kJi/ak. ili l\,- \ 
F. M. Farris. Mi-. I . Ik I am. \li-. W . M I ai 
Mrs. George "« . ka'k Mi- Ik.ii-lmi kaM. Mi-- ^ 
Miss Cntlierinr I . i.ii-,.i,. M,- Jnim In,. Mi- 
Fitzgerakk Mi- >i.liirx kiir-mm. \ki-- Mak.-I 

Miss Aimr kilr. Ml-, kumk W a-, \l,-. 

File. Ml- ^ii-ir Ki ■■.,«. Ml- I'Ii/.iImM, kiir 

Wilhnr I Im-k. Mil. Ml,. I ,1,,, II, mm:,. \li- \ I 

Folk, Ml-. Ill ,1- M. I. a, I,-. Ml-. ( li.mii,,^ I ,, 

.lohn T. I ,.v. Ml- I ,1.11, I ..-I, a. M,- ( ( I , 
Miss Miiiani Freeman. Mi.-. W . Ik li.,i-,,n. M 

Milton Frank, Mrs. Lou Frank. Miss Ik a I 

man, Mrs. William L. Frank, Mrs. L. Ki.mkkm. 
F. J. Fuller, Miss Dorothy Fuqua, Mrs. W . W . I 
Lula Freeman, Miss Lucille Ferguson. Miss .Mai 
Miss Mabel Foster, Miss Margaret Gambill, M 

rk.ason, Mrs. 
.ak. Miss Vir- 

i,M,l-o'n', Mrs. 
I,, Ik Deed.s, 
\li-. Thomas 
lki«-„n. Miss 
.. Ikuis. Mrs. 

h-. .l.M. De- 
I-. Mi.-s Mar- 
I.I-. Mrs. Wil- 
I, !'i Khrhart, 
- Niaiaie Ely, 

l-islu-r. Mrs. 
J. U. Finle, 
. \h-. R. N 

I i-li. Mr-. W. II. 

\li- I aiidv Fite. 
11, ■. Ml- Lena B. 
i„ II , I i,.M-. Mrs. 

k. Ml- I ai,A A. 


k. \li- I illian Frankland, Mrs. H. R. Free- 
\li.- \i:ii,- Friel. Mrs. W. B. Frierson, Mrs. 
.1. Ml-, kale Fuller. Miss Emma Ford. Miss 

Frank. Miss Lucile Fort, Mrs. R. E. Fisher, 
Marshall Gaither, Miss Julia Gannaway, Mrs. 

Thomas Garvey, Miss Sara Gaut, Mrs. G. B. Gaston. Mrs. Mary Belle Geary, Mrs. D. R. Geb- 
( 18.3 ) 

f)iiii)S().\ coi \Ty aoME\ l^ the world u a k. i9I4-i<ji'j Mrs. William W . CcraKiton. Miss A.U-lai.k- G.-iiy. Miss Clirisiiiu- E. G,-iu, Mrs. W. E. 
0;ili-insal.T. Miss Kalluriiu- Oilmore. Mrs. CliarU-s C. Gilbert. Mrs. Jos.-ph Gibson. Mrs. J. \V. 
GilliK-k. Mi<s .Mariiarrl (Jleiin. Miss Claire Glenn. .Mrs. James L. Glenn. Mrs. Ilallie (ilenn. 
Mi-s Gra.e Gallaper. Mrs. MiPlieelers Glasgow. Miss Elizabetb Glenn. Miss MoUie Gleiinon. 
Mrs Kr.-.l Goblner. Miss Bealrioe Gol.lner. Miss .'\nnie Gary Gosnell. Mrs. \V. N. Goo.lletl. 
Mrs. Kiel.linf: Gor.lon. Miss Bella Goodman. Miss Corinne Goldberg. Mrs. Sam Goldstein. Mrs. 

|i III! ! Goilwiii. Mrs. Kdward Godwin. Mrs. Robert Griz/.ard. Mrs. Luke Gray. .Miss .May Grant- 
land. Mrs. B. T. Gregory, Miss Lucy Griffin, .Mrs. C. G. Griffin, 

Mrs. Clinton Green, .Miss Emmaline Green, Mrs. Forrest Ciraliani. 

maS^^^^^^BtM \<rs. John M. Gray, Jr.. Miss Keba Wilson Gray. Miss Mil.lie.l 

^^^^^^^^^^^M Ctav. \. B.' Gregory, 

^^^^^^^^^H l.r.rnspan. 

^^^■■^^^H l',ank 

^^^^F ^^^^H (;nnn. Mrs. Mrs. W. 

^B^K. .^.^^^^H ll>i"'ni~ Ml- \rrix \\:n lltiu-irw. Ml- Willi. iiii lltMiie. Mrs. 

■■■to lift ^^^ InM.r Ml-. W. M>~. 

^■T^M^V ^H lli'lnia llii.l-.n. M,-.. II. <:. Ilud-..n. Mi- M.x iliinl.r. Mi<s 

■■CLi^ ^^H I ,11, ..II lli.nlr,. M,-.. i;. .M. Ingram. Mi- I nnk (. UimI/. Mrs. 

^^^ '^ T. \. I^,^. Ml. C.orgia Kyinan Ja.k-.n, Mi- i.i.iiiImm Lirk. 

F^^MSntf^ ^ ■■'"■ Ml" \\.'>\\<A File James. Mr~. .1. W . I.ik. -. Mi-. Ii.uik 

^^P^V ^ .larmon. Mr-. I ()-K,.l M.-. bnkiii-. Mi^- 

^^mP ^■ l lln«ar,l J,.n.-. M,-. \ill.iii bm. -. Mi-. liMinaii .I..11.-. Mi- 

.Sue Ibdnies. .Mr.-. I rank l|..,ii. Mi- Til.l.i, H. II. .II. Mi- Wua- 

„,„ „ , H.BT betb llowse. Mrs. I.. II 1 1. . 1 1.. u. 11. Mi- liaiik I l..ll..».ll. Mr-. 

(V„u,„,j \Vi,,-, Kmmett Holder. .Mr-. 1 1 I! 

Lucille Ilolman. Mr- .1... 

Marv llnlmes. .Mr.. Nb.rlon B. Howell. III. Mi- .- 

Mis- F^a llul<liin-,.n. Mrs. W . <;. I l.acl,iM...n. Mi- \iitiiii 

Mi- Lillian lluell. .brand. Mr-. 1!..-- 1 lu<ldl.-l..„. Mi- U. — ,. 

Idi/ab.-lli Hill. Mrs. Herman Hill. .Mrs. Sam llu>. Ii M,- N 

.Mi-> France- llillman. Mr-. Willis Hilzing, Mr-,. II. K II,, 

Hitclic.k. Mr-. OIncy Hi, ks. Mrs. G. E. Higblower. Mi- \ 

man. Mr-. W . k. llibbell. Mi- Julia Hindman. Mi- I 

Mi- l.Muis Horner. Miss Mary D. Houston. Mrs. 1'. H ll..,i- 

ll,.».-. Mrs. J. W. Ib.war.l. Mrs. J. \\. Howard. Jr.. M,-. Ha 

II. .^L'. Mi-s Manila Howell. Miss Louise Howell. .Mr-. M. 

1'.. II..W.I1. Mrs. K. Hoyt C. Howell. Mrs. Joseph T. II..W.II 

Mr-. Charles .\. II. .well. Mr-. J,.-eph T. IL.u.ll. Mi-. 

l|..-.iin-. Mr-. Mar-hall Ib.lrhki-. Mr-. .|..-. |.li W . II... 

Mr- 1;. Ii. lb -r. Mr-. L. W . lb..,iier. Mi-- ll.l.n !l... 

Mr-. Flor,-nce Wilkes Hooper. Mrs. Kale M. lb...;..!. Mi-. 
Henderson. Mrs, John T. llen.lerson. Mr-. F. T Ihuiil. 
Harry W. Ilenson. Mrs. Thomas J. llenson. Mi- W II I hi 
Mrs. T. L. Herbert. Jr.. Mrs. 1(. 1). Ilerberl. Mi- I iiii. ,- 
berl. Mrs. H. ,\. lb.|l..-it. Mi- .s.i.h.- i.. lb -1.1. Mi-. W , I 
Herbert, Mrs. J. O. I|.n.ll.^. M,-. T. \. Il.nk.l. Mi- II.m 
llerstein. .Mrs. Hariv ll.n.hi. k. M,-. W. .\. Il.„,x. Mi- 
lahle Henderson. .Mr- \ut;ii,ia F. Ibuui. \l,- I ranc- II 
Mi-s \Liry DeMoville Hill, .Mrs. Osear Hill, .Miss Dorothy II 
Mrs. \. H. mil. Jr.. Mrs. Horace G. Hill, Mrs. John Hill. M 
.Albert Hill, Mrs. Al W. Harris. Mrs. J. H. Harris. Mrs. Fu.ic 
Harris. Miss Francs Harris. Miss Willie Harper. Mrs. J. 
Ilandly. Miss Amanda Han. IK. Mrs. C. B. Hall. Mr-. Allen lb 
Mrs. Margaret E. Hall, Mrs. Wo,.d Harrison. Mr-. W . 11. 
Mrs. 0. .\. Ilall.d)augh. Mrs, .M. J. llalloran. Mr-. O. 1'. 1 
Lady Frances Hamilton, .Mrs. Delia Hagir. Mr-. .1. D. 
A. Ilawkinson. Miss Annie Hampton. Mrs. I . I". ' 
man. Mrs. W. E. Henders.m. Mrs. W. fl. llan.lK. Mr- 
llardra-tle. Mr-. Kustace A. Hail, Miss Ayon Hail, Mi- W.I 
Mr- W 11. Hampton, Nfiss Malinda Hampton. .Mi- s,,,|„. 
J, W. llaNe-. Mi- Clara Haury. Mrs. Haynes Haryill. Mi-. I 

( 184 ) 

. Ml- 1... 
Ml-. 1;. 1 

' I1....I.-I 
. Ib.;;ai 

, Mi- 


. Ml- II.' 

.1, Hill. 


M,- W il 

laii, llui 

,.-. .Ir.. 

\1,-. W. 1 


. Miss 

.1,. M,- ( 

l,,,il.- 11 
...k. Ml 

. bdin 

ili.k-. M 

-. 1 MI..1 


. Ml-- M 

^ K. II 



Miss M.iv Mail. 11. \li^. IIii-.ll K. 11,111. \I,-, K.ii.' r. II,,, I M,-. Tl,. .,„.,- \!. Ilarl, Miss Eliza- 
beth lla,i. \l,-- \,i.,ii,,, 11,1,1, \1,-- I a, I,, I l.,.,,i-, 11,1,1. \li , M,, k.,1, 11,1,1. \1j,ss Lucile Ilailey, 
Mrs. .1. l; ll,nJi-M,,, \1,-- \m^ii.:,, lla,,l,~M,,. \i,~ ll„„,|iii,.v 1 1 ,, , , 1 , ^..,,. M,- I li. Hawkins, Mrs. 
Charirs liu,llr\ ,1,1,,,-. M,-, 1;. I . ,1,,,,,-. \|,-. .Vhuu .\lui .l..liii.~. Mi.-. Ahnii Julius.. Mr.s. tlusene 
Johns. \li- \iiL:i,,ia (a,n|ilHll ,|..l,n-. Ml-. It. E. Johnsuii. Miss Lula Johnson, Mrs. Clifton 
Johnsipii. Mr- ,1, \iil,,ii ,|,.lin-,,ii. Mi-. Cluiil.- Johnson. Mrs. Fred Johnson, Miss Alice Jordan, 
Miss Aline ,|„i,lan. Mi-s Lillian |,,^. Mr-, ilnnnas Joy. Jr., Mrs. Arthur Joseph, Miss Annie V. 
Joseph, Miss Evelyn Johnson, Mi- \l,ii,ii,, ,|,.x. .Miss Elizabeth Jungerniann, Mrs. Martin Kane, 
Mrs. John B. Kane, Miss Maif;a,,i k,,„,. \l,s. J. L. Kain, Mrs. George Karsch, .Mrs. H. R. 
Kaufman. Mrs. J. W. Kerr. 'Mr-. W . C. k.„,„,i,. Mrs. Marv Kelley. Miss Josephine Kelley, Mrs. 
Dorris Krll,.v. Mi- \,,„;, M,,i K- n,„ .K \li-, I. fi. K,i,,„,K. Mr-. W. V. Kmn.Mv. Miss Katie 
B. Kenn.'.K. \1,-. ,|. 1 k.^,■-. \l,- ll,,ii,i.i- i k.,!iii;j \1,-- \la, l■,l>i,,^ k.iii^.ii,. \1,-^ Louise 
Kerrifian, \li-- ( ,,ii,,.i,., k, ,M. . \1,-- \\,li,,- K k.,,,i.,K. \l,-- \L,iiia,.i k.lK M,- Eunice 
Kelly. Ml-. (,, i:. kii, 1,. \i,- li,,ii,,.- \^,. kiik|Miii.k, Mi-. I, I'. Kii kpaii lek. Mi^s 
Roberta Kiikpali i. k. Mi-. .1. d. k ,i k|,,il 1 1, k. Mi-. I ,i,i,'-l kii'^ialink. Mi- Linina Kirkpatrick, 
-Mrs. Ail.,-it Km;:. \li>. .1. \L Km;;. Mi- \, 111,11, Km-. Ml-, W. \. Km-. \li-- Eleanor Kirkman 
Mrs. P,,rl,r Kiikinaii. Mi- Mai\ I'liii,, kiikniaii. Mi-. \,, ,111:111 Kiikiii.iii, Mi-. Van Leer Kirk- 
man. Mi- M.,-;:i,. \l,ii kiii-,^. Ml- I'Milli,, km-,^. Ml-. Cliailr- .--. kmk.a.i. Miss Anne 
Kinkea.l. \li-. Willi, m, ( kii:..l,iii,l. \li- Line- II. kiiklin.l. .Mi- 11.1, ai Kill.'bi i.-w. Miss 
Martha Kill.lmu. Mi- limi,,. kmk,a,l. \li- M.illi,. Killirll. Mi-. C. IL Kiiik,>a,l. Mrs. A. O. 
Kleeman. \li-. f!,ii,ii,,- kii,,\. Mi-. Cu- K.niinian. Mi-, (liail,- .\. Ki,-1,-. Mi- M.iry Kreig, 
Mrs. John F. Kr.i;;, Mi- Minnie Kuhn, Miss li.irl.ara Kulin. .Mi- \;;ii,- Kuliii. Mi-s Marie 
Kuhn, Mrs. Fer.ln.m.l kiiliii. Mrs. R. Z. Levy, Mi- L.ali Belle l.evx. \li- W . II l.,mil"lli, Mrs. 
E. Langhan. Mr-. .\l,l, Miss Lucile Lamli-. .Mr-. Jnliii T. L,m,li-, \li-. W . ."-. Lawrence, 
Mrs. W. H. Lawreiiee. Mr- \, E. l.awrenr,-. Mrs. A. J. Lamar. Mr-. L,.l»ar,l Laniei. ,Mrs. C. H. 
Landers, Mrs. W. H. Ian, ,1-1.1. Mi- i;n/,il,.tli Laccy. Mrs. K. H. Lacev. Mrs. J. G. Lackey, 
Mrs. Jack Lee, Mrs. Chail.- W . l... \li-. K T. Lee, Mrs. J. W. N. Lee, Mrs. R. H. Lee, Miss 
Katherine Lewis. Mrs. .1. .^ 1 . ui- \li-. .|.,liii L.wis. Mi>s Flnv Lewis. Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis, 
Mrs. Herbert Z. L.-sn. M,- k,,' |.-^ii.i. Mi- KK,iii..r l.^-^iea. Mi-. L..111- L.Tl» Mi-s 
Cella Leonard, Mi- k,,liia l.■li^.■ll. Mi-. .1. T, 1,,'lK.n, \li- W , II I, Am.'. M.-. (. IL l.'^ii.a. 
Miss Jennie Le«i-. \li- \aii l-l"l! I... Mi-,.il |.■^^. Mi- M.iillia Wlui.^ 1iii.1-.>n. Mr-. 
J. S. Lipscomb, ,Mr,-. \aii Lip.-r,,ml.. Mi-, l...,iu. \, Lip-e,.mb. .Mr-,^.■ Lip-, .,n,l,, Mr-. 
Horace D. Lipscomb, Mrs. A. V. S. Lin.l-l.v. Mi- Mary Lipe, Mrs. J. W. Liggett, .\Lrs. C. L. 
Liggett, Miss Lucile Lyles. Miss Elizab.ili 1 i;;^. 11. Miss Dorothy Lindsley. Mrs. R. C. Link, 
Miss Louise Lindauer. Mrs. Henry Lo\.inan. Mi-. \. l.oveman. Miss Fanny Long. Mrs. George 
W. Loni.'. Mi- luaiiii.i I.,. 11;;. Mi- Ki.ili I. .11;:. \1.-, 1,1.11. - E. T,,.,;;. Mi- Elli.'l L..m:. Mi-s 
Louise L..u.a,-I.aii. \li- fl.,i.ii..- I . ,u , 11-1, 1 11 . \li-. ^..t I . ,» .ai-l. 1 11 Mi- Inliii- I . .u . 
Miss Aniii.' !■■ I ..».■ \li-- f 1,/ali.ali I ..u. . Mi-. 1 liail.- W I ..n^lmi-i. Mi-- \l,iiu 11. 1 1 ..V. iillial. 

.Mrs. .Marliii L,,»,aillial. Mr-. \,. I ..,^,•lltllal. Mi- l> tli^ I ..^.nllial. \li- M.iii. I ..^, iitlial. 

Mrs. Charles Loventhal, Mrs. S. D. Lovell, Mrs. C. E. Lovell. Mi- \iiii l.rav-, 
Fannie Love, Mrs. H. J. Loser. Mrs. C. H. Loser. Mrs. Louis L... li. Mi- lam. - 
W. S. Lucas. Mrs. Robert Lusk. Mrs. M. L Luskv. Mrs. Lnu Lll-k^. Mi-. .1. ( 
Calhrrine T.uskv. Mi- Kath.-rin.- 1 iil.m. Mi-* L.-ah l.n-'cv. Mr-. Mill \1.\I,-I.r 
\b \li-I.r Ml-, llarn II M. \li-|.i. Mi-- I .1.-1. M. \li-t.r Mi-- \1. \Ii-1. 
M.rlarU. Ml- Man Ian,' \|.i ,iu.i. \li-. Willi, 111. \1. 1 ,il..' Mi- < liuh- M.' .il. 

U. r,,i,„i,,,. \|,-, I,, I,,, II \|,(|,,,., \1,- \l.\ \l.i'.,m, \li- l',,,nk \l.l 11 

M.I...M, Ml- I ,,'/i.. \l. a ,,«,,. \1,. I),,,,, ,1,1 \1, 1 ,,1,1, \1,. II 1 \l,h, I. 

M. ku. 11 Ml- M.m \l.|li..^. \li-. i;..l,.il W. \1. 1,1.1,1. 1. \li- W \ M.t.iiii 
\l,l. inn Ml- l.ui- \1. 1,111, m,l. \1,- l,,,,,k > \l.l,,u... k. \li-- ll-.i.-,. \1. 
Ham- \|,l.av...k. M,-. J. E. "l . .MeGavuek. .Mi- k 1' M. 1 ,1 .'^..i . \li- k,ili. M. 
Dan M,(.m.ii,. Mi- M. C. McGannon, Mrs. W \ \1, ( . I..1 lil ,,,. \li- \,la M.( ;i,.!lilin. Miss 
Agnes M,i.l..ililii,. Miss Annie L. McHatton. Mi-- Min.n. H \1.11,..\. Mi- \iini.- Frances 
AIcKoiii. \li- l',n.,l..- McLester. Mrs. Judson M.I. -1.1. \li-- \l.i/i. M, I an.. M.-. K. W. Mc- 

Laiii. Ml- llir."- \1. 1.111. .r,-. Ml-. \. M.T aiiLililin \li-- M.ii ■ \l. Mi.iku. Mi- William 

M.\liiii,n, Ml-- \.ll -.,,.■ M, \l,,i,i, M,-. .1 W M. MiHi.u. Ml- I \ M. Mnii.i.. \li- Nettie 
\|.\llll.^ \li- ll,,|.|.,. M.Millin \l,- 1 ^ \1. I'li.,,l. \li-- I!,. II, \1, I'll, I-, .11. \li- I. B. Mc- 
(lui.l.K. Ml- 1 iiin,,. I, M.dni.l.U Ml- Sn. M.:i,,i,l,K. \1,- |,,,ni,. M,,, M,(l,ii,l,lv. Mrs. 
j'. L. M.\\l,..ii. 1. \li-, l-,i.l.,i, \l,ih-,.ii. Mr- lull, 111 M,iiili..u-. Ml-, I. II, \l,,iili,-ws. Mrs. C. E. 
Matthew-. Ml- IMiii.- \ii,i-ii..ii- \l,,iili.»-. Ml- I. ami.. E, Maiili.u-. Ml-. Julius Martin, 

Mrs. J. 1;. .Maii-li.l.k Ml-. 11 .1- \lal,.n,', .1... Ml- Laura Mai ■, Mi-, Eallle Malone. Mrs. 

Missie Malone. Mr_-. Lit .Malune. -Mr>. U, .S. .Maddcx. Mrs. Ilarr> It. Manby. Miss Lena Marks. 
Miss Cornelia Marr, Miss Kate Marr. Miss Elizabeth Marr. Miss Elizabeth Morrow. Miss Nelle 
Major, Miss Elise Maney, Miss Annie May Maney, Mrs. Mortimer May, Mrs. C. A. Marshall. 


1 .,ve. Mrs. 
. L,,ve. Mrs. 

1 ii-kv. Miss 

Mr-. W. K. 

Mr-. A. B. 

Mr-. K. T. 

\li-- Emma 

1- I. din A. 

Mr-. W. .1. 

.,l^..,■k. Mrs. 

...x.rn. Mrs. 

null) S O V C O i WTY W M E \ I .V 7- // E If l{ L I) 11 A R. I 9 I f-I o I 9 

\lr>. Silas Nfason. MU* Bo>sU- Mannin:--. Mr.. Join. Marcli. Mi- Man Kli/..lull. Martin. Mrs. 
\\inti.-l.l Martin. Mrs. J. II. .Martin. Miss Conu-lia Martin. Miss St.-lla Marl.iirv. Miss Krancs 
Martin. Miss Lillian Tavlor. Miss Winnie Maltimor,-. Mrs. W . E. M.rritt. Miss 1,1a .M.-rritt. 
Mrs. W. K. M.-tz;:,.r. Mrs. E. .Meacham. Mrs. L. C. MilK. Mrs. ll,■■,r^ Mills. Mrs. U.-iili.n M 
Mills, Mrs. Miller. Mrs. I. W. .Miller. Mrs. K. \1 \lilU,.p-. Mi- 1 ..uise MittI.ell. Mrs. 
K \V. Millspaiijili. .Miss .^nita Minter. Mrs. A. II. Mi .11. M,- 1. ii. \linl„n. Mrs. J. N. 
Mitihriu.r. Miss .Marsmrilo Mitclienor. .Mrs. Fletcher .M..ri;.in. Mr- W ,.ll. , \l..ri;an. Mrs. Carnetl 
XL.rfian. .Mrs. Carev E. Morgan. .Miss Neelv Morr.nv. Mis. \ irtiiii.a \l..,,n«. \1,- \l,„-.uel 
M..rr..w. .Mrs. Vi alter I'. Morrow. Miss LibUic Morrow. Mrs. Ed MorrI-. \li- \l.,,n- Mrs. 
Kirhar.l Morris.,n. Miss TI.elma .Moser. Mr.s. Baxter .\I.,orc. Mrs. .|..lin \1....... \1,- 1;. ( \l....u-. 

Mrs. Ilifil.t C. Moore. Mrs. John TrotwoocI Moore. Mr-. .1. 11. M .-. \1,-. .1. \\ \l„ure. Mrs. 

I. B. Morse. .Mrs. I). .S. Morse. Mrs. J. S. Moran. Mi-- k.uh.iii., \l..Kni. Mrs. John .Moshv. 
Mrs. M. B. .M.irton. Miss {;ia<lvs Mocker. .Mrs. We-i II. \l,..i..,i. \li- N.llie .Moonev. Miss 
l.iz/ie Moonev. Mrs. Charles Monk. Miss Elsie Jean M.-. \li- N. Ilu I .. \l..ran. Miss Erance- 
Morton. .Miss .■\nn Ilumphrevs .Morion. Miss Dorolhv K \l..^^^. Mi-. 1 ,.n Muii.n. Mrs. I'. .\. 
Murray. Mrs. Joseph Murray. .Mrs. Harry V. Murrev. Mi- \,.ni. \lu,t,,\. \1.- \l,,iir Murray. 
.Mrs. T. V. II. .Murphy. .Mrs. C. C. Murphy. Miss Nelii. \lur|.|,v. \li-. I'.il Mi.ipl.v. \li-. Ilui;h H. 
Mvers. .Mi>s E. V. .Mvers. .Mrs. W . B. Mver-. Mi- K-i. II. \\^u.\. \I,- KM.,, %.,„..■. Mr-. T. J. 
-Nance. .Miss Florence .Napier. Mr-. W . \\ . N.ip,.,. \li-. \1. I,. N.».ll. \1,-. .1. 11. \. ■«,„.,„. Mrs. 
William Nelson. .Mrs. Oscar N. 1-,.,,. Mi-. (I,.i,l.- \. l-..„ \li- C.ill,.-, ,n,- \,,:I,..IV. \1,- lla/.-l 
NeuholT. Miss I!e!en NeuholT. \li- i:ii/al,.ll, N.,1. \1,- (..■,l,„.l. N.ii.i,,. \li-. K. 1 . N..„.n. 
.Miss Annie .M. Nenon. Miss ,\nnie Blanrhr \.u-..„k \1i-. i:. \I. \..h. \I,- K ,1. \. l-.ii. 
Mrs. Boyd Nicks. Miss Esther Nichol. M,-. i;..l,.il W . \,.l,..|. \li-, Ni„. I,,,i N,|.-. Mi- 
John Noien. Mrs. W. L. Northern. Mrs. I.. C. \... I. Mr-. (l-..,r K. N...I. M,- I ,,.„..- \...-l. 
.Mr.s. May French Noel. Mrs. Edwin Noel. .Mr-. II. E. N..rl..ii. \Ii-. \l,,r\ K. \... I. Mrs. 
Irene Nu.ssbauin. .Miss Katherine Oaklcv. Mrs. J. T. Oakley. Mr-. \,i,lnw ()l!r,.„. Mr-. M. I'. 
O-Brien. .Mrs. P. F. 0-Brien. Mrs. T. d-firien. Miss Nellie O-Bri.ii. Mi-. J. W . ()( ..i,nor. Mrs 
Miles I'. O'Connor. Mrs. I!. A. 0<lom. Mrs. William A. Ojicl.ii. Mi- Kaili,-,ii,r (ImI.ii. Mrs. 
James A. Ogilyie. Mrs. O. A. Oliver. Mr-. 1,1a Oliv.r. Mi- \l,„,, ()l,^.■r. \li- l,..,.i-.- (Iir. Mrs. 

Hol.eri Orr, Jr.. Mrs. Samu,-1 11. Orr. Mr-. J..I111 \. ()i„,,,„. \1,-. 1' ■, (>-li..i,,.. \li- K.'l.a 

Oshorne. Mrs. W. A. Ouf:hl,-r...n. Mr-. William A. (!^.■l.,M. \I,- (,,,.- (Iu„,u- \1,- \,it.ilie 

Overall. /liss Katrina Overall. Mi- Eli/al.eih Overall. \1,- (.l.i.K- I'.il,,,.,. \1,-. 1 pi, l'.il„„r. 

Mr>. I'errv Halm.-r. Mrs. W. O. Parmer. Mrs. Koherl 1',,,-..,,-. \1,- 1. 1 I' . \li-. M. M. 
I'arrish. .Miss Marv Ajines Payne, Mrs. W. A. Pavn,-. \I,- 1;,,,.. K. I'.iv,,.- M,-. r,t'-.ral.l 
Parker. Mrs. Ira E. Parker. Mrs. Hazel Padgett. .Mi- i;,l„.,., I'.i.h. 11. M,- 1 ..i,-.- I'.„k,-, 
Mrs. Walt.-r Parkes. Mrs. Thomas Parkes. Miss Marie Paneiil. Mis. II. C. I'aii.,:!. \li- W. E. 

Park. Miss Mania Pardue. Miss Mvra Patton. Mrs. J. S. Patton. .Mrs. O. II. I',,t Mi-. U. 

E. E. I'arnian. Miss Eli/aheth Parman. Mrs. Ora Lee Patton. Mrs. Edgar Park,-,. Mi- Kiilh 
Parks. Miss Beatrice Parham. Mrs. V. E. Patlon. Miss Margaret Park.s. Nlr-. J..l„i I'.rr^. Mis. 
C. B. Pennock. Mi<s Sallie PeMon. Mrs. J. H. Peehl,-. Mi- \„„i, P.a,-..ii. Mi- Will Pelwav. 
Mis, .\ugusta Perrv. Miss Elizahelh Perrv. Mrs. J. S. I'.rix. \1,- („,.,u. I', n.ll.l,.,,. Mrs. C. E. 
Pearson. Mr-. F. E. Mr-. J. W. Pei.leco-i. Mi-, I \1 I', ,,l. . .,-1 . Mr-. ,1. I.. Percy. 
Mrs. W. II. Peel.les. Mrs. C. L. Phillips. Mrs. l.oui^,■ S Phillip-. \li-. \\,lli.i,.i I'liillips. \1.>. 
Jes-e Phillips. Mrs. Porter Phillips. Miss Cora Pitts. .Mrs. .Mallie I'l. m . \I,- \U>U^ Pillar.!. Catherine Berry Mrs. John M. Piclon, Miss Eavinia Picloi,. \l,- Kl,/al,.ll, P„ l..„. 
.Mrs. J. A. Pitlsman.' Mrs. D. U. Pickens. Miss Addie C. Piltmaii. Mr-. I.. I'm-. Mr- \. Plum 
lee. Mrs. M. K. PlummiT. Mrs. A. E. Potter. Mrs. I.eui- P.. p.. Mr-. .l,i,„. - 1!, P.. p.-. Mi-. .1. K 
Polk. Mrs. James K. Polk. Jr.. Mrs. Ke'sev Polk. Mr-. I I,,,- r..u.-,-. \1,-. \l.v, l'...l.>. M,- 

Mil<lr.-d Porter. Mi-s Matilda Porter. Miss Eva Porl.,. M,- 1,M....,, \ 1' ,. M,-. 1.' M. 

Poindexler. Mrs. (i. E. Povm-11, Miss Louise Powell. M,- 1 .■, .1 i.,.,„.l I'..a.H. M , -. Ku,,,- I'..IIm,<I. 
Mrs. William C. Pollard. Miss .Marv Power. Mi- \Krll.- I'..v..,. \li- 1.1,11, P. p.-. M,-. IMuar.l 
Polie-. Mi-- Bessie Poteel, Mrs. Richard P.,..r.. M,-, 1,,>,- P....... Mi-. (.. -. l',...l..i. Mrs. 

L. II. Prodor. Mrs. (ieorge Price, Mrs. Rhea Pr,. .■. M,- \l.,iLa,.l l',i... Mi- K.lui,, A. Pi ,.■,■. 
Miss Lucile Pride. .Mrs. Charles N. Price. Mrs. R. I!. Pu,a,-.,,. \1,- \,i:.iiiiia Purvear. -Miss 
.-iara Puryear. Mrs. C. F. Purcell, Miss Kate Pylmss. .Mrs. K. I IM,,,-. Mi- Louise Quarh'S. 
Mrs. Rnhert Quarles, Mrs. T. B. Quackenhos. Miss Fav Ouarh -. \1,- \l,k. .]. Ouinn. .Mrs. Lou 
lias..,,.. Mrs. Roy Ra^coe. Mrs. Anna C. Davis Rascoe, .Mis. \rlh„r It. R.iii-om. Mrs. McEwen 
Ransom. Mrs. J.,i,n B Ransom. Jr.. Mrs. J. K. Rains. Mrs. T. B. Ra»l-. Mr- S. E. Rather. Mrs. 
(miv Rainev. Mrs. William P. Rutland. Miss Clara Rust. Mrs. Mary Rust. Mrs. Charles Russell, 
Miss Lillian K. Rus-ell. Mrs. C. M. Russell. Mrs. A. J. Rowland. Mi-s Martha Rowland. Mrs. 
William Ro-. Mrs. John B. R.d.inson. Mrs. A. II. Mrs. J. II. Rol.n Mr-. Victoria 
Roach. Miss Nannie Ro:.che. Mr-. C. B. RoL'crs. Mi- R..-a May Rii-I. Mr-. C V. liii-.ll. Mrs. 
C.-orgia Ryer. Mrs. Paid Ryman. Mr-. T. J. Ross. Mi- N.llie Ro, 1,,-. Mr-. 1. J i;,...,i,v. Miss 

( 1P.6 I 


Katherine Rooney. -NFi-. 11,1,,, K x. \ri-- M.,,,.ii,i l!,,-,. Mi^^ C,,,..- !;.,-■. M,-, C, .,,,^ iil,- 

P. Rose. Mrs. Davi.l l;,,-,,il, 1,1. \1,- ll„l„,,, l;,,u!,,„,| li,,l„, i~,„,. \1,- 11,1, ,. |:,,!w,i-. M,... 
A. H. Roberts. Mrs. W , \ |.',,l,.ii-. \1,-. \. i;,,il„ l,,l,L \li- 11, I,-,, l;,,l„-, -,„,. \1,- H,,,., K,,!.- 
,.r.,-,n. Mi.c J..;,,, i;,nn.i-,-. \li- \l,iix l-i-kii,,' i;aniau,-. .Nil.-. Ham J. Uankm. \li- U, Kirk 
l.'aiikin. \li-- h.M,,- |;,,il,^. \1,-. l!,,ll,i,,' II. Ui,,-. Mi>. Evans Kichardson, Mi- I ,1.,, I,i, ll,.,l• 
•,,il. \1,- I i.ih' |;„l,ai,l \l,- S\r]\j i;„l,. \lr^. Herman Rich, Miss la.i.i-,' lli,!, \l:-> 

^,i,^ Khli. Ml- ( ,'lia IJi.h. \Ii- i.,.ir,i„- i;i,h, \1,-. J. H. Reed, Mrs. Ittie Kini„N l;,n,,. \lr^, 
i,,,i^, i;, V,.. Mrs. H. B. Reams. Mrs. Tom R.-.v,-. \li- \ll„-rts Reeves, Mrs. J. P. Regan. Mrs. 
' ,11,, l;,,x,>. Miss Lillian Reyer, Mrs. Ed R.. , , . \l,- F.l.,,^ Ragan. Miss Mary Ella .Samuel 
\l,- i;,.-, -^auvor. Miss Eloise Stnckoll. Mrs. 1- . I.'. ,^a,,,l, i -,„,. Mrs. E. A. .Savage. Miss Georgia 
.>awn,. \|i-. n. \. <a«ii,'. Ml-. Ma. Mill ■^a^wi, Mr-. T. M. .Sawrie. Mi-, ll,■,ll^ v^,,,,,,.].. M,^ 
W. C. -luii,. Ml- II,,, IV -,,uii, M.-. (..||,-|,„ ^xkes. Miss Ada Sua,,,,. Mi- < la, a Wianiie 
Sumpl,,. \li- William .'~:„iii|a-i \li-- M.iini,. >iilluan. Mrs. Arthur .1. ^„il„ala,„l. \li- Kill,- 

Sutli.'il,i,,,l. \li-- -,„li, Ml, - ,la,Ml \l,-. J. \\. Stein. Mrs. R. M ^i,,,i \l,- \ ,uan 

^tiil,l,l,<!,l,l. Ml.. .1. W. .s|,.u,,,i. \|,,. K,Uvard T. Seay, Mi-- K.iiImim,,' ^,mv. M,- \li,ilia 
-,»,ll. \l,- i:-ih,a -, huail/. Ml- 1,,, -,luvarlz. Mrs. A. Nl,,,,,lt. \l,- \,lh,' M,,, S. Imll. 
\l|- I li,,"l..ia -, Mi^i:-. Ml-., ( hail,- W ^, luivler. Mrs. A. C. --,u,l,K. Mi- i l-u.aili IV -. il,-. 
\ii" Mar;:, 1,1 -, 1,,||„,I. \|,-- \|.,1„.M,. v,,,, ,,, |,.,-.. M,-.. H. V. --I„'|,,,,. Mi-. \^...^ I ^li,ll,,i,. Mi>. 
'■. .\. ^li,ll,,n. \h-. W . i;. v|„. !,,,„, \||., I ,„||„, , Si:,, I/. M,- ( . \l. -I, a, kl, II Ml- I l,,.,,':,|li 
^l|,il■■^. Ml-. I'.luar.l II .^l„al,'. \li-. |,,li„ -.|,. ■. \l,-. \, .nI,,,,,,, \|,-- |- I ,..., I „a I i ^Ii.,i,,.-. 

Stanl.,n. Mr-., lam,- -1,'j, i. M,- l;,,l,. ii I . -i, , 1,-. I,.. M 
\h>. Clan, I, ■ 1'. Sli,.-I. \li-- I i.iii., - ^iM.a. Ml-- I n. il 
Frail,,- --I,,k,-. Ml- 1 11,1, ^l,,k. -. \l,- ImmI,,,, v|,,|,, .. 
Kloi-,- <l,„k,M. Ml- 1, — ,,■ ^lii,,2l,ll,,u. \l,- Ir.iiik I.I 

Mi- Mjys --l.llilina,,. Ml-. 1: - I. -laliNniii Mi- 1,1 

Mr>. K. I-'. Sl,„ k,II. Ml-. ( ku C -1, |ili,ai-. Mi- II. I'. - 
Steailwi^ll. Ml- IMiik --i, .,.|v , II. Mi-- Maix -i. ,,,l«,ll. \l 

white --|,,ilk-. Ml- |. iiMi, -,M|-.- \li- I ilhin -la, k,,nl ' 

man. Mr-. 11 .,- ^|u-,,l, ,, J, . \l,- II. ,,m v,„.,,,. \|,,. 

E. S. .snee.l. Ml- Ihamaii -|,,l.-. M,-. II, ,,,> W . -p„,i 
Southgate. Mi- I.,,r,a,a ■-,,iiil,^ai. . Ml-. Ii. -nhn-k^. Mi- 
Mrs. Lionell Siiiilli. Mi- kal,' ^milh. Mi-. Kiil.x '-milli. 
Mrs. Ed. Smitli. Ml-. Mik,- :-iiiilli Mi- IIuliIi -imili. Ir. 
Smith. Mi- 1 ,„i,-.' ^,i,,il,. Ml- i;i.,ii ^,,iitli. M,-- l-,,,l 
Virginia ^i,,illi. Mi- W Ik ^niMl,,'. M,-- I ,liia ^mvil,, M 
Miss l-a,i,aa -I,, ,11. M,-. II. Ik ^1,11,1 Ml- MiMnM -kil-i 
.Sloan. Ml.-. J. F. .•>!., «e\. Mi.-> (k Sanml.i-. .Mi; 
Mrs. C. M. Tally. Miss Lucille Tallev. Mrs. Edward 0. Tate. Mr 
Tamble. Mrs. H. W. Tank.sley. Miss Edith Taliaferro. Miss Rut' 
Miss Mabrv Talbot. ATi-s C'ara Louis,- Tavlor. Mis< Katherine ' 

Bessie Taxh.r. Mi- Fli/,,l„Mi Tim--. M;-- \ni,li,' Tin . ATi- 

Thoi.ia-. Ml- W l'.,.m.,- k Ml- W ' I -l.-k, \k-. 
TaniK. Mi-- W iM 1 II, i I.Umhi. Mi-- Ik.k- n., I ,i,.k ,. Mi-- ^ ,,' i I 
Miss Fran,-,- lin-ka. Mi-- Killi|,,ai Mi- Fk.i-,' Tiiiim 

Mrs. Pat H. Tiinothv. Miss Ailcen Timothy. Mrs. J. G. Tyler. .Miss Alice Tuck. .Miss ^fary Fite 
Turley, Mrs. Robert W. Turner. Mrs. R W. Turner, Jr., Mrs. Vernon Tupper. Mrs. Vivian 
Tapper. Miss Laura Tucker. Mrs. Frank Turner. Miss Marie Trebing. Miss Melinda Timmons. 
-Mrs. ,1. D. Torn V. Vr = . G,-,,r!:.- Tomi 'dn-, Mr-. Sidney Tompkins. Mrs. W. D. Train,-. ,lr . Mi== 
Helen Trabue. Mi- (lli^kl, . Mi- 11 II. Tial,,,,. Mi-. ,L L. Trousdale. Mi- I \ Ti,,,,-- 

dale. Mrs. Heiin Ti,!,,,,,.!. Mr-. 1. I-' TInmia-. Mr- b.lni W . Thomas. Mrs. .1 II ma-. 

Mrs. R. L. Th.,iiip-,,ii. \h-. T. F.-igh llb.nii,-,,!,. \h- .l.,-,-|,h H. Thompson. Mr- M,,r.,,,.l W ,i,le 
Thompson. Mrs. Overton Thompson. Miss Florence Teague. Mi-. s,i,„|,.v j; j,,, |„aii. Mi- 
Anne Warner Tennison. Mrs. Smith Tenison. Mrs. W. A. Tein-,,,. M,- i.,,,,^. I,, i, -,,,,. Mr-. 

(Tcorge Terhune. Mr.s. Sam J. Underwood, Miss Annie Mav I ii,l,i\v I. Mi-- Ik.irl \ .i,,ii, ,i-e. 

Miss Leona Vantrease. Mrs. John J. Vertrees. Jr.. Mrs. T. R. \i\icUi. .Mi.- t)luia \aiKa. .Mrs. 
James L Vance. Miss Ruth Vance. Mrs. Currell Vance. Miss Margaret Vance. Mrs. Preston 
^■au<rhn. :\Irs. Harry A. Vau?hn. Mrs. Ear'e Wylie. Miss Clair Weil Mrs. Ju'ius B. Weil. Miss 

f ]87> 

lai .,1, M,- 

Mr-. lk,> .si.'N 

II W -.|.,iik-v. 
,1-. Mr-. 1. N. 

1, --parks, Mrs 

. Lucile Satter- 

,,iiia. Spain, M 

iss Jul is Spark- 

-,,|„4. Mrs. M. 

N. Sobel. Mrs. 

1 .una '^i,i,-cr. 

Mi- Fli/al„'th 

W ^n,-. ,1. Mi- 

-. Fii. IM -II,, '.v. 

--I,' ^iiiiik. Ml 

- II 1' -m,lll. 

;,,i^,a - 11. \l 

I-- \.il! .■ I.,,l,l 

Ilk. Ml-. Ika.i, 

-■ -, M,-s 

-. ^k,,,,i, \li-- 

k II, ' in ~ .Mil. 

\li- W. B. 

Saumki-. Ml 

-. K.ilpl, Tally, 

Irs. J. ,1. Tanil 

,!,■ Mrs. P. M. 

H Talbot Mi- 

\ ance Talbot. 

ravl„r. Ml- V. 

il T.vlor. Miss 

. IF Ik Tk,mi, 

.- Mr-. A. M. 

\l.,l-,l,' l.l- 

1 Ml- W. H- 

Ik.HII.I- Ml- 1 

la; Thornton. 

.iln Ml- Mum 

•-lii,\ Timothv, 


Mari.- ttril. Mr^. Kmnu-t W i-bb. -\lr>. J. N. W ,1.1,. Mrs. J. 0. \\.1,1.. Mrs. rt \^Vl.slor. Miss 
N.ll Webh. Miss Mar\ W.-bb. Miss Kllt-na Wtbb. Mrs. W. II. W .bb. Miss Exin.- Vi .bb. Miss 
\\ib-mina Miss .Mliiu- W .-bb. .Miss Louise Vi .-bb, Mrs. M. 11. Wrijibl. Mrs. Tliomas Wvnn. 
>rrs. Mamarel Wrifil.t. Miss Marlba X^vall. Mrs. 1!. V.. \\\atl. Mrs. Malv.rii Wriiilil. Sirs. 

Cbarli-s T. '«ri^lit. .Mrs. William K<:b.-rt Wripl.t. Mi- \I...n W U. \l,v \. A. Wrifibl. Miss 

Maiul \Vo.Hlar,l. Mi>- Kli/.ib.-th Wrivhi. Miss .liilia \\..lf. \|.. W li. W ,, 'hi. \1.-. H. C Wri^lil. 
Miss Bes.sic,.,,. Mi>, Eva Wrijibt. Miss Marv W lul. In ,..|. \l,v WiHiani 11, Will. Mrs. L. Win.iia. Miss Maji^i.- Wbilbmor,-. Mrs. Ilarrv Wliil,. \lis. Will Wilk.r.-...i.. .Miss Cla.lvs 
W bit,-. Miss Elsie L. Winnia. Mrs. J. H. WhaU-v. Mrs. II. Wiles. Mrs. A. M. Wlun-ler. Miss Ella 
Wilson. Miss Nina Llovd Wheeler. Miss Iiula Wilson. Mr.'.. Felix Wilson. Miss Marv Wilson. 
Mrs. Harry Wlierrv. Mrs. Carter Wilson, \riss Berllia Wilson. Mrs. J. Wlierrv. Sirs. .I„lin 
11. Wilson. Mrs. C. P. Wilson. Mrs. J. M. Wil<..„. Mi-- M.u^n.i Mr-. D.uiJ.,- W,i.:l,t. 
\Ii-s Margaret Wrisbl. Miss .Mice \\^nx{^,^. \li- Mil^i.,! \\,m.1ui,„-. \1,- 11, im,.! W.m.Iu,,,,. 

Miss Marv Wiekliffe. Miss Dorothy \\ilk.,-n„. \1,- (.1,,,U- WhIim-i Mi- lull \\n,J,,,,„. 

Mrs. llufiiies Worke. Miss E.lilh Work.- Mr-. .1 II. W ilk.-. \li-, .^.n,. ( , W ilk.-, \Ii-. 
Woolwine. Mrs. .'^am Woohvine. Mrs. Walter W,.ohvine. Mrs. W. I). Witlurspoon. Mrs. G. B. 
Woodanl. Mrs. Jack Witherspoon. Mrs. J. M. W^oodwar.l. Jr.. Miss Cornelia Withersi.oon. Miss 
rtull. Withersi.oon. Miss Pearl Wood. Mrs. Ri.lley Wills. Mrs. C. C. Woo.lcork. Mrs. Roy 
V. Williams. Mrs. W. B. Winfrey, ^rrs. W\ W. Watkins. Mrs. J. L. Walking. Mrs. J C. Watkins. 
Mrs. C. B. Wallace. Miss Ellen Wallace. Miss Maraarel Whitehead. Mr- l..lin \ W ,1-on. \rrs. 
Charles Whitworlb. Miss .Mma Williams. Mrs. K. Williamson. Mr- I \I \\l,,lu„rlh. Miss 
Opal White. Mrs. Miles Williams. Mrs. R. T. Williams. Mrs. Jennie W hit. . \l,- W ,,li.r White. 
Miss Corrine Williams. Mrs. B. Frank Williams. Mrs. J. Mall Will,,.,,,-, \l,-, I'. .. ^ W illlMn,-. 
Mrs. J. Weis. .Mrs. C. P. Wailiams. Mrs, Danelie Weinbaum. Mi- I iMm.. W .-imI.,,,,,,,, M,- I.,.- 
Werthen. Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, Mrs. James T. Weakley. Miss .v,,-,, \\,,,kl. ^, \h- I, II W .Mkl.v. 
Miss Marian Webb. Miss Ethel H. Weaver. Mrs. Dempsev Weax. , \l.- |..-. |.li W.-l, M.- I ll.n 
II Webb. Mrs. Frank Welch. Mrs. B. C. WVIsh. Mrs. Rufns W W.ix.i, \l.- Ml.i.i W.ll.nin. 
Mrs. H. T. W'enc. ^riss I'attie Ready West. Miss Christine W.M.., M.- Cu- W.-i, \l.- 1...- 
Weinstein. Mrs. M. R. Wetterau. Mrs. Charles Wetherbee, ,1. \I.- (K.l- W ;i-l,l.n, „, Mi-. 
Frances Wade. Miss Josephine Warr.ii. Mi- \nni.- Warr. n \li-, W , T, W ,i-lMn jl..n. Mi-- 
Margaret Warden. Miss Susie Wade. Ml- I 1 W ,iikiii-, M i-- lliiili W ,i!lri \l,. I W \\,i,l„|.l. 
Miss Martha N. Waller, Mrs. Clan. I.- W.iH.i Mi-,i- II Wiii.ii Mi-- CLnh- \\,Mi.n. 
Nfiss Emma Warren. Miss .\lice Warwi. k. Mi- lii.x Warui.k Mi- \inn,- W.nui. k. Mi-, ( ', II. 
Warwick. Nfrs. C. Wasserman. Miss Courtney Wapponer. Mrs. J. II. Waiijioner, Mrs. K. C. 
Warmack. Miss Dora Wallace. Miss W^allacc. Mrs. C. C. Waggoner. Miss Percie Warner, 
Mrs, J. B. Watson. Miss Rebecca Way. Mrs. Georpe C. Wade. Miss Marianne Wade. Mrs. George 
II. Wade. Mrs. Elizabeth S. Wade. Miss .Sarah S. Walts. Mi-s Kli/ Watts. Miss Thelma 
Walker. Mrs. S. C. Walker. Mrs. L. A. Warner. Mrs. Jean B. W.ilkin- \li- (THrvan Washinalon. 
Mrs. Fred Walter. Mrs. D. P. Wrenne. Jr.. Mrs. Fiel.lini: H. ^..-l. Mi- Vouns. Mrs. C. C. 
Young. Mrs. J. E. Young. Mrs. W. T. Youns. Airs. W. F. V.i.r.n, Mi- Yeamen. Miss 
Mamie Yearein. Miss Louise Yates. Mrs, Carl\l.' ^ ai. -. Mr-, 1 , K, /il.ail. Mi- Kli/al..lli Zar,'c.,r. 

Mrs. J. II. Zarecor. Miss Beatrice Zander, an. I Mi- 1..-. pli /,ii , 

Mr^. Joseph Byrns bejian licr Worl.l W u -rvi..- In ll.r ^ULiial Dn-iii- D-- 
parlnionl of the Nashville Chapter, and -In- al-.. u.nk.d in iIh- p.n kiirj i.i.nii-. I) 
ti. experience pained in thi.s department. -In- 
inj.'s of the A. R. C. for the Cr.nL'icssi.iiia! C 
join her husband while Conurcs- \\a- in -■- 
nessee l.ovs at Walter Reid liospilal. an. I -.-n 
C.rp.s at Washinjiton. Conpres-ni in 1!mii- 
diers whenever possible, as w<'l! a- -ii\iirj 
National Headquarters for all l)a\iil-..n C.a 

k.'il in ll 

H- iMikiirj 

Mb- In-,,. 

•. I.n III Sii 


..|..n. ^^\v■r, 

\li-, r.x 

a! srl\i. 

r \u all T 



Mrs. E. W. Fkye. Supervisor 
Mrs. Ann Pokterfield Rankin. Assisiani Su/icrvisDr 

During the latU'i |i. 
inas DepartiiKMil t>{ ilu 
emijliiyed in luisinos 

I' Sr|]tciiiliri. I')i;i. ihc niiilil work in tlic Surgical Dress- 
1 Ckiss. uliicli ua- (Idnc |ii iri(i|iall v liv women who were 
iig the day, was opened in the Chamber of Conimerce 
luiilding, with Mrs. E. W. Frye in charge. Six weeks 
hiter a unit was started in the Tuhme workrooms, with 
Mrs. Carter Reeves and Mrs. Ilolnii Check as Assistant 
Supervisors to Miss Effie Moi-m. \l.ini_-er. In Fel>- 
ruary, 1919, the two rooms wcic ( (m^..lidatcd, with Mrs. 
E. W. Frye as Supervisor and Mrs. Ann Porterheld 
Rankin as Assistant Supervisor, the two latter serving 
until the close of the workrooms. 

During this period over seven hundred business 

women, who had stood at their post of duty all day, 

cheerfully gave up a portion of their rest time, many 

going without the evening meal, to do their "bit" for 

the soldiers. They came through rain and snow and 

Mr. e w Frye ''"' '^''''' "' summer, never tiring as long as there was 

wdik to l>e done. 

Over 103,200 surgical dressings were made in these rooms in the Tulane Hotel, 

generously donated by the management. The list of business women doing Red 

Cross work in the Tulane Red Cross quarters, and whose work and efficiency were 

one hundred per cent, were: 

, Miss Alice 

Miss Marion 

guerite Collisant, Mrs. W. B. Cox, Miss 

5 Mira Carmichael, Miss Gertrude Boyd, 

Mrs. Mary Ayres, Mrs. W. J. Crork.u. Miss Daisy Boyd. Miss Annie A\ 
Campbell, Mrs. Thomas Bovd. Mi>-- Mar-iurjl.- Bell. Miss Anne Belle Anderi 
Alexander. Mi>^ MaiN \ls.„. \l,-~ 1 h/a Mt. ,,. \ 
Portia L. Bao.i. Mi- M.i IU.mii- \Ii- lil.l Al 
Miss Marv \\r,., k. \li- \,,i,. \illiin. \li-- \aa ( m,,i|,-. Mrs. 
Brown. Air. II, II. Ilia-Inn. Ml- I I i.-.ili. I li ll.ii,-. \li- Mr- 
Mss MaiiM,, ( ,,N. \n-- M.ili.l I . ( MJiM. \li-. I! ( Mllni.ui. Mi- 
Miss C. -11111, 1,. ( ,H,k. \li- I II. V r.iillih.ll. \l,-- \ ii::ii,i,i l;l,H 
^Uss Ilia I ( Liikr. \li- II, 1,1, i Ink. Nil- I ~^ i ,,!„ i, \li- 

terman. Mi 
-kv. Mr-^. 1 


.\U« Alanuu i;,,,«iiiii;;. Ml-- Man |,„- 

Margaret Barrv . \li- \ ■ |;,hi|,-n. M 

Mrs. John Blak,-. Mi- \iiiia l;i,i-u,-ll. 

Cooper, Miss l-;iti,- lal-ll. \li-- I -,- la 

Miss Praii,,,-. Ml-- li.i:-^ IImim. \I 
Miss Mar^ai.l lliu. ,-. \li- I iili Hian-,,,, 

Miss A. la |„ r. Ml- Ma^^h- I .III, I. \ 

Bridges. .\1,-. In, 11- lin.uii. Mi- \an,v 
Margaret Buchanan, Miss Allia Drapir. 
Punbar, Miss Marv .41ize Davis. Miss Kii 
Mrs. Clarice Drake. Mrs. W. E. Drake 
Cameron Duncan. Miss Mildred Dinning 
Dickens, Miss Minnie Dickson. Miss Catherii 

,-ki i; 


ill-- B 


M i-s 


Dalton. .Miss 

.\1j,-,- Liua U.I 
Deike, Miss Wi 

Ml-- Helen 
M.i.- Drake, 
11,1. .Mrs. R. 
Mi.-s Lucile 
Darrow. Miss 

Agnes Davis, Miss Ruby Davis, Mrs. J. M. Deweese. Mrs. Leland F. Douglas, Miss Alice Dea 

n tl 1 1) so .Y C O I V /■ > If O M E .Y / A' THE \l () K L I) 11. 1 R. 191 4-1 9 1 9 








A' , 








Tin- work and patriotism of these i 
t,r. Thfv ar.-: Kirsl row. U-ft to 
Sfcond row: Mis? Marv Kr.-l.s. Mis. 
the most constant ami loval workers 

u-n were an insjjiration 
lit: Miss L.ila JoliTHt 
.Idie Piltman. \li- l,..„ 
the Departniei 

1\(.S ROOM 
\,i-!nille Chap- 

Siipenisor of the Tiilane cpiarters. Miss l.utie Corriniie hin -. Mi-- I 111. 
Glothlin. Third n.w: Afiss Eleanor Meacham. Mi-s Minni. \lri;ir..x. 
Mrs. Marv 1!. Rust. Miss Fannie Tli.)mpson. Mr-. Marx \. \n. i-. \li- \. 
.Miss \\Tti\nm Blaekwell and Miss l.iicile Fer^u-.,,, \1,- i:,n,„a M..,,n 
worker in this l)epartm<'nt tlirousihout the war pnicd 

Mi- Da 

Daw-on. Miss \I 
-X I. Kdi-Mii. \li- Xrini.- 
\1, Inl.a.ik-. \li- I'.. — ,. 
,-. M,-. I. i;. liiil.A. \1,- 
. il. I ..rl. Mrs. Ida Faiin. 
.,1 fuller. Mrs. ,\. E. Fi-li 
I- -,,ra Farmer. .Mrs. 1 
Ml- Lillian Freeman. 

Miss Louise Daily. .Miss May 1)..nI. 
Ea-ian. .Miss Frances Esles. Mi-- I 
.Miss Catherine Eichbaum. Mi- \l. 
.Miss Marv Ewinfr. Miss Eli/al.eil, 
French. .Miss I.uev Foreman. \1,- 
F-oster. Miss .Mal.el Foster. Mi- \1 

.lessie Ferfruson. .Miss Lottie Fiill.i. \li- -,.ia Farmer. .Mrs. 1). W 
Alice Friedline. Miss .Mallie Flank, 
IJaisv Forest. .Mrs. F"ord. .Miss Ressie Frazer. .Mrs. .1. II (.l.-i..,„. \1 
Adel'lc Gordon. .Mrs. Irene Grainger. Miss Daisy Gunn. Mi- Maix I ( 
Miss Clara Golithan. Miss Delia Glenn, Miss Grace tialla^ih.i. Mi- I 
Gary. .Mrs. Gordon. Miss Minnie Green. .Miss Katie E. M 
Elizalielh Gllherl. .Miss .Marv L. Hawks. Miss Mary Hussy, Mi- \ 
.Mrs. Wallace Holt. Miss Beatrice Herstein. .Miss Frances llnllm^-i 
Miss .Marcarel Holt. .Miss Musette Harrington. Miss Minnie llii-ili 
J. \V. Hayes. Miss Eli/aheth Hardin. Miss Juli.- Ilindman. Mi- 
Henderson. Miss EfTie lla.llev. Miss Anna Mav Hanshrough. Mi-- ' 
lladlcv. Miss Frankc ilerhlin. .Miss Mannette Hudson. Mrs. OlA II 
Miss Matlie Hooherry, .Miss Anide R. Hodge. Miss Margaret llnrlon 
Ruba Hutchison. .Mrs. George llavwood. Miss Mary Holmes. Mrs. 
Cecilc Decker Hewitt. Miss Lillian Hunter. Miss Adelaid.' Henderson 
F.ffic Holland. .Miss Clara llubbar.l. .Miss Cvnthia llealh. Mi- Corn. 
Ilonw. Miss Anm' Relh- lliirhlin. Mis- I.ula .loh„-on. Mrs. llo«a,d ,1 
son. Minnie L. Join-. Mi- l.ulie .|.me-. Mi- Lillian .Inliii-. Mi- 

Jovnes. Miss Sallie .1 |.li. Mi- l!e-ie .love,-. Mi- \lu\n |n„. 

.Mi- .Meddie J.-nkins. Mi- Willie .Miss Aileeii Kell.,. M,-. 
Keenev. .Miss Mattie Kittrell. Mr-. A. .1. Kennedy. Mjss Ida KKiiia 
Eunice Kelly. .Miss Maggie Mai Kin-i>. Miss Theo Kavanaugh. Mi- 

f 190) 

- ( nni.-lia 

"II-.. II. Mr-, 

f..i.l. \li- 

lli I ii..|ni.i 

.1, \ll-s 
II. Ml- 
-t. Mi- 

l.ii-i. Ml 
II, nil,' (. 
- M.ii",, 

Is,-. Mi- 
Mi- Ita 

- ( 

.■III.. Mi-- 

Mi-. I. I 

I'. Ilai. II. 
I. ..I. Ml-. 
till.-. Mi- 

W \ . K 

II, Ml- 

111'.. Ml-- M 

M.iiv Kndi- 

K.-IK. \h> 


Kain, Miss Tinsie Lewis, Miss Adelaide Lackey. Mrs. T. B. Lundson, Miss Evelyn Laugliren. 
Miss Stella Lamon. Mrs. J. G. Lackey. Miss Frances Lamon. Miss Phoebe Lawrence. Miss Nan 

Isabell Lee. M 

liplnman. Mi-s 

Mr.l, 1 

,Ma,la \lili.r. Mi-- \l:i, 
Miss Janie Martin. Mr-. W . 
Miss Susie Murphree. _\li~- 
Miss Grace Massre. Mi-- \i 
Sadie Maiiin. Mi 

Minnie \1, >. ' 

Mrs. J. W \h u. 
Caslin. \h.. W. I 
McCorn, Miss \1 
Miss Mary McAII 
Miss Katherine ' 

Lowenstein. Miss Regina 
V \Iavwell. Miss Eleanor 
\li~- I illian \la|,>r. Miss 
- l;,--,,. \lanniii..;. Mrs. 
ax.-. Ml- K-i. Mr \lyrick. 

Mi-> D.,ia I'nhuii. Mi=- Uai^N IVal. Mr., 

- Luvie Puore, i\Dss Nancy Pristole, Mrs. 

•ssie L. Poteet. Mrs. George H. Price. 

. Miss F.-leoie Porter. M'iss Lere Pitts. 

ikin. Mi- \lliN Kirh. 

Julia Pettv. Mi 

.^Nlla Kirli. Ml- 


U- l;il-I \ll- \l. ^ llh l|,ilw:,J, Ml- llirhmond, 
- llM-a Ma^ Kii-i Ml- M.rx l.'n-l. Ml- Tuna 
:i Ml- L,iia i;ra-_:.ii,. Mi-. Iiii K. Reno, 
■> G. Reed, Miss Louise Rich, Miss Anna B. 
H. K. Stevens, Miss Mary Sinnott, Miss Esther 
nes. Miss Lillian Nicholson Shearon. Miss Ina 
Mai\ lotii-,- SI., an. Mi- MalA " m. 

a I .^panl, 
S. Skef- 
I- Kath- 

.1... Miss 
It/. Miss 
Ml. Miss 
an. Miss 
111. Mi-s 

-. \1,-, (, \l. ralj.-x. \li- 

iseud. -Miss Will Ella Taton, 

Laura Tucker, Miss Elizabeth 

Mrs. Lucv Tucker. Miss Irene 

Mi- R.,-.' tiirk.-r. Mi- Florence 
Ml- ^ Tii.n.i. Ml- Carrie 

Underwood, Miss Olivia Vane. Mi- M. I W.l.l.. Mi- Mai::iii.l W.l-li. Mi- Mariiinri 

Wade. Mrs. A. R. Whiteman. Mi- M.u W.ll-. Mi- itni.n..' W il-,.n. Mi- li, - Wa.l..-. Mi-s 

Effie A. Wa.ll.-N. Ml- (..■.iima I.'...- W nl-. M.- I.'- -■ Wa.!.. Mi- \\^.llll. Mi- Bartha 

Wilson. Ml-- -.ii.ili \\il-M,i. Ml-- \ni,i. \\,i1-mii. Mi-- Man.! W lu.ini. Ml-- Maiv W .'ll-. Air.-. 

Van A W^l.'i Mi-- Mau.l I W.-.nii. Mi-- M.i Wilkm-. Mi- N.lli- Walk. a. \li-(lki Walker. 
Miss Carrie Wilkes. Mr--. Julia \\..lll. .Mi- Cam,.- We-ki. Ma.--- AiUi.c W i--c. Mi--- .Vima Wil- 
liams, Miss Margaret Walton. Mrs. Joe Weinstein. Miss Ruby Williams, Miss Margaret Walton, 
Miss Ethel H. Weaver, Miss Josephine Warren, Mrs. Henry M. Wells. Miss Nellie Williams. 

(191 ) 

niiii)So\ c 1 wry komew in the world itar. 10141919 

MUs M;irv Wliitoliea.!. Miss Jonnic Ward. Miss Louise Wallace. Miss Dora Wallace. Miss Alice 
Winfrev. Miss Ma;:^ie W liitlen.ore. Miss Lillian Weinbaum. Miss Klizahelli Womaek. Miss 
Mollie L. Wallun. Mrs. Youiif:. Mrs. Louise Yates. Mrs. 11. Zolinski. .Miss Floreme L. Zoplii, 
.Mrs. L. Z<.liiiski. and .Miss Beatrice Zaml.r. 

Mrs. Frank W. Ri.i.u. Supervi-.., ,.l liii> ,l,|,ai liiir,,!. .j;,vr Ihi e„liie each 

(lav to tills work from iiiiie o'clotk in the iiinrniiiL; liiilil 1i\c in llie rxcniiiL;. lor two 

years. Her splendid example as a leader and workei ln-|iirr,l a larire amount of 

llie «ork aeeomplished in this department. Her reciud ..I l..\.ill\ to duty inspired 

workers in all departments of the Nashville Chai)lrr. Ile.l Cro--. as well as other 

patriotic World War oruaiii/.ations. ulio ar<- iiislK pimnl ,,t \li~. KiniiV lovallv to 

Ho-riT \1. (. \l!\ll A !>■ Dll'MMMIA 1. \ \^ll\ II. 1.1 CM \l'l IK \. It. ('. 
\llis. .1(. r>. \l.Ma.\N. (Junrman 

The workroom for niakinu c,.n\ ale, ,.n| and lio-pital Lzaiiiicnls for ihc Nashville 
Chapter. Red Cross, was opened XiijiiM. I'»I7. in the of Conmier.e build- 
\n'j. and. when lanrer quarters unc ncrdcd. the department was later removed to 
the Hermita-e Clul. huildin-. Mi-, jo I'.. Mor'-an was the Chairman Ceneral of 
this deparlrncnl thr..nL'hunl il- .xiMrnc-. and ua- at all lini.- a lailldnl u.ukcr. 
She «as a>H~lrd la a .,„,,- ,,f daN rlKiirnirn. m-prrhn-. ,ulha> an, I pa.f.r-. uho 
a|s,, servcl ,1- al.l,- \ .,l unl,-,i -. \in,inu ll.,- rn,,-l l,.\.d ,,l lli,- ,la\ ,lK.irni,n u,T,- 
\1,-. Ilairv 1'. \hnr,-\. Mi-. ^anin,l On. M,-. ()-,ar WaMLiMli. Mi-. Wall,- (>. 
\\in-|,;Hl. Ml-. Cla\ (-. .-1, ,,11,11-. Mi-. ,1. II. M, .,,.,-. M,-. I'.n.uii ll,,l,,i,l. Mi- l!;ii 
nell !). D.'ll. .Mrs. Joseph W . I'.srn- an, I Ml- Ma, a I . I'mmI. 

.Mrs. Jo H. .Mortrari an,l Mr-. W . 11. Cn-mhMl -ii|„rx i-,',1 ih,- iii-p,'.l„,n and 
pa.-kin-. and Miss Rlhel Wliil,- ua- in ,l,at.,' ,,l ll„- l,nll.,iil.,,l,- nia.liin,-. \li- 
Bvrd .^hehon served as st,„ k.k,.'p,'r an, I M,-. W . W . M, \,alK ua- a in,,-! laulifnl 
v,,lunleer «,,rker. s,-r\ in,^ in am ,apa,il\ llial u,,i,i,l Inill,,-, lli,- aim- ,,1 ill,- <l,'- 

The work of the Hospital (,arni,-iil S,, li..n ,,l ili,- \,i-li\ill,- Cliai,l,r In,,,, ihe 

heginninj: was done l>y anxiliari,-- .in, I ui,,up- li Inn, li,--. , In!,- aii,l pali i,,li(.- 

organizations of Davidson C,,nnl\. uli,, u.,rk,-,l in l,ain- a,v,ii,lin;j !,■ Ia,!,,rv 

methods, each team hein.i: ,lir,', l,-,l l.\ a , aplaiii. W li,n a-,nil.l,-,l lli,--,- u,,ik iii- 

took on the appearance ol a laii:,' l,i,|,,i\. \ll , la--,-- ,,| uonn-n. in, linlinij \,i-li- 
\ille*s most select, deemed il a pi i\ il,".',- I,, d,,n liinvhain ,ipi,iii- and \\,iik in iinisi.n 
for a common cause. 

The hospital Jiarmenls made ui-re l„<l -liirl-. pajaina-. halli i,,l„'-. ,,,n\ al,-,-,'nl 
rohes. l,ed socks ami un.h-rwear. F,,rU -lln.-,- in,,. Inn,-. n,aii\ ,,1 ulii.l, ^^ru■ ,1,, 
naled. were in constant use at head(|uail,i - ,a, li ,la\ an, I lii,ll,,iih,.l,- ina.,liin,-. uilli 
motors attached, were |)resented for use in ill,- u,,ik n- l,\ \a-li\ill,- , iii/,-ii-. 

The larfrest output i)er day of this departmcnl wa- ,,ii,- linn,lr,-,l an, I vvA\\\ '-ar- 
meiits. and ihe largest per week was six hundred ami -i\l\ I,,im. lli,- l,)liil ,,iilpnl 
wa- :'.7.f..'!l hospital ^'armenls. The work of the woni,-ii. I„,lli a- olli, iai- ami pri\al,-s 

in Ihc rank ,,r this d,-parlni,-nl. u.,s - ,,r ih,. ni,,-l palri,.li, i,-ii,l,-r,-,l .lining the 


The followin'.' cliurch.-. . Inhs and ..rL'ani/alioiis ^av,- ,,n ni,,i,- ihu- ca,li 

ueck ill the llo-pilal (;arni,-iil S,-,lioM of lln- \ashvill,- Cliaph-r: 

( 192) 


THE WORLD WAR. I o I 1-1 ') I » 


In the center. I,.,, k ,,l il II I u 

ment. To the lef: i- \li> II I I I m 
row from left to iii;lii u. : \l I I i I 
nett and Mrs. Bn.Hii DuImi I iI I 1 i 111, 

Second row, left lu right Mil II 

(Bessie Lindsley), Miss Laurettt W II \l 

L. Talley, Mrs. Owen Wilson (I x II I I 

Third row: Mrs. Vernon Shaii (I la 1) 
Dave Lowenheim (Tessie Blum) Miss Sarah i 
(Mary Hibbler), Mrs. Lena Hillman 

Top row: Mrs. John Coode, Mrs. Charle 
Blantoa (Anna Hawes). Mrs. W. H. Schuermai 

1^ Mrs Jo B Morgan. Supervisor ( 
Diiector (if Woman's Work. Othei 
Mudthy I Mary Ella Wells). Mrs. 


iiii OniLan I Uai 
H. Landers, Mr 

H. Stetson, Mrs. Craig McFarlai 
(Leonora Badger), and Mrs. Charli 

llie Depart- 
of the first 
hn C. Ben- 

.laidi. Mrs. 
Knox Polk 

Mrs. J. D. 


St. Anne's Chuich, West Nashville, Unit, U. D. C.'s, Peabody Dames, First Presbyterian 
Church, Catholic Women, East Nashville Unit, Christ Church. Advent Church, McKendree 
Methodist Church, Parent-Teaclier Auxiliary. W. C. T. U., Belmont Circle. Centennial Club. 

\'an.l,^iiMll Ahl <nr,rlN, I ). \. K.'.. (), uf r.,M.Tii Suii AiixiliarA. \"iii. S,, -,.,.[ Christian 

ChuH !l. \|..M,r \k-MlM,i.,l |',r-|,M, ,1,111 I lllin 11. NiImImIX mI I 11,1, ,| I Miniii, 1, .,l| IKIM-Irr-. \\".-t 

W I 


Presbyterian Church. South Nashville Women, V. W. C. A. Auxiliary, Council of Jewish Women, 
Donelson Auxiliary, Baptist Women, King's Daughters. Northeast Nashville Auxiliary, Daughters 
of America, Faithful Few, and Edgewood Auxiliary. 

Mrs. Mary BlackweU. of the St. 
weekly meetiii"; for the entire two vi 



was present at eacli 


FIRST FHKM!^H;i!l VN (111 KCll \l \ll.l \I;Y 
Tlu> First Presbyterian Cluiivh I nil ua- lli.- iMriiir, ,.i :_..,iii/,iii,,ii. liavin;: I., ihcir 

credit more finished garmenU lliaii ari\ ..llin niiu. Mi-. Jaini> 1. \ ancc was the 

Supervisor of this unit and Mrs. Joliii Mmkiii ua- (.rin-ral lii>lriMlor ami \ ice- 

Chairman. The workin"; members nl ihr in -I I'lc-lix lii iaii (lliimh I nil \mmc: 

Miss Marv E. Burko. .Mrs. A. Tillman Uxv>. Mrs. M. 11. Dobson. Mr- l l-. ar W ihlkircli, 

A!rs. Kllis Ilujipins. Mrs. Wrner Mo.irr Lrwis. Mrs. Roh.-rt Brannan. Mi- I \ lunl.liman. 

.\[rs. W. K. Harrison, Mrs. llarvov .\l.-xan.l.-r. Mrs. .Marjiar.-l Frierson Hall. M.- 1 W luster. 

.Mrs. GaU-s .\.lams. .XFrs. Ora L. Harris. .Mrs. Jenni.- Nrsbit Zaretor. Mr-. In,.. - I ( ,,l,liv,-ll. 

Mrs. E. T. Kirkpalrick. Mrs. Frank Cray. .Mr.-;. Jam.-s K. I'olk. ,lr.. Mi- (.ill,-,,,, \.l,.in-. Mr-. 

Kichar.l Barr. Mrs. W. C. Dixon. Mrs. Echvarcl Harl. Mrs. Jolin \ \1. !«, „. \1,- I,il„i S. 

Walker. Mrs. Efiie .Mclver. .Miss Ellen Nanee. Mrs. Felix Clieatliain. \li-. \1. I'li. . t, , - (.l,-:,„w. 

Mrs. Tinv .McClelland. .Mrs. 1'. A. Sliell.,n. .Mrs. William Kirklaiul. \1,.. l.luani s|,.,I,a. Mr-. 

Allan Berrv. Mrs. Georf:e Killehrew. .Mr.-;. Arlluir .l..n.s. Mr-. C. K. W.ill.i.,. \1,- -- ,„„„.| ,|,i. 

.Mrs. .Smith Tenison. Mrs. Annie I.indslev Warden. Mr-. William M.kii...k. Mi-.,.- Mr 

Faddin. Mrs. John O. While. Mrs. M. W'. .Moore^. Mr-. Sam M<Ka^. Mi- W ( l.'.inkin. Mr-. 

Claude 1'. Street. .Mrs. Horace 0. Hill. Mrs. Georpe Bradley. Mrs. linneie (;l.„i,,il-. M,-. Thomas 

Kennedy. .Mrs. W. V. Kennedy. Mrs. M. G. Buckner. Mrs. A.lam .Nichid. M,- \l.,i,|. I ri.rson. 

^lrs. Morion B. Howell. Mrs. Edaar M. Fosler. .Mrs. J. I'. W. Bro,vn, ,Mi- II \ II. n,^. Mrs. 

B. Frank Fields. Mrs. W. A. Opden. Miss .Margaret Glenn. Mi- .1.— i,- S,„,||,. \1,„ l^.alierine 

Durv. .Miss Eloise Slockell. Mrs. W. D. Fuller. Miss Lillian I In. 11, I, ran. I. Mr-. !■ . W . \1 ill-|,anf:h. 

Mrs'. Sidney Thompkins. Mrs. E. T. Q-Brien. .Mrs. J. M, Ku,,. M,- I a,„.i l.ll,..n. Mr-. K. A. 

r.indsey. Mrs. John Mason. Miss Louise I'richelt. and Mi- \nii.. Wain.r 

This unit ^vas also ..ii.' of th.- Japj.'sl si'uin;: Mnil> in llu- \a.-iuill,. C.haplrr. 

c:HIRCH of \i)\K\T \l \ll.l \HY 

AinniiL' the -aidaiiis. supervisor- ami u..ikri- ul„, |,|,rial an,! cll,ri,.nt 
service in the .Advent F])iseopal Chur. h \u\iliar\ 

Nfrs. J. Buisi Kichardson. Chairman: .Mrs. J. B. .Swindell. .Mrs. C. H. Broth.r-. Mi- 11. C. 
llibbs, .Mrs. William SchefTer. Mrs. J. N. Chamberlain. Mrs. A. D. Bryan. Mrs. ( l.„„ „l I lax 

mond. Mrs. J. C. Elpin. Mi--^ \rar!:arel Way. Miss Margaret I'olk. Afis* Eli/al.ell, > IrmI.-. 

^riss Amy Nunn. Miss (ierhii.l.- l.,-ui-. Mr-. K. ,-,.,,■ \„i,ii. Mi-, \nn.i C. >lii|.maii. Mi- |),.r..llu 
Hill. .Mrs. A. H. Oliver. Mi-. l; IM.a-. Mr-, M. 11. I'an-li. Mi- \l, (I. ( Mi- Kiila 
Xunn. Mis- Willie Tern,. I.-. Mi- I'm-. ilLi I'.. Ik. Mi- I..1.11., ,S..iiil,^al.-. Mi- laiuiia ban Law- 
rence, Mi- Mar^-arel lh,i/l. Mi- M,.l..ia llill. .111. 1 Mi-. II. ( .. llil.l,-, 

I!I!()\I)\\AV I'KFSIJVTKIUW (ill KCll. \ . S. A.. \l \ll l\i;> Sara Cornelius and iVIiss l.auiellr Walla.,-. Caplain-. Ill,- f,,ll,iu in.i: u,t,- 
■\yorkers in this unit: 

Mrs. L.da Baird. .Mrs. W. B. I'.ili.l. Mi- 1. IV (....n.x. Mr>. J. 1), C.nincton. Mrs. J. G 

<:ummin<!S. Mrs. Horace En-ilaii.l. Mi-. Kii^ Mr-. Minus Flelcher. Mr.-;. Llny.i 

Havnes, Mrs. IL Kai Ilows<-, Mr-, .bilm M.( l,ii.. Mr-, I ilK -liilland, Mrs. C. E. .Skinner, Mrs. 
T. A. Younp. Miss .Sallie Corn,-liii-. Mi- M.irtlia ( ..rii.liii-. Miss Anna B.ners. .Miss Lillian 
Taylor. Miss Marfiar.l liose. Mi- Gra,-,- I!.,-.-. Mr-. Ira l'ark,r. .Mrs. C. K. Coll,-y. Mrs. W. O 
Tirrill. an,l Mrs. j„|,„ |1. I),.\\iit. 

l!Fi,M()\r CIKCIJ. \l \II,I\I!Y 

Mrs. Harrv I.. Williamson. Caplaln. a-l-l,,l l.\ ihc f,,l biu iuL' «,irkers: 
Mrs. W. E. Hil.lMil. Nfr.s. T. A. Curl.-.. M,- I'. \. Moses. Mrs. Chester Brown. Mrs. A. B. 
Clark, Mrs. Georpe Hever, Mrs. J. .\L Dim. 11. Mi- I'orn^sl Graham. Mrs. Henderson Moore, 
Mrs. C. C. Paris. Mrs.' J. K. .Simpson. .Mr-. Tli..iiia- spain. Mrs. E. S. Culherl. Mrs. Fannin 
McBride, Mrs. C. C. Talley, Mrs. J. IL Harrimaii. Mr- \I. Ilarri-..ii. Mr-. 11. 11. Campli.ll. Mrs. 
H. C. Clav. Mrs. Marv Burns. Mrs. A. B. Benedi.i. Mi-. I,. M. o'lin.n. Mr-. A. I!. Li-li,i. \li-. 
J. A. Cooper. Mrs. G. W. Lawrence. Mrs. E. B. Lli-, h.r. ami Mr-. W . 1. Walla,,-. 



Mrs. M. C. McGannon, Supervisor, Section One; Mrs. Walter Stokes, Supervisor, 
Section Two. Mrs. John DeWitt served as Captain of Mrs. McGannon's Section 
and Mrs. C. C. Christopher served as Captain of Mrs. Stokes's Section. 

Pioneer members of Centennial Club Auxiliary included: 

Mrs. R. H. Lacey, Mrs. Clay G. Stephens, Mrs. Jolm W. Moore, Mrs. W. L. Nichol, Mrs. 
C. A. Marshall. Mrs. S. S. Mrs. Percy Williams. Mrs. Samuel Douglas, Mrs. Albert 

r.iill. Mi- Man ■W'rlili. Mi- M.iiiai, M,,. y\\inrr ll:Mii~. Mrs. 


Mrs. John Coode. Supervisor; Mrs. Horace Cauvin. Captain. 
Workers of this unit were: 

-Mrs. John Thompson. Mrs. W. C. Sanders, Mrs. Elizabeth Joseph. 
Mrs. R. F. Regan, Mrs. John Bevington, Mrs. T. J. Wynne, Mrs. W. C. 
Mount, Mrs. P. A. Murray. Mrs. W. J. Morrison. Mrs. John Lowery. 
Mrs. John Trebinsr. Mrs. E. C. I-nat/. Mrs. John "^innntt. Mrs. Herman 

Brackman, Mrs. W. F. \1 i,x. Mr.. I. V. I In.lJI. .im,. Mr~. II. J. Grimes, 

Mrs. J. P. Regan. Mr-. K. I'. \, n.i„. M,-, l^nal/. Mrs. A. C. (GT.rudo bnow) 

Taylor. Mrs. R. F. Marlin.lalr. Mr-. Mari.n CM rr. \li- KUir W innia. Miss Maggie McCormick, 

■Mi- ,--a,li,- llnnuva^:. Miss Mamie Brew. .Miss Lena Tamble. Miss Catherine Neuhoff, Miss 

l.i//ir M \, Ml-- Delia Brew, Miss Elizabeth Breen, Miss Minnie Kaminsky, Miss Cornelia 

< !•■. Ml-- I aili. MM.- Grimes, Miss Alice G. Smith, Mrs. J. F. Murray, Miss Kate Breene, and 

.Miss Callirriuc W innia. 

Mrs. Humphrey Timothy supervised a group of Catholic women who worked 
before the organization of the Nashville Chapter at the various Catholic churches, 
and later came to headquarters to sew. Mrs. Timothy was assisted bv a captain 
from each church, who corralled the workers. 


Mrs. Samuel H. Orr and Mrs. J. D. Blanton, Supervisors. The membership was 
composed of: 

Mrs. J. H. Kirkland, Mrs. C. S. Brown, Mrs. Edward Buford. Mrs. Leslie Cheek. Mrs. J. L. 
nismukes, Mrs. Bruce Douglas, Mrs. William Duncan. Mrs. Hallum Gondloe. Mrs. J. W. Howard. 
Mrs. Bruce R. Payne, Mrs. J. H. Pilcher, Mrs. Charles C. Trabue. Mrs. C. B. Wallace. Mrs. 
('laude Waller, Mrs. Owen Wilson. Mrs. Louis G. Wood, Mrs. Sinclair Niles, Mrs. G. M. Neely. 
Mrs. Jesse M. Overton, Mrs. Percy Warner, Mrs. E. W. Foster, and Mrs. Alex Caldwell. 


Mrs. David Lowenheim, Chairman. The following composed this auxiliary: 
Mrs. L. Frankland, Mrs. Adolph Loveman. Mrs. Martin Loventhal. Mrs. Louis Lowenstein, 

Charles G 

Mrs. Ben Lindauer. Mrs. V. Bach. Mrs. Sol Cline. Mr 

r^Tae Ellis, Mrs. Abram Frank, Mrs. A. L. \l 

Mrs. Isaac Hirshberg. Mrs. Joe Jacobs. Mrs. A ImIim-i 

Joseph, Mrs. H. Kamer, Mrs. J. L. LsPat. Mrs. M. I a/.nn- 

llial, Mrs. Lee Loventhal, Mrs. I. Lowenstein. Mrs. .'mjI Li 

Joe Morse, Mrs. Julius Lowenstein, Mrs. A. Roth. .Mrs. A 

V. S. Sobel, Mrs. A. Weinbaum. Mrs. Henry Weinbaum. Mrs. M. 

Miss Mamie Blum, and Miss Belle Gootlman. 

Mrs. Sam Cohn, Mrs. 
\k. Mrs. A. Hirshberg. 

Ml- \iilnir ,|..-,ph. Mrs. Harry 

Mi-. I! /. Ij\\. \]i-. Dorris Loven- 

in-lrin. .Mrs. Marks. Mrs. 

Rothchild. .Mrs. .M. Rosenthal. Mrs. 

?iner, Mrs. Lee Zibart. 

I)^lll>:<o.\ <:oi\ry n o m e \ i x the no rid war. i9iti')i< 

(iliOl r (IK W. C. 1. I . WoliKKi;- IN I 111 llii-^l'l I \l (. \l;\ll \ I -II I \n\ ii| I UK 

N A>ii\ II 1 1. (.11 \i'ii i; 

First row, left to riyht: Mrs. Lena Wallace O'Barr. .Mi>. \nna M.iiliii Draufiliii. Mrs. Meila 
Cole Taylor. .Mrs. W. L. Tally (Sallic llamplonl. Chairman ..1 unh, \1,.. I. N. Ilvde (.\nnie 
Holt). Top row: Mrs. Emma .lunjierman Rnsi (Mrs. ,|. W . i . \li>. Cvnlliia Ilarrell Carter. 
Mrs. .\. II. Cox (Louise Harii^.n). Mrv Xnna Cail«ri^lil Cnrni, \li-. ,1. llerstrin ( Ava Kvans). 
Mrs. J. C. Walker (.Sallie \I,n,io. 


A U-\ ..f ^^..rk(■l> ,,f tlii- inav \n- Cnin,! liMr,l ninlr, nrall, ih, 

i)\r(,iin,i;s or wiiiik \\ !;r\(ii i 1 1(»\ 

.Mrs. i:. A. Trke. >uyriM~,;. 

Mrs. E. W. Foster. Captain, uilli: 

.Mrs. Jolm Mosl.v. Mr>. i. \. \lar-liall. \li-. Sinclair Nilcs. \lr>. I. .1. \ an Ncs^. an.l Mrs. 
H.,l,in l!li.„lrH. 

( J mi!i:ki,\M) ( Ji \i' I t;ii 

M.-. ]. (). ll.-.KJlcv. Cai-lain. Her luicc iiuliulr.l: 

Mr~. K. W. \IillM>au(;li. Mrs. .1. K. llarl. Mrs. .L W'a-liin^l..„ \l,„,ir .M,-. Cliailr^ M,„tuw. 
Mr.. I!. K. l).,n.i.-ll. .Mr<. Hyron Martin. an,l Mrs. Maf:;;lc I.. Il.rk-. 

•Ill(,M\s M.CuolO ClIM'lt.l; 

Mis. Bruce R. Payne. Captain. A-i-linn llii> iiuil u,re: 

Mrs. .I,.lm Krcic Mrs. A. M. McClain. Mr-. W . (I. rirnll, Mr^. Ki.llev Wills, Mrs. C. ,S. 
I'.rnwn. Miss Apatha Brown, an.l Miss Marv W.l.l, 

i:\>ii i;\ -T\i; \i \iii \in 

Mrs. I'al Oui^'ley an.l Mr-. W . T. W no . .-npcM-,,,-. 

Mrs. S. J. Kleiclwr. Mrs. II. L. Ihi.r.-.,,,, Mi-, W . -. Ililc \1,-. j. K. .|„ln.son. Mi-. 

Maraman. Mr-. C. W. Sclnnl.-r. Mr-, I. I, 1,;.^-. an.l Mr-, ,-, I!. W iN„n. 



Mrs. W. P. Rankin and Mrs. J. W. Hurt, Supei-visors. 

Mrs. W. A. Roberts, Mrs. W. I. Edwards. Mrs. J. H. Campbell, Mrs. Casey Jones. Mrs. 
Charles Eastman, Mrs. E. C. Dargan, Mrs. C. Bauman, Mrs. Kirk Hart, Mrs. J. B. Totten, 
j\Irs. Hite C. Moore, Mrs. Harrv Manbv, Mrs. C. E. Connibear, Mrs. J. M. Gilliam, and Mrs. 
J. O. McKee. 

Mrs. J. W. Hurt, vvliose luitimely death occurred while in service, registered a 
daily attendance for the fifteen months that she was Captain of her unit, and was 
one of the most rapaUle workers in this department. 


isoi Memheis of th 
B mar Mr J hn B II 
\l, I 1 "f, Dean Mr \^ B 
I II \li I s McFadden Mr 
, \l ( II Mr Carl Mitchill 
L ( ^ 11. _ Mr G M b«an 
F \I Geiard Mrs Charle Stet 
'Mr Louhe Vi eele Mr \ii ^ 

Mrs. David T ]\k( ill Su 

Mrs. W. C. Alexan I r M. s 
Cooney. Mrs. J. W (. df1 \li i 
W. G. Ewing. Mrs L II II \li 
T. P. May. Mrs. S W ili i \l 
Mrs. Oscar Waldkirch M 
Mrs. E. W. Mooring Mr 
son. Mrs. Greenlee Tate 
Porter. Miss Kate Jones Mis Margaret McNeilh Mi 
Margaret Wliite, Mis Elizabeth McFadden Mi Abl) 
Spears. Miss Annie McGill Miss Irene Chenoweth Mi 
Mildred Mitchell and Miss Pauline Gerard 

KING'S D\L( HTEKs \l \1LI\R\ 
Mrs. Gibson Patttison tht Count\ '^ ii Pit i 
dent, was Super viboi with Mis H B Chadwell 
Mrs. J. Herstein Mrs John A Jones and Mi 
Florence Robinson sei\ing at diffeient times is Cip 
tains. Those working \Mtli this unit weie 

Mrs. W. E. Norvell Mr 'W IT Bu 
Ezell. Mrs. E. R. Doclitil ^l; ( 
T. Hall. Mrs. Robert Fi iii \i 
Hill. Mrs. Kirk Hart M, \ h 
Mrs. E. P. Blair. l\Ir II 1 , . 
Mrs. R. G. Crowle\ Mr V ( M 

>u hmin 

Fi 1 

\ 1 il 


Mr K D 
Mr \nna 
Mr \ B 
F Butler 

1 1 1 

Mr n 

1 enn.ngt n 
ake H\de A 



lit weie 
\ilhui ( ,n \ Mr \irtor 

File and Mi Janie Outlaw. 

This was one of the first uiiils to organize with Mrs. H. 15. ('Iiadwell as Captain. 
Mrs. Chadwell had a number of residents of the Madison community as eo-workers. 
They included: 

Mrs. William A. Core. Mrs. E. R. Doolittle. Mrs. T. M. Shields. Mrs. L. S. Doolittle. Mrs. 
Harry Gee, Mrs. Tilden Q-Rain. Mrs. T. O. Morris, and Mrs. William Franklin. 


Mrs. W. V. Kennedy, Supervisor, and the following were members of this unit: 
IMrs. Brown Buford, Mrs. Henry Manev, Mrs. John Hollins. Mrs. T. Mortimer Gaines. Mrs. 
E. B. Cayce, Mrs. W. D. Trabue. Mrs. William Sterling. Mrs. 0. H. Brown. Mrs. T. A. Clark- 
son, Mrs. J. H. Smith. Mrs. G. W. Giflford. Mrs. W. G. Templeton. Mrs. C. P. Workman. Mrs. 
James S. Lipscomb, Mrs. J. J. Naive, Mrs. D. .S. Allen. Mrs. B. C. Ford. Mrs. Jennings Bailey, 


DAVID s \ cor \ T y it o m a: v / v r ii e ir o h i. n ii i h. i <i i t-i » i ' 

\ (.Kcl I' (IK CM'I \I\S l\ TIIK IKt^n I \l I. \l;\ll \ I M.(.ll(i\. \ \>ll\ II IK (11 \P- 
'\'i> llii- ri^lu. bottom row, stands Mrs. h> H. M()r»an (Jean (Jibson). Supervisor of lln' Di-part- 
MR-til. To 111., left. Mrs. Hobert F. Jackson. Director of Woman-s Work of lb,- Nasbvill.- Chap- 
ter. Otbers appearing in the picture are tlie Giptains of tlio various units »lio corraleil lln' unrk- 
ers for tliis Deparlnnnl ibroevbout the war. 

Mrs. Robert Creigbton. .\Ir>. I. N. \lr,,n-. Mi-. |..lin W . i ImI.Ii.--,. \Ii-, I.. |:, \i, K. an,!, \lis. 
I!. O. McLean. .Mrs. W. K. M.NnlK. Mi- J, W . I',ni,,,,-i. M,-. W . [.. \l, Mi- \. M. 
Tillman, .Mrs. Sam C. Wilke-, Mr-. ( . I;. W il-..n. Mr-. Ii. n I,. Mallli.u-. Mi-, .lam.- If. \ii,I,t- 
,on. Mrs. D. H. Scanlon, Mi-. A. >. W il-.n. Mi-. C. i;. I!a,l„u\. Mr-. \ an Li|.M..ii,h, Miss 
Maltie W. Thompson, Mjs- M.iia Mafjill. Mi- Klla (,ill..r.l. Mi-. ( bail.- O.I. .in. ami Mi-. I von 

M. ki:\l)l!l,K (III IK II \l Mil \I!Y 
Mrs. Clay C. -^Irplim-. Mi|,ri \ i-.,i . .iimI \Ii- \Iiii,i OIimt. Caiilain. Assisiin- 

with this unit wen- 
Mrs. Jobn Mo..i.-. Mi-. .|..l,n l!a-k.rull.-. Mi-, riiin.r |)...l.l. \h-. Dun, an D.ui-. Mr-. Miles 

Williams, Mrs. K. T. !...«. ■. Mr-. \Kra fall. Mr-, .lain.- K.-.lin;i. Mi-. .l..hii W . Cli.-sl.a. Mrs. 

J. V. (:rawt.,nl, Mr-. K. 11. la..%. an.l Mr-, lam.- H. K//.II. 

\()i;iiii;\sT \ \sii\ II, Li, \i Mil \Vy\ 

\li-» Mil,- SiiprrviMU. TIiiim- u.iikin..! lln ..ii, llir uar uilli llii- 
unit \Mrc: 

Mrs. .\!arv rioaUvrijibl, Mrs. I'bilip .1. Il..n-.r. Mi-. \. 1,'. llall...k. Mi- .1. N ( liainb.i lam. 
Mrv Cassius M. H.ilt. Mrs. J. O. Kckbar.ll. \li- Mux I,..- Tnrn.-r. Mi-. 1). K. lilank-. Mrs. 

Marv Fritz. Mrs. George Kolb. Mrs. \ \1,,. K. n-i.-. Mr-, ll.n I \..iii-. Mr-, l.ini,- 

.--milb. Mrs. M. \I. Ilarvill. Mrs. J. 1). Ilil.-. Mi-. M. M, Mr-. II.iim \.ii1i..II. Mi- \Kille 
Mclta.-. Mi- .Mau.l l'a>ne. and Mi- MarN Sinitb. 

SOI ITI \\s||\ 11,1,1. \l \!I,I\I!V 

Mrs. ,1. II. Cami-h.-ll. Mr-. Cliaib- l!ir„v.rlnian ami \li-. I. Paul II.iimII. Cap 

Mrs. J. \l. {;ant. Mrs. 1,,-ab (wlbert. .Mrs. Molli,- .|.,n,-. Mr-. .1. \\ All.n. Mr-. W i 
Corbitl. ,\Ir-. .1. .Mr-. J. K. Marsliall. Mr-. I.. A. Taiik-lrv. Mrs. Mai M.AIur 


Mrs. Louis Peal, Mrs. H. B. Hill, Mrs. K. II. Murray. Mrs. B,tI (;ci-,.r. Mrs. Carl Mc.Murray. 
Mrs. Mefedith Flault, Mrs. A. T. Cart«rit;ht. Mi- Oplulia Marlin. Miss .),-n„i,- Uuwr,,. Nfiss 
Annie Rowen, and Miss Kaminsky. 


Mrs. Robert L. Sawyer and Mrs. Ira P. Jones, Captains. 

Mrs. A. H. Council, Mrs. J. L. Hopkins, Mrs. J. F. Horn. Mrs. T. C. Joy, Mrs. M. C. Koellein, 
Mrs. W. B. Jones, Mrs. W. H. Sherrill, Mrs. H. J. Marshall. Mrs. M. Y. Sloan, Miss Martha 
White, Mrs. W. A. Overall, Mrs. Charles Baker. Miss Matilda Porter. Mrs. Lou Lusky, and Mrs. 
John Barksdale. 

Mrs. James Moore and Mrs. C. H. Swaim. Supervisors, and the foilowinp; mem- 

Mrs. Ira B. Clark. Mrs. Frank H. Weakley. Mrs. C.,.,-,- T. I ,„,„,,,,,. \l,- I;. II Dnnnan, 
Mrs. Charles T. Wright. Mrs. W. R. Garrett, Mrs. Marx ( . Ii-lu,, \h-, \l,ll^ 1:1, m km,,,. \l,-. 
Charles D. Campbell. Mrs. J. H. Ambrose. Mrs. H. L. 1 i,,-. m„iI,. \1,- I;,,!,,,! i;.,x, ,mI,,I. . \1,-. 
James L. McKoin. Mrs. W. B. Marr. Mrs. George Wade. .\h>. Uillie Din., K, ,-,-. \1,-. W . S. 
Allen, Mrs. W. G. Browne, and Mrs. James Tilt. 


Mrs. Thomas Ncwhill. Supervisor. Mrs. NewbilTs workers eonsisted of: 
Mrs. Tho,,,;,-; \|i|,lrl..,,. \liv \l;,,k ll.,i,iM,i,. Mrs. \\^t^,■^ II, ,i:-. Mrs. L. A. McMurray, Mrs. 
lames \1, ll,,il.,,. Mi- W . I. W^n,,,,. Mi~. I.M,ia,, Ci,-,,,. M,-. Ilaiyev Lee, Mrs. John Mc- 
Creery Mis i;,,|.,ii I \l,r, ,,jil,^ Mi-, W . 1!. I'.allar.l. M,-. William fiarr, Mrs. J. T. Chad- 
wick, Mrs. R. C. i u,^.\.■^. \\i- W. T. Ha^,-. \1,-. ,|,.l,ii I l,.„,ls,,n. Mrs. W. W. Hargrave, Mrs. 
Rush Hawes Mr- I ,iiii,, ii ll,i|.|,i. M,-. 1.'. ( . k.,n.„,. M,-. A. H. Mizell. Mrs. M. B. Morton, 
Mrs. David I'.i, ,■. M,- II, ,,,1,1 I'aii, ,-,.,,. \li-. .1. I!. I'"!"-. Mrs. W. H. Randall, Mrs. J. V. 
Smith. Mi-. M,,,,,I, V ^l,lll^,lll. M,-, Vivian Tiipper. Mrs. J. W. Warner, Mrs. Lizzie West, 
Mrs. r., n ( i,ii,li,,. \1,- I ,,,! W I,, Ill-more, Mrs. J. Matt Williams, Mrs. W. T. Yeargin, Mrs. 
W. T. ^, ,,,,,■. Ml- I I . "i,i,,ii-. \li-s Evelyn Crutcher, Miss Elizabeth Campbell, Miss Meta 
Orr, an,l M,- Man r„,|l., Il,,|.k,„-, 


Mrs. John V. Orman and Mrs. Emmett Holder as Captains, and the following 
members : 

Mrs. Harvey Hogg, Mrs. Berry Cbrislensen. Mrs. E. Van Schaack. Mrs. A. P. Church, Mrs. 
Edwin Godwin, Mrs. John Godwin, Mrs. James Austin. Mrs. Henry Cooper, Mrs. William 
Shrigley, Mrs. Albert King, Mrs. Harry Eskew, and Mrs. Mitchell Austin. 

Mrs. W. H. Schuerman, Captain, and the following workers: 

Mrs. J. M. Anderson, Mrs. W. H. S. Armistead, Mrs. Robert Armistead. Mrs. John Atchison, 
Mrs George Bennie. Mrs. A. G. Brant. Mrs. Stewart Campbell. Mrs. M. M. Cecil, Mrs. Henry 
Colton, Mrs. John E. Dunn, Mrs. Robert Ewing. IMrs. T. G. Garrett. Mrs. Harry Hartupee, Mrs. 
W. E. Hibbett, Mrs. P. D. Hou-t,,,,. Mi-. Ilamili,,,, I,,.v,-. Mr-. .\. P.. Hill. Mrs. C. E. Huggins, 

Mrs. George Martin. Mrs. J. T. \l,(.,ll. \1.- I,, I,,, Ti,,iu 1 \I,",n. M>-- •■. M. Neely, Mrs. 

W. A. Ogden, Mrs. Jessie M. (K,,i,,i.. M,- I ,,,- I'aik,-. M,-. II I' .^aller. Mrs. R. B. 

Steele, Mrs. J. H. Stevenson, Mis. J,.-s., Tl„„i,.i-. Mr-. (I-, ar W al,lkii, I,. Mr-. F. L. Wilkinson, 
Mrs. Bert Young, Mrs. J. A. Witherspoon. Mrs. W. C. Dixon. Mrs. 0. .N. Bryan. .Mrs. W. H. 
Witt, Mrs. Granbery Jackson, and Mrs. Richard Barr. 


l)Alll)SO\ rOfAD ffOMEN IN THE WORLD WAR. 1 9 1 t-l 9 ! 

Mrs Jam.-^r,■. Caplai.,. Tli.- u..,kr,- ,n lln- unit 

Mrs. M. E. Deirvbrrrv. Mrs. W . K. \n, I. ,.,,„. Mrs. JmI„. ,\,lan.s,>n. Mrs. J. \\ H,alt\. Mrs 
J. T. Berrv. Mrs. J. W. Carmicha.l. \li-. C, ,.,•■.■ Calhoim. Mrs. Fielding Gordon. Mi~ \lin.ia 
Brannon. .Mrs. C. C. Dabnev. .Mrs. || \1. DnI...... Mrs. E. E. Eastman. Mrs. C. C. Cain,-.. Mr- 

.\..iia C.MMlail. Mrs. Griffin. .Mrs. J. M. ,1a.. .1,-. \h>. 
Turner Johnson, Mrs. Carey E. M.>r!xa„. M,-. W . K. Me 
Mister, Mrs. Hill Mc.Mister. Mrs. Tl.. ,. -.i |-..Isim. Me 
Gavoek. Mrs. D. MeK.-.>. Mrs. E. E. .M. (,.-.■. M.-. W iliiam 
\. O^.l.n. Mr-. H. C. .'^haeU.-lford. .Mrs. llunt.r I'errv. 
\li-. II W. -t,,nl,^. Ml-. \. ^. Warren. .Mrs. .lanws Vow.-ll, 
\I,- \lai^ sh.irk.ll.iMl. Ml- Fannie Cleaves. Mrs. K. C. 
Mm., I.. M,-. 1... I|,.lnian. \l,- Maud Ballard. Mr-. W .-I 11. 

M,„ Ml-. I. II. liak... Ml-. .\l,-x. I'.-rrv. \lr>. (;il.H.n 

l',ill,r-..ii. Mr-. Fi.-l.liim (;,.r,l„M. Mi- l.iirH.- ll,.lnKin. an.l 

W I >!■ \ \S!I\ 11, 1, 1. \ 

Mr-. {;.„.,ll,„. Ci.kriil. Sn|, 
■uv2 u.irker-: 

Mi- .\. 


Til.' LMriin 
.ft.n us,-,! a- 


Mr-, li. C. W 

1- ,„a,l,- l,\ Mr-. Cuk 

.M^. ,. M,-, W. I., r..iil.x. Ml-. ( . I II, u. -. 

lu.ii.l. Ml-. I.I,, I!,. V.I. Ml- s„,|,, |;„ 

...■ Maiih.x*-, Ml-. N.-il >, l,.ii.-. M,-. 1. 11 M. 
M,- .1,1,11. ■ ( ..nkiill. Ml- I... II Kll.i W.. II. 11. 1. 11 

al.r-. M,-. 
1,1,1- All. ■II. 
,1,-. .1. W. 
M,-. It. I . 
M,-. .1. W. 
ill. Ill-, Mr-. 
. an.l Mi- 

wooDi.wi) --iitKJ.i' i'i;i>inTKi;i w (III !;(: 

.Mr-. .Saim:.l .-. .\l.ka> an.l .Mrs. (,iri ,i l:inl..ii. Caiilani-. I 

Mr-. William Hum.-. Jr.. Mrs. An.lrew OlJii.n. Mr- ( liarl, - I!r. ii-. 
lins. Mrs. Henrv .Spi.-er. Mrs. Eugene llollii,-. Mr-. \\.,li.r ( :, 
Mr-. Wilbur Creiiibton. Mrs. Olnev Davi. -. Mr-. II. (). 
Bla.kwood. .Mrs. G.-ortr.- J. .Slubbl.-field. Mr-. C.r.niir K. 
Gill.-pi,-. Mrs. W. 11. Flam. .Mrs. Anna F. B.-iin.ll. Mi- 
I.aura S|,ie,-r. an,l Mi- / Bask.ll,-. 

K.XST \ \-ll\ II 1 I \l Mil \in 

Mrs. i!.-twi.-U 1). I'.ell. ^ii|M-i\i-..r. ,111.1 M,-. \,-i- 
n„.i .^liar).. Cai-laiii. 

\ .,,iri|.l.-|.- li-l ,,l 111,- iniil uill l„- liiiniil uil!, 
Ill,- Ka-I Na-hvill.- -,-,li,,i, ..I ll„- \\,,iii,,,i-- (:,„i,,„il. 
I,-,', ( „r \ali..ri.,l D.lin-.-. ,,| ul,„l, Mr-. 

Slia.|. uas Chairman. A l.-u ,,1 lli,- u,,rk 
lisicd with the picliir.-. 

Tl..- i)„n,-ls.,.i and \\lill.--s Cr.-.k \i 
u„rk.-r- uill I,.- r<mt..l l,-h-,l im.l.-i ill.- 
\\oni,.n'- Cimmill.-.-. ,,l Mr-. I! 


AH, I91-I-I9I9 


appeannii in thr |ii,i 
J. Hamill.Mu \1,-. II, 
Walkrr. \l,~. W. .1. (. 
L. Junes an.l Mis. kt 

Vernon Hibbelt Shai-)). Captain. Other workers 
u-rty, Mrs. John Hix, Mrs. J. H. Cable, Mrs. W. 
ins Haile7, Mrs. Witherspoon Hayes, Mrs. T. M. 
IS. Miss Bixler Otha, Miss Mary HaJl. Mrs. Walter 

Nichol was Chaiinian, and also under the Red Cross E.xtension Department, of 
which Mrs. George F. Blackie was Chairman. 

The record of the La Rue Chib. of which .Mrs. G. M. Adams was Captain will 

be found with the record of the Knittinji nepartment. 

and also in the Extension Department, as this cluli as- 
sisted in all phases of World War work. 

Other units working in the Hospital Garment De- 
jiartm -nt whose rosters are given elsewhere in this 
volume, and who rendered efficient service, are: West 
End Methodist Church. Mrs. A. G. Duffy. Captain: Christ 
Church, Mrs. Owen Wilson and Mrs. Jose[)h (iihson. 
Captains: Alex Green Unit, Mrs. W. Z. Fontaine. Cap- 
tain; Y. W. C. A. Auxiliary. Mrs. Donna Baird Reaslev. 
Captain; Donelson Auxiliary, Mrs. (]raig McFarland. 
Captain; Peabody Dames Unit, Mrs. 1). R. Gehhard and 
Mrs. Robert S. Webb, Captains; Daughters of America 

Auxiliary, Mrs. W. S. Hite, Captain; Women Residents ^i'LiH-'rHiul'sr 

of Harding Road, Mrs. George Killebrew, Captain: 

Parent-Teacher Auxiliary, Mrs. Alex Irving and Mrs. R. A. Griffin. Captains; 
Auxiliary. Old Woman's Home. i\lrs. Horage G. Hill. Captain. 

DAflDSOiV CO I NT y H' O M E N / ;V THF IC R L I) WAR. 1914-1919 



On dulv. seated al left. Mrs. 15. Frank ri.l.l-. \"i- 
Hi.lianl Uake (Julia Dudley I. In the centn. \1.- ( 
-Mrs. \crnon Tuppcr (Ijniise Frilli). and \Ir-. I lur 
(|uarlers. To (he left, standing', are. Mr-. K. 1. MiC 
tlie Knitting Department. 

■ \ \--ii\ii I K ciniTKi; 

urnian. Sealed to the rislit. Mrs. 
own. Hark of her. standing, are 
I. two vahud.le workers al head- 
,„1 Mr-. U. K. Fori. Chairman ..f 

Ml \ I. \ \^ll\ 
hmI \1k-. 1mn\M; 

Knilliiij; l.v llu- \a^h\ill.-C;hapUr. A. 
(;ravson Murphy, Chief of the Kctl Crn- 
l!c(l Cro.s.s. was feceived at National Ih 

al once one and a half tnilli.m each of kiiil 

hd i.i 

llilr,-. -ur.i 

,-,-. -n,k- an 

. . . 1 ui-c ^ou on hchalf of our -ol 


,n<l iho-,- o 

,an \llir- 

in th<- fro/.-n tnn. h.-." 

The response to this appeal u.i- in-lanl 


in \a-luil 

r ,,n.l l)a\id- 

Hundreds of women came dailv in ih,- Kn 



,,l 111,' \,,-li 

ler. and were piven the wool and llir dii 

r, llnl 

- I<ir ihr - 

iin.rnl- thrv 

make. Records were kept at tin- \.i-li\ill 

■ ( ll:l 

|,1,, ll,,,d,, 

,,llr,-. -I|..u 

many as eifrht hundred and ten li ink- cd 


ur;r ,-ur, 

|.\ il- knill 

nient in one day. The plediic , ai.i- Inr 



ur,,- indrxr, 

so that when the fiarmenl- ucic nliinnd 


olll.l l.r , 1 

.lltcl In Ihc 

or unit who had taken uool oiii. 

Owinj: to the distrcssin;: cnndilioii of 

lie T. 

nnr-c- hu^ 

- in llii- ,^c,n 

cam|)s. special permission was friven to llu 


Xlllr Chap] 

r lo make -1 

the Red Cross Field Directots at Can,,, 


n. S. C. a 

fori Ol'IciI 

and at Camj) .Sevier. S. C. 

I-'orlv-five sweaters and -caif- and iiin 
\anderl.ilt Unit l.v the \a-h\illr lic.l C 
this unit's sailing for overseas duty. 

It has heen estimated by experts thai 
times that of the wool. .Accordinjr to lli 
Nashville Chapl.M .,f the R.-.l Cros- w..ul( 
Nashville Cli.iplrr'- Knillin" DcparlrnenI 

iL. Dcpailrnrni 

I knlllr, 
I- knill. 

U Ihr 


shipment of knitted garments received at tiie Soiithucstern Division Hcadqiiarlers 
of the Red Cross, at Atlanta, Ga. 

A competent office force in the Knitting Department was re(|uired al all times 
to receive and distribute wool, to keep the thousands of knitters sujjplied with 
work, and to give accurate instructions. The women selected by Mrs. Fort and 
Mrs. McConnico for this particular work included: 

Mrs. Vernon Tapper, Mrs. Cliarles Hunt, Mrs. A. B. Anderson, Mrs. James E. Caldwell. 
Jr., Mrs. Charles S. Brown, Mrs. Edward Craig. Jr., Mrs. M. M. Cecil, Mrs. Felix Cheatham, 
Mrs. Thomas Keeling, Mrs. John Kreip. Mrs. Geci-e F. Blackie. Mrs. John Thompson. Jr., 
.Mrs. B. Frank Fields. Mrs. Ri.hanl OA,-. Mr^ \m„,ii, BaM,,. M,-. Van., Al.xan.l.T. Mrs. 
Charles Davitt. Mrs. R. E. Dnnnrll. \li-, \Kk I,.-uL \.h I. \|,- M„,m \m, L \I,-. C. A. 

Manthey, Mrs. W. O. Parmer. Mi- ,|nl,,, (>,,- \l.- ( .,,„pl.. II l',M,-, \i:- I W . y,^.■. Mrs. 

Frank Horn. Mrs. D. R. Gebhardl. Mr-. W . 1'. luilland. _\li-. William i;. Miaum,,-. Mrs. J. T. 
Halbach. Mrs. Arthur Jarvis, Mrs. Cla) G. Stephens. Mrs. Abram M. Tillman, Mrs. Louis H. 
Sperry. Mrs. John Cummins, Mrs. W. H. Doty. Miss Hazel Brandon. Miss Bes.sie Barksdale, 
and Miss Rubie Simpkins. 


Among some of the knitters who did exceptional work in the Nashville Chaji- 
ter, A. R. C, and who received the highest commendation from Mrs. Fort. Mrs. Mc- 
Connico and all Red Cross officials, were: 

Mrs. Nannir Howse Allen. Mrs. Susan Hill Alley (Mrs. J. W.I, .Mrs. Bessie Alley. Mrs. 
Floreno- b'n--, , IlaL, ,■ (Mrs. T. B.). Mrs. Nellie Temple Brothers (Mrs. C. H.I. Mrs. Clara 
Foskett l-.iMvn i\l,- C, S.). Mrs. Malinda Howard Cecil (Mrs. M. M.). Mrs. Louis Wood, 
:\Irs. A.M.,- ( a.M|.|.. II Cooksey (Mrs. J. L. I . Mrs. Ada Shaw Core (Mrs. W. W.). Mrs. Fanny 

V,aii;;li iKui- .\ii- k. C), Mrs. CharU- llii.ll.^ I -. Mr-. I!.lli.' Cil.l.- i Mrs. J. s. i . 

M,-, l.liiL, \,,|,„ I .-rris (Mrs. J. C. I . \li- Hinl- -l,a-.,n. \l,- i n. n Manning.. \irv \lav 
i'.iMi.- Ii. M- i\li- B. F.). Mrs. Inez \\..;u..i\n l,.!li- -M,- Hin, I . \l>-. .\niii^ |l..wii.v 
Gadd) l.\lr,. ,1. K.i. Mrs. Carrie Scrug!;s Giam. .\1... Talnll,,, ULi. kmaii (.iii,,.- (Mr-. (). L. i , 
Miss Mary Smith. Mrs. Johnnie Fowler. Mrs. A. N. Il.illal.auiil.. Mr-, dm.- Ilan.-v Jones 
(Mrs. M. 0.1. Mrs. Calista Bailey Manthey (Mrs. C. .\-i. Mr- l'..,i,r I'lnllip-. Mr-. A. B. 
Anderson. Mrs. Bettie Harris Piokh- (Mrs. G. H.K Mrs I.I,,, I,,, I, k.ll.v I'.. i..n (Mr- J. N.), 
Mrs. W. n. (-....k. ^rr-. lu.k.-ii- Pill- I Mr-. .T. \ '. Mi-. I.I,, I', n. II. La, l;,i,,-.l.-ll (Mrs. 
T. D.l. Mr- Til. .,>,,,- li.. Mi- I. II. /.,,.. .a. Mi- \\.|,-i., -,,,,.1.,- Mi- Annie 

Van C, ..,!,, I. Ml- \, ■ W.i.l.- W ,1k.-. Mi- \ll..i' k,,,-. Mi- II ,.- ^ii.ii.a, Mi-s Julia 

Hindman. Mi- Mai\ kx',- ,|..m.--. Mi- Winna s.,r.i.jLi-. Mi- M.imai.l \ an, ,■. Mi- Frances 
Pilcher. Miss Lucy Butt„rff. Miss Maud Ballard. Miss Kitti,' B.rry. .Mrs. ,^. Walters McGill. 
Miss Ida Cavert, Miss Lillian Taylor, Mrs. W. A. Core, Mrs. John Coode. Mrs. Count Boyd, 
and Mrs. Marshall Polk. 

The following women were ardent supporters of the Knitting Department, work- 
ing untiringly for the splendid results secured for the Nashville Chapter bv this 

Miss Stella Abrams. Mrs. A. F. Acree, Mrs. A. G. Adams. Miss Florence Adams. Mrs. G. M. 
Adams. .Miss Zula Adams, Mrs. John C. Adamson. Mrs. E. J. Adkisson, Miss Cornelia Alberts, 
Mrs. J. L. Albers. Miss Natelle Albert, Miss Inez Agerton, Mrs. Carter Alexander, Mrs. 
M. C. Alexander, Miss Ruth Alford. Mrs. A. S. Allen, Mrs. Armstrong Allen, Miss Arquilla 
Allen, xMiss Belle Allen. Miss Bessie Allen, Mrs. J. T. Allen, Miss Katherine Allen. Mrs. 
Nannie Howse Allen. .Mrs. Will Allen. Mrs. J. W. Allev. Miss Annie Allison. Miss Jennie 
Aline .\-li»..rlh. Mrs. William .\Il..way. Mrs. J. T. .\ltmaii. Miss Ell.n .\mbr.,s,^. Miss 
Flora F. \,nl. ■..-.■. Mr- 1 II, \,„l. ,..-.•. Mrs. A. B. Aii,l.i-..i,. Mi-- Marx i: \i,.l.a-..n. Miss 
Gladys .\,,.l.r-..,,. Mi- .1. ll. \i„l.i-,.ii. Mrs. Louis A11.I.1-..11. Mi- \!, \,,.l.i -.11. Miss 
Agnes»-. Mi- \ Miss Amelia A|M.I.-I..n. Mi- lli/a \il.-.l^.-, Mr-. Alyin 
Armstrong. Mrs. T. B. Armstrong. Mrs. J. C. Arrington. Mrs. E. I . \-l,l..i.l. Mr- P. I! \-k.-w. 
Mrs. J. G. Atwell. Mrs. John R. Aust. Mrs. J. W. Austin. Mrs. M,i,l„ll .\n-iiii. \l,- ( liail,- 
AyereU. Miss Eleanor Bailey. Mrs. J. A. Bailey. .Mrs. W. H. Ba.l.x. Mi- ll.l. n IJaiil. Mi- 
Lola Baird. Miss Virginia Baird, Mrs. J. H. Baker, Mrs. Henderson Baker. .Mis. J. W . Baldwin, 
Miss Maud Ballard, Mrs. W. B. Ballard. Miss Elizabeth Ballow. Miss Nora Barclay. Miss Nellie 
L. Bardill, Mrs. C. Barham, Miss Martha Barham, Miss Bessie Barksdale, Miss Kate Barks- 


DAiiDSoy coi .\r\ iiume.\ i .\ the iroKi.i) hah. I'mioio 

.!al,-. .\rrs. I'aiil Harm-s Mrs. Miles W. Bariu-s. Mis. C. F. liarn.-lt. .Miss Adilir B,ll Barr, 
Mrs. K. T. Barr.ll. Mrs. l)„ra Barton. .Mrs. J..lin Baski-rville. Mrs. Frank Bass. Mrs. A. B. Bass. 
Mrs. John M. Bass. Mrs. Frances Baleman. .Mrs. Alfred Battle, Mrs. Oscar Baer. Mrs. Heiirv 
BaiiMian. .Mrs. Fil Baxter. Mrs. Lewis T. Ba.xter. Mrs. Berry Bayless. Mrs. R. B. Beal. Mrs. W . K. 
Braril. Mrs. W . E. B.arden. Mrs. W. P. Bearden. Mrs. Donna Baird Beaslev. .Mrs. J. F. Beatv. 
Mrs. Bettie S. \'.r,-.\rs. Mr-. William Beeslev. Mrs. Bennett D. Bell. Mrs. Harry II. Bell. Miss 

Elizabeth Bell. Mrs. John Arnold Bell. Mrs. J. T. Bell. 

Miss Lillian Bell. Mrs. C. A. Bellamv. Miss Eli/.al,cth 

i;,na^h. Mrs. 11. C. Benajih. ^riss Alberta Bennett. 

\li-s Fannie Bennett. Mrs. J. C. Bennett. Mrs. S. V. 

i;.-,.Mr. Sister \I. Bernard. Miss Kalherine B.^rrv. Mrs. 

V, T II., IV \|,- (..■,„M,:,-k„..\ |!,.,,^. \|,-. i;. B. 


.1. ki 

Ml-- <. 

... .■ 

r, \l,-. (.enr^e K. Blaekie. 

\! - 1 

l; H kvVM., 

M,-- 1 .1, 

, M 

Ml- \lrna Blackstock, .Mrs. 

-, i. .:.,.■,■ i:. Blake. Mrs. Vaujshn 

•.K,k..,i..i.. Mi^s Marv Blaken.ore. 

.1,. \ 

.,!.■ lil.,,1 


1 1) l!kui|..ii. Miss l',-arl Bled 
il.Mi,-. \li- ll.l.M Bl.-Nins. Mis- 



- \K-in,;, l!l,,.k».ll. \lr~. 11. C. 


Ml- \li\ 

•,.i..,.i-kv. \i.-. i;. ( . n..;;le. \L-. 

1 . \l. 
IL 11. 

V...u.\. \1, 

l'...,„l. \1 

- K 

1, i;,.n.L Ml-, i:. ( . H..niier. Mr-. 
N. r,..i.ii.r. M,-. Kulli li.. liner. 

Mr- 1 

. l'...nlri 


li- Maiv 1! Ii.imI, Mi- I.N.lia 

r...n. 1 

1.1. \||- 


les Bowman. Mi-, \\ \. \in^,^er. 

\Ii-. 1 

t.. I'...\ 


Mrs. (:(nint 1!. I1..\.L Mi-- Daisy 

l:..v.L Ml- (..itni.l.- Bovd. Mrs. .1. I,' \\.■^A. Mi^. C. 
II. .M H.adl.Md. .Mrs. J. k. Bradford. Mi,-. J. ( ,. I!rad- .\Iis,s Jean C. Bradford. Miss .Sarah Bradford. 
Mrs. Ge.irce Bradley. .Mrs. Ihigh Bradlev. Miss Frances 
Hramlell. Miss Bessie M. Brownwell. Miss B,-ssie Brand. 
Mi-- Dorolhv Bran. Ion. Mis> Mary Brandon. Mi->e C. Brandon. Mrs. K. B. Biaiinon. Mi-. W , II. 
Ihannoii. Mi- Ilel.n Braiil. Mrs. IL W . B1..II..11. Mi- 
'" i\.n'!'''i """ M.ii-ar.l Bra/ell. .11. Mrs. \. (.. l!n-a-l. Mi- D.lla 

Hr.u, Ml- 1:. Ili.«. Ml-, I, M. IIii.l--, Mr-. 
S. S. BripRs, Mrs. Felix Brifiht. .Mrs. .\ll>,ii Itmi. Mi-, C.,...:. I, I;mii. Mi- I'.im lli..inl.,rn. 
Mrs. C. H. Brothers. Mrs. Charles Brower. Mi- I r.,..»... Mi-, Inn,- V.,..:s,u Mi- (, S. 
Brown. Mrs. Enloe Brown. Miss Eleanor Broun. Mi>. lLiiii|ih.n l;i..»n. Mi-, I, I', W . r.n.wn, 
Mrs. Laurent Brown. Mrs. I'erey Brown. Mrs. Zaeh Broun. M,-, W I', llinr,-, Mi- l.oiii-r F. 
Bruce. Miss F. L. Brnnner. .Mrs. C. E. Brush. Mrs. Louis M I' Mi- M.iiii.ii.l Brvaii. Mr-, 
(). .\. Bryan. Mrs. W. A. Bryan. Mrs. Charles Buchanan. Mr-, M.iii Hii. kn. 1. M.- \iii.i.- F.11. kii.'r. 
,Miss Marsiarel Buckner. .Miss Mary Ilardinf: Buckii.i. Mi-, H, < , I'.n. II. Mi-. I!i..uii liiil..i,l. 
Miss Elizabeth Buckner. .Miss Helen Buford. Mi-s M.iimmI lliil..!.!. Mi-, I .lu.ii.l Hiil.u.l. \li- 
l.'uth Bulla, Mrs. Charles Bunlin. Mrs. Lucius Bunh. Mi- I (» l;.nt... Mi- I f, Kinkc Mi-. 
E. K. Burke. Miss Mary E. Burke, Mrs. E. R. Burr. .Mr,-. 1.. J. Dn-hu, II, \Ii-, I . «i- K, I'.uil.i. 
.Mrs. Joseph W. Bvrns. Miss Lillian Butler. Miss Lucy Bultorlf. M,-- Mnv I , I'.mh-. Mi- 
Florence Cable. Mrs. J. 11. Cable, Mrs. James E. Cahlwell. Mrs. J. K. < ,, M, ,li , Mi-, Tl,..ii,,i- 
1'. Calhoun. Miss Annie Laurie Campbell, Mrs. A. C. Campbell. Mi-, l> M, ( ,i,n|.l..ll. Mi- 
Elizabeth Campbell. Mrs. H. T. Campbell. Mrs. J. H. Campbell. , l.u.ille Caiiipb.ll. Mi- 
Ella Cantrell. Miss Sue L. Cantrell. .Mr.s. J. W. Cardwell. Mrs. J. W. Carmichael. \li-, II I! 
Carre. Mrs. Bruce Carmichael. Mrs. A. M. Caroll. Miss Martha Carroll. Mrs. C. C. Carl, r. Mi- 
J. O. Carter. Miss Rowena Carter. Mrs. J. B. Caryer. Mrs. Ben J. Caryrr. Miss K-ili, 1 (a-,-. 
Mrs. D. D. Cason. Mrs. R. \l ( a--.l^. Mrs. Ambrose Cayce, Mrs. K.nn.lli ( mn... Mi- l.iin, - 
A. Cayoe. Mrs. H. Cauyin. Mi- --nli.- Cauyin. Miss Annie CaycM Mi- \ I (. Mi- 
Corinne Cavert. Miss Ida (av.ii. Mr-. J. M. Cavert, Mrs. P. R. Mi- M M ( .,,1 Mi- 
Ernest Chadwell, Miss .Martha Cha.luell. .Mrs. Gladys Cbamberl.nn. Mi- M.nv I , < l,,,n,l.. 1 lam. 

Mrs. J. C. f:arlwri(;bt, .Mrs. S. A. Champion. Mrs. E. B. CI,, II. \li- I I,-. 1 l,,i,li,,,. Mr-. 

Felix Cheatham. .Mrs. Robert Cheek. Mrs. John Cheek, Mrs. II \. ( 1,. ii,.u, th. Mi- II W I, 
.Mrs. W. <:. Ch.-rry, Mrs. J. W. Chester Mrs. Jeanette Chil.h.—. Mi- I ..1,1- M ( l,,l.|i. — . Mi- 
Mil.lred Chrislman. .Mrs. C. C. Christopher Miss Mollie Claiborne, Mi- ( liii-tin. ( l;,ik, Mr-. 
Dan Clark. Mi- Dorothy f:lark. Miss Eli/.al,eth Clark. Mrs. Isabella Clark. \li- K^illi. , m.- Ilark. 



JVIiss Marie Clark, Miss Mary Helen Clark 
Elizabeth Clarkson, Mrs. T. A. Clarkson, Mi 
IMartha Clements, Miss Rachel Lee Qementi 
Nathan Cohn, Mrs. E. W. Cole, Miss Lucile 

•, Mrs. .Sheffield Clark. Miss Kailh Clarke. .Miss 
is Annie Claybrooke. Miss Eliza Claybrooke, Miss 
, Miss Beatrice Cockle. Mrs. C. K. Cockle, Mrs. 
Cole. Miss Carri.- (-..ImKin. .Mrs. J. R. Coleman, 

Mrs. J. T. Coleman, Mrs. T. H. Coleman. Mrs. William i mI, ,„ 
Lelia Collins, Mrs. George T. Colyar, Mrs. C. E. Conil>.,,i. \l 
Ward Conley, Mrs. C. P. Connell. Mrs. W. J. Conner, Miv Jnl,, 
Mrs. S. M. Cook, Mrs. J. L. Cooksey, Miss Margaret Cooper, Mr 

Corbitt, Miss Martha Corbitt. Mrs. W. 
Katherine Corlett. Miss Martha Corjidi 

II. 11. C.i Mi.^ Kalliriinr r,„nl», 

\li-. Mary A. Coles, Miss 
^.illii- Cornelius, Mrs. Sara 

jr. Miss Mabel H. Cook, 

Enimett Cooper, Miss Lonise 

Core. Mrs. W. L. Corder. Mrs. B. M. Corlett, Miss 
Miss Sarah CurneHus. Miss Frances Cornelius, Mrs. 

I. Ml-. .1. M. C.N,.,!. 


r-. Mi- 
tt W . ( 

- Margaret Creighti.n. N 
I..U. Mrs. J. A. Crillnnl 

. Crockett. Mrs. J. !•:. 
-. W. I. Crnrkitl. Mi- 

tt 11 


.. l; tt. Ciichlow, 
. Ml-- I innia May 
." k. II. Miss Mar- 
ttai kills Crockett. 
1-. K. S. Crutcher. 
. Mrs. J. G. Cum- 
llMM Cunningham, 
Ml-. ( . C, Dah- 



Ml- .M 

Bessie Davis. N 
Davis, Mrs. Hn 
Mrs. L. H. DaN 

Cliail.-. HaWll. 

Ml-. Willir l;ulh Uawdsull. .Miss 
M^. Mrs. G. W. Davis, Mrs. H. C. 
Ik. J. K. Davis, Mrs. K. C. Davis, 





s, Mrs. 

. M 



1 1 




)rtt 1 

T. M. 
D. K. 

. M. E 
t. Mrs 

\ A 

Nellie Itiliiiu'li.iiM. Ml- ( 
William lli-imik. -. Mi- ^ 
son, Mrs. U. K. DmiumII. 
Mrs. W. H. D..i\. Ml-, i: 
Elizabeth Dougki-. Mi- \ 
Drake, Mrs. J. H. Diakr. 
R. M. Dudley. Mrs. A. C. 
Aline Duncan. Mrs. M. T 
mire. Mrs. H. V. Dunn. 
Duval. Miss A. F. Dyas. \ 
Mrs. E. G. Eastman. Mi 
Louise Edwards, Miss N 

Agnes Ellis. 


M. J. 

hill-. \ 

1- Mn 


Mrs. W. J. 

B. A. Enlu,.. 


I. \. 1 


Ml-- 1 

Ml I 

' ii.i 

'luiii. Ml- 1 

Mrs. Will 1 

i\ 1 1 1 , 

Ml- W 

!• 1- 

. -. \l 

- K 


liiii.l-. . \li 

Evans. \li- 




\lli.ii 1 


1^. \ 

1- 1 . Il\ l.u 

Ewing. Mi- 


\ I'wii 

'■. Ml- 



Ml-. W (. 

P. M. Ezell 



Ezell. Soph 

e B. 

Ezzell, -Miss 

H. W. Fall, 


J. E. 


g. Miss 



ne Farrell. 

Farris, Mrs. 


e Will 

am Fall 

Mrs. I 


s. Mrs. Willi 

Gertrude F. 

. Mrs. 

w n. 



ss \liliir. l„n F.- 

J. Ferris. M 

-. I! 

1' In 

M-, Ml 




\ii- r.,.iii 

Anne Fh. . 

h- \ 

IllN \ 

1 i-li' 1 


' 11 


■l-li.a. Mi- 

gerald. Mi- 



i;.in. \l 

-- 1 \. 


lian. Ml-, 1 

Miss Ada Mai Fl 


Mrs. \ 

Mill- 1 


.1. \ 

Irs. J. M. F 

)i. krrson. Mrs. E. J. Dillard, Miss 
iiiukrs, Mrs. Miller Dismukes, Mrs. 
Ii- ,| K. Dean. Mrs. Allen Dob- 
i; llnolilllc. Mrs, \rnrv C. Dorris, Ml- 1 ilia l>,.ii.,li,,lv. Miss 
.1-. Ml- II ^. hn»,,i„^. Ml-. Annie 
iinuirjiii Ml- ^m1 K, UiaIus. Mrs. 
-r 111, 111, 1, Ml- I S. Dunbar. Miss 

-. S liiiiH.i.i Mrs. C. E. Dun- 

11,11. Ml- (.,..,.. hurv, Mrs. E. B. 
■. Ml-- \l,,,^ Dn. , Mr-. ,I"hn Farlv. 

ds. M,-- Kalli.Mh. I ,l«,,|.|-. Miss 
Eliinll Ml-- \ll,M„l I 11, oil, \I,- 

. Flli-lM,, M,- M,,,,,,,,i KIs. Mrs. 
Il.iux ( I ,u ,,. M,-. \,nrv |-:rwin, 
- \,iliiii I Km,-. M,- llarrv W. 
.11,, M,-- I ,ail„ Iam,,,. Mi- Mary 
i;«iiir. Miv l.iini- i:. K/A-ll. Mrs. 
= .Nell Fain. .Mrs. W. T. Fain. Mrs. 
Mrs. Norman Farrell. Mrs. Alfred 

rris. Mrs. S. Fensterwald. Miss 
Mr^ I, r F,Tris, Mrs. Maria 

,il,. Il, I i-lua. Ml- ^aial'l Fitz- 

I 1,1 L'. Ml -. l.iillai Fleming. 

■n. Mrs. W. 1. Fh.rsliein, Miss 
Fontaine. Miss Marv Ellen Fontaine, Miss 
Blanche Ford. Mrs. F. N. Ford,-. M,-. i:. I.. I'.,rt. Mrs. C. C. Fowler. Mrs. James Frank. Miss 
Louise Frank. Mrs. John P. Frank. .Miss Lillian Frankland. Mrs. J. C. Franklin. Mrs. James 
Frazer. Mrs. E. R. Freeman, Miss Lillian Freeman. Mrs. Harry F. Friedman. Mrs. E. W. Frye. 
Mrs. Leo T. Frye, Mrs. Emma Fugett. Mrs. Ida M. Fulcher. Miss Elizabeth Fuller. Miss Louise 


U.tllDSOX (:Ot\TY «OME.\ 1 .\ THE If () K L I) WAR. 1914-1919 

GROIP OF \\(H!kl 1!- I\ Till III \lnM \IMI.I!■^ ol Till, kMITINC 
1)1 I'M! I Ml AT. \ \--ll\ II I I ( II \l'l I i;. \. K. C. 


H. Fuller. Mrs. W. H. Funk, Miss Dorothy Fuqua. Mis^ M.i 

M.-. J. R. Ga.ldy, 

Mrs. Albert F. Gaines. Miss Edna Gaines. Miss Lula (lain.-, \li-- \nii (,,iiil,.r. Mrs. Marshall 
Gaither, Miss Louis Galbreath. Mrs. Pauline Galbreath. M.- T \1 ( ..,ll,,,l,. , \l,s. J. B. Gallo- 
way, Miss Elizabeth Gannawav. Mr<. I , ,1. Ciirner. Mrs. Tlioma,-, W . G.u.liin. Mi.-,. W. T. Garrett, 
Mrs. L. E. Gates, Mrs. .Inlm \ l,,,ni. Mi-- M,ii\ Gant. Mrs. Minnie Gee, Mrs. S. H. Gee, Miss 
Virginia Gee, Mrs. E. .^. (.ri/n,.iii. Mi- |m, i,il,-.,,n, Mrs. Alonzo Gilbert. Mjss Hortense Gilbert, 
Mrs. Leonard Gilbert, Mi-~ l.ii.i (.HI..,, I. \h-. Lillian Gill, Mrs. Laura C. Gillespie, Mrs. D. R. 
Gebhardt. Miss Elizabeth Gilliiand. Miss Clara Gilliland, Mrs. J. W. Gillock, Miss Katherine 
Gilmore. Mrs. McPheeters Glasgow. Miss Mamie Cleaves, Miss Elizabeth Glenn, Mrs. James L. 
Glenn. Mrs. J. P. Glenn, Mrs. L. C. Glenn. Mrs. S. B 
C.I.-ni,. Ml-. A. S. Glover, Mi^s Lillian (■.I..v.t. Mrs. 
::. A. Cclirif:. Mrs. D. T. (h,.Iuiii. \h-- C.rinne 
(;,.l.ll..m. Miss Emma Goodum. Mi- Mm.i Gold- 

l..'!-. Ml" J.Mll 

Mr-. Olu.' C.llilhan. Mi-s I, a ( I, ill. Mrs. 

. \l.- W. M. 

W illiaiii Good- 

I ' .Ipasture, 

i;il\ i....>drich. 

Ml-. ■^..| Go7- 

l..inaii. Miss 

Ml- Minnie 

..aiiil.iH.I. Mrs. 

-. -\ii>s Grace 



cs, Mrs. Will Gra 
Frances Gray, Mr 

Miss Annette C. Green, 

1,1 1,1. .11. Mi-- Minnie 
(.1. .11-1. ,111. Mi-s May 

I Gri.-f. Mrs. 

n. Mrs. O. C. 

A. Griswold. 

d. Mrs. A. H. 
r.iinn. Miss 

.ini,^ llandley. 

II.iihIIv. Mrs. 
l>,lia llager. 

Halloran, Mrs 

Mrs. Avery H 

Harding. Mrs. IlumpV 

grove, Mi- 

mon. Mi — 

rington. \l 

H. E. llai 

Harris,. I.. 


Follis was confined lo an Mrs 

knitted several liunjrcil gar- Hailey. Mrs. Will T. Mil', ll 

Katherine Hall. Mi- k,,i. 
Mrs T. Grahani Hall M.-. 
C. H. Hamilton, Mrs. Ed. Hamilton. Mrs. W. H. Hamptu 
idly. Miss Frances Handly. Mrs. Ross Handly. Mrs. R. S. 
Hardisnn. Mrs. W. A. Hargis. Mrs. A. J. Ha 
ITa■-,..^.■. Mi- Kalll.aill.' ITnlan. M,-, riiall.- ITa 



W . 


[. B. lla»kiii-. \ll- M.ll^ai.'l ll.iuki.i 

Hayr-s. Ml- l\,i --, II., 1. 1. Ml- (.1.1.11 II. 11. 1. a-,. 11. Mr.s. J. T. I 
Mr-, \. Il.nk.l. \li- I. mill. II. i, I. in. \li- U. \. Henrv, Mrs. .! 
11.11-., II. Ml-- I 1,111..- II.1I..11. Ml- 1; II, 11, ili.a-t, Mrs. thoma- I 
Ml- Main,- 11.11-.- Ml-, 1;, \l. 11.11^.-. Ml- Ben Herman. M 
llibhett. -Mrs. .1. W. Hicks. Mrs. .\1. K. Hicks. Mrs. L S. IT, i.ll. Mi 
Hill, Mrs. Hugh Hill. Miss Louise Hill. Miss Laura Hill. Mi- M.i. 
HilL Miss Rosa Hill. Mrs. W. H. Hill, Mrs. Lena Hillniaii. Mi- 
Hirsch, Miss Elise Hirsch, Mrs. W. S. Hirsig. Mrs. A. HirslUar; 
W. S. Kite, Mrs. J. S. Hite, Mrs. Jesse Hit 
Rosa Holbach, Mrs. C. D. Holderman, Mrs. 

Ml- M. J. 

F. Hancock, 

Harding. IVDss Virginia 

rgrnve. Miss Cecil Har- 

nni.n. Mi-s \a.,n,i Har- 

11, 1. .11. Ml-, S. \. Har- 

\li- Kii, II, nil-. Mrs. 

I km I-,. 11. Ml-. W. M. 

Iki.Iinan. Miss Minah 

Ml- ( . R. Hatch. Mrs. 

MM ilix.s. Miss Isabell 

,,ii. Ml- J. O. Henley, 

I, ii-.,n. \li- William J. 
. Ml- kiiiiki, llcrblin, 
..1,1 II. -I. a-. Mr-. W. E. 
11 F. Hill. .Miss Frances 

II. >riss Mary DeMoville 
Hindman. Mrs. Natelle 

. George M. Hite, Mrs. 
Mrs. WUlis Hitsing, Miss Elizabeth Hough, Miss 
/. J. Holeman, Mrs. Charles Holmes, Mrs. L. P. 


DA I I DSO .\ C I A' T y If O M F. V / \ 7 // A H ( ' K I I) IT A R. 1914-1919 

(,i;oi I' 111 KMi iim; i\-ii;i ( ini;v (n i m. \ \^ii\ n i i, mi \i'. 

TEK. A. K. C... IJODlll A I line .VIA IK I AIK. i'JIT-IVi;;. 
Those in the picture are: First row. left to right: .Mrs. E. W. Frye, 
and .Mrs. Powell. Second row: .Mrs. Jesse H. Thomas (Belle Luttrell), 
.Mrs. W. H. -Schuerman (Leonora Badger). Mrs. 1'. U. Houston (Margaret 
Robinson). .Standing in rear: .Miss Fannie O. Walton. -Mr^. I!\rnii Mariin 
and Miss Rebecca Jones were also members of this group, ind ilu ' uld- 
est and youngest" knitters were also stationed at this bucili. 

ilolm.>. Mr-. M.irv K. ll.dmes. Miss Sue Ilo'mcs. Mrs. E. L. Ilollan.l. 
A. Ilolladav. Miss' Courln.-y ll.dlins. Miss Eli/.ah.-th llollins, Mr... E. ' 
llollingworth. Mrs. Furmaii II.H,|„r. Mi- liuv II, ...Im. Mr-. A. .1. Iln, 
Mrs. Ada I.ou Hopkins. Mr-, JmIiii ll..|ikii,-. \l,- \l;nv l!.|l li.i|.ki 
Mrs. .M. I. Horn. Miss Eon,-, ll,„„.i. \li-, W . ( . ll,,o-l,..,. Mi-. \l. 
Ih.uslon, .Miss Marv D. Holl^l^„. Mr.-. J.inu.- Ilu»ard. Mr-. l;.M,,,,n I 
Miss Intv. Howe. Mrs. J. B. Ilow.ll. .Mrs. John T. Howell. Mi- \1 II 
Howell. Mrs. R. B. C. Howell. Miss Ella Howse, Mrs. W. II ll..«-,. 
Mrs. H. Kai Howse. Miss Virginia Hough. .Mrs. J. L. Huggit.-. \1,- ( .,, 
Hudson. Mrs. E. 0. Huggin-. Mi- I!,, -a lli,,ili.-. Mr-. W . W . Ihi;/li.-. > 
l.eland Hum.-. .Mrs. William llu„„. \1,- ( I,.,, I,- ll„„i. Mi- \,,n.,„ Ho 
.Mrs. James Hurl. .Mrs. I). ^. 1 1 iil, I,,-,,,,. Mi- Iran,,- llui, I,,-,.,,. \l,- 
C. D. Hyde. .Mrs. Drake Ih.l,-. Mr-. K. II. IK, I,-. \1>-, l,,i, lU.I,. \ 
Mrs. H. Hvronemus, Mrs. T. .M. Ingram. Miss Mary Ingram. Mrs. W . 
Iz.r. .Mrs. T. M. Irvine. Mrs. Evelvn Ruth Ivie. Mrs. Abigill Jacks,,,,. 
Mrs. J. W. Jackson. .Mrs. T. J. Jackson. .Mrs. A. T. Jarvis. \riss Inn, I 
.Mrs. .Sam Jenkins, Mrs. Buford Jennings. Miss I'auline Jinninp-. M, 
T. E. Jennings. Mrs. Alton Johns. Miss Virginia Johns. Mr- ( . A. 
Johnson. .Mrs. J. K. John.<on. Mrs. Josephine Johnson. .Mrs, Mar> J,,l„ 


,k,-. \I, 
, 111. Mi 




Thev are: Mrs. PoweU and Miss Geneva Jones. 

Mrs. C. D. Jones. Mrs. Davi.l Jone>. Mrs. E. B. J..nes. Miss Ella Jon,-. Miss Evelyn Jones, 

Mrs. Gordon Jon.-.. \li- II. I, n .1 -. \li-- I. la \l. J..n. -. Mr-. Ira I'. ,|..n,-. Mr-. John A. Jones, 

Miss Mary Cald».-ll Imm,.. \I,- \1,im IM, .,-.,, h- \..u.-. Mi-, \.i1 ->. Jm,,,-. \1,- Rebecca Jones, 

Mrs. B. F. Jones. \li-. Kn-.r .Inn,-. \1,-. Wallr, .1 -. \li- ^n„M,a ,|,.ni.,i, ,1. Mr-. A. C. Jordan. 

Miss Callie Jordan. Mr.-. G. C. Jordan. -Mr.-. Julia J,.rdaii. Mi- I mi lor.liii. M>- Walter Jordan, 
Mrs. Z. T. Jordan, Mrs. Arthur Joseph, .Miss Delia J.-. |.li. Mi- Ia. hn. In-,,.!,. Mrs. Otto 
Joslin, Mrs. Thomas C. Joy, Miss Bertie Kadel, Mrs. MarN kam. Mi-- \Mlh Kam. Mi-s Mar- 
paret Kane. Mrs. Ruth Jones Kaufman. Miss Anna Kai-rl,. M,- I,,,,, Km-, II Mi-. F. W. 
Kelsey. Mi- A. C. Krllrv, Mr-. D. M, KrlK. M,-. J, C, k,Mii-,U. \l,- I V kinn.Mv. Mrs. 

D. A. krl^l.M^. Ml-. J. II. krnlir,K. Ml- I'.ll/.llull, k.MMIM.,. Ml-, K. ( K.aMM,,. \I,-. S. S. 

Kerr, Mr- W W , k.n. Mi- I, M. kiii^. Mi- \aiinir kiinl. -li. Mi-- Man ( iill.iiii kimbro, 

Mrs ^lliial kiiP'. Mr-. J. \. kiiii;, Mr-, Cliail.- ,--. Kinkrad. Mi- Kiiiurr kinkrad. Mi-s Anne 
Kinkead. Miss Bertlia Kinsey. Mrs. J. L. Kirby. Mrs. George Karseh. Mrs. Mary Porter Kirk- 
man, Miss Frances Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Forrest Kirkpatrick. Mrs. J. S. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Leslie 
Kirkpatrick. Miss Marv Kirkpatrick. Miss Sarah Lee Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Vernon Kirkpatrick, 
Mrs. W. 0. Kirkw.,u,|. Mi-^ Ida kl. in. Mr-. •«'. N. Klnnz. Miss Frances Klvce. Miss Carrie 

Kuhn. Mrs. F. E. kulm. \li-. A. ( , 1 .uV. 
.Mrs. O. T. Lampkin. Mi- I'm nl.ili I aia, 
ence Landis. Mis-,. I.andi-. Mi- I 
ham. Mrs. Frances 0. Lanier. Mrs. .Ma 
Miss Eleanor Lavender. Mrs. W. H. Lav 

1- \l, I, I al..ii. Ml- Ruth Lamb. Mrs. A. J. Lamar. 
Mr-, l;. \. I Mild. r. Mrs. John Landis. Miss Flor-; .Ml— I.Mdvn Langhani. Mrs. John Lang- 
Lanier. Mrs. Harry LaSalle. Mrs. N. B. Lassiter. 
;e. Miss Marie Lawrence. Mrs. A. J. Lawson. Miss 
Frances Lazenby. Mrs. J. O. Leake. Mrs. W. R. Leathers. Mrs. J. W. N. Lee. Mrs >L S. Lebeck. 
Airs. Sam Leftwdch, Mrs. Jolin Lellyett. Mrs. J. T. Lellyett. Miss Edna Lellyett. Miss Ella 
Leonard, Mrs. Robert C. Leonard. Miss Carrie Lester. Miss Eleanor LeSueur. Mrs. E. F. Le- 
Sueur, Mrs. S. A. LeSueur, Mrs. T. R. LeSueur. Mrs. S. Levy. Mrs. E. H. Lewis. Miss Fannie 


O-f.l /D.SO.V COl XTY rOMEN / Y THE WORLD WAR. 1 >J 1 t-l 9 1 9 

Letti>. Mr^. John S. l.t-wi^;. Miss Kalherino Lewis. Miss Mary Lewis. Mrs. \ciiur Moore Lewis, 
-Miss Elise Liggelt. .Mrs. J. W. Liggett. .Mrs. Sam Liglitinan. .Mrs. S. S. Liglilinan. Mrs. Mark 
I.illard. .Mrs. Ben Lindauer. Mrs. Joe Lindaiier. Miss Maude Lindauer, .Mrs. H. C. Lindsay, 
Miss Nfartha W . Lindsav. .Miss Dorothy Lindslev. .Mrs. K. A. Lindsi'v. Miss llenriella Lindslev, 
Mrs. W. .S. Linton, Miss Louise G. Lindslev. Miss Aliee Hall Lindsey. .Mrs. George A. I ii>M„nii,. 
Miss Lula Lipscomb. .Mrs. Van Lipscomb. Mr.s. Charles II. Lillerer. Mrs. Charles V.. I ml.. \li.- 
Ethel Livingston. Miss Ethel Long, .Mrs. W. .';. Long. Miss Louise Loi.ghurst. Mrs. A. i;. 1.,.,,!. 
Miss Eunice Lord, Mrs. Henrv \N . Lorde. .Miss Anne Gravson Love. .Mrs. lloopiT Love. Mrs. 
.lames K. Love, .Mrs. A. J. Lovell. .Mrs. .S. D. Lovell. .Mrs. Lee Lovenlhal. .Mrs. Martin .•^. Loven- 
thal. .Mrs. A. Loveman, Mrs. llenrv Loveman. .Mrs. Dave I.owenheim. Miss Eli/abelh Lowen- 
heim, Mrs. Florence Lowenstein. .Mrs. Sol Lowenstein. Mi- I'Miilin.- lo^rv. Mrs. B. I.ubin, 
-Mrs. Emerson Lucas, Mrs. J. C. Lusky, .Miss Catherine lu^kx. Mr- N T. lu-kx. Mr-. E. F. 
Lusky. .Miss Margaret Lvnch, .Mrs. W. W. Lyon. .Mrs. I'.n ^ I) \I.i,l,l,„, \1,- K s. \l.„ldox. 
.Mrs. J. K. .Major. .Mrs. t. S. .Mallon. .Miss Eva Malone. \1.- I n M,,l,.,„ . \l,- Mm,,, Malone. 
.Mrs. Thomas II. Malone. .Mrs. Thomas II. \„i. . .1,.. M,- II.,, ,v K. \l,,„ln, \1,- l.ucile 
.Manbv. Mrs. A. W. .Manier. .Miss Marv l.i„,l,, M.,ni. ,. M,- I u. ^ M.,,i„,„^. \l,-. ( ,. \. M.,„they, 
.Miss Annie .Manthorne, .Mrs. Harry .Ma.kl,. M,- M.l.i, I ..„ \l.,,k.,. M,-. .Inh,, M.,,, I,. Mrs. 
Sig .Marks. .Miss Cornelia Marr, .\lrs. 1U,m„ M,,,i,„. \1,-. ik,,l,- •-. \l,,t,,i. M,- r,„,„-lia 
Martin. Mrs. E. K. .Martin. .Miss Elizab.-il, M.,,i,„. M,-. I,il,„- M,„i,„. M,- I.,, M.„ti„. Mi- 
Louise .Martin. .Miss Margaret .Martin. M,~ \„.l,,» M.,,-h,,ll. M,-. ( \, M.,,-I,.,ll. M.-. Kll.„ 
C. Marshall, .Mrs. Frank .Marshall. Mrs. A„.l,,« M.,lll,r«-. M,- 11,— „■ Maiili.u-. M,-. J. II. 
.Matthews. Miss E. B. \!ntl.r-..n. M,<. K.ilh.,,,,,. \].n.-,. M,- k.iil,,,,,,.- I . ,■ M,,v-. Mi- \i„., 
McAlfTrev. Mrs. Hill M,\l,-i, ,. \l,-. I, |i. M. \l,-i,,. M,- -~, \, \1. \l,-t,-,. M,- I!. — ,.- M, • 
Bride, \iiss I rsula .Mc( :.„.,pl.. II. M,-. W . I. M. i ,„„,il„ II. M,-. li, i;. \l,i,,,il,\. M,-. II. P. 
.McCarver, Mrs. llnerv Mr( I, ll.,„.|. M,-. I, .,,■.,- M, (.:,.„.!. M,-. \. I, \I,(m„„,II. M,-. K. T. 

Mr Hiiro. Mrs. Matthew \K(I„„-. \1,-. I' . (. Mr(n,,l \1,- l„,„:., M, (,,„„. \l,-, Lizzie 

\l.< ..»o. Mr-. .l,,lin E. MrCre,-. Mi- \,), 
.M.ll,,«,ll. M,-. K. K. McDowell. \l,- \l 
McEaddin. Mi.^s Eugenia .McGraw. .\h.-. .1 
\Ic(;ioihliM. Mrs. Dan .McGugin. .Miss l.u, . 

McKav. .Mrs. F. 1'. .McKeel. Mrs. W. S. M.k,n,„k. Mi-. James McLauglili,,. M, 
Lean. Bettie McLean, Miss Margar, I M. I ..,,.. M,- Bri-gs Mcl.em..,,. M 
Lester, Miss Frances McLester. Mi- 1'.,,., 
Millin. Mrs. Jesse McNeece. Mi- \;:,„- 
McNeelv. -Mrs. J. P. Mcl'herson. Mi- I 
.McWhorter, Miss Eleanor Meaclumi. M,- 
delshon. Miss .Margaret Mer<-dilh. M,- \ 
Mrs. Irene Musbaum. Mrs. T. C. M.>ii„ 
Klizabeth Lee Miller. Miss Ellen \Iill.i. 
Anne Louis.- Mills. Mr.-^. llenrv Mill-. M, 
.Mimm.s. .Miss Louise Minlnn. Mi- II. ii,. 
Mrs. L. II. Montgomerv. .Mis. M. A. M.. 
Airs. B. E. Moore. .Miss Fannie B.lli M...., 
•lerson .Moore, Mrs. J. II. Moore M,- I 
head. Mrs. T. J. Moreland. Mis-^ I v , M.., 
Frank Morgan. .Mrs. George A. M., ,,i 
Anne Morris. Mrs. T. O. M.,rris. M,- ( ( 
Miss Elizabeth Morrow. Mi- ha,, Mm,,,,v 

Corinne Morse. Mr.s. Jo,- M..,-.-. Mi- M, I!. \|,.,i.„,. M,-, ( , (I, M M, 

Mrs. .Sam Mosbv, Miss Tl,. I„ia M,.-.i. M 

Jean Moss. Miss Marv I.oiii-.- M.-. M,-, 

.Mrs. Uachel Neil Murr.v. Mr- II I' \ 

Mustaine. Miss Annie I.,-,- \h.i-. M>- > ■■■ 

Miss Mary Jones Napier. Mi- W W \ 

Myrtle N.-al, Mrs. T. B. \.,il. Mr-. M, l),,„i.l N. il-..„. M,- Louise Nc 

C. Nelson. Mrs. Oscar N. !-..„. \l,-s („-rlrii,l.- N.i,;,„. Mi-, Charles Ne 

Nestor. Miss Nellie N.-vi.i-. Mi- Dor,, N.-»iii,,ii. Mr- W , It. N,-wman. Miss Arliii,- N,- 

Miss Evelvn Newell, Mrs. .si,„iair Nil.-s. Mrs. Jones N„l,li„. Mr-, Edwin \,i.-l. Mi- E 

Noel, Mrs. Leslie W. Noel. .Miss Marv Frank Noel. Mrs, Clara N,"l, Mi- M.,,^ >'. \", 

Mrs. M. B. Northern. Mrs. B. L. Northern, Mrs. II. C. Norton. Mi- Kil, \m,mII Mr- 

Nowlin. Mrs. Uo^coe Nunn, Miss Anni.- NunnelK. Mrs. Andr,-w ()l!i,.„, M,- M. I M' 

Mi- Eula Ogilvie. Mrs. James Ogilvie. Mrs. W.' A, Ogd.-n. Mr- T 1, ()K..f.-. M,- C 

llliv.-r, Mr-. II. B Oliv.-r. Miss Nell Olwill. Mrs. John Oriiia,,. Mi- \li.-,- ( >rr. Mr-, 1 

f 210) 

. 1 r,,, 

,1. .\li>.,l 1. 

M, (, 

,i,;in, .Miss Louis,- ■ 

k. Ml 

-. James McLauglil 

,., M, 

- Briggs Mcl.em..n 


Ml-, K, n, M, 1 ,■,, 


Ml- M,ii,ii,' M.N. 


K, Ml- ,^ii-M' M. ' 

Ml-- li.l.n \l,.k- 

.- !',l;i 

11. li.- Mill.,. Mi- 

,,, Ml 

ll. 1, Ml- 11,. .,,,,, - 

1 1,,.' 

M,„,„i- Ml- 1 .lull 

, M,-, 

\, l„ Mil, h.ll, M 

., Ml- 

- I.I., M.,..,i.^, Ml 

i;, ( , 

M •, Ml- M 1! 


■,, M,- 






-. M, 

-, !■ 


, \1,-- 
1 \ 

1 11. 
1 \. 







, M 

r- W 

, It, 

1 M,-. 

C. E. 

.1, M,-, 

E. L. 



,i\, Mi- 

I-- \ 

,- \I,-- 

- \i„.l,. 

,, Mc- 

ill- M,i 

- M, 

'1 .,','-, 

r, 1.. 


1 M. 




II.-,, 1,,, 


-. Ml-. 
\, Mil. 


.-, Ml-, 
W , W , 

M.. I.- 



-, M,- 


( , ^ M. 




I..I111 Mosby. 

.-, M,- 


I'.M.I M 


.i.-ih. \ 


1.- N.,,1, 


M,-, W 





Orr. Jr.. Mrs. Sam Orr, Miss llrlm ()-i;i.lK. Mrs. J. Porter Oslmni,-. Mi- i;.-l,a Osljurne. 
Miss Idelle Oltarson, Mrs. W. A. On 'liN, -,„,. \1,-. W. A. Overall. \li- !• -r \1 llv:-rlo... Mrs. 
Ethel Owen. Miss Mildred Owen. M— (..,,,,„,■ Owings, Miss thsn,--. Mrs. Ha/el 
Padgett, Miss Rebecca Padgett, .Mr-. Frye Page, Mrs. Jam.- I'alin. i. Miss Martlia 
Pardue, Mrs. R. L. Parham, Miss Kuth Parliam, Mrs. W. E. Park, .Miss Elizabeth Parkes, 
Mrs. James H. Parkes, Mrs. Leonard Parkes, Mrs. A. E. Parkins, Mrs. George S. Parkes, Mrs. 
I). C. Parks, Miss Evelyn Parks, Miss Edna Parks, Mrs. W. O. Parmer. Miss Alma Parrish. 
Miss Ruth Paris, Mrs. W. W. ParMin-. Mi-. linlM-rt Parsons, Miss Evelyn Patterson. Mrs. Gibson 
Patterson, Miss Helen Patton, Mrs. Hi...,. I;. r.iMi,-. Mrs. C. G. Pearcy, Mrs. M. K. Peck, Mrs. 
Gcirge Pendleton. Mrs. Hilarv I'.i.iix. \li-. ilimtfr Perry, Miss Margaret Perry. Miss Jessie 
1.1,., man. Mi-. Aillii.i- 1>,.|,., -n.i. Mi- Will r..|u.n. Mi- S. P, l', Mr-. K. M. Pnyton. 
Ml- T, II l',-M,,.,. ,1,. Ml- C I'll, 1-1, 1.1 M.- .1 M l'liilli|.-. Ml- WiUiaii, l'li.'li|.-. Mrs. 

11 (. riiil|.,,l. Ml-- I , .M n,.l|i..l. Ml-. I, \1 I'l.i.iii. Ml- /a.a l'..i... Mi- <■ ilH'll I'llili.-r. 

Ml- Calli.-r.M,. li. I',.,. Ml-. I' I'lulli,.-. Ml-- liai,.,- I'iI.Ihi. Mi-. Minill ^. I'llili-T, 
Mrs. A. .M. Pilcher, Mrs. J. A. Pillmaii. Mi- M,ii i.- I'.llman. .Mrs. J. A. Pitls. Mi-s P.arl Pitts. 
Mrs. James K. Polk, Jr., Miss Pru.l.n, . I'.. Ik. Mi-. M.ushall Polk, Mrs. W. C. Pollar.l. Mrs. 
\V. M. Pollard, Mrs. Mattie J. I'..iii.i..x. Mi- \unr W . I.ster Porter. Mrs. A. J. Porter. .Mrs 
J. D. Porter, Mrs. L. H. Porter. .Mr-, li. i:. I'.'H.i. Mi-. E. .\. P..tter, Mrs. Edward IV.tter. Jr. 
Mrs. John Potter, Mrs. Lamar P,.un,l. Mi- l,,.ui-,. !'..«, 11. Mrs. Mary Powell, .Miss Camille 
Powers. Miss Grace Powers. Mrs. Cliarl.- I'lali. Mr-. E. .\. i'n. ... Miss Elizabeth A. Price, Miss 
Marv Theresa Price. Mrs. N. J. Pril, li.ii.l. Mi-. E, >. I'n.-I. Mr-. .]. W. Pritcliett. Miss Adelaide 
Pr...i..r Ml- EI. .111-.. Pr.i..l..r. Mi-, I II I'l... I... Mi- iil.i.n l'r....l..r. Mi- Eiii.ia l'r..« -iiil-zer. 

\ii- (■ E..11;.- Mr- I w I'... k.ii. M.-- I. ...... II I'.a ;..ii. Ml- Ml— a r... k.ii. Ml- 1;. A. 

J' Ml- \m A Einmli,.. Mi-- MaM niaul,- Mi- \ii,:i.,,.i (.liMnii. Mi- W . iV liad- 

clrllc. Mr-. J. K. Karnes. M.s. .s. U. llalll-,.^. Mi-, E. ( . Han. 11... Mi- \,,. 1111,1 ll.imll.. Ml-, Jrihn 

Uansum. .Mrs. Harry Rankin. .Mrs. W. H. Rayni.m.l. Mi-. It. K. I.'.inki.i. 

Miss Elnora Reams, Mrs. J. T. Reece, Mrs. D. F. C, !;...\.-. Mi-, W , ,1 
llegan, .Mrs. J. P. Revnolds. Mrs. B. H. Rice. Miss Sarali link.. II-. Mi- \. 
Rich, Mrs. Herman Hi. I.. Mi- 1 ..iii-.. Ki.'li. Mi- "sLlki lli.h. Mi- Man 
JVUss Annie Richai-.l-. ill. M.- I r....-i i; .. I,,.. .1-.... M.- ' M K .. l.,.i .1-,... \ 
Mrs. F. R. Ridlev. M.- M,. \l<■\\r^. M.-- ^. Kl.ll..^, M.- l;.,ili K./. 

-, .,11 i;,.i.,.ii-. Ml- l,ll,.^ i;,.ii..ri. Ml-, I', .1.1 1:. 

1,111-.. 11, Mrs. H. A. R.ihinson. Miss Sarali 1 .,111-. 
.1-, Miss Lillian Rogers. Miss Ora Ro-.i-, Mi- 
..... Mrs. G. P. Rose. Mrs. V. D. Ros,.. Mr- I 

1;,,.---. Mrs. S. R,.lli. Miss Marsraret R,.tli. Mi-, 
en Ruddiman. Mr- ( II i;..-..|l. Mr-. 1 1, II. ...I 
Mrs. T. H. .Sa.ll. ., M.- II 1' ^all..r. Mi-, ( k 

■lie .Sann.lers. Mi- I ^,, -,nil....l. Mi- E, 1. 

Eli/al..lli <,na..,., \li- (..,.,-.- I, ^a>Mi,., Mi- 
Mr- 1; 1 -,,UM a, \l.- 11 ( -., .!..-. Ml-, I .11.. ^. k. Ik 

.Mrs. Joe Re 

lach. Ml 

- 1 

]' "(" ' i;..ii..'i 

. Ml-, 1 


E Ko-ni/u. 

lu. Mr- 


,E. A. Rn.l.l 

imiii, M 

Ryman. Mr- 

■ I'.iiil 


Kate .'^aii.l.. 

1-. Mi- 

M! ■.-, 



\\, 1;, -.,,.,,. Ml- I, T, -,.,M, Ml- I iil:,.|.m -. l...-h,.ii. Ml- /ma ^,|.,i-li,iii 
Ml- I .,.,..11.. >..M,.ii. Ml- I',. ...II, ^..\i,,ii. Ml- I, .111 V..M..11, Ml- ^,illi. - 
Mial.i.,-, Ml- Khlu.., 1.,-. M,-, \,.i.i..ii ^l.,.i|,. M.- , I, a. nil, -■l,,,.ii, 
,„„i M.- s,,,,,h >haiii,ui,. .Miss ( ,.!,.-i,, ^ka,|,, M,- ll,/,,l,..ili ^li,,,i„, M 
\I,- l',.i,^ -.kari.e, Mrs. W. B. >Ii,,m„.. Mi- V.I.I.. \, ^lia». Mi- I, I. .a 
^li,.,..ii, \l,- |.|..r,-nce D. Shelbv. M.- I.l./al,..|l. ■sj.. Ii.,... M.- ( l.a.k- \ - 

Ml, I , M.-, I', A. Shelton. ^ti- ^.....1. -lull,,... Mi- i: Ik -1..I1I.....11 M 

M.- V..-.,. ^Ii.|.:,, Mr-, \, M, --I k Ml-- M.illi,. -Iinl,, Mr-, W W ^liiil,.. 

Ml-- 1 1,1,11,1 v|,„,,K \|,. V -,U,.ii,,.M, \|i-- \l,,,l,,iiii v,,,,,, \||., ||,,.|,,,, 

W, (. <ii,iiii,„i-, \!,- 1:1, 1, ^ ^ini|,kii.-. Ml- I ..i.M,. I ^1-.,... Ml- M.l.^ ,>..;k, 

.M. >kiiiii,.r. ,M,ss Ida M. .-k.i.i. Ml- M. 1.1.1 ^1, .iiiii,,ii.-. .Mrs Gci-c W . .^I..a 

.>milev. Miss Agnes Smith. Mi- \li., (. ,11,11,!,. Smith, Mrs. Paul Sloan. 

Mrs. J H. Smith. Mrs. J. — .. \\..!ki., ^imik. Mrs. L. D. Smith, Miss Ma 

Marv Smith. Mrs. O. P. ,^i,iilli. Mi- I, ,111-, ^milh. Mrs. Moore .Smith. ' 

M,- -.,ia ll.Ml '^mitli. Ml- \ 11^1111,1 \ ^iiiiik. Mi- Mxra '^n,,.kra-. M,-, k,„.l,.l --,...». .Mrs. 

\ I s,,l„,| \l,, l-ll,- ^,,|„i. Nil- I,,,,, I,, v,,„ik^,ii,.. Ml- W M -,,i,ikL,ai.., Ml- 

s,,|,,li.. ,1,. Ml-- \ki, ..,,!.. I ^1,1111 Ml- Ik E ^|,,iin M,- I, ,111 ^iMiii, Ml- W, \ --p.iiii. Miss 

Jenni,. -s,,ark,.-. Mi- 1. — i.. •^i.-irk,.-. Mi- \iiia ,'si,..|i..,.. Mr-, II. W , ,--|,i...r. Mi- Uiilli Spicer, 

Mrs. -M. A. Spurr, Mrs. Hilda E. Stacey. Miss Frances Stahlman. Mrs. C. W. Starr. Mrs. Tony 

St. Charles, Miss Katherine St. Charles. Miss Rose St. Charles. Miss Carolyn Stein. Miss Jesa 

(211 ) 

ll- 1 





III, ll, 
II 1 

ni 1- 


- 1 ..„; 

,' Kiel 


Ml-- 1 



,:- M 

rs. Fl 





-. Mrs. 
1. Mrs. 

w 1; 


1. .Mrs. 

II--,. II. 


T. G. 

11... Si 


i. Mrs. 



. Miss 

iklll - 

-.,«\, I 

r. Mrs. 

1, Mi- 
ll- 1 , 


ph P. 

ll- 1 


. Mrs! 


- M,i 

lli,. .- 




W. B. 



H. P. 

- w , 





1,1 --ll' 


^ Mrs. 

,. Mis 

s Eula 

. Mi- 


, Alice 


Si, , ill 
1, l.,.| 

., Miss 

T..„,|;kin-. Mi.s 

. Luciiula Train,,.. Mrs. 

Will Irabur, 

-, \l,-- M.ll.rl ' 

Trabnrf:, Miss K,-.-lile 

Trinil,!.-. .Mrs. 

Tu, k.i. Ml-. 1 

l,.rac,. Turbcrvillc. Mrs. 

C. K. Tiirber- 

1 iiiiii,-. \li-. 

(;. I!. Turr,-mi,u-. Miss 

Juclill. Tyler, 

\I,-. \nn,. \l,i 

, I inlr.u.Hi.l. \1,.. s. , 

1. I 

\li-. II M- \ 

,111 1 .,..lrn. \liv 11,11.1 

1-..11 \au^liaii. 

,.--. \li-- ( u: 

1,1 \l, ■,-,,■ \\,ril,. Mi- 

1 11. ill. Waite; 

i-I, \ll" k.lllllN 

ll W.llk.l. Ml-. M.llllr 

I..U Walk.-r. 

1,-- IMill, W.ill 

,1. r. Ml- l-.ll. 11 Wall.i, 

.. Ml-. W. 1. 

; \\.[ii.i. \ii- 

1 . -Ii. \\,iin. 1, Ml-. ( 

I.iinl.- W.ill.'i 

,-,.. \1,- laniM 

, W, ill. .11. Ml-. W. I(. 

W, ill. .11. Ml- 

D4llDS0y CUINTY ffOMEN l^ THE llORLD UAR. I'll 41') 19 

mine Slein. Nfrs. S. Stein. Mrs. R. B. Steele. Mrs. K. B. Steele. Jr.. .Mrs. 1). Steele. .Miss 
Louise Slcpliens, .Miss .Marv Stephens. .Miss Mabel Stevens. Miss .Martha Stewart, .Miss Alice 
Eloise Stockell. Mr.s. O. E. Stockell. -Mrs. Jordon Stokes. Jr.. Miss Frai.ees Stokes. Mrs. S. S. 
Stokes, .Mrs. Walter Stokes. .Mrs. Cliffe Stone. .Mrs. Helen Stratton. .Mrs. L. II. Siratton, .Miss 
Frances Street. Mrs. R. .M. Strong, Miss Bertha L. Stroup, Mrs. Francis G. Stroud. Mrs. George 
J. Stubblefield. .Mrs. Paul Stumb, Mrs. E. A. Sutherland, Miss Sadie Sutherland, Mrs. C. H. 
Swanii. .Mrs. Harr\- Swan. .Miss Katherine Swan, Miss Mary Sweatt, .Miss Bertha E. Sweelman, 
Mrs. Willard Sweetman. Mrs. Charles Svkes. Mrs. Clay (i. Stephens. Mrs. Claude P. Street, 
Mrs. Hiram Stubblefield. .Miss Ruth B. Talbot, Mrs. W. L. Talley. Mrs. L. A. Tanksley, Miss 
Elizabeth Tarplev, .Miss .Marv Evans Tarpley, Miss Roberta D. Tarpley, Mrs. E. O. Tate, Mrs. 
W. K. Tate. .Mrs. Addie Tav'lor. Miss Bessie Taylor, .Mrs. Val Taylor, Mr.s. Henry Teitlebaum, 
Miss Willie Temple, .Mrs. Smith Tenison, .Mrs. W. O. Tirrill. .Miss Anne Warner Tenison, Mrs. 
Dabney Terrell, .Mrs. A. J. Thuss, .Miss Elizabeth Thomas, Miss Irma Thomas, .Miss Janie 
Thomas, -Miss Fannie Thompson. .Mrs. Flossie Thompson, .Mi-ss Ira Thompson. Miss Jane Thomp- 
son, .Mrs. John Thompson. Jr.. .Mrs. J. C. Thompson, .Mrs. T. Leigh Tli..inp~..i,. Mi- Miia 
Thompson, Mrs. Cornelia Thornton. .Mr.s L. P. Thweatt. .Miss Hettie Has 1 ill. li. Mi- M.iiili.i 
Tillman. Miss India Tillman. Mrs. P. J. Timothv. Jr.. Mrs. Fred Tolmie. Mi-. llii„|.|.- rii..iii|.- 
kill-. Mi- l,..lli-- T....i|.kili-. M,-. Si,l„.■^ 
Mi-- M.nili.i Ti.iui. k. Ml-. M. \, '! i.iM- 
C. M In.. II. Ml- \li.. In. k. Ml-. M. 1 
\ill.'. Ml- M.iiN hit.. •rinl.-\. Mi- .1.11111. I 
.Miss Mrginia Tyler. Miss Dorothy Wiles. 
.Miss .\[argaret Vance. .Mrs. J. I. Vanc<-. 
.Mrs. Robert \aughan. Mrs. Thomas DeM, 
Miss Katherine Waldo. .Miss Helen Walk. 
.Mrs. .Seth Walker. Mrs. C. B. Wallace. \1 
Wallace, Jr., .Miss Ima Waller. Mrs. J. i; 
Mis^s Katherine Walsh. .Mrs. Charles Wall, 

William r.. War.l. Mi- KiniK Warner. .Mrs. J. \\ , \\,„n.i. Mi- \iiii 
wi. k. Ml- Mai^ai.l Wan. 11. Mrs. Thomas 11. W.iii.n. Mi- \li., 
\\ai«i.k. Ml- (iT.Maii W.i-liin-lon. Mrs. (-.■•orf:,. (. M.- 1 
Walkiii-. Mi- \iMaii Walkiii-, Mrs. Ann,- F. \\al-..ii. Mi- < ..i.i W ,ii-. 
Miss Elizabeth Watts. .Mrs. T. (). W.m-. Mi-, \, Ik Wa^. Mi- Mn; 
Weaklev. Mrs. J. L. Weakley. Jr.. Mi- ■sii-i. W.,ikl.N, Mi- l,iin. - 
Mrs. R. W. W'eaver Miss Barbara W.l.-I.i, Mi- l,lliii,i W.M,, Mi- 
T. C. Webb. Mr~. T. J. W.lil,. Ml-- W . 1.1.. Mi- ( l.ii.i M W. 
Mrs. C. J. Weil. M.- <,, W.mI. Mi- I illi.ii, W ,ii,l.,iiii,i. Mi-. Ila 

Weintrub. Mrs. (.,il W.i-.. Mi-. M.m I. W.i-,. M,- I II, ,i W.ll 

John P. Welch. Jr.. Mi- K ,,i li, i in,- W.I.I,. M,- I ih.l W.I.I,. Mi- M 
W,-n,-, .Mrs. Olin W,-l. Mi- M. K. Mi- I li/.il,. Hi W li. . 
.Miss .Mabel W. Wh,.,'l,T. Ml-, .1. ■-. Wli.TM. M,-. liinU W liil. . Mi 
J. O. While. Mrs. R. L. C. Willi.. Mi- MaiA Hlaii Wliil.. Mi- --ii. ' 
.Mrs. A. R. Whiteman. \\r>. (,. .M. W Inin, .,■.■. Mi- r,.ili --l.ii. i W Im 
Miss Elizabeth Whitthorne, Miss W ,. klill. . Mi-. I. M W.i-,. 
Mrs. S. 11. Wilhoite. Miss Doroilis W,lk,i-.,ii. M.-. \i,i..- W.i.l,. W il 
Miss Susan Wilkes. Flav,'l W ilkm. Mi-. \ll...l Willi.iin-. Mi- 
Dora Williams. Mrs. Ern,-M William-. Mi-. I ..imi W illi.iin-. Mi- MM 
Williams. Mrs. J. Wesl,-v Willi, i„i-. Mi- \.ll,.- W iIImih-. Mi- I'.i.^ 
Williams, Mrs. H. L. Willi. iin-,,ii. Mi- l.-h.i W ,lliai,i-..i 
Wilson. -Mrs. Charles Wil-..ii. \h- I i.-,l I W ,1-,,,,. Mi- 
Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. Mi- I Wil-,„,. Mi- M.ik.l I 
Owen Wilson. Rwlh \. W 1I-..11. Mi-, .^.im Ik W il 

Winford. Mrs. W. .M'. Mi- l),,i.,ih\ Win \ 

Wilherspoon, Miss Gladvs W liilnior,-. Mrs. I). A. Woll,-. 
Womack. Mrs. Hilliard Wood, .Mrs. J. S. Wood, Mrs. R. 
Mrs. W. T. Woodring, Mrs. Andrew Woods, Miss Mar\ 
J. O. Woodward. .Mrs. R. II. W..rke. Miss Blanch,- \\ 
Douglas Wright. Mrs. J. B. Wright. Mrs. Katheriii,- I' W, 
Yarbrougb. Mrs. W. C. Yarbrough. Mrs. Eliza ^ u. - \ 
Miss R.d.a Lee Y.-atman. Mrs. Fielding H. Yost. \l, - I'.i 
T. W. Young. Mrs. A. P. Yonree. Miss Beatrice Zaii.l,.. > 
Mrs. L. P. /ibarl. an-l Mrs. 11, Zibarl. 

.n.i Willi, nil-, ,1 

1 Ml- I .11 1.1 

.\ il-,,,,. M,-- 11, 

,,,,ii, ,, \\ ||.,,||. 

Ml-- M,n;;.ii.l 

W il-.,ii, Mi- 

. ^.illi.- W1I-..11 

,, Ml-, 1 i.nik 

liiM' W nil. i-|>,,.. 

11. Ml-. J. \. 


11. -Miss Daisv 

Hill. Mrs. Ellen 

B. Woodring. 

Ml- \nnie Wi 

mdward, Mrs. 

1- 1 liarl,-s T. 


- M,ii;mi.-I W\, 

HI. M,-. T. J. 

1 Vil.-. Mi-- 

\mii;, ^.-argin. 

nn;-. M,-, 1; \ 

^,,,111-. Mrs. 




M«5. NANiMt H.nvjE Al: 

(M.ilincia H 

nniDsoy coimy ir()Mt:.\ i .\ r ii i: world ir.tR. I'lifi^jio 


(Kli?4ib.-lh McK,.rl»ii.l) 






!\IrS. J. W. SllU.s. Chairman 

Mrs. Joliii Barn. Mr?. Ella Cline. Mrr^. Sli.-nnaii lin,,,.. Mrs. Josie Langforil. and Mr=. W. A. 

Mrs. Or.\ L. P.\ttoiM. Chairman 

Mrs. Porter Kev. Mrs. .^allie Kev. Mrs. Laura McGee, INOss .Mvra Palton. Mrs. L. D. Patlmi. 
.Mrs. J. E. Polk, ami Mrs. W. E. Timmin. 


!\Irs. ]. N. NoBLlN. Chairman 

Mrs. Brooks B.itterworlli. Mrs. Delia Bvul. .Mrs. Jack Brav. Mrs. lioljert Cato. Mrs. Emmett 
Craft. .Mrs. Will Hagey. Mrs. East Hvde. Mrs. Emmett Hyde. Mrs. J. L. Lewis. .Mrs. L. M. 
Lewis. .Mrs. Jones N. Noblin, Mrs. .\. ■« . .Stephens. Miss Evelyn Stephens. Mrs. W. J. Thomp- 
son, and Miss Jennie Torian. 

Mrs. W. W. Cork. Chairman 
Thirty membeis composed this auxiliary, and they knitted over 1.000 i)airs of socks. 


Miss M.\ry Holt. Chairman 

Miss Carrie Bush, Miss Berenice Holt. Miss Birdie Wilson, Miss Rose Schmidt, Miss Christine 
Brockman. Miss Martha Cato. Miss Louise Grimm, Miss Trilby Jordan, Miss Sylvena Wilson, 
Miss Reba Dews. Miss Blanche Reig. Miss Emma Lawrence. Miss Elsie Potts. .Miss Margaret 
Cook. Ml" KruM ll,r,nr. \l,-~ M.iiA iAulrs. \1,- \la.A \l,l,lirll, \1,.. llrM^n CurU-v. Miss 

Elizabeth l;.a-!.A. \li-. Wi-a l;..,i.l.M. \li- ll,.n.n, i ,,|„'in,|. Ml- |m-,.,,1ii,„. \\,,UI,. .Miss 

Clara K..l.rii-Mii, \1... \l.i -. lunnll. \li- I r'a ( Mil, ,11. \1,- I',. Ill I ..iiun. Ml- Virginia 

Thomas. Miss lieniiir (.i,„>lia«. Ml^^ Nnla (,ir.r. Ml- Man Ib.h, _\1,-. W. (I. Kirkuuud. and 
Mrs. Zoda W illiams. 


Mrs. L. Breyer, Mrs. Hyman Cohn, Mrs. Alex. Cohn. Mrs. Abe Epstein, Mrs. Morris Ellis. 
Mrs. John P. Frank. Mrs. James M. Frank. Mrs. Jake Fishel, Mrs. L. Frankland, Mrs. Harrv 
Freidman. Mi~, M. Firi.linan. Mi-, Snl Gordon, Mrs. Joe Gilbert, Mrs. .\. C.ldl,. il-. Mrs. -M. 
Greif. Mi-, i;. n lh,ip,ni. \li- \JmI|,Ii Jonas, Mrs. Joseph LaPat, Mr-. I! I nhin. Mrs. Lee 
Loventhal. \li-. i li.iil.- 1 ..v- Mr-. Martin Loventhal, Mrs. L. Lowen-i. m. Mi-, " Lowen- 
stein, .Mr-. Jiiliii- l...u, ii-i,iii. Mr-. .l,,e Morse. .Mrs. 1. B. Morse. Mrs. .luliii- Marlin, Mrs. Leo 
B. Martin, .Mrs. Hannah .Marks, -Mrs, Eli K.d.l-linmer. Mrs. Dave Bjisenfchl, .Mrs. Herman 
Rich. Mrs. S. Roth, Mrs. M. Steiner, >h>, ll.inii ih ^iil/hacher, Mrs. Leo Schwartz, Mrs. .Mitchell 
Sobel, Mrs. Victor Sobel, Mrs. Henry W . iiili.iuni. Mr^, Julius Weil. Mrs. N. D. Weise. Mrs. 
A. S. Weinbaum, Mrs. Harry Weintrub. .Mi?> Stella Abrams. Miss Corinne Goldberg. Miss Bella 
Goodman, Miss Elsie Hirsch, Miss Maude Lindauer. .Miss .Marie Loventhal. Miss Lena Marks, 
Miss Maurice Rich, and Miss Stella Rich. 

f 21,'5 ) 




HJH J Bflh^^x^H 



GKOll' OF K\iri DM I. 

TiiKii; i;i;si i-Ki; 


A I. 

l\ll•\^^. w 

ii.M, loi; 

Tliey are, from left to right: Misses Kiba Uews. Elliel \V.4)ster, Bessie Lee. Glenn Durris 
Newbili. Mamie Schmidt Petrone. Florence Copeland. Lela Love. Pearl Gotten Matthews, Mamie 
Doni'gan, \'irginia Thomas, May Jones Gentry, Mary Stroud, Mabel Jones and Catheruie Dilton 
De Matleo. 

KXSTl.WI) \r\ll,l\l!V 

Mhs. K. 15. MilciiiM. Chairman: \1k>. Tiuimvs STItAT•K)^. Tn-a.surrr 

.Mr>'. ^L S. Uoss, Secretary: Mrs. Tliomas Barhen, Instructor: Mrs. A. H, Adams, Mrs. 
(.. T. Bass. Mrs. H. M. Bauph.' >rr.s. James Gilliam, Mrs. F. F. Grainger, Mrs. J. E. James, Mrs. 
n. M. Moore. Mrs. W ilkins .Norlliern. Mrs. Jam.s SInan. Mi-s MaiA M.Kwen Nfonre, and Mrs. 

M.'M-^I \\()|;KI 
Miss I J 

. ^. W. C. \ \l 

1)1 SI I. (.Iidiniiaa 

Mr>. Louis W.mmI and Mrs. Cliarl,^ Do 
Miss Kale Blarkw.-ll. Miss .Margaret Biu.. 
Kvelyn Langhain. Miss Laura Marsh, Miss 1) 
and Miss Mary Sugg Wliilr. 

\li^- M.ll.rl W itll.Tspoon. 
II. \li-- (;i;irr \hrv. Miss 

\an.n. \li- I ma \-kell. 

Mrs. C. I). B.■rr^. A 
Berrv. Mrs, \lis-i.- \1;! 
Morgan Brown. Mr~. 

I i; \\Ki,i\ 

Miss Kiir 

;. \. ( ..l..,n.ii,. 
Mrs. 'IM,., C.i 
Urrrv. aii.l Mr 

,1 \ll 

Mrs. W. W 
Kwin-. Airs 

(,(i(»i)Li;rT-s\iLLi. \i \lLl\l!^ 

Mks. v. II. WiMiclll.. (.hainnan 

^^rs. Belle flartwrighl. .Mrs. .Sara Cunningham, .Mrs. Koseoe Drake, Mrs. E. E. Elam, Mrs. 
J. II. Harris, Mrs. Kale Herman. Miss Martha House, Mrs. George Jackson, Mrs. E. C. Lulon. 
Mrs. Clarence Morris. Mrs. W. B. Meyers, Mrs. Gre<-n Newbern, Afrs. Ella Pavne. Mrs. Boberl 
Pallon. Nfrs. II. N. Peay. Mrs. James M. Phipps. Mrs. Malli,- WillMnis, Mrs. J. ]]. Rnsroe. 
Mrs. James K. Tavlor, Mrs. B. E. Travis. Mrs. Garlan.l ll\.■^. M,s. Kal,- 1 ;issii,.,. \li,. l',.„nv 
Smiley. Miss Elaine Roseoe. anri Miss Inez Hos.„e. 

( 216 ) 



Mrs. David T. McGill. Chainmm 

\li-. \\. ( . Alexander, Mrs. Jnlr, \\,A\. \l,~. \iil,in ( ,„m,\. \l,-. W. G. Ewiiig, Mrs. C. 
CI, -UN. \l,- W. 1'. Gray, Mrs. A K.inlihk \lr(,,ll. \l,- v \\,,ti,.,- MrGill, Mrs. T. S. Fry, 
Ml- II-,.,, W.iMkirch. Miss Ircnr ( h, ,i,,n-l,. \!,.-- I',.nliii.' (.,i,ii,l. \li- Annie McFadden, Miss 
EiiA.lMili M, la.lden. Miss Martian I Nk.N.ill^. _\1,-. Unilia (.. i;aii,M„i, Miss Louiie Steel. 
Miss Ahiji,. .Sprar. and Miss Marjiarel Wliile. 

Mrs. Livingston Hadley. Clidiiiium 

Mrs. C. B. Dismukes, Mrs. Annie E. Hadley. Mrs. Dillv Wade Ila,llev. Mrs. Martha L. 
Turner. Mrs. Hallie C. Turner, Mrs. J. G. Turner. Mrs. Edward llrey. Miss Katlicrine Hatllcy. 
Miss Leona Robinson, and Miss Beulah York. 


Mrs. E. J. Adkisson. Cliainnan 

Mv^. C-m'/ui Bn.wn. Mr>. \V. S. Coles. Mrs. C. E. Cox. Mr-. (:i,,u,l,. \li-. Frank 
Cnll,,,;,. \li-. C, T. ( iillnia,,. Mrs. John S. C. Davidson, Mrs. C. A. I),\l,,-. \li-. ,L W . DeMoss. 
Ml- l,,!,n II, I. h-, ,11. \l,- |i,„a Jordan. Mrs. H. R. Plumlee. Mi- (,,1 i;.,^a,, \l,- E. A. 
Sa\aL;.. Ml-, W a, 1,11 I'., ^L.aii. Mrs. C. S. Stephens. Mrs. Duncan M, 1,11,1.-. \li-. ^. .siewart, 
.Mi.-. I;. 1,. .Mi,nu|,.|l,,u. .Ml.-, .lulia Wheeler. Miss Lucile Coles. Miss Willi, J. K.-iiiuMn. and Miss 
Lou Ella \Vullena.Mi. 


Mrs. W. a. Core. Chairman 

Mrs. W . S. (:lia|,p.ll, Mrs. J. H. Drake. Mrs. Henry Spann. Mrs. Flintoff Hunt, Mrs. Martha 
Jordan. .Mi- l;,-i. 1 l,ii-tian. Mrs. W. M. Hard, Mrs. Ella King, Mrs. Robert Cato. Mrs. William 
Setters. Mi-. U. ^. \\,-l. Mrs. Clara Tarkington. Mrs. J. C. Burkhalter, Miss Marie Burkhalter, 
and Miss Lilhc L.t Buikhalter. 


Mrs. Albert King. Chairman; Miss Maud Ballard. Secretary 

Mrs. George Tenison. Treasurer 

Mrs. W. B. Baird, Mrs. Donna Baird Beasley. Mrs. Richard Cook. Mrs. E. B. Ewing, Mrs. 
Forrest Graham. Mrs. B. F. Gregory, Mis. E. 0. Harris, Mrs. Ira Parker, Mrs. Charles Ransom. 
Mrs. W. A. Tenison. Mrs. Ernest M. Warner, Mrs. Howell E. Warner. Mrs. James B. Watson, 
Miss Mary Baker, Miss Lida Bouchard. Miss Murrie Bouchard, Miss Lucy Buttorff. Miss Pauline 
Fisher, Miss Bessie Yarbrough, and Mrs. O. E. Stockell. 

Mrs. G. M. Adams. Chairman 

Mrs. O. J. Bloodwurth. Mrs. S. W. Bomar. Mrs. J. F. Corbitt, Mrs. W. H. Damon. Mrs. W. C. 
Gillespie. .\rrs. A. Goodson. Mrs. T. J. Hobbs. Mrs. Charles Holmes. Mrs. E. F. Kidd. Mrs. G. L. 
Maddux. Mrs. C. B. .Moodv. Mrs. P. E. Overton. Mrs. J. H. Webb. Mrs. A. E. Wiggs. and Mrs 
H. J. Wiggs. 

f 217) 

null) S O .V C I WTY If OMF.S / A' 7'//^ WORLD WAR. 1 » I 1! 'i I 9 

LI\T()\ \l \11.1 \KV 

Miss. I.. I'. ,|,.^iin. ( hairma,, 

Mrs. J. D. Allen. Mrs. S. Linlon. Mrs. A. M. Allis„i.. Mrs. C. D. BrccclU.vo. Mrs. Rome 
Hannah. Mrs;. Marjorie Joslin. Mrs. O. A. Kinney. Mrs. lloop.r Linton. Mrs. W. 11. Linlon, 
Mrs D E. McPlu-rson. Mrs. S. S. Morion. Mrs. Daisv I'inU.rlon. \rrs. C. L. Joslin. Mrs. J. 11. 
i.inton. Miss Priscilla (;r.<or. Miss Helen Opetla. Mi- Mnrv l.n. Pinkerlon, Miss Sadie .Sclm(r- 
nian. Miss Tilli.- SeluifTman. Miss Cora .Smith, an. I \li-~ Inuna Smith. 

Mus. T. M. LAZKMiV. Chairnmn 
Mrs. Katie AMmrne. Mr<. Oliver KrintilK,,,,. an,l Ah-. Kani,ie M.Cmry. 

MiiS. IT (;. Cuowi.KV. Chairman 

Mrs. W. V. llite. \lr>. L. S. Kan.iall. Mrs. Kiicli.l Sn.nv. \li>s Mai-arel Hraurhainp, \!i-- 
FJizaheth Brown. \li» Kmma L..imm. Brn,Mi. Mi- Kli/aheth .lim-ermat,. \li- Kli/al,eih \le- 
Carver. Miss Mau.le \I,( :ar^,•r. Mi^- A.hli,- MeI.ean. \li- \laiv Ceeil \l,.,,i-,,n. aiul M- 
.Mary F. Talbot. 

NOKLTON (1.1 i; \i \ii,i \i;y 

Mks. iTTli; KiNM ^ Kl nh. ( haimian 

Nfr.s. Frank Boensch. Jr.. Mrs. John Lellvell. M.-. W ■ 
John Onstotl. Mr.s. Roger Smith. Mrs. Charles .St,l-..n. \li 
Miss Anna Warner Tenison. Mi-s Marv Frane,- M.ii.., 

i'i()\i;i:i: \i \ii i ^ 

.Mks. K. M. Di l.l.l.l. Chainnan: \1kv \.\.\ 

Mrs. .Maltie Adams. _\1.-. .1. 1. 11. „-,,„. \1,- Will,,,,,. 
T. Bundv. Mrs. Reed Canilh.-,-. Mr-. .1. (). l l,.,k. \l,-, ( 
W. L. Freeman. Mrs. llenrv Fr.-neh. Mr-. M^mli.u (.,11 ,, 
spoon llav.s. Mrs. D. R. Jarretl. Mrs. llarr^ I .. \l,- |.. 
Mrs. B. G. Ref-en. Mrs. J. M. Sander-. M,- II -. 
Sloekell. \lr^. J. A. Tvner. Mrs. Jennie W ,n-I..„. M,~ II. 
A. W. Sloekell. Mi-s kl.-anor Clark. \Ii-s l).,ia l',.ri-..ii. 
Freeman. \li- \larv J. M.-Carv.-r. and Miss Kalh.rin,- > 

C. A. \la 
\li- l'..iii 


il W 1 


Ix.ll. aii.l 


- Al 

n-lM|. Mi- 
mi,. Ml- i;. 

II, 1'. 11,11 
Ml- llii-l. 

\. M. I!..n 

„|.i.„,. \!,- 
Mi- II 1 . 
v,„,.,l. \1, 

II. T. Mis. 
I,,ii. Ml-. 
. \\,il,.i- 

-. |-i.ii,i. 

^\,ii. Ml-. 1 
■al.i,,- F.I- 

hll..ll s. 1 
ii-,.n. Mis- 

!.ll. Ml-. 
Mary V.. 

I'l. \IU)1>Y \l \ll 

1 WW 


V I-. 1'.. 1 

)i;l.-l.i:i:. (Jnnunau: \li;- 
Mk-. II. \. W 1 i:r.. ^. 

', /'!m' 

Lisk. Mr 


• Ale.xan.l.T 
1'. .M<\l..irr 

ay. .Mrs. A. K. I'ailii,-. Mi- 1 

^ W .,,.1 

SC0TTS150H0 \l Mil \i;Y 

.Mrs. W. U. Ai;M-.|||.,m.. (.haniuan 

Mr-. F.dith Carney. Mrs. J. F. Diekson. Mi-. Nan l|..u iiii:!,..,. Mr-. ( :. 1.. S,„n. Mi-. 
Scoll, .Mrs. Leola Simpkins, .Mrs. .Mollie Simpkiii-. Mi- In. ill.- lavloi. Mi-. M. S, ..1 
Lucian .Solt, Mrs. Orman Simpkins. .Mrs. 11. (:arn.^. Mi-. \ I \iM, Mi- Mini. I 
Miss Lillian Seoll, .Xfiss Katherinc Matthews, and Mi- l.liili ( aiii.v. 

( 21K » 



Mrs. W. E. Beard and \Iks. llviii;', \ mmin. f:hain,i,;i 

Mrs. A. B. Aii.lri~,.ii. \li.. I, ,|. Il.ik.i. \l,~. Walin lirar.l.n. \li-. Spiller Campbell, Mrs. 
E M. Deaver. \li- ^|.. n, , i lakm. \li- WiMlmp Mill. \li-. >.ini \1. \1. (;raw. Mrs. P. Del'cirri, 
Mrs. George KtT.i. \li-. IImuMmm ^, Mm,, \l,-. !,,« i.J S«ain. Mrs. W l,r,-l,-s Wade, Mrs. Roberta 
Wallis, Mrs. Frank W.nuUwu.i. aji.l \li--,- .Naiimc U.vk.i. 

Mrs. Thomas Calhoun and Mrs. Charles Wilkerson, Chairmen 

Mrs. Kathleen Welsb Cliambers. Mrs. Robert Corhran. Mrs. John Gooflrich. Mrs. George 
Jones. Nh-. H.-nrv I„n.--. M,-. A. I'. Mn-. Mr-. R, F. \h l'hfr-n,i. Mr- J. A. --h.-llon. .Mrs, 
Amelia W.l-li --i„,ili. Mr- <)~. n 'In, l.rMllr. \1,. \rll W Vl-I, Tinirni,n<. Mi- Kaihl.r,, Welsh. 
Miss N. -11 W.l-li Ml" MaiN r.iiiw I alliMiiii. M,-- \iiiii,. Wilk-i-mi. M i-- I Inlm:, Wilk.-rson. 

Miss T.-nnir lurk. a. Mi- \iiirli,, W ,^l-li. Mi- Miiaiir C Ihiii. \Ii- Man.- (alli.ain. Miss 

Lucy Bellr Wilkersnn. .Mi-s Am.lia W ilk.r-nn. .Mi^s .\,la Bn.wn. an, I Mi-s Mary l..-e l.oomis. 

Mrs. J. G. Creveling. Jr.. Chairman 

Mrs. Angus Chisholm. Mrs. Marv Currev. Mrs. Thomas Frensh-v. Mrs. Matlie Garland. Mrs 
.Forrest Graham, Mrs. Carrie Grant. Mrs. W . K. C.raN. Mi-. Inlm Ciilhth. Mrs. Ben Herrin. Jr. 
Mrs. Thomas Moore, Mrs. Humphrey Riiliar.l. Mr-. .\. .\. Walk. a. Miss Varina Scruggs, Mrs. 
Carrie Grant. Miss Helen Gray, Miss ()li\,- (;ra\. Mi-- h.uin.y. Miss Rachel Laslie. 
Miss Annie Luton. Miss Bessie McDonald, and .Miss Tliehna Walker. 

The Trinity Church turned in one hundred and lorty-six knitted garments in fou" 
months, after which time they affiliated with the Suraica! Dressings Department of 
the Red Cross and met at headquarters on Tuesday afternoons. 


Miss Corin.^e CAyERX. Chairman: Mi!s. Harry EyANS. Organizer 
Mrs. Ema[A S. Crapu. Secretary 

Mrs. E. L. Ashford, Mrs. C. A. Manthey. Mrs. George Reyer, Miss Louise Cage. Miss Maria 
Cage, Miss Anne Cavert. Miss Ida Cavert. Miss Elizabeth Dale, Miss Kate Garrett. Miss Bessie 
Fried, IVUss Annie Gary Gosnell, Miss Laura Malone. Miss Cella Leonard, Miss Mary Napier. 
Miss Marv Parham. Miss Clavtie Robinson. Miss Maagie Robinson, Miss Keeble Trimble, and 
Miss Olive W>st. 

Mrs. John E. Potter. Chairman 

.Mrs. Brown Buloid, .Mrs. John Carmichael. Mrs. Gus Demerich, Mrs. Dave Follis. .Mrs. John 
Hopkins, Mrs. James Moore, Mrs. B. C. Shackelford. Mrs. John Steadwell, Mrs. J. S. Wherry, 
Miss .Addie Gaines, Miss Kate Hall, Miss Mary Belle Hopkins, Miss Elizabeth Thomas, and 
Miss Margaret Wherry. 

Mrs. Count R. Boyd, Chairman 

Mrs. A. P. Connell. Mrs. Florence J. Fontaine, Mrs. M. E. Fontaine, Mrs. Wallace Freeman. 
Mrs. 0. L. Grimes. Mrs. T. E. Hale. Mrs. Estelle Harris. Mrs. Uriah Hunter, Mrs. D. J. Johns. 
Mrs. R. D. .Marshall. .Mrs. Allen Miller. .Mrs. J. W. Williams. NUss Eleanor Connell. Miss Ella 
Connell. Miss Katherine Fontaine. Miss Edith Grimes. Miss Fredalee Grimes. Miss Elizabeth 
Harris, and Miss Mattie Walker. 


DAlinSON COINTY If M E y /A' THE IC K L U WAR. 1 9 HI 9 1 9 

Mks. C. S. 1!k(i\\n. Chulnwm 

Mrs. Kiclianl Barr. Mrs. Louis Baxter. Mrs. L. B. Kile. Mrs. W. C. Dixon. Mrs, W. 11. 
llaj:<:ard. Mrs. Eustace Hail. Afrs. P. D. Houston. Mrs. Jolui Lellvell. Mrs. W. H. .-^cluiennan 
Mrs. Jesse Thomas. Nfrs. W. H. Witt. Mrs. H. B. Carre. Mrs. James H. Kirklan.l. Mrs. (). N. 
Brvan. Mrs. Frank Bass. Miss Jessie Smith, Mrs. Granbery Jackson, Miss Elizabeth Kirklaiul, 
Mrs. B. T. Young. Mrs. G. M. Neelv. Mrs. Dan McGugin, Mrs. C. B. Wallace. Mrs. II. H H,.n,l. 
Mrs. George E. Bennie. .Mrs. C. A. ^rarshall, Mrs. John P. Williams. Mrs. J. T. McGili. Mrs 
Kiehling Yost. .Mrs. William .MoCabe. Mr~. W. H. Baihv. Mrs. .1. T. Allman. Mrs. W. V . Vounf.-. 
and Miss Agatha Brown. 

Both Mrs. McConni.-o and Mr-. F.>rl uoike.l m- piivates as well a- olllre,- in ilie 
Kiiittiiif: Dopartment of the Na.slivillc (:iia|ilri. and u.m tin- b.\e an<l .-Ireni nl' 
cM-ry woman nicnlioiicd in this department llir..n'jli llii-ii uillinunrss i,, lend a lirlp- 
intr hand. Thev lead with wisdom and al)ilil\. 

prnrii\-i\(, wd sinrnxc miction. wsimi.i.K riivPTF.!!. \. i{. c. 

\li;v .loHIMI I.IM.M IK. ( hainuun 

Beginnin.ii uilli luh. I'llT. llir Na-lnillr Cliapln ..t ll,r \inr,i,,,n iird Cross 
shipped five hniidn-d ami lilts ra-r- i ,,nl.iinin'j -nr-i( al di (--iiii^-. Ii(i-|iilal ■:arrncnts 
and knitted artieh-s to liie Sonlhrni i)i\ i-iu,, I Iradipiar I,t-. at \llanla. (;a. I'licse 
cases were all of the lepiilation -i/c. ')(i\_' I \_' I. 

Approximately .SO.'i.OOO vardr- of nialdial r,,n-iiinrd l.\ llir \,iiioM> depart- 
ments of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. Tlii-- inrhidrd ll..-,(iii s,,,d- of Mra, li.-l 
twill. 200.000 yards of surfiieal jrauze. 1 16.00(1 s,n,l- ,.1 ,,nlinj iLnnnK. 1(1.2 Id \ard- 
..f ahsorhent and non-ahsorl.ent eotlon. 3.i.:W(l said- ..I,r,l ,nn-liri. and 
12.000 pounds .,f uonl. All cntlinsr for the Nashville 1!,,! Ci,,-- Cliapirr ua- done 
free irratis hv the Xiilimleir Manufacturing Compan\. llir \li 
(!ompany and Roonev and Mason. All transferrins was dun 
and Herriford transfer companies. These firms answered cm 
Nashville Chapter. Red Cross, without compensation, and tin ii 
apprc-iatcd hv Red Cro^s oni.ials. Tli,' cNp,-ndiliiics in al 
Chapler for llic In-I vcar of its ,-\i-lcn. r u.i- ,in„in,l <2\\.mi\ 


HI ItlL' 

lie Ito-.-. ( 

II made h 

v the 




lie center of the picture stands Mrs. John Goode (Dora Brew I, 
To luT left. -Miss Rubie Simpkins. Secretary for the Chapt( 
er worker, ftands at Mrs. Coode's right. 

Chairman of the Depart- 
r. Mrs. Horace Cauvin, 

Mrs. John Coode. Chairman 

The work of the Comfort Kits Committee of the 
Nashville Chapter was organized in the fall of 191 7. 
The committee was given generous help in its work 
by the Girls' Auxiliary, who completed two hun- 
dred fifty of these bags. The Centennial Club gave 
one hundred fifty; the Nashville College, fifty: and 
private contributors, fifty. 

Cash subscriptions through the Nashville Ten- 
nessean, including one from Ward-Belmont College 
for ninety dollars, amounted to six hundred thirty- 
five dollars and forty-two cents. Private subscrip- 
tions donated amounted to thirty-eight dollars and 
fifty cents. 

One thousand two liundred fifty comfort bags 
were sent to tlie Suppiv House, at Atlanta, for dis- 


n,tllDSO\' COl\Ty irOME.y /.V the world war. 19I4-I919 

Iribulion at Christmas timi'. These bags, made in regulation size, contained Hand- 
kerchiefs. Menth-Alba. Adliesive Plaster, Cigarettes. Tobacco. .Mirrors, Buttons. 
Thread. Assorted Needles. Pins. Scissors. Knives. Pencils. Tablets. Envelopes. Christ- 
mas Cards. Testaments. Magazines. Games. Tooth Brushes. Tooth Paste. Soaj). 
Chocolates, and Peanuts in tins. 

Donations of Pencils. Tablets. Scissors. Chewing (uini. Pins, and McntliAlba 
ra|) Books were made and contributed in large 
(]uaiililies. and five hundred Games were se<:ured 
throu^'h the eft'orts o 

John Coo.irV. 

The XV, Mk of the C 
a \ahiabh- contribu 

rsonal friend of Mrs. 

I Kils Coinmillce was 

)f the Americ 
1 Cami). \i 

M,-. r,,n,i,. 

■_■ Ihei 

IJed Cros 
were alwf 

\<\\\ \\\n\ |)f>K. \ \^ll\ II. I. K 
CIIM'TI K. \. I!. C, 

:i. .hmI Mi;s. .1, 
.ll;.. Clian-n,,;, 

merce building. Aun-Msl I. 1017. \ -pciai .lr|,a, Imrnl u.i- Luini-d lu, lln~ 
of the service under ibc ^u|,riM-i,„, ,,1 \h-^ llrln, ll,il,.,,|. J,,,-. ir,l l.v Mi~^ 1 
Withers])ooii. who wa^ l\\(i iilixc >ii nl.iix I.h .i -Ii.piI limr. aiul wlm .i-~i-li 
the organization of the \.i-li\illr ('li.i|.lri. \',r,\ ( m^^. Helen Bufor.l mtxt,] ,,- ,,. In,- ( I, .,,,,,,. in iirilil llir ~|.iii|.j of l')l;i 
Mrs .John C. Thompson a.--»unicil ciiaigc ol ihc ili>k. Aniorrj llm-c ulio ;:av 
lar service at the registration desk at some period througiioiii ihi' Wnilcl W'ai 

Mr-. A. A. I)ick.Ts«ii, .Mrs. Pollard Caklwell. Mrs. Val Tavi,... M,- II I' llicm; 
Tliomas .\.-«l>ill. .Mrs. John II. Moore. .Miss Lucian Emerson. \Ii- M.uili,, (..iiu-lii 

Louis.- SaundiTs. .Miss Annie May l^ndcrwood, .Miss Margaret M «. Mi- \l,n-ar.l 

.Mi>s .'^adii! Cauvin. .Miss Courtney Ilollins. and .Miss Ritchie Shallc j..s- 

All registration of Woman's Work. \,i-l>\lli,' ChapKi. \. I!. C. .hhI ll, 
of the girls who served as pages wen- dine i.-, I li.rm ilii- ,|i-ls umIiI l,iiiiiai\ I 
at whicli time the registration of workn- in lli.' ,'^iii Liii .il Drr^-iiij- l>r|i,iilrni 
transferred to that workroom. 

In the workroom where huspital gaiim-iil making; uas rondiK hd li\ iIk 
not oidy was the daily attendaiiie registi-icd. lail llie liour- i:i\(ii <liiiiiii; I 



(222 ) 



In I lie center of picture, first row, is Miss Helen Buford, Chairman of the Desk. To her 
riyht. Mrs. Thomas Newbill; to her left. Miss Margaret Morrow. Second row. left to right: 
Miss Louise Saunders and Mrs. A. A. Dickerson. Third row: Mrs. Val Taylor (Sara Corbett). 
Mrs. Pollard Caldwell (Gladys Gennings), and Mrs. Alec B. Stevenson (Elise Maney). 

rards ciiiilaiiiinL: tlu' luiiiif uf each iiii-imImt of her unit. Tliis involved a large amount 
111 detail uiirk wliieh required the aliililv ol an experieneed elerk. 

At the end oi each week and each month a report was made by the Registration 
Chairman and turned in to Mrs. Robert F. Jackson, Director of Woman's Work. 
Workers in all other departments reported direct to the registration desk, where 
their presence and hours of service were scored on individual attendance cards 

Every member of this committee handled the job with the experience of experts, 
and the volunteer workers recorded with this department deserve credit for their 
efficient service so willinglv and creditably rendered. 

During the first year of the Registration Desk's existence. 18.647 workers were 
registered for service in the Woman's Work Department of the Nashville Chapter 
A. R. C. 

( 22.? ) 

DAlinSO\ COryTY lfO.ME.\ I .\ THE irORLI) WAR. 1^141919 

To,,. \|,- 

Miss Delia \I 

i;i:m;iit i.\ i i hi \i\mi.\ i ( ommh ii;i:. \\^ii\ii,i,i; ciiMTii!. \. ii. c 

Mi;-. \ \N I.I I !,- Kii;k\i\\. riiainiian 

In Apiil. I')i;i. \li-. \.iii l,r,i kiiki 
F.iili-ilaininciil CdiiiiiiiUcc dl' llic N.i>li\i 

wrir In ~N|p( i\ I-.- .ill ciih-ilairinients given 
h lit ul llic llrd ( :i<— . Ill |)a\i(Ison County, 
-i-l llir (;ii.i|i|,i III ■,u-in:^ fund-. The 
,1 Ml-, kilkmaii'- • r iiiII.t ucir: 

r^ \liv ,l..h„ li.ll K.,|.l.v Nil-. 1m., ,,l, \ {.,,n. \I,-. .Alrv 

3 \1.-, i:.n.-l l',ll..u. \1,-, \.n„.| \1. ,,.,,- Ixwis, 

\1,- ( l,i,nl. W.ill.i. \1.-, 11, .MX \li-. WaM.,- Kirk- 
< Mian. \1,-, W. P, \li-. I.u.iu- Hni.l,. \li-. M. S. 

'^^^ l.|„, k. \1,- 1;,„Ih„ \1,IU. \1,. ll.-iin 1, ,il,.|,,,nin. .Mrs. 
^B l.,.,.|ili W.iui.i. \1.-, I,.l«.n W.nii.,.. \1,-, I,,, Nhwarlz, 
^^^m Ml.. W \ I.i.iiiIhix. Mi~. \. l..v,,„.,n. Ml- lames S. 
^^^^M 1 la/ri Ml- \ 1. I'mII.i Mi- 1' \. Mull. IN. Mrs. Henry 
^^^^1 li.l/.'i. Ml-. W. 1>. lla-^anl. Mi- llinin.i- .|. Tvne. .Mrs 
^^^M ( hailr- |)i„llr. .1,,,,.-. Ml- 11,,,,,,, (,. 11,11. Mrs. Kollin P. 
^B (.,,,,,1. Ml-, W, I,. n.Mi.l. Ml- I. \ 1 ,„,I-,N. Mrs. Frank C. 
1 Malil.naii. .\l.,s. Kiaiii k ." (,i,,,,, Mi- Bvn.ii Martin, 

' ' Mr-. (;ranl)erv Ja.kson. .Mr-, \l, x ll„„i,t. M,-. 1 ,-lie War- 

V., \v-. iMi, KM.KM.V "'•'■• '^•'■s- lJ""'"'n M,-. \x,in 1I.,„.IIv. Mr-. A. G. 

■ ,k,,„ ■ii„„„...„i liran.lau. Mrs. II. B. Sclierniei l,.,i n. Mi-. W.ili. i k.illi. Mrs. 

<:. C. (; Mrs. Dan C. liunlin. .Mrs. James K. Mrs. Jnlin H. liansmn. Mrs. ]i. Kirk 

Hankin. .Mrs. lii.llev Wills. .Mrs. I{. K. Porter. Mrs. lliimphrev Timolliv. .Mrs. Cralp .McFarlanrl, 

Mrs. John T. Ilen/, Mrs. John Hill Kakin, Mrs. S. .S. Crmkell. Mrs. R. II. Lacey, Miss 



Elizabeth Hill, Miss Martha DeBow, Mrs. W. 0. Parmer. Mrs. Robert Weakley, Miss Ellen 
Stokes. Miss Evelyn Douglas, and Miss Mary Harding Buckner. 

Numerous parlor entertainments, public amusements and pageants were given 
to secure funds. The first of these entertainments was given by the students of 
Hume-Fogg High School under the direction of Mrs. 
B. L. Alder, at the Vendome Theater, in March, 1918. 

In June of the same year three hundred students of 
Peabody College for Teachers enacted on the steps of 
the Social and Religious building "The Lights of Civili- 
zation." a war masque, which was written and designed 
hv Miss Elizabeth Binford. This pageant was well at- 
Itnded and its patriotic value received favorable com- 
ment from Red Cross oflScials as well as other organiza- 

Under the direction of Miss Pauline Towiisend, sev- 
eral pageants were given at Ward-Belmont College for 
the Nashville Chapter Benefit Entertainment, and a per- 
formance of Joan of Arc was presented by Miss Town- miss paiune sheh«oo[, toknsesd 
fend, at the Vendome Theater, which was one of the 

most beautiful and spectacular entertainments given during the war. The proceeds 
from this entertainment were large and its educational value was far-reaching, 

More than $2,000 was turned in to the treasurer of the Nashville Chapter by 
Mrs. Kirkman from the various entertainments given. 

D.HII>SO.\ (:Ol.\T) irOMEX /.Y r II F nORLD WAR. 1911191' 

Ediu'alidiKil ('(miiniltt't' ;iii(l \iii-siiiii- Sitn ice, 
Na>li\III.- i:ii;i|.I.T. \. K.C. 

Ml>s 1,(U l-K \l. lIlNin. (.luiirman fr,.,,, July. l')17. In Jiinr. 191,'! 
Mi;>. H. II. I.UAA. (luiirninn Irani Jiair. I'Jlfl. /,. close ,»/ ihc war 

Til,- Edu.aliunal C.-Munitl.-.- ,.( \\u- Na-lnillr Cli.ipir,. \inrii,a„ l!,-,l Cross. 

caiii<> into exist, ■lie,' Im-I',u,. liir Clia|ilri il~rll ua^ ..r.jaiii/.r.l. In ,\|nil. I')|7. the 

Na-!,\ill.- Y. W. C. \. ua- aulli..ii/r,l \,^ \\u- \ali..nal T.oard oi tin- Ani.-iican Hed 

(ail-- I., loiin rdiicalional (dasses, and Miss 

l.oui-.- M.ll.iux i,-ndMT .d' lhi> F-.duc-ational 

( nuniiillrr nl ihr V W. C. \.. ua- appninf-d 

( haiMiian ..I ll,,. umk. I p.,,. ll i-ani/ali.m 

..I Ihr Nadixillr i;rd (an-- Cliaplri. lli,- V. W . 
C. \. ua- irlainrd a- a Irarliur' ,rnlr,. uilj, 
\li" I,,. HI-, MrliriMv a- Chainnan and Mi-- 
\iaiN I'lra-anl- I..,,,- a- \-i-lanl Cliaiirnan. 

K.-i^i-lialion- r,„ < la-.- sswr ,nad,- al llir 
>. W. C. \. an, I al iIh- lir,l (a..- \a-lnlllr 

\li- I arinir (). W al 

\id and llnnie 
lllr, I. ,d 
1-iMv. an. I |)i,--'Mlaiv ih.i. •!,.■. II. .n,.- \u,-,,p 
I, ■!,.-. Tl,.- ni-lru.I.a- ..I lli.-.- ...n,-.- «,T. 
al all Inn.- piofi'ssionals. Tli.- . -.■ ni lir- 
\i.l ua- nn.l.T the direction ..I a pli\-i. lan ap 
p.,n,l.,l \.^ 111,- Kxcailive l!..a,.l ..I lli.- \a-li 
\MI.- (I, apt. a. an. I ih.- -.'...n.l ..a,,-.- u a- landil 
U a II. .1 (1..- nin-,- app..u,h-.l l^ I!, '.I Cn.-> 



Durinfr the World War ih.- I ;.ln.ali..nal C.annnllr,- and \,n>in.j S.axl..- ..I lli.' 
Nashville Chapter hel.l .-.•.dil .la-.- in l'i,-l \id. uilli a ni.aniHa -hip ..f ..n.- Inni.h.'.l 
and ei^ditv-nine: elcv.-n in II. .ni.^ Nni-iii'j. uilli a ni.aid.ia -hip ..T .m,''.l anil 
fortv-se\,-n; an.l ..n.- .la- in -. uilli a nu inh.a -hip ..I lill.'.ai. Th.-.- . la-.- 
were h.'hl in .lid-. .Iini.h -... ..III..- hnihliir- an.l la.|..ii.- in \a-li- 

The nali..nal .all l..i \ li.'.l (a..- nin-.- . an-.'.l ih.- iiil.a.-l in llii- d.- 

the puldie to Ih.- la. I uill, lli,- li .-in.-n,l..ii- .hall ..I .1... ha- an.l niii-.- I.., niili- 
enoilj.di to care- I. a .nilinaix .a-.-- .d illrn--. ,i- u.ll a- l.n a., i.l.iil- an.l inpiil.--. 



Dr S S. Crockett was Chief of Medical Suff, and Mrs. S. S. Crockett, Chairman of Hospital. 
From left to right, first row: Miss Bella Goodman. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson (Nellie Ely), Mrs. 
Harrv P Mnrrev (Lale Lester). Mrs. \[. (;. liurkner (Elizabeth Jackson). Mrs. .S. S. Crockett 

iC.MTir Cl.nki. Mrs. L. R. Campl»-ll ijohni. \l,,, -hall i . Mr-, hini- II. JsiikLnol ( M.uv llrnder- 

s..„i v,,,,„„| ,,,„-: Mrs. Richard ll.m i^ k,, kp..i 1 1. k i . .Mr- W . W . HiII.mi iMi-m- Wniiht), 

Ml.- \l,.nr kulm. Mrs. A. J. DvMi i,,l.rih Ki. II, I, II I, \j,-. W. (.. Ilulrini,- K.iir Ikixter). 

Mrs. Edward West Foster (Susie C..cknlli. liiird r..» : .Mrs. Jordon .stokes ( Marv WliiUvurthi. 
Mrs. W. H. Witt (Ella Walsh). Mrs. J. T. McGiU (Elizabeth Allen). 

struction davs. New classes were foniied from time to time and the Committee 
planned to put this course in the public schools. 

Dr. McPheeters Glasgow was the Instructor in First Aid Classes for this depart- 
ment, and was assisted by Dr. William Sumpter. Dr. Harrington Marr and Dr. Sam 
Cowan, each of whom instructed several classes. 

Miss Nan Dorsey and Mrs. Willie F. Acree, professional nurses, were appointed 
Supervisors and Instructors of the classes in Elementary Hygiene and Home Nurs- 
ing. The conunittee having this work in charge was coinposed of Mrs. R. H. Lacev. 
as" Chairman, and Mrs. Henry Teitlebaum, Mrs. Perkins Baxter, Mrs. John R. 
Wheeler and Miss Matilda Porter, as assistants to Mrs. Lacey. 

The need for help during the epidemic of influenza in the fall of 1918 brought 
to the Home Nursing Committee of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. the first call for 
active service, and the situation was desperate enough to put the strength and ef- 
ficiency of the entire Committee to the severest test. Th response of the workers 
was satisfactory proof of their sincerity and the adequacy of the Educational Courses 
of this department. It is a matter of pride to the Educational Committee that when 
instructions concerning the influenza epidemic were received from National Head- 
quarters of the Red Cross they were identical with the methods already being pur- 
sued bv the Nashville Chapter. The hearts of Davidson County's generous public 
were so touched bv the distressing situation that gifts of money, bed clothing, food 
and other comforts were daily received bv this committee, and large supplies of 
every needed article were available at all times for distribution to the destitute 


DAfinsoy coiyTY iro.ME\ i .\ the noRin war. 19111919 

The Adniini^liative Board of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. ol ul,i, h Mi-. I'm v 
D. .Maikliii was Chairman, appointed an Inflnenza Ki)ideniic Coniinillrc Im l),i\i(l-(in 
County during this crisis, and the work of this lonunitlee was so ixuplioiial tiial 
two letters of commendation were received by Mrs. Maddin from K. U. Black. .Man- 
ager of the Soudiern Division. A. R. C. in which sjiecial mention was made of the 
work of Mrs. Elizaheth Bowver. President of Middle Tennessee Nurses" Association, 
of the Belle Meade Counlrv'Cluh. the Centc.mial Clul.. and the Nashville Chapter. 
Re<l Cross Motor Corps. Mrs. Bowvr and Mrs. Willie F. Acree. olTicial representa- 
tives of the Pul>li<- Health Servir.-. »,p.Minlendcd the «,uk of liic vohmtrrr nurses. 


Throu;;h the .nu.lesv of the Belle Meade CoumHn Clul. an.l ihr Cciilmiiial Clul.. 
of \a^hvilh•. an Kmcrgency Kitchen was organized al ihr Crnlrninal Clul, nude ll,. 
direction of Mrs. .Anna G. Conger. Mrs. O'Brvau \\ a-liin;jliui li.ul ihai'jr nl ihr 
distribution of the delicacies, and one hundred and lunuv liv l.nuilir. .nl, km uilli 
the (lisea,se were served daily by this conuuiltcf. Mi-. W i-liiiii:lc>u u.i- a>^i>lc(l l.v 
volunteer workers from all parts of \a-li\illi-. Mi>~ Lillian lav lor gave her entire 
time, assistinsr in the distribution, uliilc iIh- ipicLinn la-lcd. 

Mrs. Marv Bright Thomas. Chaiiinan .,! llir Kinrr;.,-,,, v M,,Io, Co,,,-, fnr |l,r cpi- 

relief work ,.1 ihi- roniuiillcc. .Mi-. Knhcil Clirrk. Caplain ,,l lli,' \a-li\ill,' CliapliT. 
A. R. C. .Motor Corps, and her members gave nin,' hniuhcl an.l -.iM\-,,nc hm,,-. au,l 
drove -1.172 mile.s during this public crisis. 

The forces of all commiliees were augiiniilrd l.v lln- ad.lilii.n ol miIiiuIi'it work- 
ers throughout the couulv. and among those i;i\inii IrcrK ,.f llicir linu' ami -I'l vices 

Mrs. George F.,'. Mr>. .I„m-|,1i \li-. .|..lin 11. W li., I.r. \1,-. I!. Kiik li.mkin, 
Mrs. Percy U. .Ma.l.liii. .Mrs. H. II. l.a.-.-v. Miss .MaliMa 1'..>I.,. \1.- l.illu.n Taxi..,, \li.~ Kllicl 
White. .Miss .Nell Major. Miss Jane Harris, and Mrs. Ben I nul.iii. i. 

.•\11 churches, moving picture houses and ,.1 l)a\ (!..iiul\ wen- 
closed, so that many women were released from their regular cm|il.>\ nunl iiiil -jmc 
their services to this cause. The city and <()iiiity teachers of tin- -rli,.,,U Muilncd 
especial service to the committee. The follouiiig coinprix' the wmkiuj li.r.c ..I 
volunteer nurses and inspectors of lhi~ ili|.arliiiinl : 

Mrs. J. .>^. .Mien. Mrs. Darden .Ml.n. \1,-, I, M. \ii.|.i-..i,. \l,-. II. \l...,i,- \,«<. Mrs. I. 
0. Bur}.'e. Mrs. W. I'. B.-ar.l.n. \I,-. .1. (I. Itint:.. jr.. \li~, (.i.-.n i!,iU.,n. Miss Hella C.o.lnian. 
.\rrs. \V. \V. Dillon. Mr>. A .1 \h.;. \li-. 1). T \l.l,.ll. \li- lames II. Kirklan.i. \li-. .^. .S. 
CroekeU. .Mrs. Lemuel ( ainpl.. II. Mi-. W . (.. I h.l. liiii-.,,,. \l,-, KielianI Harr. Mrs. Clar.-ne,- 
Dixon. .Mrs. William Viiit. Mr-, \1. I'h. .i.i- (.la-..u. M.-. T, .1. liifif:,-.. Mrs. W . .1. U,.vkin. 
Mr«. Rn-sell Brown. .Mrs. W . II. Biielianan. Mrs. .lam.s II. ( .inli.ll. Mr-. M. C. I!u. kn. r. Mr-. 

<:. D. <:lian,lli-r. Mrs. I.von Childress. Mrs. .|. I!. C.mi i. Mi-. I m. Mi-, -i.a.ii lliix.r. 

.Mrs. M. II. Kills. Mrs. Frank .S-arev Creen. Mrs. Waller Cn.n. \li-. K. W . I..-I.1. Mi- M. ,\. 
(;rief. Mr-. (;. .\. (;walhniev. .Mrs. Thoina- llan,-..rk. Mi-. Km- ll.nnIK, \1,- I'.. — ,., 
Mis- .Alma Oliver. Mrs. Wilherspoon Have-. Mi-. (I-.. 11 11.11. Mi-. M .,,,,,, 1 l|.ii,l.,-.,n lliil.lii- 
son. .Mrs. Turner Johnson. .Mrs. Charles lill.i.i. Mi-, I, I , I ,i-kx. \1>- I H I i,l..n. Mi- 1. II. 
Marshall. Mrs. J. D. Nfarlin. Mrs. \V.-n.l,-ll M. F.,.l.l. n. Mi-, I, I , M. K..,,,, \|,. ||,,,,x I', Mnrrev. 

Mrs. Jack Norfolk. .Mrs. James Otiilvie. Mi-. II. F. (III... Mi-, ILilhin. ( 11..,, M,- \„„i,- 

Owen. Mrs. .Mapci'- I'ellie. -Mrs. Blanche I'lall. .Mrs. .Moll,,- I,', I',. 11,,. \l,- Will r,„,i,„, Mr-. 
Jordon .^lokes. Mrs. F. \. liamsev. .Mrs. John B. Hansom. Mi- W.ili.i l.'i.ll.x. Mi- Mil, Kii-i. 
.Mr-. W. B. .Shelton. Mrs. V. .M. .S„hel. .Mrs. Thomas Spain. Mi-. I .lu.ii.i -lal.lin,,,,. Mi- C V. 
Slephenson. .Mrs. Clav G. Slephens. Mrs. A. B. Tarplev. .Mrs. Charl.- Iliir.l. Mi-. I, I . III.. mas. 
.Mrs. Ilumi-hrev Timolhv. Mrs. Charles Trahne. Mrs. t. K. Tnrr.nlin. . Mi- I inni, (I Walton. 
Mr-. Georpe Williams. ' and Mrs. Fern York. Miss .Nelle Foster. Mi- \,|., \l,xa,„l,r. Miss 



.\hi.lh:i l!,iiiiani. Mi- Kli/nlirtli P.r.i-IrN Mi^^ lillKin I!rnii,-lt. Mi-- •|1irn--,, H,,llin.., \li-^ Jane 
M.n l!..!i-. \li-- lli/,il,.ili |•M.^>. \1.-- y.UuA I'.u-k Ml-- \K,,,,, (,,,.■, \1,- Is, I, I ,,,,,. Miss 

^!,ll^ ( ,1-1,. Ml-- I ..<., I -,I \l,-- \n !,,.. Il.r.i- \l,-- I nil. I u,,,.j. Ml- I iIImi. I ,-!,.,. MisS 

LlNi.n, I irrinan. Mi- M,.IIm ( I|i,,-li,,r, Mi- luli.i (,,,,ii. Mi-- Miu (.u,,ll \. Miss 

Martha llaiuilrx. M,-- I imI. ILiiLiimI \Ii-- I'lulm, IhiJ-.m Mi- l^.m.-lm, \..\r:-.m. Miss 

Elizabeth Ligp,-ii. \li- (.imlni, |,i.,[-,u. \|i-- I,,,.,,, M,,ln„,.. \1,- („,„.,i, \l,.,,ui. Miss 

Annie Frances \l' K Mi-- I mih-, MrMiILn,, Mi— |),,niili\ 1 1"( oniirll. Mi-- Will I'ftway. 

Miss Amv Rirli. Mi- -^..i,, -^aiMlr,-. Mi- ( M,ihia >ru.iJ.n. Mi- Euiiir.- .^ha». Mi-.- Flora 
Shelby, l^iiss Lmiise Smith. Mi-.s Elizabeth Tarpley. Miss "ttiU Ella Tatum. Miss Uuby Louise 
Terry. Miss Ellen Trabn.-. Miss Flora Travis. Miss Lillian Warner, Miss Lillian Watt, Miss 
Dorotliy Williams, and Miss Ruble Simpkins. 

The graduate nurses who rendered able assistance during this epidemic were: 
Mrs. T. J. Biggers, Mrs. Lucile Harlan. Mrs. Willie F. Acree. Mrs. Neil Martin, Mrs. G. H. 
Williams. Mrs. F. E. York. Miss Elizabeth DeMayo, Miss Fern Draper, Miss Virginia Harris. 
Miss Jean McKenzie, Miss Frances Simpkins. Miss May Buchanan, and Miss Tenney Woodson. 

Certificates for service from the Nashville Chapter were received by the above 
mentioned women and all who did a service during this crisis. Mrs. R. H. Lacey, 
the Chairman, was highly commended by officials of tlie Xashville Chapter, Red 
Cross, for her capable management of this department atid the splendid results ob- 
tained during her administration. 

Mrs. Lacey paid a beautiful tribute to Miss Louise McHenry (deceased), who 
was the pioneer organizer of this committee, in saying that Miss McHenrvs lovalty 
and devotion to duty was at all times an inspiration to the Educational Committee 
to "carry on." 

The work carried on under the jurisdiction of Mrs. R. H. Lacey. who was chosen 
to succeed Miss McHenry in this department, was at all times of an excellent char- 
acter, Mrs. Lacey herself rendering untiring service. 

DlllDSON COiyTY WOMES I .\ THE IT R L D IfAK. 19141919 

Camp Activltif^s ('oiiiinittcc. Naslnille 
Clia|)kT, A. 11. C. 

Mi;<. Sii)m:v S. C'liocKKir. f.// 

I nur,-il\. llir \\..r !)<■- 
.Irlit- (;;l,il|,; I),. >i,lllOV 

Tlie «.<.k ol 111.' Cainp \rlixili,- 1 )r|Kn linrni ol llir \a-luillr Cliaphr. Kr,! 
Cross, was limited 1.. ih..-,- ,.„nl.-i,- ulil.l, ,,.,,1,1 1.,- ,'xl,n,l,-,l 1,, ~,.l,li,-i^ and 
sailors passing llirmigli \a-li\ill,-. an,! \\lii,li \-.,i,' |„i l,,i m,-,! l.\ lli,- I aii,'i ■■.■n,'v 
Canlcpn Section of the Cuiiniillr,'. iiiilil ll,,' aiiliniin ,,1 I'M;:, a Slii,|i-iil- \miv 
Training Camp was ojiened at \ and, 1 1, ill I Mi\,i-il\ in \a-li\ille. \l Hi,- -u'ji^cs- 
tion of Dr. James H. Kirkland. Cl.a,„.ll,., ..I \ an 
partment appointed the followin;; al Mall l,.i 
^. Crockett. Medical Man: Dr. William A. Divan. r- 
i;\e. Kar and Throat Specialist. 

The first week during the pli\H,al rxaniinali,,n-. al lli,- iini\,-,-il\ ihc lnl!n,Miza 
epidemic appeared among the -ln(l,ail- an, I ni;j,'nl n,,,--il\ l,,i li,,^|iilal ,i,,<,nnn(i- 
dations immediately arose. Tli,' \|,-,li, .il --lall .i|,|Mal,-,l I,, Mr^. >. ■>. Ci,,,!.!! an,l 

her Camp Activities Conunillee in llii- , ii-i-. N.m ,,nl\ lli,' |„r- ,1 ,,1 ll,,' laun- 

mittee. hut the heads of all Fied Cro^- l),|,, nU ..I ll„- Na^liMll,' (I, a,, hi. .np- 

phniiTited liv mililarv and iiniversil\ anlli,,i ili, -. unil,,! I,, a, I,, pi ,■ i'j,n, \ nicas- 

nres and hastily estahlished the Kissa.n Hall Kn,c,;j,'n,\ I |,,~|,il,,l. Tli,' , I, inc.! 

r-ITorts of thesi- agencies were augmented hy innnin,'i al,l,' prixal,- , ,,nl i ilml i,>n-. I,\ 
personal work, hv money and hv hospital ricccssilio. 

Diiririt.' the several uck- of tin- cpid.'ini^ llu- l.,l|,,uinu. u,,in,'n -,'i\,',l a~ lu'ads 
of tlu- various -ul.-c.amnMlee.. in|,, ulii.l, llir rnana'j.'nunl ,,r ll,,- l„,H,ilal was 


< li I. II II I K. I</ 1 I I 'I I' 

LFADEKS OK THE \Al!l()l s >^l I! ( OMMITTEES AND VOM Mill; \l i;>l-..'- 


Left to right, first row. Mrs. M G Buckner, Mrs. James H. Kirkland, Mrs. Harry P. Mur- 
ray. Mrs. S. S. Crockett. Chainiian of the Committee, .Mrs. T. Leiah Thompson, and Mrs. Lemuel 
R. CampbeH. Second row. Miss \Lirie Kuhn. Miss Bella Goodman, Mrs. W. W. Dillon. Miss 
Alma Oliver. Mis? Nellie 0'Bi% in Mi- Jordan Stokes. Mrs. G. W. Hulchinsnn. Mrs. \^illiam H. 
^ilt and Mis. E.luard W. M 1 uMm 

divided: Mrs. Sidney S. Crockett. Chairman: Mrs. James H. Kirkland, Vice-Chair- 
man. and Mrs. Matthew G. Buckner. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Mrs. Lemuel R. 
Campbell, Mrs. Samuel H. Orr, Mrs. William C. Cherry and Mrs. Harry P. Murrey 
were members of the Advisory Board. 

Among the volunteers who served as nurses, aides, cooks, waitresses, and in 
other needed capacities, as long as the epidemic, or thev individuallv. lasted, were: 

Mrs. W. 11. -W-ill. Miv S. <. rrork.ii. Ml-, Rirliai^I Hai., Mr-. M C llii. kn.i . Mi-. .1. T. 
McGill. \li- V. I \\ilkiii-M„. \l,- W . W . |iil|,,„ \1,- W (, lli.h liiii-ii \li- |m,,Im: v,,,i,, .. 

Mrs. l,.-,nii,l i;. I ,,,,,,,1., II. \l,-. I. W Tl„„„.,- I,. \|,- \li,,,, (iln,, \li- Mill,' \m„-i - 

Matthew-. \li- i;.!!.. (, Im.iii. \li- \ir-ini.i Inlm-. \li-- \rll,,' HT.m:,!!. Mr-. Inl,,, II. |),A\ill. 

Mrs. Edward \^'. Foster. .Mrs. William Leftwich, Mrs. A. J. Dyer. .Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Mrs. 
.Miss Effie Morgan 


Miss Mar 

Miss Lulii 

Brown Buford. Mrs. J. Hi 
and Miss Susan Wilkes. 

Miss Mary McGown, Mrs. J. H. Matthews and Miss Alma Oliver served as heads 
of the Diet Kitchen. A number of graduate and Red Cross nurses were in charge of 
patients during the epidemic, and members of the Executive Board and volunteers 
for this service remained in the hospital overnight when needed. A group of faith- 
ful workers served the patients with breakfasts, put patients and wards in order for 
the day, during the entire time of the existence of the hospital. Miss Alma Oliver 
served breakfast to the patients every morning for three weeks bginning at five o'clock. 

Another group furnished the social end by establishing a convalescent room, 
writing letters for the boys and entertaining them. 

A splendid service was rendered by Lieutenant McCutcheon. detailed by the 
Commandant to Mrs. S. S. Crockett and her committee for hospital service, and the 
K. P. orderlies placed by him at the disposal of the coimiiittee were greatly appre- 
ciated by officials of the Nashville Red Cross Chapter. One hundred and ninety 
cases of influenza were cared for, and though a large number of patients were verv 
ill with pnrumiinia. only two cases proved fatal, due to tiie careful attention th 'v 
received frum this committee. 


Difins(>.\ roi STY iroME\ i\ the iroKLn war. ion. 1919 

During tliis dark period of llic connict of tlie army at home tlie symbol of the 
Red Cross over the hospital door and on the uniforms of the Camp Activities Com- 
mittee and volunteer helpers repeated its historv of relief and comfort, and un- 
doubtedly proved an important factor in assislinp the |)tivsicians and nurses in saviiiir 
many lives of the country's soldicis in traiiiiui:. 

Probably the most heroic and most self-sacrificins service rendered during the 
World War by the women of Davidson County, both trained and untrained, were 
those who volunteered as nurses during the influenza epidemic, which made its first 
appearance in the county during the t^'orld War. Entire families were stricken at 
one time, and while our boys were in the midst of battle in France dozens of rela- 
tives, friends and acquaintances of Davidson (iountv residents at home were probablv 
lying cold in death from this disease. It «as dillicult for the urulertakcrs of \a^li- 
ville to accommodate the large number wUu died in Nashville, owing to llic ra( I 
thai the erection of the Powder Plant almost douided the population of Da\ idson 

M;ni.liii(;. from l.-ll I., ri^lil : Mr 
Mi-<s ll.lrn Buf..r.l, Mrs. K. (). Talr. Mrs. C. K. ( il.-mmts. \],. 
MrrriU, Mrs. Samuel G. Dniiplas. Captain; Miss .Sadie Cainiii 
( orl.ill. Mrs. Kllsworlli P. Stairs. Mrs. Charles llillman. Mrs, \!,. 


\1,~. W. (). Tirrill. Cap 


MK.\ IN Till-: KORI.n tt'AR. 1911-1919 

County, and it was not unusual to see nieniliers of a family bury tlieir own. Several 
dozen bodies sometimes lay at the undertaking establishments at one time, waiting 
for caskets to be procured. Davidson County citizens arose to the emergency, and 
hundreds of her women left their homes, if they were fortunate enough to escape 
having the disease in their own families, and volunteered as nurses wherever their 
services were needed in the city, county, or Powder Plant. Miss Ellen Foster, Miss 
Will Petway. Mrs. J. H. Matthews, Mrs. Edine Armstrong Matthews and Mrs. R. E. 
Porter spent weeks nursing influenza patients in North and East Nashville. Emer- 
gency kitchens were in operation in every section of Nashville and at the Powder 
Plant, and delicacies were prepared and distributed to every needy person bv the 
housewives of Davidson County. 

Mrs. S. S. Crockett, who so ably organized the women of Davidson County for 
many of the World War activities, rendered another splendid service by acting as 
leader of the Vanderbilt Hospital Emergency Committee in the influenza epidemic. 



oo!l R. Cole, Miss Annie DeMoviUe. Mrt.. Henn G. Manp\. Mrs. W. L. Ni.hul. Mrs. J„hn \^ . \I,M,r,-. Captain. 
Mss Elsa McGill. Miss Katherine Bprr>. Miss Anna Blanton. Mi^s E^el^n D..upld.. Mr-. Alt-x \Ic( lain. Mrs. \lfrp.l 
?.. I Kirk Rankin. Mrs. Mary Bripht Tliomas. Miss Mar> Erskin<- Uamage. Mrs. James T. Gvsatlimev, Mrs. Hesse 
Sfeied in center, left to right: Mr-. Harry E\ans, Commandant, Mrs. Sirlne> S. Crockett, and Mrs. Bruce Douglas. 

( 233 ) 

n^flDSOy CO (MY irOME,\ / V the world war. 1Q14I9I') 

Eni(M-ij:encY CaiiltMMi Sci-xict' Coininlttee, Nashville 
ChapliT. A. 1(. C. 

Mi;s. Il\i;i;\ W . 


Till- Knici-eiuy Caiilccii S.-rvi.-.- C. 
was orfraiiizfd 1)V Mrs. S. ^. (!ii"krll in 
In IIk- rhuirf of Mrs. ila,,\ I 
Sfrvicc. Mrs. Crockclt rlisplavcd rare it V < uilli ...ui.irai 

■f 111.- \a<li\illr Chapl.-.. A. H. C 

nl ll,- K 

Ml-. i:\. 


Commandant of this l.ranrh of the \asluill, CI,,,,,!,-, un„ ||„ 

lional Il.-a.l(|uart(-is, at Washinplon. 1). C.. IJial ..f all llu- oil,.,-,- .,,,,1 i,.,,,,,- -riv,-<l 
l.v the NasliviJIc linicrj.'fncv Canti-i-n and. n,o~l , (in,|din„-,il.i, \ ..I .ill. ..I licr 
.•o-»oik.-is in thr .M-rvicr. all of whom n-,o^ni/.-d l„ , aliiliu ,,- a lr.„l,., ,,,„l u,„k,-|-. 
Till- |Mr>omi.-i of Ih.- \a-hvilh- VuA C,,,>-. Kni.-i-.n, N Caiilrm mmil,,-,- uas as 
hapiiilv and jiidirJalK -.-Ic-rh-d a. thai ,d ll„- Coniiiiandanl. ~o ll,a I„an,'h of die 

I) All n S () .V C () I .\T Y r M E N / ,V TH E W O R L D WA R. 1914.1919 


L.H In HLilii: Ml-, s,, Ml, 1,1 (,. Iiniiiila-. Ml-, .[.-■pli K. \\r-i. Ml-. ,|„lin H. DeWitt. Miss 
II. I. I, iHiln.J Ml- l|..,,M I,, Ml- I. W. Mill.i. Ml-, W, W, ( 1,111. lall. Mrs. Harrv Evans. 
tiMiiiM.,,, 1,1.11,1. Ml-, („,iii,ii M,.i:,.ii,. Ml-, s, s. CpHk.ll. Ml-, W, It. Iniill. .Mrs. Harrv P. .Mur- 

■11. .Ir.. Miss Mary DeMoville 
.1 li. Co!e. 

Wil^. .Mi>. W. 

.\h>. joM|,ii r 

JNashville Chapter. Red Cross, was more skillfully or efTicieiitly ortranizecl than its 
Emergency Canteen Department. 

The organization of the Canteen Committee of the Nashville Chapter consisted of 
a commandant, four captains, ten lieutenants, six teams for daily service and four 
special committees. The duties of the Special Committees were the purchasing and 
issuing of supplies, the furnishing of medical aid, ambulance and hospital service 
for sick or injured soldiers and sailors, the selling of stamps and the mailing of 
letters for the passing soldiers, the distributing of daily papers and magazines, the 
providing of shower baths with soap and towels for every individual soldier, and the 
providing of emergency hospital aid for sick or injured soldiers and sailors, or 
their relatives, at all times. 

Two of the four Canteen Captains. Mrs. W. 0. Tirrill and Mrs. Samuel Douglas, 
served respectively as Secretary and Treasurer for this department, and the two others, 
Mrs. C. A. Craig and Mrs. John W. Moore, were Captains of Train Service. The 
Lieutenants of the department and their teams provided the refreshmenst and enter- 
tainment service for the soldiers. Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin served as the efficient Pub- 
licity Chairman of the Committee. 

The functions of the Emergency Canteen Service Conmiittee were to supplement 
the efforts of the War Department and the railroads in providing comforts for troops 
in transit and to render them such attention as the occasion demanded. The War 
Department instructed railroads to inform the Commandant. Mrs. Evans, of the ap- 
proach of troop trains, and she in turn informed her Captains, who assembled the 
workers. This information was a secret in time of actual war and was entrusted 
only to those whose honor and discretion were above reproach. No Nashville Red 
(aoss Canteen worker was ever known to betrav this trust. 

PAiiDsoN roryrv iroMEX i .\ the world war. 19111919 

THE iioM'irAi, OK iiii- i;\ii;i!(;i;N(A ( amkia skijmci: 

^[rs. Garnet Morgan, Chairman. Mrs. Louis H. Sperr)' and Mrs. T. 
Lfipli Thompson were ihe Hospital Conunittee. Thousands of troops 
in transil were piven aid at this hospital. 

Thf \a>l,\ill,- Cliapl.-iV K.-.i (:r,,.> Ktnci-rn.v ( iominillr,.-- 
»vas CKiiiiioM-il (iT: 

Coiiiiiiuiulanl \li-. Il.iir\ \\ . 1a. in-. 

Captains— Ml ~. C. \. Ci.iil^. Mi-. W . (). Tnnll. \li- J.. I.,, 
Samuel Douglas. .\li.-. Dcuvla.-, IkuI ,\r . li.iiL^r nl llir C.uil. 
incnt of Mrs. Harry W. Evans as Cdiiiinanilanl. 

The Lieutenants and the six teams loi (l.iiiv -cisiic uk liiclcil 

Mrs. Avery Ilandly. Mrs. Thomas Park.-. \li-. II.-, ( ,.,l„ii, \li-. 
Leigh Thompson, .Mrs. (larnet Morgan. Mr~. l.ilni II I). Will. \li- Kiiii. 
K. West. .Mrs. T. Graham Hall. Mr-. n,„.,m. \I,- \I,x. M, ( l;ii 
Mrs. 11. G. .Manev. .Mrs. I. W. \lill.i. \Ii-. W . W . ( \li- lln 
P, Murrey, .Mrs. Briiee Douglas. I.. Mi- Inlm l.u,-. \l,- K W 
Phillips. .Mrs Paul II. DeWill. Mr- W ( (Imim. \Ii- li.n.k lliiii 
.Mrs. Clarence Beasl.-v. Mrs. O. .\. Hnaii. \li-. \lli..l \l.iiiii. \li-. il 
E. .Norvell. Mrs. Marshall 1 l<.I<-hkis>. Mrs. I- ii/;^, Ih.ll, \l,-. ( 
anil .Mrs. C. .S. Drown. Mi-s Annie IVM.mll. . Mi- II. l.u r,ul.ii.l. Mi 
F.llen .Stokes. Miss Courtney llollins. .Mi- M,,l^ Ki-kiii.' Mi 
.Miss Anna Blanlon, .Miss Elizabeth Hail. Mi- s.Mi. i iumm Mi- M., 
Rehecca .Sedherry. Miss Virginia Nelson. \li- I I .i M.(.ill .m.l Mi-- I' 

The following Lieutenants and ( iiiiiiinii. . - \xli.. ..n 
iii'tle.- u.-re: I'niled .States Mailin- I).|.,m I in. nl . \li- Wliil.l 
Mian. Mrs. (;„|,> was a.ssisled l.\ Mi-. IIi.II.a Will-. Mi-, h 
Mr-. C. IJuii.ic Clements, an.l Mi- \iiii., Dl.inh.n. I .i.nlm.inl- 
The Supply Conw.iill..- uilli M,-. I. W . Mill.r. Cliaum.i 
Kisworth P. Srales. Mr-, lanir- K.elin'.:. Mr-, laim- (iu.illini. ' 
lierrv. ^yvu^ Mrs. Miller-, as-i-lanl-. 

The Ifospilal (:.,Miinill.-e. M,-. (.arnrll M.n-an CliairMian: 

.l,.-,.l.ll \ M 

1-. W. 

Ml- \ s 

i;, III 




1 Kiikiii.u 

. Mi-s 

„ -peiial 


1. Iluu.'l 

. Ir.. 

.111. -11.1111- 


Mi- kail 


nl-. .Mrs. 


2.% ) 


n R I. I) If A R. 1914-1919 




ssr Co 

(Marir En 

Miss Lv 


Rankin. Second 
M,-. W. O. Tir- 

,.| il,,. h,iii („.]i|.ilii- ..I III.' II. •,.,,, in.. Ml. Ml-, ( Ilillin.iu i|;.--i. Miiii.Ai. Mrs. 

I W. I \i in I'.ilLi. ■ ..I lli.' I. .111 I i|ii.iin- ..I iIm- I i.|.,ii I im.iiI \Ii-- I a. Uii l»..nglas 

ana Ml,. RiaiLN WilU iJc.Mc EIm. Tl.ii.l i...»: Mi>. .\I..'X M.;Claiii 1 KanL, Ki,l...i. Mrs. 

John Lewis, Mrs. W. W. Ciandall (.Charlotte Lewis 1. .Mrs. W. L. Nichol (Katie Dean Hutchin- 
son), Mrs. H. Louis Sperry (Amelia Sawriel. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson (Nellie Ely), and Mrs. 
Thomas Parkes (Idella Davis). 

H. Speny and Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Tliis committee was known as "Angels 
of Mercy." 

The Magazine Coimnittee, Miss Alice Gertrude Smitii. Cliairman. Mrs. Bernard 
Fensterwald. Miss Mary DeMoville Hill. Miss Lizinka Farrell and Miss Mary Porter 
Kirkman, as Lieutenants, ably assisted with the duties of this cominittee. 

Active work by the Nashville Emergency Canteen started in January, 1918, and 
began to take on large proportions immediately. The Terminal Company at Nash- 
ville built a Hut on the track level at the LTnion Station for the Canteen Headquar- 
ters, and soon three large departments of this committee were put into operation. 
The importance of the Canteen work soon became apparent, and in a short time it 
was found necessary to keep the Hut open the whole of every day. A team was de- 
tailed for daily service as a Bureau of Information and Attention, and the Com- 
mittee's experience in these constant contacts with the American soldiers supplied 
ample justification for the operation of this branch of the service. 

At the little Canteen Hut down at the station cheer, comfort, food, material aid 
and often advice and help in personal troubles were given the thousands of soldiers 
and sailors who passed through Nashville from all parts of America. The workers 
spared themselves no effort, either of body or spirit, for the boys in khaki. Taking 
no thought of risk to themselves, the women of the Nashville Chapter Emergencv 
Canteen Service not only fed and entertained the hungry and wearv. but ministered 
to the sick, not hesitating to come in contact widi various kinds of contagious dis- 
ease- when the need arose. Now and then, in tragic cases, tliev helped a wrongdoer 


I) n I II so \ (<)( v 71 If <> M h: V / v / // /■: ir a k i. n ii ,i k. i >i i ti •> i >j 


IK \ \sii\ III i; ( II \i 
:\nti:k\ i)i:r\i!r\ii \ t 

Fiuni l.-ft tn iit:li:. tir-t n.» : Mis> Anna l!l:i 
one uf llie four Captains of the Departmenl. iii^ 
ment of Mrs. Evans. Commandant; and .Mi-~ \l,i 
(;. Manev (Florence Hlai-k I . Miss Marv L)e\I..Ml 
T. Cwatliniev ( Macuie Lou Riddle). 

ti( corrt'ct his fault or Ills sin. and nun 
for the dead. 

A .supply kilihcn was olaMi-linl 
A. R. C. and while donations wen- n 
nif'ii. women and merchants, as vmI! i- 
ihe kitchen well supplied at all lini 
Housewives ihrou^'hont Middle Tenne 
liovs when they did their own preserv 
iii>hin<:s for ihe kiti hen and dininp-rt 
time the food .supplies -.'rew to such 
he imniedialely pre()ared for an entire 
was charaelerislic of the Nashville Kn 

The record for one da\ ol llii~ i urn 
of several coaches each, j.c.uin^ 
Canteen was carried over the land imt 
country and often on the hattle front 

Sixty-one shower halhs and all ne 
tion with the Kmerfrencv Canteen in 
and .Mrs. W. O. Tirrill'. the \ashvil 
\\ oinarrs Service, and also Joseph Lini 
|)any. and Hunter Davis. Supplier w 
and as the "reati'^t need for IroooK j 

1 (a... 

- Canl. 

ilH ll„l 

cd- nl 



• furni 



le 1) 




.laic, kcp, 

1~ lol ll„ 

■U urrk^ 
r.ll r.MiJ, 
rl,. uIm.I 

i\ .d Ml 

•a'.'ii.' f.. 


the shower baths were termed "life savers" by the boys in kliaki. ulio always voted 
for a bath instead of a hinch if there was not time for both. A balli altiMidaiil was 
kept on duty by the Canteen Committee at all times. 

In October, 1918, the first Hut became so inadequate that a new building with 
a Hospital and Soldiers' Rest Room attached was erected on the same site. Through 
the courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Percy D. Maddin. these quarters were completely fitted 
with comfortable and convenient furnishings, and the ablest doctors in Nashville 
gave their time and services to the Canteen Hospital whenever they were needed. 
First-aid outfits and simple remedies were issued tlie troops in transit each day, and 
the Medical Aid Committee gave special attention to every sick soldier, sending 
notification to Government Authorities and families of the patients, and often ac-. 
companying them to their next destination if they were compelled to proceed im- 

A war memorv of unforgetable lieauty is of this little Hut on Christmas Eve, 
1918. with its immaculate whiteness, its soft light, its glowing Red Cross and its 
shining Christmas tree, all set like a dream of home in the midst of the dust and 
turmoil of the railway station, the handiwork of the Canteen members. 

Spiritual as well as physical comforts were dispensed at the Canteen Headquar- 
ters at all times, and numerous telegrams announcing the fact that "unto thee a 
child is born" were sent to soldier fathers by the Nashville Canteen workers, and 
they never failed to follow up the good news by caring for the mother and child, 
if they were in need of assistance, sending information to the husband and father 

The Red Cross on the Canteen door acted as an "open sesame" to the confidence 
of tlie soldiers, and many domestic and financial diftirulties were solved l>y Nash- 
ville Emergency Canteen members. 

From February to July. 1918, this committee met one hundred and fiftv trains of 
twelve coaches each and numerous detached coaches and detached soldiers, all of 
whom were served by the Lieutenants of the Nashville Canteen and their teams. 

The Mailing and Stamp Committee mailed thousands of letters and cards each 
day, the only articles sold by the Nashville Canteen Committee being the United 
States postal stamps. 

The Magazine Committee collected the daily papers which were donated by the 
Nashville Tennessean and the Nashville Bainier publishing companies. Magazines 
were contributed by the Davidson County public and distributed through the troop 
trains by the Canteen members. 

The Bureau of Information was one of the most important branches of the Emer- 
gency Canteen Sei-vice. 

Red Cross Canteen workers were under almost military discipline; thev were 
required to wear uniforms, and nothing but illness was an acceptable excuse for 
absence from duty. Although tJie day's work normally lasted from eight o'clock 
a.m. to nine o'clock p.m.. if troops arrived later than these hours they were alwavs 
met and cared for by these patriotic women, led by Mrs. Harry W. Evans. Exact 
records of each department were kept and Government reports of Canteen activities 
were made out on blanks furnished the officers of the troops in transit, so that the 
information reaching the National Headquarters Committee, at Washington, came 
from the soldiers and officers, as well as from the Canteen Coimnandant. 

The following report of the Supply Conmiittee, covering a period of six months. 
reveals something of the vast amount of work accomplished by the Nashville Can- 


DAI I n s o .V <: 1 \ry if o \i f. y / v t h t: it o h i. d 

R. I I II ') I < 


^k^9^^^^ n^B9^^ 

-i^^^^Hk '',9^^^ 



'^Tjiv /] 

' '^wi 


%- '' ^^"^^^ ^l 



i:\l'T\l\S \M) LIKL IK.N ANTS WHO WKHK ACllM' TIlllol ClUtl T Till: W \l! IN ITir. 

Sealed in front, lefl to ri?hl: Mis? Ellen Cockrill EpsI,-, .iri.l Mr-. IVriiMnual.l 
(ISIanche l.lmlaiier). .'^econd row. left to right: Miss Sadie Caiivin. Mrs. Harry Murrey ll.ale 
I.eslerl. Mrs. W. O. Tirrill (Alfhra Eve), a Captain of the Depailnient. Mrs. Vi hitefoord K. 
Cole (Man liass). Mrs. .\eelv Craig (.Magsie Sinclairl, a Captain of the Department. .Mrs. 
Kuncie Clements (Fnuires Moore I and .Miss Alice Gertrude .Sniilh. Tliirtl row: Mrs. 1. W. 

Mill.r (Mis- MullH. Mrs. William C. Chein' ( Dea Fletcher). Miss Ki H.-rrx. Mrs. iSrown 

llufor.l I Mi- lllacki. Miss Helen Buford and .Mrs. T. Graham Hall iK.ii,,- M.ninn. 

Ifi-n DepartniPiil of tin- Red Cross.: .il.ll'J sun 
pc.-^tcards. .i.^iiO packafies .licwinf; -imi. .i.'W:', 
hiindrccl fifty-niiip takes, many liuiiflnds ol ~:i 
liiiiidrcd ^'allon.s of ice cream. 

On June 22. 19U!. when more than <ine Imm 
railway accident near Nashville, the Canteen Ci 
of the soldiers who were killed: saved their pets 
aulhoiities in the .Army Cam|)s. as well as the f; 
fully i)re|)arinj.' the hodies for liiirial lliev w ra 
and sent ihem to their destinations. 

Many special duties in the way of s;-rvi( c aii( 
siicc( ssfullv carried out hv the Emergency Cantei 
Liberty Loan drive the Canteen Committee enti 
who were toiirins; the ( oiintrv in the inleresl of ll 
Meade Cl.ih. 

For their woik in iIh- inlli.rnza .pi.liirii. I 
Committee were awarded cerlilicalcs Ironi llic 
■'•iralcfu! reeo-rnilion of faithful and selfsariil 
of people who weie stricken with tin- maladv." 
appear.^ at ihe hcfiinninf.' of the \ash\illc lo d ' 

Dmw'j thi- Fifth Lihertv Loan the „„•. I,,,„i, - 
requested ihe Nashville I,oan odi.iaU L. mIIou I 
shops, and as a result Sl.'l.llOd worth of JMHid- \ 
employees of the railroad shop~. 

( 240) 



s of tl 

e dec, 

n. will, 

(•- 111 

rs I'.lur Devils. 



d Ihe hundre, .crlilira 


.. \ -,. 1.. 

Kaiiroa.l -i]o 



o s,,|iei| in 1 

I) i\ I I) SON C O (■ ,V T ) If MEN / A' THE IT R L 1) ICA k. 19 11-10 19 

The .\ashville Emergency Canteen Service received mucli va!iKil.l( aiil liom Dllicr 
patriotic organizations in addition to being in daily receipt nl ddiialiun- Irnin iiidi- 
vidualf and mercantile and grocery firms, and practically ever) ((Mirii\ iii Iciincs- 
see. The children of Nashville save many entertainments and sa\r(l llnloil lo lir- 
sold for the benefit of the Nashville Red Cross Canteen fund. The \alM.iial l..a:;ue 
iif Woman's Service, the EUiston Unit of the Red Cross and the Girls" Auxiliary of 
liie Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, gave generous donations of money. 

After July. 1918, the Nashville Emergency Canteen was entirely self-sustaining 
and did not again call on the Nashville Red Cross Chapter for the former allotment 
of three hundred dollars a month. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson, a member of the Can- 
teen, served as Chairman of a Thanksgiving donation given the Canteen by the Army 
Comfort League, of which Mrs. Percy Warner was leader. Several automobiles 
were required to convey the articles collected by members of the League to the Can- 
teen Headquarters. 

One of the principal cau-i > (.1 tlu' financial success of the Nashville Canteen, m 
\\A\ as the interest shouii the State, was the fact that Mrs. B. Kirk 
Rankin. Publicity Chairman of this organization, worked so faithfullv and untiringly 
to present its interests to the public. Hundreds of human-interest stories which 
touched the hearts of the readers were recounted by Mrs. Rankin: and the receipt of 
all donations to the Canteen was always promptly acknowledged by her through the 
Nashville press, and the public grew to watch daily for Canteen needs. 

When the Government orders for the conservation of gasoline were received in 
•Nashville, tlie automobile of Mrs. Harry Evans, the Canteen Connnandant. was ex- 
empted from the strict general rules, because the importance of serving the soldiers 
in transit was paramount to every other issue. 

The Motor Corps of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. C, rendered nnich valuable 
aid to the Emergency Canteen workers, not only in answering eve v call made by 
the Commandant for soldiers passing through Nashville. Init in transporting sup- 
plies from the donors to the Canteen Headquarters. 

So multifarious were the duties of the Nashville Emergency Canteen that a sum- 
mary would fill this history. In recognition of their services the Government hung 
a banner in the Home and Educational building at the Tennessee State Fair in 
1018. where an exhibition of the nature of the Nashville Canteen work aroused much 
interest and was the inspiration of countless donations from out-of-town visitors to 
the Fair. 

After the departure of the troops for overseas, the work of the Nashville Chapter. 
Red Cross, Canteen was changed to that of a "Welcome Home Committee," for the 
wounded and sick very soon began to be sent back to this country. When the war 
ended the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce appointed Mrs. Harry 
W. Evans Chairman of Serving for the home-coming festivities, which was a climax 
to the splendid record she and her committee had established. Each member of the 
Canteen served as a lieutenant on Mrs. Evans' committee. 

In July. 1919. the need for active Canteen service being over, the \ash\illc Can- 
teen workers were dismissed and put upon a reserve force to be called out innne- 
diately in time of any great public disaster. Thirty-five certificates were given the 
women of the Canteen Service by the Nashville Chapter of the Red Cross, and the 
supplies on hand at the Canteen when it closed were distributed among twelve 
charitable institutions of Davidson County. 

Red Cross Canteen workers came into real touch with the boys in khaki and re- 

( 241 ) 

DAI in SOS COLMY K M F \ / V THE If O R L D WAR. 19 141919 

ceived the impelus of enthusiasm thai ,il\sa\- cunr^ Irom |iit-ciikiI cdnlai I. And 

when the NashvilU- Hed Cross Emei-ni. \ Canlrm m'im,,- ua~ niii~lcr<-cl in .|iil\. 

1919, one of the most supcrl. chaplci- nl llir Wmhl War uoik ,,l llir w,.inrn. ..I u,il 
only Davidson County. Imi ..f ila- cniiir i,,nriii\. \\.i~ mdcd. 

The memhers of l\u- \a~luillc K.-d (a,,- Cliapln ianniim, \ Canl.-m llii.mdi- 
out the entire war, who also served as lieutenants at the banquets given ihe tlimi- 
sands of soldiers at the home-eoming of the Tennessee hoys of the A. E. 1'.. were: 

Mrs. .'\. .S. Brilt, Mrs. O. N. Bryan. Mrs. Claronre Boa.4<-y, Mrs. S. S. Crock.-ll, Mrs. Ituru i.- 
Clements, Mrs. C. A. Craif. Mrs. Whitcfoord li. Cole. Mrs. Harry Evans. Mrs. I'aul DcWitI, 
Mrs. George Dibrell. Mrs. Minus L. Fletcher. Mrs. J. T. Gwathmey. Mrs. Kil/.seralil Hall. Mrs. 

Joe T. Howell. Jr., Mrs. T. Graham Hall. Mrs. C. S. Brown. Mrs. Brown Bnford. Mrs. William 
A. Carter, Mrs. Hohert Cheek. Mrs. J. ll,.-. ( .„l.,it. Mi<. W. W. Cn.n.lnll. \h- W. C. Cherry, 

Mrs. John H. DeWilt, Mrs. Bruce Dougla-. I,.. M.-- --. 1 l)..„^l.,-. \1,- H.,„a,.l t . .iM.-rwald. 

Afrs. Joseph A. (;ray, Mrs. Avery Han.llv. \l,- \l.n-l,.,ll l|..l.lik,-. \1.-, ti.nik 11.,,,,-. \I,-. Rob- 
ert F. Jackson, Mrs. It. H. Laeev. Mrs. V.w. I). \l.„l.l,„. M,-. Ml, ..I l.. \l.,,in. \l,-. .l,.hn W. 
.Moore. MrH. 1. W. Miller. Mrs. VV. E. Norvell. ,lr.. \l,-. 11,..,,,.,- I'.,,k.- \li- I l-»..rih 1>. Scales. 
Mr.^. Louis II. .^pcrrv. Mrs. K.lwar.l O. Tale. Mrs. W . (> I,,, ,11. \1,- ll,.„,,i- \\.l,b. Mrs. Ridley 
Will.s Miss Kalh.-rinr B.-rrv. Miss Saidee Cauvin. \1,- t,^.|^„ |1..,,,1,, Mi-- I II. ai Foster. Miss 
Courtney llollins. Miss ICIsa McGill. Miss Marv Ka,„,,^c. Mis> AH.,- Can,,,!, Miiilli. Mrs. J. M. 
Keclinjr. Mrs. John S. Lewis. Mrs. Henrv C. Manev. Mrs. Alex. MeClain. .Mrs. Harry I'. .Murrey, 
Mr« W. L. Ni.hol. Mrs. William Phillips, Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin, Mrs. Kdward T. Seay, .Mrs. 
Clay G. Stephens, Mrs. T. Leigh Thom,.son. Mrs. R. W. Turner. Jr.. Mrs. Joseph R. West. Mrs. 
Percy Williams. Miss Helen Buford. Miss Annie DeMoville. Miss F^a/.inka Farrcll. Miss Marv 
DcMovillc Hill, Miss Eli/jihelh Hail. Miss Mary Porter Kirkman. Miss Virginia Nelson. Miss 
Rebecca .S.-dberry. Miss Pearl Saundi-rs. and Miss Kllen .Stokes. 
( 242 ) 


Junior Membership Committee, Nashville 
Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mrs. Geohce F. Blackie. Chairman 

The Junior Department of the Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, was never formally 
organized as a department. However, there were two private schools, five county 
schools and five neighborhood groups in Davidson County organized for Red Cross 
work, with a total membersliip of 1.029 members. 

Miss Annie Allison's Girls' Preparatory School and the Peabody College 
Demonstration School did exceptional work for the Nashville Chapter. These 
schools had weekly meetings which were kept up during the vacation months as well 
as during the school term. Robertson Academy was the first county district school 
to organize, and the Red Cross work was carried on until the need for such work no 
longer existed. Walter Stokes. Read. Central High and Eastland Schools were 
Davidson County district organizations that comprised a membership of five hundred 

Layettes, refugee garments, dresses, chemises, boys' blouses, quilts, comfort kits, 
propertv bags, gun covers, pillows, substitute handkerchiefs, and wash rags were 
among the articles made by the junior organizations of the Nashville Chapter. The 
Girls' Preparatory School made Red Cross hospital garments, flat muslin dressings 
and bandages for first-aid packets. 

While not a Junior Auxiliary. Wallace University School boys made 10.000 ap- 
plicators for first-aid packets. 

Before the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross, was organized two children's auxiliaries 
were formed in Nashville with a membership of over two hundred. These groups 
met each week in East Nashville and in the West End section of Nashville. Their 
work consisted of making fracture pillows, wash rags and substitute handkerchiefs. 

During tliis time the boys in the public schools of the county, under the direction 
of tlie Director of Manual Training, met each week at Hume-Fogg High School and 
made a number of boxes of needed articles for the Nashville Chapter. These boxes 
w'ere made according to Red Cross specifications and were used for shipping the 
output of the Surgical Dressings and Garment departments. These boys also made 
various kinds of splints. In the contest held by the Junior Red Cross Committee for 
designs for furniture to be used in Red Cross Cantonments the first and third prizes 
were won by the Hume-Fogg High School boys. 

Miss Annie Allison's Girls' Preparatory School was the first school in Davidson 
County to organize and begin work. In September, 1917, with appropriate exer- 
cises, every girl in this school signed a pledge for Red Cross work, and gave a sub- 
scription toward the Junior Red Cross Flag. Miss Josephine Farrell was Instructor 
of the work, and funds to secure materials were raised at a bazaar, class plays and 
by individual donations of the pupils of the school. This auxiliary gave ten dollars 
to the Red Cross linen shower, and in addition to the work of the school, the girls 
did knitting at home. The following girls were members of this unit: 

Margaret Early. Frances Dickerson. Martha Baird, Frances Hill, Ann Humphreys Morton. 
Frances Harris, Harriet Childers. Mary Belle Maddin. Frances Stahlman. Ann Bransford. Marv 
Dudley Dake, Annie Laura Campbell Mildred Gray, Frances Gray, Victoria Ambrose. Julia 
Blair, Virginia Brown. Sue CartwTight. Loiette Hampton. Helen Hooper, Marion Jones. Cornelia 


/; . ( / / 1) s o A c o I v 7" ) ;r o m f. v / v r ii f. it or l u if a r. i9i *-/ 9 / 9 

I'jrk. Marv I'ariii.T. .- ara I' Horriil Dii!..!.. Al;.e i)ao Dmr. Kli/al.rlli Kit.-, li.lna L.-llvctl. 
I)..r..lliy Liiuls',-y. Mary Hunler Orr. Lucinda Trabiie. Dorllioa Tucker. Louise Bell. Caroline Buell. 
Jane Lloyd Fleming. Mary Hajan. Sara Lipscomb. Cornelia Martin. Berllia Kansom. Louise 
Sparrow. Mamie Craig \X ills. Harrielt Woolwino. Sara Cliamliers. Virginia Vioohvine. Klizabelli 
Dibrell. Tra\ania Dudley. Emma Earlv. Avon Hail. Frances Hampton. Clarice Lipscomb. Marie 
Murrey. Lola Norwood. Mary Frances Sr.rlon. Rebecca Padgett. Virginia Huryear. Madeline Sim- 
mons. Clara Wrenne Sumpter. Marllia Via"er. Roberta Wallis. .lennie Wilkinson. Helen Baird. 
(ornel.a Hall. Catherine Hall, and Frances Hcrl.erl. 

The Peabodv College Deinonst. alien .School Auxiliary was oruaiii/cd Manli ?J). 
101«. l-,y Mrs. Georse F. Blackie. Meetings \NC.e held each week al the s.hnol. Tlir 
fust work of this organization was the making of partly-worn garnieiits itito < iotiiin^ 
for the Belgian children. Funds for expenses of the unit were contrihuted hv indi- 
viduals and additional sums for the purchase of materials for making comfort hags. 
pillow cases, hoys' shirts, gun cases, and other articles were raised throtigh the 
efTorts of the members of this auxiliary. Elizabttli Fuller gave a doll at Christmas 
time to be dressed and s.Tld by the girls, and a spleiuKd sum was lealized from a play 
L'iven bv the voung girls of the school. In the sprins: of I91o an opera was pro- 
duced bv the Demonstration School pupils under the di.ection of D. R. Gebhardt 
and Miss McMurrav. the proceeds beina given to tlo- \;i-luille Chapl.T. lin.ior lie.l 
Cross. Over two hundred dollars was conlribul. ,1 lo I!,.! C,,,- uo,k from (his 
auxiliary, among whose members were: 

Misses Ruth McMurrav. Lemon. Norton. Kellv. Armislea.l. I'm-. (.,..,„.,. ul„, »,-,,■ „,,•„,^ 
of the facullv. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander and the followin.: piipiU: \m.l,., Ap,,!,!,,,,. Xhny 
Allan Tippetl. Marion .\hirphv. .Mildred Welch. Cornelia l.aiul.. lu ha / Sara Kicketls, 
Blanche I'hillips. Brucile I'liiliips. Jean .M. McKeand. Mary Oocketl. Khanor Brown. Fra,ices 
Kirkpatrick. Catherine Cartwright, Shelby Cbadwick. .Margaret Chachvick. Dorolhv Fuqua. Louise 
Hankin. Bessie Brown. Elinor Berger, .Mary Hire Anderson. Elizabeth Davis. Ellen Uion Cald- 
V..I1. Irene Malone Cain. Sara Hardcastlc. Ruth Welch. .Marie Parrent. Elizabeth Fuller. Louise 
llallowav. Wilma Wood. Eleanor Kirkman. Katherine Kirklarid. Car.dine Little. Evelyn Orr. 
Elizabeth Schwartz, Frances Webb. Mary Lou Hart. Eveline Jones, and Louise Lowenstein. 

The Robertson .Academy .Anxiliarv ua- .■onip.w.d of .\.tv pnpl in the school 
from tile first to the eiLdill. \ira<l.>. and liir umk .„, ,mi|d i-h,d \>s ihi- unil r,,n-i-!c.i 
of the vounger in.-mbcrs .ullinu ra- mlu -mall |or, ,~ I,., romloM pHlou-. Tlu- 

older girls' sewing was perfect. The JM.y- un,kr,| a- r -iK .,- ihc tiirl-. and llir 

sjjirit of sacrifice was displayed by cai h ol lliim. Nnl ciid\ did llic'\ 'jim- ihcir 
personal services, but in the "Earn and (.i\>-" drixf ihi- unil ronli ibulcd one liundicd 
and ten dollars through their own 

A feature commendable in these cliildirn wa- dial wliilr llir lohil-im \c ,idini\ 
.juniors worked they sang the favorih- -muu- ,,I iIi,' -,,|diri-. Il u,i- a -oiinc ,A' 
jiride to see lliem earnestly al umk. luralliiirj llir mm -|miiI ..I i mi i-ni a- llicv 

jiillows. five dozen projierty bags, and a Idvjr nuiulici u{ ua-h iul-. Tlirsc boys 
and girls purchased several hundrerl d(dl.ii- iii Tin ill Slamp- and ai<lr(l in every 

campaign for war work in their neigiiborli I. 

The following pupils composed tli.' \asluill.- Cliaplcr. Junior lied (ao-- \uxil- 
iary at Robr-rtson Academy: 

NJargaret Hill. Geraldine Formosa. Nellie Klizabelh Ki..,,. Ida ( .illmun. MaiA \l< lie,-. l...„iM- 
MrAbe.-. Frances Oden. Elizabeth Hogan. J.-an Nohlc. Mary llnrlon. Cladys (i.issell. Sarah 
llarvi\. Olivia llvlen. Frances .Meadors. B<mnie Howard. Grace Jeni-lle. Emma Hindman. Ilatlic 
llindman. Helen Thomas. Charles Trabue. Harrell .Meadors. Simpson Hill. George Calhoun. 
Allen Mea.lor^. Henry Litton Gordon. Albert Noble. (;ran\ille ll..rl"n. Edgar Oakley. John 
Tavbir. (;ranbery Jackson. John Jones. Fred Gilbert. Loflin i;,.|„,l-„n. On,, Ihl,,,. Chuh- 
Ma>(iel.l. Maxwell Williams. Th..mas .Moore. Billy rialhoun. |,,lin Th,,ni|.-,.M. liar., 1. 1 DimtcII. 


Tliis was the first school in the county to organize, 
campaign during the war. Mrs. I. J. Crutchfield. Princi] 
picture was instructor of the Red Cross work, and Miss Ka 
was an ahle assistant. 

orker in every 

rear of the 

teacher in the school. 

Ben Sawyer. Ewing Clouse. Leon Sherry. Jolm Hindman. Henry Jenette. Howard Gossett. Robert 
Mc.4bee. and Baxter Thomas. 

Mrs. I. J. Crutchfield, the principal of the Robertson Academy School, was the 
instructor for this unit, assisted by Miss Katherine Banks, one of the teachers. 

The Junior Red Cross Auxiliary of the Walter Stokes School was organized on 
March 30. 1918, with Miss Mary Buchanan as instructor. There were one hundred 
and six members of this unit, whose work consisted of making comfort pillows. 

The Reed School Junior Auxiliary was organized on February 2.5, 1918. with 
one hundred and thirty-one members. This unit made comfort pillows, but much of 
its activity was directed by the Seventh District County Woman's Committee of the 
Council of National Defense, with Mrs. Charles C. Gilbert as Chairman. 

The Junior Auxiliary of the Central High School was organized on May 6. 1918, 
and its membership included one hundred pupils. 

The Junior Red Cross Auxiliary of the Eastland School was organized on Sep- 
tember 27, 1919. with a membership of five hundred pupils. The smaller children 
cut the scraps for comfort pillows and the older girls did sewing and knitting for 
the Red Cross. 

The Antioch Junior Auxiliary was organized in May. 1918. with Mi-^ Lorena 
Mitchell as Chairman. This unit made comfort pillows and did knittin". while 

( 2-15 I 


AR. 1914-1919 

some of the members worked with the Tiist iiliim Aiixiliarv on surgical dressings for 
the Nasliville Clmpter. 

The Sylvan Park Junior Auxiliary worke<l under tli.- direetion of Miss Joahanna 
(".. Kankin in every branch of Junior Red Cross wmk. Tlic\ iMi-ed llic hind- to 
purchase their own materials and made two generous doiiaiion- lo ilic luiiior l)i- 
partment of tlie Nashville Chapt(>r. A. R. C. 

The Junior workers of West \a-lnill,- ;^a' 

plav h 


llu- Red (;ro.->. \a>luillr Chaplcr. 

Every citizen of Davidson County reads this re- 
port with pride. With the jjatriotism shown during 
the war by the children mentioned above. Davidson 
County is safe for democracy many generations 
hence. A wise choice was made in the selection of 
Alls. George F. Blackie as leader of this work. 
\\ ithout the untiring aid of the public school teach- 
ri- this anu)Uiit of work coidd not have been ac- 
...mplisiied. l)a\id-on Cn.n.U ua- JumIn jMnud of 

.1 tin 

Diothi'r'A work .11 tlif Nashville Chapter 
Heailquartem A. R. C. nf which tin. 
Maddin served as the woman leader. a "war Orpl^ 

flict. as the 
the \a.shville Chajiter Headquarters rcqiiii.-. 
However. !\larv Belle amused herself b\ ' rl 
in h.-r R.-d Cross regalia, as shown in ihc | 
lowed lb.- privilege of doing be, •■bit." 

the l.alriolir -pilil .ll-plax r,| U lllr rlnhbrl, ol llir 
schools. Tllr \\,l \\a, .,. liMllr. ot ll„- rlnl.lirn 
of Davids,, ri (:,a,,,l\ lank.-,! Iii-I m f,-n,„-MV. an, I 
>|„., iai ni,a,li,.n «a- n,a,l,- ,.l iIi.m in ll„- Na- 
ti,,iial i,|.,.>l al l|,'a,l,iuail,-i-. W a-liini:l,,n. U. C. 

Maiv ii,-ll,- \!a,|,li,i. Ilir lu,- \,Mi ,.|,l .laii.JihT 
of Mr. and Mi-. I',m v D. \la,l,n,,. ua- |„a,li,allv 

\\v al 



[iiformation Desk, Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. 

Mrs. E. O. Tate. Chairman 

The General Administrative Departments of Red Cross Chapters were instructed 
to maintain an information desk at their local headquarters by the Division office 

of the National Red Cross. This desk furnished 

information for the benefit of visitors and prospec- 
tive workers; was responsible for the sale of Red 
Cross books, badges, novelties and supplies for all 
departments and auxiliaries of the Chapter; en- 
rolled the different classes of members and filed 
the records; renewed magazine subscriptions, and 
corrected irregularities of all departments. 

The Chairman of this desk and her committee 
handled a large amount of petty cash and received 
most of the cash donations and receipts from bene- 
fit entertainments for the first several months of the 
Nashville Chapter's activities, and up to April. 
1918, at which time Mrs. Van Lee Kirkman was 
made Chairman of a Benefit Entertainment Com 
mittee to relieve the Information Desk of this m»- ti)n»Bn n. t»ie 

branch of service, which, by that time, had grown **''"" '*"'""" 

to such large proportions. Fees were received and accounts rendered at this desk 
for the Educational and Nursing Service Committee, for classes in First Aid, Home 
Nursing and Elementary Hygiene, Dietetics, and for lessons in Surgical Dressings 
in the Woman's Work Department of the Chapter. 

I\eceipts were turned in each week to a cashier ap- 
pointed by the Nashville Chapter Accounting Depart- 
ment and the records showed amounts varying from 
one cent to three hundred dollars. Cash, itemized 
receipts were turned in by the Cashier every month to 
the Treasurer of the Chapter. Mrs. H. H. Corson 
served as Cashier for the organization until January, 
1918, at which time a Finance Committee was formed, 
who took charge of the work. 

An information desk was maintained at the Ten- 
nessee State Fair in 1917 by the Nashville Chapter, 
Red Cross, and was of great benefit in giving infor- 
mation to the throngs of Tennesseans from everv 
county in the State who sought knowledge of the 

Mrs William \ Carter WOrk of the Red CrOSS. 

(Annie Bruce) After Juue. 1918. the work of the Information Desk 

was much simplified and all its activities were carried 

on bv one member of the Committee in charge. The following women were mem 

bers of the Committee who served at the Information Desk of the Nashville Chapter 

Red Cross, during the war: 

Mrs. E. O. Tate. Chairman: Mrs. William Carter. Mrs. J. M. Anderson. Mrs. Val Taylor. 
Mrs. Charles Davitt. Mrs. John Kreig. Mrs. H. P. Thomas. Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald. Mrs. Claude 


DAI 1 1) S I) V C O I V /• ) ir M E V / V r II A- 11 O R L I) IT.t R. 191 II 9 1 9 

i:. (:l.risl..pli.r. M.>. J. C. Thompson. Mr.-. L. B. Ilall-xk. \li-. K. 1. M.Conniro. Miss Loiii«- Miss llilm Buforil. Miss Keba Osl.orn.-. Miss N.ll \l,,i..i. Mi- IVrminv I'ri.l.-. Miss 
Airni.- Mai I ii.l.iwoo.l. Miss Kose C.ootlwin. Miss Pnulriui- I'nlk. \li-. Ma.v Brifihl Thomas, ami 
Miss Mar^ar.-t Biiforil. 

Mrs. \\illi;i.u A. CarliT u;is a U<\n\ \v,..k.-i in lliis ,lr|.arlmcnl. L^ivin.L' s.-vcal davs 
t-a.-li KiM'k 1„ K.hI Cio-s u,.ik. Mrs. Tat.--s u,,ik ua:- at all liin.-s ,4 ..Mvllrnl rlKir- 

Hcfu-ve Ganiu'iit Drives. Nashvill<' Cliaplcr. A. I{. C. 

Mks. W. (;. i:\viN(,. Cliainwui. lirsl Drirr 
Mlis. Gf.oi!i,i; I'. r>l.\( kii: and Mus. i'liWK HlNC. Chuiniifii. Second Drive 

IrJ.T tin- ans|.ir,~ ,.f tii.- Nashvili,- Ciiapt.r d \\w Vrnriiran !!.•<! Cross. Mrs. 
W. (;. Kwin.L'. who •■.mthulcd ill.- Iirsl ..1.1 .i.-lh. s .!,ix,'. Liav.- nn„ 1, inl.-lliu.Mil .'H.-rl 
lo her or^'uni/alion. and as lliis was a jiion.'.r ni.i\ in war work, the puhli.- 
had to he very strongly appealed to in llial lli.\ might see the need for co- 
.iperatioii. F.verv woman's organization in \ash\ill.- lliat engaged in war work 
was .all.-.l ..n U Mrs. Ewins; to help uiv.' puMi. ilv lo ih.' .Iiiv.' an.l I., .......perale 

vvilh h.-r in ...n.-.-lin.. the hundles «.-r,' v.rv •..•nn ,,nsl v .lonal.'.l l.v .'V.-rv 
h.ius.'hold that hear.l the nniqiie app.-al. 

White (lairs were hnnir .m p,„vlws and in uindous i,, M.jnilv ihal a l.nndle was 
waiting within, and in a f.-w da\s- tini.- an .■n., am..unl ..f ,i.. thing was as- 
-. tni.led at headquarters. The work of s<.rting and packin- this seeond-hand cloth- 
ing was not an easv one. hut Mrs. Ewing. with the aid of efTieient assistants, aeeom- 
plished tlie most splendid results, and huge hoxos of useful irarments were distriliuted 
hv them to the stricken countries of Kurope. 

In the se<ond drive for second-hand .hilliini;. M,~. I lank W . King an.l Mrs 
(;.•.. rL'e F. RIackie were chairmen, and thcv ni.l uilli ill.' -aiii.- . ..-npn alio,, anil a.-- 
complished even greater r. -iiIn llian lli.- Iii-I . ,ill. ,i- lli- pnllir li.iil l.iTimir .•ilm alcd 
to the importance of tin- work. \li-. Kiii'j in.l \li-, Hl.nkir \sr\r ,i|il\ a~~i-li(l li\ 
everv unit and anxiliarv. a- v,.'ll as lli,- nlh,,T~ an.l i;\.-,uli\,' l' of the Nash- 
vili. • Chapl.-r of ll„- l!,.,l (;r.,ss an.l ..lli.T palri.^li.- .H-ain/ali.m~. 


Motor Corps Department, Nashville Chapter, A. R. C, 

Mks. Jicssii M. 0\i:kton. Chairnum 
Mrs. RoBEliT S. Ciikkk. (jiplai'i iml Lmdcr <>i ihc Adirilies 

Tlie Motor Corps I)ep;irtineiit <.f llic \^whvillr Chaplci 
ganized August 3, 1918, by Commander Ten Eyck Harringt 
Corps Service of the Southern Division. Mrs. Jesse M. 
Chairman, with Mrs. Robert S. Cheek as Captain. Miss 
Percie Warner as First Lieutenant, and Miss Sarah Slian- 
non as Second Lieutenant. 

The purpose of the Motor Corps was to furnish trained 
motor car drivers for Government work. State or Na- 
tional, on request of proper authorities, and to assist in 
any local trouble or disaster. Members were to fiirnis'i 
their own equipment, uniforms, cars and gasoline, to 
agree to hold themselves ready to respond to the call 
of the regularly appointed officers at all times, except 
when on leave of absence or furlough, and to agree that 
this work was to take precedence over any other work 
or pleasure. 

Army regulations were to govern in all cases where 
they were applicable. A certificate from a physician v.'as 
required by each member of tiie Motor Corps showing 
that she was physically able to do the work; two letters 
of recommendation from reliable persons were also neces- 
sary for an applicant, and these were to be present 
with the application for membershi|j. 

Aside from the officers, the following women weic 
members of the \ashville Red Cross Motor Corps Depart- 

Mrs. Vance Alexander, Mrs. binis P. Brown. Mrs. Bernanl 
Fensterwald, Miss Frances Bennie, Miss Louise Benedict. Miss 
Jean Bradford. Miss Billie Harper, Miss Lillian .loy. Miss Marion 
,I..^. Mis- L.ah Belle Levy, Miss Catherine Lusky, Miss Regina 
li^liiiiKMi. Miss Carrie Rich, Miss Elizabeth Sharpe. Miss Marir 
sM, liM.i,.,,,. \liss Margaret Tolmie, Miss Ellen Trabue, and Miss 
Ell.-,, St..k.-s. 

On August 15. 1918, an auxiliary to the Nashville 
Chapter Motor Corps, under the chairmanship of Mrs. 
Emmett Cooper, was formed. The members of this 
Emergency Committee were: 

Mrs. Henderson Baker, Mrs. H. 0. Blackwood. Mrs. Fishn 
Coles, Mrs. Andy Griffin. Mrs. Tanner Hendrick. Miss Frances 
Herbert, Mrs. Edward Potter, Jr., Mrs. Tillman Cavert, Mrs. 
Green Benton, Mrs. L. G. Durr. Mrs. Charles Gilbert, .Mrs. James 
Reed, Mrs. C. A. Shelton. and Mrs. H. S. Wherry. 

The work of this auxiliarv consisted in helping the 
Red Cross Motor Corps supply the E\ecuti\e Secretary 

( 240 I 


•s |)1\ I'-InN^ \ \s||\ II 

\. II 

Left to right: Mrs. Jesse W. Overlun. Cliairmaii. Mrs. Kuberl Clieek. Captain ami leader of 
this Di%ision. Mrs. Innis P. Brown. Lieutenant. .Miss Marion Joy, Lieutenant, Miss Margaret 
Tolmie, Lieutenant, .Miss Willie ("Uillie") Harper, .Sergeant, .Miss Lillian Jov, .Sergeant. Miss 
F:iiz;il)elli .Sharpc, Sergeant, Miss Ellen Trabue, Coqmral, and Miss M.iiie Si,l,l,oilniii, O.rporal. 
Kaili 111 llu-se offirers and ""Non-Gims." appear in their oflicial uniform wnni uliili- ..n ilulv. 

of tl..- Civilian It, 


auxiliary ^■.ru■ nnl l„a,n.i l.s am ,,Mi; 

I!.<1 rr..» M (:..i|.-. 

f)ii Se|)teiiil)p!- 1. IMl!!. I.ipiilciiaiil'Uteiiant .Sara Shannon was pronmh 
was (oniinissioncd .Scconcl Lieutciiaril. 
foot firills was required of those win 
Vinhiihince Division. Work was bejiiir 
I). Snmpter. who jiave the course will 
liiTs successfully passed their exaniii 
thews, head mechanic of the Stockell 
I hanics, entirely without charge, and 1^ 
I. '5, 191 a. foot drills started, and later 
Anderson and E. T, Caniplteii, assii;n 
forms were issued by the Captain to In 
after faithful and eflieient scrvii c lli 

l)i. W I 


Mi-. Lil 
Ann 'w .irnr 

an Jov, Miss Marion Jmv. \I 
•rs, \Ii.. Aiir.- Hall I.MoU.\. 
Mi-s Mari;ar,l (M-rralv, Mi^.. 

, \li~. A 

\ll" l-A.-l 

\ki\r Dun 

nrlla Join 
Tl Cinl.l,, 
. and Ml" 

<. Mis 
r Mi'^ 

1 illiai 


MEN IN THE WORLD WAR. 1 9 1 i-l 9 1 






F ^Ui-" 

pPB*»*-^~ — m- — ^- 




Seated in the Ambulance are: Miss Frances Bennie, Helen Pickslay Cheek and her mother, 
Mr*" Ruliert Cheek C.iptain of the Nashville Chapter. A. R. C. Motor Corps, and Mrs. Innis 

r r.iMun. I i.Milrn.uil. Slan.liii;: in fn.nt ..f thr rar^. Irft In rii^ht: Mi=« V,r^wa Miihtnian. Miss 

I.mIi U.'llr I.A\. \ll- !-"'■ \l. l^'il'HI., .il llir I>IM-Im,|. \||-- |,,III-,- \\, I|,t. MrS. 

|,,(,l, \,„.|. \|,- i:ii/.,|.r||, N|,,,,|ir ,in,l ( h.irlr- ^l,N|i-,,,i ., I,,,,,, I m| ||,r \l,i|,i, (m,|,v This 

anil. Ill, iii.r «a- [in- ilir Xa-lmllr (.lia|ilri l,x Ihr \a-luillr r.iaiirh nl Th.- Wnnian"- Service 


The various needs of the other departments of the Chapter, notably the Civilian 
Relief, were constantly met by the Motor Corps. They rendered service twice each 
day to the Executive Secretary and her assistants in their rounds of visits to soldiers' 
and sailors' families, and assisted the Emergency Canteen Service in transporting 
sick soldiers to hospitals from trains and in carrying supplies for this and other 
departments of tlie Nashville Chapter. On Christmas, 1918, members of the Motor 
Corps responded to calls from Civilian Relief and from the "Big Brothers," making 
trips with their ambulance and with their own cars, carrying baskets of food, toys 
and clothes to the unfortunates of Nashville. 

Calls from the military authorities stationed in Nashville were answered prompt- 
ly. Speakers and workers for the Liberty Loan and War Work Campaigns were 
transported to and from designated places. A large number of patients, in addition 
to the influenza patients, were taken to hospitals, including tlie Tuberculosis Hos- 
pital. City Health Department and the Clinics. Requests for help from the Charity 
Commission and Y. W. C. A. were answered promptly. 

On January 1, 1919, the Motor Corps was composed of forty-one members, 
twenty-seven active workers. Of these tliirteen were in the First, or Ambulance and 
Truck Drivers. Division. These were: Captain Helen Pickslay Cheek. First Lieuten- 
ants Sarah Shannon and Lottie Bailey Brown, Second Lieutenants Marion Joy and 
Margaret Tolmie. Sergeant Billie Harper, Corporals Ellen Trabue and Marie Side- 
bottom, Privates Jean Bradford. Lillian Joy. Leah Belle Levy, Elizabeth Sharpe. and 
Ruby Warner. 


PAlll) S (} \ <: (II .\ 7 ) II O M A \ / A / // /. ir () H I. I) If I R. 10 I t-i :) ! 9 

In llie rear c.f the pklurr i^ llie amlnilarur purtliaM-il Inr llii> 1). |.arliii<-iil lis 1 
Ilramli ..f llir National ].razuv for Woniairs SiMvi<<> Mrml)crs of llir Molor Corps. slaiKliii}:. 
left to riiilil. first row: Lieut. I.ollie I'roivn. Cii). Kllen Trabue. Captain Helen PicLslay Cheek. 
Lieul. Mar^-aret 'lolniie anil .S;;!. •Biliic" Harper, .'^econd row: Lieut. Marian Jov, Corporal 
Klizahelh .'^l.arpe .lul .So;!. Lillian Joy. 

Ir, Ihe <,rr.,u\. .,r 'li^i ,- 1 m ■ rial inii !)il\,.,-. u, iv: Mi-.-s I..,,,!-,- l!ri,e,jl,l. Calii- 
.• l.ii-kN. <.irah llupkn,-. Caiiie Itirli. Kc.iria l.i.Jnina,,. .|r,„-U,- MoitMri. Mr<. 
.I.Jiri Nuei. Mr.. JaiiM- Mahli.iari. \ii-. William V. Slna. an, I \li-. Sam ( hiKIsI,.-,,. 

Tl„-- ulm ■^,>^r ll„ir I. me a~ ..11,.,,- ,.1 ll„- ,l.,v ai„l .I!,! ,„. ,l,ivl„;j u,T.': 
Mi-M- Kalhleei, (,an.ll. \L,is V. Cliiam. M.ii,!i„ I. Wall, ,11 a,i,l H,,pr Clark. 
Forlv-lour cats were availaM,' al all lii,,,-. uill, a l.,lal pas-eiiize, eapaeilv ..f ..lie 
hmuired atul sixtv-ei.L'lil 

In I-Vl.ruarv. I'JI'J. ll|.' \l„l,a (:..i|,- ..I lli.- 11, -,1 (a..- a~>i-h'.l in ui\lni; lli,' ehil- 
■ li.-n .f the huluslrial <.!,.„, I an ..iilinu. |.ali,'„K u.i.' -lill h.ii," ..ini.,1 I.. l!ie 
Cilv. \aii(lerl.ilt and ■jnl.- ,, ill,.-!- I l..~|.il,il-. .,r„l ll,. ,.'j„lai i.ailin,- u..,k ..! ill,- 
Cliai.t.T kept t'oin-. W li.n ill,- IMlli \1 „ liin.- ( am Hill , I i,,n. Illlli I i.-M \illll,-rv. 
I l.ith Field Arlill,a\ an, I I ITlli Inlanlix , am,' llin.nvl, \a-l,\,ll.' ,11 I'M'), ill,- M,,l,.r 
C,)rps members -la\-,l <.n ,l,,l\ ILim .aih in ll,. in..i,,,i,u 1,1,1, 1 Lit.' al niulil. 'rii,- 
amlmlaiice wa.s k( pi n-ady al all linn- l,.i .-m.-i ;j.-ii. 1.-. ..III.,,- a,,, I ,1,1,, \\r\r lians- 
p,irle<l. messages carried, foed lak. 1, a,,. I -. r\.-,l I,, lli,- :i,ia,,l- l,-tl ,.,, iIm- li.iin-. 

In the Red Cross Hefiif;e,- (.a,„„„l Dmv,- ll,r .,inl,iilai„ , . a- u,ll a- ,.ll,.a lars. 
was ealled into .servire to as-i-l in ...ll.,l,n-. Hi,- l,i,„,ll,-. 

Durinjr llie Vielorv Loan 1,1 I'M') ll„- \l .ap- ,ii,,iil„-,- -,,l,l ii,an\ l.,„i,l- 

and al the re(pies| „f ||,e Men'- ( ..inimll.-.- 1 1 ,iii-p.., I, ,1 ll„- l;,-l--i.ii, ,,ll„,-,- an,! \.r.. 
Corps, who eame |,, a-isi in iu. I,, lli,- n.ii„,i,- pla. .- ul„„ ll„-v „,a.l,-, 

Fn All-.'lisl. \')\<). as Ihei-,- was lli,-n pia,li,all\ n,. i,.-,-,l f,., lie- amlailan, ,-. and 
llie Civilian Relief Cemmillee was v, rv miirh in 1 d ol a , ar. lie- \n„U ,,l ll„- iin- 

,\ C (> I :\ T 1 

,1/ !■: .V / .V T H I: 

\ U. I <) I I- 

First row. left lo ri 
Miss Willie Harper. .S 
Joy an.l Mrs. Innis P 

ft 10 right: Miss Elizabeth Sliarpe, Miss Margaret Tn!mi 

h-. r.nlM-rt Cheek, 
Mis.. Ellen Tral.ue. \li-s Lillian 

|)illovvs and first-aid 

biilaiRC was ifiiiovtd. a touring car body put in its place, 

over to that committee. The ambulance body, litters, blankr 

packages were stored away so that if an emersiem \ an-i- the Nashville Chapter, 

Red Cross, can again have the ambulance complelc. Diniim ten months of service 

approximately 3,800 hours of service were given b\ the members of the Motor 

Corps and 18,000 miles covered. 

Although the work of this department required strict regulaticns and was often 
heavy in its exactions, it was characterized by a spirit of harmony and helpfulness 
which made it a very potent factor in the war work of Davidson County women and 
a pride to local Red Cross officials. The unquestioned obedience to superior officers 
and the intelligent method of <airviii,Li out (Mimmands made the Motor Corps an 
efficient machine for service wiiirh was imt surpassed iiy any other body of local 
war workers. 

On August 13. 1917. headquarters were established at 226 Sixth Avenue, North, 
and thereafter an officer of the day was on duty from 9 o'clock in the morning to 
5 in the afternoon, to receive and assign calls and to make out and sign instruction 
slips. When instructions had been carried out the drixer made report of time and 
mileage, and the information was filed. 

Between the date of organization and January 1, 1919, Mrs. Howell Warner 
became a member of the First Division and Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald, Miss Percie 
Warner, Miss Frances Bennie, Mrs. Vance Alexander, Miss Ellen Stokes, and Miss 
Regina Lightman resigned. Mrs. Innis Brown was commissioned First Lieutenant 
December 11, 1918, and Miss Margaret Tolmie. Second Lieutenant. January 7, 1919. 

In September, 1918, Mrs. Innis Brown and Miss Frances Bennie drove through 
from Detroit a completely equipped Ford andiulance, the gift of the Xashville or- 

f 253) 

I). 1 1 I nsoy cor M y 

M A \ / V 7 // F 

l< L I) \1 I H. I " I II " I ' 

an iiii'stimalilc 

il cars were liuiii.-lifj lo the 
(liinand became greater ten 
Corps often assisted 
irrietl snpplie?. and the 
h ii(i\('it\ anil sii-kness 


sanizalion of the National League for Vt'omairs Service, uhicii 
asset tt> the Red Cross Motor Corps. 

The emergency work of the Motor Corps 
highly commended by Government auliioritie-.. 
health ofllcers and city nurses each day, and \\ 
and twelve cars were in daily use. The mcnilir 
in nursing and feeding the stricken families in 
experiences of these young girls upnn lln-ir lii- 
were touching and broadening. 

Owing to the thousands of stricken pco|)lc (hiring; this epidemic, llic regular 
members of the Motor Corps had to be sup|)lemi'nlc(i by volunteers. Mrs. Frank 
Harris was chairman of a volunteer committee, \\hich was composed of: 

Mrs. Frank Carl Stahlman. Mrs. Heiirv E. Collon. Mrs. Charles Davitt. Mrs. Joseph E. 
Uwell, .Mrs. G. B. Kirkpatrick. Mrs. NX. H. Buchanan, ^^rs. Green Benton. Mrs. W , T. Hale, Jr., 
Mrs. Rosier .Smith. Mrs. Robert Caldwell. Mrs. Sam MrKay. Mrs. A. G. Brandau. Mrs. Hugh S. 
Davis, Mrs. John Coode, Mrs. Edwin Murray. Mrs. Lou Lusky. Mrs. Thomas Herbert. Jr., Mrs. 
Charles Dudley Jones. Mrs. George Brandau. .Mrs. \ernon Tupper, Mrs. Spencer McHenry, 
Angus McGannon. .Mrs. J. W. N. Lee. .Mrs. Morton B. Howell. IH, Mrs. J. W. Howard, Mrs. 

ul Stuinb, .Mrs. .Maddin R.djerts. Mr>. 1 
Brown. .Mrs. Carev Kolk. M.- "-.ira 11,1,1,., 
-Miss Elsie .Mai Bradley. M.-~ Wilhr lluih I 
Mrs. P. D. Houston. Slr>. I ,.,ini W ,lli,„,i- 
Cowden. Mrs. 0. N. Bryan. .Mr>. J. (). W hite 

I. .\. (;ull,enk. Mrs. Tillman Cay,-rl 
.k. Mrs. John Thomp-..r,. li., \1,~- 
l,ni,l-..n. Mrs. .Sim Wilk,-.. \1,-. W . 
Ml- Klizabelh Hill. M,-. W - 1 1. In 
.\li>s Evelyn Douglas. .Mi 

Mrs. Do 

Kathleen Garrett, Percie Warner, Miss Harriet Woolwine. Mrs. R 
I'oster. Nfrs. Bernard Fensierwald. Miss Corinne Craig. Miss Theresa McC. 
Craig. >rrs. Oaig MeFarland. ^rrs. West Morton. Miss Mary Harding Bu.k 

The nnifiunis cf the M(.tor Corps girls gavr tlic ui.iiiim tlir .i| 
olTicials and si.ldics. and they were always an a-rl al c\(i\ . nnl. 
in the comity to jiromote war work. 

Captain Helen Pickslay Cheek gav.- as courag ,- an,l nnli. 

counlrv as anv captain in the United Slal.s \rmv. and .in-uiird c . 
that recpiiri'd as much patriotism to fulldl lur diil\. Slic u.i- .il 
p<irli-il b\ her lieutenants, sergeants and pii\,il(- in llir^. 


Linen Shower Committee, Nashville Chapter, A. R.C. 

Mrs. VA^ Lkkk Kikkman. Chairman 

The call made by llie \ashville Chapter „f tilt- Red in November, 1918, 
for linen to be used for the American wounded in French hospitals held a magic 
appeal. Davidson County went far beyond her quota in response. Mrs. Van Leer 
Kirkman served as Chairman, Mrs. William E. Beard and Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin 
served as Press Chairmen for the drive. 

The following chairmen were appointed by .Mrs. Kirkman to solicit and receive 
donations of the various articles, each chairman selecting her own committee: 


Mrs. Duncan Kenner. Cliairman, assisted by Mrs. William T. Allen, Mrs. Claud C. Cliris- 
lopher, Mrs. Harry Batclielor. Mrs. Andrew Price, Mrs. L. G. Durr. .Mrs. Albert File, Mrs. Rich- 
ard Wilson, Mrs. Bruce Douglas, Mrs. Byron .Martin. Mrs. Eugene Harris, Mrs. Jolin W. Thomas, 
Mrs. W. P. Rutland, and Mrs. Granbery Jackson. 

H.\ND Towels 

Mrs. James S. Frazer, Chairman, assisted by Mrs. A. G. Brandau, .Mrs. James B. Ezzell, 
Mrs. Thomas Herbert, Jr., Mrs. L. B. Fite. Mrs. Charles Hunt. Mrs. Walter Jones, Mrs. P. D. 
Houston, Mrs. Norman Kirkman. Mrs. R. E Pnrter, \Tr^ E. *'. Wright, Mrs. Alex. Irving, Mrs. 
R. A. Griffin, Mrs. J. 0. White, Mrs. J. k. K.iin-. Mr- \.in..n Sharp. Mrs. Dan McGugin, Mrs. 
Carey Folk, Mrs. West H. .Morton. Mr-. \l,l.- Will,,,.,,-. \l.-. Horace G. Hill. Mrs. H. Louis 
Sperry, Mrs. W. H. Schuerman, Mrs. It.uli. ii Mill-. \li-, .j.uii.-s H. Kirkland. Miss Ellen Fon- 
taine, Mrs. George Frazer, Mrs. John Henrv .^niilli. Mrs, W. 0. Parmer, Mrs. A. E. Potter, 
Mrs. Henry M. Teitlebaum, Mrs. Ferdinand Kuhn, Mrs. Harry .^udekum. Mrs. Craig McFarland, 
and Mrs. Percy Williams. 

Bath Towels 

Mrs. Frank Carl Stahlman. Chairman, assisted by .Mrs. John Burroughs, Mrs. Johnson Brans- 
iord, .Mrs. E. .S. Gardner. Mrs. Daisy Hoffman. Mrs. Pat E^tes. Mrs. Walter Keith. Miss Eliza- 
beth Evr. Ml-. Kirliard Dake. Mrs. Jnlm M. (,i.n. Mr-. XUha \UvAa Tlin,,,,,-. M,>. Frank 
Searcy Ci. ■.■,!. Mi- l.ilm W. Thomas. Jr.. Mi-. M. ^. Irli.rk. \li- l,i. k I'.iiriMiiLili-, Mr-. Lyon 
Children-. Ml-. AIIhii Fite. Miss Marv ,>~k.Hiiiul"ii. Mi-. Sjiii In.. \h- .Kmr ^k-H,iiL:lnn. .Mrs. 
Claude Wallci. Mr.. Jusrph Warner. Mrs. l,.v-li.> Waiiui. .Mr,-. (.,. M. -Ncel>. 


Mrs. Edwin Warner, Chairman, assisted by .Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. Mrs. J. O. White, Mrs. 
Percy Warner. Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. Mrs. Perkins Baxter, Mrs. Johnson Bransford, .Mrs. 
C. A. Marshall, and Miss Lillian Joy. 

The Soliciting Committee from the Emergency Canteen Workers of Nashville 
Chapter, with Mrs. Lucius Burch as Chairman, was composed of: 

Mrs. Harry Evans, Mrs. Dan C. Buntin. Mrs. Avery Handly. Mrs. Samuel H. Orr, Mrs. 
Ridley Wills, Mrs. Arthur Evans. Mrs. W. O. Tirrill, and Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. 

Mrs. Robert Cheek and members of the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross Motor 
Corps, had charge of collecting the donated articles. 

Mrs. Ernest Pillow was Chairman of the committee which received the articles. 
Mrs. Pillow was assisted by: 

Mrs. George W. Fall. Mrs. E. ^tt'. Foster. Mrs. John W. Thomas. Mrs. William Nelson. .Mrs. 
Jesse H. Thomas. Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne. Mrs. Charles Whitw.irth. and !\Iiss Elizabeth Eve. 


/; .11/ /) S O Y C Ol .\TY ro.l/A-.V / V THE IT K I. I) ir.l K. I o I II " I o 

Mrs. J..s.>|)l. Lindau.T direrted ill.- |.a.kin,;; and ^liippin- ..f tlu- lin.n. asssted by: 
Mrs. Iti.ll.y \\ill>. \li>. K.Muir aii.l Mrs. .loMpli II. TI,nmp>,.M. 

He.\dql .\KTERS Com mittice 

Mrs. W. 1.. Cranlu-rv. Chairman, aiul llu- followiiif-: Mrs. (W-or;:.- 1". lila.kir. Mrs. Idin 
Tlmmps,.,.. Jr.. Mr-. Jamrs L. CaUlv.-ll. .Ir.. Mrs. G.kmII.,,. C.Kkrill. Mrs. 11,-nry Kra/.-r. Mrs. 
iii.lloN Wills. Mrs. .1. I). RlaiUuM. Mrs Rr.nvn Buf.,r,l. Mrs. I'rank S,ar>y Crr.n. Mrs. Briice 
|l,.U"las. Mrs. A. B. B.iR-di.t. Mrs. E. S. ('.ar.ln,r. Mrs. K. T. II. .Dins, Miss l...uis,- I.iii.Wcy, 
Mrs. W. I). Ila!:::ar.l. Mrs. Granlurv .lackson. .Mrs. .|.,l,n R. Uansotii. Mrs. Bnuv I'ayn.-. Mrs. 
WVsl 11. .M,.rl..n; .Mrs. J.,Iim II. i;..-\.s. Mrs. J.,sr,,li A. Cray. .Mrs. .I.ilm li.-ll kt-.l.l.'. Miss 
'■..rii.m- Craip;. Mrs. Sam .MrKav. Mrs. William N.l<nn. Miss Sarah Shannon. Miss KvUn 1)....^- 
las. an.l Miss Lillian Warn.r. 

The F.xeculive Board of the Le Bien-Ktn- du Bl.'ssr- «ere me.nhers ..f th.- 
iri;_' Committee, and the eoiintv distri< t- mrr -.rr\.,l hy Mr-. l!ol>.Mt W . Ni.hol. 
Cliairman. Coiinlv ^ .iinan's Comiiullci'. and [\\r Inllnuinj \a-li\illi' (.ha|)liM ..iiiiitv 
auxiliaries: \nt'i..<h. Mrs. I. W . Sirlr- !!, Il,\i,u. \li-. \. S. \yhr: Hr.riilan.l. 
Miss Ora I'att.n: I'.nrd.aiix. M,>. ,|..n.- \,.Mii.: |)..,H-U,n. M,-, (aai. M.j-arlaM.l: 
Dom^lson \MNiliary. \ir-. !). >. .-pa.n: i h : niil, ,.:,■. \h-. John T. li.„,l,T-..ri : .|or- 
donia. Mr.-. J. H. Drak.-:,. Mr-. C. S. .|..-lin: 1,.mu-1 I;,,,,!. Mr-. T. \. i.a/r,d.v: 
Madison. .Mrs. K. R. Donlilll,-: Ml. \i,«. Mr-. I!. 1'. lin.krr: \r« lin|,r. M,- 
.■\manda M..rj:an: Od.-i.v. Mr-. Mar-hall I'Jk: Tu- ulu,n. Mr-. Calh,,,,,, : 
and White's Creek. .Mrs. Co.nil Boy, I. 

Maiiv donatiiMis yvere received fnnii clillrr(iil . jijli- .md oi u.iiii/.ilHPii-. I in- hai 
Not of the King's Daughters gay,- a 1m, ll ,.1 -hr,-li„^. ! !h- l.adi.-s ..I Charily 
i-oiitrihuled si.v dozen toyyels and a <h.(iue. 'I'lic Army Cc.intorl i.rauiir L:a\r mir 
hundred ih)nars and also individual eontrihutions. 

The following organizations mad.' lar-e donali..n-: <nii-.l i'.nk Cliil.. Mr-. 
Harry \ aughn. President: the B.dmmil T,a ra. , I ml. M,-. K. 11. I'm .n,-r..r,l. I'r.-i- 
d.-nl: the Beividere Unit. Mrs. DrM,-. i'M-„lrnl: ll„- ( I,m-I Cluir,!, I oil. 
Mrs. J..s.-|jh (Jihson. Pr.-sident: and ihr \lhu-a Clul,. \li- Julia I'rrsj. 
d.-nt. The LilurlV Girls of ihr Siylh Di-lri.l gay ,,;.,- d..n,.l...„ ami m.nlr a 
l.anner r.-ror.l in .•.,lle<-li<,ns. In ad.lilion lo ihr ahoxr. M,-. \ ,n. !,.•,■ Kirki.ian 
lurii.-.l ..v.-r .s2.()()(l .-.dl.Tl.-d (r,,ii |1, • yari.Mi- |ialriolic' .u-jarii/alioii- and 

Th. .-oil., lions for th- Nashville Chaplrr. \. H. C. lin.-n -hn„,r urr,-: Mrs. 
i)un.-an K.nner. Chairman, and Cnnnilh r. I.ll,;; -li,-,l- .nid >I'»L>.(I(I in ra-li : M-, 
Frank C. Stahlman. Chairman, and C.nnnillrr. i'. , ;,.-, halh h.url- and sll(,.i)n i,, 
.•ash: .Mrs. Jam.s S. Fra/cr. Chairman, and lin ( ;,„n,nillrr. l.l^li;: h.nid Inurj- an, I 
.^11.60 in eash: .Mrs. F.luin \\\unvv. Chairm.m. an, I ( aanniilhv. 1 .2 1 1 napkin-. .'..Ki; 
handk.r.hiefs an.l .SlM.nil in , a-h. 

This amount lr<d,l,-,l lli,' r,,|niri,l ipnla fca llu- ,lri\,'. ulii,li ua- ,lKn- 
aelerislir of .verv response ma,!,- I.\ llu- u( ni-n inrni i,.r„M n, llii- ,l,i\,' !,■ all ,all- 
f..r Vi'orld War service. 

DAVIDSON COINTY KOMEN / A ////•, II () R I. I) WAR. 19 144 919 

Christmas Parcels for A. E. F., 1917. Nashville 
Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mrs. W. L. Gkanbkry. Cluilniiiin 
Mrs. Walter Stokes. Jr.. I'icc-C.liainnan 

Christmas, 1917, was celtlnatrd liv Amelia with a li(a\ \ licart. for her thoughts 
and prayers were across the sta> uitli llic -oMIits who ucn- liiihtiim the battles of 
civilization in France. 

In order to show these far-away heroes that the loyal hearts back home were 
mindful of them at this yearly festival, and to avoid congestion of the mails with 
parcels that would not be wisely selected for such long transportation, the Red 
Cross selected a Christmas Parcels Committee, whose duties would be to issue in- 
structions as to acceptable packages, to furnish transportation boxes and to wrap, 
address and mail them for the thousands of families and friends of the soldiers in 
Davidson County. 

Mrs. William L. Granberv. Chairman, and Mrs. Walter Stokes. Jr.. \ i.e-Chair- 
man, opened headquarters at the Tulane Hotel, and their committees worked con- 
stantly for six weeks from 9 to 5:30 o'clock in the day and from 7 to 10 o'clock 
in the evening in order to accommodate the enormous number of applicants. 

Each box had to be given out with exact instructions as to what contents would 
be acceptable, a receipt taken for same and. when returned, the box was weighed, 
inspected, wrapped and addressed with an overseas label, on which appeared the 
name of the sender and that of the inspector, stamped, counted and placed in the 
mail bags for the parcel postman, who was compelled to come twice each dav to 
relieve the congestion. Three thousand eight hundred fifty-eight of these Christmas 
parcels were mailed from the Tulane Headquarters, and as twentv-five of them filled 
one mail bag. several hundred bags were filled. 

Mrs. Joseph Lindauer served as purchasing agent for supplies, Mrs. W. E. Beard 
and Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin. Publicity, and Mrs. George Hillman, Cashier. Assistant 
cashiers were: Mrs. William Orr. Mrs. J. Knox Polk. Mrs. Lou Rascoe. Mrs. H. H. 
Corson, Mrs. E. W. Foster, Miss Lucy Roberts. Miss Prudence Polk, and Miss Lillian 

A large committee was necessary day and night to assist Mrs. Granberv and 
Mrs. Stokes in starting the boxes on their long journey. In addition to those already 
mentioned tliere were the following assistants; 

Mrs. RicharJ Barr. Mr^. nnl..ii Rrainuin. \Ir~. liruui, 1!„Im,,|, \1,-. \, .,,,..„ Tupper, Mrs. 
Van Leer Kirkman. Mrv l\n,i (hil.lir.-. \|,-, \l,.,,Jiil, i,il,l»,ll. \|,-. |w,,,„ ^rarlin. Mrs. 

Joseph Palmer. Mrs. J. Kn,.\ I',, Ik. Ii . \Ii- h-, pi, II |,.,m,. \|,- 1;,,,,,. |i,,„::L,-. Mrs. Arthur 

F. Evans. Mrs. W. G. Ewait:. M.-. (.r,.,^, W , l\,ll. \l,-. I, I,.,, In-i.,. \1,>. .NkPheeters Glas- 
gow. Mrs. Joseph Warner. Mrs. ['.•ir^ W ,,,„.,. \l,-. Wall., (i W ,,,-i,a,l. Mrs. John M. Grav, 
Mrs. Spencer McHenrj-, Mrs. Gra,,li.n la, k-,,,,. \I,-, ,!,-.,. \1 (iiniuii. Mrs. W. O. Tirril'l, 
Mrs. Frank Searcy Green. Mrs. Mai., II. W ,l-..„. \1|.. (,.,„.,. l;.,,,,,,., Mrs. Walter Jones, Mrs.' 
Walter Keith. Mrs. John Bell K,. 1,1. . \1>-. Ilaii ( :. Bunlin. Mr-, l.iirms Burch. Mrs Charles 
Caldwell. Mrs. Samuel Orr. Mr>. 'IM., i all,..,,,,. Mrs. \^hitef(„,nl t!. C.le Mr- Janie- Weaklev 
Mrs. J. G. Creveling. Jr.. Mrs. Fia„k ( .u I ^lahlnum. Mr<. Frank .\v.-nt. Mrs. Thnma- J Tvne 
Afrs. R. A. Henrv. Mrs. Fiehling (;,„,|,„,. M,-. |;,,lli„ p. Grant. Mrs. Fount Williams Mr. lohn 
W. Thomas. Mrs. M. E. Derryhcrry. Miss Evelyn Douglas. Miss Frances Riilley. Miss Frances 


D Al I l) S O .V C O I V 7 ) no M K \ I V 7 // A If O R I. I) If A H. 1 " I l-l '/ / 9 

I'll.lur. Mi-s Mars W.-I.b. Miss Eli/alx-lli Ks.-, Mrs. Saiulv 0«.-m, Mrs. J. ll,s«. Corbolt Mrs 
A. W. .Shipp. Mrs. Hiimphr.v Tim.illiv. Mrs. W . W. Crandall. Mrs. K. M. Cl.m.iits. .Mrs. Wil- 
liam -V. Carer. Mrs. W . B. C.ok. .Mrs. Tl...mas N.-wbill. Mrs. I'aiil M. Davis. Mrs. J. B. Danirl. 
Mrs. C. A. Marshall. Mrs. Jol.n Earlv. Mrs. Kirlding Vosl. .Mrs. \V. T. Yount:. Mrs. J. M. Wliil- 
sitt. Mrs. H.-nry K. Collon. Mrs. .Sim \\..ohvim-. Mrs. K. K. l'„rl,r. Mrs. BuisI Richanls,.n. 
Mrs. J. K. Kains. Mrs. C.unl Buvd. .Miss Marv U. Smith. \!i-. lluhi^ l-.,rl. Miss Mamie- Biirk, 
Miss Elizab.-lli Hill. Miss Sarah .Shanm.n. Miss F.IK-n Sl..k. -. Mi- \nni,. Mai I nderwood. Mrs. 
!>.irl.-r Phillips. Mrs. .M. 11. Dohson. Mrs. Kdward .Scni;:;^-. \1.^. \l.iani Tillman. Mrs. Verm-r 
Moore L.-wis. .Mrs. Watkiiis Crook.-ll. Mrs. 11. Tavlor Caiiiph.ll. Miss Kvrlvn Crutchcr. Mrs. J. 
A. Dale. Mrs. P. D. Houston. Mrs. .Sam Douglas. Mrs. K. K. Domiell. .Mrs. L. B. File. Mrs. 
C. C. Youiit:. Mrs. John P. Williamson. Mrs. C;ei>r!;.- Washington. .Mrs. Joseph Werthan. Mrs. 
Alex. Perry. Mrs. C. P. Pxose. Mrs. Craig MeFarland. Mrs. M. E. Fontaine. Mrs. Marv Washing, 
ton Frazer. Miss Aliee G. Smith. Mrs. J. W. HIaek. Mrs. Frank A. Berrv. Mrs. J. T. Altman. Mrs. 
W. S. Bransford. Mrs. (). N. Brvan. Mrs. J,.hn W . Moshv. Mrs. Carev A. Folk. Mrs. .Sam MeKav. 
Mrs. Henrv NeuhofT. Mrs. Bas.omh W. .Monlgomrrx . Mrs. J. dm A. MrKwen. Mrs. Fe.-,|i„a„,| 
E. Kuhn. Sirs. W. 11. Baihv. Miss Alma Oliver. Mr^! B. B. Allen, Mrs. kalhervii T. Allen. Mrs. II. Farris. Mr-. W . \. KennecK. Mrs. K. C. \l,„,rr. Ir.. \1,- \ K Poller Mrs Charles 
Dndlev Jones. Mr-. Mar-arel W ad.- ' Tli..,n| ,. an.l Mi-. i Paller-.n. 

Coiniiiiiiiic;ili\f ScrNicc. .\;isli\ill(' CJiaptcr. .\. Ii. C. 

Mks. C. !!. \\ M.i.v.K. Chairman 

In Octohcf. 1917. the \,l-llMllr Ch.lldrr. ll,,l Cln-. unilr, iliMTlinll- llnin \.l 

tional Headtiuartcrs. ..i i:,iiii/.-.l ,i -rnirr ,d ...iiiinuiiiral mn In, \iiirM.,iii |iii-..n,i- 

of war in the encnn (nniilii.-. .ni,| .,!-,, | -Hlrni- uilliin llir ( :li.i|,lrr's jiiii-,ii,- 

tion who had I'lii'iiil- and n-lalive- In llic-i' rciinlric-. 

The result nl -in h sri\i(i- meant iniinea-iii.iMe n.nilnil In ijin-e in need nl' il. and 
the patience and eaniestiics- \sitli uliirh tin- ilr|i,irlnieiil nl tlic \,i-li\illr ('.lia|i|ei 
fulfilh-a its obli-ratioris iiiai<e- a lieaiilirni Iratnre in tli.' lull -t.n\ u{ \\u- unik nf 
the Communicative Service. 

Mrs. C. H. Wallare. a- Clianin.n. ol ll,i- ,|r|,ai linrnt. had llir i.A.d -ii|.|...,l , d' 
Mrs. Percy D. M.iddin. \ i. e-Cliaii man .d ili,- (;li,i|il,-, and Cli.iiim.m .d ihr \,lmm- 
i.strative Board: Mr-. l!.d,eit I . lark-.m. \ i. r ( ;li,iii .d llir I'maid and Chaiiman 

l'oman"s Vt'ork. and all -nl.-r,,mmillrc- ,d llir \, 

Every ]) of unrk imdnlakin l.\ llir N.i-luillr (:lia|ilri p,,— r-rd tlir iicartv 
support of everv man and unman uli.>-r n.imr ,> mnilionrd in ( nmirdi.iii uilli .iiiv 
department of il- ui.rk. and a!-.. rvriA ..i ■jani/.ilion. ( Inl. and iiidi\idii,il .d David- 
son Countv. 


\l E V / V THE IT O R E I) 

I <l I fl 9 I 9 

Children's Auxiliary, Nashville Chapter, A. R. C. 


The Children's Auxiliarv of the .Nashville Chapter of the A. H. C. was organized 
upon the suggestion of Miss Louise McHenry. The organization meeting was held at 
the Centennial Club on June 22, 1917, when the following charter menihers were 

elected officers: Miss Louise McHenry, Honor- 

ary Chairman; Mrs. Spencer McHenry, Chair- 
man; Mrs. E. A. Price, Vice-Chairman; Mrs. 
John S. Lewis, Chairman Hospital Supplies and 
Working Units; Mrs. A. G. Brandau. Secretary. 
and Miss Annie Allison, Treasurer. 

Sponsors of the organizations were: Dr. 
and Mrs. George W. Hale, Mrs. T. Garland 
Tinsley, Miss Geneva Jones, Mrs. Johnson 
Bransford. Mrs. J. S. McHenry, Miss Theo 
Scruggs, Mrs. L. H. Davis, Mrs. George Parkes, 
Mrs. O'Bryan Washington. Miss Louise Mc- 
Henry, Mrs. Alex. Porter, Miss Annie Allison. 
Mrs. Thomas Clarkson. and Mrs. J. H. Zarecor. 

This organization contributed four hundred 
and fifty dollars to the Nashville Chapter, Red 
Cross. The first working group met at the 
Parthenon in Centennial Park on July 17, 1917, 
under the direction of Mrs. John Lewis, Chair- 
man. Nothing has ever exemplified the spirit 
of "Young America" more than the earnestness 
with which these children worked each week for 
a period of six months, during which time tiiey \b- i.m>- -hn.ik M.ii.Mn 

completed twenty-four dozen fracture pillows, 
six dozen knitted wash rags, eight dozen handkerchiefs, and three dozen bandages. 

The officers of this group were: Mrs. John S. Lewis. General Supervisor; Mrs. 
W. W. Crandall. Miss Annie Allison. Treasurer: Mrs. Charles Davitt, Mrs. Marv 
M. Hotchkiss. and Mrs. Lewis M. Mullins. Secretary. 

A memorial fund was established by this committee in lovins memory of the 
following children who had passed on: Caroline McHenrv. Allism Porter, and 
Johnson Bransford. Jr. 

The following children composed the membership of this unit: 

Marie Parrent, Virginia White, Lawrence 0'Br\an Trabue. Mary Belle Maddin. Eleanor 
Kirkman, Mildred Bausel, Frances Stokes. Anna Parrent. Martha Emily Washington. O'Bryan 
Washington. Jr.. Vasso Panangiotippulas. Marv Frances Morton. Hermes Panangiotopulas. Anne 
Hiimphrevs Morton. John W \ Mm,!,,,.. III. W.-i MmH,.,!. Jr. i;..l,.,t Brandau. Kinnard Mc- 

Conaico. Margaret Davi.!-..,,. \,,^n,,,, Will,.,-, n ( li,,,l.- i;,i-.ll. ( h.nles Buntin. Jr.. Rachel 

Duntin, Helen Baird. Clu..'.- Ilili. I, tmiK IIjII. Ii.r, \l. (a,,,. IL B. Cain. Jr.. Margaret 
Cook, Harvey Alexander. Ki.lur.l Barr. lui-ell Nil.-. Aliiir lidri. Katlierine Daniel Murphy. 
Carolyn Lusk. Betsey Lusk. Adelaide Douglas. Alton ^^ai Johns. George R. Knox. Martha 
('iements. Terrv Hart. Mary Witherspoon. Milbrey Warner. Emily Warner, Shade Murrav. Eliza- 
beth Hart. Ellen Ryan Caldwell. Laura Donelson Wade. Elizabeth Coles. Mary Dudley Dake. 
Campbell Pilcher, Jr.. Mary Lipscomb. Edwin Frost, Betty Carey Orr. Betty Weaver. Sarah 
Hardcastle, Cornelia Albers. Miriam Hotchkiss. Harriet Batchelor. Pamela Batchelor. Edwin 
Price, Jr., George Price. H. Miss Annie Cavert. Margaret Bruce Warren. Mary Bruce Calhoun, 

f 259 1 

DAIIDSON COIMY ITO M E y /\ / // / II n H I n II I K. !■' I I I" I' 

\\(n;ki:K> IN (.1111 im;i \ - \i \ii 

center is Miss Louise McHcnn-, organizer 
After her death Mrs. Spencer McHenry di 

Maria l.ealh (:al!i..nn. Seawell Braiidan. Alice TralMie. 
Eleanora Allen, Catlx-rine Hardy D(irri>. i;ii/,ahelli lilcnkci 
Wilherspoon. Dorothy Vernon Walton, \\.l<^ 1 ainli- W illun 
Courtney Christoplier, Kebecca Porter. MiMi.M I'..ii.t. -'ii. 
Hampton. Frances Hill. Geneva Jone>. Illl.ll.^ ]■■"■■-. Kill 
Gay Parkes. Peggy Alexander. Tyler Calli.iun. i ,11. .In.. I . 
Jean Haggard, Gertrude Grizyjird, Eleanor lir.iun. \ ,1.1 \1. 
paret Jackson, Margaret Crockett. Evelyn Jon.-. Imn W 
Sarah Pnor. Enuiiett Prvor. Edna I.ewin. Ilaiii.i I 
William Crandall. Estelle Crandall. 11. -n, , .11.1 l.u,- \ 1, ^. 
Ellen Buckner. Lady Frances Hamill..ii. \l...v I li/,J..ili W 
Margaret Gallagher, Harriet Ingram. K.iili.iin. \I,i\.. 1 M.i 
Ida Calhoun. William Calhoun. Margar. i I' W illi.u.i-. Inn 
Washington. Nancy Berry, Albert Si... k. II. I ..m-. '-iniih 
Sylvan Meyer. Lewis Phillips. Marion M.l'li.ul 1... k n,, 
Anna Wbe.der Cox. George Edward Mailin. I .lu.n.l ( ,,,, 
Crockett Webb. Corrinne Webb. Ewing Keilli. K. iili. I II. n 
Ada Grace Frierson. Mary Elizabeth Godwin. ( ,,il.i..n -null. I 11. 

Godwin, George Calhoun. Mildred Bond. Dora ( I. \l.^^ Wlniu. 

Elizabeth Dibrell. Elizabeth Parkes. Sarah Hia.m,. (Ii.uI.- 
Thuss. Heba Dean, Norma Meyer. Mr-. M ( I. in. 11I-. I \.l\n Hiii. 
Pound. McTyiere Yarbrough. Berni. .■ VHlii..u^l.. I ..ui-. ^i.v. 
Milbrev Wright. Cemmie Byington. Eli/al..ili D.ik. W il-..n, \1,im 
Ann Mc(;ugin. Katherine Kirkland. Annie lli..»n. \.in..ri 1 iii.i.c-. 
liam.son. Elsworth P. Scales. Elizabi-lh Bryan. Enuna B.rry Br>a 
Olterson. Mrs. A. M. Wheeler, Evelyn Meyer. Louise Phillips. Elizt 
Elizabeth M. Davis. Coleman Harwell. Dandridge Cal.lwell. Jr.. I.ill 
Mary Gould. B.lli.- Thomas Br..wn. Margan-I Howe. Franc-s llardi 

h.. 1 iil.i \lull.l^.|.. kalluTine 
li.iin,- Cox. William 

-miih. Lula Estelle 
n... Doak. La I'na 

I,. II. \Iarv Lin.l-.n-. 
.,, 1... k-..n. \1,H-- 
11. . I li/,il.. ill \\,.lt-. 

I' Klla I....1 Cluck, .\lailha G. 
( ..Inn Williams. Claude Grizzard, 
,^. Ethel Denton, H.-len Phillips, 

W.-lib. Dwight Webb. Jr.. George 

i;il.„ 1!.,.!.- T.Ll.-. Oman. 
1 li,.,-..,i s,|„| i;„ili 11, mi-. N.-ll 

II. lU. 

H- \hinaN. (,- Wil- 
iden Hamilton. Idabelle 
Sharp, .Mice Yarbrough, 

right. J.anelte Caldwell, 
l-lor.'nc- Sawri.-, D..rotby 



Ann Bryan. W . A. Br 


Committee on Awards, Nashville Chapter, A. R. C. 

Mrs. P'ka^jk W. Ring. CJimnnan 

Awarded Davidson County women who 
rendered faithful and self-sacrificing 
service in the Nashville Chapter. Red 

On February 1. 1919, a message came from the Division Headquarters, at At- 
lanta, Ga., that Service Badges would be given faithful and self-sacrificing workers 
of the Nashville Chapter, Red Cross. While only those who were fortunate enough 
to be able to give the required hours could obtain a badge, officials of the Nashville 
Chapter felt that the hundreds of women who were unable to leave their homes for 
the length of time required to secure a badge were none the less patriotic, and that 
their services were none the less appreciated. 

Upon instructions from National Headquarters, at Washington. D. C. a Cduunit- 
tee on Awards was ap|ic>intcd In the Executive Board of the Nashville Chapter, 

( 261 ) 

i),tfii)S(>\ (01 \ry i!()Mi-:.\ /v rut: jfoHLD ir t H. nnii-n' 

\{,'d Cross. Tlu.s,- s. I.. I,- 
Chairman. Mrs. Siilnrv - 
Mrs. Jo B. Morgan. M,>. 
T. M.Connu-... 

Iron-dad rules for s.- 
was the desire of Nation 
that the re(i|)ients had r 
the .\nieri(an Red Cross. 

The iiiininnini 
eouhl he given was eight 
entered war, utitil the tl 
iSo recognition was grant 
with a minimum of 
hhie rihbon. One slii|ir 
a minimum of I .f>lll) Imu 
service, with a niiriinii'Mi 
counted, hut h'liiitli <>( ~i' 

The conwnitlri- mlrd 
should hand in ihiii run 
selves, and on llii~ Im-I- 

.\uthority w,i~ 'jiv 'n I 
done on three .^[jii ( ],, 

The list of M.dal W ii 

- f. 

\1,~. 1 


W. 1) 





„,. \ 

. l!la, 




.11. and 


. Kmi 




• B; 

,al Ked 
idges s 


1 i.idi 




1 fmm 

a 1,1, 

„• ril> 



(>. 1 

I'MT. il 

„. ,1a' 

I \in, 


r Had: 

Mr^. J. 1'. H. All.-n 

2.470 hour 


.s. .s. ( r..,k.-tl . 

!17-. I,..i„. 

\lr>. Nanni.- Il..«-,- .\:i.-„ 

1.2.S:{ li..„r 

^ Mr-. 

li. (;. (:r,.wl,-v 

860 liMUi- 

.Mrs. John K. .\nM 

'JTl l,..u, 


Carmack. .Special Servio 

• Ba.lge. 

Mrs. Willie K. ,\<rr,-. S|..-, iai 

S.Tvire Ka.i'..v 


Anna Conger. Special Ser 

vice Ba<lg<' 

Mrs. Clint Atkins ... 

8fit hnur 


Kvidvn Carrinilon 

i.l20 hours 

Mrs. George C. Bla. ki.- 

2,4T() h.nn 


Said.-e Cauvin 

2.018 hours 

Mrs. C. S. Brown 

,. 2.400 !,..... 

\li — 


1 694 liours 

Mrs. R. L. Bogle 

1.290 h„u, 


li. II. ( nr-..i> 

3 621 hours 

Miss Marv E. Burk.- 

. . , . 2.400 ll.m. 


lauir- --, |)„„l,,n 

1.183 hours 

Mrs. W. A. Brvan 

.... 822 llnll, 


W. li. Daxi- 

1.611 hours 

Mrs. 0. N. Bryan 

98fi I1..M, 


I'aul 11. l)e\V,l, 

1.01.'-, hinirs 

^rrs. Brown Bufor.l 

1..330 hnn 


2,-)90 houis 

Mrs. Louise Bran.lon 

400 I1..1,, 


S.,M, Dollfll.,- 

1 103 liiiui- 

Mrs. Klizabelli Br.ver. S|..-.ial 

Service Bad..,-. 


W. C. K.wiui 

OIJ h.iu, • 

Mr>. M.Tgan Brown 

861 hnui 


K. C. Kwin- 

.Mrs. J. D. Blanton 



H. Frank I'i.'l.l- 

1 ilJ liiiiii - 

.Mrs. S W Bomur 

1.7U> liuiji 


l.l/ioka Karrrll 

2 Ul hc.ui. 

Miss Maud Ballard 

I.6III hnlll 


li.r.Mrd l-.;„-l. rwal,l 

1.290 hours 

.Miss Kalherine Berry 

1.717 liHiij 


1,970 hours 

Miss Helen Bufor.l 

l.76'> I1..111 


i; w . |■|^,■ 

l.()r>() In.urs 

Mrs. B. D. Bell 

K28I1 li.Mir 

\I, - 

1; K. 1m,i 

l.WX) hours 

Mrs. Innis I'. Bn.wn 

810 l,..ii, 

Mr - 

,1 1 (.llllir- 

1 680 hours 

.\rrs. T. B. Baker 

.. 874 Imu, 


1 206 hours 

.Mrs. Thomas Calh.nn 

801 l,..„, 

M \ (.11.1 

1 106 houis 

Mrs. J. H. Campb.ll 

. BTr, h,„„ 

ni, -. 

\. J, C lali 

8 '.0 liow, - 

Mrs. M. M. Cecil 

1.320 !,..■„ 


W. I., (;ra,l^.r^. s,,,., i.d S 

,,MC, \U,[', 

Miss Elizabeth Hail 

8S2 l,..i„ 


Nan l.rer K„k,„,,l,. -S|..cia 

1 S,M„, l!,dj,. 

Mrs. Robert Cheek 

1.4.36 h.M,, 


NN. .s. llil,- 

2 181 hour- 

Mrs. W. C. Cherry 

1.032 l,nu. 


H.„ ll.rn,,M 

2.311 hours 

Mrs. C. C. Chris-.o;)her 

1.017 1,..!,, 


lla,„illn„ Nar-e. Special 

s.rvi.e Ba<lge. 

Miss Corinne Craie 

1.170 l,".„ 


Cliarle- 1:, lliMil 

1 034 hours 

Mr... V^■. W. Cr.nd.M 

1.013 lo.'ir 

Mi — 

Nircioia ll..»lrli 

1 680 I,.,,,,- 

DAVID S () A (. (I I .\ T y If () M E .V / ,V 7 // /■. H () R L I) It ,1 H. 

Mr.-, llarviv llo^n iiUOliniii- 

Miss Mary UeMuville Hill «17 limn- 

Mrs. Ross Handly 924, ■ 

Mrs. T. Graham Hall 1.208 I i- 

Mrs. Robert F. .lackson 2,68.S Ihhii- 

Mrs. A. Tillman Jones 830 Ii.mii- Lula Johnson 812,,- 

Mr.^. W. \. K.-ni.e,lv f'..SI)^ 

Mi- M.iM I'mln Kiikman IDH limii- 

Mi- I. (. Kiik|Mll.rk id:, hi. Ill- 

Ml-. Kir, I W KrI-rN ."."111 

Mi-, M.niin l,..vfnthal I-". 

Mi- \li.-.. Hall Lindsey --'() I1..111- 

Mi-. I'.„ : iUI l...n,- 

Mrs. J..hii L,»:s 1.22: li..'i,- 

Mrs. Thomas LeSueur 972 I1..111- 

Mrs. John Lellyett 820 li..ui- 

Mrs. Joseph Lindauer 2.444 ln.ui- 

Mrs. R. H. Lacey 2.024 hours 

Miss Elizabeth McDonald 1.000 hours 

Mrs. Charles \. Manthey 1.6,S4 hours 

Mrs. K. T. McConnico 1.853 h.iurs 

Mrs. David T. McGill 1,610 h..,i.- 

Mrs. Percy D. Maddin 3 300 h.mi- 

Miss Effie Mortsan 2.87.S h...n- 

Mr-. J.. P.. M..r;;an . 2.40(1 li..ur- 

Mi-. W. W, \1, N.'ilK 2..;(Ml I1..M1- 

.\Ii-. II.MiN I", \lu^^•^ , 2.272 ii..or- 

Mi- Li.iii-.. .M.llenry i .l.-r,-as,-.l I . faniil) 
awarded .Special Service Badge. 

Mrs. Garnett Morgan 1.750 hours 

Mrs. I. W. Miller 1.719 hours 

Mi- M.A'cil. \iii-.-. Special .Service Badge. 

Ml-. .I..lin Miiikin 800 hours 

Ml- l.h/alNil, \l,.ii..« 1,044 hours 

Mr-. M. \. \1.. 111..;.. Ml. TV 802 hours 

Mrs. Craig McEarland . 918 hours 

Miss Mary Linda Manier 908 hours 

Mrs. Henry G. Maney 940 hours 

Mrs. Thomas Newbill 1.885 hours 

Mrs. Jesse M. Overton, Special Service Badge. 
Mrs. Andrew O'Brien 816 hours 

Mrs. .loliM \. Oniiaii 1.088 hours 

\li-. .'-am (III 893 hours 

\li- W. \. iiii;lii,i-..ii 2,602 hours 

\li- Kiniu l',iiii-li 800 hours 

Ml-. II la- I'aik.-. 818 hours 

\li-. II. C. I'aii.Mii 8,52 hours 

Mi- Sal\u- l',M..ii 1.186 hours 

Ml- l'..rl.T 840 hours 

Ml- M.iiilda I'oit.i 1.162 hours 

Ml-. .I..I111 \. I'iti- 3,978 hour? 

Mr-. \n.lif« I'ri..- 1.724 hours 

Mr.-, Frank King 3 225 hours 

Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin 1.950 hours 

Mrs. Mary Rust 400 hours 

Mrs. Anne P. Rankin. Exceptional Service 

r.a.l.,- 472 hours 

\ii-. . I. .1.1.111 Si.. k,- 804 hours 

\li., i:iiarlr- St,l-..ii 1458 hours 

Ml-. I...iii- II. Sp.riA 1.119 hours 

\li- \li.c (;. Smith 1.294 hours 

\li- r.M,l Sli.-lt..n 1.344 hours 

Mr-. \. .1. Shflion 894 hours 

Miss .Sarah Shannon 901 hours 

Mrs. W. H. Schuerman 890 hours 

.Mrs. D. F. C. Reeves 940 hours 

Mrs. \. H. Robinson 900 hours 

Mr-, I iili.- •-!. •»•!,■ 1.658, hours 

Ml- II. .I.I,.- .^iiiiili 1.608 hours 

Ml-- i;iil.\ Siiiipkin- 2.816 hours 

\li-. I. .111! W. III.. ma-. Sp.aial .Service Badge. 
Ml-. T. I..i^:k, .. 1,051 hours 

Mr-, W, l„ lalliA . .. 914 hours 

\li-s \iinie Mai 1 839 hours 

Mrs, S. J. Underwood 872 hours 

Miss Ethel White 1 382 hours 

Mrs. A. R. Whiteman 1.324 hours 

Mrs. W. H. Witt 826 hours 

Mrs. J. H. Woodard 922 hours 

Mrs. O'Brien Washington. Special Service Cer- 

Mrs. W. A. Welsh 890 hours 

Mrs. E. G. Welsh 890 hours 

Miss Mary Webb 820 hours 

Miss Vivian Watkins 1.300 hours 

Mrs. Oscar Waldkirch 1.266 hours 

DiiiPsoy cor v t y w o m f. \ i v / // /■. if o R 1 1> u 1 1<. i " i ii " 1 9 

Tennessee and Davidson County Division, National 
League for Woman's Service 

"For God — for Home for l.ounlr\" 
Mrs. Jessk \I. Onkkion. l'n-si,l,;<i 

\llis, li-H \|. (1 


I--.II.I. ,■ W illi.i 


r „f A,U,-..M (..un, 

1 nl tl.'l 


Til.- NatioiKil 1 

.■a.ju,' f,, 

\\..iiian"-< S.Mvic. 


nio cxislii 

.,■ al ll 

1' (.nniiess 

of (>)iistrii(li\i- i'.i 

i.-l.l ill Wa^liiii^h 

n. jam 

,ir\. r)i7. 

\. Ii\, 

u..ik uas 

hcpun six tla\-- /ill 

•1 iIm- 1 . 

il.,1 ^l.ll.- ■■A^v ll 

' (..'1 II 

,111 \llll..l" 

.1.1. .1 hi- 


The LeafiuoV |.i.., 

-rl III. Ill 


.(Klll .-n.-iu 

.11. U.I 

II. n u'l.,-.- 

chief aim was In i 


ill .-M'lA ua\ uilh 

:!,.■ ,„, 

linli. ~.l. i 

li.- ..r 

!"■ . MiiPhv 

eniraped in any In 

Ill ni u, 

1 u...k. Ml-. I.- 

-, \l. ( 

t\.il..ii ua 

- ,i|i|i..ii 

l.'.l I.N III.- 

National orj.'ani,^al 

..n as Mi 

1,- ClKiiiinaii r..i 


'■■ '""1 ~'" 


Ill ill.- ful- 

lowinu' \Minii-ii a~ 


l,,l ll.T T.-iiii.-M-.. 



DAI I DSU A' (. O i MY K U M EN IN T II E H () H LI) if A R. I 9 I I- 1 9 I 9 

Mrs. Edward Buford and Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, V ice-Chairmen; Mrs. John C. 
Gilmore, Secretary and Press Chairman; Mrs. A. Loveman, Treasurer; Mrs. Dwight 
Montague, Chairman for Chattanooga: Mrs. Daniel Grant, Chairman for Memphis: 
Mrs. L. D. Tyson, Chairman for Knoxville, Mrs. John T. Wooten, Chairman for 
Columbia; Mrs. Neil Wright, Chairman for Huntingdon; Mrs. F. G. Smith, Chair- 
man for Newport; Miss Mary Lewis, Chairman for Paris; Mrs. Stanton Dibrell. 
Chairman for Sparta; Mrs. Richard Harwoud. Chairman for Pulasl<i:. and Mrs. 
Rogers Caldwell, State Chairman, Girls' Patri- 
otic League, the Service League's junior divisio 

The Davidson County organization of tl 
Service League was perfected at a mass nieelii 
of women called together at the Centennial t'h 
on May 27. 1917. The county organization uas 
led by the following offiters, who were ;i|i- 
pointed by Mrs. Overton at this meetin;^: Mi> 
C. S. Brown, Chairman; Mrs. Bruce l),H,,iila>. 
First Vice-Chairman; Mrs. M. S. Lebeck. S.-cond 
Vice-Chairman: Mrs. H. B. Schermerhorn. Sec- 
retary; and Mrs. A. Loveman, Treasurer. 

The Davidson County Executive Board com- 
prised the following women: Mrs. G. M. Ned v. 
Mrs. George W. Fall, Mrs. Edward Buford. Mi<. 
A. Loveman, Mrs. John G. Gilmore, Mrs. (iran- 
bery Jackson, Mrs. Dudley Gale and Mrs. 
Thomas J. Tyne, with Mrs. Jesse M. Overton .is 

Mrs. Alex. Caldwell was appointed Chair- 
man of Registration by Mrs. Overton, and Mrs 
Granbery Jackson succeeded Mrs. Schermerhorn 
as Secretary in March, 1918. Mrs. A. Loveman ^'"*- 'fs"iii,.^j,'.'"*" ''"^ 

served as Treasurer for the state and countv. 

The principal work of the Tennessee and Davidson County National League for 
Woman's Service, when first organized, consisted in fitting out the enlisted soldiers 
with necessary comforts, and the membership was kept busy raising funds for the 
purpose of purchasing wool for socks, sweaters and other knitted garments. 

On February 5. 1918, a benefit card party was given by the Nashville organiza- 
tion at the home of Mrs. Daniel C. Buntin, with several hundred guests present. 
Three hundred dollars was realized by this means, and a sock machine was pur- 
chased with the proceeds from this party, two machines already being in operation 
bv the Service League. Mrs. Al. W. Harris, Mrs. Samuel H. Orr, Mrs. Joseph T. 
Howell, Mrs. John Thompson, Jr., Mrs. Henry E. Colton and Mrs. C. S. Browi had 
charge of the instructions on these machines, and under their direction several dozen 
pairs of socks were knitted. 

The Service League held the exclusive agency f<ir the -ale of service flags in 
Middle Tennessee and Davidson County. Mrs. Joini Th(;nipsoii. Jr.. was Chairman 
for the sale of flags in Middle Tennessee and Mrs. Edward Buford for Davidson 
County. Mrs. Buford was assisted in this work by Mrs. M. S. Lel)eck, Mrs. W. A. 
Ogden and Mrs. Sinclair Niles. D. Loveman, Berger and Teitlebaum donated a 
cedar chest for the safe-keeping of the League's service flass. and these flacs were 

n.u I u s () .\ c o I .V TV no m e ,y / .v r // k ir o r l n « a r. i » i ti 9 1 <> 

siolil ill CMMV i)lhi'e l)uil(lirij; ami iii~tilulioii in l)a\iiiMiii 

out of lown. several ihoiisaiul ilip|lai> liein^ rcali/.eii li 

Tliree luiiuired dollars was eiveii l)v the Daviti-on (! 

-air nf >ervice liajis. 
■1 \ ire l.tamie toward 

DiiriMf; th.- Hiuin 
Cross decided Ihal 

have its i>wii motor corps. Iikisiihk h as the Ser 
League and the Nashvill.- (:hai)ter of the Red C 
were workinji in the closest co-operatimi. the Da 
son County National league of .Ser\ in- \|,.i,.i ( , 
was merged with the Nashville Chapln. K. <| ( 
Motor Corps, on August 1. 101!!. uiili Mi 
M. Overton as Chairman 

lance was |)urcha.sed li\ ihr i)a\ id-on Couiitv Sii\ 
ice League and prt-cntd i,, tli.' \a~hville Chapl.-,. 
Red Cros.s. The Im„K ,,| thi- .irnl.iilan.r ua- -till 
being used \n ll,r Heme Scvi,,- Sell..,, ,,! ll„. 
Na.shville Red (an- uh,-n llil- vnlinnr u,„t i,, pre-. 

At the reqiic-l of the Dasid-,.,, CoimtN 
Administration. Mi-. ,|c-e \1. ()\ril,,n app.Mrilcl a 
S. Caldwell, to vi-it gro..-r- and n|l,c, I I di-t, 

del Ml-. Char 
v^eek and icp 


ol III 

ilul.'s w( 



ulu'tluT „r M,.t jicv.-rnin.-nt ir,i;ulali,„i> in n-ar.l l„ |,rir,- an.l A, 

and sugar were being observed. Tliis c.inniiltee. a.-Mste.l b\ Mrs. Eiluard I 

ilid an effective secret service work during the entire World War period. 

Under the able chairmanship of Mrs. Joseph A. Gray, an expert in hi 
several demonstrations in the use of wheat and flou 
tiip Centennial Club by the Service League. Thev 
were largely attended and the results were far-reach- 
ing. Government experts spoke at these meetings 
and carefully prepared and economical recipes were 
given out. The services of Miss Alberta Cooper, a 
graduate demonstrator, were secured, and the recipes 
were published each day in the Nashville news- 
papers. A booklet of war recipes was published 
by the Davidson County Service League, and more 
than five hundred of these were sold over Tennessee, 
thereby adding a neat sum In the jjcague's treasurv. 
and also aiding the Governnient in the conservation 
of foods. 

On April 29, 1918, the Service League joined 
with several other patriotic organizations in a bene- 
fit ball given at the Belle Meade Club for the ex- mr*. \. ioveman 
tension of war work. The chairmen for this ball """'"" '"""' 
from the Service League were: Mrs. C. S. Brown, 

Mrs. H. B. Schermerhorn, Mrs. Granbery Jackson and Mrs. Nathan Crockett. These 
women canvassed homes and business houses for donations of novelties and deli- 
cacies and by the sale of these at a handsomely 
decorated booth several hundred dollars was raised 
work among the soldiers. 

At the War Savings Stamp Carnival on Capitol 
Boulevard, in Nashville, April. 1918. the Service 
League had one of the most effective and lavishly 
decorated booths exhibited at the Carnival. Miss 
Sarah Shannon, dressed as a gvpsv. told fortunes, 
for which she charged a fee of a Thrift Stamp, and 
Mrs. H. B. Shermerhorn was in charge of the musi- 
cal program, which included many of Nashville's 
leading musicians. Other members assisting at the 
booth were: 

Mrs. Granbery Jackson, Mrs. John Thompson. 
Jr.. Mrs. Bruce Douglas, Mrs. John Lellyett, Mrs. C. 
j^j S. Brown, Mrs. Frank Searcv Green, Mrs. J. A. 

Dale, Mrs. H. B. Bond. Mrs. Henry E. Colton. Mrs. 
Ellis C. Huggins, Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne. Mrs. Frank A. Berrv. 
Mrs. A. Loveman, and Mrs. W. A. Ogden. 

Francis Markoe, Chairman of the Italy-American Society for the celebration of 
the third anniversary of Italy's entrance into the World War. requested Mrs. Jesse 
M. Overton. State Chairman of the Service League, to act as Chairman for Nash- 
ville and to assume the initiative for the Service League in co-ooeratins in the ob- 
servance of this celebration. Mrs. Overton appointed Mrs. Dudlev Gale as Chair- 


(Mela Jackson) 

Sinclair Niles, Mrs. 

DAflDSOy COIMY II M K \ I .\ THE ttORLD 9 A R. 10 111919 

^rwnr and Colonial Dames. 

Liberty Loan Campaif;!!. of win. Ii \li- 
inaii. bv the National Leatim- l"i \\ 
This was the first attempt lo -ell l.mi 
World War, and proved so suee.-ssfiil iliai li.r ,,l.,n u.,- a.lo,.I,d in e 
campaign for war relief work ibereafli i. 

Mrs. Bruce Doujilas served as Chainiiin (;.„,■, .il ,,l tl„. I! Ii >al.-. ( 

mitlee. Miss Elizabeth Si-crelaiv. ,,ii.l Mr-. Chail.- Arnlrr-..,, u.i 
diilv dailv as bond solicitor. SlOO.Ddll.llll ,,f l.ib.TU l!„n.l> was ,nll,-cl,-, 
Ih.- wnm.-n of Ihi- ,-..,nnii!r,.. 

mail (,f 111,- (la>. Mrs. Cnl.- 
tribute boutonnieics ai |hjI 
Italian colors. whi( li unc i 
miltfe were iirslruiiii in 
the Italians of \a-li\illi'. u 
appointed Mi-. .)..-r|,li W ., 
Mrs. Ropers Cal.hv.-ll lo as- 
flrcds of raJiers were recci 
.Amoiifr the callers were se\i 
On llie liisi „f M;,v. I';l 
for Wnnian-s Service was -i 

p|.,.iMl.'.l nieinlwr- nl llic (.ni-' I'.ihiul,, |.c,,.,nr I,, 

ir |,|.„r- i„ \, 1-1, Mil, ■ .llnj In ,l,-|,l;,\ llnuc- ,,| 
nll.llcl l,\ \,,-IimII,. II,.M-I-. Ml-. („llr ,111,1 Im'I , 

I,, |,l,,l„„n„,-,l ll„- ,I.,X ., Hi,-, ..I.I, ■. \l,-. ( 

ri,-.. \l,-. (,i,,nl„M 1,1, k-,„, \1,-. .1. W. i;i;„k. .uhI 
-I !.,•, uill, ll„- ,r,,|,l„,n I,,, ||.,K |).,^. ,,| ul,i,l, lni,< 

■J.-Mnc-c,- .iriil i),ni,l-.,ii C.iiiilx \,ili,,n.,i Lea-aiC 
■ nse of a -l,u,'l -,■ In \a-l,MM,. |,„ aid at 226 

DAVIDSON coil NT Y WOMEN IN THE If O l< I. D If t K. I 'i I f-l 9 I 9 

Sixth Avenue. North, which was converted into a rest room for soldiers, sailors and 
marines, with Mrs. Granbery Jackson in charge of the hostesses and Mrs. Thomas 
J. Tvne as Chairman-General of the rest room. This building was obtained through 
the generosity of Vaulx Cowan, and contributions of furnishings and comforts for 
the rest room were made by the following members: 

Coal by Mrs. Jesse M. Overton; Overbrook Spring Water by Mrs. J. W. Black 
and Mrs. Joseph Warner; and Ice by Mrs. Fielding Gordon. Mrs. Mary Bright 
Thomas and Mrs. George William Fall were Chairmen of furnishings for the 
room. Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne served as Chairman-General for the rest room through- 
out its existence and Mrs. Granbery Jackson as Chairman of hostesses, which was 
eighteen months. 

Through Mrs. Jackson's committee many attractive musical programs and other 
forms of entertainment were offered the soldiers passing through Nashville, and 
the room was always kept in an attractive manner. A victrola was secured by Mrs. 
George W. Fall and a piano from "'a friend." which gave the transient soldiers many 
cheerful moments. Through an arrangement with the Nashville Y. M. C. A., the 
Service League paid for a number of meals to be served to the soldiers who were 
without funds. Stationery and post cards were kept at the rest room headquarters 
at all times for the soldiers, and automobile rides through Nashville and surround- 
ing country were planned for them. An abundance of flowers for the rest room 
were donated by Nashville florists and from private gardens of the members. On 
the register kept by the Service League at the soldiers, sailors and marines' rest 
room appeared the names of the famous "Blue Devils" and the Alpines, who visited 
Nashville in the interest of war work. The register also showed the names of sev- 
eral hundred soldiers who were benefited by the rest room, many of whom were 
cared for bv League members during illness. 

iitiii)s<>\ ((II \i) II () \n: \ i\ I II K iioRi.n ii i n. iuiii'<i9 





' -^' «Lim^^^ 

I IV^^V'^^^H^ 


^^ a 

INK \ \l 
IHKliT^ 1 

iN\i, iivcii; K(ii! wiiMW'^ ^i:i;\i(i: on di t-i in ii 

i\N ( Wll'AK.N IN l)\\ llt^dN (III NT'*. \l \K( II. I'HH 

larv. appear in tlic picture supervising llie sipnin;; d In. nil- - 
an,i Jam.-s Cayce. 

At Mr<. Douplas' left stands Mrs. .Irsse \1.,,. -~i 
County District Chairman of the Loan. \i Mi- (l\.il..n- I 
Shook). .Mrs. Duncan Kenner ( Marv llill (M.knlh. Mr- I 

.Mrs. Bessie .\llowav Cray. Mrs. Ricluii.l T. W il- k.ii. 

I.\nnie Mary Dudleyl. Miss Evelyn Douglas, anil Mrs. (hat 

Other l)on<l salesladies active at this Boolh in the Loan 
Frank A. Berry. Mrs. Nathan Crockett. .Mrs. John Thompso 
Thomas J. Tyne. Mrs. Rolin P. Crant. Mrs. Ceiofre Willian. 
Lucius liohinson. Mrs. F{opers Caldwell. Mi- U illi r ^Ink.- 
Krazer. Mrs. Meredith Caldwell. Mrs. Jn- |.li I'.iImh.. \1>-. T1„ 
Mrs. Dudley Gale. Mrs. .■\. Loveman. Mi- I'. m. W.u.i.r \l,- 
.•\. Grav. M'rs. W. A. Ofnli-n. Mi-. .Ii.liii I.IImii. Mi- l.ln,, I 
.Mrs. Richard Dake. Mr-. .1. W . Il..uaiil. Mi-. I i, i.l,n;i (..,mI 
Dale. Mrs. C. .\L NerK. \li-. \1 ll.iin-. Mi-, W.iIm K..1I1, 
Brown. Chairman of tin- I 1 a'jur Im N:i-li\illi. ;iiiil Mi-. Inliii 

1. Ml-. 



hclor lEstelle 

Will W.u 



Richardson 1 . 





- I-, \iii 


ITI-: M 

., 1 


Wainii. Ml-. 

.h . Mr 

. W 

1 . 

I.ilc. Il , Mi- 

. Ml-. 1- 



ni i'-" II in'iv 


.1 . .1 

. Ml 

1. Ml-, ,|i.-iiih' 

ImM M 

> 1 


•111 Mahlman. 

1 Ml- ^ 

111. 1. 

1 Ni 

1- Mk. J. A. 

11- 1 1.;: 

Ill -li.inn 

.11. Mr-. C. .S. 

.. I.iliiii.i 

. r 

Mil i 

^ 1 li.nrman. 

Mrs. Granhery Jackson, ("liair man. ulm \miiI Ii 
appoinlPc! a lar^rc niiiiilier <il niiiiil" 1- ol lln- >i 1 \ ii 
one rlav each week frnni ih-- n|i,rin,:,.i ..I llir n-l , 
1919. at which tini(< ihc niajurilN i.l llir ~,il,lii>^ l.ia 
hostesses inrliKled: 

Mrs. Charles Andcr-iiii. Mi-. NatlKiii CimViH. Mi- S| 
Carey E. Morpan. Mrs. John LelKell. Mrs. Ropers Calil 
Dudley (;ale. Mrs. Kllis C Huipins. Mrs. Rohert Braon 1 
Malone. Jr.. \Ir<. Bruce Douplas. Jr.. Mrs. Tvler Ca'lii. 
Black. Mrs. Tlioma- J. 'Ivne. Mrs. Erank Y. MrGavm 1, 
Opden. Mrs. Charle; ,'^. [Vrown. Miss A.leie Ravnionil. M 
Rhodes. Miss Lizzie Elliott. Miss Lillian Warner and Mi 

Dnri.if.' the and New Year h.^lidavs 
rhaiinian. nnrchas'.] Chrislmas decralinns an.l I. 

all Nil,-. Ml-. Kil 
II. Ml-, I la.k ^r 

M,-. Ilinnias J. Tmic 
, iliMilav of eve-reen 

I) I riDsoN CO I .V y i 

-1/ E \ I \ r II /■: ;/ o i< 1. 1> 

Left to right, sitting: Mrs. Frank McGavock (Theresa Perkins). Mrs. 
John I.ellvett (Alma Onstott). Mrs. W. A. Ogden (Louise Allen 1 . Standing. 
Mrs. Krnhen Seav (Ruble Phelan). 

at the rest room, together with delicacies of all kinds, which gladdened the hearts 
of many soldiers passing through Nashville at ihi- lime. 

One of the most successful benefit entei l.iiiiiiicnt^ tiiven in Davidson County 
during the World War was a Pal Poudre ball i;i\(ii \>\ the Countv Service League 
at the Belle Meade Club on July 19. 1918. Mrs. Rollin P. Grant served as the 
Service League's General Chairman of the ball. This affair was arranged by Mrs. 
Grant for the purchase of an ambulance for the Motor Corps Department of the 

D M ID S O S COl .\ T 1 IT O M H \ I .X T H E W O R L I) If .1 H. I ') 1 II <> / ' 

S.-rvic- l.,.auue. an.l inul.r li.-r ,. 
Ihi- pr.ured* of llu- l.all. Mrs. C 
chairmen and coniniitteps: 

Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. \ i.e.( 
Serving! «ilh Mi>. N.vlv unv M,~. J.-- 
Walk,: luluaMl- ua> ClKiiiMKn, nl Krii 



I'.i.\ \ 



,- 1 \\ 



- 1 

W VAa 


„ , 


-, w . \ 



i. k 


I-, 1 

ni„-,i i; 




Ml-. \ 

. Mi^. I. 

-,■1,1, I'al.niT 

I.M cir, ,., 

III, .11-. Ml-. 

I.n^r nl 

!„• ui^- ,111.1 

-. S|,r U 

- ,1-1-1, ■,! Iiv 

. Ml-. Mr 

,i\ 1.. (;,,I|.,M. 

Ml-. 1 irl 

Iiirj Cudon. 

11, 1 Ml- 1 

,l,.,i Hooper. 

-1- \\i-\i-: 

1,- -rrs\xvj. of 

Ml- l..lin 
. ( h.lllr- 

Til. .1.11. .h., 

-. Ui.iun. Mis, 

1.1. Ml-. ( 

Mrs. Joseph Warner. Mrs. Du<ll,-v Cal. . Mi 

G. M. .Nrclv. Mrs. .Sim-lair Ml,-. Mi- \^.,ih 

Mrs. Marv Bright Th.imas. Mr-. Ii,,iik s,,,,,,, 

Mrs. Frank C. .Stahlnian. Mi- lli.i,-., M.(, 

Mrs. Nathan f:r,.rk.-lt. Mrs. l.,.uis, l!i..,isl„ 

Thumas. .Mrs. Walt.-r Keith. Mrs. Loventhak .Mrs \. 

.Mrs. Bernard Fensterwahk Mrs. Frank McGavock, an,l ..ih.i 

On the terrace of the ( luh frappe u as servcil liv 

.Mis» Jean I!ra.lf.,r,i. Mi- Mill.i.^ \\,iii„.,. Mi- Iki,,.... 

pinia W<>.jlwin,-, .Miss ,Sarah M,,ii,n..ii. Mi- I iIImi, W , ,. 

J,.y. Miss .Martha Karham. Mi- \i,iii. M;,.- I n.l. i u....,l. Mi 
l.inilsey. Miss Lillian Joy. Mi- M.n^.ii.i l.iiK. M,-- M,iiil 
\rartha Killehrew. Miss Kv,-Imi 1I..u^I.,-. M,- III.,, s,„|„., 
.\n,.-lia Johns. 

•Mi refn-)i,ii,-,il- -,,l,l u,-,,- ,|.,ii,il,,l \,^ ll,.- ,ii,-,i 

Crant. Oneral Cli.nrriiari. tiii.iii, ,-,! ,ill ..\ .■, Ii,-,i,l ,x|„ 

\ l.iM.MM. i„ ulilili u,-r,- M,s. |{,,;..,.,s CaMu, 

H,-n,s !•:, (;,,ll,.,i. M,-. ,I,,j„i J. \,.,1,,-,-. .Ir.. Ml- Li 

I.iiuiscy. repn-s.'iiliii;: ti,,t,-.l li^iir.-s. «as a very .ll,', 

f 272> 

...^.iiiaii. Mr-. Klli- C. Iluggins, 

I,- ,M,il,,r C.rp- in.-nilM'is. in- 

;i.u. Ml- I ..III-.. B.ll. M.- \ir. 
I-- M, Hill. I 1 in.l-.v. Ml-- M, 111,111 
I 1,111. .- Dii.ll.v. Ml- \l>. . Hall 
.,11.1 Ml- 11.1, I, hi. kill-..,,. M,-s 

Ml- K,lllll..ll (.,,,1.11. ,in.| Miss 

rr- ,,l Ihc l,,-.|.,u,-. .'HI, I Mrs. 

Ml-. .|.,-,|,li r.iliiii'r. 
rr \\,rrri,'r an, I Mi- M 


/) /; iDsoN cot ^l ) ii o \i i: \ i\ i ii i- it hki.h it i ir i"i ir 

\ (,ROl P OH Ml Ml 
(OKI'S l)l\ 1^ 

lis ol nil \ \ I ION \l I I \(.M I ol, \\o\l \\ s sFK\|( F \ioloR 
I \ \\ll\ \lloNs 

Seated, secoiul to the left, in oBicial uniforms worn wliili- on duty, are Captain Percie Warner, 
and. second to the right. Lieutenant Sarah Shannon. 

Second row, left to right, attired as civilians, are: Lieutenant Blanche Lindauer Fensterwald, 
Lieutenant Alice Gertrude Smith and Sergeants Jean Bradford and Ethel Livingston. 

Standing in rear, left to right, are: Sergeant Dorothy Loventhal. Sergeant Lillian .Ipy, 
.Sergeant Martha Barham. and Sergeant Ruth Morgan Gordon (Mrs. Fielding), who was later 
cnnnnifsioned Lieutenant. 

Other in. mil. IS ulm sii. .tssf iillv passed the examinations were: Mrs. Thomas L Webb C\lice 
I!. Smilhi. Mr-. Allr.-.l \\illi;iiiis ( Elise Lipscomb). Miss Reba Wilson Gray. Miss Malinda 
llamiit.m. Miss Si. Ha Al.rams. Miss Regina Lightman, Miss Sarah Belle Levy, Mrs. Vance 
Ale.vand,-r (Hazel Brock), and Miss Carrie Rich. 

Henry E. Colton. representing -Coknnlna Calls Her W.inien." was the central lipure 
of the tableau. 

Appearing on lli,- mtisi, al pr.iiiram lor th.' Iiall uere Mrs. I{,,lliii W (Uanl. Mrs. 
T. Graham Hall. .Mrs. Richard T. WiIm..). Mrs. Tlnmias Mai.ine. ,|r.. and Doiiulas 
W ri-hl. with Mrs. W. D. Haggard at the pian,,. 

W hen tilt- Y. M. C. A. conducted its campaign for funds to establish hostess 
iionses in the army camps the Davidson County Service League appointed a com- 
mittee to assist in raising subscriptions, and more than $3,000 was secured by mem- 
iiers of this organization, which was one-fourth of the entire amount raised in the 
cinintv in tlii' campaign. 

( 273 ) 

DAlinSOy COl.STY lfO.ME\ l\ THE U () R I. I) WAR. 1 Q 1 f-I Q 1 n 

III io-oper;ilii>ii with llie Y. M. (-. A. and War Camp Conimimilv Seniic. the 
Service League inenihers were active in S. A. T. C. work at the universities and col- 
leges in Nashville. During the epidemic i)f influenza amoni;' these college students 
many gallons of soup and special (li-hc~ weir fiiini-hrd ilu' \u,\~ |i\ ihi- Service 
League memhers, several of whom \ uhniirn ,■,] a- niir-r- Im ihr -hI. The Service 
Leauuc memhers sivured several Imndi.-d ni\ ilal i..ii~ liorn |)a\i.Uon Cunntv re<i- 
(Irlit- l(.| SiinJa\ ,lniiir|. I,„ llir -lii.lrnl >,,|. 

home li 

unlkcl rHlrlrMl! 

gn and 

I ih ua^ 

Man h. I'M 

in all succeeding 

\ Liherlv Bell 

■ Ih and was rung 

uhirl, ua^ la,- 
M-akri~ ur,r ni- 

of the hooth. The volume 

every Service League inrm 

In the numerou- paiK 

purpo-,- in til,- \aTiou~ u, 

The Ira.lrl- nl lllr K.MUlll 
hers. .\h>. .|r>>e M. (Kelt, 

Chairman for this canipaig 
led all captains of Zone .'! 
her of the h.i \).n 

,„l , -nl. •Man, I, irnl- l,rl,l in Xa^hNillr t.a |M,Mi,il\ 
n|,al'jn~. iIm- >rn i, ,■ l.ravnr ua~ aluav^ |.,n,„n„.nl. 

In Loan ssr>r ,l,aun a -I ,-nl,,rK jiom il^ n,,',,,- ol ll,r ^r,M,,- \, :,■.,>,: ua- |)a\i.l-on Counlv 
,1 \li-. (,,an|.rM lark-on. Sr,,rl,,,\ ol ll„- League, 
I- ..,,n|.aii.n. Ml-. ,|o-r|,l, W ,,,,„■,. a -lannrl, mem- 
Co, n, Is I,, ll,r nnnil.r, ol h.I,-, , ,,,! ,o„- roll, .led. 

\1 tl„- \\,,nian^ W .,, \\,.,k Ia|„,-,I 
\')\::. Ill,- >,-,vi,,- \.r.r,ur .,lli.„l,-,l ui,l 
r,-li,-. fi,,m (;,-in,aii\. I laii,,- ,,i,,l lai'jl 
di-plav ,,f \\,„l,l Wai nil, -- -l„.u„ m 
Rogers Caldwell served as |,,inl ,l,,,Mn 
Service League and the hill, i ll,,- f.ii 
served as Chairnum-CJeiieral ,,1 lli,- Ini 
were and elal„,ral,-. an,l \l, 
Jackson. :.> c,,-. haii im-ii ,,f lli,- li,,-!,—,' 



|,,liii (,. 


,nliim the 



,■. Ml- 

Illi- ( 
lln- l„ 

. Iluggins 
,lli. which 

lank <, 

ai, \ 

:i,',-n .1 

1,1 Ml-. 



,., Ill,' V 

,-,T u,T,-: 


Mrs. Frank Searcy Green, Mrs. Granbery Jackson, Mrs. J. W. Howard, Mrs. Morton B. 

Howell. Ill, Mrs. Sinclair Niles, Mrs. John B. Ransom, Jr., Mrs. Caleb Motz, Mrs. J. W. Bur- 

roughs. Mrs. C. S. Brown, Mrs. Dudley Gale, Mrs. Charles Anderson, Mrs. Nathan Crockett, 

Mrs. George W. Fall, Mrs. Douglas Baxter, Mrs. Mary Bright Thomas, Mrs. Reuben Seay. 

Nfrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Mrs. W. A. Ogden, Mrs. John C. Brown, Mrs. Eugene Shannon, Mrs. 

W. H. S. Armistead, Mrs. John Lellyett. Mrs. James E. Caldwell, Jr.. Mrs. W. H. Witt, Mrs, 

Robert Braiuian. Mr^ b.^eph Palmer, Mrs. J. A. Dale, Mrs. Bruce Douglas. Mrs. J. W. Black, 

Mrs. Frank ( .u I -iMi'ina,., Mrs. H. B. Bond, Mrs. W. T. 

Allman. \li- (..,,,-, I Itrnnie, Mrs. Frank A. Berry, Mrs. 

Daniel (.'. liiiiiiiii. \li--. Leland Rankin, Mrs. Joseph A. 

Gray. Mrs. William T. Hale. Jr., Mrs. Walter Stokes, Jr.. 

Miss Lillian Warner. Miss Evelyn Douglas, Miss Margaret 

Early, and Miss Ellen Stokes. 

The Service League was one of the three organi- 
zations which comprised the War Salvage Store. 

Mrs. G. M. Neely, Chairman of Salvage for the 

League, was appointed hy the Executive Board as 

Supervisor of the store, and Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. 

President, was a member of the Executive Board. 
Handsome flags were presented to the Executive 

Board of the War Savings Organization by the 

Davidson County Service League. These flags were 

offered as trophies to the W. S. S. club securing the 

largest number of thrift pledges, and also to the 

organization securing the largest amount of sub- 
scriptions. Mrs. Dempsey Weaver, President of the Fatherless Children of France. 

and Mrs. Sam Kessler were the winners of these trophies. 

When the Tennessee soldiers of the A. E. F. returned home, in April. 1')1Q. open 

house was kt'|)t bv the Ser\ ice League at its rest room under the chairmanship of 
Mrs. Joseph Warner, who, with the assistance of 
members of the League, served light refreshments, 
donated by the organization's members. 

The Davidson County National League for 
Woman's Service sponsored two Davidson County 
heroes for the Memorial for which the Kiwanis Club 
of Nashville was raising funds in 1919. This or- 
ganization has the distinction of being the first one 
in Davidson County to spread the glad news of the 
imminence of the signing of the Armistice. The 
news came at the time of the League's regular 
monthly meeting. The moment the glad tidings 
were received a committee of the Service League's 
members, led by Mrs. Granbery Jackson. Mrs. John 
G. Gilmore, Mrs. Frank Searcy Green, Mrs. Nathan 
Crockett, and Mrs. Charles Anderson, made their 
way to the various department stores and public 
'"""'"" '"'"'' buildings of Nashville, and in less than an hour's 

ime were leading a parade several miles long, urging every person in sight to fall 

Those who were responsible for the splendid work (i 
.Oman's Service in Davidson County, which was one of 
ons in the county to cease activities, were the following 

le National League for 
last patriotic organiza- 
ive members: 

/' ' '. 1 1) > o v ( III \ r ) no M A, v / v r ii /■. ir o h i. d ir i h. I'H i-i<i I' 

W,-. A. (;. A.lan.s. Mr^. J..s.p:i Ackl.-n. .\li>. \ uiur Alcxaii.l.r . \Ii>. W . 1. 
A. H. An.l.-r>.m. Mrs. Cl.arlrs An<l,-rs.,n. .Mrs. W . .S. H. Armisl,-a.l. Mrs. i;.,l„-,l I 
Di.iifilas rSaxUr. Mrs. W. K. Bcar.l. .Mrs. (;,-ort;e E. Bcimir. .Mrs. Frank A. li.riA. 
Bcrrv. Mrs. G.-org.- F. Blackic. .Mrs. IVrkins Baxt.'r. Mrs. J.ilins.m 
Bransf..r<l. .Mrs. J. W. Black. .Mrs. C. S. Brown. Mrs. Jchn C. Brown. Mrs. i',r. x 
Edwar.l Buford. .Mrs. Daniel C. Buntin. Mrs. .Imni,- Hnnlin. Mr^. (Iiarl.s H„„,, 
(,al.lw,-ll. .Mrs. Cliarl.-s Caldwrll. .Mrs. Jamrs F. ( .iMu.ll. I,,. \1,-, K.-,,- ( ,,l,l«,- 
Callioiin. Mrs. A. M. Carroll. Mrs. William C. (Ii.,m. \I,-. \\ru,^ I.. (,,„. 
Crork.-ll. .Mrs. Euf!.-n.- Crulcli.-r. Mrs. William ( . Ii.ik.. \1.- 1 1 Hil.nM. Mi-, \1, 
Mrs. Bichard Dak.-. .Mrs. (;uilford DikII.n. \ii- I I, |iu,,,ii. \|,-, |,,l,„ |., li„„, 
Fvans. Mrs. W. (;. Ewinf.'. Mrs. Gcorg,- W . I. ill, \Ii- II. mmpI I .,,-!.,„ .,1,1. \|,., , 

.Mrs. Dudlrv (;al.-. .Mrs. J.din G. (iiln \1.- r^l.n \1, l.i.ix h, M,-. H. --,.■ 

.Mrs. ,Jos.-;.h A. (;rav. .Mrs. William I.. , ^ , \l,- l,,,nk ■~..,,>v (..,■,„, M,~ i; 
Mr.. W. D. Ila?f;ar.i. Mrs. W. T. Hal.-. .1,,, \l,-, \l W , II, mm-. Mi- W , i M,ii,i-m,, 
(;. Hill. Mrs I). T. Hill. Mrs. A. B. Hill. Mi-. I W II. .„,,,,!, Mi- M,,,-I,.ill IIm„.,i 
Ilouslon. Mrs. Morion B. H..k,-11. HI. ,\Irv II, \, II. .u,, M,- \, \ II. ,«.!!, \li- i; 
Mis. .losrnl. T. Howrll. Mrs. Joseph T. Howell. .|,., M,- i:, I , 11,,.,^, n-. Mi- K..- 

Mrs. Granhery Jack.«on. Mrs. E. J. Johnson. .Mr>. Iillin.,,. I -. Mi-. W ;,ll, i K. il 

Kreip. .Mrs. James H. Kirkland. Mrs. N.irman Kukiiian. Mi- \ao 1... KHkni.ii 
leake. .Mrs. .M. .x. |,e!„--k. Mrs. Edward \,\. Mi- \, I, Mi- \l,. . 
Miss Mariha I, in.!-. a. \1,-, •|li..Mia- \ Mi- rih.iii.,- M.,l..n., Ii , M,- |i,, 
Mrs. Frank V. M.(.av...k. Mi- TIll-.i \|.(,.u... k. Mi- ll,iii M.(.i,:,iii, Mi-, < 
,\Irs. Will MeNrilK. M,-, B.i, M, ,,„... M,-, I, T, M.(,,IL Mi-, W I, M.,rii-..n. M,-, 
Mrs. J. .\. Miller. M,-. I, W, Mil!,-,. M,-, W , I, \,. I,..l. M,-, (i-, .u \,„ I. I,,. Mi- 
\oel. Mrs. W. F, \..,x.|l. Ml-, sin.l.iir \i!.-, M.-, W, A, Uf^l.-u. Mi-, s.arnii.1 
Jo-eph I'almer. Mi-. Mm..- II, PaMi.-. Mi-, J.nii. - K, I'.. IV. J,,. Mr-. K.|»,.t.l A. 

( 276 I 

II. \h-. 

III. Ml-. 
W. W. 
W. >. 

n. Ml-. 
-. Ale.\ 
>. Tyler 
. Harry 

-. John 
-. J. O. 



I. Ml-, 

1) A I J 1) S <) V C () I V T y IT () M E V / V THE If O !< L I) If I R. I '> I t-l '< I 

<ip TheNalional League for Woman's Service 1^ 



•■Th,- first Gein:an W urlil War relirs in 

the State were on displav at this booth. 

Sealed at left. Mrs. Ellis C. Hu'-in^ i 

cna Tatel. chairman of decorations which was voted 

among hundreds as one ol the in.-i iiii . 

m. ,.| the Exposition. Next to .Mrs. Huggins. Mrs. 

Charles S. Brown and Mrs. Reuljei. >.,u 

siunling to the right. Miss Lillian Warner, chairman 

of finance for the Girls" Patriotic l,.-.^u. 

s, ,i,,l at the right. Mrs. M. Overton. Stale 

President of the Service League: Mrs. 

;i,u,li.'M |,i.k-..M .,11. 1 \li^. i;..i;r,~ C.ll.lurll. Male 

President of Girls' Patriotic League and ( 

ll.l .M, (., ,,,,,,1 Ml |l„- (,,,l-- 1 r.,:;,,,. I,„ ll„. r,„,th. 

Standing in the rear to the right, Mrs. ,1 

.1,1. (., (.,i,„..,.. (J,,, ,,,„.,„-(.,■,„■, ,,l ,.l il„- |;.M.|I, for 

the Service League. Mrs. J. W. Black and 

\1,-. f,,,„k .N.iu^ Giccii ai„i Ml,. Janic, E. Calduell, 

Jr.. were on dulv daily at the Booth. .i>>i.i) 

i: »,ll, the sale of box lunches for the Gold Star Flag. 

Suliiiient lunds were secured hv llii- 1 

...ill 1 ..inmittee to purchase the handsome Gold Star 

Fla-. a reproduction of which heads llic It 

,li, an.m of the Gold Star Heroes of Davidson County 

in this History. 

G. A. Puryear. Mrs. John B. Ransom, Mrs. Jidm B. Han<,.m. Jr.. Mr.. J,.hn K,_-e\e,. Mrs. Lou 
Rascoe. Mrs. Lucius Robinson. Mrs. A. H. I!i,l»ri-. \lr-. II. B. >, l„i inerhorn, Mrs. Maggie 
.Shute, Mrs. Eugene Shannon, Mrs. John H. >i,iiil,. Mr-. K. ( :. ( ....p.r. Mrs. Louis H. Sperry, 
Mrs. Frank Carl StaUman. Mrs. L. W. StepI,,-,,.. \li-. K.luar.l SlierlcN. Mrs. Reuben Seay, Mrs. 
W. II. S,l„Tni,rli,>rn. Mrs. Walter Stokes. .Mrs. Walter Mokes. Jr.. .Mrs. Stanley Teachout, Mrs. 
J,.-, II. 11,,. ma-. Mrs. John W. Thomas. Mrs. John W. Thomas. Jr., .Mrs. T. Leigh Thompson. 
Mrs. A. M. Tilhnan, Mrs. James B. Totten. Mrs. William D. Trabue, Mrs. Thomas J. Tvne. 
Mr>. Claude Waller, -Mrs. Edwin Warner, Mrs. Jo.seph Warner, Mrs. John 0. White. Mrs. F. L. 
Wilkinson. Mrs. B. F. Wilson, Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, Mrs. W. H. Witt, Mrs. K. II. W,.rk.-. Mrs. 
Douglas Wright, Miss Lizzie Elliott. Miss Elizabeth Elliott, Miss Elizabeth l!l„.,l.-. Mi- A.lele 

( 277 ) 

l/AV /V THK WORLD WAR. I '> 1 41 ^ I o 

Raymond, >Dss Percie Warner. Miss Martha Barliam. Miss Corinne (Irait:. Mi-~ AtuiIi- Ho- 
moville. Miss Katherine Dibrell. Mjss Theresa McGavock. Miss Cornelia l)i-niukr-. \li~- Mar- 
garet Vance. Miss Ruth Vance. Miss Henry Ewinj: .ami Miss Lnulie Ewirij:. 

Mr«. Jesse M. Overton. President, reeeiv.-d .1 minil..T ..I Irli, r- ,i| roiiuialiilaticii 
from National authorities, commendinj; the wmk m lln- ni,in\ iliixi- in whirli tin- 
League took part throughout Tennessc.-. ms u.ll .1- i).i\ici-..ii C.uiilv. ilir i\trtiiicl\ 
harmonious spirit manifested at all linn- l.\ ilic imrnhii- ul lln- N.iiinnai League 
for Woman's .^^erviee was encouragiiiii and 1 ..mnirndalilc ami llir i^.iillcni— id' the 
President. Mrs. Overlon. rni.plrd u,ll, lin Ar-u,- U, I, -ad ,d , mnniand. af- 
ford.-d in^|.i^alln^ t.. llu' u.nkr,- ,,1 llii- m-.nn/aln.ri ihnmdmnl i|s rxi-lrn, r. 

-■ I'M i;i(ii ic II \(d I . II \i(ii; Id; \\( ii. \ \ 1 1(».\ \i. i i \ 
\\()\i w-^ >i i;\ K 1: 

MliS. !{()(. KliS Cauduki.I.. Sltilr and Dmiihan l.(mnl\ I'nsidciil 

The (dil-- l'alii,,li,- 1.,-aLMi.- uas a juni-r hran. I, ..I llir --lair and Canilv Na- 
tional League for Woman's .^crxi.,-. .ind ua- or^^ani/.d JanNai\ \1. I'dl'.. al a mass 
meeting at the Centennial (dni.. lln- im-clini! liad a lai-n allindarn,- lli.m any 
other mass meeting held at llii- 1 liiN dnrini.' lln- uai. Mi-. IImlti- CaMudl ■lave 

the arldress of weleom.- al lln- inrrhni: and \h-. \ nn,-, \l • l.rui-. M,-. \irl, 

Trawiekand Mrs. Jesse M. ()\,alnn. -lair CI, an, nan ,,l ll,r W nn,a.,-- Sr,Ni,,- 
also made addresses. 

More than .5.0()t( girls in l)a\id-(.n (:..i,i,l\ In-, anir i,,rnilic,- ,.1 \\u- iVnW Pa- 
triotic League, which large iiicridM-i-l,i|i ii,adc llic m L!,n,i/,ili(i,, \al,ia|pli' and d- 

< 27K I 


Caldwell extended her organization 
thousand women and jiirls was 

fieient in all phases of service. Mrs. Roger 
throughout the state, and a membership of several 
ctfetted in the various counties of Tennessee. 

,Mi>> Lillian Warner, Chairman of Finances for the Girls' League, made a splen- 
did rcKird ill that capacity, and by various public entertainments kept a surplus in 
the treasury, which was at all times ready to be expended 
for any necessary cause. 

Other officers of the Davidson County Girls' League 
appointed by Mrs. Rogers Caldwell were: Miss Ruth 
\ ance. Miss Corinne Craig and Miss Percie Warner, 
V ice-Chairmen, and Mrs. John B. Ransom, Jr., Secretary 
and Treasurer. Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis served as 
Publicity Chairman for the first six months, and upon 
her resignation Mrs. John G. Gilmore served as State 
and County Press Chairman until the close of the war. 
Miss Mary Smith was Chairman for North Nashville for 
llie League, and Miss Katherine Morris, Chairman for 
the Nashville Y. W. C. A. and Industrial Centers. Miss 
Morris and her Industrial Conmiittee were active at all 
times and responded to every call made by the Service 
League's Junior Branch. 

The Girls' Patriotic League as an organization was large 
active part taken in all war activities by the girls of the eiili 
largest membership of any organization in America. 

The Davidson Countv Girls' Patriotic League had an effect 
Day parade on July 14, 1918. designed by Miss Elizabeth Sher 
in uniform, representing various lines of service made vacant \y 
Miss Helen Hooper, ar 

\f float in the French 
ev. Twentv-four girls 
soldiers, were shown, 
ive member of the League, served as Chairman of the 
Girls" Committee. The County Girls' Patriotic League 
sold several hundred dollars in Thrift Stamps from au- 
tomobiles in the first W. S. S. drive in Nashville, and 
u as active in every other drive and campaign engaged 
ill by Davidson County. 

In the work for the registration of nurses in August. 
M18, the Girls' Patriotic League was the banner or- 
i^anization, registering more nurses during 
than any other organization in Davidson Cc 
Chairmen for the registration were: 

Ml- KIi/.iImiI, Sl,r,l,.\. \ri- \1,. ,■ Ih.ll LnnUrN. 



The most noteworthy service of the Girls' Patriotic 
League was the construction of a Gold Star Service Flag 
tor Davidsuii County, which was designed and made possible bv the members of this 
League. A reproduction of this flag is shown in the illustration introducing the 
Gold Star Records of this volume. Whenever the Gold Star Service Flag was car- 
ried in any deiiioiistiatioii for \^'orld \^'ar work iiioiiex \vas aluavs showered into it 
by spectators, tlii' (loiiatioii- liciii^; u-cd hv tlii> League to fiiilluT tlu-ir activities. 

i> II ID so \ <()i\ry iroME\ i\ rut: ifOKi.i) war. i'>i4i<)I" 

A', tin- 'IVmu-sjifc Slate Fair in lOlf!. an attiaclivc hootli was ananm-rl. witli 
Mrs. KoiiiMS Caldwell. ..f the (".ills' Patriotir Lca-ue. and Mrs. .lohn G. Gilm..ic. of 
the Scrviif Lcasiue. seiving as joint tliaiinien. Kach day nivnilx'vs ol llie twn 
leasues .served as hostesses at the hoolh. Miss Lillian Viainei and a . ,unniitl.e 
roniposed of n.enii.eis of the Girls" l.'-a-i.e sold l.ox lunehes. the .onlr,,!.- h.ini: 
donated hy the nienihers. Over one hnndred twentv-five dollars was n-alize.l hv the 
sale of Innihes. which anionnt was nsed to assist in ixueluisinji the Davidson Coniitx 
Gold .'^tar Service Klau. The follow in;: L'irls were nuMuhers of the coinniillee which 
served at the fair and assisted Mrs. Hoiiers Caldwell and Miss Lillian W amer with 
the sale of the l-ox Inndu's: 

Mi^s Kv.-Ki. Pm.^las. \li>^ Marjiani KarK. \li>s KLaii.., Ww. \\\-- Ai^allui Br..«n. Mi^s 
Louise Smilli. Miss i:ii/al..-lli .•^lurl.v. Mi» IJ.illi \ a.,, r. Ml>. Kli/alM-th Hill aii.l Miss .Nirall 

The irirls were assisted liy the fidlowinji vounj; matrons, who wc^c also nipmlier> 
of the Leairne: 

Mrs. James E. Cal.iwrll. Jr.. Mrs Cliarlrs Jr.. Mrs. Urn..- Dnu^la-. Jr.. Mrs. F.-lix 
ClK-atliam. Mrs. llrnrv K.,,,!. Mrs. J„!mi 1^ IJan-..,,. Jr.. \1,-. M.r.-.iilh ( aM«. II. Mrs. 

Jofeph I'ahm-r. and l.y ihr ImM, ..: i'„. \\,„„an-- >.-rN i,,- L,-am,r. «h„-,- nam.- ar,- ^iv, i, i,i 

rile Service Lea?u.' Cliapl.r 

Mrs. Meredith Caldwell and Mr-. J„-,.|,ii I'ainicr were the Chairmen of the 
ner dav Inr the Ciri-- innrr n,n„r\ h ■,„■.• Iak,-n in ,ind,-r llu-i, ,lircclor-hio 
than on any ,,llicr.iav. Mr-. J . W . I'd. m k. •.,,.,„!. null, r: ,,l \l ,- W ,,, .„■, . w a- an aid.' 
assistant \u lliis work, -crxin- ca. h daN ,.- (Inn man ..I |,:,.kn,.. Il.r hmrl,,- 

Whcn the Tennessee sohliers of the A. K. V. r.'lur 1 In Na-li\illc lor llic -ilninr. 

comin-." in Xprii. I')l'). tiic Girls" I'alrioli,' l,ca,i:n,. ua- ^v,^ |M,.nnnrnl u, lln- 
celehiali..n- in llicir liom.r. Durini: llic thr.-r -Ircrl parade- L^ivm I.n iIm- ditl.'r.'ni 

deiiionslralion. ululr m.nilM-r- ..I lli,. Giil-' r.ilrinii, 1,-a.jnc ucrr -l,ili.,n,-d .d-.nj llic 
line of march uill, Inn, died- .,! l,a-kel- ,.1 11, .ue,-. Ir,.m wlii, I, lli,'\ -In.uer,.! 11. .w- 
ers on the rclnr ii',! l,.-r.,.-. 

The ll„u,-r (..,n,n„ll,-e 1.,, ll„-,- |,a,a,l,- ua- ,n„l,-r ll,.- -n|„-,w-..,n ,.! Mr-. 
RoL'er- Ml-. |.,l,n ( .. I.ilin.,i.- .iml Mi-. Ion.,- |),,n^l,.-. ji.. a- , ,,-, h.iirm.-n. 
ass'islcl \.^ Ml- Lillian W.irn.i. Mi- Lm'Im, l)..n.J.,-. Mi- 1 I i/.il..'lli Mill. Mr-. L.liii 
I!, IL.n-..n,, Ji.. and Mi-. ( li.iil,- Ji. 

\ r..-l,-r ,,f III,' in,'inl,.'i-lii|, ,,l tl„- (;i.l-" l'.ilri,,li, L.M.i^n,' u,,nl,l .dm,, -I lUI llii- 
hook. as this oi-ani/ation included ap|.r,,\iiiial,U v^r,^ u,,iiian an, I ,^iil .,1 l^ai 
nessee. The Leafiue's motive in kee|)in,i; up lln- nn.r.d,- ,.! lli,- liiil- ,.1 \.n,M, .i 
an influence similar to that of the fmhlini; I.,,. .-. I I,,- -piiil .,1 ,,. i.i. \ ua- lli.> 
..ntslandin;: fcaliii,- ,,f llii- ,,ri.ani/ali,,n. a- l'iiI- ,,I all ualks ,,1 Ml,' u,-i,- ., — „ ial,-,l 
t,,i;cllicr 1., a-i-l in lie- u.„k ..I uMiniir.i lr,-e,l,,m. 


War Salvage Association 

\ll!>. C. M. \VAA.\. Supri 

The War Salvage Association was organized at the headquarters of the National 
League for Woman's Service, June 4, 1918, and was composed of the following or- 
ganizations: Davidson County National League for Woman's Service. Davidson 
County Society of Colonial Dames. Kiwanis Club, with W. H. Lambeth and Joe 
Werthan as Chairmen: Vanderbilt Aid Society, and the Davidson County Men's 
Committee, Council of National Defense, of which Lockart Doak was the Chairman. 

Mrs. G. M. Neely. who was Chairman of Salvage for the National League for 
Woman's Service, was elected Chairman of the Executive Board of the War Salvage 
Association and Supervisor of the Store by the heads of these organizations. 

Other members of the Executive Board were: Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. Mrs. James 
H. Kirkland. \^'. H. Lambeth. Joe \^'erthan. Lockart Doak. Percv Warner and Percv 
D. Maddin. 

DAVIDSON COISTY If t) U !■: \ / V THK «() R 1. D 

A R. Id I /./ » 1 

X-KM \l W \H >\I,\\.,K >Hi|iK <»\ ul'KMM. I)A'>. .M)\ K 

Mrs. (;. \1. Nc-ely was Supervisor of the store: -Mrs. R. A. Cullieiik. 

Mrs. .^i-arry Green, t'loonvalker. and Miss Elizabeth Eve. General 


illinj: f..r ..Id ruMur in .lunr. 
ol \ii!-li\illc pill on a two weeki^" drive for old aiiloinohilc 
G. .M. .Ncfly. (".hairnian of Salvage for the Service League, 
of this drive hy Mr.s. Jesse M. Overton. President of llii 
Neelv and Mr-. Overton arranged a mass nu-rtiiii: of f\r 

in Nasli\ill,-. lo I.e lie!,! at liea<!,|ua, In - ,,l the \\.„. ^ " 

Avenue, \orti,. and in a.l,lili,m to ll,r nirinl.n- ..I ihr k, 
Doak"s Committee of tin- C.uun. ,1 ,,1 |),|rn-r. ll„- nnml.,-, -I, 
and the Colonial Dani.~ u,rr a.liNr ,„,, li. ,|..n,l- ,n lln- 
A telephone comMiilli-r \\av .i|i|Miintrd llir \,iiioii 
and every fainiK in l)a\iiUon (',(iuiit\ civ\nin'j .iiilcpninKiic- 
telephone by 

nmu'"" ^" 

1 !',. 

;. til.- kiuai 

i~ CInl. 

l.l.x, !,■ lire 

-. Ml-. 

, >-l\ll. 


,1 Ihr W, 


to a booth erec till on < ;,i| 
sand and sevents -Iim- iImmi 
of June 12. 101,",. till- till 
Club members, assistnl I. 
The sum of .S.i.lMIU ua~ h 
On November I"). |w|,", 
Nashville, under tin- aii-| 
ofTieers in charge: 

Mrs. G. M. \rrK. S.I|.iTsi~ni: Ml-. I!. \. (illlbenk. \ 

Frank Searev Ginn. II W alk.i : Mi-, lolin (;. (nlmore. 

Morton 15. fjou.ll. III. \-i-t,,nI I' itx Chairman, ami 
era! Itililv. W . II. I.nnl.i ih. .|,,r Wnllirn. Loekarl Doak. 
Mad.lin. Mr-. (,. M. \.rh. Mrs. j,.-,. \|. Mm-Moii ,i.hI 
were nl tlir I.m-i ,iti\e linaiil Im tin- "^.iKai^e M.. 


Ill Slipi 

llllt^ 1) 

i\i-,.i: Mis. 
inli.r: Ml-. 



1 I|/..|m 
V W.IM, 

Ill 1 sr. (-rn- 
1. I'lnx 1). 



II. Kiikland 



Mrs. Overtoil and I\lrs. KirklancI were active in assisting Mrs. iSeely with the 
organization of volunteer salesladies each day for the various departments and in 
the soliciting of donations. The Executive Board selected department heads from 
the membership of the League for Woman's Service, the Colonial Dames and the 
\anderbilt Aid Society. The Kiwanis Club members gave the management of the 
store the same splendid assistance they rendered in the drive for old tires. 

For several weeks previous to the opening of the War Salvage Store Mrs. Neely 
and Mrs. Gulbenk worked untiringly, putting the store in order, receiving and sort- 
ing the thousands of donations 
and arranging them in such 
manner that the place resembl 
a modern department store 
opening day. Each departnu 
of this enterprise was conduct 
in so businesslike a manner tl 
the management received favi 
able comment from many of I 
business firms of Nashville am 
from their department slm 
"competitors." Mrs. G. M 
Neely personally directed eai I 
department, and Mrs. SmitI 
Tenison, Mrs. Frank C. Stall 
man and Mrs. J. A. Dale, c<n 
verted their private automobilt^ 
into service trucks to gather u 
the articles donated by the fani 
lies of Davidson County. 

In addition to these three vn 
unteers, those assisting in a- 
sembling the stocks for the stun 
were: Ed. Polk, who furnishei 
trucks, the Tennessean Publi 
ing Company, and R. A. Gul 
benk Engraving Company. 

Mrs. R. A. Griffin. Chairman ^,^ ^. 

of the Rummage Sales for the i.\i,i,i„,i \i,t,,iii 

War Salvage Store, conducted 

tliree very successful sales in different parts of Nashville. Assisting Mrs. Griffin in 
this work were: Mrs. G. M. Neelv, Mrs. R. A. Gulbenk. Miss Elizabeth Eve. Mrs. 
F. Searcy Green, Mrs. J. A. Dale, Mrs. H. B. Bond, and Mrs. Jesse H. Thomas. The 
latter three also served as Chairmen of telephone committees to solicit offerings 
for the Store. 

On November 15. 1918, the Store «a- I'nimallv opened to the public, and due to 
the extensive advertising campaign wliicli had been conducted for several weeks 
previously, crowds lined the sidewalks in front of the building long before the time 
for opening. A band furnished music on opening day, and SI. 000 was the result 
of the first day"s sales. The proceeds were given to the United War Work Campaign 
which was beinn conducted in Davidson Countv at the same time. 

I) 1 1 1 1) s n v (. () I \r ) If I) M E v / V r ii t: ir o r i. n iri k. i" nioio 

A^ this wa- 111.' fust v.-iilure of this kind t-vi-r attiMii|.tr(l l>\ woiirn in Na-luill 
ill!' i)i«pl)lfin> of inaiiaut'iiifiit of such a larjit- tliparlini-iil -Imc u.rc cMr rn. Iv <li 
li.iill. I.iit th." -u.c'ss of the Salvafic Store was assured fiorii ill,- In -I I.n iIi,- raiiir- 
■ 1. - ,,r i|. niana-.Ts an.l head s:.l.sladies and bv llu- l.Usinr^-likr ,n ■iIi-mI- , inplov. 
I.N 111, in. Mis. Hoia.v G. Hill, who had <h:.ige of the .l,|,ai tni,'nl |,,i in n- .m 
l.o>"> .lolhinj:. had ihe most p.-iph-xin- prohlrni of llw >nliie , riln |„ i-,-. I,,,,., 

ovrirouK- all diflK-ulli.s. hou,v,i ,^nat. M,-. frank Sran'\ (; llu- lino, ualk,' 

aclid as a •nnxier" f,,i a mm 

I.T Slok.-s. Jr.. M,-. (;.-„rf:,- W a-l,,i,;:l..i,. \1, 
An.ln-w Z.-itl.T. Mr-.„ll,- W ,l-u,i. \1,-, 11 
Kirk Kankiii. 

Mi:n"s \M) I!. 

■,.at. uhi.h i.-sulu-d in 
dial,' dis|,o>al lo tin- 

illi ,.lli 
r for a 


r, alizrd 

\an,l,.l,,ll i ml. ,,l „ln,li 
u,.- 1,M,I,>, \- ll„- ll.JllinL' 

M.- I!,l,.r |ln„j:l,,.. -~„|„.,x,-,„; 
ll-. M«lll \\;lllir,, \-H-I.llll >ll|.r,- 
I-...: \ll-~ l.^rlv,, |»n„oh,-. I|r,,,| 

,,I.-I,,.K: ,,.i.l \-,M.i„l .s.,l,-l.ul„- 
».,.■: \l.-. l>- T. Ihnniris. Mrs. Will 
K,,kl, ,,!■!. \l,-, \.,ii l.cer Kirkman, 
\l,^, W, \. s|„li.,„, Mrs. ,I.,sr|.li I'al- 
„i.-,. M.- I .lix ( l,.-,ll,,,„,. Mr.. Wal. 
Smi,.-.-. I,. \l,- III,,, s,,,t.,.,. \l,,. 
\\,U..i,. M,- \„„ i;,,„k,,i. .,,,.1 \l,-, Ii. 

Mrs. Il.,rar.- (,. Hill, .su,„.rN i-,.r : Mi-- Kl,/.,l.r, I, 11, II. II, .,,1 
Wiiinair.H Home. Assislaiit .Supi-rN i-o, - : ;,,,,! I ■,,,,,,,,n, ,■ ,,! s,i|,.-| 
CvoTpr f:alh..un. .Mrs. Sam Canipl,.!!. Mi- l'..„ ( I, ,1.1,.--. \l, 
K.-rulri.k Hard.asllr. Mrs. J.,lin II.,..,,, r M,- II ( i',,,,.„r \1 
M.M.rr I-.-wis. Mrs. Tli.mias I'ark.-^. Mi- l.ll r„ll. „. \l,- II 

W.-l,!,. Mrs. ,\ll.-ii WVIl.urn. Mrs. W. I) \\,il,.,-| „. Mi- M, 

Mis, Carri.- Ki.h. an.l Mrs. Frank .Sran % (.,..„. ■ \l..,|, I ■ 

<l,l„, ,„. Mr-. 
M,-. \.,„.', 

n A\ I D S ON CO V N T Y IT M E V / V T H E ff O K L I) If A R. 1 '> I 1. 1 9 i y 

Girls' Patriotic League's I', \1,-. I'oj^r,. I .su|.rr v i-... : Mi-. Chark-s Aiulur- 
son. Assistant Supervisor: Mi-s Lillian Wanin. Ilra.l -al.-lail'. : ami >alr.| - raili ilav were: 
:\Irs. nuufilas Baxter. Mrs. liicliar.l Dake. Mrs. Unnml I-, n-i. i »al.l. \l,-. K. < . M.M.r,-. Mrs. 
L.luii, Cardincr. Mrs. W. C. Hoffman. Mrs. EcKvai.l v|„,,i,.,. \l,.^ \i,,,i,mi I;, lln„,ll III. Mrs. 
lain,- K. Polk. Jr.. Mrs. Orrin T. Higgins. Mr.s. K,l. > \1,-. I.lal., !!,■ W il-,,n. M,-. .I„I,m O. 
Whitr. Miss Frances Cornelius. Miss Katlileeii (;arnll. Mi-. Ani.lia Jnlni-. Mi- Lilna L.-lKcll, 
Ml-- MaiA Tliere>a I'rio-. Mi- Kraii.e- lin'l.-x. Mi- Kli/al,.|h .Slinl.x. Miss Louis,- >nHtli, 
Ml- Kli/ali,-lli S,,ullii:al,-. Mi-s LI, -an,,! Tmi.'. an. I Mi- l',i,i,- W am, r. 

Art Dei'autment 

Mrs. Cranlierv Jackson. Supervis,ir ; Mrs. Nathan Crockett. Assistant .Supervisor: Miss 
I'll '.'' !'w ll.a.l Saleslady: and Da\ Salesladies were: .Mrs. j. .\. Dal,'. Mrs. II. B. Bonil. 
< -,!■ : - 1 I- : ..n. Jr., Mrs. Frank .Searcy Green, Mrs. li. -\. i;iill„nk. Mr- \\.rv llamllv. 
Mil I: ,11-. Mrs. John Earlv. Mrs. Bruce R. Payne. M.-. W . II. Will. Mi-. C. S. Younj;. 

\l, \' : ■ Iviilv. and .Mrs. C. S. Pv-own. 

Iliis vs. Is ill,' lianiiiT rdiimiitli'c ,,1 lln- eiitirr sliue. haviiio raiji'd iiiiHe muiiev 


Toy Dep.^rtment 



: .Miss Corinne Craig. 


tani Sii 


Mrs. Du<liey 

,1 .^al 


- wire: Mr-. Charle- 


.Ml-. . 



in. Ml-. West 


-. Mr- 

-. F,,unl Wil ;ani-. Mr- 

. .lohi 

1 W. T 


a-. .1 

v.. .Mrs. Leon 


. Mr- 

.. l.M.ii (:liil,li.-s. Mi>- 




ss S; 

irah Shannon, 

Mrs. Ruse 
I,-, ilea, I s 
ill. 11. Ml-, 

FuRMTLiRE Department 

Mrs. Ben Lin,Liu,-r. SupeiNis,,r; Mrs. J,,e Morse. As-islant 
H,-a,l •~al,--la,K: ami l)a\ --al.-l.nli,-- u.a,: Mi- |,i-,-|L \h 
Frank >,-,ir,^ Cr,-,-,,. Mi-, .1. ( li.inkhn. \li-. IL,.i\ Im-,-,,!,. \ 
L,.\.iillia!. Mr-. W. I. Ln-k^. Mi-. ( li.ii!,- \,ul,i-,,n. M,-. .s„l 
Eli l;i,ll.-li,iin.-r. Mr-. ,|o-,|,h \\,aii-l,aii. Mr-, l.u- W.-illiaii. .\ 
.Marx, ami Mrs. HernanI F,-nsler»al,l. 


1 Levy, 


^. Mrs. 


,,1 1 1 

n. Mrs. 


s Lena 

Shoe Department 

r; Mrs. Hamilton Loxr. Assistant Sup,-rvisor; Mrs. Tho 
sal,-la,li,- ^^rv,■: Mr-. W . S. 11. Aimi-lea.l. .Mrs. \V. 

.k ^.-,11. ^ Ci.-.a,. Ml-. I). T. M.Cill. Mr-. C. ■^.- Oil. 

[I- ^ h-n. - Ml- ll.,iii-M„ F,„.l. Mr-. W. I-: ILiiri-uii. ' 
I- I'. II l!nu-iM„. Ml-, \iilini I n,,m■^. Ml-. |,,liii I..-I]. 
Ml-. I.I. MmI/. Ml-. W. .\. Oyden, .Mrs. W. C. llarr, 

Hardware and Household Articles 

Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Supervisor; Mrs. W. G. Hutchison, Assistant Supervisor; .Mrs. Frank 
Berry, Head Saleslady; and Salesladies for each day -were: Mrs. jack Burroughs. Mrs. Nancy 
Ba.xter Overton. Mrs. J. M. Durretl, Mrs. Joh.n Craig, Mrs. Wilhur Florsheim, Mrs. Frank Searcy 
Green, Mrs. C. W. Hoffer, Mrs. Paul Hunter, Mrs. Alex Hunter. Mrs. Charles McCabe. .Mrs. Frank 
McGavock. Mrs. Edgar M. Foster, Mrs. James K. Polk. Jr.. Mrs. Horace Smith. Mrs. W. L. 
Tyler. Mrs. Tliomas J. Tvne. Mrs. C. C. 'W'aggoner. Mrs. Tvler Calhoun. Miss Mollie Claiborne. 
Miss Henrv Ewing. Miss Celista Dibrell. Miss Lonlie Ewing. .Miss Theresa McGavock. and Misses 
^Martha and Helen Dickinson. 

\ovelty Department 

Mrs. Owen \\'il-,.n. Snp.-r^ i-or: Mrs. Sam Harvell. Assistant Supervisor; Mrs. Jesse H. 
Thomas. Hear! Sale-la.h : ami Dav Salesladies were: Mrs. Gales Adams. Mrs. Richard Barr. 

( 28.S ) 

V (. () I \T Y If a M E V / V r H A IT O R }. I) IT t K. I » I II <3 / 9 

.Mr*, n. B. B..n.i. Mrs. F.-lix Clicalham. Mrs. Claiul.- W , 
Search Green. Nfrs. KdwarJ W. Foster. Mrs. James 11, K 
Charles I.illerer, .Mrs. Dan McGufiiii. .Mrs. Sinclair Nil 
Wallace. .Mrs. J. A. Witlierspooii. Miss Cornelia Disnuik. >. 

\ii-. li. \r. ( ..,1,11. \ii 

n.l. \l,~, li..- Ilu.|.|l,~l 
Ol- Wall., --I..k.>~. \l, 
.\li» IVIla („„„linaii. 

MrsicAi. Instuimknts 

Mrs. W. I). Happard. Supervisor: Mrs. .\. G. Brandau. Assistant Supervisor: .Mrs. S. A. 
Cliampion. Head .*^alesladv: and Day Salesladies were: Mrs. C. S. Brown, .Mrs. Robert Caldwell, 
Mrs. A. B. Anderson. Mrs. P. M. Estes. Mrs. Thomas Herbert. Mrs. 1.. L. Gamble, Mrs. W. C. 
Hoffman. Mrs. \|. s. lelw.k. Mr-. Thomas .Malone, Jr., .Mrs. 
1!. C. M.M.,,-. Ml- I. (. N...1. \1,- Frank Hollowell, Miss 
.\,la .^»:iii. Ml- \I.iiv Willi. I. mil. Miss -Sadie Weil, -Miss 
1 ,-iila \1.( an. I Mi- Martha Carroll. 

M,-. 1,,„ 1!. Kii.. >„:.. 
a„t --upe,Ms.,r: Mr-. ( 
Dax Sale-la. lie- «,t,-: 
Br..vMi. Mr-. .1. \l. l)u 
-..1, I'all.r-..,,. Mr-, li. 
- i:ii/al,.lli Claik. Mr- 

A.-..I: \li 
r,. W.,ll 
\i,-. i;..i 

r,il. \1,-. 

I.liii;; "l.-l 

.I..I111 Kl 


i.lair .Niles. As- 
bad Saleslady; 

rannan, Mrs. C. 
McGupin. Mrs. 

- /,„■ C.oodloe, 

,n,l Mr-. A. B. 

\ Miinilir, ,,l N.i-lui 

!,■ u,,nM-i 


-■,■,! 1,, i,„l „-.■ 

11 ,11,1, .11,., lull- ,,11 - 

■\rral .la 

\- i 

1 III,- u,,-k 1, 

,],!,■ hiiik- 1.. ,lII,',' 

111,' aMi 


l,,r 111,' -l,,i,- 

1, iai- ,1,-, i,l..,l ll,.,l l.\ 

lln- iii.M 

1- ll 

!■ , ,,ii-,T\ali,,ii 

L!a-,,liiic. ulii,li ua- 

.(■illU IML 

,',l 1 

at the same time the w. 
this patriotic idea 



Mr- W. II 

\!r-. II. (.. II 

.Norman Kirkm 

Jackson. Mrs. 

. I.amb.lh. M,-. .1. 
ill. Mr-. I'.HN War, 
an. Mrs. J. II. All.-,, 
Rouers Caldwell. Mr 

.Mr-. >aiii K. I la 
John Ch.-.k. \l, 

\. li, 

. Nil-. 
\1 N, 


( . Kair,l,,lli. Mr-. J. A. Dal.-. Mr-. 
i-.,n. Mrs. K,l A. Lin.lsey. .Mrs. J. A. 
ll- W. A. Bryan, .Mrs. J. O. While, 
- ['.. < aldwell, Mrs. Edgar M. Foster, 
•in. Mr-. B. n. All,n. Mrs. Harry P. 
. . I', W,lki„-,.n, M,-. .\lex. Caldwell, 
k Ila,,l, a-il,. Ml-, K. B. Craig, Mrs. 
. Kan.-, ,111. Jr.. Mrs. Thomas Malone, 

George E. Bennie. Mrs. Duncan Eve. Mrs. Idab,ll. W ,1-.. 

Ambrose, Mrs. John Moore. Mrs. P. D. H„usl.,n. \1,- K 

Walter Keith. Mrs. .Nathan Cr,„k,tl. Mr-. Ihiiiiplmx II.,,. 

Witherspoon. .Mrs. Walter .Stok,-. M,- W,ll (;r,„,l„,^. \ 

.Mrs. Whitefoord R. Cole. Mrs. Claii.l,- W.,ll.a. M,-, ,la,ii.' 

Mrs. E.l. Buford, Mrs. John Tho,np-,..i. Mi- Han M,<;„ 

Murrey. .Mrs. E. B. Stevenson, .Mrs. l.,la„,l ll,,,,,.. M,- \ 

Mrs. 6'Brvan Washington. Mrs. P. M. K-i.-. Mr- K.„,l,l. 

Frank C. Stahlman, Mrs. John B. Ran.-o.n. Mr-. J„lm I! 

Mrs. W. T. Hale. Jr., Mm. Charles C. Trabue, Mrs. T. G. (Jarrelt, Mrs. E. T. Seay, Mrs Edwin 

Warner. Mrs. Richard Barr, .Mrs. John C. Brown, Mrs. Thomas Applelon, Mrs. George William 

Fall, .Mrs. E, .M, Steger, Mrs. Collin Baker. .Mrs. Frank Bass. Mrs. Wililam <-;arr, Mrs. M. F. 

Combs, Mr.s. J. R. Love, Mrs. C. A I' Mr- I,—,- W i;«iii-, Mr- W 11. >. Armistead, 

Mrs. T. A. Vaughn, Mrs. W. W . Wilk.i-..,,. Mi-. .1. W. Wari„r. M,-. Iiank W I,. , l,r. Mrs. 

James Yowell, Mrs. Henry Stein. Mr-. J.,l.n II. \l ,-. Mi-. K. T. U,l,n. . Mi- \. W. Shyer, 

.Mrs. Reuben Seay. Mrs. Craig .McFarlan,!, Mrs. Vernon Tu|,|ier. Mrs. W . T,,,,ll M,-. \V. A. 
Bryan. .Mrs. L. A. McMurray. Mrs. West Morton. Mrs. E. C. lluggiii-. Mi- i: H liiannan, 
.Mrs. R. C. Moore, Mrs. Will F. Crandall, Mrs. Hamilton Love, Mrs. lian.lall ( nii.ll. Mrs. Jo 
B. .Morgan. Nfrs. Jesse II. Thomas, Mrs. J. T. Altman. Mrs. Boyd Bogle, .Mrs. irank (lark, Mrs. 
George F. Blackie. Mrs. C. S. Brown, .Mrs. Robert Caldwell, Mrs. S. R. Teachout, .Mrs. J. H. 
Stevenson. Mrs. W. D. Gale, Mrs. Frank A. Berry. Mrs. A. R. Whiteman, Mrs. Thomas Keeling, 


M E .\ I .\ THE noRl.l) If i K. I ') I II >/ 1 9 

Laurie Ddii/l. 

Mrs. W. E. Hoover, Mrs. C. .S. Lewis. Mrs. J. S. Reeves. Mrs. Carter Reeves, Mrs. J. W. Howard, 
Mrs James S. Frazer. Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald, Mrs. Fielding Gordan. Mrs. Carey E. Morgan, 
Mrs. Humphrey Timothy, Mrs. A. H. Roberts, Mrs. L. B. Fite, Mrs. Miles Williams. Mrs. Mc- 
Pheeters Glasgow. Mrs. Verner Moore Lewi.s. Mrs. Frank Searcy Green, Mrs. Lyon Childress, 
\rrs.> N.wbill, Mrs. W. H. Buchanan, Mrs. R. D. Ezell, Mrs. B. Kirk Rankin,, Mrs. 
W. i;. Mam. I. Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Mrs. Bruce Douglas. Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Mrs. Ed Baxter 
ONrrinn, Mr-. Kicliard T. Wilson, Mrs. Foster Hume, Mrs. Ed Hicks, Mrs. M. T. Lusky, Mrs. 
Adolpli Luveniaii, Mrs. Lee Loventhal, Mrs. Hill xMcAlister. Mrs. 
Joe Palmer, Mrs. Sam Levy, Mrs. Charles Levy, Mrs. M. A. 
Grief, Mrs. Harry .Solinsky, Mrs. Philip Cole, Mrs. Fount Wil- 
liams. Mrs. Leo Schwartz, Mrs. Joe Werthan, Mrs. N. Martin. 
Mrs. L Madison. Mrs. Rollin P. Grant, Mrs. Thomas J. '\\w. 
Mrs. S. Cohn, Mrs. H. Zander, Mrs. Sam Berger, Mrs. A. >. 
Weinbaum, Mrs. Jne Lindauer. Mrs. A. B. Benedict, Mrs. Jiilliis 
Lowenstein. Mrs. I...,, I,„.ls^. M,-^ San. F.l.lnian. Mrs. J. Earle 
Collier. Mrs. Will..,, Il,.,~l„,„, M,- s,,| |),^|„., Mrs. Ridley 
Wills, Mrs. Jack 1!„, ■..„jil,-. \l,.. \. (...1,11,,,;:. \l,s. J. Goldner, 
Mrs. Isadore Abrai,,-. Mi-. .I..-..1.I1 .\l.,a,„-. Mrs. R. E. Fori, 
Mrs. John M. Gray, Mrs. Lee Bissinger, ,\Irs. Clarence Bernstein. 
Mrs. Alex. Cohen, Mrs. H. A. Cohen, Mrs. Lewis Pope. Mrs. 
Reuben Cohen. Mrs. May French Noel, Mrs. Adolph Greenspan. 
Mi< 1!,.1„ rt CI,, , ti. Mrs, Runcie Clements, Col. Thomas B. 
«,.!,, I.. M,~ II. „ II.Moan, Mrs. M. A. Cohen, Mrs. J. M. 
J.I. ..!.,,-. M,-, ^a,i, ihiMJi. Mrs. Aaron Johnson. Mrs. R. A. 
ll.,,iN. Ml-. 1: W. F..-t,T. Mrs. M. S. Lebeck. Mrs. A. Jonas, 
Mrs. Jake Lefkovitz, .Mrs. l{. Kamin, Mrs. Byron Martin, Mrs. 
R. M. Dudley, Mrs. Lou Kornman, Mrs. Arthur Joseph, Mrs. L. Jonas, Mrs. Lou Lebeck, Mrs. 
Paul Harvill, Mrs. W. H. Schuerman. Mrs. Henry Teitlebaum. Mrs. N. B. Shyer, Mrs. Louis 
Sperry, Mrs. Buist Richardson, Mrs. Dempsey Weav,r. Mrs. K. T. M, C.iiiii. ... Mrs. Leslie War- 
ner. Mrs. Julius Martin. Mrs. Ben Lindauer, Mrs. K..„,,l W ,ll,a„,-. Mi" l',a,„.s I'ilcher. Miss 
Lillian Warner, Miss Lucile Landis, Miss Gladys Clark. Mi- Tl,.-.. .s.r,, ;:;:-. M,-- Amelia Johns, 
Miss Adele Raymond, .Mi,- Maij, Spirrr. .Miss Ellen Stokes. 
Miss Alice Hall Lindsey. and Miss Percie Warner. 

The patronesses for the War Salvage Store included 
the following women, who all served on the telephone 
lommittees, the duties of which were to solicit and to 
donate articles to be sold, as well as to call individuals 
on the telephone: 

Mrs. C. C. Dixon, Mrs. Will T. Allen, Mrs. A. H. Roberts, 

Mrs. W. n. Haggard, Mrs. Vance Alexander, Mrs. Jesse M. 

Ov, rt.,n, Mrs. lam.-s H. Kirklnnd. Mrs. John R. Aust. Mrs. B. F. 

\\,l-..,,. M,- II \, I'.ai.l,.!..,. Mr-. Robert Brannan, Mrs. W. W. 

I!;,,,,l. \l,- I.. I,,, li,,,k-.l.,l.'. Mr-. C. S. Brown. Mrs. W. E. 

11.-.,,. I. Ml-. (;...r;i.- K. r.. ii,,i,-. Mrs. A. B. Benedict. Mrs. George 

F. I!ia. k,,'. Mrs. It. C. Moore. Mrs. J. D. Blanton. Mrs. John C. 

Br,.«n. .Mrs. J. H. Zarecor. Mrs. Neil Jones. Mrs. Edward Buford. 

M„s. w „,.,.>, II. \\„, .\h>. Alex. Caldwell. Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. Mrs. Charles Cald- 

iKiu \v.,i.i,, well. Mrs. 0. N. Brvan. Mrs. S. S. Crockett. Mr-. James E. 

Caldwell, Mrs. Andrew Price. Mrs. W. S. I!ra„-I..,.l. Mi-. Leslie 

Warner. Mrs. James E. Caldwell, Jr.. Mrs. Lemuel Campbell, Mrs. James I ,%,. M,- K. ii.lrick 

Hardcastle, Mrs. W. C. Bilbro, Mrs. Robert Cheek. Mrs. Lyon Childress, Mr-. ( . ( ( I,, ,-t.,pher. 

Miss Amanda Gaut, Miss Mayme Burke, Mrs. J. T. Altman, Mrs. Nathan Craig. Miss Ellen 

Nance, Mrs. Eugene Crutcher. Mrs. W. H. S. Armistead, Mrs. Edward Craig. Mrs. Richard 

Dake. Mrs. W. C. Covington, Mrs. Tyler Calhoun, Mrs. W. C. Dake. Mrs. Paul DeWitt, Mrs. 

Eugene Shannon, Mrs. C. A. Craig. Mrs. Bettie M. Donelson, Mrs. A. J. Dyer. Mrs. C. R. 

Clinunts. Mrs. Nathaniel Baxter. Mrs. Walker Edwards. Mrs. Arthur Evans. Mrs. E. B. Cayce, 

Mrs. W. W. Berry. Mrs. Duncan Eve. Jr.. Mrs. Frank A. Berry, Mrs. George W. Fall, Mrs. W. 

C. Cherry. Mrs. Philip Cole. Mrs. Bernard Fensterwald. .Mrs. Albert Fite. Mrs. R. Boyd Bogle. 

Mrs. Huglies Darden. Mrs. Reau Folk. Mrs. Edgar M. Foster. Mrs. M. E. Derryberry. Mrs. 


niiiiiso:\ coi.MY noMEy i\ r H t: uohi.d ir i r. i'iii-i»i<i 

Janus Fray.r. Mrs. Marc-llus Krosl. Mrs. W. L. Granbi-n. Mrs. 1". \l. 1 -i, .. \Ii-. W . ( ., 
Jr.. Mrs. Uolliii 1'. Cram. Mrs. Green B.-nlon. Mrs.,|,l, A. Cr.u. \li- W I. Il.d.. J,.. Mrs. 
T. Graham Hall. Frames Bennie. Mrs. Marv Briplil \li- I!.uiliIi..m \\,.„!«iiu.. 
Mrs. J.,e T. Howell. .Mrs. Foster Hume. Mrs. MePJueters Glasjiow. Mrs. K.iwar.l .sen,;;-. Mrs. 
KolM^rl F Jae'is,,,,.. Mrs. Walter Jones. Mrs. Frank M. Bass. Mrs. Van Leer Kirknian. .Mrs. Jolm 
Bell Keel.le. Mrs. Fer.linan.l Kul.n. Mrs. H. II. Luee> . Mrs. Ilamillon l.ove. .Mrs. Veriur Moore 

l.ruis. Mrs. A. Mrs Lee Loventlial. Mr.s. Harry 

I'. MuneN. Mrs. IVrev I). Ma.lclin. Mrs. .S. K. Harwell. Mrs. 

\1 C. MeGanm.ii. Mrs. Thomas .Mrs. J. T. .MeGill. 

\li>. Thomas .Malone. Jr.. Mrs. K. .M. Hall. Mrs. Julius 

\l,,ilin. Mrs. Hunter .MeDonahl. .Mrs. Keuhen Mills, M,.. 

I'. 1). Houston. .Mrs. John A. MeKwen. Mrs. Sp. n. . , \!, - 

l|.„.v. Mrs. W A. Murray. .Mrs. Osear Noel. \1,-. I. W . 

Il,.»ar.l. Mrs. Holierl W Niehol. Mrs. W. L. Noia,!!. \1,~. 

\liv V. N..,l. Mr-, li. L. IV.rter. Mrs. J,)hn Hooper. Mrs. 

W \. ();„. \1,-. \. K. Potter. .Mrs. F. A. Priee.' Mrs. 

Frank McCrvrk. Mr-. J. K. Kains. Mrs. John B. Uansom. 

Miss Alma ()ll^e^. Miss Tli.Tesa MrCiivoek. Mr-. W . 0. 

Parmer. Mrs. John B. Hansom. Jr.. Mr- II ( . Parrent. 

Mrs. Lou Rascoe. Mrs. Hush Haw.-. Mr- I II lieeves. 

Mr-. Carter Hee%.-s Mrs. Thomas K.-.l,,,::. \1,-, K. J. Ham- 

ilt„rr Mr- 1!..^ K.r-. „, . Mr-. 1..-., .^.iiu.irl/. \1.-. \lrv.\,ru 

s,..n \1,-. ( h,,rl.- II Mr-. \.r,.,.„ s|,,„ ,,. \1,-. P A. 

si„-ll.„i. Mr-. W. (.. .>nri.n..„-. Mr-. ■-h.-rlr^. Mr-. 

\errron Tripper. Mr-. John ll.-rrrv .--.rrilh. Mr-. J....l,.r, ^P.k.-. 

Viis. iK.sK A. ! Ir Mr- \i\ian Tnppi-r. Mrs. Ihimphrev Trrir..lh\. Mr-. 

(Kli„,.r K.-,l»a>) |„|,„ % Tlrnma^. Mrs. Jolrrr W. Thomas. Jr.. M,-. K. T. 

Mrs. Abram Tillman. Mrs. Charles l)n,ll,■^ Jr.n,-. Mr-. T. l..-i^h Tho,np-..r,. Mr-. \r.l, 


Trawiek. Mrs. Waller Keith. .Mrs. .si.ln.N T.. 
Mrs. Henry Frazer. Mrs. Q-Brien Washnr^io,,. Mr- W 
Wilson. Mrs. Sam Wool»i,„-. Mrs. Hr.l.r, I \\,.,kl.,. M 
John Kr,-,;;. \I>-. l>.•rnp-.^ W.avrr. Mr-. IM„, \\,-t. \ 
Frank WIn.I,,. Mi- \II..J W illi.r.n-. Mr-, Mil.- \\,n..M 
Mrs. W. II. Will. Ml-. I, \ llalr, Mr-, J..-,p|i U. W , 
Miss NLiM Km::, ,,n.: Mr-, ,1, W , \, l,.e. 

The \r,ni-ln,- ..■l,-l., alirrn ..„,:■ ulul,- tin- W 
Salvage Mor.- u a- -lill i„ .ipevalirnr. a,,.! |r,r.|i,rl 
m. ..lluT «ar u,,rk .l..i.,- irr l),,vi,l-..,i Crniiitx u 
!)<■ n-iiieml)fliMl .■- |,l,M-.riil In ..r a rl..-.a,! 

Chli, ue nur- tin- rr.'dil \',,v inn. Ir r.l llr.' -ii. r .— 
this VNork. aiKJ lli.- Udrmri i.-.rurierl in llii- . li.r|. 
will aiwavs urlm,,,,- a.. ,,|,|M„l,„i,|y 1. a-i-l I 
Ki\vanis Clulr. 

Thix rlril, u.r- llrr- frr-l , a ...rrri/.r! „.n rr, \ i-'i- 

Nille I., irraui^inalr- llrr- HMUrnrrril lo ,-l.,l.|r-lr ,, n,.-, , 

fali.-ir h.T.M-. Wlnar ill,' urarirn W.irl,! W ai unrk.r- . 
ii.--,|i-(l a "lira. I Iricn.l." .ill llial ua- iic.(--ar\ ua- I.. -I, I 

M,l-i,rr C.i 
kiuarii- I 


Christening of the Battleship Tennessee 

Miss Helen Roberts as she appeared christening 

"The Battleship Tennessee." the largest ship 

in the V. S. Na\T to date. 

On April 30. 1919. the super-dreadnaught "Teniiessee"' was launched from tl 
ways in New York in the presence of an assembly of over .50.000 spectators. Mi: 
Helen Roberts, daughter of Governor and Mrs. Albert H. Roberts, of Tennesse 
christened the gigantic fighting craft with possibly the last bottle of champagne 
that will ever be used in a formal christening in our Navy. Governor Roberts. Miss 
Helen Roberts and her party were guests of honor on this occasion. Acting Secre- 
tary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt presided over the ceremonies. 

It was a marked tribute to the grand old Volunteer State, which has always 
sponded so readily to the needs of her country in war times, that the mightiest 
fighting ship ever constructed by the American Navy should bear the name of Ten 

Miss Roberts selected her maids from various sections of the State, and was the 
recipient of numerous congratulations from every countv in Tennessee and from 
many European countries. 



.1' \\ 




Mrs. Idabelle Wilson 
of Advisory Council of tli 

Hi St 01 

The illustration on the opposite page, "Columbia Calls Her Women," is a reproduction of the 
handsome white satin banner designed and presented to the Tennessee Division, Woman's Com- 
mittee. Council of National Defense, by Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, State Chairman of Educational 
Propaganda and Patriotic Meetings, This banner answered a two-fold purpose: It was efifec- 
tively shown at every large patriotic gathering in Davidson County during the World War 
period in order to present to the public the correct propaganda in regard to the purpose of 
the Woman's Committee, and was later presented by Mrs. Idahelle Wilson and her Executive 
Board to the State of Tennessee to be used in the Tennessee Memorial Hall, when completed. 

The sword pictured on the banner is a reproduction of the gold sword presented to Ten- 
nessee's and the South's greatest hero. General Andrew Jackson, by the people of his State in 
recognition of his heroic services in the battle of New Orleans, which fact givs the banner a 
double significance^ historically. 

The page was made possible for this History by Mrs. Idabelle Wilson in memory of every 
woman war worker of Tennessee. 

(291 ) 

f'AllDSuy COIMY If O M f:\ I\ I II E iroKI.I) II A K. ;<u ;■/"/' 

Tennessee l)Ivisi()n. Wdinaii's (Commit l-e, (^.ouiicil 
of National Defense 

Mlis. (;k.)I!.;i: W. Dknnv. <./ Knnxnilr. Trnn.. Chairman 
MliS. I.KSl-lK V\ak\i:h. ] i'c-('.hainiuin-(il-l.<iri:c 

W 0,1,1 Wa, 

•■rnriifnt of tlif Liiilfd M.i 
L'anizalion. Ijpinp iindi'i lli 
l)()(ly that caiiip into cxi-ic 
was charf-'pcl. and cvcrv p 
sidcrcd a mcnili<T. 
Sompone has said: 
"It is no mere pallanlt 
ihe war emergency, as in 

■ ,l„,i„,, ll„. \\,,il,l Wa, in uln.l, „ 

of ...x. l.,il an a.kiioul 
11 Ihr criM-s of .,11, l,i-l 


nothing finer in spirit or effeit than the service whicli tlie women oi" the United 
States rendered during the World War. In her very nature woman is an instrument 
of sacrifice. By circumstance and hahit. and perhaps also by nature, women are 
accustomed to self-effacement. As a rule her chief thought is the thing to be ac- 
complished; her least thought is her own welfare. Tiie greatest factor of success 
in war is sacrifice — not the sacrifice of burnt offering but the sacrifirp of comfort, 
of well-being, and, if need be. of self. 

"Hence it is that woman entered the war already trained in the psvchologv of 
war as it governs or influences personal conduct. It is not her privilege to engage 
in the adventures of war, to perform the thrilling feats on land and sea and in the 
air which make war appeal to the mind of man as a great emprise, and which in 
some degree compensate him for his sufferings and sacrifices. 

"Woman's service was none the less vital, and assuredly not the lesser part of 
the big task which was undertaken to save our republic, and to save freedom in the 

The Tennessee Division of this powerful organization was perfected in July, 
1917, at a mass meeting at the Tennessee State Capitol, with representatives from 
every county and every woman's organization in the state. Miss Louise G. Lindsley 
presided over this conference as Temporary Chairman, and Mrs. George W. Denny, 
of Knoxville, was elected State Chairman by this body of women. Mrs. Leslie 
Warner was elected State Vice-Chairman-at-large. An Executive Board, consisting 
of a vice-chairman from each section of the state, was formed, and Miss Louise 
Grundy Lindsley was chosen Vice-Chairman from Middle Tennessee. 

Other officers elected who resided in Davidson County were: Mrs. Alex. S. 
Caldwell, Food Conservation; Mrs. Leo Schwartz. Social Service; Mrs. Eugene 
Crutcher, Child Welfare; Miss Delia Dortch. Home and Foreign Relief; Mrs. 
Claude D. Sullivan. Hygiene and Sanitation; Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, Educational 
Propaganda and Patriotic Meetings; Mrs. Guilford Dudley, Liberty Loans; Mrs. 
John M. Kenny, Publicity; Mrs. B. F. Wilson. Chairman of State Advisory Board; 
and Mrs. Margaret Erwin Ford. Treasurer. 

Mrs. B. F. Wilson selected a large committee for her state board, drawn from 
every section of Tennessee. Members chosen by her from Davidson Countv were 
Mrs. E. W. Cole and Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. Mrs. Wilson also served as Chair- 
man of the organization's State Headquarters, which were opened by the officials 
on Sixth Avenue, North, Nashville. Tenn. The building was donated through the 
efforts of Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, who, with Mrs. B. F. Wilson and Mrs. John M. 
Kenny, contributed a large amount of the furnishings. At all times a complete 
state organization was maintained at this headquarters. The Publicity Department 
issued monthly bulletins to every county in Tennessee, which served to co-ordinate 
every department of the state work. Mrs. John M. Kenny, Chairman of this work, 
was assisted in the editing and publishing of the bulletins by Mrs. H. H. Corson. 
Chairman of Publicity for the Nashville Chapter of American Red Cross. Mrs. 
B. F. Wilson, as. Chairman, kept a coterie of workers at the State Headquarters 
each day. whose duties were to receive all World War soldiers and sailors passing 
through Nashville and to render whatever assistance and comfort was necessary. 
Her committee also served as a bureau of information for the state department. 

A number of beautifully planned receptions for transient soldiers were given at 
the State Council of National Defense Headquarters of the Woman's Committee dur- 
ing the World War. Each state officer had her individual desk, and the entire state 


DM 1 1) 5 o s cor .V r y ir o \i f: v / v /■ // a iron i. d 

.1 H. I 01 -I 1019 

work was carried on from (he \a>li\illi- lliai 
the iireater part of her lime in NaslivilK-. 

Mrs. Idahelle Wilson. State Cl.aiunin ,,1 
-Meetings of this organization, at tin- iti|iir> 
enee of all the coiiii'ties of Tennesse.^ on Apri 
Capitol. She also s.-rv.-d as C.hai:niaii of An 

1-. \h>. CeoiL-e |)e 


nfer- and ! 
iais. ealh'd a 
il llu- •r,-nne> Sl;i 
Ci.ntrivii.v. and u 


ahly assisted hv ..lilecrs .,r tli.' ^lalc 
For several weeks prim to this idtil* 
kept 1)MSV workinj: np inlcn-l and ;jc 
women of TennesM-e. uhi.h u,.rk i,- 
wunien of tlie entire war pniml. I 
loutitv over the state in allin<lani i-. 
State Capilol. presided over hy Mrs. 
vention was opened hy an address 
Chairman-General of Arranjiements. , 
heard from dcletiates from ever\ -lal 
State ollieials who pave addn--! 
Warner. \ iee-Chairman-atdar-:!-: Mi- 

ir Woman' 

- C.niinillee. 

nl Ih 

1 rei 

- r,,rilr|('ri 
H'l ll.r \.n 

,■ l.rlolr Ihe 

..M 1 V nf 

- Iinni ra.l, 

sessions wi 

,k u, 

I) A V I D .S O 'V C. O (' NTY « () M EN IN T HE U ORE I) If A R. 19 14-1919 

Leo Schwartz. iMis. ,I„lm M. K.mhiv. Miss D.lla Dorlih. Mrs. P:ugene Crutcher, Mrs. 
Charles Ford, ami Miss l.duisf (.. \Am\-\r\. uli.. pn-sid.d dvcr the last session of 
the conference. 

The outstanding feature of the convention was a mass meeting at the Ryman Audi- 
torium on the night of April 5, at which Dr. Anna Shaw, National Chairman of 
the Woman's Committee, delivered the |)rincipal address. Mrs. Christine Miller 
Clcmson. Crand Opera Star, gave a repertoire of the songs which she had sung at 

Mrs. B. F. Wilson 
(Saidee Morris) 

practically all of the soldiers' encampments throughout the country. Mrs. Clemson 
was accompanied by Mrs. W. D. Haggard, through whose friendship the artist ap- 
peared in Nashville. 

Mrs. George W. Denny, State Chairman, presided at the mass meeting, and Mrs. 
Leslie Warner, Vice-Chairman-at-Large, gave the introduction to Dr. Shaw and ad- 
dress of welcome. The invocation was offered by Mrs. Guilford Dudley. Mrs. John 
M. Gray, Jr., served as Chairman of Auditorium Arrangements, and the decora- 
tions were under the supervision of Mrs. Eugene Crutcher and her connnittee. 

Mrs. B. F. Wilson complimented the Slate Advisory Board, the State Executive 
Board and the national officers of the Woman's Committee on the first day of the 
conference with a luncheon at the Hotel Hermitage, bringing together for the first 
time the two State Boards who were visiting in the city to attend the War Confer- 
ence. This luncheon was the first social event in connection with the conference. 

0.(l/C>'O.V COIM) II () \l E \ l\ THE 11 O R I. I) MAR. 1 ') ] II 9 I 9 

\ iiii(l(l;i\ limclieon was •;iveii at ihe liislorit- oltl Hermitajic. Andrew Jackson's l.v Mi>. 15. F. Vtilson. at which time Dr. Anna Howard' Shaw. Mrs. Clemson 
and the Slate OHicers were gue.sts. A \ iitorv Luniiie(ni at the Hold Hcrinihvije. ar- 
ranged hv ^^rs. Idabelle Wilson, in addition lo i.eing the piin. i|,.,l le^ilinv 
of the eonferenee. served also as an educational demonstration 1.. the himdrciU of 
women who attended. Tiie menu wa- |ir.-|K.rcil in -Iri.l ac,o,,i uilli l|ril„i| \\u..\ 
er's I-'ood Reuulalion^. and ua- a rc\clalion of ll,r ,lclirion-nc-. ,,r ,, |,r,lr,lK 
Hooverized re|.a>t. 

Mrs. Joseph A. u.i- Cliairm.n. nf ihr Innrhron. .nid \1,-. K„l,a..l WiUnn 
and Mrs. (;eor.;:c W a-hm.^lnn «.-,r JomI hax ni. .haiL^r nl ihr and 
dinin-r-room decoi.ihnn-. Mi- \iri:ini.i \iooic. an cxpcil foo.l ciinvl,.!. arlci .i~ 
loastmistress. and Mi-. Chri-linc Miller Clcni-on. uitli Mi-. W . D. ll.i^ii.ird .il llic 
piano, sang several p.iliiolir -on:;--. 

The convention luou.i^ht lo Na-lnill.- al.oiil lour hnn.licl ,l,-lc;:atc- f,n,n dilfer- 
ent parts of the Slate, and ;:a\e iiuirli in-.pirati..n and \,duc I.. Tennes- 
see womanhood. 

Davidson County women responsible for the success of tlie confereni e. and wlm 
were appointed by Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. Chairman-General, were: 

Mrs. MrPhcHcrs Glasgow, Chairman ol Hospitalil) ; Mrs, A. E. Poller. CliairiiKin ol 1 i- 
nances: Mrs. W. D. Haggard. .Music; .Miss Delia Dortch. Program; Mrs. W. (). Tirrill. Print- 
ing; Mr<. Josc|ili A. Cray. Victory- Luncheon; Mrs. George Washington, Mrs. XCrncr Moore 
Lewis and Mrs. Richard T. Wilson. Hostesses, assisted by .State Officers of the Woman's Com- 
iiiitlee and Nashville and County executive boards of the Woman's Committee; .Mrs. John .\L 
Kenny. Chairman of Publicity; Mrs. L. C. Durr, Information and Kegistralion; Mrs. John T. 
Niili-n. Mrs. Avery llandly and Mrs. Mary Bright Thomas served as co-chairmen of .Stale Capitol 
Arrangements; Nlrs. George Weeks Hale and .Mrs. Randall Cnrrcll. Anditoriiini Arr:inL'cnicnts: 
\lr>. John M. Gray. Jr., Platform for Delegates at Audiln,iu„i; Mi- IMm Cr.n .ni.l \Ii-^ 
Annie Laurie Campbell. Pages and Ushers for Conference: \li-- \ Ii|i.. \iiliiiiiiihili- lor 

Delegates; Mrs. Bruce R. Payne, .Mrs. Claude Waller and Mi- M.irN l...u (. luni, Seh,,„ls 

and Colleges; Mrs. Harry Sudekum. Feature Publicity; .Mrs. Frank Carl Stahlman and Mrs. 
Louise Bransford Kirkman. Hotel Arrangements; Mrs. John Kreig and Mrs. Lvon Childress, 
Badges for Delegates; Mrs. Charles Baker and Mrs. Kendrick Hardcastle. Literature; Mrs. 
James H. Kirkland. Colonial Dames; Mrs. Ferdinand Kuhn, Council of Catholic Women: Mrs. 
K.iwin A. Price. D. A. R.'s; Mrs. W. P. Bang. W. C. T. M.'s; Mrs. Harry W. Evans. NaN\ (..m- 
forls Conimitlce; .Mrs. John C. Brown. Slate U. D. C.'s; Mrs. Lee Loventhal. Council of l.-ni-h 
Women; Mrs. Rogers Caldwell. Girls' Patriotic League; Mrs. George F. Blackie and \h-. \r,h 
Trawick. V. W. C. A.; Mrs. Jesse M. Overt..,, ao.l Mr- ( !,,,, I.- S. |{r.,»n. Woman's Service 
league; .Mrs. P. A. Murray and Mrs. F. .1. M.( irihv K„,rl,i- ..I ( ,.I„,„Ihis; .Mrs. Pcrcv D. 
Mad.lin and Mrs. Robert F. Jackson. Na-I,v,ll. I l,;,|.|.r. 11. . I I ,..-: Mr-. Dempsi-v Weaver, 
Fatherless t:hil.lren ..f France Soeielv: an. I \l,- l'.-..x \\,,i,i.,. \,un ( .i„,l..rl I ,-ML-n.-. 

Several hundn-<l , I., liar- ua- tal-e,l l.v Mr-. A. K. l',.||ri .omI lin,- , ,1 

lee. whi.h amount rnlitcU rove,,-d lin- expcti-,- of 111,- ,,,nl, ■,,■„.,-. On M,-. \ I . 
r..||ei"- coiimiillee lo secure funds were: 

Mr-, Mil.- Williams. Mrs. Beltie M. Donelson. Mi-. .1. II I .,i„|.|,.H, M,- \ .,„..- A l.-\,iri.l,r. 
M,-, ()«,->, \\il-..„. .Mrs. Porter Philips. Mrs. Frank Wl,..!.,, M,-. |.„.l,it, Sl..k.-, ,lr,, Mr-, l..lin 
ller.rv ,Nmitli. Mrs. J. M. I'hillips. Mr-, Clan. I.- D, Soljiva,,, M,-.;,,,l T, i..u.-, Mr-, lai.i.-s 
S. Iiea-.lev. Mrs. K. K. Hardison. Mi-, \l, K, \h■u^\,.n^. Mr-. W , \ I l^.l,,,. Mr-, \, \, anri Mr-. Averv Handly. 

Mrs. M.i'heeters Glasgow, as Chairnian „f l|.,-pilaliu, ...inplcL-U ...piippd a 
rest room at Stale Headquarters for lli.- ,1.1. lmI,- I., lin- . ..ii\ , 1110.11, \-i-lcd bv 
lier able commillee. she .secured more lliaii I. .111 .-il li..iii.-- I..1 llic ,nlci l.iinnicnl 
of ihe county delegates. On Mrs. Glas:.M,u- , .inniillr,- ucic: 

Mrs. William Guplon. Mrs. James S. Fra/.i, Mi- W . -1 II M. .,!..„, Mr- Char!.- W, liiker, 
Mr-. Unl.ert Wharton Nichoj. Mrs. James K, ban,-. Mi-, lli.hai.l liari. Mr-, \ ernrr ,\I„o.e 


\IltS. El:...K>L OlLTClIKK 

(Annie Long) 
And the distinguished medal received in recognition of valuable service 
she rendered the Government in Child Welfare and Parent-Teacher Work. 
Tennessee led the South in this work and Mrs. Crutcher. served as the able 
State Chairman for both organizations. 

Lewis. Mrs. Reuben M. Mills. Mrs. John J. Vertrecs. Mrs. Frank Stockell. Mrs. Bruce Douglas, 
\rr< I fl ( ampbell, Mrs. Percv D. Maddin. Mrs. R. H. Lacev. Mrs. Perkins Baxter. xMrs. 
l.lalHllr \\,l-,.„. Mrs. John M. Kenny. Mrs. B. F. Wilson, Miss Louise Lindsley. Miss Lizzie 
F.iii. \1,- ( iiirr Reeves. Mrs. Rufus Fort. Mrs. T. Dwight Webb, Mrs. Walter Keith, Mrs. 
Ilrinlii-,,11 llak.r. Mrs. John Hill Eakin, Mrs. James E. Caldwell. Jr.. Mrs. Vernon Sharp, Mrs. 
E. C. \\ right. Mrs. R. E. Porter. Mrs. William T. Hale, Jr., Mrs. Samuel Dougla,, Mrs. Herman 
McRae. Mrs. Arthur B. Ransom, .Mrs. Andrew Price, Mrs. S. S. Crockett, Mrs. John Moore. 
Mrs. Arthur Timmons. Mrs. Samuel Orr, Mrs. E. W. Cole. Mrs. J. A. Bell, Mrs. George Ingram, 
Mrs. H. H. Corson, Mrs. W. E. Beard, Mrs. Reau E. Folk, Mrs. Vernon Tupper, Mrs. Leo 
Schwartz, Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Mrs. George E. Blake, Mrs. W. A. Overall. Mrs. 0. N. Brvan, 
Mrs. Thomas Newbill, Mrs. J. L. McWhorter, Mrs. William C. Hoffman, Mrs. R. W. Griz/ard. 

( 297 ) 

/) All I) S V (. () I .V r 1 11 \l F. V / V 7 HE r ORL I) If A K. I " I l-l 'I I <> 

\lr>. K. 1!. >i luimaclu-r. Mrs. Smitli Tonison. Mrs. John Cood.-. Mrs. Daiulrid-:.' Caldwell. Mrs. 
Il.iiry Kra/.r. Mrs. Clarence Lewis. Mrs. J. .N. Brodks, Mrs. Walter Stokes. Jr., .Mrs. Kandall 

::.irrell. Mrs. Ferdinand E. Kul.n. Mrs. James \i. K/.zell. 

Mrs. Bruee K. I'avne. Mrs. Brantley Smith. Mr<. Can- 

^dJe P. Kose. Mrs. .\. Edward Poller. .Mr.. J 1. \1. 

(.ill. .Mrs. Fieldinj; Yost. Mrs. Jack r.e.v,-. \I... Dan 

\K-(;u!:in. Mrs. llun.,.ln,A TiinmhN. \l,v li M. \.-.-ly. 

Mrs. Humphrey 11,u.I,-..m. Miv W . s. |1 \,„,, 

Mrs. Katherine IV \\..uhL \1.-, IMu.n.l \, I noUry. 

Mrs. Thomas 1. W.I.L. M.-^ J"!", li.n Mrs. 

lames Cayce. .Mr-. M, ^. 1 ■ I" . k. \1,-. K.l»a.d T. 

Lnwe. Mrs. Dave i;.,-,„l,l,i. Mi-^ I. 1- Walkin-. Mr-. 

Will Wa-l,iM-t..i.. Ml-. W. \. O.'A.u. M.-. Cnrji,- 

i;,,„ll,^^ M,-. .1. \. ^ Ml-. .I..-.,. I, I'.llMlrl. 

\1,- l.'nlnit ( .il.l^.U. Ml-. 11. .1. M.( aillu, Mi- 

1 ,lil„. Mmi,,,u. Mi- M.iilha l.iii..-. Ml- I am.- "-iiii-. 

\1,- Mnlll,. ( k,ll„.|nr. Ml- I IIIUIM W ,1111.1. Mi- 

Kalhlr.n (.,.11,11. Ml- I "III, I, K.illi. Ml-. Kol.ell 
CaMu.-ll. Ml- l.ll/al.<-lli llilk Ml- .l.iiiii.- W.r'Un.i.T. 
Ml- I rank llollowrll. and Mis. I.i.ium- M.llriiiv. 

1(1 Mr.s. Eugene Crutcher and her roiiiinilli r 
, re.lil i> due for the ehil.<.iate deeoralion- .,t ihr 

\-i-iiirj Ml-, t: 

.km ,si,,k.-, Ii . 


.,.,. i,„ - „,, C. M. K 11. Ml-. 

.>.ln,., h,.„ki Ml-. Ilalliiin C II. 

Al.'x. liMi.;:. Ml-. i:.l 
Mr-. 1. 11. Campbell. Mr-. 1. 11. HurlrM.ii. Mr-. TniNi- lUaii. 
|.,v. .Mrs. J. C. Walk.-r. Mr-. 1.. A. i;n...h. Mr-. .\i. A 
Mrs. K. .'V. Griffin. 

Miss Louise (;. Lin(i>ley. \ iceC.liair man nl llii- (Ui 
see. liad practically every county in her sertimi ..luiii 

of the State Conference, and was congratulalnl ii| 

records reported l>y anv section of Tenness.r. Mi- 
pointed hv the HiiriMii ..I S|iiak.T- a- ,i 

. Mr-. J II. 
lil/inn. Mr-. 
\li.-.- Ck.vil. 

li- I \ M. M 
I 1 ..».. Ml-. U 
Mm,i I\iI1. Mi-. 

ak. Ml-. W. II. - 

speaker for the Smill 

N,-u life- «a- in-1 

„„-nl- III ll,.- Wimiar 

W.irM W; 

Ml. I. II. 

..rk .. 
-I.a.- ..111. 

der her jurisdirli.m iii 
in manv place- llin 
phases a.i.l |il,ui- ll 
niittee. f:.i. Ii 

duritifi the World War. and th.' .nlii. 
state ..(hcers of the Woman's Commil 
the Welcome-Home Committee, when 
soldiers returned home, yvith .Mrs. li. 
(ihairmaii-Cieneral for the women of 

all 11. li 

41 I I) SON coil NT Y WOMEN IN THE WORLD WAR. / 9 ; /./ o / 9 

Tug of the most influential committees in Tennessee were formed as a result of 
the inspiration received from the Woman's Committee Convention, namely, the Giles 
County Woman's Committee and the Montgomery County Committee. Mrs. Willa 
Blake (Edward E.I Eslick. of Pulaski. Tenn., was Chairman for Giles County, and 
Mrs. Moore Dickson, of Clarksville, Tenn., was Chairman for Montgomery County. 
The work of these two county committees received Certificates of Commendation 
from National Headquarters, at Washington, D. C. 

When Mrs. George W. Dennv, State Chairman of this organization, received her 
appointment for overseas duty, Mrs. Leslie Warner, State Vice-Chairman-at-Large. 
directed the entire state work until the close of the war period. Mrs. Leslie Warner, 
one of the most convincing speakers in Tennessee, visited every county and spoke 
throughout the state on every phase of World War activities. Mrs. John M. Kenny 
was awarded a Distinguished Service Certificate by Congress in recognition of her 
World War services rendered in this organization. Mrs. Alex. Caldwell originated 
food conservation ideas long in advance of Herbert Hoover, and her work along 
this line gained national recognition. 

Mrs. Idabelle Wilson organized in the Nashville colleges the first Victory 
Chorus in the state and served as Chairman for the West End section of Nashville 
for the Student Nurses' Drive, War Sufferers' Campaign and the several Liberty 
Loan campaigns, always with success. She spent the first few months of the World 
War period in New York, where her work with the Emergency Canteen. Red Cross 
and Liberty Loan campaigns gave her a larger scope for ideas to serve in the relief 
drives at home. After her return to Nashville she worked in every relief drive in 
Davidson County, and. as a member of the Advisory Council of this volume, raised 
an immense sum for the pulilication of the records as Chairman-Genera! of tlie 192.'? 
Mardi Gras Ball. 


i).iiii)S().\ cixyry if(>Mt:\ i\ the iroKi.D k -t r. iqiii'H" 


This Roat was designed and decorated l)y Mrs. R V. W i 
St artistic and elaborate of the large number of organizatioo- 
ited in the Parade. 

;i:n(;ii imiki'f.ndknck day 

.Mrs. Matirar.-t Kru it, Fnnl I Mrs. Charles Ford). Tre 
i/.ati(iii. rendered valiiaMi- ~rT\iii- ,i- a \(iliirilccr iiiii~r dii 
at General Hospital 11. ,il I..1I ( l^l,-lli,„ |.r. („... ulin,- 1 
diers in traininj; were -tiirkcii uilli llir riial.uK. \li-. I 
in all W. S. S. and Liberty Bond sales diirin;: the u 11. 

Kacli slate oflicer of this organization rendered xiliiall 
of World War u.,rk in.derlaken in l)avi(ls,,n C.ounlv. Im, 
the jir.'al (..nllid inilil llir reliiin ..f llir 1m,n- Iruiii ..Mt-, 
worked a~ |,ii\,,lr- i„ ll„. ,,,„k- ,iihI .m, I, ,.l ihnn unr 
Hureai. f.., ,,ll .Invr- and . ar,i|Mrj r,^ In, ua, r.lirl uoil 

Ml-. 1;. !■•. WiUnn «a- Ihr .,„N u..n,an .lh..,-„ I,, -rn 
for Ihi- ••l|..,iM--,n,ill,|./' nl Ihr \. I!. I' . I a.ll Male nllh 
niillee as.iM.-<l « ilh the enlerlaiiiiri.Mil. Ml-. 11. K. WiN.a 
• sujiporlers of the county in ill \\...|,| \\.,i u 
in addition to other In.nors duiinj; the u.n. u.i- lln- In-l \ 
to serve on the National Hoard of ll,r lalliril,-- CluM, 

Miss Delia Dorleh worked efTedi^ K i„ ,\,,v 
Cross canipai'in in Davidson (^ount\. and ua- oim- i.l iIh- 

.1 llie W an - C 

w. ->. 

,1,- -nr 


county. As State Chairman of Belgian Relief she personally directed a campaign 
which resulted in securing $60,000 for that cause. In recognition of this service 
Miss Dortch received personal congratulations from the Minister of Belgium. She 
was one of the inspirers of the splendid patriotic service rendered by the school 
teachers of Nashville and Davidson County, and Miss Dortch s?:-ved as Chairman 
of the Nashville Equal Suffrage Association for the first Red Cross campaign. 

Mrs. Eugene Crutcher. State Chairman of Child Welfare for Woman's Commit- 
tee. Council of National Defense, and State Chairman for Parent-Teacher Associa- 
tion, was awarded the Children's Year Medal bv the Child Conservation Section of 
the Field Division of the United States Council of National Defense and the Chil- 
dren's Bureau of the United States Department of Labor, a reproduction of which 
is shown in an illustration with Mrs. Crutcher's picture. 

Mrs. Leo Schwartz answered every call, alwavs performing her dulv with ef- 
ficiency. She worked untiringly, both as an official and private, and as the War 
President of the Council of Jewish Women, Mrs. Schwartz furnished a large number 
of capable workers for every campaign. She inspired to a large degree the large 
amount of work accomplished by the women of her committee. 

Ki-wanis Club, Book Campaign 

Mrs. James S. Frazer. Chairman 
Mrs. Jordan Stokes. Jr.. Chairman of HeadquurteTs 

The Kiwanis Club of Nashville, which did notable work in every movement and 
drive during the war, put on a book drive for the soldiers in November, 1917, with 
Mrs. James S. Frazer serving as Chairman-General. Mrs. Frazer and her commit- 
tee used the telephone system in soliciting books, so that every family in Davidson 
Countv who had a telephone was reached and asked for donations. More than 
10.000 volumes were collected by Mrs. Frazer's workers, who called for the books 
in automobiles and assembled them in the office of Brandau. Craig. Dickerson Com- 
pany, on Fifth Avenue. 

This firm not only gave space for the immense amount of books. Jnit kept a man 
to receive and store them. The large number of Ixioks donated overflowed the 
huge establishment of this generous firm. 

Mrs. Jordan Stokes, Jr., acted as chauffeur for several days in collecting the 
books. Other assistants were Mrs. Frazer's Executive Board of the Nashville 
Woman's Committee. Mrs. Vernon Sharp. Sectional Chairman of East Nashville, 
who had one of the most complete ward organizations in the citv. served as Chair- 
man of the Telephone Committee for the drive, assisted by the members of the Fast 
Nashville organization. 

Mrs. Walter Jones. Airs. West H. Morton and Mrs. Lyon Childress assisted the 
Kiwanis Club members in assorting the volumes. From the numerous expressions 
of appreciation received by the Kiwani Club of Nashville from the soldiers and 
army officials in the camps, no other war work done in the county proved a greater 
personal benefit to the thousands of boys in khaki than the book campaign. 

(301 ) 

nil ID SOX coiyTY roi/AV i .\ the iroHr.n irin. nuii'ji' 

Dii\i(U()n C )iiiilv ( )ri:- iiii '.;iti m. Woman's Cjmmittee 
Council of \;itional I Jcl'cnse 

Mlis. HoiiKin WllviilnN Ni, M,u., I ha,rm,u! 

C, nilt.-i-. CoMiiril nl N.ilinna 

111.- Diivi.lson Couiitv Omanization. W . 
IVlViiM'. ua> oi-ani/.Ml in \u-uA. I'M 7. a 
vill.v A «i>,- rhui.-,- ua- iiKuIr ul>,'„ \1,- 

Wlia.lo,, \i 


(Mamie Kebecca Kidliv i 
MrmlHT ..f A.lviscrv Counril „f llii- 

elected \n tin- . oiints «nin.-n a> lli.-u . hi.-l ,-\,Tuli\r. 
selected Ii.m a> ChainMa.. Inr the caintv. \li~. kalhn 
Vice-Chairmari i)v this i)()dy, Mrs. (^-orpe 11. Williain- 
H. Morton as Treasurer. 

On October 1. 1917, Mrs. Nichol. assisl.-d l,s Mi-. 
the women residents of Davidson County distri( t> il li 
Committee. Cr)uncil of National Defense, on Eifililli \\ 
inp suh-chairmen for the county districts were appmiit 


,rj aii.-a: 

M,-. W. 

\,„il,. ., 

Mis. Ni 


After registration clay, which followed this meeting by one week, over 2.500 
names were recorded as active members, and an organization of all the districts 
of Davidson County was completed. From then until peace was declared the David- 
son County Woman's Committee measured up tn the hiL'hi'st slamlaril- in ethics. 
efforts and results, and its members were nunilierrd amcuii; llic tiici^t |)alii(itic and 
libertv-loving women of Tennessee. 

The following women composed the personnel of the officers of the Davidson 
Countv organization of the Council of National Defense, proving one hundred per 
cent perfect in everv war movement: Mrs. Rachel Jackson Lawrence. Honorary 
Chairman; Mrs. Robert Wharton Nichol, Active Chairman; Mrs. Katherine P. 
\\ right. Vice-Chairman: Mrs. West Humphreys Morton. Treasurer; and Mrs. George 
H. Williams, Secretary. 

Sub-chairmen appointed by Mrs. Nicliol. who were also niendiers of the Ad- 
visory Board, were: 

Mrs. Lemuel R. Campbell. Mrs. Sadie M. Corson, Mrs. James C. Bradford, Mrs. Charles W. 
Baker, .Mrs. W. W. Dillon, Mrs. Adair Lyon Childress, Mrs. Richard T. Wilson. Mrs. Carey A. 
Folk. -Mrs. James B. Totten, .Mrs. Alloway Gray. Mrs. Ellen Marshall. Mrs. Willie F. Acree. Mrs. 
Carey E. Morgan. Miss Mary Lewis, Miss Mollie .\I. Claiborne, and Miss Julia Green. 

The fourteen District Chairmen of the organization were: 

Mrs. William C. Weaver. Second District; Mrs. H. Craig McFarland. Third District; .Mrs. 
Frank D. Fuller and Mrs. Edward Craig, Jr.. Fourth District; Mrs. Thomas Calhoun, Fifth 
District; .Mrs. James K. Rains, Sixth District; Mrs. Charles C. Gilbert, Seventh District; Mrs. 
James A. McHatton. Eighth District; Mrs. James B. Ezzell, Ninth District; Mrs. J. B. Thomp- 
son. Tenth District: Mrs, C. M. Russell. Eleventh District, with Mrs. E. R. Doolittle ai;d Mrs. 
Henrv B. Chadwi-ll ;i^ Sub-Chairmen for Madison and Neely's Bend; Mrs. Frank Horn, Twelfth 
District: Misj. Alyn.- Jordan. Thirteenth District; and Mrs. Count Boyd, Fourteenth District, 
with Mrs. Lizzie Paltnn as Sub-Chairman. 

Miss Margaret Early was appointed by Mrs. Nichol Chairman of the children's 
work of Davidson County, and the work accomplished bv her and her conmiittee 
was very pleasing to officials. 

Reports of Mrs. West Humphreys Morton, the County Organization's Treasurer, 
show that .86.000 was raised by the county districts by means of various campaigns 
for funds and through personal gifts, and that all expenses of headquarters, at 171 
Eighth Avenue. North, were borne by the executives of the Nashville and Davidson 
County Board of the Woman's Conmiittee. 

A sale of the Southern Woman's Magazine on December 1, 1917, by the County 
Organization, assisted by the Boy Scouts and children of the county throughout each 
district, resulted in a generous sum for the treasury. Every member of the organi- 
zation also actively supported this cause. 

On January 1, 1918. a New Year's reception was given at the home of Mrs. .\dair 
Lyon Childress, sponsored by the County Woman's Committee, and a substantial 
sum was realized in the nature of a free-will offering from the guests. 

A brilliant Patriotic Musical was given on March 4. 1918. at the residence of Mrs. 
Frank Carl Stahlman for the benefit of the "Wool Fund." Mrs. Stahlman served 
as Chairman of the Musical, with Mrs. Harry W. Evans as Vice-Chairman and Mrs. 
William C. Hoffman as Chairman of Program. Selections were rendered bv Mrs. 
Thomas H. Malone. Jr., Charles Stratton, Mrs. Milton Cook and Mrs. W. C. Hoff- 
man. Several hundred tickets were sold by Mrs. Stahlman and her committee, and 
the largest donation received by this organization throughout the war was the result 
of this musical. Many new patriotic songs were heard in Nashville for the first 
time at this entertainment. 


/) til I) S O Y C () I .V T y ft O M E V / V THE II O K I. II II -I H. I " I II ^ I ^ 

On Aiifiust 12. Vnn. a l.vtiir.- l.\ an < lii.-f. lllii~lr;il..l l.\ Mi..\i„.j pic- 
tiirt-s. \va^ ■liven at the Knickerhock.M riicalcr. al \a-li\ill.'. and a tier. v\ ill ollciin-r 
for ihe purchase of wool for knittinj; for the Mildi.i- «a- lak.ii, a lari:i- -uni lia\- 
in": been realized and splendid puhlicity jriveii the iniMic icLiaidinu llic iiii<l-- nl ihi- 
-oldiers who were training in the arinv iani|)-. 

On August 24. 1918. the Cmnlv \\,.n,a,.^ C uuHr,- hrld a Tai: \).n In, the 

Wnol Fund and for the first linir in Na^lniilr llir i.irnd,.-,-- ,,| ll„- ll..inr D.-IViim^ 
i.,M"Ur t.M.k an aM,\,- |M,1 in ll„- u.nk ,.1 lai.- 

UIL^ luiuk 1.^ |M,|,ln M,l.~,M,.hon In, W , „ I d 

u,'!,- '„,u|Mr,l l',s ll,r V irn dniin^ the dav. 

,,,hI at M\ ,,M,.,k in ll.r ,-\r„i„.j 111,- .aplain-^ 
,,l llir ll.mir Drtrn-e l.r.v^u.: u illl their eotn- 
,es. met Col. Charles 1.. Ki.ilev at the Ki-hth 
\venue Head<iuarters of the Council of \a- 
lional Defen-e. and were assi^-ned of dutv. 
ulice Ihes -.rxrd .n.lil ten oMnrk. The.,- 

Mnall'r..n,~ irrriv,.! uill, thr d,, nation-, ul.i.h 
,r,|„nr,l I, on,- ,.r uo,k. 

Tlir I.mIm-' ll.'inntaij,' \".Miatl,ui ruu- 
iMJinlrd l.iu.1,,1 the |Mn. !,,,-,■ nl a -.1,1 ,na. liinr. 

,,,,d |i,Mt\ In, thr l.rnrllt ,,l tllr Wool In,,,! ol 

thr ( ,,unt\ Woman'- C.niliiittee. al tin- iv-i- 
driir, ol Ml-, \itluir H. Hansom. Mi» i'.-lhcr 
\i,h..l ua- l',,-nlrnl ,,f the Cotillion CInh .uhI 
\li>s Sarah Shaninm. Tira-nrn. M,-. I'anl !!%.■ 
served as Chairman ..I ihr raid paitv. and M,-. 
Hichard T. Wilson as Chairman ,d I'at.onr-,-. 
A large percentage of Davidson Ct)unl\ - VMimcri 
were inspired to take up war work al lliis iiath- 
ering. Gifts of wool were received hv ihi'^ or-jani/ation from the Tennes<e.- W oman's 
Committee. the Hoard of Home and Foi.ijn K.lirf. uilli Mi- Delia Don, h a- Chair- 
man, and from the Henlon Avenue Ci\ i, (luli. uh,,-,- ni,rnli,i- wrvf. 

Mrs. li. Huplics W.irkc. Chairman: .Mrs. S. A. ( ..n-. Mi-. I I M, W !■ i- Mi- I .lOilin,. 

Hr-II. Mrs. A. L. M.M.rc. Mrs. John T. Laiulis. an,! \li- i;,.!.. n \\l,.,,i,.n \i. I„.t. 

The Palace Hotel Orphans' Fund, of H.d r„iilinj "^i 
Hutler. an ahle r,,nr,lv uo,k.-r of the Flevinlli Di-tii, 1. 
Mrs. S. C. Hridv,u.,i,.,. ,,1 Dixon .Springs. , ,,nlMl,iil,',l 
comforts, tin- Connl\ Organization lat,'i -,nt 1,. I 
■•I,- HirnT-;ire dii I'dc- ■.- ,,1' uhirh M,-. i;,.l.,it \,.l 
man. ami als., assist.'.] uilh it- .,i lm.,,/,,! i, ,n. 

Th. «indo«- ..r Ih.' I„a,l,pi,,it,-i- ,.11 liL^lilli \Mnii.- 
and educali.,nal. D, rii,.i,-ti atn.ii- t., ai.l iii I!. •_■ i-ti .il ion. 
Stales Carden Wo.k. \„t,nN (,ai.l.n-. .1,.. u.n- attia, I 
were also shown time to lime arrangemenis ol . ..ii 
supplies, convalescent supplies and other edu.alion p 
the windows had on d=s[)lay the famous "Hainh.iw S., k 

h Mr-. L.'wi 


A R. Ill 41 9 I 

from the Rainbow Division, on recruiting duty through the South, eonipliniented 
both the workmanship and design of the socks and also the patriotism of the 
county women, during their stay in Nashville. 

A group of soldiers en route to a northern camp was entirely fitted out with 
woolen comforts by the County Organization. Frequent calls from the Nashville 
Chapter Emergency Red Cross Canteen for woolen articles were received and were 
always furnished at a moment's notice. Sweaters, socks and helmets were sent to 
the Home Defense League Headquarters to be used by the members during their 
services in guarding Nashville. The entire Battalion of the 114th Machine Gun 
Company was supplied with complete knitted outfits, and while they were encamped 
in Nashville the soldiers of this I3attalion were supplied with toilet articles. \\Titing 
materials and delicacies prepared in the liomes of the mend)ers of the county com- 

The County \^ Oman's Conunittee made donations to the 
State Expense Fund, the Emergency Canteen Red Cross Fund. 

Oman's Committee 
d tn the American 

(Emma Harrison Gales) 

n It I i>s<).\ c o t \ r Y If o m e v / .n' t ii f. h o k i. n ir ,i h. i'h ti >io 

M.-m..rial Hospital in l->.uur. aiul ^^a^ sponsor for 1{,.1„m1 \,M,.i,l. a Davi.lM,,, 
Ci.uiitv ('.(111 Stai liiio. in tin- l>aviil-.iin CmnlN Mi'iiiDiial Inrul. 

Tliis iMiiaiii/atioii ilt-sigiieil and linaiiifd one nf llic inn-l -uiti — Inl war ii..>li-i- 
of llw \i.lor\ Loan, in uhiih the various war atti\ilH~ ol ihr uonni, ..I i)i\i(N..n 
County «t'rc lealurr,!. an, I uliirli i,'.,i\r,l nali,,nal 

■■ ,m tin- \n>-\rv: 

Kll I' I Mill W nil (11 II IH'V 

lM,x,>of ,!,.li,ari.- ur 
articles. Iiandkc. liirN 
hundred pound- !■! "Id lirn-n 
were also sent. 

Books, niafia/irir-. \mIiii1 
the American llau i rnhc-> .1 
Y. W. C. \. at Soulli in ran 
vidua! soldio <allin.. al h, 

The Connlx Oriianual i.a, 

A i.> ih. 




iki uilh 
\. .nid 











,ii-lMl.utc,l l,v Ih,- ihioirj,,,,,! 1. •„,,--■ 

such Mdr-'l- a- ••K.-i-.tralion.- -V 1 (,nM-'.\.. 

-Health.'" -rU Campaign."" ■•Coniniunh I),- 
and Th.-ir Can-."" "Child Welfar.-."" -Ilr, iralh.n/ 
••Kelijiious Orgai.i/alion nl" Cnniinnnil i.-." 

The Kifrhth \v. ■,,,„■ llcad.pKMl.-,- ,,l the Wo 
Committee. Conn, il ..I \ali.,i,al l)rl,-i,-c. ua- en- 
used as a social < .nlr, uhn,- ,,, ■jani/,il mn nirrlin;^- 
held iulhevarinii- \\.„l.l W ,,, , an,i..,rjn-. 

Mrs. Kob.Tl Wha.lnn \i. I,..l -rixrd a- ->la|c Chaii- ^„„. „, ,. r,„n- 

man of Recreation, and -rxnal laii!i- paliioln irilri- 

tainments were ;.'i\cn in lln' park- nl \a-li\illc imdii hri din-ilh.ii. wliiih icnivcil 
national coninienl. The Mipcr\i>oi- ol pla\iii ..innl- in i lis paik- u ho cidpi-ialcd 
with Mr-. \i(hnl in recreation work uen-: 

Mr-. \l. I'. W.M.Iu,,,,-. C.-nlninial I'ark: Mr-. W . II. Hi, in-. Ka-l Park: Mi-- Mami.- Curran. 

Ilow.-Jl I'ark: \li-s Mariaiina Morcan I'aik; Mi- I -.• Urn.r. Ki.lilan.l Park: Mr>. 

M. W. Kacan. Soiilli I'ark: Mis.^ Lillian MrlJowrll. l;,-,TA..i, f.itk: .Miss I.iuill.- liini.-. M.ri.lian 
i'ark: Mrs. Marllia Spahni. Falli.-rlamI Park: Mi-> K..-,- (;ill,-|Mr. l.iiKJaucr Park; Ml-s \Ii(:nmi 

( .306 ) 

Ill) S O N C O U \'Ty IT () U E V / V T H E W O R I. I) W A H. 19 1 11 'U 9 

rk; \li-- Daisv Black. Kl 


,1 I'l, 

Garfinkle, Watkin 
Rebecca Dudley I'aik. 

Mrs. lia.l a s, 
(•liairiiKinslii|i. si'iil over Tennessee and to llic \^ 
llfi \Miik \sa> liiscri national recopnilion. 

DaviiLson County and the Nashville Conniiittee co-ojjerateJ 
the Patriotic Pageant at Centennial Park on July 4, 1918, whiil 
spectacular ever given in the county, with Mrs. Celia 
Grady Ready and Miss Elizabeth Binford directing. 
The officers of the Home Defense League and Boy Scouts 
acted as a Guard of Honor, and Mrs. Nichol was an ex- 
officio member of all committees. 

Mrs. Katherine P. Wright, Vice-Chairmaii of the 
County Connnittee, maintained a soup kettle in the fac- 
li>r\ ilistri( Is for the benefit of children and adults dur- 
iiii: ihr wiiilci of 1918. The expense of the maintenance 
of tills c(jnifort was borne entirely by Mrs. Wrigl 
the results were far-reaching. 

The County Organization distributed outlines foi 
Sunday .School work in the city, county and state, and 
it was largely due to the efforts of the children of this ^i,^, m,„,;aket kabu 

connnittee that the war work of the organization was 

such a success. Mrs. Ellen Marshall, of the Second District, arranged the outlines 
that were sent by request to many sections of Teimessee, and which are still in use 
in a number of towns. 

The Eighth District workers of the county co-operated with Mrs. John P. Franks" 
Baby Gown Committee in making garments for needy mothers, and in civic relief 
work for the blind, as well as all other campaigns. 

In the patriotic parades given by the City Council 
of Defense, every district of Davidson Countv was rep- 
1, srrilcl. Mrs. Thomas B. Murray, of the Tenth District, 
liriiij General Marshal of the parades, and Miss Evelvn 
l)..u,iilas and Mrs. Rogers Caldwell, Marshals of the 
Si\lli l)i-lii( I. and Miss Margaret Early for the Eleventh 
i)i~liii I. I iuals were driven by various county members 
nf ilic Ciiunril <)f Defense, one of the most effective bein_i 
I lia\ wagon drawn by four large mules and driven by 
\li-. Ciaig McFarland, costumed in an outfit of overalls 
and ^uldJonnet, which was characteristic of the sacrifice 
Mrs. McFarland gladly made in all war work. A French 
float representing "LaFayette, We Are Here," imperso- 
nated by Miss Elizabeth Binford, Miss Martha DeBow, 
Mv and Miss Mildred Gray, was especially admired. The float 
anc fd by the County Committee as World War propaganda, 
men successfully represented phases of the countv"s war work 

Miss Alice Hall 1. 
was designed and 
The following 
in these parades: 
.Mrs. West H. M 
Mrs. Granville P. R( 
Mrs. C. M. Russell. 

n. Mrs. Roller 
.Mrs. \V. B. C 

.Nicliol. Mr 
Miss Melinc 

^ Charles W. Baker, Mrs. ,1. 
la Timmniis. Miss .\lberta Do 

l>llll)SO\ COiMY llOME\ /.V THh WORLD UAK. I " I II <H 9 

and Mrs. Andrew Jackson, whose picture appears in llie upper richl-lian<l corner. 
"Liltlc Rachel." who appears in ihc center, is .Mrs. liachel Jackson Lawrence. Honoi 
of the County Woman's Conimillce and a prcal comfort in Geneni!'ioii''; Im 
Ilermitas-c is Kicaled in the communities of the .Second. Third. Fomili .in. I liflli .1 
county and was the inspiration of much of the splendid work accompli-h. .1 li\ ili. ( .. 
Committee in this section. 


D A III) S O N C <) I N T y «• () M E N I A' T II F. W () A' /. I) HI H. I '> I I- 1 91 9 

1,\ \li~. WVm 



In every street celebration in Nasliville, from liu' Innliliulil |]riiii--si(in I'di 

William G. McAdoo, during the Second Liherty Loan, lo llic iin\iilinji ol tin- (;ol( 

Star Flag, at the Tennessee State Capitol, Noveniliii. 

1918. the County Organization was actively represented. 
Lectures on every phase of World War and iivi( 

work were given under the auspices of the Coniits 

Woman's Committee. These were delivered at >i liool- 

houses, churches and comnmnity meetings. Anioni: the 

lecturers were: 

Miss Louise G. Lindsley. Vice-Chairnuin l,,i \l„l,ll,. IVnnes- 

see. State Woman's Committc..: Mrs. ];..l..n \\li,,it..„ Ni,-|,„l. 

Mrs. James C. BnHlfn,,!. \I,-, K;,il„,,„, I', Wnjii. \li~. II. II. 

Cii.rsi.n. Mrs. .Iain.-- K I;:mii- \Ii- ( Iim I. - W i;,,;,,. Mrs. C. 

II. Williams. Mr-. W.-i II Mm,i,,,i \1i- I vm, I lil 

Jam.- B. Tollen. Mi-. Crai- M.larljiMl. Mi- Mull 

an,! .Mr^. Granville P. Rose. 

Another educational feature of the work of the ^i^.^ ^^,^^^ ^^^^^^^ 

County Woman's Committee was the organization of 

'"Community Sings" at all public gatherings in the counlv and in the \ashville parks. 

under the direction of Mrs. Robert W. Nichol and iiei hoard, iiotaldv those of the 

Powder Plant, upon request of the Official Recreation Committee of the Powder 

Plant, and those of the Tennessee State Fairs of 1917 and 191o. 

Corn and pig clubs were organized for the county boys and tomato and canning 

clubs were started for the girls by the County Council, and ihis work proved a 
great benefit to the youth of Davidson Countv in 
reconstruction work. 

The ]iulilic -I hool teachers of Davidson County 
\scie amoiiu the most efficient supporters of this 
oiganizdtion. always being willing to co-operate in 
an\ measuie and helping materiallv in the forma- 
tion of Thrift Stamp and W. S. S'. Clubs and all 
(;ther patiiotic movements. They aided the County 
Oiganization bv reporting destitute cases among the 
cchool children, for whom the district committee 
furnished books and clothing wherever necessary. 
\o child was allowed to remain out of school for 
want of proper clothing if reported to this organi- 
zation, whose able district committees were at all 
times ready for all war emergencies. 

After the signing of the Armistice the Davidson 
County Woman's Committee reorganized for World 

W^ar memorial work, and the officers, board, and district chairmen of this organiza- 
tion constituted the Davidson County Woman's Association for perpetuating the 

memory of the deeds of the heroic boys in service during the World War. 

District Chairmen and workers who made possible the splendid record of the 

County Woman's Committee were: 

Second District — Mrs. \^illiam C. \^'eaver. Chairman. Her Suli-Chairmen were: 


P I I I l>S() \ C O I MY ir OM E .V / \ 7 // A II (> H I. I) If .1 K. I <> I 41 ') I <) 

Mr-. Janu-;^ Morrow, Coiichvill.-: Mr^. W . M.Cl.ri.lnn. Sinill. S|Min^: \li~. 1!. K. IIII.ImII. 
M..,M.i Vifw: Miss Roberta Brilry.; ami Mi>s Jan.' Tinn„n. Arlinfilcr. ( hutvh. 
\^'orkers in lliis disliiit who aiiswcrrcl every eall were: 

Mrs. Elk-ii Marshhall, Mrs. W. C. .\iuU-rson. Mrs. F. L. Smith. Mi>. 1.. It. < am|.l.,ll. \1,>. 

l),iiipM-v \\,a%.r. Mrs \\ra%rr Harris. Mrs. Thomas Weaver. Mr-. Will i;,, Mrs. .|o 

lir.r.l. \li-. .\. II. Ilar-li. Mr-. .Ml.erta Douglas. Mrs. I'aul Flemin;;. \li- M.iiv I .inning, \li-. 

Klizaheth I?.i!:le. Mrs. W. G. Bogle. \li-. ,1. I , Tinnon, \li>. C. 

I 1 A. Killviiifiton. Mrs. l.vtle Brown. \1.-. \1. \1. MeLaoi^hliii. 

J^ Mrs. Andrew .MeLaii^lilin. Mr-. .la-ii. - W.,lkr,. \li-, K.l Hill. 
^ Mrs. llarrv Graham. Mi-. I. II. Mill.,. M,-. II. F. .-^wr.nev. 
^^ Mrs. Fmmett l>rv..r. Mi-. W . K. Ni.l,..!-..,,. M,-. (Hli,- Graham. 
^^B Mrs. llarrv F.iil.ank-. M.-. .^. .1. MmmK. M,-. ( . K. G..!!-. Mr-. 
V \. --. M, \lali.m. \l,-. U,,i K,„^. Ml- \KuIhII, W.ilkri. aiol 
W Ml- -„-„. MiM.M. 
* //„/,/ I), .inn Mr-. 11. Crai'^ \l. Farlaii.l servd a- 
llir ,,Mr Ch.nnnali. lie, SnI .-( ;Ik,m mh„ urn- 
Mi-, \1. M. ( iM.k.ii. M,-, \>il,in I .l».n^l-. Ml- Will Gris- 
,(..1,1. Ml-. II ll.,i-li. Ml- »., \ IJ.Il. Ml-. W. \. Hart^i-. Mr-. 
W K.l l.ini.r. Ml-. I.i. IM.ill,,.-. .1, . Ml- K. II. M.-. Sam 
■^^^ ,s^^,.,ll,•^. Mi-. Will Sulll;:lr^. Mi-. D.i,,,.-,^ W.av.i. Mr-. 
^^ lam.- WlnlUMith. Mi- Xhu-.ii.-l liii,kl.\. Mi- N.ll I'nw.ll. 


uar urir Mr-. M. I .nLiiul .hmI lirr . 

amoii-i the pioneer wnrk.-r- ,,l llir ,,,unl\ in llnl (an- ,,ii,l u.-rr .i, 
paiL-ns throufihiiiil iIh^ \\nrl,l W ,,r . 

Joe Phillips. .1... iIm.uJi one nt llir vnunL'esI -,,M„-,- in llie , niin 

Fourth Dislnrl Ml-. K.ulirl ,1.1. k-un l.auirn.r. Il,„i,.,ai\ ( 
{••rank D. Fuller. Mi-. (a.ii.. |i.. Mi-, .loin. T. Ihiuli 
•lliri, .-iil.-Cliairineii. all ..I ulioni u,,ik,'.l inilinntiU 

Ml-, ( l..,il.- \. HiHiliii. Ml-. Anna ^iiiilli. Mi-. W. W 
iniiin-li.iln. Mi-. Will I)mI,-,,,i, Mr-, Kil.l I'.ak.l. Ml-, Inhii I, 
n.|.l-n„, M,-, („-.,i^,. |,.,|„,. Ml-. M.ii^.inl l|,inl,i-..i, 
ll.lll-n„. Ml- Ka.hrl ,s„iilli. Ml- (,l,av.-. Ml- I,,, 1,1 
iRith. .Miss Lena (nut;, II. Ml- KMaiImiI, Fiiil.i. .in.l Mi- 
na Williamson. 

The faet thai ihi- -li-lrid \ 
n.-s,.,.-.< heloved Inn. ol lli.- 
women war worker- i.l llii- r 
Third and Fmirlli Di-linl-. I. 
of nalriiili-ni. The u..,k a. 
.n-.lit lo (,rnei,il \ihImu ,1 
whi.h h.- loidd haw jiislK I. 

/'////( Distrirl — Counts W . 

l.v Mr-. Th.'in.-.s Calln.iin ,,- ( Ji.iim.i.iii. al- 
leader and worker in .ill \\.\i ilii\(- nl lln- n, 
in iiiakiri<r this di-lii'I nwr nl lln- iminu'- In- 

.Mrs. H„l„.ri Uril.v. Mi-, („.,„^,. ,| -, Mi- ||, ,, 

Ml I'lierMm. -Mrs. A. J. Shell. m. ami Mr-. lin 
.Mrs. Calhoun also eo-o|)erated wilh I he wi 
the drives and campaigns during the uar. 

( .-510 ) 

h.ilnl., 1-. M. 

O A i 1 1) S N C 01 N T 1 WOVEN IN THE W R 1. 1) W A R. I'll 4-1 ') 1 • 




James Keeble Rains. Chainiian of this district in all its many war activities is seated in 
the center <if the picture on the first row. To the right, is Mrs. West H. Morton and to the 
left, Mrs. W. B. Cook. Standing, left to right are: Mrs. R. K. Landis (Olive Turrentine), Miss 
Alberta Douglas, Miss Malinda Timmons. Mrs. Marshall Polk (Annie Sperry Hill), and Miss 
Aline Harsh. Mrs. Polk was the pioneer organizer of Red Cross work in this district. 

IS. Chairman, and Mrs. West Humphreys 
iili-Chairmen appointed by Mrs. Rains were: 
\1.~. \Ln-hall Polk. .Mrs. A. E. Douglas, Miss 

1-. W. 


\l. W 

Mrs. J. M. Prit. 
hitvrlt. \li-- \1 

Sixth />!s/r;r/— Mrs. James K. Rt 
Morton, Seecretary and Treasurer. The 
Mrs. A. B. Chapman, Mrs. Carlos liu. I 
Jennie Oglesby Turrentine. .Mrs. W. B. ( .i. 
W. H. Tanksley, Mrs. R. K. Landis. Mr-. C 
mons, and Miss Alberta Douglas. 

Social centers were: Rains Schonl. Tiiiiier Schcxil and (Antral llii^h S. hnoL 

The following women of the Sixth District made a record of lOd per cent in all 
war relief work, starting with the first call for service and never failing in their ef- 
forts until the need for same no longer existed: 

Mrs. D. Carlos Buell. .Mrs. 0. E. Douglas, Mrs. J. M. W hii-iii. M,-. W . II. T.nik.l.x. Mrs. 
R. K. .Landis, Mrs.. W. B. Cook, Mrs. Holland Tigert. Mr-. I.. J. (:al.l«,ll. Mr- A. L. Mn. 
Mrs. W. O. Miller. Mrs. M. F. Clements. Mrs. S. J. Best. Mr-. Ani.lia W.-l-li. M,-. ( :. K. Smith. 
.Mrs. R. N. Williams. Mrs. E. D. Wheeler, ^trs. W. H. Stump. Mr-. llr„,N la. k-.n. Mr-. |n!m 
Boll Whitsett. Jr., Mrs. George D. Waller, Mrs. S. W. Abbev. Mr-. Inliii ilnli. Mr-. \. H 
Bayer, .Airs. John Allison, IVlrs. Jack Anderson. Mrs. Berry Miilir..,,. Mr-. \an Millir..ii. Mrs. 

(311 ) 

4 1 1 1) SO v c <> I \ T y r o m f. v / v r h /■: ir o r i. d ir t h. i " i imo 

ili-lrirl. To tl.r l.-fl. Mr> 
Mrs. H. Harsh ( L...1 llu, 
-Nannie ( Kmnia Davidwm 

(;. B. (:ha|)man. \Ir~. W ilr^ Sim-. Mr-. Jam.-s Naiini.'. Mi-. .1 ( , r.-inMifl.m. Mi- I- |..rr„c,. 
liusswurni. Mrs. II. Ilar-h. Mr-. Mallir >n,n,-.- .\ln...n.l. Mi-, \l,,„r,., V.:n,,. \|i- \| u-mh-I 
SIlUl.-. Mis.^ J.-nnir lull. Mil,,.-. \li-> li„rli,ll,- 1(11,11. M,- ll,/,,!..!', I.,i,.-I,v. \I,- l',,„lrm-,- 
I' Miss .Marv Kraiwvs M,.rl,,i,. Mis- \nn.- I lum|,l,ivv - M„rl..ii. Mi- M.ilin I., I iinii,..,,-. Mi- 
.AIlM-rla Di.uplas', Miss Saniniir \aiini.-. Miss Ilurd. Mis- .\i|.-,i, ll.i,-h \1,- U,,-.- .|,,-lii,. 
Mi-s Kalli.-rinr Bow/.-r. Mi- Minn.. I'arn.^. Miss .Vimir I.rr .la. k-..,i. Mi- --,,-i, ( ,ill,-i.i,-. 
Mi- Marian TaiiksUn. Mi- II, In, l)i,kiii-nn. Mi- Marllia Di.k.n-,.,,. ,,n,l M,- \l,.,- M, • 

This u;is one nl' ill.- I.anner di.slricts of llir Cmmu ()i-aiii/,ilion. \ JaiLM-r 
anioiinl of money lor war |)iir|)OSP.s was collrrli-,! li\ ihi- ,li-liiil lliaii ua- i.illrrlcd 

of ihi- (!o\vti-loutl .scclioiis ol \a-li\illi-. ulinli u, 


This (lislrift also won .several honors in ihr \.iii..ii- ,1mm-. Mi-, l.inic - k. IJain- 
provetl an able h-a<ler and worker eaeh dav nl ih, \\,.,l,l War. \li-. K.iin-- ■■|,il„ilv 
fiirls."" an orjiinii/ation of this distrirt. was an ascsl |,> ih ■ niliir muiilv. 

Srv,;uh Dislrirl^Wrs. Charh-s C. C;ill)erl was llir lra,l,r. and al-,. an ef- 

D .4 I I DSU .\ C (> I .\T Y ir <> M E A / A' T H K 

Kl.l) H I H. I'll II 

t~ A. \1. HiiruN 

Mrs. James H. Bainl. Mrs. \Mlliani Carr. Mrs. Sam Buchanan. Mrs 
Cunwav Ilu-li.-s. Mrs. J. M.mroe Haves. Mrs. Carev A. Mrs. Clare 
!\IelMtMe. Mr.. I.ercv .McGregor. Mrs. William Ogden. Mrs. Plielps Smi 

DiHllev Gale. Mrs. 
re Luek. Mrs. Will 
. ana Mrs. Dnnal.l 

voik amoiiL' 

This was one of the largest of the districts and the most suicessfiil 
the schools in the county was led by Mrs. Gilbert in this district. 

Eighth District — Mrs. James McHatton. Chairman: Mrs. A. H. Harvey, First 
Vice-Chairman ; Mrs. S. W. Schlater, Second V ice-Chairman: Mrs. Travis Stroud. 
Secretary; and Mrs. Walter Riddle, Treasurer. 

Mrs. McHatton and her Eighth District Committee wen- one hundred per cent 
in all campaigns during the war. and also did Red Cross work. 

Mrs. McHatton"s Sub-Chairmen were: 
Mrs. W. L. Arnold, Mrs. Joseph Gilliland. .Mrs. Rankin. Mrs. E. A. Savage. Mrs. 
W. J. Dozier. Mrs. P. S. Sexton. Mrs. J. H. Putnam. Mrs. G. D. Hudson. Mrs. E. J. Adkinson, 
Mrs. W. I. Bell, Mrs. Theodore Sloan, Mrs. Warren B. Sloan. Mrs. Sam Jordan. Mrs. C. Hob- 
son Smith, Mrs. J. W. Thompson. Miss Louise Bell. Mivs Ruth Bell. Miss Helen Ma.l.l.ix. Miss 
Brownie Turner, Miss Martha Althauser, Miss Janie ^n.illi. Mi-- 1,1a Bell Wright. Mis, May 
Tritchier and Miss Susie File Turner. 

^Irs. W; 

Id this 



I) II I US (I \ <<H\T) l!()MF.\ I .\ THE WORLD lliht. I " I I! <> I ' 

\,nth Dislrul wa> l.d l.v Mi>. James H. F./.ll a- (hainnan. aiu] ih,- T.'i 
Dislnrt. .M,>. J. 15. Tli.>m|is,M. >.TV,-,1 as Cliairnian. an.l M,.- Maiiiai.-I riioinp- 
\ iic-Cliairmaii. These tun di-tiin- -ir\,cl ji.irilK. 

The f.-llowinj.' women u..,k,-,l ,n ,\e,A , a,n|.ai,i^,i an, I ,lri\, tlnnudioul ih,- v 
petin.l. (■..verins; the v .,t the Ninth ami Tenth Di-I.j. I- 

Mi>. 1!. 1'. Hull. .11. \l.v 11. l;. Will, ,,,„-. Ml-. \. 
l!r,.«M. \lr<. Sum Kvmiil:. \Ii- M.iu.I \ \li-> 

(;..«,T. Mis Ma I..',- t;..... \ll~- S.nllr llrlll,,. Ml-. I. 
■Ih..,M|,-nll. \li,v OUl M,|. I'mII-. \1i-- (,.,.,ul,. M.(..| 

\lr>. Wall.-r i;..liii.-..i.. \li-. ( . 1 . .|..-li,i, M,-- M,,.- 
.l.r-..i,. \!i-- \Ia.i-ii. .l.-liii. Mi- li.ll!. Ml.". M.-. .1. 
Mill-. anJ Ml- MaM I ,.,, I 'i„k.-. Ion. 

Mi- Th,.m|.-,.n sn,,,-~fulh h-,1 
.li~!ii.t in s,.\eial iah.Tlv .•ain|,aiL.n-. , 
Mis- Sa(li<- Heirin «a- al-.. an ani.-nl u..rk,i 

llrrriilh Dlslrirl 
. an.l Ml-, i:. C 

. II.M1\ 11. Cll.l.l 

„,■ III .■v.i\ .Im\ 

Ml-. ( 

■I.- Mi- 

. M. Ill 

. \ 1. .-.CI 
1. II. 1 

;.-.l (a,.- 

.•\. .-1 


X MM.I.ilaknr.; ,1 

nn, :j Ih,- 

uai |..T 


l.\hna t!rid(..r.l, 

ciistiiets. The pionee.- kiiilliiiL; nnil ,.l lln- , ,)iinl\ wa- in llii- . 
Woikers assisting Mrs. Russell a. id h.-r Siih.Chaii man 
.Mrs. K..1..TI Kr.-nch. Mr.s. Haskell Kif;hl.... Mi-. \l.. W, II, .,„,-. \li-. 

Talbot. Mrs. .\. K. Fisher. Mrs. R. .M. Du.ll.v. \Ii-. \ I. \nil,M,iv. \1,- 

l.,M \a.i;:lin. Mr-. I!. I.. W iik,-r-„n. Mr-. I. I", lari.l.x . Mi- 

W. W. Has.-. \Ii>> l)ai-N (;.inM. an.l Mi- Fran..- k'.k 


.Miss Daisy Cnnn l.-.l th.- ,li-lri, I in l!.-,l (a,,- 

activities and «a- an -n|i|..ii l.-r ..1 .x.ix 

|.ha.-.; of war «.,rk. 

Th.- •/■»,-///// Dislnrl ua- -n.-.a — InIK l.-.l hv 

M,-. Iiank II. an. Chaiinian. 11. -r ."-nh-t ihairn,. i 

Mr-. .1. (;. Cr.-v.-linj... Jr., Mr-. F,.,T.-1 Crali.nn. Mi- 
M. V. -slnan. Mr-. -Vr.h Hi-I,,.,,. Mr-. Tl, ( :. ]<.s. Mi- 
Will .^h.-.-l/,. Mr-. Anna Hall. Mr-. I>. M. Taml.l. . M,- 
l.illii.a l)..vle. Mi-^ .\.-t.i,- J..r.lan. M,- I!. — ,, liak.,. M, 
i'.-arl Gillam. an.l Miss Lena Taml,!.- 

-Mrs. Th.,mas C. .|.,v led llu- ,1,-lri.I i„ W . >. s 
work. Mr-. Frank l|.,rn an, I ihi- . ..innni I.-.- u.-:.- 
s.i.-re>>fnl u,„k. ,- n, .a.-iv i.Ii.-F .hu.- an, I all 
.ampai^.n- .,! lli,- In,-\ l..,an-. an.l ,.l-., ,h.l 
-ph-ndid u..rk in ih. 11. -.1 (a.,-. 

Thirlrrnlh Dislnrl Mi- \l\n.- .l.a.lan. Cliaiin 
Mrs. W . W . Cue. .\ssi-tants. 

Mis- .loidan se.vr.l a- <:iiairnian ..I ihi- . 
jiaign ihroiijihout the war. always uith -ii< . .— and pi 

( :5l t I 

D A I' I DSO N C O t ,V T 5 If (> M F. N IN THE W O K I. D W A R. 191 i-1 9 I 9 

(Mary Boy 

J. Funlaiiu". Mr?. 
Mrs. Allen Milli-r. 
Catherine Fontaine 

Fourteenth District — Mrs. Count Boyd. Chairman, who also organized the first 
Red Cross unit in this district. 

Mrs. Boyd was also Chairman for other campaigns for war relief in this district. 
winning laurels for her district and the county at large. 

Her Sub-Chairmen, to whom she gives credit for much of the success achieved 
bv this distirct, consisted of: 

Mrs. W. L. Earthman. Mrs. A. B. Graves. Mrs. E. A. McCord. Mrs. F. 
F. J. Graves. Mrs. A. P. McConnell. Mrs. 0. L. Grimes. Mrs. Georae Hunter. 
Miss Nell Earthman. Mrs. M. E. Fontaine. Mi-ss Courtney Fontaine. Miss ( 
Miss Maggie Hunter. Miss Edith Grimes, and Mrs. F. Lee Grimes. 

Mrs. O. L. Grimes was one of the most faithful workers of the countv and tlie 
Misses Fontaine were loyal workers in several drives of the W. S. S. and Red Cross 

The Davidson Countv \^'oman"s Committee. Council of National Defense, which 
was the pioneer county World War organization, participated throughout the entire 
war in all Liberty Loan campaigns, W. S. S. drives. Red Cross and otlrer war relief 
campaigns, ably led bv its chairman. Mrs. Robert Wharton Nichol. The countv 
women worked under difficulties that the city women did not experience, inasmuch 
as thev often had to go over miles of territory to canvass for various campaigns. 
Yet they never fell short of their city sisters in results obtained. 

Mrs. Charles W. Baker, an official of the Countv W^onian's Committee, was the 

only woman member in Tennessee of a national organization of writer 
voted the entire products of their pens during the war td puMiiiU w 
World W^ar activities only. She was appointed to this |iii-itiiiii 
Townie. national official. K number of Mrs. Baker "s articles wt 
various periodicals of the country. 

The late Mrs. Sarah Catlierine Miller, mother of Mrs. Lucy Mt 
ville. was one of the staunchest patriots and ablest workers of the women World 
War workers for Davidson County. She knitted for the Confederate soldiers and spent 

who de- 
ivork alona 
Charles H. 

.f \;i 

most of her time knitting for the David 
National Defense, for the soldiers of the 
curred on the thirtieth of October. 191 

Countv Woman's Committee. Council of 
rid War. Before her death, which oc- 
le finished one hundred one pairs of 

( 315 ) 

D,iiii)S()\ coiyiY no \i 1-: \ i\ r n h. ironi.i) war. ]" 111919 

LiiiKinv (;iKi,s til- >i\rii dimkk 1 \\ti\i \\^ ( (i\i\ii in 1; 1 M)i;ii 

THK SI PKKMSION OK \IK>. .1 Wll^ KII.IM I i;\l\^ 

Sealed in fnmt. left to ri{;llt. Miss Ro.Ihii, I;,,,!. \l,-~ M.dnMl.i I i-, 

and Miss Kalherine Bowden. Standin;:. \li^~ i;,.-,, ,|m-I,,i .iii,I \1.-- ,^ii~i,- 
Gillespie. Miss Timmons served as vice-, Iwiunan ,.| lli, ai-ljul l,.i llu- 
War Savin;;s Work. 

socks. Tl... 1 

eaMlllMl Itai. 

lm« , 


well a.s a lar 

je i.urnl.r, ,, 




kliille.i I.N Mr-. Miller, as 


^^^^H ' ^P 


I 1 

\k,ii-, ijMjt"'" ^ 





The children appearing in the first row are Beatrice Fergerson, Mary Elizaheth Freeman and 
Eleanor Clark. J. O. Clark stands to the right. 

Those in second row. left to right are: Mrs. J. Herman Hitt, Mrs. C. W. Dean (Alice Light- 
ner), Mrs. Thomas Bundy. Mrs. Rohert M. Dudley {.\melia Stephens), Chaimran of the unit. 
Mrs. Lewis F. Butler (Jessie Durham I. Secretary of unit; next to her .Mrs. Witherspoon Hayes 
(Mary Shaffer), and Mrs. H. C. Philips (Pearl Parker). Second row. Mrs. J. A. Tyner (.Sallie 
Mims), Mrs. Owen and Mrs. William Freeman (.Mary Hargrove). 

Third row. Mrs. Harrv Rene Lee (Alice Fox). Mrs. Joseph Montgomery (Keith Hughes). 
Mrs. Wilbur Creighton (Amelia Dudley). Mrs. W. E. Campbell ( Mi>s Hitt). and Mrs. William 
Blankenship (Mary Draper). 

Left lo righl. .Ml-- \1, 
Harvey (Bessie Dnzier). Mr 
and Miss Eva Bell. 

nil 1 1) s () \ c () I .V T ) II (> M A v / 1 ■/ // r. n o r l i> n a r. i <> i ii 9 , 9 

REED-HILLS130R0 SCHOOL. TK\< HI i;s WD I'l I'll n. >ri,IM.. I'M; 
This school, which was located in the S.v, nil, |I,-im. l .ni,l l,,l |,^ \l,-. Cliarlr. 
Cliairnian of Couiitv Woman's Coimiiltlcc. did ,\i .iiln.iial \Miik in all »a[ iclici dri\ 
tl.r Junior n.-partni.-nl. Nashville Chapter A. K. C. 

n A V I nSON COUNT Y r O M E N in the If ok LI) WAR. 1914-1919 

Nashville Division, Woman's Committee, Conncil 
of National Defense 

Mrs. James S. Frazkk. (Jiu 
Mrs. John W. Thomas. Chuir 

nan Irnn, July. 1917. I„ .Ipril. 191,", 
,n Innn ipril. 191 !!. iinlil cl.Kse oj n 

On Jiil\ 20. 1917. Mrs. James S. Frazer, Tei)i|)oraiy Chairman of the Nashville 
Division of the W oniairs Committee, called a mass meeting of women at the Ten- 
nessee State Capitol to effect a permanent organization for the citv of Xashville. 
The Nashville organization comprised the twenty-four vvaids ol the ciu. and was 
operated as a separate and distinct body from 
the county organization of the Woman's Com- 
mittee, which comprised the fourteen districts. 
Each of these organizations reported through 
the State Committee. The meeting at the Slal<' 
Capitol, which was presided over by Mrs. Janic- 
S. Frazer. resulted in the following permanent 
organization of the Nashville Woman's Com- 

Honorary Chairman — Mrs. E. W. Cole. 

Acting Chairman — Mrs. James S. Frazer. 

Vice-Chairman — Mrs. Henry Teitlehaum. 

Secretary — Miss Mary Ratterman. 

Treasurer — Mrs. Alexander Fall. 

Correspondins Secretarv — Mrs. R. L. Ken 

The Sectional Chairmen elected were: Norlli 
Nashville. Mrs. R. E. Porter: East Nashville. 
Mrs. Vernon Sharp. South Nashville, Mrs. E. C. 
Wright, and West Nashville. Mrs. Verner Moore 

Committee Chairmen, appointed by Mr>. 
Frazer. were: Registration. Mrs. John R. Ausf ^'" V\ni'ir l!«.Vi ' " 

Food Production and Conservation. Mrs. Charles 

Caldwell: Home and Allied Relief. Mrs. John W. Thomas; Finance, Mrs. Horace 
G. Hill: Educational Propaganda. Mrs. Kendrick Hardcastle; Child Welfare, Miss 
Cornelia Barksdale; Social Service, Mrs. David Rosenfeld: Conservation of WouT^n 
Labor, Miss Katherine Morris; Health and Sanitation, Mrs. Walter L. Jones: Pub- 
licity, Mrs. Reuben M. Mills; Conservation of Moral and Spiritual Resources. Mrs. 
Arth TraW'ick; Bureau of Speakers, Mrs. Ittie Kinney Reno: and Courses of Instruc- 
tion for Women, Miss Mary Pleasants Jones. 

On the evening of September 24. 1917. the Nashville Woman's Committee and 
the Davidson County Woman's Committee invited the citizens of Nashville to join 
them in a mass meeting in honor of the Tennessee soldiers who were encamped at 
Nashville at that time, and who had been ordered to a Southern camp. The meeting 
was held at the Rynian Auditorium with appropriate exercises, and several thousand 


I) 11 I I) so V C O I V T y If O M F. V / V THE W OR I. I) ir A K. n> I II " I < 

peo|.U- ranu- lo M,l llu- > farewell and (iud >\h;;\. V.^<■,^ I)avi<ls<.n Countv 
soldier was |)ri>int(J witii a eoniplete comfort kil. wliirli ( inaiiv useful 

articles, l.v the \a-luillr W o.nairs Cununitte.'. 

riii- ua- the ln>l l.iii u,.,k uiul,-,lakr„ 1,n liie 

\a>luille ..,,;;atii/ali..t.. 

\1,-. .|..1,„ 11. \nM ua- a|.|M.inlr,l \,^ \\v<. 

,1 ,| u. 

.iainr. -. 1 , 

l/rl ,1- 


,,r 111,- uninr 

, nt |)a\ 
llrl, \a- 


eidil llinu-a 

ul. Mr- 


War. I. \li-- riir.. Siruct:- an. I Mrs. Arthur T. Jar\ 
Tliirl.Mnlli War.l. \li>. W . II. Tanksley; Fourtcenlli 
Mf.ini; Ki(l.-,iilli Ward. .Miss Gladys Wilson and M 
I!. A. Griffin and .Mrs. Koliert Longluirst; Seventh. n 
Ward, .Mrs. Thomas W. fiarpentcr; Nineteenth War 
Williams: Twentieth Ward, Mrs. D. F. Allen; Twents 
Mr-. Hill MeAlisler and Mrs. A. G. Brandau; Tw 
Ward. Mrs. Charles Hrenjileman : Twenty-third War.! 
C. Chaml.erlain and Mrs. W. Meredith Goodlett: 
Ward. .Mrs. Lit .Malone and Mrs. N.-il S. 
I'laee. Mrs. [lenders.. n Fiak.r an. I Mrv W 

In 1017. a nia>> nn-.lir 
..f arousinj: onlhu-iaMi, m r.-ji-li ali..i 
\ille. and was prr^.l-.i ..v.-i \•^ Mr-. 
\ i(f-(;hairnian ol ihi' \a-li\ill.- ..iiia 
were made by the oflicial- ..I lli.- -la 
\\oinan"s connnitlees. and him. Ii iiilir 

On the same dav a 111 aiiir 
llie Nashville Commilt.-e. ,,- 
li.e joint .l.airmanship ol M— I'n. m- Wan,.-, 
fiernard Fenslerwald. The willinfrness of the 
fill ihe plaees left vacant by the men enter 
parade bv means of various vehicles, such as i 
stretcher bearers and aiiibulanr cs. o| 
s-lreel car throu'di one ol ibc -tncl- . 

n.4VIDS0^' co^■^'Ty somen in the world riK. i" 14-19 19 

Floats, representing every known occupation, were featured. This parade was sev- 
eral miles in length, in which not a man appeared. This extraordinary demonstra- 
tion created great interest in registration and also in war activities engaged in later. 

Registration Day was held on October 13, 1917. which resulted in pledges from 
12.236 women of Davidson County ready to assist the Government in case of need. 

On October 28, 1917, under the general chairmanship of Mrs. Horace G. Hill, 
Finance Chairman of this organization, and Mrs. Reuben Mill-. Pulijii itv Chairman, 
the members of the Nashville Woman's Committee sold the Smula\ tilition of the 
Nashville Tennessean on the streets, which was a patriotic donation from the news- 
paper management. A section of this paper was devoted to the historic and current 
events of the National, State and Local Woman's Committees of the Council of 
National Defense. Miss Madge Hall served as editor of the paper, and Mrs. Reuben 
Mills furnished all data. Mrs. Horace G. Hill and her committee of girl newsies 
sold 10.000 copies of this paper, netting over S2.500 to the treasury. Through the 
courtesy of B. C. Edgar and the Railway and Light Company, the girls were permitted 
to sell papers on all Nashville street cars without fare charges. The chairmen of the 
sales forces appointed by Mrs. Horace G. Hill and their committees were: 

Chairman for West End section of Nashville. Mrs. W. W. Crandall: Committee: 

Mrs. Henderson Baker, Mrs. P. A. Murray, Mrs. Jeff PuUen, Mrs. J. T. Altman. Mrs. Edwin 
-Murray, Mrs. Ferdinand Kuhn, Mrs. John Henry Smith. Mrs. Johnson Brandsford. and Mrs. 
Robert Bratton. 

Chairman for North Nashville, Miss Marv Smith: Committee: 

Mrs. Henry P. Fritz. Mrs. M. M. Ginn, Miss Flora Porter, Mrs. J. C. Lusky. Mrs. R. E. 
Porter. Mrs. Andrew .Mackenzie, Miss Ethel Moxley. and Miss Alice Edwards. 


nAiinsoy cointy if omen in the noRiD war. i9ii-i919 

Chairman for East Nashville, Mrs. Harry Murphy: Committee: 

Mr:^. Ira P. Clark. Mrs. Charles S. Ficher. Mrs. H. B. Parrish. Mrs. llarvev llnli.rt, Mrs. 
Cla<lv< M. Cliamberlain. Miss .\nna Reid Dicks, Mt<. J. F.. Kstis Miss Onrotliy Clark, ami Miss 
Pauline Cave. 

Cliairniaii for SoutJi .Nashville. Mrs. J. \. SIcuiIvmII : (■.ininiillri-: 

Mrs. .\rllmr Cm.n.v. Mrs. Paul Rviiian. Mrs. Willis llil/.int:. .Mrs. George Dean. .Mrs. Alex. 

Irvin-. Mrs. H. A. CriniTi. \lr~. K..l„rt LongliursI, Mrs. \V. C. Phillips. .Miss Jennie Mai Mc- 

Uuidily. .Miss Apnes Kuhn, and Miss .Mary J^teadwell. 

(^Iiiiirnicii for Central Nashvilli' and Husiiiess 

Smioii. Mrs. James S. Fra/er an.l Mi^, KruI.en 

Mill-: Cnin.nillee: 

\ll-. W. W. l)lll..,i. \1,.. l)ui;;lll WrI.l,. Ml., K. 15. 
I ..11-. \li-. TliMin.i- I'.iikr.. Ml-. Ia,,„ ( Iii1,Ii,— . Mrs. 
I.l,il..ll.- \\il-..n. \1,.. ilainill..ii l,..v,. Mi- Kruhen 
Mill-. Ml-. llioiiKi- I. \\,-l,l,. M,-. I!. A. Kill.,.-. Mrs. 
W. i;. ^..l^,ll. M,-. i;„l„.rt Brannan, .Mrs. KIlis C. 
llui^-in-. Ml-. M.iiili.w (;. Buckner. .Mrs. Hill Mc- 
\li-iri. Ml- |),ii-x (, Mrs. W. G. Waldo. .Mrs. 
lii.nll.v W.ilk.i. \!i- Marian Toney. .Miss Louise 

( 1. 11.111. M,- IJuih \,,nee, -Miss Elizabeth Hill. Miss 

M,n ( .1 .intl.iii.l. Ml-- 11.11 liara Kuhn, .Miss Agnes Kuhn, 
Ml- I 1.111.- (,1.1111. \l,-> Annie Calvert. Miss Lillian and the piihlie .school teachers. 

Sub-Chairmen of the Business Se<lion: 
Miss Margaret Karly, .Section 1; Miss .lulia Hind- 
man and members of the Altrusa Cluh. Section 2; 
Mrs. W. F. Bang and members of the W. C. T. U., 
Section ,3; Miss Mary Halterman and members of the 
(lirls" Auxiliary, Nashville Chapter, Red Cross, Section 
4: .Miss Esther Nichol and members of the Girls" Co- 
lillion Cluh, .'Section .5; .Mrs. Leo Schwartz and mem- 
bers of the Ji-wish Council. Section 6: Mrs. Charles 

Brengleman. Section 7: Miss Arline N.'w.ll. S.-c i 8; 

Mrs. Will Carr. S,-clinn 9: an.l Mi- Marv Nelson. 
Section If). 

<i'i;\Ki i; 

„-,hairn.anslii|. ol Mrs. |iu K, 
/.e<l l.y th<- Nashville Won.air^ 
(■ampaign. war drive, theal.i. 
the eouiitv during the entire u 

.\frs. Guilford Dudley. Mrs. Leslie Warner, Mrs. Dempsey Weaver, .Mrs. Percy Warner. Mrs. 
.\rch Trawick, .Mrs. Leo .Schwartz. Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis. Mrs. Eugene Crutcher. Mrs. 
b.seph T. Howell, .Mrs. John M. Kenny, Mrs. John W. Thomas, Mrs. Alex. S. Caldwell, Mrs. 
lames II. Kirkland, Mrs. Charles Caldwell, Mrs. Idabelle Wilson, Mrs. James C. Bradford. Mrs. 
< barl.-s W. Haker. .Mrs. George F. Blackie. Mr.s. George E. Blake. Mrs. W. E. Norvcll, Mrs. 
l;. ub.n .\Iill>. Mrs. Robert W. Niehol. Mrs. Ilty Kinney Reno, Mrs. John Hill Eakin. Mrs. S. S. 
( rockeu. Mrs. li. IL Lacev and Mrs. Waller L. Jones. Miss Marv Lipe, Miss Cornelia Barksdale, 
Miss Louise G. Lind.sley. Sli- D.lla n..rtch. Miss Marv L..uisr (i.^Llwin. Mi- Kalh.iin,- Morris 
and Miss Lizzie Bloomstein. 



Mrs. \i 

I! MooUK LkwIv (:iuiin,iaii-(,r,iri,il 

Tlif (irganizatioii and work of the West End section of the Nashville Woman's 
Conunittee was under the management of Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis, the Chairman, 
who perfected the organization of this section of the Nashville branch of the 
Woman's Committee at a mass meeting of women 
lield at the Broadway Presbyterian Church in July. 
1917. A program of four-minute speakers and pa- 
triotic music was a great inspiration to the large 
gathering of women at this organization meeting, 
which was presided over by Mrs. Lewis, and chair- 
man and committees for the West End section weic 
elected. This section included the Eighth. Ninth. 
Tenth. Eleventh. Twentv-first. Twenty'-fourth and 
Twenty-fifth Wards, and Richland Addition. 

The personnel of the Chairmen and DepaitmenI 
Chairmen of Mrs. Lewis' organization inchidiMl : 

Eighth Wahd 

Miss Florence Adams. General Chairman; Departmenta 
Chairmen: Mrs. J. T. J.mnard. Mrs, W. G. Miller, an, 
Mrs. James Moore. 

Ninth W.a.rd 

Mrs. John S. Lewis, General Chairman; Departmental Chairmen: Mrs. Gibson Patterson. 

Mrs. .Arthur 1'. Coonev. Mrs. Albert E. Hill, Mrs. Luther S. Pully, Mrs. C. C. Waggoner, Mrs. 

S. M. Ward. Mrs. Henry Morgan. Mrs, Lee Cantrell, .Mrs. P. A. 

Nfurray, Miss Margaret Wilson, Miss Katherine Lewis. Miss Ellen 

Wallace, and Miss Mary DeMoville Hill. 

Tenth W^rd 

Mrs E L Morn-- General Chairman Departmental f hair 

1 ^1 tr 111 111 Mrs Harrs Hedrick Conser\ation of Food. 

( K I II \ Educational Propaganda and Patriotic Meet 

Nil ( uiin N H.dhns Red Cross Mrs John Potter Allied 

\l, Mu^ar.t Brazelton MmIi, al S, rMc. Mrs Paul 

1, ( l„l I W II ,, \I, nil II W illiiin I'l.lili UN Miss 

1 1 III 1 ll ll 

( II l^ ,11 n 1 \l 1 ll III 

1 -1 II 1 1 urces. 

Ml \ Hi 1 
liaimiV ^U 
Sanitation Mrs 
Mrs Clay G 

"1., W 'm'u '\Ii "\\ 1 
Edward Culbert Constr%ali 
Stephens Comforts Mrs 

ll 1 I.I III 1 Moore 

\1 n, II II illh and 

,11 „1 W oiiijii s Labor. 

Henr^ Mane^ and 

Libert\ Loans. Mrs. John Barksdale.. 

Eleventh W.ard 

iNOss Theo Scruggs. Chairman-General; Departmental Chairmen: Registration, Mrs. A. J. 
Jarvis; Conservation of Food. Mrs. Charles Kinkead; Finance, Mrs. Frank M. Bass; Educational 
Propaganda and Patriotic Meetings, ^^rs. T. Graham Hall; Red Cross. Miss Jennie Sparks; 
Allied Relief, Miss Alice Sparks: .Medical Service. Mrs. J. T. Altman; Child Welfare, Aliss 
Annie Cavert; Publicity, Miss Julia Hindman; Conservation of Moral and Spiritual Resources, 
Mrs. John R. Wheeler; Speakers" Bureau. Miss Frances Pilcher: Training Classes for Women. 


i)A\ I n s o v (. o I .\T y « o m k v / v r h k w o k i. i> ij a h. i«i ii y ; 9 

Miss CaviTl: Health i 
>avai»f; Consenatioii of W i 
John A. Witherspomi. 

'.iMu-ral: Drpartmciital i 

tal Cli.iitrM.ii: lu'jii-lralinii. Mrs. A. G. 
M.V. WW. Cra.ulall: l'n.|,a- 
.• Mrrli,,",. \I,>. \ l-'anvll; \lli,-,l 
a> II. \lal,.,„.. .Ir.: \I,-,li,al SriAi,-,-. Mrs. 
Iiil.i W,-ll,Mr. Mis. \umr \ll,-..n: I'uh- 
....r.l K. (...I,-; ( ,.„.,■l^,,lh„, .,1 \|,,ral and 
-. \li- Maiih.u (, i;,„k.,.,: s|.,-akere' 

-•■n.- .-^Iia, ,; l„sl,u,l,.„, ( L.-si-s for 

I. A. kin,; lloallli aii.l .^al,aal„.M. Mrs. 
: Social Service. .Mrs. Paul Koherls; Con- 
uis Labor, .^rrs. John T. Leilvetl; and 
arl.-s Diullcy Jon.-s. 

\Mi \|.|IIII(.N 

\h-. \ . riiir Ml l.cMis. served as Chairman; Dcparl- 

iiH Mill ( liairnieii: Kegislration. .Mrs. W. \V. Lyon; Food 
( ..ii~. M,iii,„i. .Mrs. W'. G. Stewart; Finance. .Mrs. Jolin 
II.. iM ^niiih; Kdurational I'roi.afianda a.,d I'atn.ilic Meet- 
n.^., \li-. H. F. Moore: Ke.l (,,.-- \1,-, W. I \l. Mister; 
Mlie.l Krlief. .Mrs. .lolin Kre,- \l..l„,il s, ,,;,,, \|,,, Dave 
I nu.iilirini: Child Welfare. \l,-s Num. .1,1 N.I-m„: C.nser- 
vali,... of Moral and Spiritual Kesouues, \l,s. II. V. Blank- 
0. Tirrill; Training Classes for Women. Mrs. Lee Ziliart; 
Health and Sanitation, .Miss Claire Glenn; .Social Service. .Mrs. James D. Porter; Conservation of 
Woman's Labor. Mrs. Thomas B. Sco^jiins: and Comforts. Mrs. James II. Campbell. 

cnship; Speakers' Bureau, .Mr 

.Mrs. J. A. Vounf;. (;eneral Chairm.iii; H.,,., 
McCullough; Food Conservation. .Mrs. W K ki 
Cros.s. Mrs. C. B. Jones; Home and Alli.,1 IMi, 
Owens; .Social Service. Mrs. T. I'. To. k. 1 : .. 
Spiritual Resource-. \h-. W. W. Wv.ili. 

This ward .li.l . ,,„u„rM,l;iMe Ix.rn,' r,-l 
curinjr clothiiii: l..r ,,vr, I, mm linn,lrr,l r.d 
th.- SlMM-Lird Oil Inr in W ,-1 \.i-IimIIc in 

\li-. W. W. 



Mrs. Lit Malonc. Chairman-General: Departnunlal Cli.iiniie 
Registration. Mrs. Vivian Toltv Jones; Puhlieilv, \li~. \l\r 
R. Weaver; Allied Relief. Miss Lucile Child Welfare. M 
May Auld Hooper; Red Cross. Mr- Mamie Harris Cockri 
Fipod Conservation. Mrs. Sallii- Neu-.,ni II. ...per; Liberty Loan 
Mrs. Mary Lane Malone; and Fiiian. .-. \l,-. li.— ie Gross Brattoi 
These chairnicn were ably assisted |i\ a < iniiriiilte 
composed of the followiiij.'' wonit'ii : 

Mrs. Ida Drak.- Apphbv. Mr-. Lena 1)../.. r Ml.n. Mr-. Sosi, 
.Scott Mrs. J.-ssi.- ( .,\ (;.....l«ni. \l,-, I. .■.!.■ Dillon Farris. Mi- 
Mrs. Annie Alexander Mill.r. Mr-. Man Mallliews Schlater. Mi-, 
Fmma B. Wor.dwar.l. Mis- In.-- il....nii. M,-. Sallie Arncdd Laslil,^. 
Mrs. Matlie Green .Mrs. Per. v K.n-. Mr-. W. (;. Hal,-. M 
Martin Whiltaker. Mrs. E.iine Armstn>nf: Mallli.w-. Mi- I 1.. il. Ila 
\illa Corley. an.l Miss Mamie Jakes. 

( 324 I 

-- Wll"l,l, \li-s 

M,-. N.ll 
I.'. Mi" I 

nil 1 1) s o N c o I ^TY if n m e .v / v r H E ir o r i n ita r. i')i ii 9 1 o 


khat scattered in popu- 

lies so ?uccessfull\ 
InqiiireiV Cliih. ': 

(I l.fidO vict 
A. ll,,>l,-~ 



Th,' Tunilv-loiMlh aiMl TurnU-I.H 

laliun. liinran,! ,„r,.N un,. ,,■ nJ I 

Mrs. Lit Malone wa^ a..i>ted in all .1 
of progressive women of West Naslnillc 

The West End Section of the WoniaiiV ( loiriinill.v plaril 
A -iini "f sl.OOO was secured by this section lor the Y. W . ( 
f,,r uliii li > I. '..()()() was raised in a few days' time. 
Mr-. Ncniri Moore Lewis. Chairman of the West 
laid Sr( iliin. Woman's Committee, served as chair- 
iiiaii nl liic (hive, and w^as assisted by her ward 
rhairoKn and their committees. This section also 
raised S2,50() for the Milk and Ice Fund. The 
Tenth Ward, under Mrs. Edward L. Morris, and the 
Richland Addition, with Mrs. V. M. Lewis as chair- 
man, were one hundred per cent perfect in the sign- 
ing of food pledges, every housewife in the ward 
and district signing the cards. The Tenth Ward 
was the banner ward of Nashville in the collection 
of' books: the Twenty-first Ward, with Mrs. Hill Mc- 
Alister as chairman, was the banner ward of the 
citv in registration; and Richland Addition was the 
banner district for the second Red Cross Christmas ^^ ^ ^ ^ 

Roll Call. Mrs. John M. Gray serving as chairman. 

Mrs. Vernon Hibbett Sharp. Sectional Chairman 



. Vernon Hibbett Sharp completed the organization of the East Nashville 
m August 2, 1917. She followed the exact plan outlined by the National 
organization of the Woman's Committee, and sta- 
tistical reports show that her East Nashville organi- 
zation furnished more women for World War ac- 
tivities than did anv other section of the city, and 
has a record unsurpassed by many larger organiza- 
tions. Mrs. Sharp selected the following women to 
ser\e as general chairmen for the various branches 
of the work in the East Nashville Section: 

Mrs. J. R. BdSh. Registration; Mr-. ,1. Murphy, 
Finance; Mrs. E. O. Brooker. Food Cm,-, , ^,ll ,m,, : ^\v<. A. 
E Fisher. Child Welfare: Mrs. C. M. i;,i-.ll, -,",..1 .Serv- 
ire: Mr- B. D Bell. Red Cross; Mr.-. \Ld'-j.s .\1. Foster, 
\llied Relief: Mrs. Walter L. Jone.s, Publicity; Mrs. E. 
^ Fit/hiii;h. Bureau of Speakers; .Miss Norma King. Con- 

men and departmental chai 

The Se\ 
tieth and T 
East \ash\i 
men : 

Seventeenth Ward 

n"-. Labor; and Miss Vera King, Courses 
for Women's Work. 

nteenth. Eighteenth. Nineteenth, Twen- 
ent\ -third Wards were included in the 


tlie fol 

Jr.. General Cha 
nes N. Hurt. Food 

rman; Departmental Chairmen: Mr 
Conservation; Mrs. John A. Jones. Fi 

lowinc cnan 

N. D. 

DAIIDSOy COIMY 11 O \t E \ I .\ THE WORLD It.lK. 1 ■> I II > I 'i 

Rose, Social Scniie. Mr*. Samuel G. Douglas. Allied Kelief; Mrs. James Newman. Health am! 
Sanilalion; .Mrs. .\. J. I'earre. .Medical Service: Mrs. F. J. McCoiiiiico. .Moral and Spiritual Re- 
sources; Mrs. W. H. Binns. Speakers' Bureau; Mrs. C. A. Craig. Courses of Instruction for 
Women; .Mrs. George S. Stubblefield, Comforts: Miss Keeblc Trimble. Educational Propaganda: 
Miss Haltie Cotton, Child Welfare: .Miss Pauline Cave. Consenation of Woman's Labor: and 
.Miss Alice Orr. Red Cross. 

Mrs. T. W. Carpenter and " 
n: .Mrs. Gus A. Davis, fnod 

EitniTicENTii W Mil) 

Mr-^. lluia.r II. Sniilli. C.r. 

,Tal thai -ii: D.par l„„iilal Chair- 

(;..ii-,M.,ii,„,; M,.. liariv 

i. \.u,t:l,„. i;.l„..,i„,„,,l l',,.|,a,:anda: 

\lr~. 1 nnr- \. Il.uinll..,, 1 

l,,M W.lla.r: M,- i;,ti,. \\,„Mead, 

S,.,i,,l v,,,„, : \1,., Ila.v,^"il. i;r,l ( ,..--: \1,., Mm, are H. 

Snulh. ll.alili .,„,l Saiiil.u... 

,; Ml-. C. S. I'l-lua, \l,.li,al s,.,vlce: 

-Mrs. T. S. Cuop,-,. (.,„-, 

X.I of .Moral and S|,ir,h,al Ii,- 

sources; Mrs. R. T. \l - 

11. I!,ii,'au of Speakers: Mr-. II. \1. 

Thomas, Comforts: Mi- \ 

I.,,\ Hall. Registration: \li— Aiini.- 

Reid Dicks. Finamr; \li-~ 

\,,a Kin-. Cons,■^^ati,.n „l \\,„nan-- 

Labor: Miss Cecil.- \ ,iu;:l 

ri. I'l.Mii.U: ai„l Mi- \,Ta Kin::. 

Courses of Instructi,.n. 


!.l \ 1 II \\ \l;l) 

\li-^ \lai^ KulMnk-. (;,- 

i.ral 1 l,,i, ,,„.,„: 1 ), |,,„ t„„-„ial (hair 

rn.-ii; \Ii-, \l,n|..,„ W , 

1, .,,,,- i;, •■,-!, ,ii,..,. Ml- i,,iiii I) 

Sliari.,-, K ! ( ..„.,.,^,,I,.IM 

Ml-' II. 1;. I\,,ii-li. Iii.aii,',-: \1,-^ 

W. 1. Ilu.l-..n. ( liihl W.M,, 

• ■: Ml-, .h.hii h. ^h.upr. .s„,ial .s,.,A. 

ire: Mrs. ( l.ix,. ( 

,,,-, ,x.,liM,, ,,l \\,,iiiair-„,r: Mr-. 

Marjori.- Willi.,,,,.. K, ,1 i , 

— : Ml- i;.,l,.ii Wliii-iii, .\lli,-,l l(,.- 

lief: Mrs. .|,.-,|il, W, 1 L,,., 

M,,l„al ^..x,,, : M,- .1. 1). Ill,,,, li- 

cutt. Conif,.ii~: Ml.- M,,,,,, 

lt. r.lliMii. 1 ,1,1, .III 1 l'|-,,|,af:a„,ia: 

Miss Winifred Hughes, Health and Sanilali..n: \l,» .Mall,.- M 
.•settle. Conservation of .Moral and .Spiritual Resources: M,-- 
Speakers: and Miss Sara .Afeeks. Courses of Instruction f..r \\..„ 


Mrs I). V. All.-n. (:hairnian-(;<-,i,.ral: |).|,ail„,. 
tion: .Mrs. R. I.. Sawyer. Food Cnnservati.,n : Mrs. 
Educational Propaganda: Mrs. L. A. Enoch. Child Welfar, 
E. II. Hughes. Social Service: .Mrs. J. M. .Miller. Conse 
of Woman's Labor; .Mrs. Florence Koberlson. Red Cross 
-Nettie .Mirn.r Howlett. Allied Relief: Mrs. Blaine Danley. 
and Sanitation: .Mrs. Joseph W. Elam, Medical Service 
J. W. Dashiell. Publicity; Mrs. A. B. Smith. Cons.-rval 
Moral and Spiritual Resources: .Mrs. Eugeii.- Cniich.r. 
of Speakers: Mrs. H. P. Shelton. Cours.- „l ln-lr„.ii.„ 
Mrs. H. C. Benagh. Comforts. 

Mrs. Gla.lys C. Chamberlain and Mrs. W . \1. , 
Chairmen-General; Departmental Chairmen: Mrs. W . 
(ioodlett also served as Chairman of Ri-gistration; 
.Morgan. Food Conservation; .Mrs. Ira P. fllark. Fina 
Al.lridge Miller Hilt. E.lucational Propaganda: .Mrs 
Hill. Chil.l W.-lfar.-; Mr-. Whit,- Hall .Morrison and M 
Wil-.,.,. s,„,,,| >,,,,..; Mr-. G. H. Basketl,-. Conse 
\\..n,an-- lal,..r: \1,-. W . S. Bramwell. Red Cross: M 
Cray, Allicl; .Mrs. W. II. Filzgeral.l. H.-allh an 
.al Service; .Mrs. L.on McQuiddv, Publicity: Mr-. I!. 
Mrs. C. E. .Matthews. Bureau of Sp.-akers: \I,- W . II 
J-hn Nichols. Comforts. 

( .■?2r, ) 

D-tVll)SON COUNTY WOMEN IN THE WO RID WAR. 1 9 1 41 •) 1 9 

The first Christmas Roll Call for the Red Cro.-> in(lu<l. 
Nashville Section of the Womairs Committee, and iIk' m 
1.600 names. Eight hundred dollars was realized IKiiii lli 
to this section by merchants of Nashville for the Hcd C 
B'.iford College realized seven hundred dollars at a lauii 
the Belvidere Unit raised thirty-five dollars, and llic 
graduating class from Ross Grammar School voted the 
money they were accustomed to spending on a class pin 
to the Red Cross Fund. This school's eighth grade 
class also bought a Liberty Bond, adopted a French 
orphan and purchased sixty dollars in Thrift Stamps. 

In Allied Relief Work, with Mrs. Edgar M. Foster 
as leader, the East Nashville women contributed S12.700 
and a number of French orphans were adopted. 

This section made a survey of all existing social serv- 
ice agencies to gain information as to their facilities for 
special wra- work: cared for many children of absent 
soldiers; supplied sixty children of destitute families 
with lunches at school; established a night school at the 
Caldwell School building to teach English to the foreign 





• gn-i 

.11. '(I 

s of 


d Ci 

OSS : 

born; weighed and measured two liu 
three babies, and contributed the pxx 
Twentv-third Wards to the Milk and 1 

U of 

The East Nashville women secured 4,050 women volunteers in the registration 
campaign for war service, and 3,100 food pledges were signed by the workers of 
this section. They raised 4,070 victory gardens. 3,000 of these gardens being made 
possible through the efforts of Mrs. Robert L. Sawyer in the Nineteenth and Twen- 

tieth Wards. The remainder were under the supervision 

^^^^ of Mrs. J. H. Matthews in the Seventeenth, Eighteenth 

^^j^^ft^. and Twenty-third Wards. Thousands of government 

^^HPIHiBk bulletins were distributed by this organization. 

^F ^B The War Savings work of the East Nashville section 

^I jufcy 0^ ^B was exceptional. During the first week of the W. S. S. 

J^ W drive, in February, 1918, the East Nashville Division of 

the Woman's Committee had charge of the booth on 
Capitol Boulevard, and sold over $5,000 in stamps. 
$12,000 worth having been sold in ten days' time during 
the drive. The agencies organized in the Fiiihlccntli 
Ward sold $9,000 worth of stamps, and from April 6 
to June 1. 19ir!. during the second W. S. S. dri\f. nion' 
i, j^^ _^_^^_ than S(,.(M)() 1,1 stamps was sold bv ihc women nf Uv 

iw.iii. A„-ii East Nasiiville section. 

During the influenza epidemic in October. 191!!. vol- 
unteers from this section aided in the Vanderbilt kitchen, which Mrs. J. H. Matthews. 
a member, assisted in estalilishing. They also nursed nianv stricken pe<i|ile in their 
own section. 

The following women, in 
success (if the splendid result 
Division ot tin- Wimian's Committee, name] 

Idition to the 
cconiplished ]i 

the W( 

if th: 

insilile for 
East Nash 

n.llll>S<)\ COIXTY nOME.\ l\ THE If O K f. 1) K ,t K. I '> I 11 ', } ' 

fil.'Oll' OF OI'IICI \l ■- (>l I III I \^l \ \-l|\ 
\\U\IAN> CO.MMiril.l. 



Mrs. Thomas W. C.rpemii, 


« O R I. 1) 


191 4-19 19 

MInnl. \l,- l.i 

11,-1 \l 

\ru. Mr-. Fi,.mI 

„,,„.. \1,-. W ,11 

i.ini \li, 

i,,-,M,. Ml- .r. 

III. \li-, 1 li.iil 

r- lljll. 

^. Ml-. I. ( . 

Sal,-.. Mj.-. AIri 

.. 11a, 111. 

ill. Mr-. .1. 11. 

luel Barr. Mr.s. 

c. w. 

Baleman, .Mrs. 

. A. B. Bell, .M: 

,s. John 

H. Bell, .Mrs. 

.. John T. B.-ns. 

,n, \rr=. 

Cn-Pii Bemon. 

Ml-, W. C. Ill: 


Ip, Mrs. II. (). 

( r. r. 

1. \li- 

1 W . l!,,niiHr. 

IImiJ \1i- I 1 

- I'.i.u. Ml- h. 

; I'.ijji, 

^. Mr-, \1. 1!. 

n.i. Ml-, r,. R. 

.Mrs. Gene Adams, Mrs. J. T. Ale.\an,l, i \li- 
Allen, Mrs. Frank Allen, Mrs. .Sam Allen. \li- I 
Andrews, Mrs. William B. Armstead, Mr- ( luiil, 
Baker, Mrs. W. F. Bang. Mrs. E. L. BaiK-N. Mi-. (». E. I!a 
Bandv, Mrs. J. M. Balllnper. Mrs. l. S. Balls, .Mr.-. .Saniu 
\V. M. Baleman. Mrs. H. J. Beck, Mrs. Tlu.mas Beal. Mr 
Clan, I,- B,-llaniv. Mr-. E. R. B.-na-h. Mrs. A. C. Bennet. Mi 
Mr-. K. r,. Rinkl.v. Ml-, I, K. Riiiii-. M,-, W, II. Rinii-. 
Bl.i. k» I, Ml- I \l r,!,,!-M. . Ml- I- \1 II I Mi- 

\ii- I I i; ii. Ml- KmIi.ii i;,,\, ii.i.iI, . \ii. M.nk r.i.i 

F.r.n ^. Mr-. ( alli,' I'.i iUnr. Mi-. Itiilli l!i,'i,l. \li-. .lam, 

Eii-ii-. Mrs. Gei.rsie S. Britt. Mrs. A. M. Br„„ks, Mrs. H, — i, I nl;:. r,i..«ii. Mi-. K. W . 
nn.uii. Mrs. R. E. Brown. Mrs. Claiborne Bryan, Mrs. F. IV \\<^<nl. \h- M. .1. I'.m.ihI. Mi-. K. 
(;. Iiiil„ra. Mrs. M. B. Bullington. Mrs. Lewis F. Butler. Mi-. II. ,M i;i.,.n,.i,l. Mi-. .|,.l.n llmrN 
(.lable. Mrs. O. D. Caldwell. Mrs. A. K. Carn,-v. Mr-. W. ( ). Cariuv. Mi>. L. T. Car.x, .Mr-. Fred 
Carter. Mrs. William P. Carter. Mrs. J. W ( .mimII. Mi-. R. W. Comer, Mrs. C. B. Carutliers, 
Mrs. L. R. Camp. Mrs. Eldridge Campbell. Mi- I. I. Christman, Mrs. C. D. Campbell. .Mrs. 
K. .1. Cleveland. Mrs. D. R. Clinard, Mr-. \li,,- < l,ii„nls. Mrs. J. T. Coleman, Mrs. D. M. 
(„ll,.n. Mr- .1. B. Carv.r. Mrs. J. C. Collins. Mrs. M. C. Cook, Mrs. A. S. Colquet. Mrs. Cliff 
(:.„,|„r. Ml-. Frank (:,.,.per. Mrs. G. T. Cooper. Mrs. A. H. Copeland, Mrs. J. F. Corbitt, Mrs. 
Wali.r ( i,r,l,i. Mr-. Flk-n Couch. Mrs. William F. Couts. Mrs. T. O. Cowsert, Mrs. Gabie Cox, 
-Mr-. J. 1'. (:ia«lni,l. Mr-. W. T. Creiehton, Mrs. J. T. Creswell, Mrs. Charles Crutcher. Mrs. 
T. W. Cnii, li.r. Mr-. Millar, I I i,,»,li-. .Mrs. M. A. Cunningham. Mrs. Waller Cunningham. 
Mrs. 01^,•^ I).,m,-. M,-. \,.i„ian Ikuid-on. Mrs. Walker Darrah. Mrs. Louise Dance. Mrs. G. 
W. Davi-. Mr-. \. F n.Mii. Ml-. M,,i^an Dean. Mrs. Thomas DeMoss, Mrs. Buford Dickerson. 
Mrs. Betli,- M. linn, I-,, 11. Mrs. M. T. Uick,i-,,n. Mi- \. .*?. Dies. Mrs. Eli/al„tli nilkinl. Mrs. 
John I.. Dill. 11, 1. Ml-. I. W. Dillard. Mrs. /,,lln,.n,, pnak. Mrs. Lula Dour^li, 1 1^ , Mi- '-ainuel 
Dougla-. Ml-. i;..>,l Drake. Mrs. Robert Dmll.^. \li- .lames Dunbar. Mi- 11, nl,. n Dunbar, 
Mr.-. H. "l. Dunn. Mr-. F. 0. Durham. .Mr-. .1. W . Fa-lnian, Mrs. W. T. Ea-1,-. Mr-. Fliil Ed- 
wards. .Mrs. W. ( . F,l«.,nl-. Mr-. W . Hampton Flam. Mrs. F. H. Elam. Mrs. Thomas Elam. 
Mrs. F. M. Erw-in. Mr-. .1. I.. I -i, -. \li-. Fred Ehrhart. Mrs. F. W. Felder. Mrs. J. J. Fersuson. 
Mrs. A. W. Ferri-. Mr-. Fi, hai.l F,iii-. Mrs. R. N. Finley. Mrs. John C. Ficher, Mrs. George 
Finnegan. Mr-. ('. F. I-.imI. Mi-. N.inni,- Forrest. Mrs. A. N. Forrester, Mrs. Harr>' J. Frahn, 
Mrs. T. M Fr,i-i \1>- ( i I nil,, Mr-. R. C. Fulmer, Mrs. J. L. Gann, Mrs. W R. Garrett, 

Mrs. M. I! (.ai,x 1. Mr-. W. I Cilbert. Mrs. Henrv C. Gillespie, Mrs N B. Girard, Mrs. 

Eugene Gillilaml. \l,-. F. F. (,-. Mr-. Emma Godwin. Mrs. Will Goodrich, Mrs. Wilson 
Goodrich. Mr-. K. M. („„.,li. Mr-. l;,,l.,rl G,,,,,!!, tl. AH-. n,\\"ilt G,,nl,,n. Mrs. E. M. Gowan, 
Mrs. William Grave-. Mrs. Jennie Whit,- (,i.u,-. Mi- II., ml, I (.,,,i„. Mrs. J. A. Greer. Mrs. 
O. C. Griffin. Mr.-. J. T. Gri-wold. Mr-. M - i.nliM.. Mi- WiIImim ( ..raldton, Mrs. Thomas 
Gross, Mrs. John Pavne Gross. Mrs. J. E. (.nun. M , -. I!,, man- IFi.F.a. .Mrs. H. C. Hailev, Mrs. 
T. E. Hallv. Mrs. Delia Hager. Mrs. C. B. Hall, Mrs. Enim,tt Hall, Mrs. M. J. Halloran. Mrs. 
L. H. Haliowell. Mrs. Perry Hamilton. Mrs. George Henkel. Mrs. O. P. Hampton, Mrs. J. R. 
Handlv. Mrs. Kinnev Harmon. Mrs. W. F. Hardison, Mrs. E. C. Harris. Mrs. Dave Harris, 
Mr-. William Crav Harri-. Mr-. F,Fvard Harrison, Mrs. C. IF Harl. Mr-. Samu,I E,Iward 
!Fiil-li-M \l,- S.imu.l -..I n ll,,l-l„.|,l. Mrs. C. N. Har^,■^. Mr-. F C. llaukin-. Mr-. Wil- 
liam Will,,-. -I M II.IW-. Mr-. I I IFiMiie, Mrs. W\ Bu-li Mr-. IF D. II, ■rl.,-^. ^^r.s. 

J, D. ll.rMin. Ml-. I hail,'- IFlkam. Mr-. E. S. Hertzka. Mr- Itlaml.,- Iliiihl. Mi-. C. 11. Hite, 
\rr-. W. B. Horn. .Mr-. John P. Hitch. Mrs. J. Herman Hitt. Mr-. |,.lin i ,,llin- Mix. Mrs. A. E. 
Hoffman. Mrs. C. V. Holderman. Mrs. C. B. Hoffman. Mrs. F. P. Mi- Fmi,-ne Hollins. 

Mrs. M. T. Horn. Mrs. M. Howard. Mrs. J. W. Hoover. Mrs. C. A. II i. M,-. (:,-,,rge F. Hub- 

bard, Mrs. L. B. Hughes. Mrs. R. C. Huddleston. Mrs. William Hum,. .Mr-. I'aul Hunter, Mrs. 
W. ^L Hunt, Mrs. William Henrv Hunter. Mrs. George T. Hutchison, Mrs. J. W. Jackson. Mrs. 
William Clinton Jacobs. Mrs. Walter Jacobs, Mrs. John William Jakes, Mrs. E. Y. Johnson, 
Mrs. J. C. Johnson. Mrs. Grayson Jones. Mrs. Ira P. Jones. .Mrs. Lena Joy. Mrs. J. W. Kerr, 
Mrs. J. J. Keyes. Mrs. T. D. King, Mrs. Mattie Luton Koonce, Mrs. W. H. Lancaster, Mrs. John 
l.assiter, Mrs. L. M. Lassiter. Mrs. A. H. Lawrence, Mrs. W. H. Lawrence, Mrs. R. T. Lee, 
>L-s. J. W. Liggett, Mrs. Richard Lindsey. Mrs. W. L. Lipscomb. Mrs. ChaHes Longhurst. Mrs. 
Wallace Long, Mrs. J. J. Luton, Mrs. Horace Lurton. Mrs. Frank Maddux. Mrs. H. E. Markle. 
Mrs. J. W. Marlin. Mrs. J. N. Malone. Mrs. James Marshall, .Mrs. J. H. Marshall. Mrs. J. L 
Marshall, .Mrs. J. A. Marshall. Mrs. Mitt Marshall. Mrs. -S. G. Marshall. Mrs. Frank Marshall. 
Mrs. W. S. Marshall. Mrs. Richarrl Mackey, .Mrs. W. C. Massev, Mrs. Earl Matthews. Mrs. 
J. H. Matthews. Mrs. Matthews. Mrs. John Massino, Mrs. Samuel Maxwell. Mrs. J. D. 
McAlister. Mrs. Thomas McCampbell. Mrs. John T. McCreerv. Mrs. S. J. McDaniel. Mrs. John 


DAiiDso.\ <:oi yrv iroME.\ i .\ the koki.d ir t h. i 0111919 

MfDow.-ll. Mrs. Loui.- E. McElruv. Mrs. I!,.-,, Il.un,n..n \1, ll,,.x. M,- W . \1. \1.(.,,-. \1,-. D. 
McKav. Mrs. Samuel McKav. Mrs. F. V. \I.K.,I, \lt-. .1. W \l. Mn.i.u. \li- I H \1. \^. 
Mrs. Slatlif V. McRov. Mrs. G. Mrrl.-ns. Mr- V. 11 \lill.i. Mi- 1 ( Miinni-. \li- .1. W . 
Miller. Mrs. A. H. M„ur,: Mrs. J. B. M..,.,.-. \1,-. .lul,„ W ,,-l,,„o,,,n \1. .,„,.. \1,-. J,,. 11, \l„ore. 

.Mrs. W. A. M.,ffilt. .Mrs. B. W. M„,n.i ^ . M.-. Ink.- M ■^.^,w■^^. \1,- W W \lM,,.l.,.ad. 

Mrs. J. C. .Morclook. Mrs. H. T. M..rri-..„. \1,-. I,,, 1. \1, „.•,,„. M,- 1 11 \1..-, I. ^ Mrs. 
I'ercv .Mvalt. .Mrs. J. D. Naiv,-. Mr-. W . T. Nau,-. Mrs. li.n.l Ni. k-. Mi-,,- .Nicliold. 
.Mrs.' J. L. Niles. .Mrs. !i. ,1. N.vill.-. Mrs. Georfie .N.-iaml. \li- K W N.irttoo.l. .Mrs. 
J. K. Opilvie. Mrs. H. 1.. Dln.v. Mr-. .{..In. Onstolt. Mrs. (llSn.n. \li-. W. S. Orr, 
Mrs. J. K. Oslx.rne. Mrs. J. W . ()»mm. Mrs. Marparrl I'afic, Mrs. W . W . r.miiii.l.i , ^rrs. Jessie 
Patterson. Mrs. J. C. Patterson. Mrs. K. M I'ail, ■-..„. Mrs. O. C. I' Mi- 1 W . Patrick, 
Mrs. O. W. Patton. Mrs. .\nne E. Pavne. \1.- 1 K I'-imi.-. .Mrs. Felix Pea. Ii. \li- T \ I'.ach. 
.Mrs. John Perrv. Mrs. Daniel Webster I'hill.i-. \1.-. William Phillips. \li- \1. 11 I'lummer. 
Mrs. Ewing Pollard. Mrs. Edward Polk. .Mrs. H. II. I'Poole, Mrs. George I'lRe. Mi-. T. F. 
Proctor. Mrs. N. E. Puckelt. Mrs. C. F. Purcell, .Mrs. James Pritchett. Mrs. John E. Queener. 
.Mrs. Guv Kainev, Mrs. (luv Hainev. Jr.. .Mrs. T. J. Hansdell. Mrs. C. E. Katcliffe. .Mrs. I . S. 
Kaymer.'Mrs. Ilarrv liankin, Mrs.' William Kedford. .Mrs. W. A. Rawls, Mrs. I!. I.. l{,-dford. 
Mrs. T. W. Kemv. Mrs. Edward Recce. Mrs. Charles Rhea. .Mrs. W. E. HaM...!,!-. \li-. Paul 
Riddle. Mrs. Charles Ridge. Mrs. J. W. Ripgins. Mrs. II. A. Robinson. \I.- 1> W Koland. 
Mrs. E. B. Rundle. Mrs. M. C. Russell. Mrs. J. E. Saunders. Mrs. D. P. -n.inl.i- \1,- Kate 
Sanders, Mrs. Page Sanders. Mrs. Kent Dandridge. Mrs. (ieorge Sawrie. Mi- 11 \I. --.lurie. 
Mrs. Robert Sawrie. Mrs. Charles M. Schneider. Mrs. A. C. .Scuddav. Mi- lli.^il. - inl.l.u. Mr-. 
George Sevmore. Mrs. John Dempsev Sharp. Mrs. W. G. ShafTer, Mr- W II -lu Iim,,. \1i- lliil„rl 
Simpkins, '.Xfrs. E. M. Shepher,!, Mrs. W. T. Simmons. Mrs. Brantl.N .^iiulli. \li-. W . 11, --hrrMll, 
.Afrs. F. M. Shurer. Mi-. W. 11. Smiil,. Mi-. Ii. E. <,iiall. Mr-, IMu.ipI -nuil.^al., \li-, ll.-nrv 
W. Spicer. .Mrs. (..m^, -,„,,,-, \li- \, W . S|i,. Mi- 1:, II, -iMi.i Mi 
Mrs. Pitt Stiles. Mr-, ,1mI,„ ,si, .„,,,,. \Ii,, .1. 11 -,1,1,.,. \1,- II 1 V,,,, ,,,,,._ \ 
.Mrs T. E. Stralti.n. Mr-. 11. 
Talbot. Mrs. .\. R. Tallman. Mr-. W 11 
Taylor. -\Ir.s. Ernest H. Thompson. M 
-Mrs. E. Travis. Mrs. Paul Tr.-anoi 
G. Tucker. Mrs. John Ti.rnrr. \lr- 
II. P. Van Arsdell. Mrs. ,1 W \., 
Wain. Mrs. Paul Wain. Mi- Mmn 
Watts. Mrs. F. L. Wag-mui, Mr- 
Ward, Mrs. Joseph Warren. Mr-. Frank W . a , \li-, k.,1.- \\..,lli.i-. \1,- ,1 W , W l.ii.. Mr-, \nii 
Ki-sling While. Mrs. James White. Mr-. I. .In, W Inl. I„ ...I, Mi-, \ i. t..i WiIImi.i-, \1.-, r. P. 
Wilson. Mrs. R. H. Wilson. Mrs. S. T,. \\il-..n. Mi- \, I, Wii-.m. \li-, ,1, 1, \\..M,.,,I, Mrs. 
Charles T. Wright. Mrs. (;eorgia W.i.le, \li-, •-, ( , W.ilk.i. Mi-, C 1 W.ilkin-. \li-, K. II. 
Welburn. Afrs. M. R. Weltereau. Mi-, (..ilm.l. \\,i.lin::,i. Mi- 1 li/.il.. 1 1. -I, .inn..,, W.-l. .Mrs. 
Frank Wheeler. Mrs. Ilarrv Whil. . \li- W.ili.i II W Im. , \Ii-, II, W il. -, Mi-, P.i.v Williams, 

Mrs. H. F. Williams. Mrs.' R„v F. Willi.n,,- \li- 11, W, W..,n.,.k, Mi- \..ln.-. W Inn;;. Mrs. 

F. C. W^oods, Mrs. C. T. WillLini-. \li- M 1 , W I«,,i.l. \1.-, \l,,iu.,i.i W r,::lii. Mrs. W. H. 

Vales. Afrs. William C. YailiM.i.^li, M,-, I , I , 'i.m^iI.a, Mi-, |..l.n \.a,.j,u. Mi-, W. T. Yeargin, 
Mrs. T. H. Young, Mrs. J. 1, \..un'^. Mi-, I , M, 'l.iiin-. Mi-, Mau I, ^nu,v-. \lr>. J. C Young, 
Miss Catherine Allen. Mi- \.ll \l-n|.. Mi- MaNl..ll.- \ Mi- l,l,/:il..lli Bang. Miss 
Laura Bang. Bessie .Mai Real, Miss Elizabeth Bell, Miss 1,1,. H. II. Mi- Malli.- 
Miss Dora Benson. Miss Marv Laura Benson, Miss Virginia Benl..ii, Mi- \nt, H.nil.N. 
Miss Pearl Bledsoe. Miss Elizabeth Bimd. Miss AFarv Brand..!.. Mi- U.i/.l Hrai..l..ii. \Ii- 
Dorothv Brandon. Miss Pauline Brent. Mi- Br.w.r. Mi- I i.,....- Uiilli.iii, Mi- Ian.. 
Brooks. Miss .Mabel Buford. Miss Manii.- lliiik.. Mi- i;, 1,. (.il.Us.ll. Mi-, 
Miss (;i.-nn Carl.-r. Miss Rosa Calhonn. Mi- li.lii. ( .1II1..1111. \Ii- Miiiiii.- Clni-il.^, Mi- 
Mildred Campbell. .Miss Louise Churrl,. Mi- rim-ini, Ch.ik, Mi- ll..i..llu ( l,,ik. \li- Mail,- 
Clark, .Miss Gladvs Clark. Miss Maitie I...- (,. iii- ll.iin.^ ( ..ii..n. Mi- \iiiiiiii.i 1 ....k. 
.Miss Margaret Cooper. Miss Mabel C..».iii. Mi- \l../.ll. I 1-.... \li- j.-.m ( i.iuL.r.l. Mi- 
Evelvn Crutcher, Miss Willie Rntl, r)avi.l-..ii. Mi- ( .ni U..11.. Mi- II. I. n D.iinx. Mi- Marv 

Frances Dickerson, Miss Marv Glenn l)ill..ii. Mi- M lu l»..l.l.-. Mi- k.,ilil,.M |l..,iul.. ilx 

Miss Kate Dorris. Miss Adelaide Dougia-. Mi- M.imIki l)..iiHa-. Mi- M.iin.' l)iirli,,iii. Mi-s 
Claire Edwards, Miss Margaret Edwards. Mi- M.nv lalu.ii.l-. Mi- ( l,i«iii. \li-' 
Esles, Miss Zula Evans. Miss Carrie Ewiii^. Mi- i:»in^. Mi- Mil. In. I laiin.r. Mi- 
Alberta Fite. .Miss Eunice FIv. Miss Edna (.air,.-. Mi- ^11. ■ (.ill,.il. Mi- Ia.i (.1II1..111. Mi- 
I'earl (;illiam. Miss Alice (;ower. Miss Emmaline (,,..n. Mi- \iii,i Ii. II.- Cm. 11. Mi- M ilti.- 
Griggs, Miss Margaret llailey. .Miss Lucile Ilailey. Mi- li.-i.- Hall 11. M:- ^ 1 lall..».ll. 

< ,3.30 ) 

1. II. Ml- 1, 


I.I- Mi- 

, M, 

1; T.ii., Ml 
., 11, 1 , TI1..1 
Mi- M.Imii 
■- \ IM. 1 

. Mi-, 

ll {...lA. 
. Ml- 11. 
I-, \li-, 
,1, < . 1 


1- 1,111 

11. M,-, I 1 

, \.- 

1,1. Ml-, 

1 ,111 

W.nii, \ll- 

, \, < 

, W.1,1., 


■ W W.ilk. 

I Mi 

- T \1, 


ik W.A, Mi- 

, k.,1, 

■ W,.iili.i 

,. \' 

■ -1 


W , 




1-. Joe 


W. M. 


k 1 




. Mr.-. 


- ( 


DAI IDSON cot \ry a OMEN IN THE IfO K L l> WAR. I <) I 4-1 Q I 'J 

\\u\.. \1,~- 

I. M,-- r,,,,,.,. ii,,i„,i. Ml- [„.^ ii.,i,ii„. 
,,, i.„k-..ii. Ml- i;.ii. |m|i„.,„,. \i,- Ia.Km 

h- M.iiii.- kiii^. Ml-- \,in k.ihlii.k Mi- 
tt lul, l,,n,l-.-). Ml- Din,. 1,,,,-,M,„I,. \1,- 

'.abeth Love, Miss Alice Lowe. Mis>,; 
Miss Mary Belle Marshall, Miss Jennie K. 

rn. Miss Marv Jane McCarver. Mi-s Mau.le 
III M.Dunal.l. Mi- Fran..'^ M. Kr.-. Miss 

M.iMi- Ml-- M. Ill, .11 Mniplu Ml- lli/.ili.lli MuiiiIk. Mi- lillian \.|,lrll. Mi-- ^,m,,1i \ees. 
Ml- I h-,il Lining. Ml-- (l,,-h,ll. Ml- l;,,lil,, I'lliMk. Ml- 11.1,11 l: Mi>> 


,. Ml- 11,1, 

■■ 1 -l,,n|u.. Miss 

H, Mi-- 

r..|lh,i -luelds. 

Mi-- \ini.i 

M -.11 Mnith, 

Ml- ll.iiii.' 

1 ^|i. - Miss 

n 1 niiii.i 1 

Inl.M 1. Miss 

.ImM Wal-M 

n. Ml- Don.thv Mi- 

1 11. lie Walpole. 

llie, Ml- \ 

Illl. Weill,, Miss 

Leiiise Welili, .Miss .Mabel Wilt, Miss Kililli Worke. .Miss Susie Weakley. .Miss .Marv Williams. 

Each of these women volunteered their services in every activity undertaken in 
Davidson Countv for the boys in khaki from the dav thev were organized in August. 
1917. until the last Davidson County soldier had Iw.n di^ liarueil. Mtliough Mrs. 
Vernon Sharp. Chairman of the East \ashville l)i\i-i..n. \\a- lai-iiiL: a "future 
army'" at home, she voluntarily gave her entire time sm ( issliilU in war relief work. 
and the many sacrifices so cheerfullv made by her as leader of this organization, 
in which she also worked as one of the privates, never requiring any work of a 
member that she was not willing to share, inspired the splendid results accom- 
plished by the East Nashville Section in every campaign and dri\e ihniughout the 
World War. and was ever ready to lend assistance in the rn unslnn lion period and 
all civic work of the city. Her five interesting children. lliiiiii;li -mall, also did 
their "bit." 

Mrs. R. E. Poktkr. General Cluiinium 

Mrs. R. E. Porter appointed the following able Sub-Chairmen on her board: 
Mrs. D. F. Banks, Vice-Chairman: Mrs. Alice Stiner. Secretary: Mrs. P. G. Houser. Publicity; 
Miss Mary Smith. Finance: Mrs. Oliver Towles. Allied Relief; Mrs. M. M. Ginn. Social Service; 
Mrs. George Roth. ( hil.l \\,ll are: Mrs. George M. Hite and Miss Allie Edwards, Red Cross; 
Mrs. J. 0. Dozier. Ilialili an. I .Sanitation; Mrs. M. M. Harvill, Medical Service; Miss Flora 
Porter and Mrs. W illiaiii Tn bin;.'. Instruction Classes for Women; Miss Ruth Notgrass, Regis- 
tration; Miss Bessie Brand. Fnod Conservation: Mrs. Herman Blackman, Comforts; Mrs. George 
Karsch, Devotional ; and Miss Catherine Banks. Chairman for Liberty Loans. 

Mrs. Porter's ward organizations included the following Chairmen: 

First Ward Chairman. Mrs. H. P. Fritz; Second Ward Chairman, Mrs. Andrew Mackenzie; 
Third Ward Chairman. Miss Mary Smith; Fourth. Fifth and Sixth Wards. Mrs. J. C. Lusky, 
Chairman, and Seventh Ward Chairman. Miss Elizabeth Binford. 

The First. Second. Third. Fourth. Fifth. Sixth and Seventh Wards were under 
the supervision of Mrs. R. E. Porter. Sectional Chairman. 

/).(///). NOV coiwry itomex /.v the world har. i^uii'iio 

Mrs. H. p. Fritz and Mrs. .■\ndr.-w Mackenzie acle.l a- jnim ,,ni 

North Nashville section to seiure funds and clothin;.' win. Ii ., ,1 tin 

two hundred children of <lestitute families to the five dillcrcnl >, lu.oU li 

tion. The North Nashville Iniprox ciiicnt League collected the clothing, a 

Mrs. Charles Steiner. Mrs. Edward 

\h>. Mm- I{n>en Mr>. James Smith. 

(luar,! I'ov. 

Il,r \i,|,,lN,, \-.nrialio>l 

irni M,-. i;. i:. I',. Mr,. Mr>. (;,■ 

Mr-. W illiaiM !)iinii li 
Mr uulk 111, 11 ll,i~ .1",., 
li- uoik ua- 
Noith \.l-llNi 


The Association had in rnJIivatio 
an.i two hundn-.i hflv a. r,- in \, 
The first CanniuL' Cliil. m D.i 
ville Section of the W onianV ( ..ininiilh- 
merit House. This was kiiouii a- I Ik \1 
to which, through the generosil\ .,1 lln 

was donated. A ..inner u.i- .I..m,iI.(I Ii\ \Ii- 

Duir to the Bncia \l-la N I an. I ...i.^ ua-al-., |, 

vidcd for the nc.LM.. -. 1 1. \-l II. la \l,-. 

Porter. Several cans of vc;:. 

preserved hv these centers. I In \\ 

Clul) of the section winnitiL- li 

from ninety-five to one h 

time. All canning wa- .La 

rules, and the Carden ( ...iiiniill.-r ,,l lln- -.■.li..ii .li 

trihuted all vegetahh- \ , .anni. I.mInm- . 

this work hy the Norlli Na-luMI.' W.^iian'- ( 

lee was the presenlalion ..I 

al.sent soldiers" famili.-, lli.- .an- iM-ini: ,li-liil.i 

from the Warinl.i :■ 

r>,ll IDSON COl'NTY KOMEN IN THE IT R L D WAR, 1.0 14-1919 






< yarri parden to be cultivated in the county. Workers seated in the 
\li^- Man llarnes. Mrs. Joe Odom, Mrs. George Reed. Mrs. James 
III I Ml- I; v.. Porter, Chairman. Standing, Miss Josephine Bergland, 

iiiv l;,il.l>Mn. Mis. Mary Mills. Mrs. J. A. Porter (Ruth Spann 1 , Mrs. 

Among some of the most active members of the Warioto Canning Center were: 

Miss Marv Bonds. President of tile Canning Unit; Mrs. Mary Mills, Vice-President; Mrs. 
W. I). S.cretarv and Treasurer; Mrs. Fannie Baldwin; Mrs. W. W. Binns. Mrs. Harry 
VV.Iiir,,!,,.,-,!. \liv .1,.-, |ih o.lnm. Mrs. M. M. Ginn. Mrs. P. G. Houser, Mrs. Mary Brown, 
Ml-. (..Ml-, l;,,,!. Ml- II, ,1,1 lieed. Miss Flora Porter, Miss Mary WOiite. Miss Emily White, 
Mi— M.ii;:,ii,i ll,i\\kiii-. Ml-- Kiliia Radabaugh, Miss Hazel Cooper, Miss Bessie Rowden. Miss 
V.^i^'^u- \\.ulr. and Miss Bessie Brand. 

Miss Mary Smith was appointed Chairman-General of the Third Ward by Mrs. 
Porter upon the resignation of Mrs. J. V. Roser. Miss Smith and her committee 
collected over fifty jars of fruit for tlie soldiers' Thanksgiving. She served as chair- 
man of knitters for the North Nashville Section for the Army Comfort League, and 
knitted the first helmet in this organization, which was used as a model. Her com- 
mittee turned in several hundred knitted articles. IVTiss Siiiilb uas also an instructor 
in knitting for the Nashville Chapter. Red Cross, and Ciiairman of the N.utii Nash- 
ville Girls' Patriotic League. 

The North Nashville Section of the Woman's Committee registered 3.000 women 
lor service on Registration Dav, in October, 1917. Seven women of this section 
volunteered for nurses in the Volunteer Nurses Drive in August, 1918, and during 
the first Thrift Stamp campaign they had the largest sales for the week, which 
amounted to •S24.1ol.o2. 

(333 ) 

DAiiDsox CO I wry komex /.v rut: it or id war. /o/;/,,. 

Mrs. J. C. I,u-k\. ChairnKH, 

CriHial fo 

Ihr fouilh. 

f illh 

111(1 SiMh W, 

r,l- i 

the Thrift Stamp <lnx,-. ha- th 


of MM ininu 

the la 

•je-l -ah-- IlK 

,1,. 1, 

anv chairiium in Davidson (loui 

l\ for ■ 

la\. havinu , 


.f ^I:2.(.ll(l.o '. 


Luskv was also Slate Chairman 

of ihr Wo, 

lan'- l)i\ i-io| 

nl Jr 

M-h W.-llair 

of III 

I'nitnl \Sar \^'ork Campaiirn 

n \o^,.n,l., 


Ih-rlril l,,| 1 

1 i\,lll 

nursing and soi ial Mr\ ii c u(.rk 

hiri.i'j Ih.' 

nlhii-n/a ciiiil 

aim al 

Ihr i;<alha \ 


wald Seltleni.-iil in Odnhcr. I'»l 

The Seventh Ward of thr \ 

■ ilh \.,-lixil 

1, s,, |„,n. u 

Ih Mi- 

- f:ll/ahr|h 1! 


as Chairnian-Cieiieral. perf tiled 

an oi'jarn/. 

Ihin ,n \u-i 

-I. 1') 

7. all ol lln- 

( om 

initlee serving until the elo-r ..1 

the uai y 

iio.f Ml- 


appoiiilr,! ,1 

,• f,,l 

lowinu women as her siih-chaiin 


rniaiM,-: Mi>. l.,„i,-r K. Uraihlon. I.aiiiin;: - la-.- In, W „„„■„ ; M,-. K, It. (.a-l..„. Poitrction 
for Woiiirii W.irk.-rs: Mrs. Kicliard Dak.-, l,l,.,,^ I,, an-; \1,-. .1. W 111,., k. II ■ .,i..l AUied 

K.-li.-l; \li- \l,ii,l.l., I'..,,.,. Iiila.u- i;.,l ( ,.,- \\..rkr.>om; 

Mi- l-l. .,.-„.. \\,l-..i>. I'„l M Ml- I all.., Davis, 

§. Social ,S-r\i.. : \li- \iiiil. Il.i..ri.. I lnl.l W.llai. ; \l,- 
Nina Wool.-n. Il..,ll|. an. I -ami,, mm: \!,- \l., 
Eilui-ational l'i..|.a-jan.|., .iml I' \|..m,---: \l,- \,l 
li,- C-ril. i;.-.l 1 ,.,-: ,,n.l \l,- I i.HiL -1 M.<.,u,,. k. \1. 

heth Kvr. Mi- D,.|ia Smith. \!i- (,,,.,. |;,,-,.. ,,„,] \l,- 

The ,S,.venlh Ward lia.i lli,- ,1,-1 ,ii, I i,,ii .,! I,a\ 
citv and c.imlv uonia.r- , a.mmiii,-,-. ||„- Tiihin.- - 
(lie Y. W. C. \. lo,al,-,l uillnn ,u l„„„„l.,,„.. 

In a<l<hli..M I., III..-,- .ili.-a.K im-nl i..m-,i. lli,- r,,l 
lowm^ im-nih,-,- .,f ih,- S,-mii||, W:,i,l W ,,i,,air- C.m 

mitt.-.- an-u.-i,-,l ,-\,-,\ , all ll i-Jh.iil lli,- uai: 

\l,-. Ii.„l..i, s.-iv, \l,. |;,,M,, \1 M,-, I illia, 

Ta\lnl-, M,-. \l - \\,l-..n. Nil- Willnin, ( ll..ll,„an 

.Mrs. Frank <a,l -i. ,1,1, nan. \1,-, l.l.s ( In, ilia, i,, \Ir- 
Ahram M. \!,- \lik. Il..i:..ia,i Mi- |..-. |,li \1,.,-.. 
Miss Kll.-„ \,,,„.. \l,- -. Iiu.,1, \l,- l'.,,v |{r.„„ 
l»-rt;. M,-. -I' I!. Il.,li. \I,-. W . II li„. I,,, nan. \l,- it. || 
I'.'in.l.M.i. \1.-. \. (. \li-, \\,ll,an, C. Dak<- 
Mi- i:ii/al..ll, I',,,.-. \l,- |,.,„k l|..ll.,«.ll. \1,- I-Vlini: 
l' \1.- I n. X I a-lin.,n. \li - \,.||., I 'al 1., -,.„. Mis: 
III., .-a \l,(.,,v.., k, M,-- I nil. . ..iinn.- !,.,„-. \1,- K|i/a 



lliL KlIi.M i.W.MM. (.LLl! UKGAMZED IN NA^IU ILLli. 

The club was under the supervision of Mrs. R. E. Porter, Sectional Chair- 
man for North Nashville Woman's Committee. 

Those in the group are. left to right, Mrs. Nettip Earls. Miss Mary Barnes, 
Mrs. Joe Odom (Ethel Joyce). Miss Flora I'..ii.r, Mr-, Collins, Mrs. Mary 
Mills. Mrs. Fanny Baldwin. Mrs. J. A. Porln. \li- C.iriic Goldtrap. Mrs. 
R. E. Porter. Chairman. Miss Josephine Bcifilaii.l, \li-, James Brown, and 
Mrs. George Reed. 

rkrnoms were 

, n( Wcrk.MS. 

li, 1, linni-hed 
rtivilie'.. lluui 

women who composed the night classes of the Red Cross Tiilano w( 
drawn from this ward, which came second in the citv in n-iiislratiii 
The Seventh Ward was the home of nine large apartment hiiildiiiLis. u 
more women volunteers for house-to-house canvassing and general 
any other ward of Nashville. 

The Woman's Committee of the North Nashville Section proved t 
dred per cent in every drive and campaign for war relief work, 
those already mentioned, the following women served as chairmen of si 
this section during the war period: 

Mrs. M. M. Van Tien, Mrs. Harvill Hite, Mrs. J. W. Van Tien. Mrs. M. M. Harvill, Mrs. 
George M. Hite. Miss Margaret White, Miss Margaret Hawkins. Miss Cassie Mai Overall, Miss 
Marian Dempsey. Miss Madeline Fritz. Miss Virginia Mackenzie, Miss Bessie Mackenzie, Miss 
Ethel Moxley, Miss Nellie Mau Edgar. Beatrice Edgar. Miss Aderine Hawkins and Miss 
Gertrude White. 

Mrs. R. E. Porter, Chairman, was highly commended by state and Nashville 
officials of the Woman's Cotnmittee for the efficient service she rendered at all 
times in all forms of World War work in the North Nashville Section. Mrs. Porter 
as an official worked with the same ability as a private. 

„ 1„. one hun- 
In ad<lition to 
work of 

Mrs. E. C. Wfught. Sectional Chairman 

The South Nashville Division of the Woman's Committee was organized in 
October, 1917, with Mrs. E. C. Wright as Sectional Chairman. Mrs. Wright held 
mass meetings in each of her respective wards, at which organizations were per- 

( 3Z^ ) 


fected for the Twelftli, Thirteenth. FourtiH-iilli. Fiflcfiith and Tueiity-setond Wards, 
which were under her jurisdiction. Tin- pt-rsonni'l of Mrs. Vi'right's organization 
is as follows: 

Ceiicral Chairman. .Mrs. 
Frank Davis. .Mrs. W . W . Kii 

M. I'riii-: D.-parlMK-Mlal CIki 
-Mrs. .VIbert Alitclu-ll, anil Mr 

Mrs. I-r 
■s Kubin^ 

ik Conk. Mrs. 

Mr>. W. 11. Taiiksliv: L)i|Mrtrm-i.lal Chairnirn: .\lr>. Campbell, 

\lr>. Charles Brin<;l<-inan. Mrs. Paul llarvill. .Mrs. J. T. Allen. .Mrs. 11. H. 

Newell. .Mrs. W. C. Dickson. Dr. Cecelia Rich, Miss Cora Ilager, 

Miss Elhel Carroll. Miss Edna Smytlie. and .Miss Lavinia -Mur- 



(;,iu-ral Cliairniai.. \li- I!.-.,.- Alirii; Drparlni.-iUal Chair- 
men: \1.-. Crillin. \1,-. ,|..,- MmUom. .Mrs. E. A. Dodd, 
Mrs. Ella Cuinn. M.-. .l..l„i limit. Mrs. Emma Alley. Mrs. N. D. 
All.n. \li-. -.mi I am-. Ml- J...- Wiiiinn. Miss Sophia and .Miss 


al Chairman; 
Mrs. V. K. :\ 


Mhs. v.. c. WnicnT Mr-. I!. A. GriHin. General Chairman; Departmental Chair- 

iK.iHi Kin,l,ro„si,> „„.„: \i,.. Alex. Irving. Mrs. W. C. Phillips, Mrs. J. W. Fin- 

n.\. Mr-. Ambrose Plumlee. Mrs. Robert L. Lonphurst. Mrs. ,1. 

K. Johnson, Mrs. L. A. Miller, Mrs. F. L. McMurray. Mrs. C. C. Youn?. Mrs. L. A. Mc.Murray, 

Miss .Mannie Irving, Mrs. Ollic Williams. Miss Cleo Bell, and Miss Nettie .McMurray. 

This ward surpassed all others in the city in Parent-Teacher. Garden and Child 
Welfare work. Mrs. R. A. Griffin was Xashville's most sncc<--sfiil leader in rnm- 
mage sales. Mrs. Alex. Irving was acli\i- in r\c>\ caniiiai^jn ami (lii\i' lhiou>;lioiit 
the war. always goinsr "over the top. 

TWKNTV-.'^KCOM) \\ \l!l> 

Mrs. W. A. Oughterson, General Chairman; Deparlmeiilal ( 
Mrs. A. N. Hollabaugh. Mrs. Robert Gentry, Mrs. K.nn.lh 
Charles .Stetson, Mrs. C. W. Willard. .Mrs. Robert Jav. Mrs. N... 
and -Mrs. llallum Goodloe, Miss Sammie Estill, .Miss Ruth C 
Eugenia Fields. Miss Alice Cullom. and Miss Myrtle Gillintim 

This ward was noted for their success in the Lihei 
paigns. Mrs. Oughterson served as captain in inanv i 
of the Rutledge Magazine Cluh were ahli- a-si-iaiil-- ii 
South Nashville Woman's Committee, and uin- laipiK 
organization perfected by Mrs. Wright. 

n: Mr-. ,1. \. Sten 
Ml- I'.nil llanill. 
1, \li- W.ihnii \1,\ 
Nil- 1 .na Hi.iill.A. 



an ami W . S. S. 
Jiiv,-. The mm 
ilia-,- ol uoik ,1 


■ the 



Till' .ii-iiiiizatiiiii <!(■ the Nashville Wuiiian's Committee was in rliar-t- nf the 
Second Liberty Loan campaign. Mrs. Joseph Warner served as Chan inaii(;eneral 
of this Loan, which was conducted at tiie Nashville Woman's Committee Headquar- 
ters on Eighth .\venue. Mrs. Warner used the organization of the Nashville Woman's 
Committee, assisted by the county, and $419,950 was raised 

her and her sub- 

A detailed 

,f this 

ill be 

ihairinan in the Third Liberty Loan, 
found with the Liberty Loan chapter. 

During the fall seasons of 1917 and 1918, $1,000 ^ 
of Allied Relief buttons by the Nashville committee, and 
were sent to soldiers in the army camps for Thanks- 
giving. Nineteen washing machines with personal greet- 
ings were also sent them at Christmas time in 1917. 
The Nashville Woman's Committee conducted the sale 
of Red Cross Seals in December, 1917, and §2.000 was 
realized from the sales. 

Under the chairmanship of Mrs. David Rosenfeld. 
of the Social Service Department more than one thou- 
sand dollars was raised to be used in the relief of suf- 
fering babies w^hose soldier fathers were in the army 
and whose mothers were left destitute. 

Miss Delia Dortch. State Chairman of Home and 
Foreign Relief Work for the Woman's Committee, con- 
ducted a button sale for the Belgium Relief Fund at 
ihe Tennessee State Fair in 1917. assisted by a coniniit- 
lee from the State and City Woman's Committees. Sev- 
eral hundred dollars was realized by this means, the buttons 

Miss Dortch formed a Junior Branch of Belgium Relief Work through the Nash- 
ville Committee, with the following officers: President, Miss Lucile Wait: First Vice- 
President. Miss Lenora Kenny: Second Vice-President. Miss Ethel Weinberg: Secre- 
tary. Miss Hilda Bruce; Recording Secretary, Miss Virginia Billings; Treasurer, 
Miss Adele Bach: Chairman of Ways and Means, Miss Eloise McCarthy: Chairman 
of Program. Miss Catherine Nichols; and Chairman of Publicitv. Miss Katherine 

Miss Dortch's Committee held a Tag Day on December 1 I. 1917. for the pur- 
pose of giving Christmas cheer to the invalid children of Belgium, and over Sl.JiOO 
'( fund as a result. The following children and cliaperones 

sellin- f, 

is added to the reli 
iere workers: 

Fifth Avenue and Ciilrch Street 

Mrs. P. A. Murray, Chaperone; Workers: Miss Lucile Wait, Miss Lena May Rowland. Miss 

Maude Howell. Miss Ethel Smith. Miss Anne Warner, Miss Dorothy Fuqua. Miss Ruby Kadel, 

Miss Louise Smith, Miss Rebecca Way. Miss Elizabeth Breen. Miss Mary Rice Anderson, and 
Miss Bessie Louise Archibald. 

Sixth Avenue and Church 

Miss Lenore Kenny, Mrs. John M. Kenny, Mrs. Miles Williams and Mrs. William Billings. 
Chaperones; Workers: Miss Helen Burns, Miss Jane Davis Smith. Miss Dorothy Sanders. Miss 
Ethel Nance, Miss Mary Melbourne Clements. Miss Ida Belle Mitchell. Miss Gladys Mitchell. 
Miss Virginia Billings. Miss Mary Elizabeth Waddey. Miss Mary Frances Blair. Miss Eleanor 
Berger. and Miss Lucy Ann McGugin. 

(337 ) 

i>iiins()\ coiwT) roMF\ /.v r n h hdkld war. i»iti'n9 
Skvkntu Avem'k AM) Chikcm 

Miss Kale Bark-..lalr. Cliairmaii. an,l Mrs. Lvon Childrrss. Miss (:„ri..lia Rarks.lalr an,l Mrs. 

F. Vi. ll.M.|.,-r, ChaprroiH-s; W i.rk.-rs. Miss Ilarri.-I Cl.iMr,-.. Mi-- \i,-,„i., \\iil„,-| n Mi-s 

Calli.Tiiu- \Vitlu-rsp,M.n. Miss Julia Va\ Norw,,.,,!. Miss Km. 11. (i,in.|.,ll \1,- l,,„i..- 
Miss Julia Mill Wm.lwinr. Miss llrl.n .S.linsk\. Mis, Marlli.i ( ..I.- \1,- i,.„i-. I'n,, Im, \li<s 
Klizal«-lli llo,.p,-r. Miss Klizabftli Au-lin. Mi-- Kraiu .- 11,11, \li- \lil,l,,-,l Au-lm, an.l Miss 
.Madrlinr Sinumms. 


(111 UCII 

Miss Lillian TavN.r, (:liap,-r,.n,-: \\,.rk<r-; \li- Ia.Im, \h.r-. Mi-s K.-l.,T<-a I. .litis,,,,. Mi 
llaltie Ellis, Miss Calli.-rii... Harris, an, I \lis« K.-aKi, MaMin. 

I'll III \\ 

\Vi,rk.-rs: Miss Kluise .\li( ;ai lln . \li-,- (lll,-,-..ii. \li- \li,„- l)ii„.,i,i, \li- Kx.-hn 

i,nps„n. Mi-s Kiaiio.s Sh,k,-. Mi- l iiiti- ^n.ll. \li- l.l,/,il..ili l!,,,un. Mi- I ..„,-,■ Br.iwn, 

\li- ^ \,-i.„. \1,- (.ith.iMi.- \\,l-,,„. \li- Catherine 

• lii.l.n. Nil- M.iiLiii -^k.T;^-, \1,- i:iiAil..ll, Harris, and 

\Ii- .S„-,,„ r.uii,^. uill, \1,- .|mi,L„, -.1,1,-. I,,. Cliapenine. 

\\..rk.,- \n-- I ,,lli,M,,.' \„ 1„.U. \1,- I 1-1, I'll, 1-1, 
Nil- i'.ilii,- \l.,l,.n,', \1,- \l,,,ih,i I-., -I,',. Ml- lli/,,l,.. 
Km,..,. Ml- \l,.,::,..,i \..,l.,u-, \1.- |.,,,...i., K..,L. ■...!. \l, 
!;..-.■ s.U.i-l.-..., \!.- \,l,l,,.,l,- l'i,„i,.i, \l.- \hu i;.i 
(.,,-;j,,rv. \li- \lil,l,,,l \..,l,-r-„i,, \li- K-,,- \\.n l!..,.k. 
,.11.1 Ml- |),..,.ll.^ \lll.ll.l-, uilll Mr., l!.,-s 11,11, .IIn ; 

Mr-. (;.-., re,- William-. CiMirm, 

Mm. Foslfr collfcli-d the larj 

(lurini: rhi- WorM War. 

\li- Klli.l,-,-. CliaiiMiaii; Mr-. Ki.'.l C.KIn.T, 
(:liap,T„ii,-; \\„rk.r-: Mi- l.,ali l.u-kv. \li- I, ,■..,• ( ;,.l.l..,i . \li- 11. .rl, ■,.-,■ C.Mii.t. Miss 
Harri.-lt \\„„l«i,u-. a,i,l Mi- Maiiii,- Kr.i.l.iian. 

Kii.iiTii \\i;m I \Mi MiiuM. 

Miss IJorothy Tliompsi.n an.l Miss Kll.„ l.,»,-. ( I,.,.. ii„ ,i: \\„ik.i-: \li- Kli/al..lli ll.i.iis. 
James Ward. James Swindell. Jack DeW ill. \ll.„ ( ..II.., I. \l,- M.,,v \;i..,- \'.,^<u■. \l.- \I,..ll,a 
I'ayne. Harris Inpram. Miss Dorothy I),,-, an.l \l.- Il./.il.. ll. |l..-. uill, \li-- I l./.il..lh l!i..l....l. 

I'oi liTII \\KM i; AM) ( Jll Kill 

.Miss Dorothy Frank an.l Mi- Kv.Nn \1,-\,t-. ( liainiwii : \\,..k,-.-: Mi- ll.l,-., Fi-lipall, 
.\liss Didla Bloomslcin, .Miss Marv l.,„i Martin. Mi- Kv,-Imi 1,.-.|.I.. \Ii- M.ui.iii >«,,., I,|l. \lis. 
Elhcl Bre.-n. Miss Dorothy Frank. Mi- l),.r„llu Fi-li:;all. an.l \li- l),„i,ll.. W ..iiil,,iii„,. .miI, 
Mrs. Keuhen .Mills as Chaper..n,-. 

( .338 ) 


Miss Rosalie Dalsheim served as Chan 
llie Junior Branch on this day was si'iil li\ 

The sale of Belgium Kelief JMitlori^. 
State Fair grounds and contiiuicd Im a l< 
ville, and throughout the state, ncllij iIh- 

On Septeniher 20, 1917, another huiioi 
of Mrs. Edgar M. Foster, East Nashville i 
the proceeds of this day's sale went to llir 
Mrs. Foster's committee raised the sum of 
a few days' time. 

In the Third Liberty Loan Campaign, which was under the supervision of the 
Nashville Woman's Committee, Mrs. Adair Lyon Childress was appointed by Mrs. 
James S. Frazer as Chairman for Nashville. Mrs. Childress was assisted by the Board 
of the Nashville Woman's Committee, supplemented by other patriotic organizations. 
The total amount raised by Mrs. Childress and her assistants in this loan was $1,18.5,- 
100. She used the headquarters of the Woman's Committee, on Eighth Avenue, for 
Loan Headquarters. A detailed report of this loan also may be found with the 
Liberty Loan Chapter. 

lari 111 liadges and the money raised by 
\li~- Ddrtcli to the Belgium minister. 
hie h wa'; iiiaiigtirated at the Tennessee 
■jr, |i,ii.Hl n\,T the entire city of Nash- 
inn ..I SdO.dUU. 

(Ia\ was observed under the supervision 
lairuKin of the Allied Relief Work, and 
illeiini; women and children of Belgium. 
<).<>::■, from the sale of Allied buttons in 


Mrs. Charles S. Caldwei.i., Gfi 
Mrs. Walter L. Jones. Chainua 

ral Chairman 
ol ('.(im'Xiiiin 

Mrs. Charles Caldwell. Chairman of Food Conser 
Woman's Cominitt.c. an ording to Government demand: 
niittee educate the h(iuM\\i\es of Nashville in 
the most correct methods to conserve md 1 1 on 
(imize in the preparation of foods, and \il 
deprive the "special dish" of its nutriliiu'- \ dm 
To Mrs. Caldwell and her committee i>- dm lIu 
fiL^t observance in Tennessee of wheatles-,. nit il 
less and sugarless days. Mrs. Charles Caldwi II 
personally visited every school, church -,o(iit\ 
club and patriotic gathering in Davidson Counl\ 
during the first few' months of the existent e of hei 
organization, in an effort to impress the ])ublii 
of the necessity of this new economy so foieiMi 
to American people. She was instrumental in 
carrying her cause to the colored populilnm 
also, with splendid results. Mrs. Caldwtll u i- 
ably assisted in this work by the mernhi i- ul 
the Nashville Housewives' League, of whidi -he 
was president. Mrs. J. W. Black, a valued mem- 
ber of the League, gave die first demonstrations 
of eggless cakes in the county and a number of 
other economizing dishes. 

In October and November of 1917 a cam- 
jiaigii for food conservation, at the request of 
Herbert Hoover, took the form of a house-to- 


lion for thi 
requested th 

her com- 

hAIIDSOy COIWTY II M H .\ / V THK «() K I. U \l A li. I '> I II '> I 7 

house canvass with fowl pledge (.ikN iliai tin- lion-cw i\ i-- wcic a^kcd tn -\'^u. 1 In- 
greatest good from this canipaifin w.i- ihc cdu. ,iti..n,il irii|ii u\ mifril that n-iilli-d 
in bringing the needs of the Govcriimtiit h. i\<r\ Hoijh- in ilir r,.iiiii\ 

Mrs. Charles Caldwell appointed Mrs. Walter L. j.nn- ( .m, i al- ( liaiinian of 
the Food Pledge Campaign of Davidson Countv. S.> -in , ,^-l iillv u(ir ihr wards 
organized by Mrs. Jones that out of the 2{).()()() cardN all,. it, -.1 \a~li\ill,'. 2!5.1f)9 
pledges were secured by the following ward chairmen. a|)p,iiiil,,l 1,\ Mi-. .1,>mis, 
who each appointed the personnel of their committee-: 

fiioT W m;i. 

Miss BrssU- Rran.l. Cliairmaii: C.nuuill,-,-: \1.-. K. \1. I),-,m|.-,a. Mr-. J, L. La»uM„L-. .Mrs 
Alice Steiner. .\li-s Fl„ra l>..rt. r. Mi- Mamar.t lla»kn.-. aiul Mi- lla/.-l CK.p.T. 

SkcoM) AM) TllIKIl \\.\K1>S 
Mrs. H. K. I'..rt,r, Cliairman. ai.,1 N„rtli .Na-luill,. Woman's ( :„nin.ill,-,. S,Mti„n. 

KoiKTii. l-n Mi \Nn .^!\Mi W Mii.s 

.Mrs. J. C. I.usky. Chairman. 

Sl\kmii \\ .\i;i) 

Mrs. Avery Handly. Chairman: Committer: Mrs. Riclrard Dak,. Mi- ^.ini I' Mrs. 

John Roesch. Nfrs. Reuben Seay. Mrs. John Nolen. Mrs. Gn- ls..Mii„an. Mi- HaM, r M ,-, 

Mrs. Frank Stahhnan. .Mrs. Will Raymon.l. Mrs. Lewis Anders,.,. M,- •-!, v. I , ii.han. ,\h.-. Lnu 
Luskv. Mrs. Isaac Miller, Mrs. 1). T. Kinhr,in!;h. .Mrs. John ll„.l-..„ \1,- Joe Zanone. Mrs. 

Victoria Roach. Mrs. George Tompkins. Mrs. laijiene Johns. Mi- W I \ Id. Mrs. Frank 

McGavock. .Mrs. E. .S. (Jardner. Mrs. Morris Wilson. Mrs. I!,.- llaihlU. .,,..1 Mr-. 1'. M. Tamhle, 
Miss Ellen Nance. .Mi — - "-arah. Martha and Fran,,- (..n.,liii-. Mi- lilli.,i> Taslor, .Miss 
Theresa .McGavock, .Mi- M.ii.M.. I'..ri,-r. Miss .Marpar,t ll..-.-. Mi- (.i.i.,- IJ,.-. . Mi- Catherine 
Eichbaum. Miss I v. , M.- lu-becca Porter. Mi- I .ili. .I..n, -. Mi- Kli/ Binford, 
Miss Lonise Tompkins, and .Mi- Aiiiil,,- Thron.-. 

lai.iiiii W \Kl) 

.Miss Florene,- A.lams. Chairman: ( ..niin.ii. . : Mi-. J. T. J,.iiiiar,l. Mr-. W . I,. N,-lson. and 
Mrs. I. N. llvd,-. 

\|MH W \KII 

Mrs. T. J. Nance, Chairman; Conuiuii.. : M.-. \^.■u,^ ( .man. Mi-. J. Karl,- Collier. Mrs. 
Lyon Childress. Mrs. Henry Morgan, Mi- i l.ii.i.. • W m-i... . . M.- II. J. M,Sw,en,-v. Mr-. A. 
E. Hill, .Mrs. W. A. Daniel, and Mrs. \\ill..iin M,.,i... 

Tkmii W Mil) 

Mrs. C. K. Colley. Chairman: Comi.nll,.-: Mi-. Mum- Fl,l.l„i. Mi-. W. C, Wal,l... Mrs. 

John Barksdalc, Mrs. E. I'. Blair, Mrs. j, i;. ri...i„|.-..i,. Mi-. W . It, ( ,i,i,|.|„ll. Mi-, J, \: ( l.iik,-. 

.Miss Laurelte Wallace. Miss Marpar.-l M. k, i.-i. , \I.- Ma.i.l l!.ill,,,.l. Mi- K.ii.> li.ii k-.l,il. . Mi-s 
lone Blair, and .Miss Cornelia Barksdal, . 


Mrs. Charles Kinkead, Chairman: 
Mrs. J. Knox I'olk. .Mrs. F'aul DeW i 
Frances Ilillman. and Miss Louise San, 

Thirteenth Ward 

^rls. lariir> II. Ciini.l.rll. ( liairman; Committee: Mrs, Slrvr Diiv.r. \li>. II. F. Bruilsliaw. 
i\[rs. l.„ri ■r;uik.-l.-\. .\li.s. Jam..;. DeWees, Mrs. R. J. Geiger. .\lr=^. William Alloway. Mi-> Lain. la 
Murphy. Miss -Louise Murphy, Miss Elizabeth Allen, Miss Amy Rich. Miss Nannie DoiUl. .Miss 
Ressic Drifoos. Miss Carrie Tanksley, Miss Louise Bass, Miss Edna, Miss Mary Coles, and 
Miss Mary Hawks. 

Fourteenth Ward 

Miss Sophie Dale. Chairman: Committee: Mrs. John Griffin. .Mrs. Bessie Allrn. Mrs. Irene 
McElroy. Mrs. Amy Clendennin;:. and Mrs. Bessie Alford. 

FiFTEK.NTIl ^'a1!D 

Mrs. F. E. Alford, Chairman; Committee: Mrs. Frank Carr. Mrs. L. A. Tanksley. Mrs. Dan 
Burleson. Mrs. Will Jacobs, Mrs. Rowena Kleizer, Mrs. Charles Brengleman. Miss Laura .Seawell, 
Miss Ethel Harrington, and Miss Gladys Wilson. 

Mr.s. Russell Lnnulun-l. ( luiirmaii; Committee: Mrs. W. A. Beasley, Mrs. William Mo- 
Murray. Mrs. W. ( I'liilhp- Ml-. W G. Mallory, Mrs. Charles Thomas, Mrs. Hugh D. Brien. 
Mrs. J. R. Bazell. Mi-- l;. — i. I', Miss Laura Bosworth, Miss Irene Westbrook, Miss Hatlie 
Fallen and Miss Mai^i.iin I alln. 

Seve.nteenth WaKI) 

Mrs. H. W. Hurt. Chairman; Committee: Mrs, Alex. Barthell. Mrs. Sam Douglas. Mrs. Frank 
Maddux. Mrs. John A. Jones. Mrs. E. N. Brown. .Mrs. J. N. Itose. Mrs. George Price, Mrs. 
Charles Averitt. and Mrs. Robert Orr, Jr. 

Eighteenth W.\rd 

Mrs. G. A. Davis. Chairman: Ccmmiltee: Mrs. H. W. Spicer. Mrs. R. D. Wilson. Mrs. Horace 
Smith. Mrs. Ilellen C.iaN,-. Mi-, I. H. Malone. .Mrs. Green Benton. Mrs. OInev Davies. Mrs. 
Hubert Sawrie. Mi- Mar\ Mall, and Mi-- Gladys White. 

Nineteenth Ward 

Mrs. John n. Slmrpe. Chairman; Committee: Mrs. J. W. Dillard, Mrs. Clay Faulkner. Mrs. 
■' " Parrish. Mrs. Robert Whitsitt. Mrs. F. M. Elam, Miss Winifred Hughes, and Miss Mary 


T\vf,.\tietii WaI',1 

Mrs. R. L. Sawver. Chairman: Committee: Mrs. J. J. Mar-hall. M.-. ( liarU- Kiddie. Mrs. 
F. J. Hudson. Mrs. J. A. Marshall, Mrs. J. F. Corbett, Mrs. K. C. ,|nl,n-nn. Mr-. T, ,|. Smith. 
Mrs. Fred J. Ehrhart, Mrs. W. A. Rawls. Mrs. C. R. Curran. Mi-. I'm .^iil.-. \li- K. S. lln.Jies. 
Mrs. J. L. Hopkins. Mrs. W. T. Estes. Mrs. Richard MackaN. Mr-. K. 11. Kunn. II. and Mr-. .Sam 

Twenty-first Ward 

Mrs. A. J. Dyer. Chairnian: Mr-. T. Leigh Thompson, Assistant Chairman: C.nnmitlee: 
Mrs. Frank Bass. Mrs. Housl.m DihII.v. Mrs. John Hooper. Mrs. Fred Young, Mrs. Will Erwin. 
-Mrs. E. W. Foster, Mrs. Haimli.m I ,.^r. Mrs. John Lellyett. Mrs. C. B. Dodd. Mrs. Alfred Merritt. 
Mrs. A. S. Wilson, Mrs. W illnir lln-luim. Mrs. C. H. Crawford. Mrs. Charles D. lorn-s. Mrs. 
L. S. McPhail, Mrs. Charles Lovenlhal. Mrs. J. L. Brvant. Mrs. John Hawkin^on. Mr-. Nathan 
Anderson, Mrs. Van Coles. Mrs. Duncan Davis, Mr- CrMi^r ( larkr. Mr-. W . T. Y..iinij. Mrs. 
W. H. Witt, Mrs. Stuart Pilcher. Mrs. Fielding Gonlmi. \l,- I W s,.^,,.||. \i,, \. I. lintli.-rtord. 
Mrs. Lee Cantrell, Mrs. C. E. Skinner, Mrs. C. C. I)abn.\. Mr-. Walt.r (lark.-. Mr-, li. (;. Cox. 
Mrs. J. H. Buist, Mrs. Gillespie Sykes. Mrs. J. D. Goodpasture. Mrs. J. J. Greer. Mrs. .\1. M. 
Cullom. Mrs. J. A. Manley. Mrs. Clifford Sinclair, Mrs. Martin Loventhal. Miss Elizabeth Smith, 
MisE Mary Dyer, Miss Stella Vaughn, Miss Sadie Frank, and Miss Vivian Owen. 


D It I nso V C O I \ I Y n O 1/ F. a / A 7 // A' K O K I. D 11 1 K. I 'I I tl ■> I Q 

Olh.-l- ill ill,- pi.niR- .U.-: \1.- \x.,A 1I,,„,IK. \1,- Ml.r V,,,,,,,,,, \|,,_ C. K. C.llrN. \l,s. 
Krnn.-ll, (:,.^c.•. \ll-. l;u~>,-ll 1;, l..„^l:„,-l. \1,-. K. I. N.^^^^,. \1,-.^ .|,,|„, 1 1^ .^,..-. \li>. 
Alex. .1. n.ulli.n. Mr-. \. .1. jams. Airs. A. .\. Hullali;ui;;li. \li-. \l, \1. \l..\l,v. \lis. K. (). 
Craner. \li~ I,, K. I ii-k\. Mrs. Charles Brensleman. .Mrs. (;. A. DaM-. Mi-. IImiu.' Miss 
Aimer M.nk-. ,,,,.1 \l,- Mars K. Smith. 

T\\KNT^-s|.,.nM. W \l;h 

.Mrs. Krnn.-lh CaN..-. Chairman; C..niniill.-.- ; \li-. II. .».,,. I \n-l,N. Mi-. (,i,„K I'.iilian.. Mis. 
Curtis F{. llalK. \li-. \..ali W . C.Miper. Mrs. ,|. I. l,U,,n,l-. \li- \. I',. \„k.n. Mi-. T. I). 
Lainpkiu. Mr.s. .1. W . HiMin^iinii. .Mrs. E. E. IVar-.m. \li- W . I, s,,,!,,,. \i,, \\ \ ( iii-hi, i-mi. 
Mrs. Nathan Mailm. Mi-. L.laiid Hume. .Mrs. |;..Im,i M.K.u. Mi-.^ (.»ii,i,,i. Mi-. I lal 
Wood. Mrs. Arthur (.....iirN. Mrs. T. J. l!os,.. Mi- M.,|„| (,„«aii. Mi- M.imi, Duik. and Mi-s 
Ada Fiehls of I'.aho.K and her elass in ll..„„. K, ,,,,..1,11, >. 

RiClll.VM. \lil.|TI..N 

Mrs. W. (). Tirrill. Chairman: Commitl.r: Mi-. Idal.rll, W iI-mm. Mi- W . ||. IJi, liaid-..ii. 
-Mrs. K. \an S.diaaek. .Mrs. Benjamin F. M....i,.. Mi-. |;. ( . K. ,n..ii. Mi-, Will KiikKnhl Mi-. 
Jam.-s D. Porter. Mrs. Krnc-st Williams. M,-. 1),,,,. | ,,,«,. 1,-1,11.. Mi-. ,|„li„ II, nn s,,„i||,, ,j,„| 
Mrs. K. .S. |iruf;h. 

T\\l:^T^■•mll!l) WMti) 

Mrs. K. I. Mortian. fdiairnian; (loinniill. , : Mi- Willi.iin lii.iinu.ll. Mi-. V I <!,. |,l„i ,1. 
.Mrs. E. T. Hall. .Mrs. W. 1. Harris. Mr- I 1 I -1, -. Mi- -. 1 \l, \ll,.^. M,- I „k. M,,i,i 
iiomery. Mrs. Jesse J. Hitt. Mrs. John Ni.IimU. \1i- Iiii1i.mII, \1,. l,.ui.,i.. \i,l„.l-. 

Mrs. W. .M. (;oodlett. Mrs. C. A. Horn.i. \li- \,ii„,i, •s|,.,,|, M,- | \\ ,,- i,,,, \1 ■ M,-. 

Louise Tavlor. Mi.-- .'^ue Ou,-onor. Mi- I', .ii I Kiii^. an, I Mi- II. I. 11 D.niu. 

.Mrs. K. K. Kinimon-. rhairnian: ( ..inniill. ,■ : Mi-. J. \. V.iin^. Mi-. W . Ii. M.Ciilh.ii.jli. 
Mrs. W. N. Thompwm. \li-. .1. M. Ill,, a. Mr-. I. Ii. \..m,-^. Mi-. W . W . Il»,n- Mr- I. W 
Drumwri-iht. and Mrs. Will W. W^all. 

W Mil. 

Alvin Lashley. Mrs. Lit Malone. Mrs. J. D. (;ood«in. Mi- Ii. ( Wii^lii Mi- 1.1, 1 M, 

.Mrs. Ooodloe Coekrill. Mrs. Neil Jones. Mrs. .Susie Bass. Mi- |,.hi, lii.iii,,,,. Mi- I W II.... 
Mrs. J. V. Bradley. .Mrs. B. J. Younp. Miss Charlie May F. I1-. an. I Mi- l.v.i Wmi;IiI. 


CoLNcii. OF Jkwish Women 

Mrs. Iirul»-ii \lilU. Clia.riium; < ..niinillrr : Mrs. Eph. Luskv. \li>. .In,- Sinion. Mrs. J. B. 
Weil. .Mr>. Aaron .|,. Mr-. M. \. Li-lilrnan. Mrs. Louis I.o,-l,. Mrs. .^ain CuIm-h. .Mrs. Ler- 
Bissiiificr. Mr-. Ilaiman C.hrn. Mrs. .1. W. St.-in. Miss Eli/,ab.-lh Blcomstcin, Miss Amy Rich, 
and Miss B.llir C.lni. 


Till.' Nash\illf \ ictory Garden Association came into existence March 1, 1918, 
in connection with the Nashville Woman's Committee work, at a mass meeting of 
representatives of all war organizations and clubs of Davidson County. The meet- 
ing was called by Mrs. Alex. Caldwell, State Food Chairman of the Woman's Com- 
mittee. Council of National Defense, at the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. Charles 
S. Caldwell was elected President of the Davidson County Garden Association at 
this meeting. Other officers were: Mrs. James C. Bradford and Mrs. Alex. Cald- 
well, Advisory Board; Miss Emma McGowan, Secretary, and Miss Alma Oliver. 
Chairman for Central Nashville. 

The official message had been received from Washington that the South must 
not only feed herself, but raise a supply of food for the soldiers, necessitating the 
cultivation of every back yard and vacant lot in Davidson County. The erection in 
Davidson Countv of the tremendous Powder Plant, which was the largest in the 
world and which greatly increased the population of the county, made this phase 
of work more important tlian any other county in the South. A stupendous work 
was done by the ward and district chairmen of the Woman's Committee, in securing 
the privilege from the ow^lers of all vacant property in the city. As a result, over 
18.()()() back yard gardens, and over eight hundred acres of ground were put in cul- 
tivation throughout the county. 

Prior to the formation of the Garden Association a similar work had been car- 
ried on through the Parent-Teacher garden movement, under the supervision of 
Mrs. James C. Bradford and Miss Alma Oliver, Chairman for Central Nashville. 
A successful tag day was held by this committee for the purpose of purchasing 
garden seeds for those not able to buy them. Over eight hundred dollars was real- 
ized from the day's proceeds. Mrs. Bradford and the officers representing the 
grammar schools of the Parent-Teacher garden movement were chairmen of the 
day. They were: 

Glenn. Mrs. L. A. Enoch: Trimble. Mrs. W. A. Fox: Whorton. Mrs. M. M. Moxlev: Hill, 
Mrs. Lou Lusky; .Schwal). Mrs. J. C. Brock; Head. Mrs. T. H. Burleson and Mrs. J. C. Walker: 
Caldwell. Mrs. W. W. Johnson; Elliott, Mrs. C. F. Stiner; Knox. Mrs. Ed Ridley; Centennial 
Park Mothers" Club. Mrs. King Sparks. 

Miss Mary Welch had charge of tags. Mrs. Alex Irvine was general assistant for 
the day in the organization of workers. 

Miss Alma Oliver, Chairman for Central Nashville, gave manv demonstrations 
of the "army in the furrows" by supervising the planting of numerous gardens, 
with the assistance of the grammar school students. A special demonstration of 
ihe products after the garden had matured was given by Miss Oliver, and was highlv 
commended by a government official who was in Nashville at the time. 

DAVID S O V ( O I V 7 1 IT O M F. \ I .Y T H F /f () K I. I) IT I R. I <■ / 7 / " / 

\\()I!K or Till \\>ll\ll.l.i: WOMWS COMMITTHK 

\li;v J..1IN W. Tllo\lv>. („;,r,„l Cluiirmun 

On Apiil 12. 1'H;1. Mrs. Jain.s S. Kia/ci n-ii:rir,l .,- \a~li\ill.- 
\V,.matr> Cnminitl.v. ami Mi<. .luhii W . riu.riia- ua- unar.irn,.i,-.|\ ,l,rlr,l 
liuin-Ct'iu-ral l.v the Exetutiv.- Heard. Mr-. ll.riiA l.lMiirn. \ i, ,• ( li ainiiai 
sided over llie meeting. 

Mrs. Thomas assumed her diilii-^ iriiriH di.iliN .md ii-laiiiid llir -,iriii- Immh 

the ex.ei.tion of M.s. Neillfl \ln.„r,-. ul -v^urA In ru^^.v^r in ollir, 

.uu\ Ml- C.inrli,, i;,,ikMl,ilr. uhu I, ,1,1 ,,,.r 

lionia- U.I- . ho-,- II Ml-, i.u,---. niir 

I, Tin a- ..| ||,r \\ ,-| I nd -^r,h..i,. an 
l,\nn Clllldir-- u.l- ,.|.|Hnnl.,l ( Inld Wrll.ur 
man |,. Iill Mi-- I ',,,, k-d,. Ir- |iLi,r. \l,-. 

.-r,| ,,| Ml-. Id.ihrllr W il-,,i,. ■^id.Cliaiiinaii 

I. Id.llld \<ldlhnn. 

I Ml-. 



\1.-, I 

\li-. W, (I, 
\Ii-. j.nii.. ( ,n,i|.lMll. \l,~, II, ,i,l,,-M„ li.ik.i. \l 
:i,,l ll.iii, \li-. .1. Il.iin II, i».. \||-. \. i: l',ill 
\)A\r 1 ,,«,nl„ini. \li-. I'. I ( l,MH. \li-. \, \lil,l. 

l.uii.'- II. Ki.kl.iii,!. \li-. \ . I-. \,'i \li- M. T 

... Mr-. J,,hii \. \l. I,», .1. \1.- (..■,„i:,- I .,'. \li 

"\v''l\l K,.»"'" Hal.-, .jr.. \1,>. .|,.lin M. k,i,.„x. \1.- \ , i n, , \l 

Mrs. Val Taylor, an, I \li-, \l, lu, ,, i;,, 
.Mrs. Thomas" first u,,rk ua- the weijihilifr and in,'a-iinii.j ..f ImM.-. uhi. 
pla.-e the week l)e^iniiinii Ma\ L'7. I')]!!. Mr<. V.xvivur (aiilrhr,. M.Uc Cli 
of Child Welfare, ua- , r,|,i,-lr,| U llir Nali,aial ( .aiiiinlirr h, a-i-l in r,,i, 
a eam])aijrn throuuhoiil lVniii--(T in .i--i-l in -a\ iiil! iIh' li\r- ,.1 .'>( II l.( HID , 
in .America. Mr-. Jnlm W . 1 Imnia- ,,nd In-, \,,-I,m|I,. \\,,nMn-- ( :,,inni,ll,. 
li.shed stations ill \. II i. .11- -r. li, .11- ,.r ihr , il\ ,liii nrj llii- , ,iin|.,irjii t,.i urrjiu 
mea.surin? hal,,.-. M,-. rii,.ni.i- .i|.|...inh-,l M,-. I.s,.n CliiM,.-- \,i-linllr 
man of the M.iI.n Diur. ,ii„l Mi- Imm.. W 1m .,i -> ,i- -r, i,i,,ix. I 
the efforts of Mi-. l.,.iii-r 1 ,. i;i,ni,l,.i, lli,- C.i-I nn -K n,,|| l)i\ („„„1- (:,.ni|, 
tahlished a lli,.in„,l,K r,|,ii|.|.,-,l ,|,ni, l,.i ihr u,-rjliinu .in, I inr.i-niiir. ,. 

■hal.ies. Illi> l.eill.. Ill,- ,.nU irl.lll - ■ ,, ■ - I, I,, .Mrll.l llll- r,,lM|r-v 

Govermnrnl. Tlli- l.r,ld(|n,ll In -. I.rnr, ,,|,I,,,IK I,., ,,l,,l. llir nl .ill 
alities in l.olli r,.i,nU and . lU um- Inn,,.,!,! I,, llii- , Inn, . 

Mrs. Lv„M Cliihhr- U.I- ,i-i-lr,| \.^ M,-. .1. i;. T,.llr,i. C il\ Cli.mi 

the Woman's ( ;,.niniillr,-. Inr iIh- ucii^liiiiL' and nir.i-min.j ,,l,- .in, I 

\U<. Cliarl,- W. Bak.r. Mr-. Car.-s K. K.,lk. Mi- \\,,,^,l II. in,-. Mi-, t Knik II,. 

Kalli.-riiu- I'. Wri^dil. .Mr-. T. /\. .|,.r,laii. Mi-, I>,,imI,I M, I ,il,l. Mi- I M,, 

W.-si II. \I„rl.,M. Mr-. Ii..l„rl W. M, li,.l. Mi-. .1 K. K.nn-. Mi-. ( . M. Kii-.ll. Mi-. 

.^harp. Mrs. William \\,-.u,i. Mr-. W . H. ( ,.,.k. Mi- M.ilin.l.i i nm ,-. Mi-. (.. I'. W 

.Mrs. .N,-il Jon.-s. 

Mrs. Lf.nise E. Ii,,in.l,,n k.-|,l ll Hi, ,al rr,,,rd nf llir u,rk. Mr-. W 

Aerec and Miss \aii l)nr-e\ . |,r.d, — i,, niir-c- .md f,,imd,-i- ,.! llir u,,ik ii 
ville. supervised -.-vrial hahs -lalimi- and 'j.iNr imliliniiU of lllrii -,-i\i,r- 
l.ahv week. 



KXKCl Tl\ K litlMill ((K WSIIMI.LK \\(i\l\\S CdMM ITTKK. COl.XCII. (»K .WIKlWL 
Seated from left to right, first row: Mrs R. E. Porter, Mrs. Walter L. Jones, Mrs. Reuben 
-Mills, Mrs. .'Mexander Fall, Mrs. John W. Thomas, Chairman, Mrs. H. M. Teitlebaum, and Mrs. 
lltie Kinney Reno. Second row. Miss Mary Pleasants Jones, Mrs. Horace G. Hill. Mrs. Joseph 
Warner, Mrs. E. C. Wright, Mrs. David Rosenfeld and Mrs. Mary Bright Thomas. Third row. 
Mrs. Vernon Sharp and Miss Katherine Morris. 

Dr. W. K. Hibbett. of the Nashville City Board of Health, Drs. Richard Dake. 
Ojin West. George H. Price and Celia Rich, who are among; Nashville's most able 
|>livsicians. gave their sei-vices and lectured each day of the drive to hundreds of 
mothers who otherwise coukl not have had the instructions. On one of the lecture 
davs over three hundred mothers were present. Durinji the week several hundred 
babies were weighed and measured. 

The assistants at the various clinics throughout the campaign were: Mrs. Dave 
Rosenfeld. Mrs. J. B. Totten, Mrs. Walter Jones, Mrs. Robert Nichoh Mrs. Charles 
S. Caldwell. Mrs. John W. Thomas. Chairman-General, and Miss Mary Allen Thomp- 
son, who was Chairman of the exhibit held at the Chamber of Connnerce. 

To Mrs. J. B. Totten. Mrs. West H. Morton, Mrs. C. M. Russell. Mrs. J. K. 
Rains. Mrs. W. B. Cook, Mrs. H. Craig McFarland, and Mrs. Count lioyd. . redit is 
due for the large number of district babies that were registered at the various 
clinics. These women made a house-to-house canvass of the county districts and 
conveyed to the stations mothers and babies who could not go otherwise. 

Mrs. John W. Thomas, Chairman of this organization, also served as Chairman of 
the Patriotic Pageant given at Centennial Park on July 4, 1919, in which Mrs. 
Robert W. Nichol was associated. The pageant was produced with a cast of one 
hundred and fifty participants in strict accordance with government regulations for 
the celebration. Miss Elizabeth Binford and Mrs. Celia Grady Reddy were the 
supervisors of the production. This was one of the most spectacular and one of 
the largest attended affairs in Nashville during the war period. 

Mrs. Thomas continued the work of giving a complete service kit to everv en- 
listed soldier of Davidson County. This benevolence was begun at the organization 
of the Nashville Committee and continued throughout the war. 

On July 14, 191S, Mrs. Thomas and her committee joined in the French Inde- 
pendence Day celebration, wliiili was celebrated with a spectacular street parade 
in Nashville, uith Mrs. Ncimi M(j(ire Lewis serving as Chairman-General. Floats 


DAVID S () S cm .V TV ft' O M E .V / V T H K If R I. D If A R. I " i II 'i 1 9 

were decorated by Mrs. Thomas and her board to r.|iri-(iil -c iius liom 
Iiolh Freiu-li and American history. 

In July. 19U>. the important drive for student iiui-<- to (ill llu- \:i, jin li- in tlie 
professional ranks of nurses was inaugurated bv Mrs. Tlioiiui- .nul liri \a~li\ille 
Woman's Committee. Headquarters on Eiglitli Avenue were bn-v loi \mi k- \siih 
the intensive preparation of the applicants who were recniltiil luim \ olimircis 
from everv section of the coimtv. \ iiniqiir Iraluic ,,1 llu- ,hi\r ^va^ llic licnrh 
. .IcM^ricI aiul Jniialcl \,^ \li-. J,,l,n W . Tlminas. 

a i.Tiiiltinii I ill an, I place! on tlapitol llnulcxaid III ~ ihiiiiiL: the drive. The hut attrac'ted 
ill cnmincnl rimii -Iranirers passing through \ash- 
Ic. anil prii\cil a iliawing card in everv dri\e there- 

\a~l. villi- Chaiiter. Red Cn,-- I lca,l,,uai Ic -. at \li-^ \a.i 

)ni.,\^ ull.ce in the Docti.,-' I'.i, iMiirj. in ihr \..ail,-. 

I Ihr \a~liMllc Y. W. C. \. anil at llic Tinn I, Hill nn 

a|iil..| r„„il,xai,l. The l..||,,u,nL' umiicn liuin llir Xa-li- 

illc XiiiM.- \~~,,cial,.,ii lirailipiailc a^-i-icl \i,s. 

Thoina- ami li.a b.Miil in ihc u,,ik ,.! llu- ic i-l i al n.n of 

nur>c- \li~. i;ii/alMlli llnvci. \||.. Willn- Vwr. Mis< 

Woolen, ami Mi^. Ilainc^ ..I I'ralioiK. 

u-tnen of the Nashville W i.nian^ ( ..mniillcr f,,, the \ui-e>' 

\an Dorscv. Miss Ni 
Other ei.niniitlce 


ill-: \liv 


ni I.. 

eil i> 


Ih I. 

Mr>. lliMlN -leill 

Mrs. Alexa.ul.T Fall. InlMnnai,.., 
L. Jones. Headquarlei-: \li- \ 
D.Toraliim <if Bnntlis: \l.- Km Ik 
Miss M..nis. \li,-i, : ,, 

I» booths uere o, 
and. while the ca.npai.^n was ci.mhn Ic 
was the banner county of the state, iml 
dred and ninetv-fonr Davidson Coiiiil\ \m 

In October. 191!!. during the In 
Woman's Committee. Council of nden-e 
Thomas served as Chairman nl all l)a\iil-on ( '< 
minute speaker for the loan. 

Mrs. John W. Thomas ua- the In -I ami ..nh 
the Red Cross Chri-lnia- llnll Call in the s,,,,,!,,., 
members onl\ anil rml Im nmriev. .iml the lulal 
12.000 in thi- ihiM-. M,-. Till, mas „sei| he, enl 
Woman's Conimitlee lor this i ainpaign. 

The following" <hairnien. ; inlcj bv M,-. 1 

and the r-ounly districts: 

Miss Kmnia Wlu-al .Sullivan. Cli.iiniKiii f..i OiilKin^i 
Vernon Sharp. KasI .Na.sliville: .Mrs. \Iaiv l!.i;:lil Tlimn., 
S,„n\i Naslnill.-: Mrs. K. K. Porter. .Nnrll. .Nasluille; \l,- 
Teiliel.anm. Women's ()r<!anizalions: Mrs. (iuilfoni Dii. 
Kinney lieno. .Speakers' Bureau: Mrs. Waller 1.. Imir- ,,n 

\larv Louise (;o».lwin an.l Mrs. Alexander Fall. -. I-: 

Pleasants Jones, bi.luslries: Mrs. Charles .S. Calilurll .,i„l 

Mil- M. 
: Ml-, II 

iril... N,„.,,krl-- I'.III.MIi: 

^IH.ik.i-: Ml- \\,iller 

Ml- Ih.lll.- ( .ll.iuell. 

-ee. |)a\ 


in llii- 
lle \,l- 


Mi-. li.l 

n W. 





Ihe \ 
he 1 ilN 




-. i:, < , 










0. Ti 
h Wan 
.■nth Vi 

-. IV C. Houser. First Wai.l; \li-. \1. \1. Ilarvill. 
.,>.l; Mrs. J. C. Liisky ami M , -. I ..„ I.u-k^. Inurtl,. 
I,,,,l, S,-venth Ward; Mis^ Kl ii. , \,\m»-. Kijihlli 

\l,-^ i;,l. L. Morris. T,-nll. War.l: Mr-. I harlr- S. 

ill. Twelfth Ward; Miss Edna Smytho, Thirtefnili 

Mrs. J. Paul Harvill, Fifteenth Ward; Mr.s. R. A. 

rd: Mrs. Robert Orr. Jr.. Seventeenth Ward: Mrs. 

I) r (' riiintin. Tucntv first Ward: Mrs. W. ,\. 
M.lul, C 11.11 .ind Mrs.' Cla.K- \1. Cluiml.erlai.,. 

llnrace H. .Smith. Eiphternlh Ward: Mi-. D 
Ctiif-diterson, Twenty-second Ward: Mi- M.m. 
Twenty-third Ward: Mrs. J. C. >..iiii-. I w. 
Mrs. Lit Malone and Mrs. Neil .S. .|,.n.-. Iw.nU lillli War.l: 
and .Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. Richland Addition. 

Mis. Wilson's committee was composed of: 
Mrs. John M. Gray. Miss Mildred Gray. Mrs. W. 0. Tirrill. 
Mrs. John M. Kenney. Mrs. E. S. Brugh. Mrs. J. B. Totten. .Mrs. 
James Campbell. Mrs. Henderson Baker. Mrs. Fitzgerald Hall. 
Mrs. J. Harry Howe. Mrs. E. A. Potter. Mrs. Lou Luskv. Mrs. 
Dave Lowenheim. Mrs. P. J. Clearv, Mrs. A. Mitchell. Mrs. 
James H. Kirkland. Mrs. E. F. Benton. Mrs. M. T. Lusky. Miss 
Delia Drew. Mrs. John A. McEwen. Mrs. George F. Blackie. 
Mrs. Will T. Hale. Jr.. Mrs. Verner Moore Lewis. Mrs. Val Tay- 
lor. Mrs. McEwen Ransom, and Mrs. Miles Williams. 

District Chairmen: 

.Mrs. William ^W .'aver. Third District: Mrs. Craig .McFarhind. 
K..urlli Di-lri.l: Mrs. ( luirl.'s Huntiii. Fifth Di-lri.l: Mrs. 

Th..nui- ( alli..iin. s,uh Di-ln<t: Mrs. W.-l H. M..rl..n and \'"'- ■>""> "■ '■«" 

Mrs. Charl,- C. t;,ll.,rt. S.x.nlh Di-lrict: Mr-. J..I111 .M. Gray. "*"''■' *''"'"' 

Jr.. Ki;:l,tli l)i-lri,l: Mrs. Robert M. Ander,soii. Ninth District; Mrs. James B. Ez/.ell. Tenth 
Distrirt: Mrs. N,.|is McCasland. Eleventh District; Mrs. Haskell Rightor. Twelfth District; Mrs. 
Thomas II. Jo\. Jr.. Thirteenth District; and Mrs. W. W. Core and Mrs. E. K. McCord. Four- 

iVIrs. Joiui M. Gray and her committee of the Eighth District raised the largest 
amount that was secured in any Red Cross drive during the war in a single district. 

.^mong tliose assisting Mrs. Gray were: 

Miss Mildred Gray. Miss Cornelia Barksdale. Mrs. John M. Kennv. Mrs. Idabelle Wilson. 
Mrs. John Barksdale. Mrs. A. E. Potter. Mrs. Joseph Palmer. Mrs. Richard T. Wilson, and Mrs. 
\ ance Alexander. 

Booths were opened by Mrs. Thomas at the various department stores with Miss 
Mildred Gray serving as Chairman, assisted by the following: 

>Uss Corinne Craig. Miss Kllen Stokes. Miss T,„riV Holman. "Miss Virginia Benton Miss 
Annie Warner Tenison. Miss i:i,/:i|,.ili In,.. Mi- D. — 1. IInl:!..-. Mi- ll.nn.ll |lill,.n. Miss 
Mary Lee Crockett. Miss K-lli.i \i. li..!. Mi--,il,..||i ( iin„.ri. Mi- M.,m \,l-,.n. \1,- Sue 
Holmes, Miss Elizabeth Burkn.r. Mi- .\li,.. Hall Mi-s Lillian Warii.r. Mi- Olivia 
Trabue. Miss Lundy File, and Miss Elizabeth Hill. 

Others who serv'ed as chairmen of various committees during this drive were: 
Miss Margaret Creighton. Miss Dorothy Brandon. Miss Barbara Kuhn. Miss Virginia Benton. 
Miss Ellen Stokes. Miss Marian Joy, Miss. Henrietta Lindsley, Miss Martha Barham. Miss .\nnie 
.Mai Underwood. Miss Percie Warner. Miss Ruth Vance. Mrs. Felix Cheatham. Mrs. Fielding 
f.ordon. Mrs. Felix Dodd, and Mrs. Frank Wilson. 

Mrs. James S. Frazer, who served as Chairman of the business districts, and 
her committee made a complete canvass of the city and distributed flags to busi- 
ness houses whose employers had become one hundred per cent Red Cross members. 
In 1918 Mrs. John W. Thomas served as Chairman of the movement to have the 
National Anthem sung on Thanksgiving Day. and a very impressive feature of the 
celebration on this day was that the .\nthem was sung by millions of voices over 
America at the same hour. 

( 347) 

D Ai II) s o .\ c o I \T y ir o m i-: .\ i \ r ii t: « o k 1. 1> ir a r. i'u t-rw) 

Mrs. Thomas also served as Cliairmaii nl tlic ui 
acted as jreneral cliairinaii on the oeiasioii nt the m; 
France Committee at the Rynian Auditoriiun in Dncii 
was brought to Nashville to give U'cture> on -i.. 
supervision. Dr. DeFort made a series nf l.ilk^ al 
leges in \ashvilh'. and addressed the women al a ii 
Chii). The Girls" Patriotic League assisted in lli. |, 
ing. and Mrs. Rogers Caldwell gave the addn— ,,l 

Mrs. Thomas and the Nashville W'omanV (-onimill 
bralion of the home-coming of the Tennessee soldit 
of \^orld \^"ar relief work undertaken in Davidson 

ing for t 
1<). Dr. 

- Mlhir, 

an relief, 
he Devast 
Louise De 
M,-. Tim 

■•Nun'oin I. Kill I'. \ I I III iKiNii I 

TKNM-.xsKK .sol.hll.l;- III' II 
This feature was (iesig,»-.l U \l,v |,.l,„ W , TlmnK.-.. 

(Chairman of the Nashville W (.111.111- I nilii-.- ami »as 

slaved on the steps of her liiinn-. I he ;;nMi|i pii-s.-iiled an 
inspiring and allraclivc tableau, wiiich rcccivrd pidhinni-d 
applause from the larpe number of spi'ctators. Slanding 
to the rit;hl. rcpresenlinf: "X iciorv." Is Miss Martha Dt-How, 
In Ihr .rnl.r. r.-pn-.-nlinc •■.hisli,-,-." Mrs. A.lair l.von 
ChiMns-. T.. Ill,- l.-fi, ,,-pn-.,-nllTi.^ -Pracr." Miss Kliza- 
brlli Hill. 


Middle Tennessee and Davidson County Committee 
Fatherless Children of France Society 

Mrs. I)kmi'sk\ W kwkk. Chuiniuiit 

Mrs. Demp^ev \Vea\ eh 
I Anna Russell Colei 
i>f Aclvisiin- Council of this Histi 

The Fatherless Children of France Society was a national organization, having 
district coniniitees and sub-committees in two hundred American cities. The Ameri- 
can headquarters of tlie relief work were in New York, and the French headquarters 
office in Paris. France. The object of this organization was to aid French war or- 
phans, thirty-six dollars and fifty cents a year being required for the support of one 
child. By contributing this amount the donor was put into individual touch with the 
adopted child. 

There were sixty-four societies in France which co-operated with the Fatherless 
Children of France Society, reporting the names of the orphans who were in need 
of assistance. Catholic. Protestant and Jewish orphans received aid from this organi- 
zation, and representatives of the three faiths were on the Administrative Committee 


DAiii)So.\ coi \TY iroMKy i\ rut-: iroHi.D iitn. i'iiH9i9 


iiii; \i!t)\i; I'icii i!i; w \s i \kk\ -in action." \ r iiiK iiistokk; home ok 

\li;s. K. W. COLK 

on ilie Murfrce.*l)iiri> jiik. . n..ii \a-liville, during the visit of Miss Margaret Wooilrow Wilson, 
ilie (iaugliter of tlu- lirl..\..l Wi.iM War President, Woodrow Wilson, to Nashville in the interest 
<,f war work in Mav. IVIT. \lr~. K. W. Cole, hostess, ai.pears in the pietnr,- at the left of the 
top row. To her left appea.> Mis- \Iar;;areI W.h.,I,,,« \\iU,„, and he. dau;;lihT. Mr-. I)en,p-ey 
Weaver. President of the Mid.lle Tennes-.'e and DaMd-. >..,„iv. iMilir, I,-. ( luldn-n 

Weaver. . I r.. and Anna Ki.ssell Cole W eav,-r. I ;:rand '. hildiri, ,,| Mr-. K. W . C,,!,- ,,„d' d.ii'mhir, ,„m1 
son of Mrs. Denip-ey Weaverl, and Klizaheth (dasfiow. .Mary Weaver Harris, an.l W]. Weaver. ,Ir. 

in Paris. More than 2()().()()() (rrphMii- wet<- .nro.l lor l>v \hr varioii- , omniille.- of th.- 
Fatherless Children of Kram r S.m iri\. 

Miss Eleanor Fell and Mi^- ll..,,-,,. ,■ >rnlli,-l,l. V.wji-h unni.-ii uh,, un,- nirnilrrs 

of the Exeeutive Board and uh,, ,ImI m-Ii.I u,,iIs in I i.ui,,-. ^^vn■ ^r, \„„-iir,, l,v 

the Paris committee in Jiin,-. I'»|7. I li,-~r u,,nirn ,,i •jani/nl ili,' \,i-li\ille (:i,in- 
inillee. which was later nirr^'e,! ml,, lli,- ( :,,iririiillr,- I,,, \ii,l,ll,> I riiii,--r,-. 

The \a-h\ilh- ,,irMer- .h,,Mn l.,r llu- , ,,1^.1111/, U i, ,n ».-,,•; \|,-, |)rin|,-,-\ \\,-.,\.-r. \li-. 1,,-lir W.iMHi. \ i,,--(:h.iiiiii,n,: \li- li.ii,,,- I'lhhn. ^,, ,,|,nv: 
.■-aniiirl 11. On. iMM^iire, |,„ \l i,MI,- I ,„n,—e,-. ,n,d Mi- ^Ii,„ k,l I ,,, ,1. I, ,ms- 
lirer I,, I \,i4i\ille and \-M-laiil Mi.hll,- jrniM — ,■,■ I 1 ea-iii ,1 . 

In .lune. \')\l\. Ihr u,„k I,,hI LM,,un I., -n, I |,.,ilh,M- ihal Hm' l,,ll,,uin,u ad. 

ditional oliicers were a|i|i(,inl,-.l <,m iIm- \li,l,il,' T,nn,— ,r ,in,l l).iMd-,,n (:,,inil\ or- 
ganization: Mrs. T. !)wi,-hi \\,l,l,. \ I,,- ( Mi-. .|,.-,|,li T. ll,,urll. \ ire- 
Chairman; and .Miss Kiniiia W hail, ,11. \~-i-l,inl >r, i.laM. 

The .New V,,rk ,,(h,r a|,|„,inl.-,l lli,- X.i-hvilh- I 1 u-l Company an, I iN (.nn-ral 
-Manajrer. Saimi.-I 11. (»ii. Ti,,i-m,-f l,,i Mi,hll,' Imnessee. Every |Mnii\ ,,l iIk; 
money donated t,, tin- nlirl u,,ik ,,l llo- Mi.hHr Trnncss,-.- and l)a\i,l-.,ii C.iintv 
Coinniiltee was sent due, | t,. ill,- I' h-ii, li .hM,li,n. .1- .ill nail,. 11. il ,ii„l |,„al .NiMa,-,-- 
were met In a,- liin,l. Th,- \a-li\ill,- ( ...iiiniitt,,'. uitli Mi-. l),iii|,-,\ \\,M\,r 

( 3.>0 > 

.( ( / 1) S () N C OINTY ir M EN IN TH E If O R I. I) IT A K. I I t-l <> I 

as Chairman, was divided into tm liMrn-. \\lii(li (;m\,i>~ril llic liii^inf— rum - 
women's organizations, schools and . Imn In- nl \a-li\illr I" Mimi- In-hi p 
for these orphans. The result ..f llu' rampai^n «a- llial \Ur \a-.|i\ ill.- ( ;,,iii 
aided 2,5-16 orphans, five hundred of whom were ad<)|>l(il in llir lollnuinu \ 
Tennessee towns: Winchester, with Miss Ora Chattin a- (hainnaii: ^|iiiii;. 
1.(1 by Mrs. Neil Glenn, Chairman: Columbia, by 
Mis. George McKennon and Mrs. C. A. Parker, as 
(d-Chairmen: Clarksville had Mrs. Austin Peay as 
Chairman: Fayetteville had Mrs. J. B. Rutledge as 
Chairman; Shelbyville was led by Mrs. Bain Stew- 
art, Chairman; Murfreesboro had Miss Sarah 
Spence as Chairman; and Bell Buckle was led by 
Mrs. W. R. Webb as Chairman. 

Through the efforts of Mrs. Dempsey Weaver 
notable speakers from France came to Nashville to 
j)resent the cause of the French orphans to the pub- 
lic. M. Stephane Lanzanne, editor of Le Matin, 
the -real Paris daily, and a member of the French 
National Committee to America, spoke at tlie Ven- 
dome Theater in October, 1917. There was shown 
in connection with his talk a moving picture film mbs. t. d^i.hi wn.i, 

especially prepared by the French Government to 'c..r, c,,., k. .d 

aid in publicity for the Fatherless Children of 

France Society; Mrs. Walter Brewster, of Chicago, who had spent a large j)art of 
the winter doing relief work in France, spoke in Nashville in May. 191 'J. and Can- 
Cabanel. French priest, who served during the World War as chaplain for the 
"Blue Devils," spoke in November, 1919, at the 
Centennial Club, at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 
and at St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville. 

The Davidson County members of the Fatherless 
Children of France Society entertained the '"Blue 
Devils" of France at the Centennial Club when they 
visited Nashville in the interest of the Red Cross 
campaign. These French soldiers were presented 
with tri-colored folders containing a statement of the 
Nashville and Middle Tennessee committees and a 
reproduction of the invitation extended to Lafayette 
by the citizens of Nashville in 182.5. Mrs. Dempsey 
Weaver also presented a handsome silk flag to the 
Alpine soldiers, who came to Nashville in the Fifth 
Liberty Loan on behalf of the Middle Tennessee or- 
ganization of the Fatherless Children of France. 

Mrs. Leslie Warner served from 1917 to 1918 on 
his organization, which was composed of thirty directors 

(he National Board of 
chosen from all parts of the country, 
tional Board from June. 1918. until th 
ary. 1921. 

Mrs. Weaver was also chosen as a 
tee, whose headquarters were in Chic; 

Mrs. Dempsev Weaver served on the Na- 
close of the National Headquarters. Janu- 

niember of the Nati 
n„. The Junior B, 

V Comniit- 

DAVID >■ O Y CO I V r ) fl O U E V / \ T II A' /f O A' /. P 

I '>i II ■<;'> 

Chililreii of France wclcoint'd the Teiiiiess<-e soldier* of the A. E. F. at the "Hoiiie- 
coniinf; Parade" on the lawn of Mrs. \^ hitefoord R. ColeV residence. The pirls 
were dressetl in the efTettive costumes of Alsace Lorraine. 'I'hi- feature was orijri- 
nated and the costumes made and desigiuil li\ Mr>. Idilirll,- W il-,.ii ClKiirinan of 
Features of the Home-coming; Parade. 

As a token of appreciation for the conmicndahli- work doni' \>\ liic two iiuiidrcd 

American cities and their suii-coininittecs. the French (iovernnient prcscriti-d a uold 

nicial t<. th.- llcado.Kirtcrs Cmnnitlcc in N.u York. 

l)avid-„n ( 

.iiiit\ I'.ill 

■rl,-~~ Cliil, 

mittee who 

ari^u.'rr.l , 

u;s call 11 

tion were: 

Mrs. Gal,- 

~ W. \,la„,. 

Mrs. l-r.u.k 

Bunlin, Mrs. 

I-;. C. (.i,-m. 

UN. Mrs. C. 

k A. I!r, 

\. Ci.i 
B. Craic, Mrs. Kan.lall Ciutrll. Mr.. Crut-. h. ih.miv. Mrs. 
Jam.-s Frazrr. .Mrs. Mcl'li.-ri.-r- (;ias^,,w. Mi-. W .Ih.iin T m,. 

Jr., Mrs. Charles Ilamill..n. Mr-. llaiMlK. M,- \\.,u,.r 
Harris. .Mrs. Marshall H.achki-. Mi-, M..ii,,„ li, ll,,„,ll. III. \|i- I Ih- ( 
11. Kirklan.l. .Mrs. J. O. Kirkpaii .. k. Mi- \.i,,.i \\....,, I.u,-. M,- \ I 
Wharlon Nichol. .Mrs. 11,-nrN \|. i l,.||.,,„|. \|,-, ,|,,|i„ || M. ( l,n.. Mi-, I!, 
Kiiinard T. .McContii.... Mr-. I, I., M. W I...11. i . Mi- II,, u» \l,i, .■,,,, M, 
.Mrs. James K. Kain-. \li-. I!,— i,- |)„|,.mi -.Innl.i. Mi- ll,„, ^ ' IVnl, I,,, 
T>ne, .Mrs. Gc•.,^^'.■ II. Wilham-. Mr-. W . II. W ,lli.i,ii-..ii. Mi-. i;„ll,v W 

;i;!in-. Mrs. James 

in.iii. Mrs. Robert 

M. I,.iii,.rc. Mrs. 

I,! I'litlcr. 

Ml- Ihomas J. 

Ml- William 11. 



riie picture shows the grr 
s awarded Chairmen of tl 

1 (in the -lpp« "f till' liMil.'Tinial Club on the day handsome flags 
\li,l,|l, Irnnr-^,. s,„ irii. - « ho Were on the Honor Roll. 

Those who appear in the pi.iui.'. i,. iii:lii :ii. liMih.m row: Mrs. Fielding Yost (Eunice 
Fite), Samuel H. Orr. Treasun.i ..I ilir MmMIc ■Lnn.-r. Organization; Mrs. Dempsey Weaver. 
Chairman of the Middle Tennessee and Davidson County Organization; Miss Sarah Spence, 
Chairman for Rutherford County; Mrs. Bain Stewart. Chairman for Shelbyville: Mrs. W. K. 
Webb, Jr., Chairman for Bell Buckle, who received one of the honors conferred. 

Second r,.»: \li", .- I'll.h,-,. \l,-. B.-^r,l\ MrKinn.x. ( l,,u,n,,,n lo,,; Miss 

Ada Swann. Mr-. .I.i - Kain-, \li- \l.ll^ ^h.i. kl.l.,i .1, il.. .iM. .in.l lirl,.\..,l \-H-lant 

Treasurer ol lli.- Mid,!!.' '[mur-.rr s,„ i,-I\ .in. I I iva-mr, Im \,,-l,Mllr; \l,-- I- „,„,., \\l,,,ii..n, 
Mrs. T. Dwiglil Webb, \icc rrcMdciU; Mr... J. li. .\KLcn.ui.-, Mi>. Ldua.d IJ. (lai;; i Mamie 
Crockett), and Mrs. W. H. Williamson (jMary Ready Weaver). 

Third row: Mrs. Morton B. Howell, 111. Mrs. Robert Wharton Nichol. Mrs. Jennie Bunlin. 
.Mrs. Thomas D. Craighead and Mrs. Gales Adams (Edith Cheatham). 

Fourth row: Miss Lillian Taylor. Mrs. J. B. Blackmore. Chairman for Sumner County, Mrs. 
Bessie Dupont Schuyler and Mrs. Ellis C. Huggins (Lena Tate). 

Fifth row: Mrs. E. W. Cole, Mrs. James S. Frazer, Mrs. Weaver Harris, Miss Frances 
McLester, Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Mrs. Joseph T. Howell, Jr. (Mamye Craig). Mrs. H. C. Derivaik 
and Mrs. George Williams. 

Witt, Mrs. Fielding Yost. Miss Annie DeMoville, Miss Mary DeMoville. Miss Mary Ewing. Miss 
Mr>' Louise Goodwin, Miss Lucile Landis. Miss Frances MeLester, Miss ,\da Swan, and Miss 
.Margaret Warren. 

The Junior members who participated in the celebration at the home-coming of 
the soldiers were: 

Miss Margaret Clark, Miss Martha Estes, Miss Estelle Hampton. Miss Clara Wrenne Sumpter. 
Miss Frances Hill. Miss Lucia Higgins, Miss Mary Landis. Miss Dorothy Lipscomb, Miss Mar- 
garet Martin, Miss Betty Orr, Miss Emily Warner. Miss Milbry Warner, Miss Virginia White, 
and Miss Margaret Warren. 

Mrs. Dempsey Weaver received a handsome French certificate from the French 
Government in appreciation of the splendid work which she accomplished as leader 
of the Middle Tennessee and Davidson County committees of the Fatlierless Chil- 
dren of France Society. Mrs. Weaver worked as a private as well as an official, and 
was greatlv beloved bv the members of this organization, who feel that the results 
gained in the work were largely due to the insjiiration received from the earnest 
efforts of their President. 

DAI I n S () .\ C 1 WTY WO M F. .\ I \ T H E if R L I ) II I H. 1 a 1 I ] 'W 

Tennessee iJisision ;iii(l l);i\i(ls(in Couiily Lihertv 
Loan ( )i'iiaiii/,;iti()ns 

Mks. GllI.KOKI) DlDl.KV. State Chdinmiii 

Member uf Ad 

In tJic formation of the Liberty Loan organization, women for the first time 
in the history of the world's greatest democracy were recognized as potential factors 
in influencing public ojjinion. and were empowered to give aid to their Government 
through united effort. 

On May 7, 1917. the Sciclarv of the JrcaMnv nl \\u- I nil.d Slates called a 
woman representative to a (-onfercnce in Washirigloii Fkuii cvciv sccli(jn of the 
country, the purpose of the conference being to form a \:iiiorKil Wdman's Liberty 
Loan Committee. Mrs. Guilford Dudley represented llic S..111I1 ;ii ihis meeting. 

A national woman's organization for the sale of b(>n<is llnoiighout the coimtry 
was instituted at this conference under the direction of an Executive Committee in 
Washington, with Mrs. William G. McAdoo as National Chairman. Headquarters 



were opened in the Treasiuy buildinjj;. where a large clerical force was immediately 

On May 9, 1917, tlie first meeting of the National Woman's Liberty Loan Com- 
mittee was held in the Treasury building and a plan of organization was determined 
upon. Inasmuch as the work was under the National Treasury Department, it was 
decided to organize along government finanrial lines. Twelve women were appointed 

Mrs. John 

(Daisv Oliver) 

as chairmen for the Federal Reserve Districts of the United States, with the state as a 
unit. For every state in the Union a chairman was to be appointed, who, in turn, 
would appoint sub-chairmen in every county and district. The state chairman was 
to assume entire responsibility for the work of her sub-chairmen throughout the 

An arrangement by the National Woman's Liberty Loan Committee was made 
witli the National Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense whereby 
each state chairman for Liberty Loan work would become a member of the Board 
of the State Council of National Defense organization, where one existed in the 
state, thus facilitating the Liberty Loan work through the advantage of an organiza- 
tion which was already in smooth and efficient working order. 


D.tiiDsoy CO I wry iroMf:y i .\ the hori.i) ir.-ih. i<>iii'ii9 

Mis. Guilford Dudley served »ii the Nalit)nal Hoard of tlie Liberty Loan or- 
ganization during the entire war period, was State Chairman for tlie First. Second 
and Third Lilierly Loan lanipaigns in Tennessee and National Publicity Chairman 
of tJie Fourth and Fifth Liberty Loans. Siie conducted Tennessee's First Liiierty 
Loan campaign in May. 1917. through the Federated Clubs, as the Woman's Com- 
mittee of the Council of National Defense had not been organized in Tennessee at 
that time, and gave her assistance at all times in organizing the state and speaking 
in the interest of the loans throughout Tennessee. She was also a vcmv important 
factor in putting over the loans in Davidson CourilN. 

The ."Second and Third Loan campaigns wcic ( iniiliiriid in D.ixiiUnji (^lujuly 
under the auspices of the X^diiKin'-; (!(iiiuiiilli'c ol llu- ('oiirnil i,| Ddrrwr. 

The Fourth and Fifth l.nan-. Iiuur\,r. unv |,ul ll il'Ii in,lr|,ri„l,-„| K |,\ i|„. I.,!,. 

erty Loan organization. ulii(li |i\ llial lime IkuI limun In l.c nm- nl llir iiin-l ]mi\v(|- 
ful organizations, not only in Davidson (ioiinlN. Iml in lriinc--(i'. 

The Woman's organization for Liberlv i,i>,in~ in l)a\iJ-on (;ounl\ umkid In 
such an extent that its achievements were uiiMiipi— .-d |.\ an\ oilin in ilir irilii<> 
country. National authorities have acknowledged ,niil ir.niclrd tlial llic (Muniii 
of Tennessee raised more money with less expendilim ihin llic wnnicn nl an\ nihir 
stale in the Union. 

The following extract i~ taken fi..jn llu- r(|p(.il ..I ihc Sc<rclarv of llic Ticasurv, 
at Washington. D. C. in icgard h. u,.rnrn in Loan uoik:' 

-One nf the Mio-I nnlalii.- lacloi- in llic -iii , i-- ,,| |.il.,'il\ l.oari^ lia- l.rrn ih,- 
u..,k of Ihr u.,MM-n. When llic I nil,',! Slalo cnhar.l ll,,- \\,,rl,l War llir |.NMnr.> 
of bond selling was a lield so new to women llial all u,.,k uilinn il lia^ brrn ltiiii- 
ine pioneering. It was with the belief thai llir uniiicn nl llir nalimi \\nul(l ( ..n-limic 
a powerful moral force in war finance llial llic Naiiniial Wi 
Committee was created. They have not nnl\ ac|ili-li( d ili 
having become an essential element in the ai Inal labm- nl | 
constitutes one of the most interesting cliaplci- in liiv|ni\ in llir lin.inrinLJ nl il 
World War. To the women, with their energv. iImii /ral. linn riiilin-ia-in. ai 
their wisdom, is due a great part of the success of iIm I ibriu I. nan- ihi nujlmm || 
country. iNo mere recital of results achieved i an -Imu llir i \irnl nl ihc -,i\ii 
which women have given to the nation ihrniiLili pailic i)ialinii in w.ii linann-. jli 
hundreds of thousands of women assumed ihc I.ukIiii nl a ww kind nl labni li 
their countrv is one of the most striking' .irid rliai a. in i-i i. la.l- in irlalinii In ll 
VNnni.Tl nl Arnciira llial lli.- uai lia- ,lr\ rln|,r,l.- 

\ii-. Jnlin i;. \ii-l -rixr,! ,i. Cliaiiinan Im \l, 
Third and lourlli Loan., an, I vs,,- -^lal,- CI,, 

Mrs. Alexander S. Caldurll. I'lr-iilmi < 
Tennessee during the war. ua- .i|i|i..inli i| |,\ 

Davidson County for the First LibnU In, ini|>. 

Chairman for tin; Second Libertv \li-. \i 
.Nashville for the Third Loan, and \l,~. b .-, \l. 
County Districts. Mrs. M. Overton u,,- I.. 
Chairman for the Fourth Liberty Loan, ami Mi-. I 
paign in the county and city for the Fiflii. m 'N i 

,'\ detailed ■-.•port ..f llic Hi.-ro- ,,r llic u,,nr 
I)aigti.-. in Davidson CmmU foll.iu-: 

( ,3.')6 ) 

I,. Ml,- 1,-nn,--,.,. Inr lli, 

■ s, 

,,l III,' 1 illli, ,,r -XiiLn 

V 1 

1 ,■,!,■, .III.. n ,.l W,.ni,',r- 
(.mil. .1,1 |)ii,ll,'\ a- CIm 

|.,,|..ll. \ll-. ,|n-,|.ll W,, 
,111 I.V..M (llll.ll,--.. ( ll,l 


n A V ID SON C O V N T Y IT' O M E N 1 .V T H f: l( <) K I. I) « A H. I ') 1 t-l 1 1 9 


Mks. A[.kx\M)ki! S. Cm. dwell. Chuiniid 

As tlu- u„ik of llu- First I.ilMTlv !.,,;.„ ..i-ani/ali,,,, 
work to the women. Mrs. .\U-k. CaMu.-ll us.-.l ill,- .m- 
County Federated (^lul)s as lier siili-diairnian and woikr 
campaion in Davidson County. This organization col 

1 new line of 
the Davidson 
linp the First 
Ihaii .SUi.OOO 

during tliis campaign, whieh proved of great edueational value to women later. 
An account of this loan ajipears in the Federated Club Chapter, of which Mrs. Cald- 
well was President. 

Mrs. Joseph Warner. Chairman 

Mrs. Guilford Dudley, State Chairman of the Tennessee Liberty Loan campaign, 
appointed Mrs. Joseph Warner as Chairman of Davidson County for the Second 
campaign, which was launched in October, 1917. Mrs. Warner used the organiza- 
tions of the Nashville and Davidson County Woman's Committees, Council of De- 

O At I DSD. \ COl.\TV ;f(M//.V / V 7 // A WORLD « A R. 1911-101') 

fense. as iiistnimfiits tor pniniciliiii; tlir cmmm' nl llic Second cainpaiiiii. Tin- I'dIIow- 
ing Sub-Chairmen were aiipoirilid |,\ Mr-. Wariiir to a — i-l ullli llii' \oluinc of 
work of this campaign: 

First Ward. Mrs. H. 1'. Vi,U: -^..,.,,.1 W.n.l. \l.-. \ii,l,.u \1, K.n/ir; Tliira Wai.l. Mi-> 
Kthel Moxifv; Kmirlli. Fifth ;in.l >.mIi W.ii.U. M,-. I ( .,, I -M.ihlrM.ui; S.-v.-ntli Ward. Mrs. 
Richard Dak.-: Kighth Ward. \Ii~- I- I. ...,„. \,l.ii„~; Nnul, W.iid. Mrs. Joseph T. Hmvell ; 
Tenth Ward. .Mrs. W. P. Hullaii.l: l:l.^,„lll \\,.id. \liv \. I', I.iim-; Thlrtreiitli Ward. Mrs. 
W. II. Tankslev; Fourteenth Ward. Mi- II. -,. \ll.„: I ,Ii,,miI, \\,,nl. \l,-s I.aiua Sewell: 
Sixteenth Ward. Mrs. William <;upt..ii; -.a. m. , nih \\.„.\. Mr- i;..l„,i (i,i, .Ir.: Kijihteenth 
Ward, Mrs. T. H. Carpenter: Mnete.-.ilh W ..,<!. M.-, l.ul,,nik-: Ward, MrK. 
1). S. Allen: Twenty-first Ward. .Mrs. John Hoop,.; Tu. nu -. . ..n.l W.u.l M,- W. A Oiighter- 
son; Twenty-third Ward. Mrs. G. C. Chandjerlain; TweniN l..u,il, W.nA. W,- In \ and 
Mrs. Neil S. Jones; Twenty-fifth Ward. Mrs. Charles Hurl,,,,,.,,,; |;„M,„.I \.l,l,i„.„. M,-. L. B. 
Fite; Nashville Chapter N... 1. V. D. C. Mrs. Thomas Nr«l,ill: r.M....K « .A\..-r. Mi- Bruce R. 
Payne; Belmont Mapa/.ir,.- ( lul,. Mi- J. .In, II. Davitt; Colonial Dam.-. Mr-. Jam.s H. Kirkland. 
Mis. Adair Lvnn (liildr.-- -. i\.il .i- Chairman of Xejiro Vi'omciiV Section, and 
Mrs. Robert W. M.liol. uilli li. > Woiniin's Committee, as Chairman of Davidson 
Coimty. Mrs. R. E. Porter. M,- \.,,i.-, M,,..r.- i.eui-. Mi-. !.. C. Wright, and Mrs. 
\'ernon Sharp. Se<-tionaI Cli.iiiin.n ..I ili.- \,i-li\illi \\..ii,,in- Committee, and their 
organizations, were able assi-l.nil- 1., Mr-. I.,-. |ili Wiiini. ( haimiaii of the Loan. 

Mrs. Warner also ap|i..lrrle,l llr.- Irdlouiii;: uorn.'ri as li,iiis,..|,,.|i,,iis,. ranvassers 
for this Loan : 

Miss Cornelia Uark.-dal,-. .Mr-. K.„.lT,.k I l.nd, a>ll.-. .Mr.-. ldal»-lle W il.son. .Mr.s. \auU Co»rn, 
Mrs. Frank Bass. Mrs. Frame- ll„.|,ll. -i..„. Mrs. Frank Carl Stahlman. Mrs. J. II. Campbell, 
Mrs. Felix Cheatham. Mrs. Ilarrv s,,,|, ^^i,,,, \]^^ Frank .Searcy Green, Mrs. Vernon Tiipper, 
Mrs. Owen Wilson, Mrs. Sinclair Nrl,-, Mr- A. U. Hill. Mrs. John S. Lewis. Mrs. Ed Morris, 
Mrs. Charles Davitt, Mrs. Henry .Morc.rrr. Mi-, 11. A. i;ri(1„r. Mr-. Kielrar.l Dak.-. Mrs. J..lrn 
\olen. Mrs. I'anl Hunter. Mrs. Reul.ei, MrlU. Mr-. I ..rria D..rrnl,. r l^ . Mr-, J.,l,n-..rr liran-f..r.l. 
Mrs. Herman 0. Blackwoo.l. Mrs. Jam.- I; I!,-. Mr- .1. M. t..-r. k. Mr- J II. V.lkrn- Mr- 

( X^H ) 

1-. \\'..l 11^ \1.., 

tn,u M,-, . 

lohi, H. 

\\ WiUnn Mi- 

i;.Mi M 

. . Miss 

„. Ml-. Lii \l.,l 

Mlir. Mi-- 


. Jonr.. Miss ,|„ 

li.i lliiiilm 

111. Mrs. 

McKarlan.l, Mrs. 

A. E. I"..t 

ter. and 


J,.^,|il, W.M. Ml-. Fir. I W. M.S. W.ilM I. I, 

[),\\ III. Ml- ll.illinii C II. ir. Ml- 1) I Ml. pli. I.I 1 

K.iili.iMi.' i;.iiik-. Ml- h.nik \. 11.11^, Ml-- K, nil. II 
Cis,,.. Miss Kiai...- l);ni.-. Miss MmiI,. W a.l,. Mi-. 
Frank Y. McGavock. .Mrs. .Aflair Lvon CliiMn-ss. Mrs. 
.Mrs. J. H. Smith. 

Mrs. Frank Carl Stahlman was Chairman for the Three-Star Banner Campaign 
for the Second Loan, so-called because of the flag-banner which was used during the 
campaign. This banner contained a red, a white and a blue star, and one of the 
banners was presented to each business house where every employe purchased a bond. 

Mrs. Stahlman had serving with her: 

Mrs. William C. Hoffman, Mrs. Mary Bright Thomas. Mrs. John Barksdale. Miss Frank 
Hollowell, Mrs. Richard Dake. Mrs. Edwin Warner. Mrs. Perkins Baxter. Mrs. .M. C. McGannon, 
Mrs. Albert Fite, Mrs. Arthur B. Ransom, Mrs. Kendrick Hardcastle. Mrs. Johnson Bransford, 
Mrs. A. E. Potter, Miss Mary Lipe, Mrs. Harry Sudekum, and Miss Elizabeth Eve. 

Mrs. Stahlman's committee collected .$87,300 from sixty-four business firms of 

During the Second Liberty Loan campaign a visit from William C. JVIcAdoo, 
United States Secretary of Treasury, was the occasion of a brilliant Liberty Loan 
demonstration by the Woman's Liberty Loan Committee, under the supervision of 
Mrs. Joseph Warner, Chairman. A torchlight parade was given, and thousands of 
people thronged the Nashville streets to view the celebration. A magnificent tableau 
was staged on the State Capitol steps, under the direction of Miss Pauline .Sherwood 
Townsend. The tableau represented the union of Columbia, Britannia and France, 
while hundreds of public school children sang "America." During the celebration 
Secretary McAdoo lighted a huge bonfire, signifying that America was shedding light 
on tlie whole world with the torch of freedom. 

As a result of die work of the women of Davidson County in the Second Loan 
campaign, $419,9.50 was raised by Mrs. Joseph Warner and her committee. Mrs. 
Reuben Mills served as Chairman of Publicitv for this campaign and also for the or- 
ganization of the Council of Jewish Women. Lender Mrs. Mills' able direction this 
organization alone collected half the amount that was raised in the entire campaign. 
Mrs. Harry Sudekum served as Chairman of Feature Publicity for the Second Loan, 
and it was through her efforts that all moving picture houses and street cars of 
ville were posted. 

Mrs. Kendrick Hardcastle served as Chairman of the Industrial Centers in this 
Loan, and appointed a number of women as captains, who, with a committee, can- 
vassed all of the factories and department stores of Nashville, selling a large number 
of small bonds, which was the purpose of this committee. The men's organization 
collected the large amounts. Mrs. J. W. Black served as Chairman of the Telephone 
Committee of this Loan and kept a coterie of workers ready to be called in the field 
at any time needed. 

Mrs. Joseph Warner, Chairman of the Second Loan, personally sold and col- 
lected $72,500 in Liberty Bonds. She was one of the most successful workers in 
Davidson County in all Libertv Loan campaigns. 

I> ill I) S <) V C l> I \ T y «' O M F. V / A T II F. If K I. I) If t K. I <> I t ' 9 I : 


\li;v \l.\li; luiN ( lllll.Kl». Chairman jor \aslnilh'. 

MliS. Jr.s.sK -M. ()\Klil(iN. Cliuiniian lor Daiidscn Coiiii/y 

(aiilfon) Diullov 


nl \a~l.v 

ill.- /..,.u 

M. ()\.rl. 

n. Chair 

\(lair 1. 

.Ml Chil 

1 M,-. |„1 

n (;. Cil 

The Nashville W Oman's Ciwiinitlee. {".oimiil ol National Detcnse. hegan active 
rk ill the Third Lilieity Loan campaign in Nashville on April 12. 1018. Mrs. 
d as ."^tate (Chairman for Tennessee for the Loan, and 
Mr-. .I,,Iin \n-l -.Tv-d as Chairinan ..f Mi.l.ll.. T.-ii- 
n. •".■.■. Th.- roll, .win- C.unU u,,men 
u,-,,- a).|,..inl,-.l \n \l,>. Ci; 
Mat.- li.Mid: 

Mrs. John li. \uM. Cliai, 

(Middle Teiiii.-s-..-.- I ; Ml.. I. 

man of Davidson C.iinlM ' 

-. Chairman of N.i-li\ill.- 

II. ire. .State and Coinit\ Pr.— Clialniiaii. 

\ . <iiifeii-ii.c of the Tenne.ssee State Committee 
\as called liv Mrs. Dudlev at the Centennial Club, 
11 Nashville, on May 3. ]'918. at which several of- 
icers of the .Sixth Federal Reserve District at At- 
lanta. Ga.. and the National Organization at Vl'ash- 
ington. D. C. were present. A trench luncheon at 
the Hermitage Hotel, the first of its kind given in 
the state, and which was attended hv .several hun- 
dred workers in the Loan, was a feature of the c.iii 
ference. Mrs. James S. FVazer served as ('hairmaii 
of the trench luncheon: Mrs. Sam Phillips. \ i.e- 
Chairman for West Tennessee, acted as toastniis- and Mrs. Atist. Mrs. Dudley. Mrs. Childress, 
and Mr>. Overton made addresses. Mrs. Ciiilfoid 
Dudl.-\ |ii.-i.l.-.l al III.- . . 
lend.-d l.\ a i ,|,i .-.iilallx .- 
onfereii.-.- u.i.-: 

(Elhcl Bailey) 

Davidnon County 

large patriotic gathcrini; during Xi 
working both a» an official anil 
private, was honored by being rei 
to act a. "official 
-Columbia Call. Her 
In this capacity ahe 


the Slate Woman's C. 


The chairmen f<i 

Nil-. \.l,iir 


CaldwHl: l;.r,-ii,,i 
Mr?. West II. \l..ri 

.1 \1. 




Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. Con 
League for Vt .inian"s .Service. . 
f..r the Tliir.l l,..aii. an. I lli.-.- 
Mr-. K. W. Cilf. \ I. Ill nil. I. 
ua> ercit(-(l on Capilol II. Mil. -^ 
League and Colonial Dam.-- ..I 
which hung in the tent w.i- nii 
niittee of bond salesm.n I nun 

A mass meeting wiis li.M ii 
of that section, at wlii. Ii lli.- u 
ill *l 1.00(1 uorlh ..f b.Mi.l- I,.- 
1a. Ml Cliildi.-" ii-pii-.-iil.-.l -C. 

lis Cliaiiiiian. .i|i|mhmI.'.I ill.- 

,,ili,.-i- .,1 tli.- 


f -I..- ua- Pi.-H.I.-iil. 

Mi 1,,-, Ia.-. uliv 

- Koaitl 

U.ll- MI|i|i|.-ni.-Ml.,l l,\ Ml-. 

lam.- II. Kiikl 

iii.l and 

1 ll„- i^ , l,,,iiiMan-lii|, 

,1 Ml-, liiii,.- 


ii.l r..i III,- >al.- .,! Imiid- 1, 

\ III.- \\..mair- 

Na>lnill,-. At each sale ol 

a l.oii.l a Lib. 

ilv Hell 

iL'. Mis. Douglas was assi.-t 

-.1 .-... Ii .lav l^ 

a (.Mil- 

ill,--.- two organizations. 

Ih,- Last Nashville (iolf Clii 

, l,s III.- ,ll-lli.l 

w. linen 

Mii.ii -,dd bonds and pr.-s.-n 

.'.1 a lalil.-aii. i 


ii;,- -ol.l ill 1.— than lu.. Ii, 

ni-' lim,-. Ml 

. \.lair 

limilMa C.ill- 11,-1 W.MiHii- 

11 ill.- laM.-aii. 

DAVIDSON C O U NTY T O M E N I N T H E U O R L I) If. I R. 191 1-1 9 1 9 



Mrs. John Barks 
(Eliza Lanjfor, 

V COl.MY IIOMK\ I .\ THE II O H I. I) If.lR. 19141919 

Mrs. Childress" Advisory Hoard ua> t„ii.|..».-.l of r- ,.l lli,- 15o.u 
-Nashville Vi'omairs Coniniiltee. Council of Di-fiiix-. .iiul lici i;\i(iiii\c Vu 
composed of the following women: 

Mrs. Lfsli,- Warner. Mrs. B. F. Vi ilson. Mrs. A. E. I'otter. .Mrs. \ anc- Alcxamlt-r. M 
H. Hansom. Mrs. K. B. Cavce. .Mrs. Cliarlos Odom. Mrs. Eugene Crutcher. .Nfrs. Joseph 
Mrs. T. Dwight Webb. Nirs. I'ercy Warner. .Mrs. Robert Wharton Niehol, .Mrs. Hill 

Mrs. James II. Kirkland. Mr 
and Mrs. .Sol Lowenstein. 

.Mrs. John G. Gilinore 
district loans. 

The orgaiiizalicms wlii 
raised by tliem. iiiulci lli 
Jesse .M. Overton, were: 

The Davidson Coiinlv 
Douglas. Chairman, and 

11. .Mo 

Mrs. Idabelle 

rs. .Vrlliur 

r. Howell. 


Mrs. llen.lerson Baker, 

d as press cli 

i.olli Nashvillr 

rk.'.l In tin 


Third \.>K 
d Mr-. \i 

ilh M,-. J; 

man. work.-d joinlK and -^ 
erected in the coinitv for 
Mrs. W. A. Overall as Pre; 
Third Loan for the League. 
T. Hale. Jr.. as Chairman. 

,U Auu.unln,- tn S.-.ll.r.dd. f,,„n liie 
\v~: Ihr Woman's K.pial Suflrage l.e; 
nd \l,-. Claude D. Sullivan as Chairn 

rner, .Mrs. W. B. Shelton and Mi- 
liu- Davidson County King's Dauiihli 
and Chairman for the Loan, .S2..iU(). 

At a patriotic ball held at the Bell.- M 
of several war charities. .Sl.'iy.2.i() v 
(ihildress' organization. One booth. 
Mrs. Adair Lyon Childress, sold .Sf)7,2.50 
member of Mrs. Childress' Executive B 
bonds. Other orgajiizations were: 

.McKendre*- Missionary Society, ^ 
Clav (;. Stephens as President. 's(d 
Mr. Join, liaskerville. Mr-. Mark Bi. 
Mr-. W. II. Ilu.l,:,na„. Mr-. b.l,„ M 



• C 


ial Club. 

with Mrs. W 



\ ( 

lomfort League 

. with Mrs. 






as Chairmen, .SI 2,300 














s. Ci 

,b. ii 

1- U.l 

•r bx 

.son I>atl< 

\pMl. 1' 
- -d.l l.V 

Ml-. \ai 

Ml- T. 

Il\ -..1,1 

Mson as Pr.-s 

i;;. r.,r ih,- i. 

Mr-. \.l.iir 
..■ \l.-\.in.l., 
Duivl.l W.- 



I.N. .11 

!,''., *f 



.la () 

is.'r as ( 

lairiiKiii and 




I !...> 

.1-. Th.' 

1 ,1 — i-l,iiil- 





-. Mil 

I„i.,v. M 
- W illiai 

-. .1. Y. Crau 



D A V I D S ON CO UN T Y IT' O M E N I N THE IT O H I. I) If A R. 1 9 1 4-1 'J I 9 

M. Mills as Chairman and 
nountinu to Si lo.OOO. Th.'v 

Lialzsky, Mrs. Beltie Colin. Mrs. Charles 
A.iiheim, Mrs. Julius Martin, Mrs. J. B. 
».ive Rosenfelrf, Mrs. Victor Sobel, Mrs. 

The Coumil of Jewish Women, with Mrs. Rtiil)( 
Mrs. Sol, Lowenstein as Head Salesman, sold honds 
were assisted by the following committee: 

Mrs. I.r„ Srliu.ui/.. Ml- .lu-r|,I, \I„ain^, Ml 
Cohn, Ml- -,nn llii-. Ii, Ml- I I..1,,-. Ml- I 
Morse, \li- Mi K.Mi i-iinin. i . I>i. i .■■ il Km Ii. Mi- Dave 
Henry T.ill. Iiaiiin. Mi>. 11. D. W .,n, _Mi-. .1- 
slein. and .Mrs. Harry \^'eintrub. 

The Nashville Woman's Committee, Council of 
National Defense, with Mrs, M. E. Newell as Chair- 
man, sold $1,500 worth of bonds. Serving on Mrs. 
Newell's committee were: 

Mrs, C, K. Colley, Mrs. D. K. Denton, Mrs. Al. W. Har- 
ris, Mrs. R. A. Henry, and Mrs. John Barksdale. 

Mrs. John L. Nolen's committee for the Seventh 
Ward raised $27,200 in bonds. Serving with Mrs. 
Nolen as solicitors were: 

Mrs. Avery Handly, Mrs. Thomas C. Rye. Mrs. Reuben 
Seay, Mrs. Hallum Goodloe, Mrs. Leslie Warner. Miss 
Elizabeth Eve, Miss Elizabeth Binford. Mrs. J. W. Black, 
Mrs. William Hartupee. Mrs. T. B. Holt, Miss AmiI.e 
Throne, Mrs. William C. Dake. Miss Mary Skeffinglon, 
Miss Jan,- >k.-llin^l„„. \1,-. ,|,.l,ii Tl,..nia-nn. M,.s Jimmie 

McE«,-„. \llv Mavlrl Miinn. Ml- M,ii,ai.l Morrow. Miss "l^X"'^!^"" 

Marv Kr,i,. Mi- Klla (anh.ll. Mi- l,.i, l.,„kv. Miss ~ 

Catherine ERhbauin. Mi>. K. A. (., liiiau. .Mis» Ftlicia Porter, Mrs. Willie Bettie Newman, 

Miss Lutie Jones. Mrs. Ora L. Harris. .Miss .Nellie Cecil, Miss Matilda Porter, Mrs. Morris 
Wilson, and Miss Ruth Cowden. 

Miss Elizabeth P. Clark. Chairman of tlie Ninth Ward, raised $44,400, Mem- 
bers of her committee, who canvassed the ward, were: 

Mrs. Wharton Allen, Mrs. William Burnett, Mrs. Charles Davitl. Mrs. Chauncey C. Foster. 
Mrs. A. B. Hill. Mrs. A. E. Hill, Mrs. John .S. Lewis, Mrs. James L. Nestor, Mrs. J. '^ . Pente- 
cost, Mrs. Eldon B. Stevenson, Miss Minnie Wilson, and Miss Floy Lewis. 

The Tenth Ward, with Mrs. Robert B, Brannan as Chairman, raised $5,700: 
the Twelfth Ward, with Mrs. J. H, Campbell, assisted by the Woman's Federation 
of South Nashville, $5,350: Th< Fourteenth Ward, with Miss Bessie Allen as leader, 
$1,500; the Seventeenth Ward, with Miss Hazel Brandon as Chairman, $750: the 
Eighteenth Ward, with Mrs, Horace Smith as Chairman, 851,850: the Twentieth 
Ward, with Mrs, D, F, Allen as leader, $850; the Twenty-second Ward, with Mrs, 
M, E, Newell as leader of Woman's Committee. $16,450: the Twenty-third Ward, 
with Mrs. Jesse J. Jitt as Chairman, $1,050: the Twenty-fifth Ward, of which Mrs. 
Lit Malone served as Chairman, $1,859: Eastern Star No. 168. with Mrs. Neil S. 
Jones as Chairman, $1,000; W, C, T, U„ with Mrs, R, Lee Kennedy as President and 
Chairman of Loan, $650; McCann Parent-Teacher Association, with Mrs, J. B. 
Bradley as Chairman, $200; Junior Inquirers' Club, with Miss Lou Ella Wolfenden 
as President and Chairman, $150: and Richland Addition, with Mrs. Henderson 
Baker as leader, $1,250, Mrs, Childress was highly commended for the effective 
organization of this Loan and the women who worked so untiringly. 

Total raised from Nashville wards, under Mrs. Adair Lyon Childress, Chair- 
man, for the Third Liberty Loan, was $1,185,100. and the total raised from the 
county districts, under Mrs, Jesse M. Overton, amounted to $564,500. The ma- 
jority of county subscribers of this Loan came to the tent on Ca]iitol Boulevard. 
( 363 } 

DAiinsoy t:oi .\TY n o m t: \ i\ the hori.d ir t k. nniioi" 

Mks. Jessk M. Ovkkto.n. Chairman 

Preliminary work on the Fourth Liberty Loan l)e<;an in August. 1918. Active 
work for the drive began September '2i'> and continued to October 19. 1918. Mrs. 
Sam Phillips, of Memphis. Tenn.. State Chairman of this Loan. appoint<-(l the fol- 
lowing Davidson County women on her State Executive Board: Mi-. Ciiillord 
Dudlev. National oHicer of the Libertv Loan Committee. Chairnuiii nl ilu- St.ih- 
Executive Board: Mrs. John R. Aust. Chairman of Middle Tennes>r,- i,., \.,-lnillr 
Zone!: Mrs. John (;. Cihnorr. Chainnan of Pn-^ ;,n(l S|..'akr,V I'.uirau <,( Mid.ll. 
Tennessee (or Na-livilb- /..n.-i: and Mi>. Jr-.- M. Ox.M.m. |).,\i,l-oM C.unls 

Due to her splendid work throughout llie Slat.- of Tennes.see in the Third Liberty 
Loan. Mrs. .Sam Phillips was re<-omini-Mili(l Fur appointment to State Chairman 
of this Loan by Mrs. Guilford Dudl.-N. National Committee Woman of Libertv 
Loan Work. 

Headquarters for Middle T.-MMc-ee and l)avids,,n CoiintN I ouilli Loan Com- 
mittees were opened at 221 Fourth Avenue. North, at Nashville. In pn-paring for 
the drive. Mrs. John R. Aust. Zone Chairman, called an all-day conference of the 
twenty-three counties in the Nashville Zone, which were under her jurisdiction, at 
the Chamber of Commerce on September !!. 1918. at which meeting instructions 
were given the various county chairmen who were delegates to the confereme. Mrs. 
Aust presided over the conference and outlined plans for the work, and Mrs. I,eo 
Schwartz gave the address of welcome. Mrs. Sam Phillips and Mr^. Guilford Dud- 
ley also made address<'s in the interc^^t of the work. 

Mrs. Jesse M. Overton perfected her Davidson County organization at a nui.-> 
meeting at the Chamber of Commerce on September II. 1918. the plan of the 
county organization being the same as the zone system adopted bv the state. Four 
zones were created in the county by Mrs. Overton, each imder the leadership of 
a field marshal, who. in turn, ajjpointed seven captains. F„i(li captain appoinlcil 
first and second lieutenants and several .sergeants. 

Mrs. Overton appointed lb.- following women on h.r Da\i(ls.,n Counlv K\r, ntive 

Mr-, ,1am.- II. Kirklan.l, \ l,r.( .hairman an. I ( J.ali .nan ..I \1.,- 
Jr.. .Sp,-ak.-r.-' Hur.-au: Mrs. (;.M,rge William Fall. Il..-|.iial,ix ; 
Mr-. (;raiil)ir> Jackson. Entertainment; Mrs. John W . Tli.ini.i- ( '.Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne, Decorations; \Ii- J..-. |ili ' 
.Mrs. Frank .^L-arcv (Jrccn. Registration; .Mrs. f'harli- .\ 1 
Icy Gale. Districts'; Mrs. A. G. Brandau and .Mrs. W. D. Haggard. 

I'; y.Us. Walter Jones, Field Marshal of the First Zone; Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Field Marshal 
of the .'second Zone; Mrs. Joseph Warner. Field Marshal of the Third Zone; and Mrs. James S. 
Frazer. Field Marshal of the Fourth Z..n,-: Miss Klizal.eth Elliott served as .Secretary; Mrs. 
Nforton B. Howell. III. an.l Mrs, Frank Fl.-ishman s,rv,-d as Assistants of Publicity for Davi.l- 
-on (bounty. 

Many noted si)eakers were brought lo \asli\ 
ibeir first appearance in Davidson Counl\ .i- pnl 
Liberty Loan campaign. The famous (;ip-\ ^niilli 
was entertained at a limcheon which ua- 
Chairman, at the Hotel Hermitage. 

Pledges of suppott bv the follow iut: u,,rn.-n a- 
li<,ns w.-re offcr.-d al tin- lun. l„-,,n, ulu.b -c,a,,I 
tb.- L.,an: 

- \l.-.t 

inn-; Ml-. W 1. Hale. 

Mr-. I 

,csli.- W'arn.T S.-Ii.i.ils; 


■s; Mrs. M. ,S, |,,.|,..,k. 

y Cray 

. M.nn- f..r Ban,in.-1-: 


, of Booths ; Mrs. Dud- 


; Mrs. John G. Gilmore, 

..1 III. 

• 1 


1!. \i 


n an.l 
, / 

Ib.'ir . 



Ill,- SI 


css of 





Officials of the Woman's Liberty Loan Committee of Davi.Kcn Coiinlv willi Alr^ T>-'«e M. 
Overton the Loan Chairman as Chairman of Arrangement^ -a\. ili. Mpm.' --.iMi, i~ ,i lurakfast 

at the Belle Meade Club and members of the Canteen < ii., ~,i\,,l ,i- u.nii.--.-. Loan 

officials wlio appear in the picture are: Mrs. Guilford Uuillri. N.iIm.h.iI i illi, . i ; \li- |.,hn R. 
\ii-t, /..,„. Cli.iHman; Mr^. j.-.,- M. Overton, Davidsui, C.nnlv (.hanin..i,: \li~ W.llcr L. 
i..„.-^ I 1,1,1 \l.n-li,il. 1-1 /,,-!.; \1(-. W. i;. Fttiiit:. Field Mar-hal. 2n.i /m,,-; \1,-. |,,-,|,l, Warner, 
Ki,l,l \l,n-l,,,l. '.i,! /,,>!,■: \1.-. I.uiir- >. Frazcr. Fi.-I,l Mar-lial. -1th /un.-: \l,-, Wilha,,, T. Hale, 
Chaiimau ,.,1 .-pcak.i^s \li.. L.-lic Warner, Chairman of and \h-. j,,hn W. Thumas, 
Chairman of Churches; Mrs. George William Fall, Chairman of Hospitality; Dwight Webb. Chair- 
man of Men's Committee, Davidson County; Thomas G. Garrett. Chairman of Men's Committee. 
Nashville zone; Mrs. Robert Cheek. Chairman of Nashville Chapter A. R. C. Motor Corps, and 
members of the Motor Corps who conveyed the Alpine troops to and from the club. 

Mrs. NL S. Lebeck, Army Comfort League: Mi- l.-ii,- Warner. State Committee, Council 
of National Defense; Mrs. James H. Kirkland. (,,l,iiiijl liam,-: Mrs. William T. Hale, Jr., 
Centennial Club; Mrs. B. F. Wilson, Ladies' Herniiia-, \--,„ iaii.,n: Mrs. Leo Schwartz, Council 
of Jewish Women; Mrs. Eugene Crutcher, Parent- TeacluM A--,,riatinn ; Mr~. Granbery Jackson, 
National League for Woman's Service: Mrs. Dempsey Wia\,i.,— I l,ililren of France 
Society; Mrs. John C. Brown, State and County U. D. C.'-; \li-. I.,- |,li Wani.r. Le Bien-Etre 
du Blesse organization; Mrs. Edward W. Foster, State and Cuuni) D. A. li.V; Mr^. W. A. Overall. 
Equal Suffrage League; Mrs. John W. Thomas, Woman's Committee for Nashville; Mrs. Robert 
Wharton Nichol, Woman's Committee for County; Mrs. Gibson Patterson. King's Daughters; 
Mrs. George F. Blackie, Nashville Chapter. Red Cross: Mrs. Percy Warner. County Liberty Loan; 
and Mrs. Alex. Caldwell, Federation of Women's Clubs. 

In appreciation of the fact tliat Davidson County was the banner county for 
Tennessee in the Fourth Liberty Loan. Mrs. Sam Phillips. State Chairman, gave a 
banquet at the close of the campaign to the seven hundred women workers for this 
Loan, at the Chamber of Commerce. Mrs. George W. Fall gave the address of 
welcome at this banquet, and Mrs. Phillips announced with pride that, although 
Davidson County's quota wa,s «4.000,000. $6,565,000 had been subscribed. Mrs. 
Phillips appointed Mrs. John G. Gilmore as Chairman-General of the banquet. 

She was assisted by the following Chairmen, who served at all the numerous 
functions staged to arouse interest in the sale of bonds through<nit the Fourth Loan 
campaign : 

Mrs. George W. Fall. Hospitality; Mrs. Joseph A. Gray. Menu; .Mrs. Thomas J. Tyne. Deco- 
rations; Mrs. Frank Searcy Green. Registration; .Miss Elizabeth Eve. Seating of Guests; Mrs. 
Granbery Jackson, Program; Mrs. Nathan Crockett, Tickets for Banquet; and Mrs. A. G. 
Brandau and Mrs. William D. Haggard. Music. 

One especially impressive feature of this banquet was the gracious manner in 
which Mrs. Jesse M. Overton, Chairman for the Fourth Loan, presided, although her 

nil in so. \ cm .\TY iroMFy i\ the world tar. 19111919 

IHE Bt)()TII OF Mi;>. 1)\\ U.I 
HOI l.KNAlii) 1)1 I 

The larj;csl number of bmuls were sold by llie oommitlee ;il this booth of any in the entire 
Loan. Standing, to the left is Mrs. James Krazer, Fiehl Marslial of the Fourth Zone. Center, 
Mrs. Richard Barr, Lieutenant, and right, Mrs. Dan McGugin (Virginia File), Lieutenant in 
charge of the booth sales, for the day. 

son. Lieutenant John Overton, had been killed in action in France <>iiK a i'lu 
weeks previous to this time. The entire audience arose and stood for a nidiiinil in 
silence in respect to tlie memory of Lieutenant John WiliaiiLS Overton and llic liiidir 
work done in the Loan by his mother, Mrs. Saidee Williams Ovcrloii. Ollirials of 
the men's Liberty Loan Committee were guests of the banquet aJMi. 

) soldiers. Sergeants Bromley and Sciicia Pierce. 

cic ill military training at Fort Oglethorpe, Oa.. 

•I k> Id sing in the interest of bond selling. Mrs. 

leaker at the banquet. .Short talks were given 
Walter Jones. Mrs. W. G. Ewing, Mrs. James 
(ihairman of Zone Three, who led all field 

old. Mrs. Warrici-. animnii, ,-iii.-iil uas rcce^ivd 



Patriotic songs were sung by t 
noted musicians of Chicago. wIkp 
and who were released for a few 
Sam Phillips was the prim i|ial 
by the four Field Mai-li,.l-. Mi 
Frazer, and Mrs. Joscpli W.iiin 
marshals in the number of bonds 

with prolonged cheers by both men and women worki 
Dudley, National oflicer. announced that Tennessee li, 
Liberty Loans and that in ihc Fciiilli Loan >h.- luul 
That Davidson County bail led llir riiiiiilic>- ol' Tciii 
John R. Aust, Chairman ul tl... \a-l,vill«. /one. 

During the intensive drive of the Fourth Loan the induenza epidemic was at its 
worst stage, necessitating the closing of all schools, churches and places of public 
patherings throughout Davidson Couiitv. Because of this fact, all meetings held 

in the interest of the Fourth Loan bad In In I nf-doors. Never in the history of 

ivii flistiii I lirrn kiiiiwii to take on the apj)earance of a 

lir'unnim uoikri-. i;,.',|l|/ui.,,'- .lalioii,.,! „i, all tin- 

I l..lnlr iMil. I Ill Ur,r ~|.rakri-. IllllM.. VaudrMll,- 

Fail, captain and Iwi I iiiilrnaiiN al-n a. Ir,l .|. x.uidc- 
I- -air nl lal.riU r.onds. 

Nashville has th 

augurated and manage 
down-town street conn 
performances and tabl 


ville directors. Auction sales of pigs, hams, registei 
of \arioiis kinds were sold, which inspired intcres 

f 366) 


lUiolll IN \(;ri()N- OF MRS. H. O. IJLACKWOOn 



Mrs. Blackwood, who was one of the Captains of Zone 
1 is standing to the left supervising the signing of a bond, 
which Mrs. T. A. Clarkson. Lieutenant, who is sealed inside 
the Booth has sold to the customer standing at the win- 

Tony Rose and the men of his orchestra generously gave their services during the 
entire Loan, and all other musicians in Nashville donated their services when called 
upon by the captains, which added impetus to each day's work. 

The celebrated Alpines visited Nashville during the Fourth Loan, and they made 
a picturesque sight parading through the streets in their native costumes. The 
Davidson County Woman's Committee met the Alpine soldiers at the Nashville 
Union Station and entertained them at breakfast at the Belle Meade Club, with Mrs. 
Jesse M. Overton, Chairman of the Loan, presiding. The Italians of Nashville gave 
tliem an elaborate banquet in the evening at the Chamber of Commerce, at which 
talks were made by the Alpine army captains in charge, interpreted by the Nashville 
Italians. Officials of the Woman's Loan Committee were guests of the evening. 

An impressive and powerful appeal for the cause of the Fourth Liberty Loan 
was made in the form of a mammoth street parade, held under the auspices of the 
Woman's Liberty Loan Committee of Davidson County, in Nashville, on October 6, 
1918, in which all of the seven hundred women participants and the officials of the 
men's committee walked. Mrs. James H. Kirkland served as Chairman-General of 
the parade, which was one of the most gigantic undertakings directed by a woman 
during the entire war. Mrs. Kirkland was allowed onlv three davs in which to ar- 
range this parade, and no riding or float was permitted. 


D,llll)SO.\ COiMY nOME.X I .\ THE WORLD S A R. I » I 1-1 <> I • 

sl'KCI \(:i LAK 

low (.ii\i\iniKi:. 

Mr.. Ja,.,.-,-. 11. Kirklaml ^ a.s (;liainuai,-(,.„,ial „l tl,e I'aiacU-. aiul fium e>ery 
])alriolic ami civic organization and club of Davidson Counly being rfprescnteil in llie Parade, 
.Mrs. Kirkland and her committee corralled seven hundred Liberty Loan workers, who marched 
through the principal streets of Nashville on foot. The Service Flag of Davidson County, made 
possible by the Girls' Patriotic League, is .shown in the picture, carried by four .S. A. T. C. boys 
and .Misses .Martha and Helen Dickinson and .Miss .Margaret Early, which headed the parade. 
Several dollars were tossed in the Flag along the line of march, this being the firs! showing after 
its compleliim. 

riic |)arli( ipaiit.- in llic |)ara(l(' wcic: The seven IiihkIii 
ki-is. who marched in zone and team p:rou|)s: .\ationa 
n Committee: r.-pre.sentatives from the R. O. T. C. of V; 
hody Coih-e; students from War(l-H<-lmont Colh-e. FisI 
idson County Mori's Lilierty Loan Coiiiiiiiltee: Gold Sla 
■s and sisters of men in sei-\iee: various divisions of the 
ss: Girl SeouU; I3ov Scouts: Confederate Veterans: hi 
tier Vlant workers: tin- I'mnlh Teimessee Regimenl l'.,iii 
•e Leafiue, and colon il uiiimn Loan workers. 

,ed by each di\i-ioii ahinj: tin- line ol' manh. which wn 
■Is of' Nashville In Ihr Capilnl l!.,iil.-\ai.l. l.-aii ,.||i,ial 

( .368 ) 

and \h 


s of th 

•harrv r 

■ .\h'n's 
>itv and 


.-,. Ii,.,l 


D A ]' 1 1) s X c r N T y r o m e v / A' r ii e 

Loiiiitv iiij^aiiizatioiis ma,ssfd before the Caniiaek Aleinorial .Monument in the Capitol 
grounds, where a giant Gold Star Flag was unveiled in memory of Davidson County's 
iallen heroes up to that time. This flag was presented the state by the Girls' Patriotic 
League, a junior branch of the National League for Woman's Service, and was 
carried in the parade by Misses Martha and Helen Dickinson and Miss Margaret 
Early, assisted by four soldiers. More than one hundred dollars was tossed into 
the flag along the line of march. Dr. James L Vance presented the Gold Star Flag 
on behalf of the Girls' Patriotic League, and Governor Thomas Rye accepted it for 
the State of Tennessee. Mrs. John R. Aust presided at the ceremonial, and national 
anthems were played during the exercises. Mrs. James H. Kirkland was highly 
commended by national, state and county oflicers for lier magnificent management 
of the parade. 

Speakers appointed for the entire duration of the Fourth Loan by Mrs. \^ illiam 
T. Hale, Jr., Chairman of Speakers' Bureau, were: 

Mrs. Jesse M. Overton. Mrs. Lesll,- Wariur. A^i^^ LoiiIm- G. Liiidsley, Mrs. George E. Blake, 
Mrs. Percy Warner, Mrs. Guilf..r,l D.i.II.n. Mr-, lam.. ( . r.Ki.ll,.r<l. Mrs. Alex. S. Caldwell, 
Mrs. John Henry Smith. Mrs. ll.n,!. , -,„, I'.A.,. \1,- („,,,.,• V. BLukie. Mrs. Irvine Chase, 
Mrs. Eugene Crutcher. Mrs. Frank ^.mm^ (...,,,, \1,- |,,-, |il, T. How.-jl. Mrs. Claud D. Sulli- 
van, Mrs. John Hill Eakin, Mrs. \rincr Mchuv I.u,-. \I,- ll,/al»tl, Frve Page. Mrs. Arch 
Trawick, Mrs. Ittie Kinney Reno. Mrs. Vernon Sli,n|i. \li-. I.m ^.1i«,iii/. \Ii-. Wali.r Jones, 
Mrs. John M. Kennv, Mrs. W. E. Norvell, Mrs. Jam.- ^ l;.,,-l.^ \li- li.lla |),„i,li. \li- Mary 

Louise Goodwin, Mrs. Kathryn P. Wright. Miss Li//i.- l;i -i.m. \li-. i;.,l.,ii W . NhIm.I. Mrs. 

Louis H. Sperry. Mrs. Adair Lyon Childress,- Mrs. t:harles Baker. .Mrs. A. B. Benedict, Mrs. 
Reuhen .Mills. Mrs. Ferdinand Kuhn. Mrs. Fred W. Kelsey, Mrs. D. T. Kimbrough, Mrs. Humph- 
rey Timothy, and Atrs. P. A. Murray. 

The following is a list of the women of the four Davidson Countv zones, each 
zone having worked in teams under the direction of the Field Marshals: 

.« 1 ,|,|i..,„l,.l a- a-l. 

-lanl- dl her booth. 

( M'imIiI,,,,. V, ,,„,,! 1,,,, 

M.naiit; Sergeants: 

ll.|l..;l. Ml-, ili.mia- ( 

la,k-„„. Mrs. Till- 

le. .M.^. (,e,.iti,- >\uh\,l 

.-h.ld. Mrs. Sidney 

Mrs. W. L. Tallev. ?>Iisi 

5 Martha Cornelius, 


Mrs. Walter L. Jom;s. Field Marshal 
Zone 1. Tevm 1 

Mrs. Herman 0. Blackwood. Captain. Mrs. Bla 
Mrs. Henry Spicer. First Lieutenant; Mrs. Willm 
Mrs. E. M. Bond. Mrs. Pollard Caldwell. Mrs. Bu- 
man Calvert. Mrs. Charles FuUer, Mrs. Roy Ra.- 
Tompkins, Mrs. Clyde Walters. Mrs. Charles Wilsoi 
Miss Anna Reid Dicks, and Mrs. Ira B. Clark. 

Zone 1, Te.\m 2 

Mrs. Frank H. Wheeler, Captain: Mrs. Harold Green. First Lieutenant, and Mrs. Samuel C. 
Wilkes, Second Lieutenant; Sergeants: Mrs. James Weakley, ^Irs. James Cavce. Mrs. Frank 
Gillette, Mrs. Webb Hayes. Mrs. R. D. Herbert, Mrs. Witherspoon Hayes. Mrs. W. Bush Her- 
bert, Mrs. Harry Howe. NOss Sarah Cornelius, and Miss Laurette Wallace. 

Zone 1, Team 3 

Mrs. Percy Williams. Captain. Serving with Mrs. Williams were: Mrs. Joseph Scheffer, 
First Lieutenant; Mrs. Ferdinand Kuhn, Second Lieutenant; Sergeants: Mrs. Thomas Broderick, 
Mrs. Lewis Butler. Mrs. William G. Cawthorn, Mrs. Witherspoon Hayes. Mrs. James Pentercost, 
Mrs. AL ^L Sanders, Mrs. P. A. Murray. Mrs. John Coode. Miss Delia Brew, Miss Mamie 
Donavan. Miss Annie Marie Nenon, and Mrs. Dora Bruce Grimes. 

Zone 1, Team 4 

Mrs. C. D. Campbell, Captain; Mrs. Meredith Goodlett, First Lieutenant, and Mrs. J. E. Estes, 
Second Lieutenant; Sergeants: !Mrs. James Weaklev. Mrs. Alvin T. Armstrong, Mrs. W. M. 
Bateman, Mrs. Will Bainbridge, Mrs. Alex. Barthell.' Mrs. Robert Chadwell. Mrs. C. B. Hall, 
Mrs. H. G. Lipscomb, Mrs. Robert Orr. .Miss Ellen Ambrose. Miss Susie Weakley, and Miss 
Henrietta Lindsley. 

( .369 ) 

DAI 1 1) s o A c o I .V r y ir o .»/ k .v / v the ir o k l d it a h. i " i i-i - / ' 

>rrs. Sam K.-s;.1,t. Caplain; Mrs. Hi-iuv N.uli..ll. l,,-i I „ „i, ,,.,,,1 ; Mi- I!.,;Im., K.-l,-r. 
Second Lieutenant; Sergeants: Mrs. B. K. II1I.I..11. \li-. II,.,, n,.- Wills.- Il,...p,i. \li-. i;. T. 
Lusky. Mrs. Ilarrv Markle. Mrs. William ,M..i-h. Mr-. |,ilu, \l,(.,.iu. Mi-. n,,|„..x \\ .,-,, mkiti. 

Mr.^. \X. \. W..„K.,k. Mi- liull. Fri Kin. Ml- 1 .li., (...I.l,n.,n. Mi- h.-.H- (,. \ll- 

M,ir\ llil,l.,-ii. Mi- 11,1.11 N.-uli..ll. Ml- i'.iili.iiii. .m,! Mi- N,il.-ll,- \lli,-il. 

/<.m: I. Tl \\i 7 
Mrs. J.iseph WVinstein. Captain: Mi-. ^,1111 s,K,., |„.|,|. | ,,,, | ,i,.,,i,.|i.,,ii. .1,1, 1 M,-, M,.iri^ 
Forges. Seeoml Lieutenant: Sergeaiil-: Mi-. I, — .- \ll.,ii. Mi-. M.nm,-! |-,aiik. \li- l'i,-.| C. Li- 
ner. .Mrs. J. Haiihael. Mrs. ..\anm l!..lli, hil.l. Mi-. Il,ii„aii Spii/. M,-. L..u Lu-k\. Mi- Miimi.- 
Harlman. ami Mi- Haiti.- Mav SiU.-i ti.1,1. 

/OM. 2 

Mi;v W. (.. i:\MM.. /■„•/,/ Marshal 
/um: _'. li.vM I 

-Mrs. (;ranl)ery Jarkson. l.i|,I,,iii; \li-. \,uh.,n ( 1,,. L.ii. Iii-i li.ui.ii.uil: Mi- i:..;i.i- Cal.l- 
well. .Second Lieutenant, ami Mi-. Ii.uik -,.ll,^ (,i.,ii ( li.m ,.! I', 11 v ; -.i;;,,iiil- \lr-. 
Bruce R. Payne. .Mrs. J. T. Miiii.u,. Mi-. ( li.ul.- \n.i.i-,i„. \li- (,.„i.^,. I.. i;,i,„,.. Mi-. ( ., >. 
Brown. .Mrs. John Karlv. Mi- (. (. ( In i-i,,|.li,i . Mi-. Kun, i,- < l,in,nl-. M,-. \l. W ll.iiri-. 
Mrs. -Weaver Harris. Mr-. William C. Il., Mi-. .\. li. Mr-. Ilaii.ill..n l...v.-, .Mr.-. 
W. K. Norvell. .Mrs. rii..m.,- I'.irk.-. Mr-. j.lF I'lill.ii. Mr-. I. ( :. \,nnv'. Mi- K.liia I.IU.ll. ami 
Mi-s Nfarparet EarK. 

Thi- wa< Ihr Ikimii.t ..I /..ii,- 2. rai-iiin llie lai-.-l ainm, I am lean, 111 tl.,- /,.m-. 

/<.NK 1. T.;\M 2 

Mrs. Loui- H. Sp.Trv. (.ipLiin: Mi-. TIm.i,,.,- I.„ii. h . In-i I 1, m. „,,i,i : Mi- Hi. .mas 
C:. Keelinp. Second), iriil, 11. ml: ^.i::..ii,i- Mi- \ I'. \i,.|,i-,,n Mi- \,l.ini \„li,,l. Mi-. II. ■n- 
derson Baker. .Mr-. Mill. .11 ( ..,,k. Mi- Wilhim I II, .11, mm, \I,- W ( l>,\,,i, Mi- |,.-,|,l, B 
Deeds. .Mrs. K. K. Sr