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Full text of "Day's practical and comprehensive shorthand dictionary of the English language"

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'^■a»3gM»ii»-!': :■;;': ;■, ': ::<:':y!t-:^>i:..v: /i 









B. 0. BAKER 






Practical and 





Revised Edition. 

Containing 20,000 common words with tlieir 
correct spelling, syllabication, pronunciation, 
definition, and shorthand outline. 

With an appendix containing the Names of 
the States and Territories and their Capitals, 
with shorthand outlines; Rules for Spelling, 
Capitalization, and Punctuation ; Common Ab- 
breviations; Foreign Phrases and Commercial 


Author of " Complete Shorthand Manual" and "Shorthand 
Copybook." Teacher and Reporter of Thirty Years' Experi- 






_ late, hat, ask, arm, all, care, 
^ senate, final. 

e = eve, ell, err, gvent, recent. 
i = time, tin, Tdea. 
o = cold, hot, orb, Sbey: ooze, book. 
11 =• luie, cup, fiill, urn, unite, rude. 

y = pity- 


th = = then, (/tin. 

foreign nasal = a«'k6r'. 


The principal Accent is shown by 
a heavy mark [ ' J; the secondary 
Accent is shown by a light mark [ ' ]. 

Unaccented syllables are separated 
by Hyphens. 


rt.djective, K.oun, /roK.oun, adit.erh, 
ci?«y.unction, in/erj.ecUon, //.ural, 
.f. ingular,«?.ascu line, y.enii nine, /<;«.- 
essive, /rc/.osition, z-.erb, ^.ransi- 
tive, /.ntransitive, /.articiple, ^.ast, 
/r.esent, ;w/.erfect. 

^.rench, Cerman, //.alian, Z^.atin, 
etcetera, myth.ological, op.posite 
pert.aining, syl.lable. 

Thcjirst spelling'x^ to guide as to 
syllabication; the second spelling sets 
forth X.\ie pronunciatiott. 

Copyrighted 1896 and 1905. 




a-back' [i-bJk'] adv. backvrard 
ab'a-CUS [iba-kus] K. countingframe 
a-baft' [a-baftl prep, behind 
a-ban'don ta-bSn'dfln] v.t. to forsake 
a-base' [abas] v.t. to humble 
a-bash' [a-bash'] f.t. to confuse 
a-bate' [a-batl -<j.t. to lessen 
ab'a-tis [ab'a-tis] «. a fort 
aljat'toir' [aT^atnyar'] «. slaughterhouse 
abTja [ab'ba] «. father 
ab'bess [abT^Ss] «. head nun 
ab'bey [ab'by] «■ a- monastic building 
ab'bot [ab'but] n. head of an abbey 
ab'di-cate [ab'di-kat] m.t. to renounce 
ab-do'men [ab-do'men] «. the belly 
ab-dom'i-nal [ab-domi-nal] a. 
ab-ducf [ab-duktT -.-.t. to kidnap [ro 
a'be-Ce-da'ri-an [a'be-se-da'rl-itnl«. ty- 
ab' er-ra'tisn [ab'er-ra'shun] n. insanitj 
a-bet' [a-bet'] f.t. to help 
a-bey'ance [a-ba'^ns] n. suspension 
ab-hor' [ab-horT 'J.t. to detest 
ab-hor'rence [ab-h6r'r«ns] «. detestation 
a-bide' ta-bid'] t'.J. to stay 
a-bil'i-ty [a-bin-ty] n. being able 

ab'ject [ab'jekt] a. vile 
ab-jure' [ab-jurT "V-t. to abandon 
a-blaze' [a-bla^T adv. & a. afire 
a'ble [alVl] a. efficient 

a'ble-bod'ied [-bod'id] a. robust 

a-bloom' [a-bloom'] ad-j. in bloom 
a-blush' [a-blush'] adv. & a. ruddy 
ab-'u'tion [ab-lu'shun] «. washing 
ab'ne-gate [abne-gat] v.t. to deny 
ab-nor'mal [ab-n6r'm<il] a. unusual 
a-board' [a-bord] adv. &. prep, on board 
a-bode' [a-bodT n. dwelling 
a-bol'ish [a-bSl'lsh] v.t. to revoke 
ab'o-li'tion [ab'4-llsh'Qn] «. [fiil 

a-bom'i-na-ble [a-bOm i-na-b'l] a. hate 
a-bom'i-nate [nat], v.t. to detest 
ab o-rig'i-nal[ab'6-rlj'l-nol] «. primitive 
ab'o-rig'i-nes [nez] native races 
a-bor'tion [-ibor shun) n. miscarriage 
a-bor'tive [-tiv] a. fruitless 
a-bound' [a-bound'] v.i. to be plentiful 
a-bout' [about'] prep, near 
a-bove' [a-biiv'] prep, over 
ab-rade' [ab-rad] v.i. to rub off 
ab-ra'sion [ab-ra'zhQn] «, a rubbing off 
a-breast' [a-brest'] adv. side by side 
a-bridge' [i-brlj] v.t. to shorten 
a-broad' [a-brad'] adv. widely 
ab'ro-gate [ab'ri-gat] v.t. to repeal 
ab-rupt' [ab-rupt"] a. sudden 
ab'scess [al.scs] »/. galhering of humor 
ab-scis'sion [ab-sizh'fln] «. cutting ofl 
ab-scond' [ab-skOnd] v.i. to steal off 
ab'sence [ab'sens] «. away from 
ab'aent [ab'sfnt] a. not present 
ab sen-tee* [ab'stn-tt-'] n. one absent 
ab'sinthe' [ab'sIn/A] k. a strong drink 








ABS 2 

ab'so-lute [M/sS-lut] a. unrestrifled 
ab SO-lu'tion [ab sS-lu'shun] >;. pardm 
ab-80lve' [.Ih-sOlv'] v.t. to acquit 
ab-SOrb' [11i-s6rb'] v.t. to swallow up 
ab-sorb'ent [-cnt] a. sponge-like 
ab-sorp'tion (.lli-sflrp'shun) ;;. taking in 
ab-stain' [.-il.-strml T'.i. to keep from 
ab-ste'mi-OUS [ab-ste'ml-us] a. sparing 
ab'sti-nence [ab'stl-n«is] n. self-denial 
ab'stract [ab'strlkf] «. abridgment 
ab-atruse' [.Ib-strijs') a. obscure 
ab-surd' [rib-sOrd] a. ridiculous 
ab-surd'i-ty [ab-sOrdl-ty] n. 
a-bun'dance [a-bun'd<ins] «. plenty 
a-bun'dant [-dant] a. ample 
a-buse' [i-buz] v.t. to injure 
a-bu'sive [a-bu'slv] a. insulting 
a-but'ment [i-butrnt-nt] «. end of 
a-but'tal [,i-butt<!l] n. headland 
a-bys'mal [i-blz'mal] a. bottomless 
a-byss' [i-blsT «. a deep chasm 
a-ca'cia f.ika sh.i] k. a shrub 
a-cad'e-my [,'i-kad'c-my] «. school 
A-ca'di-an [a-ka dl-<jn] a. of Acadie 
a-can'thuSta-kanV/fus] «. pricklyplant 
ac-cede' t^k-sed) tm'. to concur 

ac-cel'er-ate [ak-sel'er-at] j/./. to hasten 
ac'cent' [ak'senf] «. stress 
ac-cen'tu-ate [ik-sen'td-at] v.t. to em- 
ac-cept' tsk-sept']:-./. to receive [phasizc 
ac-cept'a-ble [-i-b'l] a- welcome 
ac-cept' ance [-ans] «. acceptation 
ac-cess' [ak-sesT «. admittance 
ao-cess'i-ble t-I b'l] a. obtainable 
ac-ces'sion [^k-sCsh'On] n. aJdition 
ac-ces'so-ry [ak-scs's6-ry] a. aidmg 
ac'ci-dent [.11;'sl-d<-nt] «. mishap 
ac-claim' c. -kUm] v.t. to applaud 
ao-cla-ma'tion [ak-kla-ma'shDnJ K. 
ac-cli'mate [ak-kll'mat] f./. to accustom 
ac-cliv'i-ty tsk-kllv'l-ty] «. ascent 
ac-com'mo-datc [.ik-ksm'mS-datiz'.^. t' 
ac-com'mo-da'tion [da'shuni h. [sui 
ac-com'pa-nist [nist] n. 
ac-com'pa-ny [ ny] v.t. to escort 
ac-com'plice[ak-kOm'plls] «. accessor 
ac-COm'plish [pllsh] v.t. to complete 
ac-COrd' [ak-k6rd'l n. agreement 
ac-COrd'ance [] tt. harmony 
ac-COrd'ing (-in:;) /.<?. agreeing 
ac-cor'di-on [ak-kor'dl-Qn] «. 
ac-cost' [ak-kOst'] v.t. to speak to 
ac-COU-cheur' [ak-koo-shcr]«.manmid 
ac-count' [ak-kounf) «. reckoning [wifi 
ac-count'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. liable 
ac-count'ant [-itnt] n. reckoner 
ac-count'-book' [-16Sk']M. [trapping? 
ac-cou'ter-ments [ak-kso'tcr-mfnts) « 
ac-cred'it [ak-kred'It] v.t. to sanction 
ac-cres'cent [ak-krSs'sfnt] a. g^rowinj 
ac-crete' (ak-kret] v.i. to growtogethe; 
ac-cre'tion [ak-kre'shOn] >i. increase 
ac-crue' [ak-kru'J v.i. to gain 




^ ' L 

ACC 3 

ac-Cu'mil-late [ak-ku'mft-lat]f ./.to store 
ac'cu-ra-cy [ak'ku-ra-sy] «. precision 
ac'cu-rate [rSt] a. correcl 
ac-curse' [ak-kars] i:t. to curse 
ac-CUs'a-ble [Sk-kuz'a-b'l] a. blamable 
ac CU-sa'tion [ak'kii-za'shun] m. censure 
ac-cuse' [ak-kuz'] -■.t. to charge with 
ac-cus'tom [kustQm] ^■./. to familiarize 

ace [a-^] T.. a unit 

a-ceph'a-lous [a-sSf'a-IQs] a. headless 
a-cerb' [i-serb'] a. bitter 
a-cerb'i-ty [a-scr'bl-ty] h. bitterness 
a-ce'tic [a-sst'lk] a. vinegar acid 
ache [ak] ;;. pain 
a-chieve' [a-chevT -v.t. to obtain 
a-chieve'ment [mfnt] k. a feat 
ac'id [as id] ,7. sour 
a-cid'u-late [a-sid'a-Iat] v.t. to sour 
ac-knowl'edge [akn6l'ej] v.t. to own 
ac-knowl'edg-ment [mcnt] n. 
ac'me [ak'me] ;:. highest point 
ac'o-lyte [ak'4-lit] «. server in church 
ac'o-nite [ak'4-nit] «. a poison 
a'com [a*kurn] ?r. seed of the oak 
a-cous'tic [a-kous'tik) a. pert, to sound 
ac-quaint' [ak-kwant']z'. to make known 
ac-quaint'ance [.insj «. 
ac'qui-esce' [ak'kwi-es'] ■v.i. to assent 
ac qui-es'eence [s^ns] k. consent 
ac-quire' [ ak-kwir] v.t. to gain 
ac-quire'ment [mfnt], «. 
ac'qui-si'tion [ak'kwi-zlsh'flnl «. gain 
ao-quit' rak-kwit'] v.t. to discharge 
ac-quit'tal [tiH] «. set free 
a'cre [a'ker] n. a piece of land 
a'cre-age [a'ker-3j] «. area in acres 
ac'rid [akrid] a. bitter 
a-crid'i-ty [a-krid -r-ty] k. bitterness 
ac'ri-mo-ny [ak'rl-m6-ny] «. sharpness 
ac'ro-bat [ak'r4-bat] «. a vaulter 
ac'ro-bat'ic [ik] a. 

a-cross' [a-krOs] /»rir;». from side to side 
a-cros'tic [a-krOs'tIk] n. word puzzl. 
act [akt] tr.t. to perform 
ac'tion [ak'shOn] n. movement 
ac'tive [ak'tiv] a. nimlile 
ac'tor [ak'ter] «. stage player 
ac'tresa [aktrfe] n. lady actor 
ac'tu-al [ak'til-<il] a. real 
ac'tu-al-ly [ly] adv. positively 
ac'tu-a-ry [4-rj] n. a clerk 
ac'tu-ate [-at] I'.t. to arouse 
a-cu'men [ ikumfin] «. sagacity 
a-cu'mi-nate [a-ka'ml-njt] a. tapering 
a-cute' [a-kut'l a. sharp 
ad'age [ad'Sj «. maxim 
a-da'gio [idii'jt] //. slow 
ad'a-mant [ada-mSnt] w. very hard 
a-dapt' [.idapf] vj. to adjust 
a-dapt a-bil'i-ty [-i-bil'i.ty] n. 
add ['id] 7 ..'. to augment 
ad-den'dum [ad-dcnMam] «. appendix 
ad'der (ad <!<>) «. a vrjicnt 


ADD 4 

ad-dict' [ad-dlkf] v.t. to habituate 
ad-di'tion [ad-dlsh'un] n. increase 
ad'dle [Id'd'l] a. putrid 
ad-dress' [.1d-dres'] «. a speech 
ad-duce' rad-dus'] v.t. to allege 
ad-du'ci-ble [ad-du'si-h'l] a. 
a-dept' [A-d6pt'] K. one skilled 
ad'e-quate [ad'e-kwSt] a. equal to need 
ad-here' [id-her'] v.i. to stick 
ad-her'ence [irns], «. fideUty 
ad-her'ent [-t-nt] a. follower 
ad-he'sion [ad-he'zhun] «. union 
ad-he'sive [-siv] a. sticky 
a-dieu' [A-du] n. a farewell 
ad in'fi-ni'tum [adln'il-ni'tum]i:.end- 
ad'i-pose' [ad'I-pos'] a. fatty [lessly 

ad-ja'cent [ad-ja'sent] a. close 
ad'jec-tive[ad'j6k-tlv]«. qualifying word 
ad-join' [ad-join'] v.t. to join to 
ad-journ' [ad-jarn'j v.t. to put off 
ad-judge' [,vl-juj'] v.t. to decide 
ad-ju'di-cate [ad-ju'dl-kat] -i/.^.toaward 
ad-ju'di-ca tor [ka'tcr], n. awarder 
ad-junct' [ad-jOngkt] a. united to 
ad-jure' [ad-jur'J v.t. to command 
ad-just' [id-just] v.t. to fit 
ad-just^ a-ble [i-li'l], a. adaptable 
ad'ju-tant [ad'jii-tant] n. an officer 
ad-min'is-ter[ad-mln'ls-ter]t'./. to man 
ad-min'is-tra'tion [tra'shun] n. [age 
ad-min'is-tra'tor[-ter], n. manager 
ad'mi-ra-ble [ad'ml-ra-b'l] a. wonderful 
ad'mi-ral [ad'ml-ral] n. naval officer 
ad mi-ra'tion [ad'ml-ra'shOn] k. esteem 
ad-mire' [ad-mir'] v.t. to regard 
ad-mir'er [er] n. lover 
ad-mis'si-ble [5d-mis'si-b'l] a. allow- 
ad-mis'sion [ad-misli'un] «. access [able 
ad-mit' [admit'] v.t. to suffer to enter 
ad-mit'tance [tans] «. entrance 
ad-mix'ture [ad-mlks'tfir] «. blending 
ad-mon'ish [ad-m6n'Isli] 7'./. to reprove 
ad'mo-ni'tion [ad'mS-nish'un] n. 
ad-nas'cent [ad-nas'scnt] a. growing on 
a-do' [a-do5'] K. trouble 

ad'o-les'cent [ad'S-les'scnt] a. growing 

A-do'nis [,i-do'ms] 71. beautiful youth 
a-dopt' [a-di5pt'] v.t. to take by choice 
a-dop'tion [a-dSp'shOn] n. adopting 
ad'o-ra'tion [ad'6-ra'shun] «. worship 
a-dore' [a-dor'] v.t. to reverence 
a-dorn' [a-dorn'] v.t. to embellish 
a-down' [a-doim'] adv. &t. frep. down 
A dri-at'ic [a'dri-at'ik] n. a sea 
a-drift' [a-drilt] a. & adv. floating at 
a-droit' [.i-droif] a. expert [random 
ad'u-la'tion [ad'u-la'shun] ». flattery 
a-dult' [a-dult'] ;;. a mature person 
a-dul'ter-ate [a-dul'tcr-at]!'./. to debase 
a-dul'ter-a'ted [-a'ted] a. not pure 
a-dul'ter-y [-y] «. unfaithfulness 
ad va-lo'rem [ad va-la'rsm] L. value 
ad-vance' [ad-vans']?/./, to proceed [duty 
ad-vance'ment [-m^nt] 71. progress 




ADV 5 

ad-van'tage [ad-vantsj] «. lienefit I 
ad'van-ta'geous[ad'jus] a. i 

ad'vent [advent] «. coming [ual 

ad'ven-ti'tious [ad'ven-tlsh'Os] a. cas- 
ad-ven'ture [ad-vsn'tur] n. risk 
ad-ven'tur-er [ad-vsn'tur-cr] «. 
ad'verb [ad'vcrli] >/. a modifying word 
ad'ver-sa-ry [ad'vSr-sS-ry] «. enemy 
ad'verse [Sdvcrs] a. contrary 
ad-ver'si-ty [ad-versl-ti] «. misfortune 
ad-vert' [advert ] I'.i. to allude to 
ad-vert'ent [t-nt] a. heedful 
ad'ver-tise' [adver-tlz'] f ./. to publish 
ad-ver'tise-ment [ad-vcr'tiz-mfnt] «. 
ad-vice' [advls] a. counsel 
ad-vis'a-ble [adviza-b'l] a. expedient 
ad-vise' [Sd-vtzT v.t. to give advice 
ad-vise'ment [nu-nt] «. information 
ad-vis'er [PrV/.one who advises [advise 
ad-vi'so-ry [-\i'z6-ry] a.havingpowerto 
ad'vo-cate[5d'v4-kSt) «. pleader 
adz [adz] w. a kind of ax 
^-ge'an [eje'an] n. a sea 
^-o'li-an^-o'lI-<in] a. pert, to the wind 
.ff'o-lus K. [e'4-lfls] god of the winds 
a-e'ri-al [i-e'rl-ul] a. pert, to the air 
ae'rie [S r^'l "■ an eagle's nest. 
a'er-i-form [a'erl-form] a. gaseous 
a'er-o-lite [-8-l!t] k. a meteoric stone 
a'er-o-naut [nat] k. a balloonist 
a'er-0-^tat[-stat] H.aballoon [medicine 
iCs'cu-la'pi-us [5s'kii-la'pl-as]H.godof 
aes-thet'ic [es-C/iet'Ik] a. artistic 
a-far' [i.far'] at^v. far away 
af fa-bil'i-ty [affa-bll'I-ty] «. courtesy 
af fa-ble [aft a-b'l] a. courteous 
af-fairs' [Sf-firz'] «.//. business 
af-ifect' [af-fekt'l i'.(. to act upon 
af fec-ta'tion[affek-ta'shun]«.pretence 
af-fec'tion [affek'shfln] «. love 
af-fec'tion-ate [St] a. loving 
af-fec'tion-ate-ly [it-ly] adv. 
af-fec'tive [affek'tlv] a. emotional 
af-fi'ance [affians] «. plighted faith 
af fi-da'vit [af 'fi-da'vit] n. sworn de- 
af- fil'i-ate [af-fU'I-at] -z'.toally [position 
af-fil'i-a'tion [a'shfln] n. adoption 
af-fin'i-ty [affinity] k. relation 
af-firm' [af-fcrm'] v.f. to assert 
affir-ma'tion [affer-ma'shon] n. 
af-flrm'a-tive [af-ferm'a-tiv] a. 
af-fix' [.Iffiks] v.e. to annex 
af-fla'tus [af -fla'tOs] «. inspiration 
af-flict' [af-fllkt'] v.e. to distress 
af-flic'tion [af-fllk'shun] «. trouble 
af'flu-ence (af 'flS-^ns] «. great plenty 
afflu-ent [ern] a. wealthy 
afflux' [af'flOks') K. a flowing towards 
af-ford' [af-fbrd'] z'.t. to spare 
af-fray' [af-fra'] «. a tumult 
af-fright' [affrit'] n. terror 
af-front' [affrOnf] v.t. to insult 
af'ghan [af'gnn] «. a wrap 
a-flre' [4flr'] adv. Si a. on fire 






a-float' [a-flOt] adv. & a. on water 
a-foot' [a-t'66t'] adv. on foot 
a-fore'said [a-fbr'sed'l «. [er reason 
a for ti-o'ri[af6r'shI-5'r!] /..with strony- 
a-fraid'[.\frSd']r7. timid 
Af'ri-can (af 'rl-knn] a. pert, to Africa 
aft'er [aftTr] a. adv. ^ prep, later 
aft'er-math [-ina//ij ;/. second mowing; 
aft'er-noon' [noon'] ji.p.m. 
aft'er-ward [-wcrd] adv. subsequently 
a-gain' [a-^en'] adv. iV/^f/. once more 
a-gainst' [a-g6nst'] prep, opposite to 
a-gape' [a-gap']^(/t'. &(i. eager attention 
ag'ate [.Ig'St] «. kind of small type 
age [aj] n. time of life 
a'ged [a'jed] a. old 
a'gen-cy [a'jfn-sy] n. management 
a'gent [a'jint] n. a deputy [«. a mass 
ag-glom er-a'tion [ag-glom'er-a'shun] 
ag'gran-dize [ag'gran-dizjz'.toaugment 
ag'gra-vate [.Ig'gra-vStJ v.t. to provoke 
ag gra-va'tion [ag'gra-va'shOn] n. 
ag'gre-gate [ag'gre-gst] n. a sum 
ag-gres'sioa [ag-gresh'an] n. attack 
ag-gres'sor [ag-gr6s'ser] n. assaulter 
ag-grieve' [ag-grev] v.t. to afBicft 
a-ghast' [agist] a. terrified 
ag'ile [aj'il] a. nimble 
a-gil'i-ty [a-jll'l-ty] n. activity 
ag'i-tate [aji-tat] v.t. to disturb 
ag i-ta'tion [ta'shun] n. a disturbance 
ag'i-ta'tor [aj'I-tater] «. a disturber 
a-glow' [agio'] adv. in a glow [swallow 
ag-nos'tic [ag-nOs'tIk] ;;. one professing 
ft'S^' [a-go'] a. & adv. past [ignorance 
a-gog' [a-grtg'] a. & adv. eager 
ag'o-ny_ [ag'O-ny] ,t. anguish 
a-gra'ri-an [a-gra'n-an] a. pert, to land 
a-gree' [a-gre'] v.i. to concur 
a-gree'a-ble [ah'l] a. pleasing 
a-gree'ment [nunt] >!. concurrence 
ag'ri-cul'ture [ag'rl-kOl'tdr] «. farming 
a-ground' [a-ground']<jrfi/.& a. stranded 
a'gue [agij] «. a chill 
ah [a] ititerj. an exclamation 
a-head' [a-hed'] adv. in front 
aid [.ad] n. h-lp 

aid'de-camp' [ad'dc-ka?i'] «. camp as- 
ail [al] v.i. to be ill [sistant 

ail'ment [al'mfnt] n. indisposition 
aim [.am] 71. direction; purpose 
aim'less [-I6s] a. without aim 
air [."ir] ;/. the atmosphere 
air'- brake' [-brak] «. 
air'y l-y] a. light; open 
aisle [il] n. passage in a church 
a-jar' l.i-jar'] adv. partly open 
a-kim'bo [a-klm'li6] a. bent arms 
a-kin' [a-kin'] a. related by blood 
a-lack' \\-\i.V"\i"terj. expressing sorrov. 
a-lac'ri-ty [a-l.'ik'rl-ty] n. lively 
a la-mode'[.a'la-m4tl')rto'w.&rt. infashion 



ALA 7 

a-larm' [a-larml «. fright 
a-las' [i-las ] interj. expressing sorrow 
alb [.M'.'l >:. a priest's white tunic 1 

al'ba-tross falM-tras] k. large sea bird 
alTje'lt [alTjg'It] cottj. even though I 
al-bes'cent (albJs Sf nt] ,i. turning white 
al-bi'no[Sl-hin6]«.white-bloodecl person 
al'bum [album] of photographs 
al-bu'nien [al-bQ'm^n] «. -white of egg 
al'che-my [arke-my];;. occult chemistrj- 
al'co-hol [al'kS-hSl] n. pure spirits 

al'co-ran, al'ko-ran [alkS-rin] Koran 
al'cove [alTcSv] «. a recess 
al'der [alder] n. a tree 
al'der-man Laldcr-nnJn] n. magistrate 
Al'der-ney Lai dcr-ny] >i . a breed of cattle 
Al'dine [al'din] a. finely printed edition 
ale [rd] >i. a beverage 
a-lem'bic[a-lem'blk]!i.adistilling vessel 
a-lert' [a-lert] a. watchful 
al'ge-bra [al'jc-bri] branch of mathemat- 
a'li-as [ali-as] adv. otherw ise called [ics 
al'i-bi [an-bl] «. in another place 
al'ien [alycn] a. a foreigner 
a-light [a-llt'] v.i. to dismount 
a-lign'ment [a-lin'mcnt] II. in line 
a-like' [i-lIW] a. similar 
al'i-ment [al'i-m^nt] >;. food 
al i-men'ta-ry [ari-m6n'ta-ry] a. 
al'i-mo-ny [all-mS-ny] k. allowance 
al'i-quot[alikwOt] a. dividing without 
a-live'[a-liv'] a. having life [remainder 
al'ka-li [al'ka-ll] «. a caustic base 
al'ka-line [lin] a. having alkali 
all [al] a. the whole 
Al'lah [aria] «. Arabic name of God 

al-lay' [ai-is"] v.t. to soothe 

alle-ga'tion [aric-ga'shun] «. affirma 
al-lege' [al-lej ']-■./. to affirm [tion 

al-le'giance [al-lejiins] «. loyalty 

al'le-go-ry [anc-gfi-ry] along metaphor 
al le-gret'tO [.lllc-gret'tfi]//. quick time 
al-le'gro [.ll-Ie'gri] //. quicker tl-.analle- 
al-le'vi-ate [al-le'vl-at] -j. to allay [gretto 
al'ley [ally] «. a narrow passage 
al-li'ance [al-iruns] «. a league 

al-lied' [.illid] a. joined 
al'li-ga'tor [al'll-ga'ttr] «. a reptile 
al'lo-cu'tion [ariiku'shOn] «. speech 
al lo-path'ic [,'il'l6-pa//i'Ik] a. mode of 
al-lop'a-thist [al-16p'a-//ilst] n. [cure 
al-lop'a-thy [al-10p'a-/';iy] n. 
al-lot' [al-lOf] V.I. to distribute by lot 
al-low' [al-lou] v.t. to permit 
al-low'a-ble [a-b'l] a. admissible 
al-low'ance [nns] «. a stated quantity 
al-loy' [alloi'] «. mixed metal 
all'spice' (al'spis) «. tlie pimento 
al-lude' [allud] i.i. to refer to 
al-lure' [allur] v.l. to tempt 
al-lu'sion [allO'zhOn] «. reference to 
al-lu'vi-um [al-IQ'vl -flni] «. deposit 
al-ly' [';Ili ] -.l. to unite Png mother 

al'ma ma'ter (alma ma'tcr] L. foster- 







r r^ 




al'ma-nac [al'] 71. a calendar 
al-might'y [al-mlfy] a. all-powerful 
alm'ond [i muiul) ;;. a kind of nut 
al'mon-er (.irmuner] «. aims-giver 
al'most [alinost] adv. nearly 
alms t.imz] ii.s.S^f'l. gifts 
alms'-house' [lious] n. a poorhouse 
al'oes [al'oz] «. s. a purgative 
a-loft' [i-lOftT adv. on high 
a-lone' [a-lon] a. single 
a-longf' [a-lang'] adv. onward 
a-loof [a-loof] adv. & fref. away from 
a-loud' [a-loodT adv. loudly 
al-pac'a [al-pak'a] «. a kind of cloth 
al'pha [arfa] n. the first Greek letter 
al'pha-bet[-bet] the letters of a language 
al'pine [al'pin] a. lofty 
al-read'y [_al-redy] arf^-now 
al'so [alsS] adv. & coiij. likewise 
al'tar [alter] n. communion table 
al'ter [al'tcr] v.t. to change 
al'ter-a'tion [-a'shun] tt. a change 
al'ter-ca'tion [-ks'shun] n. a wrangle 
al-ter'nate [al-tcr'nat] a. by :urns 
al-ter'na-tive [ni-tiv] a. choice 
al-though' [al-tho] conj. be it so 
al'ti-tude [alti-tud] k. height 
al'to [altOJ ;;. between tenor and soprano 
al'to-geth'erLaltSo-geth'erJaorT/. wholly 
al'um [srom] 7;. a chemical 
al'u-min'i-umtalu-min'i-um] 1 %,|',ffg 
a-lu'mi-num[a-lu'mi-num] n. j j^eta'i 
a-lum'na[a-lum'na] n.f.s. lady graduate 
a-lum'nae t-ne] n./. plural of alumna 
a-lum'ni [i-lum '■m\ n .pi. male graduates 
a-lum'nUS [nus] n. singular of alumni 
al'ways [al'wiz] adv. continually 
am [am] the firstperson of the verb to be 
am'a-bil'i-ty [am'a-bll'i-ty] lovableness 
a-main' [a-man'] adv. with might 
a-mal'gam [a-maVg^m] «. mixed with 
a-mal'ga-mate [ga-mat] v.t. [mercury 
a-man'u-en'sis [,i-man'u-en'sis] copyist 
am'a-ran'thine {■tk\n'[ a. unfading 
a-mass'[a-mas'] V. to pile together 
am a- teur' [am a-ter']?z.non -professional 
am'a-tive [am'a-tiv] a. full of love 
a-maze' [A-maz'] v.t. to astonish 
a-maze-ment [mcnt] «. wonder 
Am'a-zon [.Im'.i-zen] n. female warrior 
am-bas'sa-dor [am-bas'sa-dcr] n. envoy 
am'ber [am'licr] «. a mineral resin 
am'ber-gris [am bcr-gres] «.kind of wax 
am'bi-ent [am'bi-t-nt] a. surrounding 
am'bi-gu'i-ty [am'bi-gu'i-ty] n. doubt 
am-big'u-ous [-u-iJs] a. doubtful | 

am-bi'-tion [Sm-bish'Qn] desire to excel 
am-bi'tious [-us] a. 1 

am'ble [am'b'l] v.t. to pace 

am-bro'sia[-bro'zha] fabled food of gods I 
am'bu-lance [am'l;>a-lans]ahospitalcarti 
am'bu-la-to-ry [la-tS-ry] walking j 
am "bus-cade' [am'bus-kad'] «. ambush ' 










AMB 9 

am'buSh[Sn)'bo5sh] «. a device to entrap 
a-mel'io-rate [a-mely6-ratjf./. to make 
amen' [a men'] i'«:'^>7'. so be it L'^tter 
a-me'na-ble [a-me'na-b'l]a. accountable 
a-mend' [a-mdndT -vj. to reform 
a-mend'ment [-mait]/!. alteration ftion 
a-mends' [a-mendz*] ;:.j. &/*/. repara- 
a-men'i-ty [a-men'i-ty] «. gentleness 
a-merce'ment [a-mcrs'm^nt] «.a fine 
A-mer'i-can [a-mer'I-ktznj.r. of America 
am'e-thyst [am e-//iist] a precious stone 
a'mi-a-ble [a'mi-a-b*l] a. lovely 
am'i-ca-ble [amt-ka-b'!] a. friendly 
a-mid'ships [a-mid'shlps] adv. middle 
a-midst'[a-mTdst']/r</. among Lofship 
a-miss' la-mis'] adv. & a. wrong 
am'i-ty [Smi-ty] n. friendship 
am-mo'ni-a [am-mSni-i] n. hartshorn 
am mu-ni'tion [im'mii-nish'un] «. pow- 
a-mon^ [i-mung'] pref. mixed with 
am'-o-rous [am'6-rus] a. loving 
a-moimt' [a-mounf] K. the sum total 
am-pere' [im-par'] n. electric quantity 
am-phib'i-OUS[-fIbl-us] a. double living 
am phi-tite'a-ter [am-fi-//ie'a-ter] «. 
am'ple ram'pM] a. capacious 
am'pli-fy [am'pli-fl] v.t. to enlarge 
am'pu-tate tam pu-tat] v.xa cut offa limb 
am pu-ta'tion [am'pu-ta'shun] n. 
a-muck' [a-mOk] adv.&.a. reckless 
am'u-let [am'u-let] «. a charm 
a-mus'a-ble [i-muz'a-b'l] a. funny 
a-muse' [a-muz ] v.t. to divert 
a-muse'ment [-mt-nt] «. sport fplace 
an-ach'o-rism[an-ak'4-riz'm] «. error of 
an-ach'ro-nism [-rS-nlz'm] «. error of 
an a-con'da [in a-kOn'da]);. snake [time 
a-nEe'mi-a [i-ne ml-i] n. bloodlessness 
an aes-thet'ic [an'es-/A6t'Ik]«.ether,etc. 
an'a-gpram [ana-gram] «. word puzzle 
an ■a-lep'tic[anVi-lep'tik]K. a restorative 
a-nal'o-gOUS [anari-gtis] n. resembling 
a-nal'o-gy [-jy] n. similarity 
a-nal'y-sis [a-nSl'I-sIs] n. a resolving 
an'a-lyst [an a-IIstjK. one who analyzes 
ana-lyt'ic-al [ana-llt'l-knl] a. fments 
an'a-lyze [an'a-liz]t/. to resolve into ele- 
an'a-pest [an'a-p6st] «. a metrical foot 
an'arch-ist [an'.irk-Tst] k. a rcvolter 
an'arch-y [-y] >;. a lawless state 
a-nath'e-ma [a-na/Zt'e-maJ «. a curse 
a-nat'o-mist [a-nat'4-mlst] «. dissector 
a-nat'o-my[-my] «. study of parts ulbody 
an'ces-tor [an'scs-tCr] k. forefather 
an-ces'tral[an-scs'tral]a. from ancestors 
an'ce8-try[an'scs-try] n. lineage 
an'cbor (.'mg'kt r] instrument for holding 
an'chor-age [-Sj] >i. a roadstead 
an-cho'vy [an-chuS-J] «. small herring 
an'cient [an'sh^nt] a. old flegretto 

an-dan'te [.in-dan'ti] //. slower than al- 
an'ec-dote (In'ik-dijt] «. a short story 
a-nem'o-ne [.i-nfim'A-nt] n. wind flower 



'-^ /-^ 








a-nent' [a-nenf] />-<•/. concerning 
an'e-roid [in e-roidj « .kind of barometer 
an'eu-rism [anu-rlzm] ti. blood tumor 
a-new' [anu] adv. afresh 
an'gel (anjel) «. a spirit messenger 
An'ge-lus(an'je-lCis]>;.a form of devotion 
an'ger [ftnggcr] >i. wrath 
an'gle [Snu'g'l] ». a corner 
An'gli-can [anggll-knn] a. English 
An'glo-Sax'on [anggl6-saksun] n. old 
an-go'la [an-go'la] «. a fabric lEnglish 
An-go'ra[an-go'ra] kind ofgoat, cat, etc. 
an'gry [Sng'gry] a. furious 
an'guish [ang'gwlsh] n. distress 
an'gu-lar [ang'gu-Ier] a. pointed 
an'i-line [an'l-lln] «. a coal-tar dye 
an'ile(an'Il] a. old womanish t«.censure 
an i-mad-ver'sion [an'imad-ver'sl fin] 
an'i-mal [an'i-m<;n ". a beast f.inimal 
an i-mal'cule [-mal'kil] «. very small 
an'i-mate [mat] r. to enliven 
ani-mos'i-ty [-mOs'l-ty] «. enmity 
an'i-mus [-mus] n. spirit ffoot 

an'kle [angk'l] «. jointbetween leg and 
an'klet [angklet] «. an ankle ring 
an'nalsian'ntilz] «.//. records 
an-neal' [an-ner] z:t. to toughen 
an-nex' [an-nsks'J v.t. to add 

an-ni'hi-late[an-ni'hi-lat]-'. to reduce to 
an ni-ver'sa-ry [an 'nl-ver'sa-ry] yearly 
An'noDom'i-ni [an'nSdam i-ni] A.D. 
an'no-ta'tion [-ta'shfln] comment notes 
an-nounce' [an-nouns']i'./'. to proclaim 
an-noy' [an-noi'] -j.i. to \eK 
an-noy'ance ;-ans] n. vexation 
an'nu-al [an'fl-<7l] a. yearly 
an-nu'i-ty [an-nu'I-ty] «. payable yearly 
an-nul' [an-nfll] z.t. to make void 
an-nun ci-a'tion [an-nfln'si-a'shun] M. 
an'ode [an'od] «. positive pole of battery 
an'o-dyne [an'6-dm] that which soothes 
a-noint' [.i-noint ■]!■./. to rub with oil 
a-nom'a-lous [a-nOm'a-lus] a. irregular 
a-nom'a-ly [-ly] «. an irregularity 
a-non' [i-n6n'] adv. soon 
a-non'y-mou3 [t-mOs] a. without name 
an-oth'er [an-uth'erl/w;;. not the same 
an'swer [an'scr] v.t. to reply 
an'swer-a-ble [i-bl] a. 
ant [,int] ?i. an insect [position 

an-tag'o-nism [an-tag'4-nTz'm] n. op- 
an-tag o-nis'tic [-nis'tik] n. 
ant-arc'tlO[ant-ark'tik] <2. op. to arctic 
an'te-ced'ent [anto-sed'e-nt] n. priur 
an'te-cham ber [-chani'liEr] «. a lobby 
an'te-date' [dat] 71. apriordate 
an'te-di-lu'vi-an[-di-Iu'vi-i2Hj(2. before 
an'te-lope[.lop] 71. an animal [the deluge 
an te-me-rid'i-anr-me-rid'i-,in] a.m. 
an-ten'na [an-tsn'na] n.s.'hom of insect 
an-ten'nse [-ne]//.of antenna [marriage 
ante-nup'tial [an'te-nup'shrtl],7. before 
an'te-pe'nult[-pe'nult]syl. before penult 





an-te'ri-or [an-te'ri-er] <i. before in time | 
an'them [anV/iSm] «. a sacred song 
an'ther [InV/ier] n. part of flower 
an-the'sis [an-z/ie'sls] time of full bloom 
an'thra-cite [in'CAra-sU] »i. hard coal 
an ti-bil'ious [in tl-bll'yOs] a. relieving 
an'tic [Sn tik] )!. acaper Ibiliousness 
an'ti-christ [Intl-krist] k. op. to Christ 
an-tic'i-pate [in-tls'I-pat] -'. to forestall 
an'ti-dote (anti-dot] h. counteractive 
an'ti-mo-ny [antl-mi-ny] >t. a metal 
an-tin'o-my [antln'4-m>] k. opposition 

an-tip'a-thy fan-tip 'a-//iy] «. aversion 
an' ti-pode[an'tl-pod]«.j.exactly opposite 
an ti-py'rine[intl-pi'rin] «. a febrifuge 
an'ti-qua'ri-an [-kwa'rl-<7n] a. ancient 
an'ti-qua-ry [an'tl-kw-S-rj] «. student of 
an'ti-qua ted [kwa'ted] a. [oldthings 
an-tique' [an-tek'] a. ancient 
an-tiq'ui-ty can-tlk'wl-ty] n. ages past 
an ti-sep'tic [an'ti-sep'tlk]«.a preserver 
an ti-tox'ine[-t5ks'ln]diphtheria specific 
an-tith'e-SJ3 [an-tU/jf-sis] «. contrast 
an'ti- type [an tl-tip] n . that which is typ- 
ant'ler[intler] «. a stag's horn \i&&d 
an'vil [anvil] «. an iron block 
anx-i'e-ty [ang-zl e-ty] «. concern 
anx'ious [angk'shOs] a. concerned 
a'ny [fn?] a. Sifron. some 
a'ny-bod-y [-bsd-y] ». anyone 
a'ny-how' [-hou] ad-j. in any way 
a'ny-thing [-//:Ing] «. any object 
a-or'ta [S-6r'ta] n. the main artery 
a-pace' [a-pasT adv. quickly [dians 

A-pa'ches [i-pa'chaz] « .pi. a tribe of In- 
a-part' [a-partT arf-'. separately 
a-part'ment [mt-nt] n. a room 
ap'a-thy [ap i-//%y] n. unconcern 
ape [ap] «. a monkey 
Ap'en-nines[5p'6n-nmz] «. mts. in Italy 
a-pe'ri-ent [a pe'rl-fnt] n. a laxative 
ap'er-ture [apcr-tir] ?i. an opening 
a'pex[a'peks] n. the summit 
a-phel'ion [a-fel'yOn] n. op. perihelion 
aph'o-rism (af Arlz'm] n. a pithy saying 
Aph ro-di'te [afr4-di'te] «. the Greek 
a'pi-a-ry [a'pI-S-ry] «. bee house [Venus 
a-piece' [l-pesT adv. each by itself 
ap'ish ['ip Nh) <i. proneto imitate 
a-poc'ry-pha[a-p6kri-fa] «.//. 
ap'o-gee[ap4-je]>i. moon's farthest point 

A-polli-na'ris wa'ter [a-poili-na'ris] 

A-pol'lo [a-pOriA] ti. the "sun god" 
A-pol'ly-on (a-pSl'lMn] «. destroyer 
a-pol'o-gize[.i-p6r4-jlz]f.i'. to makeex- 
ap'o-logue [ap'4-16g] amoral fable Icuse 
a-pol'o-gy [.i-p<'jr6-jy] n. an excuse 
ap'o-plexy [ap'4-pleks'y] «. a disease 
a-pos'ta-sy [i-pOs'ta-sJ] n. perversion 
a-p08'tate[-tat) to cause 
a-poa'til [4-p6s'tIl) n. a marginal note 




APO 12 

a-pos'tle [A-pSs's'I] K. one sent forth 
ap'o-thegm[ap'(5-Mem]«.a terse remark 
ap 0-the'o-sis [-//;e'«-srs] k. deification 
Ap pa-la'chi-an [appa-la'chi-an] n. 
ap-pair [ap-paF] v.t. to terrify fpliances 
ap'pa-ra'tus[ap'pa-ra'tus] n.s.^pl.s.^. 

ap-par'el [ap-psr'si] «. clothing 
ap-par'ent [Sp-parV-nt] a. within view 
ap pa-ri'tion [ap'pd-rish'un])!.aspecte: 
ap-peal' [ap-pel'] n. an earnest request 
ap-pear' [Sp-pgr'] v.i. to come in sijjht 
ap-pear'ance [-.zns] n. coming-intoview 
ap-pease' [ap-pez'] i-.t. to calm fpeals 
ap-pel'lant [ap-pel'Unt] n. onewhoap- 
ap'pel-la'tion [ap'pel-Ia'shDn] «.narae 
ap-pend' [ap-pSnd'] v.t. to attach to 
ap-pend'age [-Sj] n. an adjunct 
ap-pen'dix [ap-pen'diks] n. an addition 

ap'pe-tite [ap'pe-tit] n. a want or desire 
ap'pe-ti'zer [tl'zer] ;; .that which creates 
ap-plaud' [ap-plad']t'. to extol lappetite 
ap-plause' [5p-plazT n. approval 
ap'ple [ap'p'l] n. a fruit 
ap-pli'ance [ap-pli'^nsj n. apparatus 
ap'pli-ca-ble [ap'pU-ka-b'l] a. suitable 
ap'pli-cant [krmt] K.apetitioner 
ap'pli-ca'tion [-ka'shun] n. 
ap-ply' [Sp-pli'] v.t. to put to use 
ap-point' [appoint'] ij.t. to designate 
ap-point'ment [ment] n. 
ap-por'tion [ap-pOr'shOn] -v. to divide 
ap-por'tion-ment [nunt] «. 
ap'po-site [ap'pO-zlt] a. suitable 
ap-prais'al [ap-praz'^l] «. valuation 
ap-prais_e' [ap-praz'Jx/.to value fhighly 
ap-pre'ci-ate[ap-pre'shiat]z/. to esteem 

ap-pre'ci-a'tion [-a'shun] «. 

ap'pre-hend' [ap'pre-hSnd'] ■v. to anti- 
appre-hen'sion [lien'shun] n. [cipate 
ap pre-hen'sive [-siv] a. fearful of 
ap-pren'tice [ap-pren'tis] «. a learner 
ap-prise' [Sp-prlzT -v.t. to inform 
ap-proach' [ap-prSch'] v. to come near 
ap-proach'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. accessible 
ap-pro'pri-ate rap-pro'prl-St]<r. suitable'pri-a'tion [-a'shun] «. asumset 
ap-prove'[ap-proov'] -u.t. to ratify [apart 
ap-prox'i-mate[ap-prSks'I-m5t] a. near 
ap-pur'te-nance [ap-pOr'te-nans] «. a 
a'pri-COt [.lprI-kOt];i.afruit [belonging- 
A'pril [a'pril] «. the fourth month [effect 
a'pri-o'ri [a'prl-o'n] L. from cause to 
a'pron [a'pum] «. an article of dress 
ap'ro-pos' [."ip'rS-po'] a. appropriate 
apse [aps] n. a domed recess in a church 
apt [apt] a. fit 

apt'i-tude [ap'ti-tad] «. fitness 
a^qua [a'k^.i] ;;. water 
a'l^ua for'tis [-fflr'tls] n. nitric acid 
a? ua-reUe'[ak'wa-rel']«.kindofpainting 


\ \ \o 


\\ \ 






a-qua'ri-um[i-k»arl-am] «. a fish tank 
A-qua'ri-us [a-kwari-Qs] a constellation 
aq'ue-duct [ak we-dukt]«. waterconduit 
a'que-ous [a kw-e-as] a. watery 
aq'ui-line [ak'wMinlu.likeeagle'sbeak 
Ar'ab [Sr ab] «. a native of Arabia 
ara-besque' tlra-besk'] ji. a low-relief 
Ar'a-bic [ar'a-bik]<j. of Arabia (.carving 
ar'a-ble [b'l] a. plow land 
Ar a-ma'ic [ar'a-ma'lk] >i. a language 
ar'bi-ter [arTni-ter] n. a referee 
ar'bi-tra-ry [-trl-ry] a. bound by no law 
ar'bi-trate [-trat]i/.r. to hear and decide 
ar bi-tra'tion [tra'shun] >i. 
ar'bi-tra tor [tra'ter] k. an umpire 
ar'bor [arlicr] «. a bower 
ar'bo-re'tumtar'bS-re'tOm] n.atree mu- 
arc [ark] K. part of a circle [seum 

ar-cade' [ar-kad'J a covered passageway 
Ar-ca'di-a[ar-ka'di-a] >i. rural happiness 
archtarch]>;.a curie spanningan opening 
arch an'gel [ark an'jel] «. a chief angel 
arch bish'op [archlnsh'Cip] chiefbishop 
arch'er-y [arch'er-y]«.bows,arrows,etc 
ar'che-type [SrTcc-tlplw.model fdedses 
ar chi-pera-gO[ar'ki-pcl'a-g6]isle-stud 
ar'chi-tect[-tikt] it. a building designei 
ar'chi-tec'ture [tek tiir] art of building 
ar'chi-trave [-rrav] h. moldings 
ar'chivea [Sr'kivz] «.// public records 
arch'ly [Srch'ly] atfv. waggishly 
arch'ness [arch'nes] «. waggishness 
arc'tic [irk'tlk] a. northern; «. overshoe 
Arc-tu'rus [ark-ta'rQs] «. a star 
ar'dent (St'dtnt] a. fiery 
ar'dor [ar'der] «. zeal 
ar'du-OUS [ar'du-us] a. difficult ; trj-ing 
are [ir] //-.indicative//, of "l^" [lines 
a're-a [a rea] «. the space within given 
a-rear' [a-rerT ad-v. backward 
ar'e-fy [irf-ft] v.t. to dry [test 

a-re'na[i.rena] «. place of public con- 
a-re'o-la(.i-re'6-la]«.ring round a pustule 
a re-om'e-ter[a're-Oni'e-ter]hydrometer 
ar'gent [ar'jent] K. silver 
ar'gil[irjil] K.clay 
Ar'go [ ir gS] )!. a southern constellation 
Ar'go-naut [argO-nat] «. a Creek hero 
ar'go-sy [ar'g«-sy] !,. a large ship 
ar'gu-a-ble [ir'gu-i-b'I] a. debatable 
ar'gue (ir'gu] -z-.i. to reason 

Ar'gus[rirg0s] myth, beingwithioo eyes 
Ar'gus-eyed' [.ir'gas-M] «. watchful 
ar'ld [-,r 1.1) a. dry and barren 
A'ri-es [a rl-ez) «. a constellation 
a-right' [i-rit'] adv. rightly 
a-n»e I i riz) tj. to springup fliility 
ar is-toc'ra-cy(ar'ls-t6k'rasy] «. the no- 
a-ris'to-crat[a-rls't*-krat] proud person 
ar is-to-crat'ik far1s-t«krat'ik] a. 
a-rith'me-tic [.irr^A'mi'-tlk] «. the sci- 
ark [irk] ti. a chest [ence of numbers I 
arm (.irmj «. a limb | 


-V— yx- 





ar-ma'da [ar-ma'da] a fleet 
ar ma-dil'lo [ar'ma-dil'16] n. an animal 
ar'ma-ment [ai'ma-m^nt] ;r. armor, etc. 
ar'ma-ture[ar'ma-tQr]«. part of dynamo 

arm'cliair' [arm'char'] n. 
Ar-me'lli-an[ar-me'nl-an]a.of Armenia 
arm'ful [ful] tt. fArminius 

Ar-min'i-aniar-mlnl-an] «. follower of 

ar'mis-tice [armls-tis] it. truce 
arm'letCarm'lct] n. an arm ring 
ar'mor tSrmcr] w.a defensive covering 
ar'mo-ry [ar'm6-r>] «. a place for arms 
arms [armz] weapons of war 
ar'my [ar'my] «. large body of soldiers 
ar'ni-ca[ar'ni-ka]K.atincture for external 
a-ro'ma [a-ro'ma]«. agreeable odor luse 
ar'o-mat'ic [ar'4-mat'Ik] a. fragrant 
a-rose' [a-roz']'Z'.i. past tense of "arise" 
a-round' [around'] aJv. on all sides of 
a-rous'al [a-rouz'al] K. a waking up 
a-rouse' [a-rouz']^'y.towakeup 
ar-peg'gio [.ir-pedjfi] ;i. notes playedin 
ar-raign'[."ir-ran']-y.^to indict Irapidsuc- 
ar-range' [ar-ranj'lz'./. to adjust Icession 
ar'rant [Sr'rimt] a. notoriously bad 
ar'ras [Irnis] «. hangings; tapestry 
ar-ray' [ar-ra] «. beautiful attire 
ar-rears' [ar-rerzT overdues 
ar-rest' [ir-rSstT v.l. to seize and fix 
ar-riv'al [ar-riv'rtl] «. reaching a place 
ar-rive' [ar-r!v'] 'j.i. to come to 
ar'ro-gant [ar'rS-gant] a. haughty 
ar'rO'W[ar'rS] «. a missile shot from a bow 
ar'row-root [-root'] n . a plant ; a food 
ar'se-nal [ar'] «. a military store 
ar'se-nic [ar'se-nik] K. a poison 
ar'son [ar's'n] «. wilful burning of house 
art [art] n. craft; skill 
ar-te'ri-al[ar-te'rt-al] an artery 
ar'ter-y [ar'ter-y] «. a blood vessel 
Ar-te'sian[ar-te'zh<jn] of Artois, France 
ar-te'sian -well [-wel]«.aflowingwell 
art' ful[art'ful].! .crafty 
ar'ti-choke [ar'ti-chok] K.afood plant 
ar'ti-cle [-k'l] «. a distinct part 
ar-tic'u-late [.ar-tik'ii-lit] -.t. to speak 
ar-tic u-la'tion [ la'shfln] >i. [distinctly 
ar'ti-fice [ar'tl-fis] k. an artful trick 
ar-tif'i-cer [ar-tlf'I-ser] ;:. a mechanic 
ar'ti-fi'cial (ar'tl-fish'<!l] a. made by art 
ar-til'ler-ry [ar-tll'ler-y] tt. cannon, etc. 
ar'ti-san [ar'tl-zan]. «. a mechanic 
art'ist [artist] «. one skilled in art 
art'less [art'lSs] a. free from guile 
Ar'yan [ar'yan] n. the Japhetic race 
as [az] adv. & conj. like 
as'a-fet'i-da[as'a-fst'i-da] «. a fetid gum 
as-bes'tos [Is-bes'tOs] «. a mineral 
as-cend' [as-sendl 'o.i- to mount up 
as-cend'ant [-<rnt] a. rising 
as-cend'en-cy [-<'n-sy] «. domination 
as-cen'sion [as-sen'shun] n. going up 
as-cent' [as-sent] n. the act of rising 
as'cer-tain [as'scr-tan] -z/.Momake sure 






I U 

1^)3 I ^ 




as-cet'ic [is-sat'Ik] ■;. austere 
as-cribe' [is-krib ] v.t. to impute 
ash [a,l!] >:. a tree 

a-shamed'[a-shamdTa.affeifledby shame 
ash'en [.IshVn] a. ash-colored 
ash'es [Ish'ez] «.//. what remains after 
a-shore'[a-shor'].2rff. onshore [burning 
A si-at'ic [Sshi-at'Ik) a. of Asia 
a-side' (i-sid'l adv. apart 
as'i-nine [4s i-nin] a. like an ass 
ask [ask] f.t. to request 
a-skance'[a-skans'] adv. sideways 
a-skew' [a-ska'] adv. & a. asquint 
a-slant' [.i-slant'] adv. sloping 
a-sleep' [a-slepT adv. in a state of sleep 
asp [asp] n. a small poisonous reptile 
as-par'a-gUS[as-para-sus]/i. a culinary 
as'pect [Js'pekt] n. appearance [plant 
asp'en [pen] >i. a tree 
as-per'i-ty [as-per'i-ty] k. harshness 
as-perse' [Is-pers'] v.t. to defame 
as-per'sion [as-pershOn) n. calumny 
as'phalt [As'falt] n. mineral pilch 
as'pho-del [as'fi-del] «. a plant 
as-phyx'i-a [as-frksl-a] n. suffocation 
as-pir'ant [as-pirV7nt] who aspires 
as'pi-rate [as'pl-rat] v.t. to breathe 
as pi-ra'tion [ra'shunlx.adesire to rise 
as-pire' [Ss-plr] v.i. to desire to rise 
as-pir'ing-ly [-ing-ly] adv. 
a-squint' [a-skwint] adv. obliquely 
ass [.1^1 yi. a beast of burden 
as-sail' [Ss-sal'] v.t. to attack 
as-sail'ant [-ijnt] n. one who attacks 
as- sas'sin[as-sas'sln])i. one who kills ore 
as-sas'sin-ate [-sl-nat] v.t. [ott guatu 
as-sault' [as-salf] «. a violent onset 
as-say' [Ss-sa] v.t. to examine ore 
as-sem'blage [as-sem'blaj] n. many in 
a3-sem'ble[-b'l]i'.to convene [one place 
as-sem'bly t-hly] «. a company 
as-sent' [is-senf] v.i. to agree to 
as-sert'[fts-serf] declare positively 
as-ser'tion[as-ser'shun]K. an affirmation 
ass'es' bridge'[5s'6z brij']«. p.5, Bk. I.. 
as-sess'tSs-ses')-'./. to value for [Euclid 
as-8ess'ineiit[mfnt] >t. apportionment 
as-Sess'or [sfr] n. a valuer 

as'sets[ab'sets)); .//.one's entire propert\ 
as-sev'er-ate (.'issev'cr-at] v.t. to aver 
as-sev'er-a'tion [-a'tlian] n. 
aa'si-du'i-ty [assl-du'l-ty] «. diligence 
as-sigrn' (as-sln'] v.t. to make over 
as Slgn-ee ' (as'slne'] ». one appointed 
as sig-na'tion[as'sig-na'shan]>i.appoint- 
as-sign'ment [.ib-sin'm^nt] k. (ed place 

as-sim'i-late[.-ie.sim'y-lat]z/ become 
as-sist' t.-.^- .istji/.!. to help [a part oi 
as-sist'ance [-ans] n. help 
as-sist'ant [-antj n. a helper 
as-8ize' [-is-slz'] «. a court 
a3-so'ci-ate(as-s?)'shi-at)«. a companion 
as-soci-a'tion[is-sO'sI-a'shOn]«.a union 
as'80-nant[as'sA-nanl] a. vowel rhym'ng 




as-sort' [.Is-sflrt'] v.t. to separate 
as-sort'ment [-m; nt] «. variety [subside 
as-suage' (as-swaj']'Z/./. to allay; I'.i. to 
as-sume' [.Is-sum "\v.tXo take for granted 
as-3ump'sit las-sump'slt] an ad^ion on a 
as-SUmp'tion[-sliun] it. [verbal promise 
as-SUr'ance [a-shur'^ns] n. confidence 
as-sure' [.i-sliijr'] v.l. to vouch for 
as'ter[Ss'ter] n. the Michaelmas daisy 
a3'ter-isk[-lsk] n. a reference star [*] 
a-stern' |, i -stern ] adv. backward 
as'ter-oid [Is'tcr-oid] «. a minor planet 
asth'ma [as'ma] n. a disease affecting 
a-stir' (aster'] ad-v. active [breathir 
as-ton'ish [as-t6n'Ish] ■:'./. to surprise 
as-tound' [Ss-tound] v.t. to amaze 

a-strad'dle [.istradd'l] adv. astride 
as tra-khan'[as'tra-kan'] n. fur cloth 
as'tral [Js'trul] a. star-like 
a-stray'[a-stra']rtrff.outof the right way 
as-tric'tion[as-trik'shQn] «. binding 
a-stride' [A-strid'] adv. leg on each side 
as-trin'gent [as-trln'jt-nt] n. binding 
as'tro-labe[as'tr6-lab] «. star instrument 
as-trol'o-gy [as-tr6l S-jy] n .what stars tell 
as-tron'o-my [as-trOn i-myj n . science of 
as-tute' [as-tuf] a. shrewd (the stars 
a-sun'der [i-sQn'der] adv. apart 
a-sy'lum [4-si'lum] k. aplace of refuge 
at [at] />•<■/. proximity to 
ate [at] the past tense of "eat" 
ate-lier' [at<'-lyS'] «. an artist's studio 
a'the-ism [a'/Ae-Iz'm] «. denial of God 
ath'e-ne'um [a/A'e-ne'flm] n. temple of 
a-thirst' [,i-//!ierst'] a. thirsty [learning 
ath-lete'[a/.4-let'] n. trained strong man 
ath-let'ic [a/A-let'lk] a. pert, to physical 
a-thwart' [a-/;!wart']/»-<'/.across [traiu- 
At-lan'tic[at-lan'tlk] n. an ocean [ing 
at'las [at'his] «. a book of maps 
at'mos-phere [at'mSs-fer] k. the air 
a-toU' [a-tol] ;i. a coral lagoon island 
at'om [atum] n. an indivisible particle 
at'om-i zer [-i'zer] «. a sprayer 
a-ton'a-ble [a-ton'a-b'l] a. expiable 
a-tone' [a-ton ] v.t. to expiate 
a-tone'ment [a-tOn'mi'nti n. reconcilia- 
a-ton'ic [a-tan'Ik] a. unaccented [tion 
a-tro'cious [a-tro'shOs] a. -wicked 
a-troc'i-ty [i-trOsI-ty] u. cruelty 
at'ro-phy [at'rO-fy] )i. a wasting away 
at-tach' [at-tach] v.t. to fasten to 
at ta ch^' [at 'ta sha'] « .one attached to an 
at-tach'ment[at-tachmcnt] h. [embassy 
at- tack' [at-tak'j v.t. to assault 
at- tain' [at-tan] v.t. to reach by efforts 
at- tain'meilt[at-tan'mfnt]«. acquisition 
at'tar [at'tcr] n. a fragrant essential oil 
at-tempt' [at-temf] «. an endeavor 
at-tend' [at-tend'] v.t. to wait on 

at-tend'ance[at-tSn'd(rns] n. waiting on 
at-tend'ant [ d<7nt] n. one who attends 
at-ten'tion [at-ten'shun] n. heed 
at-ten'tive [-tlv] a. heedful 





at-ten'u-ate tat-tS/i "ii-at] v. to make thin 
at-tenu-a'tion [at-tend-a'shun] «. 
at-test' [at-test ] z-.t. to certify 
at tes-ta'tiontat'tes-ta'shQnJ« testimony 
at'tic [at'tik] >i. a room next the roof 
at-tire' [at-tir] k. dress; clothing 
at'ti-tude [at'ti-tad] n. posture 
at-tor'ney [at-tur nyl h. a legal agent 
at-tract' [at-trikf] v.t. to draw to 
at-trac'tion [at-trak'shun]);. drawingto 
at-tracf ive [at-trakt'Iv] a inviting 
at-trib'ute [attrib'ut] v.t. to ascribe 
at'tri-bute[at'trI-bOt]«.aquality of 
at'tri-bu'tion[-bu'shOn] n. 
at-trite' [at trlt ] n. ivom by friction 
at-tri'tion [ittrlsh'Qn] u. abrasion 
at-tune' [at-tOnT •:■,/. to put in tune 
au'burn [a bum] a. reddisli brown 
auc'tion [ik shun] n. selling by bids 
auc tion-eer' [ er'] «. a seller by auction 
au-da'cious [i dSshus] a. daring 
au-dac'i-ty [,i-aas'I-ty] n. effrontery 
au'di-ble [i li-l.'l]^ actually heard fers 
au'di-ence [3 dl-tns)«. assembly of hear- 
au'di-phone La'dl-fon] n. a dentiphone 
au'dit [adit] -'./.to examine accounts 
au'di-tor [adi-ter] n. a hearer ; examiner 
au di-to'ri-um[-to'ri-amj body of a hall 
aufait' [ofS'I F. expert 
Au-ge'an [a-je'an] a. exceedingly filthy 
au'ger [a's? r] n. a large boring tool 
aught [at] adf. in any degree 
aug-ment'[agm6nt'] v.t. to increase 
au'gur [a 'gar] z.t. to foretell by omens 
Au'gust [a gust] ;/. the eighth month 
au-gust' [a-gust ] a. dignified 
auk [ak] n. an arctic sea bird 
aunt[.iiit];/. uncle's wife, or sisterof father 
au're-ate [a re at] a. golden lor mother 
au-re'li-a La.-re ll-a] k. gold-color pupa 
au're-ole [a'rc-ol] «. a halo of light 
au'ric [a'rik] a. pert, to gold 
au'ri-cie [a'rl-k'l] «. the outer ear 
au-ric'-u-lar L^rlk'Ci-ler] pert, to the ear 
Au-ro'ra[ri-rr.'ra]w. goddess of the dawn 
au-ro'ra aus-tra'lis[-as-tra'lis] jsouth- 
au-ro'ra bo re-a'lis(ljo'rca'lis]Sern cV 
au-ro'ral[arrj'riil]i2.rosy [northern lights 

au-rif'er-ous[a-rirrr-as]rt. gold-bearing 
au'rist[i'ribl] u. an ear doi^tor 
aus'pi-ces (is'|il-sez] «.//, patronage 
aus-pi'cious [is-plsh'us] a. propitious 
aus-tere' [astSr'] a. stern; severe 
aus-ter'i-ty Last&r'l-ty] ,^. harshness 
aUS'tral [as'tnil] a. southern 

Aus-tra'li-an[as-tra'li.<jn]a.of Australia 
Aus'tri-an Las'trl-«n] a. of Austria 
au-then'tic [a-C/jin'tlk] a. guuuine 
au then-tic'i-ty [-tls'Ity] h. genuine- 
au'thor [a'^/'er] n. the maker of [ness 
au'thor-ess f as] k. a lady author 
au-thor'i-ty[a-/.«6r'l-t5] h. power [itive 
au'thor-ize bVAOr-Iz) v.l. to empower 

- 4.>- 







au'to- [a'ti^O />■(•. one's self; one's own 
au to-bi-og'ra-phy [S'tS-bi-og'ra-fj;] );. 
au-toc'ra-cy [-i-tsk'ra-sy] >i. supremacy 
au'to-crat U to-krat] >i. a despot 
au'to-graph [a'tfi-graf] ?:. one 'sown sig- 
au-tom'a-ton t,i-tilm'a-ton] ;;. Inature 
au to-mat'ic [a'to-mst'ik] «. self-acting 
au'to-type [a't*-tip] «. a facsimile 
au'tumn [I'tum] n. "tliefair'of tlieyear 
aux-il'ia-ry [agz-Ii'y.i-ry] ». subsidiary 
a-vail'a-ble [a-vari-b'l] a. usable 
a-vails' [a-valz'] «.//. the proceeds 
av'a-lanche' [av'a-lanch'] n. a sliding 
av'a-ricetav'a-ris]«.greei.llmassof snow 
av a-ri'ci0U3[-rIsli'Qs] a. greedy 
a-vaunt' [i-vanf] i>i/er/.hegone 
a've [.ivf] ;;. a prayer 
a-venge' [avonj] i./. to vindicate 
a-ven'ger ta-ven'jer] «. one who avenges 
av'e-nue[av'c-nu] n. a wide street 
av'er-age [avcr-aj] «. medial; amean 
a-ver' ; >■ tr] t'.C. to affirm positively 
a-verse'ti-vtrs'] a. disliking; reluClant 
a-ver'sion [aver'shfln] «. dislike 
a-vert' [avfrf ) i'./. to ward off 
a'vi-a-ry (avi-s-ryj >t. a bird house 
a-vid'i-ty [a-vld'l-ty] n. eagerness 
av'o-ca'tion [av'S-ka'shnn] >i. pursuit 
a-void' [a void'] I'./, to shun 
a-void'ance [frns] it. shunning 
av oir-du-pois' [av "er-du-poiz'] n .weight 
a-vouch' [a-vouch'] v./. to assert posi 
a-vow' [a-voL'']z'.to declare openly [tively 
a-wait' [a-waf] v.i. to expect 
a-wake' [a-wak'] v. to rouse from sleep 
a-ward' [a-ward'l t'./. to adjudge 
a-ware' [a-wSr'] n. apprised 
a- way' [i-wa'] ativ. absent 
awe [ril I!, dread 
aw'ful [aful] a. frightful 
a-wkile' [a-hwirj <ir/t'. for a time 
awk'ward [akwerd] a. clumsy 
awl [al] !t. a pointed tool 
awn'ing [an'Ing] n. a roof-like cover 
a-woke' [i-wok'] past tense of "awake" 
a-wry' [a-ri'] a. twisted; askew 
ax [aks] ft. a hewing or "chopping tool 
ax'i-om [aks'l-um] u. self-evident truth 
ax'is [aks'is] n. axle fturns 

ax'le [aks"lj fi. the pinon which awheel 
aye [al] nd7J. modification of "yea" 
a-za'le-a [a-zale-a] n. a flowering shrub 
az'i-muth [az'I-muc;;] «.arcofthehori. 
a-zo'ic [a-zCi'ik] a. absence of life Izon 
az'ote [az'iit] «. nitrogen 
a-zot'ic [a-zOt'Ik] n. pert, to azote 
Az'tec[az'tek] «.anearlyrace in Mexico 
az'ure [izh'ijr] a. sky-blue 


Ba'al [ba'al] n.m. a Phoenician god 
bab'ble [babli'l] v.z. to talk much 
bab'bler [bab'bler] «. an idle talker 

■y-^"^ ^ 



ba'bel [haoel] >: confusion 
bab-oon' [bab-oon] //. a kind of ape 
ba'by [bahs-] n. a young cliilJ 
ba'by-ish [baby-lshl ,;. childish 

bacca-lau're-ate tMk'ka-ia'rest] pert. 

bac ca-rat'[bak ka-ra'l«.aganieitoB.A. 
bac'cha-nal [lak'ka-ni?!) n. a carouser 
bac cha-na'li-an [-na'li-nn]«. 

Bac'chus [bakTcOs] «. the god of wine 
bach'e-lor[bache-ler])i. unmarried man 
ba-cil'li[ba-sirir| ".//.vegetable disease- 
ba-cil'lus [-lus] s. of bacilli Igerms 

back [hak] «. the. hinder part 
back'bite[-blf] v.t. to slander 
back'bjne' [bon'] n. the spine 

back'down [doun] «. agiiingup 
back'gam monc-gam'un] «. a game 
back' ground [-ground'];/. space behind 
back'hand ed [handed] <» awkward 
back'ing [-ing] «. support 
back'set' [sef] h. a relapse 
back'slide' r-sUd'] v.i. to fall away 
back'ward [-werd] a. slow 
ba'con [bak'n] «. hog's flesh 
bac-te'ri-um[-um]j^. of bacteria (germs 
bad [I .'id] a. evil 
badge [bjj] k. a mark 
badg'er [baj'er] n. an animal 
ba di nage' [ba'de'nazi.-J II. silly talk 
bad'ly [badly] «</w. ill 
baffle [baf ri] v.t. to check 
bag [big] «. a sack or pouch 
ba-gasse' [ba-gas]«. crushed sugar cane 
bag a-telle' (bag'a-t6l'] «. a trifle 
bag'gage [I'lggij] «. trunks, etc. 
bag'ging [hsg'glng] «. cloth for bags 
bag'gy [b.-.g g\] a. flabby 
bagn'io [ban vp] w. a brothel 
bag'pipe [bag'plp] «. a wind instrun;en 
bail \\~>^^\ ". security bond 
bail'iff [bal'iff] «. an officer 
bait [bat] !z. enticement 
baize [baz] «. a kind of cloth 
bake [bak] v.t. to cook 
bak'er [bak'er] n. one who bakes 
bak'er-y [->■] «. a bakehouse 
bal'ance [bal'ans] «. adjustment 
bal'co-ny [bal'kS-ny] n. a gallery 
bald [bald] a. hairless 
bal'der-dash [balder-dSsh] «. trash 
bald'ly [baldly] adv. without reserve 
bale [bsl] «. a bundle 
ba-leen' [ba-!en'] u. whalebone 
bale'ful ['fijll a. destructive 
balk [bik] V.I. to stop 
ball fbal] «. a round body 
bal'lad (ballad) «. a song 
bal'last [bil'last] ■v. to load; k. a load 
bal'let [bal'14'] n. a dance 
bal-loon' (bal-lSon'J n. an air ship 
bal'lot [bSllut) V. to vote ; ;/. a votn 
bal'lot-box' ("bOks'l k. a box for votes 
balm [bam] ». a healing ointment 




bal-mor'al [bal-mdr'nl] «. a petticoat 
balm'y [bamy] a. soothing 
bal'sam [l^al s^m] «. a resin 
Bal'ti-more [Ul'ti-mor] «. the city of 
bal'us-ter [ Os-ter] u. a rail 
bal'us-trade [bsl' ] n. a row of 
bam-boo' [bSm-li6o]);.a plant Lbalusters 
ban [ban] «. a public notice 
ba-na'na [banana] K. a fruit 
band [band] «.strap;nuniber of musicians 
band'age [ aj] «. a wrapping [kerchief 
ban-dan'na [ban-dan a] «. colored hand- 
band'box [bandTaSks] n. 
ban'dit [bandit] «. a lawless fellow 
ban'dy [bandy] v.t. to exchange 
bane [ban] «. harm 
bane'ful [hanful] a. deadly 
bang [banjf] n. a heavy blow 
ban'gle [banjj'g'l] n. an ornament 
ban'ish [ban Tsh] v.t. to drive out 
ban'ish-ment [mcnt] «. exile 
ban'is-ter [banis-tcr] u. a baluster 
ban'jo [banjo] )i. a musical instrument 
bank [bangk] «. a money office 
bank'er [-er] tt. a bank manager 
bank'rupt [rOpt] «. an insolvent 
bank'rupt-cy [sy] «. insolvency 
ban'ner [banner] n. a flag 
banns [banz] >».//. notice of marriage 
ban'quet [l)ang'kwet] w. a feast 
ban'tam [ban'] «. a small fowl 
ban'ter [ban tcr] «. joking 
bant'ling [bant'llng] n. an infant 
ban'yan [bar. y<in] «. a tree 
bap'tism [liap tiz'm] «. a sacrament 
bap'tist [-list] );.asect 
bap-tize'[-ti2'] v.t. to immerse; tochristen 
bar [bar] v.t. to hinder 
barb [barb] w. a sharp point 
bar-ba'ri-an [bar-ba'rl-an] «. a savage 
bar-bar'ic [ bar'Ik] a. barbarous 
bar'ba-rism [ba-riz'm] «. savage state 
bar-bar'i-ty [bar'i-ty] n. cruelty 
bar'ba-rous [ba-rus] a. brutal 
bar'be-cue [be-ku] «. an out-door feast 
bar'ber ( If" r] n. one ivlio shaves 
bar'ber-ry [ber-ry] n. a shrub [a fort 
bar-bette' [bar-bet ]«. mound ofearth in 
bar'bi-can [lilkan] «. tower of defense 
bard [bard] n. a poet 
bare [bar] a. naked 
bare'faced' [fast] a. audacious 
bare'ly [-ly] adv. merely 
bar'gain [bar gen] «. a contrail 
barge [barj] «. a vessel 
bark [bark] >i. the rind of a tree 
bar'keeper [bar'kep'er] H a liquor seller 
bark'en-tine [barken-ten] n. a three- 
bar-ley [bar'ly])i.agrain [mastedvessel 
barn [bam] a. an out-building 
bar'na-cle [bar'na-k'l] H. a shell fish 
ba-rom'e-ter [ba-rOm'c-tcr] n. airpres- 
bar'on [bar'un] ;i.alord [sure meter 
bar'on-et [-et] «. a title 


N-> \^ 






barque [bark] n. a vessel 
bar'rack [bar'rak] «. a house for soldiers 
bar'rel [bar r4l] «. a cask 
bar'ren [bar ten] a. sterile 
bar'ren-ness [nes] «. sterility 
bar ri-cade' [bar'rikad'] >i. a defense 
bar'ri-er [bar'rl-?r] a. an obstruction 
bar'ris-ter [bar'ris-ter] «. a lawyer 
bar'row [bar'rS] «. a hand cart 
bar'ter [barter] T.t. to exchange 
Bart'lett [lart let] >/ .favorite kind of pear 
bar'i-tone [bar'iton] a. a deep voice 
ba-rouche'lbi-rSoshTn. kind of carriage 
ba'sal [lia'stil] ti. pert, to the base 
ba-salt' [ba-saltT «. a kind of rock 
base [has] n. bottom 
base'ball' [-bal'] «. a game 
base'born' [-hum'] a. vile; mean 
base'-burner [-burn'er];;. kind of stove 
base'ly [ly] adv. shamefully 
base'ment [-mt-nt] k. the ground floor 
base'ness [-nes] «. vileness 
bash'ful [bash'ful] a. timid 
bash'ful-ness [nes] «. diffidence 
ba'sio [ba'sik] rt. serving as abase 
bas'il [baz il] n. bark-tanned sheep skin 
ba-sil'i-ca [b.i-zll'i-ka] «. a building 
bas'i-lisk [bazl-lisk] «. a lizard 
ba'sin [ba's'n] «. a shallow vessel 
ba'sis [I -a sis] yi. foundation 
bask [liask] -■.!. to lie in warmth 
bas'ket [bas'ket]?^. vessel made of splints 
basque [b.isk] «. kind of lady's jacket 
bas -re-liaf [bare-lef] F. low relief 
bass [bas] n. a fish 
bass [bas] n. lowest part in music 
bas' set [bSs'set] T'.;. to crop out 
bas'si-net(bassl-net] )i.a basket cradle 
bas'so [bas's6] ». lowest part in music 
bass'wood' [bas'wood'] n. a tree 
bas'tard[bas'terd]«.an illegitimate child 
baste [bast] I'.c. to sew loosely 
bas-tile' [bas-tel'j h. a fortress 
basti-na'do[bas'tI-na'd4] «. a beating 
bas'tion [baschun] «. part of a fort 
bat (bat]«. a ball club; a flying mammal 
batch [bach] «. a quantity 
bate [ViSt] f ./. to lessen 
ba-teau' [ba-to'] ». a clumsy boat 
bath {\::irli'\n. place to bathe; a bathing 
bathe [bath] tj. to wash 
ba-tiste' [ba-test'J k. a kind of cloth 
bat'on [liat On] k. a leader's staff 
bat-tal'ion [bat-taryOn] «. a bixly of 
bat'ten [bat't'n]«.stripof wood tsoldiers 
bat'ter [bat'tcr] v.t. to beat; to bruise 
bat'ter-y [-y] «. several cannon 
bat'tle [batt'l] «. a combat 
bat'tle-ax' (aks'] «. a broadax 
bat'tle-door' [-dor'] n. a play 
bat'tle-ment [nicnt] «. fortification 
bat-tol'o-gy (bai.t&r4-jy]«. using nced- 
bau'ble [t«bl] «. gewgaw [less wurds 






baw-bee' P'S-be'] Scotch, a lialfpenny 
bawd'i-ly [ladl-lyl adv. lewdly 
bawd'i-ness [nes] n. lewdness 
bawd'y [lady] a. obscene 
bawd'y-house' [-hous'] «. a brothel 
bawl [l.alj f.2. to cry out 
bay [! i.i) «. a sea inlet ; the laurel tree 
bay'ber-ry [bsr-rj] «. a tree 
bay'o-net [ba'6-n6t] k. a weapon friver 
bay'ou [Moo] n. an inlet from a gulf or 
bay'rum' (1 ri'rum'] n. a fragrant liquid 
bay'win'dow [win'd*] n. 
ba-zaar' [bazar'] «. room to sell goods 
bdel'lium [bel'yOm] «. a gum resin 
be [be] Z'.i. to exist 
beach [bech] n. a sandy shore 
beached [becht] f.p. stranded 
bea'con [be'k'n] n. a signal light 
bead [;>ed] >/. a perforated ball 
bead'ing [-Ing] «. a kind of molding 
bea'dle [beVri] «. crier of a court 
bea'gle [beg'l] «. a hunting dog 
beak [bek] n. the bill of a bird 
beal [bel] v.i. to gather m:itter 
beam [liem] «. a large piece of timber 
beam'ing [Ing] a. radiant 
bean [ben] n. a kind of pulse 
bear [bar] n. an animal; ^'. to convey 
bear'a-ble [a-b'l] a. tolerable 
beard (ber;'] n. hair on the face 
bear'er [bar'cr] n. one who bears 
bear'ing [V)ar'Ing] n. behavior 
beast [best] n. an animal 
beast'ly [iy] a. brutal 
beat [bet] ^'-to strike; «. adishonest person 
beat'en [bef'n] a. conquered 
be'a-tif'ic-al [bea-tif'I-krtl] a. blissful 
be-at i-fi-ca'tion (lie-at'i-fi-ka'shun] 
be-at'i-fy[be-at'i-fri v.t. to make happy 
beat'ins [bet'Ing] n. a throbbing 
be-at'i-tude [be-at'I-tad] «. blessedness 
beau [bo] ?/.?«. an escort; a lover 
beaux \\.az\pL of beau 
beau' i-de'al [-t-de'.il] n. a mental model 
beau monde' [mojjd'] F. the gay world 
beau'te-OUS [-tc-Qs] a. very fair 
beau'ti-ful [bu'tl-ful] a. pretty 
beau'ti-fy [-tl-fi] v.t. to adorn 
beau'ty [bu'ty] n. attractiveness 
bea'vcr [be'vcr];:. an amphibious rodent 
be-calm' [be-kam'] v-t. to still 
be-cause' [Ix-kaz'] conj. inasmuch 
beck [bek] v.l. to call by a nod 
beck'on [bekk'n] '.j.t. to make a sign 
be-cloud' [be-kloudT -v.t. to dim 
be-come' [bckum'] v.t. to be suitable to 
be-com'ing [ing] a. proper 
bed [bed] n. a place to sleep in fwet 

be-dab'ble [be-dab'b'l]!'./. to sprinkle or 
be-daub' [bf-dab'] v.t. to soil 
bed'bu^' [bed'bug'] «. an insect [room 
bed'cham ber [-chamlier] «.a sleeping 
bed'clothes' [-klothz ] «. blankets, etc. 






bed'ding [b6d-ding] «. bed materials 
be-deck' [be-dek] v.t. to adorn 
be-dev'il (lie-dev"l] v.t. to corrupt 
be-dew' [be-du] -v.t. to moisten 
be-dim' [lic-dim'] v.t. to flarken 
be-diz'en[l)e-dizzn]-^.to dress tawdrily 
bed'lam [bedl.rm) 11. madhouse: uproar 
Bed'ou-in[bed'66-en] n.z. nomadic Arab [ 
bed'quilt' [bid'kwiltT «. a coverlet 
be-drab'ble [lii:-dr.1b'b'l]-». to befoul 
bed'rid den [in^d'rid'd'n] a. confined to 
bed'rock' [ rSk'] n. solid rock Ibed 

bed'room [room] «. a sleeping room 
bed'side' [sM ] ;<. siileof bed 
bed'spread [spred'l n. a coverlet 
bed'stead [-stedj «. a bed frame 
bed'time' [-tim'] ». time to retire 
bee [be] «. an insedl ; a contest 
beech [bech] n. a tree 
beef [bef ] n. tlie flesli of a cow or oy 
beefsteak' [-stSk'] k. a sliceof I eef 
bee'hive' [be'liiv] n. hive for bees 
bee'line' [lin ] n. a strai^'ln course 
Be-el'ze-bub [be-elze-bub] n. the Devil 
been [bin] /./. of "be" 
beer [ber] «. a be^erage 
beet [bet] K. an edible root 
bee'tle [be't'l] «. an insedt 
beeves [bevz] //. of "beef," the animal 
be-fall' [l^-fal] v.t. to happen 
be-fit' [ix frt ] -v.t. to suit 
be-flt'ting [ting] a. proper 
be-fog' [be-fCg'] -d.t. to mystify 
be-fool' [be-fool] v.t. to deceive 
be-fore' [bc.for'] />-<■/. in front 
be-fore'hand' [hind] adv. ahead 
be-fore men'tioned [men'shOnd] a. 
be-fore'time' [tim] adv. formerly 
be-foul' [be-foul] v.t. to soil 
be-friend' [be-frend'] v.t. to succor 
beg [bSg] v.t. to ask earnestly for 
be-gan' [lie-gSn'J i ast tens,- of "begin' 
be-get' [be-gC-t] v.t. to procreate 
beg'gar (beggcr) «. one who begs 
beg'gar-ly [-1J] adv mean 
be-gin' [l«;-gm'] v. to commence 
be-gin'ner [-ncr] n. one who begins any- 
be-gin'ning [nmg] «. the origin [thinj; 
be-gone' (U'-j,'On'] iw/cr;. goaway 
be-50'ni-a[lje-g0'nl-a]«.a tropical plan: 
be-grime' [l/-grim'] v.t. to soil 
be-grudge' [hw-grflj'] v.t. to grudge i 
be-guile' [be-gllT v.t. to delude by craft 
be-gun' [U-guu] /./, of "begin" 
be-half [lif-haf] ;,. support 
be-have' [i;e-liav'] v.t. to act 
be-hav'ior [yer] «. conduct 
be-head' [Ix-hed] v.t. to decapitate 
be-hest' [tc-licst] «. acommaml 
be-hind' \\i-\\\n<.V'\prfp. at the rear 
be-hind'hand' [-hind'] a. late 
be-hold' [Uj-hsld] v.t. to see 
be-hold'er [--'r) <. a spectator [for 
be-hoove' ^J:-\\^v"\v.t.xo be necessary I 

X \w 







be'in[^ [I'e'In^] ?i. existence 
be-jew'el [Iw-ju'el] v.t. to ornament 
be-la'bor [be-la'ber] -zr.t. to beat soundly 
be-lat'ed [be-lat'ed] a. delayed 
be-lay' [be-laT v. to lie in wait for 
belch [helch] v.i. to give vent to 
bel'dam [berdSm]«. an ugly old woman 
be-lea'guer [be-le'ger] v.t. to besiege 
bcl' es-prit' [bel' Ss-pre'] F. fine wit 
bel'fry [liU'fry] n. a bell tower 
Be'li-al[be'II-<il] «. personification of evil 
be-lie' [be-lT'] ij.t. to slander 

be-licf [be-lef] «• faith 
be-licvo' [bc-lev'] v.t. to take one's word 
be-licv'er [-cr] «. one who believes 
be-lit'tle [be-llt't'l] v.t. to make small 
bell [bel] n. a cup-shaped metallic vessel 
bel la-don'na [bel'la-don'na] K.aplant 
belle [bsl] )i. A pretty young lady ferature 
belles-let'tres [bsl-let'tcr] F. polite lit- 
bel'li-COse' [bgl'll-kos'] a. pugnacious 
bel-lig'er-ent [bel-llj'er-cnt] a. warlike 
bell' mefal [-m5t"liM.ahard alloy 
bel'low [bel'li] v.i. to roar like a bull 
bel'loWS [bel'lus] «.^.&//. a machine for 
bel'ly tbel'ly] «. the abdomen [blow 
be-long' [Ijc-lBng'] t'.i'. to pertain to 
be-low' [t>e-l6]/;^f/. under 
be-loved' [l>e-luvd']/./. -i greatly 
be-lov'ed [Ijc-luv'ed] «. & a. \ loved 
belt [belt] K. a girdle [a fine view 

bel ve-dere'[berve-der']«.coramanding 
be-moan' [be-mon'] v. to lament 
bench [bencli] «. a long seat ; a work table 
bond [bend] '..i.t. to curve 
be-neath' [be-neth ] /?-</. under 
ben'e-dict [bSn'e-dikt] man just married 
ben e-dic'tion [-dik'shun] «. blessing 
bcne-fac'tion [-f ak'shun] h. a gift 
ben e-fac'tor [-ter]«.confererofbenefits 
bcn'e-fice [bSn'c-fTs] n. a church living 
be-nef'i-cence[be-nefi-Sfns]«. kindness 
be-nef i-cent [-sent] a. doing good 
ben e-fi'cial [ben'e-f Ish'ijl] <j. helpful 
ben'e-fi'ci-a-ry[-I-S-ry] n receiverof help 
ben'e-fit ;'-ien'e-fIt] «. an act of kindness 
be-nev'o-lence [be-nev'i-lms] «. kind- 
be-nev'o-lent [U-nt] a. kind Iness 
be-nign' [Vic-nln"] a. favorable 
be-nig'nant (be-nig'n<int] a. gracious 
ben'i-son [ben'i-z'n] n. blessing 
bent [bent] a. curved 
be-numb' [be-num'] vJ. to stupefy 
ben'zine [ben'zin] «. a volatile oil 
be-queath' [be-kweth '] t'./'.to give by will 
be-quest' [be-kwest] «. a legacy 
be-rate' [bc-tatT -v.i. to scold 
be-reave' [lic-rev'] ij.t. to deprive 
be-reave'ment [mtut] n. deprivation 
ber'ga-mot [bergimOt] k. a perfume 
ber'ry [bSr'ry] n. any small fleshy fruit 
berth \\xxth] n. an allotted place 
be-seech' [Iic-sech'] v.t. to entreat 
be-set' [bc-set] -v.t. to surround 







be-shroud' [be-shroudl I'.t to screen 
be-side' [be-sid'] f>ref. on one side of 
be-sides' ['tx-s\dz']aiiv. more than that 
be-siege'[be-sej ] i . to beset with an army 
be-smear' [be-smerT 7. to bedaub 
be-smirch' [lie-smerch] ;■./. to sully 
be'som [le'zum] k. a broom 
be-sot' [le-s6t'3 ii't. to stupefy 
be-span'gle[-spSng'g'l]z'. to adorn ring 
be-spat'ter[ -spatter]-', to soi 1 by splash- 
be-speak'[-spek']t'. to speak l>eforehand 
best [t est] a. most good 
bes'tial [bSs'chal] a. brutal 
be-stir' [lie-ster] V.I. to move actively 
be-stow' [lie-sto'] z',t. to give or conier 
be-stride' [be-strid'] v. with legs astride 
bet [bet] K. a wager 
be-take' [be-tak] -v.t. to resort 
beth'el [be/A'el] «. a place of worship 
be-think' [be-//;Ingk'] T.i. to recollect 
be-tide' [lie -tid '] -r-. to happen to 
be-times' [be-timz] arfi'. in good season 
be-to'ken [be-to'k'n] ''.t. to foreshow 
be-tray' [be-tra'] z.t. to be false to 
be-troth' [he-trO/'/!'] v.t. to affiance 
bet'ter [bet'tcrj a. an improvement on 
bet'ter-ment [-m^-nt] ?:. improvement 
be-tween' [be-twen ']/'■</». intervening 
bev'el [bev'el]«. aslant 
bev'er-age[-er4j]>(. a liquid for drinking 
bev'y [bev'y] n. a company of ladies 
be-wail' [bc-wal'] v.t. to lament 
be-ware' [be-wir'] v.i. to take heed 
be-wil'der [lie-wll'dcr] v.t. to perplex 
be-wil'der-ment [mfnt] n. a tangle 
be- witch' [lae-wlch] v.t. to cliarin 
be-witch'er-y [-er-y] «. fascination 
bey [ba] ;;. a Turkish governor 
be-yond'[l5c-y6nd'] prep, on further side 
bd-zique' [ba-zek] n. a game at cards 
be-zo'ni-an [he-zo'nT-fm] ?/. a beggar 
bi'as [] «. inclination; slant 
bib [hib] drink: j/.child'schinapron 
bi-ba'cious [bi-ba'shus] a. given to drink 
bi-bac'i-ty [Il-bssl-ty] n. tippling 
bib'ber ['lcr] «. a tippler 
Bi'ble [liib':] ;i. abo..k: tlie Scriptures 
bib'li-cal[blb'llk,jl]<i.pert. tothe Bible 
bib li-0g'ra-phy[-8g'ra-fy]);. history of 
bibli-ol'o-gy [.-il'i.jy] book lore [Ixioks 
bib'u-lous [Mb u-lus]<r. imbibing Tyears 
bi cen-ten'ni-al[bi'ssn-t6n'ni-al]rt.joo 
bick'er [blkTrlr/.toquarrel 
bi'cy-cle[brsl-k'l] ;/. a 2 -wheeled vehicle 
bid fbltl] v.t. to offer 
bid'ding [bid'ding] «. command 
bide [bl-l] ■n.i. to wait for [yean 

bi-en'ni-al [bi-tn ni-«l] a. once in two 
bier [br-r] «. frame for carrying the dead 
bi-fur'ca-ted [bi-fQr'ki-tSd) a. forked 
big [bij;] a. large 

big'a-my [big'i-my] «. double marriage 
big'ger [big'gcr] a. larger 
big'gest [big'gfstl "• larjrr-it 




\_^ N ^ 



bight [bit] «. a loop 
big'ness [MgnesJ n. bulk 
big-no'ni-a [big-no'nl-a] «. a plant 
big'ot [big'ut] n. one set in his belief 
bi-j ou' [be -zhoo '] n.s. anything- small and 
bi-joux' [It-zhooz]//. of bijou [pretty 
bil'bo [I)!! lid] n. a kind of sword 
bile [bil] n. a fluid secreted by the liver 
bilge [bllj] n. the bulging part of a cask 
bil'ious [bil'vus] a. having excess of bile 
bil'ious-ness [-yus-nes] «. bilious state 
bilk [bllk]t'./. to frustrate 
bill [bll] n. a statement 
bill'board' [Lord] «. bulletin board 
bil'let [lill'Iet] «.abarof iron or wood 
bil'let-doux' [bll'la-doo'] n. a love letter 
bil'liards[biryerdz]K.agame [language 
bil'lings-gate' [bil'lIngz-gStT «. coarse 
bil'lion [bil yun] n. a thousand millions 
bil'low [bll 6] n. a wave 
bil'ly [hrlly] «. a club [metals as money 
bi-met'al-lism [bi-met'al-llz'm] n. two- 
bi-month'ly [bi-mQn/A'ly] n. once in 
bin [b!n]<;. abox fordust.etc. [two mons. 
bi'na-ry [bi'na-ry] a. two ; double 
bi'nate [bini;] a. double 
bind [binii] T. to tie together 
bind'er-y [-cr-y] ;; .where books are bound 
bind'ing[-Ing] >/ .book cover;3. obligatory 
bi-Og'ra-phy [-fy] ;;. life history [writer 
bi-ol'o-gy [hi-Ol'S-jy] n. the science of life 
bi'ped [1 i pcd] n. a two-footed animal 
birch [licrcU] ;;. a tree 
bird [berd] a feathered winged animal 
bird'cage' [kaj'] «. a cage for birds 
bird's'eye' [•;'] «. as seen by a flying bird 
birth [Vtr,'/':] it. the act of being born 
birth'day[-da'] «. the day of one's birtl-. 
birth'place'[-plas ']w. where one wasborn 
birth'right' [-:it'] «. right by birth 
bis'cuit [biskit] H. kind ol bread 
bi-sect' [bi-sekf] i'. to cut into two parts 
bish'op [bish'up] K. a spiritual overseer 
bish'op-ric [-rik] «. a bishop's see 
bi-sil'i-cate [bi-sil'i-kat] «. a chemical 
bis'muth [blz'mO/A] n. a metal 
bi'son [liis6n] n. a wild ox ; the buffalo 
bis-sex'tile [bis-seks'til] k. leap year 
bit [bit] ?i. a morsel ; iron part of bridle 
bite [bit] 'J. to cut with the teeth 
bit'ing [ing] a. sharp ; severe 
bit'ing in' [-in'] ;:. corrosion by acids 
bit'stock [bit'stok'] K. a brace 
bit'ter [bittrr] a. acrid 
bit' ter-ness[-nes]«.severity [nightshade 
bit'ter-sweet [bi:'ti;r-swet']« tliewoodj 
bi-tu'mcn [; i-tu'nien] k. mineral pitch 
bi-tu'mi-nous [ml-nils] a. 
bi'valve [M'valv] a. having two shells 
biv'ouac [iilv'] ~c\i. to encamp 
bi'week'ly [bi'wek'ly] a. fortnightly 
bi-zarre' [bc-zar'] a. odd; fantastic 





^ V 




.-. V 







blab T'lMl "■■'• to tell thoughtlessly 
blab'ber [blab'ber] «. a tattler 
black [blak] it. destitute of light 
black'art' [art'J «. magic 
black'bair [hal] f.e. to reject by vote 
black'bass' [-bis] «. a kind of fish 
black'ber-ry [-ber-ry]«. fruit of bramble 
black'bird l-berd] «. 
black 'board [bord '] n . blackened board 
black'cap'[-kap ] « the mock nightingale 
black'coat' [ksf] «. aclergj'man 
black'en[-'n]j'. to make black; to defame 
black'guard [blag'gard] v.l. to revile 
black'guard ism[-iz'ni] n. ruffianism 
black'heart ed[-hart'edl .i. morallybad 
black'hole [hoi] «. a dungeon 
black'ing [-Ing] «. paste for shoes 
black lead' [led'l »;. graphite 
black'leg [-leg] n. a gambler 
black'letter [letter] a. old English 
black'list (lIstT >! . list of suspicious per- 
black'mair [mal] n. extortion [sons 
black'smith [-smI//0 «. iron smith 
black'thorn' [-/Aorn'] «. the sloe tree 
blad'der [blad'der] «. a sac for fluid i 
blade [bl.ld] «. cutting partof instrument 
blam'a-ble[blama-b'l](i. deserving cen- 
blame [blam] -<j.t. to censure [sure 

blameless [les] a. innocent 
blame'wor thy (wur tliy] <?. culpable 
blanch [blanch] i-.t. to whiten [dessert 
blanc-manche' [bla-ma«zh'] «. kind of 
bland [bland] a. mild ; smooth-tongued 
blan'dish [blan'dlsh] vJ. to cajole 
blan'dish-ment [ment] n. soft speech 
blank [blangk] a. not written upon 
blan'ket [blang'kSt] «. loosely -woven 
blare [blar)«. a bellowing noise [woollen 
blar'ney [llar'ny] «. coarse flattery 
bla-8^' [blazi'] a. usedup 
blas-pheme' [blas-fem'] v. to utter blas- 
blas'phe-my [-my] n. profanity [my 
blast [blast] n. a violent gust of wind 
blast'ed [-id] a. confounded ; withered 
bla'tant [bla'tant] a . clamoring ; bawling 
blaze T'llz] ?/. aflame 
bla'zon [bla'z'n] f. to display pompously 
bla'zon-ry [-ry] «. artistic display 
blea [blc] u. the inner bark of a tree 
bleach [blOch] T.t. to make white 
bleak [blek] a. unsheltered ; desolate 
blear [bier] a. having watery eyes 
bleat [MCI] n. a sheep's cry 
blee [ M.:] n. likeness 
bleed [l led] v.i. to lose blood 
blem'ish [blSmlsh] «. that which mars 
blench [blanch] -v.i. to flinch; to shrink 
blend [l-lOnd] -v.i. to mingle together 
bless [blc-s] v.t. to wish happiness to 

bless'ed [•'^''l "■ happy 
bless'ed-ness [-nts) «. happiness 
bUss'ing [-Ing] 7/.thatwhicli makes one 
blew [>>10] »>«/. of 'blow" [truly happy 







blight [lilit] v.t. to blast 
blind t;4ind] a. deprivea of sight 
blind'er(-tr] n. a leather screen on bridle 
blind'fold [fold'] cover the eyes ol 
blind'ly [.ly] adv. as if blind 
blind'ness [-nes] n. inability to see 
blind'- worm' [-w(lrm']>i. the slow-worm 
blink [blingk] to peer with half-shut eyes 
blink'ers [-crz] «.//. g-oggles 
bliss [lills] 71. the highest happiness 
bliss'ful [.ful] a. full of bliss 
blis'ter[l.lls'ter] «.a kind of pustule 
blithe [blith] a. joyous 
blithe'some [sum] c. gay 
bliz'zard [l.lizzcrd] «. sudden violent 
bloat [1 .l5t] -IK to puff up [cold snow-storm 
bloat'er [tcr] «. a smoke-dried herring 
block [bisk] M. solid mass of wood or stone 
block-ade' [-ad] v. to shut in by siege 
block'head' [-hed'] «. a stupid fellow 
block'house' [-hous'] n. a wooden fort 
blonde [blond] -i. one with liglit hair and 
blood [bludl n. the life fluid [blue eyes 
blood'ed[-t;d] a. of the best stock 
blood'hound' [-hound'] >i. breed of dogs 
blood'less [les] a. without blood 
blood'root' [root] n. a plant 
blood'shed' [shed] «. slaughter 
blood'shot' [-shSf]a. inflamed, as the eye 
blood'suck'er [-suk'er] «. a leech 
blood'thirst'y [-cAersfy] a. vindictive 
blood' vessel [-ves'sel] «. a vein or artery 
blood'y [-y] a. blood-stained ; murderous 
bloom [bloom] n. a blossom 
bloom'er [-Er] >/. a costume 
blos'som [blos'sum] n. a flower 
blot [bI5t] n. a spot or stain 
blotch [blSch] «. skin eruption 
blot'ter [l.lot'ter] ;;. a blotting pad 
blouse [bluuz] «. a kind of loose coat 
blow fl.lo] n. a stroke 
blow'pipe' [-pip'] >:. a pipe for fusing 
blowth \\Ablli] II. a blossoming 
blub'ber [blub'bcr] «. the fat of whales ' 
bludgf'eon [blOj'un] «. short heavy stick 
blue [bill] II. one of the primary colors 
blues [l.luz] K.//. low spirits 
blue'beir [-bel'] n. a plant; a flower 
blue'dev lls[-d6v"lz] >i delirium tremens 
blue'grass' [-gras] x. species of grass 
blu'ing [ing] II. used for tinting linen 
blue'stocking[-st6k'ing]« literary lady 
blue'stone' [-ston']K. sulphate of copper 
bluff [bluf] ,T. blustering 
blun'der [blun'dFr] «. a mistake 
blun'der-bus [bus] «. a short gun 
blunt [l.lunt] .7. liaving thick edge 
blunt'ly [-ly] ac/v. abruptly 
blunt'ness [nSs] «. dullness 
blur [blfir] v.f. to obscure 
blur'ry [-ry] a. blurred 
blurt [blurt) v.t. to utter suddenly 
blush [blQsh] -v.i. to redden with shame 




blus'ter [Mus'ter] n. a hnisterous noise 
blus'ter-er [-cr] «. a swaggerer 
blus'ter-ing [Ing] «. boastful ftippet 
bo'a [bo a] ft. serpent; kind of snake-like 
boar [b5r] tt. the male of swine 
board [bord];/. food; thin piece of timber 
board'er [-er] n. one who boards 

board'ing-house' [ing-hous] n. 

boast [bost] v.t. to brag 
boast'er [er] >i. a braggart 
boast'ful [-fill] it. self-praising 
boat [bot] 71. a vessel 
boat'man [-m^rn] «. a boat manager 
boat' swain [-swin] tt. a ship officer 
bob [I'f^b] fi. a jerky motion 
bob'bin [bin] «. a kind of spool 
bob'bi-net' [ngf] «. cotton lace 
bob'tail' [tai] k. a short tail 
bock'beer' [bok'ber'] «. strong beer 
bode [bod] V, to forebode 
bod'ice [bod'ls] «. a corset 
bod'i-ly [-My] a. entirely 
bod'kin' [kin] k. a large pin 
bod'y [-y] «. a person 
bod'y-guard' [-gard'] n. a retinue 
bog [t>6g] n. a marsh 
bog'gle [gl] v.i. to hesitate 
bog'gy [-g>] a. swampy 
bo'gus [bo'gfls] a. spurious 
bog'wood' [bOg'wood] n. wood dug up 
bo'gy [lio'gy] «. a spectre [from peat bogs 
boil [boil] v.t. to cook 
boil'er [-er] «. that in which anything is 
bois'ter-OUS [bois'ter-Qs] a. loud [boiled 
bo'lar [Vi5'ler] rt. clayey 
bold [hold] a. daring 
bold'en [bold'n] tj.I. to make bold 
bold'faced' [fast] a. impudent 
bold'ness [-nes] ?i. courage 
bole [bol] H. earthy clay 
boll [br.l] K. the pod of a plant 
bo-lo'gna[l'6-lo'nya]>i. a kind of sausage 
bol'ster [bolster] >i. a long pillow 
bolt [bolt] v.t. to fasten with a bolt 
bo'lus [bo'Ius] K. a large pill 
bomb [b6nil tt. an explosive shell 
bom -bard'ment[-l>;ird'mcnt] Han attack 
bom-bas'tic [bOm-bas'tlk] a. pompous 
bomba-zine' [bum'ba-zen'] «. a fabric 
bone .•..;) r. good 

bo'na fi'de [bo'na fi'd?] /.. in good faith 
bo-nan'za [bA-nSn'za] n. a rich vein 
bon'bon' [b6«'l»6«'l jt. a sugar plum 
bond Ib.->n(l] «. an obligation 
bond'age [-aj] tt. servitude 
bond'ed [ .-.l) a. under bond 
bond'hold'er(-h6ld'?r]H. holder of bonds 
bonds'man (b6ndz'man] n. a surety 
bone [boil] rt. hard p.irt of skeleton o' 
bone'set [set'] «. a plant [animal; 
bon'fire [b/in'fir] «.a large fire 
bon'net (hon 'net'] «.covering for the head 
bon'i-face (b^n'lfas] >i. an innkeeper 
bon'mot' [b6«'ni4'l /^. ajest 

BON 30 

bon'ni-ly [bSn'nl-Iy] adv. gayly 
bon'ni-ness [-nC-s] y/.gayety 
bon'ny [Ii6n'ny] a. good; handsome 
bo'nus [bo'nus] n. premium 
bon'y [b5'ny] a. full of bones 
boo'by [I o51.y] n. a dunce ; a bird 
boo'dle [l,ooM'l] ;;. bribe money 
boo'hoo' [bdo'lioo'] v.i. to bawl 
book [book] n. a volume fbooks 

book'bind'erf.l)ind'crJ n. onewho binds 
book'binder-y[-y]);. place where books 
book'bind ing [lugj «. lare bound 
book'case' [kas'] n. case for books 
booked [l 6okt] a. registered 
book'ish [I txk'Islij,;. studious Taccounts 
book'keep er [-kep'er] «. onewhokeeps 
book'mak'er[-mSk'cr] «. a betting man 
book'man[ nian] 7i. a scholar la compiler 
boom [lioT.niJ 7'./. to advance [weapon 
boom'er-ang [-er-ang] -v. an Australian 
boon [boon] «. a benefit 
boor [boor] n. a rude fellow 
boor'ish [ish] a. unmannerly 
boost [boost] v.t. to lift ; to push 
boot [boot] n. foot wear 
booth [booth] «.a covered market stall 
boo'ty [booty] n. plunder 
booze [boo2] v.i. to tipple 
booz'er [boo'zcr] «. a toper 
booz'y [boozy] a. befuddled 
bo'rax [bOraks] «. a drug 
bor'der [border] «. the outer edge 
bore [bor] V. to pierce; n. the tidal flow 
bo're-as [bo're-rts] «. the north wind 
born [born] part, brought into life 
borne [barn]/./, of "bear" ; carried 
bor'ough [bur'6] n. a village 
bor'row [h6r'r6] v.t. to get a loan 
bosh [liCsli] n. trash ; nonsense 
bos'om [booz'iim] 7t. the breast 
boss [bBsJ n. a master 
bot'a-ny [bat'a-ny] «. science of plants 
botch [bach] 71. a clumsy patch 
botch'er [er] n. a bungler 
botch'y [y] a. poorly done 
both [ho//(] a. the two 
both'er [beth'fr] T.t. to annoy 
both'er-SOme [sum] tr. vexatious 
bot'tle[bBt'ri]«vesselwithnarrow mouth 
bot'tom[bat'tum];;. the base ; lowest part 
bot'toraed [tumd] a. grounded 
bot'tom-less' [les] a. fathomless 
bot'tom-ry [-ry] k. a contract 
bou'doir' [boo'dwor'] n. a lady's room 
bough [bou] «. an arm or large branch 
bought [bat] /./. purchased [of a tree 
bou illon' [boo'yaK'] F. a kind of soup 
bou'le-vard [lioo'lc-var] «.wideavenue 
bounce [bouns] v.i. to leap 
boun'cer [-ser] k. something big 
boun'cing [sTng] a. big; healthy 
bound [biiuiul] //. made fast 
bound'a-ry [a-ry] h. a limit 
bound'less [les] a. unlimited 








boun'te-OUS[houn'te-Qs] a. generous 
boun'U-ful [-ti-ful] a. liberal 
boun'ty [-ty] n. generosity 
bou-quet' [bso-ka] «.abunch of flowers 
bour'bon [t'oor 1100] «. an obstinate cy- 
bour'bon-ism[-iz'm]>i. Iservative 

bour-geois' [hur-jois ] «. kind of type 
bourn [tiorn] «. a limit ; goal 
Bourse [boors] «. Paris Stock Exchange 
bout [liout] ;;. a turn 
bo' vine [bo'vin] a. pert, to the ox or cow 
bow [bou]2/./. to bend; 7t. forepart of ship 
bow [b5] K. an instrument to shoot arrows 
bow'els [bou'elz] «.//. the intestines 
bow'er [bou'cr] «. a shelter 
bow'ie knife'[bs'enif']«. hunting knife 
bowl [bol] n. a concave vessel 
bowl'der [drr] n. a large stone 
bow'line [bo'lln] n. a rope 
bowl'ing [boring] n. a game 
bow'man [bo'm<zn] «. an archer 
box [boks] n. a chest 
boy [boi] n. a male child 
boy'cott [-k6t']i'.^.to withhold trade 
boy'ish [-Ish] a. like a boy ; puerile 
brace [bras] i',t, to tighten ; to strain up 
brace'iet [-let] ?/. a wrist ornament 
bra'cing [bra sing] a. invigorating 
brack'et [brak'et] «. a shelf 
brack'ish [ish] a. salty 
brad [brad] «. athin nail without a head 
brae (bra] Scotch, a hillside 
brag [brSg] v.i. to boast 
braa'gart [-gcrt] n. a vain fellow 
brag'ger [-ger] n. a boaster 
Brah'ma [brami] k. the Hindoo Creator 
brah'min[.mTn]>i.asacredcaste Hindoo 
braid [] t..-. to plait 
braid'ing [ing] ». plaiting 
brain [brln] >t. seat of the intellect 
brain'less [I6s] a. without brain ; silly 
braise [braz] v.t. to stew in covered pan 
brake [l>rrik)K.appliance to check motion 
brake'man [-m.m] n. applier of brake 
bram'ble [bram1>"l] «. a prickly shrub 
bran [br.ln] «. the coat of cereal grains 
branch {' ran' 1 ] >i. the limb of a tree 
bran'chi-a [bring'kl-a] «.j. gill of fish 
bran'chi-ae [brangTcI-S] f>!. of branchia 
bran'chi-al [-<il] a. pert, to gills 
brand [brand] •;..'. to mark 
bran'dish [bran'dlsh] -v.t. to flourish 
brand'-new' [brand' -nQT a. quite new 
bran'dy [lirSn'dy] n. distilled wine 
bra'sier [bra zhPr] «. worker in brass 
brass [bras] n. alloy of copper and zinc 
brass'y [-J] a. made of brass; impudent 
bra- va'do(bra-va'd4] «.boastful behavior 
brave [brav] a. courageous 
brave'ly [-ly] adv. in a brave manner 
brav'er-y [brav'cr-J] «. courage 
bra'vo [brS'vA] inlerj. well done 
brawl [brjil] n. a noisy contention 
brawn [br^n] n. muscular strength 




brawn'y [-y] a. muscular 
bray [bra] «. a harsh sound; an ass's cry 
bra'zen [bra'z'n] a. made of brass; im- 
breach [brech] n. a gap tpudent 

bread [brtd] ;i. food made of flour 
bread'stufF [-stflf] n. grain, flolir. etc. 
breadth [lirSd//;] n. width 
break [Irak] ■z/.t. to sunder 
break'age [sj] «. a breaking 
break'down' [doun'] >t. a downfall 
break'er [fr] n. a foamy wave 
break'fast [brek'iast] >i. the first meal 
break'-up(-up']« a disruption [of harbor 
break'wa ter [-wa'ter] «.wall at mouth 
breast [I. rest] ;i. forepart of the chest 
breast'boue'[-bon']«. bone of tlie breast 
breast'pin' [-pin'] «. omamtr.t 
breast'work' (-wQrk'] «. a fortification 
breath [\~reth'\ n. respiration 
breathe [lireih] z.i. to respire 
breath'less [br6//:1es] a. out of breath 
bred [bro.i]/./. of "breed" 
breech [l .rech] x . the hinder part of 
breech'load er [lod'er] n. a firearm 
breech'es [tjrlch'ez] «.//. trousers 
breed [bred] v. to bring forth 

breed'ing [ ing] n. training 
breeze [brez] u. light wind 
breez'y [ y] a. airy 

breth'ren [brethren] fellow mem- 
breve [brev] ;/. a note in music [bers 
bre-vet' [bre-vtt'] «. a commission 
bre'vi-a-ry [bre'vl-a-ry] n. an abridg- 
bre'vi-ate [brevl-st]«. a summary [ment 
bre-vier' [bre-ver'] u. a kind of type 
brev'i-ty [brevity] «. shortness 
brew [br.:J] I'.t. to concoct 
brew'er-y [-fr-y] n. a brewhouse 
bribe [brili] n. a gift for bad uses 
brib'er-y [-er-y] n. corrupt giving 
bric'-a-brac'[brlk'a-brak'] k. curiosities 
brick [tirlk] >:. baked clay [bricks 

brick'-kiln [kll] n. a kiln for burning 
brid'al [bridal] a. pert, to a bride 
bride [brid] »i. a woman newly married 
bride'groom' [-g^oom] n. a man newly 
bride'weir [wel] «. a prison [married 
bridge [brlj] «. a span over anything 
bri'dle [brl'd'l] n. a curb 
brief [bref] n. concise 
bri'er [brier] M. prickly shrub ; wild rose 
brig [brig] «. a two-masted vessel 
bri-gade' [bri-gad'] «. a body of troops 
brig'and [brig'tmd] k. a robber 
brig'and-age [-sj] «. plunder 
bright [brit] a. shining 
bright'en [n] v.t. to enliven 
bright'ness [-nes] «. glitter 
bril'lian-cy [bril'yan-sy] «. brightness 
bril'liant [brll'yant] a. sparkling 
brim [brim] n. upper edge 
brim'ful' [fiil'] a. full to the brim 
brim'ming [mlng] a. overflowing 
brim'stone [ston] «. sulphur 








brin'dled [brin'd'ld] a. with dark streaks 

brine [brin] ;i. salt -nater 

bring [Sring] -'./. to fetch 

brink [bringk] k. the edge of a steep place 

brin'y [brui'y] a. salty 

brisk [brisk] a. lively ; active 

bris'tle [bris's'l] «. stiffhair of swine 

bri-tan'ni-a [brl-tan'nl-a] «. an alloy 

Brit'ish[brUlsh] Great Eritain j 

Brit'on [brftan] n. a native of Britain 

brit'tle [Irit't'lja. fragile 

brit'tle-ness [-nes] k. fragility 

broach [broch] pierce; to put forth 

broad [brad] a. wide 

broad'cast' [kast] <r. widely diffused 

broad'cloth [kiat^] «. woollen cloth 
broad'side' t^'dT k. side of a ship 
broad'sword [sord] «. a weapon 
bro-cade' [brSksd ] «. silk stuff 
broo'co-li [brOk'k6-lri«.kind of cabbage 
bro'chure [brS'shqr] K. a pamphlet 
bro'gan [bro'gan] >t. a stout shoe 
brogue [brSg] n. corrupt dialect 
broil [broil] v.e. to cook over hot coals 
broke [brok] /./. of "break" 
bro'ken [brak'n] a. sundered 
bro'ken-heart ed [-hart'ed] a.disconso- 
bro'ker [broker] K. an agent Llate 

bro'ker-age (4j] «. a broker's fee 
bro'mine[bromin]n.drug [branches 
bron'cbi-a [brOng'ki-a] n.//. windpipe & 
bron'chi-al [al] a. pert, to bronchia 
bron-chi'tis[br0n-k5't!s] k disease of br'a 
bron'cho [brang'kS] «. Mexican horse 
bronze [brSnz] k. an alloy 
brooch Cbroch] ». an ornament 
brood [brood] V. to dwell upon 
brook [brook] K. a small stream 
broom [broom] «. a brush 

broth [bro/;<] «. soup 
broth'el[br6th'Sl]K. abadhouse [parents 
broth'er [I iruth 'er] n. male born of same 
broth'er-hood [-hSod] w.a fraternity 
broth'er-ly [-ly] adv. as a brother 
brough'ani[broo'am] K. kind of carriage 
brow [brou] n. the forehead 
brow'beat' [brou'bet] v.e. to bully 
brown [broun] «. a dusky red color 
brown'ie [I] «. good-natured fairy 
browse [brouz] ■z'.t. to nibble and eat 
bru'in [bryln] Dutch, brown j a beat 
bruise [bryz] n. a contusion 
bruis'er [-cr] «. a pugilist 
bruit'ed [brnt'Sd]*. reported 
bru-nette' (brsj-nSt] «./. a dark beauty 
brunt [brflnt] K. the heat of an onset 
brush [brCsh] K. implement forsweeping 
brusque (br?6sk] a. rough; abrupt 

brusque'ness [-nss] «. biumness 

brus'sell [brfls's^lz] n. kind of carpet 
bru'tal rbrg'tal] a. savage 
bru-tal'i-ty [bry-tar-I-t>] w.inhumanitj- 
bru'tal-ly [bni'talljt] adv. cruelly 
brute [bryt] n. a beast 




bru'tish [hru'tlsh] a. like a brute I 

bub [liul.] >:. .1 little boy I 

bub'ble [111] «. globule of air I 

buc ca-neer' [buk'ka-ner'J it. a robber 
buck [hijk] n. a male deer 
buck'board' [bord] >:. a vehicle 
buck'et [huk'C-t] n. kind of pail fof Ohio 
buck'eye' [-rj «. horse-chestnut; a native 
buck'ish [Ish] a. foppish 
buc'kle [kl] z'.(. to fasten 
buc'kler [kler] «. a kind of shield 
buck'ram [ram] n. a coarse linen 
buck'shot' [shOt'l «. coarse shot 
buck'skin' [skin] k. a leather 
buck'wheat' [-hwef] «. a grain 
bu-col'ic [bij-kOl'Ik] a. rustic 
bud [bud] T.i. to sprout fdhism 

Bud'dha[hood'da] n. the founder of Bud- 
Bud'dhism [diz'm] «. a religion 
budge [buj] zf.(. to stir 
budg'et[-et] K. a bag; a financial state- 
buff [buf] «. a color Iment 
buf fa-lo [liflf'fa-lo] n. a wild ox 
buff'er [buf'er] «. a cushion 
buffet [liuf 'fet] v.t. to beat back 
buf 'fet-ing [Ing] k. adversity 
buf-foon' [buffoon'] k. a mimic 
bug [bug] «. an insect 
bug'bear' [-bar"] «. a specter 
bug'gy [-iri'] >i. a vehicle 
bu'gle [bu'g'l] K. kind of trumpet [inlay 
buhl[bul]>i.unburnished gold, brass, etc. 
build [Mid] v.t. to construct 
build'er [-er] k. a carpenter ; a maker 
build'ing [-Ing] n. an edifice 
built [bllt] a. constructed 
bulb [bulb] ?i. a knob-like root 
bulge [bulj] «. a protuberance 
bulk [liulk] K. the size of a thing 
bulk'head' [-hed] n. a partition wall 
bulk'i-ness [-i-nss] «. size 

bulk'y [-9) a. large 
bull [bul] II. male of large animals 
buU'doze' [doz] v.t. to intimidate 
bul'let [bul'let] «. a missile 
bul'le-tin [l>ul'le-tin] n. a public notice 
bull'head'ed [bul'hed-6d] a. obstinate 
bul'lion [liUl'yun] K. gold or silver 
bul'lock [bQl'lOk] «. an ox 
bull's-eye' [bulz'i'] n. center of a target 
bul'ly [liul'ly] «. a noisy fellow 
bul'rush [bql'rush'] n. a large rush 
bul'wark [liul'wDrk] k. fortification 
bum'mer[hum'mer] «. a worthless fellow 
bump [bump] n. a heavy blow 
bump'kin [kin] «. a clown 
bump'tious [-shus] a. self-conceited 
bun [liun] >!. a kind of cake 
bunch [lunch] !i. a cluster 
bun'combe [bung'kum] «. flattering talk 
bun'dle [bun'd'l] n. a package 
bung [l>iiui;] n. stopper of a cask 
bun'gle [bung'g'l] ?t. awkward work 
bun'gler [gler] «. a clumsy workman 





bun'gling [bung'gling] a. clumsy 
bun'ion (han'yun]«. a swelling on ball of 
bunk [hungk]7z. sleeping l^rth Igreat toe 
bun'ko [L)iing'k6] H. a swindling game 
bunt [bunt] v.z. to swell out, as a sail 
bun'ting [bun 'ting] n. thin stuff for flags 
buoy [bwoi] «. a floating objei^ 
buoy'an-cy [-<zn-s>'] n. lightness 
buoy'ant [-ant] a. floating; light 
bur [bur] «. a prickly coating of seeds 
bur'den [d'n] «.a load 
bur'den-some [-sum] a. heavy 
bu'reau [bu'rS] «. a desk ; an oflice 
bur'gee [bur'je] small coal ; kind of flag 
bur'gess[burjes] «. inhabitant of a boro' 
bur'glar [burgler] K. a housebreaker 
bur'gla-ry[bur'gla-ry]«. housebreaking 
bur'gun-dy [bur'gun-dy] >:■ a wine 
bur'i-al [b6r'rl-<H] «. interment 
bur'ied [ber'rid] a. covered over 
bu'rin [bu'rln] «. an engraving tool 
burl [\mT\] v.l. to finish cloth 
bur'lap [bur'lap] «- a coarse fabric 
bur-lesque' [bur-lesk']«. ludicrous show 
bur'ly [bOrly] a. bulky ; boisterous 
burn [burn]-'.:', to be on fire (flame issues 
burn'er [bumfr] 71. that from which a 
bur'nish [burnish] v.t. to brighten 
bur'row [bOrrS] ■v.i. to excavate 
burst [burst] v.t. to break with force 
bur'y [f-'C-r'ry] z',t. to inter ; to cover over 

bur'y-ing-place' t-pl5s'] «. 

bush [bush] n. a shrub ; a wild forest 
bush'el[bush'6l]«. four pecks: a measure 
bush'el-man [-man] n. clothes mender 
bus'ied [biz'zld]/./. kept busy 
bus'i-ly [llz'i-lf] adf. actively 
busi'ness [Mz'nes] n. affairs 
busi'neS3-like'[-lik']a.byright methods 
bus'kin [bQs'kIn] «. kind of half boot 
buss [bus] T.t. to kiss rudely 
bust [biist] n. the chest 
bus'tle [buss'l] K. hurry; kind of pad 
bus'y [blzz5'] a. diligent 
bus'y-bod y [bod y] «. a meddler 
but [i iut] pr^p. adv. & conj. however 
butch'er [bijch'er] v.t. to slaughter 
butch'er-y[-J]«. murder [the wines, etc. 
but'ler [but'ler] «. servant in charge of 
butt (but) i-.t. to strike with the head, as 
but'ter [ tcr] n. a product of milk [a ram 
but'ter-cup' [kOp'J «. a plant ; a flower 
but'ter-fly' [ fll ] n. a winged insect 
but'tock [bQt tak] K. the rump 
but' ton [buffn] v.t. to fasten 
but'tresa [bat'trss] «. a prop 
bux'om [bficks'Om] a. stout and rosy 
buy (br) -,■.!. to purchase 
buy'er [blt-r] «. a purchaser 
buzz [bOz] ». a humming sound 
buz'zard [ztrd] n. a bird 
buzz'-saw' [bQz'sj'] «. a circular saw 
by [bl] prif. & adv. near 

'^ ^^ 



V-\V V 






by'gfone' [bi'gOn'] a. past 
by'-law' [bi'la] n. a regulaaon 
bys'sine rtis'sln] a. silk-like 
by'stand'er [bi'stan'der] ».aspectator 
by'-street' [bl'strgf] n. a cross street 
by'way' [bi'wa'] «. a private way 
by'word' [bi'wQrd'] k. common faying 
by-zan'tme [bi-zan'tin] k. a coin 

cab [kab] «. a vehicle 
ca-bal' [ka-bal'] n. an intrigue 
cab-a-lis'tic [kab-a-Us'tlk] a. mystic 
cab'bage [kab'bij] «. a vegetable 
ca-besse' [ka-bes'] «. a fine silk 
cab'in (kab in] «. a hut ; room in a ship 
cab'i-net [kab'i-net] «. a closet 
cab'i-net-mak'er [-mak'er] «. 
cab'i-net-work' [-wurk] n. 
ca'ble [kaTi'l] «. a strong rope or chain 
ca'ble-gram ' [-gram'] « message by cable 
cab'man [kab'miin] «. a cab driver 
ca-boo'dleika-l)Oo'd'lJ 71. the whole lot 
ca-boose' [ka-boos'] w. a toolcar 
cab'ri-ole' [kab'rl-ol] «. a leap 
cab'ri-0-let' [kab'ri-6-la'] F. a cab 
ca-ca'o [ka-ka'6] n. the chocolate tree 
ca'chou'[ka'sho5']«.aromaticpill llaugh 
cac'kle [kakTc'l] K.noiseofahen 
ca'co-let' [ka'kS-la'] F. a litter ling 
ca-col'o-gy [ka-k61'6-jy]«. bad speaking 
ca-coph'o-ny [ka-korS-ny] n. discord 
cac'tus [kak'tus] ;;. prickly tropical plant 
ca-da'ver [ka-da'ver] ;:. a corpse 
ca-dav'er-ous [ka-dav'er-us] <z. ghastly 
cad'dy [kad'dy] K. a box for tea 
cade [kad] a. bred by hand 
Ca'dence [ka'dtns] «. fall of the voice 
ca-det' [ka-d6t'] K. a miUtary student 
Cse'sar [se'zcr] «. a Roman emperor 
ca'f^' [kafa'] n. a coffee house; restaurant 
caf-fe'ine [kaf-fein] «. essence of coffee 
cage [kaj] n. an inclosure 
cairn-gorm' [kSrn-girm'] «. a crystal 
cais'son [kas'son] ti. ammunition chest 
cai'tifF [ka'tif] ;:. a despicable person 
ca-jole' [ka-j61'] v.t. to flatter 
cake [kak] «. a sweetened loaf 
cal'a-bash [kali-bash] n. a gourd 
Cal a-boose' [kal'a-boos'] n. a prison 
ca-lam'i-tous[ka-lam'i-tiis]a. disastrous 
ca-lash' [ka-lash'] n. a vehicle 
cal-cine' [kal-sin'J v. to reduce to powder 
cal'ci-trant [kal'sl-trant] a. stubborn 
cal'ci-um [-Om] n. an elementary metal 
Cal'cu-late [karku-lat]f./. to compute 
Calcu-la'tion [la'shun] k. reckoning 
Cal'cu-la tor[-la'ter] ?t one who computes 
cal'cu-li [karku-li] «.//. of calculus 
cal'cu-lus [-lus] K.J. high algebra; gravel 
Cal'dron [kal'drfln] ti. a large kettle 
cal'en-dar [kalen-der] «. almanac 






cal'en-der [karsn-der] «. a hot press 
cal'ends[-endz)K./>/. first days of months 
ca-les'cence[ka-lesVns]»i growing heat 
calf [kll] «. the young of the cow 
calfskin' [kafskln']«. leather made of 
cari-ber[kal'I-hcr] «.size [calf s hide 
cal'i-CO Ckari-kiS] n. a cotton cloth 
cal'i-duct [kal'idukt] «. a pipe 
cal'i-graph'[kil'i-gTafT«. a typewriter 
ca-li^ra-phy [ka-lig'rafy] k. writing 
cal'i-pers[kan-perz] compasses 
ca'liph [ka'llf ] «. a successor 
calis-then'ics [kal'is-^Aen'iks] ;;.g5'm- 
calk [kak] v.t. to fill cracks Lnastics 

call [kal] -J.t. to summon 
cal'la [kalla] n. a plant 
call'er [kaler] n. one who calls 
cal'ler [kai'Ier] Scotch, a. refreshing 
call'ing [kaling] K. vocation ; visiting 
cal-li'o-pe[c51-l!'5-pe]«. musical instru- 
cal'lous [kal'lus] a. hard \miin\. 

cal'low [kario] a. unfledged 
calm [kam] a. still ; quiet ; serene 
calm'ness [nes] k. state of being calm 
cal'o-mel [kal'6-mel] «. a drug 
ca-lor'ic [ka-lerik] n. heat pieat 

calo-ric'i-ty [kar6-ris'I-ty] k. animal 

calo-rif'ic [rlf ik] a. heating 
calum'ni-a tor [ka-lQm'nl-a'terJ «. 
ca-lum'ni-ous [-us] a. abusive 
cal'um-ny [karum-ny] n. slander fcified 
Cal'va-ryC-vi-ry'] ;i. where Christ wascru i 
calve [kav] zi.i. to bring forth a calf 
calv'ish [ish] a. like a calf 
Cal'vin-ism[-vIn-Iz'm]«.Calvin's tenets 
Cal vin-is'tic [Is'tik] a. pert, to Calvin 
ca'lyi [ka'llks] n. a flower cup 
cam [kim] It. that which varies motion 
Cam'bri-a [kamlirla] L. Wales 
cam'bric [kam'brlk] n. linen cloth 
came (ksm) imp. of "come" [Africa 

cam'el [kam'el] 7i.ananimalof Asiaand 
ca-mel'o-pard [ka-mer4-pard]K. giraffe 
cam'e-0 [kamt-6] «. a carved jewel 
cam'o-mile [kam6-mil] k. an herb tonic 
camp [k'lmplT topitchtents ferations 
cam-paign' [kam-pan']«. aseries of op- 
cam-paign'cr t-?r]Koldsoldier[ringing 
cam pa-noro-gy[kam'pa-n61'6-jy] bell 

cam' phor [ f ■ r] >i . a gum 
cam'pus [klm'pus] n. college grounds 
can [kSn] aux. -v. to be able 
Can'a-da tkan'a da] w.countryn. of U.S 
ca-naille'[ka-nSl']F.themob; the rabble 
ca-nal'lka-nar)«. an artificial water way 
ca-nard' [ka-nard'] «. a newspaper hoax 
ca-na'ry [kana'ry] «. a bird 

can'cel [kan's.:l) v.t. to annul 
can'cel-la'tioni-la'shun) ». annulling 
can'cer [k-m'str] n.adisease; aconslel- 
can'cer-0U8 [flsj a. like a cancer llation 





ean'de-la'brum [kan'dc-la'brOm] n. 
can'did [k.ln'did] a. frank 
can'di-date [kan'dl-dat] «. office seekei 
can'did-ly [kan'dld-ly] adv. frankly 
can'died [k.ln'dld] a. preserved in sugar 
can'dle'd'l] «. a roll of tallow, etc. 
Can'dle-mas [mas] «. Feb. 2nd. 
can'dle-stick' [-stik'] «. candle holder 
can'dor [kSn'dcr] «. sincerity 
can'dy[kan'dy]«. article of confectionerj 
can'dy-tuft' [kan'dy-tuft'] >i. a plant 
cane [kan] n. a walking stick 
ca-nes'cent [ki-nSs'sfnt](i. growingpale 
ca-nine' [ki-nin'] a. pert, to a dog [star 
can'is-ter [kan'Is-ter] n. a box for tea 
can'ker[kang'k?r] n. that which corrodes 
can'ni-bal [kSn'nl-brtl] n. a man-eater 
Can'ni-bal-ism[iz'mJ «. barbarity 
can'non [kan'nun] n. a large gun 
can'non-ade' [ad'] n. an attack 
can'not [kan-nOt] a2tx. v. to be unable 
can'nu-la [kan'nu-la] «. a surgical tube 
can'nu-la'ted [lated] n. hollow 
can'ny [kan'ny] <;. cunning 
ca-noe' [ka-noo'] ;i. a kind of rude boat 
ca-non' [kan'yun] Spanish, a gorge 
Can'on [kan'un] n. a law fcanon 

ca-non'ic-al [ka-nOn'i-kal] rt.pert. to a 
can on-i-za'tion [kan'uni-za'shon] n. 
can'on-ize [kan'un-iz]-!/. to make saint of 
can'o-py [kan 'Spy] k. a covering 
cant [kant] it. inclination 
can'ta-lev'er[kan'ta-lev'er] «.abracket 
can'ta-loupe [-ta-loop] «. muskmelon 
can-tan'ker-ous [-tang'kcr-us] a. ugly 
can-ta'ta [kan-ta'ti] ;;. a musical poem 
cant'ed [kan'tsd] d. having angles 
can-teen' [kan-ten] >t. a tin vessel 
can'ter [kan'ter] «. an easy gallop 
can'ti-cle [kan'ti k'lj «. a psalm 
can'til-late [kan'til-lat] ti.i. to chant 
can'til-la'tion [-la'shun] «. chanting 
cant'ing [kant'Ing] k. hypocrisy 
can'tle [kan'fl] ?;. a fragment 
can'to [kan to] ;;. division of a poem 
can'ton [kan tun] «. a district 
can'tor [kan'tOr] «. a singer 
can'vas [kan'vus] «. coarse cloth 
can'vass [kan'v,!s] z'.t. to solicit 
can'vass-er [er] «. a solicitor 
can'yon [kSn'yun] n. same as "canon" 
caout'chouc [koo'chook] «. India rubber 
cap fkapl n. a cover for the head 
ca'pa-bil'i-ty [ka'pa-bll'l-ty];<. capacity 
ca'pa-ble [-b'l] a. possessing ability 
ca-pa'cious [k.i pa'shus] a. l.irge 
ca-pac'i-tate [ka-pas'l-tat] v. to enable 
ca-pac'i-ty [Ity] «. power to receive 
cap-a-pie' [kap'a-pe'] ad-u. head to foot 
ca-par'i-son[kapar'isun] -v. to adorn 
cape [kap] ;;. a headland 
ca'per [ka'pcr] v.i. to leap 




ca'pi-a« [kapl-os] L. a writ 
cap'il-la-ry [kapll-li-rj'] a. hair-like 
cap'i-tal ('...1p \-w\\ n. stock in trade 
cap'i-tal-ist [Ist] it. a moneyed man 
cap i-tal-ize' [-Iz] ■:■./. to use as capital 
cap i-ta'tion [-ta'shunj n. a poll tax 
cap'i-tol [to!] n. a state house 
ca-pit'u-late[ka-pUu-lat]7'. to surrender 

ca-pit U-la'tion[-Ia'shfln] m. agreement 
ca'pon [krip'n] ;;. a gelded male chick 
ca-price' [ki-pres] «. a whim 
ca-pri'cious [ka-prlsh as] a. changeable 
cap'ri-corn[kap'rl-karn] >i . a zodiac sign 
cap'si-cum [kapsl-kum] k. red pepper 
cap-size' [kapsiz] •:■./. to upset 
cap'stan [stan] «. a vertical windlass 
cap'sule [sOl] k. a gelatinous shell 
cap'tain [tin] n. a chief ofiicer 
cap'tion [shun] >;. an arrest; a heading 
cap'tious [shus] a. apt to catch at faults 
cap'ti-vate [kap'ti-vat] -v.t. to charm 
cap'tive [kap'ttv] n. one taken prisoner 
cap-tiv'i-ty [-tlv1-ty] n .state of bondage 
cap'tor [kip'ter] w. who takes a prisoner 
cap'ture [kap'tur] v. totakeby force 
car [kar] «. a railway carriage 
car'a-mel [kar'a-mel] >i. a kind of candy 
car'at [kar at] «. a weight of four grains 
car'a-van [kir'i-van]«.abody of travel- 
car'a-vel [kir'a-vel] «.a small ship [ers 
car'a-way [kar'a-wS] «. a plant 
car'bine [karliin] «. a short gun 
car-bol'ic [kar-honk] «. a coal-tar acid 
car'bon [kar'hOn] )i. an elementary sub- 
car-bon'ic[-Ik] a. pert, to carbon [stance 
car'bon-ize [-Iz] i/. to convert into carbon 
car'boy [karTjoi] «. a large glass bottle 
car'bun-cle [kar 'bflng-k'l])i. tumor; gem 
car'cass [kar'kds] «. dead body of beast 
card [kard] «. a piece of pasteboard 
card'board' [bCrd"] «. stiff paper [fruit 
oar'da-inoin[kar'da-mGm];: an aromatic 
car'di-ac [kar'dl-ak] a. pert, to the heart 

car'di-nal [nai] a. chief 
care \V\r\ n. solicitude 
ca-reen' [ka-ren] f.i. to incline 
ca-reer' [k.i-rer] «. a course 
care'ful [kir'fijl] a. attentive 
care'ful-ly [ly] adv. with care 
care'less [k.lrles] a. thoughtless 
care'lesfl-ne8a[-n£s] «. negligence 
ca-reds' [kares] «. act of affection 
ca'ret [ka'rSt] n. the omission mark [a] 
care'wom [kSr'worn ]<i. worn with care 
car'gO [i;'lr'j,'A] >:. frei^'ht [ridicule one 
car'i-ca-ture[kar'I-ka-tQr] «. a picture to 
car'i-ole [kar'I-ijl] n. a vehicle 
car'man [karm<in] «. a driver 
car'mine [kar'min] «. a red color 
car'nage tkar'nlj] «. slaughter 
car'nal [Ttar'n^l) a. pert, to thebody 
car'nal-iz6 [ iz] v.t. to debase 
car'nal-ly [-ly] adv. sensually 
car-na'tion [k.irnashOn] m. a flower 





car'ni-val [kar'nl-val] n. a festival 
car-niv'o-rous [Icar-nlv'S-rOs] a. flesh- 
car-noSe'[kar-n5s'] a. fleshy [eating 
car'ol [kir ul] n. asong of joy ; a warble 
ca-rot'id [ka-r6t'Id] n. an artery of the 
ca-rous'al[ka-rouz'al] n. reveling [neck 
ca-rouse' [ka-rouz] -j. to revel 
carp [karp] 71. a fish ; ■v. to cavil 
Car'pen-ter[kar'p5n-ter] n. wood worker 
car'pet [kSr'pet] ;;. a floor covering 
car'pet-bag'[-l>ag'] «. a hand bag 
car'pet-bag ger[ger] «. an adventurer 
carp'ing [kSrp'Tng] «. fault-finding 
car'riage [kar rlj] «. a wheeled vehicle 
car'ried [kar'nd] /./. of "carry" 
car'ri-er [kir'rl-er] ?;. one whoconveys 
Car'rion [kSr'rl-On] «. decaying flesh 
car'rot [karrflt] «. an esculent root 
car'ry [kar'ry] -v.t. to bear 
car'ry-all' [al'] k. aone-horse vehicle 
cart [kart] n. a i-wheeled carriage 
cart'age [-sj] n. pay for caning 
carte'blanche'[kart'blaMsh']/'. a signed 
car-tel' [kar-t6r]«. an agreement [blank 
car'ti-lage [kar'tl-13j] n. gristle 
cart'man [kart'mi^n] H. a teamster 
car-toon' [kar-toon'] n. a caricature 
car'tridge [kar'trlj] n. powder and ball 
cart'wright' [kart'rit] «. cart maker 
carve [karv] •:■./. to cut [plank edges 
car'vel-built [kar'vel-bllt] a. with flush 
cas-cade' [kas-kad'J «. a waterfall 
case [kas] «. a covering 
case'mate [kas'mat] n. pert, to a fort 
case'ment [kas'm<-nt] n. a molding 
cash [kash] «. money 

cash'-ac-count' [-ak-kountT «. 
cash'book [-boSk] «. book of account 
cash-ier' [kash-er] n. cash keeper 
cash'mere [kash'mer] «.a woolen cloth 
cas'ing [ka'slng] «. framework 
ca-si'no [ki-se'nO] ;;. a dance hall 
cask [kask) ;/. a barrel-shaped vessel 
cas'sa-va [kas'sa-va] «. a plant 
cas'sia [kash'i] n. Chinese cinnamon 
cas'si-mere [kls'sl-mer] «. thin woolen 
cas-si'nO [kas-se'nS] n. a card game 
cas'sock [kas'sOk] «. a clerical garment 
cas'so--wa-ry [kass6-wS-ry] «. abird 
cast [ka5t] --.t. to throw [by dancers 


cast'a-way [-a-wa] n. an outcast 
caste [kast] K. rank or class in society 
cast'er [cr] >i. small wheel on swivel 
caa'ti-gate [kas'tl-gat] v.t. to chastise 
cas'ti-ga'tion [ga'shun] n. reproof 
cast'ing [kast'Ing] «. molded metal 
cast'i ron [kast'i'Qrn] «. molded iron 
cas'tle [kas '1] «. a fortress 
cas'tor [kas'ter] n. a genus of rodents 
cas'tor-oir[-oir)«.oil ofthe castor bean 
cas'trate[kas'trat]t'. to deprive of power 







cas'u-al-ly[kazh'iS-al-lJ]ai/f . by chance 
cas'u-al-ty [tj] «. an accident 
cas'u-ist-ry (istrji «. false reasoning 
ca'sus [kasQs] L. an event 
cat [kst] K. a domestic animal 
cat'a-COmb [a-kom] h. a cave; a tomb 
cat'a-falque' [if alk] «. a bier 
cat'a-lep sy [kat'a-lSp'sy] «. a seizure 
cat'a-logue [log] «. a list fmenses 
cafa-me'ni-a [kata-me'nl-a] the 
cat'a-mount [mount] ti. the wild cat 

tet'a-plasm [piaz'm] «. a poultice 

cat'a-pult [pait] K.a kind of sling 
cat'a-ract [-rakt] n. a great waterfall 
ca-tarrh' [ka-tar'] ;;. a disease 
ca-tarrh'al [-.d] a. pert, to catarrh 

ca-ta3'tro-phe[ki-tas'tr*-fc])i. calamity 
cat'boat' [kat'bst ] n. kind of sail boat 
catch [kach] v.t. to lay hold on 
catch'ing [-Ing] a. contagious 
catch'up [kSch'flp] n. same as "catsup" 
catch'pen-ny [kach'pen-ny] a. worthless 
catch'word [kach'wQrd'] «. a cue 
cat'e-chise [kate-klz] -J.t. to question 
Cat'e-chisin[-kTz'm] n. book of questions 
cat'e-go-ry [ kat e-g6-r>-] n . order or class 
ca'ter [kS'tfr] t.i. to provide 
cat'er-pil lar [kat'er-pirier] «. worm 
cat'gUt'(k5t'gatT «. cord made of entrails 
ca-thar'tic [ka-i'/'iar'tik] «. a purge 
ca-the'dral[ka-/Ae'dr<zl]«. ahead church 
cath'ode [ka/Aod] «. the negative pole 
cath'o-Hc [ka.';%'4-ltk] «. universal 
ca-thol'i-cism [kiY/ial'i-srz'm] «. 
cath o-lic'i-ty [kac^i S-lis'i-ty] ti. 
ca-thol'i-Con[ka-CAOl 'I-k6n] H .a panacea 
cat'nip' [kat'nTpT «. a plant like mint 
cat's'-paw' [kats'pa'] H. a dupe 
cat'sup [kat'sup] ti. a table sauce 
cat'tle [katfl] «.//. oxen, cows, etc. 
cau'cus [ka'kus] K. a political meeting 
cau'dal [ka'd<jl] a. pert, to a tail 
cau'dle [kad'l]n. warm drink for the sick 
caught [kat] p.p. of "catch" 
caul [kal] n. a membrane ; a net 
cau'li-flow er[ka'lI-flou'er] n . a cabbage 
caus'al [ka'zdl] <i. pert, to a cause 
caus-al'i-ty[-zari-t>']«-agency of cause 
cause [kaz] v.t. to be the occasion of 
cause'less [les] a. groundless 
cause'way [-»&] n. a raised roadway 
caus'tic [kas'tik] n. corroding chemical 
cau'ter-ize [ka'ter-Iz] ^/./. tobum with 
cau'tion [ka'shOn] n. prudence [caustic 
cau'tion-a-ry [-a-ry] a. warning 
eau'tioua [kjt'shus] a. watchful 
cav'al-cade' [kav'al-kad'J «. horsemen 
cav a-lier' (kav'a-lfir'J k. a knight 
cav'al-ry [kav'al-ry] n. horse soldiers 
cave [kav] «. a subterranean cavity 
ca've-at [ka'vf-at] /.. a law term 
cav'ern [kav-ern] n. a large cave 
cav'ern-ous [-Os] a. hollow 
cav'il (kivllj v.i. to find fault 




caw [ka] K. the cry of a crow or raven 
cay-enne' [kS-Sn] «. cayenne pepper 
cease [sesj -.i. to stop 
cease'less [-ISsJ a. continual 
ce'dar[se'der] n. a majestic evergrreen tree 
cede [sed] I'./, to relinquish ; to give up 
Ce-dil'la[se-dina] n. /".marlc of soft c [5] 
ceil [sel] V. to line or finisli a surface 
ceil'ilig [-Ing]7;. overhead lining^ of room 
cel'e-brant [sel'e -brant] officiating priest 
cel'e-brate [brat] v.t. to commemorate 
cel'e-bra'ted [-bra'tgd] a. well-known 
cel'e-bra'tion [-shun]H. actofcelebrafg 
ce-leb'ri-ty [sc-l6b'ri-t>'] «. one of renown 
ce-ler'i-ty tse-lSr'I-ty] «. quickness 
cel'er-y [sel'er-y] «. a salad vegetable 
ce-les'tial [se-l6s'chal] a. heavenly 
cel'es-tite [sel'es-tit] «. a blue mineral 
ce-lib'a-cy [se-lTb'a-sy] n unmarried state 
cell [sel] «. enclosed space in prison 
cel'lar [sprier] 7t. room under house 
cel'le-pore [strie-por] n.a. kind of coral 
cel-lif'er-OUS [sel-lifcr-us] a. with cells 
cel'lu-lar [sel'u-ltr] a. containing cells 
cel'lu-loid [sgl'O-loid] k. artificial ivory 
cel'lu-lose' [sel'i-los'] «. plant skeleton 
Celts [selts] n./'l. the Welsh, Irish, etc. 
Celt'ic [sel'tlk] a. pert, to the Celts 
ce-ment' [se-menf] v.t. to unite 
Cem'e-ter-y [sem'e-ter-y] n. burying pi. 
cen'o-taph [sen'4-taf] n. empty tomb 
cen'ser [sSn'ser] n. incense pan 
cen'sor [56n's6r] K. a critic 
cen'sure [sSn'shijr] «. blame 
cen'sus [s&n'sus] «. an enumeration 
cent [sSnt] n. a hundred; a coin 
cen'tal [sen'tnl] n. a hundredweight 
cen'tare [sSn'tar] «.a measure of area 
cen'taur[s5n'tar]K. J^man ^horsemytli 
cen'te-na'ri-an[sen'tena'ri-<in] u. one 
cen-ten'ni-al[sen-ten'nl-al]a. laged'oc. 
cen'ter [sSn'ter] «. middle 
cen'ter-board' [bSrd] n. sliding keel 
cen'ter-piece' [-pes'] n. an ornament 
cen'ti-grade [sen'tl-grad] «.ioo° scale 
cen time'[sS»i 'tern'] /^. 100th part of franc 
cen'ti-me ter [sen'tl-me'ter] «. 3^ inch 
cen'ti-ped [-p6d] n. loo-legged insedt 
cen'tral [sen'tr^l] a. pert, to the center 
cen'tral-ize [-!z]t'. to center fthe center 
cen-trif'u-gal[sen-triru-gal] flying from 
cen-trip'e-tal[scn-trip'e-t(7l] a. flyingto 
cen-tu'ri-on [-tu'n-un] «. officer Icenter 
cen'tu-ry [sSn't4-ry] n. too years 
ce-ram'ic [si-ram'lk] .i. pert, to pottery 
Cer'be-rus[seT'be-rQs]«. hell's watchdog 
ce're-als[se're-«lz] «.//. wheat, rye, etc. 
cer'e-bel'lum [sSr'e-bSl'lum] «. back of 
cer'e-bral [-br^lld.pert.tobrain [brain 
cer'e-brum [-brum] «. the brain 
Ce'res [se'rez] n. the goddess of cereals 

O^r^ ck c 





cere'nient (ser'mmt] ft. a shroud 
cer e-mo'ni-aUser e-mo'nI-<iI] a. follow- 
cere-mo'ni-ous[-us]<i.formaUing ritual 
cer'e-mo-nyl-ny] ;:. prescribed forraalitj' 
ce-rise' [sr-rcz'] F. cherry ; cherry color 
ce-rog'ra-phy [se-rOg'ra-fy] «. wax en- 
cer'tain [ser'tin] a. sure Igraving 

cer'tain-ly [ly] adv. unquestionably 
cer-tiri-cate [ser-tifi-kSt] u. voucher 

cer'ti-fy [scr'tl-f i] f.t. to testify to 
cer ti-o-ra'ri [scr'shl-i-ra'-rl] Z.awrit 
cer'ti-tude [ser'tl-tud] tt. assurance 
ces-sa'tion [ses-sa'shDn] H. suspension 
ces'sion [sesh un] ?;. asun-ender 
cess'pool' [ses'pool] tt. filth receptacle 
chafe [chaf] t-.C. torub; to provoke 
chaff [cIiAf] «. husks of grain ; banter 
cha-grin' [sha-grin] K. vexation ' 

chain [chin] «. connected seriesof links 
chair [chSr] «. a seat 
chair'man [mm] tt. presiding officer 
chair'man-ship [-ship] «. 
chaise [shi:] 7;. a gig [per-plateengr'ng 
chal-cog'ra-phy[kal-k6g'ra-fy] «. cop- 
chal'dron [chal'drfln] «. coal measure 
chal'ice [chalis] n. a cup 
chalk [chak] «. white earthy substance 
chal'lenge [chal'lenj] v.i. to defy 
chal'leng-er [lenjcr] k. one who defies 
chal'lis [shal'Iy] tt. a soft woolen cloth 
cha-lyb'e-ate[kallbe4t] .2. having iron 
cham'ber [cham'ber] K. a room 
cham'ber-lain [linj «. an officer 
cham'ber-maid [mad] «. a servant 
cha-me'le-on [ka-me'le-On] tt. a lizard 
cham'fer [chamfer] v. I. to groove 
cham'ois [sham'my] «. kind of antelope 
champ [champ] f.C. to chew 
cham-pagne' [sham-pan] k. a wine 
cham'pi-on [cham'pi-un] «. a defender 
chance [chins] «. a happening 
chan'cel [chansel] «. part of church 
chan'cel-lor [icr] «. an officer 
chan'cer-y [chan'ser-y] tt. a court 
chan'de-lier'[shan'de-15r')«. gas fixture 
chan'dler [chan dlcr] tt. a dealer 
change (chanj) v.^. to alter 
change'a-ble t-a-b'l] a. fickle ; varying 

change'a-ble-ness [-nes] «. fickleness 

change'less [ISs] a. constant 
chan'nel [channel] >i. a passage 
chant [chant] v.t. to sing 
chan'ti-cleer [chan'tl-kler] tt. a cock 
cha'os [kaOb] tt. a confused mass 
cha-Ot'ic pcJ-Ot'Ik] u. confused 
chap [chap] tt. a crack ; a fellow 

chaps [chops] K.//. the jaws 
cha'par-ral'ichapar-ral'] rt. a thicket 
chap'el [chapel] >/. a small church 
chap'e-ron [shap'-cr-On] k. attendant 
chap'Iain fchap'lln) «. a clergyman 
chap'lain-cy [sy] k. chaplain's office 
chap'let [chap 'let) ». a wreath 
chap'ter [chap'ter] ». a division 




char [char] z>.t. to reduce to charcoal 
char'ac-ter [kir'ak-tcr] »;. what one is 
char'ac-ter-is'tic [is'tik] «. a crait 
char'ac-ter-ize [iz] ■v.t. to describe 
cha-rade' [sha-rad'J n. kind of riddle 
char'coal'tchar'kol'J w.charred wood.etc 
charge [charj] I'.t. to accuse 
charge'a-ble [a-b'l] a. accusable 
char'ger [char'jcr] «. a war horse 
char'i-ot [char'I-Ot] «. ancient war cart 
char'i-ta-ble [chir'I-ta-b'l] a. liberal 
char'i-ty [char'i-ty] n. love 
cha-ri'va-ri' [sha-re'va-re'] F. mocking 
char'la-tan [shar li-tan] k. a quack 
char'lotte-russe'[5har'lot-njs'] «. cake 
charm [charm] 7t. delight 
charm'ing [Ing] a. quite attractive 
char'nel [chiir nel] a. containing flesh 
Cha'ron [ka'rOn] «. mythical ferryman of 
chart [chart] «. map [ghosts into Hades 
char'ter [char'ter] 7t. documentor rights 
char'tered [char'terd] a. having charter 
char'y [char'y] a. careful (Italy 

Cha-ryb'dis [ks-rib'dls] «. whirlpool in 
chase [chas] v.t. to pursue 
chasm [kazm] «. a cleft 
chaste[chast](7. pure in heart and conduct 
chas'ten[cha's'n]z/. to punish and correct 
chas'tened [chS's'nd] a. disciplined 
chas'ten-ing [cha's'n-ing] «. 
chas-tise' [chas-tiz'] v.t. to punish 
chas-tise'ment [mfnt] n. punishment 
ehas'ti-ty [chas'tl-ty] n. purity 
chat [chat] n. a familiar talk 
cha'teau' [sha'to'] F. a country seat 
chat'tels [chat'flz] «//. goods 
chat'ter [chat tor] «. idle talk 
chat'ty [chatty] <i. talkative 
chaw [cha] v.t. to masticate 
cheap [chep] a. low-priced 
cheap'en [chS'p'n] v. to depreciate 
cheat [chet] 1!. a fraud 
check [chfk] v.t. to restrain 
check'ers [chek'erz] draughts 
check'mate [chek'mat] v. to defeat 
cheek [chsk] n. side of face 
cheer [cher] «. a shout 
cheer'ful [fijl] a. lively 
cheer'ful-ness [nss] «. good spirits 
cheer'less [-les] .i. gloomy 
cheese [chez] «. a milk produ(5t 
chee'tah [che'ta] k. a tame leopard 
chef -d'oeuvre'[shS'devr']/".mast'rpiece 
chem'i-cal[kem'l-kal] pert, to chemistry 
che-mise' [she-mez'] undergarment 
chem'ist[kem istjone vers'd inchemistry 
chem'is-try [-try] KScienceof substances 
che-nille' [shf-nel] x.a tufted cord 
cher'ish [cherish] •!/./. to hold dear 
che-root' [chc-root] «. an inferior cigar 
cher'ry[cher'ry]M.well-known stone fruit 
cher'ub [cherub] >t.s. a child angel 
cher'ub-im [chsr'u-bim] //. of cherub 
chess [chSs] n. an Intellectual game 


^ c4^... 




chest [chest] H. a box with a lid 
chest'nut [ches'nflt] k. a nut ; an oldjoke 
chev a-lier' [sh4v'a-ler'] >t. a knight 
chev'i-ot [chev'l-Qt] «. a woolen fabric 

chew [chu] f.t. to bite 
Chey-ennes'[she-enz]« tribe of Indians 
chi-cane' [shl-kanT «. trickery [tifice 
chi-can'er-y [shikan'er-y] n. unfair ar- 
chick'en-heart ed[-hart'6d] a. timid 
chick'en-pox'tpOks'] «. a disease 
chic'o-ry [chik'S-rj-] «. a root ; a plant 
chide [chid] v.l. to scold 
chief [chef] H. principal 
chiefly [-ly] adv. principally 
chieftain [tin] «. a leader 
chiffo-nier' [shlf'fi-ner'] «. cupboard 
chi'gnon [shin'yOn] «. a knot of hair 
chig'oe [chig'S] n. a S American tick 
chil'blain' [chU'blan'] «. a swelling 
child [child] «. a young person 
childe [child] >i. nobleman's eldest son 
child'hood [hSod] k. infancy 
child'ish [Ish] a. like a child ; silly 
child'ish-ness [-nSs] «. simplicity 
child'like' [Itk] a. meek 
chil'dren [children]//, of child 
chil'i [chilTl ?i. kind of red pepper 
chill [chTl] «. a cold 
chill'i-ness [I-nes] «. coldness 
chill'ing [-Ing] a. cold 
chime[chim] H.harmonious sound ofbells 
chi-me'ra [kl-me'ra] «. a fancy; a vagary 
chi-mer'ic-al [kl-merl-kal] a. fanciful 
chim'ney [chim'nyi >i. a flue 
chim-pan'zee[-pan zc] n . an African ape 
chin [chin] >i. part below the mouth 
chi'na (china] >t. porcelain 
chin-chil'la(chln-chiria]«. small roden 
chine [chin] «. an animal's backbone 
Chi-nese' [chi-nez'] a. pert, to China 
chink [chlngk] I!, a small cleft 
Chi-nook' [chl-nook] >!. Flathead Ind'n 
chintz [clilnts] K. printed cotton clotli 
chip [chip] v.t. to hew |^/ 

chip'munk' (-mungk']«.ground squirrel ^_ 
chip'per [-i«^r] ,1 lively \' 

Chip'pe-way [ [jc-wS] L. Super'r Ind'i 
chi-rog'ra-phy(kl-rOg ra-fy]«. writing 
chi-rol'o-gy [ki-r6l 6-jy] n. dumb sign 
chi'ro-man cy [ki'r6nian'sy] palmistr> 
chi-rop'o-dist [ki-r6p'4-dlst] foot doctor 
chirp [thcrpl «. a bird's note 
chi-rur'ge-ry [kl-rdr jcr-y] n. surgery 
chis'el [thiz tl] K. an edge tool 
chit [rhit] >i. a child 
chit'ter lings [tcr-llngz] «. pig's guts 
chit'ehat (rliitchat) n. prattle 
chiv'al-rous |slilv'al-rus] a. gallant 
chiv'al-ry [ry] «. system of knighthood 
chive [' hiv] M. kind of onion 
chlo'ral[klo'ral]«. sleep-producing drug 
chlo'rate [-rSt] ». salt of chloric acid 
chlo'ro-form[-r4fi5rm) n. an anaesthetic 

y^ /^ /^ 





chlo-ro'sis [kl8-r5'sls] «. green sickness 
chock [chok] «. a -wedge 
choc'o-late [Slit] ji. a drink 
Choc'taws[cliOk taz] >t .//.tribe of Ind'ns 
choice [chois] a. select 
choir [kwir] K. a body of singers 
choke [chok] fj. to obstrua 
chol'er [kol-er] k. anger 
chol'er-a [a] «. a bilious disease 
chol'er-ic [tk] a. easily irritated 
choose [chooz] ii.t. to prefer 
chop [ch6p] -v.e. to cut off 
chop'fall'en [-fal'n] a. dejected 
chop'house' [-hous ] «. an eating house 
chop'sticks'[-stiks']«.//. a Chinaman's 
cho'ral [ka'ralja.pert. to a chorus [forks 
chord [kord] K. combination of tones 
chores [chorz] «.//. small jobs 
chor'is-ter [kOr'Is-tcr] >i. choir leader 
cho'rus [ko'rus] II. a large choir 
cho'sen [cho'z'n] a. picked out ; selected 
chow'chow' [chou'chou ] n. pickles 
chow'der [chou'der] H. a kind of stew 
Christ [krist] n. the Messiah 
chris'ten [krls"n] v.i. to baptize Ttries 
Chris'ten-dom[-dum] n. Christian coun- 
Chris'tian[kris'ch(;n]« disciple ofChrist 
Chris'tian-ize [iz] -v. to turn to Christ 
Chris-tian'i-ty [-chSn'r-ty] «. belief in 
Christ'mas[krls'm.!s]«. Dec. i5 [Christ 
chro-mat'ic [kr6-mat'lk] u. color 
chrome [krom] k. a mineral 
chro'mo-type [kro'mi-tip] «. color prim 
chron'ic [krSn'lk] ,i. lingering 
chron'i-cle [krOn'I-k'l] n. a record 
chron'i-cler [kler] «. a historian 
chro-nol'o-gy [kr4-nor6-jy] «.time 
chro-nom'e-ter[-nOm'e-ter]« time-k'p'r 
chrys'a-lis [krisalls] «. insect pupa 
chrys-an'the-mum [-an7;ze-mum] «. 
chry s'o-lite [krls'SlIt] n. a gem 
chub [chub] n. a fish 
Chub'by [by] a. plump 
chuck [chuk] H. a gentle blow 
chuc'kle [chuk'k'l] «. suppressed laugh 
Chuff'y [chufy] a. surly 
chum [chum] n. close friend 
church [church] «. house of worship 
church'yard'[-yard']«. grounds about a 
churl [chiirl] >;. a rude man [church 
churl'ish [-ish] «. surly; rude 
churl'ish-ness[-nes] n. rudeness 
chum [chOrn] v.t. to stir; to beat 
chute [shoot] >t. a trough ; a tube 
chut'ney [chot'ny] «. kind of pickle 
chyle [kil] II. digested food 
chyme [klm] k. partly-digested food 
ci-ba'tion [slba'shun] «. act of eating 
cic'a-trice [sik'a-trls] «. a scar [Cicero 
Cic'e-ro'ni-an [sis'e-ro'nI-<jn]a.pert. to 
ci'der [si'der] H. juice of apples 
ci-gar' [sl-gar'] II. tobacco roll 
cig'a-rette' [sig'i-rSt'] k. small cigar 
cim'o-lite [slm'6-lit] «. a kind of clay 






cin-cho'na [sln-ko'na] «. quinine 
Cinc'ture [slngk'tur] n. a girdle 
cin'der fsln'der] «. an ember [burning 
cin er-a'tion[sin er-a'shun] n. tile act of 
cin'na-mon [sln'na-mOn] H. bark; spice 
ci'pher [sittr] t.i. to use figures 
cir'cle [bfr'k'I] n. a ring-like figure 
cir'cuit [scr'kit] «. a going round 
cir-cu'i-tous Iser-ku'I-tus] a. indirect 
cir'cu-lar [scr'ku-lcr] <i. round 
cir'cu-late (-l:it] t ./. to pass around 
circu-la'tion [la'shfln] ;j. diffusion 

cir-cum'fer-ence tkflmier-?ns] n. rim 
cir'cum-flex [iliks] n. accent mark [a] 
cir cum-ja'cent[-jri's<-nt] a. lyinground 
cir cum-lo-cu'tion t-id-ku'shun] n. 
cir'cum-nav'i-gate [nSv'i-gat] t. t. 
cir cum-scribe'(skrIb']i'.tolimitwithin 
cir'cum-spect [spekt] ,7. prudent ftion 
circum-spec'tion [spek'shun] «. cau- 
cir'cum-stance [stans] n. event 
cir'cum-stanced [-stlnsf] «. situated 
cir'cum-stan'tial [-stan'shal] a. casual 
circum-vent'[-vent'] ^./.to get around 
circum-ven'tion [-ven'shun] «. decep- 
cir 'cum-volve'[-v(llv']i/.to revolve Ltion 
cir'cus [s<7r'kQs] «. circular space; show 
cis'tern [sls'tem] n. a reservoir 
cit'a-del [slfad^I] «. a fortress 
ci-ta'tion [si-ta'shun] «. a quotation 
cite [sit] v.t. to quote 
cit'i-zen [sit'i-z'n] n. inhabitant 
cit'i-zen-ship [-ship] «. status of citizen 
oit'rate [slt'rStJ n. a salt of nitric acid 
cit'ric [-rlk])i. sour acid from lemons.etc. 
cit'ron [slt'rfln] n. a fruit 
cit'y [sit'y] n. a large town 
civ'ic [siv'lk] a. pert, to citizenship 
civ'il [sTvil] a. courteous : not military 
ci-vil'i-ty [-I-ty] n. politeness 
civ'il-i-za'tion[-za'shan] n. culture 
civ'i-lize [-llz] -u.t. to refine 
civ'i-lized [-ITzd] a. cultivated 
civ'il-ly [-ly] adv. politely 
clab'ber [klabWr] «. curdled milk 
clack [klak] n. a sharp noise 
clad [kla.I] /./. of •■clothe" 
claim [klam] -v.t. to call for 
clair-voy'ant[klar-voi'(jnt] mind reader 
clam [klam] h. a shell fish 
clam'ber [kUm'lx'r] ■v.i. to climb 
clam'my [klam my) a. sticky 
clam'or [klam'cr] n. an outcry 
clam'or-oU3[-us] a. noisy 
clamp [klSmp] 1.1. to fasten 
clan [klan] «. a tribe; a clique 
clan-des'tine [klan-d6s'tln] «. secret 
clan? [klang] w. a metallic sound 
clank [klangk] n. a ringing sound 
clan'nish [kl&n'nlsh] a. closely united 
clap [kl.-ip] v.t. to strike 
clap'board' [kiab'ljArd'] «. a thin board 
clap'per(klap'pcr) «. tongue of a bell 
clap'trap' [kiap'trap') «. humbug 




^ ^ ir 




Clar'ence [kUrVns] «. kind of carriage 
clar'et [klir'et] «. a French wine 
Clar'i-fy [klar'i-fri -^'-t. to make clear 
clar'i-net' [-nst] n. a musical instr. 
Clar'i-on [klar-I-un] «, a shrill trumpet 
clash [klash] v.i. to interfere 
clasp [klasp] -o.t. to inclose 
class [klas] «. a group 
clas'sic [klS'i'stk] a. first rank authority 
clas si-fi-ca'tion [klas-si-n-ka'shun] «. 
clas'si-fy [klassl-fi] I'./, to arrange 
class'mate [klas'mat] «. a schoolmate 
clat'ter [klat'ter] -v.i. to talk fast 
clause [klaz] n. subdivision 
Clav'i-cle [klSv'I-k'l] «. the collar bone 
claw [kla] n. a sharp, hooked nail 
clay [kla] n. kind of earth 
clean [klen] a. free from dirt 
clean'li-ness [klen'll-nes] n. state of 
cleanse [klenzlz^./. to purify Ibeingclear. 
clear [kler] ,r. plain 

clear'ance (-.msj «. the act of clearing 
clear'-cuf [kut] a. distinct outline 

clear'-headed [-hed'ed] a. intelligent 

Clear'-sight'ed l-slt'ed] a. discerning 
clear'-sight'ed-ness [nes] «. 
cleat [klet] n. a strip of wood 
cleave [klc-v] ^.t. to separate 
cleav'er [Pr] n. a butcher's ax 
clef [kief] n. sign in musical notation 
cleft [kleft]/./.&rt. divided 
clem'a-tis[klema-tls]«.climbing flower 
clem'en-cy [-«-n-sy] n. mercy 
clem'ent [-.-nt] a. merciful 
cler'gy [klcr'jy] «.t]ie ministry 
cler'gy-man [man] n. a minister 
clerk [klcrk] n. an assistant 
clev'er [klev'er] a. good-natured; dex- '(;^ 
clev'er-ness [-nes] «. dexterity [terous 
clew [klu] tt. a hint; a guide 
click [kllk] n. a sharp noise 
cli'ent [kli'rat] n. a lawyers customer 
cli'ent-age [aj] «. a body of clients 
Cliflf [klif ] n. a steep rock 

Cli-mac'ter-icikli-mak'ter-lk] a. critical 
cli'mate_[kli'mst] «. temperature 
cli-mat'ic [kli-mat'Ik] a. pert, to climate 
cli'max[kli'maks]«.highest point 
climb [klim] ■v.t. to creep up 
clinch [kllnch] -v.t. to fasten fment _ 

clinch'er [klmch'er] K. a decisive argu-! 
cling [kllng] v.i. to adhere 
clin-ic-al [klml-kal]«.pert.toabed pa- 
clink [kllngk] n. a sharp sound [tient 
clink'er [-fr] -n. vitrified matter 
clink'er-built' [bllt] a. overlapping 
clip [klip] I'.t. to cut 
clip'per [prr] 71. a sharp-built vessel 
clique [klek] «. a party ; narrow circle 
cloak [kluk] n. a garment 
clock [kISk] n. a timekeeper 
clod [kk.d] n. a lump of earth 
clod'hop-per [hOp-pcr] «. rude fellow 
clod'pat ed [-pated] a. stupid 

^ ^ti" 




clog [klSg] v.l. to obstru(ft 
clois'ter [klois'ter] «. a monastery 
clois'tered [klois'terd] a. solitary 
close [kloz] V.!. to shut 
close'fist ed [klos'flsted] a. miserly 
close'mouthed [mouthd] ,i. secretive 
close'ness ( nes) m. nearness 
clos'et [klOz et] «. a small room 
clo'sure [kla zhur] «. a closing, as of a 
clot [klCit] n. a coagulated mass [debate 
cloth [klo/^] «. woven material 
clothe [kloth] -v.t. to cover 
clothes [klBthz] garments 
cloth'ier [klothyer] «. a tailor 
cloth'ing [ing] >i. garments 
clot'ted [klot ted] a. sticky ; slimy 
cloture' [klitiir'] F. same as ■•closure" 
cloud Ikloud] z'.t. to obscure 
cloud'less [les] a. clear 
cloud'y [ y] a. not bright 
clove [klov] K. a spice 
clo'ven [klovn]/./. of "cleave" 
clo'ver [klo'ver] >/. plant, genus trifolium 
clown [kloun] «. a buffoon 
clown'ish [Ish] a. rude 
cloy [kloi] z-.t. to fill to loathing 
club [kluh] K. a stick; an association 
cluck [klflk] K. a mother hen's call 
clue [klu] K. same as "clew" 
clump [klump] «. a cluster of trees 
clum'si-ly Iklflmzl-lyjarfi'. awkwardly 
clum'sy [klum zy] a. awkward 
clus'ter [klus ter) K. a bunch 
clutch [kluch] -v.t. to seize 
clut'ter [klut'tcr] K. disorder 
clys'ter [klls'ter] k. an injection 
coach [koi h] >i. a carriage: a tutor 
coach'man [-man] «. a coach driver 
CO- [ko-] pre. with ; together ; joint 
CO-ac'tive [ki-aktlv] a. united inaction 
Co'ad-ju'tor [kO'Sd-ju'ter] «. assistant 
CO-a'gent [k6-aj£-nt] ?:. joint worker 
co-ag'u-late [ki-agu-lSt] -v. to curdle 
coal [k.-ilj «. fuel 

coal'-black'[-blsk']a. as black as coal 
coal'cart' [-kart] «. cart carrying coal 
coal'heav er[-hev'er] «. coal-carrier 
coal'hod ■ [hod ] k. a box to hold coal 
coal'house'[-hous'];f. place to store coal 
CO a-lesce' [koa-les'l v.t. to unite 
CO a-les'cence [sens] «. act of uniting 
CO a-les'cent [smt] a. blending 
coa-li'tion (ko'i-llsh'On) «. union 
coarse [kOrs] a. rough 
coarse'ly [-ly] adv. in a coarse manner 
coarse'ness [-nfts] «. vulgarity 
coast [kost) K. the shore; the border 
coast'er [-tr] n. vessel in the home trade 
coat (kot) K. an upper outside garment 
coax [kclks] v.t. to persuade 
CD'haltlki-iliOlt) «. tough reddish minera' 
cob'ble |k6l.l/l] v.t. to mend 
cob'bler ( t.lCir) «. a shoe mender 
cob'ble-stone [stsn ] it. a large pebble 




co'bra [ko'bra] K. a hooded snake 
cob'web' tkOb'web'] K. a spider's web 
co'ca [ko'ka] ;i. dried leaf of a Peru shrub 
co'ca-ine [ko'ka-In]?;. a drug 
coch'i-neal [kOch'l-nel] «. insect; a dye 
cock [kak] ft. a male bird 
cock-ade' [-ad] ;i. a hat badge 
cock a-too' [kok'a-tso'l « a crested parrot 
cock'a-trice[-trTs] «. afabulous serpent 
cock'crow ing [kro'Ing] «. early dawn 
cock'er-el [-cr-gl] «. a young cock 
coc'kle [kOkk'U «• a bivalve mollusk 
cock'ney [kCk'ny] «. a Londoner 
cock'roach [-roch]«. insect; Crotonbug 
cocks'comb' [koks'kom'] «. a plant 
C0ck'spur'[k6k'spQr'] K. a plant 
cock'swain [-swSn] «. boat steerer 
cock'tair [tal'] K. a brandy drink 
co'coa [ko'kO] !t. a tree; a beverage fnut 
CO'coa-nut' [-Qut'] n. hard-shelled 
co-coon' [k8koonT«. case of a chrysalis 
cod [kOd] i:. important edible fish 
cod'dle [kSd'dM] T.i. to pet 
code [kod]«. a digest of laws 
Co'dez [k5'deks]K. ancient manuscript 
codg'ertkaj'er] «. a miser; an odd person 
cod'i-cil [kud'i-sll] a. a -will supplement 
co'di-fy [kodi-fi] v.t. to classify 
co-ed u-ca'tion [ko-sd'u-ka'shQn] «. 
CO ef-fi'cient [koef-flsh'mt] a. 
co-e'qual [ki-g'kwal] a. of equal rank 
co-erce' [ki-crs] v.t. to constrain 
co-er'oion [k4-er'shQn]«. act of coercing 
C0-e'val[ki5-e'val]a.of same age and time 
co'ex-ist' [kiegz-Ist'] ■z'. to exist at the 
CO'ex-ist'ence [t-ns] k. [same time 

co'ex-ist'ent [t-nt] a. 

coffee [kc'ifft] «. a berry; a beverage 
coffee-house' [hous] k. acafiJ 
coffer [kof'fcrj ri. a chest 
coffin [kSf'fIn] «. a burial case 
cog [^Hg] >:. the tootk of a wheel 
co'gent [ks'jent] a. convincing 
co'gent-ly [-ly] acfv. convincingly 
cog'i-tate [koj'l-tat] v.i. to think 
cog i-ta'tion [-ts'shfln] «. meditation 
COg'nac' [kSn'yak'] n. French brandy 
COg'nate [kOg'nat] a. related 
cog-na'tion [kog-na'shun] H. affinity 
COg-ni'tion[-nl5h'un]>:. perception ftion 
COg'ni-zance [kog'ni-zans] «. observa- 
COg'nizant [zant] a. aware of 
COg-no'men [k6g-no'men] It. surname 
co-hab'it [k6-hab'It] -v. to live together 
CO-here' [k6-her'] v.i. to stick together 
co-her'en-cy[-en-sy]« cleaving togethe 
CO-her'entt-cnt] a. logically consistent 
CO-he'sion [ki-he'zhun] n. close union 
CO-he'sive [-slv] a. producing cohesion 
coiffure [koif 'fur] «. a head dress 
coil [koil] K. bundle of rope; z-./. to wind 
coin [koin] 7'. to mint; to convert intocoins 
coin'age [4j]m. coins; coining expenses 



-7 -C 







CO in-cide' [koKn-sid'] r.j. to concur 
co-in'ci-dence [kS-in'si-dfns] k. 
CO-in'ci-dent [de-nt] ii. concurrent 
CO-i'tioiX[k6-Ish un] ?:. a coming together 
coke [kck] tr. charred coal 
CO-la'bor-er [ko-lalier-erln. an associate 
Col'an-der[kul an-der] n .kind of strainer 
cold [kold] a. not heated 
Cold'-blood'ed[blQd'5d]a. hard-hearted 
cole [kol] K. a kind of cabbage 
cole'slaw' [-sla] «. cabbage salad 
col'ic [korik] K. pain in the abdomen 
col-lapse' [kCI-Iaps'] I', to fall together 
col'lar [k6rier]>i.aneckband [suddenly 
col'lards [lerdz] «.//. young cabbage 
col-late' [kOl-lati v.l. to gather together 
col-la'tion [kOI-la'shfln] w. a light lunch 
col'league [kdl'leg] n. an associate 
Col'lect [koriakt] n. a short prayer 
col-lect' [kOl-ISktT v.t. to gather 
collect'ive [-tlv] ,i. formed by gathering 
col-lect'or [-ter] n. a gatherer 
col'leffe [korifj] «. an advanced school 
col-le gi-ate [-I4'jl4t] j. pert, to college 
col-lide' [-lid'] - .1. to dash against each 
col'lie [k6riy] «. Scotch sheepdog [other 
col'lier [yer] n. a coal digger 
col'lier-y [-y] «. a coal mine 
COl'li-gate[koriI-gat] 7. to bind together 
Col-li'sion [k&l-llzh un] fi. a striking to- 
COl'lo-cate [kSl'lS-katlr/.^.toset [gether 
col lo-ca'tion[-ka'shun] «. arrangement 
col lo-cu'tion [ku'shun] k. conference 
col-lo^e' tki51-15g'] plot mischief 
col-lo'qui-al [ 15 kwl-al] a. pert, to con- 
COl-lude' [kOl-lud'] v.i. to conspire 
Col-lu'sioa [Ifl'zhQnJ «. co-operation for 
col-lu'sive [kil-luslv] a. [fraud 

CO-logne' [kS-lon'] M. a liquid perfume 
co'lon [ko'lOn] «. a punctuation mark [:] 
COlo'nel [kflr'nd] K. an officer 
CO-lo'nJ-al [kolo'ni-al] a.pert. tocolony 
col'o-nist [kc!il 4-nIst] K. a settler 

col o-ni-za'tion [kui d-ni-za'shfln] n. 

col'on-nade' [k61 On-nad'] n. series of 
Col'o-Iiy[k8r8-ny]«. settlement [columns 
col'or [kulcr] «. hue; t/. to tinge 
COl'ored [karcrd] a. having color 
col'or-ing [kOI'cr-Ing] «. act of giving a 
col'or-less [les] a. without color [color 
CO-los'sal [kft-IOs'] a. huge 
Coli-se'umtkari-se'Om] «.;Roman am 
Col OS se'umlkirosse'amjiphithcater 

Co-los'sU8fk4 IOs'sfls]«. gigantic statue; 
col'por tage [k(5l'p/jr'tij]«.tractdistrib.f 
col'por teur[tcr]/(. distributorof tracts 
colt [k6ltj ft, a young male horse 
colt'er [ ^r] tt. a plow attachment 
Co-lum'bi-a [kS-lOm'bl-i] «. America 
Co-lum'bi-anf-an] a. pert, to the U. S 





col'um-bine [kOl'Om-bm] n. plant 
CO-lum'bite [-bit] «. a mineral 
Col'umn [ksrom] «. a pillar 
col'za [kol'za] K. cabbage seed oil 
com- [kOm]/>-f. with; together 
co'ma [ko'ma] n. state of insensibility 
Co-man'ches [k6-man'ch6z] «. Indian 
Co'ma-tose'[k5'ma-tos'] a. drowsyLtribe 
comb [kam] v.t. to disentangle 
com'bat [kSm'Mt] -^.t. to fight against 
com'bat-ive-nes3 [iv-nes] «. figlit 
com bi-na'tion [-bl-na'shun] «. union 
com-bine' [blnT ii.t. to unite with 
com-bus'ti-ble [bQs'tlb'l] a. fiery 
com-bus'tion «. actofburning 
some [kOm] v.i. to approach the speaker 
CO-me'di-an [kSme'dl-^nl n. an actor 
come'down' tkum'doun'] «. humiliation 
Com'e-dy tkOm'e-dj] n. a comic play 
Come'li-nesS[kum'lI-nes]Kbeing comely 
comely [kum'Iy] a. pleasing; agreeable 
Com'et [kOm'et] n. star with a tail 
com'fit [kum fit] «. a confection 
COm'fort [fert] «. solace 

com'fort-a-ble[-i-b'I] a. having comfort 
Com'fort-er [er] «. the Holy Spirit 
COm'fort-less [iss] a. cheerless 
com'ic [kum'Ik] a. ludicrous 
com'ic-al [ikizl] a. exciting mirth 
com'i-ty [r-ty] n. courtesy 
C0m'mark6m'ma]«.punctuationmark [.] 
com-mand' [mand'] i/./. to direct 
com-mand'er [er] «. an officer 
com-mand'er-y[-y]K. secret order lodge 
com-mand'ing[-ing] a. exalted 
com-mand'ment[m«nt] n. a charge 
com-mat'ic [kSm-matTk] a. concise 
com-mem o-ra'tion [-ra'shfln] «. 
com-mence' [mens] v.t. to begin 

Com-mence'ment[mmt]«. a beginning 
com-mend'[.mend'] v. to recommend 
com-mend'-a-ble [a-b'l] a. laudable 
com men-da'tion [da'shOn] «. praise 
com-mend'a-to-ry [a-t4-r$] a. 
com-men'su-rate[ men 'shu-rat]3. equal 
COm'ment[kfim'ment] n. remark 
com'meu-ta-ry[-tarj] n. exposition 
com'men-ta'tor [tcr] «. expositor 
com'merce [mcrs] «. trade 
com-mer'cial [-mcrsh.jl] a. trading 
Com-min'gle [k&m-mlngg'IJz/. to blend 
com'mi-nute [ml-nQt] v.t. to pulverize 
com-mis'er-ate[-mlz'er-at] f.t. to pity 
com-mis er-a'tion [-a'shfln] «. 
com'mis-sa-ry [-s4-ry] K. an ofBcer 

com-mis'sion[-mish'an]T'./.to authorize 
com-mis'sion-er [-er] «. a deputy 

Com-mit' [kOm-mlt] v.t. to intrust 
com-mit'tee [te] «. members appointed 
com-mit'ment [mcnt] «. a warrant 
com-mix' [mlksT - ■'■ to blend 
com-mix'ture r-tir] n. a compound , 
com-mode' [-modT «. chest of drawers' 






com-mo'di-ous t-mSdlQs] a. suitable 
C0m-mod'i-tyim0dl-t5'l«. merchandise 
com'mo-dore' [-mft-dor ]w. naval officer 
com'mon [-mQn] a. ordinary 
eom'mon-ly [if] adv. ordinarily 
com'mons [z] >;.//. mass of the people 
com mon-weal' [wel') «.public welfare 
coin'mon-wealth'[-w6lfA] «. a state 

com'mo-rant [•m4r<int] «. a resident 
com-mo'tion t-mo'shun] n. agitation 
COm-mune' [-mun] T.i. to converse 
com'mune «. the common people 
COm-mu'ni-cant[-k<jnt]«. church mem- 
coni-mu'ni-cate[-kat]7'.f.toimpart Lber 
crm-mu ni-ca'tion [ka'shfln] ■(. 
eom-mu'ni-ca-tive[-ka-tivja. talkative 

com-mun'ion C-munVflnj «. fellowship 
com'mu-nism [mii-nlzm] k. socialism 
com-mu'ni-ty [mflnl-ty] k. the people 
com mu-ta'tion[-ma-ta'5hQn] « substitu 
com-mute' [mutT t». /.to exchange Ition 
Com-pact' [pikf] a. close togetlier 
com'pact >i. a covenant 
com-pact'ness [nfts] «. density 
com-pan'ion ( pSnyfln) «. an associate 
com-pan'ion-ship [ship] n. fellowship 

COm'pa-ny [kOm'pany] > assembly 
Com'par-a-ble [k6m par-a-b'l]a. worthy 
COm-par'a-tive[-tIv]a. [of comparison 
com-pare' [ pir ] -v.l. to liken [paring 
com-par'i-son [-par'l-san]>i. actofcom- 
Com-part'ment[-part-m<nt]n. a division 

com'pasa [kam'pas] «. e-ctent [circles 
com'pass-es [-izln.fl. instr. for making 
Com-pa^'sion[-pash an] «. fellow-feeling 
com-pas'sion-ate [at] a. merciful 
com-pat'i-ble [pat'i-b'l] a. agreeable 
com-pa'tri-ot [pa triOt]M. a fellow pa- 
com-peer' [per] «. an equal; mate [triot 
corn-pel' [pel] v.t. to urge with force 
com'pend [ptnd] «. a summary 
com-pen'di-ou3[-pen di-us] a. concise 
COm-pen'di-um[um] «. an abridgment 
com'pen-sate [ p6n-sat]2'./. to remuner- 
compen-sa'tion [sa'shOn] n. pay [ate 
com-pete' [-pet ']!'.!. to contend in rivalry 
com'pe-ten-cy [ fic-trn-sj] «. sufficiency 
Com'pe-tent [tent] a. capable 
COmpe-tl'tion [tlsh'On] «. rivalry 
com-pet'i-tor [pet'ltcr] >i. a rival 
com pi-la'tion[pMa'shanl«. a selection 
com-pile' [ pil] i/./. to collect [tion 

com-pla'cen-cy [pla'sm-sj; «. satisfac 
Com-pla'cent [sent] a. self-satisfied 
Com-plain' [-pISn']7'.».to lament [plains 
com-plain'ant [-ant] n. one who com- 
com-plaint' [plant'] «. accusation 
com'plai-sance' [plSzans];!. courtesy 
COm'plai-sant [-zant'] n. courteous 
Com'ple-ment [-plc-m«nt]«. full amount 
com plete' [plSt'] a. nothing lacking 
com-ple'tion [-shan]«, act of completing 
com'plez [plsks] a. ni.t simple 
Com-plex'ion[pl£k'shan] n.hueofskir 






COm-pli'ance [pllVzns] n. yielding to 
COm-pU'ant t-«nt] a. yielding 
com'pli-cate (pll'kat] a.complexfment 
com pli-ca'tion [ka'shOn] «. entangle- 
com-plic'i-ty [plls'I-tylw. guilt sharing 
COm'pli-ment [ pll-mtnt] n. praise 
com pli-men'ta-ry [men'th-ry] a. 
com-ply' [-pM'] v.i. to jield assent 
COm-po'nent [po'nfnt] «. an ingredient 
COm-port' [-port'] v.i. to agree 
com-port'ment [-mfnt] n. behavior 
com-pose' [-paz'] ^■./. to make up 
COm-pos'er [-pOz'er] n. a music author 
com-pos'ite [-p'!)z'lt] a. compounded 
com-po-si'tion ( isA-zishun] h. 
com-pos'i-tor [pOz'lter] h. type-setter 

COm'post [post] n. a fertilizer 
com-po'sure [pS zhur] «. calmness 
com-pound' [-pound] v.t. to combine 
com'pound «. a combinatioa [stand 
com pre-hend'(-pre-hSnd']T' under- 
oom'pre-hen'si-ble [-hen'si-b'l] a. 
com pre-hen'sion [-shun] n. 

corn-press' [-pr6s'] -v.t. to condense 
com-pres'sion [ presh'Qn] n. 
com-prise' [-prtz] v i. to include [ment 
COmp-trol'ler [kOn-tron~r]«. controller 
Com-pul'sion [-pul'shuu] «. constramt 
com-pul'sive (-slv]<r. able to compel 
Com-pul'so-ry [si-ry] a. compelling 
com-ptinc'tion [-pungk'shQn] n. remorse 
com'pu-ta'tion [pa-ta'shun] n. calcula- 
com-pute' [-put'] v.t. to calculate [tion 
com'rade [r^d] ». a companion 
con- [k8n-] pre with; together 
con z'.t. to study: to peruse 
con-cat e-na'tion [kat'e-na'shQn] «. 
can'cave [-kav] a. hollowed out 
con-ceal' [ sel'] v.t. to hide 
con-ceal'a-ble [a-b'l] a. able to be hid 
con-ceal'ment [mtnt] n. act of hiding 
coa-cede' [-sed] -v.t. to yield; to grant 
con-ceit' [sff] n. self-love; a thought 
con-ceit'ed-nes3 [-ed-nes] «. vanity 
coii-ceiv'a-ble [sev'a-b'l] a. 
con-ceive'[-sev']x'./. to form in the mind 
con-cen'trate [sSn'trSt] v.t. to focus 
con-cen'tric [-trik] a. having a common 
con-cep'tion[-sep'shiin]«.a notion [center 
con-cern' [-sern] v.t. to relate to 
con-cern' [sern'] k. business 
con-cern'ed-ly [ed-ly] adv. sympathet- 
concern'ing [Ing] />>-«•/ .pert, to [ically 
con-cert' [-sert] v.t. to plan together 
COn'cert «. harmony 
con-cert'ed [-edj a. agreed on finstr 
concer-ti'na [ser-te'iid] «. a musical 
con-ces'sion [sesh'un] «. a grant 
conch [kOngk] n. a kind of sea shell 
con'chi-fer [-kl-fcr]>i.a shell fish [shells 
con-chol'o-gy [-kol'4-jy] n. science of 
con cierge' [kS«'sy4zh'i F. a janitor 



•^ \ ^ \ 

O V V 




C0n-cil'i-ate[k6n-sil'I-at]7'./.to win over 
con-cil'i-a-to-ry [-siri-a-ti-ryja. pacific 
con-cise' [-sls'jii. condensetU terse; brief 
C0n'clave[k6ng klavjx.a close assembly 
COn-clude' [kSn-kladl v.t.lo decide; end 
con-clu'sion [ klu zliQn]«. the end 
con-clu'sive [ klu'siv] <i. decisive 
con-coot' [-kOkt] v.t. to prepare; devise 
C0n-coc'tion[-k6k'shun)«. ajreparation 
con-com'i-tant [-keml-tantj u.attend- 
con'cord [kOngkord] n. harmony ling 
con-cord'ance [ans] «. a Bible index 
con'course [kOng'kors] k. an assembly 
COn'crete [konkret') ji. road stuff 
con-cre'tion [kre'shun) «.aclot 
COn'cu-bine [kOngku-bin] «. a mistress 
con-cu'pis-cence [konka'pis-] «.sex- 
C0n-cur'[k6n-kur-']r-.i. toagree lual lust 
COn-CUr'rence [kur'rirns] n. agreement 
con-cur'rent [-rsnt] a. at same time 
COn-CUs'sion[kush'Qn]«.collision shock 
COn-demr'[-dfm] v t. to censure 
con dem-na'tion [na'^hun] «. censure 
con den-sa'tion [-sa'shfln] «.condens- 
C0n-dense'[-d5ns'] v.t. to thicken ling 
con-dens'er [den'ser] «. a compressor 
con'de-scend' (de-send'] t.:. to stoop 
con'de-scen'-sion [sen'shun] n. 

con-dign' [din'] a. deserving 
con'di-ment [dl-ment] ». a relish 
con-di'tion [-dishOn] n. a rank ; a state 
con-di'tion-al (-shun-alja. not absolute 

con-dole' f-dsl'] v.i. to grieve with 
con-do'lence[-do'lcns]« expressed grief 
con-done' [don') v.t. to forgive 
COn'dor[d6r] « . S. American bird of prey 
con-duce' [das'] v.i. to lead to 
con-du'ci-ble [du'sl-b'l] a. tending to 
eon'duct [ dukt] k. behavior 
con-duct' v.t. to lead: direct; manage 
COn-duct'ive [dOktlv] a. leading 
con-duct'or [ttr] n. one who conducts 
COn'duit [dit] n. a pipe for fluids 
cone [kon] n. fir fruit; a round wedge 
co'ney [ko'ny] n. a rabbit 
COn'fab [kCjn'fSb] «. familiar talk 
con-fab u-la'tion [-a-la'shunj j^. confab 
COn-fec'tion [fekshun] «. sugar stuff 
COn-fec'tion-er [-cr] «. candy maker 
con-fec'tion-er-y I-er-y]K.candiesrance 
con-fed'er-a-cy [fsd'cr-a-sy] K.analli- 
eon-fed'er-ate t-St] a. allied; «. an ally 
con-fed-er-a'tion [-s'shfln] n. a league 

COn-fer' ffrr'] v.i. to consult; to bestow 
con'fer-ence [irns] n. a consultation 
Con-fesa' [fis'] v.t. to own up; to admit 
con-fess'er f-<-r] «. maker of confession 
COn-fes'sion'-f'':sh'fln]«.an admission of 
con-fes'sion-al [-<il] «. confession plact 
COn-fes8'or[fc5't:r]« hearer of confession 

C0n'fl-dant'""»-5 ['<'''n'fl- > a very ^lose 
con fi-dante'"/< dint'] \ friend 
con -fide' [fid] v.t. to intrust 

con'fi-dence [fi-d^ns] «. trust 

^ ^ ') 

■ C D -C-J 




OOn'fl-dent [d^nt] a. sure 
COn'fi-den'tial [den'shal] a. trusted in 
COn'fi-dent-ly [dcnt-ly] adv. positively 

con-fine' [-(M]v.t. to limit 
con-fine'ment [mfnt] «. seclusion 
con-firm' [-ferm] t./. to ratify [ing 

con'fir-ma'tion [-fer-ml'sliiin]K. ratify 
con'fis-cate [fis-katlJ/.^.to seize as for 
eon'fis-ca'tion [-ka'shun] «. seizure 
Con'fla-gra'tion [flagra'shQn] n. a fire 
con'flict [flikt] n. violent collision 
con-flict' z'.t. to collide fstreams 

con'flu-ence [-flii-fns] k. junction of two 
con'flu-ent l<;nt] a. flowing together 
con'fiux [-fluks] «. a meeting of currents 
con-form' [-form'] v.t. to make like 
con-form'a-ble [abl] a. like [forming 
con-form'i-ty [ form'I-ty] «. likeness 
con-found' [found'] vJ. to confuse 
con'frere' [kOn'frSr'] F. intimate friend 
con-front' (kOn-frunt'] v.t. to face fciu' 
Con-fu'cian[kCin-fushan]a. pert. Confu 
Con-fu'ci-us [shl-fls] «. a philosopher 
con-fuse' [ fuz] f./. to jumble together 
con-fu'sjon [fu'zhun] 7t. disorder 
con-fute' [fuf] v.t. to disprove 
con-geal' [-jSl'l "■'■ to freezS [freezing 
con'ge-la'tion [ je-l&'shun] «. act of 
COn-gen'ial [-jen'yal] a. agreeablelbirth 
con-gen'i-tal [-jen'l-tal] a. dating from 
con'ger fkOng'gSr] «. a kind of sea eel 
con-gest' [kfln-jesf] v.t. to clog 
con-gest'ed [-ed] a. clogged [intoaheap 
COn-ges'tion [jes'chun] «. a gathering 
Con-glom'er-ate[gl6m'er-at] a. mixed 
con-glom'er-a'tion [s'shun] «.a mass 
con-glu'ti-nate[-nat] v.t. to glue to- 
con' gou [kOng'goo] « a black tealgether 
con-grat'u-late [kon-grat'il-lat] v.t. to 
con-grat u-la'tion[ la'shun])i.iOTshjoy 
COn'gre-gate[kong'grc-gat] gather 
con'gre-ga'tion [-ga'shun] «. assembly 

con'gre-ga'tion-al [ga'shun-ul] a. 
Con'gress [grres] n. a convention 
con-gres'sion-al [kan-gresh'un-an ". 
con'gru-ent [-konggru-(?nt] a. suitable 
con-gru'i-ty [kOn-gni'I-ty] n. fitness 
COn'grU-OUS [kOng'gru-us] a fit 
con'ic-al [kOn'I-krtl] a. round ^.-pointed 
co'ni-fer [ks'ni-fer] H.cone-bearingtree 
CO-nif'er-OUS [kS-nlfer-us] a. 
CO'nine [ko'nTu] n. a poison 
con-jec'ture ikon-jek'tur] «. a^ess 
con-join' [-join] v.t. to unite 
con-joint' [joint'] a. united 
con'ju-gal [ksnji-gal] a. matrimonial 
con'ju-gate [-jii-gat]z'./. to inflscta verb 
con'ju-ga'tion [ga'shun] «. 

con-junc'tion [jungk'shun] n. union 
con-junc'tive [tiv] a. serving to unite 
COn-junc'ture [tiir] n. acrisisfentreaty 
COn'ju-ra'tion[-ju-ra'shQn]K. an earnest 

-^^ ■'^ ■-> 

-v.-^ -^ 

Z..J/ /-^ 






COn-jure' [-jur'Jf./. to adjure; to call on 
con'jure [kon jur] v.t. to enchant 
con'"Ur-er [-er] u. a magician 
con'nate [kSn nit] a. beingofsamebirth 


■ ^-< 

con-nect' [nekt'] v.t. tojoin together | 
con-nec'tion [-n^kshun] ;z. junction 1 
con-niv'ance [niv'ans] k. passive con-j 
COn-nive' [niv J v.i. to wink at Lsent j 
connois-seur' [ nIs-sOr'] «. a critic I 
COn-nu'bi-alt-nu'bi-al]<i.pert. marriage 
con'qucr [kong'kcr] v.t. to overcome 
con'quer-or [-er] «. the victor 
COn'quest [kSng'kwSst] n. victory 
con san-guin'i-ty [kon'san-gwmT-ty]>i 
con'science [shc-ns) ).•. the moral sense 
con sci-en'tious [-shi-en'shOs] a. 
con'scious [shus] a. aware fconscious 
con'scious-nesa [-nSs] ;;. state of being 
Con'script[-skrIpt3 v.. one forced to enlist 
COn'se-crate [se-krat] v.t. to dedicate 
con-sec'u-tive [sCku-tlv] <r. in regular 
con-sen'sus [-s6n sus] «. accord Lorder 
con-sent' [-sent] k. acquiescence 
con'se-quence [se-kwSns] n. a result 
con'se-qaent [ kwint] a. following 
Conse-qucn'tial [kwen'shal] n.fingly 
COn'ser-va'tion [-ser-va'shun] n. preser- 
con-serv'a-tive [scrva-tiv] «. [vation 
con'ser-va tor [ser-vl'tcrlx. a preser\'er 
C0n-serv'a-tO-ry[-t6-rj']«.a greenhouse 
COn-sid'er [sld cr] v.t. to think upon 
COn-sid'er-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. important 
con-sid'er-ate [St] a. prudent 
con-sid er-a'tion [-a'shun] «. attention, 
con-sign' [sinTw.^. to deliver 
con sign- ee' [sine'] «. receiver of goods j 
COn-sign'or [sin or] n. sender of goods, 
con-sign'ment[-mc:nt] «. goods sent 
con-sist' [slstT ii.i. to be made up of 
Con-sist'en-cy [slsttrn-sy] n. harmony 
Con-sist'ent [te-nt] a. not contradictory 
con-sis'to-ry [tS-ry] n a council 
con'so-la'tion [sS-ls'shOn] «. solace 
con-sole' [-■^'l'] '^.t. to comfort 
con-sol'i-date [san-dat] -v.t tounite 
COn'aols [silz] « //. British stocks 
con'so-nance [-s8-nans] «. accord 
Con'so-nant [sirurnt] «. a letter 
con'sort [sfirt] >i. a partner 
con-sort' v.t. to associate 
COn-spic'u-OUS [sprk'fl-Qs] a.prominent 
con-spir'a-cy [ splr'a-sj] «. a plot 
con-spire' [^.pir] v.t. to plot together 
con'sta-ble [kQnsta-b'l] K. an officer 
con'stan-cy [stan-sj] n. fixedness 
con'stant [stunt] a. unchanged [group 
con'-stel-la'tion [std-l-la'shan] 
con'ster-na'tion [-stcr-na'-] «. dismay 
con'sti-pa'tion [-sti-pa'-] n. costiveness 
COn'sti-tute (tut) v.t. to make up 
con'8ti-tu'tion[tQ'shQn] «. 
con'sti-tu'tion-al [ .il] .z. lawful 

\3 V 

<• c/__S> 


p P J3 p/ 

r C-Cr 

■"^-_?' -Q^P -S^ •'^ 




\..1.L I 




con-strain' [-stTan] ■n./. to compel 
con-straint' [-stianf] n. restraint 
con-strict' [kSn-strikf] T.t. to cramp 
con-stric'tion [-strik'shQn]«. a narrow- 
COn-strict'or [tcr] n. a serpent ling 
con-struct' [-strukf] z-.t. to build 
con-struc'tion [-struk'shfln]!i. structure 
con-strue' [-stru'] v.t. to interpret 
con'sul [-5S1] «. an officer abroad 
Con'su-late [-lit] «. a consul's office 
con-sult' [-suit'] v.t. to ask advice of 
con Sul-ta'tion[-sul-ta'shun] «.a council 
con-sume' [-sum'] v.t. to use up 
con-sum'er [er] user 
con'sum-mate [-sflm'mat] -v.t. to finish 
COn-Sump'tion [-sump'shun] h. a disease 
con-sump'tive [-t:v] a. wasting 
con'tact [-takt] n. touch 
con-ta'gion [-ta'jun]»i. spreading of dis- 
COn-ta'gious [-jus] a. catching [ease 
con-tain' [-tan'] ^.t. to hold 
con-tam'i-nate [tam'i-nat] -v.t. to taint 
con-temn' [-tern'] v.t. to scorn 
con'tem-plate [tem-piat] -ii.t. to study 
con'tem-pla'tion [pla'shQn] v.. study 
con-tem po-ra'ne-ous [po-ra'nc-us] a. 
con-tempt' [temt] n. scorn 
con-tempt'i-ble [-i-b"l] a. mean 
con-tend' [tend'] v.i. to strive 
con-tent' [-tent'] a. satisfied 
COn'tentS [s] what anything holds 
conten'tion [tgn'shun] «. strife 
con-tent'ment [-tent'ment] 71. satisfied 
con-test' [-ttst'] v.t. to contend for 
con'test K. earnest dispute 
con-test'ant [-nnt] «. one who contests 
con'text [tSkts];;. what surrounds a text 
con ti-gu'i-ty [tl-gu'I-ty] «. nearness 
Con-tig'u-OUS [-tig 4-us]a.near;touching 
con'ti-nent[-tI-n^Tit]«. large body of land 
con-tin'gen-cy [tln'jcn-sy] n. chance 
con-tin'gent [-jcnt] n. casual 
con-tin'u-al \-t-a\\ a. lasting 
con-tin'u-ance [-ans] «. duration 
con-tin u-a'tion [-a'shun] n. extension 
con-tin'ue [-u] v j. to keep on 
con tin-u'i-ty [nu'I-ty] n. uninterupted 
COn-tin'u-OUS [-fi-us] a. unbroken 
con-tor' tion [tor'shun] k. a twist 
con-tour' [-toor ] «. outline 
con'tra- [k6n'tra-]/>>-^. against 
con'tra-band [-band] «. illegal trafiic 
con-tract' [-trakf] v.i. to draw together 
con'tract «. a compact: an agreement 
COn-trac'tion [trak'shan] «. shortening 
COn-tract'or [ter] n. one who contracts 
con tra-dict' [-tra-dikt'] v.t. to gninsay 
con tra-dic'tion[-dIk'-] «. a gainsaving 
con tra-dict'o-ry [tS-ry] a. inconsistent 

con-tral'to [-trai'tS] «. cito 
con tra-ri'e-ty [-tra-ri'e-ty] «. antago- 
con'tra-ry [tra-ry] a. adverse [nism 
con-trast'[-trast']»./.to set in opposition 

■^ ^ r a 





con'trast «. unlikeness 

eon tra-vene' [tra-ven'] t'.?. to oppose 

con-trib'ute [k6n-trib Qt] z\t. to give in 
con'tri-bu'tion [tri-bu'-] n. Lcommon 
eon-trib'u-toi"[-tTibu-ter] « . one contrib- 
C0n'trite[-trjt) .;. humbly penitent [uting 
Con-tri'tion [trlsh'un] n. repentance 
COn-txiv'ance [-triv'ans] «. a device 
con-trive' t-trlv'] v.t. to plan 
COn-trol' [trol ] -v.t. to rule; to govern 
con-trol'ler I-ler] n. one who controls 
con'tro-ver sy [-tr6-ver'sy] K. a dispute 
COn'tro-vert [vert] v.t. to dispute 
con tu-ma'cious [-ma'shus] u. perverse 
con'tu-ma-cy [ mi-sy] k. perverseness 
COn'tU-me-ly [-me-l>]K. insolence; dis- 
con-tuse' [tuz'] i./. to bruise [grace 
Con-tu'sion [ tu zhun] ".a bruisefriddle 
CO-nun'drum[kO-nun'drum] H. a kind of 
con va-lesce' [kSn Va-les'] w.t. togain 
conVa-les'cence [-sms] n. [health 
con va-les'cent [sent] u. getting well 
COn-vene'[-ven '] v.t. to cause to assemble 
con-ven'ience [yens] «. free from dis- 
con-ven'ientt-yfnt] «. suitable [comfort 
con'vent [-vent] n. a monasterylsembly 
con-ven'ti-cle [ven'tl-k'l] ;.•. private as- 
Con-ven'tion[shun]«.a meeting of dele- 
con-ven'tion-al [.^l] a. formal [gates 
con-verge' [vcrj'l' tend to one point 
COn-ver'gent [ver'jcnt] a. converging 
COn'ver-sant [-ver-sant]a. familiar with 

con'ver-sa'tion [sa'shQn] «. talk 

con- verse' [-< r rs 'jT/.z. to talk together 
Con-ver'sion;-vcr'shun]»;. transmutation 
con-vert' [vCrt] -v-t. to change belief 
con' vert «. one who is won o- er 
con-vert'i-ble [-l-b'l] a. susceptible of 
con'vex [-vsks] a. bulging ichange 
COn-vey' [va] -v.t. to carry 
con-vey'ance [mis] m. a vehicle 
con'vict [-vlkt] >i. a sentenced criminal 
COn-vict' 7. C. to prove guilty [ing 


con-vince'[vinsTT'./. to satisfy by proof 
con-vin'ci-ble [vin'sl-b'l] a. 
con-viv'i-alt vlv'.i-al]<i jovial [meeting 
con vo-ca'tion [vd-ka'shunj «. a called 
con-voke' [vok'] v.t. to call to meet 
con vo-lu'tion[-v8-lu'shan] ». 
con-volve' [ • 'jU'] t;./. to wind together 
COn-vol'vu-lu8[val'v(i-lus] «. flowering 
con-voy' [-voi] v.t. to escort [bindweed 
con'voy n. an escort 
con-vulse' [-vuls'] v.t. to shake 
con-vul'sion [vulshfln] k. a shaking 
con-vul'sive [sTv] a. spasmodic 
coo t koo] v.t. to aa in a loving way 
cook [krxjk] >i. aprepareroffoodfortable 
cook'er-y [-tr-y] n. a cook's art 
cool [kWl] a. moderately cold ; not hasty 
COol'nesS [nOs] «. moderate cold; calm- 
ooon [V:o?)n] «. a raccoon [ness 

coop [ki>4>] «. a poultry \Kn 








COOp'er [-?r] n. a cask maker fgether 
co-op'er-ate [k6-6per-at] 2.1. to act to- 
co-op er-a'tion [a'shun] n. joint action 
CO-op'er-a-tive [-S-tlv] a.actingjoimly 
coot fkoot] K. a wading bird; a simpleton 
cop [kOp] I!, the head; a policeman 
CO-pai'ba [ki-pa'ba] n. an oil resin 
co'pal [ko'pal] «. a resia 
co-part'ner [kS-part'ncr]«. a sharer 
cope [kop]T'.!. to contend with [Copernicus 
Co-per'ni-can [kA.p5r'ni-kan] a. pert, to 
Co-per'ni-CUS[-kus]«. a Prussian as tron- 
eo'pi-OUS [ko'pl us] a. plentiful [omer 
COp'per [k6p'pcr] II. a. common red metal 
COp'per-as [as] k. g^reen vitriol 
cop'per-head [-hod] «. an Amer. snake 
cop'pice [kSp'pIsJn. abrushwood thicket 
copse [kOjis] «. same as "coppice" 
Copts [kSpts] M.//. an Ejrs'ptian race 
COp'u-late [kOp ulat] -v.i. to come to- 
COp'u-la'tion [la'shOn] K. union Igether 
Cop'tl-la-tive [la-tiv] a. connecting 
Cop'y [-y] «. reproduction of an original 
cop'y-ist [ist] «. a transcriber 
cop'y-right' [-rif] n. an author's right 
CO-quet' [ki-kef] v.t. to trifle in love af- 
CO-quette'^' ./".a trifling vain woman^fairs 
cor- [k5r-]/>'tf. witli; together 
COr'al [kOr'al] K. a sea insect rock 
COr'ban [kor'ban] n. an offering to God 
COr'bel [hel] k. a kind of bracket 
cord [kord] n. a string 
COrd'age [-Sj] «. ropes [forts; a. sincere 
cor'di-al [kSr'dl-al] «. that which com 
Cor'doil[k6r'd6n]«.abadge; sentinel line 
COr'do-van [-di-van] «. kind of leather 
Cor'du-roy' [du-roiT «. ribbed velvet 
COrd'wain-er [kordwan^r] n. a shoe 
core [kor] n. the kernel; the heartlmaker 
co're-spond'ent [ko're-sp6nd'<rnt] K. 
co'ri-an'der [ko'n-an'der] «. a plant 
Cor'inth [kOrIn//:] «. a city of Greece 
Co-rin'thi-an [kS-rln'/AI-an] a. 
cork [kork] M.bottlestopper;barkoftree 
cork'screw' [skni '] «. Instr. for drawing 
Corm tkfirm] n. kind of bulb root Icorks 
COr'mo-rant [kor' mS-rant] K. sea raven 
corn [kfim] «. grain; horny growth on toes 
corn'cob' f-kOb'] n. spike of Indian com 
cor'ner [korner] n. an angle 
cor'net [-net] k. wind instrument 
cor'nice [-nls] «. a molded projection 
Com'ish [-nTsh] a. pert. Cornwall, Eng 
COr'nu-co'pia[k6r'nu-ko'pi-a]K. emblem 
cor'ol-la-ry [kSr'61-la-rJ']''.adeduction 
CO-ro'na [ki-rS'na] ». a halo fing 

COr'o-na'tioil[kBr'4-na'shQn] «. a crown 
cor'o-ner [ncr] «. an inquest officer 
cor'o-net [not] «. kind of crown \\\% 
COr'po-ral [k6r'p4-ral] an officer; a.bod- 
cor'po-rate [-rSt] a. incorporated 
cor'po-ra'tiont-ra'shun) n.a body politic 
cor-po're-al [kOr-po're-al] a. material 
corps [kor, s.; kors,//.] n. body 





corpse [kflrpsl K. a dead human body 
cor'pu-len-cytkor'pu-ltn-syjw. fleshiness 
COr'pu-lent [lent] a. very fat; fleshy 
COr'pus-cle [-pus-s'l]«. a minute particle 
cor-ral' [kOr-ral] n. inclosure for cattle 
cor-rect' [-rect]a. free from error fing 
COr-rec'tion [rekshfln] »i.act of correct- 
cor re-late' [■re-lat']z'.c. to put in relation 
cor're-la'tion [-is'shunlii. Itoeachother 
COr-rel'a-tive [-reli-tlv] a. [nicatewith 
cor re-spond'l-re-spSnd'l z'.i. tocommu- 
cor re-spond'ence [ens] >i. 
corre-spond'ent [-cnt] n. 
cor'ri-dor [ksrri-dor] «. a passageway 
COr'ri-gi-ble[-jI-b'l] a. can be corrected 
COr-rob'o-rate[-r6b'd-rat] v.i. to confirm 
cor-rode' [rOdT •;■./. to eat away froding 
OOr-ro'sion [-ro'zhiln] n. process of cor 
cor'ru-gate [-?at] z'.t. to wrinkle 


cor-rupt' t-rflpt] a. tainted [corrupted 
cor-rupt'i-blel-l-b'l] a. capable of being 
cor-rup'tion [-rup'shun] «. putrefaction 
cor'sair [kSrsdr] a. a pirate 
cor'set [set] K. stays 
cortege' [kSr'tJzh'] «. a procession 
Cor'tes [k6r'tesjM.//.Spaniih legislature 
cor'us-cate [kSr'Qs-kai] r.i. to sparkle 
cor us-ca'tion [kd'slmn] «. glitter 
COr-vette' [kOr-vgt'] k. war vessel 
CO ry ph^e' [k6re'fa']>/.F. ballet dancer 
COS-met'ic [kSz-mSt'Ik] «. a skin wash 
co3-mog'o-ny [mOgfi-nj] «. a science 
cos-mog'ra-phy [fy] «. world descrip- 
COS nio-pol'i-tan[-m4-pC)l'l-tan];i. [tion 
cos'mos [kOzmOs] >i. order: the world 
Cos'sacks [kos's&ks] n. a Russian tribe 
cost [kostlf!. the amount paid for a thing 
COs'ter-mon ger [kSs'ter-mQng'ger] 
cos'tive (-tlv]rt. having no motion of the 
cest'ly [k6stly] a. expensive Ibowels 
cos'tume' [kOs'tOm] «. dress 
cos'tum er [fr] tt. a dealer in costumes 
cot (kotjx.dim.of "rnttage';a small bed 
cote [kot] H. sheep pen; dove house 
CO-tem'po-ra-ry [kS-tem'pS-rS-ry] r 
cote-rie' [kft'tc-rf] h. a clique 
CO-til'lion [kS-tiryun] «. a brisk dance 
COt'tage [kOt'tij] «. a small house 
cot' ton [kOt't'n] K. a wool-like substance 
couch (kouch] >:. a lounge 
Cou'gar [koS'gar] K. the Amer. panther 
cough (k6f ] K. an action of the lungs 
coun'cil [koun'sll] «. an assembly 
coun'cil-or [-cr] «. member of council 
coun'sel [-s£l] «. advice; f. to advise 
coun'sel-or [-cr] «. an adviser 
count [koimt] -v./. to reckon; n. an earl 
coun'te-nance[koun'te-nans]«.the face: 
count'er [tcr] >i. a reckoner [i/. to aid 
coun'ter n. a table; a. adverse 
counter-act' [ .ikt'] v.f. to hinder 
coun'ter-bal ance l-\M'ans]v.t. tobal- 
coun'ter-feit [fit] «. an imitation [ance 
coun ter-mand' [msnd'] v.t. to revok 





coun' ter-m arch [march ']«. retrocession 
coun'ter-pane t pan'l «■ a bed coverlet 
coun'ter-part' [part'] «. a similar part 
coun'ter-poise' [poiz'] «. 
coun'ter-sign ['-sin'] «. a password 
coun'ter-sink'i-singk'Jf./. to depress 
count'ess (koum'es) n. wife of an earl 
count'less [des] a. innumerable 
coun'tri-fied[kQn'trI-fid](j.with country 
coun'tryikun try];;. not the town Imanner 
coun'try-man [m^n] n. a rustic 
coun'ty [koun'tyl n. part of a state 
coupe' [koo'pS'l n. a vehicle 
cou'ple [kup' '1] n. two fhyme 

coup'let [det] n. two lines of verse that 
coup'ling [ding] K. a uniting apparatus 
cou'pon [koo'pOn] k. a certificate 
COUr'age [kOr'Sj] «. bravery 
cour-a'geous [a'jus] a. brave 
cou'ri-er [koori-er] k. a messenger 
course [kors] n. a way 
cours'ing [ Ing] n. hunting v;ith dogs 
court [kort] n. a yard; a tribunal 
C0ur'te-0U3 [kdr'te-us] a. polite 
cour'te-san [kert'-e-zan]«./.a prostitute 
cour'te-sy [sy] w. politeness [respect 
courte'sy [kiirt'sy] n. woman's act of 
court-ier[kort'yer] «. attendant at court 
COUrt'ly[dy) a. polite; dignified[tribunal 
court mar'tial [-niar'sh<?l] n. a military 
court'ship [ship] n. love making [child 
cous'in [kuz' 'n] n. an aunt's or uncle's 

COve [kfiv] n. recess in the shore [in 

COv'e-nant[kuv'e-n<int]«. an agreement 
Cov'er [cr] n. a lid; v.t, to overspread 
cov'ered [crd] a. hidden 
cov'er-let [let] n. upper cover of bed 
cov'ert [ert] n. a shelter 
cov'ert-ly [ ly] adv. in private 
cov'et [St] II. t. to long for 
C0v'et-0U3 [ us] a. eager to have 
cov'ey [-y] n. flock of birds 
COW [kow]«. female of bovine animals 
COw'ard [erd] n. a timid person 
cow'ard-ice [is] «. extreme timidity 
cow'boy' [boi'] «. a cattle herder 
COw'catch er[-k4ch'er] «. engine guard 
cow'hide' [hid'] n. ox skin; a whip 
cowl [koul] ?:. monk's hood; chimneypot 
co'work'er [wQrk'cr] «. fellow worker 
COw'pox' [pOks] n. a disease 
COw'rie [-ry] «. African shell money 
cow'slip' [-slip] ;;. early spring flower 
cox'comb' [koks'kdm] n. a dude 
coy [koi] a. shy; modest 
COy'neSB [-n5s] m. modesty 
COy-ote' [koi-ot'] «. the prairie wolf 
Coz'en [kuz' 'n] v.t. to cheat; to deceive 
Co'zy [ks'zy] a. snug; n. a tea-pot cover 
crab [krSb] «. a Crustacea 
crab'bed [-bed] a. cross; peevish 
crack [krak] n. a crevice; v. to break 
Crack'er [-erj u. a thin biscuit 








Cra'dle [kra'd'l] « a child's bed 
craft [kraft] ;i. cunning; a trade; a vessel 
craft'ily [-My] aJv. cunningly 
craft'i-neS3 [-I-nes] n. cunning 
craft'y [y] a. wily; cunning 
crag [kr.lg] «. a steep, rugged rock 
crake [krSk] k. a liird of the rail family 
cram [kram] -v. to crowd; to stulf 
cramp [krSmp]«. affection of the muscles 
cran [kran] ti. Scotch, barrel ofherrings 
cran'ber-ry [-ber-ry] ?r. a red, acid l)errj' 
crane [krSn] n. a wading bird; a hoist 
era Ili-ol'o-gy[kra'nl-01'S-]«. science of 
cra'ni-um [um] «. the skull ibkulls 
crank [krSntjk] >t. a bent axis; a maniac 
cran'ny [kran ny] «. chink in a wall 
crape [kr3p] ?i . a kind of mourning stuff 
crash [krash] h. noise of breaking 
crate [krai] ;i. hamper for crockery 
Cra'ter [krater] «. mouth of volcano 
Craunch [kranch] -v.e. to crush with the 
cra-vat' [kra-vat'] «. a neckcloth [teeth 
crave [kra\] -v. to beg or desire earnestly 
cra'ven [kra'v'n] a. faint-hearted 
craw [kra] K. a bird's crop fcean 

craw'fish [-flsh']«. lobster-like crusta- 
crawl [kral] z\ to move as a worm 
cray'on [kraun] «. kind of chalk pencil 
craze [kraz] «. strong, habitual desire 
cra'zy [kra'zy]<z. broken in intellect [ment 
creak [krek] «. a sharp, grating sound 
cream [krem] «. fatof milk; best of any- 
cream'er-y [-er-y] n. cream store [thing 
crease [kres] «. mark made by folding 
Creas'y [-y] a. having creases 
cre-ate' [kre-af] v.t. to bring into being 
Cre-a'tion [asliun] k. what is created 
cre-a'tor [ter] n. one who creates 
crea'ture [kretur] n. a created being 
creche [krJsh] «. a public nursery 
cre'dence [kre'dirns] n. belief fmonials 
cre-den'tials[krc-den'shalz] «.//. testi- 
cred'i-ble [kred'l-b'lja.whatmaybebe- 
Cred'it t-Itl n. trust ; confidence [lieved 
cred'it-a-ble [-a-b'l]a. deserving esteem 
cred'it-or [-er] «. one who trusts [upon 
cred'u-lous [-Qlus] a. easily imposed 
creed [kred] «. belief 
creek[krek)K. a small cove ; a brook 
Creeks [s] «.//. tribe of Amer. Indians 
creel [krel] n. a fish basket 
creep [krep] v.i. to crawl as a worm 
creep'er [-er] n. that which creeps 
creep'ing [-mg] a. crawling 
Crees [krez] «.//. a tribe of Indians 
Cre'mate [kre'mat] t'.t. to burn [dead 

crem'a-tO-ry [kri!iii'a-t4-r>-l>(. a fumac 
Cre-mo'lUl[krc-m5na] n. kindofvioli] 
Cre'ole (krtvil] «. native of W. Indies 
cre'o-SOte [kre'fl-s6t] n. wood-tar oil 
cre'pon(kre'|,*n]«.thin silk or wool stuff 
cres-cen'do [kr4s-sfin'd4j n. music mark 




1 \'^ 





cres'cent [-s<rnt] ft. shape of new moon 
cress [kres] It. a salad plant 
crest [krest] >i. a tuft; an emblem 
Crest'ed [ed] a. having a crest 
crest'fal'len [-fal"n] a. dejected 
cre-ta'ceous [krc-ta'shus] a. chalky 
cre-tonne' [krt-tOn'] n. kind of chintz 
crevasse' [krS'vas'] ». a crevice 
erev'ice [krev'ls] n. a crack 
crew [kru] «. a ship's company 
Crew'el (el] n. yarn 
crib [krib] n. a manger; v.i. to cage 
crib'bage t-t'Sj] «. game of cards 
crick'et [krik'et] >t. a game ; an insect 
Cri'er [kri'cr] It. one who proclaims 
crime [krim] «. violation of law 
crim'i-nal [krlm'I-nrtl] n. an evil-doer 
crim'i-nate [-nat] I'J. to charge with a 
crimp [krTmp] vJ. to curl [crime 

crim'son [krlm'z'n] «. a red color 
cringe [krinj] v.i. to make one's self ser- 
crin'klefkrmg'k'l] k. a wrinkle [vile 
erin'o-line [krin'6-IIn] n. a hoop skirt 
cripple [krIp'p'l]«.one partially disabled 
Cri'sis [kri'sis] n. the turning point 
crisp [krisp] a. in a fresh condition 
cri-te'ri-on [kri-te'n-un] «. a standard 
Crit'ic [krit'ik] II. a reviewer [gerous 
crit'ic-al[-I-kal]a.pert. tocriticism; dan- 
crit'i-cise [-slz] f ./. to judge as a critic 
Crit'i-cism [stz'm] n. censure 
cri-tique' [kri-tek] «. a criticism 
croak [krok] n. cry of raven or frog 
rro-chet' [krS-sha'] n. kind of knitting 
crock [krOk] n. an earthen pot 
crock'er-y [-er-y] «. earthenware 
croc'o-dile [-4-dTl] «. a reptile 
cro'cus(kro'kus] :i. an early spring flower 
Croe'sus [kre'sus]«.an ancient rich king 
crom'lech [krCmisk] n. ancient Celtic 
crone [kron] «. an old woman laltars 
cro'ny [kro'ny] n. a chum 
crook [krook] ?;. a shepherd's staff 
crook'ed [-ed] a. not straight 
crook'ed-ness [-nes] «. perverseness 
crop [krCp] n. standing grain 
cro-quet' [kri-ka] «. an open-air game 
cro'sier [kro'zher] «. a bishop's staff 

cross [krSs] n. a gibbet ; a. peevish 
cross'bones't-bOnz'))!.//. bones crossing 
cross'ex-am'ine [-in] v.i. to question 
cross'eyed' [-idT a.squint-eyedlclosely 
cross'ing [krSs'Ing] «. intersection 
crotch'et [krOch'et]«. music note; whim 
crotch'et-y [-y] a. full of whims 
cro'ton-bug' [kro'tQn-bQgTK. water bug 
crouch [krouch] -v-i. to stoop meanly 
croup [kroop] n. a throat disease 
crow [kro] «. a bird ; ■v.i. to exult 
crowd [kroud] k. a throng ; "v-i. to press 
crown [kroun] «. a wreath; a reward 
Crows [kroz] tt. Montana Indians 
cru'cial [kru'shal] a. severe; trying 




^ ^^ — 




Cm'ci-ble [si b'l] «. a melting pot 
cru'ci-fix [-f Iks] «. a cross 
Cru'ci-fy [f i] -u.t. to fasten to a cross 
crude [krjld] a. in its natural state 
Cru'el [Very el] a. having no pity 
cru'el-ty [-t5*] «. inhumanity 
cru'et [krij'et] n. a vial 
cruise (knjz] r.«. to wander; K.avoyage 
cruis'er [kry'zcr] n. a ship that cruises 
crul'ler [krQllfr] M.kind of cake 
crumb [krum] «. a small piece 
crujn'ble [-b'l] v.t.xa break into crumbs 
crump'et [krllrap'et] «. kind of griddle 
crunch [kranch] f. tochew noisilylcake 
cru-sade' [kn)sad']«.any zealousmove- 
cruse [krys] «. a bottle ; a cup [ment 

crush [krflsh] v.t. to grind; to press 
crust [krilst] n. the outside covering 
crus-ta'ce-a [krus-ta'she-a] »i.//. [shell 
crus-ta'ceous[-shils] J. having crust-like 
crust'y [-yi a. like crust; surly 
crutch [krflch] «. staff with crosspiece 
cry [krl] f.i. to call earnestly ; n. clamor 
crypt [kript] n. kind of vault [writing 
cryp-tog'ra-phy [tOg'ra-f^] «. secret 
crys'tal [krls't^l] n. transparent solid 
crys tal-li-za'tion [li-za'shan] n. 
crya'tal-lize [liz] v.t. to cause to form 
cub[k0b] »!. young of the bear &c. [crystals 
Cu'ban [kO'ban] a. pert, to Cuba 
cube [kub] «. a sij-sided solid 
cu'beb [ku'bSb] «. kind of pepper berry 
cu'bic [-blk] a, having form of cube 
cu'bit [-lit] n. a measure of length 
cuck'oo [kook'oC] n. a bird 
cu'cum-ber [ka kQm-ber) n. a vegetable 
cud [kfld] n. a chew ; a quid 
cud'dle [d'lj -v.i. to nestle 
cud'dy [-dy] K. a small cabin 
cud'gel ( jel] «. a thick stick 
cue [kQ] n. a hint ; a billiard rod [slap 
Cuff(kQI] >i. foldatend ofsleeve; f./.to 
cui-rass' [kwe-ras'] «. a coat of mail 
Cui Bine' [kwe'zen'] F.n. cookery [ing 
cu'li-na-ry [ka'll-nt-ry](i. pert, tocook- 
cull [kal] ^'.t. to gather; to pick out 
cul'len-der [-lan-df r) n. a strainer [ing 
cul'let [-let] n. broken glass for re-melt- 
culm [kfllm] n. coal dust [highest point 
cul'mi-nate [kai'minat] v.i. to reach 
cul mi-na'tion [na'shon] n. 
CUl'pa-ble [pa-bl] a. blamable 
Cul'prit [prlt] «. one accused of crime 
cul'ti-vate [ti-vat] v.i. to till 
culti-va'tion [va'shon] n. tilline 
cul'ti-va tor [ter] k. a tiller; a harrow 
cul'ture(tflr] n.actof cultivating; refine 
cul'vert [vert] n. an arched drainlment 
cum'ber [kumljcr] v.i. to embarrass 
cum'ber-Bome [sum] a. burdensome 
CUm'broUB [bras] a. clumsy; heavy 
cum'in [kflm'ln] n. fennel-like plant 
cu'mu-late [ka'mft-lat] v.i. to heap up 
cu'mu-la-tive [ll-tiv) a. adding to 







CU-ne'i-form [kune'r-form; a. wedge- 
CUn'ning[kun'nIng]K.skill; craft [shaped 
cup [kup] ?/. a drinking vessel 
cup'board [kub'berd] >t. a small closet 
Cu'pid [ku'pid] «. the god of love 
CU-pid'i-ty [k(i-pld'i-ty] «. greed 
Cu'po-la (kup4-la] tt. a small dome 
cur[kar]«.an inferior dog; worthless man 
cur'a-ble [kOr'a-b'l] a. healable 
cu'rate [karat] «. a vicar's assistant 
cur'a-tive [kOr'a-tlv] a. tending to cure 
CU-ra'tor [kfl-ra'ter} «. a custodian 
curb [kQrV>] ft. a hindrance: ^■^- to check 
CUrb'stone' [-ston'] «. an edge stone 
curd [kflrd] w. coagulated milk 
cur'dle [kar'd'l] v.i. to coagulate 
cure [kur] n. a healing; v.t. to heal 
cur'few [kOr'fu] «. evening bell 
CU'ri-0 [ku'rI-A] «. any article of virtu 
CU ri-os'i-ty [Os'I-tyJw. that which is cur- 
curl [kCrl] v.t. to twist into ringlets 
cur'lew [kflr'lu] K. a wading bird 
cur-mud' geon [kflr-mud'jun] k. a miser 
CUr'rant [r^ntj «. a small raisin [lates 
cur'ren-oy [ rtn-sy] «. that which circu- 
cur'rent [ passing; a flowing 
cur'rent-ly [-lyj adv. generally [study 
cur'ri-er [kur'rl-er] tt. a leather dresser 
cwr'ry [kflr'ry] i>.t. to rub; to scrape 
curse [kQrs] I', to swear; k. malediction 
curs'ed [-sd] a.. afflicted; hateful 
curs'ive [kur'slv] a. flowing 
cur'so-ry [kflr'sS-ry] a. careless; hasty 
curt [kart] a. very brief 
cur-tail' [kQr-tal'] v.t. to shorten 
cur'tain (kar'tin) «. a hanging screen 
curt'sy [kOrt'sy] k. act of respect 
cur'va-ture [kQr'va-tur] «. a bend 
curve [kQrv]M. a bending without angles 
cush'ion [koosh'Qn] ". a soft pad 
cusp [kQsp] ti. horn of new moon 
cus'pi-dor [kus'pl-dor] «. a spittoon 
cus'tard [tcrd] «.a pudding 
CUS-to'di-an [ts'dl-an] k. a keeper 
cus'to-dy [-tidy] n. a keeping 
CUs'tom [kub'tamj «. habit; usage 
cus'tom-a-ry t-5-ry] a. hat>itual 
CUs'tom-er[fr] n. abuyerfdues are paid 
cus'tom-house [-hous'l«. where custom 
cut [kflt] v.t. to gash; to divide 
cute [kflt] a. abbrev. of "acute"; clever 
cu'ti-cle [ku'tl-k'l] K. the outer skin 
cut'lass [kat'las] n. a navy sword 
Cut'ler-y [-ler-y] «. cutting instruments 
cut'let [-l6t] «. piece of meat 
cut'ter [-tcr] «. a sleigh; a sailing vessel 
CUt'throat' [kflt'^Arot] «. a murderer 

cut'tle-fiah' [kat'fi-fish] «. a fish 
cy'cle [si'kM] tt. a circle; an age 
cy'clone [si'klon] ti. kind of whirlwind 
cy'clo-pe'di-a [si'kl6-pe'dl-a) «. a book 
Cy'clops [si'klOps] ti.pi. myth, giants 




cy'clo-style [sltlS-stll] «. manifolding: 


cyl'in-der (sll'ln-der] >:. a hollow roller 

cym'bal [slralaal] «. ancient mus. instr. 

cyn'ic [sln'Ik] n. a. snarler 

cy'press [si pres] k. an evergreen tree 

cyst [sist] ,!. kind of bladder 

czar [zar] K. title of Russian emperor 

cza-ri'na [za-re'na]«.title of czar's wife 

Czechs [cheks] K.branch of Slavic family 


dab Cdab] «. a blow 
dab'ber [ber] n. kind of pad 
dab'-ble [b'l] v.i. to do in small way 
dab'bler [bier] «. one who dabbles 
da ca'po [da ka'pO] //. from beginning: 
dace [Us] >!. kind offish ID.C. 

dachs'hund' (daks'hunt]«. C. a badger 
dac'tyl [dak'til] n. poetical foot [dog 
dac tyl-ol'o-gy [-ij-jy] «. art ofusing fin- 
dad [dad] «. word for father [geralphabet 
da'do [dii'dS] ?i. a border 
daf fo-dil [daf 'fi-dll] n. a flower 
daft [daft] a. foolish 
dag'ger [dag'ger] «. a short sword 
Da'gO [da gS] „. Italian, Spaniard or Per- 
Da'gon [-gSn] n. Philistine god [tuguese 
da-guerre'o-type [da-g6r'4-tip] «. 
dah'lia [dalya] «. a flower 
dai'ly [da ly] «. every day 
dain'ti-ly [dan 'tidy] aiH'. nicely 
I dain'ti-ness [-n6s] «. delicacy 
dain'ty [ty] «. & a. delicate 
dai'ry [da rj') «. a milk house 
da'is [da Is] «. a platform 
dai'sy [da zy] «. a flower 
Da-ko'tas [da-k5taz] tribe of In- 
dale [dal] «. a valley [dians 

dal'li-ance [daril(7ns]«. act of dallying 
dai'ly [Iiriy] z.i. to while away time 
dalse'gno [dal'san'y*] •''. "repeat from 
dam [lam] ■:■. to obstruct Isign" 

dam'age [dam'aj] -z/.t. to injure 
dam'age-a-ble [-a-bi]a. liable to injun' 

Dam'as-cene [-^s-sen] Damas- 
Da-mas'cus(mas'kfls]«. Syrian city[cus 
dam'ask [risk] k. kind of silk stuff 
dame (dainj «. an elderly lady 
damn [dam] i/.t. to condemn fnation 
dam'na-ble [-nab"!) a. deserving dam- 
dam-na'tion [na'shQnl^.cimdenmation 
damned [damd] a. condemned 
damp [damp] v.t. to moisten 
damp'er [-<r] «. sliding plate in a flue 
damp'ness l-nss] «. moisture 
dam'sel [damzel] k. a young woman 
dam'son [z'n] n. a fruit 
dance [din-,] -a. to move nimbly 
dan'-de-lion [dan'dcdlOn] «. a plant 
dan'dle [ d'l] -v.e. to fondle 

dan'drufF[-draf] «. scurf on the scalp 
dan'dy [dy] «. a fop 
Dane [dan] «. native of Denmark 
dan'ger [dan'jcr] «. peril 






dan'ger-OUS [dan'jer-Qs] a. unsafe 
dan'gle [dSng'g'l] -v.i. to hang loosely 
Dan'ish [cisnlsh] a. pert, to the Danes 
dan seuse' [da«'sez'] «. female dancer 
Daph'ne [dSf ne] n a nymph; an ever- 
dap'per [dap per] a. trim ; lively Igreen 
dap'ple [dap'p'l] a spotted 
dare [dar] z'.t. to venture 
dar'ins [-ing] n. boldness 
dark [.I.irk] a. obscure 
dark'en ( -n] v.t. to make dark 
dark'ly [-ly] adv. dimly 
dark'ness [-nes] n absence of light 
dar'ling [dar'ling] 71. a favorite 
darn [darn] v t. to mend 
dar'nel [diir'nel] n. specieD of grass 
dart [dart] «. short lance; f. I to fly swift- 
dash [d.'isli] t/. to strike violently Ih 
dash'board' [-bord'] n. mud guard 
das'tard [das'terd] n. a coward 
da'ta [da'ta] «.//. facts given 
date [dat] n. a given point of time 
daub [dali] -y./. to besmear 
daub'er [er] «. one not skilled 
daugh'ter [da'ter] ft. a female child 
daunt [.lint] '•.■.!. to dismay 
daunt'less [les] a. bold 
dau'phin [dafin] «.eldestsonofFrencli 
dav'it [davit] «. a boat crane [king 
daw [da] >i. kind of crow 
daw'dle [da'd'l] x.;. to trifle 
daw'dler t-dler] «. a trifler 
dawn [dan] K. first light in morning 
day [dri] ji. division of time; opp. tonigh: 
day 'book' [-book] «. journal of accts. 
day'break' [-brak'] n. the dawn 
day'laljor [-la'ber] k. day work 
day'light' [lit'] «. sunlight 
days'man [dazraSn] n. a mediator [day 
day'spring' [da'spring] k. beginning 01 
day'star' [-starT n. the morning star 
day'time' [-tim ] «. while it is day 
daze [daz] v.t. to stupefy; to confuse 
daz'zie [dazz'l] v.t. to confuse withbril 
dea'con [de'k'n]K.achurch oflicerlliance 
dea'con-ess [-es] n. a female deacon 
dead [ded] a. lifeless 
dead'en [-nl v.i. to make as dead 
dead'head' [-hed'] «. receiver of free 
dead'house' [-hous"];;. a morgue[tickets 
dead'lock' [-16k] n. a standstill 
dead'ly [-ly] adv. mortal 
dead'ness [-nes] «. dullness 
deaf [>ief ] a. wanting sense of hearing 
deafen [-n] v.t. to make deaf 
deafness [-nSs] n. inability to hear 
deal [del] v.i. to trade 
deal'er [-er] >i. a trader 
deal'ing [-Ing] «. a transaction 
dean [den] «. dignitary next to a bishof 
dean'er-y [-er-y] «. dean's residence 
dear [der] a. highly valued; costly 
dear'ly [ly] adv. heartily 
dear'ness [-nes] n. costliness 

.Li rxj 




dearth [der/A] «. scarcity; famine 
death (ae//i] «. cessation of life 
death'less [ les] a. immortal 
de-bar' [de-bar'J ■v.t. to shut out 
de-bark' [de-bark T 7/./. to land ring 
de bar-ka'tion [debar-ka'sliun]«.Iand- 
de-base' [de-bas] 1:/. to lower 
de-bat'a-ble [de-bat'a-b'I] a. disputable 
de-bate'[-batT«.di5cussion ; T). todiscuss 
de-bauch' [de-bach']«. excessive indulg- 
de-bauch'er-y [-er-yl«. sensuality lence 
de-ben'ture [de-bSn'tur] ?:. a writing 
de-bil'i-tate [de-bin-tat] v.i. to weaken 
de-bil'i-ty [de-bll'I-ty] «. feebleness 
deb'it [dSb'It] -:(. to charge with debt 
deb o-nair' [deb'4-nar'] a. graceful 
deliris' [dS'bre'] K. rubbish 
debt [dSt] «. that which is due 
debt'or [-er] n. one who owes 
de but' [dS'bu'] n. a first appearance 
dec'ade [dek'ad] ?i. a group of ten 
de-ca'dence [de-ka'dcns] ji. decay 
dec'a-gon [dek'a-gOn] >i. lo-sided figure 
dec'a-logue [-'Sg] «. the commandments 
de-camp' [de-kSmp'] v.i. to march off 
de-cant' [de-kSntT v.t. topou« off 
de-cant'er [er] w. a vessel fur liquor 
de-cap'i-tate[de-k5p'l-tat]t'./. to behead 

de-cay' [dc-ka] k. decline; z/.«". to rot 
de-cease' [de-ses] k. death 
de-ceased' [sest] a. dead 
de-ceit' [de-set] k. deception 
de-Ceit'ful [ful] ^.trickish rdeceit 

de-ceiv'a-ble Ide-seva-b'l] a. subject to 
de-ceive' [de-sev'] z./. to mislead 
de-ceiv'er [-er] >t. a cheat; an impostor 
De-cem'ber [de-sem'ber] «. last month of 
de'cen-cy [de's<rn-sy] ;i. propriety [year 
de'cent |de's<-ntl n. comely; seemly 
de-cep'tion (de-sSp'shan]«. cheat; fraud 
de-cep'tive [de-sSp'tIv] a. misleading 
de-cide' [He-sId'] -v. to determine 
de-cid'u-OUS [de-sld'u-as] a. notperen- 
dec'i-mal [d&'I-mal] «. a tenth [nial 
de-ci'pher [dc-st'fer] v./. to unfold 
de-ci'sion [deslzh'un] «. determination 
de-ci'sive [dc-si'slv] n. conclusive 
deck [dek] >i.a ship floor; v.t. to adorn 
de-claim' [d* klam'] v.i. to harangue 
dec la-ma'tion [dek'la-ma'shun] «. 
de-clam'a-to-ry [de-klSm'atiry] a. 
dec la-ra'tion [dikls-ra'shfln]«.a state 
de-clare' [dc-kiar] v.t. to assert [ment 
de-clen'sion [dc-kl6n'shfin] x. inflection 
de-clin'a-ble [de-kUn'a-b'l] a. 
dec li-na'tion [d4k'll-na'shQn)«. refusal 
de-cline'[dr-klin']t/./. to refuse; to inflect 
de-cliv'i-ty [kllv'I-ty] «. a slope 
de-COCt' [-kfikt'l v.t. to compound 
de-coc'tion [kak'shfin] n an extract 
decom-pose' [le'kfim-pnz'lr' decay 
de-oom po-si'tion [-kom'i)ft-7.ish'fln] « 
dec'o-rate [d.rk'Ar.'it] t-./. to adorn 
dec o-ra'tion [ra'shOn] «. an ornament 




dec'o-ra-tive [-ra-tlv] a. adomiflg 
dec'o-ra tor [-4-ra'ter] «. an adorner 
de-co'rous [de-ko'rfls] a. becoming 
de-co'rum [rum] n. dignity 
de-coy' [de-koi'] v.t. to entrap 
de-crease' [de-kres] -vj. to diminish 
de-cree' [de-kre'] n. an edict 
de-Crep'it [dc-krep'It] a. broken down 
de-cry' [de-kri'] v.t. to cry down 
de-cum'bent [de-kflmlDcnt] a. prostrate 
ded'i-cate [ded'i-kat] i-.t. to set apart 
ded i-ca'tion[-ka'sliun]K.asettingapart 
de-duce' (de dus'] f.t. to draw from 
de-du'ci-ble [-du'si-b'l] a inferable 
de-duct' [de-dukf] -j.t. to take from 
de-duc'tion [-dOk'shun] «. an inference 
deed [ded] I'.t. to convey; n. an act 
deem [dem] v.t. to judge; to think 
deep [dep] a. profound; not shallow 
deep'en [dep' 'n] v.t. to make deeper 
deep'ly [ly] adv. at a great depth 
deer [der] «. s. Scpl. a wild animal 
de-face' [de-fas'] v.t, to mar I'y eifacing 
de' fac'to [de fak'tS] L. in fact 
de fal-ca'tion[de■f51■ka'5hun])^.steaIin,e• 
def a-ma'tion [def'a-ma'shun]«.calum- 
de-fame' [de-fam'] v.t. to slander [ny 
de-fault' [de-falt'] «. a failure 
de-fault'er [er] «. an embezzler [trate 
de-feat' [ilc-fet']t'./. to vanquish; tofrus- 
de-fect' [dc-fekt'] 71. imperfection 
de-fec'tion [de-fek'shun] ti. desertion 
de-fect'ive [tiv] a. faulty 
de-fend' [dc-fsnd'] v.t. to protect 
de-fend'ant [-ant]«. one making defense 
de-fend'er [-er] «. one who defends 
de-fense' [de-fens'] n. a guard; a j 'rotec- 
de-fen'si-ble [de-fen'si-b'l] a. [tion 

de-fen'sive [siv] a. serving to defend 
de-fer' [dC fer'] v.t. to delay 
def'er-ence [defer-ens] n. a yielding 
def er-en'tial [-en'sh<;l] «. respectful 
de-fi'ance [de-fl'tms] «. a daring; achal- 
de-fi'ant [-ant] a. bold [lenge 

de-fi'cien-cy [de-flsh'cn-sy] «. shortage 
de-fi'cient[-tnt] .^. lacking 
def'i-eit [def'i-sit] k. lack 
de-file' [de f il'] v.t. to soil; to pollute 
de-file'ment [-m<-nt] «. foulness 
de-fin'a-ble (fin a-b'l]rt. can be defined 
de-fine' Idcfin] v.t. to describe 
def'i-nite [def'i-nlt] a. certain; limited 
def i-ni'tion [-nish'un] n. explanation 
de-fin'i-tive [de-flni-tlv] a. final 
de-flect' [dc-flekt'] v.t. to turn aside 
de-flec'tion [-flek'shQn]«.atumingaside 
de-flo'rate [de-flo'rSt] a. past flowering 
de-flour' [-flour'] v.t. to rob; to ravish 
de-form' (de-form'] ■?'.;■. to mar (ment 
def or-ma'tion [der6r-raa'-]«. disfigure- 
de-formed' [de-formd'] a. misshapen 
de-form'i-ty [-l-ty] n. distortion 
de-fraud' (de-frad'] v.t. to cheat 
de-fray' [de-fra'] v.t. to pay 

L---° \^^ ''^—5 ^ 




deft [deft] a. handy ; neat 
deft'ly [-ly] ,7d-,. dextrously 
de-funct' tde-fungkt ] a. dead 
de-fy' [de-fi] z'.i. to dare 
de-gen'er-a-cy [de-jen'er-a-sy]M. decay 
de-gen'er-ate (cr-at] v.t. to deteriorate 
de-gen er-a'tion [a'shun] k. decay 
de-glu'ti-nate [-glutl-natjT/.^.to unglue 
deg lu-ti'tion [dSg'liS-tish'-] «. swallow- 
deg ra-da'tion [dSg'ra-da'sliQn] «. ling 
de-grade' [ it-grad'] v.r to lower 
de-grad^ed [ed] a. debased 
de-gree' [de-greT w. measure ; grade 
de i-fi-ca'tion [del-fl-ka'shOn] ;i. deify- 
de'i-fy [-fl] ;■./. to make a god of [inu: 
deign [dan] V. to condescend [ture 

de'ism [de'Iz'm] k. belief in God and na- 
de'ist [-1st] K. one who professes deism 
de'i-ty [ty] k. God; the divine nature 
de-ject' [de-jekf] i/.i. to dispirit 
de-ject'ed [-ed] a. cast down fspirit 

de-jec'tion [de-jsk'shun] «.lowness<.f 
dejeuner' [M'zhe'ni'] F. >i. breakfast 
deju're [de'ja're] Z. by right 
de-laine' [d?-Ian'] «.kind of cloth [tribe 
Del'a-wares [dera-w4rz]«.//.an Indian 
de-lay'[de-Ia'] >i. a deferring; t. to retard 
de'le [de'le] k. printer's cancel mark 
de-lec'ta-ble [de-lfk'ta-b'I]^. delightful 
del'e-gate [ Ure-gat]i!. a chosen deputy 
del e-ga'tion [-ga'shan] «. delegates 
del e-te'ri-ous [-te'n-us] a. injurious 
de-lib'er-ate [dc-IIb'cr-St]n. not sudden 
de-lib'er-ate [ at] t'. to reflect upon 
de-lib er-a'tion [-a'shun]w.delilierating 
del'i-ca-cy [del'I-ka-sy]«. nicety; dainty 
del'i-cate [kit] a. nice; soft and tender 
de-li'cious [de-llsh'jjsj a. delightful 
de-light' [ lit ) >i. pleasure; i'. to please 
de-light'ed [-ed] a. pleased; glad 
de-light'ful [-ful] a. highly pleasing 
De-li'lah ['lciria]«. Sampson's mistress 
de-lin'e-ate [linc-at] t./. to sketch 
de-lin e-a'tion [-a'shun] n. an outline 
de-lin'quen-cy [-Ilng'kwcn-sf] );.afault 
de-lin'quent [-kwent] «. an olTendcr 
de-lir'i-ous [-iTrT-us] a. insane; ravins' 
de-lir'i-um [-l-Cim] «. mental aberration 
de-liv'er [ llv'cr] vJ. to give up: to re- 
de-liv'er-ance [-ans] « a freeing [lease 
de-liv'er-cr [-fr-cr] ;;. a rescuer 
dc-liv'er-y [->•] «. release; distribution 
dell [del] K. a small valley fr.yer 

del'ta [deltajw. alluvial land at mouth of 
de-lude' [de-lad'] -j.e. to deceive [flow 
del'uge [derfljl«. inundation; ti. toover- 
de-lu'sion [de-IQ'zhOn] k. deception 
de-lu'sive [slv] a. deceptive 
delve [drlv] T.f. to dig fdeceiver 

dem'a-gogue [dem'a-gOg] « a political 
de mar-ca 
de-mean' [dc-mtn ] v.r. to behave 

I I M 

d 1/ 


1 p p 

ague [dem'a-gOg] n a political 

'[•I'-mAnd']7^/.toask;torcquire! I /— I /T^^ 

:ate (.K-mar'katlT/./.tomarkl.y I \^-~^ U-s^__T^ 

a'tion f kA'shOn] «. [bounds [^ " 




de-mean'or [-fr] >i. behavior 

de-ment'ed [de-menfed] a. mad 

de-men'ti-a [de-men'shl-a] «. madness 

de-mer'it [mer'It] «. a fault 

dem'i- [dCm'I-]/*-^. halt 

dem'i-god [gad] >i. a half-god; a hero 

dem'i-john[-jOn]«. bottle in wicker work 

dem i-monde'[-m6wd'] > one of doubtful 

dem'i-rep' [-rep'] F. n. \ reputation 

de-mise' [d?miz']K.deathrgovt.-, a party 

de-moc'ra-cy [-mok'ra-sy] n. people's 

dem'o-crat [dem'4-crat] «. 

de-mol'ish [de-mOl'Ish] •z/./. to destro; 

de'mon [dS'nrOn] n. an evil spirit J 

de-mon'e-tize [de-mun'e-tiz] I'.t. 

de-mo'ni-ac t-mo'nl-ak]«. possessed by 

de'mon-ol'o-gy [de'mSn-ol'S-jy] n. 

dem'on-strate [ On-strat] -v.t. to prove 

dem'on-stra'tion [djm'on-stra'shun] «. 

de-mon'stra-tive [de-mOn'stra-tlv] a. 


de-mor'al-ize [-iz] z'.t. to corrupt 

de-mur' [de-mur'] z'.i. to delay; to pause 

de-mure' [de-mur'] a. grave; sedate 1 

de-mur'rage[-mur'rJj]«.delay of freight I ^\ 

de-mur'rer [mur'rcr] «.exceptioninac-: U~N/^ | 

den [dsn] tt. a cave [tion at law 

de-ni'al [de-nl'iil] n. refusal; negation 

den'i-zen [dSn'I-z'n] «. a dweller 

de-nom'i-nate [ nOm'i-nat] v.t. to name 

de-nom i-na'tion [na'shun] «. aname 

de-note' [dS-nof] -v.t. to mark 

de-nounce' [de-nouns'] z/.<. to stigmatize 

de-nounce'ment[-m(?nt]K. denunciation 

dense [dens] a. thick; close; compact 

den'si-ty [dSn'sl-ty] k. compactness 

dent [dunt] «. an indentation 

den'ti-frice [din'ti-frls]«. tooth powder 

den'ti-phone I -fon] K. teeth-hearing instr. 

den'tist [dintist] k. tooth doctor 

den-ti'tion [tlsh'On] «. teething 

de-nude' [de-nud] r./. to strip 

de-nun'ci-a'tion [de-nun si-a'shfln] n 

de-ny' [df -ni] -v.t. to disown 

de-o'dor-ize [dc-o'der-iz]f .^.tokill odo 

de-part' [dc-piirt'] v.i. to leave 

de-part'ment [-m^'nt] «. a division 

de-par'ture [de-partur] «. a leaving 

de-pend' [dc-pSnd'] v.i. to rely 

de-pend'ence [-<ns] k. reliance 

de-pend'ent [-fnt] a. relying on 

de-pict' [dcpikt] ^.t. to portray fmover 

de-pil'a-to-ry [dc-pira-tS-ry] «. hairre- 

de-plete' [df-plef] v.t. to empty 

de-ple'tion [deple'shun]^. an emptying 

de-plor'a-ble [dc-plor'a-b'l] a. sad 

de-plore' (dc-plSr'] v.t. to lament 

de-ploy' [dc-ploi] V. to extend 

de-pone' [de-pon'] v.i. to testify 

de-po'nent [dc-po'nfnt]«.a witness[ple 

de-pop'u-late [pOp'ii-lat] v.t. todispeo- 

de-port' (de-port']t'./. to transport[tation| 

de por-ta'tion [-pSr-ta'shun]«.transpo 

de-port'ment [-p6rt'm<-nt] n. conduct'"! 





de-pose'Cde-poz' testify: to dethrone 
de-pos'it (pOz it] v.l. to put in or aside 
de-pos'i-ta-ry [i-tiry] n. fvit 

dep o-si'tion[dep'6-2ish'Qn] w.anafRda- 
de-pos'i-tor[de-pS2'Iti?r]>i. one deposit- 
de-pos'i-to-ry[-i-t4-r5']". warehouse ling 
de'pot [de'pi) «. a railway station 
de-prave' [de-prav'J i/.;. to corrupt 
de-prav'i-ty [pravl-tylw. wickedness 
dep're-cate [dep're-kat] v.t. to regret 
de-pre'ci-ate [de-pre'shl-at]z'./. to decry 
de-pre ci-a 'tiont-a'shOn] «. fall in value 
dep're-date [dfp're-dat] v.l. to plunder 
dep re-da'tion [da'shun] k. spoliation 
de-press' [dr-prsss'] f.t. to cause to sink 
de-pres'sion [-prSsh'un] «. dejection 
dep'ri-va'tion idip'ri-va'shOnl «. 
de-prive' [de-priv] v.t. to take from 
depth [dSpth) K. deepness fmittee 

dep u-ta'tion [depfl-ta'shOn] «. acom- 
de-pute' [de-putT -v.!. to appoint 
dep'u-ty [depQ-ty] «. a representative 
de-range' [Ic-ranj'] v.t. to disturb 
de-range'ment [-mfnt] «. disorder 
der'e-lict [der'e-llkt] a. neglectful 
de-ride' [de-rid] v.:. to ridicule 
de-ri'sion [-rizh'un] n. scorn; mockery 
de-ri'sive [ri siv] a. mocking ffrom 
der i-va'tion [derl-va'shun] «. drawn 
de-riv'a-tive [de-rlvi-tlv] a. derived 
de-rive' [-riv ] 7 ./.to draw from fof the skin 
der ma-tol'o-gy [der'ma-tOl'-] « .science 
der'o-gate [der'4-gat] v.t. to detract 
der'rick [dsrrik] „. a crane ling 

der'rin-ger tderrln-jer] «. a pistol 
der'vish [derVlsh] «. a Persian monk 
des-cant' [des-kanf] v.i. to comment 
de-scend' [dc-send'] v.t. to go down 
de-scend'ant [-ant] n. an offspring 
de-scen'sion [-sJn'shfin] «. descent 
de-scent' [-sent] «. birth; lineage fpict 
de-scribe' [skrib'] ■!/./. to explain; to de- 
de-scrip'tion [-skrlp'shQn]«. account of 
de-scrip'tive [-tlv] a. describing 
de-scry' [skri] v.t. \o espy 
des'e-crate (dss'c-kr.'ifi t/./. to profane 
des e-cra'tion [-kra'sliun]«. profanation 
des'ert [dSz'crt] n. a barren sandy plain 
de-sert' [dc-zcrt'J v.t. to run away 
de-sert'er f-cr] „. one who deserts 
de-ser'tion ( zCr'slum) >:. deserting 
de-serve' [-rrrv'] v.t. to merit 
des ha-bille' [dszi-bel'] ,c. an undress 
des'ic-cate r l.H'ik-kat] v.t. to dry up 
de-sid e-ra'tum [dc-sid'c-ra'tQm] «. 
de-sign' [ 7in'] «. a plan; v. to plan 
des'ig-nate | Ic-s'Ig-nat] v.t. to name 
des ig-na'tion f-na'shan] «. indication 
de-sign'cd-ly [de-zln'td-lj] adv. by de- 
de-sign'er | rr] «. a contriver Isign 

de-sign'ing [-ing] a. scheming 
de-sir'a-ble [-zlr'.i-l/l] a. worthy 
de-sire' [-zlr] v.t. to wish for 


l 1 1 L/ 


DES 74 

de-sir'ous [de-zirOsl a. feelinff a desire; 
de-sist' [-zlsf] v i. to forbear Isolicitous 
desk [desk] n a table; a pulpit 
des'o-late [des'4-lat] v.t. to lay waste 
des'o-late [-lit] a. laid waste; alone 
des 0-la'tion [la'shQn] h. ruin [of hope 
de-spair';,le-sp4r']j/ lose hope; >i. loss 
des per-a'do [des'per-a'dS] «. a ruffian 

des'per-ate [4t] a. rash 
des per-a'tion [a'shunl n hopelessness 
des'pi-ca-ble [despT-ka-bM] a. mean 
de-spise' [de-spIz']-j'.c.tolookdownupon 
de-spite' [spit ']^J.malice:•^■Y.tovex;/r;/. 
de-spite'ful [■ful]a. maliciouslinspiteof 
de-spoil' [dc-spoil'] v.t. to rob [age 

de-spond' [-spOnd] -v.i. to lose all cour- 
de-spond'en-cy [-fn-sy] «. lo-.v hearted- 
de-spond'ent [e-nt] a. depressed Iness 
des'pot [des'pfttj 71. a tyrant 
des-pot'io [des-pOt'ik] a. arbitrary 
des'po-tism[-p6-tiz'm]K. absolute power 
des-sert' [dez-zcrt']);. last dinner course 
des ti-na'tion[des'tl-na'-] K.endofjour- 
des'tine [des tin] v.t. to ordain [ney 

des'ti-ny [-tiny] «. unavoidable fate 
des'ti-tute [-tut] n. in want 
des ti-tu'tion [-tu'shun] n. want 
de-stroy' [de-stroi'] v.t. to ruin 
de-stroy'er [-er] «. one who destroys 
de-struc'tion [-struk'shanju .demolition 
de-struc'tive [tiv] a. ruinous 
des'ue-tude [des'we-tiSd] n. disuse [ed 
des'ul-to-ry [dSs'ul-tS-ry] a. disconnect- 
de-tach' [de-tach'] z'./. to disconnect 
de-tanh'ment[-mfnt] «. a detached body 
de-tail' [-tal] Z'./. to particularize 
de'tail «. a minute portion 
de-tain' [tsn] v.t. to keep back 
de-tain'er [fr] n. one that detains 
de-tect' [-tekf] v.t. to find out 
de-tec'tion [-tek'shfln] n. discovery 
de-tect'ive [-tekfu] «.a police spy 
de-ten'tion [.ten'shun] «. restraint 
de-ter' [-ter] v.t. to prevent 
de-ter'gent [jcnt] a. cleansing f^'orse 
de-te'ri-o-rate [-tc'ri-4-rat] v.i. to grow 
de-ter'mi-nate [tcrmr-nat] a. fixed 
de-ter mi-na'tion[-mi-na'-]«. fixed pur- 
de-ter'mine [-mln] v. to resolve tpose 
de-test' [tSst'l v.t. to abhor 
de-test'a-ble [-a-b'!] a. odious 
det es-ta'tion [defes-ta'shiin] «. hatred 
de-throne' [de-Mron'] v.t. to depose 
det'o-nate tdet'6-nat] v.i. to explode 
det'o-na'tion [na'shun] explosion 
de tour' [de'toor'] n. a circuitous way 
de-tract' [-trakf] v.i. to defame 
de-trac'tion [trak'shun] n. derogation 
det'ri-ment [det'ri-ment] n. harm 
de-tri'tion [de-trish'un] n. a wearing ofT 
de-tri'tUS [-tn'tas] n. what is worn off 
deuce [dus] n. two-spot card; the devil 
Deuter-on'o-my [du'ter-Sn'i-my] n. 
dev'as-tate [dev'as-tat] v.t. to waste 


4.4?. J- J- 




devas-ta'tion f-ta'shOn] n. ravage 
de-vel'op [de-vsrop]t/.to unfold; to grow 
de-vel'op-ment [mcnt] «. unfolding 
de'vi-ate [de vi-at] ^■.i. to turn aside 
de vi-a'tion [-a'shan] «. a turning aside 
de-vice' [de-vIs ] «. a contrivanj:e 
dev'il [dev"l] K. Satan: an evil spirit 
de'vi-OUS [de vJ-Qs] a. going astray 
de-vise' [de-vIzT v. to plan ; to contrive 
de-vis'er [-er] k. one who plans 
de-void' [void] a. destitute; lacking 
de-volve' [volv'] z\t. to be handed over 
de-vote' [-vof] v.t. to give up wholly Ito 
de-vot'ed [-^d] a. zealous; given up to 
de-vot'ed-ness [-sd-nes] «. zealousness 
dev o-tee' [dev'4-te'] «. one devoted 
de-vo'tion [de-vo'shun] K. worship 
de-vour' [-vour'] v.t. to eat up 
de-vout' [-vnut] (I. pious ritated 

dew [du] «. moisture of night air precip- 
dex-ter'i-ty [d6ks-ter'I-ty] k. skill 
dex'ter-OUS [-Os] a. expert rstance 

dex'trin [deks'trin] n. a gummy sub- 
dex'trose [-tros']«.starchand fruitsugar 
dey [da] «. an Algerian title 
dia-be'tes [lia-be'tez]«. kidney disease 
di a-bol'ic-al [bol'l-kal] a. devilishfter 
dia-crit'ic [diakrit 'Ik] K. mark on vowel 
di'a-dem [dim] «. a crown [vowel 

di-aer'e-sis [dl-Sr'e-sIs] «. twodotsover 
di ag-no'sis [diag-no'sis] n. determina- 
di-ag'c-nal [di-ag'i-nul] n. ition 

di'a-gram [diagram] n. a plan 
di'al [ I!-.iI] n. faoe of clock, watch, 5:c. 
di'a-lect [-a-lekt]K. local form of speech 
di'a-logue [lag] «. dual talk [circle 
di-am'e-ter [diameter] «. width of a 
di'a-mond[di'a-mund]>;. a precious stone 
Di-an'a [di-ai a] «. goddess of hunting 

di'a-pa'son[dia-pa'zOn]«. musical scale 
di'a-per [ :; i-per]«.sortof figuredcloth 
di'a-phragm [fram] .i.a dividing mem- 
di ar-rhe'a [-ar-re'd] «.adisease[brane 
di'a-ry [-a-ry] «. a daily journal 
dib'ble [<l!b'l>'l] v. to dip as in angling 
dice [dis] )!.//. small spotted cubes 
dick'er [dlk'er] «. a bargain 
dic'tate [dik'tat] v. to utter; to direct 
dic-ta'tion [ta'shiln] «. ordering 
dic-ta'tor [-tPr] n. one who dictates 
die ta-to'ri-al[-ta-to'rl al]a.overbearing 
dic'tion [shun] «. style 
dic'tion-a-ry [J-rJ] «. a lexicon 
di-dac'tic [dl-dak'tik] a. instructive 
die [di] f.i to expire; «. metal with de- 
di'et [diet] n. food [vice 

differ [dlffrr] T.i. to disagree; to be un- 
dif fer-ence [•<-ns] «. distinction [like 
dif'fer-ent [-ent] a. unlike [ference 

dif fer-en'tial [■«n'shal](i.pert. to adif- 
dif fi-cult f fl-kOlt] a. not easy 
dif'fl-cul-ty [-kul-t{')n. what is not easy 
dif fi-dence [dms] «. distrust 



DIF 76 

dif fi-dent [cUnt] a. distrustful 
dif-fuse' [dif-fuz ] v.l. to spread 
dif-fuse'ly [fus'ly] ac/v. widely 
dif-fu'sion [fuzhunj ?i. i spreading 
dif-fu'sive [-fu'slvja. spreading widely 
dig [iHg] f- to excavate ; ;:. a thrust 
di-gest' [di-jesf] Z'.t. to reflect upon; to 
di-gest'i-ble [ T-b'l)a. [.turn into chyme 
di-ges'tion [-j6s'chun]K. act of digesting 
dig'ger [dig ger] tt. one wlio digs 
dig'it [dij it] «. a finger; a measure 
dig'ni-fy [dig'ni-fl] f ./. to honor 
dig'ni-ta-ry [tS-ry] «. person of rank 
dig'ni-ty [ty] «. honor ring onesount! 
di'graph (di'graf]«.t\vo vowels express- 
di-gress' [dlgres'] ■v.i. to deviate 
di-gres'sion [-gresh'un] k. a deviation 
di-gress'ive [-gres'iv] a. swerving 
dike [dik] >;. a ditch; an embankment 
di-lap'i-date [di-lap'i-dat]2/.!.to fall into 
di-lap'i-da'tion [-da'shon] n. idecay 
di-late' [dl-lat'] r./. to expand 
di-la'tion [-la'shOn] «. expansion {off 
dil'a-to-ry [dil'a-ti-ryja. inclined to put 
di-lem'ma [dl-16m'ma] n. a quandary 
dil'i-gence tdiri-j<rns] n. op. tonegli- 
dil'i-gent [-I-jf-nt] a. steadily Igence 
dill [dll] n. an herb 
di-lute' [dl-lut'] T'.t. to weaken 
di-lu'tion [lo'shun] «. act of diluting 
di-lu'vi-an [-vl-an] a. pert, to deluge 
di-lu'vi-um [-Qm] n. a deposit 

dim [dim] <7. obscure 
dime [dim] n. Am. ten cent piece 
di-men'sion [dl-men'shun] K. size 
di-min'ish [-minish] v.i. to lessen 
di-min'u-en'do[-a-en'd4]tt. music mark 
dim i-nu'tion [dim'l-nu'] «. decrease 
di-min'u-tive [dl-mrn'ii-tlv] a. small 
dim'i-ty [dim'I-ty-] «. a cotton cloth 
dim'ly [dim'ly] atfr. not clearly 
dim'ness [nes] «. obscurity 
dim'ple [p'l] «. a dent 
din [din] n. confused noise 
dine [din] v.i. to eat dinner 
din'gle [dlng'g'l] «. a narrow dale 
din'gy [din'jy] a. soiled: of dark color 
din'ner [-ner] «. the chief meal 
dint [dint] «. force; a small cavity 
di'o-cese [di'6-ses] «. a bishop's district 
di-op'trics [di-0p'trlks]w.a science[view 
di 0-ra'ma[di'S-ra'ma] «.an illuminated 
dip [dip] V. to plunge [throat 

diph-the'ri-a [dlf-^Ag'rl-J] «. disease of 
diph' thong (dif^;ftOng] k two 

di-plo'ma-cy [sy] «. tact fmacy 

dip'lo-mat [-mat]>!.one skilled in diplo 
dip'per [dlp'per] ti. a ladle; a bird 
dire [dir] a. portentous 
di-rect' [dlr6kt']«. straight; w.^.to guide 
di-rec'tion [rek'shOn] «. guidance 
di-rect'or [rSkt'er] n. a managerlcourse 
di-rect' o-ry [-4-ry] «. a guide; a com 



1 I I L 




dire'ful [dir'fijl] a. dreadful 
dirge [derj] k. mournful music 
dirk [derk] «. a dagger 
dirt [dert] «. mud or dust; filth 
dirt'y [der'ty] a. not clean 
dis- [dis-] a negative prefix 
dis'a-bil'i-ty [dlsa-bll'l-ty]«. weakness 
dis-a'ble [-ab'l] - ./. to impair; to untit 
dis'a-buse' [A-bflz'l v.t. to undeceive 
dis ad-van'tage [ad-van'tsj] n. loss 
dis-ad van-ta'geou3 [vrtn-ta'jus] a. 
dis af-fect' [-af-fekt'j v.t. to alienate 
disa-gree' [-igrS'] -.t. to differ 
dis a-gree'a-ble t-a-b'l]a. not agreeable 
dis a-gree'ment [m.-nt] k. a falling out 
dis al-low'[-allou']f.?.torefuse to allow 

dis'al-low'ance [-ans] «. 
dis an-nul' [-an-nal'];./. to render void 
dis ap-pear' [-ap-pSr'] -v.i. to vanish 
dis ap-pear'ance [ans] «. a vanishing 
dis'ap-point' [ap-poinf] v.t. to defeat 
dis ap-point'ment [nu-nt] «. [hope 
dis-ap pro-ba'tion [ap prS-ba'shOn] « 
dis ap-prov'al [presov'al] «. fwrong 
dis ap-prove' [proov'] v.t. to regard as 
dis-arrn'r-armli/./.to deprive of weapons 
dis ar-range' [ ar-ranj'] v.t. to unsettle 
dis ax-ray' [ra'] n. disorder 
dis-as'ter [diz-as'ter] «. a calamity 
dis-as'tr0U3 [trfls] a. very unfortunate 
dis'a-vow' rils'a-vou'] v.t. to disown 
dis a-vow'al [-al] «. rejection & denial 
dis-band' [band'] v.t. to disperse 
dis be-lief [be-lsf ] «. unbelief [credit 
disbe-lieve' [-tie-lev'] v.t. to refuse to 
dis-bur'den [bQrd'n] v.t. to unload 
dis-burse' [bflrsT v.t. to expend 
disc [cbak] >t. same as "disk" 
dis-card' [ills-kiird] i/./. to reject [tify 
dia-cem' tdlz-zern']z'.<. to see and iden- 
dis-cem'ment r-mfnt]K. act of 
dis-charge' [.Us-charj'Jx'./. to dismiss 
dis-ci'ple [sipl] «. a follower; a pupil 
dis ci-plin-a'ri-an [si-plin-a'ri-an] ». 
dis'ci-pline [dis'sl-plln] «. correction 
dis-claim' [klam] v.t. to disavow 
dis-close' [dis-kloz'] v.t. to uncover 
dis-col'or [kcil'er] v.t. to stain 
dis-com'flt [ kflm'fit] v.t. to defeat 
dis-com'fi-ture [ fl-tirj >;. a defeat 
dis-com'fort [frn] «. want of comfort 
dis corn-mode' [kom-mod'j v.t. 
dis'con-cert' [kOn-sert'] v.t. to confuse 
dia'con-nect' [nekt'] v.t. to separate 
discon-nec'tion .-nL-k'-] n. separation 
dia-con'so-late [-kfm's«-llt]a. sorrowful 
dis'con-tent' [dIs'kftn-tSnt'] n. not con- 
discon-tin'ue (tln'Ci) v.t. to cease [tent 
dis'cord' [ ils'kftrd] «. strife 
dis-cord'ant [-antj a. harsh; jarring 
dia'count' [dls'knunf] «. deduction 
dia-coun'te-nance [koun'tc-nans] v.t. 
dia-cour'age[dlskflr'4j)i'./'. to disheart- 
dis-COUrse' [kSrs') v.i. to talk ten 


K iv^ \yy l| 




dis-cour'te-OUS [dIs-kar'te-as](T. uncivil 
dis-COv'er [kuver] v.t. to find out 
dis-cov'er-y [er-y] n. a disclosure 
dis-cred'it [kredit] z-./. to doubt 

dis-creet' [kref] a. prudent 
dis-crep'an-cy [krep'iin-sylw. variance 
dis-cre'tion [kresiifln] «. prudence 
dis-crim'i-nate [-krim'l-nat] -v. to treat 
dis-crim i-na'tion [i-ns'-] n [unequally 
dis-cur'sive [kfir'siv] a. desultory 
dis-CUSs' [kus'] 7. C. to examine by debate 
dis-cus'sion [-kush'un] n. a debate 
dis-dain' fdTs-dSn'] «. contempt 
dis "lain'm [ fnl] a. haughty 
dis-ease' [dl'-ez" n. a malady 
dis em-bark' [disem-bark']^'.^. to land 
dis'em-bar'rass [bsr'ras] v.t. to free 
dis'em-bel'lisht-l.el'lish]z'. to disadorn 
dis'em-bod'ied [bod'ld],;. without body 
dis em-bod'y [■>■] v.t. to divest of body 
dis'em-bow'el [-bou'Sl] v.t. to take out 
dis en-chant' t-^n-chant'] -v.t. tbowels 
dis en-dow'ment [dou'mfnt] «. 
dis en-gage' [-gaj'] i/./. to free 
dis'en-tan'gle [-tang'g'l] I'.t. to loose 
dis es-tab'lish(-6s-tab'lish]i' unset- 

dis-fa'vor [dis-fa'ver] n. dislike Itle 

dis-fig'ure [f ig'ir] v.t. to mar 
dis-fran'chise[-frSn'chTz]z'./. to deprive 
dis-gorge'[.g6rj']r. to give up [of rights 
dis-grace' [■g;ras']«.dishonor; I'./.todis- 
dis-grace'ful [-t'ljl] a. shameful ihonor 
dis-guise' [-glz'J^/.^.to mask; n. a mask 
dis-gust'[-gusfl>!. loathing-.T/.C. to excite 
dish [dTsh] n. an open vessel [distaste 
dis ha-bille' [dls'a-bll'J «. a negligent 
dis-heart'en[-hart"n]t'./.to deject [dress 
di-shev'el[dl-shev"l]z'./. to let hair hang 
dis-hon'est [dls-6n'est]<z.faithless [loose 
dis-hon'or [-er] «. shame; z./. to debase 
dis-hon'or-a-ble [-i-b'l]<7. without hon- 
dis-in'cli-na'tion [-kli-na'shflni «. [or 
dis'in-cline' [klin'] •:■./. to excite aver- 
dis in-fect' [fekt'] TJ.t. to purify [sion 
dis in-gen'u-ous [jSn'a-QsJ.j.not noble 
disin-her'it [-hsr'n] tv. to cut off 

dis-in'te-grate[-te-grat]t'.to decompose 
dis'in-ter' [dls'In-ter'] -u.t. to dig up 
dis-in'ter-est-ed [-sst-6d] a. unselfish 
dis-join' [disjoin'] v.i. to separate 
dis-iunc'tive [jflngktlv] a. separating 
disk [disk] n. a circular plate [like 

dis-like' [dls-llk'] «. aversion; -j. not to 
dis'lo-cate [-li-kat] v.t. to disjoint 
dis'lo-ca'tion [ka'shfln] «. out of joint 
dis-lodge' [dlslOj] v.t. to drive out 
dis-loy'al [dis-loi'al] a. false 
dis-loy'al-ty [ty] «. want of loyalty 
dis'mal [d'lz'mnl] a. gloomy 
di»-man'tle [dls-man'fl] -v.t. to divest 
dis-mast't-mast'] v.t. to deprive of mast 
dis-may' [-ma'] v.t. to appall; n. terror 
dis-mem'ber [mSm'ber] v.t. to sever 
dis-miss' [mis'] v.t. to discharge 






J^-J:;-i V 


dis-mis'sion [Jis-mlsh'Qn] n. 
dis-mount' [mount '} z:i. to alight 
dis o-be'di-ence [o-be'di-t-ns] «. 
dis o-be'di-ent [di-dnt] a. not obeying 
dis O-bey' [-ba'lx.i'.not to obeylobliging 
dis 0-blige' [bllj'] z\t. to refrain from 
dis-or'der [Us-or'clEr] h. confusion 
dis-or gan-i-za'tioii[-gan-i-za'shiJn]«. 

dis-or'gan-ize [-iz] v.t. to break up 

dis-own' [ilii-on'] f./. to refuse to o-rni 

dis-par'age [pJr'aj] v.i. to undervalue 

dis-par'i-ty [i-ty] k. inequality [partial 


dis-patch' [ picli ] -z-.t. to send away 

dis-pel' [-pel] Ty.?. to disperse [shop 

dis-pen'sa-ry [pensa-rS] n. a medicine 

dis pen-sa'tion [sa'shunlH. dealing out 

dis-pense' [ . ins'] ■z:i. to do without 

dis-perse' [ txrs] v.t. to scatter 

dis-per'sion [per'shan] «. a scattering 

dis-pir'it-ed [prrlt-gd] a. dejected 

dis-place' [pias ] i./. to put out of place 

dis-play' [pla] v.t to unfold; to show 

dis-please' [plez] z'.t. not to please 

dis-pleas'ure [plSzhur] n. dislike III J 

dis-port' [-port ) -iM. to play ftr'-bution! h a. \^ "A 

dis-pos'al [poz'al] «. arrangement; dis- 1—^ \/ 6 \> 

dis-pose' [-p5z'3 ^'.'. to arrange; to 

dis po-si'tion [-p6-zlsh'Qn] »r. temper J 

dis pos-sess' [-pl5z-zes]^'./'. to deprive of "^ 

dis pro-por'tion (pr* por'shOn] «. dis- V 

dis pro-por'tion-al [-shun-al]a. [parity 

dis-prove' [lls-prSov"] T.t. to refute 

dis'pu-ta-ble [-pi-ta-l/i] a. doubtful 

dis pu-ta'tion [ta'shun] «. verbal con- 

dis-pute' [.Us-put'] 7^.1. to contend [test 

dis-qual i-fi-ca'tion [kwsn-fi-ka'-] «. 

dis-qual'i-fy [-i-fi] I'.t. to make unfit 

dis-qui'et f Us-kwi'etjK.uneasinessfinto 

dis qui-si'tion [-kwi-zish'Qn]«. inquiry 

dis re-gard' [re-gard'] n. wantofatten- 

dis re-gard' -. .t. to pay no heed to [tion 

dis-rep'u-ta-ble [rep'u-ta-b'l] a. low 

dis re-pute' [re-put'] «. dishonor 

disre-spect' [spekt'] «. incivility 

dis re-spect'ful [fal] a. uncivil 

dis-robe' [dis-rob'] ^ . to undress 

dis-rup'tion [-rflp'shOn] «. a breach 

dis-sat is-fac'tion [sat'K-f^k'shOn] n. 

dis-sat is-fac'to-ry [ti-ry] a. 

dis-sat'is-fied [-is-fld] a. rot satisfied 

dis-sat'is-fy[-frit.^.to render unsatisfied 

dis-sect' [-sckt] v.t. to cut into sections 

dis-sect'ed [-cd] a. divided [ing 

dis-sec'tion [-s6k'shfln]«. actof dissect- 

dis-sem'ble [dis-sem'b'l] v.i. to feign 

dis-sem'bler [bltr] n. a hypocrite 

dis-sem'i-nate [-i-nSt] -vj. to spread 

dis-sen'sion [si-n'shOn] n. strife 
dis-sent' [dissent'] ■v.i. to diflfer 
dis-sent'er [-~r] k. one who dissents 
dis ser-ta'tion[dls'str-ta'-]«. a discourse 
dis-sev'er (lls-s6vTr] v.t. to separyx 
dis-sim'i-lar (■■;Im't-l~r] a. unlike 

J- J- J-> i-^ 

i^ r~^ ^ k^ 







dis-sim'u-la'tion [-aia'shOn] n. deceit 
dis'si-pate [dis si-pat] v.t. to squander 
dis si-pa'tion [pa'shun] k. debauchery 
dis'so-lute [si-lut] a. debauched 
dis'so-lu'tion [-lu'shun] n. dissolving 
dis-solve' [dIz-zfllv']z'.to melt; to annul 
dis'so-nance [dls'sd-ndns] «. a discord 
dis-suade' [dis-swad'Ji'.c. to divert from 
dis-8yl'la-blet-siria-bM]«. two-syllable 
dis'taff[ti2f] «. staff for holding flaxlword 
dis'tance(t<jns]«. space between two ob- 
dis'tant [tant] a. not near (jects 

dis-taste' tdls-tast'] «. dislike 
dis-taste'ful [fijl] a. displeasing 
dis-tem'per [tem'perj m. disease 
dis-tend' [tend'] v.t. to expand 
dis-ten'tion [-t6n'shun]«.a swelling out 
dis'tich [dis'tfk] «. a couplet 
dis-till' [dis-tll'] -v.t. to refine 
dis til-la'tion [la'shun] k. vaporization 
dis-till'er-y [-er-y] «. a still house 
dis-tinct' [dis-tlngkf] a. clear 
dJS-tinc'tion [tingk'shOn] n. rank 
dis-tinc'tive [tiv] a. distinguishing 
dis-tinct'ly [tlngkt'lj] adv. dearly 
dis-tinct'ness [nes] k. clearness 
dis-tin'guish [tlng'gwlsh] v.tAo mark 
dis-tort' [tOrf] v.t. to twist [fuse 

dis-tract' [trSkt']!'./. to perplex; tocon- 
dis-trac'tion [trSk'shan] n. confusion 
dis-train'[-tran']-?'./.to confiscate [apart 
dis-tress' [dls-tres']«. anguish; suffering 
dis-tress' v.t. to cause pain to 
dis-trib'ute [-trib'flt] v.t. to deal out 
dis'tri-bu'tion [trl-bo'shun] n. appor- 
dis'trict [dls'trrkt] n. a regionltionment 
dis-trust' [dls-trQsf] v.t. to doubt 
dis-turb' [tflrb'] v.t. to derange 
dis-turb'ance [] n. a tumult 
dis-turb'er [-er] n. one who disturbs 
dis-un'ion [dls-un'y"n] m. separation 
dis-use' [-us] n. cessation of use 
ditch [dich] K. a trench [before 

dit'to [dlt'tfi] «. the same thing; adv. as 
dit'ty [dit'ty] tt. a song [ing the urine 
di'u-ret'ic [dIQ-r6t'lk]«.medicineaffect- 
di-ur'nal [di-ur'ndl] a. daily 
di-van' [dl-van] «. a seat; a low sofa 
dive [dtv] v.i. to plunge; K. a low place 
div'er [-er] «. one who dives; a bird 
di-verge' [di-vcrj']t'.z'. to tend to spread 
di'vers [dl'verz]ii. several; sundry(apart 

di'verse [di'vers] a. different [diverse 
di-ver'si-fy [dl-ver'sl-fi] v.t. to make 
di-ver'sion [-vcr'shun] ?/. pastime 
di-ver'si-ty [si-ty] n. variety 
di-vert' [divert'] v.t. to turn aside 
Di'ves [ili'vez]Z,. riches; a Bible charac- 
di-vest' [di-v6st'] v.t. to strip Iter 

di-vide' (-vid'] r.;'. to separate into parts 
div'i-dend [dlv'I-dend] n. a share 
di-vid'ers [dlvld'erz] compasses 
div'i-na'tion [dlv'I-nS'shun] n. foretell- 
di-vine' [dl-vin'] a. Godlike [ing 



I I u.A... 

J b bo.4 




di-vin'er [dlvtn'er] «. one who foretells 
div'ing [div Ing] .1. moving- under water 
di-vin'i-ty[dr;vlnl-ty]«. God; di-nity 
di-vi'sion [-vIzh'OnjK. difference; avote 
di-vi'sor [v izrr] K. that which divides 
di-vorce' l\ Ors'li'. to separate; n. sepa- 
di-vulge' [-vfllj] v.f. to reveal Iration 
di-vul'sion [-vul'shun]«.arendingasun- 
diz'zi-ness [dtz'zt-nes]«. vertigo [der 
diz'zy [diz zy] .7. giddy 
do (do5) J-. to perform ; to act 
doc'ile [dos'll] <i. teachable ffor vessels 
dock [d6k];-./. to cutoff; «. a plant; a slip 
dock'et [dsket] >;. a list; a digestistores 
dock'yard' [yard'] u. yard for naval 
doc'tor [tcr]*!. a physician; v.l. to apply 
doc'trine [trln] n. tenets Iremedies 
doc'u-ment [ a-m«it] k. a legal paper 
dodge [dt.jl t-. to evade; «. a trick 
doe [do] ». a female deer 
do'er [dSo'cr] >i. one who does 
doe'skin' [do'skin ] « skin of doe; kind 
doff [dOf ] T..'. to take off lof cloth 

dog [dOg] «. an animal 
dog'cart' [karfj K. a light cart fdays 
dog' days' [Hz] «.//. sultry summer 
dog'ged-ly [dCg'gSd-ly] adv. sullenly 
dog'ger-el [dOgger-al] «. loose verse 
dog'ma fdOgmA] «. an opinion 
dog-mat'ic ( mat'Ik] «. overbearing 
dog'nia-tize[-ma-tiz]t/ assert as sure 
dog'watch' [dOg'wSch'J «.the two-hour 
dog'wood' [-wSSd']«.kindoftree [watch 
doi[ly [doily] >i. a small napkin 
do'ings [doolngz] «.//. actions 
dole [dol] v.t. to deal out 
dole'ful [dorfiil] a. sad 
doll [d.-.l] K. a toy baby 
dol'lar [doner] ,1. an American coin 
dol'or-OUS [dOlerus] a. distressing 
dol'phin [dSlfln] «. st-ecies of fish 
dolt [dolt] M. a stupid fellow 
do-main' [dSman] «. empire; estate 
dome [d5m] «. a large cupola 
do-mes'tic ['iAmSs'tlk]^. pert, to house 
do-mes'ti-cate [tikat] T.t. to tame 
dom'i-cile [di-jm'i-sil] >i. an abode 
dom'i-nant (dam In<int] a. ruling 
dom'i-nate [drimtnat] v.f. to rule 
doni i-na'tion [na'shun] «. authority 
dom i-neer' (d0m'i-n6r'] 7'. to tyrannize 
do-min'ic-al [d4-mlnl-kal]3. pert.Sun- 
dom'i-nie (drjm'r-nl]«.a clergyman[day 
do-min'ion | 14-mIn'yun] K. control 
dom'i-no [dfjinlni] «. a mask 
dom'i-noea ( noz] «.//. a game 
do'nate [donatj z.e. to give 

do-na'tion [d6na shun) «. a gift 

done fdfln]//. of o'l;; finished 

don'key [dOngk^] «. an animal 

do'nor [drj'nCpr) «. a giver 

doo'dle (dSo'd'l) II. a trifler 

doom [dWm] v.t. to condemn [ment 

dooms'day' [dsomz'da'j «. day ofjudg- 


.L..J, _J t 

L L^ 1 

L^l I 


l- uu 






door [dor] «. an entrance way 
Dor'ic [d6r'Ik](r. an order of architecture 
dor'mant [dor'mant] a. sleeping 
dor'mi-to-ry [-ml-t6-ry] k. a bedroom 
dor'sal [dor'sal] a. pert, to the back 
do'ry [do'ry] k. a kind of rowboat 
dose [dos] «. a potion fdots 

dot [d6t]«.a small spot; v.i. to mark with 
do'tage [do'tSj] «. feebleness; senility 
do'tard [do'terd] n. one in second child- 
dote [dot]-!'.;', to be foolishly fond of [hood 
dot'ted [dOt'ted] a. marked with dots 
dou'ble [dub"l] a. twofold 
doubt [dMut];i. uncertainty; 7/. to distrust; 
doubt'ful [ful] a. uncertain Ito waver 
doubt'less [-ies] adv. without doubt 
douche [doosh] «. jet of water or vapor 
dough [dr.] n. unbaked bread 
dough'nut [do'nOt] n. a fried cake 
dough'ty [dou'ty] a. able; strong 
dough'y [do'y] a. like dough 
douse [dous] v.t. to dip into water 
dove [duv] ;;. a bird of the pigeon family 
dove'cot' [duv'kOt'] n. a dove house 
dove'tair [duv'talT v.t. to fit into 
dow'dy [dou'dy] <r. ill-dressed; vulgar 
dow'el [douel] n. a peg t'o^kuig 

dow'er [dou'er] K. a gift 
down [doun] n. fine hair; adv. below 
down'fair [-fal'] n. a sudden fall 
down'right' [-rif] a. plain fing 

down'ward [-werd] a. & adv. descend- 
down'y [rloun'y] a. soft, like down 
dow'ry [dou'ry] n. a bride's portion 
dowse [dons] 'Z'.f. same as "douse" 
dox-ol'o-gy [dOks-Ol'4-jy] n. a hymn 
doze [doz] v.i. to sleep lightly; n. light 
doz'en [duz"n] n. twelve [sleep 

doz'y [doz'y] a. sleepy 
drab [drab] n. a dull gray color [gling 
drab'ble [drabTD'l] 7<,C. to wet by drag- 
drachm [dram] ji. same as "dram" 
draft [dr lit] n. bill of exchange 
drag [dr,-ig] v.i. to pull 
drag'ging [drSg'glng] /./r. slow 
drag'o-man [-6-m,in] «. an interpreter 
drag'on[-un]>/.?^n';'/i. a winged monster 
dra-goon' [dra-goon'] «. a cavalryman 
drain [dran] v.f. to empty; «. a sewer 
drain'age [-aj] n. a draini. g 
drake [drak] k. a male duck 
dram [dram] «. Jg oz.; a small glass of 
dra'ma [dra'ma] K. a play [spirits 

dra-mat'ic [dra-mSflk] a. ? theatrical 
dra-mat'io-al [-i-knl] a. J 
dram'a-tist [dram'a-tlst]«.aplaywright 
dram'a-tize[-atiz]T'.;'.to adapt to drama 
dram'shop' [dram'shOp'] ?:. a saloon 
drape [drap] 7/./. to adorn with drapery 
dra'per-y [dra'per-y] n. cloth 
dras'tic [dris'tik] K. a violent purgative 
draught [draft] n. a current of air 
draw [dra] v.t. to pull along 




draw'back' [dra'bak'J «. disadvantage 
draw'bridge' [brlj ] «. a swir.g bridge 
draw'er [draer]«. a sliding box; maker 
draw'ing [dra Ing] «. dclineationfroom 
draw'ing-room' [room'] ;;. a reception 
drawl [Jral]K.slowspeaking; t/.^.to utter 
drawn [dran]/.;>. of "draw" Islowly 
dray [dra] «. a low cart 
dread [dred] t>. to fear; «. apprehension 
dread'ful [-ful] a. terrible (fancy 

dream [drem] «. a sleeping vision; f. to 
dream'er [dreni'er] k. one who dreams 
drear tdrer] <2. dismal 
drear'i-ness [l-nes] «. gloom; solitude 
drear'y [drer y] a. comfortless: dismal 
dredge [drej]«.a dragnet; i: to scoop up 
dregs [dregz] «.//. sediment 
drench [ilrench] f./. to wet thoroughly 
dress [dres] I', to attire; «. apparel 
dress'y [-y] a. showy 
drib [drib] v.t. to do by little and little 

drib'ble [-b'l] v.i. to drip 

drib'let [drib'letj «. a small sum 
dried [drid] a. freed from moisture 
dri'er [dri'er] n. that which dries 
drift [drift] tt. tendency; v.i. to float 
drill rdril] ■z/.f. to pierce; to train 
drill'ing [-Ing]K. coarse clotli; -v. boring 
drink [drlngk] z: to imbibe; n.a liquid 
drip [drip] z'.i. to fall in drops 
drive [driv] z'.t. to impel; k. a roadway 
driv'el [drlv"l] v.i. to be foolish: K.non- 
driv'el-er [drlv"l-er] «. a fool [sense 
driv'er [drlv'cr] «. one who drives 
driz'zle [drizz'l] «. fine rain 
droll [drol] a. queer 
droU'er-y [drol'cr-y] n. buffoonery 
drom'e-da-ry [drum'c-da-ry]«. a camel 
drone [dron] «. an idler 
dron'ish [dron'Ish] a. lazy 
droop [drSop] v.i. to hang down 
drop [drOp] v./. to let fall 
drop'per [per] «. instr. for dropping 
drop'si-cal [drOp'sIkal] a. diseased 
drop'sy [drSp'sy] n. a disease 
dros'ky [dros'ky] «. a Russian jaunting 
dross [drOs] >!. refuse [car 

drought [drout] K. want of rain 
drove [drov] «. a herd of cattle 
dro'ver [dro'vcr] k. a cattle dealer 
drown [droun] z/. to suffocate in water 
drowse [drouz] 7/.«. to slumber 
drow'si-nesB [drou'zl-nes] «. sleepiness 
drow'sy [drou'zy] a. sleepy 
drub [drab] t./. tolieat 
drudge [drflj] -v.i. to do menial work 
drudg'er-y [drOj-er-J] k. menial work 
drug (drOgJ «. a medicine 
drug'gist [ilrOg'glst] «. a pharmacist 
Dru'id [drtj'Id] k. ancient Briton priest 
drum [rlrnm] k. mus. instr.; 7/. to beat a 
drum'mer [mer] «. an agent [tlruni 
drunk 1 IrOntrk] a. intoxicated 
drunk'ard [erd] «. an habitual sot 





drunk'en [drungk"n] n. inebriated 
drunk'en-ness [nes] n. inebriety fwet 
dry [dTi]''J. to free from moisture; a. not 
dry'ad [dri'ad] n.myth. a wood nymph 
dry'ly [dri'Iy] adv. in a dry manner 
dry'ness [ nes] «. quality of being dry 
dry'salt er [-salt'er]»/. a dealer in salted 
du'al [du .!l] a. pert, to two (meats, &c. 
du-al'i-ty [du-arity] n. being two-fold 
dub [dub] v.t. to strike 
du'bi-OUS [dutil-us] a. doubtful 
du'bi-OUS-ly [-ly] adv. doubtfully 
duc'at [duk'at] «. a European coin 
duch'ess [duLh'es] n. wife of a duke 
duch'y tduch'j) 11. a dukedom 
duck [duk] n. a water fowl; v. to dip 
duct [dukt] ji.a tube 
duc'tile [duktil] a. easily drawn out 
dude [dud] )i. a dandy 
dudg'eon [duj'unj «. anger 
duds [dudz] «.//. old clothes 
due [du] a. owed ; payable 
du'el [duel] )/. a combat between two 
du-en'na[da-en na] « . Sp. lady in waiting 
du-et' [du-ef] n. music rendered by two 
duke [duk] «. title next below a prince 
dul'cet [dulset] a. melodious 
dul'ci-mer [dursl-mer]n. stringed instr. 
dull[dul) a. stupid 
dull'ard [-?rd] n. a stupid person 
dull'ness [dalnes) n. stupidity 
dulse [duls] K. a seaweed 
du'ly [duly] adv. regularly; fitly 
dumb [duni] a. mute 
dum'found [ found ■]i'.^. to strike dumb 
dum'my [dum my] 7t. a sham package 
dump [dump] z'./. to unload 
dump'ling [ling] n. kind of pudding 
dun [dun] v.t. to request paym-nt: a.oi a 
dunce [duns] k. a dullard Ibrown color 
dung [dung] H. manure 
dun'geon [dun jan] «.a dark prison 
du'o-dec'i-mal [dui-des'i-mai]);. 
du 0-dec'i-mo [mS] «. twelve leaves to 
dupe [dup] v.t. to deceive [a sheet 

du'plex [du'pleks] a. two-fold; double 
du'pli-cate [duplI-kSt] a. double; n. a 
du-plic'i-ty [di-plls'l-ty'] n. deceitlcopy 
du'ra-ble [du'ra-b'l] a. lasting 
dur'ance [dur'ans] n. imprisonment 
du-ra'tion [diira'shun] «. continuance 
du'ress [du'rfis] «. constraint 
dur'ing [dur'lng] prep, in the time of 
dusk [dusk] n. twilight 
dusk'y [dusk'y] a. partially dark 
dust [dust] «. fine, dry dirt or earth 
du'ti-a-ble [du'tl-a-b'l] a. subject to tax 
du'ti-ful [dutiful] a. obedient 
du'ty [du'ty] n. obligation 
dwarf [dwarf] «. one of small size 
dwell [dwel] v.i. to abide 
dwell'ing [Ing] «. an abode 
dwin'dle [dwin'd'l] v.i. to diminish 
dye [di] v.t. to color; n. stain 


.j_-J-J- I 




dye'ing [dl'lngjn.process of fixing colors 
dy'ing [di Ir.g] n. expiring (forces 

dy-nam'ics [di-nam Iks] «. science of 
dy'na-mite [drna-mlt] «. an explosive 
dy'na-mo [-mS] «. an electric machine 
dy'nas-ty [dini25-ty]«. sovereignty Tease 
dys'en-ter-y[-en-tSr-y]>i. intestinal dis- 
dys-pep'si-a [dIs-pep'sI-4] «. disease ot 
dys-pep'tio [-tik] a. (the stomach 

each [5ch] a. every one 
ea'ger [e gerj a. impetuous; zealous 
ea'gle [e'g'I] n. a bird of falcon family 
ea'glet [eglet] «. a young eagle 
ea'gre [e ger] «. flood-tide wave 
ean'ling [en ling] «. anew-born lamb 
ear [Sr] «. the organ of hearing 
ear'ache' [-ak ] «. pain in the ear 
earl [crl] n. an English title fsions 

earl'dom [errdQm]«. an earl's posses- 
ear'less [er'lSs] a. without ears 
ear'ly [er'ly] adz: in good season 
earn [ern] z-.t. to gain by labor 
ear'nest [cr'nest] a. zealous: intent fner 
ear'nest-ly [A^]adv. in an earnest man- 
ear'nest-ness [nes] «. intentness 
earn'ings [cm'ingz] «.//. wages; gains 
ear'ring' [er'ring ] «. an ear ornament 
ear'shot' [er'shOf] «. hearing distance 
earth \?Tth] n. our planet 
earth'born' [-t>6rn ] a. earthly; human 
earth'en [er/A"n] a. made of clay 
earth'ly [-lyjao't/. worldly; not heavenly 
earth'quake' [kwak'JK. an earth-shak- 
earth'work' [-wCirk']«.an embankment 
earth'worm' f-wflrm']«. an angleworm 
earth'y [y] a. earthlike 
ear'wig' [er'wig'j «. an insect 
ease [ez] n. rest; facility; f. to relieve 
ea'sel [ez'l] n. picture-holding frame 
eaa'i-ly [ez'I-ly] adv. readily; with ease 
eas'i-ness [-nes] «. ease 
east [est] «. point of compass op. west 
Eas'ter[ester] K. a church festival 
eas'ter-ling [llngj «. an eastern native 
east'er-ly [ly] „dv. to or from the east 
east'ern [esfern] a. oriental 
east'ward [-werd] adv. toward the east 
eas'y [C-z'y] a. not difiicult 
eat [5t] V. to take food ; to devour 
eat'a-ble [-a-bl] a. fit to eat 
eat'er [Sfer] k. one who eats 
eat'ing [it'lng] «. act of taking food 
eau de vie' [o' d<r vC] n. F. brandy 
eaves [Ovz] n.ft. the edge of a roof 

eave8'dropper[dr6p'pcr]K.a concealed 
ebb (.1,) v.i. to How back ilistencr 

eb'on-ize (.■;l.'uii-I/l ^'•'• to make black 
eb'on-y ( y] «. a species of hard wood 
e-bri'e-ty ("■■brl'f-tj] «. intoxication 
eb ul-li'tion |.-l.fll-lish'fln] «. a boiling 
Ec'ce ho'mo (ck'se h.^'ni«J/..t«:hold the 
en-cen'trio (Ck-stn'trlkJ a. odd (man 

I . L 






ec'cen-tric'i-ty [trisl-ty] «. oddity 
ec'chy-mo'sis [6k kimo'sis] «. 
ec-cle si-as'tic [-kle'zl-as'tlk])i. a priest 
ech'e-lon [eshV-10n]«. step-like arrange- 
ech'o [6k'4] K. a reflected sound Lment 
e-clat' [e-kla] n. splendor 
ec-lec'tic [ek-lek'tlk] a. selected from 
e-clipse' [e-kllps'] n. obscuration [all 
e-clip'tic [e-kllp'tlk] n. the sun's path 
ec'logue [ek'lOg] n. a pastoral poem 
e'co-nom'ic [s'ki-nSm'Ik] <?. frugal 
e CO-nom'ic-al [-I-kal] a. with frugality 
e-COn'o-mist [e-kSn'S-mlst] «. financier 
e-con'o-mize [mlz]-:;. to expend frugal- 
e-con'o-my [ekan'6-niy]7i. frugality [ly 
^ COS'saise' [a kfls'sSz'] F.n. a dancing 
ec'sta-sy [Sk'sta-sy] «. rapture Ltune 
ec-stat'ic [ek-stit'ik] a. rapturnus 
ec'u-men'ic [ek'u-men'Ik] a. } 

ec'u-men'ic-al [-.-k^^l] a. 5 ""'^'^'^^a' 
ec'ze-ma [sk'ze-ma] «. a skin disease 
ed'dy [gd'dy] :i. a whirlpool; ■v. to circle 
E'den[eVU-n] v. paradise fmammals 

e den-ta'ta [e'den-ta'ta] «.//. toothless 

edge [eil «. border; cutting side of blade 
edge' wise [cj'-.viz] adz'. sideways 
ed'i-ble [ed'i-b'l] a. eatable 
e'dict [e'dikl] K. a decree \\ng up 

ed'i-fi-ca'tion [Sd'I-fI-kS'shan];i. build- 
ed'i-fice [ed'r-fls] n. a building 
ed'i-fy [ed'I-fTJt' instruct: to upbuild 
ed'it [edltlz/./. to prepare for publication 
e-di'tion [c-dtsh'un] «. a publication 
ed'i-tor fed'I-ter] >i. one who edits por 
edi-to'ri-al [-to'rl-al] n. written by edi- 
ed'u-cate [ed'ii-kat] v.i. to instruct 
ed'u-ca'tion [-ka'shfln] k. instruction 
edu-ca'tion-al [-<?l] a. upbuildipty 
ed'u-ca'tor [ed'ii-ka'tcr] k. a teacher 
e-duce' [e-dus'] v.t. to draw out 
eel [el] n. an elongated fish 
e en [en] at/z-. contraction for "even" 
ef fa-ble [ef fa-h'l] a. explainable 
ef-face' [ef-fas'] ■v.t. to erase 
ef-fect' [Sf-fskf] «. the result 
ef-fect'ive [-fek'tiv]^. producing results 
ef-fects' [el-fc-kts'] >;//. goods; chattels. 
ef-fec'tu-al [ef-fek ta-al] a. adequate 

ef-fem'i-na-Cy[-fSm'I-n4-sy] ".womanly 
ef-fem'i-nate[ nStJ«. womanish lquali;> 
ef-fen'di [Cf-fen'dri r«>-,t.>;.civictitle.sir 
ef fer-vesce' [ef fer-ves'] v.i. to bubble 
ef-fete' [effef] a. worn out 
ef fi-ca'cious (-f t-ka'shos] a effectual 
ef'fi-ca-cy f-Va-sy] n. force; energy 
ef-fi'cien-cy [f ibh>n-sy] ti. ability 
ef-fi'cient [-^nt] rt. producing results 
ef fi-gy (et f i-gy] h. image of a person 
ef-flo-resce' [ef flo-res'] v.i. to blossom 
efflo-res'cence [-sens] «. the flowering 
ef flu-ence [6f'flu-fns]«. what issues from 
ef-flu'vi-a [ef-llu vl-aj /»/. of ••effluvium" 
ef-flu'vi-um [ Qm] n.s. bad smell 
efflux [Sf'fluks] >!. an elTusion 




Ky ^ ^L^O^ 





effort [effurt] K exertion; endeavor 
ef-front'er-ycef-franfcr-yjn. impudence 
ef-ful'gence [ef-mi'jfns] «. splendor 
ef-ful'gent [jt-nt] a. bright; luminous 
ef-fu'sion [5f-fu'zhQn]K. aprauring out 
eft [eft] «. kind of lizard 
€-gad' [e-gad'] iitterj. an oath 
e-gest' [c-jesf] '^.t. to void; to throw out 
6ggr [eg] «. embrj'o; a germ cell 
egg'er [eg'er] K. an egg collector 
egg'nog' Feg'nCg'] 11. kind of drink 
eg'lan-tine [eg lan-tin] «. sweetbrier 
e'go (e gS] L. I; self-conscious subject 
e'go-ism [eg6-!zni| a. love of self 
e'go-tism [e'gi-tlz'm] u. self-praise 
e go-tis'tic-al [-tis'tl-knl] a. vain 
e-gre'gious [e-gre'jCs] a. extraordinary- 
e'gress le'grcs] k. a going out; exit 
e'gret [egret] «. kind of heron 
eh [a or e] *«/^r/. expression of inquiry 
ei'derduck [I'derdQk] k. a v.ater fowl 
eight [St] a. twice four 
eight'een' [S'ten'] a. tivice nine 
eighth [at/A] a. eighth place 
eight'y [i'tv] a. fourscore [Welsh bards 
eis-tedd'fod [is-tethvOd] «. meeting of 
ei'ther [e'thcrJ<r.&/r('«.one or tiie other 

e-jac'u-late [t-jak'u-latl^'.;.to throw out 
e-jac'u-la'tion I-la'sh(in]«.exclamation 
e-_ject' Ic-jskt'] I'.t. to cast forth 
e-jec'tion [c-jek'shOn] J!, expulsion 
eke [Ek] T./. to prolong: adv. likewise 
e-lab'o-rate [c-lab'4-rit] <;. studied 
e-lab'o-rate [-rat] -v.t. to improve 
e-lapse' [c-laps] t^-.j. to glide away 
e-las'tic [c-las'trk](7. able to spring back 
e las-tic'i-ty [e'las-tis'r-ty] «. springi- 
e-late' [?-lat'] v./. to exalt [ness 

e-la'tion [c-la'shQn] «. exaltation 
el'bow [SITd*] «. ajoint of the arm 
eld'er [el'dCr] a.older; officer: a 
eld'er-ly [ly] a. somewhat old [shrub 
eld'est [II dest] a. oldest [region 

El' Do-ra'do [Si'dS-ra'dS] «. a fabulous 
el e-cam-pane' [-e-kam-pan'J «. a plant 
e-lect' [c-lekt'] a. chosen; r./. to select 
e-lec'tion [c-lek'shan] k. choice 
e-lec'tion-eer' [-er'i 7/.i. to work for a 
e-lect'ive h'-lek'tlv] a. [candidate 

e-lect'or [.■-Ick'tcr] «. a voter 
e-lec'tric [f -Ick'trrk] a. pert, electricity 
e'lec-tri'cian [e'lCk-trtsh 'an] «. [agent 
elec-tric'i-ty [-tris'i-ty] «. a subtile 
e-lec'tri-fy I -lek'tn-fi] excite 
e-lec'trode [trSd] «. cither electric pole 
elec-trol'y-sis [6'lek-trOl'l-sls] n. 
e-lec'tro-lyte [e-lek'trS-lIt] «. [trolysis 
e-lec'tro-plate' [-pl5t']7/.to coat by clec- 
e-lec'tro-type [-tip] «. fac-simile plate 
e-lec'tu-a-ry [til-J-o] k. a confection 
elee-mos'y-na-ry [cl't-mos'i-na-rj-) a. 
el'e-gance [.llf-gans] «. grace 
el'e-gant [gant] a. polished 

-'t '- 

^f^ c^.c^. 




cl'e-gy [ele-jyj ;;. a plaintive poem 
el'e-ment [-m,nt] n. an ingredient 
el'e-men'ta-ry [-mcn'ta-r>'] a. simple 
el'e-phant [-fjnt]»i. largest land animal 
el e-phan'tine[-fan'tin]rt.huge [disease 
el'e-vate (Olt-vat] x'./. to raise 
el e-va'tion [va'shunlw. a high place 
el'e-va'tor [ol'e-va'ter] «. a lifter 
e-lev'en [c-lev"n] a. ten and one 
e-lev'enth lclev"nM] after tenth 
elf [SlfJ «. a fairy 
e-Iic'it [e-lls'lt] ii.t. to draw out 
e-lide' [c-lkri -..'.t. to cut off, as a vowel 
eli-gi-bil'i-ty [ci'i-ji-bii'i-tyi «. fitness 

el'i-gi-ble [crr-jl-b'l] a. suitable 
e-lim'i-nate tf-lIm'I-nat]i<./.to set aside 
e-li'sion [cUzh'On] «. a striking out 
elite' [S'let '] )i. a select circle 
e-lix'ir [e-llks'er] «. a cordial 
elk [elk] n. a large deer 
ell [el] n. a measure 
el-lipse' [el-lips'l n. an oval 
el-lip'sis lel-lip'sis] n. omission 
elm [elm] >i. a shade tree [art 

el'o-CU'tion [tlo-ku'shun] k. oratorical 
el'o-cu'tion-ist [ist] n. 
e-lo'gi-um [o-loji-umj «. praise; eulogj- 
E-lo'him [c-lo'him] Heb. name of God 
e-lon'gate [e-lSng'gat] 'u.t. to lengthen 
C-lope' [e-lop'] v.i. to run away 
e-lope'ment [imnt] «. a running away 
el'o-quence [el'S-kw^ns] n. oratory 
cl'o-quent [kw^nt] a. fluent [other 

el3e[els](7<T'-'.&<'c»t''. otherwise; a.&pron. 
else'where' [-hwar'l ao'T'. another place 
e-lu'ci-date [c-lu'sl-dat]i<. to make clear 
e-lu'ci-da'tion [-il.i'shun] n. a making 
e-lude' [e-lud'l T ./■. to evade [clear 

e-lu'sive [e-lu'si\ J a. tending to elude 
e-lu'so-ry [e-lu's4-ry] <2. evasive 
elves [elvz] of elf 
e-ly'sian [e-Uzhiin] i?. beatific 
E-ly'sium \fi-\iz\i'um\H.?nyth. [type 
em [em] w.sq. of type: unit in measuring 

e-ma'ci-ate [c-mi siu-ati i/.z. to lose flesh 

em'a-nate (.ima-nat) Z'.t.Xo flow from 

e-man'ci-pate [e-man'si-pat] c-./. to free 

e-man'ci-pa'tion [pa'shun] «. deliver- 
em-balm' [em-bam] t./'.topreserve[ance 
em-bank' (.:m-bangk'l t ./. to bank up 
em-bank'ment [-nunt]«. bank of earth 
em-bar' [Smbar'] v.t. to bar in [order 
em-bar'go [em-bar'gS] n. a restraining 
em-bark' [em-bark'l -'.i. to go on board 
em-bar'rass [barras] z./. to perplex 
em-b?.s'sa-dor [-bas'sa-der]«. an envoy 
em'bas-sy l-b.js-sy] «. a delegation 
em-bel'lish [em-beriish] v.t. to adorn 
em'bers [em'bcrz] «.//. coals of fire 
em-bez'zle [em-bSz'z'lJ Ti.t. to steal 
em-blaze' [em-blaz'] 7,1. to embellish 
em'blem [em'liltm] «. a symbol 
em'blem-at'ic [at'ik] «. symbolic 

rv. rw:x 

n n 

^ C- 


r r\.r\^ 







em-bod'y t5m-b<5d'y] v.t. to incorporate 
em-bold'en [txjld'n] t/.;. to encourage 
em' bon point' [a«'bo«p«SK'| F. 
em-boss' JC*m-b^s'] ij.t. to raise in relief 
em-bow'el [-bou'elj Z'.t. to disembowel 
em-brace' [em-bras'] i.t. to encircle 
em-bra'sure f-bra'zhur] «. an opening 
em bro-ca'tion [bri-ka'shun]«.a lotion 
em-broid'er-y [em-broid'er-y] «. needle 
em-broil' [broil ) -..t. to entanglelwork 
em'bry-0[Sm'brI-6]«.genn; undeveloped 
e-mend'[e-mend')i'. to make better[state 

em'en-da'tion [Sm'sn-da'shOn] «. 

em'er-ald [em'er-aldjK. a precious stone 

e-merge' [c-mcrj] x-.i. to issue from 

e-mer'gen-cy [e-mer'jfn-syj«. exigencj- 

e-mer'i-tus [mer'I-tflsl^? .honorably dis- / A 

em'er-odsifm er-<5dz]«.//.pileslcharged '.^-^/ b ^-^/ b^f^ , 

e-mer'sion[c-nicr'sh(in)«.arisingout of 

em'er-y [emery);:, a polishing mineral 

e-met'ic l?-met'Ik| k. a purgative 
em'i-grant lem I-gT<mt)«.onegoingout 
em'i-grate I gr.ltj t.i. to leave a country 
em i-gra'tion Igra'shunl «. a leaving 
em'i-nence (SmI-niTisI k. high position 
em'i-nent I ncnti <i. higli; lofty 
em'i-nent-ly | lyl.rn'T. in a high degree 
em'is-sa-ry [IssS-rylw. an agent- a spy 
e-mis'sion (e-mtsh Qnl «. an issue 
e-mit' [emit I •: ./. to send forth 
em'met lemmetl «. an ant: a pismire 

e-mol'li-ate |e-morii-at] -v.t. to soften 

e-mol'lient r-yfnt|«.aHayer of irritation 
e-mol'u-ment (e-mol u-mrnt| «. profit 
e-mo'tion |c mo shun] «. feeling 
em-pale' [em-pal | ■v.t. to impale 
em'per-or (fm per-?r| n. a sovereign 
em'pha-sis |tm fa-sis] «. stress; force 
em'pha-size j-slzii/./ to lay stress upon 
em-phat'io lem-fit Ik] a. forcible 
em'pire \im pirl «. realm of an emperor 
em-pir'ic-al |-pir i-k,H| a 
em-ploy' ( ploi|7 / to occupy; to use 
em ploy-ee' lem ploi-6'I «. one hired 
em-po'ri-um |-p5'rr-um|w.tradingplace 
em-pow'er I pou crjt.:'. toijive powerto 
em'press (ffm pr6s] n female sovereign 
emp'ti-ness [6mp'tl-n5s| «. void space 
emp'ty ffmp'tjjr'./'.to exhaust; a. vacant 
empy-re'an [cm pi-re'^ni «. 
e'mu [•- muj «. the Australian ostrich 
em'u-late Km'filit] ■v.l. to imitate 
emu-la'tion [la'shan] «. imitation 
em'u-la tor lem'u-l.Vtcr] n. competitor 
e-mul'sion (c-morshQnJ «. a remedy 
en lenl n. half an em 
en-a'ble [6n-a'bl] -vj. to make able 
en-act' [C-n-akf | ■v.t. to decree 
en-am'el [enamel] « a polish 
en-am'or [en-am er] v.t. to charm 
en-camp' \'-n kamp'J ■v.i. t<> pitch tents 
en-camp 'ment(ni^nt]«.campmgi)lacc 
en-caus'tic [en-kjisilk) «. burned in 
enceinte' (a«'sa<it'| a. pregnant 




en-chain' [en-chan] -v.t. to fasten 
en-chant' | cn-cham ] ii.t. to bew itch 
en-chant'ment [-m^nt] n. fascination 
en-cir'cle [en-ser k 1] vU. to surround 
en-co'mi-um [-ko'mI-um]«. high praise 
en-C0m'pas3 (en-kQm pas]t../. to inclose 
en core' |a«'k5r'l adT.\ or interj. again 
en-coun'ter [en-koun'ter]«.a fight; -v.xo 
en-cour'age [kur'SjJw./.toinspirittmeet 
en-croach' [en-kroch] f.!. to intrude 
en-cum'ber [kflm'her] v-t. to obstruct 
en-cum'brance [brans] k. a burden 
en-cyc'li-cal [en-slk li-kal] a. general 
en-cy clo-pe'di-a len-srkl6-pe'dl-al n. 
en-cyst' [en-sist'l'& enclose in a cyst 
end [end] ^i. conclusion; z-. to finish 
en-dan'ger [en-danjcr] •i'./. to risk 
en-dear' I-der'Ji'.i'. to make more beloved 
en-dear'mcnt [-mcntl n. what endears 
en-deav'or [dever] «. an attempt; 11. to 
en-dem'ic [5n-d5m'Ik] a. [try 

en-der'mic [-der mik] a. acting throurjh 
en'dive [en dlv] n. an herb 
end'less (end les] a. without end 
en'do- Kn Jij \fye. within 
en'do-gens | jCnzl «//. pithless plants 
en-dow' Un dou ] ut. to bestow upon 
en-dow'ment [ mcnl] k. gift; capacity; 
en-due' len du | - /. to invest [talent 
en-dur'a-ble [endurabl|« bearable 
en-dur'ance [ansj «. patience (tain 
en-dure' [en-dOr 1 -v. to continue; tosus- 
en-dur'ing IC-n dur ingi a. lasting 
en'e-my [enc-myj n. a foe 
en er-get'ic [ener-jet'ik] a. active 
en'er-gy [en'cr-jy] «. vigor 
e-ner'vate [c-nCr vat] ■v.t. to enfeeble 
e-ner'vate [vst] a. weak 
en-fee'ble [en-fe'b IJ -v.t. to weaken 
en-force' (C-n-lors ] -v.t. to compel 
en-force'ment [-mfntj «. compulsion 
en-fran'chise [en-frSn chlzj ■v.t. to free 
en-gage' l-j.'lj 1 v.t. to bind; to employ 
en-gage'ment [-ment] «. battle; pledge 
en-gen' der [en-jen der| •i'./. toprodi 
en'gine lenjtnj?:. power-giving mach 
en'gi-neer' [jl-ner'l k. engine operator 
Eng'lish (tng'gllshl K. people of Eng. 
en-graft' [en-graft] I'.t. to graft in 
en-grain' |en-gran'l v.t. to dye in grain 
en-grave' [en-grSv'] v.t. to cut in 
en-grav'er [-er] «. one who engraves 
en-gross' (en-gros'l '■./. to absorb 
en-gulf [en-gulf] v.t. to swallow up 
en-hance' [en-hans'l v. to augment 
en-hance'ment [ment] «. increase in 
e-nig'ma If-nla-'maJ n. a riddle [value 
e'nig-mat'ic [e'nig-mat'Ik] a. obscure 
en-join' [cn-join'J t"./. to forbid 
en- joy'[en-joi'] v.t. to take pleasure in 
en-joy'a-ble [-a-blja. yielding pleasure 
en- joy'ment [-mcntl «. satisfaction 
en-kin'dle [en-kln'd'l] v.t. to excite 






y y y 





en-large' [en-Iarj'] 71. t. to increase 
en-light'en [-Htn] v.t. to make clear to 
en-list' ren-)=st ] f.t. to enroll 
en-liv'en len-llv"n] i\t.\a give spirit to 
en'mi-ty ffn'ml-ty] «. hatred; ill-will 
en-no'ble (en-no'b'l] 1 .t. to dignify 
en nui' [a" nwe'] «. languor; tedium 
e-nor'mi-ty [e-nor'mi-tj-] n. an airocitj- 
e-nor'mOUS [mCs] a. huge; beyond rule 
e-nougb' (enuf ] a. iufticient; adv. fully 
en-quire' [gn-kwir] v. to inquire 
en-rage' [en-raj'] v.t. to make furious 
en-rapt' Ten-rSpf] /.<?. bound up 
en-rap'ture [en-rap tar] v.t. to delight 
en-rich' [5n rich) vt. to make rich 
en-robe' [earob'] v.t. to attire fcord 
en-roU' t-roH v.t. toput on a roll; to re- 
en route' [an' root'] F. on the way 
en-sam'ple [en-sampl] «. an example 
en-sconce' [en-skons] v.t. to shelter 
en-shrine' [en-shrin'] v.t. to cherish 
en-shroud' [-shroud] ^../. to cover 
en'si-form [en si-form] a. sword-shaped 
en'sign [sin] n. a flag; naval officer 
en'si-lage [si-lij] «. preserved fodder 
en-s!ave' [en-slav']t/./.tomakeaslaveof 
en-snare' [en-snar] v.t. to entrap 
en-sue' [en-su ] v.i. to follow 

en-tab'la-ture [Sn-tab la-tiir] n. 

en-tail' [en-tal ] n. rule of descent 
cn-tan'gle [Sn-tanggl] v.t. to involve 
en'tcr [enter] v.i. to go in 
en-ter'ic [.;ii-tfr"tk] a. intestinal 
en-ter'ic fi'ver [fever] «. tyjhoid 
en'ter-prise [en •tcr-priz]«. undertaking 
en ter-tain' [-tcr-tan'] v.t. to amuse; to 
en ter-tain'ment[-mfnt] «. [please 
cn-thrair [en-/;;ral ] v.t. to enslave 
en-throne' [en-Z/irSn"] ■v.t. to crown 
en-thuse' [en tAuzl v. to inspire 

en-thu'si-asm [-cAuzi-Sz'm] «. ardor 
en-thu'si-ast [-ast] >:. a fanatic 
cn-thu si-as'tic[-as'tik] a. zealous 
en-tice' [en-tis ] -t^.t. to tempt 
en-tire' [en-tir'] a. whole; complete 
en-tire'ly [ly] adv. fully 
en-tire'ty I-tyJ «. comjileteness 
en-ti'tle [6n-ti t 1] v.t. to qualify 
en'ti-ty Ten tt-ty] «. being; existence 
en-tomb' ( toom ] z.t. to bury (of insects 
en to-mol'o-gy [ tfi-mel'ijy) «. science 
en to-zo'a [zo'i] intestinal worms 
entr'acte' [a^'trakf] F. «. interlude 
en'trails [en trSlz] «.//. bowels; guts 
en'trance [en trans]«. adoor; an ingress 
en-trance' [en-trans] -v.t. to enrapture 
en-trap' [en-trSp] v.t. to catch in a trap 
en-treat' [cn-trit'] v.t. to beseech 
en-treat'y (■{•] n. supplication 
en tr^e' [an'trS'] F. free access; firstdish 
en'try (fn'trj) «. ingress; vestibule 
en-twine' [cn-twin] i.t. to twine about 
e-nu'mer-ate [K-namvr-atjv.t. to count 
e-nun'ci-ate[-nOnshI-at]T'.f. to proclaim 

ci^ "^^ 











e-nunci-a'tion [e-nun'shi-a'shcn] n. 

en-vel'op [6n-vel'6p] ■v.t. to wrap about 
en'vel-ope |en'vel-6p] n. a wrapper 
en-ven'om [en-v6n'um] v.t. to poison 
en'vi-a-ble [6n'vI-4-b'l] a. desirable 
en'vi-OUS [en'vI-Os] a. covetous 
en-vi'ron [en-vl'run] z'.t. to surround 
en-vi'rons t-runz] k.//. suburbs 
en'voy [Sn'voi] n. a messenger [ness 
en'vy [en'vy] I'.t. to covet; K. covetous- 
e'o-cene [e'6-sen] a, pert, recent geolog 
e'on [e'On]»f.long time; an ageLical time 
E'os [e'Os] H. myth, the Greek Aurora 
e'pact tc''p^^i*] "• moon's age Jan. I 
ep'au-let' [ep'a-lef] «. shoulder piece 
e pergne' [S'pirn'] «. a table decoration 
e-phem'er-al [c-f6m'cral]<J. short-lived 
eph'od [ef M] «. Jewish sacred garment 
ep'i- [ep'I-] pre. upon, beside, etc. 
ep'ic [ep'lk] >i. a narrative poem 
ep'i-cene [ep'I-sen] a. sexless 
ep'i-cure [ep'I-kur] «. a high liver 
ep i-CU-re'an [ku-re'an] a. luxurious 
tp'i-dem'ic [dem'Ik] a. wide-spreading 
epi-der'mis [-der'mls]«. the outer skin 
epi-glot'tis t-glOt'tis]«. lid of wind-pipe 
ep'i-gram [gr.lm] «. an effusion of wit 
ep'i-graph [epl-graf] «. an inscription 
ep'i-lep'sy [-lep'sy] n. a paroxysmal dis- 
ep'i-lep'tic (ep I-lep'tIk] a. lease 

ep'i-logue [ep'I-lag] n. conclusion 
e-pis'co-pal [e-pIs'kS-pal] n. 
e-pisco-pa'li-an [ps'li-.m] n. 
ep'i-sode [&p'I-s6d]«.an incidental story 
e-pis'tle [e-pis'l] «. a letter 
ep'i-taph [ep1-t4f]«. a tomb inscription 
ep'i-thet (ep't-//ietl>!. a qualifying word 
e-pit'o-me (e-plt'4-mc] «. an abridgment 
e-pit'o-mize [miz] v.t. to summarize 
ep'i-zo'a [Sp'I-zo'J] «.//. animal vermin 
ep'och te()'Ok] n. a period of time 
Ep'som salts' [ep'sOm salts') K. 
e qua-bil'i-ty[e'kwa-bil'lty]«.evenness 
e'qual (e'kwdl] a. uniform; same value 
e-qual'i-ty [c-kwOl'I-ty] n. similarity 
e qual-i-za'tion [ekwol-I-za'shun] 71. 
e'qual-ize [e'kwal-iz]i'.;. to make equal 
e'qual-ly [ly] ad^. alike; evenly fness 
e'qua-nim'i-ty [kwa-nlm'i-ty] «.calm- 
e-qua'tion [c-kwa'shun] n. equality 
e-qua'tor [ter] «. geographical line 
e'qua-to'ri-al [e'kw4-to'rl-sl] a. rman 
e-ques'tri-an [c-kwes'trl-an] w.ahorse- 
e qui-lib'ri-um[e'kwi-lili'ri (jm]«.equi- 
e'quine [e'kwin] a. horse-like [poise 
e'qui-noc'tial [e'kwl-n0k'sh(7l](2. [night 
e'qui-nox [ekwi-nOks] n. equal day & 
e-quip' [e-kwip'] Z'.t. to furnish 
eq'ui-page [ek'wl-paj] «. showy turn-out 
e-quip'ment(e-kwlp'm?nt] « .furnishings 
e'quj-poise [e'kwI-poiz]». equal balance 
eq'ui-ta-ble[ ek'wi-ta-b'l] a. just 
eq'ui-ty [Sk'wi-ty] «. justice 






e-quiv'a-lent[e-kwlva-lnit)«. an equal 
e-quiv'o-cal re.kwiv«.k<il) j. doubtful 
e-quiv'o-cate [-katj 7 .i. to mislead 
e'ra [e'ri] n. a period of time 
e-rad'i-cate [e-rSd I-kSt] v.t. to destmv 
e-rad i-ca'tion [kS'shunlM. destruction 
e-rase' [e-ras I -i-.t. to rub out 
e-ra'sure Ceri'zhar] «. obliteration 
ere [arj /r^/. & adv. before 
Er'e-bus [ere-busj .;. the lower world 
e-rect' [erekf] a. upright: T.t. to build 
e-rec'tion (e-rekshunj«. act of building 
ere long' (SrlOnsj'J -"iv. soon 
erg [erg] «. unit of energy in physics 
er'go [ergSj L. co,tj. & ad-v. therefore 
E'rin ferin] n. poetic name for Ireland 
er'mine [er'mlnj «. a fur-bearing animal 
ern [f rnj «. the sea eagle l.iway 

e-rode' [e-rSd ] v.t. to corrode: to wear 
e-rod'ent [e-redVnt] n. a caustic 
E'ros [SrOs] n. the Greek Cupid 
e-rose' (e-ros'J a. as if eaten away 
e-ro'sion [e-rSzhUn] «. canker; wear 
e-rot'ic [e-rat'Ik] a. amatory 
err [er] f .«. to deviate; to do wrong 
er'rand [errand] «. a set task 
er'rant (gr'rant) a. roving: wandering 
er-ra'ta (Sr-rSta] «.//. of "erratum 
er-rat'ic [er-ratik] a. eccentric 
er-ra'tum [erratum] «. an error 
er-ro'ne-OUS (ro neOs] a. incorrect 
er'ror [Sr'rer] «. a mistake; a blunder 
Erse [ers] n. Highland Gaelic 
erst [erst] adv. at first 
erst while' [-hwil'] adv. formerly 
er uc-ta'tion [erQk-ts'shQnj «. a belch- 
er'u-dite [er'O-dIt] a. learned [ing 

er u-di'tion [Sr'O-dlsh'unJ «. learning 
e-rup'tion [erupshan]«.abreaking..ut 
er y-sip'e-las [erl-slp'e-las]«. a febrile 
esca-lade' [eska-lad'] «. (disease 

es-cal'op [Ss-kOl up) ,,. a cur\ing edge 
es ca-pade' [iskapad'i "• -i pranlc 
ea-cape' [es-kap] v.t. to avoid 
es-carp'ment [■karp'm<'nt] n. 
es-cheat' [chef) «. reversion of realty 

es-chew' [es-chij) v.i to slum 

es'cort [esk6rt)«. an attendant; a guard 
ea-cort' [es-kflrt'] v.t. to attend 
es cri-toire' [eskre-twar'] «. a writing 
es'cu-lent [eskO-Unt] a. eatable [desk 
Es-cu'ri-al [es-kurl-al] a. Spanish pal. 
es-cutch'eon (kOchfln) «. a shield (ace 
Es'kl-mo |.-s klmi) «. an Arctic race 
e-soph'a-gus [e-sora-gus] «. the gullet 
es 0-ter'ic [esd-ter'Ik] a. secret 

e8-pal'ier(es-pirycr);;. fruit-trees' train- 
es-pe'cial (Cs-peshVil} a. chief; special 
es-pe'cial-ly (-ip) adv. particularly 
es-pi'al iJs-pIVil) n. act of espying 
es'pi-o-nage [L-,pi-<nJji «. spying 
ei pla-nade' [ pla-nad'j «. a level space 
es-pouse' [es-pouz'] v.t. to betroth 





es-py' [Ss-p!'J Tj.t. to discover 
es-quire' [es-kwlrj k. civic title 
es'say [fis'sSJ k. a composition 
es-say' [es-sa] ■v.l. to attempt to do 
es'say-ist [Js sa-lst] «. an essay writer 
es'sence [cs sens] n. perfume; extract 
es-sen'tial [Ss-sen'shal] a. necessary 
es-tab'lish [establish] i/.l. to found 

es-tab'lish-ment [-m«it] «. institution 

es-tate' t*js-tat']?:. possessions; property 
es-teem' les-tem] -b.t. to prize higlily 
es-thet'ics [-i^/zet'IksjK. science of beau 
es'ti-mate |es'tl-mat] ':'.<. to judge 
es ti-ma'tion I-ma'shun] n. judgment 
es trade' [es'trad'j «. kind of platform 
es-trange' (6s-tranj'] v.t. to alienate 
es-treat' [Ss-tret] w./. to enforce 
es'tu-a-ry [as tu-S-ryJ «. liver mouth 
et' cet'e-ra [ef &et'e-ra] L. and so forth 
etch [5chl v.t to corrode with acid 
etch'ing [Och'lngl «. an acid engraving 
e-ter'nal Ic-tcr'nnl] a. always existing 
e-ter'ni-ty [-nl-tyj«. endless duration 
e'ther [e7/;erj «. a volatile liquid 
e-the're-al [e-i'/ze re-al] a. heavenly 
eth'ic-al [S/AIkal] a. moral 
eth'ics [£/;;iks] «. doctrine of duty 
eth-nol'o-gy [gC/z-nOrSjy] «. science of 
et'i-quette [St'I-ket] n. decorum [race 
et'na [et'na] n. spirit cooking lamp 
et'y-mol'o-gy [I-mel'Sjy] «. wordhis- 
et'y-nion [-mOn]?;.a primitive word[tory 
eu'cha-rist (u ka-rlst] n. the sacrament 
eu'chre [u'ker] ;(. a game of cards 
Eu'clid [u'klid] K. a Greek geometer 
eu-lo'gi-um [uloj!-um]«. formal praise 
eu'lo-gize [OlA-jiz] v./. to extol 
eu'lo-gy (u l6jy] n. praise 
eu'nuch [Unuk] «. a castrated male 
eu'phe-mism [-fc-mTz'm]«. softened ex- 
eu'pho-ny [fo-ny] ji. harmonylpression 
eu'phu-ism [ufu-iz'm] n. affectation 
eu-re'ka [u-re'ka]j«i'c»y. I have found it 
Eu'ro-pe'an [u'rfi-pe'anj^r.pert. Europe 
Eu-ter'pe [u-ter j^e] n. one of the muses 

e-vac'u-ate [c-vak'u-sti7A/. to withdra 
e-vacu-a'tion [ a'shanj «. (from 

e-vade' i?;vad) v.t. to avoid 
ev'a-nes'cEnt [ev'a-nSs'scntJ ,1 fleeting 
e-van'gel fc-vanjelj J! a herald |(li> 
e'van-gel'io-al [e'van-jel'ikidjn.ortho 
e-van'gel-ist |evan'jel-Ist] n. preacher 
e-van'gel-ize | IzJ v.t. to preach gospel 
e-vap'o-rate (e-vftp'O-rStJ -v.t. to dry Ito 
e-vap 0-ra'tion [ra'shun] «. a dry 
e-va'sion [e-va'zhOn] H. an avoidance 
e-va'sive [e-va'slv] a. equivocating 
eve [ev] «. short word for evening 
e'ven [e'v'n] a. level; adv. likewise 
e'ven-ing [Ing] «. decline of day 
e'ven-SOng'[-sOng'] n. evening service 
e-vent' [event] «. a happening 
e-ven'tu-al [e-vgn'tii-alj a. final 




e-ven'tu-al-ly te-ventii-al-Iy]a<fi'.final- 
ev'er 1C\ Fr] adz: always lly 

ev'er-glade f-glad] n. swampy land 
ev'er-green [gren] a. always green 
ever-last'ing [last'Ing-] a. eternal 
ev er-more' [mor'] adv. always; ever 
ev'er-y [ivcr-y] a. all, taken separately 
ev'er-y-bod y [body] «. every person 
ev'er-y-thing' [-/Aing] ?i. all things 
ev'er-y-where't-hwir'i^rfi'.in all places 
e-vict' [f-vikf] z'.t. to put out 
ev'i-dence [ev'i-dtrns] «. proof 
ev'i-dent [-dt-nt] a. manifest 
ev'i-dent-ly [ly] adv. clearly 
e'vil [e vl] ,!. wicked; «. harm 
e-vince' fe-vlns'] -v.t. to prove; to show 
e-vis'cer-ate [e-vis ser-atj disem- 
ev 0-ca'tion [-6-ka'shun] «. calling- out 
e-Toke' [e-vok] v.t. to call forth fing 
evo-lu'tion [Sv'«-lu'shunl >:. an unfold- 
e-volve' [e-vOlv'J v.t. to unfold 
e-vul'sion [e-vul'shun] II. a rooting out 
ewe [u] «. a female sheep 
ew'er [uer] «. a pitcher 
ewt [Ctl n. the newt Tquire 

ex-act' [egz-akt'J a accurate; v.t. to re- 
ex-act'ing [-ing] a. extorting 
ex-ac'tion [egz-ak'shOn] k. extortion 
ex-act'ly [egz-akt'ly] adv. precisely 
ex-act'ness [ nes] «. nicety 

ex-ag'ger-ate [-aj'Sr-atji^.^.to overstate 
ex-ag'ger-a'tion [a'shOn] «. 

ex-alt' [.5gz-alt']-Z'./.to elevate; to glorify 
ex al-ta'tion [al-ta'shun] «. elevation 

ex-am i-na'tion [egz-am'i-na'shun] «. 
ex-am'ine [jgz-am'in] -v.t. to inspect 

ex-am'in-er[ rn-er]«.onewhoexamines 
ex-am'ple (igz-amp-lj «. a model [tion 
ex an-the'ma [eksan-^'/ie'maJ k. emp- 
ex-as'per-ate rfgz-as'per-at] v.t. to irri- 
ex-as per-a'tion [a'shon] h. [tate 
ex'ca-vate [-^kska-vat];/./. to hollow; to 
ex ca-va'tion [va'shun] «. tdig out 
ex-ceed' [sk-sed'] -v.t. to excel 
cx-ceed'ing-ly [rng-ly] adv. greatly 
ex-cel' [.•■k-s;r] v.l. to surpass 
ex'cel-lence [ek'sSl-kns] «. merit 
ex'cel-len-cy [Ifn-sJ] «. title of honor 
cx'cel-lent [.l<rnt] a. of great worth 
ex-cept' (Ok-sepf) v.t. to exclude 
ex-cep'tion [sep'shanjK. exclusion; ob- 
ex-cep'tion-a-ble [..i-bM] a. (jection 
ex-tep'tion-al [.<7l] a. not ordinary 
CX-cerpt [ek-serpt] «. a selected part 
ex-cess' [ek-sts'] k. too much 
ex-cess'ive [Iv] a. beyond limit 

ex-change' [cks-chanj'j v.t. to change 

ei-change'a-ble [i-bl] a. [for another 
ex-cheq'uer [Cks-chtker] «. treasury 
ex-cise' [fkslz'j «.duty oi. liquors, etc. 
ex-ci'sion (C-k-sIzh'OnJ n. a cutting oti 
ex-cit'a-ble (-siti-bl) a. easily roused 
ex-cit'ant [cksltant] >,. a stimulani 





ex-cite' [Sk-sit'l t.I. to rouse to feeling 
ex-cite'ment [-lufnt] n. agitation 
ex-claim' |eks-klam'] vS. to cry out 
ex cla-ma'tion l-kla-ma'shun]«. outcry 
ex-clam'a-to-ry [eks-klami-ti-ry] a. 
ex-clude' [eks-klad] v.t. to shut out 
ex-clu'sion [-klu'zhOnJ «. a debarring 
ex-clu'sive l-slv) a. select fout 

ex-cog'i-tate [eks-koj'r-tati-z'.i'. to think 
ex com-mu'ni-cate[ koui-nm'nikat]7/. 
ex com-mu ni-ca'tion [ka'shun] «. 
ex-co'ri-ate [eks-kori-at] v.i. to gall 
ex-co ri-a'tion [a'shfln] n. an abrasion 
ex'cre-ment (eks'krc incnt] «. otTal lity 
ex-cres'cence (eks-kresscnsl'/.superflu- 
ex-crete' [eks-kret] v.t. to throw otf 
ex-cru'ci-ate l-krn'sht-atjz'./. to torture 
ex-cul'pate [eks-kal pat] '•J.t. to acquit 
ex'cul-pa'tion t-pa'shun]w.exoneration 
ex-cur'sion [-kar'shun] ji. ajaunt 
ex-CUS'a-ble [-kOzahl] a. pardonabl 
ex-cuse' [eks-kuz) t.I. to pardon (doi 
ex-cuse' [-kus l ?/. reason offered for pai 
ex'e-cra-ble [eks'e-kra-b'lju. detestable 
ex'e-crate [-krat] v.t. to detest utterly 
ex e-cra'tion l-kra'shfln] ;/. iletesiatiou 
ex'e-cute [eks'c-kut] -■.!. to perform 
ex e-cu'tion [-ku'shunj n. legal putting 
ex-ec'u-tive [egz-ek u-tu) «. govei 

ex-ec'u-tor[-ter| «. one carrying out 
ex e-ge'sis [Sks'e-je'sls]«. an exposition 
ex'em-pla-ry [5gz'em-pl4-ry] a. worthy 
ex-em'pli-fy [egz-em'pll-fijz'.^.to show 
ex-empt' [egz-emt'l a. free (forth 

ex-emp'tion [-emp'shun] «. immunity 
ex'er-cise leks'er-siz] «. practice Lftom 
ex-ert' [egz-ert] v.t. to put forth 
ex-er'tion [egz-er'shun] n. an effort 
ex'e-unt [eks'e-unt] they go out 
ex-fo'li-ate [eks-fo'll-at] v. to scale oft 
ex ha-la'tion [eks'ha-la'shun] n. vapor 
ex-hale' (eks-hal'] -v.t. to emit 
ex-haust' [egz-ast'J v.t. to empty 
ex-haus'tion [-as'chQn] n. weariness 
ex-hib'it [sgz-ibit] -v.t. to show 
ex hi-bi'tion [eks'hl-blsh'On] 
ex-hil'a-ratetegz-ira-ratjw./.to enliven 
ex-hort' (egz-5rt'] ^.t. to incite 
ex'hor-ta'tion [eks'hor-ta'shun] «. 
ex-bume' [6ks-hum'] -v.t. to disinter 
ex'i-gen-cy [gks't-j^'n-sy] «. crisis; ur- 
ex'i-gent [eks'ijentj a. pressing Igency 
ex'ile l-ilj v.t. to banish; n. banishment; 
ex-ist' [egz-isf] v.i. to be [one exiled 
ex-ist'ence [-^■ns] «. life; state of being 
ex'it [fks'It] n. a going out; a doorway 
ex'o-dus [6ks'4-dusl«. a departurefoflice 
ex' of-fi'ci-0 [eks' 6f-fIsh'i-6] L. from 
ex'o-gens [-d-j5nz]K.//. plants with pith 
ex-on'er-ate [6gz-0n'er-at] v.t. to clear 
ex'o-ra-ble [6ks'4-r4-b'l] a.yieldingfne 
ex-or'bi-tant [6gz-6r'bi-taut) a. excess- 

_e <2_j e_D 





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Q O Q O Q D 

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ex'or-cise [5ks'6r-slz] v.t. to expel 
ex-or'di-Um [4gz-6r'dI-amJ«.beginning 
ex o-ter'ic teks 6-tir'lk] a. open; public 
ex-ot'ic [egz-6t'ik] «. a plant not native 
ez-pand' [5ks-pand] v.l. to spread 
ex-panse' [Cks-pans ) «. extent 
ex-pan'sion [-pan'shQn]n. enlargement 
ex-pan'sive [eks-pin'slv3 a. spreading 
ex' par'te (Sks'par'tc) L. one-sided 
ex-pa'ti-ate [pa'shl-at] v.i. to enlarge 
ex-pa'tri-ate[-trl-at]-z<./. to banish [upon 
ex-pect' [eks-pekf] v.t. to look for 
ex-pect'an-cy [-<zn-sy] n. expectation 
ex pec-ta'tion[-pek-ta'shun]>i.anticipa- 
ex-pec'to-rant [eks-pek't4-r^nt] nation 
ex-pec'to-rate [-ratj v.t. to spit fity 
ex-pe'di-en-cy [Sks-pe'di-im-sy] K.util- 
ex-pe'di-ent t-di-fnt] a. useful 
ex'pe-dite [eks'pe-dit] •!'.<. to hasten 
ex pe-di'tion [-dlsh'un] k. an enterprise 
ex'pe-di'tious [Os] a. quick; speedy 
ex-pel' I6ks-pel] 7'./. to eject 
ex-pend' [eks-pend ] v.t. to spend 
ex-pend'i-ture [-I-tflr] n. disbursement 
ex-pense' [eks-pSns'] «. outlay; cost 
ex-pen'sive [eks-pen'slv] a. costly 
ex-pe'ri-ence [eks-pe'ri-cns] >;. skill 
ex-pe'ri-enced [-fnst] a. skillful 
ex-per'i-ment [5ks-par1-mfnt]K. atrial 
ex-pert' [Sks-ptrf] a. dexterous (for 
ex'pi-a-ble[eks'pl-a-b'l]«. can be atoned 
ex'pi-ate [Sks'pi-at] v.t. to atone for 
ex'pi-a'tion [-pl-a'shOn] «. atonement 
ex pi-ra'tion [eks pi-ra'shan] k. cessa- 
ex-pire' (eks-pir] v.i. to die [tion 

ex-plain' [eksplan'l v.t. to make plain 
ex'pla-na'tion [Sks'pli-na'shun] «. 
ex-plan'a-to-ry [eks-plan'a-ti-ry] a. 
ex'ple-tive [iks'pl5-tlv] a. superfluous 
ex'pli-ca-ble [pli-ka-b'l] a. explainable 
ex-plic'it [Sksplls'lt] a. plain 
ex-plode' [eks-plod'l v.i. to burst 
ex-ploit' [eks-ploit'l „. an heroic act 
ex plo-ra'tion [plS-ra'shun] «. search 
ex-plore' f-plor'] v.t. to search through 
ex-plo'sion [iks-plo'zhQn] «. a bursting 
ex-plo'sive [ slv],i.thatwhich explodes 
ex-po'nent [pon^ntln. a representative 
ex-port' (Sks-pSrt] v.t. to send abroad 
ex'port [eks port] «. what is exported 
ex-pose' lekspoz'] v.t. to lay orien 
expo-si'tion [ pAzIsh'un) ".exhibition 
ex-pos'tu-late [pOs'tfl-lat] v.i. xoitgat 

CX-po'sure loks-pu'zhur) «. openness 
cx-pound' I-kspoundl v.l. to set forth 
ex-press' [priis] v.t. to utter; n. a train 
ex-press'age [Jj] «. carrying charge 
ex-pressed' |,:ksprcsri// diM.i.ired 
ex-pres'sion|.|,resh'Qnl« representation 
ex-press'ive ( prts'lv] a. indicative 
ex-press'ly ( prfs'IJ] adv. particularly 
ex-pugn' (ekspOn) v.t. to vanquish 
ex-pul'sion [ pul'shfln) «. a driving out 
ex-punge' |eks pflnj'l v.t. to rub out 







ex'pur-g'ate [Sks'pQr-gat] w.^. to cleanse 
ex'qui-site [ekskwl-zitj a. nice 
ex-scind' leks-sind'] -v.t. to cut off 
ex'tant [eks'tant] a. existing 
ex-tem'po-ra-ry (6ks-tem'p6-rary] .2. 
ex-tem'po-re [-re] ad-v. witliout study 
ex-tem'po-ri'ze [-riz] v. to act offiiand 
ex-tend' [Jks-t6nd'] v.t. to stretch out 
es-ten'sion [-ten shun] k. a stretching 
ex-ten'sive |-slv] a. wide; far-reaching 
ex-tent' (eks-t6nt'j K. size; bulk 

ex-ten'u-ate [ten'il-at] ^.t. to palliate 
ex-ten'u-a'tion [-a'shun] h. [outside 
ex-te'ri-or [te'n-er] a. external; n. the 
ex-ter'mi-nate [eks-ter'mi-nat] -v.t. to 
ex-ter'mi-na'tion[-na'shQn]M. (destroy 

ex-ter'nal [Sks-ter'nal] a. outward 
ex-tinct' [eks-tingkt] a. quenched 
ex-tinc'tion [eks-tlngk'shun] K. (out 
ex-tin'guish [6ks-tlng'gwlsh]r'./. to put 
ex'tir-pate [eks'ter-pat] -vJ. to root out 
ex-tol' [eks-tOl'] ■zi.t. to praise 
ex-tort' [eks-torf] v.t. to exact 
ex-tor'tion |eks-t6r'shun] «. undue ex- 
ex'tra [eks'traj a. in excess [action 

ex-tract' [fks-trakt'] v.t. to draw out 
ex-trac'tion [-trak'shun] n. lineage 
ex'tra-di'tion [Sks'tra-dish'un] n. 
ex-tra'ne-OUS [eks-tra'ne-us] a. foreign 
ex-trav'a-gance [eks trav'a-gans] « 

ex-trav'a-gant [-gant] a. excessive 
ex-treme' [-trem'] a. utmost; K. utmost 
ex-trem'i-ty [-trem'I-tyl;i.theendlli 
ex'tri-cate [eks'trl-kat] v.t. to liberate 
ex-trude' [eks-trnd'] j/./.to thrust out 
ex-u'ber-ance [eks-Qljer-uns] n. abun- 
ex-ude' [cks-ud']z/.^.todischargetdance 
ex-ult' [egz-ait'] v.i. to rejoice [ly 

ex-tllt'ant[-rtnt] (2. rejoicing triumphant- 
ex-u'vi-a [egz-u'vl-a] n.s. cast-off skin 
ex-u'vi-se legz-uVl-e] pi. of "exuvia" 
eye [ I ] «. the organ of sight 
eye'brow' [i'brou'jK.hairy archovereye 
eye'lash' li'lash'I «. hair along eyelid 
eye'let n let] «. a small hole 
eye'sight [i'sit] «. sense of seeing 
ey'rie la'rj] «. place of eagle s nest 

fa-ba'ceous IfJ-ba'shas] a. bean-like 
fa'ble [fa'bl] «. a fictitious story 
fab'ric [fab'rik] «. texture; structure 
fab'ri-cate [fabrlkat] v.t. to frame 
fab'ri-ca'tion (ka'shQn] k, a falsehood 
fab'u-list Ifabu-list) «. fable writer 
fab'u-lous I lus] 3. not real; incredible 
fa cade' Ifi'sad'] n. front of a building 
face [fas]>i countenance; v t. to confront 
fac'et Ifas'et] k. a small, plain surface 
fa-ce'ti-JB [fa-se'shl-el witticisms 
fa-ce'tious (fa-sS'shus] a. witty 
fa'cial [fa shal] a. pert, to the face 
fac'ile [fasil] a. easy 






fa-ci)'i-tate [fa-sin-tSt] v.t. to make 
fa-cil'i-ty (tyj «. dexterity [easy 

fa'cing [fa sing) n. a lining- 

fac-sim'i-le [fak-sim i-ie] «. exact copy 

fact [fakt] K. a reality 
fac'tion [fak'shQn] K. aparty 
fac'tious [fakshils] a. turbulent 
fac-titious [tish'us] a. made by art 
fac'tor [fak'ter] «. an agent 
fac'to-ry [fak't4-rj] n. a workshop 
fac-to'tum [fak-to'tflm] «. a ser\ant 
fac'ul-ty tf ak'ul-ty] «. talent ; corps of 
fad (fad] M. ahohby [teachers 

fade (fad) %\i. to lose color 
fad'ed (faded) a. grown dim 
fade'less [fad'Ies] a. not liable to fade 
fad'ing (fading) a. losing freshness 
fae'ces [fesez) «.//. excrement 
fag [fag) n. a drudge; t . to tire 
fag'-end' (fag -end] «. refuse part 
fag'ot [fSg'ut) n. a bundle of sticks 
Fah'ren-heit tf?-r<Ti-hit) x.athermom- 
fail [fsl) 7'.:'. to fall short [cter 

fail'ing (-ing) a. weakening; n. a fault 
fail'ure [farQr] «. want of success 
fain [fan) a. pleased [to swoon 

faint [fant] .7. weak; dim; «. asvvoon;x'.i. 
faint'-heart ed [-hiirt'ed) a. timorous 
faint'ing (-Ing) «. syncope; a swooning 
faint'ness [fantnes) «. dimnesc 
fair (far) d. handsome; light; w.abazaar 
fair'ly (fSr'ly) ad-j. justly 
fair'ness [fSr'nSs) n. honesty 
fair'y ('y) «. an imaginary being 
faith (fac/i) n. belief; trust; confidence 
faith'ful (fa^/i'fyl) a. loyal 
faith'ful-ness [nss) n. loyalty 
faith'less [-les) a. false 
fake [fakjK.atrick; aswindle; steal 
fa'kir [faker] «.abegging monk; street 
fal-cade' [fal-kad') n. [hawker 

fal'ca-ted [farka-ted) a. hooked like a 
fal'chion [falshun] «. a sword [sickle 
fal'con [fa'k'n) «. species of hawk 
fal'con-ry [-rj) «. art oftraining falcons 
fall [fal] T i. to drop; n. descent (ceive 
fal-la'cious [falla'shfls) a. fitted to de- 
fal'la-cy [faria-sj] k. a deception 
fall'en [fal"n] a. dropped [to err 

fal li-bil'i-ty [fariibil'itj) «. liability 
fal'li-ble [l.-I] a. liable to err 
fal'low (fan*) a. not tilled 
false (fals) <7. not true 
false'hood [hood) «. a lie 
false'ly [-ly) adv. not truly 
fal-set'to [falset'tij «. the false voice 
fal'si-fi-ca'tion [fsl'si-fi-ka' 
fal'si-fy [ fi) -u.l. to make false [ing 
fal'si-ty (t?) n. a lie: deceit 
fal'ter [fsl tcrj v.i. to hesitate 
fame [fam) «. renown 
famed [famd] a. renowned 
fa-mil'iar (fA-mll'ycr) a. intimate 
fa-mil iar'i-ty r-yar'l-tj)«. intimacy 







fa-mil'iar-ize [fa-mil'ycr-iz] v.t. fhold 
fam'i-ly tiam'l-ly] «. collective h^ 
fam'ine [fam'In] n. dearth; want 
fam'ish [famish] v.i. to starve 
fa'mOUS [fa'mus] a. renowned 
fan [fan] ■<■. to stir the air 
fa-nat'io [fa-nat'lk] n. a wild enthusiast 
fa-nat'ic-al rr-k<;l]a.likea fanaticfasi: 
fa-nat'i-cism [T-sIz'm] «.wildenthus 
fan'ci-er [fan'slcr] «. one governed b; 
fan'ci-ful [fan'sl-ful] <t. visionary (fane 
fan'cy [fan'sy]7M.toimagine; K.alikin; 
fan-dan'go [fan-dang'gS]?;. aSp. dance 
fane [fan] ,i. a temple 
fan'fare' [fan'fAr']«. flourish oftrumpet: 

fan-far'on-ade' [fanfaron-ad'] n. 
fang [fang] «. long tooth of a snake 
fan'gle [-g'l] «. a trifling ornament 
fan'tail'ffan'tal'] n. a variety of pigeon 
fan-ta'si-a [fan-ta'zl-a] «. capricious 
fan-tas'tic [fan-tas'tIk]a.notreal|musi 
fan'ta-sy [ti-sy] «. vagary of imagina 
fan'toc-ci'ni ['tSt-che'nc] [tioi 
far [far] a. distant; adij. widely 
farce [fars] n. a ridiculous show 
far'ci-cal [far'sl-k«l] a. like a farce 
fare [far] >;. price of passage; vd. to go 
farewell' [far'wel'] iuterj. adieu Iwell 
far'fetched' [far'fScht'] a. brought from 
fa-ri'na [fa-ri'ni] n. flour; meal [far 

far i-na'ceoU3 [far'I-na'shus] a. mealj 
farm [farm] II. tract of land [mar 

farm'er [-er]K. one who farms; husband 
farm'house' [hous'] n. farmer's home 
farm'yard' [-yard'] n. farm enclosure 
far'o [f ar'6] n. a game of cards 
far'ri-er [fSr'rl-er] n. a horseshoer 
far'row [far'rS] a. barren 
far'ther [far'ther] a. more remote 
far'thest [-thest] a. most remote 
far'thing [thing] n. a British coin 
far'thin-gale [-thlng-gal]«. ahoopskirt 
fas'di-a'ted [fash'i-a'ted] a. bound up 
fas'ci-cle [fas'si-k'l] «. compact cluster 
fas'ci-nate [-nat] v.t. to charm 
fas'ci-na'tion [-na'shun] «. a spell 
fas-cine' [fas-sen'] k. a bundle of sticks 
fash'ion [fash'un] ». style; -v.t. to mold 

fash'ion-a-ble r-a-b'i] a. stylish 

fast [fist] 7'.!.to abstain from food;a.firm; 
fas'ten ["n] v.t. to make firm [swift 
fas-tid'i-0U3 [fas-tid'I-us] a. over nice 
fast'ness [fast'nSs] «. a stronghold 
fat [fat] ,7. fleshy ; rich; fertile 
fa'tal [fa'tal] a. deadly 
fa'tal-ist [-1st] n. a believer in fate 
fa-tal'i-ty [fatality] «. decree of fate 
fate [fat] «. destiny 
fat'ed [fat'ed] <. . doomed 
fa'ther [fS'ther] > . the male parent 
fa'ther-in-law' [-in-la'] «. 
fa'ther-land'[-land']«. one's native land 
fa'ther-less [ les]a. without living father 
fa'ther-ly [-ly] . like a father 






fatll'om [fatli'um] «. two yards 
fath'om-a-ble l-a-b'l] a. measurable 
fath'om-less [-les] *:. incomprehensible 
fa-tigue' [fj-teg] «. weariness 
fat'ness [fat'njs] «. corpulency 
fat'ten [fat't'n] v.t. to make fat 
fat'ty [fat'ty] a. containinsi fat 
fa-tu'i-ty [fa-tu'I-tyl n. stupidity [city 
fauTJOUrg* [f5tio5r']«.suburbofFrencli 
fau'cet [fa'set] n. outlet for liquid 
fault [fait] >i. an error; a defect 
fault'less [falt'16s] a. without error 
fault'y [falt^'l a. not correct 
Faun [fin] ;;. a rural deity fcountry 

fau'na [fi'na] ?;. animals peculiar to a 
fau tcuil' [lo'tel'l F. «. an armchair 
fa'vor [f I'vrr] «. akind act; v.t. to treat 
fa'vor-a-ble [-a-l>'l]<i. propitious [kindly 
fa'vored [favrrd] a. countenanced 
fa'vor-ite [fa'ver-It] n. one preferred 
fa'vor-it-ism [-lt-1z'm] «. partiality 
fa-vose' [fa-vos'] a. honeycombed 
fa'vus [f S'vus] n. disease of scalp 
fawn [fan] K. a young deer ; ■v.i. to court 
fay [fS] n. a fairy Ifavor 

fe'al-ty [fe'.tl-ty] n. loyalty | 

fear [fi-r] n. fn^'ht; v.t. to dread 
fear'ful [fer'fgl] a. timid; afraid 
fear'less [fer'l<^s] a, bold; courageous 
fea si-bil'i-ty [fe'zl-bil'l-ty]);. practica- 
fea'si-ble [b'l] a. practicable [bility 
feast [fest] H. a repast; »>.;. to gratify 
feat [fetl «. an exploit 
feath'er [fsthTr] »i. aplume 
feath'ered(-?rd] a. clothed with feathers 
feath'er-y [■>■] a. pert, to feathers 
fea'ture [fe'tijr]«. structure of anything 
fea'tures [fe turz] «./>/. the face 
feb'ri-fug^ [fcb'rl-fuj] ;i. fever medicine 
fe'brile [febrll] a. feverish [month 

Feb'ru-a-ry [f6b'n!4-ry] «. the second 
fe'ces [fesez] K.//. same as " faeces " 
fec'u-la [fekd-la] «. starch 
fec'und [fek'und] a. prolific 

fed (f<d]/./. offeed'- 
fed'er-al [fcdcr-rtl] a. confederate 
fed'er-ate [fed'er4t] a. leagued 
fed er-a'tion [-a'shun] «. a league 
fee [fr-] «. a payment 

fee'bla [feii'i] a. weak 

fee'ble-ness [nes] k. debility [food 
feed [fsd] t. to eat; to give food to; «. 
feel :fLl] T.l. to perceive by touch 
feel'er ( fel ."rj «. that which feels 
feel'ing [-Ing] «. touch ; emotion 
feel'ing-ly [Ij?] orf*. tenderly 
feet :fc;| «.//. of ■•foot ■• 
feign ; fan] t.i. to pretend 
feigned [fand] a. pretended [fanner 
feign'ed-ly [fan'«d-IJ] adv. ina feigned 
feint [f.liit] >i. a pretense [ulate 

fe-lic'i-tate (ft-lls'l-tat) f ./. to congrat- 
fe-lic'i-t0U8 [tOs] a. successful: happy 


C V], 





fe-lic'i-ty [fe-lls'l-ty] n. bliss 
fe'line [fC'lin] a. stealthy, like a cat 
fell [fel] past tense of "fall"; a. cruel 
fel'low [feri4]>;.anassociatersame kind 

fel'low-crea'ture t-krg'ttjr] «. one of 

fel'low-ship [-ship] n. association 
fel'ly rffl'ly] ". part of rim of wheel 
fe'lo-de-se' [fe'14-dc-se'] «. a deliberate 
fel'on [ffl'un] n. a criminal (suicide 
fe-lo'ni-OUS [fc-lo'ni-us] a. malignant 
fel'o-ny [fd'S-ny] n. a crime 
felt ( felt] «. unwoven cloth;/*./, of "feel" 
fe-luc'ca [fe-luk'ka] k. kind rf sailboat 
fe'male [fenial] «. sex op. male 
fem'i-nine [fem'l-nin] a. womanly 
fern i-nin'i-ty [-i-tj] «. womanliness 
fem'o-ral [fSm'*-rffl]ff.pert. to the thigli 
fe'mur [femur] n. the thigh bone 
fen [fen] «.bnggy land 
fence [fens] ■zj.i. to inclose ftia 

fen'ci-bles [f5n'sl-b'lz]>i.//. home mili- 
fen'cing [fensingj >;. sword exercise 
fend [fend] z'.t. to keep off 
fend'er [fSnd'er] 71. a guard 
Fe'ni-an [fe'nl-nn] «. member of Irish 
fen'nel [fennel] n. a plant [societj 

fen'ny [fen'ny] a. abounding in fens 
feoff [fef] v,t, to invest with possession 
fe'rine ffe'rin] a. wild 
fei;'ment [fer'mtnt] w. yeast 
fer-ment' [fFr-ment] I'.t. to effervesce 
fer men-ta'tion [ftrmen-ta'shuu] n. 
fern [fern] ti. a plant [ferns 

fern'er-y [limCr y] «. place for rearing 
fe-ro'cious [ft-ro'shus] a. fierce 
fe-roc'i-ty [fe-rOs'I-ty] n. fierceness 
fer'ret [fer'ret] «. kind of weasel 
fer'ro-type [fcr'rO-tii.] u. tintype [iron 
fer-ru'gi-nous [fer-ru'ji-nus] a. having 
fer'rule [fer'rll] «. a ring; a bushing 
fer'ry [fer'ry] k. place for crossing river 
fer'ry-boat [-Lot] n. boat for crossing 
ler'ry-man [ -miin] n. one attending a 
fer'tile [fer'tll] a. fruitful [ferry 

fer-til'i-ty [ftr-tlll-tyj «. fecundity 
fer'ti-lize [fCr li liz] I'.t. to enriLh 
fer'ti-lizer [li zrr) n. manure 
fer'ule litr'\\]v.l. to punish; w.flat piece 
fer'ven-cy [fcr'vfn-sy]«. ardor[ofwood 
fer'vent [ffr'vcnt] a. hot; earnest 
fer'vid [fcr'vid] a. vehement: zealous 
fer'vor [fer'ver] n. heat of mind 
fes'cue [fes'kfl] «. a pointer 
fes'tal [fes'trtl] a. joyous 
fes'ter [f es'tfr] v.i. to generate pus 

fes'ti-val [fes'ti-v<ii] «. a feast 
fes'tive [f es'tiv] a. gay 
fes-tiv'i-ty [rcs-tlv i-ty] n. gayety 
fes-toon' [festoon'] It. a bunch 
fetch [fech] -i/.t. to bring 
fete [fSt] H. a festival 
fe'tich [fe'tlsh] «. an objer*of excessive 
fet'id [fet'Id] a. stinking [devotion 

fe'tish [fe'tlsh] >i. same as " fetich " 


.^ v^ 







fet'lock [f6t'10k]«. tuft of hairon horse ^ 
fet'ter [-terj v.t. to enchain lleg 

fe'tUS [f e tus] «. animal before birth 
feud [f ud] K. a quarrel 
feu'dal [ffl'] a. held by tenure 
feu'dal-ism [iz'm] «. feudal system 
feu dejoie' [fe' d<rzhwi']/^.K.abonfirL 
feu ille-ton' [fe'y?-t5«']F.«. newspaper 
fe'ver [fever] «. a disease [tale 

fe'ver-ish l-ishl a. having fever 
few [fu] .7. not many 
fez [f Cz] n. a Turkish cap 
fiance' [fe'-a«'sS'] F.n. betrothed mai 
fi an c^e' F.n. betrothed woman 
fi-as'co ;fc-as'k«l /'.«. complete failurt 
fi'at [fiat] «. a decree 
fib [fib] ~,:i. to lie; k. a lie 
fib'ber [-Iwr] n. one who tells fibs 
fi'ber [filler] n. slender thread [afibei | 
fi'bri-form [fitrl-form] a. resemblint 
fi'brous [f i-brus] a. containing fibers 
fib'u-la [fibu-la] «. a bone 
fich'u [f ish'u] K. a woman's cape 
fic'kle [f Ik'k'l] a. unstable 
flc'tion [shun] n. tales; stories 
fic-ti'tious [tfshus] <i. imaginary 
fid'dle [fid'd'l] «.a violin 
fi-del'i-ty [f i-dsli-t>-] «. faithfulness 
fidg'et [fij'et] 7'. to be restless 
fidg'et-y [fijet-yi ,;. restless ftrusi 

fi-du'ei-a-ry [fi-do'shi-a-rj] a. held in 
fie [f !] intcrj. expressing dislike 
fief [f efj «. a fee; a feudal estate 
field [felil] «. a large enclosure 
fiend [fend] «.an infernal being 
fiend'ish[-ish] a. like a fiend 
fierce [fers] a. furious 
fiercely [fers'lj] adv. furiously 
fieree'ness [nes] n. fury 
fi'er-y [f i er-y] a. passionate 
fife [fif] M. a musical pipe 
fifteen' [t If'ten] a. five and ten 
fifty [fifty] ,;. five times ten 
fig [fig] 7i. a fruit 
fight [( it] v.t. to contend with 
fig'ment (f is nunt] n. a fiction 
fig'ur-a-tive [flgur-a-tlv] a. typical 
fig'ure [fig ur] «. form; a character 
flg'ured [urd] a. adorned with figures 
Fl'jl-an [fejc-an] «. native of Fiji isles 
fil a-ment [fira-m^ntj «. a fiber 
fil'bert [firi^rt] K. a nut 
filch [filch] v.t. to steal 
file [f il] H. a rubbing tool; -v. to arrange 
fil lal [fllyal] a. child-like [parent 

fil 1-a tion [I-a'shOn] u. rel. of child to 
fil^i-bus'ter [fll'I-baster] «. freebooter 
fil^l-gree [fi; I.grg] «. ornamental work 
fil ing [firing] «. fragment filed off 
fill [fil] v.t. to make full 
flHet [f nict] K. a sash 
fil'lip [-lip] -v.t. to snap with the finger 
filly (firi^]«. a young mare 
film [film] «. a thin skin 





fil'ter [fil'ter] K. a strainer 
filth [filf/!] K. foul matter; dirt 
filth'i-ness t-I-nes) «. foulness 
fil'trate [f il'trat] -v./. to filter 
fil-tra'tion [fll-tra'shun] «.straini^g: 
fim'bri-ate [flm'brlSt] a. bordered 
fin [fin] ;i. a fish's paddle 
fi'nal [final] a. conclusive 
fi-na'le [fc-na'lS] k. the closing part 
fi-nal'i-ty [fi-nal'I-ty] k. final state 
fi-nance' [f l-n.lns'] k. revenue; money 
fi-nan'cial [f I-nan'shal] a. pert, money 
fin'an-cier' [fIn'an-ser']H. a treasurer 
fin'back [fln'bak'] «. kind of whale 
finch [finch] ;;. species of bird 
find [find] v.i. to discover fofTense 

fine [fin] a. elegant; «. sum imposed fo: 
fine'nesS [fin'nes] «.qualityofbeingfine| 
fin'er-y [fin Tr-y] n. showy clothes I 

finesse' [fe nes'] n. stratagem 
fin'fish' [f In'flshT n. op. to shell fish 
fin'ger [fing'ger] n. part of hand I 

fijl'i-cal [fin'i-kal] a. overnice I 

fin'ing [fining] «. act of imposing a fine; 
fi'nis [fi'nis] L. an end ] 

fin'ish [f in'isli]x'./.to accomplish; to end 
fin'ished [fin'isht] a. completed ] 

fi'nite [fi'nit] a. limited 
Finn [fin] M. native of Finland 
fin'ny [finny] <i. pert, to fishes 
fiord [fyord] >i. a Norwegian firth 
fir [fcr] K. a coniferous tree 
fire [fir] «. combustion; ignition 
fire'arms' [fir'irmz] «.//. weapons 
fire'brand' [-brand'] «. piece of burning 
fire'fi/' [-fli] «. luminous msect [wood 
fire'man [-man] ?:. stoker; one of fire bri- 
fire'side [bid] >i. the hearth [gadc 

fire'works' [-wCirks'] >;./.'. pyrotechnics 
fir'ing [-ing] «. discharging firearms 
fir'kin [fcr'kin] n. a small cask 
firm [fcrmj a. constant 
fir'ma-ment [fCr'ma-m^nt] «. the sky 
fir'man [Icr'man] «. a Turkish decree 
firm'ness [ffrm'nes] «. strength 
first [ftrst] a. foremost 
first'born' [-bom'] n. eldest 
first'-class' [klas'] a. best quality 
first'ling [-ling] ?t. firstborn of animals 
first'-rate [ -rlt '] a . of highest exce Hence 
firth [fcrtli] Si-oU/z. arm of sea; frith 
fisc [f isk] K. public treasury 
fis'cal [fis'kal] rt.pert. to public revenue 
fish [fish] n. a water animal 
fish'er-y [f ish'cr-y] >:. place to catch fish 
fis'sile [f is sil] a. capable of being split 
fis'siire [f ish'ur] «. a cleft; a crack 
fist [fist] «. the closed hand 
fis'tu-la [fis'tu-la]«. an ulcer; an abscess 
fit [fit] «. a paroxysm; a. suitable; z: to 
fit'ful [fit'ful] a. spasmodic [adjust 

fit'ness ffit'nes] >t. adaptation 
fit'ting [fit'ting] a. suitable 
fitz [fits] «. a son 

V. V^Vy^i 




five [fiv] it. four and one 
fix [flks] •:■./. to establish; to repair 
fixed [flkst]/./. of "fix"; settkJ fagc 
fix'ture [fiks'tur] n. permanent append- 
fizz [f !z] v.i. to make a hissing sound 
fiz'zle [-z'l] ■:■.!■. to hiss; ;i. ridiculous fai'- 
f jore" [fyiJrd] >;. same as "fiord" lure 
flab'bi-ness [flab'bi-nes] h. softness 
flab'by [flah'by] a. soft; flaccid 
flac'cid [flak'sid] a. limber; lax 
flag [iLli;] ;;. a banner; kind of reed fping 
flag el-la'tion [flajel-la'shfiniH.awhip- 
flag'eo-let' [fl5j'4-16t'] «. a-wind instr. 
flag'ginu [llatrging] «. pavement 
flag'gy [fliggS] a. weak 
fla-gi'tious [fla-jish'us] a. corrupt 
flag'on [flag'un] «. a vessel for liquor 
fla'grant [fla'gmnt] «. glaring fship 
flag'ship' [fiag'ship'] u. commander's 
flag'staff [-staf] «. staff liearing a flag 
flag'stone' [-ston'] «. a flat paving stone 
flail [till] n. a grain beater 
flake [ilik] n. a snow film 
flak'y [flak J'] a. in flakes 
flam'beau [flamtj*] «. a torch 
flame [rtSm] n. a blaze 
flam'ing [flanrTng] «. blazing Fbird 
fla-min'go [fla-ming'gS] «.a red wading 
flange [flanj] «. an edge, as of a wheel 
flank [flcingk] T.i. to border 
flan'nel [flan'nel] «. woolen cloth 
flap [flap] v.t. to move, as wings 
flap'jack' [flSp'jak'] «. a pancake 
flare [] v.i. to burn unsteadily 
flash [flash] «. a burst of light 
flask [flask] «. a bottle 
flat [flat] a. horizontal and even 
flat'i ron [flat'i'urn] /f. ironing utensil 
flat'neS3 [flat'nSs] «. levelness 
flat'ten [flat't'n] v.t. to make flat 
flat'ter [flat'ter] v.t. to cajole 
flat'ter-y [flaftcr-y] ,i. false praise 
flat'u-lent [flat'Q-l«it] a. windy 
fla'tus [fla'tus] «. a breath 
flaunt [flant] v.i. to flutter 
flau'tist [fla'tist] «. a flutist 
fla'vor [fla'vfr] «. savor: relish 
flaw [fla] n. a crack; a defect 
flax [flaks] K. a plant 
flaz'en [flaks -n] a. fair and flowing 

flay [fla] z-.t. to skin 

flea [flCJ «. a troublesome insect 
fleam [flcm] m. kind of lancet 
fleck [flck] «. a spot 
fledge [fltj] V.I. to supply with feathers 
flee [rie] i/.j. to run away 
fleece [fles] «. wool from sheep 
flee'cy [flc'sy] a. wooly 
fleet (flctj «. group of ships 
fleet'nesa [flet'nfis] «. swiftness 
Flem'ish [flL-m'Ish] a. pert, to Flanders 
flesh (il.Jil n. meat 
flcsh'i-ness [I-nCs] k. plumpness 
flesh'y [flesh'yj a. having flesh 








FLt 106 

fleur'de-lis' [flcr'd^-Ie'] F. «. the French 
flew [flu] past tense of "fly " llily 

flex [fleks] ■;■./■. to bend 
flexi-bil'i-ty[fleks'l-bll1-t5] k. pliancy 
flex'i-ble [flSks'I-b'I] u. pliant 
flex'ion [flek shun] m. a bending 
flick [fllk] T..'. to whip lightly 
flick'er [fliker] v.r. to flutter 
flight [flit] w. a running away 
flight'i-ness [flit I-nes] «. wildness 
flim'sy [flTm'z\'] a. weak 
flinch [flinch] v.i. to shrink 
fling [fling] v.i. to hurl 
flint [flin»] ;:. a hard stone 
flint'y [flinty] a. resembling flint 
flip'pan-cy [fllp'pan-sy] «. volubility 
flip'pant [flTp'prznt] a. rapid of speech 
flirt [flcrt] ;(. a coquette 
flir-ta'tion [flcr-tashun] «. coquetry 
flit [flit] v.t. to dart along 
flitch [flich] K. a side of bacon 
float [fiot] f.i. to swim 
flock [flak] f !. to gather in crowds 
floe [flo] «. mass of floating ice 
flog [fl6g] Z'./. to whip 
flood [flud] 7 .1. to deluge; «. inundation 
floor [flor] >:. the supporting platform 
flop [flftp] -v.t. to clap the wings 
rio'ra [flo'ri] «. goddess of flowers 
flo'ral [flor,?]] a. pert, to flowers 
flo-res'cence [fl6-res'st'ns])i.blossoming 
flo'ri-culttire [flo'rl-kai'tur] «. flower 
flor'id [flOr'Id]ir.flushed with red [raising 
flor'in [fl6r In] n. a coin 
flo'rist [flo'rlst] >t. flower raiser 
floss [flOs] >i. a silken substance 
flo-til'la [fli-tiria] «. a little fleet 
flot'sam [fi6t'siim] ji. floating wreck 
flounce [flouns] n. dress trimming 
floun'der [floun'der] «. a flat fish 
flour [flour] K. ground grain 
flour'ish [flurTsh] T.!. to thrive 
flout [flcut] T.i. to sneer fliquid 

flow [flo] ji. a current; i/.t. to move, as a 
flow'er [flouTr] «. tjie blossom [de-lis" 
flow'er-de-luce' [-d^-lus'] k. See "fleur. 
fiow'er-y [flou'cr-y] a. full of flowers 
flown [flun]/./. of'fly" 
fluc'tu-ate [fluk'tu-at] tm'. to rise and fall 
flue tu-a'tion [S'shun] k. variation 
flue [flu] ).■. a chimney 
flu'en-cy [fluVn-sy] «. volubility 
flu'ent [flu'ent] a. voluble 
flu'id [flu id] H. a liquid; a. not solid 
fluke [fluk] It. a fish; part of an anchor 
flume [flum] «. mill-race; a conduit 
flum'mer-y [flum'mcr-y] n. kind ofpap 
flun'ky [flung ky] >!. livery servant 
flur'ry [flur'rj] «. commotion 
flush [flash] f.i. to blush 
flus'ter [flfls't'r] n. confusion 
flute [flut] fi. a wind instrument 
flut'ed [fluted] a. grooved 
flut'ist [flutist] >t. flute player 



^.-_^ ..^m. 

r?TrT_. Q.,- 







flut'ter [flutter) ■v. to agitate 
flu'vi-al [flu vl-al] a. pert, to rivers 
flux [fluks]«. matterwhich flows; change 
flux'i-ble [fluks'I-b'l] a. fusible 
fly [fli] ;r. an insect; "V. to moveas a bird 
fly'blow' [-bio'] «. a fly's egg [in air 
fly'ing [fli'Ing] a. moving on wijigs 
foal [fol] n. a colt 

'oam [fom] >t, froth; v,i, to form froth 
'ob [fib] ;i. a watch pocket [focus 

'o'cal-ize [f6k«l-Iz] v.t. to bring to a 
"o'cus [fo'kus] K. point where rays meet 
'od'der [fodder] «. food for cattle 
oe [f o] «. an enemy ftus" 

Cfi'tus [fetus] K. embryo; same as "fe- 
off [fOgl «• dense vapor; mist 

Og'gy [fSg'gy] a- misty 

o'gy [fo'g\-] n. a dull old fellow 

'oi'ble [foi'b'l] It. a failing 

'oil [foil] v.t. to frustrate 

oist [foist] T.t. to pass off as genuine 

old [folil] 1'./. to double; ;i. sheep pen 

o'li-age [fo'll-aj] «. leaves 

U-a'tion [-a'shun] «. leafing 
ol'io [fbl'yS] «. a page 

oik [f.-.k]«. people [people 

olk'lore' [fok'lor'J n. legends among 
'ol'li-cle [fol'll-k'l] «. a seed pod 
'ol'low [fol 14] ».<. to pursue 
ol'low-er [.er] «. a disciple 
ol'ly [foriy] ?i. foolishness finstigate 
0-ment' [f6-ment']t/./. to encourage; to 
omen-ta'tion [fo'mSn-ta'shan]«.exci- 
'ond [fon.l] a. loving [tation 

on'dle [fonvri] i>.?. to caress 
ond'ness [fOnd'nes] «. affection 
'ont [fAnt] «. a set of types 
ood [food] «. victuals 

001 [fool] n. one deficient in reason; a 
bol'ish [-Ish] a. unwise [dolt 
'ools'cap' [fo51z'k5p']«. kind of paper 
'oot (friCtl ,1. lower part of leg 
oofball' [-bal] H. a ball for kicking 
'oot'ing [-Ing] >;. foundation 
'oot'light' [ilf ] H. front light on stage 
bot'man [-itl/ii] «. man servant 
bot'pad' [-pSd ] H. higliwaynian 
oot'print' [-print'] «. mark left by foot 
oot'step' [-step']K.sound or track of foot 
OOt'stool' [stoBl'] «. a foot support 

op [i.-.y,] n. a vain man; a dude 
bp'per-y [fOp'[£r-y] ,t. showy folly 
or [for] pre*. 8i cojtj. because 
or'age [fOrajJ n. food for animals 
or'ay [for'i] >i. a raid 
or-bear' [fCrblr'] abstain from 
or-bear'ance [-ans] n. lenity 
br-bid' [fOr-bld'] v.t. to prohibit 
or-bld'ding [-ding] a. repulsive 
orce [fors] n. strength; v.l. to compel 
'orce'ful [fOrsfifl] a exertmg force 
or'ceps [fOrsC-ps] w. pincers 
br'ci-ble [for'sl-b 1] a. powerful 
ord [ford] II t. to wade through 






'ore [for] adv. in the part going first 
'ore-bode' [hod'] v.t. to foretell 
'ore-cast' [far-kast'J v.t. to foresee 
'ore'cas'tle [fSr'kas"!] «. fore part of 
ore-close' (for-kloz'] v.t. to stop iship 
ore-clo'sure [klozhur] 71. prevention 
'ore'fa'ther (for'fa'thcr] «. an ancestor 
ore'fin ger[-flng'ger]«. finger next the 
ore-go' [for-go'J'Z'.^.togive up Ithumb 
ore'ground' [for'ground] n. front 
'ore'head [fOr'ed] n. the brow Lhand 
or'eign [fOr'In] a. alien 
or'eign-er [cr] n. an alien 
'ore'land' [for'land']«. a cape fforehead 
ore'lock' [for'lok'] n. lock of hair on 
'ore'man [for'niim] n. chief man 
ore'most' [fsr'mosf] a. most advanced 
ore'noon' [for noon] n. morning; a.m. 

ren'sXC [fS-ren'sIk] a. rhetorical 
'ore'part' [for'pSrf] «. the front part 
ore-run'ner [for-rfln'ner] ;/. one going 
ore'sight' [for'slf]?/. prescience [before 
'or'est [fOr'est] «. many trees; a wood 
'ore-stall' [for-stal'] v.t. to anticipate 
or'est-er [f6r'est-cr] «. forest caretaker 
or'est-ry [-r>] n. science of forests 
'ore'taste' [for'tast'J «. anticipation 
'ore-tell' [fnr-tel'] v.t. to prophesy 
Ore'thought' [thax'} ?;. provident care 
'or-ev'er [fOr-6v'cr] adv. always 
ore-warn' [-Ham] v.t. to caution 
ore'wom an [woom'anlH. head woman 
'or'feit [for'fit] v.t. to lose by a fault 
'or'fei-ture [fl-tur] ;;. loss of right 
'or^-e [forj] ;(. a smith's furnace [forges 
'or'ger ffor'jcr] n. a falsifier; one who 
'or'ger-y [y] it. act of fabricating 
or-get' [f6r-get']i'/./. to cease to reraem- 
or-get'ful [f^l] a. apt to forget [ber 
'or-give' [fOr-glv'] v.t. to pardon 
or-give'ness [nes] n. remission 
or-got'ten [gOt't'nln.left; unthoughtof 
'ork [fork] n. a pronged tool 
'or-lorn' [f6r-16rn'] a. wretched 
'orm [form] n. shape: v.t. to construct 
'orm'al [fnrm'irl] a. ceremonious 
'or-mal'i-ty [fOr-mal'l-ty] n. ceremony 
'orm'al-ly [f6rm'«l-ly] adv. stiffly 
or-ma'tion [fOr-ma'shun] «. structure 
orm'a-tive [forma-tn] rt. giving form 
'or'mer [for'mer] a. previous 
'or'mer-ly [for'mer-ly] adv in time past 
'or'mio (fdr'mlk) a. derived from ants 
Or'mi-cate [for'mt-kSt] a. pert, to ants 
or'mi-da-ble [for'mlda-b'l] a. dreadful 
'or'mu-la [for'miS-Ia] n. a prescription 
or'mu-la-ry [IS-ry] «. prescribed form 
or'mu-late [-lat] v.t. to state 
br'ni-ca'tion [nl-ka'shun] n. adultery 
or-sake' [fSr-sak'] v.t. to desert 
br-sooth' [fOr-soo^A] adv. in fact 
or-swear' [swar] v.t to deny on oath 
Ort [fort] n. a fortified place 


"V ^ 





forte [fort] ;;. the strong point 
for'te [for ta] adv. strongly; loudly 
fortll [for//:] adv. onward; forwardfpear 
forth'com'ing [-kum1ng]a. ready to ap- 
forth with.' {{oUh'-KUh'] adv. at once 
for'ti-eth [fortl-e/A] a. the fourth tenth 
for ti-fi-ca'tion [-fl-ka'shOn] n. a fort 
for'ti-fy [fOr ti-fl] v.t. to strengthen 
for-tis'si-mo [fSr-tls'sT-mS] adv. verj- 
for'ti-tude [fdr'ti-tud]«.couragelloudly 
fort'night' (fort'nit'] k. two weeks 
for' tress [for'tres] k. a fort 
for-tu'i-tous [f6r-tu'I-tas] a. casual 
for'tu-nate (f^rtu-nSt] a. lucky 
for'tune [fortun] k. wealth; chance 
for'ty [for t>] a. four times ten 
fo'rum [fb'rOm] n. a court 
for'ward [forwerd] a. in advance 
for'-ward-ness [for'werd-nes] k. ardor 
fosse [fSs] K. a ditch: a moat 
fosse'way' [fds'wa'] k. a Roman road 
fos'sil (f6s'sll] 71. animal remams found 
fos'sil-ized [■\zA]a. antiquated [in rocks 
fos'ter [f6ster] v.t. to cherish 
foul [foul] a. filthy 

fou lard' [foo'lard'] «.thin kind of silk 
foul'ly [foully] adv. filthily; shamefully 
foul'ness [-nes] «. foul condition 
found [found] V. past tense of "find" 
foun-da'tion [founda'shun] w. a basis 
foun'der [foun'der] v.t. to sink [child 
found'ling [found iTng] K. a deserted 
found'ry [ry] n. metal works ["font" 
fount [fount] It. a fountain; also sameas 
foun'tain [foun'tm] h. ajet of water 
four [for] a. twice two 
four'fold' [for'fold']<j. & ai/i'. quadruple 
four' score' [skor] a. eighty 
four'teen' [for'tenT a. twice seven 
fourth [for//i] a. next after third 
fo've-ate [fo've-St] a. pitted 
fowl [foul] 7:. a bird (shooting fowl 

fowl'ing-piece' [-ingpes] «. a gun for 
fowl'er [fouler] K. a sportsman 
fox [f'ks] >i. an animal noted for craft 
fox'y [f6k5y]<i- ■»iiy 
f 3y er' (fwa'yS'] F. ». theater lobby 
fra'cas [fra'kas] «. an uproar; a brawl 
frac'tion [frik'shfln] «. a part 
frac'tious [frak slms] a. cross; irritable 
frac'ture [frik'tur] v.t. to break 
frag'ile [fraj'U] a. brittle; frail 
frasf'ment [frag'm^nt]«. a piece broken 
fra'^ance [fra'grans] n. perfume [off 
fra' grant [fra'grant] a. odorous 
frail [fr.ll] a. weak 
frail'ty [fral'ty] h. infirmity fcompose 
frame [frSm] «. structure; fabric; v.t. to 
fram'ing [Ing] «. construction 
franc [frSn^jk) n. a French coin 
fran'chise [fran'chlz] «. privilege 
Fran-cis'can [frSn-sIs'kan] n. an order 
fran'gi-ble [jl-b'l] a. brittle lof monks 
frank [frangk] a. candid 










f-ank'in-cense [frSngkln-sens] «. fra- 
frank'ness [-nes] ;/,candortgTant resin 
fran'tic [fran'tik] a. furious 
fra-ter'nal [fra-ter'nal] a. brotherly 
fra-ter'ni-ty [-nl-ty] «. brotherhood 
frat'ri-cide [frat'ri-sid] k. brother mur- 
fraud [frad] ti. deception Ider 

fraud'u-ient [-u-U-nt] a. deceitful 
fraught [frat] a. laden 
fray [fra] n. a combat 
freak [frek] «. a whim; a monstrosity 
frec'kle [frek'k'l] n. a spot 
free [frS] a. exempt from 
free'boot er [-lioot'er] «. a robber 
freed'man [fred'mun] k. a freed slave 
free'dom [fre'dflm] n. liberty 
free'-hand' [-hand] a. drawn without 
free'ly [fre'ly] adz\ plentifully linstrs. 
free'man [-manlK. one enjoying- liberty 
free'ma son [-ma's'n] «. member secret 
free'stone' [-ston'] «. sandstone lorder 
free'thinker [-/Alngk'fr] «. an atheist 
free'wiir [fre'wir] a. voluntary 
freeze [frez] ^.z. to congeal 
freight [frat] n. cargo 
French [french] a. from France 
fren'zy [fren'zy] 71. madness 
fre'quen-cy [frekwcn-sy] ti. repetition 
fre'quent [-kwrnt] a. often 
fre'quent-ly [-ly]«rf"'-niany times; often 
fres'co [fres'ki] «. painting on plaster 
fresh [fresh] a. new and strong; not salt> 
fresh'en [fr£sh"n] ■v.t. to revive 
fresh'et [fresh'et] n. a flood 
fresh'man [-munjK. student in first col 
fresh'ness [nes] «. vigor [lege yeit 
fret [fret] f. to be vexed; to worry 
fret'ful [fret fql] a. peevish 
fret'work' [fret'wjjrk] >i. open work 
fri'a-ble [fria-b'l] a. easily crumbled 
fri'ar [frJ'er] «. a monk 
fric as-see' [frik'os-se'] «. a stew 
fric'tion [frik'shfln] h. a rubbing 
Fri'day [frlda] n. sixth day of week 
friend [frend] n. a companion 
friend'ly [frend'ly] a. sociable 
frieiid'ship [-ship] «. attachment 
frieze [frez] «. a border 
frig'ate [frig'it] «. a war ship 
fright [frit] ;;. terror 
fright'en [frit'n] t/./. to terrify 
fright'ful [fill] a. awful 
frig'id 1 ■ X. very cold 
fri-gid'i-Vj iirl-gla'i-r/i «. coldness 
frill [fril] n. a ruffle 
fringe [frinj] «. an open border 
frip'per-y [frip'pcr-y] «. old clothes 
frisk [frisk] -<.'.i. to frolic 
fris'ket [frl5'ket]H.part of printing pres: 
frisk'i-ness [frisk i-nSs] «. gayety 
frisk'y [frlsk^-] a. frolicsome 
frit [frit] n. glass material 
frith [frl/A] n. same as "firth" 
frit'ter [frlt'ter] n. a small cake 








fri-vol'i-ty [frl-vSl't-ty] «. trifling 
friv'o-lous [iriv'6-lus] a. trivial 
friz [frii] -.t. to curl 
friz'zle [frlzz'l) -v.t. to crisp 
fro [fro] itdv. from; op. to in "to and fro" 
frock [frOk] )(. a garment 
frog [fr-^g] n. an amphibious animal 
frol'ii [frOllk] v.i. to play 
frol'lC-SOme [sQm] a. gay; sportive 
from [frSmJ/rt-/. out of; op. of "to" 
frond [fr6nd] «. leafing of ferns.palms,&c. 
front [frunt] n. the foremost part 
front'age [-5j]h. frontpart of house, lot, 
fron'tal [] a. being in front l&c 
fron'tier [fron'ter] «. the border 
fron'tis-piece [-tls-pes];;. part first seen 
frost [frSst] Ji. frozen dew fbody 

frost'bite' [bif] >:. freezing of part of 
frost'ed[-ed]tz.covered with resemblance 
frost'work' [-wurkl «. lof frost 

froth [fr6^/0"-foam: spume; Z'.i. to foam 
frounce [frouns] I'.t. to plait 
frou'zy [frcu'zy] a. musty 
fro'ward [fro werd] a. refractory- 
frown [froun] v.i. to scowl 
Irovi'y [frouy] a. rancid 
frow'zy [fruu'zy] a. same as "frouzy" 
fro'zen [fro z'n] a. congealed 
fruc ti-fi-ca'tion [fruk'ti-fi-ka'shan] «. 
fru'gal [fru'jjal] a. saving 
fru-gal'i-ty [fru-gali-ty] n. prudence 
fruit [frut] n. what is produced 
fruit'ful [fmt'ful] a. prolific 
fruit'ful-ness [nes] n. fertility 
fru-i'tion [fru-ishun] n. enjoyment 
fruit'less [frut'le!,]<2. barren; useless 
fru men-ta'ceous[fru'men-ta'shus] 
fru'men-ty [ty] «. pap [sembling grain 
frush [frush] n. frog of a horse's foot 
frus'trate [frus'trat] v.t. to balk 
frus-tra'tion [frOs-tra'shun] K. defeat 
frus'tum [frus'tum] ti. base part of cone 
fru'ti-cose [fru'tl-kos') <j. shrublike 
fry [frT] v.t. to roast in a pan 
fuch'si-a [fu'shl-a] n. a garden flower 
fud'dle [fad'd'l] v.i. to drink to excess 
fudge [ffij] K. nonsense 
fu'el [fu'61] «. matter to bum fger 

fu'gi-tive [f u'ji-tiv] K. one fleeing dan- 
fugue [fug] «. a musical composition 
ful'crum [ful'krum] n. a prop 
ful-fiir [fulfil] 7-./. to accomplish 
ful-flU'ment [m^nt] «. completion 
ful'gent [faljcnt] a. shining 
full [fyl] a. replete; v.t. to make compact 
full'er [fyl'er] «. one who fulls cloth 
fuU'ness [fijrnCs] n. abundance 
ful'ly iriflly) adv. completely 
ful'mi-nate [fOl'ml-nat] t/.j. to censure 
ful'some [falsfim] a. gross [wardly 
fum'ble [fOm'b'l] v.i. to attempt awk- 
fume [fftm] v.i. to rage; yi.ft. smoke 
fu'mi-gate [fa'] v.t. to perfume 
fu mi-ga'tion [-g.Tshnn))/. disinfection 

? r" \ 









fun [fnn] K. sport; liumor 
func'tion [fungk'shunj «. office; duty 
func'tion-a-ry [4-ry] «. an office holder 
fund [fund] n. capital tJerlying 

fun'da-men'tal [funda-men'tirl] <i.un 
fu'ner-al [fu'ncr-,;!] n. burial rites 
fu-ne're-al tfu-n6rc-<!l]<i.mournful; dis- 
fun'gi[fun'ji) ;!.// of "fungus" Imal 
fun'gOUS [tung'gus] a. spongy 
fun'gUS [fung'gus]>/. mushroom growth 
fun'nel [fun'nel] ii. a chimney 
fun'ny [funny] a. comical 
fur [fflr] K. hair on animals 
fur'be-low [fiirbe-lo] ti. a flounce 
fur'bish [fur'blsh] v.t. to polish 
fu'ri-OUS [furius] a. violent 
furl [fflrl] v.t. to roll up 
fur'long [furlong] «. eighth of a mile 
fur'lough [furl*] K. leave of absence 
fur'nace [lur'nis] «. a heater 
fur'nish [fur'nish] v./. to supply 
fur'ni-ture [fur'ni-tur] «. goods 
fu'ror [fu'rSr] «. fury; rage 
fu-ro're [foo-ro'rS] J! n. enthusiasm 
fur'ri-er [fQr'rl-er] K fur dealer 
fur'row [fur'ri] K. a trench 
fur'ry [fur'rj'J a. havinj,' fur [moreover 
fur'ther [further] a. more remote; adv. 

fur'ther-ance [-<zns] h. promotion 
fur'thest [fur'thest] a. most distant 
fur'tive [furtlv] a. sly 
fu'ry [fu'i^] K. rage; madness 
furze [furz] K. a shrub 
fuse [fiiz] 1'. to melt; «. same as "fuze' 
fu-see' [fu-ze] H.part of a watch 
fu'sel [fusel] H. an acrid, oily liquid 
fu'si-ble [fu'zl-b'l] a. meltable 
fu sil-eer' [-zrl-er] «. foot-soldier 
fu sil-lade' ['] «. a volley 
fu'sion [fu'zhun] n. melting 
fuss [fus] «. ado about trifles 
fuss'y [fus'y] a. overnice 
fus'tian [fus'ch<jn] n. cotton stuff 
fus'ti-ga'tion [-tiga'shun] «. beating 
fust'i-neSS [fust'T-nSs] «. ill smell frou 
fust'y [fust'y](Z. moldy; musty[mustineb 
fu'tile [fu'tll] a. of no effect 
fu-til'i-ty [fu-tll'I-ty] n. uselessness 
fu'ture [fij'tur] >i. time to come 
fu-tu'ri-ty [fu-ta'rl-ty] «. future time 
fuze[fijz] n. combustible tube for explod 
fuzz [fciz] n. down [ing powdei 

fuzz'y [fuz'y] a. having fuzz 
fy [fi] iti^cyj. expressing dislike 

gab [g&b] K. idle talk; v.i. to prate 
gab'ble [b'l] «. rapid meaningless tail 
ga'bi-ons [ga'bl-Onz] fortificatior 
ga'ble tga'b'l] >i. roof peak ^ba5ket^ 
gad [gad] -y.z. to walk about idly; H.goad 
gad'der [-der] n. a rambling gossip 
gad'fly' [ fli] ". an insect 
Gadhel'ic [gal'Ik] a. pert, to Irish 
Gael'ic [gank]a.pert. Highland Scotcl 




gaff [gSf ] n. a spear; a spar 

gaffer Lgarfer] «. an old man fcock 

gaffle [gafri]«.artificial spur for game- 

g^S [gig] ■«'■ to silence; to choke 

gage [ijaj] «. a variety of plum 

gai'e-ty [ga'e.ty] «. mirth 

gai'ly [gS ly] rto-i'. merrily 

gain lijan] ^ ^, >o obtain; «. profit 

gain'er [gSn'er] «. one who gains 

gain'less [ganlesj a. unprofitable 

gainsay' Isr.insS'] v.t. to contradict 

gair'ish [gSrlsh] a. same as "garish" 

gait [gSt] K. manner of walking 

gai'ter (gater) «. a shoe 

ga'la [gS'la] M. pomp; show; festivity 

gal ac-tom'e-ter igaiak-tom'e-tcr] «. 
gal'ax-y [gal'aksy] «. a cluster; assem 
gale [gal] >i. a strong wind Iblage 

ga-le'na [galena] K. lead ore 
gall [^1] K. a bitter fluid 
gal'lant [gal'lant] a. courtly 
gal-lant' [gal-lanf] «. one who woo«s 
gal'lant-ry [gallantry] «. chivalry 
gal'le-on [le-Qn] «. ancient three-deck 
gaiaer-y [ler-y] «. elevated floor [ship 
gal 'ley [gaily] «. low flat vessel 
gall'fly' [gal'fli] «. an insect 
gal'lic [galllk] a. pert, to gall 
Gal'lic [crarilk] a. pert. Gaul or France 
Gal'li-can [ll kan] a. French 
Gal'li-cism [slz'm] «. a French idom 
gal-li'nae [-line]«.//. kind of pheasants 
gall'ing [gal'Ing] a. vexing 
gal'li-pot [garil-pot] «. a small pot 
gal'lon [gariun] n. a liquid measure 
gal'lop [gariup] v.i. to move with leaps 
gal'lows [ganos] n.s. a gibbet 
ga-loche' fga-IOsh ] k. an overshoe 
ga-loot' [ga-loof ] «. a worthless fellow 
gal'op [gal'8] F.H. kind of lively dance 
ga-lore' [gi-lOr'] a. & „. plenty 
ga-loshe' [-ISsh] «.sameas"galoche" 
gal-van'ic [jjSIvanlk] a. electric 
gal'va-nism [galva-nlz'mjK.electricity 
gal'va-nize [nlz] v.f. to electroplate 
gam'ble [g.lm b-I]z/.!. to play for money 
gam'bler [ffam'bler]K.onewho gambles 
gam-boge' [gam-bsBj'] «. a yellow pig- 
gam'bol [-bol] v.i. to skip about (ment 
gam'brel [gambrcl] «. horse's hind leg 
game [^'Sm] „. any sport; wild meats 
game'cock' [kok'jw.malefightingfowl 
game'some [sum] a. sportive [inapark 
game'ster [g.1m'sttr] «. a gambler 
gam'in [gSmln] F.ti. a street Arab 
gam'mer [gam'mcr] «. an old woman 
gam'mon [gam'mOn] «. a hoax 
gam'uf- (Kamut) h. a music scale 
gan'dei [gander] n. a male goose 
gang fiiang] «. a troop 
gan'gli-on [ganggll-OnJn.nervecenter 
gan'grene [^'anggrCnJ >i. mortification 
gang'way' (gang'wa) >,. a passageway 






gan'net tgan'nSt] «. kind of sea bird 
gaol [jal] n. prison. Same as ■■jail" 
S^P [jfAp] «• an opening 
gape [gap or gap] i/.i. to yawn 
gar [gar] n. kindoffsh 
garb [g:irb] n. dress; aitire 
gar'bage [gar'baj] «. refuse 
gar'ble [garlVl] vJ. to sift; to pervert 
gar'den [giir'd'n] ;;. plot for vegetables 
gar'den-er [cr] „. one who gardens 
gar'den-ing [ing] «. horticulture 
gar'gle [gar'g'r, «. a throat wash [spout 
gar'goyle [gar'goil] ;;. grotesque water 
ga'ri-bal'di [ga'rl-hal'dl] «. a lady's 
gar'ish [glr'Ish] a. showy; gay fwaist 
gar'land [gar'land] K. a -wreath 
gar'lic [gar'ltk] n. a plant [ing 

gar'ment [-mcnt] k. any article of cloth- 
gar'ner [gar'ner] n, a granary; 'v.t. to 
gar'net [gar'ngt] «. a mineral [gather 
gar'nish [gar'nlsh] i/.t. to adorn [wages 
gar'nish-ee' [-s'] i>.t. to attach one's 
gar'ni-ture [-m-tur] «. that which gar- 
gar'ret [gSr'ret] n. an attic (nislies 

gar'ri-son [ri-s'n] n. troops in a fort 
gar' rot [gar'rSt] «. bandage tightener 
gar-rote' gar-rot'] v.t. to choke 
gar'ru-lous [^Sr'rn-IQs] a. talkative 
gar'ter [gar'ter]«.aband for supporting 
gas [gas] n. aeriform fluid [hose 

gas'a-lier' [-a-ler'] «. gas chandelier 
Gas'con [gas'kOn] a. pert, to Gascony 

gas'con-ade' [gas'kon-ad'] v.i. to boast 

gas'e-OUS [-c-Os] a. of the nature of gas 
gash [gash] >i. a cut: "v.t. to cut deeply 
gas'i-form [gas'I-form] a. like gas 
gas'light' [lit] ;i. light yielded by gas 
gas' meter [me'tcr] n. a gas measure 
gas'o-lene [gas'6-len] > ^.highly imlam- 
gas'o-line [gas'S-lin]imable liquid 
gas-om'e-ter[-Om'e-ter]«. gas reservoir 
gasp [gasp] T.i. to catch the breath 
gas'sy [gSs'sy] a. full of gas 
gas' trie [gas'trik] a. pert, to stomach 
gas'tric juice' [jus'] n. a stomach acid 
gas-tri'tis[-trt'trs] «.inflam.ofstomach 
gas'tro-nom'ic [gas'trS-nOm'ik] a. 
gas-tron'o-my [gas-tr5n'6-my] «. epi- 
gate [gat] n. an opening [curism 

gate'way' [-wa'] n. where gate is hung 
gath'er [gath'er] v.t. to collect 
gath'er-er [gath'er-er] n. a collector 
gath'er-ing [gath'er-Ing] n. a crowd 
gat'linggun [gat'llng gun'] K.Am, gun 
gaud'i-ness [gad'I-nes] n. showiness 
gaud'y [gad'y] a. showy [ure 

gauge [gaj] n. a measure; v.i. to meas- 
gauge'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. may be gauged 
gauged [gajd]/./. measured 
gau'ger [ga'jcr] «. one who gauges 
gau'ging rod' [ga'jing rsd] >i. 
Gaul [gal] n. old name of France 
gaunt [gant] a. lean 









gaunt'let [gant'lSt] n. a glove 
gauze [gaz] k. thin kind of cloth 
gauz'y [gaz'y] ". resembling gauze 
gav'el [gSv'el] «. a chairman's mallet 
gav'ot [gav'St] «. kind of dance 
gawk [gak] «. a simpleton 
gawk'y [gak'y] a. clumsy- 
gay [^5] a. merry 
gay'e-ty IgS^tyl «. mirth 
gay'ly [galy] adv. merrily 
gaze [£rSz] i\i. to look steadily flope 
ga-zelie' [ga-zSl] «. species of ante- 
ga-zette' [gi-zSt] «. a newspaper 
gaz et-teer' [gazet-ter'Jw.geographical 
gear [ger] «. trappings Idictionary 

gear'ing tger'mg) k. harness 
gee [je] v.i. to turn from the driver 
geese t£re5] >;.//. of "goose" 
Ge-hen'na [tjt-hsn'nfi] «. Hef>. hell 
gel'a-tin [jefa-tln] «. isinglass 
ge-lat'i-nous [je-latl-nQs] a. like jelly 
geld [geld; v.t. to castrate 
geld'ing [-Ing] k. a gelded animal 
gel'id [jel'Id] a. very cold 
ge-lid'i-ty I jelld'I-ty] «. frigidity 
gem [j6m] K. any precious stone 
Gem'i-ni Jjim l-ni) "f- the Twins 
gem'ma-ry [jem'ma-ry] M. jewels 
gem'my {j6m'my] a. full of gemsfman 
gen darme' [zhaK'darm'] F.n. police- 
gen'der [ i'^n'der] «. distinction of sex 

gen'e-al'o-gist [-ai'ijist] «. 

gen'e-al'o-gy [-jy] «■ pedigree 
gen'e-ra tjin'e-ra] of "genus" 
gen'er-al [ er-al] a, common; k. a chief 
gen'er-al-ize [iz] v. to take a general 
gen'er-al-ly t-'y] adv. usually (view 

gen'er-al-ship [ship] n. leadership 
gen'er-ate ( jan'er-at] v.t. to produce 
gen er-a'tion [s'shfln] n. race 
gen'er-a-tive (-a tiv] a. prolific 
gen er-OS'i-ty [Os'I-ty] n. liberality 
gen'er-OUS [Jin cr-Os] a. liberal 
gen'e-sis [jSn'c-sIs] «. origination 
gen'et [jC-n'ei] n. a small Spanish horse 
gen'ial [j.^n'] a. cheerful 
ge ni-al'i-ty [js'ni-al'l-ty] «. gayety 
gen'i-tal [j4n'I-t<jl]a.pert. to generation 
gen'ius [jen'yOs] «. talent 
gens [jenz] K. a tribe; a clan 
gen-teel' [J6n-t6lj a. polite 
gen'tian tjc-n'shanj «. a plant 
gen'tile [jcn'tll] «. a pagan 
gen-til'i-ty [jen-tiri-ty] «. politeness 
geu'tle [jcnt'l] a. mild; placid 
gen'tle-man [-man] n. a well-bred man 
gen'tle-neas [ji-n't'l-nts] n. mildness 
gen'tly [jen'tlj] adv. softlyj 
gen'try [jen'try] n. nobility 
gen'u-ine [j.;n'a-In] a. real; natural 
gen'u-ine-ness [-nes] u. reality 
ge'nus [jii'nQs] «. class of many species 




ge-od'e-sy[jc-Sd'e-sy] «. land surveying 
ge-og'ra-pher [Ogra-fer] k. 
ge'o-graph'ic-al [je'6-graf'i-kal] a. 
ge-0g'ra-phy[jc-6g'ra-fy]«. cosmogony 
ge-ol'o-gist [je-6r*-jlst] K. 
ge-ol'o-gy[-jy]«. science of earth's crust 
ge-0m'e-try[-6in'e-try]«. a math. science 
ge-ra'ni-umL-ia ni-um] «. a plant 
ger-bo'a [jcr-bo'a] «. the jerboa 
germ [j?rm] «. origin; embryo 
Ger'man [jer'mizn] a. pert, to Germany 
ger-mane' [jer-man'] a. relevant 
ger'mi-nate [jer'ml-nat] t/i. to sprout 
ges-ta'tion [jSs-ta'shun] «. pregnancy 
ges-tic'u-late [-tik'u-lat] v.i. to make 
ges-tic'u-la'tion [-la'shun] «. [motions 
ges'ture [jSs'tur] «. a motion 
get [get] i/J. to obtain 
gew'gaw [gu'ga] «. a showy trifle 
gey'ser [gi'ser] «. a boiling spring 
ghast'ly [gistly] a. deathlike; pallid 
gher'kin [ger'kin] n. kind of cucumber 
ghost Igost] >!. an apparition 
ghost'ly [gost'ly] a. like a ghost 
ghoul [gool] K. demon 
gi'ant [ji'.int] «. a very large man 
gi'ant-ess tj5'<'ntss] k. a female giant 
giaour [jour] Turk.n. disbeliever in Mo- 
gib'ber [j lb IjerlM. balky horseihammed 
gib'her fglbl^er] "v.u to speak rapidly 

gib'ber-ish [ish] «. silly talk 

gib'bet [jlbTsSt] «. frame for hanging 
gib'hous [gfb'hus] a. convex [criminals 
gibe [jib] ?i. a scuff; a taunt [poultry 
gib'lets [jrb'Igts] n pi. edible inmeats of 
gid'di-ly [gid'dl-ly] adv. unsteadily 
gid'di-ness [-nSs] n. vertigo 
gid'dy [gld'dy] a. light headed 
gift [gift] «. a present 
gig [gig] K. a vehicle; a rowboat 
gi-gan'tic [jt-gin'tlk] a. enormous 
gig'gle [gig g'l] i>.i. to laugh 
gild [gild] v.t. to adorn with gold 
gild'er [gilder] K. one who gilds [leaf 
gild'ing [Ing] K. overlaying with gold 
gill [gll] «. fish's respiratory organ 
gill tjll] n. fourth of a pint 
gilt [gilt] a. gold or its like 
gilt'-edged' [■ejd'] a. of best quality 
gim'blet [glm'blet]«. same as "gimlet" 
gim'let [gim'lSt] n. instr. for boring 
gimp [gimp] «. edging 
gin [jIn] n. an alcoholic drink 
gin'ger [jlnjCr] «. a plant 
gin'ger-ly [jin'jer-ly] adv. nicely 
ging'ham [ging'am] k. cotton cloth 
gin'net [jinnet] «. same as "genet" 
gin'seng [jin'sfing] «. medicinal plant 
gip'sy [ jlp'sy] K. same as "gypsy" 
gi-raffe' [jlraf] «. tallest of animals 
gird [gSrd] T.t. to encircle 
gird'er [gcrd'cr] n. a main beam 
gir'dle [ger'd'l] «. a belt 
girl [gerl] K. a young female 











girl'hood [gerlTiSSd] «. state of being a 
girt l^en] ^■.^ to gird U'irl 

girth [ijer/A] M. a strap 
gist [jlst] n. the main point 
give [ijiv] V. to bestow; to yield 
giv'en [giv'n]/./. of "give- 
giv'er [glv?r] «. one who gives 
giv'ing [-ing] «. act of bestowing 
giz'zard [giz'zcrd] n. stomach of a fowl 
gla'cial [gla'shal] a. icy [field 

gla'cier [-shcr] ;(. an inland moving ice- 
glad [gild) a. pleased; happy 
glad'den [glad'd'n] ■v.i. to make glad 
glade [trl'iil] u. an opening in a wood 
glad'i-a tor [t;lJd'I-aicr] «. a fighter 
glad'i-ole [glad'i-ol] «. a lily-like plant 
glad'ness [i,'l.-id'n6s] fi. joy 
glad'some [yljd sum] a. pleasing 
glair [] «. the white of an egg 
gla'mour [gla'moor] «. a spell 
glance [glans] «. a rapid view 
gland [ghliiil] >i. a secreting organ 
glan'ders [glSn'derz] «.a horse disease 
glan'du-lar [diS-ler] a. pert, to glands 
glare [?iar] «. a dazzling light 
glar'ing [ijl.UIng] a. notorious [stance 
glass [ijl.isl n. a brittle, translucent sub- 
glass'i-ness [-I-nts] k. smoothness 
glass'y [glis'J] a. resembling glass 
glau'cous [glakOs] a. of a sea-green 
glaze_[glaz] ? ./. to make glossy [color 
gla'zier [gla'zher] «. a glass setter 
gleam [glem] t/.s. to shine 
glean [ylen] 7,.f. to gather; to cull 
glean'er [trlen'er] «. one wlio gleans 
glebe [gleb] «. a clod; land; soil 
glee [gle] K. joy; merriment 
glen [glcnj w.adale 
glib rgllb] a. voluble; flippant 
gUb'ly [glibly] aJv. flippantly 
glide [glid] -v.i. to move smoothly 
glim'mer [gilmmCr] v.i. to shine faint- 
glimpse [gllms] «. a hurried view [ly 
glint [gllnt]«. a glance; t. to peep forth 
glis'ten [glls"n] T/.i. to shine 
glis'ter [glls'ter] i-.R to be bright 
glit'ter [gllt'ter] T,.!. to sparkle 
gloam [gloni] -v.i. to begin to grow dark 
gloam'ing [glSmlng] «. twilight 
gloat [glot] z.!. to stare with desire 
globe [glr.l,] ,1. a spherical body 
glob'u-lar [glCb'U-ler] a. round 
glob'ule [gl6b'Ql] K. a small globe 
glom'er-ate lglOmcr-,1t)i/. to collect in 
gloom l^floom] «. sadness [a ball 

gloom'i-ly [-i-lj] o^i,. sadly 

gloom'i-ness [-I-nSs] n. obscurity 
gloom'y [gloom'J] a. clouded 
Glo'ri-a (i;l.-,rl-i] «. a doxology 

glo'ri-fy ((jlr/rl-H] t../. to praise 
glo'ri-ous (i;l.'j'rl-flsl a. excellent 
glo'ry [jrh-.'r^l «. splendor 
gloss (t;lfjs] n. polish 


T I. 









glos'sa-ry [gl6s'sa-ii?] «. a vocabulary 
gloss'y tfc'lCsy] a. shiny 
glot'tis [glottis] }i. end of larynx 
glove [gliiv] >i. cover for the hand 
glow (glo]>:.heat; T-.j. to shine with heat 
glow'er [glouer] I'. I. to stare angrily 
glow'worm' [wijrm'l K. kind of firefly 
glu'cose' [glu'kos'] «. grape sugar 
glue [glii] '!. an adhesive gelatin fslue 
glue'pot' [-pCf] 11. utensil for melting 
glu'ey fglo'y] a. of the nature of glue 
glum [glum] a. sullen 
glut [srlnt] v./. to gorge 
glu'ten [glu ten] «. starch 
glu'ti-nous [glu'tl-nus] a. like glue 
glut'ton [glOt't'n] «. an excessive eater 
glut'ton-y [glut't'n-y]«.exce5s in eating 
glyc'er-in [glls'er-In] k. an oily liquid 
glyph [glif] «. a groove 
gnarl [nirl] v-t. to growl; «. a knot 
gnarled [narld] a. knotty 
gnash [nish] vJ. to grind one's teeth 
gnat [nat] n. a small insect 
gnaw [na] v.i. to bite off 
gneiss [nis] k. crystalline rock 
gnome [nom] n. a dwarf; a goblin 
gno'raon [no mOn] n. sun-dial index 
gnos'tic [nOs'tIk] K. one claiming deep 
gnu [nu] M.S. African antelope [wisdom 
go [fro] T.i. to move along 
goad[god]7'./. to incite: >i. pointed instr 
goal [gol] «. the end [for driving beasts 
goat [got] K. an animal 
goat ee' [go'te'] «. a chinbeard 
gob tgOb] ;:. a mouthful 
gob'ble [gOb'b'i] V. to swallow hastily 
gob'let [gOb'lSt] K. a drinking glass 
gob'lin [gOb lln] »:. an evil spirit 
god [tr'^d] >i. an object of worship 
god'dess [g6d des] >i. a female god 
god'fa'ther [-f a'ther] K. child's sponsor 
god'head [gSdhed] «. deity 
god'less [god'lss] a. without a god 
god'like' [gOd'lik'ja. resembling a god 
god'li-ness [gOd'ItnSs] ?i. piety 
god'ly [crSd'ly] a. devout fsor 

god'moth er [muth'cr] a. woman spon- 
god'send' [gOd'sSnd'] n. good fortune 
god'speed' [-sped] «. a wish for success 
gog'gles [gOgg'lz] «.//. kind of eye 
go'ing [gSing] II. departure [glasses 
go'ings [go'Ingz] «.//. doings; ways 
goi'ter [goiter] K. a neck disease 
gold [gold) n. most precious of metals 
gold'en [goId"n] a. resembling gold 
gold'smith' [-sml/A'lw.a worker in gold 

golf [golf] >!. a ball game 
Gol'go-tha [gaVgt-t/ii] n. Calvary 
go'mer [gcp'mer] K. a Hebrew measure 
gon'do-la [gOn'dS-la] k. a Venetian boat 
gon do-lier' [-ler'] «. a boatman 
gong [gSng] n. kind of bell 
good [good] a. & «. op. of "evil" 



n ^-\ 





gcod -by' [g^6d'-hV]inter/. a farewell 
good'isll [good Ish] a. tolerable 
good'li-ness [g6od'li-iies]«. comeliness 
good'ly [goodly] a. pleasant; agreeable 
good'ness f-nSs) h. quality of being good 
goods [Ljoodz] «./•/. wares; chattels 
goose [iToos] n. a fowl of duck family 
goose'ber-ry [goozlier-ry] «. a fruit 
go'pher [go'fer] «. a burrowing rodent 
Gor'di-an [gordr-an] a. intricate 
gore [gor] K. blood: z'./. to stab [vine 
gorge [gorj] ■Z'.t. to gormandize; «.a ra- 
gor'geous [gflr'jus] a. showy 
Gor'gon [gor gOn] «. a faliled monster 
go-ril'la [girilla] k. V,'. African ape 
gor'mand [gor'mand] k. a glutton 
gor'mand-ize [iz] v. to eat greedily 
gor'y (trnry]<7. bloody 
gos'hawk' [gSs'hak] n. a large hawk 
gos'ling [gOzUng] n. a young goose 
gos'pel [f;55'p6l] H. good news 
gos'sa-mer [gos'sa-merjn. a thin fabric 
gos'sip [jjosslp] v.f. to talk much 
got [jjOt]/./. of "get" 
Goth [gi'tf^t'] n. one of an ancient race 
Go'tham-ite [go /A<im-!t]«. New Yorker 
Goth'ic [gn//i'Ik] a. pert, to the Goths 
gouge [gouj] ■v.t. to scoop out 
gourd [gord] K. a plant of melon kind 
gout 'iTout] n. a paroxysmal disease 
gout'y [grout'y] a. subject to gout 
gov'ern [guv'crn] -v.t. to direct 
gov'ern-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. obedient 
gov'ern-ess [Ss] «. a lady tutor 
gov'ern-ment [-m<nt] >;. control 
gov'ern-or [-er] >i. one who governs 
gown [goun] n. a dress 
grab [grab] v. to seize hastily 
grace [gras] «. divine favor; beauty 
grace'ful [grSs'f^l] a. full of grace 
grace'less rgrSs'lSs] a. corrupt 
gra'cious [gra'shus] a. kind 
gra'date \ZT^\\ht]v.t. to arrange in har- 
gra-da'tion [gr4-da'shun] «. [mony 
grade fgrad] «. step or degree; a slope 
gra'di-ent [gra'dl-f nt] k. rate of slope 
grad'ing [grading] «. a leveling 
grad'u-al [grad'u-al] a. by degrees 
grad'u-ate [-at] v.t. to confer a degree 
grad u-a'tion [-a'shnn] «. 
graft [graft] v.t. to insert a scion 
grail [gral] n. a chalice 
grain [gran] «. seed; the cereals 
gram (i;ram] «. metric unit of weight 
g:ram'ma-logue [-ma-log] «. word sign 
gram'mar [gram intr] «. science of Ian- 
gram-ma'ri-an [-ma'ri-rjn] «. [guage 
gram-mat'ic-al [gram-mat'lkalj a. 
gram'pus [gram'pOs] n. a kind offish 
gran'a-ry [grSn'a-ry] «. a grain house 
grand [grand] a. splendid [man 

gran-dee' [gran-de] «. Spanish noble- 
gran'deur [gran'dOr] «. majesty [father 








gran-dil'o-quent [gran-dirS-kw^m] n. 
grand'moth ertgrand'muth'erjM. a par- 
grange [ijranj] n. a farm [ent's mother 
gran'ite [gran'it] «. a hard rock 
grant [errant] vj. to admit 
gran-tee- [gran-te] «. receiver of grant 
grant'or [grant'or] K. one who grants 
gran'u-lar [grSn'u-ler] a. like grain 
gran'u-late [latji/.^.toform into grains 
gran'u-la'tion [gran'd-la'bhun] «. 
gran'ule [grln'ul] «. a little grain 
grape [grSp] «. fruit of tlie vine 
grap'er-y [grSp'er-y] «. a vineyard 
graph'ic [graf'Ik] a. descriptive 
graph'ite [grant] k. black lead 
grap'nel [grSp'nel] «. a small anchor 
grap'ple [grap'p'l] v.t. to seize 
grasp [grasp] f ./. to grip; «. hold 
grass [gras] >i. herbage [cust family 
grass'hop'per [-h8p'per]«. insect of lo- 
grate [grat] «. fuel holder; v. to rasp 
grate'ful [grat'fljl] a. thankful 
grat'er [gratfr] k. instr. for rasping 

grafi-fi-ca'tion [grat'i-fr-ka'shun] «• 
grat'i-fy [grat'I-fl] please 
grat'ing [grating] a. making a harsh 
gra'tis [gra'tls] adv. freely [sound 

grat'i-tude (grat'l-tudj «. thankfulness 
gra-tu'i-tOUS [gri-tn'I-tOs] a. free 
gra-tu'i-ty [gra-ta'I-ty] «. a present 
grat'u-late [grat'fi-lat] v.t. to congratu- 
grat'u-la'tion [-la'shun] «. [late 

grave[grav] n. place of burial; a. serious 
grav'el [grav'el] «. small stones 
grav'er [grav'cr] «. an engraver's tool 

grav'i-tate [grav'i-tat] v.i. to tend to 
grav'i-ta'tion [-ta'shon] «. iward 

grav'i-ty [grav'I-ty] «. weight 
gra'vy [gra'vj'] «. meat juice 
gray [grS] «. white mixed with black 
graze [graz] v.i. to feed on grass 
graz'er [graz?r] «. one that grazes 
gra'zier [gra'zher] pasturing cat- 
grease [gres] «. animal fat [tie 

greas'y [grez'y] a. full of grease 
great] a. large 
great'er [grat'er] a. larger 
great'nesa [-nes] «. state of being great 
greaves [grevz] tallow sediment 
Gre'cian [gre'shan] «. citizen of Greece 
greed [gred] «. greediness 

greed'i-nes3 [-i-nss] «. voracity 

greed'y [gred^] a. eager to obtain 
Greek [grSk] «. a Grecian 
green [gren] «. a color [money 

green'backs' [-baks] n.J>l. V. S. paper 
green'gage' r-gaj'] «. kind of plum 

green'horn' [gren'harn'] «. a raw youth 
green'house' [-hous'] «. a plant house 
green'ness [gren'nfis] n. verdancy 
green'room' [-ro5m'] «. theater retiring 
greet [gret] T.t. to welcome [room 

greet'ing [greting] n. salutation 
gre-ga'ri-ous' [gre-ga'ri-Qs] a. 





gre-nade'tsre-n5d']n. an explosive shell 
gren a-dier' [grena-der'J «. a foot sol- 
gren a-dine' [-den'] „. thin silk idler 
grew'some tgru'sOm] a. frightful 
grey'hound' [gra'hound'] «. a dog 
grid'dle [grldd'l] «. a cake pan fsil 
grid'i ron [grld'iflrn] «. a grated uten- 
grief [gref] n. sorrow fwrong 

griev'ance [grev'ans] «. a feeling of 
grieve [grev] v.i. to inourn 
griev'ous [grevus] a. painful 
griffin [griffin] n. fabled monster 
grill [grll] v-t. to broil 
grim [grim] a. sullen; surly 
gri-mace' [gri-mas']«. distortion efface 
gri-mal'kin [gri-mal'kin] «. an old cat 
grime [grim] «. ingraineil dirt 
grim'y [grimy] a. full of grime 
grin [grin] -j.i. to laugh 
grind [grind] v.t. to crush; to sharpen 
grind'er [grlnd'er] K. one who grinds 
grind'stone [-ston']«. sharpening stone 
grip [grip] «. a grasp; 'v.t. to clutch 
gripe [grip] v.t. to give pain 
grippe [grc p] F.n. the influenza 
gris'ly [griz ly] a. frightful 
grist rgrl-.t] n. grain for grinding 
gris'tle [grls"l] «. a cartilage 
grit [grit] «. sand: fortitude 
griz'zle [griz'zl] «.gray 
griz'zly [grizzly] <i. somewhat gray 
groan [grOn] ^.i, to moan 
groat [sny\ n. an old Eng. coin 
groats [grats] «.//. dried crushed grain 
gro'cer [groscr] «. dealer in household 
gro'cer-y [-y]«. grocer's store (supplies 
&ropr [gfOg] K. spirits and water 
groin [groin] K. part of body 
groom [groom] ti. a hostler 
groove [groov] «. a furrow 
grope [grnp] ■v.i. to feel along fture 

gros'grain' [grO'grSn] a. of coarse tex- 
grosa [gros] a. coarse 
gro-tesque' (gri-tesk'] a. ludicrous 
grot'to [grOt'tS] K. a large cave 
ground [ground] K. laud 
ground'less [groundlss] a. false 
ground'nut' [nQt] «. the peanut 
ground'sel [-s5l] «. a common weed 
group [gr?5<5p] ,1. a cluster 
grouse [gr.Hii] «.x. &//. abird 
grout [grout] «. coarse meal (^/.groats) 
grove [grSv] «. a small wood 
grov'el [gr6v"I] zf.z. to creep; to cringe 
grow [gr^.] z'.i. to increase 
growl [groul] v.t. to snarl 
grown [grOn]/./. of'grow"; increased 
growth [groM] «. progress 
grub [grab] -v.i. to dig; >,. a larva 
grudge [grCj] v.t. to envy 
grudg'ing-ly [InglJ] aJv. covetously 
gru'el [i'P) .:•!] „. a thin porridge 
gruff [grulj a. harsh; severe 
grufTuCBS [grOfiics] «. sternness 





grum [^um] a. morose 
grum'b'le [jirumb'l] t-.i. to complain 
grum'bler (grum'bler] n. a fault finder 
grunt [grunt] n. a guttural sound 
gua'no tg-ivS'nS] n. a fertilizer 
guar an-tee' [gSr'ante'J'Z/.^. to -warrant 
guard [gardjt'./. to defend; n. an escort 
guard'i-an [gard'i-an] n. a protector 
gua'va [gwa'va] «. a tropical fruit 
gud'geon [gfljun] «. an iron pin; a fish 
guer'don [ger'dun] K. a reward 
guer-ril'la [gSr-nl'la] «. irregular war- 
guess [g6s} ii.t. to conjecture [fare 
guest [gest] K. a visitor 
guid'ance [gld'ans] n. direction 
guide [gid] v.t. to lead; n. a leader 
gui'don tgi'dnn] n. a small flag 
guild [gild] «. a fraternity 
guile [gil] n. cunning fcere 
guile'less [gil'lgs]);. without guile; sin- 
guil'lo-tine' [gll'iS-ten'] «. beheading 
guilt fgllt) n. offense; crime [machine 
guilt'i-ly [gllt'i-Iy] adv. criminally 
guilt'less [-16s] a. free from guilt 
guilt'y [gllt'y] a. not innocent 
guin'ea [gin-e] «. an old Eng. coin 
guise [giz] K. dress: manner 
gui-tar' [gl-tar'] n. a stringed instr. 
gulch [gulch] n. a dry ravine 
gulf [gulf] «. a large bay 
gull [gul] -v.t. to deceive; n. a sea bird 
gul'let [gul'lgt] «. the esophagus 
gul'li-ble [gul'lI-b-1] a. easily gulled 
gul'ly [gQl'ly] n. an eroded channel 
gulp [gulp] v.t. to swallow 
gum [gflm] K. a vegetable secretion 
gump'tion [gump'shOnl K. shrewdness 
gun[gun] n. instr. for shooting; a firearm 
gun'boat [gun'bOt] «. a war boat 
gun' cot ton [kOt'fn] n. an explosive 
gun'pow'der [-pou'der] «. an explosive 
gun'smith' [smMh'^n. maker of guns 
gun'stock' [-stOk] H. part of a gun 
gun'wale [-wSI] k. upper edge of shin's 
gur'gle [gurg'l] v.i. to bubble out [side 
gur'net [gur'net] 71. a fish; sea robins 
gush [gush] v.i. to flow 
gust [gQst] K. a blast of wind 
gus'to [gus'tO] n. relish 
guts [gQts] «.//. entrails Tof gum 
gut'ta-per'cha [gut ta-per'cha] «.kin(l 
gut'ter [gut'ter] n. a channel fthroat 
gut'tur-al [guftur-al] a. formed in tlic 
&uy[Si] "■ a steadying rope; a queer per- 
guz'zle [guz'z'l] -v.t. to drink fast Ison 
gym-na'si-um [jln.-na'zI-Om] n. 
gym'nast [jimnast] n. an athlete 
gym-nas'tic [jim-nas'tik] a. athletic 
gyp'sum [ jlpsum] «. a mineral 

gyp'sy rjip'sy] «. a vagabond 
gy'ral[ji'r.,l] a. whirling 
gy-ra'tion f ji-ra'shun]«. a circular mo- 
gyve ( jiv] v.t. to chain Ition 

- ~] 







ha [h-A]:rtr>'f. denoting' 
ha'be-as cor'pus [ha be-as kor'pus] «. 
hab'er-dash er [h4b'er-dasli'er]«.[berk 
ha-ber'ge-on[ha-li?r'je-On]«. short hau- 
ha-biri-ment (ha-biri-intnt]«.clothing 
hab'it [hah It] ;;. custom; garb 
hab'it-a-ble [hablt-a-b'l] a. fit to live in 
hab'i-tat [hab'I-tSt] m. the natural abode 
hab i-ta'tion t-ta'shun] n. a house 
ha-bit'u-al [ha-blfu-al] <?. customary 
ha-bit'u-ate [-at] -z/.t. to accustom 
ha'bitu'd' [a'bc'tu'S'] F.n. a frequenter 
hack [hrik] «.abbrev. of ••hackney" 
hac'kle [hakk'l] v.t. to tear asunder 
hack'man [hak'nimi] «. a hack driver 
hack'ney [hik ny] «. kind of coach 
had [IiS-l] /./. of -have" rfish 

had'dock [h.1<rauk) «. a marine food 
Ha'des [ha'dez] «. the nether world [ca 
hadj'i [hSj'T];/. Moham. pilgrim to Mec- 
hoe'mal [he'mal] a. pert, to the blood 
haft [haft] «. a handle 
hag [liiij] «. an ugly old woman 
hag'gard [hag'gcrd] a. pale; wild 
hag'gle [hsgg-i] '.J./, to cut 

hail [hil] ;;. frozen rain; ■Z'.i. to salute 
hair [] u. a filament 
hair'dress'er [-drSs'cr] «. a barber 
haired [liar 1] >r. having hair; hairy 
hair'split ting [hdr'spllt'ting] a. trivial 
hair'y [hiry] a. covered with hair 
hal'berd [hol'lierd] «. an ancient spear 
hal'cy-on [hal'sl-6n] n. calm; blissful 
hale [lial] a. robust; healthy 
half (haf ] ;;. one of two equal parts 
half-and-half k. mixed malt liquors 
half blood' [blud']<7. kin by one parent 
half -blood ed [-6d] a. of parents of dif. 
half-breed' [-bred'Ja.half-bloodedirace 
half-pen-ny [ha'p6n-ny]«. Eng. ceni 
hari-but[holI-but]«. a large edible fisl: 
hall [lial] ". a passage way j 

hal le-lu'iah [harie-lo'ya] n.&LinterJ. 
hal-loo' [h.11-Ioo']'Z' shout to a person 
hal'low [hall*] v.t. to consecrate [day 
hallow-een' [-en'] «. eve of All Saints' 
hal-lu ci-na'tion t-lu'sr-na'shun];<.de- 
ha'lo [ha'!4] K. a circle of light [lusion 
halt [lialt] v.i. to come to a stop 
hal'ter (hal'ter) k. a strap; a noose 
halve [liav] •z/./. to cut into 2 equal parts 
halves [havz] «.//. ofhalf •• 
hal'yard [hal'yerd] n. a rope 
ham lliini] n. thigh of a hog 
hame [ham] «. part of a liarness 
Ham-it'ic [ham-Iflk] a. pert, to Ham 
ham'let [himlet] n. a small village 
ham'mer [-mer] «. tool for pounding 
ham'mock [mOk] «. a hanging bed 
ham'per [ham'iier] -v-t. to impede 
ham'atring' [-string'jK. a thigh tendon 
hand [h.-md] «. extremity of the arm 
hand'bill' [-bH') «. a small bill 


^^ - 








hand'book' [hand'bookT «. a manual 
hand'cuff [-kuf']»./'. to fetter; n. a man- 
hand'ful [ful] n. a small quantity [acle 
hand'i-cap [han'dl-kap] «. an encum- 
hand'i-ly [Ily] adv. adroitly Ibrance 
hand'ker-chief [hangker-chif] 71. 
han'dle [han cl'l] «. the part for grasping 
hand'or'gan [hand'or'gan] k. a music 
hand'saw' [-sa']K. one-handed saw Ibox 
hand'some [lian'sOm] a. comely 
hand'wrifing [hanil'rlt'lng]«. chirog- 
hand'y [hand'y] a. convenient [raphy 
hang [hSng] v.t. to suspend 
hang'dog' [hang'dSg ] a. ashamed 
hang'man l-man] «. one who hangs 
hank [hangfc] «. skeins of yam [others 
han'ker [hang'ker] ii.i. to long for 
han'som [han'sum] «. a carriage 
hap [hap] 71. chance 
hap'haz'ard [hap'hSzfrd] k. chance 
hap'less [haplSs] a. unlucky 
hap'ly [ha|i'ly] adv. by chance 
hap'pen [hap'p'n]-j'.i'. to come by chance 
hap'pi-er [hap'pl-er] a. more happy 
hap'pi-est [hap'pl-gst] a. most happy 
hap'pi-ly [hap'pl-ly] adv. luckily 

hap'pi-ness [happi-nes] «.joy; bliss 

hap'py [hap'py] a. joyous 
ha-rangue' [Ha-rSngT ?i. a noisy address 
har'ass [har'.is] v.t.Ko weary; to fatigue 
har'bin-ger [har'bln-jcrjji.a forerunner 
har'bor [har'ber] «. a haven for ships 
hard [hard] n. firm; solid 
hard'en [hard'"n] v.l. to make hard 
har'di-hood [har'd!-ho6d] »;. bravery 
har'di-ly [har'dl-ly] adv. stoutly 
har'di-ness [har'dl-nes] «. boldness 
hard'ly [hard'Iy] adv. with difficulty 
hard'ness [hard'nas] «. quality of being 
hard'ship [hard'shrp] «. fatigue [hard 
hard'-tack' [hard'-tak'] n. sea biscuit 
hard'ware' [war] «. metal wares 
har'dy [har'dy] a. daring 
hare [h4r] «. a large rabbit 
hare'lip' [har'llp'] n. a lip deformity 
ha'rem [ha'rem] «. room for females 
har'i-cot [har'e-k6] ;;. kind of bean 
hark (hark] v.l. to listen 
har'le-quin [har'lc-kln] «. a buffoon 
har'lot [har'lst] 71. a prostitute 
harm [harm] «. injury; v.t. to damage 
harm'lful [harm'ful] a. hurtful 
harm'less [harm'les] a. free from harm 
har-mo'ni-OUS [mo'nl-as] a. agreeing 
har-mo'ni-um [-am] «. reed mus. instr. 
har'mo-nize [har'mS-nIz] v.i. to agree 
har'mo-ny [har'm6-ny] 71. melody 
har'ness [har'nes] 71. equipment 
harp [harp] 71. mus. instr. 
har-poon' [harpoon') K. whaling spear 
harp'si-chord [harp'sl-kord] n. a mus. 
har'py [har'py] n. a myth, monster [instr. 
har'que-bus [har'kwe-bus] M.anct. gun 





har'ri-er [hSr'rl-er] «. a hare hound 
har'row [har rS] «. a farm implement 
har'ry (liar ry] v.e. to pillage 
harsh [harsh] a. rough 
harsh'ness [harsh nSs] «. severity 
hart [hart] n. a stag 
harts'horn' [harts'hSmT «. ammonia 
har'vest [har vest] «. what is reaped 
har'vesi-home' [-hBm']K. harvest feast 
har'vest moon' [moon] n. Sept. m. 
has [hiz] T. third per. sing, of "have 
hash [hash] n. minced meat 
hash'eesh [hash 'ash] «. a narcotic drug 
hasp [hasp] «. a clasp 
has'sock rhassOkj «. a mat 
haste [hast] ». speed 
has'ten [h5s"n] v. to hurry 
has'ti-ly [has'tr-Iy] adv. quickly 
has'ty [hasty] a. speedy: rash 
hat [hat] n. a cover for the head 
hat'a-ble [hat'a-b'l] a. arousing dislike 
hatch [hach] v,t. to brood; to generate 
hatch'el [hachel] «. kind of comb 
hatch'er [hach'er] n. an incubator 
hatch'et [hach st] n. a small ax [arms 
hatch'ment [mcnt])!. mourning coatof 
hatch'way' [wa ) .;. a cellar way 
hate [hat] «. dislike; ■v.t. to detest 
hate'ful [hatfgl] n. malevolent 
ha'tred [ha tred] «. aversion 
hat'ter [hatter] «. maker of hats 
hau'berk [hftberk] «. coat of mail 
haugh'ti-ly [hatt-Iy] adz>. proudly 
haugh'ti-ness [ha tl-nes] «. pride 
haugh'ty [ha'ty] a. coiftcmptuQus 
haul [hal] -v.l. to pull; to drag 
haunch [hanch] n. the hip 
haunt [hant] -v.t. to frequent 
haunt'ed[hant'4d]a. inhabited by ghosts 
haut'boy (hol)oi] «. kind of clarinet 
hauteur' [hs'ter') «. pride; arrogance 
have [] v.t. to possess [dress 

hav'e-lock [hav'elok)«. soldier's head- 
ha'ven [ha'v'n] «. place of refuge 
hav'er-sack [havtr-sak] k. a food bag 
hav'oc [havOk] «. devastation 
haw [ha] Tj.i. to speak hesitatingly 
hawk [hak] n. a bird of prey 
hawk'er [hak'er] «. a peddler 
haws'er [hazfr] «. a small cable 
haw'thom' [ha'/Aflrn] «. a shrub 
hay [lia] n. cut and dried grass 
hay'cock' [ha'kok'] «. a pile of hay 
Hay'ti [hatl] «. a W. Ind. island 
Hay'ti-an [ha'tT-in] a. pert, to Hayti 
haz'ard [haz'crdj v.i. to venture 
haz'ard-OUS [hazfrd-Os] a. risky 
haze [h.lz] «. a vapor; ■v.t. to play tricks 
ha'zel [hSz'l] «. a shrub [on 

ha'zel-nut' [.nat'] «. nut of the hazel 
ha'zi-ness [ha'zI-nSs] «. mistiness 
ha'zy [liSz^] a. thick with vapor 
he (he) pron. any male person 
head [hed] «. part of body 







head'ache' [hed'ak'] n.pain in the head 
head'-cheese' t-chez']K. kind of bologna 
head'dress [-dres'] «. liead covering 
head'er [hc-d'er] «. a plunge headlong 
head'ing [lud'tng] «. a title 
head'land [land] «. a foreland 
head'less [liSd'les] a. having no head 
head'light [lit'] «. front light of train 
head'line' [Hn'] k. title line fmost 
head'long' [long] adv. withheadfore- 
head'most' [hed'mosf] a. first in line 
head'quar'ters [-kwar'terz] «.//. 
haad'stall'[-star)«.part of bridle rgrave 
hfvad'stone' [-ston] «. stone at head of 
head' Strong'' [strCmg'] a. obstinate 
head'way [hed'wa'] «. progress 
head'y [hed'y] a. rash 
heal [hel] '■-■■t- to make well 
heal'a-ble [hela-b'l] «. able to be healed 
heal'er [hel'er] «. one -who heals 
health [hel//;] K. state of being sound 
health'ful [liel//;'ful] a. -well 
health'y [hSlM'y] a. hale; sound 
heap [hep] 71, a pile 
hear [her] vJ. to perceive by the ear 
heard [herd]/./, of "hear" 
hear'er [lierer] n. one who hears 
hear'ing [her'ing] k. atrial 
heark'en [hark"n] v.i. to listen 
hear'say' [her'sa'] n. common talk 
hearse [hers] «. carriage for the dead 
heart [hart] n. the center of life 
heart'ache' [hart'ak'] «. sorrow fly 
heart'brokeii[-br6'k'n] a. grieved deep- 
heart'burn' [-bOrn'] n. a burning in the 
hearth[har//:] ;f. chimney iloor[stomach 
hearth'stone' [har/A'stSn'] «. fireside 
heart'i-ly [hart'My] adv. with zeal 
heart'i-ness [hart'I-nes] «. sincerity 
heart'less [hiirt'les] a. cruel 
heart' s'-ease' [harts'ez'] «. the pansy 
heart'sick' [hart'slk'] a. depressed 
heart'y [hart'y] a. cordial [warm 

heat[het] 7:.aproductof fire; "v.Xo make 
heat'er [het'er] «. that which heats 
heath [he//!] «. a plant; place where it 
hea'then [he'th'n] «. a pagan [grow; 
hea'then-dom [-diimj??. realm of pagan 
hea'then-ish [-Ish] a. rude lism 

hea'then-ism [iz'm] n. idolatry 
heath'er [heth'crj n. heath 
heave [hev] v.t. to lift 
heav'en [h5v"n] n. the sky; paradise 
heaves [hSvz] n. a horse disease 
heav'i-er [hev't-er] a. more heavy 
heav'i-ly [l-ly] adv. with great weight 
heav'i-ness [hSv'I-nes] «. weight 
heav'y [huv'y] a. weighty fly 

He'be [he be] «. goddess of youth 
heb'e-tate [hsb'e-tat] v.t. to blunt 
He-bra'ic [he-bra'Ik](j.pert. to Hebrews 
He'brew [he'bru] n. a Jew 
hec'a-tomb [hek'i-tooni] n. a sacrifi 

l;l 1 

I h 




hec'tic [hsk'tik) <i. feverish fapparatus 
hec'to-graph (-t6-graf]>/ .multi-copying 
hec'tor [hek ter] f./. to tease 
hed'er-ose' [hsd'er-os] u. full of ivy 
hedge [lifjl «. thicket of shrubs \n\i\ 
hedge'hog' [hog] ». small prickly aui. 
hedge'row' (hej'ro) w. row of shrubs 
he-don'ic [hedon Tk] a. pert, to pleas- 
heed [hed] T./. to regard with care lure 
heed'ful (hedful] n. attentive 
heed'less [hedltsl .». careless 
heel [hel] «. hinder part of the foot 
heerball' thel'lal'l «. a black wax 
heft [h^ft] .;. weight fship 

he-gem'o-ny [lie-j5m'8-ny] >;. leader- 
he-gi'ra [he-ji'ra] >i. first year Moslem 
heifer [hgfer] «. a young cow lera 

height [hit] ". elevation 
height'en [hit "n] t.i. to increase 
hei'nous [ha nus] a. atrocious I 

heir [Sr] «. one who inherits 
heir'ess [.ues] «. a female heir 
heir'loom |,ir'loom']«.fanuly keepsake 
hek'to-graph «. See •■hectograph" 
held [h6!dl /./. of "hold" 
he-li'a-cal [he-liak<jl] a. at same time 
hel'i-cal [hsn-k.^l] a. spiral [as sun 
he'li-o-graph [heli-6-graf] n. a plioto- 
he'li-o-trope [trop] i. a flower [graph 
he'lix [heliks] w. a spiral line 
holl [hil] «. the abode of evil spirits 
hel'le-bore [-le-bor] k. medicinal plant 
Hel'len-istrheriSn-tstl K.Greek scholar 
hell'ish [hsl'lsh] a. malignant 
helm [helm] >:. ship's steering apparatus 
hel'met [hSl'met] k. armor for the I 
help rhSlpl «. assistance; ■v. I. to aid 
help'ful [helpTul] a. useful 
help'less [h.-lp'les] «. weak 
help'mate' [help'mat'] k. a companion 
help'meet' [hslp'met'] «. a wife 
hel'ter-skel'ter [hel'ter-skelter] arfr-. 
helve [hf-lv] K. an ax handle 
hem [hem] v.i. to border; n. the edge . 
he'mal [he'mni] a. pert, to the blood 
hem'a-tite [hcma-tit] k. an ore of iron 
hem'i- th.-m'i J/rc. half 
hem'i-sphere [sfer] «. half a sphere 
hem'i-spher'ic-al [-sferM-k>l] a. 
hem'i-stich [hem'I-stik] k. half averse 
hem'lock [liem'lek] «. atree [of poetry 
hem'mer [liL-m'mer] k. one who hems 
hera'or-rhage [ Or-rSj] «. flow of blood 
hem'or-rhoids [ roitlsj «.//. piles 
hemp [hc'Tiip) >/. a fibrous plant 
hemp'en ilicmp"n] a. made of hemp 
hem'8titch[h6m'stlrh] 7'. /.to open stitch 
hen th';n] a. a female fowl 
hen'bane' ( hiin'ban'] « .a poisonous plant 
hence [hilnsl ac/v. from this place 
henceforth' [htns'fBr/A'lW?'. in future 
hence for'ward [for'werd] aJv. 
hench'man [hfinch'man] «. a servant 
hen'ner-y [hCn'ner-^l «. hen house 






hen'peck' [hen'pek'J v. I. to harass 
he-pat'ic [he-pat'ik] a. pert, to the liver 
hep'ta-gon [hep ta-gOn]K.a seven-sided 
hep'tarch-y [-tarlcy] 71. Lfigure 

her [her]/>-o«.ohj.&poss. caseof "she" 
her'ald [lier'ald] ;(. one who proclaims 
he-ral'dic[he-rardlk]«. pert, to heraldry 
her'ald-ry [heraldry] K. coat of arms 

herb [crb] n. a plant Iscience 

herb'age [frbsj] ». grass 
herb'al-ist[h5rl.',7l-Ist);i. dealer in herbs 
her-biv'o-ra [her-biv'6-ra] «.//.grazers 
Her-cu'le-an [her-cu'le-nn] a. strong 
herd [hf rd] «. a flock of beasts 
herds'man [herdz'm^n] 71. a cattleman 
here [her] adv. in this place 
here-aft'er [-aft'er] adv. in the future 
here-by' fher-M 1 adv. by means of this 
her'e-dit'a-ment iher'e-dit'a-ni<fnt] «. 
he-red'i-ta-ry [he-red'I-tS-rj] a. [ties 
he-red'i-ty [ty] «. inheriting of quali- 
here-in' [her-In] adv. in this 
here-of [her-Cf] adv. of this 
her'e-sy [heresy]", religious error fesy 
her'e-tic [.e-tlk]«. one holding to aher- 
heretO-fore'[hertoo-for']<j,i'i.. formerly 
here'un-to' [her'un-too'] adv. unto this 
here'up-on' [her'flp-On'] adv.on\\i\% 
here-with' [her-wl.'/r] adv. ■niththis 
her'it-age [her'It-aj] «. inheritance 
her-maph'ro-dite [her-mafridit] «. 
her-met'ic-al [h6r-met'I-kal] a. closed 
her'mit [her'mlt] «. a recluse 
her'mit-age [-Sj];;. a secluded dwelling 
her'ni-a[her'ni-.i] 71. rupture 
he'ro [hero] «. a brave man 
he-ro'ic [he-roTk] a. daring 
her'o-ine [her O-In) «. a female hero 
her'o-ism [her'6-Iz'm] »i. bravery 
her'on [her'un] 71. a water fowl 
herr [her] n. German for "Mr." 
her'ring [her'ring] «. a food fish ["her" 
her-self'[h?r-self]/ro. emphatic form of 
hes'i-tan-Cy [hez'i-tan-sy]«. a faltering 
hes'i-tate [hSz'I-tat] v.i. to waver 
hes i-ta'tion [hezI-ta'shOn] n. doubt 
het'er-0-dox [hefer-i-doksj.t. heretical 
het'er-0-doxy [-er-S-dOks y] «. heresy 
hef er-9-ge'ne-OUS [-je'ne-Qs]a. unlike 
hew [hu] v.t. to cut [ure 

hex'a-gon [heksagOn] «. six-sided fig- 
hey'day [ha'da] «. time of triumph, 5 
■hi-a'tus [h!-a'tus] h. agap 
hi-ber'nal [hibernal] «. wintry fwinter 
hi'ber-nate [hi'ber-nat] T.i. to pass the 
Hi-ber'ni-an [hi-ber'ni-an] a. Irish 
hic'cough [hik'kijp] «. convulsive catch 
hick'o-ry (hik 6-ry] «. a hardwood tree 
hid [hid] a. concealed 
hid' den [hldd'n] a. secret 
hide [hid]^'.?. to conceal; «. animal skin 
hid'e-OUS [hld'c-us) .;. frightful 
hid'e-ous-ness [-nes] «. Rightfulness 
hid'ing [hid'Ing] n. concealment 

\_r ^ ^ 






hie [hi] f.i. to hasten [things 

hi'er-arch [hrer ark) «. ruler of sacred 
hi'er-arch y (hi'er-ark y] «. priest-rule 
lli'er-0-glyph'ic[-4-Klif Ik] «. a symbol 
hig'gle [hig'g'l] ■z/.i. toquibble 
high [hi] .!. k'fty 
high'er [hler] a. more high 
high'-flown' [hi'flon] <j. proud fgio" 
high'land [hil<jnd] «. mountainous re- 
high'ly [hilyl adv. to a high degree 
high'-minded [-mind'ed] a. noble 
high'ness [hi'nes] k. loftiness 
high'way' [hi'waT k. a road rber 

high'way man [-m<tnl k. highway rob 
hi-la'ri-OUS [lii-lari-us] a. mirthful 
hi-lar'i-ty [lii-lar'i-t>'] «. gayety 
hill IhTl] }!. an elevation of land 
hill'ock [hlluk] >:. a small hill 
hilt [lull] n. a handle 
him [luni]/ro«. obj. case of "he" 
hind [hind] «. a female deer 
hin'der [hinder] v.t. to impede 
hin'der-ance[-<ins] «. See "hindrance" 
hind'most' [hlnd'mosf] a. last 
Hin'doo [hIn'doS] «. native of India 
hin'drance [hm'drans] >t. an obstacle 
hinge [hmj] k. a doorjoint 
hint [hint] z-./. to suggest; H. an allusion 
hip [hip] «. the thigh 
hip'po-drome [hlppS-drom] «. a circus 
hip-poph'a-gi [-p<5f'a-ji]K.//.horsetiesh 
hip-poph'a-gy [jy] n. leaters 

hire [hlrl i.e. to employ [phibian 

hire'ling [hlrllng] ti. a mercenary 
hir-sute' [her-sut] a. hairy 
his (liIz]/ron. belonging to him 
hiss [his] ij.t. to show contempt for 
hist [hist] inlerj. be silent 
his-to'ri-an[hIs-to'ri-an]M. a chronicler 

his-tor'ic [hls-t6r'ik] pert, to history 
his'to-ry [hlsto-rj] «. a record [stage 
his tri-on'ic [triOn'Ik] a. pert, to the 
hit [hit] v.t. to strike; w. a striking 
hitch [hich] -v.!. to fasten; n. a catching 
hith'er [hlth'er] adv. to this place 
hith'er-to' [hIth'cr-tSS'] adv. until now 
hive [hiv] -z/./. to shelter; «. a bee house 
hives [hivz] «. a disease 
hoar [hOr] a. white with age 
hoard [hOrd] "v.t. to lay up; n. a hidden 
hoarse [h6rs] a. harsh IcoUection 

hoar'y [hOr^] a. gray with age fceive 
hoax [huks] K. adeception; v.t. to de- 
hob'ble [hftb'b'l] v.i. to walk lamely 
hob'by [h6b'by] «. a favorite theme 
hob'by -horse' [hftrs'] «. child's toy 
hob'gob lin [hSb'gOb'lIn] n. an imp 
hob'nail' lhf>l.'] «. a large nail 
hob'nob' [hOb'nOb'] i/.i. to associate fa- 
hock [hnk] K. Rhenish wine Imiliarly 
hock'ey [hOkJ] «. a game P'ric 

hod (hfjd] K. box for carrying mortar 
hoe [hr,] w.apardcntool 



^ ^-x_? 




hog [hOg] «. a swine; a mean fellow 
hogs'head IhOgzhed] n. a large cask 
hoi'den Ihoi'd'n] >;. a bold, rude girl 
hoist [hoist] v.l. to raise; «. an elevator 
hold [hold] i>./. to restrain; «. a grip 
hold'back' [hold'l.ak'] n. a cherk 
hold'er [cr] «. one who or that which 
hole [hoi] n. a cavity [liolds 

hol'i-day [hSl'I-dS] n. a dayof gayety 
ho'li-ness [ho lines] «. sacredness 
hol'land [hfll hmd] «. linen stuff 
hol-lo' [hoi lo'] interj. ho there; stop 
hol-lQa'[hOl-lo'] interj. same as •'hollo** 
hol'low (h(in4] K. a cavity; o. concave 
hol'ly [holly] n. a shrub 
holm [horn] K. kind of oak; an islet [fice 
hol'o-caust [hOl'lS-kast] «. burntsacri. 
hol'o-graph [-graf ] ;:. a paper entirely 
ho'ly [holy] a. sacred fstone 

ho'ly-stone' [ston'] «. deck scrubbing- 
hom'age [hOm'aj] «. reverence 
home [horn] ;;. one's dwelling 
home'less [hom'les] a. without a home 
home'ly [hom'Iy] a. -with plain features 
ho'me-0-path'ic [ho'nK-ipa/A'ik] a. 
ho'me-op'a-thist [ op'a/Aist] rt. ring 
ho-me-op'a-thy [//ly] >i . system of cur- 
home'sick' [hom'sIk']3.pining for home 
homft'spun [hom'spun]tr. coarse: plain 
home'stead [hom'sted] «. home place 
home'ward [hom'werd](i. toward home 
hom'i-cide [hOm'I-sId] «. murder 
hom'i-let'ics [ISt'Iks] n. artofpreach- 
hom'i-ly [hOm'I-ly] ji. a discourse ling- 
hom'i-ny (hOm'i ny] «. hulled corn 
ho'mo-ge'ne-ous [ho'm* je'ne-us] a. 
ho-mog'e-ny [hi-mojcny] «. 
hone [hon] K. asharpeningstone; w.^.to 
hon'est [Onest] a. upright [sharpen 
hon'est-ly [On'gstly] rtu'i'. justly 
hon'es-ty [On'gs-ly] «. candor 
hon'ey [hun'y] «. bees' product 
hon'ey-comb' [*k6ni'] n. bees' cells 
hon'ey-moon' [moon] n. 
hon'ey-suc'kle [suk'k'l] «. a flower 
hon'or fOn'er] n. esteem; respect 
hon'or-a-ble [On'er-a-b'l] a. noble 
hon'or-a-bly [On'er-i-bly] adv. fairly 
hon'or-a-ry [S-ry] «. conferring honor 
hood fhood) n. a head cover 
hood'lum [hood'lum] n. a rowdy 
hood'wink [hood'wtngk] f.l. to blind 
hoof [hoof] «. animal's foot 
hook [h66k]«. a catch; %/.!. to catch with 
hoop [hoopj }i. a band [a hook 

hoo'sier [hoo'zhfr] «. citizen of Indiana 
hoot [hoot] v.i. to cry out 
hop [hop] •Z'.!. to leap; «. a leap; a vine 
hope [hop] v.i. to trust; n. a desire 
hope'ful [hop'ful] a. full of hope 
hope'less [hop'les] a. without hope 
hope'less-ness [ngs] tt. despair 
hop'per [hOp'per] n. grain mill feeder | 

—^ J ^ 

r r\_r Y~ 








hop'ple [hSppl] >,. a fetter; •:■ /. to fet- 
hop'scotch [liL>p'5ki5ch in. a game Iter 
ho'ra-ry ;h6 ra-ry) .i. pert, to an hour 
horde [hord] «. a wandering gang 
hore'hound' [hor'hound] k. an herb 
ho-ri'zon [hi-ri :an] «. limit of virion 
hor i-zon'tal [hSri-zOn't.iI] a. level 
horn [hdrn] «. an antler; a bugle 
horn'bilV [hSm'bi'.T «. a bird 
horn'blende [blend ] «. a mineral 
hor'net [hor'net] «. an insect 
horn'pipe [hom'pip] «. a dance 
horn'y [horn y] a. resembling horn 
hor'o-loge [h.5r4loj] >i. a timepiece 
ho-roro-ger[h4rOl4-jcr) m. watchmak- 
ho-rol'o-gy [-jy] n. science of time [er 
hor'o-SCOpe [hSr'S-skop] >r. fortune told 
hor'ri-ble[hOr rl-b'l]<i dreadful|by stars 
hor'rid [h(")r'rld] a. shocking; offensive 
hor'ri-fy [-rl-fl] v.t. to strike with hor- 
hor'ror [hOr'rcr] K. terror [ror 

horse [hors] >i. a domestic animal 
horse'bacK' (h6rs'bak]>i.a horse's back 
horse -chest'nut[-ch6s'nat]w.thebuck- 
horse'man [-m,in] n. a rider leyetree 
horse'-rad ish [rad ish] u. a pungent 
hor'ta-to-ry (hor 'ta-t4-ry]!r. inciting [root 
hor ti-cul'tur-al [hortl-kul'tur-al] a. 
hor'ti-cul'ture f-tarl«. flower gardening 
hor ti-cul'tur-ist [-1st) «. flower raiser 
ho-san'na [h4-zan'na] iytterj, praise to 
hose [hoz]K.j.&/Astockings;atube[God 
ho'sier-y [hi^zhcr-J-] n. knit goods 
hos'pice [hft'^ pes] n. a convent 
hos'pi-ta-ble [h(Ss'pI-ta-bM] a. friendly 
hos'pi-tal [h^s'plt-al] n. home for sick 
hos'pi-tal'i-ty [pl-tSll-ty] «. friendli- 
host [liM<;tl I.', a landlord; a crowd (nesc 
hos'tage Hi's tjjl «. a person pledged 
hos'tel-ry [hos tel-ry] «.an inn 
host'ess [host'Ss] K. a landlady 
hos'tile [bus til) a. antagonistic 
hos-til'i-ty [hOs-tll'ItJ] n. enmity 
hos'tler[hOs'ler]«. one caring for horses 
hot [^'^t^ a. very warm [growth 

ho t'bed'[hf)t'li6d]«.placefavoring rapid 
ho-tel' [h4tel] n. an inn 
hot'house' [hot'hous] n. consen-atory 
Hot'ten-tot [t'n-tOt] «. S. Afr. savage 
hough [hok] i.t. to cut the hamstrings 
hound [liound] H. a dog 
hour [our] «. period of sixty minutes 
hou'ri [hou'rl] n. a Moham. nymph 
hour'ly [our ly] ,1. every hour 
Hours [ourz] goddesses of seasons 
house [hous] n. a dwelling 
house'hold' rhous'hold'] n. family 
house'hold er [-t r] «. head of family 
house'keep er [-k6p?rj «. 
hous'ing [houz'Ing] «. horsecloth 
hov'el [hOv'el] «. a miserable shelter 
hov'er [liQvcr] v.i. tu hang over 
how [hou] adv. in what manner n>ack 
how'dah [houdi] «. scat on clephauti 




how-ev'er [hou-6v'er] adv. at least 
how'itz-er [hou'Its-er] n. short cannon 
howl [houl] z/.j. to wail; n. a mournful 
hub [hub] n. nave of wheel [cry 

hub'bub [hnb'bab] «. tumult; loud noise 
huek'a-back [hOk'a-bak] n. toweling- 
huc'kle-ber'ry[huk'k'l-ber'ry).i. a ber- 
huck'ster [huk'ster] n. a peddler [ry 
hud'dle [hnd'd'l] v. to crowd together 
hue [bu] n. tint; color 
huff [huf] «.arage 
hug [hug] ■v.t. to embrace 
huge [huj] a. large festant 

Hu'gue-not [hu'ge-nOt] n. French prot- 
hulk [hulk] );. body of ship 
hull [hul] n. a covering; a shell 
hum [hum] -0,1, to buzz 
hu'man [Im m<in] a. resembling man 
Lu-mane' [liu-man'] a. kind 
hu-man i-ta'ri-an [hu-manl-ta'ri-un],! 
hu-man'i-ty [humSn1-ty] «. kindness 
hu'man-ize [hunmn-Iz] ■v,t. to soften 
hum'ble:iulm'b'l]<7. lowly; z/. to degrade 
hum'bug [hum'bug'] «. an imposition 
hum'drum' [hOm'dram'] a. stupid; dull 
hu'me-rus [hume-rOs] n. bone of upper 
hu'mid [hrrnild] a, damp [part of arm 
hu-mid'i-ty [hu-midl-ty] n. moisture 

hu-mil'i-ate [mii'T-at] -v.t. to humble 

hu-mili-a'tion [a'shun] n. abasement 
hu-mil'i-ty [hu-mil'T-ty] n. meekness 
hum'ming [hum'mmg] n. a sound 

hu'mor [hu mCr] 71. temper; wit; animal 
hu'mor-ist [-1st] n, a wit [moisture 
hu'mor-OUS [ha'mer-Qs] a. witty 
hump [hump] n. a protuberance 
hunch [huiKh] t'./. to push [son 

hunch'back' [-bak'] n. a deformed per- 
hun'dred [hun'dred] a. ten times ten 
hung [hung] J*./, of "hang" 
hun'ger[hunggerj<;. desire forfood;7/.to 
hun'gry [grj] a, wanting foodLlong for 
hunk [hungk] 11. a large piece 
hunt[hi3nt] •7.2'. to seek; K.actof seeking 
hunt'er [hunter] «. one who hunts 
hur'dle [hurVri]«. a framework of wood 
hurl [hurl] i\t. to tlirow [or iron 

hur'ly-bur'ly [hur'Iy-bur'ly] n. tumult 
Hu'rons [hu'rOnz] Indian tribe 
hur-rah' [hur-ra'] «. a shout 
hur'ri-cane [hur'ri-kan] n. a storm 
hur'ry [hOr'ry] n. haste; w.z. to hasten 
hurt [hurt] f..'. to harm; n. a wound 
hurt'ful [liurt'ftjl] a. injurious 
hur'tle [hur tl] 7;.z. to dash; tojostle 
hus'band [hOz'biznd] k. a wife's mate 
hus'band-man [-m,;n] «. a fanner 
hus'band-ry [huz'bnnd-ry] k. ti'.lage 
hush [hush] 'j.i. to silence; «. stillness 
husk [husk] M. cover of grain 
hus'ki-ness [hiis'kl-nes] «. hoarseness 
hus'ky [hus'ky]a. hoarse 
hus-sar' [hijz-zar'] «. a cavalrj-man 





<r^ <r^ (r% 




hus'sy [huz'zy] k. a worthless girl 
hus'tle [hus'l] v.e. to jostle 
hus'wife [hQz'zIf] «. a housekeeper 
hut [hat] «. a small, shed-like house 
hutch [hQch] «. a bin; a coop 
huz-za' [huzza] interj. hurrah 
hy'a-cinth [hra-sln//i) «. a flower 
hy'brid [hilirld] «. mongrel [serpent 
hy'dra [hi'dra] n. myth, many-headed 
hy'drant [hi] «. a water plug 
hy-drau'lic [hi-dralik] a. moved by 
hy'dro-gen [hi'dr8-jen] >;. agas [water 
hy-drom'e-ter[hi-drSm'e-ter)«.a gauge 
hy-drop'a-thy [hi-dri5p'a-//iy] n. 
hy dro-pho'bi-a [hi'dr«-{o'hl-a] n. 
hy-e'na [hie'na] «. a wild animal 
Hy-g:e'ia [hi-je'ya]«- goddess of health 
hy'gi-ene [hl'jl-en] «. science of health 
Hy'men [hl'men] n. god of marriage 
hymn [lilm] n. a sacred song [tier 

hy-per'bo-le [hi-per'li4-le] n. exaggera 
hy'phen [lii fen] n. a mark, [-] 
hyp'no-tism [htp'no-tlz'm] k. 
hyp o-chon'dri-a [hip 4-kon'dri-a] « 
hy-poc'ri-sy [hl-pflk'ri-sy] n. deceit 
hyp'o-crite [hip'S-krit] «. a dissembler 
hyp o-crit'ic-al [krlt'I-knl] <j.[the skin 
hy po-der'mic [hi pi-der'mlk] a. under 
hy-pot'e-nuse [hi-p5t c-nusj «. 
hy-poth'e-sis[-pii//!e-sls] n. asupposi- 
hy'son [hi's'n] n. kind of tea [tion 

hys'sop [hlssOp] «. a plant [disease 

hys-ter'ics [hls-tSrlks] a nervous 

I'll fyon. ist per. sing.; the speaker 
i-am'bic [i-am'blk] 71 .two-syllable poetic 
i-am'bus [-bus] «. an iambic [foot 

i'bex [i'beks] n. animal of goat family 
i-bi'dem [i-bI'dem]/..,?(T'i'.in same place 
i'bis [i'bls] n. a large wading bird 
i-ca'ri-an [i ka'rl-nn] a. soaring 
ice [1^1 n. any frozen fluid 
ice'berg' [Ts'l">crg']«. a floating ice mass 
ice'-cream [-kremT n. frozen cream 
Ice'land moss' \_-\anA m6s'] «. lichen 
ich-neu'mon [tk-nainfm] «. a weasel 
jch thy-ol'o-gy [Ik7/;l-61'6-jy] «. 
i'ci-cle [i sT-k'l] H. ice pendant 
i'ci-ness (I'sl-n6s] «. frigidity 
i'cing I bMig] «. su;{ar coating [breaker 
i-con'o-clast [i-kSn'S-klastj u. image 
i co-nog'ra-phy [iki-nog'ra-fj] n. 

ic'te-rus [Ikle-rOs] «. the jaundice 
i'cy [i sy] a. resenibljn_g ice; cold 
i-de'a [i de a] >\. a mind picture 
i-de'al [ide'id] n. a mental conception 
i-de'al-ism [l-de'al-Iz'm] >r.imat-ery 
i-de'al-ist [I de'ul-Isi) h. one idealizing 
i-de'al-ize [-Iz] ii.t. to make ideal 
i'dem [T'ticm] L.pron. or a, the same 
i-den'tic-al [l-d.'n'tl-k/il] a. the same 
i-den ti-fi-ca'tion (fi-ka'shon) n. 
i-den'ti-fy [-ft] v.t. to prove to be the 
i-den'ti-ty [-tj'] «. sameness [sam 


L -^ 




i-de'o-gram [l-d6'6-grSm] «. a symbol 
ides [idz ]>;.//. 13th & 15th of momlis 
id'i-0-cy [M'I-6-sy) «. state of being an 
id'i-0-graph [graflK. trade-marktiJiot 
id'i-om [Irl'I-um] jt. a language's cast 
id'i-0-mat'ic [-4-mat'Ik] a. pert, idiom 
id'i-o-syn'cra-sy [sing'kra-sy] «. 
id'i-ot [Id'I-6t]«. one lacking intelligence 
idi-ot'io [-Ot'lk] a. like an idiot 
i'dle ti'd'l] a. not occupied 
i'dle-ness [I'd'l-nes] n. inactivity 
i'dler [Tdler] «. a lazy person 
i'dly [i'dly] adv. lazily 
i'dol [idol] n. an object of worship 
i-dol'a-ter[i-dora-tcr] ». idol worshiper 
i-dol'a-try [try] n. idol worship 
i'dol-ize [idol iz] v.t. to love to excess 
i'dyl [T'dll] n. a short pastoral poem 
if [If] conj. provided that; in case that 
ig'ne-OUS [Ig'ne-us] a. pert, to fire 

ig'nes fat'u-i [ig'nezfat'i-rj «.//.» de- 
ig'nis fat'u-us[ig nisfat'u-us]«.j^.) coj 

ig-nite' [Ig-mt] v.t. to set on fire 
Ig-no'ble [fg-no'b'l] a. mean; not noble 
ig'no-min'i-ous [ig'nS-min'i-as] a. 
ig'no-min-y [-min-y] n. shame; infamy 
ig'no-ra'mus [ra'mus] «. a block-head 
ig'no-rance [-rans] n. wantof knowl- 
ig'no-rant [r^nt] a. not knowing[edge 
ig-nore' [Ig-uor] v.t. to not recognize 
i-gua'na [Igwa'na] «. kind of lizard 
i'lex [risks] H. holly tree genus 
Il'i-ad [Tl'I-rtd] n. Homer's epic poem 
Ik [Ilk] a. same; each; every 
11 [IIJ <i. sick: unfavorable 
1-le'gal [Il-le'gal] a. unlawful 

rie-gal'i-ty [iric-gai'i-ty] «. 
1-leg'i-ble [lej'i-b'l] a. not readable 
rie-git'i-mate [irie-jit'i-mSt] a. 
1-lib'er-al [Il-llb'er-al] a. niggardly 
1-lic'it [Illls'It] a. not allowed [less 
1-lim'it-a-ble [-lim'lt-a-b'l] a. bound- 
1-lit'er-ate [Il-lItfr-St] a. unlettered 
U-na'tured [Ilna'turd] a. cross; surly 
ll'ness [lings] n. sickness; disease 
1-log'ic-al [Il-I6j'I-kal],r. unreasonable 
1-lume' [Ilium'] •?'./. to make light 
l-lu'ini-nate[-lunil-nat]f. /.to brighten 
l-lu'mi-na'tion [na'shOn] n. 
1-lu'mine [il-lumin] v.t. to light up 
1-lu'sion [zhun] n. a false show 
1-lu'sive [-sivj a. deceitful 
1-lu'so-ry [-s4-ry'] a. fallacious [clear 
l-lus'trate [ll-las'trat] v.t. to make 
1 lus-tra'tion [-tra'shQn]«. elucidation 
1-lus'tra-tive [ll-lus'tra-tiv] a. 
l-lus'tri-ous [tri-Os] a. famous 
m- [\m-]fre. same as "in;" not 
m'age [Imaj] x. a likeness 
m'age-ry [Im'Sj-ry] n. imaginary pic 
iT-ag'i-na-ble [Tm-aj'I-na-b'l]i7. [tures 
m-ag'i-na-ry [nS-ry] a. not real 
m-ag'i-na'tion [na'shDn] «. fancy 
m-ag'i-na-tive [na-tlv] a. fanciful 

1—1 I u 


,_r r r 

h h L 




m-ag'ine [Tm-ljln] t. to fancy 
m-bank'ment [-bangkin<rnt]>:. a hank 
m'be-cile lnnl>f-5ll]<i. feeble; «. an iil- 
m be-cil'i-ty [sll'I-tj] k. debility liot 
m-bed' [imhsd] Z'.t. to sink in 
m-bibe' [ini-bU. J t./. to dnnk rter 

m-bit'ter [Imbltt^r] f.l. tomakebit- 
m-brogl'io [broryfijw. misunderstand- 
m-brue' (Imbra'] v.t. to drench (ing 
m-bue' [IiTi-bQ] TV to tinge deeply 
m'i-ta-ble (Iml ta-b'lj.z.can be copied 
m'i-tate [im'l-tat] v.t. to copy 
mi-ta'tion [tS'shfln] n. similarity 
m'i-ta-tive [ta-tiv] a. tending to copy 
m'i-ta tor f-ta'trr] m. one wlio imitates 
m'ma-nent [irn'ma-n^nt] a. inherent 
[ra-man'u-el [Im-manu-Sl];;. Cod with 
m ma-te'ri-al (Im'ma-te'rl-,;l] <r. lus 
m ma-ture' [ma-tur'Ja. not full grown 
m-meas'ur-a-ble [mSzh'Qr-d-b'I] a 
m-m«'ili-ate [Tm-me dl at] a. instant 
m-me'di-ate-ly[-ly],tir'r'.without delay 
m-mem'o-ra-ble [-mem'6-ra-b'l] a. 
m'me-mo'ri-al nm'm^-mo'ri-^l] a. 
m-mense' [nn-nicus J a. vast; huge 
m-men'si-ty [ incn'sl-iy] «. infinity 
m-men'su-ra-ble [shij-ra-b'I] a. 

m-merge' [Jm-mcrj] T.f. to immerse 
m-merse' (mcrs] t./. to dip into fluid 
m-mer'sion [-mtr'shun] «. a dipping 
m-mesh' Um-mesh ] v.i. to insnare 
m'mi-grant [Tm'ml-grtznt] «, fcountr^' 
m'mi-grate l-grat] v.i. to move into a 
m'mi-gra'tion [gra'shOn] k. [peril 
m'mi-nence [im'mlmns] k. a state of 
m'mi-nent [Im'ml-ncnt] a, impending 
m-mis'ci-ble [im-mis'si-bl] a. 
m-mo'bile [Im-mo1>Il] a. fixed; stable 
m mo-bil'i-ty [im'm6-bll'i-t>] k. 
m-mod'er-ate [mad "fr-Jt].!. excessive 
m-mod'est [est] a. indelicate fty 

m-mod'es-ty [ fis-tyju.wantofmodes- 
m'mo-late [im'mSlat] vJ. to sacrifice 
m'mo-la'tion C-Is'shun] «. sacrifice 
m-mor'al nm-mSr'iil] u. licentious 
m mo-ral'i-ty [im inS-ral'i-ty] «. vice 
m-mor'tal [im-m6r'ttzl] a, eternal 
m'mor-tari-ty [Tm'mSr-tal'l-ty] «. 
m-mor'tal-ize [Im-mort.d.iz] ^^/. 
m'mor-telle' finimc-.r-tel'] «. a plant 
m-mov'a-ble [Im-iuoov'i-b'l]a. firm 
m-mu'ni-ty [mO'nl-tJ] «. exemption 
m-mure' [ mur ]7A/.tu c.mfine by walls 

m-mu ta-bil'i-ty [ma'ta-bil'i-tj] «. 
m-mu'ta-ble [b'l] a. invariable 
mp [Imp] «. a puny devil fplace 

m-pact' [Im-pSkt'] 1'./. to wedge into a 
m'pact (Im pikt) ti. forcible contact 
m-pair' [Im-pir] vJ. to make worse 
m-pale'[-pir] v.(. to fix upon a stake 
m-pal'pa-ble [-|,arpab'l) a. not to tie 
m-pan'el rimpanCl) -v.f. to enroll (felt 
m-par'i-ty [ plr'liJJ >t. inequality 


n -1 

(T^ (^^ ^ 




im-part'[Tm-part'] v.t. to share; to give 
im-par'tial [im-par'shal] a. unbiased 
im-parti-al'i-ty [-shi-al'i-ty] n. [ble 
im-pass'a-ble [-pas'a-b'l] a. notpassa- 
im-pas'si-ble [-pas'si-b'l] a. unfeeling 
im-pas'sion [im-pisli'un] T.t. to move 
im-pas'sioned [-unt'.]<7. ardent [strongly 
im-pas'sive [Im-pas'siv] a. unmoved 
im-pa'tience [-pa'shfns]K. restlessness 
im-pa'tient [-shmt] a. fretful 
im-peach' pm-pecli'] '•.'■!. to arraign 
im-peach'ment [-mtnt] »;. arraignment 
im-pec'ca-ble [-pek'ka-b'l] a. 
im'pe-cu'ni-ous [-pc-ku'ni-us] a. poor 
im-pede' [Im-ped'] '■.;■. to hinder 
im-ped'i-ment [-ped'l-m^ntj n. obstacle 
im-pel' [Tm-pel'] •Z'.i'. tourge 
im-pend'ing [-pcnd'Ing] a. threatening 
im-pen'e-tra-ble [im-pen'e-tra-b'l] a. 
im-pen'i-tence [-i-tt;ns] «. 
im-pen'i-tent [-tent] a. of a hard heart 
ira-per'a-tive t-per'a-tiv] a. authorita- 
im per-cep'ti-ble [-ptr-sep'tl-b'l] a. Ltive 
im-per'fect [per'fekt] a. defective 
ira'per-fec'tion [-fSk'shQn] «. a defect 
im-pe'ri-ai [-pe'n-al] a. pert, to empire 
im-per'il [im-per'Il] v.t. to endanger 
im-pe'ri-OUS [im-pe'ri-us] a. haughty 
im-per'ish-a-ble [-per1sh-a-b'l] a. 
im-per'son-al [-iif r'sun-al] a. 
im-per'son-ate [st] •z'./. to personify 
im-per son-a'tion [-a'shQn] n. 
im-per'ti-nence [-t!-n«'ns] «. rudeness 
im-per'ti-nent [ncnt] a. rude tturbed 

im'per-turb'a-ble [-turb'a-b'lja. 
im-per'vi-OUS [-vl-us] a. impenetrable 

im-pet'u-os'i-ty [im-pet'u-as'i-ty] «. 
im-pet'u-ous [-us] a. hasty 
im'pe-tus [im'pe-tu=])!. force of motion 
im-pi'e-ty [Impi'e-ty] n. ungodliness 
im-pinge' pm-plnj'] -y.;. to strike 
im'pi-OUS (im 'pi-US] a. profane 
im-pla'ca-ble [-pla'ka-b'l] a. stubborn 
im-plant' [Ira-planf] v.t. to inculcate 
im'ple-ment [Im'ple-mcnt] n. a tool 
im'pli-cate [Im'pli-kat] -v.t. to involve 
im'pli-ca'tion. [-k5'shQn]«.an inference 
im-plic'it [Im-plts'It] a. without doubt 
im-plicd' [im-plid] a. inferred 
im-plore' [im-plor'] v-t. to beseech 
im-ply' [im-pll'] -v.t. to infer 
im po-lite' [im'pS-lIf] a. uncivil; rude 
im-pol'i-tic [Im-pOl'T-tlk] a. unwise 
im-pon'der-a-ble [Tm-p5n'der-a-b'l] a 
im'port [Im'port]K. meaning: whatisim 
im-port' [Im-port]f . to bring inLported 
im-por'tance [-pfir'tans] n. weight 
im-por'tant [] a. full of import 
im'por-ta'tion (im'p6r-ta'shan]«. [ports 
im-port' er [Im-porfer] n. one who im- 
im-por'tu-nate [por'tu-nSt] a. teasing 
im por-tune' [Im'pOr-tun') w.^. to tease 
im-pos'a-ble [Im-poz'a-b'I] a. fflict 
im-pose' [Im-poz'] w./. to deceive; to in. 

^ o 






m-pos'ing [Im-poztng] a. impressive 
m po-si'tion (Im pa-zlsh'un]»/. a cheat 
m-pos si-bil'i-ty [im-p6ssi-bn'I-ty]«. 
im-pos'si-ble [bl] a. cannot be 
m'post [impost] K. a tax 
m-pos'tor [im-pfistrr] h. a pretender 
m-pos'ture [-tur] t:. act of cheating- 
m'po-ten-cy [Im'pi-t^n-sy] «. inability 
m'po-tent [Im'pi-tirnt] a. weak 
m-pound' [pound ] f ./.to coniine fpoor 
m-pov'er-ish [■r'-'v'cr-Ish]?'./'. to make 
m-prac ti-ca-bil'i-ty t-prak'ti-ka-] >,. 
m-prac'ti-ca-ble [-b'I]a. impossible 
m-prac'ti-cal [-kiz.] a. not practical 
m pre-ca'tion [pre-ka'shOnln.acurse 
m-preg'na-ble [Im-preg'na-b'l] a. 
m-preg'nate [-nat] w./. to make preg- 
m-press' [Im-presJ^-./. to stamp [nant 
m-press'i-ble [l-b'!] n. susceptible 
m-pres'sion [-prcshun] k. a stamp 
m-press'ive [TmprSs'Iv] a. solemn 
m-press'ment [nunt] «. drafting- 
m- print' [Im -print] v-f. to impress 
m'print [im print] «. printer's mark 
m-pris'on [Tm-prlz"n] z-./. to confine 
m-pris'on-ment[-m«nt]>i. confinement 
m-prob a-biri-ty[im-pr6ba-bil'!-ty] « 
m-prob'a-ble [-b'l] a. unlikely 
m-promp'tu [-prOmp'tfi] a. or adv. off- 
m-prop'er [propTr] «. unfit [liand 
m pro-pri'e-ty [impri-pri'c-ty] >;. 
m-prove' [-proo%-] T.i. to make better 
m-prove'ment [mcnt] «. progress 
m-prov'i-dent [Im-prOv'I-de-nt] a. fter 
m-prov'ing [-proov'!ng]<j. getting bet- 
m pro-vise' [imprS-viz'] f./. todooff- 
m-pru'dence [im-priidcns] «. ihand 
m-pru'dent [dt-nt] a. rash 
m'pu-dence [Im'pu-dcns] «. sauciness 
m'pu-dent [-drat] a. saucy 
m-pugn' [Im-pun'] v.t. to oppose 
m-pu'is-sance[-puis-s<ins)«. inability 
m'pulse [impuls] «. sudden force 
m-pul'sion [im-pal'shfln] «. act of im- 
m-pul'sive [-slvl,j.quicktoactlpelIing 
m-pu'ni-ty [im-punl-ty] «. security 
in-pure';im-pflr'] a. not pure; unchaste 
m-pu'ri-ty [im-pu'ri-ty] «. pollution 
m'pu-ta'tion [Im'pats'shnn] «.ahint 
m-pute' [Im-put] v./. to ascril)e 
n [In] />-£•/>. within;.;>r?. among; not 
in'a-bil'i-ty [in'i-bll'l-ty) «. weakness 
nac-ces'si-ble [inak-s6s'T-b'l) a. 
n-ac'cu-ra-cy [In-ak'ku-ra-sy] h. 
n-ac'cu-rate [-rii] a. not exact 
in-ac'tion [In-ak shun] k. idleness 
n-ac'tive [In-ak'tiv] a. idle 
nac-tiv'i-ty [lnak-tlv'i-ty]K.inertness 
n-ad'e-qua-cy [ln-ad'«-kwa-sj) «. 
n-ad'e-^uate [-kwit] a. insufficient 
n ad-mis'si-ble [In'ad-mls'sl-bM] «. 
n ad-vert'ent [-vrn'mt] a. heedless 
n-af fa-ble (In-af'fA-b'IJ a. not social 
n-al'ien-a-ble tinal'y<m-4-bl] a. 


n o 




in-a'mo-ra'ta [en-a'mS-ra'ti] K. female 
in-a'mo-ra'to t-tu} ?;. male lover Llover 
in-ane' [rn-an] a. empty 
in-ail'i-mate[In-an'I-mit]a.without life 
in'a-ni'tion [In'i-nlsh'un] m. weakness 
in-an'i-ty[-an'I-ty]K. void space; frivol- 
in-ap'pli-ca-ble [in-ap'pli-ka-b'l]ii.iity 
in-appli-ca'tion[-k5'shun]M. indolence 
in'ap-proach'a-ble [ap-proch'a-b'l] a. 
in'ap-pro'pri-ate [pro'pri-at] a. 
in ar-tic'u-late [in'ar-tik'O-lit] a. 
in-ar'ti-fi'cial [ti-fish'al] a. artless 
in'at-ten'tion pn'at-tsn'shan]«.negleci 
in'at-ten'tive [-tlv] a. careless 
in-au'di-ble [In-a'dl-b'l] a. noiseless 
in-au'gu-ral [-gu-ral]a.pert. inaugura- 
in-au'gu-rate [-Tit]-v.(. to install [tion 
in-au'gu-ra'tion [-ra'shun] «. 
in'aus-pi'ci0US[In'as-pIsh'us] a. unlucky 
in'born' [In'b6rn'] a. implanted by na- 
in'bred' [In'bred'] a. natural Iture 

in-cal'cu-la-ble [in-kal'ku-la-b'l] a. 
in'can-des'cence [in'kan-des'sfns] « 
in'can-des'cent[-s«nt]a.white with heal 
in'ca-nes'cent [in'ka-nes'sfnt]<i. hoarj 
in'can-ta'tion [kan-ta'shOn] «. charm 
in-ca'pa-ble [In-ka'pa-b'l] a. not able 

in'ca-pac'i-tate [in'ka-pas'i-tat] v.i. 
in'ca-pac'i-ty [ty] «. unfitness 
in-car'cer-ate (in-kar'ser-atji/.^ to im- 
in-car'cer-a'tion [a'shon] «. iprisor. 
in-car'nate [nit] a. clothed with flesh 
in'car-na'tion [inkar-na'shan] «. 

in-case'[In-kSs']7'./. to inclose in a case 
in-cas'tel-la ted [kas'tel-lated] a. 
in-cau'ti0U3 [m-ks'shus] a. careless 


in-cav'erned [In-kav'?rnd] a. closed in 
in-cen'di-a-riamr-ssn'di-a-riz'm] «. ar 
in-cen'di-a-ry [i-ry] n. a burner [sor 

in-cense' [In-s6ns'] v.t. to madden 
in'censefln'sens] «. burnt gums, spices 
in-censed' (In-s6nst'] a. angered [&c 
in-cen'tive [In-sen'tlv] «. a motive 
in-cep'tion [In-sfip'shOn] «. beginning 
in-cer'ti-tude [in-scr'ti-tod] «. 
in-ces'sant [Inses's(2nt] a. contmual 
in'cest [In'sest] «. a crime fincesi 

in-ces'tu-OUS [In-sSs'tO-us] a. guilty ol 
inch[Inch] >i. unit of measure; twelfth ol 
in'cho-ate[Iirk«4t]<i. just begun (a fooi 
in'ci-dent [in'sl-dcnt] >i. an event 
in'ci-den'tal [-den'tal] a. casual 

in-cin'er-ate [In-sin'Crat] I'.t. to burn 

in-ciner-a'tion [a'shOn] «. (to ashes 
in-cip'i-ent [slp'I-cnt] iz.beginning to bi 
in-cir'cum-spect [inser'kflm-spekt] ,r 

in-cise' [m-siz'] 7'./. to i ut into; to gasl 
in-ci'sion [In-srzh'On] >i. a cut into 
in-ci'sive [In-si'slv] a. cutting 
in-ci'sor [In-sJ'zcr] «. a front tooth 
in-cis'ure [Instzh'flr] n. an incision 
in-cit'ant [-si't(int]«. a stimulantf incite- 
in'ci-ta'tion [m'si-ta'shOn] «.that which 




in-cite' [In-sit] rt. to stir up 
in-cite'ment [-ni<Tit] k. motive 
in ci-vil'i-ty [in sl-vll'l-t>j «. rudeness 
in-clem'en-cy [in-klemVn-sJ] «. rigor 
in-clem'ent [In-klSmVnt] a. stormy 
in cli-na'tion (in'kli-na'shun] K. desire 
in-cline' [m-klin') v i. to lean 
in-close' [inkloz] v.t. to shut in 
in-clo'sure [Inklo'zhur] «. fenced space 
in-clude' (in-klud] v.t. to contain 
in-clu'sive [m-klu'siv] a. inclosing 
in-COg* [inkSg'] adv. short"incognito 

in-cog'ni-to[-nI-t4)<7. in disguise ftice 
in-COg'ni-zant t-ziint| a. failing to no- 
in-CO-her'ent finkO-her'ent) a. loose 

in com-bus'ti-ble [rnkOm-bQs'ti-b'l] a 

in'come finkum] ;i. revenue 

in com-men'su-ra-ble [shu-ra-b'l] a. 

in com-mode' [mod'l v.t. to annoy 
in com-mo'di-ous [mo'dius] a. [less 
in-com'par-a-ble [ pira-b'l] a. match- 
in com-pat'i-ble [pat'i-b'l] a. 
in-com'pe-tence [pe-tens] k. inability 
in-com'pe-tent[ttnt]<z.without ability 
in com-plete' [plet] <z. defective 
in-com pre-hen'si-ble [-hen'si-b'l] a. 
in com-press'i-ble [pres'i-b'l] a. 
in con-ceal'a-ble (in kon-sel'a-b'l] a. 
in con-ceiv'a-ble [sev'a-b'l] «. [open 
in con-clu'sive [ -kla'siv J a. not ended 
in-con'gru-ent [in-kOng'gru-fnt] a. 
in con-gru'i-ty [In'kSn-grji'i-ty] H. 
in-con'gru-ous [kSng'gru-Qs] a. unfit 
in-con'se-quent [-sc-kwcnt] a. illogical 
in con-sid'er-ate [sid'er-atj a. rash 
in con-sist'en-cy [sis'tirn-sy] «. 
in con-sol'a-ble [-sol'a-b'U n. grieved 
in-con'stan-cy [-st.zn-sy] k. fickleness 
in-con'stant [in-kOn'st<jnt] a. fickle 
in con-test'a-ble [test'a-b'U a. not 
in-con'ti-nence [tl-ne-ns] h. [contested 
in con-trol'la-ble [trol'la-b'lj a. 
in-con tro-ver'ti-ble [-trd-ver'tr-b'l]a. 
in con-ven'ience [ven ycnsj h. trouble 

in con-ven'ient[-yfnti<?. giving trouble I 
in-cor'po-rate lin-korpi-ratlT/.?. [body 
in-cor po-ra'ted [ted] n. united in one 
in-cor po-ra'tion (in-k6r'p4-ra'shun]«. 
in cor-po're-al [In'kar-p5're-al] a.bod- 
in cor-rect' (rekt) a. inaccurate [iless 
in-cor'ri-gi-ble [rljr-b'l] a. hopeless 
in cor-rupt' [rupt'j a. pure 
in'cor-rupt'i-ble [rflptib'li a. 

in-crease' (In-kres] v.i. to grow 
in-cred'i-ble (-kr*dI-b'l)a.not believed 
in cre-du'li-ty [In-kre-du'll-ty]«. unbe- 
in-cred'u-lou3 [lnkred'4-IQsl a. [lief 
in'cre-ment (inkrc-m<-nt) k. increase 
in-crim'i-nate (in-krrm'i-nat) v.t. 
in-crust' (inkrust'J v.t. to form a crust 
in'crus-ta'tion [in'krOs-ta'shfinl «. 
in'cu-bate irngka-t^t) v. to hatch 
in cu-ba'tion [-ba'shOn] n. 
in'cu-ba'tor t-ter] «. egg hatcher 








n'cu-bus [ing'ku-bus) «. a nightmare 

n-cul'cate [in-korkat] v.t. to teach 

n-cul'pate [in-kul'pat] v.t. to blame 

n-cum'ben-cy [b^n-sj] « [office 

n-cum'bent [-b^nt] «. one holding 

n-cum'brance [-brans] « clog 

n-cur' [in-kur'] w.^. become liable [able 

n-cur'a-ble [in-kflr'a-b'l] a. not cur- 

n-cur'sion [in-kCir'shQn] k. a raid 

n-dcbt'ed [in-det'ed] a. in debt 

n-debt'ed-ness [-nus] «. lestyl 

n-de'cen-cy [In-de'sfn-sy] n. immod- 

n-de'cent [-sent] a. immodest 

nde-ci'sion [in'dc-sizh'un] «. 

n'de-ci'sive [-si'sn] a. undetermined 

n'de-co'rous [-ko'rus] a. rude 

nde-co'rum [-ko'rOm] «. 

n-deed' [in-ded'] ad-j. in truth 

n'de-fat'i-ga-ble [in'dc-fat'l-ga-b'l] a. 

n de-fen'si-ble [in'de-fen'sl-b"l] a. [ed 

n-dof i-nite [In-derr-nlt] a. not limi'- 

a-dcl'i-ble [In-del'I-b'l] a. permanent 

n-del'i-ca-cy [in-del'I-ka-sy] n. 

n-del'i-cate [-kat] a. gross; coarse 

n-dera'ni-fy [In-dem'nl-f i] v.t. 

n-dem'ni-ty [-ty] »;. security 

n-dent' [in-dint] v.t. to notch 

n'den-ta'tion [in'den-ta'shun]». notch 

n'dent'cd [In-dent'ed] a. notched 

n-den'ture [rn-den'tur] n. agreement 

nde-pend'cnce [In'de-pend'ens] n. 

n'de-pend'ent [-cnt] a. free 

n'de-scrib'a-ble [in'de-skrlb'a-b'l] a. 

nde-struc'ti-ble [in'de-struk'tl-b'l]i2. 

nde-ter'mi-nate [in'dc-tcr'mi-nat] a. 

n'dex [in d;ks] n. pointer [can 

n'di-an [In'dl-an] a. aboriginal Ameri- 

n'di-arub'ber[-riib'bCr] w.gum elastic 

n'di-cate [Tn'di-kat] v.t. to show 

ndi-ca'tion [-ka'shun] n. sign 

n-dic'a-tive [m-dlk'a-tiv] a. pointing 

n'di-ccs [in'dl-sez] «. plural of "index" 

n-dict' [in-dit] v.t. to accuse 

n-dict'a-ble [-a-b"l] a. 

n-dict'ment [-ment] «. charge 

n-dif fer-ence [In-dif fcr-cns]M.apathy 

n-dif'fer-ent [-mt] a. not good 

n'di-gence [In'dl-j^ns] «. poverty 

n'di-gen-cy [In'dr-jfn-sy] n. poverty 

n-dig'e-nous [in-dij'e-nOs] a. native 

n'di-gent (in'di-j<rnt] a. poor 

n'di-ges'tion [In'dl-jSs'chQn] n. 

n-dig'nant [In-dlg'nont] a. angry 

n'dig-na'tion [-na'shiin] «. wrath 

n-dig'ni-ty [-ni-t>] «. contumely 

n'di-gO [mdl-g6] 71 a plant; a blue dye 

n'di-rect' [rekt'] a. not straight 

n'dis-cern'i-ble [in'dlz-zern'i-b'l] a. " J l/\ 

ndis-creet' [in dis-kret'] a. imprudent I d \ 

n dis-cre'tion [-kresh'un] « 

n'dis-crim'i-nate [-krim'i-nJt](j.[sary 

n'dis-pen'sa-ble[-pen'sa-b'l] a. 

n dis-pose' [pnz'] v.t unfit 

n-dis'po-si'tion[-p6'zish'un]«. illness 


7 ^ 





in-dis'pu-ta-ble [pu-ti-bl] n. sure 
in-dis'so-lu-ble [-s6-IQ-bll a. firm 
in dis-tiact' [-tingt'] a. not clear 
in-dite' [in-ditj -^.t. to compose [only 
in di-vid'u-al [In'dl-vld'u-al] « one 
in di-vid u-al'i-ty [ai'i-ty] n. unity 
in di-vis'i-blef-viz'i-h'l J «. not divisible 

in-doc'tri-nate [in-dok'tri-nat] v.t. 
in'do-lence [indS-lfns] «. idleness 
in'do-lent (Ic-ntJ a. idle (tamable 

in-dom'i-ta-ble [in-dOm'I-ta-b'l] a. un 
in-dorse' [Indors'j v.t. tosign; to sane 
in dor-see' Iln'dor-se'j «. signer [tion 
in-dorse'ment [in-dOrs'nu-nt] «. 
in-du'bi-ta-ble lin-dubi-ta-b-lj 
in-duce' (in-dus']z'./. to prevail on [dent 
in-duce'ment [-ment] n. motive 
in-duc'tion [In-duk'sliun] «. entrance 
in-duct'ive [-tlv] a. leading to 
in-dulge' [m-diJlj'] v.t. to gratify 
in-dul'gence [rn-dul'jfns] n. gratifica- 
in-dul'gent [-j<nt] «. kind Ition 

in'du-rate [iii<Iu-rSt] a. hardened 
in'du-ra'tion [-ra'shun] u. act of hard- 
in-dus'tri-al [Jn-dus'trl-<jl] a. lening 
in-dus'tri-ous t-Os] a. diligent 
in'dus-try [indus-tr>-] «. diligence 
in'dwell ing [in'dweringj «. residence 
in-e'bri-ate [In-e'brf-at] «. drunkard 
ine-bri'e-ty (ine-bri'e-ty] «. 
in-ef fa-ble [ui-effa-b'l] a. unutterable 
in ef-fect'ive [In'ef-fek'tiv] a. notabl 
inef-fec'tu-al t-tja-nll ". [power 

in-ef fi-ca-cy [fl-ki-sy] «. want of 
in ef-fi'cient [-fish't-nt] <z. incapable 
in-el'e-gant [m-ere-g<JntJ a. homely 
in-el'i-gi-ble [-I-ji-b'I] a. not qualified 
in-ept' [In-Cpf] a. unfit [parity 

in'e-qual'i-ty [in'e-kwOl'i-tyl «• dis- 
in-eq'ui-ta-ble [in-ek'wi-ta-b'l] a. not 
in-ert' [In-erf] <t. sluggish (just 

in-er'ti-a [In-er'shl-d] «. lifeless 
in-ert'ness [in-ert'nes] ?i. 
in-es'ti-ma-ble [inestl-ma-b'l] ,?. 
in-ev'i-ta-ble [in-ev'I-ta-b'I] a. sure 
inex-act'ness [in'egz-akt'nes] n. 
in'ex-cit'a-ble [in'ek-sit'a-b'l] a. dull 
inex-cus'a-ble (In'iks-kuz'a-b"!] a. 

inex-haust'i-ble [in'egz-ast'i-b'ij a. 
inex-ist'ent [in'cgz-lstVnt] a. 
in-ex'o-ra-ble [In-cks'«-ra-bM) a. 

in'ex-pe'di-ent [in'eks-pe'di-cnt] a. 
in'ex-pen'sive [-pfin'siv] a. cheap 
in ex-pe'ri-ence [pe'rr-^ns] k. 
in-ex'pli-ca-ble [pli-ka-b'l] «. 
in ex-press'i-ble [pres'l-b'l] a. untold 
in ex-tin'guish-a-ble a. r-ting'gwish- 
in-ex'tri-ca-ble [-tri-ka-b'lj a. la-b'lj 
in-fal'li-ble [In-farit-b'l] a. certain 
in'fa-mous [(n'fi-mCiiJ a. odious 
in'fa-my l-mpj «. disgrace 
in'fan-cy [Inf<7n-5y] k. l,al y-hood 
in'fant trn'fant] «. ababy 
in-fan'ti-cide [In-fln'tl-sld] k. murder 



n'fan-tile [in'fun-til] a. childish 
n'fan-try [try] «. foot soldiers 
n-fat'u-ate [lu-fat'u-ai] v.t. to delude 
n-fat'U-a'tion [a'shun] n. folly 
n-fect' Itn-fekt'] v.t. to taint fing 

n-fec'tion [In-f4k'shun)H.act ofinfect 
n-fec'tious [shus] a. contagious 
nfe-lic'i-ty [Infe-lls'l-ty] «. misery 
n-fer' [infer'] -v.t. to deduce [inferred 
n-fer'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. capable of being 
n'fer-ence [-^ns] 7t. conclusion 
n-fe-ri-or [In-fe'rl-er] a. subordinate 
n-fe'ri-or'i-ty [-Sr'l-ty] k. lower state 
n-fer'nal [in-fcr'n<jl) a. hellish 
n-fer'tile [til] a. not productive 
n-fest' [in-fesf] v.t. to disturb 
n-fest'ive [iv] a. dull 
n'fi-del [In'fi-dfl)«. unbeliever 
n'fi-del'i-ty [-del'r-ty] n. unbelief 
n'fi-nite [In'fl-nlt] «. boundless 
n'fi-nite-ly (lyl adz-, immensely 
n'fin-i-tes'i-mal [i-tes'l-mal] a. mi- 
n-fin'i-tive [-tn J a. unlimited Inute 
n-fin'i-tude [tUd] n. without limits 
n-fin'i-ty [-ty] «. unlimited extent 
n-firm' [In-fFrm'] a. feeble 
n-firm'i-ty [I-ty] n. failing- 
n-firm'a-ry [-a-r>] «. a hospital 
n-flame' [In-flam'] v.t. to kindle 
n-flam'-ma-ble [in-flam'ma-b'l] a. 
n'flam-ma'-tion [ma'shun] «. heat 
n-flam'ma-to-ry [ma-to-ry] a. 
n-flate' [tn-flat'i v.t. to swell 
n-fla'tion [In-fla'shun] H. distention 
n-fla'tus [In-fla'tus] n. inspiration 
n-flect' [in-flekt'] v.t. to bend 
n-flec'tion [In-flek'shOn] «. a turniuL; 
n-flex'i-ble [In-fleks'i-b'l] a. rigid 
n-flict' [iu-fllkt'] v.t. to apply 
n-flic'tion [In-fllk'shun] n. punishment 
n'flo-res'cence [in'flo-rss'scns] n. 
n'flu-ence [ In'flu-.ns] «. sway 
n flu-en'tial [•ensliizl] a. powerful 
n'flu-en'za [za] «. a cold 

n'flux' [In'fluks'] «. a flowing in 
n-fold' [In-fold'J v.t. to clasp 
n-form' [in-form'] v.t. to instruct 
n-form'al [-aX] a. not formal 
n-form'ant [-mit] «. tnfonner fnews 
n for-ma'tion [in'for-ma'shun] n. 
n-form'er [Pr] «. one who inlomis 
n-frac'tion [In-frak'shun] «. breach 

n-fran'gi-ble [in-fran'ji-b'l] a. 

n-fre'quent [in-fre'kwfnt] a. rare 
n-fringe' [In-frlnj'] v.t. to violate 
n-fringe'ment [mcnt] k. violation 
n-fu'ri-ate [in-fu'ri-at] v.t. to enrage 
n-fuse' [In-fuz'] t'./. pour in, as a liquid 
n-fu'si-ble t-fu'zl-b'l] a. not fusible 
n-fu'sion [-zhun] n. pouring in 
n-gen'iou3 [In-jen'yus] skillful 
n'ge-nu'i-ty [In'je-nu'i-ty] ti. skill 
n-gen'u-ous [in-jen'u-us] a. candid 
n-glo'ri-ous [in-glo'rl-Os] a. shameful 




in' got (In'gOtI «. mass of metal 
n-graft' im-graft'] v.t. to insert [grain 
n' grain' (In'gran'J v.t. to dye in the 
n-gra'ti-ate[in-grashi-atlf.;. [thanks 
n-grat'i-tude[in-gr5t'i tudi«.«ithout 
n-gre'di-ent [Ingredi-fnt) «. an ele- 
n'gress (In gres] K. entrance [ment 
in-gulf [ingulf] v.t. to swallow up 
n-hab'it [in-hab'Itl v.i. to dwell 
n-hab'it-a-ble [abl] a. 
n-hab'it-ant (It-ant) n. a dweller 
n-haXe' [inhal] v.t. to inspire 
n-hal'er [ erl k. medical apparatus 
n har-mo'ni-ous [in'har-mo'nl-usl a. 
n-her'ent [in-herVnt] a. innate 
n-her'it [In-herit] ---.t. to possess 
n-her'it-ance [ans] w.patrimony 
n-hib'it [m-hlbitl -i. .t. to restrain 
n-hos'pi-ta-ble [in-hospl-ta-bl] a. 
n-hu'man [In-hu'mtm] a. cruel 
n hu-man'i-ty [man'I-ty] n. cruelty 
n-im'i-cal [in-im'I-k.ill <i. adverse[tion 
n-im'i-ta-ble [-ta-b'll a. above imita- 
n-iq'ui-tOUS [in-ik'wi-tus] a. wicked 
n-iq'ui-ty [In-Tk'wI-ty] n. crime 
n-i'tial [mish-dl] n. first letter 
n-i'ti-ate [ish'-T-atl v.t. to introduce 
n-i ti-a'tion [-a'shun] «. beginning 
n-i'ti-a-tive [-a-tiv] k. that which be- 
n-i'ti-a-tory [-to-ry] a. Igins 

n-ject' [in-jekt'lt'./.to throw in [jected 
n-jec'tion [-jekshOni ». substance in- 
n-ject'or pn-jekt'erl «. injecting instr. 
n ju-di'cious [In'ju-dish'us] a. unwise 
n - junc'tion[In-jungk'shun); order 
n'jure [injur] v.t. to hurt 
n - ju'ri-0U3 [In-ju'rl-fls] a. hurtful 
n'ju-ry [in jury] n. damage 
n-jus'tice [in-jus'tisl «. wrong 
nk lingk] «. writing fluid 
n'kling [Ing'kllng] n. a hint 
nk'stand' [ingk'stand'i n. 
n-laid' (m-lad' ]/./*. of "inlay" 
n'land [in'land] a. within land 
n-lay' [In-la'] v.t. to insert 
n'let [mist] n. a bay: that which is let 
n'mate' [In'mat'J «. a lodger [in 

n'most' [In'most'J a. deepest within 
nn [in] n. public house 
nn'keep er (In'kep'f r) n. keeper of an 
n'nate [Innit] a. inborn (inn 

n'ner [In'ner] a. interior 
n'ner-moat' [-most] a. deepest within 
n'ning [Milnjj] h. the turn of being in 
n'no-cence [m n6-sfns)«.harmlessr.ess 
n'no-cent [In'n6-s«nt] a.pure; guiltless 
n-noc'u-OUS t-n6k'ii-us] a. harmless 
n'no rate [mnSvat] v.t. to change 
n no-va'tion (va'shunl n. new thing 
n-nox'iou3 [In-nOk'shus] a. harmless 
n nu-en'do [nfl-Sn'dS] n. oblique hint 
n-nu'mer-a-ble [In-nu'mcr-i-b'l] «. 
in-oc'u-late [in-ftk'd-lati v. to bud 
n-oc u-la'tion (Li'shnn) «. act of 


^ ^^ 





in-o'dor-ous [mo'der-Qsl a. 
in of-fen'sive [Offen'siv) a. harmless 
in of-fi'cial [in of-fish'ulla.notofficial 
in of-fi'cious |-fls] a. unfit 
in-op'er-a-tive [mop trs-tivi a. 
in-op por-tune' ( -p6r-tun') a. untimely 
in-or'di-nate [or dl-nat] a. excessive 
in or-gan'ic ;-6rgan'lk] a. not organic 
in-os'cu-late (Tn-as'kil-latl ii.t. to unite 
in'quest [in'kwest] n. inquiry 
in-quire' (inkwirj v.i. to ask 
in-quir-er [-cr]<i. 
in-qui'ry [y] «. a query 
in qui-si'tion [in'kwlzlsh'unl «. 
in-quis'i-tive [kwlz i-tlv] a. prying 
in'road' [in'rod] n. attack 
in'sa-lu'bri-OUS [Insi-lQ'hrt-Qs] a. 
in-sane' [m-san j a. deranged 
in-san'i-ta-ry [m-sar/i-ta-ry] a. 
in-san'i-ty [ty] w.craziness 
in-sa'tia-ble [In-sa'sha-b'l] a. greedy 
in-sa'ti-ate [-shi-at] a. not satisfiable 
in sa-ti'e-ty [In'sa-ti'e-tyl n. greedy 
in-scribe' [in-scrib] v.t. to write on 
in-scrip'tion [-skrip'shQn] n. address 
in-scru'ta-ble [Sn-skru'ta-b'l] a. 
in'sect (in sekt] «. small animal 
in se-cure' [in'se-kur'] a. not safe 
in'se-cu'ri-ty [Tn'se-ku'ri-tyl «. danger 
in-sen si-bil'i-ty [in-sensl-bil'i-ty] n 
in-sen'si-ble [bl) <r. unfeeling (torpor 
in-sep'a-ra-ble [insep'a-ra-bl] a. fast 
in-sert' [In-serf] -..■.t. to thrust in 
in-ser'tion [inscr shun] >/. piece set in 
inside' (In'sid'l n. internal part 
in-sid'i-OUS [in-sid'I-us]<i. deceitful; sly 
in'sight' [Tn'slt'l >!. deep view 
in-sig'ni-a (in-signi-a) badges 
in sig-nif i-cant [nif i-k>?nt] «. trifling 
in sin-cere' [in sm-ser'] a. false 
insin-cer'i-ty [ser'i-ty] n. falseness 
in-sin'u-ate [u-atj v.t. to hint 
in-sin u-a'tion [a'shunl «. ahint 
in-sip'id [in-sip'id] a. tasteless 
in-sist' [Tn-sist] ■£<.!. to urge 
in-snare' [m-snar') i.e. to entangle 
in'sole' [Tn'sol] «. inside sole of shoe 
in'so-lence [in-sS-lcns] n. impudence 
in'so-lent [-lent] a. insulting 
in-sol'u-ble [In-sOlii-b'l] a. not soluble 
in-sol'ven-cy [ven-sy] «. bankruptcy 
in-sol'vent [vent] a. bankrupt (ness 
in-som'ni-a [In-s6m'nl-a] n. sleepless- 
in so-much' [in'sS-much'] adv. [ous 
in SO-no'rous [-no'riJs] a. not melodi- 
in-spect' [m-spckt'l v.t. to examine 
in-spec'tion [InspSk'shun] n. [or 

in-spect'or |in-spek'tcr) n. a supervis 
in spi-ra'tion [tn'spira'shun] n. 
in-spire' [in-spir] v.t. to infuse 
in-spir'it [Tnsplr'rt] v.t. to animate 
in sta-bil'i-ty lin'sta-bll'i-ty] »;. 
in-stall' (instal'l v.t. to seat 
in stal-la'tion [in'stOl-la'shOn) n. 









l-stall'ment [-stal'mcntl k. part pay 
I'stance [in'stiins] k. occurrence 
I'stant [inst.jnt] a. ivithout delay 
I stan-ta'ne-OUS [In'stSn-ta'ne-Qs] a. 
I'stant-ly [in'sttint-ly] ^^t/z'. at once 
l-state' [in-stat'] z'.t. to place in office 
i-stead' [in-sted'] ac/-'. in place of 
l'step[m'step]«.arch or middle of foot 
I'sti-gate [in'stl-grat] f./. to incite to 
I Sti-ga'tion [ga'shun] H. 
l'sti-ga'tor[-gatrr]«. one who incites 
L-still' tin-stn'] Z'.t. to infuse 
L'stinct[Instingktl «. natural impulse 
l-Stinc'tive [in-stm^k'tiv] a. 
I'sti-tute fin'stl-tut] K. society; law 
isti-tu'tion [-sliun] 7». establishment 
i-struct' (in-strukt'] v./. to teach 
i-struc'tion [-strQk'shun] «. teaching 
i-struct'ive[-tiv]a.serving to instruct 
i-struct'or [tCr] h. a teacher 
i-struct'ress t-tres] k. a governess 
.'stru-ment [m'stru-m<-nt] K. 
. stru-men'tal [instru-men'tdl] a. 
I stru-men-tal'i-ty [-tal'i-ty] «. 
I'sub-jec'tion [In'sub-jek'shun] «. 
1 sub-mis'sion [-mish'un] «. 
I sub-or'di-nate [-sflb-or'di-nat] a. 
1 sub-or di-na'tion [-na'shun] «. 
I'sue-tude [In'swc-tud] «. absence of 
i-suf'fer-a-ble [in-suffcr-a-b'l] a. 
I'suf-fi'cient [-flshVnt] a. not enough 
I'su-lar [iusu-ler] tf. circumscribed 
I'su-late [-lat] i:f. to isolate 
1 su-la'tion [-la'shun] h. isolation 
I'su-la tor [-tCr] H. that which isolates 
I'sult [-suit] ?:. a marked disrespect 
i-su'per-a-ble [in-su'prr-a-b'l] <t. 

iSUp-pOrt'a-ble |in'sup-p5rt'a-b'l] a. 
.-SUr'ance [In-shur'-<msl H. 
.-sure' [in-shur'] -^.i. to make sure 
.-SUr'er l-rr] «. one who insures 
,-sur'gcntlin-sfir'jfntl«. rioter 
. sur-mount'a-ble [-mount'a-b'I] a. 
.sur-rec'tion [In'sur-rek'shOn] «. 
.'SUS-cep'ti-ble [In'sus-sSp'ti-b"I] a. 
-tact' |;n-t.'ikt'] a. untouched [pable 
-tan'[ji-ble [in-tan'jr-b"ll «. not pal- 
'te-ger [In'te-jcr] K. the whole 
'te-gral [In'te-gralJ a. complete 
'te-grant [-gnznt] a. 
/te-grate [in'tS-grat] v.t. tocomplete 
,-teg'ri-ty [in-teg'rl-ty] k. honesty 
,-teg'u-ment irn-tCg'u-m^nt] >t. a skin 
,'tel-lect [in'tel-lekt] «. the knowing 
. tel-lec'tu-al [-lek'tu-alj a. [faculty 
-tel'li-gence [-li-jcns] n. news 
-tel'li-gent [m-tel'lr-j^nt] ^.knowing 
;-tel'li-gi-ble [-jl-b'l] a. plain; clear 
,-tem'per-ance [in-tem'per-ans] «. 
i-tem'per-ate [-it] a. excessive 
L-tend' Iln-tC-nd'] v.t, to purpose 
i-tcnse' [rn-tcns'J a. ardent (intense 
i-tcn'si-fy [slfi] v.f. to make more 
i-ten'si-ty [ty] u. extreme degree 




in-tent' [intent] n. meaning 
in-ten'tion [in-ten'shun] h. design 
in-tent'ness |-nes] »/. attention 
in'ter- tin'ter-]/rf/?jr. among; between 
in-ter' [inter'] v.t. to bury 
in-ter'ca-la-ry [-ka-li-ry] a. additional 
in'ter-cede' [setl'] vJ. to mediate 
inter-cept' [in'ter-sept'j v.t. to stop 
in'ter-ces'sion [sesh'an] n. 
in'ter-ces'sor [ses'scr] «. a mediator 
in'ter-ces'so-ry [-sS-rJ] «. pleading for 
inter-change' [chanj'] n. exchange 
in'ter-course [kors] H.communicatior 
inter-dict' [Mlikt'l i>./. to forbid 
in'ter-est [ ost] t'V. to concern 
in'ter-fere' [fCr'] v.i. to interpose 
in'ter-fer'ence [ens] n. mediation 
in'ter-im [ im] «. mean time 
in-te'ri-or [inten-er] a. within 
in'ter - ject' [jekt'] v.t. to insert 
in'ter-jec'tion [jek'shfln] ti. 
in'ter -lace' [las'] i/. to intermix 
in'ter-line' [lin'j i/.t. to -write bet 
in'ter-lock' r-l6k'] v.t. to embrace 
in'ter-lo-cu'tion [Is-ku'shun] n. 
in'ter-lope' [lop'] z'.i. to forestall 
in'ter-lo-per [cr] n. an intruder 
in'ter-lude [lud] n. part between acts 
inter-med'dle [-med'd'l]t'.j. tomeddl 
in'ter-me'di-ate [-me'dl-at] a. middle 
in-ter'ment [m.nt] 71. burial [less 

in-ter'mi-na-ble [mi-ni-b'I] a. eml 
in'ter-min'gle [minsj'g'l] %'.t. to mi>c 
in'ter-mis'sion [ -mish'un] n. a pause 
in'ter-mit'tent [mit'tent] a. 

in'ter-mix't-miks'l-'./.tomix together 
in-ter'nal (-n,;I] a. inward 

in'ter-na'tion-al [nash'un-rtl] a. 
in-ter'po-late [pslat] v.t. to insert 
in-ter'po-la'tion [la'shfln] n. 
in'ter-pose'|-poz']7'./. toplacebetween 
in'ter-po-si'tion [pa-zish'un] w.medi- 
in-ter'pret[-pret] -v.t. toexplain lation 
in-ter'pre-ta'tion [pre-ta'shon] «. 
in-ter'pre-ter [pret-fr] n. translator 
in'ter-reg'num [reg'num] n. 
in-ter'ro-gate [in-ter'rS gat] v.t.t.o ask 
in-ter'ro-ga'tion [ga'shan] «. inquiry 

inter-rupt' [ropt'l •?■./. to hinder 
inter-rup'tion [rup'shan] n. stop 
inter-sect' [-s6kt'] v.t. to cross 
in'ter-sperse' [spers'] ■v.t. to scatter 
in'ter-state' [stat'] a. between states 
in-ter' stice [stls] «. a space; a crack 
in'ter-twine' [-twin'] v.t. to unite 
in'ter-val [val] «. space of time 
in'ter-vene [-ven] v.t. to come between 
in'ter-ven'tion [-ven'shun] «. 
in'ter-view [vij] «. a mutual seeing of 
in'ter-weave' [-wev'] v.t. to intermix 
in-tes'tate [in-tes'tit] n. without a wil 
in-tes'tine [tin] a. internal 




:i_.:^-^ 1 




■thrall' [In-//irari ■:-.t. to enslave 
'ti-ma-cy [in'ti-masyl n. closeness 
'ti-matt [-mat] i\ to announce: a. fa- 
ti-ma'tion [-ma'shun] «. Imiliar 
-tim'i-date (in-tlm'ldstl i-.^ to make 
-tol'er-a-ble [-er-S-b'!] a. [timid 

-tol'er-ance [-uns] «. bigotry 
•tol'er-ant [-.mtj a. bigoted 
■tomb' [In-tocm'l -J. t. to hury 
to-na'tion [na'shunj H. chanting 
-tone' [in-ton ) -'./.to chant 
-tox'i-cate [-f-kat] 'o.t. to make drunk 
-tox i-ca'tion [ka'shun] «. 
-tract'a-ble [-trakt'a-b'l] a. stubborn 
■ tran'si-tive [si-tlv] a. not passing 
-trench' [intrench'] i\t. [farther 

-trench'ment [mcnt] n. 
-trep'id [intrepid] a. brave 
in tre-pid'i-ty [-tre-pid'i-t5') n. valor 
I'tri-ca-cy [tri-ka-syl «. complication 
I'tri-cate [kit] a. complicated 
1-trigue' [in-treg'] M.aplot 
1-trin'sic [m-trinslk] a. inherent 
l-trin'sic-al-ly [-sl-k<il-ly] adv. truly 
1 tro-duce' [tri-dus'] 'j. t. to bring in 
1 tro-duc'tion [duk'shun] n. 
1 tro-duc'to-ry [-tS-ry] a. prefatory 
1 tro-spec'tion [spek'shon] «. 
l-trude' [In trude'l v.i. to trespass 
1-tru'sion [in-tni'zhun] n. entering 
l-tru'sive [siv] a. encroaching 
1-trust' [in-lrubt'] I'.t. to confide 
1 tu-i'tion [intfl-Ish'un] n. instinct 
1-tu'i-tlve [in-tQ'i-tiv] a. knowing 
1-un'date (in-andat) v.t. to deluge 
1 un-da'tion [da'shun] n. a flood 
1-ure' [in-ur] t./. to accustom 
1 U-til'i-ty (in u-til'l-ty] n. uselessness 
1-vade' (in-vad 1 'J.t. to enter and at 
1-vad'er [-er] n. one invading [tack 
l-val'id [In-vil'Id] a. of no force 
I'va-lid 'in valid] «. a sick one fen 
1-val'i-date (in-val'I-datl'Z'./. to weak 
i-val'u-a-ble [in-varu-a-bl] a. 
1-va'ri-a-ble [in-va'ri-a-b'l] a. 
1-va'sion [-^hun] n. act of invading 

1-vec'tive [m-vek'tiv] «. abuse 

1-veigh' [In-va'] v.i. to rail against 
I-vei'gle [In-ve'g'l] v.t. to entice 
1-vent' [In-vent' 1 ti.t. to devise 
l-ven'tion [In-ven'shan] «. device 
J-vent'ive [In-vent' toinvem 
1-vent'or (-?r] n. a contriver 
I'ven-to-ry [in'veu-tAry] «. alist 
1-verse' (In-vfrs' | a. inverted [down 
l-vert' [Invert] V.I. to turn upside 
n-ver'te-brate (in-vrr'tc-brSt) a. 
a-vest' [In-v.-bi'l V.!. to clothe 
i-ves'ti-gate lin-vestf-gat] v.t. 
a-ves ti-ga'tion [gl'shan] «.researcl 
n-vest'i-ture [I-tiir] «. conferring 
a-vest'ment [nifnt] «. [right 

tt-vet'er-ate [In-vSt'Pr-St] a. habitual 
l-Tid'i-OUa [In-vId'I-Os) n. envious 





in-vig'or-ate[-vIg'er-atli'./. to animate 
in-vin'ci-ble [in-vin'si-b'l] a. 
in-vi'o-la-ble [In-vi'6-la-b'l) a. sacred 
in-vi'o-late [lat] a. not violated 
in-vis'i-ble [In-vlz'i-b'l] a. unseen 
in'vi-ta'tion [Invl-ta'shun] «. request 
in-vite' (in-vlf] v.t. to ask 
in-VO-ca'tion [invfi-ka'shfln] «. prayer 
in'voice [Invois] n. a list 
in-voke' [in-vsk'l v.t. to ask 
in-vol'un-ta-ry [invslun-ta-ryl a. 
in vo-lu'tion [in'vS-lu'sIifln] n. 
in-volve' tm-volv'] i'.^. to entangle 
in-vul'ner-a-ble iinvol'ncr-a-bl] a. 
in'ward [in'werdj a. internal 
in'wards [werdzj a. same as "inward" 
i'o-dine !I'6 din] «. a drug 
i-o'ta [i-o' );. small part 
ip'e-cac [ip e-kak] «. ipecacuanha 
i-ras'ci-ble [i-rSs'sI-b'l] a. irritable 
ire (irl n. anger [colors 

iri-des'cent [ir'I-d6s's«nt] a. many 
i'ris [i ris) n. rainbow [Irelan . 

I'rish [i risli] n. s. and //. natives of 
irk'some lerk'sum] a. tedious 
i'ron [i'uni] n. a metal 
i-ron'ic-al [l-r6n'i-k<il] a. sarcastic 
i'ron-y [i urn-y] a. ridicule 
Ir'0-quois'[lr6-kwoi']».an Indian tribe 
ir-ra'di-ate [ir-ra'di-at] ij.t. to brighten 
ir-ra'tion-al lir-rish'un-al] jj. absurd 
irre-cep'tive lir'rC-sep'tiv] a. 
ir're-claim'a-ble [klam'a-b'l] «. lost 
ir-rec on-ci'la-ble [ir-rek'&n-si'la-b'l]rt 
ir'rs-deem'a-ble [ir're-dem'i-b'll a. 
ir-ref ra-ga-ble [gi-b'l] a. undeniable 
irre-fut'a-ble (Ir'rc-fut'a-b'll «. fixed 
ir-reg'u-lar [ reg'u-lcr] «. not uniform 
ir-reg u-lar'i-ty [-lar'i-ty] n. 
ir-rel'e-vant [L-rel'] a. foreign 
ir re-li'gion [ir'rc-ltj'unl ;;. impiety 
ir're-li'gious [us] <7. impious 
ir're-me'di-a-ble [ir're-meMi-4-bli a. 
ir're-mov'a-ble [Ir're-moov'a-b'l] a. 
ir-rep'a-ra-ble [ra-b'l] a. ruined 
irre-press'i-ble [ir'-re-pres'i-bl] a. 
ir're-proach'a-ble [ir're-proch'a-bl] a. 
irre-sist'i-ble [zist'i-b'l] n. invincible 
ir-res'o-lute [ir-rez'6-lQtl a. wavering 
ir-res o-lu'tion [la'shun] «. [regard 
ir're-spec'tive [spek'tlv] a. without 
irre-spon'si-ble [si-b'l] a. not liable 
ir're-triev'a-ble [Ir-re-trev'i-b'l) a- 
ir-rev'er-ence l-tr-ens] «. disrespect 
ir-rev'er-ent [-(iitl a. not reverent 
ir're-vers'i-ble [ir're-vers'i-b'l] a. 
ir-rev'o-ca-ble [Tr-rev'S-kJ-b'l] c^- 
ir'ri-gate |irri-gatl v.t. to water 
ir'ri-ga'tion [ga'shfln[ «. overflow 
ir'ri-ta-ble [ta-b'l] <!. cross 
ir'ri-tate [tat] v.t. to vex 
ir ri-ta'tion [ta'shun] n. anger 
ir-rup'tion [ir-rup'stiunl«. a breaking 
i' sin-glass [-zin^glas] «.mica; gelatin 












is'land [i'Und] «. land surrounded by 

isle (il) n. an island Iwatei 

i'so-late [i sa-iat) I'.t. to detach 

i SO-la'tion t-la'shunj n. separation 

Is'ra-el-ite [iz'rS-Sl-it] «. a Jew 

is'sue [ish u] II. adischarge 

isth'mus I is'mus ] It. slip of land 

I-tal'ian [ital'yanl «. native of Italy 

i-tal'ic [-ik] a. kind of type 

itch [ichl «. a disease: strong desire 

i'tem |i tein] rtiff. an article 

it'er-ate [it'crat) v.l. to repeat 

it er-a'tion [It'cr-a'shOnl «. repetition 

i-tin'er-a-cy [i-tiner-a-sy] >;. 

i-tin'er-ant [imtl a. wandering 

it-self [itself ]/>-<;m. 

i'vo-ry [I'vS-ryl «. elephant's tusk. 

i'vy [i^'yl n. a climbing plant 

jab'ber [jab'ber] -v-i. to chatter 
Jack [.iik] «. a name; a tool 
jack'al' IjJk'al'l k. an animal rcomb 
jack'a-napes' [ jsk'a-naps'j h. a cox- 
Jack'ass' I-as'] «. a male donkey 
.jack'daw' [jak'da'] «.abird 
jack'et [ jak'et) «. a short coat fknife 
.jack'knife' l-nifl «. a strong pocket 
jack'straw' [stra'l «. a scarecrow 
jack'plane' [plan'] K.aplaneforrough 
jac'o-bin | S-l.m] K.awhite friar [work 
.iac'o-net [-6 net] h. soft muslin 
jade [ jad] «. a tired horse; a wench 
Jag r jSg] K. a small load; v. to notch 
.ja-gu-ar* [ ji-gwar'] «. an animal 
Jail ( jsl] ". a prison 
jail'er [-tr] n. a prison keeper 
Jak'o ( j Jk'o) H. an African parrot 
Jal'ap [ jal'dp) «. a plant; a purgative 
Jam I jam] -^.t. to crowd; «. a preserve 
jamb [Jaml ti. door post 
Jan'gle I jungg 1) v.i. to quarrel 
Jan'i-tor [ jan'i-tcrj h. a potior 
Jan'u-a-ry [janila ry] «. first month 
Ja'nus [ja nusj 71. agod with two faces 
Ja-pail' [ j'lpan'l v.t. to varnish [an 
Jap a-nese' [ jlp'a-nez') <r. pert, to J.ip- 
Ja-phet'io [jl-fOt'ik] «. Japlieth race 
ja-pou'i-ca [ ji-pSn'I-ka] u. a flower 
Jar [ iSr] ti. kind of vial; v. to shake 
Jar di niere' [zhJr'dO''] w.F.avase 
Jar'gon [ \.\t'-^'/,n\ «. [pear 

jar go-nelle' I jargi-nOl'] k. kind of 
Jas'mine [jas'min] «.a plant 
Jas'per [jasper] « astone 
jaun'dice [j.inMt'-l «. a disease 
jaunt [] v.i. to ramble 
Jaun'ti-ly ['tl-ljj atfv. arily 
Jaun'ty ['tj ] a. showy 
Ja'va I ja'va] «.a M.ilny island 
java'lin [jiv'llnj ;i. a spear 
jaw tjal «. bones of the mouth 
jay Ij.-i) «. abird 
jeal'ous ( jcI'OsI n. suspicious 
jeal'ous-y i y] «. envy 





jean [.ian] «. twilled cotton clot'.i 

jee [jc] -'. same as "gee" 

Jeer [ jcr] n. derision 

jeer'ing-ly [-mg-ly] adv. scornfully 

Je-ho'vah [je-ho'va] ». God 

je'hu tje'hu] «. a coachman 

.je-june' [jejun'] a. barren 

jel'ly tjel'ly] «■ gelatin 

.jem'my [jem'my] n. short crowbar 

.jen'net [jen'netj «. a small horse 

.jen'ny [jen'ny] «. spinning machine 

jeop'ard [jep'erd] v.t. to hazard 

jeop'ard-ize [iz] v.t. to risk 

.jeop'ard-y \-y\ n. danger 

,jer-bo'a [jcr-bo'a] n. Egyptian rodent 

jerk Ijcrk] v.t. to throw suddenly 

jer'kin fjer'kinl n. a waistcoat fcattl 

jer'sey [jcr'zyl ?:. a garment; breed of 

jess tjes] K. a ribbon 

jest [jest] «. a witticism 

jest'er [er] n. a buffoon; court fool 

Jes'u-it [ jez'u-it] n. of a religious order 

jes'U-it'ic-al [] a. pert to Jesuit 

Je'sus [je'zus] n. our Lord 

jet [jet] n. a mineral 

jet'sam [jct's^ml «. sunken goods 

jet'ti-son [jet'ti'sfln] «. 

Jew [ juj 71. an Israelite 

jew'el [iu'el] «. precious stone 

jew'el-er [-fr] «. dealer in jewels 

jew'el-ry (ju'el-ry) ;;. jewels 

Jew'ess [Ju'es] «. Hebrew woman 

jez'e-bel [jez'e-bel] K. a vicious woman 

jib [jib] H. name of a ship sail 

"jibe [jib] -v.t. to shift 

jiffy [jiffy] n. a moment 

jig ri'g] "• a dance 
jilt [Jilt] H. a flirt 
jim'my [ jimmy] n. a tool 
jin'gle [jing'g'l] v.i. to clink 
job [job] n. a piece of work 
job'ber [ jsb'ber) n. a dealer 
job'bing-house' [job'bmg-hous'] k.. 
jock'ey [jok'y] 71. horse-rider 
jo-cose* [jS-koz'l a. waggish 
joc'u-lar [ jok'u-ler] a. merry 
joc'und [jek'und] a. lively 
jog [jog] v.t. to push 
jog'gle [jSg'g'M v.t. to shake 
join [join] v.t. to connect 
join'er [ join'er] n. a carpenter 
joint [joint] n. an articulation 
joint-ly [-ly] adv. in concert 
join'ture [join'tur] n. union 
joist [joist] H. piece of timber 
joke [jok] 71. ajest; v.i. tojest 
jolll-fi-ca'tion [jol'll-fi-ka'shunl '■ 
jol'll-ly [ jel'lMyl adv. merrily 
jol'li-ty [ty] « gayety 
jol'ly [jolly] a. gay; merry 
jolt [jolt] K. to shake 
Jo'nah [ jo'na] n. bringer of ill luck 
jon''quil [jOn'kwIl] k. an early flower 
joss [jOs] 71. a Chinese idol 

/ / 










os'tle [jOs'U f.r to push 

ot ( jSt] «. least quantity 
ounce [jouns] t>. to jolt 
our'nal [ jur'nal] «. a record 
our'nal-ism [Tz'm] n. editing 
our'nal-ist [ist J k. a writer 
our'ney [jQr'nylw.j. to travel; «. a trip 
our'ney-man [-ny-rmrni «. mechanic 
oust [joust] >i. a mock fight 
ove [.lov] >i. Jupiter ■ 
o'vi-al (jovi-rtll a. joyous 
owl [jol] n. the cheek 
oy [ joi] n. gladness 
oy'ful [lul] a. very glad 
oy'less [-lesl a. sad 
oy'ous [usj a. glad 
u'bi-Iant [ ju'] a. rejoicing 
u'bi-lee [ ju'bi-le) «. season of joy 
u'da-ism (ju'di-Izml «. Jewish creed 
udge Ijuj] v.t. to decide 
udg'ment [ juj'mfnt] n. discretion 
u'di-ca-ture [judi-ka-tir] «. a court 
u-di'cial [ju-dlsh'«l] a. legal 
u-di'cia-ry [Ju-dlsh'a-rj] k. a court 
u-di'cious f.iu-dlsh'iis] a. wise 
u& [jujj] ft. earthen vessel 
Ug'ger-naut [gcr-natl «. a Hindoo 
Ug'gle [-g'l] v.t. to conjure Igod 

Ug'gler [jug'glcr] «. a deceiver 
u'gu-lar ( ju'gu-Ier] a. a vein 
uice ejus] «. a liquid fing juicy 

u'ci-ness [ju'si-n6s] «. quality of be 
ui'cy rju'sy] a. full of sap or juice 
u'jube [ jii'jub] K. small tree and fruit; 
u'lep [ ju'Iep] «. a drink Icandy 

U-ly' 1 jil-li'] K. seventh month [ture 
um'ble r jQm'b'l] v.t. to mix; 7t. a mix- 
ump [ jiimpj "v.!. to leap; n. a leap 
unc'tion [jungk'shun] «. union 
unc'ture [jungk'tur] k. crisis 
une fjun) «. sixth month 
un'gle [jiJn'g'll K. a thicket 
un'ior [jun'yer] 91. younger person 
u'ni-per [juniper] n. an evergreen 
unk rjungk] «. old iron. &c, [tree 

unk'et [et] f.i. to feast 
u'no [ju'no] 71. queen of heaven [state 
un'ta [jun'ta] «. Spanish council of 
un'to [to] K. a fraction [chief god 

u'pi-ter [jupl-tcr] «. a planet; myth. 
u'ra ( ra] >i. mountains in Switzerland 
U rid'ic-al [ jurld'l-kal] a. legal form 
u ris-con'sult [ju'ns-ksn'salt] «. [er 
U ris-dic'tion [illk'shunlw. legal pow- 
u ris-pru'dence (■pru'd<'ns] n. law 
u'rist [ jurist] K. one versed in law 
u'ror t ja'rFr] k. a jury man 
u'ry [ ju'ryj K. men to decide evidence 
ust [just] a. fair; exact; honest 
us'tice [jfls'tls] ». impartiality; equity 

jus ti-fl'a-ble [jOs'tl-fi'i-b'li a. 

jus ti-fi-ca'tion [jas'ti-fi-ka'shfln] «. 

jus'ti-fier | jfls'tl-fl'cr] «. defender 

jus'ti-fytjQstl-flj*./. toshowtobejust 

I. ^ / 6 




just'ness [jQst'nes] h. exactness 
jut [jQtJ f.i. to project 
,ju've-nile [ju'vc-nil] a. youthful \n. 
jux'ta-po-si'tion [jQks'ta-p6-ztsh'un] 

kai'ser [kl'zer] «. German emperor 
kale [kali n. a kind of cabbage 
ka-lei'do-seope [ka-li'di-skop] «. 
kal'ends f-indzl «. same as "calends" 
kal'so-raine l-sO-min] «. kind of paint 
kan'ga-roo' [kang'ga-roo'] k. 
ka'o-lin [ka'odm] «. China clay 
karn [kSin] n. pile of rocks 
ka'ty-did' [ka'ty-dld'j n. an insect 
kedge [kej] 71. small anchor 
keel [l^eij it. a ship's backbone 
keel'age [-Sj] «. ship's due, or toll 
keel'son f-s'n] «. an inside keel 
keen [kon] a. sharp 
keen'ly [-ly] ad~^. acutely 
keen'ness [-nSs] k. sharpness 
keep [kepi ■Z'-'. to retain 
keep'er (kep'er] h. g-uardian 
keep' sake' [kep'sak'] n. a token 
keg [kegl n. small cask 
ke'loid [keloid] a. tumorous 
kelp [kelpl «. seaweed 
kel'pie [-py] n. Scotch^ a spirit 
ken [k5nl v.t. to know 
ken'nel [kennel] «. dog-house 
ke'no [ks'noj ^j. a gambling game 
ken'tle [ken'fl] n. hundred weight 
ker'chief [ker'chif ] «. ahead-dress 
kerf [kf'rf 1 n. notch made by saw 
ker'mes [ker'mSz] n. a scarlet dye 
kern [kern] «. Irish foot soldier 
ker'nel [nel] n. the gist of anything 
ker'o-sene' [ker's-sen] «.an oil 
ker'sey [kfr'zy] n. woolen cloth 
ketch [kc-ch] n. a kind of sailing vessel 
ketch'up [kech'Op] n. a sauce 
ket'tle [ket't'l) «. iron vessel [drum 
ket'tle-drum [-drum] «.akirid of small 
key [ke] n. lock opener 
Khe'dive' [kS'deev'] h. a viceroy 
kick [kik] 71. blow with foot 1 Indians 
Kick-a-poos' l-apooz] «.//. tribe of 
kid [kid] It. young goat 

kid'nap' [nap ] v.i. to steal 

kid'ney [kid'ny] n. part of body 
kill [kil] C'./. deprive of life 
kiln I kil] Ji. large oven [weight 

kil'o-gram [kilogram] «. measure of 
kil'o-me'ter [meter] «. measure of 
kilt [kilt] K. short petticoat [length 
kim'bo [klm'bS] a. crooked; arched 
kin [kin] n. kindred 
kind [kind] a. good hearted 
kin'der-gar ten [krn'der-gar'tSn] n. 
kin'dle [ kin'd'l j v.!. to take fire 
kind'li-er [kind'll-er] a. more kindly 
kind'li-ness [kind'll-nes] «. mildness 
kind'ly jkind'lyl a. with good will 
kind'ness [kind nes] n. good will 





kin'dred [kin'dreaj a. related: it. rela- 
kine [kin) >!./■/. cows [tions 

kin e-mat'ics [kine-mat'lks] «. 
ki-ne'to-graph [ki-ne'togrii] «. 
ki-ne'to-scope [ki-neto-skopi k. 
king fkin^l fi. sovereign 
king'dom [king'dumj «. areg^ion 
kink [kingk] >!. a twist 
kins'folk' Iklnz'fbk'] «. kindred 
kins'man [kinz'man] «. a male relative 
ki-osk' [kc-Cskl «. Turkish tent 
kip [kip] II. kind of leather 
kip'per [per] a. gay 
kirk[k'rk] ». a church 
kir'mess [kcr'mes] n. aa entertainment 
kir'tle [kcrtl] «. agown [suchasalute 
kiss Ikls] ■:•./. to salute with the lips; k. 
kit [kit] «. set of tools 
kitch'en [klch'en] «. cook-room 
kite [kit] ri. a. toy; a bird 
kith [ki/;j]«. kindred 
kit-ten [kit-t'n] «. ayoungcat 
kit'ten-ish [-Ish] a. playful [seag-ull 
kit'ti-wake [klt'tl-wak] «. northern 
kit'tlish [llsh] <i. ticklish 
klep to-ma'ni-a [klep'tS-ma'ni-d] «. 
klep'to-ma'ni-ac [ ak] «. a thief 
knab [nab] v.^. to seize 
knack [nak] «. dexterity 
knag [nai;I ". knot in wood 
knap'sack' [nap'sak'] >t. soldier's sack 
knave [nav] k. dishonest man 
knav'er-y [nav'or-y] «. fraud 
knav'ish [nav'Ish] a. fraudulent 
knead [ned] v.t. to work dough 
knee [ne] «. part of leg 
kneel [nel] v.t. to bend the knees 
knell [nel] K. stroke of a bell 
knew fnu] />./■«■«« of "know" 
knife [nlf ] «. sharp blade 
knight [nit] «. a champion 
knight'hood [hasd] k. 
knit iiiit] z:t. to join 
knob [nob] It. a bunch 
knob'by [nOb'by] a. bunchy 
knock [nOk] zr.t. to strike 
knock'er [-cr] k. a door hammer 
knoll [nol]K. small hill 
knot [ni^t] K. a tie 
knot'ty [nOt'ty] a. full of knots 
know In..] v.(. to understand clearly 
know'a-ble [nOa-bl] a. may be known 
knowl'edge [nOl'Sj] k. learning 
known [nOn]/./. of "know" 
knuc'kle [nuk'k'l] «.joint of finger 
ko'bold [kobold] «. a goblin 
Koh i-noor' [ko'I-noor') «. a famous 
kohl [V;oI] u. dye for eyelids [diamond 
ko'peck [ko'pek] «. a Russian coin 
Ko'ran [kOrun] k. Mohammedan Bible 
kou'miss [kSo'mls] «. a liquor made 
kraal [kril] it. [from mare's milk 

Krish'na [krlsh'ni] n. Hindoo god 
krul'ler [knll'lcr] u. a crisped cak- 








ku'miss [koo'mis] x.same as "koumiss' 
ky'a-nite [Wa-nit] «. a mineral 


la'bel [la'bal] «. an inscription 
a'bi-al [-bl-alj a. pertaining to the lips 
a-bor [-bor] t;.;. to toil Iroom 

ab'o-ra-tO-y [lab'6-ra-t4-ryl «. work- 
a'bor-er [la'ber-er] n. one who laliors 
a-bo'ri-OUS [la-bs'ri-us] a. toilsome 
a'bor-less [la'ber-les] a. easy 
a'brose [la'hrSs] a. having thick lips 
a-bur'num [la-bar'nflm] n. 
ab'y-rinth [lab'l-rln//!] ». a maze 
ac [lak] H a kind of resin 
ace [las] K. interwoven threads 
ac'er-ate [las'er-at] v.t. to rend 
ac'er-a'tion [-a'shun] «. a tearing 
ach'ry-mal [lak'ri-m<il] «. 
ach'ry-mose' [mosi a. tearful 
ac'ing [las ingj n. a cord; quantity oi 
ack [lak] K. want llacc 

ack'ey t-y] «. a footman 
a-COn'ic [ la-kOn'ik 1 a. concise in words 
ac'o-nism[lak'4-niz'ml!z. concise style 
ac'quer [lak'er] k. a varnish 
a-crosse' [la-krSs'] «. a Canadian game 
ac'ta-ry [lik'ta-ry] a. milky 
ac'te-al [-te-al] a. pertaining to milk 
ac'te-OUS t-Os] a. milky 
ac'tic [-tlk] a. pertaining to milk 
ac-tom'e-ter[-t6m e-trri>i. milk gauge 
a-Cu'nar [la-ku'ner] «. a sunken ceil- 
ad [lad] M. aboy lingpanel 

ad'der [-dtr] «. a frame with steps 

ade [lad] -'.t. toio^d 

ad'ing [-Ing] n. freight 
a'dle [la'd'l] n. kind of large spoon 
a-drone' [la-dron'] S/>. ti. a pirate 
a'dy [laVly] 7t. a well-bred woman 
a'dy-like' [-lik'] a. like a lady 
a'dy-love' [-luv'J «. sweetheart 
ag [lag] a. tardy 
ag'gard [gcrd] «. a loiterer 
,a-gOOn' Lla-goon'] n. shallow lake 
aid [lad]/./. o{ lay. deposited 
aia [lan]/./. odie. did lie 
air [lar] «. wild beast's bed 
aird [lard] Scotch n. lord 
a'i-ty [la'I-ty] n. the people; not clergy 
ake [lak] ». water surrounded by land 
a'ma tia'ma] n. a Thibet priest 
amb [lam] n. young sheep 
am'bent [bent] a. gliding over 
amb'kin [kin] «. a small lain'.> 
amb'like' [lik'] a. mild; gentle 
am'bre-quin -[ber-kln] «. a drapery 
amb'skin' [-skin'] «. dressed skin of 
ame [lam] a. [lamb with tlie wool on 
ame'ness [-nes] «. weakness 
a-ment' [la-menf] v.i. to bewail 
am'en-ta-ble [lam'5n-t4-b'I] «. pitiful 
am'en-ta'tion [-ta'shun] «.gr:ef 
am'i-na |Um'l-na] k. thin plate 
amp [lamp] ;:. light-producing vessel 




lamp'black' [blsk] ». fine soot 
lam-poon' [lam-po5n) i'. to abuse 
lam'prey f-pry) «. a fish 
la'na-ry [la'na-rjl k. a place to store 
lance ['.ins) «. a Ions' spear Iwool 

lan'cer [ISn'scr] «. kind of cavalryman 
lan'cet [lan'set] n. sharp instrument 
lance'wood [lans'wood] «. tough wood 
lan'ci-nate [lan'sl-nat] z'.t. to tear 
land [l.-ind] II. earth; ground 
lan'dau [lan'do] «. a coach 
land-ed {-ii\fj>. of" land" 
land'ed a. possessing land fman 

land'grave' [-grav'] w. a German noble- 
land'hold er (-hold'crl tt. land owner 
land'ing [mg] «. a whart 
land'la dy [-la'dy] «. inn mistress 
land'lock' [lok ) •v.t. to land bound 
land'lord' [-lord'] «. owner 
land'mark' [-mark] «. boundary 
land' scape [-skap] n. land scene 
lane ['An] >i. passageway 
lan'guage [lang'gwjj] k. human speech 
lan'guid [gwid] a. feeble 
lan'guish [gwish] v.t. to grow dull 
lan'guor [gwcrl «. dullness 
lank i'lnjTkJ a. slender; lean 
lan'tern [lantern] «. cover for a light 
lan'yard [-ycrd] w. a ship rope 
lap [lap] z-.t. to fold; to lick up 
la-psl' (la-pel'l «. part of a coat 
lap'ful [lapful] «. full lap fer 

lap'i-da-ry [lap'i-di-ry] «. gem polish- 
Lapp [lap] H. one from Lapland 
lap'pet [pet) K. decorative fold 
lapse [laps] ^'.!. to glide [anvil 

lap'stone' (lap'ston'] «. shoemaker's 
lap' wing' [wing'l K. European bird 
lar'board' [lar'bord'l «. left side of ship 
lar'ce-ny [lar'se-ny] «. theft 
larch [larch] K. a tree 
lard [lard] « fat of swine 
lard'er [lard'er] n. a room for food 
large [larj] a. of great size 
larg'er [-er] comp. a. of greater size 
large'ly [ly] ad-v. widely 
larg'est [est] sup. a. the biggest 
large'ness [nss] «. bulk 
lar'i-at [lar'i-at] n. a lasso 
lark [ISrk] n a bird 
lark'spur [spur] k. a plant; flower 
lar'rup [larrup] ■v.t. to beat 
lar'va [lar'vi] «. insect in grub state 
lar yn-gi'tis [lir'fn-ji'tls] n. 
lar'ynx [-Ingks] « part of windpipe 
las-civ'i-0U8 (las-slvl-Cisl a. wanton 
las-civ'i-ou8-nes8 [ncs] «. 
lash [lash] -L'.i. to strike 
lass (las) «. a girl 
las'si-tude [las'sI-tQd] «. languor 
las'so [las'sAj n rope with noose 
last [list] a. the latest; the hindmost 
last'ing [-Ing] a. durable 
latch [lath] « the catch of a door 









latch'et tlSch'St] «. shoe string 
late [lat] "■ tardy; after due 
la-teen' [l,i-ten'] k. triangular sail 
late'ness [lat'nes] «, tardiness 
la'tent [la'tfnt] a. not seen; hidden 
lat'er [later] a. subsequent 
lat'er-al [\it'er-iz\]iz. pert, to the sides 
lath [lath] «. tliin, narrow strip of wood 
lathe [lath] n. machine of turning 
lath'er [li/A'Er] «. foam of soap 
lat'in [latin] a. Roman 
lat'i-tude [lat'i-tud] n. extent; breadth 
lat'ter [lat'ter] a. last; modern 
lat'ter-math [-math] x.seconj mowing 
lat'tice [lat'tTs] ?;, wooden net-work 
laud [lad] K. praise 
laud'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. praiseworthy 
lau'da-num [la'da-num] K. opium 
lau-da'tion [lada'shun] «. praise 
laud'a-tO-ry [lad'a-to-rj'] «. praising 
laugh [laf ] n. expression of mirth 
laugh'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. ludicrous 
laugh'ing-gas [-ing-gas] 
laugh'ter [laf'ter] «. 
launch [lanch] v.t. to set afloat 
laun'der [lan'dEr] v.t. to wash 
laun'dered [-derd]/./. having been 
laun'der-er [-er] «. wash-man [washed 
laun'dress [-drSs] «. wash-woman 
laun'dry [-dry] n. wash-house 
lau're-ate [la're-St]«. one crowned with 
lau'rel [la'rel] K. ashrub [laurel 

la'va [la'vi] n. volcanic melted rock 
lav'a-tO-ry [lav'a-tS-ryJ «. place for 
lave [lav] %'J. to bathe [washing 

lav'en-der [lav'en-der] «. an aromatic 
la'ver [la'ver] n. large basin [plant 

lav'ish [lav'ish] a. wasteful 
law [la] n. a rule 
law'ful [-fgl] a. legitimate 
law'giv'er [-giv'er] n. a legislator 
law'less [lales] a. illegal 
law'less ness [-nes] n. disorder 
law'mak'er [la'mak'erj «. lawgiver 
lawn [Ian] n. grass plot 
lawn'ten'nis [lan'tSn'nls] >i. a game 
law'suit' [la'suf] n. process in law 
lawyer [-ycr] «. an attorney 
lax [laks] a. loose; flabby 
lax'a-tive [-a-tlv] a. purgative 
lax'i-ty [-I-ty] «. slackness 
lay [la] ?:. a song; Z'.i. to put down 
lay'er [-cr] >i. a stratum 
lay'man [-man] «. one of the people 
laz'a-ret' [liz'a-ret'] ^.«. pest house 
la'zi-ness [la'zl-nes] k. state of being 

la'zy [la'zyj a. indolent 
lea [le] «. a meadow 
leach [lech] v.t. to make lye 
lead [led] K. a metal 
lead'en [-'n] a. made of lead 
lead'er [led'er] n. a chief 
lead'ing [-rng] a. most important 
leaf [lef ] n. part of plant 





leafage [4j] n. foliage 
leafless [-les] a. without leaves 
leaflet [-let] «. a little leaf 
league [leg] «. to unite 
lea'guer [le'ger] «. a confederate 
leak [lek] ii.t. to ooze through 
leak'age [lek'aj] n. a leaking 
leal [lel] a. faithful 
lean t'en] v.i. to incline; a. thin; lank 
lean'ness [-nes] n. want of flesh 
leap [lep] ■v.i. to spring 
leap'frog' [lep'frog] «. a game 
leap'year' [lep'yer'] «.year of sefidaj-s 
learn [lem] z\l. to acquire skill 
learn'ed [Icmed] a. skillful 
learn'ing [lern'ing] «. knowledge 

lease [iss] -v.t. to let 

lease'hold' [-hold] a. a tenure 
leash [lesh] v.t. to bind 
leashed [lesht]/./. of "leash" 
least [lest] a. smallest 
leath'er [leth'er] «. dressed hides 
leave [lev] v.t. to depart from 
leav'en [lev'n] «. yeast 
leav'ings [lev'Ingz] «.//. things left 
lec'ture [lek'tur] «. a discourse 
lec'tur-er [-cr] h. a speaker 
lec'turn [-turn] «. a reading desk 
led [led]/./, of "lead" 
ledge [le.i] «. a ridge 
ledg'er [lej'cr] ji. account book 
lee [le] n. a calm 
leer [ler] n. an oblique look 
lees [lez] ;;.//. sediment 
lee'ward [le'wcrd] a. the sheltered side 
lee'way' [le'wa'J ?;. side movement 
left [left] a. opposed to the right 
left'hand' [-hind] u. the left-side hand 
leg [leg] «. lower limb 
leg'a-cy [leg'a-sy] It. a bequest 
le'gal [legal] a. lawful 
le-gal'i-ty [le-gal'I-ty] n. lawfulness 
le'gal-ize [le'g<il-iz] v.t. authorize 
leg'ate [legit] «. an envoy 
leg'a-tee' [leg'a-te'] K.heir 
le-ga'tion [le-ga'shun] «. an embassy 
leg'end [lejend] II. a s'ory 
leg'end-a-ry [lejen-ds-ry] a. fabulous 
leg'er-de-main' [-cr-dc-mSn']H.a trick 
leg'ging [legging] «. cover for leg 
leg'i-ble [lej'i-b'l] a. readable 
leg'i-bly [blj] adv. 
le'gion [le'jCin] «. a great number 
leg'is-late [Icj'is-lat] v.i. to make laws 
leg is-la'tion [-la'shun] «. laws 
leg'is-la-tive [la-tivj a. 
leg'is-la'tor [H'tcr] n. a lawgiver 
leg'is-la ture [-tur]>i. law-making body 
le-git'i-ma-cy [li-jrt'i-mi-sy] k. 
le-git'i-mate [mSt] a. genuine 
leg'ume [ic-g'um] «. a pod 
le-gu'mi-n0U8 [Ic-gu'inl-nQs] a. 
lei'sure [Ic'zhttr] «. vacant time 
lem'ming (lem'mtng) «. arctic mouse 

(^...r/r? n 




lem'on [IC-m'Qn] «. a fruit 
lem'on-ade' [ad'] n. a drink 
le'mur [le'mur] n. kind of ape 
lend [lend] v.t. to allow the use of 
lend'er [-cr] n. one who lends Fsic 
length [lengM] n. trfe longest dime 
length'en [-'n] v.t. to extend 
length'y [y] a. long 
le'ni-en-cy [le'nl-cn-sy] «. mercy 
le'ni-ent [-<nt] a. relaxing 
len'i-ty [len'r-ty] «. kindness 
lens [lenz] «. a glass 
lent [lint] K. spring time 
lent'en [-'n] a. pertaining to lent 
lon'til [Icn'til] n. a plant 
len'tor [tSr] «. slowness 
Le'o [le'o] n. a sign of the Zodiac 
le'o-nine [le'O-ninJ a. lion-like 
leop'ard [lip'crd] n. an animal 
lep'er [lep'cr] n. one who has leprosy 

lep'er-ous [us] a. 
lep'ro-sy [lep'rC-sy] n. a disease 
lop'rous [IC-p'rCs] II. pert, to leprosy 
le'sion [le'zhQn] «. a wound 
less [les] a. smaller 
1-S-see' [-se'] H. leaseholder 
Isss'en [-'n] 'J.t. to diminish 
less'er [-rr] a. smaller 
les'son [les's'n] 71. instruction 
les'sor [-sOr] n. one who leases 
lest [lest] conj. for fear that 
let [let] -v.t. to permit 
le'thal \\i'tha\\ a. deadly 
le-thar'gic [le-//iar'jlk] a. dull 
leth'ar-gy [leth'ar-jy] n. drowsiness 
Le'the [le'thc] ?;. river of oblivion 
let'ter [Ict'tcr] k. an epistle 
let'tered [tCrd] a. educated [point 

let'ter-press' [let'tfr-pres'] n. type 
let'tuce [Ict'tls] «. a plant [alkaloid 
leu-CO'ma-ine [lu-ko'ma-tn] n. a vital 
Le-vant' [le-vint'] «. Mediterranean 
lev'ee [lev'c] n. bank of a river [lands 
lev'el [-el] a. horizontal 
le'ver [le'vcr] «. a bar 
le-vi'a-than [le-vi'a-//;<jn] H. sea ani- 
Icv'i-gate [-gatjl/.topolishitomix [mal 
Le'vite [le'vlt] K.Jewish priest 

le-vit'ic-al [Ic-vJt'I-kal] «• priestly 
Le-vit':-CUS[-kus] «. third book in Bible 
lev'i-ty [lev'I-ty] n. frivolity 
lev'y [lev'y] 'J.t. to impose 
lewd [lud] a. licentious 
lewd'ness [ncs] n. 
lex'i-con [leks'i-ksn] n. a dictionary 
ley [le] «. a lea; a meadovir 
li'a-bil'i-ty [it'a-bii'r-ty] «. 

li'a-ble [-b'l] a. responsible 
li'ai'SOn' [le'a'z6«'] «. improper inti- 
li'ar [li'er] «. one who lies [macy 

li'as [li'ds] « sort of limestone 
li-ba'tion [shun] «. an offering of wine 
li'bel [li'bel] K. defamatory writing 
li'bel-ant [-ant] k. one who libels 

r\ r\r\0.. 

.0....C r\ 






li'bel-er [-er] «. defamer 

li'bel-OUS [us] a. defamatory 

lib'er-al (lib'cr-nll a. g^enerous 

lib er-al'i-ty [-al'i-ty] k. candor 

lib'er-al-ize [-al-iz] v.t. to enlarge 

lib'er-ate t-st] -v.t. to free 

lib'er-tine [tin] «. a debauchee 

lib'er-ty [ty] «. freedom 

li'bra [U'br.i] k. a sign of the Zodiac 

li-bra'ri-an [li-bra'ri-<7n] «. ibooks 

li'bra-ry [ll'bra-ry] ii. collection of 

li-bra'tion [li-brS'shQn] «. 

li'cense >t, permission [license 

li-cen'ti-ate fli-sen'shl-at] «. one with 

li-een'tious [-shus] a. dissolute; impure 

li'chen [liken] «. flowerless plant 

lic'it [Ils'It] a. lawful 

lick[likl «. a stroke of the tongue 

lic'o-rice [oris] «. a sweet root 

lic'tor [tor] «. Roman ofiRcial 

lid [lid] «. a cover 

lie [b] K. an untruth; v. to tell untruth 

lief [lef]^./-.'. gladly 

liege [lej] a. faithful 

lien [Ie"n] K. legal claim 

lieu [111] >!. in place of 

lieu-ten'ant [lu-ten'ant] «. an officer 

life [lif ] !t. existence 

life'blood' [blud'] n. vital blood 

life'boat' [bot'] n. saving boat 

life'less [les] a. dead 

life'like [-Mk] a. true to life [saver 

lifepre-serv'er [-pre-zerv'tr] n. life 

life'time' (tim'] n. duration of life 

lift t'lft] -■■'■ to elevate 

lig'a-ment [lig'a-mt-nt] k. a cord 

lig'a-ture [-tur] k. a band 

li'ght [lit] >t. luminous fluid 

light'en [-'n] v.l. to make lighter 

iight'er [-fr] k. a boat 

light'er-age [-aj] «. cost of unloading 

light'house' [lit'hous'] «. tower light 

light'ning [ningl «. flash of light 

lights [litb] n. lungs 

lig'ne-OUS [Ug'nc-us] a. -wooden 

lig'nite |li;i'nitl ji. mineral coal 

like IlikI n similar 

like'li-hood [-ll hoSd] «. probability 

like'ly [ly] adv. and a. probably 

lik'en [ n] v.l. to compare 

like'ness [ni-s) «. resemblance 

like-wise [wiz] adv. and conj. 

lik'ing [Ini;] n. pleasure 

li'lac [iri.ikl >i. a shrub 

Lil li-pu'tian [lll'llpu'shan] <z. small 

lil'y [lU'yl K. a plant and flower 

limb [Urn] «. a large branch of tree ■ 

lim'ber [l* r] a. flexible 

lim-bo [l^i] n. bondage 

lime [lim] «. a cement 

lime'kiln' [-kll'l «. a furnace 

lime'stone' [sicn'] «. 

lim'it (Krii'll] It. utmost extent 

lim i-ta'tion [ Ita'shun] «. restraint 

r r rx. /7 




lim'it-ed [It-ed] a. restricted 
lim'it-less [les) a. unbounded 
lim'mer [Um'mer] n. a dog 
lim'ner [ntrj «. a decorator; an artist 
limp [limpl V.!. to walk lamely; not stiff 
lim'pet [lim'petl «. small shell fish 
lim'pid flrm'pid) a. clear 
lin'a-ment [Itn'S-ment) n. lint 
linch [linch] K. a ledge 
linch'pin' [pin] «.abolt 
lin'den [Un'dfn) h. a tree 
line [lin] K. a cord; any long mark 
lin'e-age [Im'e-Sjl «. progeny 
lin'e-al [line-«ll a. hereditary 
lin'e-a-ment [-a-m«nt] «. feature 
lin'e-ar [ar] a. having lines 
lin'en [Itn'en] K. cloth 
lin'ger [Itng'ger] vi. to loiter 
lin'gO [-gB] n. speech 
lin'gual [gwal] a. of the tongue 
lin-gviist [-gwlst] «. skilled in language 
lin'i-ment [Un'r-mfntj n. an ointment 
lin'ing [Im'ing] n. inner cover 
link [lingk] «. ring of a chain 

lin'net [Iln'net] «. a bird 
li-no'le-um [li-no'lc-um]«. kind of floor 
lin'seed' t-sed'] n. flax seed Icloth 

lint [lint] n. scraped linen 
lin'tel [iTn'tel] K. timber over doorway 
li'on [li'un] n. an animal 
li'on-ess [-es] «. female lion 
li'on-ize [Iz] v.t. to flatter 
lip [Up] n. edge of mouth [melting 

liq'ue-fac'tion [Ukwc-fak'shan] n. 
liq'ue-fy [fi] f.t. to melt 
li queur' [le'ker'] F. n. a cordial drink 
liq'uid [llk'wid] }i. a fluid 
liq'ui-date [lik'wr-dat] v.t. to settle 
liq'ui-da'tion [da'shOn] «. adjustment 
liq'uor [llk'cr] k. spirituous drink 
lisp [lisp] n. faulty speaking 
list [list] n. a catalogue 
lis'ten [lls"nl to hearken 
list'less [list'les] a. heedless 
lit'a-ny [llt'a-ny] n. a prayer 
li'ter [le'ter] K. about a quart 
lit'er-al [lit'er-ul] a. in exact words 
lit'er-a-ry [-S-ry] a. versed in letters 
lit'er-ate [it] a. learned 
lit'e-ra'ti [life-ra'ti] »;.//. learned men 
lit'e-ra'tim [trm] adv. letter for letter 
lit'er-a-ture [S-tur] «. learning [men 
lit'e-ra'tus [Irt'e-rS'tfls] «.j. learned 
lith'arge [li/A'arj] n. lead monoxide 
lithe [lith] a. pliant; flexible 
lithe'ness [nes] «. flexibility 
lithe'some [sflm] a. nimble; supple 
lith'i-a ll!//j'i-a] K a mineral; an alkali 
lith'o-graph [-fi-graf] v.t. to print from 
li-thog'ra-phy [ra-fy] n. [stone 

lit'i-gant [gfint] «. party in a lawsuit 
lit'i-gate [gat] v.t. to contest in law 
lifi-ga'tion [gS'shQn] k. lawsuit 
lit'mus [litmus] «. a dye 





lifter [ter] K. rubbish 
lit'tle t-tl] a. small 
lit'tle-ness [-nes] «. meanness 
lit'ur-gy [lifur-jyl «. ritual 
live [llv] -.■.!. to exist 
live'li-hood [liv'li-hood) «. support 
live'li-ness [nes] k. vivacity 
live'Iong' [llv'lOng'] a. for life; entire 
live'li-er [liv'U-Fr] a. comp. of lively 
live'li-est [est] «. suf. of lively 
live'ly [lyl ari-^'. full of life: quickly 
liv'er [liver] «. an organ of the body 
liv'er-wort' [-wOrt'] k. a plant 
liv'er-y [ y) k. servant's dress fete 
live'-stock' [Uv'-st6k']K. cattle, horses 
liv'id [liv Id] K. of a lead color 
liv'ing [ingl a. existing 
liz'ard [lizerdj «. a reptile 
Ua'ma [lama] ti. an animal 
load [I6d] «. a burden 
load'stone' [-ston'J «. a magnet 
loaf [lof ] M. a mass or lump 
loarer [-?r] «. an idle man 
loam [lorn] ft. soil 
loan [Ion] z'.t. to lend 
loath [la/A] a. unwilling 
loathe [l5th] v.t. to feel disgust 
loath'some [sum] a. odious 
lob'by rlib'by] h. ante-chamber 
lobe [lol'l H. a division 
lo-be'li-a [16-be'li-a] n. a plant 
lob'ster [lobster] «. a shell fish 
lo'cal [lo'k(zl] a. confined to a spot 
lo-cal'i-ty [16-kari-t5-] «. limitation 
lo'cal-ize [lo'kul-iz] -^.t. to make local 
lo'cate [lo'kat] ii.t. to place 
lo-ca'tion [iS-ka'shfln] k. place 
loch [lok] Scotch, lake 
lock [16k] H. a fastener 
lock'er [-er] ». a ship cupboard 
lock'et [St] «. an ornament 
lock'up' [up] H.jail 
loco-mo'tion [lokfi-ms'shun] «. 
lo'co-mo tive [tiv] «. railway engine 
lo'cust [lo'kust] K. an insect; a tree 
lode [lo.l] «. a mineral vein 
lodge [I'.i] v.i. todwell temporarily 
lodg'ing [Ing] v.i. temporary dwelling 
lodg'ment [-mrnt] k state of being 
loft [1 JltJ «. room under roof [lodged 
loft'i-ly [i-Iy] adv. proudly 
loft'i-ness [nes] k. pride 
loft'y [y] a. high 
log [log] «. unhewed timber 
log'ger-head' [gfrhed'] «. a dunce 
log'lC [luj Ik] n. science of thought 
log'ic-al (Ikal) a. sensible 
lo-gi'cian [l4-jlsh'an] n. areasoner 
log'o-type (I6g'6-tip] K. two-letter type 
log'wood [lOg'wood] «. dye-wood 
loin [loin] «. part of the body; the reins 
loi'ter [loi'tcr] v.i. to linger 
loll [101] v.i. to recline 
lom'bard tlOm'bfrd] «. a money lender 






one [Ion] a. solitary 
one'li-ness [-Ii-ncs] «. solitude 

one'ly [lyl a. SL-cluded 

one'some [sum] a. solitary 

ong [long^] a. extended 

ong'er r-vr^r] comp.a. more extended 

on-gev'i-ty [lOn-jev'I-ty] «. long life 

Ong'ing [16ng'ingl «. eager desire 

on'gi-tude [16n'jl-tud] k. measure 

on'gi-tu'din-al [-tu'dl-nal] a. length 

ong'some [long'sQm] a. tedious 

ook [look] v.t. to see 

ook'ing-glass' [-Ing-glas'] «. a mirror 

ook'out' (out'] 71. small tower 

oom [loom] n. weaving machine 

oon [loon] n. a water fowl 

oop [loop] n. a fold 

OOSe [loos] a. unbound 

oos'en [-'n] v.t. to relax 

oose'ness [nes] «. relaxed condition 

op [lop] v.t. to cut off [side 

op'sid'ed [-sid'ed] a. leaning to one 

0-qua'cious [l6-kwa'shus] a. talkative 

ord [lord] n. a master 

ord'li-ness [-ll-nes] n. dignity 

ord'ly [-ly] <t. haughty 

ord'snip [-ship] ;;. power 

ore [lor] n. learning 

or'gnette' [lor'nySt'] F. n. kind of 

ose [looz] V. t. to mislay [opera glass 

os'er [-cr] K. one that loses 

OSS [los] H. privation 

OSt [lost] a. missing 

ot tl6t] «. piece of land; fortune 

oth \\oth\ a. and adv. Sfe "loath 

'tion [lo'shun] «. a wash [willing 

ot'ter-y [lOt'ter-y] «. a chance 

tus [lo'tSs] n. a plant 
cud [loudlff. noisy 
ounge [lounj] v.i. to stroll 

oung-er [-cr] n. an idler 

ouse [lous] n. an insect 

OUs'y [louz'yl <r. full of lice 

out [lout] n. a mean fellow 

Ov'a-ble [Iflv'a-b'l] a. amiable 

ov'age [luv'aj] «. a plant 

ove [luv] n. affection 

ove'feast' [fesf] «. religious festival 

ove'li-ness [-It-nes] n. charm 

ove'ly [-ly] a. charming. 

ov'er [-cr] n. sweetheart 

OW [lo] a. not high 

OW'er [-er] a. farther down; v. to reduce 

ow'er [lou'cr] v.i. to be cloudy [height 

ow'er-ing [-Ing] a. cloudy 

ow'land [lu'land] «. flat country 

Ow'li-neSS [-ll-nes] n. humility 

ow'ly [lyl a. humble 

ow'ness [nes] n. want of dignitj 

oy'al [loi'al] a. faithful 

,oy'al-ty [-ty] «. fidelity 

oz'enge [loz'enj] n. candy 

ub'ber [lab'ber] n. clumsy fellow 

u'bri-cate [lu'brl-kat] v.t. to smooth 







lu'cent [lu'si-nt] a. shioing 
lu'cid [lusid] a. clear 
lu'ci-fer [lu'sl-fer] n. a match 
luck [luk] «. good fortune 
luck'i-ly [-My] adv. happily 
lu'cra-tive [lu'krS-tiv] a. profitable 
lu'cre [lu'ker] K. profit; riches 
lu'di-crous [li'di-krus] a. funny 
luflf [luf ] '■.{. to turn to the wind 
lug (lusl -'.t. to haul 
1 up gage [gaj] n. baggage 
lug'ger [ger] «. small vessel 
lu-gu'bri-OUS [lu-gu'brl-us] <z. mournful 
luke'warm' [lak'warra'l a. tepid 
lull [lull -'■' to quiet 
lull'a-by [-a-bi] It baby song 
lum-ba'gO [lum-ba'gS] « a pain in back 
lum'ber [lum'l)cr] «. timber 
lu'mi-na-ry [ 111 ml-n4-r>- J w.body giving 
lu'mi-nous [nus] a. shining [light 

lump [lump] «. small mass 
lu'na-cy [luna-sy] K. insanity 
lu'nar [lu'ner] a of the moon 
lu'na-tlC [lu'natik] n insane person 
lunch [lunch] «. slight repast 
lung [lung] «. respiratory organ 
lunge [lunj] «. a thrust 
lurch [lurch] ii.i. to shift 
lure [lOr] v.t. to entice 
lu'rid [lurid] a. gloomy 
lurk [lurk] v.i. to lie hid 
lus'cious [lush'Qs] a. delicious 
lust [lust] K. desire 
lus'tre [lus'ter] «. brightness 
lus'ti-ly [-tl-ly] adv. with vigor 
lus'ti-ness [-nes] «. strength 
lus'trous [IQs'trus] a. shining 
lust'y [lusty] a. vigorous 
lute [lut] n. instrument of music 
lux-u'ri-ance [lugz-u'ri-ans] «. 
lux-u'ri-ant [ant] a. abundant 
lux-u'ri-OUS [-rl-us] a. rich; expensive 
lux'u-ry [luk'shu-ry] k. delicacy 
ly-ce'um [li"se'um] k. literary society 
lye [li] n. alkaline water [dining 

ly'ing (li-lngl;*./. of/iV, falsifying: re- 
lynch [\\niih]v.t. to hang contrary to law 
lynx [!ink3] K. a feline animal 
lyre [!ir] «. a kind of harp 
lyr'ic-al [llr'I-kal] a. poetical 
lyr'ic [llr'Ik] «. a poem 

ma'am [mam] «. madam 
Mab [mab] «. fairy queen [pave 

mac-ad'am-ize [mak-ad'am-lz] v.i. to 
mac a-ro'ni [■ i-ro'nl] «. edible paste 
mac a-ron'ic [-rftn'lk] a. confused 
mac a-roon' (roSn'] n. small cake 
ma-caw' [mi-ka] «. species of parrot 
mace [mas] «. a spice [lean 

mac'er-ate [m.'is'er-lt] r/.t. to make 
Mach i-a-vel'ian [mSk'l-i-vSl'yan] 
mach'i-natet nM\v.i. tocontrive (sign 
mach i-na'tion [ ni'shun) «. awful d^ 







ma-chine' [ma-shen']?;. an engine 
ma-chin'er-y [-Cr-y] n. implements 
ma-chin'ist [-ist) ;;. constructor of ma- 
mack'er-el [mak'er-el] n. a fish [chines 
mack'in-tosh [-!n-tash] «. waterproof 
mac'ro-cosm [rO-kSz'ml^. the universe 
mac'u-late [mak'a-lat] -v.t. to stain 
mad [mid] a angry 
mad'am [mad <?ml n. married lady 
mad'cap' [mad'kap'] n. a romp 
mad'den [mad'd'n] v.t. to make furious 
mad'der [mad'dcr] «. a plant 
ma-dei'ra [ma-ile'ril «. a wine fmiss 
ma'de-moi selle' [mi'd'mwa'zel') n.F. 
mad'house' [mad'hous'] ;<. insane asy- 
raad'man [-m<zn] n. crazy person \\\xm 
mad''ness [-nes] n. distraction 
Ma-don'na [ma-<10n'na] n. Virgin Mary 
mad're-pore [niilnj y.r,r] n. kind of 
mad'ri-gal[inad ri-ij.d];i.apoem|.coral 
mael'strom [mal'sfrum) n. Norm. 
mag'a-zine' [maga-zen'] n. periodical 
mag'da-len [ili-len] «. reformed harlot 
ma-gen'ta [ma-jen'ti] n. a reddish col- 
mag' got [mSg'gut] »/. a grub lor 
Ma'gi [nia'jl] w.//. wis; men 
raag'ic [maj'ik] «. sorcery 
mag'ic-al [maj'i-k<rl] a. wonderful 
ma-gi'cian [m.i-jlsh'nn] n. enchanter 
mag'is-te'ri-al [maj'is-te'ri-alj <i. 
mag'is-trate [trut] ?i. executive officer 
mag'na-nim'i-ty [magna-nirn'r-ty] ?i. 
mag-nan'i-mous [i-mus] a. liberal 

mag'nate [mlg'nat] n. aperson of rank 
mag-ne'si-a [-ne'zhl-a] >i. a chemical 
mag'net [mag'net] n. loadstone 
mag-net'ic [-Ik] a. attractive 
mag'net-ism [Tz'm] i;. power of attrac- 
mag'net-ize [Iz] ?'./. to fascinate [tion 
mag-nif'i-cat [i-kat] ?!. song of Virgin 
mag-nif'i-cence [l-scns] n. [Mary 
mag-nif i-cent [i-scnt] a. grand 
mag'ni-fi'er [inair'ni-fi'cr] );.extoller 
mag'ni-fy [fij v.t. to exalt 
mag-nil'o-quent [kwfnt] a. pompous 

mag'ni-tudo [tud] «. size [sp^aK 
mag-no'li-a [nelt-aj «. flowering tree 
mag'pie [pi] ». a bird 
ma-hog'a-ny [ma-hog'a-ny] K. kind of 
maid [mad] ;;. a girl [wood 

maid'en [-'n] 71. a maid; anc. instr. of 
maid'en-hair' [-har']«.afern [torture 
maid'en-ly [ly] a. modest; like a maid 
naid'serv'ant [-sfrv'fjnt] ». 

mail [mjl) n. armor; letttrs 
mail'a-ble [a-b'l] a. can be mailed 
maim [mSm] v.t. to cripple 
main [mjn] ;;. force; the sea; J. chief 
main'land' [land'] n. the continent 
main'mast' [-mist'] «. principal mast 
main'sail' [-sal'] «. principal sail 
main'stay' [-sts'] n. chief support 
main-tain'[man-tan']'t'.;. to hold [port 
raain'te-nance [man'tc-nans] «. sup 





maize [mSz] «. Indian corn 
ma-.jes'tic [mi-jss'tik] a. grand fally 
ma-.jes'tic-al-ly [-ti-k<il-ly] atf-v. roj-- 
maj'es-ty [maj'es-ty]H. grandeur ftery 
ma-jol'i-ca [ma-jsrj-ka] K. kindofpot- 
ma'jor [ma'jer] rt. greater: ?i. next above 
ma-jor'i-ty [ma-jar'i-t>] «. tcaptain 
make [mSk] z:t. to do 
mak'er [-or] H.onewho makes fpedient 
make shift [mak'shift]«.temporaryex- 
mal'a-chite [mal'a-kit] h. ftra'shun] k. 
mal ad-min is-tra'tioa [-ad-min'is- 
mal a-droit' [mal'a-droit'] a. clumsy 
mal'a-dy [-dy] «. a disease 
Mal'a-ga [yi] «. a wine 
mal'a-pert [pert] a. saucy; bold 
mal-ap'ro-pos' [mSl-ip'rO-po'] a.&adv 
ma-la'ri-a [mi-la'ri-a] «. bad air 
ma-la'ri-ous [us] a. unhealthy fisfied 
mal'con-tent' [mal'kon-tent'Jw. dissat- 
male [mSl] ;;. masculine fcurse 

mal e-dic'tion tmale-dlk'shun) n. a 
mal e-fac'tor [-fak'tcr] k. a criminal 
ma-le£'i-ceut [ma-lef I-stnt] a. fwill 
ma-lev'o-lence [ma-lev'S-kus] «. ill 
ma-lev'o-lent [-It-nt] a. envious fdoing 
mal-fea'sance [mal-fe'zans] h. evil 
mal for-ma'tion [for-ms'shun] k. 
mal'ice [maris] «. enmity 
raa-li'cious [mi-Ush'us] a. ill-disposed 
ma-lign' [mA-IIn'] f. to defame [ice 
ma-lig'nan-cy [ma-llg'nan-sy] «. mal- 
ma-lig'nant [-n«nt] a. pernicious 
ma-lig'ni-ty [nl-ty] «. malice 
ma-lign'er [mi-lin fr] «. adefamer 
mal'i-SOn [mall-zn] k. curse 
mall [nial] n. wooden beetle or mallet 
mal'lard [mallerd] «. adrake 
mal'le-a-ble [msrie-a-b'l] a. yielding 
mailed [mald]/rtr;. beaten 
mal'let [mSl'let] «. wooden hammer 
mal'low (mallo] k. a plant [practice 
mal-prac'tice [mal-prSk'tls] n. evil 
malt [malt] n. grain germinated 
Mal-tese' [mal-tez'l a. pert, to Malta 
mal'tha [malV/ia] k. kind of pitch 
mal-treat' [mal-tref] vJ. to abuse 
malt'ster [malt'ster] «. maker of malt 
mal ver-sa'tion [mal'ver-sS'shun] w. 
mara-ma' (mama'] «. mother 
mam-ma'li-a [mam-mS'lI-4] n.fil. 
mam'mon Imani'mun] K. god of riches 
mam'moth [-math] a. very large 
man [ui.'m] n. male human being 
man'a-cle [a-kl] «. handcuff 
man'age [man'Sj] v.t. to conduct 
man'age-a-ble [-ib'l] a. tractable 
man'age-ment [-mtnt] n. administra- 
man'a-ger [ i j' r] «. director yiiuw 
man-da'mus [di'mus] «. a writ 
man'da-rin' [■di-ri;n']«. Chinese officer 
man'date [niandit] h. acommand 
man'da-to-ry [di-ti-ryj a. commanded 
man'di-ble [-dl-b'l] k. bird's beak 


7;_ 7^ 




man'do-lin [-d6-lln] n. a kind of lute 
man'drake [man'drSk] n. a plant 
man'drill tman'dril] )!. African baboon 
mane [man] «. hair on neck of horse 
ma'nes [ma'nSz] «.//. ghosts fceeding- 
ma-neu'ver [ma-noo'vcr] ?/. adroit pro- 
mange [manj] n. a disease Imetal 

man'ger [man'jcr] n. feed box 
nian'gle [mang'g'l] -v.t. to lacerate 
man'go [manage] «. a fruit 
man'grove [mang'grov] n. a tree 
man'gy [mSn'jy] a. scabby [hole 

man'hole' [man'hol'J «. sewer or boiler 
man'hood fman'hood] n. man's estate 
ma'ni-a [nid'ni-a] ?:. insanity 
ma'ni-ac [ni5'nT-ak] n, insane person 
man'i-cure [kur] n. care of the nails 
man'i-fest [nian'i-f:st] a. plain 
man'i-fes-ta'tion t-ies-ta'si;ijn] «. 
man'i-fes'to [fcs'to] «. a declaration 
man'i-fold [-fold] a. numerous 
man'i-kin [kin] a. a dwarf; model of 
ma-nil-la [nia-nll'la] K. [the body 

ma'ni-OC [mS'nl-Sk] n. tropical plant 
man'i-ple [man'I-p'l] «. part of priest's 

ma-nip'u-late [-nip'u-lati v.t. [dress 
ma-nip'u-la'tion [li'shun] n. [Spirit 
Man'i-tO [mSn'r-tSl n. Indian Great 
man'kind' [man'kind'] «. human race 
man'li-ness [-U-neF] «. dignity 
man'ly [lyl <r. dignified 
man'na [-n.-\] ;r. miraculous food 
man'ner [ncr] «. custom 
man'ner-ism [-iz'm] 7t. peculiarity 
man'ner-ly [ly] adv. and a. 
man'ners [man'ncrz] n.fl. behavior 
man-of-war' [man'Ov-war'] «. 
man'or [manTr] n. a district 
manse [mansl «. a parsonage 
man'sion [mftn'shOn] It. a house 
man'slaughter [man'sla'tCr] n. mur- 
man'tel [m.ln't'l] «.ashelf [der 

man'tle [man't'U k. a cloak 
man'tu-a [man'tu-a] k. lady's gown 
man'u-al [a-.u] n. a hand book ftory 
man'u-fac'to-ry [ fak't6-ryj «. afac- 
man'u-fac'ture [-tur] t/.t. to make 
man'U-mit' (mTt'] v.t. to liberate 
ma-nure' [nil-nur'] «. fertilizer [ing 
man'u-script [manu-skript] 71. awrit- 
ma'ny [men'y] a. not few 
map [mSp] v.t. to plan; «. a plan 
ma'ple [ma'pl] ». sugar tree 
mar [mar] v.t. to disfigure 
ma'rah [ma'ra] 71. bitterness \7naic 
mar'a-nath'a [mar'A-nSC/i'a] n. .Ara- 
ma-ras'mus [ma-raz'mus] k. fder 

ma-raud' ( mi-rad' \v.t.\o rove for plun- 
ma-raud'er [-er] 71. a roving plunderer 
mar'ble [mar'b'l] «. kind of lime stone 
marc [mark] n. refuse of grapes [steps 
marchfrnarchlz/.j'. to move with regular 
mar'chion-ess [mar'shun-es] n. 



mar'cid [mar'slil] .i. lean; withered 
Mar'di-Gras' [mar'degra'] «./^. fest: 
mare [mar] ?/. female of liorse |.val 

mare's'-nest' [marz'nest'l ft. 
mare"s'-tair [tal'] «. streaky cloud 
mar-gar'ic [mar-gir'ik] a. 
mar'ga-rin [mar'ga-rin] «. 

mar'ga-rite [-rit] n. a pearl 
marge [marj] n. poetic for **margin'* 
mar'gin [miir'jrn] ». edge 
mar'gin-al [-.d] a. on the margin 
mar-go' sa [mar-go'saj »;.a tree of India 
mar' grave [mar'grSv] n. Ger. marquis 
mar'gra-vine [-gra-ven] k. 
mar'gue-rite [-g<r-rct] k. the daisy ft! 
mar'i-gold [mar'i-gold] «. yellow flow 
ma-rine' [ma-ren'] a. pert, to the sea 
mar'i-ner [mari-nCr] h. a seaman 
mari-o-nette' [-i-6-net'] «. a puppet 
mar'ish [-Ish] «. low wet ground [l>and 
mar'i-tal [mar'I-tal] <j. pert, to a hu 
mar'i-time [niir'I-tim] «. naval: marine 
mar 'jo-ram [mar jS-rdm] K. a plant 
mark [mark] Z'.^. to draw a line; to note 
marked [markt] a. noticeable 
mark'er [marker] «. one who marks 
mar'ket [market] «. place of sale 
mar'ket-a-ble [ a-b'l] a. salable 
marks'man [marks'man] w. good shot 
marl [marl] K. kind of clay 
mar'line [mar'lln] «. a small line f tion 
mar'ma-lade [mar'ma-lsd] «. a conici - 
mar'mose' [-mos'] «, kind of opossum 
mar'mot [mar'mOt] n. an animal 
ma-roon' [mi-roCn'] n. dull red color 
marque [mark] n. a license 
mar-que' [marks'] «. a large tent 
mar'quess[-kwcs]«. same as "marquis" 
mar'quis [mar'kwls] h. title below duke 
mar'quise' [mar'kez'] «. wife of marq. 
marred [mard]/./. ofwur disfigured 
mar'riage [mir'rij] n wedlock flock 
mar'ria(je-a-ble [-a-bl] a. fitforwed- 
mar'ried [mar rid] a. wedded 
mar'row [mSr'ri] «. the best part 
mar'ry [mar'rj] t'.t. to unite in wedlock 
Mars [m.'irzl Ji. god of war; aplanet 

Mar sei liaise' [mar'siyi'j k. /". 
mar-seilles' tmar-sSlz'] x.afabric 
marsh [miirsh] it. low, boggy land 
mar'shal [mar'sh<zl] k. an officer 
marsh'y [marshy] a. boggy 
mart [mart] «. a market 
mar'ten [mar' ten] ?/. an animal 
mar'tial [mar'bh<jl] a. warlike 
mar'tin [nuir'tln] ».abird 
mar' ti-net'[ntt']«. strict disciplinarian 
mar'tin-gaie [mar'tin-gil] «. a strap 

mar'tyr (mart r] h. one put to death 
mar'tyr-dom[-dOm]«. Lfor his religion 
martyr-ol'o-gy [-Ol'4-jy] «. a register 
mar'vel [vel] «. a wonder (of martyrs 
mar'vel-0U8 [-as) a. wonderful fliick 
mas'cot [mas'kot] «. bringer of good 






mas'cu-line [maskulinl a. male 

mash [mash] Z'.i. to bruise 

mask [mask] 7'./. to cover 

ma'SOn [mi's'n] «. a builder 

ma'son-ry [-r5'] «. work of a mason 

masque [mask] n. a mask 

mas quer-ade' t-ker-sd') «. a disguise 

mass [] n. lump; R.C. sacrifice in the 

mass'meet ing [Tng] h. [Eucharist 

mas'sa-cre [mas'sa-kfr] v.r to murder 

mas-sage' [ma-sazh'] ji. a rubbing 

mass'ive [nias'Iv] a. bulky 

mast [mast] )t. an upright ship pole 

mas'ter [mas'tcr] «. a director 

mas'ter-ly [-ly] n. skillful 

mas'ter-piece' [-pes']«.one's best work 

mas'ter-y [y] «. dominion 

mas'tic [inas'tlk] «. a tree and its resin 

mas'ti-cate [mas'tr-katj v./. to chew 
mas ti-ca'tion [ka'shunj «. chewing 
mas'tiff [mas'tif] tt. large dog 
mas'to-don [mas'tS-dOn] »;. extinct an- 
mat [mat] tY. to twist together [imal 
mat'a-dore [mat'a-dor] «. bull fighter 
match [mich] «. a contest 
match'less [-les] a. having no equal 
mate [mat] ji. companion 
ma-te'ri-al [ma-te'rl-al] a. important 
ma-te'ri-al-ism [iz'm] «. a doctrine 
ma-te'ri-al-ist [ist] «. 
ma-teri-al'i-ty [i-ty] «. reality 
ma-te'ri-al-ize [iz] v.e. 
ma-te'ri-al-ly [ly] arfi'. essentially 
ma-te'ri-a med'i-cat-ri-amed'i-ka]Z,. 
ma-ter'nal [ma-tcr'nol] <?. motherly 
ma-ter'ni-ty [nl-ty] >i. motherhood 
math e-ma-ti'cian [matish'nn] «. 
math e-mat'ics [mat'iksi «. 
mat'in [mat'in] ?:. morning [ment 

mat i-n^e' [mat'I-na] «. day entertain- 
ma-trass' [ma-tras'l «. chemical vessel 
ma'trice [ma'trls] «.amold 
mat'ri-cide [mat'ri-sid] «. fenroll 

ma-tric'u-late [ma-trik'u-lat] v.i. to 
ma-tric u-la'tion [la'shun] ;:. 
mat ri-mo'ni-al [mit'rl-mo'nl-rtl] a. 
mat'ri-mo-ny [-mo-ny] «. marriage 
ma'trix [ma'triks] II sameas"matrice" 
ma'tron [ma'trijn] «. 
mat'ter [mat'tcr] ;;. substance 
mat ter-of-fact' [Ov-fakt'] a. dry talk 
mat'ting [ting] «. straw carpet 
mat'tock [mat'tuk] «. a pickax 
mat' tress [tres] >i. a bed 
mat u-ra'tion [-u-ra'shun] «. ripeness 
ma-ture' [ma-tur'] a. ripe; full grown 
ma-tu'ri-ty [ma-tij'ri-t>-] It. ripeness 
maud'lin [mad'IInl a. weak and silly 
maul [Mial] t'./. to beat 
maund'er [mand'cr] I'.l. to mutter 
Maun'dy Thurs'day[man'dy thurz'di] 
mau SO-le'um [ma'sd-le'flm] «. a toml 
mauve [mov] «. kind of violet color 






maw [ma] rt. a stomach 
mawk'isll [ish] a. nauseous 
maz-il'la [maksll'la] ".jawbone 
max'im [maks'Im] ji. general principl 
max'i-mum [maks'I-mOm] «. greatest 
May [ma] «. fifth month 
may'be [lie] «</:'. perhaps 
may'bush' [bush'] n. the hawthorn 
may'flow'er [-flouTr] k. 
may'hein [ma'hem] ?/. mutilation 
may'or [mSTr] « chief city officer 

may'or-al-ty [ma'Cr-al-tj] «. office of 
maze [maz] «. intricacy Lmayor 

ma'zy [ma'zy] a. winding 
mead [med] *;. fermented liquor 
mead'ow [med'O] h. grass land 
mea'^e [me'gcr] a. scanty 
mea ger-ness [-nes] n. scantiness 
meal [mel] «. a repast 
meal'i-ness [I-nes] «. dryness 
meal'y [y] a. dry and friable 
mean [men] a. base 
me-an'der [me -Sn'der] v.t. to wind and 
mean'ing [men'Ing] >t. purpose [turn 
mean'ly [-ly] adz: poorly 
mean'ness [-nes] «. stinginess 
mean'time' [-tim'] ) the inten-en 
mean'while' [hwil'] J "' ing time 
means [menz] «.//. resources 
mea'sles [me'z'lz] «. disease 
meas'ur-a-ble [mezh'ur-4-b'l] a. mod- 
meas'ure [mezh'ur] ?f.dimension [eratc 
meas'ure-ment [-ment] «. area 
meat [met] n. flesh of animals 
me-chan'ic [mc-kan'Ik] «. artisan 
me-chan'ic-al-ly [-i-kal-ly] adv. 
me-chan'ics [-Iks] «. a science 
mech'an-ism [mek'an-iz'm] n. 
mec'o-nate [-e-nit] K.meconic acid salt 
med'al [medal] it. reward of merit 
me-dal'lion [mc-dal'yQn] «. antique 
med'dle [-d'l] v.i. to interpose Imeda'. 
med'dler [-dlcr] ». busybody 
med'dle-some [med'd'1-sflm] a. 
me'di-ae'val [me'dl-e'val] a. pert, mid- 
me'di-al [mi'iU-al] a. idle ages 

rae'di-ate Ime'tll-it] a. middle ftion 
me'di-a'tion [me'di-a'shun]«.interven- 
me'di-a'tor [mC'dl-S'trr] «. intercessor 
me di-a-to'ri-cl [-i-to'ri-<il] a. 
mcd'ic-al [mO I'i'-k<rl] a. medicinal 
med'i-ca-ment [-ki-mt-nt] «.medicinc 
med'i-cate [kat] v.l. to heal [icin. 
med i-ca'tion [-ka'shun] «.use of mod- 
me-dic'i-nal [nic-dls'i-nol] a. curative 
mcd'i-cine [med'l-sin] «. a remedy 
rae'di-o'cre [me'dl-O'kcr] a. middling 
me di-oc'ri-ty [-6k'rl-ty] «. 
med'i-tate ['i-tlt] v.i. tocontcm- 
med-i-ta'tion [-ta'shOnJ «. [plate 

med'i-ta-tive [td-tlv] a. thinking 
me'di-um [mo'dl-Qm] n. m'ddle degree 
med'lar [mid'irrl x.kind of tree and its 
med'lcy [mid'ly] >i. a mixture [fruii 


n .13 



me-dul'la [me-dul'la] «. pith; marrow 
Me-du'sa [mc-da'sa] «. myth, the Gor- 
meed [med] «. reward Igon 

meek [mek] a. mild of temper » 
meek'ness [-nfis] mildness fmineral 
meer'schaum [mer'sham] «. clay-like 
meet tmet] I'.t. to come together 
meet'ing[-rng]«. a company [anc.bldg. 
meg'a-lith[n;eg'a-l!//!]«- large stone in 
me-gilp' [megilp'] n. kindof varnish 
me'grim [me'grim] n. sick headache 

melan-cho'li-a [mei'sn-ko'li-a] «. 
mel'an-chol'ic [-kSl'Ik] a. dejected 
mel'an-chol-y [meran-kOl-yl «. sad 
me-lange' [mS-laKzh'] n. a mixture 
me'lee' [mi'la'l «. a fight 
mel'io-rate [mel'yS-rSt] v.t. to improve 
mel'io-ra'tion [-ra'shun] «. 

mel'low [niel'lO] <J. soft 

me-lo'de-on [me-lo'de-un]«. reed organ 

me-lo'di-OUS t-lo'di-us] a. musical 
mel'O-dra'ma [mer6-dra'ma]«. kind of 
mel'o-dy [-s-dy] «. harmony idrama 
mel'on [mel'Qn] «. a fruit 
melt [melt] v.t. to liquefy 
mel'ton [mel'tun] n. kind of woolen 
mem'ber [mem'bTr] n. a limb [cloth 
mem'brane [mem'bran] n. 
mem'bra-nous [mem'bra-nus] a. 
me-men'to [mc-men'tO] «. a token 
mem'oir [m.lm'war] «. biography 
mem'o-ra-ble [niem'6-ra-b"I] a. 
mem'O-ran'dum [mem'6-rin'dum] n. 
me-mo'ri-al (nic-mo'ri-<!l] a. honoring; 

me-mo'ri-al-ize \-\z\ -v.t. to petition 
mem'o-rize[mem'6-r!z] v.t. 
mem'o-ry [-ry] n. a faculty of the mind 
men [men] of "man" 
men'ace [m5n'i5]f ./.to threaten [show 
men-ag'er-ie [men-azh'Cr-y] «. animal 
mend [menl] v.t. to repair 
mend'a-ble [a-b'l] a. can be mended 
men-da'cious [men-da'shOs] a. 
men-dac'i-ty [men-das'i-ty] «. 

men'di-cant [men'di-k<int] n. [herring 
men-ha'den. [men-ha'd'n] «. akindoi 
men'ial [niCn'y<rl] n. servant 
menin-gi'tis [men'In-ji'tis] K. 
Men'non-ite [men'nOn-it] n. a sect 
men'stru-al [men'stru-nl] n. monthly 
men'SU-ra'tion [men'shu-ra'shOn] H. 
men'tal [men't^l] a. intellectual 
men'thol [men'Mol] «. 
men'tion [men'shun] Jt. told briefly 
men'tion-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. 
men'tor [men'tSr] n. a wise counselor 
mer'can-tile [mcr'kan-til] a. 

mer'ce-na-ry [-sena-ry] a. hireling 
mer'chan-dise [-chrtn-diz] n. wares 
mer'chant [chant] «. a trader 
mer'chant-a-blfe t-a-bM] a. fit for sale 
mer'ci-ful [si-full <i. humane 
mer'ci-less [-sMss] a. cruel 

mer-Cu'ri-al [.ku'll-ul] a. sprightly 




Mer'cu-ry [-ku-ryl >:. a planet; quick- 
mer'cy [-sy] «. compassion /silver 

mere [mer] a. nothing else; simple 
mer'e-tri'cious [mere-trish'usj a. 
mer-gan'ser [mcr-gan'ser] «. kind of 
merge [mcrj] •:■..' to absorb [duck 

me-rid'i-an [nie-rid'l-<inl n. noon 
me-ri'no [me-re'nO] «. a wool fabric 
mer'it [m6r'It] h. worth 
mer'i-to'ri-ous [to'n-as] a. worthy 
mer'maid [mer'niad] ;:. sea nymph 
mer'ma.n [-num] n. man lish 
mer'ri-ly [mSr'rl-ly] a<i-'. with mirth 
mer'ri-ment [m<rnt] k. mirth 
mer'ry [mCr ry] n. joyous 
me'salll ance'CmS'za'le'ans'] i^. a mis- 
mesh [mish] n. network lalliance 
mes'mer-ism [mez'mcr-Iz'm] n. 
mes'mer-ize f-iz] v.e. to put to sleep 
mesne [men] a. middle 
mess [mesl n. a dish; crew 
mes'sage [mes'sSj] h. communication 
mes'sen-ger [-jcr] «. bearer of message 
Mes-si'ah [mes-sia] «. Christ 
Mes'si-an'ic [-an'ikjr.. pert, to Messiah 
mes'sieurs [mesh'yerz] }i.J>L sirs 
mess'mate' [mes'mat'J k. table mate 
mes'suage[mes'swajjK. dwelling house 
met'al [mSt'al] K.hard fusible substance 
me-tal'lic [me- tar Ilk] a. nature of metal 
met'al-lur gist [met'al-lur'jisti «. 
met'al-lur gy [-jy] x.artofmetalwork 
met'a-mor'phic [m5t'a-m6r'flkl a. 

met -amor'phoEet-fos]c/./. to transform 

met'a-phor [-i-fcr] M.ashort similitude 

met a-phor'ic-al [met'a-fSr'i-k.ili u. 
meta-phys'ics [met'a-flz'iks] «. 
mete [met] z\£. to measure 
me'te-Or [me'tc-cr] «. aerolite 
me'te-or'io [-Or'lk] a. transient 
me'ter [me'ter] K. a measure f of honey 
me-theg'lin[me-//ieg'l in ]«. drink made 
meth'od 'me//:'ud] fi. manner of doing 
me-tkod'ic-al [me-th6d'I-kal] u.having 
Meth'o-dism [-4-dIz'm] «. [method 
Meth'o-dist [nie/A'6-dlstl «. a sect 
met'ric [mct'rik] <». measure 
met'ric-al [-ri-kdlj a. pert, to meter 
me-trop'o-lis [-trOp'6-lls] k. chief city 
metro-pol'l-tan [met'r6-pol'l-t«n] a. 
met'tle [nut'tl] «. spirit; courage 
met'tle-some [-sum] a. fiery fico 

IIIex'i-can[meks'I-k<7n]a. pert, to Mex- 
mi-as'ma [nii-az'niA] n. malaria 
mi'ca [mi'ki] 71. a transparent mineral 

Hich'ael-mas [mik'ei-mas] «. 

Mic'mac [-m.'ik] >«. a trilie of Indians 
mi'crobe (mi krobj «. small organism 
mi'cro-cosm [mikri-kOzm] n. 
mi'cro-phone [-fun] ». sound increaser 
mi'cro-SCOpe [-skSp] «. magnifier 
micro-8cop'ic-al [-sk6p'i-kal] a. 

mid [inM] a:, miiltllcpart 

mid'day [-da'j «. noon 



mid'dle [mM'd'll «. central portion 
mid'dle-man [-man] h. a broker 
mid'dling [inid'cUlng] a. ordinary 
midge [mij J "■ an insect 
midg'et [mij'et] n. small person 
mid'land [midland] a. interior 
mid'night' [nit] n. 12p.m. 
mid'ship' [slUp] a. middle of ship 
mid'ship'man [-man] «. naval cadet 
midst [midbt] }i. middle 
mid'summer [mid'sflm'mer] «. 
mid'way' [mid'wa'] ai/v. and a. [tant 
mid'wife' [mld'wlf] n. childbirth assis- 
mid'win'ter [mid'win'ter] n. middle of 
mien [men] n. manner [winter 

might [mit] «. force 

might'y [-yl a. 

mi'gnon-ette'[min'yQn-et'] «. a flower 
mi'grate [mi'grat] ■v.i. to remove 
mi-gra'tion [mi-gra'shun] a. 
mi'gra-to-ry [mi'gra-to-ry] a. roving 
mild [mild I a. gentle 
mil'dew [mll'dul n. webby fungi 
mild'ness [mild'nes] «. 
mile [mil] n. 320 rods; 5280 feet 
mile'age [mil aj] «. distance in miles 
mile'post' [-post' ] «. a mark 
mile'stone' [-ston'] «. 
mil'i-tan-cy [mirt-tan-sy] n. warfare 
mil'i-tant [mil i-t<7nt] a. combating 
mil'i-ta-ry [miri-ti-ry] n. soldiery 
mil'i-tate [miri-tat] v.i. 19 contend 
mi-li'tia [ml-Ush'a] n. state troops 
mil£ [milk] «. white fluid 
milk'maid' [-mad'] n. dairy maid 
milk'man [-man] «. milk peddler 
milk'weed' [-wed'] «. a plant [ing 
mill [mil] ;;. machine or place forgrind- 
mil-len'ni-um [-ni-um] «. 1000 years 
mil'le-pore [le-por] n. a kind of coral 
mill'er [mil'er] «. mill attendant 
mil'let [let] n. kind of grain 
mil'li-ner [li-ner] «. bonnet maker 
mil'li-ner-y [-ner-y] n. hats, laces 
mill'ing [mll'Ing] n. grinding 
mil'lion [mil'yun] «. 1,000,000 [million 
mil lion-aire' [-4r'] «. man worth a 
mil lion-air'ess [-es] u.y. [of mill 
mill'stone [mll'ston] h. circular stone 
mill'wright [-rit] 11. builder or maker 
milt [milt] >i. thespleen [of mills 

milt'er [-er] >t. a male fish 
mim'io [mim'Ik] f./. to imitate 
mim'ic-ry [ry] «. imitation 
min'a-ret [min'a-ret] «. lofty tower 
mince [mlns] I'.i. to chop fine (meat 
mince'meat' [met'] «. finely chopped 
min'cing [mln'sing] a. affected nicety 
mind [mind] It. the intellect 
mind'ful [ftjl] a. observant 
mind'lesa [-les] a. careless 
mine [min] n. a pit; f. to sap; pron. my 
min'er [-cr] n. one who mines 
min'er-al [mln'er-al] k. stone 






min er-al'o-gy r-al'4-jy] k. a science 
Mi-ner'va[nii-ner'vaJ«. goddess of IV 
min'^le [minjjjj'll '-J-t- Idom and arts 
mkl'i-a-ture [a-turj «. small portrait 
min'i-fy [min'i-fij f.t. to diminish 
min'im [nim':ml n. note in music 
min'i-mize [mini-mlz] 'u.t. to reduce 
min'i-mum [miu'I-mum] «. a trifle 
min'ion [min'vun) k. small type 
min'is-ter |min is-tcrj n. parson 
min is-te'ri-al [ te'rl-al] a. serving^ 
min is-tra'tion [-tra'shunj «. agency 
min'is-try [tryl m. service 
mink [uiingk] n. an animal 
min'now [minnol «. small fish 
mi'nor [mi nfrl a. smaller [number 

mi-nor'i-ty t"ii-nCr'i-ty] «. smaller 
Min'o-taur [inin'o-tarj H. »y.//i.mon- 
min'ster [-stf r] n. cathedral [ster 

min'strel [nun'strell «. a singer |tion 
min'strel-sy [-sy l «• minstrel's occupa- 
mint [TiiMit] T'.i'. to coin; «. a plant 
min'u-end [aend] «. largest number 
min'u-et [et] ». a dance 
mi'nus [minus] <7. less 
min'ute (min it] «. 60 seconds 
mi-nute'ly [nii-nutlyl a. nicely 
mi-nu'ti-a [mi-nu'shi-al «. minor detail 
minx [mlngks] n. a wanton girl 
Mi'ra (mi ri) «. a variable star 
mir'a-cle (mira-k'l) n. a wonder [ful 
mi-rac'u-lous [ml-rak'u-lus] a. wonder 
mirage' [me'razh'l n. optical effect 
mire (mirj n. spongy earth 
mirk'y [merk'y] it. dark 
mir'ror [mir'rerj k. looking-glass 
mirth [merth] 71. merriment 
mirth-ful (ful) a. merry 

mirth-less [Icsi a. sad 

mir'y (miry) a. muddy 
mir'za [mer'zd] «. Persian, prince 
mis- \m\i'\f>ijix, amiss; wrong; ill 
mis ad-ven'ture [mls'ad-ven'tiir] n. 
mis-ad-vised' [ad-vlzd'j a. ill advised 
mis al-li'ance [-.'d'll'ans] «. bad match 
mis'an-thrope(-in-//';rop) n. man-hater 
mis an-throp'ic [-ik] a. hating men 
mis-an'tliro-py (mis-an'//ir6-pyj ti. 
mis-ap pli-ca'tion t-.ip'pli-ka'shan] «. 
mis ap-ply' (iiiib'ap-pli') v.t. [shun] «. 
mis-ap pre-hen'sion (mis-ap'pre-han' 
mis be-have' (mis'be-hav'jw. behave ill 
mis be-hav'ior [hSv'yer) k. rudeness 
mis be-lieT ( Icf*] «. erroneous belief 
mis-cal'cu-late imis-kal'kaiat) v. 
mis-cal cu-la'tion [la'shunj «. error 
mis-car'riage [miskir'rijj «. 
mis-car'ry | r, 1 -,-.i. togo wrong 
mis cel-la'ne-ous (mis'sel-la'nu-Qsl a. 
mis'cel-la-iy [la-nyl «. a medley 
mis-chance' [mis-chins'] n. mishap 
mis'ehief ( mis', hlf ) k. harm 
mis'chief-mak'er [-maker) «. 
mis'chie-VOUS [mls'ch^-vus) a. harmful 





mis'ci-ble [-si-b'l] a. mixable (judge 
mis'con-ceive' t-kon-sev'] v. to mis- 
mis'con-cep'tion [-sep'shOn] n. false 
mis-con'duct [dukt] n. oflense [guess 
mis'con-jec'ture [-jek'tur] n. wrong 
mis-con-struc'tion [struk'shun] «. 
mis-con'strue |-stru] vj. 
mis-count' [mls-kounf] «. an error 
mis'cre-ant [kre-ant] n. a vile wretch 
mis-deal' [derj v./. to deal amiss 
mis-deed' [inis-ded'l n. an evil deed 
mis'de-mean'or [mis'de-men'er] «. 
mis'di-rect' [mls'de-rekt'] v.L frection 
mis'di-rec'tion [-rek'shun] K.wrongdi- 
mis-do' [-doo'] v.e. to do wrongly 
mis-do'ing [-doo'ing] n. a crime done 
mi'ser [mi'zer] 7t. covetous person 
mis'er-a-ble Imlz'er-a-b'l) a. unhappy 
mi'ser-ly [mi'zer-ly] a. niggardly 
mis'er-y [miz'er-y] «. distress 
mis-fea'sance [-fe'zfrns] n. a trespass 
mis-fit' [mis-fit'] }i. bad fit |form 

mis-form' [■{orm']Ti.l. to make in an ill 
mis-for'tune [mls-for'tun] n. disaster 
mis-give' [gW] v.t. to fill with doubt 
mis-gov'ern [guv'ern] v./. 
mis-guide' l-gid'] v.i. to guide wrongly 
mis-hap' [mis-hap'] n. misfortune 
mis-hear' [her'] 71. to hear incorrec 
mis'im-prove' [-proov'] v.L to abuse 
mis'in-form' [mts'in-fSrm'] -^^ 
mis'in-ter'pret [-ter'pretl v.t. ^ 
mis-judge' [mis-jflj'] v. to misconstrue 
mis-lay' [-l.T] v./. tolay in wrongpl 
mi'sle (niiz"ll n. fine rain 
yi_^ ^mis-lead' [mis-led'] v.t. to deceive 
mis-man'age [mis-man'aj] v. 

mis-no'mer [-nS'mor] >i. wrong name 
mi-sog'a-my [ml-sSg'a-my] n. 
1 _jnis-place' [mis-plas'j v.i. 
mis-point' [mls-poinf] v.t. 
mis-print' [print'] «. error in print 
mis-pri'sion [prlzh'un] «. negligence 
mis-prize' [priz'] f ./. to undervalue 

mis-pro-nounce' [-pr4-nouns'] ■z'./. 
mis-quote' [mis-kwaf] v. U. and i.) 
mis-read' [mis-red] v.t. to read amiss 
mis-rep're-sent' [mls-rep're-zent'];'.;' 
mis-rep're-sen-ta'tion [ta'shun] «. 
mis-rule' [-rul'] -■. to misgovern 
miss [mis] 71. unmarried lady; v. to fai 
mis' sal [] «. a Mass book 
mis'sel-toe [miz'zel-to] «. [bad form 
mis-shap'en [mTs-shap"n] a. h 
mis'sile [-sll] n. a weapon thrown 
miss'ing [-ing] a. lost; not there 
mis'sion [mish'un] n. the art of sending 
mis'sion-a-ry [-a-ry] n. one sent 
mis'sive [mls'siv] «. written message 
mis-spell'[mis-sper]'z'./. to spell wron 

mis-spend' [spend'] v.t. to waste 
mis-state' [-stat'] t/./. to state wrongly 
mis-state'ment [-mcnt] n. a lie 
mis-step' [step'] t-.:. to go astray 





mist [mist] rt. watery vapor 
mis-take' tmls-tsk'l v.t. to misjudge 
mis-tak'en [-n]/./. of "mistake : in 
mis'ter [mis terj K. a title [error 

mis'tle-toe [miz"I-to] k. a plant 
mis'tral [] it. a cold wind 
mis-treat' [mis-tref] v./. toalmse 
rois'tress t-trcs] k. woman with author- 
mis-trust' [trust'] «. distrust jity 
mis-trust'ful [-ful] a. having mistrust 
mist'y [mist y I <!. foggy [z'V. to mistake 

mis-un der-stand' [mis-un'der-stand'i 
mis-un der-stand'ing [ing] «. 
mis-use' [mis-uz I -■./. to misapply 
mite [iiiit] II. minute object 
mi'ter [miter] t./. to match together 
mit'i-gate [mitlgat] t/.e. to alleviate 
mit i-ga'tion [ga'shun] k. relief 
mit'ten [mlt'ten] «. cover for hana 
mit'ti-mus [mittl-mus] «. a writ 
mix [miks] z'.t. to mingle 
mix'a-ble [-a-b"l] a. may be mixed 
mixed [mlkst] a. united 
mix'ture [mlks'turj 7i. a compound 
miz'zen [miz'z'n] a. hindmost 
miz'zle [miz'z'l] n. fine rain [memory 
mne-mon'ics [nc-m6n'iks] ?t. art of 
moan [mon] v.i. to lament 
moat [mot] K. a deep trench 
mob I mob] K. a rabble 
mo'bile [mo'bll] a. movable 
mo-bil'i-ty [niS-biri-ty] h. fickleness 
moc'ca-sin (mok'ki-slnl «. Indian shoe 
Mo'cha [mo'ka] K. a cotTee from Mocha 
mock [m6k] Z'.i. to imitate 
mock'er-y [mOk'er-y] n. imitation 
mock'ing-ly [mOk'Ing-ly] adv. 
mock'ish [mOk'ish] a. sliam 
mode [mod] n. meihofl; fashion 
mod'el [mOd'elJ «. pattern 
mod'el-er [-cr] n. one who models 
mod'el-ing [mgiK. 
mod'er-ate [luod'cr-at] v.t. to repress 
mod er-a'tion i-a'shun] «. calmness 
mod'er-a'tor [tfr] «. presiding oiTicer 
mod'ern [mod'cm] a. recent 
mod'ern-ize [Iz] i/.f. to render modem 
mod'est [mCKlest] a. bashful 
mod'i-cum [mOd'I-ltum] k. a little 
mod i-fi-ca'tion (-ka'shOnJ «. a change 
mod'i-fy [fi] i' /. to qualify 
mod'ish [mod'ishj a. fashionable 
mo diste' [mA'dcst'] n.F. dressmaker 
Mo'docs [mu doks] «.//. tril)eof Ind ns 
mod'u-late [ui(5d'(i-lSt) v.(. to inflect 
mod u-la'tion [la'shun] «. melody 
mo-gul' [migul'l K. large engine 
mo'hair' [mn'h.'ir'l «. a fabric 
Mo-ham'med-ism [ham'mc-d-lz'm] k. 
Mo'hawk [mO'ligk] «. a tribe of Ind'ns 
Mo-hi'cans [mA-he'kanz] «.//. 
moi'e-ty [moi'c-ty] >i. half [appearance 
moire [inwar] «. /•". tabric with watered 
moist [rnoibtj a. damp 




tnois'ten [mois"nl v.t. to mnkerlamp 
mois'ture Imois'tur] n. dampness 
mo'lar (mo'lerj «. a tooth 
mo-las'ses [ni6-!as'sezj n. a syrup 
mold [molrl] v.t. to shape Fwho molds 
mold'er |-er] I'.i. to crumble: ;;. one 
mold'ing I-Jnsl ". ornament 
mole [mol] n. an animal 
mol'e-cule rTnorr-kul) n. invisible par- 
.mo-lest' (niS-lcst J -v.t. to vex [tide 

moles-ta'tion (nioles-ta'shuni «. 
mol'li-fy [mol'li-fij v.t. to soften 
mol'lusk (niol'luskl n. a shell fish 
molt [molt] v.t. to shed hair 
mol'ten Imol't'n] a. melted 
mo'ment iniumfntj n. an instant 
mo'men-ta-ri-ly [-men-ta-n lyj .tdv. 
mo'men-ta-ry [ts-ry] a. 
mo-men'tous ImS-men'tus) a. weighty 
mo-men'tum |-tum] n. impetus 
mon'ad [m-'inad] 71. an atom 
mon'arch ImOn'irk] k. ruler 
mo-nar'chal Im6-nar'k<tl) a. imperial 
mon'arch-y Imon'ark-y] k. a kingdom 
mon'as-ter-y ImOn'fis-ter-yl;;. convent 
mo-nas'tic [mO-nas'tikl n. a monk 
Mon'day | dS) ?/. s^-cond day of week 
mon'e-ia-ry [mun'e-tS-ryl a. pecuniary 
mon'e-tize \-'az\v.t. to adopt as money 
mon'ey [mun'y] n. medium of exchange 
mon'eyed | num'ldl a. wealthy 
mon'ger [inUng'ger] «. a dealer 
Mon-go'li-an [mOn-go'lI-izn) a. 
mon'gTel [mQng'grelj a. mixed 
mo-ni'tion [mo-nish'unj n. advice 
mon'i-tor [niOn'i-ter] «. adviser 
mon'i-to-ry [to-ry] a. warning 
monk Inmngk] «. a priest 
mon'key [mung'kyj n. an ape 
mon'o- \m.a\\t-\prcfix, one 
mon'o-dy [dy] n. song for one voice 
mo-nog'a-ray[m8-n6g'a-my]«.one wife 
mon'o-g-ram lni6n'6-grani] n. 
mon'o-lith \W!h\ «. pillar of one stone 
mon'o-logiie I -log] «. soliloquy 
mon o-ma'ni-a |ma'ni-al n. insanity 
mo-nop'o-list |nie-nOp'6-list] «. 
mo-nop'o-lize (liz] v.t. to engross all 
mo-nop'o-ly [lyl «. sole right 
mon o-syl'la-ble [nion'6-sll'la-b'l] n. 
mon'o-the-ism Imrin'e-the-izml belief 
mon'o-the-ist [-ist] n. [in one God 

mon o-the-is'tic [-ts'tik] a. 
mon'o-tone I tonl n. one tone 
mo-not'o-nous (me-n6t'6-nus] a. dull 
mon-sieur' tmo-sye') n. F. sir 
mon-soon' |m6n soon'] n. 
mon'ster [monster] n. a prodigy 
mon-stros'i-ty [-stras'l-ty] n. monster 
mon'strou3 [mOn'strus] a. huge 
month [mfmth] n. four weeks 
month'ly [ly] a. every month [rial 

mcn'u-ment [mOn'u-ment] n. a memo- 

moii-u-men'tal l-tfil] (/.pert, tomon't 




moo [moo] '< .!. to low 
mood finood] ft. humor 
mood'i-ly l-MJ) atf-; 
aood'y [y] a. fretful 

moon [moon] «. the earth's satellite 
moon'shiae (sliin) «. moonlight 
moor ['.noor] >:. a marsh; ''. to secure a 
moor'ing [ingj «. [vessel 

Moor'ish [ishl It. pert, to Morocco 
moose I moos] K. the elk 
moot [moot] v.i. to argue 
moot'ed ted]/./, disputed 
mop [:n6pl «. a cleaning implement 
mope 1 mop] II. a dull person 
mop'ish [mop'ish] <7. dull 
mo-quette [ms-ket] k. kind of carpet 
mo'ra [mo'ra] K. a tree 
mo-raine' [m6-ran']«. debris carried hy 
mor'al ("lOr'irl] <?. virtuous jglaciers 
mo rale' |m6'ral'j «. j^. condition of 
mor'al-ist [mOr'.ilIstl «. [army 

mo-ral'i-ty [mOrall-tyl k. virtue 
mor'al-ize |niOrVrl-iz| v. i. to reflect 
mo-rass' (mCras' ) /;. a marsh 
Mo-ra'vi-an ImS-ra'vl-an) «. asect 
mor'bid [mor l>iil| a. sickly I substance 
mor'dant |m6r'cl<?ntl k. a corroding 
more [mOr] (2. increased [fabric 

mo-reen' [mo-ren'l >i. kind of woolen 
mor'el [morel] «. kind of mushroom 
mo-relle' [me-rel'l «. the nightshade 
mo-rel'lo |-1S] 7t. kind of cherry 
more-o'ver [mor-ovrr] ad-v. likewise 
Mo-resque' [luO-rcsk] a. Moorish 
morgue [morgi k. adeadhouse 
mor'x-bund [inor'i-bund] a. dying 
Mor'mon rmor'mfln) k. a sect 
morn [mOm] « poetic for morning 
morn'ing'tmorn'ingi «. first part of day 
mo-roc'co[m6-r6k'k6jK. kind of leather 
mo-rose' (mfi-ros'l <j. sullen 
mo-rose'ness [ncs] «. 
Mor'pheus [morfusl n. god of dreams 
mor'phine [mor'finj jt. opium 
mor'ris [m6r'r]s] n. a Moorish dance 
mor'row [mOr'rfi] h. next day 
mor'sel [mor'selj ». small piece 
mor'tal [mor'tatj a. subject to death 
mor-tal'i-ty [mCr-tal'I-ty] k. death 
mor'tal-ly lmor't<?l-ly] ativ. 
mor'tar [mor'tfr] «. building material 
mort'gage [mor'gSj] «. a writing 

mort ga-gee' (mflr'gS-je'] «. 
mort'ga-gor [-jer] h. giver of mortgag< 
mor ti-fi-ca'tion lni6r'tr-fi-ka'shuni« 
mor'ti-fy [fij v.l. to humble 
mor'tise [mflr'tls] t/.^ to cut in timbei 
mor'tu-a-ry (-ta-S-ryl «. burial place 
mo-sa'io (mA-z.Tiki «. 
mos'lem (mOz'lem] «. Mohammedan 
mosque [irOsklw. Mohammedan tcnipU 
mos-qui'to (ni6s-ke't4) ». an insect 
moss |m<'>s| ». a plant 
moss'back' [mOs'bak'J ». partisan 



O^ ^. 






moss'rose' t-roz) «. a kind of rose 
moss'y [-yl a. moss-grown 
most [most] a. highest degree 
most'ly [mSst'ly] adv. chiefly 
mote [mot] «. a small particle 
moth [mor/i] «. an insect 
moth'er [muth'er] «. female parent 
moth'er-in-law' [-in-Ia'J n. 
moth'er-ly [ly] a. tender 
moth'y (moth y] a. full of moths 
mo'tion [mo'shun] «. movement 
mo'tion-less [les] a. at rest 
mo'tive [motlv] «. cause 
mot'ley [m6t'Iy] a. mixed-up 
mo'tor I mo'ter) a- a mo\'er 
mot'tle |m6t'tl] v.t. to spot 
mot'tled l-fld] a. spotted 
mot'to [ te) «. a maxim 
mound [mound] «. artificial hill 
mount [mount] v.i. to go up 
moun'tain [mountln] n. an elevation 
moun tain-eer' [er'l n. rough person 
moun'tain-ous[-us](i.full of mountains 
mount'e-bank [e-bangk] >t. charlatan 
mount'ed [ed] a. on horseback 
mourn [mornl v.i. to grieve 
mourn'er [or] rt. one who mourns 
mourn'ful [full a. sad 
mourn'ing [ ing] «. sorrowing 
mouse (mous) II. an animal 
mous'er [mouzer] n. a cat 
mous'ing [ing] «. prying 
mouth [mouth] «. aperture: opening 
mouth'ful [full «. small quantity 
mouth'piece' [pes' l k. spokesman 
mov'a-ble [moova-b'l] a. not fixed 
move [moov] v.t. to stir 
move'ment [ment] k. motion 
mow l;no| -.'J. to cut grass 
mown [mon] /./. and a. cut down 
Mr. [mis'ter] a. man's title 
Mrs. [missis] n. married woman's title 
much [much] a. a great deal 
mu'ci-lage [mu'sI-Uj] «.agum 
muci-lag'i-nous [laj't-nusj a. sticky 

muck [muk] K. vegetable mold 
muck'worm' [wQrm] n. a miser 
muck'y [yl a. miry 
mu'coUS [mfl'kus] K. slimy substance 
mu'cus [niukusj K. a viscid fluid 
mud [mud] K. moist earth 
mud'dle [mud'd'l] v.t. make turbid 
mud'dle-head' [hed'J n. stupid person 
mud'dy [muddy] a. impure 
mud'sill' [mud'sil) H. lower sill 
muff 1 mijf ] ft. hand protection 
muffin [-fTn] «. a cake 
muffle [f 11 t'-t. to wrap 
muffler [-fler] «. a scarf 
mug [mug] n. adrinkingcup 

mug-gy [gS'l a. damp 
mug'wump' [mug'wOmp'] n. a bolter 
mu-lat'tO [mu-lat'ti] «. a half-breed 
mul'ber-ry [mulber-ry] «. a berry 


o. -s 






mulch Imulch] «. to cover 
millet [inulktl «. forfeiture (whee^ 

mule linul] K. an animal; spinning 
mu le-teer* [rau'le-ter'j «. mule driver 
mu'ley [mu'ly] >t. long saw 
mul'ish [mulisli] a. stubborn 
mull [mull H. muslin 
mul'lar [mul'ler] /;. adie 
mul'lein [mul'lm] h. a plant 
mull'er [inul'er) «. a pestle 
mul'let (inul'letl K. a fish 
mul'ley [moo'lj] a. withouthoms 
mul'lion [muryun] «. bar in window 
mul'lock [muriek] it. rubbish 
multi-fa'ri-ous [murti-fa'ri-fisi a. 
mul'ti-form [U-fonu] a. many forms 
mul'ti-ple [mul'ti-p"!] a. manifolil 
mul ti-pli-ca'tion [pli-ka'shun] n. 
mul ti-plic'i-ty [-plis'i-ty] k. 
mul'ti-ply [ pli] t'./- to increase 
mul'ti-tude [tudl k. a crowd 
mul ti-tu'di-nous [-tu'di-nus] a. 

mum [mum] a. silent 
mum'ble ImQm'b'lj v.i. to mutter 
mum'bler I-bler] «. one who mumbles 
mum'mer-y [mer-yl «.buffoonry 
mum'i-fled [mi fid] a. withered and 
mum'mi-fy [fi] v.t. to embalm Idried 
mum'my (mum 'my) K. embalmed body 
mump 'LinumpJ Z'.!. to deceive 
mumps I mumps] >i. a disease 
munch [munclij v.i. andi. to chew 
mun'dane [mun'dSn] <?. earthly [city 
mu-nic'i-pal [nm-nis'I-pr?!] a. of the 

mu-nic 1-pal'i-ty [pal'ity) «. 
mu-nif'i-cence [nif'i-Sfns] h. bounty 
mu-niri-cent [Sfnt] a. liberal 
mu'm-ment [mu'ni-mfnt] «. munition 
mu-ni'tion [ma-nish'On] «. war mate- 
mu'rage [mu'rSj] «. a ux trial 

mu'ral [-r<7l] a. pertaining to a wall 
mur'der [mur'der] «. to kill unlawfully 
mur'der-erl-er) w.oneguilty of murder 
mur'der-ess [es] «. woman who mur- 
mur'der-OUS t-us) a. cruel [ders 

mure ;iiuir] t ./■. to wall fand a base 
mu'ri-ate [miirl-at] n. muriatic acid 
murk I murk] it. darkness 
murk'y [-y] a. obscure 
mur'mur [mijr'mijr] v.z. to grumble 
mur'rain [murrln] «. a cattle disease 
mus'cat [mus'k^t] ft. a grape 
mus'cle [inus'l] It. organ of motion 
mus CO-va'do |k6-va'd6l a. raw sugar 
Mus'co-vite [kivit] >t. a Russian 
mus'cu-lar [mus'ku-ler] a. powerful 
muse [nifiz] 7M'. to meditate 
mu-se'um (uiu-zc-'uml «. a repository 
mush |n:us!i] )/. a puilding 
mush'room [-ruuni] n. a fungus plant 
mu'sic finfl'slk] ft. melody 
mu'sic-al (mu'zl-kal) rt. melodious 
mu-Sl'cian [ma-zlsh'<jn] u. one skilled 
musk IniiJskJ It. a perfume [in music 









mus'ket ImQs'ketl «. a gun 
mus'ket-eer' [-er'] h. a soldier 
raus'ket-ry [-ry] >i. the fire of muskets 
musk'mel'on [musk'inercin] h. a fruit 
musk'rat' [mOsk'rat'J «. an animal 
mus'lin (muz'lln] h. a thin cloth 
imiss [n,us| v.t. (crumple 
inus'sel tmus's'l] «. shell fish; a mol- 
muss'y [nius'y] a. rumpled |lusk 

r.iust (in.i^tl v.i. or aux. to be obliged 
mus-taclio' [iims-tash'] K. hair on lip 
raus'tang [mus'tang] n. a wild horse 
mus'tard fmus'terd] n. a plant 
inns'ter [mus'ter] «. a gathering 
mus'ty [imls'ty] a. stale 
mu ta-bil'i-ty [mu'ta-bll'i-tj] «. varia- 
mu'ta-ble [mO'ta-b'l] a. unstable Ition 
mu-ta'tion [mu-ta'shiin] n. change 
mute Imfit] (7. dumb 
mu'ti-late [rau'ti-lat] v.t. to maim 
mu'ti-la'tion [-la'shunl «.actof muti- 
mu'ti-neer' [-ner'] n. rebel llating 
mu'ti-nous [-nus] a. seditious 
mu'ti-ny [-ny] «. insurrection (grumble 
mut'ter [mut'ter] v.i. to speak low; to 
mut'ton [luflt't'n] 71. flesh ofsheep 
mu'tu-al [inO'tu-rtl] a. common 
mu'tu-al'i-ty [-al'l-ty] «. interchange 
mu'tu-al-ly r-ally] ««?»• 
mux [muks] v.t. to mix 
muz'zle Imuz'z'l] v.t. to sheathe 
muz'zy [muzzy] a. dazed 
'my\uri'\fos.J'ron. and ^.belonging to me 
my-o'pi-a Imi-o'pi-a] «. shortsighted- 
my r'i-ad [ I-ad] a. great number 1 ness 
myr'mi-don [mer'ml-don] n. ci 
myrrh [mer] «. an incense [soklier 

myr'tle |m5r't'l] «. evergreen shrub 
my-self (mi-self] emph.pron. I or m 
myS-te'ri-OUS [mls-te'ri-us] a. secret 

rays-te'ri-ous-ly [-ly] adv. 
mys'ter-y [mis'ter-y] -n. the unknown 
mys'tic-al (mis'tl-kal] a. obscure 
mys'ti-fy [mis'tl-fl] v.t. to puzzle 
myth \m\th-\ n. a fable 
myth'i-cal \m\th'\-Va\\ a. fabulous 

my-thol'o-gy imT-^/jol'^-jy] n. 

nab [nib] v.t. to seize 
na'bob [na'bSb] n. a wealthy man 
na'dir [-derj -.i. lowest point; op. zenit 
nae'vus [ne'vus] «. birth mark 
nag [nSg] V. to tease 
nag'ging [glng] a. fault finding 
Na'iad (na'yad] «. water nymph 
nail [nal] V. to fasten; n. spike 
nail'brush' [brOsh'i n. 
nail'er [er] n. maker of nails 
na'ive' (na'ev'l a. unaffected simplicit 
na'ive'te' [na'ev'ta'] n. F. native sin 
na'ked [na'ked] a. bare [plicity 

na'ked-ness [-nes] n. bareness 
nam'a-ble [ nam'a-b'l l a. may be named 
nam'by-pam'by [nam'by-pam'by] a. 





name [nam] n. appellation 
name'less |-iesj <j. anonymous 
name'ly [-lyl itrff. by name 
name'sake' (sak'J k. one named for 
nan-keen' [nan-ken'] k. kind of cloth 
nap [nii'l «. a short sleep 
nape [up] ".back part of neck 
na'pha water [na'fa water) ti. 
naph'tha [nrifz/ia] k. volatile liquid 
naph'tha-lene [-len] «. 
na'pi-form [na'pi-fomi] «. 
nap'kin tnapkln] ?i. small towel 
nap'less [-ISs] a. threadbare 
Na'ples [iirrp'U] «. acity of Italy 
na-po'le-on[na-po'lc-On]«. French coin 
nappe [nap] «. surface 
nap'ping [nap'pTng]/r^j".^. dozing 
nap'py [nappy] a. sleepy; shaggy 
nar-cis'sus [nar-sls'sus] K. a plant 
nar-co'sis[-ko'sis] ?*. privation of sense 
nar-cot'ic [kSt'Ik] k. a drug l loid 

nar'co-tine [uarko-tin] ». opium alka- 
nard [nir '.] n. oriental perfume plant 

Nar'ra-gan'setts [narra-gan'sets] k. 
nar-rate' [nar-rat'l v.f. to relate 
nar-ra'tion [iiar-ra'shun)«. description 
nar'ra-tive [nur'ra-tiv] «. story 
nar-ra'tor [nar-ra'ter] «. relator 
nar'ra-to-ry |-ra-t4-ry] a. 
nar'row [nirro] tt. a little breadth 
nar'row-cr [-er] a. com/>. of*' narrov.'" 
nar'row-ly[-ly]aa't/. with little breadth 
nar'row-ness [-n6s] «. 
nar'whal [] «. kind of whale 
na'sal [na'zul] a. of the nose 
na-sal'i-ty [na-zai'I-ty] «. 
nas'cent [nas's^nt] a. evolving ffruit 
nase'ber ry [naz'ber'ry] k. a tropical 
nas'ti-ly |n,is'tl-ly] aifz: offensively 
nas'ti-ness [-ncs] «. dirtiness 
Nas-tur'tium [nas-tar'sham]«.aplant 
nas'ty [nas'ty] <?. dirty 
na'tal [na'wl] <?. native 
na'tant [na'wznt] a. floating 
na'ta-to'ri-um [na'ta-to'rl-um] >i. 
na'ta-to-ry (-lo-r;] a. 
natch [ii.iih] n. rump of beef 
Natch'es [nach'ez] «.//. tribe of Ind'ns 
na'tion [nS-'shun] «. division of people 
na'tion-al [nash'un-al] a. 
na'tion-al-ism f-iz'm] «. nationality 
na'tion-al-ist t-ist] «. national unity 
na tion-al'i-ty [-al'l-ty] «. [advocate 
na'tion-al-ize [-al-iz] VJ. to make na 
na'tive [na'tiv] a. born in [tional 

na-tiv'i-ty [na-tlv'I-ty] «. birth 
nat'ty [nifty] a. neat 
nat'u-ral (nat'u-rall a. not acquired 
nat'u-ral-ism [-iz'ni] ii. 
nat'u-ral-ist [-hx] n. 
nat u-ral-i-za'tion [-i-za'shon] k. 
nat'u-ral-ize [iz] t-./. to confer ri;,'! 
nat'u-ral-ness [-nos] n. conformity to 
na'ture [n.ltur] «. the creation 




naught fnat) K. nothing 
naugh'ti-iy [na'tr-ly] adv. wickedly 
naugh'ti-ness [nes] >i. badness 
naugh'ty [na'ty] a. mischievous 
nau'se-a [na'shS-A] «. stomach sickness 
nau'se-ate [at] v.i. to sicken 
nau'seous [na'shus] a. sickening 
nautch [nach] «. Hindoo dancing enter- 
nau'tic-al [na'tl-k(!l] a. [tainment 

nau'ti-lus t-lO^.) n. a kind of shell fish 
na'val Inl'] a. marine 
naveinav]?/.hubofwheel; body of church 
na'vel [na'v'l] «. center of abdomen 
nav'i-ga-ble InSv'S-gi-b'l] a. sailable 
nav'i-gate 1-gat] ~'.t. to sail on 
nav'i-ga'tion [-ga'shun] ?/. seamanship 
nav'i-ga'tor [nav'r-ga'ter] n. sailor 
nav'vy [nAv'vyJ n. laborer 
na'vy Ina'vyl ?'• fleet of ships 
nay [na] ad-v. no 

Naz'a-rene' [naz'a-ren'] k. one from 
neap [nSp] a. low (Nazaretl; 

neap'tide' I-tid'] n. low tide 
Ke'a-pol'i-tan [ne'a-p61'i-tan] n. na 
near fner] ad%'. nigh Ltive of Naples 
near'ly [ly] adv. almost 
near'ness [nesj n. closeness 
neat [net] a. tidy 
neat'ly [-ly] adv. tidily 
neat'ness t-nes] «. tidiness 
neb'u-la [nel/u-la] >i. s. misty object 
neb'u-lae [-le] «.//. of "nebula" 
neb'u-lous [lOs] a. misty [bly 

nec'es-sa-ri-ly r-rl-lyj adv. unavoida- 
nec'es-sa-ry [nes'es-sa-ry] «. inevitable 
ne-ces'si-tous [-tfls] a. destitute ipel 
ne-ces'si-ty [ty] k. want 
neck [nek] ?/. part of body' 
neck'lace [-las] «, ornament 
neck'tie' [tt'l «. ascarf [etc. 

neck'wear' [wdr'] «. cravats, collars, 
ne-crol'o-gy [nc-kror6-jy] n. 
nec'ro-man'cy [rfi-man'sy] n. magic 
ne-crop'o-lis [-krSp'S-lIs] «. graveyard 
nec'rop-sy (nek'rOpsy] >i. an autopsy 
ne-cro'sis [nc-kro'sisj n. a disease 
nec'tar [nek'ter] H. drink of thegods 

nec'tar-ine [-in] n. a fruit 
ned'dy [ned'dy] «. a donkey 
nee lnal/./.yV»z. bom 
need [ned] k. want 
need'ful [ful] n. needy 
nee'dle [ne'd'l] n. sewing tool 
need'less [ned'les] a. groundless 
need'less-ly [ly] adv. 
need'y [ned'y] a. very poor 
ne'er [nar] adv. abbrev. for "never" 
ne-fa'ri-OUS [ne-fa'rl-Qs] a. heinous 
ne-ga'tion [ne-ga'shCin] H. denial 
neg'a-tive [neg'A-tIv] «. opp. to aff. 
neg-lect' [neg-lekf] v.t. to slight 
neg-lect'ful [-fljl] a. careless 
neg'li-gee' [negll-zha'] «. easy attire 

n^~^ V 






neg'li-gence [-j<-ns] «. slight attention 
neg'li-gent ( jint] <i. careless 
ne-go'ti-a-ble [nc-gO'shiab'll a. 

ne-go'ti-ate [at] z.:. to treat with 
ne-go ti-a'tion [ S'shiln] «. trading 
ne-go'ti-a tor t a ter) a. a mediator 
ne'gress (ne'gres) n. black woman 
ne'gro [grA] «. black man 
ne'gUS [ne'gus] K. a drink 
neigh [na] v.i. to whinny 
neigh'bor [n.l'berl it. one adjoining 
neigh'bor-hood [hood] n. vicinity 

neigh'bor-ly [K] a. social 

nei'ther [nether] conj. not either 
Nem'e-sis [nem'c-sisl «. a goddess 
ne'O lne'6l/>-t:/fj:new; recent 
ne'o-phyte [ne'4-fitl «. a new convert 
neph'ew (nc-fai «. a relation 
nep'o-tism Inep'O-tlz'm) n. favoritism 
Nep'tune [nep'tun] k. a planet 
Ne'ro [ne'rS) n. a cruel Roman emperor 
nerve Inerv] n. a sinew 
nerve'less [lesl «. weak 
nerv'ine [nerv'In] n. a nerve medicine 
nerv'ous [flsl <7. excitable rtion 

nerv'ous-ness [nes] «. nervous condi- 
nerv'y [ y] "■ strong 
nes'cience [ueshens] «. ignorance 
ness [n5sl 11. a headland 
nest [nest] «. a bed for birds 
nes'tle |nes"l| tm. to lie close 
nes'tling I-lIng] «. a young bird 
nes'tor (nes'tSr) H. gray-headed parrot 
nes-to'ri-an [nSsto'n-unJ <!. wise 
net [nitl n. a snare 
neth'er [neth'er] a. lower 
neth'er-most' [-most'J a. lowest 
net' ting (ntt'tingj «. network 
net'tle | t'l) n. a plant 
neu'ral [nu'ral] a. pert, to nerves 
neu-ral'gi-a [nii-rarjl-i] «. a disease 
neu-ral'gic |-jik| a. pert, to neuralgia 
neu-rol'o-gy I -rordjyl«. science of the 
neu ro-path'ic |pa//<'lk] a. [nerves 
neu-rot'ic [nurSt Ikj H.a nerve disease 
neu'ter (nuter) a. impartial 
neu'tral [trt!!] a. on either side not 
neu-tral'i-ty [trali-tyj >t. Igaged 

neu'tral-ize [trrtl-iz] i.t. to render 
nev'er [nf\'er] (1(^7^. at no time [neutral 
nev'er-more' I-nior'l adv. never again 
nev er-tbe-less' [•thir-les'jarfi'. at least 
new (nu) <i. recent [stairway 

new'el [nuc-H n. upright post circular 
new'fan'gled l-fang'g'ld) a. new made 

Kew'found-land' [nu'fond-iand] n 

new'ly Inu'ly) ad^i. recently 
new'ness [ncbj «. novelty 
news [nuzj 11. fresh tidings 
news'pa per [pa'perl «. ajournal 
news'y [ y] a. full of news 
newt I ijiJt) >i. kind of salamander 
next [niikstl a. nearest 
Ni-ag'a-ra [ni-ag'i-ri] «. N. Am. river 





nib Inlhl n. a prong 

nib'ble [-b'll v.t. to bite 

nib'bler (-bler| «. one who nibbles 

nic'co-lite [nik'ko-lit] k. a mineral 

nice [iiTsl a. exquisite 

nice'ly [-ly] adv. 

nice'ness 1-nesl u. state of being nit 

ni'ce-ty |ni'se-tyl «. precision 

niche [niclil «. a recess 

nick [nik] )/. a notch 

nick'el l-cl l n. a small coin 

nick'name' (-nam'] «. fancy name 

nic'o-tine [-o-tlnl «. an alkaloid Inest- 

nid'i-fi-kate [nicl'i-fi-katl v.i. to buiU: 

niece [nC-s] «. daugbter of bro. or sister 

nig'gard | nig'gerU] n. a miser 

nig'gard-ly [-ly] n. stingy 

nig'ger (-i;cr| ;;. vulgar name for negn 

nigh I nil ,r. near 

night tniti II. darkness 

night'cap' l-kap'l n. cap worn in bed 

night'dress' I-dres'] n. a nightgown 

night'in-gale [-in-gal] n. song bird 

night'ly t-ly] «■ every night 

night'mare' (-mAr'l «. frightful dream 

night'shade'[-shad')«. poisonous plant 

night' time' l-tinie']«.bet»een dusk ant. 

ni-gres'cent [ni-grcs'sd-nt] a. [dawn 

ni'hil-ism Ini'hrl-iz'm] ;/. nothingness 

ni'hil-ist 1 -ist] «. one of a secret society 

Nile (nil] ;;. a river of Egypt 

nil Inil] >!. nothing 

nill [nTl] './. to refuse 

nim'ble [.ijm'l.'l] a. active 

nim'ble-ness [nes] n. 

nim'bus Inim'bus) !i.arain cloud 

nin'com-poop [mn'kem-poop] «. a fooi 

nine IninJ a. one less than ten 

nine'pins [nin'pinz] n. a game 

nine'teen' l-ten'J <i. one short of a score 

nine'teenth' i-tencA'i a. inintl. 

nine'ti-eth \-l\-eth\ a. one after eighty 

nine'ty l-ty] n. nine tens 

nin'ny [nin'nyj «. a simpleton 

ninth [nin/A] a. next after eighth 

nip (nipl n. a pinching 

nip'pers [-|.erz] pincers 

nip'ple [-p'l] «.a teat 

Ni'san Ini'sin] «. first month Jewish 

ni'si liu'sll coHj. L. unless lyear 

ni'sus [ni'sus] n. an effort 

nit Init) >i. egg of insect 

ni'ter [ni'ter] n. saltpeter 

ni'trate l-trat] «. nitric acid and a base 

ni'tric [-trik] <r. containing nitrogen 

ni'tro-gen [ni'trO-jen] «. a gas; azote 

ni-trog'e-nous [ni-trOj'e-nus] a. 

ni tro-glyc'er-in [ni'tr6-g!is'er-in] n 

ni'trous [-trils] a. pertaining to niter 

niks [niks] n. a water spirit 

no [no] adz'. a denial; a. not any 

No'ah [no'a] n. a patriarch 

nob'by [nob'by] a. stylish 

no-bil'i-ty [nS-bll'I-ty] «. rank 






.r.-^. - -Z:. 

no'ble fnob'll a. stately 
no'ble-man (-ni<in| n. a peer 
no'ble-ness l-nesl «. dignity 
no'bly I bly] adv. in a noble manner 
no'bod-y |nobOd-yl n. no one Inight 
noc-tur'nal lnOk-tOr'nal] a. pert, to 
nod lr,i"ll f.i. to bow 
nod'al I iioa'.il J a. pert, to "node" 
nod'dle InOd'd'l] ». the head 
nod'dy |-ily) «. a fool 
node (n 1.1) «. where a curve crosses itself 
nod'u-lous [nOd'fl-lasl <i. having knots 
nog fnSjl H. abbrev. for "noggin" 
nog'gin [gin] »;. a small cup or mug 
nog'ging [gingl «. kind of brick wall 
noise inoizl n, confused sound 
noise'less [-les] a. no noise 
noi'some Inoi'sum] a. hurtful 
nois'y [noiz'yl ('. boisterous 
no-li'tion [nS-lish'Onl n. unwillingness 
nom' de plume' [nom' dcplum'j a. F. 
nom'ad a. roving 
no-mad'ic [nO-madik] a. wandering 
no'men-clature [no'men-kla'tir] «. 
nom'ic [nOm'ik] a. ordinary 
nom'i-nal [nomi-mrll a. not real 
nom'i-nal-ly [lyl adv. byname 
nom'i-nate L"itl w-'- to name ling 
nora i-na'tion (na'shunl ji.actof nam- 
nom'i-na-tive [-na-tivl a. designating 
nom i-nee' ( ne'l tt. candidate 
no-mol'o-gy (nS-nior6-j>'J«. legislation 
non- [n-m-!/>-.7f.r, not Ifusa' 

non ac-cept'ance t-ak-sept'iins] k. re- 
non'age [-Sj] «. minority; underage 
non a-ge-na'ri-an [-a-gc-na'ri-an] 71. 
non'a-gon I iron] >.•. nine-sided figure 
non ac-quaint'ance(-ak-kwant'rtns]H. 
non ap-pear'ance [-.ip-per'ans) n. 
non ar-riv'al [-ur-tiv'^l] «. not come 
non at-ten'tion [-at-ten'shon] n. no 
nonce InonsJ n. present purpose Iheed 
non cha lant' l-sii.iKin'l a. careless 

non com-mis'sioncd [mfsh'und] a. 
non com-mit'tal 1-mrt'tall «. 
non com-pli'ance (-pli'«nsl «. refusal 
non con-cur' l-koii-kilr'l ■v.i. to dissent 
non con-duct'or (-duk'ter] «. insulator 
non con-form'i-ty [-(orm'i-tyl 11. ling 
non con-ta'gious i-t5'jus]a.notcatch 
non de-liv'cr-y [-dc-liv'£r-yj n. kept 
non'de-script [-de-skript] a. novel; odd 
none \\\im\ d. and/ro«. notone [use 
non cf-fect'ive [nOn'ef-f4k'tlv] a. no 
non e-lec'tion [-c-lek'shun] it. void 
non-en'ti-ty [-in'tl-tyl «. not existing 
non es-sen'tial [-es-sen'sh<il) a. 
none'such' [inm'sQch'l H.noolhersuch 
non ex-ist'ence [-egz-ist'cns] n. 
non ful-P.ll'ment rfglfii'm«nt] «. 
no-nil'lion inAnllyOnl «. 
non-in ter-ven'tion [-ter-ven'shOn] «. 
nonme-tal'lic[-mt-tal'lik]<i. not metal 






non'ny [n<Sn'ny] n. a silly fellow 
non'pa-reil' [nOn'pa-rel'l a. nonesuch 
non-pay'ment [-pa'mfnt] «. not paid 
non'plus' [nun'plus'J v.i. to puzzle 
non'pros'l •prds'ji'.;'. to fail to prosecute 
non-res'i-dent Infin-rez'I-dfnt] a. 
nonre-sist'ance [re zist'ans] «.pas- 
non'sense [bens] «. folly [siveness 

non-sen'si-cal [sen'sl-kal] a. absurd 
non'suit' [nOn'sut'] « suit withdrawn 
noo'dle [noo'd'l] n. a ninny 
nook [nook] 7(. a corner 
no-ol'o-gy |n6-6rd-jy] «. science of the 
noon [noon] ;;. midday [unticrstandin^ 
noon'tide' [-tid') ;;. time of noon 
noose [noos] 71. a loop 
nope [nop] K. a bull-finch 
nor [nor] ca>!j. a negative 
nor'mal [nOr'ninl] a. natural 
Nor'man [-miin] a. pert, to Normandy 
Norse [nors] «. language of N. Europe 
Norse'man [-mun] n. a Northman 
north [nor//;] )!. a direction op. to south 
north'east' [est'] «. between north and 
north'east'ern [ern] a. [east 

north'ern 1-ern] u. pert, to north 
north' ward |-werd] n. toward the north 
northwest' (-west'] k. between n< 
north-west'ern [-ern] a. [and west 
Nor-we'gi-an [nor-we'jl-an] «. native 
nose [noz] !t. part efface [of Norway 
nose'bag' [bag'] «. a feed bag 
nose'gay' [-ga'] «. abouquet [noses 
no-sol'o-gy [n6-s6r6-jy] 7t. study of 
nos'tril InOs'tril] «. part of nose 
nos'trum [trum] n. quack medicine 
not [nSt] aii-'. denial 
not'a-ble [not'a-b'l] a. remarkable 
no'ta-ry [no'ta-ry-] n. civil olficer 
no-ta'tion[n6-ta'shun] ?!.act of record- 
notch [nOch] «. to cut ling 
note [not] 7'J. to observe 
note'-book' [not'-bSSk'] n. record book 
note'pa'per [pa'per] «. paper 5x8 
note'wor'thy [-wOr'thy] a. remarkabh 
noth'ing [nu/A'ing] n. none at all 
no'tice [no'tls] «. perception 
no'tice-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. conspicuous 
no'ti-fi-ca'tion [fj-ka'shun] «. notice 
no'ti-fy [-fi] z'.t- to give notice 
no'tion [no'shijnl ft. an opinion 
no'tion-al l-al] a. fanciful 
noto-ri'e-ty [-t6-rT'e-ty] «. distinction 
nO-to'ri-OUS [nO-to'ri-us] a. noted 

not'with-stand'ing [nsfwith-stand' 
noun [noun] n. a name [ing] prep. 

nour'ish [nur'ish] Z'.t. to feed 
nour'ish-ment [mentj ;;. food 
nov'el [nfiv'cl] a. new; n. a tale 
nov'el-ist [-ist] «. a novel writer 
nov'el-ty [ ty] n. newness 
No-vem'ber[n6-vem'ber] n. nth month 
no-ven'ni-al [-ven'nl-<jl] a. every nine 
nov'ice [nOv'Is] n. beginner [years 







no-vi'ti-ate [nS-vish'I-Stl «. a novice 
now [nou] iitiz>. instantly 
now'a-days' [a-daz] at/v. 
no'ways' tno'waz] adv. not at all 
no'where' [hwar'l adv. not any where 
no'wise' [-wizl ad-: in noway 
nox'ious (nak'shusl a. hurtful 
noz'zle [nOz'zl] «. a short tube 
nu'cle-US [nu'kle-us] >i. central mass 
nude [nuii] a. naked 
nudge Inujl I./, to touch lightly 
nu'di-ty (nu'ditjl «. nakedness 
nu'ga-to-ry [nuga-ts-ryl a. trifling 
nug'get (nujfge'l "■ 1"">P of gold 
nui'sance [mi sans] >i. offensive 
null ih"ll .'.void 
nul li-fi-ca'tion [lifi-ka'shani «. 
nul'li-fi er[fier]«.one who makes void 
nul'li-fy [f i] '■/. to make void 
numb [nuinl a. insensible 
num'ber [nOm'ber] v.t. to count fble 
Num'bers [z] n. fourth book of the Bi- 
num'ber-less [-les] a. countless 
nu'mer-al [nu mer-alj «. a figure 
nu'mer-ate [at] I'.t. to number 
uu mer-a'tion[-a'shunl>i. a numbering 
nu-mer'ic-al |meri-k,ill a. numbered 
nu'mer-ous[numer-usJa. great number 
nu mis-mat'ic (numlz mit'tk] a. 
nun [nun) fi. woman in convent [Pope 
nun'ci-0 [-shio] «. representative of 
nun'cu-pate [ku-pat] v.i. to declare 
nun'ner-y [ner-y] h. a convent 
nup'tial [nup'shal] a. pert, to marriage 
nup'tials I-shrtlz] n./>/. marriage 
nurse [nCirs] z^.t. to foster 
nurs'er-y (er-yl k. child's room 
nurs'ling [ling] w. an infant 
nur'ture [nOr'tur] v.t. to feed 
nut [nutj II. a fruit 
nut meg r-mcg] >i. a spice nut 
nu'tri-ent [nu'trl-.-ntl <?. nutritious 

nu'tri-ment ino tri-mt-nti «. food 
nu-tri'tion [nQ-trish'un] >i. nutriment 
nu-tri'tious (-trlsh'us] a. nourishing 
nu'tri-tive |nu'trr-tiv) a. alimental 
nut'shell' (niit'shel'l ".cover to kernel 
nux vom'i-ca |nuks'vc>m'l-ka]«. 
nuz'zle (nQz'z'l) v.i. to foster 
nye Ini) m. brood of pheasants 
nymph [nimf ) «. goddess of woods 

oaf [of] «. an idiot 
oak |6kj It. a tree 
oak'en [-'nl a. made of oak 
oak'um [Qm) «. loose fibre 
oar 'Ir] «. long paddle 
oared Ifltd] a. furnished with oars 
oar'less [Rs) a. without oars 
oars'man (Orz'munl «. a rower 
oar'weed [6r'w4d') «. seaweed 
o'a-sis |6'4sls) fertile spot 
oat'cake' [(■it'klk'l «. take made of oat- 
oats [Olsl «.//. gr.iin lineal 




oath {bt!i\ n. affirmation 
oat'meal' [St'meri «. meal of oats 
ob'du-ra-cy [Sb'du-ra-sJ] n. obstinacy 
ob'du-rate [rati a. unyielding ['ince 
0-be'di-ence [o-be'di-cnsl «. compli- 
o-be'di-ent [cnt) a. dutiful 
o-bei'sance (simsi «. a bow 
ob'e-lisk [Ob'e-Uskl «. a pillar 
ob'e-lus ;-lcisl n. any pointed mark 
Ob'er-on [-Cr-enl n. king- of fairies 
0-bese' [6-bes'l a. fat; stout 
0-bes'i-ty [O-bes'i-ty] n. fleshiness 
0-bey' [S-ba'l •:■./. to comply 
ob-fus'cate [Sb-fus'katl t/.^. to darken 
o'bit [o-bitj H. date of one's death 
0-bit'u-a-ry [6-bit'u-a-ry] n. 
ob'ject [Ob'jcktl n. something tangible 
ob-ject' lob-jekt'l -v.l. to oppose 
ob-,iec'tion [ob-jek'shun] n. scruple 
ob-.jec'tion-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. 
ob-.jec'tive [tiv] a. outward 
ob-.ject'or [6b-jokt'erl «. 
ob-jur'gate [6b-jur'gat] v.t. to chide 
ob'Jur-ga'tion (ab'.iur-ga'shunj n. 
ob-.jur'ga-to-ry [Ob-jQr'ga-tO-ryl a. 
ob-'late' [lat'J a. flattened at the poles 
ob-la'tion [ib-la'shOn] n. a sacrifice 
ob'li-gate [ob'll-gat] I'.t. to bind 
ob'li-ga'tion [-fja'sliun] n. a duty 
ob'li-ga-to-ry [-tra-tS-ry] a binding 
0-blige' [o-blijl 1' t. to compel 
0-bli'ging [jlng] a. civil 
ob-lique' |Ob-lek'l a. slanting 
ob-lit'er-ate [6b-Iit'5r-at] v.t. to erase 
ob-lit'er-a'tion t-a'shfln] h. extinction 
ob-liv'i-on [-llv-'i-un] «. forgetfulness 
ob-liv'i-OUS l-usj a. forgetful 
ob'long [ob'long] a. longer than broad 
ob'lo-quy [ob'lo-kwy] k slander 
ob'mu-tes'cence (ob'mu-tes'sfns] n. 
ob-nox'ious [Ob-nok'shus] a. hateful 
o'boe [ri'li.jil ;r. a wind instrument 
o'bo-ist [r.'bo-ist] «. performer on oboe 
ob-scene' (5b-sen'l a. lewd 
ob-scen'i-ty (ab-sen't-tyj u. lewdness 
ob'SCU-ra'tion lob'sku-ra'shun] «. 
ob-scure' |db-skur'] a. dim 
ob-scu'ri-ty [6b-sku'ri-tyl h. gloom 
ob'se-crate [Ob'se-krat] v.t. to beseech 
ob'se-cra'tion [kra'shun] «. entreaty 
ob-se'qui-OUS [Ob-se'kwl-us] a. servile 
ob'se-quy (6b'se-kwy] «. funeral rite 
ob-serv'a-ble [ab-zerv'a-b'l] a. 
ob-serv'ance [-.ins] n. a practice 
ob-serv'ant [-imt] a. mindful 
ob'ser-va'tion [ob'zer-va'shflnj «. 
ob-serv'a-to-ry [Ob-zcrv'a-to-ry] n. 
ob-serve' [ob-zerv'l ii.t. to heed 
ob-serv'er [-er] «. one who observes 
ob'so-lete [Sb'sSdetl a. disused 
ob'sta-cle [6b'sta-k'l] «. obstruction 
ob-stet'ric (-stefrlk) a. 
ob'sti-na-cy [Ob'stl-ni-sy] «. firmness 

\_\^\" V 







ob'sti-nate r nitl n. stubborn 
ob-strep'er-ous (streper-Osj a. noisy 
ob-Struct' (ol.-strukt'l ^v. to stop 
ob-struc'tion l-struk'shunl «. obstacle 
ob-struc'tion-ist |-tst| «.hinderer 
ob-struct'ive [tiv) a. hindering 
ob-tain' [ObtSn l ^•./. to acquire 
ob-tain'a-ble lib'l) a. procurable 
ob-trude' (5b-trud'l I'.f. to intrude 
ob-tru'sion (6l>-truzhunl m. intruding 
ob-tru'sive [siv] <r. pushing 
ob-tiind' [0V)-tund'l v.r. to blunt 
ob-tuse' I6b-tus'| .7. dull 
ob-tuse'ness [nesl k. bluntness 
ob-tu'sion [ftb-tuzhun] k. made blunt 
ob'verse (Ob versj h. prin. face of coin 
ob-vert' [vert'] v./. to turn toward 
ob'vi-ate ICb'vi-atj v.t. to prevent 
ob'vi-ous (us] (7. plain 
ob'vi-ous-ly [ly] ndv. clearly 
OC-ca'sion [ok-ka'zliQn] ft. occurence 
oc-ca'sion-al (nil a. casual 
oc-ca'sion-al-ly [rtl-Iy] .7<fv. at times 
oc'ci-dent (ok sl-d^ntj «. the west 
OCCi-den'tal I-den'tal) a. western 
OC-cip'i-tal (sipltrtlj rt. pert, to back 
oc'ci-put |6k sj-puti 7(. lofskull 

oc-cult' [okkult] a. concealed [star 
OC cul-ta'tion[k01ta'shunl)(.eclipse of 
oc'cu-pan-cy (-kii-pan'syj ;i. possession 
oc'cu-pant li)i?ntl «. dweller 
OC CU-pa'tion [pa'shun] k. calling 
OC cu-py [pll v.t. to possess 
oc-cur' [ok-kur' 1 1'.!. to meet 
oc-cur'rence (ok-kor'rcnsl «. event, 
o'cean (o shim) «. the great outer sea 
ce-an'ic [o'shS-Sn'ikl a. pert.toocean 
0-ce'a-nus [Ssea-nub] ». goil of ocean 
0-cel'la-ted [O-sel'la-tedl a. like an eye 
0-cel'luS (-IQsl II. eye like spot 
o'ce-lot [asclOtl H. kind of wild cat 
o'cher i okerl >i. colored clay 
o;'ta-son (uk'tS-gOn) h. 8 sided figure 
OC-ta^'o-nal [oktagOnul] a. 
oc'tant [Ok'trtnt] «. eighth part of circle 
oc'tave |-tSv] ;(. the diatonic scale 
OC-ta'vo l-vOl If. book 8 leaves toasheet 
OC-tet' t^jk-tet') II. music by 8 voices 
OC-til'lion (Ok-tH'yunl tt. unit with 27 
Oc-to'ber loklOlicr] «. (ciphers 

OC to-ge-na'ri-an l6k'tC-je-na'ri-<in];i. 
oc'to-pus [Ik'tS-pus] tt. the devil fish 
DC to-roon' (roon'] II. one with mixed 
OC'tu-ple (tiip'll (T. eight-fold [blood 
oc'u-lar (Okii-lerl n. pert, to the eye 
oc'u-list l-llstl H. eye doctor 
odd i J 1 1 rt. singular fsoc. 

Odd'fellow [-ffel-lA] «. one of a secret 
odd'i-ty [l-tyl 11. singularity 
odd'ly [ly] aiiv. strangely 
odd'ness [-nfisl >i. strangeness 
odds ( 'idzj II. ■'III.!,'', and//, difference 
ode [O'll «. short pOL-m 






O'din [o'dtn] «. North European myth, 
o'di-ous [o'cll-us] a. hateful [god 

o'di-um [um] n hatred 
o'dol (o'dol) !i. a mouth wash 
o'dor [o'der] n. perfume 
o'dor-ous [-usl a. fragrant 
Od'ys-sey [6d'Is-sy] n. Homer's epic 
o'er [6r\J>ref over Ipoem 

of [Sv] />-<•/. relating to 
off |6f I ad-j. separation 
offal [Sf'f.tll >(. carrion; refuse 
of-fence' [Sf-fens'J k. an insult 
of-fend' [Sf-fend'l v.t. to displease 
of-fend'er [crj «. a wrongdoer 
of-fen'sive (of-fen'sni a. insolent 
offer [61 ferj v.t. to present 
of'fer-ing (Ing] n. thatwhich is offered 
of fer-to-ry [-to-ry] n. the collection at 
off'hand' [Of'hand'] a. instant [church 
office [-fibl 7i. place of business 
of fice-hold'er [-hold'erj «. an officer 
offi-cer [uffi-ser! «. 
of-fi'cial [6f-f Ish'al] a. pert, to office 
of-fi'ci-ate [-I-at] v.i. to act 
of-fi'cious [-us] a. meddling 
oflfing [ofing] n. deep water 
off'scour'ing [6f skour'ingj n. refuse 
off'scum' [-skum'] n. filth 
off'set' [-sSt'l v.t. to balance 
off'shoot ['shiSot'] «. a branch 
off' spring [spring] n.sin^. and//, 
oft (Oft) <7,i'z'. often 
often [Ofn] aiiv. frequent 
of ten-times [Of'n-timz] adv. often 
o'gle [6'g'l] ?^. amorous side glance 
o'gre [6'ger] w. an imaginary monster 
o'gress [o'gres] k. female ogre [on tone 
oh [oj /7//'£'?7'. with meaning depending 
ohm [6m] n. unit of electric resistance 
O-id'i-um [6-Id'I-um] k. vine mildew 
oil loil] 71. unctuous substance loily 

oil'i-ness [-i-nes] 7i. quality of being 
oil'y [-yl <7. containing oil 
oint'ment [oint'm^nt] «. salve 
o'kra [okraj «. aplant 
old (okll a. aged 

old'en ['n] a. ancient (style 

old'fash'ioned [fash'und] a. obsolete 
O'le-ag'i-nous [o'le-aj'l-nOs] a. oily 
ole-an'der [-an'der] tl. a shrub 
O'le-as'ter [-as'ter] «. the wild olive 
O'le-O-graph [O-graf ] k. kind of litho. 

o'le-o-mar'ga-rine [-mar'ga-rin] «. 
ol-fac'to-ry [fak'tS-ryJ.r. pert, to smell 
ol'i-gar chy [61'i-gar'ky] n. a govern- 
o'li-O [o'liO] K. a miscellany [ment 

ol'ive [el'iv] «. a tree and its fruit 
ol'o-gy [olo-jy] n. colloquial name for 
0-lym'pi-ad [6-lim'pi-ad] h. [science 
om'ber [6m'ber] «. a game at cards 
0-me'ga [4-me'ga] «. last letter Greek 
om'e-let[ -let I «.egg pancake [alphabet 
o'men [o'men] n. a foreboding 
o'mer [O'merJ n, a Hebrew measure 


r O r 




Om'i-nOUS [aml-nQs] a. portentous 
O-mis'sion [i-mishun] «. left undone 
0-mit' limit ] z-.r. to leave out 
Om'ni- [am al-lpre/ij:, all, every 
om'ni-bus (Cm'nJ-bOsl >i. a vehicle 
om-nific (om-nif ik) a. all creating 
on-nip'o-tence [nip'o-tt-nsl «. God 
om-nip'o-tent[-ttntla.unlimitecl power 

on'ni-pres'ence [ens] «. everywhere 
om ni-pres'ent (tnt] a. (knowledge 
om-nis'cience [am-nish'^s) «. all 
om-niv'o-rous [Om-niv'i-rus] a. 
on [i'Mi 1 pyfp. in contact with 
once (wi'ms) ad-j. for one time 
on dit' (ox dc] F. it is said 
one [wun] a. single unit 
one'ness [nSs] n. unity fdians 

0-nei'das [4-nidaz) n.fl. tribe of In- 
on'er-ate [On'er-atl r-.t. to burden 
on'er-ous [-usj a. burdensome [else 
one's'seir [wflnz'sSlf ] H.not somebody 
on'ion [un'yun] ?f. edible bulbous root 
on'ly [on'ly] a. singly; afff. simply; con, 
on'set [on'set] «. an assault [except 
on'slaughf [On'slat'] n. an attack 
on to l'"'n'too]/rt7>, upon 
o'nus l". nus] «./,. a burden 
on'ward [On'werd] adv. forward 
o'nyx [oniksl n. a veined gem 
o'o-lite [0 e-litj n. variety of limestone 
oo'long (oo'lOngl jt. a tea 
ooze [oJz] n. soft flow 
0-pac'i-ty [Spas'i-ty] «. want of trans- 
o'pal I J pi!l) n. a mineral Iparency 

o pal-es'cent [-es's^nt] a. opal-like 
0-paque' [O-pak] a. not clear 
o-paque'ness [nes] «. opacity 
o'pen [0 p n) <!. not shut up 
o'pen-air' a. out-door 
o'pen-hand ed [hand ed] a. liberal 
o'pen-ing t-Ing] «. a beginning 
O'pen-ly (.:, p'n-ly] ad-j. not in private 
o'pen-mouthed' [-mouthd'J a. gaping 
O'pen-ness t-nes) «. state of being open 
op'er-a [Op'er-i] n. musical.drama 
op'er-ate [Oper-at] v.i. to perform 
op er-at'ic lop'er-at'ik] a. musical 
op er-a'tion [-a'shun] n. action 
op'er-a-tive [-j-tlv] n. a worker 
op'er-a tor [-J'ter] n. one who operates 
op'er-ose' [c^p'er-os'l a. weary; tedious 
o'phite (.J fit] K. kind of marble 
oph-thal'mi-a [of-^Aai'ml-i] «.eyedis- 
oph-thal'mic [mlk] a. ocular lease 
O pi-an'ic [6 pl-an'lk] a. pert, to opium 
O'pi-ate lo'pl-atl «. a narcotic 
o-pine' [4pin'] -v.t. and i. to think 
o-pin'ion Ifi-pIn'yOn] «. a notion 
o-pin'ion-ated [-a'ted] a. obstinate 
O-pin'ion-ist I Ist] n. [from poppy 

o'pi-um ("ipl-um] «. a drug obtained 
op 0-del'doc ((■ip4-d<;l'd6k| «. 
O-pos'sum [A-pfts'sOm] ii. an animal 
op pi-la'tion Ivp )>i la'shfln) «. 








Op-po'nent [Sp-po'ncnt] n. opposer 
Op'por-tune' [Op'pSr-tun'l <;. timely 
oppor-tune'ly [-ly] adv. seasonably 
op'por-tu'ni-ty [-tQ'nI-t>] «. occasion 
op-pos'a-ble [6p-poz'a-b'l) a. 
op-pose' [Op-poz'l v.t. to olistruct 
op-pos'er (er] n. an adversary 
op'po-site [Op'po-zlt] a. facing- 
op'po-si'tion [-zish'finj 7t. resistance 
op-press' [Sp-pres'J 'v.t. to burden 
op-pres'sion [6p-presh'an] « tyranny 
op-press'ive [6p-pres'IvJ a. heavy 
Op-press'or [-erj n. tyrant 
op-pro'bri-OUS [pro'brf-Os] a. despised 
op-pro'bri-ura [-um] «. disgrace 
op-pugn' [6p-pQn'] -v.t. to attack 
op-pug'nant tOp-pQg'nnnt] a. hostile 
op'tic [r.p'tik] ti. an eye 
Op'tic-al |6p'ti-l«7ll (Z.pert. to the sight 
Op'ti'cian [tish'^nj «. dealer in glasses 
op'tics [-tiks] ?2. science of light & vision 
Op'ti-graph [-ti-graf ] n. 
op'ti-mism [-tI-mrzni]K.all for the best 
op'ti-mist [6p'ti-mlstl n. 
op'tion [6p'shun] «. choice 
Op'tion-al \-a\\ a. at one's choice 
op'u-ience (op'i-lcns] >/. wealth 
Op'u-ient [lent] <r. wealthy 
or [6t] conj. marks an alternative 
or'a-cle[6r'a-k'l]»!.mouth-piece of deity 
0-rac'u-lar [O-rak u-ler] a. pert, to or- 
o'ral [o'rul] a. spoken [acle 

or'ange [Sr'enj] n. a fruit 
or'ange-ade' [-sd'J «. orange juice fant 
or'ange-man [mizn] n. Belfastprotest- 
or'an-ger-y [-enj-er-y] ?/. orange grove 
o-rang'ou-tang' [o-rsng'oo-tang'] n. 
O-ra'tion [6-ra'shiin] ii. speech 
or'a-tor [cSr'a-ter] n. a speaker 
or a-tor'ic-al [-t6r'l-kalj a. rhetorical 
ora-to'ri-o [to'rt-S] «. 
or'a-to-ry [ts-ry] h. eloquence 
or'a-tress [-tres] «. female orator 
orb [orb] ;:. a globe 
or-bic'u-lar [6r-bik'ii-lerl a. spherical 
Of'bit [or'bit] «. a planet's path 
or'chard [or'cherd] «. fruit garden 
or'ches-tra [or'kes-tra] «. musicians 
or'ches-tral [■tta\]a. pert, to orchestra 
or'chid [orkld] «. a showy flower 
or-dain' [or-dan'J v.i. to appoint 
or'de-al [or'de-alj n. a severe test 
or'der [or'tler] «. method 
or'der-ly [-ly] k. military messenger 
or'der-ly [ly] adv. methodically 
or'di- nal [-dl-nal] a. order; n. ritual 
or'di- nance [or'di-nflns] «. an edict 
or'di- aa-ri-ly [-ni-rMy] adv, as a rule 
or'di-na-ry [-ry] a, common 
or'di-na'tion [-na'shun] k. a rite 
Ord'nance [ord'n^rns] «. cannon, etc. 
or'dure [dr'dur] «. dung; filth 
ore [or] n. a metal 
or'gan [Sr'gan] n. an instrument 

\ ^ \-> 


- \\ 








or-gan'ic [6r-gan'ikl a. structural 
or'gan-ism[5r'g<in-lz"mJ«. living body 
or'gan-ist (or'gan-istl K. 
organ-i-za'tion [6r'gan-I-zS'shun] »; 
Or'gan-ize [or'gan-izl v.f. to arrange 
or'gies [flr'jtzl «.//. revelry; a carouse 
or'i-el [o'ri-el] ». a gallery; bay window 
o'ri-ent [-entl a. eastern 
ri-en'tal [en'tal] a. pert, to the east 
or'i-fice [or'if is] «. an opening 
or'i-flamb [-flim] «. a red silk flag 
or'i-gin [Or'I-jinl k. source 
O-rigr'i-nal [4-rIj'i-n<?ll «. not copie:l 
0-rig i-nal'i-ty (-nril'i-ti) «. newness 
0-rig'i-nate l nat) v.i. to cause to be 
o'ri-ole [o'ri-ol] «. a singing bird 
0-ri'on[4-ri'6n]«. constellation of stars 
or'i-son [Sr'i-zOnl h. a prayer 
or mo-lu' [or'mi-lu'l k. kind of brass 
or'na-ment [or'na-nu-nt] f./. to adorn 
or na-men'tal [-men't<7li <». adorned 
or'na-men-ta'tion [men-ta'shun] a. 
or'nate [Or'nitJ .i. beautiful 

or ni-thol'o-gy [orni/Aol'S-jyl «• 
o'roide [o'roid] h. an alloy resembling 
o-rol'o-gy [o-rsro-jyl "■ Igold 

o'ro-tund' [6'r6-tflnd]a. musical; smooth 
or'phan [or'fan] k. without parents 
or'phan-age t-ijl «■ orphan asylum 
Or'phe-US [6r'fe-usl h. a mytliic poet 
or'pi-ment [pT-mt-nt] «. yellow arsen 
or're-ry [6r'r$-ryJ n. solar system model 
or'ris [Orris] >t. kind of flower-de-luce 
or' tho-(6r'th6-]/>-?.right;correct; sound 
Or'tho-dox[6r7/i6-d0ks]<r.sound in faith 
or'tho-e-py [S-py] «.correctpronunc 
or-thog'ra-phy [-//i6g'ri-fy] «. [ation 
or-thop'e-dy [6r-iAop'e-dy] 7:. curing 
os'cil-tate [us'sil-lat] v.t. [deformity 
OS cil-la'tion [-la'shun] n. vibration 
os'cu-lcte (us'k(i-lSt] v.i. to kiss [Ing 
OS CU-la'tion [li'shfln] n. act of kiss 
0'sier[ozhJr]«. a willow; basket willow 
OS'mOSe [Oz'mos] «. mixing of liquids 
os'mund [Oz'mund] «. a flowering feyi 
OS'prey [6s'pra] h. the fish-hawk 
OS se-OUS (Cs'se-usJ a. bony 
OS si-fi-ca'tion [os'sl-fl-ka'shan] «. 

os'si-fy [ fi] T-l- to harden 
os-ten'si-ble [6s-t6n'si-b'li a. shown 
08 ten-ta'tion [-ta'shun] «. pomp * 
OS ten-ta'tious [-shos] a. boastful 
Oste-ol'o-gy [Os-te-Ol'4-jy] «. 
os'tra-cism (Os'tra-slz'm) «. exclusion 
os'tra-cize [siz] f ./. to exclude 
OS'trich [Ostrich] «. large, tall bird 
Oth'er [flth'er] conj. not this 
Oth'er-wise [wlzj a,iz: difl'erently 
Ol'ta-was (Ot'ti-waz) «.//. tribe of In- 
Ot'ter [(■jt'terj «. an animal Idians 

ot'to-man [ut'tA-man] n. stuffed scat 
ouch (owth) «. ajewel socket 
ought [at] aux.v. in duty bound 
ounce [ouns] ». a weight; kid of leopard 






our [our] /'oss.pron. belonging to us 
our-selves' [-selvz'J/ron. 
oust [oust] z:t. to cast out 
OUSt'er [er] Jt. ejection; one who casts 
out [out] «</f. away: not in tout 

out-bid' [-bid' I z'.t. to bid more 
out'break' [-lirak'J «. an eruption 
out'building [-blld'Ingl k. outhouse 
out'cast' [kast'l K. a vagabond 
out'come' [kum'] k. result 
out'cri er [krier] M. a herald 
Out'cry' [-kri'J K. loud cry 
out-do' [•doo']v.e. to excel 
out'doors' [dorz'] adv. out of doors 
OUt'er [er] a. external 
out'er-most' [-most' ]a. extreme outside 
OUt'fit [-fitl >i. equipment 
out-flank' [-flangk'J v.e. to pass around 
OUt-flow' I-flo'] v.i. to flow out 
out-gen'er-al [-jen'er-alj v.t. 
OUt'gO' [go'] K. expenditure 
OUt'gO ing [iiig] >i. departing 
out-grow' [gra'J v.i. to surpass 
out'growth' [gro/A'] «. a result 
out'ing [ing] n. an airing 
out-land'ish [-ISnd'Ish] a. clownish 
out-last' [list'] v.i. to survive 
out'law' [la'] !i. a robber 
out'lay' [la'] K. expenditure 
out'let' [let'] It. an exit 
out'line' [lin'] «. sketch 
out-live' [llv'l v./. to survive 
out'look' [-look'] >!. prospect 
out'ly'ing [H'ing] a. remote 
out'most [most'] a. farthermost 
out-num'ber [-num'ber] v.t. toexcee^^ 
out'post' [-post'] K. advanced post 
out'puf [put) «. amount produced 
out'rage' [rsj'] «. gross injury 
out-ra'geous [-ra'jus] a heinous 
out'rid'er [-rid'er] >t. a servant 
out'rig'ger [rig'ger] «. aspar 
out'right [uut'rit'J ad-j. utterly 
out' set [out'set'] n. a setting out 
out-shine' [out-shin'l f.t. to excel in 
out'side' [sifl'l u. external [splendor 
out sid'er [sld'er] «. not of the party 
out' skirt' [out'skert'] k. border 
out-spo'ken [out-spo'k'n] a. openly 
out-stand'ing [-stind'Ing] a. not paid 
out-stretch' [strech'] v.t. 
out-strip' [out-strip'] v.e. to outrun 
OUt'ward [out'werd] a. exterior fdoni 
out-'wit' [out-wit' ]f./. to surpass inwis- 
o'val [6'v(7l] «. egg-shaped figure 
o'va-ry [o'va-ry] «. 
O-va'tion [6-va'shun] «. a tribute 
ov'en [ijv' n] n. heater for baking 
o'ver [o'ver]/rf/. and adv. above 
O'ver-act' [-akt] v.i. to act to excess 
o'ver-alls [-alz] n.//. loose trousers 
ver-anx'ious [-sngk'shos] a. 
0'ver-awe'[-a'] v.t. to restrain by fear 
o'ver-bal'ance [-bal'ans] v.e. 




over-bear'ing [bar'lng] a. arrogant 

o'ver-board [-bord] arfr. 

ver-bur'den[-bur'd'n]i'.^. tooverloac'. 

O ver-cast' [kast'j -v.t. to darken 

o'ver-charge' [charj'] n. 

o'ver-coat [kot] k. a garment 

ver-come' [ kum'] 7./. to subdue . 

ver-do' [5 ver-doo'] v.l- to exhaust 

ve^-d^a■w't■dra']^■./. to draw in excess 

ver-due' [du') a. past due 

ver-flow' [-flo'l ^■./. to inundate 

o'ver-growth' [gro/A] «. 

ver-hang' [hang'l v. to hang over 

ver-has'ty [hss'ty) a. too hasty 

ver-haul' [hal'l f ./. to inspect 

ver-head' [hed'] adv. above 

ver-is'sue [ish'u] «. excessive issue 

o'ver-joy Ijoi'l k. great Joy 

o ver-lay' [is'l v.t. to cover 

ver-load' [lod'] v.t. to load too much 

ver-look' [look'l v.t. to excuse 

o ver-much' [much'] a. too much 

O ver-neat' [net'] n. excessively neat 

ver-nice' [nis'l a. fastidious 

ver-pass' [pas'] v.t. to surpass 

O ver-pow'er [-pou'er] v.t. to defeat 

O ver-rate' [rS t' ]■;■./. to rate too highly 

o ver-reach' [rech'] v i. to cheat 

over-ride' [rid'] v.t. to annul 

ver-rule' [rul'] v.t decide against 

ver-run' [run'] v.t. to invade and oc- 

O ver-see' [ se'l v.t. to direct Lcupy 

ver-seer' [ ser*] «. supervisor 

ver-shad'ow (shad'Sj v.t. to obscure 

o'ver-shoe [shoo] h. rubber shoe 

ver-shoot' [shoot'] v.t. to exceed 

o'ver-sighf [sit'] «. an omission 

o ver-spread' [spred'] v.t. to cover 

ver-step' [step'] v.t. to transgress 

ver-stock' [-st6k'i v.t. to fill too full 

o'vert [6 vert) a. public 

o ver-take' [o'ver-tak'] v.t. to catch 

ver-throw' l-thrb'\ v.t. to destroy 

o'ver-ture [O ver-tir] «. music 

ver-turn' [". ver-tOrn'] v.t. to upset 

ver-ween' [-wen'] v.i. to presume 

ver-whelm' [hwelm'] v.t. to crush 

0-vip'a-rous [6-vIp'a-rQs] a. [bryo 

o'vule [o'vul] n. an egg or seed in era- 

o'va [ova] «.//. eggs; germs 

o'vum [-viim) U.S. of "ova" 

owe [')] v.t. to be indebted 

ow'ing [6'Ing] /./. and a. due 

owl [oul] n. a night l)ird of prey 

owl'et [ct] « a little owl 

own [On] v.t. to possess 

own'er [-er] n. proprietor 

own'er-ghip [-ship] n. proprietorship 

ox [i^iks] 11. an animal 

ox'eye' [I'j «. a plant 

ox'ide [ftks'ld] «. a chemical; rust 

ox'i-dize [oks'I-dlz] v.t. to form oxide 

ox'lip I -lip) n. a flower; the cowslip 

ox'y-gen (•■jksl-jfn) «. vital jiart rjf air 


-f ^^^-r 




ox'y-gen-ize [iz] vj. to oxidize 
ox'y-tone [aks'I-ton] n acute sound 
o'yer [oyer] M. a hearing 
oys'ter [ois'ter] n. shell fish 
o'zone [6'zon] n. form of oxygen 
o'zo-nize [o'zi-niz] v.t. 

pa [pa] n. shortened form of "papa" 
pab'u-lum (pab'ii-lum] n. food 
pace [pas] tt. a step 
pa'cer [pa'ser] «. ahorse 
pa-cif IC [pa-sif'ikj ft. gentle 
pa-cif i-ca'tion [pa-sIflka'shQn] n. 
pac'i-fy [pas'i-fil f./ tocalra 
pack [p4k] n. a bundle 
pack'age [-aj] «. a parcel 
pack'er [pak'er] n. one who packs 
pack'et [-et] «. a 1 ttle bundle 
pack'man [man] «. a peddler 
pact [pakt] }i. an agreement 

pad [pad] f.c. to stuff 
pad'ding [-ding] «. stuffing 
pad'dle [pad'd'l] i>.i. to row 
pad'dock [pad'duk] «. a small park 
pad'dy [pad'dy] «. an Irishman 
pa-del'la [pa-del'la] n. a large cup 
pad'lock' [pad'lSk'l «. a portable lock 
pa-dro'ne [pa-dro'nS] «. a patron 
pae'an [pe'<in] n. ajoyous song 
pa'gan [pa'g<in] «. a heathen 
pa'gan-ism [-iz'm] k. heathenism 
pa'gan-ize [iz] vj. to convert to pa- 
page [paj] «. one side of a leaf [ganism 
pa'ging[pa'jingl)<. numbering of pages 
pag'eant [pajVnt] «. display 
pag'eant-ry \.-rj\ n. show 
pa-go'da [pa-go'da] K. idol temple 
paid [pad] <i. hired 
pail [pall «■ a bucket 
pail-iasse' [pal-yas'l «. bed mattress 
pain [pan] n. distress 
painTul [-ful] a. distressing 
pain'less [-les] a. without pain [care 
pains'tak ing [panz'tak'ing] n with 
paint [pant] •:■. to color 
paint'ed [-ed] <2 covered with paint 
paint'er [erj n. one who paints 
pair [par] n. two of a kind 
pal'ace [pal'Ss] «. a grand house 
palan-quin' [par«ng-ken'l n. a litter 
pal'a-ta-ble [pal'S-ta-b'l] n. savory 
pal'a- tal[pal'a-tal]<i. pert, to the palate 
pal'ate [pal'at] «. roofof the mouth 
pa-la'tial [pa-la'shal] a. magnificent 
pa-la'ver [pa-la'ver] n. talk 
pale IpSl] a. whitish 
pale'face' [fas'] «. a white person 
pale'ness [nes] n. wanness 
pa'le-o-graph [pa'le-6-graf ] k. 
pa'le-ol'o-gy [ps'le-al'o-jy] «. 
pal'ette [pal'et] n. oval tablet 
pal'frey [pal'fry] «. saddle horse 
pal'ing [paring] «. picket fence 
pal'i-sade' [pal'i-sad'] k. defense 



\ \ VVT 








pall [pal] K a cloak 
pal-la'di-iun [p&l-la'dl-QmJ n. 
pal'let tpil'let) K. straw bed 

pal'li-ate [pai'li-st] v.(. to mitigrate 
palli-a'tion [-a'shOn] «. excuse 
pal'li-a-tive [-i-tiv] a. serving to miti- 
pal'lid tpil'lKl] J. pale Igate 

pal'lid-ness [-nes] «. paleness 
pal'li-um [psril-um] «. a cloak 
pall'mall' [pel'mel'] «. an old game 
pal'lor [pal'ler] n. paleness 
palm [pam] fi. a tree 
pal-met'to [pal-met'ti] «. a tree 
pal'mis-try [mls-trjl k. hand fortune 
palm'y [p-im'yl a. prosperous LtelUng 
pal'pa-ble [pal'pa-b'l] a. distinct 
pal'pi-tate [piipi-tsti v.z. to pulsate 

pal pi-ta'tion [-ta'shunl «. throbbing 
pals'grave' [palz'grav'J «. a count 
pal'sy [pal'zjl «. a disease 
pal'ter [ter] v.t. to trifle 
pal'txi-ness t-tri-nes) 71. vileness 
pal'try [trj] a. wortliless 
pa-lu'dal Ipa-lu'dal] a. marshy 
pam'pas [pam'paz] «./>/. vast plains 
pam'per [pam'perl I'./, to gratify 
pam'phlet [pSm'fletl «. a small book 
pam phlet-eer* [er'l n. a scribbler 
pan [pSn] «. a shallow dish 
pan'a-ce'a [pan'a-se'al ?i. a medicine 
pan'cake' (pan'kak'] n. a thin cake 
pan'cre-as [pang'krS-«s] «. a gland 
pan-de'an [pan-de'<7n]<i. 
pan'der [pSn'der] z'. to minister to evil 
pane [pan ! H. plate of glass [designs 
pane-^r'ic [pin'S-jIr'lk] «. eulogy 
pan'e-gyrist [jirlst] «. a eulogist 
pan'el [panel] «. part of door 
pang [pang] it. agony 
pan'ic [pSn'Ik] «. sudden fright 
pan'ic-strick'en [-strik'n] a. fright- 
pan'nel [pan'nelj 71. asaddle [ened 

pan'nier [panycr] tt. a basket 
pan'o-ply [pan'6-ply) >i. armor 
pan O-ra'ma (pan'S-ra'ma) «. a picture 
pan'sy [pan'zy'J ». a flowering plant 
pant [pint] ■:/.!. to gasp 

pan'ta-lets' (pan'ta-lets'] «./>/. drawers 
pan ta-loons' [loonz'j «.//. trousers 
pan-the'on [-//(e'OnJ «. a temple 
pan'ther [ animal [strument 
pan'to-graph [ti-grafj h. drawing in- 
pan'to-mime [-mim] 71. dumb show 
pan'try [pan'try] n. a food closet 
pap [pap] jr. soft food 
pa-pa' [p.i-pa] « father 
pa'pa-cy [pa'p.i-sy) «. office of pope 
pa'pal [ pul] a. of the pope 
pa-paw' [pa-pa' I H. a tree 
pa'per [pa per] n. thin sheets 
pa pier'-mache' [pi'pyl'-ma'shi'] «. 
pa'pist [plst] «. a Roman Catholic 






pa'pist-ry [-ry] «. popery fplant 

pa-py'rus tpa-pi'rOs] «. a rush-like 
pa-poose' [pa-poos'] «. an Indian babe 
par [par] ;;. equal value 
par'a-ble [para'-bM] a. allegory 
pa-rab'o-le [pa-rab'6-le] u. similitude 
par'a-chute [-shut] h. part of balloon 
par'a-clete [par'a-klei] «. an advocate 
pa-rade' [pi-rSd'] «. a display 
par'a-digra [pSr'a-drm] it. a model 
par'a-dise [dls] n. heaven 
par'a-dox t-d6ks] «. contradiction 
par'af-fine [par'af-fln] n. a tar product 
par'a-gon [a-gOn] «. an equal; a model 
par'a-graph[-graf]«. section of writing 
par'al-lax [par'al-laks] n. 
par'al-lel [parallel] a. similar 
par al-lel'o-grara [-<7l-lel'4gram] n. 
pa-ral'y-sis [pa-rali-sisj «. 
par'a-lyt'ic [par'a-llt'lk] a. 
par'a-lyze [-Hz] v.t. to unnerve 
par'a-mount f-mount] a. superior 
par'a-mour [moor] h. a lover 
par'a-pet [petj n. a rampart 
par'a-pher-na'li-a [fer-na'li-a] «. 
par'a-phrase [fraz] z'.t. to interpret 
par'a-site [sit] «. a toady 
par'a-sol' [sal'] «. a sun shade 
par'boil' [pSr'boil'] v.e. to cook 
par'cel [-selj tt. a package 
parch [parch] v.t. to scorch 
parch'ment [-mcnt) «. dressed skin 
par'don [par'd'n] n. remission 
par'don-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. excusable 
pare [par] v.t. to cut off [cine 

par'e-gor'ic [par'e-gCir'ikl «. a medi- 
par'ent [par'fnt] h. father or mother 
par'ent-age [-aj] «. descent 
pa-ren'tal [pa-ren't.;!] a. devoted 
pa-ren'the-sis [-thS-srs]«. incl"d words 
par'en-thet'ic-al [par'en-/Aet'i-kaI) a. 
par'e-sis [pSr'S-sIs] «. partial paralysis 
pa'ri-ah [iia'ri-a] n. an outcast 
par-hel'ion [par-heryun]>i. a mock sun 
pa'ri-an [pa'ri-dn] a, a ware 
Par'is [pSris] w. chief city of France 
par'ish [par'Ish] >i. a society; field 

pa-rish'ion-er [pa-rish'un-er] «. 
par'i-ty [par'Ity] «. equality 
park [park] tt. an enclosure 
par'lance [par'luns] «. talk 
par'ley [-ly] discussion 
par'lia-ment [par'Ument] k. assembly 
par'lia-men-ta'ri-an [-ta'ri-«n] n. 
par'lia-men'ta-ry [li-msn'ta-ry] a. 

par'lor ['ler] n. a room 

Par-nas'sus [nas'sus] n. 
pa-ro'clli-al [-ro'ki-<il] a. of the parish 
par'o-dy [par'O-dy] «. burlesque 
pa-roie' [pa-roT] «. word of honor 
par'o-quet'[par'6-k6t'l«.asmaIl parrot 
par'ox-ysm [par'oks-iz'mi >i. a fit 
par-quet' [par-kS'] n. theater seats 
par'ra-keet' [par'ra-kef] «. 





par'ri-cide [parrl-sid] «. murder of 
par'rot l-rOt) «. a bird Iparei 

par'ry [r^'l z./. to ward off 
parse [pars] %■.(. lo analyze 
par si-mo'ni-ous [par'si-mo'm-Qs] <i 
par'si-mo-ny [mo-ny] «. stinginess 
pars'ley [pars'ly) h. a plant 
pars'nip [nip] k. a vegetable 
par'son [pnr'sn] n. a clergyman 
par'son-age t-Sj ] x. a house for parson 
part [part] a. portion 
par-take' [partak] '•.■.{. to take part 
par-tak'er t-er] «. a sharer 
par-terre' [par-tSr] it. flower garden 
par'tial [par'shul] a. biased; in part 
par'tial-ism i-iz'm] «. 

par'tial-ist (isti «. 
par'tial-ly [] adv. in part 
par ti-al'j-ty [par'shi-al'l-tjl n. favo: 
par-tic'i-pant [par-tisi-pant] a. 
par-tic'i-pate [-patl v i. to take a part 
par-tic i-pa'tion [pa'sliOni «. 

par'ti-ci-ple |p.'ir'tl-sl-p'l] n. verb form 
par'ti-cle [jar tl-kl] n. an atom 
par-tic'u-lar [pSr-tik'il-ler] a. specific 
par-ticu-lar'i-ty [lar'i-tyj u. 
par-tic'u-lar-ize [par-tik'u-leriz] w./. 
part'ing [parting] a. separating 
par'ti-san [par'tlznn] «. adherent 
par'ti-san-ship [shipi «. 
par-ti'tion [tish'un) v. to divide 
part'ly [partly] ari-v. in part 
part'ner [-net] ?r. an associate 
part'ner-ship [ship] h. contract 
par'tridge [partrlj] k. a bird 
par tu-ri'tion [-tu-r!sh'un]K. childbirth 

par'ty (pSr'tyl «. a company 
par've-nu' [par'vc-nu'l n. an upstart 
pas'chal [pas'knl] a.t>assover 
pa-sha' [pa-sha'l K. hon. Turkish title 
pass [pas] v.i. to go 
pass'a-ble [-abM] a. tolerable 
pas'sage [pas'sij] « vestibule 
pas'sen-ger [pas'sen-jer] «. a traveler 
pas'sion [pash'On] «. emotion 
pas'sion-ate [St] a. easily angered 
pas'sion-ate-ly [-ly] ad-v. ardently 
pas'sive [pas'slv] a. inactive 
pass'o'ver [pas'o'verj «. a Jewish feast 
pass'port [pas'port] u. a license 
'/ass'word' [i)as'wGrd'] «. countersign 
past [past] n. former time 
paste [pSst] H. a dough 
paste'board' [Ijord] «. paper board 
pas'tel [pastil] n. colored crayon 
pas'tern [pastern] u. part of hoof 
pas'til [pas'ttl] «. a lozenge 
pas'time' f-tim'] n. recreation 
pas'tor [ ter] «. a shepherd 
pas'tor-al [pas'ter-al] «. a poem 
pas'tor-ate [jAs'ter-St] «. ministry 
pas'try [pas'trj'] «. pies, tarts, etc. 
pas'tur-age [pas'tflr-lj] n. grazing 
pas'ture [pas'tOrJ v, to graze 



pat [pat] I'.t. to tap 
patch (p4ch] -v.t. to mend 
patch'work' [-wQrk'J «. piecework 
pate [pst] It. top of head 
pat'en [paten] n. a plate 
pat'ent [patent] n. writing protecting 
pat'ent-a-ble [a-bM] a. linvention 

pat ent-ee' [tn-te'] «. one holding pat 
pa-ter'nal (pa-ter'nulja. fatherly lent 
pa-ter'nal-ism [izm] n. 
pa-ter'ni-ty [nl-ty] n. fatherhood 
pa'ter-noster[pa'ter-nOs'ter]«. Lord's 
path {Y>'^th\ 71. a footway Iprayer 

pa-thet'ic [pa-/'/jet'ik] a affecting 
pa-thet'ic-al [-r-k<jl] ad-d. 
path'less [pa^'A'les] a. untrodden 
pa-thol'o-gy [pa-i'.'icrS-jyl «. science of 
pa'thos [pa7/j6sl «. a quality [diseases 
path'way Ipa/A'wa'] «. footpath 
pa'tience [pi'sh^ns] «. perseverance 
pa'tient [pa'sh^nt] a. persevering 
pa'tri-arch Ipa'trl-ark] 71. an elder 
pa tri-ar'chal [ar'krtl] a. venerable 
pa-tri'cian [pa-tnsh'an] 7i. nobleman 
pat'ri-mo-ny [pat'r!-in6-ny]«.an estate 
pa'tri-Ot [patrl-at] «. loyal citizen 
pa tri-ot'ic [-6t'lk] a. full of patriotism 
pa'tri-ot-ism [pa'trl-6t-iz'm] 71. love of 
pa-trol' [pa-trol] H. a guard [country 
pa-trol'man [-nmn] 71. a watchman 
pa'tron [pa'trun] 71. a supporter 
pat'ron-age [pat'run-sj] ?;. support 
pat'ron-ize [ iz] v.t. to favor 
pat ro-nym'ic (pat'r6nim'ik] 71. 
pat'ten [pat'ten] Ji.aclog 
pat'ter [pat'ter] v.t. to spatter 
pat'tern [tern] «. a design 
pat'ty [ty] 11. a little pie 
pau'ci-ty [pa'sl-ty] «. scarcity 
paunch [panch] 71. the abdomen 
pau'per[pa'per] «. a dependent 
pau'per-ism [izm] «. penury 
pau'per-ize [-iz] -v.t. to impoverish 
pause [paz] «. cessation 
pave [pav] v.t. to prepare 
pave'ment [ment] h. paved ro?d 
pa-vil'ion [pa-vH'yOn] «. large tent 
pav'ing (pSv'Ingl «. a pavement 
paw [pa] 71. the foot of beasts 
pawl [pal] 71. a sliding bolt 
pawn [pan] a. a pledge [der 

pawn'brok'er [-bro'ker] «. money len- 
pay [pa] v.t. to compensate 
pay'a-ble [i-b'l] a. justly due 
pay-ee' [-e'J 71. receiver 
pay'mas'ter [master] «. one who pays 
pay'ment [-mcntj 71. recompense 
pea [pe] 71. a vegetable 
peace [pes] «. tranquillity 

peace'a-ble [a-b'l] a. quiet 

peace'ful [pes'ful] a. tranquil 

peach [pech] K. a fruit 

pea'cock' [pe'ksk'] 71. kind of pheasant. 

pea'jack'et [-jak'et] «. sailor's coat 






peak [pek] K. the top 
peak'ed [pek'Sd] a. pomted 
peal [pell «. a loud sound 
pe'an [pe anj K. a song of praise 
pea'nut IpenutJ « a plant 
pear lpAr| «. a fruit 
pearl [pJrl] h. a gem 
pearl'ash' [-ash] h. lye 

peart Ipertl a. lively 
peas'ant [pez'.int] «. a rustic 
peas'ant-ry (rji n: rustics 
peat [pet] H. decomposed plants 
peb'ble [peb'bM] w. a small stone 
peb'bly (-bl>'] n. full of pebbles 
pe-can' [pe-k&n] h. a nut 
pec'ca-ble (pek'ka-bll a. liable to sin 
pecca-dil'lo [-dll'lS] >i. an offense 
pec'cant [p6k'k«nt) </. criminal 
pec'ca-ry [ka-ry] «. S. Am. kind of hog 
pec-ca'vi [-ka'vi] /.. I have sinned 
peck [pekl M. eight quarts 
pec'to-ral (pCk tfi-r.ill n. of the breast 
pec'u-late [peku-lat] -'.i. to embezzle 
pecu-la'tion [pek'ii-la'sliOnl n. theft 
pe-cul'iar [pckul'yerl a. special 
pe-cul iar'ty [yir'l-tyl «. singularity 
pe-cul'iar-ly i-yer ly] aiiv. 
pe-cun'ia-ry [pe-kQn'yS-iyl a. 
pe-Cu'ni-OUS [pcku'nlusj a. rich 
ped'a-gog-ism [ped's-gog-iz'm] «. 
ped'a-gogue (pedS-gOgl >i. a teacher 
ped'a-go gy [i-gSJll «. pedagogism 
ped'al [peddl] II. foot lever [learning 
ped'ant [ped'^nl] «. a displayer of 
ped'ant-ism [-i?ntlz'm] «. pedantry 
ped'ant-ry [-nnt-rj] «. acts of a pedant 
ped'dle [pSd'd'l] v.i. to hawk 
ped'dler (ped'dlerl >t. a hawker 
ped'es-tal [ped'es-t(?ll >i. base of statue 
pe-des'tri-an[pc-destri-rtnl k. a walker 
pe-des'tri-an-ism [iz'm] «. walking 
ped'i-gree [podi-gre] «. lineage 
pe-dom'e-ter [p5-dOm'c-ter) «. 
pe-duil'cle[pc-dung'k'l]K. stem of plant 

peek [pek] v.i. to peep 
peel [pel] v.(. to strip off 
peep [pep] H. a chirp; sly look 
peer [i>ir\ it. one of same rank 
peer'age [per'ij ] >t. the nobility • 
peer'less [per'lts] a. matchless 
pee'vish [pe'vlsh] a. petulant 
pee'vish-ly [ly] itfiv. petulantly 
pee'vish-ness [nc-s] «. petulance 
peg [pig! "• a wooden pin [horse 

Peg'a-sua [[jeg'S-sus] k. fabled winged 
peg'ma-tite lp6g'ina-titl k. a coarse 
pelf (p'lf 1 '<■ ill-gotten riches [granite 
pel'i-oan (pel'l-kon) k. web-footed Dird 
pe-lisse' [pf-liJs'l it. a lady's garment 
pel'let [pcl'ltt] «. a little ball 
pell'mell' [pel'mel'l adv. mixed up 
pel-lu'cid (pel-lu'sld) a. transparent 
pel-lu'cid-r.?88 [-nes] «. clearness 
pelt IpOlt) «. a hide with hair on 





pelt'ry [pelt'ryl n. skins 
pel'vis [pelvis] n. lower abdomen 
pen [pen] v.t. to confine 
pe'nal [pe'nizl] a. incurring punishment 
pen'al-ty lpen'«l-ty] ;i. punishment 
pen'ance [-ans] h. self-imposed penalty 
pen chani' [prin'shan'j u. bias 
pen'cil Ipen'sill n. writing instrument 
pend'ant [] n. hanging ornament 
pend'ent [-intl a. suspended 
pend'ing (ing) a in suspense 
pen'du-lous [pen'dii-lus] a. swinging 
pen'du-lum [du-lum] n. part of clock 
pen'e-tra-ble [-tra-b'l] a.can be entered 
pen'e-trate [-e-trat] v.t. to enter into 
pen'e-tra'tion [pen'e-trS'shQnl «. 
pen'e-tra-tive [tri-tiv] a. sagacious 
pen'guin [pen'gwln] ». sea fowl 
pen-in'su-la [-In'su-la] n. neck of land 
pen'i-tence [-l-ttns] n. contrition 
pen'i-tent [pen'i-tcntl a. repentant 
pen i-ten'tial [ten'shulj a. sorrowful 
pen i-ton'tia-ry [-sha-ry] n. a prison 
pen'knife' (pen'nif J n. small knife 
pen'man [pen'mnn] n. a writer 
pen'man-ship [ship] n. writing 
pen'nant [] n. a small flag 
pen'ni-less tpen'ni-les] a. poor 
pen'non [pen'nunl n. awing: a pinion 
pen'ny [pen'ny] n. a small coin 
pen'ny-a-lin'er[-a-lin'er]«. poor writer 
pen'ny-roy'al i-Xii\'a\\ n. an herb 

pen'ny-weight' [pen'ny-wst] «. 
pe-nol'o-gist [pS-nSlo-jisiJ «• 
pe-nol'o-gy [-jyl "■ art of punishment 
pen'sile [pen'sil] a. hanging 
pen'sion [pen'shOn] n. a payment 
pen'sion-er [-er] n. a dependent 
pen'sive [pen'siv] a. thoughtful 
pent [pent]/./, or a. confined 
pen'ta-gon [-ta-gOn] n. five-sided figure 
pen-tag'o-nal [-tag'e-nal] a. (ers 

pen'tar-chy [-tar-ky] «. five joint rul- 
pen'ta-teuch [tatuk] «. 
pen'te-cost [tS-kSst] n. Jewish festival 
pen'te-cos'tal [-kos'tnl] a. whitsuntide 
pe'nult [penult] H. last sylable but one 
pe-num'bra [pf-num'bra] n. • 

pe-na'ri-ous [pS-nu'rr-us] a. stingy 
pen'u-ry [pen'u-ry] n. want 
pe'o-ny [pe'S-ny] «. a plant 
peo'ple [pe'p'l] ;:. a community 

pep' per [pep'per] «. a spice 
pep'per-mint [mint] n. a plant 
■pep'sin [sin] K- substance secreted by 
pep'tic [pep'tik] a. digestive [stomach 
per'ad-ven'ture [-tiir] adTj. and co>ij. 
per-am'bu-^te [per-am'bu-lat] v.t. 
per-am'bu-la'tion [-la'shun] «. 
per-am'bu-la'tor [-la'ter] k. \h\e 

per-ceiv'a-ble [sev'a-b'l] a. percepti- 
per-ceive' [-sev'] f.t. to d'scern 
per-ceiv'er[-sev'er]?r. one who discerns 



V. v. 






per-cent'age [-sent Sj) u rate percent. 
per-cep'ti-ble [sep'tl-bl] a. discerni- 
per-cep'tion [-sep'shQn] «. idea [ble 
per-cep'tive [-tlv]a. used in perception 
per'cep-tiv'i-ty [-tiv'i-ty] n. 
perch [perchj n. a fish; a measure 
per-chance' (-chanb'l adv. by chance 
per'co-late [-ko-lat] f.t. to filter 
perco-la'tion [-la'shun] >;. filtering 
per-cus'sion l-kush'un) n. collision 
per-di'tion [-dlshonl «. destruction 
per-du' (dii'] a. hopeless 
pere-gri-na'tion [-S-gri-na'shQn] « 
pere-gri-na tor [-na'ter] ».a wanderer 
per'emp-to-ri-ly [-emp-to-rl-ly] adz'. 
per'emp-to-ry tper'emp-ti-rj] a. 
per-en'ni-al tper-en'ni-«l] a. constant 
per'fect Iper'fekt] a. faultless fdition 
per-fec'tion [ fek'shOn] k. perfectcon- 
per'fect-ly (fekt-ly) adv. faultlessly 
per'fect-ness [-nes] n. 
per-fid'i-ous [-fidl-Os] a. false 
per'fi-dy [ fi-dy) «. treachery 
per'fo-rate [f 6-rat) v.t. to pierce 
per'fo-ra'tion [-ra'shun] n. a piercing 
per'fo-ra-tive [-tn] a. power to pierce 
per-force' [fors'l adv. of necessity 
per-form' [form'] f.^. to do 
per-form'ance [-ans] «. action 
per-form'er [er] n. one who performs 
per-fume' \-ium'\'v.t. to scent 
per-fum'er-y [-fOm'ery] h. Iferent 
per-func'to-ry [-fungk'tS-ry] a. indif- 
per-haps' [haps] adv. it may be 
per'il [per'il] «. danger 
per'il-OUS [-us] a. dangerous 
pe'ri-od [pe'ri-ud] H. portion of time 
pe-ri-od'ic [-odlk] a. at stated times 
pe-ri-od'ic-al [-l-k<!l] «. a magazine 
pe-ri-od'ic-al-iy [-l-kal-ly] adv. 
per i-pa-tet'ic [peri-pa-tet'ik] a. 
pe-riph'er-y [pS-rif er-y) «. the surface 
per'i-phrase [per'I-fraz] k. unnecessary 
per'ish [per ish] v.i. to die [words 

per'ish-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. liable to decay 
per'i-stjle [per'i-stil] «. columns 
per'jure Iper'jur] v.t. to make false oath 
per'jur-er [jOr-Sr] k. a liar 
per'ju-ry [-jury] n. false swearing 
perk IiiCrk] a. spruce; vain 
per'ma-nence [per'nia-n^ns] k. fixed- 
per'ma-nen-cy [ma-ntn-sy] «. [ness 
per'ma-nent [mii-nrntl a abiding 
per'me-ate [me-at] v.l. to penetrate 
per'me-a-ble [-mf-a-b'l] a. penetrable 
per-mis'sion [mlsh'Qn] ». leave 
per-mis'si-ble [mls'sl-b'l] ^.allowable 
per-mit' [iiiu'l v.t. to allow [change 
per mu-ta'tion [mil-ts'shunl «. intcr- 
per-mute' [niut] v.l. to interchange 
per-ni'cious ( nish'Os] «. hurtful jtion 
per O-ra'tion ( 4-ra'shun] «.cndofora- 

per pen-dic'u-lar (■pen-<lik'(ller] a. 
per'pe-trate [pS-trai] v.t. to do 





per'pe-trator [pJ-tra'ter] n. 
per-pet'u-al [pet'ual] a. constant 
per-pet'u-al-ly [ly] adv. constantly 
per-pet'u-ate [at] '<j.t. to cause to en- 
per-pet u-a'tion [a'shun] «. [dure 
per pe-tu'i-ty [pS-tu'l-ty] >;. endless- 
per-plex' [picks'] i/.;. to puzzle [ness 
per-plex'i-ty [i-ty] «. doubt 
per'qui-site [ kwl-zlt] >i. a fee 
per'se-cute [sS-kut] ■v.t. to harass 
per se-cu'tion [ku'shun] «. 
per'se-cu'tor [sS-kQ'ter] «. an enemy 
per'se-ver'ance [-ver'«ns]«. constant- 
per se-vere' [-sf-ver'l^.i. to persist [cy 
per-sim'mon [simmun] Ji. a tree 
per-sist' [sisf] v.i. to stand firm 
per-sist'en-cy [-fn-syl «. doggedness 
per-sist'ent [-sistVnt] a. fixed 
per'son [s n] >i. an individual (ance 
per'son-age[-sun-aj] k. exterior appear- 
per'son-al [sun-ul] a. individual 
per son-al'i-ty [-sun-al'i-tyi «. 
per'son-al-ly [-«l-ly] ad~^. in person 
per' son-ate [-sun-at] v.t. to assume 
per'son-a tor [-sOn-S'ter] «. |tion 

per son-a'tion [-sun-a sh;<nl «. imita- 
per-son i-fi-ca'tion [ifi-ka'shunj «. 
per-son'i-fy ( -sbn'\-i\]vJ. to personate 
per-spee'tive [spek'tiv] k. a view 
per spi-ca'cious [spi-ka'shus] a. 

per spi-cu'i-ty l-ku'l-ty'] n. clearness 
per'spi-ra'tion | rS'sliun] «. sweat 
per-spire' [spir] z:i. to sweat 
per-suade' [-swad'] ■v.t. to win over 
per-sua'sion [swa'zhun] n. influence 
per-sua'sive [siv] a. inducing 
pert [pert] a. saucy 
per-tain' [p5rt:m] v.i. to belong 
per ti-na'cious [tl-na'slms] ^.resolute 
perti-nac'i-ty [nas'i-ty'] n. obstinacy 
per'ti-nen-cy |nt-n-sy] «. fitness 
per'ti-nent [n^'nt] a. fit 
per-turb' [per-tiirb'l t'./ to vex [tion 
per tur-ba'tion [turba'shun] «.agita- 
pe-rus'al [pe-ruz'al] «. the act of read- 
pe-ruse'1-ruzjT'./.toread [ing carefully 
per-vade' Iper-vad] ■v.t. to permeate 
per-verse' [vers] a. wayward 
per-verse'ness [vers'nes] «. obstinacy 
per-ver'sion [-ver shun] h. wrong use 
per-ver'si-ty l-sl-ty] u. wickedness 
per-vert' [vert] i!.t. to misapply 
per-vert'er [er] h. one who perverts 
per'vi-OUS [vi-us] a. permeable 
pes'ky [pesky] .!. vexatious [trine 

pes'si-mism [pes'si-mizm] >i. a doc- 
pes'si-mist (-mist) h. a fault finder 
pest [pest] n. the plague 
pes'ter [pester] v.t. to annoy 
pest'house' [pest'hous] «. a hospital 
pes-tif er-OUS [pes-tirer-Qs] a. hurtful 
pes'ti-lence [ti-lcns] «. plague 
pes'ti-lent l-tl-lfnt] a. noxious 
pes'ti-len'tial i-ti-len'shal] a. 

\ — ^\~v~^ 




pes'tle [pes"l] «. a pounder 
pet [pet] ti. a fondiing 
pet'al [petrti) >:. a leaf 
pet'it Ipety] a. small 

pe-ti'tion [pt-tlsh'Cin] «. an entreaty 
pe-U'tion-er [er] «. 
pet ri-fac'tion [pet'rt-fSk'shQnl >i. 
pet'ri-fy [li] zy. to become stone 
pe-tro'le-um [pStro'lS-Om] «. rock oil 
pet'ro-line (petrO-lIn] >t. aparaffine 
pet'ti-coat [pet'tl-kot] «. a garment 
pet'ti-fog [log] v.i. to argue trickily 
pet'ti-fogger [-fCg'ger] «. inferior law 
pet'ti-ness l-ti-ncb] h. meanness Iyer 
pet'ty ipifty] ,t. trifling 
pet'tish Ipct tish] a. fretful 
pet'u-lance [pet'iJ-Uns] «. pettishness 
pet'u-lan-cy [pefQ-l<?n-sy] «. 
pet'u-lant ti)et'a-l<7nt] a. fretful 
pe-tu'ni-a [pe-tu'nla] ». a plant 
pew Ipu] >:. a church seat 
pew'ter [puter] n. an alloy 
pha'e-ton [fSS-tOn] «. a carriage 
pha'lanx IfSlingks] n. body of troop; 
phan'tasm [f.ln'taz'm] k. a dream 
phan'tom'tuni] «.aspecter 
phar i-sa'ic-al (far'i-sa'i-kalj a. hypo 
phar'i-sa-ism l-sSIz'm] «. [critical 
Phar'i-see [far'I-se] «. a Jewish sect 
phar'ma-cist[ far'ma-slst] «.a druggist 
phar'ma-cy [far'ma-sy] k. a drug store 
phase [fizj K. appearance 
pheas'ant [feziint] h. a bird 
phe'nix [fC niks] ;;. a fabulous bird 
phe-nom'e-nal [fS-nOm'S-nirl] a. 
phe-nom'e-non [-non] n. unusual ap 
phi'al Ifliil] )i. a small bottle [pearance 
phi-lan'der [fl-lancler] ^^^. to flirt 

phil an-throp'ic ifiran-//;r6p'ik] a. 
phi-lan'thro-pist [fi-lan'thrS-pist] « 
phi-lan'thro-py [py] n. good will 
phil har-mon'ic [filhar-mon'lk] a. 
phi-lip'pic [fillppik] «. harsh speech 
phi-loVo-gist [fl-16r6-jlst] «. 
phi-lol'o-gy [filol'i-jy] k. 
phil o-pe'na [firo-pe'na] «. a present 
phi-los'o-pher [fi-l6s'6-fer] n. 
phil o-soph'ic-al [firS-sof i-k<!lj a. 
phi-los'o-phize [ft-lOs'S-fiz] v.i. 
phi-los'O-phy (fl-los'4-fy] «. reasoning 
phil'ter [firtC-r] «. a charm 
phiz [flz] >i. the face 
phlegm [ fleiii 1 ti. viscid mucus 
phleg-mat-ic [fleg-mat'lk] a. sluggish 
phlox [rtuks] );, a plant I speech 

pho-na'tion [fina'shun] K. articulate 
pho-net'ic ( nCt'Ik] a. of the voice 
pho-net'i-cal-ly |-ikal-lyj at^-v. 
pho ne-ti'cian [nJ-tish'rjnJ «. 
pho-net'ics l Iki] «. science of sounds 

phon'ic If.nlkl (I. pert, to voice 
pho'no-graph ifonAgraf) «. 
pho-nog'ra-pher [fAnOgra-fer] «. 

pho no-grapn'ic [fc'ni-grsf'ik] .i. 

r V) 





pho-nog'ra-phy [fi-nug'ra-fy] «. 
pho-not'y-py [fo-nat'l-py] h. 
phos'phate ifos'fat] n. a salt 
phosphor-es'cence [for-essras] n. 
phosphor-es'cent (-smt] a. luminous 
phos-phor'ic [fOs-fOrIk] a. 
phos'phor-us [-us] h. a chemical 
pho'to-graph [fo'to-graf] h. a picture 
pho-tog'ra-pher (fS-tag'ra-ferJ «. 
pho to-graph'io [fo'to-grafik] a. 
pho-tog'ra-phy [fs-tsg'ra-fy] «. 
phrase [fraz] >!. a brief expression 
phrase-ol'o-gy [fra'zSol'S-jy] «. 
phre-nol'o-gist [fre-n6r6-jist] «. 
phre-nol'o-gy [jy] «. craniology 
phren'sy [fren'zy] n. delirium 
phthis-ic [tiz-tk] «. a lung- disease 
phthi'sis [.'/iT'sis] n. a lung disease 
phy-lac'ter-y [fr-Iak'ter-y] n. a charm 
phys'ic [fizik] «. a cathartic 
phys'ic-al Ifiz'Ikdl] n. material 
phy-si'cian ;fi-zish(7n] «. a doctor 
phys'ics ffiz'iks] ?i. science of nature 
phys'i-og'no-my [fiz'i-sg'nS-my] n. 
physi-ol'o-gist [fiz'i-sl'6-jist] w. 
phys'i-ol'o-gyt-jyl "■ science of animal 
phy-sique' (fl-zek') «. build [organs 
pi [pi] 11. type unsorted fsoft 

pi'a-nis'si-mo lpe'a-nls'sl-m4] <r. very 
pi-an'ist [pi-an'istj «. a piano player 
pi-an'o[pT-an'6] 71. a musical instrument 
pi-as'ter [pi-as'terj ?;. a coin 
pi-az'za [pl-az'za] n. a veranda 
pi'ca Ipi'ka] It. a kind of type 
pick Iplk] T.t. to choose 
pick'a-nin'ny Ipik'a-nm'ny] n. negro 
pick'ax' Iprk'aks'] «. a pick [child 

pick'ed [piked] a. pointed 
pick'er-el [pik'er-el] n. a fish 
pick'et fpik'et] n. pointed stake 
pic'kle [pik'k'l] f.t. to preserve 
pick'lock' [pik'lok'l «. a tool 
pick'pock et [pIk'pOk'et] k. a thief 
pic'nic [pik'nik] H. a party 
pi'cra Ipi'kra] n. a drug 
pic-to'ri-al [pik-to'n-al] a. of pictures 
pic'ture [plk'tur] v.t. to delineate 
pic tur-esque' [esk'] a. pleasing 
pie [pT] >:. pastry 
pie'bald' Ipi'bald'] a. mottled 
piece [pes] n. a fragment 
piece'meal' [mel'] adzr. in part 
piece'work' [-\vGrk']«.workby the job 
pied [pid] ,2. spotted 
pier [per] n. a wharf 
pierce [pers] f.t. to penetrate 
pi'e-ty [pi'f-ty] «. godliness 
pig Ipik'] "■ young swine 
pi'geon Ipij'un] 71. a bird 
pi'geon-heart'ed [liart'gd] a. timid 
pi'geon-hole' [-hoi' ] ;i. compartment in 
pig'ger-y Ipig'ger-y] «. pigpen [desk 
pig'gish [piggish] a. greedy 
pig'headed [-hed'ed] a. stubborn 




g'ment [pig nun t] k. a paint 

g'tail' tpig'tal'l «.acue 

ke (pik) «.afish 

le [pill «• aheap 

les Ipilz] «.//. a disease 

I'fer tpil'ter) r.t. to talce by theft 

I'grim [prrgrlml n. a traveler 

1' grim-age [Sjl «. journey 

I'ing [piling! «. series of piles 

U (pill «■ medicine ball 

I'lage (prriJjl v.t. to plunder 

I'lar [pil'ler] «. a column 

I'lion [pil'yunl n. cushioned saddle 

I'lo-ry [-lo-rS'J 71. instrument of pun- 

I'low [pillAl «. a cushion [ishment 

I'low-case' [-kSs'l «. a cover 

-lose' [pi-los'l a. hairy 

'lot [pi'lut] J!, a steersman 

mp [pimp] H a pander 

m'ple (pimp'l) «. a swelling 

n [pin] v.t. to fasten 

n'a-fore [pin'a-fcr' | w. a child's apron 

nch tpiiv 111 ;./. to squeeze 

nch'beck [-bsk) h. a yellow metal 

nch'ers [erzj ;/.//. a tool 

n'cush'ion [pin'kSosh'Qn] n 

ne [pinl «. a tree 

ne'apple [pin'ap'p'i] «. a fruit 

n'er-y [pin'er-y] H. pine forest 
n'feather [pin'fether] ?i. small 
n'ion [pinyunl H. a wing [feather 
nk (pingkl 11. a plant 
n'nace [pin'nis) h. small boat 
n'na-cle [pin'na-k'l] n. lofty point 
nt [pint] )i. 4 gills 

0-neer' [pi'6-ner'] «. one who goes 
'OUS [pi'us] (7. devout [before 

p [pip] «. aseed 
pe [pip] «. a tube 
p'er [piper] H. a player 
p'ing [piping] «. pipes collectively 
p'pin [pippin] ti. a kind of apple 
'quan-cy [pekan-sy] h. sharpness 
que [pek] -.J. I. tootfend 
'ra-cy (pi'rasy) «. sea robbery 
'rate [pi'rSt] «. sea robber 
r OU-ette' [pir'5o-et'] v.i. to whirl 
s ca-to'ri-al [pis'kato'ri-al] a. 
sh [pish] :>//fr;'. an exclamation 
s'til [pis'tlll n. part of flower 
s'tol [pis'tQl] 71. firearm 
s-tole' [pls-tol'] 71. Spanish coin 
s'ton fpIs'tOn) 71. metal rod 

pit] «. a cavity 
t'a-paf (plt'a-pat'l adv. in a flutter 
tch [pich] I/./, to toss 
tch'dark' [dark'] a. very dark 
tch'er [cr] M. earthen dish 
tch'fork |f6rk'/«. farming utensil 
tch'y [i>ltrh'yl a. dismal 
t'e-OUS [plt'S-fls] a. sorrowful 
t'fall' [plt'fal'l K. a trap 
th [\>Uh] 71. vigor 
th'i-ly \\t\Ch'\-\^\ adv. vigorously 





pith'y rpf^'y] "■ forceful 
pit'i-a-ble [pit'i-a-b'l] a. sad 
pit'i-ful [pit'f-ful] <z. merciful 
pit'i-less |pit'M6sl a. inerciless 
pit'tance [pU'tans] «. a trifle 
pit'ted (pit' ted] a. marked with pits 
pit'y [pit'yl I'.t, to show pity 
piv'ot Iplv'iitl n. end of shaft 
piv'ot-al [piv'Ot-al] a. as turning point 
pla'ca-ble [pls'ka-b'l] a. appeasable 
pla-card' [pla-kard')K. a poster 
pla'cate [pla'kat] 7/./. to pacify 
place [plas] -v.t. to locate 
plac'ertplas'erl«. earth containing gold 
plac'id (plas'idj a. unruffled 
pla-cid'i-ty [pla-sid'i-tj'] «. serenity 
plac'id-ness [plas'rd-nes] n. [wTitings 
pla'gia-rism IplS'ja-riz'ml «. stolen 
pla'gia-rist [-rist] n. literary thief 
pla'gia-rize [-riz] v.t. to steal ideas 
pla'gia-ry [ry] «. literary theft 
plague IpUg] v.t. to tease 
plaid Iplad] n. checkered cloth 
plain [plan] <;. evident 
plain'ness Iplan'nes] «. clearness 
plaint Iplant] n. a lament 
plain'tiff [plSn'tif ] n. complainer 
plain'tive [plan'tiv] a. repining 
plait [plat] «. a braid or flat fold 
plan [plan] h. a project 
plane [plan] n. a tool 
pian'et [planet] >i. celestial body 
plan'et-a-ry [-S-ry] a. of the planets 
plank [plangk] «. aboard 
plant [plant] v.t. to put in the ground 
plan'tain [plan'tSn] «. an herb 
plan-ta'tion [ta'shfln] «. a large farm 
plant'er [plant'er] «. one who plants 
plash [plash] «. a puddle fsand 

plas'ter (plaster] K. lime, water and 
plas'tic [plas'tlk] (Z. can be molded 
plas'tron [plas'trOn] n. fencer's pad 
plat [(Mat] n. level ground 
plat'band' tpiat'band'J n. a border 
plate [plat] w. a dish 
pla-teau' [pla-to] «. a table-land 
plat'en [plat'en] >t. part of a typewriter 
plat'form' [plat'form] n. a raised floor 
plat'i-num [piat'inum] n. a metal 
pla-ton'ic [pla-t6n'ik] a. philosophical 
Pla'to-nism [pla'te-niz'm] «. 
pla-toon' [pla-toon'] « body of soldiers 
plat'ter [platter] n. shallow dish 
plau'dit [pla'dit] )!. applause 
plau'si-ble [-zi-b'l] a. seemingly right 
plau'si-bly [-bly] adv. in a plausible 
play (plal v.i. to frolic [manner 

play'bill [pla'biH] «. programme 
play'er [pla'er] «. an actor 
play'fel'lo'W [-feri6] «. a playmate 
play'ful [pla'fijl] a. merry [play 

play'ground' [-ground'] ?/. ground for 
play'house' [hous'] n. a theater 






play'mate' [mst'l «. a play-fellow 
play'thing' (//ilng'I «. a toy Fplays 
play'wrighf [-right) k. maker of 
pla'za Ipl.i zal II. public square 
plea [plel >!. a lawsuit 
plead [pled] -'.r. to argue 
plead'er IpISderJ >i. an advocate 
plead'ings [pledingz] «.//. law term 
pleas'ant fplez'iznt] <j. clieerful 
pleas'ant-ry tplez(mtr>l «. gayety 
please (plezj f,/. to satisfy 
pleas'ing [plez'lngl a. agreeable 
pleas'ur-a-ble [plezh'ur-a-b'l] a. 
pleas'ure Iplezh'ur) k. enjoyment 
plebe IplSb] >i. the mob 
ple-be'ian [plSbe'yrmJ a. vulgar 
pledge Ipledji «. a promise Tstars 

ple'ia-des [ple'ya-dez] «./>/. group of 
plen i-po-ten'ti-a-ry«.[plsn'i-p6-ten'- 
ple'na-ry Ipie'na-ry] <j. entire [shl-a-ryl 
plen'i-tude (pl^n'r-tad] «. abundance 
plen'te-0U3 [plen'tJ-us] a. fruitful 
plen'ti-ful li)len'tl-full <r. abundant 
plen'ty [plenty] «. abundance 
ple'o-nasm lple'4-nazmj «. 
ple'o-nast [ n.lst) k. one addicted to 
pleo-nas'tic [nas'tikj a. [pleonasm 
pleth'o-ra [ple//id-ra] >i. repletion 
ple-thor'ic [pif-thor'ik] a. 
pleu'ra (plura) «. lung cover 
pleu'ri-sy Iplu'rl-sy] n. a disease [ted 
plex'i-form [pleks'I-form] a. complica- 
pli'a-bil'ity [pira-bll'l-ty] n. 
pli'a-ble [pli'a-b'l] a. limber 
pli'a-ble-ness [pli'a-b'1-nes] k. 
pli'an-cy [pli'<!n-sy] «. flexibility 
pli'ant [pli'dnt] a. flexible 
pli'ca [plika] «. disease of the hair 
pli'ers [pU'erz] k.^/. pinchers 
plight [plit] -v.t. to pledge 
plight'er [-er] k. one who plights 
plod liilod] ■v.i. to trudge 
plod'der [plod'derj >i. a drudge 
plod'ding [ding] a. industrious 
plot [i>lC>t] II. intrigue 
plot'ter [plst'terj K. a schemer 
plow [pliju] >i. agricultural implement 
plow'raan [-nmn] «. a husbandman 
plow'share' |sh,1r'l «. part of plow 
pluck [pluk] 7'./. to pull 

plucked [plaktj/./. of "pluck" 
pluck'y [pluk'y] a. spirited 
plug [plug] v.t. to stop 
plum [plum] >:. a fruit 
plum'age [plum'Sj] k. bird'-: feathers 
plumb [plum] (I. perpendicular 
plurab'age [plum'aj] «. Icadwork 
plum-ba'go [ijlfim-ba'gfi] >i. a mineral 
plumb'er jplum'er] h. a lead worker 
plumb'ing Iplum'lng) ti. lead pipe re- 
plume Ipluuij «. a feather [pairing 
plum'er-y [plum Cr-^) ii. plumage 
plum'met [plum'met] «. a weight 
plump IplQnip] rt. fleshy 

\ v ^ 




plun'der [plun'der] -v.t. to rob 
plun'der-er [der-er) «. a robber 
plunge [plunj ) f./. to thrust 
plun'ger [plun'jer] «. a diver 
plu'ral [plu'riil] a. more than one 
plu-ral'i-ty [plu-ral'i-tyl «. a majority 
plu'ral-ize [plu'ral-iz] v.t. to multiply 
plus [plus] ;;. sign ( + ) denoting addi- 
plush [plush] >!. a fabric 1 tion 

plu-toc'ra-cy [plu-tOk'ra-sy] ;; (ruler 
plu'to-crat [-to-krat) «. wealth-power 
plu'vi-OUS (pla vl-(is] a. rainy 
ply [pli] z\t. to use steadily 
ply'er [pli'er] «. he who plies [air 

pneu-mat'ic [nu-mat'Ik] a. containing 
pneu-raat'ics [-tks] n. science of air 
pneu-mo'ni-a [-mo'ni-a] n. a disease 
poach [poch] 1.2. to steal game 
poach'er (pech'er] «. a game thief 
pock'et [pOk'et] «. a bag or pouch 
pock'et-book' [book'] ;;.apur5e 
pock'et-knife' [-mf ] >i. small knife 
pod [[inl] ;;. capsule of a plant 
podge [p6jl n. a puddle 
podg'y [pSj'yl a. fat and short 
po'em [po'eni] n. composition in verse 
po'e-sy [po'J-syl >i. poetry 
po'et [po'et] ;;. author of a poem 
po-et'ic-al r-I-kitl) a.suitablefor poetry 
po'et-ize [Iz] z\i. to compose verse 
po'et-ry (rj) >i. verse; rhyme 
poign'ant [poin'^nt] a. sharp; keen 
poign'ant-ly [-ly] arfz'.in sharp manner 
point [point] ». a sharp end 
point blank' [-blangk'l adv. directly 
point'ed [point'ed] a. sharp 
point'ed-ly [point'ed-ly] adv. 
point'er [point'er] k. an index 
point'less Ipoint'les] a. dull 
poise [poiz] i\t. to balance 
poi-son [poi'z'n] «. virus 
poi'son-OUS f-us] a. noxious 
poke (pok] v.t. to push against 
pok'er [pok'er] >i. a game at cards [fear 
pok'er-ish [-Ish] a. adapted to excite 
po'lar [p5'ler] a. pertaining to the poles 
po-lar'i-ty [p6-lar'i-ty] «. 
po lar-i-za'tion [po'ler-i-za'shun] >i. 
polar-ize [-Iz] v.t. to give polarity to 
pole Ipol] >i. a long rod 
pole'ax' [pol'aks'l n. a battle-ax 
pole'caf [pol'kaf] «. an animal 
po-lem'io [p6-lem'ik] a. controversial 
po-lem'ic-al [po-lem'i-knl] a. 
po-lem'ics f-iks] n. art of controversy 
po-lice' [p6-les'l ?z. body of civil officers 
po-lice'man ( p4-les'man] n. a constable 
pol'i-cy IpOli-syl «■ motive; object 
pol'ish [parish] -'./. to burnish 
pol'ished [pOl'Isht] a. refined 
pol'ish-er [-Ish-er] «. he who polishes 
po-lite' IpO-lit'] a. courteous 
po-lite'ly[-ly] do'i'. in a polished 
po-lite'ness [nes] n. courtesy 




pol'i-tic [psri-tlk] <i. discreet 
po-lit'i-cal [pilit'I-ku!] a. fman 

pol i-ti'cian [psri-tish'an] k. a states- 
pol'i-tics[ i-tiks]/!. science of govemni't 
pol'i-ty [tj ] ». system of government 
pol'ka [polka] K. a dance 
poll [pol] '■./. to enter votes 
pol'len [pOl'len] II. flower dust 
pol-lute' [pOl-lut'l -v.t. to soil 
pol-lu'tion [pOl-lu'shun] K. impurity 
Pol'lux [psrioks] «. a fixed star 
po'lo [po 16] II. agame 
po lo-naise' [naz'] »;. article of dress 
pol troon' [pOl'troon'j ii. coward 
pol y-an'dry [pol'i-an'dry] it. 
po-lyg'a-mist [p6-lig'a-mist] «. 
po-lyg'a-mous [pS-Ilg'a-mOs] a. 
po-lyg'a-myt-niy] 71. plurality of wives 
pol'y-glot [pclf-glst] II. 
pol'y-gon [-i^on] II. many-sided figure 
po-lyph'o-ny [pS-ltf 6-ny] k. 
pol'y-pus (pori-pfls] It. a tumor 
pol'y-sylla-ble [pol'i-stl'la-b'l] «. 
pol y-tech'nic [piil'I-lek'nik] a. 
pol'y-the-ismC-Mf-Iz'm])!. many gods 
pol'y-the-ist [pori-Mf-ist] it. 
pom'ace [piim'Ss] k. crushed fruit 
po-ma'ceous [p6-ma'shus] a. 
po-made' IpS-mad'] «. ointment 
pome [pOm] It. a fruit 
pome'gran'ate [pum'grSn'St] «. a fruit 
pom'mel [pOm'mel] i'. to beat 
po-mol'o-gy [p6-mi5r6-jj] «. science of 
pomp [pMinp] «. parade [fruits 

pom'pa-dour [p5m'pa-door] It. 
pomp'ous [pOmp'us] a. boastful 
pon'oho [pOn'chi] u. a kind of cloak 
pond [pond] ;;. a body of water [lively 
pon'der [ponder] f./. toconsider atten- 
ponder-a-bil'i-ty [a-bil'i-ty] k. 
ponder-os'i-ty [-os'ity] it. weight 
pon'der-ous [-us] a. weighty 
pone [pon] ;/. a corn cake 
pon'iard [pon'yerd] It. a dagger 
pons as'i-no'rum [ponz as'(-no'rQm]M. 
pon'tifF [pon'tif ] It. a high priest 
pon-tif ic [-Ik J «. papal 
pon-tif i-cal [-i k<il] a. pert, to pontiff 
pon-tifi-cate [-i-k;t] w.pope's term of 
pon-toon' [pin-tuun] It. [office 

po'ny [pony] It. a small horse 
poo'die [pijo'd'l] It. a small dog 
pooh [puu] iittcrj. nonsense 
pool (pool] K. a puddle 
poor [poor] <J. needy 
poor'house' [-hous'] «. almshouse 
poor'ly [poor'ly] a. not in health 
pop [pop] It. an explosive sound 
pope [pop] ". bishop of RomS 
pope'dom [pop'dum] n. papal dignity 
pop'er-y [pSp'er-J] n. Romanism 
pop'gtin' [pOp'gOn'l «. a child's gun 
pop'in-jay [-in-ja] >t. a fop 
pop'lar [-ler] It. a tree 

\ \ 





pop'lin [-Itn] K. a kind of fabric 
pop'py [py] «. a plant 
pop'u-lace [u-las] n. the people 
pop'u-lar [u-ler] a. liked by the people 
pop'u-lar'i-ty [-lar'l-tj'] h. public favor 
pop'u-lar-ize [-ler-iz] v.t. to make pop- 
pop'u-late [u-lat] v.t. to people [a\Tir 
pop U-la'tion [u-la'shunj n. the people 
pop'u-lous [u-lus] n. full of people 
por'ce-lain [p6r's4-lin] ii. china ware 
porch [purLh] ». covered entrance 
por'cu-pine [por'ku-pin] «. an animal 
pore [piir] 11. small opening 
pork [park] n. flesh of swine 
pork'er [pork'er] H. a hog 
por'ous tpor'us] a. full of pores 
por'phy-ry [p6r'f!-rj] n. a kind of rock 
por'poise [porpus! it. a fish 
por'ridge [por'rtj] «. a kind of broth 
port [port] 11. a haven 
port'a-ble [a-b'I] a. easily transported 
port'age [port'aj] «. sailor's wages 
por'tal [por'ti?!] tt. an entrance 
porte'mon-naie' [port'mun-na'] «. 

por-tend' [p6r-tend'] v.t. to foreshow 
por-tent' [portent'] ?/.asign; an omen 
por-tent'ous [p6r-tent'us] a. ominous 
por'ter [porter] «. doorkeeper 
port-fol'io rport-fbl'yO] n. a case for 
por'ti-CO [por'tr-ko] «. a piazza [papers 
por'tion [jior'shun] n. a share 
port'li-ness [port'lr-nes] n. corpulence 
port'ly [p"'rt'ly] a. imposing 
port-man'teau [pOrt-min'tS] «.abag 
por'trait [|ir,r'trSt] n. a picture 
por-tray' [por-tra']i'./. topaintordraw 
por-tray'al [por-tra'«l] «. description 
pose [pOz] V. to question: to take atti- 
pos'cr [ cr] J!, apuzzle [tude 

pO-si'tion[pQ-zish'un]«. attitude; stand 
pos'i-tive [pOz'I-tIv] <?. actual 
pos-sess' [poz-zes'I v.t. to own 
pos-ses'sion [-zesh'On] n. ownership 
pos-sess'or [pt5z-zes'er] 7t. owner 
pos'si-bil'i-ty [p6s'sl-b!l'l-ty] «. 
pos'si-ble [pus'si-b'l] a. likely 
post [post] v.t. to mail 
post'age [post'aj] n. mailing charges 
post'al [dl] a. belonging to the P. O. 
post'date' [post'dat] •:' /. to after-date 
post'er [post'er] }i. a placard 
pOS-te'ri-or[pOs-te'ri-er]a. later in time 
pos-ter'i-ty [p6s-tSr'I-ty) «. ofl'spring 
pos'tern [ pos'tern] «. small gate 
post'ilu-mous [p6st'hii-mQsl a. 
pos-til'ion [pus-tU'yun] n. a rider 
post'ing[post'tng]«. transferring accts. 
post'man [post nwn] «. letter carrier 
post'mark' [post'mark'] v.t. to stamp 
post'mas'ter [post'mas'ter] «. 
post-mor'tem [mor'tem] a. after death 
post'of fice [-Sf fis] K. office for mail 
post-pone' (post-pon'l 7'./. to delay 
post-pone'ment [men t]«. a putting off 




post'script[-skrIpt]M. addition to letter 
pos'tu-late tpOs'tu-lSt] -.J.t. to assume 
pos tu-la'tion [-la'shun] «. assumption 
pos'ture [pob'tur] «. position 
po'sy [po'zyl 11. a nosegay 
pot [pi^t] n. earthen vessel 
pot'ash' [pot'asli'] 7t. a chemical 
po-tas'si-um [pStas'sl-flm] «. a metal 
po-ta'tion [pSta'shOn] «. a draught 
po-ta'to [|i6-ta't6j «. a vegetable 
po'ten-cy [p5*t(-n-syl n. capability 
po'tent [po'tt-nl] a. powerful 
po'ten-tate [po'trn-tatl «. a prince 
po-ten'tial[p6'ten'sli«l]a. in possibility 
poth'er [poth'er] f.t. to perplex 
po'tion [po'shunl «. a dose 
pot'ter [p6t'ter] «. clay worker 
pot'ter-y [p6t'ter-y] «. earthenware 
pouch [pouch] n. a small bag 
pou-drette' [poo-dret] n. a manure 
poul'ter-er[porter-er]«. poultry dealer 
poul'tice [poltls] «. soft composition 
poul'try [pol'trjl n. domestic fowls 
pounce [pouns] v.t. to seize upon 
pound [pound] «. a weight; i6 ozs. 
pound'er [er] «. a pestle 
pour [por] I'.t. to cause to flow 
pout [pout] I'-i. to look sullen 
pov'er-ty [pOv'er-ty*] n. penury 
pow'der [pou'der] n. fine particles 
pow'der-y [y] a. friable 
pow'er [-er] «. ability to act 
pow'er-ful [er-ful] a. strong 
pow'er-less [-er-les] a. impotent 
pow'wow' []")Ou'wou'3 n. disorderly 
pox [poks] n. a disease [meeting 

practi-ca-bil'i-ty [ti-ka-bil'r-tj] > 
prac'ti-ca-ble [prak'ti-ka-b"I] a. 
prac'ti-cal [kul] a. turned to use [way 
prac'ti-cal-ly [-ly] adv. in a practical 
prac'tice [pr.ik'tls] «. custom 
prac-ti'tion-er [tish'Qn-er] h. a doctor 
prag-mat'ic-al [prag-mat'j-kal] a. 
prai'rie [pra'ri] «. grassy plain 
praise [pr3z] 7'./. to commend fable 
praise'worthy [-war'tliy]<i. commend- 
prance [prans] i.i. to spring as a horse 
prank [prangk] k. a trick 
prate [prat] i'.t. to chatter 
prat'tle [prat't'l] «. empty talk 
prat'tler [prat'tlCrl « one who prattles 
pray [pra] -j.i. to supplicate 
prayer [pr.'ir] h. entreaty 
prayer-ful [ful] a. devotional 
preach [prCch] v.t. to discourse 
preach'er [ Gr] h. one who preaches 
pre-ad'am-ite [pr*-ad'<7m-tt) a. 
pre'amble [prc'am'b"l] «. a preface 
pre ar-range' [prO'Sr-ranj'] v.t. 
preb'end [prelj'end] it. a payment 
pre-ca'ri-ous [pr?-ka'rI-Qs] a. doubtful 
prec'a-to-ry [prek'a-t4-ry) a. 
pre-cau'tion [pr*-ka'shan] n. previous 
pre-cau'tion-a-ry [-ir>] a. [t.irc 






pre-cau'tious [-shQs] a. precautionary 
pre-cede' [ sc-d') -v.e. tog-o before 
pre-ced'ence [ fnsi n. 
pre-ced'en-cy [.nsyl «. priority 
pre-cen'tor [pre-senterj n. choir leader 
pre'cept [pre'sept] H. maxim 
pre-cep'tor fpre-sep'ter] «. a teacher 
pre-cep'tress 1-trSs] 71. female teacher 
pre'cinct [prS'singkt] «. boundary 
pre'cious (presh'us) a. costly 
prec'i-pice (pres'i-ptsl «. a cliff 
pre-cip'i-tant iprS-sipi-tant] <j. 
pre-cip'i-tate [-tatl a. overhasty 
pre-cipi-ta'tion [-ta'shun] ;;. great 
pre-cip'i-tous [-tas] a. hasty ihurry 
pre-cise' [pre-sis'] a. exact 
pre-ci'sion [slzh'un] «. exactness 
pre-clude' [prf-klad'i v.t. to stop [out 
pre-clu'sion [-klu'zhun] «. a shutting 
pre-co'cious [-ko'shQs] a. premature 
pre-COC'i-ty [-kSs'I-ty] «. forwardness 
pre-con-ceive' [pre-kon-sev] -.t. 
pre-cur'sor [pr4-kur'ser] u. forerunner 
pred'a-to-ry [pred'a-to-rj] «. 
prede-ces'sor [pred'S-ses'ser] n. 
pre-des'ti-nate (prS-desti-nat) v.t. 
pre-des'ti-na'tion [na'shun] n. 
pre-des'tine [pre-destinj v.t. 
pre-de-ter'mine [pre'dS-ler'mIn] n. 
pred'i-ca-ble [pred'l-ka-b'll ,1. 
pre-dic'a-ment [prS-dlka-m^nt] n. 
pred'i-cate [pred'i-kSt] v.t. to affirm 
pred'i-ca'tion [-kj'shun] «. assertion 
pred'i-ca-to-ry [-ka-t6-r>J a. positive 
pre-dict' [prS-drkt'] v.t. to foretell 
pre-die'tion [prS-dlk'shun] n. prophecy 
pre'di-lec'tion [pre'di-lek'shun] It. 
pre'dis-pose' ipre'dis-poz'] v.t. 
pre-dis'po-si'tion (-dis'po-zisU'un) n. 
pre-dom'i-nance [pre-dom'i-n«ns] >i. 
pre-dom'i-nant [] n. prevalent 
pre-dom'i-nate [ii.itj v.i. to prevail 
pre-em'i-nence ipre-em'i-ncnsi n. 
pre-em'i-nent [ nent] a. surpassing 
pre-emp'tion [pr^'cmp'shun] n. 
pre-empt'or [pre-emter] n. 
pre en-gage'ment(preengsj'niinti« 
pre'ex-ist'ence (pre'egz-Ist'e-nbl ;;. 
preface [pref'Ss] n. introduction 
pref'a-tO-ry [prera-tS-ry] a. opening 
pre-fer' [prf-fer'] v.t. to choose 

pref er-a-ble [prefer-a-bl] a. 
pref'er-ence [prefEr-^ns] >;. a choice 
pre-fer'ment (pre-ferment] n, 
pre-fig'ure (-flg'ur] ■;'./. to foreshadow 
pre-fix' tprS-fiks'l v.t. to put before 
preg'nan-cy [preg'n<in-sy] «. fertility 
preg'nant [] a. full of promise 
pre-hen'sile [pre-hen'sll] a. grasping 
pre-judge' [jujjz'./.decide beforehand 
pre-.ju'di-cate [prSju'di-kat] v.t. 

prej'u-dice [prej'il-dis] ji. bias 
pre.j'u-di'cial [-dish'iill a. biased 
prel'a-cy [prel'a-syj'i. office of a prelate 




pre-lim'i-na-ry [prS-lln. i-nS-ryl a. 
pre'lude [prelCul) >i. introduction 
pre ma-ture' | ma- tare') <i. too early 
pre-med'i-tate [prS-med'itat] ■v.t. 
pre-med i-ta'tion [ta'shOn] «. 
pre'mi-er [pre nii-er] «. chief 
prem'ise [prem'is] n. a supposition 
pre'mi-um [premi-um] «. a prize 
pre'mo-ni'tion [pre'mS-nlsh'un] k. 
pre-mon'i-to-ry [prSmOnito-rj] a. 
pre-oc'cu-py dirJ-ok'ku-py] v.t. 
prep a-ra'tion [prep'S-ra'shfln] >t. 
pre-par'a-tive [prf par'a-tlv] a. 
pre-par'a-to-ry [prf-par'a-tS-ry] a. 
pre-pare' [prS-par'J v.t. to make ready 
pre-pay' [prS-pa] i/./. to pay in advance 
pre-pense' [pens'] a. preconceived 
pre-pon'der-ance [-peinderuns] «. 
prep-o-si'tion [prep-6zish'un] «. 
pre pos-sess' [pre'p6z-zes'] v.t. 
prepos-ses'sion [zesh'unl n. 
pre-pos'ter-ous [pre-pos tcr-fis] a. 
pre-rog'a-tive [prS-rflijativ] u. 
pre'sage [prc'saj] «. an omen 
pres'by-ter [prez'by-ter] »i. a priest 
Pres by-te'ri-an [-te'ri-nn] n. a sect 
pres'by-ter-y [ter-yl «• 
pre'sci-ence [pre'slii-^ns] «. foresight 
pre-scribe' [i rcskrib'] v.e. to dictate 
pre-scrip'tion [skrip'shun] >i 
pres'ence [prez'tns] « opposed to ab- 
pres'ent [tnt] «. a gift isence 

pre-sent'a-ble [prf-zent'a-b'l] a. 
pres en-ta'tion [prez'en-ta'shunl ji. 
pre-sen'ti-ment [presen'ti-nifntj >i. 
pres'ent-ly [prezVnt-lyl a<i'z'. soon 
pre-sent'ment [prS-zent'm^ntl ii. 
pres er-va'tion [prez'er-va'shun] ii. 
pre-serv'a-tive (prezerv'a-tiv) «. 
pre-serve' [pr5-zerv'] v.i. to save 
pre-serv'er [zerv'er] k. one who saves 
pre-side' [prf-zid] v.i. to watch over 
pres'i-den-cy [prez'r-drn-syi h. 
pres'i-dent [prez'I-di^ntl k. chief officer 
presi-den'tial [den'shnll a. pert, to 
press [pres] t ./. to squeeze [prest. 

pres'sure [prcsh'ur] «. a squeezing 
pres'tige [pres-tlj] ji. influence; fame 
pres'tO Ipres'ti] aifz: quickly 
pre-sump'tion (prf-zump'shOnj 71. 
pre-sump'tive [ zOmp'tlvJ a. probable 
pre-sump'tu-ous [tu-Os] a. insolent 
pre'sup-pose [ suppozl r./. toassume 
pre-tend' I pre ■ tend' )w. J. to make believe 
pre-tend'er [CrJ h. a claimant 
pre-tense' [prf tens'] m. assumption 
pre-ten'sion [priten'sliOn] «. 
pre-ten'tious [shOsl a. presuming 
pre ter-nat'u-ral [prfi'ter-njt'] a 
pre'text [preiekst] M. excuse 
pret'ty [prit'rjl n. neat; pleasing 
pre- vail' Iprtval') v.i. to be in force 
prev'a-lence (prcv'a-lrnsi «. 



prev'a-lent [Ifnt; a. prevniling 

pre-var'i-cate [prt-var'i-kst) 11.1. to 
pre-var'i-ca'tion [ks'sliun] «. [evade 
pre-var'i-ca tor [prSvar'i-ka'ter] «. 
pre-vent' [p>'*-'^'5nt'] v.t. to frustrate 
pre-vent'er l-er] ji. ahinderer 
pre-ven'tion [sliun] «. a thwarting 
pre-vent'ive[-iv]«. that which prevents 

pre'vi-OUS [pre'vl-Os] a. preceding 
pre'vi-OUS-ly [-ly] adv. beforehand 
prey [prft] n. plunder 
price [pris] n. value at sale 
price'less [-les] a. of great value 
prick [prik] z:t. to pierce 
prick'ly [lyl «. full of sharp points 
pride Iprkl) «. state of being proud 
priest tprestl n. a minister 
priest'cralt [-kraft] «. priestly policy 
priest'hood [-hood] «. office of a priest 
prig [prigl n. conceited fellow 
prim [prim] a. precise 
pri'ma-cy Ipri'ma-sy] h. supremacy 
pri'mal |pri miTlJ a. first 
pri'ma-ri-ly [-ma-ri-ly] adv. originally 
pri'ma-ry [pri'ma-ry] a. original 
pri'mate [pri mat) ?«. an archbishop 
prime Iprim] a. first 
prim'er [prim er] Ji. book for a beginner 
pri-me'val [pri-mevnlj a. original 
prim'ing [prim'ing] h. first coating 
prim'i-tive [prim'i-tiv] n. first 
pri mo-gen'i-tor [pri mojcn'i-torj «. 
pri mo-gen'i-ture [tur] n. 
pri-mor'di-al [prim6r'di-<il]a. primary 
prim'rose Iprlm'roz'l 71. aplant 
prince tP^ins] n. a sovereign 
prince'ly [prlns'ly] n. royal 
prin'cess [prin'ses] k. female prince 
prin'ci-pal [-sl-pdl] ;i. chief or head 
prin ci-pal'i-ty [pal'i-ty] «. territory 
prin'ci-ple [p'l] n. a general truth 
prink [prlngk] v.t. to dress up 
print [print] v.l. to stamp 
print'er [print'erl II. one who prints 
pri'or tprier] a. former 
pri or'i-ty [pri'er'i-ty] «. precedence 
pri'o-ry (pri'6-ry] «. a religious house 
prism Iprizm] «. geometrical term 
pris-mat'ic-al [priz-mati-kulj a. 
pris'on [priz "n] 11. a jail 
pris'on-er [er] 71. a captive 
pris'tine 1 pris' tin] a. primeval 
pri'va-cy [prl'va-sy] n. seclusion 
pri'vate [pri'vst] a. secluded 
pri va-teer' [pri'va-ter'l h. 
pri'vate-ly [vit-ly] adv. not openly 
pri-va'tion [-va'shfin] h. need 
priv'i-lege [priv'l-lej] 71 liberty 
priv'i-ly Iprivl-lyl adv. secretly 
priv'y [priv'yl <2. secret 
prize [priz] v.t. to value highly 
proba-bil'i-ty [prob'a-bil'i-ty] «. 
prob'a-ble [prOb'a-b'U a. likely 
prob'a-bly [-bly] adv. in likelihood 





pro'bate [prr.bat] w. official proof 
pro-ba'tion [prO-ba'shun] «. trial 
pro-ba'tion-a-ry [-i-ry] a. tprobe 

probe [probj v.t. to examine with a 
prob'i-ty [prOb'i-tjJ n. integrity 
prob'lem t-lcm) «. case for solution 
prob lem-at'ic-al [at'] a. 
pro-bos'cis [prfl-bes'sis] «. a snout 
pro-ce'dure [-se'dur] «. process 
pro-ceed' IprO-sed'l T.i. to advance 
pro-ceed'ing [-ingl ?:. a transaction 
pro'ceeds [ sedz] «.//. product [tion 
proc'ess [pros'cs] n, continuous opera- 
pro-ces'siou [pro-scsh'un] ?/. a retinue 
pro-claim' [klani] ^V. to promulgate 
proc la-ma'tion [prok'la-ma'shun] «. 
pro-cliv'i-ty [i)rs-kliv'[-tyl «. 
pro-cras'ti-nate [jirs-kras'ti-natl v.t. 
pro-eras ti-na'tion [na'shun];;. delay 
pro'cre-ate [prB'krSat] i/.t. to beget 
proc'tor IprOk'ter] «. college officer 
pro-cur'a-ble tprO-kur'a-b'IJ a. 
proc'u-ra'torfprek'u-ra'ter)>;.an agent 
pro-cure' [prO-kurJ -v.t. to obtain 
pro-cure'ment [-mt-nt] «. attainment 
pro-cur'er t Cr] n. a pander 
prod iprr, II z .!. to goad 
prod'i-gal [[irodi-gol] a. wasteful 
prod i-gal'i-ty [-gSl'l-ty] «. waste 
pro-di'gious [pr6-dij'usl a. wonderful 
prod'i-gy IprOdi-jy) it. a wonder 
pro-duce'[pr6-dus']^'./.to bring forward 
prod'uct [prCd'ukt] «. consequence 
pro-duc'tion [pro-duk'shun] ii. fruit 
pro-duc'tive [prS-dflk'tIv] a. fertile 
pro'em [pro'em] 31. introduction 
prof'a-na'tion [prora-na'shun] n. 
pro-fane' [irO-fan ] a. irreverent 
pro-fan'i-ty [fan i-ty] «. blasphemy 
pro-fess' [pra-fes'l %.t. to pretend 
pro-fes'sion [fesh'un] n. an avowal 
pro-fes'sion-al [] a. pertaining to 
pro-fess'or [ -fes'er J ?:. a teacher 
proffer (iirOf ferlf./. to make a tender 
pro-fi'cien-cy [-fishVn-sy] ti. skill 
pro-fi'cient [fnt] «. well-skilled 
pro'file Iprr.'fil] «. an outline 
profit Iprufit] «. gain 
prof it-a-ble [a-b'l) a. gainful 
profit-less [les] a. withoutprofit 
prof li-ga-cy[-lr-ga-syl«. dissoluteness 
profli-gate [gSt] «. a dissolute per- 
pro-found' [pr4-found'l a. deep [son 
pro-found'ness [-nis] «. depth fstint 
pro-fuse' [prO-fOs] a. giving without 
pro-fuse'nes8 £-nesl «. extravagance 
pro-fu'sion [DrS-fQ'zhOnJ «. 
pro-gen'i-tor (pr6-jcn'l-terj «. 
pro-gen'i-ture [tdrl «. a birth 
prog'e-ny lproj'4-nyj >i. offspring 
prog-nos'tic [pr0g-n5s'tlk]a. 
prog-nos'ti-ca-ble [ti-ka-b'l] a. 
prog-nos'ti-cate (-k.ltl v.t. to predict 
pro'gramme [progr.'unl «. order 






pro-gress' fprOgres] v.i. to advance 
pro-gres'sion [gresh'unj k. course 
pro-gress'ive [gres'Iv] a. improving 
progue [irug] v.t. to prick 
pro-hib'it [r>ra-hlb'lt] ii.l. to forbid 
pro'hi-bi'tion [pro'hi-liIsh'Qn] n. 
pro-hib'it-o-ry [pr6-liibit-6-ryl a. 
pro-.ject' IprS-jekt'] T.t. to cast forward 
pro-.ject'ile |-il] ,i. a missile 
pro-jec'tion [jek'shOn));. a jutting out 
pro'late [pru'lat] a. extended 
pro-lif'ic [pr«-lif Ik] a. fruitful 
pro-lif'ic-ness [nes] n fruitfulness 
pro-lix' IprSliks'] a. tedious 
pro-lix'i-ty [i-tj] «. minute detail 
pro'logue Ipro'lOg] «. preface 
pro-long' [prS-lOng'l ■!■•■'■ to continue 
pro'lon-ga'tion [i)r6'16n-ga'6liQn] u. 
prom e-nade' [proni'S-nad'j «. 
prom'i-nence [J-n^'ns] k. elevation 
prom'i-nent [nentj a. distinctly ninni- 
pro-mis'cu-ous [prO-mis'kii-Qs] a. |fest 
prom'ise IprOm'is] z>.t. to engage to do 
prom'is-so-ry [prOm'Is-sS-ryJ a. 
pro-mote' IprS-mot'] -j.t. to elevate 
pro-mot'er l-er] «. anencourager 
pro-mo'tion [-mo'shun] h. artvanceme't 
prompt Iproiut] a. quick to act 
prompt'i-tude [-Itud] u. alacrity 
prompt'ness [nes] n. readiness [claim 
pro-mul'gate IprS-mul'gat] -u.t. to pro- 
pro'mul-ga'tion [pro niul-ga'simnj ii. 
prone (prOii] r7. inclined 
prone'ness [nes] «. disposition 
prong tprSng] ji. the tine of a fork 
pro'noun [pra'noun] n. word for a noun 
pro-nounce' [prS-nouns] Z'.t. to speak 
pro-nounced' [-nounst] a. decided 
pro-nounce'ment [nouns'mfnt] n. 
pro-nun ci-a'tion [-nunshi-a'shun] u. 
proof 1 proof J «. evidence 
prop [prop] v.t. to support [zation 

prop a-gan'da [h-gan'da] «. an organi- 
prop'a-gate [a-gat] v.l. to increase 
prop a-ga'tion [-ga'shiin];/. production 
pro-pel' [pro-pel'] v.t. to drive fonvar.l 
pro-pel'ler [pfl'ler] «. a screwsteamer 
pro-pend' IprO-pend] -v.i. to incline 
pro-pen'si-ty [pen'si-ty] k. tendency 
prop'er [prop'erj a. appropriate 
prop'er-ly [-ly] adv. suitably 
prop'er-ty [ty] n. an estate 
proph'e-cy [prdf 'S-sy] «. a foretelling 
proph'e-sy [prOf'£-si] v.t. to foretell 
proph'et[pr6f et] j;. a foreteller [events 
pro-phet'ic [prfl-feflk] a. foretellinj; 
pro-pin'qui-ty [pri5-ping'kwi-ty] it. 
pro-pi'ti-ate [pish'i-atl v.t. to atone 
pro-piti-a'tion [-a'shOn] «. [piatory 
pro-pi'ti-a-to-ry l-pisli'i-a-tS-ryJ <;. e\- 
pro-pi'tious [prO-pish'us] a. favorable 
pro-pone' [pr6pon'] v.t. to propose 


cr\ (r\ 




pro-por'tion [pri-por'shunl «. a share 
pro-por'lion-al [.jI] <i. suitable degree 
pro-por'tion-al-ly [nl-lyl aJz: [tion 
pro-por'tion-ate [itj f./. to proper- 
pro-pos'al [ pC.z'.il] ;i.atender [cration 
pro-pose' [puz] t'.c to offer for consid- 
prop o-si'tiou IprOp'6-zisli'unl ti. 
pro-poimd' [pr6-poui!d'] i-./. topropose 
pro-pri'e-ta-ry [-pri'f-t3-ry] «. owner- 
pro-pri'e-tor [-ter] «. an owner [ship 
pro-pri'e-ty [-pri'4-ty] n. fitness fling 

pro'ra'ta Ipro'ra'ta] L. in proportion 
pro-rogue' (pr6-rog'J f./. to adjourn 
pro-sa'ic [prS-za'Ik] <i. uninteresting 
pro-sce'ni-um [pr4-se'ni-umi k. 

pro-scribe' (prS-skrib'l •?■./. to prohibit 
pro-SCrip'tion [-skrlp'shun] «.prohibi- 
prose [prozl ;;. lang. not in verse Ition 
pros'e-CUte [pr6s'6-kut] •z/./.tocontinue 
pros'e-CU tor [-S-ku'terl «. an accuser 
pros'e-lyte [iir6s'6-lit] ». anew convert 
pros'e-ly-tism [-ll-tlz'ni] >i. 
pros'i-ness[proz'I-n6s! «. tiresomeness 
pro-slav'er-y [pr4-slav'er-y] a. 
pros'o-dy [pri5s'#-dyl « grammar term 
pros'pect [prOs'pekt] >i. outlook 
pro-spec'tive [pr6-spek'tiv]<7, in future 
pros-pect'or [pros-pekt'erl n. fgramme 
pro-spec'tus |pr4-spek'tusJ «. a pro- 
pros'per [jrOs per] v.t. to be successful 
pros-per'i-ty [prOs-per'I-ty] tt. success 
pros'per-OUS [prus'per-Cis] a. successful 
pros'ti-tute [prOs'tl-tut] >:. astrumpet 
pros ti-tu'tion [-tu'shun] h. lewdness 
pros'trate [prfts'trSt] ■:' /. to lay flat 
pros-tra'tion [tra'shun] j;. dejection 
pros'y [prozyl a. dull and tedious 
pro-tect' [pri-tekt'] vJ. to shield 
pro-tec'tion [tek'shOn] «. shelter 
pro-tec'tion-ist [-Ist] «. 
pro-tect'ive [-tekt'iv] a. defensive 
pro-tect'or [-er] «. a defender 
pro-tect'or-ate [-er-at] k. 

pro te'ge' [pr6'ta'zhi'l n.m. 1 one pro 

protegee' [pri'ts'zhs'] ti.y ( tected 
pro-test' lpr6-test'] v.e. to declare 
Prot'es-tant (prot'ss-tnnti «. 
prot'es-ta'tion [-ta'slmn] k. dissent 
pro'to-col liT.'j'ti-kcJl) 91. original copy 
pro'to-plast [plast] h. the original 
pro'to-type [pro'ti-tip] h. pattern 
pro-tract' |pr6-traktl Z'.^. to continue 
pro-tract'ed [-C-d] a. continued [ance 
pro-trac'tion [-trak'shun] «. continu 
pro-trude ( tryd] v.t. to project 
pro-tu'ber-ance [tubc-r-ans] «. 
proud (proud) a. haughty 
proud'ly [ly] ac/v. haughtily 
prove [proov] v.i to verify 
prov'en |[>r("7ov'n)/./. or a. proved 
prov'en-der IprOv'Sn-der) «. feed 
prov'erb IprOv'Srb] «. a maxim 





pro-ver'bi-al [pri-ver'bl-irl] n. current 
pro-vide' [pr6-vid'| v./. to supply 
pro-vid'ed [-ed] con/, on condition 

Prov'i-dence [prev'i-d^'ns] «. God 
prov'i-dent [l-dcnt] n. prudent 
prov'i-den'tial [-den'shal] a. 
prov'ince [prfw'Ins] n. a district 
pro-vin'cial [prS-vin'shal] a. 
pro-vin'cial-ism [iz'm] «. 
pro-vi'sion [prs-vlzh'un) «. eatables 
pro-vi'sion-al [■.!]] a. temporary 
pro-vi'so Ipr6-vrz6]?i. a clause limiting 
prOV'O-ca'tion [pr6v'6-ka'shunl tt. 
pro-VO'ca-tive [pr6-vo'ka-tIv| a. 
pro-voke' [vok') v./. to irritate 
prov'ost [prOv'ust] « an officer 
prow tprou] K. fore part of a ship 
prow'ess t-es] n. fearlessness 
prowl [prowl] t'.i. to rove for prey 
prox'i-mate [pr6ks'I-mSt] a. nearest 
prox-im'i-ty [Tni'I-tyl ?t. nearness 
prOx'i-mo[-l-ni6l//.i!:. in the nextniontli 
prox'y IprOks'yl it. a substitute 
prude [prud] «. over-sensitive person 
pru'dence tpru'di-ns] n. carefulness 
pru'dent t-il<-nt] a. frugal 
pru-den'tial [den'shal] a. discreet 
pru-den'tial-ly [-ly] adv. prudently 
prud'er-y [prud'er-y] n. coyness 
prud'ish [prudish] a. very formal 
prune [prun] v./. to trim; it. a fruit 
pru-nel'la [pru-nel'la] tt. woolen stuff 
pru'ri-ent [|iru'rl-fntj a. lustful faeid 
Prus'sic [prus'slk] a. pert, to Prussic 
pry [prl] 'c\f. to inspect closely 
pry'ing r-lng] a. inquisitive 
psalm [saml >t. a sacred song 
psalm'ist [Ist] n. sacred song writer 
psal'ter [salter] «. psalm book 
psal'ter-y [y] «. musical instrument 
pseu'do-nym [su'd6-nlm] h. 
pshaw [sha) ittterj. an exclamation 
psy-chol'o-gy [si-kOlO-jy] ;;. 
pu'ber-ty [pu'ber-ty] «. adult age 
pub'lic [pub'llk] n. the people 
pub'li-can [pubdl-k^n] n. taxcoUecto 
pub'li-ca'tion [pub'lr-ka'shunl n. 
pub-lic'i-ty [pub-lls'l-ty] n. notoriety 
pub'lic-ly [pub'lik-ly] adv. openly 
pub'lish [pub'lish] -v.t. to announce 
pub'lish-er [er] n. bookmaker 
puck'er [puk'er] v.t. and i. to wrinkle 
puck'ish [pflk'ish] a. mischievous 
pud'der [pud'der] v.i. to splash 
pud'ding [pud'ding] «. a species of food 
pud' die [pud'd'l] ;;. a small pool 
pu'den-cy [p4'dfn-sy] n. modesty 
pudg'y [pud'jyl a. short and fat 
pu-dic'i-ty tpu-dls'r-ty] n. chastity 
pu'er-ile [pu'er-il] a. trifling; boyish 
puff [pufl n. a whiff 
puffin [puffin] ti. sea bird 
puff'y [puffy] a. bombastic 
pug [pug] v.t. to spread with mortar 



T.- ^J ) 




pugh (pool inlfj. word of contempt 
pu'gil-ism tpu'jil-iz'ra) m. boxing 
pu'gil-ist [pu jll-Ist) H. a boxer (some 
pug-na'cious [pug-na'shuil a. quarrei 
pug-nac'i-ty [nSs'I-tyl ». quarrelsome- 
pug'nose' [ noz' I H. a thick nose [ness 
pu'is-sance [pu'Js-s<ins] «. power 
pu-is'sant [pii-is's<intl a. powerful 
puke [pukl T'./. to vomit 
pul'chri-tude [pQl'krl-tudl «. beauty 
pul'ing [paring] a. whining 
pull [pullx'./. to draw or at tempt to draw 
pull'back' [pul'liak'l «. a hindrance 
pulled [puld] <z. plucked 
pul'let [pul'let] «. a young hen 
pul'ley [pul'lyl H. a wheel 
pul'lu-late tpul'lu-lStl v.i. to germinate 
pullu-la'tioa [la'shunl «. a budding 
pul'mo-na-ry [pornid-na-ryl a. pert, to 
pulp [pulp] K. a soft mass L'ung^ 

pul'pit [pul'pTtl «. preacher's desk 
pul'sate [pulsatl v.i. to throb 
pul-sa'tion [pul-sa'shCinl«. a throbbing 
pul'sa-to-ry [-sa-tO-ry] a. throbbing 
pulse[pflIs)>:.beati'gofheart and arteries 
pui'ver-ize [pul ver-Iz] v.t. to reduce to 
pu'ma[pu'majM. American lion [powder 
pum'ice [pum'Is] «. spongy stone 
pump [pumpl T.t. to draw water 
pump'klll[pump'klnl</.aplant; its fruit 
pun [punl z'.i. to play upon words 
punch [punch) K. a thrust or blow 
punch'eon [pOnch'iJnl n. a large cask 
punc-til'io [I'Lingk-tirySj H. nicety: ex- \\ 
punc-til'ious [-yus] a. exact (actness ? 
punc'tu-al [pungk'tu-al] a. prompt J 
punc'tu-al'i-ty [-(rl'l-ty] n. exactness 
punc'tu-ate [|.ungk'tu-ati v.t. 
punc'tu-a'tion [a'shunj K.act ofpunc- 
punc'ture [tar] VJ. to pierce [tuating 
pung[pung| K. a rude sleigh 
pun'gen-cy [punjt-nsyl n. sharpness 
pun'gent [je-nt] a. penetrating 
pun'ish [Ish] v.t. to chastise [ishment 
pun'ish-a-ble t-a-b"!] a. liable to pun- 
pun'ish-ment [-m^nt] n. a penalty 
pu'ni-tive [pu nl-trv] a. pert, to punish- 
punk [pungk] 11. a fungus 1 nient 

pun'ner [pGn'ner] n. a punster 
pun'sterlpun'ster) H.a player on words 
punt [piJnt] H. a flat-bottomed boat 
pu'ny [puny] a. small and feeble 
pup [ pup] «. a young dog 
pu'pil [pu'pll] «. a learner 
pup'pet [pOp'pet] K. a doll 
pup'py [pQppy] K. the young of a dog 
pur [pfir] v.i. to murmur as a pleased cat 
pur'blind' [piir'blind'] a. near-sighted 
pur'chas-a-ble [-chSs-a-b'l] a. 
pur'chase [chas] v.t. to buy 
pur'chas-er [-er] n. one who buys 
pure [p'lr] (I. stainless 
pure'iy [pOr'lJ) adv. merely 
pur-ga'tion [pargl'shunj a. 





pur'ga-tive [-ga-tlv] a. a cathartic 
pur'ga-to-ry [-t«-ry] «. place of purifi- 
purge [purjl f.f. to cleanse Ication 

puri-fi-ca'tion [pu'ri-fi-ka'shan] n. 
pu'ri-fler [pu'ri-frer] 71. a refiner 
pu'ri-fy [|iu'ri-fil -••/• to make pure 
pu'ri-tan \-tnu] ;/. strict relig-ionist 
puri-tan'ic-al [tan'f-kal] a. rigid 
pu'ri-tan-ism [-t<7n-iz"mi w. 
pu'ri-ty [purity] it chastity fstones 
purl (I'url) t'.z. to flow gently among 
pur'lin [pur'lin] k. a brace 
pur-loin' [pur-loin'] ?;■.?. to steal 
pur'ple [pilrp'l] K. a color 
pur'port [jiCir'port] «. significance 
pur'pose [piJr'pOs] «. intention 
pur'pose-ly [lyj <jrfw. designedly 
purse [ puri ] «. a bag for money 
purse'proud' [pQrs'prouci'j «. 
purs'er [purs'er] n. a vessel officer 
pur-su'ance [pfir-su'ans] «. accordance 
pur-su'ant [ant] a. conformable 
pur-sue' [pur-su'] v.f. to follow 
pur-suit' [pur-sut'] K. a going after 
pur-vey' [pur-vS'l v.f. to provide 
pur-vey'ance l-ans] n. provisions 
pur-vey'or [-er] «. a caterer 
pur'view [vu] h. limit of authority 
pus [pfls] ;i. purulent matter 
push [push] 7-.f. to shove 
pu'sil-la-nim'i-ty [-sil-la-nim'i'tyi >/. 
pu sil-lan'i-mous (pu'sil-lan'i-mcisi ,7. 
puss [pus] n. a cat 
pus'tule [jms'tul] «. a pimple 
pus'tu-lous [-tu-lub] 71. covered with 
put [put] J' /. to place [pimples 

pu'tre-fac'tion [pu'trS-fak'shunj ;;. 
pu'tre-fy [pu'trS-fi] ^.i. to make foul 
pu-tres'cence [pu-tres'sens] «. 
pu-tres'cent [-st-nt] a. becoming rotten 
pu'trid [pu'trld] a. decomposed 
put'ter [put'ter] -z/.i. to trifle 
put'ty [put'ty] H. a kind of cement 
put'up' [put'up'] a. plotted 
puz'zle [puz'z'l] Z'.e. to perplex 
puz'zler [-zler] «. that which puzzles 
pyg'my [pig'my] «. a dwarf (unient 
pyr'a-mid [plr'a-mld]«. Egyptian mon- 
pyre [plr] ?i. a funeral pile 
py-ri'tes [pi-rl'tez] «. an ore 
pyr o-tech'nics [pir'6-tek'niks] «. 
pyr'rho-nist [pir'ri-nistj «. a skeptic 
py'thon [pi'thSn] 7t. a serpent 


quack [kwik] >;. a charlatan 
quack'er-y [-er-yj «. false pretending 
Quad ra-ges'i-ma [-ra-jes'i-ma] «. 
quad'ran gle [kwod'rSng'g'l] >i. 
quad'rant fkwfid'runt] k. 
quad'rat l-rat] 7t. a metal block 
quad-ren'nial [rSn'nl-al] a. 4 years 
qua-drille' [kwa-drfl'l «. a dance 
quad-ril'lion [kwod-rrryun] «. 
quad-roon' [roon] «. a mulatto 






quad'ru-ped[-ru-pecl]»i.4legged animal 
quad'ru-ple Ip'l) a. fourfold 
quaff ikviafl 'i\t. to drink copiously 
quag'mire [kwSg'mir) «. abog 
quail kwSl] >i. a bird 
quaint [kwant] a. odd 
quaint'ness [-nes] k. oddness 
quake [kwak] Z'.i. to tremble 
ftuak'er [-er| «. one of a sect 
quak'ing-ly [Vng-lyl adv. fearfully 
qual i-fi-ca'tion [kwOl'I-fl-ka'shunl >;. 
qual'i-fied Ikuol'i-fld] a. competent 
qual'i-fy (fl) v.e. to make capable 
qual'i-ty [ tji «. character 
qualm Ikwam] n. nausea 
qualm'ish [ish] a. inclined to vomit 
quan'da-ry (kwOn'da-ryl «. perplexity 
quan'ti-ty |kw0n'tl-ty| >i a portion 
quar'an-tine [kwOr'an-ten] « 
quar'rel |kw6r'rel] k. wrangle 
quar'rel-some [sum] a. irritable 
quar'ry IkwOr'ryl «. a stone pit 
quart (kwart] k. two pints 
quar'ter [kwar'ter] >:. a fourth part 
quar'ter-ly [ly] <!(/-■. every 3 months 
quar'ter-raaster [masterl k 
quar'tern Ikwar'teml «. a quarter 
quar-tet' [kwar-tet| «. 4 singers 
quar'to Ikwar'tS] k. a square book 
quartz [kwarts] h. part of granite 
quash Ikwdsh] ^>.r to annul 
qua'si [kwS'si] «. I., in a certain sense 
quas'si-a [kwosh'I-a] n. abitterwood 
qua-ter'ni-on fkwa-ter'nl-unl K. 
qua'ver [kws'ver] v.i. to vibrate 
quay ike] «. a wharf 
queen Ikwen] h. a sovereign; wife of a 
queen'ly (ly) n. like a queen [king 

queer Ikwer) a. singular 
quell [kwel] z'.i. to suppress 
quench rkwenchl 77 1. to allay 
quench'a-ble (a-b'Ii a. 
quench'less [lesi a. (some 

quer'u-lous (kwer'u-IQsl a. quarrel- 
que'ry (kwe'ryl ". a question 
quest ;kuest| «. a search 
ques'tion Ikwc-schun] n. an inquiry 
ques'tion a-ble [-al/li a. doubtful 
ques'tion-er [er] h. inquirer 
ques'tor (kues'tOrl n. Roman officer 
queue [ku] » a pigtail 
quib'ble [kwib'b'U t/. to trifle 
quick (kwlk) <i. prompt 
quick'en [-n] v.t. to hasten 
quick'lime Ik wik'lim'lw. unslaked lime 
quick'ly [kwlk'ljl arfi;. with haste 
quick'ness (nesl «. speed 
quick'sand' (■s.1n<r| «. moving sand 
quick'sil'ver ( sll'vcr] «. mercury 
quick'step' [step') k. lively march 
quid [kwid] >i. a cud 
qui-es'cence (kwi-es's^nsl k. repose 
qui-es'cent f-se'nti a. at rest 

qui'et [kwi'et] a. still 





qui'et-ly f-lyl adv. noiselessly 
qui'et-ness |-n.-s] «. stillness 
qui'e-tude [kwi'S-tudl «. repose 
qui-e'tus [kwi-e'tfls] «. final discharge 
quill [kwil] n. a large feather 
quilt [kwllt] «. bed cover 
quince [kwins) «. a fruit 
qui'nine Ikwi'nin] n. Peruvian bark 
quin'sy [kwln'zj] h. a throat disease 
quin'tal [kwin'tirl] «. weight of lOO lbs. 
quin-tes'sence [-tes'sens] «. best part 
quin-til'lion l-til'yun] >i. aunitwithiS 
quip [kwjp] n. a taunt Iciphers 

quire [kwirj «. 24 sheets 
quirk [kwerk] «. a sudden turn 
quit [kwit! 'j.i. to cease 
quit'claim' [klSm'l v.t. to release 
quite 1 kwit I adv. very much 
quiv'er |kwiv-erl ■S' to tremble 
Q,uix-ot'ic (kwlks-it'ik) a. romantic 
quiz Ikwiz) V. to puzzle 
quiz'zic-al lkwiz'zi-k«ll a. sportive 
quoits [kwoits] «.//. a game 
quon'dam [kwSn'dam] a. former 
quo'rum [kwo'rOm] h. required number 
quo'ta [kwo'tn] n. a proportion 
quo-ta'tion |kw6-ta'shun] «. a citation 
quote [kwoi] z'.t. to repeat 
quoth [k^v6//;l^^^ spoke fterm 

QUO'tient Ikwo'shcnt] «. arithmetical 


raVbet [rab'betl «. a groove 
Rab'bi [rab'bl] «. Jewish title 
rab'bit [rab'bit] n. an animal 
rab'ble (rab'b'll ;;. a mob 
rab'id [rab'idj a. furious 
rac-COOn' [rlk-koon'] n. an animal 

race (rSs) '^'-i- to '"" 

ra'cer [rS'ser] «. a runner 
rack [rak] v.t. to torture 
rack'et Irak'et] n. confused noise 
ra'cy Irasy] a. spirited 
ra'di-ance [ra'dl-ans] n splendor 
ra'di-ant [-rtnt] a. bright 
ra'di-ate [at] v.t. to emit 
ra'di-a'tion [-a'shun] «. diffusion 
ra'di-a'tor [-a'terl «. a heater 
rad'i-cal [rrul'I-kal] a. extreme 
rad'i-cal-ism [iz'ml n. a doctrine 
rad'i-cal-ly [-kal-lyj adv. 
rad'i-cate [-kstj v./. to root 
rad'ish trad'ish] n. a plant 
ra'di-US [rl'dl-OsJ «. semi-diameter 
ra'dlX [ra'diks] n. a root 
raff [raf] n. the mob 
raffle [raf f'l] «. kind of lottery 
raft [raft] n. a float 
raft'er [raft'er] «. a roof timber 
rag [rag] «. a tattered piece 
rag'a-muf fin [rag'a-mOf fin] «. 

rage [rSj] n. anger 
rag'ged [rag'ged] a. in tatters 
raid (rad) a. a foray 
rail [ral] v.i. to scoff 





y/..yr-.^-A c/ 

RAI 225 

rail'ing [-ingl <t. insulting 
rail'ler-y [rSl'ler-yl ». banter 
rail'road' [ral'rod'I «. car track 
rai'ment (ri nicnt) «. garments 
rain (ran] v.i. to fall in drops 
rain'bow' [-Iw'l h. colored arch 
raise Iraz] ■:■.<•. to lift 
rai'sin [ra'z'n] ji. a dried grape 
ra'ja [raja] K. Hindoo prince 
rake fak ] »(. a tool with teeth 
rak'ish I-ish] a. dissolute 
ral'ly [ ral'lyl v.!. to assemble 
ram [r.lm J «. male sheep 
ram'ble |-li'l! v.i. to stroll 
ram'bler (MSr) k. a rover fbranching 
ram i-fi-ca'tion [rami-fl-ka'shun] n. a 
rarn'i-fy l n 1 -'.t. to separate into parts 
ram'raer (rani iner] «. a ramrod 
ramp'age [rSmp'Sjl «. rioting 
ramp'ant Irlnip'ont] a. leaping 
ram'part [ram'part] >i. bulwark 
ram'rod' Irarn'r^d'] ??. gun rammer 
ranch ( rant h] «. grazing farm 
ran-che'ro [rSncha'riS] h. a herdsman 
ran'cid [rln'sldl a. musty 
ran'cor (rang'ker] n. hatred 
ran'cor-ous [ fls| a. malignant 
rand [rand] ». a border 
ran'dom [ran'dum] a. by chance 
range [ranjj v.i. to rove 
ran'ger [ran'jcr) n. a rover 
rank (rSngk) n. row; degree 
ran'kle [rSng'k'll v.i. to fester 
ran'sack [rSn'sak] v.t. to search 
ran'som [ran'sflm] v.t. to redeem 
rant [rant] v.i. to rave 
rant'er [er] «. noisy talker 
rap [rap] v.i. to knock 
ra-pa'cious [ra-pS'shfls] a. greedy 
ra-pac'i-ty [rapSs'I-tyl «. greediness 
rape [rapl v.t. to ravish 
rap'id [rap' id) a. very swift 
ra-pid'i-ty [ra-pld'l-tyl «. swiftness 
ra'pi-er [ra'pi-er] ii. narrow sword 
rap'ine (rlp'lnl k. plunder 
rap-port' [rap-port] ». accord 
rapt [rapl ] n. transported; enraptured 
rap'ture [rap-tur] ». ecstacy 
rare [r.'ir) a. scarce 
rare'e-fy (rar'{-f!l v.t. to make thin 
rare'ly [rAr'ly] adv. not often 
rare'ripe' [rir'rip'J a. early ripe 
rar'i-ty (rar'ltj'l n. thinness 
ras'cal [ris'knll k. mean fellow 
ras-cal'i-ty [ras-kai'I-ty] «. base fraud 
ras'cal-ly [ras'kal-ly] a. worthless 
rase [rSz] v.t. to destroy 
rash (rishj a. indiscreet 
rash'ness [-nes] «. indiscretion 
rasp [rasp] v.t. to grate 
rasp'ber-ry (raz'ber-rj) n. a fruit 
rasp'y [r.isp'y] a. grating 
rat (r.'itl « rodent mammal 
rat'a-ble (rlt'a-b'l] <r. may he rated 







ratch'et [rSch'St] «. niched wheel 
rate [rSt] «. a proportion 
rath'er [rath'er] adv. preferably 
rat i-fi-ca'tion [rit'I-fl-ka'shun] n. 
rat'i-fy trat'I-fi] v.t. to approve 
ra'ti-0 [rS'shl-o] «. proportion 
ra'ti-oc'i-nate [rSshi-os'i-niti v.i. 
ra ti-oci-na'tion [na'shun] «. 

ra'tion [ra'shun] H. an allowance 
ra'tion-al [rash'un-ul] a. not absurd 
ra'tion-al-ly [-!>] adv. reasonably 
ra'tion-al-ism [rash'Qn-al-Iz'm] n. 
ra'tion-al-istt-Ist]«. he who accepts ra- 
ration-al'i-ty [-al'l-ty] k. Itionalism 
rat- tan' [rSt-tSn'] «. a slender stem 
rat-teen' [rat-ten'] «. woolen cloth 
rat'tle [rat't'l] -v.i. to clatter 
rat'tle-box' [-boks'i «. a toy 
rat'tle-brained' [brand'] a. giddy 
rat'tle-Snake' [-snak] «. a serpent 

rav'age [rav'Sj] v.t. to pillage 

rav'a-ger [rav'a-jer] «. a spoiler 
rave [rav] v-i. to be delirious 
rav'el [rav"l] v.t. to untwist 
ra'ven [ra'v'n] «. a bird 
rav'en-OUS [rav"n-us] a. greedy 
ra-vine' [raven'] «. a gorge 
rav'ish [rav'Ish] v.t. to assault 
rav'ish-ment [-m«-nt] n. rape 
raw [ir»] a. not cooked 

raw'boned' [-bond'] a. gaunt 
raw'hide' [-hid] n. riding whip 
ray [rS] «. abeam of light 
ray'less [-ISs] a. dark 
raze IrSz] v.t. to obliterate 
ra'zor [ra'zer] n. sharp blade 
ra'zure [rS'zhiir] «. an erasure 
reach [rech] v.t. to extend 
re-act' |re-akt'] v.t. to do again [tion 
re-ac'tion [rf-ak'shun] n. reverse ac- 
re-ac'tion-a-ry [-S-ry] a. causing reac- 
read [red] v.t. to peruse [tion 

read'a-ble [red'a-b'l] n. legible 
read'er [red'er] n. one who reads 
read'i-ly [r5d'I-ly] adv. promptly 
read'i-ness [-nes] n. willingness 
read-just'[rea<i-.iust']-J'.^. to rearrange 
re ad-just'er [re'ad-jiist'er] k. 
re'ad-just'ment [mrat] «. 
re'ad-mis'sion (re'ad-mish'Oni n. 
re'ad-mit' |re'ad-mit'] x'.^ admit again 

read-mit'tance [-t<ins] «. 

read'y [red'y] a. prepared forde 

read'y-made' [mad'] a. not made to 
reaf-firm' [re'af-f erm'] v.t. to confirm 
re-a'gent [rf-a'jtnt] «. a test 
re'al [re'ul] a. not artificial 
re'al-ism [-rz'm] k. a doctrine 
re'al-ist [-Ist] n. believer in realism 
re-al'i-ty [rJ-al'I-ty] «. real existence 
re'al-i-za'tion [re'^tl-i-zs'shQn] «. 
re'al-ize [re'.jl-iz] v.t. to make real 
re'al-ly lre'<il-ly] adv. actually 
realm [relm] «. a kingdom 




re'al-ty [re ijl-ty] >i. real estate 
ream Ircm] );. 24 quires 
re-an'i-mate [rS-Sni-mst] v.t. 
re-an i-ma'tion [nia'shon) «. revival 
re an-nex' (re'annjks'] Z'.t. to reunite 
reap [rep] -c.t. to gather 
reap'er l-er] n. one who reaps Igain 
re ap-pear* [re'apper'j v.i. to appeara 
reap-pear'ance [uns] n. 
re ap- point' [point'] v.t. to appoini 
re ap-point'ment [m^nt] ». [again 
rear [rer] a. hindermost 
rear [rer] -.-.t. to raise 
rear'mosf [most'] a. last [again 

re ar-range' [re'ar-ranj'jy./.to arrange 
re ar-range'ment [mfnt] n. (again 
reas-cend' [re as-sSnd'] ^.i. to mount 
rea'son [re zn) -•. to argue 
rea'son-a-ble [abl] «■ rational 
rea'son-er [-er] ?r. one who argues 
re as-sem'ble [re'as-ssm'b'l] i'. 
re as-sert' [-ris-seri'lf.^. toassert again 
re as-ser'tion [ser'shon] i y. 
re as-sume' [re'as-sum'] v.t. to resume 
re as-sure' [re a-shur') t-.t. to quiet 
re-bate' [rf-hat'] -■./■. to discount 
reb'el [rSb'gl] «. a revolter 
re-bel' [rf-bel] v.i. to revolt 
re-bel'lion [yun] «. insurrection 
re-bel'lious [yOs] a. disposed to rebel 
re-bound' [rebound] v.i. to fly back 
re-buflf [rf-buf ] v.t. to check 
re-build' [re-blld'] v.t. to build again 
re-buke' (rS-buk'] v.t. to chide 
re'bus [rebus] n. a riddle 
re-but' !r4-bat'] v.t. to contradict 
re-but'tal [tr;!] <r. contradiction 
re-cal'ci-trant [rS-kalsi-trrtnt] a. 
re-cal ci-tra'tion [trs'shun] «. 
re-call' Irf-kal] -■ /. to revoke 
re-cant' (rSkant]TV. to retract 
re can-ta'tion [re'kan-ta'shun] h. 
re ca-pit'u-late [reka-pit'illat] v.t. 
reca-pit u-la'tion [la'shun] «. 
re-cap'ture [re-kap'tur] v.t. to retake 
re-cast' [r€-kast'] v.t. to mold again 
re-cede' (rS-sSd'] v.i. to retreat 
re-ceipt' Irf-55t'l«. acknowledgement 
re-ceiv'a-ble [rS-sev'a-b'l] a. 
re-ceiv'er [er] u. he who receives 
re'cen-cy [re's^n-sy] «. freshness 
re-cen'sion [rS's^n'shun] n. a review 
re'cent |re sent) a. new 
re'cent-ly [ly] adv. newly 
re-cep'ta-cle[risep'ta-k'l]«. repository 
re-cep'tion [shOnJ «. entertainment 
re-cep'tive [tlv] a. able to hold 
rec ep-tiv'i-ty [rss'cp-tiv'i-tj] «. 
re-cess' [rises'] «. a retiring 
re-ces'sion (rdsesh'Onl «. ceding back 
re-charge'(recharj'l7'.^.andi. toattack 
rec'i-pe [rC-s'I-pJ] n. prescription [anew 
re-cip'i-ent (ri-slp'l-^ntj «. a receiver 



/^ /\ 





re-cip'ro-cal [rSsIp'rO-kal] a. mutual 
re-cip'ro-cate [-kat] v.t. to alternate 
rec'i-proc'i-ty [rSs'I-prOs'i-tj-] n. inter- 
re-cit'al [rc-sU'al]?!. narration [change 
rec i-ta'tion [res'i-ta'shun] K. rehearsal 
rec'i-ta-tive' [ta-tev'] «. recital 
re-cite' (rS-sit'l v.t. to tell over 
reck [ rel;] T.i. to take heed 
reck'less [-les] a. heedless 
reck'on l-'n]T'./. to compute 
re-claim' Ireklam'] v.t. to recover 
re-claim'a-ble [a-b'I] a. [covery 

rec la-ma'tion trek'la-ma'shun] n. re- 
re-cline' [re-klin] ^.t. to lean 
re-cluse' [ri-klus'l «. one living apart 
re-clu'sion [rS-klu'zhOn] n. seclusion 
recog-ni'tion trek'eg-nlsh'fln] k. 
rec'og-ni za-ble [ni'zab'l] a. known 
re-cog'ni-zance [rSkOn'i-zans] k. 
rec'og-nize [rek'Og-niz] ■v.t. to know 
re-coil' IrSkoil'] vi. to start back 
rec'ol-lect' lrek'61-lekt'] v.t. to recall 
rec'ol-lec'tion [rek'Sl-lek'shfln] H. 
rec om-mend' [rek'Om-mend'l v.t. 
rec om-men-da'tion [-men-da'shQn]«. 
re'com-mit' |re'kOm-mit'] v.t. [pay 
rec'ora-pense [rek'Om-pens] v.t. to re- 
rec'on-ci'la-ble [rsk'on-sl'la-b'l] a. 
rec'on-cile' [rek'on-sil'] v.t. to pacify 
rec on-cil'i-a'tion [-sil'i-a'shun] »/. 
rec'on-dite [rek'On-dIt] a. abstruse 
rec'on-noi'ter [-noi'terl v.t. to search 
re'con-sid'er (re'kOn-sid'erl v.t. 
re con-sid'er-a'tion [a'shun] n. 
re'con-struct' (re'kon-strukt'] v.t. 
re'con-struc'tion [strflk'shun] k. 
re-cord' [rf-kord'] v.t. to enroll 
re-cord [rek-erd] n. a register 
re-cord'er [rS-kord'erl ii. an officer 
re-count' [rSkount'J v.t. to tell over 
re-course' (rS-kors'l «. resort 
re-cov'er (rf-kuv'er] v.t. to regain 
re-cov'er-a-ble [a-b'l] a. regainable 
re-cov'er-y [y] «. restoration 
rec're-ant [rek'rf-rtnt] a. false 
rec're-ate [rek'rf-atl v.t. to cheer 
rec're-a'tion [-a'shun] n pastime 
re-crim'i-nate [rS-knm'I-natJ v.t. 
re-crim'i-na'tion [-na'shon] «. 
re-cruit' Irt-krut] v.t. tosupply 
rec'tan gle [rek'tang'g l) «. 
rec-tan'gu-lar [rek-iang ga-ler] a. 
rec'ti-fi a-ble [rek'ti-fla-bl] a. 
rec'ti-fi-ca'tion [ks'shun] n. 
rec'ti-fy [rek'tl-fi] v.t. to amend 
rec'ti-tude [rSk'tl-tud] «. integrity 
rec'tor [rek'ter] «. a clergyman 
rec'to-ry [rek'to-ry] h. parsonage 
rec'tum [rek'tum] n. part of intestines 
re-cum'bence [rS-kumbens] «. resting 
re-cutn'bent [-bent] a. reclining 
re-cu'per-ate [rS-ku'per-at] v.t. 
re-CU'per-a'tion [rS-ka'per-a'shiJn] K. 
re-cur' [rSkur] v.i. to return 




re-Cur'rence [rS-kQr'r^ns] n. return 
re-cur'rent [rent] a. recurring 
red [red] a. a color 
re-dan' [rS-dan] «. a fort 
red-ar'gue Iredar'gu] r./. to refute 
red'breasf [red'brest'l n. a bird 
red'den (redd'n] v.e. to make red 
red'dish (red dish] a. somewhat red 
re-deem' [rS-dem'] v.t. to ransom 
re-deem'a-ble [a'bl] a. ransomable 
Re-deem'er [ er] >t. the Savior 
re-demp'tion [-demp'shun]«. salvation 
re-demp'to-ry[-t6-rylii.paid for ransom 
red'o-lence [red'6-lfns] h. fragrance 
red'o-lent (lentl a. odorous 
re-dou'ble [rS-dub"l] v.t. to multiply 
re-doubt' (rJ-dout'] u. small fort 
re-doubt'a-ble [-a-b'l] n. formidable 
re-dound' [-dound'] v.i. return; to roll 
red'ow-a [red'Sa] >t. a dance Ibach 

re-dress' (rfdres'] v.l. to set right 
re-duce' [rSdus] z'.t. to diminish 
re-du'ci-ble (rS-dusi-b'l] a. 
re-duc'tion [rS-duk'shOn] );. decrease 
re-dun'dance IrSdun'ditns] n. excess 
re-dun'dant l-d.jnt] «. exuberant 
re-du'pli-cate [rf-du'pll-kst] <i. double 
re-du pli-ca'tion [ri du'pli-ka'shunjK. 
re-ech'o [re-ek'6l v.i. to resound 
reed [red] «. a plant 
re-ed'i-fy [re-ed'Ifi] v./. to rebuild 
reef |ref J v.t. to shorten sail 
reek Irek] z/.i. to emit vapor 
reek'y [y] a. foul 
reel [rel] f.i. to stagger 
re e-lect' [re'S-lekt'l v./. to elect again 
re e-lec'tion [re'S-lek'shun] «. 
re em-bark' ireem-lark'] v. 
re em-brace' [-brSs'lz'.t. embrace again 
re en-act'lreen-akt']iv./. toenactagain 
re en-act'ment 1-mtnt) «. 
re en-force' l-fars'l v.t. to strengthen 
re en-force'ment i-m^nt] n. 
re en-gage' [re'engaj') v. 
re en-gage'ment i-mcnt] n. 

re en-llSt' (re en-list') V. 

re en-list'ment[-nifnt] «. [again 

re en-slave' (re'en-slav'] v./. toenslave 
re-en'ter (reen'ter] v.f. toenter again 
re es-tab'lish (rees-tab'lishi v.t. 
re es-tab'lish-ment I-m<'ntI n. [shun] 
re ex-am i-na'tion >i. [retgzam'l-na' 
re ex-am'ine [re'cgz-am'in] v.e. 
re-fect' Ire-ft-kt') vj. to refresh 
re-fec'tion [re-fik'shan] «. a lunch 
re-fec'tive [re-fek'tlv] «. refreshing 
re-fec'to-ry [tS-ry] «. dining hall 
re-fer' [refer] v.i. to appeal 
re-fer'a-ble (a-b'l] a. assignable 
rcfer-ee' (ref5r-6'] «. judge 
re-fill' [re-fll'l V. it. and j'.) to fill again 
re-fine' [rJ-fin'] v.t. to clarify 
re-fine'ment (ment] h. gentility 
re-fln'er-y [-er-Jl «. refining works 

/^ ^^ 

A^ /V. A^ 



re-flt' fr5-flt'] v.t. to repair 
re-flect' (r^-flekt'] v.t. tomeditnte 
re-flect'ing-ly (ing-Iy) adv. 
re-flec'tion [rf-flek'shun] «. meditation 
re-flect'ive|rS-flekt'Iv]«. throwing' back 
re-flect'or [er] n. that which reflects 
re'flex fre'fleks] n. thrown back 
ref lu-ent [reflu-cnt] a. ebbing 
re'flux' Ire'fluks'J n. reaction 
re-form' Irfform'l I'.t. to amend 
ref or-ma'tion[rcf'Or-ma'shun]«. fjail 
re-form'a-to-ry [rS-form'a-ti-ry] n. a 
re-formed' [rj-formd'] a. formed again 
re-form'er l-lorm'er] n. one who labors 
re-fract'l-frftkt' ]!/./. to bend I for reform 
re-frac'to-ry [tS-ry] a. obstinate |ing 
re-frain' IrS-fran'] -v.i. to forbear 
re-fresh' IrJfresli') v.t. to revive 
re-fresh'ment [-m<?nt] «. food [cool 
re-frigf'er-ate [frij'er-at] -v.!. to make 
re-frig'er-ator[frIj'er-ater]«. ice box 
refuge Irsriij] n. shelter 
ref U-gee' [ref'iije'] n. a runaway 
re-ful'gence (rS-ful'jims) n. splendor 
re-ful'gent Ijfnt] <j. shining 
re-fund' Irf-fund'] ii.t. to payback 
re-fund'ment[-m<-nt]«.act of refunding 
re-fur'nish [re-fOr'nish] v.t. to furnish 
re-fus'al [rS-fuz'^l] n. option lagain 
re-fuse' [rS-fOz'] -v.t. to reject 
refuse [ref'ilsj n. sediment 
ref U-ta'tion [ ref'u- ta'shOn ] «.disproval 
re-fute' [rf-ful') v.t. to disprove 
re-gain' IrfgSn'] -v.t. to recover 
re'gal [] a. royal 
re-gale' Irf-gal'] v.t. to refresh 
re-gale'mentl-mfnt] n. refreshment 
re-ga'li-a |r5gS'lI-a] decorations 
re-gard' [r$-gard'] v.t. to respect 
re-gard'ful-ly [-ful-ly] a. mindful 
re-gard'less (-les] a. heedless 
re-gat'ta |rf-gat'ta] «. boat race 
re'gen-cy[re'jfn-sy] «. authority [anew 
re-gen'er-ate |rf-jen'er-St] v.t. to make 
re-gen'er-a'tion [a'shtin] «. new birth 
re-gen'er-a-tive [ -stiv] a. 
re'gent|re'jfntl<2. ruling 
regime' [rSzhim'j n. system of rule 
reg'i-men [rej'l-men];^. system ofoVder 
reg'i-ment frej'f-ment] n. body of 
reg i-men'tal [tal] <7. (troops 

reg i-men'tals [talz] military 
re'gion [re'jun] K. country [dress 

reg'is-ter (rejis-ter] n. a record 
reg'is-trar [trar] n. a recorder 
reg'is-trate [ttat] v.t. to register 
reg'is-tra'tion [tra'shQn] n. 
reg'is-try [try] «. enrollment 
re'gi-U3 [reji-us] a. royal 
reg'nant [rcg'nrtnt] a. prevalent 
re-gret' [rS-grCt'] n. sorrow 
reg'u-lar [reg u-ler] a. orderly 

reg'u-lar'i-ty [lar'i-ty] n. method 







re^U-lar-ly [ \er\y]affv. methodically 
reg'u-late i-lat] T.t. to adjust 
reg u-la'tion (-la'shOn) it. order 
reg'u-la tor l-ia'ter] n. 
re ha-bil'i-tate [reha-bll'ltat] v.t. 
re ha-bil i-ta'tion [-ts'shan] k. 
re-hash' [ re-hash' 1 1./. make over 
re-hears'al [rf-hers'^l] >i. recital 
re-hearse' [rS hers'] v./. to repeat 
reign [rfinl f . to rule [back 

re im-burse' (re'im-hflrs'l v.i. to pay 
re im-burse'ment [in<rntl «. 

rein [ran] >.•. a strap 
rein'deer [der] n. an animal 
reins franz) «,//. lower part of back 
re in-state' [re'in-stat'J v.t. toiestore 
re in-state'ment [mfntj h. 
re in-sure' |-shur') 7./ to insure again 
re-is'sue IrC-rsh'u] v. to issue again 
re-it'er-ate [re-lt'er-at] z-.e. to repeat 
re-it er-a'tion [-s'shun] «. 
re-.ject [rS-jekf] v.f. to refuse 
re-.jec'tion [rS-jek'shun] «. refusal 
re-joice' [rS-jois] v.t. toexult 
re-.joi'cing [sing] «. gladness 
re-join' [rejoin] ft. to join again 
re-join'der l-der] h. an answer 
re-ju've-nate (rS-ju'vf-nat] v.t. 
re-iu've-na'tion [na'shun] «. [again 
re-kin'dle [rekin'dl] ■zt.l. to kindle 
re-lapse' [re-laps'] ■v.t. to slip back 
re-late' [rf-lat] v./. to narrate 
re-la'tion [rJ-lS'shOn] h. kindred 
re-la'tion-ship [ship] «. 
rel'a-tive [rela-tlv] a. pertaining to 
re-lax' [r?-liks'] v.t. to loosen 
re'lax-a'tion [-a'shun] «. act of relax- 
re-lay' [ro-ls'] v.t. to lay again [ing 
re-lease' [rules'] v.e. to let go 
rel'e-gate [rel'f-gSt] ■v.t. to banish 
rel e-ga'tion [gs'shun] «. exile 

re-lent' [rJ-lent] I'.t. to yield 
re-lent'less [ISs] <?. unyielding 
rel'e-van-cy [rel'S-van-sy] n. applica- 
rel'e-vant (-v<7ntl «. applicable [bility 
re-li a-bil'i-ty [rf-ira-bil'i-ty'l «. 
re-li'a-ble [r?li'a-b'l] a. trustworthy 
re-li'ance [rf-ll-ans] ".dependence 
re-li'ant [-ant] a. confident 
rel'ic [rel'lk] «. a memorial 
rel'ict [rel-Ikt] n. a widow 
re-lier [rS-lef] «. help 
re-lieve' [rJ-leve'] v./. to lighten 
re-li'gion [rc-llj'un] «. piety; system of 
re-li'gion-ist [-Ist] it. a zealot Ifaith 
re-li'gious [rS-lIj'fls] a. devout fdon 
re-lin'quish [llng'kwlsh] v.t. toaban- 
rel'i-qua-ry [rel'l-kwj-ry] «. box fur 
rel'isn [rerish] ■v.e. to enjoy [relics 

re-lu'cent [r4-lQ'sfnt) a. glittering 
re-luc'tance [rS-liik'tans] «. hesitation 
re-luc'tant [tant] <i. disinclined 
re-ly' [rf-li'i i.i. to trust 
re-main' [rS-man') v.i. to stay 

/"/^r /^-f" 

^^ ^-AcAcX 




re-main'der [-der] «. balance 
re-mand' [rSmand) v.t. to send back 
re-mark' (remark'] v. to say 
ie-mark'a-blet-a-b'l]a. notable friage 
re-mar'riage Ire-mar'rlj) n. 2nd mar- 
re-med'i-less [rS-med'l-les] a. incura- 
rem'e-dy Irurn'e-dyl «. cure Ible 

re-mem'ber [rS-member] v.t. to recall 
re-mem'brance[-br(7ns] «. recollection 
re-mind' | remind' 1 »./. to put in mind 
re-mind'er (cr) n. thatwliich reminds 
rem i-nis'cence [rem'l-nis'sfns] 71. 
rem i-nis'cent [sent] a. inclined tore- 
re-miss' [rS-mis'l a. negligent Imind 
re-mis'sion [rSmish'unl «.agivingup 
re-miss'ness [rS-mis'nes] n. 
re-mit' [rc-mit'l v.t. to send back 
re-mit'tance [tans) n. the sum sent 
re-mit'tent [tent) a. a medical term 
re-mit'ter[rSmIt'ter]«. one who remits 

rem'nant Irem'nnnt] «. remainder 
re-mod'el [re-mOd'el] f.t. to make over 
re-mod i-fi-ca'tion [i-fi-ka'shon] «. 
re-mod'i-fy [ifi] v.t. to reshape 
re-mon'strance [rS-mOn'str«nsi n. 
re-mon'strate [-strst] v.t. 
re-morse' (re-mors'] «. anguish 
re-morse'less [les] a. cruel 
re-mote' [rf-niot'l a. faraway 
re-mount' |re-mount'] v. 
re-mov'a-ble [rS-moov'a-b'I] a. 
re-move' (rc-moov'] v.t. to move away 
re-mu'ner-ate [rfmu'ner-st] v.t. 
re-mu ner-a'tion [s'slmn] «. pay 
re-mu'ner-a-tive [ativ] a. paying 

rend [rendl v.t. to tear 
ren'der [ren'der] v.t. to return 
ren'dez-vous [rSn'de-voo] n. meeting 
ren-di'tioD [rendish'an] ;:. version 
ren'e-gade [ren'S-gSd] n. vagabond 
re-new' [rc-nu] v.t. to recreate 
re-new'a-ble [-a-b'l] a. 
re-new'al [-.;1] «• act of renewing 
re-nounce' [rSnouns'l v.t. to disavow 
re-nounce'ment [ment] ;;. 
ren'o-vate |ren'6-vatl v.t. to renew 
ren'o-va'tion [-va'shun] n. 
re-nown' Iri-nown'] «. fame 
re-nowned' lr4-nown'd'] a. famous 
rent [rent] v.t. to lease 
rent'al [-<il! n. a rent roll [recount 

re-nu'mer-ate [rS-nu'mer-at] v.t. to 
re-nun'ci-a'tion [re-nun'shi-a'shfln] « 
re-or'gan-i-za'tion [grrn-i-za'shunl^ 
re-or'gan-ize [re-or'gun-iz] v.t. and i 
rep [rep! )J. a kind of cloth 
re-paint' [re-pant'] v.t. to paint anew 
re-pair' [rS-pir'] v.i. to mend 
rep'a-ra-ble [rep'a-ra-b'l] a. restorable 
rep'a-ra'tion [ara'shun] «. amends 
rep'ar-tee' [rep'ar-te'l n. witty reply 
re-pass' [re-pas'] v.t. to pass again 
re-past' [rS-past'] ;;. a meal 








re-pay' [rf-pS] -./. to pay back 
re-pay'ment[mirnt] «. reimbursement 
re-peal' [ripel] v.t. to annul 
re-peat' [rSpet] v.t. to relate again 
re-peat'er [er] h. a firearm 
re-pel' [rf-pel] ^■.t. to repulse 
re-pel'lent [rS-pel'l^nt] a. repulsive 
re-pent' [r4-penfl ■v.i. to feel sorrow 
re-pent' ance {-ans\ «. contrition 
re-pent'ant [] a. penitent 
re'pertoire' [rep'er''1 K. a list 
rep'er-to-ry [rep'er-tO-ryl «. an index 
rep'e-ti-tion lrep'S-ti-shQnl«. iteration 
re-pine' Irf-pln] v.i. to murmur 
re-place' [rf-plas'l v.t- to restore 
re-plant' [replant'J v.t. to plant aga.n 
re-plen'ish (r5-plen'ish]t/./. to fill anew 
re-plen'ish-ment [-mirnt] «. 
re-plete' [re-piet] a. full 

re-ple'tionlrJ-ple-shQn]«. over-fullness 
re-plev'in [rJ-plev'in] k. a writ fply 
rep li-ca'tion [rep'li-ks'shun] «. are- 
re-ply (rS-pli'l v.t. to answer 
re-port' [rS-porf] -v.t. to relate 
re-port'er ( er] «. one who reports 
re'por-to'ri-al [re'pOr-to'rI-al] a. 

re-pose' [iS-pozj -<.•.{. to rest 
re-pos'i-to-ry [rf-poz'r-tsry] k. 
re'pos-sess' [repOz-zes'] v.t. to regain 
re-po'sure [rS-po'zhur] «. rest 
repre-hend'trep'rS-hend'lx'./. to chide 
rep're-hen'si-ble [rep'rS-hen'si-b'l] a. 
rep're-hen'sion [shfin] h. censure 
rep re-hen'sive (rep'rS-hen'siv] a. 
rep re-sent' [ rep' rf -zent']-:'./. to exhibit 
rep re-sen-ta'tion [zents'shun] n. 
rep're-sent'a-tive [zent'ativ) a. 
re-press' [rcpres] v.t. to suppress 
re-pres'sion [rSpresh'un] K. restraint 
re-prieve' [rSprev'l v.t. to respite 
rep'ri-mand [rep'rl-mand] k. censure 
re-print' [re-print'l k. anew edition 
re-pris'al [reprizul] «. retaliation 
re-proach' [rS-proch] •:'./. to blame 
re-proach'ful [ ful] a. scornful 
rep'ro-br.te [rep rO-bat] a. wicked 
rep ro-ba'tion [rep'rS-ba'shfin] «. 
re pro-duce' [rs pr6-dus'] v.t. 
re pro-duc'tion [duk'shOnl «. 
re-proof (re proof] «. reprimand 
re-prov'a-ble Ire-proov'a-b'l] n. blam- 
re-prove' [r5-pri3ov'] v.t to chide [able 
rep'tile [rep'tlll n. a crawling animal 
re-pub'Uc(rJpul)'lik)H. commonweal til 
re-pub'lic-an (rcpub'll-kanl «. a party 

re-pub'lic-an-ism [-ll-kan-izin] «. 
re-pub li-ca'tion [repub'li-ka'shonix. 
re-pub'lish [lisli) v.t. to publish anew 
re-pu'di-ate [re-pu'di-at] v.t. to dii- 
re-pu di-a'tion c-a'shun) n. lavow 
re-pug'nance ( rfi-pOg'nanslw. aversion 
re-pue'nanl [ripug'nunt) a. hostile 
re-pulse' [r^pals'l v.t. to repel 
re-pul'sion [ri-pul'shQnl n. 




re-pul'sive [rf-pOl'sIvl a. repellent 
rep'u-ta-ble (rep'i-ta-b'lj a. creditable 
rep u-ta'tion [ ta'shun] n. character 
re-pute' [re-put] ?:, public estimate 
re-quest' [rf-kwest] -v.t. to ask 
re'qui-em [rekwl-em] «. funeral hymn 
re-quire' [re-kwlr'] I'.t. to need 
re-quire'ment [-m^nt] «. a need 
req'ui-site [rekwlzit] a. needful 
req'ui-si'tion [-zlsh'un] «. demand 
re-quit'al [rSkwit'al] h. satisfaction 
re-quite' [rS-kwit] v.t. to satisfy 
re-scind' [rS-sInd'] v.t. to annul 
re-SCis'sion (rf-slzh un] «. annulling 
res'cue [res'kQ] v.t. to save 
re-search' [rf-serch'] «. investigation 
re-sem'blance [-zem'blijns] >i. likeness 
re-sem'ble [rS-zem'b'l] v.t. to look like 
re-sent'[-zcnt'] 1'./. to expressdispleas- 
res er-va'tion [rez'er-va'shun] «. 
re-serve' (rS-zerv') v.t. to hold back 
res'er-voir'[rez'er-vw6r']«. water tank 
re-side' [rcsid'J v.i. to dwell 
res'i-dence [rez'l-d^ns] «. dwelling 
res'i-dent [-dfnt] k. an inhabitant 
re-sid'u-a-ry (rS-zidu-arji «. 
res'i-due [rez'I-dul it. remainder 
re-sid'u-um frS-zId'u-umj «. residue 
re-sign' (rf-zin'] v.t. to relinquish 
res'ig-na'tion [rez'igna'shunj «. 
res'in [resin] n. a gum 
res'in-OUS [us] a. nature of resin 
re-sist' [rS-zist] i./. to withstand 
re-sist'ance [-<rnsl «. opposition 
re-sist'i-ble [i-bl] n. 
re-sist'less [-les] a. irresistible 
res'O-lute [rez'4-lut] n. steadfast 
res 0-lu'tion [lu'shun] «. decision 
re-solv'a-ble [rS-zolv'abl] a. 

re-solve' [rc-zOlv'l v.t. to purpose 
re-solv'ent [tnt] x. a solvent 
res'o-nance [rez'6-n.jnsi «. 
res'o-nant [n.mtj a. echoing back 
re-sort' [rSzurt ] h. recourse 
re-sound' (rS-zound'l %\t. to echo 
re-source' [rS-sors'j «. means 
re-spect' [rS-spekt'l v.t. to esteem 
re-spect a-bil'i-ty [a-bil'i-tyl «. 
re-spect'a-ble [a-b'l] a. worthy of re- 
re-spect'ful [ful] (I. civil Ispect 

re-spec'tive [rS-spek'tIv] a. relative 

re-spec'tive-ly [lyl adv. 
res pi-ra'tion [res'pi-ra'shQn] «. 
re-spir'a-to-ry [rS-spJr'a-tS-ryj a. 
re-spire' [rS-spir'] 11. i. to inhale 
res'pite [ris'pit] «. delay 
re-splen'den-cy (rj-splen'dfn-syi n. 
re-splen'dent t-dfnt) a. bright 
re-spond' [respond 1 v.t. to reply 
re-spond'ent [ ^nt] a. answering 
re-sponse' |rS-sp6ns'l n. reply 
re-spon'si-bil'i-ty [spsn'si-byl'i-tj] n. 

re-Spon'si-ble [si-b'lj a. amenable 


A A, 





re-spon'sive (slv] a. in sympathy 
rest [rSst] K. quiet fhouse 

res'tau-rant [res'tS-rant] k. eating- 
res ti-tu'tion [ris'tl-tu'shun] n. 
rest'ive [restiv] a. uneasy 
rest'less [resfles] a. disquieted 
res to-ra'tion (res'tS-rs'shunj n. 
res to-ra'tion-ism [iz'm] h. 
re-stor'a-tive [rS-stor'a-tlv] n. a cura- 
re-store' [rS-stor'l v.t. to return Itive 
re-strain' (rS-strSn'] t/. to restrict 
re-straint' [rS-strSnt'l « restriction 
re-strict' [rS-stilkt'l v. to limit 
re-stric'tion (rS-strik'shQnl n. 
re-strict'ive [rS-strikt'Iv] <i. limiting 
re-sult' [rS-zult'l K. effect 
re-sult'ance f-ans) «. a result 
re-sume' (rf-zum'l v.t. to begin again 
re-sump'tion [rJ-zOmp'shun] K. rter 
res-ur-rect' [rez-flr-rekt'l v.i. todisin- 
res ur-rec'tion [rek'shfln] «. 
re-sus'ci-tate [rS-sQs'si-tst] •:'./. to re- 
re-sus ci-ta'tion [ts'shun] «. ivive 
re-tail'[re-tsri«. opposed to wholesale 
re-tail' er [-er] «. retail salesman 
re-tain' [r?-tSn'] v.r to keep 
re-tain'er (-eri «. a fee 
re-take'[re-tSk'] z:t. to recapture [kind 
re-tal'i-ate[rJ-tari-stl v. to repay 
re-tal i-a'tion [-s'shun] «. requital 
re-tal'i-a-to-ry [-a-tS-rSJ a. retaliative 
re-tard' [rS-tiird] v.e. to hinder 
retch [rSch] v.i. to strain 
re-ten'tion [rS-ten'shun] K. a retaining 
re-ten'tivet-tiv] u. with power to retain 
ret'i-cence [ret'r-sens] «. reserve 
ret'i-cent [-sfnt] a. uncommunicative 
ret'i-cule (reti-kul) «. a small bag 
ret'i-na [ret'l-na] k. part of the eye 
ret'i-nue [rStlnu) «. a suite 
re-tire' [rS-tlr'l -v.t. to withdraw 
re-tire'ment [mirntl «. seclusion 
re-tort' [rS-t6rt')i'.^ to answer [change 
re-touch' [re-tflch') v.t. to corrector 
re-trace' lrttTSs']v./. to go back 
re-tract' [rS-trakt'J v.t. to recall [ing 
re-trac'tion [trak'shOnl «. a withdraw- 
re-treat' [rStrefJ «. a refuge 
re-trench' [r'-trench'l v.t. to curtail 
re-trench'ment [-nu-nt] n. a lessening 
ret ri-bu'tion [rct'ri-bu'shQnJ «. 
re-trieve' (ri-trev'l v.i. to regain 
ret'ro-cede (rct'r6-sed] v.i. to go back 
refro-ces'sion [-sSsh'Qn] k. [ward 
ret'ro-grade [grad] v.i. to move back- 
ret'ro-gres'sion [refri-gresh'On] «. 
refro-spect (-spekt) h. view of the past 
ret'ro-spec'tion (-spik'shon] « 
refro-spec'tive [-spsk'tiv] a. 
ret'ro-vert [vC-rt) v.t. to turn back 
re-turn' [ri-x(irn']v.e. go or come again 
re-turn'a-ble[-a-b'lla. may be returned 
re-ua'ion (r6-un'yOn) n. a meeting 

re'u-nite' [re'd-nit'i v 

A Zap A?' 


A AA../ 





re-veal' [rS-vel'l v.t. to disclose 
rev'el [rev'Sl] n. a carousal 
rev'e-la'tion irev'f-la'shun] n. 
rev'e-la'tor [-ter] n. a revealei 
rev'el-ry [rev'el-ry] «. noisy festivity 
re-venge' |r4-venj'] v.t. toavenge 
re-venge'ful [ful] a. vindictive 
rev'e-nue [riv'e-nO] n. income 
re-ver'ber-ate [re-ver'ber-at] -v. 
re-ver'ber-a'tion [-a'shiin] «. re-echo 
re-vere' [rc-ver'J •z'./. to venerate 
rev'er-ence Irev'er-^ns] «. veneration 
rev'er-end [-end] «. title of respect 
rev'er-ent [-cnt] <?. respectful 
rev'er-en'tial [-en'shrtl] a. 
rev'er-ie [rev'er-i] n. deep musing 
re-ver'sal [rS-ver'sol] «. change 
re-verse' [rS-vers'] v.t. to turn around 
re-vers'i-ble [-i-b'l] a. turnable 

re-ver'sion [re-ver'shfln] H. law term 

re-ver'sion-a-ry [a-ry] a. 
re-vert' [rS-vcrt'l i.'.i. t'o return 
re-vert'i-ble [i-b'l] n. 
re-vest' [re-vest'] -v.t. to clothe again 
re-view' [re-vj/'] ?i. re-examination 
re-view'er l-erj n. an inspector 
re-vile'[rc-vir] v. it. and i.) to reproach 
re-vile'ment l-mcnt] n. abuse 
re-vis'al [rJ-viz'^l] m. revision 
re-vise' [rc-vlz'l v.t. to review 
re-vi'sion [r5-vizh'unl n. revised form 
re-vi'sion-a-ry l-i-ry] a. revisory 
re-vi'so-ry [rS-vI'zS-ry] a. revising 
re-viv'al [rS-v!v'«l] «. a renewal 
re-viv'al-ist [-Ist] n. a clergyman 
re-vive' [rc-vlv'] i/.z. to reanimate 
re-viv'i-fy (rS-viv'i-f!] v.t. 
rev'O-ca'tion [rev'O-ka'shiln] «. repeal 
re-voke' [rJ-vok'l v.t. to recall 
re-volt' [re-volt'] «. insurrection 
rev'O-lu'tion [rev'6-Iu'shun] n. over- 
rev'o-lu'tion-a-ry [-J-ry] a. [throw 
rev'o-lu'tion-ize [-Iz] v.t. to change 
re-volve' [rS-volv'J v.i. to turn 
re-volv'er [-er] n. a firearm [change 
re-vul'sion [rS-varshun] «. a sudden 
re-ward' [rS-ward'] v.t. to repay 
re-write' [rS-rlt') v.t. to write again 
rhap'so-dy [r&p's6-dy] n. a poem 
rhet'o-ric rtit'6-rik] n. oratory 
rhe-tor'ic-al [rS-tOr'i-k«l] a. oratorical 
rhet'o-ri'cian [ret'6-rrsh'an] «. 
rheum [rum] «. a disease 
rheu-mat'ic [ru-mat'lk] a. [disease 

rheu'raa-tism [-ma-ttz'm] n. a painful 
rhi-noc'e-ros [ri-n5s'4-r6s] «. a beast 
rho'di-um [ro'di-Om] n. a metal 
rho'do-den'dron [ro'd4-d5n'dr6n] «. 
rhu'barb [ru'barb) n. a plant 
rhyme [rim] «. poetry 
rhythm [rith'm] n. metre 
rib [rib] K. part of body 
rib'ald [rib'izld] a. obscene 
rib'ald-ry t-ry] «. indecency 








rib'bon [rlb'bun] k. a fillet of silk 

rice I risl II. a plant and its seed 

rich (rich] a. wealthy 

rich'es I -ez] n. ft. wealth 

rich'ness t-nes] n. fertility 

rick'ets Irlck'etsJ «. a disease 

rick'et-y Irfck'et-y] a. shaky 

ric 0-chet' |rik'6-shs'] «. a rebound 

rid 1 ri i] 7-./. to be free of 

rid'dance (rld'dirnsl k. deliverance 

rid'dle [rld'd'll «. a puzzle 

ride (ridj -j.i. to be carried 

rid'er l-er] «. a horseman 

ridge (rljl «. a crest 

rid'i-cule (ricl'Ikul] «. derision 

ri-dic'u-lous |ri-dik'a-ias] a. ludicrous 

rife Irif 1 a. prevalent 

riffraff (rif raf) «. the rabble 

ri'fle I r!T 1] K. a firearm 

rift [rift] K. a cleft 

rig [rig] T'.<. to equip 

rig'ging [rigging] n. dress, tackle, etc. 

right Irit] <i<//Vr/it'^, correct 

right'eous [rl'chus] <i. godly 

right'eous-ness [nes] n. holiness 

right'ful (-ml) <i. lawful 

right'hand' [band] ». on the right 

right'hand ed [ed] a. 

right'ly [ly] .m'r. properly Iminded 

right'mind ed [minded] a. honest 

rig'id [rij'id] a. unyielding 

ri-gid'i-ty Iri-jid'itj] «. stiffness 

rig'id-ly [rij'id-ly) ad-j. stiflly 

rig'id-ness [nes] «. 

rig'ma-role (rig'ma-rol) «. foolish talk 

rig'or [rlg'er] n. severity 

rig'or-OUS [rig'er-us] a. strict 

rill Irll] «. a streamlet 

rim I rim] v.t. to border 

rim'mer [rlm'mer] n. a tool 

rind [rind] n. external covering 

rin'der-pest [rin'der-pest] «. a cattle 

ring IrinjTl "• sound; a circle Idisease 

ring'lead'er(ring'led'er]«. chief leader 

ring'let [let] n. a curl of hair 

ring' worm' t-wurm] «. a skin disease 

rink [ringk] «. enclosure for skating 

rinse [rins] v.t. to cleanse 

ri'ot [riut] K. tumult 

ri'ot-er [li'ut-er] «. a reveler 

ri'ot-OU8 [-us] a. tumultous 

rip I rip] %i.t. to tear 

ripe [rip] a. mature 

rip'en |rip"n] v.i. to grow ripe 

ripe'ness [rTp'nis] «. maturity 

rip'ple [rlp'p'l] «. a little wave 

rise [riz] v.i. to mount up 

ris'i-ble [rlzl-b'l] a. laughable 

ris'inglrlz'Ing] a. ascending 

risk [ribk] M. hazard 

risk-y |-^'] a. hazardous 

rite I rjt) H. ceremony 

rit'u-al [rlt'a-allw.boolcofrites fship 

rit'u-al-ism [-Iz'm] «. system of w 

^y^ ^ 






rit'u-al-ist [ist] «. 
ri'val [ri'vul] }i. competitor 
ri'val-ry Vri'v.zl-ry] h. competition 
rive [riv] v./. to split 
riv'er Iriv'er] «. a large stream 
riv'et [riv'et] V. to fasten firmly 
riv'u-let Irlv'a-let] «. asmall stream 
roach [roch] «. a fish; a cockroach 
road [rod] II. highway troad 

road'bed' [ rod'bed'] n. foundation for 
road'stead [rod'sted] «. an anchorage 
road'ster [rod'ster] h. ahorse 
roam [rom] z'.i. to wander 
roam'er [er] «. a wanderer 
roan Iron] >!. a kind of leather 
roar [ror] v. to bellow 
roar'er [er] k. a riotous fellow 
roast [rost] vJ. to bake 
rob [rOb] ':/. to plunder 
rob'ber [robber] «. a thief 
rob'ber-y [y] «. theft 
robe (rob] !i. a garment 
rob'in [rSb'in] n. a bird 
ro-bust' [rSbflsf] <i. vigorous 
ro-bust'ness [nes] «. vigor 
rock I rOk] )(. a large fixed stone 
rock'a-way [rSk'a-wa] «. a carriage 
rock'er [rOk'er] « a rocking-chair 
rock'et [nSk'et] «. a firework 
rock'y [rSk'y] «. full of rocks 
rod [rod] n. a slender stick 
ro'dent [ro'd^nt] a. gnawing 
roe [ro] ". a female deer 
roe'buck' [ro'bOk'l «. Asiatic deer 
ro-ga'tion [ro-ga'shun] n. supplication 
rogue [r5g] n. a vagabond 
rogu'er-y [rog'er-y] w. cheating 
rogu'ish [rog'ish] a. knavish 
roil [roil] -v.t. to disturb 
roist'er [roist'er] v.i. to bluster 
roist'er-er [-er] k. a noisy fellow 
roll (rol] v.t. to revolve 
roll'er [rSl'er] n. a cylinder 
rol'lic [roriik] v.i. to frolic fover 

roU'ing [rol'Ing] a. turning over and 
Ro'man [ro'm<in] >!. native of Rome 
ro-mance' [ro-mins] «. fiction 
ro-man'cer [man'ser] «. 
ro-man'cist [mSn'sist] «. a romancer 
Ro man-esque' [rSman-esk'] a. 
Ro-man'ic [man'lk] a. pert, to Rome 
Ro'man-ism [man-Iz'm] k. R.C. relig- 
ro-man'tic [ro-mSn'tlk] a. fanciful [ion 
romp [r6mp] h. rough sport 
ron-deau' [i6n-do'] «. a kind of poetry 
ron'dure [rOn'dur] >i. plumpness 
rood [rood] n. a measure of 5j yards 
roof [roof] n. a cover 
roofing [-ing] >i. material for roof 
rooflet [roof-let] ti. a small shelter 
rook [rook] n. abird like the crow 
rook'er-y [ro6k'er-y] n. a rook resort 
room [room] 2'.i. to lodge 
room'er [room'er] «. a lodger 




room'i-ness [i-nss] >t. spaciousness 
room'mate' Iroom'mSt'] «. a chum 
room'y [roomy] "■ spacious 
roor'bach [roor'bak] k. a falsehood 

roost IrSost] K. a perch 
roost'er l ruost'er] K. a cock 
root [root] « underground part of plant 
rope IrOpl ti. large stout cord 
rop'y I 51 <7. stringy 
ro'sa-ry Iro'za-ryl K. a garland 
rose Irozl «. a flower 
ro'se-ate [rozS-St] a. full of roses 
rose'ma-ry |roz'in5-r>] h. a plant 
ro-sette' IrO-zef] n. a ribbon rose 
rose' wood' [ roz'wood' ] «.a cabinet wood 
ros'in [rSzin] k. pine tree product 
ros'ter [rOs'ter] «. a register 
ros'trum lr6s'truml K. pulpit; platform 
ros'y Irozy) a. red 
rot [rCit] v.i. to decay 
ro'ta-ry [ro'ta-ry] a. turning 
ro'tate Iro'tat) v.i. to turn 
ro-ta'tion (rO-tS'shan) h. act of turning 
ro'ta-tive [ra'ta-tlv] a. rotary 
rote I rot] It. repetition 
rot'ten IrOt't'n] a. decayed 
ro-tund' IrO-tund] <7. round 
ro-tun'da Ira-tun'da] n. round building 
ro-tund'i-ty IrO-tund'I'tylw. roundness 
rouge Iroozh) «. a cosmetic 
rough |ruf] n. uneven 
rough'ly [IJ] adz: harshly 
rou-lette' [roo-let'l h. a game 
round [lound] a. circular 
round'a-bouf (round'a-bout] a. indi- 
roun'del Iroun'del] «. a circle Irect 

round'e-lay Iround'f-la] h. a dance 
round'er |round'er| «. a tool 
round'house' Iround'hous J k. 
round'ly Iround'ly] arfv. boldly 
rouse Irouz) t'. to wake; to excite 
rous'ing t-ing] a. exciting 
roust ! roust) t'./. to disturb 
roust'a-bouf (roust'about'] «. a deck- 
rout [rout] f./. to defeat [hand 
route [root] K. a course 
rou-tine' [roo-ten'l n. regular course 
rove 1 rov] v.t. to wander 
Tov'er [rov'er] «. a wanderer 
row lr"i] T'./. to propel with oars 
row'boat' [ro'liot'l «.a small boat 
row'dy [rou'dy) K. ruffianly fellow 
row'dy-ism (rou'dy-Iz'm] tt. 
rowed [ro 1| /./>. of" row," did row 
row'el (rou'el) K. part of spur 
row'en [rou'cn | tt. a stubble field 
row'lock (ro'lokl »i. oar-rest 
roy'al (roi'all a. kingly 

roy'al-ism iiz'm] «. 

roy'al-ist [Ist] «. adherent of a king 

roy'al-ly (lyl ai/v. like a king 

roy'al-ty l-tyl ». sovereignty 

rub Iriil.j t'./. to chafe 

rub'ber (rOb'ber) «. caoutchouc 

/V/i A. A 

a...'a:.a a 





rub'bish Irub'bisli] n. Irasll 
rub'ble [rul)'l)'l| n. broken Stones 
ru-bes'cent Iru-bes'sintI <?. becoming 
ru'bi-CUnd [rubi-kundj rt. reddish (red 
ru'by [ru'byl n. a [jrecious stone 
ruche (roosh] n. ruffling 
ruc'tion [ruk'shun] «. a quarrel 
rud'der Irud'der] >i. helm 
rud'di-ness |rud'dl-ncs] n. redness 
rud'dy [rud'dy] a. reddish 
rude Irud] a. rough; lacking delicacy 
ru'di-ment Iru'di-mfntJ it, a beginning 
ru-di-men-tal [mcnt.jl] a. first rules 
ru-di-mcn-ta-ry l-ta-ryj a. initial 
rue [ru] z\t. to regret 
rue'ful l-ful] a. sorrowful 
ruif [ruf] i<.t. to ruffle 
ruffian [ruf'ydn] n. abrutal fellow 
ruffian-ism |-iz m) >i. 
ruffle IrufflJ -v.t. to wrinkle 
rug Irugl n. a mat 
rug'ged [rug'gedl a. uneven 
ru'in Iru-inl 11. destruction 
ru'in-0U3 I ub] .1. wasteful 
rul'a-ble Iriil'a-b'll a. lawful 
rule |rul] n. method 
rul'er [rul'er] n. agoveinor 
rul'ing [rul'ing] a. controlling 
rum |rum] «.a liquor 
rum'ble IrumblJ n. low heavy nrise 
ru'mi-nate |ru'mi-nat] v.t. to ponder 
ru mi-na'tion [ru'mina'shunl ;/. 
rum'mage Irum'raSj] -v.i. to search 
ru'mor j ru'mer] n. current report 
rump (runipl 71. the buttock 
rum'ple Irump'l] z»./. and:, to wrinkle 
rum'pus [rum'pusl ?2. a quarrel |er 

rum'sell'er [rQm'sel'cr] «. saloon keep- 
run trijn] z'.i. to move swiftly 
run'a-way' [riin'a-wa'J 11. a fugitive 
run'del [run'dcl] n. a small stream 
rung [rung] /A did ring 
run'ner [run'ncr] ;;. a racer 
run'ning [-nlng] a. moving swiftly 
runt [runt] n. a dwarf 
rup'ture [rup'tur] -v.t. to break 
ru'ral [ru'r^l] a. rustic 
ruse [ruz] n. deceit 
rush [rush] v.t. to hurry forward 
rush'light' [rush'lif] n. a feeble light 
rusk [rusk] n. a kind of bread 
rus'set [rus'set] a. brown 
Kus'sian [rush'an] n. from Russia 
rust [rust] v.i. to corrode 
rus'tic [rus'tik] a. awkwarci 
rus'ti-cate [rus'ti-kstj v.i. 
rusti-ca'tion [-ka'shun] «. 
rus-tic'i-ty [rQs-tis'I-ty' «. rudeness 
rust'i-ly [rust'I-ly] adv. 
rust'i-ness [rustlnes] K. 
rus'tle [rus"l] v.i. to rattle 
rust'y [rust'y] a. covered with rust 
rut [rut] n. track of a wheel 
ru'ta-ba'ga [ru'ta-ba'ga] n. a turnip 




ruth'less [ru//<'l6sl a. cruel 
rye Iri] «. a kind of grain 

sa'bal [sS'bal] k. palm tree 
sab'a-oth [saba-oi'/il k. armies 
Sab'bath [Sabb<?//i] n. weekly holy day 
sa'ber | si l>erl «. a sword 
sab'ba tism [sab'ba-tlz'm] k. rest 
sa'ble Issb'lj «. an animal 
sal'u-lous (salulus] a. sandy 
sac (sak) n. a bag for liquid; a cyst 
sac'cha-rate |sak'ka-rat) «. asucrate 
sac'cha-rine [sakka-rin] a. sweet 
sac'cha-rone | ron) «. an oily liquid 
sac'cha-rose' l-rss] «. cane sugar 
sac er-do'tal ls.aser-do'tull a. priestly 
sac er-do'tal-ism |-iz m] >i. 
Sa'chem l^a chem) H. Indian chief 
sach'el Isachel) ». see satchel 
sa chef [sa'sha'l k. ascent bag 
sack Isskl >!. a bag 
sack'cloth' Isak'klO//;'] «. bagging 
sack'ful hak'ful) .?. bag-full 
sack'ing | saklng] «. coarse cloth 
sacque | sak J «. a garment 
sac'ra-ment Isak'ramfnt) >i. eucharist 
sa'cre Isakerl i^./. to make sacred 
sa'cred | ss'kred] a. holy 
sac'ri-fice Isak'n-fls] n. offering 
sac ri-fi'cial |sak'ri-fish'<il] a. 
sac'ri-lege U^'ikri-lejl h. profane use 
sac ri-le'gious l-ri-le'jus) a. impious 
sac'ris-tan Isak'rlstanl «. a sexton 
sac'ris-ty Isak'rls-ty] «. vestry 
sad Isadl ,1. dejected 
sad'den Isad'd'nJ z/./. to make unhappy 
sad'dle Isad'd'l] -'.;■. to encumber 
sad'dler Isad'dler) h. saddle maker 
sad'dler-y (yl «. saddlers wares 
sad'i ron Isad'i'Om] k. a flat-iron 
sad'ly |-,ad'lyl adv. sorrowfully 
sad'ness Isad'nes] «. sorrow 
saeng'er-fest [sengger-festj «. 
safe Isaf 1 a. secure 
safer [safer] romp. a. 

safest ;ssf 'est| sup. a. 

saf"'guard' (saf'gard'l H. defense 
safe'keep'ing [saf'keii'ing) w. custody 
safe'ty i-°f'tyl >i. freedom from danger 
saffron (sif 'fran) a. deep yellow 
sag [s^s:;) 7'.i. to bend 
sa-ga'ci0U3 [siga'shQs] a. shrewd 
sa-gac'i-ty [s,i-gas'I-tyl «. penetration 
sage [s;ij ] u. wise man; a plant 
Sag it-ta'ri-u8 isaj'it-ta'ri-us) «. 
sa'go [sag6l «. a plant 
said Ised) a. before-mentioned 
sail I sS 1 1 v.l. to navigate 
sail'a-ble (sara-b'l) a. navigable 
sail'or [sarer] h. mariner 
saint [sam] k. godlyperson 
saint'ed (sSnt'ed) ti. consecrated 
saint'ly IsSnt'lJl n. like a saint 
sake tsSkJ H. regard; reason 


«^ _-<l 



sal'a-ble [sal'a-b'l] 3. fit for sale 
sal'ad [salnd] «. dressing 
sal'a-man'der|sal'a-man'der] n. 
sal'a-ried [salarld) a. paid by salary 
sal'a-ry [sal'a-ry] «. wages 
sale [sal] n. market 
sal'e-ra'tus [sal'Jrs'tus] «. potash 
sales'man [salz'man] n. man who sells 
sales'wom'an [-woSm'an] n. [nent 
sa'li-ent Isa'll-irnt] a. leaping; promi- 
sa'line [sa'lin] a. salty 
sa-li'va Isa-lI'va] «. spittle [saliva 

sal'i-vate [sarrvst] v.t. to produce 

sal'let [sal'letl « a light helmet 
sal'low [sal'l6] a. yellowish color 
sal'ly [sal'ly] -v.i. to rush out 
sal'ma-gun'di [salma-gun'di] «. 
salm'on [sam'un) >i. a kind offish 
sa'lon' [salon') n. reception room 
sa-loon' (sa-loon'J «. grogshop 
sal'si-fy [salsi-fyl «. oyster plant 
salt[sal:l ;i. chloride of sodium 
salt'cel-lar [salt'sel-lerj «. adish 
salt'pe'ter [salt'pe'ter] }t. niter 
salfrheum' [rum'] «. a skin disease 
sa-lu'bri-OUS [sa-lu'brl-us] a. healthy 
sal'u-ta-ry |saruta-r$] «. beneficial 
sal U-ta'tion [salu-ta'shun] «. salute 
sa-lu'ta-to'ri-an [salu'ta-to'ri-an] K. 
sa-lu'ta-to-ry [sa-la'ta-ta-ryi a. 
sa-lute' jsa-lot] 'c-.t. to greet 
sal'u-tif'er-ous [sal'i-tif'er-os] a. 
sal'vage[sarvij]«. pay for saving cargo 
sal-va'tion|sil-va'shun]«. redemption 
sal-va'tion-ist [isii «. 
salve [sav] n. ointment 
sal'ver [sal'ver] «. a waiter 
sal'vo [ salvo] n. a volley 
Sa-mar'i-tan [sa-mar i-tan] «. 
same [sam] a. 

same'ness [sam'nes] «. similarity 
samp [samp] ?i. coarse meal 
sam'ple [sam'p'l] «. specimen 
sam'pler [sam'pler] «. pattern 
san'a-to-ry [san a-t6-r>] a. curative 
san'a-to'ri-um [to'rtum] «. 
sane ti-fi-ca'tion [-ti-fi-ka'shOn] «. 
sanc'ti-fi'er [sangk'ti-fi'er] «. 
sanc'ti-fy [sangk'ti-fi] v.t. to hallow 
sanc'ti-mo'ni-ous [mo'ni-us] a. 
sanc'ti-mo-ny [-m6-ny] «. holiness 
sanc'tion [sangk'shun] v.t. to ratify 
sanc'ti-ty [sangk'tl-ty] n. purity 
sanc'tu-a-ry [ti-S-r)-] «. a church 
sanc'tum [sSngk'tum] n. sacred place 
sand [sand] ;;. fine particles of stone 
san'dal [san'dal] «. kind of shoe 
san'dal-wood' (san'dal-wBod'] «. 
sand'pa'per [sand'pa'per] «. 
sand' stone' [sand'ston'j « freestone 
sand'wich [sSnd'wIch] v. to interlard 
sand'y [?and'y] a. full of sand 
sane [san] a. sound in mind 
sane'ness [sSn'nes] «. sanity 










sang froid' [sanfrMa'] «. calmness 
san'gui-na-ry [sanggwi-ns-ry] a. 
san'guine (sang gwln) a. confident 
San'he-drin [san hS drin) «. (retreat 
san'i-ta'ri-um [i ts'riumi «. health 
san'i-ta-ry [san'i-ta-r>i a. hygienic 
san'i-ty [sAni-tyl h. saneness 
sans [sSnzl^rir/. without 
San'skrit [san'skritjx.adead language 
sap [sip] «. juice of plants 
sa-pid'i-ty [sa-pid'I-tyl «. taste 
sap'ling IsSp'lIng] «. a young tree 
sa'pi-ent tsS'pI-ent] a sage: wise 

sap'o-na'ceous [sapona'shusjrt.soapy 
sap'phire [saflr] «. a gem 
sap'py Isip'py] .1. juicy 
Sar'a-cen [sSr'asen] «. Mussulman 
sar'casm fsSrkaz'm] «. ridicule 
sar-cas'tic (sSr-kas tiki «• taunting 
sar-coph'a-gus [sar-kOf 'a-gusj «.tomb 
sar'dine (sar'den] H. kind of fish 
sar-don'ic [sar-don'ik] a. sarcastic 
sar'sa-pa-ril'la [sar'saparSl'la] «. 
sar-to'ri-US [sar-to'rI-us| «. a muscle 
sash [s5sh] n. frame of window 
sas'sa-fras [sassa-fras] «. a tree 
Sa'tan IsStiin] «. the devil 
sa-tan'ic [sa-tan'ik] a. devilish 
Satch'el [sachel] «. ahandbag 

sate [sat] ii.i. to fill 
sat-een' [sSt-en] «. dress goods 
sat'el-lite [sat'el-llt] « a moon 
sa'ti-ate [ss'shi-at] %\t. to glut 

sa-ti'e-ty [sa-ti'S-tyl h. repletion 
sat'in l-,atln) «. silk cloth 
Sat'i-net' [satinet') «. kind of cloth 
sat'in-wood' [sat'in-wood'] ».an East 
Sat'ire [sat'Ir] «. irony llndia tree 

sa-tir'ic-al [satir'i-k<il] rt. abusive 
Sat'ir-izeisat'er-iz]t'.?. tocensure [tent 
sat is-fac'tion [sat'is-fSk'shun] «. con- 
sat is-fac'to-ri-ly [-tirl-lyl a. rightly 
sat is-fac'to-ry (-td-ry) a. sufficient 
sat'is-fied [-Is-tidJ a. contented 
sat'is-fy [safls-fi) -v.i. to gratify 
sat'u-rate [safii-rat] ■v.t. to soak 
Sat'ur-day [sat'Or-dS] «. seventh day 
Sat'urn Isat'urn] «. a planet 
sat'ur-nine [sat'Or-nin] n. grave [son 
sat'ur-nist [sat'ur-nistl «. a dull pe: 
sa'tyr Isati-rl «. a sylvan deity 
sauce Isas] K.a relish 
sauce'box' [sas'beks'J n. a saucy child 
sauce'pan' [sas'pan] «. astewpan 
sau'cer [sa'ser] h. a dish 
sau'ci-ly [sa'slly] adv. impudently 
sau'ci-ness [sa'sl-nEs] «. rudeness 
sau'cy I^Ji'sJJ a. rude 
sauer'krauf [sour'krout'l «. pickle 
saun'ter [san'tCr] ^/.i. to loiter 
sau'sage [sa'sSjl k. roll of meat 
sav'age [sav'Ajl a. untamed 
eav'age-ry (sav'aj-r^l «. barbarity 
sa-van'na [sa-van'na] n. 










save Isav] -v.t. to rescue 
sav'e-loy [sav'f-loi] «. dried sausage 
sav'ing [sSv'Ing] a. frugal 
Sav'ior IsSvyer] « Jesus Christ 
sa'vor [sa'ver] n. taste; flavor 
sa'vor-y Isa'ver-y] a. pleasing to taste 
saw [sa] /;. a tool 

saw'dusf [sa'dflst'] «. dust of wood 
saw'yer [sa'yer] n. one who saws 
sax [saksj n. tool for tiimming slate 
Sax'on fsaks'Qn] n. from Saxony 
say IsS] v.t. to speak 
say'ing [sS'Ing] n. a maxim 
scab |sk:il'] k. a disease 
scab'bard [skab'berd] «. a sheath 
scab'by (skab'by] a. mangy 
Sca'brOUS [skS'brfls] a. scaly 
scaffold Iskaffold] h. staging 
scald [skaldj V. to burn 
scale [skal] -j.t. to measure 
SCal'lop [skel'lap] «. a shell fish 
scalp [skalpl 71. part of head 
SCal'pel [skal'pel] «. thin, keen knife 
Scal'y IskSl'y] a. covered with scales 
scamp [skamp] k. a rogue 
Scam'per [skam'perj -v.i. to run 
scan Iskan] -j.t. to scrutinize 
scan'dal [skan'dalj «. disgrace 
scan'dal-ize \_-\z\ v.t. to disgrace 
SCan'dal-OUS [us] a. slanderous 
Scan di-na'vi-an iskandi-ns'vi-an] «. 
scant Iskant] a. limited 
scant'ly (skanfly] adv. barely 
scant'y Iskant'y] a. sparing 
scape'goaf iskSp'got] «. 
scap'u-la [skapu-la] «. shoulder blade 
scap'u-la-ry [ll-ry] «. friar's garb 
soar [] n. mark 
scarce Iskars] a. rare 
SCarce'ly (skars'iyj ao'r/. hardly 
SCar'ci-ty [skar'sl-ty] n. lack of plenty 
scare Iskir] «. fright 
Scare'croW [skar'krs'l w. a fright 
scarf [skarf] K. neck cover 
SCar'i-fy [skSr'I-fl] t^./. to cut the skin 
SCarla-ti'na [skar'la-te'na] ;;. 
scar'let [skar'let] n. bright rc.1 
scarp [skarp] n. a steep descent 
scat Iskat] interj. go away 
scath [ska//z] «. damage 
scathe [sksth] v.t. to injure 
SCat'ter [skat'ter] v.t. to spread 
scav'en-ger [skav'en-jerl n. 
scene [sen] «. part of play 
SCen'er-y [sen'er-y] «. landscape 
scen'io Isenik] a. theatrical 
scent [sent] K. odor 
scep'ter [sep'ter] ?/. a royal mace 
sched'ule [skedul] k. list 
scheme Iskem] k. plan 
schem'er [skem'er] n. a plotter 
schism IsTzm) 11. breach of unity 
schis-mat'ic (slz-mat'ikl a. partisan 
schol'ar [skOl'er] «. learner 




schol'ar-ship [ship] «. learning 
scho-las'tic Uka las tik) a. scholarlike 
scho-las'ti-cism [ti-sizm] «. 
school iskool] v.t. to educate 
schoon'er [skooner] «. a vessel 
sci-at'i-ca [si-at'I-ka] «. a disease 
sci'ence (siVns] k. knowledge 
sci en-tiric [sl'en-tlf*lkl a. learned 
Sci'en-tist[-Jn-trst]«. learned in science 
scim'i-ter [sim'I-ter] k. short sword 
scin'til-late [sintil-lat] v.t. to sparkle 
SCi'on Isi un) H. an offspring 
scis'sors [siz'zerz] ». shears 
Sclave [sklav] «. same as Slav 
scoff ;skOf ] v.i. to sneer 
scold likoldj v.t. to berate 
scoop [skoop] n. a large ladle 
scoop'net' Iskoop'ngt] k. hand net 
scope l»kop] «. range of view 
scorch iskorch] ^.t. to parch 
score Iskor] k. a record 
sco'ri-a (sko'ri-a) K. slag 
scorn [skorn] i-.l. to disdain 
scorn'ful [skorn'ful] a. disdainful 
Scor'pi-o [sk6r'pl-6l «. constellation 
scor'pi-on [skor'piun] «. reptile 
scot [f-kstl II. a fine 

scotch iskOch] V. to -wound [land 

Scotch'man [skachnian] k. from Scot 
scoff ree' [skst'fre'] a. untaxed 
Scot'tish [skittish] a. of Scotland 
scoun'drel Iskoun'drel] ti. a rascal 
scoun'drel-ism [Iz'm] k. baseness 
scour likour] v.t. to clean 
scourge [skurjj «. a lash 
scout iskout] K. a spy 
scow [skou] «. a boat 
scowl Iskoul] n. a frown 
scrab'ble [skrab'b'l] v.i. to scramble 
scrag [skrag] «. a lean person 
scrag' gy lskrag'g>'l «. scragged 
scram'ble [skramb'lj ■v.i. to climb 
scrap [skrap] K.abit 
scrape [skrap] v.t. to grate harshly 
scrap'py (skrap'pyj a. lacking unity 
scratch [skrach] «. a slight wound 
scrawl [skral] v.l. to scribble 
scream [skrem] n a shriek 
screech [skrech] k a shrill cry 
screech'owl' (skrech'oul'l «. a bird 
screed [skred] «. a harangue 
screen (skren] Z'.t. to shield 
screw Iskru] •£>./. to force; to fasten 
screw'driff'er [skta'driv'er] >:. a tool 
scrib'ble (skrib'b'l) i/.i. to scrawl 
scrib'bler [skrlb'bler] «. 
scribe [skrib] «. a copyist 
scrim Iskrlml «. open linen fabric 
scrim'mage [skrim'mSjJ h. a fight 
scrimp [skrimp] i/.t. to scant 
scrip [skrlpl «. a wallet; a certificate 
script [skriptl K. kind of type 
scrip'tu-ral [skrlp't<l-r«ll a. biblical 
Bcrip'ture [skrip'tur] u. the Bible 


^\^ ^ 







Scrive'ner Iskrrv'ner] «. a writer 
scrof u-la [skrOf Q-li] «. a disease 
scrof u-lou3 [skrOf a-lus] it. 
scrog'gy [skrSg'gy] a. stinted 
scroll Isknjl] It. a roll of writing 
scrub [skriih] T/./. to scour 
scrub'by [-l,y] n. stunted ingrowth 
scru'ple Iskru'p'l] v.L to hesitate 
scru'pu-lous [skru'pii-lQs] a. careful 
scru'ti-nize [ skru' u-mz]'v.t. to examine 
scru'ti-ny[skru't!-ny]«. minute inspec- 
scud [skud] v.i. to move swiftly |,tion 
scud'dle [skud'd'l] v.i. to hurry 
SCuiFlskuf] V. to shuffle 
scuffle [skuffl] ^'.^■. to strive 
scull Iskul] «.aboat 
SCul'ler-y [skul'ler-y] «. kitchen 
scul'lion [skul'yun] «. a servant 
sculp'tor [skulp'ter] «. a carver 
sculp'ture [skolp'tiir] «. art of carving 
scum [skuni] u. refuse 
scurf [skurf] «. dandruff 
scur-ril'i-ty [skur-ril'l-ty] «. abuse 
scur'ril-ous [sk-lr'rll-us] a. abusive 
scur'vi-ness [skar'vl-nesl }i. vileness 
scur'vy [skur'vy] >:. a disease 
scut'tle fskut't'l] >(.acoalhod 
scythe [sith] «. haying tool 
sea [se] n. the ocean 
sea'board' [se'bord] k. sea-shore 
sea'far'er [se'fir'er] «. a sailor 
seal [sel] «. animal; stamp [ing 

seal'ing [sering]/a>-/. stamping; clos 
seam |sem] f. to crack open; to sew 
sea'man (se'man] tt. a mariner 
seam'less [sem'les] a. without a seam 
seam'stress [-stres] «. a needlewoman 
seance' [sS'ans'] «. session 
sea'port' [se'port'] «. a harbor 
sear [ser] v.i. to scorch 
search [serch] v./. to seek 
search'er [serch'er] «. an examiner 
seas [sez] «.//. plural of "sea" 
sea'son [se'z'n] «. a period of time 
sea'son-a-ble [se'z'n-a-b'l] a. timely 
sea'son-ing [se'z'n-ing]«. a condiment 
seat 1 set] «. chair, stool, etc. 
sea'weed' [se'wed'] «. marine plant 
se-cede' ts4-sed' ] v.i. to retire 
se-ces'sion [sf-sesh'Qn] «. withdrawal 
se-clude' [sS-klud'J Z'.i. to separate 
se-clu'sion [sS-klu'zhun] «. privacy 
sec'ond [sc-k'und] a. next to the first 
sec'ond-a-ry [-und-a-ry] a. subordinate 
sec'ond-clajs' [ssk'und-klas'l a. 
sec'ond-hojid' [hand'] a. not new 
sec'ond-rate' l-rat'] a. inferior 
se'cre-cy [se'krS-sy] «. privacy 
se'eret [se'kret] a. concealed 
sec're-ta-ry |sek'rS-ta-ryl «. clerk 
se-crete' [sS-kref] v.t. to hide 
se-cre'tion [sS-kre'shun] n. separation 
se-cret'ive [sS-kret'Iv] a. private 
sect [sekt] «. a denomination 



y ^ 




. enticement 

sec-ta'ri-an [sekta'] a. partisan 
sec-ta'ri-an-ism [iz'm] k. 
sec'tioa [sek'shanj «. division 
sec'tion-al ;sek'shan-<jll a. local 
sec'tion-al-ism [iz'm] «. 
sec'u-lar (sek'u-lerj a. worldly 
se-cure' isS-kurJ a. safe 
se-cu'ri-ty ;sf-ku'ri-tyl «. safety 
se-date' isfdat'] a. calm 
sed'a-tive [sed'a-tlv] «. a remfedy 
sed'en-ta-ry [seden ta-r5'] a. inactive 
sed'i-ment :sed I-mcntJ «. settlings 
se-di'tion [sj-dish'un] n revolt 
se-di'tious [sS-dlsh Os] n. factious 
se-duce' [sS-das'] ■c.c. to 
se-duc'tion [-dak'shun] 
se-duc'tive [sf-dak'tiv] «. tempting 
sed'u-lous [sed alas] a. untiring 
see lie] z.'.!. to behold 
seed (sed) M. progeny; embryo fseed 
seed'ling (sed'ling] k. grown from the 
seed'y Ised'y] a. shabby 
seek Isek] T/.i. to search 
seem [sem] f.i. to appear 
seem'ing' [sem'ing] a. apparent 
seem'ly [sem'ly] a. suitable 
seen [sen]/./, of "see", beheld 
seer lier] «. a prophet 
see'saW [ss'sa ] h. a play 
seethe Iseth] z'.t. to boil 
seg'ment [segment] «. a section 
se^re-gate [segrS-gatJ^'.i. to separate 
seign'ior [sen'yer] >i. a lord 
seine [sen] «. a large net 
seize [aez] vJ. to grasp 
sei'zure [se'zhQr] «. a taking 
sel'dom [s^l'dam] a(rz>. rarely 
se-lect' [sS-lekt'l -Z'. topick out 
se-lec'tion [sS-lek'shunl «. choice 
se-lect'man [man] «. a town officer 
self [self] 12 personal 
self con-ceit' [kOn-set'] k. vanity 
self con-ceit'ed [ed] a. vain 
self con'fi-dence [-fi-dcns] «. 
self de-fense' [dS-fens'] k. 
self gov'ern-ment [guv'ern-m^nt] «. 

self in'ter-est [in'ter-estl k 
selfish [selfish] a. loving self [much 
self'ish-ness [ncs] k. loving self too 
selPlove' [luv] K. selfishness 
self right'eous (ri'chusl a. pharisaic 
selfsame' [s^ni] a. identical 
self will' l-wll'] K obstinacy 
sell (sell ^■'- to dispose of 
sell'er [sel'er] K. one who sells 
sel'vage Isel'vej] «. edge of cloth 
sem'blance (sem'blans) ». likeness 
sem i-an'nu-al [sem'ian'u-al) a. 
sem i-cir'cle [r-ser'k'l] w.halfcircle 
sem i-co'lon [ko'lcm] «. a mark [ ; ] 
sem'i-na-ry [sfim'T-nJ rj] h. a school 
Sem-it'ic [si-m-Iflkl «. pert, to Shcm 
sem'i-tone (semi-ton) «. half tone 
sem 0-li'na [sSm'i-lC'na] «. fine flour 




sem'pi-ter'nal [sem'plter'nalj II. 
sen'ate (sen'at] «. council 
sen'a-tor [-a-terj n. member of senate 
sen a-to'ri-al [sen'a-ts'rl-al] a. 
send I send; -'./. to dispatch 
se'nile [se'nil] a. old-manish 
sen'ior [sen'yer] ir. elder 
sen-ior'i-ty Isen-yOr'i-ty] «. priority 
sen'na (sen'naj !t. amedicine 
sen'night [sen'nit] tt. a week 
sen-sa'tion [sen-sa'shun] ft. feeling: 
sen-sa'tion-al [-<j1] a. emotional 
sense [sCnsl «. feeling; import 
sense'less i-les] a. foolish 
sen si-bil'i-ty |sen'sibil'i-ty] k. 
sen'si-ble [sen'si-b'l] a.wise 
sen'si-bly |sen'si-bly] adv. judiciously 
sen'si-tive Isen'sl-tlv] a. easily moved 
sen'su-al lsen'sliu-«l] a. carnal 
sen'su-al'ism [Iz m] «. sensuality 
sen'SU-al'i-ty (al'l-tyl k. lewdness 
sen'su-al-ize I-iz] ■v.t. to debase 
sent [sent]/./, of'send", did send 
sen'tence [sen'tcns] «. doom; words 
sen-ten'tious [sen-ten'shus] a. pithy 
sen'ti-ent[-shl-fnt)a. having perception 
sen'ti-ment [sen'ti-mtntl ?;. feeling 
sen'ti-men'tal [-men'tal] a. romantic 
sen'ti-nel [sen'tl-nt'I] «. a guard 
sen'try (ben'try] ti. a sentinel 
sep'a-ra-ble [sep'a-ra-b'l) a. divisible 
sep'a-rate [sep'a-rat] v.l. to part 
sep'a-ra'tion [-ra'shun] n. disunion 
Sep-tem'ber [-tem'ber] ?i. ninth month 
sep-ten'ni-al [sep-tenni-al] a. 
sep'tu-ple [sep'tQ-p'l] a. sevenfold 
Sep'ul-cher [sep'Ql-kerl n. a tomb 
se-pul'chral isgpul'kriilj a. 
sep'ul-ture Isep'ul-tiirl «. a burial 
se-qua'cious [sSkwa shus] a. pliant 
se'quel Ise'kwel] ». consequence 
se'quence [se'kwfns] k. succession 
se-ques'ter [sS-kwes'ter] ^j. tosetapart 
seq ues-tra'tion [sek'wes-tra'shQn] «. 
se-ragl'io [si-iAVyS] n. aharem 
ser'aph [ser'.if ) «. an angel 
se-raph'ic [se-rSfik] a. angelic 
ser'a-phim [ser'a-flm] «.//. class of an- 
sere [sOrl a. dry; withered Igels 

sere-nade' lser'4-nad'l «. music 
se-rene' Ise-ren'J a. calm 
se-ren'i-ty [se-ren'i-ty] n. calmness 
serf [serf] n. a slave 
serge [serj] «. kind of cloth 
ser'geant [sar'jcntl n. officer 
se'ri-al [se'ri-<jl] «.a tale 
se-ri'ceous [sS-rlsh'us] a. silky 
se'ries [se'rez] n. course 
se'ri-OUS [se'rl-usl a. earnest 
ser'mon Iser'mOn] n. discourse 
ser'mon-ize [ser'mun-izl v.t. to preach 
ser'pent [sEr'p<-ntl «. a snake 
ser'pen-tine [ser'pentin] a. winding' 
ser'ra-ted [ser'rS-ted] a. notched 



(^_^^_^ ^_^ 

^_^ Q_^ a_a. 


Q_^ Q_^ 

O '5-''^ ^-^^ 



\\^l^ ^ 




ser'ried {ser rid] a. compact 
se'rum Ise ram] «. a lymph-like fluid 
serv'ant [servant] k. a-domestic 
serve Iserv] z\i. to assist 
serv'ice [serv'ls] «. act of serving 
serv'ice-a-ble t-a-b'l) a. useful 
serv'ile [sCrvil] a. slavish 
ser-vil'i-ty [ser-vilityj «. slavery 
serv'i-tor [serv'i-ter] >t. a servant 
serv'i-tude [serv'Itad] «. service 
ses'a-me [s6s'a-mS] «. a plant; a charm 
ses'sion [seshun] «. assembly 
set [set] a. fixed 
set'back' [set'bak'] «. a relapse 
set'off' Iset'Of) «. counter-claim 
set-tee' [set-te'l «. a sofa 
set'ter [set'ter] x.adog |ment 

set'ting [setting! "• a fixing: environ- 
set'tle [seffl] v.t. to adjust 
set'tle-ment [m^ntl >:. adjustment 
set'tler [set' tier] M. a colonist 
set'tlings [seftllngzl «.//. dregs 
sev'en [sev"nj a. one more than 6 
sev'en-teen' [-ten] a. ten and seven 
sev'en-ty [ty] >:. seven tens 
sev en-up' [-up'] «. a card game 
sev'er [sev'Sr] -v.t. t< -separate 
sev'er-al [sev'Sr-al] <i. sundry 
sev'er-al-ly [-ly] adv. individually 
sev'er-ance [-ans] «. separation 
se-vere' [se-ver'J a. stern 
se-vere'ly [s5-ver'ly] aJzi. sternly 
se-ver'er [sS-ver'er] a. 
se-ver'i-ty (sSver r-til «. harshness 
sew (so) r f. tostitch 
sew'age [sCS'Sj] «. refuse liquids 
sew'en [su'en] «. a kind of trout 
sew'er [su'er] ?:. a drain 
sew'er | soer] «. one who sews 
sew'er-age [su'Sr-Sj] h. drainage 
sex [seks] K. male or female 
sex a-ge-na'ri-an [-ajfna'ri-an] «. 
sex'tant [seks'tiint] «. measuring inst. 
sex'ton [seks'tun] ». church oliicer 
sex'tu-ple [sfks'tij-pl] K. sixfold 
sex'u-al [seksu-<jl] a. p-:'t. to sex 
shab'by [shab'liyl a. mean; ragged 
shack'le [shak'k'l] n. a fetter 
shad IshSd] II. a kind offish 
shad'dock [shad'duk] >/. large orange- 
shade [shSd] ■z'.Mo screen [like fruit 
shad'ow tshad'6l «. darkened place 
shad'ow-y [-y] a. gloomy 
shad'y Ishad'y] "• causing shade 
shaft I shaft] It. an arrow 
shag'gy [shSg'gy] a. rough (leather 
sha green' [sliagrsn'l h. a kind of 
shake [shSk] v. to shiver 
Shak'er (shak'fr) «. a Quaker 
shak'y [shak'y] a. unsound 
shale [shall K. fine-grained rock 
shall [shal] v.i. and aiix. should 
shal'lop [shariQpl «. a boat 
shal-lot' Ishal-lOt'] «. kind of onion 







shal'low [sharii] a. not deep 
sham [sham] a. false; «. a fraud 
sham'ble Isham'b'l] z'.i. to shuffle 
sham'bleslsham'b'lz)K.//.meat market 

shame IshSml >i. disgrace 
shame'faced isliamfast) d. bashful 
shame'ful Ishamful] a. degrading 
shame'less [shamles] a. immodest 
sham'my [sham'my] >;. leather 
sham-poo' [sham-poo] v.l. to clean 
sham'rock (sham'rCk] n. white clover 
shang hai' ishang'hi'j a. 
shank [shangk] h. hone of the leg 
shan'ty [shan'ty] h. a hut 
shape Ishapl >i. form 
shape'ly [shSp'lyl a. symmetrical 
share [shir] «.apart 
share'hold-er [holder] «. a partner 
shark | shark] n. a fish 
sharp [shiirp] a. keen 
sharp'en[5harp"n]z'.^. to make sharp 
sharp'er [sharp'er] H. a swindler 
sharp'ly [sharply] adv. keenly 
Shas'ter[shas'ter];!. Hindoo sacred bk 

shat'ter [shat'ter]i'./. to break 
shave [shav] v.t. to cut closely 
shaver [shav'er] «. a sharper 
shawl [ shal ] «. a wrap I Indians 

Shaw'nees' [shanez'] tribe of 
sheaf Ishef J H. a bundle of grain 
shear [sher] v.t. to clip 
shears [sherz] large scissors 
sheath [she//;] K. a scabbard 
sheathe [sheth] -v.t. to cover 
sheath'ing ishe/A' «. 
shed [shed] K. a building 
sheen [shen] «. brightness 
sheep [shep] n. an animal 
sheep'ish [shep'tsh] a. bashful 
sheer [sher] v.i. to turn aside; a. ni 
sheet [shet] 71. abed covering 
sheik [shek] K. an Arab chief 
shek'el (shek"l] «. an ancient coin 
shelf (shelf ] «. platform 
shell [shell «. a bomb 
shel'lac' [shel'lak'] «. a varnish 
shell'fish' [shel'flsh] H. oysters, etc. 
shel'ter [shelter] «. protection 
shelve [shelv] v.t. to place on shelf 
Shem [shem] «. a son of Noah 
shep'herd [shep erd] k. a sheep herder 
sher'bet [sher'bet] «. a drink 
sher'iff [sher'If] «. a county officer 
sher'ry [sher'ry-] n. a wine 
shib'bo-leth [shib'bSle//:] «. watch- 
shield Isheld] v.t. to protect [word 
shift [shift] v.t. to move 
shift'less [les] a. improvident 
shil-la'lah (shil-la'lal «. a cudgel 
shil'ling [shilling] n. a coin 
shim'mer [shimmer] v.i. to gleam 
shin [shin] n. lower part of leg 
shin'dy [shln'dy] k. disturbance 
shine [shin] v.t. to give light 


J J 









shing-le [shlng'g'I] n. a thin board 
shin'ing Ishinlngl <i. emitting light 
shin'y [shin yl n. bright 
ship [ship] )t. a vessel 
ship'build er [shlp'build'er] «. 
ship'mate' [ship'matj;;. a fellow sail 
ship'ment [-nu-nt] «. goods shipped 
ship'ping [ping] «. ships in general 
ship'shape [ship] a. tidy 
ship'wreck' [rek] «. wreck of ship 
ship'yard' [yard] « 
shire \-,\\\r\ h. an English county 
shirk (sherkl v.t. to avoid 
shirred [sherd] <t. drawn 
shirt Ishert] ». garment 
shirt'ing [ingl «. cloth 
shiv'er [shiv'er] v.i. to tremble 
shiv'er-y [shiv'er-5'] n. trembling 
shoal [shol] n. a shallow 
shock [shok] «. a blow 
shock'ing [ing] a. dreadful 
shod-dy [sh(5d'dyl a. not genuine 
shoe [shoo] n. foot covering 
shoe'maker [mik'er] k. 
shook [shook]/./ of'shake", trembled 
shoot [shijot] v. to bud; to discharge 
shop [shop] «. a store 
shop'keep er [-kep'er] k. a tradesman 
shop'lift er [irft'ei] «. a thief 
shore [shOr| n. coast 
short [short] a. not long 
short'age [short'aj] ». adeficiency 
short'en [sh6rt"nl v.t. to lessen 
short'hand [-hand'] n. stenography 
short'lived [livd] a. not living long 
short'ly [short'lj-] adv. soon 
shot [shot] «. a marksman ["shoat" 
shote [shot] n. a young hog; same as 
should [shood] imp. of "shall", ought 
shoul'der (shol'der] «. part of body 
shout [shout] 71. a loud outcry 
shove [shuv]7/. to push 
shov'el [shuv"ll V. to throw 
shov'el (shQv"l] «. a kind ofskoop 
show [iho] v.t. to display 
show'bread' [sho'brid] «. holy bread 
show'er (shou er] H. a fall of rain 
show'er-y [y] a. rainy 
show'i-ly [sho'l-ly] rtrt'z'. pompously 
show'y [shoy] a. fine; gay 
shrap'nel [shrap'nel] «. shell of bullets 
shred [shred] «. a fragment 
shrew [shru] ti. a scold; kind of mouse 
shrewd [shrud] a. keen 
shrew'ish (shru'Ish] a. peevish 
shriek (slirC-k] v.i. to scream 
ahriev'al-ty (shrev'ul-tj] «. sheriffalty 
shrill Ishrll) a. piercing 
shrimp [shrimp] ». a shell fish 
shrine [shrin] «. ar. altar 
shrink ishrlngk) t/.i. to contract 
shriv'el [shrlv"l) -v.l. to shrink 
shroud [shroud] v. to veil [Lent 

shrove'tide' IshrOv'tld) «. just before 


.J / 

>- KJ 

-l-o ^ 




shrub [shrubl 71. woody plant 
shrub'ber-y [slirubher-yl )/. bushes 
shrug [shrug] v.t. to draw up theshoul 
shuck UhukJ ;i. a husk Lders 

shud'der [shud'tler) zi.i. to quiver 
shuffle IshiJf nj v.t. to shift 
shun [shun] v.t. to avoid 
shunt [shunt] V. to turn off 
shut [shut] v.t. to close 
shut'ter [shut'terl n. a blind 
shut'tle [shut'fl] «. thread holder 
shy [shi] a. timid 
sib'i-Iant tslb'i-l<jnt] a. hissing 
sib'yl [sib'il] «. fortune-teller 
sick [sik] a. ill 

sick'en [sik"n] v.t. to become sick 
sick'ish [slk'ish] a. nauseous 
sick'le [slkk'l] n. reaping hook 
sick'li-ness [sik'll-nes] n. disease 
Sick'ly [sfkly] a. ill 
sick'ness [slk'nes] k. illness 
side [si'i] 71. margin [iture 

side'board'[s7d'l)6rd']«. apiece of furn- 
side'long' [sid'long'J a. obliquely 
si-de're-al [si-de're-al] a. starry 
side'walk' [sid'wak'] k. a raised walk 
side'wise' [sid'wiz'] an'i'. on one side 
si'dle [si'd'l] v.i. to movesidewise 
sid'ing [sid'Ingl n. aside track 
siege [sej] «. continuous effort 
Sie'mens-Mar tin [-menz-mar'tin] «. 
si-en'na [sl-en'nij «. colored clay 
si-er'ra fse-er'ra] n. saw-like mountain 
si-es'ta [sS-es'ta] ;i.anap [ridge 

sieve [siv] «. a strainer 
sift [sift] v.t. to separate 
sigh [si] v.i. to lament 
sight [sit] 71. vision 
sight'less [sit'les] <z. blind 
sight'li-ness [sit'li-nesj n. comeliness 
sight'ly [sTt'ly] a. conspicuous 
sig-moid'al [sig-moid'alla. likean"S" 
sign I -in] 7t. token 
sig'nal (sig'nall a. notable 
sig'nal-ize (naliz) v.t. to distinguish 
sig'nal-ly [sig'n<il-ly] arft/. eminently 
sig'na-ture [na-tur] «. name or sign 
sig'net [signet] «.aseal 
sig-nif i-cance [nirikans] «. import 
sig-nif'i-cant [kunt] a. important 
sig ni-fi-ca'tion [sig'ni-fi-ka'shun] «. 
sig'ni-fied [ni-fid]/./. of "signify" 
sig'ni-fy [slg'ni'fi] v.t. to express 
Sign-or' [sen-yor'l ft.7n. Italian for Mr. 
Sign-o'ra tral«./.Itaiian Madam.Mrs. 
Sign-o're [ri] «.«;. title of respect, Sir 
Sign-0-ri'na [sen'yire'na] n.f. Italian 
si'lence [sTkns] «. stillness [Miss 

si'lent [si'l<'nt! a. still 
si-le'si-a [st-le'shi-a] n. coarse linen 
si'lex [si'leks] 71. flint [black 

silhou-ette' [sll'ooet'] «. portrait in 
silk [silk] 71. fine soft thread 
silk'i-ness [sllk'ines] n. silky quality 


J ^ 


V K 





silk'weed' (silk'wed'i ». aplant 
silk'worm' [silk'wQrm] n. 
silk'y Isilk'yl .7 soft 
sill [sil] K. threshold 

sil'li-ness [sH-linesi n. folly 

sil'ly [sillyj a. simple [van 

sil'van (sirv<m] <i. woody: same as syl- 
sil'ver [silver] «. a metal (silver 

sil'ver-ware' l-uar] «. dishes made of 
Sil'ver-y (sir very) ,1. bright 
sim'i-lar [slmiierl n. like 
sim i-lar'i-ty l-lar'ltyj «. likeness 
sim'i-le [sim'IlJl «. similitude 
sim'mer (simmerl Z'.i, to boil gently 
sim'o-nyl Sim '6-ny I « -church corruption 
si-moom' fsr-moom'J «. hot, dry wind 
sim'per [slm'per] n. a silly smile 
sim'ple Isim'p'l] <T. plain fson 

sim'ple-ton [ilmpMtun) k. silly per- 
sim-plic'i-ty [ plisl-tyj «. plainness 
sim'pli-fy [ pit fi) r.e. to make clear 
sim'ply (sim'ply) (Ki'z'. plainly; only 
sim U-la'crum [ u-la'krum] n. sem- 
sim'u-late[-u-latJi'./-to assume [blance 
si mul-ta'ne-OUS [si'mul-tS'nS-QsJa- at 
sin [sin I >t. transgression [same time 
since [sins] arf;'. before now 
sin-cere' (sin-ser'i a. true 
sin-cer'i-ty [sln-ser'l-tyl «. honesty 
sine [sin] «. mathematical term 
si'ne-cure[si'ne-ki}r|<;. office with little 
sin'ew [sln'ij] n. tendon [work 

sin'ew-y [sm'ii-y] a. strong 
sin'ful [sinfijll a. wickeil 
sing [sing] z'.i. to utter musical sounds 
singe [sinj] zj.i. to scorch 
sin'gle [sing'g'l 1 a. one only 
sin'gle-tree' [tre J »;. pert, to harness 
sin'gly [sing'glyl (rnfz'. individually 
sing'song' [sing'sOng'l ij. drawling 
sin'gu-lar [sing'gu-ler] rt. uncommon 
sin gu-lar'i-ty [lar'i-tji w.oddness 
sin'is-ter [sinister] a.evil; left hand 
sink [singk] v.i. to lower 
sin'less Isln'les] a. innocent 
sin'ner Isln'ner] ft. an offender 
sin u-os'i-ty IsIn'Q-Os'i-ty) «- a curve 
sin'u-OUS [sin u-us] <?. crooked 
si'nus [sinus] «. a bending fdians 

Sioux [suo] «. sitij,'. and//, tribe of In- 
sip [sip] Z'.t. to taste 
si'phon [si'fon] «. bent tube 
sir [ser] M. a title 

Sir-dar' [scr-dar'l >i.a Hindostan chief 
sire [sir] >!. a father 
si'ren [siren] «. a fascinating woman 
Sir'i-U8 [slr'I-Os] >/. the dog star 
sir'loin' [ser'loin] it. loin of l)eef 
si-roc'oo [st-rOkkS] It. a hot » ind 
sir'rah [sir'ra] u.s. term of contempt 
sir'up [sir'upl «. same as "syrup" 
sis'ter (sister] «. a relationship 
sis'ter-hood' (-h55d'] «. society 
sis'ter-in-law' [ inial «. 





^^ ^ 



'^— A, 





sit (sit) v.i. to occupy a seat 
site I sit] n. a situation 
sit'u-a ted (slt'u-5ted)>(i>-/. placed 
sit U-a'tion [sifQ-a'shunJ «. place 
sicz'bath' [sits'ba/A'l n. hip bath 
Si'va [^e'v.i) 11. Hindoo avenger god 
Si'van [sivSn] «. third Jewish month 
si'win Isewin] n. same as "sewen" 
six IsTks] a. twice three 
six'teen' (siks'ten'l a. six and ten 
Six'ty Isiks'tyj a. six times ten 
siz'a-ble |siza-b'li a. good size 
si'zar [si'zer] n. free student 
size [^iz| n. bulk: thin glue 
siz'ing Isiz'ing] «. weak glue 
siz'zle (biz'z'lj -d.i. to fry- 
skate [skat) v. to move on skates 
ske-dad'dle (skf-dad'dli -u.i. to flee 
skein [skanl n. reeled yarn 
skel'e-ton [skelf-tunj n. framework 
skel'ter [skel'ter] 'd.t. to hurry 
skep'tic Iskeptik) n. a doubter 
skep'tic-al (skeptl-k<il) a. doubting 

skep'ti-cism [sizm] «. doubt 
sketch [skSch) K. draught 
skew |sku| 7'. to move obliquely 
skew'er |sku'er| «. wooden pin 
skid [skid] n. a wagon clog; drag 
skiff Isktt 1 K. a boat 
skillea Iskild] a. expert 
skill 1 skill ).-. ability 
skil'let [skil'letl K. a kitchen vessel 
skill'ful [skll'full a. expert 
skim I skim I 'j.t. to glide over 
skimp [skimp] u.t. to do carelessly 
skim'mer Isklm'nier] «. a utensil 
skin (skin) H.hide 
skin'deep' [-dep'l a. superficial 
skin'flinf Iskln'flinfl n. a miser 
skin'ny [skin ny] a- wanting flesh 
skip Iskip] -'.t. to omit; to bound [sel 
skip'per [skip'perj n. master of a vcs- 
skir'mish [sker mish] n. a fight 
skirt [skertl «. edge; article of dress 
skit'tish [Sklt'tish] a. shy 
skit'tles [skitt'lzl a game 
ski'ver [ski'ver) «. split leather 
skulk [skulk] v.i. to lurk 
skull [skQl] H. part of the head 
skunk [skungk] « an animal 
sky [ski] H. the firmament ling 

sky'larking [larking] j^ar/. carous- 
sky'lighf [ski'lit'l It. window in roof 
sky'rock et [rOk'ct] «. a firework 
slab [slSb] n. a flat stone 
slab'ber [slOb'ber] -v.i. to drool 
slack [slik] a. loose 
slack'en [slak'n] v. to abate 
slag [sISg] «. metal dross fsley" 

slaie [sla] «. weaver's reed. Same as 
slake [slak] v.t. to quench 
slam [slam] v.t. to bang 
slan'der [slander] «. defamation 
slan'der-er [slanderer] «. adefamer 

r iS f^ 


^7 .r^->, 




an'der-OUS [sl5nder-as] a. malicious 

ang (slSng) >i. low language 

ant [slant] «. a slope 

ap Islap] ■:•./. to strike 

ap'dash' [slSp'dash'] a. at random 

ash h'ish] V. to cut 

at (slStl «. a narrow strip 

ate (slat) H. stone 

at'ing [slat'ingl n. slate material 

att [sl.1t] >t. stone veneer 

at'tern [slat'teml «. a sloven 

augh'ter [sla'ter] It. butchery 

ave [Slav] v.i. to drudge 

av'er-y [slSv'er-y] «. bondage 

av'ish [slSv'Ish] a. servile 

avs [slavz] «.//. people of N. Europe 

av'ic [sliv'lk] a. Slavonic 

ay [sla] -■./. to kill 

ea'zy (sle'zj'J a. flimsy 

ed [sled] «. vehicle with runners 

edge [sl^j] «, a hammer 

eek [slek] a. glossy 

eek'ly [slek'lyj adv. smoothly 

eep [slep] n. slumber 

eep'er [slep'erl «. slumberer; sleeping 
,eep'i-ly [slep'l-lyj a<fx'. drowsily [car 

eep'less-ness [-les-nes] a. not sleepy 

eep'y [slep'yj a. drowsy 

eet [slet] It. cold rain or hail 

eeve [slev] «. arm cover 

eigh [slS] It. a vehicle 

eight [slit] It. artful trick 

en'der [slen'der] a. slight 

euth'hound' [slu/A'hound'] K.blood- 

ew [slu]/./. did slay [hound 

ey [!:IiJ It' w'eaver's reed; same as 
lice [slis] K. a thin cut "slaie" 

lick [silk] a. smooth 
lide [slid] T/.j. toslip 
slight [slitj It. neglect 
lim [slim] a. slender 
lime [slim] It. viscous mud 
iim'y [slim'5'1 a. of nature of slime 
ling [sling] ■v.t. to throw 
link [sllngk] v.i. to steal away 
lip [slip] v.i. to slide 
lip'per [slipper] It. a light shoe 
lip'per-y t-y] a. smooth 
lip'shod [slip' shod] a. careless in dress 
it [slit] f./. to cut 
liv'er [sllv'er] It. a splinter 
■oat [slot] «.aslat 
.ob'ber-y [slab'ber-y] a. wet 
loe [sir,] It. a British shrub 
lo'gan [slo'gan] K. Scotch war-cry 
loop [sICTop] It. a vessel 
lop [slup] v.f. to spill carelessly 
lope [slop] v.t. to slant 
lop'ing [slop'Ing] a. inclining 
lop'py [slOp'py] a. spattered 

lot (slcjtl It. a slit 
loth [slo//i] «. laziness; an animal 
loth'ful (slO/A'ful) a. lazy 
louoh [slouch] ^■./. to hang 

r r^ ^ ^ 


r\^r\. r\_ 

£..d C\^g.. 




slough [sloul n. a miry place 
slough [sluf ] «. serpents cast-off skin 
slov'en [sluv'i-n] «. a slattern 
slov'en-li-ness [li-nes] >i. untidiness 
slov'en-ly [slQvVn-ly] adv. untidily 
slow (slol a. inactive 
slue [slu] V. to slide twistedly 
slug [slug] «. sluggard 
slug'gard [slug'gerd] n. a drone 
slug'gish [slug'gish] a. slow 
sluice [slQsl n. a floodgate 
slum [slum ] «. a vile place 
slum'ber [slQm'ber] -v.i. to sleep 
slum'ming [slflm'ming] /./>-. visiting 
slump [slump! v.i. to sink [the slums 
slur [slur] v.t. to traduce 
slush [slOsh] n. soft mud 
sly [sli]rt. wily 

smack [smak] n. a kiss; a sailing vessel 
small [small a. little; mean 
small'pox' [smal'pOks'l n. a disease 
smalt [smalt] n. a blue pigment 
smart [smart] v.i. to feel a lively pain 
smart'ly [smart'ly] adv. keenly 
smash [smash] v.t. to break to pieces 
smat'ter [smat'ter] v.t. to babble 
smat'ter-ing[-ing]?i. slight knowledge 
smear [smer] -v.t. to daub 
smell [sm6l] H. scent 
smelt [smSltl H. a kind of fish 
smelt'ing [-ingl/./>-. melting ore 
smi'Iax [smiiaks] «. a trailing plant 
smick'er [smik'er] v.i. to smirk 
smile [smil] v.i. to laugh silently 
smirch [smerch] v.t. to cloud 
smirk [smerk] 71. a forced smile 
smite [smit] v.t. to strike 
smith \%w.\th\ n. blacksmith 
smith'er-eens' [smith'er-enz'] «.//. 
smit'ten [smit fn]/./. struck 
smock [smOk] «. a chemise 
smoke [smok] «. fume; visible vapor 
smok'y [smok'y] a. hazy; fumid 
smol'der [smol'der] v.i. to burn slowly 
smooth [smooth] a. not rough 
smooth'bore' [bor' ] a. not rifled 
smooth'ly [smooth'ly] rtrft'. evenly 
smoth'er [smuth'erj v.t. to suffocate 
smouch [smooch] v.t. to soil 
smudge [smuj] «.ablot 
smug'gle [smug'g'l] v.t. to evade duty 
smu^'gler [smuggler] «. 
smut [smut] v.t. to stain: to sully 
smut'ti-ly [smut'ti-ly] adv. foully 
smut'ty [smut'ty] a. obscene 
snack [snak] n. hasty repast 
snag [snSg] v.t. to injure 
snail [snal] n. a slimy moUusk 
snake [snSk] «. serpent 
snak'y [snSk'y] a. deceitful 
snake'stone' [-ston'l k. Scotch hone 
snap [snap] v.t. to break 
snap'pish (snip'plsh] a. peevish 
snare [snSr] v.t. to entrap 










snarl [snarl] v.t. to growl 

snatch tsnadi] -v.t. to twitch 

snath [snath] >i. handle of a scythe 

sneak [snek] v.i. to crouch 

sneer [sner] v.l. to scoff [from nose 

sneeze [snez] I'.i. to eject air violently 

snick'er [snlk'er] v.i. to laugh slyly 

sniff [snif ] f.i. to snuff 

snip [snip] v.t. to cut off 

snipe [snip] n. a bird 

sniv'el [sniv"l] v.i. to cry weakly 

snob [snCb] «. a vulgar person 

snob'bish [snOb'bish] a. pretentious 

snooze [snoozl v.i. to doze 

snore [snor] «. a nasal noise 

snort [snort] k. noise made by horse 

snout [snout] «. nose of a beast 

snow [sno] «. frozen vapor 

snow'y [sno'yl a. spotless 

snub [snub] v.t. to rebuke 

snuff [snuf ] v.t. to sniff 

snurfle [snaffl] «. nasal twang 

snug [inugl a. close; compact 

snug'gle [snug'gU v.i. to nestle 

SO [so] adv. in that manner 

soak [sok] v.t. to drench 

soap [sop] «. washing material 

soap'stone' [sop'ston] «. talc 

soar [sor] v.i. to mount 

sob [sOb] v.i. to cry 

so'ber [sober] a. grave; steady 

SO-bri'e-ty [sC-bri'S-tyJ k. temperance 

so briquet* [s4'brS'k4'] «. a nickname 

SO cia-bil'i-ty [so'sha-bil'i-ty) «. 

so'cia-ble [sO'sha-b'l] a. accessible 

so'cia-bly [so sha-bly] adv. familiarly 

so'cial [s5'sh(7l] a. friendly [society 

BO'cial-ism [so'sh<jl-iz'm]«. doctrine ol 

so'cial-ist [s5'sh<?l-istl «. 

so cial-is'tic [soshal-Is'tik] a. 

SO-ci'e-ty [sS-si'c-ty] n. company 

sock [sok] K. short stocking 

sock'et [sSk'et] K. a receptacle 

sod [audi K. turf 

Eo'da [so'da] «. a chemical 

so-dal'i-ty [s6-dari-ty] «. a fraternity 

sod'den (s6d'd'n] a. saturated 

sod'dy [sOd'dyl a. turfy 

so'di-um {so'dl-Om] «. a metal 

so'fa [so' fa] «. a long seat 

soft [sc^ft] a. yielding 

soft'en [sOf'n] v.t. to make soft 

soft'ly [sOft'lyl aav. gently 

BOg'gy [sOg'gil a. soaked 

soil [soil] «■ dirt 

soiree' [swa'ra') «. a party 

so'joum [so'jCim] v.i. to tarry 

sol'ace [sorSs] n. comfort in grief 

SO'lar isO'lcr] a. of the sun 

sold [sold]/./, of "sell", did sell 

Bol'der [sftd'cr] «. metallic alloy 

sol'dier [sal'jer] «. a warrior 

80l'dier-ly [IJ] a. brave 

sole [bOlJ u. bottom; .1. alone 




\V ^ 

zJ <sy eJ e/ 

_^ f 

.(1 a- c 




sol'e-cism (sOl'4-sIz'nil n. syntax mis 
Sole'lylsol' singly; alone [take 
sol'emn [si'trem] a. serious [ness 

SO-lem'ni-ty [s6-lem'nl-ty] «. serious- 
sol'em-ni-za'tion [sorem-ni-zs'shuni 
sol'em-nizeis(jrem-niz]f./. to celebrate 
so'len-oid Uo'lcn-oiil) n. 
sol fa' Uul'la'] «. the gamut 
sol'fe-ri'no [sSl'fa-re'nO) «. pink color 
SO-lio'it (sOlisit] v.t. to ask earnestly 
SO-lic-i-ta'tion [I-ta'shun' n. request 
SO-lic'it-or [iter] «. one who solicits 
SO-lic'i-tous [us] a. concerned 
SO-lic'i-tude [sO-lis'i-tud] 71. anxiety 
sol'ld Isorid] a. hard [ship 

sol'i-dar'i-ty [sorr-dar'i-ty] «. fellow- 
SO-lid'i-fy [s61id'l-fij v.t. to harden 
SO-lid'i-ty [sS-lid'I-tyl «. density 
so-lil'o-quize [so-lil'S-kwizl v.i. 
SO-lil'o-quy [s6-lil'6-kwy] n. talk to self 
sol'i-ped [sal'i-ped] n. 
sol i-taire' [sisri-tar'l k. preciousstone 
sol'i-ta-ry [sorf-ts-ry] a. lonely 
sol'i-tude Isol'i-tud] n. loneliness 
so'lo [so'16] 71. one voice 
sol'stice [sOl'stls] «. astronomical term 
sol'u-ble (sSl'u-b'l] a. may he dissolved 
SO-lu'tion [sS-lu'shun] n. explanation 
solv'a-ble [s6lv'a-b'l] a. can be solved 
solve [solv] v.t. toexplain; toget result 
sol'ven-cy [s6l'v«n-sy] «. ability to pay 
sol'vent [sOl'vi-nt] a, able to pay 
som'ber [s6m'ber] a gloomy 
some [sum] a. not much 
some'bod-y [siim'bod-y] n. some person 
some'how' [sum'hou'] ao'z'. some way 
som'er-sault [sum'er-saltl n. a leap 
some'thing [sum7/;Ing] n. apart 
some'time' [sum'tlm'l adv. once 
S0me'what'[sum'hw6t'] «. more or less 
some'where' [-hw4r'] adv. someplace 
som-nam'bu-lism (sOm-nam'bi-llz'm] 
som-nam'bu-list [list] w. sleepwalker 
som-nif ic(sOm-nif IkJ<!. inducing sleep 
som'no-lence [-no-lcns] «. sleepiness 
som'no-lent [Unt] <i. sleepy 
son [sun] n. a male child 
SO-na'ta [sOn-na'ta] 71. music 
song [sOng] 71. a ballad 
song'ster [ster] k. a singing bird 
song' stress [sires] «./. 
son'in-laW [sun'inla'J k. 
SOn'net [s6n'netl 7t. a poem 
so-no'rous[s6-no'rus)£i. yielding sound 
soon [soon] adv. speedily 
soot [soot] «. black ashes 
sooth [soo/;i) 71. truth 
soothe [si3oth] v.t. to pacify 
SOOth'say'er[sooth'sa'er]K. a foreteller 
SOOt'i ness [soot'i-nes] k. foulness 
soot'y [siSot'y] a. foul with soot 
sop [s6p] 71. anything steeped 
soph'ism (s6f iz m] K. a fallacy 
SOpb'ist [sOf 1st] «. deceiver 

r a / o 


rv _A.__(V.r 

<s~^ < 

^ ^ 

ji_y "^^—l 




so-phis'ti-cal [so-fls'tl-)c«lI a. 
so-phis'ti-cate [-kat] v.t. to corrupt 
soph'ist-ry fiOflst-rj] «. 
soph'o-more [sOf 6-m5r] n. second year 
sop o-rifici s6p'4-rlf Ik ]a.causing sleep 
SO-pra'no [sOprri'nS] n. the treble 
sor'cer-er Isor'serer] H. a conjurer 
sor'cer-ess (es) «.y. female sorcerer 
sor'cer-y [s6r'ser-y] k. magic 
sor'did [sor'dld] a. vile 
sore |sor] <!. tender to the touch 
sore'ly [sor'ly] aifv. grevioubly [cane 
sor'ghum [s6r'guml tt. Chinese sugar 
sor'rel [sc5r'rell «. a; <i. a color 
sor'ri-ly [si">r'ri-lyl nrfz'. poorly 
So-ro'sis [sB-ro'sisl k. a woman's club 
sor'row [sSr'ri] k. grief 
sor'row-ful [sOrrO-fijll a. sad 
sor'ry [sOr'ryl «. grieved 
sort [sort] H. species 
sor'tie [sSr'tS] «. a sally 
so'so' [so'so'l a. tolerable; passable 
sot |sot] >i. habitual drunkard 
sot'tish [sfit'tish] a. drunken [tone 

sot'to voce [sot'tS vo'chS I //. in under- 
soil [sijol >!. acoin; the French cent 
soubrette' [suij'bret'l ;;. a lady's maid 
soubri-quet' [siio'brS-kS'lw. nickname 
SOU-chongf' [s<x)-sh6ng'l K. kind of tea 
sough l>Lif I H. roar of winder sea 
soul Isoll K. spirit 
soul'less [sol'Ies] a. mean 
sound [sound] v. to make a noise 
sound (sound) ti. that which is heard 
sound (soundl a. stable; safe; secure 
sound'ness [nesl «. solidity 
soup [sixipl !/. broth 
sour [sour] a. tart 
source (sr.rsl «• spring; origin 
sour'crouf [sour'krout] ii. 
souse [sous] •v.f. to plunge in water 
south (south) H. opp. to north 
south-east' [south-east) a. 
South'ern [sQth'ern] a. from the South 
sou ve-nir' [soo'vf-ner'l K. keepsake 
SCv'er-eign [suverln) >;. monarch 
sov'er-eign'ty [suv'er-in'ty] «. 
sow [sou] «. female hog 
Spa [spa] n. mineral-water spring 
space fspis] ft. room 
spa'cious [spa'shus] a. roomy 
spade [sp5d] «. digging tool 
spal'peen [spal'penl «. a scamp 
span (sii.'in) K. a team [discs 

span'gles [sping'g'lz] «. small shiny 
Span'iard(span'yerd)«. one from Spain 
span'iel [spSn'yel] n. a dog 
Span'ish [span'Ish] a. of Spain 
spank [spangk] v.e. to slap 
spar [sparj K. a mineral; v.i. to box 
spare (spSr) a. scant 
spare'rib' [spir'rrb'J ». porlc 
spar'ing (sparing) a. saving 
spark [spark] n. particle of fire 

C O 






spar'kle [spiir'k'I] v. to glisten 
spar'row [spar'ro] «. a bird 
spar'row-grass' [-gras'J a. asparagus 
sparse [spars] a. thinly 
spar'tan [spar' tan] a. undaunterl 
spasm [spaz'm] n. cramp |sive 

spas-mod'io [spSz -mod'Ik] a. convul- 
spat [ipat] n. a U(tle quarrel 
Spat'ter [spat'ter] v.t. to soil 
spat'u-la [spat'il-la] n. palette knife 
spav'in'rn] ?;. a horse disease 
spawn (span) «. fish eggs 
spay [spS] I'.t. to castrate 
speak Isjiek] T.i. to talk 
speak'a-ble [sijOk'a-b'l] a. oral 
speak'er [spOkerJ n. a chairman 
spear [sperl n. lance 
spear'mint' [sper'mlnt'] n-heto 
spe'cial [spesh'all a. specific 

spe'ci-al'i-ty [spcsh'i-ai'i-tyi k. 
spe'cial-ty [spesh'al-ty] «. 
spe'cie [spe'shi] «. coin 
spe'cies [spe'shezl «. s. and//, a sort 
spe-cif ic [sp4 sif 'ik] a. definite 
spe-cif ic-al-ly [slfi-kal-lyl adz'. 
spec i-fi-ca'tion [spcs'I-fl-ka'shun] ;;. 

spec'i-fied [spes'i-fid]/./. 
spec'i-fy [spes'i-fi] v. to designate 
spec'i-men [spes'I-m^n] ?;. sample 
spe'cious [spe'shus] a. plausible 
speck fspekj 3t. a spot 
spec'kle [spek'k'lj v.t. to spot 
spec'ta-cle [spSk'ta-k'l] ji.s. show 
spec'ta-cles [-ta-k'lz] n />l. eye-glasses 
spec-tac'u-lar lspek-tak'a-ler](Z. showy 
spec-ta'tor [spek-ta'ter] «. an observe 
spec'tre [spek'ter] «. a phantom 
spec'tro-scope [-trO-skop] ;;. optical in 
spec'trum L-trum] ?;.scaleoflightcolor 
Spec'u-latet-u-lStl7'. tomeditate; tobuy 
cpeC'U-la'tion[-shfm| »;. c.intemplation 
spec'u-la-tive I^l.Ck'u■la■tiv] a. ideal 
spec'u-la'tor [-u-la'tCrJ n. a theorist 
spec'u-lum [spek'u-lQm] n. a reflector 
speech Ispech] ?<. an address 
speech'i-fy [spSch'i-filx'.e. to harangue 
speech'less [spech'les] a. dumb 
speed [sped] t'-i to make haste 
speed'i-ly [sped'l-lyj adv. quickly 
spell I spell n. charm 
spell'er [spel'er] «. spelling book 
spend [spendl I'.t. to part with 
spend'thrift [spend' thrift' iH. prodigal 
sper'ma-ce'ti [sper'ma-se'tl] «. whale 
spew [spu] v.t. to vomit [wax 

sphere [sfer] k. a globe 
spher'ic-al [sfcr'i-kal] a. like a sphere 
Sphe'roid [sfe'roidj n. flattened sphere 
sphinx [sfingksl ii. a fabulous monster 
Spic-ca'to [spjk-ka'ti] a. pointed notes 
spice [spis] n. sauce flavors I in music 
spi'cy [spi'syl a. pungent; smart 
spi'der [spr'der] k. an insect 







spig'ot [spTg-'ut] >i. cask peg 
spike Ispik] )(. a large nail | plant 

spike'nard ispik'nardl «. an aromatic 
spile [spil] «. cask vent peg 
spill [spil] v./. to shed 
spin [spin] ■I'./, to whirl fgreens 

spin'ach [spin'Sj] «. a plant used for 
spi'nal [spi'n<>l) a. vertebral 
spin'dle [spln'd'll «. shaft; arbor 
spin'dling l spm'dling j a. tall and slen- 
spine [spinl w. backbone Ider 

spin'et [spinet] «. small harpsichord 
spin'ner [spln'ner] 11. m. one who spins 
spin'na-ker [na-kerlw. three-cornered 
spin'ster Ispln'ster) «. a maiden [sail 
spin'stxessispln'streslw.y. woman who 
spi'ral [spi r.?ll a. windings [spins 

spire I spirj K. a steeple 
spir'it Ispir'it] a. life 
spir'it-less [spir'U-les] a. dejected 
spir'it-u-al (splr'l t-d-al | a. not material 
spir'it-u-al-ism [Izni] k. a doctrine 
spir'it-u-al-ist [spirit-u-al-istl «. 
spir it-u-al'i-ty [al'i-tyl «. purity 
spir'it-u-al-ize[-Tt-ii-(il-!z]z'./. to refine 
spir'it-u-al-ly [spir'rt-ii-iil-ly| aiii: 
spir'it-u-OUS [splr'it'u-us] a. ardent 
spit l-^pit] >:. saliva 
spitch'cocked' fspich'kekt'l a. 
spite l^pit) >:. grudge 
spite'ful (splt'ful I n. malignant 
spit'fire' [splt'firj «. a violent person 
spit'tle t^P't't'll «. saliva 
spit-toon' [spit-toon' ) >t. a cuspidor 
spitz'dog' [sprtz'dSg' [ «. breed of dogs 
splash [bplash] v.i. to spatter 
splash'y [-y] a. wet and muddy 
splay'foot' [spla'footj «. flat foot 
spleen [^.plenl >i. an organ; ill humor 
spleen'y [ yl a. peevish 
splen'dent [splen'dmtl a. shining 
splen'did [splendid j «. magnificent 
splen'dor [splen'derl n brilliancy 
splen'e-tic [splen'4-tlkl a. fretful 
splice [spllsl v.i. to join 
splint [splintl «. piece split off 
splin'ter [splln'terl k. a sliver 
split [split] T/.i. to burst 
splurge [splfirj 1 H. bluster 
splut'ter(splflttcrlf .1. to speak hastily 
spoil [spoil 1 x'-/. to ruin 
spoke [spok] K. ray of wheel 
spo'li-ate [spo'll-at] v. to plunder 
spo li-a'tion (-a'shun] k. robbery 
sponge [spunjli'. to wipe; k. a protozoan 
spon'ger [spun'jer] K. a hanger-on 
spon'gi-ness [-jl-n6s] «. porousness 
spon'gy [spunj yl a. soft; elastic 
spon'sor [spon'serl h. surety 
spon ta-ne'i-ty [sp&n'ta-ne'i-tji «. 
spon-ta'ne-OUS [-as] a. voluntary 
spook [ spiKik I «. an apparition 
spool ( spool I t'.t. to wind 
spoon (spoon) H. a utensil 

\ \ 





Spoon'ey [spoon yl a. foolishly fond 
' spoon'ful [spoon fii'l K. full spoon 
SpO-rad'io [spS-radlk] a. single 
spore [sporj H. a minute germ 
sport [sport] ;i. amusement 
sport'ful [■-port'fql] a. frolicsome 
sport'ive (spr.rt'lvj a. gay 
sports'man [sports'man] «. a hunter 
spot [spot] n. a blot 
Spot'leSS [spst'les] a. pure 
spouse [spouz] «. a married person 
spout [spout] "v.i, to spurt 
sprain [spran] ^.i. to strain 
sprat [sprat] w. small herring 
sprawl [spral] -v.i. to spread 
spray [spra] «. a twig; water 
spread [spred] -v.t. to scatter 
spread'ea gle [egl] a. bombastic 
spree [sprej «. a carousal 
sprig [sprig] K. a twig 
spright [sprit] «. a spirit 
spright'li-ness [Unas] «. briskness 
spright'ly [sprit'ly] a. lively 
spring [spring] ■v.i. to leap 
springe [sprTnj] «. a snare jity 

spring'i-ness [sprlng'i-nes] «. elastic- 
Spring'y [springy] a. elastic 
sprink'le (sprink'lj v.t. toscatterover 
sprink'ler [-ler] n. a watering pot 
sprink'Ung [Mngl/ar/. scattering 
sprint [sprint] z'.i. to run 
sprite [sprit] «. a fairy 
sprout [sproutl «. shoot of a plant 
spruce [sprus] a. neat 
spry [spri] a. nimble 
spume [spurn] «. foam 
spunk [spungk] ft. spirit 
spur [spCir] v.t. to hasten 
Spu'ri-OUS [spQ'rl-us] a. false 
spurn [spiirn] v.t. to reject 
spurt [spQrt]«.ajet 
sput'ter [spatter] v.i. to utter hastily 
sput'ter-er [-er] k. a fast talker 
spy [spi] v.t. to espy 
squab'ble [skwOb'VI] v.i. to dispute 
squad [skwod] «. small party 
squad'ron [skwSd'run] ». a fleet 
squal'id [skwol'ld] a. foul 
squall [skwal] k. sudden violent wind 
squa'lor [skwa'lor] n. filthiness 
squan'der [skwen'der] v.t. to waste 
square [skwar] a. even; exact 
squash [skwOsh] «. a vegetable 
squat [skwot] V. to stoop; to settle 
squat'ter [skwSt'ter] n. unlawful set- 
Squaw [skwal It. Indian woman Itler 
squeak [skwek] «. sharp shrill cry 
squeal [skwel] v.i. to cry 
squeam'ish [skwem'Ish] a. dainty 
squeeze [skwez] v.l. to press closely 
squelch [skwelch] v.t. to silence 
squib [skwib]«.wittyessay; fire-cracker 
squil'gee [skwil'jS] n. rubber scraper 
squint [skwint] v.i. to look obliquely 


"^ '^ 


'^ - Vo^ 


V - n 





squire [skwir] «. a magistrate 
squirm [skwerm] z'.z. to wriggle 
squir-rel [skwer'rel] k. an animal 
squirt [bkwertj ti. ajet 
stab [stab] 7'./. to pierce fLatin hymn 
Sta'bat Ma'ter [sta'batma'ter] u /.. 
sta-bil'i-ty [sta-hll'l-tyj k. firmness 
Sta'ble [sti'b'l] «. stall; a. fixed 
stack [stakl 71. pile; chimney 
stac-ca'to [stak-ka't6] a. disconnected 
stad'dle [stad'd'l] «. a prop 
staff [staf] >i. a support 
stag t^tag] K. male red deer 
stag^e [staj] h. a platform 
stag'ger [ stag'ger] v.i. to reel 
stag'gers [stag'gerzj «.//, a horse dis- 
Sta'ging fsta'jing] K. platform [ease 
stag'nant [stag'nnnt] «. motionless 
stag'nate [stagnst] t.z. to stop 
stag-na'tion [stag-na'shQn] «. torpor 
staid [stad] <7. sober; steady 
stain [itan] ■;■.;■. to discolor 
Stain'less [stan'les] a. spotless 
stair [star] h. a step 
stake [stak] «. -wager: post Tposit 

Sta-lac'tite [sta-lak'tit] «. cave roof de- 
sta-lag'mite [stalag'mit] «. cave floor 
stale [stall 17. not new [deposit 

stalk [stak] >;. stem of a plant [tense 
stalk'ing-horse' [ing-hors] «.apre- 
stall [stal] «.a stable division 
Stal'lion [stSIyun] H. a male horse 
stal'wart [stol'wert] o. brave 
stam'i-na [stam'I-na] «.//. vigor [er 
Sta'men [sta'men]H male organ of flow- 
Stam'mer [stam'mer] v.i. to stutter 
stamp [stamp] t./. to impress 
stam'pede [stamped] «. panic 
stanch [stanch] a. steadfast 
stan'chion [stan'shun] «. a prop 
stand [stand] f.i. to stop 
Stand'ard [stand'erd] k. model 
stand'ing [standing] «. rank 
stand'point' [stand'point'] «. position 
8tan'nel[stan'nel]«. stone yeller; a bird 
stan'nic [stan'ik] a. containing tin 
Stan'za [stanza] «. part of poem 
Sta'ple [sta'p'l] K. chief traffic 
star [star] «. a heavenly body [of ship 
Star'board' [-bord] «. right-hand side 
starch [starch] v. to stiffen 
starch'ly [starch'lyj adv. stifliy 
starch'y [starch'yj a. stiff 
stare [stare] v.t. to gaze at 
stark [stark] a. stiff; rigid 
star'ling [star'llng] «. a bird; a fish 
star' ry[star'rji<j. many stars [withstars 
8tar'span'gled[-spang'gl'd] II. studded 
start [start] 7'. to move suddenly 

star-va'tion [star-va'shon] n. 

starve [stlrv) v.i. to famish 
Starve'ling [-ling] «. one who hungers 
state [stat] v.t. to narrate 
Stat'ed [siat'ed] «. regular 


v-^I ( 





.. P P 




state'house't-hous'] «. a state capitol 
state'li-ness [stat'lI-nSs] «. grandeur 
state'ly [stat'ly] a. grand 
State'ment [stat'ment] n. an account 
state'room' [-room'] «. a cabin room 
states'man [stats'man] «. a politician 
stat'ics [stat'Iks] h. science of force 
sta'tion [sta'shOn] V. to set; k. a depot 
sta'tion-a-ry [-i-ry] «. fixed 
Sta'tion-cr t-er] n. a paper merchant 
sta'tion-or-y [-cry] «. pa^cr. ink, etc. 
Sta-tis'tic3[sta-tts'tlks] n.fl. facts 
Stat'u-a-ry [stlt'O-a-ry] n statues 
Stat'ue [stat'll] n. an image 
stat'u-ette' [stat'o-et'] ». small statue 
stat'ure [stst'ijr] «. h^i^ht 
Sta'tus [sti'tus] K.Z. condition 
stat'ute [stSt'ijt] n. a Uv 
stat'u-to-ry [stat'S-tJ-ryi a. 
staunch [stancb]<». strong; firm 
stave [stav] ■v.t. to burst in 
stay [stS] II. tor-main 
stead'fast [stjd'i-st] a. firm 

Stead'i-ly [stJd'I-ly] adv. firmly 
stead'i-nCSS [storings] «. firmness 
stead'y [stid'y] a. Uxa. 
steak [stik] «. slice of beef 
steal [stci] v.t. to s'licvc 
stealth tst5l//2] «. secret act 
Stealth'i-ly [My] adv. slyly 
stealtVi-ncss [-I-n--:;] ? . secrecy 
Stealth'y [stelz/j'y] a. sly 
steam [stem] ??. vapor 
steam'on'gine [stem'6n'jin] «. 
steam'or [stem'er] n. a steamship 
Steed [bted] «, a horse [stance 

Ste'a-rin [ste'a-rdij ». hard fatty sub- 
ste'a-tite [ste'a-tit] «. soapstone 
steel [stel] K. hardened iron 
Steel'y [stel'y] a. hard 
steel'yard \<-,\.-l yard] k. a balance 
steep [step] rt. precipitous 
stee'ple [ste'p'l] n. aspire 
Steer [ster] v.t. to guide 
steer'age [ster'sj] ?i guidance 
stem [stem] 11. the main stock 
stench [stench] n. a bad smell 
Sten'cil [sten'sll] n. printing pattern 
ste-nog'ra-pher [stSnSg'rafer] n. 

sten'o-graph'ic [sten'S-graf'ik] a. 
ste-nog'ra-phy [stS-nSg'ra-fy] n. 
sten-to'ri-an [sten-ts'ri-an] a. loud 
step [step] v.i. to pace 
Step'broth'er [step'brQth'er] 71. 
Step'child' [step'child'] n. 

step'daugh'ter [step'da'ter] «. 
step'fa'ther [step'fa'ther] n. 
step'moth er [step'mflth'er] «. 
steppe (stf].] ;;. elevated plateau 
step'ping-stone' [step'ping-ston'] «. 
ste're-op'ti-con [ste'rS-6p'ti-k6n] k. 
ste're-o-scope [ste'rS-6-skop] n. 
8tere-0-8C0p'ic [ste'rS-6-sk6p'lk] a. 
ste're-0-type[ste'rS-6-tip)fi. fixed type 


f- l-h; 





[ L 

Ster'ile [ster'il) a. barren [ 

Ste-ril'i-ty [sti-rrli-tyj «. barrenness o^^- os^x-| c^ ^^ 
ster'ling [ster'lingl n. genuine; pure Y Y | J <^ 

stern [stern] a. unfeeling (^ 

ster'num [ster'niJm] k. the breastbone 
ster'to-rous [ster'tO-rQs] rt. snoring 
stet [st6t] L. -■. let it stand 
steth'o-scope [ste^/j'S-skop] k. 
ste've-dore' [sts'vc-dor'] >t. dock hand 
stew [stu] z\t to boil 
Stew'ard [stu'erd] «. a manager f trust 
stew'ard-ship [ship] «. an office of 
stick [stik] f./. to pierce 
stick'i-ness [stlk'ines] n. tenacity 
stie'kle [stik'k'l] I'.i. to contest 
Stic'kler [stik'kler] k. obstinate fellow 

stick'y [stik'y] a. gluey 
Stiff[5tifl<?. firm 
stifiPen [stif 'nl '^'.t. to make stiff 
stififnecked' [stJf'nekt'] a. stubborn 
sti'fle [sti'fl] v.t. to smother 
Stig'ma [stlg'ma] n. a brand 
Stig'ma-tize [stlg'ma-tiz] v.t. to brand 
stile [stil] u. steps on a fence 
sti-let'to [sti-let'to] It. a dagger 
still [still a. quiet; ?i. adistillery 
still'born' [stil'born'l a. dead at birth 
still'house' [stil'hous'] «. distillery 
still'hunt' (stil'hunt'] «. quiet search 
Still'ness [stU'nesl «. quietness 
still'y [stil'y] a. still; silent 
Stilt [stilt] K. a crutch 
stilt'ed [stilt'ed] <r. elevated; pompous 
stim'u-lant [stlm'u-l<int)«. an excitant 
Stira'u-late [stlm'ii-latl z.t. to incit 
stim u-la'tion [stim'u-la'shijni >i. 
Stim'u-la-tive [stim'ii-la-tiv] a.stirring 
Stim'u-lus [stim'Q-lus] «. an incentive 
sting [^ting] >i. sharp pain 
sting'y [sting'y] a. able to sting 
stin'gy tstln'jy] a. miserly 
stink (stlngk] «. an offensive smell 
stint [stint] 11. a limit 
sti'pend [stipend] «. wages [of pay 
stip'ple[stip'pl)T'./. to engrave by dots 
Stip'u-late (stip u-lat] ■:'. to bargain 
stip u-la'tion[-ia'shQn] agreement 

stir [ster] T.l. to move 

stir'ring [ster'rlng] a. exciting [ding 

Stir'a-bout' [ster'a-bout'j «. hasty pud- 

stir'rup [ster'rQp] ?(. saddle ring 

stitch [-.tlch] -v-l. to sew 

stive ( s tiv ] v.t. to crowd around 

Stoai [stot] K. an animal 

Stock [,t6k] H. supply 

stock ade' (id'l n. a barrier [stocks 

Stock'broker [broker] h. dealer in 

stock'ex-change' (-eks-chanj'] «. 

stock'hold er [lisld'er] «. 

stock'ing [stoking] «. foot covering 

stock'Job ber [jCb'bcrl «. a broker 

stock'man' [-.tMk'man'l «. a herdsman 

Stock'still' [stOk'stll'] a. perfectly sti'.l 

cTW L cr-/--. 



/ [ f ^ 





stock'y [stok'y] a. stout 
Sto'ic [sto'ik] «. unfeeling person 
Sto'i-cism [ i-sizm] n. impassiveness 
Stok'er [stok'er] K. a fireman 
Stole[st5l]« vestment; •:•. to have taken 
Stol'id [stSl'Id] <z. stupid [tion 

Stom'ach [stum'ak] n. organ of diges- 
Stone [ston] «. mineral 
Stone'blind' [ston'blind'] a. quite blind 
Stone'cold' fston'kold'] a. very cold 
stone'cufter [-kut'ter]M. stone dresser 
Stone'dead' [ston'ded'] a. quite dead 
stone'deaf [ston'def] a. quite deaf 
stone'heart'ed [stSn'hart'ed] a. cruel 
stone'still' [stsn'stll'] a. not moving 
stone'ware' [war'] «. potters ware 
stone's'throw tstonz'cAro'] k. 
ston'i-ness [ston'I-nes] ?j. hardness 
ston'y [ston'y] a. hard 
stool [stoolj n. a seat 
stoop [stoop] V. to bend over 
Stop (stop] V. to cease 
stop'cock' [st0p'k6k']«. a faucet 
stop'page [stop'psj] k. a check 
stop'per [stsp'per] K. a cork 
Stop'ple [stdp'p'l] n. a stopper 
Stor'age [stor'aj] «. cost of storing 
Sto'rax [sto'raks] «. resin 
store [stor] n. a warehouse; stock 
Store'house' [hous'] «. repository 
Store'keep er [kep'er] n. a merchant 
sto'ried [storid] a. told in story 
stork [stork] 71. a bird 
storm [storm] n. rain [condition 

storm'i-ness [l-nes] «. tempestuous 
Storm'y [stormy] a. violent 
sto'ry [sto'ry-] n. a tale 
Sto'ry-book' (book'] n. book of stories 
sto'ry-tell'er (tel'ler] n. a narrator 
stout [stout] a. muscular 
Stout'hearted [hiirt'ed] a. courageous 
Stout'ness [stout'nesj n. strength 
stove [sto\'] n. place for fire 
stow [sto] z'.t to lay up 
stow'a-way' [sts'a-wS'] n. ahider 
stra-bis'mus[stra-biz'mus]?!. cross-eye 
Strad'dle [strSd'd'l] ^'.z. to part the legs 
Strag'gle [strag'g'l] v.i. to rove 
strag'gler [straggler] n. a rambler 
straight [strat] n. without bend 
straight'en [strat"n] v.t. \est 

straightfor'ward [for'werd] a. hon- 
straight'way' [strat'wa'] arfw. atonce 
strain [stran] v.t. to filter 
Strain'er [stran'er] n. a sieve 
strait [strat] a. narrow 
Strait'en [strat"n] ■v.t. to make narrow 
strait'laced' [strat'last'] a. stiff 
strand [strand] -v.t. to run ashore 
strange [stranj] a. queer 
Strang'er [stranj'er] n. a guest 
Stran'gle [string'g'ljT'.^. to choke 
stran' gu-la'tion[5trang'gu-la'shun]«. 
strap [strap] «. long narrow strip 







Strat'a-gem [5trat'a-jSml «. artifice 
Strat'e-gist [strat'S-jistl «. deviser 
Strat'e-gy [strat'S-jyl «. generalship 
strat'i-fy [-l-fi] -^^.t. to form in layers 
stra'tum [stra'tum] n. rock bed 
straw [stra] !t. stalk of grain 
straw'ber'ry [stra'ber'ryj «. a berry 
stray [stra| v.i. to rove 
streak [strek] «. stripe 
streak'y [strek'y] a. striped 
stream [strSm] v.i. to flow 
stream'er [strem'er] n. a pennant 
stream'let (strem'letl «. a rivulet 
street [stret] >i. a road 
street'walk er[-wak'erl«. a prostitute 
strength [streng//i] «. force 
strength'en [-'nl I'.t. to fortify 
stren'u-OUS [stren'u-Qs] a. zealous 
stress [stresl H pressure 
stretch [strech] -j.t. to strain 
Stretch'er [strech'erl «. a litter 
strew [stru] -v.t. to scatter 
strick'en [strik"nl/./>. of "strike" 
Strict [strlkt] a. exact 
strict'ure [strlkt'iir] «. censure 
stride [strid] n. a long step 
Strife [strif 1 n. contention 
strike [strik) -'.l. to hit 
Strik'ing (strik'lngj a. impressive 
string [string] h. slender cord 
strin'gen-cy [strm'j<rn-sy] n. tightness 
strin'gent [strin'j^nt] a. severe 
string'y [strlng'yl a. ropy 
strip [strip] v.t. to peel 
stripe [strip! "■ a line 
strip'ling [strlp'lingl n. a lad 
strive [striv] ~\i. to endeavor 
stroke [strok] k. a blow 
stroll [strol] v.i. to roam 
strong [strong] a. muscular 
strong'hold' [-hold] k. a fortress 
strop [strop] K. a strap 
struct'ur-al [strukfiir-al] a. form of 
Struct'ure [strijkt'ilr] «. a building 
Strug'gle [strug'g'l] v.i. to endeavor 
strug'gler [strug'gler] tt. a striver 
strum'pet [stram'pet] h. a prostitute 
strut [strut] >i. a pompous step 
strych'nine [strik'nln])!. a poison drug 
stub [stub] V.I. to strike against 
Stub'ble [stub'b'l] «. grain stumps 
stub'born [stob'bern] a. obstinate 
stub'by [stob'by] a. short and thick 
stuc'co [stuk'ki] n. plaster 
stuck'up' [stfik'up" a. arrogant 
stud [stud] v.t. to adorn 
Btu'dent [stuVUnt] «. a scholar 
stud'ied [stiJd'Idl a. well considered 
stu'di-o (stu'dl-4l K. artist's room 
stu'di-ous [stQ'dl-Qsl a. diligent 
stud'y [stdd'J] v.i. to learn 
stuff [stuf ] v. to cram 
stuffing (stfiringi K. filling 
6lul'ti-iy[sttirtl-f !]f ./. to make foolish 



W L 1 

\ _^ f 





Stum'ble [stOmbl] v.t. to trip 

stum'bling-block' [biingbiak'] «. 

stump [stump] «.astub 
Stun [stun] v.t. to daze 
stunt (stunt] -■./. to dwarf 
stu pe-fac'tion [stupSfak'shOnl «• 
stu'pe-fy (stu'pf-fij z'.t. to make dull 
Stu-pen'dous [sta-pen'dus] a. wonder- 
Stu'pid (stu'pidi a. very dull |ful 

stu-pid'i-ty [stu-pid'I-t>l «. dullness 
stu'por [stupOr] n. numbness 
Stur'di-ly [stur dl-ly] a,1v. stoutly 

stur'di-ness [stur'dl-nes] «. stoutness 
Stur'dy [stur'dy] <?. hardy 
stur'geon [stur'jun] n. a fish 
Stut'ter [stut'ter] f. (t. and i) 
sty [sti] ;:. a pen for swine; a boil 
style [stil ] >!. manner: a pen 
styl'ish [stn'ish] 17. genteel 
styp'tlC [stfp'tik] a. stopping bleeding 
sua'sion [swa'zhunl «. persuasion 
suave [swav] a. pleasant 
suav'i-ty [swav'I-ty] n. agreeableness 
sub [sub] prefix meaning toider 
sub-al'tern [sub-al'tern] a. inferior 
subdi-vide' [dr-vld'] v. to redivide 
sub'di-vis'ion [sub'df-vizh'On] n 
sub-due' [sub'da'l 'u.t. to conquer 
sub-ed'i-tor [subed'I-ter] n. 
sub-ja'cent [ja'sfntj a. lying under 
sub-ject' (sub-jekt'] ■v.t. to subdue 
sub'ject [sub'jek^] n. theme 
Sub-jec'tion [-jek'shun] n. conquest 
sub-.jec'tive (sOb-jek'tlv] a. 
sub'ject-mat ter [sub'jekt-mat'ter] «. 
sub-join' [sub-join'J ■v.t. to annex 
sub'ju-gate [-ju-gSt] v.t. to subdue 
sub ju-ga'tion [ga'shOn] n. rule 
Sub-junc'tive [jungk'tivl a. 
sub-let' [sub-let'J w./ to underlet 
sub'li-mate [-ll-mat] v t. to refine 
sub li-ma'tion [ma'shun] «. elevation 
sub-lime' (sOb-lim'] a. grand 
sub-lim'i-ty [sOb-lIm'i-tj'] ?;. grandeur 
sub'lu-na-rj t-lu-nS-ry] a. earthly 
sub'ma-rine'[-ma-ren'jff. under the sea 
sub-merge' [sub-merj') v.t. to flood 
sub-mis'sion [mlsh'un] n. obedience 
sub-mis'sive [mis'siv] a. humble 
sub-mit' [ submit' J v.t. to yield to 
sub-or'di-nate [or'di-nat] v.t. 
sub-or di-na'tion [ns'shun] «. foath 
sub-orn' [sflb-orn'l v.t. to lead to false 
sub-poe'na [sub-pe'na] v.t. to summon 
sub-scribe' |sub-skrib'j v. to sign 
sub-scrib'er [sub-skrib'Sr] n. 
sub-scrip'tion [-skrlpshun] n. pledge 
sub se-quent [-sS-kw^ntj a. later 
sub-serve' (sub-serv'l v.t. to promote 
sub-serv'i-ent [-l-fnt] a. subject to 
sub-side' [sOb-std'I v.i. to sink 
sub-sid'i-a-ry [sld'l-i-ry] a. helping 
sub'si-dize [ sidizj v.t. to aid 
sub'si-dy [sub'sl-dy] n. tribute; aid 

.-V-V--\ \ 




sub-sist' [suh-sist'l zi.i. to live 
sub-sist'ence l-t-ns] «. livelihood 
sub'stance (sub'st^nsl h. material 
sub-stan'tial [stan'shalj a. solid; real 
sub-stan'ti-ate [sub-stan'shi-sti z'.i. 
Eub'stan-tive [substan-tiv] «. a noun 
sub'stl-tute l',ub'stl-tut) «. exchange 
sub sti-tu'tion [-tu'shun] «. proxy 
sub-stra'tum (strS'tum] ti. thesubso 
sub'ter-fuge [sub'ter-fuj] «. evasion 
sub ter-ra'ne-ous [ra'nS-us] a. unclei 
sub'tile (sub' til) a. thin [ground 

sub'tle [sut"ll a. sly; artful 
sub'tle-ty lsut"l-ty] «. cunning 
sub'tly Isut'lyl adv. slyly 
sub-tract' [sub-trakf] v.t. totakefrom 
sub-trac'tion [-trak'shunl«. deduction 
sub'urb (suburb] n. outskirt [city 

sub-ur'ban (sub-ur'bunl a. around the 
sub-vene' [sub-ven'l v.i. to happen 
sub-ven'tion [-ven'shun] «. support 
sub-ver'sion [ver'shOn] K. overthrow 
sub-vert' [sub-vert' l 'j.t. to destroy 

sub'way [sub'ws] «. 

SUC-ceed' [sCik-sed' ] '■. to follow; to win 
SUC-cess' [siik-ses'l >t. favorable issue 
SUC-cess'ful [suk-ses'ful] a. fortunate 
SUC-ces'sion [sesh'un] k. following 
suc-ces'sive [-ses'slv] a. unbroken 
suc-ces'sor ( sesser] n. follower 
SUC-cinct' (suk-slngkt'] a. concise 
SUC'cor [suk'ker] f.t. to help (beans 
SUC'co-tash (s(lk'k*tashl n. com and 
suc'cu-lent [suk'ku-U-nt] a. juicy 
SUC-cumb' (suk-kuml v.i. to yield 
such [buch] a. of that kina 
suck CsukJ ^.i. to absorb 
SUCk'er l -erl k. a fish; that which sucks 
SUCk'le [suk'k'l] iKt. to nurse 
suck'ling [suk'ling] n. young at breast 
SUC'tion [suk'shun] >i. drawing 
SUd'den [sud'den] a. abrupt 
suds [sudz] «.//. soap and water 
sue (su) V.I. to prosecute 
Su'et (su'et) ti. the hard animal fat 
suffer [suffer] V. to have pain 
suffer-a-ble (a-b'l] a. tolerable 
suf fer-ance [-.ins] «. endurance 
suffer-er (suf fer-er] K. one in pain 
suffer-ing [ing] n. distress 
suf-fice' (suffiz'l v.t. to content 
8uf-fi'cien-cy [sQf-flsh'«n-sy| «. 
suf-fi'cient [-fut] a. enough flable 

suffix Isufflks] n. added letter or syl- 
suf fo-cate (suffA-kat)?'. to smother 
suf fo-ca'tion ( ka'slmn] «. a stifling 
suf fra-gan (sarfra-g.m] a. assistant 
suffrage [buffrdj] >/. a vote 
suf fra-gist [sof'frijlstl «. voter 
suf-fuse' [saifoz'l v.i. to overspread 
suf-fu'sion[fa' overspread- 
SUg'ar (shoTjg'er] v.t. to sweeten [ing 
sug'ar-cane' (kan'i «- aplant 
SUg'ar-y [shoog'er-Jj a. sweet 




SUg-gest'[sug:-j6st'] vj. to hint 
sug-ges'tion [-jes chOn] «. intimation 
sug-ges'tive (jest'iv) a. 

SU i-ei'dal [su'Isi'dnl] a. self-killing 
su'i-cide [su'l-sld] n. self-murder 
suit (silt) n. set of clothes 
suit'a-ble [sOt'a-b'l] a. proper 
suit'a-bly [sut'a-bly] ad'o. fitly 
suite (swet) «. a set of rooms 
suit'or (sut'er) «. a lover 
sulk'i-ly [sulk'My] adv. sullenly 
sulk'i-ness [sQlk'l-nes] n. suUenness 
sulks [sulks] a sulky mood 
sulk'y [sulk'y] a. sullen; n. road cart 
sul'len [sul'lcn] a. cross 
sul'ly [sul'ly] -v.t. to soil 
sul'phate [sQI'fat] n. a salt 
sul'phur [sul'fur] n. brimstone 
sul'phu-rous (sQl'fur-fls] a. of sulphur 
sul'phur-y [-y] a. like sulphur 
Sul'tan [sul'tffn] n. Turkish ruler 
sul'tri-ness [tri-nes] n. close cond. of 
sul'try [sul'try] a. hot and moist [air 
sum [sum] n. amount total 
SU'mac [su mak] «. a shrub ftra 

Su-ma'tran [soo-ma'trrtn] <7. ofSuma- 
sum'ma-ri-ly [sum'mari-lyl adv. 
sum'ma-ry [ry] n. a summing-up 
sum'mer Isum'mer) n. a season 
sum'mit [sflm'mlt] ;;. the top 
sum'raon [sum'mun] v.t. to notify 
sum'mons [sum'munz] n.s. a legal call 
sump'tu a-ry [sQmp'tu-S-ry] a. 
sump'tu-ous [sump'tu-us] a. costly 
sun [sun] n. the luminous orb 
Sun'beam' [bem] «. sun-ray 
sun'burn' [-bQm'] n. tan 
Sun'day [da] n. first day of week 
sun'der [sun'der] v.t. to part 
sun'down' [sun'down'] «. sunset 
sun'dries [sfln'drlz] 7t.pi. variety 
sun'dry [sun'dry] a. several 
sun'flow'er [sun'flou'er] n. a plant 
sun'ny [sun'ny] <2. bright (the sun 

sun'rise [sun'riz] 71. first appearace of 
sun'shin'y [sOn'shmy] a. clear 
sup [sup] v.t. to sip \over 

SU'per [su'per] prefix signifying above, 
su'per-a-ble [-a-b'l] a. surmountable 
SU per-a-bun'dance [-a-bon'dans] «. 
super-a-bun'dant [-dant] a. 
su'per-an'nu-ate [-an'nu-at] k. andK 
SU-perb' [superb'] a. grand 
su'per-car'go [su'per-kar'gi] n. 
su'per-cil'i-ous [sil'f-us] a. hauty 
su'per-fi'cial [fish'al] a. shallow 
SU'per-fi'cies [flsh'ez] n. surface 
su'per-fine (fin) a. very fine 
su'per-flu'i-ty [-flu'i-ty] n. excess 
su-per'flu-ous [flu-us] a useless 
su'per-heat ( het] v.t. to overheat 
su'per-hu'man [hu'man] a. divine 
super-in-tend' (su'per-ln-tsnd'] I'.t. 
super-in-tend'enoe [-ens] ;;. care 

/ C J.-^- 

^ ^ 




su per-in-tend'ent [fntl k. overseer 
SU-pe'ri-or l-u-pe'ri-er] a. greater 
su-pe ri-or'i-ty [-dr't-tyl «. excellence 
su-per'la-tive [sa-pei'lativj a. 
su per-lu'nar Uuper-lu'ner) a. | 

su-per'nallsQ-perncill.i. of things above 
su per-nat'u-ral [super-nat'a-r<jl) a. 
su per-nu'mer-a-ry [-nu'nier-s-ri) a. 
su-per-er o-ga'tion [er'Sga'shun] «. 
su per-scribe' [ skrib'l t.l. to write on 
su per-scrip'tion (-scrlp'shunl k. 
su per-sede' [ >>ed) -v.t. to replace 
su per-sti'tion [-stish'an] «. 
su per-sti'tious [stish'Osl a. 
su per-struc'tion t-struk'shan] «. 
su per-struct'ure [ur] n. 
su'per-vene'[-ven'j v.i. to happen 
su per-vise' [su'per-viz'lc-.c. to inspect 
su per-vis'ion C-vizh'un] >i. charge 
su per-vis'or [viz'erl »<. overseer 
SU-pine' [supln] a. negligent 
sup'per hupper] »<. evening meal 
sup-plant' [sup-plant] x./. to remove 
sup'ple l'>upp'n a. pliant fdition 

sup'ple-ment [supplj-ment] k. an ad- 
sup'ple-ment [ment] v.t. to add 
sup ple-men'ta-ry [men'tarjl a. 
sup'pli-ant ( pli-<int] a. beseeching 
sup'pli-cant [kcznt] ". a petitioner 
sup'pli-cate [kat] '•.■.(. toentreat 
sup pli-ca'tion [ka'shunl It. entreaty 
sup'pli-ca-to-ry [-kati-ry] a. humble 
sup-ply' [sup-pli'l ^'.Z. to furnish 
sup-port' (iup-port'J ■v.t. to maintain 
sup-port'er [er] «. an adherent 
sup-pos'a-ble [sup-poz'a-b"l] a. 
sup-pose' [sup-poz'I t'.t. to imagine 
sup'po-si'tion [pfizish'un] k. 
sup-press' [sup-pres' 1 %'.t. to quell 
sup-pres'sion [presh'fln] «. overthrow 
SUp-press'or [pres'er] «. captor [pus 
sup'pu-rate [purSt] v.i. to generate 
8U-prem'a-cy (sQ-prema-sy] «. rule 
8U-preme' [su-prem'J a. utmost 
sur-cease' tsur-ses'] «. cessation 
sur-charge' [charj'l v. to overload 
sur'cin gle [sur'slng'g'l] «. girth 
sur [sOr] prefix meaning over, above 
surd [surd] k. hard element of speech 
sure l>>!iurl a certain 
sure'ty [shitr'tyl ii. abondsman 
surf [surf ] n. swell of the sea 
sur'face' [sur'fSs'l «. outside face 
sur'feit [surfltj «. excess in eating 
surge (surjl H. swell 
sur'geon [sdrjOn] «. doctor 
sur'ger-y [jer-y] «. manual healing 
sur'gi-cal sOrjI-ka!] a. 
sur'loin' (sflr'loin'l k. loin of beef 
Bur'li-est [-ll-sst) a. super!, of "surly" 
sur'ly [sCir'I5'l <i- ill-natured 
sur-raise' (s(Jrmiz'| v. to guess 
BUr-mount' (sOrmount'l f.f. to rise 
sur-mount'a-ble la-b'l) <j. l above 

\ \ 





SUr'name' (sfir'nam'l «. family name 
sur-pass' [sur-pas'l i>.t. to outdo 
sur-pass'a-ble ( h-b'l] a. 
sur'plice [sur'plis] n. priest's robe 
sur'plus [sCir'plusl k. the excess 
sur-prise' [sur-priz') n. astonishment 
sur-ren'c'er [sur-ren'derl v.t. to yield 
SUr rep-ti'tioUS [sur'rep-tlsh'us] a. 
sur'ro-gate [sur'rfi gat] 71. officer 
sur-round' [ -round' ] v.l. to encircle 
sur-sol'id [sur-sOl'Id] n. 5th power 
sur-tout' [sur-toot'l «. overcoat 
sur-veil'lance [sfir-varydnsi «. watch 
sur-vey' [sur-vS'l I'.t. to overlook 
sur-vey'or [-er) n. land measurer 
sur-viv'al [sur-viv'ol] k. an outliving 
Sur-vive' [sur-viv'] v.t. to outlive 

sus-cepti-bil'i-ty [-sep'ti-bii'r-tyi «. 
sus-cep'ti-ble [sus-ssp'ti-bl] a. 
SUS-pect' [sus-pekf] v.t. to surmise 
SUS-pend' [sus-pend'l z' I. to delay 
SUS-pend'er [-erl n. braces 
SUS-pense' [-pens'] h. uncertainty 
SUS-pen'sion [pen'shun] ;;. delay 
sus-pen'so-ry [sS-ry] «. a truss 
SUS-pi'cion [sus-plsh'un] ;;. mistrust 
SUS-pi'cioUS [-shus] a. distrustful 
sus-tain' [bus-tan' ]•:'./. to support 
SUS-tain'a-ble (-a-b'l) <j. bearable 
sus'te-nance [tf-nans] ». food 
Sut'ler [sut'ler] «. armypeddler fing 
sut-tee'tsuf te']«. Hindoo widow burn- 
su'tra [suu'tra] n. Hindoo literature 
su'tvjre[su'tiir])i .wound stitching; seam 
su'ze-rain [su'zf-rSn] «. superior lord 
swab [swOb] «. a mop 
S'wad'dle [swOd'd'lJ v.t. to bind about 

swag'ger [swag ger] v.i. to boast 

swain [swSn] n. a rustic lover 
swale [swal] n. low.wet land 
swal'low [swal'lS] h. a swift-flying bird 
swamp [swOmp] ;(. spongy land 
swamp'y [swSmp'y] a. spongy 
swan [sw5nj n. a large web-footed bird 
swap [sw6pl v.t. to exchange 
sward [sward] n. turf 
swarm [sw.rrm] ■;■.;. to throng 
swarth'i-ness [swar//;'i-nes] k. 
SWarth'y [swar/Zz'y] a. dusky 
swash [swOsh] n. splash 
swath [swa/A] n. sweep of a scythe 
sway [sw5] "v.i. to move 
swear [swir] v.t. to be profane 
sweat [swet] -J.i. to perspire 
sweat'y [-yl <i. moist 
Swed'ish [swed'ish] a. from Sweden 
swee'ny [swe-ny] n. a horse disease 
sweep [swepl I'./ to brush 
sweep'stake' [swep'stak'] «. 
sweet [swet] a. not sour 
Sweet'en [swet"n] T.t. to make sweet 
sweet'heart' [-hart'] n. lover or mis- 
sweet'meat'[-met'l«. a preserve [tress 
swell [swel] v.i to dilate 









swell'ing [swering] «. a tumor rheat 
Swel'ter [-ter] v. to be oppressed with 
Swelt'ry [swelt'ry] 17. su'itry 
swerve [swerv] Z'.i. to deviate 
swift (swtftl <?. rapid; t:. a bird 
swift'ness 1-nesI «. rapidity 
swig [-wig-l »(. a lung- draught 
swill IswU] f.t. to inebriate 
swim [swim] -•.!. to float 
swim'raing-ly (Insj-Iyl adv. smoothly 
swin'dle [swin'd"!) ^^.t. to cheat 
swin'dler [swin'dlei | «. a rogue 
swine [sninl «.■ s. a hog: //. hogs 
swing [swingl -'.i. to vibrate 
swirl Iswerll I. (/.and I.) to whirl 
switch [swichl f. to lash; n. a lash 
swiv'el [swiv'MI f. to revolve 
swoU'en [swor'n)/./. of "swell" 
swoon [swoon] XM. to faint 
swoop (swoop] f. to fall on and seize 
sword Isord] «. a weapon 
sword'fish' [-fish'] >:. 
syc'a-more [sika-mcSr] «. a tree 
syc'o-phant [^Ilc'S-funt] «. a flatterer 
sy'e-nite [sfS-nit] «. a rock [lables 
syl-lab'ic [sll-Iib'Ik] a. relating to syl- 
syl-lab i-ca'tion [sil-labi-ka'shun] «. 
syl'la-ble [silla-b'l] «. part of word 
syl'la-bus[ -bus ]«. abstract of discourse 
s.yl'lo-gism [-l4-jizm] «. 
sylph Isflf ) «. a kind of fairy 
Syl'van [silvan] a. forestlike 
syn-, sym- prefixes meaning with 
Sym'bol [sim bSl] It. a type 
Sym-bol'ic (slm-bSlikl a. typical 
sym'bol-ism [iz'm] n. 
sym'bol-ize [iz] v.i. to typify 
sym-met'ric-al [sim-metri-kal] a. 
sym'me-try l-mf-trj) «. regularity 
sym pa-thet'ic [pa-thSt'lk] a. tender 
sym'pa-thet'ic-al-ly [-i-kal-ly] adzi. 
sym'pa-thize [-thiz] v.i. to agree 
sym'pa-thy [//ly] «. compassion 
sym'pho-ny (5lm'f4-nyl ». harmony 
sym-po'si-um [-p4'sl-um] «. a feast 
symp'tom IsUnp'tum] k. a sign 
syn'chro-nise [singkro-niz] v.i. 
syn'co-pe [sing'ki-pS] n. a fainting 
syn'dic (sin dik] «. an official 
syn-ec'do-che [sln-ek'd4-kc) «. a trope 
syn'di-cate [-dikdtj «. an association 
syn'od [sin'ud] «. a church council 
8yn'o-nym[-4-nIm ]«. equivalent word 
syn-on'y-moU8 [-On'I-mfls] a. identical 
syn-op'sis [Op'slsJ «. a general view 
syn'tax [sln'taks] «. apart of grammar 
syn'the-sis [sinVA4-sisl «. 
8yph'i-li8[siri-lls)K. a venereal disease 
sy-rin'ga [5l-rlng' n. a bushy shrub 
syr'inge [sir'inj] n. a hand pump 
syr'up [sir'op] k. sweet juice 
sys'tem [sls'tfim] n. method 
sya'tem-at'ic [-at'lk] a. methodical 

6-^ tS~^/ 


SYS 27< 

sys'tem-a-tize f-a-tlz) ^.t. to regulate 
Sys'to-le [sis't5-lc] n. contraction 
Syz'y-gy [stzl-jy] n. a point in orbit 


tab [tib] ;;. a tag- 
tab'by [tah'byl n. a brindled cat 
tab'er-na-cle [tab'er-na-k'l] «. 
tab'la-ture [tab'la-tur] k. painting 
ta'ble [ta'h'l] «. apiece of furniture 
tab'leau' [tab'lo'] ?;. living picture 
ta'ble-cloth' [ta'b'l-kloth'J n. 
ta'ble d'hote [ta'bl'dat) tt. an ordinary 
ta'ble-land' [ta'b'l-land'J k. a plateau 
ta'ble-spoon[ta'b'l-spoon]«. big spoon 
ta'ble-spoonful [-spoon'ful] «. 
tab'let [tablet] n. a lozenge 

ta'ble-ware' [-war'] «. dishes 

ta-boo' [ta-boo'] '■. to forbid 
tab'ret [tab'ret];:. a musical instrument 
tab'u-lar [tab'u-ler] a. in schedule form 
tab'u-late [tsb'u-lat] -j.t. to shape 
tae'a-ma-hac[tak'a-ma-hak'J n. a tree 
ta-chom'e-ter [ta-kom'S-ter] k. 
ta-chyg'ra-phy [ta-klg'ra-fy] n. 
tac'it [tls'it] a. silent 
tac'i-turn [tas'I-tum] a. reserved 
tack [tak] v.t. to fasten 
tacked [takt]/(ir;. fastened 
tac'kle [tak'k'l] v.t. to seize 
tac'kling [tak'kling] n. harness 
tacks [taks] ;;.//. small nails 
tact [takt] «. readiness [verer 

tac-ti'cian [tak-tish'<zn] «. a maneu- 
tac'tics [tak'tlks] «. battle plans 
tad'pole' [tad'pol] n. young frog 
taf fe-ta [taf fe-ta] n. kind of silk 
taffrail [ral] «. stern railings 
taffy [taffy] n. candy 
tag [tag] n. label 
tag'rag' [tag'rSg'] «. the rabble 
tag'tail' [-tal'] n. a hanger on 
tail [tal] n. the end 
tail'board' [-bord']«. end board 
tai'lor [taler] n. clothier 
tai'lor-ess [-es] n.f. female tailor 
tail'piece' [tal'pes'] n. an appendage 
taint [tant] v.t. to corrupt 
taint'less [tant'les] a. pure 
take [tak] v.t. to seize 
take'off' [tak'df ] « an imitation 
take'up' [tak'up'] v. to tighten 
tak'ing [t&k'Ing] a. alluring 
talc [talk] K. a mineral 
tale [tal] «. a story 
tale'bear er [barer] «. a tattler 
tal'ent [tal <nt] «. ability 
tal'ent-ed [-ed] a. gifted mentally 
ta'les [ta IC-z] ;i.//. added jury 
tal'is-man [taliz-miin] 71. a charm 
tal'is-man'ic [-man'ik] a. magical 
talk [tak] n. converse 
talk'a-tive [a-tlv] a. garrulous 
talk'er [-er] n. a prattler 
tall [tal] a. high 


f- /" 

^ .__^ 





tal'low ttsrisl K. grease 
tal'low-y [tari6-y] a. greasy 

tal'lied [tariid]/>./. of ■"tally"' 
tal'ly [tiriyl z.e. to suit 
tal'ly-ho' [tal'Iy-ho'l h. a coach 
Tal'mud [talmudl «. Hebrew lawbook 
tal'on (t.ircin] «. claivofa foul 
tam'a-ble [tam'a-b"l] a. can be tamed 
tam'a-rind [tSm'a-rindl n. a tree 
tam'bour (tam'boor] >t. a tambourine 
tarn bour-ilie'(t5m'boor-en']«. a drum 
tame [tam] a. not wild 
tame'less t-lesl a. not tamable 
tamp [timp] z:/. to plug up 
tam'per [tamper] -•./. to meddle 
tan [tin] Z'.t. to brown 
tan'dem It&n'dem] aifK. horses in line 
tang 1 tang) »;. a relish; strong taste 
tan'gen-cy (tanjcn-sy) «. a contact 
tan'gent [-jt'nt);i. a line touching curve 
tan'ger-ine' [jer-en'lK. kind of orange 
tan gi-bil'i-ty (ji-brl'l-tyi n. 
tan'gi-ble [ji-b'l] a. palpable 
tan'gi-bly I ji-bly] aiiz: perceptibly 
tan'gle [ tSng'g'l] 7: to snarl 
tan'gly [tang'gly] a. intricate 
tank I t.'mgkj «. a cistern 
tan'nin [tan'nlnl n. an astringent 
tank'ard [tSngk'erdj »;. drinking-cup 
tan'ner [tanner] «. leather maker 
tan'ner-y [ner-yl «. house for tanning 
tan'sy [tan'zyl «. a bitter plant 
tan'ta-lize [tan'ta-lizl ■:•./. to tease 
tan'ta-mount [tantamount] a. 
tan'trum [tan'trflm] h. an ill humor 
tan'yard' [yard] «. tannery yard 
tap [tap] f.e. to rap lightly 
tape [tsp] «. band of cotton 
tape'line' [-lin] «. measuring line 
ta'per [tS'per] ;:. small wax candle 
tap'es-try (tapestry) «. hangings 
tape'worm [tsp'wurm] «. 
tap'house [tap'hous 1 «. a liquor store 
tap i-o'ca [tap'S-o'ka] u. food from cas- 
ta'pir ItS'per) /!. an animal [sava 

ta'pis 1 tapis] j:. table cover 
tap'room' (tap'room]«. a barroom 
tap'rOOf [rijof] >t. main root of tree 
tar I H. pitch; a sailor 
ta-ran'tu-la (ta-ran tula) k. a spider 
tar'di-ly [tar'dl-ly] adv. slowly 
tar'di-ness [tiir'dl-nSs) «. slowness 
tar'dy [tar'dy] a. slow 
tare Itir] «. a weed; an allowance 
tar'get [ target] k. a mark 
tar'gum [tiirgOm] « 
tar'ifFi tar'If ] k. duty on imports 
tar'la-tan [tSrla-tan] n. thin muslin 
tar'nish ItSr'nlsh) ^'. to soil 
tar-pau'lin I tSrpa'lIn ] >t. sailor hat 
tar'ry ltar'r5'] v.i. to stay behind 
tart M.irt] a. sour 
tar'tan | tar' tan] k. woolen cloth 
tar'tar (tar' tar) «. ill-tempered person 






tar-tar'icttar-tar'Ikla. an acid from tar 
tart'ly [tSrt'lyl adf. with acidity Ita; 
tart'ness [nes] «. quality of severity 
task [task] II. a lesson 
task'mas'terlmaste:! «. an oversee 
tas'sel [tas's'U >i. an ornament 
taste ttast] T.(. to try the flavor 
taste'ful [tast'fiill a. tasty 
taste'less [les] a. insipid 
tast'i-ly ttast'I-ly] adv. with good taste 
tast'y Itasfyl (7. elegant 
tat'ters [tafterzl «.//. rags 
tatter-de-mal'ion[ ■ terdS-mal'yun I « . 
tat'tle [tat't'll t.z. to prate 
tat'tler [ taf tlerl « . a gossiper 
tat- too' [ tat-too' 1 V. to mark the skin 
taught [tat]/./, of "teach", instructed 
taunt [tantl v.t. to revile 
taunt'ing-ly [Ing-Iyl adv. mockingly 
Tau'rus tta rusl n. a constellation 
taut Itat] a. stretched 
tau-toi'O-gy (ta-tol'e-jyl n. repetition 
tav'ern [tav'em] n. a hotel 
taw'dri-ly |ta'drl-ljl adv. gaudUy 
taw'dry [-dry] a. showy ornaments 
taw'ny Ita'nyl a. yellowish 
tax Itaks] «.duty 
tax'a-ble [-a-b'lj a. subject to duty 
tax-a'tion [-a'shun] ». assessment 
tax'i-der'mist itsks'i-der'mlstl h. em- 
tax'i-dermy [-myl«. Ibalmer 

tax'pay'er [paer] «. one who pays 
tea ( te] «. a beverage; supper [taxes 

teach [tech] t'. to instruct 
teach'a-ble [-a-bl] a. docile 
teach'er [-er] n. an instructor 
teach'ing [-tng] n. instruction 

tea'cup' [te'kup'i >i. 

teak [tek] II. an East India tree 

teal Itel] ;i. a kind of duck 

team ltem])/.J. two or more horses 

team'ster | tem'ster) n. a driver 

tea'pot' [te'pSt] n. a vessel for tea 

tear iter) n. fluid from the eyes 

tear'less l-les] a. unfeeling 

tease |tez] v./. to annoy 

tea'sel |te z I] ;;. aplant 

tea' spoon' [te'spijon] «. a small spoon 

tea'spoon'ful [ful] n. a fluid dram 

teat |tc-tl :t. the nipple 

tech'nic-al I tek'ni-k<Jl]<r characteristic 

techni-cal'i-ty [kal'i-ty] «. 

tech'nic-al-ly itek'ni-k<!l-ly| adv. 

tech-nol'o-gy (tek-nol o-jy) u. 

ted'der I tedder) n. hay spreader 

Te De'um Ite'de'um) Z. an old hymn 

te'di-OUS Ite'dl-us] a. wearisome 

te'di-um jte'dl-iiml >t. irksomeness 

teem (lem] •:■ /. toabound 

teens I tenz] n.p/. years 13 to 19 inch 

tee'ter [teter] v. (^ andi.l to seesaw 

teeth'ing Iteth'ing] «. cutting teeth 

tee-to'tal [te-to'tal] a. total 

tse-to'tal-er [-er] k. abstainer 





teg'u-ment f teg iS-mfnt| «. covering 
tel-au'to-graph [tel-a'tS-graf ) «. 
tel'e-gram (telf-gram] k. dispatch 
tei'e-graph [tcl'4-grafl «. 
tele-graph'ic [-graCikl a. signal [tor 
te-leg'ra-pher (tS-lSgra-ferJ «. opera- 
te-leg'ra-phy [fyl K. |ment 

tel'e-phone [tel'Sfonl «. sound instru- 
tel'e-scope [-skopl «. optical instrum't 
tel e-scop'ic [skCip'tk] a. farseeing 
tell [tel) Z'.r. to make known 
tell'er [tel'er] «. a bank officer 
tell'tale' [tel'tSl'l «. officious informer 
te-mer'i-ty Ite-mer'Ityl «. rashness 
tem'per [tcm'per] «. disposition 
tem'per-a-ment [a-m^nti « 
tem'per-ance [-.msl k. moderation 
tem'per-ate [-at] a. cool 
tem'per-a-ture [a-tur] «. state 
tem'pest [tempest] «. a storm 
tem-pes'tu-OUS [-pes't4-usl a. stormy 
tem'plar [ tem'pler] n. a Knight 
tem'ple [tim'p'U «. a church; an edifice 
tem'po-ral [tem'p6-ral) a. fleeting 
tem'po-ra-ry [ri-ry] a. transient 
tem'po-rize ttSm'pO-rlz] v.i. to delay 
tempt [triiit] -■./. to entice [ment 

temp-ta'tion [temp-ts'shun] k. allu 
tempt'er [temt'er] u. the devil 
ten [tenl <j. nine and one 
ten'a-ble f ten'a-bll a. defensible 
te-na'ci0U3 [tenSshus] a. firm 
te-nac'i-ty [tJ-nas'I-ty] «. firmness 
ten'an-cy [ten'.in-sy] >l. occupancy 
ten'ant [tcn'«ntl «. dweller 
ten'ant-less [-les] a. unoccupied 
tench [tench] >!. a freshwater fish 
tend [tend I ''. to watch; to move towards 
tend'en-cy [tend'cn-sy] «. inclination 
ten'der [ten'der] a. soft 
ten'der-heart'ed [ten'der-hart'ed] a. 
ten'der-loin' [loin'] «. a beefsteak 
ten'der-ness [nGs] «. kindness 
ten'don [tcndiin] «. a sinew 
ten'dril [tcn'dril] k. a shoot 
ten'e-ment [tenf-m^-nt] «. ahouse 
Ten'er-iffe' [ten'er-if] h. a Canary Is- 
ten'et [tcn'fit] «. opinion [land 

ten'fold' [tcn'fbld'l a. and adv. in tens 
ten'nis (ten'nls] >i. a game 
ten'on [ tin'un] fj. to fit into a mortise 
ten'on-saw' [-sa'l >i. saw with back 
ten'or [tC-n'er] n. music; general drift 
ten'pen-ny [tcnpcn-ny] a. a size of 
ten'pins' [tSn'plnz] k. a game tnails 
tense [tens] a. rigid; «. time of act 
ten'sile [ten'sll] a. ductile 
ten'sion [ten'shan] >i. stiffness 
ten'ai-ty [ton'sl-ty) «. tenseness 
tent It' nt] «. a pavilion [sect 

ten'ta-cle [tcn'tak'l] <i. feeler of an in- 
ten'ta-tive (t.'i-iiv] it. experimental 
ten'ter-hook' [ten'ter-hook'] n. 
tenth [ten/AJ «. tenth part 





te-nu'i-ty [tSnu Ityl ?/. thinness 
ten'u-OUS [ten'u-usj <j. slender 
ten'ure (ten'url n. a holding- 
tep'id [tepid] a. luke-warm 
ter'gi-ver-sa'tion [ji-ver-sa'shflnl n. 
term [term] »(. limit [woman 

ter'ma-gant [ter'ma-g-ant] n. scolding 

ter'mi-na-ble [tcr'mr-na-b'l] a. 
ter'mi-nal [ ti;r'mi-n<tl 1 a. ending 
ter'mi-nate (ternii-nat] -j.t. toend 
termj-na'tion [ns'shanj «. result 
ter'mi-nol'o-gy [nOl'S-jy] h. 
ter'mi-nus [-nus] n. a boundary; end 
terne'plate' [tcin'plst'l n. [level 

ter'race Iter'riis] ?;. a balcony; raised 
ter'ra cot ta [icr'ra kot'ta] ti. 
ter'rafirma [fer'mal /.. solid earth 
tar-ra'que-ous [ter-ra'kw4-Qs] a. 
tsr'ra-pin [-ra-pln] «. kind of tortoise 
ter-rene' [ter-rSn'] a. earthly 
ter-res'tri-al [ter-res'trl-al] a. pert, to 
ter'ri-ble [ter'n-b"!] a. awful [earth 
tDr'ri-er [ter'ri-er] «. a dog 
t3r-rif'ic [ter-riflk] a. dreadful 
t3r'ri-fied [ter'ri-fid] a. frightened 
ter'ri-fy [ter'rl-fi] v.t. to alarm 
ter-rig'e-nous [tcr-rlj'e-nus] a. 
terri-to'rj-al (ter'ri-to'ri-all a. 
ter'ri-to-ry [ter'ri-tS-ry] « district 
ter'ror [tcr'rerj 71. extreme fear 
terse [ters] a, concise [formation 

ter'ti-a-ry [ter'shi-S-ry] a. third geol. 

tes'sel-la'ted [tes'sei-iatsd] a. 

test [test] «. trial 
tes'ta-ment [tes'ta-mfntl n. a will 
testa-men'ta-ry [-men'ta-rjl a. 
tes-ta'tor [tes-ta'ter] n.m. bequeather 
tes-ta'trix [tes-tatriks] n.f. 
tes'ti-cle (tes'tl-k"l] n. male gland 
tes'ti-fied [tes'ti-fid]/./. 
tes'ti-fy [tes'ti-fi] -J.i. to give evidence 
tes'ti-ly [tes'ti-ly] adv. peevishly 
tes'ti-mo'ni-al [tes'ti-mo'ni-<jli n. 
tes'ti-mo-ny [-m6-ny] «. evidence 
tes'ty [tes'ty] a. fretful 
tet'a-nus [tct'a-nus] n. lockjaw 
tete-a-tete' [tat-a-tSt'] n. private talk 
teth'er [teth'cr] v.t. to confine 
tet'ra-gon [tet'ra-gOn] 71. 4-sided figure 
tet ra-he'dron [tet'ra-he'drOnl ». 
te'trarch [te'trark] k. petty king 
tet'ter [tetter] «. askin disease 
Teu-ton'io Itu-ten'rk] a. Germanic 
text [ tckst] 71. subject 
text'book' [book'] n. school book 
text'ile [tcks'til] a. woven 
text'ure [tekst'ir] 7i. thing woven 
tha'ler [t;i'ler] 7t. the German dollar 
than [than] C07ij. 
thane [.Vzin] k. old English title 
thank [.'/ilngk] Z'. to express gratitude 
thank'ful [fulj ,?. grateful 
thank'leSb [-les] a. ungrateful 
thanks'giving [giving] «. praise 


I— ^ t-— ^ l--^ V-y 





tha'ros (MSrOs]«. an American butter, 
that I that) pron.. a. conj. & adv. 1 fly 
thatch [c/iachi «. straw roofing 
thaw \!h5.\ v.i. to melt 
the I thf U tlie ) 1 thS 1 definite article 
the'a-ter [/■/le'a-ter] H. a play-house 
the-at'ri-cal [cAf-at'''- dramatic 
thee \\\\b\pron. obj. case of "thou"' 
theft K/teft] H. act of stealing 
their (tharl/roH. and a. of them 
the'ism l/Ae'Izin] ji.beliefinaGod 
the'ist U/:e ist] n. believer in theism 
them 1 thSmJ/roK. obi. case of "they " 
theme UAeml n. subject 
them-selves' \-%i\sz'\pron. 
then I then 1 conj. therefore 
thence l thensl«<i'i'. from that place [on 
thence'forth' | -forth' l arfi. from then 
thence for' ward [-for'werd] adv. 
the-oc'ra-cy |.'/;S.6k rasy] «. govt, by 
the-od'i-cy l.'/i4-od'l-sy| k. iGoil 

the-od'o-lite |.'/iJ-od6-liti k |vin.- 
the o-lo'gi-an |//;e'6-lo'jI.anl «. a di. 
the o-log'ic-al [ iftj'] a. 
the-ol'o-gy l-6l 6-jyl «. divinity 
the'o-rem l /;;e'6-rem I ". a rule 
the o-ret'ic-al IcAeS-rSt'i-krtll a. 
the'o-rize [rizl v.i. to speculate 
the'o-ry I/Ae'ft-rN-l »i. speculation 
the-os'o-phy |/''!S-fis'6.fyl n adoctrine 
ther a-peu'tic |/-/:era-pu'tikl a. 
ther a-peu'tics [tlks] «. healing art 
there uhf.r) adv. in that place 
there a-bout' l-.i-l.out'l adv. nearly 
there-after [ af terl adv. afterward 
there-at' I -at) adv. at that place 
there-by' |-ln'l that 
there-fore' [for' I adv. for that 
there-from' l-from'l adv. from that 
there-in' l-in ] adv. in that respect 
there-of 1 of 1 adv. of this 
there-on' l-sn] ,i<iv. on this 
there-to' \.\Tjz,\adv. to this 
there up-on' [-up-an'l adv. at once 
there-with' [ with] adv. with that 
ther'mal I^^iernwil) <?. warm 
ther-mom'e-ter [//ler-mOm'S-ter] n. 
ther'mo-stat (/■/ierni6-stat] «. 
the-sau'rus [//jS-sa'ruslK. a cyclopedi; 
these I tlie?l/)-<;«. plural of "this" 
the'sisl/Zie'sis) H. an essay 
the'ur-gy [/•-'leur.jyl «. Platonic magic 
thews \thuz\ muscles 
they I thS 1 proH. more than one 
Thib'e-tan ttib'S.t<in] a. of Thibet 
Thi-be'tian [ti-bs'shan) a. 
thick (CAlkl rt. dense 
thick'en [//'!ik"nl v. to make thick 
thick'et (cAiket) n. a wood 
thick'headed [-hsd'ed] a. stupid 
thick'set' [sst'l <t. stout 
thick'skuU' [skOl'] «. a blockhead 
thief U/iefl «. one who steals 
thieve IC/icvl v. <t. and i.) to steal 






thiev'ish f isli| o.dislionest 
thigh l/M] >i. fleshy part of the leg 
thill \fM\\ «. a shaft 
thim'ble \t/iim'b'\] n. finger cap 
thim'ble-ber ry [ber'ryl >;. a berry 
thim'ble-ful I full «, a small quantity 
thim'ble-rig' l-ngl v.e. to cheat; »;. a 
thin i//iin I <t. not thick [trick 

thine | thin ] pron. and J. thy 
thing [/Alngl II. something 
think \th\nz\i\v.t. to meditate 
think'ing l-mg] a. reflecting 
thin'ness I nes] n. being thin 
third |//!erd| II. a third part 
thirst |//ierstl n. drought 
thirst'i-ly l/.'iersfilyj adv. with thirst 
thirst'i-ness l-I-nes) k. thirst 
thirst'y |//2erst'yl a. dry 
thir'teen' [t/iex'ten'] a. ten and three 
thir'teenth' |ten//j J.i. 
thir'ti-eth \-v\-ith\ a. 
thir'ty |/;';er'ty| a. three tens 
this |thisl/^o«. not that 
this'tle |//;is '11 «. a plant 
thith'er Ithltherl adv. to that place 
thith'er-ward' [-weid] adv. 
thong |//iong) n. a strap 
Thor |//:or) II. myth. God of thunder 
tho'rax [/•//orSks] «. the chest 
thorn |C/;6rn] ii. a woody shoot 
thorn'y I-yl a. sharp 
thor'ough |/-'!ur 6) <t. complete 
thor'ough-bred' I bred' j. I. pure-blooded 
thor'ough-fare [far i «. 
thor'ough-go ing [goingi a. 

thor'OUgh-ly |-ly| adv. fully 

thor'ough-ness | nesi a. 
those |tliuz]/;v;/. plural of "that" 
thou I thou 1 pron. you 
though (thol coitj. granting 
thought |//;al| «. meditation 
thought'ful [full a. careful 
thought'less jlesl a. giddy 
thou'sand \tl!ouzanA\ a ten hundred 
thou'sandth [-zandth] a. 
thrall |//.'ral] «. slavery 
thrall'dom [dumj «. slavery 
thrash [/ArSsh] v.t. to beat 
thread [//irid] h. a very small twist 

thread'bare' [bar] a. worn out 
threat [//iretl n. denunciation 
threat'en |/Aret"n| v.l. to menace 
three [threl a. two and one 
three-cor'nered [kornerdi a. 
three'fold' |f5ld| a. triple 
three'pence [/AripVns] n. three cents 
three'pen-ny [-^n-ny] a. mean 
three'ply (/■/ire'pU'l a. threefold 
three'score [skor; o, sixty fsong 

thren'o-dy [Ihrin't-dy] 11. lamentation 
thresh'old (C/;resh'oldl n. door-sill 
threw [thta] imp. did throw 
thrice [//;ris] adv. three times 
thrift [/Arlftl II. prosperity 

( ( 









thrift'i-ly (//:rlftilyl a.iz-^ (rugaUy 

thrift'i-ness |I-nJsl«. frugality 

thrift'less I-l4sl a. extravagant 

thrift'y |-yl a. frugal 

thrill :.'/!rilJ H. effect 

thrive \rhi\v] i-.i. to prosper 

throat |.'/!ro«l K. part of the neck 

throb l.'/irOb) -v.i to pulsate 

throe [.v'lrol «. extreme pain 

throne IfAron) k. a royal seat 

throng f//ir6ngl ft. a crowd 

throt'tle \thrbl't'\\ zi.t. to choke 

through |//;rool/rf/. by means of 

through-out' [out l/>r<;». entire 

throw \thro] f.t. to fling 

thrown [//irSn]/./. cast 

thrush l/;irushl «. .ibird 

thrust l/Arustl v.t. to stab 

thud l/ziudl «. a dull sound 

thug |//:ugl «. murderous robber 

Thu'le IthQlS) «. 

thumb I //luni 1 «. short thick finger 

thumb'screw l-skrij i n. 

thum'mim (//Vum mlmj n.fl. 

thump i/;;ump| v.t. to strike 

thun'der | /Aun'der) v.i. to roar 

thun'der-bolt [bolt' 1«. lightning shaft 

tbun'der-clap [klap'i n. 

thun'der-cloud [kloud i »r. 

thun'der-storm' [stSrm ] n. 

thun'der-struck' [strfik) a. 

Thurs'day |.'/Vurz'dS) »;. fifth day 

thus 1 tliu^l adv. this manner 

thus |//!us) n. kmd of frankincense 

thwack l^AwSkl v.t. to thump 

thwart [/Awart] v.t. to frustrate 

thy \\\\\\pron. of thee 

thy'in \th\\x\ | «. a kind of cedar 

thyme Itim] «. a fragrant plant 

thym'ol [tim'oll H. an antiseptic 

thy-self (thi-seir j pron. yourself 

ti-a'ra (tia'ral u. acrown 

tib'i-a [tibial II. the shin-bone 

tick inkli' !. to beat 

tick'et [tlkctl «. a label 

tick'ing |tlk Ingl «. cloth for bed tick 

tick'le [tik"ll v.t. to please; to touch 

tick'lish [tlkllsh] a. unstable 

tid'al [tid'irl] a. caused by tides 

tid'bif (tid'blt'l K. delicate piece 

tide [tid] «. stream; season 

ti'di-ly [tl'dl-lyl ad-j. neatly 

ti'di-ness (nesl n. neatness 

ti'dings [ti'dlngzl news 

ti'dy [ti'dyl .1. orderly 

tie [tij v.t. to fasten 

tied [tid]/./. of "tie", bound 

tier Iter! n. a row 

tierce !ter5! «. 44 gallon cask 

tiff [tif J H. a contention 

ti'ger [ tiger) n. an animal 

tight (tit) a. close 

tight'en [tlt'nl v.t. to make close 

tights [tits) close-fit garments 

) 1 ) 3 

V 3 ( L. 




c---c--t ------ 

( C U U'' 


LI , Ll, 

\ .A...' \... 



U 1 1, 




ti'gress [ti'gresi K. female tiger 
tike |tik| M.acur rcarriage 

til'bur-y [til'lier-yl «. a two-wlieeled 
til'de I tel'dS] n. Spanish accent ( " ) 
tile I til] «. baked clay 
till I til) %\t. to cultivate 
till'a-ble [til'a-b'l) a fit for the plow 
till'age Itll'Sjl n. culture 
till'er I tiler] jt. a plowman 
tilt I tilt I >;. an awning; a thrust 
tim'ber [tlm'ber] K.wood 
tim'brel | tlm'brel] n. kind of drum 
time 1 tim] n. a period 
time'hon'ored [-On'erdl a. venerable 
time'keep'er I-kepEr) n. a timepiece 
time'li-ness I-li-nes] n. in season 
time'ly jtim'Iy] a. early; soon 
time'piece |tim'pes)«. a clock or watch 
time'ta'ble | tim'ta'b'l I «. a schedule 
tim'id I timid] a fearful 
ti-mid'i-ty |I-ty] n. fear 
tim'o-rous 1 tim'Er-fis I n. timid 
tim'o-thy-grass' ltim'6-/Ay-gras'1 «. 
tin I tin] n. ainetal Itract 

tinot'ure | tlngkt'ur] «. a tinge; an ex- 
tin'der Itin'der] n. kindling 
tine (tin) «.aprong 
tin'foil' Itin'foil] n. leaf tin 
ting [ting] «. a tinkling 
tinge I tinj] ■z'./. to color [pain 

tin'gle [ting'g'l] -v.i. to feel a sharp 
tink'er [tingk'er] n. a mender of pans, 
tin'kle ftlng'k'l] -v.i. to click letc 

tin'ner [tinner] n. tinman 
tin'ny [tin'ny] a. like tin 
tin'sel Itin'sel] 1'./. to make gaudy 
tin'smith' (tm'smli'A'] n. a tinner 
tint [tint] ;/. a slight coloring 

tintin-nab'u-la'tion [-ii-la'shani "• 

tin'type' [tm'tip'] »;. ferrotype picture 
tin'ware' (tln''l k. utensils made of 
ti'ny [tiny] «. smal' [tin 

tip [tip] n. theen.l 
tip'pet [tip'pet] n. a scarf; a cape 

tip'ple [tip'p'll I'-i- to drink 
tip'pler [tip'pler] «. a drunkard 
tip'sy [tip'sy] a. intoxicated 
tip'toe' [tip'to') n. end of toe 

tip'top' [tlp'tOp'l "■ the best 

ti-rade' [tr-ra<r] «. bitter language 

tirailleur' [tg'ral'yer'j «. skirmisher 

tire [tir] n. rim of wheel 

tire'some [tlr'sum] a. tedious 

ti'ro [ti'rS] «. same as "tyro" 

tis'sue [tlsh'u] 11. texture 

Ti'tans [tt'tanz) «.//. fabled giants 

tithe ttith) «. a tenth 

tit'il-la'tion [tifrl la'shon] n. tickling 

tit'lark' [tit'l.-irk'] n. kind of lark 
tit'mouse' [tit'mous'] «. a tomtit 
ti'tle [ti't'l] x.aname 
ti'tle-page' [ti't'l-psj'] «. 
tit'ter[ tit' ter]w.z. to laugh with restraint 
tit'tle [tit'fl] n. an iota; small part 








tit'u-lar [titu-ler] a. nominal 
to [tool [l56\/>re/>. opp. to "from" 
toad [to i] K. an animal like a frog 
toad'y-ism [tody-Izm] ». fawning 
toaJ'y (trxi'yl «. flatterer 
toast [trstl -• / todry: h. dried brearl 
to-bac'co [tSbakk*! «. aplant jhacco 
to-bac'co-nist [nistl «. vender of to- 
to-bo^gan [tSbaggan] «. a sled 
toc'sin (tok'sinl «. alarm-bell 
to-day' [t56-da'l «. this day 
tod'dle [todd'l] v.t. to walk 
tod'dy [tsd'dyl « aliquor 
to'dy [tody] II. small bird 
toe [to) w part of foot 
to'ga [to gal »i. a Roman loose garment 
to-geth'er [too-geth'er] cjrff. in com- 
tog'ger-y [tog ger-y] ii. clothes Ipany 
tog'gle Itdg'g'l) II. a kind of button 
toil [toil] II. labor 
toil'er (toil'er! It. one -who toils 
toil'et [toil'etl K. act of dressing 
toil'some [toil'sOm] j. laborious 
to-kay' (to-ka'J II. kind of grape wine 
to'ken [tok'n] K asouvenir 
told [told]/./, of "tell", did tell 
tole [tol] z'.t. to draw gently 
tol'er-a-ble 1 tarer-a-b"lj <i. supportable 
tol'er-a-bly I-b!y] adz: passably 
tol'er-ance !-.!ns) «. endurance 
tol'er-ant [-.intj <i indulgent 
tol'er-ate |-atj z:t. not to restrain 
tol-er-a'tion [-s'shon] k. sufferance 
toll [toll It a tax 
tolled [t5ldl/jr/ rungasabell 
to-lu' (t5-loo ] H. fragrant balsam 
tom'a-hawk [t6m'a-hakl it 
to-ma'to [t6-ma't6l «. a fruit; love-apple 
tomb[tooml« vault; grave 
tom'boy' [tom'boi'l K a rude girl 
tomb'stone liuom'stonl « monument 
tom'cat [toni kat] « male cat 
tome 1 tr.m) It a book 
tom'fool (tOm'foori «. a trifler 
torn fool'er-y (ery) i:. trifling 
to-mor'row It.Ti-mOr'r6| it next day 
ton [tCnl « 2.000 pounds 
tone [ion] It sound 
tone'less [ton'lSs] a. unmusical 
tongs 1 tongz) «.// fire tool [taste 

tongue Itungl It organ of speech and 
tongue'tied' l-tidj a. mute 
ton'ic ( tftn'Ik 1 It a medicine 
to-night I tiTo-nit] « this night 
ton'nage jtun'nij) «. weight 
ton'sils 1 tun'sllz] «./>/. glands of throat 
ton-so'ri-al [tOn-so'rI-all a.barbering 
ton'sure lian'shijrl «. shearing 
ton-tine' (tonten'l it kind of annuity 
too [t^l titiv. more than enough; also 
took [t^k] <>«/. of "take", did take 
tool (trjoll It. implement 
toot [toot] v.i. to sound 
tooth [twM] « 








ooth'ache' [-ak'i «. tooth pain 
OOth'brush' [-brush') h. tooth cleaner 
ooth'pick [-pfk'l n. 
ooth'some [suml a. palatable 
op Itfipl 71. highest part 
o'paz (to paz) n. a gem 
o'per [to'per] 71. a drunkard 
op'heav'y [tSp'hevyl a- unbalanced 
;op'ic [tfjp'ik] »i. subject of discourse 
;op'ic-al [tup'I-k«l| a. limited 
op'knot' [top'nat'l «. head crest 
op'most' [tap'most'l a. uppermost 
,0-pog'ra-phy [tS-pOg'ra-fyj n. 
op'ple (top'p'll 'u.i. to tumble 
op'sair [tSp'sal'l n. 
op'soiV [tOp'soil'] «. surface soil 
Op'sy-tur'vy |t6p'sy-t0r'vy] adv. 
Oque I tnk ] «. kinil of cap 
orch I torch] n. a light 
orch'lighf |'t6rch'lit'l «. 
or'chon lace' 1 tor'shSn ISs'l n. 
or'ment | tor'ment] n. anguish 
:or-ment' (tor-ment'l t'./. to vex 
or-ment'or [erj ;;. persecutor 
;or-na'do Itorna'dSj n. a hurricane 
or-pe'do | t6r-pe'd6| n. an explosive 
;or'pid Itorpicl] a. sluggish 
.Or'por 1 tOr'pOr] «. dullness 
:or'que (tOrkl n. a collar 
or' rent | t6r'rfnt] n. a violent current 
or'rid ( turrld] <7. parched; hot 
or'sion [tor'shun] K act of twisting 
iort I tort] ;;. a civil wrong 
or'toise Itur'tis] «. a shielded reptile 
or'tu-OUS [tor'tij-usl a. twisted 
or'ture Itor'turJ h. pain 
:o'ry Itory] n. adherent of the crown 
,OSS Itas] •;'./. to throw 
o'tal [to'] a. full; entire 
;o-tal'i-ty [t6-tal'i-ty] k. whole sum 
,Ote (tot] v.t. to carry 
o'tem [to' tern] «. a rude picture 
lOt'ter I tet'ter] v.i. to reel 
,OUch [tuchl v.t. to come in contact 
OUch'i-ness [l-nes] n. peevishness 
ouch'ing (-ingl a. pathetic 
OUCh'stone' [ston'] ?:. a test 
iouch'y [yl a. peevish 
;OUgh [tijfl a. strong 
ough'en [taf'nl v. (;■. and i.) 
our [trrr.r] ti. <?. journey 
our'ist [ ist] n. a traveler 
;our'na-ment [namentl n. mock fight 
our-nure' [toor-nur'l «. a figure 
ou'sle [tou'z'll -ii.t. to tumble 
OW [to] n. apart of flax; -v. to draw 
o'ward [ts'werd] a. approaching 
o'ward-ly [-lyl a. docile 
tow'boat' [to'bot'l «. a canal boat 
O'Wed (tod]/<Tr/. drawn 
O'w'el [tou'6l] n. a napkin 
ow'er [ tou'er] V. to rise high 
own [tnuni n. a collection of houses 
own'clerk [-klerk] n. a recorder 




town'hair [hal'I «■ a public building 
town'ship [shlpl n. a district 
towns'man (tounzmunj >;. a citizen 
town'talk [toun taki «. common talk 
toy [toil «. a plaything 
trace I tras | -■. to mark 
trace'a-ble (trasa-b'll a. discoverable 
tra'cer-y [trSser-yl «. a network 
tra'che-a Itra'kf al «. j. windpipe 
track [trik] «. a trace 
tracked (traktl/.ir/. traced 
tract [trakt] h. a region; a treatise 
tracta-bil'i-ty (a-bil'l-tyj «. docility 
tract'a-ble (ah U a. docile (paper 

tra'cingf UrS'singl «. marking on thin 
trac'tion [trak'shunl «. attraction 
trade [tradl >i. traffic 
trade'mark' l-mark'l k. a sign 
trad'er l trad 5r| «. a merchant 
trades'man [trSdz'manl«. shop-keeper 
trat;es'un ion i-fln'yuni «. (count 

tra-di'tion (tradishunl «. an oral ac 
tra-di'tion-al l-.d] a. ancestral 
tra-duce' Itra-dOs] Z'.t. to defame 
traffic I trafflkl v.i. to trade 
trag'a-canth itrsga-kan///] K.agum 
tra-ge'di-an Itra-je dl-an) «. an actor 
trag'e-dy [irij 5-dyj «. a fatal event 
trag'ic 1 trajikl a. mournful 
trail ItrSlj U.3. track 
train Itran) it. cars connected 
train'er [ traner] «. an instructor 
trait ItrStl K. apeculiarity 
trait'or Itrat er] K.>K. a betrayer 
trai'tor-OUS |trat6r-us| a. faithless 
trai'tress | tra'tresj «./. deceiver 
tram l trim] >i. a four-wheeled truck 
tram'mel (tram'mell H. a net 
tramp | tramp] n. a vagabond 
tramp'er [tramper] «. a vagrant 
tram'ple (tram'p'll v-t. to tread 
tram'way (tram'waj «. awagonroad 
trance [trins] «.anecstacy 
tran'quil [tringkwll] a. calm 
tran'quil-ize ikwil-iz) v.t. to quiet 
tran-quil'li-ty [ kwil'll-ty] »i. calmness 
trans- a prefix meaning over, across 
trans-act' [trans-akt] ■v.t. to perform 
trans-ac'tion [slmnl «. an alTair 
trans at-lan'tic [-atlan'tik] a. 
tran-scend' itrrm-send] v.i. to excel 
tran-scend'ent [-ent] a. very excellent 
tran scen-den'tal ( tran'sen-den'tal ] a. 
tran-scribe' ['] ii.t. to copy 
tran-scrib'er I-er] «. acopyist 
tran'script 1 tran'skript] k. a copy 
tran-scrip'tion [skrlp'shOn] k. copy 
tran'sept [tr.'insepi] «. a cross aisle 
trans-fer' [transfer'] -z/./ to convey 
trans-fer'a-ble [a-b'l] a. negotiable 
trans'fer-ence [fer-rns] k. transfer 
trans-fig u-ra'tion (fig'tl-ra'shuni «. 
trans-fig'ure (flg'ir] v.l. to change 
trans-fix' [flks'l i/./. to pierce ] 










trans-form' [form'l v.t. to change 
trans for-ma'tion [for-ms'shuni «. 
trans-fuse' [fuz'J v.i. to transfer 
trans-fu'sion ( fuzhuni «. 
trans-gress' ( fjres'|t<./. to violate 
trans-gres'sion l-greshOn) «. otTense 
trans-gres'sive igrcs'siv] <;. faulty 
trans-gress'or | gres'er] ;/. a sinner 
tran'sient [tran'sht-nt] a. fleeting, 
trans'it I tr.'ms'itl n. a passing over 
tran-si'tion ItrSn-sizh unl n. change 
tran'si-tive [tran'sitivj <;. passing 
tran'si-to-ry [sltO-ry] a. fleeting 
trans-late' (trans-lat] v.t. to interpret 
trans-la'tion I la'shfln] «. interpreta- 
trans-lat'or [later] n. [tion 

trans-lu'cent [lu's^'ntl a. admitting 
trans-mit' [mltlz'.?. tosend off | light 
trans-mit'ter [ter] «. sender 
trans-mute' [ -mut] ii.t. to transform 
tran'somi tran 'sum ]?i, window over door 
trans-par'en-cy (trans-pSrVn-syJ >i. 
trans-par'ent [parVnt] a. clear 
tran-spire' Itranspir'] v.i. to occur 
trans-plant' [trans-plant'] vt. to re- 
trans-port' [-port'lT^./. to carry [move 
trans-port'a-ble l-a-b'l) <;. movable 
trans por-ta'tion [pSr-ta'shun] n. 
trans-port'ed [ -port'ed l /./. entranced 
trans-pose' [poz ) v.t. to change 
trans'po-si'tion [pozish'on] «. 
trans-verse' [vers] a. crosswise 
trap 1 trap] f.t. to insnare 
tra-pan' | tra-pan] v.t. to insnare 
trap'door' [trap'dor'] n. floor door 
tra-peze' [tra-pez'] «. a horizontal bar 
trap'per [trap'per] «. hunter 
trap'pings [pingz] «.//. ornaments 
trash [trash] «. stuff without worth 
trash'y [y] a. useless 
trav'ail [ trav'al] v.i. to labor 
trav'el | trav'el] ■v.i. tojoumey 
trav'el-er [er] n. tourist 
trav'erse [trav'ers] 't/. to cross 
trav'es-ty [trav'es-ty] ^/.aburlesquc 
trawl [tr{il[ n. fishing line 
tray [tra[ ;;. a salver 
treach'er-ous [trech'er-fls] a. faithless 
treach'er-y [trsch'er-y] «. perfidy 
trea'cle [trS'k'l] n. a syrup 
tread [trid[ v.t. to step on 
tread'le [tred"l] «. part of loom 
trea'son (trS'z'nJ ». disloyalty 
trea'son-a-ble [ab'll a. traitorous 
treas'ure [ trezh'iir] v. to lay up 
treas'ur-er [er] «. a receiver 
treas'u-ry [y] n. a place for money 
treat [tret] v.t. to manage 
trea'tise [tre'tls] n a tract; an essay 
treat'ment [iret'mcnt] «. usage 
trea'ty [tre'tyl n. negotiation 
tre'ble [treb"il''-a<^"te; sharp 
tree Isre) «. largest woody plant 
tre'foil [tre'foil] »i. a plant 






trel'lis [trelllsl n. lattice-work 

trem'ble (trem'b'lj t.i. to quiver 
re-men'dous Itrf-nien'dQsl a. terrific 
re'mor [tre mOr) «. a shivering 

trem'u-lous [trem'iilusl a. trembling 

trench | trench) H. a ditch 
rench'ant I-iJnt) a cutting: sharp 

trench'ant-ly [lyl adr. sharply 
xench'er [er] « a ditch digger 
Tend [trend] -•./. to tend 
re-pan' [ trS-pSn' ) v. to cut skull 
rep i-da'tion (trep'l-da'shunl n fear 
res'pass [tres'pasl -v.i. to go too far 
;ress i tres] «. a ringlet 
res'tle |tres"l| >;. a scaffold 
rey i trSl n. a three-spot card 
ri'ad (triad] « union of three 
ri'al 1 tri'rtlj H. a test [figure 

ri'an'gle ] tri'ang'g'll n three-sided 

tri-an'gu-lar [tn-ang'gii-ler] a. 
ri'as ftri'as] tt. geological term 
ribe Itrib] it. a family 
rib u-la'tion [trlbfl-la'shflnj n. trial 
ri-bu'nal [tri-bu'nal] n a justice court 
rib'une (trib'fm] h an officer of Ronne 
rib'u-ta-ry [ii-tS-rjl « a subject 
rib'ute ftrlb'ut] h. a contribution 
rice [tris] «. a very short time 
ri-chi'na [tnki'na] n. s. a parasite 
ri-chi'nje [tri-kfne] n p!. fment 

ri'chord [tri'kord] >i. 3String instru- 
rick [trik] v.t. to cheat 
rick'er-y [-er-y] n. artful device 
rick'isb l-Ish] a. knavish 
ric'kle [trlkk'l] ^■.^' to drop 
rick'ster [tnk'ster] «. a cheat 
rick'y [trik'yl (I knavish 
ri'col or [tri'kul'erl n. as-colored flag 
ri'cy-cle ftri'sl-k'!] n. 3-wheel cycle 
ri'dent [tri'dent] «. a 3-tined spear 
ri-en'ni-al Itri-finni-all n. three years 
ri'fle Itrifl] «. thingof little value 
ri'fling [trifling] a. trivial 
rig'ger [trigger] «. a catch 
rig 0-nom'e-try [trlg'6-n6ni'4-try] it. 
rill [ tril 1 «. a trembling sound Iphers 
ril'lion [trllyan] n. a unit with 12 ci- 
rim (trim) a. in good order 
rim'ly rtrlm'ly] ad-\ nicely 
rim'ming ftrlni'mlngl » ornament 
rin'i-ty I trinity] n. three in one 
rin'ket [tring'ket] »;.a trifle 
ri'o (tri'ii «. three 
rip [ trip] v.t. to tumble: to stumble 
ripe [trip] K. entrails 
ri'ple [trip' 1] a. three-fold 
rip'let [trlp'let] n. one of three 
ri'pod [tri'pOd] H. three-footed utensil 
ri-sect' ( tri-sekt' 1 v.t. to cut into three 
rite 1 trit I <i. common (pieces 

rit'u-rate [trlturSt] T/./. to grind to 
ri'umph [triumf] «. victory Ipowder 
ri-um'phal |-um'falj a. victorious 
xi-um'phant [fant] a. proudly 

I ^ 


■i-U V 

kl- .k ..v.. 

1 KU 





tri'une ttrifln] a. three in one 
triv'et Itriv'etl «. a three-legged stool 
triv'i-al |triv'l-al] a. of little worth 
tri'weeklyttri'wek'ljla. thrice weekly 
tro'che (troke) n. a cough drop 
troll ( trol 1 v.e. to roll; to angle for 
trol'lop ItrOl lupl >z. a slattern 
trom'bone [trOm bon] «.ahorn 
troop [ troopl )i. a company 
troop'er l er) «. a cavalryman 
trope I a. a figure of speech 
tro'phy Itrofyl «. memorial of victory 
trop'ic 1 1 rOp ■ fk 1 K . r tropics 

trop'ic-al ItrOpik.;!] a. within the 
trot I trot I -'.!. to run 
troth [XrC,!/i\ n. faith; belief 
trot'ter ( trat'ter] «. a trotting horse 
troub'le Itrub'll v.t. to annoy 
troub'le-some [sfim] a. giving trouble 
troub'lous [trub'lQsl a. agitated 
trough I trfif I «• a long tray 
trounce l trouns ] v.t. to whip 
troupe I truT5p 1 «. a company 
trou'sers Itrou'zerzJ a garment 
trous seau'ltrooso'lK. outfit of a bride 
trout I trout] «. a fish 
trow I trf.ul •:'. (t. and z.) to believe 
trow'el Itrou'el] K. a mason's tool 
tru'an-cyl tru'<in-syl«. stay from school 
tru'ant I tru'ant] «. an idler 
truce [trusl «. an armistice 
truck[triikl«.a low cart; vegetables, etc. 
truck'age [truk'Sj] «. freight 
truck'le [truk'k'l] w. to submit 
truck'man [truk'm.7n| «. a carman 
tru'cu-lent [trukQkntl a. fierce 
trudge I truj 1 v.t. to jog along 
true 1 tru 1 a. exac t; not false 
true'blue' [tru'blu'l a. honest; faithful 
true'heart ed [tru'hart'ed] a. sincere 
truffle [tru'fll K. kind of fungi 
tru'ismi trulz'm]?!. an undoubted truth 
tru'ly 1 tru ly] adv. in fact 
trump I trunipl n. the winning card 
trump'er-y |trump'er-yl n. rubbish 
trump'et [ trump'etl K. wind instrument 
trun'cate [trong'kat] v.t. to cut short 
trun'cheon [trun'shunl «. a club 
trun'dle l trun'd'l) v.i. to roll 
trunk ftrungkl K. a chest; body 
truss I triisl n. a bandage 
trust 1 trust] H. confidence 
trus-tee' ] truste' ] h. a trusted one 
trust'l-ly (trust'l-lyl ad-j. faithfully 
trust'i-ness Itrusfi-nes] n. fidelity 
trust'y 1 trusty] a. reliable 
truth ltru//il «. veracity; verified fact 
truth'ful ] tri)/;i'full a. reliable 
truth'ful-ly [tru/Aful-ly] arfj'. honestly 
try [tri] ;■-/■. to endeavor; to test 
try'ing [iriing] a. severe 
try'square' [skwar'l^.carpenter's tool 
tryst Itrlst] «. a meeting-place 
tub [tub] n. a wooden vessel 


i_i .. 






tube [tub] «. a pipe 
tu'ber-cle (tuber-k'll n. a tumor 
tube'rose (tub'rozlH. a flowering plant 
tub'ing ( tublngl )t. tubes 
tu'bu-lar [tubfllerj a. having form of 
tuck I tuk 1 f. to foH I a tube 

Tues'day (tuzdSI n. third day of week 
tuft ( tuft I »!. a cluster 
tug Itugl v.t. to strive: «. a towing boat 
tu-i'tion ftii-lsh un| >i. instruction 
tu'lip Italipl H. a plant 
tulle [tul] n. kind of lace 
tum'ble (tum'bll v.i. to fall 
tum'bler Itum'blerl K. a drinking-glass 
tum'brel ( tumbrel 1 «. a rough cart 
tu'mid (tu'mldl a. enlarged 
tu'mor I tu'merl k. a swelling 
tu'mu-li |tu'niu-li|//. of ■"tumulus" 
tu'mult [tu mult] >i. an uproar jlent 
tu-niul'tu-OUS (tuniurtuusj a. turbu- 
tu'mu-lus [tumulus) ti.s. a mound 
tun [tunl !t. a large cask 
tune [tunl n. melody 
tune'ful [tunfgn a. musical 
tun'er |tun'er| «. one who tunes 
tu'nic Itunik] «.a Roman garment 
tun'nel Itfln'nSll «. underground pass- 
tur'ban | tur'ban I «. head-dress [age 
tur'bid jtQrbldl a. roiled: muddy 
tur'bine | tiir'bin l «. a water wheel 
tur'bot I tCir but 1 «. a fish 
tur'bu-lence iturbO-l^ns] «. tumult 
tur'bu-lent (tOr'bii-lirnti a. violent 
tu-reen' [ turen j n. soup vessel 
turf f turf 1 «. sod 

tur'gid [tCir jrdl a. bloated; distended 
tur'key | tOr'kyj k. a fowl 
tur'moil |tur'nioil| «. trouble 
turn (turn I v.t. to change: to reverse 
turn'coat' [ turn'kof 1 «. a renegade 
turn'ing-point (tdrnlng-pointj «. 
tur'nip (tiir nipl ti. aplant 
turn'key' I turn'ke' | >i. a jailer [track 
turn'out [turn'ouf Ik. equipage: a side 
turn'over [tdm'o'verl «. an upset 
turn'pike' [turn'p'*;'! «-aroad [gate 
turn'stile' Iturn'stil'l «. a revolving 
turn'ta ble (tum'tabll n. [pine 

tur'pen-tine (tflrpSn-tinl k. oil from 
tur'pi-tude [tiir pl-tud| «. baseness 
tur-quoise' | tur-koiz' ) «. a blue gem 
tur'ret [tcirretl «. asmall tower 
tur'tle (tOr'fll «.asea tortoise 
tush [tush I inierj. an exclamation 
tusk I tusk I K. a long tooth 
tus'sle [tusslj V. (e. and i ) to scuffle 
tu'te-lage [ta'tS-UjI «. guardianship 
tu'te-la-ry [te'tSlaryl a. protecting 
tu'tor rtu'tcrl n. a teacher 
twad'dle [tw6ddl| k. silly talk 
twain [twSnl a. and«. two 
twang [ twang) «. a nasal sound 
tweak twek I K. a pinch 
tweed [twed) «. a kind of cloth 









twee'dle ftwe'fl'll zi.t. to coax 
twee'zers [twe'zerzj pincers 
twelfth |twelf//il a. next after eleventh 
twelve I twelv] (I. elevenand one 
twelve'month' f -mQnM'l n. a year 
twen'ti-eth (tnen'tr-e//il a. two tens 
twen'ty | twentjl a. twice ten 
twice 1 twisl adv. doubly 
twig [twig] «. a small shoot 
twi'ligllt 1 twi'lit 1 n. a faint light 
twill I f.vil I w. diagonal cloth 
twin I twin J ;;. one of a pair 
twine [twin] H. twisted threads 
twinge [twinj] 7/.?. to pinch; to pain 
twin'kle (twmg'k 1) ii.i. to sparkle 
twirl (twerll v.t. to whirl 
twiA I twist] -vj. to wind 
twit I twit I v.t. to taunt 
twitch I twich 1 ■v.t. to jerk 
twit'ter (twitter) v.i. to giggle 
two [ too) a. one and one 
two'fold' (too'fold'l <?. double 
two'sided [too'sld'edj a. hypocritical 
ty'coonl tikuon];!. Japanese command- 
tym'panltim'panlK.adrum [er-in-chief 
tym'pa-numi tim'panflml)!.partofear 
type (tip) «. kind; letter 
type'set'ter [-setter] «. a compositor 
type'writ'er (-rit'er) K. a machine; an 
ty'phoid I tifoid] «. a fever [operator 
ty-phoon' (tifoon'lH. a whirlwind 
ty'phus [ti fusl«. a fever 
typ'ic-al lupl-kizl) a. symbolic [model 
typ'i-fy I tip'I-fl] v.t. to represent by 
ty-pog'ra-pher|tip6g'ra-ferl«. printer 
ty-pog'ra-phy[-fy)«. the art of printing 
ty-poth'e-tae (ti-pOM'S-tel«. //.printers 
ty-ran'nic-al |ti-ran'ni-kal| a. cruel 
tyr'an-nize [tlr'an-niz] -v.i. to oppress 
tyr'an-nous |tir'rtn-nus] a. despotic 
tyr'an-ny [tlr'an-ny] «. severity 
ty'rant I tl r.jnt \n.z. cruel master 
ty^ro Iti'rS] K. a novice 

TJ'chees lu'chez] tribe of Indians 
ud'der [udder] n. milk gland of cow 
Ug'li-ness [Ogll-nesl «. ill-nature 

U^'ly ["g'^yl ^- cross : homely 
uh'lan [u'lan] «. light cavalryman 
U-kase' [ij-kas'J n. Russian decree 
ul'cer [ul'serl «. a sore 
ul'cer-ate [ul'ser-at] v.i. to fester 
ul-cer-a'tion (-a shun [ k. an ulcer 
ul'cer-OUS (ul'ser-flsl a. ulcerated 
ul'lage I ul'laj ]«. deficiency 
ul'ster [ul'ster] n. an overcoat 
ul-te'ri-or [al-te'n-erj a. more remote 
ul'ti-raa [ul'ti-ma] L. most remote 
ul'ti-mate [ul'timat] a. final . (sition 
ul ti-ma'tum [-ma'tam] k. final propo 
ul'ti-mo [ultimOl L. last month 
ul'tra [ul'tral a. radical \ingly 

ul'tra- a prefix meaning beyond, exceed- 

L v^ vL 





um'ber [Om'ber] >;. ore oi iron: color 
um'ble-pie' [um'b'l-pl'l «. entrail pie: 
um'bles[um'blz! ".//.entrails lapology 
um'brage [flmbraj] «. offense 
um-brel'la [-brSl'la) n. a folding shade 
Um'pire [um'pir] k. a judge; a referee 
un- a negative prefix 
un-a'ble [un-abl] a. not able 
un a-bridged' lun ibrijd') «. complete 
un ac-cept'a-ble |unak-sept'a-bl] a. 
un ac-com'plished !-ak-kom'plishti«r. 
un ac-count'a-ble [-ik-kount'a-b'l] a. 
un ac-cus'tomed [-ak-kus' 
un ac-quaint'ed lun'ak-kwant'ed) a. 
un a-dul'ter-a ted [•a-dul'ter-ated] a. 
un ad-vis'a-ble(ad-viz'a-b'l]<i. unwise 
un ad-vised' lunad-vizd') «. rash 
un af-fect'ed |an af-tekt'ed] a. natural 
un al-loyed' lun'al-loid') i- unmixed 
u na-nim'i-ty [una-nlm'i-ty] «. 
U-nan'i-m0U3[u-nan'i-mQs] mind 
un-an'swer-a-ble (un-an'ser-a-b'l] a. 
unap-palled'[unappald']«. dauntless 
un-apt' lun-apt'l a. unfit Ions 

un-armed' (un-3rmd'] a. withoutweap- 
un-asked' |un-askt'J n. notsought 
un as-sist'ed[.&s-6lst'edl<i. nothelped 
un as-sum'ing (-as-suni'ingl<j. modest 
un at-tain'a-ble [un'at-tan'ab'l] a. 
un at-tend'ed (unattended] a. ling 
un at-traet'ive ( -trakt'iv) a. not pleas- 
un-au'thor-ized [unaVAor-lzd] a. 
un a-void'a-ble (-a-void'a-blld. neces- 
un a-void'a-bly [-a-void'a-blyl a.lsary 
un-a-ware' lun-a-war'] ariv. not aware 
un-bal'anced [unbal^inst] a. unsteady 
un be-com'ing (bS-kum'mg] a. unfit 
un be-got'ten |-be-gOt't'n] <i. eternal 
un be-lief lunbS-lef) «. infidelity 
un be-liev'er (un'bS-lev'er] x.askeptic 
un-bend' [unbend'J v.t. to relax 
un-bi'ased lun-bi'ast) a. impartial 
un-bind' lunbind) t-./. to loose 
un-blest' lun-blest'l a. not blessed 
un-blush'ing-ly (blash'ing-lyl adv. 
un-bolt' lun-bolt 1 v.l. to unbar 
un-born' [un-b6rn'l a. future 
un-bos'om lunbijoz'um) v.e. to confess 
un-bound'ed lun-bound'ed) a. endless 
un-bri'dled[ unbri'dldja. unrestrained 
un-bro'ken (unbro'k'nj a. continuous 
un-cer'tain lunser'tenja doubtful 
un-cer'tain-ty (fin-ser'tm-tyl >t. 
un-char'i-ta-ble lunchar'Ita-b'l) n. 
un-chris'tian (unkrlst yanja. infidel 
un'cial |cin'sh«ll w, antique letters 
un-civ'il lunslv'll) a. rude 
un-civ'il-ized t-lllzdi n. barbarous 
un-clasp' |ijn-klasp 1 v.t. to open 
un'cle lung k IJ n. a relation 
un-clean' lOnklen'lo. foul 
un-closed' lunkl&zd'l a. open 
un-com'fort-a-ble |kam'fert-a-b 1] a 
un-com'mon' (unkOn/mfln) n. rare 


c c 

TJNC 292 

un'C0n-cern'[-k6nsern']K. indifference 
un con-cerned' (un kfrn-sernd'] a. 
un con-di'tion-al [kftndish'un-al] <?. 

un-con'scious [unkOn shus] a. \a. 

un-con sti-tu'tion-al [-stitu'shan-rtll 
un con-vert'ed [ken-vert'ed] a. sinful 
un-court'e-ous [kur'tSas] a. unci 
un-couth' lun-koo/'/t] a. awkward [off 
un-cov'er | un-kuv'er] vj. to take cover 
unc'tion lungk'shun] «. anointing 
unc'tu-OUS [ungk'tuus] a. oily; fervid 
un-daunt'ed lundant'ed] a. bold 
un'de-ceive' [flndf sev'] v.t. 
un'de-ni'a-ble |un d4-ni'a-b'l] a. 
un'der lun'der] /)-<•/. beneath 
un der-bid' |-bid') i-.t. to offer less 
un'der-brush' i-brOsh'] «. low shrubs 
un'der-cur rent l-kurrcntl ti. 
un'der-go' I -so' I •;■./. to suffer 
un der-grad'u-ate i-grad'u-at] a. 
un'der-ground [ground] a. 
un'der-growth I groc/2'lw. low growth 
un'der-hand' [hand] a. unfairly 
un der-lie' [li'] -u.l. to lie under 
un'der-line' [Un'] v.t. to underscore 
un der-mine' [mln'] v.t. to sap 
un der-neath'[ neth']<7rfi'.below:/>-<';>. 
un'der-pjn ning [pTn'ninglw. support 
un'der-rate' [rat'] I'.t. to rate low 
un der-score' [skor'] v.t. to underline 
un'der-sell' l-sel'] v.t. to sell cheaper 
un'der-sign' [sin'] v.t. to sign 
un der-stand' [-stand'] v.t. to know 
un der-stand'ing-ly [ing-ly] adv. 
un der-take' [tak'] v.t. to attempt 
un'der-tak'er [-erj ;/. funeral manager 
un'der-tone' [-ton'] «. a low tone [low 
un der-val'ue [val'u] v.t. to rate too 
un'der- writ er [riferj «. an insurer 
un de-sign'ing [un'df-zin'ing] a. 
un-dine' lunden'] 7!. a water spirit 
un-dis'ci-plined [iln-dis'si-pllnd] a. 
un-di-vid'ed [Qn-di-vid'ed] a. whole 
un-do' [un-doo'] v.t. to annul 
un-doubt'ed [iJndout'ed] <r. certain 
un-dress' [un-dres] v.t. to disrobe 
un-due' |un-du'] a. not due 
un'du-late [lin'dalatl v.t. to vibrate 
un du-la'tion [ la'shfln] h. a vibration 
un-du'ly |un-du'ly] ^(^Z'. excessively 
un-dy'ing [un-di'ing] a. immortal 
un-earth' \un-erth'] v.t. to uncover 
un-earth'ly \\y]a. weird; supernatural 
un-eas'i-ly [un-ez'My] adv. restlessly 
un-eas'y lan-ez'y) <7. restless 
un em-bar'rassed [fln'em-bar'rast] a. 
un-e'qual [tin e'kwnl] a. unfair 
un'e-quiv'o-cal tun'4-kwiv'dkal] a. 
un-er'ring [unerring] a. certain 
un-e'ven |un-e'v n] a. rough 
un ex-cep'tion-a-ble i-shuna-b'l] a. 
un ex-pect'ed (un'eks-pekt'ed] a. 
un-fail'ing [un-fal'ing] a. sure 
un-fair' [Qn-(ar] a. unjust 



^' ^ 1 






un-faith'ful [Qn-fa/A'fql] «. false 
un-fas'ten [un-fas'nl -■.!. to untie 
un-fav'or-a-ble [un-fa'ver-a-b'l] a. 
un-fav'or-a-bly [-bly] adv. unkindly 
un-feel'ing [un-fel'mg] a. cruel 
un-feign'ed-ly Ifln-fSn'ed-ly] adv. 
un-fil'ial [un-firyiil] a. undutiful 
un-fin'ished [un-fln'lsht)<j. incomplete 
un-fit' [un-fit'l a. unsuitable 
un-fledged' (fln-fl6jd ) a. immature 
un-fold' [unfold 1 v.t. to expand 
un-for'tu-nate [fortil-natl a. unlucky 
unfore-seen' |fln'for-sen'] a. 
un-found'ed [un-found'ed) a. baseless 
un-friend'ly [un-frend'ly] a. hostile 
un-fruit'ful [un-frut'f«l] a. barren 
un-furl' |Qn-furl'lt/. [t. and J.) 
un-gain'ly [Qnganly] a. awkward 
un-gen'er-ous [un-jen'er-us] a. unkind 
un-god'ly [On-gOd'lyJ a. sinful 
un-gov'ern-a-ble [un-guv'em-a-b'l] a. 
un-grace'ful [grasful] a. awkward 
un-gra'cious l-grS'shus] a. offensive 
un-grate'ful [-grSt'f ul) a. unthankful 
un'gual [uns'gwal] a. pert, to a claw 
un-hal'lowed lun-hal'lcd] a. wicked 
un-hand'y [un-hand'y] a. awkward 

un-hap'pi-ness [nes) h. misery 
un-hap'py lun-hap'pyl a. not happy 
un-har-mo'ni-ous lunhar-mo'ni iisl<j. 
un-har'ness [Cm-luir'nes] i/./. to disarm 
un-health'ful-ness [-hel/A'ful-nes] n. 
un-health'i-ly (un-hel/'/i'l-Iyl adv. 
un-health'i-ness (un-hel/ATnesl n. 
un-health'y (un-hfilcA'y) a. sickly 
un-heard'of [un-herd'ov] a. new 
un-hitch'lun-hlch'l v.t. to loose 
un-ho'ly [On-ho'lyl a. profane 
un-hurt' [un-hQrt'l a. not hurt 
u'ni-corn|u'nl-kornl «. fabulous animal 
u'ni-formtu'ni-fSrm \a. regular; n. dress 
u ni-form'i-ty I-i-tyJ «. even tenor 
u'ni-fy |u'nl-fi] v.t. to unite [perfect 
un im-peach'a-ble t-im-pech'a-b'l) a 
un im-proved'|-lin-proovd'l(T.not use<l 
un-in'ter-est-ed |iin-ln'ter-6st-6dl a. 
un-in-ter-rupt'edlun-in ter-rupt'ed]<7 
un'ion (Qn'vflnl n. harmony 
U-nique' lunek'j a. unmatched 
u'ni-son |uni-sOn] k. agreement 
u'nit (unltj «. one 
TJ ni-ta'ri-an [u'nl-ta'rl-an] n. a set t 
u-nite' Ifi-nifj v.t. to join 
U-nit'ed-ly Ifi-nit'Sd-ly) arfi/. jointly 
u'ni-ty IQ'nity) K. agreement 
u'ni-ver'sal [u'nl-ver'srtl] a. general 
U ni-ver'sal-ist I-ist] K.asect 
TJ ni-ver'sal-ism Iiz"m] «. adoctrin< 
u'ni-verse' lu'nI-vSrs') k. the world 
un-just' Ifin-jusfl a. unfair 
un-kind' lun-kind'l a. not kind 
un-known' (Qn-nOn'l a. not known 




un-lace' [On-ias'i ■v.e. to loosen 

un-lade' [un-lad'J v.e. to unload 
un-law'ful lun-la'ful) a. illegal 
un-learn'ed [un-lern'ed] a. ignorant 
un-less' liin-les'] conj. except 
un-like' [iln-lik'l <?. diverse 
un-lim'it-ed[un-lTm'It-ed]ii. boundless 
un-load' [unlod'l v.t. to disburden 
un-lock' [un-lOk'] -v.f. tc unfasten 
un-loose' [fln-lous'] I'.t. to loosen 
un-love'ly [luv'ly] a. unamiable [ately 

un-luck'y [un-liik'y] a. unfortunate 
un-man' |un-m,ln'] 7'./. to dishearten 
un-man'ner-ly I-mSn'ner-lyl <i. ill-bred 
un-mask' Ifln-mask'J w./. toexpose 
un-mean'ing (un-men'ingl n. senseless 
un-mer'ci-ful |unmer'si-full <r. cruel 

un-mis-tak'a-ble (un-mistaka-b'l] <i. 
un-moved' lunmoovd] a. calm 
un-nat'u-rall-nAt'u-ri7l]<!. false [ri-ly] 
un-nec'es-sa-ri-ly ndv. [un-nes'es-si- 
un-nec'es-sa-ry I -es-sa-ry)«. needless 
un-neigh'bor-ly [na'bcr-ly] a. exclu- 
un-nerve' [nerv'] z/.i. tocnfeeble isive 
un-num'bered lunnflmherd] a. 
un ob-tru'sive l-dh-tru'slv] <?. modest 
un-oc'cu-pied [Ok'ku-pid] a. at leisure 
un-OS ten-ta'tious [Os'ten-ta'shus] a. 
un-pal'a-ta-ble [un-pal a-ta-b'll a. led 
un-pleas'ant [plcz'ant] a. displeasing 
un-pop'u-lar |-pdp'u-ler] a. in disfavor 
un-prec'e-dent-ed i-pres'd-dcnt-ed] a 
un-prej'u-dieed [un-prej'u-dist] a. 
un-pre-tend'ing [un-prS-tending] «. 
un-prin'ci-pled [fln-prln'sl-p'ldj a. 
un-pro-duc'tive l-prO-duk'tivJ a. [less 
un-prof it-a-ble i-prsf'ita-b'l] «. use- 
un-ques'tion-a-ble n. (kwes'chana- 
un-ques'tion-a-bly |-bly] ntiti. sure 
un-qui'et |un-k\vi'Ltl <?. restless 
un-rav'el lun-rav"l] z.i. to solve 
un-read' lun-rSd'] n. illiterate 
un-read'y |an-red'y] a. clumsy 
un-re'al |un-re <rl] «. not real 
un-rea'son-a-ble lun-re'z'nab'I] a. 
un-rea'son-a-bly l-bly] adv. 

un-re-li'a-ble |fm-re-li'a-b'll <7. 
un-re-mit'ting |un rS-mit'tlngl n. 
un re-served' l-zervd'] <i. not limited 
un-rest' [unrest') >i. uneasiness 
un-right'eous jun-richus) «. evil 
un-ripe' [unrip] a. not ripe 
un-ri'valed [un-ri'vakl] a. peerless 

un-roll' [un-rol'] f./. to open 
un-ruf'fled |un-riiffldl iT calm 
un-rul'y lun-rul'yl a. turbulent 
un-safe' [un-sSf] a. perilous 
un-sal'a-ble [-sala-bM] «. not salable 
un-sa'vor-y |un-sSver-yl a. insipid 
un-say' [un-sS'l -v.i. to retract 
un-SCrew' [un-skru'] -v.t. to unfasten 




un-scru'pu-lous [an-scn}'p4-lflsl a. 
un-seal' lunsel | f.t. to open 
un-search'a-ble [un-se'-ch'ab'l] a. 
un-sea'son-a-ble [unse'z'na-b'l] a. 
un-seem'ly lun-sem'lyl a. indecent 
un-seen' [un-senj a. invisible 
un-set'tle [On-set't'Il v. to confuse 
un-sheathe' |un-she//i'l v. to draw out 
ur-ship' (un-ship'l V. to unload 
Un-sight'ly (un-stflyl a. deformed 
Un-skill'ful (un-skH'full a. awkward 
un-so'cia-ble [-so'sha-b'l| a. reserved 
un-sound [unsound'] <i. infirm 
un-spar'ing (unspirlng) a. liberal 
un-speak'a-ble (un-spek'a-b'l) a. 
un-spot'ted [spot'tedl <i. immaculate 
un-sta'ble fun-sta'b'l) a. not firm 
un-Stead'i-ly [un-sted'I-lyl adv. shaky 
un-stead'i-ness (l-nfsl «. a wavering 
un-stead'y [unsted'yj a. not fixed 
Un-string' lun-string'J Z'.e. to relax 
un sub-stan'tial [unsub-stan'shalj j. 
un-suc-cess'ful [un-suk-ses'fijl] a. 
un-suit'a-ble (un-suta-b'l] a. unfit 
un-think'ing (thTngk'Ingj a. heedless 
un-ti'dy lOn-tidyl a. slovenly 
Un-tie' (un-ti 1 v. to unbind 
un-til' |untir|/>-f/. till 

Un-time'ly [tlm'lyl a. unseasonable 
Un'tO I fill too I /rf/. to 
un-told' (untold'l a. not told 
un-tram'meled (un-trammcld) a. free 
un-trav'eled [trSv'eldl a. unexplored 
un-true' (Qn-tru'l a. false 
un-truth' lun-tru//;) «. a falsehood 
un-twine' (un-twin' j v t. to untwist 
un-u'su-al lun-uzhii-<il| a. rare 
un-ut'ter-a-ble (an-ut'ter-ab'li a. 
un-var'nished rfln-var'nlshtj a. plain 
un-va'ry-ing (un-v3'rylngl a. uniform 
un-veil' l-val'j -'. (/. and i.) to uncover 
un-wa'ri-ly l-wSrilyj ad~j. heedlessly 
un-war'rant-a-ble [worrant-a-blj.!. 
un-wea'ried [un-we'rldl a. tireless 
un-well' (iin-weria. ill 
un-wield'y (un-weldyj a. bulky 
un-whole'some [un-holsuml a. 
un-will'ing [un-wll'Ingl a. loath 
un-wind' [un-windj v.t. to wind off 
un-wise' liln-wiz'j a. foolish 
un-wit'ting-ly (On-wittlng-Iyl adv. 
un-wont'ed lunwunfed) a. rare [fit 
un-wor'thi-ly lun-wur'thl-lyl adv.nox. 
un-wor'thy (un-wQrthyl <i. base 
un-wrap' [un rSp'l v.l. to undo 
un-writ'ten lun-rlt'fnj a. oral 
un-yield'ing (unyeld'fngl a. firm 
un-yoke' lijiiyok'l v. to part 
up I up I adv. above 
u'pas lu'pasj K. a poisonous tree 
up-braid' [Opbrad' | v.l. to blame 
up-hill' |up-hll' I adv. ascending 
up-hold' (up-h6ld' 1 v.t. to sustain 
■up-hol'ater [up-hol'ster] v.t. to cover 





up-hol'ster-er (eri n. 
up'land (QpUndl H. high land 
up-lift' |up-lift| v.t. to elevate 
up-on' lup-in'l/J-f/. not under 
up'per lup'per) a. superior; above 
up'per-mosf I up'pef most' J a. supreme 
up'pish (iiij'plshl a. proud 
up'right [up'rif I a. erect; honorable 
up-ris'ing | flpriz'lngl «. a revolt 
up'roar' lup'ror'] n.a. tumult 
up-roar'i-OUS [ror'i-Osl a. tumultuous 
up-root' (up-root'l v.t. to eradicate 
up-set' [up-set' 1 v.i. to overturn 
up'shot' lup'shOt'l 11. the result 
up'side' (up'sid' I n. upper side 
up-turn' (Qp-tOrn'l v.l. to throw up 
up'ward [Op'werdj nci-v. ascending 
U'ra-nus lu'ra-nusj ;;. a planet 
ur-bane' I flr-ban' | a. polite 
ur-ban'i-ty (urban'Ity] «. politeness 
ur'chin Iflr'chin] «. a child 
urge 1 urj I z/.^. to press 
ur'gen-cy [ur'jcnsyl n. need 
ur'gent lur'jcntl a. imperative 
TJ'rim [uriml n. breastplate decoration 
u'ri-na-ry [u'rl-ni-ry) .;. like urine 
u'ri-nate [u'n-natl v.i. to make water 
u'rine [u'rin] w. fluid from kidneys 
urn IfJrnl ;;. a vase 
TJr'su-line lur'sullnl n. order of nun 
US'a-ble (Oz'a-b'll a. useful 

us'age [uz'ajj ii. custom 
use |usl tt. usefulness 
use I uz I v.i. to employ 
use'ful [us'full a. helpful 
use'less lus'les) a. fruitless 
ush'er (Osh'er) «. introducer 
u'su-al Iu'zhu-<2ll a. ordinary 
U-SUrp' luz&rp'l -d.t. to seize 
usur-pa'tion [u'zar-pa'shunl n. 
u'su-ry lu'zhu-ry] tt. illegal interest 
u-ten'sil [u-ten'sil | ». a tool 
Utes rats) tribe of Indians 
U-til'i-ty [i-til'I-tyl 11. benefit 
u'til-ize (u'tillzl T.t. to use 
ut'most lut'mostl <r. extreme ftion 
U-to'pi-an (uta'pi^nl a. ideal; perfec- 
ut'ter-a-ble [ut'ter-a-b'U a. speakable 
ut'ter-ance [ut'ter-nnsj n expression 
ut'ter-ly lut'ter-lyl adv. totally 
ut'ter-most' lat'ter-most'J a. extreme 


va'can-cy fva'kun-syl k. emptiness 
va'cant IvS'kizntj .r. empty 
va'cate [va'kat] v.t. to leave 
va-ca'tion [vS-kS'shun] n. leisure 
vac'ci-natefvak'sl-nStlz'./. to inoculate 
vac'ci-na'tion [vsk'si-na'shuni n. 
vac'cine [vak'sin] n. vaccination virus 

vac'il-late [vas'Uiat] v i. to waver 

vac'il-la'tion I-lS'shunl «. a wavering 
va-cu'i-ty |va-ku'I-ty] n. a void 
vac'u-um |vak'u-fiml n. empty space 
va'de-me'cum [vs'dS-me'kumj L. 

\v^ \vi 






vag'a-bond [vSga-bOndl «. a vagrant 
va-ga'ry |vaga ry| 'I. a whim Iness 
va'gran-cy (vS grun-syl «. homeless- 
va'grant (vagrant) a. wandering 
vague [vSg) <i. indefinite 
vail I vil| «. a cover 
vain i 1 a. conceited 
val'ance Ival'.msl «. drapery 
vale I vSI I ;r. a valley I >r. an orator 

val e-dic-to'ri-an |var4-dik-to'ri-<in| 
val e-dic'to-ry |-tiry| «. an address 
val'en-tine [valVn-tin| «. a love letter 
va-le'ri-an |va-le'rI-.Tn| ». a medicine 
val'et [viletl >i. a servant |.jnl >i. 

val e-tu di-na'ri-an |var4-tu'di-na'rr- 
Val-hariaival-hal'lalw.liaUof the slain 
val'iant Ivaryantj a. heroic 
val'id Iviridl.i. lawful 
va-lid'i-ty Ivalrd'l-tyl n. legality 
va-lise' (va-les'l K. abag (tiful maiden 
Val-kyr'i-a |val-kir'l-al«. myth, beau 
val'ley [valli] k. vale 
val'or (val'erl n. prowess 
val'or-OUS [valerasj a. brave 
val'u-a-ble [varii-ab'll u. costly 
val u-a'tion [variia'shunl «. price 
val'ue iviiuj «. worth 
valve (valv] »». alid; plug 
valv'u-lar [valv'ii-lerj a. 
va-mose'|va-mos'| t-.d. and/.) to depart 
vamp [vimpl M.part of shoe 
vam'pire [vam'pirl «.abat 
van [van 1 >i. lead or front 
van'dal [vandal] k. a barbarian 
vane [vanl »■ a weather-cotk 
van'guard' [van'gard l «. the van 
va-nil'la [va-nll'la| tt. a plant 
van'ish [vanish) v.i. to disappear 
van'i-ty [van'l-ty] «. egotism 
van'quish [v-ang kwish l tj.I. to conquer 
van'tage .van'tSjl x.gain 
vap'id ,vapidl a. flat 
va'por [ vaper] >i. steam 
va'por-ize (vSp er-izj v.i. to exhale 
va'por-OUS [va'perOsl n. unreal 
va'por-y |va per-yl n. peevish 
va'ri-a-ble [va'rl-a-bl| a. changeable 
va'ri-a-bly [-bly| a.ft/. changeably 
va'ri-a-ble-ness (blnesi «. 
va'ri-ance [v3rl-ans| ». a discord 
va ri-a'tion (vS'ri.a'shan| «. change 
var'i-COSe' [var'l-kos 1 n. swelled vein 
va'ried (va'.idl a. diversified 
va'ried [varld|/./>. ofvary" fsify 

va'ri-e-gate (varif-gati v./. todiver- 
va'ri-e-gat-ing Igat-ing I />./'•. 
va ri-e-ga'tion [gi'shflni «. 
va-ri'e-ty 1 vi-riS-tyl «. a change 
va'ri-o-loid [va'ri-S-loidl «. a disease 
va'ri-OUS [v3 ri-Osl a. diverse 
var'nish [var'nishj n. a gloss 
var'let (var let) «. knights servant 
va'ry [vary] v t. to modify 
vas'cu-lar [vas'kO-lerj <i. 




vase Iv5sl >t. a vessel 
vas'e-line Ivas'f-llnl «. an unguent 
vas'sal (vfts' I ;;. a slave 
vas' sal-age IvSs'sizl-Sjl «. slavery 
vast Ivhstl a. immense 
vat Ivatl n. a cistern 
Vat'i-can [vSt'I-ki!nl n. pope's palace 
vauQe'ville | vocf vil ; k. a street song 
vault Ivaltl H. a cellar 
vaunt I vant I v.i. to brag 
veal [veil >!. flesh of a calf (ings 

Ve'das (vSclSzl «. Hintloo sacred writ- 
ve-dette' [ vS-d^ t' ] « . a sentinel on horse- 
veer ! ver] i'.!. to turn Iback 
Ve'ga [ve'gal «. a brilliant star 
veg'e-ta-ble (vej'4-tab 1] ti. a plant 
veg e-ta'ri-an t-ta'ri-an| k. 
ffeg'e-tate [vej'^-tat] v.i. to sprout 
vege-ta'tion (ts'shuni «. growth 
ve'he-mence [vehS-m^-nsi «. 
ve'he-ment (mcntl a. violent 
ve'hi-cle [ve'hi-k'l| k. a conveyance 
veil (vSll ).■. a cover 
vein (v3nl )i. ablood-vessel |ment 
vel'lum Ivelluml n. calfskin parch- 
ve-loc'i-pede (vi-las'ipedi it. 
ve-loc'i-ty (vS-los'I-tyl h. speed 
vel'vet (vc-l'vetl «. a silk fabric 
ve-ni're fa'ci-as [vS-ni'tS fa'shi-Ss] Z. 
vel'vet-een' [vel'vet-en'l «. cotton vel 
ve'nal (venal 1 (J. mercenary Ivet 
vend-ee'[vend-e'] H.apurchaser 
vend [vend] v.e. to sell 

vend'or [vend'Or] }i. a seller 
ve-ne,er' [vf-ner) v./. to overlay 
ven'er-a-ble [ven'er-a-b'l| <». honorable 
ven'er-a-bly I-blyl adz>. respectfully 
ven'er-ate iven'er-atl v.f. to adore 
ven er-a'tion [vSn'er-a'shunl k. awe 
ve-ne're-al Iv^-ne'rS-al] a. sexual lice 
Ve-ne'tian [vf-ne'shnnl a. per. to Ven- 
venge'ance [venj'nnsl «. retribution 
venge'ful [venj'full a. vindictive 
ve'ni-al [vc'm-izll a. excusable 
ven'i-son Iven'I-z"nl n. game; deer 
ven'om [venQml «. poison 
ven'om-OUS (ven'um-Qs| a. poisonous 
ve'nouslve'nusl a. of veins 
vent [venti V. to let out 
ven'ti-late |ven'ti-lat| v.i. to air 
venti-la'tion Iven'tr-la'shun) «. airing 
ven'ti-la'tor l-tl-la'ter] «. air machine 
ven'tral [ven'tr<ill a. of the belly 
ven'tri-cle [ven'tri-kll ji. a cavity 
ven-tril'o-quist [ven-trti 6-kwistJ n. 
ven'ture Iven'turl h. risk 
ven'ture-some '.-sun.) a. daring 
ven'tur-ous |vSn'tur-us| <j. fearless 
ven'ue |vcn'u| «. a law term 
Ve'nus [ve'nus] n. aplanet 
ve-ra'cious [vS-ra'shusl n. truthful 
ve-rac'i-ty |vS-ras'i-tyl «. truthfulness 
ve-ran'da [vS-ran'da] «. portico 




verb [verb) II a part of speech 
ver'bal [verbal] a oral; not written 
ver-ba'tim [ver-bS'tini] adv. word for 
ver-be'na [ver-be'naj «. a plant l»ord 
ver'bi-age [ver'bl-Sj] «. wordiness 
ver-bose' (ver-bos') a. wordy 
ver-bos'i-ty [ver-bosl-tyj ji. verbiage 
ver'dan-Cy ;ver'd<in-sy] k greenness 
ver'dant Iver'dnnt] a. green 
ver'dict (ver'dlkt) «. decision 
ver'di-gris [ver'dl-gres] «. copper rust 
ver'dure [ver'durj «. greenness of veg- 
verge [verj] k. edge letation 

ver'ger [ver jer) n a church caretaker 
ver-i-fi'a-ble [ver-ifi'a-b'l]<J. provable 
ver i-fi-ca'tion [ka'shun] k. confirma- 
ver'i-fied [verl-fidl/nr^. proved [tion 
ver'i-fy [ver! fl] v.t. to confirm 
ver'i-ly [ver'i-ly] ad-j. in truth 
ver'i-ta-ble (ver'i-ta-b'll a. real; true 
ver'i-ty [verity) k. truth 
ver'mes (vermezj «./>/ [pastry 

ver mi-cel'li [ver'mS-sel'lIl «. kind of 
ver'mi-cide [ver'ml-sid) k. worm-killer 
ver'mic'u-lar [ver'mlk'u ier) a. 
ver'mi-fuge [-mi-f uj ) k. worm medicine 
ver-mil'ion (ver-niilyun) H. bright red 
ver'min [vjr inin) «. (j-. and//.) insects 
ver-nac'u-lar (ver-nSk u-ler] a. native 
ver'nal [ver'nal] a. of the springtime 
ver'ni-er [ver'ni-erl h. a kind of scale 
ver'sa-tile [ver'sa-tll) a. changeable 
ver sa-til'i-ty [tll'l-ty] n. many-sided 
verse [vers] h. poetry [ability 

versed (verst) a. skilled [poetry 

ver si-fi-ca'tion (versI-fl-kS'shun) k. 
ver'si-fi-er [v5r'si-fl-er] «.apoet 
ver'si-fy (vcr'si-fT) v.i. to make verses 
ver'sion [ver'shun] «. a translation 
verst [vSrst] «. a Russian mile 
ver'sus [ver'sOs] /»•<■/. against 
ver'te-bra [ver tf-bra) >i.part of spine 
ver'te-bral [vertS-bral) a. spinal 
ver'te-brate[-bratl a. having backbone 

ver'tex [vSr'teks] «. summit; apex; top 
ver'ti-cal I vC-rtik<7l) a. upright 
ver-tig'i-nous[ver-tiji-ni'is)ii. rotary 
ver'ti-go [ver'tl-go) k. dizziness 
ver'vain (ver'vSn) w. a plant 
ver'y (very) a. true; real 
ves'i-cle (ves'I-kl) n.a. cyst; blister 
ves'pera [ves'perz) «.//. evening song 
ves'sel [ves'sel) n. a boat 
vest [vest] «. a garment [hearth 

Ves'ta [ves'ta) «. myth goddess of the 
ves'tal (vi-s't<jl) a. pure 
ves'ti-bule [vSs'tlball »i. porch or hall; 
ves'tige [vC-s'tlj) «. a sign [lobby 

vest'ment [vC-st'mirntl «. priestly gar- 
ve8'try[ves'try]«.achurchroom [ment 

ves'ture (ves't4r) «. a robe 
vetch'es (vSch'ez) fodder plant 
vet'er-an (vef 5r-an) a, long in service 
veter-i-na'ri-an [-i-na'ri-ani «. 

V ^ *i V 




vet'er-i-na-ry [nS-ry] «. animal heal- 
ve'tO tve't6] v.t. to prohibit ling 

vex [veks] -■.;■. to irritate 
vex-a'tion [a'sliun] «. irritation 
vex-a'tious [S'shus] a. teasing 
vi'a (via) L. adv. by the way of 
vi'a-ble [via-b'l] a. capable of living 
vi'a-duct [via-dukt] «. a bridge 
vi'al [vi'<7l) «. a bottle 
vi'ands [vlVmds) food 
vi'brate (vibrstj v.t. to swing 
vi-bra'tion l-bra'shun] n. oscillation 
vi'bra-to-ry [-bra-tS-ry] a. vibrating 
vic'ar [vlk'er] 11. z. substitute 
vic'ar-age [vlk'er-ajl n. aparsonage 
vi-ca'ri-0U3 [vi-kS'ri-fls] a. substituted 
vice [visl '!. crime 

vice-ge'rent [jerfnt] n. sub. deputy 
viee-pres'i-dent t-prez'i-dent] n. 
vice'roy [vls'roi] n. kings proxy 
vi'chy ■water [ve'shy wa'ter] n. 
vic'i-nage [vls'I-nSj] «. neighborhood 
vi-cin'i-ty (vl-sln'l-tyl «. nearness 
vi'cioUC [vish'us] a. wicked 
vi-cis'si-tude [vl-sls'si-tud] «. change 
vic'tim [vik'tim] «. sacrifice 
vic'tim-ize [vik'tim-iz] -v.t. to dupe 
vic'tor [vik'ter] «. a winner 
vic-to'ri-OUS [-to'rl-Qs] a. winning 
vic'to-ry [vlk't6-r51 n. a conquest 
vifit'ual [vit'l] ^■./. to supply with food 
vict'uals |vit"lz] provisions 
vi'de fvi'de] L. V. to see 
vi-del'i-COt [vi-deri-set]'.namely 
vie [vi] v.i. to contend 
view [vu] -j.t. to look 
vig'il [vlj'il] K. watch 
vig'i-lance (vlji-lans] n. guard 
vig'i-lant [vij'M.mtJ a. watchful 
vig-netto' [vin-yet] n. engraving 
vig'or [vlg'er] « energy 
vig'or-OUS [vig'er-us] (7. robust 
vi'king (vi'kingl n. Norse pirate 
vile [vil] a. mean fder 

vil'i-fy [vll'i-fil v.t. to abuse; to slan- 
vil'la [vll'lal n. a country seat 
vil'lage [vil'laj | «. a small town 
vil'lain [vll'linj «. a scoundrel 
vil'lain-ous [viriin-us] a. mean 
vil'lain-y [villiny] n. depravity 
vim [vim] n. energy [smelling bottle 

vin'ai-grette' [vm's-gret'] «. sauce; 

vin'di-cate [vin'dl-kat] v.t. tojustify 
vin'di-ca'tion [ka'shun] «. defense 
vin-dic'tive [dik'tiv] a. revengeful 
vine [vinj !i. a climbing plant 
vin'e-gar [vln'S-ger] «. acid liquor 
vine'yard [vm'yerd] n. a grapery 
vi'nous [vinus] a. resembling wine 
vint'age [vlntajl «. grape harvest 
vint'ner [vint'ner] n. a win dealer 
vi'ol [v! ul] ;;. musical instrument 
vi'o-late ;vi'6-lst] r . to transgress 
vi'0-la'tion [-la'shun] n. transgression 




^^ V. 





vi O-la tor [vi'4-lS'ter" «. an infringer 
vi'o-lence [vi'i-Uns] >i an outrage 
vi'o-lent [viSlcnt] a. forcible 
vi'o-let [vi diet] it. a flower 
vi O-lin' tvi'4-lln'l n. a fiddle 
vi O-lin'ist [istl n. a fiildler 
vi 0-lin-cel'lo (ve'6-IIn-chel'lo] «. a 
vi'per [vi per] «. a snake Ibass-viol 

vi-ra'go [vi-rSgS] k a vixen 
vir'gin [vcr gin] «. a maiden 
Vir'gO Iver'gO] K. a constellation 
vi-ril'i-ty [vi-rll'I-tyl «. manhood 
vir-tu' [vlr-too'j II. love of arts 
vir'tu-al [ver'tu-nll a. effectual Tally 
vir'tu-al-ly [ver'ta-<jl-Iy]a</^. practic- 
vir'tue Iver'tii] II. purity [curiosities 
vir tu-o'so [ver'tu-o'si] «. collector of 
vir'tU-OUS [vertu-us] a. upright 
vir'u-lence [vir'u-ltns] h. venom 
vir'u-lent [UntJ a. malignant 
vi'rus [virus] >!. poison 
vis'age [viz sjl «. face 
vis a- vis' (vSza-ve'] aiii'. face to face 
vis'ce-ra [vis'sS-ra] «.//. of "viscus, 
vis'cid [vls'sld] a. sticking [entrails 
vis'counf [vi'kounf];;. titleof nobility 
vis'cous [vis'kus] a. sticky 
vise [vis] K. a gripping tool 
vi-se'[vj-za'] ■::/. to examine [trinity 
Vish'nu [vish'nool II. one of Hindoo 
vis'i-ble [vlzl-b'l] a. in sight 
vis'i-bly [bly] aiiz: clearly 
vis'ion (vlzh'anl k. sight 
vis'ion-a-ry [a-ry] a. fanciful 
vis'it (vrz'itl fV. to call upon 
vis'it-ant [-.jntj «. a visitor 
vis it-a'tion [-a'shun] it. visiting 
vis'it-or [vizlt-erl It. aguest 
visne [venl «. a neighborhood 
vis'or [vizer] it. a mask 
vis'ta [vista] «.a view 
vi'tal [vi'tal] a. essential 
vi'tals [vi'talz] «.//. seat of life (ures 
vi'ta-scope [vi'ta-sk6p]K.movingpict- 
vi'ti-ate [vlbli'I-at] r.t. to taint 
vit're-ous [vitrS-iisl a. glassy 
vit'ri-fiedlvit rl- fid In.changed to glass 
vit'ri-fy [vitrl-f i] v.t. to turn to glass 
vit'ri-ol [vitriol]?; achemical 
vi-tu'per-ate(vi-tu'per-at]w. to censure 
vi va vo'ce [viva vo'sS] L. by word of 
vi-va'cious [vi-va'shfls] a- gay [mouth 
vi-vac'i-ty [vi-vas'l-ty] «.gayety 
vi van-diere' [v4'vaM-dyar'] k. female 
vive [vcv] /•'. long live [sutler 

vive-le-roi'[vevl4rwa']F.long live the 

viv'id [viv'ld] a. clear Iking 

viv i-fi-ca'tion[i-fika'shani«. revival 
viv'i-fy (vtvl fl) v.t. to quicken 
vi-vip'a-rus [vivlpa-rus] a. 
viv i-sec'tion [vlv'I-sSk'shQn] «. 
vix'en [vlks "nl «. across woman 
viz. namely, atibr. of "videlicet" 
viz'ier (vlz'yerj «• a Turkish officer 





vo-eab'u-la-ry [vS-ksb'ii-Is-ry] n. die- 
vo'cal Ivo'kiil] (7. having voice (tionary 
vo'cal-ist (vo'knMstl n. a singer [ance 
vo cal-i-za'tion [I-zS'shunJ n. utter- 
vo'cal-ize [vn'kal-izl v.t. tomake vocal 
vo-ca'tion |v6-kS'shunl n. a calling 
vo-cif er-ate [-sif er-at] v.i. to exclaim 
vo-cif er-a'tion l-S'shfln) «. clamor 
vo-cirer-ous [v6-slfer-us] a. noisy 
vogue (vOg] «. style 
voice (vois) n. language 
voice'less l-les] a. dumb 
void [void] v.t. to empty; to nullify 
vo'lant [vo'ldntl <T. flying [language 
vol a-puk' [vil'a-puk'] n. an invented 
vol'a-tile IvOla-tilJ a. wasting away 
vol-can'ic [vol-kan'ikj a. 
vol-ca'no [v6l-ka'n6] «. burning mount 
VO-li'tion [v4-ll'shunl k.-wiU 
vol'ley[voriy]«. discharge of musketry 
volt [volt] n. unit of e. ni. f. [electricity 
vol-ta'ic |v6l-ts'ikl n. pert, to chemical 
vol'ti-geur [v61't5-zherj 71. a vaulter 
vol U-bil'i-ty [vOl'u-bil'i-tyl «. fluency 
vol'u-ble (v6l'ij-bM] a. fluent 
vol'ume [vol'iini] ?i. compass; a book 
V0-lu'mi-n0US[vS-la'mi-nfl5l(j. copious 
vol'un-ta-ri-ly [voluntari-ly] ad-v. 
vol'un-ta-ry rvOl'un-tary] a. free 
vol un-teer' [volun-ter'] -v. to enlist 
vo-lupt'u-ary(vO-lup'til-a-ry]K. epicure 
vo-lupt'u-OUS [us] a. sensual 
vo-lute' [viluf] K. spiral scroll 
VOin'i-ca [vOm'i-ka] 71. an abscess 
VOm'it [v6ni'itl v.t. to spue 
voo'doo [voodoo] 71. negro sorcerer 
vo-ra'cious [v6-ra'shasl a. greedy 
VOr'tex [vur'teks] 71. whirlpool; center 
vo'ta-ry [vo'ta-ry] K. a devotee 
vote [vot] 71. suffrage 
vot'er [vot'er] 71. a suffragist 
VO'tive [vo'tiv] a. devoted 
vouch [ vouch ] v.t. to aver: to warrant 
vouch'er [erj h. a witness 
vouch-safe' [-ssf] T.t. to bestow 
VOW (vou] v.t. to solemnly promise 
vow'el [ -el ) >;. a. e. i. o. u.; a vocal sound 
voy'age [voi'Sj] ?;. a passage by water 
Vul'can [vul'krtn] 71. god of fire: the 
vul'can-ite [vulkan-it] k. (forge god 
vul'can-ize [-iz] v.t. to harden rubber 
vul'gar [vul'ger] a. unrefined 
vul'gar-ism [vul'ger-iz'm] «. low talk 
vul-gar'i-ty [vOl-gar'i-ty] it. grossness 
\ vul'gar-ize [vul'ger-iz] v. (t. and i.) 
Vul'gate [gat) a. Catholic Latin Bible 
vul'ner-a-ble [-ner-a-b'l] a. assailable 
vul'ture Lvul'tiir) « abirdofprey 


wab'ble [wSb'b'l] v.i. to totter 
wad [nOdj ;;. a small mass of tow, etc. 
wad'ding [wed'dmg] «. stuffing 
wad'dle [wOd'd'l] v.t. to toddle 
wade [wad] v.i. to walk through water 





wa'fer [wSfer] n. a seal 
waffle [w6f ni II. a kind of thin cake 
waft t«aftl v.t. to float 
wag , wfltjl T'./. to sliake 
wage [v^^j] n allowance 
wa'ger Ina'jerJ n. a bet 
wa'ges [w3'jez] ft. s. compensation 
wag'gish [waggish] u. droll 
wag'gle [wsg-g'l) v.r to wag 
wag'on Iw.lg'Qn] )i a vehicle 
waiflwaf];! a homeless child 
wail |wSl] v.t. to moan 
wain IwSn] « a wagon 
wains'cot IwanskCitl H apanel 
waist'coat [wast kotl >: a vest 
waist I" Sat] «. middle part of body 
wait [wit] 7, i to await 
wait'er (wat'er] n. a server 
waive [wSvJ -v.t to forego 
wake [wSk] -z/.l. to awake 
wake'ful [fiil] a vigilant: restless 
wak'en [wSk'nJ -v.i to wake 
Wal-den'ses [wol-den'sez] «.// ^sect 
wale [ivSl] II texture of cloth; a wheal 
Wal-hal'la iwfll-hal'li] h. 
walk [wak] z-.!. to move on foot 
walk'er [wak'er] *i. a pedestrian 
walk'ov er (-o'ver] « an easy victory 
wall] It. masonry 
wal'let I w or let] « a pocket-book 
wal'lop [wol'lup] z:t. to beat 
wal'low lw6i'16] v.t. to flounder 
wal'nut IwOl'nut] «. a nut 
wal'rub [wol'rus] >t. a sea animal 
waltz Iwaltz] « akind of dance 
wam'pum |wOm'pum]7i Indian white 
wan(wCin|<i pale [shell money 

wand (wond] K a rod 
wan'der [ wOn'der] i/.i. to rove 
wan'der-er [-er] ?i a rover 
wane luSn] z.i to fail 
wan'ness IwOn'nSs] M apaleness 
want i\\ant] ft lack: need 
wan'ton Iwan'tunJ «. reveler 
war 1 war] ;:. an armed contest 
war'ble Iwar'b'l) i/.e to trill 
war'bier [war'bler] it a songster 
ward [ward] f./. to defend 
ward'en fward"n] ft a keeper 
ward'er [ward'er] ft a keeper 
ward'robe ( -rob' ] k. a portable closet 
ware'house' Iwir'hous'] n. storehouse 
wares lu.lrz] k.// commodities 
war'fare [war'far] «. contest 
wa'ri-ly |wa'rl-ly] ai/v. cautiously 
wa'ri-ness |warl-nes] «. caution 
war'like I war'lik] a. martial 
war'lock Iwar'lOk] «. a male witch 
warm |warin] u. not cold Idial 

warm'heart'ed [warm'hart'fed] a cor- 
warmth (warm/A] « earnestness 
warn Iwam] v.t. to caution 
warn'ing Iwam'lng] k. notice [of cloth 
warp [warp] ft the lengthwise threads 

rc r\ 


y y\y\ 

y^ yy^-o^ 



war'rant [w^r'r^nt] n. assurance 
war'rant-a-ble (a-b'lj «. justifiable 
war'rant-a-bly l-a-bly] adv. properly 
war'ran-ty «. guarantee 
war-ren IwOr'ren] «. rabbit breeding- 
war' rior Iwar'yer] «. a soldier Iground 
wart [wart] n. a tumor 
wa'ry [wa'ryl a. cautious 
was [w6zl imperfect tense of "be" 
wash IwOshJ v.t. to cleanse 
wash'board' [-bord'] «. a rub-board 
wash'er r-er) «. a flat ring 
wash'y [ wSsh'yl a. watery 
wasp IwOspl n. an insect 
wasp'ish [wOsp'isli] a. petulant 
was'sail | wOssil] « an ancient drink 
wa^e [wastl V I. to squander 
waste'ful [ful] a. profuse 
waste'pipe' IwSst'pip'] n. a drain-pipe 
watch [wocli] v. to tend; to keep vigil 
watch'ful [fill] a. heedful 
watch'man |w6ch'mrrn] n. a guard 
watch'word [-wurd] «. a password 
wa'ter [water] H. fluid from the clouds 
wa'ter-clos et [klezet] n. a privy 
wa'ter-fall' [wa'ter-fal] «.acataract 
wa'ter-ing-place' [-ing-plas'] n. are- 
wa'ter-lil y [Hryl «. a plant [sort 
wa'ter-mel'on [melun] «. a fruit 
wa'ter-proof [proof] a. impervious 

wa'ter-works' [wurks] 
wa'ter-y |-y] a. wet [trical unit 

watt [w6t] n. Siemens's proposed elec- 
wat'tle [wOt't'l] n. a flexible twig 
wave |wav] «. an undulation 
wav'er [waver] -^.i. to reel 
wav'y [wav'y] a. undulating 
wax I waks] «. a bee production 
wax'work' [-wurk'] «. something made 
wax'y [waks'y] a. soft jofwax 

way [ w a] n. course; a road 
way'bill' [wa'bll'] ;:. a list of goods 
way'far er [wa'fSr'er] «. a traveler 
way'far ing [wS'fir'ing] a. passing 
way'lay' |ws'ia']f./. to beset 
way'side' [ wa'sid' ]«. by side of the road 
way'ward [wa'werd] a. willful 
we [we]/'tf«. plural of "I" 
weak [wek] a. feeble 
weak'en |»ck"n] v.t. to reduce 
weak'heart'ed [hart'ed] a. dispirited 
weak'ling [wek'lrng] >t. feeble person 
weak'ly [wek'ly] a. infirm 
weak'raind ed [minded] a. foolish 
weak'ness [wek'nes] h. debility 
weal [wel] «. prosperity 
wealth [wel//i] n. riches 
wealth'y [wel/A'y] a. rich 
wean | wen] v.t. to detach 
weap'on [wep'On] «.a gun, sword, etc. 
wear [war] v.t. to waste; to have on 
wear'i-ly [wer'Ily] adv. tiresomely 
wear'i-ness [wer'l-nes] k. fatigue 
wear'i-some [wer'I-siJm] a. tiresome 



^ ^ 




•wea'ry twerj] a. tired 
wea'sel [wez'l] «. an animal 
■weath'er[wetherlK. the state of the air 
VBCatll'er-cock' [-kOk'J k. a vane 
^»eave [wev] zi.l. to entwine 
wea'zen (we'z'n) a. withered 
web [web] K. texture 
web'bing [bingj k. a band 
wed f wed] 11./. to many 
wed'ding [wedding] K. a marriage 
wedge Iwejl «. a tapering piece of metal 
wed'lock (wed'lSk] h. matrimony 
Wednes'day [wenz'dS] «. fourth day 
weeds [wedz] «.//. useless plants 
week [wek] K. seven days 
week'ly [wek'ly] a. once a week 
weep [wep] z'.i. to lament 
wee'vil [we'v'l] «. an insect 
weft [weft] K. the cross threads of cloth 
weigh [wS] V. to balance; to lift 
weighed [wad] /./.balanced 
weight [wat] k a load 
weight'i-ly I-Ily] adv. ponderously 
weight'y [wafy] a. heavy 
weird [wer<l) ". unearthly 
wei'come [wel'kum] 7/./. to greet 
weld I weld] 7/./. to join 
wel'fare' [wjl'far ] «. prosperity 
wel'kin [wSl'kinln. the vault of heaven 
well (welj K. a spring 
well'be ing [wjl'be Ing] n. welfare 
well'bred' [wel'bred] a. polite tgent 
well in-formed' [-in-f6rmd'] a. intelli- 
well'known' |wel'non]<t. fully known 
well man'nered [-man'nerd] a. polite 
well meant' [wel'ment'] a. kind 
well'nigh' [wel'ni'] aiiv. a\most 
well'read Iwel'red'] a. deeply versed 
well'spo'ken [wel'spo'k'n] a. proper 
well'spring' l-bprlng] «. a fountain 
Welsh 1 welsh] a. from Wales 
welt[weltl«. leather between the upper 
wel'ter [wel'tSr] v.i. land shoe sole 
wen [wen] ». a kind of tumor 
wench [wench] K. a negress 
wend [wend] v.t to go 
went [went] tm/>. of "go" 
were [wer] v. imp. of "be" 
Wes'ley-an [wes'll-an] «. a Methodist 
west [west] 7t. point where the sun sets 
west'er-ly |wcst'er-ly] a. westward 
west'ern [wtst'ern] a. from West 
west'ward [west'werd] a. to the West 
wet [wet] a. moist 
weth'er [weth'er] «. a sheep 
whack [hwak] v.t. to beat 
whale [hwil] n. a sea animal 
whale'bone' [hwai'bsn'i n. 

whap [hwfipl v.i. to turn suddenly 
whap'per [hwOp'pcrl n. a bold lie 
wharf [hwarf] K. a pier [wharf 

wharfage [hwarfSj] n. fee for using 
what |hwfjt]/>ro«. that which 
what-ev'er {■i\'<-t\pron. all that 

^ T"- 

c c\ \\ 





■what'not [not] n. a book shelf 
what so-ev'er [-s6ev'er]/>-o«. 
wheal [hwel] n. mark on skin made by 
wheat (luvet] n. a cereal [a rod 

whee'dle fhwe'd'l] -v.t. to coax 
wheel [hwC'l] n. a rotating- disk 
wheel'bar row [invel'bar'rS] h. 
wheel'man Ihwel'mrtn] n. a cyclist 
wheel'wright' [rit'] n. a wheel-maker 
wheeze IhwezJ v.i. to breathe hard 
whelk [luvelk] ?i. a kind of shell-fish 
whelm Ihwelm] v.t. to immerse 
whelp [hwelp] 71. a cub 
when [hwen] adv. at what time 
whence [hwens] adv. from what place 
when-ev'er [hwen-ev'erj adv. SicoiiJ. 
when'so-ev'er [-s6-S-^'er] adv.&LconJ. 
where llnvAr) adv. whither 
where a-bouts' [-a-bouts'] adv. 
where-as' [hwar-az'] rtrfi). since 
where-at' [hw4r-at'] adv. at which 
where-by' [hwar-bi] adv. by which 
where-fore' (-for'l adv. and conj. why 
where-in' [in'] adv. in what; in which 
■where'in-to' [-too'] adv. into which 
where-of |hwar-6f ] adv. of which 
where-on'[-6n']ai/7'.on which; on what 
where-to' Ihwir-too'] adv. to what 
where-up-on'[-£lp-0n']arf7'.upon which 
where-ev'er [-ev'er] adv. at any place 
where-with' [-with'] adv. with which 
wher'ry [hwer'ry] n. a kind of boat 
■whet [hwet] z/./. to sharpen ' 

wheth'er [hweth'er] conj. in case 
whet' stone [hwet'st5n]«. a sharpener 
whew [hu] );.and inter/, half whistle 
whey [hwa] «. watery part of milk 
which [hwich]/STO>/. what one [other 
which'ev-er [ev-er] pron. one or the 
whiflf[hwlf] «.apuff 
whif fler Ihwiffler] «. a trifler 
whif'fle-tree [hwiffcl-trS] n. trace bar 
whig (hwigl n. a political party 
while [hwil] V. to loiter; h. time 
whim [hwim] K. a fancy [low cry 

whim'per [hwlmper] V. to whine; n. a 
whim'si-cal [hwim'si-knl] a. fanciful 
whine [hwin] v. to moan 
whin'ny [hwln'ny] V. to neigh 
whip [hwipl V. to lash; «. a lash 
whip'cord [hwlp'kord] n. a lash cord 

whip'ple-tree' [hwip'p'i-tre'] «. 

whip'poor-will [hwlp'poor-wil] K. 
whip'stock [-stOk] n. handle of a whip 
whirl [hwerl] V. to turn round rapidly 
whirl'i-gig [hwerl'i-gig] n. a toy Iter 
whirl'pool Ihwerl'pool] n. eddy in wa- 
whirl'wind [-wind] n. wind revolving 
whisk [Invisk] V. to brush; to sweep 
whisk'ers [hwisk'ers] «. a beard 
whis'key [hwTs'ky] k. spirituous liquor 
whis'per [hwls'per] v. to speak softly 
whist [hwlst] K. a game at cards 
whist'le [hwls"l] «. a shrill sound 

■^ -Y- 




■whit [hwit] It. a small bit; a particle 
white [hwit] a. pure; clean 
white'livered [-liv'erd] a. cowardly 
■whit'en thwlt'n] v. to bleach 
■white'ness thwttnes] k. purity 
whit'er [hwit er] <7. comp. of "white" 
■white' wash [-wOsh] «. lime and water 
whith'er [hwUh'er] adv. Imixture 

whit'ing [hwit'Ing] K. a fish; ifround 
whit'low th"'It'16] K. a felon [chalk 
Whit'sun-day [-sun-dS] n. yth Sunday 
Whit'sun-tide [-tld] k. [after Easter 
whit'tle [hwit"l] v. to pare off 
whiz [hwlz] n. a hissing sound 
who [hooJ^roK. -which person 
whoa [hwu] interj. ho; stop 
who-ev'er [hoo-ev'er]/»-oK. any one 
whole [hoi] K. the entire thing; a. all 
whole'ness [hol'nes] k. entirety 
whole'sale [hol'sSljK. sale by quantity 
whole'some [hol'sum] a. salutary 
whole'sOuled[-sOld]<i. entirely devoted 
whol'ly [hol'lS'l adv. entirely 
whom [hoom]>ruK. obj. case of "who" 
whom'SO-ev'er [hoom'si-gv'er] pron. 
whoop [hoop] f. to cry out; n. a yell 
whoop'ing-cough [-k6f ] «. 
whorl [hwSrl] n. line of leaves 
whor'tle-berry [hwer'fl-ber'ry] «. 
whose [hoozj frcn. poss. case of "who" 
who so-ev'er (hoo's4-ev'er]/»-oK. 
whur [hwiir] same as "whirr" 
why [hwi] adv. what cause 
wick [wik] «. soft cord used in lamps 
wicb'ed [wlk'ed] a. sinful 
wick'ed-ness [-nes] «. sinfulness 
wick'er [wlk'er] a. made of twigs 
wick'et [wik'et] «. a small door 
wide [wid) a. broad; extensive 
widea-wake' [wid'a-wak'j a. alert 
wid'en [wid"n] v t. to enlarge 
wide'ly [wid'ly] adv. far; very much 
•wide'ness [wid'nes] «. large extent 
wide'spread [wld'spred] a. extended 
wid'ow["Id'4) «. one bereft of husband 
wid'ow-er [Er] «. man bereft of wife 
wid'ow-hood [wld'6-hood] n. 
width [wId/A] «. breadth 
wield [weld] v.t. to swing; to control 
■wife [wif ] «. a married woman 
wig [wrg] K. false hair 
■wig'an [wlg"n] n. a stiffening fabric 
wig'gle [wlg'g'l] V. to squirm 
wig'wam [worn] «. Indian tent or hut 
wild [wild] a. untamed; rude [less 

wild'cat (wild'katj k. animal; a. worth- 
wil'der-ness [-der-nes) n. a waste place 
wild'fire [wlld'firl ». rapid fire 
wile [wil] «. a trick fery 

wil'i-ness [wil'l-nes] «. cunning; trick- 
will[win«. power tochoosc; v. to direct 
will'ful [wll'fijlj a. obstinate 
will'ing [wll'lng] a. ready; inclined 
I ■will'ing-ness [-n4s] n. readiness 




wil'low [wll'16] )/. a tree or bush 
wil'low-y [wii'loy] a. pliant 
wilt [wilt] -■. tcxiroop 
Wi'ly[wi'ly] ,r, sly 

wim'ble [wim'b'l] n. a gimlet 
■wim'ple [wlm'p'l] n. a covering 
win [win] T'. to gain; to allure 
wince [wins] v. to shrink 
winch [winch] n. a windlass 
wind [wind] n. air in motion 
wind [wind] -J.t. to turn 
wind'bound [wind'bound] a. 
wind'fall [-fal]7i. anything blown down 
wind'gall [wind'gal] n. a tumor 
wind'ing-sheet [shet] n. a shroud 
wind'lass [das] n. a lifting appliance 
wind'mill [mrl])!. mill turned by wind 
win'dow [win'do] n. opening in wall 
wind'pipe [wind'pip] n. the trachea 
wind'row [ win'rO] n. a line of raked hay 
wind'ward [ward] a. toward the wind 
wind'y [wlnd'y] a. airy 
wine [win] H. juice of grapes fer 

wine'bib-ber[-bib-ber];i. a great drink- 
wine'glass [glas] n. a small glass for 
wine'glass-ful [ful] >i. [wine 

wing [wing] n. limb of bird [hurt 

winged [wlng'd] fart, having wings 
wing'ed[wing'ed](Z. swift; having wings 
wink [wink] v.i. to blink 
wink'er [wlnk'er] n. horse's blinder 
win'ner [wln'ner] n. the successful one 
win'ning [win'ning] a. attracting 
win'now [win'nS] -v.t. to separate 
win'some [win'sflm] a. winning 
win'ter [wln'ter] n. the cold season 
win'ter-green[-gr4n]K. aromatic plant 
win'try [win'try] a. cold 
wipe [wip] v.t. to rub; to clean 
wip'er [wip'er] n. one who wipes 
wire [wir] n. a thread of metal 
wire'edge [cj] n. turned edge on tool 
wire'pull-er [-pul-er] «. an intriguer 
wire'puU-ing [-ing] «. intrigue 
wir'y [wir'y] n. like wire 
wis'dom [wiz'dum] n. knowledge 
wis'dom-tooth [-too//<] n. back tooth 
wise [wiz] a. learned; godly 
wis'a-cre [-S-ker] n. one very wise 
wis'er, wis'est [er, -est] a. 
wish [wish] It. to desire; h. a desire 
wish'bone [wish'bOn] h. forked bone 
wish'ful [wish'ful] rt. having desire 
wish'ful-ly [dy] adv. longingly 
wish'y-wash'y [wish'ywosh'y] a. 
wisp [wisp] ti. a whisk 
wist' ful [wistful] a. eager 
wit [wit] n. mind; humor 
witch [wich] n. a sorceress 
witch'craft [wlch'kraft] n. sorcery 
witch'elm [-elm] n. a kind of elm 
witch'er-y [wich'er-y] n. enchantment 
witch'haz-el [hSz-'l] n. a shrub 
witch'ing [ing] a. suited for sorcery 

c r 




witb [wTthJ/rif/. nearness 
with-al' [wlthal'l ariv. likewise faway 
with-draw' (-iira')f. to retract; to take 
with-draw'al (al] «. act of retiring 
■withe [wI/Zi] «. a band of twigs 
with'er [wrth'er) v. to lose freshness 
with'ers [with'ers] >i. partot horse 
with-hold' [wlth-h61dlf. to keep back 
with-in' [within] />■<•/>. inside of 
with-out' [witll-ouf] /re/, outside of 
with-stand' [withstand ) T.t. to resist 
wit'less [wit les] a. indiscreet [testify 
wit'ness [wit'nes] «. testimony; v. to 
wit'ti-cism [tl-sTzni) h. a witty saying 
wit'ti-ly [wit'ti-ly] niiv. with wit 
wit'ting-ly [-Ing-lyl adv. knowingly 
wit'ty [witty] (J. has wit; sharp 
wiz'ard [wizard] «. a magician 
wiz'en [wiz'n] a. thin; dried up 
woe [wo] ti. grief 

woe'be-gone' [-bfg6n'l a. sorrowful 
woe'ful [woful] a. sad 
woe'ful-ly [•\^]adv. sorrowfully: badly 
wold [wold] ft. a wood; open country 
wolf i^ulf ] ti. a dog-like animal 
wolfish [wulfish] a. like a wolf 
wol-ver-ine' [wul-ver-en'l n. an animal 
wom'an [woum'trn] ;/. a female 
wom'an-hood [woom'<7n-hood] ti. 
wom'an-ly [ly] a. pert, to a woman 
WOin'an-kind[-kind]«. the female race 
womb [woum] >!. 

wom'en [wlmVn] Jt. pi. of*'woman" 
won [v.iin] part, gained 
won'der [wOn'der] >t astonishment 
won'der-ful [w6n'der-ful] a. amazing 
won'der-ful-ly[-fi!l-ly]<ii/i'. amazingly 
won'drous [wOn'drus] a. marvelous 
wont [wint] ;;. habit 
wont'ed [wfint'cd] a. accustomed 
woo [woo] v.t. to court 
woo'er [woo'er] n. a lover 
wood [wood] 11- timber; a forest 
wood'bine [bin] n. a climbing plant 
wood'chuck[chak];!.a rodent mammal 
WOOd'cock [kek] «. a game bird 
wood'cut [kut] «. a wood engraving 
wood'cut-ter [ter] h. one who cuts 
wood'en [('n] a. make of wood [wood 
wood'house (hous) >i. 
wood'land [ land]>i. wood-covered land 
wood'man [man] «. a wood-cutter 
wood'peck-er [wo3d'pek-er] n. a bird 
wood' work [werk] «. made of wood 
woof [wCof] n. the weft of cloth 
wool [wool] ". the sheep's coat 
wool'en (wool'"n] a. pert, to wool 
wool'ly [wSilly] a. like wool 
wool'comb-er (woSlkOm-er] «. 
wool'gath er-ing [-g.ith'er-rng] «. 
wool'grow er [gro'er]);. a sheep raiser 
wool'l-ness [Ines] n. nature of wool 
word [wi:rd] «. sign of an idea; promise 

1 V 





WOrd'lJOok [-book] n. a lexicon 
word-ing [-mg] «. style of expression 
word'square [skwar] «. 
WOrd'y [-y* a. using many words 
wore [wor] V. iynp. from "wear" 
work twerk] -'. to labor; ?;. exertion 
work'a-ble [ab'l] a. can be worked 
work'er [Cr] «. one who works 
work'house t-hous] «. a poor-house 
WOrk'man [man] ;i. a worker 
work'man-liket-Iik]ii. well-performed 
work'man-ship [-ship] «. skill 
work'shop [-sh6pl n. a shop for work 
world [werM] n. the earth; mankind 
world'li-ness [-lines] k. [world 

WOrld'ling [-ling] «. one devoted to 
world'ly [ly] a. human 
worm [werm] H. crawling animal 
worm'eat-en [-Jt-en] a. 
worm'wood [wood] n a bitter plant 
worm'y [y] a. having worms 
worn (worn]/«»-/'. showing wear 
wor'ried [wur'rld] a. vexed; anxious 
WOr'ry [-ry-] v. to trouble; to be anxious 
worse [wers] a. more sick 
wor'ship(\ver'ship]«. respect; devotion 
wor'ship-ful [-ful] a. worthy of honor 
worst [werst] a. very bad; most wicked 
Worsl'ed [wust'ed] «. a kind of yarn 
wort [wert] tt. a plant; new beer 
worth [wer//!] 71. jirice; merit 
wor'thi-ly [werthf-ly] adv. deservedly 
wor'thi-ness [nes] k. merit 
wortb'less [wer/A'les] a. useless; v 
wor'thy [wer'thi] a. deserving 
would [wood] v. to desire 
wound [woond] n. a cut; a hurt 
wound [wownd] /./. twined 
wraith [rS/A] n. a specter [rel 

wran'gle [ring'gl] v. to brawl; to quar- 
wran'gler [rlng'gler] n. a disputant 
wrap [rap] v.t. to infold; to hide 
wrap'ped [riptl/ur/. folded up 
wrap'per [rSp'per] «. envelope; loose 
wrath [raf/i] n. anger [garment 

wrath'ful [ful] a. angry 
wrath'y (•>■] a. very angry 
wreak [rek] f. to avenge; to inflict 
wreath [re//;] «■ a garland [twine 

wreathe [rSth] v. to twist about; to en- 
wreck [rek] V. to destroy; k. ruin 
wren [ren] «. a small bird [strument 
wrench [rench] v.t. to wrest; n. an in- 
wrest [rest] ^•./. to twist; to pull away 
wres'tle [res"l] w.!. to strive; to con- 
wres'tler [res'ler] «. a contestant [tend 
wretch [rech] 11. a miserable person 
wretch'ed [rech'ed] a. miserable 
wretch'ed-ness[rech'6d-nes] n. misery 
wrig'gle [rlggl] v.i. to squirm 
wrig'gler [rig'gler] n. a squirmer 
wright[rit] 11. a workman 
wring [ring] v.t. to twist and compress 
Wring'er [ringer] n. inst for wringing 


y^ / 




■wrink'le [ringk'I] v. to corrugate 
■wrist I rist 1 »i. joint betw'n hand and arm 
wrist'band [rist'bSnd] «. part of shirt 
writ [rit] n. a writing; Bible Isleeve 
write [rit] 7'. to inscribe; to make letters 
writ'er [rit'er] «. a scribe 
writhe [rlth] v totnist; tobedistorted 
writ'ing IrU'ing] «. anything written 
writ'ing-mas ter [-mas'ter] «. teacher 
writ'iug-pa per [paper) k. 
wrong [rani;] <'■ not right: ■z'. to injure 
wrong'doer [-dijoer] n. one doing 
wrong'ful[-ful]n. unjust; unfair [wrong 
wrong'ly [ly) a<i%'- unjustly ^ 

wrote [rot]/./, "did write" 
wroth [zAth\ a. angry 
wrought [rat]/./, worked; labored 
wrung [rOngl/./. torn from; twisted 
wry [ri] a. distorted; twisted 
wry'neck [nek] n. a twisted neck 
wye (Y) IwT] «. abearing 

xanth'am-ide \zi.nth"km■'v^^ «. an acid 
xan'thate [z.-inV/iat] »<. asalt (color 
xan'thic [-//Hk] a. producing yellow 
xan'thine[-/'/Mn )«. yellow coloringmat- 
xan'thite l-tirw.] «. yellow mineral Iter 
xan'thi-um {■lh\--am\ «. a plant 
xan'tho-ma [-/Aoma] h. a skin disease 
xan'tho-phyll [C/'lo^^niat- 
xan'thous[//iQsl<i.yellow Iter in leaves 
xe'bec [zebek]«. smalls-masted vessel 
xe-nod'o-chy[-nOd'6-kyl k. hospitality 
xen'o-time [zen'4-tim] «. [hair 

xe-ra'si-a [ze-rS'zhi-al «. disease of the 
xe-ro-der'ma [-ro-der'ma]H. askin dis- 
xe-ro'des [-ilez] «. a dry tumor [ease 
xe-roph'thal-my [rSfMal-my] n. 
xe-ro'tes [ro'tez] ;i. dryness of body 
xiph'oid [zif oidl a. sword-shaped 
xy'lene [len) «. a hydrocarbon [ment 
xy-lin'de-in [lln'dJ-ln] «. a blue pig- 
xy'lite [-lit] K. a brown mineral 
xy'li-tone [ ll-tOnl «. a yellow oil [ing 
xy'lo-graphl-lograf l«.awoodengrav- 

xy'lo-phone [Id-fon] k. a musical inst 
xys'tus [zls'tus] K. an open portico 
xys'ter [terl «. a surgeon's instrument 


Y (wye) [wi] K. shape of Y; track 
yacht [yOt]"«. a light vessel 
yacht'ing [ing] «. pleasure-sailing 
yachts'man [yOts'man] «. ayachter 
yak [yak] n. an animal 
yam [yaml «• tuber like sweet potato 
yank [ySnk] v. to twitch; to pull 
yank'ee [yank'4) n. a New Englander 
yard [yrird] «, a three-foot measure 
yard'arm (.irm] >t. half ship's yard 
I yard'stick [ stlk] «. a yard measure 
1 yarn [yarn] n. fiber strand; a story 

r 1 l^K 





yar'row [yar'rO] k. a plant 

yaup [yap] v.i. to yelp; to cry out 

yawl [yal] «. a ship's boat 

yawn [yan] v.i. to gape; k. a gaping 

ycleped (I-klept']/./. named 

ye [ye] proti. nom. plural of "thou" 

yea [ya] ad-v. yes 

yean'ling [yen'llng] n. a lamb 

year [yer] >i. period of 365 days [events 

year'book [yer'biSSk] n. book of year's 

year'ling [-ling] «. animal year old 

year'ly [yer'ly] a. annual 

yearn [yem] v.i. to long for 

yeast [yest] n. a ferment 

yell [yel] v.i. to cry out 

yel'low [yeri6]M. a bright golden color 

yel'low-ish [ ish] a. somewhat yellow 

yel'lows [los] H. jaundice; peach tree 

yelp [yelp] v.i. to bark [disease 

yeo'man[yo'man]?i. a free-holder; farm 

yeo'inan-ry [-ry]w. all free-holders [er 
yes [yes] <7rff. yea; consent [past 

yes'ter-day [-ter-da] n. the day last 
yes'ter-eve [-ev] n. last evening 
yet [yet] adv. besides; still; even 
yew [yoo] 71. a spreading Eng. tree 
yield [yeldj ■:'. to submit; to give forth 
yield'ing [mg] a. compliant; giving 
yoke [yok] a. a frame; bondage [forth 
yoke'fel-low [fel-lo] «. associate 
yolk [yolk] n. yellow part of egg 
yon [yon] a. at distance; adv. yonder 
yon'der [yon'der] a. afar 
yore [ySr] adv. long since 
you [yoo] pron. 2nd person 
young [yung] a. not old; k. offspring 
young'ster [-ster] «. a lad 
your [\\ir\pron. poss. of "you" 
your'self [-self]/>-oH. your own self 
youth [yooth] n. early life; young man 
youth'ful [ful] a. young 
yt'tri-a [it tria] k. an oxide of yttrium 
yt'tri-um [U'tn-um] «. a rare meta 
yule [yool] «. Christmas feve 

yule'log [-log] «. log used Christmas 
yule'tide [-tid] «. Christmas time 

za'ny [zS'ny] «. a buffoon 
zeal [zel] H. ardor; eagerness 
zeal'ot [zel'Ot] «. an enthusiast 
zeal'ous [-us] a. ardent 
zeal'ous-ness [-nes] h. enthusiasm 
ze'bra [ze'bra] H. a S. African animal 
zend [zend] n. language of the Avesta 
Zend'A-ves'ta [-s-ves'ta] k. 
ze'nith [zenith] K. greatest height 
zeph'yr [zefer] « a gentle breeze [ing 
ze'ro [zero] a. naught; 32°below freez 
zest [zest] ;i. relish [turns 

zig'zag [zig'zSg] a. crooked; with short 
zinc [zingk] ti. a bluish-white metal 
zin-cif er-ous [zinklfer-us] a. 
zin-cog'ra-pher [kag'rS-fer] «. [zinc 
zin-COg'ra-phy [f I] «. engraving on 


\ r 



A \ 



zink'y (zink yl a. pertaining to zinc 
zinc'white [whit] «. oxide of zinc 
Zi'on [zi 6n) n. hill in Jerusalem 
zith'er [ziM'er] k. a musical instrument 
Zo'di-ac[TO diaicl«.tliei2constellati"ns 
ZO-<ii'a-cal[zo-dt'a-kai zodiac 
zo'e-trope [zo'f-trOpl k. an optical toy 
zone [con] «. belt; girdle fin animals 
ZO-ol'o-gist [zo-Ol'O-gist] K. one versed 
zo-ol'o-gy [-g\] «. science of animals 
ZO o-log'i-cal [zo 6-l6j'i-k(ill a. 
zo'o-phyte [zo's-fit] n. plant-like ani- 
ZOu'ave [zoo'av] «. French soldier Imal 
zounds [zownds] interj. an oath 
Zu'lus (zoo' loos] «. a tribe in Africa 
zyg-0-mat'ic [zyg-i-mat'ik] a. 
zy'lo-nite[zi'I6-mt]K.cellu'oid [tation 
zy-mot'ic (zimCt'Ikln. pert, tofermen- 
zy'thum [zi'fAum] k. a malt beverage 


Alabama [al'c-ba'ma] Ala. 

Alaska (S-la» ka] Alaska, Tcr. 

Arizona [ar-I-z5'na] Ariz., Ter. 

Arkansas [Ar'kon-sa'j Ari. 

Little Rock 

California [kal'i-for'ni-a] Co/. 

Colorado [kOl't^-ra'do] Colo. 

Connecticut [k<;n-n6t'i-kat] Ct. 

Delaware [dsl'a-war] Del. 


Florida tflSrl-da] Fla. 

Georgia [j6r'ji-<2] Ga. 


Idaho [I'du-hol Idaho 

lioise City 
Illinois [illl-noi-] ///. 


Indiana rmMi-sn'a] ind. 

Indian Territory [ind'y^nl Ind.Ter. 


Iowa [r«-wa] la. 

i'es Moines 
Kansas [kan'sas] Kan. 


Kentucky rkentak'y] Ky. 

Louisiana (lo5c-ze-a'nal La, 
Baton Rouge [roozhj 


Maine [man] Me. 

Maryland [m6r'I-land] Md. 

Massachusetts [mas'a-chu'sfts] Man. 

Michigan [mish'l-gan] Mich. 

Minnesota [mln'e-so'ta] Minn. 

St Paul 
Mississippi [mis'sls-slp'pi] Miss. 

Missouri [mis-soo-n] Mo. 

Montana [mOn-ta'na] Mont. 


Nebraska [n^-bras'ka] Neb. 

Nevada [n^-va'da] Nev. 

Carson City 
New Hampshire [hsmp'shir] II. H. 


New Jersey [jer'^i] ^- J- 

New Mexico [-m6k'sI-ko] N. Mex. 
Santa Fe 

New York [-york] n. y. 


North Carolina [-kar-6-irn.i] N. C. 


North Dakota [da-ks'ta] N. Dak. 

Ohio [o-hi'o] O. 

Oklahoma [ok-Ia-ho'ma] O. Ter. 

Oregon [OrV-gSn] Or. 

Pennsylvania [pen'sil-va'ni-a] Pa. 


Rhode Island [rod J'l./nd] R. I. 

Providence and Newport 
South Carolina [kar-S-li'na] S. C. 


South Dakota [da-ka'ta] s. D. 

Pierre [pe-ar'] 
Tennessee [ten'n«s-se'] Tenn. 

Texas [tSks'^zs] Tex. 

trtah [Q'ta] Ut,zk 

Salt Lake City 

Vermont [ver-monf] Vt. 

Virginia [ver-jin'l-a] Va. 

Washington [wOsh'Ing-ton] irash. 

•West Virginia [-vSr-jin'i-<i] IV. Va. 

Wisconsin fwls-kon'sml Wis. 

Wyoming [wt-o'ming] Wyo. 

Cheyenne [shi-en'l 







Monosyllables endinffiny, /or J double the final letter; others do not. 

Examples: — #<//, log. 

Exceptions: — Clef, i/, of, sol, as, gas, has, ■was.yes, thus, is, his, 

Add, burr, buxs, htttt, egg, ebh, err,Jizz,fuzz, inn, odd. 

As a rule, monosyllables ending in c hard add i, jis lack. A few 
exceptions occur. 

A monosyllable or a word that has the accent on the last syllable, 
ending in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel doubles the 
final letter when adding a suffix beginning with a \ov,e\:_fit,_fitUd. X 
is never doubled. If the final consonant is not preceded by a single 
vowel or if the accent is not on the last syllable the final letter is not 
doubled; as,-^/rat,r/, traveler. 

When silent e ends a word, drop the e when a suffix beginning with 
a vowel is added; — have, having. Retain the e before ous, able and 
ably to preserve the soft sound of f and i' and in a few cases to prevent 
doubt as to the pronunciation; — peace, peaceable, hoeing. Do not drop 
the e before a suffix beginningwith a consonant. 'E^c.^Judgment , etc. 

The diphthong ei usually follows c ; ie usually after other conso- 
nants; — receive, belie/. AVhether to use ei or ie may be determined 
readily by the nearness of the first vowel to the preceding consonant 
in the alphabet. In receive the e is nearest to c in the alphabet so 
use it; in belie/ the i is nearest to / so use it. Seise and other ex- 
ceptions can readily be remembered. 

Final y following a consonant is usually changed to i before a 
suffix; — holy, holiness. Adding ing6xo^% the final e and changes i to 
y: — die, dying. Note the spelling, — try, trying. 

Compound words usually retain the spelling of the original parts. 
There are a number of exceptions to this rule; — always, -welcome, etc. 

To spell well train the eye as well as the ear. Write and rewrite 
in correct way words you commonly misspell till their form is fixed 
in your mind. 


Use a capital letter. 

1. For the first word of every sentence. 

2. For the first word after an introductory or set term as m the caso 
of laws and resolutions: Resolved.That — . Each line of a statement 
or bill of particulars may begin with a capital letter. 

3. For the first word of an answer to a question. 

4. Tobegiu proper names of persons, places, months, days, ships, 
etc. Also for titles of honor and distinction. 

g. For the pronoun I and the interjection O. 

6. For the first word of every line of poetry. 

7. For all the names by which God and Christ arc known. Words 
referrmg to the Deity should usually be capitalized. If a title is ex- 
pressed the pronoun referring to it in the same sentence need not have 
a capital. 

8. For all adjectives which are derived from proper names, names 
of races and nations; as, American, Cuban, Russian. 

9. For the first word of a quotation introduced after a colon. 

10. For common nouns when personified; ab. The Oak said to the 
Ash, etc. 

ir. To begin words and phrases that are used as names of particu- 
lar objects. 

12. For each important word in headings, subjects of papers, titles 
of books, heads of chapters, names of orUeri, and expressions of special 


In manuscript draw one line under words or parts that you want 

printed in itaHcs: two lines for small capitals; three lines for LARGE 

CAPITALS. You may also indicate in writing- any special type or 
characters you want used to bring out certain words or parts. 

Use italics to mark emphatic words, phrases and clauses. Degrees 
of emphasis may be indicated by the size of type used; as, ^ci, yes, 
YES! Words from foreign languages should be printed in italics. 
Special names of books, newspapers, magazines, and definite objects 
are frequently printed in italics or small capitals. The name of an 
author of a quotation or cited article is usually placed after the quo- 
tation and printed in italics. 

Do not crowd the page with capitals, punctuation marks and special 
characters. In these matters consult your printer. 


Marks of punctuation are used to separate words and groups of 
words in any composition for the purpose of making the meaning in- 
tended by the writer clear to the reader. Keep this in mind and it 
will help you in determining the marks to be used. 

The Period (.) indicates the greatest degree of separation and 
marks the completion of a thought. Use it at the end of all declara- 
tive and imperative sentences. A sentence is but a thought expressed 
in words and when that is stated the period is used. It is also used 
after all abbreviations (B. A., P. M., etc.) and as a mark between dollars 
and cents (f 100.41). 

The Colon (:) denotes the second greatest degree of separation 
and is used between the great, equal parts of a compound sentence, 
the members themselves being separated into parts by half degrees 
or semi-colons (;). The colon is also used before a long quotation or 
enumeration that is formally introduced and before a statement that 
sets forth in a sentence the same idea a second time. 

The Semicolon (;) is used when there is less break in the thought 
than the colon denotes. It is used before as, namely, to-wit, etc., 
when they introduce examples or illustrations; between the parts of 
sentences when the connectives are omitted or when the parts are long; 
between clauses that follow each other but have a common dependence, 
and wherever the use of a number of commas or the need of explanation 
requires a mark indicating greater separation in order to save from 
confusion and to plainly set forth the thought of the sentence. 

The Comma ( , ) denotes the least degree of separation. 1 1 is used 
before and after parenthetical expressions that are out of their natural 
order and connection; after each pair of words when used in pairs; 
between words or phrases when the connectives are omitted; after a 
clause that is itself a subject; after adjective, participial, appositive, 
independent and antithetical phrases; before and after a direct cjuota- 
tion or a quotation introduced by thai: after words that are repeated 
merely for emphasis ; separates contrasted words and phrases; takes 
the place of verbs to save repeating and is used in all cases where 
ambiguity would arise if it were not used. 

This series of four marks covers practically all cases that require 
division of the sentence for the purpose stated. A careful study of 
sentences involving the various points will well repay study and will 
enable a writer to effectively use these marks. 

The Interrogation Point (?) is used at the end of a sentence that 
asks a question. If the question is broken up into a number of parts 
or if there are several successive questions in the same sentence and 
yet all can be answered by one and the same statement, but one mark 
is used and that is placed at the end. A series of questions, however, 
that are on the same subject but disconnected even if related in sense, 
must each have its own mark. 

The Exclamation Point (!) is used after exclamatory expressions 
indicating emotion. In closely connected exclamatory expressions do 
not use it immediately after the interjection but at the end of the 

The Dash ( — ) is used to indicate a sudden break or turn in the 
thought; to take the place of omitted letters, figures and phrases, and 
sometimes before words repeated for emphasis. 

The Curves ( ) include expressions that have no necessary connec- 
tion with the sentence in which they are found and which can be 
omitted without destroj-ing the sentence. The matter within the 
curves is called (7 /arf«^/:(ri-:x or parenthetical expression. The curves 
are frequently used to inclose letters, figures or signs used for expla* 
nation, headings or divisions of matter. 

The punctuation of parenthetical expressions depends upon their 
use, position and relation to the sentence of which they are made 
a part. Use no marks before or after if none are needed in the sentence 
itself. When a comma is necessary it is better to place it after the last 
curve. If the parenthesis expresses emotion or is an inquiry, its own 
mark (? or ]) would be used within the curves and the comma would 
then be thrown before the curves, but as a rule no point should \^ used 
before the first curve if not required by the sentence without the 
parenthesis. Curves make composition look bad, so omit them when 
expressions are short and use commas instead. 

The Brackets [ ] are used to enclose words, expressions and char- 
acters that explain some preceding part or that have been inserted by 
authors or translators. 

The Apostrophe {') denotes an omission of a letter or letters. 

The Hyphen (-) connects the parts of compound words, divides 
words into syllables and is used at the end of aline where a part of the 
word runs over to the next line. 

Quotation Marks (" ") enclose words quoted by one author from 
the book of another or words spoken by persons in the narrative. 

The Index (Cj*) points to a passage to which attention is par- 
ticularly requested. 

The Brace (~.^— >) connects a number of items under one head. 

The Caret ( a ) shows that words that are omitted are to be inserted 
at point indicated. 

The Macron ( " ) indicates a long sound. 

The Breve ( ' ) indicates a short sound. 

The Dieresis ( " ) is placed over the second of two vowels and 
shows that they are to be pronounced separately. 

The Tilde (") over n adds to it the >■ sound; as.cutioii.iau-j/an. 


a, @^Toor at. 

A. B.— Bachelor of Arts. 

aec, acet. — account. 

Afft. Sales — Account of Sales. 

Admr. — Administrator. 

A. D. — In the year of our Lord. 

Act.— Agent. 

A. M. — Master of Arts; forenoon. 
Am.or Amcr. — Aiperica; American, 
amt. — amount. 

ftns. — answer. 
art. — article, 
atljr. — attornej'. 
bal. — balance. 
bbl barrel. 

B. C Before Christ. 

hro. — brother; bro«. — brothers. 

Capt. — Captain. 

C. E.— Civil Engineer. 

chap. — chapter. 

rik — clerk. 

CO. — company; county. 

C. 0. U.— Collect on Delivery. 
cr. — credit; creditor. 

tt.— cent; els. — cents. 
dcpt, — department. 
def., defl. — defendant. 
Dr.— debtor; doctor. 

D. v.— Cod willing. 
cd, — editor: edition, 
e. ?.— for example. 
eM|. — esquire. 

px. ^example. 

(J. A. R. — Grand Army of the R< 

hdkf.— handkerchief. 

Hon honorable. 

11)., ibid.— in same place. 

id.— the same. 

I. H. S. — Jesus, Sariour of Men. 

I, N, R. I. — Jesus of Nazareth, 

King of the Jews. 
ins. — insurance. 

inst.- instant; in present month. 
int. — interest. 
inT. — invoice. 
Jr. — ^junior. 
lb. — pound, 
lib.— librarian. 
Ion., long. — longitude. 
L. S. — place of the seal. 
M. D. — Doctor of Medicine, 
mdse. — merchandise. 

Dlr. — mister. 

Mrs.— mistress. 

Messrs., Bless, — gentlemen. 

mfg., mnftf. — manufacturing. 

mo., men. — month. 

ms., (pi. mss.) — manuscript. 

No. (pi. Nos.) — number. 

Don seq. — it does not follow. 

obt. — obedient. 

O, K all correct. 

O, S old style. 

par. — paragraph. 

per cent. — by the hundred. 

plir.— plaintiff. 

P. 31. — postmaster; afternoon, 

P, posloffice. 

pop, — population. 

PP — page. 

pros., prost. — president. 

prof. — professor. 

pro torn. — for the time being. 

prox. — of next month. 

pub. — publisher. 

Pub. Doc— Public Document. 

ques. — question. 

qy.- query. 

reed, — receired. 

rccpt, — receipt. 

R, R.— railroad. 

Ry. — railway. 

sec, sect. — section. 

see,, secy, — secretary, 

soc, socy, — society. 

SS., ss,- namely. 

supt. — superintendent. 

tp. — township. 

treas. — treasurer. 

lilt.— of last month, 

viz, —namely. 

vol,— Toluuie. 

vs.— against. 

wit. — week. 

y., yr. — year. 

yd.— yard. 


Ab Initio, L. — From the begin- 
ad infinitum, L. — to unlimited 

ad libitum, L. — at pleasure. 

alias, L. — otherwise. 

alibi, L. — elsewhere. 

an fait, i^.— all right ; instructed. 

an revoir, F. — till we meet again. 

bon jonr, F. — good day. 

bon-mot, F. — a witticism. 

bon soir, F. — good-night. 

bon ton, F. — high fashion. 

bonnfldp, £.— genuine. 

carte blanche, /^.— with full power. 

caveat, L. — let him beware. 

chef d'oeuvre, i='.— masterpiece. 

contra, L. — against. 

coup d'etat, F.— a stroke of policy. 

debut, F.— first appearance. 

de facto, Z.— in fact. 

dejare, i.— from right. 

denouement, /=".— result; outcome 

eclat, /=■,— splendor. 

elite, F,— choice ; select. 

encore, F. — again. 

masse, /•".— in a body. 

entree, F. — entrance. 

ergo, L. — therefore. 

e pluribus unura, L. — one from 

esprit de corps, F. — the ruling 

ex oftlcio, Z,.— bv virtue of oflice. 

ex parte, L. — on one side. 

ex tempore, i:.— at the moment. 

facile priiicipes, L. — admitted to be 

faux pas, F.— a f.ilse step, 

bant ton, F.— higliest f.nshion. 

hors de combat, F. — not in condi- 
tion to fight. 

imprimis, £.— in the 

impromptu, /.. — without prepara- 

in hoe signo vinces, L. — under this 
standard thou shalt conquer. 

in niedias res, £.— in the midst of 



Id proprift persona, /..—in person. 

inter non, L. — among ourselves. 

in loto, L. — in the whole; entire. 

In traoMta, /.. — on the way. 

interim, /..—in the meantime. 

ip»ir dixit, /.. — a dogmatic ex- 

j^D d'esprit. F. — a witticism. 

lapsni linguae, /..—a slip of the 

lex Bcriptft. L. — the written law. 

Kacrnum »pns, /.. — a great work. 

m&l a propos, /^.—ill-timed. 

neus ft limm, /..— mine and thine. 

nw. L. — family name. j 

ne plufc ultra, /..—none better. I 

nil de^peranduiB, L. — never de- 

nokn^fukas. L. — willing or not. 

nom d* plome, F. — literary nick- 
iiaine ; assumed name. 

noD ronipo« mentis, L. — of unsound 

non hequltur, /,. — it does not fol- 

nota bene, L, — mark well. 

on dil, F. -\\ is said. 

onoft probando, /.. — burden of 

ora pro nohU, /..—pray for us. 

(I temporal o mores 1 /.. — O the 
times I O the manners! 

otfnm earn dipnitate, /.. — ease 
with dignity. 

par eirellenee, /,. — by way of em- 

partireps rrlmlois, L. — accomplice 
in Lrime. 

piu>sim, /_. — ererywherc. 

papier marhe, F. — paper pulp. 

|iater familiar, L. — father of a 

per capita, L. — by the head. 

per dien. L. — by the day. 

per*e, Z.— by itself. 

petitlo principi, A.— a begging of 
the question. 

poeta naftrltnr, non fit, /..—the poet 

is burn, not made. 
pon»i a»>inorum, /..—bridge uf asses. 
prima facie. /,. — on first riew. 
pro et eou, /,. — for and against. 
pro forma, /-.—for forms sake. 
pro tempore, /.. — for the time 

qui vise, /^.— on the alert. 
quid nunc! /■.— what nowf 
quid pro quo, /..—one for the other. 
quondam, Z.— former. 
sang froid, F. — indifference-. 
sans M>uei, F- — without cure. 
M-mper idem, /..—always the same, 
semper puralus,/!. — always ready. 
sine die, /.— without day. 
soiree, F. — erening entertainment. 
sotto ^ore, /. — in a low voice. 
suaviter in modo, forliterin re, /.. — 

gentle in mauner, resolute la 

sub ro«a, Z.^prirately ; under the 

sui ^neris, /,. — unique; of its own 

tableau vivant, F. — a liring picture. 
tempu>. fu^rit, L. — time flies. 
terra flrma, A.— firm ground- 
term inrngnita^ /,. — an unknown 

tete-a*tete, /^.— face to face. 
lout ensemble, F. — the whole taken 

Tale, /,. — farewell. 
\alel de cfaambre, /^.— a body scrv. 

Terbatim et literatim, /..—word for 

word and letter for letter. 
Tie* Tenta, /.. — the case being re- 
Tin ft Til, F. — opposite, face to face. 
viva voee, L. — by word of mouth. 
vive la republiqne, /^.— long live 

the repultlic. 
vox populi, vox Dei, /.. — the Toice 

of the people is the voice of God. 


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