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Full text of "The Davis family record : a monthly journal devoted to the history and genealogy of the Davis family"

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929.2 ivi. 4— 







3 1833 01733 9596 

fi^/t}^^ -^ 






Edited by CHAS. H. S. DAVIS, M. D. 




Vol. 1. 


Xo. 1. 

" Rememberjnge ye daiea of olde.". 


To THE Davis FAirtLY, their De- 

SCEXDA^TS, aud Others. — This Jour- 
nal is published for tlie purpose of 
colleetiiig full Genealogical details in 
relation to all persons bcarinir the 
name of Davis, vrho are living or have 
lived in this country, also such infor- 
mation in regard to our ancestors in 
Great Britain as ^nll prove of interest. 
To this end it is hoped that every per- 
son vrho can, will give attention to 
the subject. Examine all the old rec- 
ords, letters and papers in possession 
of your family, — much information 
may be obtained ii'om an examination 
of town, church and probate records, 
deeds, also the inscriptions on tomb 
stones, etc. The "(jeauty of a gene- 
alogy is its completeness, and the Da- 
vis family is such an extensive one, 
unless every member of the family 
will take an interest in the subject 
the genealogy of the family cannot be 
made complete. It is intended to 
publish this Journal promptly on the 
first day of ever\' month, and it Avill 
contain much useful and interesting 
inlprmation in regard to the family. 
Will every member of the family who 

! reads this, give me, as far as possible, 
full, minute and accurate answers to 
! the followine: ; 

I 1. What are the places and dates 
i (day, month and year) of birth, mar- 
riage or death, of yourself, wife and 
' children, grand children and great 
'grand children, andthose whom they 
i married, both living and deceased, 
: with the name of each, in full ? 

2. The same of your grand parents, 
parents, brothers and sisters ; their 
' wives and husbands ; their children, 
grand and great grand children ? 
i 3. The same of your uncles, aunts, 
' great uncles and srreat aunts, and 
'■ those whom they married, and each 
; of their descendants, to the present 
; tune ? 

I 4, Of what parents and town, were 
' the persons who have intermarried 
I with the members of your family or 
! kindred ? 

j 5, What was or is the callhig or 
I occupation, the present and former 
! residences (town, county and state), 
I with dates of removal, of each per- 
I son ? 
! 6. What offices have any filled, and 




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what military services or exploits in 
any wars, including the recent rebel- 
lion, with their rank, regiment, &c. ? 

7. "What tradition have you receiv- 
ed in relation to the first Davises who 
came to this country, their names, and 
where they settled ? 

Please give all items of interest in 
relation to any person named in your 
reply ; also the name and address of 
any Davis you may know or have 
known, but who does not belong to 
your branch. 

Please ask, as far as you can, all 
persons bearing the name of Davis, 
or in any way possessed of records 
relating to that family, to send such 
records to me at their earKest con- 

our happiness in the every-day acts 
and duties of life. 

Considered in this light, Genealocrv 
becomes a science of the utmost util- 
ity. Though it has as yet received 
little attention, and. been but imper- 
fectly understood or appreciated, it 
should nevertheless be a popular sci- 
ence, and should take its place among 
the most important objects deserving 
attention and investigation. 

Genealogy. — Genealogical inves- 
tigation should have two great sub- 
jects in view. First, to ascertain and 
record the most important facts in the 
history of generations, families and 
individual persons ; and, secondly, to 
abstract, analyze and classify these 
facts so that they may illustrate the 
Natural History of the race to which 
they refer. 

The former may be denominated 
Historical Genealogy, and the latter 
Philosophical Genealogy. Hitherto, 
investigations have been contined al- 
most exclusively to the first depart- 
ment of these inquiries ; and the in- 
cidents of personal history have pos- 
sessed suflicient interest to secure 
attention. Philosophical Genealogy 
is, however, of much more import- 
ance. The great truths it developes 
might be applied to facilitate our 
personal improvement and to increase 

Capt. Dolar Davis, the progenitor 
of the family in this country, came 
from Kent, England, in 1G34, and 
married Margery, sister of Major Si- 
mon Willard ; she came over in the 
same fleet with Dolar, arriving in 
Boston, May, 1634. 

She was born at Plorsmonden, Kent 
Co. in 1602, and baptized Xovember 
2 of the same year. Dolar had a 
house-lot on Water St., Cambridge, 
and also owned an out-lot on the 
west side of Charles river, which he 
sold in August, 1635, and removed 
thence to Scituate. He had lands 
granted to him in Concord in 1650, 
and in 1640 the Plymouth Court of 
Assistants granted him fifty acres of 
upland at Xamassacusett River, with 
a portion of meadow. 

He was one of the grand inquest of 
Plymouth Colony in 1645, and, the 
next year, was admitted freeman. 

In 1652, he was one of the survey- 
ors of highways in Barnstable, and 
constable in 1654. Mr. Davis was 
one of the petitioners for Groton, and 
also one of the eight persons appoin- 
ted in 1655 to be the selectmen "for 
two years from the time it is laid out." 


He with " his sonns," is on the list 
of " males that are able to beare armes 
sixteen yeares old to sixty yeares," m 
Barnstable in 1643. 

This fact determines his marriage 
to have taken place in England at 
least as early as 1625-6. He died in 
1673 at an advanced age. His daugh- 
ter Ruth, (born at Duxbury in 1640), 
married Stephen Hall of Concord, 
afterwards of Stow and Medford and 
perhaps of Plainfield, Conn. They 
had seven children, two were sons ; 
Samuel, born December 8, 1665, and 
Stephen, who died November 8, 1749. 

Dr. Palfrey says the graveyard at 
Benefield in Northampton Co., Eng- 
land, contains names of the ancestors 
of Dolai'. 

[Richard Willard of Horsraonden, 
had ten children ; three children came 
to New England ; Simon, Margery, 
and George. Richard's father was 
Thomas, who died July 24th, 1601]. 

stand of full force and validity as any 
will or testament whatsoever at my 
decease is confirmed and signified by 
my subscribing hereto ye '29th of 
Ajn-il, 1690. 

JoHiS' Davis. 

Witnessed by us, 

John Miner 

Josej|h Miner. 

T. R. Book 1, p. 48. 

Owen Davies, Esq., of Eaton House, 
Kent, England, is 17ih in direct de- 
scent from Edward III. King of P^ng- 
land, and 32nd in descent from Alfred 
the Great and Rhodri Mawr, King of 
Wales, A. D. 843. 

JViU from the Toxon Records of 
Woodbury, Conn. — "Whereas I, 
John Davis, am proposed to go in ye 
service of ye Country against ye Com- 
mon enemy, I do in short and in great 
brevity, and earnestly make over and 
confirm all my interest in my whole i 
accomodations in Woodbury to my 
sons, John and Samuel, equally to be 
divided between them, when they 
attain their respective ages, with this 
only proviso, tliat they do each of 
them pay to their sister, my daugh- 
ter Mary Davis ye third part of their 
then valued accomodations, which 
shall be valued at ye time aforesaid ; 
and that this my Act and deed is to 

Meredith Davis, a native of Wales, 
whose birth occurred about 169<>. and 
who was a descendant of the old Roy- 
al Welch line of Meredith ap David, 
ariived in Maiyland about 1720, and 
married the grand-dausrhter of the 
early deputy Governor, William Bur- 

Are any of his descendants living ? 

In 1765 nearly one-half the popula- 
tion of Massachusetts was undvr 15 
years of age, but- it is believed that 
at the present time not more than 
one-fifth of the purely xVmericau pop- 
ulation is under that age. The luiia- 
ber of chiMren in an equal nunil>er 
of families of American and foreign 
birth will be nearly three times as 
great in the latter as in the former. 
The records of many towns will in- 
clude sLx or eight generations. 

Examination shows that the fanii- 


lies of the first generation had an I DA VIES. Owing to the common- 
averao-e of eight to ten children ; of j ness of the Welsh patronymical use 
the iiext three, between seven and j of Davies, this name stands 5 in point 
eight; the fifth, about five, and the ! of numbers in England and Wales, 
sixth, less than three to each family. I yieldingpriority only to Smith, Jones, 
Formerly lar2;er families were com- i Williams and Taylor, in the xvi An- 
mon now they are rare. In some of j nual Report of the Registrar General, 
the old towns'the records of a hun- i The number of Davieses registered 
dred years do not show a sii«:le mar- 1 is 14,983, and Davises 6,206. The 
ried couple without children. The i number of Davises in England in 
New York census of 1865 shows that i 1853 was 43,700 ; of the entire pop- 
of 993,236 married women, 137,745 ! ulation, one in 421. In 1836, the 
had no childi-en, and 303,858 had only j number of births among the Davises 
one or two. 'ii^ England was 1,049; marriages, 

In the small town of Billerica there i 1,038 ; deaths, 574. Of the Davieses 
are the records of ninety families of! there were 2,252 births, 1,900 deaths, 
ten or more children. Five of these I and 1,437 marriages. The number of 
had fourteen, and one twenty-one. i Davises in the London Directory for 
The total in the ninety families is 1 1856 was 322. 

The birth-rate shows the same fact j 

that American families do not in-i 

crease at all, and inspection of the 

registration in other States shows ; 

that the same remark applied to all. \ 

It is remarked that the decrease of i 

children is found to prevail in coun- i „, . . -p, 

1 J. I „ ;^ «;+^ o,,,i 1 araono: the commonest m use, as Da- 

try almost as much as m citv, and i • i v, • i -n. • i -- -- 

-•' - - - — • ..-.'. ^ i vids, Davidson, David 

a, • • IT «;+^ or,/i «.M,Ti4-,.Tr ; vy, Davie, Davies, Davis, Daves, 
are born, includin2j city and country, i -pj ' • ' ' ' ' 

ever reached adult life. _ AVhat then i ■^'avison, etc. 
is to be the state of society in New 

DAVID. Though of ancient stand- 
ing in Wales, this Christian name 
scarcely appears in England before 
the conquest. Modified in various 
forms it has since produced many 
family names, some of which are 

ciw audi^"^'^^- ' 

that only about three-fiftlis of all that i vids, Davidson, Davidge, Davey, Da- 

England fifty or a hundred years 
hence ? 

What is to become of the Yankee 
stock? Can the difierence amongf the 

From Copp's Hill Burial Ground, 

In Memory of 
Isaac Howard Davis 

births of foreign and native parentage only child of John & Elizabeth Davis, 

be attributed to a degeneracy in the ] died May 8th 

physical condition and organization | 1807 

of females, or a settled determination I ^ 20 months & 8 days 

with large numbers of the married j Sleep, sleep, sweet babe, death done 

to have no more children, or a very j no harm, 

limited number ? I Christ Jesus calls thee to his arms. 


NGTICE.-There will be a meeting 
at the Hotel in "West Staflbrd, Conn., 
on Wednesday, April, 17th, 1867, at 
10 o'clock A. M., to attend to some 
special business. The descendants of 
John Davis who came to Americqj in 
the year 1635, are requested to at- 
tend. Per order of 

Alden Davis, 
Hiram Peas, 
Gardner S. Davis, 
The above notice was taken fi-om 
the Springfield Republican of March 
27th, 1867. Will some one give us a 
report of the proceedings ? 

Lprd Bacon says, " It is a reverend 
thing to see an ancient castle or build- 
ing not in decay, or to see a fair tim- 
ber tree sound and perfect ; how much 
more to behold an ancient noble Fam- 
ily which hath stood against the 
waves and weathers of time ?" 

Rev. Timothy Davis was boi-n at 
Wrentham, Mass., May 9th, 1778. 

He was the son of Aaron, who was 
the son of Josiah, who was the son of 
Simon, who was the first son of Dolar, 
who came to this country in 1634. 

He graduated at Harvard College 
in 1804. Mr. Davis was heard as a 
candidate at Wellfleet to whom the 
church and society gave an unani- 
mous call to settle with them as a 
minister of the gospel, and voted to 
give him five hundred dollars as a 
settlement and six huntlred dollars as 
his salary. To this call ]\Ir. Davis 
gave the following answer : " I now 

inform the church and town of Well- 
tleet that I received from your com- 
mittee, an invitation to settle with 
you in the ministry of the gospel, 
together with your proposals making 
provision for my settlement and sup- 
port. Conscious of the arduous and 
important duties that are incumbent 
on a minister of the gospel of Christ, 
and, I trust, depending on divine 
assistance and direction, I give my 
answer to your invitation in the af- 
firmative, humbly praying that God 
would make me an instrument of 
promoting your edification in Chris- 
tian faith and obedience. I ask your 
prayers that he would be pleased to 
overule my settlement with you [if 
no unexpected event intervene to 
prevent it] for his glory and our 
mutual good. 

Timothy Davis." 

Wellfleet, Oct. 24th, 1808. 

At his ordination, Rev. Mr. Simj> 
kins made the introductory prayer ; 
Rev. Mr. Fiske delivered the sermon ; 
Rev. Mr. Damon made the consecra- 
ting Prayer ; Rev. Mr. Burt gave the 
charge ; Rev. Mr. Shaw the fellowship 
of the churches, and Rev. Mr. Water- 
man made the concluding prayer. 

In 1817 the Rev. Mr. Davis addres- 
sed the following letter to his parish : 

To the Selectmen of Wellfleet : 

Gentlemen : Please to inform my 
parishioners, that, desirous to pro- 
mote both their temporal and eternal 
welfare, I am willing, for the present 
to make an abatement in my salary 
fifty dollars a year. I wish to be dis- 
tinctly understood, that I do not re- 
linquish my right to any part of my 
salary. It is my intention, however. 



to make the ahatoment, above raen-j 
tioned, as long -as I live, or as long j 
as I am their minister, provided that 
I and my fomily can live comtortably i 
without it. But if at any future ' 
time, my necessities require it, I shall j 
consider myself entitled to my whole \ 
salary. Timothy Davis, 

Wellfleet, Jan. 1st, 181S. j 

On the 18th of March, 1830, Mr. | 
Davis informed the church of his de- \ 
sire and intention of leaving them, ■ 
oftering a variety of considerations j 
which had convinced him that it was \ 
his duty to seek a dissolution of the i 
connection, and requested that a mu- 
tual council might be called for this 
purpose, to which assent was given. 
The council met at his house April 
1st, and, after due consideration, dis- 
solved the pastoral connection be- 
tween them, and gave him the usual 
recommendation as a good and taith- 
ful minister of the gospel. Mr. Davis 
labored in Welltleet twenty-two years 
during which one hundred and sixty 
were added to the cnurch. He ad- 
ministered baptism to three hundred 
and forty six persons, and solemnized 
two hundred and tifty marriages. 

Mr. Davis married 1st, Catherine, 
daughter of John Walton, deacon of 
Dr. Holmes' church ; she died in 1 818. 

He married 2nd, Lucy, daughter of 
Dr. Jabez Tutler, of Kingston. 
By his first wife he had, 

1. Catherine. 

2. Mary. 

3. Martha. 

4. Hannah Pond. 

5. John Walton, who graduated 
at Brunswick College in ls.59^ and is 

.now practising law in Welltleet. 
Rev. Timothy Davis died in 1862. 

Henry Davis, D.D. — The ances- 
tors of Henry Davis came to this 
country from Kidderminster, Eng- 
land, and were parishoners of Richard 
Baxter, and members of his church. 
They resided a while in Lynn, Mass. 
tht!u in Xew Haven, Conn., and finally 
took up their permanent residence in 
East Hampton, Long Island. There 
were two brothers, one of them, who 
was a lawyer, was never married ; the 
other, who was the grandfather of 
Henry Davis, had two children, a son 
and a daughter. 

The son John was twice married, 
first to Catherine Talmadge, and 
afterwards to Mary Conklin. By the 
first marriage he had six children, 
and by the second five, all of whom 
lived to be more than seventy-three 
years of age. \ 

Henry was a son by the second 
marriage and was born at East Hamp- 
ton, Sept. 15th, 1771, graduated at 
Yale College 1796, chosen Resident of 
Middlebury College Dec. 1809, mar- 
ried Hannah P. Treadwell, had two 
sons and two daughters, and died 
March 8th, 1852. The descendants of 
Dr. Davis live at Syracuse, X. Y. 

Will of Wm. Davis: — Wmiam 
Davis, seaman — give Isaac Colemore 
of Boston all to me belonging, only 
to Ilem-y Tite my pistoU ; what debts 
I doe owe to be payd out of my 
Estate ; 14 Sep. 1655. 

W^iLLiAM Davis. 

Witness, Nath. Williams. 

Mark X John Sanders. 

10.9: 1655. Xath. Williams and 
Jno. Sanders deposed before court, 
that this schedule was the true mind 
of William Davis. 


10: 9: 55. Power of Administra- 
tion graunted to Isaac CuUemore," 

Barnabas Davis came from England 

Robert Davis, born 1608, came 
• from England in 1638 ; married Ann 

, and had the following children, 

all born in Barnstable : 

1. Deborah, born 1645. 

2. Mary, born 1648. 

3. Andrew, bora 1650. 

4. John, born 1652, 

5. * Josiah, born 1656. 

6. Hannah, born 1658. 

7. Sarah, bom 1660. 

8. Mary. 
Josiah,^ married Ann, daughter of 

Richard Taylor, June 25th, 16 79, had 
*John, bora 1681. His house still 
stands in Barnstabl^. 

2. Hannah, born 1683. 

3. Josiah, born 1687. 

4. Seth, bora 1692. ' 

5. Ruth, born 1694. 

6. Sarah, born 1696. 

7. Jonathan, born 1698. 

8. Steven, born 1700. 

9. Ann, born 1702. 
Captain John, eldest son of Joseph 
and Ann, married Mehitable Dim- 
mock, August 13th, 1705; had 

"1. Thomas, bora 1706. 

2. John, born 1708. 

3. *Soloman, born 1 7 — . 

4. William, bora 1713. 

5. Soloman, born 1715. 

6. Mehitable, born 1717. 

7. Isaac, born . 

8. Jesse, born 1724. 

9. Isaac, born 1727. 
10. William, born '29. 

Solomon, ' marriec" Elizabeth Men- 

dell January 29th, 1750; she died 
February 26th, '77, ^.47, at Ply- 

He afterwards married Catherine 
Mendell, sister to his tirst wife, Nov. 
18th, '77 ; had the following children: 

1. John, born '53. 

2. Solomon, bora '54 died at sea '89. 

3. Edward, born '55. 

4. Thomas, born '57 died '75. 

5. Elizabeth, born '58 died 1833. 

6. Mehitable, bora '60 died Oct.'61. 

7. Henry, born '61 died '62. 

8. Josiah bora '63 died '76. 
*9. Isaac, born '(^ died 1 800. 

10. William, b. '68 died Sept. 1S04. 
Isaac," married Elizabeth Fellows, 
*1. Gustavus, bora '97 died 183G. 

2. Eliza, born '98. 

3. James Pierpont, born '99. 
Gustavus Fellowes Davis, D.D., 

was pastor of the first Baptist Church 
in Hartford, Conn., and one of the 
most eminent Baptist preachers in the 
state. Mr. Davis commenced preach- 
ing at the early age of seventeen 
years, and was ordained and settled 
as pastor of a church in Preston, 
Conn., when nineteen years of age. 
He received the lionorary degree of 
M. A. from Waterville College and 
subsequently from Yale College, and 
D. D. from Wesleyan University. 

He was trustee of Brown Univer- 
sity and Trinity College, and was 
elected chaplain to both houses of the 
Conn, Legislature. " Dr. Davis was 
a man of earnest and consistent piety, 
a faithful pastor, an eloquent prcacli- 
er, and a public spirited citizen." Dr. 
Davis maiTied Abigail Fleming, Jan. 
,15th, 1817, had 



1. Gusta\Tis Fellowes, born '18. 

2. William B. \oTn '19. 

3. Sarah F. " '22. 

4. Isaac, " '28. 

5. Sarah F. " '35. 

6. Eliza A. " '21. 

G. F. Davis resides in Hartford, Conn. 

" Styll am I besj bok assemblynge, 
For to haue plenty is a pleasaunt thyngc, 
In my conceit, and t' haue them aye iu 
hand." — Fuller. 


(One of the kind of men you read about.) 

No. 25 W. Houston St. 

Eesidence Xo. 7 East 11th Street, 


Devotes his time and attention to 
collecting rare and curious books for 
public and private libraries, ai: 1 is 
prepared to ransack libraries, second 
hand book stores, street stands, book 
auction rooms, etc., for the purpose of 
hunting up a rare book, or to compU^te 

Orders forwarded to Europe every 
week. English and American Gene- 
alogies, Local Histories and privately 
printed books furnished at the lowest 
prices. The following Genealogies 
can be ordered through him : 

Bissell Genealogy. 

Bond " 

Chapman " 

Cushman " 

Hoyt Genealogy. 

Brigham Genealogy. 

Redfield Genealogy. 

Shattuck Gdnealogy. 

Stiles, AVetTrif)re, Yale, etc. 

Historical and Genealogical Resris- 
ter," and the " Davis Family Record." 

Let all ye Scholares walke this wav. 

" Seems, my lord,' nay, it is." 



Intends to bring the science and 
skill of past generations to bear upon 
the Art to which he is devoting the 
best years of his life. Particular at- 
tention given to Photographing gene- 
alogical records, and other documents, 
old portraits, etc. 

For Sale, Cartes de Visite of 

Andrew Jackson Davis, 

Jefferson Davis. 

Rev. Dr. Emerson Davis, 

Commodore C. H. Davis, U. S. N. 

C. A. Davis, (Maj. Jack Downing) 

Dr. X. S. Davis, Chicago, 

Dr. C. H. S. Davis, 

Dr. T. F. Davis, 

Ex. Gov. John Davis of Mass., and' 
many other of the Davis Family. 
Meriden, Conn. 

[Speak of a man as you find him. 
Xever mind what others may say.] 

An Elegant Illustrated Family Re- 
cord, 13X17, will be sent by mail, 
post-paid, on receipt of one dollar. 
Address Dwight Hotchkiss, Meriden, 

The Davis Family Record, 

Particular attention given to printing will be sent on the first day of every 
Genealogies and Local Histories. month, for one year, to the address of 

Subscriptions received for the " His- i any person who mill send fifty cents 
torical Magazine," " Xew England | to the Editor. 






Edited by CHAS. H. S. DAVIS, M. D. 

A Monthly Journal devoted to the History and Genealogy of the 

Vol. I. 


No. 6. 

The Davises of Acton, Mass. 

[Communicated by Miss Carolixe Whitwell of Boston.] 

Marriages in Actox. 

1767, Dec. — , Catherine Davis and Dr 
John Swift. 

1738, Marcli 25, Lvt-lia Davis and Ben- 1 ... ^„ a, , ■.. -.r -i^ • ^ .-.-i 

>,.«- T\'^ 1 " I i 'fc*"* March lo, Marv Uavis ant,! hilas 

net \\ oo(l. j • .' -• • 

1741, Mav 20, Gershom Davis and Re- L_ ' Taylor otbtowe. 

becca Prescott. i^''"' ^,}- 30, Jonathan Davis and 

1 743, Feb. 28, Ezekiel Davis and Marv L _ , ^^ '^^^'i^ ^"|5'>': , ^ , . 
Cxibson, of Stowe. ' 1 < ' 1, Feb. 8, Ruth Davis and Ephrainri 

1748 or 9, Jan. 17, Lieutenant Ebene-' ,_, J'^y^''': ''I, ^^^""^ • 

zer Davis and Esther Conant. ; ^ " ^' ^.^P^' ^!' P.^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^"^ ^^^- 

1749, Sept. 9, Deliverance Davis and :,^^. ,-^**'^'-^^ ^V^'^^- ,^ . , ,^ 

Hannah Hildreth, of Westford. ■ ^ ' ^^' ^^^^ -^' L^^}', ^^'''^ ^"^ '^b^^" 

1751, May 1, Sarah Davis and John;,^^„ t „. ^j; t^ • 

Rabbins, of Westford. 1^^'' J^"" ^0' ^'^^^^^ ^^^'^^ ^"^ ^d' ^ 

1753, April 28, Xehemiah Davis, of 

ward Wetherbce. 

Concord,' and Dorothy He'ald, i 1' ' '' ^^^^,9' ^^-^'^ ^^^'^^ ^"^ ^'^''''' 

of Acton. 


1757, X'ov. 15, Samuel Davis and Ann ^"®' ^''''- J.^' ^''^''^^ ^^"^'^ ^""^ ^''' 
Cole, of Concord. ! i.^o ^f" ^^^x'"' r. • 

1757, March 19, Ann Davis and Jo- ; 1 "9' ^J'-^y 15' James Davis and Re- 
seph Chamberlain, of Westford. ',_, becca Havward. 

1757, March 29, Isaac Davis and Han-i 1"^' ^^<^- l"^' ^^^^^en Davis, of ^\a- 
nah Brown. ' .,. t^rtown, and Betsey Tuttle. 

1764, Nov. 3, Sarah Davis and Joseph ^'^^ ^pnl 24 Hannah Davis and 

p- j bolomon Lurofess, of btowe. 

1765, Dec. - Sarah Davis and Ste- : 1^®'"' '^"'f 21, Hannah Davis and Sam- 

phen Hosmer. 

uel Jones. 

1765 or 7, ,Gershom Davis and i ^ '®2, Au- 6, Josiah Davis and Sarah 

Sarah Smith. 





1782, Nov. 9, Hebycbiah Davis and 
Joseph Clatiiii. 

iVSe, Oct. 9, Hannah Davis and Da- 
vid Barnard. 

1790, Dec. 25, John Davis, of A. and 
Lois Sanderson, of Littleton. 

1792, Jan. 18, Stephen Davis and 
Polly Brooks. 

1793, Feb. 2, Hannah Davis and Amos 


1793, June 16, David Davis and Polly 

Hildreth, of Chelmsford. 

1794, April 4, Plphraim Davis and 
Catherine Warrinq:ton. 

1798, Nov. 28, Betsey Davis and E- 

phraim Hayward. 
1891, x\ug. 30, Lucy Davis and Paul 

Litchfield, of Carlisle. 
1801, March 26, 'Caroline Matilda Davis 

and Samuel Scott, of Concord. 
1804, Sept. 9, JoTiathan Davis and 
Mary Bartlett. 

Ephraim Davis and "Warrington. 

Mrs. Hannah Davis and John Law- 
rence of Littleton. 
Ezekiel Davis and Mary Gibson had 
Capt. Isaac Davis, b. Feb. 23, 1744, m. 
Hannah Brown ; Mary, b. Nov. 2, 
1746, m. Silas Taylor ; Sarah, b. Jan. 
20, 1748-9, m. Joiiah Piper; Pwuth, b. 
Feb. 19, 1750, m. Ephraim Taylor; 
Ezekiel, b. June 8, 1753, m. Susanna 
Chapin ; Josiah, b. June 14, 1755, m. 

Sally Billings ; kah, b. Sept. II, 

1757, ra. Silas Stone ; Olive, b. Oct. 
29, m. Reuben Hale. 

Children of Capt. Isaac and Hannah 
Davis : Isaac, b. March 14, 1765 ; Han- 
nah, b. Feb. 11, 17G8, m. Amos Noyes ; 
Ephraim, b. March 17, 1770, m. Ar- 
doza Harrincrton ; Mary, b. Jan. 3, 
1774, m. Noah Fletcher. 
Josiah, SOD of Ezekiel and Marv, m. 

Sallv Billings, and had Sallv, b. Deo. 
25. 1783 ; Josiah, b. Dec. 5, 1785; Lu- 

Ither, b. Sept. 21, 1787, ni. Elizabeth 

I Horn of Westford ; Jonathan, b. Oct. 
29, 1789, m. Sallv Hosmer ; Silas, b. 

[April 27, 1792, m. Betsey Hale. • He 

ini. 2d, Clarissa Sawyer, of Princeton, 

• May 28, 1794 ; Dorothy. 

Jonathan, son of Josiah and Sally 
B. Davis, m. Sall>' Hosmer, and had 
Silas, b. Deo. IG, 1815 ; a child b. Dec. 
17. 1818 ; Sarah C, b. Nov. 11, 1820 : 
Susan, b. June 22, 18i'3 ; Harriet, b. 
Aug. 5, 1825; Simon H., b. Jan. 17, 
1830; Geo. W. b. July 3, 1834. 

John Davis m. Hannah . and ha<l 

Ezekiel, b. Feb., 1736 or 7 ; Abel, b. 
Mav 14, 1739; Hannah and Elisha, b. 
Feb. 28, 1740 ; Silas, b. Nov. 8, 1743 : 
Jonathan, b. Oct. 9, 1749 ; Pebekab, 
b. July 9, 1750 ; Mary, b. Feb. 20, 

i 1753. The last two were born in Lit- 
tleton. John died at Littleton Oct. 6. 

John and Sarah Davis, of Acton, ha«.l 
Sarah, b. Nov. 2, 1741 ; Samuel, b. 

. Aucr. 27, 1746 ; John, b. March 13, 
1749 ; Ilepzibah, b. May 29, 1752 : 
Hannah, b. April 25, 1755; Flint, b. 
Nov. 26, 1757 ; Daniel and Abigail, b. 

] Gershom Davis m. Rebecca PrescotL 
May 20, 1741, and had Rebecca, b. 

ipeb. 26, 1742; Joshua, b. Deo. 20, 
1743 ; Gershom, b. Dec. 3, 1745: Han- 

Inah. b. Feb. 28, 1748; Jonathan, b. 

j Sept, 21, 1751 ; Jesse, b. July 16. 1757. 

I He m. 2d, Sarah Smitb, 1765 or 7, bad 

I Thomas, b. April 3, 1767; Jonas, b. 

I March 10, 1772. 

I Simon and Catharine Davis had Si- 
mon, b. Mav 29, 1750 : Peter, b. May 

'26, 1753 ; Catharine, b. Deo. 27, 175'J; 



Elinor, b. March 26, 1752 ; Simon, b. 
March 13, 1757 ; Hannah, b. Nov. 29, 
1758; Ruth, b. Jan. 9. 1761 ; Annes^, 
b. Oct. 29, 1765 ; Stephen, b. June 25, 

Reuben and Elizabeth Davis had 
Reuben, b. Sept. 12, 1781; Lucy, b. 
Dec. 8, 1797 — m. David Barnard. 

Stephen and Mary Davis had Simon, 
b. Xov. 5. 1794 ; Simon, b. Feb. 25, 
1798; Pollv, b. Julv 15, 1796 ; Fet- 
sey, b. July "l8. 1800. 

Daniel Davis m. Rebecca White, and 
had Dorothv, b. Dec. 3, 1775; Daniel, 
b. Mav 1, 1781; Ebenezer, h. Jan. 8, 
1777;' Amasa, b. June 16_, 1783; Su- 
sanna, b. May 3, 1779. 

Jonathan and Sarah Davis had Sa- 
rah, b. Dec. 25, 1776 ; Lois, b. Au;^. 
29, 1778; Rebecca, b. Feb. 8, 1781; 
Anna, b. Jan. 23, 1783 ; Lvnda, b. 
June 12, 1785; Lvdia, b. March 30, 
1787 ; EJaand Seba, b. June 23, 1789; 
Hannah, b. Xov. 25. 1791 ; Jesse, b. 
Julv 27, 1794; Marv. b. March 5, 
1796 ; Jonas b. Xov. 21, 1807— died. 

Daniel and Marv Davis had Luther, 
b. Sept. 23, 1793 ; Pollv, b. Mav 17, 
1795; David r;rover, b. "Jan. 30, 1797; 
Charles, b. Mav 23, 1799 ; Lucv, b. 
March 23, ISO'l. 

James Davis m. Rebecca Hay ward, 
Mav 15, 1779, had Lucv, b. March 25, 
1781 ; James, b. Sept. 15, 1782 ; Pollv, 
b. Sept. 15, 1785 ; Esther, b. Doc. 29, 
1787; Sophia, b. Feb. 19, 1792:"Sukv, 
b. Dec. 25, 1793 ; Olive, b. Oct. 30, 
17y5 ; Harriet, b. May 17, 1798 ; Ma- 
ria, b. April, 1800. 

! what nsed to be known as" Old .Mans,'* 
j now Mount Sinai. His son David was 

born 17 -6, and died 1824. lie niar- 
I ried Anna Xorton, and had David, born 

1765, who married Mahatable Tuttic. 

He died 1816, and his wife Mahatable 
j 1859. Their children were (ieome, b. 
i June 21, 1789, now livinf; at Clioter, 
I Conn. ; Mahatable, b. Xov. 28, I7'.f0, 
I m. Joshua Sweesey, now living o n L. 

Island; James, b. Oct. 2, 1794; John, 
I b. Jan. 1, 1797; Betsey, b. \\irr, :^(i. 
il790; (the three last mentioned died 
j young); David, b. Dec. 18, 1801, now 
j livinij in Sandusky, Ohio; Ira, b. Sept. 
19, 1805, now living on Long Island, a 
I sea captain. 

David, son of David and Mahatable 
' (Tuttle) Davis, married Charry Bavles, 
I April, 1826, — had Urania, b. June 27, 
I 1827, m. l8o 1 , now livini; in Sanduskv. 
j Ohio, a widow; Ira T., b. March 22, 
j 1831, m. 1856, now livinof in Sandusky, 
j (to whom we are indebted for this 
I crenealogv ;) Elizabeth, b. June 5, 1829, 
idled OcL 16, 1832; John R., b. Dec. 
17, 1833, lu. 1860, now living in San- 
{ dusky; Maria, b. June 2S, 1835, ui. 

1857, now living in Sanduskv, a wiiiow; 

Phebe, b. Aug.^ 25, 1838, 'died Aug. 

24, 1840; Joshua B.,b. June 18,1841, 

served three vears in the late war, m. 


Benjamin Davis came from Wales 
and settled on Long Island. He died 
and was buried, in the year 1761, at 

In the year 1674-5, four brothers 
came to this country from Wales, and 
settled in Roxbury, .Mass. (For iK'Ster- 
ity of one of these brothers, see Record, 
p. 23.) One of the brothers was Dr. 
James Davis, born in ^^ ales ; he had 
a son Thomas, whose sons served 
in the war of the Revolution. — 
The British s.oldiers quartered on him, 



supposing he was a friend of the King, 
as he had obtained from Capt. Wells — 
a neutral in tlie war — a paper warrant- 
ing him protection, but on discovering 
his gun they charged him with bcin^ a 
rebel, but before they could arrest him 
he fled from them, hiding in the cellar 
' of his own house. His wife also fled, 
with the children, across a field of corn. 
The soldiers fired upon them with a 
six-pounder, the ball passing within a 
few feet of Mrs. Davis, burying itself in 
the earth Mrs. Davis was a cousin of 
Governor Jonathan Trumbull, as well 
as a descendant of Moses Tuttle, one 
of Davenport's flock, the first settlers 
of New Haven. Conn. The circum- 
stance related above occurred where 
now stands the house Xo. 40 Fair St., 
New Haven. 

The grandson of Thomas Davis was 
Samuel P. Davis, of New Haven, who 
died in 1850. The children of Samuel 

P. are Emeline, ra. Pendleton ; i 

Susan, m. Munson, — both living ' 

in New Haven ; Samuel lives in Ohio ; i 
George K, m. Silvia Nichols, and is the ' 
Rector of Christ Church, Brownsville, ; 
Nebraska, (and to whom we are in- 1 
debted for this pedigree). i 

. The children of Kev. G. R. and Sil- i 
via Davis are Samuel Post, Clementina, | 
and William Carlton Nichols. | 

Will our friends when they send j 
pedigrees, please give the date of births, j 
marriages and deaths, down to the pre- \ 
sent generation. 

j Thomas, born 1775; Elizabeth, Nancy, 

• Martha, and John. 

Thomas married, in Kentuckv, Es- 
ther Bell, in 1794, and had Jacob, b. 

j 1795 ; Evan, b. 1797 ; Peter, b. 1801. 

j Jacob m. Susan Van Winkle, 1828, 

! and had Suelda, (?) James, John, Eliza- 

t beth, and Thomas. 

Evan m. 1818, Elizabeth Billard, and 
had three children. He died" 1823. 

Peter, son of Thomas and Esther, 
m. H. P. Cannon, April 29. 1827, had 
Amanda F. C, b. 1828; Sophia, b. 
1829: Margaret, b. 1832: Evan, b. 
1833; Marv, b. 1835; Wm. C, b. 
1837; Nancy, b. 1839, died 1842: 
John F., b. 1841, died 1842 ; Harriet 
A., b. 1842: Georcre W., b. 1844; 
James I., b. 1847 ; Jacob R., b. 1849. 

We should be pleased to hear from 
the other descendants of John Davis. 

John Davis, when a young man, em- 
igrated from Wales and settled in Penn- 
sylvania, and chere married. He after- 
ward removed to Kentucky, and had i 

Landed at Boston, March 22, 1634, 
from Stepney Parish, England, Nicholas 
Davis, Joseph Davis and Sarah Davis, 

Arrived from England, April 17, 
1635, Jo. Davis, Mary Davis, Margaret 
and Elizabeth Davis. 

Arrived from England, in the Bles- 
sing, July 17, 1635, Barnabie Davis, 
Susan Davis. 

Arrived, in the Confidence, from 
England, April 24,1638, Robert nad 
Margaret Davis, servants to Peter 
Noyce ; and Philip Davis, servant to 
Wm. Ilsbey. 

Arrived, in the Elizabeth, at Boston, 
from London, in 1635, Margaret Davis, 
aged 32 years, with her children, John, 
aged 9, Mary, aged 4, and Eliza, aged 
1 year, — the wife and family, no doubt, 
of some person who had come a year or 
two before. 


Abstract of the Will of Gershom I)a-\ A\)ri\ 10, llil ; m. Curnelius Davis, 
vis, of Acton, Mass ; Samuel and £Jb-\ of Frectoy<'n. (103) Jamet\ h. Fi-l.. 
enezer Davis, Executors. The Pr/// j 15, 1750 ; died Dec. 4, 1754. ( 1 o ») 
dated M^b. — To ray wife Sarah, one [ ■SAa'iracA*, b. March 3, 1 75'2 ; ni. I-y- 
half of the house, household stuff and |dia Davis, of Freetown, May 18, 1775. 
utensils. To my son, Ebenezer, 160 ! (105) /fo/V. b. April 16, 1754. ( IcG) 
acresofland; Samuel, 150 acres ; Ger- 1 «/«»ifs\ b. Jan. 19, 1756; ni. .^arah 
shorn, 150 acres; to Samuel and Ebon-j Winslow, of Freetown, Aug. 2, 17S1. 
ezer, the Tatnal meadows and half the 1 (107) William*, b. March 31, 17'S. 
house, they to maintain their mother. (108) DavitP, b. March 3, 1 761. Su-an- 
The saw-mill and grist-mill, to the nah, the mother, was a daughter of 
three sons. Thomas Gage and wife, Mary Diirfi'o, 

and born June 29, 1721. Mary, the 
wife of Thomas Gage, is thought to 
have been the daughter of Lieut. Ro- 
bert Durfee, of Freetown. She was 
Gage's second wife ; his first wife wa- 
Mrs. Remember Terry. 

17. Xathan Simmons and wife, Ly- 
dia' Davis, had (109) Xathan\ m. Ly- 
dia Barnaby, of Freetown, Aug. 21, 
l76l. Xathan, the parent, was a .son 
of Abraham Simmons and wife, Ann 
Lee. He Avas born Oct. 18, 1709, an-1 

Will of Isaac Davis, of Acton, dated 
Feb. 22nd, 1776. — Ephraim HapL^ood. 
Capt. Joseph Robbins and James Falk- 
ner, blacksmith, all of Acton, apprais- 
ers to the estate of Isaac Davis. In- 
ventory : £101 135. 9r/. 2d Inventory : 
19 shillings. Administrators' account. 
£63 10s. Parties agree to give bal- 
ance to the widow of Jo. Winthrop, 
Judge of Probate. 

Did Terrence refer to the Davis fam- 
ily when he wrote " Davus sum, non 
(Edipus" ? 

A subscriber writes, " I have a very 
fine steel engraving, from a drawing by 
Bartlett, entitled ' Davis' Clearixg.' 
What part of the country does it refer 
to — and who gave it the name ?" Who 
will tell us ? 

The Posteritv of William Davis, 
OF Freetown, Mass. 

died June 26, 1774; an enterprising and 
very useful man. He was one of the 
Selectmen of Freetown ten years, an 
Assessor eight years, and Treasurer si.x 

18. David^ Davis and wife. Remem- 
ber Terry, had (110) Shadrach: mar- 
ried, but I cannot learn to whom 
Ptemember, the mother, was a dau!:th- 
ter of Silas Terry, cordwainer, of Free- 
town, and born April 26, 1728, grand- 
daughter of John Terry and wife. Re- 
member Farrows, great-crrand-daunhter 
{Continued from page 38, of Record.) \ of Lieutenant Thomas Terry, of Free- 
16. James' Davis and wife, Susannah ; town. After the death of David Da- 
Gage, had. (100) Mary\ b. Sept. 24, ; vis she married William Hathaway, 
1743; died May 15, 1754. (101) ^^t- and became the mother of Ensign Si- 
sannah*, h. Jan. 25, 1745 ; m. Joseph las Hathaway, and grandmother to Co- 
Davis, of Freetown. (102) Keziah%.h. 'lonel Lynde Hathaway, of Freetown. 



20. Ignatius Perkins and wife, Ke- 1 
ziah' Davis, had (111) David\ b. Feb. i 

14, 1744; m. Zilpha Ilathawav, of, 
Freetown, Feb. 16, 1764. 

22. Abiar Davis and wife, Susannah ' 
Ga^e, had (112) Hannak\ b. June 27. ; 
1753. She died Dee. 2, 1815. (113); 
Abial*, b. June 2, 1755; m. Lovisa i 
Collins, AufT. 17, 1780; died Sept. 28. ^ 
1840. (114) Lf/dia\ b. June 1, 1757. ■ 
She died April 27, I8l4. (115) Perry', \ 
b. Aug. 13, 1759; m. Rachel Collins,; 
March 22, 1781; died Dec. 3. 1787.1 
(116) Edmund\ b. Xov. 27, 1761 ; ra. i 

Sarah . He died Dec. 27, 1848.! 

She died June 2, 1792. (1 17) Susan- 
nah', b. June 28, 1764. (118) Peace\\ 
b. Oct. 28, 1766. She died Jan. 18. : 
1809. (119) S>jlvia\ b. Sept. 28, 1768.! 
(120) ^fason\''h. Oct.2l, 1772. Su- , 
sannah, the mother, was a daughter of 
Wm. Gage and wife, Hannah Davis, 
and born Aug. 8. 1731. 

23. Ichabod^ Davis and wife, Svlvia 
Chase, had (l2l) Ichabod\ b. April 2, 
1756; died vouno-. (122) Philip', b. 
March 3, 1758. ^ ( 123) Hezekiah\ b. 
Sept. 25, 1761. (124) Jesse', b. March 

15, 1764. (125) Ichahod\ b. .Jan. 21. 
1768. (126) Chariti/, in. Mr. Brown. 

27. Peter Wever and wife, Lvdia' 
Davis, had (127) Thomas', b. April 2. 
1756. (128) Joseph', b. Mav 15, 1758. 
(129) Benjamin', b. March 20, 1760— 
probably never married, and died March 
24, 1788. (130) Lydia', b. Oct. 6, 
1761 — probablv did not marrv, and 
died Dec. 1, 1781. (131) Alice', b. 
Sept. 8, 1763. (132) Anne', b. May 6, 
1765; m. Francis Chase. 

28. Benjamin' Davis and wife, Lvdia 
Nichols, had (133) Mary' ; died young. 
(134) Lydia' ; m. Preserved Eddy, of 

Swanzey. (135) J/ary^ b. 1756; ni 
tirst, Brice Wing; second, Tripp Mo- 
shier. Shedicdl85l. {\ZQ) Eunice', 
b. 1759 ; m. first, Stephen Brayton ; 
second, Daniel Brayton. She died 
June, 1851. (137) Sarah' ; m. James 
Chase, of Somerset. She died 1849. 
(138) Harriet^; married Collins Chase. 
She died 1846. (139) Benjamin^; ra. 
Sarah Bowers, of Somerset. He died 
1814. (140) Mercy^; m. tirst, David 
Bowen, of Xewport ; second. Col. Jo- 
seph KelloGrg, of Somerset. She died 
June, 1803. (141) Anna^; m. Mi- 
chael Hoag. She died Xov. 1835. 
(142) Patience^; m. tirst, Gideon Ro- 
binson ; second, Oliver Chase. She 
died 1855. 

30. Moses' Davis and wife, Lois An- 
thony, had (i43) Anthon)/^, b. March 
30.1764. (144) J/y.^r-iS^b. Sept. 4, 
1765. (145) Lois^,h. March 26, 1767. 

31. Aaron^ Davis and wife, Rachel 
Law, had (146) AbiyaW, born March 4, 
1765; m. James Law. (14:7) Aaron* , 
b. July 30, 1767 ; m. Lvdia Chase, of 
Freetown. (148) Lvdia*, b. Mav 20, 
1769. (149) Siisana*, b. April 11, 
1771. .She was deaf and dumb. (150) 
Hannah*; m. Michael Hathaway, of 
Freetown, Xov. 24, 1796. 

33. Silas' Davis and wife had (l5l) 
Arthur*, b. 1761 ; m. Hartie Brown, 
Xewport; died Dec. 16, 1843. (152) 
Benjamin*. (153) Jonathan*. (154) 
Dai'id*, b. 1780; m. Phebe Simmons, 
of Somerset; died May 2, 1845. (155) 
Abraham*. {\bQ)John*. (157) Mary*; 
m. James Chase. (^58) James' ; m. 
Lydia Brown. 

34. Jonathan' Davis and wife, Mar- 
garet Bagirs, had (159) Margaret', b. 
Sept. 8, 1765 ; died young. (l60)Jbn- ' 



athan*, b. Jan. 7, 1770 ; m. Chloe Sim- 
mons, of Freetown. Bv second wife, 
Sarah Treadwell, {l6\)'Merci/\ b. Jan. 
27, 1773; ra. Jail Hathawav, of Free- 
town. (162) Eleazer\ b. May 1 1, 1775 ; 
m. Marv Marble, of Newport, Dec. 28, 
1797 ; drowned Dec. 17, 1809. (163) 
Jam«*, b. June 10, 1777; m. Diana 
Simmons, of Somerset, 1797. Eleazer, 
the son, fell overboard in crossing the 
Taunton river in the night time. 

Margaret, the mother, was a daugh- 
ter of John Baggs, a cooper of Free- 
town, and wife, Rebecca Paine, and 
born Sept. 21, 1734, grand-daughter of 
John Paine and wife, Rebecca Davis, 
greatgrand-daughter of William Da- 
vis and wife, Mary Makepeace. Jona- 
than, the parent, was remarkable for 
sobriety, his well-ordered walk and 
godly conversation. 

35. Joseph' Davis and wife, Susanah 
Davis, had (l64) Richard'. (165) 
Polly\ (166) Howard'; m. first, Ruth 
Knight ; second, Mahitable Bosworth. 
(167) Warden'; m. Diadama Knap, of 
Freetown. [\&b) Joseph' ; m. first, Ly- 
dia Hathawav ; second, Mrs. Betsev 
Pierce, of Fall River. (169) Gilbert'; 
m. Mrs. Sally Read, of Fall River. )1 70) , 
Susanah*; m. William Hackett, ofj 

37. Cornelius^ Davis and wife, Ke- ! 
ziah, had (171) OZu'e', b. Feb., 1769. | 
(172) Chloe\h. April 1, 1770. (173) j 
David*; m. Phebe Durfee. (174) Ke-i 
ziah*; m. Gideon Hathaway. (175) 
Hope*; m. Edmund Davis, of Freetown, . 
Aug. 30, 1795. (I76j Daniel*; m. , 
Elizabeth Butts, of Dartmouth. 

38. Noah Chase and wife, Phebe Da- 
vis', had (177) Noah*, b. June 17, 
1764; m. Rebecca Hathaway, of Free- 

town. (178) PAe6f\b. March 24, 1769;. 
m. Abial Chase, of Freetown. (179) 
Lydia*,h. June 24, 1773; m. Aaron 
Davis, of Fall River; died ] 846. (180) 
Jesse*, b. Dec. 22, 1775; m. Rubv 
Read, of Freetown, ^Dec. 21, 1798"; 
died June, 1800. , 

Noah, the parent, was a son of Michael 
Chase by wife. Thankful Cleveland, and 
born Oct. 26, 1739, grand-son of Benj. 
Chase, Jr., and wife, Mercy Simmons, 
and]^ great-srrand-son of Benj. Chase, 
the cooper, who was the first of the 
Chase family that settled in Freetown, 
( To be continued.) 


At Uolyoke, Mass., Feb. 13, a son 
to Edward P. Davis, and grand-son to 
Soloman B. Davis. 


At Orange, Mass., Feb. 20, Albert E. 
Rich, of Barre, and Georgiana Davis. 

At Hamilton. Ohio, Feb. 20, at the 
residence of Thomas Davis, Esq., by 
the Rev. Wm. H. James, of Springfield, 
Ohio, Dr. Benj. Perlee and Miss Mag- 
gie Davis, both of Hamilton. 


At Lynn, Mass., Sept. l6, 1867, Su- 
san F. Bliss, daughter of the late Eli- 
phaz Davis, of Springfield, Mass., 
acred 67 years. 

^At Freehold, N. J., Feb. 19, Col. 
Wm. D.. Davis, late President of the 
Freehold and Jamesbury Railroad, and 
a prominent citizen of Monmouth Co. 


Many of the pedigrees piiblislied in ; the Davises of Long Island. We liave 
• the Record are necessarily imperfect, \ a pedigree of the Davis family of New 
and we hope our friends will correct any i Jersey, descendants of James Davis, who 
mistakes, and supply any information : was in Xew Jersey in 1640, and of liis 
that -will render such pedigrees com- j sons and grand-sons, Thomas. Jonathan, 
plete. There are many of our subscri- ' Isaac, lirc.^ but it is very incomplete. Will' 
bers who have sent us no information our Xew Jersey cousins and others who 
in regard to their own families. : are able, give iis such names and dates 

^^ e received a few days since a short ■ as they m\y have, in order to make this 
pedigree from a gentleman born in ) record' complete. We should be pleased 
Massachusetts, but now residing in In- 'to receive the address of any Davis liv- 
diana, which supplied names and dates ; ing in Xew Jersey, as but few copies oi 
that we have been searching after for i the Record are circulated in that State. 

nearly ten years ; and nearly every ped- 1 

igree we receive supplies missing names i The Record will be published on the 
and dates, and will render our 'geneal- : first day of each month, and will con- 
ogy of the f:\mily more complete. ; tain Biographies, Sketches, Anecdotes, 

We can say truthfully, with old John : and much valuable information that 
Stow, who, writing in 1598, says— " I : cannot be embodied in a genealonv ; 
know that the work * * * required the thus making it worth preserving. The 
pen of some excellent artizan, but tea.- terms are ''only seventv-five cents a 
ing that none would attempt and finish year, which ba'rely covers the cost of 
It, * * * I chose rather (among otliu- printing. Will our cousins and friends 
my labours) to handle it, after my plain aid us ""in extending the circulation? 
fashion, than to leave it unperfornaed." Send us the names of all the Davises 
See questions in last number of JSfcorrf. | in your town, or that you may know, 

r^ — ; ^and we will at once put ourselves in 

Ine "History of the Davis family of' communication with them. 
Maryland," will bo continued as soon as I The publication of the March and 
the author has completed his exaraina- : April numbers have been very much 
tionof the Church and County Records delayed, owing to the absence from 
in St. Mary's ^and Charles Counties of, home of the editor, but we hope here- 
Maryland. We are promised a commu- , after to publish the Record promptly on 
nication embracing historical and tradi- the first of the month. ' 
tionaUccountsofthe Davis family, both' We return our thanks for the vari- 
on this and the other side of the Atlan-ious photocrraphs that have been sent 
tie; the English account cxtendincr back us, and should be pleased to receive 
to Hugh Davis in 1174. The next photosrraphs from all of our cousins, 
number will contain an account of the Address "Davis Family Record" 
Davises of Guilford, Ct., descendants of^ Meriden, Conn. 






Edited by CHAS. H. S. DAVIS, M. D. 

A Monthly Journal devoted to the History and Genealogy of thb 



No. 7. 

The Davises of Guilford, Conn. 

[Communicated by Dr. Alvan Talcott.] 

The families of this name in Guilford I 
are descendants of three individuals, i 
John Davis, James Davis and Solonion\ 
Davis, between whom I have not been I 
able to trace any relationship. 

1. John Davis came to Guilford | 
from Long Island. He married, Dec. | 
30, 1707, Elizabeth Talman, daiiirhter | 
of Dr. Peter and Ann (Wright)''Tal j 
man of Guilford, who was born June j 
23, 1687, and died July 17. 1708. 
John Davis m. second, Dec. 11, 1711, 
Hannah Pratt, of Saybrook, who died 
May 20, 1745. John Davis died 
March 2, 1752, aged about 75; by 
first marriage he had Elizabeth, b. May 
11, 1708, m. Andrew Morrison, March 
10, 1727 ; by second marriage had 
John, b. Aug. 2, I7l2 ; Hannah, b. 
Dec, I7l6, m. Elias Cad well, April 
1, 1735; Sarah, b. June 8, 1720, who 
died unmarried. May 15, 1755. 

John Davis, who was born Aug. 2, 
1712, m. Oct. 9, 1734, Amy Starr, 
daughter of Comfort and Elizabeth 
(Hopson) Starr, of Guilford, who was 
Wn iu 1T06, and died Aug. 21, 1756. 
Ue m. second, Aug. 11, 1760, Eliza- 

beth Hubbard, daughter of John and 
Patience (Chittenden) Hubbard, of 
Guilford, who was born Jan. 15, 1726, 
and died Feb. 21, 1813. John Davis, 
Jr., died May 29, 1776; by first mar- 
riage he had Prudence, b. Aug. 3, 
1735, died Aug. 5, 1735; John, b. 
1737, died July 5, 1737; Hannah, b. 
May 17, 1738^ m. David Hall, Dec. 
13, 1764; Many, b. Aug. 26, 1740, 
m. Ebenezer Hopson, March 8, 1704; 
bv second marriage had Elizabeth, b. 
July 21, 1761, m. Daniel Tuthill, of 
Trenton, X. J. ; John, b. April 12, 

John Davis, who was b. April 12, 
1764, m. Feb. 17, 1784, Mary Deming, 
daughter of Treat and Mary (Bowen) 
Deming, of Guilford, who was born 
Dec. 9, 1753. and died Sept. 30, 1807. 
John Davis died Oct. 19, 1840. His 
children were Folly, b. Dec. 22, 1784, 
m. John Pierson, Ma^ 18, 1814; Leah, 
b. Dec. 16, 1786, died Dec. 16, 1786; 
Hachel, b. Dec. 16, 1786, died Dec. 25, 
1786; Sally, b. xMarch 2, 1792. m. 
George Dolph, of Guilford, July 8, 1824. 
The male line of this family is extinct. 



2. James Davis. 

James Davis was born in Sonthold, 
L. I., May 28, 1 726. His grandfather, 
Benjamin Davis, emigrated from Scot- 
land, came to America and ^ettled in 
Sonthold. Benjamin Davis, the father 
of James, was born in 1700, resided in 
Southold, was a farmer, and married a 
Conkliq. James Davis was a tailor ; 
he married Mary Bailey, (daughter of 
Deacon Bailey,) who was b. in South- 
old, Dec. 25, ' 1733. James Davis 
resided in Southold till 1776, and then 
from apprehension of trouble from the i 
British, he left Long Island and set- 
tled in Guilford. He died in G., July 
4, 1814. His widow, Mary Davis, died 
Julv 10, 1820. Their children were a 
son, b. Aug. 18, 1760, d. Aug. 23, 
1760; James, b. July 27, 1761, d. 
Sept. 11, 1762; Mary, b. June IG, 
1763, d. 1769; James, b. March 25, 
1765; Pkehe, b. April 15, 1767, m. 
Noah Benton, of Madison, Oct. 31, 
1790; Mary, b. Sept. 21, 1769, m. 
Joel Lee, of Guilford, Feb. 1, 1792, and 
Amos Fowler, of G., Jan. 17, 1848; 
Benjamin, b. April 3, 1771, d. 1778; 
Gilbert, h.^\sivc\\ 26, 1774; Lucretia, 
b. March 1, 1780, b. in Guilford, m. 
Malatiah Overton, of Southold. She 
died in 1836. 

James Davis, born 1765, married 
Dec. 11, 1788, Ptuth Griswold, daugh- 
ter of Miles and Ruth (Bartlett) Gris- 
wold, of Guilford. She was born Feb. 
25, 1770. Jajnes Davis was a joiner. 
He served in the Revolutionary war at 
the age of 15, and 'was wounded bv a 
musket ball in the arm, in the skirmish 
at Leete's Island, June 18, 1781. He 
received a pension during his life of 

^35y\|^{y per annum. The children of 
James and Ruth were Sarah, b. June 
8, 1789, ra. Anson Kennedy, of G, ; 
she died Julv 17, 1830; Christopher 
Bradley, b. April 30, 1791 ; Joel, b. 
May 13, 1793; Rath Ma^tta. b. Jan. 
11, 1796, m. Cornelia Hull, of G. ; she 
died Oct. 4, 1830; Mary,b. Feb. 23, 
1798, m. Justin Bishop, of G. ; Betsy, 
b. Aug. 22, 1800, m. John Hall, of G., 
June 29, 1825; Content, h. April 19, 
1803, m. James S. Loper, of G., May 
14, 1823 ; Samuel, b. April 21, 1807'; 
Georye Bartlett, b. March 5, I8l0. 
James Davis died March 12, 1852. 
His widow, Ruth, died April 25, i860. -^ 

Gilbert Davis returned to Southold 
and married Elizabeth Goldsmith, of S. 
He died in 1804. They had two chil- 
dren^ Gilbert (who married a Case, 
and had two daughters,) and Salem, 
who died young. 

Christopher B. Davis is a farmer. 
He m. Oct. 6, 1819, Betsey Hall, 
daughter of John and Hannah (Gris- 
wold) Hall, of G. She was b. July 28, 
1801. They had Renry JVelsok b. 
Xug 30, 1820; Harriet Atwond, b. 
June 23, 1823, m. Eleazar Woodruff, 
of G., .lune 21, 1848 ; Catharine Fran- 
ces, b. Sept. 20, 1825; Caroline Eliza- 
beth, b, Xov. 13, 1828, m. Wm. H. 
Stebhins, of G., Jan. 29, 1851 ; Ed- 
ward Roger, b. March 8, 1832; Lydia 
Lucretia, b. Sept. 5, 1840. This fam- ' 
ily are all living, and all reside in 
Guilford except Mrs. Stebbins. 

Joel Davis, b. 1793, is a farmer, re- 
siding in Guilford. He m. May 10, 
1819, Polly Loper, d. of Daniel and 
Anna (Stone) Loper, of G. She was 
b. Jan. 22, 1800. Their children were 



Daniel Loper, b. July 1, 1820; Annl 
Sophia,h. Sept. 5, 1822, m, Gorham I 
P. Taylor, of New York, Xov. 21, i 
1842, had five children, and died | 
March 12, 1853 ; EJvnn Oscar, b. May 
15, 1825; Emily Goodvnn^ b. June I 
23, 1828, m. Samuel C. Madden, ofl 
New York, July 2, 1845; has had 8 
children, all sons — 7 are living. ' 

Samuel Davis, b. 1807, is a fanner;' 
residing in Guilford. He m. Feb. 6, 
1833, Mary Hall, dan. of Titus and 
Elizabeth (Pratt) Hall, of G. She was 
b. Jan. 11, 1808, and died Aug. 14. 
1836. Samuel Davis m. second, March 

26, 1838, Harriet, dau. of D. Linsley | 
and Betsey (Seward) Benton, of G., i 
who was born Mav 20, 1813, and died | 
Feb. 18, 1863. Samuel Davis m. third, j 
Julia, widow of William Fowler and ! 
daughter of John and Betsey (Field) I 
Hart, of G., who was b. Jan. 5, 1811. 
Children by second marriage only were 
Mary ffall, b. March 13, 1839, m. Dec. 

27, 1866, Joel H. Blatchley, of Madi- 
bOD, Ct. ; Samuel Richard, b. Aug. 11, 
1841, d. July 6, 1863, of disease con- 
tracted in the armv ; Ahioail Linsley^ 
b. March 19, 1844,' m. Jan. 15, 1868, 
Upson C. Bishop, of Madison ; Fred- \ 
erick Robert, b. June 6, 1847; Harriet] 
Benton, b. x\pril 14, 1855. I 

George B. Davis, born 1810, was a| 
farmer and carpenter, and resided in i 
Guilford. He m. Sept. 9, 1832, Han-! 
nab E. Hubbard, dau. of .Jeremiah and ' 
Parnel (Kirnberly) Hubbard, of G., ' 
who was b. July 8, 1810. George B. : 
Davis died iu G., July 24, 1857. having , 
children as follows: George Edaar, b. 
^Dec. 25, 1834, ra. Jane E. Bishop, of 
Madison ; William Hubbard, b. Dec. 
1, 1838, m. Ella C. Bishop, of Madi,i 

son ; Mary Elliot, b. Dec. 6, 1841, m. 
Edson S. Bishop, of Madison ; Ann 
Lurretin, b. Jane 20, 1844, m. Dec. 5, 
1863, Chas. A. Hall, of G.; Fanny 
Elizabeth, b. Feb. 13, 1852. 

Henry N. Davis, farmer, of Guilford, 
m. March 10, 1847, Clarissa J., dau. of 
Joel and Polly (Bartlett) Griswold, of 
G., b. Xov. 10, 1827. Children : Ros- 
alind Annette, b. June 8, 1849; 
Charles Henry, b. May 17, 1851 ; Car- 
rie G., b. June 13, 1864. 

Roger E. Davis, of Guilford, farmer, 
m. Nov. 6. 1856, Mary D., dau. of 
Frederic W. and Rebecca (Richards) 
Lee, of G., b. Oct. 10, 1836. Had 
children: Alvan Augustiis, b. Feb. 19, 
1858, d. March 28, 185S ; Emma Eliz- 
abeth, b, Feb. 23, 1859, died Aug. 27, 
1S59; Collie Edith, b. Oct. 13, 1862.- 

Daniel Loper Davis of Guilford, 
farmer, m. Sept. 28, 1842, Lucy Ann, 
dau. of Joel and Polly (Bartlett) Gris- 
wold, of G., b. Nov. 16, 1820. Chil- 
dren are: Theodore L., b. May 25, 
1846; Richard Griswold, b. July 27, 

Edwin O. Davis, of Guilford, farmer, 
m. Sept. 30, 1849, Martha L., dau. of 
D. Liuslev and Betsey (Seward) lien- 
ton, of (}., b. June 17, 1828. Chil- 
dren are : Anna Stone, b. June 13, 
1851; Robert Edwin, b. Aug. 21, 
1854 ; Martha Emily, b. Nov. I, 1860. 
[To be concluded next month, with the 
posterity of Solomon Davis.) 

Births in RoxBURr, Mass. 

1695, Abiyal, d. of Jonathan and 
Ann Davis ; 1701, Mary, d. of Ichabod 
and Bethia Davis: 1701, John, son of 
Wm. and Chanty Davis; 1701, //««• 



nuh^ d. of Ebenezer and Hannah Davis ; 
1T02, Benjamin, s. of Icliabod and Be- 
thia Davis; 1703, Ebenezer. s. of Eben- 
ezer and Hannah Davis: 1705, Sarah, 
d. of Ebenezer and Hannah Davis. 
Ichabod and Bcthia D.^vis had : Bethia. 
b. 1704; Bethia, b. 1708; Ezra, b. 
1711; Obadiah, b. 1715; Jacob, b. 
1706. Samuel and Marv Davis had : 
Samuel, h. 1710; Edward, h. 1713; 
Thomas, b. 1715; Daniel, b. 1718; 
Elizabeth, h. 1714-5; John, b. 1723; 
Hannah, h. 1725 ; Sarah, b. 1828. 
Wm. and Charity Davis had : William, 
b. 1704 ; Nathaniel, b. 1705. Joseph 
and Sarah Davis had : Samuel, b. 
1704; Joshua, b. 1706. Ebenezer and 
Hannah Davis had : Nehemiah, b. 
1707; Rachel, b. 1711. .Isaac and 
JDeborah Davis had: Abinal, b. 1708. 
Thomas and Mary Davis had : Samuel, 
b. 1712. Jonathan and Sarah Davis 
had: Elijah,h. 1723; 6'arff/i, b. 1725. 
Jacob and Jemima Davis had ; Mary, 
b. 1729. William Davis had: Jona- 
than, b. 1666; Marij, b. 1669; Ann, 
b. 1670. 

William Davis, of Boston, was ad- 
ministrator of church, 1644; was a 
man of wealth, enterprise and discre- 
tion; a member of the artillery com- 
pany in 1643 ; freeman, 1645 ; a cap- 
tain and representative of Sprino-tield, 
Mass., 1652, also for Haverhill in 1668 ; 
was commander of a troop in Xinigret's 
troubles; joint commissioner, 1653, 
with Leverett to the Dutch Governor at 
Xew York, and one of the founders of 
the second church. He married, Oct. 
6, 1644, Margaret, daughter of Wm. 
Pynchon, of !Springfiel<J, perhaps sec- 
ond wife. Their children were : 

Thomas, b. Sept. 3, 1645; Benjamin; 
Elizabeth ; Ephraim, died Aug. 2, 
1652 ; William, b. June 25, 1653. 
His wife, Margaret, died July 3, 1654; 
he married next, Huldah, daughter of 
Rev. Zechariah Symmes, and had : 
Mary, b. Dec. 3, 1656; Bebecra, bi 
Aug.' 3, 1658; Huldah, b. Dec. 21, 
1659; R>ith,h. Feb. 12, 1662; John, 
b. June 10, 1663; Deborah, h. April 
13, 1665, died voung. By another 
wife, Judith, had : Margaret, h. Nov. 
13, 1677 ; Hannah. 

Benjamin, the second son, lived in 
Boston; was a merchant, and major in 
artillery company, 1673. He married 
Sarah, daughter of James Richards, of 
Hartford; was freeman, 1690; one of 
the founders of Brattle St. church. He 
died Xov. 26, 1704. 

William Davis, of Roxbury, was 
perhaps son of the above W illiam of 
Boston. He died June 23, 1706, hav- 
ing the following children : Mary, b. 
March 28, 1669^; Ann, b. Dec." 24, 
1670; Benjamin, b. May 31, 1672; 
Rachel, b. Aug. 26, 1674"; Ichabod, b. 
April 1, 1676; Ebenezer, b. April 9, 
1678; William, b. Jan. 
Sarah, b. Julr 20, 1681 
April 18, 1683'. 

3, 1680; 
Isaac, b. 

Will of Dr. John Davis, of 
Acton, Mass. 

! In the name of God, Amen. I, 
'John Davis, of Acton, in the county of 
I Middlesex and province of the Massa- 
I ohusetts Bay in Xew England, being 
I under some bodily infirmity, but of 
' sound mind and memory, thanks be 
given to God therefor, and calling to 
' mind the mortality of any body, and 



knowing it is appointed unto all once 
to die, do make and oitlain this my 
last testament; and first of all, I give 
and recommend my soul into the bands 
of God that gave it, and for my body, 
I recommend it to the earth, to be 
buried in a christianlike and decent 
manner at the discretion of my execu- 
tors, nothing doubting but that, at the 
final resurrection, I shall receive the 
same again by the mighty power of 
God ; and as touchinor such worldlv 
estate wherewith it hath .pleased God 

' to bless me with in this life, I do give 
and dispose of in the following manner 
and form. Imprimis : — It is my will 
and I do order, that in the first place 
all my just debts and funeral charges 
be paid and satisfied. Item. — I give 
and bequeath unto Abigal, my dearly 
beloved wife, all my stock of cattle and 
every kind, and all my household goods, 
to dispose of as she shall think best, 
and also the income of the money I 
have out at interest. I give to my son, 
John Davis, his heirs and assigns for- 
ever, one certain lot of land in Acton, 
aforesaid, Xo. 17 in the first dinsion 
belonging to my brother, Simon Davis. 
Item. — 1 give to my son, Ezekiel, and 
his heirs and assigns, a certain piece of 
third division in said Acton, adjoinino: 
his own land, called Heathen meadow- 
lot. Item,. — I give to my son, Micah, 
his heirs and assigns, (in case he shall 
marry and have any heir,) four second 
division lots in said Acton ; and in case 
he shall have no heir, that it is mv will 
and I order that my other children ! 
shall have the same in the following | 
manner, viz. : I give to my said John, j 

tis heirs and assigns, second division 1 
lying westerly of Josiah Piper's land, j 

I To my said son, Ezekiel, his heirs and 
j assigns, second division lot north of 
I Daniel Shepherd's land. To my 
I daughter, x\bigal Melvin, her heirs and 
I assigns, second division lot lying at the 
' westerly end of Xehemiah's hill, so- 
called. And to my daughter, Sarah 
I Robbins, her heirs and assigns, second 
i lot at the east end of Hearthstone hill, 
I so-called. I orive to mv son, Samuel 
i Davis, his heirs and assigns, all my 
i utensils for husbandry of every kind, 
j which, together with what I have al- 

I ready given him, shall be his portion. 

I I give to my daughter, Abigal Melvin, 

i or her heirs and assigns, the sum of 
j £65 3*. and Ad. lawful money, to be 
j leviod out of my estate, to be paid with 
jthe interest one year after my wife's 
j decease. Item. — I give to my de.agh- 
I ter, Sarah Robbins, or her heirs and 
i assiofns, £93 bs. and 4J. lawful money, 
I to be levied out of my estate, to be 
! paid with the interest one year after 
I my wife's decease. Item. — I give to 
i my said John Davis, his heirs and as- 
1 signs, a certain tract of land in Acton, 
I known by the name of Bell-chuck lot, 
he paying out the sum of £80 lawful 
money ; and after all my just debts and 
funeral charges and legacies aforesaid 
are paid and satisfied, that what money 
remains, (if any there be,) I do order 
the same to be equally divided between 
my two sons, Ezekiel and John, and 
my two daughters ; in case John shall 
refuse to take said land, that I give 
said land to my daughter, Abijial, her 
heirs and assigns, on condition afore- 
said ; and upon her refusal, I give said 
land to my daughter, Sarah, on the 
condition aforesaid ; and in case all re- 
fuse to take on the condition aforesaid, 



'tliat it be my will, and I do order after 
all charges, the remainder and the said 
land be divided equally between John, 
Abigal and Sarah, their heirs and as- 
signs. I likewise confirm, make and 
ordain my sons, John and Ezekiel, my 
sole executors of this my last will and 
testament, and I do hereby utterly re- 
voke and disannul all others for this 
will, ratifying and confirming this and 
no other to be my last will. In wit- 
ness thereof, I hereunto set my hand 
and seal, Sept. 30, Anno Domini 1762, 
in the second year of his Majesty's reign. 

In reply to questions from A. L. D., 
we would say that an interesting ac- 
count of Myles Davies can be found in 
D'Israeli's Calamities of Authors. He 
was a native of Tre'r-Abbot, Flintshire, 
but we know notLing of his ancestors. 
His Icon Lihellorum is one of the 
rarest books in the English languao^e. 
It was published in 1715. 2. Philip 
Davies' Annotjucth i Foliannii Duw, 
was published at Ca^rmarthen, but we 
do not know what year, 

T. X. D. is informed that the daugh- 
ter of President Taylor was the fint 
wife of Jefferson Davis. His second 
was Verina Howell, granddauo-hter of 
(rcneral Howell, of New Jersey. Mr. 
Davis we believe has three children 
living, by his second wife. 

Dr. Thomas Davis. 

Among the physicians of Fairfield 
Co., Conn., who enjoyed a long and 
successful practice, was Dr. Thomas 
Davis, of Redding, He was a native 
of Washington, Litchfield county. He 
commenced the study of medicine at 

the age of sixteen, with Dr. Seth Has- 
tings, of that town, a physician some- 
what distinguished, I am informed, as 
a medical teacher. Dr. Davis, previous 
to the attainment of his majority, was 
admitted as a partner to the extensive 
practice of his preceptor.^ He subse- 
quently removed, and practiced medi- 
cine, for a period, in Sherman, in Fair- 
field Co. In 1793, on the decease of 
Dr. Fitch, he removed to Redding, 
where he continued in the duties of his 
profession till his death, which occur- 
red in 1831. Dr. Davis possesses the 
reputation of being among the first -^f 
the physicians of the county who as- 
sumed regularly obstetrical duties ; and 
so successful were his labors, that he 
became particularly eminent in that 
department. It is asserted of him, 
that during the long period of his 
practice he never lost a partui-ient pa- 
tient. The Doctor beinjr summoned 
as an important witness to appear be- 
fore the court in Fairfield, and rot ap- 
pearing, the sheritf was sent to compel 
his attendance. Being absent, and 
learning em his return that the officer 
was awaiting at a public house in the 
vicinity, he, without notice to the offi- 
cial, rode to Fairfield and appeared 
before the court. On the question oc- 
curring to with the court, rerjardinir 
the costs attending the capins, he re- 
quested one or two of his lecjal friends 
to excuse his delinquency. The judtre 
decided, notwithstanding, that the law 
must be observed, and that the Doctor 
must bear the expenses. Dr. Davis 
then requested a hearing in his own be- 
half: which, being granted, remaiked : 
" May it please the court : I am a trood 
citizen of the State, and since 1 was 


summoned to cattend this court, I have 
introduced three other good citizens 
into it." The court leplied, that tor so 
good a plea, he would leave the parties 
to pay the expenses. The Doctor re- 
ceived the congratulations of the bar 
tor his successful defence. 

Rev. Thomas F. Davis, one of our 
most respectable divines, is the only 
male descendant of Dr. Davis, 

The Posterity of William Davis, 
OF Freetown, Mass. 
( Continued from p.a'je 47, o/ Record.) 
90. Peter* Davis and wife, Katurah 
GoflF, had: (l8l) EUzaheih\ m. Wil- 
liam Hervy, of Berkley. (182) Paid\ 
m. Elizabeth Chase, of Freetown, Auo-, 
16, 1798. (183) Wimam\ m. Sarali 
Stevens, of Taunton. (184) Nathan- 
ier, died on the coast of Guinea. 
(185) Olive\ ra. George Harris, of 
Middleborough. (186) Enoch\ b. 
Aug., 1770; m. tirst, Balah Luscom, 
of Taunton ; second, Mencv White, of j 
Freetown, Sept. 4, 1842 '; he died I 
March, 1843. 

Katurah, the mother, after the death j 
of Peter Davis, married for a second ' 
husband Rev. Jonathan Horton, of 
Freetown, and for a third husband 
Zephaniah Ilathaway, and after the 
death of her third husband became a 
town's charge and died about thirty 
years ago. 

104. Shadrach* Davis and wife, 
Lydia Davis, had: (187) William\h. 
May 29, 1780. (188) Shadrach% b. 
July 9. 1782; m. Sarah Spooner, of 
New Bedford. (189) Lijnde\ died at 
«ea. (190) Lydia\ died young. 

106. James* Davis and wife, Sarah 

Winslow, had: (l9l) Susannah\ b. 
Nov. 5, 1781. (192) Georae\ b. 
March 5, 1783. (193) Hannah\ b. 
June 5, 1785. (194) James\ b. Mav 
20, 1788. (195) Phebe\ b. Jan. 2^, 
1790. (196) Sarah\ b. April 15, 1793. 
Sarah, the mother, was a daughter 
of George Winslow and wife, Phebe 
Tisdale, granddaughter of George 
Winslow and wife, Elizabeth, great- 
granddaughter of Lieut. Job Wlitslow, 
who died in Freetown, July 14, 1720, 
and great-greatgranddaughter of Ka- 
nelm Winslow, the emigrant. 

115. Elder Perry* Davis and wife, 
Rachel Collins, had: (197) Mar>/\ b. 
Feb. 4, 1782; unmarried; died Mav 
18, 1785. (198) Jonathan', b. xNfov. 
10, 1783; m. Rachel W^ardell, Nov. 
22, 1810. (199) Perry\ b. Aurr. ;30, 
I 1785, died June 12, 1786. 

113. Dea. Abial* Davis and wife, 
Lovisa Collins, had no children. 

Lovisa.was a daughter of Jonathan 
Collins and wife, Sarah Rider, and bom 
in 1761, granddaughter of Richard 
Collins and wife, Sarah. Lovisa died 
Jan. 5, 1815. 

116. Edmund* Davis and wife, Sa- 
rah Wait, had : (203) Perr7j\ h. July 
8, 1791 ; m. Ruth Davoll, Oct. 8, I8l2. 
(204) Abiel\ m. first, Mary Borden; 
second, Nancy Cook. (205) Martha"'' 
i m. William Boomer. 
I 134. Preserved Eddy and wife, 
[Lydia Davis, had: (206) Lois\ m. 
i Joseph Gibbs, of Swanzey; dead. 
i (207) Patience\ m. Henry Chase, of 
I Swanzey; dead. (208) Daniel^ m. 
I Betsey Slade, of Somerset. (211) Pre- 
j served\ m. Nancv Pierce, of Somerset ; 
I dead. (210) Wino*, m. Phebe Slade, 
I of Somerset. {211} Li/dia% m. Jona- 



than Pierce, of Somerset ; dead. 
(212) Eunice^, m. Stephen Cba.-o, of 
Swanzey. (213) Mary\ b. Aug. 17, 
1790 ; in. Oliver Simmons, Digiiton, 
March 1, 1810. She lives in Soui: rset, 
(214) Hannah^, m. Mr. Ingiahui.', of 
Bristol; died. (215) J)ai'id% m. .lar- 
riet Baker, of Swauzey. He liv-;s in 

F.S.A., lire, of Blackheath, Co. Kent, 
England, and contributed by him to 
the Record. 

Will our friends, when tliey send 
pedigrees, please give the date, as far 
as possible, of births, marriages and 
deaths, down to the present genera- 
tion. Also what otSces have any tilled, 

135. Brice Wing and wife, Mary* j and what military services or exploits 
Davis bad no children, and she had i in any wars, including the recent rebel- 
none by her husband, Tripp Moshior. ' lion, with their rank, regiment, etc. 

136. Stephen Brayton and wife, Eu- i See Questions in numbers 1,2 and 5 
nice* Davis, had no children, and she j. of the jRfcorrf. Many of the pedigrees 
survived her husband and then married \ are published in the Recorci in order 
Daniel Brayton, by whom she had no i that they may be criticised and cor- 


(Tb be continued.) 

At Radnor, Pa., March 


rected, and we hope our friends will 

I supply any information that will render 

I such pedigrees complete. There are 

; many of our subscribers who have sent 

, j us no information in regard to their 

T. ITT -n-r -TV 11 >r w T^' I owtt families ; we wish to hear from a^/ 
Rev. Wm. \\. Dudlev, Mr. \vm. Da- ,, . -.,> . *i i *.■ 

e-Kt ^ /-.^ ^ M- r> 1 ■ i '^t them. We return our thanks tor 

vis, ot Monto-oraerv Co., to Miss r>ecKie . ,1 . , , u *! .. i \ 

T\ • e /-iL ;i -ri , the various photoi^-raphs that have been 

Davis, of Chester Co., la. . i i m i i i * 

Ai x^ -V' 1 \f 1 no u ii sent us, and should be pleased to re- 
At ^c\f lork, March 23, bv the; . ', . . , ,. ^ 
■n >r o • 1 ■ \i " 1 ! ceive photocjraphs irom 

Kev. Mr. Geissenheimer, Alexander ) ^ = ^ 

Davis to Margaret Keples, both of New j 


all of our 



At New York, March 5, Mrs. Han- 
nah Davis, aged 64 years. 

The Record will be published on the 
first day of each month, and will con- 
tain Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, 
and much valuable information that 
cannot be embodied in a genealcjv. 

At Englishtown, X. J., April 20, of thus making it worth preserving. The 
pneumonia, Rev. Samuel R. Davis. | terms are only seventy -live cents a year, 
I which barely covers the cost of print- 

We shall publish next month an ac- j ing. Will our cousins and friends aid 
count of Sir Thomas Davies, Lord ; us in extending the circulation \ Send 
Mayor of London, 1676-7, and descend- j us the names of all the Davises in your 
ants, extracted from the MS. collec- j town, or that you may know, and we 
tions of the late Samuel Gre^rorv. Esq., ! will at once put ourselves in communi- 

of the Lord Mayor's Court, now in pos- 
session of Joseph J. Howard, L.L.D., 

cation with them. Address " Davis 
Family Record," Meriden, Conn. 







Edited by CHAS. H. S. DAVIS, M. D. 

A Monthly Jouex^vl devoted to the History and Genealogy of the 

JflERIDEN, COXX., JUNE, 1868. 


No. 8. 

The Davises of Guilford, Conn. 

[Communicated by Dr. Alvan Talcott.] 
Concluded front pa^/e 51 of Record. 
3. Solomon Davis. i Joel Davis, of Guilford, farmer, mar- 

riod, January 30, 1812, a dau'^-litcr of 
Henry and Azubuh (Griffin) Davi<. -..f 
Killingworth, b. Sept. 11, 1792. Tliev 

SoLOMox Davis, son of Solomon, of 
Killingworth, was born in K. January 
26, 1754. He married Hannah Well- 
man, of K., who was born June 26, ! had Bath Eliza, b. Jar>. 11, 1813 : m. 
1764. They had Stephen, b. Julv 11 , | E. Wyllis Hull, of Guilford. Henf)/ B., 
1786; married and died in Xew York. -b. Jan. 27, 1815. Harriet Uli-'iUth, 

Joel, b. Jan. 16, 1788; removed to 

Guilford in 1812. '^ Julia, h. ^ov. 20, 

1789 ; m. David Crampton, of Madison, 

•,;Who removed to Vermont. Arte, b. 

•"/Sept. 5, 1791 ; m. Ichabod Stevens, of 

y Madison, who removed to Berlin, Ct. 

..' Benjamin, b. June 30, 1793 ; died, un- 

. married, in Killingworth. Tkorrit, b. 

"■-.April 5, 1795, in K. ; had one daugh- 

"-^ter. Elias, b. Sept. 22, 1797, in^K. 

■Harvey, b. Aug. 4, 1799, of Clinton, Ct. 

-Mfred, b. Feb. 2, 1801, of Berlin, Ct. 

-^Daniel, b. May 9, 1802 ; removed to 

■"Georgia. Marvin, b. April 3, 1804 ; 

jemoved to Xorth Madison. Zina, b. 

■Nov. 1, 1805, of Xorth Carolina. — 

All bom in Killingworth ; all married 

except Benjamin, and all dead except 

«» Harvey. 

b. March 29, 1817 ; d. Nov., 12, 1861. 
Georrje Wyllis, b. April 9, 1819; d. 
April 30, 1821. George WylU.<, b. 
July 20, 1821. Sarah Mariah, b. 
Xov. 3, 1 824. Joel Leonard, b. Dec. 
29, 1827. Mary Jane, b. Oct. 23. 
1831 ; d. April 16, 1844. Jame.< Mar- 
vin, b. Oct. 2, 1834. — Joel Davis died 
in Guilford, Xov. 24, 1801. 

Zina Davis, farmer, of Killingworth, 
removed to Xorth Guilford about 1830. 
He married Amanda, daughter of Lo- 
ron and Olive (Cone) Stevens, of Madi- 
son, b. May 15, 180S. Zina Davis died 
iu Ohio about 1858. They had Daniel, 
b. Jan. 25, 1827; unmarried — sailor, 
of Xorth Guilford. Sherman Wesleu, 
b. Dec. 27, 1829, farmer, of N. Guil- 
ford. Olive, b. Dec. 10, 1831 ; died 




July, 1833. Olive Fidelia^ b. April -20, 
1833; m., April 26, .1855, Jonathan 
Stoddard Wightman, Esq., oi Uanover, 
Ct. Jane EUzabelh, h. Aug. 2(3, 1835 • 
m., Jan. 2, 1857, Edwin M. Pratt, of 
Meriden. John Nelson, b. June 19, 
1838 ; died, unmarried, May 4, 1863, 
of siuall-pox, contracted in the army. 
Cornelia Ann, b. Xov. 19, 1841 ; m., 
Aug. 4, 1864, Henry H. Benton, of X. 
Guilford. Margaret Maria, b. Feb. 13, 
1843; m., March 18, 1866, Wm. D. 
Dunham, of Berlin, Ct. 

Henry B. Davis, b0rn 1815, married 
Catharine, daughter of Chas. Parmele 
of Killingwortii, b. Xov. 1825, d. June 
20, 1853. Thev had Henry H., born 
.1847; d. Sept.'7, 1848. Wilbur, b. 
Dec. 26, 1849; d, March 13, 1853.— 
Hepry B. married, second, Sept. 17, 
1854, LyJia, widow of Arthur Lane, 
and daughter of Cartiss and Polly 
(Buell) Dudley, of Madison, b. March 
6, 1815. 

George W. Davis, born 1821, mar- 
ried, Marcli 31, 1850-, Cornelia Smith, 
dauirhter of Tabor and Mira (Hoadlev) 
Smi'th, of Guilford, b. April 27, 1827. 
They had Mary Cornelia, b. July 16, 
1852; d. Sept. 13, 1852. George 
Smith, born Dec. 20, 1854. Charles 
PTy^^zs, b. Dec. 6, 1857. 

James Marvin Davis, of .Guilford. 
Post-rider, ra., Dec. 16, 1858. Elizabeth 
A-, widow of William A. Thompson, 
of Hartford, and daughter of Medad 
and Marv Ann (Meiijs) Pomeroy, of 
Northampton, b. Feb. ^16, 1835. They 
had Mary Jane, b.Feb. 12, 1860. Har- 
riet Elizabeth, b. July 14, 1862. 

Sherman W. Davis, son of Zina, far- 
mer, of N. Guilford, married, Dec. 19, 
1859, Emma J. Aldrich, daughter of 

Xathan and Lois (Stevens) x\ldrich, of 
X. Guilford, b. May 5, 1839. They 
had Ella Josephine, b> Jan. 31, 1861, 
Phehe Jane, b. Jan. II, 1862. Flora 
Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1 , 1 864. 

The tradition is that this Solomon 
Davis family came to Guilford from 
Long Island", as did the other two fami- 
lies of the name in Guilford, 

Sir Thomas Davies, Kn't., 
Lord Mayor of London., 1676-7. 
[Communicated bv Joseph Jacksox How- 
ard, LL. D., &c., of Blackheath, Kent.] , 

Sir Thomas Davies, Kt., citizen and 
draper of London, translated from 
Stationers' Company to that of Drapers'. 
He was son of John Davies, of London, 
draper, a bookseller by trade, and edu- 
cated with Samuel Pepys, at St. Paul's 
School. His knowledge was so uni- 
versal that he was able to converse 
with foreign ambassadors in their sev- 
eral languliges. His residence was in 
Snow HilC London, Elected Alder- 
man of the ward of Faringdon, 1667 ; 
Sheriff of London, with Sir Denis Gan- 
der, Kt., 1667-8. Both knighted Oct. 
23. 1667, upon the occasion of King 
Charles II laying the first stone of the 
Royal Exchange. He married Eliza- 
beth Ridges, by whom he had issue four 
sons, viz: Thomas, John, Robert an<i 
James. The manor of Cressing, near 
Braintree, Essex, belonged to his eldest 
son, Thomas Davies, who unfortunately 
shot himself there. His brothers, John, 
Robert and James, sold the estate in 
1703. John Davies, of Cressing Tem- 
ple, second son of Sir Thomas, was 
surveyor of His Majesty's warehouse at 
the Custom House, London. 



Sir Thomas died March, 1679-80, 
aged 48, and was buried in St. Sepul- 
chre's Church, London, where there is 
a tablet of white marble against the 
second pillar t'rom theeast end, parting 
the cfallerv. His will was dated March 
18, 1679," proved April 16, 1680, by 
Lady. Elizabeth Davis, the mother and 
curator lawfully assigned to Thomas 
Davies, Esq., the son, and executor of 
the deceased during his minority. 

"Ou th? 24th Dec, 1652. John Da- 
vies, of the old Jewry, a prisoner in 
Ludgate,was buried in St. Olive, Jewry. 
His son, Thomas Davis, a bookseller, 
was afterwards an Alderman and Lord 
Mayor of London, and was enriched by 
the legacy of Hugh Audley.*' — Smith's 

The following advertisement appeared 
in the London Gazette, Julv 5th to 8th, 
1680 : " The House wherein. Sir Tho- 
mas Davies, late alderman of London, 
lived, situate in Snow Hill, near St. 
Sepulchre's Church, containing 4 rooms 
on a floor and large closets, the house 
well wainscotted and many conven- 
iences, with two gardens, Coach-House 
and Stable adjoinina', will be let on rea- 
sonable terms. The accustomed goods 
with a library of choice Books will 
this day begin to be exposed to sale at 
the said House." 

Extracts from the Pakish Registers 
OF St. John, at Hackxey, Middle- 
sex, ExGLAN'D. 

[Communicated by Rev. Thos. J. Davis, of 

John Davis, of the parish of Trinity, 
and Margaret Daulben, of the parish 
of St. Bennett, Pawles wharf, were 

joined in matrimony the 2d of Kcbrr.- 
ary. 1629, by licence from the iJi>!iop 
of Jjondon. 

Robert Jackson, of St. Gi!'-, Crip- 
plegate, and Eliznbeth Davi.s, of St. 
Mary Ma^fdalen, 29 September, 1628. 

.John Davies, of London, Citizi-n and 
Merchant Taylor, and Ann Coi'k>, ->■'■- 
vant to Mr. Alderman Wiiitinurr. 24 
January, 1630. (Licence). 

John Rolfe and Hannah D.ivi--. 
daughter of William Davies, potter, is 
October, 1632. (Licence). 

John Ratcliffe and Dorothy l>.ui.i. 
28 May, 1640. (Licence). 

Richard Davis, of (!'hcl>cy. courty 
Middlesex, and Sarah Poirce. of tin* 
parish, married by licence 30 M:iy, 

George Davys and Jane Shore, 20 
September,- 1604. 

Ambrose Daws and Mary Eldorton, 
7 May, 1609. 

Robarte Dawes and Elizabeth K ■-■«- 
len, 14 August," 1614, 

John Da^is and ]\fartha Minikin, bv 
licence, 27 June, -1703. 

John Davies, widower, and K, :-•-•*- 
beth Estwicke, spinster, both of tl;:* 
parish, (bv licence) 31 Doc 17«''S. 

Rev. Henry Loncrden, of Km .kLiiinn/-. 
county of Southampton, clerk, b:-. ■':•*- 
lor, and Elizabeth Davies of th> r-.r- 
ish, spinster, 28 July. 1803: pri-M 
Thomas Davies, Jane Cazalct. 


Samuel, son of Mr. RichanJ r>i»!.«. 
merchant, and Kathcrine. 10 J:iv. 

Alice, daucrhter of William !^t!-« 
and Margery, 1 May, 1631. 



Mathias, son of Mr. Samuel Davies 
and Jane, 23 Oct., 1635, 

John, son of John Davies and Par- 
nell, 22 Jan., 1636. j 

John, son of Mr. Richard Davies, 
merehant, and Katherine, 8 May, 1637. 

Margaret, daughter o f John Davis, 
by'Parnell, 24 March, 1638. 

Ann, daughter of John Davis, by 
Elizabeth, 10 July, 1642. , ■' 

Elizabeth, daughter of John Davis, 
by Elizabeth, 25 June, 1643. 

Sarah, daughter of John Davis, bv 
Elizabeth, 21 Sept., 1645. 

Katherine, dauirhter of John Davis, 
by Elizabeth, 21 Feb., 1647. 

Jeane, daughter of John Davis, by 
Elizabeth, 20 July, 1649. 

William, son of Edward Davis, bv 
Jeane, 9 August, 1649. 

Martha, daughter of John Davis, by 
Elizabeth, 1 Oct., 1648. 

Mary, daughter of Edward Davis, by 
Jeane, 15 June, 1651. 

Martha, daughter of John Davis, by 
Elizabeth, 1 April, 1652. 

Ann, daughter of Richard Davis, bv 
Mary, 11 May, 1730. ■ 


John Davies, 16 June, 1621. 

Alice, wife of John Davies, 1 1 May, 

Mr. Wm. Davies. 17 April, 1638. 

Katherine, wife of William Davis, 
22 Feb., 1652. 

Thomas Davis, Esq., 2 Dec, 1749. 

Twenty-five dollars will be paid for a 
properly ceriified entry of the marriage 
of Rob't Evering and Susanna, between 
1660 and 1670. Also of Geo. Amherst 
and Susanna, between 1710 and 1725. 

Posterity of Simok Davis, of Con- 
cord, Mass. 

1. Simon Davis was the second son 
of Dolar Davis, who came to this coun- 
try in 1634. (See Record, p. 26). He 
lived in Concord and Barnstable. Mass., 
and was the moderator of the first town 
meeting ever assembled in Holden. 
He married Mary Blood, Dec. 12, 1660. 
She was a neiee of the famous Captain 
Blood, celebrated in England's history 
for his designs on the British Crown. 
He had (2) Simon, b. Oct. 12, 1661 : 
d. Feb. 1, 1763; married, 1689. Eliza- 
beth Woodhouse ; married, second, 

^ Mary Wood. (3) Mary, b. October 3, 
I 1663 ; -m. Wheeler. (4) Sarah, 

b. March 15, 1666. (5) James, b. June 
1 19, 1668 ; d. Sept. 16, 1727 ; m. 1701 

Anna Smedlev. (6) Ellen, b. Oct. 

22, 1672 ; m." Hunt. (7) Ehene- 

zer, b. 1676 ; m. Dinah . 

2. Simon Davis" m. Elizabeth Wood- 
house Feb. 14, 1689— had (8) Jotham, 
b. iMarch 8, 1691. (9) Isaac, b. Feb. 
14, 1693. (10) John, b. Sept. 2, ld97. 
(11) Josiah, h. April, 1700. (12) Eli- 
zabeth, b. 1706. 

3. Josiah Davis" m. Abigail, daugh-, 
ter of Capt. Hubbard, of Concord, 
1726— had (13) Ebenezer, b. Sept. 28, 
1727. (14) Aaron, b. Julv, 1729. 
(15) Caleb, b. Feb. 9, 1731. "(16) ^a- 
m/i, b.'l733. (17) Elona, b. Julv 2, 

4. James Davis,' Concord, Mass., m. 
Anna Smedley. She died June, 1760, 
arjed 79— had (18) John, b. 1689 : d. 
Nov. 16, 1762. (19) Thomas, b. 1703 ; 
d. Nov. 18, 1786. 

5. Aaron Davis'* m, Hannah Pond, 
of Wrentham, Mass., removed to At- 



tleboroiigh — had (20) Elizabeth, b. Feb. i 
11,1757; ra. James Blake; removed' 
to X. Y. (21) Eunice, b. Aug. 9, 175S ; ' 
d. in Wrenthara. (22) Hannah. h.Deo.. 
9. 1760 ; ra. Wm. Rollers, and died in 
Springfield. (23) Aaron, b. Oct. 2, 
1762 ; m. Abigail ' Pickering, of Deer 
Island ; removed' to Warren, Me., and 
died Aug. 17, 1840. (24) Phebe, died 
young. (25) Jacob Pond, b. Dec. 9, 
1766 ; m. Hannah Lindley, of Wal- 
pole ; removed to Warren, Me., 1786. 
(26) Jolkam. h. April 2, 1769; m. and 
hung himself in Wrentham. (27) La- 

m'/jo, b. April 21. 1770; m. Blake, 

Wrentham. (28) Elona, b. Aug. 18, 
1773 ; died vounir. (29) Eliphaz, b. 
Aug. 18, 1775 ; d7 1867. (30) Ti7no- \ 
%, b. May 9, 1778; d. 1862. (See 
Record, p. 5.) (31) Caleb, b. April 11, 
1781 ; m. and d. in Albanv, X. Y. 

6. Thomas Davis,'' born 1703, died I 
Xov. 18,1786: married Sarah Jones, 
of JConcord : she died April 27. 1783, ' 
aged 75 — had (32) James, Holden, 
Mass. (33) Jonathan, Ipswich, X. H., | 
Oxford, 1788. (34) Josiah, m. Abi- 1 
gail, daughter of Capt. Joseph Hub- 1 
bard, of Concord, and had 14 children. ! 
'(35) Nathan, Westford, Mass. (36) | 

Thomas, Chelmsford, Mass. (37) Amoa, i 
Groton, Mass. ; d. Dec, 1834, aged 82 ; ! 
m. Lucv Weston, of Lincoln. Mass . | 
1V77 : 'she died Jac. 23, 1797. (38) ; 
Abel, Concord, Mass, I 

7. John Davis," Acton, Mass., mar- ! 

ried Abigal (see Record, p. 52) — 

had (39) Isaac ; d. 1740. (40) John. \ 
(41) Eztkiel, m. Marv Gibson, of Stowc. ' 

•(42) Micah. (43) Samuel, m. Dec. 24, ; 
1755, Ann Cole, of Concord. (44) I 
Abigail, m, David Melvin, 1751. (45) j 

Sarah, m. John Robbins, Westford. 
May 1, 1751. 

8. Aaron Davis'' married Abigail 
Pickering; she died July 29, 1849, 
aged 78 — had (46) Aaron, m. Xancy 
Leach, Oct. 16, 1808. (47) OVwe, m'. 
John Barbour, of Searsmont. (48) 
Jotham, m. Ann Xewbit ; lost at sea. 
(49) Sophia, m. Humphrey Whitton, 
of Montville. August 22, 1819, and d. 
by suicide, J^n. 1, 1824. (50) Abigail, 
m. Deacon Wm. L. Starrett. (51) 
Timoth'/, h. Ih02; drowned Mav 29, 
1811. '(52) Thomas, b. 1803; ui Eu- 
nice Black. (53) Sarah, m. Alexander 
Oliver. (54) Elizabeth, m. Pond Davis. 
(55) Sand/ord, baptized Aug, 30, 1811; 
died young. (56) Benjamin, baptized 
Jan. 3, 1815 ; m. Elizabeth Sherman; 
pub. March 14, 1835. 

9. Jacob Pond Davis"^ married Han- 
nah Lindley, of Walpole ; removed to 
Warren, Me. — had (57) Doraxa, b. 
Sept. 24, 1790 ; d. Jan. 5, 1794. (58) 
Osman. b. July 27.1794; m. Clari><a 
Robbins. (59) Hannah, b. Jul} 2, 
1799; d. Oct. 13, 1801. {<qO) Sane </, 
b. Xov. 24, 1801; m. Samuel Ander- 
son. (61) Pond, b. June 1, 1804 ; m. 
Elizabeth Davis. 

10. Elipliaz Davis,".' Springfield, 
Mass., married, first, Eliza Frost, who 
was b. in Warren, Mass. Oct. 9, 1778; 
d. at Stowe, Mass. Oct. 24, 1814— had 
(62) Susannah, b. in Warren, Me., Dec. 
6, 1799; m. Isaac Bliss, and d. Sept. 
16, 1867, at Lvnn, Mass. (63) Eliza, 
b. in Boston, Jan. 28, 1806; m. Car- 
lisle Fisk, and died Dec. 23, 1849, at 
Pleasant Valley, Conn. (64) Eliphaz 
Brown, b. in Marlborough, Mass., Feb. 
8, 1808 ; lives in X. Y ^ (65) Timoth>j 



^/sAer, b. in Marlborough, Mass., Marcli ! 23, 1744; m. Hannah Brown. (83) 
"13,1810; is a phvsician in Meriden, j J/ory, b. Nov. 2, 1746; in. Silas Tav- 
Ct. (66) Jane Waldo, b. in Marlbo- 1 lor. (84) Sarah, b. Jan. 20, 1748-9; 
rongh. Mass., July 2, 1812; m. Wm. i m. Josiah Piper. (85) Ruth, b. Feb. 
Jackman. [19,1750; m. Ephraim Taylor. (86) 

Eliphaz Davis m., second, Hannah I A^eAvV/, b. June 8, 1753; m. Susanna 
Sawyer, who was b. at Ilai-vard, Mass., j Chapin, (87) Josiah, b. June 14, 1755 ; 

March 18, 1791, and died at Marlbo- i m. Sally Billino-s. (88) kah, b. 

rough, Aug. 9, 1817. (67) Hannah, b. | Sept. iT, 1757 ; ' m. Silas Stone, (89) 
Feb. 8, 1816; d. Julv 11, 1816, at\ Olive, b. Oct. 29, ; in, Reuben 

Marlborough. (68) Sarah, b. April 26, 
1817; m. Wm. Sanders. 

Eliphaz Davis married, third, Sub- 


13. Samuel Davis,^^ Acton, Mass., 
married Ann Cole, Dec. 24, 1755 — had 

mit Gasset, who was born in Townsend, ; (90) Betac//, b. 1755 ; m. Benj. Bald- 
Mass. Jan. 18, 1785 ; lives in Spring- 1 win, of Billerica, Sept. 12, 1784. (91) 
field, Mass. (69) Sabin. b. Sept. 11,\ Ann ov Hannah, m. Phineas OsQfood, 
1819; ra. Xancy Whelock. (70) Han-oi' Billerica. (92) Micah, b. April 30, 

nah, b. Feb. 10, 1821 ; m. Demson 
Abell ; lives at South wick, Mass. ; has 

1758; died in Maine. (93) Sarah, h. 
Sept. 28, 1760; ra. Josiah Stearns, of 
two children. (71) Georpe Whitf.eld, iBWlerica, who d. March 23, 1831 : she 
b. at Springfield, Oct. 2, 1822^; m. [died Dec. 19, 1851. (9 -i) Martha or 
Cornelia Fisher, Julv. 3, 1846. [12)1 Putt ij, m. Stephen Law, of Acton. 
Caleb, b. Not. 19, 1824; d. Mav 14,i(95) Samuel m, in Maine, (06) Tim'- 
1825. [IZ) John Wesley, b. May 27, j o^Ay, b. June 9, 1 772. (97) Timothy, 
1828; m. Lucy Yibberts, June, 1866 ; b. Jan. 26, 1775. (98) Peter. (99) - 
lives at Springfield. Nancy. 

11. Amos Davis" married Lucy 14. Benjamin Davis^" married Eliza- 
Weston ; m. second, Hannah Barrett, | beth Sherman — had (100) George. 
of Concord, 1798: she died Oct. 16, | (101) A'a«cy A". {XQI) Elias R. (10^3) 
1816, aged 59 ; m. third, Hannah Bar- |.-l//;/ie?<.*. (l'^'^) Harriet P. (105)' 
rett, of '"Mason, N. H., 1818: she -lied i J///ps ^. (106) 3/«?y FT, 
Nov. 26, 1861"., aged 78 — had (74) Re- In. Thomas Davis'' married Eimice 

Black— had (107) Thomas A. (108) 
Orrin. (\m) Aloi^o. [WO) Abuiail M. 
16. Isaac Davis, '^ Acton, Mass., m. 
Hannah Brown, Feb. 23, 1744— had 
(HI) Isaac, b. March 14, 1765. (112) 
Hannah, b. Feb. 11, 1768; m. Amos 
Noyes. (113) Ephraim, b. March 17, 
1770; m. xVrdoza Harrington. (114) 
Mary, b. Jan. 3, 1774; m. Noah 

hecca,m. Amos HilUof W. Cambridge; 
d, in Belmont. (75) Amos, d. in N, Y. 
(76) Sarah, d. in Boston. (77) Joel, 
d. in Canada. (78) Lucy, d. in Bel- 
mont. (79) Timothy, d. in Boston. 
(80) John, d. in Westford. (81) Na- 
than, lives in Groton. 

12. Ezekiel Davis,*' Acton, Mass., 
m. Mary Gibson, of Stowe, Feb. 28, 
1743 — had (82) Capt. Isaac, b. Feb. 



17. Josiah Davis," Acton, Mass.. m. 
Sally Billinos, .fuue 14, 1755 — li.i'l 
(115) Sclh/^h. Dec. 25, 1783. (116) 
Josiah, b. Dec. 5, 1785. (117) Luther, 
b. Sept. 21, \7S1 ; m. Elizabeth Hum, 
of Westford. (118) Jonathan, b. Oct. 
29, 1789; m. Sally Hosmer. (119) 
Silas, b. April 27, 1792 ; m. i3etsy 

Josiah Davis married, second, Cla- 
rissa Sawyer, of Princeton, Mav 28, 
1794— (120) Dorothy. 

18. Jonathan Dads,"" Acton, Mass., 
m. Sallv Hosmer, Oct. 29, 1789— had 
(121) Silas, b. Dec. 16, 1815. (122) 

, b. Dec. 17, 1818. (123) Sa- \ 

rah C, b. Xov. 11, 1820. (124) Susan, ' 
b. June 22, 182:1. (125) Harriet, born j 
Aucr. 5, 1825. (126) Simon H., born 
Jan^ 17. 1830. (127) Geonje W., born 
July 3. 1834. 

19. Timothy Fisher L>avis" is a phy- 
sician, living in Meriden, Ct. ; he mar- 
ried, first, Mary Parsons, Nov. 1, 1832 : 
she died April, 1834 : he married, sec- 
ond, Moriva Hatch, 1836— had (128) 
Mary Mansfield, b. 1837 ; m. Edwin 
Miner, 1853 ; lives in New Haven ; has 
four children. ' (129) Julia, b. April, 
1838; d. Dec. 1839. (130) Charles 
Henry Stanley, b. March 2, 1840. 

(131) Julia Moriva. h. Julv, 1844. 

(132) Wilber. b. Sept.. 1846 ; d! .Julv 15, 
1847. (133) Wilher Fisk, born 1848. 

The Posteritv of William Davis, 
OF Freetown. Mass. 
[Continued from page 56 of Record.^ 
137. James Chas(> and wife. Sarah' 
Davis— had (216) Mury.^ b. July 12, 
1 782 ; m. Col. Joseph Kello^-g. of So- 
merset; d. -1819. (217) Stephev^- b. 

1784 ; m. Marv Bowen. Feb., 1817 ; d. 
1823. (218) 'Martha.' b..rn Fob. 11, 
1787; lived single, still active and in- 
telliG:ent. (219) Sarah," b. Dec. 11, 
1789; lived single; d. Feb, 4, 1865. 
(220) John,' b. April 7, 1791. (221) 
Benjamin,' b. April 7, 1791. (222) 
Ann,' h. June 3, 1792; lived single, 
still active and intelligent. (223) James'-' 
b. May 24, 1797; "d. Feb. 5, 1806. 
{22^) ' Charles F.' b. Oct. 10, 1799; d. 
Feb. 14, 1843. (225) Thomas.' born 
Jan. 4, 1802; m. first, Ann Scruizg, of 
Macon, Georgia ; second. Fiances Mat- 
thews, of Florida. [Miss Martha and 
Miss Ann have the thanks of the wri- 
ter for essential service by them ren- 
dered in furnishing fact* for tite Pavis 

138. Collins Cha«e and wife. Harnet* 
Davis— had (226) Anna," b. June 4. 
1798; m. Isaac Pierce, of Somerset, 
Oct. 8, 1851. (227) Eli-ahelh.' born 
March, 1801 ; d. Sept. 5, 1830. (228) 
Hannah.' b. July, 1805 ; lived single. 
Harriet, the mother, died in 1846 

139. Benjamin* Davis and wife, Sa- 
rah Bowers— had (229) Sarah.' b. Feb . 
1789 ; m. Luther Chase, of Swansea, 
Jan. 26. 1812. (230) Benjamin." born 
March 26, 1791; m. Mary A. Cole- 
man, of Somerset, Oct. 1813. (231) 
Hannah (7.M.. April 14,, 1793 ; mar- 
ried Nathan Lewin, of Swansea. 1816. 

(232) Mary Ann." b. July 25, 1794; m. 
Edward Slade, of Somerset, 1811. 

(233) Eunice." b. Nov. 1 , 1796 ; mar- 
ried Jriu;"S Morgan, of Now Ycrk, 1815. 
{2Z\) Eliza B:Ak May 11, 1798; m. 
Jorathmal Swazey, of Somerset. (235) 
LnHisa."h. Jan. 31, 1800: m. James 
Morgan, of New York, 1825. (236) 



Harriet," b. April 11, 1802; m. Wm. 
Coleman, of Providence, Sept., 1822. 
(237) Margaret B.' b. Feb., 1804 ; m. 
Alexander Clark, 1849. (238) Georae 
B.^ b. April 6, 1806 ; ra. Mary Wil- 
liams, of Dighton. (239) Dav'td B." 
b. Aug. 10, 1807; ni, Abby Chase, 
Sept. 22, 1831. — Benjamin, the parent, 
died in 1814. — [To be continued.] 


At Corint^i, N. 11., at the residence 
of the bride's ftither, by Kev. E. 11. F.y- 
ington, of Windsor, Vt., Samuel W. 
Cobb, of Hanover, N. H., and Caroline 
E., daughter of Reuben Davis. 

At Hartford, Ct., at the residence of 
the bride's parents, by the Rev. Mr. 
Meach, Rector of Christ's Chui'di, 
Henry Chapin, of Center Brook, and 
Annie Caroline, daughter of I. P. Da- 
vis, Esq., of Hartford. 

At Bryants Pond, Maine, May 7, 
George W. "Whitman and Eliza J. Da- 
vis, both of Woodstock. 

At. Northampton, Mass., May 12, 
I. P. Davis and Lizzie E. Anable. 

Buried, at Greenwood, L. I., Mav 14, 
G. T. M. Davis. "Mr. Davis was killed 
on the 4th inst., near Cheynne, by a 
half-breed named Brown." Mr. D. was 
brother-in-law of George Francis Train. 

In Sumner, Me., May 21, Miss Sa- 
mantha Davis, aged 21 vears. 

Will our friends, when they send 
pedigrees, please give the date, as far 
as possible, of births, marriages and 
tleaths, down to the pre.sent genera- 
tion. xVlso what offices have any filled, 
and what military services or exploits 
in any wars, including the recent rebel- 
lion, with their rank, regiment, etc. 
See Questions in numbers 1, 2 and .5 
of the Record. Many of the pedigrees 
are published in the Record in order 
that they may be criticised and cor- 
rected, and we hope our friends will 
supply any information that will render 
such pedigrees complete. We wish to 
hear from every Davis in the country. 


At Dudley, Mass., very suddenly, 
Henry Davi.s, aged 80 years. 

At Oxford,, April 11, Jona- 
than Davis, aged 78 years. 

At North Norway, Me., April 17, of 
consumption, John L. Davis, aged 30. 

At "West Acton, Mass., April 20, 
Jonathan B. Davis, aged 78 years. 

At Springfield, Ma'^is., May 17. Rob- 
bie E., only child of John W. Davis, 
aged one year. 

The Record will be published on the 
first day of each month, and wiU con- 
tain Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, 
and much valuable information that 
cannot be embodied in a genealogy, 
thus making it worth preserving. The 
terms are only seventy-five cents a year, 
which barely covers the cost of print- 
ing. Will our cousins and friends aid 
us in extending the circulation \ Send 
us the names of all the Davises in your 
town, or that you may know, and we 
will at once put ourselves in communi- 
cation with them. Address " Davis 
Family Record," Merideu, Conn.