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The founders of the three American branches of the De Blois 
family were Stephen^ De Blois, who was born at Oxford, England, 
24 July 1699 (vide infra, 2), and the two brothers Stephen,'^ Jr., 
and George^ De Blois, who were born at Oxford in 1735 and 1740 
respectively, sons of George,^ who was born at Oxford in 1710. 
(Vide i)ifra, 3, 6, and 7.) Stephen^ lived first in New York, 
and then permanently in Boston; Stephen,' Jr., lived finally at 
Newport, R. I. ; and George,^ commonly called "George, Sr.," 
lived first at Salem, Mass., and then at Halifax, Nova Scotia. With 
Stephen,' Jr., at Newport, lived also his sister Mary ("Polly"), 
who was born about 1743, and died unmarried at Newport, 11 
Dec. 1818, aged 75. In, ,4-merica .tbe nam,e of the family has 
almost without excepticii^ibeen,, felled 'pijiHer JI)ebloi8 or De Blois, 
though in the earliest nlention of ,Stepbe,n, De Blois in the records 
of King's Chapel his name i'r'giyeii as publois. In the entry which 
he made in his Bible, as also" ih signirUg as a witness Governor 
Burnet's will and signing: hisl^sJ^yAi ,wiHj„" Stephen spelled his name 
clearly Deblois, and to thfs s'[7eiling many of his descendants have 
adhered. The name of his second son Stephen spelled Lewis, not 
Louis, though it is probable that the first Oxford ancestor of the 
family when he came to England spelled his name in the continental 
way. The ancient family Bible of Stephen De Blois is a treasured 
possession of Dr. Thomas Amory De Blois of Boston. 

1. LouTS^ DE Blois, or Lewis De Blois, of Oxford, England, accord- 
ing to De Blois family tradition came to England as a Huguenot refugee 
as early as 1688, and was in King William's forces at the Battle of the 
Boyne in 1690. Beyond this tradition, which has not been verified, nothing 
whatever is known of his origin, except that it was undoubtedly French. 
Records of St. Clement's Parish, Oxford, state that his first wife, Martha, 
was buried at Oxford 24 June 1 698, having borne her husband five chil- 
dren. The name of the second wife is not known, nor is it known when 
she died, but she bore her husband seven children. Louis de Blois was 
bvu-ied at Oxford in June 1739. 
Children by first wife : 

i. Mary,'' bapt. 25 Oct. 1688. 

ii. William, bapt. 17 Feb. 1689/90. 

iii. Abkailvm. 

iv. Lewis. 

v. Constance, bapt. 22 June 1698. 

Children by second wife : 

2. vi. STEruEN, k 2-t July 1699. 
vii. Francis. 

viii. Samuel, bapt. 9 July 1704; d. 1799. 
ix. Secundus. 
X. Lezee. 

3. xi. Geokge, b. 1710. 

Xii. jAifE. 

2 Stephen" De Blois {Louis'), born at Oxford 24 July 1699, and 
baptized in St. Clement's Parish 21 July 1700, came to New York 
in Sept. 1720 in the ship Seahorse, commanded by Capt. Philip 
Dumaresq, in the retinue of Governor William Burnet. He mar- 
ried in New York, 16 Feb. 1721, Ann Furley, who was also in 
the household of Burnet and had come in the same ship with her 
future husband. Within the precincts oi ^ort George at New York, 
where Governor Burnet kept his stately court, their three children 
were born. Governor Burnet's removal to Massachusetts in July 
1728 undoubtedly caused the transfer of the family to Boston, 
where Stephen De Blois connected himself, as did his patron the 
Governor, with the parish of King's Chapel. The earliest written 
record thus far found of Stephen De Blois is his signature as a witr 
ness to the wni of Governor Burnet in New York m 1727, and 
the next is a vote of the vestry of King's Chapel on Easter Monday, 
26 Mar. 1733, " That M"- Dublois be Organist for the year ensuing, 
at Fortv pounds Salary." .In the led - of King's Chapel, also, is 
the following enth \' -'V 1^35 Jnlj. ^"/J. 'W ^tep"^ Dnblois for 1 
qu^ Sallery to 25fh\hine -rO.eO.OC^rV It^v«S voted, 30 Mar. 1 / 41, by 
the vestry of the Chaiiel-.tiiat.'^ Stprfiea De Blois, Organist,' should 
receive " y« Same SalkjA: ^jsjlisiryeaf; p £50." On 11 Apr. 1748, 
" Steph'' beblois, Ojsrakiisfc^" .is ^d tp have been paid ''in tu 1 
of his year's Sallery 'iloVidAaS'S-aO.?]?}.': (Annals of King's Chapel 
vol. 1, pp. 421, 524, and'vol. 2,*p. lOfr)* The first mention found 
of Stephen De Blois in property records is in Mar. 1736, when 
he takes a mortgage from Michael Asher, a tobacco and snuff 
manufacturer, on property situated at Chambers and Lynde Streets, 
including the snutf-mill and the stock of tobacco and manufactured 
snuif which it contains. 

From the register of King's Chapel it appears that Mrs. Ann 
(Furley) De Blois died 4 July 1762, aged 75, her funeral bemg 
held three days later. i o/? t ^ 

Stephen De Blois's will, dated 10 Aug. 1//7 and proved 26 June 
1778 mentions his sons Gilbert and Lewis ; his daughter Sarah 
Wall'is and her husband William Wait Wallis ; the children, William, 
Elizabetli, Lewis, Francis, John, and Stephen, of his son Gilbert ; 
the children, George, Sarah, Lewis, and Gilbert, of his son Lewis ; 
his daughter Sarah Wallis's daughter Sarah; and his brother 
Georffe in Oxford, and his sister Twycroft, presumably also in 
Oxford, both of whom had children. At the time of the makmg 

* Governor Burnet's will was made in New York, but was proved /^ Boston, where 

of the Governor's household, was so much a musician that as early as 1733 he became 
organist of King's Chapel. 

of his will both his sons were refugees in England, and he 
pathetically mentions the improbability of his ever seeing them 
again. In their absence he appoints his nephew Stephen De Blois 
of Newport, R. I., Mr. John Timmins of Boston, merchant, his 
son-in-law William Wait Wallis, and his daughter Sarah W^allis as 
his executors. If his sons, however, return l>efore his estate is set>- 
tled, he jirescribes that they also shall be added to the list.* He and 
his wife are probably buried under King's Chapel in the De Blois 
tomb (tomb No. 11), which was built and owned jointly by his 
sons Gilbert and Lewis. 
Children : 

i. Sarah,' b. 22 Apr. 1723 ; m. at Boston 28 Apr. 1743 Willloi Wait 
Waxlis, sou of Thomas and Grace (Wait), b. 14 Jan. 1721. She 
had children, one of whom, Ann, d. 27 Aug. 1748, aged 4 yrs., 4 
mos., and 1 day, and another, Sarah, was living in 1777. 

4. ii. Gilbert, b. 15 Mar. 1725. 

5. iii. Lewis, b. 9 Sept. 1727. 

3. George^ De Blois (ZomzV), born at Oxford in 1710, married Eliza- 

beth , who died at Oxford 17 Aug. 1780, aoed 77. He 

died at Oxford in 1799. How many children he had is not known ; 
but there were three who came to America, and there was also an 
Elizabeth who lived at Oxford and died there unmarried. 
Children, born at Oxford : 

6. i. Stephen,' b. 1735. 

7. ii. George, called -''.Si'.',", b,^ e'lVfarl 1739/4-6, ' 

iii. Mary, b. abt. .IT^; livssl at, Ne.wiXoit; R. I., with her brother 
Stephen; d. unm. 11 Dec. ,1818, ag<;d 75. She is buried in Trinity 
Churchyard, where^ her ii^sr^riptioa rimy still be seen. 

iv. Elizabeth, lived and d. fit piforJ.'. ' 

4. Gilbert^ De Blois {StepkeP,,'^,''L'H%s})\ 15brn in New York 15 Mar. 

1725, between five and ^Ix'o" clock' at night, was undoubtedly named 
for Gilbert Burnet, the Governor's son. He married in Boston, 17 
Feb. 1749, Ann Coffin, fifth child of William and Ann (Holmes), 
who was born 15 Dec. 1730. Mrs. De Blois was a sister of Nathaniel 
Cofiin, father of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin, Bart., and also of Eliza- 
beth Coffin, wife of Thomas Amory of Boston. Survi\'ing her hus- 
band, she made her will 18 June 1807, and died in Dec. 1808. 

Of the apprenticeship of Gilbert De Blois nothing is known, but 
in early manhood he became a successful importer of hardware and 
other foreign goods, for many years advertising conspicuously in 
the Boston newspajiers. In 1756 his chief place of business was at 
the " Sign of the Crown and Comb," near the prison, in Queen 
Street ; then for some years he had his warehouse at the head of 
Green's Wharf. In 1764, however, he abandoned the latter stand 
for a store at the lower end of King Street, on the south side, " ad- 
joining Mr. James Apthorp's." During the smallpox epidemic in 
this same year he removed j^art of his large stock of hardware, 

•The will of Stephen De Blois seems to be in his own, a strong, clear, English hand- 
writing,- and is signed "Stephen Dcblois," and endorsed: "The last will of me, 
Stephen Deblois. Not to be open'd till after my Uuriel." It begins : " I Stephen 
Deblois of Boston in the County of Suffolk and province of the Massachusetts Bay in 
New England, Gentleman." He divides his silver plate among his three children. 
The name of his nephew Stephen of Newport he spells as he does his own name, 

groceries, and liquors to Weston, where he had " a commodious shop 
and store adjoining the house of M''. Josiah Smith, inn holder (on 
the great road to Worcester), at the Sign of the Half-Moon, near 
the Meeting House." {Post Boy and Advertiser, March 19, 1764.) 
In 1773 he had a shop opposite School Street, near the late Rev. 
Dr. Sewall's meeting-house. Last of all he had a shop at No. 1 

His latest dwelling-house was on Tremont Street, at the north 
corner of Bromfield Street, the whole property having been pur- 
chased by him in .Jan. 1774 from Mr. John Timmins. With its fine 
garden about it, the house stood until it was burned, shortly before 
Aug. 1840, the property passing then by sale to Mr. Charles H. 
Eldredge. In 1865 Horticultural Hall was built on the site of the 
ancient house. In the Revolution tins valuable property was con- 
fiscated, but Mrs. De Blois was soon afterwards permitted to buy it 
back. There this lady lived, and there her daughter, " Miss Betsey," 
also lived, probably until the house was burned. 

Gilbert De Blois planted the so-called " Paddock elms " in front 
of the Granary Burying-Ground, buying them from Mr. James 
Smith, the wealthy sugar-baker and a warden of King's Chapel in 
1722, who had imported them from England and placed them in his 
nursery at Brush Hill, Milton. In return for the trees he promised 
to name and did name a son for James Smith. (Letters of James 
Murray, Loyalist, Boston, 1901.) 

Gilbert and his brother LfAvis De RloJs,, petitioned, 15 May 1754, 
for the widening, oiL^-Qu'eein (Coui:t) Sti^^et, ;l)ecause they had bought 
a piece of land at the c()rner of^^Hanoyer and Queen Streets, two or 
three years before, and h?.d sit'cfe'bmltr a brick house there. They 
had given some of theit'ortn'lfuid- to widen Hanover Street. (Bos- 
ton Records, vol. 14',,'pp".; 2>S, l26t."| . The building afterwards long 
known as " Concert Hjfll '* 'wasX'or^^ieytKl, 30 Sept. 1754, by Gilbert 
and Lewis De Blois, braziers, to Stephen De Blois, their father, for 
£2000 lawful money. In 1769 this property was sold by Stephen 
De Blois to William Turner, gentleman, for £1000 steiding, Turner 
at the same time mortgaging it to De Blois. It afterwards passed 
to the Amory family.* (Drake, History and Antiquities of Boston, 
pp. 641, 642.) Until the Revolution Gilbert De Blois's name ap- 
pears in many records of transfer of real estate in Boston. 

In 1774 he was an addresser of Hutchinson and in 1775 of Gage, 
being called a " shop-keeper in Cornhill." In Mar. 1776, with 
a family of four, he went to Halifax with Howe's fleet, and from 
there, probabl}' in May, he sailed for England with other Loyalists. 
In 1778 he was proscribed and banished as an enemy of the state. 
In 1779, as one of a group of expatriated Loyalists in London, he 
addressed the King. Whether his wife Ann left Boston with him 
for Halifax is not known, but if she did she soon returned, and 

* CoBcert Hall, a writer for a newspaper has stated, " was enlarged by Mr. Amory. 
The front hall, on the second story, was 60 by 30 feet; it was admired for its correct 
proportions and the richness of its architecture. In 1817 it was not only the best, but 
the largest, hall in Boston. The entrance was on Pemberton Hill, now Court Street. 
Its basement, on Hanover Street, was occupied by Peter Brigham, oysterman, who 
opened and sold fourteen oysters for fourpence, half-penny (6^ cents), that being a 
Spanish coin, the only silver money of that day. From this humble occupation and 
by prudence in affairs he became owner of Concert Hall, and laid the foundation of 
his large fortune, the major part of which he bequeathed to the poor of Boston." 

until her death she retained the oversight of her husband's business 
in Boston. In 1781) Gilbert De Blois revisited Boston for tlie mar- 
riage of his son Lewis witli Kuth Hooper Daltou, and also, no 
doubt, to make his will, which bears date 3 June 1789, and was 
proved in Boston 28 Feb. 17tt2. 

He returned to England, probably in the late autumn of 1789, 
and died at Peckham, a suburb of London, 27 Nov, 1791, aged 65, 
He was probably buried in London, The notice of liis death in the 
Gentleman's Magazine, vol. 61, part 2, p. 1161, describes him as 
" Mr. Gilbert De Blois, late of Boston, New England, mercht." 

He first appointed as executors of his will Oliver Smith, George 
De Blois of Boston, and Mr. Lewis De Blois, his brother, of Lon- 
don. But 11 Nov. 1789 he substituted for these his sons Lewis of 
New Yoi'k and Stephen of Portland. In his will he mentions his 
wife Ann ; his children Gilbert, William, Elizabeth, Lewis, Stephen, 
and James Smith; his nephew George, ''of Boston"; aud his 
brother Lewds, in London. Among his bequests were his pews in 
King's Chapel and Trinity Church, The agent appointed by the 
coui't, 29 Jan, 1779, to care for his estate, because of his absence in 
England, was Dr. Thomas Bulfinch, the well-known physician, who 
performed similar service for many other expatriated Loyalists, his 
old friends and fellow-worshippers at King's Chapel. 

Gilbert De Blois was long one of the most prominent supporters of 
King's Chapel, his family from their first coming to Boston having 
worshipped in this church. For many years, until his death, he 
owned pews Nos, 20 and 72, and he owned two pews in Trinity 
Church, He was a vestryman of King's Chapel from 1763 to 1776, 
and a warden from 1769 to 1775, In his portrait by Copley, which 
was painted in London after the Revolution, he is represented as 
" sitting partly in profile, dressed in a brown coat, with a white wig. 
His right hand rests upon a table before him, holding a pen, and 
over his head is a crimson curtain, with sky in the background. It 
is a fine specimen of Copley's latest manner." (Perkins, Works of 
John Singleton Copley, p. 51.) This portrait was bequeathed to his 
son Lewis, and from him it passed to Lewis's daughter Charlotte, 
after whose death it w^as sold to Mrs. Augustus Thorudike Perkins,* 

The baptisms of the children of Gilbert and Ann (Coffin) De 
Blois, except Stephen, are recorded in the register of King's 
Chapel. Ste^jhea's baptism is found in the register of Trinity 
Children : 

i. AXN,^ b. 17 July 1752; d. 14 Sept. 1753, 
ii. Ann, b. 2 July 175-1; d. 14 Sept. 1755. 

8. iii. Gllbkut, b. 20 Sept. 1755. 

iv. Stkphkn, b. 15 June 1757; d. 15 June 1758. 

9. V. William, b. at Mcdford, Mass., 7 Oct. 1758. 
10. vi. Lewis, b. 25 May 17G0. 

vii. ELIZAI5ETU, b. l(j Aug. 1761 ; d. unm. at Roxbury 27 Oct. 1843; bur. 
in the family tomb in Kiug's Chapel. "Miss Betsey" De Blois 
has passed into history as one of Boston's noted eighteenth-century 

* A copy of this Copley portrait, made early, and other interesting portraits of 
De Blois and Amory ancestors, besides a valuable painting of his uncle Thor 

of his 
Amory De Blois, LL.D., of Portland, are in the posscssion~of Dr. Thomas Amory 
De Blois of Boston. Dr. De Blois has also many letters written by members of the 
De Blois family in the earlier generatious. 

belles. In her youth she was Tvooecl by " the altog-etber nnex- 
ceptionable " Mr. Martin Brimmer, but her mother disapproved of 
the match, and just as the wedding ceremony was about to be 
performed, entered the church (perhaps King's Chapel) and foT'^ 
bade the marriage. The town record of Boston marriages has 
this significant entry : "Mr. Martin Brimmer and Mrs. Elizabeth 
De Blois (forbid), July 24, 1777." In the Register, vol. 11, pp. 75, 
76, the story of the tragical ending of this romantic love-match is 
Interestingly told, and a letter from Benedict Arnold to Mrs. 
Knox, wife of General Knox, is also given, in which, under date 
of 4 Mar. 1777, Arnold incloses a missive to "the heavenly Miss 
Deblois," with whom he also was evidently much in love. This 
letter from Arnold to Mrs. Knox is also printed in the Register, 
vol. 26, p. 201. In her grandfather's will, as we have seen, Eliza- 
beth De Blois's name occurs. It was placed there, however, not 
when the will was written, but in the early part of the succeeding 
year, 1778. In this insertion, which is made above the originsd 
line in the will, immediately after the name Elizabeth appears 
the word " Reconcil'd," and we have here, no doubt, unexpected 
testimony to the family's displeasure at the young lady's determi- 
nation to become Mr. Brimmer's wife. When the match was 
finally given up, her family became reconciled to her and she 
found her proper place in her grandfather's will. Miss De Blois 
inherited almost all her mother's property, including the house on 
Tremont Street, and apparently lived there in " single-blessed- 
ness and high respectability" until well on towards 1840, when 
she removed to Roxbury. She is said to have remamed almost 
to the last "a straiglat, tall, elegant woman." Her wUl, dated 
27 Dec. 1830, is recorded at Dedham. 

viii. Francis, b. 4 Apr. 1763 ; d. unin. in Boston 18 Mar. 1786. 
11. ix. Stephen, b. 4 Apr. 1764. 

X. Axx, b. 10 Aug. 1765; d. 6 Sept. 1765. 

xi. John, b. 24 Dec. 1767; d. unm. in London, England, 8 Mar. 1784. 

xii. James Sjhth, b. 3 Jan. 1769 ; was purser of the frigate Constitution ; 
d. of fever, 29 Nov. 1803, in the harbor of Smyrna. He was 
named for James Smith, sugar-baker of Boston, a warden of King's 
Chapel. ( Vide supra, p. 9.) 

xiii. Isaac, b. 12 June 1770; d. 28 Jan. 1771. 

xiv. Ann, b. 8 Oct. 1771 ; d. 11 Oct. 1774. 

XV. Ralph, b. 7 Feb. 1773; d. 14 July 1774. 

xvi. Lucy Ann, b. 5 Nov. 1774 ; d. 10 Aug. 1775. 

. Lewis^ De Blois {Stephen,^ Louis^), born in New York 9 Sept. 
1727, became like his brother Gilbert a successful importer of and 
dealer in hardware and other foreign goods in Boston. His place 
of business in 1756 and 1757 was at the " Sign of the Golden Eagle " 
in Dock Square, but in July 1763 it was at the foot of King Street. 
He announces, 24 Oct. 1763, that he has removed his stock of goods 
from King Street to his "late dwelling house on Dock Square." 
He announces also, 25 Jidy 1763, that he intends to sail for Eng- 
land early in tlie next spring, and he wishes all persons indebted 
to him to settle their accounts. At this time he advertises for sale 
"a curious toned harpsicord just imported from London," which 
" is esteemed the master piece of the famous Falconer." He also 
advertises for church use an organ made by Mr. Thomas Johnston 
of Boston, formerly used in the Concert Hall. He calls for lumber, 
codfish, and mackerel. In 1774, when he becomes a "protester 
and addresser," he is called " Shopkeeper" in Dock Square. 
{Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, Vol. 11, p. 392.) In Mar. 1776, 
with a family of two, he went with Howe's fleet to Halifax, from 
there, very likely in May, sailing with his brother Gilbert and other 

Loyalists for Enoland. (Mass. Hist. Soc. Proceedings, vol. 18, p. 
266.) With his brother he was proscribed and banished in 1778. 
He was a vestryman of King's Chapel from 1763 to 1776. In 
1754 he exchanged his pew, No. 68, in the church with Samuel 
Withered for pew No. 66. 

Lewis De Blois married first, in Boston, 4 Sept. 1748 (Rev. 
Timothy Cutler, D.D., officiating), Elizabeth Jknkins, daughter 
of Robert and Elizabeth (Goddard), who was born 16 Aug. 1730 
and died 16 or 17 June 1767. He married secondly, 25 Dec. 1770, 
Elizabeth Debuke, who died in England 23 Nov. 1799, aged 74. 
He died in England 9 Feb. 1799, and in the Gentleman'' s Magazine, 
vol. 69, part 1, p. 173, appeared the following notice : " Very sud- 
denly at his apartments in Holborn, after being out on that day, 
Mr, Lewis Deblois, late merchant in Boston, North America." He 
was probably buried in London. Administration of his estate was 
granted in Boston, 9 Sept. 1800, to his eldest son George. 

Children by first wife : 

12. i. Geokge,* called "Jr.," b. 27 Oct. 1750. 

ii. Sabah, b. 29 Dec. 1753; m. 25 Dec. 1771, m Kmg's Chapel Parish, 
her father's first cousin, George' De Elo:?, callal "• Sr.," b. at 
Oxford 6 Mar. 1739/40, founder of the Halifax, Nova Scotia, 
branch of the family. ( Vide infra, 7.) 

13. ill. Lew^is, b. 10 Apr. 1762. 

iv. Gilbert, b. 20 Dec. 1763; d. at Providence, E. I., June 1785, prob- 
ably without issue. 

. Stephen' De Blois, Jr. {George,"^ Louis^), born at Oxford in 1735, 
came, it is said, in a warship to Newport, R. I., at the age of thir- 
teen, and decided, like his brother George, to make New England 
his home. On the earliest stages of his business cai'eer no light is 
thrown ; but in Sept. 1757 " Wickham and De Blois "* advertise in 
the Boston Gazette, at the " Sign of the Golden Eagle, opposite to 
Dr. Tweedy's," and at their store '' opposite to Col. Malbone's brick 
house," a large stock of hardware, India goods, etc. In May 1763 
Stephen De Blois, Jr., advertises a similar, though larger stock at 
his shop at the " Sign of the Golden Eagle," Dock Square, Boston, 
George De Blois, his brother, also announcing in the same adver- 
tisement a mixed stock of hardware, spices, silks, threads, canvas, 
hour-glasses, coffee-mills, etc., at his shop in Salem. ( Bosion Gazette, 
May 9, 1763.) It will thus be seen that Stephen, Jr.'s, place of 
business in Boston at this time was the same as that of his cousin 
Lewis, but what business connection there was between the two 
does not appear. In the News Letter of February 23 and March 15, 
1764, Stephen, Jr., informs the public that he has opened a store 
in Dedham, at the house of Dr. Nathaniel Ames (the almanac- 
maker), where he has a large stock of hardware. He will take in 
exchange for new goods old pewter and brass. This temporary 
removal, like that of his cousin Gilbert to Weston at the same 
time, was made necessary by the epidemic of smallpox raging in 
Boston. How soon after this Stephen, Jr., removed permanently 
to Newport, R. I., is not known, but the Biographical Cyclopedia 
of R. L, part 1, p. 114, says that in Newport he was first an im- 
porter of hardware, then a shipping merchant and ship-owner, al- 
together one of the most considerable merchants in the town, 

» The name of this Newport firm was later '* De Blois and Wickham." 


In the Eevolution he was a Tory, and for a while he left New- 
port for New York ; but he resettled there in Aug. 1784, and in 
171)0 his household is described as consisting of one male over 16, 
two males under 16, six white females, and two slaves. His 
dwelling-house was on Thames Street, " opposite the old Ruggles 
house,"' and there he died, 15 Feb. 1805, in his 70th year. He was 
a vestryman of Trinity Parish, Newport, and is buried in Trinity 
Churchyard. The inscription on his tombstone calls him a "re- 
spectable citizen and merchant of Newport," and the Biographical 
Cyclopedia says that he was generous, enterprising, public-spirited, 
and foremost in every movement for the prosperity and welfare of 
the town. 

He married first,* at Newport, 9 Dec. 1767, Rebecca Wick- 
ham; and secondly, 15 Mar. 1779, Jane or Jenny Brown, who 
died 8 July 1829, aged 78, and whose inscription may be read in 
Trinity Churchyard. 

Child by first wife : 
i. George,* b^pt. 12 Aug. 1770 in Trinity Parish, Newport. 

Children by second wife : 

ii. Ann, m. Capt. Eobekt Robinson of Newport. 

iii. Stephen, m. Sarah Ellis Dean. 

iv. Elizabeth, b. 15 Oct. 1786: m. Timothy Pearce. 

V. Eebecca, bapt. Jan. 1788, when 3 months old ; m. David Thatcher. 

vi. John, bapt. 2 Dec. 1790; m. Sarah Cookson Scott. 

vii. Jane, bapt. 16 Mar. 1797 ; d. unm. at Newport abt. 1878. 

7. George^ De Blois {George,"^ Louis'^), called " Sr.," born at Oxford 
6 Mar. 1739/40, reached Boston, Mass., in Jan. 1761, and on Christ- 
mas Day, 1771, being then of Salem, married, in King's Chapel 
Parish, Sarah* De Blois, daughter of Lewis,^ his first cousin, and 
Elizabeth (.Jenkins). Sarah De Blois was born in Boston 29 Dec. 
1753. ( Vide supra, 5.) 

George De Blois lived at Salem, but seems to have had business 
connections with his relatives Gilbert, Lewis, and Stephen De Blois, 
and was in business with George De Blois, Jr. Like his cousins 
in Boston he was an ardent Tory, and in 1774 signed addresses to 
Hutchinson and Gage. In Apr. 1775 he was obliged to flee from 
Salem, leaving behind him property valued at £438. 11. b\, of 
which, however, he recovered a good deal. {Essex Institute Histor- 
ical Collections, vol. 43, p. 302.) When he saw that it was necessary 
to leave Salem, he first planned to go to Boston, but this plan he 
found impracticable, and he therefore embarked for Halifax, 29 Apr. 
1775, in the brig Minerva, with his own family, a Mrs. Cottnam and 
her family. Dr. -John Prince, and Mr. James Grant. He left Hali- 
fax, 14 June 1777, in the transport Catherine, for New York, where 
he staid for three years, until 28 July 1781, when he left New York 
harbor on the Britannic for Halifax, sailing 1 Aug. from Sandy 
Hook. He reached Halifax again 14 Aug. 1781, and establishing 
a commission business lived there, perhaps without again visiting 
the United States, until 1799. In the latter year, in very poor 
health, and accompanied by his daughter Sarah, he left Halifax, 
4 May, in the schooner Mary for Boston. After eight days he 

* This is believed to have been his first marriage. 


reached Boston, and from there went to Newport, R. I. In Newport 
his illness increased, and he died, 18 June 1799, probably at his 
brother's house. In the churchyard of Trinity Church is a tomb- 
stone, on which is the following inscription : 

" Sacred to the memory of George De Blois, Esq., a reputable 
merchant of Halifax, Nova Scotia, who departed this life the IS^** 
of June, 1799, in the 59'*^ year of his age ; and of his sister, Mary 
De Blois, died December 11, 1818, aged 75 years." 

On th« 8th of May, 1802, a little less than three years after her 
husband's death, Mrs. George De Blois sailed from Halifax in the 
schooner Mary with her sons Stephen Wastie and William Minet 
and her daughters Lydia and Ann Maria, to make her home once 
more in Massachusetts. The next month the sons returned to Hali- 
fax, but the mother and daughters remained at Dedham. At Hali- 
fax the sons continued their father's business in the name of their 
mother, Sarah De Blois. It is not known in what year Mrs. De 
Blois herself returned to Halifax ; but she died tliere at the house 
of her son Stephen "Wastie, 25 Dec. 1827, " aged 74." 

Children : 
i. Elizabeth," b. 20 Nov. 1772; bapt. in St. Peter's Parish, Salem. 
Stephen'^ De Blois of Boston records in bis family Bible : " My 
grand-daughter Sarah was delivered of a daughter, November 20, 
1772." Elizabeth De Blois m. at the house of her sister Sarah 
Boggs in Halifax, 16 Sept. 1802, Lieut. William Despakd, bach- 
elor, of the 7th Regt., Royal Fusiliers, nephew of Lieut. -Gen. 
Despard. Children: \. Harriet Murray. 2. P/u7;>, a captain in 
the army. 3. Letitia. 4. George Packenham., a clergyman of the 
English Church. 
ii. Sarah, b. at Salem 18 Aug. 1774; m. at Halifax 3 Sept. 1800, by 
Rev. Robert Stanser, afterwards Bishop of Nova Scotia, to Thom- 
as BoGGS, son of Dr. James and Mary (Morris), b. 1771. Chil- 
dren: 1. James George. 2. AnnAnsell. 3. Sarah. 4. Thomas. 
5. Fanny. 6. Henry. 7. George. 8. Stephen. 9. Boxoman. 10. 
Kate. 11. Edwin., d. yoimg. 
ill. Mary, b. at Halifax 20 June 1776 ; bapt. in St. Paul's Parish by Rev. 

Dr. John Breynton. 
iv. Rebecca, b. in New York 5 Mar. 1778 ; bapt. there 7 Apr. following 
by Rev. William Walter, D.D. ; m. May 1811 Rev. John Bart- 
LETT, a graduate of Harvard, pastor of the Second Congregational 
(Unitarian) Parish, Marblehead, Mass., from 1811 to 1841); d. 24 
Dec. 1858. Children: 1. John Stephen. 2. Sarah Lydia. 3. 
Samuel William. 4. George Edward. 5. Mary Susan. 6. Lewis 
De Blois. 

14. V. Stephen Wastie, b. in New York 16 Jan. 1780. 

15. vi. George Lewis, b. at Halifax 17 June 1782. 

vli. Lydia Harriet (or Harriot), b. at Halifax 19 June 1784; m. at 
Dedham, Mass., 25 Nov. 1805, Rev. James Flint, D.D., b. at North 
Reading, Mass., 10 Dec. 1779, d. at Salem 4 Mar. 1855. Dr. Flint 
was graduated at Harvard in 1802, and settled first at East Bridge- 
water, Mass. He then became pastor of the East Church (Uni- 
tarian) of Salem. Children: 1. Sarah Ann. 2. Fi-ances Maria. 
3. Amelia Grant. 4. James. 5. William De Blois. G. Elizabeth 
Despard. 7. Henry Elkins. 8. George Herbert. 9. Caroline Dan- 

viii. Ann Marlv (or Mary Ann), b. at Halifax 19 or 20 July 1787 ; bapt. 
bv Rev. Joshua Wingate AVeeks; d. unm. at Dedham, Mass., 30 
Oct. 1802, in her 16tli vear. 

ix. Francis Edwin, b. 25 Oct. 1789 ; bapt. by Rev. Joshua Wingate 
Weeks; d. 27 July 1790. 

16. X. WiLLiA>i MiNET, b. 7 or 10 Nov. 1795. 



8. Gilbert* ( Gilbert,^ Stephen,^ Louis'^), born 20 Sept. 1755, married 

an English wife, whose name we do not know. In the Revolution 
he symjiathized with the American cause, and thus incurred his 
father's severe displeasure. He died probably 12 Nov. 1803. 
Child : 

17. i. Francis Gilbert,* b. abt. 1781. 

9. William* De Blois {Gilbert,^ Stephen,- Louis'^), born at Medford, 

Mass., 7 Oct. 1758, and baptized in King's Chapel 20 Oct. 1758, 
married, 11 Sept. 1785, Sarah Williams, who was born at Salem, 

A merchant in Boston, he was also captain of a ship, and about 
1796 was seized by the French and taken to Bordeaux. In 1789 
he was in Georgia. In 1786-87, in 1796-97, and possibly between 
1788 and 1796, he was a vestryman of King's Chapel. In 1785 
he owned pew No. 55 in the Chapel ; and in the same year j^ew No. 9, 
which as early as 1754 had been acquired by Samuel Wentworth, 
father of Lady Frances Wentworth, was sold to him by the wardens. 

He died in London, and administration on the estate of " Wil- 
liam De Blois, mariner," was granted in Boston, 26 Jan. 1807, to 
Thomas Appleton, trader. 

Children : 

18. i. Gilbert,* b. 24 June 1786. 

ii. Sally Williams, b. 12 May 1788; bapt. in Kmg's Chapel 9 Nov. 
1788 ; m. 28 Sept. 1809, by Rev. John Sylvester John Gardiner, 
D.D., to JoHX Cl.\rk Brown, sou of Josiah and Susanna 
('Clark),b. 19 Dec. 1781. ChUdreu: 1. John De Blois, b. 1813. 
2. Sarah, b. 1819. .3. Susanna Elizabeth, b. 13 May 1820. 4. 
Augusta Magee, b. 13 July 1822. 5. Hannah Louisa, b. Feb. 1826. 
iii. Charles Jarvis, bapt. m King's Chapel 12 Aug. 1792 ; d. young, 
iv. Augusta, bapt. 18 Aug. 1795. •'!;|^?.' k-n '^ ^ .,'> 

V. Augusta Smith, bapt. 8 Nov. 1796; m. jAMfig Magee.~"'"'- ji 'Vt'' ■ 
vi. Thomas MEL\aLLE, b. 1800; d. num. at Salem 25 Feb. 1892, ag6d 
92. He lived first at Halifax, N. S., where he was clerk to Stephen 
"Wastie De Blois (Bowie and De Blois) , and afterwards at Bath- 
urst, Richibucto, and St. John, N. B. 
vii. Caroline Louisa, bapt. at Charlestown, Mass., 27 Oct. 1805 (record 
at King's Chapel) ; m. (1) Charles Church Chandler Tucker ; 
m. (2)^25 Aug. 1842 Asahel Huntington, Esq., of Salem, for 
whom see Essex Inst. Hist. Coll., vols. 11, pp. 81-114, and 15, p. 
295 ; d. at Salem 17 Aug. 1888, aged 82. Children by second hus- 
band : 1. William De Blois, b. 15 Aug. 1843 ; d. at Manila Mar. 
1868. 2. Sarah Louisa, b. 23 July 1845. 3. Arthur Lord, b. 23 
July 1848; d. 19 Oct. 1902. 

10. Levtis* De Blois {Gilbert,^ Stephen,'^ Louis'^), horn 25 May 1760, 
married, 21 July 1789, Ruth Hooper Dalton, daughter of Hon. 
Tristram and Ruth (Hooper) of Newburyport, Mass., who was born 
17 May 1767. He was living in New York 11 Nov. 1789, as his 
father's will shows. He was a purser in the U. S. Navy in the 
War of 1812, was afterwards stationed as purser at the Charlestown 
navy-yard, whither he was ordered 18 May 1815, and was subse- 
quently Portuguese consul at Boston. He died in Boston 24 Mar. 
1833, and was buried in the De Blois tomb. 
Children : 

i. Mary Ann,* b. 1790 ; d. unm. 

ii. Charlotte, b. abt. 1791 ; d. unm. at Boston 24 July 1881, aged 90. 


iii. Elizabeth, b. at Philadelphia, 1792 ; d. nnm. at Boston 4 May 1849, 

aged 5G. Her will, datetl c, Apr. 1849, inentious her brother Dal- 

tou and her sisters Matilda and Charlotte, 
iv. John, d. nnm. 
V. Matilda D., b. at Georgetown, D. C, abt. 1798 ; d. uum. at Boston 

6 Aug. 1863, aged 65. 
vi. Daltox, b. abt. 1800; d. nnm. at Boston 11 Apr. 1854, aged 54. 

Administration of his estate was granted to his sister Matilda, 

29 May 1854. 

11. Stephen^ De Blots (Gilbert,^ Stephen,'^ LoiuV), born in Boston 

4 Apr. 1764, married, 25 vSept. 1792 (Rev. Samuel Parker offici- 
ating), his first cousin, Elizabeth Amory, daughter of Thomas 
and Elizabeth (Coffin), who was born 26 July 1768 and died 21 
Oct. 1850. He died at the United States Hotel, Boston, where he 
had long made his home, 3 June 1850. 

He went to Portland, Me., soon after the conclusion of peace 
with Great Britain, in 1783, opened a store at the corner of Ex- 
change and Middle Streets, Portland, and in 1788 purchased that 
property of Dea. Richard Codman. In his father's will, dated 11 
Nov. 1789, he is mentioned as living at Portland. Two years after 
his marriage he returned to Boston to reside. (Register, vol. 10, 
p. 63, and vol. 22, p. 199.) 

Children : 
i. Stephen,* Jr., b. abt. 1793; d. at Boston 21 July 1817, aged 24; 

bur. in the De Blois tomb. He had been long at Savannah, Ga. 
ii. Thomas Amoky, b. at Boston Dec. 1794; bapt. in Trinity Parish, 
Boston, 4 Jan. 1795; m. Dorcas Deering, daughter of James of 
Portland, Me. ; d. at Portland, Me., 14 Sept. 1867, without issue, 
aged 72 years, 9 months. His wife survived hhn. He was gradu- 
ated at Harvard College in 1813, and practised law at Portland, 
Me. During the administrations of Presidents Taylor and Fill- 
more he was U. S. district attorney for Maine, and in 1857 repre- 
sented Portland in the legislature. Bowdoin College conferred 
on him in 1867 the degree of LL.D. (See biographical sketch in 
Register, vol. 22, p. 199.) 
19. iii. John Amory, b. in Boston in 1797. 

iv. Eliz.ujeth Amory, bapt. 12 Aug. 1799 ; d. 1876. 

V. Catharine Codman, bapt. 25 June 1801 ; d. young. 

vi. Mary Newell, b. 1804; d. 1876. 

vii. Nathaniel James, bapt. 18 May 1806 ; m. abt. 1845 Mrs. Ang£lique 

L. V. (RoussE) HuRD ; d. s.p. at Boston 13 Aug. 1858, aged 52. 
viii. Edward A., bapt. 2 Aug. 1808; d. at New Orleans in 1832. 

12. George'* De Blois (Letvi's,^ Stephen,^ Lout s^), called "Jr.," born 

27 Oct. 1750, married first, in Boston, 10 Oct. 1773, Catharine 
Laughton, who died at Halifax, Nova Scotia, 21 Apr. 1776, aged 
24;* secondly, in New York City, 11 Aug. 1777, Lydia Scott; 
and thirdly, 22 June 1809, Mrs. Ruth (Hooper) Jenkins 
of Newburyport, Mass., widow of Lewis Jenkins. He died in 
Boston, 6 Sept. 1819, aged 69, and was buried in the De Blois 
tomb in King's Chapel. In pursuance of the widow's petition in 
1819, administration of the estate of George De Blois was granted 
to George Lewis* De Blois, son of George,* a nephew and second 
cousin of the deceased, and the widow herself was appointed, 8 
Nov. 1819, guardian of her two children. 

*In the register of St. Paul's Parish, Halifax, where this record is found, there is 
also recorded the burial, 23 Apr. 1776, of a Charlotte De Blois, the name Charlotte 
being here undoubtedly an error for Catharine. 


At the time of his first marriasre George De Blois was livinff at 
Kewljuryport. In a memorial to the British Government, claiming 
recompense for losses he had sustained in the Revolution, he says 
that at the beginning of the war he was settled in Newburyport, 
Mass., but that in April, 1775, he embarked with his family for the 
River St. John. When his uncle Gilbert's will was made he was 
prol)ably living in Boston. 

Children, by third wife : 

i. George,* b. 30 Dec. 1810; bapt. in Trinity Parish, Boston, 25 Apr. 

ii. Eliz.ujeth Jenkins, b. 20 Nov. 1811 ; bapt. in Trinity Parish, Bos- 
ton, 2 Feb. 1812. 

13. Leavis^ De Blois, Jr. {Lewis,^ Stephen,"^ Louis^), born in Boston, 

10 Apr. 1762, and baptized in King's Chapel, is said to have been 
in 1777 in the employ of Stephen De Blois of Newport, R. I. He 
married, but his wife's name is unknown. In his American Loyal- 
ists Sabine confuses Lewis, Jr., with his father Lewis ; but Sabine's 
statement that after the peace Lewis was a merchant in St. John, 
N. B., and in 1795 a member of the Loyal Artillery there, prop- 
erly refers to Lewis, Jr., and is undoubtedly true. He died at 
St. John, 9 Oct. 1801, "aged 39." 
Children : 

i. Maky,^ d. unra. 

ii. Elizabeth Cranston, m. at St. John, N. B., James White, Esq., 

Sheriff of tlie County of St. Jolm. 
iii. Thoma-s L., a sea-captain, lost at sea; no cliildren. 
iv. George, mate with his brother Thomas L. ; d. in Jamaica, W. I. 

14. Stephen Wastie^ De Blois {George,^ Sr., George,"^ Louis^) born in 

New York, 16 .Jan. 1780, and baptized there 13 Feb. following 

by Rev. William Walter, D.D., married Jane Catharine , 

who died 17 June 1854, aged 52. 

He was a prominent merchant at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and was 
at first attached to St. Paul's Parish. In the defection from that 
parish, 1824-1826, however, he withdrew, and connected himself 
with St. George's ; and on the south wall of St. George's Church, 
the " Round Church," there is a tablet to his memory. 

He died 26 Dec. 1848, and is buried in St. George's Church plot 
in Camp Hill Cemetery, Halifax, where his wife and other members 
of the family also lie. In his will, dated 18 Apr. 1844, he mentions 
his wife, his two sons, his daughter Sarah Wastie, then under 21, 
and his nephew, Rev. George Packenham Despard. 

Children : 

20. i. George Wastie*. 

ii. Sa^muel Wa.stie, barrister, b. probably in 1827 ; d. unm. at Halifax 

23 Mar. 1870, aged 43. 
iii. Sarah Wastie, m. Albert Hensley, Esq., of Cliarlottetown, P.E.I. , 

and has issue. 

15. George Lewis^ De Blois ( George,^ Sr., George,"^ Louis'^), born at 

Halifax 17 June 1782, and baptized by Rev. John Breynton, D.D., 
removed in early life to Boston, where he became a well-known 
shipping merchant, connected successively with the firms of Cool- 
idge, De Blois and Co., George L. De Blois and Co., and Skinner 
and De Blois. 


He married in Boston Amelia Grant, daughter of Moses of 
Boston, who was born 2 Mar. 1792, and died 20 Aug. 1867. He 
died 22 or 23 Oct. 1837, and is buried in the family tomb in King's 
Chapel. The guardianship of her three youngest children was 
granted, 21 Mar. 1842, to Amelia De Blois. 

Children : 
i. Steimikn Grant, ^ b. in Boston 1 Aug. 1816; m. 29 Oct. 1850 Amelia 
D. Grant, dau. of Samuel of Philadelphia, Ta., formerly of Bos- 
ton; d. without issue 5 Apr. 1888. For many years he was a 
prominent member of Trinity Church, Boston. (See IIegister, 
vol. 44, pp. 324-325.) 
21. ii. GKOHGt: Lewis, Jr., b. in Boston 6 Jan. 1822. 
iii. Elizabeth, m. Frederick Bush of Boston. 
iv. Sarah Ann, m. James Bush of Boston. 

V. Anne E., m. (1) Capt. Nye; m. (2) 22 July 1858 Alexander Per- 
ceval, Esq., of Temple House, co. Sligo, Ireland, barrister, b. 25 
June 1821, third son of Alexander Perceval. Esq., of Temple 
House, J. P., Lieut. -Col. of the Sligo militia, Sergeant-at-.\rms to 
the House of Lords, and his wife Jane Anne (L'Estrange). (See 
Burke's Landed Gentry.) 
vi. Fr.incis Edward, drowned in Ipswich Bay. 

6. William Minet* De Blois {George,^ Sr., George,^ Lout's^), horn at 
Halifax 7 or 10 Nov. 1795, and baptized by Rev. Robert Stanser, 
D.D., married Jane Vekmilye Pryor, daughter of John and 
Sarah (Stevens), who was baptized at Halifax 19 Jan. 1802. He 
died 27 Dec. 1837 ; and his widow was married, secondly, to George 
W. Daniel, and lived in Nevis, British AVest Indies. 
Children : 

i. Edward Pryor, ^ a merchant at Halifax. 

ii. Sarah Jane, m. 17 Sept. 1846 Lord William Kennedy, then Captain 
R. A., b. 30 Nov. 1823, d. 5 Mar. 1868, sixth child of Arciiil)ald, 
Earl of Cassilis, grandson of Archibald, twelfth Earl of Cassilis 
and first Marquis of Ailsa, and younger brother of Archibald, 
second Marquis of Ailsa; d. 5 Feb. 1875. Children: 1. JIary 
Osioald. 2. IVilliam. 3. Mab?A Esme. 

iii. Emma Sophia, m. Capt Ciiaules Austen, R. N., sou of Admiral Sir 
Charles Austen, R. N., and nephew of Miss Jaue Austen, the 

iv. Rev. Stephen "William, D.D., b. at Halifax 4 Aug. 1827; bapt. in 
St. Paul's Parish by Rev. Edward Wix, Bishop's Chaplain; grad- 
uated at Acadia College, Wolfville, Nova Scotia; m. at Wolfville, 
14 Feb. 1855. Mary Sophia Fitch, dau. of Simon, Jr., and Sophia 
Henrietta (UeWolf), b. 24 June 1827. Children: \. Henrietta 
tiuphia, b. 29 Dee. 1855 ; d. 29 Aug. 1859. 2. liev. Austen Kennedy^ 
Ph.D., LL.D., now of Boston, Mass., who m. Erminie Dagmar 
Day, and has children. (Eaton's History of King's Co., Nova 
Sc<>tia, pp. 487, 625.) 

V. Jane Vek.milye, b. 19 July 1829 ; d. num. at Pljmouth, England, 
probably in 1903. 

vi. Rev. Henry Despard, M.A., D.C.L., a clergyman of the Church of 
England in Nova Scotia and rural dean, b. at Halifax 13 Oct. 
1831; bapt. in St. Paul's Parish; graduated at King's College, 
Windsor, N. S. ; d. at .\nnapolis Royal 6 June 1911. He m. (1) 
Eleanor Esmond Spurr, dau. of Thomas and Charlotte (Van 
Buskirk) ; m. (2) 4 Feb. 1891 Margaret Mary' McLaciilan of 
Lunenburg, N. S. Children by first wife: 1. Henry, m. in Cen- 
tral America a lady of Spanish origin, and has three eliildreu. 2. 
William Minet, m. Bessie Ritchie, dau. of Rev. James .1. of .Vima- 
polis Royal, and has three children. 3. Frederic, living in Central 
America, probably unm. 4. Emily Charlotte, m. Charles McCor- 
mick, merchant, of Annapolis Royal. 


vil. WiLLLvji MiNET, Jr., solicitor. 

viii. Fredkkick Charles, b. 5 May 1838 ; d. young. 

ix. Louis George, M.D., a well-knowu physician of Bridgetown, N. S., 

m. 25 June 1863 Armanilla Wu^lett of Granville, N. S., dau. of 

Walter and Rebecca (Gilliatt). Children: 1. Louis William. 2. 

£Ua Jane, m. (1) Hastings Freeman of Shelburne, N. S. ; m. (2) 

Harry V. Barrett of Boston, Mass. 

17. Francis Gilbert® ( Gilbert,* Jr., Gilbert,^ Stephen,- Louis^), born 

about 1781, was baptized in Trinity Parish, Boston, as an adult, 24 
Feb. 1808, George De Blois and his Avife acting as sponsors. 

He married Millicent M. , who died in Boston, 25 Nov. 

1834 or 1835, aged 46, and was buried in the family tomb in King's 
Chapel, administration on her estate being granted to Thomas W. 
Phillips, 28 Aug. 1837. He died in Boston, 18 Apr. 1831, aged 
50, and was buried also in the tomb in King's Chapel. He and his 
wife Millicent were witnesses to the will of his grandmother, Ann 
De Blois. 

The guardianship of their daughter Millicent De Blois (her mid- 
dle name being either Alicia or Cecilia), aged about seventeen, was 
granted, 30 Oct. 1837, to George W. Phillips of Boston. After the 
death of their parents the younger children were much under the 
care of their great-aunt. Miss Elizabeth De Blois. 

Children : 

i. Gilbert Francis,^ bapt. in Trinity Parish 29 June 1809 ; d. young. 

li. Ann, d. unm. 

iii. Elizabeth, d. unm. 

iv. Margaretta Mary, m. in Trinity Parish 9 June 1836, by Bishop 

Griswold, to Capt. Philip Dumaresq, and had eight children. 

(Register, vol. 17, p. 319 ; and Pickering Genealogy, p. 844.) 
V. Millicent Alicia (or Cecilia), b. abt. 1820; d. unm. 
vi. Francis Gilbert, b. 1822 ; d. 23 Dec. 1822, aged 11 mos. 
vii. John, d. young. 

18. Gilbert^ De Blois ( William,'^ Gilbet't,^ Stephen,^ Louis'^), born 24 

June 1786, married Caroline Annie , who was baptized 

in King's Chapel Parish, with her two elder sons, 26 June 1812. 
He died in Boston 9 Sept. 1820. 
Children : 

22. i. John Brown,« b. 1810. 

ii. William Lewis, bapt. in King's Chapel 26 June 1812 ; lived in Maine, 

where he m. and had issue, 
ill. Augusta. 
iv. Henry G., probably lived and d. unm. in Westchester Co., N. Y. 

19. John Amort^ De Blois {Stephen,'^ Gilbert,^ Stephen,"^ Louis^), born in 

Boston in 1797, and baptized in Trinity Parish 21 Sept. 1797, was 
graduated at Harvard in 1816. He married Ejiilt Jane Rousse, 
daughter of Jean Claude and Anne (Onfre), who was born in Vir- 
ginia 21 Nov. 1822 and died in Boston 2 Feb. 1907. He died at 
Columbus, Ga., 30 May 1855, and administration of his estate was 
granted to Edward A. Dexter of Boston, 22 Oct. 1855.* 

*The Columbus Enqtdrer of b June 1855 contains the following: "This sudden 
death of one of our leading merchants fills our entire community with profound sor- 
row. In all the relations of life Mr. John A. De Blois was a model man ; he was one 
of the pillars of the Episcopal Church. He was a native of Boston, but has resided 
in this city since 1837, aiad has been actively engaged in the commission business ai 
a member of the firm of Hall and De Blois, a firm which has contributed much to the 
prosperity of the city of Columbus bj' its extensive business relations with Northern 
manufacturers. Honest and upright in his business relations, social in his intercourse 
with his fellows, a model husband, father and citizen, he dies without leaving an 
enemy behind him, and his loss is deplored by the community as a public calamity." 


Chilflren : 

i. Thomas Amory," M.D., a well-known physician of Boston, b. 27 Jan. 
1848 ; graduated at the U. S. Naval Academy and was for 18 years 
in the Navy; graduated later in medicine at Dartmouth in 1877 
and at the University of New York in 1878 ; m. Louisa DouixxnEA 
Anderson, dau. of Charles E. of New York. Children: 1. Eliza- 
beth Amor y. 2. Lewis Amory, S.B. (Harvard), 18'jy. 

11. John Edward, b. 18.50; d. at Manila, 1875. 

HI. Nathaniel Jajies, b. 1853; d. at Newport, R. I., 1900. He was of 
the flrin of De Blois and Eldridge, Newport. 

20. George "Wastie^ (Stephen Wastie,* George,' Sr., George,^ Louis^), 

married, probably at Charlottetown, P. E. I., Sarah Frances 
Children : 

I. Alice R.,' m. George Peate. 

II. Robert Fitzgerald, m. DesBrisay. 

iii. Ada Maria. 

iv. George Walter. 

V. Lotns Heath. 

vi. Bessie (twin), b. abt. 1857; d. young. 

Til. Frances (twin) , b. abt. 1857 ; d. 25 Feb. 1883, " in her 26* year " ; bur. 

at Halifax, 
viil. I\-athleen Beatrice. 
ix. Laura, d. unm. 

X. George Dundes, killed by an accident at sea. 
xi. Mary Peters, d. unm. 

21. George Lewis,' Jr. (George Lewis,* George,^ Sr., George,^ Louis^), 

born 6 .Jan. 1822, mai'ried Amanda Malvina Fuller, and died 
23 Jan. 1890. 
Children : 

i. Jeannie,« m. (1) James R. Page; m. (2) Samuel S. C. Williams. 

ii. Harriet S>nTH, m. Edwin Augustus Boardman. 

iii. George Lewis, 3d, b. 17 Aug. 1867; graduated at Harvard in 1889 ; 
m. Mary Brooks, dau. of John F., Esq. ; is of the firm of Bur- 
roughs and De Blois of Boston; lias a dau. Elizabeth. 

22. John Brown^ De Blois (Gilbert,^ William,* Gilbert,^ Stephen,^ 

Louis^), born at Bath, Me., in 1810, and baptized in King's Chapel 
26 June 1812, married, 10 June 1838, Lydia Fillebrown, who 
died 27 Nov. 1882, aged 76 years and 2 months. He died in Boston 
17 Mar. 1887, aged 76 years, 6 months, and 15 days. 
Children : 

i. John G.,^ b. 20 Mar. 1839; d. 28 Oct. 1857. 

ii. George, b. 25 Oct. 1840; d. 17 Apr. 1843. 

iii. Augusta Elizaheth, b. at Cambridge, Mass., 23 Mar. 1843; d. at 

Boston 5 Nov. 1864. 
iv. Charles Thomas, b. 29 May 1844 ; lives in Boston, unm. 

An Isaac De Blois, Sabine says, " was in the service of the King, and a 
lieutenant. In 1784 a lot in the city of St. John, New Brunswick, was 
granted him by the Crown." He was probably another member of the 
Oxford, England, family, of whom we have no further knowledge. Nor 
have vfQ any further knowledge of Elenor Deblois or Dublois, married, 
according to Boston records, 9 Sept. 1787 to Jonathan Bellows, or Violet 
Deblois, married 4 June 1789 to Prince Hunter. 

Reprinted from the 

New England Historical assd Genealogical Registeb 

for January, 1913 


Notes 185 

John Rathbun, who came, without doubt, from Lancashire, England, and pro- 
bably settled at Dorchester, Mass.. whence he removed to Block Island with the 
first' settlers in 1601. Samuel Ratlibun, tlie owner of the Bible, resided both at 
Newport and at Blocl^ Island. He was a man of prominence, and married 
Patience, daughter of Deputy-Governor John Coggeshall of Newport. 

I was born August 3 l(i72— 2 day of the week 

Patience my wife was boni 13-1G70 

We w^ere married Nov. 3 1692 5 day of week 

My son Tliomas was born May 3-109.5 

My daughter Patience was born Aug. 21-1697 

My daughter Mary was born Sept. 11-1700 

My daughter Wait was born Dec. 30-1702 

My son Samuel was born Apr. 4-1705 

My son James was born Apr. 10-1707 

My son Abraham was born Nov. 23-1709 

My daughter Rebekah was born Jan. 9-1713 

I Samuel Kathbun at my death Doe Leaue this Bible to my son Samuel Rath- 
bun & at his death to his son Walter Rathbun. I have writ this with my 
own hand Sept. 4 1743 Samuel Rathbun 

John Dodge of Westerly departed this life May 18-1772 in the 88 year of his 

Bettey the wife of said John Dodge departed this life in Jan. 1767 being 80 
years and 12 days old. 

Patience Rathbun departed this life the 3''<' day of Aug. 1747 in the 78 year oif 
her age and Samuel Rathbun her husband departed this life Jan. 24-1757 in 
the 85 "> year of his age. 

Samuel Rathbuu was married to Elizabeth Dodge Mar. 15 1732. 

My gi'andson Abraham Rathbun was born Feb. 22. 1757 and departed this life 
Mar. 29-1761 being 4 years-l mo. & 7 days old & the above Samuel Rathbun 
departed this life Jan. 27-1780 in the 75 year of his age. 

Samuel Rathbun son of Samuel & Patience was bom Apr. 16-1705. 

My wife Elizabeth was born Dec. 18-1714 

My son Walter b. June 16-1734 on the b^'^ day of the week about 9 in the 

My son Samuel b. July 10-1736 on the last day of the week about 5 In the 

My son Elijah was b. May 28-1740 on the fourth day of the week between 4 & 
5 in the morning. 

My daughter Bettey was born Dec. 2-1742 on the 5'*' day of the week about 2 
in the afternoon. 

The above said Samuel Rathbun departed this life Jan. 24 1780 in the 75 year 
of his age. 

The above said Elizabeth Rathbun departed this life Aug 8-1793 in the 
79"^ year of her age. 

Hannaii Kathbun wife of Walter Rathbun departed this life March 16-1807 in 
the 79*h year of her age 

Walter Rathbun was born June IG-A.D. 1734 

My wife Hannah was born May 7-1728 and we were married March 4-1756 

My son Abraham was born Eeb. 22-1757 who departed this life Mar 29-1761 
aged four years one month and seven days. 

My daughter Lydia was born Nov. 29-1758 who departed this life April 25, 
1780 aged 22 years-seven months lacking 4 days. 

My daughter Tamar wa.s born Feb. 14-1701 [? 1760] 

My daughter Hannah was bom Dec. 22 1764 

My son Ezra was born xVpril 29-1767 who departed this life about seven weeks 
of age. 

My son James and daughter Catherine was bom May 13, 1768 

The above said Hannah Rathbun wife of Walter Rathbun who departed this 
life Mar 10-1807 in the 79'i» year of her age. The above said Walter Rath- 
bun departed this life Jan. 14-1818 in the 84 year of his age. 

The above Tamar Rathbun departed this life Oct. 25-1809 in the 49''' year of 
her age. 

Hannah Rathbun above died July 2-1813 in the 49 year of her age. 

The above Catherme departed this life Aug. 22, 1824 in the i>Q year of her age 

186 JSTotes [April 

Daniel Mott husband of the above said Catherine departed this life March 4- 

1865 in the 91 year of his age. 
Waty R. Mott was b. Sept. 8-1796 and on the fifth day of the week. 
Walter R. Mott was born Oct. 2-1800 on the fifth day of the weelc. 
Abraham R. Mott was born April 27-1800 on the first day of the week. 
Lodowick ;Mott Junior & Waty R. Mott was m. Feb. 15-181.5. 
Our Daughter Catherine R. Mott was born Dec. 3-1819 on the sixth day of the 

Walter R. Mott b. Oct. 2-1800 m Jan. 12-1826 Phebe D. Mott. Phebe D. Mott 

born March 15-1807. 
Daughter Caty R. Mott bom Oct. 8-1826-who departed this life June 27-1831 

aged four vears & eight months & nineteen days. 
Daughter Waty R. Mott born Sept. 27-1829 
Daughter Hannah R was born Oct. 8-1832 
Daughter Sarah was bom May 26-1834 
Daugliter Mary Catherine was bom Jan-24—1844 
Abraham Rathbone Mott son of Daniel Mott & Catherine Rathbone was bom 

Apr. 27-1806- his wife Lucretia Dodge Ball daughter of Edmund Ball & 

Charity Dodge was born May 20-1811. were married Nov. 10-1830 
Children : 

Eziii R. who died in infancy. 
Catherine born May 21-1832 died June 12-1846 
Kathaniel born Dec. 18-1838 died Feb. 14-1864 
Charity born July 20-1843 died Sept. 6-1859 
Nathan born Mav 16-1846- m. Phebe C. Dickens 
Phebe C. Dickens b. Feb. 27- 1846 
Only child of Nathan Mott aud Phebe— a daughter— Lucretia Dodge Mott — 

bom Nov. 19-1866- married Sept. 8-1886— Cassius Clay Ball son of Hon. 

Nicholas Ball and Eliza Millikin. Cassius Clay Ball b. Nov. 15-1854. 
A daughter born to Cassius Clay Ball & Lucretia Mott Ball — Dec. 22-1887 — 

named Lucretia Beatrice Ball. 
Abraham Rathbone Mott died Aug. 19-1867 
His wife Lucretia died Feb. 10-1864. 

New Shareham^ B. I. Lucretia Mott Baix. 

De Blois : Additions. — Since the publication of the article entitled ''The 
De Blois Family," in the present volume of the Register, pp. 6-21 (January, 
1913), the following additional information about that family has been found. 
In each case the pedigree number of the person concerning whom statements 
are made and the page of the Register on which that person's record is given 
have beei> inserted. 

The house of Gilbert De Blois (4, p. 9), on the northeast comer of Tremont 
and Bromfield Streets, was destroyed by fire as early as 1838, perhaps earlier. 
On the same site was built the Boston Museum, which later became a publishing 
house, still later the Montgomery Hotel, and finally Horticultural Hall. This 
in time was supplanted by a new Horticultural Hall. 

The following information about this Gilbert De Blois (4. pp. 8 et seq.) is 
printed in an address by Rt. Rev. Thomas M. Clark. Bishop of Rhode Island, 
entitled "An Historical Discourse delivered in St. John's Church. Providence, 
R. I., in commemoration of the 150'*' anniversary of the Parish," Hartford, 1872, 
p. 35, Appendix : 

'■'■ The close of the war left this Church indebted to Mr. Gilbert Deblois for 
the organ, who was at this time residing in London. It would seem that he had 
served^ a process upon the parish for payment, and a committee was appointed 
to write him and ask that ' he would give orders for withdrawing the process 
which had been commenced.' and, in consideration of their diminished means, 
consent to some abatement in his claim. 'We mean not. Sir, to obtrude a 
lengthy Epistle : possessing as you do the same holy Religion we persuade oui'- 
selvesthat your intention is not to distress the Church ; having so long experi- 
enced the utUity of an organ in Divine Worship, we should deeply deplore its 

"Mr. Deblois replies, under date of London, Broadstairs, July 27, 1791. 'I 
wish you had settled that business with me while at Boston and in my power 
to favor the Church more than can now do, but after all my solicitations nothing 


mtes 187 

•was done that I could accept the offer, which oblij^ed me to leave the matter 
unsettled witli my sister, for altho' the notes were taken in my name, it was 
wholly my Father's Property and a part of his Estate, wh"^'^ to prevent falling 
into tiie Virtuous hands of the Committee of Confiscation at his Death, he made 
a will, and left his two Tory Sons five shillings each, giving the rest of his es- 
tate to their children, who since the Peace gave it back to self and Brother 
Lewis, who has agreed with me that you should pay W Amery Two hundred 
Pounds Sterls ancfhis fees, and to give up to the Church tlie remainder of the 
Interest of tlie s'' notes wh'^'' is a large sum, and wlien you consider tliat not 
a shilling has been paid, either principal or interest, you must acknowledge the 
sums now fixed are generous. I heartily wish your Ciiurch to increase, and ad- 
vise not to sufler any Unexperienced Person to clean your Organ, wh<='^ is equal 
to any of the size now in this Kingdom.' 

" A subscription was made, amounting [to] £277. 13s. 4d., and the matter was 
satisfactorily settled." 

Gilbert De Blois (8, p. 15) married Elizabeth , the Boston Independent 

Chronicle and Universal Advertiser of 9 Jan. 1794 announcing the death of " Mrs. 
Elizabeth Deblois, wife of Mr. Gilbert Deblois, aet. 34." 

Augusta Smith De Blois (9, v, p. IQl^ was married not to James but to Charles 
Magee. She had one child, Margaret Magee, who was married to John A. 
Walker, son of Judge William Walker of Lenox, Mass., to whom she bore four 
children: 1. William, who died young. 2. Mary Magee. 3. Elliot, who mar- 
ried in 1890 Alice Macy, daughter of tlie late Gen. Nelson Macy, and left three 
children. Nelson, Charles Elliot, and Margaret Walker. 4. Louisa Huntington. 

Thomas Melville De Blois (9, vi, p. 15), according to information supplied by 
his niece, Miss Sarah Louisa Huntington, after his apprenticeship witli Bowie 
& De Blois entered the civil service of the British government and was iu tlie 
customs department of the post oftlce, living at the various places named. When 
in the early fifties he left the customs service to go to California, he was iu the 
direct line for promotion to the coUectorship of the port of Quebec. On his re- 
turn from California in 18G2 or 1863 he spent some time at Salem, Mass., and 
then settled at St. John, N. B., where he established a merchants' reading-room. 
This was burned in the great fire at St. Jolm, and although he re-estal)lished it, it 
never flourished so well again. In his birtiiday-book may be found the names 
of many of the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick De Bloises. 

Caroline Louisa De Blois (9, vii, p. 1©) bore to her first husband, Charles C. C. 
Tucker, the following children : 1. Elizabeth, died young. 2. Richard Dalton, 
born 29 Jan. 1833, spent much of his life at Manila, iu China, and in London, 
and died at Salem, Mass., in Apr. 1899. 3. Louisa, died young. 

Lewis De Blois (10. p. 16) and his brother Francis (4, viii, p. 11), with others, 
arrived at Boston from London in the ship Union, 25 Sept. 1784. (Boston 
Records, Miscellaneous Papers.) This Lewis De Blois liad a son, not re- 
corded on page 16, as tlie following obituary notice from the Boston Independent 
Chronicle and Universal Advertiser of 18 July 1793 proves: '' At Philadelphia, 
Master Dalton Deblois, only son of Mr. Lewis Deblois, merchant, of that city." 

The wife of Nathaniel James De Blois (11, vii, p. 17) was Angelique Louise 
Virginie, daughter of Jean Claude and Anne (Oufre) Rousse, who was born in 
Virginia 22 July 1820. Tlie Rousse family subsequently removed to Augusta, 
Ga., and later to Columbus, Ga. She married (1) in 1837 Homer Hurd, probably 
from Milwaukee, Wis., who died about 1839. The only child of tliis marriage 
was Emily Elizabetli Hurd, who was born in 1838 or 1839 and died unmarried 
2 June 1909. Mrs. Hurd lived with her sister, Emily Jane Rousse. avIio was 
married 2 Jan. 1843 to John Amory De Blois (19, p. 20). About 1845 Mrs. Hurd 
married (2) Nathaniel James De Blois, younger brother of John Amory De Blois, 
her sister's husband. Nathaniel James De Blois died s.p. at the United States 
Hotel, Boston, 13 Aug. 1858, aged 52 years, 7 months, 28 days; and his widow 
married (3) at Newport, R. I., 6 Sept. 1S64. as his second wife. Dr. Edward 
Linzee Cunningham of Boston, whose first wife was Adeline Elizabeth AmoiT'. 
Dr. Cunningliam was born in Boston 2 Jan. 1810, and died at Newport. R. I., iu 
1905, the last surviving member of the class of 1829 of Harvard College. His 
wife, Mrs. Angelique L. V. Cunningham, died at Newport 7 June 1898. The 
two brothers, John Amory and Natlianiel James De Blois, were at one time in 
the cotton business in the South, the former during the winter months pur- 
chasing cotton at Columbus, Ga., and sending it down the river, and the latter 

188 JSTotes [April 

shipping it by sea from Appalachicola, Fla. (Information of Dr. Thomas Amory 
De Blois of Boston; Register, vol. 55, p. 422 ; Heraldic Journal, vol. 4, p. 41.) 

Catharine Laughton, the first wife of George De Blois (12, p. 17), was 
daughter of Henry Laughtou. 

According to Arnold's Vital Record of Rhode Island, vol. 15, p. 30, the wife 
of Lewis be Blois, Jr. (13. p. 17) was Betsey Lawton, the Providence Gazette 
of 25 Dec. 1784, as quoted by Arnold, recording the marriage of Lewis Deblois 
"• of this town, merchant, and Betsey Lawton, daughter of Isaac, late of New- 
port, at Nova Scotia." This Isaac Lawton was one of the five or six Lawtons 
Avho settled in New Brunswick during or at the close of the Revolution. 
(Sabine's American Loyalists, vol. 2; N. Y. Genealogical and Biographical 
Becord, vol. 37, p. 211.) Lewis De Blois apparently had a daughter Sarah 
(perhaps the name Mary on p. 17 of the present volume of the Register should 
be Sarah), for in the first Trinity Church at St. .lohn. N. B., there was a tablet 
with tlie following inscription: "Sacred To the Memory of Sarah DeBlois, 
Late Superintendent in Trinity Church Sunday School, Who died P' June, 1869, 

in the 78''> Year of her Age " It is said also that Lewis De Blois had a 

son Gilbert. 

It is said that Rev. Henry Despard De Blois (16, vi, p. 19) was born 7 Dec. 
1830. and that 13 Oct. 1831 is the date of his baptism. 

The Columbian Centinel of 26 Jan. 1805 announces the marriage of Francis 
Gilbert De Blois (17, p. 19) as follows : " In Philadelphia, on the 6^^ inst. Mr. 
Francis Deblois, to Miss MUlicent Conner, both of this town." 

Boston^ Mass. Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eatox. 

Plaisted. — William Plaisted, whose son "William married at GUmanton, N. H., 
29 Nov. 1781, Hannah^ Hucliins (vide supra, p. 183), was probably a grandson of 
William^ (Roger^) Plaisted, who is mentioned in King's Lieut. Roger Plaisted, 
p. 11. He would be, therefore, William* Plaisted, mariner, husbandman, of 
Somersworth, N. H., 1743. of Moultouborough, N. H., 1774, and of New Hamp- 
ton, N. H.. 1779. He was born probably at Dover, N. H.. about 1720, was living 
in 1788 (Strafford Deeds, vol. 10. p. 475), but is not found in the Census of 1790. 
He married about 1743 Judith* Riclier. daughter of John'' and Hannah (Garland), 
who was born at Dover(?) 15 Nov. 1720 {Maine Genealogist, vol. 2, p. 107). 

In June 1743 William Plaisted of Somersworth, mariner, bought 13 acres there 
of Thomas Tibbetts and Olive his wife (N. H. Deeds, vol. 27. p. 478). In June 
1768 he conveyed 16 acres there (ih., vol. 96, p. .32), and in Jan. 1774 his wife 
Judith released her right of dower in the same 16 acres, where she and her hus- 
band "now" live (Strafford Deeds, vol. 1, p. 131). Tate records in his manu- 
script diary (p. 84) that " Wed. Feb. 21, 1774, Mr William Plaisted & son Wm & 
families mov'd from Somersworth for a place called Moulton's Gore." In Dec. 
1779 he bought 50 acres in the northeasterly corner of New Hampton, on the 
easterly slope of Pettee Hill, adjoining on the south lands of his son William 
and on the west lands of his son Samuel (Strafford Deeds, vol. 4, p. 159). 

He is probably the William Plaisted who in 1776 was second lieutenant in the 
Moultouborough company (N. H. State Papers, vol. 12, p. 8, vol. 14, p. 296). 

Children of William'' and Judith (Ricker) Plaisted, born at Somersworth, 
N. H. (Tate's MS. Diary, p. 15) : Hannah, 14 May 1745(?) ; William, 1750(?;, 
for whom see below ; Olive ; Samuel, 1757. 

William= Plaisted, son of William and Judith (Ricker), born about 1750, mar- 
?ied (1)1 Aug. 1769 Anne Ford, daughter of John, wlio was born probably at 
Berwick. Me. (Tate's MS. Diary, pp. 43. 49) ; he married (2) 29 Nov. 1781 
Hannah' Huckius, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Fernald). By his first wife he 
had: Daniel, born at Somersworth in 1770; Naomi, born at Somersworth 26 
Sept. 1771; a child, born at Somersworth 14 Oct. 1773, died on the same day; 
Ford, born perhaps at Moultouborough in 1775(?), said to have married ■■ 

Ames and to have removed to Canada or to Philadelphia (i&., p. 43). For chil- 
dren of William* Plaisted by his second wife, vide supra, p. 183. 

60 Wall Street, JSIew Tork, N. T. Henky Winxhrop Habdox. 


^ ^4