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h ;v. 

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|rt JHftal glorhfrs. 

MAVvrAcTOBY, FovxDBT, AitD Omcst* 
IM«OMnfil»iai-fc>|i Kti-«M»t, l««»«:€»nfH l*nrl<,IV.>V. 


67, 8t Paal'i CbarehTWd, X.O., * 88, Cockspnr St., B.W. 

Oas Stoves, 
aas Baths. 

Oas Chandeliers, 
Oas Regulators, 

Gas Lighting by Electricity. 

TeUphones^ Speaking and Despatch Tubes. 

P»tente«9 and Manafsctnrcn of the IinproTwl 



Qu Works Suitable for Private Mansions, Railway Stations, dc. 

' tit * tw. 

HM and Jrn^yliir /inixiit. QuaM, Arluli,, and ffl /• CtlMif. 


tS5 % 

ftttiuble ; 
lobwl Itt colour Mia Mwa itt|i»(i.. <. 



ud .I'ut Antsti: Desi\:,ns, Soft, pun H'>' ^^' /../'.• 

./ r.'/ifun. 

'(. It to. by «ft. a la. 
ft. •!&. by Sfl. alB. 

l«y« I ft tl. • IB. bj J «t. • ■■. 
U/« I ftft. eia. by SfU 4la. . 







"VOWEL** Waahlng MachiiK 

MAngles, Drying Closets, &c. \^ 

Fw FamAy .Vanmonf. Schools^ JloteU^ and 
ruUie I '. 

>i. 4 Co., luiT* bMB •w»r<l«>l apw»rtla <•( V, 

pott, on mppluatiom. 

Plant and Estimate* fumUhcd 
fur every site uf 


■•Stable for Family Manti ns, 

ScLouls, Hotels, and Public 


DAI^ «n«l FIRST PRIZES, iucludw. 

KXliniiTinv. v^:^. 

' - -.-.i;ng, Wringing, 

and Mangling ]la«hine. 

BiiADroiiu'* Pat«j»t "Vowit" 
WAkHfiro MArmKSii AMadmittedlT the 
hrtt in all th« MMotUl point*— little 
Uboor n>^ircd. scooooifof water and 
•cap. improTtd cotoar of aiticlM in 
wathiag. no internal madifnery that 
can in|ar» th« fla««t fabric*, and 
aimpliritj of workinf parts* wii 
liabilitj to dama««>. 

^ Premier *' £oz Uangle. 

" The bett Btfz Mangle ever made." 

Our other laundry machinery and flttingv, such 
as India. Rubber WtinRvre. Drying Machines, 
Drying CloeeU. Bos Manglea, Calenden, Laundry 
Stove*, Ac., will Im found of a very superior clasi, 
sad of which a large awMirtment is kept in stock at 
both our London and Manchester warehouses. 


140, 141, 142 & 143, HIGH HOLBORH, 


Victoria Avenue, Manchester; 

VisvxA, ISTa. Latb Cath sural Srsrs) DtrsLiw, 

JLtkA Crei^oent Iron \Vovl<«, ^alfbi^cl. 

OEBRCTT— 'A i> » r. HI i - r. .W k.:^ i a. 






PpacHcal Sa^i^apy Bngin(n\'';;, 

r ^ W r 0/ tht PA TENT SINK TRAP, used im 

all li :nd GO VERNMENT liOSPITA LS. ) • 


I i-<»N ihc Condition of Houses, CSkic, within a Radius of 
I ucniy Miles of London, for the nominal fee of TWO 
GUINEAS: at any distance without that radius at a 
rorrespondingly low charge. 


executed by Skilled Workmen under the Immediate 
Su{)ervision of the Firm, and upon the most Improved 
Scientific Principles. 




RS TI MA TE.S /or any of the above ho.u .o . ;// 
he submitted — Fret of Chargf'-'^n Appluation at 








It rtaderi motio with wonderful erprettion^ an<l is stricilj Accnrate in 
Melody, Hftrmon?, an<i Rhythm, rivnilini; it not surpassing the most cx)»ert 

j»fm>rTn» r, and i«« tlu-rrforo wt-ll »ila|>t«<l t(»r small 


It will exeente the qnirkist .nn«l livcUst I)AN(K MUSIC, siirji as Polkas, 
Waltzes, (juadrillcii, Ac, and turnislws a splendid 


Rrinir Light and Portable it is eminently suitaldc for YACHTING, 
riCMCS, and rLKASLlU: PAHTIK> of afl sorts, also for CLUBS and 

^iMANiL^Myi^ings of every kind. 

« I'M C ; {^l )JL.ii ii^. <><i. 

NOVELTY ! ! ! 


enahles anyone, xchether understanding musie or 

'melody or harmony, sacred or secular, from too 

> the liTelieHt dance music: pro<iucing either a 

iance, or a rich accompaniment to the roice, or 

%'aluahle orchestral effects. 

Its executiSlTTs faultless, strictly accurate in Melody, Hannony, 
and Rhythm. 
PRICE from £i6 i6s. 
And upwards, according to Style and Finish. 



Corner of Brooke Street 

N,B. — Agents wanted everywhere in Europe. 


o <> <> 31 i: ^4'M 




For Town and Country Subscribers. 

TH/S UBRAR y mntaum alt tfu htsi Works of History, Pi,^ 
K^f^Yy Trards^ and Nm*t/s^ wkuh are added h the Ubrary on th^ 
Day of rubHotticm^ ami tekUh are supplitd t0 Smbscrihers without 





Tcnn« nn.l Lists «ill In* lt»rviai«Jf«t ru*tft}fi« Kn-v on applkation. 


3£. F. T 1£ O IVTI* S O TV , 


17, GORDON STREET (Opposite CoaBercUl Bui), GLASGOW. 

UEDICINB CUX8TB AND CASKS of vrvfT ^MeHpUoo. fra« m. to Mt. 
BOOKS »a tk« HOMdOPATHIO TRBATlOnRr of •tmrj diMMt, Imm U. 

■MS. CoMtiyaUoa, ladlfMtUm. aad taaetios of Om Uw \ tdao ll«Mtb«ra. 

•ttd •flbctoall/ eof«« II*rtl or Soft Cores aiid Baaloaa. umI rodacM Balirtwl 

Tt* Jwllita. 


mmt\j ttacM of Inaoatuw. coaao* CMd, CkiUiMM oad SblTwiac iseliwat 

auem of ChoUro, Norvou Prottntloi^ PMlfM. rklattaf oad IMviMo*. 

CnuBP l» tko ATM*. liM*. or AV4o««a, ••«««• nirglM* *>^ ^' 

Mir*n«>Bt ooaIIUm for foltortM ofdloorj OoM^ ••' lilirHiMH of tko 

ThrvAi. ana an porfoeUy part aad kanaloM. 

AMff ^f tht «foM PnfmrttiMu^ U. mek^ •mi pMi frm fw IS Jlfwy . 
T^snadstf panoBi ms uttuy to U« tflaMj of tlM stovs 

propriiUry srti«lM. 
&« fAaf jr. F. rAon|Mo«'« .Vmu «m/ JiUr»M ia jmb^lti m mek 







CAPITAL, £5,000,000. 


/»rr..rfrnl— sir M08B8 MONTEFIORE, Bart., F.RA 
FH -ON. Etq., M.P. 

L. . II, M.P. 


Ri. V M.P. 

Rt (08VEN0R.M.P 

SAX ,.- ;-... ,.,. 


ROBERT LEWIS. Srerriary. 


.SirClRTUK M. I.AMPsOV. Bart. 

FHAN'CIS N I •»q. 


Sir N. M. IM . Hart., M.P. 

HUOH COI-i ;. .11, iwMi. 

sir C. RIVKK \N :i SON, K.C.M., C.B. 

WEST-END BRANCH, 1, Great George Street, Westminster. 

GRANVILLE R. RYDER, Enq., SuprrintmHrmt t,f the WVal-end liranch. 


In a Life AMaranc* Contract, SecaHty should b« the paratnonnt roT,«i,!<.rn»i,,n, and 
next to Seearlty in importanc4> are the terma and conditions on v cy of 

Aaearance may be obtainc<l. Tlie conditions of the AUinnce have > on a 

footing MBiaantly favourable to the Assured, and the rat<-s of Prcui...... :>r 1 uliciea 

which do ttot participate in profits hare been materially reduced. Assurances may 
thaa ha cOheted with tha Offlce, frt-c from many restrictions which usually attach to 
Life Policica and at a minimum cost in premium, while the Security afforded by the 
l«rg« GaniUl and Reserrea of the Company is of the hiijliest character. 
^Participatinjr Pol icy .holders receive ho per cent, of the declared dorisiblc profit 
ffron all Ufe Assurances. 

Imixirtant coucesaions hare been made to the Aaaurad as regards Foreign Residence 
and Travel. 

Under farourable cireiUBataiieM WboIO'World PoUciea are granted free of extra 


The following are apeeiaMBt of the Redooed Premiama for Non-partioipAting 
FoUciea for the whole of life .— 
A a. d. 

1 18 7 pv cent, per aanom for life aged M next birthday. 

2 18 „ „ M 90 

• 16 4 „ „ M 40 „ 

_ 4 a „ „ ,. M „ 

PrMninms for Policiea payable daring the life-time of the Aeearcd, and for other 
eUeeea of non-participating Policiea, are equally favoorable. 


Tlie Company hnve Branch Oflteee at Edinbargh, Dublin. Urerpool, y 
■befleld Birmingham, Ipawleh, Bvrj St. Edmunds, Newcaatle-on-Xyne, an<! 

Ufe and Fire Propoeal FOma, detailed Prospectusea and Statements < 
o^rhe had on application to the Head OSoe of the OMnpany, or to any of tti. 


for Affenciea from parti 

■n in a poeiUoo to introduce boeiaMa of a high claaa. 

The Olrcctore are open to eatertaSa anplicatioae for Agenciea from parties who 

* a high " 

ROBERT LEWIS. Seentttrf, 


Jitlas ^ssiiraiuc Compani), 



KSTAHM8HK1) 1808. 

Amd tmkf*t*4 «f 4rl ^ fmriimmmt mf Iks ft«lA 0«^ ///. «. Tf. 

OAPI T A L . £l,2 0b,006r" 


-^-ThoouM ClupMM. Bm.. r.lUL i>w..<;AMrm«» 

' *- - WtniMiOM«MOu«lf.BH. 

Ollwr Hi— oii« mm. 
ral Mr A. U Mast* 

J. W. ■«,r»«. 
^. ...... tt4««H CMifitoll. 

Jmmm P»tlUon Ciirrl*. liq 

I ■■■ ! , B«ft. 
. . Emfmt fiUmiA KmI. Bm 
j M < i r «n r iwlwhi k OfMM. Bw|.. u4 Hrflw— OoSu - 

MelMrtf BMMr Wa4«w, Bi^ 
PhlUp A1mU« WalkOT Cn. 

AaMll, liv^ r.BA 
MtM^iH- r.B.CJL 
FiMiiHI. Oiv*. BMloa, Ud«r. ft O*. 

Tkto oOm Im« bMB MUbli«li«>l man Hum T f^nn uid lu pvMMl a ^ 
pfMpOTtljr »f«T« Um MttMlMM of Um priaci|>U oa whieli U km li« Huaiimi 
Liri D1P4BTH1VT. 
T%»mo€mmuU»9i Pff«BlwM»r««T«r4rt»U*.M«. TlMAansal tiwo—ww^i^lH.— 
Tba •«■ of 4I^I0MU, kM bMO piad la elalou ■«<!«• Uf« PoIMm. 
Uffl* Mmmam kav» bMA d«eUnd aad paid m addltloaa to ika i 
"^ ~il«M Ml Miolw hmn ham wiumtl wbart partiM Imt* m 

_ Pmoa« aM«rlB« hav* lh« opiSoa of PartidpAtiBg R*tM of PmbIub, or of 
Moa.PtrH0tpttlBg Raua. 

O wtt atd Prvfltioa amj U BMdt far Old Aft ni ttrlj OmUl 

M that porMo a«j Meor* • turn to bo paid I* MsMd/at an ^o agrood opoa. or to hit 
rsooatoro II bo ahoald dlo btlora that aflo. 

liiWwt ift OovatriM btjond tb« Umiu of Buop« Is tlltwtl oa 
f avoaraUo %mma t la mmi toai p o r ato eUaaloa wUhoat axtra proadaau 

Wkolt VOrid AMaraaoo* art fraatod. 

HottoMOf tiMAwlfBMMtf imralidM mo foealrod aad aokMvlodcod. 

AdvUMMafoaadooo PolielM lolkooartoat of tk^ raloo. for ranoDdortotlMOaeo. 

Ptrarat dtdriftf to ranmdor tkair Atranaeit mky rwaiTo thair vaio* la 
moaoj or la Uoa UMroof. auy obula a ae» PxMej withoat fiutktf |ftyB«it of 

Tko M r aolo r a aro toady to loealtro propoaaU for AaraiaBOoa. os MJ uwllafMUS 
larolrlag p^yaMl of a mub at doatli. 


Thii OMBpaaj nadortakM tha AMaraao* of alaioot •rtrj rpoeUiof piupHU i* tko 
I'aliod Klafdom. at Batos of Promlam aad opoa priaelplos wkiob wfU ko foaad ^attoaa 
adToal^aOBi lo tko lat«r««t of tke AMarod aa tkooo oflHod kj aay otkor oMeo. IW 
IMtoolon ooa ooaddoaUy rofor to tko woll-kaowa oharaotor of tko Ooaipaay for inmllty 
aad proaptltado la tko dl«ekarir« of olalait mado apoa It darlag tko a^ay yoaro i»ka« 

paid wttkia ftftooa doy« aftor tho rMipoctlro Qaartor-dayo wk«a tkoy t u BMiday. 
toens oteaiAoMd^ UOHTimiO wOl ko paid. Um POUOZBB of tko OOlt- 
PAITT OBtoM tooovor XiOSBBB oooaiioaod ky SoBBPIiOBIOll OF OftS. 

n* Camtmmf is rtmdf U rotWor oppAooMM* /or Mgmmim U 
iHHrieiatm »Ju<'» it it —I mt prmmi rifnimlii, ApftUathtm f kt m 

lit tiM «ccnniif>fs Alt lew CinPT PIM TK PAfiOT ¥ MfOMBT NH. 

rmi •fpfpoml, mm4 «ar ta/W««(Ma o«#<rW «• 5f •rftyVor /t 


Cmw Orruzt^T2\\ MRaXD, LONDON, 

rill8 aOCIBTY hu d«po«it«d £20.000 with (kirrrumcnt. |iur»uuut to the UU Aatarauc* 

CoaipMiiM* AcU. a* A •p«cial MKSuritj U* PoUeyhuldtr*. 

OAPITAI, PAID UP .. £50.000. 



WhiohtBakkb, E«q«M.R.C.8.. Ang^Dcrty. Urat.-Col. H. Gobi Lindiay, J. P. ^ D.L., 

.1 i(^v»i cntl«ICoMUbUofBcrlM,R«adinf. WoodUniU. Cardiff. [Countv of KdinburgI; 

LIT. Baq., Aketoa Hall, Castle- 
's •liir*. 

uBBRLAiw. Eaq.. J. P., Windsor. 
MiBB. Esq., Nottincliam. 
N TBT, Esq.. Cora E»«hBnp»Cliain- 

...uUon. [AtbOTStoDO. 

iti-iAM Ubbmaw. Esq.. Msaaham Lodgs. 
iWABo Srsruiw Jombs, Esq., Uanfollen. 

llRyBY MiirrAT, Ksq., "f ■ for tlie 

.SlrJoHN H.MoNrBTov.C Manaioii. 

81r (iBOBOKOiritwi.M.I) , i . n. [S.W. 

Hbnrt J. PABVALLr Esq.. N«w|n/rt, Mod. 
W. H. PII.BINOTON, Esq.. L.R.C.P.. J. P.. Clay. 
toD.le-Moors. [Leicesienhire. 

J. J. FAiarAX SroTT, Esq., Moaut Sorrsl, 
William Smith, Esq., Uools Oeangs, Goole. 


Kba«ci« Wbsb, Esq., SI, tovthampton Bldg*., 
rhanwry Lans, (^minmmn. 
w t: iiARiia. M.D., *6, Bsdford SquAro. 
' hairmMm. 

Jamb* Alrxandbb, K.C.B., M. 
iMaos. Rasssll Sqoars. 
V. Esq.. Rifboit Lodga, Brook 

Gbobob Cbafman, Esq.. U. Cooktpur Stvsst. 
T. B. JoNsa, Esq.. Angel Town, Brixton. 
RoBBBT MiLBUBN. Esq., Cintra, .Uppor Albo- 
marls Road. Beckenham. [Road. N.W. 

Colonel HabbinotowTbbvkltan. bo, Mnchley 
RoBBBT MoNCBTOK. Esq., Modsna Lodge. Pem. 

bury Road, Tanbridge. 
Smitb Rich a bos. Esq., Bedford Square. 
rrimJ/emtmrM amdtpaUm of huaine$* mftke AatoeiatUm eomprue: — 
. Moderate Rates of Premium. Poifeies payable daring Ufetime. A norel 
ri of AssmrlDg Inralld Utss. Specially adTantogeous terms for Assurances 
lis or China. A separate section for Total Ahstuinors from the use of 
disputable Whole-World Assurances. Non-Forf<it!ible Assurances, 
r the •• Married Women's Property Act." Special adTanUgcs to Ministers 

* Annual Report and Balance Sheet, together with Prospectuses, Proposal 
^formation, may be obtained on application at the Chief OfBce, 4S0. Strand. 
JOHN MESSENT, F.I.A.. Ai-tunrp and Srcretary. 
Thf Dkrtefrt will he hmpfj to treat with GentUmtn of iryflurnct and ilanJing to act at Ordinary or Special 
Agent I for the Company in unrefneicnttd localitiri. 



Pi'BrvBB BMrowBBBD BT SrBctAL AcT 09 Parmambnt, u & 15 Vic, Cap. 130. 

CAPITAL, £500,000. 

CAtfinnaM^Edward Walmisley. Esq. 
I>«^uif 'Chairman— Co\. Joseph Walker Jasper Ouseley. 
Msyow Wrneil Adams, Esq. I William Rbt. Barker, Esq. 

Thomas Allca, Esq. | Edward Carleton Tufnell, Esq. 

AmdiUn-4At C. R. MoOrigor. Bart.{ Martin J. E. Becher, Esq. ; John CookM. Esq. 

Bmmk 9 r » Messrs. Drummond. 

MIetfers— Messrs. Shoabridge Jk May. 1 9. Lin coln's Inn Fields. W.C. 

The bosiaess of this Company consisU in the PURCELABE of, or LOAMS upon 

RsvBBstoiirABr Intbbbsts vestod or contingent, in Landed or Funded troperty, or 

»eemritie»f also 

LirB IwTSBBSTS la PMSssatoa, as well as in Rrpectation. 

Loans opoa RevarBloiu flsay be obtained either at an Annual Interest, or in cou- 
st4«raUoa of deferred oharges. payable upon the Rmferaiona falling in. 

PaaaairT Ikcombs are llkewtee granted upon the latter principle to persons entitled 
to Rerarsionary latoreets, who may thus obtain the means of support until their pro. 
perty falls into possession, without being called npouforany payment until that event. 
Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal may be obtained from the Secretary, to whom 
all commuaicatioas should be addressed. 

W. BARWtCK HODGE, Aeluary and Secretarp. 

The Clergy Mutual Assurance Society. 



iinct Um Ankh U ka ^ of CMIarWry. 


Tte Rlfftit llM. m4 Rlgbl IUt. tW Lm« Hihof of UM«« 


i.lHipof DoMlo. iThoArtfU* 


Ila«li Uiia«07 AotrobM, K«q. | TIm ArcMoMoa of 
CtfAioMAM— 1^ AroMooooa of W— f frt o r . D«r«rT*0«Ai«iiA»— aakavt Firv. lif 

ne I ora nianop ot v» iDCiMM^f 
of MaMoloao. 

ciMilM Joha ■oWr. Bo«. 
Th« AioUooooa of Botb. 
K«r. Ommi lloMMa. M JL 

rti.- I>«*n of Htiatol. 

itarruo. M^ 

n, M.A. 

■ T..,.n.M.A. 


Hoo. * Umr.Cmam Of«f , MJL 
BoT. Ckorlos M. Rarroj. MJL 
Bar. W. OUms Hoapiirj. B J). 
Tbo AffoM«ooo« of Londoo. 
Bov. Cmm« Loaoda 
Tbo A>oMoooo« of [ 
Hm Dmui of MoBokoMor. 
Boy. OmtIm Monhall. M Jk. 

BoT.i.M. Boni-MonUtok, M^ 
WUUoM BiTteglom B«f . 
Bov. Cteoa BloMw M JL 
W. H. BMM. Bm.. M.O. 
Jolui ChoHoo TkjrmAo. B«q 

B««. Hoary Wm*. MA 
Boy. Oum« WUiUaa. MA 
Tbo Dmb of York. 

- . iHMOOo BoofdUloo. B^.. UJL, BUmo BolMioct, Uaoola'i loo. 
•— MoMTO. Uo, Bolum. ft Lm. No. t. Brood Soaotaary, WaotmlMUrr. 
iodlJoro-ClMrlaa Barbar, Baq.i GmrfaT. Blddalph« Ba«.| Bo Wr t J. Lodg>. C»'] . 
Bar. AlaxaUar WUaoa. M.a7 
BaoAara-MaoMS. Cootta 4 CO. 
^'umUtmg Aeimmrp^rn^mUk Haodrlka, Eaq. Pkf t l t t tm D r. Stoaa, li, DMi. . . ». 

iaioor f B tawart Haldar, Baq. <aer» faif Matthaw Hodgwrn, Baq. 

lOTAL 7UVD8 . • £8JS6.S«9. 



'OBD FBBlinJlfSd--Aaa«raoaaa may ba aAelod ofoa pothmoI of foor-Altb« of tha 
nnibli aacofdUiff to Iho iooialj*« Tbbla, aobjael to ttrimlm tmmdHUm fmlly lat fortli 
id la Iba Proipaetaa. 

— Tba total aiMoal of Clalma paid apoa dooth froat tha eowaaaoaaaat of Um 
ut Jaaa, laM, waa MUUIJ&99. 

— Tba wbola avallabia Boaaa la tba aolo noaoi tj of Ufa AaiarorBt ao part wkatarar 

frt piMBilrtMa. At tba aad of avaiy Bftb Yaar, ptoftia arr 

oMoafot ailatiaf Ufa Aaaaiaaeaa. Bj aMaaa of Boaaa, aaay of tbr 

hava MM roMoaod allOfOtlMr frooi tba payaMat of Aaaaal Piaailaai*. 

tioM la alaMOt ovary aaM bavo boM aado to tba aaart aararad. ^»a.l4a wm dirldad 

Ufa Aaaaraacaa at tbo dadaratloa of Bdmm oa lal Jaaa. llTi. N«xt BaaM da« 

Itto ba abaiod 

v«<aior* bavo tb» priTllaga, at tba tIaM of »aklaf aa Aaai 
' b tha Boaaa, wbaaarar daa, aball ba appUad, m. : la as 
rcdaatloa of tba Aaaaal Praadoai, or to tbo Inataa— of tba 

of aalactlag tha Moda ia 
Cbdi p yM l, or u> 

uiy bo affoeUd on LITIS, 8VBTIV0R8HIP8. fte.. Ac . at tUUd im Ut 
Bociaty't Proapoetui, to aaj Amount not ozooodiBg £7.&00. 
Tbia Boclaty la atrtctly aoaAaad to tha Clargy of tbo Cbareb of Baglaad aad of tho Bjlmnil 
CbawhiiflMtlaad. tbolr WIvaa aad Vbaillaa. aad tha aoar lolaHoaa of tbaanlMaaJwiMi. 
rT M p tt tM M, Bma AaoMBU, Forms of PrvpOMl, Aa.. may to ksA Bt tkt OSMi 
on poraoaal appIieatioB, or bj lattar. 

I A t, TUB 8A.VCn-ABT. WSmtlNmA. 






FOUNPED A.D. 1762. 

The Oldest Life Offiee on the Mutual Principle in the World. 

110:% IN TAllIiK FOR \n%\. 

Table nhowing the Amount naymhlc under n Policy for £1000 (with its 
Additions), in the event of i(« l>ocoming a chum after payment of the 
premium duo in the jcar 1881. 

titt IS16. 

ssth Jan. 

»4lh April 





:th Jan. 

tnl Dec. 

I Kt Dec. 

rUi Mar. 

t&ih May 

yth Mar. 

;ih Not. 

SiKt July 

:inl Mar. 

S4th Nor. 

Ut Auk. 

19U1 June 

atKt July 

S«Ui Jan. 

ISth Dec. 

I«th Nov. 

igih June 

3nl Mar. 

14th Nov. 

19th Nov. 

S6th July 

Itt Jan. 

lat Jan. 

iKt Jan. 

I«t Jan. 

I St Jan 

iKt Jan. 

iBt Jan. 

1st Jan. 

1st Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

1st Jan. 

I«t Jan. 

ist Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ut Jan. 

Ist Jan. 






1 830 




4 th 



















1 4th 








Sum payable 
with Additions. 





1.177 10 


l.'>09 10 


1497 10 


1359 10 


1277 JO 

1240 •» 











Equity and Law Life Assurance Society, 

18, LINCOLN'S INN FIELl- ! >M >N, W.C 


«M»— Jo«H M. Clabov. 

A*- ■ 



.'. '^f<r»«»— IIiwbtFoB 


J * - 

' *%' 





Y- 1 ' 




•Hi . 

MiiMAMt* Uii>.raa. lUq. 

J. V 

-IS Bh> 

»». E*i.. Q.C 
KK«alT, B«^ 


J. I'Mlt.i.lMU**. 

W. U If hs.^uAU. E«i. 

HoftACS WiLUAM Saira.B^q., 
RicMAB* Sami. Eaf. 

80LICIT0Ii--<}«n«oa Rooraa, B«q^ 17, Uao(»la*« tatt PU14«. 

KXDICAL Ornomii-B. Vvh«» Tmohmow.«kSqa«ff«. 


Sums Assared, £5.276,000. 

Income from Premiams and Interest, £208,759. 

Assets, £1,610,717. Expenses of Msasgement, £3,931. 

rttm JUtmm r«telB«d bjr Um Soei«tv la rMpMl of lu UabiliUM aadar FtklloM kat toaa 
ilaiad Mconilbt to Ilia H lull F^*^ - ' ' vMKO.Tl«.«UMTakUc(»f Um la«mat«of Acl«act«. 

•^t baiat Uktk at S par oval, u »4lag oa p o a ii aa 

MNB.TBKni8 of Iba loUl !< .rtdad aaioaff Um 

Oaa-iaaUi of Um PtoAu U darivvu irum rollolat whteh do aol 


u M Bxtmordlaanr OaMtal MmUbc haU oo Jaaa ltUi« ItM. Um ram of ^a>9M» «aa 

.d« aa Um valaa of Um aoOu^ft UaMIIUai aadar lla Aaaoiaaca and Aaaalij CaatraaCa, and 

. srA waa ordarad to ba dlvidad M Booaa. laaviac a balaaos of aadlvidad proAl of MU,*07 
MaaMiUM of tha mua dlTidad was allottad amoAf holdara of Pottalaa for «S|^fM7l- 

I Um PioAU la darivvu irum rollolat whleh do aol aarUalpata la rroMa. ao 
bava lannr Boaaaaa Uua If tbaj fonaad a Maiaal toraraaao Cnfaiij, aad 
la of Ika ProAta dart vad froa thatr ova Pollda*. 


rr Allies: 

B^ t» iVcvaOar SlaC, Itjf^ #a FOUCKS •/ jgtjtm frk. 


ttmaaa or PaamoMt Pais. 









.* ► •^•04 • 

•^,-< la 

^&M • 

^«M I* 

^tas a 

Mi6% la 

«7« • 

•f 17 !• 

•7*3 It 

HH • 

4U • 

•n It 

m a 

a« la 


•l,«»l • 

•Ms a 

•m • 

Ml 10 

S4S a 

•M la 

91 • 


*l,iai la 

•m • 

•7*d !• 

Ha It 

ite la 

SU 10 

»• • 

*Utu f 

•|,«»4 • 

•m? la 

•m • 

4a6 a 

t4i a 

l« a 


*l.l/-« t 

•BM a 

•«MI It 

4«< It 

Vt a 

IM la 




•I.II7 li 


•MO • 

ati a 

Itt la 

larked • IIM Boa«< 
ilali all fatvfa ptamlaM*, aad 

»••, If •anaadarad, woald ba Mora thaa 
Um Polky-boldor* would aUll ba raiitlad ta 






G- :R/ E s n 4u nvn 

Life Assurance Society, 

1^ i JS 

Realized Atsett (1880) 

Life AMurance and Annuity Fundi ... 
Aannal Income 

IJ :^ 



BmovTuM .. 






18, Bennett** Hill. 
Bank ammbers, Bank 


4. Parillon Bnilding*. 
i, Brokd Quay. 


Nbwcastlb ., 


HvLt Batik Buildiuff*. 

GLAteow .. 110, St. Vincent Street. | Euinburor 

Mancheoter Baildinffs, 
I, Tithebarnc Street. 

57, Picc«<lilly. 

Percy Buildiiifrs, 
CirainKcr Street Went. 

Bank Plain. 

37, Kawcett Street. 


Belfast Bank Buildings. 

07, George Street. 


Loani granted upon Security of Freehold. Copyhold, and Leasehold 

Property, Life Interests, and Reversions. 

FrtptHm*, R^pmrlt.nmd Prupotnl Furms, can be obt'iirfd on nppUrntion to thf Sncirty' 
Agmia mnd Brmmek Ofiee; or tv— F. ALLAN CURTIS, Actuary l^ Secretary. 





Instituted 1803. 
CAPITAL, £1,600,000. PAID UP 4 IKVB8TED £700,000. 

Air s aiLlff r Jmm« OUlMa^laf . 

a*. Baa. 

-•. laq. 

•. itlr Qm. tltmrf. 


tu •' -- r.,. 

K . .-•, Bh> 

r- T.. B«^ 

CJUIUI, Jolia SMAdOT*. Baq. 
Oovtfw. AJfraA. B^- 


llai^ B4«w^. B««. 
LM4«piaki.rvaMia rr^kOH 
Martyslt. Ckaffla*. Ba«. 
NavMM. T. HoMawortH. B^. 
B u lw r <ai»a.Jaa. Bo4a»*dl«B><. 
TvtoliiB. Bteluff4, B^. 


iu«. L«r. CaAaut, Baq. | Uauu Joa» HAarroif. Ba^. 

»»«A». Keahcu Avavrrvt. B^. | Moamtca. CMAakas Towk»ac«», Ba^ 

Owmrrmt Mmmmgtr B. Cosa«« SitiTa. Bh- 

TMB iii»rtsi.risai%<i i habai rHai*rir» ur tmi* r<*MrAMr Aai — 



Slemm T*r««A<«/ M^rkiiui alhmri miik^ul fsirm tkmrg*. 

Loaa Off llaaia«« bjr Uaa BxploalOM la BaUAlafa ImmW Ba4a ffae4. 

E t rry tafoTiaHoa, — d Funaa of Pffop o aa l , ■■ ■ W ofc li l B rt tnm tW €mmm •! %»m Ow > W jr» or 

at any of iu AtfMMiaa tlwoacboat tiM kiagdooi. 

Law Life Assurance Society, 


Th« Right Hoa. BaiOB CawpUll. l Tba Hon. Vic« Chancrll ^r Sir Cbaa. HaU. 

T i.r Kitfbt Hob. Vlaooaat Craalitook. WUltom F. Higfl&a. Eaq. 

Mr \ Afrvr H«r«cbaU« Q.C.. M.F. I Bdaiood BobortTarBor. Ba«. 



• m, Baq. 

Haarr Bay 

Sir Flamr UotoImU. QX:.* 

WUliaa F. Hlfflaa, Bao. 
GrMTOttor Hoockiaaoa, Baq. 
Holdawofftli Haat, Baq. 
John Jaa. JohaaoD. Baq., QX. 
Wllliaai Boll* Malooia, Bk. 

Joha Swift, Baq. 
Bdward Toaipaoa, Baq. 
Sir WUllaa H. Walt4m. 
AraoM Wai. Whita. Baq. 



*r !•;« 

iwiathtoSirtof Daeaabar.lt79 .- «..— 

alloMo4fortbaSTajaars«ida«SltlDw..ia79 ^^*9 

• Bonaaaa blthatlo uloMod 6.10S,M1 

I ladadlaff etaaaUadoa) Moaa4w4lpar«aal.ef tbaaaaaal laoMM. 

J vpoatSa Uvaa off Foraoaa for aaj daairad aoMMai. oMhar with 

A towar lalo of Ft—lam witlwat pa rtiolp B tto a ta FwStfc 

PROFfTS oMda bj thia Soelaty aio avofy FUlk Ya ar Mt ; o p il i « ^ i i 

--*'--*' n « aeala of Bffomlnma who havo Woa ao aaMfO* Inr Two 

fthoDlTUoa. . _^^^^^ 

intaraala aad Bovonloaa ia ooa axit«o a ^Mk Mlalao 

v ot uncBcoaibaroA ^sltelao ol Um Soelolj. aaariy lo tko aclaM 

r tb« tavBM of iha '* Marriod Woaaa** Fiopa K y Act. itT*.** ^ 

vtad to tlM rarlaad proapaetoa of tka loda«y i to Um aaw niaa af 
rlowarforyoai«UT«atkaalMf«lofora: lo tba aaw aaadltloaa aa 
. «1 aaa loaMaaaa I aa4 to tiM ladaMd raiaa of oatra p«o«laau 
r r^wyw^^M mmd/9rm V^Mjiiial ««f kt tml an m mmh tm i tm. 

IFF1TH DAV1BB. Aalaary. 





Subscribea CapiUl, £1,000,000 Sterling. 
Paid-up, £200,000. Reserve Fund, £50,000. 

Ck-irmmt-JAUES 8. FOUi 






1 UKYS. 

J< 1 FORTH, Eiiq. 

Hon. KliWAKI) (J. 8TRUTT. 
Cf. H. TOU HEATLY, Esq. 





Farli Office— 24. AVENUE DE L'OPERA. 

Bmmktn londoo Joint Stock Bank, and N'<iri'^>n1 Provincial B>mk of England, Limited. 

SHpfriHtrndrnt o/thf !' '•«* — Wm. Ro)>crt«. 

Suprrintrndeat of ihe t ** — Fruiik Liveiftjr. 

Serrttar^—J. U. DavitoU^ : m>igrr —Clukr\M Beddall, P.8.8. 

THIS COMPANY ia now prepared tu l.NSl HE all kinds of PROPERTY atfuinet 
LOSS or DAMAGE by FIRE. Agents reqiired in unrepresented dislricU. 

Head Office -5, LOTHBURY, LONDON. EC. 

Lion Life Insurance CoyviPANY, 


Head Office— 5, LOTHBURY, LONDON, E.C. 

Capital, £1,000,000. Paid-up Capitol, £184,000. 




F. Fi.^.i. t -.,. LORD NORREYS. 


Grmeral Mamnger — C. Beddall, F.8.S. Seeretaty—J. B. DariaoD. 

/'Ayjiiriai»-T. Gilbart Smith, Esq.. M.D. 


HeweMtle-on-lTne. Leedi. Glasgow. Dublin. 

BaUut. Kanchetter. Bradford. Brijtol. 

Paris Ogke. "--24, AVENUE DE L OPERA. 


Book of Tables and Fall Parti«alan can be obtained at any of the Branches, or at the 

Head Office— 6, LOTHBURY, LONDON, B.C. 





I \»r >liitii]il A»*»«.iii*iiii«'«'. 

Held 011136 : 2. lURG WILLIAM STREET, LONDOH, EX. 

EtTAOCttHCO 1880. 


iV«..W«»4-Sia IICNRY W. TYLtft, M.P. . ntt-TrtM^^ s. lALT. 1^ 


R. P, r 


Tlw nun. (iBBAi.i*«,. iALBcrr. 

lo h«lB Willi. MA If ttw appaailloa or Protli. te Om 

u«v w* •Slla«r«lak«i alUMratlwr . a mult whwL. tuilnnc 

' vwu« from I f 

7 M« a^i^itou ui HMMMC BouiiwNt* to tnc tiUB 


OLAIHS PAID . . it.8t0.080 
AXOVHT A8SV&XD a.480.000 

ruil tr^pttimaea mmd fmrthrr infmrmmt'mm mtmf *r UUliud M a / ^H imm m mt the 
llBAi* OrriCB, mr mt ««jr •/ IA« 8»0Utf*» Aoswt ikb. 




IIoiul Olll<u> — TJ, KIN(; WILLIAM STKKKT. inNDON. EX*. 



MAXOBBam^-tt, KINO tntBtT. 





Subscribed CapiUl, £180,000. Paid» np Capiul, £75,000. 

litrlU\KTN - . and U. IcrlMtoB Sqnarv rA«*r«»«« 

ktr«i«iiuii.i i-ippmhAOI. WllU. <ll«|»a/jr('A«i<>ift«a 

H '>\ 1 1 ' \ .. ^ . 

< olu ataJ WarnarA Mb MOMit SttMl, OlWTMar Sqsan 

N . » i^^i!.«r Markat, Bwrnondwy. ud 7«. Bo«l«*li» Sq. 

!*• Oat*. 8.W^ aad Um Lodfiw 
BAWKltka -Maaata. HoAM. Waal Stmt. liABAOBB-Wn.L t.»M Couia. 
V R PropoMOa an vow r«odT«4 vpoa aU dMeriptioas of ProportSoi 







Accumulated Life Funds - - - - £2,989,885. 
Fire Reserve Fund and Suspense Account £1,095,467. 

9trrrtor0 in HonTion. 

Drputp'Ckairman—CH AKLE9 MORRISON. Enq. 


Manafrr of Fire Department— Q. H, BURNETT. 

Manager of Life Department— UZ^iKy COCKBURN 

Secretary— V. W. LANCE. 

MHiemt Qfieera—A.ll. HA8SALL, M.D.; R.C. CREAM, M.D.; HERMANN WEBER, M.D. 

Sotiritor— Sir W. R. DRAKE. 

J. S. MORGAN, Esq. 
Baron JOHN \l. W. SCHRODER. 


THE PRINCIPLES on which this Company was founded, and on which it continnM 
to act, combine the system of Mutual Assurance with the safety of a large Protecting 
Capital and Accumulated Funds, and thus afford all the facilities and advantaoea which 

prudently be offered by any Life Assurance Office. Under these principles, the 
of the Company continues rapidly to increase. 

NINETY PER CENT, of the WHOLE PROFITS ia divided among the Aaenrers 

the Participating Scale. 

THE PROFITS are divided crery Five Years. 


ANNUITIES of all kinds are granted, and the Rates fixed on the most favouraMe 

PROPERTY OP EVERY DESCRIPTION, ut Home and Abroad, inanred at the most 
favourable rates. 

The NET PREMIUMS for 1879 amounted to 4^901,070. 
PROSPBCTUSKS and vrery INFORMATION can be obtained »t th« 

C lii<T OIHoc^M— 


Wut End Office— H, WATERLOO PLACE, S.W. 




EifTABUMno 18*14. 

98, King Street, lUnoheiter; 96, Chetpeide, London; 

6. India Buildings, Water Street, Liverpool; 

M, St. Vinoe nt Street, Qlaagow ; Bennett'i Hill, Birmingham. 

TsoHAi Bakmaii Fcmtka, E*|., Dfrntg 
Jonii BASaATT, Eaq. 
D. R. Davib*. Baq. 

C. F. DftAtBLB. B»|. 

C W. FAftBMOoi, Esq. 

J. HUTCMimOJi, £•*{., ui unr/. 

ThoCapiUlorUMConpMjb 41,000.000 Uprling. 

or«hleliit|»klup £100.000 ttcrlinf. 

The GoMttnlM or Bfettrvcd Funda are opwArda of £130,000 Mcrlinf 

Tlio AnriuAl IneomobaiKrardsor .^ £260,000 fltrUiif. 

I ti-urancM are franied by this Companj on ocarlj vimj dwcriptioa of 
It Gr«at Britain, in fmrBlgii ooantii«a, and In toaio of tlM eokNikt, 
it« rat««. Infloontial Agonta Waatod. 

JAMES B. NORTHCOTT, Stent^ry t^ tkt Ctm^Mnu. 
niARLES R. P1I.CI1ER, Swrt/Ofy ia ~ 

W. II. Hot'LMwoaTa, Eaq. 
Jon«f N<nKii, Eai|. 
V I KID, iaq. 

I SrsirruAL, Etq. 


eSTABtlSHED 1840. 

Ttit Rt. HttB. Um larl of Utm * M«ItUU. | Th« SI. S«v. Um BUkopof Moray * Bow. 
Tb* Kifhi Hob. Lotd PMn. I W. M. TalaoU. Biq. 

' -r '»-•'. Eaq., QraMBBddow. 
'>ld. Km.. Caolaslord. 
kjB, Biiq., Ladbroko Orvro, 

ngnia Pwk. 

AiuMaOTHvvdn. Bm., Blrchin Lao*. 

JohD W. Lay. Bn^ Waloott*t, OiMt Try. 
lior.lUq. " 


Th« Hon. H. W. PMr*. Sprtage«M PtaM. 

JuhD Plk*. Bm.. Sovtawark. 

.«MMa rara. juiid nn*. em., aovtawarc. 

wilavdn. Bm., Btrchin Lao*. J. C. Traill, Baq., CMUt HUl. CalthaMt. 

W. M. Tufaell, Baq.. Bank. Chelaafoffa. 


Bdwmrd BoUar. I llaarj lawia. 

J. W.Ofla.Baq.,MJ>. | H. Ry Siaith. Baq. M.B. 

MaMra. Siraat, 8oa * Poyadar. 17. Ua- 

eoUi'a laa Plal«la. 
Maaara. Otpp A Boaa, ClMlaafoffd. 

Mc«tT«.WinUma. DaoeoaftCo..Bbehia Uat 

1 ho Loadon and Coaaty Baak. 

M> ttra. lparro«r.T^ftMaiACo.,ClMtaMford. 

\ 1 kinds of m» Aaa ar aaaa aa^ W aBha l ii l . Uiaaa matad aa availaMa 

t^raOta baloBf to tba Aaaarad. .Vo Uabllitj wbatvTar esa atUck lo Maaibara 
{•ayaMat of UMlr atlintlalad Pramlua* -, and avrry Maabar acccfU hla roltay 

luditloB •x|»r***«tl. 


IJnihutiiil 3i5surancc tfompau]), 


FOTJIiTIDE3D 184:8. 

EDGAR BORNE, Esq., Chairman. 
HENRY HARDEN, Esq., Deputy Chairman, 


U. A. HARDEN, Esq. 



fHetiical icltibisfrs. 



Messrs. BARNARD & Co. | Messrs. PHILUPS & SON. 


Ppudential Assupance Company. 





The Annual Premium Income exceeds £1,750,000. 

The Ordinary Policies in this Company become absolutely indisputable 
after they hare l>een in existence fire years, or immediately, to the extent of 
the principal, interest, and costn, not exceeding the sum Assured if assigned 
to an innocent holder for a bond fide consideration. 

The last Annoal Report can be obtained upon application. 

W. J. LANCASTER, Secretary, 









Patvom— HU Royal HIghnw* tb« DmIm of Coanamcht. K.O. 

PaMii>RVT->The Right Hon. the Lord Leigh. 

Viai>PM«u>c)rr«— The MArquit of Hntfbrd, Tb* Earl Ducie, The Lord Selborae^ 

Tlie Lord Menaert, Sir Thoe. Chambere, M J*., Recorder of London, 

8lr Charles Roerlej. Bart. Sir George Baker. Hart. 

BaifBaae— Sir lamuel Scott, Bart., k Co., l, Caveadisb Sqaara. 

Oa^rcra or thk Hoifital.-^Ad In-department for the feception of poor Woraea 
■Miettd withdieeaeee peealiar to their eex, where tbiey have home comfotta and hoipital 
tttAlmeat without pabllcitr. Cbildrca admitted tothe Breach a* la-Patieut-. Aa Ou<- 
dbpartaeat for V^omea aaoarinf; from all diaeMet peculiar to their tez, aitd Ci ildrea 
•ttfltrlox fb)ia all diwaMS. To famish attoadaaceto Poor Married Women at their ow a 
homee mrlng tbrlr Coaflaemeute. 

AdjaiMion Free, without Letter of Reoonunendation^ Poverty and 
Sickness the only passport. 

Since its fonndatioa ao leM thao 243,694 womra and children hare been treated 
ill the Uut-department, and 6|344 wuinen have been admitted as In.patienta, 727 of 
whom were suflbring from ovarian ti'mour and DROPav— 583 wrrk TRaATsv suc- 
casspuLLT, wira oNi.r 144 deaths. 550 Children have been admitted as In-patiente. 

Contributions art eamestiff ioliciUd. 

Sabecriptioas aaid Donations are also received by Measre. BarclatI Co.. S4, Lombard 
Stta;*t; Meears. Cuvrrs A Co., &9, Strand; Messrs. Gl.vnn 4 Co., 67, Lombard Street ■, 
Meters. Ramsom Ac Co.. I, Pall Mall East} Messrs. Hatchabd. Piccadilly. 

Cheques should be crossed " Meears. Sia 8. Scott, Bart., t Co.." Post OfBce Orders 
payable to Ueoaoa 8cooAMoaa»at the Weeteta Dietiict Office, Vers Street, W. 





Patronr^*— Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. 
TaiA«i-RKR— John Deacon, Esq., so, Birciiin Lane, E.C. 
SvaTaBASuaaa— Richard B. V\ade. Esq., IS. Seymour Street. W 
BUUiBKas— Sir R. Sof>tt, Bart., k Co., I, Cavendish Square. W. ; Messrs. \Si.iiiunH. 
Deaeoa ft Co.. SO. Ulrcbin Lane, E.C; Tbe National Provincial Bank of EugUiid. 
Bishopi«ate Street, E.C. } and the St. Marylebone Branch, 63, Baker Street, W. 
' This Society, founded in lass, seeks to reclaim Young Women from all parts of the 
Oouatry. who have taken the Arst f«laestep from the path of virtue. Thcv are cared for 
ttk their trouble if expecting to become moUieri ; and, after suitable training, are placed 
ia aenioe, where needful help is given them n.g their infaau. le^t, thruuKh 

want, they should fall agai a iato sin. Thi^ 4sai7ftx>m the eztromp youth 

of mmnj of the applicanu, which prevents tl. :ig aufflcient to maintain tbcir 


Subtcriplion* and Donation* are eamuUy tot*eit4d. 
Cheques ahould be "crossed** Messrs. Sir 8. Scott, Bart., k Co. Pont Orders 
payable to Gaoaoa ScvoAMoas, altlw Western Branch l)i«trict FoatOtlite, Vcro Street, 
Oaiord atreet, W. GKOKGE SCCDAMURE. Secretary. 




n t: u n 4 J t: M T ¥ tub q t: b e !V 


Six Rovmid Ciiit»u» ar« now In thh InilllBttf, vhoM afw raagt 

-m A(Wq to thfM yrmn. 

'^•' Katmbklbm; omiij 1ut0 lost &ocA pftrtoU. 
' >!•• r«ubli»hmMt ol Um Asvlam 1,146 CblMrrm, Orphmm of CterfT- 
a tlM Armyaod Navj, lUdlMl Men* Solieilof*, TulMnSi. 

!rp«n4i np«n VolnnUr/ Coalrib«liaM for KiABtT fwi 

Life Subs ^r Om Volft, «» &«.; for Two YifU^ £10 lOt. 

AniMuU 8tti»f<-n)iUoa, ditto, 10«.M; dittts £1 1«. 

Ommktft.'^U^mn. Wiixiam, DBACxm A Co^ Birofain Un«^ E.C. 

OjiMt,— lOQ, FJmI Stnut, KC II KN BY W. GKL*£N, Smrrtmr^. 



For tbe Relief of tbe Rtptved Poir tbrooghoot tke Kiogdom. 


»%ii*til* (mMitaHac warn ovar 0X00 In ^^ !*•*) •*• of both ms« aa4 all ■«••, 
' !rm • MMUli old to •4alt« oror 0& TpwanU of tflQ^QOO potioMU kovo boaa 
.laoo tte foraatloo of tho Choilty. 
" ■ "TION8 oad DONATIOK8 wlU W ttMakfolly locolTod bf llM ■•eiMjr'a 
BotAMQViT. a ALT t Cb^ 7:1. LomWrd HtrMt . akd hy tbo 

JOHN wiiriTiNcn-«»s, 

for Varicose Veins and Wealiness. 

Clrgical elastic stockings and KNFX-CAPS. 

^ penrioiu, light in trxtur*, »n<l tvfcir«^»iy«. jilolJtmg mn anrarlaff 
• jpfwrt. without l^ciug iiT lUu-lA^rii.g. IJIl.wIm ft ttruof. low-pru«il 
Article, for lloc^llala AU>i tb« Wurklug C'Ia«w«. 

AouoHiMAL St-rroariMO Bolt*. TboM for LodSoo* aos Wfort vA 
mixmt oeeoaohMMiit, mn admlimblj adofiad lor glTiaff oioqwoH i 


iMiractlaM for MoomvmmbI m4 Moao <» mplto^Hoot •mi 
•rtleloi MB! bj PMI f imo Um MoalMtaora oM iMwion, 





Price ONE PENNY; by Post 1^- 



A Daily Paper having a special and general circulation amongst 
the merchants of Birmingham, and the gentlemen throughout the 
neighbouring Counties. It is widely known amongst the Clergy, 
Professional Classes, the Farming ami landed Interests, and 
Capitalists of the Midlands, amongst whom it has a far larger 
circulation than any paper in the district. 




Commanding an Advertising connection almost unrivalled in 
the Provinces. 

ji. A, Sylvester Sf Co., Proprietors. 

Office -<]»tt, Ilig^li .%tr€^*t, «iriiiiii||^liaiii. 


Vu ftppomtmrnt lo |Qrt iQairstp, 

THE PRINCE OF ^^R|^Bl1T^ ^^^^ ^^ "^^^ 




ELKINGTON Sr Co, heg to requeii purcheuerB of 
SILVER and PLATED GOODS to note the fad of 
their ipeeialfnamh (he neemity of 

faeiure* havmg P^^^f^f satisfying them" 
Bfood the tut of j ^^ \ selves when pur- 
wear for nearly ( ?Vp ) chasing that EL- 
mrty years, and ^Z^;^ KINGTON Sr 
/> urge upon t/iem Co,*s marks — as 

in shield — are distinctly stamped upon each pieee^ such 
only being warranted by them. 

ELKINGTON & Co/s Plate is eminently well 
suited for Regimental Mess use, for Hotels, Steam- 
ships, and Clubs, and for private use it is almost 
equal to Silver. 

Apply for Designs, Pattern Books, and Prices, &c., 
to the Manufactory. Birmingham, or their Houses — 

LONDON .22, Regent Street, W. 

42 A 44, Moorgate Street, City. 

LIVERPOOL ... 25, Church Street 

MANCHESTER ... St. Ann's Square. 


Postal Address — 44t SOUTH MOLTON STREET, W. 


Statue ifountJcre U i^clitcDal 


Ou and Water Works. 

Drainage Works with 
Poxnpi and Enginei. ' 

Iron Bridget and Tanks. 

BtMtm Boilers and En- ' 
giiiM. ! 

Horticaltnral Boildingi 
— Iron and Wood. 

Hot Water Heating Ap- 

Bronze Doors and Gates. 


Wrought and Cast Iron 
Doors and Gates. 

Wrought Iron and Brass 
Screens for Churches. 

Altar Kails in Iron or 

All kinds of Elaborate 
Forged Work and 
Heavy For^ng. 

Steam Lanndries with 
Drying Closets. 

Slow Combastion ' and 
Bagister Stoves. 

Raagei with Boilers 
Pipes and Bath Circu- 

Baths in Copper, Iron 
and Porcelain. 

Ornamental Bain Water 

Heads and Gutters. 


AfAKERS of Iron Doors^ Safes, Strong Rooms &* Locks of Special 

Designs to the Bank of England and the Royal Bank of Scotland. 


Eagle and Desk Lecterns in Polished Brass. 

A large ttoek alwoft kept for immtdiate delivery. 



Engravers of Memorial Plates in German Silver and Brass. 

Tha whole of the above work being carried ont in Messrs. POTTER A SONS' 
own Factories, any work entmsted to them can be inspected during iu 



298, Oxford Street and Sedley !?lace, London, W. 
Engineering Worlcs and Foundries — West Hampsiead, N.W. 


SILVER MBOAU: PABIS, 180ft-18?»-18m. 



H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF \V.\1.1.> 



i ; ■' 'I ■ ! p 1 it y 





S/ee/ Pens. 

Sold by all Dealers throughout the World. 





£2 2s. 




c V 

*Ar »••••»• 


Tailor &" Habit Maker, 


1>BV0TM special attention to the production of Ridlko Habits in Home- 
apunt, Sergei, and West of England Cloths, &c., of the beat quality, at the 
lowest prices for cash, eoniniencing at £4 10«. 

Also Laoiks' Ridimo Tbouskbs, lined with Chamois Leather, from 25#. 

Jjidics residing in tht Country can ensure a perfect-fitting Habit by 

sending a Dress Body and Height. 





P,0, Ordin to bt mad$ pa^aiU at Vere Strut, Cheque* cromed London and 
OowUy Bank^ Hanover Square Branch. 

TEK/I^S — C-A.SH:, 

DEBECrr— AJ)V£Sn8eil£«NTS. 

The Willcox & Gibbs 

Silent Sewing Machine. 

The very highest eiccUence. 

Beyond all comparison the HANDIEST Household Sewing 
Machine. Quiet, Elegant, and UseAil— it does the BEST 
WORK, and does it MORE EASILY than any other Machine. 
(Hand or Treadle). 

S«at Carriftf t Paid for a Hoath't Ftm TriaL lisU PMt Frtt. 

Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. 

CHIEF urriVK nJK Kt Rura— li«. tMIUI^nlUK, tC, I inviXJV 
WMT IND aaANCH-IS*. atOBKT vnUWT, W. f «A».>w.>. 

llAiicaMTsa, 10, CroM St. Baioaroa. 83, New BmA (Ikdag North >t 

Glamow. 116, Hop* StTMl (eomer of Bothwell StrMi). 

Xotti«<;ma»i I'l Market SCrMl. Caihirbust, 16, ll«r«»nr Lane. 






-= g -: .o j= ~ c>-^ J •- u o c « •« 

>■ ,^* =■ S 3 «• 2.E 




O 6* 



HV Vo^al Irttrrs )Jatrnt. 


Livtr^ Loin, Stnjnach, Chtst and iSpiiu 

LIVER PAD« for thn eore of eooiroMd Owm^mmsI of tht Ihm, 
Jauiidiee, Dytptpik, tad Dropsy. 

LOIN PAD, IbrUMenrvofftUDimMtof UMUdaejiMidaUooai. 
pUinU mriitaf dMrvfron, rix., LomtMfo, HBJirtBi, Noondfb, Ae. 

STOMACH PAD« for the cw of Clarottie f nd%mto«, DImmw of 

Sight, UiaaioMO, CooUnaoos HwdMho, OMtrltis, aod Det«mtiimtSon 
of Blood to tbo Brain. 

CHEST PAD, fMr tho oore of AaUuna, Lom of Voie«, hroncAuu, 
Sore Throat, Poonmonb, 4e. 

SPINE PAD, for th« can of BhM»wtinB« Ooot, Paiiif ndor tht 
»h .uidrr«, Laasliode, and Ooaeral DabOHf. 

Thf Prut of amy of tht abcve^ ampldt^ with full dirtetions for usty U 
7x. 6</. tock^ Sptdalitia to Ordtr^ from loj. 6</. to 30J. eacK 

..(7/)/ OT* rincULAR." — Manj of tho noM painfol dkeaMO jiald 
alums I < ousij to their infloooee.*' 

' ' — '*U has bean aoaelMhrelj proTod that tht an of 

til adopted hj Mr. Wiltov is of tar grcat«r sOoaej 
I till) pharmaeopoBia." 

nr^^ Asthma, ri io oBi a tis M, djspspsia, aad the 
thpM* disorders, appsarto be ftOoecssfuUy treated 

l»r ihv 

" H . . their applioatioii to the parts aflbelad bj 

rheomatisiii irders uf the lirer, ehest, or spine, thej edeel per- 

** PRESS IHES^S CJIROXfCLEr^^Bj an tetsiUgent 

spplioatlon pads to the part afleoted, instanuaoottt loUef 
is allbrded." 

To be obtained of all C/iemmts. and Wholesale of the 
Andrcwes & Co., 9, Fcnchurch Street, E.C. 


%t\i^ti Kcrciueil fron( i\\a%t of ^itlt 

A large number of enquiries have been received, asking 
particulars about Dr. Percy's Brain and Nerve prepara- 
tion — Vitalized Phosphates, now so much used by the 
upper classes of society, and by literary and professional 
men. In the fatigue of the brain and nerves, in the 
deficient mental and bodily growth of children, and in the 
lassitude and sleeplessness of women, Vitalized Phos- 
phates will be found an invaluable remedial agent They 
are both pleasant and safe; a full analysis being given 
with each bottle. From Chemists, price $s gd. per bottle 
(of 44 adult doses), or post free from F. Crosby, 13 7 a, 
Strand, London, for Stamps or P.O.O., 31. gd. 

Descriptive Pamphlets, containing high-class testimonials 
sent post free on application, which are worth perusing. 



' U-. '.: I: u: 


CLATMORX, M«w tcrvw lUAmt^ip. baUdlag 




.(i tfvHw fAtf Smw« /ar Idmf, 04m. #Wf« ITMftMs laN^MM. <*<•, Imm, 0«m««r. 
_ r.« l**Wtf». t#rMi# r#rry. 0«4HbM. VU^^mml, t«Mtowr. I.« r 4 w< #. IWWrl 

(•land ol ArfMi MmmUMm t€ Otval, KmH*)«. •*< Kiairrv. 

•''tntla ol Jan, Imrte. Mall, aad aMMy oilMr •! Ika Wwiara 

>»ai Um MoaaUlM »! Ura. Motpmi. Apaia. Klacalrlaalu 

i.MUU of Loakl«l>-«k« Moaa of Um waaioriaji of PHaat 

r«iMdhU0taa4af4la*Ui UckaWri Um CkMoalaa Caaal i 

*«, wlih tho Ul«a, oa4 Moaatalaa •■ Mkm Hio, aa4 iko 

r. 6d. Tim* MIto witb Map* trm. mm* TbafM fata* 
. PloeadUljr, Loadoa i or ft** bjr pwM «• ■p»H— lino to 




Are dMpatehad from SoatbMiiDloa for the Capo of Guud Hof>c, Ac, t9<iy 

from Plymootb Um fbUoirinf dajr. 
TBI Umoa Stbam 8iip Co.'t Direct Purt Elisabeth and NaUl Su-amera 
are daepalelMd hum Sootbampton trttj fourth Thumdajr, and frum 
PlTiDooth the foUoving day. 


//, Leadenhall St., London, E.C.: Oriental Place, Southampton, 


\ rh>uy. pi— — nt Book) vlUi naa^ liorlM. kaaiofooaaBd poUmiIc. pain' ■ '1m 

Utr . %lao bow to ehooM DoM. aai) Maaa«« in bcalUi aad dlwM*. Bt i>r ••■ *>...• 
«TAai.«s. M.O.. RJ<. rioatfiptoa* ia ooloara. oDd pbotoffraplOc plau« ui rrlM Uuii». 

Umdmrnd^ hmmi^ cbO, ftt «4p«a, priet 5t : or. ««tA 00 P U t »frm^ ^ 

tktk, ftt «4fw, «rir« 6« ; or. ««tA 00 />A* 
I MrfMAir Prim Do§9^ and Kty, U, td. txtr*^ 

TiMir Folate WlUaa, tesUacta. aad FMollaritlM t with a r*«ro«poet of. ana toMuk* oa. 
Doc Bbow*. UHod Vj HaiiaT Wooa. aaaiatad by MT«fal woUkaava CNnMi* oad 









And of all Properties to be Sold or Let in 

and WHITBY, 

Foriivardo^l on A.ppliontioii. 

Addre$t—Mr. LONGBOTTOM, 


Ufciifcr.1 i-AKVutnsBUEK'm. 






25, Berkeley Square, 

XjOasTDOisr. -w 





Oiiiiiil»ii«*i«*>{>ii iii«'4*t (ill rPi'niiiH siit<l 

W. J. JURY, Proprietor. 


i> i: It 13 1^ » H I mD, 

Connected by a Covered Colonnade with the Hot 

AND Natural Baths, Drinking Wells, and 

New Pavilion and Gardens. 


nits of Apartments for ^ribatc ^^imilirs. 


JOII!V MraiE.TE:R, l»ro|»riotor. 



A fint-cUtts FiniQv and Comrocrcbl Hutel in the cenbe of the 
Tuwn, facing the Corn Market and Foat Office, within which arc 
the County Club Rcx^m«L U has been reKi^*»r?if. r| throughout^ 
and contains 

Soperlor Lidles' CoAe Kmb, Commercial and Billiard Rooms. 
A Urge 3Sall tor Sittlilirag }iuMMSi$, 9^* Swings. tU., 


TA^ stsUiMg ut 9 mm § d i tU'm U first doss, andmn Ommkmt will very 
skarily mud ike Thttms. 

J. WAGSTAFF, Proprietor, 



Southbourue, Eastbourne. 

TuE above Hotel has every accommodation for the reception of 
visitors. The situation is unequalled, and commands extensive 
views of the Sea, Pier, Promenade, &c, &c. Private AfKirtmcnts 
(en suiUJ^ Coffee Room for Ladies and Gentlemen, Reading 
Room, Smoking Room, and Private Billiard Room. Hot and 
Cold Baths in the Hotel. An elegant Table d'H^te Room. 
Families Boarded and Special Arrangements during the Winter 




Oa.t]ic<lml "Vn.r<l, jE^xctei*. 

"With Full VIo-w ortho OranO OldCntliodrol. 


Evrry effort is made to ensure the unqualified satisfaction of 
Ladies and Gentlemen. 





Erected expressly for an Hotel, on tbe Margin of ttie Lake, 

An«l contains Public Dinin;? and Dr.iwinj? Rooms. Private Sitting Rooms. 
l.Arsro and Airy Bed Room». Billiard and Smoking; Rooms. Cannot !»c 
cqnallo<l for variod and beautiful views, or as a central station for mnkiii'^' 
daily Excursions to all the principal Lakes and Mountainn, which may t«' 
Been u|>on looking at the Maps in any of the Lake Guide Bmtks. The Princr 
of Wales and Suite durinj; their tour in the Lake District made tiiis Hotel 
their hea4l-c|uarter8, and made their daily excursions from it 

Posting in all its branches. 
3£c>uiito.iii l'oiiici4 nn<l C^^iiicloM. UocitKi. 


E»M iUn IfK<IW^% l»roprietor. 

i-ADVEK ! .: 17 



Tins Hotel poucnet advantages rarely to be found, being stttiatcd 
in the moHt fashionable, and at the &an)c time the mo&t ({uict |»art 
(if the town, sheltered position, facing the Sea, and close to the 
I'icr, within five inintites' walk from the Railway Statkm. It con- 

-nta, also Single Rooms, with the 
ifee Room, Reading Room, Tabic 
cl'iloie, iuiil Smoking Kouuiti in the town. 

CiisiBe exceUeot. Wines choice. Table d'Hote daily. 


03Et3Uk aOTlBl-, 


I by H.R.n. tbo PRINCE OF WALES, hy IMtll. PRINCE 
All 1 H UK, and by tb« Boyml FamUWv of France, Bolgiom, Ao, Ac 

Tmk Royal Victoria Hotel is situated on the Lower Lake, close 
lo the water's edge, within ten minutes' drive of the Railway 
Station, and a short distance from the far-famed Cap of Dunloe. 


/.'.'.;/.;'///;' Terms Jrom Ncvembtr to May mdusive. 

IN^Hfal T<*l4»tfra|>li llttl<*€* in IIm* IIimim*. 





Situated on the most picturesque point of the 
Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, the new and aristocratic 
part of the city, due south, commanding most ex- 
tensive views of the Bay, Mount Vesuvius, Island 
of Capri Posilippo, and whole coast line from Naples 
to Sorrento. 

Patronized by the Nobility and Gentry. 

AGNES BRAZIL, Proprietress. 

N,B. — J/i Communications to be Addressed to Michael 
Brazil Doyle, Manager. 

Ilopl lieittisji potd, 

This Hotel has been entirely re-built, and furnished 
with all the requirements of modern refinement, and 
as a Residence is unequalled. 




Gracious IBairfltpf' 0BKB ^^^'^* 9atmt« 
<JOilHY Ac CO.^M, 

6:^//) MEDAL 


■BTABUMUP IMO. Uutr^ltti/rt tr%m 

UapU Waun of C. * Oi.'a 

fMl. iMlMtf. 

bjr lb* rtoevllj. 
Holt, ••4 Moat mMmm Am- 
AlytlcAl OMstaM «lite 4i|f . 
Tbry coaiprtM :— 

Oimftr AU, Af^mttk Tomte, 

mm mmd WmUr B mm rngm ^ 
Fruit Ntetmr^ |t. 

Buam Work*— CrosM tpriaff^ HS, 118, 4 ISO. Ctcsm ttiMl, B«Uktt. 
Uai of Loadoa AgniU sappliMl on appliostioA to Iho Ghkf AfMl. 







•. l,« iiu>iia<li-. I.itlii.i. aii'I A. rnt* •! NN at. r>. I'«.I 

Nrt«'Hian Will W al«r. from a ;:r«at .'..i-sii. lu-itJn r 

to the Atmosiibere, and FKLC FUUM ALL 

J'..' :■: ., y '/;.44, ufu/ Agents appointed ^ upon applieation to 

R. M. MILLS & Co., Manufacturers, Bourne. 

U>na..n Aorct* -Mmot*. DYSON A AAKIKrTALL, ClMaUU, >». OloMMtor B«wl. 
Sooth KaaclBfloa > Mr. B. C. PXRKS. OMslat. I. SlooM Saooto > McMr«. P.\IH*ST 
A SON. Wlno MotcImbIo. S7. MotcoMbo Stfott i Mmwb. J. HARDY A Co., Cboailcto. 
««. Fvaokmrch StraM, Cvnm of MlocUic Looo. 

Cksmiita asd HouU Uiroof ho«t Ut« UniUd 




Wholesale Drapers, 

76, 77, 78, & 79. ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYAUl). 

Illustrated Catalogues Post Free. Patterns Post Free. 






























o W 


= ^. 


Fac-siiitil<^ <l«'-,itiii«^ ol >ii>«M*iiilitieM in Ileal 
unci Iniittitioii I^tioo'w. 




Special Postal Department for Country Residents. 

To Ladies residing in tho Country, this Department is invaluable, as it 
enables them to see a vast collection of Goods at their own homes. Our 
Patterns represent f50,0<><> l*i<»c»OH o1*Ooo<1h, comprising 
Silks, Dress Goods, and other Novelties. Wo feci sure that I^adics once 
adopting this system of purchasing will see the advantages it offers, and 
continue to use it la preference to buying in the Subur}>M and small 
Country Towns. 

76, 77, 78, k 79, ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD, LONDON. 








CATJnOV~B«WM« of Imm and tpurioos imiutiont of oar Ooodi. 

H. W. BRAND, Umlted, ^^WKft 21, Sackville Street, W. 

The following Articles are prepared by 

H. W. BRAND, F.S.A., 


Author of the •• Complete Modern Cook," and "Tlic Modern Proceas for Preserving 
Alimenury SulMtMices," fto.i Cook and Co-Maaac*' o' t^* Cttisina of Um Qraat 
Interuational Exhibition, I80S. 

H. W. Brand's ESSENCE OF BEEF consists solely of the 

juice of the finest J>rilish Beef 

H. W. Brand's CONCENTRATED BEEF TEA in Skins and 
Tins. Both of these have for years received 
the commendation of the Medical Profession. 

//. W. Brand's SOJJ'PS OF ALLSOKIS:/ia/;tedl/ieonly Medal 

for ''Soups'' at the Food Exnibition^ 1880. 

H. ^V. Brand's LUNCHEON LOZENGES, made of Meat 
and (iame. 

//. JV. Brand's MYOLAC TABLETS, a most delicate prepa- 
ration of Beef and Milk. Both of these in 
Boxes for the waistcoat pocket. 

//. JV. Brand's YORKSHIRE PIES of all sizes. 

H, VJ. Brand's HERBACEOUS MIXTURE, for seasoning 
Soups, Pies, &c. 

//. ^, Brand's INTERNATIONAL A^ 1 SAUCE, the 

most delicious and wholesome extant, and 
grained the only Medal for **Sauees " at the Food 
Exhibition^ 1 880. 

H, W'. Brand's ZISNOZAKOUSKA RELISH, very superior 
to the ordinary Potted Meats, commonly called 
ZISNO. // gained the only Medal for " Condi- 
ments " at thf Food Exhibition^ 1880. 

H, Vi, Brand's ANCHOVY SAUCE, the very best 

V.B. — AM articUt sold by tfut Firm are dUtinguUktd ^)jj/h / 

by a ■traw-colonred UlM^ and they only bear jfylfdA J 

hi. Signature-^^^^^^^^^^^J^^^ ViffpTm^ 

Note Address — H. W. BRAND, Limited, 


Debrett's Illustrated 

House of Commons, 


Judicial Bench. 


Compiled and Edited by 

Robert Henry Mair, LL.D 

f S<^it^ ^ Ht ffmhtn of VirliuBfBi ni> tit Jb^. 



AirncuL, Agriail 



d, rf^u^Kier: dMBk. 4«paiy : D.L.. Dapoty 
liriiscrvuit: D.CL. DoaoroT Ova Law«> 
1) l> . iHKur of OivWty : D.. DaMd««; 

P. I>..k«oC 

: «£ $.» 

i«: FfLGS.. Pdlovof 
K.>wd Ocu«rjpbiad Sockty. 

It.. KaiilM G 
M S.T7GfMd 

Mmut of tiM Sur of ladijL 

. ICmgte GfBMl CroM of Um BMk 

k^* . cnkdtatad; Gnm.. Gmuur. 

H <x. MoMrmbk. Hoaocmrv M 1 
of LgnU; H.R.. H<MM Rul 


I . b tW PMHiff* or IfdMrft U^ 
{ ^ tn dwt ; Uww -i^ l awi w c n ; I.ILr. 
KtpiMwmiv Pmv . 


K.CB.. ICoMm rriMMaiiw of tW BmIi: 
ILC. Kj^t of tk« GwMr: K.CH.. 
Kaicht C w nwiwW of th« lliBumiM 
Ctielplik (Mcr. 

LL.. Load Loococr, or NorV— Hit. 

LL.D.. Doctor of La«n. 



..,.»..». HA.. MMtar of Am. 

Doctor oTModktoo. 
N.. NatioMfiM, or Loud I f tr . 
P.C. Privy CoMBollar : po| 
Q.C. Qa««i*t CouMoL 
R.. Rodor. Rodoiy : Rag. CIk.. ...,■■■■■ 

Ekcton: Rook. Roouui; Rl. Richi; Rgy.. 

Royd : R.N.. Royd Navy. 
Sch.. School. S.R.P.. Scntdi R«pt««MUiv« 

Paw: Sa, South. Sockiy: So*., 8acM» ; 

S.P.. ta th« PMTOce of Sootlaiid: «.. ««c- 

coodod to iho PMnco; S.L., Swg«o0i<«- 

L, truMhttod : Tria.. Tfiahy 
Uatv.. Uaivcfiity. 
K. ViMenN: V.. Vkar, 
Vko-IioHtonuM: VoL. V( 
Yoa Vi 






Persia .^^^l^^^k. Jftpan 

Ften€9, ^^^^^ ^^^^^k Lacquer Wmrt. 

India ^rV^"*^^^^^ Africa 

H #**^ ^~l ^H lottery. 

^^ I W /5 J^^ ^H Embroideriea, 

^^L m. V >^^Ji^, -yO^"^ ^^m I'a rpetM. 

China ^^g^^^Jy^^^ Ceylon 

^^^^H^^^^^^^ Jrwellrry. 

Bronge$. ^^^^^^^^^^ Mntting. 

«* LIBERTY & Go's new work, EASTERN ART, embraces 
the art objects and industries of the whole Eastern World. 
It is beautifully illustratad with over 700 original and 
fac-simile drawings, forming quite a museum of oriental 
treasures. It is also a priced catalogue of thousands of 
unique and useful specimens, ranging from one shilling up 
to some hundreds of pounds."— COURT JOURNAL. 

Oblong demy 4to. One Shilling, post free is, yi, 
A Curtailed Edition^ gratis and post Jree. 

LIBERTY i. Co., 


218 8f 220, BEGE:N'T STREET, W. 




Aphi-m^ Ia>ri«i anu Judom or 

lUtCTlONf BINCS 1880 


iiKks AND Officers of the House of Commons 


' >ii;NTtES, Divisions. Citiks. n4>k«>i!Gii«, Univeesitikv anh Cisor 

l'"kl>. K»I I PaEUAMENT 

! ' ' \ ! ' s • f ! or . 

. 441 

. 443 
• 4S4 

MNt p. l^33 

Ix)ED« High Ci 



Who have 
Who have 
Who h«%< 
Kiiight s 
^•' • TRY, Thk 


Keoordeni &c. 
Scottish L4Mfds of SeMion 
Committee of Privy Coonctl 

>. CiiRoNOLor.icAL List of 


ncc April 1880 

lice April i8&> 

< sinct April 1880 
tcU I'ccn, Privy ConnciUon, Banjncts 
1 1880 . . 

•F PAEUAMENT since Al'Kll iSSo 

rentes during printing 
. Gains since Afeil 1880 
Tlljcs and Pbsebsses of the Unitko Kingdom 
PETtnoNt Pkbsintsd since Afril 1880 . 


! RivY Council, Judicial Committee of 

i^oMAN Catholic Members of Paeuambnt , . . . 

NKATs Vacant, February 1881 



































112, Regent Street, London, W. 


« CW ' 

Beg HKWt rwpec tfu lly to solicit an inspection of their immense stock of 

JSjig^ Class Itkllcrj, 




JFVom fiS to fSO pei* oeot. l>elo^^)r tlte oi*cliiiat*y 
retail pi*iceei. 

Special Bcsigns Prepared for Wjcdding and 
Birthday f resents. 

London, Dublin, Philadelphia 8^ Paris, 


HIS volume, the only illustrated one of its dass, 
furnishes more paittcuUra tnent Members of 
Parliament and Judges than any kindred work 
while it contains a variety of information that 
is not elsewhere published. 

The section entitled ** Changes since the General Elec- 
tion," will be found valuable, as it supplies, in a summarised 
form, information that is daily required by politicians of 
every grade, and which information is not elsewhere pro- 
curable in a condensed form for ready reference. During 
the period referred to (lo months) 30 new members have 
been elected, i was seated upon a scrutiny, i was disquali- 
fied to sit, 7 resigned, 4 accepted office, 3 succeeded to 
Peerages, 6 died, i changed constituency, » were raised to 
the Peerage, 4 received Baronetcies, 9 were sworn of the 
Privy Council, and 2 have received the honour of Knight- 
hood. Of the 50 petitions presented, 13 were dismissed, 
12 withdrawn, and i is subjudice^ while the remainder were 
disposed of by adverse decisions against 22 sitting Members, 
by the disqualification of i Member and the resignation of 
another. The number of seats now vacant is 1 2, and it may 
be noted that no less than 53 elections have been held. 
The nominal party gains are — Consen'ative 7, Liberal i, 
though the actual advantage to the former is only 4, as 2 of 
the seats gained have since been vacated. 

X Pre/au. 

Those versed in heraldic lore may perhaps find among 
the looo engravings of armorial insignia numerous arms of 
assumption, though the illustrations have been drawn from 
blazons, or plates, supplied to me by the gentlemen to 
whose biographies they are appended. 

The " Dictionary of Technical Parliamentary Expressions 
and Practices " is especially useful to those who read 
political debates with attention, inasmuch as phrases are 
daily published the significance of which cannot be accu- 
rately understood by the uninitiated. 

That the work may form a complete Parliamentary 
Handbook, a list of all Peers and Peeresses, together with 
particulars of their seats, residences, and clubs, is appended. 

The Judicial section is exceptional, inasmuch as this is 
the only work that gives biographies of all Judges of the 
Superior Courts of the United Kingdom, and of the Judges 
of County Courts, and the Recorders of England. I shall, 
however, be glad to give mature consideration to any 
suggestion that may be made to me for improving or 
extending it. 

I cordially thank the hundreds of noblemen and gentle- 
men who courteously returned to me the proofs submitted 
for their approval, as by their kindly, aid I am enabled to 
submit reliable data. 

Robert H. Mair, LL.D. 

February 2S/A, 1881. 





For the Last Twenty Years, 








Eleetr4» Silver Spoonm antl Fork(9 













(Sm ako ** Bwlf »i1 "J 
Ri. H<M. WUHmb PMiidi, Cfcriiaa 

dwiad far 

of ScMland. (SiaGa cImImI far 

1 T*J*WmlJdo- Q.C. r«rMr«M. 
row • jMdnd^ilM Hi^li Court of 
) (Qoioa't Banck DiviuonX 


J^ t9lk. tMob 

July isch. 

May Tth. itto. 

f. May Tti 

July jrd. itta 
^a«Urv, Nov. yxh. iSSa 
MayrUi. iMix 

w. May tjili. iiao: Nov. t^, iSfc 


Ci^. MayllK I 

itr. May Mb. iBSa 
ci/y. Jaa. »7th, iMl 
lAt'w. May Hk, t«& 
July lat. itSai. 


May iiih. sMb^ 

, May istk. iMak 

£aidk. May Ml. tMa 

Mmtl0m, Ma; 

M^ rM m rw t^ May 7th. iMa 
JTi^w <».. May ittk. iMa 
M*mik(».. May kkK, iMo. 
JV!n» iP«n, Jaa. tia(, iMi. 

yfttuuAmm, May Tth. iSia 
Ojt/^a^, Mav Ml. iS8a 
PfymtmUK July Ml iSIo. 
i^MiS^^ii^ May tUi, tlSa 

t4tli. iMi. 

May i4di. iMa 
RHulimgt Dae i4tli, 1880^ 
Jg/H/SroatiW. Nov. »9tb. iMa 
Jau^wk-*. May iM^ itMa, 

J < b wi<i wy, May 7th. iMow 
Tiaamtfaa. May Ttk. tSSa 
rrw>i<aij. July loch. iMa 
lymWmg/inf. Joaa joch. 18S& 
IKaj^M JWMV>t. Nov. m^K itla 
]aa. illk. iMi. 
Bwrgki, May ilik, iMo: July 

ttytmm*^. May tsth. iMo^ 






May tSck-SMdwidi. VOgtovn Burghs. 
H i9ih.-UwioMkfTy oa 

„ fh.—Dmhr, Mayo ca, Wjrooaibt. 
M sith.— Louth oa 
JuM «id.-Loodoa Uahwtity. 



loih.— Tewkesbury, 
lath.— Bewdley. 

M «5«h.- 

M i9ih.— Berwidt-oo-Tweed. 

., 3och.— Scarborough, Wigtown. 
Aug. 6th.— Liverpool. 
Nov. Mth.— Wexford Borough. 
Dec t4th.— Reading. 

.. tSh.-KcodaL 

Jan. 18th,— Wigan. 

.. »7th.— Edinburgh City. 

,. 3irt.— New Row. 
Feb. t4ih.— Northantptonthire, South. 

DodaoiL Rt. Hon. John George, Chetter for 


Bates. Edward. Pfymcntk. 
Goldncy. Gabriel. Ckipptnham. 
Mowbray, Rt. Hon. John Robert, Oxford 

Watkin, Sir Edward William. Hytlu. 

Reed, Edward Tames, Cardiff. 
Williams, Watkin, Q.C, Camafvontkire. 

HoMMiL Rl Hon. Edward H. Knatchbull-. 

J4M^b«cA, created Baron Hraboume. 
Lowe, Rt. Hon. Rober^ Lomdcn Univtrsity, 

created Viscount Sherbrooke. 

Brace, Lord Charles William. Marlhorougk. 
ChamberUin. Joseph. Birmingham. 
Duff. Mountstuan E. Grant. Elgin District. 
Dyke, Sir William Hart, Bart., Kent, Mid, 
Fawcctt. Henry, Ha<knfy. 
Kensington, Baron. Haverferdtvett. 
Ldfievre, George John Shaw-, Reading. 
Morgan, George Osborne, O.C, Denbighshire. 
Mundella, Anthony John, Sheffield. 


Gladstone. Rt. Hon. William Ewart, for Editf 

bnrghshire and for Leeds. 
Harrington. Marquess of, for Sorih-Ettst 

Lan c at ht n and for 

Radnor District. 
Pamell. Charles Stewart, fore*. Maya, for ca. 
Meatk, and for Cork CiSjf, 


AUman, Richard Lane, Bandan, vice Capt. 

Percy Brodrick Bernard, resigned. 
BaMwin, Enoch. BrwdUy, vice Charle^ 

Harrison, unseated. 
Balfour, John Blair, Clackmannan and Kin- 

rpU'thirt, vice the K(. Hon. William Patrick 

Adam, who accepted office. 
Bellingham, Alan Henry. Lonth ca., vice 

Alexander Martin Sullivan, resigned. 
Clarke. Edward, Q.C, Plymontk, vice Sir 

Edward Bates, unseated. 
Cropper, James, Kendai, vice James Whitwell, 

I x.inder, Ret\frewshire, vice Col. 

lure, deceased. 
i Charles, Buttskire, vice Thomas 

KusNcll, unseated. 
Dickson, Janet. Dimgamnatu vice Thonuu 

Alexander Dickaon, unseated. 
Gladstone. Herbert, Leeds, vice the Rt Hon. 

W. E. Gladstone, who accepted office. 
Hall. Alexander William, Oxford City, vice 

the Rt. Hon. Sir William G. G. V. Vernon- 

Harcourt. who accepted office. 
Hamilton, Lord Claud lohn. Lix>erpocl. vice 

Lord Ramsay, succeeded to Peerage. 
Hartland, Frederick Dixon-, Etfesham, vice 

Frederick Lehmann, unseated. 
Hay, Rt. Hon. Sir John Charies Dalnrmple-. 

Bart., IVigtawn, vice Mark John Stewart. 

Healy. Timothy Michael, Wexford Borough, 

vice William Archer Redmond, deceased. ^ 
Home, Capt. David Milne-. Berwick, vice 

Hon. Henry Strutt, succeeded to Peerage. 
Lehmann, Frederick, Evesham, vice Daniel 

Rawlinson Katcliff, unseated. [Since un- 
Levett, Theophilus John, Lichfi4ld, vice 

Richard Dyott, unseated. 
Lubbock, Sir John, ^&ax\.. , London University, 

vice the Rt Hon. Robert Lowe, created 

Viscount Sherbrooke. 
Martin, Richard Hiddulph, Tewkesbury, vice 

William Edwin Price, unseated. 
Morley, Arnold, Nottingkam, vice John 

•Skirrow Wright, deceased. 
Nelson, Rev. Isaac, Mayo co., vice Charlea 

Stewart Pamell, who, having been also re- 
turned for CO. Meath and for Cork city, 

elected to sit for the latter. 
Phipps, Pickering, Sortkam^tonskirt, Soutk, 

\ice Fairfax V\ tlliam Cartwright, deceased. 
Powell, Francis Sh.^rp, Wigan, vice Lord 

Lindsay, succeeded to Peerage. 
Ralli. Pandeli, WalUngford, vice Walter 

Wren, unseated. 
Rathbone, William, Carnarvonshire, vice Sir 

Watkin William*, now a Justice of the High 

Court of Judicature. 
Redmond, John K'1^=tH aVt«. Rots, vice 

Jowph William I 1. 

Roberu, Charles 1 i n-. Sandwich. 

vice the Rt I; *- il. KnatchbuH 

Hugeasen, created Baron brabourne. [Sii 



. Ri. Has. j. WUtm, «lw MPipiiJ 
.c^ («— li i 

OmvIm Kvmm. ir«iAwr 

f#ii^. «ka Um Rl Hoik dM II wi | biii of 

...n.t.« .lio alMsd ID ak far Nonk- 

^. for vkkli be Iwtf aho bMS 


d Cam nmrn nf, BMt.. 



.tftJkiww, vie* 


AUmb, R. L.. Am. 
vie* Cape 
" * " B«. 




BcnMtfd, Pvcy Brodrick, S^mdm. 
BriMoo. Jokn. Kiddermtbuitr. {1 
Foley. JoMpb WUlMii, Ar«» jTm. 
JokM^oT^^IUramft VmmIci 

M*Lm. Dvmm, Rdimkmrik 
Pli—iiil, S««atl. D*w^ 
SolBvM, AlaoMkr Mania. £««/4 c*. i.^Naea 




CaMarbory (a)^ 
Ch aiM r (a)i 
Cwbarknd. Eaa( 



Scnm. Hon. Heorjr. Jtr»«wr«. now baron 

RaMa^. Locd. Atwv^W. ao* Eari of Da|. 

lindiayi Lord, Wiftm^ wfm Eari of Cn»«itd. 

Bala^ Sir Edwai^ Btot. (CX Ptjwmmtk. 

DicknTriMMW AlaaaadarlU A 

DodMa. Rl Hoa. JoImi CMrn (U 

iSiaca alacMd far ScwbwMv^J 



Dyou, Rkhard (C). Lkl^/UU, 

H«i3y. Hob. Alft«d EdUM GMbonM- 

lUfmoa, dMiri«(LX AmdUW. 
loffnuB, WilliMi Jmbm (LI A*#/<wi. 

Uwky. Hoik BcObyM CAM<rr. 
Fk«d«nck (LX iTwntUMr. 


Price, William Edwin (L), Tnvhtthmry. 
Ratdiir, Daniel Rawlinton (L), Kvetkam. 
RobCTtJS Henry Charles Cromptoa- (CX 5mm/- 

Robin«OD, Tbonuu {y.\GlcmcetUr. 
RusmII, Thomju (L), BuUskirt. 
Stewvt, Mark lohn (C). tVift«wm Burght. 
Thompson, Sir Henry Meywy Mcytcy-, ButJ 

(LX Knarttb^rvrngk, 
Wren, yi»\xtx{\.\WmmMc/0rd. 


plimgham. H. 

Blenncrhassett, Sir Row. 

land, Bart. 
Byrne, G. M. 
Callan, P. 
Collins, E. 

Colihursl, CoL D. La T. 
Commins, A. 
Coibclt, W. J. 

Dawson, C. 

Dillon, J. 

Ennis, Sir John, Bart. 

Errington, G. 

Finigan, J. L. 

Gill, H. J. 
Gray, E. D. 
Lalor, R. 
Leahy, T. 
Lyons, Dr. R. D. 
MacCarthy, J. 
Macfarlane, B. D. 
M'Kenna, Sir Joseph 
Mahon, The O'Gorman. 
Martin, P. 
Marum, £. 
Meldon, C. H. 
MoUoy, B. 
Moore, A. 
Nolan, Major J. P. 
O'Beime, Major F. 
O'Brien, Sir Patrick, 

O'Connor, A. 
O'Connor, T. P. 
O'Conor, D. M. 
O'Donnell, F. H. 
O'Donoughue, The. 
O'Kelly, J. 
O'Shaughnessy, R. 
O'Sl.ea, Capt. W. H. 
OSuliivan, W, H. 
Power, J. O'C. 
Power, R. 
Russell, C. 
Sexton, T. 
Smiths ick, J. F. 
Smyth, P. J. 
Sullivan, A. M. 
Sullivan, T. D. 
Synan, E. J. 





iia\ih- ].ir many years ourefully studied the Best Periods of 

Decorative Art, and having had Great Experience in carrying 

out Important Orders, will advise upon the 



Prepare Deslfnt and eseevte tba nse— iry Works at Modcnto Coal. 

MOEANT A Co., personally snperintend all Work 
introstod to them. 




Estate and Hooae Agents for Town and Country Properties. 


lany Eligible Properties at all times upon the Registers. 



MANUFACTOBY t 4, t, •» a 7. WOOMfOCK flTaRRT. W 



F. & C. OSLER, 

Olass Dinner Services. 
Glass Dessert Servicea. 
Glass Table Decorations. 
Glass Flower Vases. 
Glass Table Lamps. 
Glass Lustres & Wall Lights. 
Glass and Metal Chandeliers. 

China Dessert Services. 
China Dinner Services. 
China Breakfast Services. 
China Tea Services. 
China Vases. 

China and Parian Groups. 
China Ornaments. 



To meet the increasing demand upon their China 

and Earthenware Department, New and Spacious 

Rooms have been opened extending to Newman 

Street, of which they invite inspection. 




I. BALDWIlKBcwdlin 

Enoch Baldwin, ton of the late Enodi 
Ualdwin, Ejq., b. |8S3, aad m. Eouly, da. of the Rev. 
G. F. DHvcr. U laiior partner b the finn of Baldwin, 
Sob, and Co., Iroofovaders Slewpoct. A Uhtrmt. 
Elected for Bewdlef Jo!/ lath, iSSa 

MMMBnw-~ iM Mows. Blowport. 





Mi«. Ounikby dkd Jao. ifli 

Francis Sharp Powell, ion of the Rev. 
Henjmmin Powell, of Wigan, by Amie, d. of the kle 
Rev. T. Wade, and niece of the hue Fnuids Sharp 
BridgoL Eaq., of Horton Old Hall, Bradlbid. He ««» ^^ 
born tSay. was ed. at St. John's ColL, Camb., wgtSm 
R.A. in daaalcal and mathematical hooofB 1850, mJE^ 
:. And m., 1 858, Anne, 2n<l d. of Matthew C^rrgaon. ; 
. i>f Toxteth Park, Liverpool. \Va* callol to the Bar j 
r Inner Temple 185; ^ not now practifte. | 

IP. for Lanauhtre a <4 Riding of York. \ 

•frrtxl Ctmtfvmtnt. Sat iur Vv igan from March 1857 J 
\ i>ril 1859, when he was defeatccC for Cambridfe tnm } 
iS6^ till Oct. 1868 nn.I r.,r tKr. Northern DHMoB oT , 
from Feb. 1^ ^74. Unfwcffally 

• 1854, an Alybridge l87l, and * 

•ling of York Aphl 1874 and April 1880 ; 

.iu;i. V.,YoricaUi«. 


-. HydePuk.W. 

J. E. REDMOND (Kew BoaaX 

John Edward Redmond, son of the late 

William Archer Redmond, Esq.. M.P. for Wedbid 
Borough, by Maiy, cL d. of the late R. H. Iloey, Esq., 
Capt in Wicklow R^ An miommitd J/0m* Rultr. 
Elected for New Ro« Jamiary 31st, 1881. 



67, 69, 71, 73, 77 & 79, 





The Hew '• Queen Anne" Table. 
Corarad in SUmped VeWet 2i/o 

DW^inPigur^lorPUlnSilk^^ 3o/o Handsome ChipTindale Bracket. 

Mtto. soperior qoaUtj and extra fioLh 38/6 ^ith four Berelled PlaUs., 32 in. high. 20 in. 

wide, 4ei 6 0. 

6fL 6in. long^tnflbd hair, floiahed vtry w>fi 

Th* Ohettarfleld Settee. 

with aprtiig edgi*. upholstered in beet manner 

f7 7 n 





188 1, 

StiojB lyr irroni) Stssitm of t^c Stat|f Iparliamrnt 



A MMUt MM ladkMM tlM tiM M«flUMr I A om sad bUnk thicld iMHat ikM tkt 

81% TBOMIB D. AOLAVD. But* (DtTOUhlr*. Vortk). 

• Thomas Dyke Aci^nd, D.C.L,^ cL son of Sir 

^k^ Thonuit Drke Acland. D.C.L., locbbftrt.. who died 1871. 

SK ^y I-r«Iui Klinbeth, d. of the Ute H. Hoare, E«q.. of 

Mitcham. He was born May 35th, 1809, and was ed. at 
Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; ffrod. B.A. 1831, and 
MA. 183c ; became a Fellow of All Soob' CoU. 1831, and 
lion. D.C.L, i8c8. He m. Irt, 1841. Mary,-wbodied 
1851,— el. d. 01 the late Sir C. Morrfaant. oth hart.; 
.•n.lly. 1856, Maiy, d. of : ! 

M.Aioi of the Rojral I>^: 

the It admin, bat Devwn Kmc »oi., a L».i,. ami m.).\\ 

u( 1 )< \on, a J.P. lor Somenet, and one ol the Council 

iwBa«AMLAM.c. of the Koyal Agricultuml S«>. Was iomettme a Scbook' 

Inouiry Curomi&si- cond Chorch Estate* Corn* 

^Moner 1869*74. A ZiArj/. Repnr^i i Soroenet from July 1837 

fitly 1847. Unsdcccufull^ contested liumingham April 1859. FifsC le- 

iwd for North Devon Apnl 1865. 


A/ i.'i K Jlortoa. B«r JUtttt ; HelaiooM. a«ar MiadMad 


* TKc hru hmtmm uatBfi* vwy wmiamty in iIm tmrnet of Kiag Qmim L, mad tlMrtbjr 
gtcAily tnfMumS M» fortaat by rauiag aad ww yo ni af a trpoe with wUch b« (airooMd kh 

th»i WBB aftirBwdt fa i i M i I i l to /Uum by a woto la P ii ri iiMM i . which wpam ■ # fl i c a i i w mm 
mtttgMBd IB Iha arigiMl aawaai. 



▲oraw CLaaoMlilrs, 8<mth-BMU 

William Agnew, son of the late Thomas 
Acncw, E»«a., of Manchester, by Jane, 2nd d. of 
Wtlliain Lockett, Esq., of Salford, and Lytham, Lan- 
cashire. He was bom 1825, was privately e<l., and m., 
iS>i, Mary, el. d, of Georcc Pixton Kenworthy, Hsu., 
. f M.mchcstcr, and Peel Hall, Astley. Is a J. P. lor 


uashirc. and for Manchester and Salford. Is senior 

iiur in the publishing firm of Thomas Agnew and 

^ >. of Ix>ndon, Manchester, and Liverpool, and a 

< r in the hoase of Bradbury, Agnew, and Co., 

I ictors and publishers of Punch. A Liberal. 

illccted for South-East Lancashire April 1880. 

Cluh- Devonshire. 

Retidente—'^KWMncx Hill. Pendleton, Maocbcster. 

D. AIN8W0RTH (Cumberland, WattX 

David AiNSWoRTH, el. son of Thomas Ains- 
worth, Esq., J. P., of The Flosh, near Whitehaven, by 
Mary, d. of the Rev. John .Stirling, D.I)., of Craigie, 
Ayrshire. He was bom 1842, atid m., 1874, Margaret, 
2nd d. of the late Henry M'Connell, Esq., of Cress- 
brook, Derbyshire. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 
187a Is aJ.P. and a D.L. for Cumberland, a J. P. for 
I>ancashire, a Director of the Mary|K)rt and Carlisle 
Railway, and a merchant and manufacturer. A Liberal. 
Elected for West Cumberland April 1880. 
C/kA*— Reform, Devonshire. 

,,„^... .95, Pont Street, S.W. 

SmmU-Wny CaiUe. Ambleside : Qeator, Whitehaven. 

A. AKER8-D0UGLAS [See Douglas], 

C. ALEXANDER (Ajrraliire, SonthX 

Claud Alexander, el. son of the late Boyd 

Alexander, Esq., by .Sophia Elizal)Cth, d. of the late 
Sir Benjamin Ilobhouse, Bart. He was bom Jan. 15th, 
iS'^T, WIS ed. at Eton, and atCh. Ch., Oxfoni, and m., 
iS()'v l.liza, only d. of the late Alexander Spcirs, Esq., 
of lildcrslie, I>ord- Lieut, of Renfrewshire. Entered tnc 
Grenadier Guards as Ensign and Lieut. 1849, became 
Lieut and Capt. 1854, Capt. and Lieut. -Col. i860, and 
Col. 1875. Ser>'ed in the Crimea 1854-6, including 
the si^e and fall of Sebastopol ; has Crimean medal 
and clasp, the Turkbh war medal, and the Order of the 
Medjidie, 5th class. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Ayrshire 
and Renfrewshire. Passed *' Industrial Schools Acts 
Amendment Act" i88a A Consen>ative. Y'xrsX elected 
for South Ayrshire Feb. 1874, having in 1868 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

C/M<»-Ouani»', CvltoQ. United Service, Army and Navy, Marlborough, Western. 

TiTWm Ad4lfn*—tt. Great Oueen Street. We»imiii»ter, S.W. 

5r«/— BaUockmyk, Mauchluie, AynhirB. 

Of PAftUAMnrr. 



KC, c.k, 

K.C.B., by 
L»iiy Alice, 

5Qlh Fool 1^46, 

1651, CapL iSth Foot 

iSs9i Cot I 


01 Mohumrah 

Manhnmn Havelock - Ati 
on ot MaioT'Cca. Sir llennr IU>< 
shcpbod. <L of Um Kcv. }i 
- «M bom iSja mhI m., 1865. 

- jad Evl or dSs. Emofod th« 

1148, Adjt. loili Fool 

Maior t%s$, Lkot-Col. 

! H78 ; WM DqK- AakL 


for which he has a 

indodiag the ouilvre 

Indian Mutiny, 1857-9, a« AaaiMant AdivtaDt-Gcociml 
hk (Mher, ia the actioM of Ftttlehpocc, CawDpovc, OoM 



■MWtlfiBfi, tbc, and the refiof of Lackaow, where 

he wa» itani^eroBily wooadcd. AMivtctl at the ddcnce 

i^oMlcocy, until : I^rd Oyde, when be y wounded. 

with the joun|>- i-orcc tt% r)rp.>AMbt. n., and wa* 

at NotnitDoiv, &X. Wj.^ >(h the 4th divmuu at the &U of 

w. Seff¥«d as Dep.-Aanst n. with Luj^nl't Column at the 

kc y/m Dt\t. AxMM.ocn. m the dtttricts of Ghaaeepore 


hi nnnait 

a coittim of 

mil he marched aoi miles hi five days, and knffiu three 

-f Hodson's Hone in Oude, at the final actioo of 

and commanded the 1st Regt. of Hodsoo's Hone 

I tipoiffns. Was repeatedly menliooed m despatches 

the Victoria Cross for penomU bravenr 1857, and 

' ^ist. Adjut-Gcn. at Aklenhoc i86i. Served 

commanded the troops at Waiari 1864 ; ap- 

r-i'^m, m Canada, and in 1869 mohited 

I Quarter Staff, Dublin. Created a 

yal license, the additional and principal 

^ of the estates of that fiunilv in Durham 

A /fAmt/. Unsttooessfitlly cooterted 

Icb. 4th, 1874. 

y, QMMcr Squsfv, &W. 

li nibroke DiitrlctX 

^c Allen. Q.C, second son of 

tfu- iiti- | Hcnsleich Allen, tlsq., M.P., of 
^clly, I'ciiihrukeskhire, bv Gertrude, \r%\ d. of th. 
Kt.' lion. Lord Robert Seymour, M.P. for Caimartbcu- 
khire. He was bora 1816, and was ed. at Rugby, 
and at Ch. Ch., OxfonU—grad. B.A. 1816, M.A. 
1839. Called to the Bar at Lincoki's Inn Mav 1841 ; 
became a Q.C. l88a Was Recorder of Aodovcr 
'^^^^^^yM\ '^59*73. Is a J. P. for Pembrokeshire, and Chm. of 
A^^^^n^ €} Quarter Se»»ion» for that co. A lOtni, Elected for 
4^^^Br Af^ Pembroke DisUrict April l88a 
^^h^H?'^^ C**"**^ S. f*^ MWiw^ TMi|4e. E.C 

^^**^^ ^ ^ Tfm m Jt^Mdnm^-U, Sl JaMs's SOMt, S.W. 

. bill •* k WM 
sad kis rtikt was 

hitwurcfths n hiii rf Diiiakfof 8»r H«wy ibt 
mbmqamm to the 4«Mli of lU iMandsd rici|iiil k mm 
10 Um Buc sJia w of a baioaoi** widow. 


W. t. AUMK ar«woMU»-imdtr-L3nMX 

William Shepherd Allen, only surviving son of 
the late William Allen, Em., of Wood head Hall, Cheadle. 
,P. for Staffordshire, by Maria, d. ofWm. Shephcnl, Ksq. 
lewa-sbom in Manchester in 1831, and was ed. at Wadham 
Coll., Oxford ; gra<l. H.A., second in l^w and His- 
tory, 1854, and M.A. 1857 ; m., 1869, Klixalwlh Penelope, 
only child of John Candlish, Esq., formerly M.P. for 
Sunderland. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for the co. of Stafford. 
Author of several pamphlets. A Lihfral. First elected for Newcastle-under- 
Lyme 1865. 

C/mA«— Rdbrm, United Univernty. 

.SW«#— Woodhead Hall, near Cheadle, StaflTordshire. 


R. L. ALLBIAN (BandonX 
Richard I^ne Allman, son of the late James 
C. Allman, Esq., of Bandon, by Sarah, d. of the late 
Richard Lane, t^., of Cork. He was bom 1813, was 
ed. at Belfast College, and m., 1861, Frances Vernon, 
d. of James Splaine, Esq., J. P., pf Garrane. co. Cork. Is 
a J. P. for CO. Cork. A Liberal ; elected for Bandon June 
25th. 1880, having in April of that year been an unsocoessinl 

•Woodlands, Bandon. 

W. A. T. AMHERST (Norfolk. West). 

William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst, son of the 
the late William George Tyssen Tyssen-Amhurst, of 
Didlington, Norfolk, by Mary, el.d. of the late Andrew 
Fountaine, Esq., of Narford Hall, Norfolk. He was 
l)om 1835, was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, 
and m., 1856, Margaret Susan, only child of the late 
Adm. Robert Mitford, of Mitford, Northumljerland, 
and Hunmanby Hall, York. Is a J. P. for Westminster 
and Norfolk (Hieh Sheritt 1866), a D.L. and J. P. for 
Middlesex, and Lord of the Manor of Hackney. As- 
sumed by royal license the surname of Amherst in lieu 
of Tyssen-Amhurst A Consen>ative. First elected for 
West Norfolk March 8th, 1880. 

C7«*t— Carlton, Travellers', Athcnxum. 
T»mn Retid*nce-9», Brook Street, W. 
.S'm/— DidUnRton Hall, near Brandon. 

SIR JOHN HEATHCOTE-AMORY, Bart I8ee Heatbcote]. 


GcoTfe Amdikbon, too of the late George 
Aad«iMwEiii.,orLMcar, FUbbire. He «ruboniigi9, 
VM td. U Kdiotmifh, and •! Sc Andrew** Univ.. awl 
nu, 1877. HMgy Brown, d. of Tboma» CUvcriog, Km^ ni 
C;iURow. Ambor of tevvral pamphlets on ^Nidoatl 
I'IdiiaUkMV** **C«n«Bcy,'* *' Anmmem of Vfagm," kc 
Aa **mdmmtmi Uimwi; b iivor of pars mm rfaqpio 
■uhMt Dolli B boitMcht ifld oovncii a 
al lodftr fraachiaa, aod aoaM appraadi lo 

elector ; AnDV ictrenchnMat; and compiiliory. amcciahan, and free 

cUuut: . . paMod eigia Acta of ParitauMnt— (I) Ai to betting, (iL) a» to 

free liUraiic^ U'i* *nd iv.) aa to laall debto procedaiv in Scotland, (v. and 
vi.) •« to property and righu of married women in Scotland, (vil ) at to 
Ikenatng metropolitaa racecoanea, and (viH.) aa lo addtenued food and dnigi. 
rifit elected for Glaicow Nov. 1868. 

R. AECHDALL (Fannaaach Oooatyii 

Willuun Humphrys A\ son of the 

late Edwaid Archdall. of K ic Arcbdall, 

ct*. Fermanagh, by .Matilda, d. ol William llumphr)n, Eiq., of 
Hallyhaisc, CO. Cavan. He wasbom 1813, wued. at Tamworth, 

and at Eaeter Coll., Oxford.,— grad. B.A.,— awl m.. i&a$, 
Kmilv Mary Maude, d. of the late Hon. and Rev. Toha Chanea 
Mande. !■ a T P. an<I a D.L. for co. Fermanagn,— of which 


"Q^HP^ CO he was I! ! 1845,— and a J. P. for co. Tyrone, for 

^ ^JTtk^^ which cu. he . Shcnff i86i. A C^t$stnmiit€, Vim 

elected for co. Icnn^in.igh Feb. 1874. 


.V/.(#-IUvmddt, ca Fwaaa^h. 

K AEWTAQB (ialfbrdX 

Benjamin Armi tagr, second son of the late 

Sir Llkanah Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lancaahire, by 

Mary, d. of the late J. Bowers, Esq., of Newton 

> lancashire. He was bom 1823, was ed. at 

loll School, Patricroft, near Mancheiter, and 

^45, Elixabeth,— who died l8S5.~d. of John 

l,>q. ; andly, i8«6, Elizabeth, d. of the late 

jolui Soatbam, Esq., of Mancheuer. U a 

iur Lancaahire, a mamifMl i W f at ~ ' 

utd Pres. of the Manchelg Qmmher of 

A lOtrmJ, Electod for Sdfaid April 188a 



George Armitstead, son of the late George 

ArmiUtead. Ewj., of^i'lasin^wold, Yorkshire, who was for 
a long period resident in Kiza. He was bom 1824, and 
was ed. at Weisbaden and Ileidelburg, and in 1848 m. 
Jane Elizabeth, el. d. of I'xiward Baxter, Ksq., of Kin- 
caldrum, Forfarshire, a merchant in Dundee. Is a J.I\ 
and D.I^, for Forfarshire, aJ.T. for rcrthshirc, a F.R.G.S., 
and senior partner of the mercantile firms of Armitstead 
and Co., Ix>ndon, and of George Armitstead and Co., 
Dundee. A Liberal. Sat for Dundee from Dec. 1868 
till Aug. 1873, having in 1857 been an unsuccessful candi- 
date ; re-elected April 1880. 

C/I mI i Rdbmi, Oty Liberal, Eastern. Edinburgh New Liberal 

Ttmm Knidtnce—tA. Ryder Slreet, St. James's. S.W, 

Ccnmtfy ResuUrue—YM^ofAt., Loggan. Kingusftie, Invemesk-fthire. 


R. A. ARNOLD (Salford). 

Robert Arthur Arnold, third son of the late 
Rol^ert Coles Arnold, Esq., J. P., of Whartons, Fram- 
field, Sussex, by .Sarah, d. of the late Daniel Pizey, 
Esq., of The Beeches, Essex. He was bom May 28th, 
1833, and m., 1867, Amelia Elizal)eth, only d. of the 
late Capt. Hyde, 96th Regt., of Castle Hyde, co. 
Cork. Was Assistant Commissioner under Public 
^^^, P ^y Works (Manufacturing Districts) Acts 1863-4. Author 

Si ^^^f^y ^ oii\ift "History of the Cotton Famine," "From the 
^^^ X>^^». Levant," "Through Persia by Caravan," ".Social 
^^ yi . ft^y<^ Politics," "Free Land," &c. Has contributed largely 
^^ x*^^ to the periodical literature of the last twenty years. A 

Liberal. Unsuccessfully contested Huntingdon Dec. 1873. Elected for Salford 
April 1880. 


T0mn Re$uUmce—ii, Kensington Park Gardens. W. 

HOir. A. B. M. ASHLEY asle of Wight). 

m Anthony Evelyn Melbourne Ashley, 
second son of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, K.G., by 
Lady Emily Cowper, el. d. of the 5th Earl Cow|)er. 

He was bom 1836, was ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb., — grad. M.A. 1858,— and m., 1866, 
Sybella Charlotte, 2nd d. of Sir Walter Kockcliffc 
Farquhar, 3rd bart., of Polesden- Laccy, Dorking, 
Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1863. Is a J. P. for 
COS. Dorset and Sligo. Was a Treasurer of County Courts 
1863-74, and for many jrean Private Secretary to the 
late Viscount Palmerston. Is a Knight Com. of the 
Order of the Dannebrog of Denmark, and a Lieut; 2nd South .Middlesex Rifle 
Vol. Appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade, and a Church 


iSSa KlMtt^, UaMooMfcllf 

WMm Feb. 1S74; mi fbrJ>oolc6tMi Mar 1874 (tU Marvh itto; 





J. & F. ATLHO 

John Kvant-Freke Aylmbr, iod of Arthur 
Percy Aylroer, Eiq., J. P.. of CUrcMt Pboc, Cork« by 
Martlw, d. of the Uie Rkhaid Reyadl, F.m|., oC Killjr- 
Roa, ca WcMmcath, and gnuidioa of Sir Fenloo 
Avlmer, 8th ban. lie was born Feb. ajrd. 18^ wa* 
ed. at TriiL Coll., Dublin, and m.. 1861, Franco 
Maigarala, fooigert d. of Jamea Thoowm, Eaq., of 
Gibraltar. Eatcrad the Amy aa Enri^ tjid RcsL 
1855, was «ibwc)a«ntly Licitt 8ih Rcgt, aadrtdred as 
Cape 54th Regt Served fometime 00 the itaA of the 
Bombay, and afterwards of the Fleetwood, School of 
Musketry, and was a Member of the Govt. Saudi Arms 
Committee. Since he retired from the Army haa been 
enMscd in railwav and mining enterprisea. Formerly Chm. of the Srrenoaka, 
Maidatoae. and 'nmbrid« Railway. la a Director of the Royal 
lUnk. KCmsirmtim, Elected for Maidatooe AprU 188a 
81. Suphaa's, CriiliiBi. KaM Gouty. 



tIK JOtKPH R. BAILET. Bart (HarefordahlraX 

lofieph Russell Bailev, son of the late Joseph 
Bauey, Esq.. of Huston Court, Hrrrfnnl hin . annwtimc 
M. P. for Sudbury and Herdbrd&lure, — by Llixabeth Mary, 
d. of the late W. C. Rusaell, Esq., of Leamiiicton, aome> 
time M.P. for Woroestei»hire. He was bom Amil yth, 
1840^ was ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxibnl, and in 
l86i m. Mary Anne Jane, d. of H. Lucas, Esq., M.D., 
of Glan-yr-afoo, Breconshire. Succeeded his 1 
the i»t bart., in i8$& Is Lord-Lieut of 
a D.L. and aJ.P. of coa. Radnor and Herefcid, and 
Hon. CoL Breconshire Rifle VoL Was Hish Sheriff 
of BrMooahire 1864. A Cm um Md hn, Fint dnded fcr 
Herefordshire July 1865. 

rmtw9m 0fHgkt LMmr- 
Newton. Vl. 


R.. GteaorgaMliira: Uyvvw. R.. Hay. V.. 
iif«: OtftmyTv; m Xm m, B.. sad WaMi 




A. J. BALFOUR (Btrtflnrd). 

Arthur James Balfour,* son of the late 

James Maitland Ualfour, Ksq., of Whittinghame, by 
Lady Blanche Mary Harriet, d. of the 2nd Marquess 
of Salbbury. He was bom 1848, and was ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Carob.,~grad. M.A. 1873. Is a 
D.L. for EsLst lx)thian and Ross-shire. Was Assistant 
Private Sec to the Marquess of Salisbury, Secretary of 
State for Foreign Affairs, i878-8a Was employctl on 
special mission of Lx>rds Bcaconsficld and Salisbury to 
Berlin June 1878. A Conservativf. Fint elected for 
Hertford Feb. 1874, 

Tfmm Jlfsidetice—4, Carlton Garden*. S.W. 

^^nJ^f^WhtuinghaiDe, Prcttookirk, East Lothian; Strathcosan, Muir of Ord, N.B. 

SIR GEORGE BALFOUR (KincardineBhlre). 

George Balfour, K.C.B., son of the late Capt. 

George Balfour, of Montrose. He was born 1809, was eil. 
at the Military Coll., Addiscomhc, and m., 1848, Charlotte 
Isabella, d. of the late Joseph Hume, Esa., M.P. Became 
Lieut. Madras Artillery 1825, Capt. and Major 1844, Lieut. - 
Col. 1854, Col. 1856, Major-Gen. 1865, Lieut.-Gen. 1874, 
and Col.-Comdt. R.A., and Gen. 1877; was Staff Officer 
of Artillery with Malacca Field Force 1832-3, Adjutant of 
Artillery 1833*42, and Assist. Adjt.-Gen. 1834-5, Brigade Major in the 
Field in India 1839, and in China 1840.42 ; Agent for Captured Property in 
China 1841-2, Receiver of Public Money paid by China under Treaty of 
Nankin, and Consul at Shanghai 1843-6, member of Madras Mil. Board 1849-57, 
Commissioner of Public Works, Madras, 1852-4, Inspector- Gen. of Onlnance, 
Madras, 1857-9, meml)cr of Mil. Finance Commission of India 1859-60, and 
President of Finance Committee and Chief of Mil. Finance Department of India 
1860-62 ; a member of the Royal Commission on Recruiting for the Army 1 866-7, 
Assist to the Controller-in Chief at the War Office 1868-71 ; served with the 
Malacca Field Force 1832, with the ?'ield Force in the cede<l di.stricts, and in the 
action of Zorapore, 1839 ; was present with the China Force 1840-42, includinj^ 
the capture of Chusan, Canton, and Amoy, the re-occupation of Chusan, the 
actions of Ningpo, Tzcki, Chapoo and Chinkeang, &c. Is a Fellow of several 
scientific societies, and a D.L. and a J. P. of Kincardineshire. Createtl a C.B. 
1854, and a K.C.B. 1870. A Lil>era/. First elected for Kincardineshire Dec. 

C/«Aff— Atheiueum, Oriental, Gty LiberaL 
Itesidtnc*-6, Qeveland Gaxtlau, Hyde Park, W. 

btaach of tha BaUbun of Balbimic. 

imfBtM or PARLUyKKT. 

John BUir BALfouR, Q.C, ton of the Rev. 
P. Balfour. Miabter of Ctof liiMmMn, by jaat RamMv, 
d. oT Um lai« Jolm BWr, Biq. H« wm bom jolv i itb. 
1837, wu «L At EdiatMrth Academy ud at UaW. of 
ICdinbttfBh, and m. 1st, 1869, LiliajjCHwaid,— who dic«l 
iS— ,— d. of thr latf l^ofd Mackcnue, • lujrd of ScMion ; 
and aadly, 1^ ilon. Mafiaaoc EIim, d. uf the i»t 

Baroa Moai rd to the Scoituh liar 1861. Ai>- 

Ucttor^jcneral for Sc. t*'"^^- ' - D.U for city •»f 

KliUrml, Uasacor Mxth, A|>nli88o. 

Clacktaaaaaa aad Kim. . _,. . ;___. 

CAi<b-DnwMn (LoadMi) : Uoivmtey Md librnl (EdktMfflijL 

J. t. BALTOVE iTamwortkX 
Jabez Spencer Balfour, son of James Ballbur, 

Eiq., by Clara Lucas hik wife, an auihoreu aad Tempe* 
raace advocate. He wan born Sepc. 4th, 1843, waa ed. in 
France and Cicnuany, and m., 1S66, Ktlcn, tfT of the laie 
J. Whittle Mcttl. IvM).. of We^tboume Park. W. U Capi. 
of the 2nd Surrey Kifle Vol., a member of the Croyoon 
School Board, a Director of •everal public cot., and 
Fofviga Warden of the Worduphd Co. of Faa S4ak«n. 
A Ik0rmigk LihrmI, Elected for Tamworth April 1880. 

....J «—-■»- ■«■ Umma rVmiiiflnM 


Henry Camimiki.i.-IUnnkkm w, son of the late 

Sirj4nK->CainplK:lI, of Slracithro, *vrf. hy jar»cl, d. 
of the late Henry Itannemtan. Kv] . «it r. He 

was bom 1830, was oI. at (.Us^ow L i Trin. 

Cc4L, CamU, — grad. li.A. in h<in<>rN i.-<„^. ^ \ 1861, 
—aad IB., i86o» Charlotte, d. of the Utc Maj.-r (.m. >ir 
Charies Bruce, K.C& UaJ.P. fur Kent ani Ijuuuk- 
thire. Was Financial Secretary to the \N ar Othce frum 
Nov. 1871 till Feb. 1874, and was re-Ai>pumteil lo the 
aame oAoe April 1880. In Oct. 1872 he aiwimed tlie 
additional somaaie of Bannerman, in accordance with the 
will of hk natcrnal uncle, the late Henry Banaenaan, 
Em., of Hoatoa Court, Kent. A Lihfmi. First decteil 
for StirUog District Nov. 1868, having beea in the ptcvioaa 
April aa * ' — .. . - 

CMt RdbiBi. OsCard awl QMifaridg*, D>««»luf«. 
T0mm RmUtmn 6. Gravwnr Placii. S NV 
St^k-Gm»ma^ Park, y.taunar. 



J. W. BUtOLAT (FOrtenhlrtV 

James William Barclay, son of the late Mr. 
George Barclay, of Cultft, near Aberdeen, by Margaret, d. 
of Mr. James Massie, of Marvculter, Kincardineshire. He 
was bom 1832, was ed. at the Gram. School, Al>erdeen, 
and at the University therein, and m., 1863, Jane, — 
who died 1865, — d. of Mr. John Smith, of Strathdon, 
Aberdeenshire. Is a merchant and farmer. A Liberal. 
First elected for Forfarshire Dec. 1872, having in June 
187a unsaccessfully contest«l Al>ertlcen. 


T0mm RttitUmet-xoi, PaU Mall. S.W. 

T. 0. BARm O (Eaaez. SoutlO. 

Thomas Charles Baring, son of the Right Rev. 
Charies Baring, D. D., Bishop of Durham, by his ist wife, 
Mary Ursula, only d. of Col. Charles Sealy, of the H.E.I.C.S. 
He was bom May i6th, 1831, was ed. at Brasenose Coll., 
Oxford (of which he was sometime a Fellow), — grad. B.A. 
18— ,M.A. 18 — ,— and m., 1859, Susan Carter, d. of Robert 
Brown Mintum, Esq., of New York. Is a D.L. for Ix)ndon, 
and a partner in the well-known firm of Baring Bros, and Co. 
A Conservative. First elected for South Essex Feb. 1874. 

C/w*<— City Carlton, United Univertity, Travelleri'. 
Totvn Addrtu—%, Bishopsgate Street, E.C. 
.S'M/f— High Beach, Essex ; The Cedars, Roehampton, Surrey. 

VI8C0UUT BARINO (Wlnche«t«rX 

Francis George Baring, el. son of 
the 1st Earl of Northbrook, by Elizal)eth 
Harriet, d. of the late Henry Charles Sturt, 
ELso., of Crichel House, Wimbome, He was 
b. Dec 8th, 1850, and was ed. at Eton. 
Entered the Rifle Brigade 1870, became Lieut. 
1871, was transferred to the Grenadier Guards 
1876, and retired i88a Was Aide-de-Camp 
to his father, the Gov.-Gcn. of India, 1873-6. 
js a J. P. for Hants, and Lieut. Hants Yeo. 
av. A Liberal. Elected for Winchester 
March 31st, i88a 

C/m^«— Brooks's. Marlborough, White's. 
Ttmm ResiJmce—A, Hamilton Place, W. 



P. «.#.K.BAEn 

Frederick St« John Newdigate Barnk, d. 
•on of Frad«rick hunt, E«q.. oTSottcrlcy llaJl, SoiTolk. 
li.P. for Dttowich.-b)r Mary Aoae Elua- 

bctlw tl a. oT Sir John Edwri Ccwumj Htmywood^ 
6th hart. H« wm bora 1842, and ai., iKji, Lady 
CuMUaoa Adaiaida SayoMor, d. oT iba oh MarqoeM 
of Hertlocd. Enlarad iha Scott FariUar Gaards 18)9. 
Iroon whkh ha iiCirad at Cape and LicoL-CoL 1873. 
ACmstnmiku, FiiBt alaclad fw Ea«t Saflblk Fcbw a2ad, 

A. BHins (Mr^yihira. 

Alfred Barnes, youngest son of the late 
John Gorcll Baroct, Eaq., c£ Ashcate, Derbythire, by 
Klizabeth Tkylor, d. of John Clay, E«q.. of North 
\Vtnc6eld, Cherter6eld. He was bora 1833, and m., 
1854, Charlotte, youngest d. of the late Thoaias 
\V 1 1 s< m R«q., of Liverpool Is a J. P. for Derbyihtre, 
tensive coalowner. A Lihtrai. Elected for 
■ c April iSSa 

, WhiuhalL 
jr«nU^wy-Aal«at« Lodgv, Mtf 


John Barran, son of the late Mr. John Barran, 

of New Wandsworth, Surrey. He was bora l8si, was 
cd. at private KhooK and m. 1st, iSaa, Ana, d. of Mr. 
Major Him, o( Leeds; andly, 1878, Ella, widow of 
John Billon, Esq., of Scarbom^ Is a J. P. for Leeds, 
a merchant at Lc«ds, and principal partner in the firm of 
John Naaaer and Co., wooUen doth manafiictnrers. of 
Carlinghow Mills, Batlcy, 1 
Ai^. 15th, 1876. 

Leeda. KiMtrml. Fust 


J. BARRT (Wtzfbrd Oonnty). 

John Barry, son of Thomas Barry, Esq., of 
Poulrane. co. WexfoH, by Mary, d. of W. Shalla, Ksq., 
of Stokcstown, co. Wexford. He was bom May 14th, 
1845, was ed. at Craster, NorthumbcrlamI, and m., 
1867, Mary, d. of James O'Dwyer, Ksq., of Lismorc, 
Ireland. Is a floor-cloth and linoleum manufacturer. 
A Homt Kulfr. Founded, with the late Isaac Itutt, 
Esq., M.P., the Home Rule Confederation of Great 

Britain, of which he was Hon. Sec. 1873-6, since when he has been senior 

Vice-President. Elected for Wexford co. April 1880. 

Jtttidemet—ii, Doughty Street. Mecklenburxh Square, W.C. 

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, el. son of the late Ellis 
Bartlett, Esq., of Plymouth, by Sophia, d. of the late John 
King Ashmead, Esq. He wa.s bom 1848, and wascd. by the 
Rev. W. B. Davis, of Apsley House, Tortjuay, and alCh. Ch., 
Oxford, — grad. B.A. isl class in Final Schools 1872. Called 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1877. ^^^ sometime one of 
H. M. 's Inspectors of Schools. A ConsfrvtUive ; "belongs to 
party of Conservative progress. " Elected for Eye April 1880. 

Clmit—d^ton, St. Stephen's. 
Jie$itUnet—iy, Grosveoor Street, W. 

SIR WALTER B. BARTTELOT, Bart.* (Sussex, West). 

Walter Barttelot Baritelut, el. so« of the 
late George Barttelot, Esq., of Stopham House, Pul- 
borough, by Emma, d. of the late James Wood bridge, 
Esq., of Richmond, Surrey. He was Iwm October loth, 
1820, and was ed. at Rugby. Entered the Amiy M.irch 
1839 as Comet of the 1st Royal Dragoons, became Lieut. 
Dec. 1 84 1, and Capt. Feb. 1845 ; retired 1853. He 
m. 1st, 1852, Harriett,— who died 1863,— 4th d. of the 
late .Sir Christopher Musgrave, 9th bart., of Eden Hall, 
and 2ndly, 1868, Margaret, only child of the late Henry 
Boldero, Esq., of South I^odge, St. Leonards Forest, 
Sussex. Is a D.L. and a T.P. of the co. of Sussex, and 
Lieut. -Col. of 2nd Sussex Rifle Vol. Created a Baronet 
A Comarvativi. First elected for West Sussex Dec. 27th, i860. 

Pairm ^tw9 Z.(v«>r/Y— Stopham R., Hardham, R., Sussex. 
Ctmti — CarltOQ, Junior United Service. 
Town Retidgnct—y^, St. James's Place, S.W. 
Stat — Stopham, near Pul borough. 

* This baronet's ancestor came to England with William the Conqueror, and his family 
has been seated at Stopham since the Conquest. 

Mmims OP PARLiAMKinr. 


Hamir AlOred Bass, loo of Michiel Thonus 
Ra^ E^., M.p. for Dtrbjr. bf Elba Jane, a d. of 
!ittel Ardca, of Loci(croA« Hall, Stailbcdtliirc. 
..r .«, ^HQ July yjth, 184J, waa ed. at Hanow, and ol, 
1879. (1>« Hon. Loaiia, d. of the jrd Baron BafoC. It 
IT ti Major jid Suflbcd MUitk. A USnu/. Fine 
1 aairortli April a4th, 1878. 

Rm t^km* W-dmwd »•«•. 

M. A. BAM (Btafftordahtra. laatx 

Michael Arthur Bass, cL ton of Michael 
Thomat Ba«, Eaq.. M.P. ibr Derby, by Eltia lane. rl. 
d. of Maior Samuel Anles, of Loogoroft* Hall, Sia&inl- 
fthire. He was bom Nov. 

^^ > Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Carob. ; grad. & A. iSm, 

F^j|«l^tlr* / 1863 ; and m., Oct. 1869. Harriet Georgiana, d. of tl 

t^^S^t^ \ ^~ Thornewill, £m]., of Dove Cliff, Staflbfdahire. 

lath, 1837, and waa ed. at 

in the extciuive brewing firm of BaM and Ca, 
n-Trcnt, a D. L. ami a J. P. for Staflbfdabircb and 
nl Rifle VoL A LAtroL Sat for Staflbid 
5 till Nov. 1868, wbcn he was fint elected 

r/bfe-Ralanii. Osfocd aod Caabridf*. Brookt'a, Tarf. 
Tmmm Jf^mdmtr-M, Xaiaa SqaMV. &W. 

^TraM : Gim Qwokh, I0 

M. T. BA88 (DerbjX 

Michael Thomas Bass, son of the late M. T. 
Bats, Esq., and grandson of Wm. Baas, Esq., both of whom 
carried on extensive brewing establtshmeBts at Barton* 
oo-Trcnt, by Sarah, d. of the late Abraham Hosktns, Esq. 
He was bora July 1799, and was ed. at the Gram. Sdi. 
Burton-oo-TrenL In 1835 he m. Elia Jane, eL d. of the 
late Major Samuel Anicn, of Loogcrofts Hall, Staflbidshifc. 
It a D.L and a J.P. for Staffuidshire, aJ.P. for Derbyshire, 
and senior partner in the eminent &m of Bass and Ca, 
brewers, Burtoo-oo^TrenL A LdanU. Has aat for Derby 
since 1&48. 


Bwtea'Oa'Traai : dm Tulchsm Ccbmovt*. N.B. 



•IE THOIIAl EATB80H. Bart (DrrllM). 

Thomas Bateson, son of the late Sir Robert 
B.itt-von. 1st b*rt.,— formerly M.P. for Lomlonderry, 
\y].>< iicd 1863,— by Catherine, d. of the late Samuel 
I'ukM.n, Esq., of Ballynagvillc, Limerick. He was 
lx>m 1819. Entered the Army as 2nd Lie«t. 60th Rifles 
Dec. 1837, became Lieut. 13th Light Dragoons Sept. 
1840, and Capl. Feb. 184S ; retired 1846. In 1849 he 
m the Hon. Caroline Elizabeth Anne, 2nd da. of the 4lh 
Baron Dynevor. Was a Lord of the Treasury from 
March to December 1852. Is a D. L. and a J. I*, for cos. 
Down and I>ondonderry. A ConsentUive ; opposed to 
"sudden and organic changes," but not to "national 

^._^ Represented Londonderry co. from March 1844 till 1857, when he 

accepted the Chiltem Hundreds. First elected for Devizes April 1864. 

C/»Ar— Carlton, White'», Travelien', MariborouKb, Ulster. 

Ttmm Rend*fut—ii, Grovesnor Place, S.W. 

^M/t— Bclvoir Park. Newtownbfcda, Belfast ; BcUagty, 00. Londonderry. 

BATESON-HARVEY [8e« Harveyl. 

RIGHT HON. W. E. BAXTER (Montrose District). 

^Bni William Edward Baxtf.r, P.C, el. son of the 

ijjj^ late Edward Baxter, Esq., of Kincaldrum, — a merchant at 

^^bmSL Dundee, — by Euphemia, d. of the late Wm. Wilson, Esq., 

of Dundee. He was bom 1825, was ed. at the iiigh Sch., 
Dundee, and at the University of Edinburgh, and m., 1847, 
Janet« el. da. of J. Home Scott, Elsq., of Dundee. Was Secre- 
tary to the Admiralty from Dec. 1868 till March 1871, and 
a Joint Secretary to the Treasury .March 1871 till August 
1873. Sworn a meml)er of the I'rivy Council March 1873. 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. of Forfarshire, head of the firm ot 
W. E. Baxter and Co., foreign merchants, of Dundee, and 
author of " America and the An>ericans," "The Tagus and the Tiber," " The 
Social Influence of Christianity," "The Social Condition of the Southeni 
States of America," &c An advanced Liberal ; advocates the abolition of the 
Uws of entail and primogeniture, and the severance of Church from State. 
First elected for Montrose District 1855. 

C/kAt— Reibna, Dcvofuhire. 
.Sai/— Kincakinim, near Forfar. 



W. W. & 

WiUiam Wither Bramtton Beach,* ton of the 

Ute W. BcMfa. 

h, Em., orOftkkv HaU.-ftxineriy M.I*, foe 
Md liMl..CoL ol tfe« North GloacMUnhifv 

i-^jiM Hcaikcta. d. of John BfowB*. Eio., of 
Sdpcfftoo Pirk, GkmoaMcnhim. H« «m born Dec 
aSih, iSa6, wm ad. at Eton, aod at CK Ch., Odbrd,— 
ItmL ii.A. 1849. M.A. l8$a,-HUMl m.. 1857, Canliae 
ChidMrtcr. d. of the kue CoL AoffiMw Onrelaiid, of 
Ihtfk, North Ucvoa b a J.P. for Hampfthiiv 

C^ iD the Hanu Yea Cav. i8$& A Cimur. 


elected for North Hampehire A|>nl 1857. 

fM» 0>M<r Kan. Mv BMfa«MolM: lUcvfl Hoim. T»owlifMt«- 



Ban (Olonoaetenhtre. Baeti 

Home I 
till KcU 

Michael Edwar.! IT. .w^n^i. ••^/>C, AC/ 

el. M>n of the lat iicach. Sth bart , 

formerly M. P. ^i whu«l»cil 1854, 

— by Harriet Vitlona, d. ol J. btnitton, l.s'i , of Karthint;- 
hor lofi^, North.inn>tonshirc. He wa\ l»uni Oct. 230!, 
< h. Ch.. Oxforil ; ura-l i \ 
in .Modem History, '■'. 
' ~Ti. 1st, liM»4, Caroline 
1. d. of I. H. Elwe^ 

.._ , 'rrNliirr : Jndlv, iR-j 

i.ucy Catherine, d. 
P and a D.L. of ». 

■ccMenhtre Miliiu,^ioi^i)cd iSjix. \Va* 
y Sccrctarv to the Poor Law Boa«d from 
nil .\ug 186S, Under Secrelarv of State for the 
I>cc. 186S, Chief Secrctaiy for Ireland FeL 1874 
State for the Colonics fron Feb. 18^ till Apnl 
ii__ v« — »- .o_. ACtmsavatwe. I* int returned 

A i 

16^ \ AU*1 >-t;t_ 

1880 ; fworo a Privy CooncUlor March 1874. 
for present ooostitueoqr July 1864. 

Pmtmm ^ hm LMi^»--4immhtnm, R.. and Sc Mary Ampmty. V.. CloacilMiMr*. 
CimU-Okikom, Sc. St/tfhm'K Atkmmum 
Ttmm AMma^^ Pmumb Sqmn, W. 

.WillkMUip Park. MW rUHbni : NadMra«<», Aianhary. 

tlMt of Hidta-Baach. H« 
t UdMawfodlhMiSirElliaH 

by royal licatM* the mum of BMch oa|y, iMiaad of 
horn tka faady of Da la Badi^ of AMvortb. 


ilM Praadi at Um banlaof QrMnr: from vkoa daM 
dMaCihafatlwraf ihacalakraMdSirBaptMt Hicka. 
dM Noab. Baib of CahMtiwiiiigk Tha gi 
I Um aasM of Baadi oa kia aamaca viik Um 

a kaJcki-bMMtai by Cdvanl III . 
•,</ Mft bavlM lakaa a baMar 9nm 




W. 1. BBAUMOHT (HortlrambtrlMid. BoothX 

Wcntworth Hlackett Beaumont, son of the late 

Thonuft Wcni worth Hcaumont, Esq., — M.P. for North- 
umberUnd 1818-37, — l>y Henrietta Jane Emma, d. of J. 
Atkinion, Esq., of Manle Hayes, He was l)om April 
nth, 1829, was cd. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camh., 
and in 1856 m. Lady Maiigaret Anne, d. of 1st Marquess 
of Clanricardc Is a D. L. and a I. P. of Northuml)erland, 
and a J. P. for the W. Riding of York, and for county 
Durham. A Uberal. First elected for South Northum- 
berland July 1852. 

PiUrmt ff Un LMw» — Cumberworth, D., Darton. V., ScuMt. V., and High Hoytand, 
R^Yofk»hiT«: SUlc). V.St. John* Ix:c, R, Allendale, - • . 

DUiey. . . .... ,^ — , — 

Rywell. V . and Hexham. R., Northumberland. 

CAi^-Brook»'». Reform, White*. Traveller*'. 

T«mm R*tiiUnct—\^, Piccadilly. W. 

.9m/i— Bretton Park. Wakefield ; DiUton. Corbridge-on-Tyne 

R., Ninebanks. V., St. Andrew 

Allenheada. Allendale. 

EARL OF BECTIVE (WestmorelAnd). 

Tliomas Taylour i^Earl of Bective\ 
son of the 3rd Marquess of Hcidfort, by 
Amelia, d. of the late W. Thompson, Esq., 
M.P. for Westmoreland 1826-54. Horn 1844; 
ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; is a J. P. and a D.L. 
for Westmoreland, of which co. he was High 
Sheriff 1868; m., 1867, Lady Alice Hillon, 
only d. of the 4th Marquess of Downshire. A 
Comervatwe. First elected M.P. for West- 
moreland Feb. 1 87 1. 

Club — M arlborough. 

.S'<rd/— Underley, Kirkby Lonwlale. 


A. H. BELLINGHAM (Loutli County). 

Alan Henry Bellingham, eL son of Sir 
Alan Edward Bellingham, 3rd bart., by Elizabeth, only 
child of Henry Clarke, Esq., of West .Skirbeck, 
Boston. He was bom Aug. 23rd, 1846, was ed. at,. 
Harrow, and at Exeter Coll., Oxfonl, grad. B.A. 1869, 
M.A. 1872, and m., 1874, Lady Constance Julia Eleanor 
Georgiana Noel, d. of the 2nd Earl of Gainsborough. 
Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1875 ; is Capt Louth 
KiHe Militia, and Private Chaml)erlain to His Holiness 
the Pope, I>eo. XHL A Conservative Home Ruler ; in 
favour of Tenant Right. Elected for co. Louth May 
28lh, 1880. 

C/m^«— United University, St. George's, Kildare Street. 

ChmmAtn—^U Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
Ett i de m c* C a a ttc Bdlinghai, 00. Louth. 







A.r. a 


George Augustut Frederick Cavendish Bex- 
iiNOC. />C., ooljr vm f)f the bi0 Ma|or<0«n. Lord 
Kredcffkk BmiOncV v Udv Uuy. tad d. of i« 

Eari of LoMddv, wubora i8ji. vm el at 

W«i«ifaMi«r8elL,Miii«« inrt.ColL,C— ubi, timl. BlA. 
1843. M.A. it47,— tad te 1850 oi. PmdtaeeTMMlopt. 

4th d. oTtlM bit CoL ClMurtai IWII LoHc, orGI«VMfl> 
CMlle, CO. MoMffbuL Odkd to the Bar at Uaootn'* 
Iim 1846. It a JTp. for Camberiand and Donet, and a 
TnMtee of the BrWah Mwewn. Wa« Sccmary of the 
Board of Trade from Maich 1874 till Nov. 1875. ami 
Tadfe Advocate General froea Nov. 1875, what he was awom a Prtvjr Com- 
:tor, OBtU April i88a A Cm MnmH mt; fai bvor of "a firm, rnniiiUBl, tad 

.neat fbtdgn polkr." Uiiiiiuniiiiiliy eoMMd TasDlon April 1859, bM wa« 
Icctod thelbllowtnff Aianat. and tat ix that boioifh untu July 1865, when 
e was hm elected for WUtehavea. 

CAi«r-OMkoa. Tka« 


a w. p. Bai iT U i uE (KmMk, w«Di 

George William PIfrrei>ont T^RNTHfOClon oi 
the late Vicc-A<! k. \rv the Ladj 

Francn Aueusta ; of the let Earl 

Manver*. Bom July I7ih, iioy U a J. P. and a 
D. L. for Norfolk. A C^MMmUive. UmocceMfttUr con- 
teated Kendal 1843. Sat for West Norfolk 1852^ and 
haa wproicntcd the tame co n a litueii cy tince Jan. 1871. 

CAiii-OiriM. ThC Marlbemcb. 
Ttmm Addwmt-^ Da«t» Somc W. 

a De-IA-P. BSBBPOID (Armagh 

George de-U-Poer Berespord, son of the 
Mott Rev. Dr. Marcnt Gervak Beresford, Archhithop of 
Armagh, bv hit itt wife, Mary, d. of the late Col. Hennr 
PctUcy L'Eatrmngc, of Moyttown, King's 00. He wait 
U)ni 1831. wat edl at Eton, and at Univ. CoU., Oxfortl 
aixi m., i860h Manr AnnabeUa, fourth d. of the late Rev. 
Wtlluun Vernon Harcourt, of Nonduun Park, Oxford 
ihire. Ita I.P. anda D.L. of CO. Cavaa,ofwhich he 
waa High SberiiT 1867, and a J. P. for co. Anuigh. A 
C0mMnmtme, Pint elected for Armagh Oct l8lh, 187$ 




William Biddell, third son of the late Mr. 
Arthur HiddeU,* of Playlbnl, SnfTolk, a well-known valuer 
in the county of Suflblkf by Jane, d. of the late Mr. Robert 
Ransome, who founded large iron works at Ipswich. 
He was born Aug. 182^, was cd. at a Kmall village school 
at Grundisbufgh, Suflolk« and m. ist, 1857, Miss K. 

Blencowe, who d. 1867 ; andh 


Howard, Esq.. of Lavenham Hall, SuflFolk 

l868,d. of the late Robert 
Is a surveyor. 

It, and auctioneer. Has been Chm. of West Suflfolk Chamber of 

Agriculture, an<l of two Farmers' Clubs. A Liberal Comervative. 
West Suffolk April 5th, 1880. 

Elected for 

Xttidemct—Thit HaU. 


H. BIDDULPH (Berefiutlahlrtx 

Michael BiDDULPH,t el. son of Robert Bid- 
|^>^ dulph, Esq., of Ledbury, — formerly M.P. for Hereford, — 
J^j^ b^ Elizabeth, d. of George Palmer, Esq., of Na/ing Park, 
Essex. He was bom 1^4, was ed. at Harrow, and m. 
1st, 1864, Adelaide Geoigiana, — who died 18 — , — d. of 
the Rt. Hon. Gen. and Latiy Alice Jane Peel ; 2ndly, 1877, 
Lady Elizabeth Philippa. widow of the late Henry John 
Adeane, Esq., M.P., and d. of the 4th Earl of Hard wick e. 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. for Hereford, a partner in the firm of 
Cocks, Biddnlph, and Ca, bankers, London, ami a Director 
of the Economic Life Assa Ca A Libtral. First elected 
for Herefordshire July 1865. 
C/«^«— Bnx)ks*B, Reform. Tonim ResieUttct — 19, Eaaisiaorc Gardens, S.W. 
5'ra/— Ledbury. Herefordshire. 

J. O. BIQOAR (Ca;Tan OonntyX | 

Joseph Gillis Biggar, son of Joseph Biggar, ^ 
Esq., of Trainfield House, Belfast, — chm. of the Ulster 
Banking Co., — by Isabella, d. of William Houston, of 
Ballyearl, co. Antrim. He was bom Aug. loth, 1828, ; 
and was cd. at the Belfast Academy. Unmarried. Is a 
provision merchant, a member of the Committee of 
Belfast Commercial Buildings, and one of the Council 
of the Irish Home Rule League. Was Chm. of tlv 
Belfast Water Commissioners from Aug. 1869 till Mar( 
1872. "A ZaW League;*' m favor of I/orftr RuL 
denominational education, fixity of land tenure, and cul- 
tivators* proprietary." Unsuccessfully contested London- 
derry city 1872. First elected for co. Cavan Feb. 1874. 

Town RttidtKCt^ix, Bef«*ford Road, Highbury, N. 

Jrisk Rtudtnce—^f^SaA. 

* Thb fcntleman had ten children, viz., WiUiam, M.P. as above, Manfred and Herman, 
widdy kaowD as breeder* of Suffolk horses and oeat stock, Thomas, an engineer at Ipswich, 

(profinetor of several patents}, and six daughters. 

t This gentlcfluui's CuBUy has bcca seated at Ledbury lor 

Lrly two centuries. 





Edwmrd Birkkcck, youngett Km of the Ute 
Hmn BktkhtA, Em^ of KmrniA Hall, Noriblk, bv 
nbaM Ucy. d. of Um ltl« Robert Butity, Em|^ i 
Sunvy. He wm bora 1838, mkI m.. ifi/^c ih« 

Hon. Mary AupuU JolHfle, d. of the I a Ba. 
U a J. P. and aD.!. for Nocfolk. A CmMn^ 
•lectol for North Norfolk Jan. 1879. 

riM»-Mai»OTM«h. WklMTi. CarlMk 
r#»« M 09i dmt0 K» Upper BcimA 80M, W. 
5«M#-H«nMad Han, Norvick 

Hugh BiRLEY, son of the Ute Joseph Birley, 
Em)., 01 Fordbank, Mancheoer, by Jane, eL d. of the late 
Thomas Hornby, Em., of ICirkham, Lancaahtic He 
was born Oct 3i»t, 1817, was ed. at WindMter,and m.. 
July 184a, Mabella,— who died Feb. i8s6,*d. of Io«pb 
Baxendak. Em)., of Woodskle. Whetstone, Mkliki^ 
A C^msimUnte. Is a D.L. and a J.P. for Laaeashire, 
and a partner in the mannfoctnring fima of Madntoah 
and Ca First elected for Manchcatrr Nov. i868w 

C/«4«-€MkM, CuBuriaiba, 

(SomarMtalilra, WMt> 

Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset, cL son of the 
late Kev. Ven. Maurice Geor^ Fenwick-Busel. by 
Jane Harriet, d. of the late Maurice Georve Bisaet, 
Esq., of Bath. He was bom Feb. 27th, 1&15, was 
ed. at Trin. ColL, Camb., and m., 1851, Satan, only 
child and hetreas of the Ute Fiands Pooham, Esq., 
of Bagboroagh House, Somefsetshtrc. Enterod itt 
Dragoon Caards 1844, aiKi retired as Lieoi. 1849. Is 
a J.P. for Sonicrtet (High Sheriff 1872), and has 
been for some yean Master of the Devon and Somer«et 
) Stag Hounds. A CmtmnmUm, Elected for West 
April i88a 

CMb-CarkflA. Amy and Navy 
Bi«bQrai«|i HoaM,TaMMa; LaaMadnua, UuMly, N.B. 



J. L BLAGKBURITB (LanoMhlxt. Soath-WMtX 

John Ireland Blackburne, el. son of the 
late John Ireland lUackburne, Esq., of Hale, M.P. foi 
Warrington 1834-47, bv Anne, d. of the late William 
Bamfora, Eso., of Ikimiord, Lancashire, and grandson ot 
the late John Blackburne, Esq., M.P. for Lancashire 1784- 
1831. lie was bom 1817, was cd. at Eton, and m. 1st. 
1846, Mary, elder d. of the late Sir Henry Bold Hoghton, 
Bart.; and 2ndly, 1857, Emma Jemima, — who died 1870, 
— d. of George Ravcnscroft, Esq., and widow of the 15th 
Viscount Hereford. Served 14 years in the 5th Dragoon 
Guards, from which he retired as Capt. Is a T. P. and 
a D.L. for the co. Palatine of Lancaster, and Hon. Col. 

of the 4th Roval Lancashire Militia. 
Firrt elected for South- West Lancashire Nov. 1875. 

C/m^— United Service, Boodle's, Carlton. 
SttU—Haic Hall, near Liverpool 

A Conservative. 

J. A. BLAKE (Waterford Coimty). 

John Aloysius Blake,* son of the late Andrew 
Blake, Esq., of Waterford, by Mary, d, of Patrick Galway, 
Esq., of Waterford. He was bom 1826, was ed. at St. 

iohn's Coll., Waterford, and at the Roy. Coll. of Pau, in 
'ranee, and m., 1875, Adelaide, youngest d. of Nicholas 
Mahon Power, Esq., formerly M.P. for co. Waterford, of 
Faithlegg, Waterford. Was Mayor of Waterford 1855-6-7, 
Pres. ofthe Waterford Chamber of Commerce 1 858-9, Chm. 
of Select Committee on Irish Fisheries 1867, Chm, of the 
Royal Commission on Sea and Oyster Fisheries 1868, and 
Inspector of Irish Fisheries 1869-78. Is a J. P. for Waterford. In 1860-61 
was engaged in a private mission for establishing direct trade between France 
and Irel^d, and tne conveyance of the French mails to America viA Ireland. 
Author of •* Defects in Moral Treatment in Insanity in some Public Asylums," 
*' State of the Poor labouring under Diseases ofthe Eye and Total Blindness 
in Ireland," "The Salmon Fisheries and Sea Coast F'isheries of Ireland," 
and "Letters from Spain and North Africa." Promoted the ".Municipal 
Corporations" (Ireland) Bill 1864, the "Irish Grand Jury" Bill 1864, the 
"Irish Sea Coasts Fisheries" Bill 1865, and the "Charitable Bequests" 
(Ireland) Bill 1865. A Nome littler. Sat for Waterford city from March 
1857 till Nov. 1869 ; elected for Waterford co. April 1880. 

C/at^St. GMTgeV. 
ResuUmet—^, Ely Place, Dublin. 

Is descended from the Blakes of Renvyle, co. Galway. 




flbny OwBlf) 



Rowland BuEmnMumrr.* only too of the 
felt Sir Arllnr Bkmm^mmtU jnl but,— who diad 
1849^-17 Svmh, d. of the bic /T O'lfahoiiy. Ejiq.. oT 
Blcnncnrtlk, 00. ICcny. He wai born ScpL Sth, |S>9, 
ed. at S l oacy huw t, aad at Ch. Ok. Oxibfd, aad 
m., iSto^ ikt ConUM Chariocte de Uydow only d. of 
the Coont aad CooalMa d« LndcB. kaD.L. aadaJ.P. 
for Keny. of wbich oa he via High Sbcfiff 1866, aad a 
member oT the Rorallfidi Academy. A USfmi. Sat 
for Gaiway 1865-08 ; elected for ca Kerry April itt» 


>Wll1&* l>W«itl»A JUVAT. 

E. F. BLmnUUmTT CUrrj OovBtfX 

Rowland Ponsonbv Blennerhassett/ ooly 
100 of the Ute Richard Fraada Bkmwrhamelt, Eaq., 
J.P., of Kelb, t^Hoooria, d. of the late William Car^ 
^ rigoe Ponaonbv, Em., of Crolla He waa bom 1850^ 
was ed. at Tnnitv ColL, Dublin, where he obtained 1st 
dam hooon, and at Qirtst Church, Oxford, and oi., 
1876, Mary Beatrice, youngest d. of Walter 

"4dlcd to the Bar at the Inner Temple May 187 
Fint clectfld Ik c 

Eaq. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple Ma 
U a J.P. for Kerry. A U^nn/, 
"Kerry Feb. 1872. 


T0mm Jt tMf m t t 5«. Ham PtaM. 8.W. 

.S4«i-Kdb Lodlf^ CUMcbwB, 001 Keny. 

J. & BOLTON (BUrllnfahlreX 

Joseph Cheney Bolton. Born 1819, and 
m. 185a It an East India merdiant, and a oartner in 
the firm of Kcr, Bolton, and Co., of Glaieow ana Lawkm. 
A Uktrai, Elected for Stirlingshiie ApnJ l88a 


.SM#-Ckrte«ok. Uib«t, 


is dM ool. Mid ihay 
\mmm L, «rf 1 
Kfliry cok, ordM 



T. W. BOOKD (OrMBWloia 

Thomas William BooRD,* el. son of the late 

Toseoh Boord, Esq., J. P., of Ilarcfield Orove, Uxbridgc, 
by Mary Anne, d. of Thomas Ncustcad, Ksq., of Dun- 
ham, Notts. He was bom July 14th, 1838, was ed. at 
HaiTOW, and m., 1861, Margaret, elder d. of the late 
Thomas Mackinlay, Elsa., F'.S. A. Is a partner in the finn 
of Boord utd Son, distillers, a Governor of St. Bartholo- 
mew's Hospital, a Fellow of the So. of Antiquaries, and 
of the Royal Institution, Hon. Sec. of the Amateur Me- 
chanical So., and a Lieut in Victoria Rifle Volunteei-s. 
A Conservative. First elected for Greenwich Aug. 2nd, 

C/k^— Carlton. 

Sunhope Gardens, S.W. 
Smt- Ockenden, Cuckfidd 

RIGHT HON. O. 8CLATER-B00TH (Hampshire. NorthX 

George Sclater-Booth, P.C.^ F.R.S.^ el. 
son of William Lutley Sclater, Esq., of Hoddington 
House, Hants, by Anne Maria, d. of the late William 
Bowycr, Esq. He was bom 1826, and was ed. at Win- 
chester, where he obtained the gold medal for Latin 
verse in 1844, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford ; grad. B.A. 
—2nd class in Classics— 1847, M.A. 1848. In 1857 he 
m. Lydia Caroline, only dL of the late Major George 
Birch, of Clare Park, Hants. Called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple June 1 85 1. Was Parliamentary Secretary 
to the Poor- Law Board from March 1867 till March 
1868, Financial Secretary to the Treasury from that 
date until the following Dec , and President of the Local Government Board 
from Feb. 1874 till April 1880. Is a J. P. for Hampshire, a member of 
the Governing Body of Winchester Collie, and Official Verderer of the New 
Forest, Assumed by royal license in 1856 the name of Booth in addition 
to his patronymic Sworn a member of the Privy Council March 1874. A 
Conservative. First elected for North Hampshire April 1857. 

C/«Ar— Carltoa. St. Stephen's. 

Ttmm Re*idene*—ji, St. Geofje's Square, S.W. 

.Sm/— Priory. Odiham, Hams. 

k a dcacendant of Dr. Andrew Borde, phytidao to Henry VIII.. and author of the 
of Health." &c 




of the 

tad at TriA. CoU. OxlSd (E A. 

WUliAm CopeUad BoBUuii,*oolvfoii 
bU Saaoct BAm, Eio.. J.P. ud « UL fa 
wdL br May Ammu d. «r Um ku WUIiui Cm 

1S70, M.A. 1871! aad a., 1870, AMcc Lacy, d. of 
the Rev. AUiadnCcal. Vicar of Colo Sl AdwynX 
GlaKcrtaraMre. It • J. P. lor Coniarmll, aad a Fellow 
of the SodalT of Anliqaariaa. Waa Praa. of clw Rov. 
IjMlitatioQ of CofBwaU 18^ awl 1888. A UAtrJ; 
ia hm fiiiroar of Ua nao»al of evary artUicial mtrktioo 
to the Ml davetopoBOiC of land. Elected for Emu 
C^maraB April i8la 

Srmi -lattfttk, Pr«nttc«. 


Robert Bourice, P.C., third ton 

of the 5th £arl of Mayo, by Ana Charlotte. 

ooly d. of Che lale lloo. joha Jooalya. He 

was bom Joae lilh, 1837, was ed. a Hall 

Place School, Bexley. and a Tria. CoH. 

DablaQ.aiidiii., 1863, Lady Sana Ceoigiaiu 

Bnion Ramsay, el. d. of the late Marq«cft» 

of Dalho«sie« K.T., »ometime Goreraor- 

General of ladia. Called 10 the Bar at 

the laaer Tea^ May 1853. Wa Uader- 

Secretary for Foreiga Amirt froa Feb. 

1874 till April i88ok whea he wa swora of 

CaaiciL Is a D.L. and /.P. for East LoChiaa, a aeaber of the 

J lion, aad author of " Parliameotary Prcccdeats,** Ac A Cnufr- 

t elected for Lyna Nov. 1868. 


CArfit-CariMm Sl ftiplisX AdMawa 
ClawJbw'i I, llai Cawt. Tospla. E.C 

C. BRADLAUOH (Korthamptoni 

Charles Braolaugh, son of Mr. Charies Brad 
laugh, a solicitor's clerk, by ElUabeth Mary his wife. He 
was bora Sept. 36th, 1813, aras ed. a HetawHanr achoo(« 
a Bethaal Greea aad Hackaey Road« aad oa., 1854, Miss 
Sosaaaah Laab Hooper, arho d. 1877. Wa aaeoaaivaly 
aa arraad UmI ia a soUotor'a oftce, a wharf daik aad CMhiar 
Co a fira of ooal«oarchaala, aad a Saaday-achool tcacba ia 
a Church of Eaflaad school Aboat 1849 he a b a adoa^rt 
aaoalar on 

aad, adopciag 

a pablic ledareraad 


«f BoriM b MS «r dM eUMi k Coratral. Md aoeordfav IP Sir IdwM^ 
itsdMcm frna dM SarmMn Tiillipw who iamfhl at Hmo^S. 


Munphleteer. In Dec 1850 he enliited in the 7th Dragoon Guards, and 
DccaJne orderly-room clerk, but purchased his discharge in 1853, when he 
became clerk to a solicitor and to a building society, and an ardent and constant 
writer on secular subjects. In 1858 he l>ccame editor of the Investigator^ and 
Mibiequently projected, the Natumal Refarmery of which he is editor. A 
Rtutuai ; in favor of the abolition of the law and practice of primogeniture 
and entail, a reduction in national expenditure, separation of Church and State, 
and a reform of the House of Lords. Elected tor Northampton April 1880, 
having in Nov. 1868, Feb. 1874, and Oct. 1874 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

Gfcus RoMi. Sc John's Wood. N.W. 

RIGHT HON. H. B. W. BRAND (Cambrld«e8hlre). 

Henry Bouverie William Brand, P.C.^ second son 

of the 2 1 St Baron Dacre, by Pyne, 2nd d. of the late Hon. and 
Very Rev. Maurice Crosbie, Dean of Limerick. He was bom 
1814, was ed. at Eton, and in 18^8 m. Elixa, d. of the late 
Lieut. Gen. Ellice. Was Private Secretary to Sir George Grey, 
at the Home Ofhce ; Keeper of the Privy Seal to the Prince 
of Wales, Feb. 1858 ; a Lord of the Treasury from April 1855 
" ~ " ~ " ■ ' Tr 


^^^^^^p till March 1858; and Pariiamentary Secretary to the Treasury, 
^29^2 Jw"e 1859 till July 1866. Is a D. L and a J. P. of Sussex, and 
^^^B^^^^ brother and heir-presumptive to the 22nd Baron Dacre, Sworn 
a Privy Councillor 1866. Has been Speaker of the House of 
Commons since Feb. 1872. A Liberal; averse to lame organic changes. Sat for 
Lewes from July 1852 till Nov. 1868, when he was first elected for Cambridge- 

C/«^— Reform, Brooki's, Atheiueum. 

i?/YM^nK-#— Speaker's Hoiue, Palace of Westminster, S.W. 

Stni-GiynAit PUce. Lewes. 

H. R. BRAND (Btrond). 

Henry Robert Brand, son of the Right Hon. 
H. B. W. Brand, M.P. for Cambridgeshire, by Eliza, d. of the 
late Lieut.-Gen. Robert Ellice. He was bom May 2nd, 
H 1841, was ed. at Rugby, and m. 1st, 1864. Victoria, — who 
H died 1864,— d. of the lateMons. Sy 1 vain Van de Weyer ; 2ndly, 
^ I I S68, Susan Henrietta, d. of Lord George Henry Cavendish, 
I M.P. Served for seven years in the Coldstream Guards, from 
\ which he retire^d as Capt. 1865. IsaJ.P. for Herts and Sussex, 
j> and a Director of the Pelican Life Office. A Liberal. .Sat for 
Hertfordshire Nov. 1868 till Feb, 1874, when he was an un- 
sacoeisfui candidate, and for Stroud from July till Dec 1874, when he was 
' on petition ; re-elected for Stroud April 1880. 

C/ii^i— Broolu't, Travellen'. 
Rttid*nce—1cai\^ Dinsley, Hitdun. 


HeniY Afthur Biuisev,* ion of the Ute 
ThooMM fkmuf, Eiq.,ManiiwttlcfiKiaMr»«Mll»oclier 
of T. Brmarr, £aq., M. I*, for llauin^ He «»• born 
Jaly 14th, iSfOi was «d. at Harrow and at Univ. ColL, 
Oa&Md.~cnd. M.A. l86s.-«od m., June i866u Amm 
Harriet, d. of Geoffe Robot Strvcmoo, late ol Toon- 
wood. HawUmnt, Koit, and Mi^ Wert Kent MOSU. 
A liAfra/. FInt dactod for Sttdwicb Nov. 1861 

S4mi*—t'tmum HaU. AjIwTurd : Copi HiU. MofMoa^-MarU, OloMM 

T. B&AStlT 

Thomas Brassey/ el son of the Ute Thomas 

Braaaey, Enq. . an emtncnt railway contractor, and brother 
of n.A. Bnukey. E<M]..M.P. forSandwkh. Hewaabom 
1856, was cd. at Rugby, and at Univ. ColL, Oxfofd,— 
grad. a A. 1859, M. A. 1862,— and m.,Oct. 1860^ Annie, 
oolyd. of J»^*^" Aiiniiit Kf. wf.i..r of-tn*? tn the firm 
of John A' . Hlizabeth 

Harriet, 3r<i 1-, of May 

Place, Crayford. Called to lite liar at Ltoooln't Inn 
1864. U a D.L for SuMex, a J. P. for East Snaex, 
a Yoonger Brother of the Trinity House, LieoL of 
London Brigade and Hon. Com. of Uverpool Brinde 
uf Royal Naval Artillery Vol, and an AModate of the Institnte of QvO 

Eiwineen. In 1871 oaiaed the Voluntary Ktamhwirinn bi NavigatioB cMm- 
bUshed by the Board of TrMle for yacht owners dcairoos to qualifV as masters. 
Appointed a Civil Lord of the Admiralty April 188a Author of ** Work 
and Wages,'* «* British Seamen," *' Foreign Work and En^lidi Wi 
*' Lectures 00 the Labonr Qnestikm," and of pamphlets 00 
" Naval Admintstratioo,'' Ac la a member of the Royal 
Unseaworthy Shipa, and of the Comm i m k iii 00 Colonial Defence. A 
UStrml UniBCcwifaHy coalMted BitlMnhMd 1861 ; sat for a short time for 
Devonport in 186$, bat was an iinmccomfiil candidate at the general election 
of that year, and was again defeated at Sandwich in 18661 Fint dectod for 
Hayings Nov. 18661 

ChOf-IUliMm, UniMd Vmkrmmty. WUtdiall. AthMwam. Broolu't, PuhmMm. 
Tmm Jtnidtmn m. PMk Lhm, W. 

• l>dMeidsdfttmUwoldfa«ayofI>«llwy.arBwKi.wttl«diaaiiAiri riaca tU 
Gaa4««C«lMa**kiiraJ«bad« Biwm. «l iIm mU* fcaHy of llr«My m LomfaM. cum 

o««r Wkjji tW Cmmmmr Thk tuJif t i tummum mmaim ia Clwlih^. and om 

\>nmk Mtdsd ia llalUhy. »iww tiw mbimuii af iba ymmm ILF. Iwva Um swdsd fc^ 
■tfty ia «b» Mk laiarj la tba prast daw. 



B. & BRETT (FtnrjB and Falmouth). 

Reginald Baliol Brktt, el. son of the Right 
Hon. Sir William lUIiol Brett, Lord Ju.stice of Apncal, 
by Eugifnic, d. of Mons. Louis Mayer. He was bom 
June joih, 1852, was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll.. 
Camb. (B.A. 1875, M.A. 1878), and m., 1879, Kleanc.i 
youngest d. of the late Sylvain Van de Weyer, of New 
Lodge, Windsor, sometime Belgian Minister at the Court 
of St. James's. Is private sec. to the Marquess of Hartington. 
A IJSeraJ. Elected for Penryn and Falmouth April 1880. 

C/«A«— Brooks's, Turf. 

■I, TUney Street, W. 

W. E. BRIOOS (BlackbumV. 
William Edward Briggs, second son of the 
late Edward Briggs, Elsq., of The Grange, Wilpshire. 
Blackburn, by Ann, d. of Thomas Slagg, Esq., of Man 
Chester. He was bom Sept 24th, 1847, was cd. .t 
Rugby, and at Worcester ColL, Oxford, and m., 187 1. 
Miss Mary Vicars. Is a cotton-spinner and manu- 
facturer. A Liberal. First elected for Blackburn 
eb. Sth, 1874. 
C/w^— Reform. 
Seat — Green Bank, Harrow. 


J. BRIGHT (M&nchacMrX 
Jacob Bright, son of the late Jacob Bright, 

Elsq., of Greenbank, near Rochdale, and brother to thr 
Rt. Hon. John Bright, M.P. for Birmingham. He wa 
bom 182 1, was ed. at the Friends' School, York, and ni., 
Ursula, d. of the late Joseph Mellor, Esq., merchant 
Liverpool. Is a partner in the firms of John Bright 
and Brothers, cotton spinners and manufacturers, and 
Bright and Co., carpet manufacturers, of Rochdale ancl 
Manchester. Is a J. P. for Lancashire. An advanced Liberal. Unsuccessfully 
contested Manchester July 1865 ; sat for that city from Nov. 1867 till Feb. 1874 
^en he was again unsuccessful ; re-elected Feb. 17th, 1876, and April i^t, 18S0. 


ie/«<<r»r/— Alderiey Edge, near Manchester 



JOBir BKIOIfT'BtrralaflUBX 


BritfU, L^., Ml*. I 
l6ch, iSti. aad m, I 

Ute Jacob Brighc, 
tad brochcr to Jacob 

He WM bora Nov. 
•^ -who diad 1841. 

H»»nl of Trade fr 
April 18801 
finaa of John 
Bngbc aadC 
ttn-^ f..i 

JC**U^m^-Omc Aak, Rachel*. 

r the 


Kci*. i&7A, k* wUwb u&«« b« wa* r«s4*|»«Molad 

-^H a Pnvy CooadUor. b a partaar km the 

and ■■■nhctafi, aa 


-'- Aprfl 1843, bot «M relttraed for thai 
icd to reproeat k aalil loljr 1847. 
i 7 till April 1857. wben be aras an 
Ha* Mt iur Btnaiaghini »tacr Auga*! 1857. 


J. BRnrroM 

John Hrintom, third son of the late Henry 

Drinton, £«<|^ of ICiddermimter. He vat bora Jul 35th, 

1K27, and m. 1st, l8;3, Anne. — who died 1863,— d. 

t ^. Ute Samuel Oldham« £iq., of Doblta ; indly, 

I , Mary. d. of the late Col. Chaytor, R. E. It bead 

' - 'rm of John Brintoo and Co., carpet 

Jdermuiiter. A Libertd ; a sappoiter 
of Haitington. Elected for ICidder« 
I st« 18B0 ; resigned his seat April i88(\ 
... .v...,...,...,i May 188a 

Rtaidtmet^yknoi KaB. Stoorport, WwcMMnbira. 

g. & BUOOUi-BBIU (Bnaz. BaatX 

Samuel Brise Ruggles-Brise, son of the late 

loha Ruggles, Esq., of Spain's Hall, Essex,— who was 
High Shendfof SuHolk in 1832, and in 1827 aaramed the 
additiooal samame of Brise,— by Catherine, d. of the hue 

LH. HanisoB, Esq., of Copford Hall, Eaex. He was 
-n Dec a9th, 1835, was ed. at Eton, aad at Magdalape 
ColL, Camb. ; and in 1847 m. Martaaae Wevland. 4th 
d. of the late Sir Edward Bowyer Sn> tiart. 

Entered the Army as Cornet 1st Dragoon « . 12^44, 

and retired 1847. Is LieoL-CoL Com. Woa Eaaea 
MUitia, a J.P. and a D.L. of Eaaex, and aJ.P. for Soffalk. 
A CmmtvUvt. First elected Cx East EMca Nov. 1868c 



E. BR0ADHUB8T (BtOlM-apoii-Tr«UX 

Henry Broadhurst, son of the late Mr. Thomas 
Broadhurst, a journeyman stonemason, of Liitlcmorc, 
OxfonUhire. He was bom 1840, and m., i860, Eliza, d. 
of Mr. Edward Ollcy, journeyman currier. Until 1872 he 
followed the same occupation as his father. Is Secretary 
to the Parliamentary Committee of the Trades' Union 
Congress, and for some years past has taken a leading 
part m the various movements affecting the working classes 

in the yktky of disputed wages, and trades' unions, political meetings, &c. A 

UbtroL Elected for Stoke-upon-Trent April 1880. 

RttUUmct-^Ummn RomI, Bristoo. S.W. 


William Henry Harrison-Broadlev, son of 
the late William Henry Harrison, Esq., of Ripon and 
Sinderly, by Mary, d. of the late Henry nroadlcy, Esq., 
of Femby, and nephew of H. IJroadley, Esq. , of Welton, 
who was for many years M. P. for the East Riding of 
\'orkshire. He was bom Aug. 1820, and was ed. at 
Rugby, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxfortl, where he grad. 
B.A. 1843. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for the East Riding of 
Yorkshire, and Lieut.-Col. Yorkshire Hussars. Was High 
Sheriff of Yorkshire 1867. In 1865 he assumed by royal 
license the additional surname of Hroadley. A Conser- 
vatwe. First elected for the East Riding of Yorkshire 
Nov. 1868. 

Patrvm 0/ three Livitun ■ 
D., Yorkshire. 

-MeltoD-cttm-Wdum, V., Sutton St. James. V., and Bempton. 

Clubt — Carlton, Senior Univeruty, Yorkshire. 
Temm RetUemce—io, King Street, St James's. S.W. 
.S^M/— Wehoo. Brough, Yorkshire. 


ST. JOHN F. BRODRICK (Surrey. West). 

William St. John Fremantle Brodric 
el. son of the 8th Viscount Midleton, by the Hon. 
Augusta Mary, 3rd d. of the 1st Baron Cottesloe. 
He was bom 1856, was ed. at Eton, and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1879), and m., 1880, the Hon. 
Hilda Charteris, 3rd da. of Lord Elcho, M.P. Is a 
J. P. and a D. L. for Surrey. W^as sometime Lieut. 2nd 
Surrey Militia. A Conservative. Elected for West 
Surrey April 1880. 

Club- Carlton. 

Rnidenct—Vt^KX Harow, Godahning. 



Alexander Brogdht, ion of the late John 
Brafiltii, Eiq.. oC Sde, nmr Mandieilar, bv Svmh hu 
^tft. Ht «M bom Nor. jd, 1825, wu ed. «l Kmi;'% 
' oO., LoMdoQ, ukI m., SqM. 184S, Anne. d. of the Ute 
iMMt Cmmum^ madbtM, oT MAocfacater. U a j. P. 
for UnoMldra. nd n bwuMiUr. A Zilrm/; in 
bvor of fiatadal rafecm ud ndvcdoQ of the MUiooal 
expcadilvra. Wm a Mwibcr of dw Aad'Com-Ltw 
Liatnt, VmmoomMly coolerted YArnMmth 186$. 
Pint dcctMi for W«la«iMry Nov. iSch, 1868. 




Francis Richard Charies Guy 
Grevillb (Z#n/ Brmke), el. ton of the 4th 
Eari of Warwick and Brooke, br Lady Anne 
OMfterii, eL d. of the 8ch EuiotWmym, 
He was born Feb. 9th, 1853, and was od. 
AtCh.Ch.,Oilbcd. Is a D. U for Warwick- 
shire, and Cape. Wsrwickshire Yeo. Cav. 
A CNtMrmDnM, Has sal as M.P. for Eaa 
since March 1879. 

Yvd. Sc Jsa«'t, S.W. 


lied ran. 


Maurice Brooks, el. son of the late 
Thomas Brooks, of Abbey Street, Dublin. He was 
1833, and m. 1st, 1847, Hannah Maria, — who died 
1873,— d. of the Ute Mr. James Rose, of 
Worcestershire; andly, 187$, Jane, d. of the late Robert 
MacDowell, £«)., of Bdfiut. Is a J. P. for oa Dnblin. 
and a merchant in Dnblin and London. Was Loid 
Mavor of Dnblin 1874. A member of the Charefa of 
Ireland, and one of the Committee of the Otganbation 
for the Defence of the Prajrer Book. A Ldaml Fiist 
elected for Dublin Feb. 1874. 

Rifwi's Pack. N.W. 




W. OmnJFFB BROOKS (Cliethlxv, BAfIX 

William Cunliffe Brooks, el. son of the 
faite Samuel Brooks, Km}., by Margaret d. of the late 
Thomas Hall, Esq. He was bom 30ih Sept. 1819, 
was ed. at Kagby, and at St John's Coll., Camb.,— 
grad. B.A. 12th .Scnwr Optime 1842, M.A. 1846, 
aad m. ist, 1842, lane Elixabclh, — who died 1865, — 
d. of the late Ralph Orrell, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1879, Jane, 
d. of Lt.-Col. Davidson. Called to the Har at the 
Inner Temple 1847, and went the Ntirthtni Circuit 
until the death of his grandfather, Williaim Brooks, 
Esq., of Whalley, whom he succeeded as partner in 
the banks which bear the family name, at London, 
Manchester, and AltrifMJuim, and in the Old Rank, 
Blackburn. Is a D.L. and a T.P. for I^ncashirc, 
a J. P. for Cheshire and for the city of Manchester, and Lord of the Manor 
of A&hton-vpon-Mersey. A ComtrvcUive. First elected for East Cheshire 
Oct 1869. 

Jtme—Amy, m. to Chortes, iith MarqocM of H«Bt)y ; Kdilh» IL to Fraacia» aud aoo of tha 
MarqucM of Exeter. 

Patron 0/ m* Liom£—S%. John's, V., Biooklaads. 


Ttwm Residence— $, GrMvenor Sqiiare, W. 

AV<t/f— Bariow Hall. CluirUon-cum-Hanly. Maacbester; Fovest of GIcn-Taoar, AWynr . 


A. H. BROWN (WenloekX 

Alexander Hargreaves Brown,* third son 

of the late Alexander Brou-n, Esq. , of Beilby Grange. 
Yorkshire, by Sarah, d. of the late James Brown, Esq 
of New S'ork. He was bom April iilh, 1844, wa 
privately ed., and m., 1876, Henrietta Agnes Terrell, 
5th d. of Charles R. Blandy, Esq., of Madeira. Wa 
Comet in the 5th I>ragoon Guards 1864-66. Is Lieut. 
Col. 1st Lancashire Artillery VoL, ami a T.P. for Lanc.i 
shire. A Liberal. First elected for Wenlodi NoYembev 

C/Mi«— Reform. Deromhire, Plkbtloe. 

Tmtn Residence— 19, Gnwveoor Gardens, S.W. 

Retidenc»—Thvad^% Omm. Wavertree, Liverpool 

* Is gfaodton of the late Sir Williain Brown, ist ban. , M. P. for South Lancashire 1846-59, 
who gave the Free Public Library to LiverpooL 



lift OSftT H. BftOOl^ Bvl (OllHlillX 

Henry Hervejr Bruci,* eL kni of the kle Sir 

l«me» K. Uniot. ami Uit^—who dM iSi^—bv EUc«, 
d. of tiM IftM RoUrt H. BuOofd IMSh, Em., of 
Gwrrch CmiW, N. \Val«. Ht vm bom " ^ 

iSjq. «m td. M Tria. ColL. Camb^ mmI m^ l&u, 
Manr Abm 1Im|m«I, only d. oT Um lalt Sir Inckc* 
G. J. CUfton, lib lart. ^trmd m Cotmi in m Ule 

GMfd» lS4frH«l. rot. and CiMlm RoCiilonim 

of Loodoodorry ( i > 1(1846). Pramotod a bill 

rtkuii^E to V^ (IickoJj, and a bill for Um baikl oT 
poor penom (Irslaiid). A Ctmsfrpatnv, VnmeemditSiy 
ooQiMlod ColonbM iS43 **^ ijaft, and tri r tfil i rw i l tiiy co. 
i8$y . Sat for ColandM Fabw 1M9-74, vbaa bt was an 

-Jwrfor UaiMd 8wTk» Tmm M tt Ur m* f. I^him SfMra. W. 
-l>Mmhil. cm— JBi. oa Lond u odMi y i TMydM Hal, wTWihliponl 

BON. ROBSftT P. BBOOl (FIflMhtrtX 

Robert Preston Bruce, second son of 
(he 8lh Carl of Elffin and Kincanlinc, by Lady Mary 
LoiUM Lambton, C.I., d. of the la Earl of Dorban. 
He waa bom Dec. 4th, 1851, and waa cd. at Eton, 
and at BaUiol Coll. Oafo(d,--md. B.A. 1874, MJL 
1874. la a T.P. for rifeahire, Cap(. Ftfoahtie AftUkiy 
MtlUia. ami heir-pre«impCive to btt bfocbcr, ibe 91b 
Ear: uul Kinoaniine. K Lderml. Elected 

for 1 vpril 188a 

Ctm^-H^m Uaivmity. 

Ttmm ftt t id tmt* m , Baaoa Sqpart, &W. 

C *mm t t y AtUnts- 

mm, T. a bkuob 

Thomas Charles Bruce, youngest son o 
the 7th Earl of Elgin, by Eliiabeth. d. of J[ames Towns- 
bend Oswald, Esq., M.P., of Dunniketre. ca Fife. 
He was bora 1835, was ed. at Jesus ColL, Camb., 
— mi.B.A., 24tb Wraiwler, |8|U\ became a Fellow 
of his College 18—,— and m., 1863, Sarah Caroline, 
d. of Thoous Tbomhill, Esq., of Rkldlesworth Hall, 
Norfolk. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1^ 
Appointed in i860 Cape -Com. 32nd MidtUews Rifle 
Vol. A C0m$tnmtivt. Fint doctod for 
Feb. 1874, having in 1859 bona an 

C/««»~CMlua, AikMRia. Ckmmtrrt - 10. ICii«'* Bcadi Walu E.C 
Knulmt*-^, HUl Suwl, B«rk«lty SqMM. W. 


ElgiaX Haw • 

VMW. ADd Mttkd \m NohlMmbcrlMid. 

Bruca. E*ri ol Curkk mad King <^ SovIaimL 

«n Hn. I^HHiaMkrfy. aad lbs BracM of BrooariMl 
ofigM ia Sir Robot d* ohm, of wvi*, wao ossm 
NonlMmbtflaad. fnm bia mm 6momAtA dw 

ov«r villi tbt Cmn 




Charles William kll-Bruce, P.C.^ 

third son of the 1st M . i Ailcshuiy, by his and 

wife, Maria Klizabcth, vuungest d. of the late Hon. 
Charles ToUcmachc. He wns hom 1834, was ed. at 
Eton, and at Ch. Ch.. « " ' R.A. 18^5; and 

in i860 m. Augtistn j>hia, 3rd. d. of 

Frederick Charics Wilii.ui. .-r>ii..nn. Ksq. Formeriy 
Capt 1st Life Guards, Is Capt. Wilts Yeo. Cav., 
and a T.P. for Wilts and Middlesex. Appointed Vice- 
Chamberlain of H.M.'s Household April 1880. A 
LiheraL Sat for North Wilts from March 1865 till 

1874, when he was an unsuccessful candidate. First elected for Marlborough 

Feb. 5th, 1878. 

C/»*— Travelleri'. 

7>w« Rtndfmce—'W\\\tXk House, Eaton Square, S.W. 



BRin>ENELL-BRI7CE [Bee Bruce] 

J. BRTCE (Tower Hamlets). 

James Bryce, el. son of the late James Bryce, 
Esq., LL.D., of Glasgow, by Margaret, el. d. of Jamc 
Young, Esq., of Abbeyville, co. Antrim. He was boi 
1838, and was ed. at High School, Glasgow, at Glasgo\' 
Univ., and at Trin. Coll., Oxford (B.A. in double first-cla 
honors 1862). Was successively Scholar of Trin. Coll 
and Fellow of Oriel Coll., Oxford. He obtained at differen 
dates the Gaisford Univ. Prizes for Greek Prose and Gretl 
Verse, the Arnold Prize for a Historical Essay, the Chancellor's Univ. Pri/ 
for a Latin Essay, and the Craven and Vinerian Scholarships. Called to tli 
Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1867, and practises in Chancery. Has been since 187 
R^us Professor of Civil Law in the Univ. of Oxford. Author of " The Hoi 
Roman Empire," "Transcaucasia and Ararat" (in which his ascent of Moun 
Ararat is described), and various articles on legal, literary, and historical 
subjects. A Libtrtd. Unsuccessfullv contested the Wick District Feb. 1874. 
Elected for the Tower Hamlets April 1880. 

C/wAf— Atheoaeum. Savile. 

Chambert—q, Stone Buildings, Ltncoln't Ion, W.C. 

RetuUnce-^, Norfolk Square, Hyde Park, W. 

E. BR7D0E8-WILLYAM8 [Bee WlllyaniBl. 




w. &BayMn 

William Emcftt BRYyt.R, son 
£m).. uf Il^tngtoo, l>orchc%tcr. bjr i 
d. of i'Kt^rge Tugwcll, \rju\., of ti 

ru»€ 11^1, lurof 

He wft» burn 1840, and «nu eJ. at llarruw, 

' II. ColL, CarobridM^— gnKi RA. 1861, 

U • I.P. Cor Iloneuhirt. and Cape 

Cav. A Ommtm/zm'. Pint elected lu. 

cU 1874. 

Md PuiSdUtimv, V . Don«uli>< 
liMf. <>«<aMl aiMl Caabridf*. 
A>«Wr«tf-«, 8*. jMMt't SlTMC S.W. 
C0mmirj A^«*^Wk'»— Ibiagioa Hoom. DordMMar. 

LORD BOBOBLir (HortluunpiOBahlre, Herthk 

•rthampton^hirc A ( 

Hrowsiow Hknrv Georck Cecil 

:r%% of 



K 1 :.iij(l Militu, a J.i 

^•tin^hirc, and a jr. i-n i\u:iantiNnue ai»>i 

<-. Fir%t elecied for North NorthampConUiire 


Z. S. BU&NABY (Leloaaterahlre. HorUX 

i:<l\vvn Shcnnl HtRNABY, only son of the 

. of Bw?^^ "*^^* ^^^oa- 
, A. ofThoma^ Salwbnry, 

^111 ..411 ^.jiicTc^i tiic Orciiouirr 

amc .Maj.<Gen. l88a Served 

lSs4-C. incIiHJinr' tlwr luttlrs 

of Inkcmuui .. 

of Major for -' 

claip V 

I urkuh tncdil). Wu.* 


•alian Legion 1855-7, 

and cmiuojoi on s|>iciai vcr\icc in Sjrria 1860-61 iind 
cla^< McfljidieX U a I. P. for Leiccatcr«htre, Hoo. 
CoL Lciccktcrftbtre Rifle Vol, and I'm. of the Leiceaterdiire Chamber of 




Agricultnre and of the Leioestenhire Conservative Club. A Consfn/ativf. 
E&ctedfor North Leicestenhire April I2th, i88a 

C/«*r— CaHtom Guard*', Sc Jamet't. 

Tfmm RttkUmtt-st, Eaton Square, S.W. 
iv« HaU, Uio«t«r. 

OB WALTER W. BURRELL. Bart. (Shor«Iiam). 

Walter Wyndham Burrell,* third son of the 
late Sir Charles Mcrrik Rurrcll, 3rd hart..— M. P. for 
Shorchatn 1806-62,— by Frances, d. of the 3rd Earl of 
Egremont. He was l)om 1814, succeeded his brother 
Sir Percy, 4th bart., July 1876, and m., 1847, Dorathea, 
d. of the late Rev. John Jones, Vicar of Hurley-on-the- 
Hill, Rutlandshire. Is a Magistrate for Sussex, of which 

county he was High Sheriff 1871. Was son '■ n 

officer in the 2nd Sussex Rifle Vol. AC 
Uusucce&sfully contested East Sussex 1865. I 
for Shoreham August 4th, 1876. 

C/i»* -Carlton, 
sua UB««TATa Tonm Residmit-^, King Street, St. James'*, S.W. 

Qt;iBTBM. .S/a/^-Wett Grintiead Park. Su»»ex : Kncpp Ca»lle. Horsham . 

Ockeoden. Cuckfield. 

T. BURT (MorpethX 
Thomas Burt, the son of poor parents, was 
bom Nov. I2th, 1837, and received his early education at 
various dame or village schools, which he subsequently 
improved by self-culture, meanwhile working as a miner. 
In iS6ohem. Mary, d. of Thomas Weatherbum, ofSeghill. 
He was at that time Secretary of a Temperance Society. ' 
of a .School Committee at Choppington. In 1864 he i 
sented the Choppington miners at a Conference oi .i.r 
Northumberland and Durham Miners' Association, and in 1865 he was ap- 
pointed, during a strike. Agent of the Northuml>erland Miners' Mutual Confident 
Association, then numliering 4,000 members. To maintain the strike the work- 
men sul)scribed over;^4,ooo, and, expending only ;^3, 300, retained the balance 
as the nucleus of anew fund, which now amounts to several thou.sand pounds. 
Mr. Burt still retains his i>osition as Secretary to the Association before referred 
to, and will be paid from the funds thereof ;^500 a year so long as he .shall be 
a .Member of Parliament. A Liberal. First elected for Morpeth Feb. 1874. 
tVi«/— Reform. 

Retidene*—is. Lovaine Crescent. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Town RnidirMce—ij, Royal Avenue, Chelsea. S.W. 

* Thu Camtly t« an offshoot of the house of Borreli, a Goth, in RarcekMU (A.n. 840), 1 
dcKciMlant of which settled in England, in West Northumberland, tem^. Edward II. It ' 
also descended in the male line from lohn Burrell. of Woodland, who at his own cost fit 
out a ship, twenty mco-at-arm<», and hftv archers, for the war with France, in the year 1414 
and in toe familv line from Sir Walter Wodeland, who was Knight -equerry to. and bore tl 
baaoer of. the Black Prince at Poicticr*. The 3rd baronet represented Shoreham for 56 yeai 
aadat the time of his death was the " father " of the House of Commons ; and the 4th baror 
upr i tm cd tiie aaae cooatkucacy 1863-76. 

John Mayor Tl. 
Temple IS' 



■. a BOUABD dUallwi) 

Mariton Clarke Bu&zard, ^.C, eL soo of the 

Utc Maj>!un Huuir.!. I!«j . %f P . «>rl.ultefwofth. 1*v Sarah 

and a 1> 

vji A 
eta an 

C 4 <- I»r i s. Oroirs (Mk* Raw. Twiplii. S.C 

& P. BOTT <toaUuunpto&>. 

Charles Parker Butt, Q.C, third son of the 
Kcv. I'helpc^ John Hult, of Wortham l^ee, Boame' 
mouth, by Mary, d. of the late Rev. John Kdajr, Vicar of 
I'oildin^ton. Gluuccstcr-khirc. He was bom l8jO^ was 
ed. privaiclv, an<l m., 1S78, Anna Georpana, d. of 
C Fcriiiuaml KlmIcwaM. \j.\, uf $7, Onslow Square. Called 
10 thr Har at Lincoln'* Inn 1854, and goes the Northern 
Cin ni ; Ijccamc a Q.C 1864. A Uhtral. Elected for 
Aouthamplon Apnl 188a 

P. W. BUZTOV (Aa40Vtfk 

Francis William Buxton, seventh son of 

' V .rth Huxtoo. M.l'.. Jnd ban., by 
late Samuel Ourory. Esq., of 
\va* U)rn Aiii'uxt ct!i. 1S47, was 
nl at If.u « .■;i.. « -uni. . 1872, 

the lion. M.irv l-.nuna I • '■ Baron 

1.1WICIUC. G.C.H., G.C.S.I. Cailcii lo ihc Bar at 
Lincoln > Inn 1873. Is a partner in the metropoliUui 
bonkiiw 6nn of Prescoit and Co. A LdtwmL Elected 
for AnSiyver March 31st. i88a 




Snt ROBEET J. BUXTON. Bart OKotMk, BoatlL). 

Robert Jacob Buxton, el. son of Sir John 

Jacob Buxton, and hart., who died 1842, by Eliza- 
Ix-'th, d. of Sir Montague Cholmclcv, 1st bart. Born 
1829, ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and m., 1856, Mary 
Augusta Harriet, only d. of the late Lieut. -Col. John- 
stone. Is a I. P. and a D.L. for Suffolk and Norfolk, 
and was HiKn Sheriff of the latter co. 1870. Has been 
Lieut. 1st Suffolk Veo. Cav. since 1852, and Capf. 29th 
Norfolk Rifle Vol. since i860. A CoMSfnuithr. Un- 
successfully contested Bury St. Edmunds 1869. First 
elected for South Norfolk April 14th, 187 1. 

WHATfOKVRR TMV MAKD C/«^«— Carlton, St. James't. Boodle's, St. Siephen'<(. 


WITH THY MIGHT. 5««/— Shadwell Court, Thetford, Norfolk. , 

G. M. B7RNE (Wexford CountyX 

Gairett Michael Byrne, second son of the 
late Joseph Byrne, Esq., of Ballybrack, co. Dublin, 
by Mary Anne, second d. of the late Garrett Byrne, 
Esq., of Dunganstown and Ballard, co. Wicklow. 
He was bom Sept. 17th, 1829, was ed. at private 
schools, and at Leopardstown College, Ireland, 
and m., 1855, Sarah, — who died 1875, — second d. of 
the late James Dillon, Esq., merchant, of Wicklow. 
A Home Ruler. Elected for co. Wexford April 1880. 

C/«*— Hanover Square. 

Rtsidence—C»Tr\^t». Park, Kingstown, co. Dublin. 

W. 8. CAINE (Scarborough). 

William Sproston Caine, el. son of Nathaniel 
Caine, Esq., J. P., of Broughton-in-Fumess, Lancashire, 
by Hannah, d. of the late William Rushton, Esq., mer 
chant, of Liverpool. He was bom March 26th, 1842, was 
ed. by the Rev. Richard Wall, M.A., of Birkenhead, and 
m., 1868, Alice, d. of the Rev. Hugh Stowell Brown. 
Was formerly a merchant at Liverpool. Is a J. P. for 
N. Riding of Yorkshire. A Libtral. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Liverpool Feb. 1873, and Feb. 1874. Elected for Scarborough April 

CimSt- Reform, Devonshire. 

Tnm Retidtnee—x, llie Terrace, ClJ4>hain Commoo, S.W. 

Cotmtry i?M/dWK»— Scarborough 



». OAlLAV OMlh 

''ALLAN. * 

. oT Co 

of the I 

i >itt*c; CD 

ill f««ur of frctdom o( cxiucjit 

.■' ( ..f 

Alt iuJif^HOiHi ij^iii i 

c ai Cair renU» wtth ihe 
ivruile." Sal fur l>un<i.>ik ii >tn ><iv. im»a lUl Marcb l88a Ud* 
V contnted I>utMlaik in Apnl i&8c\ in whkfa moQlh he wm wb* 
rturncd for CO. Louth. '•• ^ ' '^^-f ' - -" »-.i..r«-.i >fy|wpreMnt 
V. and also for Dunda 
'xetgm. T0mmRtti4fn.< . ^ S.W. 

CookaipwB HovM. AntM, cu. I^mth 

a OAMBBOV (OufowV 
Charles Cameron, AT/)., LLJ>.^ son of the 

late lohn Cami-mn,, of GUmow and Dabltn, by hia 

mamage wr i noway, oi Edinbureh. He waa 

bom at Di 1841, wa» ed. at Madroa ColL, 

St. Andm» \, uki .11 irin. CoIL. Dublin, — ChkL B.A. aa 

i%t Scniur Moderator and Gold Medalist in uperimcatal 

and Natural Sciencca, and alfoB.M. i«t Dl^cr-man and 

M.Ch. iftt placeman 1862, M.A. an' A and 

StudtcH at the medical ftchooU of Pari*, Bet'. na, bat 

c. In 1869 he m. Frances Cat . .:ngert d. 

tJM)., M.D. Hat been since iV' ; ! ' >r of the 

tty .it,us, and since 1873 co'proprietor of that |>aper, and abo 

tiral AJftrtistr. An luhattud Ukeral ; in fiaror of DiteMi- 

■olition of the Game Laws, and the principle of the PcrmiMive 

cd for Glasgow FeU 1874. 

7>M itt*idfm,-*-%o. G«orse'» Squu*. S.W. 
r^taer— 14, Park CSmi*. Olaacow. 

Sl CAimOV (iBTWBMMhlr*). 
Donald Cameron ('* Camrrtm of Lxhiel'*), 
son of the late Donald Cameron, Esq.. of !.ochtr!.* by 
1ji«1v Verc Catherine Louisa, sbter of ihr c»(f 

Huckinghamshice. He was bom April 5th, 1 A 

at Hanow, and m.. 1875. Laily Margarci r.n/aueth 
Montagu-Dottfflas'^colt, d. of the sth Duke of Boodeach. 
Has been empluyed in !>>-• «<ini..matic ser»-ice. Was firU 

attach^tothe Karl 
and subsequently to 1 
j.P. forBttcks.aD.1 
Was a Groom in \Va;. 
April i88a A CnwrtyunY. 

shire Nov. 1868, haviitf in March l86a 
Chd»-OKi^»m, Whii7s. TtanvKm*. ■-- 

ecial Embassy to China, 

i mfaassy at Berlin. Is a 


Majesty March 1S74 till 

i-int dectied fer InvcnMsa* 

Hmri Mr yciNDoe. 

LodMl- is cWaf of lbs dsM CsisiM, iiiiiiasiikiil la ScMtWi khsoay 
aad yaftiodsriy fw its dsvvMon l» iIm UoM* of SiMft. 



Colin Campbell,* son of the 8th Duke of 

Argyll, by Lady Elizabeth Gcorgiuia. cl. d. of the 2nd 
Duke of Sutherland. He was bom March 7lh, 1853, 
wu ed. at Eton, at St. Andrew** Univ., and at Trin. 
Coll., Cambridge (B.A. and LL.B. 1878). Entered 
the Middle Temple 1875. U Lieut 2nd Argyll Rifle 
Vol. A Lil^aJ. First elected for Argyllshire Aug. 
29th, 1878. 

XftidetKe— Argyll Lodge, Kensingtoa, W. 

created a K-C.S.L 

George Campbell, K.C.S./., D.C.L., el. son 

of the late Sir George Campbell, of Edenwood, Fifeshire 
(who was brother of Lord Chancellor Campbell), by 
Margaret, d. of A. Christie, Esq., of Ferrybank, Fife- 
shire. He was bom 1824, was ed. at the Universities of 
Edinburgh and St. Andrews, and at Haileybury Coll., 
and m., 1 854, Letitia, d. of the late Thomas Gowan 
Vibart, E^., of the Bengal Civil Service. Served several 
yeani in the Civil Service of the Hon. East India Co., 
and was sometime Lieut. -Gov. of Bengal, and a member 
of the Council of India. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Fife- 
shire. Made an Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford 1870, and 
1874. A Liberal. First elected for Kirkcaldy April 1875. 

C/hA»— Brookft't. Reform, Athemeum. 

Ttmm Rendenct—iy. Cornwall Gardens, S.W. 

• It defended from Sir Cblin Campbell, of Loch Awe, whoM AfM^r"^--' «;- Vigd 
Campbell was Muwnoned by Robert Bruce to Berwick in Aug. laoi, when K 'I. 

of luigiand went (here (o decide the dispute between the aaid Bruce aiwi for 

the tucccanoa to the crown of Scotland. In 131 « he wai one of the barons ii "f 

of Ayr, which made an entail of the crown on King Roben and his hetrt. 
qucady gave him a ^rant of large estates and also his sister Margery in 
■OB Cofin. in the mmority of King David Bruce, with 400 men. took >..v . ..^>.c ^i 
DttBOoo, tnen in rntiriwoo of the English ; that monarch rewarded him with the hercditarv 
gowcnuDent of tne same, and also an annual pension. The i»t MaA]ueM of Argyll tooK 
mudi tntcvcst in the reception and coronation of Charles II.. and on January ist, 1650. placed 
die own 00 the king's head at Scoon ; but after the Restoration, in t66i, he was accused 
by the Earl of .Middlcton of complying with CHiver Cromwell in the death of Charles I., for 
which he was condemned by Parliament, and beheaded at the Market Cross of F.dinburgh, 
May ajth. 1661. His ion Archibald was restored to the honors and estates of his ance^tor^ as 
Earl 01 Argyll, but in t68i he was found snilty of high treason, and sentetKed to death. His 
lordshm, hcwever, dexterously escaped fron priaon in the dres of a lady's page, and went 
to HcilMiid In i68s he returned to Scotland aooomponied by a number of armed men. but 
baiac d rfme d and taken priM»tr, he was cawCTi t c d at Edinburgh, on his former sentence, 
June yofh, 1663. 



J. A. OAMFBILt (OlMfW tAd AlMrd«M UslTtrHlltgV 

jaiDcs AlexAiulcr Campsell, ion of the Ute 
Sir James Cunpbcll. tori Provott oTGIttfow iftiis. 
Uf jaad* d. of Um late Henry Bannermaa, Vmi, <>i 
ManchoCer. He w«s bom 1835, and m., 1854, Ann, 
d. of Sir SmmcI Morton Pcio, la huu U a J.V. 
tot coa. LuMrk and FoHar. A Cmunmim:. Elected 
for Glasgow aad Aberdeen l'niver\itic« AprO iSSa 

H«Ma,Br«cMa. S.b. 

R. r. P. CAMPBELL (Ayr Dlstneti 

Richard Frederick Foihringh.-: 
cL Mir\ivtntf kon of the late jamc> 
of Craii^ic, by Grace Klt/alMrth. «1. <>i i. 
Hoy, K.C.B. lie wa» U>rn Scj>t. vxh, 
«!- .If Rut'hv. ami ni . iS'-j Arabella I 

Wan (or. 

• v. U Vicc-Ltcut. lur c< 
Yeo. Cav. A Li*er»/, 
.•\yr I MMOci April 1880. 

CAJb— Brooks'a. DcvoMhtrt. Joaior Uaitad 
r^mm ft nUUm t % Hmtkt^ Cant—, W. 


A ..t 

SfltvioCt New, 

H.«.-. Ax-r N n 


& H. CARBUTT (ICoBmoQth XhstrletX 

r ' 



d. of John Rhode* 
Lcedft. Was form 
necr, and wa» Ma^< 
Institute of Mining 

I nMilute of Civil EnKinecr\. A UUra/. 


Harocr Carbutt, voungest son of the 

rbutt. Esq., J. p., of Chapel AUerton, near 

>no uas for ac yean a Director of the Midland 

Ok He was born i8t8, and m., 1874, the only 

» '• » P., of Pottcmewton, near 

nam as a nMchaaical cn|p- 

^ 1878. U a Mcmberoftbe 

La^^tttccr^ and an aaodate of the 

Elected for Monaooth Dbtiict April 

ClM*r— Rafona. Davomktrt. 
JTM^nwr— Llaawwn Homv, llonamitk 
Tttm Jtm4tm(^t9, Hyde Park Gardcm. W. 




Robert Walter Garden, sou of the laic James 
C'anicn, Esq., of He<lford Sauarc, Lon<ion. He was Ixmi 
iSoi, and in., 1827, Pamela Elizabeth ICdith, — who tlie<l 
1S74, <1. of W. S, Andrews, Esq., M.I)., iQlh Foot. 
Scrvctl a short lime as Ensign in 82nd Foot. Is senior 
jwrtncr in ihe firm of SirR. VV. Garden and Co., stock- 
brokers. Was Alderman of Dowgate Ward 1849-71, since 
when he has represented the Ward of Bridge Without. 
Served as Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1850-51. Was Loni Mayor of 
London 1857. Is a Commissioner of Lieutenancy of the Citv of London, 
and a J. P. for Middlesex and Surrey. Receive*! the honor of knighthood on 
the occasion of Her Majesty's visit to the City 1851. A Comervatrve . Sal as 
M.P. for (iloucester 1857-9. Unsuccessfully contested St. Allians 1850, Glou- 
cester 1859, Mar)'Icbonc 1861, Reading 1868, and Barnstaple Jan. 1880. 
Elected for Barnstaple March 31st, 1880. 
T9m>n Retidente-f^^, Wimpole Street. W. 
Cmmtry RrtitUtutt—MoXe Lodge. West Moulsey, Surrey. 
OJSf*$—2^ Ro>-al Exchange Huildtngs. E.C. 

HON. ROPEET C. CARINOTON (BucldngliamBhlre). 

Rupert Clement George Carington, third 

son of the 2nd Baron Carrington, by the Hon. 
Charlotte Augusta Anuabella Willoughby, d. of the 
19th Baron Willoughby de Eresby. He was born Dec. 
1852, and was ed. at Eton. Is a Lieut. Grenadier 
Guards. A Liberal. Elected for Buckinghamshire 
April 1880, having in Sept 1876 been an unsuccessful 


HON. W. H. P. CARINOTON (High Wycombe). 

William Henry Peregrine Carington, 
second son of the 2nd Baron Carrington, by the 
Hon. Charlotte Augusta Annabella, youngest d, of the 
I9lh Baron Willoughby de FCresby. He was bom 1845, 
and m., 187 1, Juliet, only d. of Francis Warden, Esq. 
In 1S67 was appointed Lieut and Capt Grenadier 
Guanls, and Capt. and Lieut. -Col. 1872. Is a Groom 
in Waiting to Her Majesty, Secretary to Baron 
Avcland, Deputy Lord Great Chamberlain of England, 
.and heir-presumptive to his brother, the 3rd Baron 
Carrington. A Liberal. First elected for High 
Wycomlje March 1868. 

C/mSt— Turf, Marlborough. Reform. 

Retitience Roy^ Court, House of I»nls. S.W, 





r. W. OAmnnUOBT llorthAjnploultfn. 99mtkX 

Fairiax William CAKrwRiGUT, cL sonoftheUtc 
G«ii. Wmbm Cutwricitt, of Flora Houe, Vf^tdam, hf 
Mftry Asm, ocUv d. And beifeM of the Ule Hcnnr Joac^ 
Eiq. He «nu bora May 14th. 1823. and wa* nl. at O. 
Ch.. Otfuol. whrrr he grxA. R.A. 1K44, and Hitwequeolly 
becainc a I \Tl SouU' Coll. Served aomc time 

in the Au^ ^, and MiUequentljr a* Ma|or and 

lliuMn, bniun v^tcnnan Legioo. 1% a J. P. and a D.L. of 
NottluuBpCoitthire. Uomwried. A C^Httrvtnt. Flnt 
elected for South NorthuBptoMiiire Nov. 186S. 

CAdb-CulUM. AftlHv'i. Boedk'^ Garrkk. Ptan'i* Twf. 9l 

W. a OABTWmiOBT ( O AtodrtUl tK 

William Comwallis Cartwright,* el. son of the 
late Sir Thomas Cartwiight, tomettme Miaiater » 
fon. by Marie EUaabeth AogwCa, d. of the Co«nt 
Sanduell. of Bavana, and jmndaoa of the iaic 
Ralph Cartwrighi. K*a.» M.P. for Northaaptooah 
1S43. He was bom 1826, and m.. 18—, Mile. Ci 
Gaul, a native of Gcrmaav. Resided in C 
Europe for roanv jrean, and has the reputation 
highly accompltsoed in ancient and medianral xx- 

ture. Is a j.K and a D.L. for Northampton for 

Oxfordshire, and author of a work oo **Pau«i i.<jii<.iavca.'* 
A Liktrat, First elected for Oxfordshire Nov. 1868. 

'•irm^tmm Li 

'.Mmq. C/aJ*- Brooks'*. Ath — ui a. Ffm'. 
^-AynlMM Park. BMbory. Ttmm R *tid» mt» ^ ^^tjuum Plan. S.W. 


Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest 

{Vistmmt OtMtUrtagk), son of the 5th 
Marqneas of Londomlrrn-, K. P. . by Mary 
Cornelia, d. of t' ' John Edvraids 

Bart. He was loch, 1853, was 

ed. at Eton, and at (^ n. i. h., Oxfocd, and 
in 1875 m. Lady Therea Sosey Helen 
Talbot, el. d. of tK<. mih KaH of Shrews- 
bury. Is a j. I' in and a D. L. 
for Mootgocnerx \i>tiointed Capt. 
2nd I>ttrham Vol. iSoS^ and Maior 1869. 
A Ctmtrf^tiif*, Unsacccaafolly contested Durham Feb. 1874. and the Moot* 
gumcry Borsha 1877 ; &nt elected for 00. Down May iTth, 1878^ 


Rmi d rm n KhVy 

' TkkbMirisoraMihira 

■c Ajrahoa far 



WL K. OAUtTOH ((Mlohen«rx 

Richard Knight Causton, second son of the 

laic Sir Joseph Causton, an Alderman of Ixxulon, and 

^^ a Shcriffof lx>ndon and Middlesex, by Mary Anne, d. 

'^B of the late Etlward Potter, Esq. He was bom Sept. 

a 25th, 1843, and m., 1871, Selina Mary, d. of Sir 

-^m Thomas Chaml>crs, Q.C., Recorder of London, and 

W M.P. for Marylcbone. Is a partner in the firm of 

W Causton and Sons, stationers and printers, of Eastchcap, 

A** Southwark Street, and Carey Street, a Commissioner 

of Lieutenancy for the City of London, and a member 

:^ of the Worshipful Co. of Skinners, of which he was 

^H^^jLJg^ Master 1877-8. A Zi/J<rfl/. Elected for Colchester April 

1880, having in 1874 been an unsuccessful candidate. 
C/mit—Rtfoem, Devoiuhire, City Liberal, Grcftham. 
JfftidrMCt—3, Clanrkarde Gardem, Baytwater Road, W. 

LORD EDWARD CAVENDISH (Derbyshire. North). 

Edward Cavendish, third son of the 7th Duke 
of Devonshire, by Lady Blanche Georgiana Howard, d. 
of the 6th Earl of Carlisle, He was bom 1838, v 
ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb., and m., 1865, the H< 
Elizabeth Lascelles, formerly a Maid of Honour to 1 i 
Majesty, and d. of the late Right Hon. W. S. Lascell< 
Is a J. P. and a D. L. for Derbyshire, and Major 2nd Derby- 
shire Militia. A Liberal. Sat for East Sussex 1865-8. 
Unsuccessfully contested East Sussex 1868, and North-East 
Lancashire 1874. Elected for North Derbyshire April 1880. 

Clubs — Brooks's, Dcvoa«hire, St. James's. 

Residences— ^^\\aA%^OTX\ Derbyshire ; 78, Piccadilly, W. _ 

LORD F. 0. CAVENDISH (West Riding. North DlYlalon, Yorkshire). \ 
Frederick Charles Cavendish, second .surviving 
son of the 7th Duke of Devoasbire, by I^dy Blanche 
Georgiana, 4th d. of the 6th Earl of Carlisle. He v 
bom Nov. 30th, 1836, was ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb., 
grad. as a Senior Optime, — and m., June 1864, the Hon. 
Lucy Caroline, 2nd d. of the 4th Baron Lyttelton. Wa.s 
private secretary to the 2nd Earl Granville, when Lord 
President of the Council, 1859-64^ private secretary to 
Mr. Gladstone, 1872-73, and a lx)rd of the Treasury 
Aug. 1873 till Feb. 1874. Appointed Financial Secretary 
to the Treasury April 1880. Is a J. P. for the Northern Division of the We^t 
Riding of Yorkshire. A Liberal; in favor of complete religious liberty. ^ 
for the North-West Riding of Yorkshire from luly 1865 till Nov. 1868, when 
was first elected for the new constituency of the West Riding, North Divisiun. 
C/»A»- Brooks's, Travellers', Devonshire. 
TWra Retiderut-ti, Cariton House Terrace, S.W. 



try Gaicojme Cecil, 

Mar*|u«aiof SAlkbory, by 
A 183a*— onlvd. ot 
wu bom April 24ih, 
KuyaJ MUltuy Coll., 

Tax ft im 

Eustace BiowdI 

Mcond umriviag mq *■■■ 

hu dnt wife, rriAoet Mar) 

thr Uie Bambcr GMCojme, 

1S34. wu cd. «( Harrow, ai. 

Saadbont, and la i860 m. Ladjr Gcftnida Loaiia,'4Ui d. 

of Ibe and lUrl uf EMun. Kutcrol tbe Amy as tn^gu 

aiid Light .e Lieut Jan. 1854, 

Oeot. and < cc l8u, and Ca{M. 

and IJcul.t ul. ib(ji . icti: U a j.P. for tbecoc. 

o( Emcx aixl Midtllocx. ryor>G«ncral of tbe 

Ordnance (rom Feb. 1874 uu /^pni 188a Aotboc of 
of Life at HooM and Abroad.* A C0munminn; oomidcft the 
Mt." Sat for Soath E«*«i from Tulv 186$ 
1868, when be was fim elected for Wot Emcx. 
< tfhoa. T*mm KttUfnct—yt, Eoci — loa Sqmr*. S.W. 


/s w-^ Jo»ci>h ' 

\ / JoncphCki 

* I mint;ham, bv v.......... 

\ lie Mas U>ti) 1836, was m., 

J i8oi>, Horcncc, — wh<' 1 , _. ^ ick, 

y^ ^ ^ tl*q. Is a J. P. for Birtninj^ham. Was Chm. of the Btr- 

'^^ mingham School Board 1873-6, somctimr an .Mdennan ol 

Birmingham, and for many vcan exi' -vcaged in 

uess as a manufacturer, but has retired. Has been -> Mayor 

liirmingham. Appointed Pres. of the Board of Traiic .\]>r>i 188a A 

<i/. DnmcccMfolly cootcMed Sbeflield 1874. First elected 

Tunc ayth, 1876. 

k afom. r#M Jtftidfmct-n, Priww's Cmtm, S. W. 
> Jffiidemee—Hithbory, Moor Grvea, Binidasb>m. 


Thoinas Chambers, Q.C, son of the late 

:\ 7. ' Thomas Chambe^^ Esq., of Hertford, by Sarah his 

' \'\. «ifo He was bom 1814, was ed. at Clare CoU., 

H.A. 1840. LL.B. 1846.— and nu. 1851, 

who HiH 1877.— the niece and adopted 

Called to the Bar 

c is a Bencher, — 

P.C, son of the late 

•or Green Hall, near Bir> 

for Binning* 


'•■*-' »«^ - V '^ »-"• "-=• 'common Scf)caDt of 

the City of London 1857-78, liaoe when be baa 
been Recorder thereof. Is a Director of the Na- 
tional Provident Institution. Received the hooor of 
Knighthood 1872. A /jArm/; opposed to the principle 
of " ccntralixation." Sat for Hertford fron July 1852 till 
i8s7. when he was an uninccifiJ candidate. Firu 




R. OHAPUH (Mld-Llnooliulilreli 
Henry Chaplin,* second son of the late Rc\ 

Henry Chaplin, by Horatia, d. of the late Willim 
Kllice, Esq. He wxs bom 1840, was ed. at Harrow, a-i 
at Ch. Ch., Oxforti. and m., 1876, I^idy Florence I^vcs*k 
Gowcr, d. of the 3rd Duke of Sutherland. U a J. P. and 
a D.I^. of Lincolnshire, and a well-known leading meml>er 
of the turf. A Conservative. First elected for Mi<i- 
Lincolnshire Nov. 1868. 

Patron of four LivtMgt — Well, V.. Yorkfthire 
Haugham. V., and Blankney, R., Lincotnkhire. 

Raithby. V 
Boodle's. Turf, Marlborough, .^ 

C/«»^*— Carlton, White'i, 

TawH Retidtmct—9, Hamilton Place, Piccadilly, W. 
J>'«»/*— BUnkncy Hall, near Slcaford, Lincolnshire ; TathwcU Hall, near Loulh 

J CHAIKE (Antrim CountyX J 

James Chaine, son of the late James Chaine, 

Esq., of Ballycraigy, by Maria, d. of F. Whittle, Esq., of 
Antrim He wxs bom 1841, was ed. at Blackhcath 
Proprietary School, and m., 1863, Henrietta, d. of C. A. 
Creery, Esq., of Newcastle (co. Down). Is a D.L. anfl " 
J. P. for CO. Antrim, of which he was High Sheriff 187 
A Consen/ative. First elected for co. Antrim Feb. 1874 

C^wAf— Carlton, Coniervative, Kildare Street. Ulster. 

.S/at/r— Ballycraigy House, Antrim : Cairn Castle, Lame, co. Antrim. 

Tftm RetitLence—^, St. James's Place. S.W. 


J. F. CHEETHAM (Derbyshire, Nortb). 

John Frederick Chketham, son of the late 
John Cheetham, Esq., M.P., of Eastwood, Stalybridge, by 
Emma, d. of the late Thomas Rayner, Esq., of Ashton- 
under-Lyne. He was bom 1834, was ed. at Univ. Coll., 
London, and grad. B.A. at Univ. of I^ndon, in classical 
honors 185—. Is a J. P. for Cheshire and Lancashire. 
A Liberal. Elected for North Derbyshire April 1880. 

C/»«*— Reform. 

^/fu^Mc^— Eastwood, Stalybridge. 

This gentleman's (amily has been seated m Lincolnshire since the reign of Charles I. 






only ton • 

Vt>rk. by Mmm CWiIiHIc, d. ti. oi 
Mth. Hart . oT Bcdwell Hark. H' 

.'7, wxw ol 

ami m T - • 


Krv. |>r 
Col. thr 
Kntrrctl . 
\\a% a ii> 
from 1851 
% Cominiitiooer of Tnule and « 









i »cc. 

' in 

; u*.i. ii>73. .\, War 

io. or a membct It 

Kiiiinc of Yoriularc, aivi a rcuow 01 mc i\uvai :>*K.jctjr. 

/WvW.^ U nMCCgwft iUy coptcrtcd Pootefract April 1859, 

'« »he sitting roanbrr r.-*i.'nr.i hie k*-^i and on a new 

i860, and has ^ r uncc Hb 

' >n accepting oAii • i , . 1 . ,1 i» memotmble 

tiauientary election that took place in England by Ballot. 


SftiJ^met—tf. Priact't GardcM. S.W. 

J. W. CHITTT (Oxford OltyX 

Joseph William Chitty, Q.C, second son 
«»f ihc late Thomas Chitty, Esq., well known as the 
author ol "Forms of Proceedings in the « ....r»- ..<" 
Queen s Bench, Commnn Pleas, and Exche 
He was bom 1828, was cd. at Eton, and a 
Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1851, M.A. l8u,— and 
m.. 1858, Clara Jessie. 6th d. of the late Kt Hnn. 
Sir Frederick Pollock, l»t bart. In 185-- 
Vinerian Scholar. Oxford, and a Fellow 

Coll.. Oxford. Called to the Bar at Lukw.,. ^ 

iS$b : bcaune a Q.C. 1874, and a Bencher of bb Inn 
1875. Formerly Major Inns of Conit Rifle Vol A 
USffu/. Elected for Oxfonl AprU l88a 

C/«4^0>lbrd aad Caabrids*. D«voMhi*«L 
Ckmmtert^ y N«w Sqvars. W.C 
M0$Ufmn M. Qomf't Gala Gaidaas. S.W. 



W. L. CHRISTIE (Lewei). 
William I^ngham Christik, son of the late 

I^n(vham Christie, Ksa., of Preston Deanery, Northamp- 
tonshire, by Marijaret Klizabeth, d. of W. Gosling, Ks-i 
of Hassobury Park, Essex. He was bom May 31 
1830, was ed. at Kton Coll., and at Trin. Coll., Catnl 
- tjrad. H. A. Senior Oplimc 1852, M. A. 1853,— and m 

iS-- \ Ilamihon. d. and coheiress of the late C> 

( ; Taplcv Park, N. Devon. Was Capt. N" 

til , re Militia 1852-6. Is a }.V. and a D.L. 1 

Sussex, and a J. P. for Northamptonshire. A Conser. 
tivt. First elected for Lewes Feb. 1874, having in l8(. 
and 1868 l>een an unsuccessful candidate. 

P*trvm ff lw« Livingi—\niXoyt, N. Hcvon ; Prenton Deanery. Northamptoiuhire. 

C/a>Aff— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 

Tftim ttegidmce—iiT, Eaton Square. S.W. 

J/a/f-djmdeboume. near I^wet, Sumcx; Tapley Park. Instow. N. Devon 


Randolph Henry Spencff 
Churchill, son of the 6th Duke of Mai 
borough, by Lady Frances Anne Emil 
el. d. of the 3rd Marquess of Londonden^ 
He was bom Feb. 13, 1849, was ed. 
Merton Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 187 
and M.A. 1872,— and m., 1874, Jennie, 
of I^eonartl Jerome, Esq., of New York. I 
a J. P. for Oxfordshire. A Cottservatri- 
First elected for Woodstock Feb. 1874. 
Clubt—lLMxi, White's, Carlton. 

E CLARKE (PlymouthX 

Edward Clarke, Q.C, son of Mr. J. G. Clark- 
of the Seven Sisters Road, N., by Frances, d. of Mr. 
George, of Bath. He was Iwrn Feb. 15th, 1841, was ( 
at College House, Edmonton, and at City Couhik i' 
School, LoiKlon. Called to the Har at Lincoln's Inn ! "^ 
and became a Q.C. 1880. A Cotisct-native. Sat for 
wark in F"eb. 1080, and in April of thai vear was an 
Elected for Plymouth July 8th, 1880. 
St. Stephen'*, City Carlton. 
Re$idntce- Huntingdon Lodge, Peckham. S E 
CkmrnUrs-i, Garden Court, Temple, E.C 

cessfiil candidate 
C/«Ar -Carlton, 





Clarke, ton of Robert Clarke, 

in the WonrI, |>r*oo, by Gradana, 

"VOMliiiv. He 

urk,— who died 

i.v^., iH Minchcad* fliwiifm ; 

• if John Joyce, Emi., ofTfaMtet*- 

r.., M)im{doo,-«r vUch 

It. of the Abfa^doo 

I nuuiafrctttrer. A 

Feb. 1874. 


a 0. CUFfOBO (Vewport, Xrte of Wt<iifci. 
^ m jy ^ Chjuies Cavendish Clikford, tnirti son 

MHL Admirml Sir Augustus Cliflbnl. « ' on..— end 

maO Usher of the Black Rod to the i ! <Ndi,-by 

Lady EUtabeCh Fimooea, and d. oi i..<. mitr l^oid John 

Towmheod. He waa bonilaa. 7th, tSai, and waa ed. 

at the Ckarterhooae, and at Ch. Ch^ Oxfor<I : L'rad. B. A. 

1843, 4th doM in Classics, Fellow oC ' 

|84S> "^ B.C.L. 1846. Called to the I 

Temple 1 846. Was private secret n : 

Palmerston for roonv yearik. Is au' 

the ** Ranar" of Arutophanes, ami 

Vtnctut " of /Eachylus. A UAtra. 

■ »XV MtlAM SCUTA Wight §857-65 ; aiwl Has rrtirr^n; 

Wight, fcincc 
(VmS^-Tnt^Utn'. Bnok»\ Royal \ 
/ ;. ^ Kft$Jfmcft, Sc. JuMs'k Place. S.W. 
-.mrry Krstdmt^'WtmAM House, kyd*. Isle of Wight. 


George Herbert Windsor Windsor-Cuvk. 
second son of the Ute Hon. K y Clive. — M. P. 

for South Shropshire from i > >.\, hr the late 

B«roneM Wincbor. He W3u buni i> i at 

Eton, and m.. 1876. the lion. Gerr 
Trefnsia.— who died 1878,— d. of the 19th lur 
Entered the Army, as Ensign $2nil Foot. Sept i ^ ; .•. 
came IJeut. Jaa 1854, ami Lieut, and CapC. C < ^::< t 1 
Guanit i86a Serred in the Indian Mutiny ^it!> i) - 
csivl Ko^t . .ind waa present at the defeat of tho .v.i- 
k* the Ravce on the 1 2th and 16th Jul). 

IS ic0e, aaaaolt, and occnpatioo of EXelhi. 

Is tJ.t'.lbrWoiCHtcnhire. ACmMnmtive: 

a >f **coQttittttianal prtedplea,*' and in hy/w 

of nontntenreiuion, ami -m . ,. unny and Bavy bemf crodcMtly aonpoffted 
wttUout " rcckleM expenditure." Firvt elected for Lodfow Sept. 4th, looa 
I . • 't «. Aihtm. GuAnikV r.-wo KtMdJfmtt—ta, Scrstfivd Place. W. 


1: '!i. 



M. 0. CLOU Uamtmh Ooanty). 
Maxwell Charles Clxjse, el. son of the late 
Col. Maxwell Close, J. P. and D.L., of Drumbanaghcr, 
by Anna Klizabcth, siMcr of Charles, 1st Lord Lurgan. 
He was bom 1827, was ed. at Kton, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1849, M.A. 1853,— and m., 1852, 
Catherine Deborah Agnes, d. of Henry S. Close, Esq., 
of Newtown Park, co. Dublin. Is a J. I*, and a D.U for 
CO. Armagh, of which he was High Sheriff 1854. A 
ConsfrzHttwf. Sat for co. Armagh from 1857 till 1864 
re-elected Feb. 1874, and April 1880. 

Cltthi — Carlton. Windh.-»m, Kildarc Street. I 

>S'«'a/— Drumbanagher, Ncwry, co. Armagh. 1 

T. C. COBBOLD apiwlch). I 

Thomas Clement Cobbold, C.B., son of John 
Chevallicr Cobbold, Esq.,— M.P. for Ipswich i847-<^>;. 
— of HolywcUs, Ipswich, by Lucy, d. of the Rev. llduy 
Patteson, Rector of Drinkstone, Suffolk. He was I'lm 
1833, and ed. at the Charterhouse. Entered the 1» I'l.- 
matic .Service 1854, when he was temporarily att.i ■ «! 
to the embassy at Constantinople. Appointed uii] 
Attach^ at lierlin Sept. 1855, and transferred to>«jii 
Sept. 1856. Was acting Consul at Oporto from .\\\\}. 
1857 till Oct. 1858. Ap|>ointed paid Attache at I 
Jan. 1859, and a 2nd Secretary in H.M.'s Dipl 
Service Oct. 1862. Transferred to Turin Nov. 
and to Stuttgardt Aug. 1864. Was acting < 
d' Affaires at Baden-Baden from June till Oct. 1867. Promoted to be Set 
of Legation at Rio de Janeiro July 1869, and was acting Charge d'Affaires thei 
fromjune 1870 till April 1872. Transferred to Lisbon Oct. 1873, and w 
acting Charge d'Affaires there from June 1874 till May 1875. Resigned \h 
23rd, 1875. Nominated a C.B. 1879. IsaJ.P. and a D.L. for Suffolk. 
Comervatrve. First elected for Ipswich Jan. 1st, 1876. 
C/i»A»-Carlton. St. JamesV 

Tewn RttuifHC*—iA, King .Street, St. James s, S.W. 
Rtsidenct—lamrx Street, Ipswjch. 


W. CODDINQTON (Blackburn). 
William Codding ton, el. .son of the late W. I 
Coddington, Esq., by Elizabeth, d. of the late Robert Hr», 
wood, Esci. He was bom Dec. 12th, 1830, was ed. at 
Bruch Hall, near Warrington, and m., 1864, Sarah Cathe- 
rine, 3rd d. of the late W. T. Hall. Esq., of .Mi!. 
near Wakefield. Is a J. P. for Lancashire. A Const 
Elected for Blackburn April 1880. 

C/»^— Junior Carlton. 

Country Rttid*nce—^\co\\ Blackburn. 

7>wt Rnidemc»—i^ PhiUimore Gardens, Keiuington, W. 

MmitmS or PARUAMSIfT. 


Arthur Cohen, O.C, ioo of the Utc Benjamin 
Cohen, Km|., of Aijrtil Hoott. Rkhmowd, Sttrrrr. ^ 
Iwtiaa. cteer of Sir MOWS MoBldiorc, Iff haft Ifr ^ » 
Kom Nov. iSch, ittQb vu cd. at Fnaklbn, ai I 
Colt School. LowloM, and at MagdalcM CoU.. Cambndce. 

-frad. B.A. jth Wrai^for 1851, M.A. l86(^-«ad m. 
Callad 10 iha Bar at the Inncf Temple 18^7, 

iSSq, EmoMlhM, d. of Heary Mi 

A (i.e. 1874. Wm ooe of the CosmmI for Great Bhiam m the Geneva 

fUtration. and a Member of the Coaimiarioa 00 Un«caw- 1% 

14^ uf the Cinque Torts ami Staadinf CooaiMl to the Vt <'»m- 

niige. A /jA^roA UiiMicoenfiilljr roimmrt Leva 187-. 


wark April 1880. 
CMb-IUfena. OdM aa4 GuaMdic 
Clai*»rw a, Fifar Baildhm. TmtpU, B.C 
JftMmr* ^ HoOmMI Park. W. 

▼noomrr ooLB duiakotoax 

I^wry Egerton Cole, son of the 
yd Karl of Eaniakillea, by jaae, eL d. of 
the late James Archibald C aaa m a jor , Eaq. 
He was horn Dec aitl, 1845, was ed. at 
I ton. and m., 1869^ Charlotte Marion, d. of 
(iir iate Donglas Baird, £&q., of Cloiebam, 
N.B. Entered the Rifle Brigade l86e and 
retired 186& It a LP. and a D.I> tot ou. 
Fermana^, of whidi he vas High Sheriff 
187a A C^mstnmiwe, Elected tor Eonis- 
killen April 188a 

C/mh^CMiHtm, T^trf. MaHbonMcli. St JanM»'». SscknOt ScfWL 
Wtaaford. OMklurr 

lift TBOKAf ft OOUBftOOn^ Bart daaarkahlrt. MottbX 

Thomas Edward Colebrooke, only son 01 
the late Henry Thomas Colebrooke. Eaa.. F.R.S..— 
member of the Coandl at Cakntta,— bjr ETuabeth. d. of 
the late Johnson Wilkinson, Esa. He was bom 1813. 
was cil. at Kloo, and m., 18^7, Eliabeth Marnrcf. <i. "( 
luhn Richardson, Esq., of*^ Kirklaods, Roxbonrhshirr. 
U lx>rd Lientenant of Lanarkshire, and FoJow of 
the Roy. Geographical Sa, and late Proident of the 
Roy. Asiatic Sa Succeeded his onde, the 5rd hart., 
18(8. A Ukra/. Sal for Tanalon from Feb. 184J till 
July 1852, and for Lanarkshire Iron 1857 tUl Nov. 1868, 
when he was first retttraed for North Lanarkshire. 


"o»""^ T0mm Jfn»dfmet-t4. 80th 8li»st. Crsii win S^aaw, W. 

V aa l » Ol U nh a wPark.Cham«y; Ab(i«M Hoasa LaMikihira. 




Jesse Colli NGS, son of the late Mr. Thomas 

Colling*, of Exmouth, hjr Elizabeth his wife. He was bom 
Dec. 1831, was c^\. at Church House School, Stoke, nen: 
Plymouth, and m., 1858, Emily, youngest d. of Eilv.u 
Oxcnbould, Esq. Assisted in founding the Devon and I ^ 
Boys' Industrial .Schools. Is Chm of the Birmip-''"- ' 
Libraries Committee. Eormerly Hon. Sec. of tl 
ham E<lucational Society, and of the National : > 

League. Has published several pamphlets on educational subjects. Was a 
member of the Birmingham School Board 1873-6, and Mavor of Birmingham 
1878-9. Is President of the National Federation of Liberal Asisociations, and 
a J. P. and an Alderman of Birmingham. Formerly head of the firm of 
Ceilings and Wallis, Birmingham. A Radical. Elected for Ipswich April 

RttUenct—T^ Woodlands. Wellington Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

. E COLLINS (Klnsale). 

^3flf Eugene Collins,* el. son of Daniel Collins. 

f3|B^ Esq., of Kinsale, by Catherine, d. of Martin Kcnefich. 

^^■^ ^ Esq., of Clontead, co. Cork. He was bom May 9tli. 
1822, was privately ed., and m., 1854, Louisa Marianm. 
d. of Thomas Henry Taunton, Esq., J. P., of Grand 
pont, near Oxford, and niece of the Hon. Sir W. K 
Taunton, a Justice of the Queen's Bench. Is a Fello^^ 
of the Statistical So. A moderate Liberal; "in favoi 
of such Home Rule for Ireland as would enable Irish- 
men to legislate on all subjects affecting the internal 
administration of their country. An advocate of de- 
nominational education as opposed to secularism.' 
First elected for Kinsale Feb. 1874, having in 1865 , 
been an unsuccessful candidate. 


/»«/— Henry Eueene Taunton, b. 1855 ; ed. at Hertford Coll.. Oxford : called to the Bar 
Lincoln's Inn 1879 ; is a Lieut tst Somerset Militia. 

C/m^«— Devonshire, Cobden, St. George's. 

7#«w« RnidUnce—" Middle Hurst," Porchestcr Terrace, Hyde Park, W. 

5'«i/#— Tjrnycwm, Carmarthenshire ; Kinsale, co. Cork. 

• The family of Collins were settled at Hythe. in Kent (which borotigh several member*. 
of the family represented in Parliament), from the 15th century unni 1600, when the elder i 
braiich, of which Mr. Collins is the lineal rep c cacom ire, settled in the south of Ireland. j 



^^''^ Syyti ...j. ..^ 



of Jamct 

.roM, Koviulk, by 


lertmiah Jamet Couian, 
iman, Em|., of Stoke Holy C 
d. of loha Bttrlingbam, K*q., of 

Boni loM I4tk. 18301 K4. priirmielir. ami 
18(6, CaraUae. - TI. CucM-IUrUy. 

ofUllierii«ict Ital.P. and* 

^ ' Vocfolk aoU ,».Aidi, olWhicli dty 

rifr 186a, and Majror 1867. Apaitatrfaitbe 

u^ Nurifkich and London. 

An imdefemdmt LikermI simI 
Fint dectod for Nomrich Feb. 31a, 

/uH'— Two HM sad (auf lUugliUrk. 
C/iJW-IUfati, Cobd— . Di naikh 1. 
X^mJIw /l^mM»-i«l, Cmmm Sum*. K.C : Bdcmw 
JM«r-€biT«« Houm. Nervkk : Tb* Qyib, CorttM. 



David la Touchc Colthurst, son of Sir 

Nicholas Conway Colthurst, 4th ban., by Eluabcth, only 
d. of the late Ucorse Voey, Em]., oi Latcan Hooac, 
CO. Dublin. He was bora l82i>; formerlir a Lient.« 
Col. in the Army ; served with the 17th Regt. in the 
Crimean cmmpauni, including kicge of Seba^oppl and 
assault on the Redan (medu with chup and TurkiUi 
medal). A Homt RuUr, Fir^t elected for 00. Cork 
Feb. 14th, 1879. 


ltni4Ume^l, Adelaide PUc«. Cork 


Andrew C 
late John Con 
bom 1832, an« 
ColL. Cork, 
1854, arv) I 
liar at I 

//(MM/ At' 

— grad. M 
in at Un 


, LL,D.^ second son of the 
of Ballvbcg, CO. CaHow. lie was 
at Cariow ColU And at Ooeen's 
A. at Queen's Univ. in Ireland 
niv. of London 1858. Called to the 
m i860 ; goes the Noctbem Circuit. A 
tod for RoKommon co. April i8Sa 





Francis Compton, D,C,L,^ sixth son of the 
late Henry Combe Compton, Esq., M.P., of M instead 
Manor House, Lyndhurst, Hants, by Charlotte, d. of 
the late William Mills bsq., of liisteme, Hants. He 
was bom 1824, and was ed. at Merton Coll., Oxford, 
— grad. B.A. in classical honors 1846, M.A. 1849, 
D.C.L. 18— ; was sometime a Fellow of All Souls' 
Coll. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn and at the 
Middle Temple 185a Is a J. P. for Hampshire. A 
Conservative. Elected for South Hampshire April 

Chmmbtn^x, Seijeanu' Inn, Fleet Street, E.C 

0. E. COOPE (MlddlesezX 
Octavius Edward Coope, son of the late 

John Coope, Esq., of Great Cuml^rland Place, I>ondon, 
by Anna Slaria his wife. He was bom 1814, and m., 
1848, Emily, d. of Capt. Fulcher, of the Indian Army. 
Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Essex, and a partner in the 
brewing firm of Ind, Coope, and Co., of Romford 
and Burton-on -Trent. A Conserrative. Sat for Great 
Yarmouth 1848. First elected for Mid<llescx Feb. 1874, 
having in 1 868 unsuccessfully contested the Tower 

C/««^/— Carlton, Burlington. 

TmvH Residence— -^1, Upper Brook Street, W. 

.Sra/— RochetU, South Weald. Brentwood. 

W. J. CORBET (Wicklow County). 

William Joseph Corbet, third son of the late 
Robert Corbet, Esq., of Ballykaneen, Queen's co., byj 
Alice, d. of John Mulhall, Esq., of Clonaslic, in the same] 
CO. He was bom 1825, was ed. at Broadwood House, 
l^ancashire, and m., 1865, Elizabeth, — who died 1871, — I 
d. of Richard Jennings, Esq. Is a member of the Royal 
Irish Academy. Author of various works, including 
•• Songs of my Summer-time," " The Battleof Fontenoy,**! 
and other poems, *' What is Home Rule?" etc. A Homt\ 
Ruler; an "advocate of denominational education, fixity] 
of tenure, and reform of the grand jury laws." Elected] 
for CO. Wicklow April 1880. 

C/m^— St. Stephen't Green, Hanover Square. 
Retidence—^^rva% Farm, Delgany, co. Wicklow. 

MEnms or PARLiAMEirr. 


rfm*4 Rtionm, €kmhmm.VtmmMn, 

John CoRB> 1 of the late Mr. Joseph 

Cbrbett, of Sliro(> nnah hi* wtfr. Ilrwatt-trn 

1817, Attil m., 1850, .AMua r lua, d. at Mr. JoimO'MauB, 
of Tipncnrjr co.Ua J.I*, for WormlanUf*, a J.P« 
aii«I « IJ.U for Mcfioocthkhir*- t^f't^*'*M^w of tbt Stoke 
i> ■> *^*h WorU, Worce*t. ircctor of tcvcral 

i ' iomfianies l.^u«tl uf ih< .f Impair, ^'Hf^ 

^ 'N. < "l«lm, an Amocuu of Uk loilkaUooof Civ I 
li.. ;.. a rormher of tJw Rr»y. A|rvic«lt«ral« ihc 

and QWB. of 



/*«/MM t^#w iLWuf P<d«: 

laifm Onbvkli 


: YBya>y.MaMiga|a, Towym* M 

J. P. OOKET (B«UkstX 
James Porter Corry, cI. ton of ihc late 

Robert Corry, Esq. , merchant* of Bcl&it* by Jane, d. of 

the ble M. Jamck Poiter, of BaUyuaeU, oa Down. He 

wa^ bom Sept. 8th, 1826, wma ed. privately, and at 

t Coll., and m., 1849, Margaret,— who died 1869, 

r thi lale William Seryioe, Eaq., of Glaapnr. Is 

>. Antrim and BcUmI, and a ah ip ow ncf and 

1 that borough. A Comsnvatne. Fiift elected 

for Belfiut Feb. 1874. 

C/bJv-Carltoa. Jaaior Cwfco«, \Jham. Svinrflb Scract. 
5m/— Diammim, ^ " 

0. 0. con 

Charles Cecil Cotes,* el. surviving son of the 
late John Cotea, £«q.. M.P. for N. Salop 1833.4, ^ 
I^v Louisa Harriet fenkinioo, d. of the 3fd and la»t 
Karl of Liverpool. He was bom 1846, and %ras cd. at 
Eton, and at Ch. Ch.. Oxford,— grad. B.A. 186a. Ai>. 
pointed a Lord of the Treasury April i88a Is a J. l*. 
and a D.L. for Shropshire and Staflbcdshiie, and 
Capt Salop Yco. Cav. A ZiAmi/. First elected for 
Shrewsburv Feb. 1874, havii^ in 1870 



IS vary 

of UM nil— tJM iif Til II 
6m Um tk»Akt at CVXM, 



^^4 William James Richmond-CorroN. He 

*5*y "tms bom Nov. 13th, 1822. Is sole owner of the most 

/j(y. important iron mines on the west coast of Norway, a 

e ^^^ffd merchant in I^omlon, and proprietor of Sun and Top- 

ping's wharves London Bridge. Was elected an Alder- 
man of the city of London 1866, and served the office 
of SheriflT of I^»ndon and Middlesex 1868-9, *"<! of Lord 
Mayor of the citv of London 1875-6. Is a J. P. for 
Middlesex, Hertfordshire, and the city of I>ondon, a 
Commissioner of Inland Revenue, for liertfonl, a mem- 
ber of the Haljerdashers' and Sarldlers' Cos., and the 
Turners' and Fan Makers' Cos., a Trustee of St. Andrew 
Undershaft, Chm. of the Mary Datchclor's Middle 
Girls' Schools, a Governor of Queen Anne's Bounty, a 
Governor of all the Royal Hospitals, one of the Committee of Aske's Charity, 
President of the City of London P. Rifle Corps, and a Director of the Liver- 
|>oolf London, and Globe Fire and Life Assurance Co. Author of ** Imagina- 
tion," a poem ; a brochure, "Smash," referring to commercial panics; and of 
various contributions to periodical literature. He was the promoter and some- 
time chairman and treasurer of the I^ncashire and Cheshire Operative Relief 
Fund, to which upwards of ;^520,ooo was contributed, and all distributed at a 
cost of only half per cent, to the fund. A Comervatire. Unsuccessfully 
contested South wark 1868. Electe<I for the city of I^ondon Feb. 1874, and 
re-elected March 31st, 1880, having upon each occasion polled a larger number 
of votes than any other member for the same constituency. 
C/»***— Carlton, City Carlton. 

Offices 27, St Mary Axe, E.C 

Tffutn RetitUnc* — 43, Cromwell Houses, S.W. 

Country /?/xi<£nwtf— Patcham Place, Patcham, Sussex. 

O. COUKTAULD (Maldon). 
George Courtauld,* el. son of the late 

George Courtauld, Esq., of Bocking. He was bom 1830, 
was ed. at Univ. College, London, and m. ist, 1855, 
Mina, — who died 1859,— -d. of W. Bromley, Esq., of 
Clapton, Middlesex; 2ndly, 1864, Susanna Elizabeth, — 
who died 1879,— d. of S. W. Savill, Esa., of Bocking. 
Is a J. P. for Essex, and a partner in the firm of Samuel 
Courtauld and Co., crape manufacturers, of Bocking, and 
19, Aldermanbury, E.C. A Liberal. Elected for Maldon 
Dec nth, 1878. 

C/«^— Reform. 

Town Retidence—y^ St. James's Place, S.W. 

Retidence—Cvx Hedge, Habtcwi. Essex. 

■flonSsbire, sttn in lU possesstoo, and which was held by Thooias de Cotes in 1 1 
the Blade Book of (he Exchequer was coaipUed. The grandtather of Mr. Cotes wa<. 


M.P. for Salop 1806-3 , .. . . , ^ 

' Is descended from a French Huguenot nmuy, who were dnvcn irom France at the 
' iofthe Edict of Nattiea. 




aLcOQEld ! 
boni 183a, ail 
CTmLEA.. 3> 
wM tl t c K d a i 
--^ Inn Jnt 185^ 
Uohwiitjr C 
Secrcuryof ^ 
s Dtrf^tor of iIm Colonial Banl 
the periodical prcM, 
^ic " loonial of the 
s ajMi an artide on h 
..nica." KUktfl. 1 
ch. 1874 

( NEY, eldest ton Of < 

■ ■ ■ !I., CambrKJifc. 

^^— of whidihc 

: Bar at Uaoolu'» 

ttcal Eoooooiy tn 

Appoimod Under 

•Toe iictmrtment Dec l88a 

i Aatnor of nnmemo^ con- 

i860) 00 "I 

y* 00 Ibr 

''MT edition ui inc r.nt^(.i«>- 

Utkcaid Dec tand, 1876, 

Ttmm R0ttdtm f ». 8c Jmm«*» PUm. S.W. 

r«M«M(»-i«, QiMMi Aaa«'t i>«ie. S. W 
:i«w<>^ Owipri SttiroM*. 

Old SquM«. UmoIb** Im. W.C 
J. OOW AV (BdlBbOrg^ 

James Cowan, son of Alexander Cowan. Fs*^ , 
pnper nunnfacturer, of Vallevfield and Bank ' 
cvik. N.B., I7 Eluabcth, d. of George Ha f 

LaverpooL He was bom Maich I2tb, 1816, wA*ed. ai 
the nieb Sch., and at the Univ. of Edintwr^, and m., 
1841, Cbariocte, d. of Duncan Cowan, F 
If a paper-maker, and a J. P. and a D. I 

of Wbtr»' »'- - - - 


Lord'Provoat front .^<'.. i.,72 till 
fonnerly Capt. of Edinlnirgfa Rifle VoL 
elected for Edinburgh Feb. 1874. 

C l mk$ R< fw . EdiDbitrgb Uoivenity. 
R t dd me t js. Royal Terrace, Edinbiiffh. 
Lm dm RmwUmrt too, Sc GMffa'a Sqnara. & W. 

J. OOWn (Vtwcastl*>iipon-TyiitX 
Joseph Co WEN, son of the late Sir Joseph 

Cowcn, M.P. for Ncwca*ilcupon-Trne, by Mary, d. o( 
the late Mr. Anthonv Newton, of Winlaton. He wa« bom 
1831, was ed. at the Univ. of Edinbtugb, and m.. 
lane, d. of the late Mr. John Thompton. of Fatfic 
Durham. Is a ooalowner, and fire>bnck and dav rexon 
raannfartnrer. Proprielar of tlM A^nnr«iE«(^ An^ CAnMnrilr, 
and of the Ntweasti* W«tkly Ckr&mkU^ and author of 
inrruaN ^M>IiticaI pamphlets, &c A RaJual : in favor of a national foreign 
licy. Kii»t elected for .N'ewcafttle-upon*Tyne Jan. 1874 ; rc<elected Feb. jrxl, 
74. and Apnl 3rd, 1880. 

r/«4t-R«lona. K«Mii«u». 
Qtfbw-M, Emm Somi. Soaad. W.C 

Han, Blaydoa upoa-Ty— . 



T P. OOWPBE (Hirtfbrdilimx 

Henry Frederick Cowper, second 
Konuf the 6th Earl Cowper, by Anne Florence, 
Haroness Lucas, el. d. of the 1st EarldeGrey. 
Me was bom April i8th, 1836, was ed. at 
Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and is un- 
married. Is a D.L. of Kent, a J. P. for Herts, 
antl heir-presumptive to the 7th Earl Cowper. 
A Liberal. Unsuccessfully contested Hert- 
fordshire March 1864; first elected for that 
constituenc)' July 1865. 

C tm b9 Brook*'*. Tiavellen', MAriborough, St. Jaine*'^ Dcvoiuhirc. 

Jm/— Brocket Hall, Welwyn, Herts. 

7>WM Rttidentt—^, St. James's Square, S.W. 

W. Y. CRAIO (StaffordBliire, North). 

William Young Craig, son of the late John 
Craig, Esq., of Burntisland, Fifeshire. He was bom 
May 1827, and m., 1857, Henriette Milton, d. of the 
late Capt. Richard Stanncy, of the Isle of Wight. Is 
a mining engineer, and a coal and ironstone proprietor 
in North .Staffordshire. Elected Pres. of the North 
Staffordshire Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engi- 
neers 1879, and re-elected 1880. Author of several 
papers on mining subjects. A Liberal. Electee for 
North Staffordshire April 1880. 

C^wrArrr— Palace Chambert. St. Stephen's, WestmiiBter, 

RetuUnc*—^, Cambridge Gate, Regetit's Park, W. 


B. CRETKE (York Cit7). 

Ralph Creyke, only son of the late Ralph 
Creyke, of Rawcliffe and Marton,* Yorkshire, by 
Louisa Frances, 2nd d. of the late Col. Croft, ot 
Stillington Hall, York. He was bom Sept. 5th, 1849, 
and was ed. at Eton and at Univ. of Camb. Is a J. P. 
for Elast and West Ridings of York, Middlesex, and 
Westminster, and a D.L. for West Riding of York. A 
Liberal. Elected for York April 2nd, 1880. 

C/a(3.f^ Brooks's, Deronshire, Sl James's. 

J/a/x— Rawcliffe Hall, Selby ; Marton Hall, Bridlington. 

Town RttitUnc* — a8, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 

* "^^ M.irton property ha* been in the powcuion of the Creyke family since 1445. Joho 
ile Lrej ke represented York in 1358. 

or PARLiAyEjrr. 


M (7«nnAaMli 
John llciiry Crichton ( I'iuvunt 

CrnA/i^m), rl. M*n of ihr Jnl K^r! of h rtir, 

K. V„ by SkliM Grkclda, and d. oT ihc Uic 
Rev. CIhuIm BtPMlMtL He ««* bom Oct. 
l6ih, |8|9, HTM ed. tt Eton, and at CK 
Ch.. Oxibfd. wherahemd. a A. i86i,M.A. 
1863 ; and m., |87(\ Ladv Florrrv- V-- . 
d. or ibc 3fd Kari or Enakkillea 
and a D. L. for CO. Fennaaagh. ^^ 

. and or Donegal ib07, 
Tnamuy Hon Feb. 
nfTfathf. Sal lor Enniakilkn from Nov. 1868 
>. Kcnrarfuigh April 91b, 188a 

it* Pbc«. Hyd« pMk CoTMr. 8 W 

of FcroMM^ i86mu a 
and a Lora oT ibe 


James Ckopprr, eL son of the late John 

Cropper. Eaq., or Dingle Bank, Liverpool, by Ann. d. ol 
John Wakefield. Ksq.. of Kendal. He wat bom 1833. and 
m., i&4$, Fannv Alikoo, d. of the late John Wake6cld. Eao, 
or Sedgwick. Westmoreland. It a J.P. and a D.l. for 
Weatmordand, and a paper-maker. Was High Shcrift 
oT Wettmorehmd 1875. A UAfra/, Elected for KcimUI 
Dec i6tb, 188a 

J. K. OBOn dollOtt-to-Moon). 

John Kynaston Cross, son of the bte John 
CroM. Eaq., or Gartaide House, Bolton, by Hannah, only 
d. oT the hue Richard Kynastoo, Eao., oT Bolton. He was 
bom Oct. 13th, 1833, and m.. 185^ Emihr, d. of the late 
Jaroc« Carlton, Esq., or Irwcll Hooae, near Maacheater. Is 
a j. P. for Bolton, a merchant at Mancharttr, and a cotton- 

nner and mannfactnrer at Bohoo. An im ifptndm i 
Fint fleeted for BoltoD-lc^oors Feb. 4th, 1874. 



KIOHT ROH. tnt EIOHAKD A. 0B088 (Lanoaahirt. BonUi-WMt). 
^M Richard Assheton Cross, r.C, G.C.B., 

^m F./^.S., D.C.L., LL.IX, third son of the late William 

ifi^L Cro»», Ksq., D.L., of Red Scar, near Preston, hy 

^^^^^ -• Ellen, d. of the late Kdward Chaffers, Esq. Hewn. 
l>..!n May joth, 1823, was ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. 
< 1' . Camb.,— ^jrad. B.A. 1846, and Hon. LL.D., 
isj.s: and Hon. IXC.L. Oxford 1877,— and m., 1852, 
(.( i^^iana, d. of the late Thomas Lyon, Esq., oi 
Ali'lcton Hall, Cheshire. Calle<l to the Bar at th. 
1849, and made a Bencher of his Inn 
•enl the Northern Circuit. Is a J. V. 
Lancashire, and a J. P. for Chr^InK . 
Was .Secretary of State for the Home Department ti ;ii 
tic was sworn a Privy Councillor, until April 1880, whc-n he- 
was created a G.C.B. A Comert'ath>e. Sat for Preston from 1857 till 1862. 
First elected for South- West I^ncashire Nov. 1868. 

I y M .vj'i'icion iiaii, \^ 

ify/y^ Inner Temple 184 

^>^ /sA 1876 ; formerly w« 

-^ 7^ .in<l a D.L. for L 

C/«^— Athenaeum, Carlton. St. Stephen 't. 
T«mn Rt$idtHct—\i, Warwick Square, S.W. 
5'<m/— Eccle Riggs, Broughton-in-Fumeu. 

A CRUM (RenfrewshireX 

Alexander Crum, eldest son of the late Walter 
Crum, Esq., F. R.S., of Thomliebank, by Jesse, d. of the 
late William Graham, Esq., of Bumtshiel, co. Renfrew. 
He was bom 1828, and m., 1863, Margaret Nina, el. d. 
of the late Ru Rev. Alexander Ewing, D.C.L., LL.D., 
Bishop of Argyll. Is a J. P. and a D. L. of Renfrewshire. 
A Liberal. Elected for co. Renfrew Nov. 29th, 1880. 

C/«*— Windham. 

Rttidence —li\\QircX\^\A.T\i, Gla&gow, N.B. 


George Cubitt, P.C, son of the late Thor 
Cubitt, Elsq., of Denbies, Surrey, by Mary Anne, d. 
Samuel Warner, Esq. He was bom at Clapham 182 
and was ed. at Trinity Coll., Camb. ; grad. M. A. 185 
Was second Church Estates Commissioner from Fel 
1874 till March 1879. Swom of the Privy Counc 
March 24th, 1880. In 1853 he m. Laura, d. of the h 
Rev. James Joyce, Vicar of Dorking. Is a D.L. fo 
Surrey and Middlesex. A Coiuervative. First elc 
for West Surrey 1860. 

Clubs— Oxr' '"arlton. 

TtnoH Resi rince'» Gate, S. W. 

^■r/i/— Den: , i j. 

MiMBeiui or PARLiAMfirr. 




Militia, and a 
CO. he wa« i 
Flint l>i*triiJ 
for Denbigh 1 

r/wAj 1 r4vrllrr»'. BMok»*». 
S/i/ A. 

A. OUVUmL But. (DwMgk Dtotilott. 

r ' ■ ^'- ' ^ IKK, 5ih Utft, son of 

ih £»H.. ofihtBcafiiavU 

Sci..... ;.. ^-. j^... 17th, 1839^ WM cd. M 

Kioo, and m., 1869, Eleanor Sophb EgtfUm. onhr 4. 

of Major Fi*rrff>n Yjriiih. of Wrtt fUlC Hich Ix^lifli. 

ai red theSc»' ' 

Capt. I Saocmicti tiu 

gramKii- IMe, 4^ ban.. 

Kcb. 1^74; ci 

u i'^rk,. \Vrc»haa. D*abialutuf«. 

D. OVRRIS (FwthHOrt). 

Donald Currib, C.M.G,^ F./f.CS., son of the 

late James Cunie, £ic|., of Greenock, bjr Elixabeth, d. of 
thr late Donald Martin, Eaq., of Greenock. He was h. 
I Si 5, and m. Margaret, d. of the late fohn Miller, Esq., of 
l.ucqxwl, and Aidencraig, Bute. U a thipowner, and 
hcati of the 6rm of Donald Carrie and Co., and a Comnr. 
of Lieutenancy for the City of London. Nominated a 
C.M.G. 1877. A Uttm/, UnnccesalttUy cnolotted 
Greenock 1878. 

MMiifint"n> Hrda Park PIm». Loodoa. W. : Ouay Houm. Ab«f«ldr, PwtlMliin, 


Charles !>• :d son of the late 

Sir Charlc* Da !» hart.— and brother 

of the Right 11 , >. ; . .^uvson, 6th bart.. by 

Helen, d. of the late Rt. Hon. D. Boyle, of Shewalton, 

Ayrdiire. He was bom Oct. l«h. 1830, was cd. at 

Harrow and at Trin. ColL. CamL,— grad. B.A. third- 

chua Clanics 1S62. and M.A. 1865,— and m.. 1874, Alice 

Mary, and d. of Sir Edward Hunter Blair, 4th bart. 

Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn Nov. 186c. Is a I. P. 

and a D.L. CO. of East Lothian, a J. P. for Mid-LotUan 

and Ayrshire, and Capt. Prince Regent's Art and Wigtown 

Mi!i!ia. .Avsumed in 1849 the surname of I)alrvnu>Ic. in lieu ofhis patronymic, 

'o the estates of his great -gr. "^ir David Dalrymplc, Locd 

njenrnthft. Sat for Butrsl. ^ov. 1868 till March 1880; 

July 3id, 1880, having in April ul Uiat year been an 

ev-S^Oasknr Homh, S.W. C^#-Ck«ll<M. 

Antaaoaif. Isit of Baia, N.& 




John Daly, son of the late John Daly, Esq 

of Cork. He was born 1834, and was cd. at Cloi 
gales Coll., CO. Kildare. Is a J. P. for co. Cork, a: 
Alderman and a J. P. for Cork city, — of which he w:i 
Mayor 1871-2 and 1872-3,— a Chevalier of the Legi« 
of lionor, and a merchant at Cork. A Liberal. Un 
successfully contested Tralce Feb. 1 874, and Cork city 
May 1876. Elected for Cork city April 1880. 

/?rf/V/^M<-^— Rookhurst, Moakstown, co. Cork. 


H. T. DAVENPORT (StaffordBhlre. North). 

fl^ Harry Tichbome Davenport, 3rd son of the 

J^^^ late John Davenport, Esq., J. P. and D.L. of Westwoo<i . 

^^SQb Staffordshire, and Foxley, Herefordshire, by Charlotte. 

^ 2nd d. of the late George Coltman, Esa., of Hagnaby 
Priory, Lincolnshire. He was bom I033, was cd. at 
Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1856, 
M.A. 1859, — and ni., 1868, Georgiana Henrietta, el. d. 
of Sir William Curtis, 3rd bart. Called to the I'lr .it 
the Inner Temple i860. Is a J. P. for Slaffor'i 
A Conservative, Unsuccessfully contested Ne\s\ 
under- Lyme Feb. 1874, and Stoke-upon- Trent 1^75 
Elected for North Staffordshire April l88a 
C/«^*— United University, Carlton. 
Retidence— Hem Heath, Trentham, Stoke-upon-Trem. 

W. BROMLEY-DAVENPORT (Warwickshire. North). 

William Bromley-Davenport, son of the la( 

Rev. Walter Davenport, of Wootton Hall, Staffordshire,- 
who in 1822 assumed the additional surname of Bromk 
— by hb 1st wife, Caroline Barbara, d. of the late V< 
Archdeacon Gooch. He was bom Aug. 20, 1821, 
cd. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and m,, 185J 

' crista Elizabeth, el. d. of the late Walter Carn; ' ' 
|., of Islay. Is a D.L. and a J. P. for the cos. u\ 

,. .ck and SlalTonl, and Lieut.-Col, of the Staffoi 
Yeo. Cav. In 1868 he assumed bv royal licen 
name of Bromlev - Davenjxjrt, in lieu of Davc.i_ 
Bromley. A Liberal Conservative. First returned fur 
North Warwickshire Dec. 1864- 

Pmtrtm 0/ tkrte Livimjp—BaLpnu>n, R., Warwickshire: Ellactone, V., Suffbrdshirc 
Capeuhornc, V., Cheshire. 

C^«Af— Carlton. White't. Marlborough, Travellen'. 

TWwi Re$idrm(e—x. Belgrave Place, S.W. 

Stmt*- Baginton Hall, near Coventry : Capetthome, ChelforJ, Cbethire. 


Honce Davkv, Q,C,, um of the Utc Peter 

Dsvejr, Emi., of Horton, Bockt, and Toniuay. He 

WW bom ilu, «rM ed. at Racl>jr, •»< < «ill-. 

Oxlocd.— <rad. B.A. doabk IK das i 1 n.. 

1863, Looita HawcB, d. of the late John liooKta, Eaq. 

Called to the Bar at Unoola't I bo 1861, and bacaaw 

(,).C. 187s. A Ldnrnt, Elected far OwiUdMircli 

April 18801 

Cfa*r~Dii-d i iw. Odbnl and C«>bridl9i. 
CU«Arr«~ 1. DM SqMf«. UMda'* Im. W.C 
r#<M KftUfm t * WN Qmm'» G«« GwdMM. S.W. 

D. DAVIB (( 

L>a\'id Davibs, too of the late Mr. Divid 
Davie*, by Eluabdh hk wtfe. He was bora Dec. l8(li, 
1818. Attended a day-tchool at Uandinam, bvt tf 
principally telf-edncatcd. Married, 1851, Margaret, d. of 
Mr. Mwani looes, of UanCur. Began liic a* a «rorking' 
man, then following the potvuit of agricoltnre, and after> 
wanU became a railway oootiactor. b now a oollienr 
proprietor, a Director of the Brecon and Mcfthyr Rail> 
way, a I. P. for MontgooMnnhire, and Chm. of the 

:)dinam School Board. A likerat. Firtt elected lor Cardigan District Feb. 

4. U nmcffi illT conteated Cardiganshire 1865. 

%, DAVIEi (Andaeeyx 
Richard Davuls, son 

of the late Richard 

l>avic*, Vm\., of Langefni, Aiufleiev. He was bum iSiS, 
and m., 18^5, Annie, only chud 01 the late Rev. Henry 
Kecs, of Laverpool. Is a D.L. for Anglesey, a J. P. lur 
Anglesey and Carnarvon, and a shipowner. Was High 
Sheriff of Anglesey i8<8. A LUtroL UnsncccssliUly 
contested Carnarvon District 1852. Fir«t elected lor 
Anglesey Nov. 1868. 

William Davies, son of the late Nf r. Thomas 

Davies, of Haverfordwest. He was born §821, and waa 
ed. at the Kev. J. Brown's private sdiooL b a J.P. 
and a D.L. for Pembrokeshire, and a J.P. and an 
Alderman of HaverfordwML A mtrmi. Elected for 
Pembrokeshire April i88o^ having in 1876 been an 

MmUmiM quu>Mlna, MiMM IUv«a : Sprii« Cs r d-i, 




I>ewis Payn Dawn ay, second son of thr 

7th Vi*count Downe, by Mary Isabel, d. of the lat. 
Right Rev. the Hon. Richard Bagol, D.D., Bishop • ; 
Oxford. He was born April 1st, 1846, was e<l. : 
Kton, and m., 1877, Victoria Alexandrina Elizabeth, 
d. of the laic (icn. the Hon. Charles Grey. Entered 
the Coldstream Guards 1865, became Lieut, and Capl. 
1867, Capt. and Lieut. -Col. 1876, and retired 1877. 
A Consfrt'ative. Unsuccessfully contested York Feb, 
1874. Elected for Thirsk April 1880. 
C/m^«— Carlton, White'k, Guanb', Yorkshire. 

C. DAWSON (Carlow BoronglD. 

Charles Dawson, son of Mr. Michael Dawsoi 
of Dalkey, co. Dublin, who was sometime an AM"""'* 
of Limerick. He was bom 1842, was ed. at the C 
Univ. of Ireland, and m., 1873, Catherine, d. «.i 
liam Carroll, Elsa,, Secretary of the Limerick Hailwn 
Commission. Was High Sheriff of Limerick 18767 
Is a member of the Town Council of Dublin, and ] r.. 
prietor of the ** Limerick Bakery," Dublin, and "f m i, 
and coal stores, Limerick. A Home RuUr. Llccicd 
for Carlow borough April 1880. 

Offtcft — 27, Lower Stephen Street, Dublin : BrunswirL- Strm 
tUsui*MC*—Sx. MichaeKs, 19, Ardeevin Road, Dalkey, Dublin. 

DE FERRIERES (See FerrieresJ. 

DE ROTHSCHILD [See Rothscmidl. 

DE W0RBI8 [See Wormsl. 

June 1 8th. 

A. 0. DICKSON (Dover). 
Alexander George Dickson, son of Geort 
Dickson, Esq., Belchester, Berwickshire, by Jane, cl. 
of Gen. Sir Martin Hunter, G.C.M.G., 0! Me<l< 
Durham, and Anton's Hill, Berwickshire. He w. 
Tune 23rd, 1834, was ed. at Rugby, and m., 1861. 
lotte Maria, 3rd d. of the Hon. and Rev. William 
and widow of the late Lord North. Entered the Ai...j ...- 
Ensign 62nd Foot, Feb. 1853, and became Lieut. June 
1854 ; exchanged in 1855 as Capt. to the 6th Dragoon 
Guards (Carabineers), and as Major to the 13th Hassars iit 
July i860. Served with the 62nd Foot at the siege o( 
Sebastopol from Nov. 1854 to July 1855, including thej 
attack on the Quarries on the 8th June, and on the Ke<lan 
Was present with the Carabineers at the outbreak of the Sepoy) 

MUiana or pakuamimt. 


■my at Menit, loih May, 1857. at the actiorn o^ the Htodva, loih and ti%t 
•>'f battle of Buaick««ari, and the tohae^ittciu opcrmtkNia Man Delhi. 

nwdab and chup^ and the Turkish madaL A mmUmU CV 

ted for Dover jnly 186$. 
Cfm*»~ Amy Md Navy. Uaii«d 8«vka, Gwheik 

^^^^~-^> Dickkott, 

f ■ I » 




j amet Dickson, el. son of Thomas Alexander 
£»q.. fofiBcHy M.P., of Miltown lloixur, 
by Elinbelh Gfter» d. of John M*Gc9gh. 
Eaq., merchant, of Coolutown. He was born April 
19th, 1859, and waa ed. at the Royal School, Dun- 
gannon. A JLdtra/, Elected for Dwnginnno June 
aSth, 188a 

Stm*-UVk«m% Hovac, Dbi^miiwi 

B. H. T. DIOBT (Boraetahlrei 

Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby, el. son of the 
9th Baroo Digby, by Lady Theresa Anne Maria, d. of the 
3fd Earl of Ilchcster. lie was born 1846. Entered the 
Coldurcam Guards aa Ensign and Lieut. 1866, became 
Lieut. an<l Capt. 1868, an Instructor of .Musketry 1869, 
and Capt. and Lieut. -Col. 1877 ; was Adjutant 18746. 
A Cotutrvatwe. FirU elected for Dorsetshire Feb. 3rd, 

C/W*— Guards'. Tmvalfen'. Carhoa. WhiMV 

Ttmm Rtttdtrntt — T^ Bcltnv« Squaiv, &W. 

A. w. DXLKB (Vvwoaslla-upoB-TyMX 

Ashton Wentworth Dilke, second son of 

'h Dilke. 1st hart.,— eometime 

vho died 1869^— bv Manr, only 
iiam Chatfield, Madras Ca%^Irv. 
. was ed. at Trini^r Hall. ' 
olar. and m., §876^ Marg... 

. M.P. forTyncmouih. i* 
iUk, A Rmdk^t, Eicv-tcd 



ta OHABLB W. DILX^ Bart (OhalMft). 

Charles Wentworth Dilke, eL son of Sir 
Charles Wentworth Dilke, 1st ban.,— sometime M.IV 
for Wallingfonl, who died 1869,— by Mary, only d. of tli' 
late Capt. William Chatfield, 1st Madras Cavalry. II 
wxs Iwm 1843, was cd. at Trin. Hall, Camb., — Scni( 
Ixrgalist 1866, LL.M. 1868,— and m., 1872, Katherine, 
who died 1874, — only d. of the late Capt. Arthur ' ;• ■ 
.Sheil. Called to the Bar at the Middle TempU 
1866. Appointed Under Secretary of State for !•. 
AflTairs April 1880. Proprietor of The Athenctunt, an 
of Notes and Queries; ana author of ** Greater Britain, 
and of several pamphlets, h. Radical. First elected fu 

Chelsea Nov. 

C/i(A»— Reform, Cobden, nurlington. 
Retidmen-^, Sloan« Street. S.W. 

La Sainte Campagne, Cap Brun, Toulon. 

J. DILLON (Tlpperary County). 

John Dillon, son of the late John Blake 
Dillon, M.P. for co. Tipperary 1865-6, by Adelaide, d. 
of the late William Francis Hart, Ksq., of Dublin, 
was bom 1851, and was ed. at the Catholic Univ. 
Dublin. Is a Licentiate of the Royal Coll. of Sui 
in Ireland. A Nationalist. Elected for co. Tipp< 
April 1880. 

Retid*nc*—'^oit^ Great George Street, Dublin. 

L. L. DILLWTN (Swansea Dlitrict). 

Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn, second son 

the late Lewis Weston Dillwyn, of Sketty Hall, — M. 
for Glamorganshire 1832-7, and well known for 
writings upon natural history and botany, — by Mary, 
of the late John Llewelvn, Esq., of Penllergare, Gl 
morganshire. He was bom May 19th, 1814, and if 
1838 m. Elizabeth, d. and heiress of the late Sir H. T 
De La Beche, C.B. Is a D. L. and a J. P. of Glamorgan 
shire. Col. Com. 3rd bat. Glamorganshire Rifle Vol., a 
Director of the Great Western Railway Co., and Chm. of 
tlit (j......w,^.v,,,,,,ie Banking Co., and a Fellow of the Linna*an and Geological 

Sos. A Liberal. First elected for Swansea District Feb. 1855. 

C/i«^— Athen«um. 

5><t/— HendrefoiUn. near SwanKa. 

Cluunbert-XQ, King's Bench Walk, Temple, EC. 



J. DOPDt (itoOtMKipoa tm^ 


L . 

Anne, wha tl 
•nd oottsin tn 
the DttriiagtiM^ 
Co.. PraUeM 

, cL ton of Matthew Dodds, EtQ., 

t. Dvrlum. bv MAxifarrt. <i. of Mr. 
He wa« f V the 

in, M A , 47 m. 

Mrk«jr, of 

-. If 1^ lor CO. i/uriuua, CUk of 

. and of the T«(i P rid f Iron 
■ tad ollMr loal 

>c cooat^ of DvffbaBi um 

tice a« a tolidtor at Stockton, 
/Jttrm/; a gencfal Mppoftcr of 

Oevclaad, aa^i 
vrhkh boroogb he «nu Mayor i.s 
Gladitooe's policy. Ftnt electcii lor .>t(Kktoo-«poo-Teea l86& 

r^M ^J*M»-Ms. Pdl Malt. ^ 
Cm«*7 Xm td tmt * IUa«octh 

BIOBT HON. JOBS (UOBOS D0D80H (ScarhoroiifbX 

John George Dodson, P. C, only son of the Ute 

Rt. Hon. Sir John Dodaon, by Frances PriscUla, d. of the 

late George Peanon, E«q., M.D. He was bore 1835, and 

was ed at Eton,— whcte he eained the Prince Conwft** 

prise for Modern Langoages 1841 and 1842,— «ad at Ch. 

Ch., Oxford : md. B.A. 1st class in Classics 1847. M.A. 

185a In 1856 he m. Florence, 2nd d. of W. J. Cam p ioo, 

Esq., of Danny, Sussex. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's 

Inn 1851. Is a D.L. and a J. P. for Sussex, a M.R.I., a 

F.R.G.S., a Director of the Rock Assu. Co., and author 

of several articles and pamphlets. Was for tereral yean 

uty Speaker of the House of Commons, Chro. of Wars md Means, and 

I. of Referees, and, 1873-4, Financial SecreCarr to the Treasary. Created a 

' y Councillor i8^x Appointed Preiideiu of the Local Govenuneat Board 

>1 l88a A iA^ • in favor of eomomy, and opposed to all grants 

he support of r DomtBationt. Promoted tne Repeal of the Hop 

tea (abolished i> i niversity Voting; Papers Act f passed 1861). the 

Oxford Univervity T^u Abolition BtU, -s Registration 

Bill 1864. Unsaocesfully contested East ..... 

and sat for that constitumcy from April i»57 mi Jan. 1S74, 

from Feb. 1874 till JuIt 1880^ when he was unseated 00 petitkm; eleaed 

for Scarborough July joth, 1880. 

Cft JW Br Do k* !, Rdbna. Uai««r«ty. DavoMkifc. Tuwrn*. 
r«w K*ndfmn^-6, Smsmmv Pteca. MsyCur, W. 
.fM^-Coajrberow U««s. Svmu. 

.1 March 1857. 
and for Clwtter 




A. IKBSS-DOnOLAfl (Ktnt. BMt). 

Aretas Akers- Douglas, only son of the latt 
Rev. Aretas Akcrs, of Mailing, Kent, by Francr 
Maria, d. of Francis Hollis Brandram, Esq., of Tun- 
bridge WelU. He was l)orn 1851, utls ed. at Eton, 
md at Univ. Coll., Oxford, and m., 1875, Adeline, <1 
•f Horatio Austen Smith, Esq., of Il.iycs Court, Kcni 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1874. Is a J.I'. 
forces. Kent and Dumfries, and Lieut. East Kent Yeo. 
Cav. Assumed in 1875, by royal license, the additional 
surname of Douglas. A Constrvative. Elected for East 
Kent April 1880. 

C/wA— Union. 

Sfatt—CK\\*xoT\ Park, Maidstone ; Lenham. Kent ; Mailing Abbey, Maiditone : Crtugt, 
near Dumfries, N. B. 


T. DUCKHAM (Herefordshire). 
Thomas Duckham, second son of the late Mr. 
John Duckham, of Shirehampton, near Bristol. He was 
bom Sept. 26lh, 1816, was ed. at private schools at Bristol 
and Hereford, and m. 1845, Is a tenant farmer, founder of 
the Central and Associated Chaml^ers of Agriculture, a 
member of the Councils of the Central Chamber of Agri- 
culture, of the Bath and West of England and Southern 
Counties Association, and of the Smithfield Club, Secretary 
of the Herefordshire Agricultural Society, and Chm. of the Ross Highway Board, 
of the Farmers' Club, I ondon, and of the Herefordshire Chamber of Agriculture. 
Was for twenty years Editor of the Hereford Herd Book. A Liberal ; a strong 
supporter of the agricultural interest. Elected for Herefordshire April 1880. 
Clnb — Farmef*'. 
Rettdetut—Y^yiham. Court, near Rom. 


"^^ Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff, /'.C.son 

^t of the late James Cuninghame Grant Duff, Esq., of Eden, — 

^^^ the first Political Resident at Sattara, — by Jane Catharin- 

only d. of the late Sir Whitelaw Ainslie, M.D., auth- 
of "Materia I ndica." He was bom Fib. 2ist, 1829, aim 
was ed . at Edinburgh, at Bishopwearmouth, and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford ; grad. B.A. 1850, — 2nd class in Uteris hu- 
manioribus, — M.A. 1853, in which year he gained the 
studentship of fifty guineas offered for competition by the 
United Inns of Court, and gr^d. LL. B. in honors at tl ' 
London Univ. 1854, In 1859 he m. Anna lulia, on 
child of Edward Webster, Esq., of the North Lodge, Ealing, Called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple Nov. 1854, but has ceased to practise. Was Under 
Secretary of State for India 1868-74, and Lord Rector of Aberdeen University 



: ^06•73. AppofailMl VoArt SMTtlary of Suie dtt ihc Colunir* April 1880 1 
aiMltwomof UM I il May tSS). 1> f(h«ca».ol 

AbcfdMoaiid Mu( i.jr BuUbhirr. a ! 

and Linna«n Societies, auA Author of ' 


(iUnnovcr Eunjpe,** "Kl^nn Sj 

t IoiUmi jottmey." ami ** Mnoc 

HBoUn of Um Othti ToiU A 

^oiiiK^i ai¥i uiirrari 

ry ^ 'lie ol tnc 

AboUUon BUI. 1864, '65, Md W A £i««r»y. 
^ <-)«cted Car Elgia Dbirict Dae. 1837. 

•HMMv-Yvli HeuM. TwkkrakHiL 

R. W. DUrr (BanffV 

Robert Duff, only ton of 

the Ute Ar' • KwK, of FcttarcMo»~ 

who aanuBcd the tiAtne 01 Abercromby on 
•Qcoeedinf to th« e«Ulc» of hit mother,— by 
Klt/xticth, <1. of John Inoo* £«q.,of Covrie, 
Kincanlinekhirc. He was bora May 8lh, 
183$. wased. at BUckheath Sch., and m., 
1871, Loaiia. d. of Sir WUltam ScotL, 6U1 
bart. In 1848 he entered the Naw. ami 
became Lieut. 1856. 1* a ! 
of Banf&hire and Kincai 
rcamumed the niteraal name uf Duff uo 
cecdinff to the estates of his ancle, Dec 1861. A Lihtral ; in bvor of 

Krform of the Land Laws Lowering the Coanty Franchtie, and Self-Gorem- 

meni (or Coontiei. Fint elected for Banff Dec. 1861. 

a<« tf tm» LMi^»-Uarv Cuh<r and Fmv 
(-.Bfooks't, Anir aad Navy. Ttof. 




John Charles Dundas, second son of the 

late Hon. John Charles Dundaa, M.P. for Richmond, 
bv Maipuet Matilda, d. of James Talboc, Eaq., 
of Marv Ville, co. Wexford. He was born Sept. 
aitt, 1845. was ed. at Hanow, and at Trin. ColL, 
Camb.,— grad. B.A. ikt in 2tu\ class Claaaical Tripos 
1867,— and m., 1870, rV- M *' - f outsa Wood, and 
d. of the lit Vikcount 1 to the Bar at 

Lincoln's Inn Jan. i86<' t . of Orhacy and 

Shetland, and a D.I. ami a J.i'. for the North Riding 
of Yorkshire. Katjcil to the rank of an Earfs son 
1873. A Uktrai. First elected for Richmond June 


oTIMrio ' 

vwH tnm David d« Scnbolgit. nth Eari of/ 
hJaiMLiiM AvMATDuff. TkaM of FIfa. to »l 

yaft o( tiM prapcfty foivniMi by iaa aacMi 






William Hart Dyke, P.C.f el. surviving son of 
Sir Percivftl Hart Dyke, 6th bart.,— who died 1875.— ^X 
Elizabeth, d. of the late John Wells, Esq., of liickley, 
Kent. He was bom Aug. 7th, 1837, was ed, at Harrow, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad. M.A. 1 861,— and m., 
1870, Lady Emily Caroline, el. d. of the 7th Earl of 
Sandwich. Is a D.L. and a J. P. of Kent. Was Patronage 
Secretary to the Treasury fiom Feb. 1874 till April 1880, 
when he was sworn of the Privy Council. A Consfrva- 
ttve ; but not opposed to "those moderate changes which 
altered circumstances render necessary." Sat for West 
Kent from July 1865 till Nov. 1868, when he was first 
elected for Mid-Kent. 

C/mA« -Carlton. White's, Boodle's, Marlborough. 
.Sm/— LttUingstooe Castle. Dartford, Kent. 


T. EARP (Kewark-upon-Trent). 
Thomas Earp, son of William Earp, Esq., of 
Derby, by Sarah, d. of Mr. James Tavlor, of Muskham, 
Newark. He was bom May 5th, 1830, was ed. at the 
Diocesan School, Derby, and m., 1855, Martha, d. of 
T. Weightman, E.sq., of Langford, Notts. Is a partner 
in the firms of Gilstrap, Earp, and Co., maltsters, and 
of Richardson, Earp, and Slater, brewers, and a Town 
Councillor of Newark-upon-Trent, of which borough he 
was Mayor 1869-70. An advatued Liberal; "anxious to promote measures 
which would elevate and open the way to greater comfort and happiness among 
the great body of the people." First elected for Newark-upon-Trent Feb. 3rd, , 

C/jK^— Refomu 

Residence— "Da^ White House, Newark-upon-Trent 

^^ Birmnrrg3 

H. EDWARDS (Weymoutli). 
Henry Edwards, son of John Edwards, late 

Somerton, Somersetshire, by Elizabeth, el. d. of Jam< 
Brayley, of South Molton, Devonshire. He was bom i8a 
and is unmarried. Is a D. L. for Dorsetshire and the Tow< 
Hamlets, a J. P. for Middlesex, Dorset, and Surrey, .i r - 
chant in the city of London, and Dep.-Chm. of the I ml 
I>wellings Co. A Liberal. First elected for Weymouth j — 
1 2th, IWS7, having previously, in 1865, been an unsuccessful 

C/k*/- Reform, Windham. 

Town Residence— II, Berkeley Square, W. 

Seat—'i\»m, RedhUl, Surrey. 


1. P. IDWAftM Ctallatovn 

John Pttmore Eowaedi, too of the Utc 
Mr. WUlkm EdtronU, of BlKkwaier, ConiwaU. lie 
WM bom 1814, WM «d. at Tilkife tchoob, ftnd m., 1S7— , 
El«iiior, d. of Mr. (L Humphrm, vtia. It proprietor of 
the iSrM llM^Hf«i4 M^JLmu, tht BtiO^ /Kmt, ud 
other nmnpipen. A ZiAem/. Dicltd tor 

•Bw QwMQ Amw'i Cam, 9.W. 

BOH. P. miTOV (Dor^jnhlre. BaaU 

Fnuids EOERTON, son of the ist Earl of 
EUeemere. He wu bom Sept. 15th, 1824, eod wms 
ed. at Hmnow. Served in the Koyal Nmvy, in which 
be attained the rank of Capt, 1855. In 186c be m. 
Lady Louisa Caroline, only d. of the 7th Dakc 
of Devombtre. It a J. P. for Surrey, and was a Naval 
Aide-de-Camp to the Queen i865-& A IMenU; 
opposed to compoliory education till a voluntary 
system ha* fiuled. Fint elected for luut Derbyshire 
Nov. 1868. 

dmU-TtKmam^, Uakad SOTvioa. 
T0mm Rnidfmc*-^%, PkoMiaiy. W. 
Stmt-J^ C«>rg«'» Hill. Bylleai, Sumy. 



Wilbraham Egerton, eL son of the ist Baroa 
EffertoQ, — who sat for Noith Cheshire 36 vears, — by Lady 
Charlotte, el d. of 2nd Marquess of Lly. He was bora 17th 
Tan., 1832, and was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; grad. 
B.A. 1854, 2nd daaa Law and Modem History, M.A. 1857. 
in which year he m. Lady Mary Sarah, eL d. of 2nd E!arl 
Amherrt. Is a J. P. for Cheshire, Capt. Earl of Cherter's Yco. 
Cav., and has been Chm. of the Church Deicnoe Inatitution 
since 1874, and an Ecdetiastical rommiwioncr linoe l88a A 
lihmU CmmvaHiM, Sat for North ChcaUre from July 1858 
till Nov. i868» when he was fint elected for Mid-Cbedure. 





Philip de Malpas Grey-Egerton,* 

son of the lale Rev. Sir Philip Grey-Egcrlon, 
9lh bart., — who died 1829, — by Rebecca, d. 
of the late Josias Du Vr6, Esq., of Wilton 
Park, Beaconsficld. He was bom 1806, and 
was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; 
grad. B.A. 1828. In 1832 he m. Anna 
Elizabeth, 2nd d. of the late George J. 
Lech, Esq., of High I^h. Is a 1).L. 
and a J. P. of Cheshire, Lieut. -Col. Cheshire 
Yco. Cav., an elected Trustee of the Kritish 
Museum, and one of the Senate of the London Univ. A Consen<atrve. Sat 
for Chester city 1830, unsuccessfully contested South Cheshire 1832, but was 
elected in 1835, and continuously represented the division until Nov. 1868, 
when he was first elected for West Cheshire. 

/*«/n«»— Of one-»ixth of Tarporley, R., Cheshire. 
■C/if^f— Athetueum, Carlton. 
Town Residence— -zZb, Albemarle Street, W. 
,S^<>«/— Oulton Park, Tarporiey, Cheshire. 


LORD ELCHO (Haddingtonahlre). 

Francis Ch\kve.k\% (Baron Elcho\ 
el, son of the 8th Earl of Wcmyss and 
March, by Lady Louisa, 4th d. of the 2nd 
Earl of Lucan. He was Ixjm 18 18, and 
was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; 
grad. B.A. 1840. In 1843 he m. Lady 
Anne Frederica, 2nd d. of the 1st Earl 
of Lichfield. Is a D.L. and a J. P. of 
Haddingtonshire, and Hon. Col. London 
Scottish Rifle Vol. Was a Lord of the 
Treasury from Dec. 1852 till Feb. 1855, 
and sometime Chm. of the National Rifle 
Association. A Uberal Conservative. Sat for East Gloucestershire from 184 1 
till Feb. 1846, when, having become a convert to Sir Robert Peel's free-trade 
policy, he accepted the Chiltem Hundreds. First returned for Haddingtonshire 
July 1847. 

C/m*— Carlton. 

Town Retid*nc*—^y, St. Ja 

«•• Place, S.W. 

The HouK of Egerton, one of the moM ancient and distinguished in Cheshire, traces 
stcrnt to William le Belward, who was Bamn of Malpx«> under the Norman F.irU 
of that county. David, great grandsoa of William le Belward. took the nam- '<f 
EgvtOQ from the Lordship of Egerton, which he had inherited, and from him, in a direct 
fine, is dcsceoded the prescat baronet. The Eaiis of WUton are descended from this family. 





Arthur Ralph Dousbui Elliot, lecoiid ton 
of the 3rd Earl of Minus bf Emma Ektaor EUabcth. 
only d. and bcireM of the late Gen. Sir TiKMnat 
liulop,Btit, G.C.B. He was born Dm. I Till. 1846. 
and waaad. at r ' ^ " " .. and at Trin. Coll.. 
Camliffidn,-t: M.A. 1873^ Callol 

to the Bar »t :nple tSjo^ and fp)c% 

the Noft at. A Ldfml, Elactad for 

Koxbursh . >i 188a 

Chdt mooiii'a. New UahwiitT.* 

C U-<»ni y . Kfa«^ BMdi Walk. E.C 


a W. BLUOT OortHallartWi) 

Ocorge William Elliot, son of Sir George 
Elliot, ift bait.. M.P. for North Dorfaam, by Mamuet« 
d. of the late George Green, Escl, fonneHjr of Duraam. 
He wx% hom 1844, was ed. at ^tnborgh, and at Trin. 
(\ill.. Cambc. and ro., 1866, Sarah Taylor, d. of the 
Luc Charles Taylor, Esq., colliery proprietor of Sander- 
l.ind. Is a colliery owner. A C^mMtntadtie. First elected 
for Northallerton Febi 1874. 

Cim*» -CarlMii. GMrkk. Sc Stepfci's. 
Ttmm KnUtme*^ 1, Park Sctmi. W. 
Smt»^\ju^euota Han, WortHilhttwi 

for Carmarthenshire Feb. 1874. 

VISOOUVT SHLTV (CannarthanahlraX 

Frederick Archibald Vaughan Camp- 
bell ( Vucomnt EmUyn), son of the 2nd ¥jlt\ 
of Cawdor, by Sarah Mary, d. of the T! - 
Henry Frederick Compton Cavcndkh. 
was bom 1847, was ed. at Eton, and at Ll . 
Ch., Oxford, and m.. 1868, Edith Gcorgiana. 
el. d. of CbriMopher and Ijuly Caroline 
Tumor, of Stoke Kochford. Is an Ecdasia^- 
tical Commitskmer, a D.L. for InvemeM. 
shire and Nairnshire, aJ.P. and a D.U fur 
PeoUMokeahire and Catinatthanahire^ and 
ArtUkry Militia. A C#*»i^-''^' First elected 

MiMS. S.W. 



BZE JOHN J. EN NU. Bart (AthloneX 

John James Ennis, only son of Sir John 
Eimu, 1st ban.,— who died 1878,— by Anna Maria, cl. 
d. of David Henry, Esq., of Dublin. He was lx)m 
April 1842, and was ed. at Ch. Ch.. Oxfortl. Is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for co. Wcstmcath (llwh Sheriff 1866). 
Unmarried. A Liberal. Sat for Athlone Nov. 1S68 
till Feb, 1874, when he was an unsuccessful candidate ; 
re*elected April 3rd, 1880. 

C/m^«— Boodle's, Raleigh. 

Ttvm Rttidence—^x, St. Jamen't Place, S.W. 

Seat— BalUnahowo Court, Athlone, ca Wemnea th . 


O ERRINOTON (Longford County). 

George Errington, son of the late Michael 
Errington, Esq., of Clintz, Yorkshire, ami late of Cassino, 
CO. Dublin, by Rosanna, d. of the late Ambrose More 
O'Fcrrall, Esq., of Balyna, co. Kildare. He was bom 
1839, was ed. at Ushaw Coll., Durham, and at the 
Catholic Univ., Dublin. Is a J. P. for cos. Tipperary 
and Longford, and a Knight of Justice of Sovereign 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem (Malta). A Liberal; 
in favor of Home Rtde and religious education. First 
elected for co. Longford Feb. 1874. 

C/«^<- Reform, St. Stephen's Green. 

Ttmm RetitUnce—lb, Albany, Piccadilly, W. 

G. SOTHERGN-ESTCOITBT (WUtshire. Nortli). 

George Sothkron-E.stcourt, son of the 

Edmund Hiley liucknall-Estcourt, Rector of Eckington, 
Derbyshire, by Annie Klizal>eth, d. of the late Sir John 
Lowther Johnstone, 6th bart., M.P. He was bom 
Jan. 2lst, 1839, was ed. at Harrow, and at H.illi«>l 
Coll., Oxford, and m., 1863, Monica, d. of the laic 
Rev. M. Stapylton, rector of Barllwrough, Derbyshire. 
Is a J. P. for Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, and 
Capt. Wilts Yeomanry Cav. Assumed the surname of 
.Solheron in lieu of Bucknall by royal license 1876. 

A Conservative. 

First elected for North Wilts Feb. 

C/»/«— Carlton, St. James's, Turf, Boodle's. Yorkshire. 
Jm/«— Eucourt, Tetbtiry ; Darringtoo Hall, Yorkahirc 




% w. iTAm dtartnurt. tovya 
Tbomu Willuun Evank, ion of the late William 

EvMt, Eaq., of AUortrec Hall, near Dcrlor,— »ho vm 
M.P. hiKU Rcdbfd, Lekwiv. had Notth Dcfby- 
•hire.— 1^ Muy, d of th* lUv. ThooMi CUbonm, of 
YouU Lodfft, SlaAmbliiiv. He was bom A|>ril 
i8ji. WMmLu Tria. Colt, CamU.-fyad. B.A. 
M.A. 1S46. — Ami m.. 1846. Manr, d. d. of Thociui* 
Gubornc. !(, netr !'•. li • 
D.L Cor I .<»ihe»u .. itcriiT 
l87J,--« J. I', fitf Ucxby cuoatv and borough, Oxm, oC 

MKMVm, 0% 

kwU 15th, 
mix% John 

of the 


Cav., aad a Fdlov of the 
Sa of Nonhem 

Fdkm of the Roy. GtOBapUoal Sa and 
AuioMikiL AlitmmrVmmecmifUar 
Sal for Sooih DOTbfddra horn 1857 till 

•ntertod North Derbyihire 185X 
V. 1868; rejected Feb. 1874 and April l88a U 

mtitoeoor Nov. 1868 and Jan. 1869, and Staflbni 1869^^ 



■Fkrwkh. P.C, 



JftMmt* ■. Qmm Amm'» Um«. &W. .Sm#-AB«iiw IUB. 0«^. 
W. IW AIT (BalflMiX 

William Kwart, son of the late WiUiam 
Ewart, Esq., of Sydenham Park, co. liown. He was 
bom Nov. und, 181 7, was ed. at the Belfast Academy, 
and m., 1840^ Isabella Kelso, youngra d. of the h*e 
Lavcne Mathewaoo, Esq., of Newtown S' 
Tyrone. Is a Magiitnile for co. Antrim atx! 
boroogh, a member of the Bdbst Local Mannc iMun:, 
Preshicnt of the Irish Linen Trade Assodatioo, and a 
linen manufiictnrer and merchant. Was Mayor of 
BelCut i8c9^ and a Keprcsenutive of the Linen 
Trade in the North of Irehmd in the negoiiatioos fcr 
the French Treaty in 1864. A C^iuiwtmtiut. First 
elected for Belfiut April 2nd, 1878. 
SaAviUs Sowi. UlMT. 

Hooss. SuaadiovB, 00. Dovb. 

A. Ol SWniO (XtaBbartoaablrtX 
Archibald Orr Ewinc, seventh son of the late 
William Ewtng, Esq., merchant of Glasgow, by Snaao, 
d. of the Ute John Orr, Eaa., of Paisley. He was bom 
Jan. 4lh, 1819, was ed. at Glasgow I t>iv .^twi m \r>, \ 
1847, Elisabeth Lindsay Keid. onl> 
Esq.. of CaldercraU, Lanarkshire, 
for Stirlingshire, a J. P. (or Ljuiarkshtic, luvc(ucM>-shtiv, 
and Dumbartooshirc, Chan, of the Balfion Parodiul 
Board, co. Stirling, and a merchant of Ghugow. A 
Lilnrai Cmutrvtnft, First cieded for 
Nov. 1868. 




iliira: KikUafafa 



tIR ANDREW FATRBAfKN (Torkihlra. BaMeni DlTltioii. Wait Ridlnf ). 

X Andrew Fairbairn, son of the late Sir 

Peter Fairbairn, of Woocblcy House, Leeds, by Margaret, 
d. of the late Robert Kennedy, Esq., of (Ilasgow. II( 
was bom 1828, was ed. at Geneva, at Glasgow, and iv. 
St. Peter's Coll., Camb.,— B.A. 37th Wrangler 1850, 
M.A. 1853, — and m., 1862, Clara Frwlcrica, d. of Sir 
John I^mbton Loraine, loth bart. Called to the Har 
at the Inner Temple 1852 ; went the Northern Circuit 
1852-5, but has ceased to practise. Is head of the 
engineering firm of Fairbairn, Kennedy, and Naylor, of 
I^eds. Formerly Capt. Yorkshire Hussar Yeo. Cav,, 
and Major 7th West Rifle Vol. \Vas a member of the 
Executive Committee of the I^ccds Exhibition of Fine 
NB CBOB ABDuis. ^^ts 1868, Mayor of Leeds 1866-7 »"<! 1867-8 (in v ' ' 
Utter year he entertained the Prince of Wales), Chm. of the Ueds s 
Board 187 1-8, and a Roval Commissioner of Paris Exhibition 1868. A Z/ 
Unsuccessfully contesteci Leeds 1868, and Knaresborough 1874. Elected fo: 
the Eastern Division of the West Riding of Yorkshire April 1880. 
C/kAt— Brooks's. United University, Reform, Yorkshire. 
TffWH HesidtHct—ts, PortmAn Square, W J/a/— Aakham Hall, near York- 

R. FARQUHARSON (Aberdeenshire. WertX 

Robert Farquharson, M.D.^ son of the lat( 

Francis Farquharson, Esq., of Finzean. He was bon 
1837, was ed. at Edinburgh Univ.,— grad. M.D. 185S 
and became a F.R.C.P. London 1877. Formerly Assist. 
Surgeon in Coldstream Guards. Is J. P. and a D.L. for 
Aberdeenshire, Physician to the Helgrave Hospital for 
Children, and to St. Mary's Hospital, and Lecturer on 
Materia Medica in the Medical School of the last- 
mentioned hospital. Author of numerous medical works. A Liberal. Elected 
for West Aberdeenshire April 1880. 

C/«*— Junior United Service. Town Retidenet — 13, Brook Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 
J'/o/— Flaseao. Aboyne. Aberdeenshire. 


Henry Fawceit, P.C.y D.C.L.^ son of William 
Fawcett, Esq., — Alderman and a J. P. for Salisbury, — by 
Mary, d. of the late William Cooper, Esq., of Salisbury. 
He was bom 1833, was ed. at King's Coll., London, and 
at Trin. Hall, Camb. ; grad. H.A., 7th Wrangler, 1.S56, 
and M.A 1859, and m., 1867, Millicent, d. of Newson 
Garrett, Esq., of Aldeburgh, Suffolk. Is a Fellow of hi- 
Coll., Professor of Political Economy in the Univ. of 
Cambridge, and author of '* Manual of Political Economy," " Economic Positi(>i 
of the Hritish Labourer," *' Free Trade and Protection," "Pauperism, it 
Causes and Remedies," "Essays on Indian Finance," and joint author wii ' 
wife of a volume of Essays and Lectures on Ex:onomical and Political sii1 
Appointed Postmaster-General April 1880, and sworn of the Privy Couni. 



MariSSa IIoiLD.CL.orOxlbnl 
;hwark 1861, CambcidM 1863, m 
1865 till Fe(>. 1874, wWabewM 

Bv%lttoa 1864. 



/{*fUfm0»^ii. TIM Uwa. SomIi UabMll RMd. 8 W. : Trinhy lUtt. o»»o«««. 

a J. FAT (OtLwtm OMBin 

Charles Joieph Fay, youngest son of ThoRits 
1 • ct Faybiook, 00. Cavaa, bjr Marjr Herbert, 
f P. MMoOtt, E«|., of BdlylMiy. He was born 
Oct. 36th. 184a. and waa ed. at Cartlcknock and Ckm- 
(owes Wood CoUagcB, and m.. 1870^ Snian, d. of the late 
James Fay, Esq., at Moyne Hall, co. Cavan. In fiivor 
of //0m$^ ^mU. Fint atocced for 00. Cavan Feb. 1874. 

CimU—St. Gmrgc'i, Pin— Mii. 
^^nUinwy—Cknada Park. Kfa^Mowa, eo^ fTaMJa 

B. J. rULDBV OuMMhirt. VorthX 

Randle Joseph Feilden. C.Af.G,,* el. sur- 

vivisMP son of the Ute JoMph Feilden, Esq., M.P. 
for Aackbaro 1865-8, of Witton Park, by Frances 
Mary, d. of the Ute Rev. Streynsham Ma»ter, Rector of 
Croston. He was bora 1824, and m., 1861, Jane 
Campbell, d. of Jamec Hosier, Esq., of ~ 
Castle, Lanarkshire. Entered the Army 1841 

CapL 1851. Major i860, Lieat.-CoL 1864, Gsl. 1869, 
and Msj.>Gcn. 1879. Commanded the 1st Battn. 60th 
Rifles on the Red River Expedition 1870 (C.M.G.). 
Is a J. P. for Lancashire. A CmMnmiht, Elected 
for North Lancashire April 188a 
Swks, Csriioa. 




William Henry Fkllowes, son of Edward 

Fellowes, Esq.,— M.P. for Huntin^onshire 1837-80,— by 
Maiy Julia, d. of the 4th Baron Somlc^. He was bora 184B. 
and m., 1877, Lady Rosamond Jane Frances 
Churchill, and d. of 7th Doke of Marlboranrii. 
the 1st Life Gnania 1867, became Ueuu 1868, and CapL 
1872, and retired 1877. U a J. P. for Hanth^^doaahire. 
A Cinunvahpe. Elected for Huniinplonshire Apnl 1 88a 

Scmi. ^r. 

• Tlih gml •« tHaOv Imm b«« MOiad la I ■■riiklia fcr aamy 

ekiM 10 b« a brMKk «r dM MiUa kowe of Daabtgk 



K. 0. FENWICK-BI88ET (8m BlM6tl. 

R. FERGUSON (Carlisto). 

Robert Ferguson, son of the late Joseph 

Ferguson, Esq., — M.P. for Carlisle, 1852-7, — by Mar 
Isabella, d. of John Clarke, Esq., of Hcbside Hous. . 
Northumlierland. He was bom April ist, 181 7. Is a 
J. P. for Cumberland and Carlisle, Chin, of the Carlisle 
School Board, President of the Carlisle Mechanics' 
Institute, and a partner in the firm of Ferguson Bros., 
cotton manufacturers, of Carlisle. Formerly Major isi 
Bat. Cumberland Rifle Volunteers. Has been twice 
Mayor of Carlisle. A Liberal. First elected for 
Carlisle Feb. 1874. 

Clttbt — Reform, Devon ihirc 
Btuituti Address— Holme Head Works, Carlixle. 
TtnvM HesidfKcr—is, Si. James'b Place, S.W. 
Seai — Morton, Carlisle. 


Charles Conrad Adolphus Du Bois de 
Ferrieres,* sun of the late Augustus, 2nd Baron de 
Ferricres, in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who died 
1867, by Henrietta, d. of the late C. Peterson, Esq., of 
Northallerton. He was bom October 2nd, 1823, and 
m., 1 85 1, Anne, d. of William Sheepshanks, Esq., of 
Arthington Hall, Yorkshire. Was naturalized by Act of 
Parliament 1867. Is a J. P. for Gloucestershire. A 
Liberal, Elected for Cheltenham March 31st, 1880. 

C/«**— Union, Royal 'ITuunes Yacht 
ResiiUnct—hayt Hill House, Cheltenham. 

• The Du Bois were a Walloon family, and the De Ferrieres were a Hugiienot farm 
ym France to Holland at the Revocation of the Edia of Nantes. The ist Bar. 
was a General in the Diuch army, and commanded the Guards. 



•im WILLIAV ■. & 

■an (Klari Lrni 

Willuun Hovell Browne Froucts,* tid btrt., 

>r thr late Maitio Wnibm nrfnrne Fmkci, R 



and a li. 

idle Shelf' • Hlgcaltire. He «rm« 

'. 1S47, «ra» ol. at ilAmnr, and at Trio. 

(HA. i86()). and m., 1875. Emily 

' " ' r.lwca, Eaq., of ConcHam 


i V"'^-'*' ArtUknr MUilia. 

and a J. t*. (I < . k Ukerrnl. 

<io^ baring in 

lal.K (I- 
Elecfed U^t King^« Ljriv 
Krb, 1874 been an iinsuccct»(al \ amiwiatc. 

VM/^HUIiaftM HaB. LyM. 


Edmund FiLyER«t el. son of Sir Edmund 

Filmcr, «♦»' '-'* — wbo died 1857,— by Helen, and d. 
of the 1 . Moore, Eiq., of (^HicIjcc He was 

born lul) : ^iSf was ed. at Eton, and m., 1858^ 

the Hon'. Mane (Jeoiviana Hill, d. of the and Baron 
Sandys. Formeiiy Capt. Grenadier Gitaids. Was 
Capt West Kent Militia 18(8^^ and has been rinoe 
i860 Capt. 15th Kent Rifle VoL, and Lient. East Kent 
Yeo. Cav. Is a D. I. and a J.P. for Kent, ol* which co. 
he was High Sheriff iSTa A CWuvrmDntv. Sat for 
West Kent i$59-65. Elected for Mid. Kent AdHI Tth. 

ChU Csrtiaw, Anay aad Navy. Guwds*. Martborottgh. 
Tmm RmUbmn 4* Priaea^ Gafdsas. &W. 
Smi-lJm. Sutton Park. Stapkhwrn. K«M. 

* AhboMlnlibfcaJyl^haaaitladfcTSwaaiaawatii 
W oT SttdMydra aattacdoa, aad to hava bMB Maud b dwi 

t litim 

: l«roMt was Mm of iIm 

iMaTy \famm ai tlw hsaiti of th* 
tMsM.P farWsa 




a a FDf OB OtUtlABdX 

George Henry Finch, son of the late George 

Finch, Esq., of IJurlcy-on-lhe-Hill, Rutlandshire, by 
1-ady Ixiuisa, d. of the 6lh Duke of lieauforL He wa 
bom Feb. 20th, 1835, was ed. at New Coll., Oxfonl,- 
j^nul. M.A., — and m. 1st, Feb. i86i, Kniily Kglantinc. 
—who died April 1865, — d. of John It.ilfour, Ksq., of 
l?.\ll.irnio: 2n<I!v. 1871, ICdith, d. of Alfred Montgomery. 
l.-l . ( <.inini^si..iicr of Inland Revenue. Is a J. P. for 
Kiulanil, anil C.ipt. Leicestershire Yco. Cav. A Con- 
sfn>atrvg ; an in<le|>endent supporter of Mr. Disraeli. 
First electc<i for Rutland Nov. 23rd, 1867. 

PatroH of six Z,iT'm/»— Ravenirtone, V., and Milton Keynr> 
i< , Buck* : Burleigh-onthe-Hill, V.,Greetham, V., and Oakhan 
v., Rutland: Foulneu, R., Euex. 


C/»^— Cariton. 

jMi— Buriey-oo-the-Hill, Oakham. 

W. HNDLATER :Monaglian County). 

William Findlater, only son of the la 
William Findlater, Esq., merchant, of Londonde 
He was bom 1824, and m. 1st, 1853, Mary J. 
who died 1877, — d. of the late John Wolfe, 
solicitor, of Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin; 2'^ "• 
Marion, el. d. of the late Lieut. -Col. Ar> 
(Bengal Army). Admitted a Solicitor in 1 1 1 , 

Elected Pres. of the Incorporated Law Society < 
Ireland 1878. Is a partner m the Mountjoy Brewei 
(Findlater and Co.), Dublin. A Liberai. Electa 
for CO. Monaghan April 1880. 

Offices— -ii, Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin. 

F fsitifnces—27, Fitzwiiliam Square South, Dublin ; Fern 
bide, Killiney, near Dublin. 

J. L. FINIQAN (EnnisX 

James Lysaght Finigan, el. son of James 
P. N. Finigan, Esq., of Liverpool, by Elizabeth, d. of ih<« 
late James Asbery, Esq. He was bom 1844, a"^ ^'' 
at the Catholic Institute, Liverpool, and at St. Edn 
Coll., Douai (France). Volunteered in 1870 into i! 
French Republican Service for the duration of the wai, 
and served with the army of the I>oire. Callc<l to the Har 
at Lincoln's Inn Jan. 1880. A I/onu RuUr. First elected for Ennis July 
26th, 1879. 

Chambtrt-i, King'« Bench Walk, Temple, E.C 
Retidtnce—ii, Doughty Street, W.C. 



CAi^— D*vaitthir«. 
Ckmmdtrw -N«w Court, 

Joseph Firth Rottomley Firth, ioa of the 

Ut€ Joseph Botiomlry.* I-Imi . o/ lloddmfidd, by 
Ann. rt •!. of tb« Utc luMrph Kirih. Riq. He «rM 
U lit ih4j, grad. LL.B. at t'niv. of London, aad 
m . 1871, Kmihrth. yonngcM d. of Ceontr TaUuun, 
F^i . Ji^roror Leeds l88a Called to the Bar at the 
l^uWle iWple, Md foaa the North- EaMern Oioitt. 
U a member of the Eawvthre Committiw of tbe 
IJt«fatkm SockCT, and Preaident of the Chelaca 
UI>cT«tino CooadL Author ci *« Municipal London ; 
or, I rmflnfi Government as it it, and London Govern- 
' oogbt to be.** Waa a member of the 
SoolBoaid (Chelsea Division) 1876^ A 
jui^iid. Elected for Chelsea April 1880. 




Edmoncl (icorgc Fitzmaurice, 

00 of the 4th !^Ian{u«M of 
downe, by Emilv Jane, eU d. of the 
dc Flahault and the Baroness Keith and 
Naime. lie «ras bom June i9th, 1846, 
and was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb., where be gained a tcholandiip and 
a prise for English EMay, — grad. B.A« la 
dMB in Claancs i86& Called to tbe Bar at 
Lincob*s Inn 1871. Was Private Seaelary 
to Mr. Lowe at the Home OAoe i873-4- I« 

a member of the Historical MSS. Commission. \Va^ m umitccessiul candidate 
•olitan School Board (Westminster I> >7a Appointed 

city's Commissioner of Reform* foi Europe under 

.\ii xMii ot the Treaty of Berlin. Author of i.uc ui William, Earl 

Shelbnmc, the Prime Minister." A Ubtrai. First elected for (Jalne Nov. 


CiM»-N«w Uoi««nity. Brooks'i. 

Timm R tnd m c t 3», Sc JaoMi'ft Plaot, &W. 

Mr. Bonoiatey ■■hwiJ Uw aat cf Ffath by royal ttot F^b. Mtk itry Mr. Pbik, 

of a iuuly tlM Imv* Um «akd b the \i«M RidtM of 

, aadhav* owned bMl that* anca amw. CHmW«K Ottni«UMCi«a 

acthra not oa Um «4a of Um Partial lai, aad Um than hwd oT 

e4 tha tanata of dacJnw Wtm^ tha fnaaJw of Qaalrti. aad Ms 

ioad 10 W aasban of tlM SociMy af Fiiaa^^ 



HOH. BBRHARD B. B. FITX PATBIOX (Portarlln^ton). 

Bernard Edward Barnaby Fitz Patrick, only 
son of the Isl Baron Castletown, by Augusta, only child 
of the late Rev. Archibald Douglas, Rector of Coote Hill. 
CO. Cavan. He was bom luTy 29th, 1848, was cd. a' 
Eton, and at Hrascnosc Coll., Oxford, — B.A. 2nd clas 
Law and History 1870, — and m., 1874, the Hon. Ursul 
Clare Emily St. Legcr, only child of the 4th Vist u- 
Doncraile. Served in 1st Life (iuards 1871-5 ; 
sometime Lieut. Queen's co. Militia, and Capt. 1 
Cork Artillery 1874-7. Is Sub-Lieut. East Kent . 
Cav., and a J. P. and a D.L. for Queen's co. 
for Portarlington April 1880. 

C/m^— Mariborough, St James's, Traveller*', Kildare Street, Fox. 
C»mntry Jtcnde$$ce—GnaMoa Maiwr, Abbey Leix, Queen's co. 

A Liberal Conservative. \i 


1M'-^k- Charles William Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 

^^M S& ^^''^ surviving son of the 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, by 

«» <stx^ Mary, d. of the 1st Baron Dundas. He was lx)m 

1826, was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb., and 
in 1854 m. Anne, youngest daughter of the late Hon 
and Rev. Thomas Lawrence Dundas. Was Attache 
at Vienna 1846. Is a J. P. for Huntingdonshire and 
the soke of Peterborough, Capt. West York Yeo. 
Cav., and a Fellow of the Roy. Geographical So. 
A Liberal. First returned for Malton 1852. 

C/«*x— Brooks's. Turf, Travellers', Yorkshire. 
.Sm/— Alwalton, Peterborough. 

HON. W H. WENTWORTH-FITZWILLIAM (Yorkshire, Wert Riding, 
Southern Divlalon). 

William Henry Wentworth-Fitzwilliai 
second son of the 6th E^l P'itzwilliam, K.G., by 
Lady Frances Harriet Douglas, el. d. of the 17th ' 
of Morton. He was bom Dec. 26th, 1840, and 
e<l. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb., — grad. B.A.J 
— and m., 1877, I^dy Mary Grace Louisa Butler, 
d. of the 2nd Marquess of Ormonde. Is Capt. I] 
West York Yeo. Cav., and a D.L. for co. WicklowJ 
A Liberal. Sat for co. Wicklow from Nov. 1868 tU 
Feb. 1874, when he was an unsuccessful candidate] 
unsuccessfully contested Huntingdonshire 1877; electe 
for the Southern Division of the West Riding of Yorkshire April 1880. 

C/««**— Brooks's, Boodle's, St James's, Travellers', Kildare Street, Yorkshire. 

Stat— The Lodge, Malton. 



BON. WTLUAM J. WEKTWOWn-rmWlLLlAm Oitofbofpom 

Wiilum John Wintworth-Fitzwiluam, 
fbvfUi MM or the 6th Earl FitswUlkm. by Udy Frmacc% 
H.rft«t DooglM. d. d. of the I9ih ILtri at Morton. 
11 wM bom Aof. 7th, 1852. wu ed. at Eton, aad 
at Macdaka CoU.. Cambridge, and gnuL &A. 1874. 
Appoiolcd a OnmI lit Wcai York Ycow Cav. 1873. 
aadaUMt.1873. ALOtrU FiiateUdMifarPclcr. 
borooghOct. a9th, 1878. 


■a RnntT putohib* But. (Bonteia 

Henry Fletcher, el. son of the Ute Sir 
Ueory Fletcher.* 3rd hart..— who died 1851,— by Emily 
Maria, d. of the late (korge Browne, E«q., a member 
of the Coanctl, Bombay. He wa» bora Sept. 24th, 
l8j5. wa« ed. at Eton, and m., 1859, Agnca, d. of the 
Ute Sir John MoriUyoo Wiboo, CB., ICH. Eatcrad 
6Qth Foot 1853, and rdirad from the Army aa Uort. 
Grenadier Guard*. Wat Cornet Cu'»>-ri >.>.( and Wert- 
moreland Yeo. Cav. i8$9-6i, ai. . td Surrey 

Rifle Vol. 1860-63. Appointed 1 la Somes 

Rifle VoL 1872. If a J. P. for Sut^& ai^ Surrev. A 
Elected for Honham April itt, l88a 


r, AagaHfiag. uttr Amadsl. 


0. FLOWBE (Breeknook). 

Cyril Flower, cl. son ot the late Philip Flower, Esq., of Furze Down Park, Streatham, 
Surrey, bv Mary, d. of the late Jonathan Flower, E»q. 
He was bora 1843, was ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. 
( olL, Camb.. and ro., 1878, Constance, d. of Sir 
Anthony de Rothschild, i»t bart. Called to the Bar 
at the Inner Temple 1870. Is a CoounlarioDer of 
Lieutenancy for City of I^ondon, and a Lieut Bucks 
Yea Cav. A LiUral. Elected for Brecknock April 


CAMOrrv^i. Taai^ Court, TMpk. rC 
T»mm RMidfmt^^SmnrHifmm. 7. Hytte Parfi Plaoa. W. 
Cmmtry Mmtimtm Arton CUMoa. Triag. Bucks: Ffwdgrvdi. BrMoa. 

•d Mary, Omw of 8eei% oa 

Sir RidMfd rbMhw, 
rhh baivMicy cspirwi vilk Sv 

t« baroM* of Um prwi crwdoa, mm a 
sdbdwniriMd Macaor «f iht Ba« ladk 

H« rabsd a i«dM« far CkMtes L. aad «M 
Sv Hoary, jrd ' 

iatht Bm 
, and HP. fcr 



J. FLOTER (DorMtflhlrtX 

John Floyer, second son of the Rev. 
William Floycr,— R. of West Slaffond and V. of Stins- 
ford, Dorect,— by Elizabeth, d. of the late Stephen 
Barton, Esq., of lilandford. Heu'as bom 26th Auril, 
181 1, and was ed. at Winchester Coll. and at Baliiol 
Coll., Oxford ; grad. B.A. 1831. In 1844 he m. 
Georgina Charlotte Frances, el. d. of the late Rt. Hon. 
George Bankes, M. P. Is a D. L. and a J. P. of Dorset,— 
of which CO. he was High Sheriff 1844, — and Dep. Chm. 
of the Dorset Quarter Sessions. Formerly Major ii 
the Queen's Own (Dorset) Yeo. Cav. A Conscrvatizu 
will resist sdl innovations \vhich, under the pretext of improvement, might 
endanger the foundations of the Constitution jn Church and State. Sat for 
Dorsetshire from Feb. 1846 till April 1S57, when he was an unsuccessful 
candidate; re-elected Feb. 1864, July 1865, Nov. 1868, Feb. 1874, an<l 
April 1st, 1 88a 

Pairom 0/01U Lrvu^—Vftst Stafford. R.. Donet. 
C/«^ Carlton. 

Tffwm RetuifHce—i, Old Palace Yard, Westminster, S.W. 
^mI— West Staffotd, Dorchester. 

F. J. 8. FOUABIBE (East Retford). 

Francis John Savile Foljambe, el. son o* 
the late George Savile Foljambe, Esq., of Osbcrton 
Notts, bv his 1st wife, Harriet Emily Mary, d. of th 
late Sir William Mordaunt Sturt Milner, 4th bart. II 
was bom April 9th, 1830, was e<l. at Eton, and at Cli. 
Ch., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1865,— and m., 
1856, Gertrude Emilv, d. of the 3rd VAx\ of Go>^r.,r,! 
Is a D.L. and a T.P. for Nottingham<ihire, a J. 1 
West Riding of York, and High Steward of N<-; 
ham. Formerly Capt. Nottinghamshire Yeo. Cav. .\ 
** IVhig ; a follower of the old principles of progre- 
and retrenchment." First returned for East Retford 
April 1857. 

PatrvH p/snfen LwifigM—Tu:\h\\\ and Dalton. Yorkshire ; St. John's, Worksop ; Scoflor 
Sturtoo. and LittJeborough, Notts ; and every third turn to Gotham. 
Cluit- Brooks's, Boodle's, Devonshire. 
Tamm Retidtnct-ii, Great Cumberland Place. W. 
Stat-0%Uxum HaU, near Worksop. 



Cecil George Savilc Foljambe, eL ton oI 

the Ule Gcorfe S«vile Kol)tmbr. E«|^ 61 OibcrUM, 

Notts, Aldwftrlie. VoHubira^ ud tltitlbwh, }iotlk' 

by hk and wtfi, SdiM OMfflocie, awl a. 

or tid Md tut E«ri of Uwpool, tad 

of \\Tn"um C\\At\t 


•n. and oi. ia« 1869, 
«L d. or Frederick 

of Comi 


retired «a Lieut, r 
Naval Brigade untl 

^cral altadu cm 

oially noted in 

i North Ridings ui \ 
iUdii« or York. A 

cUouU aX Kat.^ 

Ua I. P. U,x 

a D.L, fc.. 

KIcctcd f. 

IB UmiM, el. d. oT 

k and Lady EmUy 

and 47. Cromwell 

<- ko)al Navy, and 

;. and, with the 

WOK preKnt at 

nedal and 

! the East 

aiKl the Katf 

iunuhire April 

Chili Pmoki'i, Sc }imm't. 

T0wm RmULmf ■. UHtoa Howe T<mM». &W. 

.^Mliv-Cockslodc OIkrtam N««mrii ; KiryMm AblMy. Yoriu 


William Plkydell - BOUVERIB • 
( VixouHi FMt$im^ eL son of the Earl 
of Radnor, by Ladv Mary Auffosta, 3rd d. 
of the Ikt Earl of Verulam. He was bom 
84?, xris cd. at Harrow, and at Trin. ColL, 
m.. 1S66. llrlcf) Matilda, d. o( 
V. Henry Chaplin, of Ryall, 
\Va» a I.i licrka 

72, It Ca|>t. Veo- 

ilrv. a n.K f. : .1 a 

A ( cptLT-. .s/r. f. Kit - ' 
for South WiltUiirc Feb. 1874. 


dw \jom Cn— ifiw dmwa «o tAm dwJMr ia CtaM Btittiia. TVy m« ^Mcaadad froM mm 
laar«K*d«Boa««iH.wlMMiiMfaiCMM«b«»yMM«jwy«MSMB' TW tbM Ewl mv- 

hi* ilwc«il>i. VatT 
Bafiatiw Uw Bou*»fa> 


•lydM«lM»Mdh«k«#8kMafk1ntydaCerCbl«Hn How*. vhoM mm 
i»lM«««ianJdBid iDthdrowa. Uw th> Oi i — ij a, iha Wank, —4 th» 
BoirMfa»kkri5»l»niiitni cf OwircwMW la iht ckr «f LoadM, wtww 
a «ad Pteyd^ StwM wM cwa— www dbdr aMw. 




a T. W. F0RB8TBR (WCBloek). 

Cecil Theodore Weld Forester, only son 

of the Hon. and Rev. Orlando Walkin Weld Forester, 
Canon of York, by Sophia Klizalwih, d. of Richartl 
Norman, Ksq. He was bom 1S42, wased. at Harrow, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb., and m., 1866, l.i 1:1 
(icorgina, d. of Sir Willouchby Wolstan I)i\u. 
8th ban. Is a Sub- Lieut in South Nottinghamshii. 
Yea Cav. A Conservative, First elected for Wenloci 
Nov. 1874. 

Tmnm J!mWrmce—S4. Seymour Street. Portman Square, W. 
Country Rendemee—Rote Bank, Birchington, Isle of Thanet 


Charles Forster, only son of the late Charle 

Smith Forster, Esq., of Lysways Hall, Kugeley, — the 1- 

M.P. for Walsall,— by Elizabeth, d. of the late Richard 

Emery, Esq., of Burcott House, Salop. He was boni 

1815, and was ed. at Worcester Coll. , Oxford ; grad. B.A 

1840, M.A. 1843. In 1840 he m. Frances Catherine, d 

of the late John Surtees, Esq., of the Chateau La Colinais, 

Dinan, and niece of the 1st Earl of Eldon. W'as called to 

the Bar at the Inner Temple 1843, and went the Oxfuni 

Circuit, but has ceased to practise. Is a D. L. and a J. P. fo: 

Staffordshire. Created a Baronet March 1874. A Liberal , 

opposed to all g^nts for religious puqwses. Has sat for 

Walsall since July 1852, having in July 1847 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

C/«Af— Oxford and Cambridge, Garrick. 

T<nvH Residrtue- }Z, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. 

•Sra/— L)-»ways Hall, Rugelcy. 

RIGHT HON. W. E. FORSTER (Bradford). 

William Edward Forster, P. C.,p. C.L., LL.D^ 
F.R.S., only son of the late Mr. William Forster, — wl 
was for more than half a century a minister of the So. 
F*riends, and died when engaged on an anti-slavery missic 
in Tennessee, — by Anna, sister of Sir Thomas F'o well Buxtc 
1st bart. He was bom July 1 1, 1818, and in 1850 m. Jj 
Martha, el. d. of the late Rev. Thomas Arnold, D. D., H< 
Master of Rugbv Sch. Is a D. L. and a J. P. for the West* 
Riding of Yorkshire, a Fellow of the Roy. So., and of the Roy. Geographical 
So., and a worsted manufacturer near Bradford. Was Under Secret 
State for the Colonies from Nov. 1865 to July 1866, and Vice-Pr( 
of the Committee of Council on Education from Dec 1868 till Feb. 1.^7.; 
Sworn a Privy Councillor Dec. 1868, and admitte*! a member of the Cabim 
1870. Appointed Chief Secretary for Ireland April 1880. Elected Lor 
Rector of Aberdeen University 1875; Hon. LL.D. of Aberdeen 1876, an 
Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford 1879. A. Liberal. Unsuccessfully contested Leeci^ 
April 1859. Has sat for Bradford since Feb. 1861. 

C/M^i— Reform. Athenaeum. T(nvn Retidttue- 80, Eccleston Square, S.W. 
Oficud ^«'</<^fM'r— Chief Secretary's Lodge. Phoenix Park, Dublin. 
Ciuntr/ /Tritj/rfsc/— Burley-b-Wharfedale, Leeds. 

or fahuamhtt. 

Richmrd Fort, ion of 

the late Rkhird Fort, 
MMnnt Elka.<i 

heTlcs. Hm 

Eton, ami at BraMMteColl, 

Vju^, MP br CliUierM 18654. by Uugmi Elkn, 4. o# 

ibe late Ma)or-Cc«. joho 
boni iM, and was «L ai 
OUbrd. EMmdIbeiichH 
becaMUial. 188O1 foaj.P.for 
ElMt«l far OillMrot Aptil i88a 

CAJ»-Afih«\ Naval m4 
A4«#-IUatf HaM, WMby. 
Tmm X^UbM»-s. Qaa« Soaai, MayMr, &W. 


W. H. FOtm 

William Henry Foster, son of William 
Ohm Foater, Eaq., of Aplry Park, ShrofMhiiv,— M.P. 
for Sooth Stallbrdiliire 18(7-65,— bv IiabcUa, d. of 
Henry GraaebrocA, Eaq., of UrerpooL He waa bom 
April 9tli, 1846, waa ed. at Eton, aad at C3l Ch.. Odbrd, 
and m., 1874, HenriefU Grace, d. of H. S. Pakrnham 
Mahoi^ Eaq., of Strokealown Honac, Roacommon. 
It a J.P. and a D.L. for Shropditre, and a J.P. for 
Northamptonshire. A Camjtrvaime. FinC elected for 
Bridgnorth Feb. 16th, 187a 

r«M Adi>m $ -6, Bc%m«« Sqwi*. S.W. 
CMM/yy Mmiitmt* Spiawcia G«m««. N«rttnM|HiiB 




Henry Hartley Fowler, younger son of the 
late Rev. Joaeph Fowler. He waa bora May i6(h, 
1830, was ed. at Woodhonae Grovr School, and aiSC 
Savioor't Gram. School, and m., 1857, Ellen, jronncert 
d. of the late Geoii^ B. TboroeTcroh, Em., of Chapd 
House. Wolverhampton, and Hadley Parfc, Salopi 
Admitted a Solicitor 185a. la an Alderman and a 
I. P. of Wolverhamplon, one of the Coonctl of the 
Wolvcrhamplon Chamber of Commerce, and a Director 
of the Star Ltfe Aaan. Ca, the Railway RoUiv Stock 
Co.. and th« Wolverhampton G«a Co. Waa Majrorof 
Wolvcffhampton 1863. and Fir« Chm. of the Wolver- 
hampton School Board. A lOawi. Elected far 
Woliwhampton April 188a 



R. V. FOWLBR (London)- 

4> 131 Robert Nicholas Fowler, son of Thomas 

^r s^ Fowler, Esq., of Bruce Grove, Totlenharo, and KIni 

^^P^J^ Grove, Chippenham, banker, bv Lucy, d. of Nicholas 

■" ~ Walerhouse, Esq., of Liverpool. He was Ixjm Sept. 

12th, 1828, was cd. at Grove House School, Tottenham, 

and at Univ. CoU., London, of which he is a Fellow ; 

gmd. at the Univ. of London, B.A., 2nd in mathemati- 

< <1 honors, and 5lh in classical honors, 1848, and M.A. 

I^5o. In i8c2 he m. Charlotte,— wlio died 1876, — 

2nd d. of Alfred Fox, Esq., of Falmouth. Is an 

Alderman of Ix)ndon, a J. P. for Middlesex and Wilts, 

a Commr. of Lieut, for the City of Ix>ndon, a F.R.G.S., 

and a partner in the City banking; firm of Dimsdale, Fowler, and Co. 

A Conservative. Was nominated for North Wilts March 1865, but did not 

go to the poll. Unsuccessfully contested the city of London July 1865, and 

Penryn and Falmouth Oct. 1866 and Feb. 1874- Sat for Penryn and 

Falmouth 1868-74. Electe<l for city of London March 31 si, 1880. 

Cluht—OxVion, City Carlton, City, Natiooal. 

Towm Addrttt-yi, Cornhill, E.C. 

iSiMt^— GMtard House, near ChippenhaoL 

W, FOWLER (Cambridge). 
^K jw William Fowler, son of John Fowler, Esq., 

dl ^k of Chapel Nap, near Melksham, Wilts, by Rebecca, d. 

flgffB)ir^P*_ of William Mull, Esq., of Uxbridge. He was bom July 
28th, 1828, was ed. at Univ. Coll., London, of which he 
is a Fellow, — grad. at the Univ. of London H.A, in Classical 
and Mathematical honors 1848, and LLB., as Univ. Law 
Scholar, 1850, — and m. 1st, Aug. 1855, Rachel Maria, - 
who died Aug. 1868. — el. d. of Robert Howard, Esq., of 
Tottenham, and Ashmore Manor, Dorset ; 2ndly, 187 1, 
Elizabeth Fox,— who died 1872,— el. d. of the late 
Francis Tuckett, Elsq., of Frenchay, Gloucestershire ; 
3rdly, 1875, Rachel, 3rd d. of the late Joseph Pease, 
Esq., M.P. for South Durham, and widow of C. Albert Leatham, Esq., of 
Gunnergate, Yorkshire. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 1852. U. 
a J. P. for Essex. Was a partner in the banking firm of Alexanders, Cunliffes, 
and Co., 30, Lombard Street, until its dissolution in March 1877. Author of 
**Thc Crisis of 1866, a Financial Essay," " Mozley and Tyndall on Miracles, an 
Essay," "Thoughts on Free Trade in Land," "The Present Asf>ect of the 
Land Question," in Cobden Club Essays, 1872, and "The Limited Ownership 
of I^nd," 1874. A Liberal ; in favor of a general revision of the mode of 
incidence of taxation, and a revision of the law in reference to the tenure of 
land. Sat for Cambridge 1868-74, when he was an unsuccessful candidate ; 
ri>elected March 31st, 1880. 
Ciul't -Reform, Devonshire, 
.^ra/— Forest House, Leytonstone. 





G«oq^ Kttmi, O.CB.. i»t U#t. 
WM ed. al Eloa, and at Balliol > 
RA., itt daM in Ckuika, |8(S, and M.A. 
m^ i8$9^Lad7 Aofurta HeorMU Soolt, d 


)n of the 
F M. S«f 

I I 

Eartof Ekkw. 

the Baratth' 

i8<<. It a ;.P. and a aL. for Buki 

a Krector of Hm LondoM, BciflMoa, ai 

Railway, and of the Eagle Inmnmoc Co. A C>*urr. 

rvAtv. Fine deded for Bac kig g hM Mhirc SepL aitt, 


C I. rBneniLD CDorar). 

field and G>., Ban'. 
A Ldtrm/ C^mstnsr 
of MdciT and the 
<• Sat for 


Charles Kaye Fresh ncLD, ton 
of the late James William Fre«hfield, 
Esq., F.R-S., ofMynthunt, Surrer.— 
who for many jreari was M.P. for Fal- 
mouth, and High Sheriff of Surrey 1850, 
<— by Mary, d. of the late John BUckett, 
Esq. Hewas bora 181a, ira*ed. at the 
ChaiterhouM, and m., 1834, Elizabeth 
Sims, — vho died 1849,-HMily child of 
the late D. S. StepbctMon, Eaq., an 
Elder Brother of the Trinity HoMt. U 

a I). I^ for London, and was for many 
yean in partneishtp with Mcmra. Fiwh- 
thbory, soUotofv to the Bask of Ppflind 
HKt meararm adapted to tht lapid pnanm 
• u. trade and coaunerdal aa U tptte 01 tlw 
liU Nov. 1868, whoi be wat •• 

1874, and April 3rd, i88a 


I. tUlfMooaSCfMCW. 



L. FET(BrlstolX 
Lewis Fry, fourth son of the late Joseph Fry, 

Esq., of Bristol, by Marv Anne, da. of the late Edward 
Swaine, Esq., of Readinf^, and a younger brother of 
the Hon. Sir Edward Fry, a ludge of High Court of 
Justice (Chancery Division). He was bom April l6th, 
1832, was e<l. at a private school, and m., 18C9, the only 
d. — who died 1870 — of the late Francis (Jibson, Esq., 
of Saffron Walden, Essex. Admitted a Solicitor 1854, 
and is senior partner of the legal firm of Fry, Abbot, 
Pope, and Brown, of Bristol. Was Chm. of the Bristol 
School Board 187 1 -8a A Liberal. First elected for 
Bristol Dec. 1878. 

Clttht — Reform, RurlinKton. 

Rftidtiuet — Goldnry House, Clifton Hill, linstol ; Balder 
Grange, Cotherstone. Yorkshire. 

T. FRY (DarllngtonX 
Theodore Fry, second son of Francis Fry, 
Esq., P'.S.A., of Bristol, by Matilda, d. of the late 
Daniel Penrose, Elsq., of Brittas, co. Wicklow. He 
was bom 1836. was ed. at a public school at Bristol, 
and m., 1862, Sophia, d. of the late John Pease, Esq., 
of Darlington. Was Mayor of Darlington 1877-8. is 
a Director of the Bearpark Coal and Coke Co. ( Limited), 
and of the Shildon and Weardale Water Works Co., 
and head of the firm of Fry, Janson, and Co., iron 
manufacturers, Darlington. A Liberal. Elected for 
Dariington April 2nd, 1880. 

Clubs — Reform, Devonshire. 
Town Resi€Unce—<), Si, James's Place, S.W. 
nro noBUS. Residtnctt—^ooA\>\xra, near Darlington ; Glen Roihay , Rydal. 

W. FULLER-MAITLAin) [See Maitland]. 

D. F. OABBETT aimerlckX 

Daniel Fitzgerald Gabbett,* el. son of the 
late Daniel Gabbett, of Bellefield, by Susanna, d. of the 
Rev. Windham Magrath- Fitzgerald, of Ballinard, co. 
Limerick, — a lineal descendant of Miler Magragh, 
Archbishop of Cash el and Emly 1570. He was bora! 
Nov. 7th, 1841, and was ed. at St Columba's College, 
and at Trinity College, Dublin. Served sometime as] 
Lieut, in loth Royal Hussars and 2nd Life Guards. I>| 
a J. P. for CO. Limerick, h Home Rttler. Elected fori 
Limerick in succession to Isaac Butt, Esq., Q.C., 1879., 

C/k**— United Service Club. Dublin : Limerick County Chib. ] 

T0mm R*skUnct—ii, Park Lane, W. 

5'm/— Cahircoulish, co. Limerick. 

• The imperial eagle on the silver banner was granted to Robert Gabott, or Garbett, 
ActonBumell.Salop(Exon Yeoman of the Guard Henrj'VlI.), by the Emperor Maximilian 
of Germany, for good service done by him in rescuing the Lroperor s standard from thttJ 
Frcndi,4Heory VIIL 



George Edmund Mitoei Monck- 
TOK'AftUNDiLL,* 7th yismmf CmhMjr, 
■ad Baron KiUaid io th« Fc«fi«t oT Irdaml. 
el. ton of G«or|e Edwaid Aiaaddl M.I'.. 
<»'h Vitcooat,— who died 1876^— bjr Hoih- 
\ r!M l.liia, d. o( the Uie Robert Pembcrtoa 
Mdae^ Em|^ oT FryMon Hall, and tiilcr o( 
tha tm Baron HonKhion. He was bom 
Nov. iSih. 1844, was ed. at Eton, and Cb. 
Ch., Oslbid,— grad. B.A. and claia Law 
and Hbiory l86^ M.A. 1877, and m., 1879. 
V d. of the hue EllU Godii^ £«)., of Batbridce. oa Sarrey. Is 
rwood Ranffcr Yea Cav.. and a J.r.aod a D.L. lor N< 

Flnt alactod for North Noctii«haaiihiit Feb. 187a. 

Tmm KttUtmtt-t^K 

htn 1868. 


Robert Richardson-Gardner, son of John 
Richaideon, Esq.. J. P. of Swamca. GhunoicanshinL by 
Ettabcth hb wife. He was bom 1827, and m.. 1854, 
Maria Loaisa. only child and hcireM of Heni^ Gardner. 
Esq. whose somame he assamed by royal sagn-manaal 
in 1864. CaUed to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1853. 
but did not practise. Was one of the first Vohintccfa 
enrolled in the county of Hampshire in 1859. where he 
aansted in rsising a corps to which he was gasetted as 
Capt. -Commandant, and retired sAer ten years' scnrica 
as Hon. Col. of the North- East London Rifles. la a 
K.S. A.. President of many clubs and societies^ Wiadaor. 
and a D.I. (^f the Tower Hamlets. A 
Canvasft<- m 1866. and 

Fint elected for \S .. 1874. 







.^ g ^^. John Carpenter-Garnier, only son of the 
JH^ m^^Jk l*tc John Carpenter, Elsa., of Mount Tavy, Devon, 
^^^k W^^i^v ^ I^ucy, d. of the Rev. William Gamier, of Rookesbury 
iBBfcaKK^ nu-k, Hants. He was bom Feb. 28th, 1839, was H. nt 
^^3^^2l Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— Krad. H.A. iS( 
^fi^^H^^L and m., 1868, the Hon. Mary Louisa, 2nd d. of th. 1 
^^^^^^^^^g Baron Clinton. Is a J. P. for Hants, and a J. P. niui a 
^^^^^^I^^B D.L. for Devon. Assumed the name of Gamier 1864, 
^^H^^^H^P| ^pon succeeding to the estates of his uncle, Willinm 
^^B]r 5/ Gamier, Esq. A CoMservativr. Unsuccessful 1\ 

^■v _ y tested South Hants 1868. First elected for s ;i . 
g^S^^<^II^^JS^ Devon June 1 6th, 1873. 
-^ ■ n"'""' •* C/**— Carlton. 

S«ntt—Uoont Tavy, Tavistock : Rookesbury Park. Fartham. Hants. 

RIGHT HON. EDWARD GIBSON (Dublin University). 

Edward Gibson, P.C, Q-C, son of the late 

William Gibson, Esq., J. P., of Merrion Square, Dublin, 
and Rock forest, co. Tipperary. He was bom Sept. 1837, 
was ed. at Trinity Coll., Dublin, where he obtained the 
first gold medal in history, English literature, and political] 
science; grad. B.A. 1858, M.A. 1861 ; and m., if 
Fanny, d. of Henrv CoUes, Esq., Barrister-at-law. Call< 
to the Bar in Ireland i860, and in 1872 became a Q.C.j 
went the Leinster Circuit. Is a Bencher of the Kit 
Inns, Dublin, and a T.P. for co. Meath. Was Attor 
General for Ireland from Feb. 1877 till April 1880. 
Conserx'tUive. Unsuccessfully contested Walerford Js 
r the University of Dublin Jan. 1875, re-elected Feb. 1877 

April 1880. 

C/m^»— Carlton. Garrick. Kildare Street. Dublin University. 
RttuUnc^ — 33. FitxwiUiam Square, DuUtn. 



SIR HARDINGE 8. GIFFARD (Laonceiton). 

Hardinge Stanley Giffard, Q.C, son of 
late Stanley Lees Giffard, Esq., LL.D., Barrister-at-lat 
by Susanna Mears, el. d. of Frank Moran, Esq., J. P., 
Downhill, co. Mayo. He was born 1825, was ed. at 
Merton Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1855,- 
and m., 1st, Caroline, d. of W. C. Humphreys, Esq., «»i 
Wood Green, Middlesex; 2ndly, Lynie, d. of Iltnry 
Woodfall, Elsq., of Riverside, Twickenham. Called to 
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1850, joined the South Wales 
Circuit and becameaQ.C. 1865. Appointed Chm. of the 
Carmarthenshire Quarter Sessions 1874. Was Solicitor- 
Gen. from Nov. 1875, when he received the honor of 
knighthood, till April 1880. A Conservative. Unsuccess- 



iiuftlMmi876w rim 

Ckmmi ff t 5 , P»pm 

rtb. IS74. 

Umf 1874. Md 



Henry Joseph (Jill 
Miclud H. GUI. of l>ublm. 

ion of the late Mr. 

H« wai bom 1816, «nu ed. 
At Si. Vincmt'ft Coll., CMtltkaock, 00. Dvblin, and at 
Trin. Coll.. l>ublta,-«iBd. RA. 1857. M.A. l873.~«ii4 
1870, MAfy J«Ua, d. oTtlM kMe Mr. Jmmi " 

b priodpttl nutBMT is the nibliihinff. 

ntucfinior M. H. GUI ud Son. DoMin. anda 

of the Monidiwl Coooctl of DttbUo. 

A //0m4 Jftdtr, 

J. COTAV (■OBAffllAB OOVBlf). 

John GiVAN, el. son of John Givan, Esq., of 

CttUc CaulfieM, 00. Tyrooe, Uneo bl«icher nod sMdac- 

turer, by MMKaretU, d. of Jshms MaodottoeU, Eaq. He 

was born SeoL a9lh. 1837, was ed. at private 

m. irt, i8-> EUaa,— who died 1877.— d. of 

Em). : sadly. 1878. Araouato Rmd, d. of JaaMt 

E«q., of Lucamey. MoasglMn. Adnrirtwl a 

Solicitor 187a b a J.P. for the town of Aaghnadoy, 


Town Commiasioner*. A UicnU. Elected 

\ inhiMclo)-, cu. l)ra««: Ivy HOI. co. MooaglMa. 
nadoy. oa Tyroo* : jo. Badider** Walk. ^ 

H. J OLAMTOn (LeeteV 

Herbert John Gladstone, son of the Rt. 
lion. Wmiam Ewart GladMone. P.C. M.P., by 
Catherine, eL d. of Sir Stephen Rkhard Glynne, 8th 
bait. He was bom Jan. 7th, 1854. and was cd. at Eton, 
and at Uaivervty CoU.. Oxfofd (H.A. itt dasa Modem 
History 1876, M.A. 1879). b l^ecturer in History 
at Keble Cell.. Oxford, and a Private Sec to his father. 
A ZiArrW. UaMoccMfolly ooatested Middlwei April 
i88aL Elected for Leeds May 8th, 188a 

Un i dtrnm- ta. DovMf Scnsl, 8.W. 




William Ewart Gladstone, P.C, D.C.I 
fourth son of the bite Sir John Gladstone, 1st bart,. 
a Liverpool merchant, — by his second wife, the d. of the 
late Andrew Robertson, ^q.. Provost of Dingwall, He 
was bom Dec. 29th, 1809, and was ed. at Eton, and at 
Ch. Ch^, Oxford ; grad. B, A. as a double-first-class man 
1831, M.A. 1834, and became an Hon. D.C.L. 184H 
In 1839 he m. Catherine, el. d. of the late Sir Steph 
Richard Glynne, 8th bart. Is a P.C. 1841, a 1). I 
for Flintshire, a member of the Institute of France 
1865, and author of various volumes, including "'ITie 
State, in its Relations with the Church," and an 
rate work on Homer. Was a Lord of the Trc 
short time in Dec. 1834, Under Secretary of the C.n..,m^ 
[835, Vice-President of the Board of Trade and Master of 
1841 till May 1843, President of the Hoard of Trade and 
Master of the Mint from Mav 1843 ^i^l ^^^' '845, Secretary of State for f! 
Colonies from Dec. 1845 ^^" J^^X 1846, Chancellor of the Exchequer fr<>i 
Dec. 1852 till Feb. 1855, Lord High Commissioner Extraordinary to the 
Ionian Islands 1858, Chancellor of the Exchequer from June 1859 till July 
1866, Lord Rector of the University of Edinburgh 1859-65, Premier and First 
Lord of the Treasury Dec. 1868 till Feb. 1874, and Premier and Chancellor of 
the Exchequer from Aug. 1873 till Feb. 1874, to which ioint positions he w^^ 
reappointed April 1880. A Liberal. Sat for Newark from 1832 till Di 
1845, ^or the University of Oxford from July 1847 till July 1865, when he w i 
an unsuccessful candidate, for South Lancashire from July 1865 till Nov. 1868, 
when he unsuccessfully stood for South-West Lancashire, and for Greenwich 
Nov. 1868 till March 1880. Returned for Leeds April ist, and for Edinburghshire 
April 5th, 1880, and elected to sit for the latter constituency. 
>■»■> Patron of two Ziri«/T--Seaforth, V., St. 7*hoinas, Toxtclh, P.C, Lancashire. 
C/k^— l/nited University. 
Town Residence— 10. Downing Street, S.W, 
.S>4t/— Hawarden Castle, Flintshire. 

riDB rr vibtutb. 

from Jan. till April 
the \fint from Sept. 

W. H. GLADSTONE (Worcetteralilre. East). 

William Henry Gladstone, el. son of the K 

Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, — M.P. for Edinburgh- 
shire, — by Catherine, el. d. of Sir Stephen Richard 
Glynne, 8th bart He was born June 3rd, 1840, was 
ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad B.A. 
1862, M.A. 1865, — and in 1875 ">• ^^^ Hon. Gertrude 
Stuart, youngest d. of the 12th Baron Blantyre. Was 
a Lord of the Treasury Oct 1869 till Feb. 1874. Is 
a D. L. and a J. P. of Flintshire. Formerly Lieut, 2nd 
Flintshire Rifle Vol. A Liberal. Sat for Chester from 
July 1865 till Nov. 1868, and for Whitby from Nov 
1868 till March 1880; elected for East Worcestershi 
April 13th, 1880. 

C/k^— Devonshire. 
R*$idence—^\, Berkeley Square, W. 

noB rr rtrruTB. 

JteMnww— Hawardcn Castle, FUntshin. 



tS^ Sidney Cirr Glyn, fourth ton of the itt Baron 

,^V Wolvwtoo, bjr Maffianoe. d oTUm laic Paioo* GraiirU. 

J^» Kiq.. MP.. oTTaplow Coort, Badu. He wa» Ukh 

Oct. illh. iKjs, wa» cii at Hamnr, aad at Trin. Coll . 
Camb.. and m., §868, Fannjr, <L of Mom. Adolpbc 
Maraollu^ oT St. Omcr, France. Eoiafod Rifle Ilr%idc 
1854, and raiiiod aa CapL 187a ; lemd b Um Oteiwi 
eaaBpaiga. JadnM^g lUy and idl of Htbtopol. wd die 
,MMttll OQ the Rodan. A . 
bury April 188a 
Cht A m yaadWayy. 
K m l 4 mn <> Hyde Pfeffc Suwc. W. 

ZiAmi/. El«ctod tar SImAc* 

in OABftlXL OOLDirST. Ban (Chlppanhaaa 

Gabriel GoLDNEY,* cl. &on of the Utc Harry 
Goldner. Eaq., by Elinbtth, d. and coheir of Michael 
BanvNigfa, Em).. of Saliabury. He wa» bora 1813, and 
in l8j9 m. Mary Anne, d. of the late R. H. Alexander. 
E»q. . of Conham. WUts. U a J. K and D. L. for WUi. 
ahiie, Lay Rector of Corvham, a Governor of Chrirt'* 
Hospital, and of ochcr Royal HoapitaU. Waa Mayor of 
Chippenlt-'" -»'* f<>r many yean prior to 1864 pcacdied 
at a Soli (jpenham. In 1868 carried a mohi- 

lion for ion of the public expendilvre by a 

majority of one a^unal ihe Government upon two mcock' 
sivc divuiooa. Created a Baronet 188a A 
First elected for Chippenham July 1865. 
Pmttmi ff9m Lkfimg- Bwijiwioln, R.. WUuhtfc 



Daniel Gooch, son of the btc John Gooch, 
Esq., of BedliQClon, and Anna, mit Loimlgc hb wile. 
He «nu bom I8i6, and m. lit, 18^ fiUifUd,— who 
died May 1868,— <1. of the late Henry Tanner, Eaq., of 
Bithopfwearmoath ; and andly, 1870, Emily, d. of the 
late John Border, E«q., of Norwood. Was one of the 
Trmdet Union Comminiooetm. It a I).U of Berkshire, 
Chm. of the Great Wcttem Railwav, and Telcfraph 
Con»tniction and Mainlenanoe Co. , and the Great Eaitern 
Steamship Ca, and a Director of the An^Aacrkan 
Tekgraph Co. Created a Baronet in 1866^ in con- 
tideratioo of hb icnricca to connaction with the Albalic 

* Thb iwiIibim'* fhaily Imm \mm MUbd fai Wikahb* ibr 
iiwy «M M.P. fcr BriMol i^at-r. aad hb t«*M-fiil ji—dMj, 
IS5J, oktaiaad \m dMi yw %nm QMaa M«y dM < 



Tdesrmph Ca A Comtervative. Pint elected for CricWade July 1865, when 
he was away from England, engaged in laying down the Atlantic Cable of 
1 005* 


Tmm XMd*mct-~¥Mh\»or^ Houm. 3. Warwick RomI, MakU Hill, W. 

iSm^-CWwv Park. WiodMr. 

LORD DOUGLAS W. C. GORDON (Huntlnffdonshlrv). 

Douglas William Cope Gordon, son of the 
loth Marquess of Huntlv, by Mary Anloinclte, d. of 
the Rev. P. W. Pegus. He was born Oct. nth, 1851. 
Entered the Coldstream Guards as Ensign and Lieir 
1871. Is heir-presumptive to his brother, the ir 
Marquess of Huntly. k Liberal. Unsuccessfully 
tested Huntingdonshire Feb. 1874. Sat for 
Aberdeenshire from May loth, 1876, till March loo^ 
Elected for Huntingdonshire April 8th, 1880. 

Ciubt—TuTi, Devonshire. 


Alexander Hamilton-Gordon, K.C.B. 
son of the 4th Earl of Aberdeen, by Harriet, d. of tl 
Hon. Jolyi Douglas, relict of James, Viscount Hami 
ton, and mother of the 1st Duke of Abercom. II' 
was bom 1817, and m., 1852, Caroline, el. d. of Si 
J. F. W. Herschel, K.H., 1st bart. Entered tl. 
Grenadier Guards 1834, became Lieut, and Capt. i84< 
' pt. and Lieut.-Col. 1849, Col. 1854, Major f" 
3, and Lieut. -Gen. 1872. Served as A^ 
--;i.. Adjutant -Gen., and Assistant-Quartern 
Gen. on the staff in the Crimea 1854-5, and was ; 
at the Alma, Balaclava, and Inkerman, and at the siege of Sebxstopol. 
Pr<5cis Writer in the Foreign Office 1843-5, Equeny to the Prince < 
1846-54, extra Equerry 1854-61, Dep. -Quartermaster-Gen. of the Army iS 
and in command of the Camp at Colchester 1860-61, of the Brigade 
Curragh 186 1 -6, and of a Division of the Bombay Army 1867-70, and 
Eastern District 1872 ; has the Crimean medal and clasps and the '1 
war medal. Is a Knight of the Legion of Honor and the Mcdjidie, 
Commi.vsioner of the Royal Military Cx)llege and of the Royal Military A ; 
MadeaCB. i8«, and a K.C.B. 1873. He has been since 1862 an Ho 
Equerry to the Queen. An IndepauUnt Member. First elected for East Alx 
deenshire Dec 23rd, 1875. 

r/xAf— United Service, Travelleri*. 
UttuUmt- y>. Queen'* Gate Gardens, 8.W. 


OOlOOV-LiniOl (ttt flBTX 
W t. OOftE-LAmWV Pm Lu^CUml 


John iUdoo Gorst, Q.C, ion of the hue Edwird 
CiMiddock Lawndm, Eaq.. of Piotoo, I ■nn«hiw,— who 
■iwweit ia l8$l Um Mine of Lowndes fai Uai of Gorv, 
— bv Elinbeth, d. of J. D. Noham, Ktq.. of Hoi«ht<«*lc- 
Sormg, Dufham. H« wm» boni May 24th, i8u. and wa* 
cd. ac Si. John*! Coll, Cambridge, of which he waa mmbc- 
time a Kcllow; grad. B.A. Jid Wnu^^ler 1857. M.A. 186a 
In i860 he m. Mary EUiabclh, d. of the Rev. Lornno 
Moore, of Christ Church, New Zealand, who waa hmmfy 
Capt. (ih Madras Ught Cavalry. Wat QvU CoaaWoacr 
of Wa&ato, New Zealand, 1861 3. Called to the Bar at the 

Tnnrr Temple 1865, and goes the Noffthcm Circuit ; became a Q.C 1875. 
I he Maori King." A CVwMrMlkv. Sat far Cambridge 1866^ 
concerted Hastings 1865, and Cambridge 1868. Fim elected 
im l-eb. 1875. 

Q«ini 0«c« Rmr. T«b|J«, B.C 


%a|^ George Joachim Goschen, P.C, son of the 

B QBE^^ late William Henry Goachen, Esq., of Anstinfriars, 

1^^^^ K.C., and Koehampton, Sorrey, by Henrietta hb wile. 

He was bom August loth, 1831, and was ed. at 
Rugby, and at Oriel Coll. . Oxford ; grad. E A.. 1st cla«s 
ClaaBics, 1853. In 1857 he m. Lucy, d. of the bie 
John Dallev, Esq. Was formerly a merchant b part' 
nerthip witn Messrs. Fnihling and Goachen, of Anstin* 
friars but retired u{>oii taking oflSce in the Ruvi<ll. 
Gladstone MiniMry. Wan Vice-Proident of the Board 
of Trade from Nov. 1865 till Jan. 1866, and Chancdlor 
of the Duchy of Lancaster from Jan. till July 1866. 
Pfcaident of the Poor Uw ikmd Dec 1868 till March 
1871. and First Lord of the Admiralty March 1871 till FeU 1874 ; sworn a 
member of the Privy Council 1 866. Appointed Special Ambaamdor to Con- 
stantinople May iSflio. Is Chm. of Lloyds', Goveroor of the Hudson's Bay Co. . 
a L>. 1.. of the city of London, and author of ** Theory of the Foreign EschaB^ '* 
Aldtral, Sat far the dly uf London 1863-80^ when he waa elected ior Riiwn. 

C/«l»- Rdbna. AUMaHMim. 

Tmm Jtmdmtcf-^ PwtlMHl Plsca. W. 

M«Mli. aMT HavkhMSl. Kml 


1. T. OOUBLBT (SUBdwlMkL). 

Edward Temperley Gourley, son of the late 
John Young Gourlcy, Esq., of Sunderland, hv Mary, d. «»r 
the late Mr. Tcm|>crlcy, He was bom June 8th, 1828, m 
is unmarried. Is a F.R.G.S., a J. P. and a D.L. for c 
Durham, a J. P. for Sunderland, and Lieut. -Col. Con 
mandanl of the 3rd Durham Rifle Vol. Served ten yea 
in the North Durham Militia. Elected Mayor of Sund( 
land 1864, and re-elected 1865 and 1866. An advatii 
IJhfrai. First elected for Sunderland Nov. 1868. 

Club— Devonshire. 

AViu/>«rr*— Roker, Sunderland ; Fehwell, Rrandon. 


^A^ Edward Frederick Leveson-Gower, second sur- 

f>f^ viving son of the 1st Earl Granville, by Henrietta Elirabelh, 

•™'** 2nd d. of the 5th Duke of Devonshire. He was bom May 

3rd, 1819, and was ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, — grad. B.A. 
1840, M.A. 1844, In 1854 he m. Lady Margaret France; 
Mary Elizabeth, — who died 1858, — d. of the 2nd Marqm- 
of Northampton. Called to the Bar at the Inner Tcmj 
Nov. 1845. Was Precis Writer in the Foreign Office fri': 
Dec. 1851 till Feb. 1852, and in 1856 was attached t 
Elarl Granville's special mission to Russia. Is a J. P. f< 
Surrey, and a D.L. for Derbyshire. A Liberal; uphol<i> 
••progress and free trade." Sat for Derby from' May till July !847, when h< 
was unseated on i>etition, and for Stoke-upon-Trent from July 1852 till Marcli 
1857, when he was an unsuccessful candidate. First elected for Bodmin May 

C/»«*»— Travellert', Brooks's. Turf, Marlborough. 
ToTuH Residence— \^, South Audley Street, W. 
ir<><i/— Holmbury, Dorking. 

F. W. GRAFTON (Lancashire, North-East). 

Frederick William Grafton, son of the lati 
Joseph Smith Grafton, Esq., merchant and manufac- 
turer, of Manchester. He was bom 1816, was ed. nt 
private schools, and m., i860, Emily Sophia, d. f • 
William Howard, Esq., of Ix>ndon. Is a J. P. f' 
Lancashire, and head of the firm of F. W. (i 
and Co., calico printers, of Broad Oak, Accrin: 
and Manchester. A Liberal. Elected for North- Ea^ 
Lancashire April 1880. 

C/n^— Devonshire. 

i?/MV//Mcri— Heysham Hall, Lancaster; Hope Hall, Man 

Mncmns or paruaiiemt. 


a^ OtimmaL 

Andrew Giuirr, ion of the Rev. Dr. Gnmt, 
of Cdinbngk. He %rM bora iSjo^ wm cd. at lk« HMi 
School, B^iSbmK and BtEOUbm^VnUu^.mAmL, 
i87i,»a>ofloM|rfiTowmi«d,ffM.or<aiiMSr. Wcm 
ID OdM ta IH4. iad iwUtd llMii nlBi^i^ vlMB W 
WMI le Bmhtft vhai* ht «m oeoniid •• m tmnkmi 

FelknToT tht Univ. of BombtT, and a r.lLG.S. A 
ZiA«W. FInt elected for Ukh Jan. J9Ch. 1878. 



Daniel Grant, son of the late Cmpt. Daniel 

Grant, of South Shield*. He was boni Sept. 36ch« 1816, 
and wmi ed. at the Upper School of the Royal Hospital, 
Greenwich. Wai founder and for many )rcan princxpal 
partner in the 6nn of Grant and Co., printen, of Tnrnnull 
Street, OcrkenweU. A JUAfrW. Elected for Maiykboae 
April 1880^ having in Feb. 1874 been an 

QinlM<0«d«M, Hydt Patk. W. 

SIR QEOROE MAOraillO«-OBA«T, Barl* dlclB and ItalnX 

Gcorigc Macpherson-Grant, eL son 

of Sir George Macphenon^Grant, 2nd bart., 
— who died 1850,— by Marion Helen, el. d. 
of the late Mungo Nutter Campbell, Eaq., of 
Ballimore, Argyllshire. He waa liora Aqg. 
13th, 1839, was ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch^ 
0%faid,--gnd, B.A. 1861,— and m., 1861, 
Franeea Emabeth, d. of the late Rev. Roger 
Pocklii«toa. Vicar of Walesby. Notts. U 
Convener of Banftliifi^ and a J. P. and a 
D.L. for cot. BanC Elgin, and Im 
A LArml Fint elected for Elgin and Nairn SepC 18791 

Ckd^ BraokaX Sc Jaawa't. 


^ * TW M bafOMC wlw ia lit! J 





W. QRAMTHAM (Surrey. EastX 
Mli William Grantham, Q.C, son of the late 

tJ^^t/M George Grantham, Ksq., of Barcoml>e IMace, near Lcwcs, 

^vQ^^WQ^ l>y Sarah, d. of the late William V'crrall, Esq.,of Southover, 
^nrJJJ^j Lewes. He was bom Oct. 23rd, 183^, wa» ed. at King's 
f'^W"^^ ^ College School, London, and m., ifes, Emma, el. d. 
of the late Richard Wilson, Esq., of Chiddingley, Sussex, 
and Molesworth Mouse, Brighton. Called to the Bar at 
the Inner Temple Hilary Term 1863, in which year he 
obtained the studentship given by the Council of L^al 
Education for the four Inns of Court ; became a Q.C. 
1877, Is a J. P. for Sussex and Dcp.-Chm.of M.ngistrates. 
A Consfrvatwe; " in favor of Union between Church and 
State as the only means of preserving a national rclij^ion, 
but in favor of the utmost religious liberty not .subversive 
of that union ; also in favor of religious teaching in all 
Board Schools, and of reforms where necessary if carried out in the spirit of 
the Constitution," First elected for East Surrey Feb. 7th, 1874. 

C/»**— Carlton. St. Stephen's. 
Ckambfrs—i, Paper Buildings. Temple, E.C. 




ford House, Streatham, S.W. ; Barcombe Place, Lewes, Sutiex. 

E. D. ORAT (Carlow CoontyX 

Edmund Dwyer CiRAY, son of the late Sir 
John Gray, M.P., of Charlevillc House, co. Dublin, \>\ 
Anna, d. of James Dwyer, Esq., of Limerick. He wa 
bom 1845, was privately educated, and m., 1869, 
Caroline, d. of Major Archibald Chisholm. Is pro 
prietor of the Freeman^ s JoumaJ, and was Lord Mayoi 
of Dublin 1880. A Honu Ruler. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Kilkenny 1875. Sat for Tipperary co. from May 
1877 till March 1880. Elected for co. Carlow April 

/?^rrV^>MC/— Pembroke House, Upper Mount Street, Dublin. 

SIR R. OREEK-PRICE (See Prlcel. 

GREENE (Bury St Edmunds). 
Edward Greene, son of the late Benjamin 
Greene, Esq., of Bloomsbury, a West-India proprietor, 
He was bom 1815, was ed. at the Gram. Sch., Bury St 
Edmunds, and m. 1st, 1840, Emily, — who died 1848, 
3rd d. of the Rev. G. Smythies, of Stanground, nea: 
Peterborough ; and 2ndly, 1870, Caroline Dorothea, d. 1 
Charles Prideaux Brune, Esq., of Prideaux Place, Corii 
wall, and widow of Rear-Admiral Sir W^illiam Hosti 
2nd bart. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Suffolk, a brewci 
at Bury St. Edmunds, and late Master of the Suffolk Fox 
nounds. A *■* Conservative ; opposed to class legislation." 
First elected for Bury St. Edmunds July 1865. 

CltA- CarUoo. ^V/i/- Nether Hall, Bury St Ednuadt. 


Thonus Grcu, eL ton of Alfred Greer, Esq., 
I I\orDripM]rHoaM,co.Cork. brHdMM, <L of tW 
Uie JokhuA Canoll. £«).. of Sydney Pke*. CoHL He 
April 4th, i8n. «nu ed. al CUItoo, umI m.. 

1864, ftUrvuH, ottiT chiU of tbe Ute Joim OwdcB, Em. , 
oTSm FlMk, CvrickfagMk b • J.P. far Cviidi. 
ArfSM and o& Aalriai, and • DiiMlor of Ri 

SoM, and Owd«, and of the Bibr oo k Spfanfaw Co. 
Wat High ShoUr of CafridUafgw 1870^ andof 00. 
Txfuoe 1876. A CmstTMHrn, Badad far Carvkk. 
fergu» ApnJ 188a 

CAi4»«^L SMfhaaX NMioMl. CarlMw. KBdw Sttwm. 

Tmm M0ttMmi» Own H«m«, R«tM*'« Pm^ N.W. 

Geom Burrow Grigory, ion of the late John 
Swarbrtck Gregory, Esq. He was bom Jan. joih, 1813, 
and was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. ColL, Camb. ; grad. 
B. A. and M. A. Is Treasurer of the Fo«ndlii« Heapilal, 
and a partner in the fim of Gregory, Rowdifle^ KomaUk, 
and Rawle, tolidtors. A Cfmservaimi. Fine elected far 
East SnsM^x Nov. 1868. 

CiMv-CaHM. Oiibfd aad Guabfidgt. Pafwn*. 

O0km t, B«Mbrd Rov. W.C 

r«M £miimt» FoydM^ Hoipiial. GuildfenI Somi. W.C 

Snih- BoMidl. Hont Gram. Soft^i. 

tot WILLIAM B. WELBT-ORBOORT. Bart (Unoolnahlre, toslRjL 

William Earle Welby-Gregory,* eL son of 

the late Sir Glynne E. Welby-Gregory, 3fd baft,~wbo 

dieil 1S75,— of Denton Hall, Grantham,— M. P. for 

('-r.tluun I830-57,— by Frances, youngest d. of the late 

>ir Montage Cholmdey, Bart. He was bom Jan. 4th, 

1820, and was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch.. O&ford ; 

^TwA. B. A.,— and class in Clautcs,— 1851. In 1863 he 

■^ ■ Hon. Victoria Alexandria, only d. of the late 

harles and Lady rmmnllnf Stnart-Wortley. Is 

>na a J.P. of UneofaMUie, a J.P. for Leioeiter- 

hro. of Qnartcr Sessioas heki at Sleafard. 

-- ^_ , ~ Apt Leicestershire Yeo. Cav. and of tid 

•utiftM.rMM.AMVM. 1 '* Vol Aasamed in 1876 the aodi- 

ti i arms of Gregory. A C^mm frtwr ; 

* attadied to Chnrch atvi m.-\ic, ami in Csvor of education ** based 00 the 

im^ sMfaMd Robm d« Tod«i. Bm of B«h«ir. b lbs d^Me* «f kii 

■■ Mil i n kav ntmrmtiUmA dwir aii^ C OI Mt y im PaA— M %iatM Um^ Hm 

ik aid ID 
. d^Me* «f kii CMiW s«««y 

fal PariiaacM msca temtA. Hanrr Vlt. 



anion of reli^ous and secttUr tatching." Promoted the "Adulteration of 
Seeds Act " 1869. Sat for Grantham from April 1857 till Nov. 1868, when 
be was first elected for South Lincolnshire. 

Cimtf-Cmrium, St SMphm's. 

T0tim Rttidemet-%, Upper Belgrave Street. S.W. 

5>«/r- Denton Hall, Gnmthun ; Newton Hoiue, FoUdnxham. Lincolnslure ; Remprto— 
Hall, Loughborough. 


W. H. ORENFELL (Ballabuiy). 

WilliajTi Henry CJrknfell, el. son of the late 
Charles William Grenfell, Esq., M.P., of 38, BelOTave 
Sauare, S.W., by Georgiaiia, d. of the late Rt. Hon. 
William S. Saunders Lascelles, M. P. He was bom 1855, 
and was ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford, — 
grad. B.A. 1879. Is a J. P. for Bucks. A Liberal. 
Elected for Salisbury Apnl 1880. 

C/«i*— Reform, White's, Turf, Alpine. Beaf&teak. 

.S'/a/— Taplow Court. Buckinghamthire. 

k. H. O QBET (Korthumbarland, South). 

/»» Albert Henry George Grey, only surviving 

^^ son of the lute Gen. the Hon. Charles Grey, Private 

•fi*^ Sec. to Her Majesty, bv Caroline Eliza, el. d. of Sir 

Thomas Harvie Farquhar, 2n(l hart. He was bom 
Nov. 28th, 1851, was ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb.,— grad. B.A. 1874,— and m., 1877, 
Alice, d. of Robert Stayner Hoi ford, Esq. (formerly 
M. P. ), of Westonbirt House, Tetbury. Is a J. P. for 
Northumberland, and heir-presumptive to his uncle, 
the 3rd Earl Grey. A Liberal. In April 1878 he 
was elected for South Northumberland with E. 
Ridley, Esq., each having polled the same number of votes, but declining 
a scrutiny the seat was held by Mr. Ridley ; re-elected by the same constituency, 
April 1880. 


Retid€nct~Yio<tndt., Lesbury, Northumberland. 

SIB P. D£ M GREY EOEBTON [See Egerton]. 





wbca heu 

rUuntalAfT Stci 




^•t. w. 

vKNOi^* yoiioi^est 

comimtcr, br Lidjr 

ni a. U liM la Ddwol SvtlMHMid. 

j&h. 1837. and «ra« cd. At Wctf; 

>a. ColL, CuBbi : md. M.A. itsS. 

Beatfkc^— wbo died 187^— roanfeai 

»' At V«ci) andljr, 1879. EIcmdt 

iikMi Slibbcr, d. of the Utc 

'jraii, QMta's oa UCoL^Coot 

>v., a j.P. for en. of Donct and 

I mwkm and Noith- Wetteni Rail- 

tn Aaoctate of the Inttltf 


' "^ * •"-: Apmtetcd 

m Umrof 

t, I ravvucr* , i^rvomntr* 

»OM CkAMa 

K. J. OUVr (Warahanu 

Montague John Guest, third son of the Ute 
Sir Jtniah John Guett, ut bart.. M.P.. bjr Lady Char- 
lottc Elizabeth, only d. of the 9th Earl ol Uadaey, and 
now wife of Charles Schretbcr. Esq., M.P. for Chdten- 
ham 1865-8. lie was bom March 39th, 1859, and ed. at 
Harrow. Entered the Ride Brigade 1 855. and became 
Lieut 1859. Unmarried. Is a I. P. and a D.L. for 
Doreet, a J.P. for Middleicx. and Lieut. DoneC Yea 
e av. A Li*fm/, Sat for Yuoffhal 1869.74. Efoctad for 
Wareham April and, 1880^ having in 1874 been an 
uasqccchIvI f^ t t dHf ff 

CAJv-BrtkokCa. WliiM't. 

Ttmm Jtnidmt»-i, SarOt Row. W. 

Ctmmirj Jt*$Utmt» B«rt Ragis. 

iMi A.a art 10 


* TW Ciawiui fluaflyb iwcaadiJ la cha aMb ■■• 
•memmtn, »Ik» WoMrkMd b NortMndy vitk mat 

the GoaqiMM : kavtac bad Um am^nw iiwi oi aMa, _ , _ 

Nofwuiay. TWy dto bald iha po««rful and batadkary *liot tT-Qtm V. 
araadiiaaVMi la, to tba Puka> cf Nanaaady. brm wbkh padttoa ihay taha Uwir aa»a . aad 
tka lalbeiwMdi ibay b«r for a cra« wm Um badca aad lalMa aT ihdr aSea After 

raAee aT^^GM 
aiiioa ihay laka I 
_ _ tabaaaribdri 

C a aqat tbqr lanlad^fai O iaib iw . wbart tbay ac^airtd by — H af ■ with aa ktimm tba aiui* 
•riaaoa or Kiao. aad rwaataid aaMaa dM ''mStitd aeUky " oT iba Uafdoa da«a to ib* 
t«%B of jaMa I.. ltt«ii« diiTM^SlvS Um Scnpaa tba light la bw dMAu •'aiara. a baad 



. T. OVBDOV (Vortiolk. BoatlDi 

Robert Thomhagh Gurdon, el. son of 

Rrampton Gurdon, Esq., of Letton, Norfolk, and Grun- 
dwburph, Suffolk, M.V. for West Norfolk 1857-65, by the 
Hon. Henrietta Susannah Ridley Colbome, d. of the 1st 
Baron Colbome (extinct). He was bom 1829, was ed. at 
Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb.,— grad. B.A., Senior 
Optime, 1852, Hon. M.A. 1852,— and m. ist, 1862, 
H.irriott Ellen,— who died 1864,— 6th d. of Sir William 
Miles, M.P., 1st bart. ; 2ndly, 1874, Emily, d. of the late 

Rev. Robert Boothby Heathcote, of Chingford, Essex. Is a J.R and a D.L. 

for Norfolk, Chm. of Quarter Sessions, and Lieut. -Col. 4th Norfolk Rifle Vol. 

A Ubrral. Elected for South Norfolk April 1880, having in April 1871 and 

FA. 1874 been an unsuccessful candidate. 
C/h&«— Brooks't, United University. 
TVwo Retidemct—-fi, Hill Street. W. 
Retidenct—\jt\xat\, Thetford. 

T. F. HA18EY (HertfordalUre). 
Thomas Frederick Halsey,* only son of the 
late Thomas Plumer Halsey, Esq., — who was M. P. for 
Herts 1846-54, — by Frederica, d. of Gen. F. Johnston, 
of Hilton. He was bom 1839, was ed. at Eton, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864,— and 
m., 1865, Mary Julia, youngest d. of the late F. O. 
Wells, E.sq., Bengal Civil Service. Is a T.P. for Herts, 
Major Herts Yeomanry Cav., and Chm. of Great 
Gaddesden School Board. A Comervative. First 
elected for Hertfordshire Feb. 1874. 

Cluht — Carlton, United University. 

iSra/— Gaddesden Place, Heniel Hempstead, Heru. 


Claud John Hamilton, second son of tht 
1st Duke of Abercom,t by Lady Louisa Jane, 2nd d. ot 
the 6th Duke of Bedford. He was bom Feb. 20th, 
1843, ^'*s ed. at Harrow Sch., and m. 1878, Carolina, 
d. of the late Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole, Esq., 
of Radbume Hall, Derby. Entered the Grenadier. 
Guards May 1862, made Lieut, and Capt. Aug. i86i 
retired 1867. Was Aide-de-Camp to the Lord Lieut 
of Ireland 1866-8, and a Lord of the Treasury in Nor^ 
and Dec. 1868. Is Lieut. -Col. Com. of the Prince 
Wales' Own Don^al Militia, and Deputy Chairman 

* Is descended from William Halsey, o/uu Chamber, to whom was sraoted. 36 Hei 
VIII., upon the dissotution of King's Langty Priory, the Rectoty of Great Gaddesden. 

t The Duke of Abercom is the chief representative in the male line of the illustrious he 
of Hamilton. His ancestors frequently intermarried into the Royal Family of Scotland, 
»ere acknowledged by the Parliament as the presumptive heirs of the crown in the person ( 

MmuM or PARUAMnrr. toj 

lh« Great EMitm lUOwajr Ox Was attMlMd to iIm D«Im of Abcfconi'* 
SpMkllliMiMlollMlCiMolllaljriM A Cmmtmi^. Sm for LoadoiH 
<Urnrdt7irMiJal]ri86stiU Nov. iM» aad far Kii^'t Lvwi ft«B D^. 1M9 

iM9b Md KUhTs Lyna April iSlob EhtUtA for Uvcrpool Aif. 6cli. ll8a 


Georse Fnuicif Hamilton, P.C, third ton 
of the i«t Dokc of Abercom,*b)r Ladjr Looua jane, aadd. 
ofthe 6ch DvIm of BadfMd. He wu bom Dec iTtli, 
1S45. wu ed. At Hanow. and dl, 1871, Lady Hand 
CaraUae Laiccilci, d. of Ibe vd earl of Haicwood. 
EBtandlbeAffaqraa EaikBoftbe RMe Brteadc 1864, 
and exdMMfd iaio the CoUstiaam Gnaida 1868. la a 

IP. forlfadlcaeK. Wat Uadcr Sacrctarr of State far 
India froaa Feb. 1874 tiU AprU 1878* and Vioe-Pvoidant 
of the CooDcU of Edncatioo froan April 1878 till April 

1880 ; appointed Fourth Charity CommtinoQcr for Eag- 
Und and Walca May 187& K Qmsinmiwt. Pint elected far Middlem Nor. 




L T. BAHILTOH (DnbUn OoontyX 
Ion Trant Hamilton, son of the Ute Jtmet Hans 
Hamilton, E^q., M.P. (or Dublin ca 1 842-6J,— and grandson of 
llans Hamilton, £iq., who tat for Dnblia 00. jo ycar«,~by 
Caroline, d. of the late Tohn Trant, Esq., of Dovea, co. Ttppe- 
rarv. lie wat bom Tufy 1859, wat ed. at Trin. Coll. Camb., 
and m., 1877, Victoria Alexaodrina, d. of the late Lord Charlet 
Welloley. U a D.L. and a J.P. of co. Dublin. A C4 
Fint elected for ca Dublin April 1863. 

CHdt Cfhaa. WMto's. Anluir'k, S^kvOk Smd. 

■ choMB in is«a p i ia i H w *» Omb Mary, dwiag 

MovM bora* by tMafcaiilr Maid to Iwvt kad ii> 
M. WaSmm 4t II— Mi in ■. A.ik lys. Im 
oaTjabi 4> ffy lOir h a dat l. fcwJy dan jM^kn »omM aat b> do— » fin ia 

b«ii«boilTPMMd MMMdaweed «b 
MTMM «adM«d cloihM, Wi dwy ka 

ihMB. lit MTvaai iboviac dpw <f n ip H i ilr ii. iw — miy wdwtd by fkt \ 

BoadMMd t» ««k. aai dM 

kftcbiteUvM. OaUt 
la 8m of dM «M Iw badpnvioMly h«M 
J. Uaarikoi^ «a pnetdiag papk 


J. a 0. HAMILTON (La&arluMre. South). I 

JohnGlcncaim Carter Hamiiton, 
son of the late A. J. Hamilton, Ksci., of 
Dalzcll, by Ellinor, d. of D. Hamilton, 
Kmi., of Llilkcp»cleu|;h. He was l)om Nov. 
l6tn, 1829, was c(l. at Lton, and m., 1864, 
I.ady Emily Ellinor, 4th d. of the loth I'larl 
of I^ven and Melville. Entered 2nd Life 
Guards 1847, and retired as Capt. 1861. 
Is Vice-Lieut, and a J. P. for Lanarkshire, 
and Major Queen's Own Glasgow Yeo. Cav. 
A I.ihfra!. Sat for the Falkirk Burghs from 
1857 till 1859, and for South Lanarkshire 

from Nov. t868 till Feb. 1874, when he was an unsuccessful candidate ; 

re-elected April 8th, 1880. 

C/m^x— Brooks't, Arthur's. 

Tawm RetuUmce-Si^ Eaton Place, S.W. 

5^M/— DalwU. Motherwell, Lanarkshire. 


E. W. HARCOURT (Oxfordflhlre). 

Edward William Harcourt,* el. son of the 
late Rev. William Harcourt, of Nuneham Park, Oxford- 
shire, by Matilda Mary, d. of the late Col. William 
Gooch. He was bom 1825, was ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford 
(being on the Foundation of that College), and m., 1849, 
I^dy Susan Harriet Holroyd, only d. of the 2nd Earl of 
Sheffield. Is a J. P. for Berkshire and Sussex, and a J. V. 
and a D.L. for Oxfordshire, of which he was High Sheriff 
1875. ^s Hon. Col. of the Cinque Ports Artillery. Was 
a member of the Royal Commission for organizing the 
Volunteer Force 1862, and was for 15 years Pres. of the 
National Artillery Association. Has twice brought for- 
ward in the House of Commons the question of the 
extension of Post Office Savings Banks. A Conservative. 
First elected for Oxfordshire Feb. 5th, 1878. 

Patron oj two Lixnngs. 

C/tti«—Caur]toa, Traveller*'. 

Town Rnutnue—6, Prince's Gardens. S.W. 

Marifu Residtnce -5, Robertson Terrace, Hastings. 

Semis- Nuneham Park, Abingdon : Stanton Harcourt. Eynsham. Oxfordshire 


of the Hon. and Most Rev. Edward Harcourt, Archbishop of York, by 
_ tier of Granville, ist Maraueasof f 
fnt Lord Harcourt. who»e estates be has inherited. 

Lady Anjw, daoghter of Granville, ist Marquess of Stafford : and great -great-grandson of the 
'.jord Harcourt. w* 






V fioo. J. Lm inutKy, oi inc 

P. Ivc«, Eaq. Called to the 
May 1S54, and made a O.C. 
ilrmaitoad Law in the I'm- 

Willuun George GnmviUe Venablct Veknom. 

lUtcoutT.* /*r., Q.C^ toQ of th« lal« Rev. WUlkm 

Hanruurt. of Naaeham Park. Oxfotd, by MatUda Mary. 

d. oflhelaleCoL WmkaaGoodL He ww bom October 

Uth. 1817, and wa* ed. at Trin. ColL, Canb., 01 

which tie waa a acbolar. and grad. in boooti, lit daa» 

in CkHki and 8«ikir Opdme. 1851. Married iit« 1S59, 

ThMw.-wboditd 1861,-d. oTT. U^ter, Em.; ft»dly. 

|S7«. EUabcdi. d. of Um Hon. J. L. Motley. oT the 

U.S.A^ and widow oTT. ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Bar at the Inner Temple 

1866. Ii Profcmor of Iniemattooal 

ver»ity of Cambrid^. a member of the Royal Com 

toe (1867) for the A mrwtmeot of the Neutrality Law*, and alto of the 

jd Connnb ri nm (1866) hr the Amcndmeot of Um Lbwb idatiag to 

iruliviiuin ami for Amoidmeiit of the Law of Extradttion (1877); aad 

of 'HUtoricttft' on Inlematioaal Law.** Waa Solicitor- 

1 S73, when he wu knighted,— omil Feb. 1874. Appoialad 

cuu> of buic f« irtment April 1880. A Liherai. Uhmc- 

tuUy cootcMcd Hurgha 18^8. Sat for Oxford city fro« 

1868 till Apnl i^do. When nc accepted office, and 00 May Slh, l88o^ 

an wnmcce aa fti l candidate. Elected for Derby May 25th, 188a 

CArf»-^>idbfdaad CbiBMdfa. DevoMym. Rafem. 

C %mmUt % ranaf^a B«iUii«. Tampla. E.C 

r^— R.^j^.-^, GraAoa Sum. Bond Str*^ W 


J. A. BAEDCA8TLE (Bury Bt 

Joseph Alfred Hardcastle. cI. son of Alfred 
Hafdcastle, E»q., of llatcharo House, Surrey. He 
was born 1815. and was cd. at Mill HUl Sch.. at the 
Gram. Sch.. tiunr St Edmunds, at KW s Coll., Londoa, 
and at Trin. Coll, Camb., where be obtained a scholar- 
ship ; grad. B.A. 1st class in Classics and Senior OptiaM 
1818. He m. 1st. i84<x Frances.— who died 1865.— 
only chiki of the hue H. W. Lambinh. Esq. : and sndly. 
1869. the Hon. Mary Scariett, d. of the late Loid 
Chancellor Campbell. Called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple 1841. but has not peacdaed. Is a D.L. fx 
Surrey, and a J.P. for Eawx, Norfolk, aad Suflblk. A 
iUJvm/. Sat for ColdMMcr ftom July 1847 tUl July 
.jiwrs^iSti^ i8sa, and for Bury St. Sdands 1857.74. Mnmc- 
ceafoUy cootcited Colchlgr 185s, aad Bury Sc 
Edmund* 185a and 1874. 

Ttmm RtwUtm* 54. Qmsb's GaM TanM*. S.W. 
MftUtmfw -TW Lodt*. Hok. NoHbft. 

••E.W. HwcMrtaal 



W. K. BARRIflON-BROADLEY [Bee Bro«41t7]. 

RIGHT HON. MARQUE88 OF HARTINOTON (Lancashire. North-East). 

Spencer Conipton Cavendish, 

P.C^ DX.L., LL.D., {Moratuss of 
Hartington\ el. son of the 7tn Duke 
of Devonshire, by Lady Blanche Georgiana, 
4th d. of the 6th I':arl of Carlisle. He 
was bom July 23rd, 1833, and ed. at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. ; giad. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1854, 
and LL.D. 1862. Unmarried. Is a Privy 
Councillor, a D.L. and a J. P. for Derby- 
shire and Lancashire, Hon. Col. 2nd Derby- 
shire Militia, and Hon. Col. 5th Bat. Lan- 
cashire Rifle Vol. Was a Lord of the 
Admiralty from March till April 1863, Under 
Secretary of State for War from April 1863 till Feb. 1866, Secretary of State 
for War from Feb. till July 1866, Postmaster-General from Dec. 1868 till 
Jan. 1871, and Chief Secretary for Ireland Jan. 1871 till P'eb. 1874. In 1856 
was attached to Earl Granville's special mission to Russia. Elected Lord 
Rector of Glasgow University 1877. Appointed Secretary of State for I ntli-i 
April 1880. A Liberal. Sat for North Lancashire from March 1857 till No 
1068, when he was an unsuccessful candidate, and for Radnor District fr<> 
Feb. 1869 till March 1880. In April was returned both for Radnor Distn 
and North-East Lancashire, and elected to sit for the last-named constituent 
and was re-elected May 1880, after acceptation of office. 

C/»^<— Brooks's. Travellen', Turf, Marlborough. 
Town RetuUtut—Uvwaiaian House, Piccadilly, W. 

F. D. DIZOH HARTLAND (Evesham). 

Frederick Dufore Dixon-Hartland, eU 
son of the late Nathaniel Hartland, of The Oaklands, 
Charlton King's, Gloucestershire, by Eliza, d. and 
coheiress of the late Thomas Dixon, £lsq., of Kin^ 
Lynn. He was bom 1832, and m. 1867 Grace Am 
youngest d. of the late Col. Wilson, K.H. Is a J. I 
for Gloucestershire. Has assumed the additional sn 
name of Dixon. A Conservative. Unsuccessfully 
contested Hereford April 1st, 1880, and Evesham 
July 8lh, 1880, but on Dec. I7lh ensuing he was 
seated on a scrutiny for the latter borough. 

C/«<3/— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 
Town Residrtue—i^, Chctham Place, S.W. 
Ccmntry Retiderue—Ttit Oaklands, Charlton Ktas:'s, Gloucestershire. 

MCMBBiui or PARLiAifemr. 




Robert Batbson • Hakvky, only mq of 
tK« bit Robtrt Hanrvv. Em., hy JemtoM faat, only 
Ul of the ble J. R. CblliM, E«q.. of lltlchomfi, 
iticrMl. He WM bom l8a$, wms ed. at Eton, and at 
Ch. Ch., OxJbitl« and m. Itt, 1855, Diaaa Jane,— who 
dkd 1866,— sad d. oT the Yen. Stephen Crcxke. Arch- 
•Iracon of YorV ; and tndljr, 1874, Magdalen Bwdalhanr. 
v« iil«m o( the late Alexander Andenon, Eiq., of New. 
tr4<). N S. W.. and d. of the late Sir foiro FriMrle, 
U a n.l^ and a j.P. for BocWwtfianwhhg, 
aixt < A|>t. Koiral Bucks Yco. Cav. Forncfljr Cape 
5th i: v^ Kifle Yol. Created a Barooel 186I A 
r.n Sat for Bockia|h«adiire 1863-8; re- 

elected heb. 1874, and Apctt 81I1, i88a 

LMm^Cnmttmhm, IL. — d Lydewd Si. Umtmem, R., 1 

N^< George Wootlyait H asti ngs. only ion of the 

Br late Sir ChaHes Haalinfft, M. D. . D.C. L., of Woroerter, 

flH^ and Bamard't Greca, Malvem, bjr Hanaah, d. of the 

^^ ^^ ^ bte George Woodyatt. Eaq.. M.D. ; aad aeohewaad 

representative ot the late Adm. Sir Thomas rlasliafs 

ICCB., of Titley Court, HerefordAhire. He was boni 

Sept. 38th, 1825, and was ed. at the BrooMgrov* 

Grammar School, and at Christ CoIL. Caab.— LLB. 

in honors 1849, LL.M. 18— ,~and m. lst« 1858, 

/^"^^Hj I^ Kib Catherine Anna,— who died 1870,— d. of the hue Rer. 

jqf ^n t^ R Samnel Meace, B.D., Rector of Ulconbe, Kent; 

^^WTM^T^^V 2ndly, 1877. Frances Anna, only child of the Ute 

^^fBQ^^ Rev. Willtjun Huntini^on PilUns, Rector of Himley. 

Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 185a Was 

for several years Sec of the Law Amendment So., Hon. Sec. of the National 

" "^onnatory Union, and General Sec of the National Association for the 

motion of Social Science 1857-68, since when he has been Chm. of the 

ndl. Has materially assisted in advancing the causes of edocatioa aad 

x\ science, and has written extensively on tKose subjects, and also on in- 

lational and constitutional Uw. Was one of the original Committee for the 

Ai>oUtion of Tesu on University Degrees, supported the moveaient for cs- 

tAhltdiing Local Univertitv Examinationa, and was one of the most ptoninent 

atvoeates for extendiag tnoae examinations to women. Is a J.P. and Yicc- 

i hm. of Quarter guwiom for WoraeMershire. and a J.P. and a D.L. for 

llrrHV>rcl«hirc UniQcoeMfollT oonlcited the Oty of London for the School 

n- i: I Nov. i87a Elected Qua. of the Worcester School Board 1871. A 

/i.vrj; U nsu cces sf ully contested Beverley 1854, aad WcM Woroestenhire 

1874. Elected for East Worcestershire April 12th, 188a 

C/W-OsfanI mm! CMbtidt*. T0mm KfitJ^m^t^tt, RtA 

C0mmtrf Jfnidrmef listiisrd's Gfwa Hoom, mw M«lv«m. 



RIGHT HOV. tot JOHN a D. KAT. But (Wlfftown). 

John Charles Dalrymple Hay,* P.C 
C.B., D.C.L., F.R.S., son of Sir Jam- 
Dtlrymplc Hay, 2nd bart., — who died 1861 
— by his first wife, Eliiabclh, d. of Lieut.-dn 
Sir John Heron Maxwell, 4th bart. 1 f 
bom Feb. nth, 1821, was cd. at 1 
and in 1847 m. the Hun. Eliza. 31 ti ... 
the 8th Baron Napier. Entered the kos 
Navy 1834, served at the Cape of Goo 
Hope during the first Caffre War, and on llu 
West Coast of Africa ; was present at th< 
capture of five slavers in the Bonny Riv< 
1834*6; served in South America and tl 
Pacific 1836-9 ; in the Mediterranean 1840-42, Syrian war, at Tortosa, Heyrou;, 
St. Jean d Acre, East Indies, and China, 1842-50 ; commanded a squadron that 
destroyed the pirate fleets at Bias Bay and the Gulf of Tonquin, for which he 
was promoted, and presented with a service of plate by the merchants of Chin 
1849 ; served in the Black Sea and at Kertch, Kinburn, and Sebastonol 1854 ( 
and from 1857-9 in North America and the West Indies. Was a Lord of the 
Admiralty from July 1866 till Dec. 1868. Is an Admiral on retired list, a 
C.B., a D.U and J. P. for Wigtownshire 1867, Vice-Pres. of the Insti. of Navr' 
Architecture, Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford, F.R.S., and F.R.G.S. Has the Ord. 
of the Medjidie, a war medal and clasp for Syria, the Acre medal, and tliL 
Crimean medal. Was member of the Roy. Commission of Greenwich Hospital 
i860, Chm. of Iron Plate Committee 1861-4, and a Public Works Com- 
missioner 1852-74. Introduced and carried a bill " To amend the Law of 
Naval Prize, and a bill for "The Regulation and Restriction of the Use of 
Nitro-Glycerine." Sworn a member of the Privy Council March 1874. A 
Comerz'ative. Unsuccessfully contested Wakefield 1865, Tiverton 1866, and 
Stamford April 1880. Sat for Wakefield from 1862 till 1865, and for Stamfor-' 
from 1866 till March 1880. Elected for the Wigtown Burghs July 30th, 188. 
C/x^f— Carlton, United Service. 
Towm R«tidenct—icA, St. George's Square, S. W. .fro^— Craigenveoch, Glenluce, N. B 


Arthur Divett Hayter, only son of the Rt. 
Hon. Sir William Goodenough Hayter, 1st bart., w) 
died 1878, — by Anne, el. d. of the late William Pulsfoi 
Esq., of Linslade, Bucks. He was bom Aug. 19th, 1833, 
and was ed. at Eton, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford, 
— grad. B.A. in honors 1857, M.A. 1859. In 1866 he 
m. Henriette, d. of the late Adrian John Hope, Es(|. 
Entered the Grenadier Guards 1856, retired as Capt. 
1866. Appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury April 
1880. Is a J. P. for Somersetshire and Berkshire, and 
author of '* Essays on Pro<iuction and its Increase." A 
Liberal : move<l the amendment on the Redistribution of 
VIA VI. Seats Bill, condemnatory of the scheme proposed by Earl 

There U a traditioa that the arms, cresu, supporters, and even the name of Hay, are all 
to an historical iocident:— In the reign of Kenneth III. of Scotland, a.d. 980, the 




(dty) i87t 


iIwM 1873. Sal fer 


Nov. ti6s. IMI SoOMfMt iMi. 

br VMk froM loly. iS6$ UU 


«ltcitd (or BMh Oct. Sch, 1S7 j. 



Timothy Michael Hcaly. A *' NatiamUiti,* 
Author of •• Why iImtv b M IfUi Laad QMrtka Md 
an Iruh Land LcagM." EkcMd far Wcdbfd Borai«h 
Nov. asth, 188a 

itMMmMr— IS* npmhiy ScfWi, 



John Heathcote HeathcoatAmory,* son 

of Samnel Aroonr, Eaq., of The Priory, Honertoo, aad 

*> -' -H PUce, Loodoiu by Anne, d. of the late John 

.«, Esq., aooiecime M.P. for Thrertoo. He was 

1S20. and in 1863 m. Henrietta Mary, d. ol 

in, Eaa. b a J. P. for Ttverton and North 

!>.!.. ror North Devon. Aatmned in Feb. 

\\ ramame and arms of Heatbooie. 

ch. 1874. ALihfnU. Firttekctad 

T6ih, 1868. 

J/</— Kalghrihay Conft. Thrmoa. North Dvvml 

B. nOAS-inniA&D mm XmaaHX 

\myML PwtlHhira nd nmMd ih* Seoitkh tmeps. TU i«ci««i «m. hov«««r. pr». 
br dw iMMBkttiy of m old yin— n aod hM i«o mm, who. UteMigli ooly ataod viik 
HdBad iho MldMn ami Ud Umm 10 vtctorv. Th* UUmt «m ioiwod \m Hm hMab, omI 
TSEhI hk MMM, »ciib««Uy fpUd. '-Hay? HayT; hy wi liA rm i i i ^ howM 
Sod 10 tho Mi» tho ■oMidl, - o wward^ IV.« ^ "^J^ ' . ' '" ■ » ■' * ' ' "J " ' 

wmSJSSm en hb iMMid, dH«ld fy o««r bdoM aho ol^iMd. TW b»d ••« u« arilM. 


iMdiM of JohaHoodwoto. who govt o 1 




VnoOVNT HBLMILBT (Torkahln, Morth Rldlnsx 

William Reginald Duncombe ( T; 

cottnt Ifelmsley), el. son of the isl Earl 
Fevereham, by Mabel Violet, 2nd d. of tl 
Rt. Hon. Sir James Graham, G.C.B., 2d bar 
He was bom 1852, was ed. at Eton, m 
m., 1876, Lady Muriel Frances Louisa Talb( 
d. of 19th Earl of Shrewsbury. Was sul 
Lieut. 1st Life Guards 1872-4 ; appointt 
sub- Lieut. Yorkshire Hussars 1875, and Lieu 
1880. A Consemative. First elected for the 
North Riding of Yorkshire Feb. 2nd, 1874. 

Ctuht -Carlton, GuArds', Turf, Marlborough, Yorkshire. 

T(nvm Rttide>ue—-i, Wilton Place. Knighubridge, S.W. 

Commtry J! ttidffKf- Duncombe Park, Yorkshire. 

F. HENDERSON (Dnndee). 
Frank Hknderson, youngest son of Mi 
Henry Henderson, leather merchant, of Dundee, 1 
Anne, d. of Mr. James Lindsay, manufacturer, . 
Dundee. He was bom 1836, was ed. at the High 
School, Dundee, and m., 1863, Ellen Isabella, d. of 
David Scroggie, Esq., of Beechwood, Laurencekirk, 
Kincardineshire. A Liberal. Elected for Dundee April 

Retidftue—C\ax«xkdoa Terrace, Dundee. 
C/«*— Reform. 

E. HENEAQE (Grimsby). 

Edward Heneage, el. son of the late Georp 
Fieshi Heneage, Esq., M.P., of Hainton Hall, Wragby, 1 
Francis, d. of the late Michael Tasburgh, Esq., of Burgli- 
wallis Hall, near Doncaster. He was bom March 29th, 
1840, was educated at Eton, and m., 1864, Lady Elean<> 
Cecilia Hare, d. of the 2nd Earl of Listowel. Served in i 
Life Guards 1857-63. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Linroli, 
shire (High Sheriff 1880), Vice-Chm. of Quarter Sessions f..i 
Lindsey Division, Chm. of Louth and Lincoln Railway ( o.. 
and a Trustee for the Midland Insurance Co., the Con 
valescent Home at Mablethorpe, and the Lincoln Agricultural So. A Libera 
Sat for Lincoln city 1865-8. Elected for Grimsby March 31st, 1880. 

Patron o/six Z-rri'*!^*— Benniworth, R., Grimsby, V., Ludford, V., South Willingham, R. 
Six Hills, v., and Hainton, V., Lincolnshire. 
C/if^— Brooks's. 
Seat—Haiaioa Hall, Wragby, 



mtOOLL OVET (Oalwaj Oooalgr) 

V ■ - ]> . 



i-oo in London. Hm radrad fn 
icrintheweU*kaownlMMseof A. S. HmryandCo. U ■« 
t ; P. for Wertmimtor tad oa Galwav. ln**ftvorof. 

. andoompletnJMtketo IidawL'* U n io cc w il bUy contot cd 

1868. Flntd«clodferoaGnlwaxF<l».aiit,i87i. 

KJUumBinm, MmcImmv Uaioa. 
Houar. IUii1m4 Gm«. S.W. 
r* CmUs^ CO. Gahrar- 


Sidney Herbert, son of the itt Baron Herbert 

of I.ea, by Eiixabeth. d. of the Ute Gen. Ouulo Aihe 
A 'Court. He was bora Feb. iScj, wms ed. at Eton, and 
at Ch. Ch.. Oxford.— c^ad. RA. 187—.— and m^ 1877. 
Lady Beatrix Lambtoo, d. of the snd Eaii of Durham. 
Waa Capt Roy. WUtahire Yea Cav. i876-8a k hdr- 
prasampdire to hb brother, the ijth Earl of Pembroke 
A CsmttnmiiM, Elected for Wilton Feb. i9th, 1877. 

CMt-Cwkoa. Sc jaoM*'*. 

T0mm KtfUtmn w, Maadavflk PUo*. 

Edward Hermqn, son of the late Richard 

Henuon, Esq. ; is m. to EouJy, yowfnt d. oT Geoife 

V^ny, Eaq., formerly member of the Siprcme CoMcil 

I. b in bosinem as a ootlon<«pinaer. A Crw- 

A Ftnt elected for Preston Nov. 186S. 

Chdt-C^Aim, 9t 81 ■» > ■■«■ 

UmJm A4dwm^x, WOwa PUn. S.W. 
ffmitnn ^j^^ Cowt. Umky-oa 





a Fairer Herschell, Q.C. He was born 1837, 

was ed. at the Univ. of Bonn, and at Univ. Coll., London, 
— grad. B.A. in classical honors at the Ix>ndon Univ. 
1867,— and m., 1876, Agnes Adela, d. of Edward Leigh 
Kindersley, Esq., of Clyffe, Dorsetshire. Called to th'- 
p^ Bar at Lincoln s Inn i860 ; was made Q.C and Bench < 
of his Inn 1872, and in the same year was appointc 
Examiner in Common Law to the Univ. of London 
Was Recorder of Carlisle 1873-80. Appointed Solicitor-General April i88<) 
Received the honor of Knighthood May 1880. K Liberal. First elected f- 
Durham June nth, 1874, 

C/m^«— Brooks's, Windham, Devonshire, Palatine. 
Ckambtrt—-^, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, E.C. 
Town R*$id€nce—^6, GnxveDor Gardens. S.W. 

J. T. HIBBERT (Oldliam). 

John Tomlinson Hibbert, son of the late 
Elijah Hibbert, Esq., of Oldham, by Elizabeth, d. 
the late A. Hilton, Esq., of Oldham. He was bo- 
Jan. 5th, 1824, and ed. at the Gram. Sch., Shrew 
and at St. John's Coll., Camb. ; grad. B.A. 1847 
1851. He m. 1st, 1847, Eliza Anne, el. d. of A.. ..... 

Schofield, Esq., of Oldham ; 2ndly, 1878, Charlotte 
Henrietta, 4th d. of the late Adm. Warde, K.H., of 
Squerryes Court, Westerham, Kent. Called to the 15 
at the Inner Temple 1849. Is a J. P. and a D.L. T 
Lancashire, and Dep. Chm. of the Court of A 
General Session for Lancashire House of Con 
Introduced the "Execution within Gaols Bill i8o;,-o, 
the " Municipal Franchise Act 1869," and the "Clerical 
Disabilities Act 1870." Was Secretary to the Local 
Government Board Jan. 1871 till Feb. 1874; appointed Parliamentary Secreta 
thereof April 1880. A Liberal. Sat for Oldham from May 1862 till Feb. 187.} 
unsuccessfully contested that boroufh April 1859 and Feb. 1874; re-elected 
March 1st, 1877, and March 31st, 1880. 

C/vi*— Reform, Manchester Reform. 

SMtU — Unasion Grange, near Manchester; Hampsfield, Grange over Sands, Lanca^hi: • 



Edward Hicks, only ton of the Ute Edward 
Simpmm. Eiq.. of UcblMld, bv £lu*bcch. d. oT WUUmi 
A«liffwii.lUq.. orMoMlqr.WoiccMnirfm. H« wm 
bora iti4. WM td. at the QMrtirtiOM^ «ad at Corpat 
Chfftei Call..— frad. a A. 1816. -hum! wl, itjt. Gnce. 
d. d. oT ilM bi« SiMtor iV-^oUv^tn* ^* ^ 
Stadbid, bufcfdihifv. Eal«r«d aa a fCMdanl at Uk 
loMT TMMpla 1837- AMttOMdta i83StlM«muuMor 
Hicka la Uaa oT bM pairoormk. Ita J.P. and a D.L. 
roc Cambfidcwbira. or which h« vat H(cb Sharif 1861, 
•nd VioeOwk oC Qoafiar Sawimii Was tomrthae 
Chm. oT iha l^ocal Chaoibar of AflrieakaM. A Cm- 
Mrm/rvf; ** a fina tappoftw of tha &H of Baawai8cld t 
opposed 10 aay iocraaaa of local tantiea aad to em* 
th« Hale ct th« amy miukm aarioat ■ttaalioa.'' Pint 
• Jaa. S9lh, 1879- 

•ad Gkaikaldf*. Owikk. 

BOH. UB inCRABL & mCOn-BBAOB iloa 

r B. THOBOTCm-BILDTABB (BolttHtaauiBlra. BoalBX 

Thomas Blackbome Thoroton-Hiloyard, 
too of Col T. TboctMoo-HUdjraid,* of FUniham, Not- 
linghaimhire, by Aaae Cathenae, d. of the late JaoM* 
Wtiite, £«{., and hdrcaa of Sir Robert D'Arcy HiU- 
yard. Ban. He was bora April 8th, 1821, was ed. at 
Eton, aad at Ch. Ch., Oxlbcd, aad in 184a m. Aaaa 
Margaret, d. of Col Rodifofft, of Clograaaae, eo. 
Carlow. IsaJ.P. for Nodinghaaishire,-^whkheoL 
he was High Sheriff 1863,— and Major Sooth NoCta 
Yco. Cav. Was sometime Chm. of Notts Qnartar 

Seaiioni. A Ccmsfrvath^. 

shire from Feb 

1866, Nov. 1868, and Feb 

Sat for South Nottiagliaai- 
1846 till April 185a ; re-alectcd jaaa 

F*tw*m ^im0L i 0i^ W iniMd . R.. aad RowUy Sc PtMr't. R.. Y( 





1 01 a coc a w al wa* 

CodMdga. or TaMoa. aw YoriiT oa «Weii ocoMioa 
f^tkhd aaiaM a bodvoT Yotkku bv Roban H'ddyafd. 
SM Eattkw aad htim of Sv Robm HOdyiutl. a 
y VI.. Edv. IV.. aad Rkk III. : aad »a» 
>;aal cwt of dw harflf was a 





from N( 

A. I. HILL (tteAMrdMhlrt. WMt). 

AlcxanderStaveley Hill, Q.C, D.C.L.,on\y 

»on of the late Henry Hill, Esq., of Oxicy \iin..r „..,, 
Wolverhampton, a J. P. and a D.L. of Stati 
Anne, d. of the late Luke Staveley, Esq. 1 
1825, and was ed. at King Edward's Gram. Sch., iiiriain: 
ham, and at St. John's Coll., Oxford, of which he \\ . 
intiin. .1 F"ellow; grad. B.A. 1852. D.C.L. 185 
W I niincrin Law and in Modem History in the Uni 
iil UxtuHl in 1858. Appointed I>ep. High Steward of tl 
Univ. of Oxford 1874. Counsel to the Admiralty, ai 
Judge Advocate of the Fleet, 1875. Called to the h. 
at the Inner Temple Nov. 1851 ; goes the Oxford Circur 
Is a Q.C., a D.L. and a J. P. for Staffordshire, and R- 
corder of Banbury, to which office he was appoint< 
1. 1st, 1864, Katharine Florence, —who died 1868, — d. of Mil. 
'J., of Hale Hall, Cumberland ; 2ndly, 1876, Mary Frances, d. • 
1, Esq., of St. Petersburg. A Consfr7>ath'f. Unsuccessfully contest* 
[jionjune 1861, and Coventry in March 1868. Sat for Covcnti> 
868 till Jan. 1874, when he was first elected for West Staffordshire. 

C/arAr— United Univertity. Carlton, St. Stephen's. 
Ck4nmitr»—3, Garden Court, Temple, E.C. 
Tawtm Rtsidenct—^, Queen's Gate, S.W. 
Seat—Ox\ty Manor, near Wolverhampton. 

LORD ARTHUR W. HILL (Down County). 

Arthur William Hill, son ot the 4^ 
Marquess of Downshire, by the Hon. Carolii 
Frances Stapleton Cotton, d. of the 1st Viscoi 
Combermere, G.C.B. He was bom July 29th, \\ 
and m. 1st, 1873, Annie Nisida Denham, — who ^'^ 
1874^ — d. of Lieut. -Col. George Cookes, of Ti 
Gate, S.W. ; 2ndly, 1877, Annie, 3rd d. of J 
Fortcscue Harrison, Esq., late M.P., of Crawli . 
Down Park, Sussex. Was sometime an officer ii. 
2nd Life Guards. Appointed Comet Denbigh N'«o. 
Cav. 1869, Is a J. P. for Sussex and Berks, ;.n<i 
heir-presumptive to his nephew, the 6th Marquess uf 
A Comervalive. Elected for co. Down April 1880. 


C/M^i— Carhon, Travellers', Ulster. 

Temm RttitUnce -1^, Belgrave Square, S.W. 

.^MZ-WakehurM, Hayward's Heath, SuMcs. 




Thomai Rowley Hill, ion of the Ute 
WiUum Hdl, Km., K.ltA S. He wm born 1816. «m 
ed. M Univcnity Collwe, I.o«iduo, and m.. 184a. Manr, 
d. or KdwMd EvMM, K«q., I.I*, of Wurceocr. h a J.K 
and • D.L. lor Won9CM«nliif«, a J.P. for liercioidiiiirv 
and for Worcntter, and a wwrntwr oT Uie WorocHar aad 
Sttek% School BoanK V jfof Worccrtcr 1S58. 

Majror of Worcertcr 1859. sbetiff of Worootcr- 

•hire 1870. A U^tmi, \ ,.4 for Worcolcr Feb. 

1874, bavrng in 1868 been an ai 

Cesc<js^ 'r'i:. 

OtflMrlM't Hin. Wnicanw 



Fdwnnl (;eorj»c Henry MoNTACU 
(/• %oo of the Ttll 

K ly Mary Pa^ 

7ih .1. ui ii.<r 1-.. ;.;ai<|u<^« w, Aoglc»ey, K.G. 
lie waa bom 1839, and waa ed. at Eton. 
hUiiered the Grenadier Goaida 1857, became 
Lieut, and Capt. 1862, Adjutant 1864, and 
Cant and IJeuL-CoL iSTa \Va& Ajaiatant 
^' tary at Gibraltar in 1875. U a 


il in^lonshtrc. A C^murv^kft, 

irst nccxcti lor Huntingdon Feb. i6th, 1876. 

CaHtoa, Giuud*'. TiBvaOm*. Turf. Ansy ami Narv. 
~ jM»8o«i.B«icktochuBGM«.&W. 

tIR JAMSI M. M'OAREL-BOOO. Bart. (Tniro). 

James .Macnaghtcn M'GARKL-Hocc,Ar.CA, 
aon of the Kt. lion. Sir James Wetr Hogg, lit bart., 
who died 1876, — sometime M.l*. for BeveHeT and for 
Honiton, and a member of the Council ' by 

Mary, and d. of Saumcl Sv«inton« Ksq., ' . CO. 

Berwick. He xk-a.* Iwni iS'j, arnl wa* oi .n l.iul^ and 
at Ch. Ch., Oxfonl. In iS57 he m. Caroline Klirabeth 
Kmma, el. d. of the l%t liaron Penrhvn Toinoi the lU 
Life Guards 1845, became M4;or at ^>5 ; 

retired 1859. h a ! IV for Muldlc> and 

Weamtnaier. n Chm. of li tan 

Board of Wor >;© Created a ^74. 

Ataomcd in 1^7; ^i'- .1 i<iitional surname 01 .«i v*ard. 
A Cp io aw tfu ' ; in favor of non-ioienrcntioo. Sat for 

1865 till Oct. 1868. Kint rlr.trtl for Trum |S?| 

Ctm^-CaiA^tm. Trwp«IUn*. 81. SwplMii**. 
T*mm Rnidfmc^- ly. Gmvanor Garrfwii. & \^ 
■y*a#— MM*>"«"Mnw. ca. Aattiai. 


John HoLKER, Q.C., son of the late Samuel 

Holkcr, jun., Esq., of Bury, I^ncashire, by Sarnli. d 
of John Brocklchurst, Esq., of Coulthun»t, near Ciit!> 
He was tx>ni March 24tb, 1828, and was ed. at the ( . 1 1 
mar School, Bury. He m. 1st, 1861, Jane,- xnIio •iu>l 
1864,— <1. of the late James Wilson, Esq., of Mk I<s. nrar 
Manchester; and 2ndly, 1874, Mary Lucia, d. of I . ' 
M'Hugh, Esq., of Checthain Hill, Manchester, 
originally articled to Mr. Eastham, solicitor, of Kirkby Lonsdale, but prefi 
practice at the Bar, was called to the Bar at Gray's Inn in 18^4, and l>cinii)< 
Q.C. in 1868. Was Solicitor-General from April 1874 till Nov. 1875. ^" 
Attorney-General from Nov. 1875 till April 1880. Was knighted D«c 1874, 
A Conservative. First elected for Preston Sept. 13th, 1872. 
C/m4»— Conservative, .St Thatched House, Whitehall 

T0mm R*suUnet-At, I > cet, Portland Place, W. 

C0mmiry Retidfnce—iloV '.-Toe. 

Ckamttrrt—6, 0>wn Office Ryw. TcmpJe, EC 

8IE HENET T. HOLLAND, Bart (MldliurnX 

Henry Thurstan Holland, A'. CM. G., el. son 
of Sir Henry Holland, 1st bart., — who died 1873, — l)y 
Margaret Emma, d. of James Caldwell, Esq. He w;i 
bom 1825, was ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Cam 
bridge,— ^grad. B.A. 1847, — and m. 1st, 1852, Elizabeth 
Margaret, who d. 1855, d. of Nathaniel Hibl>ert, Esq., 
of Munden House, Herts ; and 2ndly, 1858, Margaret 
Jean, d. of Sir Charles E. Trevelyan, K.C.B., 1st bart. 
Call«kl to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1849 J appoints i 
legal adviser to the Colonial Office 1867-70, and w.t 
Assistant Under Secretary thereat 1870-74. Is a T > 1 
for Middlesex. Created a C.M.G. 1875, ; 
K.C.M.G. 1877. A Conservative. First electc 
Midhurst August 1 874. 

C/w^»— Carlton. Atheiueum. 

T9wm Residtnct~f)^, Rutland Gate, S.W. 

.Sm/— Piaewood, Witley, Godalming. 

8. HOLLAND (Merlonethslilre). 
Samuel Holland, son of Samuel Holland^ 

Esq., of Liverpool, by Catherine, d. of John Mcn/ies^ 
Elsq., of Liverpool. He was bom Oct. 17th, iboV 
was ed. in Lancaster and in Germany, and m. ist 
1850, Anne, — who died 1877,— d. of Josiah Robins 
Esq., of Aston- Brook, near Birming^m ; 2ndly, 1878' 
Caroline Jane, d, of the Rev. f. T. Burt, late of 
Broadmoor. Is a J. P. and a D.L. of Merionethshire 
and Camar\'onsbire, — of which former co. he was 
High Sheriflf in 1862. A Liberal. First dected fur 
Merionethshire Jan. 17th, 187a 
KKSncs, ASPICS, raosPlCK. Seat—QMKS^KO^, DolgeUy, Merionethshire. 



J. B. 

John Robert Holvohik teoond ton of the 
iUv. Mdmmad HoiUm^l, o( IkiUMil Lodc^ teuMiid- 
btm. H« WW boni 1S43, wu cd. «l tfafiov, tad 
at Tria. ColL. Caab^~B.A. aad r ~ 
M. A. ia69^.-Md B., itTo^ Fmir 
or IW teM Pradcfkk Kwu, &q^ of Brmcim, 
Mi^ CalMioiWBtfaltJtorMMrTcmokiSTa A 
/iJbrdL ElMlidlirBriikM April 18S& 

Cm. Hf4« PMk. W. 

TllC C«ilAt«, SttMMM, Mirf4lM«a. 


John Holms, son of the Ute James Holms' 
Em|., of Saacel Bank, Pauley, bv Jaaei« d. of the kl« 
lamet Love, Eaq., of Pahlcv, and brocher of LieoL CoL 
Hofam, If.P. hr niaky. He was born SepL aitf« t$y>, 
and B., iSsfib Elhabeth, d. of tbe lale Edwaid Lvoo, E^., 
of KcnaiagtoA. b a f.P. fur Laaarkahire, Middlwi, aad 
WeUaBimtef. a D. L. for the Tower HaaleU, aad a pairtaer 
ia (be fina of W. HoUna and Brolben, cpiaaen, Gln^gow. 
Aapoialed a Lord of tbe Treanry April i88ow Aatbor of 
**Tbc Britiib Army in 1875;** **Oar Mtlitarr DUkaliy/' 
First elected lor Hackaey Nov. 1868. 

ftc AliUnL 

t4w GmMll Oaidfl 


W. BOLHB (Palalan 
William Holms, el son ol the Ute J 

S Ek)., of Saacel Baak, Paialev. bjr Jaact, 4. 
lie James Love. Eml, of Pauley, aad brocbcr 
Holott. Eaq., M.P. for Hackaey. He waa bi 
5tli, 1827, was ed. at Paisley Cnuaaur School a 
at the GlaifMr Univ., aad bl, 1857, Mary Liadaay 
M ' Artbar, yooMest d. of tbe lata Joba Barbaaaa, Eaq., 
LL.D., GiMffow. Is a J.P. far L«nriabim, Md Lt^oL 


tbe lale 

Joba Hofms, Esq 

Febi Stb, 1827, 

l« Laaarkabire Artillery Voli 
elected for Paidey Jaa. Jist, 1874. 

A UkmmL Fint 





David Milne Home, only son 

of David Milne- Home, Esq., LL.1)., 
by Jean, — who d. 1876,— <!. of the 
late William Forman Home, Esq., of 
Wedderhum ami Paxton. He was bom 
Sept. 25th, 1838, was ed. at Cheltenham 
College, at Edinburgh, and at Trin. 
Coll. Camb.,— grad. B.A. i860,— and 
m., 1867, Jane, d. of Sir Thomas 
Huchan- Hepburn, 3rd bart. Entered 
the Royal Horse Guards as Comet 1862, 
became Lieut. 1865, and Capt. 1868. 
1$ a J. P. and a D.L. for Ikrwickshire. A Conservative. Sat for Berwick from 
Feb. 1874 till March 1880 ; re-elected Julv iQlh 1880, having in April 1880 
been an unsuccessful candidate. [Petitioned against, but declared duly elected, 
Oct. 20, 1880.] 

C/«i^x— Carlton, Junior Carlton, New, Scottish Conservative. 
CcttHtry Hen'dtmce—PAXton House, Hcrwick-on-Tweed. 


Alexander James Beresford Beresford- 
HoPE, P.C.. D.C.L., LL.D., youngest son of the late 
Thomas Hope, Esq., of Deepdene, Surrey, — author of 
**Anast.asius," "Costumes of the Ancients," "History 
of Architecture," &c., — by the Hon. Louisa Beresford, 
youngest d. of the 1st Baron Decies, Archbishop of 
Tuam, who m. 2ndly the late Viscount Beresford. He 
was bom Jan. 25lh, 1820, and was ed. at Harrow, 
where he obtained a scholarship and prizes, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb., where in 1840 he gained the 
English and I^tin declamation prizes ; grad. B. A., and obtained the members' 
B.A. Univ. Prize for Latin Essay 1841, M.A. 1844, and Hon. LL.D. 1864; 
created Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford 184^, and Hon. LL.D. of Washington and 
Lee University, Vii^nia, and the University of the South, Tennessee, U.S.A. 
In 1842 he m. I>ady Mildred AralxjUa Charlotte Henrietta, el. d. of the 2nd 
Marquess of Salisbury. Is a J. P. for cos. Kent and StafTord, Pres, of the 
Ecclesiological So. and of the Architectural Museum, a Trustee of the British 
Museum, and of the National Portrait Gallery, and a Fellow of numerous 
societies. Prefixed the surname of Beresford, by royal license, on inheriting 
the English estates of his relation the late .Marshal Viscount Beresford. Is 
author of "Letters on Church Matters," "The English Cathedral of XlXth 
Century," " Worship in the Church of England,'^ and of various articles 
and papers in different serials, and known for his advocacy of Gothic^ 
Architecture, — carried out the buildings of .St. Augustine's .Missionary ColI.,| 
Canterbury, 1844-8, and of All Saints' Ch., Margaret Street, 1850-59. 
Was President of the Royal Institute of British Architects 1865-7, and Chm.| 
of the Southern Independence Asso. of London. Carried in 1873 the 
*'Canonries Act." Sworn of the Privy Council April 1880. An Ituieptndeni 
Conservativt ; takes much intere&t in Church questions. Sat for Maidstor 



n June 1841 tUI l$$s. tad htm Uttnk 1S57 lUl Aphl iSMi aad far SioIm. 
.ii.T»tnt from Jttly llt6s tUl Feb. 186S, when he wm 6m cbctad by bk 

CiWir-CMlMa. »ilii»^w. UiriMa UabOTiiy. OdM and 
Tmm MttUim»-Aikkm H««tM. Cn ^Mii^ l PIm*. W. 

Charles Hen7 Hopwood, C^., fifth ton of 
the tote J. S. S. Hopwood, Em|.. of Mooimc Ptocc, 
RmmU §qaut, bgr Marx Ann. d. oT the tolo Tobn 
Toole. Emi.. of Dnblk. He was boni 18J9, tad wan 

k Inn 

a Bencher of his Inn Jan. 1876. 
elflcted for Stockport Fefa^ 1874. 

Called to the Bar at the 
a Q.C Feb. 1874, and 

A It^trm/. Fine 

Ckmmdtrt «. Ems Cowt. Tempi*. E.C 

Kmidtma NoftlNrldi Lodf*. Sl Jolui't Woad RMd. N.W. 

B. t HOWARD (Comberland. 

Edward Si.irtord Howard,* second son of 
the late Henry Howard, E>q., of Greyaoke, Cumber- 
land,— Mmetime M.P. for Stejming,— by Cbarlotte 
Caroline Georgiana. d. of the late Henry Lawes Loof. 
Esq., of Hampton Lodge, Surrey. He waa born 1851, 
was ed. at Trin. Coif. Cambridge, and m., 1876, 
Lady Rachel Anne Ceorgiana Campbell, d. of the »d 
Earf of Cawdor. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
1875. k a J.P. and a D.L. of Glooccatenhire. A 
Lderai, Pint elected for East Cumberkad AprU l6lfa. 


r «H of SWTVV at t] 
10 tkt Mwy wWcIl 4 
arrow. Tn* third ( 

t tha bady of Jaaa* IV. or SeailMid «aa fe«a piwead wfch aa 
wa* ih* iMKBu or Uw W wfaH. iHli or &OT«T. vha Ixn^ ■» 

;how, oidMad da 



J. HOWARD (BtrtfoitlibireX 

4v James Howard, cl. son of ](^hn Howard, 

iHA Em., J.P., of Cauldwell, Bedford. lie was horn Oct 

^H^ l6ih, 1821, and wis ed. at the Public (Modern) Sch., 

tj^»^ ^4 Redford, and in 1846 m. Mahala Wendon. d. of the late 

^^ " Thompson, Esq., of Brook !f : ' - 1 ...i,.y^ 

\. Is proprietor (with his y le 

innia Works, Bedford; .1 „ or 

and patentee of many improvements in agricultural 

machmery. Is a J. P. for Bedfordshire, of which co. 

^^^^^^^^^^ he was High Sheriff 1878, Chm. of the Bedford and 

l^^^^^^^^r ffi Northampton Railway Co. A member of the Council 

^ft^^ ^^^^ .^^b of the Roy. Agricultural So. of England, a Fellow of 

^^^^BBH^^ *^* Sanitary Institute of Great Britain, and a cor- 

^^ responding member of various foreign Agricultural 

Societies. Author of "Continental Fanning and 

Peasantry," and many papers on Rural and Engineering subjects. Originated, 

•t the close of the war, the French Peasant Farmers' Seed Fund, of which 

he wa» Treasurer, and received from the French Government the Legion of 

Hooour. A Liberal. Sat for Bedford from Nov. 1868 till Feb. 1874; elected 

for Bedfordshire April 6ih, 1880. 

C/m^— Reform. 

5><t/— CUpham Park, Bedfordshire. 

RIGHT HON. J. a. HUBBARD (City Of London). 

John Gellibrand Hubbard, P.C, son of the late 
John Hubbard, Esq., of Stratford Grove, Elssex, by Marian, 
d. of the late John Morgan, Esq., of Bramfield Place, Herts. 
He was born 1805, and in 1837 m. the Hon. Marim 
Margaret, el. d. of the 8th Baron Napier. Is a D.L. for 
Buckinghamshire, a Commissioner of the Lieut, of London, 
a Director of the Bank of England and of the Guardian Fire 
and Life Assu. Co., a merchant in London, and a Fellow 
of the Roy. Geographical .So. Was Chm. of the Public 
Works Loan Commission 1853-75. Sworn a Privy Councillor 1874. Author of 
several pamphlets on the com laws. Church rates, taxation, currency, &c. A 
Comstrvativf. Sat for Buckingham from May 1859 till Nov. 1868, when he was 
SB nnsuccessful candidate. Elected for the city of London Feb. 5th, 1874, and 
re-elected March 31st, 1880. 

C/v^j— Carlton, Athenaeum, City Caritoo. 
Town Retidtnct — 44, Prince't Gate, S.W. 
iSrtf/— Addington Manor, Winslow, Bucks. 




Charles Domalmon-Hudson, yoang 
ooly MinrtviQf ton of lh« ItM Joha Donildiom Eiq^ dt 
Vimon. CMOMriuKt, by Utluutet, d. of tkritu 
Aaiboiqr lUlliliy, Esq. H«wMboniFflb.iatlmt40^ 
«M mL tl Mtrtflo Coa. Oxibni tad m., \%io» 8«n 
lb« bi« Makir SidacT Robot SunlMld. 
Is • j.P. lor CO*. Sftlop (Htab SwUr 

(and R«L 
School BMid (W. 
rejrd UecBM 

AdtU iMo^ hoirtef la 1878 bcca n 

Slidod a member of tbt ] 

1876. AmmMdi8-,bT 

MiBUM of Hmhoa. A 

for NcwcamlcHmdcr-Lymo 

W. R HUOm (OftnuuTOB DICM0D1 

William Bulkclcy Hughes,* eL ton ol the 

late Sir WiUUm Bulkeley Hughe*. oT PUs Coch, Inr 

Eliiabeth, 2nd d. of the late Riot Thomaa, £«q.. Coed- 

hclcn, Camanroofthire. He was bom Jolv 36ch, 1797, 

%nu cd. at Hamm, and m. IM. 1825, Lluabelh,— who 

died Dec. 1865,— d. and heim* of the late Jooathaa 

Nettlethip. Eki., of Manener Abber, near Bawtnr, and 

widow of the late Harry Wonnald, Eaq., of Wood 

House, near Leedt ; and 2ndlv. 1866. EUxabeth, and d. 

of William Donkin. Esq.. of Rothbury. Northomber- 

Urvi. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1835. Is a D. L. and a J. P. for Car- 

mshireand Aagleaey. of which co. he was High Sheriff 1861. A Likarml. 

\yM CamarvoQ District from July 1817 till June 1859. when he was an mi> 

Mi4:cesditl candidate ; re-elected July 1865, Nov. 1868, and March 31st, 188a 

Simt-Y\k» Coch. Ai«l»«y. 

J. D. BUTOHmON (HalUkxX 

John Dyson Hutchinson. He was bom 
July 6th, 1833, and was ed. ai the Hippcrholm* Gram. 
School. Was for many years en pfed in oomawfoal 

fur%uits from which he retired 1870. I* a J.P. for 
1 all lax, of which boroogh he has twice been Mayor. 
and one of the proprietors of the HmiifmM Cmritr. A 
Liktr^. Ftrrt elected for Halifax FebL aoch, 1877. 
ChA Rrfiif. 
Kmttimn Bhto Hall, HaMfca. 





Jk '^^i^ Henry John Selwin-Ibbetson, only son of 

m^ -^^ StrTohnThoma8SeIwin,6thbart.,— who died 1869, —by 
^^^B -^SB Isabella, d. of the late Gen. John Leveson*Gower, of 
f^Hb 9^& Hill House, Berkshire. He was bom Sept. 26th, 1S26, 
and was ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb., — pad. B. * 
1849, M.A. 1852. In 18^0 he m. 1st, the Hon. Sai 
Elizabeth,— who died 1865,— el. d. of the 1st and 1 
Bar6n Lyndhurst ; and 2ndly, 1867, Eden, d. of I. 
Thackrah, Esq., and widow of Percival Perkins, E 
and of Sir Charles Ibbetson, 5th bart. Is a D.L. ;i 
a J. P. of Essex. Was Under Secretary of Slate for i 
Flome Department from Feb. 1874 till April 187s. 
and Financial Secretary to the Treasury from April 
nxt uasR ET MoRiAR. '^7* ^*'' '^P"^ *^^' Reassumed the family sumar • 

of Ibbetson on his marriage in 1867. A Cottservati 
UnsaccessfuUy contested Ipswich in 1857 and 1859. Sat for South Essex frc : 1 
July 1865 till Nov. 1868, when he was first elected for West Essex. ■ 

C/«»*j-Carlton, Travellers'. 1 

Town Rctidetue~i6, James Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W. I 

-Down Hall, Harlow. Eiwex. I 


A. ILLINaWORTH (Bradford). 
Alfred Illincworth, el, son of Daniel Illinc 
worth, Esq., of Bradford, by Elizabeth his wife. He \ 
born Sept. 25th, 1826, was ed. at Huddersfield Coll., a 
m., 1866, Margaret, d. of Isaac Holden. Esq., D.L., of Oak- 
worth House, Keighley, formerly M.P. for Knaresborough. 
Is a Director of the Bradford Distiict Bank, and a partner in 
the firm of D lUingworth and Sons, spinners, of Bradford. 
A Liberal ; in favor of the separation of Church and Slate. 
Sat for Knaresborough Nov. 1868 till Feb. 1874. Elected 
for Bradford April 1st, 1880. 

C/k*— Reform. 
Jra/— Daisy Bank, 

Bradford, Yorkshire. 


Frederick Andrew Inderwick, Q.C, son of 
the late Andrew Inder\vick, Esq., R,N., by Jane, d. 
of the late Joseph Hudson, Esq. He was bom 1836, 
was ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb., and m., 1857, Frances 
Maria, d. of John Wilkinson, Esq., one of the Senior 
Clerks in Exchequer and Audit Office, Somerset House. 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1858 ; joined 
the Home Circuit; became a Q.C. 1874, and a Bencher 
of his Inn 1877. Is a J. P. for Sussex. A Liberal. 
Unsuccessfully contested Cirencester Nov. 1868, and 
Dover Feb. 1874. Elected for Rye April 1880. 
C/m^«— Brooks's, Reform, Garrick, Devonshire 

Cha$mb*r$—i, Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

Tfmm RetiiUnce—i, Warwick Square. S.W. 

Country /?««»^>Mcr->Manteau House. Winchelsea, Sussex. 



Henrv Miither Jackson, Q,C., d. too of Sir 
WiUuuB JadnoiL lit b«ft.,— who diad 1876,— fennerlT 
M. F. for NewoMtle'afMkr*L3nDe. and aAerwiwdsfor Nortn 
iVrbyvhire, bf EUabcth, d. of the Uic I^icut. Hughn, 
uf Uwrpool. He wm bona July 1831. and wat cd. at 
Harrow, and 

at Trin. Coll.. O&ford.— erad. RA. 2od 
cUma ia CkMki 1833. M.A. 1859. In 1854 be nt 
Elbabeth,d.orT. 0. Blackbwne. E«|..orBirkeahcMi. 
Called to ibe Bar at Unoda'a Inn Nov. 1855 ; appointed 
a Q.C.Jan. 1873^ U a J.P. and a D.U lor Monmoatb- 
khtre. A US^rtl UmuccawfiUly cnntcMed Birltenbcad 
July 1865. Sal lor Coventry from Jnlv 1867 till Nov. 
1868, wbco be was an Mnauccaiftil candidate ; re-elected 
Feb. 1874, and March 3itt, 188a 

CimU-Oth^ Mtf CteibtUie. Rdbm. BraoU'i^ iSmtkk. 
CJL,mifr9-9, N«w 8qmt% UMela'b tan. W.C 
Tmm Mmidtmtm <i. ^ertkud fUcm, W. 
SM^-UaadMe Cavi. Abwfrrwwy. 


William Lawies Jackson, son of the late Mr. 
William Jadtion, of Leeda. He waa bom 1840^ was 
ed. at a private icbool, and m., 1860^ Grace, d. of Mr. 
George Tempeit. Is a J. P. for Leeds, a member of 
tbe Town Council of Leeds, a Director of the Leeds 
Excbange, a member of the Leeds Chamber of Com> 
meroe, and in bostncsa as a tanner and leather roercbanL 
A C^msnvafwf. Elected for Leeds April 1880, having 
in Aug. 1876 been an ansoocesslttl candidate. 

a H. JAMB aUtihjT TydvUX 

Charles Hert>ert James. He wis bom 1815. 
A Imitted a Solicitor 1838, and prmctked for many ycar» 
at Merthyr Tydvil A Ldtrmi. Elected for Mertbyr 
. TydvU AprU 1880. 

Mftidmn Mitbyr TydviL 



im HmT JAMBI (TMinto&X 
Henry James, Q.C.^ youngest son of the late 
Philip Turner James, Esq., surgeon, of Hereford, by 
Frances Gertrude, d. of John Uodcnham, of The drove, 
Presteign. He was bom 1828, and was cd. at Cheltenham 
Coll., of the Council of which he Is a member. In 1849 
he entered the Middle Temple, in 1850 and i8si he 
was Lecturer's Prizeman, in Jan. 1852 he was called to 
the Bar, in June 1869 was made a Q.C., and a IkMicher 
of his Inn in Feb. 1870. Was ** postman " to the Court 
of Exchequer from 1867 till June 1869, Solicitor-General from Sept. till 
Nov. 1873, and Attorney-General from Nov. 1873 till Feb. 1874 ; reapix)intcd 
Attomey-Gcn. April 1880. Goes the Oxford Circuit. Unmarried, h Liberal. 
Unsuccessfully contested Taunton Nov. 1868, but on a scrutiny taking place in 
March 1869, he was declared elected, and has since retained his seat. 
C/»«**-Brook*'», Reform, Devonshire, St. Jamet'i. 
Ckmrnbert - 1, New Court, lemple. E.C. 
Residtnct—A, WUton Pbce. S. W. 

W. H. JAMES (aatesheadX 

Walter Henry James, el. son of Sir Walter 
Charles James, 2nd bart., by Sarah Caroline, d. of 
Cuthbert Ellison, Esq., of Hebburn Hall, Durham. 
He was bom March 25lh, 1846, was ed. at St. Peter's 
Coll., Radley, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, — ^nA. B.A. in 
honors in Law and History, 1868, — and m., 1868, Edith 
Kmeline Mary, d. of Mr. and the Hon. Mrs. Newton 
I^ane. Is a D.L. and a J. P. for Kent A Liberal; 
will support Mr. Gladstone. First elected for Gateshead 
Feb. 3rd, 1874. 

C/«*t— Traveller**, Reform. 

r«tm Retidtttc*—6, Whitehall Gardeni. S.W. 

5Wt/— Updown. near Sandwich. 



R. JARDINE (Dmnfrietahlre). 

Robert Jardine, youngest son of the late 
David Jardine, Esq., of Muir House, Lockerbie, co. 
Dumfries, by Rachel, 5th d. of the late David Johnstone, 
Esq., of Linns, co. Dumfries, and nephew of William 
Jardine, Esq., of Lanrick Castle, Perthshire, M.P. for 
Ashburton 1841-3. He was bom May 1826, was ed. at 
Edinburgh, and m., 1867, Margaret Seton, — who died 
March 1868, — d. of John Buchanan Hamilton, Esq., of 
Lcny and Bardowie N. B. Is a D.L. for Dumfriesshire, 
head of the firm of Jardine, Matheson, and Co. . merchants 
in China, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical So. A 
Liberal. Sat for Ashburton from July 1865 till Nov. 1868, and for Dumfries 
District 1868-74, when he was an imsuccessfui candidate ; elected for Dura* 
firiesshire April 3rd, 1880. 

C/a(^«^Brooks's, Reform. 

TcwH Rtsidtnce—^, St. James's Plaot, S.W. 

Smi—CtMle Milk, Lockerbie, N. B. 

MltmM or FARLIAMR!rr. 



David James Jinkinu, third ion of the Ute 
Mr. Jolui J«aUai, oT tUvcHbidwca. by Maiy. d. U 
Iht lata Mr. Jolw Evam, ct the »ttmt pliio*, aad Mcfe 
of J. E. Jwlkiai. E«|., Ui« MP. far OwhIm. H« 
WM bon 1834, WM ed. at Tdgwoth GnouMr 
Sebool, and n. Id, itsi, Bmla, who died 1875,— d. 
olibe Rev.loba Howe, of Cork) sndhr, t$Tt, Aliee» 
d. or G. NMh. Etq^ ct Malmn WelU S^cd far 
KMoe ymn in Um mrrcentilc marine, and in 1854-S 

eoounaaded a troop •tcam-ehip b the Bahk. b now a 
nerchani and uiipownert asd a 

partner in the Metro- 

elected far Pcnrya 
CM Rdbw 

<>#M»-iy. Um SIMM. R.C 

t)!. HIglibttry N«« Pwk. N 

of Jeakim aad Co. A liktrai, 
nrya aad Fahaooth Feb. 1874. 

Edward Johmson, youngest son of the Ute 
John Tohnvw, E»q.. o( St. Oijtlrf Priory. Eawx, by Ann. 
d. of Wiliuun Hawaid. Em., of Battereca, Sarrey. He 
was born 1813. was ed. at Rinc't CoIL. London, and nu, 
iS;5. Elua Matilda, d. of Philip Pcllier. £»)., of Jcrwy. 
Wx» foroMrly a Merchant in London. It a I. P. for 
Devoo. A Uktr^, Elected for Exeter April itta 



W. M. JOHnOH (Hallow). 

William Moore Johnson, Q, C. He was bora 
iSlB, and was ed. at Trin. ColL, Dublin,— grML B.Am 
l8a9, and M.A. 1856. Called to the Irish Bar 1853. 
and became a Q.C. 1873. Wat Law Adritcr to the 
GoveroMeat in Ireland i868-74. Appointe 
Gen. far Ireland AprU i88a A LiSfrwl, Fir« 
far MaUow April 1880, bavii« in Feb. 1874 
' 'caadklate. 




Sir Frederick John William Johnstonk,* 8th 
ban., son of Sir Frederick George Johnstone, yih ban 
M. P. for Weymouth, by Lady Louisa Cravan, d. of i i 
1st Earl Cravan. He was bom 1841, was ed. at Et. 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford. Succeeded his father at h 
birth. Appointed Comet in the Dorset Yeoman 1 
Cavalry 1862. Is a claimant for the Marqucss.ntc 
Annadale. A Conservative. First elected for Wcvm.) 
Feb. 1874. 

NVMQVAM HOH fAKATUS. C/«^*— Carlton, Turf, Marlborough, Travellers'. 

Town Retidmce—^, Arlington Street, W, 
JfWt/r-Westerhall, Duinfrie*»hire ; Coveniry House, Melton Mow».ray. 

J. JOICET (Durliam, Worth). 

John JoiCEY, son of the late George Joict 
Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne. He was bom 181 7, a: 
m., 1867, Rose, d. of the Rev. John Ewen, of Ho; 
kirk, Roxburghshire. Is a J. P. for Northumh -'- 
a J.I', and a D.L. for (High Sherili 
Lieut.-Col. 4th Durham Rifle Vol., and an c.\i- 
coalowner. A Liberal. Elected for North Durh.i 
April 1880. 

Patron of three Z-rp/Wr—Htinstan worth. V., Wc<t Pelt< 
v., Durham, and Newton Hall, R., Northumberland. 

C/«^*— Reform, Devonshire, Whitehall. 

Fesidencei—'Se'wton Hall, Stocksfield-on-Tyne : Stelli 
Hall. Newcastle-on-Tyne; Newbiggan Hall, Blanchland, Nor; 

B. HEOAN-KENNARD (Lymlngton). 

Edmund Hegan-Kennard, third son of the 
late John Pierce Kennard, Esq., of Hordle Cliff", n( . 
Lvmington, Hampshire, by Sophia, el. d. of the 1; 
Sir John Chapman, of Windsor. He was bom O' 
14th, 1835, wased. at St. Peter's Coll., Radley, ami 
BalliolColl., Oxford,— erad. B.A., with honors in I,; 
and Modem History, 1858, M.A. 1873,— and m., J.. 
1868, Agnes, 2nd d. and coheiress of the late Jo*.*-; 
Hegan, Esq., of Dawpool, Cheshire. .Served \s ' 
7th Hussars in India 1859 — 1863, when he exc 
into the 8th Hussars; retired in 1870, and w 
appointed Lieut.-Col. Commandant cf the 261 
dlcsex Rifle Volunteers (H.M. Customs). Was 

The legend respecting the origin of the Johnston crest is that one Johnstone while at i ? 
Scotch Couil, hearinR of the EngUUi Kinj^'s meditated treachery in endeavouring t' 
of Bruce in (aver of Balliol, sent to the former, who was then in England, a spii: 
fcaibcr tied to it, to indicate " flight with qiecd." Bruce acted on the hint, and, ul^c. 



de-Camp to ih* D«k« of Ab««oni wlMn Lord-LioilcMac of licUad. firo« 
June 1867 tUl Dk. 1861 U Viot-Pim of Uw Coufal Workii« Un'% Amu. 
ikxu A /VyiiJW Ctmm wtiim, 8tf Cor BevcrWjr from H09. i868iill Kek 
1869, whw ho wa> iiMOitod oa ptdtfcm. F&mdoctod (or Lymiagtoajaa. 1S74 
OiJe-^MtUam, N««d an^ Mtiiary, St JmmHV 
7W« iTMMmrr 1. aimriiK Owilwi, Majriilr. W. 

tim 4oni Hmr KmAWAT. Ban 

John Henrv KENNAWAv/d.ion ofSirJohn 
Kcnnawmy. and bort.,— who diod 1873,— hy EaiOy 
Frmncct, d. of Thoauu K hycote, Eao., of KiafMole, 
GkMccMerthire. He was bora Jaae 6cli, 1837, was ed. 
at Harrow, and ai Balliol CoOm, Oxford.— & A. lit 
daa Uw and History, 1860^ M.A. i86a,^aad ol. 
1866. Fraacea, dder d. of Archibald P.. aad the Hon. 
Mrt. Arbothoot. Called to the Bar at the laacr Temple 
1864. If Capt. asth I>evoa RUIe Vol. aad a J. P. for 
DevtNiihir- AiifK..r ..f •• I »« <ihenaaa*a Track ; or. The 
Sooth n: mMrmUm. Pint elcacd 

for East 1 : 70. 



Ctmmtiy Addtnut—Kacat, Ooary Sc. Mary, 


William EowARDBS, P.C.,4th Barom 
KfHsmpom^ eL son of tid Banm— who died 
Jan. 1872.— by Laura Jaae, 4th d. of the hue 
Cuthben Ellison. Esq. He was bom May 
nth, 1835. was ed. at Etoc^ and aL. Sept. 
1867. Grace EUiabeth, eL d. of the late 
Robert lohnstoae Dooalas, Esq.. of Lock- 
erbie Hottse, N.B. Pormerly Capt. and 
LieoL'CoL Cokistream Gaarda. Is Lord 
Lieut, and Cuttos Rotulorum of Pembroke> 
shire, and a J. P. for the town aad ca of 

•rSmkuHl. cmUvtWUmow apaodMJobBMoM&ntly. AMiksr lomid is lo dM «*ci 
dHi ia aacioM Usms. whaa tht JoImmmm 6«ilr watt Iumm 4i o>is of CagMi OMda. it «■» 
fcr bdita ai Um di— ar tahit IP placa Umn a ficMdc wifsd i^w. aaa tfaa dM 
DO MM iMaT ia iW IMOM.- awl tkai tho |«adMM««ral«Jrad lopfooi 
oT a iMan aMicaad vkh aa lavvisl cnnm was gfMMad le Sir AJaa da J« 
ia waHbra uadar Dwf las agatmc tha KagSUi. and far arladi W alM 1 

I4i«a larf* cfmM of Jsad. 

Sir Join Koaaavay. ia iIm i 

ofladb. Iai7« 

la «as aiMtaMd Raiidaat M dM Cbtirt of dM Niaa. «r«di «IMB^ as tka toaaldiV o« oC ilM 
MW with Tippoo SalMMi, Im ooac h idad a iroaiy of attaaea. far wtadi aarviea ha waa rf md a 
laraaai. lITfoahaeoKladad tfaatiaaofpoaot baiwwa thtalliad powan aad Tinaa. wIm 


aad paid Xj.jMM» M dM Allioa 

198 amcBUis or parliament. 

HaveHbrdwot Was a Grooin*in« waiting to the Queen from Nov. 1873 till 
Feb. 1874; appointed CoroptroUer of H.M.'s Household, 1880. \ Libera: 
Firet elected for Haverfordwest Nov. 1868, having previously, in July i86> 

C l mU Bcoo fc s's, Guards', TrmvsUws', Dtvooshirs. 
Ttmn It ftidme* -69, Grasvwwr Scract, W. 
Sfa/St. Bride'k. Haverfordweat, Pcmbrokeshir*. 

R. N. F. KINOSCOTE (Olouceiterahlre. Weft). 

Robert Nigel Fitzhardinge Kingscote,* el. son of 
the late Thomas Henry Kingscote, of Kingscote, Gloucester 
shire, — the direct descendant of Ansgerus, a Saxon, living A.i 
985, — bv his first wife. Lady Isabella Frances Anne, 6th d. of 
the 6th buke of Beaufort. He was bom Feb. 1830, and m. 
1st, 1851, Caroline Sophia,— who died 1852,— 3rd d. of Co' 
George Wyndham, afterwards the 1st Baron Lcconfield ; 2ndl 
1856, Lady Emily Marie, 3rd d. of the 1st Earl Howe. Enterc;. 
the Scots Fusilier Guards as Ensign and Lieut. Oct. 1846, 
became Lieut, and Capt. June 1850, and Lieut. -Col. July 1855. Served in the 
Eastern Campaign of 1854-5, as Aide-de-Camp to Baron Raglan, — including 
the battles of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and the siege of Sebastopol, 
and has received the Crimean medal and four clasps. Is extra Equerry to 
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, a D.L. and a J. P. of Gloucestershi e, a J. P. of 
Wiltshire, a C.B., and one of the Council of the Roy. Agricultural So. Was 
Groom -in- waiting to Her Majesty from June 1859 till July 1866. A Liberal : 
opposed to all State grants for religious purposes. First returned for West 
Gloucestershire July 1S52. 

Patron c/on* ^tvif^f'— Newington-Bagpath, R., Gloucestershire. 
C/«^ir— Brooks's, Mariborough. 

Tvmm RnitUnce—y^, Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. 
.Sm/— Kingscote, Wotton-under-Edge. 

J. XnfNEAB (Donegal County) 

John KiNNEAR, D.D., second son of the lau 
Rev. James Kinnear, of Clenaneese, near Dungannon, 
CO. Tyrone. He was bom 1824, and was ed. at the 
Royal College, Belfast. Has been since 1850 Minister 
of the Presbyterian Chapel at Letterkcnny. Received 
in 1874 the hon. degree of D.D. from the Washington 
and Lee University, America. A Liberal. Elected for 
CO. Donegal April 1880. 

Re$id£tu*- The Bfanse, Letterkeony, co. DooegaL 

* Members of this gentleman's family have been settled at Kingsooce since the reign d 
William I. — . .. 



Frederick Winn Knigict,* eL foo of the 
btc Jobs KttMu. £«q.. uT Wolmlcx. br JtM Eli». 
bcth, d. of iGe IM Mron Hcadley. He itm boni 
1811, WM «L at th« ClMiteHMmie, aad in 18(0 
m. Mark Loitai Omlii^ <L of liie bu E. Gibb^ 
Em|. b • kaAf Trmm of the Briikh MoMum- 
M wpwwUlIrt of R. PayiM Knielit, Etq., o( 
DowaioQ.— Ucvt-CoL in the lit Bat. WoccHlanbire 
Rifle VoL. and n D.L. and a J.P. fee WoftwUnhlic. 
Wat PariiaiMataffT Seavtarr to the Poor Law Board 
Lord D«ti/t GovanMMnlB of i8<j and 1858^ 
and far tooie yaia Lient.«Col WotwrterJiire Vroaianry 
Fim racwnad far W«m Worvcaicnhira 1841. 

SIS BATlfAT.I) KVIOHTUnr. Bnrl (Vorthamptonahlro. BonttX 

RainaM ^ only son 

of the Utc ►;htlcy. 2ml 

bait., M.P. tor >oiiin .Nurthamotooibire 
from 1834 till 1852,— who died 1864,— 
br SeUna Mary, d. d. of Pdtoo Liood 
Hervcy. Esq.. of Englefieid Green. 
Surrey. He wa& bom 1819, was cd. at 
Kton. and m., Oct. 1 869, Loui»a Mary. 
only d. of the U(e Gen. Sir Edwmrd 
liowater. Ii a D.L. and a J.P. of 
Northamptonshire. A CWuvnwDrtv. 
First elected for South Northampton- 
■hire 1852. 

R., Faw«l«y. V.. and Pnttm C^p^ R Sotth- 




A'hiM't, Boodla't, Turf. MarlborougiL 
' 'avMtrjr, NortluuBpcaashir*. 

T. nrOWLBi (WlcaaX 
Thomas Knowlks. He was bom May 30th, 
1S24, and m. 1st, 1846, Mary Forster, who d. 1863. and 
21) lly. 1866, MaiT.— who died 1878.— d. of the Ute 
Wdiuua LoQgworth, Esq., of Little Bolton, Lancaahire. 
U a coal proprietor, cotioo-spinncr, and blMckar. n J.P. 
for Lancashire, Chm. of the Peanon and Knowlaa Coal 
and Iron Ca, a Director of the London and North- 
western Railway, and a J. P. for Lancashire and Cheshire. 

l<q.. of M ii l rf t y. fnitw >i l ii i % a tmtU m Mt inm- 

r of thb CuaOy. ImU dM mmat of ratghlliy, co. 
of Ei«laad, .Mi hk dMMdaats coeSSMs of 



Has been twke Majror of Wigan. 
Feb. 1874. 

A C0ms€rvalive. First elected for Wigan 

C/afe— CaritoQ. Junior CaHton. 

T«mm Residfmct-^ Sc Jamcft't PUce. S.W 

Htndemtt-Wiguk ; Darohiai lUU. Wmsfortl, Chethirv. 

H. LABOUCHERE (KorthamptonX 

Henry Labouchere, el. son of the lai- 

iohn I^bouchere, Esq., of Broome Park, Surt( ■ ' 
lary, d. of the late James I)u Pr^, Ksq., of \ 
Park, l^aconsfield, and nephew of the late 1 
Taunton. He was bom 1 831, and was ed. at Kton 
Entered the Diplomatic Service 1854, and was s\i 
cessively Attache at Washington, Munich, Stock 1 
Frankfort, St. Petersburg, and Dresden ; was apj - 
a 3rd Sec. 1862, and a 2nd Sec. at Constantinople i.->oj, 
and retired 1864. A Liberal. Sat for Windsor from 
July 1865 till April 1866, when he was unseated on 
petition, and for Middlesex from April 1867 till No\ 
1868. Is editor and proprietor of Truth. Unsuccess 
ftillg contested Nottingham Feb. 1874. Elected for Northampton April 18S0. 

C/«A*— Reform, St. James's. 
JlrtideMtt— to. Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. 

SIR EDMUND H. K. LACON, Bart. (Norfolk, Nortli). 

^L Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon, el. son of 

^g^ the late Sir Edmund Knowles Lacon, 2nd bart., — wliw 

c^M^ died 1839, — bv Eliza, eU d. and coheir of Thomas Bc( 

croft, Esq., of Saxthorpe Hall. He was bom 1S07, ami 
was ed. at Eton, and at Emmanuel Coll., Camb. ; gm<l 
H.A. 1828, M.A. 1831. In 1839 he m. Eliza Georgian 
cl. d. of James Esdaile Harnmet, Esq., of Lawn Cottaf; 
Battersea. Is a D.L. and a J. P. of Norfolk, a J. P. I 
Suffolk, Lieut. -Col. Com. of East Norfolk Militi 
Lieut.-Col. 1st Norfolk Administrative Bat. Artillery 
Vol., High Steward of the Borough of Yarmouth, .and a 
brewer and banker at Yarmouth. A Liberal Cousenative. 
Sat for Yarmouth from July 1852 till April 1857, when 
he was an unsuccessful candidate, and from 1859 till 
1868. First elected for North Norfolk Nov. 1868 ; re-elected Feb. 1874, and 
April 2nd, 1880. 

C/«Af— Carlton, Union. Junior United Service. 
Stat—Oxia%\rt House, Great Yarmouth. 






Samuel Laing, ion of Samuel Lainji, Esq., 
oT Ptpdale. Orkney.— «athor at " Nolo oT • TnvaUv," 


bom Ucc. 


^^^^ii-^^BC. Orkney, and a Fellow of Uie 
^^< liajBJ g^ «ik1 Scoituh Antiqwuitt Sot. Wm 
to the Ti ' " ' "* '^ 

Mbteer of India 1861.3 

Co., of ihe Gm^»-»1 Tiolit aiuI FtnAace Ca, and of Um Sydenham Crystal 
Va\acc Cu , an<l : t Ejutcro Railway Co. A LAtrmi. Sat 

fur Wick IriJtn i • >57, from May lK$9 Oil OcL i860, and 

Spriwr. aod at St John't CoU., CuBk.-jmd. ^A., 
and wiBncler, 183J, appoimod " * 

r. daofhK 
Called to the Bar at Lmcolo'ft Inn 1835 

joona voHU. vam., ainu. B.A., 

iBi^kr, l8u, appoimod Fallow of hk OdL 1814,— 

Mary, daughter of Capt. Cowan, K.N. 

and m.. 1841 

It aau of 


>itt»h Antiqaarisa 80a. Was Financial Sccretnry 
reaMiry rraai J«M 1859 liU Oct. l86aaad Fteaoce 
I bMB Chm. of Iho London and Bffigjblon Railway 

from July 1865 tUi Nuv. liioS, wUcu he wa* an 
elected for Orkney aod Shetland Jan. 1873. 


T0mm JtttUme*-^ CMabridft Gate, R^^m'* P»k, N.W. 

% LALOB (Qoatn'a OoonlyX 

Richard Lalor, son of the late Patrick 
Lalor. Em} .~M.I\ for Qnecn't CO. 1832.5.— of TcaakilL 
lie %tas Umi 1S2;, «raa ed. privately, and n., 1853, 
.Margaret, d. of .Michael Donne, £»q^ of Moontrath, 
Qoeen't co. Is a dvil engineer an<l a tenant fiuver. 
A H0mu RuUr; a toppocter of "IriUi Ni 
tUcctcd for Qneen's co. April 188a 

W. LAMBTON (Dnrham, Boutfa). 
Frederick William U^mbtov, second son 

of the and I-larl uf Durham, I ttrix Frances 

Hamilton, 2nd d. of the ist 1 crcom. He 

was born June I9lh, i8$c, ano m., 1^79, UcMrix, d. 
of John Bultccl. Ksq., of Pamilete, Devon. Entered 
the Coldstream Guard* 1874. and retired as Ueol. 
l88a A Liberal. Elected for South Dnrbam April 

Wookr. Nofthaaibvkiitf. 



W. 1. OORE-LANOTON (Mld-Somenetahlrt). 

William Stephen Gore-Langton, el. son of 
the late William H^nry Powell Gore-Langton, M.P. 
for West .*^<' ■ ic, by Lady Anna tliz.i Mary 

Templc'Nuj: s-Chando«-Grenvillc, only d. of 

the and Duke .a i.... .v.ngham. He was born May nth, 
1847, was ed. at Kton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
186—), and m., 1870, Helen Mal)cl, 2nd d. of Sir 
Grahajn Graham- Montgomery, M.P., 3nl l>art. Is a J.I*, 
and a D.L. for Somersetshire, Capt. North Somerset- 
shire Yeo. Cav., and heir-prcsumntive to the Earldom of 
Temple. A Consftvative. Elected for Mid-Somersetshire 
March i8th, 1878. 

C/m^— Junior Carlton. 

TVw* Xrndtmce-9S, G«orge Street, Hanover Square, W. 

Stmtt—Utwtoa Park, near Bath : Hatch Beauchamp, near Taunton. 

RIGHT HON HUGH LAW (Londonderry County). 

Hugh Law, r.C, Q.C., son of John Law, 
Esq., of Woodlawn, co. Down, by Margaret, d. of Chris- 
topner Crawley, Esq., of Culloville, co. Armagh. He 
was bom 181 8, was ed. at the Royal School, Dungannon, i 
and at Trin. Coll., Dublin,— grad. B.A., 1st .Senior] 
Moderator in Classics, 1839,— and m., 1863, Helen,-— j 
who died 1875, — d. of the late William White, Esq., 
Shrubs, CO. Dublin. Called to the Bar in Ireland 1840,' 
became a Q.C. i860, and a Bencher of the Kings' Inns 
1870. Was Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1872-4. Sworn a 
Privy Councillor of Ireland 1874. Appointed Attorney- 
Gen, for Ireland April 1880. A Liberal. First elected 
for Londonderry co. Feb. 13th, 1874. 

C/»^x— Union, Devonshire, Reform, UUter, KUdare Street. 
Residenc*—^, FitzwiUiam Square, Dublin. 

HON. BEILBT LAWLET (Cheater City). 

Beilby Lawley, el. son of the 2nd Baroi 
Wenlock, by I^y Elizabeth Grosvenor, 3rd d. of 2n< 
Marquess of Westminster, KG. He was bom Maj 
I2th, 1849, was Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb., 
and m., 1872, Lady Constance Mary Lascelles, d. 
4th Earl of Harewood. Appointed Capt. Yorkshir 
Yeo. Cav. Is a I. P. for the North and East Ridings c 
Yorkshire. A Liberal. Elected for Chester city April 
1st, 1880. 

Clubt- Brooks*f, Marlborough, Turf, Yorkshire. 

/fmV//»K»x— Escrick, York ; i% Berkeley Square, W. 




J. a LA^ 

John Compcon Lawranck, Q.C, only ion 
of tht laic TbooMt If aaloq Livrmnot, Eao., of Domliy 
llalU LbcofaMiara. by Ltmkm. d. of tilt kte John 
CompCo«,EM|..ofW«i«rN««rtoii.MvWaiiifanL He 
WM bom 183a, Md m., 1861. ChArioltc Goonriot, d. ol 
Major Smart, of TvmhjrUwa, BoHoB. Callodtolitt 
Bar at Uaoola*! Ina 1859, aad bocame a Q.C. 1877. 
I* a J.P. (or Kalovca DMtkm of UMsoliiftliire. Haa 
baoiRaooideror DarbyiiMt 1879. A O 
Elcaod (or Sooili liMotariiife April t88a 
CAJ^-CmImm, Owikli, jwlorCMlMk 
CAMn^rpi-s, Hpm imndh^^ Tmi^ B.C 
7W« M^tUifmtt -). 0Mb* SqMM. 8. W. 
rM«/»7 ^/flOmrtf^DuMbjr Hal, i 



a LAWRBIOB, Bart. (LambetliX 

James Cl.irkc 1 
late Willum I.awrcru 

sccoDd ton of the 
m Alderman of Loodoo, 

a J.P. for MiddlcMx, an<i iiii;n Sbcnff of Loodoo 
MiddloKX, 1849,-17 JfB^t ^' of ^^^ l«te h 



Em. He was bom i8jo, and u unmamed. k aa 
Alderman and a DtL. of the city of London, Ptm Mai 
of the Royal Hoq>itab of Bridrwdl and Bechlcbeaa. a 
J.P. for Middleaex, Sttney, and the dty of WcatmtnUer. 
Was Hteh Sheriff for Loodoo and Mi 

HMi Sheriff for Loodoo and Middlesex 1861.3, 
and Loid Mayor of Loodoo §868^ ; and on the ooca- 
aioo of Her Majesty opening the Holbor» Viaduct and 
Blacfclrian Bridfe, be was created a Baronet Nov. 1869. 
A Idm^ Sat for Lambeth 60m May tiU Joly §86$. 
when he waa an iinsncccasftd candidate ; reelected Nov. 
1868, Feb. 1874, and April 1st, l88a 

OmU-Kdormk, Dcvoaalwv. Ocy Lib«faL 

Tmm Aditmt 1 % I sacMiw Gau, W, 

•at J. J. TUVOR LAWRSHCE. Bart. (Mld-Borrfir). 

lames John Trevor Lawrence, son of Sir 
WtUiam Lau rencc, F.KS.. 2nd bart. (Sefseant'Snigeon 
to the Qttecn),— who died 1867, — by Looisa, yuonf t d« 
of James Seiiior, E*q., of BnMi|^ton Hoose, Ayle^ory. 
llewasbomiSji, wased. at Winchester, and bl. l869» 
Bessie, only child of the late John Matthew.^ Esq.. ol 
Paric Lane, and Boffocd Lote. Dorki^. Was for- 
meriy a medical oftcer^in the Indian Army. A 

Feb. 1874. Fifst elected for Mid-Suney Nov. 1875. 

C/m*0^CMi*um, Emi iMfia Uakwl Seme*. 
r#M Rt$iJmn ly. Ptiaot't Gaia, & W. 
S««r-B«Hbid Ledf^ 



W. LkWrnmCE (LOBdOlD. 

William Lawrence, el. son of the late Wil- 
liam LAwrence^ Esq., — an Alderman of Ix>ndon, a 
I. P. for Middlesex, and High i^hcrifT of London and 
Middlesex 1849,— by lane, d. of the late James Clarke, 
ICsq. He was born 1818, and is unmarri^. Is a D.L. 
of the city of London, a J. P. for Middlesex and West- 
minster, and an Alderman of London. Formerly a builder 
in I>ondon, and partner in the firm of William L.nwrcncc 
and Sons, builders, London. Iselder brother of Sir J.imcs 
C. Lawrence, 1st bart., M.P. for I^ambeth. Was High 
Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1857-8, and Lord 
Mayor of London 1863-4. A Ijberal. .Sat for the city 
of London from July 1865 till Feb. 1874, when he was 
an unsuccessful candidate ; re-elected March 31st, 1880. 

raa AxuirA stabilis. 

Clmht - Reform. Devonshire City Liberal. 
Town Rftitirmce—'js, Lancaster Gate, W. 

SIR WILFRID LAWSON. Bart Carlisle). 

Wilfrid Lawson, el. son of the late Sir Wilfrid 
I^wson, 1st ban., — who in i8i2changeti his patronymic 
of Wybergh to that of Lawson, and died 1867, — by 
Caroline, 4th d. of the late Sir Tames (iraham, 1st hart., 
of Netherby. He was bom Sept. 4th, 1829, was pri- 
vately ed., and in i860 m. Mary, 3rd d. of Joseph 
Poeklington-Senhouse, Esq. Is a J. P. for Cumberland, 
and a Director of the Maryport and Carlisle Railway Co. 
A Jiadical. Unsuccessfully contested West Cumljerland 
1857. Sat for Carlisle from 1859 till July 1865, when he 
was an un.successful candidate ; re-elected for the same 
constituency Nov. 1868, Feb. 1874, and April 1st, 1880. 
Promoted the *' Permissive Bill," 1864. 


C/»^— Reform. 

Town Retidence— i, Grosvenor Crescent. S.W. 

SttUt - Brayton. Carlisle ; Isel Hall, Cockermouth. 

B. LAYCOCK (LlncolnBlilre. Nortli). 

Robert Laycock, el. son of Joseph Laycock, 
Esq., of Low Gosforth Hall, Northumberland, by 
Barbara, d. of the late John Nicholson, Esq., of Win- 
laton, CO. Durham. He was bom 1833, was ed. at 
Trin. Coll., Camb.,— B.A, 1856, M.A. 1859,— and m., 
1866, Anne, 2nd d. of Christian Allhusen, Plsq., chemical 
manufacturer, of Elswick Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1857. Is a J. P. 
for Northumljerland, and a J. P. and a D.L. for Notting- 
hamshire (High Sheriflri878). KLiberal. Unsuccessfully contested Nottingham- 
shire North 1 87 1, and Nottingham Feb. 1874 ; elected for North Lincolnshire 
April 1880. 

C/«ri»— Reform. Devonshire. 

Stntt—\JaAt Hall, Gateshead ; Low Gosforth, and Winleton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 
^^Isetoo Hall, Notungham. 



TluNiiat Lba, ion of the Utte George E 

Kv).. of The LirdMit. Kiddctmlaiter, bjr EmoMi. d. a( Om 
! ' < o.rgr Htrrii, E$q., o^ The OakUDds CloMMcrUilrt. 
tit u^> born jaa. 17th, 1&41, was cd. at • private 
•i>dm.,itt64.LoiaM,d.orWil]kmBifch, k»q., of 
ander^Needwood, 8 ffc wfal d i » . b s I.P. for \V< 
khiiei and • mawifaftmer. A Ldtnti, S«i for 
miMMT ifl6i.74. vlM he 

I* im elected lor CO. Dunrcal Drc l6lh. iSru. havitiL* in 1876 been an 

i oafttl cendidatr 

J LEAHT (XUdare Oouatyv 
James Leahy* son of the late Mr. Daniel 
I^cftby, of Tenplemore, co. Tippenry. He mu bom 
1833, and wa» ed. privately. It a tenant Carmer. A 
/JAent/, Elected for co. KUdare April 188a 

Lodac. Atby, CO. Kildar*. 


J^^ 4 

I. LBAIB gjmcaahlre, ionth-Baatv 

Robert Leake, el. son of the late Robert 
I.rikr. Emi.. of Manchester, by Mary. eL d. of the 
liic William Lockelt, £«|.. of Richmood Hill. Sdford. 
the tiTNt Mayor of that borongh. He was horn 1824, 
iD.l in. IM. 18^9. Mahelle Saiah.— who d. 1863.— 
youiu:c>t d. of Richard Nobn. Em., of Dablin, and 
Si-a \ icw, CO. Wicklow; indly, 1865, Looba Maria, 
2iul il. of the late Wright Turner. Es<).. of Pendleton, 
Manchester. Is a I. P. for Laaauhiie, and Pres. of 
the Uberal Ataociation, Maacheitcr. A USfrm/. 
Elected for Sooth«Eail Lancashire April i88a 



E. LE4ICT (Watoif ord City). 

Edmund Lea my, second son of James Leamy, 
Esq., Watcrfoni. lie was born 1848, and was cd. at St. 
John's Collcffc, Walcrford, and the University High School 
of Waicrftjrd. A llonu Kuler. Elected for Walcrford 
city April 1880. 

RttideMce-'TvtxiiA Terrace, Tnunore, ca Watcrford. 

B. A. LEATHAM (Huddenfleld). 

Edward Aldam Leatham, youngest son of 
the late William Leatham, Esq., of Heath, near Wake- 
field, by Margaret, d. and heiress of the late Joshua 
Walker, Esq., M.D., of Leeds, He was bom Aug. 2nd, 
1828, and was ed. at the Univ. of London, where he 
obtained the 2nd place at the B.A. Examination for 
Classical Honors, 184S; grad. M.A. 1851, and was sub- 
sequently elected a Fellow of Univ. Coll. In 1851 hem. 
Mary Jane, only d. oflhe late John Fowler, Esq., of Elm 
i^¥ii JMSay^N Grove, near Melksham. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for the 
^m N^^jPyM jEJ YYggj Ri<jing of Yorkshire, and a J.T. for Gloucester- 
^OTyT^^gjT^^'^ shire ; author of "Charmione, a Historical Romance," 
^^^W^^X^ and of a pamphlet "On Retrenchment." A moderate 
Rtidkal ; m favor of retrenchment in the public expen- 
diture, non-intervention in the affairs of foreign nations whenever consistent with 
our honor, the disestablishment and disendowment of State Churches, and a 
national system of free uasectarian education. Introduced '* The Ballot Bill," 
1870. Has advocated household suffrage, free trade, and the equalization of 
the sugar duties, and "was a warm sympathizer with the Northern States of 
America in their great struggle for the Union and for freedom." Sat for Hud- 
dersficld from May 1859 tilTjuly 1865, when he was an unsuccessful candidate ; 
re-elected March 1868, Nov. 1868, Feb. 1874, and April 3rd, 1880. 

Patron ofttvo Lrvimgw — Misarden, R., and Winstone, R., near Cirencester. 

Clubs — Kefonn, Athcnatum, Windham. 

Town Retidetwe—^lb, Elaton Square, S.W. .T^a/— Misarden Park, near Cirencester. 

W. H. LEATHAM (Torkahlre. West Riding. Southern Division). 

William Henry Leatham, el. surviving son 
of the late William Leatham, Esq., of Heath, near 
Wakefield, — a banker at Wakefield, Pontefract, and 
Doncaster, — by Margaret, d. and heiress of Joshua 
Walker, Esq., M.D., of Leeds. He was born July 6lh, 
1815, and m., 1839, IViscilla, 4th d. of Samuel Gumey, 
Esq., of Upton. West Ham, Essex, and Lombard 
Street, E.C. Was a banker at Wakefield and I'onte-. 
fract 1836-52. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for the West Ridinj^ 
of Yorkshire, and has been a Dep.-Chm. of Quarter^ 
/^ i/^ JO^ Se>sions since 187a Author of^ "Tales of English 

^ '^ .t^f^ ^'^*-' ^"^ Miscellanies," •• Poems," '* Lectures delivered 

""^ at Mechanics' Institutes," and *' Letters on the Cur- 

rency." An aJvatued IVhig. Unsuccessfully con- 
tested Wakefield July 1852 ; sat for that constituency from April 1859 till July 



iS59^ when h» wm 

Q« l«hr 1865 tm Nov 
elected for the Sooth. Wert RUli^ of Voriuhirv Apiil i8to^ h^rk^ 


in F«l>. 


HE JLDMUMD A, B. MfTHWIH. Bart (WoroMUnblr*. WmI). 

Edmuml Anthony llarlcv Lkchmhre,* only 

•on of Sir E ! ^i:erfonJ Lechnere. 2nd bartn— 

wbodkdiSsc .4CUrm,d. oftheUte lion fhivM 

Marniy. lie w^ buiu 1826^ vm cd. at tl>< 

bott»e, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford.— EA. 1849. ^: 

—and m.. 1858. Looiaa Katharine, d. ol Joiui **»t^n. 

En., of Whit well Hall, YorkiUfc b a D.L. and a 

Tf . for Worcettcnliire, of which oooaly be was Hidb 

1862. Hat the Medjidie. 2nd daa, and to 

of the Order of St. John of Jafwaleai in Eng* 

! which he is both SccreUry and Recciirer. 

V Capt. 19th Woroetterahiie Rifle Vol. A 

./rrv. Sat lor Tewkeaborv i8664t, and oamc- 

^gh 1868 and 1874. Ftr»t elected for Wc« 

T0mm Hm idtn<» 13. BoIm 

Conn, and 8ev«a Ead. Upcoa-oa-Sev«ta, 

I Wyiw«B 


Henry Lbb, son of the late Lee Lee, Esq., 
of Chorlev. Lancashire, l^ Anne, d. of Joaeph Cocka^, 
Esq., of Boltoo. He waa bom Nov. a9Ch, 1817, and 
m., i8a6, Hannah, d. of John Dracup, Ea(|., of Salfoid. 
Is a J. P. for Lancashire and the borough of Salfoid, a 
tnerdumt and aumofactarer, a Director of the " 
heater Chamber of Commeice, and of the 
aiMl Salford Bank. AZi'Arm/. UmQcceailaUy( 
Salford 1874. Elected for Southampton April 1 88a 

I flMV^Kafoffai. DcwHhifa. < 
SM^Scdgby Park. IVniwkh. I 

I fb«B Um Low CpMMriM, and 

W wc i a n liim. wkkk hs*^ b— ia dw JMBJly m^ iiaca. Sir Nidwlas LachaMra, MLRfar 

»aadi«y.wisaBai«ioftli.R«ka<aarattfcills Mkrt Da^liis y MidwU. 

fca SoBcUor and Aoonwy-Ca— a|. aad CTwiaffrilnr cl dw IHwky af Laaftatar, was < 
■Man I iciiaiws of * — 1*- — int. 





y. B. VAUGHAK-LEE (BomenMtthtre, W«tt). 

Vaughan Hanning Vaughan-Lee, only son of 
the late John Lee Lee, Esq., — sometime M.P. for Wells, 
— of Dillington House, near Ilminster, by his first wife, 

iessy, only d. of the late John EUiwards-Vaughan, Esq., of 
Iheola. He was bom Feb. 25th, 1836, was cd. at Kton, 
and m., 1861, Clara Elizabeth, d. of the late George 
Moore, Elsq., of Appleby Hall, Leicestershire. Entered 
the 2lst Fusiliers, as Ensign, April 1854, became Lieut. 
Dec 1854, and Capt. 1858 ; retired 1859 ; served in 
the Eastern Campaign 1854-5, including the battles 
of Alma and Inkerman, siege and fall of Seh-^ '" "' 
the attack on the Redan June i8th, and in tin 
dition to Kinbourn ; twice wounded. Was son 
Major Glamorganshire Light Infantry Militia. Is a J. P. for Somersetshire and 
CO. Glamorgan, of which latter he was High Sheriff 1871, a D.L. for Somerset- 
shire and Glamorganshire, and Capt. West Somerset Yeo. Cav. Assumed in 
March 1874 the additional surname of Vaughan. A Conservative. First 
elected for West Somersetshire Jan. 3rd, 1874, 

Patron 0/ three Livsn£S—Penncc and Glyncorrwg, Glamorgantbire ; and Kingstone, 

CIttis—Army and Navy, Boodle's, Carlton. 

TffWH Retidmce—i6, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 

^rrt/j— Dillington, Somcikctshire ; Llaneley and Rheola, Glamorganshire. 

J. J. LEEMAN (York City). 

Joseph Johnson Leeman, son of George 
Lceman, Esq., J.P., D.L., late M.P. for York, by 
Jane, d. of the late Joseph Johnson, Esq., of London, 
He was bom 1842, and m., 1879, Emily Maud Mary, 
only child of the late Richard Smethurst, Esq., J. P. 
and D.L., of Ellerbeck, Lancashire, who was High 
Sheriff of Lancashire 1870. Is a D.L. for W. Riding 
of Yorkshire^ and for the city and co. of York city. 
A LiberaJ. Elected for York April 2nd, 1880. 

T&wm Residence— 1^ Upper Growvenor Street. W. 
C»mUry RetitUnce -Acomb Priory, near York. 


oioBOi i. HAW Lsrsvu 

Gcoiige John > kvri, /*. C, too of Sir 

lolMGmnSh«». . CB., Clerk of the Pariu- 

menu, byiUdMl Eouly. a. U IchaboA Wrifriit. Eiq., oT 
Mamrljr Hall, NoltMMm. He wm bomisjj, wm cd. 
■I tiem, wad at Tria. ColL, Camb., aad a., 1874, Ladjr 
Cowiaaot BMa7Mof«lon.4.ortbt lid Eari ofDade. 
Calkd to dw Bar at Iht Iomt Teapla 1S56. Waa cm 

of iba Deep Saa FMiartai Coamifarion i86}-4« and ChrU 
Lord of the Adadfalty for a fcw weeks in 1866 nadar 
EaH RuMell't Adminirtration. Waa ParUamcaunr Sa» 
crriary to the Board ci Trade from Dec 1868 till Tan. 
1871, Under Secretary to tkeHooMDepafOBcnlftoailaa. 
till March 1871, aad SocnCaiy to the Adaaiialty worn 
March 1S71 till FeU 1874, and from April tUl Nov. 1880, whea be was^cil Firet CommiMiooer of Work*. U a Director of the Goardiaa Fire 
ao«1 l.iic Amil Co. A UUrai ; in bvor of greater eooaonvia oar aatioaal 
e«|)eiiditure. U n ai cc ee ifid ly oootcrted Wiactieeter 1839^ rlnt aladed for 
kradiag Oct. 1864. 


William John Legh, son of the late William 
Legh, Esq., and Mary Anne, d. of John Wilkinfon, Eao. 
He was bom 1819, waa ed. at Rugby, and ai.. 1856, 
Emily Jane, d. of the late the Vcn. Charles Konne 
WodebooK, Archdeacon of Norwich. Entered the Army 
|8a8, tcnred with the 2 1st Fusilien in the Crimea, and 
retired as Capt. Is a D.L. of Cheshire and Lancashire, 
Ueat-Col. Lancashire HnaMis, and Hon. CoL 4th 
Cheshire RUIe Vol. A C^mstrvatiw, Sat for Soath 
Lancashire from May 1859 till July 1865. Ftnt elected 
for East Cheshire Dec 1868. 

C/iiJ»— Carteoa. Boodk'i, TWf, Trmvdkn*. 

T0mm f Ut JJ ne* jk, B«lcr««« Ssttw*. S.W. 

Smt»—\.ywim Park. S tockp o rt : GolbooM Park. Waniagioa. 

BON. GILBERT S. a LBIQH (Warwkktfdx% ioattX 

Gilbert Heni^' Chandos Leigh, el son of 
the and Baron Leigh, by Lady CaroUae Aaialia 
Groeveaor, 5th d. 01 and Marquees of Wcstadartcr, 
K.G. He was bora SepL 1st, i8jEl. aad was ed. at 
Harrow, and at Magdalcoe Coll.. CamU (B.A. 1874. 
M.A. 1878). Is a Tp aad a D.L. for Warwickshii«. 
A LUtnl, Elected for South Wararkkshire April 7th. 

C/bfc D<!ro— hito. Brooks's. 

C#OTi«r^ K99mttf^K9 "StOBMHUw AOOCy^ W&tSt 



C/«»*— Tnivclleis' 

B. LSOB (BodiarttrX 
Roger Leigh, adopted son of the late Sir 

Robert Holt Leigh, mt ban., of Barham Court and 
Hindley Hall. He was bom 1840, was cd. at Radh 
and grad. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and at Trin. fol 
Camb., and m., 1861, Elizabeth Jane, d. of tl 
c ipt. Thomas Eden Blackwell, of the Royal 

re Highlanders, and grand d. of the late * .m. 
kwell, C.B. Is a J. P. for cos. Kent and Lan- 
tcr. Succeeded to the Hindley and Harham isiatcs 
on the death, in 1867, of his kinsman Baron 
down. A Conservative. Elected for Ri.. 
April 1880. 
5"m/*— Hindley Hall, Wtgan : Barham Court, Teston, Maiditoi 

SIR BALDWTN LEIOHTON, Bart (Shropshire, South). 

Baldwyn Leighton, el. son of Sir Baldwin 
Leighton, 7th bart., — who died 187 1,— by Mary, d. of 
Thomas Netherton Parker, Esq., of Sweeney Hall, 
Salop. He was l>om Oct. 27lh, 1836, was ed. at Eton, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1859, M.A i^' - 
—and m., 1864, the Hon. Eleanor Leicester \'» 
d. of the 2nd Baron de Tabley. Was sometime a < 
South Salopian Yeo. Cav. Is a J. P. and a D.L. 1 
Shropshire. Has published several pamphlets on " P< 
Law," " Labour,''^ &c., also " Letters of the late 
Denison, M.P." A Liberal Conservative; " while c; 
posed to legislation based on theory or sentiment, 
m favour of a liberal ruction of some ot our la. 
and institutions, based on sound economic principles." First elected for SouiL 
Shropshire Aug. 1877. 

Patron 0/ one Lhrin£^—C*rdc*ton R., Salop. C/«^r— Carlton, Athenaeum, St. Jamcs't. 
Town Jletidenee—49, Upper Brook Street, W. Seat— hoion Park, Shrewsbury. 


8. LEiaHTON (Shropshire, North). 

Stanley Leighton, son of Sir Baldwin 
Leighton, 7lh bart., by Mary, d. of Thomas Netherton 
Parker, Esq.. of Sweeney Hall, Salop. He was bom 
Oct. 13th, 1837, was ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford,— grad. M.A. 1861,— and m., 1S73, Jessie Marie, 
d. of Henry Bertie Watkin Williams-Wynn, K- >f 
Nanty-Meiched, Montgomeryshire. Called to 1 
at the Inner Temple Psov. 1561, and went the < 
Circuit. Is a Magistrate for Shropshire and Mont- 
gomeryshire, and Capt. of the 15th Shropshire Volun- i 
teers. A Conservalive. Unsuccessfully contested \ 
Bewdley 1872. Elected for North Shropshire Feb. 
2nd, 1876. 

Clnbt — Carlton, Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge. , 

Reticence— S^tenty Hall, Oswestry. 




Henry George Charict Gordok-Lenmox,* 
/>.r., Mcond Mm of the sth Duk« oT RktmMwl, by 
l^y Caroltor. el. d. of llie Itt Margiw <d AM^/jkmy. 
He wu bom iftJI, wms rH. at Wrttmin«ter» mmi at 
Ch. Ch.. Oilbnl,— fnd. I ' < -.— «adi« 

wiHMliitoL Wm pivcii ^ \befiMtii 

nrlbr ForBicn Anair*, -nr*igncu I&f6^— a 
Loid of Ibt tVHNfT fron March to Dae lt$j, and 
horn Fab. 1858 till March 1859, Scovtaiy to the 
AdmbahT fton ]tAy 1866 tUI Dec. 1868, aad f\ni 
Cowmhrtfmer of Work* fron Feb. 1874 till July 1876. 
Sworn a Privy Councillor 1873. U a D.L. and a I. P. 

4«aa. a J.P. of BanflUiirv. Chm. of Cooncil of the So. oT Art*, and Vice- 

. of the Royal Hortkultoral Sa A IdtraJ C^mtmrntip*, VtrA rctnmed 

1 hkherter Fek 1846. 

CtmU-CM^tm, WWM't. TM; MatlboMM«k. 

T0mm Addtm t S 4. Brook Sovei. W. 



J. 0. LBVn (Qalway) 

John Orrcl! Lever, son of the late Ji 
l.rvrr. FNq., of Manchester. He waa bom 1814, and 
II ' luabeth,— who died 1877,— d. of the late 

I rning, Esq., of Swinton, Lancashire. I« 

Uruciy inicrcrted in tteam ihtppiiM^ b sole leaMe of 
theTnamea and OhummI PUMnger Scrrioe, and aadMir 
of vevenil worlu. Waa formerly a Directorof the Sooth 
Wales Railway Co. and of the Atlantic Royal Mail 
Steam Navigation Ca ("I^ver Line"), and it was 
thruttgh his tnstramentatity that Gal way was made a 
{tacket -station. \ Lih<nal Cctutrvmtwe, First elected 
for C.alway Feb. 1859: re-elected May l8S9b «nd sat 
until July 186$, when he wi 
date ; re-elected April l8Ba 

ted May l8$a i 
an oaaoooewu 

R 0ti dt m e$ 9 ey. Si. GMrt*** Squaiv, S.W. : W«« Wortliii«. 

BOV. E P. UFBOV-OOWn CiM Oew«1. 



J. T. LEVETT (LlchfleldX 

Theophilus John Leveit, son of the late 
John Levctt, Esq., of Wichnor Park, Staffordshirf, by 
Sophia Eliza, d. of the late Hon. Kol>crt Kenne<ly. 
He was bom , 1S29, and m., 1S56, Lady Jane 

• • '-v Harriet Fielding, d. of the 7th Earl of Denbigh. 
J. P. and a D.L for Siaffordshire, a J. P. for 
lyshirc, Lieut. -Col. 2nd Administrative Battalion 
Staffordshire Rifle Vol., and Capt. Queen's Ov 
Staffordshire Militia. Formerly Capt. 1st Life Guar> 
A Comervative. Elected for Lichfield July isth, i8N 


^rxiV/<r«r<¥— Wichnor Park, Burton-on-Trent. 

C. R LEWIS (Londonderry). 

Charles Edward Lewis, son of the la 
Rev. George William Lewis, M.A., Oxon, sometn 
minister of the Chapel of Ease at Ramsgate. He \ 
bom 1825, and m., 1850, Isabella, d. of the 1. 
Richard Annesley Ellison, Esq., merchant, of Bris; 
Admitted a Solicitor 1847, but retired from the ]» 
fession 1876. A Conservative. First elected ; 
Londonderry Nov. 1872. 

C/«**— Carlton. Gresham, Conservative, Sl Stephci. 
Rt$ideHce- 29, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W. 


William Heneage Legge( Viscou 
Lewisham)^ son of the 5th Earl of ' ' 
mouth, by Lady Augusta, d. of ; 
Earl of Aylesford, He was bor; 
was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., • 
and m., 1879, Lady Mary Coke, 4 
2nd Earl of Leicester. Appointe ' 
27th Staffordshire Vol. 1880. Is a j 
Staffordshire and Shropshire. A ton: 
vathfc. First elected for West Kent M 
15th, 1878. 

C/«(^«— Junior Carlton, Sl. Stephen's. 

Jle*ideMrt—S5, Manchester Street, Manchester Square, W, 



R. J. LOTX>-LIVMAT (B«talUrtX 

V^ u 

H.'!>crt Jamc^ 

f . . 1 ... 

<• .1 


1 irut.iicn. I 

lS3a, m td. ai 1 


Scoto FMUir. 


•nd Ue«t. i 
. WuAkleHl. 
^ 185s. and «.. 

man. and at 
rota, a medal an 
the Legion of II 
i, and Equerry 
1 Eqam' * 

'.he I^iiulou il_ 

vjijr, and ban 




1 icu! >«'%. 1^5' , 

Major l>cc. lS5(, 
» year be rctirrti. 

1_ «!._ *^_I 



ih. . »aof 
It. 1 185I 


I IB IbeCruM*, 

Mma and Inkct* 

' '.i» rr- 



AiMmmmm, fwntan'. 

S^t UxkiAje, V 


t. r. XJTTOV (T jlWM O0«Btn 

Edward Falconer Litton, C-C, only son 

o( the lale Daniel Litton, £«q., of Waterloo Roaf!, 
Dublin. He was bom 1827, was ed. at Trin. Coll., 
I ii i! B.A. 1849. MA. 1864.— and m., 

i\ . \ , d. of the late ClifToid Trotter. E»q., 

ui charlcviiic, CO. Wicklow. Called to the Bar in 
Ireland 1849, and became a O.C. 1874. b aJ.P. 
for coa. Cork, Tyrone, and wicklow. A I iSfraL 
Elected for co. Tyrone April 1880. 

C/«A»-RdbnB. St«pb«i't Gtmb. 
vlOinc, OoTM. oo. Cork. 

M. LLOYP (BaanmirlaX 
Morgan Lloyd, Q.C.y son of Morris Uoyd, of 
Ccfiigellgwm, Merionethshire. He was bom 1 
cd. at Edinborgb Univ., and m. 1st. i8a8, Kl 
died i8s9i— d. of the late Admiral the Hoa c. ...^mu.- 
stone Flc«mii«i ttdly, 1879^ PitedUa WiUy, only chiM 
of the late Jamea Lewes. Em. . of Cwnhynr. Cardicaaabirr. 
Called to the Bar at the liiddk Temple 1847. made a 
Q.C. Feb. 1873, and a Bcocber of hia Inn 1875. h a 



[.P. fbr Merionethshire. A Liberal. Unsuccesifully contested the Anglesey 
Borooghs 186S. First elected for Beaumaris Feb. 1 874. 

C/«^— Reform. 

C Umt tr t 4. King's BoMrh Walk. E. C T»wm Retid*mcf—si, Cornwall GanlMt, S. W. 

B LODER (Shoreham). 

Robert Loder, son of the late Giles Loder, 
Esq., of VVilsford, Salisbury, by Elizabeth, d. of th< 
late John Higgbotham, Esq. He was bom 1823, wa> 
ed. at Emmanuel Coll., Camb., and m., 1847, M.nri.i 
Georgiana, d. of the late Hans Busk, Esq. Is a J.l' 
and a I). L. for Sussex (High Sheriff 1877), and a J.l 
for Northamptonshire. A Coptsfrvative. Elected foi 
Shoreham April 1880. 


Town RetuUnce—^z, Grotvenor Square. W. 

.yi-rt/j— Whittlebury Lodge. Towc«*ter ; Beech Housr. 
Worthing : WiUford House. S)tluibur>'. 

W. H. LONG (WUtsWre, North). 

Walter Hume Ix)NG, son of the late Richard 
Penruddocke I-X)ng, Esq., M.P., by Charlotte Anne, d. 
of Wentworth Fitzwilliam Hume-Dick, Esq., M.P.. of 
Hume Wood. He was bom July 13th, 1854, was c<l. 
at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and m., 187S, 
Lady Dorothy Blanche Boyle, 4th d. of the 9th Earl of 
Cork and Orrery. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Wiltshire. 
A CoHservaiive. Elected for North Wiltshire April 91I1. 

C/«**— White's, Turf. Carlton. 

R esutefue— ^ood Ashton, Trowbridge. 



BIB LOPES M. LOPES, Bart. (Devon, South). 

I^pes Massey Lopes,* el. son of the late Sir 
Ralph I^pcs, 2nd bart., — who assumed the name of 
Lopes in lieu of his patronymic Franco, and who for 
some time was M.P. for South Devon, — by Susan 
Gibbs, el. d. of the late Abraham Ludlow, Esq., of 
Heywood House, Wilts. He was bom June 14th, 1818, 
wased. at Winchester, and at Oriel Coll., Oxford, — grad. 
B.A., 4th class in Classics, 1842, M.A. 1845,— and ni. 
1st, 1854, the Hon. Bertha, — who died 1872, — only d. of 
the 1st Baron Churston ; and 2ndly, 1874, Louisa, d. of 
Sir Robert William Newman, ist bart. Succeeded hU 
father from Jan. 1854 till April 1880 ; was a Civil Ix)rd 
of the Admiralty from Feb. 1874 till April 1880. Is a 
D.L. and a J. P. for Wiluhire and Devon, of which latter 

• The family of Lopes derives its immediate origin from Massey Lopes. Esq., of Jamaica. 
The ist baronet. Sir Masseh Lopes, was Kuccessively M.P. for Evesham, South Demo, 
BnmMu>lc. and Westbury; and Sir Ralph, the znd baronet, also M.P. for Wcubury and 
Sooth Devon, in compliance with the will of his maternal uncle, assumed the itumame ol 
Lopes, only, in lieu of Franco, with the arms of Lopes quarterly with those of Franco, l»y 
rojfiillicciisc 1831. 



of iht Rojr. Acriaanifml 8a, tad Prarfdoit 
ir of Agikttkttrt t Im baw Cuic. and llcvoo 

Shrrirr l8$7. OM of lk« 

isuf ihcCMtiml 
A Cmmvmtim, Sat ior W«ib«y finoM April 1B57 tfll Nov. 1868, 
wUcu bfi «u ftfit oUctad for Sovth D«voa. 

. ^. v.. Wifcfcti^uiB, v.. n Hill I, v., 


'^W!r-r>> William Lowther,* lecond fOD of the Ute 
^^S)^ Hon. II. C Unrthcr.-M.P. for Wenmofcbad l8ia^,~ 
-JL^ bv Lady L4iqr Eleanor, d. of the sth Earl of Uarboroach. 

He was bora Dec 14th, i8ai. %ra« cd. at Magdalen ColL. 
CaaOt., and ol. Dec iTth, 1853, OMrloite Alice. ' ' 
the lit Barao Wemlcydale. Wa*itnpakl AttacM to ! 
MiMkm at Berlin 1841^ and oaid Att^h^ iS. 
Secretary of Lcsalion al Napka l85a-8. 
1858^ and at licrlin 1859^1 ; SccreUt^ 
Berlin 1861.7, and H.M.\ Minister at bucau* Ayic^ 1S67 
tUlIan. 1868, when he resumed. It a J.P. and a D.L. 
for Wertmoivlaiid and Oimberland, a J.P. for Bedfonbhire. and a Director of 
the LoodoD and North- Wertem Rail%ray. Raised to the rank of an Earl's son 
187a. A C0m$tnmtivt. Fint elected for Westmoreland Jan. 8th, 1868. 

rAi4«-OHMM. Tnvdim'. Sl 8i«hw*i. 

70wm kgwidnu* Lotlwr Lodn. fsadi^twi Core. S.W. 

.S4«#-Aapiyil PiMk. BadiM^Ura. 

B. J. UnU^UKMAJ (tee LlndaayL 

AOcroB ntmosA 


LOBBOOK, Bart (UnlTeraity of LondonX 
John Lubbock, D.C.L,, LL,D., F.R.S., cl. 

son of Sir John Wniiam Lubbuck. Vr\ bart.,— who died 
1865,— by Harriet, d. of the btc Ucut.-Cul. Ilotham. 
He was bom April ;oth. iSv», was cil. at Eton, and in 
1856 m. Ellen 1 ^ho died 1879, -only d. oT 

the !ntc Rev. I*. n, of ChnrltoTKuni-llanly. 

\ ^ r « !, ... of London. 

I • t :''.>' 1 I'nea. of the 

Koyai society and oi the ikrui\n AKsocuiiun, a m em ber 
of the Royal, Ltnniean, Geological, and various other 

aocietiea, Hon. Sec to the Committee of 
Bankers, a partner in the London banking firm of Robarts, 
Lnbbock, and Co.. and a Royal Commlmiaoer for the 
Advancement of Science ; created Hon. D.C.L. of 
Oxford 1874, and Hon. LL.D. of Trin. ColL, Dublin, 

TIm furily of LevdMT kM bMn MaMd for ii»c 
umL StrRa>kikL(mtkcr«»i«aMmlwrofParfbMaaferW« 
G«Mrml lo ICii« EdwMd I. H» mm Sir Hugh HmI a I 
r. MidsgnHM«ffrM«Mf«itlM>«kiiu& Hh 
ouft. 14a s. aad ikk kaifkiV aimadM »M Sheriff oT Cm 
iad lelaiilBad b ifta, aad L iMd Ikai loyal kidy b kis 



hikbaMaw of 


wkM MaryQMM 





1878. Author of " Prehistoric Times," " The Origin of Civilization 
Primitive Condition of Man/' "The Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects," 
•* British Wild Flowers considered in relation to Insects," ** A Monograph of 
the Thjrsanoura and CoIIembola," &c., and of various memoirs published bv 
the Roval« Linnaean, Ethnological, Geological and Entomological, Statist icnf, 
anc other societies. Formerly a Public Schools* Commissioner, and \\ 
the Royal International Monetary Commission. A Liberal. Unsucci 
contested West Kent 1865 and 1868, and Maidstone April 1880. S., ;.. 
Maidstone from Feb. 1870 till March 1880. Elected for the University of 
London June 2nd, 1880. 


T0mm Addm*—xi, Lombard Street, E.C 

Stnt—W^ Eliiu,Down, Kent. 

SIR ANDREW LUSK. Bart. (TlnsburyX 

Andrew Lusk, son of the late John Lusk, of 
Barr, Ayrshire, by Margaret, d. of Mr. Earl. He wa 
bom 1813, and m., 1^8, Eliza, d. of the late Inirns 
Potter, Esq., of Falkirk, N.B. Is a D.L. and Aide i 11 
of the city of London, a J. P. for Middlesex, a Director (,f 
the Imperial Bank and of the Gen. Fire and Life Assu 
Co., and in business as a merchant and shipownei. 
Was Sheriff of London and Middlesex iS6o-6i, and 
Lord Mayor of London 1873-4. Created a Baronet 1874, 
tf) commemorate the visit of the Emperor of Russia to the 
c ity of London. A Liberal ; in favor of short Parlia- 
ments. First elected for Finsbury July 1865. 

C/w*— Reform, 

Town Retidenee—\f>, Hyde Park Street, W. 

Jm^— Coiney Park, St. Albans, Herts. 


Newton Wallop ( Viscount Lymin^ 
Ion), el. son of the 5th Earl of Portsmouth, 
by I^dy Eveline Alicia Juliana Herlx;' -' 
d. of the 3rd Earl of Carnarvon. 1 1 
born Jan. 19th, 1856, and was ed. at I 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. in honors in ( 
and Modem History 1879). Is a J.l 
Devon, and a D.L. for Wexford co. .\ 
LiSeraJ. First elected for Barnstaple Jan. 

Clttis- White's, Brooks's. 

Country /f^xfi^iiuv— Hurstboume Park, Whil 
church. Hams. 





Rol>ert Dyer Lyons, lecond son of the Uue 
Sir WiliiAtn LvoM, of Cotk, He WM boni 1S36, «m 
ctI. at Thn Coll., DvbUa,— fnd. M.B. i84B,-hum1 n., 
1856^ MaHe. d. oT the bue Rl Hon. DavM RidrnM 
Viioft, LoH Chief Bnoa of the EicheqMr in Irdenl 
U A Fellow of the Colkfe of PhyrieiiM ia lieleml, ■ 
oMBber of the Rojrd Iriih Aeidmq, Vhpkitm to 
the RidMBdod and other Hogpitek, PraCeMor of the 

Pnu^icc of Medicine In the Catholic 
Ireland, and a Senator of the Royal 

Ireland. Waa Patholo^.fai-Chief to the Anay m 

to Portu|^ 

^*^S«^[^^^ the CHmcn 1 855 A Hpedal 

^^^^^-^^ on Yellow Few 1857, and 
>7 the Onecn'ft Univ.. Ireland. Author of 

" > A« a ZiArm/, a Catholic, and an Irishi 

tcred, and unpledged." Elected for DubUn city April l88a 

CAi^DvUki Uabwriiy. 

17. Si. jMMi's Pkca, &W. : I, Mmrkm Sqww* Wmi. 
CattK ea UflMrkJk 


1. HflAXTHUE (LdoeeterX 

Alexander McArthur, son of the late Rev. 
John McAnhur, Weslejran minister, of Londonderry, 
and brother of Alderman William McArthur, M.P. for 
Lambeth. He was born 1814, and m., 1853, Maria 
Bowden, and d. of the Rer. W. a Boycc. Wa* a 
member of the Legislative Assembly of New South Wales 
during two Parliaments, and a Magistrate of the Tcm- 
tory. In 1867 was nominated a member of the Legis- 
lative Council Returned to England i86t. Is a partner 
in the firm of W. and A. McArthur, AnstraJian n i eiih a nt s, 
a I.l'. for Surrey, a Director of the Land Mortgage Bank 
of Victoria, and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical 
Society, and of the Colonial and Victoria Instituiea. Was 

a member of the fint London School Board (Lambeth Divisioo) i870-73- A 

Idtrul First elected for Leicester Feb. 4874. 

Ciblr-Edbna. N«« UIwbI. CSiy. 

Bm ti m tu Addrwm-iM and 19^ SOk Sneti. Ciiiflifii, E.C 

M0tidmn EiMgii Han, Briam Riaa, 8.W. 




William McArthur, son of the late Rev. 
John McArthur, Wcslcyan minister of Lomlondcrry, 
Was formerly an Altlerman of that city, where he wat 
many years engage*! in commerce, and from whence in 
1857 he removetl to I^ndon. Is a merchant largely 
cngagetl in the Australian trade, having, in partnership 
with his brother, A. McArthur, M. P., houses at Sydney, 
Mellwume, and Auckland. In 1867-8 he served as 
Sheriff of I^ndon and Middlesex. Is Lord Mayor of 
London for the year 1880-81, a J. P. for Surrey, a D.L. 
of the city of London, Chm. of the Star Assu. Co., 
a Director of the City Bank, of the Bank of Australasia, 
and of the Australian Telegraph Co., and a F.R.(i.S. 
Unanimously elected, in Sept. 1872, an Alderman of I^ndon for Cok-man 
Street Ward. A Liberal. Unsuccessfully contested Pontcfract July 1865. 
First elected for Lambeth Nov. 1868. 

C/m^»— Reform Qly, City Liberal 

Rttidentt—x, Gwydyr Houses, Brixton Rise, S.W. 

Official Rtsidtnct — Mamion Hotue, E.C 


J. W. ELLISON-MACARTNEY (Tyrone Comity). 

John William Ellison-Macartney, only son 

^ ^7*^^ ^ °^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^* 'r^°"^^ Ellison, of Killarmen 
6gjr ^^^ Kilkenny, by Catherine, 2nd d. of Arthur Chich 
r\\ ^W Macartney, Esq., K.C., of Murlough, co. Down, ih 

was bom May 2nd, 1818, was ed. at the Universities ol 
Bonn and Munich, and m., 1851, Elizabeth rhalu . < 1. 
surviving d. of the Rev. John Grey Porter, of Kilsk 
CO. Tyrone, and Belleisle, CO. Fermanagh. Called; 
Bar at the Middle Temple 1846, and to the Irish 1 
the King's Inn, Dublin, 1848. Is a meml>er <.i 
Royal Irish Aatdemy, and a J. P. for cos. Tyrom 
Fermanagh, and was High Sheriff of co. Armagh i 
Assumed in 1859, by royal license, the surname ■ 
arms of Macartney. A Conservative ; in favor of I ' ' 
Right and Reform of Grand Jury Laws in Ir< 
First elected for co. Tyrone Feb. nth, 1874, havii 
April 1873 been an imsuccessful candidate. 

C/Miiff— CarltoD, National. St Stephen's. Kildare Street, Ulster. 
5^ca/— Clogher Park. 00. Tyrone. 



justio KfCAATHY, loii of Michtd FrtDctt 
M*C«fthy, of Cork, by Elks kb vtfk H« «ra« >»ni 
Not. tsad, tSyn, wm ed. at « private tcbool in < 
and m., §•$$• Charioltt,— who d. 1879^— d. oT \V < . 
AlloMdH Ea^ of Baadoik Wm tooM ymn cnffagcd 
on ilie iwamf ilaff of a Lhrwpool paper, aad was 
^ ^aida i iM ii i - lf fai a to •diior wJe diiofwix irfef 

he tmf«lled b the uSTSiee 
be took an acchw iotcrert ia the 

^ ^ Sajioo," •« Ladj Judith,'* and ** The Watcidale Ndgh- 

A //#w/ A*mlfr, Kint elected far 00. Loi^lbid AprU 1879. 

I the Uqoor Lawa. b aalhor of a '* Hitfonr 
»«ni Tlmcat'* and of the Mveb **A Fair 

Tbomat M'Clure,^ son of the Ute WiUiam 

M'Chiic, br Elixabcth, d. of the Rev. John 

TTi.^mw^n, Preftbjterian Minister. He was born 

1. 1806, was cd. at the BeUast Academical 

I. and m., 1877, EUisoo Thorbora, da. of 

K. A. Mac6e. Esq. (fonnetly M.P. for Letth). of 

Drcghora Castle, Edinborch. Is a J.P. for ooa. 

Down, Armagh, and Antrim, and the boroMHh of 

BeUast, and Vice Ucut of Dowmhirc. of whidi he 

was High Sheriff 1864. Created a Baronet 1874. 

Promoted the Public Parks (IreUmd) BiU. A Utfm/. 

UnsucctasfalW contested Belfiut 1857, and sat for that 

1868-1 - . - 

74, when he was an nnsnccrssful candi« 
date ; fint elected for co. Londonderry Dec. igch, 1878. 
• Oiwa. UkMT. 

J. C WOOAK (Wlcklow Coimtn 

James Caxiilc M'Coan, son of the Ute 
Mr. Clement M*Coan, of Dunfow, 00. Tyrone. He 
was born l8ao, was ed. at Dungannoo School, and at 
the Ix)ndon Univ., and m., 1857, Augusta, «£ of the 
late M r. W illiam Icnkyns, of Elgm, N. B. Called to the 
Bar at the Middie Temple l8«& Practised for aevcral 
years at the Sopreme Consater Court of the Levant, 
at Coostantinoole, where he founded and edited the 
Ltvant lleraU newspaper. Author of fcvcral works 
Eastern snbiects, indudiitf ** Egypt as it is,'* **Our New Protectorate," 
Electedfar Wnilow 00. April 188& 

Ac A H0mi RmUr, 

Cowt. T«M«. B.C Mni dim t * < ■ . Hotdaf Wi Squtv. W. 

Dttvid CafeMS oT ilM CUnMS faarfly, tnm 


W. T. KoOULLAOH T0RRSN8 CBm Ikimna]. 

Alexander Macdonald. He was bom about 
1823, of |KX)r parents, and at the age of eight years com- 
menced to work with his father in a mine, but at every 
available opportunity was sent by his mother to scbc»ol. 
In 1842 he took an active part in a strike, and afterwauls 
detennineil to prosecute his studies, with the view to cnttr 
a learned profession. From scanty earnings he saved 
sufficient to enter the Glasgow University, where he re- 
mained two sesstons, supporting himself in the wmter by moneys earned from 
mining in the summer. In 1850 he became a teacher, and continued in that 
occupation for some years, until the subject of an improved Miners A • 1 

his attention. In 1857 he took a leading part in a Conference of ^ 

was held at Ashton-under-Lyne ; from that time until i860 he di — . 

whole time in advocating a Bill for increasing protection to miners and edu- 
cating their children. From i860 to 1862 was engaged in advocating the 
necessity of an additional shaft being added to each mine. In 1863 he was 
appointed President of the Miners* National Association, and as such care- 
fully watched over the Bills relating to mines that were introduced into Parliament 
in 1869-70-71-72. Between the vears 1864-7 ^^ P^'^ great attention to the 
Master and Servant's Act. He has three times visited the United States nf 
America, to compare the position of working men there with those in this com ' i y. 
In Jan. 1873 he was presented unth /"i.soo, which sum had been subscnln i 
for him among the miners throughout the country. Is unmarried. A Liberal. 
Unsuccessfully contested the Kilmarnock Burghs 1868. Elected for Stafford 
Feb. 4th, 1874, and his election for that borough is notable in consequence of 
his being the first "working-man" elected to a seat in the Legislature. Im- 
mediately after his election the Government appointed him a member of the 
Royal Commission to inquire into Trade Unions, &c; re-elected April 1880. 
London >4«i/nr«— Westminster Palace Hotel, S. W. 
RetuUnce--^eSbaXi, HamUtoo. N.B. 

D H. MACFARLANE (Caxlow County). 

Donald Home Macfar- 

LANE, youngest son of the late Allan 
Macfarlane, Esq., J. P., of Caitlnu^s. 
by Margaret, d. of the late M.ij .1 
James Home, of Stirkoke, Caith- 
ness-shire. He was bom 1830, was 
privately ed., and m., 1857, Mnrv 
Isabella, d. of the late Hen; 
Bagshawe, Esq., Q.C. A / 
Ruler; "in favor of fixity of tcnui 
for tenant farmers." Elected for ci 
Carlow April 1880. 

C/wAf— RcfiKiB. Devonshire, Oriental. 

ResitUnctt-fn, Portland Place, W. : Dorset Cotta^, Fulham, S.W. 



A J ■urrTBi ( w o r o m» otrK 

/Kncas John M*Intyre, Q.C,, ton of the late 
jV.ncm» M'lnt/re, Em^ LUU, F.L.S.. oT Ktnt; » 

Colkfc, AbcftlciiL bv OMrioCte Smumw d. oT William 
TbooHoa. Eiq., or KiMMoa, JmmktL H« «m bgni 
iSai, tad Ok, i8S4. Fltinor, d. of Gooi|t Cofbiii, 
Em. CdM to iIm Bw at Ibt MiddkTMBit tSiA, 
ana hwina a Q.C iSji, and a B tm -twr 01 hk Ian 
187—. Goci the Noitli Wales Circuit, and attend* the 
ChoMor and GlaoMmaashife SMrioni, A /Jitra/. 
Etoaed far WorcsiUr dly April 1880. 



D. MAO IVBE (BlrfcanlMhdX 

David Mac Iver, cL son of Chariet Mac 
Ivcr of Caldentooe, Allcrton, nou Liverpool, by Maxy 
Anii,foaintd.ofihcUtcI>. Moriiaa,ofGlaijp>w. He 
waa bom iSfC\ wa* ed. at the Royal IimiH i tk i School, 
Mxd, and m. 1st, AiMM^—who died 1869^— d. of the 
obert Rankin, of BnNnboroogh ; and aadly, Edith 
d. of A. T. Squarey, of Bebinetoo. Was some* 
or tith Lancashire ArtiUety Vol, Clun. of the 
< aatthJD Ownen' Association, and Prcsideal 
ican Cluunl 

btc Rober 

iber of Coomefoe. Was daring 
— rner in the finn of D. and C Mac Iver 
•f the Cunard steamers), but retired in 

- _ --'ur of the Great Western Railway, an 

AUicnnan and a J.F. Kx- Liverpool, and Rear Commodore of the Royal Mersey 
Yacht Chib. A CWmvui/Irv. Holds strong views in regard to merdiant 
shipping legislation, and has oablished pampolets on the soDJect *' Bel i ev es 

that private shipowners who devote personal attention to their busine s s have 
beea placed by recent legislation at a disadvaatafle ; and that the ignoraat and 
aatcfapalons as well as Limited Liability proprietors whom peconiary daiaia 
caaaot reach, are to all practical btents and pnrpoies exempt firom the operation 
of the statutes on whica the Board of Trade — mistakenly — relies for the pre* 
vcntion of shipping disasters. Consklen that the Board of Trade dirKtly 
discoorsgcd care and pmdence in shipping management by fastening resDoiisa> 
bilities aiMl liabilities upon honest traders, wMdi, with rare exoeptioes, ail to 
reach dishonest traders ; and that nothing will ever lu waa the aombcr of 

casualties except a proper system of i i iap aclioo appUed to veaseb 
themselve s , and to the inode ofworkiag theia.** Fust dectea for Birkenhead 
Nov. 24th, 1874. 

ClmU^aakmk, Ci— i^Mli«. Si. 9 wp h M i'«. 

T0mm Add^tu^it, LncMMr Gala. W. 

Smit^Wooidm, bmt IMiliMliiJ i Waalui Ho«. AaiMiritli. 




Joseph Neale McKenna,* el. son of the 

late Michael McKcnna, Esq., of Dublin, by Mary, cl. 
d. of the late Oliver Plunket Grcgan, Ksq., of Dublin. 
Hewa.slx>m 1819, wasc<l. at Trin. Coll., Dublin, and 
m., 1842, Ksther Louisa, youngest d. of the late 
K<lmond Howe, Esq., of Ihiblin. Callctl to the Bar 
in Ireland 1848. Reccivetl the honor of Kniijhthood 
1867. Is a J. P. for CO. Waterfonl, and a D.L. for 
CO. Cork. In favor of Honu A'ulf. Unsuccessfully 
contest e<l Tralce 1865. Sat for Youghal from July 
1865 till Nov. 1868, when he was an unsuccessful 
candidate. Re-elected for Youghal 1874, and April 
6th, 1880. 

CluhSu George's. 

TtWM Retidtnce—^, Lancaster Gate, W. 
J/«/— Ardogenna, YoughaL 

B. B. MA OKIE (Wakefield). 
Robert Bownas Mack IE, son of the late 
Robert J. Mackie, Esq., of St John's, Wakefield. He 
was lx)m 1829, was ed. at Wesley College, Shef- 
field, and m., 1852, Fanny,— who died 1853, — d. of 
the late William Shaw, Esq., of Stanley Hall, near 
Wakefield. Is a J. P. for the West Riding of Yorkshire^ 
Was formerly a partner in the firm of Robert Mackie 
and Sons, corn merchants, of Wakefield. A LiberaL 
Elected for Wakefield April 1 880, having in 1874 been 
an unsuccessful candidate. 

C/«^J— Reform, Devonshire. 
Reiiiience—^\.. John's, Wakefield. 

0. FRA8ER-MACKINT0SH (Inverness District). ! 

Charles Kraser - Mackintosh, son of 

Alexander Frxser, of Dochnalurg, near Inverness, by 
Marjory, d. of Capt Alexander Mackintosh. He was 
bom 1828, was privately ed., and m., 1876, Eveline 
May, only d. of Richard D. Holland, Esq., of Brook- 
lands, Streatham. Is a J. P. for co. Inverness, and a 
F.S.A. Scot Was sometime Capt Inverness-shire 
Rifle Vol. Assumed the additional surname of Mackin- 
tosh by royal license 1857, in accordance with the will of 
his uncle, Lieut. Eneas Mackintosh, R.N., who was the 
male representative of the ancient family of Mackintosh 
of Horlum, which in 1592 branched off from Mackintosh 
of Mackintosh. Author of " Antiquarian Notes, and 
" Invemessiana." K\\ Independent Liberal. First clccie<i 
for Inverness District Feb. 1874. 
Club — Devonshire. 
TvwH Resui*fut—s, Oarges Street, W. ^y^/i/— Pru mmond, InvemeM. 

* Sir Joseph claims to be the eldest lineal aaale descendant of the last Lord or Prince) of 



^a Peter McLaoak. oqIv mnriving iod of the 

%^ ltl«PHOTMcUMM.ori^dBplMf«oo.MidlCftkkr.N.B. 

H« «nM cd. iitTUIrocmllfy SdL aad at the Univ. of 

F<linHttrKli. oT whkii ha b • member oT the Condi, 

. 1876^ Elimbelli Amm, d. at Gcorce Ttjrior, 

.r Ued^ mm! vidmr oT John Hcmy Taylor, 

^^eld. !• a J. p. Cor eoa. d Ji/iAnXmt^ ud 

4 U.U a linlitlvMnliift, • Rojr. Com- 

_^^ -. . ij loqiUre Inio Um kw rebiiag to the 

^^ *• Umlkmi't Rigbt oT Hn»llMC la Seollaiid." a Rojr. 
^'^ CommWoner 10 iaqiiirt iMo tbc Iftwt relating to 
Grocm' iicencei in Scot land, Chm. of the Oveen Amo. 
Co in T (hnr of a pamphlet oo *« Road Rclbrm," asMlof variooe 

pa ... ^^ ^ Fellow of the Rojr. So. of Scotlaml, ami 

oil ctiea. Promoted ami pMttd the "Gama Lawi 


Fii ilitbgowshire July 1865. 

Smi Vfmmhmmm, iPd^Ibidar, N.B. 


tctiea. Promoted am! pMMd 

77." A Uhiml; in favor oC mm^mcrwaiioo. 

Charles Benjamin Bright M'Ijiren, third too 
of Duncan M'Larcn, Esq., M.P., Newington Hooaa^ 
Edinlmrvh, by Prbctlla, d. of the hue Jacob BrUht. 
Eaq., of Green Bank, Rochdale, and sister of the KL 
Hon. lohn Unght, M.F. He was bora May lath, 1850^ 
was cd. at Tottenham School, and at Edinburgh Univcnity, 
where he gained the Trndale> Bruce Priie for Metapbyiio, 
and the Hamilton Scholanhip,— grad. M.A. with firvt'dam 
1870^ and obtained the Fetgosson Philoaophical Scholanhip 1871. 
Ht afterwatds proceeded to the Umverrities of Bonn and Heiddberjg. He 
B., 1877, Laura, only d. of Hemy D. Pochin. Evi., of Bodnant Hall, Cooway, 
formerly M.P. for Suflbid. Wat aomct^ of the Lm^ Daily Nrmt^ 

ttid a contrthutor to the London prr^. the Bar at Linculn't Inn 

1S74, and joined the Norther cy diieflr at the Chancery 

Bar. Ua Director of the M 'hn's Wood RaOwajr Ca, 

and of the Shcepbridge Coal anu irun t.u. i.iinucd. An m^mmctd Uktrmi; 
Ib fiivor of the felktt measufe of justice to every dtbmi, wilhoat diiriwctioii 

OmU Rsfana,S»*Ofc 

C kmmkt w J. N«« 8qMi«. Lbegla^ laa. W.C 




John M'Laren, eldest son of Duncan 
M'l^rcn, }\M\., late M.P. for Edinburgh, by his 1st 
wife. Grant, d. of the late William Aitkcn, Esq., of 
Haddingtonshire. He was bom 1831, was ed. at Ldin- 
burjjh Univ., and m., 1868, Oltilie Augusta, d. of tl 
late H. L. Schwabc, Esq., merchant, of Glasgo\ 
Admitted to the Scottish Bar 1856, and was Sheriff 01 
Chancery in Scotland 1869-80. Apixainted Lord Advo- 
cate for Scotland April 1880. A Liberal; sat for 
Wigtown District from April till May 1880; unsuccessfully contested Wigtown 
District May 1880, and lierwick-on-Tweed July 1880; elected for Edinburgh 
city Jan. 27th, 1881. 



Official Town Addrru-Homc Office, Whitehall, S.W. 

ResuifHct—^t, Moray Place, EdinburRh. 



Peter Stewart Macliver, son of the lai 
David Macliver, Esq., of Kilchoman, Islay, N.B., who 
was paternal uncle of the late Field- Marshal Baron 
Clyde, G.C.B. He was bom 1820, was ed. at Hii 
School and Univ. of Glasgow, and m., 1842, Anne, 
d. of P. Miller, Esq., of Glasgow. Is a J. P. for 
Somersetshire, a journalist, and proprietor of the Daily 
Press, published at Bristol. A Liberal, and Non- 

Club— Devonshire. 

ReiideHct— Sx^wkSK, Wesum-super-Mare. 

J. Q. M'MINNIES (Warrington). 
John Gordon M 'Minnies, son of Mr. John 
M 'Minnies, of Lancaster. He was born 18—, and m., 
i860, Mary, d. of Mr. William Ragg, of Ashby-de-la- 
Zouch. Formeriy an Alderman of \N arringlon, of which 
lx>rough he is a J. P. Is senior partner in the firm of 
William Bashall, and Co., cotton manufacturers, of 
Farington, near Preston. A Liberal, Elected for 
Warrington April 1880. 

ResidenceSyxaaaes House, Warriugton. 


m i| Edward IfAOfAOirncif, Q.C^ 

M A of Sir BdMMl OHuki WoriuM» 

SkJ^ tad but., by Manr Ana. only d. 


aod but., bjr Manr Ana, only d. of the 
Edward Gwsikia, &q. H« w» bmi iSjo^ 

at Tria. Coll, Canb.,— ffad. B.A. iSu, 
M.A. iSsa— and oi., l8S9i Fraaoei, oohr c 
orUMRWSi1ott.Slr8a«MllUfftiB. Wi 


timt a Failoir oThia CoO. Callad to the Bar at 

Unoob'f Um 1857, aad bacaoM a Q.C 1880. 

A Cmmimtim, Elactad fv 00. Antrim April 


CAi^UalMd Uabvriiy. 

CAmmd0m$ ^ Smm BaniB^^ Umla'* 1m, W.C 

nOMl MACPOtlOg-ailOT (laa Oraatl. 

a KAOVUO dadtadX 
Charies Magniac, el son of the late HoUing 
worth MagnUc, K%t\., ofColfrorth, Bedfordshire. He %ru 
bom 1827. was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. CoH, Camb^ 
and m., 1856^ the Hon. Augusta, d. of the Itt Baron 
Castlecown, and widow of Lieot.>CoL the Hon. ThooMs 
Vt$er Dawson. U a J.F. for Bedfoidshirc, a D.L. for 
London, and a paitner in the finn of Matheson and Ca, 
Ea»t India and China merchant^ of Lombard Street. A 
^j/. Sat for St. Ives, Nov. 1868 tUl Feb. 1874 ; elected for Bedford 
March 31st, 1880^ having in Feb. 1874 been an onsaooeasfol candidate. 
Pmtrm ^mm LMmfSbmnlbniK V.. BadfctdsUra. 
ClnAt-BniolB's Tnivvlhn'. Torn Am. 
Umdm RttUtm^-OmmMA Houm. South Audky Suwi, W. 

J. P. (TOOBMAV MABOH (Olara CoontyX 

^*^^ fe^ James Patrick O'Gorman Mahon* (Col, 

^^^^F^^ Tht aC^rmam Makom), son of the late Pahdraic 

^ ^ W M6r, J.P., by Barbara, d. of The O'Gorman. He 

^yy ^ was born 1803. was ed. at Congomes Wood CoU.. 

^^ 7 ' and at Trin. CoIL, Dublin (B.A. i8a3, M.A. 1831), 

and m., 1830^ Chriuina .Maria, d. of M. O'Bnen, 

of Fitxwilliam Square, Dublin. Formerly 

Oare Militia, and Staff Col and A.D.C to 

resident of Costa Rica, b « J.P- and a D.L. 

for CO. CUre. A Hom4 Rmier. Sat for 00. Oare 
1830-31, and for Ennis 1847.53 ; re-elected for 00. 
Clare May isth, 1879, and April 7th, l88a 
C/«^HaMvw Sqov^ W. 
^^^5-!ii*«C^ Rmilmf W^wpik Hew 




W. FDLLBR-MAITLAin) (BreoonalilreX 
William Fuller-Maitland, el. son of the late 

William Fuller-Maitland, Fsq., of Stanstead, Essex, and 
Garth, Brecon»hire, by Lydia, only d. of the late Lt.-Col. 
Prescott. He was bom May 1844, and was cd. at Harrow, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford. Is a Magistrate and a Dep.-Licut. 
of Brcconshire, and a Magistrate for Essex. A Liberal. 
Elected for Breconshire May 1875. 

C/«^*— Brooks'*, Oxford and Cambridge. 

.7//t/f— Garth House, near Builth, ^Breconshire ; Stanstead Hal^J 
Bishop's Stortford, Herts. 

W. T. J1AKIN8 (Essex, South). 

William Thomas Makins, el. son of the lal 
Charles "Makins, Esq., of St. Mark's, Woodhouse, Leeds. 
He was bom March l6th, 1840, was ed. at Harrow, and at 
Trinity Coll. Cambridge,— gnul B.A. i86i,M.A. 1865,— 
and m., 1861, Elizabeth, 2ndd. of Lightly Simpson, Esq. 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1862, and 
joinetl the Midland Circuit. Is a J. P. for Oxfordshire 
and Essex, and a D.L. for Essex and city of London, a 
Director of the Great Eastem Railway, and of the Gas 
Light and Coke Co., and Hon, -Col. 3rd Essex Artillery 
Volunteers, having jxissed in 1872 the School for Officers 
of Reserved Forces at Woolwich. A Conservative; "in 
favor of maintaining an alliance between Church and 
State, and of religious education." Unsuccessfully contested Kidderminster 
1868; first elected for South Essex Feb. 1874. 
Clubs — Carlton, St. Stephen's, City Carlton. 
Town ResieUnce — 1, Lowther Gardens, Prince's Gate, S.W. 
Seat — Rotherfield Court, Henlcy-on-Thamcs, Oxfordshire. 


EIGHT HON. LOED JOHN J. E. MANNEES (Leicestershire. North). 

John James Robert Manners, P.C, G.CJ^ , 
second son of the 5th Duke of Rutland, by Lady Elizabeth, 
d. of the 5th Elarl of Carlisle. He was bom Dec. 13th, 
1818, and was ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; 
CTad. M.A. 1839, LL.D. 1862, Hon. D.C.L., Oxon. 1876. 
He m. 1st, 185 1, Louisa Catherine, — who died 1854, — 
only d. of the late Col. Marlay, C.B. ; and 2ndly, 1862,. 
Janetta, el. d. of Thomas Hughan, Esq., of The Airds, 
(iailoway. Was First Commissioner of Works and 
Buildings in 1852, with a seat in the Cabinet, — when he 
was swom a Privv Councillor, — and from March 1858 
till June 1859, and from July 1866 till Dec. 1868; and 
Postmaster-General from Feb. 1874 till April 1880, when he was created a 




CB. Hm b«o « Um, km dw Lriulw Jlln MOitk. 
to hu l>n>ih<-r. the 6Ui Dttkv oT Rtttkad, and amlMr oT ** Ea^md'^ Tvm ud 
other i..ctn>. 'A PIm for NttioMl HoUdftfi»'* *' A CiviMfai Soolcb Waim.' 
*'Notr> ofati IrMhToar.''ftc A 7W7. &a for Nwark from 1I4J till ji 
1K47 ; uiuuv.c ^f.illjrooQMlsd Uvwfpool 1847, «nd Lo»doo i8m; 
1 .itchr^tcr Feb. iSjo tiU Fel>. 1857, linot which timt bt bM 
North Lekeaorahlfe. 

£m/- S(. Uu^% Tow«f. BirmMK. N.B. 

F. T MAPm 

Frederick Thorpe Maphn, ton of the late 
Mr. Mappin, of ShcAcid. He wu bom i8ai. I* s 
J. P. for the We<t Ridhup of Yorkshire, an Aldcmuui 
and J. P. of Sheffield, a Dfawrtor of the Midland Rail- 
way Ca, and of the Bridgwater Navigatioa Ca, Chm. 
of the Shcftdd Gm Ca, aa oftc«r of the Legion of 
Honor, and a mamUactnrer at Sheffield. Was a Joror 
at the Paris Exhibition 187S. Haa been Mayor of 
Sheffield. KLUtrmL Elected for Eart Retfoid Apra 

Fint elected for Wert S 

CM*-CkfliMi. GoMd*'. White*. Tuff 
T»mm R mUtm* v < 

BARL OP NABOB (Bvaaez. WeatX 

Charles Hcnrj' Goroon-Lennox * 
KEart o/Marck)^ eL ion of the 6th Doke of 
Richmond and Gordon, b^ Franco llamct. 
eL d. of Algernon Frederick Grevillc. 
of HilUngdon. Mkldlesex. He was bor 
27th. 1845. and was ed. at Eton, and m.. laoo. 
Amy Mary. — who died 1879,— <!. d. 01 Percy 
Ricardo, Em)., of 45. Prince's Gardens, W. 
Ital.P.ofSttMexandBanHdiire. Served in 
the Grenadier Goardt. 6on which he retired 
as Lieat and Capt. i860. Appointed Lt.- 
CoL Sosaex Milida 1876^ A Cmmwt^tim. 
April 17th, 1869. 

PodMhwi^ N.B. 



got DUDLET a MABJORnuinDi, Bart (B«rwlok-on-Tw66d). 
^A^ Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks, ist baronet 

^^V second surviving son of Edward Marjoribanks, Esq., of 

.y3it» Greenlands, Bucks, — a partner in the hanking house of 

Messrs. Coutts and Co., — by Georpana, 3rd(l, of tlic late 

Joseph Francis Louis Lantour, Esq., of Ilcxton Tark, 

Ikxl ford shire. He was bom December 29th, 1820, was 

ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and m., 1848, 

Isabella, el. d. of the Rl Hon. Sir James Weir II«>k'K. 

1st bart. Was calle<l to the Bar at the Middle TcmpTe 

1848. Is a Commissioner of Lieutenancy for the C ity of 

London, a J. P. and a D.L. of Middlesex and Inverness. 

^ , „ _ shire, a J. P. for Westminster, and a partner in the brewing 

ADVANCE WITH COURAGE, firm of Mcux and Co. Has been a Director of the East 

India Co, Was created a Baronet 1866. A Liberal. .Sat 

for Berwick-on-Tweed from April 1853 till Nov. 1868 ; re-elected Feb. 187 

and March 31st, 1880. 

C/wAr- Travellert*. Arthur's. Brooks's. 

Ttmn RetideMce—^TGoV House, Park Lane, W. 

^#»ilf— Guisachan, Beauty, Invcmcsvshire ; Hutton Hall, Berwick <ih ire. 

B. MARJORIBANKS (Berwlckalilre). 

Edward Marjoribanks, el. son of Sir Dudley 

Coutts Marjoribanks, M.P,, 1st bart,, by Isaliella, d, of 
the Rt. Hon, Sir James Weir Hogg, ist bart. He was 
bom July 8th, 1849, wased, at Harrow, and at Ch, Ch., 
Oxford, and m., 1873, Lady Fanny Octavia Ixmisa 
.Spencer-Churchill, 3rd d, of 7th Duke of .Marlborough. 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1874. Is a 
J, P. for Ben^ickshire and Inverness-shire. A Liberal, 
Unsuccessfully contested West Kent 1874. Elected for_ 
Berwickshire April 1880. 

C/«**— Turf, White's, Marlborough, New, 

Town Residence— \-^, Piccadilly, W. 

Country Residence— Dunit Castle, Dunse, N.B. 

W. T. MARRIOTT (Brl«litonX 
William Thackeray Marriott, Q.C, thirc 

son of the late Christopher M.irriott, Esq,, of Crump- 
sell, near Manchester, by Jane Dorothea, d. of the late 
John Poole, Esq., of Combrook Hall, near Manchoter. 
He was bom 1834, was cd, at St. John's Coll,, (, amb,, 
and m,, 1872, Charlotte Louisa, el. d. of the late 
Capt Tennant, R.N., of Necdwood House, Stafford- 
shire. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1864, made 
a Q.C. 1877, and a Bencher of his Inn 1879. A 
Liberal. Elected for Brighton April 1880. 

C/«*— Garrick. 

Chambtn-^, Crown Office Row, Temple, B.C. 

Town Residtnce—^i, James Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W, 

Country R«fidenu—*i, Brunswick Square, Brighton. 

MMtiitk^ ..» PAKLUMniT. 


p. L HABTOI acakmaj Oevatyx 

apAtrirk I^eopold Martin, Q.C, only ton of 
the Uic juhn M«nia, Eio., •c4kitor. of Cmtmh, co. 
DttUiA. by E«llMr, d. oT Paifkk Shanooo. Etq/lle wm 
bora iSji, was td. at Sl Manr't CotL, Oicolt, and at 
Tria. Coll.. nul.niu-«md. RA. 1S5J, lf«A. 18(9,— and 
, ^ _^ m.. i86.> Maaa^-who died l874.-«l. d. uT 

^^^^ ^^^^ Michael j.. J.P., of Balfycnnfa HoiK Kil- 

kcnnjr. (. ailol tu the IrUh \ and became a 

<^>.C 1877 : and Koe« ihc Hume Circuit. A //#»• n fivor of land 

rvfonn in the difMion of ft&tty of Icasfi^ aad iht cMaiNiMinent of a penonal 
proprietaiy. tonaal right, tad of rlMDMhuriBMl •J—tfciii hf whkh there 
khall he cuUcM and ■cfaoola appffopriatad lo aadi oraad. Fint alcctad lor 
CM. KiIkeoDjr wtb, 1874. 

< V«4« '^ GeotiiTi^ SmvImb'b GfMi 
i .mmm^dAm$ » Savib Rim.W. 

B. B. MAETDI (TawtoflbuTV 

Richard Biddulph Martin, ton of Robert 
Martin, Esq., of Overbory Court, WorccrtcnUfV^ bjr 
Mary Anne, d. of the late lohn Biddalph, Eaq., of 
Ixtlbury. He was born 1838, was ed. at Harrow, aad 
at bjieter ColL. Oxford (RA. 1859^ M.A. l86i), and 
m., 1864, Mary Franoea. onljr d. of Adm. Richard 
Crozier. of West Hill, Isle of Wk^t. Is a banker in 
Loodoo, a FeUow of the Royaf Geographical So., 
aad Treasorer of the Statinical So. A LikrmU 
UiMacccasfttUy contested Eau Worcertcnhire 1868, 
and QtT of Loadoa April 1880. Elecled lor Tcwkca- 
beryjuly loth, 188a 
WladhuB, CUy UbmL 

Ttmm A4dm»-<A^ Looibwd Sttmc, E.C 

g. p. M. HAEUH (imranwy Ooantyli 

Edward Purcell Mulhallen Marum, only 
son of the late Richard C. Marum, Esq., of Aharacy 
House, Ballyracgct. by Fliiahfth, d. of the late CapL 
John Purcell Mulhallen, 85th Regt. He was bora 
1828, was ed. at Carlow Coll.,— grad. at Univ. of 
London B.A. 1844* i-L.B. 1848,— and m., 1861. 
Marianne Josephine, d. of the late John Breaaaa, 
Esq., of Woodvicw, co. Kilkeany. Called to the 
Iruh Bar 1846. Is a I.P. ior Queea's oa aad ior 00. 
Kilkenny. Author of varioos nuaphleia, **Procc8laat 

,_ Ascendancy," "Vmdicatkm oT the Right of Irish 

^9^2^^ Tenantry to Copyhold Tcnare,** *c^ 4kc A H0mu 

RmUr ; in faw of tenant right. UMnccmlWIy coalcMad Kilkenny city Apnl 

1875. Elected for co. KUkcnny April 188a 



M. H. M. STOBT-MASKELTVE (Crioklada). 

Mervin Herbert Nevil Story-Maskilynk, 

F./^.S., cl. son of the late Anthony Mervin Rievc 

Story-Maskcl)'ne, Esq., F. R.S., of Basset Down 

House, Swindon, by Margaret, only child of the late 

Rev. Nevil Maskclyne, D. D., F. R.S., sotuclimc 

Astronomer Royal, of Purton, Wilts. He was l>ora 

1823, was eti. at Wadham Coll., Oxford, — B.A. 184 v 

M.A. 1849,— and m., 1858, Theresa Mary, el. d. 

^^^ John Dill wyn- Llewelyn, Esq., F.R.S., of Penll 

J^N^V HQPP^^^ garc, Glamorganshire. Was sometime Keeper of ihc 

A^ >^ ^r^^^m. "^'"^'^^ Department at the British Museum. Is a 

^^sX^^T^,^^^/^^ D.L. for CO. Brecon, Professor of Mineralogy in the 

^"-^^—^f^ Univ. of Oxford, and an Hon. Fellow of Wadliam 

Coll. A Libfrai. "In favour of Peace, Thrift, and 

Progress, as l>eing the cardinal principles of Lilieral government : equal ion 

of the Franchise, a more equitable distribution of constituencies, an expenditure 

r^ulaletl by the needs, not of a Government, but of the Nation ; and 

i)rogrcss by wise extension of liberty, through a statesmanlike enlargement of 
coil self-government. In so far as legislation and national policy can alleviate 
agricultural depression, he looks for good system of local government, and for 
laws freeing the land from its embarrassments ; and he considers a tcniperate 
and wise continuation of measures for bettering the condition of the Irish 
peasantry, and efforts to unite the two portions ofthe Empire by ties of mutual 
regard, as the sure and only means of rendering the Union of Ireland with 
England hearty and indissoluble. Would support a judicious Organization 
of tne Secondary Education of the Country, and a more complete opening of 
the Universities to the nation." Elected for Cricklade April 1880. 
Club — Atheneum. 
Residtnctt—^oAy^xo^ Lodge, Wroughlon, Wilts ; Banet Down House, Swindon. 

H. MASON (Ashton-under-Lyne). 

Hugh Mason, son of the late Thomas Mason, 

Esq., by Mary, d. of the late John Holden, Esq. ITc 
was bom 18—, and m., 18 — , Annie, d. of the 
George Ashworth, Es<i., of Rochdale. Is a J. P. ai 
D.L. for Lancashire, a J. P. for Cheshire and Asli 
under- Lyne, a Director of the Midland Railway ' 
a member of the Mersey Docks and Harbour V 
Gov. of Owen's Coll., Manchester, and a cotton 
at Oxford Mills, Ashton-under-Lyne. Was M . 
A\ / (^ Ashton-under-Lyne 1858, 1859, and i860, and Pre- 

^^ \^ y ^L Manchester Chamber of Commerce 1871, 1872, 
^S^ ^Jt^^^^ .JS ^m 1873. An advanced Liberal ; in favor of peace, re 
^^^f^&0^ trenchment, reform, and complete religious equality. 

Elected for Ashton-under-Lyne April 1880. 
CAk^— Reform. 
ResidtHC* — Groby Hall, Ashron-under-Lvnc 



Willulm Nathaniel Masscv, P.C. He was bom 
itat^ aad m. Irt, 1813, Fninert C fto> o n ,~who died 
\%^^—^ d. of Um b T.4ui OfdiR» rvdor of 

Wemlcjr i ^»^'h itto. irietu, d. oC the Ute 

Patrick Gr«al« bq., Slicnn victk, oI U wnwM Catled 
to the Bv at lb* Inner TMipU 1844. and wenlllM Woccrn 

Circuit. Wa* R«^rini<-r of rorttmuuth 185S till iS— . 

Under Sccrrt 
from Ati|^. iKs . 

' Minbtcr m\ 
1865 t 

ffomjif ^ 

1805. U i nm. ui inc .Sai tonal 

the Rdn of George III " 

articica To the EMiUmrrk ftimm, A iU^ 

(or SnMbfd 18^7-65. Uaaneoenlttlljr 

for Tlvenon Nov. 4tli, 1871. 

C M A tln aaaa rfM R^tUtmu^t, 


i»e l>e|»ftmcnt 
A'ajra and Maana 
^ aim! a member of the 
!) a Privy Cooadllor 
■ry 01 Enaland dnrinc 
nmMw Uw." and^ 
N— f*ofl i85>-7, and 
s Firu elcctad 


T w a HAfrn (( 

Thomaa William Chester Mastcr, el son of 
Thomaa WUUam Chester Master, Em)., of The Abbey, 
Cirencester, and Knole Park, near Itnstol, by Catherine 
Elixabeth, d. of Sir George Coroewall, 4th hart. He 
«ras b<^m M.ny tsih, 1841, was ed. at Harrow, and at 
Ch. C^ . and m., 1866. (W^rgina Emily, 5th 

d of riogton Welch KolU, £m]., of The 

I! in.uth. IsaJ.P. forGlonccMcfririreaad 

y\ lirv, and Major North GlonoaMenllive 

M...W... x C0nservativ€. First elected for CimcHlar 
March l«h, 1878. 

c.«/— CaHtoo. JpMiUbwr— Stnttoa HooM. GraaoMtar. 

fAC BT iraaA. 



A. KATUEaON (Boaa and Cromnrtyii 

Alexander Matheson,*cI. son ofthe late John 
Matbca«)t< f Attadale, Koss^ditrc^ and nephew, 

matcma Utr Sir Jamea Matheaon, lal bnrt.. 

and 6t ilic !.»><. <^<n. Thomas Matheaon. He was bom 
1805. wai ed. at the Univ. of Edinburgh, and in 1&41 m. 
1st. Mary,— who died 1843,— only d. of Tames Crawford 
McLcod, Esq.. ol Geanies ; andlv. iSci, the Hon. Lavinia 
Marv. whodtH iS^^, — lister of the 8tn Baron Beamnont ; 
' 'ti^— who died 1879,— d. of the 
1., of Elm Grove, Ealing. U 
a L>iicvi"r v>i ii;c ik.tiiK Kii England, ChflB* ofthe Highland 
Railway Co., a Director of the Enil and Wert India Dock 
Ca. and a D.L.andaJ-P. of Roaa, Crommty. InvetntM, 

a. h list. 

iMttbMa Mttlcd 


of MS caamrias: ■ 
byaaaaeaMor A.a t^tj. 




and the city of London. A Lihtral. Sat for Inverneas District from 1847 till 
Nov. 1868, when he wai fir»t elected for Ross and Cromarty. 

CA4»-Brook»*>. Reform, New. Highland. 

T0mm RfsUUmet—it. South Street. Grotvenor Sqtiare, W. 

Stmtt—Ktdixm iZMaUfK, Alne»s. N.B. : Duncraiff, Strome FeiT>', N.B. 

UB HERBERT B. KAZWELL, Bart (WlgtownahireX 

Herbert Eustace Maxwell, el. sn 

viving son of the late Lieut.-Col. Sir Willi. > 
Maxwell, 6th bart., — who died 1877,- 
Helenora, d. of the late Sir Michael Sh;u 
Stewart, 5th bart. He was bom Jan. 8tl., 
1845, ^^ ^- ^^ Eton, and at Ch. Ch.. 
Oxford, and m., 1869, Mary, d. of Hen 
Fletcher Campl)ell, Esq., of Boquhan, Si 
lingshire. Is a J.I*, and a D.L. forWiftdv^ 
shire. Has been Capt. Ayr and \\ 
Militia since 1871. \ ConservcUive. 1 
for Wigtownshire April 1880. 
C/w^Cariton, 5^r<i/— Monreith, Whauphill, Wi({town*hire. 

J. M. HERON-MAXWELL (Klrkcudbrlglxtalilre). 

John Maxwell Heron-Maxwell, el. son 
the late Rev. Michael Maxwell-Heron, of Heron ;i; 
Kirroughiree, by Charlotte Frances, el. d. of the 1. 
Capt. Frederick William Burgoyne, R.N. He \. 
bom 1836, was ed. at Harrow, and m., 1868, M: 
guerite. d. of William Stancomb, Esq., of Bloun 
Court, Wiltshire. Was formerly Capt. 1st Royals. 
a J. P. and a D. L. for cos. Kirkcudbright and VVigtow n. 
A JJbcral. Elected for Kirkcudbrightshire April 

r/i»^-Juiuor United Service. 

T<m.'H KfsideHce—^^ Haiu Place. S.W. 

.S'm/— Kirroughtree, Newton Stewart, N 

C. H. KELDON (Klldare County). 

Charles Henry Meldon, Q.C.^ LL.D., thn 
son of James Dillon Meldon, Esq., by Bedelia, / 
Ingham. He was bom June 5th, 1841, was ed. 
Stonyhurst and Ushaw Colleges, and at Trin. C</ 
Dublin. — grad. M.A. and LL.D.,— and m., 1868, Ad 

tt2nd d. of the late William Hodgens, Esq., of Ncwtouii 
House, Blackrock, co. Dublin. Called to the Irish Bar 
Hilary Term 1863, and became a Q.C. 1877; goes the 
Home Circuit, and is in large practice. Is a J. P. for cos. 
Kildare, Dublin, Westmeath, Meath, and Galway, and 
a member of the Senate of Dublin University. During 
the last Wrliament he moved resolutions in favor of the 
'^^^^mm^m^^O^ cxtcnsion of the borough franqhise in Ireland. In the 
^^'^^^■^^ session of 1878 his resolution was defeated by a majority 
of eight votes. In 1877, 1878, and 1879 he introduced bills for facilitating the 
acquisition of the Parliamentary franchise by persons entitled. These bills were 
read a second time, but failed through want of time to get through committee. 



A V«T MliVt fel , 
WM W d t MM flMfUH| tM 

iQoe 1874 be 
primaiy achoob ia I 
onTTia^ a rsMlvlioo root 

iimm^Juti^ Alt ml inn of Um 

l> Akffic* ud r«ciriaff 

t u(i« for bslldliHt 

of ikt iMdMfl fai 
of 1S7S IM flK»wd«l is 
oCtlMir w^wm g m to iIm 

He slliaMiely «ccMd«l te obtainiM 

r lb« Irith NaiioMi Teachers. 

for Iboa. la 1876 aad 1877 be 


t bcnefiuh 


. U (uff ibe parpQte ol rnnUatiac (b« lioeasiac of bc«r>boaac« la I rviiuN 
iiceMdttI fai paailaf lb» Bill ialo law, and very great bcnefiubavc 
> tb« lame tovaa fai litfauid llMrvby. lie abo praoMiCad and 



Icaviii|{ aU 1 

rarliainent : 

bwt, b oia b o l i i Ml 

the eajoyacBl by < 

C a Bin rmfattac iba bw idaiiac to the 

A iJ^trmt: '^iCroagly oppotad to any 

•land, hot ia favor of msm ananfasMat hf whkb the 

of lrclan<l »hottkl be oiaaaccd by an Iri^h Partbuaent. 

- arranevd, a* at pre tr Imperial 

•vof lenare, rrlbna (>: 'irandjury 

! ct of popalar ngniK uelicirtm ibac 

« er b ibt baM naiaatoa acafaMt 

and (uci£iiieally adyo cat ao iba 

1 for Kiklareco. Feb. 1874. 


:e. l>uUta . Nevtowa Hom 


J. W. MBLLOR (OraBtbaaaX 

John William MelIjOR, ^.C, cL sod of 
the kt. Hon. Sir John Mellor. PC, of K b ydoarne , 
Kent, bv Kliralicth Cook, d. of William Moaoey, Emi^ 
of rcckham Rre, Surrey. He wa» born 1835, was ed. 
at Trinity Hall. Camb. (B.A.. Senior Opttmc, 1857. 
MA. 1800). and m.. i860. Caroline, 4th d. of the late 
Charles Pa^. I'Im]., M.P., of Riiddimnon Grange, 
Notts. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple i860, 
joined the Midbnd Circuit 1862, became a Q.C. t 
and Bcochcr of \%\% Inn 1877. It a J. P. for Son. 
fthtre. K L^tral. Klected for Graatbam March >i»<. 

1880^ having ui 1874 been an 

Ckmm^rt-%. IH. lobMoa't li d ld iag i . T«mpb. B.C 
--lA. St Gwna's Sqaara, & W. 

C0mmt9y Rt$i4*mtf 


■CuImH— "t. Ti 


B. H. 

Robert Henry Metgb, third son of the 
Ute John Charles Metge, of Daitiistown, co. \N < 
meatb, by Elixa, d. of the bte Henry Cole, i . 
of Taickenbam. He was bora 1850^ waaed. at Inn. 
CoU«, Doblta,— grad. LL,B. 187— ,— and m.. 1874. 
Fanny Lambart, d. of the Rev. Charles luunbart. \% 
J. P. for 00. Meath. A //#••/ RmUr, Elected for 
ca Meatb Apnl 188a 





Robert Tweedie Middleton, third son 
the Ute James Middlcton, Esq., of Glasgow, by Mary,' 
d. of the Ute Robert Tweedie, Esq. He was bom I )c 
j;th, 1831, wased. at Glasgow, and m.. 1864, 
Milne, 2nd d. of Sir James Watson, of Glasgow. Is 
a merchant at Glasgow, and a J. P. for cos. Lanaric 
and Dumbarton. An advanced Liberal. Offered hii 
self as a candidate for Glasgow in July 1879, but retir 
from the contest to prevent a party division. Elcct< 
for Glasgow April iG8a 

C/«^*— Reform, Devonshire, New, Edinl> 
Re»id*ncr—Wi\\{wA, New Kilpatnck, Dui 

F. A. MILBANK (NortH Riding, YorkaWreX 

^^ Frederick Acclom Milbank, second son 

,3P Mark Milbank, Esq., of Thorp Perrow, Yorkshire, 

J^^^ formerly M.P. for Camelford, — by I^dy Augusta H< 

*^^^^ rielt.-i, 2nd d. of the 1st Duke of Cleveland. He 

lx>m April 1820, wased, at Harrow, and in iSn 
Alexina Harriet, d. of the late Sir Alexander D«» 
bart. Entered the 79th Highlanders, as Ensign. 
1837, and became Lieut. 1840, in which year he ret 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. of the North Riding of YorK ' 
and of Durham, of which county he was High ."s 
1 85 1. A Liberal. Uasuccessfully contested the N 
of Yorkshire 1862, but was relumed at the hca.. 
the poll July 1865 ; re-elected Nov. 1868, Feb. 2nd, 1874, and April 1880. 
Clmbs— Brooks't. Boodle's, Kensington. 

Town Retidence—'i. Bforeton Gardens. South ICensineton, S.W. 
5Mi!r— Thorp Perrow. Bedale, Yorkshire : WcmmerpU Lodge, Barnard Cartle. 

SIR PHILIP J. W MILES, Bart. (Somersetshire, East). 

Philip John William Miles, son of Sir 
William Miles, 1st bart.,— who died 1878,— by Cath< 
rine, d. of the late John Gordon, Esq., of Bristol. H- 
was bom Sept. 2nd, 1825, was ed. at Eton, and .t 
Trin. Coll.,Camb., and m., 1848, Frances Elizabeth, fi 
if .Sir David Roche, 1st baronet. Served sometime ii 
he 17th Lancers, from which he retired as Lieut. I 
■x J. P. and a D.L. for Somersetshire. A Conser: ;' 
First elected for East Somersetshire March 19th, ibys 

C/«*«— Army and Navy. Carlton. 

Totim Rttiartue—js, Cornwall Gardens, S.W. 

Stat— Leigh Court, Bristol. 

or PARUAMcrr. 



MIL COMM.iaa tlBI. 

i.iincd hi* mad uotil 1866^ wham h» «m 
WcM KoM Nov. 1868. 

CtmS^-Ctikm. Wyu't. TrnvaaM*. St. 

(harlei Henry Mills, foa of Sir ChaHet 
M.IK irtbAH^— wbodMdiS73,— birEam]r,d.orilirbie 
K. H.CcN,EM|..arHttlli«doaltoaM.lfi4dl«ca 
«ntt bom April 9tth, iSjo^ «m cd. at Elo^ tad > 
Ck , Oxfad. wImm Iw gmd. & A., 3fd ckn Cmmok i o ) • 
la iSst he m. Udy LodM iMbdU LMcdlci, a d. ol 
the tnTEaH onUmraod. ba j.P. uda D.L. (cr 
Mtddl—K, • I.F. far WctfrniiMtcr. « tMUtarr in the 
Loadoa bMhtafhooM ot 0\jn, Milk, and Co.. ami 
a DIractar of Um Uaioa Bank of AMtralu. the Imftcrul 
Ottoman Bank, and tlw Marine InMirancr Ca A Cm- 
VnannaHMly coalortod NorthaUcftoo 1859, 
far tlM bom^li hi Jolv it6c a«l re- 
oapalkion. Fint docicd (o€ 


& a MOLLOT aoaf Oovntfy. 

Ikniard Charles Molloy, ton of the late 
Kedo MoUoy, Em., formerly of Comelarc^ King'* ca, 
and afterwards 01 Drwnmond Lod^e, Wertmeath, by 
Maria Thereaa, d. of the late James Tranr Lynaro, 
Etq., of Hawke Hotue, Sunbury. He was born 1846, 
was cd. at St Edmund's Coll.. at OM Hall Grcrn. 
Hertfocdahire^ and at the Univcrvitics of France and 
Bonn. Formerly Capt. in the Krcnch Army. Called 
to the Bar at the Middle lemplc 1S72. U a Trivaie 
Chamberlain to His Holiness the Pope. A //mu 
Xmler and Ukefl. Ekctod for King's co. April iS8a 

II, rauMsoi ua w Di, waM on 


F. MOHCKTOll ONUtaPtehlra. WaalX 

Fmnds Monckton, el. son of the late Gen. 
Henry Monckton, of Streitoo Hall, by Anne, only d. <A 
John G. Smythe. Esq.. of Hilton, Salop. He was bora 
March 7th, 1844, and was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ql, 
Oxford. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Stalfcrdshire, and 
Capt Staffordshire Yea Cav. A CmuermUvt, Fust 
elected for West StaibrdUitve Jane 13th, 1871. 

1 66 


a J. MOVX (Olonoefttr OitjX 
Charles James Monk, only son of the late Rt 

Rev. JamcH H. Monk, D.D., Bishop of Gloucester and 
Bristol, by lane Smart, only d. of the late Kcv. Hugh 
liughes, of Nuneaton, War^iickshirc. He wxs bom 
1824, was cd. at tton, and at Trin. Coll., Cainb., — Sir 
\V. Browne's Medalist 184^, University Mcml>crs' Prize- 
man 1846, 1847, grad. H.A., Junior Outimc, 2nd 
class Classics, 1847, M.A. 1850. In 1853 he m. 
JuUa,--who dic<l 1870,— d. of the late P. Ralli, Esq., 
of 5, Connaught Place W<;f»t, W. Was calletl to Ihc 
Bar at LincoliTs Inn i8w. Is Chancellor of the diocese 
of Gloucester and Bristol, a D.L. and a J. P. of Gloucester- 
shire, and author of "The Golden Horn," &c. A LibereU. 
Unsuccessfully contested Cricklade July 1857; sat for 

Gloucester from April till Aug, 1859, when he was unseated on petition; 

t«-elected July 1865, Nov. 1868, Feb. 2nd, 1S74, and March 31st, 1880. 

CMt- Traveller*', Reform. Turf. 

Tpwn Retidnue 5, Buckingham Gate, S.W. 

A. J. MOORE (Clonmel). 
^^ Arthur John Moore, only surviving son 

^V of the late Charles Moore, Esq., of Mooresfort, co. 

^^^k^ Tipperary, — M. P. in three Parliaments for Tipperary, 

**^*^ — t>y Marian Elizabeth, d. of the late John Storey, 

Esq., of Dublin. He was bom 1849, was ed. 
Ushaw Coll., I>urham, and m., 1877, Mary Lucy, 
of Sir Charles Clifford, of Hatherton Hall, Stafford 
shire. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for co. Tippcrarv 
which he was High Sheriff 1877, and a K 
Commander of the Order of St. Gregory. 1 - 
Chaml>erlain of Honor to the Pope. Created .1 
Count by Pope Leo XIII. 1879. A. Liberal; in 
favor of Home Rule. First elected for Clonmel Feb. 1874, 
/jxtw-— Arthur Joseoh Cliffwi, *. July 12th, 1878. 
Clubt — Devonsnire, St. GeorRe's. 
Town Address— \<i, Grafton Street, W. 
^■^•tf/— Mooresfort, ca Tipperary. 

LORD MORETON (Gloucestershire. West) 

Henry Haughton Rev no? m^- 
MoRETON {Lord Moreton)^ son of tl 
Earl of Ducie, by Julia, d. of the late I 
Haughton Langston, Esq., M. P., of Si 
Park, Chipping Norton. He was . 
March 4th, 1857. Is a D.L. and a J.I 
for Gloucestershire. A Liberal. Elected f«> 
West Gloucestershire April 1880. 


TVanr Residence— it, Portman Square. W. 




io». r. a MOBOAV i 

Frederic Courtenay Morgan, ton <>' 
Bamn Trrrfefar, bjr RoMmood, d. o( On. G- 
Mu r wnboniiSt4,aad iB.,i858,Clianu«ie Armc, 

d Cbwlm A. WUHamton. E«q., oT Uvm, 

Fc. ..... \.a Scnr«l lomecime b ibe Riie BrifMlc. 

front Mhich he retired m Capt lS$S. Scnrcd in the 
c'ntnran %iar, tad hM the CHmoM madil and ftmfehups 
the 1 >nirr of the Mcditdic, and the TtekUi OMdaL 1% a 
jr. (ur Monmoalh^irp and Glanaigambire, and hetr 
preftsmpchre to hb ! ctn' 

CfimMnmlh^ Fin* r M 



C/bAi-Anay sad Navy. CwltiM. 



George Osborne Mokoan, /'.C, C^-. «>♦ 

^mM ton of the Rev. M. Moq^an, vicar of Conwav. CanwT' 

^1^ vocMhire. He was born l8a6, was ed. at Shrewsbury 

^tJMl Sch. and at Ballbl Coll.. Oxford; grad. B.A. 

in iftt clau CUitica 1847, M.A. 1850; late Stowdl 

t • « ^r of Univ. ColL; Kldon Univ. ftchoUr ; 

V. acbolar ; and Netrdigale and Chancellor'a 

1 In 1856 he m. Emily, and d. of the late 

Mr. Leopold Reiia, of Broom Hoose, Ecdet. Called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn,— of which he is a Bencher, 
*w and made a Q.C. 1869. AppointiMl l> 
■cneral April 1H80, and sworn of the 
Council May l88a Is a j.P. for Denbtgh^mrr 
Author of levenU ksal works and political pamphlets. A LikirmL Fint 
elected for Denbighahiic Nov. 1868. 

C/«Jb->AthHMMdB. Osfad aad CambrUgc. Otvaaakirc 
Ckm m ^ tn » OM Squw*. UMola't laa. 
Re$identt^to. BolttM.ScrMC. W. 


Arnold Morley, son of Samuel Morley, Esq., 
M.P.. of Hall Place. Toobridge. bv Rebdudi Maria, d. of 
the late Samuel Hope, Esq., liankcr. of Liverpool. He 
was born 1849, and wa^ rd. rI Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 
1871). IsamemK 
Odlcd to the Bar 

toined the Mkilan^ *..i^m... A m..^*<*.. 
Nottingham May 8th, 188a 

Om^t^VL^hmm, Brook»X N«v \3whmiKf. 

of Camb. 
1873. and 




1. MOBLST (BrlitolX 
Samuel Moklky, youngest son of the latej 
John Morlcy, ICmj., of Hackney, by Sarah, d. of the late] 
K. Poulton, 1-H<|., of Maidenhead. He was born i' 
was ed. at a private school, and m., 1S41, Kc i 
Maria, d. of the late Saniuel Hope, Esq., banK-i, 
liverpool. Is a J. P. for Middlesex and Kent, a U.L, 
of London, and i& head of the extensive manufacturing 
and mercantile firm of J. and R. Morley, of 18, \\\hh\ 
Street, E.C., &c. An aJvanctd Liberal. Elected f..r 
Nottingham in July 186^, but was unseated on petition. 
First elected for Bristol Nov. 1868, liaving in April 1868 
l)ecn an unsuccessful candidate. 

C/aiAf — Kefonn, Oevon&hirc. 

T&wm Rtxidenct—y^, Gro«venor Street, W. 5'm/— Hall Pbce, Tonbridge. 

R. MOSS (Winchester). 

Richard Moss, son of the late Mr. Rich.<rcl 
Moss, of the city of London. He was bom iS2;^. 
was ed. privately, and m., 1858, Mary JeflVcys, d. of 
the late Mr. John Wright Snow, of London. Has been 
largely engaged in business in London in the transferd 
of brewery properly. Is now a brewer at Winchester, 
A Past-master of'^ the Scriveners' Co. of Londoi 
Took a prominent part in the amendment of t 
Licensing Laws of 1869 and 1872. A Conservative^ 
Elected lor Winchester April 1880. 

C/«^*— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

Town Retitietue — 49, St. George's Road, S.W, 

Country Retidence — Weston Grove, Woolston, Soutl 

RIGHT HON. SIR JOHN R. MOWBRAY, Bart (University of OxfortlX 
^"H^"^^ John Robert Mowbray, P.C, Z>.CZ., son o( 
^^AlJq^^V Robert Stribling Cornish, Esq., of Hills Court, Exeter. 
^^^SS^ ^^ ^"^ J""^ 3*^^' '815, was ed. at Westminster Sch., ar 
^^^kT was Student of Ch. Ch., Oxford ; grad. B.A. 1837, M.A. 
H^^HH 1839, and Hon. D.C.L. 1869. In 1847 he m. Elizabeth GrayJ 
^H^^hQ only child of George Isaac Mowbray, Esq., of Pi-'-' '-'vo^r* 
^I^^^HH mouth, CO. Durham, and of Mortimer, near Ren 
P^HBH he assumed the name of Mowbray in lieu of his i 
H^^lfl^ Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1841, and went 
"^^^ Western Circuit. W' as Judge- Advocate-General and Judfj* 

Marshal from March 1858 till June 1859, and from July 1866 till Dec. i " 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. of Durham, a J. P. for Berkshire, a Church I' 
Commissioner, and Chm. of the Clerical and Medical Life Assu. Co. Sw<>i 1 ■ 
the Privy Council 1858, and created a Baronet 1880. A Conservative ; in fiuor 
of "a sober, rational, safe, and temperate pr<^ess." Sat for Durham city 
from June 1853 till Nov. 1868, when he was first returned for the University 
of Oxford. 

r/«r**— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 
Ttni'n RftitUMce—A-7, C>n«low Gardens. S.W. 
64ut - WarrcAoe* Wood, Mortinier. near Reading. 



John Mil 

AiMlrew Mttlhol 

1. *•--»., by r.juaiic 

of the Ute 

D.L.. of lUliy. 

I. P. 
ui. a. of 
mi Dec iQtb. l8i^ §ad ol, 1851, 

. of Httgll I.\Ir. Rmi.. of Knock lATTLi, 



Anthony John Mi 

Antonio MuivielU, — "• 
t»f 'riu>iua> AUmh>, t 
lSi5, ami m., 1^5. 
Ktburortb Besuciun 
manufiictnmr, and • 1 
Louffhboroo^ and c 
in 1859 the tint Coc 
duputat betwacn capn 
ventioa and Kttlemc: 
ich town he filled var 
' the Chamber o( ' 
ifion. An ear' 

t.S;3, Aod member U 
^. A CsmMTtmittf. 

fthe bte 

: Rebecca, d. 

March 28ch, 

h, Eaq.. of 

Wa* (bmcriy a 

' in No<tiii|{liam, 

: Nov. 1808. 

<^ndni€t-~t6, Ehranon Pboe. S.W. 

P. K. MUWTl (BlmilnghamX 

Philip Henry Mln rz, son of the late Ph!=-^ 
Frederick Muntx, V^., of Sclly Hall, Worccrtcr 
by Catherine, d. of the laic R«>ljcrt Puidoo, E*^^.. 
Kadford, WarMyick^iire. He was bora Jan. 3 IM, ibii, 
was cd. at Shrewsbury Sch., and in June 1831 m. 
Wilhelmine, d. of the late J. D'Olhofcn, ConsetUcr dc 
Finance, Grande Doch^ de Bade. Is a J. P. for Warwick- 
shire, and was a merchant at BtmitnghaBL of which 
boroogh he hai twice been Mayor. 1839 apd 1841. A 
IMnrmi; in fiivor of ** the grenlcM amoiiBt of ha ppmew 
to the gmtcft nnmber, and religioos cqaality. Fir>t 
lor BJrmii^ham Nov. lyt^ 1868. 



a J. MVRBAT (HMtlllftX 

Charles Jnmcs Murray, el. son of the Rt. 
Hon. Sir Charles Augustus Murray, by Klizabcth, 
of the late James WaJsworth, Ksq., of Gcnesco, Nei 
York. He was bom 1 851, and in., 1875, Lady Am 
Francesca Wilhelmtna Finch, d. of the 6th Earl 
Avlesford. Servetl in Diplomatic Service 1872-6^' 
when he retired as a 3rd Secretary. A Conservativt»^ 
Elected for Ilastin^^s April l&t, 1880. 

Cluit— St. Jamci't, Caritoo. 
Residtntt^tT, Berkeley Square, W. 

SIB RICHAKD C. MU80RAVE, Bart (Ottmberland, EastX 

Richard Courtenay Musgravr,* youngest 

and cnly surviving son of Sir George Musgrave, lOth 
bart.,— who died 1872,— by Charlotte, 7th d. of Sir 
James Graham, ist hart., of Netherhy. He was bom 
Aug. 2 1 St, 1838, was ed. at Eton, and m., 1 867, Adora 
Frances Olga, only d. of Peter Wells, Esq., of Forest 
Farm, Windsor Forest, and grand-d. of Sir John Hesketh 
Lethbridge, 3rd bart. Was sometime an officer in 7islj 
Highlanders. Is Lord Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum 
Westmoreland, and a J. P. and a D.L. for Cumberland 
A Conseri'aiivf. Elected for East Cuml>erland Apr 
1880, having been an unsuccessful candidate Feb. iS/l 
and April 1876. 

C/«fo— Carlton, Arthur's. 

Totau Rettdfnce—\T, Cavendish Square. W. 

.Vra/— Edenhall. Penrith. 

KEV. ISAAC NELSON (Mayo County). 

Isaac Nelson. Formerly Minister of th4 

Presbyterian Church, Donegall Street, Belfast. A Hoi 
Ruler. Elected for co. Mayo May 24th, 1880. 

^^//<//>u:/— SugaHieid, Belfast. 

• This family came into England with the Conqueror, and settled at Musgn 
moreUnd. In the time of Edward III. Thomas Musgrave wa« summoned by w -. 
a peer of the realm for twenty-three years. Sir Philip, the and baronet, a 
Royalis, was M. P. for that county 1640-2, Commander-in-Chief at Cumberl.ino .ma Wi 
laoreUod, and Governor of Carlisle. After the battle of Worcester, he attended 
Charica II. in France, Holland, and Scotland, from whence he retired to the Isle of 
which he braveljr defended under the Countess of Derby. He received for his great 1 
a warrant creating him B.iron Musgrave of Hartley Castle, but never took out the 
The sth baronet was M.P. for Carlule and Cleric to the Privy Council, and the 6th < 
•at as M. P. for co. Westmoreland. 

MIMBKKt or PARUAMBirr. 171 

01 V. 


Charict NewdiflUe Nkwdegatk, D.C.L,on\y 
•on of ibc latt Cbftm Ne«tlknt« Nordcnte. V^\., uf 
llaidMd PiMt. Mkkilim, bjr Mam, d. oT Ar^coglM 
lUMdMratt, Em|.. bdr oTUm kMt Sir Roger K«««Ugtfc 
l)«rt. He «M bom io 181^ and ww ed. at Eton, at 
Kint:'* ColL. LoodoQ, and at Ch. Ch.. OUbfd ; pad. 
B.A. 1849. MA. 1850. and D.C.L. 185L U a D.L. 
and a J.t'. oT Warwkkakira. a j. P. for MaJdlon. and 
a Tnmccof RagbjrSck A CmMrvmiive; it **aiuiclMd 
to the prindplca of Um Conat inui oo aa calabliahod fai 
1688.** Haa lipiwmurt Nortli WarvidtaUra oomiMi. 
coaly ttnoe 1845. 

it^Mnv L M m g » Anfay. V.. CWvan Conaa. V.. Warakhriito : Ihntili. a 

itas. TVavaOm*. AidMr^a. WWm's. Boo«t'i. NadoML 
Y#ar^— «7. Lo — dM flttwl, Bilgim f ^—pi, S.W. 

TIMOUVT ITKWPORT (fihropahlra. VorttX 

George Cecil Orlando Bridgcmak, 

( yiumnt A'twfmi), cl. ton of the jrd Earl 

of Bradford, bv the Hon. Seliiui LooMa, 5th 

the l»t Baron Fornter. He was bora 

vvas ed. at Harrow, and m.. Sept. 1869, 

... lit Frances Annabclla, 2nd d. of tbe 

<>rl> I irl <•{ Scarbrou|*h. Appointed Comet 

ikI buly-LieuL 1st Life Goaiids, Sept, 1864, 

^^;?^Zr*;i!LV' txame Lieot. Feb. 1867, and retired tbe 


Is a Magistrate fbrcoa. Staflord, 

op. Wiaa attached to the Duke 

m' lytSrS. ACprntartm/nx. Vint 

i'>j>. an»l U I lop. Was attached to the Duke 



William Nicholson, son of John Nicholson, 
Esq., of Upper CUptoo, Middlesex. He was bom ScpC 
2nd, 1825, was ed. at Harrow, and at Tria. CbU., CmL* 
and m.. 18(8, IsabelU Sarah, d. of the bte John lieok, 
Em]. Ua J.P. forco. .Soothanpton, and inboafawaaas a 
distiller. A LOtm/. Sat fer ^etenfidd 1866-74, when 
he was an tmtnrrtarfol candidate ; re-dected April ist, 


^--^^ Tfmm MttJirm* 4. 8— So^Ma. Hyd« Paifc. W. 



HBWXAM mOHOLSOM (Vewaxk). | 

William Newzam Nicholson, el. son of 

Benjamin Nicholson, Esq. (Alderman and J. P. of 
Newark), by Frances, d. of the late Mr. John Newzam, 
of Newark. He was bom l8l6, was ed. at the Magnus 
Grammar School at Newark, and m. 1st, 1842, Maria 
Alice, — who d. 1864, — d. of James Betts, Esq., of 
Newark ; 2ndly, 1866, Annie, d. of Joseph Prior, Esq., 
Chaucers House, Woodstock. Is a J. P. lor the borough 
of Newark, and principal partner in the well-known firm 
of W. N. Nicholson and Son, agricultural en; 
Newark, which business he founded. Was 
Newark 1851, and Chm. of the Local Comniu.i. 
Ircat Exhibition of that year, and has been CIn 
of the School IJoard there since its formation in 187 1 
A Consnraiwf; "intending to give a general support to the Earl of Beacoi 
field, but holding himself free to take an independent position on any measui- 
that may be submitted to Parliament." Elected for Newark April 1880. 

C/«^i— Carlton, St- Stephen's. 

Town RetidtMct — Queen Anne's Mansion*, S.W. 

CpMMtry ResiJeHcr — Newark-on-Trent. 

E. NOEL CDnmMeB Btirghi). 

Ernest Noel, second son of the Hon. and 
Rev. Baptist Wriotheslev Noel, by Jane, el. d. of Peter 
Baillie, Esq., of Dochlour. He was bom Aug. 1831, 
was ed. at Edinburgh, and at Trin. Coll., Camb., and 
m. 1st, 1857, Louisa Hope,— who died 1870, — only d. 
of Thomas Milne, Esq., of Warley House, Yorkshire; 
2ndly, 1873, Lady Augusta, younger d. of the 6th Earl 
of Albemarle. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Sussex, and 
a F.G.S. Author of " Letters on the West Indies." A 
Liberal. First elected for the Dumfries Burghs Feb. 
1874, having in 1868 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

Clubs — Brooks's, Athenaeum. 

Seat— Lydhurst, Hayward's Heath, Sussex. 

RIOHT HON. a. J. NOEL (RutlandsMreX 

Gerard James Noel, second son of the isi 
Earl of Gainsborough, by his 3rd wife, Arabella, 2nd 
d. of Sir John Hamlyn-Williams, Bart. He was bom 
Aug. 28th, 1823, and m., 1863, Lady Augusta Mary, 
sister of the 3rd Earl of Lons<lale. Entered the Army 
as Comet nth Hussars 1842, became Lieut. 1843, Capt. 
1857, and retired 185 1. Was a Lord of the Treasury from 
July 1866 till Nov. 1868, and Parliamentary Secretary 
to the Treasury from that date until the following Dec. 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. for Rutland. Swom a Privy 
Councillor 1874. Ap|)ointed First Commissioner of 
Works Aug. 1876. A Consen'ative. First retumed 
for Rutlandshire 1847. 
1, Junior Carlton, White's. 
larnce—ix, Brulon Street, W. Stat Catmose, Oakham, Rutland. 


or FARUAMKirr. 


rot UHtlM VIA VMA. 

i, 9. WaUM (Oitvsy 

John Philip Nolan, ion of the 1 
Noba. E«|.. J.F. of Bdliodcrry. by Mvy 
wife. He WM bom A«c. joch, 183S, wa* oL ju CU. 
foww, Sioaylwnl. THnity Coll., Dahlia, th« StadT 

and the 

Woolwidi. F 

Kax«i Ariillary m Uiirt. l8S7. b«MM Cap* 
Ma)or 1S77 1 tarvad t h rwMJbw a tlie Abjr»i 
paign aa Adj. to CoL M Owanl, and wwk 
tha action of AfOfM ud caplwre of Ma^ 
meniiooed ia daipatcW^ aad Iim the Abjrann 
U a J. P. for ca Galwajr. Ia bvor of // 
Sat for ca Galwaj horn Peb. till Jaae 187 .v 
was aawated oa patitioa ; re-elected Feb 
April iSSok 

Cib^Anay aad Nary. 

rMM Ad^ wm 3» Dak* 8ae«. 8i ji 

SHit^9Mmimi), to. Oalway. 


J. 8. NORTH (Ozfordmhlral 

John Sidney N '>.CZ.,son of the Ute 

Gca. Sir Charlr* Wi . G.C.II.. C.B., by Sopbia 

Cramer. 6ih d. of tttc late Sir John Coghill. Bait., of 

Co^ill. Yorkshire. Me was bom May 28(h, 1804, was ed. 

at the Roy. MiliUnr Coll., Sandhorvt, and in 1815 oi. Lady 

Sana North, d. of the 3rd Earl of GutUbrd, «rbo became 

Baroae« North by the termiaation of an abeyance in 1841. 

Eatered the Army 1821. retired 1839. Aatomcd the aaaie 

of North, in lieu o( his patronymic, by royal Ucenie. 18^ 

Ii an Hon. D.C.L. of the Unir. of OdbnC and a D.L. aad 

P. of 0&ford«hirr.—4>f which ca he was Hiffh ShcriA 

lorthai itiddflcshire, aad MiddleMx. 

Appointed Lient.-Col. 2nd Tower ! 1816, aad UeaL'CoL swi 

Bat. Oxfordshire Rifle Vol. i86a A " - "-'^ •* bcil aad aMMt 

cocdial rapport to aieasares for tl. cotwU t atiu a ia 

Quadi aad Sute." Flnt retoiaeti : , . ■ .' 

W«wick«Uf« : Md CWp*E« WaidMi. R.. N 


C/«4»-WUmX CM^um, T»a««Bm'. UaiMd Smrkm 

T0mm Mmidrntv t<. Arli^Mi Sttwl, W. 

Xm/»— WroKioB Abb«y. B«aburv . ISataev HiD. Sorrvr. 

1 74 


B. 1. VOBTHOOTB (Bz«t«rX 
Henry Siaftord Northcote, C -5., second son i 
of ihc Rt. Hon. Sir .Stafford Norihcotc, G.C.B., M.P., 
8th bftrt., by Cecilia Frances, C./., d. of Thomas Farrer, 
Exq., of Lincoln's Inn. HewasbomNov. i8th, 1846, was] Eton, and at Merton Coll., Oxford (B. A. 1869, M.A.I 
'873), and m., 1873, Alice, da, of George Stephen, Esq.,] 
of Montreal, Canada. Appointed a clerk in Foreign Office 
186S ; was attached to the Marquess of Kipon's Special] 
Mission to arrange the Alabama Treaty in 1 87 1, Sec. 
H.M.'s Claims Commission underTreaty of WashingW 
1871-3, and Private Sec. to the Marquess of Salisbui 
on his Embassy to Constantinople 1876-7 ; anj 
Acting 3rd Sec. in Diplomatic .Service 1876, and I 
Sec. to the Chancellor of the Exchequer 1877. -\ 
A Conservative. Elected for Exeter March 3i8t, 1880. 


nated C.B.1880. 

C/«^«— Carlton, St. James': 
RfMidencr—iT, Rutland Gate, W 



Stafford Henry Northcote, RC, G.C.B.,\ 
D.C.L., el. son of the late Henry Stafford NorthcoU 
Esq., by his first wife, only d. of Thomas Cockbui 
Esq., of Portland Place, London. He was l>om i8l( 
and was ed. at Eton, and at Halliol Coll., Oxford ; cts 
B.A., 1st class in Classics, 1839, M.A. 1842, Fl( 
D.C.L. 1863. In 1843 he m. Cecilia Frances, d. 
Thomas Farrer, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn. Was Privi 
Secretary to the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone wh< 
President of the Board of Trade, and on being calU 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1847, became L 
Secretary to the Board of Trade ; was Financial Secreta 
to the Treasury from Jan. till June 1859, President 
the Board of Trade from July 1866, — when he 
sworn of the Privy Council, — till March 1S67, Secretary of State for India fr 
March 1867 till Dec. 1868, Chancellor of the Exchequer from Feb. 1874 
April 1880, when he was created a G.C. B., and one of the Secretaries to 
Great Exhibition of 1851, and in acknowledgment of his services in connc 
tion therewith he was created a (Civil) Companion of the Bath. Was one 
the Special Commissioners to the Unitetl States of America, 1871, to arrar 
the "Alabama" Treaty. Is a D.L. and a J. P. of Devon. Has been Cat 
1st Devon Yeo. Cav. Succeeded his grandfather, the 7th bart., 1851. 
Liberal Conservatri>e ; "will resist all attempts to infringe upon the rights of 1 
Church of England." Sat for Dudley from March 1855 till April 1857, 
for Stamford from July 1858 till 1866, when he was first returned for Noi 

Patron of four Z.mVftfy— Dowland. V., Monk's Oakhampton, R., and Upton Pyne, 
Devonshire ; and (with the hcin of the Rev. T. Templer) Paignton, V., Devonshire. 
C/«^«— Carlton, Athenxum. 
Tovm Rtsidetut—so, St. James's Place, S.W. 
^M/— Pynea, Exeter. 

Mmins or pahuamivt. 

a |L softwooo iBttUjL 

Char Ice Morgan N<ik\\ooii, el. ton • 
Charic* Norwood, K»i\., of A»hfunl, Kmt, l>% 
and d. oT llw kM OMuks Morgsii, tM|., o( 
KiMik. He WM bom b iftac and ia 1(5 > 
fonofMl d. of Um kt« jobn Hcmy Bkkcnc^. i 
CttHit BUImoct. ca Galwaj. U « D.L. ol thr ! 
Riding of Yorkihire, and a mcfduuit and «eii>> 
Wm PrvudcM of the Hull Oiambcr of < 
mcrce 1859 and iSoo^ and the I M Chm. of the AaM>. 
OMUBbm of Coouncroe of tlic United Kia|doni. 
1868, the Cooaty Cbwt (Adaiffmlty) fnfWklloa Bill 
' for HnU July it6s. 

MnUfmeft-Hi^hMm UmQ. WooUwd, £«««« •<>« PaII M>11 <i W 


P. O'mmVB (LaitrtmX 


V ^ MMor 1878. Served in the Oode campajfn 1^58^9, 

^^1_ ^r^-^ inctndingthe croMtag of the Gogra at VytaJSmi, »ml aiTa 
^'**-— — '^'^ at Bongaon, for which he has a mcdtl. In fa\ 
AW/. Ku%t elected for co. l^itrim July I4(h, 1876, having in ^ 
been an luttucceatful candklate. 

Francis O'Beirne, son of Hu^h O'Beimr. 
Km]., J.I', and D. U of Jamestown, 00. t,^trim Ifr % 
Uun 1839, and in i8$7 entered the Annir aa Comrt . 
Dragoon Guanls beaune Lieut^ 1858, Cape 186^ iixi 


CMr-Jaaior Uaiiad Smnkm, Vtkm. 
Jw»#->J — m o w Lodge, Dniw—i, ca LcUnoi. 

US PATRICE OVUEir. Bart (Klnrt OovBtn 

Taiii.k (Vr,kns. l1. son 6f the 
Ttmoii -LordMavoroi 

1819, a ;.>m 1846 till i85< 

1863,— 1>> CAiUituc, ii. xji Kdwaid Marph 
Flemingtown, co. Dublin. He was bom .\ 
l8a3, and wa* cd. at 1 tin. Coll., Dublin ; ^ 
1843. In 1866 he m. Ida Sophia, %ridow 
Gen. Pernr, and d. of Com. James Parlby, K 
adlcd to the Iriab Bar 1&44, having prrvioi 
student at Lincoln's Inn. U a D.L. of tl . . 
Dublin, and a J.I*, fur King's co. A LHumi, 
returned for King'k co. 1852. 

lAMN LAiDia AM C/b4» Rifofvi. Dublia Uaiwiky. 




A. O-OOHHOB (QoMn'i Ooonty). 
Arthur O'Connor, son of the late William 

O'Connor, Esq., M.D,, of 30, Upper Montagu Street, 
W. He was bom 1844, and was ed. at St. Cuthbert's 
Coll., Ushaw, and nu, 18—, Ellen, cL d. of William 
Connolly, Esq. A Home RitUr. Elected for Queen's 
CO. April 1880. 

R**id*nee^^j% Rowan Road, Brook Green, Hammenmith, 


T. P. O'CONNOR (Oalway Borough). 

Thomas Power O'Connor, son of Mr. Thomas 
O'Connor, of Athlone. He was born 1848, was cd. at 
the Queen's Coll., Galway, and grad. M.A. at the Queen's 
Univ. in Ireland. Is a journalist. Author of *' Lord 
Beaconsfield, a Biography," and other works. A Horni 
Ruler^ and advanced Radical. Elected for Galway bore 
April 1880. 

Rgsid*nce—-i, Bamard'k Inn, Holborn, E.C. 


D. M. O'CONOB (Bllgo Connty). 

Denis Maurice O'Conor,* second son of th< 
late Denis O'Conor, Esq., of Belangare, — The O'Conc 
Don, sometime M.P. for Roscommon, — by Mary, d. oftl 
late Major Blake, of Tower Hill, co. Mayo. He wa> ' 
1840, was ed. at Downside Coll., Bath, grad. at the I 
of London, M.A. 1861, LL.D. 1866, and m., 1873, 1 
Isabella, el. d. of the Rev. W. T. Kevill-Davies, of ( 
Castle, Wigmore Hall, and Wellington, Herefordshin . 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1866. Is a J.T. 
for CO. Roscommon, of which he was High Sheriff 1865. 
A Liberal ; "advocates a system of tenant right calculnttd 
to satisfy the Irish people." First elected for co. Slij^n 
Nov. 1868. 

C/«*x— Reform, St George's, Kensington. 
London Addreu — 110, Queen's Gate, S.W. 
Seat—QXonaXA, CasUerea. co. Roscommon. 

* Is of the ancient house of the O'Conon of Connaught, lineally descended from 0° 
King of Connaught and Monarch of Ireland. Subsequent to the English invasion his .in 
were frequently styled " kings " by the kings of England, and afterwards Prince*. < ; ' 
In 1277, A «ne*. daughter of his ancestor Hugh —whose father was called " K- 
by King Henry 1 1 1^— married Richard de Burgo : Elizabeth, only daughter of i 
William de Burgo, Earl of Ulster, married Lionel, Duke of Clarence. In t 
Royal Family descend. In 1559 Htigh O'Conor Don, his ancestor, resic 
principality oiirConnatight, compounded for his esuics, and was knighted t . 

MKMBUt or rARUAMiorr. 177 

JL Frank HuAb O'Donnblu el. 

n f uf i 4(K. BenMfdO'DoMcU, orCwndoojiclL co. DcmmmI. 

iL He «M boni It4l, Md wm cd. ai Um CoUm ofSc 

•Jb. IcMdM, Mil •! tlM QMOi't Univ. oT Ifdtal-ltA. 

'^^'^K iM, Md Mid ■■dillU,-#iid «M tooMliMt Lectam 
eg > in Eeomk SdiMt tl ib« UiboUe Uahr. oT DiOdk. 
iV f I%am«nb8ro(llMBIbliogmpliiMlSodttTorpMii,Md 
11 \ of the < attiolk AcadMik oT^MtiBiMUr, Vio».Pr«klMt 
^■B I ^fit>chuwuKkIIUibnBA«ockti4m.uidcK.Vk».PrMkiMl 
V^W / of the Imh lIoiM Rule CeahitnMioa ia Great BriUia. 
Author oT "Miuti Edacalkm to Iidaad," "New 
pAfnoiwa. a Satire," and oC vmrioaa pampliUta aad 
■ddnMii. A Umm /fmi/r; '*ia favor of exlcaaivc 
div a lopa wa t oT ladlaa aatoooiay.'* aad repfcaeatatkm of ladla ia Parfiaacni. 
Fuoodcr of the '* Farmer^ Alliance.** Sal for Gal way a »hort lime in 1874, 
but was ttntcated on petition. Fira elected for Dunganraa Joae lyd, 1S77. 
laa, FlMt ScTMi. R.C. 

Daniel O'Do.sixuit'E {T^ (^ Donorkue), only 
■on of the late Charles O'Donogbve, Kao.. of The Gleas, 
by fane, d. of Joha 0*ConaeU, Em., of Grena,~«be m, 
lodly, McCarthy O'Leary, Em). He wa» bom 1S33. was 
ed. at Stooyhunt, and in 1858 m. Manr, eL d. of Sir 
John Ennis Iftt bart. Was formerly a J. P. for coa. Cork 
ahI KcrrA-. and Major Kerrv Militia. A LAonal i of the 
"liiJi Independent party.' Sat for Tipperary from 
Feb. 1857 till Joly 186$, whea he wu first elected for 

SM#-naA Cooag^ TW GIsm. eo. Kary. 

J. omUT dOMQaunon CoaatfX 

James O'Relly, son of John O* Kelly, Esq., 
of CO. RoacoouBoa. He was born 1845, and was cd. at 
Dturhan aad Paris. Scnred sometime in the French 
Army, and retired a Capt. Was subseauently one of tlie 
Editors of the f/tm iM HemU^ and ia 1873 voloa- 
teered to proceed as war oorreapoodeat to Coba. Hate 
he nsited Ceopedes aad tbe Qibaa rebeb, aad apoa 
retaraing to the Spaaish lines was arrested* tried, cad 
aealeaced to death as a tanectcd / U ik mHt f, He was^ 
kowever. saved by Seaor Ctttalar from the Spaaish ballela, aad look pait ia 
iM war aniast the fiuaoot Sion chK "Sitttac Bait,** aad aftefwaidiaccoai- 
paaied Htt Mafcsiy tbe Emperor of Braxil in kb vojrage from Rio Tinctro 
Qbioogh the UnkadStatea. 

Jt/«iJr«.v-Va«jdMl Bridhtv R«d 8 W 




D. R. OHSLOW (OQildftod). 

Dcnzil Roberts Onslow,* only surviving 

of Thomas Onslow, Esq., of the Madras Civil Service, 
Elizabeth, d. of Charles Roberts, Esq., of Madras, 
was bomjfune I2th, 1839, was ed. at Brighton Coll., 
at Trin. Coll., Camb., ami m., 1871, Clara, youngest d. 
the late lames Scott, Esq., J. P., of Bishopsdown Grove, 

•'•'-'■-• Wells, and Mayficld, Kent. A- •• ' in 

to Secretary to Sir Charles Trevi ;., 

Minister in India, and held the sani , rr 

the Rt. Hon. W. Mas.sey, M.P., and Sir R. I 
K. C.S.I. A CoHsen>ative. First elected for Gu 
Feb. 1874. 

C/k^«— Carlton, Portland. 
J^At/— Flexford, near Guildford. 

R. OSHAUOHNESSY (Limerick City). 

Richard OShaughnessv, only son of Jam- 
O'Shaxighncssy, Esq., Surgeon, of Limerick, by Anna, d. 
John Healv, Esq. He was bom 1842, was ed. at t 
Jesuit Colleges of Tullamore, Stonyhurst, Clongow 
Wood, and Vaugirard (Paris), and at Trin. Coll., Dublin, 
— grad. B.A. 1863, — and m., 1867, Ellen, d. of James 
Potter, Esq., Farm Lodge, co. Limerick. Calletl to the 
Irish Bar 1066, and to the liar at Lincoln's Inn June 1880. 
Was Auditor of Trin. Coll., Dublin, Historical Society 1865. In favor of Home 
Rule. First elected for Limerick city Feb. 1874. 

C/«**— Stephen*! Green, SavUe, North Munster (Limerick). 

W. H. O'SHEA (Clare County). 

William Henry O'Shea, only son of the late 
Henry O'Shea, Esq., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, 
by Catherine (created a Countess by Pope Leo XI II.), 
d. of Edward Cranach Quinlan, Esq., of Rosanna, co. 
Tipperary. He was born 1840, was ed. at Oscott Coll., 
and at Trin. Coll., Dublin, and m., 1867, Katharine, 
youngest d. of the late Rev. Sir John Page Wood, 2nd 
bart. Entered the i8th Hussars 1858, and retired as 
Capt. 1865. In favor of Home RuU^ and of a fair 
settlement of the Irish Land (Question. Elected for < 
Clare April 1880. 

Toum Addrest—1\ioma3L% Hotel, Berkeley Souare, "W. 

Rtsidenctt-'^owxiin Lodge, Eltham, Kent; George Str. 

• Is de«^nded from a younger brother of Mr. Speaker Ontlow father of the 4|h Baron 
ObiIow, who wa« in 1801 created Kari of On.low. He u grandwo of Sir Henry Oaslow, 2nd 
Urt., and great giaodMo of Adni. Sir Richard Omiow, K. B. , who m 1797 was created a Baronet. 




r. ■. OVULUTAII (UBMrtek Ooutn 

William H an, only ton o! 

Thoouu iMkt « ff Rathk«l«,ou i 

hy Nftncttr, d. ul i ^. lock. Uc ma* 

Uim 1HJ9. and m., > tl i880k--d. of 

William S|»«mI, Emj. »• iMuiynuun huum, oa UaMfkk, 
and BAttyciMKMi f'arlff. oo» Cock* !• • HWiciMSlt mmI 
Oim. ol ilM Boud orCttMdkuMoCthe KilsMlloek Uaioii. 
A wry activ* mpporicr of the //mm ^^ m o» M » cnl ; 
ukct a ptomhwl pan in the «(iUtioa for foitiwr rdbrm 
of tbe Und'Uwi, and Mouiaf amy wkh a mall portion 
ol ground attached for apkahwrJ kUMMrers ; advocate* 
Hoiuchoki Suflr^a. **OI>MalofaMlii«ataatkm. a» it 

faUfttmlairlyonaMWQrkiiVdM.'* latradacMl a bUl for 

^ by Ike vote of tbe people, one JMike for aadi wikm in 

•diiced a bUl to prevent ipirin w ii i Ikioora beiw mm om for 

they were at lea« terelee moolhe okL Fkn. dedad for co. 

Sifwc. DeUia. 

Arthur John OniAV, sccon.! ig ion of 

Aim Sir Robert Waller Olway, baft., by 

i Ictncotioa, d. and cobcire** of Aum. nUloeray, of 
Welk, Somerset. He waa bora August iSaa, waa ed. 
in Germany, and at the Roy. Military CoU., SamUmnC, 
and in 1851 :ta, d. of Sir jaoK* lai^ham, 

loth Ivut. I >i»t Light Infantry 1839 ; aenred 

«tith ht« rrgimcci tit India and Australia, and retired 
ii^6. Called to tbe Bar at the Middle Temple iS^a 
W as Under Secretary of State for Foreign Anura from 
Dec. 1868 tUl Dec. 187a U a J. P. for Middleiex, ami 
beir«presttmptive to hia brother. Sir George Graham 
Utway, and bart. KlJhtnU. Sat for StaflRord from July 
i8u till July i8$7, and for Chatham from July 186$ till 
Feb. 1 874. U nau cc emf ttlly conteated C hatham .M ajri 859, 
twl North Shickl» April 1861. Fint elected for Rochester June 14th, 187b. 



«i oat't MoaivcvM 


C/b4^AtlMMM>. RflAma. 

T0tmt Rrtidtmn-x^ CrcMrardl R<Md. S.W. 

S. ■. PAOST 

Richard Homer Paget, son of the late John 

Moore Paget, Esq., of Cranmorr. SumrrM-!. i\ Iliz^bcfh 
Jane. d. of the btc Rev. J. K Mdls, 

Somerset. lie wa* born l^ v Kojral 

Mtlitnry Coll., Sandhwsl, ami entered the ouh Kcipment 
l^ I r>:gn Dec. l848» heremff Licvl. Jane 1851, and 
Capt. l>ec. l8S4 ; retired 1863. In |S6(» he m. Caroline 
Imbel, sod d. of II. K. Surtccs, tsq., of Redwwth, 
Durham, !*«•• MP foi I It-rtfonlshire. f- » « I' ami a 


D.L. for Somenetihtre, uA Major 3rd Bat Somenet Rifle Vol. A C> 
stmativ/; "an advocate for Conservative progrcM." Sat for East Somcr- 
from July 1865 till Nov. 1868, when he was first elected for Mid -Somerset. 

T0mm Rttidfm* s*. Queai Anne StrMt, W. 

Smi -CrmiuBora Hall, vmx Slicpum M«ll«t. SooMravuhire. 

T T PAGET (Uloe8t«nhire. Soath). 

Thomas Teriius Paget,* el. son of the late 

Thomas Papet, Esq., M.P., by Anne, 2nd d. of the 
late John Pares, Esq., of The Newarke, Leicester, He 
was bom Dec. 27tn, 1807, and m., 1850, Katharine 
(Jeraldine, 4th d. of the late Marcus MacCauslan«l. Ksq., 
of Dreenagh, co. Derry. Is a J. P. and a D. L. for Leices* 
tershire (High Sheriff 1869), and a local banker. A 
JJberaL Sat for South Leicestershire from Nov. 1867 
till Nov. 1868; re-elected April 1880, having uns 
ccssfully contested the same constituency Nov. i8(. 
June IS70, and Feb. 1874. 

PatrvH ^9mt LMmg—\M\xn\iasa, V., Leicestershire. 
C/inix— Reform, Brooks's, Devonshire. City Liberal. 

.f/M/lr— Humberttone, Leicester ; Ibstock House, Ashby-de-la-Zouch : Oxeadon Lodge, 



William Palliser, C.B., son of the late 
Wray Palliser, Es^^., of Derryluskan, co. Tipperary, Col. 
of Walerford Militia, by Anne, d. of John Gledst.ines, 
Esq., of Annes Gift, co. Tipperary. He was bom 1830^ 
was ed. at Rugby, at Trin. ColL, Dublin, and at Trin. 
Hall, Camb., and m., 1868, Anna, el. d. of the late 
George Perham, Esa. Entered Rifle Brigade 1855, 
exchanged to i8th Hussars 1858, became Capt. 1859, 

and Major unattached 1864 ; retired from the Army in 

m^K^^ y(t*h ^^^^' ^^ Lieut.-Col. 2nd Middlesex (H.M.'s Custonis) 

^C^^KB[^ J^^ Artillery Vol. Is well known as the inventor of chilled, 

y^l^^^^^ >^^ or Palliser projectiles, the Palliser guns, and of various 

^^^JIP^^^ improvements in artillery. Has the Order of the Crown 

of Italy. Nominated a C.B. 1868, and receive*! the 

honor of Knighthood 1873. A Comervative. Elected for Taunton April 1880. 

Cinit—Army and Navy, Athenxum, United Service, Ketutngton. 
Residmc«—9i, Earl's Court Square, S.W. 

* This gentleman represents a branch of the Paget family who have been settled as Uad* 
<»wDcn at Ibctock since tiie time of Edward IV. 



a M. riUOft (Doftea. Voftia 

Charles Mark Palmkk, yoanger ion of the 

Uie Gcoffft PftliMV, Cmi., shtpownnr aad mcrduni, 
r Nt«CMtWKMi.TyBc. ty Maria, d. oT ThooMs Taylor, 
i .«|. II0 WM bom iBts, WM fld. at Dr. Brwoe't 
A nail way, N««CMdt-o»>T]rM^ tad alto la Fiaaea, 
and «. lai, iS46^ Jane— who diad 1865,— d. ci 
FTiwaaar Robaoa, (aq., of NtwoMtle-oi-TTBc ; swfly, 
1867. Ammu Marv.— who died 1875,-^ of Alfred 
l^ambtrt, Eaq., at Parit : jnffy. 1877, Gcftntde, d. oC 
la«ci MoMgomrry. ^ '/ llartlandft, Cim- 

frod, Middkaev. !«• > <i«lowner. and plate- 

glaai BMaaCMtnivr, and loqaarr a^ the Iowa ol larrov, 
—ol which he waa tltdad tho ftnt Mayor 1875,— a 
J.P. and a D.L. lor eow Dwhaai aad the North iudiaf 
of Yorkshire, Ueut>CoL com. of Tanov Eafiaiar 
Voluntrrrs and Lord of the Manor of Eatdi^ton aad Hiiidiiaill ia 
xh iMting. Author of "On the CbiMtfactioQ of Iron Ship* aad 

tb of Shipboiiding Operations on the Tyne» Wear, aad Teo^** 

Material for Shipbaildii«, aad ita laaaeaca oa tha Com- 
m- cot of Natioaa,** **Oa locne nfwaty Charch Refenaa." 

A --^tlly coalcated So^^**^ v^Ki^u^ ,869. Elected for North 

I > % ameated on f>^ Mav of the fame year, aad 

n: « JaaefoUowii^n \:ril 8th, 188a 

.SlM/^-Criakb Park. LoAaa^ Ot^tteMl. Y<i«k*lif« ; N^wcMih oa Ty— . 


a falmh (BaadiBcx 

Georve Palmer, son of Mr. WUliam Palmer, 
of Long Sutton, SomcrvtUitre, aad Elberton, Gloaccatcr- 
»hire, hj Mary. d. of Mr. William Inac, of S tar a d a a lg 
Newton, Dor«etAhire. He wa* bom 1818. aad OL, 1850^ 
Kliiabeth Sarah, d. of Mr. Robert Mcatyard, of Stoka 
Newii^oa. It an Aklenaaa aad a I.P. for Reading. 
A IJtfrmJ. Pint elected for Rcadiag May 17th, 1878. 

T0mm K t mdtm t t- «a, Grwwor Sifwl, W. 






John Hinde Palmer, Q.C.^ only son of 

Utc Samuel Palmer, Esq., of Dulwich Common, Sum 
— a J. P. and a D.L. for Surrey, — by Mar)', d. and hci 
of the late L. Hinde, Esq. He was l)orn 1808, and 
1849, Clara Maria,— who died Oct. 1863,— 2nd d. 
late Right Hon. Charles Tennyson D'Kyncourt, of 1 
Manor, Lincolnshire. Was called to the Bar at Liiu .. 
Inn Jan. 1832, and made a Q.C. 1859. Is a J. P. and 
U. L. of Surrey, a Bencher of Lincoln s Inn, Treasurer . 
that Inn 1880, and author of pamphlets on "The Churi 
and the Education Question," "County Reform," &> 
A Liberal ; in favor of peace, economy, and reform, li 
troduced and carried several useful Acts for the Amen 

ment of the Law. Unsuccessfully contested Lincoln 18^7, 1859, and 186. 

Represented that constituency from Nov. 1868 till Feb. 1074, when he was ;• 

unsuccessful candidate ; re-elected March 31st, 1880. 

- Town Xfodemcf^itfSt. George's Square, S.W 

C. 8. PARKER (Perth). 

Charles Stuart Parker, el. son of the late 
C. S. Parker, Esq., West India merchant, of Livt 
pool, — grandson of C. S. Parker, of Fairlie, Ayrshin 
and nephew of the late Vice-Chancellor Sir Jani< 
Parker, — by Anne, el. d. of Samuel Sandbach, Esq 
of W(xxllands, near Liverpool, and Hafodunos, Dti 
bighshire. He was l>om 1829, and was ed. at Eto 
and at Univ. Coll., Oxford, of which he has !>' ••> 
Scholar and a Fellow; grad. B. A., in first -class 1 
1852, M.A. 1856. Was a Public Examiner at ' 
/ ^^1J ^^ _^,^ \ ^^59» ^^^' '^3' *"^ '^8» Private Secretary lo il 
^-^^"^j^^ y^^^ ^ Right Hon. E. Cardwell, when Sec. of State for tt 

Colonies, 1864-6, a member of the Royal Conm 
on Military Education 1869-70, and of the Scotch Endowed Schools Comi) 
1872-4, and one of the Special Commissioners for Public Schools, Is ."m,i|..i 
of the Oxford University Vol. A Liberal. .Sat for Perthshire Nov. 1868 
till Feb. 1874, when he wxs an unsucLcssfuI catulidatc. First elected for 
Penh Feb. 1878. 

C/w^— Athetueum. 

i?rxu/^«K-r— FairKe, Ayrshire. 

Ttmn Resid*Mc*—ii, Great Queen Street, Weitfiuiuter, S.W. 



a t^ PAUOLL iOmtk 

Charles Stewirt PAaniLL, ton of ibe Ute John 
Hcanr Pivndl, Eaq.. J.P. tad D.L., of AvomUle, co. 
Wtdilow. bv Dtlb, <L of Commodorv dMrlcB Siewvt. « 
the Uailed Suici Navt. He iru boni 1846, ud cd. at 
M^ptok— CoUif , C— bridge. UaJ.P. forca Wkklo*. 
of which he wn High SheriflT 1874. A //#m/ ieWW. 
Sal fer Mcaib oo. from April 1875 till Maich 1880; 
r.,r Cork diy April 6ih, 188a 
. M ii td ^wm i<w K«pH 8tt<Mt. W.C4 

K. W. OOOnUJI-PATEICK fAjnhlrt. VorttX 

Robert William Cochran-Patrick, onljr 
um of the Ute WUliun Cochran- Patrick, of Laidylaad, 
AyrJtire, by Agnea, d. and hetfcaaof WiUiun Cochran, 
F^q.. of liiHyund. He was born 1843, wa* cd. at 
< > tlmrch. and at Trin. Hall, Camb,— 

urgh B.A. 1861. at Cambridge LL.B. 
i^os, ami iioo. LL.D. at Glaagow i8So^— ond m., 
1866, Ekaaora, ymmger d.of the Ute Robot Hunter. 

Kw, rJ ltMnl«>r Avr^hife. \% » I. P. fof CO*. AjfT 

• for A^hire. A Cmun- 
a Aynhtre April iSSa 

;u(k. Biiik. N.a ; Udybad. KOhinrfa. Ay«w 

A. PBAtB (Whittorv 
Arthur Pkase, son of thf l.iic Joseph I*tM<if. 

\'m\., M.P.,of Southend, I>.ulin-T..n. l.y 1 nima. 1 >! 
the btc Joseph Gnmejr, E»q., of Lakcnbam Gruvr, 
Nonkich. He waa born Sept. 12th, 1837. waa ed. at 
Grove IK>cue. Tottenham, and m., 1864, Bfnry Leckv, 
d. of Eliencter Pike, Eaq., of Bcaboroogh, oo. Cork. 
h an Aklcmian of Dariingtoo, of which boroogh be waa 
Mayor 1873 4, A Uktrmi, Elected for Whitby April 
i»t, 1880. 

Crap^^RaaBna, DwjaaaMffc 

QUI* H«M*. 




r. PBABE (Durham, Bonth). 
Joseph Whitwell Peasf; 

son of the la 


Joseph I'case, Ksq,, of Darlington, merchant, — w 
represented South Durham 1832-41, — by Emm n 
the late Joseph Gumcy, Kmj,, of LAkenham < 
Norwich. lie was born 1828, was privately d . 
in 1854 m. Mary, d. of the late Alfred Fox, Ksq., > 
Falmouth. Is a J . P. and a D. L. for the North R IH i i 
of Yorkshire and Durham, a Director of the N 
Eastern Railway Co., and an owner of coal an<i 
stone mines in Durham and Yorkshire. A Lwcra 
First elected for South Duriiam July 1865. 

C/«*<— Refonn, Brooks'i. Devonshire, City Liberal. 

Tvwn Retidence— a*, Kenungton Palace Gardens. W. 


Seats— )\\x\.XWk Hall, Gisborough, Yorkshire ; Kerris Vean, Falnouth. 

J. D. PEDDIE (Kilmarnock Dlatrlct). 

John Dick Peddie, son of James Pe<ddie, 
Writer to the Signet, of Edinburgh, by Mai^ret, d. 
of Professor John Dick, D.D., olCilasgow. lie was 
bom 1824, was ed. at the High School, and at Univ. 
of lidinbui^h, and ra., 185 1, Euphemia Lockli 
of James Stephen More, Esq., o! Edinburgh, 
to study for the law, but subseouently aSoptcd t: 
profession of an architect. Elected in 1870 an Acad 
mician of the Royal Scottish Academy, and was aflci 
wards for six years Secretary thereto. A Liberal. 
Elected for Kilmarnock District April 1880. 

Rsidftices — 33, Buckingham Terrace, Edinburgh ; Muckenich 
House, near Grantown, Invcme&s-shire. 


SIR HENRY W. PEEK, Bart. (Mid SurreyX 

Henry William Peek,* son of the late Jam< 
Peek, Esq., of Watcombe, near Torquay. He was 
Feb. 26tn, 1825, was privately ed., and m., 184 
Margaret Maria, 2nd d. of the late William 
Esq., of Claphara Common. Is a J. P. for Surrey 
Devonshire, Hon. Lieut. Roy. Naval Artillery Vol., 
Director of the Commercial Union Co., and princi| 
of the metropolitan firm of Peek Brothers and 
Created a Baronet 1874. A Consen>ative. Unsucc 
lly contested East Surrey July 1865. First elected 
4 id -Surrey Nov. 1868. 

Patron 0/ three Living — Cntnleigh, R., Surrey : Rousdon, R.^^ 
Devon : and every other turn St. Mary-at-Htll, R., London. 

Clubs- Carlton, St. Stephen's, City Carlton, Fanners'. 
Offices — ao, Eastcheap, E.C. 
Seats— Wimbledon House, S.W. ; Rousdoo, Lyme Regis, Devon. 

* Sir Henry's mother was the last of the family Lemaitre of Dieppe, immigrant at 
Revocation of tne Edict of Nantes, 1685. 

inacBCS9 or PAKUAHiirr. 


letlev Pkil, youngett ton of the btc 

<rt P(w!,» and bttft., by Jolia, d. ol (*cn Sa 

wm* bom Aug. 61I1, 1839, wa» cd. 

. Oxford, and to 1862 m. AdrUidc, 

!oMi Uocdak, i£«(|.. oC Mcfcirmle, Ww- 

It Um Immt Tcnplt, bal Imm not bcco 

,\jUk PaHt> B W*»**'^ ^k^MJ.'Imrv l.> tK4> Poor 

m Dec 186S t> toUry 

Baud of Trti-I. Au|{. 

1871. I'jUft MM n g c SccT -)t« TfcAMtn^ (fuBi Autf. 1K73 

till Feb. 1S74, and I ctanr for the llooc DrfMUt- 

mctii frum April tiU Dec. l88a It a D.L. an.J a T.P. oT Wanridnhiiv, and 

all* for Bcdfofdihire. A Idtm/, UmnoocarfiUfy coolcMd Coventry 1863. 

f im elected for Warwick July 186$. 

r^Ufwm^mt XMiv^Bpratth. V.. 

r#M R0ttdmi»-rK Emm PIm*. &W. 
5Mi>-TlM Lodg*. SMdy. BadlbnUliira. 


A. PILL (Laloeetenhlre. lovthX 

Albert Pki.i , son of the laic Sir Albert P-'' 

of the Court of Appeal, bv the Hon. M.. 
uta Matilda, d. uf the 12th Baroo St. John. 
waa bom March lath, i8ao^ waa cd. at Rugby, and at 
Trin. CoU., Camb.,— giad. B. A. and Hon. M.A. 1841. 
—and m., I&46, Lliiabcth Barbara, onlv d. of the late Sir 
Henry Halford, sod ban. I» a J. P. for Leiccfter»hirr, 
Northanptooahirc, and the lale of Ely, a D.L. for Cam> 
bridgcshtre, and haa been an agrkouarut apon a coo- 
sidcnble icale. Promoted cfaambcn of agrkakaie, and 
was the first Chm. of the Central Chamber io London in 
1866 and 1867. Was actively and pttblidy coo ceme d 
in promoting thoae stringent measures by which the 

cattle pbgne of 1865*6 was stomped out in Great Britain. A C^mtert-litt. 

Uniaccesalnllv contested South Leicestershire Nov. 1867 ; lint elected for thai 

oomtituency Nov. §868. 
C/yir-OvlMi. PuMn*. 

T0mm Mttidmtf » Otvvljuid Row. S.W. 

SirRoteft ^d, M.P far Ta^^wth far f w o y ^ If h i yews, — — 
{kHMd idoLoeo wmwpiB iIm ptnmmtom of Uw war with 

VM tlw idflM Hoik 8k Rolwi P^ PC. M.P. far Uk 

UaiMtiity of 0«fard oad for TuMonh, aad wwMitoly CUoT SooMaiy far bslMd. Hom 
a i m a uj . Md PriMM Miotear. Ho dM ia iSy^ kemomwi thm^ni FmIisI, and to 
•brond thai Um frmtk Aii— My. on }»mri^ of hk liaiisalirSii^--<o«»c4 
' its Mttinf Uw iK«t <Uy 



B. L. PEMBEBTOM (Kmt BftrtX 

Edward l^eigh Pemberton, nephew of the 
last Baron Kin^^sdown, and el. son of the late Edward 
Leigh Pemberton, Esq., of Torrv Mill, Sittingboume, 
by Charlotte, d. of the late S. Cox, Esq., a Master in 
Chancery. He was lx)m May 14th, 1823, was cd. at 
Eton, and at St. John's Coll., Oxford, and m., August 
1849, Matilda, d. of the late Hon. and Kev. Francis 
J. N(x:l, and cousin to the 2nd Baron Methuen. Called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn June 8th, 1847. Is Major 
in Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles, and a J. P. A 
Conservative. First elected for East Kent April 30th, 

C/i»*i— Carlton, Arthur't. 
T0wn Residenet—^, Warwick Square, S.W. 
jMi— Torry Hill, Siltingbouroe. 

J. PENDER (Wick BurghiV 

John Pender, son of the late James Pend< 
Esq., of the Vale of Leven, Dumbartonshire, by Marie 
d. of James Mason, Esq. He was bom 1816, and 
cd. at the High School, Glasgow, and m. ist, 1840^] 
Marion, d. of James Cairns, Esq, ; 2ndly, 1851, Vv 
d. of Henry Denison, Esq., of Daybrook, Nottin 
shire. Is a J. P. for Lancashire, Middlesex, Di : 
shire, and Argyllshire, a D.L. for Lancashire, Chm 
Globe and Eastern Extension Telegraph Cos., a mti 
and a Fellow of the Royal Geographical So., of the i 
So. of .Scotland, and of the Antiquarian So. of Scut i 
A Liberal. Sat as M.P. for Totness 1865-6, but w 
seated on petition. Unsuccessfully contested Linlit 
shire 1868. First elected for Wick District Feb. 1 

C/k**— Brooks's, Reform. City, Garrick, Manchester, Union, Burlington. 

Town Rtsidetue~\Z, Arlington Street, S.W. 

^#a/«— Middleton Hall. Linlithgowshire ; Foot's Cray Place, Kent. 

F. PENNINGTON (Stoclcport). 
Frederick Pennington, youngest son of the 
late John Pennington, Esq., of Hindley, by Elizal ' 
of the late John Hargreaves, Elso., of Westhou 
He was bom March 7th, 1819, and m., 1854, Mm 
d. of the late Rev. John Sharpe, D.D., Vicar ol 
caster. Is a J. P. for Surrey. Was formerly an 1 r t 
India merchant ; retired from business 1865. A /,/' vv;/. 
First elected for Stockport Feb. 1874. Unsucccb-^fuUy 
contested West Surrey 1868. 

C/»^x— Reform, Devonshire. 

TawH RetuUnct—XT, Hyde Park Terrace, W 

tSTro/— Broome Hall. Holmwood, Surrey. 

MKMBBM Of rARUAMBirr. 1 87 

Henry George Pwicy. P,C. {Fari 

vy).*cl.t(mortbe6ih Ddte of \..ft».um 
ftift, vmftcd 
I d. oT the 81I1 D«kr ' 
r NoftluimbcrUad atft 
KiLkbc lab 
1. 2nd Nof«lNmilMH> 

I rn a PrivY CoonctUMf MmUi ii>74. 

A ihumbolaad Nov. 1868. 


, ^.-.-^ .,, . w. 

fM«»- Almnck CmiK NocthuabctiMid : Allmry Pafk. 


E. ■ PHLin (BnrrX 

Robert Needhain Philips, youngest son of 
tbe late Robert Philip*, £mi., of The Park. MaiKhcMer. 
by Anne, d. of the lale Matthew Nccdham, Esq., of 
NoCtiughain Hr ua& born June 20Ch, 1815, was cd. at 
Rb^ and ter ColL. and m. itt, 1845. Anna 

Maria, — wh i. H of the bte Joaeph Brooks 

Yates, Esq., U \ >1 ; 2ndly, 1856. 

Maria,— wh i. H of the bte Joseph Brooks 

; indly. 183 
Mary EUeii, d. i . Esq.. M.P.. of 

BryanstOQ Square, i.oruion. ih a merchant and 
bctorcr, and a D.L. and a J. P. of Warwickshire and 
Lancashire, of which Utterco. he was !!i •>> st..r.n is^a. A Liktrai, Has sat 
for Bury since July 1865. having previa : it ftom April 1857 till 

April 1859. 

CM^Braoks't. AihMMia. Rdbrm. ViuAmtm Uakm. 

ShU-T^ PsHc. MuKlMMr : Waloaaibt, Strsdbrd>«»A««ii. WarwidbUr*. 

• Ud«OHidKiAaaMaidM.«Dwriik 


H«nrbiikMpr««iaoi^ WIKim d* l^cy. vWi hit 

1 88 


a V. P. pmppf (WMtbBin 

Charles Nicholas Paul Phipps, son of Charles 

Paul Phipps, Esq.,— M.P. for Wesibury 1869-74,— bv 
Emma Mary, d. of M. Benson, Esq., of Liverpool. 
Was bom Nov. 4th, 1845, was ed. at Eton, and m., 
1874, Clare Emilv, d. of Sir Frederick Ilervcy-Balhurst, 
3r<l bart. Is a J. P. for Wilts, and Lieut. Royal Wilts 
Yeo. Cav. A Comervative. Elected for Wesibury April 

C/m^/— Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. James's. 
RtMitUnce- Chalcot, Wcstbury, Wilts. 

BT. HON. LYON PLATFAIR (Edinburgh and St Andrew's UniversityX 

Lyon Playf.\ir, P.C, C.B., LL.D., 
/^.A\S., son of the late Dr. George Playfair, Chief 
I Inspector- General of Hospitals, Bengal, by Jessie, d. of 
the late Mr. George Ross. He was born May 21st, 1819, 
and was ed. at the Universities of St. Andrew's, Edin> 
burgh, and Giessen, and at Univ. Coll., London ; and 
is Hon. LL.D. of Edinburgh and St. Andrew's. He 
m. 1st, 1846, Margaret Eliza, — who died 1855,— d. of 
the late James Oakes, Esq., Ridding's House, Derby- 
shire; 2ndly, 1857, Jean Ann, — who died 1877, — d. of 
the late Crowley Millington, Esq. ; 3rdly, 1878, Edith, 
da. of S. H. Russell, Esq., of Boston, U.S.A. Studied 
chemistry at the Andersonian Univ., Glasgow, 1834, and 
under Liebig 1838. In 1840 took the manajgement of 
Messrs. Thompson's large calico print works at Clitheroe. Appointed Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry in Royal Institution of Manchester 1843 ; was afterwards 
a Commissioner to examine into the sanitary condition of our large towns and 
populous districts ; and on the conclusion of the Commission was appointed 
Chemist to the Museum of Practical Geology. Was Special Commissioner in 
charge of the Department of Juries at the Great Exhibition of 1851. Nomi- 
nated a C.B., and appointed Gentleman Usher to the late Prince Consort, 1851.. 
At the International Exhibition of 1862 he managed the Juries' departments, 
and anpointed the jurors. Was joint Sec. to the Department of Science and 
Art 1853-58, when he became Inspector-General of Government Museums and 
Schools of Science. Elected Pres. of Chemical So., London, 1857. Was 
Professor of Chemistry in the Univ. of Edinburgh 1858-68. Employed in 
Ireland by the late Sir Robert Peel during the potato famine ; examined for 
the Admiralty the coals best suited for the Navy, and for the Government into 
the causes of accidents in mines. Was Chm. of first Royal Commission for, 
inquiring into the state of the Fisheries on the British Coasts ; one of th< 
Royal Commissioners appointed on the appearance of the cattle plague in thi 
country ; Chairman of the Commission for reorganising the Civil Service i 
Chairman of the Select Committees for Postal Telegraphs, and Electric Lighting | 
and Postmaster-General from Nov. 1873 till Feb. 1874. Appointed Chm. 
Ways and Means Mav 1880. Sworn a Privy Councillor Dec. 1873. Is a F. R.S.J 
and Vice- Pres. or Fellow of many learned and scientific societies, Commander 



the AMirka Order ol 



Kakbl or Ike Poiti^MM Oider of iIm CoMcptkm. KidflN oT tW SvedMi 
OfSroTthoNoftlwmSttr.tMlaK^PNorWllftmlwfiL hliktwmi. Kleeted 
M Um 6ral ■wmlur oC iko Uaiivonllir of Edinlmffli umI 8i. Aadfcw't Dec ^K 
1873, Dec 1874. tad April itta 



I >a vid Robert Ftu n K rr. i*. C. Q. C. , 

//./>.. MM of the 3ni llaroo IMunkct. by Char 
U^ttc. <1. o(t))c kuchi Hun. iluktie* K. Bu^c. 
Mimrttroc Chief luxii.r ..f the ( Hicrn'k licnch 

^.iN cil. at Trii) 
|SS9. M.A. awl i 
Iruh Bar 1863. ur a 

Was law adviaeT 
1868, Sollchor-4 
and PajrmaMer • 
Coancil March 18S 
Law at the King't Iik 1 
of Lotd Phinkct." A CoHun^tn^. I 
Fim elected Cor Dublin I'nivcnit) 

of iiic rninr 

(unstitutiunal and Chmiaal 

the *' Lifie M 

coQiealed DobUn city 


C/yi«-Chrfiam Ovfkk : Uaivmky Md UMm Succ 
r««« RitUwmt BrffmM Murfni 1. 8.W. 

I. lKj8. aivJ 

^:nul. B A 

Lai let] to thr 

I Q.C. §868 

:t»cnt in 



■OV. WILLIAH H. B. POETMAK (DorMtahlrex 

William Hcnr)- Berkeley Port- 
man, el. fionofihelftVucoontPortmaa, 
b]r Lady Emma LeiccIIca, lid d. of the 
2nd Eari oTHarewood,— whodied 186$. 

He was bora July 12th, 1839, waaed. 
Eton, and at Mertoo ColL.Odbid,aad in 
i8<5 m. the Hon. Maiy SeliM Ckarioae, 
only d. of the late VieoocBt MOtaa, ami 
grand-d.ortheCthEariritnrillinL b 
a D.L. and a J.P. oT Sooaenct, ami a 
J. P. for Dotwt. Formerly CoL Wert 
Somenet YeaCav. A fmrmt; 'm fiivor 

oftheabolitioo of the malt tax. Sat for Shaftetbory fiom July l8sa tiO March 

1857, when be was lirrt ictnrned for DorMtahire. 
CkJt B fDcl u' a. Tmvdhn*. 



T. & POTTER (BoohdAtoX 

Thomas Bayley Potter, son of the late Sir 

Thotnxs Potter, of Buile Hill, Manchester, and brother 
of the late Sir John Potter, Knight, by Esther, d. of 
Thomas Bayley, Esq., of Booth I fall, near Manchester. 
He was bom Nov. 29th, 1817, wased. at Rugby, ami at 
the Univ. Coll., London, and in 1846 m. Mary, d. of 
Samuel Ashton, Esq., of Gee Cross, Hyde. Is a D.L. 
and a J. P. of Lancashire, and a J. P. for Manchester. 
Was President of the Union and Emancipation So. during 
the late war in the United States. \ Rcuiical ; in favor 
of assimilation of the borough and county franchise, 
electoral districts, religious e<iuality, and a thorough 
revision of the land laws. First elected for Rochdale 
April 1865, after the death of Mr. Cobden. « 

C/«A*— Reform, Devonihire, Cobden. 

T«mn /«</.r//r«— Reform Oub Chamber*. 105. Pall Mall, S.W. 

Ratd*MCt—i\, Courtfield Gardens. S.W. 


F. S. POWELL (Wlg&nX See " Occurrences during Printing. 

W. POWELL (Malmesbury). 

Walter Powell, youngest son of the late 
Thomas Powell, Esq., of The Gaer, Newport, Monmouth- 
shire, — a J. P. and D.L., — by Anne, d. of the late Mr. 
Walter Williams. He was bom April 17th, 1842, and 
was ed. at Rugby. Is a J. P. for Wiltshire, and a colliery 
roprietor. Unmarried. A Conservative. First elected 
or Malmesbury Nov. 1868. 

C/i/**- Carlton, Conservative, Boodle's. 
Town Residence— \T, Hyde Park Gardens, W. 
Country ResitUMce~\A\\\^ Somerford, Chippenham. 


W. R. H. POWELL (CarmarthenBlilre). 

Walter Rice Howell Powell, son of the 
late Walter Rice Howell Powell, by Mary, d. o£j 
Joshua Powell, E.sq., of Brislington. He was bora] 
1819, was ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford, andm. 1st, \\ 
Emily Anne, — who died 1846, - 2nd d. of HenrVl 
Skrine, Esq., of Stubbings, Berks, and WarleignJ 
Manor, near Bath; 2ndly, 1851, Catharine Annc,f 
2nd d. of Grismond Philipps, Esq., of Cwmgwilly, ^^ 
Carmarthenshire. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for cos. Pem- 
broke and Carmarthen (High Sheriff 1849). Haii 
l)een for more than forty years Master of Foxhounds. 
A Liberal. Elected for Carmarthenshire April i860. 
Retidenct — Maes-gwynnc, Whitland, Carmarthenshire. 

Mtimss or PARUAMKirr. 


OOOMVOft POWO (lUyo OoutyX 

John CConnor rowKn, ion of PMri< 

K.M) . at BalthMalne. by Mary. d. of — CyCoiK 
kcMcoonMit H« WM boni 1846^ and «■• oJ. ^i >-. 
jarlftlli'l 0>IL. Twun. UuMuried. In fevor oT //««/ 
/r»/<r. An IHth N»t...*.^i..f and in bvor ti emlcoduw 
l>o|iuUr pow«r to : luahhc (he ' H'fM iiiln tkr niTf 

all cUaact to iht > ( elected for OX Mayo May 

ArOiAwr-lj. A«i«M SUMI. DvUb. 

B. POWBft (WatOTfbviOttn 
Richard Power,* son of Patiick W. Power, 
Eaq., J.P., of Tnunore, co. WatcHbcd, by EUcn. d. of 
the Ute Edmood Power, £«{., of Guitecn, 00. Water* 
ford. He was bora 1851, and was cd. at Old Hall 
CoUn HertAmUbirc. In favor of ii^m* RmJ*. Pint 
elected for Waterford dty Peb. 1874. 
c fliw~'4jsrTiclu 


0- B. PUOEB (DtVOBpaUi 

George Edward Price, son of George Price, 

Rk] 'v of Worthy Park, Jamaica, and grandson . f 

Sir I . liKibart-, by the Hon. Emily Vakrnt : < . 

d. kj\ « liarun Duiuany. He waa bora March .1 

1842. and m., 1873, Gertrude Lawrence, ad 
I>h<cbe. widow of JoUtua Locke, E«q.,M.P. 1 

Royal Na\'y 1855, and Ijccainc a retired CommatMkx lS;j ; 

China war 18^7 ( " " 
tivt, Firrt elected fur bc%\M|iurt Kcb. 1874. 

served in China war iSy (molal uith daap). A O 

Ciy^-Naval and MOiiary, CaHioa. 

from Um Facn who. pcevioM 10 Um Oaaii 



SIR RIOHABD OBEEir-PRXaB, Bart (BadnonhlreX 

Richard Green-Price, son of the late Georgi 

Green, Esq., of Canon Bridge, Herefordshire, by Mai 

Biret, d. of the late Richard Price, Esq., of Kni^^liinn. 
ewa* bom Oct. i8th, 1803, and m. 1st, 1837, Fimm. .. 
Melborough, — who died 1842,— d. of Dansey Riiliai i 
Dansey, E»q., of East on Court, Herefordshire; 211. il, 
1844, I^aura, d. of Richard Henry King, Esq., M.D. 
of Mortlake, Surrey. Practisctl as a Sohcitor for tlnit) - 
four years. Is a D.L. and a J. P. for Radnorshire ( Higli 
.Sheriff 1876), and a J. P. for Herefordshire. Created ;i 
Baronet 1874. Assumed the name of Price in acconl 
ancc with the will of his maternal uncle, the late Richard 
Price, Esq., of Norton Manor, who was M.P. for the 
viTB HODtK. Radnor Boroughs 1798-1846. A Liberal. Sat as M.P. 

for the Radnor Boroughs 1862-9 ; elected for Radnor- 
shire April 1880, having in 1874 been an unsuccessful candidate. 
C/i«A«— Union, Devonshire 
JTm/— Norton Manor, Presteign, Radnorshire. 

L. P. PUOH (Cardiganshire). 
Lewis Pugh Pugh, son of the late John 

Evans, Esq., of Lovesgrove, Cardiganshire, by Eliza, 
d. of the late Lewis Pugh, Esq. He was bom 1837, 
was ed. at Winchester, and at Corpus Christi CoIL, 
Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1859, M.A, 1863,— and m., 1864, 
Veronica Harriet, d. of James Hills, Esq., of Neechia- 
depore, Bengal. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 
1862. Is a J. P. and a D. L. for Cardiganshire. Assumed 
in 1868, by royal license, the surname of Pugh in lien 
of his patronymic. A Liberal. Elected for Cardigan- 
shire April 1880. 

C/m3— OrientaL 

Ckam6ers~-i3, Old Buildings, Lincoln's Inn. W.C. 
Tffvm Residence — Queeo Anne's Mansions, 8.W. .S'ra/— Abcrmaide, new Aberysti 

J. H. PULESTON (Devonport). 

John Henry Puleston, son of John Pulestoi 
Esq., of Plasnewydd, Ruthin. He was bom June 2r 
1830, was cd. at Ruthin (Grammar School, and at King*! 
Coll., London, and m., 1857, Margaret, d. ofthelat 
Rev. Edward Lloyd, of Llanfyllin, N. Wales. A Con* 
servative. In favor of giving to education the larg« 
and freest scope, but of standing by the principle 
religious teaching ; and is opposed to the present work« 
house system of educating pauper children. Believe 
that temperance and the diminution of crime will 
better promoted by education and sanitary measures, th( 
improvement of the dwellings of the poor, than by re- 

MtMBiM or FARUAMVirr. 191 

•tricfive l«gbbHo8. IfriatihM ilMt tlM ooMteiloii of die OMMdi vidi iIm 
>»caic hAt nMde tiid pw nn i wl iW CMMiu dMnctcr tad fmrwtM of iW 
lutiun. ami i)mi « dotOT wiioo MMaf ChrifikM ibo«ld be aKio«r«f«t Fir4 
elcctrtl fur Denmport FcK 1874. 

r/.4»--CwlMi. CHMavvMi*^ Si. SMflm'*. lUfd Hmmm YadM. Ckv Cwl»». 


J. PULUT Otaraftoi Ottsrx 

Jotcph PutxKY. •onoftheUtejotrp' " " 

Ek|.. uf U«y«%rai^. b)r Fanny. <L of CIml- 
Km).. o( Vhuilmrf, \Vorce4er%hire. Ilewa 
and m., 1S60, Mary Jasc. 3rd d. U the late . 
Bwsen, Eaq. U aJ.P. and a IJ.L. for HcnrfovdiAiirr 
A ZiJwra/. Elected for ilcrefoid ctfy April i88u, 
Knvfaig in Feb. 1874 and in March 1878 \mm as wnoc- 
coafttl candidate. 

P. SALU (WaUmcftedX 

PcnHcli Ralli/ son of the Ute Thomas Ralli, 
I V.J . of London, by Maiy, d. of M. Pendeli Argenti. of 
Mar>cillc«. He waa bom 184^, and was ed. at the Univ 
of London, where he grad. B.A. 1866. Was for two yean 
private accretary to the Rt. Hon. Gcoige J. Goachca, at the 
Ailmiralir. A Uio^. Sat for Brklport from Mnich 187$ 
nil March i88(\ when he was an iinwriniMfiil caadidaie. 
Elected for Wallingford jane joth, 188a 
K*$idtmn-t1, Bdgmv* SquMvi. S.W. 

J. RAKtAT (FaXldXlOi 
John Ramsay, son of Robert Ramsay, Ks.|.. 

of Stirling, br Elizabeth, d. of W. Stirling, fiimicr, >^>( 
Cratgforth. tie waa born i8l4« was ed. at the Untv. 
of Glasgow, and m. 1st, 1857, Elio,— who died 1864, 
— d. of William Shields, En., of Lancheater, Oarhem ; 
and andly. 1871. Locr* d. of Gcorce Martin, Eaq.. of 
Anchendennan. Dtunbartonshire. Is a mrrrhant in 
Glasgow, a D.L. and a J. P. for Afgyllahirc a J.P. fur 
Lanarkshire, a member of Endowea Instttvtions Com* 
miarion vader Act of 1878, and a Fellow or member of several learned aodcliev 
Was an vapaid member of the Board of Education for Soodand, a member of 
Roy. CommiaBion on Edocati<^n m Sr.tiUiid (18&4), and of Roy. Comauarion 
on Endowed Schoob in Sco' .• ). A IJbtral, Sat for a abort time 

for the Stirliiv Bnigha ia 18^"^ for Falkirk Feb. 1874, bat beii^ di»- 

Mr. RaflrsbiaUybefGrMkvatnciMW. Hmi . _ . 

laaciai*OTihaMMa««fUMba»biuM»<irthM «fa«l hyilHTWtefai ilM. H« mUc 
Mttfad to Uaaiipw a* a aMrduuM in iha Cky. and fevidiid ih* tmm 



qualified to &it by reason of holding shares in a company that held a Govemmcni) 
contract, a new election took place March 26th, 1874, when he was re-elecicd ^ 
re-elected April 8th, 1880. 

r/»A»— Windham, Alheiueuin. 

Jm/— Kildaluw. ArgylUhir*. 

SIB JOHN W. RAM8DEN. Bart. (Torkalilre. Eastern DiviBloii of West Riding) 

John William Ramsden,* son of the late 
John Charles Ramsden, Esq., sometime M.P. for Malton, 
by Isabella, youngest d. of the 1st Baron Dundas. lie 
was bom Sept. 14th, 1831, was ed. at Eton, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb,, — grad. M.A. 1852,— and m., 1S65, 
I^dy Helen Guendolen St. Maur, d. of the 13th \h\iv 
of Somerset. Is a D.L. and a J. P. for the West KilinL; 
of Yorkshire, a D.L. of Inverness-shire, and Hon. ( nl. 
1st West Riding Artillery Vol. Was Under .Secrtiaiy 
of State for War 1857-58, and High Sheriff of York- 
shire 1868. SucceedcJd his grandfather, the 4lh hart.. 
1839. A Uberal. Sat for Taunton from 1853 till 1S57. 
for Hythe from 1857 till 1859, for the West Ridiiit^ 
of Yorkshire from 1859 till 1865, and for Monmouth District from Nov. 1S6S 
to Feb. 1874, when he unsuccessfully contested the Eastern Division of the 
West Riding of York ; elected for the Eastern Division of the West Ridiii}; 
of York April 1880. 

Patrtm 0/ four Lrvmjpt—Co»ts, V., Lincolnshire; Huddenficld, V., St. John's, V,, 
Huddersfield and Almondbury, V., Yorkshire. 
C/$tis — Brook&'s, Athenzum, Travellers'. 
Ttmm RetidtHce—f), Upper Brook Street, W. 
Seat*— Byram, Ferrybridge ; Longley Hall. Huddersfield ; Ardverikie, Kingussie, N.l 

J. RANKIN (LeomlnsterX 

James Rankin, only son of the late Robei 

Rankin, Esq., of Bromborough Hall, Cheshire, 
Anne, d. of John Strang, Esq., of St. Andrew's, N.l 
He was bom Dec 26th, 1842, was ed. at Trin. Coll 
Camb. (B A. 1st class Natural Science Tripos 186I 
M.A. 1868), and m., 1865, Annie Laura, d. of Chi 
pher Bushell, Esq., Hinderton. Chester. Is a J. P. fa 
CO. and city of Hereford, and a D.L. for Herefordshii 
(High Sheriff 1873), and Chief Steward of Herefor 
A Conservative, Elected for Leominster March 31s 

C/k^*— Carlton, St. Stephen's, New University. 

ToTVH Rtiidence- 35, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 

3"<'a/— Bryngwyn, Hereford. 

* Robert Ramsden, Esq., was seated at Longley Hall temp. Henry VIII. The fir 
baronet received his baronetcy in 1869 for his essential services and the distinguish«Kl 
exhibited by him at the Kevolutioo. 

MIMUM or f AftUAMKirr. 




William Kaihisunk, ioo of the laic Willuun 
Kai»il«M, Eh|*i ol Gfcnhink, Uiwpool. by EluabcU^ 

U. uT tht lM« ^MMWl GffCe, EmL, of Quiirrv lUx>k, 

ClM4iii«. lUwM boni F^ lliK I 
1S47, Locfctift WaHiwright. d of tkr 

the Utc .\«.Kc»«>ii 

U a ii.U and • -ini in 

livcfpooL A ' rrpool 

Crmi Nov. i*'*-'^ ^ '"o- 

tttuA Sen: 

Tmm ^^yiw w -it, Mm**! Gm4«m. 8.W. 

8IE OHABLn EID (tt ItmL 
Charles Rfft*. //.Z>., son of the Ute 
Andnv irobhd|*c Heath, Hacknejr, 

— the i of the I^ndon Orphan 

Akylutu. liic laUut Ur|>luii h-.x^I 

Asvloin for IdiotB, the Fai iiioiti. 

ami the Koyal Moapiul Utt incuraom, — tn t.itxabctb, 
M<V liulmc*. He wa* bom Juoe aoili, 1^19, waa cd. 
at the London Univ., before the duutcr wa» granted, 
and in 1S46 m. Margvet, yoaagul d. of the laie bdwanl 
Bainea, M. P. for iJeed*, and auter of the iatc Kt. Hon. 
M. T. baines, M. P.. and of Sir Edward Bainet, late 
M. r. for l.<?ed«. I* a Comnii«k>oer of I k^trnancy for 

' •mion 





•• llual.. 


Hon. 1 
othcer >'\ 

nality in ih 
Ive* Ai 

>l the laic .Mr. Ucorj-e I'calxxly, thi 
)im. of the Commillcc that prrnno'r-! 
1867, ami carrirtj in 1^ 
irum Katim;." Ua I I 

. soii-74, when he vra 
.lined to reiUcr Par 

: tJ-.t- 

nncc, A 
r St. 



KdwarH James Rkkd, A'. C.B.^ F.R.S,^ son of the 
late Mr. John kec<l, of Shcemess, l)y Kliralnrlh liis wife. 
He was iKmi Sept. 20th, 1830, was cd. at the School of 
Mathematical ami Naval Con»;tniction, Portsmouth, and m., 
1851, Kosctta, el. d. of Nathaniel Hamaby, Esq., of Shccr-^ 
new. Was Chief Coasinictor of the Navy July 1863 till Jul] * 
1870, when he resigned. Is a F*ellow of the Royal So. 
Vice-Prcs. of the Inst, of Naval Architects, memlnrr of" 
of Civil Engineers, and of Mechanical Engineers. Author of "Our Iron-clad' 
Ships" **Shi ' " r in iron and Steel," "Our Naval Coast Dcfin- 
Mpen in •• I'! ! Transactions," &c. Isa Knight Com. of the Im, 

Russian order ..luislaus, of the Austrian order of I-rancis Joseph, a: 

the Turkish order of the Mcdjidic, 2nd class. A Liberal. Sat for Pembroke 
District Feb. 1874 till March 1880, when he >»-as elected for Card iff District. 
Citib— Devonshi re . 
Officrt— Broadway Chambers. Westminster, S.W. 

^M/— Hextable. near Dartford, Kent. 

R. T. REID (Hereford City). 
Robert Threshie Reid, son of the late Sir 

James John Reid, of Mousewald Place, Dumfries, by Mary, 
d. of the late A. Threshie, of Bambarroch, Kirk cud brighti 
shire. He was bom April 3rd, 1846, was ed. at Cheltenhai 
College, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford,— grad B.A. 186^ 
— and m.. 1871, Emily Douglas, d. of Capt. Arthur Ceci 
Fleming Clate ist Dragoon Guards). Called to the Bar 
the Inner Temple 1871. A Liberal. Elected for Herefor 
city April 1880. 
C/wJ#— Garrick, Devonshire. 

-I, Temple Gardens, E.C 

S. RENDEL (MontgomeryslilreX 

Stuart Rendel, third son of the late Jamci 
Meadows Rendel, Esq., F.R.S., an eminent engineer,. 
He was bom July 2nd, 1834, was ed. at Eton, and a 
Oriel College, Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1856, M.A. 185c, 
— and m., 1857, Ellen, d. of William Egerton Hubbard, 
Esq., of Leonarrislee, near Horsham. Called to the Ba 
at the Inner Temple 1861, but has never practised 
Formerly a memlx-'r of Sir William Armstrong's en- 
gineering firm, and its managing partner in Eondo:t 
A Liberal. Elected for Montgomeryshire April if 

C/M^x—Athenzum, Garrick. 

T<nvn Retidencf—xd, Kensington Palace Gardens, W, 

Country ResHence—VMs Dinam, Montgomeryshire. 




T«mm MMi dtm t * 4, Cr ow u f fiarikiw S.W. 


Frcilcnck William Brook Thf.lll'v 
•ON (Cth lUroQ KeiKllckluuB ia the reersee 
61 Irvkad), el. mm of Krederkk, 41k baron, 
—who died iS(3. bv EUm CiMrlolte, d. of 
SirGcoq>r I <*iooCt, and bftrt. He 

«nt t)r>m t '"MCN wm ed. at Kton, 

' i&lurd, and m., 1861, \ju\y 
A l88o^-«l. d. of the 18th 
M ^^fiiiiion, ICT. Fonnerly Major 
SoflbikYcaCav. Ual.P. for SoiMk. 

urh CO. he WM High ShTiff 1870. A 

xt Suflulk Kcbi 1874. 

VJl. IL. Md IL.tUv V 

a W. 1. RBPTOM (WarwIfikX 
Cfcorge William John Repton, only ton ol 

•ctirge Stanley Reploo, Eaq^ by Ljuly Elixabeth, d. d. 
< f the iftt Earl of Ekloo. He wat born December 36ih, 
1818, was ed. at the Univ. of Odbrd. ami m.. 1848, 
Lady Jane Sejrmoar, only d. of the 3rd I > 
A Cmutnmine, Sat for St. Albana fi 
dlifranchiftemenC in 1852, and fur Wan»ick irorn juiv 
1852 till Nov. 1868; re-elected Feb. 4th, and March 
3UI. 1874. 


Ttmm Rtwidtmn 9% Oiraoa Street. \L»vf^r. W. 

SM#-Od«n QmK Bwtford. 

B. RIORAKO (Karttjr TydvUV 

Henry Richakd, son of the late Rev. 

.1. of T 



ihire, a 

been a stating advocate for .1 

arvJ i^ ^ivrtf.^n' ••f iho PeAcc 

RttUtmct—rit iKtUoa iMrdci 

body. He 

• nxm. Sch., 


of the 



J. H. RI0HABD8OH (Amut^h Ck>unt7). 

James Nicholson Richardson, son of Join 

G. Richardson, Esq., of Moyallon House, co. Down, 1 
Helena, d. of the late Richard Grubb, Esq., of (-0)1 
Abbey, co. Tippcrary. He was bom 1846, was ed. a 
Grove House Academy, Tottenham, and m., 1867, 
Sophia, d. of William Maicolnvson, of Portlaw, co 
Waterford. S. IJbcral ; ** a supporter of the inter- • ' 
the tenant farmers of Ireland ; m favor of the con 

tion and extension of the ancient Ulster custom of tc 1 

right, including free sale, security of tenure, and tli 

alwlition of all arbitrary office rules, and the princi|)l 

of Government assisting thrifty tenants to purchase then 

holdings when offered for sale, by which means thi 

experiment of a peasant proprietary can be fairly tried." 

Elected for co. Armagh April 1880. 

C/«^— Reform. Residence— 'iAo\xx\\. Caulfied, Bessbrook. co. Armagh. 

T. RICHARDSON (Hartlepool). 
Thomas Richard.son, el. son of the late 

Thos.Richardi>on,Esq., of Castle Eden, and Hartlepool. 
He was bom June 6th, 1821, and m., 1843, Maria, <i 
of the late Richard Grecnwell, Esq., of Sunderlan<i 
Is a J.r. and a D.L. for the co. of Durham, a T.l' 
for the North Riding of Yorkshire, and head of tl 
firm of T. Richardson and Sons, marine engin- 
builders, Hartlepool. A Liinrral. Sat for Hartlepo 
from Fcl). 1874 till July 1875, when he accepted tl. 
Chiltern Hundreds ; re-elected April 1880. 

C/«^— Reform. 

Town Residence— (), Bridge Street, Westminster, S.W. 
Seat — Kirklcvington, Yarm, Yorkshire. 
SIR MATTHEW W. RIDLEY. Bart (Northumberland, North). 

Matthew White Ridley, el. son of Sir Mattht 
White Ridlev, 4th bart., M.P. for North Northuml 
land 1859-68, — who died 1877, — by Cecilia Anne, 
of the 1st Baron Wensleydale. He was bom July 184^ 
was ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxfonf, of 
he was Scholar; grad. H.A., 1st class Classics, 
M.A. 1867, and elected t'ellow of All Souls" « . 
1865 ; m., Dec. loth, 1873, Mary Georgiana, el. d, ■ 
.Sir D. C. Marjoribanks, 1st hart., M.P. Was In, 
Sec. of State for the Home Department from Apr 
till April 1880. Is a J. P. for Northumberiand, an- 
of Quarter Sessions for the co., and Major Nortlr 
land and Newcastle Yeo. A Comervative. First ^ 
coNSTANs now. f^^ North Northum»>erUnd Nov. 1868. 
C/««*«— Carlton, White's. 

Town Residence- \o, Carlton House Terrace, S.W. 
Jra/— BlaKdon. Cnunlingtoo, Noahumberlaod. 


MEMBiftt or PAKLiAMnrr. 



Charles Thonuon Ritchie, ion of the bte 
FoffimUrar^EttabeUi Ms trife. Ht «m bom Nov. 

<>«rr. : >L ml 

Kiuhic ai»'; iuic uunacxk, am 

turcTk A i int cicct«i for tht Tower 

U. gvHB't Cm* TansM. & W. 

BOS. TBOHAB C AOAft EOBASm (Oonwall. iMOb 

Thomas Charies Agar-Robartes, onlv ton 
of the lit Bftroa RulMutet, by Jaliaiui, d. of the Ule 


Kt. Hon. RegtoAkt Pole Carev, of Antoor. Cornwall. 
He w» boni iS44, wu cd. at Ch. Ch.. Ouord.— M.A.. 
i86q,— and m., 187S, Marv, d. oC Francis llcmy 
DickiMoa. Esq. (fonaerly M.P.), of Kiapwatoo, 
Somencc. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 
,«,« I. . I I. ,„.! . n u of CorowalL A liSenti. 

J. ROBERTS CniBt DlatrtflO. 

John Roberts, son of David Roberts, Esq.. of 
I aayrailt, Denbighthire. He was bom July uth. 183$, 
wa* cd. at Brighton, and m^ 186 1. Katharine Tador,— who 
died 1880,— da. of the late Rev. John Hvghca» of Lirer 
pooL . U a Magiitrate for DcnbighUiire. A lOtn/. 
Pint elected for Flint Dirtrict Jvly S^K 1878. 





A Uberai. 

H. ROBERTftON (SlurewtlmryX 
Henry Robertson, son of the late Duncan 

Robertson, Esq., by Christian, d. of J. Anderson, Esq 
He was l)om 1816, was ed. at King's College, Al>er(lcen, — 
grad. M. A., — and m., 1846, Elizabeth, d. of William Dean, 
Esq., of London. Is J.l*. and a D.L. foi *' 
and I)cnbighshire,— -of which co. he was 1 1 
— a civil engineer, a coal and iron-master, a*!.. ^ 
railways, a mcmljer of the Institute of Civil Km 
Chairman of the Llanderfel and Llandrillo Scli< 
Was Enginccr-in-Chief of the Shrewsbury and Clicstci, iIm 
Shrewsbury and Birmingham, the Shrewsbury and Hereford, 
the CentnU Wales, and of various railways in N. Wales. 
Sat for Shrewsbury 1862-8; re-elected Feb. 1874, and April 1st,. 


C/mAt—Rtfona. Whitehall. 

ClUtmhfrt—T, Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, S.W. 

TewH Ursidetut—tj, Lancmter Gate, W. 

5Mft— Pal<, Corweo. Merionethshire ; Brymbo Hall. Denbighshire. 

K B. H. RODWELL (CambrldgesMre). 

Benjamin Bridges Hunter Rodwell, Q.C,^ 
son of William Rodwell, Esq., a J. P. for Suffolk, 
banker at Ipswich, and late of Woodlands, Ilolbrool 
Suffolk, by Elizabeth Ann, only child of Benjai 
Hunter, Esq., ofGlcncarse, Perthshire. He was boi 
Jan. 181 5, was ed. at the Charterhouse, and at Ti 
Coll., Camb.,— grad. IJ.A. 1837, M.A. 1840,— and 
1844, Mary Packer, d. of ihe late James Boggis, Esq.; 
Lieut. -Col. W' est Essex Militia, of Baddow Court, Es 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 1840. •• ' — !< 
a Q.C. and a Bencher of his Inn 1858 ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for ^ 
Chm. of Quarter Sessions. A Consfri'aiivf ; believing true Conservat 
in adapting existing institutions to the wanU and .spirit of the age ; stron^l] 
opposed to ritualism, and in favor of a moderate Tenants' Right Bill ¥v^ 
elected for Cambridgeshire Oct. 3rd, 1874. 

Patron o/em4 Litnmt—AmfUm, R., Suffolk. 
C/»^«— United University, Windham, CarkoQ. 
Ck4tmiert—i, New Court. Temple, E.C. 
J/fl/— Woodlands, Ipswich. 

MiMim or PARLiAMtirr. 


J. I.& 




Jamet Edvrin 'fhoroltl RoGi«s»* ton of the 

bic Ucor^e Vinini* Kug«ns K»ty, of W«aM«in. llAnK 
bv Mary Ann, d. of the Uic John I' 
lir wAh tiora March sird. 1823, waa ctl 

. Loodon, and at Mai^lalcn lUU (ouw IlcrtfurU 

. OsHovd (HA, IM clu* CUuMca. 1846), and 

1 '^S4• Am SuMiiBah Cbarhm*, and d. of the late 

V RettQ IUjrBoldi»CaaL, SoUeilor to the Traaaury. 

rrn kcvrnl litnctt nibflc Fwtwdnat aad Moderator 

!. and waa Profeawr of PoUtkal 

J 6S. b F.Mmingr ia PoUUoal 

fuij^ comc»ic«i .'xrarixxou^n 1^74. 

! U:uuuiujr in the t'oiv. of London, and liaa baca Tooke 

I'rofeaMT of Economic Sckoce and Statbtki at Kine'a 

T^- Waa foramrly in Holy Ordm. Aotlior of 

of Agrknhare and Prkci.'* **Jhe Piolcata 

..lurnon. " •• Tobdea'a Polkical Opiniona,'' 

Mr. Bright'* SpecclMa and 

> * Wealth of Naikma.** and 

l-^liah and Ibreitpi reviewa. It 

Oaiord. A UtmU. Umoccw 

4. 1, EOLU (MOBmootbahlrtX 

John Allan Rolls, only son of the late 

• Wt.v. }i^i^ kaq.. of The Hendre, 

tnoatb, bjr Eliiabcth Mary, 

. uf Prethaw Hooae, Hants, 

:th Eari of Northcak. 

wn^ ed. at Eton, and 

(XMpaoa Marda, 

barL Fonaerly 

^-- Car. ba 


Cimit Carhoii. Anhur •. 
r«M X ni dtm n Sa^ Lo^^ Radnd Gala. &W. 
J^m^-Hm H«Mlra. MoMMMk 

whom patrwi yk w» Haroa, aaMflaad in 177s dM 



A. H. B068 (Kalditon«). 

Alexander Henry Ross, son of the late 
Charles Rom, Esq., M.P., and a Lord of the AtlmiraUy, 
bv Lady Mary Comwallis, d. of the 2nd and last 
Marquess ComwalHs. He was born Oct. 2 1st, 1829, 
was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— B. A. 1851, 
M.A. 1854,— and m., 1859, Juhana, d. of William 
Moscley, Esq., of Leaton Hall, Staffordshire. Called 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1853. Scrvetl twenty 
years in the West Kent Militia, from which he retired 
as Major, and was for many years a meml:>er < 
Metropolitan Asylums Board. A Consen^ative. 1 
for Maidstone April 1880, having in Feb. 1874 m-in 
an unsuccessful candidate. 

Club— Cariton. 

KesuitMce—2% Portland Place, W. 


Nathaniel Mayer de Rothj 
CHILD,* el. son of the late Baron Liot 
Nathan dc Rothschild, by Charlotte, d. 
Baron Charles de Rothschild, of NapU 
He was lx)m 1840, was ed. at Trin. Coll.|] 
Camb., and m., April 1867, Emma, 
of the Baron Charles de Rothschild, 
Frankfort, member of the Prussian Upj 
House. Succeeded his uncle, Sir Anf' 
the 1st hart., under special rcmaindi 
1876. Is a I). L. for London. A/.;. >-.... 
First elected for Aylesbury July 1865. 

CimAt — Arlington, St. James's, Turf, Marlborough. 

Tmvu Residtrue—i, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Seat— Tnng Park, Herts. 

J. ROUND (Essex, East). 

James RouND,t el. son of the Rev. Jamt 
Thomas Round, B.D., Rector of All Saints', Colchcstci, 
Rur.1l Dean and Hon. Prebendary of St. Paul's, by 
Louisa, d. of Rev. George Barlow, Rector of Burgh. 
Suffolk. He was bom April 6th, 1842, was ed. at Etoi 
andatCh. Ch.,Oxford,— grad.B.A. i864,M.A. 1872, 
and m., 1870, Sibylla Joanna, d. of the late Rev. Henry 
Freeland, Rector of liasketon, Suffolk. Called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple June 1868. Is a J. P. and n 
D.L. for Essex, and Capt. West Essex Militia. hCoi 
servative. First elected for East Essex Nov. 186S. 

• The father of the present barvmet was the first member of the Jewish pcrsnasioj, 
to the English Parlbment. and the first Israelite who took his scat in the House of C' • 
He was oricinally returned for the City of London in 1847, btit did not uke his scat uiml Ji. 
1858, when he was enabled to do so by the omission of the clause in the Oaths Act which h. 
prevented Jews from voting in Parliament. 

♦ Mr. Rounds family has been sealed at Birch Hall, Essex, since temp. George I. H 
is the owner of Colchester Castle, and eventual heir to the esUtes of the late Charles Gr. 
Round, Esq., M.P. for North Essex 1837-47. 



O 1. BOUSraU. (OrmiiUiAm). 

Cluiriet Savilc Koundbll, younger tur 
viiriii£ ton of ibe Uie Rev. DwMoa RjOMmlfluQ 

Rmjntfrfl. of *irrrvrn ami of Cil i HKo n g, 00. York« bjr 

*" If \V. Fo«' M. He WM 

, and wa* r«jw, aad at 

»n»ni, fiad . h.rk. i>i cUm m Lit. 

daaa MrtJWMifka iSjo^ aiid in l8u 
low of McilMi Coll, and obtained the 
» i'rue for the Ei^iah fjtan. He m.. 
. rl. a. of WUbvakam TolWrnadie, Eaq.. ol 
I. ( hr^hire. Called to the Har at Lincoln'* 
i( >> -I to practise in 1865. Waa Sec. to 
tnc Jamaica Roy. Commiaabo 1865. and to Um Doke 

f Clevebuvl'ft C nmmlMfcm of eoqoiiy into the property and iaoonc of the 

nivcmiin of Oxfoni and Cambridfe 1871. Pnvate Secretary to tiie Earl 

^{lenccr (Lord Lieut, of Ireland) i86S» and a member of the Friendly Sockcics 

.mmkNinn 1871. It a J. P. and a D. L. for Siracx. A J.iifnU ; ** in fitvor of 

' le rdbrm of ibe Land Law and of tbe lyttcm of Local GovcflWBcnl, 

i-»ion of tbe coanty franchise, the aboUtioa of flogging in the 

imi .Navy, of the Buriab Bill, and the Icgaliiatioo of marriage with a 

^wire'twter." UoaocccMfoUycoiilntfld CUthcne 1868. Efactad for 

.....atam March 188a 


Tmm Jf*Mmt^t6, Cmnm 9m. Mayfrir. W. 
CMuOrf Mit i d mn Otbcnw. Pwnbym, Sai— b. 



Arthur John Edward Russell, second son 
of the bte Locd George WUliam RoMell. i;.CR.. by 
Elixabcth Anne, only child of the hue Hon. John Thco- 
phihu Rawdon. U brother to the 9tb Duke of Bedford, 
and nephew to the IM Earl RuaMll. Ratted to the nmk 
of a Duke's mo i87J. He was bom June 13th, 1825, and 
m.. 1S65, Laura, d. of the Vicomie de P tyro on ei. Waa 
Private SecreUry to Lord John (aftarwaida Eari) Raaaell 
1 849- (4. U a fr cllow of the Senate of Laodo« Uaivemty. 
A lArtU, ¥xnX elected fur Tavtrtock Sept. |8S7. 

T0mm Kntitmt*-%. AudWv SoMfv, W. 



a RUSSELL (Dandalk). 
Charles Russell, Q. C, son of the late Arthur 

Ku&scll, Esq., of Newry, by Margaret, widow of the laic 
John Hamill, Esq., of Belfast. He was bom 1833, was 
eti. at Castlcknock Coll., and at Trin. Coll., Dublin, and 
m., i8q8, Ellen, el. d. of J. S. Mulholland, Esq., M.D., 
of Ikl^st. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1S59, and 
l)ecame a Q.C. 1872. A Liberal. Elected for Dundalk 
April 1880, having in Feb. 1874 been an unsuccessful 

Ckitfmlfn—i, Brick Court, Temple, E.G. 
Jitst'tUtue— 74. Henley Street, W. 

BIB CHARLES RUSSELL, Bart. (Westmlnater). 

Charles Russell, KC, el. surviving son of Sir 

Henry Russell, 2nd bart., — who died 1852, — by Marie 
Clotilda, d. of Bcnoit Mottet de la Fontaine (Baroa 
fief^ de St. Comeille, .Seigneur de la Motte et de 
Fontaine in Picardy), of Compeigne, in Picardy. He 
bom 1826, and was cd. at Eton. Entered the Grenadi 
Guards 1847, became Lieut, and Capt. 1 853, Caf 
and Major 1855, and Lieut -Col. 1858; retired if 
Served with distinction in the Crimean war, as De\ 
Assist. Quartermaster-Gen. to the 1st Division at 
battles of the Alma, Balaclava, and Inkemian, and at 
siege and fall of Sebastopol ; has the Crimean medal 
four clasps, the Victoria crass, the order of the Medjidil 
and the Turkish war medal. Is a Knight of the ~ 
of Honor, and a D.L. and a J. P. for Berkshire. A Consa-vative. Sat 
Berkshire 1865-8. First elected for Westminster Feb. 1874. 
Clnbt — Carlton. Guards'. 
6At/— Swallowfleld Park, Reading. 


O. W. E RUSSELL (Aylesbury). 

George William Erskine Russell, young< 
son of Lord Charles James Vox Russell, by Isabel 
Clarissa, d. of the late William Davies, Esq. He 
bom Feb. 3rd, 1853, and was ed. at Harrow, and 
Univ. Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1876, M.A. 1880. 
a member of the Inner Temple. A Liberal. Elec 
for Aylesbury April 1st, 1880. 

Town Retidenc* — 9. Morpeth Terrace, Victoria Street, S.W. 
Country RtstJgHce—Vi ohyxm, Bedfordshire. 



Peter Rylanos. ion of the Ute John 

Kylamlk. ivx}.. of liewwy Houm. WafHi^;to«. bf 
JkUrUia, d. o( Um Uu Rev. jamet (iUMbiPok. Viow oT 
Btltoa. H« WM bom iSao, wat ed. at llw FowMlatiM 
School. Wamnctuo. ami ro.. iVii. Carulinc. d. of 
Willum kr Warrii«. 

tim. U A j caMcr a»l 

r.f the lionHiii'i ul \s Afiuiijioo,— of nhiUi lie waaMayuc 
is>i 4 ~4 hirrcttir «»f ib« Manchartcr and Liverpool 
lUtikiiks Co.. o^ ft*earMO aad Kaowki Coal and Imn 
Co^ <LUBilodK ud of R]rlaadabroihtn(Liiniir<J). ir u 
in&»:cr» Aivl «rif« nMUM&clwefii Waa a McmU t of i >< 
K uiwion on Cooiaciottt Ditraini ' 

l»«lni? .p!c." •• The Mfttkm of the O: 

un%uocr%«iuiiy cuntoieu 34iuin-r^«( i.,ancmuiuc, 

Feb. 1876U 

.«r«. S.W. 

tXK junii SI. AuttYV. Ban (Oonwail. Wacti 

John St. Aubyn,^ cl. son of Sir Edward St 

Au'hyn, l*t Iwrt.,— who dic<l 1S72.- of St. Michar!'» 

Mount, Cornwall, by Kinma, <l. of the late (»cn. KnoUy*. 

23ni, 1829, wa* etl. ai Ktoo, and at 

gratl. H.A. 1852, — and in 185601. 

I incntina, 2nd d. of the 4th Maruoetf 

a D.L. and a J. P. of Cornwall. Dcp. 

»f thr Stannaries and Hon. IJcut.'Col. 

" "itia. A ZjAtji/; in favor 

II. Ftnt elected for We%t 

>. }.., 

il Wanirn 


W. N. M. ST. AUBYN iHaUtoa). 

Walter Naplcion Molesworth St. Aubyn, 
yoiin^ot son of the Utc Kev. I lender Molesworth St. 
.\u)>yn, of Clowancc. Conm-all, by Helen Matilda 
I .ilKrIle, <I. of the late Kev. T. Napleton, of Poird«rbaai« 
Ikv.M). lie uas Itom Oct. iSth, 1833. and waa cd. at 
Harrow, ami at Ch. Ch.. Oxford.— grad. RA. i86i. M.A. 
1864, — an«l m., iS -, .\nnie, jroonger d. of Gcor|>e Colc«. 
K- ).. of South»ca. Called to the Bar at lincoln'a Inn 
ind Dcvoo and EactcrScaikwM. A 




• Tli«CuwlTorS«.Aabya bowoTllMaMMi 
wA M«ucw a« St Aabya bald Um MMaor oTJ 

H imlM CHMMi af !>■«<■■ ani Cbm 
MAiMcbA. CO. Dflvw, aaily ia «W raapi •/ 


mhibers of parliament. 

& tlMUELBOH (BMtoorrX 
Bernhard Samuelson, son of the late Samuel 
Ilcnry Samuelson, Esq., of Livcr]X)ol, merchant, by 
Sarah his wife. He was Iwm Nov. 22ml, 1820, was 
c<l. at the Rev. J. Hlezanl's, Skirlaugh, Yorkshire, and 
in 1844 m. Carohne, d. of the late Henry Hlundell, Ksq., 
of Hull. Is an ironmaster at Mi<I(IleslM>roui;h, an agri- 
cultural implement manufacturer at Hanbury, a member 
of the Institution of Civil Engineers and of the Institu 
of Mechanical Engineers, and Vice-I*res. of the Ii' 
Has the order of the Legion of Honor. A Liberal . S 

and Steel Institute. 

for Banbury from Feo. tin '^pni i»59, wnen ne was an unsuccessful camii 

re-elected July 1865, Nov. 1868, Feb. 2nd, 1874, and March 31st, 1880. 

Ciuh- Reform. 

.^At/if— Bodicote Grange. Banbury : Lupton House, Brixham, Devon. 

Ttmm Rtnd€M£t—it,FTvace'% Gate, S.W. 

First elected for Frome Nov. 1876. 
C/«^— Reform. 

H. B SAMUELSON (Frome). 

Henry Bernhard Samuelson, el. son < 
IJemhard Samuelson, Esq., M.P., by Caroline, d. of tl 
late Henry Blundell. Esq., J. P., of Hul). He was bo 
Sept. 30th, 1845, *"^ w** cd. at Rugby, and Trim 
Coll., Oxford, and m., 1874, Emily Maria, da. of Jo 
Goodden, Esq., of Compton House, Dorsetshire. 
Capt. Royal South Gloucester Militia, and a J. P. i 
Somerset. A Liberal. Sat for Cheltenham Nov. i.V( 
till Jan. 1874, when he was an unsuccessful candid.1: 


Dudley Francis Stuart Ryder, P. C. 
( Viscount Sattdon), el. son of the 2nd E. 
of Harrowby, K.G., P.C, &c., by E.a 
Frances Stuart, 4th d. of the late ManjUt 
of Bute. He was bom Jan. i6lh, 1831 
was ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford. 
— grad. B.A. 1852,— and m., 1861, I^<ly 
Mary Frances Cecil, el. d. of the 2n<l 
Marquess of Exeter. Was Private Secretary 
to the Secretary of State for the Colonics 
1855-6, Capt. 2nd Staffbrd-shire Milii 
1854-S, imc Capt. StafTortlshire Rifle Vol. Is a J. P. and a D.L. f 

CO. StatTojU, and a Governor of Guy's Hospital, Was Vice-President of ll 
Council of Education from Feb. 1874 till April 1878, and President of tli 
Board of Trade from April 1878 till April 1880. An Independent Consenati- 
Sat for Lichfield from 1856 till 1859. Unsuccessfully contested Staffoi 
i860. First elect ctl for Liverpool Jan. 1 868. 

C/«**— Travellers', Athen«um. Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

TtKBH ResuUnce—va, Grosvenor Square. W. 

.S«vi/»— Sandon HaU, Stone, Staffordshire : Norton House, Campden, Gloucestershire. 

MEMMUtf or rAftUAMIirC 



Charles Schreibkr. ton of the Utr 
Col. J«iiie% Alfred Schreibcr (6lli Dngotm < 
Moltum Sttflblli« by Marr, wMafM 4. oi w>c »iv 
TIkmmmWm«.E«|., of WooafBVl.BMr Mallow. H« 

wAk barn May lOtH. 1816, wm ed. at Dalham School, 


<ji« BrOWDr 

.Senior Chftacei: 

MA. 1853 ; »a 

be m. Lady Cbanoii- 

ol UadMy. vkSow of 
t«i Haroo Wtmboroe. A 
. havii^ io April |8$9 bcr> 


II. Pnwiaod Pko», 


EIORT BON. a tOLATEft BOOTH (See Boothl 

M. D. SOOTT (Boaeez. UMX 

Montagu David S<^rnT, tt^cond ton of the 
Uiic Sir David Scott, i \ but., by Caro- 

line, d. and cuhctrrv*- kIaII, Em). He 

was bom 1H18, waAc«i. ai «. mv. t^«>ii., Oxfefd, — gred. 
[{..A. 1840. .M. A. 1864,— and m., 1S4S, Maifuct, only 
<l. of the late James Brisgil* Esq., of Oakland*. HcrU. 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Tenple t84a U 
• J.P. for Siuicx and MiddlcKx. and a D.L. lor 
Su%<>ex. A CfiMurva/rtY. Virsi elected for Eaal Soaes 
Keb. 1874, having in 1 868 

Clmi$ CBi1in«, Sc Tln^ii'i 


Vji Henry John Monta^.u I> Scott, second 

"JC— um of the 5ih Duke of lUjcclcui ! Lady Cbarlotte. 

ZZL ' ' ' ' "-'l MaruucM of U.... ..c waa bom Nov. 

cd. at Eton, and m., Aoff. i«, 186c the 
iNan, yoongert d. of the ana Baraa IVhani* 
dttfc. i» a J. r. for HamfMhive, and a Fdknr of the Kov. 
Gcographica] So. A C^mstnmikKt. Sal for Sclkirk%hi're 
from Aug. 1861 till Nov. i868» when he waa int elected for 
Sooth ilampahire. 



Charles Seely, only son of the late Mr. Charles 

Sc€ly, of Lincoln, by Anne, d. of Mr. J. Wilkinson. Mc 
WM bom 1803, and was cd. at the Gram. Sch., Lincoln. 
In 1831 he m. Mary, youngest d. of Jonathan Hilton, Esq., 
of Ncwcastle-uj>on-Tyne. Is a D.L. for Lincolnshire and 
Isle of Wight, and a J. P. for Lincolnshire, Hampshire, .Surrey, 
and city of Lincoln. Was High Sheriff of ILimpshire i860. 
A Lihrral : in favor of strict economy in our national expen- 
diture. Unsuccessfully contested Lincoln 1841 ; sat for that city from Aug. 
1847 till March 1848, when he was unseated on petition ; re-elected Oct. 1861, 
and at each subsequent election. 




; Funedown Park, Surrey. 

till Feb. 1874, 
April 1880. 

C. 8EELT. Jon. (Nottlii|;liam). 
Charles Seely, jiin., only son of Charles Seely, 
Esq., — M.P. for Lincoln, of Brooke House, Newport. Isle 
Wight, and Furzedown Park, Tooting, Surrey,— by Mary, 
of Jonathan Hilton, Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne. He ' 
b. 1833, and m., 1857, Emily, d. of William Evans, Ei 
of London. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Nottinghamshire, a J 
for Derbyshire, and Lieut. -Col. Robin Hoo<l Notti 
Rifle Vol. A Liberal. Sat for Nottingham from Jun 
having in Nov. 1868 been an unsuccessful candidate ; re- 


C/**— Reform. 

Town Rfsidtncf—1-i, Queen s Gate Gardens, S.W. 

J"r<»/— Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, Nollingham. 

SIE HENRY J. 8ELWIN IBBETSON, Bart [See Ibbetsonj. 

J. E. SEVERNE (Shropshire, South). 

John Edmund Severn e, son of the late John 
Michael Seveme, Esq., of Wallop Hall, Shrewsbury, and 
Thenford, Banbury, by Anna Maria, d. and coheiress < 
E. Me)rseyWigley, Esq., M.P., of Shakenhurst, Worc«»st( r 
shire. He was l>om April 1826, was ed. at Bm 
Coll., Oxfonl,— grad. B.A. 1848,— and m., 1858. W 
Morgan, youngest d. of the Very Rev. Hugh L^i. 
Tighe. Dean of Derry. Entered the loth Hussars r. 
Cornet May 1849 ; became Lieut. 1852 ; exchanged t 
l6th Lancers, and retired as Capt. 1857. Is a D.L. an 
a J. P. of Shropshire and Northamptonshire, of whic 
latter county he was High Sheriff 1861, and a J. P. of Montgomeryshire, < 
which he was High Sheriff 1854. A Conservative. Sat for Ludlow 1865 ^ 
First elected for South Shropshire Nov. 2nd, 1876. 

C/m*— Carlton. 

J««/* WmUop Hall, Shrewsbury; Thenford, Banbury. 


MirilllEltS or PARUAMCNT. 


Thomas Srxton, cL ton of the Ute Mr. J In 
Scxtoo. of Walcflbrd. lie wm bom i84lt. an*! «a r 
pHvatcly aad u looil •choola^ Hu been • « 
of poWiCBl Md HMfaiy article* to the Am/' 
newtpaper iinoe iM^. A Xaei ma J i it , Ek*,i*^ i^. v. 
SUgo Apia iSteu 

W. IRAW (Oorti 

WiUuin Shaw, son of the Rev. Samuel Shaw, 
of ^Mamge Weftt, Cork, lie was born 1833, and in 
1850 m. Chnriotte. d. of the Ute W. Clcnr. Caq., U 
Cork. It a J.r. for co. Cork, and a Director of the 
Munsicr Kank. A Uktrtd, Sat for ilandon from Nov. 
1808 111! Feb. 1874. when ht was fir«t elected for co. 
Cork. Unanooaidttlly cootartad Baodoo 1857 and i86s« 

CAi4»~lti«Bm. GoriL 

i^wl-BwaaHai. Ml Cork. 

KiOBT BON. 0. J. 8HAW unrBB itaa Uflmtl 

H. B. imniTliaW (IMidleyV 

Henry Brii 

E»q., of Cavav. 

of il. lUdard 1 

ed. . and in 1 

Rev. juiiii «tuud. < "" 

1856. Is a J.r. fur 
the Cins-- 

s, son of Garrett SherkUn, 

- Julian.! DAmley, yottngcat d. 
Mc was born l8ao. wa% 
.'4l)cth Frances* d. oif the 
ir iiar at the Innar Temple 
s Westminster, Kent, and the 
Liberties of the Cin4u. . * apt. 6th Cinqae Port Artillery 

VoL Corps, Knight of St. John of Jeniaalem, a Fellow of the 
Geo^phical So., and one of the Council of th? Kent .\rcha* 
oloipcal So. Carried the abolition !rtsa- 

ranees, the "Sale of Gas." the *• cs," 

** Railway Goaids liod Paaenget*' Comnnnucatioo, an«i " mvcMnicnt of 
Trust Fond** Acts. A Ukrmi; desires to aae adacatioB sprsad " totally irre- 
ipective of icictarianwm ** Fint ckdcd for Dvdicy 1857. 


Ttmm Mmi dim n i , CoMUa CvfaM, Kmmi^umi Park, W. 
.SMZ-Oakkads. 81. Fmt's, Us ofTkaaM. 




H. SHIELD (Oamlnrldtt). 

Hugh Shield, second son of the late John 

Shield, Esq., formerly of Stoles Hall, Jcsmond, New- 
casllc-on-Tync, and afterwards of Ciuns Green Hoiis' 
Berwickshire, by Catherine, d. of the late R. IJanu : 
Esq., of CO. Wcstmcath. He was born Oct. 1831, w. 
ed. at the Grange School, lUshopwcarmouth, at tl 
Grammar School, Birmingham, and at Jesus Coli 
Camb., of which he is now a Fellow ; grad. B.A. 
honors 1854, and M.A. 1857. Called to the Bar 
Gray's Inn i860, and became a Bencher of his li 
1880; goes the North-Eastem Circuit. Unmarric 
A Liberal; "in general agreement with the views 
the Marquess of Hartington." Elected for Carabridi 
April 1880. 

C/«**— United Univemity, St. James's. 

Xesuietuet—ii, King's Uench Walk, Temple, E.C. ; Jesus College, Cambridge. 

J. SIMON (DewBbmyX 
^1^^ John Simon, S.L.^ only son of Isaac Simon. 

^^^^ Esq., of Jamaica, by Rebecca, only d. of Jacob O. Furta(i 

^ Esq., of the same island. He was born Dec. 9th, 181 

^fStt^ wased. at Univ. Coll., London, —grad. LL.B. 1841, at t; 

Univ. of London,— and m., 1843, Rachel, 5th d. of S. K 
Salaman, Esq., of London. Called to the Bar at ll.c 
Middle Temple Nov. 1842, created a Seljeant-at-law Feb. 
1864, and received a patent of precedence Jan. 1868 ; is a 
member of the Northern Circuit. A Liberal. Canvas,sed 
Nottingham June 1866, but did not go to the poll. P'irst 
elected for Dewsbury Nov. 1868 ; re-elected Feb. 187 ; 
scvTUM MBUM jBHovAH. and April 1st, 1880. 

Clubs— Kciorm, Cobden. 
CkamUrs-i, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.C 
Tcvm Residefue-^fi, Tavistock Square, W.C. 

SIR JOHN a. TOLLEMACHE SINCLAIR, Bart (Caithness shin). 

John George Tollemache-Sinclair,* cl. son 
of Sir George Sinclair, f 2nd bart., M.P. for Cailliness 
181 1 -18 and 1831-41,— who died 1868,— by Lady Cathe- 
rine Camilla ToUemache, d. of Lord Huntingtower, and 
sister of the 6th Iilarl of Dysart. He was bom Nov. 8th, 
1824, was. ed at Cheam Sch. and at the Univ. of Dur- 
ham, and m., 1853, Emma Isabella Harriet, — from whom 
he obtained a divorce 1878, — el. d. of William Siaufiish 
Carr Standish, Esq., of Duxbury Park, I^ncashire, and 
Cocken Hall, Durham. Entered at the Middle Temple, 
but was not called to the Bar. Was a Page of Honor to 
Queen Adelaide, and a Lieut, in the Scots Fusilier 
AtMB Ls MBiLLBUB. Guards ; retired 1846. Is a J. P. and a Vice-Lieut, of 1 

* Six ^eneradoos of the SincUirs of Ulbster have represented Caithness in Parliament : the '' 
three last m succession. The ist baronet, the Right Hon. Sir John Sinclair, D.CL , f- V < 
and M.P. for Caithness-shire, was celebrated as a scientific agriculturist and st.r 
He was offered, and refused, a peerage. His daughter Catherine, who died 1862, w.> 
gtiished as an authoress. 

t A schoolfellow of Peel and Byroo, and styled by the latter,- "The prodigy of c^. 
•diool days." 




CaithiMM^ira. A Idmwl Pint 
hAving ia 1851 been *a 

Ceitli— ■ t/kin AicHll869^ 


John Slaog, d. son of the late John SI i.';;. 
t><).. j.P. orifUKlMMcr, brjene, 4.orthe Utr W.!<i 
Chghioo, Em. He was boro in lt4l, end m., 1866. 
K«Siita0 Fvker, d. of M^ Jm« Gensaa. of May. 
vrood. Seveaoeka. It a oKrchAnt at MaaehinMr aad 
Li^i^niil Elected for MAachr^< iU. 188a 

^«i»w #/ 


A. tlOTa OUrlftrdahlrex 

Abel Smith, eL son of the late Abel Smith, 
of Woodhall Park.— M.P. for Hertlbrdiliire 183$ 47. 
—by Frances Anoe, d. of the late Sir Harry Cal •. 
llait. He was bom Dec joih, 1S19, was ci 
Harrow, and at Trin. ColL. Camb. ; |>Tad. B.A. 1652. 
M.A. l8«5 I and m. ist, 1853. Lady Soaaa Enuna,— 
who died 1875.— d. of the jrH Vwi .,( r-hicbester : 
andiy, 1877, Frances Julia, d. • >'vsll llsrt 

Dyke, 6th biirt. U a D. L. and a J : rtfordUiire. 

and Capt. South Hcru V'eo. Cav. An ImdiHmdmt 
Cmuervmtn». Sat for llertfordUiire from 1854 till 
1857. and from 1859 till Toly 1865, when he was an 
I reelected 1866, Noy. 1868, Feb. 1874, and April i88a 

R. : Wttiea, R. ; Sfpltfotd. R. : Bs^s^ V. : sad 

Ttmm MMidimn-y^ Ch«hMi Ptece. S.W. 
5/tf/-Woodkdi Park, aar Hcrdbrd. 

T. E mm (TyiMoanu 

>mAs Eusuce Smith, son of the late 
in Smith, Esq., of Goaforth Hoiue, Northamber* 
He was bom Jane 3rd, l8u, and in 1855 m. 
Mary, d. of W. H. Clarence Dalrymple, of the 
H.E.I.CS. Is a J. P. for Northnmbcrland, and a 
merchant and shipowner. An mimmui lAtmli in 
favor of the repeal of rate-paying ckumea. Uaaneoets- 
foUy oooteated Dover 1865. tirrt elecud for Tyne- 
month Nov. 1868. 

Cla^ Aftkori 




,^jt William Henry Smith, P.C, son of the late 

^NP W. H. Smith, the wcll-kno\»-n news-agent ami raihvay- 

/Q stall bookseller. He was bom June 24th, 1825, was 

^ijm^,^ cd. at the Gram. School, Tavistock, and m., 1858, 

Emily, eldest d. of the late Frederick Dawes Danvers, 
Eso., of the Duchy of I>ancaster. Is a J. P. for Hert- 
fordshire and Buckinghamshire, a D.L. and a J. P. for 
Middlesex, and head of the eminent firm of W. H, 
Smith and Son, 186, Strand, news-agents, Ixxikseller'^ 
and advertisement contractors.. Was a mcnil>cr of t! 
London School Hoard (Westminster Division) 1870-7.1 
and Financial Secretary to the Treasury P'eb 1874 till 
Aug. 1877, when he was appointed First I>ord of the 
Admiralty. A Comervath>e. Has sat for Westminster sitioe Nov. 1868, 
having in July 1865 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

Clubi — Carlton, Athenaeum. 

Ttnvn Rtiidfttce—i, Grosvenor Place, S.W 

^/a/— Grccnlands, Henley-on-Thames. 


J. F. gMITHWICK (KUkenny). 1 

John Francis Smithwick, son of the late i 
Daniel Smithwick, Esq., of The Cottage, Kilkenny, by ; 
Ellen, d. of the late J. Morris, Esq., of Waterford. ' 
He was bom 1844, and m., 1878, Marion, d. of James ' 
Power, Esq., of Eastlands. co. Waterford. Is a J. P. - 
for Kilkenny city, of which he was High SHeriff 1871. ' 
A Home Ruler ; in favor of fixity of tenure. First 
elected Feb. 1880. 

C/«*— Kilkenny Qub. 

Residence— 'Dnik.'^an^, 00. Kilkenny. 

P. J. BMTTH (Tlpperary). 

Patrick James Smyth,* son of James Smyth, 
Esq., of CO. Cavan, by Anne, d. of Maurice Brutoiv 
Esq., of Portane, co. Meath. He was bom 1823, wa 
ed. at Clongowcs Wood College, and m., 1855, Jiaim;. 
Myers, d. of the late John Regan, Esq.,of Holxirt I n\\ n. 
Tasmania. Called to the Bar in Ireland 1858, an i 
is a member of Gray's Inn. Named a Chevalier < 
the Legion of Honor Aug. 29th, 1871. Joined tli 
Repeal Association under O'Connell in 1844. Wa 
one of the chiefs of the Young Ireland party. Made two voyages to Ausfmli 
in 1853-4, for the purpose of rescuing from captivity his friends and com 
Smith O'Brien, Mitchel, and Meagher. Supported warmly the No 
cause during the American war, and was a zealous friend of France \u i.v> 
struggle with Germany. A ** motUrcUe Irish Nationalist ; advocates a local 

* Irish name "CGowen." 



titiciii fur IrcUuMl, I— huaiainf the cowMcrioii wkli iIm Cmwn." Ui 
. .,:aljy cuiiir«i«a Wataribnl cUy 1870; hU (or co. WeHactth from J«m itjl 
till March thSo. Elected for Tfppcnry April i88a 

a T. J. & 

MOV ciuaLn b. ifnaiE <vi 

Charlct Robert Spilscer, younger too oC 
tU 4th EjuI SpctKcr, K.G., hv AdtUidt Horvtia 
Ellabeth, d. of the bie Sir Morsc« Bwadmmo 
Scvmoor. He wb* horn Oct yoih, 1S57. and wa» et'. 
at Harrow, and at Trin. ColL. Ounb. baD.L.«Ml 
a J. P. for CO. Northamptnn. and 
lo hu half-brother, lh« : S| 

/iAms/. Lloctcd tor N 

; K.G. A 

LORD R. B. tFDOBft-eHURCHXLL llM OtaVBhffl]. 
MARQUnt OP fTATPORD IliilfcuHlirtlil ll 

Cromartie Sutmeri-anivLevesoji, 
Cower {.\farf$ms 0/ SiaftrJ), cL ton of the 
\v\ Duke of SatherUnd,1b]r Anne. d. of John 
Tfav Mackcnrie, Eaq.. Conntcaa oif Cromartie 
in her ofwn riglit, and M iitrmi of tbe Robm 
lo H.M. He waabom i8ci, and waaod. at 
Eton. Entered the 2nd Lite Guards as Comet 
1870, and became Uetit. 1871 ; retired 187$. 
Is a J. P. for CO. Sutherland, and a Director 
of the London and North- Wotcm Railwajr. 
A Lihtr^, Firtt elected for Snthcrtondthire 
Feb. 1874. 


r. Sc JaoMk't, &W. 

BOH R 8TAVH0FB dfld UnoolnaklrtX 

Kdward isTAXiioPE, second son of the 5ih 
Farl Stanhope, D.C.L., by Emily Harriet, 2nd d. of 
Gen. Sir Edward Kerriion, M.P., ist bart He was 
bom 1840^ was ed. at Harrow, and at Oxibrtl Univ.,—' 
pad. RA. 186a. M.A. 1865.— and m., 1870, Lacy 
Constance, d. of the 1 Thomas Eeerton. . 

Elected a Fellow of All >ce 1863. Called 

10 the Bar at the Inner lc»<}>ic 1^ \ was Sec of tbe 
Board of Trade from Nov. 187$ tul April i828» and 
Under Sec. of State for India from April 1878 ifll 
.^^— , ^ — April 188a Is a J.P. for Lincolnshire, and heir- 
-^^w ^y^Z^^y presumptive lo his brother, the 6th Earl Stanhope. A 
^'^'CCnSS^^^ Ctmjn^.tth>t, Fiin elected for MM^Jnmlwhiw Feb. 
3nd. 1S74. 
OmU^-C^tam, AAimmam, Sl Jmms's. 




Edward Lyulph Stanley, son of the 3rd Baron 
Stanley of Aldcrley, by the Hon. Henrietta Maria, d. of 13th 
Viscount Dillon. He was born May 16th, 1839, was ed. at 
Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class Classics 
1861, M.A. 1863), and si., 1873, Mar^, d. of Isaac I^wthian 
Bell. Esq., of Rownton Grange, \ ork. Was sometime 
Fellow 01 his College. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
1865. Is heir-presumptive to his brother, the 4th Baron 
Stanley of Alderley. A LUkvoI. Elected for Oldham March 
31st, 1880, having in 1872 and 1874 been an unsuccessful 

C/m^— Reform. 

Ch4imhtn-\, Paper Building!, Temple, E.C 

Rnidtnct—Zz^ Harley Street, W. 

RIGHT HON. FREDERICK A. STANLEY (Laacaslilre, Nortb). 

Frederick Arthur Stanley, P.C.<, younger son oi 
the 14th Earl of Derby,* K.G., by the Hon. Emma, 2nd d. of' 
the 1st Baron Skelmersdale. He was bom Jan. 15th, 1841,, 
was ed. at Eton, and in 1864 m. Lady Constance, el. d. <rf 
the 4th Earl of Clarendon. Entered the Grenadier Guards as 
Ensign and Lieut. April 1858, l>ecame Lieut., Capt., and 
Adjutanr June 1862 y retirctl 1865. Is Col. 1st Lancashire 
Militia, a Supernumerary Aide-de-Camp to the Queen, and a^ 
J. P. for Lancashire and Westmoreland. Was a Civil Lord 
the Admiralty from Aug. till Nov. 1868, Financial Secrets 
to the War Office 1874-7, Secretary to the Treasury 1877- 
and Secretary of State for War 1878-80. A Cffmervatrve. Sat for Preston from 
July 1866 till Nov. 1868, since .when he has represented North Lancashire. 


t7«A*— Carlton, White's, Guardi'. 

Town ResidtHce—i, Portland Place, W. 

^^i-a/— Wiihcrslack. Grange-over- Sands, Lancaithire. 

• Several versions are given a& to the origin of the peculiar crest borne by the familj 
oJ the noble hoiise of Derby. One is that the head of the Lathom family, wishing to ;:ct i' ' ' 
an illegitimate child, caused it to be placed in an eagle's nest. The tird, how 
oif killing the infant, fed it, a circumstance which so moved the father that he rem 
and brought it up as his heir. Another is, that Sir I'homas Lathom, tfmp. \ 
having an only daughter, desired an heir. He had, however, a natural son by one 
Oskatell. Thjs child he directed to be laid at the foot of a tree where an eagle had b 
nest, in which position he pretended that he had discovered it. His wife adopted the r 
who w«» subsequently known as Sir Oskatell Lathom. Before Sir Thomas died, however, he 
i the fraud, and left the bulk of his property to his daughter, the wife of Sir John Stanley, 
lU altered the Lathom crett from aa eagle rcguardant, to what >t now is. 

or PARLUMtirr. 




Jaiuo Stansield, »on of ihc 


—■by lunau, d. ofihe Kcv. 

^. nr. John KaIdH, o< iiAiiuk He 

wa/bom iSk^ tod WMicd. at the Univ. of Ijjmion,— 
~t tl »» _-~.» in 1K44 '" CanOine.'i ./ 
Timry A . of Looduc •> 

the liar ^40- We* .5 e 

Admka 'ifil iSco, tmlcr 


.1 •i*Kir». 

.*j;h»# b<«A« Lm1c«. Uy«U I'Mk Caw, W. 

W J. ITAVrOH (BtrovdX 

Walter John S son of the btc 

CharlcN .stantv>n, K M, Struu«l, by Maltha, 

y'mti;;c-\t <1. uf ttie iri.t- • iM'iitAA llolbrow, Em).* of 
>:t'>ii«l. lie ^»aA lium March 24ih, t^iS, wtt ed. at 

\\ ;..i:isrrr. .mvI in . |S/'.;. Marv. tl. of Willbni C4t>cl, 


Nfay 1874, when he was ua- 
.. .-.^icd April 188a 




J. a tTIVlMIOll donth Shlaldai 

James Cochran Sikvlnson, cl. son 01 the 

Uie James Stevcn&on, M.v]., — rnrrihant of Glaifiow, aod 

-'^•-rMraida taiior paitoer in the laxiuw Chemical Ca, 

h Shield«»— 47 Jane Stewart, d. of the late Akxaader 

rum. Esq., mefchaat of Greenock. He was boni 

I Sac. waa cd. at the lli|^ School,— whete he 

^ gold medal* of the jnnwr aad tcaior amibe- 

a] claaes— and at t)>< : Glaagow,— wbcra 

Stained the fim priic or dtvition of the 

• ^•Kic data, — and m., 185s. r.iiM KaoHay, d. of the 

Rev. Jamca Andenon, D.h,, of Momlh. la a J. P. 

for CO. Durham and CoT the lif<KiL'h of JMOth Shield^ 
I DothaB) > oL, a Ltfc Com- 

A^ um. of the iJoarU, 



Chm. of the Tync Pilotage Commisstonen« a member of the General Council of 

the Univ. ofGla*;* " " mlicr of the Institute of Chemistry, and a chemical 

manufacturer in ] with the Jarrow Chemical Co. K Liberal. First 

elected for South - v. i86«. 

CM- Rdbrm. J<e»idfmc<~^ ctxoc. South Shields. 

J. STEWART (OreenockX 
James Stewart, son of the late James 

Stewart, Esq., of Clydebank, Greenock, by Joanna, d. 
of the late Donald Shaw, Esq., of Greenock. He was 
born 14th June, 1827, was ed. at the Edinburijh 
Academy, and n». isl, 1855, Margaret Parker,— who 
d. 1859,— 2nd d. of the late Duncan Darroch, Esq., of 
Gourock ; 2ndly, 1868, Margaret Sandilands, d. of the 
late William Stirling. Esq. Is a J. P. for Renfrewshire 
and Ayrshire, a D.L. for Ayrshire, and a shipowner 
and foreign merchant. A IJberaL First elected for 
Greenock Jan. 25th, 1878. 

Club — Reform. 

AVj/</r«tvj— Garvocks, Greenock ; Roatenbum, Greenock. 

GEORGE STORER (Nottinghamshire, South). 

George Storer, third son of the late Rev. J. 
Storer, J. P., of Hawksworlh, Notts, by Charlotte, d. of 
the Rev. C. Wylde, D.D., J.P., Rector of St. Nicholas', 
Nottingham. He was bom Sept. loth, 18 14, was 
ed. at Louth Grammar School, and at St. John's Coll., 
Camb., and m., 1859, Harriette Anne, el. d. of Moffat 
Palmer, Esq., of Horncaslle, and widow of D. Manson, 
Esq., M.D., of Spynie, N.B. Is a J. P. for Nottingham- 
shire. Formerly Capt. 2nd Leicestershire (Belvoir) Rifle 
Volunteers. A Consert'ative. First elected for South 
Nottinghamshire Feb. 1874, 

Club — Farmers'. 

Tiram Residtme—j, Palace Road, Lambeth, S.W. 

^ra/— Thoroton Hall, Bingham, Nolls. 

M. H. N. 8T0RT-MA8KELYNE (See Maskeljme]. 

H. VILLIER8-8TUART (Waterford County). 

Henry Villiers-Stuart, only son of the isl 
Baron Stuart de Decies. He was born 1827, was ed.) 
at Univ. Coll., Durham,— B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852,— and] 
m., 1865, Mary, 2nd d. of the Yen. Ambrose Power, f 
Archdeacon of Lismore. Was Vicar of Bulkingtoa 
l8$5-7i, when he retired from the clerical profession. 
Is a J. P. and a D.L. for co. Waterford, and was Vice*] 
Lieut, thereof 187 1-4. Upon the death of his fath< 
in 1874 he assumed the title of 2nd Baron Stuart dcj 
Decies, but when he petitioned for the usual writ 
summons to the House of Peers an objection was raised] 
to his fathers marriage as not sufficiently proven to 



^ >rram Um kmiam of Um writ 
lavUcfM of iht HosM of LonU i* it76 appolirtal i«o 
cvMmm ana m»oft to tiMir Lorddrim upon Um mbiMt, bat lb« 
produced wm not dwand comIhIvo. Aolbor of ** Nile Gleeiiiiic^' 
a work on (he Eikaology, Hbtofy, ead Art ot AocktA Emt 
** CAvottriotf e Umiied OMiMit of Home Role.** Sat lor ea Wtlcri 
ilected April itta 
>wrfdi«u rriiiMMii 





having been uncc iu 
Atoocuuino." Finn 

a B. ITUAtT-WORTLBT (See Wertlen 

A. M. tULLnrAM (Loath Coomtyx 

Alcxnmler Martin Si i.i.ivam, teoood ton 
It. >ul!i\an, Kw)., u( Arotctu S(reel« Dahlia, anA 
lijn!ry, «.<•. Corlc. lie wa% hunt iSjO^ and m., 1861, 
I r^tuo (.riic\ic%f. .1. of the late loha Uooovan, Eiq.. 
• >i Ncwdiicjttis I > A. Admitted to (he Bar io Ireland 
.Nov. 11(76, ami cailrd to (he Ber at the ImHr Temple, 
ata*«cpedalaaVNov.i877. Waalbrmcrif editor ami 
proprietor of the A j/i.'/* nrwspapcr. Author bl " New 
IrrUivl, " ami oi! ! and hJHotJcai worfca. ** A 

tmimincnt inctnl « //pmr IhU* Leagoet having 

iMen one of the fouiuici » ihcreof ; t» an ' Oftramootane 
Catholic ; take* an active intcrea in qomtioM of tooal 
an earnest advocate of Temperuice legiftlatioa. 
ChiB. of Eaectitive of the Irah Petmiiihre BUI 
eoled for ca Louth Feb. lath, 1874. 

T D. 8ULLITA1I (Weetmeftth Oosam 

Timothy Daaicl Sullivan, el. son of Daniel 
Sullivan, Etq., of Amicn« Street, Dublin. He was bom 
1827, and OL, 1856, Catherine, d. of Thomas Healy. 
E«q., of Bantry. Is editor and proprietor of the Sahtfr^ 
the Wtekly Nfwt^ and Ymmf trdmmd newspaper*, and 
in bu%iness in Dublin as a priater, bookseller, and 
publisher. A Hime RttUr, Elcctod for 00. Wcetmeath 
April J88a 


W. lUMMBtl (fUlltiUMX 

William Sumvikrs, second ton of the bte John 
Summers Km)., iroonuuter, of Stal7t>ridge, by Mary. d. 
of the late Samod Woolley, Esq. He was bora 1853, 
and was ed. at Owens ColL, Maacheaer. and at Univ. 
Coll, Oafonl.~crad. B.A. ia hoooia at Univ. of Loodon 
1873, B.A. snd cUm at Osfeed 1877. aad .M.A. (Gold 
Medalist) at Univ. of Lomluo 1878. It a OMOiber of 
liacoln's Inn, a Covetnor of the Victoria UaiverMty, aad a FcUow of the 




Slalistical So. 
land, of the < 
Elected for ^ 

A /iA^/t/ 

in fnvor of large changes in the laws relating 
ty franchise, and of a redistribution of seat 

J., r— SunnyMde. A&hton>und«r-Lyne. 

0. BTKE8 (Torkahlre, East Ridlnf X 

Christopher Sykes, second son of the late 
Sir Tatton Svkes 4th bart., — who dic<l 1863, — by Mary 
Ann, d, of the late Sir William Foulis, Bart. He w 
Ixim 1831, was ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. Coll., Caml 
and is unmarried. Is a I). L. and a J. P. of the F.nsi 
Riding of Yorkshire, and heir-presumptive to Sir Taiton 
Sykes, 5th bart. Mas Order of St. Lazarus of Be' - ' "v 
A Consma/ft'r. Sal for Beverley from July 1865 1 
1868, when he was first elected for the East Rm 

C/m^«- -White's, Carlton, Boodle't, Turf, Marlborough, York> 


TfituM Residftue-^ii, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W. 
JT/a/— Bnuitinghain ITiorpe, near Brou({h. Yorkihire. 

E J. 

8TNAN (Limerick CoontyX 

Edward John Svnan, son of Jo! 

Synan, Esq., by Eleanor, d. of J. Shee 
Esq., of Donovan Castle. He was l)om li 
and was ed. at Clongowes and at Trin. C 
Dublin; grad. B.A, Was called to the 
in Ireland 1843. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for 
CO. Limerick. Unmarried. A Liberal. Un- 
successfully contested Limerick 1859. Fii 
elected for co. Limerick July 1865. 

C/m*— Reform. 

Jm/— A&hboume House, Limerick. 

C. B. M. TALBOT (OlajnorgansMre). 
Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot,* son of the lat 
Thomas Mansel Talbot, Esq., of Margam, by Lady .Mary Lucy, 
d. of the 2nd Earl of Ilchester. He was bom 1803, and was ed. 
at Harrow, and at Oriel Coll., Oxford ; grad. B. A., 1st class in 
Mathematics, 1823. In 1835 he m. Lady Charlotte,— who died 
1846, — 2nd d. of the 1st Earl of Glengall. Is Lord-Lieut, of 
Glamorganshire, Hon. Col. Glaanorgan Rifle Vol., Fellow of the 
Royal and Linnacan Sos., and a Director of the Great Western 
Railway Co. A LU>eral ; in favor of the abolition of church- 
rates. Has sat for Glamorgan.shire since 1830. 

Patron of five Zir/«^— Reynoldstone, R., Llangeinor, V., Landough R., cum-St. Mary 
Church, R., Margam, V., NichoUston R., cum-OxwrJch. R., Glamorganshire. 

Tctvn Residence—-^. Cavendish Square, W. 
5^ra//— Margam Park Taibach, S. Wales ; Penrice Castle. Swansea. 

* A peerage was offered to this gentleman in Nov. 1869, an honor, however, which h* 




ccs»l\illy con'' 
Kent ft • 


I T - - - ,1. ton of the Ute 

II 4bcTorthcl8(h (:a/l 

of .snrrw^imnr, cijr \nc i%oi\. uaxiuinc .xuAit Wortlcy, d. ai the 

la Baraa WhuflciUfe. He wm bocn Feb. a4iK. iSiL wm cd. 

ni '»"•( k.rt.«ira«a«,aiMiaiCh.ClL«Oxfonl,— fnd. M.A. 1860^ 

I S78,-«iid m., |86(\ the Hon. Moid Sanh. d. 

iron L,vttclu». Wm Sec. t< > the Hoird of TraiW 

! April 1880. UaJ < t. SoMCX, 

tmtmfcr. alXL. for . .i. of WciC 

mI a Direclor of iik uuanliai A«a. 

odcty. H«» pfOBMBCvl BUb for Um 

- » ->!s for fodlitatlM Iht 

rkl Gfooadt. A 

' 1 Hrllti^g* of the toboffaf fIimw, 

'tott« and wcial.'* Ubmc- 

^^wr 1865. Sat for Wert 

fir Oxfocd VakfmAj. 


George Willbm Francis Sackville 

KrssKiL {.yfarifuest 0/ Taxt's/^ei^ cL kmi 
of the 9lh Duke of Bedford, liv Ui!v I :!La. 
iKth Satkvillc.\Ve»t. cl. U. of t^ 
>r!awarr. He wm bum April 1 
I idvAddiDcMa 
rd Earl Somen. 
1.-^ v.v«.i<.^ ,^i Bedfordkhire .\ 

Tmmm Rnidfmt^rj^ Owihai Plac% & W. 
.SlM^-Odder HoiM^ BwUbrd. 

P. A. TATLOft (LilOMtarX 

Peter Alfred Taylor, son of Peter Alfred 
Taylor, K%<}.. of London, bir Catherine, d. of the Ute 
(tet>ryc Courtauld, Esq., of Braintite, Emcx. He was 
Uini July 50(h, 1&19. and waa cd. primuely. In 184a be 
m. Clementina, d. of John Donghty, Eao^ of Bwytrdidi, 
Norfolk. Wan one of the Cbondl of the Reform 
A •• A'a.^»rW AT^^nn^ ;** tn favor of udvcnd 
ecunumjr in national oqpenditnre, the pajment of memben, 
ami the leparatkm ofOmrdi and State. Umiuci ■felly 
contestc*! N'cwcaatle-on*Trne 1850, 
First clectetl for Lekcater Feb. tm. 



rtmm Xmbifw tt. hMrr PIm^ &W. 

2 20 


BIGHT HON. T. E. TAYLOR OKiblln County). 

Thomas Edward Taylor, P.C, el. son of the Hon. 

ami Rev. Edwanl Taylor, and coiLsin of the 2ntl Marau< 
of Fleadfort, by Marianne, cl. d. of the flon. Mei ry kicr 
St. Lcger. He was lx>m i8i i, was ed. at Eton, and in 1862 

uis.! Harrington, 2ndd. of the Hon. and Rev. Hu}»h Fi 
rollcin.ichc. Entered the 6th Dragoon Guards Feb. i8a 
^J)ocaino Lieut. Ajjril 1831, Capt. Nov, 1838; retired \\ 
Konncrly Lieut. -Col. Mcath Militia. Is a D.L. and a J. P. 
COS. .Mcath and Dublin. Was a Lord of the Treasury fr< 
March 1858 till June 1859, joint Secretary to the Treasi 
from July 1866 tillOctoljer 1S68, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster fr 
October till Dec. 1868, and from Feb. 1874 till April 1880. Created a Prii 
Councillor Oct. 1868. A Comen>ative. First returned for co. Dublin 184 1. 

C/«^*— Carlton, Junior Carlton, United Service, Travellers'. White's, Sarlbor 
Skacville Street. 

Tcvtn Residence—^), Eaton Square, S.W. 
5^m/— Ardgillan Ca&tle. near Dublin. 

TENNANT (Peeblesshire and SelkirkshLre). 

Charles Tennant, son of the late John' 
Tcnnant, Esq., J. P. and D.L,, of St. Rollox, Lanark- 
shire. He was bom 1823, and m., 1849. Emma, d. of 
Richard Winsloe, Esq., of Mount Nebo, Taunton, Is 
a J. P. and a D.L, for Peeblesshire and Lanarkshi 
and a merchant in Glasgow. A Liberal. Sat i 
Glasgow from July 1879 till March 1880; elected 1 
Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire April 1880. 

C/«^*— Brooks's, Reform. 

Town Retidetut—^s, Grosvenor Square, W. 

Seats— The Glen, Innerleithen, N.B. ; Su RoUox, Glasg 

J. P. TH0MA8S0N (Bolton). 

John Pennington Thomasson, el. son of the 
late Thomas Thomasson, Esq., of Bolton, He was bom 
1841, was ed, at Pestallozian School, Worksop, and at 
Univ. ColL School, London, and m., 1*67, Katharine, 
d. of the late Samuel Lucas, Esq., of London. Is a 
cotton -spinner. A Liberal. Elected for Bolton April 

Clmht Reform, Manchester Reform. 

jr«r«(^<«^'— Woodside, Bolton. 

MmBntf or PAKUAMEirr. 



T. O TBOMMOII (Dvtem Ottn 

Thomas Charles Thompson, too of the Uce 
TbosMS T b— ip io n , Ek|.. of h Ub topwrn g mmiK bjr 

The Dumb. 

at lUnow, •!: 

11^40^ Kdlow 1644 >t *<»*^ >**•« *^54« MAnftauc, 

k«Y. RichMd Moorv. Rector of Ln ' 

Called 10 tho Bar 11 tht MM4W Temple 1S44. 

for 00. Dttrham 1 was Higb shmff thcrvof 

/iJwW. UaiMceaaiftiMy caw tenwl Suodcrlaad 186K. ;>'"< 

I>«iIm» citjr 1871. £lacl«l for DwImub dtr Feb. 1:4. 

hot was ttmotad, dcctAoA' baiag declared 

alectod Ibr Durban dty Apiil lit, itta 

Uaj I'. 
869. A 

'voM. i 


B TBOMioir ortwrn 
Henry Thomson, son of the late Henr> 

Thomtoo, Eiq., of Dotrmhire Hoote, Ncwry, by Anne, 
d. of the late Kev. William llcnry. He was born 1840^ 
wa« ed. at Parkgate School, Chester, and ro., 1866, 
Alice, d. of Henry Corbet-Singleton, £»q., D.L., of 
Aclare House, co. Meath. It a J. P. for coa. Armagh 
and Down, a wina merchant at Newry, a Town Com* 
mtmw'trft* at Newiy, and one of the Committee of the 
N'cwry Navigation Co. A C^mMrv&lnn. Elected for 
Newry April 1880. 

/T/fi^biMf— AhMvdgK. Nctrrjr. 00. Doviu 

T. THOBVHILL (Buflolk. Waat)^ 

Thomas Thorn hi li^ el. son of the late 

Thomaa ThomhiU, Eta., of Kiddletworth Hall, Thetford. 
He was bom March aoih. 1837, was cd. at Eton, and at 
Trinity CoU., Camb., and tn 1863 m. Katherine Edith 
Isabella, only d. and heire«« of the late Rkhanl Hodnoo 
Huntley, Esq., of Carham Hall, near Coldstream. Is a 
I P. and a D.L. of SuiToIk, and a J.P. of Norfolk. A 
'dmstrtmUm, Fir»t elected for Weal Sdfolk SqUcmber 

C/yi»-Ckrliom Anhor't. PranV 

T0mm K09idtm*-is, Emm S^ow*. aW 

Lodf«, Rary 8c BdaHmtfs, 9mkm. 

T. 1. TBOSOTON HILDTAU) ItM Rildyardl 



Henry Frederick Thvnne, /*. C, second] 
son of the 3rd Marquess of Hath, by the Hon. Harriet,] 
2nd d. of the 1st Haron Ashliurton. He was Iwm 183a 
and m., 1858, Lady Ulrica Fredcrica Jane, 2nd d. oft! 
1 2th Duke of Somerset, K.G. Is a D.L. and a T. 
for Wiltshire, a J.I*, for Somerset, and Capt. Will 
Yeo. Cav. Appointed Treasurer of H.M.'s Househol 
Dec. 1875. Sworn a Privy Councillor 1875. A Ccu- 
snitath'e ; "opposed to any concessions to the Churcli 
of Rome, and in favor of the removal of abuses.'' 
Unsuccessfully contested South Wilts July 1857 ; first 
elected for that constituency May 1859. 

C/m^#— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Boodle's, White's, Marlborough. 

TffoiH Reti<Utu<—ia, Dover Street. W. 

StiUs — Maiden Bradley, Bath ; Muntham Court, Sussex. 

J. H. TILLETT (KorwlohX 

Jacob Henry 1 illett. He was bom 181 
was admitted a Solicitor 1839, and practises at Norwi 
m which city he is Clerk to the Commissioners of Inco 
Tax. Is an Alderman of Norwich, and was Mayor 
that city 1S59 and 1875, and Chm. of the School Board 
there 1S77-80. A Liberal. Sat for Nor>^'ich in 1870, but 
was unseated on }>etition ; unsuccessfully contested the 
same constituency Feb. 1874, and elected therefor Feb. 
1875, but was again unseated on petition ; re-elected April 1880. 
Residrtue—Cixrow Abbey, Norwich. 


Wilbraham Frederic Tollemache, el. son of 
the I St Baron Tollemache, by Georgiana, d. of John 
Best, Esq. He was born July 4th, 1832, and m. is: 
1858, Lady Emma Georgiana Stewart, — who died 1S6 
— 2nd d. of the 9th Earl of Galloway ; and andly, 187 
Mary, d. of Lord Claude Hamilton. Is a J. P. l 
Cheshire, and Major 1st Cheshire Militia, with whitJi 
regiment he served when emlxxlied 1853-56. A Con- 
senative. First elected for West Cheshire Feb. 1872. 

C/k**— Travellers', Carlton. 

^ra/— Tilstone Lodge, Tarporley, Cheshire. 




W. T. 

William Torrens McCumtcH-ToMiBKi, cL 

•on oTlW bit Juam MoCoU^ E«|.. of CriiiJiH, oa 

FKil >Un. I>)r J«M* d, ei Andrew ToirMM, Etq., of RatlAnJ 

! Mblm. He WM boffv iSi L a»d «rmi od. at : 

.4m) gr«a. a A. 1834. LUU. iS^ Hen. ■. 

K i>io, MATgKfvl HiaritCta,— vlw diod iSn,— 4. oC Julm 

^<: ^r^ ^^ >^ <.r4y, Emi^ oTCk f — o wK ea Mayo; sadly* iST*. Epuly, 

.^ jnl daToir tht lai« WUIkw HaifUm Em^ of EaitUiid 
! loM, Louai'^On, calkd to tba Bar ia Inland 1836, aatf lo Um Bar at 
loooln'i Ina foae 1855. Wa« AMiiUuH«CnwiMinBir of Iikh Poor laqairy 
t S35, Private Secretary of the Kt. Hoa. H. Laboacbcre,— aftarwatdt i«t Baroo 
. tttntrm.— when Sacnrtary for IreUad, and aa orijrinal member of the Anti- 
( 1 cagnc. Author of ** Lactom 00 tht I >!iKjy uf llMtofy," 

rtl Matboome,** *'lDdiuirtal Hktory • '.loos'* **EMtipin 

m Ami. Menoin of WcUcalcy,"* ftc latroancoi m 1866 and 
in 1368 the **Artiiaai' aad Laboma' Dw^Um BUI;" caniad tht 
Pranchiic in the Raform Act of 1867 ; obtalaad la iMo a 
00 Extradition, whoic report was wibiaqiicntly aeabodiad ia a naiadial Aa ; 
daiaiod moceMfolly the right of the Co wi m o Ba to caaadaa wiliiwiM oa oath. 
Ini874 brought in and earned the'* Building Sodetics'BiU." AaaaMdinl863 
the maternal naaie of Torrent in addition to hit patronymic Eledad 1870 a 
member of the London School BoanI (Finabory Dittrict). A lOnw/, Ubmc- 
eaafolly cooteMod Dondalk August 1847, but hi March 1848 was 
P««.fi..t. nmi retained his seat >ill July 1852, when he was aa 
( >r Yarmouth ; sat lor the hut-named borough darfatg the leaiioa ol 

t>^ kat for Fmsbory ifaice July 1865. 

C Umttf tt 4, Emm Couit, TMipte, E.C 


Arthur Lofhis TorrsNiiAii, eL ton of the 
late Nicholas Loftus Tottenham, Esq., of Gleniuae 
Hall. Enmslcillcn, by Anna Maria, d. d. of the liyte 
Sir Francis Hopkins, Bart^ of Kochlbit. He was 
bora 1818, waa ed. at Eton, and m., 18(0, Saiah Ana. 
d. of George Addcnbroke Gore, Esq^ 01 Barvowawaat, 
ca Kilkenny. Served tooMthae in the ki6e BrUe, 
and retired as CapL 1861. b a 1. P. far ooa. L«bim 
Caran, aad Fermanagh, and a D.L. far co. Lahriai 
(High Sheriff 1866). A OwMrwaOar. UaMMOMifally 
contested co. Ldtrim 1876. Elected far oa Likiha 
April 188a 



HON. FREDERICK 8. A. HANBURT-TRACY (Montgomery District). 

IVccicrick Stephen Archibald Hanpury- 
1 1 \' V, son of the and Baron Sudeley, by Emma 
I- ;,, .il>cth. (1. of ihe late George H. Dawkins-I'ennant, 
Ks*{ , of I'cnrh^n Castle. He was born in 1848. ami 
was cd. at Trm. Coll., Camb., — grad. H.A, 1870,— 
and m., 1870. Helena Caroline, d. of Sir Thomas E. 
"Winnington, 4th bart. Is Capt. Worcestershire Yco. 
Cav. A Liberal. First elected for Montgomery District 
May 15th, 1877. 

C/m^«— Brooks's, Turf. St James's, Marlborough. 

TfftvH Residence— \\b. Queen's Ctate, S.W. 

Cottvf*^ Fffiil^tut Pciihryn, MontgDmcfy. 


a 0. TREVELTAN (HawlCk DlBtrlctX 

George Otto Trevelyan, son of Sir Charles 

Edward Trevelyan,* 1st bart., K.C.B., by Hannah More, 
d. of Zachary Macaulay, Esq. He was bom July 20th, 
1838, was ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb.; 
f;rad. B. A., — 2rjd in the 1st class of Classical Tripos, — 
1 86 1, M.A, 1864; and m., Sept. 29th, 1869, Caroline; 
el. d. of Robert Needham Philips, Esq., M.P., of] 
Welcombe, Stratford-on-Avon, and The Park, Man-J 
Chester. Was a Lord of the Admiralty Dec. 
till June 1870. Appointed Parliamentary Sec. to tl 
Admiralty Nov. 1880. Is a D.L. of Northumberlj 
and author of "The Competition Wallah," "Cawn-1 
i>ore," "The Ladies in Parliament," "The Life 
Letters of Lord Macaulay," "The Early History 
&c. A Liberal. Sat for Tynemouth from July 1865 ti 

Charles James Fox, 

Nov. 1868, when he was first elected for the Border Burghs 

C/k^x— Brooks's, Devonshire, Athenxum. 
Town Residence— ^o, Ennismore Gardens. S.W. 

• The tradition respectine the origin of the Trevelyan arms is said to have originated 
the following circumstance. It is stated that several centuries ago a large tract of land on tb 
Cornish coast between the Land's End and the Seven Stones, but which is now submerged ' 
encroachments of the sea, belonged to an ancestor of the Trevelyan family. The Mil.mcrgcnc 
was very sudden : and it is related that the then owner of the land, when iipnn .-. rA'm-n rxctir 
sion, found himself cut offfrom the main land, in a locility far removed froni 
Finding hi-, position becoming momentarily more perilous, and night apj.i 
mined to attempt to reach the shore with his horse by swimming. The di^i 
his steed was strong and possessed spirit. So soon as the tide began to flow he st.-<ric(! 
perilous journey, and at the very moment when he expeaed to be lost through the exli..i 
of his Meed the noble animal touched land, and both ne and his rider were saved. In > "in 
merooration of his gratitude to the horse, he ordered that the rest of its life should be otic of 
rest and plenty, and he assumed in lieu of his former arms those which his desceodanu now 



•n hutbt w. ttub aunnchx 

Henry Whailcy Tvlkr, ton of the Ute 

John ( h»i('icia Tyler, E«|. He w*» boni 1817, wu 

cd. at the KojrttI Military Academy, Woohhcli, and 

m.. 1852, Mariafft, d. of the late Gen. Sir CbaHe* 

: Ca Enlercd the Roytl Ei^ioccn 1844, 

ipC |8$J, and rrttred 1867. Wa* an 

Iiu;ic«.tar of Railirap i8$3-7i, tad Ckiif Impcctor 

i87i<7, when he retired, and %ra» kii%hltd bjr patent. 

A Cmjtrtmtmt, Elected for llarwidi April l*t« 188a 





in BA»ftT TMMWWT, ftfl (•ttrtrtmHam) 

Hany Verney, cI. son of the Ulc Gen. Sir 
Harry Calvert, G.Ca and G.C.H., lit bait.,— Ad- 
jutant-Gen. of the Force* for at Yearv, and Gomnor of 
Ctirl^kca Hoknital, who died l8a6,— by ( arolinc. 2nd A. 
'■ honta* llammcr\lcy, £«<)., oi V.- 

!! ts U>m I >rr. 8»h, 1801, was ed 

:«ntl at the Univ. ul CambntL^c. 

A— whodictl 1857,— <L of Adm. 

'?.pe; andlr, |8«8. Fumtm 

» Edwaitl Xight ^pte, Ey i., 

"i I-ca Hmvt, DtrbytMre, 

lie. Aantroed in i8a7 
; itronymic, on 

and ttfier • 
'•ciMBBi. thetkameof' 

ins <^ estate* ut .M^ry \ < new Fermanaffh. 

Entered the Amy 1819, and was sabaequently attn British Legatioo 

In Wortembery and Baden. Was promoted to an unaiiacncu maioritT in i" 1 
and is Major on the retired list. Was Major Bocks Militia l8ia-6. U n 

and a J. P. for Buckinghamshire, a Fellow of the Kov. G«O0apliical So., u 

of the Bockinghamshtre Railway Co.. and Dep.*Cnm. of the Aylesbory and 
Buckingham Railway Co. A liherat. Sat for Buckingham from 183a till 184I, 
for Bedlofd from 1817 till 18; 2. and fur H.ickii^ham from 1857 till 1874, when 
be was an ansncccastttl candidate ; neclcctnl .March Jiit, i8mi 

TlMiniborai«li. v., Em Oaydaa, V., 

9k Oayddk. v.. aBdCnuborawli. V., B<ickii« 



EioBT Boif. 8ni w. 0. a V ynuiov-BABOOVsr \%m ■areowti 




Charles Pclham Villiers, P.C, thinl soi 
i>f the late If on. George \1IIiers,* ami brother of t! 
4th Karl of Claretklon, by the only d. of the \'<i llan 
Baringdon, He was bom 1802, ami wa< c<I. at S 
John's Coll., Camb. ; grad. ILL. 1824, M.A. 1827 
Called to the Bar at Uncoln's Inn 1827 ; was an ex 
miner of witnesses in the Court of Ch.iticcry from 18 ; 
rill Dec. 1852, Judge- from Dci 

1852 till March 1859, ami rrcsi<ltnl of the Poor 

" I July 185 
rank of an Earl's son by royal warrant 1839. Is 

Board from July 1858 till July 1865. Raised to t! 

Priv)- Councillor, and a D.L. and a J.I\ of IIci 
fordshire. Was an early advocate ol free trade 
corti, and was one of the Commissioners of Innuiry into the operation of !l 
Poor Laws. A Liberal ; in favor of the aIx)lition of church-rates. S.nt f 
Wolverhampton from 1835 *>11 '847, when he was retunietl for that borouj. 
and aliH) for South Lancashire, but elected to sit for his former constituency, 
which he has since continuously represented. 

Clubt—K^vaatxxci, Reform, Brooks's, Travellers^ 
T«wH Retideiue—29f Sloane Street, S.W. 
Ccitmtry Residtnct—T, Park Shot, Richnond. 

H. W. YILLIERS-STUART [See Stuartl. 

A. P. VIVUN (CornwaU, Weit). 

Arthur Pendarves Vivian, third son of the late Jol 
Henry Vivian, Esq., of Singleton, Glamorganshire, — many years' 
M. P. for Swansea, and brother to the late Baron Vivian, - by 
Sarah, d. of the late Arthur Jones, Esq., of The Priory, K 
He was bom June 4th, 1834, was ed. at Eton, at the 
Academy of Freiberg, in Saxony, and at Trin. Coll., < 
and m. 1st, 1867, Latly Augusta Emily Wyndham-CJuin, 
died 1877, — el. d. of the 3rd Earl of Dunraven and Mourn ... 
2ndly, 1880, Lady Jane Georgiana Dalrymple, d. of the ic ; 
Earl of Stair. Is a J. P. and a D. L. for Glamorganshire, a J. 1 
for Cornwall, Deputy Warden of the Stannaries in cos. Coi 

wall and Devon, and Lieut. -Col. of the 1st Glamorgan Rifle Vol. A Libau. 

First elected for West Cornwall Nov. 1868. 

C/«^#— Brooks's, St. James's. 

T<mm Retidtnc*—^^, James Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W. 

.S>a//— Glanafon, Taibach, South Wales ; Glendorgal, St. Columb Minor, Cornwall. 

• Prior to the Crusades, the arms of the Villier* family were sable, three cinquef" 
argent, but when they returned from the Holy I-and they adopted the present charges. 'Vhc 
St. George's Crow refers to the nationality, and the shells adapted to the service on which they 
had been engaged. 


or fAftUAMiirr. 


U. KnWlAM 



Itcdutr. - 

I ion of the late John 
>*MMB ■•u.^5,.b3r &tfsh, 
,, .««v-. .-.,.. w, . i*« rotary, Kcipue. Ilevw 
i8ji, w»i«4. at Etao, Md at IVia. CUL. Caml»., 

ia47, I«mUc I>ilrvmt>Ir.— who Jiol iR4.^.— .i ^ 



/ W'w* y^w £^i^ 


tlK RICHARD WALLAOB, Bart (Utbanjk 

{Kit hani Wallack, A' ' ' ^' isi bart. Bom 
July 2iA\\, iSiS, axMl ni., i Vatiic Chartude 

CattcliiAut, <l. ufan uiitcc; . .cndi annjr. 1« a 

.1*. for cirt. Down an<i Aiuriiii, a 1 1. 1^ for ooi Anirim, 
ion. C'»l. Antnii >ft';*- Artillcrv, awl a Tnutea 


of the Natioiu! 

. Cicaled a 
a to Brituli i 

' f . 

!• u&iTamtjrn 


in ihjl fur ai.! 
during the »ic^ 
creatoi 4 K.c'.l. 
inukioncr» at tht ; ... 
unyaltif. Kir^t clccSi 

C/».i- Si Slet.h«n . 
1 j^-m Kfndfmt -H 
W.«/i— Sodlwurnc li 

:R H. WALPOLE (Cambrld^ 
cnccr Horatio W \\v 
j./,.jy., /-.A'.s., sccuii.i S4.I 


the pri/e for t). 

.hut of \v.i;i.ui. 

and aho a Q.C. Waa CI 


* Utrik 


M Ami Sir R^iMld Walpgk 




from 1856 till 1858, and Secretary of State for the Home Department from 
March till Dec, 185a. from March 1858 till Feb. 1859, and from July 1866 
till May 1867, and was from that date mitil Feb. 1868 a member of the Cabinet 
without any official porftion. Rcapi>oinlcd Church Estates Commissioner 
Dec. 1862. Is an elected Trustee of the British Museum, a Fellow of 
the Roy. and Geographical Sos., and a Director of the University Life Assu. 
Co. A Consfrr'ative i an earnest upholder of Church and State. .Sat for 
Midhunt from 1846 till Feb. 1856, when he was first elected for the Univ. of 

C/trA«— United Univeruty. Caritoa. Oxfoixl and Cambridst, Athenaeum. 

TVnw Rnidfmu—i9q. Eaton Square, S.W. 

j^«/— Ealing. 

W. H. WALROND (Devonshire) 

William Hood Walrond, el. son of Sir John 
Walrond Walrond, 1st ban., by the Hon. Frances 
Caroline Hoo<l. d. of the 2nd Baron Bridport. He was 
bom Feb. 26th, 1849, ^'^"^ ed. at Eton, and m., 1871, 
Elizabeth Katharine, d. and heiress of the late James 
Pitman, Esq., of Dunchideock House, Devonshire. 
Formerly Capt. Grenadier Guards, and Lieut. -Col. 1st 
Devon Rifle Vol. Is a J. P. for Devonshire. A Comer- 
votive. Elected for East Devonshire April 1880. 

C/«^*— Guards', Carlton. 

Town Residence— It, Beaufort Gardens, South Kenstngtoo^ 


Seat— "Sew Court. Topsham. Devon. 

J. WALTER (Berkshire). 

John Walter, el. son of the late John 
Walter, Esq., of Bearwood,— M. P. for Berkshire 1832-7, 
— by Mary, d, of Henry Smithe, Esq., of Eastling, Kent. 
He was bom Oct. 8th, 1818, was ed. at Eton, and atj 
Exeter Coll., Oxford ; grad. B.A., 2nd class in Clxssics,! 
1840, M.A. 1843; and m. 1st, Emily Frances, — who] 
died 1858, — d. of Major Court, of Castlemans, Berk- 
shire ; and 2ndly, PMora, d. of James Monro Macnabb,J 
Esq., of Highfield Park, Hants. Is a J.P. and a D.L.i 
for Berks and Middlesex, a D.L. of the City of London,] 
and principal proprietor of the Times newspaper. Call< * 
to the Bar at Lmcoln's Inn Nov. 1846. A Liberal.\ 
Sat for Nottingham from 1847 till 1859, and for Berk- 
shire from 1859 till 1865, when he was an unsuccessful candidate; re-electedl 
Nov. 1868, Feb. 2nd, 1874, and April 9th, 1880. 

Patron of /our Livings— Be»rwood ; St. Paul'*, Wokingham : Barkham ; Ftnchamf 

C/«^«— Reform. City. 

Tonm ResuUnce—^, Upper Grofvenor Street, W. 

.^Va/— Bearwood, near Wokingham. 

MEMsats or rAmuAMCNT. aJ9 

17. rl. d. of Sir Kkhard Brook*. 6tli bwl. H« 
• bum iSjgL wtt cd. M Eloci, and at Ch. Oi., Otibri, 
kl. II \. ii6i, tad m.. tWa, the lloo. AaloinefM 

-WAftBVETOW (ObMhlr*. HSdi 
Fieri Koefci "' !.>n, cl. sotj .,f Row- 

Untl Kvic* Kt » .1 .aii.rl rhc nuae 

</ WaruurtuQ mt inrKmuni; ine c»t«tci oi hu fjrmU 
undo Sir l*cter WaHjynon), of Affkx, ca ClMilcr, by 
M«ry. rl. 4. of Sir Kkhard Brook*. 6tk bwl. H« 

Kli/atwt'i Smwiim, d. of jrJ Butm Uc Stmmutt. Ua 
^!a^I^tta:c (or Choihifft, ami Capl. i« Karl of CbeMcr't 
• CO. Lav. A C^munmiw*, Fint dotted far Mid> 
bc%htrc jttfM 17th, 1876. 

^V4#-Af%f Han. aw N«tk«rkk, Oiirtilia 

a M. WAftTOM (BrtdporU 
Charles Nicholas Warton, cl. son of the 
late I'harlc* NVari<>n, F.vj., of The < >M Wdx, Hurua»h, 
Suk\<x, by Mana hi% wife. He wa» U>fij ih>i, v»a\ 
<hI. at Univ. Coll. .School, Ixin<l«m, and al « Luc Hall, 
Camb., ami m., 1864. Agnc*, «1. of <. n \S . I^i , 
LicQl. 67th kei;!., awl gran<l-<l. of 'x, 

WooH. (nllcirto the liar at l-inc ■! 

p' '-Ka^tcrn Circuit. \ J\ffy, LlcrtcJfor 

lit i 1880. 

Ckm rnO er t i. Brick CooM, Tciapk. E.C 
ilt$idemct 14, LMiboanM Road, QaylMai, Sytivy. 

nm trmnr b. watielow. Ban (OraTaMod). 

Sydney Hedlcy Waterlow, ist bart^ fourth 
ion of James Waterlow, Esq.. of HuoUngdoo Lodges 
Surrry. He was bora iSa^, was ed. at bt Savkivra 
Grammar School, Southwark, and m., rt45, Aana 
Maria, yoanrat d. of the late William Hiduoo, Eaq., 
of Fairteat, Wrotham, Kent. Waa lor many y«an • 
junior partner ia the meCroooUtaa mtitmny aad 
printing firm of Waterlow and Sooa. and haa beca 
Alderman of Langbouro Ward siaoe 1863. Serred tka 
oAce of Sheriff of Loadon aad Mkld!c^et i»66-7, aad 
waa Lord Mayor of Ijoodoo 1873*3. ^n^l a 

I. P. of the City of London, and a J i Icmti. 

Kcat, aad Loadoa dcr ry , a BMnbcr ni tnc ixoya^ Judica- 
lare CoouBiHioa, Goveraor of iha Hoa. the IrUi Sodcty , 
Treaaarvof St. Baithnkwarw % Hmuiul, aad Deo. Ooa. 
iAaoa oi.».A v,m.rr. of the Loadoa, Chatham, a ajway. lU«Wad 

the hoaor of Knighthood • n the occaakia^of 

of London, and wmi created 

H.I.M. the Soltaa of Tttrkey and II.H. the Khedive of Lgyft vkitiM the Olj 
a Baronet in 1873 to ceauacaonMe tiM Vwi to tka 



Citv of n. M. the Shah of Perria, Wm one of the Judges at the International 
Exhibition of I'hiladclphia 1876. and President of a Jury in the Paris Universal 
Exhibition 1878. Usls the orders of the Medjidie, of the Lion and Sun of 
Persia, and of the Crown of Itah 1 •' •• I^on of Honor of the French 
Republic. A lihcral. Sat for I> 1868-9, and Maidstone 1874-80. 

Unsuccessfully contested Souihwari. \ , ., '■ Maidstone April i8Sa Elected 
for Gravcscnd July 1st, 1880. 

C/***— Refonn, Chy Liberal. 

Tfftpm /letiWrm^t—FaiTvan, Highgate. N. ; St. Butbolomew't Hospital, E.C 

Jm/— Faincat, Wrotham, Kent. 

SIR EDWARD W. WATKIN, Bart (Hythe). 

Kdwanl William Waikin, son of the late 
Absolom Watkin, Esci., — a J. P. for Lancashire, — by 
Elizabeth his wife. He was lx)m Sept. 26lh, 18 19, 
was ed. at Manchester, and m., 1845, Mary Pri;-^. 
d. of the late Jonathan Mellor Esq., J. P., of II 'i- 
House, Oldhani. Was formerly a merchant in M ;i- 
chester. Is Chm. of the .South- I'lastcm, the M.ini :< ■ 
ter, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, and the Metropolitan 
Railways, a J. P. for Lancashire, Cheshire, and the city 
of Manchester, trustee of the River Weaver, and a D.L. 
of the Tower Hamlets. Received the honor of Knight- 
hood 1868, for services 'in connection with the Con- 
federation of the British North American Provinces. Author of " A Trip to the 
Untied States and Canada," and of various pamphlets on Free-Trade, Currency, 
and Parliamentary Reform. Was High Sheriff of Cheshire 1874. Create<l n 
Baronet April 1880. A Liberal. Sat for Great Yarmouth for a short tiin ii: 
1857, but was unseated on petition the same year, and unsuccessfully contc-icd 
that borough in 1859. Sat for Stockport from May 1864 till Nov. 1868. Un- 
successfully contested Exeter 1873. First elected lor Hythe Feb. 1S74. 
C/«*— Reform, 

TtrwH Rftuirfue—6, Cleveland Row, S.W. 
Sr<t/-Rose Hill, Northenden, Cheshire. 


J. WATNET, Jnn. (SnrreF. EastX 

James Watney, Jun., son of James Watney,^ 
Esq., of Haling Park, Croydon, Surrey. He was bor 
May 19th, 1832, was ed. at the Clapham Grami 
School, and m. Blanche, el. d. of the late Frederic 
S. Burrell, Esq., of Highfields Park, near Tunbridj 
Wells. A Conservative. First elected for East Sui 
Aug. 1871. 

Clubs- Carlton, Oty Carlton. 

Town RetuttHCf—Thoraty House, Palace Gate, W. 



m WAOoi f 

E4wm\ fon of the Ute John Lamb 

Waagll, 0I I, Inhinctuo. CaiulM-tlial. hv 

CAthrrtM. d. fk kKtiafd >! 

Irthif^*um. Il« «ra« born 1 • 

J«nc, d. of ThoMJu Uddcll, Lm^., U IkMikicaJ Ihil, 

C uli4le. AdmiiMd « SoUcilar iS^O. FoffiMrly RcgM- 

trar oT tlM 

And iMadoT 

And Mmffsirv, 

Elected for CodtCfVMWth April l88a 

Uddcll, LMf , . 

aSondlar 1840. 
Coaotx Cowt, Ckffk to iIm M^tenM^ 
rilMfa«lirfliorE.«adE.L. Wi^ 
m, of Cock«r«MMili. A mtd/raHf 10091 

John U 

nret, d. otfjatno Xi 
Tie «ru borB 1810^ 

;« meeting at Abenlcr I ! 


' ' A, cL iofi of ihc Uic 
lie, of Aljcfdcco, by Mar> 
uji|^, BcrclMni« of Aberdeen. 
M ed. at Markdial CblL. and 
Univ. of Aberdeen,—' » '» fS77,— «ad ol, 1839^ 
Maf|ptf«t, d. of the !•> olmcrv, of Wotbnrn, 

near Aberdeen. U -ate in Abeniecn, a 

D.L. and a J. P. for Abetdeciabire, and Chm. of the 
Scuduh lYorindal AiMirance Co. Has been tinoe 
1861, by appointment of aicccMt^T Lord Recton, a 
of the Univenity Conit (the mw tnU m body) 

'— ' " WmaLoidProToitorAbef. 

r Aberdeen city April 1880. 

»m Hocvl. !>.W. 

nm DATID WBDDB&BUEir (HaddiaftOB DMrteljL 

David Wu^DKkiJtKN, 3rd baronet,* ton of 
the Ute .Sir John Wedderbam, — who died 1861, — by 
Ilcnrictu Iwouisa, d. of William Milbum. He va» bora 



and at 

Sat for 
tlint;t<»» i>iNtrKt I cl'. i^tU, 

amit-Kmlonm, .New. 

.>...r«h UnlT.. 

nl elected for Had- 




Tbk Umiif VM fnriwly aovlMd 
Key mm oae f wirf oa Sir l«ka W« 

id tha flaiM r«y«l 
I priMacr. H« 

bae>d dM 

fcr tw «f dM Snaan fawily. 
Tlw yik bMMM ka«ii« « 
•I Um tenia of OdbdM. wImm bt «m 
Nov. aitk. %u^ Hxi kia aMM* 
cklt ■ani b «aa ■•> 



O. H. WHALLET (Fetertoorongli). 

George Hampden Whalley,* son of the late 
G«or]g<e Hammond Whalley, Esq., M.P., of Plas Madoc. 
Rhuabon, by Anne Wakcford, d. of ihc late Kicharl 
Attrcc, Esq., of Blackmore, Sellwume, Hants. He wn 
bom 1851. Is a J. P. for Denbichshirc, and (apt. 
I)cnbij;hshire Yco. Cav. Commamled in 1879 a ti-.,]. 
of Irreeular Cavalry throuch the Zulu War. A Liki\ii. 
Elect «r for Peterborough April 1880. 

C/«<*— Reform. 

.9a»/— Pbs Madoc, Rhuabon. Denbighshire. 

S. WHITBREAD (Bedford). 
Samuel \Vhitbread, son of the late Samuel 

Charles Whitbrcad, Esq., of Cardington, Bedfordshire, — 
M.P. for Middlesex 1820-30,— and grandson of the cele- 
brated politician whose name he bears. He was Ixjm 
May 5th, 1830, was ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb., and in 1855 m. Lady Isal>ella Charlotte, 3rd d. 
of the 3rd Earl of Chichester. Was private secretary to 
Sir George (irey 1850, and Civil Lord of the Admiralty 
from June 1859 till March 1863. LsaD.L. and a J. P. df 
Betlfordshire. A Liberal. First elected for Bedford July . 

Club — Brooks's. 

Town Residence— \o, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 

Jca/— Southill, Biggleswade. 

E. WHITLEY (LtverpoolX 

Edward Whitley, son of the late John 

Whitley, Esq., of Liverpool, by Isabella, d. of Eduaid 
Greenall, Esq., of Wilderspool, Cheshire. He ^^.^s 
bom 1825, was ed. at Rugby, and m., 1878, Eli/ '■ 
Eleanor, d. of Henry Walker, Esq., of White! 
Admitted a Solicitor 1849, and is senior partner 
legal firm of Whitley and Maddock, of Liverpool. \\<^ 
l>een a member of tlje Town Council of Liverpool sine 
1866, and was Mayor of that city 1868. Is a T.l'. f r 
Liverpool. A Conservative; a supporter of the l.ail 
of Beaconsfield. First elected for Liverpool Jan. ibiio. 
C/«*x- Carlton, St. Stephen's, Liverpool Conservative, 
/f««^<«#— Clovelly, Anfield, Liverpool. 

• Is a lineal descendant of Edward Whalley (first cousin of Oliver Cromwell and Jahn 
Haopden), who signed the warrant for the execution of Charles I. 





llaricit, <A M. 

if the Utr 'Iliuau^ 

ton of Ntcholit 

.rah. H. of Mr JoIm 



J KcU iSlio : re-^toctc 

H. WlOOIir iltairbrtUhlr*. Bastx 

Henry, son of ihc late WillumWiggin, 
Eui. , of ChcAillc, Suflbnlihite. lie was bora 1814, aad 
m.. 1851. Mary EUnlMll^ d. of iHtid Malim, £«)., 
J.P..(/£*l|tbutoo,llinBfaMkMD. U • J. P. lor 001. of 
WoraHtor, Md for the bonMi oC Biiaiiiic- 
r. a iTirpctor of tne 

luun, a OMfCMM mm manuCiflurcr. 

South StallbnUhire Wa 

J«>tnt Slock Bank, ami <a., and a 

(ioveroor of King E<lwaxU'» ^kliuui. Binaiofbam. A 
m/. Elected for Eakt Slaflbffbhira April iSSa 

Smt^U9uMty Gnagt, lUrtiorm, 

B. T. WILUAMB (OarmartlMii DUtrleU 

Benjamin Thonus Wii.i.iams, Q.C, d. iOll of 
the late r. K. WiMluhn. of Mcnyvalc. Narbcrthi, Pem- 
bruWi-shirr, » V M-.-. M.,!y thiW of B. R. llkoma^ Esq.. 
uf Natlw ni Nov. I9(h, 1833, wa» ed. at 

libv^^ou >r Prucman in Lock, and Uni* 

\crMiv M. .i\ Sirtapbvaics—snMl. M.A. 1854,— 

.iti.l m . 1S5:. Margaret, only d. of T. John, Ea4« of 
I'olcuum. ( Alt! to the Hxr at (irav** Inn Tan. l»«o ; 
ji«>c% the >>i'a''' 
1S75. U a I 

NarlK-rth >.h.- ; 1 : 

the Iniv. u( (.!.\v 



^^ a L. a WILLIAMS (Qnat Marlowx 

V^N s^ Owen I^wis Cope Williams, only son of the 

"^ ■■ late Lieut. -Col. Thomas Peers Williams, M.P. for Great 

Marlow i820-6S, by Kmily, youngest d. of the late Anthony 
Hacon, Kstj., of Hcuham Park, lierkshire. He was bonv 
1836, was cd. at Eton, and m., 1862, Fanny }• I-.k-h- ,. — 
who d. 1876, — youngest d. of St. George Kraiu I, 

Esq., of Donarvon Castle, CO. Roscommon. I u 

Royal Horse Guards 1854, became Lieut. 1856, Capt. 
1S58, Major and Lieut.-Col. 1866, and Col. 1871. Is a 
J. P. for Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Anglesey, Carnarvon* 
•hire, and Flintshire. A Consfrvaiive. Electc<l for Great Marlow April 1880. 

Patron o/otu Z.iri«jf— Horton. R., Buck*. 
C/nr**--White*», Boodle's, Turf, Marlborough. 
Tevm RetuUMce—t^. Hill Stwel, Berkeley Square, W. 
5>a/r— Temple House, Great Marlow ; Craig>y-don, Anglesey. 

8. a E WILLLAM8 (Radnor District). 

Samuel Charles Evans Williams, el. son of 
the late Rev. John Williams, of Bryniirion,-— formerly 
Censor of Ch. Ch., Oxford, — by Jane, widow of Joli 
Patterson, Ksrj., of Devonshire. He was born 184.' 
was ed. at Westminster, and at Ch. CTi., Oxford {\\..\ 
1864, M.A. 1877), and m., 1867, Mary Caroline, d. < 
the Rev. Henry William R. Luttman-Johnson (former! 
Michell), of Binderton House, Sussex. Qualifie<l i 
he called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1870. Is a J.l 
for Radnorshire (High Sheriff 1880), Chm. of Rhayader 
Highway Board and of the Nantmel School Board, an 1 
Master of the Radnorshire Harriers, A Liberal. 
Elected for Radnor District May 14th, 188a 

C/u6t—Vtw University, Devonshire. 

A>a/f— Bryntirion, Rhayader; Abernant, B«9th. 


8. WILLIAMSON (St. Andrew's District). 

Stephen Williamson, el son of the h 

Mr. Archibald Williamson, of Anstruther, Fifeshii 
He was born 1827, and m., 1859, Annie, d. of the 
Rev. Thomas Guthrie, D.D., of Edinburgh. Is 
J. P. for Cheshire, and a partner in the firm of Balfo 
Williamson, and Co., shipowners, of Liverpool. 
Liberal. Elected for St. Andrew's District Aj 

ResitUnct—Coi>\ty. Ncston. Cheshire. 



W. wnAa (Oelabitl 
wmkm Wiuis (JC, //..A, fon of Wittiiiii 

Wttlk, £«).. miM-ificturrf, «»( l.uiuii. He wu bom Autfl 
Mill. l8t$. a lfu.l.lcT.ficia ( u!l..-.crMl. a A. 

1659* uat , at (he t'niv. !.( I. 

im. Aanc. n. ui joiui U«tliw«itG, Eu., of 
i aUciI to Um Iter m tht Immt Tonpio IMI t bccoMo a 
iftnt Cf>>* ^'M Sooih>EoMOTo Ofcail. A lOfrm/, 
SomxAMwktL Ekeiod Cor ColdMilcr April i88a 


W. R. WILLI (Oof Uf yl 

Williafii Mcnrv Wiiis, <m\y !R!m'vinj» too 


lie «ra% ijorn >ctK. lO, 
bool. tad at Vtiw, ColL. 

^^., .^obelh, jFVMunt d. of the 

:»b, fc»q., J.|»., of TTie Praipoct, 

I^a mcTchant an<! x rtuuitt&cttirer 

' s ater 

111. oi ihc itnMoi enatniicroi i .onam^roe, 
•r of tlM Bratol Md £actcr RAUway. A 
A til give a general support to the MarqoaM 

r.«.»i Rcf in. 


i«^ R. S. a. SoMtMC 

BIR HEHRY WILMOT. Barl (DtrbyahHo. tevthX 

Hcnn- Wii.MOT,* cl. son of Sir Henry Sache- 

vcrcl Wilinot, 4th liart.,— who died 1872,— by Maria, d. 
of E. M. Mundy, Evj. He was bora Feb. 3rd. 1831, 
wa» cd. at Kaifby, and in 1862 m. Chariottr Cecilia, d. U 
the Rev. Frederick and the Hoo. Germldme Pare. Kntercd 
the 43rd Li};hi IniJantry 1849, exchanged to Rifle 
Brigade 1856 ; wa» Depoty Jodge Advocate lo Owio 
Field FofLc iSc?^ and jodge-Advocaie-Geoeml to 
Chineie u 1860^1 ; received the Victoria 

Cross I Major, and medal am! r!a<p for 

l.ucknow, oiul moi datpa for * ^ ar ; 

retired 1862. U 1. CoMWlt iflc 

Vol.. a J. P. for Denn-xiuie. and a F.R.! 
FirU elected for South Derbyahira in 1869. 


-( Um rmt ISM. The t*( baf«MC, 
wJ to tin Atmr, •md ly ik i M 



BUL JOHN E. EA&DLET-WILMOT, Bart (Wanrickshlre, Sottth). 

John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, son oi 
the late Sir John Eanlley Eartlley-Wilmot, 1st bait . 
<»f I?crks\vc*ll Hall, Warwickshire, — who <licd i' ;~ 
by Kli/nbcth Kmma, d. of the late C. II. Parr\ . 
M.D., of Bath, and sister to Sir Ed. Tarry, R.N. ... 
was bom Nov. i6th, l8lo> and was cd. at Winchester 
Sch.,— where he reccivetl the gold mctlal,— ami nt 
Halliol Coll., Oxford, where he obtainecl a 
scholarship 1828, and the Chancellor's cold 
1829 ; grad. B.A. 1831. In April 1839 he m. iJi/a 
Martha, d. of the late Sir Robert Williams, M.T. 
Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1842, and went the 
Midland Circuit Was Recortler of Warwick from 
1852 till 1874, and Judge of County Courts Circuit No. 54 (Bristol) from 
1854 till 1863, and of Circuit No. 43 (Marylebone) from 1S63 till 1871. I 
D. L. for Warwickshire, and a Director of the Sovereign Life Assurance C 
Author of **A Review of Lord Brougham's Acts and Bills," "letters on 
Electoral Reform," "Digest of the Law of Burglary," Reminiscences of the 
late Thomas Assheton Smith, Esq.," editor of ** Blackstone's Commentaries 
abridged." Intro<luced in 1875 and 1876 Bills to amend the I^w, 
and to further extend the Jurisdiction of Coimty Courts. A Conwrintne. 
First elected for South Warwickshire Feb. 1874. 

Clubs—Sx.. Stephen's, Carlton. 
RtsifUtue—ii, Thurloe Square, S.W. 

Oid CorMttk itwtto, 


Edward Brydges-Willyams, el. surviving 
son of the late Humphrey Willyams, Esq., of Car- 
nanton, Cornwall,— M. P. for Truro 1848-52, — by Ellen 
Frances, d. of Col. Neynoe, of Castle Neynoe, co. 
•Sligo. He was bom Nov. 5th, 1836, was ed. abroad, 
and at Merton Coll., Oxford, and in 1856 m. Jane. — 
who died 1877, — d. and coheiress of Sir Trevqr Wheler, 
9th bart. Is a Deputy- Warden of the Stannaries of 
Devon and Comwall, a J. P. and a D.L. for Cornwall, 
Major Royal Comwall Rifle Vol., and Chm. of the 
Newquay and Comwall Junction Railway Co. A 
Liberal ; supporter of the Marquess of Hartington. 
Sat for Truro 1857-60, and for East Comwall 1868-74 ; 
re-elected for Tmro March 31st, 1880. 

C/m^«— Arthur's Brooks's, Turf, Oxford and Cambridge. 

7V»« Rtsidefue—tZ, Stratford Place, W. 

.S^M/f— Camanton, and Nanskcval, St. Columb, Cornwall 



€1 B. wiLioirataiix 

Chartet Henry Wiijon. son of the Ute 

183^ and m. 


Wilion. K^ 
1K71, PlorcBc. 

NVcll«loy, lai< tlicn. It ChnL oT Uic 

Hall Scmbch'b wriMum ."»«;ium, Aod a f.P. for EamC 
Rktlf« of Yodubiffc Wm ShcHir of Hall 187a He 
prooKiled in pArlLammt ttwr ctming of publk*hoa«c» 
on Snndajr*. '"« o« vivi»ectkm. 

A UktriU. Ki. ' cli. 4th, 1874. 

L WnjOH (Mld4]irtfO«ikX 

Isaac Wilson, son of the late Iv on. 

En., of KemUl, by Mary. <L of John J. . of 

Lecdft. He was born Feb. i6ih. \^ 17. 

Anna Dorothy, <L of Robert Bemon Ic, 

j^^.ui I. , f i» for Durham, an*i .. ,.. . — - .j.L. 
for ' ' of Yorkshire, and an ironmaster. A 

U/k cd for Mkldlesbruogh Jnly 4th, 1878. 

Pmiwm ^ m» I.iH^v~Wambo«p>-fakaiMlsail, P.C. Yerfi- 

CM lUfcnn. 

5M/-Nunihun>« n^tt. r.reat Aytoo. Narthallcrtoa. 

tn ytkTW^M WnjBOlf . BaiI (Yorkslxir«, horthem DItUIob of Watt BldlBfX 


Malhcw Wilson, cl. son of the late Mathcw 

\Vil*on. E»q., of Eshton Hall, by Margaret Clivc, only 

•i. of Mathew NVilson. Esa., of Eshton. He wa& burn 

\k\^. 29th, 1802, was cd. at Harrow, and at BraseooseCoU., 

• vfortl,— grad. B.A. 1824.— and m. 1st. 1826, SophU 

ixnitsa Emerson. — who Ht--' f**" ' of the late Sir 

Whartoo Amcottk [title c 1878, Fraooea 

r>unint, wriduw of the Kit of Bntnswidi 

-^ |u.iro, IW ,:'a..n. Is a I.F. ami a U.L. for Lancashire 

, ! tV Wet Riding of Yorkshire. Created a Baronet 

A Lit<rK$J. Sat for Clitherwe 1847-^3. 

i.-d for Northern Division of the \Yest Riding 

oi ^ orK>[itre Feb. 1874. 

x^.YerinUra; yt. 

BOM. a B. W. WirStOR-CLIYB [iM OUtvL 



R. WINN (LlnoolnalUrt, NorthX 

Rowland Winn, el. son of the late Charles 

of Nusteli rriory, Vorkshitx', ami Apolchy 
Inshire, by PriscUla, d. of Sir William 


Jf 9 A Winn, Ks<|. 

mttm i^aiI' ^>"coi> 

f^r^^ m Slricklaml, 6lh l^art., of Boynton, Yorkshire. He 

was bom Feb. 19th, 1820, was c<l, at Trin. Coll., 
Cainb., and m., 1S54, Harriet Maria Amelia, 2ml d. 
of the late Col. Henry I)umare;>ci, and of his wife Latly 
SoiJhia, sister of the 5th Earl of I^inesl>orough. Is a 
D.L. of Lincolnshire, and a J. P. for the East and West 
Riding's of Yorkshire, and of the parts of Lindsey, 
Lincohishire. Was a Lord of the Treasury from March 
1874 till April i88a A Comerv<Uw<. First elected for 
North Lincolnshire Nov. 1868. 

C/«Ar— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Yorkshire. 

Lendom Addrru—xi. Grotvcnor Garden«, S.W. 

.Vm/«— Noitell Priory, Wakefield, Yorkshire ; Appleby Hall, Brigg, Lincolnshire. 

£. B. W0DEH0U8E (Batli\ 

Edmond Robert Wodehouse, only son 

rof Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse, G.C.S.I., K.C.B., 
by Catherme Mary, d. of the late Francis J. 
Templer, Esq. He was bom 1835, was ed. at Eton, 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1865, M.A. 1865), 
and m., 1876, Adela, d. of the Rev. Charles Walter 
Bagot, Chancellor of Bath and Wells, and Rector of 
Castle Rising, Norfolk. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1861. Was Private Secretary to his cousin, 
the Earl oi Kiml>erley, when Viceroy of Ireland 
1864-6, when Lord Privy Seal 1868-70, and when 
Sec. of Stale for the C<y»Dies 1870-74. A Liberal, 
Elected for Bath April ^ 1880. 
C/«/x— Travdlcn', Oxford and Cambridge. 
Rttidemc*—^, Cheater Square, S.W. 


Henry Drumniond Wolff, G.C.M.G.,K.C.B., 
son of the late Rev. Dr. Wolff, Vicar of Isle Brewers, 
Somersetshire, by I^idy Georgiana Mary, d. of the 2nd 
Earl of Orford. He was bom 1830, was ed. at Rucby, 
and m., 1852, Adeline, d. ofSholto I' ' llsq. Was 
a supemumerary clerk in the F' < 1846-9. 

Attached to the l>egation at Flore; ,. 1 ,j j, and was 
sometime acting Charg^ d'Affaires there ; was also 
attache<l to the Earl of Westmoreland's Special Mission 
to Belgium 1 856, when he was apixjinted a Knight of 
the Belgian Order of Leopold, but which order he has 
not H.M.'s permission to wear. Was Assistant Private 
.Secretary to the Earl of Malmesbury, .Secretary of State 
for Foreign Affairs, from Feb. till Oct. 1858, and Private 

MIMIIBS or FARLUmirT. t$9 

Svcreurv to Sir Eaward B. Lyttoa, Bait., at Um ColonUl Oflkr > 

tUi AprU l)(59» when he wtM uromolcd to an tmhuuki clcfiuhip b tnc rwinifn 
OAc«. Mad« a CM.G.. KUic of An» oT tW Onlcr of 6l MldMtl and 

^(< Gaorce, and appuintnl S<-t.rrtArv tu tha lujnl HiL'!i Cutnnil%»ujtier of Um 
uian lUaaift June iS '\crxl 

•.'Ounittiont to trt-jn*:. '•uto. 

Wat dekgat* i-4joizreM m 

London 1861 > oiibkora 

at the liiicnMiM*!: " ■* t^-^, 

ami K.C.B. 1879 

loctorale over the 1 

Cnmmfarino 00 Cop)rt> 

the Kurop*^n Commiv« 

A ' CO*(uU) COil(C«U-U l>4>fvl>t*(€< i 

1?^ iirch frwn Feb. 1874 till Ma;. 

T' n»inouin Apni i»i, 188a 

CimU-Oukim. Sc. JuMs'a. GMvkk. Achewiim. 

W. WOODALL (8tok»-apoii-TrMit). 

William W(.)<)dai.i- He was bom 1832, and 
m., iS<»2. Kvilyn,— who died 1870,— «l. of the Ule Jamci 
Micmtyrc, K*<i. I* a J. P. for Staffur.l^hirr. Chm. of the 
I'.>ir%lcm Scho<»l liiiartl, and !««ni<ir j«.iftncr in the firm of 
Jamr* Macintyrc an<l Co., |«<ittcrs '>f lUir*lcfn, Author 
of "rari* after two SiejjcA." A liU-ral. Elected for 
Stoke u|»on-Trcnt April \i 

i'tcak Hl'u»c, l.iirMCiii, .'>t.tJl riWuTC. 

8w WOOLF (PontafrAOtli 

Sydney Woolp, son of I-cwis Woolf, Esq., 
of Ferrybridge Hoaae. Gift. : la Hill. W. 

He was bora 1837, waa e<l. . > i>ndon, an 

.It Frankfort, and m.. i860, lubel Nunca. d. of David 
Nunaa Canralho, £»q., of I^ondon. b an earthenware 
inairaficfiirer at Knotttngley. and haa been Chm. of 
"tioctingley School Board atnce 187a. A IdtrwL 
A for Pontefract Ajiril l88a 


Stmt- F««T>rUi<if« HouM fmrrs. \ n^rm \ 




Henry de Worms, second son of 
the Haron de Worms,* by Henrictla, d. 
of the late Samuel Moses Samuel, l!lsq., of 
Park Crescent, N.W. He was Ixsrn 1840, 
was ed. at King's Coll., London (of which 
he was elected a Fellow 1863), and m., 1864, 
Fanny, el. d. of the Paron Von Todesco, of 
Vienna. Was called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple 1863. Is a J. P. and a D.L. 
of Middlesex. Author of "The Austro- 
Hungarian Kmpire,"and '• Kngland's Policy 
&c A Comnvativf. Elected for Greenwich April ist, 1880. 

in the East 

C/i«A— Carlton. 

R*tid*mct»—Hi, Albany, Piccadilly. W. ; The Lodge, Egham, Surrey. 

C. B. STUART-WORTLEY (Sheffield). 


Charles Bcilby Stuart-Wortlev, second 
son of the Rt. Hon. James Stuart -Wortley, Q.C., by 
the Hon. Jane Lawley, d. of ist Baron Wcnlock. 
He was bom Sept. 1851, and was ed. at Rugby, and 
at Balliol Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1875, and M.A. 
1878, and m., 1880, Beatrice, d. of Thomas Ad olph us 
Trollope, Esq. Was called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple 1876, and goes the North-Eastem Circuit. 
A Conservath'e. Elected for Sheffield April 1880, 
having in Dec. 1879 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

C/uis— St. James's, Beefsteak. 

Ckambert — 2, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, E.C. 

P. WROUGHTON (Berkshire). 
Philip Wroughton, el. son of the late 

Philip Wroughton, Esq., of WooUey Park, Berks, byj 
Blanche, d. of the late John Norris, Esq., of Hughenden 
House, Bucks. He was born 1846, was ed. at Harrow, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1868,— and m., 
1S75, Evelyn Mary. d. of Sir John Neeld, 1st bart. Is] 
n J.P. and a D.L. for Berkshire. A Conservative. First 
elected for Berkshire Feb, 23rd, 1876. 

C/«^*-CarUon, Boodle's. 

Seat— "WooWty Park, Wantage, Berkshire. 

* The Baron de Worms was created a Baron of the Austrian Empire 1871, and (ha 
privilege to bear the title in England has received Royal authority. Each of his sons is 
entitled to bear the prefix of Baron to his Christian names. 


BON PttiST t. WnmUM (OmtaVlUd. W«U 

rercv Scawen Wyndham. tccond loa ol 
l« Btran Lecoofield. tijr Mary Vumy, ool^ 4. ol 

the bet Rrr. WOHun ffhrnt oT CimblMti. 
He «r&» tturo iSi^ wms ed. ftt Eton, nad in iMon. 
Ma Fmncrs d. of the Uie Major«G«n. 

Sii . lu hut. Ha* been Uml and 

Cape. Culd»irc.iin Gvaidc It a j. P. for Smms u d 

Cambcftead. tad bM brm Vke-ChoL of ^Mvlrr 

1871. Promolcd. 1867, ft Bill to 

Woodii and PlantatioM to tht poor 

1871. ProoMAcd. 1867, 
Vood^ and Phnfariona t 
ratek A Cm MTp t t kt e ; a tappbrter 

oftlMEarlQfB«Momftcid*ffca«nd policy; "doct not 
p i Qg f w a , b«l ii o pp ow d to any violent chanfct in the 
^t ^Md for Wcit CMUiarknd Ane. i86a 

ubjevi to catttiott« 

Coo%titutiuo." Fir»t elactnd for Wen CMiUiarknd Anc. i86a 

r^Mi Kfidem^*—^^ Bclgniirt Squart. S.W. 

C0umtry XftMlfrnM—Cownm Coui««. Bt9mfv4, HmfciiliMii; Wtbmj He 

UK W. WXLLUMi-Wmi. Bart (D«iMfkiblrtX 

Watkin Wiixiams-Wvnn/ d. son of the laic 

Sir Watkin William*. \Vynn» M.P., 5th ban..— who 
dictl I&40,— by Lady Henrietta Antonia, eL d. of tbe 
Earl of Powia. He was bom l8ja and was ed. at 
Westminster Sch.. and at Ch. Ch., Oxford. In 1852 be 
m. hb consin, Marie Emily, d. of the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Henry Williams- Wynn, K.C.B., G.C.H. Entered the 
IM Life Guards as Comet July l8j9, became Lieut. 
ScpL 1842, retired 1841. Is Steward of Her Majesty's 
Hundreds of Bromficia and Vale, Lieut. -Col. Com. 
Denbighshire Rifle Vol., a D.L. and a J. P. for coa. of 
Denbigh, Merioneth, Salop, and Montgomery, a Director 

t>f the Great Western Railway Co., and one of the Coondl of the Roy. 

Agricultural So. A Cmiunrntim. First elected for Denbighshire 1841. 

f^mfmm ^ «w« £Mv»-Uaiig«dwyii. V., Ro» yM«dr«. V.. BryiMtlwyv V . Uu. 
tiriHfl^ V. DMb«liihit« : Uwydiavtk, V.. Umo. V.. MoMfaMryshtra ; Udui»ckyUym V.. 

CAdb-Cwham Cwfick. Jiuuor CsriMn, While's. Beedle1^ 
Tmmm R mtdm n tt. Sc jsan* Sqoara. &W. 



JX. TOUCB (01ouo«itenlilrt, But). 

John Reginald Yorke, son of Joseph Yorke, 

Esq., of Forthampton Court, Glouccsten>hire, bv Frances 
Antonia, d. of the late Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole Carew. 
He was bom Jan. 25th, 1836, and was ed. at Eton, and 
at Balliol Coll., Oxford. He m. 1st, 1862, AugusU 
Emmeline, — whodied 1863, — youngest d. of Lieut. -Gen. 
Sir Thomas Mpnteith- Douglas, K.C.B., of .Stonebyres 
and Koschall, I^narkshirc ; 2ndly, 1868, Mathilde, 2nd 
d. of the late Baron V. de Tuyll. Is a D. L. of Worcester- 
shire, a J. P. for Gloucestershire, Capt. Tewke-sbury Rifle 
Vol., and a Fellow of the Geological So. A Conser- 
vative. Sat for Tewkesbury Feb. 1864 till Nov. 1868. 
First returned for East Gloucestershire March 1872. 

C/«r^— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 
Town RttidtHce - 55, Rutland Gate, S.W. 
Jm/— Forthampton Court. Tewkesbury. 




John WebMer, LL.D. (L.) .. 7.505 

> l,Skaw{C) 3.139 

Fo^ M.ias. lUf. Eke t4.tt4' 
*rmm£ O^jtr^JtikmGntMm Smith, Etq.. 


of Ab cfitoM iMMiKiDC>r» 

I VBtmslIf (IM OUacow and 

AberdMsahlr* (SasiX 
Lieut. <jci>. the lion. Sir AlexAnder 
Hamihon*Gordun, K.CB. (L.) 
f^ . iUc EUg. 4.7M. 


Ab«rtfMB«hlrt (WmU. 
>crt K.u.iuhar>on, M D. (L.) 2,390 


f^ «i.))n. R«K. Cbc 4,tsj. 



itmeim^img tkt M ^tr^mgk '^ AUmg^m, mad 
0mr1i 0/ tk0 pmrUksa ^ Smt»m C^mHm 
•mdSt. H*Um.) 

John Creemer Garke (L.) 
Aib^nCGMs {,0 .. 

INjf». 6.IJJ. Reg. Eke l^a. 

AllMft ParkTAbiiVtei (lAaforX 


( T%it Uw0^ l c0mti$U»f ikt pmwitkgt »f Am. 
dtmfr mmi iCmi^kta Emkmm, mmd ikt tiik*^ 



•Francis William Buxton (I^).. 
*IJfut.-CoL Htnry WeUeslty (C) 

Pop. 5.744. Reg. Elec 868. 

RtfMrning Officer — Otxxz^t Curtis, E»q., 

Brewer, Adelaide Road, Andover (Mayor). 

Richard Davies(L.) .. .. 1,394 
CafH. P, Raytirr {C.) .. .. 1,085 

Pop. 5o.9«9 (37.368). Reg. Elec 3,171. 
RttumiHe Officer - • Thomas Edward Tohn 
Lloyd. fc»q., Plas Tregairti, Anglesey (High 

Antrim Coonty. 
James Chaine (C.) .. ..5,124 

•Edwanl Macnaghten (C.) . . 4.93^ 

S. Wilson (L.) 4,7^9 

S.BhckiX..) 4^542 

Pop. 826/17. Reg. Elec. 11,701. 
Retuminr Officer — James Stewart Moore, 
Emi.. Ballydwitty, Dervock, ca Antrim 
(High Sheriff X 

Lord Colin Camplxrll (L.) . . 1,457 
John Wiuf^fifld Malcolm {C) .. 1,191 

Pop. 75.679. Reg. Elec. 3,»99. 
Returning Officer— hXtxaoiA^x Forbes Irvine, 
Esq., 25. Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Argyllshire). 

Armach County. 
Nicholson Richardson 


(L.) 2.738 

Maxwell Charles Close (C) .. 2,614 

St. John Blather iZ,-) .. .. 2,275 
Sir WUliamE,}!. Vemtr, Bart. 
(C.) 1.781 

Pop. 171.35s («64.9a5X Reg- Elec 6,937. 
Retuminr Officer — Major William lames 
Hall, hiarrow Water, Warrenpoint. co. Down 
(High Sheriff). 


George dc la Pocr Beresford (C. ) 

Pop, 7,866. Reg. Elec. 657. 

Retuminr Officer— Major William Janr 
Hall. Narrow Water, Warrenpoint, co. Duv. 
(High Sheriff). 

Ashton nnder-Lyne (Lancashire). 

{Includinr the old hcrougk q/ Askton-umier- 
Lynt, the district 0/ Hunt, and parts 0/ the 
township 0/ Duki^field, and cf the division 
0/ A udenshnv. ) 

Motto— " LaHoK UMMtA VlNCiT. 



J. lt.CmttMmn{C) 

r^ n^Kw iMg. Else. fc9M. 



M0twmimi OJk00^-Cmttuim Odkoa T. a 

I Tkfpv mmt m* S «r m ^ mrmu. ] 

^ haoid Meyer deRotlMchUd, 

^L.) a,iii 

*Uc«jri*c William Enkine Ruucll 

(L.) 1,9«9 

*SamM^ Gmrft SmuU (C.) . . i,5M 

Pb^ MtyvOk Rcf* EwCa 4>"** 

J\'rhifmii^ OJkwtt 0>wf A. L&fptr^Ulkn 
Lock*. jMMt GunMV. Had Edward Vmy, 

Ajrr (DlslrletX 

*RichAni Frwlrrifk FoUufa^lMfll 

t^ 'A/mMmmtj 

^■fi jM«4- lU*. Ckc «,avf. 
Bi«^ »i. GfvBt KMg 

•Robert WitlieinCochraa»P>lrkk 

(C.) 1.656 

y.B.Bml/mrih,) .. I.$»i 

IV ^isl* E«f. Ctec j.«#*- 

Ba^. ti. Otmi 

Kl^ SIMM. 

AinhUv. lomtiL 
CoL Claud Alexander (C.) . . l,8^o 
Norn, Sortk di Cmtnf DalrrmpU 

Ptop. t4^SS- R«f. W^ ».••$• 


Baabory (Oxfordthlrev 
{!Cm$isiimr^tk0fmnak ^ Sm mimt j .) 

Bernhaid SamseboB (L.) .. 1,018 

Tkmmst Gdsm B0mia (C.) . . 583 

Favk 11.711 Rag. Else tjkjy 

KHmwmhig Omar- Hwry Walfonl. Em.. 




*Capt. Percy Brodrick 
Allman (L.) 

A / the Ctntrnl Eire Hen, ^ . 

Brmard (C.) a$ui Richard Lai 
h(>lUd rrtpectivtly 200 and 185 votes. Capt. 
Bernard mignta May 1880, aad oh a mtw 
tUction tm Jttn* 25 nuninf tht result vmu — 

*Kichard I^ane Allman (L.) .. 216 

— Paynf{Q.) 172 

Pop. 6,332. Reg. Elec. 43a 
RetumiHg: Ojfficrr—}ohnt{axo\^ Barry, Esq., 

I^.iilyvonare, Buttevant, co. Cork. (High 

Sheriff of CO. Cork). 

Robert William Duff (L.) 

Pop. 62,010. Reg. Elec. 9,649. 
RetumtHF Agff^r^ Benjamin Robert Bell, 
Eiq.j Sheriff of Banff, Elgin, and Nairn, 
14, Grosvenor Crescent. Edinburgh. 

Barnstaple (Deron). 

(Cornet ising thf parish of Barnstable, and 
^rts 0/ th* parishes of Pit ton ana Bishop' t 


•.Sir Robert Walter Garden (C.) 
Vifvcount Lymington (L.) 
Henry KhcndaU Grenfell {'L.) . . 
Pop. 11,79a Reg. Elec 1,857. 


Rettimine OffUer—^ . Avtry, Etq.,Bam^aple 

Bath (BomerMtX 

{Cfin*istin/c 0/ the old city o/Bnth, the parishes 

^ WaUi't, Ii,%th-A>itk, LyHii^rnhf, and Wid- 

ish oj I it-ertoH.) 

C0mbe, and pttrt oJ the p,\ 


Lieut. -Col. Sir Arthur Divetl Hayter, 
Bart. (L.) 

At the General Election, Lieut.-Col. Sir Arthur 
Divett Hayter, Bart, (L.) polled 9,712 voics. 
In April 1880 he accepted ojffice, and on a 
new election on Mny jth, 1880, he was 
returned withcut opposition. 

*Edmond Rolxirt 
(L.) 2,700 

Reginald Hardy {Q.) 2.300 

Capt. Smyth (C.) 2,241 

Pop- 53.7U- Reg- ''!«■'"• ft,o>7- 
Returning Optcei^ \*mt% Chaffin, Esq., The 
Grange, Cnarlcombe. Bath(.MayorX 

Beamnaris District (Anglesey). 

(Comprising Beaumaris, AmhiKh, Holyhead, 
and Llange/ni.) 

Morgan Lloyd, Q.C. (L.) 

Pop. 14,595- RcK- Elec. 2,581. 
Returning OMcer-\lo\. T. L. Hampton Lewi*, 
Henlcyt, Bcaytaans(Mayt;rX 



^itmin Mr /wrtMM e/ SI CmiU^H, St, 
7*Am, Si Mmry, V/. P»ml,mmdSU r«^.) 

" 1,470 

• .;• '•333 
/«frwr(C) I,D53 

tiqTo^ Cak Hott*<. B<afaiti (M«iror)i 


imc« Howard (L.) •• 3.»43 

ir%ittcttorTari»tock(L.) .. i,M 

I. IV.Stmart(C.) .. .. a.500 

Eyah Itoi P»rk« n i u lM»» ri i (High 

laUkiKOoiBty AbMaX 

William Ewmit (C) 
James I'ortcr J-.rrv < 
7. i iTrwM^ 


•set-fir '^••••* 

Philip WrcMi£hlon (C. ) . . . . 3»4U 
Ll-CoL Robert C Loyd-LiadMr 

(C.) 3.994 

Joba Walter (M 1.794 

r.^tgm(U) 1.696 


•Edwaid Marjoribaaki (L.) . . 939 
:/Aw. Ktttrt BmUk-Hamiitsm (C.) 671 

{ImtimJti the ^Hsk ^ Btrmkk. mmdikt I 
sAt/i •/ T mm d mmw t k mmd S^iml} 


Mono-*' VicToaiA cumua mucs«.' 
Sir DndlcT Coatu Maiioribanka, 


At tkf ( ttmt tkf Hott. 

Siniii ( IUmi MMdwM 

doMU <^ ;. -«. c^kpc. ObtM MiIm-Hom 
(C) /«^M iw tMr# w ^ 614. ifi. m/ 4» 

f«tfr». Ii 

thedm 0mUtt9tk qfik»t mmtk tkt mmOi 

Capt. David Milne-Home (C) s>4 

/Clfk/ J/m, J0km ftUrtm (L.) 58a 

IV »V»J»- »«f EIk. I.44J. 




{CmsisHmg 9/ Uu pmriMk •f RibU^ftri, tkf 
itrvngk ^ BrmdUy, mmd M# kAmkU «f 
IVHOfmJUi/, Hmnttm, BUcktiPm*. AV- 
tlurUm, L0mtrMiUm, LkkJkiit, mmd £>/rr 

♦Charles Harrison (L.) . . 
A\ E. Webster {(Z,) 

Pop. 7,6x0. Reg. Elec. t.aaS. 
Retuming Officer— Thit Mayor. 

Birkenliead (ChesIilreX 

{Comprises the chnpflry 0/ Birkenhead, the 
Unvnahi^s o/Claughton, Tranmert, Oxton, 
eutd part 0/ Higher Bebbington. ) 

David Maclver (C.) .. .. 4,025 
Arthur J. WUliams {"L.) ..3,658 

Pop. 65,98a Reg. Elec. 9.107. 
ReturMiH^ Officer— W\\\\ajKi Laird, Esq., Iron 
Ship-builder, 61, Hamilton Square, Birken- 
head (.Mayor). 

BtrmlTighain (WarwlduhireX 

Cfimfriset tkr parishes 0/ Birmingham and 
Edghrtston, and the townships o/Deritend, 
BtrdesUy, and Duddetton-cum-Nechells.) 

Motto — ■* i-oKWAKL)." 

Philip Henry Muntz (L.) .. 22,969 

At the General Electiou. the Riiilit Hon. I .!in 
Bright (L.),^o««pfi > 

Frederick G. Bun 
Augustus CCaJthoi 1 


22.07^, 19,544, 15.735. ««'■'' «4.3oH voUi. 
April 1880 Messrs. Bright and Chamberlain 
accepted office, and on a nrw election on 
May 7 th, 1880, there tuas not euty oppositian 
to the return 0/ 

Right Hon. John Bright (L.) 

Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain (L.) 

Pop. 343,696. Reg, Elec. 63,808. 
Retuming Officer— Richard Chamberlain, 
Esq., Oak Moiuit. West bourne Road, £dg- 
baston, Birmingham (Mayor). 

Blackburn (Lancaahlre). 

{(Comprising the Unvnship of Blackburn, and 
parts of the townships of Witton, Livetey, 
and Little Hartvood.) 

William Edward Briggs (L.) .. 6,349] 

•William Coddinglon (C.) . . 6,2071 

XDaniel7 hwailes (C.) .. .. 6,088) 

Ba^ot AfoUiUHfrth {,h.) . . .. 5,76 



-M«wy lUr 

^fcyr~M— tx. HMfiMi. 1U^, 

Rd%ranl Frederick LevcMO* 

r(U) 4*8 

>tfi/fMs^rfttJkanm{L,C) 375 

Pbfk. 6.7st. Reg. Eke 9oy 
Krtmrmmg OJk»r- - Cuddl, Em|.. Bodnifai 

Bolioo to^Moon ( ftBOMlUrtX 

John KynastoQ Cnm (L.) . . 6,965 

*TohnPenniii(tonTboiMMWO(L.) 6,673 

L.Kmkim(C.) .. ••6.539 

^J. BriistwamlC.\ .6,415 

^■pw tn %. nnn Rj«, Ike ti.«f^ 

At tkt C*nfrmi EUiti^m, 


iMir <^/w < v li» /»«n 

Pop. tS.atp. R«. Eke. jgOM. 


Rl I (00. William Edmd Fontcr (L.) 

/4r r4r Cf^rrW EMU^rn, tLt RiglM Ho 



WUIiam Edwwd Fonter (L ) P*UmI i4.»4* 
**U*. Ht mes«pt0d •»€« im April lil^trnd 
•m m tmm tkcti»m, Mtn jtk, iWo, kt mu 
pttmrmtd witk^t t^pfrifimt, 

•Alfred Illmjjworth (I..) . . 12,922 

X Henry William Ripley (C.) .. 9,015 

Pop. 145.897. Rcf. Elec 37.049. 

Rtturmimg Ofietr — Angu* 


Brecon Borough. 

{Cflntittt cfthe hrrfittgk 0/ firtcon, and tfu dit- 
trittt o/tht CattU and Christ' t CoUegt.) 


* Cyril Flower (L.) .. .. 438 
XJfi»tes Prite William Gwynne 

J/ol/ord{Q.) 379 

Pop. 6,29». Reg. Elec 880. 

Ketumint (7/??f^r— William de Winton, Esq., 
J. P., Maesdcrwen, Brecon (Mayor). 


William Fuller Maitland (L.) .. 1,810 
Hon. Arthur John Morgan (C.) 1,550 

Pop. 59.904 (Si.355). Reg- Elec 4,195. 

Rffurning C>/?Frrr— William Davys Harries 
Campbell- Davys, Esq., Neuadd-faur, Llan- 
dovery, S. Wales (High SheriflT). 

Brldgnortli (Salop). 

(Ineludtt tht old hortmrk of Bridetutrtk. and 
the />arithet of Oldbury, TaUey, AttUy' 
AbiotU. ttu ioumthip 0/ EardingUm, and 
tke UbfTty 0/ Rcmtley.l 

William Henry Foster (C.) . . 

— Vyvyan (L.) 321 

Pop. 7,303. Reg. Elec i,ao8. 

Returning Officer— Co\xna\\oT Alfred Bethell, 
Bridgnorth (Mayor). 

Bridport (DonetX 

{Includes the old horourh of Bridport, t 
parts of the parishes of Aliington, Bradpolt. 
WaldtUk>, Bothenhampton, Burton-Bra^ 
stock, and Symondsbury.) 

•Charles Nicholas Warton (C. ) 47S 
XPandeli RaimX.) .. .. 469 

Pop. 7,666. Reg. Elec. 1,085. 

Returning C>^<-rr— Charles Edmunds, Esq., 
Providence Cottage, Bridport (Mayor). 

Brighton (SuMez). 

[Jncludts the parishes of Brighthelmstone , 
neve, and Preston.) 



hn Robert HoUond (L.) . . 4.913 
*'WinUunTluu:kerarMArriott(I^) 4,904 
IJumts U^ Atkkmry (C) . . 4,719 
CV- £.r»^^{Q') .. .. 4.664 

Kfiwmi^ OJU*t--Ai4mmmm DbvU Snith. 
D. L, 1 1. AiwMtell^mM. Bti(liioa(MayorX 

S^• ..10.704 

1.' . . 10.070 

Sir /rx»r /ifrfu IjUrtf, i<iirt. (C.) 9,39$ 

Mliskm Smith RMm^m (L. ) . . 4, 100 

Backla^luuii Boroof h. 

*.M«j<»r Sir Harry Vcmer. Bart 

(iT) .. \. " .. ssS 
t£gfrUm /fmUanf (C.) . . . . $ao 

Tba wLwCBockfaHlMai (MaywX 

Sir Robert Baleno • Uanrcjr, 

B«it.(C) a.95^ 

Hon. Thonuu Frauds Frc- 

V > a.790 

*Ii t Carii^^CI*) .. S,790 

(■iiaxilF '"•^ ""^ *^ 

^lkt$0muk*p0f Hmktrgkmm 

Peter RTlaadafL.) .. 3,943 

ler^EJmmmdBnimriTmlhtiC,) 3,117 




Bury (LaAOUhlnX 

(ImettuUt the t*umtki^ 0/ Bury. 

Barnard, T<fttingt«n-l«^ner-k 
UjKUtttSkmtttrwitrtk^ ltd 

th* /it rtih <if 

Robert Necdham Philips (L.) 

Pop. 4«.5«7- Reg- EIcc- 6,855- 
Rettiming Officer— S\Atvxa»Sk Cook, RiAon 
Houm;, Bury (Mayor). 

Bury St EdmimdB (BoffoIkX 

(Ctmpritts th« parishft 0/ St. James and St. 

♦Joseph Alfred Hardcastle (L.) 1,110 
^Iward Greene (C.) .. .. 850 
XLord Francis Hervey (C. ) . . 803 

Pop. 14,938. Reg. Elec 2,193. 
Returning Officer— Juvnts Floyd, Esq., Bury 
St Edmunds (Mayor). 


At tJie Cemrai Election, Thomas RusiKll (L.) 
j66 and S5X t'ffUs. Mr. Kuuel! wa/ un^ 

ttmttd $m y$t$u 1880. mmd »m m ntw eUctiom 
&n July yd, 1880, tht rttuU tM 

Charles D.i!rymple(C.) .. ..585! 

TAamas A'usse// (L.) .. .. 54O' 

Pop. 16,977. Reg. F.lcc 1,311. 
Returning Officer — Patrick Fraiter, Em., 

LL.r)., 8. Moray Place, Edinburgh (Sheriff 

of Renfrew and Bute). 

Caithness Shire. 
Sir John George Tollemache-Sin- 

clair, Bart. (L.) 686 

A. Henderson (C. ) 359 

Pop. 39.99a (3».757)- Reg Elec 1.263. 
Returning Officer — George Hunter Thonw, 
Eijq., ja, Great King 
riu of CaithncM. Ork 


Street, Edinburgh 
ncy, and Shetland). 

Oalne (WUttX 

(Including the pariih of Calne, and fart o/tht 
f>arithet 0/ BUukland, and CtU*tone-Wil- 

Lord Edmond George Fitzmaurice 

(L.) 5,81 

U. R. Burke {C) ,,6 

Pop- 5. 3 '5- Reg- EJet 859. 
Retumit^ Officer— Tya^xoMX Edward Redr 

Esq., Dumtans, Calne. 
(The influence of the MarqueM of Lansdo' 
prevails in this borou^) 

Right Hon. Henry Houverie Willij 

Brand (L.) 
Benjamin Bridges Hunter Rodwc 

Q.C. (C.) 
Edward Hicks (C) 

Pop. 186,363(153,910). Reg. Elec. 10,02^ 
Returning Officer— Edwud Reynolds, Esq. 

Paxton Hall. St. - — 


Neou (High Sheriff 



M«tio>" Hi»c LVCBM rr focvLA Sacva." 

Rt. Hen. Spencer Honuio Walpole, 

K Mevaadcr Jamts Bcrwlbfd 

Iki^aiJ Hope, LL.D. (C) 
TV Ekctor* arc iK« Doctora of DKriaky, Law. 
Md Pliyiic. lUclwlan o# OMaky. aai Ma^ 
i«rk i<( An* at Law and of Soqfary, wkoat 
ttam«» are on ibc Uatvcmtv RigMlw. 
Naabcr abcnit ^.i^A. 

Hik 0Ckn i rrt»m. ) 

At Mr Ctmrrml MiKti^, tkt Hem. 
GMhonwHavdy (CV CoL PMv i 
Uvto (CX C E<lwanb (L.)^ «W Hawy 

Uvto (Ck C Ed 
Alt— Ar BwlvMaafo- johMMM^ 
t f t tH tth i.4ft7. V4»$. ».»?4. «Wt,»ii»i»i«». 
InAHk iMe M«Mrv lUfdy aW LMfia 
4, mm4 mt tkt limn ^ gvimg U 

Eaq., It, Sl C 

I. Rcc. Eke ytjt 

-Wak«f Robert Y< 
C«org«'t Plaoa, 

(C«a^#M« g^^^.^fy^^^' «^ ^^^^ 




Oardlffui Dlitrlot 


David Da vies (L.) 

Pop. 14,906. Reg. El«c •tVft. 
Rtlwrmi$tg OjfU*r—\jcw\% Evaiu. Esq., 17, 
High StTMt, Cardigan (Mayor). 

•I-«wis Pugh I'u^jh (L.) .. 2,406 

Hu>m4U Edward Uoyd{Q.) .. 1,605 

Pop- 73.4^ (62.167X Reg. Elec 4,S8a. 
KftmrHmg OJifer—^n Marieine Owen Mow 
bray LloydT Bart., Rronydd, LUndyuil, 
^aI«(High - 




CarllBle (ComberlandX 

(Comfritei the ancunt city 0/ Carlisle ^ the 
tmvHihi^i of liotchen^ate and Rukergnte, 
Enelish Street, and a ^rtion of the fxtriihes 
0/ EacUs/ield Abbtf and St. Mary Carlule 

Robert Ferguson (L.) .. .. 2,802 
Sir Wilfred Lawson, Bart. (L.) 2,691 
M. Mattinsou {Q.) .. .. 1,968 

Pop- 35.000- Reg- Elec 5.550. 

RetumiKr OOlcrr—J^mct Robert Creighton, 

Esq., Ihe Snabs, bcotty, Carlisle (Mayor). 

CSarlow Ck)unty. 
tEdw-ard Dwyer Gray (H.R.) .. I,2l8 
•Donald Home Macfarlane 

(H.R.) 1,138 

XArthur M^Murrogh Kavanagk 

(C.) 710 

XHenry Bruen (C.) . . . . 630 

Pop. 51,472 (44.950X Reg. Elec a.aia. 
RetHmin^ Offu:er—}o\in William M'Clintock 

Bunbury, Esq., Moyle, co. Carlow (Hi^h 


Oarlow BoroQf IL 


♦Charles Dau-son (H.R.) 
Col. Bi4tUr{Q.) .. 

Pop. 8.967. Reg. Elec 30a. 
Returning Omcer-Uhn William M'Clintock 

Bunburj- Em., Movir, co. Carlow (Hixh 

Shenffof CO. (Jarlow). 

Carmarthen District. 

(Comprising Carmarthen and Llanelly and 
^rt o/tlu hamlet 0/ lyest/a*.) 

Benjamin Thomas Williams, Q.C. 

(L.) 1,935 

!}, y. y<fnkiHs {L.) .. .. 1,825 

Pop. 35.790. Reg. Elec 5,166. 
Returning Officer— koAnvi Llewellyn, Esq., 

107, Pnorj' Street, Camuuthen (Shenff). 

•Walter Price Howell Powell (L.) 4, loi 
Viscount Emlyn (C.) . . . . 3,030 

\John Joues [S:,.) .. ..2,712 

Pop. 116.944(89,036). Reg. Elec 8.503. 
Returning Officer— K^xuXci, William .Mansel 

Lewis, Esq., Ysirady, Llanelly, Carmarthen 

(High Sheriff). 




: .*V. ,,157. 


-^. ..•. .' ...' >. •w..-;in WiIIi■a^ 
«.! ;w. :H 4. i^ :^r ;. ..toDongl— . 

«. /7>#r. iSi»Mr.Wiffi£^Mu 

\ ^tLu MM/4 /A# nr/a/r *««— 

II lUthbooc (L.) ••3*189 

.\.tmm/y {C.) 2,151 

Pop. io«,tn (<X lUg. RIm. Msi. 
fiwrfiMg/kyf^Lkm. -Col CHmIw Afthw 

VMHMKrtKk. ..-.--. 



Carrtokftrgiu (OouBty AntrlmX 

Gffaer(C) .. 99* 




ChArWsJoMph Kay (11. K.) 
~ ' GUIbW«tf(H.r 
S^mtnti Mmxmdl {C) .. 

Pop. i«owsss> Ur Ei«. 



G H. 



John Eldoo Gont, OX. (C) . . 3,499 
lUar-Admirmi tkt Hon. Henry 
CarrCiym, C,B^ C,SJ.\y.) • • a.39* 

Popw 44.11s- Rflf- Elac. s.S4>- 
Retumimg ^«rr— Tbt Majror. 

{tmimde$ tkt p^rUktt ^CMatm, Fmtktum, 
HMmmifnmitk, mmd K md mj t mt ) 

Sir Cluries Wentwoith DUke, 

Ban. (L.) 12.406 

*Jotq>h Firth Bottomley Firth 

l4fn/ /mwrmru iC.) .. 9.6^ 

fK 7*. ZTrvvMr (C > . . 9.488 

PopL tsl,eil. Keg r.icc. jajfSt. 

Em^ri bSl VillM. W«M 
Md CSnwcii CoMit. OU J««vy, 





*Baron De Ferricres (L.) . . 2,318 

tl}bims Tyne Agg-Gardn^ (C.) 2,297 

Pop. 41,933. Reg. Elec 5,018. 
Returning C>^/r— William Na»h SkilUcorne, 

Esq., 9, Queen's Parade, Cheltenhatn 


Chesblre, East 
William Cunliffe Brooks (C) 
William John Lcgh (C) 
— Worlhington (L. ) . . 
Thomas A. BazUy (L. ) . . 

Pop. i2a,«8a (91,789). Reg. Elec 6,849. 
RetmrMine Officer— GtOTfi^ Dixon, Esq., Chel- 
ford H*U, Crewe (High Sheriff). 




CliesMre, Mid. 
Capt. Hon. Wilbraham Egcrton 

(C.) 3,868 

Capt. Piers Egerton Warburton 

(C.) 3»700 

C. PV. Latham (L.) . . 3,374 

V. Armitagi iU) .3.247 

Pop. 362,188(120.389). Reg. Elec. 8,96> 
Rf turning Officer— Gtor^,^ Dixon, Esq., CheJ- 

ford Hsdl, Crewe (High Sheriff)i 

Cbeahlre. West 
Sir Philip de Malpas Grey- 

Egerton, Bart. (C.) .. .4.773 

Hon. Wilbraham Frederick Tol- 

lemachc (C.) .. .. .. 4,636 

William CornivaUis West (L.) . . 4,009 
CharUs Crompton {^.) .. .3,785 

Pop. 343,240. (137.779)- Rc«- EI«c. 11,097. 
Returning Officer— GeoTf^c Dixon, Esq., Chel- 
lord Hall, Crewe (High Shenff^ 

Ckeiter City. 

(Intlndtt the old city andhorough «f Chester, 
and^arti 0/ tMe tcwnshift of Hoole, New 
tcm, Gr*m4 Bongkion, emd Sattney.) 

At ike General ELxtion, tie Rt. Hon. John 

George rv„!w,n (I..), /^L-'Hon. Pcilhy I.;.wley 
: i .n. Henry C< i ' .), 

), aWF. I. 1.) 

' /y ?.»'>4. -^.M • -<'«. 

16 iv.Vi. /" ,'/'-•/ li-iio .Mr. Dodhon 
eucepted office, nx i -, .1,.;; -jth/olianniUF he 
^HU rrtntned tvit)i,>u! flf<f>,>iHion. In July 
1880 Messrs. Dod.son and l^wley were both 
unseated en petition (Mr. DodM>n'ft second 
electioH heiug void by reason of the illegality 
0/ hisjirst election], and at the tint* OJ going 
to press the seats are vacant. 

Pop. 40,000. Reg. Elec. 6,362. 

Retunting Officer — Henry Richard Bowers, 

Esq., Merchant, Liverpool Road, Chester 


(The family of the Duke oi Westminster hat 

great influence in this city.) 

CMcheBter (Sussex). 

{Includes the old city and borough of Chichester, 
and the ad f'oinittg suburbs 0/ IVickham and 
R umMdsmkyk*. 



Lofd HtmyG«ocM 
<ioo*L«niKMi (C.) 

QmHw Gar- 

F. Mr. at*, ILi).. 46; 

Sir Gabriel GoMaejr, Bart. (C) .. 478 

Samiui BmUr (L.) .. .. 4S5 

P^oB. Mia Jia^ Um. i.o|i. 

ChlpptBC wyoomba [Sat wyooabtl 

Chrincharch d 


'Horace DavcT, Q.( 
7. E. B^amrJa-Mc. 

1. 185 

^ipk %%Ai%. ■«» Hk. M»f 

WOUam Choter Maatcr (C) 
^Bpi 7.6ti. Rag. time 1.14$. 
M ftmndH OJUrr^-^tL^bmt Aksaadv Aiid« 

of ik« BMlMtm baOy prrvaik 


and KlBToaa. 

At tkt Ctmtrmi Etntim, tJkt Ri. Hon. WiULm 
Purick AiIui(U)mi^J. R. Hmc(C)/W:M 
rtt^ ti mif i.tjo «W 4tt «w«r«. /« ^/*W 
i»o Mr Re. Hon. WUKm PWrkk Adaa *■• 
ct^mt^tt. mmd 0m m «n» t it et im m Mmy 

tSm, /m iVW. iSto Mr Ri. Haa. IWmi 
PUrkk Adam wmt m^/tttm/mdC^. ^M^wns, 
mmd «• m «M» tketitm «■ Mr aoibl ^ M«r 
i«mM, Mtfv wma mM mmf tfpttMm U tkt 

*John Blair Balfour, Q.O(L.) 
Ptop. |is99a Rag. lkc~ O ii fc »— — . i.«ol i 


O'Gonnan ICahoo 

CoL The 
•Capt. 0*Shca(H.R.) .. 
C4tf{. H. S, ymmddmr (C) 






Pop. 147.994 (i47.994> K«t> Elw. s.44> 
Uimmimg QtUfr-ThonMi Georgt Scacpoole 
Mahoa, Em.. Corbally, Quia, co. CUre 

OUtliarM (LaaoaililreX 

Cmsistt ff ChMihmm, DnmMam, Ciithrrot, 
Mtmritf. WknlUy, WiswtL PenJUt^M. 
MitttnHtmVUm, T^vutpm, IVffr$Um, ttmJ 

•Richard Fort (L.) .. .. 1,078 
t/ialph Assfuton {C.) .. .. 882 

Pop. 11,786. Reg. F.lec 2,068. 

Rttuminf OfiUer — J oteph Grime, Colliery 
Proprietor, Fern House, Cktheroe (Mayor). 

Clonmel (County Tipperary). 

Arthur Moore (H.R.) .. 244 

S.Afoor^ iO 89 

Pop. 1 1,19a Reg. Elec. 43a 
JtetumtHi Officer— Tht Mayo r , 

Cook«nnoatli (Oumbtriaad). 

{CmtuU ^ tk* Uwntki^ ^ Coektrmoutk, 
EagUtMd.Bri^kam Fm^autU.BruUkirA, 

♦Edward Waugh (L.) .. 
R. G. Webster (C.) 

Pop. 7,057. Reg. Elec 1,094. 

R etuming Officer— \r\\\vam. Wood, E»q., J. P., 
Cockennouth (Bailiff > 

Colcliester (EssezX 

(Consists 0/ sixteen parishes in i/u old borough 
0/ Colihester.) 

•Richard Knight Causton (L.).. 1,738 
•WilHam WilHs, Q.C. (L.) .. 1,650 
XCoi. AUxander Learmonth (C.) 1,648 
Francis Henry Jeune (C.) . . 1,529 

Pop. 36.3x5. Reg Elec. 3,713. 

Returning Officer— QQ\xxk6i\ot S. Chaplin, Col- 
chester (Ma yor^ 



ir Henry Henrcjr Bnice, Uart. 

C.) JM 

Ttj^iL.) .. ..193 
^B^ 6,Mt. Rag. EUc 47*- 
fiiiMfci Cybrr — Gmo* Colwr. Eaq. 



i K-) .. 
1 La Tooche 

.. 3.5*4 
f/UiH.K.) .. 3.430 

•» »*f. Eke 14.745- 
!4rold Itarry. Km).. 
CO. Cork (H>£b 


Moito- ** Statio mxb rtm caunk.** 


f Charles Stcwmrt Parnell ( 

X It y/$am GmUmg (C ) 






•Hott. Tbomai Charlo AfW' 

RolMftM(L.) 4.0IS 

•WUUam CopeUad BorUie (L.) 3.(83 
XJItkm 7\ntmmpn(C^) .. .. J.O|3 
^CoihtuiC) I,4i3 


Lkiit.-Cot Sir John Sc AabyD, B«fft. 

MAJor Arthur PeiKUnrM Vhrhm (L.) 
piBp.«i4.«M(i6t.74sX R«i. Ckc 4.9H- 
Mtimmimg OJUtr-Th^ Hith 8h«iC 

O tf fw Uf y (WTwlflkahlf^ 

Sir Henry Mather Jackaoo, 

BartCL,) .. 4.l«4 

•WiUiam Henry WiUt (L.) . . 4.10S 

Xifmry tfy/uim E4Uwm (C) .. 4.OOS 

Arlkur Kekfwkk {JZ.) .. .* 3i7IS 

Kp. 4i.JfB^ R«f. Bkc %;tdL 

TW Pin. rnlu fc ill . Uiw Mf jtUj^X 




1/ lk» hmmdrmU 0/ Higkwertk. 

tC0msists 0/ 

pmrt^ the 

( ThfTt art M» h0r0ugk arms. ] 

•Mcrvin Herbert Nevil Story- 

Mwkelyne (L.) •■ 4.35« 

Sir Daniel Gooch, Bart (C.) .. 2,440 

ji. Nffid's:.) 1.748 

Pop- 43.55»- *«■• Etec. 7.473- 
MttmmiHg OMftr—HoA Bcldom Laoi 
Esq.. Ml 

Bcldom lAogley, 
Cricklade (High BaIUff> 

ComlMrlABd, East 
•Sir RichanI Courtcnay Mus- 

grave, Bart. (C.) -• 3.»6i 

Edward Siaflbrd Howard (L.) . . 3,083 
XGeorge James Howard (L.) . . 3,039 

Pop. 105.389 (73,69a). Reg. Elec. 7,798. 
EettimiHgOjS^crr—%iims\t\ Porter Fosier, Esq., 

Killhow, near CarlUlc (High Sheriff). 

Comberlaxid, Weft. 

•David Ainsworth (L.) . . ..3,178 

Capt. Hon. Percy Scawen Wynd- 

ham (C.) 2,532 

XBaron Muncaster (C.) . . . . 2,624 

Pop. 99,887 (90.195). Reg. Elec 7,496. 
Returning Offi{er—^m\XK\ Porter Foster.Esq., 

Killbow, near Carlisle (High SherifQi 

Darlington (Dnrbam). 

{Consittt 0/ tht townxhip of Darlingt0n.) 

•Theodore Fry (I >.) ..2,772 

Henty King Spark (L. ) . . . . i , 33 1 

Pop. a7,73a Reg. Elec. 4.0^. 
Fttuming OJUrr—Joha MorrcU, Esq., Dar* 

gtwrmng ujftcrr- 

DenMfh Dlftriot 

iCom^sing Denbirh, HrnUnn. Holt, 
Rmtkin, andWrtxhnm.) 

•Sir Robert Alfred Cunlifle, Bart. 

(LO 1.424 

Hon, Gtorge Thomas Kenyan iS^.) 1,409 

Pop. 90,333. E*K' EleCj3,o7i. 
Rehtming Officer — Edward Thotnaa Jone*, 

Eaq., Irocunonger, Denbigh (Mayor). 


Lt.-Col. Sir Walkin Williams-Wynne, 
Bart. (C.) 

At the Gentrmi Election, George Otbom 
Morgan, Q.C.,tt«ar returned tntltoMt oj^foti' 
tion. Mr. Morgan accented office in A^l 
1880, eutd n^n a neiv election on May \^th, 
1880, tlurt wat not any of^rition to the 
retHrn ^ 

Rt. Hon. George Osbom Morgan, Q.C 


Pop. 104,266. (84.878.) Reg. Elec. 7.469. 
Returning Offioer — 0\i\ct Burton, F.»q., 

Gwaynynog, near Denbigh (High Sheriff). 

Derby Borough. 

(Com/nies the old borough of Derby, the town- 
sht^s 0/ Litchurck and Little Chester, and 
parts cf Normnnton, Littleover, and Mart' 

Michael Thomas Bass (L.) .. 8,864' 

At the General Election, Samuel Plimsoll (I 
audi. Collins (C.) polled respectively 7,7 
ami 3,730 votfs. Mr. Plimsoll resigned Al.- 
1880, and upon a new election on the a^th 
that month, there was not any opposition : 
the return 0/ 

f Rt. Hon. Sir William G. G. V. Vemon- 

Harcourt (L.) 

Pop. 80,000. Reg. Elec. 1^,165. 
Returning Officer— Khnxxasa Woodiwia*. E«q. , 

Contractor, Oanaston Road, Derby (Alayor 




AMred Bmm* (L.) 

'- floa Fnwcte Efferuio (U) 3.063 
fi ^r«wyyA/ (C) .. a, $77 
ThHmuiC,) .. a.jo3 

r^ (l«t.«i«% lUr tUc 4.171. 

*fnr1RiiwvdCavaKlkh(L.).. \,^\i> 
><rick ClMeUuun (L.) 2.936 

UT|^4/ (C, ) . , i.936 

a/r. JSiMMMPOT (C) 2.718 

Kj«]Jiwr. GloMop, D»by«luf« (High 

Hum EvMt (L.) 

Pop. iSa.>lj (ii9.4)*V lUg. EIk. 8.9)4. 
ftmrmmr OMerr—Vruteh SoauMr, Eaa. 
Kau ^i«w. doMopw I>wliy»hif« (Hisk 


iCimalM ^ Ikt ^Hakm ^ St. 7*km mmd St. 
Mmrjt, ^rtM ff tk* dU^irr^Si, Jmm^t. 

, lift MCtm^fim* tk* /*ha ^ St^kt 


^ir inooMt BateMMi, Ban. (C) 446 

FofL M» IUb. Hk. 9>). 

.\v# w inr Otk99^Tkvmm CiMadtor, Im., 

John Hovy Pttlcstoo (C.) .. t,7St 
CapL George Edwmrd Price (C) 1.746 
J0km DdmiMri Lewia KU) .. 1,509 
AUsmmdfrCrmgStiUriL,) ..1476 
Pof>. 44.«4. Ra(. Btec 1.790. 

B^TViaom Co«t^«. iHrfc«ii«< Walk. 

Deroaihlrt, last 
Sir Tohn Henry Kconaway, Bart. 

(^•) 4,50» 

•U.CoL WiUiam Hood Walrond 

(C) .. 4.457 

CW. .Stonftv (I*) 3.437 

Pop^ (i«l.7MX Res. Elcc i<M>4 

Rftmnum£ OJkff^-Oma^ Aitinr WWhwi 

Sir Thomas Dvke Acland. Bart. (C.) 
Rl Hoo. Sir Staflbnl Nortbootc. Bart. 


Pofii I7I.JM Ji»»7T$V R«s. Eke. 9.494" 
Retmrmi^ OJbwr- Ckwfai AftlMr WIHhhi 

IVoyti^ Km.. UaattkuB Cow«, " 



D«?«uhtr«. 800UL 
Sir Lopca Maaer Lopca, Bart. (C.) 
John CarpeaCcrwCanuer (C) 
Po^ (it«r4)*-) R««. Etae. 7.9l«. 




{Consists ff tk* t tm mki p ^ D tmU ury , tmd 

mmd TJk^mkiil. mmd 7ke district catltd 

Serjeant John Simon (I/i - . 3,599 

IV. tioyfe^U) 3.254 

A. Austin (C) 1,580 

Pop. 54.943- Reg. Elet 9,96a 
Rttumim^ C^if^yr— Willuun Mackell, Esq., 

Doodffal Comity. 

Thomas Lea (L.) 

•Rev. John Kinncar, D.D. (L.) 

* Afarq$uss of Hamilton ( C. ) 

Pop. 218,334. Reg. Elec 4,61a. 
Rttumimr Officer- -]o\\.n Riddel Mtisgrave. 

£k{.. fP., Dnimglan House, Belfast, and 

Knockbrack. Croaghrotis, 

Donegal (High Sheriff). 



Ramelton, co 

Dorchester (DonetahlreX 

iC»nMti o/tfu old borough of DorchetUr, tmd 
parts 0/ Trinity and FordingtoH.) 

William Ernest Brymer (C) .. 374 
Hon. Algernon William Ftdke 

GrevilU[y.) 332 

Pop. 6,915. Re^. Elec. 817. 
Retmmint Officer— WiWiajn Durden, Esq., 

Hollybank, Dorchester (MayorX 


John Floyer (C.) 

Hon. William Henry Berkeley Portman 

Col. Hon. Edward Henry Trafalgar 

Pop- 19s. SS4 (143.(78)- RcK Elec. 7,558. 
RetMming Officer^Gvorgt Churchill, Em|., 
AJderbolt Park, Fordiogbridgc, Dorsetshir* 
(High Sheriff). 

{Cfftuist* «f tMf parithtt ^ St. Jeimtt and St. 
Maty, East Ctiffe, and Dtn>er CastU, and 
parts 0/ the parisktt of Buckland, Charl- 
ton, Gutton, and Hongnam.) 

Charles Kaye Fresh field (C.) .. 1,734 
Major Alexander Geoi^e Dickson 

(C.) 1,701 

Hon. Philip James Stanhope (L.) 1,607 

Charles C. Walker (L.) . . .. 1,506 

Pop. 28,37a Reg. Elec 4,239. 

Returning Officer — Richard Dickeson, Esq., 
Dover (Mayor). 

Downpatrick (Ck>anty Down). 

John Mulhollaml (C) .. ..176 

— Fraser {h.) .. .. ..99 

Pop. 4.3«o- Re«- Elec 304. 
Retumutg Officer— Ctipi. Richard Ker, Mon- 

talto. Ballynahinch, co. Down (High Shcrifl 

of to. Down). 

♦Lord Arthur William Hill (C.) 5,873 
Viscount Ca.stlereagh (C.) .. 5,599 
Major John Sharman Crawford 
(M 5.579 

Pop. 277,775(263.162). Reg. Elec. 13.085. 
Returning Officer— Richard Ker. Mon- 
ulu, Ballynahioch, co. Down (High SneriffX 





rnjjunta Whitwofth (I*) 
Witm-mi^' OJU»r -Tkm StMriC 

X>roltwl«k (W« 


JohnCorbclKL.) . 


^i^t^M^ R«f. ElK. 

Bik^ £m(.. Drua- 

M«irie«Brw)L .. 5.763 

*Dr. Robert Lhrer Ljrou (L.) .. 5,647 
:^> Ankmr Edmmri Gmmmtu, 

Atin^(C) 5*446 

y^mm StiHimg (C) .. 5.0S9 

PopL MS.TM. Ri«. Ktoe. !}.$»»• 

D.u.TpfTw, • •* - 

Rt Hon. ThocDM Edwaid Tajrior (C) 
Ion Trsat HamOtoo (C) 
Pop^ t9Mniw»A¥^ Rag. »«. 4.M*. 


BnUUn UalTvnltjr. 

Rt. IfoQ. DttTid Robcft Plaakel« LL.D., 
Ru Hon. Edwanl Gtbwo. Q.C. (C.) 



Rcf. KUc 3,5». 

Aftrnmimf OJfcer-R€v. Humphrey Lloyd, 
D.D. (IVovoM otTriaky College, Dublin). 

Dudley (Woroeflterthlre). 

tmentary horvugk of 
:h tkf paritk {in tht 

{Cpmipriae* th. 

i0tmfy «/■ ' the fxtra-^ro(kiat 

grmmmU^Pi-.ii.y ( ,tsf/r Hill, tkeckaptlritt 
0/ Ptnxnftt. lyfwkfMPor, Qnarry BanM, 
BrifHy Hill. Rf,iti.tll Hill, and Old Hill, 
in tlu ^ritktso/ Kingtwi^fcrdamd R»tL'Uy 
Regit, in tM* county ofStaffifnL) 

Henry Brinsley Sheridan (L.) .. 6,948 
Alfred Waterman {Q.) .. ..4,163 

Pop. 82,347. Re«- E'«c. 1 4.947' 
Returning Officer — Henry Monev Wain- 

wright, Ecq., Solicitor, Castle Hill House, 

Dudley (Mayor). 


Archibald Orr-Ewing (C.) .. 1,333 
7. \V. Burns {"L.) .. .. 1,324 

Fop. 58.659- (47.a45-) Reg- Elec 8,976. 

Returning (7^<-<v^ William Ellis Gloaff, EfC]. . 
of Kincairve>', Perthshire^ and 6, Herriot 
Row, EUliaburgh (Sherin of Dumbartoo 
and Stirling). 

I>tun£rles District. 

{jOompriiing Dumfries, Annan. Kirkcud- 
trigkt, I,ockmahen, and iiangukar.) 

Ernest IS" oel (L.) 1,700 

PV, Gordon (C.) 872 

T.£.Byrm{Q.) 54 

Pop. 15,435. Reg- Elec. 2.931. 
RefumiugOfficer—S orman Macpher&on, Esq., 
Professor of .Scots Law in University of Edin- 
burgh (Sheriff of Dumfries- and Galloway^ 

♦Robert Jardine (L.) .. .. 1,577 
Liet*t.-Col. George Gustavm 

Walker (C.) ,,505 

Pop 74.794(57.532). Reg. Elec. 3,409. 
RetumingOfficer—Hormnn Macpherson, Esq., 
Professor of Scots Law in University of Edin- 
burgh (Sheriff of Dumfries and GallowayX 

DnndjOk (Ck>iHit7 LonthX 

•Charles Russell, Q.C. (L.) .. 263 
m//// Ca//an ( H. R. ) . . ..214 

James Davis (C.) . . . . . . 9 

Pop. 10,404. Reg. Elec. 553. 

-John Ribton Garstin, Esq., 

Returning Offic 
Braganstown, Castlebellingharo, co. Louth 
(High Sheriff of Louth). 



HotM— ** P»VO«JmA KT CAMDOBI.*' 

MiuiMd (U) .. 9,168 

cnoo(L.) .. 6,750 

.jumtti itsxmam\\J\ .. .. 4*993 

DBBfrnaaoa (Ooonty TyroBftX 


Frank Hogh O'DooneO ( 
Hemry M4Utkiw$, Q.C, (U) 

(H«h SlMriiraf WiiiSm 

(TbtDiiM d DtyntuVkt yi grt hn 


«tt. T>nMtc^ 


Q C (L.) *-. 
/«4W mrUttty 
Mr. HandMll 

«W #■ m mfu ■ 

Sir Farrer Hencbdi, Q.C (L.) 
Fop^ t^ifn. Rat. Uk. aj^a 

M4 _ _ . 

W«a«T> HflL 



ParhAm. HortlL 

•Lieut -Col. John Joiccy (L.) .. 6,233 

Charlet Mark Palmer (L) .. 5,901 

tSir Gtorgt Elliot^ Bart. (C.) . . 5.092 

^POP- J^t54(»«|.64oX Reg- Elec 13.165. 
Retnrmmg OfUtr— 


Matthew Kearney. E«q.. 
Lanchctter, Durham (High 


Dnrham, BoutlL 

Joseph Whitwcll Pease (L.) 
•Hon. Frederick William Lareb* 

ton (U) 5,512 

Coi. Charlts FrevitU Surtta (C.) 4,044 

Pop. 170,413 (149.570). Reg. Elec. «3.w. 
Rttuminf t>^<r»— Matthew Kearney, Ks<i., 

The Ford, Lanchestcr, Durham (High 


Edlnbuxvti and 81 Andrew's 


Rt. Hon. Dr. Lyon IMayfair (L.) 2,522 

Dr. E. R. Bickersteth (C.) .. 2,448 

Rm Elec J Edinburgh. 4,4^8. 
Keg. tlec I sj Andrew', ubout) 1.600. 
HeturtuHfO^cer—Sir Alexander Grant. Bart. 

L L. D. , Edinburgh 

(Principal and Vice- 

Edinburgh (Tlty. 

James Cowan (L.) ,. ., 17,301 
7. //. A. Macdonald (C.) .. 5,651 
At tfu Gtneral Ekction^ Duncan M'Laren 

(L.) polUd 17,807 vottt. He rtsigtud Jan. 

18M, t88i, and on a nrtv tUction <m tkt 2jth 

0/ that m/mtft, t/u rrsuit kmj' — 
•Right Hon. John M'Laren (L.) 11,390 
\hdward Jenkins (L.) . . . . 3,940 

Pop. 196,979. Re^. Elec 28,524. 
Rttuming (?^r/'r— Archibald DaviJson, Eiq.. 

Edinburgh (Sheriflf of Edinburghshire and 



AttluG4n*ral EUction, the f Kt. Hon. William 
Ewan Gladstone (L.) and the tEarl of 
Dalkeith {Q,) /olied rtt^tivrly i.<7o aud 
1.368 voUt, in A^ril 1880 Mr. GUuIstone 
accented office, and on a mrweUctian on May 
S/h, 1880, /Aerr weu met any ofpontian to 
the return 0/ 

fRt Hon. William Ewart Gladstone 

Pop. 338,379 (74.085). Reg. Elec. 3,a6a 
Returning Officrr Archil>ald Davidson, Esq., 
Edinburgh (Shchfr of Haddingtonshire). 

Elcln Dlstrlot. 

{Com^ruine Elgin, Banff, CulUn, Inverurie. 
JCintore, and Pettrluad. ) 

Rt. Hon. Mountstaart Elphin- 
stone Grant Duff (L.) .. 2,o8j 

J. M.M'Uan^Z.) .. .. 764 

Pop. 28,883. Rep. Eler. about 3,806. 

RetumiMfr Officer Robert Bell 

Esq., Sheriff of ' -, and Nairn 

14, Groivcnor Cr< urgh. 

KlglTiBhlre and NaimsMre. 
SirGeorgeMacpherson-Grant, Bart.(L.) 

Pop. 53.8^ (43.598). Reg. Elec j ^4f^''f^\ 

Returning (?#<:/r— Benjamin Robert Bel 
Esq^ Sheriir of Banff; Elgin, and Nain.. 
14, (irosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh. 

Ennls (County ClareX 
James Lysaght Finigan (H.R.) .. 124 
W. cyBrimiH.K.) .. ..95 

Pop. 7,ia7. Reg. Elec 252. 
Returning Officer — Thomas George Star 
poole Nfahon, Esq., Corbaily, Quin. co. Clare 
(High Sheriff of CO. Clare). 



«co«BlCol«(C.) a04 

CMmm{L.) 183 

toa>Ml^ WmbImmi (Higk ^ 

ties Rovnd (C) .. .. 3.691 

Col. SMMd Brbe RoggUs- 

i:ruc(C4 aiS^i 

/». If'M^lL.) a.369 

•p^ (i«9.7i'V R«C. Ki«c 6.}Ia 

' wfjr CUbvr-TlKMUM JcMMT Spiity> 
' MtTHuwtoiy. Emu (Hi<b ShmiSl 

WmuL, Wouth. 
Thoaus Charles Baring (C) ..4,841 
Uent.-Col. Willkun Thomas 

MakiiM(C) 4*7^ 

RJteard Nartk Buxtm (L.) . . 4,324 
Lmimrd LyHI (\^) •• 4«t47 

Fop^ (tti.vjtX lUf* KIm. It. pyx 

M rt mnti ^ OJUrr—Jhomm Jmmmt Spiny. 


Sir John Henry Sclwin-Ibbetaoo, 
Bart. (C) 3,664 

I^.-Col. Lord Brownlow Eustace 

r,. Cecil (C) 2,397 

7X'm$aj Fmult Buxim^ Bmrt. 

J) 1.77a 

Pofk (•ts.*?4X R««. MUc j,rjai 

Kftmm i ng (Mbvr— ThoauM l«MMr Spillv. 

AH SmCm, mmJtmm. mtd St, r^tr, Mf^t- 

lUttMr (L.) Mtf 

KaMWr (L) mmd A%»«da Bo*th»kk (C) 

Fr^awkk Duoa.Haf«ka4 (C) vT <>• 

•Frederick Dixon- Hartlaad (C.) 
^r r n n ifa i ^ Kr OMi?« as Iprf^, B««. 

(Ctmt^risimf iMt fttr mmd emmij ^ EsHrr, 

AmUrv 0f H0mm ir m , SL Tkmma tk» 
A^tU, Ti^tkmm^mmdAlfkimittm.} 

•Edward JohnwQ iL.) .. .. 3,038 
'HcnryStaflbid NorthcoiefC.) a, coo 

Frtmnd^ CSG^AMrr ,^ g«q.. 

SwB«oa. i<rSiM«iS(i«e«,£wu«iSlM>% 



(CmtitiB mf the p^tkn ff £y», H^xne, 
RtduiiJMd, 0€eM, Tk0md»m7Bmum0rtk, 
V€utlejf, Thnmdnitm, Brum*. Dmkmm, Mut 


•Ellis Ashmead-Barllett (C.) .. 
Charles Boston ( L. ) 

Pop. 7.038. Reg. Elcc 1,081. 
Returning OJUcer—l^K Mayor. 


FAlklrk DlBtrlct 

Comprising Falkirk, A inirie, Hamilton, 
Lanark, and Linlithgow.') 

John Ramsay (L.) 

Capt. Af'Taggart (C.) .. 

Pop. 43.322- Rce. Elec. 
Returning O^cer — Hilliam 

E»q., Kincaimey, Perthshire ; 

Row, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 


;in(i 6, Heriot 
Stirling and 

F&lmontli (Ck>mwall) [See Penrynl. 

Fermanagh County. 

William Archdall (C.) .. .. 2,479 

t Viscount Crichton (C.).. . . 2,443 

J. G, V.Porter (L.) .. .. 1,835 

Pop. 9a,688 (86.789)1 Reg. Elec 4.778- 
Rf turning <^<»r— Robert Hassard, Em 
Dckcrtcreat, Dungannon, co. Tyrone (Hi^ 


•Hon. Robert Preston Hnjcc (L.) 2,421 

Capt.yaffusT<rwnseHdOswaid(C.) 1,373 

Pop. 160.735. Reg. Elec 4,767. 

Returning Officer— ). A. Crichion. E»q., 13, 
Nelson Street, Edinburgh (Shcrifl> 

Flnitrary (Middlesex). 

(CouMsU of the /karishes of St. Lul 
George the Martyr, St. Giles in th. 
St. George Bloomshnry, St. Mnr^ 
Newington, St. ^' ' ' 
aful St. John, ( 
St. A ndmv, / .. 
Inn, part 0/ the panan of 
the libertiet or jkUues 0/ 
Hatton Garden, Ely RenU, J . 
Rolls, Glass-house Yard, J /u tJtoru 
house, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn.) 

t There are no borough arms. ] 
Sir Andrew Lusk, Bart. (L.) .. 16,128 
William Torrens M'Cullagh- 

Torrens (L.) »5.247 

Major F. Duttcan (C.) . . . . 12,800 

Pop- 443.3 « 6. Reg, Elec 44.955- 
Returning Officer— ChsLxiet Albert Bannister, 
Esq., 70, Basinghall Street, E.C 

Flint District 

{Cou^rising Flint, Caergwrle, Catrwys, Over- 
ton, RhuddioH, HolywU, M»td and St. 

John Roberts (L.) . . . . 2,039 

Capt. Philip Pennant Pennant 

(C.) 1,468 

Pop. 23.940. Reg. Elec 3,794. 

Returning (?/fff«r— Richard Muspratt, Esq., 
Trelawny House, Flint (MayorX 

Rt. Hon. Lord Richard de Aquila 

Grosvenor (L.) 

Pop. 76.245. (52,347-) Reg. Elec. 4,704. 
Returning Officer — Capt. Arthur M csh 

Puntryfydd, Uodiari, Rhyl, Flintshire (U 




1 ; ,i(^4MaX Ui, Ike. |.«|4. 


i Icnty BenMud SaoradxNi (L.) 
Fb^ ii.4f«. Ric. Eke. t.j^ 

4. y^m lutd H«mm, Prmm. 


I R.) 
, , ,NoUui(H.R.) 

''•Jp- •)SA»7J (n*.4J7X lUf. Kkc 4.9"* 

Oilwajr Borough 

•fohnOrrell Lever (CH.K.) .. coi 

•Y P. O'Connor (II. R.) .. Js; 

AUrrwum Hugh Tmrfiy ( H. R,) 481 

fv^ IJ.I14. iUg. Eke 173. 


•Walter Hcm> ^ ,:^) • . 3749 

CBrmteiO I.570 

Hp, 4t.N^ Rat. El*:,*- 

•E. & 

mnr HtuMy 
U..CoLChfteoplwr Riot Maoicl T«Ibo( 


PxiF J0^oio (i4«.a«iX lUg. Ike tMit. 
K4tmpm imgCJ^ Ikai -CeL Rkkuid FtMlc 



Ocom Anderson (L.) .. .. 24,016 
Ourle* Cameron, M.D. (L.) . . 33,658 
•Robert TweedieMiddleton(L.) 23.360 

IK Awry (C) 11.612 

Sir ^fiamta Bmim {C) .. .. 11,071 

Fb^ 4n.t44- *•». Eke. sy,fHL 
Xftmndme OJkn--ffmd^ WBba Chtk. 



OlMffow and AlMTdMn IbartnltlM. 
*James Alexander Campbell (C.) 2,520 
AUxamder Ashtr (L.) . . . . 2, 141 

Rc«. EIk. 6.064. 
XthirmimiOMetr—^trf Rev. John Caird.D. D. . 

Glaagow (vicc-Chaoccllor of Vnivernty). 

aiOQ068t«r City. 

(Ccm^sn tk* old h^rm^ of CUmcetttr, and 
^«nitmi»f the ^rithftofWottcn St. Mary, 
ViUfc/U'ottPm, LtmgjirdSt. Mary, Long- 
ffiniSt. iat)ierimf,Ktmt*koimSt. Cathtrinf. 
AVr/A Hamltt, Bttrnwood, South Hamlet, 
HemUtifmdj Bttrten St. Aimry. Barton .St, 
Mkkmttt U^tmSt. LtoMords, Tufftey) 

'•Thomas Robinson (L,). . . . 2,797 

Charles James Monk (L.) .. 2,680 

W. K. fVai/ iO .-2,304 

Sf. John Benjamin Ackers (C.) 1,898 

Pop. 31,884. Reg. Elec 5,583. 
Retnrmng OJUer-The Sheriff. 

Gloucesterslxlre, East. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Edward Hicks- 
Beach, Bart. (C.) 

Jolm Ranald Yorke (C.) 

Pop. 208,190(92,936). Reg. Elec 8,579. 

JteturHtmtrOJUer— George ^M'**"* BUthwayt, 
K»q., Dyrham ~ ' 
(High Sheriff^ 

Park, Chinnng Sodbury 

Glouoestenliire, West. 
Lieut. -Col. Nigel Fitzhardinge 

Kingscote (L.) $,3^6 

•Lord Moreton (L.) .. 5,164 

Z//on Randal Edvmrd Shtrborne 

Plunkctt (C.) 4,640 

Pop. t77,S76 («58,777X Reg. Eleci«,i6a. 

' '^ferr— Gcorfe William Blathway, 
:ham Park, Chipping Sodbutf 

Grantham (Lincolnshire). 

{Com^rUts tkt ^rish 0/ Granthnm, th* 
ttnvnshif* of SfittUgatt, Manthor^, LittU 
Gcntrify, Harrowby, amd part qf th* parish 
^ Somerby.\ 

•John William Mellor (L.) 
•Charles Saville Roundell (L.) . . 
\Capt. Henry Francis Cockayne- 


R. B. Mar/ey iO 

Pop. 15,00a Reg. Elec 3,390. 

RetumiHg Officer- George Slater, Em 
monger, 59, High Street, Grantham (5 





Gravttend, and 

0/ thf parishts of MUtom 
part 0/ 

tht parish 0/ 


MTUBNlltO MKMlEllt TO PAmi4Alllirr. 


Ai iM0 C4mrmi Mhrtim, •J\mmmm IWvm (L) 
«W Sir Fnwek Wyan TWkmi (C. ) /^/i*^ 
ii> rt w rl ifr6«.>44 »»d tAm mtm. Ufmm 
iMb Mr. B««Mi «Mr MMMi«r. «M «m m 

>^ir SydiMjr WaiOTlpw (L.) .. 
Sir R§t«H AmT, ^(tff. (C) . . 

Pop. »7.«5». *•*. Kk<- >.»tS. 


LL.d!7V MoniT PUc*. Ediaterill (SiMrtff 

QrttBwIob (KntX 
wkk, mmd St, >mmi mmJSt. NkMm DtM- 


William Boon! (C.) 
*Bwoa Henry de Worms (C.) 
Jama Ehtmtttr Smmmdtrs (L.) 
Wilimm Htnwy Stme (L.) 

l^ov^ i<7.ft]«. lUi. She M,i«i. 

D««^<Hb« lUiM. Grawrkii. S 

Ortmaby, OrwH 


uMH ^ Mr fmwiaktt ^ Crmt Crimuh, 
rmt Cmtu, LitUt Cmm, Mmdi^, 

Wmttkmm, Stmtikf, CIm, Wmk^ 

*Edwanl HeoMce (L.) .. .. i,os4 
rw. Gmrgf MtHntd Amam {O 2,001 

fnp.^K^ R^ElK.6^ 
Mf t m f mti^ ajk^r-TU Mayor. 

KCmakU ^ tkt fmntkm ^ Htfy THmiif mmd 
St. Mmty, mmdpmrta «/ Mr fmwi»kM ^ St. 
Nkk0U$, SJ^^^ imd Shkt. mmdTkt 

DensO OmIow (C) *• 70$ 

Tktmms RUkmirimm Kem^ Q.C 

CM $;• 

Fop. 9.1BI. Umt. Ehc t.«oA, 
<Mbrr -. AMmmo U| 

^^Vr^'YT '^^^""tS. ^f-^y*^ Hmtkm^ : 
St. itmttktm, BHkmml Cfwm; mmd St. 
Ummml, SJh^mdUa,} 



Attkf On»rml Ettrtim^ Hwrj Pawoctt (L-X 
John Holms (L.). mmd Gmtb* C T. Butley 
(CX MM rnMttitHlr i8.i66. 16.907. «W 
tOkUt 9tUM, In April t88o M«Mn. F«wc«« 
mmd HoloM mccepttd 0mcf. ttmd 0m a ««» 
fiteHm m M«f itk, tSSo, th*n vnu m» #//«^ 
sititm U tkt rtturm ^ 

Rt. Hon. Henry Fawcett (L.) 
John Holms (L.) 

Pop. 36a.4»7 Re«- £•««• 45.«» (»bou»X 
Rtfmimg Offictr—VXiAiKrA EHU, Etq^ Soli- 
citor, Hackney, and 16, Mark Lane. E.C. 

Haddington District 


(C^m^riMimf HiuUimft<m, North Bet 
DmmLr, JttUmrgk, and Lander.) 

Sir David Weddcrbum, Bart. 
(L.) i.o>9 

Capt. y. F. Houston (C.) . . 607 
Pop. 13.08a. Reg. Elec 1,896. 

Rfturmng (7^«>»— Archibald Davidaon. E«q. 
(Sheriffof Edinburghshire and Haddington- 

T, R. Buchanan (L.) . . 

Pop. 37.770 (49,056). Reg. Elec 1,040. 
Retuming C^Jfrrr— Archibald Davidson, Esq 
triff of Ed 



^rrr— Archibald Davidson, 

Halifax (YorkshireX 

{Contists 0/ ike mufiicifnl borough 0/ Halifax 
«f constituted by the Halifax Extension 
and Imprwement Act, 1865.) 

Right Hon. James Stansfeld (L.) 6,392 
John Dyson Hutchinson (L.) .. 6,364 
W. Barber \!Z.) 3,452 

Pop. 6s. 1*4. Reg. Elec. 11.055. 
Returning njficer — James Bairstow. Esq . 
Woollen Merchant, Heath Lodge, Halifax 

Hampahire, North. 
Rt. Hon. George .Sclater- Booth (C.) 
Capt. William Wither Bramston Beach 

Pop. 157.496- Rp;r '"' "' 

Retuming 0/f!cer—Siir N ■ 
Kempshou Park, Basing: 

Hampshire. South. 
Lord Henry J. Montagu- Douglas-. Scott 

•Francis Compton (C.) 

Pop. a68,954 (tao,i56). Reg. Elec. 10.163 
Retuming OpScer— Sir Nelson Rycroft,' 

Kempshott Park, Basingstoke (High Shcrifl 1 

Hartlepool (The Hartlepools). 

{Consists of the municipal borough of Hartle- 
pool, the tmvnships of Throston, Stranton, 
— which includes IVest Hartlepool, — and 
Sea ton Carrtu.) 

•Thomas Richardson (L.) .. 1,965 
t/saac Lmvthian Bell (L.) . . 1,717 
Dr. Tristram {C.) .. .. 1,579 

Pop. 38.303. Reg. Elec. 7.016. 
Albion Terrace, Hartlepool (Ma>'or) 


Retuming Ojfficfr — John HorsI 

Iey,_ Esq. 

Harwich (EssezX 

(Consists of the parishes of St. Nicholas, Har- 
wich, and All Saint/, Doverconrt.) 

•Sir Henr)' >> n;ui( V i)ii:r(C.) 368 
Col. Gettrge Tomline (h.) .. 310 

Pop. 6,107. R«K- £•««• 759- 
Retumine Officer — Alderman John Henry 
Vaux, Harwich (Mayor). 



^ tkt tmm mmd $tH ti ffmttii^ 



h«rl«JuMtMam]r(C) .. 1,873 

fAf Cmtm/ ElttHm, TVwmk Wramy (U) 

WtSir UghltwJ J«Mi JUrSbuakWorth. 

lUrt. (L.X/«lb>^ r0t M t H mfy t,tji aW 

>«r». /« A^pti ido Mr. Ht— ty «m/ft^ 



BATtrfbrdvwt (7«mbrokMhlrtX 


I*/ M « M tktttm m M09 itM. itao» 

G«org«OttoTr8vtljrM(U) .. 3.51H 
>«My r. J: £^»^(C).. .. 5$i 


- Siikmfj, mmd m fmrl ^ Mr pmrtak ^f 

•Wdter Nai 

Sl Aubjn \< .) 466 

lAdoipkm WUUam Ymmg (L.) 429 

Pope 1.761. lUf. KIk. \/Ay 
RHnrmimg OJU*9^' 


{CmuUU^th* *0fmt^ ^ Hf^f^rd mmd Mr 




• I ojicph Pulley (L.) .. 1,505 
•KolK-rt Thrtthie Reid (L.) .. 1,321 

* I icut.'Cci. Grorgt Arbutknot{Q.) 1,099 
A/r. Dixon Nartiamd {Q.) .. 1,041 

Pb|k 18,335. Reg. Eke 3. 173. 
Jt*tmmim£ Ofictr -> TImmbm Maund, Esq., 
Sign StTMt, Hereford (Mayor). 

Sir Joseph Russell Bailey, Bart. 


Michael Biddulph (L.) •• 
* rhomas Ducknam (L.) 
XMajor Danid Peplot Peploe (C. ) 

Pop. 135.364 (109. - 

E«q., Tilley, Coun . 
•hire (High Shenff)^ 


Elec. 8,323. 
.^orth Greenly, 

-.0., Hereford- 

Hertford Borough. 

{Consists of tJu parish of All Saints, portions 
of tlU /arisJUs 0/ St. John, St. Amirnv, 
nnd Btmgto. and of portions 0/ tlu libtrtits 
^ Bricktudtn astd LittU Ai 

Arthur James Balfour (C.) . . 564 
E. E. Bowat (L.) .. .. 400 

Pop. 7,896. Reg. Elec. 1,081. 
Rttumine Officer — ^ xV^vun Baker, Esq., 
Hertford (Mayor). 


'ITiomas Frederick Ilalsey (C.) 

Abel Smith (C.) 

Hon. Henry Frederick Cowpcr (L.) 

Pop. 192.735(184,332). Reg. tlec 10,05a 
.Kf turning Officrr—]ohn Evans, Esq., D.C.L., 

Nash MilU. Hcmel HempMcd, Hertfordfthire 

(High Sheriff). 

Horshain (BqsmxX 

{Cmtistt of tk« parish of Hortkmsm.) 

•Sir Henry Fletcher, Bart. (C). . 
XjhffM Clifton Brorwn (L.) 

Pop. 7,831. Reg. Elec. 1,214. 

" * Bosi 

Returning Q 
North Sire* 

frr— Edward Ingram 
treet, Horsham. 



Huddertfleld (TorkihlreX 

(Comprises the townships of H uddersfield , 
LindUy-cumQuarmby, Loclnvood, Almond- 
bury, and Dalton, the hamlet of Lower 
Linthtuaite, and part of the township of 

Edward Aldam I^caHiam (L.) .. 7,008 
IVilliam Alexander Lindsay (C.) 4.4^6 

Pop. 74^58. Reg. Elec. 13.386. 
Returning Officer —TtiOxsci% Dinham. Esq., 
Draper, Wellfield, Undley, Huddersfield 

Hull, Kingston upon- (TorkshireX 

{Consists of the farishes of St. Mary, Holy 
Trinity, Sculcoates, Dry pool, the extrn 
parochial s^ate of Garrisonside, part of tit 
parishes of Sutton, lietsle, North Ferrih 
\md Kirk Ella:) 

. ♦ 

RvrvftNiiic Muiieits to faauamknt. 


f9^*iAf(tht^% Ut, Bk. vtif. 


rw.jud (L).. 12,071 

:%<m(U) .11,817 

A>Am A/hms^m (C) . . 6^067 
(*> i4^)74- lUg. Kite t6,t9y 

•,n$tt 0f ri# fmrUkn •/ AU Smimt$, St. 
Jm. Sf Mmry^St. BtmtJitl. mmd J M< 
-4 mki^ Urti^ ^ C*dmmmknt*r^ 

\ > int Hiachingbrook (C) 

r^ Mes. RflC. El«. 1.0)1. 
. v/ wnw' ^ £S|bvr — GouacOler 

pC WmkuB Hcnnr Fdlowcs 

.) l,7« 

fLoni DoqglM WiObm Cope 

GonloQ(L.) 1,617 

XViKmmt MmtimUt (C.) .. i,S96 

Sir Edward WUlUm Watkia, Bart. (U) 

P^ M.OM R«». Dk. JA««*. 

^ Nmirm.) 




DonaM Cameron (C.) ... 
Sir KcHMfth HtMith Madutttit^ 
Bart. (L.) 

Pop. 87.48a Reg. Elec 1.851. 

Rttmmimg Offictr — Willum 1%'ory, 
Edtnbu^ (Sheriff^ 



Ipswich (SuffolkX 

Thomas Clement Cobbold (C.) 3, 142 
•Jesse Ceilings (L.) .. • • 3.074 

If^iry IVyndham West, Q.C.{h.) 3,025 
XJamesRedfoordBulwer.Q.CA^) 2.979 

Pop. 43.»63- 

Returning Ojficer — SiSxtA 
Ip»wrich (MayorX 

Reg. Elec. 7.406. 


iBle of Wight 

jHon. Anthony Evelyn Melbourne 

Ashley (L.) I.986 

Benjamin Temple Cotton {C) .. 1,973 

Pop. 66.165 (57.697V R«K Klec. 4.954- 

Eetumlng Officer- k. Harboltle Estcourt. 
Esq., Newport, 

Isle of Wight (Deputy 

Kendal (Westmoreland). 

iConsittt of the trnvnthi^s of Kendal and 
Kirklnnd. and ^art ((f the townthi^ of 

At Uu General Election, John Whitwcll (L.) 
and Alfred Harri« (C.) ^lled ret^tively 
1,118 and 541 x'otet. Mr. Whitwcll died 
Nov. idth, 1 880, and on a new election on 
Dec. xtth, the result was— 


•James Cropper (I..) 
Alfred Harris {Q.) 

Pop. 13,44a Reg. Elec. 1,917. 
Returning Officer — Alderman Bindloss, 
Kendal (Mayor) 

Kent, East. 
•Aretas Akers-Douglas (C.) .. 5,541 
Edward Leigh Pemberton (C.).. 5,473 
E. F. Davis (L.) .. .. 4,959 

Pop. 347,038 (189,034). Reg. Elec. 13,169. 
Returning Officer— Majot Mawdistly Gati5<(en 

Hc&t, Park House, Boxley, Maidstone (Hieh 


Kent, Mid. 
Rt. Hon. Sir William Hart Dyke, 

Bart. (C.) 4,056 

•Sir Edmund Filmer, Bart. (C.) 3,781 
Edward Catalet CL.) .. ••3,318 

Howard IVarburton Elphinstone 

(L.) 3.020 

Pop. (134.995)- Reg- Elec. 8.763. 

Returning Officer— l^Wynr Mawdi&lly Gaussen 

Best. Park House, Boxley, Maidstone (High 



Kent, West 
Sir Charles Henry Mills, 

(C.) 6,413 

Viscount I^H-isham (C.) .. 5,988 
Henry Mason Bompas, Q.C. (L.) 4,859 
J.May{L.) 988 







Row Una 

*.Sr kowUnd 


f^ •9«.fl«4<iM,]i)> lUff. KUc }.)M. 

BknaerhaMolt, Bmi. 

*fohn Brinton(L.) 

At iMtCtmrrmt £Ueti*9, *lohn bnnton(Ui. 
«WBM«iAlbtft GnM({:),/0iM m/^. 
tfmt^ itrVS "■*<' *'4T< tWM. /« ^<i9 i8to 
Mr. DfiiilaQ »mmim< mmdf m m«w titcti*m 
0m tJ^ lik ^ tl0 mum mmttk kt mm rv 

Fovk i9.644> lUs. Eke J.774. 
/r«teMiAv(!^'i^^H. R. WiUk. E«|..Gwpct 
MawAcitinr. MonuagMdc. KMldenRinurr 

nidart Oooaqr. 
( haHet Hcmy MeUon, Q.C. 

ni.R.i 1,245 

•l.u-.r- Irahy (H.R.) .. .. 1,004 

Am^r^ Mn^rt (XFtrr^U (L.) . . 6&4 

Jtma Hmttu KWM.) .. .. 395 

rt^ t4.>9iL lUt. KI.C •.993. 
KrtmwmU^ Ogk*9^Ha^ R. W. Hartley. 

iMdiPlvfc, giiiii, VK OuUm (H^h 



I I. Smhhwick(H.R.) .. 318 
nuluxm J. Dokniy^ C.E, (H.R.) 204 

FopL ia.M4. R<S. El«c 67s. 
RHMwrntma OJUrr -Jotm M'OnMnr. £««.. 
UidrBiy.lUliM«iy (Hifk SiMrtf i 

'PMwanl Purcell MoIhaUea 

Nfaruim U.n. (H.R.) .. a,707 

'I . M.k Leopold MArtin, Q.C. 

i !<-) 2,674 

• '^ - WMmglm 

.. 913 

,, . ,-^ Reg. Eke 4.»54- 
. JoluMtovB. ca Kitk«aay(HiKh 

KUmArnoek District 

iCif-t/ruimg Kilmtmrmck. Dum ^m rf m, Kern- 

• 3. \:o 

.. a,OL>5 



Pop. $8.7t7. R«f. Etac 7.700. 

81. GfMt lUag Stfooc Ediobursh (SlMrUr 

Gen. Sir George BaUbur, K.C.B. 

(L.) 1.037 

D. Simtmir (C.) 500 

Pofk 34,6st. Reg. Elcc t.838. 

Kftmrmitu' 0^cfr—]ehn Guthrie Smith, Edin- 

burgli (Shoriffof Abordeen and KincardiocX 

Xing't Coviaty. 

Sir Patrick O Hrien, Hart.(H.R.) 1,893 

•Bcmanl Charies Molloy {H.R.) 1,742 

y/. Kyiuksim iC.) .. .. 801 

Pop. 75.781. Reg. Elec. 3,96a. 

XetmmiHg Officer— Ia.-Qo\. William Grogan 
Graves. DTL., Cloghan Castle, Banagher, 
King's ca (High Sheriff). 

Klnaal* (County C«aX^ 

Eugene Collins (H.R.) .. ..112 
'/ohn Carmuhad M* Ostrich (C.) . . 42 

Pop. 4,625. Reg. Elec 194. 

Retumini Officer— ]o\ai Harold Barry, F..<iq., 
Ballyvonare. Buttevant, co. Cork (High 
Sheriff of CO. CorkX 

Kirkcaldy Diatrlct 

{^0mtrxtiHg KirkcaUiy, liumtitlcuid, Dysttrt, 
and Kingham.) 

•Sir George CampiWH (L.) 
Charles Scott {Q.) 

Pop. a6,345. Reg. F" 
Rftumitut Officer- \. A. ( 
NdMdStreet, Edinburgh f 



' shire). 


•Cjipt. John Robert Heron Heron- 
Maxwell (L.) 982 

G. Murray Stewart {Q.) .. ..961 

Pop. 41,853(34,693). Keg. Elec 3,304. 

HeturtuHf Officer— The Sheriff. 

K^iaresborough (YorkaliireX 

(Consists 0/ thf tcrwH of K naresborough nmd 
a portian of the township 0/ Scrtven-with- 

At the General Election, "Sir Henry Mevse^ 
MeyMy-Thompwn, Bart. (L.) and } Basil 
Thomas Woodd (C) foiled respectively 357 
and 341 iHttes. In July 1880 Sir Henry 
Meysey Meysey-Thocnpaoo toas unseated on 
petition, and at the time 0/ going to press 
tkt teat is vacant. 



{Ctmittt 0/ tkt fmwukf ^ St. Mmtj M'«*M 
«M. •mdfmrh •f Mr JmHtkm Jst.Cm 
Ctm^pmtUmm^St, tim^ LmmLik.} 

AldOTMA Sirjmm Cterke Uw. 

AMinBMiWilBMiM*Aftlmr(L) ii»983 
y,M u ;pmMmmnl,Q.C. (C) .. 16^701 

IV»^ I7V.II& R«i. Eke 9».)4* 
Ktimrmime Omtn^r nim i tk Omiim Abboct. 
I«q.. 174. 9mtk UMbMli RxMd. S.W. 

Sir Tbonuu Edward Colcfaiookiu But 
f^ 5J«.S*» Oti^nX *•!. Etas. MbjM. 


'Ape. Tohn GleBcaini Carter 

HamtftoQ (L.) 

:Sir mmdkam CJkaHa >m« 
Cmrmickad'Amtrmtktr^ BmwU 

(C.) M30 

P^ (n.5S«X lUf. Etecjb«M^ 


»-' Hon. Frederick A. Stanley 


Ccn. Randle Joseph 

M.G. (C) .. 7.50s 

r (L.) .. 6,500 

Kttmrmimt OJUtw^lhm High ShcriC 

'Robert Lcakr fl.i .. II,JIS 

•William A^: .. 11,391 

BMrtmKK:^) 10^569 

l^mBHl HtfdtsiiU {C) ..10^419 
Nv^ tMun^Um^ifi^ Rcc* E>k. ^.oty. 

ir<»>i«rfi^ q#wr-TlM Higk SWriC 


Rl Hon. Sir Richaid Aadidoa 

CroM»G.C.a(C) ..ll,4J0 

CoL John Ireland BlaaibaraeCC) 10^905 
XmiUmmitmtkt^miL.) ..9^666 

^P" iys»M^y lUf. Cl«c S6.0S4- 

(CmaUa^ tkt 

fRt Hon. MarqocM of Hartiwtoa 

(U) 6.682 

•Frederick WUUam Grafton (L.) 6.513 
nUiiam Fvnr E€nfd{Q:\ .. 5,231 
X4« /Wr, CkmmkeHmm StttrkU 
^<-') 5.«83 

Sir Haidinge Stanley Giflard. 

O.C. (C.) 


(CotoMi DMkia'ft iMMMiimygiwikiMa 




|.»hn Barran (L.) .. ..23.547 

•WiUiam Lavies Jackson (C.) . . l3o3» 
X William St. Janus Whulhouse 

(C) 11,965 

Attkt Gewml Election, tk* Rl Hon. William 
Kwart Gladstone (L.) was returned with 
ai,6aa t'Ctes. In April 1880 he accepted 
cjice, atul <m a new election, on May St A, 
1880, tAerf was not amy opposition to the 
return qf 

•Herbert John Gladstone (L.) 

Pop. 318,939. Reg. Elec ^9,000. 
Fetumine oifUcer—O^r^t Tatham, Esq., 
Springfteld Mount, Leeds (Mayor). 

Leicester Borough. 

{Com pri ses the parishes of St. Margaret. St. 
Ltonnrd.St. Nicholas. St. Martin .All S<i m is 
amJ St. Mary, the liberties 0/ Castle ^'ir:i> 
and Newark, and the extra-parochial plaees 
<i/ Black/rianand White/riars.) 

Peter Alfred Taylor (L. ) .. 10,67 C 

Alexander M 'Arthur (L.) . . 10,438 

iV. WitttfrtoH {Q.) .. ..4,186 

JoAn Henry Boyer Warner (C.) 3,820 

Pop. tao.ooa Reg. Elec 18,808. 

RttumimrOfficer~}o\\n Bennett, E»q.. The 
Limes, Princeu Road, Leicester (Mayor). 

Lelceiterslilre, MortlL 
Rt. Hon. Ix)rd John Manners (C.) 3.213 
•Maj.-Gen. Edwyn bherard liur- 

naby (C.) 2,991 

Hussty Packe ( L. ) . . ..2,651 

Pop. (96.300). Reg. Elec 6,619. 

Returning OJScer—GeoTgt John Moore, Esq. , 
Appleby Hall, Alherstone, Leicester (High 

Leicestershire, South. 

♦Thomas Tertius Tagct (L.) . . 3,685 

Albert Pell (C.) 3.453 

X William Unxuin Jleygate (C. ) . . 3, 1 75 

Pop. 145.336(77.790. Reg- Elec. <i,wi. 
Returning Officer— Q^ot^t John Moore, Esq., 
Appleby Hall, Atherstone, Leicester (High 

Leith District 

(Comprising Leith, Musselburgh, and Pcrt9- 

Andrew Grant (L.) 

Pop. 44.277. Reg- Elec 10,333. 
^^•/MrM/wjf CT/^fr^r— Archibald Davidson, E»q., 

Edinburgh (Sheriff of cos. Edinburgh and 




^)lhiiToittn}iMn(C) .. 1.038 

i>or FruKU O'Bcinw (U. R ) 7 17 

. 7. AVi(**w(H.R.) $93 
,>^ «%!••• K^g. l^lK ».i«> 

ac.A<u Sid 

Eas. EIk. i^)^ 

Um» . RklMH T« 



/kir (L.) 

.'»fi«<«r (^''^ Hmmms Bri«o« 
U4.. WiM McrdMM. 16, BtoMl ScTMc; 

wi:i<f ff tAfJturitJUn ff AH S4umt$. St. 

^k^mH. St. rhmmm im-thfC^gt. /^rl t>/ 

/V fmwi$kn ^ Kimtptm, St. Aunt. St. 

Am tkf Btt^Ai, S m ^k tmr , St. J •km m mdrr- 

ir-CMlie, mmd Smik Mmiimg, mmJ tJU 

.utit pr<inmet$.) 

Atlk$C«mtrml KheUm^ IiMM..CoL KidMrd 
Dr>«t(C)«WSir J«lM ••iiibwM. BMt. (L.) 

Jmm iMo Lk<rt.*Coiri>]ro(t »«f mmmAttit, 

mmd 9m m mtm *it€tUm 0m Jmtj 1^. iHo, 
tiu rttmU imu— 

Lieut. -CoL ThcophUtts John 

Levett (C.) 578 

Siry»km Si im im nu , Bart, (L) . .• 544 

Pop^ f^aa R«i. EUc 1.174- 
/tftmmimf OJkfr^Edwrd TlmMft SMkcy 

E«|.. UchM(SlMnff)L 
(Th« iMcTM of Um Ead of LkkAtId k ««fy 
"" io ilMcity.) 


'WtlUam Langham CKmiie ICA 



Richard O'Shaugfanes^ (H. R. ) i . 109 
DanidFttxgenild(;ahl)ctt(H.R.) 989 
>i*Mr Spaigkt (C. H . R. ) 620 

Pop. }9.»t8. Rcf. Elec 1.934- 
Itttmmitut OtUtr—Hmancm Ltniluui, Esq. 
I.P.7M.R.VA.. C 



[Hiflt ShcriflTX 

G«orx« Stroec, Lioicrick 

Umeriek Oonntj. 
William Henry O'SuHivan (H.R.) 
Edward John Synan (H.R.) 

Pop. 151,485 (i4>. 64 3X Reg- Elec 6.085. 
Returminr Oficfr^—)ohn C Dclmcge, K»q.. 
t Paric, CO. Limerick (High Shenfl). 

Lincoln City. 

(Cmtitit pftkt oldcitfof Lincoln, Tht Bail, 
Tkt Ciate. ami Cnttwick Common.) 

Charles Secly (L.) . . . . 3,401 

•John Hinde Palmer, Q.C. (L.) 3,128 
XCoi. Edward Chaplin (C. ) . . 2, 1 90 

Pop. 36.762. Reg. Elec. 6,447. 
RetMmingOjgiicer^G\\\x.T\}o\iT\ Dashpec,Esq. , 
28, Tentercrofl Street, Lincoln (Sheriff). 


Henry Chaplin (C.) 
•Hon. Edward Stanhope (C.) 

Pop. 102,287(101,382). Reg. Elec. 8,822. 
Retmming OMcfr—'Sa^^tvajMxX Heneage, Esq., 
East cue Withcall, Lincolnshire (High 

LtnoOlniliire, NortlL 
•Rol)crt I^ycock (L.) .. ..4,159 
Rowland Winn (C. ) .. .. 3,949 

XSir John Dugdale Astley, Bart. 

(C.) 3.865 

Pop. nt,8t4(ii7,785X Reg. Elec 10,639. 
RetMmint Officer— l^tx^OMifX Clayton, Emi,, 
East Cliff. Withcall. Uncolnshire (High 

Llnoolnahlre, Bonth. 
•John Compton Lawrance, Q.C. 

(C.) 4.5»8 

Sir William Earle Welhy- 

Gregory, Bart. (C.) 4»290 

F. C. Sharp, {U) .. 3,583 

Pop. 182,433 (t25.o66X Rtg. Elec 10,710. 
Returning ^rt'r— Nathaniel Clayton, Esq., 

East L^iff. Withcall. Uncolnshire (HIkH 



Peter NfLagan (L.) .-747 

y. P. B. Robertson (C.) . . . . 256 

Pop. 41,191. Reg. Elec 1.239. 

Returning Officer — Cveorge Monro, Esq 
i, Darnaway ^ 

rntng ujpcet — ueorge jnonro, r.sq., 
S, Darnaway Street. Edinburgh (Sheriff of 

cii ■ 

Llsbtirn (County Antrim «nd Down). 
Sir Richard Wallace, Bart., K.C.B. (C.) 

Pop. 9.651. Reg. Elec. 768. 
Returning O/^cer— Juae% Stewart Moore, 

Esq., Ballydivitty, Dervock, co. Antrim 

(High Shei%ff of AntrimX 

LUkMTd (ConwaU). 

(CcMsisti o/tAf-AorougA andparish ofLi*keard, 
and part o/itu parith if/ St. Cleer.) 

Leonard Henry Courtney (L.) . . 370 
Rt. Hon. Edward PUydell-Bouverie 

(L.) 30' 

Pop. 6.550. Reg. Elec 736. 
Returning Officer — Borlase Childs, £•<{ 
Liskeard (Mayor). 



*U Drw^,) 

Rt. Hoa. Vncottnt 
I Mwanl WhHler (C) 

v«j rttmrmi^ (mMmi/ »p fm i ii m , /• 7«^ 

rd Ckad John HaallKM 

) JI.OI9 

; tmmiJVmstUiL.),, .. 19,118 

Kfimwmmg OMmr W aW— Bow f arwood, 
»U^., KLdSTBwbe BMk fto< Btudcli 
^viikK Lmrpool(MayorX 

London City 




Faiirl«r(C.) •o^s74 

■Mil Hon. lobn GdttbnuMi 

naUMUtKC.) IQ,>$6 

AMiiin Williin Lawrence (L.) $.050 
(K, S. Mnttm {L.) .. 5,8j7 

mUtn'JIfyrHmtiL.) .. .. 5.743 

B«|7m iCk CotML BXl. and GMMpi 
lev. lU|.. MKltt Lmm. S.C 

^r /i# GMVfWiM««te. TiM lU. H«». B0W1 

(L.X^M^ AnlMT CkMta. Q.C (CX 
A#^[W w9tpt€tmtfy i,M4 <"a^ ilS •«*>. /■ 
Mmf iMo Mr. Lmi* mm €wmtSrm Pttr, mmd 

thgm wmt •» tpfmMm itiAt mrtmwm ^ 

fSir John Lubbock, Bm. (L.) 


Charles Edward Lewb (C.) 

Xetmrmh^ OJktf^-T^m llayor. 

Rt. Hon. Hugh Law, Q.C. (L.) 

At Ik, GtnermI Sitrtim, Mr Rt. Hm Hack 

kt m ttM m l Mr, mmdm m mtm tiaetifm m 
Mmf tfk, iMd^ kt ««M f9 tu9m $d w i tkm t 



Sir Thomas M*CIure, Bart. (I^) 2,91a 
S, Ai. AUxamifT {C.) .. ..2,107 

Pop. 148.600 (143. 368X Reg. Elec. 5.8^3. 
Jtttmrmmr Ofid^ — Gtorg* Calher, htq., 

CamckhoKhl Linutvady, co. Londonderry 

(High Shaik\ 

Longford Ck)tmt7. 
George Krrington (II. R.) 
Justin NPCarthy (H.R.) 

Pop. 64.41* Reg- Elec 9,6a6. 
Sftnrmimr Oj^c^r- ]ohn Shaw, E»q., J.P., 
Cl<x>ncallow Houm, Ballymahon, co. Lor 
ford (High Sheriff). 


Louth Ck>unt7. 
tl'hilipCallan (H.R.) .. ..902 

ylf thr Cfturnl Election, Alexander Martin 

Sullivan (H.R). and IGeorge Harlcy Kirk 

(H.R). polled resfiecthely 830 and tU votes. 

In May 1880 Mr. Sullivan rtsirned, and on 
• a nrtu election, on the t^th of that month, 

there was net any opfotition to the return 0/ 

•Alan Henry Bellingham (H.R.) 

Pop. 69.804 (57,885X Reg. Elec. a. 168. 
Returning Ojicer— John Ribton Garstin, Esq. , 

Braganstown, CasUebellingham. co. Louth 

(High Sheriff). 

Lndlow (Shropslilre). 

Comprises the old borough 0/ L ttdlmu, the 

parish 0/ Ludloiv Castle, and parts 0/ the 
parishes of Stanton Lacy, Bromjield, a 


Col. Hon. George Herbert 

Wind.sor-CHve (C.) .. 
Lewis Cinger-Glyn (L. ) . . 

Pop. 6.203. Reg- Elec. 989. 
Returning CT^r^r— Thomai RoberU. Etq., 

Ltidlow (Mayor). 
(The ioHuence of Earl Powic u considerable 
in this borough^ 


Lymlngton (HantaX 

iCfrnpritet the parish of Lvntington and part 
^tke parish o/Boldrt.) 

Col. Edmund Hegan-Kennard (C.) 432 

J/.S. StHtlh (L.) 239 

Pop. 5,356. Reg. Elec 796. 

Returning Officer— 'W, S. Good, Emi,. Silk 

Mercer, High Street, Lymington (Mayor). 

Lynn Regla (NorfolkX 

{Consists of the parishes 0/ St. Margaret and 
South Lynn All Saints, and part 0/ tht 
parish 0/ Caywood, Lynn.) 

*Sir u i.liam J l«»vcll i'.r«»-.\iu- 

Ffolkcs, Bart. (L.) .. 
Rt. Hon. Robert iiourke (C.) .. 
Lord Claud John Jlamilton (C.) 
frank Lockwood (L.) 



Pop. 17,163. 
Returtiinr Officer— 1l, 
Lynn (Slayor). 

Reg. Elec a.779. 
Wilkin, Ekq., King's 

Macclesfield (Cheshire). 

{Consists 0/ the to7vnship 0/ Moirlesfivld and 
part 0/ the tou/nships 0/ Sutton, ifurdi/ifld, 
and Tytheriugton.) 



iam Cmn BrocUehom (L.) 2,946 

.JOuMlwick (U) .. .. 3,744 

.'i4um Mimlm £st*m (C.) . . 2,678 

-i/y CAsrlfs imttkmm (C).. 2,188 

Popi 1S.S7». lUf. tXtc %fH- 


;or Alexander Henry Rots 

) 1.96s 

s\\\, John Evans Freke Ajrlner 

iC.) 1,83a 

\Sir J^m LmUmk, Bmrt, (U). . 1.73s 

\SirSy^myiit^ iVsttH0m(l^) 1,6x4 

FofL •tf^M. R^ BIk. iM^ 

I -ftmnw MaMMOM (IU|«rX 

Coortaald (L.) . 79 

Sir WtUimm NnntU A^. Bart. 

(C.) 661 

Pop. 4J6& lUc. Ktec 1.4ML 

At tlu Ontrml KUetimu •t 
JohMM (LX «W MrTWcbb (CX H^ 
mftctntfy 1S9 mmdj%v»tn, /» JV«/ itto 

* William Moore Johnaon (L.) .. JOI 
R. W. AV//r(H.R.) .. ..51 

Ketmrmimt OJkrr-Jchm Harold Bwry. Em.. 
fUllrroMTO. B«u«ira«. ca Cork (Hi(li 

Itallrroaaro. B«tM 
SlMMTflCca CbikX 


5/. />««/ mm/ /i» 

(C^mtutt 0/ tAt /mruJkn mf St. Pmmi mmd tht 
CnmiS0mm^m/^ LiUh Sttm tfu d, Ftuti^' 



Walter Powell (C.) .. ..603 

C. K. ICiuAiMg {\^) 310 

Pope 6,88a Reg. El«c 1,037. 
Hetmmimf OMetr — George Sparks, Emj. , 
Wexport.MilinMbiiry (Maror). 

MaltOB. (ToilcthlreX 

^{C»m/rue4 tAr /amJIia of St. MickiuL St. 
L40mmrd, New Mmitmi^ OU Ma/im, tmd 

Hon. Charles William Wentworth- 

Fitzwilliam (L.) 809 

Sir William Cayley Worsley, Bart. 

(C.) 445 

Pop. 8.168. Reg. Elcc 1,396. 
Retumint Officer ~}o\ai Hoplcins, ITie Brows. 
Malton (BailifT). 

(Earl Fiuwilliam's influence is great in this 

Kanchester (Lancashire). 

{Compriset tfu tcrjonships of Manchtster, 
ChorltoH-upon-Mediock, Ardwick, BestuUk, 
Hulm€, CkretAam, Bradford, NewtoH,Kirk- 
manskmlme, and Harfurhty.) 

•John Slagg (L.) .. 24.0^ 

J. icob Bright (L.) 

Hugh BirTcy (C.) 

W. H. HoiUdrMorth (L.) . . 20,20b 

Pop. 384,644. Reg. Ele& $8.7". 

Rftumimr Officer — KXdttmMn Baker, M.11' 
Chester (Mayor). 

Marlborough (Wiltshire). 

(CoMtist* of the old horough of Marihoroiigk, 
and the pari ih of PretMtte.) 

At the Generai Kiection, Lord Charles William 
Urudenell- Bruce (L.), and \jotA Henry 


fh 333 and 239 votes. Lord Charles 
idenell-Bruce accented office April 1880, 

and OH a mew election oh May yt/t, 1880, 
there, was nat any opposition tothe te urn of 

Rt. Hon. Lord Charles William 
Brudenell- Bruce (L.) 

Pop 5.034- Reg. Elec. 668. 
Retuminr Officer — James Blake Maurice, 
Esq., Marlborough (Mayor). 

(The Marquess of Ailesbury has influence ia 
this borough.) 

Marlow, Great (BuoksX 

{Consists of the parishes of Great Marlo7v 

Little Marlow, Medmenkam, and Bisham.) 

\ There art nc borough arttis. ] 

•Col. Owen Lewis Cope Williams 

(C.) 505 

James Olliff Griffits, Q.C. (L.) .. 355 

Pop. 6,497. R«g- Elec. 905. 

Retumtnr Officer— Thomm King, Esq., Wid- 
mere, Great Marlow. 




iC^t^Hmt tkt pm Ht kf 

Mm ^ Si. Mtikkm, 
St. f,tmt'pmt. mmi FiMi^j^n.) 

*nanielOr«nl (L) .. I4.I47 

TboauttaMiBbcfi,Q.C(l«) 14.003 
fM/mUqf(C) .. 11.800 

Mayo Oo«Bty. 
t O'Coimor Power (H.R.).. 1,64$ 

W C^mtrmi MtftHtm^ KWrfM 8m«wi 
ndl (H R.1 mmd OMfi IUm Rnma 

.-A JTmM mmd/fr Cmrk city, kf thttnl $0 
/«r lAr imittr, mmd mptm m mim ttt tt it m , 
M0f AAiA, iMoti <4ov anM aM# m^ «^^ 

*Kcv. IiaAcNcUondi.R.) 

Fofk •4S.S|i' lUs. Rbu ).Mi. 

QJhvf^Idwwd It Pvy. Em.. 
■llMM. BdlfaHi. oa liayo(Hi(b 

WmiUi OooBty. 

K .Wit Henry McUc (H. R.) .. 1,253 

.'V G^nermi KlKti»m, fCkariM SMwan 
.nwU (HR \ mmd iJkt Hoik Hmif Lotioa 

" mi$0 ffr 

Mr. PBnMH tttitg MKttm 
>P0 em. mmd/fr 

fAleaadcr Martin Sullivan (H.R.) 
IV t*MtB(9S.>J4X R««. EWc j.l7y 

/tr tkt Imner, mmd t^m m «nv tUrtitm, m 

Jg^W^^ ». W-^. E^.. 

NavM. CO. M«Mh (Hif h 


S«m«el Holkod (L) .. 


^^- 4M«9' *•«. n«. >.$T«- 




tk0»mntk ffAktmdmm, 0m0t ti tL jWitkm 
^kirtkjr mmd Fmtmmr. mmdfmHtflkf dif 
Mrt ^ Mtm-mb, Atk) 

\Tkn9 mrt m» hmrm^k mwm»,\ 

Henry RkhanMD .. 8.03c 

•CharlcftHcrbcft lamc»(U) .. 7.536 
mUUmThtmi»Lnrii{\^) .4.445 

M^tmrmii^ /mt»P^Ukm MorSM. E^ * 

N0rm»muh. »id Ettm.} 
\%MMC \Vil«OQ(L.) .. 4,515 

Luui.'C*/, SamtMi AUxmrndtr 

Sad/rr{C.) I.6a6 

E^want Dilipm Limis {L.) .. 1.171 

Ketmmimg OJUft^-Ckulm 
CE,. Th« " • 


Ri. Hon. Lord George Fruidt 

Hamilton (C) •• 12.904 

Ocuvtot Edward Coope (C.) ..12,338 
Hrritrt GUdstotu {L.) .. .. 8,876 

IV •.sjM«»(«7<ko^ R^ El«. J^w- 
hum, E.C(SaHrtfb«r 

iCtmsuH tf t'^ MruJkf$ 0/ Midkmni, Smm- 
t^rmt. Hfyd^t, CAtUmrtt, Crmgkmaa. 
DidUmf. mmd Cttkimt, mmd ^tttSm$ ^ 

C Tktwm mmt mm fa w w yl w nrng \ 
Sir Henry Tharrton HoUaod, 
Bart. K.CM.G. (C.) 





•JohnG>van(L.) .. .. 2,818 

•William Findlaler (L.) .. 2,545 

\Sh' John Uslie, Bart. (C.) .. 2,173 
XSeiuaUis Evelyn Shirley (C.) . . 2,099 

Pop. na.785. Reg. Elec. 5.496. 
RttiimiHt[ (?/?if<r— Richard Ruxton Fiti- 
Herbert, Esq., Shantonagh, Castle Blayney, 
CO. Monaghan, and Black Castle, Navan, co. 
Cavan (High SherifT). 

Momnonth District. 

(C«mf>riiiHg Monmouth, Newport, and Utk.) 

•Edward Hamer Carbutt (L.) 
1 Thomas CorcUs (C. ) 


Pop. 30.579. Reg. Elec. 5,046. 

JtetumtHf flficer— George Potter Tippiiu. 

£aq., Monmouth (Mayor of Monmouth). 

Hon. Frederick Courtcnay Mor- 
gan (C.) 3.S29 

•John Allan Rolls (C.) . . .3.294 

Non. George Charles Bradru:k(L. ) 3,019 
C. M. Warmington (L.) . . 2,927 I 

„Po^ «98.»« («56.667> R«g El«c S.siJ 
RfturniHg Jjffictr — James Graham 

Hilston Park, 


Monmouth (High 

Montgomery District 

{Com^ruiHf Montromtry, LlaH/yltiH, LI-\ 
idloet, Afaek/Hl/etk, Newtown, a*ut It'e, 

RetHmine Officers 
and NI. E. Jones, 

Hon. ircacncK Mcjuicn Arcni- 

bald Hanbury-Tracy (L.) .. 1,562 
Pryce ^nes (C.) . . . . i,2M 

Pop. 18,655. Ree. Elec. j.iao. 
'/ Oflicert—}. M. E. Lloyd, E-. , 
1. E. Jones, Esq., Montgomcry 


•Stuart Rendel (L.) .. ..2,232 

t Charles IVatkin IVilltams-lVynn 

(C:.) 2,041 

Pop. 67,780 (48,9a6>. Reg. Elec. 5,291. 
ReturniHg Officer— ^\r Thomas Gibbons Fro 
DolcorsTlwyn Hall, Cemmaes, Montgomer'. 
shire (High Sheriff). 

Montrose District 

iComprising Mont rote. Aherbroath, Brtchin, 
Forfar, and Bervie.) 



Rl. Hon. WUUni Edwtd Bnivr (L.) 
h^0t,H/k K«f. Hw. a,*;!- 


. tk Cm$ih, SifMUt, H»fmi0it. T^ mm mt L 
//<r* Ckmnk. Cmmftm, S^mlk tUftk, ^mri 
H^mMn, *md ffnmkmm. mmJ tJU ^mHtA ^ 

Tbomai B«it (L.) 

Fop. }». lUc. EIk. M9t. 
Rftuwmlmi Ommr - W. I. 
M«vp«L (M^X 

Thoous Earp (L.) .. 1,073 

* W tUtam Newam Nicboboa (C) 993 
//m. iMfTTo^ AMmt^ G9H0m 

ftmek-Umttm iC) .. .. 985 

%SmmmtlBtNUrBruUm{U).. 98a 

FiVi ta.»L Rat. Uk. s.a97. 

ITtwoMtto upon TjTM grorthimbW' 

jf)*c}>n cowcn u. ) .. 11.766 

*AshtM WnrtWortb DUke (L.) io»404 
:CA«Wb AWdMi ^'MiMi/ 
IC) 5,171 

Com Mwcl— t. f , Wind 

•Ourlcs Dooakboo-Hodioa (C) 1.4S4 
WUUam Shepbcfd Alktt (L) .. M$a 


XSUfJkfm RmtUmu £4gi 

P*^ iS.M»> R«f- Khc !.«». 

Mmi.. 51. Ltvwpool Road, Miwrirti miIiii- 

V«w lUlMA [IM Mattem). 



Htwport dalt Of WlchU 

»f the ^rithfs «/C«ruhmk^ St. /fkM*u, 

Charles Cavendish Clifford (L.) .. 618 
Coi. Pny/oriUS^.) 560 

Pop. 8,839. ^^' Elcc. t,36a. 

RetHrruHg O^cer—HnhtxX J. Orchard, Ejiq., 
J. P., Newport (MayorX 

New R08B (Counties Wexford and 

^6 "iL^Miait^ '^jicy 

At tkt Central Election. •Joseph William 
Foley (H.R.)«W JLt.-Co*. Charles George 
Tottenham (C.) foiled mpectively 165 and 
77 votet. In Dec. 1880 Mr. Foley rettgpud, 
and at the time 0/ going to prett tht utU it 

Pop. 7,112. Reg. Elec 867# 

Returning Ojjicrr .Sir John Tallwt Power, 
Ban.. FdrrmirK?. Knnincorthy, co. Wexford 
(Hi^b Sheriff of co. Wexford). 

Newry (OonntlM Armacli 


•Henry Thomson (C.) 587 

R. G. Carvm{L.) 557 

Pop. 17,000. Reg. Elec t.aor. 
Returning Officer— Ca^K. Richard Ker Moni- 
ralto, Ballyachinch, co. Down (High Sheriff 
of CO. Down). 

Norfolk, North. 
Sir Edmund Henry Knowles Lacon, 

Bart. (C.) 
Edward Birkbeck (C.) 

Pop. (ii4,795X Reg. Elec 6,519. 

Returning Officer— George Duckett Bemey, 
Esq., The Hall, Morton, Norwich ((High 

Norfolk, South. 
Sir Ro]>ert Jacob Buxton, Bart. 

(C.) 2.917 

♦Robert ThomhaughGurdon(L.) 2,906 
tOareScwfll /iMd(C.).. .. 2,905 

Pop. ("3.844X Reg- Elec. 7,412. 

Returning Officer— ijcorgc Duckett Bcmey, 
Ksq., Tlie Hall, Morton, Norwich (High 

Norfolk, Weft. 

William Amhurst Tysscn Am- 
herst (C.) 2,671 

George William Pierrepont Bcn- 
tinck(C.) 2,433 

Artihony Uamond iX-) .. .. 2,304 

Pop. 180,(70(112,365). Reg. Elec 6,471. 

Returning Officer — i'tcor%c Duckett Bemey, 
Esq., The HaU, Morton, Norwich (High 



VorthAltortM (TorlnriUrtX 
T^ WilHMi ElUoilC.) . . 4S3 

■>omau*r, a 

tlsii^tkf pttwiikM ff Att Smimtt. Si. 
H, Si. PHfr, Si. AmJmmm, mmd Si. Sffmi- 

nry LAbouchcrc (L.) 


^emotiMtr^ Q.C. 

4)^-RoMn Dwbjr, 



*Hoii. Chuku Robert Spencer 

(L.) 2^5 

Lord Burshley (C) .. .. 2,405 

piiU(C,) 2.3,6 

Pop. i<H 160 (w.e«x^R^ E»« s.jij^ 

ll«ik«SL Iteft.. ImIm Ncwiob, Noith. 
■■i p<n > A i w (Hlili8h«rin ^^ 

Miior Faufiu WUIUm Cailwricht (C) 
IvAtiuld Knightler. Bart. (C) 

VomrambtrUiii. Vorlfe. 



.. t.i6j 




(C; .. 

. 2.001 


. i.509 

IH«P^ 9i.A«»(H«9«^ 

IU«. £l»c 4.114 

^r/«r»AvC>ibyr. J^ GMkftf MMddk, tm^ 



ad. ft 



•Albert Grey (L.) 

.. i«96 

Wentworth Bbckeit 


(L.) .. .. 

, , 

.. 3.694 


• • 

.. 3.*« 




^^T^^if^rrJ^pMhnl RidddU Ein.. 




If onrleh Of orfWkX 

mautt ^ftk* city mmd <0mmir a/ y^rmiek^ 

Jereauah Jftmes Colnun (L) .. 6,540 
•Jacob Hemy TiUett (L.) .. 6,512 

//. Z/at^miL) 5,L2 

Zi<W..CW. Or Hw. WiUuim 

wtru^iCy 5,032 

FopL 9o^]0x R«g. Ebc iM9> 


MMi y tkf/ ani i^ ^ St Mmpy, . 





•Charles Secly, jun. (L.) .. 8,499 

Saui Jsaac (C) 5.575 

Capt. CUl(Q.) 5,052 

At tkt Grwrul EUcHcn, •John Skirrow Wright 
{\^)^iUd 8,05s votes. He died A^l x^th, 
tSSo, and upom a new election an May Tth, 
1880, tJkert «Mtf m0t emy epp^titum to the 
TttitrH V 

•Arnold Morley (L.) 

Pop. 86,608. Reg. Elec. 18.699. 

Returning OjKcet — Henry S. Cropper. E«q., 
Sherwood Rise, Nottingham (SherifT). 

Nottlnghanmhire, North. 

•Cecil George Savile Foljambe 

(L.) 2.813 

\ iscount Gal way (C.) . . 2,745 

I/ettry Fox Bristoroe (L.) .. 2,735 

\ William Evdyn Denison (C.) . . 2,646 

Pop. 210,998 (ioa,33oX Reg. Elec 6,699. 

Jif turning Officer — Major George Coke 
Robertson, Widmerpool, NottinKbam (High 

HottlTiyhainihIre, SoutlL 

George Storer (C.) . . 2,491 

Thomas Blackboume Thoroton- 

Hildyard (C) .. •• .. 2,227 

Samtul Bottler Bristowt (L.) . . 1,445 

Pop. 86a,957 (69,3S5X Reg. Elec. 4,879. 

Returning Oj 

— Major George Coke 
dnerpool, Nottingham (High 

^^hawi (LanoariklnX 

(Consists 0/ the tc^'tuhips of Oldham, Ck 
derton, Crom^ion, Rof€an,emd Lees.) 


John Tomlinson Hibhert (L.) . . 10,630 
♦ Hon. Ed ward Lyul ph Stanley(I..) 10,409 
XFreda-ick Lcnvten Spinks (C.) . . 9,982 
S. laylor Whitehtad {Q.) .. 8,593 

Pop. Reg. Elec. 91,389. 

Returning Ojfficer - James Yatet, Esq., Pit 
Bank Hall, Oldham (MayorX 

Orkney and Shetland. 

Samuel Laing (L.) .. .. 896 

Kev. Dr. G. R. Badenoch (C.) ..518 

Pop.6,.88.. Reg.Elec{'s>,'J;:j;,''^ 

Returning 0_^cer-~George Hunter Thorn*. 
Esq.. 52. Great King Street, Edinburc>) 
(Sheriff of Caithness, Orkney, and Shetlaii 

Oxford (Tlty. 

(Consists of the parishes 0/ AU Saints, St, 
Ebbe, Hplytfell. St. Atartin, St. Mary 
Magdalen, St. Mary the I'irgin, St. Mi- 
chael, St. Peter le Bailey, St. Peter in the 
East. St. Johft. St. Thtmtns, St. diet, and 
Bir. nhe parishes 0/ St. A Id ate, 

St. 'ley,Headitigtfin,Marston, 

auii ry; and the extra-parochial 

pin -", the Trap Grounds at 

M'. the King's Mill Grounds 

at H. .. ) 



j^^^eph Willu... X . 

R«f._Ekc 6.iT> 

Oxtard UBlvwnttjr. 

Richt Hon. Sir Johj; .. ..««„iay, 

iJart. (C.) 
John tiilljcrt T»lboi. D.C.L. (C.) 

oT Am Hi CoMvoouW uMoiiSio $.««> 


coi. i^iwani ^\ Ilium iiarcottrt (C) 


ralil«7 OUaftwihSrt). 

LicuL.i:oL WiUfauB Holms (L) 
Fo^j|l.•s^ iUf.Ei«. 4.9/9, 


tChvlcaTcnpiint (U) .. 516 

BmrL (Cj .. . ^ .. 4^ 


Mrt ^ tkt fmrith ^ Umm- 


i k0m*ii {.h^rl(cHM<jr^k (C) . . 1,439 



Plop. tt^77«. Rtg. Elec 3.3S>* 

Kfhnmiiur OMetT" Robtrt Giom, Em.. 

WiM llar^wtt. Main Su««t, Punbroke 


•William Davi«(L) .. 
C. E. G. Pkillifn (C) 


Pop. 9«.?1* (5».43?> R««- Elec. 5.059. 
RHurmmg OjfUtr 'Sir Owen Henry Philippe 
SoQwMd, Bart.. WnUamMon, Haverford- 

PmuTii and Falmonth (OornmOlx 

{C0n*utt o/tke mmmicipal horoMgha <^ Penryn 
mmd FaimoMtk, tkt pixnsh of Falmoutk, 
Pmrt* ^ the Irishes of St. Cluvias, Budock, 
aiui Myhr, Mid tkt village 0/ I'lusking.') 

David James Jerik ins ( L. ) . . 1 , 1 76 
•Reginald Baliol Brett (L.) .. 1,071 
Sir Julius Vogcl {Q.) .. .. 882 

y. D. Mayyu {Z.) .. .. 765 

Pop. 16,819. Reg. Elec. a.aoa. 
Chief RetumtMg Officer — M. Lavin« Esq., 
Pcnryn (Mayor). 

Perth (Borough). 

tOurlcJi Stuart Parker (L.) .. 2,315 
Col. iVilliiimson {C.) .. .. 774 

Pop. 35,580. Reg. Elec. 4,059. 
Retmmimg OJicrr—John Hay Aihol Mac- 
donald. Etq. (ShenfTof Perthahire). 


•Donald C: 
XlJ.-Col. / 
Hom<-J >; 

^ .. .. 2.764 

\rrd Stirling 
Moray {C.) 2,472 

Pop. ia7,74i. Reg. Elec 6.005. 
Returning Officer— John Hay Athol M' 
donald, Esq. (ShtriflT). 

Petetborough (Korth&mptonshireX 

{Com/Arises the /><%rishof St. Jdhn liaptist, tkt 
^rish 0/ the Minster Precincts, and parts 
0/ the finrishes 0/ Fie t ton and Woodstone.) 
Hon. William John VVentworth- 

FiUwilliam (L.) .. .. 1,615 

•Capt. (George Hampden Whalley 

(L.) 1.265 

Robert Tennant {fZ.) .. .. 987 

Thomson Hankey {V..) .. .. 841 

Pop, 17.439. Reg. Elec 3.393. 
Returning Officer — J 6ha Thompson, Etij., 
Peterborough (MayorX 

Petersneia (Hampshire). 

(Consists 0/ the torvn 0/ Petersfiri' 
parishes 0/ Buritou, Lyss, and F> 
and the ttthings 0/ Sheet, Rantsden. 
risk, and Oxenboum, and ^rt oj 
parish 0/ Steep.) 

•William Nicholson (L.) . . . . 406 
CW//. I/on. William Sydney I/ylton 

7oUife{Q.) 320 

Pop. 6,103. Reg. Elec. 833. 
Returning Officer- -Samuel William Seward* 

E«i., Weston, near PctcrsfieU. 




tcr Stcwatt Madiver (L.) .. 3,406 

I Uft. (CX Sr GMti^ouBc. But. (L.\ « W 
i1 «n i i UoytKCK /mMi' PMfitfmify %^9, 
•.4M. «W •.JI4 fw«r«. Sir Edwitfd Bm«^ 
lUft., Mu mmafUd m MtiHm^ mmd 0m m 
mrm tUHm m ymfy l/i. tSao. Mf rwtt// 

lw«i<|-CU»W, Q.C. (C) ,. S.449 


{.C0mt^Htmtktt0mmaki^0/Fmtl»hmet. Tmm. 

•md CmH0t»m. Oe distHeU ^ Pmit/rmct 

Rt. Hon. Hqgh ColUi^ Eaidlcy ChOden 

At $k0 Gmtml K k sH m , tke Ri. Hoa. Hash 

Callii« EaitUty Cbiycn (1. ) ^1^ ,.7}4 

•SidMy Woolf(L.) 
£4Anvi^ dnwi (C) 




OJkfr^Wtkm H 

(Cmdtii ^ 9k» tmmumi t0mmtf ^ tkt Umm 
0/ /»«#. ikt MHak ^ Hmmm»Hkf. mmd 

*CharleiScfafeilwr(C) S54 

C. WarimiKX^) )!^ 

Fo^ to.is9. Rtf. El«c t.949. 
ReHumiM atfEm^Hmfir TImmms Tr>«B»- 
otosi Ks^ SooCHOV', Pooh (ShcriaX 


*HoQ. Benunl Edwmrd Birnftbir 

Fiupatrick (L.C) ..118 

R^^ert KmUmi Clmy (L.) . . . . 18 




Kftmmiiu' Ofieet<—S\r Enuara* Dtxoa Bor- 
rawci. Ban., Barretstown Ca>tle, Baliymore 
Eosuce, Naan. co. KU<Ur« (High Shviff of 
QvMn'i CountyX 

Porttmoiitli (HampahlreX 

aC^nsitU rf Ou pariikti </ Portsmouth amd 
Ptrtmm^ mmd tk* wkoU ff Forttmoutk 

Hon. Thomas Charles Bruce (C.) 6,683 
fSir Henry Drummond Wolff, 

G.C.M.G. (C) .. 6.653 

Capt. IWh^kI..) ..6,040 

y. F. Norrts (L.) . . 6^030 

Pop. iia,j)54. Reg. Klec. 16,463. 
Rttmmimr Offictr — Alderman Pink, Poru- 

mouth (Mayor) 

PrMton (LancashireX 

{!C0m^ritn tJu old boroueh o/Prttton amd ttu 
Ummhip o/Fiskwiek.) 

Edward Hcriuon (^0 •• •• 6,239 

Sir John Holker, Q.C. (C). .. 5,641 
George IVilliam Bahr {\^) .. 5,355 

Pop. 87,600. Reg. Elec. ia,io8. 
Rttummg Ojffker — James HibbcM, Esq., 
Prcstoo (MayorX 

Qneen's Connty. 
•Richard Lalor( U.K. }.. .. 1,686 

♦Arthur O'Connor (H.R.) .. 1,545 
Capt. Cosby {Q.) .. 899 

%Kerulm Thomas Digby (H.R.) 109 

Pop. 77,077. Reg. Elec. 3,1^ 

RetnmtMg 0/^crr—Slr Erasmus Dixon Bor- 

rowes. Bart., Barrctstown Castle, Baliymore 

Eustace, Naas, co. Kildare (High Sheriff). 

Ra4lnor District 

(Comtrius Radnor, Ce/n-Llyt, Knigkte 
Knucklns. Kkayadtr, and Prtsteign.) 

A t the Crnfml Elrrtirm . .' .1 arq ueaa 

of H. T /, , this rim- 

stir:. . and also /or 

Nor; fltctfd to sit 

for the i.i: 70 election on 

May nth. ■ n — 

•Samuel LL _l- L-.^a... Williams 

(L.) 4S8 

Capt. Cecil Alf red TuftonOtway{Q.) 390 

Pop^ 7,041. Reg. Elec. 945. 
ReiMmiug OJUer^Tht Hi^ BailiC 

•Sir Richard Green-Price, Bart^ 

(L.) 1,136 

/Robert BaskevilURukar.ds Mynors 

(C.) 800 

Pop. (18,495). Beg. Elec 2.434. 

Rftuming O/Jicer—iCaot. Cecil Alfred Turton 

Otway, l*be Grove,>gQ, Radnorshire 

(High Sheriflf). 

Eeading (BerkaMreX 

{Cemtisis of the parishes 0/ St. Lawrtnu, SL, 
diles, and St. Mary.) 



Gco«f« PaloMr (U) 



.«ocgt Jobft Skaw-Lilivrt 

v4/ /V C*9ftmi Eltttim^ limM.-GoL 

Mar«(L)«W CoL AachttMld C Cwj^iH 

< I .) /Mttm/ fw#«rD^vi(r a.tii mW t,}4i twAr*. 

J. y ai« lAb^ ^#vc o/A. ittiK M<^ M « M* 

:4tt»m m tl^m^^tkmt mmn i k Utr* wms 

Mexander Cnia (L.) 

t. Ummt PIbm. Ubboisk (SkA 

rauKisTobnS«vfleFoljuabe(L.) 4,333 
*FreMck Thoqte Mappin (L.) 4,134 

C0I, Hmwy Efn (Q.) .. ..2,776 

Rrturmimg ^S^ Aldcmui jiSSLom, iU|. 

Ur A»n»\m irJLOj 

mmiJtkkmmd, ak0 UmM ^ SittgOi, mmd 

Hob. John Cbaite DmmIm (L.) 447 

-A5v(C) 143 

Fdp^ CJI4, Bi^ BIk. 6961 

BIpoB (TortBifetralL 

'^ Right Hos. Gaoigt Joachim 

G<Mchcn(L.) 591 

Framds Darmim {C) ,, $bM 

Rtiuntu^ Oj U tr ILL— d«y, K^, Bjfoa 

mmd Ch»^4i*,silmtkf km 11 iM^^S^' 

Md, Smt aS , mtd MmHmtd, mit m tke 
» II nti0^C4uHrtm: mad ^mH ^ tit Um. 



COUNTIES, CrnSS, boroughs, IT&i 

Thomas Baylcy Potter (L.) ' . . 5,614 
K. IV, GambU{Q.) .. .. 3,716 

Pop. 63.473. Reg. Elec. ii»i73. 
RttumtHg Officer— S\Atxmasi William Baroo, 
RochaJe (Mayor). 

Rochester (KentX 

{jCtmsists oftfu old city 0/ RochtMttr and por- 
twmt 0/ the ^rishet ^ StrooU amd Frittds- 

Arthur John Otway (L.) .. 1,497 

•Roger Leigh (C.) .. ., 1,393 

lV.S.S^ton'Karr{C.) .. .. 1,312 

XSir Julian Golds mid, Bart. {I..) €,294 

Pop. 18,382. Reg. Elec 3,036. 

Returning C>^f^r— Councillor Auattn Frede- 
rick Budden, Rochester (Mayor). 

Boscommon County. 
•Andrew Commins, LL.D. 


•James O' Kelly (H.R.).. 
XCharUi Owen O" Conor {The 

Cy Cown- Don) {\^) .. 
T, A, P. Mapother (L.) 



Pop. 141.346 (i37»75oX Reg- Elec 3.60a. 

Retuminr Officer— ]ci\n C Murphy, Efcq.. 
Wilfield Hou»e, iiandyi 
(High ShcriflT). 

Sandymouot, Oa Dublin 

Rou and Cromarty. 
Alexander Malheson (L.) 

Pop.8o.95a(74.85.). R««- £»«=.■{ J^J^^yf^, 
Returning Officer— )oha Pettigrew WiUi r 

Em., Edinburgh (Sheriff of Rom, Cromart 

and Sutherland). 

♦Hon. Arthur Ralph Douglas 

Elliot (L.) 859 

\ Sir George Henry Scott- Douglas, 

Bart.(C) 849 

Pop. 49,407 (u.T-JS). Rep Klcc. 1.97^. 
ReturutHg ('■ tn- 

»on, 9, Al '>f 

Berwick, 1'. ■ h 

Rt. Hon. Gerard James Noel (C) 
George Henry Finch (C.) 

Pop. 22,07a Reg. Elec. 1.736. 
Returning Officer — Lord Francis Horace 
Pierrepont Cecil, R.N., Stocken Hail, Oak- 
ham (High SheriflT). 

Rye (Sussex). 

(Ctmsists of the parishes of Rye and St. Thomas 
the Apostle, Wincheltea, and the parishes of 
Peasmarsh, J den, Playden, East GuldeforJ 
IckUsham, and Udimore, and part of l>- 
parish of Brede.) 

•Frederic Andrew Inderwick, 
Q.C. (L.) 626 

XUon. John Stewart Gathome- 

/lardy {C.) 618 





.t^m\, CmU, C^mm, AMw 

(I.) .. 
t^Smmtl{L.) .. 

IHip. tl.6os. Rag. Bkc t.S4^ 
-OA»r-J. A. 



(8m E4lblHirgli MMl Sc AadrM^) 

•t. ITW (OorawmlU 

irClMricfRccdd.) .. 

Aria Camtiitlt R*is (C \ 




'Bci^HBin Annttji£eU«) .. 11. 1 16 
•Rotten Arthur Aniold (L.) .. II.IIO 
1.S/ Tkmuu Charity, 

< /. ^I.) .. .. 8,400 

U-tfti/.Ci'i. Oaptr Orwund 

IfWirr(C) 8,301 

■Allstoary (WUUhirtl 

(r«MMr #/ tkt/mniAfi f/ St, JUmmmd, St, 
MmrHm, mmd St, Tkmmmt, Mr UStwty ^ 
tAf Cittf, mmd fmHt ^ tkr fmwitkm ^ 
jritAfrtm, Amt*r, mmiAMfm^Y 

•William Henry GmtfcU (L.) .. 961 
•John PaiMDore EdwanU(U) ..958 
C. IK Xntmtn/iO ..841 

/Urn, J^m//A Dm/um (C) .. .. 8*8 

IVIMJ.M. lUg. Ebc i.fS» 
Mtfuwmiw OJk»r-Edwm<d Tmdmkk Kahty. 

St, Mmr^, St, FHtr, St, Ofmmmi, mmd St, 



Hun. Edward 

■n (L.) hhu 

.ff-ty 1880 .A^ 


Henry Arthur Rm«»c'. 
At tluGrtut 


tUcted wit' 

was crrattd a Peer, ait.-. 

om tkf 1 8th 0/ that m<-- 

Charles Henry CrompN'i i > ) >i>45f 

tuui Sir Julian Goldsmid (L.) 703. In Aug. 

1880 Mr. Crompton- Roberts tvas unseated^ 

and at tht time 0/ going to prtu t/u t*at is 


Pop. 14^16. Reg. Elcc. a,ti5. 
Returning C?#i-rr — William Bradley, Esq., 

Com Merchant, Sandwich (Mayor). 

Bcarlioroni^ (TorluiilreX 

^Consists o/thrfarisk of Scarborough and the 
^rtfinft of Sea rborougk Ceutie. ) , 

•William Sproston Gainc (L.) . . 2,065 
At the Central Election, Sir Harcourt Vanden 
Bempde- Johnstone, Bart. (L.), Lt.-Col. John 
Cookson Fife-Cookson (C), and JSir Charles 
Legard, Bart. (C), polled respectively 2,157, 
1,581, tuul 1,56a votes. In July 1880 Sir 
Harcourt Vanden Bcmpde-Johnstone re- 
tipud, and on a new election on July 30th, 
1880, the result was— 

•fRL Hon. John George Dodson 
(L.) 1,828 

— DuMTom^e (C.) .. .. 1,606 

Pop. a4,a59. Reg. E\kc 4,30*. 
Retuminjr O^twr— Thomas Whttuker, Esq., 
Scarborough (Mayor). 

SeUdrksIilre [See Peeblesshire]. 

Blutftefttmy (DorsetslilreX 

^Consists 0/ the old horouj^h nfShnftrthury, and 
tht parishes 0/ H(^!- ' ' ' '^ ^ 

Peter, Conn St. 
Slower, Stoiver J 

Abbeu, Compton Aron. / 'inifimti .tt. .u.iry. 

St. Margaret's Martk, and tht Ckapelry ojf 

•Hbn. Sidney GarTGlyn (L.) . . 652 
X Vere Fatu-Bettelt-Stanford (C.) . . 618 

Pop. 8,939. Reg. Elec 1,388. 
Returning O^cer— The Mayor. 
(The family of the Duke of Westminster po»- 
acssea some influence in this borough.) 

Bbeffleld (TorlulilreX 

{Comprises the ttKons/ti^s 0/ Sheffield, Ecclet- 
all-Bierloiv, Brightside - Bierlow, Nether 
Hallam, Upper Hallam, and Atterclifff 



Rl. Hon. 


A9 Mr CMrm/ MImHm, Imhmw Mm 
ilia A» m MP $»d ^^km^tmatmrn mrf *i$ rrt *m 
tim t»kU wttmrm. 

v\e% BcUby Stttart-Wortley 

-C.) l6,5«6 

X^mmmti Dmmkt mMy, OX, 
(U) l6.$06 


(CMMirtr ^Mr mJUtrj/iAt Jt^^ ^ Bi 

Sir \V Alter WyiKlluun Borrell, 

Bart.(C.) 1.445 

•Robert LodCT(C.) .. .. a.l95 

/ \ illiam Egcrtom HmhUnl (L. ) 2,095 

ftp.aV497. Rag. Eke SiS4a> 


m*i$ti ^ftktpm4Att»/H«fy Crmt mmdSt. 

SL A ikm m d , St. 7«4m. mmJ 

i.j0wtitm ^ Mr f*r%tMm 0/ St, Ckm^^ 

itmwj, SL " ■ 




At Mr GmttW SUrtim, OhvIm CmA Com 

tUo^ Ar «M rtttnmtd m itA tm t tjf^mttAm, 

Uenqr Kobcftaon (L.) .. 1,884 

-&»Ar^r(C) i,6aa 

H«rMM/A;rw>7(C) .. .. i,s68 
l^op- •3.59»> R«S. Eke. j.Mw 


Vitooiiiit Newport (C.) 
Stanley Leightoo (C) 
Pb^ t46.4ta (laa^BtsX lUf. Bkc. 7.7*9. 

U^lljjrBUMp'* CMkTsdop (Hish 

SirBaIcU7nI^hton.BAn.(L.C.) 2.491 
Capt. John KdmundSeYeme(C.) 2,316 

IV. DmMnp^rt (L.) 

1^ >«4.S47 (4M»X 



.. a.149 

.. I.6J4 

lUc. Eke s.69<v 


^* (HItli 


*ThoaMsS«xton (II.R.) .. 1,591 

DenlsMAvkcO'CoiK>r(H.R0 1,551 
tew. £4^Mr^ >r«Arrf jnhr 
^«nMM(CH.R.) .. .. 1,167 

^ jv^«i22srs«tp (Hi^SwSSv *^ 



Sir Philip John William Miles, Bart 

Lord Brooke (C) 

Pop- "S^j; 


Rftff. Eloc. 8,16a 

Xrtmrmuit 'OjfUctr — flenry Adaod Towne* 
LuUrtlC Eaq., Badgworth Court, Asbridge, 



BomenaUhlre. Mid. 
Major Richard Honicr Tagcl (C.) 
William Stephen Gore-Langton.(C.) 

Pop. Viao.aiSl Reg. Elec. 8,^70. 

Rttmrmmr Officer- Henry Acbmd lowne* 
JUutreU, Eaq.. Badgworth Court. Axbridge, 
i'«upCT-Mare(High SheriflT). 

Somersetshire, West. 
Major Vaughan H aiming Vaughan- 

Lcc(C.) 3.186 

•Mordaunt Fenwick-Bisset (C.) 3,136 
Charlis Vwmas DykeAdand (L.) 2,967 

Pop. 158,537 (ra5,342X Reg. EIcc S.agi. 
RttumtHg Officer — Henry Acland Townes 
IvUttrcil, Esq., Badgworth Court. Axbridge, 
We»ion super-Mare (High Sheriff). 

SoaUiampton (Hampshire). 

{CfiHsisis 0/ the parishes of All Saints, Holy 
Kh^KHi, St. John, St. Lawrence, St. 
Michael, and St. Mary, and the tithing 
pf Portnoood.) 

♦Hcnrf Lee (L.) .. .. 3.05 » 

•Charles Parker Butt, Q.C. (L.) 3,023 
tAi/rfd Giles ifZ.) .. ..2,972 

Jicar-Adm. Sir John Edmund 

Commerell, KC. (C.) .. 2,902 

Pop. M.057- Reg- Elec. 7.3?4-^ 
Rf turning Officer — lamt* Seward Pearce, 
Esq.. 9, Upper Moira Place, Southampton 

Boutli Slilalds (Durham) 

{JCcmpritPs the tawnsht^s 0/ South Shields and 

Motto— "CouRAUK, Humanity, Commkrcb. 

James Cochran. Stevensoni(L.)' 4*435 
Hans HtimUton {Q.^ .. .. 1,486 

Pop. 45,^36. Reg. Elec. 10,339. 


South Shields (Mayor). 


45 J 


cer — Henry Nelson, Esq., 

Sonthvark (Surrey). 

{Consists of the old horourh of .Southtomrk, the 
Mint and Manor of Suffolk, the Clink 
Liberty <^ St. SaviMtr, and the parishes of 
Rotherhtthe, Bermcndsey, and Christ 

•Arthur Cohen, Q.C. (L.) .. 9,693 
•James Edwin Thorold Rogers 

(L.) 9,521! 

XEdward Clarke, Q. C. (C. ) . . 8, 163 
Mark Cattley (C.) . . •• 7,674 

Pop. 207,335. Reg- Elec 93«473. 
Returning Officer— "^'xWvum Gre^ham, Ksp , 
4, Warwick Road, M.^da Hill West, W.. and 
24, Basinghal Street, E.C (High Bailiff). 



St CkttdmmdSt, 

'tmtUta ^ iktjmHilm 4/ Si Ckmdmmd 


*Cluirlet Benuunin Bright 


AleuDdcr MacdamOd (L ) 



Btftfltotlslilrs, Butk 
\xc\ Arthur iUv%(U) 
•Henry Wiggin (L) 
XSamnri CkaHa Aliwpf (C) 
Sir Jtkn Hanfy, B^i, (C.) 




• WOlkm Young Craig (L. ) . . 4,82 1 
*Harnr Ticbbonie Datenport 

^(C.) 4.333 

iXttfH IVMiam Hambury (C.) 3,764 

SucMd: FrRH ti ll . SMfcfd (HlTtta^ 

•tafltardahlra. WmI 

Hill, Q.C, 

i vC,).. .. 3^967 

.S^ f f Wmm KtymtUAtu^m^ Bmrt, 
(U 3.564 

*WailainiSttmmen(L.) .. 2,706 
ITam Ihrrtp S»dtb0ti0m iO .. a,$4J 

iCmtiaia t^ Uu Od U^m^ #/ - . ^ " ^ > •: ' 
/^Ff ^ titt pttHak ^ St. Mmrf.m^.J 

*Mamon Clarke 


//•y, C/?., ^tffT. 

u Jokm 



Vt^ %jiM, Rcf. EIk. lvic 
d(Ma] * 

{.Ctm^^ruit^ SiMimf, Cmhmi, Dmm/rrmiim,, 



Hennr Campbell-Buinennan (U) 2,906 
Sir JMUS Kamsay •Gibson- Matt- 

land, Bart. {(Z) .. 132 

Pop. 3S.985. Reg. Elec 4.807. 
^//wrwiV 0#«rr— WiUbm EIIU Gloag, E«q„ 

of Kincairney. PCTththire. and 6, Heriot Row, 

Edinbargh (Sheriflr of Dumbarton and Sut- 




•Josq)h Chcn#*y Bolton (L.) 
XRear-Adm. Sir IViiliam 

mamtone^ Bart. (C.) .. ..1,246 
Pop. 98,ai8 (69,850). Reg. Elec. 3.328. 
Rttmrming 0^cer~-W\\\x*m EIIU Gloag, Ekj., 
of Kincairney, Perthshire, and 6, Heriot 
Row. KdinLurgh (Sheriff of Ehimbarton and 

Stockport rOhMliireX 

{Com^ritet tfu township ofStocHort, and tht 
hamlets of BrinkFtvay and Edgeley in the 
towHshipt ofCluadU Bulkeley and CheadU 
Most ley, and parts of the townships of 
BrinniHuttm and Heaton Norris, the latter 
of which is in Lancashire.') 

Charles Henry Hopwood, Q.C. 

(L) 4.232 

Frederick Pennington (L.) . . 4^ 103 
Ceorfre Arthur FernUy (C) .. 3,873 

//.Belize.) 3.685 

Pop. 53.001. Reg. Elec 8.353. 
Returning Offuer-K. H. Syke«. E«q., J.P., 

Edgeley Mount, Stockport (Mayor). 

Stockton on-Teet (DorbAmX 

iCtntittM of the t4nvnships of Stochton and 
Tkarmafy, part of the townthi* of Lin- 
tharpe, and part of the parish of Norton.) 

Joseph Dodds(L.) .. .. 4,991 
WUliatn Di^ Seymour , Q.C. 

(C.) 1,432 

Pop. 37,467. Reg. Elec 8.333. 
Returning O^cer — Cw. F. Smith, Esq., 

Stockton-on- Tees (M.Tyor). 

Stoke-upon-Trent (Staffordshire). 

( Consists of the townsh ips ofPenkh nil. Boo then , 

Tunstall, Burslent, Hanley, Shelton, Fenton 

Vivian, Lane End, Fenton Culvert, and 

Long ton, the Vill of Rushton Grange, the 

hamlet of Sneyd Green, and the district of 

East Vale in the parish of Cavemvali.) 

[ There are no horough arm%.\ 

•William Woodall (L.) ..12,130 

•Henry Broad hurst (L.) .. 11,379 

XRobert Heath (C.) . . . . 5, 1 26 

X Edtvard Vaiiqhan Hyde 

Kenealy, LL.D. {h.) 

Pop. i2i.ao8. Reg. Elec 19.976. 
Returning O^cer—C. Adams, E»q., Hanley, 


Stroud (Olouoestenhire). 

{Consists 0/ the parishes of Stroud, Bisley, 
Fainswtck, Pitchcombe, Randwick, Statu- 
Iwuse, Leonard Stanley, King Stanley, 
Roelborvugh, Minchinhampton, IVoodchester , 
jivenin^, naytvards/ield, and Horsley, and 
parts of the parishes of Standish andBrooA- 

[ There are mo borough arm*. ] 
•Walter John Stanton (L.) .. 3,098 
•Henry Robert Br.ind (L.) . . 3,081 
George Holloway (C.) . . . . 2,8io 
John Edward Dorington (C.) .. 2,722 

Pop. 38,603. Reg. Elec. 6,376. 
Returning , Officer— Y.A^9x6. Caruther* Little, 
Esq., Field Place, near Stroud, Gloucester- 



CoL PrMfecidi St John 
>e««ligBl«BanM(C) .. 3.618 

. Awn*(U) .. .. 3.$<H 
V. •%•« dsF.*^ lUf. IIk. Mm, 




llkm BkldeU (C) 

fK uMi«<i97.a^ Bflf. Elac s.ra» 

Mu<u>— "Nil 

K(l«ranrl T-"' •'-'«-' O 

MiJ. »;rr . Ml 

lUvcl. iUrt.(L.) .. 6.995 

£. /?r»^(U> .. .. 4.254 

^n^ iM^ooa iUf. Elac iMt<^ 

•«rr«f, iMl 

WiUfUB GmclMun, Q.C (C) . . 8,014 
JftiMtWMMy(C) ..8,006 

IP. /tiMteMCU) .. .. 5.978 
CFMrnOiyiU .. •• 5.9»8 

^^yiS.$*7(<S4.sM>. lUf. Ike i«.«69. 

Sir Heniy Wmfaun PcA, Bwt. (C) 8,47S 
.Sir jamci John Trevor Lftwmoe, 
BMt.(C.) «.y>3 

IMUS S«n«r (H%lilikann 



Rt Hon. G«oise Cabot (C) 

Mfod. William Sl jolm FiOMUttle 

Brodrick (C.) 

Fb»l (tailTti). R«t. Hm; 7.7I«. 

Ba«.7n«ra^oM HeiiM, FivdbM. r««- 
kuB. Svnvy (Higli 9MnffX 

Geoffo Bwrow Givgorx (C) .. 4,596 

Mootagae David Scott (C.) . . 4,436 

A. Dtmmm (L.) . a,98a 

7. /Vttr«#»» (L.) .. a.86j 

^t»- •S4.)77(*]».>7oX R«^C. E»ec. lO^tM. 
Rftmmimi OJk»^—immm Kmhm 
EmiV^Im. Hin HooM, Km 

Sums (High SkMUrX 

Lt-Col. Sir Walter Barttelot Barttelot. 

Bart <C.) 
Eari oflfarch (C.) 

I^9> M9.SS4 (6awsa«X> R«f. Dw. jJil 

la^. SriM HiB Rmm, Imc Criaanl. 
(Hi«li- — 

*Marqac9i oC Slalibrd (L.) 

(•«.a9aX iUf. Ckc jts- 

(Csmt^immg ik» 




Major Lewis Llewellyn Dillwyn (L.) 

Ptop. 80,937. Reg. Elec 13,631. 

Rttwmimg Officer—}. Jones Jenkins, Esq. 
like Grange, Swansea (Mayor). 

Tamwortli (StaffordshlreX 

(CcmisU 0ftlu parish 0/ Tamwtrtk.) 

Hamar Alfred Bass (L.) . . 1,409 

♦Jabez Spencer Balfour (L.) . . 1,074 
WUliam Henry Worthingion (L. ) 920 

Pop. 12,691. Reg. Elec. 2,368. 
RttwmiMf Qffictr—WxWiAm Tempest, Esq., 
Mayfield House, Taniworth (Mayor). 

Taunton (BomarMtalilre). 

iC&mpritet part 0/ tht parishes of Ht. James, 
St.MaryMagdaien, WUUm, Bishop's Hull, 
mmd West Monhtm.) 

Motto -" Dbfvndamus." 

•Sir William Palliser, C.B. (C.) 1,084 
Sir Henry James, Q.C. (L.) 

At the General Election, Sir Henry James, 
Q.C (L.) polled 1,000 votes. In April he 
accepted office, and on a new election om 
May 7th, 1880, he was rtturmad without 

lV.CargiIl(C.) 971 

Roger Eykyn (L.) .. .. 968 

Pop. 15^66. Reg. Elec a. 396. 
Returning Officer — Peter Taylor. E 
Taunton (MayorX 

Tavistock (DevonBhlre). 

(Consists 0/ the parish of Tavistock except tht 
manor of Cudlipton. ) 

Lord Arthur John Edward Russell (L.); 

Pop. 7,720. Reg. Elec. 847. 
Returning ^f^-r— Samuel Richards, Esq., 
19, Brook ^reet, Tavistock (Portreeve). 

(The Duke of Bedford has some influence in 
ihi« borough.) 



W Cra#f«/ AMte. WWmb Uwbk Prica 

)«W join AitlMr>9»lv (C)/«A^ ^ 

xtimt^ DO tfa^ Ml «Mff . /■ /**■' iHo 

tr. Plkt«M«MMM4n^««/Mtf/iM, MM/m 

I Biddolph Martin (L.) . . 380 
ikmr Fm0Ur{!C^).. ..298 

P^ s.4<>9> R««. £*«<• 75«* 
ctrkatbvry (Majtot). 


. .•'tftai Mimitit, SmU HmHm, Bmch, •m^ 

*Lietit.-CoL Hon. Lewk Vvftsx 

l)awnay(C) 485 

ilA>>r ^. M, Stafyttm (L.) . . 423 

Iiart.(C.) 10 

Uttmnab^ 0/kfr~WillMi Robert Wc«, 

TUrpwuy OouBljf. 

tratrick Jaroe^ Smyth (H.R.) 
John DilLo (U.K.) 

Pop. si*.i)4 (w^ra^ Rag- R)«> •.IS4* 


SirJohttH— lhcoit»A«Mnr,i>«rni>; 74 i 
Rt. H<m.wmkmNiihiiid Umuj 

<L) 699 

.Sir i»km WaJrmd IfW^M^ ^S«rtf., 

(C.) $90 

Pepk M^«s. Rac. Hk^ 1.401. 
too. Eoq.. Fo>« StrMC. TWvtMi (Mayor). 

TtTvrtoB (DtTOMkInX 
(CMM«i< f/tktpmn»ik V 7)torr«M.) 

{Cmtisa sf tkt^mfiaku •/ St. G^trftt $m tAt 
£stt,ti/ kmrnSH af MiU Bmd OU T0mm, 
Ikt Ttmtr^LmJ m. mmdtk0 Pt^r, Slt^ 
mtj. mmd VmitdmfA C/oim.) 

[ Tk4rt i» m tit kt v U^^ ^ k mnma tmr atmt.\ 

*Jun«s Br^roe (L.) .. 12,020 

Charles Thoottoo Ritchie (C.) 11,720 
XjMfA C^Aqtaiar Smmmdn 

(M 10^184 

Btnjamdm Lucrafi (L.) . . 5, 103 

FBp. |»i.sM. Rot. Ete& 4>.tt«s. 
RHMwmimg OJktr-'Tymm Wiako RatcMl 
pSj4L. »* ^^"^ Scfwi. CoMMTCial 

Daniel O'Donoghoe (The O'Dooo* 

ghue)(H.R.) 187 

SmmuUt Mmrrtf Hmtny (QJ) .. 13^ 
Piop^Mv9M^ Rai.lkc)SS> 

Tlrwo (OonwaUx 

/•HU #/5/. JV07. mmdfmrt* ^tktfmH^^ 



Lt-Col. Sir James Macnaghten 
M'Garel.Hogg, Bart., K.C.B. 
(C.) 781 

•Brydges Williams (L.) .. ..754 

ycAmCJi^sf^(C.) 181 

Pop. tOjp99. Reg. Eiec i.saa. 

Fehtminr Officer — hxoM Jennings, E«q , 
Truro (Mayor). 

Tynemoatli and North SMelda 

{CtnsisU 0/ the tcnumhipi of Tynemonth, 
North Shields. Chirton, Prtston, and 

Thomas Eustace Smith (L.) . . 2,844 
Henry John 1 rotter (SZ.^ .. 1,397 

Pop. 38,960. Reg. EIcc 5,716. 
Retuminr Officer— Jmeph Baker, Eiq., Tyne- 

ll (MayorX 



Tyrone Ckninty. 

John William Elluon- Macartney 


•Edward Falconer Litton (L.) . . 
/*/. //on. Lord Claud Hamiiton 


Pop. tts,668(ait,7t3>. 
Rejumim^ Offictr~\jujH. Jatnes H. Sironji 

lynan t 

R«g. Elec 8.573- 
_ , JatncB H. Sironjj 
Tynan, co. Armagh (High 

WAkalMId (TovUhtrtX 

{Cmtigtt ^ tkt tmumthip »/ Waka/Uli, autt 
p»rU o/th4 tewHthi^t 0/ Atvtrikerpt^ith- 
Th»m*t and StaHUy-unth-WrtHthorf.') 

•Robert liownas M.ickie (L.) .. 2,19^ 
♦ Thomas Kemp Sanderson (C.) . . 1 , 796 

Pop. 38,079. Reg- Efec. 4,430. 
RetMminrOfficer-\i. H Lcc, Esq., Wakefield 

Walllngford (BerkahlreX 

{Comprises th* township 0/ Wallinrferd, th^ 
parishes of Brightwell, Sotwell, North 
Morrton, South Moreton, Bensington, 
Crowmarsh, and Netunham Murren, the 
liberty o/C la f>cot, the precinct 0/ the CattU, 
and Parts 0/ the parishes 0/ Cholsey, Aston 
Tirrel. and Aston Upthorpt.) 

At the Gtneral Election, Walter Wr«n (L.) ««</ 
tEdward Wells ^C.) polled respectively 58* 
etnd 541 votes. In June 1880 Mr. WrentMU 
unseated on petition, and on a new election 
on the yoih 0/ that month the result was— 

tPandeli Ralli (L.) .. .. 567 

X /Robert miliam Hanbury (C.) . . 548 ' 



't^m ^ iymhmU,mmi ^mH ^ tkt /aha* 
' Jrmtkmit.) 

CSiarics Fonlar, But (L.) 



fgu, Lsdf Si. Mmwy, H^ Trinity, mmd 
t. itmrSm, «W M^kM^T #/ /Irw. «W 
t Ha ^tktpmHaktnf£miSl»kr mmd Ernst 

*Moiitasoe John GucM (L.) 

EmHt-Drax (0.) 

IV «wjjfc lUf. UK. t^sn. 



Uil^/^0d, mmdfm^ti tka •anm%%i^ ^ 

■ L.) .. 


'/. <C) 




Arthur WeUolcy Ped (L. ) . . 981 
Geofge WiUiam John RqNoo (C) 768 
A.F.G$d$m(C.) 676 


(Tbt l«l or Wanrkk bM ooHidmUi bA^ 

Charlei NewdifMc Newdcgmie (C) 
Lt.-CoL William Bromlev-Dftvcnpoit 




INip. 46o»M<(iS4.73«>- R«f. Ekc 11,789. 
Rttumimi Qilorr— Arthnr Hodfapo. Em)m 
I .M.G., CloMon HouM. Sinulbcdupon- 
Avon, Wanrick (High SherifT). 

Waxwlduhlre, BouUl 
Sir John Eaixlley Eaitiley-Wilinot, 

Bittt.(C.) 2,664 

•Hon, GUbert Ldtfh (L.) .. 2,550 
XEaH 0/ Yarmottth {C.) .. 2,507 

Pop. 101,907 (96.905). Reg. Elec. 6,499. 
Rftmmimg 0/f!(fr — Anhur Hodgwn. Ks<i., 
C.M.G.. Cloptoo HouM, Strmtford-upon- 
Avoo. Wanrick (High Sheiiif ). 

WtAwtox^ (TitF. 

Richard Power (H.R.) ., ..661 
* Edmund Leamy (H.R.) •• •• 494 
XMaJor Purcdl O' Gorman (H.R.) 430 

Pop. a3.337- Reg- E'ec- «.45a- 
Returning OJlcrr—Hzrry J. Gallwcy, E«q., 

Waterford (Sheriff). 

Waterford (kiunty. 

•Henry Villieni-Stuart (L.) .. 1,7 
•John Aloysius Blake (H.R.) .. 1,625 
tLon/ Charles William Dt la 

Poer-Btra/ord, R,N. {(Z.) .. 870 
ft»p. 99,488 (8s «88). Reg. Elec 3.135- 

RttnminfT^ 0^cer—S\r Richard Muagrav' 
Bart., Toann, Cappoquin, 00. Wateifui 
(High SherifO- 

Wedneibory (StaAnrddilivX 

(Comprises th* parishes of W'edneskury, West 
Bromnrich, Tipton, and Dariatton.) 

Alexander Brogden (L.) .. 6,912 
— Isaacson (C. ) 207 

Pop. 1 9 1,00a Reg. Elec 00,035. 
Retuminr Officer— Gtat^^ Macphcnoa, E»(| . 
Wcdnesbury Oak. Tiptoo. 

Wenlock (Staropthlre). 

(Consists e/th* old borough 0/ Wenlock.) 

Alexander Hargreaves Brown (L.) 2,058 
Cecil Theodore Weld Forester(C.) 1,358 
Ralph Augustus Benson (C.) . . 1,013 

Pop. 2i,a83. Reg. Elec. 3,4 i. 

Returning Officer— 'X. H. Thursfield Barrotr, 
Esq., Land Agent, Bromley, K.S.O. (Mayor). 

Westbory (WUtsX 

{Consists 0/ the parish of Westbury.) 


RCTummifo lUDitiiui to rAHUAMBirr. 


hAr1erNkbolMpMlPliii»pt(C) 559 
ihrmAsm t^vtrUm (L.) . . • • S^S 
Fb^ «^jM> R«f* Kbc^ 


tmothYl>Ani«lSttUivui(ll.R.) 1,631 
Icnry )<>*c|>h GUI (H.R.) . . I.609 
Crttrm^' (O 14* 

Ptf^ iMi«(7S*i*<X *«i. £*«• J.3»«- 

ueath (H%ll Skwiirx 

Rt Hon. Willtam Henry Smith 

(C) 9.093 

Sir dttrio RmmU. Bart. (C). . S,91o 

S»r Artkmr //^Mrnu, KXSJ. 
(L.) «»443 

PgpbN44i> R«»lkcM>l«. 


KariorBwtlve(C.) .. t,64l 
Hon. Willkm Lowther (C) .. f.saa 
Aifr /A«r|r ^(mmt TIt/lim, B^ft, 
(L.) «.96j 

Pip. «MtT (SLfia R 

if ^BiBd^ gA**--^"^"*— Hack PartM 

^i» au. R»«< 


OMod (H.R. ) WQ»t Sir FvidMk UaghM 

C.) 40MM f9tfttU9tO S^S AM* M npN(S> 
r. fiSoadSw «■ iV«MiNfcr Ah m^ 
— a aw> $ltrHm m <4r •♦M ^tkmtmmttA 
tktrt mmt m t^j ^tU m t» tkt wttmm tf 

*TimoChx Michael Hcnly (L.L.) 
Fop^ i».oi5. Rag. Eke 479- 

oka Sinanw, E^.. M« 


*JolmBarTT(H.R.) .. 3.075 

*Garrett Michael Byine (RR.) 1.879 

— GMmKQ,) 846 

:A>^{yC/nrr( H.R.).. .. 457 

Poi». ij*.:4«(tt4.»9V , R* Wj^ vm- 

Kftmrmimf OJUt'^Su joha Tattnl IWw. 
Bart.. Edinaiaa. Kaaiarofthy* ca. WadM 





Henry Edwards (L.) -.1,156 

Sir Frederick John William John- 
stone, Bart. (C.) .. 807 
Alexander Coghili Wylie (L.) . . 653 
Pop. 13,957. Reg. Elec. 1,612. 

RetmmtMg OJjicer—'R. N. Howard, E«q., 
Weymouth (MayorX 

Wliltby (Yorkshire). 

(Com^risti tht townships of Wkitby, Rutwarp, 
and Hawtker<Mm'Stainsacre.) 

•Arthur Pease (L.) .. .. 1,072 
H. G. C. Mmvbray{C.).. .. 699 

Pop. 13,083. Reg. Elec 9,336. 

Returning Officer— Kj^at^t Buchannan, Esq., 
Solicitor, Whitby. 

Wliitelutyen (dunberlandX 

(Compriset tfu township of Whitehaven tutd 
part 0/ tht township of Preston Quarter.) 

\Thert are n« borough arm*,\ 

Rt. Hon. Geor^ Augustus Frede- 
rick Cavendish-Bmtinck (C). . 1,204 
WUliam Court Gully, Q.C. (L.) 1,072 

Pop. 18,446. Reg. Elec. 3.583. 

Returning OjffScef^yf'M'uim Henry Alkinton. 
Esq., Soliator, Whitehaven. 

The Earl ofLoMdale baa coMtdarable influence 


{Comprising H'itk, Cromarty, Dingwall, 
Dornoch, Kirkwall, a$ui Tain.) 


John Pender (L.) 

Pop. 17,557. Reg. Elec. 1,754. 

Returning Officer — Gcor^t Hunter Thoni'-, 
Eta. (Sbenff' of Caithneu and Orkney and 
Zetland), 53, Great King Street, Edinburgh. 

Wlcklow County. 
•William Joseph Corbet (H.R.) 1,4331 
•James Carlile M'Coan (H. R.) 1,240 ; 
XI Villi am Wentworlh Fitz- Wil- 
liam Dick {C.) 1,233 

Major- Gen. Cunningkame (C.) . . 451 

D. MohoptyiX^) .. .. .. 366 

Pop. 78,509. Reg. Elec 3,311. 

Returning Officer— K. Howard Brooke, E»q. 
Castle Howard, Ovoca, Rathdrum, co. 
Wicklow (High Sheriff). 

Wigan (Lancashire^ 

{Comprises the township 0/ Wigan.) 



.. a,9i3 
AiteAiM. Lord UadMy (Ci 

-'I Lora l.todaMf «ttr< 
^ f«r iirf ^ Mi*/ MMMiA tkt rttmit mu 

*KrBiicU Shiupe Powell (C.) . . 3,00$ 
^^^m LMumsitr {L.) .. 3,536 

BofwrniAa lUg. Eke. ^i«& 
»ni^ CQKvv^W. JTLuiIi. Eaq. . Wican 

Wlfht, Xal« Of (IM 111* Of Wlfbtl. 

rmr, mmd MThithmm.) 

AtatC4mfmi EUftim. * jo^tn M'ljum (L.) 
«W Mark Jo).: '.,■'••• 


titmtmM^if <- J"M> Mcwan 

(C)«i^ larra(L.)/«/.^bi^ 

iw U m H mir t- -trt. /■ 7«(^ 

itioMr. Sw* o/MMteh 


tA4«. llM Rc Hoik 8k Jdw C 
D. ORlfyamU.HA]r, Ban., C.B. 
(C) 6j6 

Giihfi M<Mkkimi 6ao 

*Sir Herbcft Eartacc Maxwdl, 

Bart.(C) 768 

Vutmmt IMrympUWJ) .. ..72a 

Mi0m. Old Smimm$, Strmtfrnrd-mrndtrthf 
Cmath. Dmf^/bni, Wttd/md^ SmUk New 
«M. H^U^fonl^ BmH^fd^ Bmn*mAt. MHktr. 

Pm** nf t^ MiiMkn ^ Fiaktrtm Ai^r, 

•etiTti^m^tm, mad Gfvmfy f^M^) 

Hon. Sidney Herbert (C) . . 818 

:}Km*^ Arck {L.) 397 

Fg|kl.a6s. R^ElK. 1.401. 
Jfttmrmu^ O0torr-QmAm Roban 
K«|.7l.R.CF, Wm 

(Tba RaH of P^abwka'a Mawi h . 
•id^abla ia ilria barai«k.) 

Lo4ta. Wiluw 

'Walter Lo^(C) 

Chariet BmIumII 

Ertco«it(C) .. 

.. 3,067 





Pbp. t46k4M (SotSMX lUf. Eto& 7.*4»> 
Aftmrmnf OJUrr-Gwjn Mocnsoa, Eaq., 
Haamvorth Lodge, Dawmon, Salisbury 

WUUhln. BontH. 
R^t Hon. Ix>rd Henry Frederick 

Viscount Folkestone (C.) 

Fop. io«.&ii(7«.«4aX R«f. Elec. 3.780. 
Ketmnimg Ofiier-Qtonm Momsoo, Esq., 
HampwiMth Lodge, DAwotoo, SalUbory 

WlnehMter (HaatoX 

(C^uuittt 0ftk* city 9/ WimclutUr.) 

•Viscount Baring (L. ) 

•Richani Moss(C.) 

William Barrow Simonds (C. ) 


Pop. 17,003. Reg. Elec. 2,011. 
Rttur^ing Offuer—Y.. D. Godwin, E«q., 
Winchester (Mayor). 

Windsor, Heir (B«x1a). 

(CcnnsU of tkt parish of New WintUor, tfu 
lower ward of the Castle, and parts 0/ the 
farisfus o/Clrwer, Berks, atul Aton, Bucks.) 

Col.RobcrtRichardson-Gardner<C.) 995 
Major Viitor William Bates Van 

de PV<yfr{L.) 824 

Pop. I7,a8t. Reg. Elec. a,iis> 
RettirMiMg CJJfffrr — George Tuck, Etq., 4. 

Victoria Street, Windsor (Mayor). 

WolTerhunpton (StaffordslilreX 

{Comtistiptg of the mumiapal hfiroMfk of Wol- 
verhampton, and the townships of lUlston. 
Willenhall. and Wedne^/ield, and the parish 


VilIier8(L.) .; .. ..12,197 

•Henry Hartley Fowler (L.) . . 1 1,606 
Alfred Ifi^kmau iC.) .. .. 5,874 

Pop. 156,983. Reg. Elec aa,83i. 
Returning' Officer— }o\\n Jonek Esq., Ireton 
Lodge, Goldthome Road, Wolverhampton 

Woodstock (Ozfordslilre). 

{Consists 0/ (he borough of New Woodstock, 
the parishes 0/ Bladon, Begbrook, Shipton, 
on-CheftueU, Ham f ton Gay, Tackley, 
Wooton, Stoneifiela, Coombe and Hand' 
borough, part 0/ the parish 0/ Kidlington, 
the hamlet of Old Woodstock, and Blenheim 



Locd lUndolph Henr? Chttrthfl! 

(C.) SIS 

WiUmmHmU^L.) 45J 



\m ^ AU fifaib. St, 
Amdmm. St, Ctnmmt, St. Htttm, 
f. Mkhmft, St, NkMmt, St. Simlkim : ikt 
.f lm U0m a t, tkt COUt* prftimet$, mmd /V 

f cOm. St, TtJkm, ilMm^, SLPtttr, 


II (I-) 




Mt t mrnimr <&U- 1— PUmt jB^. E«|.. 

tWilliam Henry GUd«toiie(L.) 4,879 
*(;«orgc Woodyttt HasUngB(L.) 4,833 
Sir A'uharJ TtmfU, Bart,, 

GC.S./., C./.£.(C.) ..4.417 

J//.«rr^//«^/(C.) .. ..>8 

"^ ••*.«J»(M7i«!sX 


Blac la^ootk. 

ftmwmii^ OMttr-Gmorgt Edward Maitis. 
E«L. tlui Cowt. UpcaD.«».S«v«ni. Woi«» 

Sir Edmunci 

Anthony Ilarley 
"• (C).. .. 1,975 
rught(C) .. a,9«3 
.. 1.J31 

rb^i«M*7lM.>«t^ Ri»ll«:MI<. 

Wjroombt (BMksk 

tCmaitti 0/ tAt UmmieiMml J^»Mtf4. m 

Liemt-C«l. the Hon. WUlkm Henry 

Peregriae Caringtoo (L) 
Tkt Hoa. W. a P. CwfaMMi mmt 

^fiet, mmdmpmt m mmp tl^ t i* 

ff tkt mmtt tmm tk k» wu mfmim ivtmmtid 


Pop^ MW49«^ K«l- Ok- W9^ 

BMlnr. Rifh W yomU (iUyor> ^ 

York Ottgr. 

(CM^WSm /4/ CiV/ tHeHf, tk* <ibwI» ^ 
^/. Oimm MmiytmU. mmd fmrtM */ tkt tmm* 

•Ralph Ci«ylce(L.) 
Moceph John 
IRt, H^m, > 

.. 4,505 
(L.).. 4,413 
(C-).. 3.959 




Popk 90,761. Rtg. EIk. 10,971. 
Jgrf ywy OJkrr^t^dtvd TbonpMn, EMq., 

Torkihlz*, BMt Rldinf. 

Christopher Sykes (C.) . . • . 4,927 
WUHam Henry Harrison- Broati- 

>cy(C.) 4.527 

Major tJkr Hon. Henry John 
LindUy Wood (L.) . . .. 3.707 
Pop. a40,n6(i39,as7X Reg. Elec. 10,414. 

Retmmimg Officer — Henry Frederick Beau- 
moot, uq., Whitley Beaumont, H udders- 
field (High SheriflT). 

Toilnhlre, North Riding. 
Frederick Acclom Mil bank (L.) 
Viscount Helmsley (C.) 

Pop. 995,484 (i86,369X Reg. Elec 90,484. 
Hftumimf Officer— Henry Frederick Beau- 
mont, Esq., Whitley Beaumont, Hudders- 
ficld(High SheriirX 

Torkahire, West Riding. 


•Sir Andrew Fairbairn (L.) . . 9,518 
•Sir John William Ramsden, 

Bart. (L.) 9,407 

t Christopher Beckett Denison (C. ) 8, 34 1 
I'iscount Lascelles {Q.) .. ..8,157 

Pop. (263,735). Reg. Elec. 31,640. 

He/ufHiMf Officer— Henry Frederick Iteau- 

mont, tsq., Whitley Beaumont, Hudders- 

fieU (High SheriflT) 


Lord Frederick Charles Cavendish 

(L.) 10,818 

Sir Mathew Wilson, Bart. (L.).. 8,598 
a. C. Lister {Q.) ..7.140 

Francis Sharpe P(nvdl {Q.) .. 7,096 


(»68,6t4X Rig. El«c SI, 84a 

RetumimJF Officer— Henry Frederick Beau- 
mont, Eaq., Whitley Beaumont, Hudders 
fiekl (Higb Sheriff). 


'Hon. William Henry Went- 
worth-FiUwilliam (L.) .. 11,385 

•William H. I^atham (L.) ..Ii,i8i 

XlValter WUtiam 7'horHas 
Spencer-Stanhope (C) .. 10,391 

XLrwis Randlc Starkey {C.) .. 10,020 


(397,493X Reg. Elec. 96, 3*9. 

Retuminr Officer— Henry Frederick Beau- 
mont, tK|.. Whitley Beaumont, Huddcr- 
field (High Sheriff). 

Youghal (County Cork). 

Sh- Joseph Neale M'Kenna(L.) . . 133 
David Taylor A rnott {Q.) ..120 

Pop. 6,328. Reg. Elec. aSy. 
RetumiMg Officer- }ohn Harold Barry, Esq.. 

BaJlyvonare, Buttcvant, CO. Coric (High) 

Sheriff of CO. CorkX 


or TNB 

niitH liingbom aiib Jfrelanb. 

Petn' nvMOMt tad EMot Sam' titlci art iaoorpotBtod b alphabctkil onler. 

AaMunriATtoM U«k— A Bmmi ; k. botm 
D. 0«h« of; JL EmA, JUiict.^lt. 
N.L. Hamm W Lord*: A.-^ 
t K.P. likk Ri i w— WMi *» Fmt; if. 
K.P. ScMck RMiMMmi*«P>wr; «. 

Royal Family. riUNt I", or. Albert 
»» ru., p.c. 

LLD.. O.CL.. 
,. ^ -, -. .la9»»MnK4wwrd,k 

oi. NoHoBi; Kffk fUlC A bw di w i hi f ; 
...ribocwtgh HoMM. Pan MdL CM- 
•Ir»relWr^\ tmt«d S«rrfc)e. Amr aad Nsvy. 
MaHb..nKjjh. tMwnU*. Joaior Navy and 
Military, L niicd Un««nicy. TwC YoriolMr*. 


E««aMA * .K.T..ILP..aCIIG. 

CCS I, *. it44; A..«.. Albot 


jJMa't: EaMw«U Pafk. Mar A»hkt± Xmt. 
C'/««#-Tra««n««*. WlMU-< Uaiud Sarvka. 
JoMor UMtad SOTvioa. i 
Uo^lk Jinior Naval 

UMtad Sanrioa. Anaraad Nary. Marl- 
aad Military. Edio. 

EARN. DUKE or. ArrMVB Wiluam 
pATatcK ALaaar. ILO. E.T., ICP.. PC. 
aCMG. CCS.I .*. iljo: r it74. JffH- 
Stmc*. BactlMt Park, Survvy. C*^Wd*— Anay 
aad NavyTMarlborMicli. Tiavalan*. 


WitxiAM rnms» ts, ILC, ILP.. 

F.M..C.CB.. G.v .. .», .^i M.a, G.CS.L. 
P.C. D.CL.. LL.D.. A iti^ a ilm Mm- 
Jfmef — ClouccMcr Hoim. Park Um. W. 

^. ChOt^Vakmd SarYioa. WUla'a. 
l^i^aOan^ Amy aad NaTv.Jmior NM«laad 
MiScary, Sl Ja»aa't, MardHMoagk 

EamaT Auoutros Wiu4am AooLmvt 
GaoaoB PrnMOuac, K.a. G.CH.. t !•«$. 

Abbot,/ N. S. 

Abbott,/ ». ^. Tenteidcn. 

Abkkcorn, Duke of. (Silt 

Jamba Hamiltom.ILG.. P.C.D.CL. 
la D.. A iSit. r. ilM : A^. I 
HMMkMi.Ait3B. - ~ 

Purtoli llib N.&: oaraat 
Stawavi, cOk TytwM. /mmi mi 
daa Hoaaa. A 0>«aa Sera . 
CMttum, TtmAn'. WMi«X 9l 




oTUm Rcwal ra«ily. ilM DakaaT 



■aaa a* m of dM lata Eiag «C IJaaBiw. aad aoi b 





Abercromby, Baron. Gborob 
Raltn Abbkcsombv, 4fhB.,t. 1898. «. 1851 : 

Outle. Stirlii«: Fera Tower, CriefT. N.B. : 
Tullibody, OadouimiMwhirB. T^nm Rett- 
0rmet—ya, Charks Strati, Berkeley Square, W. 
C/M^-StT JuMs'a. 

Abbrdarb, Baron. Henry Austin 
Bauca. P.C, D.C.L., m B., b. 1815, c. 1873, 
A.*., Henry Campbell. 4. 1851. Stat— DuKryn, 
Abenlftre, Glamorganthire. Town Rttidtnct 
-I, Queen'* Gate. S.W. Clmb* ' 

Aberdeen, Earl of. 

Gordon.) J""'* 
Gordon. 7th £..^. 1 

(Sits as V. 
Campbrll Hamilton- 
847.*. 1870, A. a., George, 
L. Haddo, b. 1879. Seats— ^\»AAo House. 
Aberd«»: Tarbod. Aboyne, N.B. Town 
Rtndtn€9 37. Grosvenor Square, W. Clubt 
— Wmdham, Sdentific. 

Aberdour, B.^ d. s. E. Morton. 

Abergavenny, Marquess of. Wil- 
liam Nbvill. \%\.M.,h. 1826, c. 1876; h.-a,, 
Reginald William Bransby. E. of Lewes, b. 
1853. Jra/— EridgeCa»lle. Tunbridge Well*. 
Town RtsidtHct — 34. Dover Street, W. 
C/«^r^ Carlton, Conservative, Yorkshire, Turf, 
Junior Carlton, Beaconsfield. 

Abingdon, Earl of. Montagu 

Bkrtik, D.C.L., 6th E..b. 1808, x. 1854 ;*.-«., 
Montaffu Arthur, L. Norreys, b. 1836. Seat 
- Wytham Abbey. Oxford. Torvn liexitUtue 
—18. Grosvenor Street. W. C/k**— Brooks's. 
White's. St. James's, E>evonshire. 

Abinger, Baron. William Frede- 
rick Scarlett. CB.. 3rd B., b. 1826,*. 1861; 
k.-a., James Yotice Macgregor, b. 1871. Seats— 
Inverlochy Castle, Kingu&sie, Inverness-shire. 
TtnvM Residence— ^(i, Cornwall Gardens, S.W. 
C/iwJ*— Carlton, United Service, Guards'. 

Abncy- Hastings, /. «. E. Loudoun, 
and B, I>onington. 

Acheson,/ n. E. Gosford. 

Acheson, K, el. s. £. Gosford. 

A'Court ( Holmes- A'Court), /. «. B. 


AcTON, Baron. John Emerich 
Edward DAt^BRC-AcroN, ist B., b. 1834. c. 
1869; k.-a., Richard Maximilian, b. 1870. Seat 
' Aldcnham Park, Bridgnorth. Town Rest' 
detut — 7a. Prince's Gate, S.W. Clubs — 
Brooks's. Athenaeum, Travellers', Devonshire. 

Adair,/, n. B. Waveney. 
Adderley, / «r. B. Norton. 
Addington,/. n. V. Sidmouth. 
Agar,/, n. E. Normanton. 
Agar- Ellis,/, n. V. Clifden. 
Agar-Kobartes, /. n. B, Kobartes. 

AlLESBURY, Marquess of. Ernfst 
AucustusCharlb.sBruobnu.l-Brucb, P.(.' 
vd M., b. 1811, 1. 1878 : A.-/., his gnuidsrr 
Ceofge William Thomn^. V. Snvrmnkr. ^iPf 
.STm^v— Savemake i 
veaux Abbey, Bed^i 
Franca. Tenm h. 

Place, S.W. Cluls> (Jarlion, 
Boodle's, Athencum. St. James's, white's. 

AiLSA, Marquess of. Archibald 

Kennedy, 3rd M., b. 1847. /. 1870; h,-n., 
Archibald. E. Cassillis. *. 187a. Seats- 
CassilKs House, Culzean Castle, and Newark 
Castle, Ayrshire. Tonm Residence — ta, 
Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. Clubt^ 
Guards', Royal Yacht. 

AiREY, Baron. Richard Airev, 

G.C.B., tst B. \ b. 1803; c. 1876. Seat-Kil- 
lingworth. Newcastle-on-Tyne. Tawm Rest- 
(te»ce—yj, Grosvenor Place, &W. Clttbs— 
United Service, White's. 

Airlie, Earl of. David Graham 

Drummond Ocilw, K T ■- •*> / (^ m p.), 
^. i8a6, X. 1849 ; A.-<t., J).' >», 

Z.. Ogiivy, i. 1856. Sea! r- 

Uchie Ca*tle, and Auchici -. ....;... .....:c : 

Clunny and Keltie Castles, Perthshire, fawn 
RexiiUnre—A, Chesham PUce, S.W. Clubs 
—Travellers , Eastern. 

Aitchison-Denman, surname B. Den- 
Albemarle, Earl of. Georgk 

Thoma-s KErfELL. 6th E., b. 1799.'- 1851: 
k.-a., William Coutts, F. Bury (sec that litlel. 
.?<•<»/— Quindcnham Hall, Attlcburgh, Norfolk. 
Town Residence — aoA, Grosvenor Square, W. 
C/«^x— AthetuBuas. Brooks's. Fox. 

Alexander,/, n. E. Caledon. 

Alington, Baron. Henry Gerard 

Sturt, ist B.. b. iSas, c. 1876 ; k.-a., Humph- 
rey Napier, b. 1859. .9r<i/— Crichcl, Wim- 
boume, Dorset. Town Residence— yy. Lower 
Grosvenor Street. W. C/«»*x— White's, Carlton, 
Turf, Marlborough. 

Allanson (Allanson-Winn),/ n. B. 

Amherst, B.^ see V. Holmesdale. 

Amherst, Earl. William Pitt 

Amherst, and E., b. 1805, /. 1857; k.-a., 
William Archer. K Holmesdale (who sits as B. 
Amherst), b. i€36. Seat—lAonueal, Sevenoaks. 
Town Residence -43, Grosvenor Square, W. 

Ancrum, E., d. s. M. Lothian. 

Anderson-Pelham, / n. E. Var- 

Andover, K, d. s. E. Su/Tolk an<l 



AMOLIttY, Mmomm qC HtNRV 
ar. 41k M., k iSm. • !•••; A-«.. Ha«nr 
.t,i^. VdbrUif.^ ilhs. S0mi9--n I II ill I W, 

^ \LV, Baroo. Lukb Wmiti, 
./•-WaoXuMk CWte. aiiaiilK «•. 
\ Anmy md Nary. 

- \snntJLtt 

uli A' (IK P.). > I 
Sru(H«r, Af tliar, > ilj- 

l>OW«: Hobb H Lo d^r. Nei 

ti Pk«rit«!M*t PMfc. N.w/ ^- ' 

IIMI. OMffTVlliM'a. 


r./ ». K. Vi 

r, ^. /. A. 

Amoo./. It. A. Lichfield. 

iM, EatIoC William Randal 

£. (IPX A. 1I51. «. 1169: 
Km. K DualiK«, *. ttyl 
•cfa. L«nM« 00^ Aaifiau 
«V-Sc. JuM't. Wblto'*. 

Apiiley, L,,J,t, £, BaUutnL 
AtBUTHNOTT, VitooaiiL John 

AaBVTNMOTT. otll K(SP.). A iloC. «. iMo : 
A-A.jolM. A >t4V XM/-ArbaiiMaa Hom^ 
fowfaiiCKif rJMiiMhiw. 

Aidea (BaiUie-Arden-IUmUtoo),/«. 

AiniLAUN, Baroo. Arthub Ed- 
ward Gut»M«M, i« A. A lAio: r iMo: 
A/, to bMBW«cy. hb taraclMr Be^iuain Lm. 
^ i&4«. .ywr» Aahfcril Cof, ca C*hr»y; 
Si. Anne\ OaMuf. c«K DitbKii. r««w KeH. 
dni^ i«, CkilM HoMt Tarraoe. S.W. ; 
il, Lowar Lmmm Sctmi, Dublia. C i m U 
Caritaa, Sl S««|ilk«i't, Garrick, Nataoaal. 
Kiidarw Strwt. Dublia Uaivaniiy. 

Atr.YLL, Dake oC (Sits at B, SuN- 
•atooa AND Hamilton.) 

CAnraaix, K.T.. P.C, LL.D.. D.CL.. 

GwM* fAwtA 
M. ConM. K.T. 

A itaj, j: it«7; k.-^t., )6t» 

Heary Doua Ui SaikarUnd. 

. P.C. aCM.G.. A i«45> 

Affvlbhtra: Rom- 

^^ li adMhodi.AnyB. 

'hoi. r.iailijUH^!^. cB»^ 
AUMfwniau TravaOm'. ftkaliic. 

Arran, Earl of. Phiup Yo&KB 
Goaa, K.P. 4tli £. (l.P.l A i»oi. a i|» ; 
A^. AnlMir Saaa4ara WUlaai CkarlH Ka. 
P. Siidfey. A i«» J«B#~Ca«la Gofa, eo^ 

Affvwkl Md Swfty, £., d, i. D. 

\tmn fvAKct* AaoHiMix, i«ik J. 
iMa: A A. Im brBUMrTKav, 

Arundbll op Wardoor, 

A it)i.«. 
•H AWy 


AnndcU (MoodUOB-Annddl). wr. 
■MM K Galvay. 


it7t : A'A. U* kfailMr. Wlitaai Spaw A 
ilja. 5<ia< CMth Dw ia a, DafPaar, QiMaa't 
oa. CAiA— Araijr aad Navy. 

AlHtURNNAM» Earl of. Bbrtram 

AaaavaNMAM, jiti R., A it«o, «. iM: A>/., 
~ L Smut <>ililiunilMai 

libbailMr.joiia.AiAis. JMl!»-i 

Pkca. BaiiU. Sutm : BarUaa HaO. Naad- 

AsHtURTON, Baroo. 
HuoM BAaiMO. 
Fraack D«ud 

laiMO. 4tk A. A itM, «k 
>«ud E4vM«L A iMA 
aav AkaaM Tmm 


Mt: A-A. 

TiavaOMi'. WUia^ TaA 

Aabkr, Z., «r. /. £, 
Aihley (Ashky-Cooper), 


ASHTOWN, Baroa. Preorric 
Ouvaa TaaitcM. yd A (1.P.X A iRAl. «. 
iMo; A./., hia braUiar. Waiiaa Coaby. A 
{•69. JTaa/f— WoodbwB. ca. Gahray ; Qeaod. 
foy, oa. Limnck ; LoclMnai^ SaanNVl^ York* 

Astlqr,/ u, B, Haitii^s. 

Atiilumnby, Baroo. (Siu as B. 
MaaaovTM.) Jambb Haaaaar OotTAwa 
MaaaoTTN SoMaaviixa, aad A. A iMj, «. 
1S7] ; A/. 10 banMMicT. kh kiiian. Aidii- 
baU. A iSjA Smi fiwiaraai. Na«aa. ca. 

Jo«N Iambs Hucm HaNav SrawAar-Mua* 
BAY. ICT.. fdi D., ^ il^o^ «. iM« ; Ahu, laka 
Gaarn. if. TaiOaniiaa. A i»7<. kimi- 
mak Ctada, Blair Athalt. l^iliiliin, N.B. 
T0mm Rmllmtt • •«. Kalaa Ptaea. &W. 
Cim^ C Mat^'. IWCTOalMa. Marikara^k. 

AUay, Nmamc Ai4a^ or HcrefoRL 

Boaa. 41k A. A itaa, <. iSm: Ask. WBIaai 
Monoa. A itj^ A'ai# til— kai^. Dw- 
caaur. T9mm Kmldme^^'^^ (^imm Amim\ 
Cmim, S.W. Ci 




AvKLAND, Baron. Ciibfrt Henry 


•ml B., h. iSjD, $. 1867 \. h. 1867. 

.£m/»— NorauuMon Park . Stocken 

Hall. Oakkaoi: Bulby Huiue, Bourne. 
Linoolaahire. Ttmm RtMUmt*—tt, BclgTave 
Square. SW. C/«Ar-TraveiI«ri', wSitef, 
Turf, Marlboroofh. 

Avon MORE, Viscoant. William 
Chaklu Yblvkrton. 4th V. (I. P.), b 1804. 
$. t89o: k.-*., Barry Nugent, b. 1859. StaU 
—Belle Iftle. Rotcrea, co. Tipperary: Haxle 
Rode. Weatport, co. Mayo. C/«*— Junior 
United Scrvtce. 

Aylespord, Earl of. Heneage 

Finch, 7th K.,b. 1849,4.1871; A.-^.,his brother, 
Charles Wightwick, b. 1851. CV»^r— Carlton, 
Turf, Marlborough. 

AYLMER,Baron. UdolphusAylmer, 

rh B. (I.P-X b. 1814, t. 1858 : k.-a,, Matthew, 
1843. ^rr*rfr«rr— Melbourne, Eait Ca n ada. 

Bagot, Baron. William Bagot, 3rd 

B.,b. 1811, *. 1856: A.-<».. William,*. 1857, 
.S>.f/r— BItthfield House. Rugelev ; Pool Park, 
Ruthin. C/«^*— Carlton, Travellers', White's, 
Baillie (Baillie-Arden- Hamilton), 
/ M. E. Haddington. 

Baillie (Baillie-Cochrane), / n. B. 

Balfour of Burleigh, Baron. 

Alsxandek Hugh Bruce, 6ih B. (S.R.P.), 
i. 1849, t. i860: k.-a., Robert, b. 1880. Seat 
— Kennet, AUoa. Clackmannanshire, N.B. 
C/m/«— Carlton, Marlborough, New. 

Bampfylde./l n. B. Poltimore. 

Bandon, Earl of. James Francis 

Bernard, 4th ^. (IP.), b. 1850. s. 1877 ; A.->., 
hi» uncle, the Rt. Rev. Charles Brodrick, D.D., 
t. 181 1. Seats — Castle Bernard, Bandon. co. 
Cork : Durrus Court, Bantry. co. Cork. Cluh 
—Junior Carlton, Kildare Street 

Bangor, Bishop of. James Col* 
QUHouN Campbell, D.D., b. 1813, con. 1859. 
Palace— h*ngf>r. C/«^— Athenaeum. 

Bangor, Viscount. Edward Ward, 

4th y. (I.R.P.), *. 1827. X. 1837; A./., his 
brother, Hcnr>' William Crosbie, b. i8a8. Seat 
— Castle Ward, Downpatrick, co. Down. 
Town Residence— 1, Bolton Row, MayCair, 
W. C/w*r— Cariton, Ulster, Salisbury. 

Bantry, Earl of. William Henry 

Hare Hedges White. 3rd E. (I.R.P). b. 
1801, $. 1868: h.-a., William Henry Hare. V. 
Berehaven. b. 1854. 5"ra//— Bantry House, 
Glengariflfe, Macroon Castle, and East Ferry, 
all in 00. Cork. Town Retidence—-A, Lowndes 
Square, S.W. C/«Af— Carlton, Umicd Service. 
KDdare Street. Royal Yacht 

Baring, /. n. B. Ashburton, and E. 

Baring, K, M.P., d. s. E. Northbrook. 

Barrington, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Shute.) George William Barrington. 7th 
v., P.C. *. i8a4, *. 1867 '■ - »^-' K,...»,,.r, 
Percy, b, \%i%. Seat—Y n. 

Berks. Ttmm Retidtmce t, 

Mayiair. W. C/«/i*- Carlu..,. . ■-..„..,. ...-rl- 
borough. White's, Pratt's, 1 urf, St Stephen'*. 

Bateman, Baron. William Bate- 
man BatemanH anbury, and B., b. i8a6, *. 
1845 ; A.-tf.. William Spencer, b. i8s6. Seat— 
Shobdon Court, Leominster. C/wAr— Carlton . 
White's, Boodle's. 

Bath, Marquess of. JOHN Alex 
ANDER Thvnne, 4thiV.,*. t8it,«. t8^7 ; A-tf., 
Thomas Henry, V. Weymouth, *. t86a. Smt 
— Longleat, Warminster. Town Rnidtnct— 
48, Berkeley Square, W. C/»Ar— Carlton, 
Turf. Travellers'. 

Bath and Wells, Bishop of. 

Lord Arthur Charles Hervrv, D.D., b, 
1808, con. 1869. Palace— ^fXi%, Somerset- 
shire. Club — Athencam. 

Bathurst, Earl. Allen Alexander 

Bathurst, 6th E., b. 183a, *. 1878: k,-a 
Seymour Henry. L. Apsley, b. 1864. Seat 
Cirencester House, Cirencester. Town Rf 
dence—io, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clul'i 
Carlton, White's, Marlborough, Traveller 
St James's. 

Beaconsfield, Earl of. Benjami 

Disraeli. isiiE., KG, P.C, D.C.L.. LL.1/ 
F.R.S., *. 1801; c. 1876. iVa/— Hughendcn 
Manor, High Wycombe, Bucks. Town Rest- 
tlence— J g.Cunon Street. Mayfair. W. Clubs 
—Carlton, Junior Carlton, Athenzum, .'^; 

Beauchamp, Earl. Frederick 
LvGON. P.C. D.C.L., 6th £., b. 1830,*. 1866 ; 
A a., William, l^. Elmley, b. 187a. Seat— 
Madresfield Court, Great Malvern. Town 
Residence— II, Belgrave Square, S.W. Club 

Beauclcrk,/ n. D. St. Albans. 

Beaufort, Dukeof.HENRYCHARLES 
KiTZROv Somerset, K.G., P.C, 8th Z>., b. 
i8a4. /. 1853: k.-a., Henry Adelbert WelUng- 
ton Fitzroy, M. of Worcester, b. 1847. Seats— 
Badminton House, Chippenham, and Stoke 
Gifford. Bristol ; Troy House, Monmouthshire: 
Llangattock Park, Crickhowell, Brecooshire. 
Town Residence— g, Cleveland Row, S.W, 
C/«^*— lk>odle's. Whites, Carlton, Travellers', 
Turf. Garrick, Marlborough. 

Beaumont, Baron. Henry Staple- 
ton, 9th B., b. 1848, s. 1854 \k.-p., his brother. 
Miles. *. 1850. JT/a/— Carlton Towers, Selby, 
Yorkshire. C/«**— Carlton, Marlborough, St. 



•-e of FraNCU 

JUiura. Tm' 

•ML Ub or wigiM. r«M 

nait. IMM SOMra. S.W. 

■'• AKD Stinton, BaitM. 

N. ^ B. (SPA «. iaM.4. 
« iUuw HouM. MotlMrsA 

'KLLSW, Baioa. Edwa&o JonrH 


MjioRK,EArl. SoMKurr Richard 

I , Aiw. 

r cTnbuvAfi 

SitLrER. Baroo. Hbnry Strutt, 

B k ilat. «. itto : i.-A. WtUUm. «. if;}. 

-Kii«MM Hall. Dtrby. Tmm iTm- 

^-i9w MMdMMar Soiur*. W. C/W»~. 

o»lMw.M*riKnfwnii. Atii— !■. Br»gk»'». 

ikmnel,/. «. <f. Taakerville. 
Benoet. Z., //. /. £. Tftnkerville. 
BeaMMi, tnnuune Bishop of Tntro. 
Beodnck (CaTesKiish.Bentii>ckX/ ». 
D. FHtlMd. UMi JbrwMW Bobew. 
BerthAvcn. K, «r. /. i?. BanUy. 
B«ft«focd, / I.. iV Watcrfoid. 
Beredbid (lionley-Bcfofonl), / ». 

Brrkelry, Earl oC Thomas More- 
TDM FinUA«MMoa Bnuciunr. teli JT.. A. 
•7g6: A.A. M* brodMr. GMmdkwfai GtaM- 
by FlubMdIivi. A lioo. XtMemn Qmi» 

by FlulMnili««. 
lard HooM. Houi 

Bcfkeley./ m. B, FiuHanUi^e. 

Bernard,/ m. E. Bandoo. 

BuNUs, Baroooa. Emma Harriet 

'ie>p« Han. Wy«M»dbuOfoHblk. 

Beniedale, L^ d, s. £. CaiUuwaft. 
Botie, /. It. £, LiiKbejr. and £, 

BcfUe. Z., fl, s. £, LiodBcy. 

BSEWICK, Baron. Wiluam fiotoL' 
Hnx, Ik M., A. itM. «. (Ml ; 4.^. Mi 

ButtotoooK, Earl oC (Sica as ^. 
^oMoitav.) Frbrcbick Gaoaoa BaAaMoa 

' ■iiilim^lU 

Beat,/, m B. Wyolbrd. 
BallMU./ «. B, WcsOmiy. 
BidMHleclH SMWM AMi/ of Ripoa. 
BiaglMun, L., tl. s. £, Locaa. 

/ ». if. Locaa, aad ^. 

Btaaing, L., i/. /. i?. 

Blachforo. Baroa. Preokeic 
Rouuiv PC. ILCM.G^ M A. / lilt, c 
1S71 . A.-^ loik* BaMMtcyoali 
JolM OMflM. i. iliS. r 

Blackburm. Lord. CouN Black- 

•t'«s. PC. D.Cl. (LonI ol AppMl la 
UnliavyJ.i. ili).riS74^ ^Mi-OMnkolM. 
Ayniura. TVma Rtudfmt* — Mk Mbo«'» 
G«d«i.&W. Cib»~iHliiiwm 

Blackwood (HaaiUloa-Blackwood), 
/ m. £. DuiMa. 

Blake,/ «. ^. Wallscoart. 

BUuMllbrd, AT., d. /. />. Mariborouch. 

Blantyre, Baroa.CHAELEsSTU art, 
aack A (&R.P.X ^. itit. <• iSjo; 4.^. Wa|. 
tar. A ilfi. JmH*— LcMOs Loirt. mmt lUd-. 
duwtoHi : EhUm Hoom. OImbov. Tmm 
Itmtdfmn jt, Bafkcby Sq«M«. W. Cib^- 

BUgh,/ m. £, Darolejr. 

OMML Hkmkv St. Jomm. sUi K. A iSaow 
«. iSti : A-/-, hb oamim. iha R«t. 
WUUaa PcniLaiid sTlalMi. A tSay 
Lydbrd Pkffc. Mv Swiadoa. 

BoLSOVER, Baroaasa. Aoooita 
Masv EusAacTM CAvaaoMii-Bamtaat. la 
ila»aa>M, A iSm. r- *M»; A«. UaaryO 
dMk. A iM> J<a#--Buboiw Caada, 

BoLTON, Baroa. William Hbney 


w4 A. A iStt. a. >ifa; A<«. 
A » tu; .Saaft -Balwa HaB. 

Hacfcwaaa ^mR, Baaiaf • 

S.W. ClmAt 




Boode (WUbnham-Bootle), / m, £. 

Boringdon, V,, el, t. E. Morley. 
BoRTH WICK, Baron. Cunninghams 

BoRTMwicK, iMh A (S.R.P.). i. i8ii, s. 1870 : 
A-A. Ardubdd Punck Thoouu. i. 1867. 
Stmf—Ranwmam, Wigtooshire. A'ftiWnur— 
M, H«ftfad SCTMt, lUyfair. W. C/i»*- 

BoKSwen, /. i*. y. Falmouth, and 
Stuwttu Lc Dctptnoar. 
Boston, Baron. George Fi.oranck 

Irbv, 6(h B., i. i86o,<. 1877 : A./ , his brother, 
Cool Smmutm, L i86>. Srnts — Hedsor 

Lodst, MM- Maidenhead ; The Gruige, 
Rkcham, Budu : Lianidan, near Carnarvon ; 
Pbrthamcl, Angleiey. 

Bourke,/ m. E. Mayo. 

Houveric (Pleydell-Bouverie), f. n. 
£. Radnor. 

Bowes (Bowes-Lyon), / «. E. 


Bowmont and Cessford, M.^ el. s. D. 

Boyle, V.^ d. 5. E. Shannon. 

Boyle,/, n. E. Glasgow, E. Cork 
and E. Shannon. 

BoYNE, Viscount. (Sits as B. Bran- 
cvntTH.) GusTAvus Russell Hamilton- 
RussBLL, 8lh v., b. 1830, t. 187a; h.-a., 
Gusuvus William, ^. 1864. .f^a/x— Brancepcth 
Caule, Durham : Burwarton Hall, bridgnortb ; 
Scackallan, co. Meath. Town ResitUfice— 16, 
Gnwreoor Gardent. S. W. Club- Carlton. 

Brabazon, Z., ei. s. E. Meath. 

Brabazon,/. n. E. Meath. 

Brabourne, Baron. Edward 
HucBSSBN Knatchbull-Hucbssbn, P.C, m 
B., A. 1839, c. x88o; A-«.. Edward, b. 1857. 
Seat — Smeeth Paddocks, Ashford. Kent. 
Tifum ResitUtue—-K, Queen Anne's Gate, S. W. 
C/ii3«— Brooks's. University. 

Brackley, V., ei. s. E. Ellesmere. 

Bradford, Earl of. Orlando 

Gborgb Charles Bridgbman. P.C, 3rd E., 
h. 1819. s. 186s : A.-o., George Cecil Orlando, 
K. Newport. M.P.. k 1845. ^m/x— Weston 
Paric ShuTnal ; Castle Bromwich, Birmingham ; 
Newport Lodge, Melton Mowbray. Town 
RnuUnce—4\^ Belgravc Square. S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton. TuW, Travellers', Wanderers'. 

Brayprookf, Baron. Charles 

CORNWAi 1 , 5ih P., b. 1873,/. 1861: 

*.-/., his Rev. I^timcr, b. 1827. 

Sfa£s—A .iffron Waldon; Heydon 

Hottse, Roysiun. Hens; Billingbear, Woking- 
haai. TVtwM Residence — ^t. Upper Brook 
Since. W. CA(4#-TraveUers', Carlton. 

Brave, Baron. Alfred Thomas 

TOWNSHBND VbRNBV-CaVE. 5lh B., b. 1> ; 

I. 1879 ; k.'O., Adrian Vemcy. b. 1874. A 
<^!rw<v— Stanford Hall, Rugby. Town h. 
dtnct—M, Groavenor Street, W. Clubi - 
Reform, Raleigh. 

Breadalbanb, Earl of. Gav!" 

CAMrnKLL^ 7th £.. b. 1851. s. 1871 ; / 

his brother, Ivnn. r. iS^o. Sffttt — 'lavm 

Castle. A! ' • ■ 

House; ail' 

maddy Ca>-: 

Town ResuifUif n. I i.tK-r itmsv 

W. C/ir**- Marlborough, White's. 1 > 


Britlgcman,y! n. E. Bradford. 

Bridport, Viscount. Alkxandi r 
Nklson Hood, tst T,, *. 1814. r. i 
Arthur Wellington Alexander NcK 
b. 1839. Seat — Cricket St- Thom.*-. v ........ 

Town Residence — xa, Wimpole Street, W, 
Clubt — Carlton, United Service, Travellers'. 

Bristol, Marquess of. Fki 
William John Hkkvry. 3rd M.. 
1864; A.-/., his nephew, (l..ri 
Augustus Hervey, b. 186a. 
Park, Bury St. Edmunds. .1 

—19 and ao, Sussex Square, H;.., 

Residence— 6, St. James's Square, b. W. < 
—Carlton. Travellers', Boodle's, White's, N 
and Military. 

Brodrick,y! n. V. Midleton. 

Brooke, Z., M.P., ^/. j. E. Warvi 

Brougham and Vaux, Bai 

William Brougham, and B., b. 1795, s. 1 
k.-a., Henry Charles, b. 1836. Sen 
Broug|ham Hall, Penrith . Cannes. A 
Mari times, France. Town Residence- .., 
Berkeley Square, W. 

Browne, /. n. E. Kenmare, B. Kil. 
maine. M. Sligo, and Bishop of Winchester. 

Brownlow,y! tt. B. Lurgan. 

Brownlow, Earl. Adelbkrt \V 
LiNCTON Brownlow Cust, ^rd E., b. \ 
s. 1867; A.-/., his cousin. Ernest '-'■ 
Charles Ciut. b. 1850. Seats - 
Berkhampstead : Belton Hou^e, < 
Town Residence— I, Carlton House .tn.....^, 
SW. C/m^« — Carlton, St James's, Marl- 

Bruce, / «. E. Elgin, B. Balfour ol 
Burleigh, and B. Aberdare. 

Bruce (Hovell - Thurlow - Cumming- 
Bruce)./. n. B. Thurlow. 

Bruce (Brudenell-Bruce), /. n. M. 


Brudenell-Bruce,/ n. M. Ailesbury. 



Brrdfn (Ttmple-NMWl-BrydM- 

tou>aic»fT. K.0^ 

try WdMT, ir. «r lASi. K.T.. 
s4kM. II.&; TW LDdK 

tvy. 70mm MmJ*mt» 
<«lMll.8.W. ChJ^ 

s. Ear! of. DaVID StUART 
ill J. I. il$7; 
I. ^. 

• It 
>t Gnaw- 

.^vc«. \^ dlMua btcpbca Gurv- LaafWn. 
MP.. A. il4y:A.^ioBaraqronCiiaoM. 
. C I., k ils> . A.A to V. of CobkaM. 
> I.yiukiM. 5^wA — Sm««. Bttck»c> 
Wouoa. Aykibynr. CArff-CkHtni. 

Vi •.i;ftrv«EowAaoHo»A»T-HAitFO«i(. 

(Yafde. Bailer I. /A 

ilwer (Bulww-Lytton), / m, E, 

u obwy ^M *aimodi»BanbaTyK / •• 

Barddt (Bwdctt-Coutto), vanmnt of 

Burford. A.. «i. s. D. St AlbtM. 

BuTghcnh. L,,tl. s. E. WatmoiduML 

Barghley, Z., M. P., jrfl /. M, Exeter. 

BancIU /. m, B. Gwydjrr. 

BuRY.VUoovnt. (StUat^.Aiiiroto.) 
WitxiAM Cotrrr* Ks^fvi, P.C.ICCIi.G., 
A itta: <• it7«: A^. AfMM Allu C^al, 
A •£•. .SM/-BI«lMm HoM*. CMh. 
ckwcTiUau. TtmmKmidmtw 6>.Rri>ct'i 

Bun, MaiuMMi oC John Patakk 

QNaiTMSTOABT. ILT. rLD. ^ iir..A 

iiM m4 tAli, llMKM«(. > itT) . A/. !• 

•f i;*s. if«#. . '^y^ 

I j«»v Ml 

A U4« 

« ; DmbMm Homm 
AynWrB. ' /««<• ^«M^>«r«^*lv BocImmm 
8fw«. &W. CiWi»-0«u».lVUW^ ft. 

SinflbffU, ftnd K 

Byron. Brtoii. George Fexoeaicx 

WiLUAM BvaoM, aftk A, A ilj). «. ilw; 



>. iMi. J^Ai/ - 

Reudrm* — t, 

Caoogan, Eari. George Hikry 
Cadogam. pk £., A 040. $. $§ji : A m., 
tUmrf AnlMr. K. OmImb. A iMA JVw— 
BabiBhMi H«U. CMibfidi*. Jttndtnet- 
ChilinHoM>c.CMk>c«iiPtoc>.&W. C*/»4»- 
CvhMi. Wkiu^w Tm^Um-. Turl 

Cairns, Earl. Huuti UacCal- 
MOirr Caibii«. P.C. ILB.. D.CL.LL.D..i«( 
K,, A iti9. r iStS ; A-«.. Arthur WObui. K 
GwM»ylt. A 1M1. 5^«#- I ■■dirfanw, Bowim. 
■mmUi. Tmmi ^«nyinMr— «. Croawrad H«aMi, 
W. Cibir-Aihwiii. QuhotL 

Caitiiness, Earl of. (.Sitt u B. 
Bamociu.) JAMU SiKCUkia. f.R-S., 
14th B., A ttat, «. iSs5 : A<«., Gcorn Pbalm 
AliiiMiil^ ^ Bcrmdak. i ttJ! j;Mtt 
— Bafraffll Cb«lt aad Tbiar Hooh. mot 
TiMma. CkklMM»4lM«: Btaaiahm ^mI(« 
B«v Watwya, H«m. TmmTlttndmft -14. 
HiUSoMcW. CibJ* BrooiuX AiliiMiM, 

Calkoon, Earl of. Jambs Al&x- 
AMOca. 4U1 £. ( PA A tM. ' i*SS : A /.. 
liM bmlMr. Wakar Pfak^ *■ 1149. .SmXt- 
Cabdoa Hoiim. aad DanLodbM. ca T>vi»*- 
r#«Mi li0tidmct s, CarMoa floaaa Tarract. 
&W. C/bA*~CaHMa. 'navdlan'. 

Calthorfb, Barao. Frbouick 


A itaA «. tMt; A^ Wi bankar. Hi aim 1 

WlacMkM. Ra«pSrt: IdgbMaa Hall, f^ 
ariagkaat Tmm Mtai df m * it, Ofoavaarr 
Sqaaiw, W. CAOv- WlMcV 'navaBar^. 
Braoka'*. BoedlaX Marf^ora^li, Ttol 

Cambffi4g«, Duke of;— tee ** Pccrt of 
tk« BIm4 RayaL- 



Camdbn, Mtrquen. John Charlrs 
Pkatt. 4U1 iV.. *. i87», «. iSr*: *.•>.. hU 
uiKk.O«mMttraiy. 4. 1853. Sfm/s-WWdcr- 
mm Pwk, SlWMaJa : Baylwai Abbey. Lam- 
beihuiit : The Prioty, Brecon. 

Camoys, Baron. Francis Robert 
Stonok. 4ih B.J h. il}6, t. 18S1 : A.-/., hU 
braUMr. Henry JuUao. *. 185^ St^t -Stooor, 
Hcnley^Thiune*. T0vm Rnid*mct—'fi. 
Soaih Audley Street. W. 

CampbeU« / n. D, Argyll. E. Brea- 
daUMUM. E. Cawdor, B. Stnthedeo. and Bi^u^ 
of Bangor. 

Campdcn. V.,d.s. E. Gainsborough. 

Camperdown, Earl of. Robert 
Adam HAt4>ANB Philips DttNCAN-HALOANB, 
3fd^.,*. 1841,1. 1867; A. -^.,hU brother, George 
Alexander Haldane Philip*, b. 1845. S*at$— 
Camperdown. Dundee : Gleneagles. Perthshire 
Ttn^-n Rftidtnct—yi, Charles Street. Berkeley 
Square. W. C/«A<— Brooks's, Martborough, 
United Univer?.ity, St. James's. 

Canning,/. «. B. Garvagh. 

Canning (l)e-Buigh- Canning), sur- 

ime M. C&nricarde. 

Cantclupc, K, d. s. E. Dclawarr. 

Canterbury, Archbishop of. 
Archibald Campbkll Tait, D.D.. P.C, 
Primate of all F.ngland and Metropoiiun. i. 
1811, <■<»«. 1856,/. 1868. ya/ac^— Lambeth, S.E. 
Country Restdtnces—hd^xn^on Park, Croy- 
don: Stonchouse. St. Peter's, Isle of Thanet. 
C/»*x— Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge. 

Canterbury, Viscount. Henry 

Charles MANNBRS-StTTON, 4th V., b. 1830, 
s. 1877; A. a.. Henrv Frederick Walpolc, 0. 
1870. J/a/i — Brooke House, Norwich ; Witch- 
iniiham H lovm Residence— 

, a. Queer. S.W. C/«**-White's, 

Marlborovi. rss. 

Capel, Z.., ^and-s. E. Essex. 

Capell,/. n, E. Essex. 

Carbery, Baron. George Patrick 

Percy Evans-Frkke. 7th B. (I. P.). A. 1810. *. 
1845 : h.-f.. hU brother. Fenton John, b. 1806. 
5m//— Oatle Freke. co. Cork : Laxton Hall, 
Wansford, Northamptonshire, 

Cardross, Z., d. s. E. Buchan. 

Cardwell, Viscount. Edward. 

Caruwell, P.C. D.C.L., ist V., b. 1813. c. 
1874. Ai-a/— EUerbeck Hall, near Chorley. 
I^ancashtre. Tevm Residence — 74. Eaton 
Square, S.W. C/m^/— Athencum, Devonshire. 
New University, Reform. 

Carew, Baron. Robert Shapland 

Carew. K.P.. 3nd B.. b. x8i8. t. 1856: A. -a.. 
Robert Shapland Julian, b. 1860. Seats- 
Castleboro'. Ro*< co. Wexford; Woodstown. 
CO. Wauriord T-fam Residence— li, Belgrave 
Square. S.V>. C/m^«— Brooks's. Reform, Kil- 
dart Street. 

Carington,/ n. B. Carrington. 
Carlcion,/. n. B. E>orchester. 
Carlingpord, Baron. Chichester 

Samuel Park inson-Fortbscue, P.C, tst B., 
b. i8aj, <r. 1874. Jm/#— Strawberry Hill. 
Twickenham ; Chewtoo Priorv, Bath : Dud- 
brook House, Brentwood, uoex. Clui": 
Reform, Brooks's, Travellers', AtheiUBi) 

Carlisle, Bishop of. Harvkv 
Goodwin. D.D., b. t8i8, c0h. i860. Paiace 
—Rose Castle. Carlisle. Timm Residence— 
118. Harley Street, W. C/«^— Athencum. 

Carusle, Earl of. The Rev. William 
George Howard. 8th B.. b. 1808. s. 1864 : 

h.-p., his kinsman. George James, b. 1841. 
Seats — Castle Howatd, Malton : Nawortli 
Castle. Brampton. 

Carmarthen, Af., d. s. D. Leeds. 

Carnarvon, tlarlof. Henry How- 
ard MOLVNBUX H BRBKRT.P.C. D.CL. .4th E. . 
b. 1831,4. 1849 ; k.-a., George Edward Stanhofx; 
Molvneux. L. Porchester, b. 1866. Seaf 
Hignclere Castle, near Newbury, Hai 
Pixton Park, near Dulverton, Somerset. 7, 
Residence— 16, Bruton Street, W. Clu/i 
Carlton, Travcllem', Athenaeum. St. Stephen - 

Carnegie, Z., d. s. E. Soulhesk. 
Cam^e, f. n. E. Northesk, and / 

Carnwath, Earl of. Harry 

Bl-RRARD DaLZKLL, 14th E. (S.P.), b. 1804. S. 

187s: A.-/, his nephew. Robert Harris Cam. 
wath, b. 1847. Town Residence— ili, £.•• 
Place. S.W. C/«**— United Service, Carli 

Car RICK, Earl of. Somerset A 

THUR BuTLKR. sth E. (LP.), b. 1835. *. I- 
h.-p., his cousin, Charles Henry Somerset 
1851. Seat—^\o\xtA Juliet, Thomastown. 

Carrington, Baron. Chari 

Robert Caringtok. vnl B., b 1841./. i.- 
A.-/.. his brother, William Henry Peregi.. 
MP., b. 1845. Seat- Wycombe Abbey, Bu< ks. 
Tor»m ResuUnce-i. Whitehall Yard, S.W. 
C/k^/— Marlborough, Brooks's. Reform. 

Gary,/. «. V. Falkland. 

Carysfort, Earl of. (Sits as /?.) 
William Probv, K. P., 5th .ff..*. 18 <^ ' 

Seats— ^\xon. Hall. Peterborough 
Castle, Arklow. co. Wicklow. Town , 
10, Hereford Gardens. W. C/«^j— Kild;irc 
Street. Brooks's. White's. 

Cassillis, E., d. s. M. AiUa. 

Castlemaine, Baron. Richard 

Handcock. 4th B. (I.R.P.), b. 1826, /. 1869; 
A.-<t.. Albert Edward.^. 1863. Seats — Moydrum 
Castle. Athlone : The Hare Island, co. WeM- 
C/»<^— Carlton. 



KaH of. HftNAV 

■>w«]r ktaMfi, A. ill* 5mI!»— 
SMwMMmNi. «a. TyfWM . Dhmb 

\sTurrow««. Baron. Joiik WiLfON 
iTKtcK. PC. 1*1 ^-t X ill I. / tite; 

i jtfU Alan Fkbouick 

' --Tl.«.|tM^viA.AlM. 






- -. YorUhb*. 
"•' K John 
A. lilt, 

^ Lodff*. 


are, B. 

nuiKK./.«. /y. i'ortlaad, 

tof John FfttOEiiCK 
^dir..A itat.i.iMo: 

C ceil (Ga*cai|{ac>C«cU), /. «. .V. 


Chandoi (Tcmple-NageaC-Brvdfes- 

Chaelemont, Karl of. (Sits as B.) 

iAMis MoLvxKvx CAVi-rciLO, K.P^wdir., 
ttaOfM, it6j; A^ia Ptang** of itaoaaJ 
itevlii* omMa. fiiMd HoMoa OudMU. 


W CMW-BnMki'i 

Ik CMtk, Mot. o» 
i.iliii i 4ilJSoy i, 

Cluirtcris,/.«. iT. WemyMUid lUrdL 
Cmmmspord. Bmoo. Fksimuuc 


\vx.\. ^ T I « TMuioBa, G.CB. : i. tin, «. itft : 
!.•<«.. Kmicric JotwN^kr.A tMt. JTmMwv 

-)o.ManhaMG«ffdMkS.W. Ci^b C^IWa, 

CfrafHAM, Btffon. WiluamGkokck 
Ciwawiiiwi. «i4 A. # III}, •■ li*!. A^^. 
Ckwiti CMMaa WBImi. a iI«». S^mt - 
I ■rimir. aMT CWibii> Bwik*. 7>m iT/**. 
d0mt9-^ % ^ CiwiM iBr 8ww«. W Cimh - 

CmiTWL Bbbop of. William 

CimmriELD, Earl ot Gcokcb 

irTfiiHiiM liii it n I. »< ■mua> ill. ir«^ 

4tm* Kodkaou< Bw>aa» ea, Tytoaa 

Chctwyno, Vteooom. Richaid 

Waltw OwrwvKo. jik K (l-P'X *• i**^ '• 
i»io: A.^ RidMMl Wyiv. Ak iSm. r«M 
Ma PlMi^ %M, 

iKMvaao, D.D., A. iloa, «ml iImi ^#s^ 
■rr— Pdbc«. CkkbaMcr. C/aA— Aili—w 

Chichbstkk, Earl ot Hbnky 
TMoMAs PauiAM. tfd jr.. A. ttaf. «. 
A.-a.. Waktr Jolw. I. PcOMai. aTm. X. 

Vm mv k. Ttmm M$tidim* tow 


Chkhertcr,/ «. i£ Doocfan^aad ^. 



Cholmondklxv, MarqocHoC Wil- 
UAM Haaav Huom CMOLMOMwunr. yd A/.. 
A. iCoau «. iAtp: A-A. kM grudna. GM^ft 
HcaryHagli. A\ of Rock Sa«««. A iM. Smt$ 
— ChoiaHiadilty CmrIi MalsHL CkMlw* * 
HoMdMoa hJL Rnwrfiw. l><riMk. Tmm 
ArMAMw-VTHydt Park Stfatc, W. 

Cbolmoodcley,/ «. ^. DeUmere. 

CHCftrHtii.. Baroa. Francis 
Gaok D.CL.. aad B., A iIm. «. 

it4S . Attwrt Fiaack Ckaiki. A 

iMI •mbitry Paik. Ckatlkary, 

Osford^trc . >% nt Lkviagloa Hovm. Dtviaak 
T0mm Addmtu—s, lUiry Slfw^ be Jaan'a. 

ChorchUl (SpcDCcr-CharchUlK / m- 
D. Maribonmsk. 

Churston, Barao. John Yards- 
BvLUOL Md J^ A. iM. $. %%jt : A^. Joka 
RMkMdaUpM.AitT> 5Mi/-l.«ptaaHo«H. 
Briskaa^ D««oa. CAiA-Gawda'. 

Clancarty, Earl of. (Siu as K) 
Rkmabo SoMaassT La-IHi«a»T)natcii, 4ifc 
ir.. A itM. A tH» : A^ WBbM ftadwtcfc. 
K Daalo. A iMA SfaA-Gwkaly. BdlL 
oa Galmy. CArf»-€kriHa. UUm* 

CUndebovr, J', z:'. i. K. Duffcrin. 



Clanmorris, Baron. Tohn Grorgb 

Bamkv Bim.mam. 5th B. (l.P.l h. i8sa, t. 
1876: A.-4L. Anhur Maurice Robert. ^ 1879. 
SemU—Cx*^ CUrc, Anlrahan, co. G*Iway: 
Newbrook, BdlyslaM, co. M avo : Fonfield. 
Dubliarr/MAv-Caritoo. Naval and Military, 
Kildarc Scraet, Gal way co., Utotcr. Royal Sl 
Gmti* Yacht. UlMcr Yacht. 

Clanricardk, Marauessof. (Sitsas 
if. SoMBiHiLi^) HunBRT Oborgb De-Burch 
Canning, md W., b. 18^2, «. 1874: 4.-/., by 
special rcnuiindcr, tut cousin, George John, 3rd 
Maraocai of Sligo. ,SV«/— Portuinna Castle. 
00. Gdway. Tmvm RtdtUn^—c 5. llie 
Albuy, PMxadilly. C/inAr-Tnivellen'. Re- 
fiwaif Dwotuhirc. Kildare Street, co. Galway, 
""""* "^100, St. Jamo's. 

Clan WILLI AM, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Richard \aues Mkadb, C.B.. 4th £., b. iBja, 
M. 1870: k.-4t., Richard Charles, L. Gillford. 
b. 1868. .S'M/-Gill Hall, Dromore, co. Down. 
T0um Rttidettce- 3a Belgrave Square, S.W. 
C/«<A»— Sl James's, united Service, Travellers', 
Kildare Street. 

Clarendon, Earl of. Edward 

HvDR ViLLiBKs, 5th E., b. 1846. «. 1870: k.-n., 
George Herbert Hyde. L. Hyde, b. 1877. 
.$■«/ -The Grove. Watford. Town Retidetue 
-II, Berkeley Square, W. C/«^x- White's, 
Brooks's, Marlborough, Turf, Travellers'. 

Clarina, Baron. Eyre Challoner 

Hbnrv Masskv, 4ih B. {\V.).b. 1830,1. 1872 ; 

A-/., his brother, Huzh Nathaniel George, b. 

1816. Seat— Elm Park, Clarina, co. Limenck. 

C/wAf— United Service, Kildare Street 
Claughton, surname Bishop of St. 


Clcgg (Clegg-HiU),/ n. V. HilL 
Clements,/, n. E. Leitrim. 

Clermont, Baron. Thomas For- 
tbscvr, itt B.f b. 181 5, c. 1852 : A.-/. (10 
Irish Barocr^X ^ brother, Ll)iche»ter Samuel 
Parkinaoo-Fortescue, P.C., ist B. Carlingford, 
b. 1823. ^ra/i -Ravensdale Park, Ncwry, 
CO. £>own ; Gcmiont Park, Dundalk, co. Loutn. 
Tenm RfsiJence—p, Hill Street, W. Clubt— 
Travellers', Brooks s. 

Cleveland, Duke of. Harry 

Gborcb Powlktt. K.G., D.C.L., ith D., b. 
1803, «. i86|: A-/., to barony of Barnard 
only, Henr>' Morgan Vane. Eitq., b. 1808. Seats 
— Kaby Castle, Dtu-ham ; Battle Abbey. Sussex. 
Totvn Retiti^tue—iT. Sl. James's Square, S.W. 
Ctubt — Athensum, Travellers'. 

Clifden, Vbcount. (Sits as B. 
Mbnuip.) Hbnrv Gborcb Acar-Ellis, 4th 
/'.. b. 1863. /. 1866 : A->., his uncle, Leopold 
George Frederick, b. 1829. 6Va/i— Gowran 
Castle, CO. Kilkenny; Holdenby House, North- 
ampton ; Roehampton. Surrey. Town Resi- 
i^^swv-Dover House, Whitehall. S.W. 

Clifford, Baron. Lewis Henry 

I KURD. 9th if., ^. 1851, f. 1880; A-/., 

! mh, b. 1858. Seatt — Uabrooke 

ilcigh; TTie Ness. Shaldon, Devon ; 

Coun Huuse, Canningtoo, Somerset. Club— 


Clifton, B.^ d. s. E. Darnley. 

Clinton, Baron. Charles Henry 


aoth B.,b. 1854, *. 1866; A-*., Charles John 
Robert, b. 1863. 5'«»/«— Heanton Satchvtllc, 
Beaford, Devon; Fettercaim House, N.B.; 
Invermay House. Bridge of Earn, Perth. Town 
Reti<UHce—i%, Brutou Street, W. Ci$tbs— 
Carlton, Travellers'. 

Clinton (Pclham-Clinton), /. n. D. 

Clive (Windsor-CUve), /. n. A 

Clonbrock, Baron. Robert Dil- 
lon, 3rd H. (I.R.P.). b. 1807, *. 1826; k-a., 
Luke (^rald, b. 1834. .ira/— Clonbrock, 
Ahascragh, co. Galway. Town Kesidrtue— 
34, Duke Street, S W. C/w** -Travellers', 
Arthur's, co. Galway, Kildare StrccL 

Cloncukry, Baron. Valentine 

Lawless, 4th B., b. 1840, s. 1869: A.-4., his 
brother, Edward, b. 1841. Seai — hyui 
Hazlehatch, co. Kildare. CVm^/— Carlton, 
James's, Kildare Street. 

Clonmell, Earl of. John Hen 

Reginald Scott, 4th £. n.R.P.), b. 183., 
1866; A.-/., his brother, 'I'homas Ch -'■■ 
1840. Seat — Bishop's Court, Straflfan 
dare. Town Residence—), Sl. Jamc 
S.W. C/«/^«- Carlton, Marlborougl.. iu 
Kildare Street. 

Cochrane, Z., d. s, E. Dundonald, 

Cochrane, yi n. E. Dundonald. 

Cochrane (Cochrane- Baillic),/. «. B. 

Cocks (Somers-Cocks), /. ;/. E. 

Coke, V.,d. s. E. Leicester. 

Coke,/ «. E. Leicester. 

Colbome,/ tt. B. Sealon. 

Colchester, Baron. Reginald 
Charles Euwaru Abuot, ird B., b. 1842, 
s. 1867. Town Residmi* — 16, Lowndes Square, 
S.W. C/tf^<— Cariton, New Univeicily. 

Cole,/ n. E. Enniskillen. 

Cole, K, M.P., ^/. s. E. Enniskillen, 

Coleridge, Baron. John Duke 

CoLKRiDCB, PC, DC.L., F R.S., ist B.. b 
1820, c. 1873; k.-a., Bernard John .Scvinuur, b. 
1851. JTra/— Heath's Court, ( > ry, 

Devon. Toum Residence— \, .re, 

W. CV«^<— AtheiMcum, Refon... ....... ..ufc 

mtrrto kinooom and tmiLAifo. 


CoLviLUL Bafoa. Cmarlis Iomn 

tv.iviL.K. PC., icr. Mill » (h.K.Kx 4 

«.. ClMliM iUW« WllMMB. A. 

4«.IaMi>L«.t.W. C*^bl« 


CoNcutTuK, Baroo. John Viunr 

T\*^*\\.. iud A. ic ttos. «• »t4«: A.y^. lib 
WiUba. iTilQ^. SHU-%nCk- 
> on. TiMPa K m i dn t n sj, 

. Duke oC— «c« ** P«en of 
1 'ooftUblc- Max well ), / m. 
-rW/. AT Hertford. 

• iron. SaCKVILLB 

f.. !». /?.. #. iSw, «. ils9; 

i« Ammi lUry. 

. Jk 116). Tmm 

.ATtlem Tcnrac*. 


t (SiU as 

f. MutATUb) UiLuiu^ li'uK^ CuirvMCNAai. 
jnl If., ik !••<,«• iM ; A. ^. H«W7 Fi 
A. of MowM UHiflM. it i8);. - 

S«rvio«. WUmX Maribotwifh, 



Amy aad 

Cooper (Aihlejr-CooperX 

Cork amd Orruy, Eaii ot (Siu 

M A Bovul) Ricnako Eomumo St. Law 
KKMCa Bovu^ K.P.. P.C91I1 E.. A. ita^. ». 
iS«6: A-A, Cluriai Spcaoar C— ti«, " 
A. iMi. ^SM^-Mamoa Ho 

Corry (Lowry-Corry), /. «i. E. 
Bdaera, sad 5. Rovtoa. 

Cooy. K., 4^. /. f. Belmore. 
CoTTKNiiAM, Earl oC Kenilm 

Cmarlii% F.i>w*ft» Paw*, 41I1 if.. A ttfA, 

«. im 


RtdaiU: Ridky 


PaAMCtt raaMAMTia, F.C. mi A. A imI. 

CotUM (SlapleUMi-Coiloa), y 

Cooitaaay, L., «r. i. J?. Davoo. 

ConfUo^y./ ff. if. DevoM. 

CovtrowM, Earl of. (SHi •• B. 

SAtraavoao.) jAMn Oaoaoa Heaar Stot' 

roBo. all B. a P.). A. iMs. «. tM : A«. 

JM« WalMT MilUt. V. h«op«ifil. A itft. 

HouM, Cony. a>. WmA 

■Tit III I 8— ta.MF. 



A..*!., Oeor^c WiUiAjn^ f^ 

A>>M-C r ooaw Coaft. 

•kua. C/aJb-CfeiliaawWlika'a, 

CowLSY, EarL Hrhry Richard 
CaABLtt WBixaM.av. K.G.. ac.&. P.O. 
D.CL.. m A., A iloL m. m M. tUl, «' A. 

A^. WmtMrH — 

••57; A^. WlUiMi H«afy. K 

if^. JM/-Dfajroott Hoaaa, 

Ttmm Jtftadfmet—90, Atbcaurfa Stiaat. W. 

C/«At-Tn««llm'. Tufl 

CowpKR, EarL Francis Thomas 

I>sGBSvGDma,K.0^P.C(_7tlii^. A itM. 
«. iSs6; A./^ Uk brailMK;R«aryriadMkk. M.F. 
A itjA. iaaA-MariMUHV. H«tt.^#rM/ 
iPMkJ&arw-DabttaCMdi: Vicat^al U4|«. 
PlaaaU Pvfc. Oablia. r#M JtmUbmn t. 
Gratvaaor Sqava. &W. C/aA*-'nm««lOT'. 
< WfciMt. 


Cowper-Tefliple, / m, S. 


Ciaaborae, K, d, s, M. Salialwry. 

Cran brook, Vboooni. Gathornb 
Gatmobkb-Hakov, P.C, G.CS.I.. la K : A 
i8i4« f- (M • A-A. Joka Stxmx, A. itj^. 
.SMZ-HoaMcd PbA. - • * - 

C/a4» -Carina. Ail 
Oilbid Bad Caaibndca. 

Cranley, K, //. /. £. Ouiknr. 
Craykn. Earl oC Gboror Gum- 

Wahai Oaona Rob«t. v7\}\ 
S^H OlhB Abb«r. C««aaiyy~: 

OmHm Suaai. BariMlqr 
. Braoli^i.TWC 



Crawford and Baixtarres, Earl of. 


. tS8o: A.-n.. Dmvid 

(Siuasi?. Wina.) Iamo Ludovic Lindsay. 
F.R.S., 96ihE..k 1847.*. 

Alexander, Z.. lUndMv.^. 1871. Srmtt—H»igh 
Hall. Wigan : Duo Echt Houw. Aberdeemhire. 
T0mi RniJ^nct -47, Brook Sir«et. W. Clmht 
— CaHum. Conwrvative, Alheiueuin. 

Cremorae, Z., ti. s. E. Dartrey. 
Ckbwe, Baron. Huncerford 

Cnawv, yiA B.,h. iSta, *. 1835. .S"«i/— Crewe 
Hall, Crewe. Chethtre. Town Re$uiem£t—ix, 
Hill Street. W. a«At -Travellen'. White's. 

Crichton,/. n. E. Erne. 
Crichion, v., M.P., </. s. E. Eme. 
Crichton-Stuart,y. n. M. Bute. 
Crofton, Baron. Edward Henry 

CMURCHiLi-CRorroN. 3rd B. (I.R.P.), *. 1834, 
«. 1869 : >L-/., hift brother. Charles St. George, 
h, 1836. J'/tf/— Mote Park. Ballymuray, Roa- 
common. C/«r^/— Carlton. Sackville Street. 

Cromartie, Countess of. Anne 


naitie. *. 1839, c. i86i ; h.-a,, Francia, V. 
Tarbat, her Mcond son. b. 1852. Seats - 
Tarbat and Castle Leod. Cromarty. Town 
Residence— SxAtfoT^ House. S.W. 

Cuffe,/. tt. E. Desart. 

Cumberland, Duke of, — see "Peers 
of the Blood Royal." 

Cumming (Hovell - Thurlow - Cum- 
inin|f-Bnice),y! n. B. Thurlow. 

Curzon, V.^ el. s. E. Howe. 

Curzon, / n. B. Scarsdale, and B. 

Curzon (Roper-Curzon),^ /. n. B. 

Cust,/. n. E. Brownlow. 

Dacrf-, Baron. THOAtAS Crosbie 
William Trevor, aind B.,b. 1808, x. 1853; 
A,-/., his brother, the Right Hon. Henry 
Bouverie William Brand, P. C. M.P., *. 1814. 
Seat—Ttiti Hoo. Wclwyn. Herts. Town 
Residence— yi. Grosvcnor Street. W. Clubs 
— Boodle's, White's. 

Dalberg- Acton,/ n. B. Acton. 

Dalhousie, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Ramsay.) John William Ramsay, CB., 
tith E., b. 1847, t. 1880: h.-a., Arthur George 
Maule. L. Ramsay, b. 1878. .fro/jr— Brechm 
Castle, Brechin, N.B. ; Dalhousie Castle, 
Bonnyrigg. Midlothian. C/«<^»— Junior United 
Service. Mariborough, White's. 

Dalkeith, E., d. s. D. Buccleuch. 
Dalrymple, K, el. s. E. Stair. 
Dalrymple,/. n. E. Stair. 
Daly, /. ft. B. Dunsandle. 
Dalzell,/ n. E. Camwath. 

Darner (Dawson^Damer), /. //. E> 
Dangan, V., ei. s. E. Cowley. 

Darnlky, Earl of. (Sits as •>'. 
CLirroH.) John Stpart Bi.u;h. 6th E., /■ 
i8a7. *. 1835 ; k^-a., Kdw.ird Henry Stuart, / 
Cli(t.,n / ,Rc,. Seats Cobham Hall. Grave 
' lodge, Alhlx)y. CO. Mcalh. /Vm 

J . , Hill Street . W. Clubs- Carltc » 

.S-. . ;;cct. 

Dartmouth, Earl of. "William 

Waltp.k T,i(.<.i\ sth E., b. 182?. s. 1?^ . 
A.-a.W ..:c. r.Uy^W ! 1 

i8sJ. ill Hall. W 

Sandw iiingham ; V* • i 

Hiiddcrsticlil. TinvH Residence— ^o, GrovcMiur 
Squ.irc, W. C/«[^#—Carhon. Travellers', Junior 
Carlton, Burlington, St. Stephen's. 

Dartrey, Earl of. Richard Dkw 

SON. K.P., isi R ,f<- 1817, t. as 3rd P. Cn 
mornc 1827, c. E. Dartrey 1866 ; A.-a. . ^ 
/,. Cremome, b. 184a. Seat- -Dunr> 
Monaghan. Town Residence— y>, i 1 

Street. W. C/«A*- -Travellers', Brooks'n, 
Kildare Street 

Dawney,/ n. K. Downe. 

Dawson,/ n. E. Dartrey. 

Daw.son (Dawson- Darner), / «. E, 

Deane (Deane-Moigan), surname B. 


De Blaquierf^ Baron. William 

Barnard dk Blaoi'ikwu. 5th B. (I. P.), b. 
1814, /. »87i ; A.-/., his cousin. William de 
Blaquiere. b. 1810. Residence — Springfield 
Crawley, Sussex. Seat — Brotkwortn Manor, 
Gloucestershire. C/»A«— United Service. Army 
and Navy, Scientific. 

De Burgh (De Burgh-Canning), sur- 
name M, Cunricarde. 

Decies, Baron. Wu.liam Robert 

John Ds la Poer Horsi.ev-Beresforo, 

Jrd B. (IP.), b. 1811, *. 1855: // n . ^nilbtn 
larcus De la Poer, *. 1865. I 

House. Ncwcastle-on-Tyne ; Gall 
Northumberland ; The Craig, v> 
Clubs — Carlton. Gtiands', Junior llniied 

De Clifford, Baron. Edward 
Southwell Rvssbll. 34th B., b. 1855, a 
1877 : A.-/., his brother, Charles Somerset. 
b. 1857. 

De Courcy,/ n. B. Kingsale. 

Deerhurst, V.^ d. s. E. Coventry. 

De Freyne, Baron. Arthui 
French, 4th B., b. 1855. t. 1868 ; h.-a., Arthur 
Reginald, *. 1879. 5"rfl/-French Park, co. 
Roscommon. Ireland. 



DcGrvy./ «. B. WabiaciuuB. 

DtLAMtai. Baran. Huoii Cmol* 
■jnr. Md A. A, itii. c ttij: ic-«-. 
.JLiita JMf. Val« Itoyvl. I^Mvick 

Earl. RioiNAU) 

"" !'•«•!» AND Dvpunr, Baron. 

Vm«»— FrntlHirM CmU*. To»- 
,cc . insMDv MuMT. Nonlwttavum. rMM 

!»■. WMm'i. Ttef. Ml " 

1)B Maulsv. Baran. 
FacoaaicK Aamlcv Gooraa FamoMav. 
/•'.A III] 

WrMt. A 

Udr (/■«»— WlHMX BrO«fe»'«. 

1 >r MoleyMi toffname of tooi of 3rd 

B. Ventrv. 

iHr MoleYQ* (Evddgh de Moleym), 

/ «. 4ih A V«nCfy. 

l)e MoQtmorenqr,/. n. K. Frankfort, 
•Dd K MoMUBonm 

Denbigh. Earl of. Rudolph Wil- 

MAM BA«iL PuuNMO, Sill if., A. tttj. <. iM« ; 
A^. Rudolph RflUn BmO AloyiiwAt«w 
ii»e. y. P^iMuM Hid QdlM^ A It59. JaM^ 
Numtfi Fmaa, aMr Lamrwonii : Down- 
in(. Mw HolyvdL rWiinhin. Tmm ir««i. 

Tni««mff«\ CmImi. Sc. Gooff*'*. 

Denuon,/ «. /T. Londoborongh. 

Dknman, Baton. Thomas Aitchi* 

»OM<DattMAM. Mid A. A. itOiSt «• l*S4i A. -A. 

h» hwalwr, ItUtd rfwaMM. I. tli» 5m^1 
Stooy MUdlMoa. bv SlMAdd. Tmm ifm- 
' •*»— ji. S«)rBiour StTMl, W. 

Dbrbv. Earl <A. Edward Hknry 

STAWtrv, PC. I>CI-. I I.T>. F R S. lUJi 

£.,h iSit.i lS/.<. * / . hi. Ir-tJiT. th« Ri. 

Hon Kr-!— V Anhur, I* L . M !• . / il^i. 

St.r •• HmciM : FairiuU. Ta»- 

br ' idbaor- •), Sc JaflMi't 




Hi— .CO* 

DiMBT, Earl of. Wiluam Uucs 
OtOmmM Crrra. 41I1 JT. (tP.\. k 
kit bfocW. Hoi 
A iM. 5M/-I 
CibA»-CarlMA. WWia'ft. 

Db Saumarii, Banm. Iohm St. 
ViHcsMT BAVMAaas. jid A. A. iloA. s. »t6| : 
A^. Imm 8«. Via(Mi«A la^s. Mmtd 


Db Tablbt, Baron. Gborgr Wab- 
aaa. F.C, Mid A« A. tin. «. 11*7; A-m., 
" ~ At ilj;s> **»/-Tobl»y 

UpMT Bi%iB«« towi. 8.W. CiMo~Tra««|. 

&iv vimn« /» !•• 9^» fiwom* 

Db Vbsci, Viaconnl. JohnRobbst 
WitxiAM Vbasv. 4«b K (L P.l A il44. *■ »*7S : 
A./, hk hraclMr. Eumoob. A. il«i. Smt^ 

Abboy Lm. Ooooa'ft 
Tnivdion'. 6w^. » 

C/oi;»> Wlui«-( 

Devon, Earl of. Wiluam Rbci- 

WALO CourraMAV. P.C, D.CL.. iiik £., k 
1I07. A 1I99: A.-A. Edwafd JteldviB. X. 
Coomaay.A ilitt 5m«»— FdnrdcriMi CmiI*. 
■oir EaMor : Mok, Kiagnbridf*. O««<oo : TW 
CMk. NowcMik. ca UaMridL C^A• - 

Dbvonshibb, Duke of. Wiluam 
CAVBuotM. K.a. PC. LUD.. P.R.S.. 7U1 
/>.. A ilot. A Aft iF. Barlii«Ma iIia. m D. 
Dovomkirt ilsl ; A-«.. Sotaccr CoMinii. 
M. of HArtmgtoo. M. P.. KCD.CL.LLD., 
A 1I1V ^*««<»-aiaiawonli, Aiid Hardwtcko 
HAn.T>cri»y«liir« : Qmbpcoo Placw. EaatbounM ; 
Bolton Abbey. Yorkklurc: Holkar HnlLCani- 
fovtb : Ibmow CmUc. Wotcrford ; Oukwick. 
MiddkMS. T0mm ^#«idfixy-bi»nnihin 
Howe. yt. FfecndUly. W. 
Osfbffd and Guabfi4^ 

DiCBY, Baron. Edward St. Vin- 
caxT Dio«Y. oib B., k iloo, a 1I56; A-*. 
Edvnrd Hoary TVafidor. MP.. A x%^ 
5MlSi-lliai«nM HoaMTCcrM Abbw^ DoraM: 
Cmbm, UV** ea Tmm «« 

Dillon,/ ». ^. Oonhrock. 
Dillon, Vbcoont. Arthur Ed- 

MVHD DiMwts Las DiLU>» iteh V. (I.P.X 
Ac ilia. «. Hm; A.-0.. HArold Anbor, A tt««. 
Swrti- D y wU i j . Oi^MdiMn : LM«iiGlyna. 
CO. noMoaMBHk rMM iTMAdnwr — 1 1 1. 

DiAracli, tunuune E, 



DONEOALL, Marqae«^ of. (Sh^ lu ff. 


T««. K.P., C.CH.. IM 
1707,*. 1844; A./.. hUl'f V V. 

fcd«rard.^.l799. JTra/* — H;«\r» I'^rk^^o. Down ; 
Fuhermdt. co. Antrim ; llie Caole, Belfiut ; 
HaouMd Manhall, Ne»bury. Berk*. r«mm 
RnidtMt^—n, GrMveaor Square, W. dmis— 
BrookiX Whiu's, United Service. Ulster.. 
DoNKKAiiv. Viscount. Hayks St. 

LaCKK I>),^. 1818, f. 18^: A.-/., his 

OOttiin. iiurSL Leger, Ilm).,^. 1835. 

Jmi/— i>wii<.....<^ Court. Duneraile. co. Cork. 
T*mm Ittndttut—u, Crokvcnor Street, W. 
Clmtit—Cuitoo. Arthur*. WTiitct, Kildarc St. 

DoNiNGTON, Baron. Charles 

c. 1880: A. -41.. Charles Edward Hastings, JST. 
of Loudoun, b. 1855. Srats -Dooington Park, 
Derby: Loudoun Castle, GaUton, N.B.; Raw- 
doa HJai, YorL CIhA, Carlton. 

DoNoUGHMORE, Earl of. (Sits as V. 
Hutchinson.) John Lukb Gborgb Hbly- 
Hi/TCHiNsoN, K.C.M.G., 5th E., 6. 1848, *. 
1866 : fu-it., Richard Walter John, K Suirdale, 
t. 1875. .SVa/— Knocklofty Huunc, Clonmel, 
CO. Tipperary. C/«^f— Carlton, Marlborough, 
Kildare Street, White's. Sl James's. 

Dorchester, Baron. Dudley Wil- 

MOT Cakleton, 4th B., 6. 1822, *. 1875. TatvH 
J! esidencr— ^.hcrUley^u&n.W. C/«^-Turf. 

Dormer, Baron. John Baptiste 

losKTH Dormer, 1 3(h^.,^. 1830, «. 1871; A.-/., 
his brodier, James Charlemagne. 6. i8u. Seats 
—Grove rark, near W aru-ick ; Peterley 
House. Amersham. C/«A- Travellers'. 

Douglas, /. «. M. Queensberry, and 
£. Selkirk. 

Douglas (Douglas-Hamilton), yi n. D. 

Douglas (Douglas - Maclean - Comp- 

ton).y: n. M. Northampton. 

Douglas (Douglas-Pennant), /. n. B. 

Douglas (Montagu-Douglas-Scott), 
/ M. D. Buccleuch. 

Douglas (Watson-Douglas) / n. E, 

Downe, Viscount. Hugh Richard 

Dawnav, 8th y. (LP.), *. 1844, *. 1857 ; A. -a., 
John, b. 1872. Stats— DiMhy Lodge, Varm : 
Wykeham Abbey, York, Toivh Residetue— 
19, Berkeley Square, W. C/«*x— Carlton, 
^Vhitc's, lurf, Marlborough, Yorkshire. 

DowNSHiKE, Marauess of. (Sits as 


Wbixincton Blunlrll Trumbull Hill. 6th 
M.. b. 1871, *. 1874 ; A.-/., his uncle, L. Arthur 
William. M.P., b. 1846. Seats- East Hampstead 
Park. Wokinxham ; HUUborough Castle, HilU- 
bocotigfa, ca Down. 

Drogheda, Marquws of. (Sits as B. 

MOORB.) Hi ■. . M <^ . 

K.P., P.C, 

A.-/, to Earli. . 

Poosoaby William Mo-irc, l.».i. .SV-.i/ — Mikji- 
Abbey, Monaatereven, co. Kildarc TVtt". 
RttuUnct—iA^ Dover Street, Piccadilly. C/w/j 
—Carlton. Travellers'. White's, Marlborough, 
Kildare StrceL 

Drumlanrig, K., d. s. M. Queensberry. 

Drummond, Z., grattd-s. E. Perth. 

Drummond, /. n. E. Perth, and I '. 

Drummond (Heathcote-Drummoml 
Willoughby), surname of Barymtts Willoughby 
D'Ercsby, and B. Aveland. 

DuciE, Earl of. Henry Jons i 
noli>s-Morkton. P.C, F.R.S.. 3rd£". . 
*. 1853: A. -a,. Henry Ha«ght..» V' 
L. Morcton. M.P., b. 1857. ^e,i: 
Court, Falneld : Sarsdcn, Chi; 

T<ntfH Rrsidenct — 16, Portmaii . , _, •• 

C/m^— Brooks's, Travellers', Athenaeum. 

Dudley, Earl of. William Wari •. 

ISt E.,b. 1817, c. i860 ; A.-rt., William Humble. 
V. Ednam. b. 1867. .?«•<»/*- Himlcy Hall 
Dudley ; Witlcy Court, Stourport, Worcester 
Crogcn, Con*cn, Mcrioncih<khtre. Town [a» 
chief \ k etu/ence— Dudlev House, Park Iwin 
W. C/w^*-Carlton, White's. 1 ..rf M.i: 
borough, Su James's. 

Duff, /. ft. E. Fife. 

DuFFERiN, Earl of. Frederk 
Temple Hamilton-Blackwood, K. P., Va 
K.CB.,G.CM.G.,F.R.S.,D.C.L.,Li i 
£., b. 1826, c. 187 1 : h.-a., Archibald I 
y. Clandeboye, b. 1863. J/a/-Cbn.; 
CO. Down. Residence— hnxxtii Embassy, .'- 
Petersburg. Clubs— Brooks's. Travellci 
Athetucum, Marlborough, Ulster. 

Dun ALLEY, Baron. Henry Prittil, 

yd^. (LP.), *. 1807, /. 1854: A. -a.. Henry 
0'Calla«han, b. 1851. ^#«/— Kilboy, Nctiagh, 
CO. Tipperary. 

DuNBOYNE, Baron. Theohald 
Fitz-Walter Butler. 14th B. (I.k.I*.). if. 
1806, s. 1850 ; A. -a., lames Fiu- Walter Cliflord- 
Butler, b. 1839. i>eat — Knoppogue Castle, 
Newmarket on- Fergus, co. Clare. Clubs— 
Carlton, Kildare Street. 

Duncan (Duncan-Haldane), /. n. E' 


Duncombe,/. n. E. Feversham. 
Dundas, Z., el. s. E. Zetland. 
Dundas,/. n. E. Zetland, and V. Mel- 



DuNDONALO, Earl ot Thomas 

M^BMuCocMaAwa. iiikjr.(l.lLF.Jl.AtSu. a 
.iio.A.^, Dwiiti> Ml hi— I bA M— il- 
loa. iL. CodtfaM. A its^i fWM Mmt^mt^- 

Otti^amui, K, «r. a iff. Cpfk ud 

I., d. t. £. H< 

Ihinio, K. 41^. », £. CUacArty. 

l>ui)luc«, K, ^. /. if. Aatrim. 

r, Eari oC (Silt aa ^.) 
mv MuaaAV. ph,M.,k •!«>, 



# ie;> s/x^Jr-Diwera, ScirfiM; lak of 
M^kiia. TmrnM, 
Raad. 8.W. 

(S*tt aft A KmjiavJ Wiupham Tnoma* 

Wv|l»MAM-<^>IM,IC.P..«lkir..A ll«*.4. i»7i; 

i.-^t hm tmmim. Wiadliaai Haary. A ttlj. 
' iara Maaor, Adaia, oa Lhawirt ; 
So m lMwfcwm. GlaaMnaa- 
KmUtmn Kaary Hout }, Putaay Vala, 
Ciblv-Wkka'a. BfookAV Wiaatua^ 


R4n.Hi. Pcsu St vlv. Mid A 

(I K I'X y liio. i 1^ bradMr. 

Skcfia^UM jAac». ^ . DuaMUKUa, 

Ailiaary.caOalwmy. C/a^-Carittio. Kildafa 
buaat,ca. Gahmy. 

DuNftANY, Banm. Edwaao Plun- 
aaTT. iMiA(LR.P.XA tagf.«. ilti; A^. 
lUadal K4wafd ShartianM. A ita. .$«•/ 
-Davaay CMili. Navaa. caw Maaik r^aa 
R»tidfmn I. GrawaMr Placa, S.W. CAJ^ 
-1>a«dlar.\ Uaiiad SarvkaTlUUara SlM 
^ Dunwich. K, d, u E. Stradbrokc 

Duppltn, V.^d. s. £. Kiamrall. 

DuKiiAM. BUhopof. josKPH Barbir 
IjCMTruoT. D.D.. D.C.L.. LLD.. A iSa. 

DuttiiAM, Earl of. John Giorob 

l.«Mn:.s. irj if. A 1855.*. 1879; 
l>rvxhcr. Krclcrkk \^1UtAm(t«iBXM.P..A 1855. 
A^z-LioaUoa CamU. Duriuai ; Tmm Rtti- 
4*m^y^ Hdl teaai. Barkalay Sqaaia. W. 
C V aJb uiiatdi*. IWl 

Dumfoid, samame of ^lifA^s^ of 

t^ r m.B. Shcfbome. 

<. Baron. Arthur dr 
i Rica, Ma A. A i8A •' >M: 

A^. VV.J;«f riu-Uryaa. A it7> .Sm#— 
Dyticvw CAtflt. - - — " 

DVIART. Earl of. WttXIAM lONH 
MA>Ma»> Ha.MiAOI.r.]lXitfl». 

^ lO Ilacta4i 

Ebrii^UNi, v.. d. i, B, FoUmcm. 

ERURY.Baroo. RoBRtTGROtrBiiO«« 
P.C. Id A, A tfoi. «. lii;: A-*, » p> m 
Wattaaar, A its«. l<al Boor Pfefl. llkA- 
■■■iii'uiik r#aM R ni dt t * m. PaHi Smm. 
W. r/b4»-lt«lbnB. BfooluVTnvaBm'. 

Edca,/. «. A Ancklasd. 

EdgcwiaM^ /. «. iff. Mom Edr 

Bdnam, F, aC r. i?. Dttdler. 
Edwardc*,/. «. ^. Kaufa^toiL 
EfFfNOHAM. Earl oC Henry 

HoWABO. aad A. A itoA «. SI4S : A-a. 
H«ry iL Hovard of rJ^lj, i i8|y. 
5«wi!»--TiiMarwa Homm, BkaMar: TiiaGnMCt. 
RoUMvluaL Tmmmltm4mM 51. Baiea Placa. 
8.W. C/n^-Travalan*. 

Egcftoo, / «. i?. Enomere, ^. 
WUw. aad A Otay da KadclMfc 

Egrrton of Tatton, Baroo. Wil- 
UAM Tatton EcaaroH. im A. A iloA r. 
A-*. WUbcmlHua. k.P..A ttsiL Stmt 

i8]o: .-.^, ^.■...■ — .-. ,^,.,^ ., 
-Taooa PaA. Kaoufevd. Ttmm 
-7. S«. JaMA'tSquara. S.W. ClmU- 
TravaBan*. Maad tcMar C oatw<a tl * a . 


eiCsafti?. ofWiMTOM.) AaCNiaAL0 WlU4A« 
OMTOOMaAiB, tAiii A, A 1I41. c iMt ; 
A/., kb bfathar. SMoa M.oainliia., A ,tt«A 

Jrviaa. AfnUr*: 
OaaflMam. LaaariBihifa. T^m Rmidmm— 
rUppar Balra va Scraac. S.W. CAid»- 

Egmont. Earl of. (Siuas^. Lovsu. 
AMD HoLLAMD.) CHAauaCaoaGa PaacsvAL, 
7U1 K., A t84s. <• i>74; A-/C. Im wmm. 
Aucualiu Gaorga Paroeval. A ila^ SnUa— 
CowdfByPari.MidlHin«: Loboft Cartla. Corii : 
Ckurdaoars. BuUevaat, Iralaad; Norlt H oaaa. 
EaaoaL Tmm A«tf«iwr-a«. S*. JaMi'a 
PUearS.W. Ctelr-CariMrSL gtiflna-^ 
I't. Boodla\ Maffboraogli. Naar Uai- 

EldM, Z.. M.P.. ar. /. E. WemjM. 
Eloon, Earl ot John Scott, tid 

A. A 184). «. i8«4 : A«. Jote. K. riciiaili. 
Aitya iaal»-Eao«mba,Waw4a»; g >aaaB. 
Honhliri Tmm ftwiim\% 1 liaMlHa 

EijOin and KiNCAUMitB, Bad ot 
(Stt aa A E%ia.) Virroe AtaxAVoaa 
Bavca. ydi A af Bbria aad Mik A Kfai. 
canliaa. A 1849. & 7%: A^. kfe bmkar. 
Robart fVaaoa. M.P.. A itct. .yaa# %mam 
Hal. DaafanalBa. PMbyra. CAda-Dtvw. 



Elibank, Baron. Montottru Fox 

OUPNANT MURKAV. lOth . >: iSfO. 

$. 1871: k.-m., Akxandr > hade« 

Olipham. t, iSm. Semi* 1 hlddle- 

Bton. . P w bl — hire : Ballcncrictr {m rmim), 
HaddiaiKtaMlure : Pitheavlu. Perttuhire, Kli 
tMmk GMlk {ht rmimt\ Selkirk. Residmct- 
Gnvdy* House. Hayward's Heath. Clmbt— 
Navml and Miliury. New. 

Eliot,/, n. £. St. GemiAM. 

Ellinborough, Baron. Charlrs 

Edmumo Law, ird B., h. i8ao : x. 1871 : A.-A 
CharietTowiy Hamilton, A. 1856. Residence— 
Hoily Spring, Bracknell, Berks. Ttmm Rett- 
dem»-^ Buckingham Gate. S.W. Clubs - 
United Service, Anny and Navy, Royal 
Thames Yacht. Carkon. 

Ellesmere, Earl of. Francis 
Charlbs Granville Egkrton, 3rd E., K 
1847, *. i86a ; h.-a., lohn Frands Granville 
Scrope. y. Brackley, J. 1872. 5Va/— Woniley 
Hall. Manchester. Taum Residemre—Bnda- 
water House. Cleveland Square. S.W. Ciuit 
— Mariboroogh. Travellers'. Turf. 

EUicott, surname Bishop of Gloucester 
and Bristol. 

Elliot,/ n, E. Minto. 
Ellis (Agar-Ellis),/ n. V. Qifden. 
Ellis,/ n. B. Howard de Walden. 
Elmley, K, el. s. E. Beauchamp., Baron. William 


(S.R.P.X h. 1828. s. 1861 : h.-a., James Dnimr 
mond. b. 1865. .Jrrt/— Carbcrry Tower, Mus- 
selburgh, N.B. C/«r*x— Carlton. Marlborough- 

Ely, Bishop of. James Russell 

WoooroRD. D.D.^ *. 1820. con. 1873. Palace 
- Ely. Town Residence ~lL\y House, 37, Dover 
Street, W. C/w^— Athenaeum. 

Ely, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
lx>m's.) John Henry Wkllincton Gra- 
ham I>>KTis, 4th M., b. 1849, *. 1857 : *•/•. 
his cousin, John Henry I>ortus, Esq., *. 1851. 
.S>rt/*— Ely Lodge, Enniskillen. co. Fermanagh; 
Ix>ftus Hall, CO. Wexford : Keamsey Abbey, 
Dover. C/»*x— Pratt's, Kildare Street. 

Emly, Baron. William Monseli., 

PC, isl B., b. x8ia, c. 1873; A. -a., Gaston 
Thomas Wjlliam, b., 1858. 5"«'a/*— Chateau 
de Drouilly, Montoire ; Tervoe, Limerick. Clttbs 
— Atheascum, .St. George's. 

Emlyn, K, M.P., el. s. E. Cawdor. 

Encombe, K, //. s. E. Eldon. 

Enfield, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Stkafford.) Gborgk Henry Charlks 
I!vs'., called to the House of Lords during 
the lifetime of his father, ^. 1830. Seat— "Dm 
\V him, Wcybridge. Tmvn Residence— ^o, Rut- 
land Gate. .S.W. C/«^i-WhUe's, Brooks's. 

Enniskillen, Earl oC (Sits as B. 

Grinstrad.) William Willoighbv Cole, 
D.CL.,LL.U., F.R.S.,yd A.,A. 1807,1.1840; 
*.-«., Lowry Egerton, V. Cole, M.P., b. 1845. 
J/rt/~ Florence Court. Enniskillen. co. Fer- 
managh. Tfwn Ketidence -65. Eaton Pbce. 
S.W. C/M^f— Carlton. Athenaeum, Sackville 
Street, National. 

Ennismore, V.,eLs.E. Listowel. 

Ernf^ Earl of John Crichton, 

K.P. (I.R.P.X ird ^., A. 1802, *. 1842; k.a., 
John Henry. /^ Crichton, M.F.. b. 1839. Seat 
~ Crom- Castle, Newtown Butler, co. Fer- 
managh. Town Residence — 05, Eaton Square, 
S.W. C/».^Carlton. 

Erroll, Earl of (Sits as B. Kil- 
marnock.) William Harry Hay, 18th E., b. 
1821. t. 1846 : h,-a., Charies Gore. /.. Kilmar- 
nock, b. i8j2. Seats— ?Asi\n% Castle. Cnidcn, 
Aberdeenshire ; Eull Manor House. Cornhiil, 
near Coldstream, Northumberland. 

Erskinf^ Baron. John Cadwal- 

LADER Erskine. 4th B., b. 1805 ; s. 1877: 
A.-/., his brother. William Macnaghten, b. 
1841. Seat — Ettenheim, Torquay. Club— 

Erskine, B.yd. s. E. Mar and Kellie. 

Erskine, / m. E. Mar and Kellie, 
and E. Buchan. 

Erskine (Goodeve-Erskine), surname 
E. Mar. 

Erskine (St. Clair Erskine),/ n. E. 

Rossi yn. 

£lskdaile, L.^ grands. D. Buccleuch. 
Essex, Earl of Arthur Alger« 

non Capbll, 6th E., b. 1803. s. 1839; A.-/., 
his grand-s., George Devereux de Vere, L. 
Capcl. b. 1857. ^i-rt^-Caswobury Park, Wat- 
ford. C/kA— Travellers'. 

Evans (Evans-Freke),/.«. B. Carbery. 

Eveleich (Eveleigh de Moleyns), sur- 
name B. V^ntry. 

EvERSLfcY, Viscount. Charles 

Shaw-Lbfbvrs, P.C, D.C.L , LL.D., ist V., 
b. 1794, c. 1857. .Jra/— Heckfield Place, 
Wincnfield, Hampshire. Toivn Residence- 
114, Eaton Square, S.W. C/»^«— Athenaeum, 
Boodle's. Brooks's, Fox. 

Exeter, Bishop of. Frederick 

Temple, D.D., b. 1821, con. 1869. PeUace— 
Exeter. C/i**— Athenaeum. 

Exeter, Marauess of William 

Allbvnr Cbcil, P.C, 3rd M., b. 182s, /. 1867 : 
k.-a., Brownlow Henry George, /.. ntirghirv, 
M.P., b, 184^. .SVrt/— BurghTey House, near 
Stamford. Town Residence— 6, Hereford Gar- 
dens. W. C/m^i— Carlton. Junior Carlton, St. 
Stephen's, Marlborough, United Service, Coi>- 




■arrwooo lo«« Pnxaw. 41k K. k iMi. 
ty6;A.^, Ilk brailMr. WUEmb Addii^Mi 

i >uwlard. m»*r KmMT. 

Fairkax. Baron. JoNN Coirns 

i. U.S. A. 

KAX, Baron. JoNN Coims 

M D. . Mtk A <S.P.i A il«K «. iMf : 

<ff« Kifftry. A ityo. £M#-ff««lMap- 

icMburg. hiM Oauff (C»X Mwr 

. i^Mbunc PMMa BiufMi CGOkl Mw^ 
•lGooer(Keith.Falcan«),/ «. iT. 

Falkland, Vitoomt (Slu as S. 

*»Mx>H.) Lvov* BntTiHCK Cabv. P.C. 

C.H.. wt fc^K, A i ty. «. li a^; A/c. 

.7/4/ Auiicr^etfr, Yifni. VoriuMn. 

I LYN Boa- 

^ -•. Si. laMi't iiqMM. &W. Cimtt 
" n.,c .. ArtlMirV, Mariboraivli. TwC Yortc 

Fanr. /! «. j?. WeatOMtdand. 

Baron. Somkrset 
K V wBU.. Ich A (I.P.X A ilet. «. 

i&« . , y^.. ..^ temlMr, jtmm Pkirc*. A ili> 
AMir~l>aniaMi. and AfWy Cmum*. Moom 
NiuMU co^ Cavva. Tmmi / o d mo r nl, 
NvviMMi Gcwa RoMl. N.K. 

PdtUi^/. «. iS: Deabigli. 

FaOdfaw and CaUan, K, af. «. ^. 


FEtMOY. Baron. Edward Frrz- 

Ki>Mi Nu Ih HK> RocNa.aad A(1.P.)lA iUih 
i IV4 A / . bit bntlMr. JaaMs BootliAjr 
Hurkr. fl. i«M. Sm«»— TrabaigBa, WUmcam, 
cu. Cork ; KiMiMiaig. RatkoonHM:. ce. Cork : 


FKRRKRs,Eari. Saw ALUS Edward 

Shiulkv. MCk £.. A it47. «. 18)9: A<A. Ida 
a. Wakar KiMn. A il^. iwar-^caua- 
Harald, AaSbr4a4^^2Mcli : dMRlty 
~ ~ ' CiUa>Cu«iMi. Beodk't. 

FrvrasiiAM, EarL Wiluam Er- 
NK.%T DuMcoMaa. la £., A tt«9. «. a» ytl 
/f. 1*67. c. ttfU.A.^, WUkua Ragiaaia. K 
llelamky. MP. A ittt. Smi -Dunamhm 
Park. Hda»ky. YorktiUra. r«wa Rtddtrnt* 

lo. Bapava SqiMra, S.W. CAiA»— Jaaior 
CarlioarTar<; Marlbavoagk Yorkahiia. Tra- 

Ffrcnch, Baron. Thomas Ffrrnch, 

4th if (IP). A tSio.Juiiaa;AA.k»brailMr. 
MArt>iiJ«cpk,Aiti> ^«Badhw)r-Ela Park. 
Mwrioo. Dublia. 

Fiennca (Twislcton-Wykeham-Fien- 
^•iX / "• 9' ^r* Md Sala. 

FlPl, EaH oC (Sits as ^. SsiMt.) 
AuDUMoaa WituAM r 

diMOT. Md RniMiWjii Hmw. Haaily. RMfT- 
•Mm: laM* HaaM. Ub; WM««aa Haaw. 
Morav ; Mar LadfR, iBiiim; fltoa* HaM*. 
aad U« HaMjSviaMMrau Tmm ntJ- 
^tmm 4 ^Cay« rfM i Jfaara^^ W. Cte«»- 

fti iiR?i>iii. Be JaaM^oSiSdu Eayal vJd^ 

Fbeaatle. K., 1/. /. E, 

Findi,/ ». ir. AjleilbnI. 

Fbdi-Hatton,/ m, E. Wh 

FiNOALU EaH «£ (Siu as B.) 
AarauB Iambs Plvhk8TT. P.C loili A. A 

A il«. 5^~klllMa CMfa. Tata, co. 
vioa, BraokA'a 

Fittalan (Filxalaa. Howard),/ «. />. 
Morfotk. aad B. Hawmid oTCkwofL 

Fiu-Clarence, y., tL t. E. MmMer. 
FKx-Clarcnce, f. m. E Monster. 
Fitt-GcnJd,/ •. />. Ldnster. 
rtU-GeraU.De-Ros,/. m. ^. De Ros. 

FiTZ-IlARDiNCB, BanML Francis 
WitxiAM FiriHAaMNOB Bcaxaunr. aad B., 
A t8*6. *. iI6t : A/., M* bracks. OMrl* 
Pa|acril>-Hariik«a.Aitjai. .£M«»--B«kal*y 
CaMk. Bvkaiay. OkawMmMra : Oaalbri 
Haoariow. CAOt-BaodVa, Tart 

Fitmaarice, / m. il/1 Lansdowne, 
K. Orfcaay, aad Bmfmtea Nairaa. 

Fha-Patrick,/ n. B. Castletown. 

riU-Rojr, /. «. />. Grafton, and B, 

FmwiLUAM, Earl. Wiluam Tho- 
mas Srsacaa Wa a ywoat a • FirxariuaAM. 
ILG..<(kiE..A ili5.«. its?: A«..lMfiBwl. 
Ma. WiUba Ckarfaa d« Mora. V. Mihoa. 
A itT*. JbUar'W«M»ortb WoedkoaM. 
Rotkwkaai; ChpiaHia. ea. Wkkkw. TaM 

fVmtx,/. m. y. Ashbrook. 

FOLIY, Baron. Henry Thomas 
Pounr. stk A. A itja. «. iM^; A.^. k» 
btatkar^ PkalM Gka>l« laka. A 0$*. 
"" * r. Sanav . r*i»w 
Maf«.W. OmU- 

FolkcMona, K, ILP.,aiL/. i?. Radnor 



FORBKS, Bcrnn 
NAY FoRSn, l9Ch 

1809. «. t868: 
*. 1833. SfiU 

— Cude Forbcft. U ^. AbcrdMmhira. 

C/wJir- Caritop. Athcmeum. 

Forbes,/ n. E. Graimrd. 
Forbes, K, et. s. E. Granartl. 
Forbes (Hepburn - Stuart - Forbes- 
Trefttib),/ «. B. Clinton. 

Forester, Baron. George Cecil 

WbLO FoKKkTKR. RC, Jfd A -^ 'R— ' ' 

1874; A.-/., his brother, the Res 
kin Weld. *. 18 13. Seat»~\^\ 

Suffordfchirr: Willcy Park. Br. ,..., . i 

Park, Wclliinjton, Salop. Town Kesut'eHce— 3, 
Carlton (Jardens. S.W. C/mJv— Carlton. White's. 

Fortescue, Earl. High P'ortes- 

CUB, ytdE..b. i8t8. t. t86i ; k.-a., Hugh. V. 
Ehnngton, o. iSm- Seats — Ca&tle Hill, South 
Molton : Wear Giflbrd. Bidcford. Town Keti- 
tUnct—^, Charles Street. W. C/«^/— Travel- 
lers'. Athenxum. Brooks's. 

Fortescue,/. w B. Clermont. 
Fortescue (Parkinsonr Fortescue),/ n. 

B. Carlingford. 

Fox (Lane- Fox),/ n. B. Conyers. 
Fox (Fox-Strangways), / n. E. 

Frankfort, Viscount. Lodge Ray- 
mond Dk Montmorency, and V, (LP.), b. 
1806, #. tSia ; >L-a., Raymond Harvey, b. 1835. 

Fraser, / n. B. Saltoun, B. Lovat, 
and Biikef of Manchester. 

Freke(Evans-Freke),/! «. ^. Carbery. 

Freeman (Freeman-Mitford),/. n.E. 

Fremantle, / n. B. Cottesloe. 

French,/ n. B. de Freyne. 

Gage, Viscount. (Sits as i?.) Henry 

Charlrs Gage, 5th V., b. 1854. 1. 1877 ; h.p., 
his uncle Edward 1 homas. C. B., b. 1825. Seat 
— Firle Place. I>ewes, Susaex. Tawn Resi- 
dence- ^. Whitehall Yard, S.W. C/K^Mari- 

Gainsborough, Earl of. Charles 

George Noel, 2nd E., b. 1818, /. 1866 ; fu-a,, 
Charles William Francis, V. Campden. ^. i8sa 
Seats — Exton House, Oakham ; Campden 
House, Broad «ray^ Gloucestershire. Clubs— 
Carlton, St. James s, St. George's. 

Galloway, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Stkwart ofGaruks.) Alan Plantagbnbt 
Stewart, toth E., b. 1835, *. 1873 ; h.-^., his 
brother. Randolph Henry, b. 1836. Seats— 
Cunloden, Newtown Sffrw.irt. N.B. ; Glentrool 
Lodge. Bargrennat:: " right-shire : Gal- 

loway House, Gar !'. TfTvH Resi- 

dence— 17, Upper I . rcet, W. Ciubt 

u. Travellers , 3t. Stephen's. 

Galwav, Viscount. George Ed 

7th y. (I. P.). b. 1844, *. 1876; *.->».. his 

ooiMtn, Willi.^- "- V '• ' • *. 

1846. Seat •; 

Jteeietemce— i 

Boodle's. Cuiiv.ii, jiu.ioi v^.iMi.iii, luiKMiit' 


Gardner, Baron. Alan Lec( 

Gardner. 3rd B., b. 1810. «. 1815: A.->., )< 
cousin, Stewart William, b. i8ta. Seat 
Sirii...«,Kl Hall. Bishop's Stortford. Ttnt ■ 

me-^e Dover Street, W. Chtbt 

s, Brooks's, Boodle's. 

uarioch, Z., </. s. E. Mar. 

Garmoyle, K, <l. s. E. Cairns. 

Garvagh, Baron. Chai 
Spencer Geokge Canning, v 
185a. *. 1871 : k.-a., Leopold Kr; 
Georvt, ^. 1878. 5>«i/--KoIask.irihc, llalliuj; 
dal, Norway. C/w^/- Carlton. White*. 

Gascoigiie-Cecil, / n. M. Salisbur)- 
Gathome-Hartly, / n. K Cranbrotjl 
Gerard, Baron. Robert T'" ' 
Gerard, ist ^.. ^. 1808.^.1876; h.-a, 
Caawfield, <^. 1851. Seat — Garswood, .\ 
le-Willows, Lancashire. CUtbs — S% 
Marlborough. Boodle's, St. Stephen's, M;i: 
Chester Conservative. 

GiFFORD, Baron. Edric Frederic 

Gifford, V.C, 3rd B.. b. 184Q. s. 187a : h. 
his brother. Edgar Berkeley, b. 1857. Ciul 
Carlton, Junior Army and Navy. 

Gillford, L.y el. s. E. Clanwilliam. 
Giustiniani, / n. E. Newburgh. 
Glamis, Z., el. s. E. Strathmore. 

Glasgow, Earl of. (Sits as B. Ross. ) 

George Frederick Boyip. Ath E.. h. 1825. 

/. 1869; A.-/..hiski; ' '' ■'■ '. 
R.N.. b. 1833. S. 

shire: Kelbume ii >l 

Priory, Fifcshire ; I in: * - : i i.m- 

brac, Greenock. N.B. / ■.. <•— Ji, 
Hereford C.arden*, W. C, .. 

Glentworth, K, el. s. E. Limerick. 

Gloucestkr and Bristol, Bishop 
of. Cmarlk ■ i D.D., b. 1819, 

con. 1863. J TmvH Resi- 

deHce-ii,ih, W. Ciui 

— Atheiueum. 

Glyn,/ //. B. Wolverton. 

Goodeve-Erskine, surname E. Mar. 

Goodwin, surname of Bishop of 

Gordon, / «. M. Huntly. 

Gordon (Hamilton-Gordon),/ «. E. 

uicrrco khicdoii and iiuLtJUirK 


Cttwkwi (G<Mdo»>LtWKui). /. m, />. 

CJOTB^/. «. iff. AffTSn. 

Gore (Onmby-Core)./. «. ^. H«rkciL 

gut, C(v iHiblm; T»iMi»i ■■■, ■^■■■■1, «» 

1fe^t^ r.vti^cwlww Atay and Navy. 

v^/ ~ Bam GMiwOMilt. I4* oT wij^ 
" -««• J f0t dd0m tm t, Aaomui Sqaar*. W. : it. 
fioa 8svM«. DiiUb. Cib^UafaHi. 

ikwr-*-*^ r-ri of. (Siu at A Wot- 
UMi^Av :o BaAAAjOH SrAaaow 

A4.H»M.'< A., A it«i. «. iMm: A.-4.. 

H».A. tin. Siiii#-0«iSi4CMUa.MaAMHill. 
ctx Anaagk. r^Mi ^aaMaaor— lej, HarWy 
SuMC V. Cim»» BiQekayWlSV, iW. 
MArilMitmcK. lUMva 8IMI. ThivaBara*. 

GouGH, ViteMnit. doBOB Stb- 
nnott GoooM. aad K. A. tlis. «• 1M9; A--^. 
Hiigli. $. it«9. 5:M«f-S«. Haha't. Bboii 
iiMTfi. ro DubBa: Lnagli CMia, 

CowlMivay C/m' 
UnivrrMt). Kildart Siract, 

Gough (Googh-Calthorpe), / m. B. 

>Ba : Loagli CMia OHKla. Gort. 
<J*~AtlMwaai^ CMMmD«Mte 

Gower (Levaoo^ower), /. u. E. 

Gower (Satbcrtaiid-LeTcioa*Gower), 
/ «. D. SudMriaad. uA CtmmUtt Oasaitk. 

r.RArmN, Dnke ot Wiluam 

Mr >. . K Kov.«(h/>./. ••t9.A tM) : A.-/.. 
K>« ir ;;^r AoffwtmaiarlwUaDOs. CB. 
> ii«t. ^V^4-E«Miaallall,TlMifard,Saflblk: 

r«kdMd Ladga. Smt tearfbt^ r«aM 

Trm«a«m\Whi«a'B. TWf. MaiKaravgh. 

Graham,/ «. />. Mootroie. 

Graham, M., //. /. />. Ifootroie. 

GR\NARn. Earl of. (SiU as B.) 
Gaoa&B Aantva HAmMoa Foaaaa. ILP.. 
71I1 J:. a. iIu. «. il» : A.-*.. B aiaa i d Artlmr 
Wmmm PainSi HiUtiaft. K. r««i«,A itr*. 
5M#-CaMla Fortt*^ N«wt««r» Fa^bM, ool 
l^oMfetd. C/«4«- BoodlaV. Jaidar UMad 
S«r^ Kiiaw ScfMi. 

Grant (Ogilvie^nuu), /. «. £. Set- 


A.^. Us 


John Ricmabo 

Gbamviu.8, £arL Granvillb 
I Lavww Goarea. K.G.. P.C. D CL. 
r.lLl., wd J:. A itii. •. 046 ; A^. 
laOyga;^ I gwana^A ityik 5m«« 

' Kaai. Tmm MmUmtw^jL CMmb 



8.W. ChOt 

MacAafaaKa, Raiona, Dtvaanlnif 

Gbavbb, B«nm. Clabencb Ed- 

WAao GaAV«a.4ili #. (ll^l A iiM.<. itya; 
Ant.. Sjrdaay iViMi WiliMM KattlL^ 
itr*. A^wZ-llMMclMa, D a a a aa m . Claii 

cZlioiC'Navd and MilUry' 

Greenock, /.., ti. t, £, Cathcait. 

Grenvillc (Tcmple-NnBeat' Biwhtt - 
aHado»<3rcnviJle)L ummmmD. nailhiifaBi 

Gbkvillb, Baron. Fulkb South. 

wau. GaaviixaNi'caMT, >H A, A ttat. r. 
•I69: A^. A%aroo» WiiLai PaikaOfaaiba. 
A it4i. StmS — Ckmyu GMtla. DaMa, 
eg Wmi— >lh Ttmm Rfidtmw^y^ tnaadw 
Sqaaia.W. CA4t~R«ibnB. T»««llm*. Uakad 

Greville,/. «. E. Warwick. 

Grby, Eari. Henry Gbby, K.G.. 
G.CM.a.P.C.3rdir..A ito>.«. 1I45: A-/., 
hi* BCfibev. Albm Henry Gaon«. MP. A 
Its I. Smt-Womkk HoiMc. Ukbvy. Nonh- 

Grqr, /. «. ^. Sumford and Wbt- 

Gbby db Radcuffb, Baron. 
AaTNva EowABo Hoixard Gavr EcaaroK, 
nt A. A iti9. r. it^s- ( Kfai »— / <;»«» d» 

Ojcaai, SW. CArft.QvlM^ G«ii«^. 

Crqr^WiHoB, Vjaconat— a<e Cwy 

GrUnatoo. K, Wl i. £>. 
Grinnton,/ m. ^. Verolam. 
GroaireBor. E„ tl. s. D. WertaiiMlcr. 
Gioaveaor,/. «. /). WtrtniMtcr, and 

Gndph. aaniame oTtbe Rojral Family. 
Goart,/ «. B, Wimbon>«. 



GuiLPORD, Earl of. Dudliy 
Francis NorrN, 7th E., h. 1851. /. i86t : h.-m,, 
Ceorgv Frsdcrkk. L, North. A. 1876. Stats 
-WaUcnhMV Park« Dovw ; ClemhAm HaU. 
Wickhm Marlnt. C/MAt^-Caritoo. White's. 
Atwif and Navy. 

Standish O'Gradv. sth /'. (IP), h. 1841, «. 
1877; iL-A. his brother. Frederick Standish, 
^ 184;. 54r«^— Cahir, GuilUmore. KUmallock, 
CO. L4Benck. 

Goinneas,/. *». B. Ardilaun. 

Guthrie, /. n. B. Oranmore and 

GwYDYR, Baron. Peter Robert 

Bi^RRKLL, 4th B., h. i8fo. *. 1870; k,'a., 
WUloughby Merrick Campbell, b. 1841. Seat 
—Stoke Park. Ipswich. Suffolk. C/*i^— Oxford 
and Cambridge. 

Haddington, Earl of. George 

Ardkn-BaillibHamilton, iiih E. fS.R.P.). 
h. 1827. *. 1870; A. -a., George, L. Binning, b. 
1856. .y^'tf/i— Tyninghamc House, Preston 
Kirk. Haddingtonshire ; Mellcrstain, Kcl&o, 
Roxburghshire : Lennel House, Coldstream, 
Ber\»'jckshire ; lerviswoode. Lanarkshire : Ar- 
dcme Hall. Tarporley, Cheshire. Clud— 

Haddo, Z., el. s. E. Aberdeen. 
Haldane ( Duncan- Haldane),/. n. E. 

Haldon, Baron. Lawrence Palk, 

ist B., b. 1818, c. 1880: k,-a., Lawrence 
Hesketh, b. 1846. Seats — HaXAoa House, 
Exeter; Manor House, Torquay. Town 
Residence — i. Grosvenor Gardens, ».W. Club 
— ^^arllon. 

Halifax, Viscount. Charles 
Wood P.C.G.CB.. ist K, *. 1800, r. 1866; 
A. -a,, Charles Lindley. b. 1839. Seat— H'lcVXc 
ton Hall, Doncaster; Garrowby, Pocklington, 
Yorkshire. Ttnon Residence— 10, Belgrave 
Square. S.W. C/k3x— Athen«um, Brooks's, 

Hamilton, Duke of. (Sits as D. of 

Branix>n^ William AlkxaNobr Louis 
Stephen DoucLAS-H A MILTON, K.T., tzth D. 
Hamilton and 9th D. Brandon, b. 1845. s. 1863 : 
A-/., his brother, L. Charles George Archibald, 
b. 1847. 5'ra/x— Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire ; 
Kinniel, Linlithgowshire ; Brodick Castle, Isle 
of Arran, Buteshire : Easton Park, Wickham 
&Iarket. Clubs— Tyixi, Marlborough, Western. 

Hamilton, M., d. s. D. Abercom. 

Hamilton, /. n. D. Al)ercom, V. 
Bo>'ne, and B. Belhaven and Stenton. 

Hamilton (Arden-Baillic-HamiltonK 
< m. E. Haddington. 

Hamilton (Douglas- Hamilton), /. n. 
D. Hamilton. 

Hamilton (Hamilton • Blackwood), 

/. n. E. Dufferin. 

Hamilton (fiamilton-Gordon), /. «. 
E. Aberde^. 

Hamilton (Hamilton- Russell), /. >. 
y. Boyna. 

Hammond, Baron. Edmund Ham 

MONO, P.C, ist B., b. i8o», c. 1874. Tcttn: 
Residfmce-^i, Katon Place, S.W. Club 

Hampden (Hobart-Hampden), /. ti 
E. Buckinghamshire. 

Hampton, Baron. John Slanf 

Pakington, and B., b. 1829, $. 1880: A.-/ 
his half-broliter, Herbert Pcrrott Murray, 
1848. Seats - Westwood Park, Droit wit 1 
Powick Court. Worcester. C/n^— Carlton. 

Hanbury (Bateman-Hanbury),y.//. J> 

Hanbury ( Hanbury-Tracy), /. w. B. 


Handcock,/. n. B. Castlemaine. 

Hanmer, Baron. John Hanmer, i • 
B., b. 1809, c. 187a : A.-A. to the Baronet 
only, his brother, Wyndham Edward, b. i8i 
.Jra/— Bettisfield Park, Whitchurch, Sal- 1 
ToTtm Residence — 59, Eaton Place, S. \N 
C/«^*— Travellen', Brooks's. 

Harberton, ViscounL Jami 
Spenchr Pomeroy (LP.), 6th y.. b. 1836, 
1862; A-tf., Ernest Arthur (leorgc, b. 186; 
Residence— I iq, Cromwell Road, S.W. CitU> 
United University. 

Harbord,/ n. B. Suffield. 

Hardinge, ViscounL Charlk- 
Stewart Hardinge, and y.,b. 183a, s. 1856; 
M.-a., Henrv Charles *. 1857. .?*<»/— South 
Park, near Peiuhurst Place, lonbridge. Cltd>s 
—Travellers', United Service. 

Hardwicke, Earl of. Charles 

Philip Yorke, P.C, sth E., b. 1836, *. 1873; 
k.-a., Albert Edward, K Royston, b. 1867. 
^'m/— Wimpole Hall, Royston, Gunbndgeshirc. 
Cinbs — Carlton. Travellers', White's, Turf, 

Hardy (Gathome- Hardy), /. n. V. 
Cran brook. 

Hare,/ n. E. Listowel. 
Harewood, Earl of. Henry 

Thynnr Lascelles. 4ih E.,b. 1824. x. 1857; 
h.-a., Henry Ulick. K Lascelles, b. 1846. 
Seats — Harewood House, I>ecds : Or>IHv 
borough Hail, Knaresboroush. T- " ' ^ 
— Harewood House. 13, Hanov' 
C/m^/— Carlton, TraveIfer»',Turf, . i 



.ad A. A. Ill A «. 

-^mgfi Gin. M0KHMII1 
••i^-fiL Gmmmm Orw 

'iiun. UMt«d Sw>k« 

llAK&it, Baron. Giotur. 
Canmiimi Habms. 41k S., A ilt> 

I hu\ of. DuDunr 

^.. D.CL.mdir..At79l.«. 
iky FhuMis 8««Mt. K. ~ 

SortM HoM*. CuapdM. Olou- 
: rr«htf «. r^mm K fH d t m e r— w. O r w o w wr 
u»r«. W. C/n^Tnivvllw*'. 
liMttngUNi, AT., M.P.. 4/. /. D. 

Kastinos, BanMi. Gkorcs Man> 
R« Asn^SY. taiii A. A ittj. «. tt/s ; A-;^. 
bfMlMr. H«My jM»b. A itb;. Stmt* - 
xam CcMMfbl>, Dwvhaa^ Nortolk ; 


CoMttbK Dwvhaa. Norfclk. Smiim 


A : 






Ilaitingt, / 

»udoiia. aad /T. 
HATMrtirv.Rarofi. Wii.ff^MpACE 

- • - - - - KS., 


• .real 

1 iiWAtD 

Ctmtt - lrm««llm'. 

IlattonX /. m. E. 

^•i^c^»unl. CotH- 
K P.X A ttij. «. 

UMi«d S«rvk«. \%'baM'a. Sc. Sc«pk«'i, UMmv 


Hawkb, Bum. Rev 
Hmav JiruM Hawk*. ' 
A-A. llMtla MbAm. 
Wigya pMfc. TarfcMM* .iu» 

tUy^. «. ir. Evrol, iV. Twiwdifalt, 

» • »RT, MAn|O0M of. (Sii» ■* B, 
iMoMAs Tavum;*, wl i#.. a iIm, 

• ii>a«M,i: €f iuc«i««. Mr. A 

TmH. M«l- 

t ^arun. CMAALU MaAK 

(I.P.X «til A. A il«t. *. 

>nd« Ro«rlMMt, A itiA i««/a 

LinimtwMo Ht^na. TadcMMr ; Wartoy Ladf*. 

Bmcwood: AcMda* Ho«m. KiflaiWy. cd. 

R«fry. CMv-CmIm, j«Mr KA«y Md 

Mfltey. WMdaraM*. 

HaUli€OCe (HeathcoCe«DnniiiBood- 

D* Efwbr. AAd A Avvkud. 
Hedfct,/ M. i?. Baiilrx. 
Helmsler. K. M.P.. 4/. /. £. Fever. 

Hdy (HdxHatchinioo). /. m, £. 

Henley, Batoo. a HtiaEV 

HCMLBV, yrd B. (I i «. it^i ; 

A^.Fi<ad«nck.Atl4a. _... -.xjcdCouft, 
MtfRoclnr. (r/*«*--BfOQk»*. TuH: 

Hennikee« Baroo. (Sksati?. Hab- 

) fONM Majob HKMMUaUt'UAJOm. 

B., A tM. «. 1870; A^A. Alb«ft KdvAfll 

A I 


>~CBrii«i.WhiM't. M«1kmB«k' 

Hepburn (Hepbani*StiiaTt*Forbe>- 
Trifustt). f. m, B. Ointoa. 

Hepburne (Hepbume-ScottX/ «. B. 


Herbert./ m, E. Powit, J?. Pcm- 
brolM. and E. CafMtfvoa. 

Heeetord, Bishop of. J amis At- 

LAV. D.D.. A ili7, cm, iM. fmltm- 
H«raibnL C/b< Aiktaiii 

Heretord, Vbcoont. Robert 
Dcvbbsvs. iMi K. a iI«). i. ili« . A<«L. 

HEERtn,BRraa. Marmaouke Con- 
«rAButMAjnr«.i«t4di A. A tfiy. <. t%jt. 

El ■fcMfcii PJL MvYoHi : CarlA««f«A 
nffiiiliiiffii. CibAr- Boodle't. AtW 




Hbrtpord, Marquess of. Francis 

Hugh Gkokcb Skvmoit*. PC. G.CB., 
Mh M^ k t8i», t. 1870: A,-a., Hugh dc Gr«y, 
£. Yannouth, P.C. ^. iS4> Srat—Rtaiey 
HalL AlcaMcr. Wwvkkihirc C/M^-Umied 
Scmoc. Ckriton. 

Herver,/. m, Af. Bristol, and BuAo/ 
oT BMh and Wdk. 

Hewitt,/. M. V. Liflbrd. 

Hkytbsbury, Baron. William 

Hkkry Asmb A'Court-Holmes. and B., b. 
1809, t. i860 : A.-«., William I^onard, b. 1835. 
.S>«/r— Heytesbury House. Wiltshire: West- 
over, N ewport. Isle of WishL Ttmm Rttideiu* 
—41. Eaton Place, S.W. C/m^ — Carlton. 

Hill, Viscount. Rowland Clegg 
CuKc-HiLL, 3rd y., b. 1833, '• »875: *•-«•. 
Rowland Richard, b. 1863. 5'm/— Hawkstone 
Park, Shrewsbury. C/wA*— Carlton, White's. 

Hill,/ n. M. Downshire, and Bishop 

of Sodor and Man. 

Hill (Nocl-HiU),/ n. B. Berwick. 
Hill (Hill -Trevor),/ w. B, Trevor. 
Hinchingbrook, K, M.P., ^/. s. E, 

Hinton, V., d. s. E. Poulett. 

Hobart (Hobart- Hampden),/ n. E. 

Hobart, Z., grands. E. Bucking- 

Holmes (Holmes A'Court), surname 
B. Hcytesbnry. 

Holmesdale, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Amherst) William Archsm Amhkrst, called 
to House of Lords 1880, during lifetime of 
his father: b. 1836. Seat— lAnton Park, Maid- 
stone. C/«Ar— Carlton, Travellers', Marl- 
borough, St. James's, St. Stephen's. 

Holroyd,/ n. E. Sheffield. 

Home, Earl of. (Sits as B. Douglas.) 

CosPATRicK Alexandbr Homb, llth E., h. 
1799, *- 1841 ; h.-a., Charles Alexander Home- 
rionglas, L. Dunglass. *. 1834. Seats— "Wit. 
Hirsel, Coldstream, Berwickshire. Ttmm 
RetieUtue—t, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubt- 
Carlton, Travellers'. 

Hood, Viscount. Francis Wheler 

Hood, 4th V., b. 1838, *. 1846: h.-a., Gros- 
venor Arthur Alexander, b. 1868. Town 
ReMtdence— 10, Chesterfield Street, W. CMm- 
Whitc's. United Service, Travellert*. 

Hood,/ M. V. Bridport. 

Hope,/ n. E. Hopctoun. 

HoPETOUN, Earl of. (Sits as B.^ 
John Adrian Louis Hopb, 7th E., b. i860, t. 
1873 : A.-/., his brother, Charles Archibald, b. 
1863. J'/a/#—Hopetoun House, 5>outh Queens- 
ferry. Linlithgowsnire; Ormiston Hall, Trmnant, 
and Keith tfouse, Upper Keith, BbckshieU, 
H addingtonshire 

Hore (Hore-Ruthvcn), / n. I 

Horsley-Beresford,/ «. B. Decics. 

HoTHAM, Baron. John Hotham, 

5th B. (I. p.), b. 1838, t. 187a ; A.-/., his counn, 
the Rev. John Hallett Hotham, *. 1811. Seat— 
DaJlonHall. Hull. C/«^r-Carlton. Yorkshire 

Houghton, Baron, Richai 

ist B., b. 1809, c. 1863 : k.-a,, Robert Offlcv 
Ashburton, b. 1858. S*att—VTys\on Hall, 
Ferry Bridge, Yorlcshire. C/«^»— Travcllcm . 
Athenaeum, Yorkshire. 

Hovell (Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming- 
Bnce),/ n. B. Thurlow. 

Howard, / n. E. Carlisle, £. 
Effingham. E. Wicklow, and E. Suffolk and 

Howard (Fitzalan-Howard), sumanr* 
D. Norfolk, and B. Howard of Glossop. 

Howard of Effingham, Z., el. s. J 

Howard de Walden, Baron 
Frbdbrick Gborcb Ellis, 7th B., b. t8 
s. 1868 : A.'O., Thomas Evelyn. S. i88a Rr 
dtnce—xi, St. George's Road, S.W. Clubi 
Arthur's, Carlton. 

Howard of Glossop, Baron. Ed 

ward Georgb Fitzalan-Howard, P.C, ist 
B., b. 1818, c. 1869: k.-a., Francis Edward, b. 
1859. Seatt—Tnc Hall, Glossop, Derbyshire : 
Dariin, Salen, N. B. Town Residence— i^, Rut- 
land Gate, S.W. C/M^r— Travellers', Brooks's. 

Howe, Earl. Richard William 

Pbnn Ci;RroN-HowB, C.B.. vd E., b. i8aa, 
t. 1876: h.-a., George Richard Penn, V. 
Curzon, b. 1861. Jfr<i/«— Gopsall, Athcrstonc ; 
PeAn House, Amersham : Acton Place, Sud- 
bury, Suffolk. Town Retidettce—%i, Curzon 
Street, W. CiMbp-Tutf, Whites. 

Howth, Earl of. William Ulick 

Tristram St. Lawrbncr. ^th £. (IP.), />. 
1827, *. 1874 : A.-/., his half-brother, Thomas 
Kcnelm Digby, *. 1855. .SVa^— Howth Castle, 
Howth, CO. Dublin. C/«^*— Arthur's, Travel- 
lers', 'Turf, Devonshire, Kildare Street, co. 
Gal way. 

B. Braboume. 

Hughes, surname .5w^<?/ of St. Asaph. 



trt'NTINi.lM.N. F^l oC Fbancu 


^f 'tV>««»>n.' 


r (Sit* M fi. 

(Hcly-iluldatttuo),/ m. 

Hyde, Z., «/. s. £. CUrendon. 

It V I TOM. Baron. Heowortii 
f «, hmI M., a itsQi. JL^ 1876 : 
twt Hyllon, A iMsk 
c. lUaWM : MmiIi 
iMMlwa Pwk. Rj 
Uoedk't. Ovtom WMia*i, 

. Earl ot llBNRY Ed- 

vowAV*. P.C.sdk£.,k it47. 


Malbvy ll<MM. mmr 


KD Don- 

I -i-KcrX /. !». D. Rox- 

Invcninc, /,., ti. J. E. KtntOfC 
Irlv. r. H. P. Huston. 
I Bisk^ of LoMkw. 

j »c^<jii^ofCb«ter. 

Jcmu\i;ham,/. m. B. Staflbcd. 
T»k^»v. Fjirl of. ViCTOE ALBSRT 
u, ytk Jl. A itAS. & 
ary Robm ClM ¥. 
. ... MiddhiMi Pwk^BieM* 

t^^Uki CailM. CmIm. 

Jwii,/ «. K. St. Viaccai. 

joecljm,/ «. jr. Roden. 

JoUiflc,/ «. ^. Hyltoa. 

joQc*./ «. K. RueUfh, and ^Mi^ 
of Sl UavtdV 

Kkani, BaroQ. £DWAftl> AtTllut 
Wbluhotom ICaAMa, mA S .h- tlis.*- •'44: 
A A. ^ kRilMr. jdw Milty A t i t 11. A 

Kdth (Rdth-FalooMrX /. m, £, 

Kr*«MAte, ¥ja\ of. (Sits m ^.) 

KilU'tK). to. Kerr 


< Trow 
Kenoedx./ it. il/l AUm. 
KtNtiNGTON, Baron. 

A-*.. wittMi. 


Keppd,/ ». iS^. Albaaarie, tad K. 

ICer(Innes*Ker),/. m. Z>. RoxboiJKhc 

Kerr,/ «. AT. Lothian. 

Kerry, £., tl, s. M. Lanadowne. 

KxsTKVKN, Baron. John Henry 

Taoixora. md A. A tSst. «. 1174 : A-/.* 

^ H^ithw, Robrrt Crwur. A i8^». 5m/- 

«ick HouM. S m w i i w d, Liaoolmhir*. 

■ -Caritoo. ArtlMi^. 

iMlcoursie, K., a^ /. E. Cavan. 

Kiklare. M., d. s. D. I^nster. 

Killeen, Z.. //. /. E. Fingall. 

KJI.MAINE, Baron. Feancis Wil- 
UAM Bbovmb, 4tli B. (l.P.X A. 1841. <. iE»t : 
A«. Jute E?wnl I>y^ A 1^ " - 
Gmummm Hovm, RocMora BM 
■Mak: Hm N«y«. fclKwul 
C/W»-CmImi. aUMuv Sliwt. 

KUmaraock, L., d, i, £. EnoO. 

KiuiOEiY, Earl oC PRANCtt 
Cnabuu NsamiAM. jrd £. O-P-X ^ ili*. «. 
18S0; A A. (>i* IvbUmt. H«wy CoMBt. A 
1844. JMi!»— MooHM RMk. Ncwry.oD. Dowk; 
GocdM HoMC. UltMttk; SImvIrcmi Hai. 
M«i«<Dniytoi^ Salop: Clwpw Homc. 
Ri— Dawn. 



Kilw-orth, L,,tl.t. E. Mount Cashel. 
KiMRERLEY, Earl of. John WoDE- 

NOVM, P.C, I»t il.. l> iP.r. . >"^^> . fi-^-. 

John, L. WodehouM. '^ i»n 

Mfhy HouM, Wvinofx. ' »> 

HaD. Norwich- Towm A - ie» 

Souarc. S.W. CittSs TrA%cUcri", Brwoki'n, 
AtAcmMun, Devon»hire. 

King,/. M. ^. Kingston. 
King (King-Noel), surname of E. 
KiNOSALE, Baron. John Fitzrov 

DB Coi'KCV, 31ft B. (I. P.), *. i«ai. ». 1874: 
A./., ht» cow^in. Michael William De Courcy, 
Esq., h. 183a. CVm^ — Devonshire. 

Kingsl)orough, <•/. j. iE". Kingston. 

Kingston, Earl of. Hknry Ernest 

Nbwcomkk King. 8th E. (I. P.). *. 1848. 
*. 1871 ; h.a., Henry Edwin. K Kingxborough, 
h. 1874. Seat—Oik^an House. Boyle, co. 
Rotcommon. r/«*x— Carlton, White'*, St. 
James's, Kildare Street. 

KiNNAiRD, Baron. Arthur Wel- 

LESLEY KiNNAiRD, lOth B., b. 1814, $. 1878; 

k.-«., Arthur Fitr-Gerald, 6. 1847. Seats— 
Rossie Priory, Inchture, Perth ; Plaistow 
Lodge, Uromley, Kent. Trntm Ketidrnce—i, 
Pall Mall East, S.W. C/«»*-Aihcn*um. 

KiNNOULL, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Hav.) Georob Hay, nth E., b. 1827,*. 1866; 
k.'O,, George Robert, V. Dupolin, b. 1849. Seats 
— Dupplin Castle, Perth ; Balhousie Castle, 
Perth. C/m^j— Carlton, Marlborou^^h, Bea- 

Kintore, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
AI.CKKNON Hawkins Keith-Falconer, 
loth E., h. 1852, s. 1880; h.-a., Ian Douglas 
Montagu, L. Inverurie, b. 187a. Seats— 
Keith Hall, Invenirie, Aberdeenshire ; Inslis- 
madie, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire. Clubs 
— Devonshire, Marlborough. 

Kirkaldie, K, d. s. E. Leven and 

Knatchbull (Knatchbull-Hugessen), 
/. n. B. Braboume. 

Knebworth, K, el. s. E. Lytton. 

Knox,/ //. E. Ranfurly. 

Kynnaird, V., d. s. E. Newburgh. 

Lamljart,/ n. E. Cavan. 

Lamblon, f. n. E. Durham. 

Lamington, Baron. Alexander 

DuNDAS CochrakkBaillie, istir.. b. 1816, 
c. 1880 ; A. -a. Charles Wallace Alexander 
Napier, b. i860. .SVa/— Lamington, Lan;irk- 
khire. Tavm ResideHC€—i!b, WiTton Crescent, 
S.W. C/»r*-Cariton. 

Lane (Lane-Fox),/ «. B. Conycrs. 

Lanrsborough, Earl of. John Va ^ 

rtTTART Danvkrs Butlm. 6ih E. H.R.P.), 
b. 1839, /. 1866 ; 4. A., Chvlet John ifrinsley, 

L. Nrulr.un H.ilirr /. 1863. StatS -\m\9^ 

boroi -t, CO. Cavan : .Swith 

land i : i Town Resid^Mct— 

a.Grc ,. . ... .1. W. C/«»**-Carito.. 

Marlborough, iurf. White's, Kildare Strc 

Langford, Baron. Hercules K 

WARD Rowi.BV. 4ih B. (LP.), b. 1848, *. iK 
4.-/., his brotlirr WilliJtn Chambre, b. i^ . 
Seat — Siitr :•.€, Summerhill, ■ 

.Mealh. O Guard*', Turf, M . 

borough, Ki. — .- — .-i. 

Lansdowne, of. Heni 
Chari.b.9 Keith Fitzma' ki. h. <;th Af.. 
1845, *. 1866; /i.-a., Hr. 
E. of Kerry, b. 187a. 
Calnc ; Den con. Kmm 
Residetue- -, W. Clu^ 

White's. I'.i . Turf, M;- 

borough, R'-: 

Lascelles, V., d. s. E. Harewood. I 

Lascelles, / n. E. Harewood. 

Lathom, Earl of. Edwai 
Bootlb-Wilbraham, P.C, ist E., b. 16%-. 
i88o;A.-«., Edward George (A. Skelmendn 
b. I 86a, Seat — Lathom House, Ormski: 
I^ancashire. Totun Residenc* — 41, Portl.< 
Place. W. C/m*« -Carlton, White's, 
Stephen's, Turf, Marlborough, Travellers'. 

Lauderdale, Earl of. Chari 

Barclay Maitland, lath E. (S.P.). b. i^ 
X. 1878; h.p., his kinsman, Capt. Fredci . 
Henry Maitland, b. 1840. JTm/— ITiirlest.. 
Castle, Lauder, Berwickshire. Clnb—Qaa-^ 

Law, f. n. B. Ellenborough. 

Law (Towry-Law), .surname used 1 
B, Ellenliorodgh. 

Lawless,/ n. B. Cloncurry. 
Lawley,/ n. B. Wenlock. 
Lawrence, Baron. John Hamilton 

Lawrrnce, and B., b. 1846, *. 1870 ; k.-a.^ 
Alexander Graham, b. 1878. Resuunct—-^^ 
Beaufort Gardens. S.W. C/«3— Brooks's. 

Lecon FIELD, Baron. Henry Wynd- 

ham. and B., b. 1830, s. 1869: k.-a., George 
O'Brien, b. 1868. Seats— Petworth, Sussex ; 
Drove, Chichester. TtnvH Residence — 14, 
Great Stanhope Street, W. C/m^«— Carlton, 
While's, Marlborough. Yorkshire. 

Lb De<>penser, Baroness. Mar\ 
Frances Elizarbth Boscawbn, b. 1822. *. 
1831 : A.-a., Evelyn Edward Thomas, b. 1847, 
Ara/x— Mcrcwoftn Castle, Maidstone ; Trc- 

Jothnan, Truro. Tcwn Residence— 2, St. 
ames's Square, S.W. 




* nmn '. 

Lcfcvre (bhaW'Ldc^ : 


Lcgjjr, /, «». A\ I>anmuuth. 

U.U Mrtk, harl of. Thomai Wil* 

^ ^.T1iHM»WillLiii.K.C«k<.iLi( 

Earl of. (Siu m ^. 

> IT BsMMIMCNAil O-SMkim, 

^1 r# 

>r<l<<n-Lennox), /. n. />. 


Lc rocr-Trench, / m, £. CUuKVty. 

I.c !ic,/. w. Cpmm/ns Rochei. 

I ' !ic( U»lieMelviUe^/ m. £, Lcven 

I » •. » s v\; ** r 1 oC 

A: . «^ . <ff, 

(- k t V <» f. Uaif- 

b^x^rirf. Kooakl Kuthvcu. ^. ibi>- ^V«/ 
GlrnfcrTvnt, Diwnlwn. N.& 7#»« AT/^i 

L<r\c<.oQ, L.t 4/. /. J?. Granville. 
LevcMQ (Lcveton-Gower), /. m, £, 


/«./>. SotlMrlMid. Md IW Cmmit$a of 

EaH d; «^. #. JV. Abctsa- 
UwiUla^^ K, M.P^ 4^. /. £. Uart- 



UcNrtSLO, Bkhop of. Willum 


fU. .. V . ; : / ■ .-. ; ,^ « . 4., 

I'. .:.^, »,^/v .-, /' A..-. ... ■• ' •/•/#- 

/ m. £, ^<A\rJ\^.^<,nh^ 

. ;n<..uii! J \m» > Hi: WITT, 

, I . I • •, : * .t . jjmc* 
<>v«. Wwib(«d««. &.W. 

Ughtiuut. »umainc ^Ai4#/ ot Datham, 

LiLroRiH Baroo. Thomas LYTTi.t- 
To« Fows, jdi A, A till, «. it6i : A-tf., 

tun. Ouadk : lUak Hall. PiMoa. OmU- 
Cmiinm, TnivtOcn*. Oricaul. Gmtnek. 

LiMKRICK, Earl of. (Siu as S. FoX- 
roKix) W1U.1AM Halb Iomm Cmablm Paav. 

fdntiad dTVov ShmJfn. K GkatrMMtk. A 
1863. S*mi^ Dnman Cmk, FinMliiary,afc 
LiMrick. C/M^-Ctfkoa. 

Uncoln, Btthop of. CMaifTOPHUi 

WoBMwoKTN. D.D . D.CL. A tSor. emm. 

LtNOtAY, Earl of. JOHM TtOTTH 
BcTNomi. i«tK £ (S. p.x A iS^. «. iM: A-/.. 
Mi Ummiu I>jvi<1 CWrk« Uadcaiy. £».. A 
iSjs. 5m/- KikMM|uluur. Tilinhtrc. TVw* 

UDdttY, /.., XI.P., «IL A J: Cnwlbni 


Liadny,/ «. i?. Crawfonl and Bal- 




A iMi. S*ti - Ui 

I \l-. 

i»jo, . .-,3. ,. - - , — ,v. ;. 

Lisix Baron. John Akthuk Ly« 
lACHT. «ili A (t.F.k A itii. «. itM: A-A, 
Gm««« wtliMB )»»c«. / la^u. 



LlSMOR£» Vbooant. (Sits m /?.) 
OnoRGB PoNSONBV O'Callagan, tnd K, *. 
iSts. ». its7; A.^. G«ori« Coradiiu G«rmld, 
k 1146. JTm/— Shanbully Caitlc. Oosheen. 
TipMnnr. Trnmm Kettd^mce—y.Old Bur* 
[toiiitNM. W. C/«A#-Trmvellen\ KikUre 

Lbter./. w. Z?. Ribblesdale. 

LiSTOWEL, Earl of. (Sits as ^. 
Haks.) Wiluam HAirK.K.P . 3rd ^.,*. 1833, 
i. t8s6 : A. -«,, Richard Granville. T. Knnismore, 
*. 1866. Sfat—Convunon, Mallow, co. Cork. 
T0mm Rnidrmrr— Kingston Houw, Prince'« 
Gtt. W, ami's - Whiie'f. MariborouKh. 
Bract's Kildare Street. 

Littleton,/ «. i9. Hatherton. 

Liverpool, Bishop of.* John 

Charld Rvlr. D.D., 6. 1816, c»m. 1880. 
RetifUnce — Abercromby Square. Liverpool. 

LiJVNDAFF, Bishop of. Alfred 

Oluvant, D. D., ^. 1708, c<m. 1849. Palace 
— BUhop't G>urt. LUnoaflT. Town Address — 
»7. Pariiament Street, S.W. C/w^— Athenanim. 

Lloyd (Lloyd-Mostyn), / n. B. 


Loftus,/ «. M. Ely. 
LoNDESBOROUGH, Baron. William 

Henry Forbstrr Drnison, 2nd B., b. 1834, 
s. t86o •,k.-a., William Francix Henry, b. 1864. 
Seat — Lymington, Hants. T<nim Residence — 
18, Berkeley Square, W. C/k**— TraveUers', 
Turf, Marlborough, Yorkshire. 

London, Bishop of. John Jackson, 

P.C. D.D., *. 181X, con. 1853. t. i83o. Palace 
— Fulham. Town Residence — London House, 
9t , Sl. James's Square, S. W. ClitS — Atheiueum. 

Londonderry, Maniucss of. (Sits 

as £. Vanb.) Gborgb Henry Robert 
Charles William Vana-Tempest, ICP., 5th 
M., b. 1821, *. 187a : A.-«.. Charles Stewart. V. 
Castlereagh, M.P.. b. 185a. Jm/x— Seaham 
Hall, SunderUnd : Plis Machvnlleth. Mont- 
gomeryshire ; Wjmyard Park, Stocktoo-on- 
Tees; Mount Stewart, Newtownards, co. 
Down ; GarrxMi Tower, I>ame, co. Antrim. 
Ttwn Residence— lAindondcrry Hotise, Park 
Lane. W. C/»»*i- Carlton. Windham, Travel- 
lers' White's, United Service. Marlborough, 
Sl James's, Ulster. 

Longford, FafI of. (Sits as B. 


K.C.B., 4th ^., b. 1819, s. i860; A. -a., Thomas, 
L. Pakenham. b. 186^. .f ra/ - Pakenham Hall, 
Castle- Pollard, co. Westmeath. Ttrwn Resi- 
dence— 24. Bruton Street, W. Clubs- Carlton. 
tTbite's. United Service. Kildare Street. 

Lonsdale, Kari of. St. Geor- 

Hbmry Low ; . K., h. 1855. '• 'S; 

A.-/., hisbrot .01,^.1857. AV.' 

— LowdMrC ' Whit-h.ivrn ('n>;(l' 

Cumberland " 

Residtnct— ■ . 'V 

S.W. CMs ' 1 f. 


Lome, M„ K.T., G.C.M.G., P.C, el. 

t. D. Argya. 

Lothian, Marquess of. (Sits as / 

Kbr.) Scmombbrc Hbnrv Ker. K.T . -rV ' 
h. 1833. *. 1870; A.-ii.. William Walter 
E. of Ancram, *. 186;. Seat^ 


Iwttle Abbey. Dalkeith. Midlothian, .\ 1 
Klickling Hall, Ayl*ham ; Monleviot, jc 
burgh. N.B. T<mm ResidcMce-n. (Irusven 
Square, W. C/«** -Carlton, Traveller*'. 

Loudoun, Earl of. (Sits as / 
Hastings.) Charlb.^ Edward Ha •^•• 
Abnev-Hastincs, nth E., b. 1855. 
A./., his brother. Paulyn Francis C 
*. 1856. .9M/*-Willesley Hall. A»huy u 
la-Zouch ; Rowallan Castle. Ayrshire. 

Loughborough, B., el. s. E. Rossly 
Louth, Baron. Randal Per< 
Otwav Plunkett, 13th B. (IP). *• '832. 
1849; *■-«•. Randal Pilgrim Ralph. *. 18' 
Seat—LcnxiVk Hall, Ardee, co. Ix>uth. Ctu 
—Junior United Service, Hibernian Unit- 
.Service, Royal St. George's Yacht, Ralei^;! , 
Royal 'Thames Yacht. 
LovAT, Baron. SiMON Frase! 

15th B., b. i8a8, X. 1875; A.-a., Simon Josej'' 
b. 1871. .9,p«/— Beaufort Ca.'rtle. Bcaulcy, I 
vemess-shire. C/«*»— Brooks's, MarlborouR 

Lovelace, Earl of. William Kin- 
Noel, F.R.S., ist E., b. 180$, c. 1838; A. </ 
Ralph Gordon Noel Milhanke, y. Ockhara. 
1839. Seats— Esisi Horsley Towers, Lcath- 
head : Ashley Combe, Poriock, Somen.' 
Ttrrvft Residence— 9, St- George's I*lace. S. \ 
Club— Athenaeum. 

Lowe, / ft. V. Sherbrooke. 
Ix)wry-Corry, / n. E. Belraore, and 
B. Rowton. 
Lowther,/. n. E. Lonsdale. 
Loyd,/. n. B. Overstone. 
LucAN. Earl of. George Charles 

Bingham, G.CB.. 3rd E. n.R.P.). b. 1800, 
X. 1839; A. -a.. George, L. Bineham, b. 1830. 
.Tm/x— Castlebar. co. Mayo; Laleham. near 

Chertsey. Town Residence— ^6, South Street, 

W. CVm^x— Carlton. United Service. 

Lumley, / n. E. Scarbrough. 

Junior Bishop, without a seat in the Houm of Lords. 



LuftCAN, Raroo. CHAtLn Blown- 

u>w, ILP.. and ^.. A> till. I. it4T. A.<«.. 

Lygoo,/. «. A. BMwditaip. 
LJrmkfft«M, K, M.P., ^. s, £. Poft»> 

Ljroo (BowM-Lyon)./. «. ^. Stntli- 

Lyons. Baroo. Kichat 
PtMKLt Ltoh*. (ICB. I 
P CU,_md M..k iliT.*. !•)• 
W>«0^~T1M BffMWi BMbawy. f 
^^'Mt-NofftA H<MML Si. Ji 

_A- * 1^ ^ J 



s w. 

11. AllM. 

Lyngbl./ ». S. Lble. 
Lytteltok. Bmoo. Chaklis 

G^oatM LrrrmLToii, «*!> '•• A il4a, s. t$j6 ; 
A./., kk bfoilMr. Um iUv. Altan Viciar. 

'ajhj^*^ '-*• *-*-*' 
[ ' irloT. EDWAioRomtT 

B .. PC. GC&I.. O.CB.. 

• 't. r. ttto: L-m., Victor 

V s«t. K KMbvwtk. A 

nk Puk. Sm«««m. 
li ^•''-^niw.Sl.jMii?.. 

L FtT7- Patrick 

N xih-imputfuturc. I iiiini]iincf Htiua*. OndW. 
r.'*«« AVtildMer-ao. Sftvilt Rmr. W. CM~ 


KLO, Earl of. Thomas 
A' TfiinoLMM pABicn. 6tli £., 

M \< DONALD. Baron. 


A« • 


/ -^^ 


MtCOOMAU) (I.P.X Ml S., A 
«.. S(MMrl«d Oodfr«r laam. 

CltfUock • Banbury), 

JtisM^/ of Ox- 

Mackay*/ «. ^. Reajr. 

Mackeiuie ( Mootagv-StMit- Wortley • 
Umckmtm),/. m, M, WftwiiBi 

Biiktp^ Ikk- 


^^Oif oT Pmv- 

«. 5. 

Mattlaml./ ». £ 
^^lUjor (HcMrikar-MaM. / 

MaLMF V F -' -^ lA 

HOWABO I < ' <1L. 

£.. A %%u 
irMMnMr-14. Wiafsl* SuMl. 

MANCNnrrsB« Phliop ot 

Pbamb. D.D . A itit. <*■■ iftair^ 

Ma.hciiistrk. D«ke ot Wiluam 
Dbooo MoHTAnu. K.P., |«li D., k itvv a. 
lis; : A-A. 0«ir(« Viciar Dramo, V. Uam- 
acvUk. A It)]. 5>««r-KhBbaMi Gwda. 
_ _ . oa Ar- 

_ T0mm M0 t id tm m i. Of«M 
Sliwi. W.C C/a«» CMlioa. 

MandevOle, K. 4^. #. D. 

Manners, Baron. 


Manners, Baron. John Thomas 

Mahmkks. wd B., A its*. «. iM*; A/., kk 
brotlMr. ArdMtf. A its>. T^mm Ruidtnce- 


43. Priac«'t GttM. &W. 

Manaen,/ m. D, Ratlaad. 

Manners (MaMwn-Sntton), / «. 

Mansfield, Earl oC Wiluam 

Davio Mubbay. K.T., Aih E,, A iSa6. «. it«o . 
A^. WOliMi David. V. SconwHtf. A tSis- 
54wft Sc— ■ PbIbcb. l>ihBliiw : CiiilnagBB 
CmkIb. DttBrfWBMhiw; SdMir PBik. dacfc- 
■iBBBBAiw; Bubdrd. Ttmitit%. Ttmm 
Rnidem€*-tm Wopd. HiflcM. Cbdt^ 
Travdian*. Caitooa. 

Mansfield,/. «. ^. Saadhttiit. 

Manvers. EarL Sydney Wiluam 
HBaBSBT PiBBBBXMWT . jr d iL. A ita^ 
«. iMo: A^. CImHm WSEm SfdM^ 1^ 
N«waA. A ils4. -Sxa* — Thmmkm 1M. 
OU««<Mi. Noitt; HoIsM " ' '' ' 

luiik r< 

Mar. Earl ot John Feanob Brs- 
SK (;<iotNrni-KasKiHL ittli iC, A ■tyl, «. 
te . A^. loka Piaadi Haadm mariiir 
b BMoia rarWi. L, Gamdi. A iMI. 



Mar ani> Kriiir, Knri of. 




Kcllic Cwlle. 
atUoo. New. 

MaiLii, /:., Mi., ri. j. />. Richmond. 
MARLBORorcif. Duke of. John 

Athctueutn, Carlton. 

Marsham, K» ei. s. E. Romney. 

Marsham, / tt. E, Romney. 

Massereene and Ferrard, Vis- 
count. (Silt as B. Oriel op Ferrard.) 
CinTwoKTHV John Evre Foster Skep- 
!ith y., b. 184a, t. 1863: h.-a., 
lotworthy Whyte Melville, b. 1871. 
trim Ca&tle, co. Antrim; Oriel 
1 Vniiilc, Cillon, CO. Ix>uth. C/»r^*— Carlton, 
Bxiodle's, Travellers', Kildare Street, Ulster. 

Massey,yi n. B. Clarina. 

Massy, Baron. John Thomas 

William Massy 6th B. H.R.P.), b. 1835, s. 
1874: A. -d., Hugh Somerset John, ^. 1864. Si-ats 
-Massy Lodge, Anglesboro', co. Limericic ; 
Hermitage, Castlc-Conncll, co. Limerick ; 
Lareen House, Bundoran. co. Donegal. 
C/kA«— Carlton, Kildare Street. 

Maude,/ n. B. Hawarden. 

Maxwell,/, n. B. Famham. 

Maxwell (Constable-Maxwell), / n. 
B. Herrie*. 

Mayo, Earl of. Dermot Robert 

WVNDHAM BrUKlCE, 7th E. (LP), b. l8jl. 

*. 187a : A.-/., his brother, Maurice ArchilKild, 
R.N., b. 1853. 5'^rt//— Palmerston Houm, 
Straffan, ca Kildare: Hayes. Navan, co. 
Meath. CA«^*— Carlton, Guards', Marlborough, 
Kildare Street. 

Meade,/ «. E. Clanwilliam. 

Meath, Earl of. (Sits as B. Cha- 
woRTH.) William Hrabazon, nth /:.(!.?.), 
b. 1803, *. 1851 : h.-a., Reginald. L. Brabazon, 
b. 1841. 6>rt/— Kilruddery, near Bray, co. 
Wicklow. C/«A»-Travcllcr»'. KUdare StreeL 

Mclgund, V.y el. s. E. Minto. 

Melville (Lcslie-MelvUle), /. n. E. 
Leven and Melville. 

Melville, Viscount. Robert Dun- | 

DAS, 4th K, b. 1803, i. 1876 ; h.-/., his brother, i 
I he Rev. Charles, b. 1 806. Seat— M el ville Castle. 

Methuen, Boron. Frederk k 
Henry Pai;l Mbthuen. aod B., b. 11 
1849: A. -a.. Paul Sanford, b. 1845. 
Corvtuun Court, Corsham, Wilt*, i.. 
MarlborouKh, Brooks'*. 

Mex borough, Earl of. John 

(I P).*.«8io 
/. i860; A.-«.. John Horace. K Polltngton, A. 

Charles George Savilb, 4th £.(1. 

1^43- 5#it/— Methley Park, I.eed». 7>wi 
■»#rr — 33, Dover Street. W. Citt^ 


.'liDDLETON, Baron. DigbyWfnt- 
woRTH Bayard WiLi^ucHBY, 9th ^.. /'. iv^,. 
*. 1877: *.-/., his brother Godfrey I r -t 
Percival b. 1847. S^a O—WollaLion ! ' 
Nottin^h.-tm : Birdsall House, Maltm 
trington House, Multon ; Middletui. . 
near Tamwurth ; Applecross, Dingwall, Kuns 
shire. N.B. C/«^i -Carlton, Gtiards', Junior 
Carlton, Yorkshire. 

Midleton, Viscount (.Sits as B. 
Brodrick.) William Brodrick, 8th K.b. 
1830, X. 1870; A.-/I., William St. John ?' . 
mantle. MP, ^. 1856. Seats- Pepcr 1 
(!odalming; Cahirmonc, Midleton, co 
Ttni'H Rfiidence—%(), Eaton Square, .->.V* 
C/»^<— Carlton, Athenaeum. 

Milbankc,/. n. B. Went worth. 
Milles,/ n. E. Sondes. 
Milltown, Earl of. Edward Nr 

cent Lbeson, 6th E. (LP.), b. 1835. »• 1871 
A.-/., his hrnthcr. Mcnry. h. 18^7. S<itt 

Carlton, Kilcirc Street. 

Milnes,/ n. B. Houghton. 
Milton, V.^ grands. E. Fitzwilliam. 
Minto, Earl of. William Hi ( n 

Elliot Murray Kynynmocnd I 

K.T., 3rd E.. b. 1814, s. 1859 ; A.a. 

John, 1>. Melgi " " ' _ 

House, Hawick. Roxborghshire : Lochiccll . 

Melgund. b. 1845. Sfaft 

IjMnrade. Edinlnirgh. 7'oum Retidettc* — 7, 
Portugal Street. W. CY«*— Travellers'. 

Fifeshire. C/«** — Travellers', Devonsbif 

Milford (Frceman-Mitford),/ «. j: 

Moberly, samame Bishop of Sali.s- 
bury. , 

Moi i Viscount. 

Samli th. 8th F. (LP.), 

*. 1875 , . i;e Bagot. b. 1867. C 

Retidetui~^l. i'ctrtick Rectory. Si. Use 
Cornwall. Town RetitUnct—x, Collinghiir 
Road, .S.W. 

Molyneux,/ n. E. .Sefton. 

Molyneux, K, d. s. E. Sefton. 





MONCK. Vhemmt. fSit« m S.} 
iit» STAMttT M I a, r.c« 

r'., A ilitk «• it* 'T Fwiw 

. ea WkUew. f^«M H .ttJtmm jt, 
Umd, Ik W. C'Ai4« - Bmka.\ 
. KtltL»r« su«<t 

Animletl), nr* 

i'. i.«i**y. 

MnNrrti»r, Baron. IamW Mo«*- 
ID. i«^.. #. ili> 
»«•, A itjia^ ^#«i - 
^trwc. EdUburxk 
Uciurm, AlbwuBvm 

I. /: «. ir. Emi> 

IiAfon. \Vi 
Mil A. A ft. 

■ituirr lohn 

». D. Ml 

1 >.NigUu-Scott), 

•!>insot)->iontacuK / "• 
Ktmboltun, Z., gnmd'S. 

>:, Barun. Thomas 

d A. A tl49. «. ilM; A^.. 
.1. A il77. Smt - Mooat 
sfN-*. col Uacrick. Tmmi 

/. E. Fcltnton. 

itt at £. 

■■■ Maum 

<■ f. #. 

C'Afit. II. I i.r: 

Mutjfc, y. n. .'/. I'l^'-^iivniai, and £% 
Mourn CmImU. 

M<»RAY,£arioll (SiUr»-A' sn art.) 
c;«f»..> Stvamt, t|ili £.. »i» . 

tiray. K.M}., A iljn. Sm/^ v ««.v .^uwt. 
lii«rrnrx» «lkir« ; DMwnvBV CmUc, form, 
l^lgm«h.r«i DooibrM* PaHu AbmkMT. r*. 
•hue Doom Udg«. Fmbalura. Cimk- 


Murctoo, Z.. M.P.. tl, s, £, Dock. 

Mof«ii»(IU]rBokk.Moi«iMik/.«. £- 


Moqpm./ «. ^. TrtdcfW. 

Moma (Daanc-MoffaiiK «fmat 

MotLSY. Earl of. Albeit Edmumd 
fAMmam, wd M., A it4j. «> »*H: 4.<« . E^ 

gakntfiL njiwrn U««««- r«M MmOrmt 
-41. Rad^ToSa. 8.W. ai4».B*odMV 

MoiTOH, En-' '■'^ *iuoiTo tfiHN 
.u^wili/ vS: 

>/«</*— Ab0daar Cam W. rne^nji^. I'BiMaknjr 

!.»mfx, Barmi. Edward Momm 

n VawdM*. A 

1. >TrrM»M 
PX Ai7«.«. 

a. CofC. 


Mot- MT Edccumbe, Eari ol". WiL- 

•■ - ^'t:^. 

: icmabc. 
t>rr«tnt>on : i ucrxic. i aitiucK. i aviuooL Ci^t 
-CMliam Tmvdkr*'. WkiM*. MaHborobch 

MouNTGARRRT. Viacoont Henry 

dme^^^.Soath Aodky Stfwt. W. C/>4»- 
CariUMi. Oalbfd aad Quabridcv. 


GBorrKBV BovcHAKO D> IJ< ^ 

r. (I.PAA it7«. i. lUo: A. , . ,;-«». 

AftJnirAlb«rk.Ait74. iCr«^^»cr-kUir H«B. 
CkMibtfr, GOk Gaivay. 

Movnt-Trmplb, Baron. Wiu4am 
FkAiKU CoonuiTBMrta; P.C. im 3, A 
lilt. (. iMow Strnt^-lkmAUmM, Ramty. 
Hmu : BabbK— W OiC Toi^wy- ^«»« 
MfM*me*—ts, GfH< Si^alion Suwi, W. 
C/>A«~Ailiww. BropRi/^ fUfctm, Ti». 

Mowbray and Stourton, Banm. 

JL-s., CterlM BaMlpii JaM|4. A it^ 5m#~ 




MolgrsTe, E., d. t. Af. Normanby. 
MUNCASTER, Baron. Josslyn 

PRAMCtft PbKNIHGTON, M.P.. 5th jf. (IP), *. 

I83A. i. t86a : A.'A, ht* broch«r, Alan JoMph. 
t. tin. Stmt -MoncasMr CaMlc, RavragUat, 
Cumbcriand. Tmmi Rtsidtnce—i, Carium 
G«rdMa, S.W. C/«At-CaHton. Army and 
Nary, Boodle's, Mariborough, St. Siephen't. 

MuNSTBR, Eari of. William 
Gaoaoa Fitz-Clabbncb, and E„ b. 1834, 
*. 184a ; A.-*. G«>ffPBy Oaorge Gordon. L. 
Te#kaabury. k. 1859. RttitUmct—ti. Palmeira 
Square. Brighton. C/ni*— Travellen . 

Murray, f. h, E. Dunmore, E. Mans- 
field, and B. Elibuik. 

Morray (Stewart-Murray), / n. D. 

MusKERRY, Baron. Hamilton 

Matthbw Fitz-Mauricb DkankMorcan, 

Jth B. (I-P-X b. i8s4. t. 1868 : k.-<t., Hamilton 
tobert TiUon Fitzmauricc Grogan, b. 1873. 
SetU — Springfield Castle, Dnimcolloher, co. 

Nairne, Baroness, Emily Jane 

Mbrcbs Fitzmaubicb (S.P.), Dowager Mar- 
chioness of Lansdowne, b. 1819, t. 1874 ; h.-a., 
M. Lansdofrne. Seat — Meilcleour House, 
Perthshire. Town Residtnce—x^K, Grosvenor 
S-quare, W. 

Napier and Ettrick, Baron. (Sits 
as B. Ettrick.) Francis Napier, P.C, K.T., 

?th B., b. 1819, *. 1834 : h.-a., William lohn 
Jtorge, b. 1846. ^/a^— Thirlestane, Selkirk, 
N B. C/m^— Athenzum. 

Napier of Magdala, Baron. 
D.C.L., F.R-S., 1st B., b. 18x0. c. x868 ; h.-a., 
Robert William, *. 1845. ^^iVii-wf^— Gibraltar. 
Cli*it — United Service, Army and Navy, 

Needham,/ w. E. Kilmorey. 

Nelson, Earl. Horatio Nei^on, 

3rd E., b. 1823, *. 183s: h.-a., Herbert Ho- 
ratio, y. Trafalgar, b. 1854. .S^a/— Trafalgar 
House, near &Llisbury, Wiluhire. CM— 

Netterville, Viscount. Arthur 

Jambs Nbttbrvillr. 8th T, (I. P.), *. 1800, 
s. 1867: A.-/., his brother, Robert, b. 1804. 
Residence ~ Paris. 

Nevill,/ «. M. Abergavenny. 

Neville,/ n. B. Braybrooke. 

Newark, F., d. s. E. Manvers. 

Newborough, Baron. Spencer 

BULKBI.EV WVNH, 3rd B. (I. P.), *• 1803, /. 

A.-/., his grandson, Willia 
«*7> .yra/*— Glynllivon P 
and The Abbey, Carnarvonshire. C/k^— Athe- 

sSja: A.-/., his grandson, William Charles, i. 
.?«-«/«— Glynllivon Park. Bodvean Hall, 

Nbwburoh, Earl of. Sigismuni 
NiCMOLAa Vbnantiu* Gabtano Krani I 
GlUSTINIANI, 6th if. (S.P.), b. 1818,*. 187H 
A.-*, Charies, T. Kynnaird, b. i86a. Rt^> 
tUnet —VUonM. 

Newcastle, Duke of. Henry 

Pblham Archibald PblmamCmnton. 7th 
D., b. 1864,/. 1879; A.-/., his brother, Henr , 
Francis Hope, b. 1866. 
Newport, f^, M. P., </. J.E.Bradford 
Newtown-Butler, L., d. s. E. Lanes- 

Noel, / H. E. Gainsborough. 
Noel (King- Noel), surname E. Love- | 
Uce. I 

Noel (Noel-Hill),/ «. B. Berwick. " 
NoRBURY, Earl of. William Bra 
BAZON Lindsay Tolbr, 4th E. (I-PJ. *• «8^' 
*. 1873 ; A.-/., his uncle, Otway Fortescuc. 
b. 1824. 

Norfolk, Duke of. Henry Fitz- 

alan Howard, ijth /?., b. 1847, «. i860 ; 
A.-a., Philip Joseph Mary, E. Arundel and 
Surrey,*. 1879. 5'm/x— Arundel Ca-stlc, Sussex 
The Farm, Sheffield : Derwcnt Hall. Derb 
shire. Ttmm Kesidftue—'SoTioW. House, ? 
Sl James's Square, S. W. C/ubs-St. George 
St. James's, Travellers', White's. 

Norman BY, Marquess of. Georc 

Augustus Constantine Phipps, P.( 
G.C.M.G., 2nd M., b. 1819, s. 1861; A.:' 
Rev. Constantine Charles Henry, E. M uIrhiv 
b. 1846. Official Residence — Go\<^ 
House, Melbourne. Victoria. Seat—'S\ 
Castle, near Whitby. Clubs -Tr.i^ 
Brooks's. Fox. 

Normanton, Earl of. (Sits as B. 

Somerton.) Jambs Cmarlbs Hbrbbrt Wk: 
BORB Ellis Agar, 3rd E,, b. 1818, 
1868: A. -a., Charles George Welbore Lll 
y. Somerton, b. 1858. Seat— SomcrXy, Rm 
wood, Hampshire. Town Residence - 
Prince's Gardens, S.W. C/««** -Traveller 
White's, Brooks's, Turf, St. James's. 

Norreys, Z., d. s. E. Abingdon. 
North, Baroness. Susan North 

b' 1797, '• '841 : A.-a., William Henry John, 
1836. 5"</i/— Wroxton Abbey, Banbury. Rf 
deHces— 16, Arlington Street, S.W. ; Putney 
Hill, Surrey. S.W. 

North,/ ft. E. Guilford. 

Northampton, Marquess of. 
William Douglas-Maclban-Compton, xtb ; 
M., b. 1818, s. 1877; A.-a., Charles ^ohn 
Spencer, E. Compton, b. 1849. Seats -Castle 
Ashby, Northampton : Compton Wynyatcs. 
Kineton. Warwickshire ; Torloikk, Tobcrmor- 
N.B. T(m>ti Residence- t4S> Piccadilly, ^ 
' C/K^-Travellcrs . 



i.L. DkCU.M 


Caikmii, ffik «. (S.P.X ^. l^|. « iM 

WweiiMtvr T0mm JfttUmt* ji, %L Ovoim'* 

NoKiiHMiirtt AND. Dakcot At* 
oiBjtoH Gaoacr . LL D., D.CL.. 

6<h D., k %%u> . Raanr Gaorn. 

/r Pwcy.M.r. r . .tM^-AlM»kk. 

KdUv. WwkvMtlL «aa PwAii C^mIm^ 
Ni ntiiiMfc iHiii; Mo nM^UIwmk 

r#M li»Mtm€» «. qioiiwai PiMi. ft.W. 
(7«i« ~ Tra«4lbM'. UaiMtf S«vkt, 9l 

S(«pk«l\ WhlM'A. 

NoRTHvnoK, Baroa Gioegb 

RirMtOVT. J(4 ^., ^. till. «. tlw. 5m/— 

ceatanUfB. rMM irMMnwr-t. PMk Suwt. 
\V CibJb-CMioiu Osfard aMi CMOindgs. 
Ath— I— . UaiMd^OTvic*. DwomMi*. 

NoRTOK. BarMi. Ciiarlb Bowyu 
Auoou^v. F.C. ILCII G. : %m.B^€r. ityt: 
A ^, CIhmIm Uiffh. ^. it46. .SMi>HMM 
H«I1. BimiivliiiSi ; Novtoa oB^ka-Moon, 
M«r ank i ■ > ■■ TrtoL Tmm K ^tt dtmet 
J). Emm PlM». S.W. Clm^-Ci^axm. 

Norton./ m. B. Grantlejr. 

Norwich, BbheooC Hon. John 

Thomas Pslmam. D.D.. A. ilii. «m. tts?. 


Nugvnt (Temple^Nncent-Brydra- 
Quadot-GrcanllaX nw— i of D. BudSag- 

Nogeat,/. «. E. Wcftmetth. 
Nttgent (GreviUe>Nttfent), winMime 
O'Brien, / «. ^. lachiquta. 
O'CallAgtuui,/ N. r. Lismorc 
Ockham, V^ ei, s. E. LoveUce. 
OgUvie (Ogilvic-Grint), / n. E. 

Osilvy, L,^tl. t, B. Airlie. • 

Oijilvy,/ ». E. Airlie. 

O i;niay,/. w. K. GuilUnore. 

O' 1 1 AG AN. Baron. ThomasO'Hagan, 
P.C. i»t B.. h. itia. r itw: 4.-«.. TTlfiiii 
TovriMUy. A. iBtA. iP/Md&aof— m. Ritthad 

EV«M. Dvbliii. Tmm MmSimt» 19. 
PlK«. &W. OUW- ' * 


(Xltatu., tai J. A. iti^ r. 1 
•Mi. MP.. A ilM 5*mi- 

Rev. WiluaH 

Omlow, Earl of. Wiluam Hti^ 

Ala% y. O^wkv. A ify4 
trnTrmnm, WWiakdl. a.W. 

(t AND Browni, Baf 

Gaiw .MIC Aoowrva PanMH 

GvTMBia (I K rjL cad #.. k 1I19. <. il 
4.^. Owirvy Hmht BrovM, 4 il6i 
— CMtla Marcarrvtt. Oai— urm^ oa Mayo; 
Bowtrao II Avr^iinL N.B. r«wi 

MmUmtt GbM. Iw. CiMk- 

Ckffceo. K. .HaikML 

Onle(OfJc>I'uwlctt),/«. iT. Boltoo. 

Orford, EarloC HoRATloWALrout, 
^ E., k ilij. «. iM; A.^kb 
Rob«t Hocaoa. «. it«4. 5£to-%l 

Ayhkiai. NofWkT Maaak«ka 

Norfolk. T0mmKnUfmt0 - < 


Ca^adwkgoaafo.W. r/iJ«-Cafkoa.Tf«*^ 
Ian'. StafttdTWkiu-t. Turf, MaHboraagk. 

Orkney. Earl of. Giorce Wiluam 
HAMitroH PiTt-MAonca. ILCM.G.. «tk 

N.W. C/arf*-Ckf«H«.ArBiyMHl Navy. Mail- 


Ormathwaite, Baron. John Benn- 
WAtaa. IM B.. k 1791. e. itM : A.^. Artkar. 
k t%rf. Stmts — Oraaokt * 
Otaikailaad; WaHWd Pkik. 
Ttmm Rttidtmft at, I 
C/idt -Gariioa. Wkiia\ TVavaOara'. Cm- 
Boodla'a. Uakad Oaivanity. 
Oemonde, Marqoea ot (Stis ■• 
B) Jamb* Eowaro Wiluam TtnawAiA 
Bim.aa. wd M., k iIm. «. iSm: A.-A. kb 
bfotkar, J^aa AnkarWaKacMi PoCy. A 
it49. iw- — — 


Ofimlqr (OmMb)r.Gof«X / •• S. 

Oiborae./ m, />. Leeda. 
OvERSTONE, Baron. Samuel JoNBi 

nm. lai A, A ly^ft. r. itja J aB» Oaar- 
•a Pkfk. NotfkaaMoa. fmmm Rwi^mu 


a. Cafkaa Gwdaaa. S.W. C/«d» 
Uakad Ua i tara ky . 




Oxford, Bishop of. John Firldkr 

-CuddcKloa. Wbeatley. OsfonUhirc Cim^- 

Oxmantown, /,., //. s. £. Rosse. 

Page(Page.Wood),/. n. B. Halhcrley. 

Paget,/ n. Af. Anglesey. 

Paisley, Z., grands. D. Abercom. 

Pakenham,/ *». E. Longford. 

Pakenham, Z., d. s. E. Longford. 

Pakington,/ w. B. Hampton. 

Palk./if. ^. Haldon. 

Palmer,/ «. B. Sclbomc. 

Parker, K, /•/. s. E. Macclesfield. 

Parker,/ n. E. Macclesfield, and E. 

Parkinjson (Parkinson - Fortcscue), 
•urname B. Carlingford. 

Paniell,/ n. B. Congleton. 

Parsons,/ «. £. Rosse. 

Patten (Wilson-Patten), / «. B. 


Paulet,/ n. M. Winchester. 
Pelham, Z., d. s. E. Chichester. 
Pelham,/ tt. E. Chichester. 
Pelham, surname Bishop of Norwich. 
Pelham (Anderson-Pelham), / n. E. 


Pelham (Pelham-Clinton), / ;/. D. 
Pellew,/ n. V. Exmouth. 
Pembroke and Montgomery, 

Earl of. Geokgb Robekt Charles Herbert, 
13th E., h. 1850, /. as 2nd B, Herbert of Lea 
1861, and as 13th E. Pembroke 1863 ; k.-p., 
his brother, Sidney. M.P., b. 18^3. Stat— 
Wilton House, Salisbury. C/»/x— Carl'.oo. 
Eton and Harrow, Marlborough. 

Pennant (Douglas-Pennant), / n. B. 

Pennington,/ n. B. Muncaster. 
Penrhyn, Baron. Edward Gordon 

Douglas- Pennant. 1st B., h. 1800./. 1866: 
fu-a., George S' " - <6. 

.SVfl/i— Penrhyr C rk. 

Stony Stratford. -.ncx 

HouK. Halkin Strctt, S.W. tiu'i (ariion, 
Travellers', White's, Boodle's, United Service. 

Penzance, Baron. Tames Plaisted 

WiLDB,P.C.,,/.t8i6,<r.i869. T<rwn 
Rttidrtue — 64, Brook Street, W. CM — 

Pepys,/ n. E. Cottenham. 
Perctfval. / //. E. Kj^mont. 

Percy. £., P.C, M.P., d. s. D, North- 


Percy,/ n. D. Northumberland. 

Perth and Melfort, Earl of. 
Gborgb Drusimono, 14th K. (S.P.). b. 1807, 

Drummond, b. 1856. Teum R 
dcHKt-— 115, (Queen's Gale, S.W, 


t. 18 j^ ; A.-/., his grandson, George £_k»r<r 
Monti/cx, L.' 
dcHKt-— 115, 
White's, New. 

Pery, /. «. E. Limerick. 

Peterborough, Bishop of. Wn - 
LtAM Connor Maoeb. D.D., D.C.L.,A \k 
com. 1868. /'a^/- Peterborough. Clui 

Petersham, K, el. s. E. Harrington. 

Petre, Baron. Wn.LlA'^' !■<•-' - 
Petrr. F.R.S-. lath B., b. 181: 
/Trt'.WiHijm Imcph, b. 1847. A. ,. 
Hall, T ■ . Ingatc»tonc fi.i; 

Tinvii 35, Portland I": 

Clubi , St. George's, Atht 1 

Philpott, surname i9/>^<y>ofWorcestr 

Phipps, / w. M. Normanby. 

Pierrepoint, / n. E. Manvers. 

Pleydell-Bouverie, surname E. Rad- 

Plunket, Baron. The Most R^ 
William Conyngham Plunket, D.D., 4th / 
b. 1828. *. 1871 ; A.-a.. Willi.-»m Lee, b. \k' 
/*/?/<«■/- -Ardbraccan House, Nav.-»n. Mc;r 
Seat—0\A Connaught House, Bray, n- 
Dublin. Residtncf—xi, EarUfoot ferr.* 
Dublin. Clubt — National, Kildarc Sire 

Plunkett, / n. E. Fingall, B. Di 
sany, and B. Louth. 

Poer (Le-Poer-Trench), / n. J 

Pollington, V., d. s. E. Mexl.. 

Poltimore, Baron. Auoisi 1 
DERicK George Warwick Bampkvi i 
2nd B., b. 1837. /. 1858; h.-a., C' 
Kichard George Warwick, b. 1850. 
Poltimore Park, Exeter; Court Hall. .-.■ 
Motion, Devonshire. Town Retidence- 
Eaton Smiare, S.W. C/«^« — Marlborout 
Brooks's, Boodle's. 

PoLWARTH, Baron. Walter Hu* 
Hepburne r,th B. (S.P.). /'. iP^iK 
1867; h.-a.. ^ 

Mertoun M c ; 

Humbie, H.. „ ii rk- 


Pomeroy,/ n, V. Harberton. 

Ponsonby, / n. E. Besslx>rough, and 
B. De .Mauley. 

Porchester, B.^ d. s. E. Carnarvon. 



V. Fart of. HtlltV 


Tr>M WALtri 

rorU Won 

Wii I I » «J |l».-v»v 

r.>i inr, K*fl 

P.». ItTT. 6(ll ^.. / 

Willum TuntourfV- 

Cimtt-hnhmX Amy ai^ Navy. Twl 

PowEMCouiT. VUcooot. •&feR\'VM 
WiHonau*. ICP.. yth T. (I.K.P.X A il|&. 4. 
it4«: A..«L. ManrvB Rkhanl. k itia Jm/>- 
rowwwoart CMtb, EwiklMfTy. ca WkdOow. 

• WliiwXIUrlboto^li, BtooksX KikLir« 

Powts, Earl of. Edward James 

HavMrr. }rd JL^ LL.D.. D.CI.. A itil. 
«. iM : A./^ hk ■mIiiw, G«m«. A ia6a. 
^ A./»- IWfcQMtteTwTlilMiil, M0MC< 

•kif«: WalcM. L 

Tmm KrtwUmet 

Cimt0 - CaritoA. WK.te\ Odonl iiid 

Wide*. Tniv«lkr»' 



Powlcti, Minume />. GeveUnd. 
Powlett (Onle<Powlett), / h. B. 

Powys,/ «. /?. LUfocd. 
PnUl. / m. sM. 
Proton./ w. r. 
Primroae,/ it. fi. Rowbcry. 
Prittie,/ n. A DmiAllejr. 
Proby,/ w. A\ CarytTort. 

r» MaraiMM uC lON 


li^ .r/^/« Kmmoihm Mm 



Qvia ^Vi jminam-tjuin), /, m. B, 
IUi>iiot,EuloC f Acot Plkydcu.. 

~lS^il<C»<KtiiitUry ; CVrfiliill Hoiwa, 
Qnm ^mm m lmmCV. OaJv^Boodla'sCaHMa! 

Ramtwk. IWmm. Caan VILLI 

AOQCWTVa William WaI^wcavi, jrd B. 

Raglan. Baron. Rin '■ siv 

FtriRov SuMa«»KT. md jr , ^, ; 

A«.. GMTf* Tiu Rory Haary. ./«/ 

-C;AMiliaTlo«M.t;.^MoMiouiJuhu<. C/i^ 
•Wbiia'i^ Cvlwa. 

RanHaj. A.. aT. /. i?. Dalboaiie. 
Ranuay./. «. £. DallMMiie. 

Ranelagii. VUooaot Thomas 
HaaoM^oMn. ytli K O-PX *• il«». '• ••»: 
A-^. Im coMii^ Alaaaadcr MoMfoaMrT. A 
itiaw J«a^Mdm««, FaflMa, sIlT^Mr* 

K Eari ot (Sits as B.) 

>. Col. Willi.. SuauT. 

A iSa6. ii»mt- 

col TyrOM. r«Mi Rmidmn 4a. 

S.W. CiMi.^CaffM.Whka.. Royal 


Rathdonnell, Baroiu Thomas 

Kans M'CuvTOCK'BvMaf av. «ad it. (I.P.X 
A tS«a, ff. tSm: Ahs.. WUfiam. « 187!. Stmtt 
r, D uti laa r , 

EaH. Henry 

„ .. , oa Louth: Uwan^ 

Tallow. CO Cwkw. r/««»-CaHtaa. Ka^l 
aad Maoary. Rakaah. Rildara Scrax. 


ir-^ waaaaaid a 
. r/«^-Carkoa. 


Rayleioh. Baroa. John Wiluam 
Sravrr. F R.&. jrd #. A iM, «. ityj: A«. 
Robcft Joka. A iSrv J^/ TcHiiw Ptee». 

Gaftfaaa. &W. ClaA. - »«• U&vaniiy. 

Rajmham. T. ^. /. .1/. TowdOm^ 



Rkay, Baroo. DonaldJambsMac- 

KAV. iiih B. (S.PA 4. i8)Q. «. 1876: A./., 
hu ooiuin, Baron iEocaa, k 1838. Sfat$— 
Ophenen, inGelderUnd: Qtfx>Uu)c. Earitton, 
B«rwickahti«: UidbwMid. Galuhkb, Selkirk- 
shire. T0mm HM$dnicr--6, Great Stanhope 
Scraet. W. CimSi-St. Jmmt»\ New. Travel. 
let's, AtbemBuin. 

Rkdbsdalb, Earl of. John Thomas 
PkekmanMitfoR), D.C.L., t%t E., h. 180s, 
r. 1877. 5m/— Bataford Park, Moreton-in-the- 
Marth. TVnm Rtsidfuct—yfcmon Houm, 6, 
Ptfk Plac^ St Jam«V S. W. C/«3f-Cariton, 
Boodle's, white's. St. Stephen's. 

. Reidhaven, F., el. s. E. Scaficld. 

Rendlesham, Baron. Frederick 
William Brook Thblli;sbon, M.P., 5th B. 
(l.P.X i' 1840, s. i8ja:A.-a., Frederick Archi- 
bald Charles^ h. 1868. 5'ai/— Rendlesham 
Hall. Woodbridge, SuflToIk. Town Rfsidence 
—4, GrcMvenor Gardens, W. C/m3/— Carlton, 

Reynolds (Reynolds-Moreton), /. n, 
E. Ducie. 

RiBBLESDALE, Baron. Thomas Lis- 
ter, 4th B., b. 1854, s. 1876 ; k.-a., Thomas, 
b. 1878. Sent— Gnhumt Park, Skipton, York- 
shire. C/««**— White's, Boodle's, Turf. 

Rice,y. n. B. Dynevor. 
Rice (Spring-Rice),/«. iff.Monteagle. 
Richardson (Stuart- Richardson), ^«. 
E. Castle Stuart. 

RiCHXfOND, Lennox, and Gordon, 

Duke or. Charlbs Hsnry Gordon-Lbnnox, 
K.G., P.C, D.C.L., 6ih />., b. 1818, *. i860; 
h.-a., Charles Henry, E. March, M.P.. b. 1845. 
StaU — Goodwood Park, Chichester ; Gordon 
Castle, Fochabers, Banflfshire. Town Rest- 
dfmcf—40, Belgrave Souare, S.W. Clttbs— 
Carlton, \Vhite s, Travcflers', Turf. 

RiPON, Bishop of. Robert Bicker- 

STBTM, D.D., F.R.S., *. 1816, C0n. 1857. 
Pa/ocy— Ripon. Yorkshire. C/i«*— National 

RiPON, Marouess of. George Fre- 
DBRiCK Samubl Kobinson, K.G.. G.M.S.I., 
P.C, D.C.L., ist M., b. 1827, c. 1871 : A. -a., 
Frederick Oliver, E. de Grey, b. i8«. Seats- 
Studley Royal, Ripon ; Nocion Hall, Lincoln. 
Ojfficial RejtdfHce— Government House, Cal- 
cutta. Tanm ResitUtue—i, Carlton Gardens, 
S.W. C/«^x— Athenaeum, Reform. Brooks's, 
Travellers', United Service, Burlington, York- 

RoBARTEs, Baron. Thomas James 

Agar Robartes, ist B., b. 1808, e. 1869: 
A.-«., Thomas Charles, M.P., b. 1844. Seat— 
Lanhydrock, Bodmin. Town Residence— 
I, Dean Street, Park Lane, W. Cluba— 
Atbeoaetun, Brooks's, Devonshire. 

Robinson, /. «. M. Ripon. 
Robinson (Robinson-Montagu), /. n. 
B. Rokeby. 

Roche, /. H. B. Fermov. 
Rochester, Bishop of* Anthony 

W1L.SON Tmorold, D.D., *. 1825, coH. 187- 
Rezidtnc* — Sel»den Parlt, Croydon. Tr.< 
ResitUnce—ii, Great George Street, S.N^ 
dub — Athenaeum. 

Rocksavage, £., grands. M. Choi- 

ROOEN, Earl of. (Sits as ^. < 
•KASStL.) John Strange Jocblvn, 
*. 18*3, *. 1880; k./., his brother, \'. 
Nassau, b. 183a. .yra/* — Tollymorc Vuk, 
Ca^»tlewellen, co. Down : Dundalk House, co. 
Louth: Hyde Hall, Hertfordshire. Tcwn 
Retid*nce—yj, Hill Street, Berkeley Squar' 
W. C/«»*J- United Service, Carlton. 

Rodney, Baron. George BRiix;Kb 

Harlev Dkhnbtt Rodney, 7th ^., ^. 1857, 
*. 1864 ; A.-/., his brother, Robert William 
Henry, b. 1858. .J/a/— Itfrrington, Leominster. 

Rogers,/, n. B. Blachford. 

Rokeby, Baron. Hknry Robinson- 

MoNTACU,G.C.B.,6th^.(I.P.).*. 1798.*. 1847: 
*.-/., his brother, Spencer Dudley, b. 1807. 
Sentt — Denton Hall, Newcastle-on-Tynr 
Hazelwood, near Watford. Tmvn Reiidenct 
7, Stratford Place, W. C/«*— United Scrvir. 

RoLLOi, Baron. (Sits as B. Df 
NiNG.) John Rocerson Roli.o, loth B., 
1835, *. 18^2; h.-a., William Charles Woi 
worth, b. \%bo. Seats— \)wnQTv!b Ca.<*tl' 
ning, Perthshire ; Dumcrieff House, 
DumfriesUure ; Wilmington, Ryde, I 
Wight. C/iwftr— Athenaeum, Reform, Brook . 
University, United University. 

Rom ILLY, Baron. 

RoMiLLV. and B., b. 183s, s. 1874; A.-a.. John 
Gaspard Le Marchant, b. 1866. Seat— Ponh- 
kernr, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire. Ttrwn 
Rettdemce—2. Ovingtoo Gardens. S. W. Clubs— 
Brooks's, Kensington. 

RoMNEY, Earl of. Charles V 

SHAM, 4th E., b. 1841, *. 1874 : k.-a.. ( 
y. Marsham. b. 1864. Seats — 'Vhc '•'■ 
Maidstone ; Boxley House, Maidstone, C7ito 

Roper-Curzon, / n. B. Teynham. 

Rose,/ tt. B. Strathnaim. 

RosEBERY, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Archibald Philip Primrose, 5th E.,b. 1847, 
*. 1868 ; A.-/., his brother, Everard Henry, i, 

1848. 5m/1— Dalm'-"v I'.rW I inlillM'.rAsfiir- ; 

Rosebery, Edinbur. 
Tffwm iResidetue— i 

White's, Brooks's, lu... ..: — .... ]--;_:.). 

Devonshire, St. James's, New. 

Second junior Bishop, without a seat in the House of Lords. 



it Pae- 

r.A il|^ «. iM*: 
w Diwiw, wmn 

RoMhill, Z., ii, 9. e. 
Roue, Kjirl of 

•nw*. UCL. LLU. . 

It«0h «. llto. A-«.. vkUOMM fc.U«»f4. 

minw. A ••;). 5m# — Mfr 

iMMIOWm. ICUl« • CM. CAJi — 

/iiiiiMW. KildM«8irMt. 

"^ ' CLAt»>KMIIIHB. 4III ir . A ll] 
. . JUM* riWKM tLtfTV. 

*^ ^^i^-DrMn He 
RoiSMORi, Baroa. Dbaaick Wak- 

MKa WittlAM WOTSMBA. all A. A Ut), 4. 

1I74. 4/. h» breclMr. PM«r Qa««i. A 

ROTHB, Coomcai at HtNAtBTTA 

Amoomm Moumbao WAU>aa«AT»LaMJa. 

RoQi,/ N. £. StndbfolM. 

Rowley,/. It. B. Lai^ibfd. 

RowToic, Bftnm. MontaovbWil- 
tiAM Low«v.CoMir. C.B., lai B., A iljl. 



Audky ScfMi. W. 

RoxBURCHi, Doke of. (Sits m £. 
I^Mo.) Jamu Hbmbv Roabjit Inmbb-Kbb. 
7th P.. A ifj9k <• 1*79; A"*.. Hovy Jolui* 
<>/. B owww t Mid ClMlQld. A if ' 
Moon CbmIb, KalMk 


Royiton, K, 1^. /. E. Hardwicke. 
Ritthoot,/ «. B. Northwick. 

Staiosv Rv 
A Ai l>i« 

. A iB6^j; iM: 

tin. Jmr-ArdMlb Hom«. NavBa, ca 

RmmIL/ m, D. Bedfonl, i?. RiumU, 
mhI A d« dUhrd. 

RaaicU (HumltOB-Raacll), / «. K 

RvTitVBN, BBroa. Waltbb Jambs 
HoRi R(-TNVBii.tiliA(S.P.XA ilj|l.<.iM«: 
Ahs.. W4Jt«r Pamck. A iSto. .^Mitr-TlB 
Hatch. WiMdMT : H«pcmo««. co. Wcsfcvd. 

r^BB Bmidtmtir A hBBufait Om^bb^ 6.W. 
CiMt-CBflMn. wOmiw 

RirruAMiv DvkeoC. CnablbbCkil 

eui /7.. « ***y^ 
D.AitiA J(mi!i!=^ 

I W 


Rfdcr,/ If. £1 HBrrowby. 
Ryk. Bafmme ^oA^^ o# Liverpool. 
SMkvOlc^/ li. £. DelAwmfT. 
Sackvillb, Btroo. Mobtimbb 

SAomuJ^WflBT. IM B^ A itao. €. iBy4; 
A-^. lib bmliar. UomL A ttBy. 5m<»- 
IUbL PB>k. HiwBMli ; Wnniiiii. WanliaBr, 
BBtMcHartB. C/«4»-Tni««tt8fB'. GBftUMk 

SAckvUlc/. «. E. Ddmwarr. 

SBckvilk (S«ckvUk-W«t),/. «. B. 

St. Albans, Dvkc o£ William 

Ambuvb Avbbbv OB Vbbb Bbauclbmc. P.C. 
MCk P., A it4^ «. iA|9 : A-A. ClMfflBB Vkior 

PviMB't Gmb. &W. CM»- 

Aiibwy l>t V«f«. A Bwibvd. A iSic. 

«ood Park. AnA Noctt. Tmm k* 

-4. P»*i - 


St. Albans, Bishop ot Thomas 

LaoM Claoohtom, D.D.: A iSoS. c tSiv. 
L i^. Ftkan DBBfc«ryPalaw.niilBirfiii. 
r«M KmUtm» BBlgra^ Miadwi. &W. 

CM AltlMMB— 

St. Asaph, Bbliop oil Joshua 
HuoNn, D.O., A iloy. cm. sSva Prntm^— 
Sc Aiapli, FliaulurB. CmiA-AiImmmml 

St Ckir,/ ». ^. Sindstr. 
St. CUir (St CUtr-Enkinr),/. m. E. 

St. David's, Bishop of. Wiluam 
Basil jombs. D.D., A iS»s.fMi. iSr4. PmUn 
-Abaiswili. CanaanlMa. Cim^-hAmmmmm. 

St. Gbbmans, Earl of. Wiluam 


». iSn . A-4.. kb kvotkar. llBwy 
A iljs- Strnt^—Voix Qfat. Si. 

CofBwafl; Dows Aamwjr. C 

CitiSt Tn^ftittn, 

St. John, of Bletaoe, Bsmii. 
Amdbsw St. joNH. tjik A, A iS«cw t. 
A/., kk kroUMT. Bwid 
iS4fe fM»-M«kkkrw 


Si. John, /. ». f 
S«. Jdw. 

St Lawmccb/. •• £* Howth. 



St. Leger,/ «. K Doneraile. 

St. Leonards, Baron. Edward 

BuRTBNKNAW SucDBN, and B., h. 1847, t. 
187$; *,•#., his brother. Henry Fnuik, 6. 1850. 

St. Vincent, Viscount. John 

Edward Lkvsmn Jkrvis ^th T., *. 1850, 
*. 1879: A.-/.. hU brother. Carnegie Parker, 
*. 1855. . Stmtt — Sutlon-on-Dcrwent, York ; 
Norton Duney. Ncwark- 

Sai.isburv, Bishop of. George 

MoiiKKt.%*. D.CI-.. *. 1803, C0H. 1869. PaUu* 
*— Saliftbury. C/«*— Atheweum. 

Salisbury, Marquess of. Robert 

Arthur Taliu»t Gascovnb-Cecil, K-G., 
P.C " ' M -ni M., b. i8jo, *. 1868 : A, -if., 
Jam I il)ert, V. Cranbomc, i^. 1861. 

Sr-j: House, Hatfield : Manor 

Hou%r. V ..uu^Miie. Dorset : ChSlet Cecil, Puy*. 
pr^ Dieppe. Tovfti Residtntt — »o, Arlington 
Street, W. C/»«^x— Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
Athenaeum, St. Stephen's. 

Saltoun, Baron. Alexander Fra- 

SBR, i7th^. (S.R.P.). *. i8ao, *. 1853 ;*.-«., 
Akxander William Frederick, b. 1851. Seat 
— Philorth House, Frascrbureh, Aberdeen 
shire. C/«^— Carlton, United Service, Army 
and Navy. 

Sandhurst, Baron. William 

MaKspield, 2nd B., b. 1855. X. 1876: k.-p., 
hU brother. John William, b. 1857. ReneUnce 
—6, William Street, Lowndes Square, S.W. 
C/j»**— Guards', Brooks's, White's, Turf. 

Sandilands, /. n. B. Torpichen. 
Sandon, V., P.C, M.P., //. s. E. 

Sandwich, Earl of. John William 
Montagu. P.C. 7th £:., *. 181 1,«. 1818 ;*.-<»., 
Edward George Henry. V. Hinchingbrook. 
M.P.,^. 1839. iTra/— Hinchinebrook House, 
near Huntingdon. Town Resiatmce—^6, Gros- 
venor Square, W. C/w^r— Travellers', Carlton, 
United Service. Marlborough. 

Sandys, Baron. Augustus Frede- 
rick Arthur Sandys, 4ih B., b. 1840, x. 
1863 : A.->., his brother. Marcus Windsor 
George, *. 1849. Seat — Ombersley Court, 
Droitwich. Tottm Residence — xi, Wilton 
Crescent, S.W. Clubt-^X, James's, Mari- 

Saumarer,/ n. B. De Saumarcz. 

Savilc,/ n. E. Mexborough. 

Saye and Sele, Baron. Vcn. 
FrrorrickTwistlbton-Wykbham Firnnes, 
D.C.L.. 13th B., b. 1799, X. 1847; h.-rt.. 
John Fiennes, b. 1830, 5'rtf/x— Broughton 
Castle, near Banbury ; Residentiary House, 
Hereford. C/«^— Brooks's. 

ScARBROUGH, Earl of. Richard ' 

GrOROR LrMLRV, 9th E., b. 1813, X. 18^ 
*.•»!., Aldred Frederick George Bercsford. 
Lumlcy. b. 1857. .SVa/x— Sandbcck P.i' 
Kotherham ; Tickhill Castle. Vorkiihire ; Lo 
ley CaAile. Durham. Town RftitieHce—\ 
Eaton Square, S.W. C/ik^x -While's, Drv.. 

Scarlett,/, n. B. Abingcr. 

SCARSDALF^ Baron. Rev. Ali-ki 
Nathanirl Holdbn Curzon, 4th B., b. i. 
X. 1856; A. -a., George Nathaniel, b. 1 
.SV<t/— Kedleston. near Derby. Town K 
dfMce— 34. Wimpole Street, W. Cltiit — Carit 

Scott,/ w. £. Clonmel, and£. Eldon. 

Scott (Heplmrn-Scotl)/ n, B. Pol- 

Scott (Montagu-Douglas-Scott),/ )t. 
D. Buccleuch. 

Seafield, Earl of. (Sits as , 
.Strathspkv.) John Charles Grant-O'- 
VIE, K.T., 7lh E., b. 1815, x. 1853: k,-a.. Ian 
Charles, k. Reidhaven, b. 1851. .S><i/x— Cullcn 
House, Banffshire; Castle Grant, Moniy- 
shire ; Balmacaan. Inverness-shire. To 
Address- jo. Old Burlington Street, W. L. 
— Carlton. 

Seaton, Baron. James Colborn 

and B., b. 1815, x. 1863; h.a., Reginald J 
Upton, b. 1854- Seats — Berthouse, Alhy. 
Kildare : Beech wood, Devon. Toivm A- 
dffue—iD Albany, Piccadilly, W. Clu. 
Army and Navy, United .Service, M 
borough. United University, Kildare Str 
St. James's. 

Sefton, Earl of. (Sits as i9.) W 
LiAM Philip MoLVNFtix. 4th E., b. 183^ 
1855 : A.-a., Charles William Hyhon. T. M 
ncux, b. 1867. 6Va/— Croxteih Hall, Ln 
pool. Totvn Residence — Sefton House, 
Belerave Square, S.W. C/«<ix-Travelk : 
White's, Brooks's, United Service, Turf, M.iri 

Selbornb, Baron. Roundei.l 
Palmrr, P.C, K.B., D.CL., F.R.S., ist B., 
b. i8ia, c. 1872: ft a , William^ 
^.1859. .SV / > T, Petersfiel' 

shire. T, 30, Port!.. 

W. Clubs- A ' > xford and Ca I ; 

Selkirk, Earl of. Dunbar JA^! 

Douglas, F.R.S., 6th E. rS.R.P.), *. i 
X. i8ao. Seat — St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright, 
Clubs — Carlton, Athenxum, Travellers'. 

Sempill, Baroness. Maria Jant^ 

Sbmpill, i6th in Miccession (S. P.), b. t; 
X. 1835 ; A.-/., Sir William Forbes, 8th ban 
1836. 5"r«/— Morton Pinkncy Manor, B.-inbury 

Settrington, Z., graftd-s. D. Rich* 



S«ymour,/ m, M. Hertfovd. 
SefRiour, tttmamtr />. ftomenct. 
SiiArriLiU »xv 









I? ; 







(Sin M ^. 
MArtrr. ool Cork. 

Sluw (Sbaw-Ldevre), /. «, 
>. Eari oC 

(Sits M ^.) 
» 1«o«lMr. Do^ UvJS 
a. Tmvtllarft'. 

> PMiur Castell 

laglMaa, A. 

c^a, Uiwk**, 

> iKMUh. 

> \LBOT, Eariof. 

CMACUbk Hit>iiv JuMN Taibot. lotll M.. 
# lite. *. iSn : 4. A. »"* u«»ck. Wakor C»l 

StJfetd; Ah«iT«m«^a«dkT^ 

SiDMouTH. Viscount Wiluam 
Wkix« AootMOTOH. jrd K, JL it^. «i lift* ; 
4.^.. Gerald AailMy Pdfav BmmIO 
ilj4. Smi$^Upanmrf Mmmt. Hodum, 

r#iw /r^^dSruor-Ti, ksum fWw, 8.W. 
C/«A— OritoB. 

Sidney./ ». ^. De L'Isle aod Dodlej. 

SiNri^iR, Baron. Charlis Wil- 
uam Sr. CXAt«, i4th B. (S.P.X *. iSjt. «. 

.S«M/j NttUi HouM. Bwwwkabira; H<«l- 

Sinclair. / m. £, 
Skcfnn»;t..t»,/ m, V, 

Suoo. ICaniMM of. (Siu aa B, 
M<Mrr«ACL&) GaowM Jo«« ItoimM^ «d 
A^.A ii«o. ^ .t«5. A/.. Iu» hratlMr, j£ 

^ MAN,BiahopoC Row- 

urr I A il|lu MM. tin- ^Ww 

rni> fMlM* kM A MM b dM Ho«M «f Lofdk. 

Somas, Eari. Chaklks Somus 
SoMauOtcKA. yd if,, A lii^ #. ito; Ay., 

GadaL A ilis. * 'r tMHniDi^TinTl 
WiTWiforifaWM: lU^Ma Moiy. Somx. 
iTrr ^i^*2*-«- OiiMiriiilJ QiOmm, W. 
CibA^ TkaMOOT*. AdMMMM, 81. JaaH***. 

SOIIIKSIT, DbIm oC Edwaed 
Apouwfs Sbvmovb. ILa, P.C. iMh A, A 
•^H. «. iHs: A/., lib btoUMr. ArddlaU 
H«nr Akmoo.Sr. Maob. A itta Smt»- 
MaMm Bmdity HiMM, BiS : BMlMfods PtoA. 
0«faiCi CW Bwka : 8io«w. N«v«hi Abta. 

AUMHMUB. ThiwOan*. 

Somenet, / «. D. Beanlbrt, and B, 

F.t il. s. B. NonBanton. 
SooenriUe,/ «. A Alhlnmnqr. 
Sondes, Earl. Geoege WAnoN 

Edward (K TVowlcvK A iMt. - - ^ 

Court, F«v«r«liMa; Nackiactoa. 
BtadkuaHalUEaMDoaliaaS; C/i 
WUia'i, Tiavdlar**. 

SouTHAiiPTON. Baron. Chaelis 
fiBMBV Pmaov. 4tli A. A iWy. jl iSra; A..A. 
kk brother. EdwMd A%«raoo^ iM^ 

SouTHESK, Earl of (S. P.) (Sits as B. 
Baummakdw) lAMasCAaaaaia. ILT..9tk Jt. 
A xWtf i. !(»: A.-«.. darla* Nod. JL 
Garaayia. A ti<4. .faa^-ICtaaaml Omh. 

SoirrifWELL, Vbcoont. Aethue 
RoaasT Pvaaa Sovtmwbix, <tk I'. (LP.l 
A iSt*. s. ityE 5«a/-GaMfa Maiiii. Raili. 
kaaktOO. LinerkV. 

SrcNcaa. K 
A ilss. «. i>.>,- . ^. ^.. 
Rebatt. U.I*.. A 1*57. 


SpcDocr./. «. ^. OMrchOL 
SMMer(Spaoer-aMicUUX / «. 




Spring (Spring- Rice),/, m. B. Mont- 

Stafford, Baron. HknryValrn- 

T1VF STAFTniif TPRvisniiw. 9th B., h, i8oa, 

^u«u« Frederick 

CoBteasy Park, 

IMhire. Cli^— 


.Stafford, Af., M.P., d. s. D. Suther- 

Stair, EaH of. (Sits as B. Oxrn- 

K<»)Ki>.) loiiN Hamilton Dalrymplb, ICT., 

181Q. *. 1864 ; A.-a,, lohn Hew 

ivc Henry, K Dalrympfe, f>. 1848. 

Ill h «.'.is(lr. Str.inr.icr. Wigtown- 
' • ri;h ; Bar- 


I : M - --^. i'_ nshire. 

Stamford and Warrington, Eari 
of. Gborgb Harry Grby. 7th £., b. 1827, t. 
as B. Grey of Groby 1835, as E. of Sumford 
and Warrington in 1845: k.-fi., his cousin, 
Harry Grey, b. 181a, JTm^*— Bradjjatc Park, 
Leicester : Knville Hall. StafTurdshire ; Dun- 
ham Ma&sey Park. Altrincham. Toivn Rrsi- 
i£«K»— 13, Hill Street, W. C/«^i — Carlton, 
Athenaeum, Travellers', Conservative. 

Stanhopf-, Earl. Arthur Philip 

Stanhope, 6th E., b. 1838, s. 1875; k.a., 
J.Tme* Richard. V. Mahon, b. 1880. Seat — 
Chevening, Scvenoaks. loum Residence ao, 
Grosvenor Place. S.W. C/«*j — Carlton, 
Travellers', St. Stephen's. 

Stanhope, f. n. E. Chesterfield, and 
E. Harrington. 

Stanley of Alderley, Baron. 

Henry Edward John Stanlry, 3rd B.. b. 
1827, s. 1869 : h.-p., his brother, Eklward 
Lyulph, M.P.. 3. 1839. 5"m/— Alderley Park, 
Crewe, Chesnirc. Ttrum Residence — 15, 
Grosvenor Gardens, S,W. C/«*— Travellers. 

Stanley,/ n. E. Derby. 
Stapleton,/. n. B. Beaumont. 
Stapleton (Stapleton-Cotlon), / n. 
y. Combermere. 
Stavordale, Z., <•/. s. E. Ilchester. 
Stewart, / n. E. Galloway. 
Stonor, / n. B. Camoys. 
Stopford, K., el. s. E. Courtown. 
Stopford,/. n E. Courtown. 
Stormont, K, d. s. E. Mansfield. 
Stourton, / n. B. Mowbray. 

Stradbroke, Earl of. John Ed- 

WARD Cornwallis Rous, 2nd E., b. 1704, $. 
1827; A. -a., George Edward John Moworay, 

y. Dunwich. *. i8da. 5V<t/— Henham Hall, 
Wangford, Suffolk. Town Residence— n, 
Belgrave Square. S.W. 

Strafford, Eari of. George 

Strvknh Bync, P.C. F.R.S., and E.J\ i8</). 
*. i86o:A.-a.,GeorseHenryCharles, /' 1 
(who «U at B. Strafford), b. 1830. 
Wrolham P.irk. I^amet. Tmvn Rest 
5. St. ' ire. S.W. C/j»^*-BooUU 

Brool •. White's. 

Sti....^ ....). ^Fox-Strangways), /. /.. 
E. Ilchester. 

Strathallan, Viscount. William 

Hrnry Drimmoni), 7th If. (S.R.P.). 
s. 1851 : h,-n., James David, b. 1830- 
Stratnallan Castle. Auchterarder, Pen 
C/«*— Carlton. 

Statheden and Campbell, Bnro; 

William Frkdsrick Campbi i . a. 

i8a4, s. i860: A.-/., his broth' on 

George, b. 1839. Seat — 'H-r ,se, 

Roxburghshire. Ttmrn F ' ' . i'.rutnn 

Street, W. Clnbs-V.' h's, .Sl 

{ames's, Oxford and C I, ton and 
[arrow, County Galway. 

Strathmore and Kinghorne, 

Earl of. Claiidb Bowes-Lyon, 13th F 
(S.R.P.). b. 1824, '■ 1865; k,-a., Clai. 
George, L. Glamis, b. 1855. Seat—(J\A^\ 
Castle, Forfarshire. Ttmm Residence — ; 
Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. C/«*— Carit 

Strathnairn, Baron. ITt*< 
HenkvRose. F.M..G.C.B.,G.C.S.I.. i 
P.C, isiB., b. 1803, r. 1866. Seat- N 
P.irk, Royston. Town Residence — 52,1 
Square, W. C/«^»— United Service, .NLul- 
borough. Athenaeum, Travellers'. 

Strutt,/. //. B. Belper, and B. Ray- 


Stuart, /. n. E. Moray, and B. 

Stuart (Stuart-Richardson), /. n. E. 
Castle Stuart. 

Stuart (Crichton-Stuart), / n. M. 

Stuart (Hepburn - Stuart - Forbc" 
Trefusis), /. n. B. Clinton. 

Stuart (Montagu-Stuart- Worth 
Mackenzie),/, n, E. Whamcliffe. 

Sturt,/. n. B. Alington. 

Sudeley, Baron. Charles Doi (.las 
Richard HANnrRv-TRACv, 4th B., b. 1846, s. 
1877: A.-rt,, William Charle* Fr-vlcri-k. b. 
1870. .V^/i/i— Toddington, Win n- 

ccstershirc; Gregynog, Newtow ; >•• 

shire. Ttnim Residence— i, Bu< . ' ic, 

S.W. C/«^*- Brooks's Travellers . 

Sudley, V.^ d. s. E. Arran. 

Suffield, Baron, Charlf^s Har- 

BORD. K.C.B.. 5th B., b. 1830, s. i8<3 ; h.n., 
Charles,*. 1855. Seat — Gunton Park, Norwich. 
Town Residence— 4!b, Upper Grosvenor Street, 
W. C/«r** — Brooks's, White's, Boodle's. 
Marlborough, Tuif 




Turf. I'rjtt «. 


• ♦— Mirtictifitr. F*-» -^ 

t. fi. St. LeocianU. 

I. A.. /ntW-#. A MaH. 

St'llflUllJiND, Dttkfl ot GlOtOB 

GllAH\Ull! W|ttl4M*^- •-- • 

<M>wiiii. k.«.., »r»l /• 
Crvi«iM/tw. .1/. sijrTi-i 

ln«or II .»•. Svtbntaad: Houm oT Toac«>«. 
U.'K* l'*HiM Hfmm, IUMi»^«htf«; CmI« 
I ' " TmMlHUB Hwik SuUK»«felur«: 

I f«. Stirap*kif«. Tftm K*$i- 

H«Hiw Si. JaMk't. &W. 

> -Suttun), /. M. y, 


r^ . *. 

\ BohWMI. 

l.v:!. lonume of Arxkhitkcp of 

Car.-.'-- rv. 

i Rarom. 

.th ^.. 4. 

... >tirew»buix. 

IE, Earl of. CllARLKs 
R . k lira, «. its9 : i.<<a.. 







ira, «. 
> -niMl, A. lis*.' Stmi- 



.AHttSif«ct.W. CimS* 
/ ^ of /). Sutherland 
! P..//. /. />. B«d. 


jolM. A 


(Vane-Tcmpcst), / m, Af. 

Tvapk MfMM AMi^ of Eadcr. 
Ton pte (C oirp«f»TamplcX / «• ^* 

TiMPUUioti, Banm. Hemkv 

8*«»cma OttcMfli'nm, md M., k ii»i, «. 
iljy : k.'m.,Anhm H«ary, A il54> S^mi— 
Dimhn&r >uk. Ankmmmm. ea W«.icrd. 
r#M H ni dtmt0 • . Upp« Mroik ScraM. W, 

Tim I' II TOWN. VkeooBt Geokob 

rir K CBL.wdr.d.iLP.l 

A. i> >u« btvllMr. ArtlMr. k. 

iltr;. . ^Asm, T — p h pB miii . <a^ 

Gauds'. UMUd^OTvioa. CbHmi. UbMr. 

Tkntbrdkn, Baron. Charlh 
SrvArr AfMBY Asbott. ICCB., wd A« A 
iIm. «. i«}o ; A-«.. OmHw Sumr Hawy. A 

W. rA4« - Tni««ll«»'. Uai««l UaivMky. 

Tewkobiiry, /^, tfT. /. ^. Mnmter. 
Tevniiam, UaroQ. George He.sry 

RnrKK C k.- >N, 16U1A. A I79l,«. it«i : A<«.. 
Hctir itM. S*mi—Xtrm^ Hoaw. 

SllO. :it. 

ThcimvMm,/ «. A Rcndletham. 
Tbcatger,/. i». A Cbelnuford. 
ThomMNi, somame Arekhukcp of 

Tborokl, ntraaiDe Bisk^f of Rochca- 

Throwley, V.^tl, s, E, Sonde*. 
Til UR LOW. Baron. Tiu»mas Joiix 


A. i8jfl. <. 1874: 4.HI.. Japn FntdafiduA iMf. 

.V/tf/«- Athfteld. Ixwwtli. Suft»tk : Duaphii^ 
Nil. : Kiniuinl. UHxtt. N.B. rfmrnRtti- 
i/.^«^-M^ppOTOrMV«MrScrMl.W. CiMf 
— I rikvclMn . ofooKS k. 

Thjmne,/ w. iV. Bath, 
TfAa,/. «, ^. Norbury. 
Tolleoiache,/. «. ^. Dyuut 

Bum. JoMM TotxmMAOtK, i«< it.. A iBai, 
€. i%jt. 1^. WUUmkMi Kmknck. ItfT? 
ilu. 5<it/#-H«iiiiiMlMi Hall. SMMbum 
SiAolk : PKMat«MiCaiSW.TMinrlir.akr»kwT. 
Tmm ir#nMb«a^-4, Sc. Jmbm'* Sqou*. S.W. 





- r " TvMEs Walter 
1846, t. 1869 : 
A.-/ '•. 1847. Srafs — 

CiUdrr II I Nt .i-IxHhian : Pre- 

ceptor ■.. r...i!...;r. Un; I .■!,Mn, N.B. C/m6s 
— Wip.ih.ini. N..*.ii ..ii.i Ntiht.iry. 

BvKC. D.C.U, 7th r.. A. iSii. *. 1831 : A.-/., 
hU nephew. Gcorse Stanley. *. 1841. Seat— 
Yolea Court. Mcrewonh, Kent. Tfivm Rett- 
dnw-A^ Wanrirk S«Hiare. S.W. Cimbt— 
Union. Broolo'ii. United Service, Turf. 

TowNSMKNO, Marquess. John ViL- 
XAnm Sti'aict T«»\vn<.mknd. 5th M.,b. 1831, x. 
1863: *.•*!.. John James Dudley Stuart. 1^. 
Rapham. (>. 1866. .9r<t/x -Balls Park. Hert- 
ford : Raynham Hall, Norfolk : Tamworth 
Caade, SiaAbrdshirc. Towm Residence— v^, 
Dover Street. W. C/»«f— Brooks's, Pall 

Townshcnd,/ n. E. Sydney. 

Tracy (Hanbury-Tracy), f. ft. B. 
Trafalgar, V.^ d. s. E. Nelson. 
Tredegar, Baron. Godfr ky 

Chari.ks Mokgan. and It., f>. i8jo, s. 1875 ; 
A.-/., his bro:her, Frr(!crick Courtenay, M P., 
b. 1834. Sea ft' I ' irk, Monmouth- 

shire ; Kupcrra C. inshire. 7Va»M 

Residence — 39, I'<i '■c, W. C/nSi — 

Carlton, Army and Navy, .^Vrthur's, Boodle's, 
St. Stephen's. 

Trefusis ( Hepburn - Stuart - Forbes - 
TrefuBis),y! n. B. Clinton. 

Trench,/ n. B. Ashtown. 

Trench (I^-Poer-Trench), / n. E. 


Trevor, Baron. Arthur Edward 

Hiix-Trfvor, ist If., b. 1819. c. 1880: A.-rt., 
Arthur William, b. 1852. .W/— Brynkinalt, 
Chirtc. Denbighshire. Taum Residence - tt,, 
Belcrave Square, S.W. Clubs — Boodle's, 
Carlton. Junior Carlton, City Carlton, Sackville 
Street, Ulster. 

Trevor, surname B. Dacre. 

Trevor (Hill-Trevor),/ n. B. Trevor. 

Trollope,/. n. B. Kesteven. 

Truro, Baron. Charles Robert 

ClJiUDK Wilde, 2nd B., b. 1816, *. 1855 ; h.-fi., 
hia nephew, Thomas Montague Morrison, b. 
1856. .S"/-/!/— Falcon wood. Shooter's Hill, Kent, 
Town Residence —1^, Dover Street, W. 

Truro, Bishop of.* Right Rev. 

Edward White Kkkson, D.D., b. 1829, 

con <.87r. Residence — Lis Rscop, near Truro. 

Tulliljardine, M.^ d. s. Z?. Athole. 

Tumour,/, w. £. Winterton. 
Tweeddale, Marquess of. William 

Montagu Hay, loth Af. (.S.P.), *. 1826, t. 
1878 : Aeirrss-/!. to Barony of Hay of Venter, 
f.ttdy Sni(.<)n F.lirnbrfh ( Irmrnttnr, A. t?7() ; 

i\rs;,jrrt,r- yy, Mrrtlnrd .Street, \V. C/ir 

Twisleton (Twisleton - Wykehaiu- 

Fienne*),/ m. ft. Sayc and Scle. 
Tyrone, E., d. s. M. Waterford. 
Tyrwhitt, / n. Barotuss Bemers. 
Uffington, V.,d.s. E. Craven. 
Upton, / n. B. Templctown. 
Uxbridge, £., d. s. M. Anglesey. 
Vale.ntia, Viscount. Arthur An- 

NRSI.EV, nth r. (I.IW /•. I-.H. J. I -/a : /» • 

Arthur, b. 1880. 

Oxford: Eydon H 

ton. White's. Turf. A: „ . : j 

Valletort, V., d, s. E. Mount E<1 

Vane (Vane-Tempest), / n. M. 

Vanneck,/ n. B. Huntingfield. 
Vaughan,/ n. E. Lisbume. 
Vaughan, V., d. s. E. Lisbume. 
Vaux, Baron. George MosTV 

6th B., b. 1804, *. 1838; A.-/., his grands' 
Hubert Geonte Charles, b. i8<So. Ttnim Rr 
detice—6. Upper Grosvenor Street, W. Ci.^ 
— Brooks's. 

Venables (Venables- Vernon), f.tiB, 

V ENTRY, Baron. Dayrolles 

(LR.P.), b. 1828, *. i869; k.-n.. Fre.l< rick 
RoB^more Wauchope, *. 1861. Seat — Hurn' 
House, Dingle, co. Kerry. C/«A*— Cirlum, 
Kildare Street, St. James's. 

Vereker,/ n. V. Gort. 

Vemey, / n. B. Willoughby de 

Vemey (Vemey-Cave),/ n.B. Bray. 
Vemon,/. n. B. Lyveden. 

Vf; ■" on. Augustus H FN RV 

Vena . 6th B., b. 1829, .f. \-f/i\_ 

h.-a., < im Henrj', b. 18^. .S>^»/r — 

Sudburv Hall. Derby; Poynton Hall. Stork.. 
port, Cneshire. C/«<^#— Travellers', White's. 

* As Senior- Junior Bishop is Chaplain to the House of Lords, but has not a seat. 



VcmuLAM, Earl oC Iamii Waltu 

iMaTO«, MM ii. . A laag^ «. ia«|; 

V«ey./». K DeVetd. 
Villicfi, K. ^. /. A. Jcfwy. 
Viliicn, / «. i?. CUucadoci, and £, 


VivtAM, Baron. CiiARUts Can- 
piatrv ViviAM. »mI A. A. iloA. «. it«a ; 4.<«.. 

. tik. AMiMy C4mU-Bto6kM\ Ualiad 
>«nficii, TttrC 

WAi4>BUtAVi, Earl of. Wiluam 

*^>«iNMiac WAUMoaAva. gilk JT^ A it}i> <• 

> : A-^. kk bMClMr. M«My Neil. A its4. 

<m Rm n dmi t t ij. MoaCM« PWoa, Mommv 

.oaw, W. CAi«»-Oa£f7 aad " ^^ 

Wald^rmve,/ «. B. Raditock. 
Wallop,/ «. i?. Pofftamoath. 

Wallscourt. Baron. Ekrol An- 
Gi>«Tv« louTM Hanav Bmk^ jdi B, (I.P.k 
^ mt. j; it49 ; A-«.. OhSm W5ba JomvS 
Heary. A it7> J^m/— Aidfry, OnuMMtv. cow 
(^•ay. CM>WMw'i.GuafiteMVa«dlm'. 

naav. 6ili A. A it4j. & iSto; A-A. lib 
bffuclMr. Join AufuMiM, A it«a. J « W » 
lod H^TlHdenLNaHbikTXld 


Walpok;/ «. i?. Orftmt 
Walsh (Uenn.WalshK/. «. ^. Orma 

Waui.mgham, Baixm. Thomas db 
_sv. 6ili A. A it4j. & tl 
bffuclMr. Jolia AufuMiM, A 
loa H^TlHdbnLNaHbl 

•hita. r*awiTf*a*<ww ffiioa HoMa. Baiaa 
Sqa««.&W. CVMr-Cariun. Whtta't, Mart. 

Ward, / ». K Bangor, and E. 


Wark worth, Z., gnmd^. D, Nor- 

Warraa./ «. B. l)e Tablcy. 

War"' ^: *-" «'»fx>KB, Earl of. 
Gb»)«.> «tli £., A iStt, 

i. i*'\ «rd Charia* Guy, 

/ Warwick 
y r t.SubIt 

N /-Caifiaa, 


I' \.\ Pom- 




WATBATAajc, Baroo. Hkmkv An* 

A^. kk Ummm. Hcarv irkiffTw Han. 
AifjA 5^-De«ari4caHaB,D«^. C/a4« 

WATtoN, Lord. William WATioit, 

P.C. LUD. (Le«d o# Appwl ia Ordtaarylt 
i iM. €. iMo, tt tt Utm t * 14. Moray Plaieiiu 

CArfa-Carkaa, Atk^Mam 

Baron. RoistT Auuc- 

vuAia, f.itS.. i« A. A tin: 

A itis. Sm^ftanm Kafl. 

K»- 1. Aadkv B^Mra. W. OWb- 
Uakad SarHca. BraabTi, TVavalata*. O^kmA 
aad Okubridga, ITifiiii. ITiiiiiiikln. Ukiar. 

WelleUey, /. ». A WeUii«toa, and 

A Coarky. 

Wklumctom, Dnke of. Aktmvr 
RtCMAAo Wblumlsv. and D., K.G.. P.C. 
LLD.. A ilof. 4. iS«: A>.. kk aaidw, 
Havy^A tM* r<ia# ^watkfcldMya. l^kicC 
Tmm MmUtmn Aailwr 
. C/Ma-OrlHM. uSad 
'*, Marlkaroagk. 

Wfmym and March, EaH of (Sita 
at/?'v > FaAHctsWc . kaia 

D«> ■•!«. tth /. $s • 

A^ I . . Ekko,M.F. 

Nkdp«ili CAMk aad llayaa' Lod^v. Pe 
dtoa; AniliiiH aad Ooaibrf Haaa^ 

CaMk. PMhtUia. AbA-Caihaa. 
Wenlckk, Baron. Bbilsy Lawlbv, 

ml A.A It4^j. in»;A-A.kkbttidMr.llkkafd 
TkoapMS. A itfA .VMiSr — Eaerkk Puk. 
Yorkaliifai Boanoa CottaM, Mack Wcofack. 
SarMMkirt. T»mm Jf ftA m c e a» Barkaky 
SqoMaj W. CArf* - Marlboroack. Tai/. 


WR.NTWORTH, Baron Ralph Gor- 
don NuaL MiLaAWKB. ittk A. A U)9k «. 
l86« : Afirtat-^, Ada Mary. A itji. 

Wentworth-FUzwilliam, /. m, E. 

Wot (SackriUe-WcitK / m. B. 

Wrstbury, Baron. Richard Lut* 
rmatx Pilkihctom BcTMatx. jrd A. A iljs, 
a. i%j\ : A-/.. Km brockar. Edward Akaaadar, 
R.N..A1I5V rAid*-Gwkaa.GMi^. Naval 
aad MUitary. Waadarafs'. 

Westenra,/ «. B, Kommart. 

Wrstmrath. Earl oC. Wiluam 
Sr Gaoaoa Nuoairr, loUi A (UP.X A tl|*. 
«. il79 ; A«. AatkoBT r>MMbw 2. Dalvki. A 
ityix Jm/ — PaBM, Laafkiaa. ca^ GaKray. 

C7«^«— iCkklara Strocc. Coaaty Galway. 



Westminster, Duke of. 
Lvras Groavrkor, K.('> 
f. D. 1874.^1893: A.-*.. 

Grvtk\ciK>r. h. i3st. 



UrooU*. Wtuu's KdUim, Dc%uu>-Uirc, liur- 

Westmorki A ' ' ' T V ts 
William Hknmy I 

«. i8vi. ''^ .« . A. 

North '• —,«?• 

—Army ii»a Navy. While s, 1 iirf. 

Weymouth, V., d. s. Af. Bath, 
Wharncliffe, Earl of. Edward 

MnvTAc:- STfAKT OKANvrirR Montagu- 

\V " '' .h. 1827, 

icr, his 

I Wort- 

,s-,f.'A Wcrtl'v H.ui. >hcfficld ; 

H.-»we«, Yorkshire : IJclmont 

I \-. Perthshire. Tmvn ResitUnce 

House, 15, Curron Street, W. 

. vcllers', White's. Marlborough, 

i 11. 

White,/, n. ^. Annaly.and £'.Bantry. 

Wick LOW, Earl of. Charles 

Fkancis Arnold Howard, 5th E. (I.R.P.), 
/'. 1 339, J. 1S69; A. -/., his brother, Cecil Ralph, 
A .;.'i Sliclton Abbc\', Arklow, co. 
\', I • I orward, CO Donegal. Clubs 

\. : !■ s, Iloodle's, Army and Navy, 
1 ■'-!> rough. Kildare Street. 

\\ 1.1 i.i;iam(Bootle-Wilbraham),/. n. 
E. Lai horn. 

Wilde,/ n. B. Truro, and B. Pen- 

Willoughby,/ n. B. Middleton. 

Willouehby (Heathcote-Drummond- 
NMIloughby), surnames Barontit Willoughby 
De Eresby, and B. Aveland. 

Willoughby de Broke. Baron. 

Hknrv Pe>to Vkrnev, iTth A, *. 1844, /. 
1S63: h.-a., Richard Grex-ille, b. 1869. Seat 
— Compion Vcmey, WarwicL C/m^— Carlton. 

Willoughby De Eresby, Baroness. 

(■ Elizabbth Hrathcotb-Drum- 

(iHBV, b. 1809, X. 1871 ; A.-rt., 
( V. 7nd B. Aveland. b t8-?o. 

detue—^, i>cigravc oquaxc, o. »t. 

Wilson (Wilson-Pallcn), / n, B. 


Wilton, Earl of. Thomas Eger- 

TON. P.C. D.CI^. G.C.H., and E., h 
s. 1814: 4, -rt.. Arthur Edward Hollanc; 
y. Grrv He Wilton (see thnt ti»1r> 
H ■ ■■ near Mnnchr ' "' 

M ray. Town 

% , W. Club^ 

'Idtl, .M.ttllH<rough. 

Wiltshire, E., el. s. M. Winchester. 
WiM borne. Baron. Ivor Berth 

Guest, ist B., b. i8t;. e. tRSo: h.-n., Iv - 

auirchill, b. 1873 - . .. 

Wimljome ; Dowl.-ii 

Achnashcllach I>odu' 

/^<r/i//<^M^r— Hamilton M-iuno, 21, Ai 

Street, S.W. C/i#A»— Carlton. St St« , 


WiNCHF-STKR, Bishop of Edward 
Harold Brownk, D.D., D.C.L., b. 1811. 
con. 1864. /. 1873. /'a/fw^— Famham Castle. 
Surrey. C/m^— Athetizum. 

Winchester, Marquess of. John 

Paulet, i4lh M., b. 1801, /. 1843; k.-a., 
Augustus John Henry Beaumont, E. Wilt 
shire, b. 1858. .SV^/— Amjport St- Marv'^, 
Andover, HanLs. To7vh Resuiefue—iv, Al 
bany, W. C/«**— Carlton, Travellers', Whii<-\s 

Earl of. George James Finch-Hatton, 
loth E., b. 1815, *. 1858; A.-/., his half- 
brother, Murray Edward Gordon, b. 1851. 
C/«A— Carlton. 

Windsor, Baron. Robert Georgk 

WiNt>soR-CLiyB, i4ih B., b. 1857. /. i8^«<; 
co-heiresses, his three sisters. Seats~\\- - ^W 
Gmngc, Bromsirrove ; St. Fagan's C'l il', 
Cardiff: Oakly Park, Bromfield. Shrop-sliii c 
Town Residence— ^1, Grosvcnor Street, W. 

Wingficld,/. n. V. Powerscourt. 

WiNMARLEiGH, Baron. John Wil- 
son- Pattkn. P.C, ist B., b. 1802, c. 1874 
A.-/., his grandson, John Alfred, b. 1867. 
Seat — Winmarleigh, Garstang, Lancashire. 
TotvH Resi<iruce—n, Hill Street, W. Clubs— 
Carlton. Travellers . 

Winn (Allanson-Winn), / «. B. 

WiNTERTON, Earl of. Edward 

Turnolr, 5th E. (I. P.), b. 1837, /. 1879 : A.->., 
his brother, Keith, b. 1848. Seat - Shillingicc 
Park, Petworth, Sussex. C/«^— Arthur's. 

Wodehouse, Z., d. s. E, Kimberley. 
Wodehouse,/ «. E. Kimberley. 






•Ml A. A itsA. *. 
Hrmr Cm?, CB.. 





ime ^m4<»/ of Ely. 

\\ < •KCK&TKR. Ubhop ot Hbnky 

Worcoter. Af., f/. s. D. Bcmufoit. 
Wonbwurtb, sttnuuiie Bitkop ol 


W rtlcy (MonlagQ^tuait-Woctlcy. 
M^Ac./^X/ •. '. W&TMliia. 

Wrottulxy, BaroQ. Arthur 
^^«..TT«»unf. «tl A. Jk i«a4, «. iS6y : A.«. 
\' loa. /. 1861. ^At^-WraiMklvy. Wol- 

.str«^ Hootli Aodfar Sa««. W. CfaS-- 
AtKoMMWi. Bfoolo'*. lV»««IWn'. 

Wjrkeham (TwUlctoa • Wykduutt- 

Wyndham./ n, B. Lcconfidd. 

\V M ( Wyndham-Qoin), / #. 

T0mm A 

Baron. WiuJAM 

• ItMT. wd A. ^- ibW 

Wynm/. «. A Vewboroogh. 

Yarrorougii, Eafl U. CiURtB 
AL»wn» WoMunr Aiioa«o«'l*Buu«. «di 
A. A itft, u ttys: A.^ Ik kRMlMr. <t\am 
lUlpk. A ilM. Sm#~ BMdriHky PMk, Uk^. 
r«M Mrnkkmrn %i, k/kt^ftm Sum, S.W. 

Yaide-BttUcr,/ «. A Cbttnton. 
Yaimoolh, E„ P.C, i. iV. 

N riuQ,/ ». K AvooiBofe. 

N • > H K . Archbifthop of. Right Hon. 

WiuoAM Tnom«om. TJIX. PC. r.RA, 
PrasM* of B«glBMl Md MotfoiMNttiib A. iti«, 

York. cAi»-AilWMM, 
Yorke, / «. iT. Haidwicke. 
Zktlanbl Earl ot LawrknceDum. 
DAS. wd A. A iSm. «. ilTl : h.-^ UwrMoa 
Join LanUey. L. Duadu./ !•;«. 5Ml^Aak^ 

tok Arlii«MMi SOML. S.W. 
Boodle's Pntt'k. WImm'*. 

CimU Btooki' 

*, Pnttk, 
Tuff. Y. 

Robert Natha- 


ZoucHB, Banm. 

HIM. ClOL CSUBCB Ct'BJOM. lOh A. A lt«l, 

s. 1B7J : keimt-p^, kk ii«v, Duw, A iMo 
5m<«— PaHua Pluk 

CarltooTjuuov Cvhoo. Wlriu\ Si. JuMot. 

Ovtr taso Pagtt ^t^OHmOBK »>*d 1500 lUtatrtitiomt. 




This year contains over 90 additional pages, the whole book 
remodelled and very gieatly amplified, as well as corrected 
to the end of 1880, will be found to contain later information 
than any other kindred volume. 

The only book that contains the services of Collateral 
Branches of both Peers and Baronets, and gives their 

London; DEAN & SON, iioa, Fleet Street, E.C. 



Lofd CkU J«rtk» of 

t In WNidpMiM of tlM 

duaf fUfoB o/tiM EackaqMr. 



of ilMCmift of ProteM 
J«df« Ib BMlcniVicy 
Jttdg* oIUm AAminky Coun Divtik 

of aM J«iiM or llw 




James Bacon, son of the late James 

Bacon, £sa.» of the Middle Tcm'plt, br Catherine, 
d. of the late — Day, £aq., of MaacAcMcf. He 
%ras born Feb. 1798, and in 1827 m. louirm 
Frmncca.— who died 1850.— d. of the late William 
Cook, Em., of CUy HiU, Enfield. Called to the 
Bar at Gray's Inn May 1827, and aftemida 
rntrrni ad mmdfm at Lincoln's Inn, of whidi he 
iicher ; nuule a Q.C. 1846. Was a Con* 
cr of Bankruptcy for lusodon District firom 
Sept. 7th, 1868. till Dec. 3ia, 1869, Chief Judge 
in Bankruptcy from faiL till Jul^ 1 870, and a 

Vicc^Jhanccllor and Chief lodge la Bankraptcy 
from Inly 1870 till Nov. 187c, when be becMM 
. Jutlce of the High Court of Juatke (hb fonaer title befag piesrrved by 
Act of Parliament). Received the honor of knighthood Jan. 1071. 




Richard Baggallay, P.C.^ el. son of Richard 
Baggallay, Kvj., of Kingthorpc House, Upper Tooting, 
Sarrey, by Ann, d. of the late Owen Manlen, Esq. He 
was bom May ijih, 1816, and was ed. at Caius Coll., 
Camb. ; grad. B.A. 1839, M.A. 1842; Fellow of Caius 
College 1842. and Hon. Fellow i88a Called to the Bar 
at Lincoln's Inn 1843, and appointed a Q.C. 1861. Was 
Solicitor-Gcncral in 1868, and from Feb. 1874 till April 

1874, and Attorney-General from April 1874 till Nov. 

1875, and was for some years counsel to the Univ. of 
Caiii... .S-- In 1847 he m. Marianne, youngest d. of II. C. Lacy, Esq., some* 
lime M.i*. for Bodmin, of Withdean Hall, Sussex. Is a J. P. for Surrey and 
Herefordshire. Sal for Hereford (T.) 1865-8 ; unsuccessfully conteslcil that city 
1868 and 1869, and sat for Mid-Surrey from Oct. 17th, 1870, till Nov. 1875, 
when he was appointeti a Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature (Appeal 

C/m^<— Carlton, Athenaeum. 

TotoH Residetue—ii, Queen's Gate, S.W. 

Country ^rxtrflwiK-*?— Maplcircuse, Edcnbridgc, Kent. 


RIOHT HON. LORD BLACKBURN * (Lord of Appeal in Ordinary). 

Colin Blackburn, Z'.CjZZ.Z)., second son of 

ihe late John Blackburn, Esq., of Killeam, Stirlingshire, 
by Rebecca, d. of the Rev. — Gillies. He was bom 1813, 
was &\. at Eton and at Trin. Coll., Camb.,— grad. B.A., 
8th Wrangler, 1835, M.A. 1838,— and in 1870 was 
made an lion. LL.D. of Edinburgh Univ. Called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple 1838. Is joint author of Ellis 
and Blackburn's "Reports." Was a Judge of ihe 
Court of Queen's Bench from 1859 till Nov. 1875, and 
a judge of the High Court of Justice (Queen's Bench 
Division) Nov. 1875 till Nov 1876, when he was created 
a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, and a Judge of ihe 
Supreme Court o( Judicature. 

Crratian—S. Lord of Appeal In Ordinary, with the title of Baron Blackburn, of Killeam, ^ 
in the co. of Stilling, 1876. 

C/m^— Athenxura. 

TawH RestdfKce—io, Prince's Gardens. S.W. 

Seat — Doonholm, Ayrshire. 


* This nobleman retains his rank as a Peer of Parliament for life, but i^ only entitled 
sit and vote as long as he holds the office of Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, and his title is 



■OH. hb 


the Krv niriUo 


at Kuijb), ar 
Kdlow of Ba 
Univ. PriMou 
SdMMtb). In : 
JMM» Rendcl 
1870^ Rerorlcr of 
Tromiry 1873 9. 

e Christopher Bowsii, ton of 

Ikjwcn. of IlrAtYicntuuJ, Frmh 
1. oT Sir 




of AppoaU 

George William Wilshcrc Bramwki.u P.C, 
•on of George Brmmwcll, Km|., a banker of London. 
He was bora 180S, and m. IM. 1830, Jane,-— wbo died 

1834,— d. oTHruno^ 
the Har 1838, and ^^ 

1851. Wa.a liiroi 

187^. ai) 
ap(>ointcil a 
Sai>reme Com 

5m/— Hoti.. 


tS6i. Called to 

; niadc a O.C. 

iStotill Nov. 

'■ \chcqucT 

. he was 

a Judge of the 

RIOHT bom. sir W. BALIOL BRETT (Lord Joatlco of AppMdX 

William Baliol BRtTT,/'.C son of the btcRcv. 

Joieph Geoive Urcti, of Kanclagh, CheUca, by Dora, d. 

of the late oeorge lk»t. E»q., of ChiUtun Park, Kent, 
He wa« bora Anj;. 1H17, Mni% ©d. at Wc^tminMrr Sch., 

and at Call! ! B.A. 181 iJ^a, 

— and m., 1 Mons. Lou vq., 

ami »lcp*<i- VM ' •urwood, I : of 

••The IHikc of - l)c*iialchcv" the 

Ifcu at Lincoln'^ I . >. an.l at. i^. Int. irdl 

i86a Umoccev and 

1865. Sat as M t .cnst 

'icral from i till 

c Common .ind 

U y-ontt of JttMKC \^^\ onunon i >ov. 1875 

11 he waa appointed a Loid Jnalic^ 


S4mt^ H«.ali farai. Wadbrd 




RIGHT HON. BA&OM OOLERIDOE (Lord Ohl«f JofUoe of Bnf UndX 

John Duke Coleridge, P.C 
D.C.L., F.R.S,, 1st baron, el. son of tl 
late Rt. Hon. Sir John Taylor Coleridge, 
formerly a Judge of the Court of (^)uccn 
Hench, — hv Mary, el. d. of the late Rev. ( i 
Buchanan, LL.D., V. ofWoodmanstemcan 
R. of Northfleet. Was bom 1821, and wa 
ed. at Eton, and Balliol Coll., Oxfonl, whcu 
he obtained a scholarship, and sul>sequcntly 
became a Fellow of Kxeter Coll. ; grad. B. A. 
1843, M.A. 1846, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1877. 
In 1846 he m. Jane Fortescue, who dii ' 
1878, 3rd d. of the Rev. (ieorge Turiv 
Seymour, of Farringford, Isle of Wight. Called to the Bar at the Michi!' 
Temple 1847, and made a Q.C. and a Bencher of the Middle Temple 1861 ; 
went the Western Circuit. Was Reconler of Portsmouth from 1855 till 1866, 
and Solicitor-General from Dec. 1868 till Nov. 1871, and Attorney-General 
from Nov. 187 1 till Nov. 1873. Received the honor of knighthood 1868, and 
sworn a Privy Councillor 1873 ; a member of the Ritual, Public Schools, Judi- 
cature, and Cathedral Commissions. Author of various papers in the Ediuhur_i:h 
Revinu and other periodicals, and a Vice-President of the Articletl Clerks' S<>. 
Sat as M.P. for Exeter from July 1865 till Nov. 1873. Was Chief Justice of 
the Common Pleas from Nov, 1873 till Nov. 1875, President of the Common 
Pleas Division of the High Court of Justice 1870-80, his former title l>eii 
preserved by Act of Parliament ; appointed Lord Chief Justice of Englai 
Nov. 1880. 


Cnf<i//o«— Baron Coleridge of Ottery Sl Mary, in the Peerage of the United Kingdof 

C/«^*— Athenseum. Reform, Devonshire. 

CAtf/MArrr— RolU Gardens, Chancery Lane, E.C 

Resid«tuts—\, Sus»ex Square, Hyde Park, W. ; Heath's Court, Otlery St. Mary, Devc 

RIGHT HON. SIR ROBERT P. COLLIER (Judge of the Judicial Committee 
of Privy Council). 
^^ Robert Porrett. Collier, P.C, son of the la: 

\^^ John Collier, Esn., who was M.P. for Plymouth 1832-4. 

-r^*~ by Emma, 4th d. of the late Rol)ert Porrett, Esq., . . 

North Hill House, near Plymouth. He wax Immi 
18 1 7, was ed. at the Plymouth Gram. Sch., aii<l it 
Trin. Coll., Camb.; grad. B.A. 1841. Was calle<l to tl 
Bar at the Inner Temole, — of which he is a IJencher, 
1843 ; made a Q.C. 1854, and received a patent of pi 
cedence; went the Western Circuit. In 1844 he m. I 
bella, el. d. of William Rose Rose, Esq., of Eaton Place, 
London, and of Wolston Heath, near Coventry. Was 
Counsel to the Admiralty and Judge Advocate of the P'leet 
from Dec 1859 until Oct. 1863, Solicitor-General from that date,— when he 
was knighted, — until July 1866, and Attorney-General from Dec. 1868 till Nov. 
187 1 ; and was previously for some years Recorder of Penzance. Is a D.L. 
of Devonshire. In Aug. 1870 he accepted the Recordership of Uri.stol, which 
position he only retained for a few days, resigning it at the request of some of his 


cDMtknaiU. Aalhorofworlnoa **TlMUwof IUafmyt''tiid "TbeLAwof 
" .eft." UnMcecMfeUyeoal«l«IUno«loal84l. SiUMM.P.forPtywMth 
^•71- AppoimeJ. War. l>7l, aliidctof UwOmit ofCnmnioii Phit, aad 
'dit Jttdidd Commitiae oTtlM Privy CoMcO. 

RIORT HOK. nE BPniT OOTfOII (LOf« ^Mttot Of AppMlX 

Henry Cotton, /'.C, D.C.L,, son of 

WUlbm Coa<M. Bm|.. of Walwood Hoaic LeytOQ. 

stooc, fonaerly Governor of the Bulk of Eoglftmi, 

and for nuny jroin a Director Ihereol^ by Sarah, 

<L of the laie Thomat Ijtne, Ek|^ of The Grange, 

Leyton. He was bom May aoth, 183 1, mu ed. at 

Eton, and at Ch. Ch^ Oxford, —{^rad. I1.A., Irt 

iiica, and and cla» Cbattca, 1S43, 

l.jn. D.CL. 1877),— Md m. 1853, 

-tK .1 rtC iKf. K<>v TWimaa StitAl- 

to the Bar 
at Littculu* Um 1546^ becanic a (^.C. 1866, and 
a Bencher of hb Inn 1867. Was Comnd to the 
Universitv of Oxfbnl 1873-7. Appointed a Lord 
Justice 01 Appeal June 1877. 

W. : roflM Mara, lifilMok. Haoia 

Geoige Uknman, third surviving son of the ist 
Baron Dennuui, by Thcodoaia Anne, d. of the late Rev. K. 
Vevert, Rector of Kettering. He was bom 23rd I)cc., §819, and 
was ed. at the Gram. Sch ., Rr|>ton. and at Trin. Coll., Ounb.; 
grad. B. A., as captain 1 senior dasMc, 1843, M. A. 

1845 ; was a Fellow . ;-52, and Auditor 1853-64. 

In 1853 he m. Chatioi.i. <•• wn. late Saipuel Hope, Esq., 
of Liverpool, banker. Wa» called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 
Xov. 24th. 1R46. and npiHtlitti^i a Q.C. i860 ; went the Home 

a member of the Ano. (or the 
Proinotion of ^ il So. UnsucocssfaUy co nt ested 

thr tuu iSo;. Sat for Tiverton (roan 1859 till 

iv 1 S73. Was a Josttce of the Co— mon Pleaa 

'^^o became a Jadiffc of the High Conrt 

m 1864 km wrtmilalhig the law on 

n matten of evkleoce and pmcdce ; 

ai> I w of evUenoe by abolishing the 

di^ .sbelicfandoiiochergroanda. 

Jttndmct--A, Oaalqr Om&mm, S.W. 




WILLIAM V. FIELD (QaMn'a Bench DlvlolonX 

William Ventris Field, son of the late 

Thomas Flint Field, Esq., of Ficldcn Heclc n.- ^vw 
bom 1813, and m. 18 — , Louisa, who died 1 
cnllol lo the Bar at the Inner Temple May 1^50, ami 
made a Q.C. 1864. Formerly leader of tl>e Midland 
Circuit. Was a Justice of the Queen's Bench from 
Feb. till Nov. 1875, when he l)ecame a Judge of the 
High Court of Justice. 

C/m^ —Athenaeum. 

Town RetideHce—\o, Grosvenor Mansions, S.W. 

5><t/— Bakeham, Englefield Green, Staines. 

HON. SIR EDWARD FRY (Cliancery Division). 

Edward Fry, son of the late Joseph Fr)% 
Esq., of Bristol, by Mary Anne, d. of the late Edward 
Swaine, Esq., of Reading. Hewasl>om Nov. 4th, 1827. 
was «1. at The College, Bristol, and at Univ. Coll., 
London, — grad. B.A. Univ. of London 185 1, and 
took honors in Classics and Animal Physiolog)*, — and 
m.. 1859, Marialjella, el. d. of the late John }Io<li^l<in, 
Esq., Harrister-at-la\v, of I^\ve.s. Called to the Uirai 
Lincoln's Inn 1854, and became a Q.C. 1869; practised 
at the Chancery Bar. Was sometime Examiner in 
Law to the Univ. of London, and to the Council f^f 
Legal Education. Appointed a Judge of the High Court 
of Justice (Chancery Division) May 1877. 
C/«^— Athenaeum. 

Town Retid*iu«—s, The Grove, Highgate. N. 

Cnmiry Residence— TaiXacad House, Failand, near Bristol. 

HON. SIR WILLIAM R. GROVE (Common Pleas Division). 

William Robert Grove, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., 
son of John Grove, Esq., of Swansea, a J. P. and a I). L. 
of Glamorganshire, by Anne Bevan his wife. He was lx)m 
July nth, 181 1, was ed. by the Rev. E. Griffiths, of 
Swansea, the Rev. J. Kilvert, of Bath, and at Brasenose 
Coll., Oxford (M.A. 1833, Hon. D.C.L. 1875, Hon. LL.I). 
Camb. 1879), and m., 1837, Emma Maria, — who died 1879, 
— d. of John Diston Powles, Esq. Called to the Bar at 
Lincoln's Inn Nov. 1835, and became a Q.C. 1853. Was 
Commis-sioner for the University of Oxford, a member of 
the Royal Commission of Patents, and a member of 
of Rome, Turin, &c. Was Professor of Experimental 

juDon or THB suPBRioii couETB.— nroLAira • 567 

PhUoM|iliy at Um LoadM lwik«lk» iS4<M7. vnA PronUcM oT iht BHtkk 

txirtv for hit Tlikeriia 

till .N..V. I, i?»75, wiicQ he 
C^»-Aih !■■■■. 

-115. Harfty 

■ ly I^Apci^ uumuhcd tn \hc^ Tnm;a4.tiua» uf the kujral 

CoauMM PIcM froai Nov. ^oth, 1871. 
• Jttdgs oC the High Coort oT JiMiioe. 


Chjulcs HAi.t, ton of John Hall, Esq., of 
MftDcbeitcr, by .Mary hi* 
lAth, 1814, and m. 
01 Franci« Ihi^-al, 1 

the Mkfaito T anpk 

ConvcyuKiMf CooumI ol 

ViceONUwdior from N«> 

became ■ Jttdge of the i i 

title being p r Jeiud by A 

from an aaocnt fiunily formerly scttlol at CUAoa, York- 


rife. lie wa» born April 

rah,— who died 1870,— d. 

ter. Called to the Bar at 

^ -H wa» for M»ne vear» 

-( Chancery. Was a 

N'ov. 1S7?, wbca be 


CAJb-Aftlmr'a. AUmmmob. C^ 

Ki»yTil. lUtdtM. 


(Probate and DlToroe DlTialoaJL 

James H » ^^ ' ^ P. C, son of the late 
Tame* Hanncn nsnrood, Surrey. He was 

bom iSii. ui 1. fiuU'f School, and at the 

I'll cibcrg, and m., 18— , Manr ElixabeCh, 

— u 1 S;!,— d. of the htc NichoU* Wiat- 

lanil, L^. Called to the Bar p V Temple 

Jan. 14th, i8u|8, and went the uit. Waa 

from N.. T"'"T " !1 Jan. 1855 Atrm on the part 
of Great he mixetl BritM ami Amenoaa 

iu-» — liUied under the CoBveatioQ coo- 

at LoodoQ, Febi 8th, 1851. between Her 
Majesty and the President of the United States of 
America for the ftettlement of outstanding dafans. 
Was a I tut ice of the Court of Oncen't Bench from 
Feb. 1868 till Nov. 1873, and lod|*e of the Omrt 
of Probate and Divorce from Nov. 1873 till Nov. 
1875. when he becnme a J[iidge of the Supreme Court of Judicature. Received 

fully amteiled 


the honor of kn Mn hooH it6lCand sworn a Privy Councd 
[ed Shonham July §86$. 



GaM. Uyd« Ptek. W. 




HON. 8IK H. HAWKINS (Exchequer DlvlBlonX 

Henry Hawkins, son of the late John 
Hawkins, Esq., of Hitchin. Herts, by Susannah, d. of 
Thccii I'car&c, Esq., of IJc<lford. He was horn Sept. 
I4lh, 1817, and was ctl. at Hcdford School. Called to 
the IJar at the Middle Temple May 5th, 1843, havitig 
prexnously practised as a special pleader. Became 
a Q.C. and a licncher of his Inn 1858. Appointed a 
Judge of the High Court of Justice Nov. 2nd. 1876, and 
transferred on the 14th of the same month by sign- 
manual to the Exchequer Division of that Court. 
Received the honor of knighthood Nov. 28lh, 1876. 

C/$t/>s— Arthur %. Athenjcum, Turf, GarriclL. 

KesidfMCt—ta, Cleveland Row, St. James't, S.W. 

HON. SIR JOHN W. HUDDLESTON (Exchequer DivlslonX 

John Walter Huddlhston, youngest son of 
the late Thomas Huddleston, Esq.. R.N., by Alpthea, 
d. of the late H. Hichens, Esq., of St. Ives, Cornwall. 
He was lx)m 181 7, and m., 1872, Lady Diana de Vn 
Heauclerc, d. of the 9th Duke of .St. Albans. C.illed • 
to the Bar at Gray's Inn 1839, and l>ecame a Q.C. 1857 
Was a Hcncher of his Inn, and twice Treasurer thereof. for some years Judge- Advocate of the Fleet an 
Counsel to the Admiralty. Sat as M.P. for Canterbur 
(C) from July 1865 till Nov. 1868, and for Norwich froi 
Feb. 1874 till Feb. 1875. Unsuccessfully contested Worcester 1852, Shrews- 
bury 1857, Kiddermin.ster 1859 and 1 861, Canterbury 1868, .ind Norwich 1870. 
Was a Justice of the Common Pleas from Feb. till May 1875, and a Baron of 
the Exchequer from May till Nov. 1875, when he became a Judge of the High 
Court of Justice. 

C/w^*— Carlton, Garrick, Turf, Athenaeum. 
Reiidftue~^1, Ennismore Gardens, Hyde Park. 
Country Resi'dtHce— The Grange, Ascot Heath. 

KIOHT HON. BIB W. M. JAMES (Lord Justice of Appeal). 

f William Milbourae James, /*. C, son of tl 

j^jA^p late Christopher James, Esq., of Swansea, by An; 

Jffh'X^ his wife, lie was bom June 29th, 1807, was ed. 

the Univ. of Gla.sgow, — grad. M.A. 18 — , and H( 
LL.D. 1873,— and is m. to .Maria, d. of the late Kt. 
Rev. William Otter, Bishop of Chichester. Called 
to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1831, and made a Q.C. 
Feb. 1853. Was Vice-Chancellor of the co. Palatine 
of Lanca-stcr from Jan. 1853 till Ian. 1869, and a 
Vice-Chancellor from Jan. 1869 till July 1870, when 
he was appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal, and 
created a Privy Councillor. Unsuccessfully contested 
Derby twice. Is now a Judge of the Supreme Court 
of Judicature. 

C/***— Reform, Athenxum. 

Taum Jlesidetue— 47, Wimpolc Street, W. Srai -Hound House, Shere, Surrey. 



Geoive Juno, P,C.% youngest ton of the 

kt« Z. A. J«hI, Em|., aMfdMM, of i, Savilt Row. aad 
Gonon Hoaw, fHrtncr. H« «ru born Feb. ijth, i8s^ 
WM «l. fli Univ. CalL. LoadMi, oT which he b a f£ 
low; grad. B.A.. Un»v. Schotar hi Math«natk» it4t, 
at ih« Unhr. of Loodoo, and M.A., ffokl ■wdalHn to 
MaihcNMtka, 1844. la rM he m. Amdb, el. d. of 
JoMph MoMi^ E^, meitfcwH, of IjeeHenhall Street. 
Celled to (he Bar at Uneohi't Iim May 1847 ; made a 
hb Im 1865. Was « 

Q.C and Bencher of hb Inn 1865. Was SoUdlor- 
Geoefal from Nov. 1^71 till Av^. 1873. and Master of the 
Mt from Aag. 1873 till Nov. 1871; *>ccame a Judge of the Sapreme 

irt of Judkmlure. rHnmint: hh for . Act of Parliament It the fint 

iditewhowascl. ^e jndicuJ IScnch. Sat as M. P. for Dover (iL) 

a Nov. 1868 t ^7^. Svrom a Privy CoandUor Aflf. t$73. 

cted Vioe-Chaac<:iitj< ui mc Univcnity of London May 188a 

CAiii-RdbnB. r^DftlMd. 

ttmm 9 mid tnt to, Hyd« Pwk Osidw. W. 

Smi-UA\mm Hoom. GowUMm. Kml 

HON. snt NATHAinSL UVDLBT (Oommoa Plena OMaiaii 

Nathaniel Lindley. He was born Nov. 
39(h, i8a8, was ed. at Univ. Coll., and m.. 185S, 
Sarah Kalbcrinc, d. of the late Edwaid John Tcalc, 
Esq.. of Leeds. Called to the Uar at the Middle 
Temple Nov. 1850 ; practised at the Chancery Bar, 
and became a Q.C Jan. 187a. Was a Jntfioe of 
the Common Plena from May till Nov. 1875. when 
he became a Jndge of (he High Court of Jntfiot 
(Common Pleas Dhriaion). 

T0mm Kttidtmt^ 19. 0»«wi HIO Ciidim. W. 



HOir. BIB HEirBT a L0FB8 (OomaiOB FlMS DlTlllOBli 


Henry Charles Lopes,* third son of the late 

Sir Ralph Ix>pcs, 2nd bart., by Susan Gibbs, d. of the 
late A. Ludlow, Esq., of Hevwocxi. He was bom Oct. 
3rd, 1827, was ed. at Winchester and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford,— grad. B.A. 18Q3,— and m., 1854, Cordelia 
Lucy, cl. d. of Irving Clarke, Esq., of Kffonl Manor, 
Devon. Calleti to the liar at the Inner Temple 1852. 
made a Q.C. June 1869, and in 1870 elected a Hcnclur 
of the Inner Temple. Is a D. L. and a J. P. for Wiltshire 
and Somersetshire. Was Recorder of Exeter May 1867 
till Nov. 1876. Sat as M.P. for Launceston ( C ) from 
April 1868 till Feb. 1874, and for Frome Feb. 1874 till 
Nov. 1876, when he was appointed a Judge of the Hi^h 
Court of Justice (Common Pleas Division). 

C/hA«— Coocervative, Carlton, Atheiueum. 

Ttnvn RetidfHCf-^. Cromwell Place, South Kensington, S.W. 

Country M tssdffic f—Heywood, Westbury, Wilts. 

RIGHT HON. SIR ROBERT LUSH (Lord Justice of Appeals 

Robert Lush, /*.C., son of Mr. Robert 
Lush, of Shaftesbury, by Lucy, d. of Mr. I. Footc, 
of Tollard, Wilts. He was bom 1807, was ed. at 
Shaftesbury, and in 1839 m. Elizal>eth Ann, d. 
of the Rev. Christopher Woollacott. Called to the 
Bar at Gray's Inn 1840, and practised as a special 
pleader, afterwards went the Home Circuit, and 
in 1857 was made a Q.C. Was a Justice of the 
Court of Queen's Bench from 1865 till Nov. 1875, 
and a Judge of the High Court of Justice (Queen's 
I'.cnch Division) 1875-80, when he was created a 
Lord Justice of Appeal. Sworn of the Privy 
Council 1879. Is author of the well-known work, 
" Lush's Practice of the Superior Courts," &c. 

C /«^— Athenaeum. 

TffWH J! esidtuct— 60, Avenue Road, Regent's Park, N.W. 

See foocoou 00 page 144. 

JUDGES or THB SUPERIOR coimTtL^moLAira 371 

MumAKOMJdjn (I 

Richard Mai. ins, third and only turviving 

MB of the laic WiUum Malim. Esq.. of Aililoa, 
WwwkkUiirr. by the d. d. o( Thotr I-:h|., 

of Pcnhoor, Wurvotrr^trv. Heira .sad 

WMod. al CaiMColU CAmb.: ml. Ji .\. i>.'7. In 
1831 h« m. StntHM, el d. 01 tM hue Rev. Arthur 
KarwelU Rector of St M«ftJo't. Cornirall. 
to the lUr at the IniMr TiWpIt iSjo^ and wu 
in 1H40 a (J.C. and a Boichcr of Uncoln'« Inn. Sat 
a» M.r. for WaUii^ibid from i8$s till T 
when he %raa an onauL caaiftU candidate, \^ 
Chancellor from §866 till Nov. 187^ when he became 
a Jndge of the High Coon of JuMioe^ hot retains hi* 

r/ii4r-0>liea. OsfHd and 



Sir Henry Manisty, ton of the Rev. James 
Maniaty, B.I>., Vicar of Edlingham, Northnmberland. 
He was bom 1808, was cd. at Uurbam Gram. School, 
and m. lit, Conatantia, d. of Patrick Dicluoo,Eaq.,of 
I)crwick*oQ-Twecd ; and andly, Mary Ann, d. of 
Robert Stcvenaon,E«q., of Berwick-on-Tweed. Called 
TO the Bar at Grajr'a Inn »«r' ---^ became a O.C 
i"^;; Appointed a Jodgt :h Court of Jaa> 

ti r iQuecn't Bench DivisK i ^76, andreoeitrad 

the honor of knighthood 00 the ijkh of that month. 

I T&ltA U*t.t» 

RIOBT HOV. HE BAKm FBaoOCX (Jndf* of tba Jvdielal nwiiMlHii tf tt« 

PrlTj GonaeiU 

Barnes Peacocic, P.C, son of H. Peacock, Esq. 

He wma bom 1810^ and m., i8~, Min Elixabcth FannfaM, 
who died 1865. Called to the Bar at the Inner Tcmpta 
1836, and becnme a Q.C. 1850 ; aopo h i te d legal member 
of the Coon I 1853, Chief Jnaiioe of Cakattn 1858, 

Vioe*Prcai<! Legiaktivv Conadl of India l^ 

and waa Unci j »->(•«.« of the Cooit of jvdicatwc i86»-70t 
created a Prhry Coimcfllor 1870^ and in jnne 1873 waa 
appointed a Judge of the Jodidal Committee of the Privy CboocaL 

Rn idtm u ^ Conii«aB GaidtM^ S.W 



RIGHT HON. BARON PENZANCE (Judge of the Arches Court). 

James Plaisted Wilde, P,C. (ist 
Baron Penzance), fourth sonof Ed wanl Archer 
Wilde, Esq., and nephew of the Isl IJaron 
Tniro, hv Marianne N orris, a memlier of the 
family of French, lie was bom July 12th. 1816. 
and was ed. at Winchester Coll., and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. ; grad. H.A. 1838, M.A. 1842. 
In Feh. i860 he m. Lady Mary, youngest d. 
of the 3nl Earl of Radnor. Called to the Bar 
at the Inner Temple 1839, went the Northern 
Circuit, and was made a Q.C. July 1855. 
Appointed Counsel to the Duchy of I^ncosicr 
1859, and Junior Counsel to the Excise and Customs 1840. Was a Baron of 
the Exche<iuer from April i860 — when he was knighted — until July 1863, and 
Judge of the Court of Probate and Judge Ordinary of the Divorce Court 1863-72. 
Sworn a member of the Privy Council July 1&64. Unsuccessfully contested 
Leicester 1852, and Peterborough 1859. Is a member of the Commission for 
the Digest of the Law, and a Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature. 
Appointed Judge of the Arches Court Nov. 1875. 

C»Trt/«Vw»— Baron Penzance, of PcnKuice, in the co, of Cornwall, April 1869. 

C/«*— Brook»&. 

Tvmm Rtsi4Une*-U* Brook Street, W. 

RIGHT HON. SIR R. PHILLIMORE (Judge of the High Court of Admiralty). 
Robert Joseph Phillimore, P.C, third sonof 
the late Joseph Phillimore, D.C.L.,— formerly Professor 
of Civil Law in the University of Oxford, Chancellor of 
the dioceses of Worcester, Oxford, and Bristol, Commis- 
sioner of the India Board, and M.P. for St. Mawes 
and Newport, — by Elizabeth, d. of the Rev. Walter 
Bagot, of Blithfield, who was brother of the 1st Baron 
Bagot. He was bom Nov. 5th, 1810, and was ed. at 
W-estminster School, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; grad. 
B.A., 2nd class in Classics, 1831, M.A. 1834, D.C.L. 
1838. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple May 
1 84 1, and for many years practised as an advocate at 
Doctors' CommoiLs, where he was admitted Nov. 1839. 
Made a Q.C. 1858 In 1844 he m. Charlotte Anne, 
d. of the late John DenLson, Esq., of Ossington Hall, 
and sister of the late Rt. Hon. Viscount Ossington. 
Appointed Queen's Advocate 1862, when he was 
knighted. In July 1867 he "^^^ made Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, 
and in Nov. 1875 becamea Judge of the Supreme Court of Judicature (Admiralty 
Division), but retains his former title by Act of Parliament. Has been 

iudge of the Court of Admiralty in the Cinque Ports, and Master of the 
'acuities, and was from July 1867 till Nov. 1875 Official Principal of the 
Archbishop of Canterbury, commonly styled Judge, or Dean, of the Court 
of Arches, the highest Ecclesiastical Court in the kingdom. Has been' 
Commissary of the Deans and Chapters of St. Paul's and Westminster, 
OfBcial of the Archdeacons of London and Middlesex, and Chancellor of the 




TaviMfc ftos iSijIill iSSTi 

from Mas "" 

hAvtng pi 

AboottMiu*^ -iMod UMBUlcotnableEcdr 

•iaatkfti Conrt I which b popttkrlv knotm «k 

**Dr. Philliin upon UiavmikMMl U«,* 

ft»d of •• rhc 1 sfaukL* Crau«l a Privy 

Councillor ilio;. 

Smi-TU Caf^f 


the Utc Kt. 

Charic* F-U .r.! P. 

I Court of Justice (Exchequer Divuiua). 

. w r..iirth son of 

\mn^ who 

,ucf 1844- 

i . Kivcn, Lm{. Burn 1823, cd. 

rvl m. lit, 184K, NicoU Sophia* 

ttie Rev. Henry Herbcfft ; 

died 1864,-- d. of the late 

, r.up RolUof Nova 

! homaa Dkkaoa 

^ ii>(icc fConuBon 

!. ..f 

1.^73, wucn ne ocv 

Hm CroA. Putacy, Sorrvy. 


Bar at Uncolo » Inn July 1837, and 

tSLBOBin (Lord Blfh 

RoundcU Palmer (ist Riron 
5M:U)oroe), tecood ton of the Rev. William 
Jocclyn l*ah»er. Rector oTMixbwy, Osfcid- 
!>hirc, liv Dorothea, yooasot d. of the lale 
Ki-v. Willtain RuuiMlelK of Gledstooe, 
VurkOiire. lie wa» liom Nov. 17th, iSlS. 
and was c«l. at \Vti>chc»ter, and at Trtn. 
Coll., Oxfunl. of which he became a 
» ; fjniil " ' - !«« in Clamfei, 
iHvt. M A IS « CL. 1863, and 

wa> fi.r *-.ii. . ..jw of Ma^alm 

c .»;i. I I Lady Laura, ^ 

of the ^l;l leerave. Called i. • 

made a Q.C aad ikadier of hia Inn 1849. 



Hat been a member of the Marriage Laws, Law Digest, Judicature, and 
Neutrality Law* Commissions. Was nci)uty Steward (m and Counsel to the 
Univ. of Oxfonl, Solicitor-General from July 1861, — when he was knighted, 
— to Oct. 1863, Attorney-General from Oct. 1863 to July 1866, and l>ord 
High Chancellor from Oct. 1872 till Feb. 1874. Sat as M.P. for ri)'mouth 
(// ' • !v 1847 till luly 1832, and from June 1853 till March 1857, and for 
K: in July 1801 till October 1872. Reappointed Lord High Chan- 

cci:^. .-, ... ii>8a 

the county of Hampchire, in the Peerage of the 

Crmti*m -Baroa Selborne of Sclbome. 
Umtcd Kiosdon. 187*. 

C/«A>-AthemBuni. Oxford and Cambridge. 
-», Ponland Place, wT 
liUckrooor, Petcreficid, Hampshire. 

Ttwm KesidfHC*— 

RIGHT HON. SIB MONTAGUE E. SMITH (Jttdge of the Judicial Committee of 
the Privy Council). 

Montague Edward Smith, P. C, son of Thomas 

Smith, Ksq., of Bideford, Devon, formerly Town Clerk 

of that borough, by Margaret Colvillc, d. of M. Jenkyn, 

Esq., Com. R.N. He was bom 1809, wxs ed. at the 

Gram. Sch., Bideford, and is unmarried. Calle<i to the 

Bar at Gray's Inn 1835, went the Western Circuit, and 

was made a Q.C and a Bencher of the Middle Temple 

1853. Was a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas 

1865-71, and in the latter year he was appointed a Judge 

of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Sat aft 

M.P. for Truro from 1859 till 1865, having previously in 

1849 and 1852 l)een an unsuccessful candidate. Created 

a Knight Bachelor 1865, and a Privy Councillor 1871. 

Was a Royal Commissioner for superintending the building of the New Law 

Courts, and also a member of the Commissions on Judicature. 

C/k**— Athenaeum, Carlton, Windham. 

Town Uttidrfice—GrMvcaor Gate, 32, Park Lane, W. 

HON. 8m JAMES F. STEPHEN (Exchequer Diviaioii). 

James Fitzjames Stephen, K.CSJ., 
D.C.L., el. son of the late Right Hon. Sir James 
Stephen, K.C.B., LL.IX, sometime Under Sec. of 
Slate for the Colonies, and Professor of Modem His- 
tory in the Univ. of Camb., by Jane Catherine, d. of the 
late Rev. John Venn, formerly Rector of Clapham. 
He was bom March 3rd, 1829, was ed. at Eton, at 
Kings Coll., London, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
(grad. B.A. 1852, M.A. 1856), and m., 1855, Mary 
Richenda, d. of the late Rev. J. W. Cunningham, for- 
merly Vicar of Harrow-on-thc-Hill. Called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 26ih, 1854, and in iSiS 
became a Q.C. and a Bencher of his Inn. Was Re- 
corder of Newark-upon -Trent 1859-69, Legal Memljer 
of the Council of the Viceroy of India 1869-72, and Professor of Common Law 
at the Inns of Court 1875-9. Is Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford and LL.B. of London. 

;uDcis or the superior courts.—ekglahd. 


tunocemtnUy oootated Harwicli la 1865, and Dudcv 1873. Crratcd a 
K.CS.I. 1877. Attihoc of ^'Gcaml View oT lb« CrimiiuU Uw of KaglMd." 
** DiK«M oT tbc Uw oT Bvideaoe," ** IHrat of the Crtmitui U»/ ^3 ochcr 
Icfftl works } aUo of ** Ubwiv. EqtuUiiy, Frmirrnitv/' *• EMi)r» by a UeiTMier." 
Ac Appotoied a Judfe of the High Cottrt of Joatke (Kwchw—r DHrWoa) 
Ian. 1879. 

M m/J rm» y, D« V«« Om^mm. 8.W. 

RIOBT BON. LORD WATBOW * (Lord of Appeal In Ordlnam 

Wk.i.iim Waim.n, /\C\ LLJ)., 

HJli (>t the btc Krv. IhutnaA WatfOB, dl 

Covingiom LanarkOurc, by Ekanova, d. 

oT Mr. David MiUihc. He ww bom 

l8a8» waaed. at the Univeniticaof Glaigow 

and Edinbnivh, and m., 1868, Mainrct, 

d.of Dv^pUdJohnBannatyne, Eaq. Qdled 

to the Soottkh Bar 1851. Waa tooM ' 

Dean of the Facolty of Advocatea, 

Solictlur-Gcn. for Scotland l874|-6| 

Lord Advocate of SoocUad 1876^ 

he was created a Lord of Apocal tn 

Ordinarv. Is D. I^ for Edinburgh. Sworn of the Privy Conndl March 1878. 

^ni as M.F. for Ghugow and Aberdeen Utttvcraaiea (C) from Nov. 1876 

! March l88a 

CrMl^;H»-.A t^onl of Ap^Ml b OldfaHry. «kh dM till* of Baraa Wataoa of 

la Um ooi of LMMfk, litew 

r/bfi CBrlinn. AdMSMua. 
mMmmm^-~)4« Moray RocOi E4iMMf|«» 

BON. 8IR a J. WATDV WULZAIIS (Qoaan's B«keh DlTlalonX 

L^J (Charles James) Watkin Wiluams, son of 

M|v the Rev. Peter William*, Rector of IJanwnnan, Den* 

JH^ bighfthiie, and J. P. for Merioncthahire, by Lydia, d. of 

J B^r^ ^ the Rev. James Price, of Pwllycrochon, Camarvouhhei, 

J.P. for cos. Carnarvon and Denbigh. He waa bora 

5M:i>t. 2xn\, 1828, wascd. at the Gram. Sch.. Rnthia, 

. and at London Univ. ; and m. 1st, 1855, 

.1. of \V. IL Cary. Em., and andly, §86$. 

1 iln:th. d. of the Rurht Hon. Sir Robert Lush. Lord 

In Mcc of Appeal. Called to the Bar at the Inner 

' ' ^ v. 1854, and appointed a Q.C and a Beach cr 

187^ It a J. P. for Denbighshire. Sat as 

. . : -. L>cnblffh from Nov. 1S6S till ManJi iSSa. snd 
for Carnarvonshire foom A ' 

appointed a Jttdge of the High Cottft of J ttsti<.v 
r«M Mmi^bmM ». 81. Gwtv's RomI. Hedicok &W. 


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•it sad voM so loae m bo belds 
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RIQHT HON. 0. R. BARRY Justice of the Queen'i Benob). 
Charles Robert Barry, /IC, S,L.^ son of the late James Barry, 

E^., Crown Solicitor of Limerick, by Ellen, A. of John Purccll, Esq. He was 
bom 1824, and was c<l. ai Dalton's School, Limerick, at Middleton School, co. 
Cork, and at Trinity College, Dublin, where he obtaincil first honors in science. 
In 1855 he m. K.itc, 3rd d. of David Fitzgerald, Esq., of Dublin. Joined the 
Bar in Ireland 1848, made a Q.C. 1859, and subsccjuently Queen's Serjeant- 
at-law. Sat as M.P. for Dungarvan 1865-8, when he was an unsuccessful 
candidate. Was first Crown Prosecutor for Dublin 1859-65, Law Adviser to 
the Crown 1865, .Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1868-70, and Attorney-Gen. 1870-72, 
when he was appointed a Justice of the Queen's Bench. Is a Seaitor of the 
Roy. Univ. of Ireland. [Is a descendant of Barry of Bolane Castle.] 

C/j***— Reform, Athenaeum. 

ResuUHCt—y, Fttzwilliiun Square East, Dublin. 

RIGHT HON. H. E. CHATTERTON (Vlce-Cliancellor). 

Hedges Eyre Chatierton, P.d LL.D, el. son of the late 
Abraham Chatierlon, Esq., of Cork, by Jane, el. d. of the late Rev. Fitzgerald 
Tisdall, R. of Kenmare. He was bom 1819, and was ed. at Cork, and at Trin. 
Coll., Dublin, — obtained scholarship 1839, and moderatorship in Logic and 
Ethics,— grad. B.A. 1841, LL.D. 1850. In 1845 he m. Mary, d. of the Rev. 
William Hallaran, M.A., Prel>endary of Cloyne. Was calletl to the Bar in 
Ireland 1843, admitted an atlvocate of the Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Courts 
1849, made a Q.C. 1858, and a Bencher of the King's Inns 1866. Was Solicitor- 
General for Ireland from Nov. 1866 till March 1867, and Attorney-General 
from March till Aug. 1867, and M.P. for the Univ. of Dublin from F'eb. till 
Aug. 1867, when he was .appointed Vice-Chancellor of Ireland. Is a P.C. for 
Ir^nd, and a J. P. for cos. Cork and Dublin. 

C/«A*— Carlton, co. Cork, Kildare Street. 
RtsiiUnce—^vm Park, Blackrock, co. DubltiL 

RIOHT HON. RICKARD DEA8Y aord Justice of Appeal). 

Rickard Deasy, /*.C, LL.D.^ second son of the late Rickard 
Deasy, Esq.. of Clonakilty, co. Cork, by his wife, a d. of the late — Cotter, Elsq. 
He was bom 1812, was eA. at Trin. Coll., Dublin, — grad. M.A. and LL.D., — 
and m., 1861, the younger d. of the late Hugh O'Connor, Esq., of Sackville 
Street, Dublin. Called to the Bar in Ireland 1835, and at Gray's Imi 1835 ; 
appointed a Q.C. 1849, and 3rd Serjeant-at-law Jan. 1858. Was Solicitor-General 


trrUnd ftom fiiM itolOl Fdk t86a^ Md AttonMjf^kMfml frooi Fth. iMo 
xoA a Ikuoo cm Uw KxdMqoer l8dl to 1877, wlien h« vm ftppotei«d 
i«ticc of Apfieal CraAied « Privy Coancitlor l86a S«t a* M.P. Cor 

^ (xua April 1853 till FoL 1861. 

Vm/- Cwyvftwt. bfacknidu c& DaMfaL 

Richard Dowse, /'.Cm ton of the Ute WOlkm H. Dowie, EMq., 

of DvngMwoo, 00. Tttooo, bjr lUria. <L of tJM ble Hngli Dooddioa, Eiq. 

!fr %vas born June 8th, 1824, wm cd. at the Royml Sch., Dangumoo, tad at 

t. ColL, Dttblin, where h« was a iixar, scholar, and fim*hooor'naii la 

<4o» ; grad. B. A., 1849. In 185a he m. Kate. —who diod 1874,— <L of the 

•■X c G«m Mooce, Kw|.. of Analore. Oooca, IrcUnd. CaUod to the Bar ia 

Ireland 185a, and made a Q.C i863,aDdag«icco*tScrkaat l860iiBwhkby«v 

)w wi^.rlectoda Bcnchcrof the Kinfftlnot. Dublin. WaaSoUdtor-GcMnlibr 

•m Feb. 1870 till Jan. 187a. and Attorney-General from Ian. 1879 tiD 

1873, when he wa« appointefl a Haroo of the Cowl 01 Excbeqner. 

>f the Royal Dablin ^ w of the Royal Zoological and 

icttcs and a Visitor cn'» College, BelCut. Sat aa 

' rry dty from Nov. l^o^ till Nov. 1872. Created a Privy 

i 1873. 


! rands Alexander Fitz*Gkrald« LL.D, He was bom 1807, 
r ! was cil. at Tnn. CoU., Dablin ; grad. B.A. 1837, M.A. 1833. Hon. LL.D. 
i>:o. Callal tu the Bar in IreUad 1834, appointed a Q.C 1849, and a Baroo 
ul the Exche(|ucr 1859. 

R*uJtn€»- j B^ SuphM'a OvHB. DaUb. 

RIQRT HON. JOHM D. rm-OE&ALD (Qaa»1 Bmich Dlvlalon). 

Tohn David Fitz-Gekald, y.C, LL,D,t son of the laic David 
(;enild« Esq., merchant of Dnbltn, by the el. d. of the Ute David L«by. 
of I.ondno. He was bom 1816, anH m. ttt, 1846, Roae.->who died 
>f the Ute John O'Dooohor. Uerof D«bltn, aadaadlv, 

c MatikU Mary, d. of t!. tt.-Col. the Hon. A. F. 

- r to the 4th Vbcoont rtoumwcil. Called to the Bar km 
Irr O.Ci847.and a Bencher oftheKfav's IMS i8s$. Weal 

the \: fuhich he was for aonw vr^n the leader. Wa* SoBcHoiw 

(^cnciml tor li u. and Attorney >m April 1856 till Maidl 

185S, ami atpt tnd l86o, and ^t fur Enaia from Joly 185a 

till i860, when be ua» uude a Justice of the Uuccu's Bench. Created a Privy 
Councillor 1856, and a lion. lLd. of Trin. ColL, Dublin. 1S7& U a Com- 
■ Mt a ioncr for National Edaoatioa ia Irdaad. a Coauaimioaer of t.lwiritiw aad 


Endowed Schools, Visitor of the Queen's Colleges at Belfo&t, Cork, and Galwa> , 
and a Governor of the Hiliemian Military School. 


Rttidfnct-^^ Mcrrion Square Ea»t, Dublin. 

Jm/— Kilouunock. Kflliney. co. Dublin. 


Gerald Fitz-Gibbon, P,C., elder son of Gerald Fitz-Gibbon,, 
Esq., late Master in Chancery, by Eleanor, d. of the late John Patterson, Esq. 
He was bom Aug. 28, 1837 ; was ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin ; obtainol sth. 
1858, Berkeley gold medal 1859, sen. mod. and gold medal, classics, and jim 
mod. and silver medal, hist., lit., and law, 1859 ; grad. A.B. 1859. In 18' 
he m. Margaret Ann, 2nd d. of the Hon. Baron Fitz-Gerald. Called to ll 
Bar in Ireland i860, and to the Bar in England at Lincoln's Inn, 1861 ; 
became a Q.C., 1872 ; was Law AdvLser, Dubhn Castle, 1876-7, and Solicitoi- 
General for Ireland, 1877-8 ; appointed Lord Justice of Appeal Nov. 1878. 

Cluh$ — Dublin Univenity, Garriclc 

Resiiirtues— 10, Merrion Square North, Dublin ; Howth, co. Dublin. 

RIGHT HON. S. W. FLANAGAN (Chancery Division). 

Stephen Woulfe Flanagan, P.C.y son of the late Terence 
Flanagan, Escj., of Clogher, co. Roscommon, by Johanna, d. of Stephen 
Woul^, Esq., of Tiermaclane, co. Clare. He was lx>m Aug. 181 7, was c ' 
at Paris, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin, — grad. M.A. 1S37, — and in 1851 m. Mai 
d, of John Richard Corballis, Esci., Q.C. ' Called to the Bar in Ireland 183 
and made a Q.C. Jan. 1858. Was Master of Incum])ered Estates Court from 
1849 till 1858. Is a J. P. for cos. Roscommon and Sligo. Appointed Judge of 
Landed Estates Court May 1869. Sworn a Privy Councillor 1 875. 

ClHhs — Athenzum ; St. Stephen's Green, Dublin. 
RetidtMct- ao, Fitzwilliam Place. Dublin. 

HON. M. HARRISON (Common Pleas Division). 

Michael Harrison, second son of the late Robert Harrisoi 
Esq., of Ballymena, co. Antrim, by Jane, d. of the late Richard McKillop, Es 
R.N. He was l)om Oct. 23rd, 1823, and was ed. at the Royal Acatlemiad 
Institution, Belfast, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin, where he obtained a University 
S. . and was gold medallist in Ethics, and grad. B.A. 1846, and 

s . M.A. He m. 1st, Frances Letitia Boklcn, — who died 1859,— 

oii:v «t. «jj iiic late David Davison, Esq., solicitor of Dublin ; and 2n(lly, Sophie 
Mary, el. d. of Jcimes W. Stronge, Esq., of Dublin, M.D. Called to llu Bar 
in Ireland 1849, and appointed a Q.C. Feb. 1863. Was Solicitor-General for 
Ireland from Aug. 31st, 1867, till Nov. 2nd, 1868, and Judge of the Court 
Bankruptcy Nov. 1868 till Dec. 1878, when he was appoint^ a Judge of tl 
Common Pleas Division. 

C/i«^-S.ickviIle Street. 

Retidtmet—i, Mountjoy Square, Dublin. 

jvDon or TNt supiftioR coum.— iKiLAinx 379 

JsLtnct Anthony Lawhon, P.C, 100 of James Lainofi, Eiq., of 

\VBieH'..r,i l.v MtuTf, <L of Um Uui joteph Antlutriv, K^i Ilr wM bom 1817, 

ana. WaicrionI Eadowvd Schn uid 01 I n,or%rliicli Im 

wa td gold mcdaUieL and IV ofcMo r ■ •iBy ibcnDfton 

In ift^a he m. jaM, d. d. of S i«.k. £aq.» of Cork. 

4r in Ireland iSjo^ and madea <v 'ixl a Bencher of the 

;v I'ubUn, 1861. Waa Law AdviMriuincuruwnin lidand |8$S:Q^ 

< ;«aeNd lor Ireland iMi-c and Attoraejr-GenonI for Irelaiid ttibs 

^•'> Sworn a member oftbe Privy CottncU of Irtland i86s« and of 

iHTa It a ViM.Pi«rideal oftbe DubUn Statbtkal So., and 

rcturet on PoUtloal Eoonomv,** and nomcrooa article* on law 

iu, Ju. AppofaUed fntrlb Tttftice of the Common Plena Dec l868» and 

r tbe Irifth Orarch Comnumioncn July 1869. Ui 

" m Jttljr 1865 ti 

for the 

Univ. of Dnhlin 1857. Sal for PortaHineton from Joly l86s tOl Nov. 
\ when be was an iiwccnwfMl candidate, waa a Comm i m ii 

a SeAl from March tiU De& 1874. 

/«l»-it««ra. KIMm Sifwi. 

BIOBT BON. OBOROS A. C. MAT (Lord Chief Joatloa of IralaadX 
'■'-"-' Am^usiusC*' • " • r May, y. C son of the Rev. Edward 
•T of licU. )ieth« el. d. of tbe Ute William Sinclair, 

— iJliam, CO. .\ lIe%ra»bom 1815, was ed. at Shrewibnry 

•ol. and at M^dalene CoU., Camb. (Bell's Univ. Scholar, and 1st dam 

- Cbuiical and alto in tbe Mathematical Tripos), and m., 1853, Olivia,— 

1876,— d. of Sir Matthew Barrii^itoo, and bart. Called to tbe Bar 

1 1&44. and became a Q.C. 1865. Was Law Adviser to tbe Crown 

' ' . 1874 to Nov. 187$, and Attorney-General there Nov. 187c till 

n be was appointed Chief Justice of Ireland. UnnicceMniTly 

> -...ckicrgos (C.) 1874. 

HON. ITSAftNB B. MZLLBR (Judffe of Bankrnptcy Ooort) 
no liall Miller, son of the late Rev. George Miller, M.D., 
>, by KliiatxTth, (1. of Kul>crt Ball, Esq., of co. Wicklow. He was 
.... ...I ., •>.. I... .1 V ». A-T^agh, andatTrin-Coll., I>ublin,and 

; utherfoofd, Km\^ of liublin. Called 

cd a Q.C. 1852. Sat as M.P. for 

V 1^59, when be was an n ns n ccem ftU can- 

int^ a jodge of the Bankruptcy Comt 

EIOST RON. nOHASL MORRIS (Lord Chief JoaUee of t&o Coi 

Mith.icl M«>Kkis, /\C., ci. son of the bie Mania Morris, Esq., of 

Spi<ldal,— a magistate of the oa of Galway,— by Julia, d. of Charim fiiak^ 


Esq., M.D., of Galway. He wu born 1827, and was ed. at Erasmus Smith 
Sch., Galway, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin ; grad. B.A., first senior moderatui 
and gold medallist, 1847. In i860 he m. Anna, d. of the Mon. Baron 
Hughes, one of the Haronsof the Court of Exche^uerin Ireland. ( n.wi t,..)^. 
Bar in Ireland June 1849, and appointctl a Q.C. tcb. 1863. Was I IT 

of Galway 1850, Recorder of Cialway from 1857 till 1865, Solid ^ il 

for Ireland from July to Oct. 1866, and Attorney-General from Oct. 1806 till 
March 1867, and Justice of the Common Pleas 1867-76, since when he has 
been Chief Justice thereof. Is a P.C. for Ireland, a Commissioner of Naiioniil 
Education, a I. P. for Galway co., and a .Senator of the Roy. Univ. of Ireland. 
Sat as M. P. for Galway from July 1865 till March 1867, and introtluccd in 
1866 the "Attorneys and Solicitors Bill, Ireland, 1867. 

C/wAx— Athcnzum, Dublin Univeraity. 

RetuUnce—i, Fitrwilliam Place, Dublin. 

Jm/— Spiddal. Galway. 

HON. JAMES O'BRIEN (Queen's Bench Dlyislon). 
James O'Brien, son of the late James O'Brien, Esq., of Limerick. 
He was l)om Feb. 27th, 1806, was e<l. at Trin. Coll., Dublin, grad. B. A. 1826, 
M.A. 1832, and m., 1836, Mar^ret, d. of Thomas Seagrave, Esq., of Dublin 
Called to the Bar in Ireland 1830, made a Q.C. 1841, and a Serjeant-at-la 
1848. Appointed a Justice of the Queen's Bench Jan. 25th, 1858. \^^- Ml 
for Limerick from Oct. 1854 till his elevation to the Bench. 
Residence— (fi, Stepheo's Green South, Dublin. 

RIGHT EON. BARON O'HAOAN (Lent Chancellor). 

Thomas O'Hagan, P.C.^ ist Baron, only son of the late Edward 
O'Hagan, Elsq. He was born May 29th, 1812, and m. 1st, 1836, M"- - 
who died 1868, — d. of the late Charles Hamilton Teeling, Esq., of I 
2ndly, 1871, Alice, youngest d. of Col. Towneley, of Towneley, Lane: 
Called to the Bar in Ireland 1836, and became a Q.C. and Bencher of li. 
Kind's Inns 1849; was for several years Assistant Barrister for co. Longfon! 
and sometime Queen's Serjeant, Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1860-61, Attomc\ 
Gen. for Ireland 1861-5, * Justice of the Court of Common Pleas in Irelan 
1865-8, and Lord Chancellor of Ireland 186S-74. Sat as M.P. for TraK 
(Z.) 1865-8; is a Commissioner of National Education and of Charital ! 
Donations and licquests, a Senator of the Roy. Univ. of Ireland, and Presidci. 
of the Statistical Society of Ireland. 

Crra/i><»— Baron O'Hagan, of Tullahogue, in the county of Tjrrone, b the Peerage of 1). 
United Kingdom, 1870. 

C/«^*— Athcnarum, Reform, Devonshire, Dublin University. 
Residencts—-^, Rutland Square West, Dublin; 19, Cho»ham Place, S.W. 

RIGHT HON. HENR7 0BM8BT (Chancery DlvUion), 

Henry Ormsby, P.C, son of the Rev. Henry Ormsby, rector of 
Kilspier, co. Meath, He was bom 1812, was ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin, — 
grad. A.B. 1834, — and m., 1840, Julia^ d. of Henry Hamilton, Esq., of 
Tullylish, co. Down. Called to the Bar in Ireland in 1835, and made a Q.C. 
1858. Nominated to the Solicitor-Generalship in Ireland a few days before 
the resignation of the Conservative Ministry in 1868. Reappointed Solicitor- 
Geoeial March 1874, and made Attorney-General and Privy Councillor January 


$. Appoiirtid lodfterilM Undid Emu« CMUt Novwibir 187$. U% 

MOBT MOW. 0. PALUB (Lord OktaT ; 
ChrUtophcr Pallks, y.C. LL.D.^ son of Andrew Chriitopher 
Idi, Em).. of Utile Momt Pilki, eo. Gitvi. bjr Elonor, d. d. of Maihev 
; itcA Plunkrn, F.w)., of St MamrrtV Dahltn. He wat f»<>m Dec S5lllt 
1^31. « ^ N mig ow c* WooiF n,— md. jniuidMid meiL >. l86(\~ 

arvl II) . i>< .'. Kllcn. only d. of iKe U(c Ucirn Uuylc, Eaq., u/ DuUin. Called 
to (he Hir >M Itrlooil |K<3. and made aQ.C. Pel». l86f. Wm Solidtor-G^ncral 
for Iraiand 1871, and Alloraqr-Geacnil l87a-4, hi Feb. of %rhich latter jrev 
he WM appobiiad Lord ChieC Baraa of the Exchequer. U a J.P. fcr 00. Meath. 
Sworn a Privy Cooodllor for Iidaad 1872. UtMooooMlblly coinawad Loodoo- 
deny city (Z,) Nov. 187a. 

CtuU hximwmmk, lafan^Dawai 
at. PkrHllifUB PiMa. 

KUmr MOIt EDWAED fUUnTAV (OhABOtry DiTtaloai 
Edwanl Sullivan, /'.C, cl son of Edward Sullivan, Esq., oC 
Dublin, fonnertyof Mallow. He was born 182a. and was ed. at Middktoo Sch^ 
ct>. Cork, and at Trin. Coll.. Dublin jgrad. B.A. 1844. and obtained tevcfml tinea 
dtiuMr-6nt hooori in Science and Cbaikiw b an ex-tchdar of the Univ., and 
wax AiKJitoroftheCblL HbtoricalSa 184$. 101850 he m. Beak loaepldDc^ 
a. of the late Robert Bailev.Eao., of Cork. Called to the Bar in Irdand 18A 
bcvamo a Q.C. i8c8, and Seneant-at-law 186a Was Law Adviser to the 
Cruuii in IrcUnd 1861-5. SoUdtor-Gcneral for Ireland i86c<6, and Attorney- 
General for Ireland from Dec 1868,— when he was created a Privy Cbandllor, — 
antil Nov. 1869, when he was appointed Master of the RoUi. Sat as M.P. 
for Mallow from July 1865 UU Nov. 18691 

C/bfc Rafcm. Ailiwy> Cork. Mmi^tmn jb. PkiwOBuB Phot. DobBa. 

HOK. JOHN P-B. TOWHIUUD tfadf* oT the Admlrmlty OonrtX 
John Fii/ Hcnr)' Townshend, LL,D,t son of the laic Henry 
Totrmhcmi. Km] . ]. P.. of Malmaison. Castlc-Townshend, 00. Cork, ht Annie, 
d. of the Rev. Philip lioman, of Surock, co. Westmeath, and sister of the late 
Sir Wilharo Jacksion Honum. Bart. He was bom Jan, i8ll, %nu ed. at Trin. 
Coll.. 1 Hibltn. -grad. LL.D. 184J,— and m., 1840, Ellen.— who died 1878, —d. 
of the Rev. (kor|;e AraMtronf;, Chancellor of the Cathedral of Roml Galled 
to the Bar in Ireland 1834, and made a Q.C. 1864. Was a member of Grav's 
Inn. 1% a f P. for co. Cork, and Judge of the Admiralty Coon, to which he 
wa* aptx.intc.l Nov. 4th, 1867. 

P. W. WALUi (!««■• «r OMfi «f 

Frederick Willum Walsh, Q.C, LLD, Called to the Bar in 
befauKl i8j6, became a Q.C. t8— , and a Bencher of the Kintr't Intu 1S71. 
Appointed a Judge of the Court of Bankruptcy 1879. 


RIOBT BON. ROBERT R. WARREN (Judge of Probate Coortl 
Robert Richard Warren, P.C.^ LL.D., only son of Henry 

Warren, E*q., and grandson of the late Sir Robert Warren, 3nl Kirt., by 
r ■ \. of the Rev. W. Stewart. He waslwm 1817, was e<i. at Trin. Coll.. 

1' ul. B.A. with gold medal 1838, and subse<iuently LL. I)., — and 

ni.. . , . ; ifv. <! nfChnrlfs Trrn', F>']., of Cork. Called to the Bar in Ireland 
lS;w. iir : . «,' » is^s. : ,,'. K :i. In of the King's Inns 1865. Was Soiicitor- 
Cicncni loi III I. It, i tioin M.ircii till Aiij^ust 1867, — when he was created a I'rivy 
Councillor in Ireland, — and Attoniey-General for Ireland from August 1867 
till Dec, 1868, when he was appointed Judge of the Probate Court. Author of 
pamphlets on " Public Education in Ireland." Sat for Dublin University from 
August 27th, 1867, till Nov. 1868. Is a member of the Kcprescnialive Body 
of the Church of Ireland, and Chancellor of the united Dioceses of Cashcl, 
£mly, Waterford, and Lismore. 

C/ifiif— Carlton, Kildare Street, Dublin Univeraity. 
la, Fitzwilliam Square East. Dublin. 



James Adam, son of James Adam, Esq., Solicitor of tb^ 
Supreme Courts of Scotland. He was bom Oct. 1824, was ed. at the Uni 
of lulinbumh. and m., 1861, a d. of John Beatson-Bell, Esq., W.S., ^ 
Glenfarg, N.B. Called to the Bar in Scotland 1849. Was Advocate- Deput 
in 1858. 1866, and 1874, and Sheriff of Perthshire 1874-6. Appointed a J ud-r 
of the Court of Session Nov. 1876, and of the Court of Justiciary Dec. 1876. 

C/««^*— Athenxiim, University (Edinburgh). * 

Residence— \o. Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh. 


Rutherford Clark, LL.D.^ second and only surviving son of the 
late Rev. Thomas Clark, D. D., of Edinburgh, by Grace, sister of the late Right 
Hon. Andrew Rutherford, a Lord of Session by the title of Lord Rutherford. 
Called to the Bar of Scotland 18—. Was successively Sheriff of Invernes';, 
of Haddingtonshire, and of Berwick, Solicitor-General for Scotland, ai 
Dean of Faculty. Appointed a Judge of the Court of Session 1875, with tl 
title of Lord Rutherford-Clark. 

Club — Edinburgh University. 

i?M>i^MCv— Edinburgh. 


John Millar, LL.D.y son of the late John Hepburn Millar, Esq., 
merchant, of Glasgow. He was bom 181 7, was ed. at the Universities of 
Gla-sgow and Edinburgh ; is LL.D. of Gla.sgow ; m., 1863, Elizabeth, el. d. of 
the Hon. Lord Neaves. Called to the Bar in 1842, and made a Q.C. in 1868. 


and a Loitl 

W&« A ate in 1S5S jwd |8$9, and again in 1866, and Scikkof 

(iciiorai >». .-,.w«».*a ia i^Ay-ti, and aeain in 1874. U a I. P. (or VaHuMf. 
a Lofd oC 8«iik» ia Joly 1874. with the tide of Lo>d CnufMU. 
CtmU^ htkvmmm, Jmdm Otflui. N««, fgilianfc Vthmtkr, 


I .'• Utcjo; 

of ' se**icin fr< 

th« ■ lutiiu lie v»a» i^ ' 

VAr > and the UBivcnitie^ 

M ,>ointod a JadfeoCtheCoart of 

Sir George Deas, son of the laic Francis Dcas, Esq., of Falk- 
laiul. Ktfc«htre, by Maipuct, d. of the late David Moyo, Lm|. He waa bora 
Jan. 7th, 1804, was cd. at Terth, &c., and at the Unir. oi Ldtabofgh, A.M. 
k^mfrmrim, 1836, and m. I ft, l8i8, MaraareC,— who died 1850^—01117 d. of 
thr •— vviv— r Vi^.A K»q., Wnter to the S%Del, and Clerk of Teinds for 
^ ^.dly, d. of the late Joteph Oatnun, Eaq., and oouia 

.1 James Outnua, Bart., G.C.B. Called to the Bar of 

^. r from 1840 till 1841, and from 1846 till 

i.s^ tnarty i850-5i, and Solidtor-Gcncfml for 

2k \^ of the Court of Scflskm 1853. with the 

tit! ' ourt of Jtutidary 1854, and was knighted 

ia I 

^*. Hftwoodhai, Sbom, Laaariiitilw. 


Patrick Frasbr, Dean of Faculty, was appointed a Judge of 

the Coart of Sc^ion Feb. 4th, i88l. 




John Inglis, /' ' '' ' ' ' ^ son of the late Rev. John 
Ii^lis, D.D., of 01 ! Imrgh. a Dean of the Cliapcl 

wpXt and a Rojral c , ~ v ioria, d. of Abraham IHuaaore, 

Xsq.. of Kollcfann, Devonshire. He was born iSiO^ and was ed. at the H%h 
School of lultnborvh, at the Univ. of Glasgow, and at Balliol ColL, Odbid. 

where he grad. B.A. 1814, M.A. 1836^ and Hon. D.CL. 1859 ; b also Hoa. 
LL.D. of Aberdeen, of Glaigow, and of £dialMUgh. la 184a he bl the jroaagm 


d.— who died 1855— of the Hon. Loid Wood. Called to the Bar of Scotland 
1835; ^^""^ ^'^'''-••or-(»encTal from Feb. till May 1852, and Lord Advocnt" f"^ 
SooUati V till Dec in the lame year, and from Feb. till Juiu 

Dean «>! ilty of .\dvocates Nov. 18^2-58, Lord Rector of Ah. 

Univ. 1857, ami Ix>nl Rector of Glasgow Univ. 1865. Was Lortl Justice Uci 
in Scotland, antl Trcsidcnt of the 2nd Division of the Court of Session, wii' 
the title of Ixml (llcncorsc, from June 1858 till Feb. 1867, when he wn 
appointcil I^rd Justice (icncral and President of the Court of Session. Wa 
M.P. for St.imford from Feb. till July 1858. Created a Privy Councillor 1859. 
Insullcd .IS Chancellor of the Univ. of Edinburgh April 1869. 

C/«^J— Athenaeum. Carlton, New, Edinburgh University. 

Rnidtncf—yo, Ahercroml ie Place, Edinburgh. 

•S'M/^GkncorN Houm, Midlothian. 


Robert Lee, seventh son of the late Very Rev. John Lee, D.D., 
LL.D., M.D., Principal of the University of Edinburgh, a Dean of the Chapel 
Royal, and one of Her Majesty's Chaplains for Scotland, by Rose, d. of the 
late Rev. Thomas Masson, D.D., Minister of the parish of Dunnichen, in the 
county of Forfar. He was bom 1830, was educated at the Edinburgh Academy, 
and at Edinburgh University, and m., 1854, Catherine AUcyne, d. of the 
late George Augustus Borthwick, Esq., M.D., F.R.S.E., Edinburgh. Called 
to the Har of Scotland 1853, appointed Procurator for the Church of .Scotland 
1869, Sheriff of Stirling and Dumbarton 1875, and Sheriff of Perthshire 1877. 
Appointed a Lord of Session April 1880, with the title of Lord Lee. 

Residenct — a6, Chariotte Square. Edinburgh. 


James Moncreiff, P.C.^ ist baron and a baronet, second son of 
the late Sir James Wellwood Moncreiff, 9th bart., of Tullibole, Kinross -shire, 
—a Lord of Session in Scotland by the title of Lord Moncreiff, — by Anne, d. of 
Capt. James Robertson, R. N. He was bom Nov. 29th, 181 1, was eel. at the High 
Sen. and at the Univ. of Edinburgh, and in 1834 m, Isabella, only d. of Robert 
Bell, Esq., of Edinburgh, Advocate and Sheriff of Berwick and Haddington, and 
Procurator of the Church of Scotland. Called to the Bar in Scotland 1833, 
and was Dean of Faculty 1858-69. Was .Solicitor-General for .Scotland 
from Feb. 1850 till April 1851, and Lord Advocate from April 1851 till Feb. 
1852, from Dec. 1852 till March 1858, from July 1859 till July 1866, and from * 
Dec. 1868 till Oct. 1869, when he wxs apjjoinled Lord Justice Clerk, and created 
a Privy Councillor. Was created a Baronet 1871, and a Peer 1873. I^te Ivord 
Rector of the Univ. of Eldinburgh. Is a D. L. and a J. P. of Edinburgh, a D.L. 
of Kinross-shire, and a Lieut. -Col. Edinburgh Rifle Vol. Sat as M.P. for Leith 
District (Z.) from April 1851 till May 1859, for Edinburgh from that date until 
Nov. 1868, and for the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen from Dec. 1868 
till Oct, 1869. When in Parliament he successfully introduced and carried 
numerous bills, inUr alia, the " Repeal of Tests in .Scottish Universities " 1853, 
•* Repeal of Tests in Scottish Parochial .Schools" i860, "Valuation of Lands 
(Scotland)" 1854, and " Bankruptcy (Scotland)" 1856. 

CreatioH — Baron MoncreiflT, of Tullibole, Kinrosk-shire, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom 1873. A Baronet 1871. 

C/mA«— Broola's, Reform, Athenaeum. 

Coumtty R*sidtMe*^t6, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh. 



l>avui Mure, ihrni ion of ihc Ute CoL Willu V ^, of 
Caldwell. Vice-Ueut. at ca lUafrw, bjr Aaat, eL d. of thr ' toMi 

llumcr-RUir. la but. ; b crmdioo to Um late WOIkm Marr. r.^i . MP. 

fur RMfrtwdure 1^42-6^, aad htoclMr of CoL Mun, who «m M.F. for the 
ftAiM 00. l&46-5$. He WM boni Nov. iSio- w&% ed. at Wertmimtcr SdumU 
Aivl atjKe Univ. of CaUibiiifkb ud m., n,— whodiod ift^^— <d. of 

, Edfadmnh* iod 10 Um Btr ifl 

foaior Covmd Um tbc Cnnni 1S43-6 tn 

luhn Tud, Em)., of KirkldlU Edfadmigh* iod lo Um Bar ia Scotland 

l)ec. 1831 : «a« one of llMJaakir CommcI fur tbc Cmwa iSiJ-^ 
Shcfiff of PertlMhifa iSu-S^ Solidtor*GeMnl Cor SoocJaod ftom 
AprUi859,aiidLotd Advocala of ScoUaad from April dUrn«lt$9. Kcpre- 
•eated tbt ca of Bala la ParUaaaal from May IM till Jaau iSm, whoa Iw 
waa appoialad a Jadfa of tlio Coart of Sewfaa, wfth iha coartaqr tltla of Loid 

More. Appoialad, l874«*I^(vd of jttiticiarjr. UaD.UoftlMcityof 
aadcob 01 Bala. 

BOlf. LOU) tBAVD. 

Alexander Bums Shand, ZZ.A, son of the late Alexander 
Shaod. £m}., of Abeideeo. He was bora Dec ijth, 1828, was ed. at Glaiffoar 
and Ediabaish Uaivenitiai^ Hon. LLD. of Glaacow 1873. Married b 1857 
KmQv Mereltna, d. of the late Tohn Clarke Mejrmott, Eik)., LciMter Square, 
I>ondoo. Called to the Bar Nov. 1853 ; appotalcd Advocate- Depute l86i. 
Sheriff of Kincardioe»hinB Nov. t86a, and Sheriff of Haddiagtoo and Berwick 
Nov. 1869. U a D.U of Edioborgb city. Appointed a Judge of the Court of 
Dec 1872. 



George Y«»rN<., I.!.. P., son of the late Alexander Young, Esq., 
of Roeefiekl. Kir'>.. .1 !! r .^ht. l.y M.uu.n. d. of the late William Conon, Em). 
He was born 1S19. u.\> c i. at I Miufrics and at the Univ. of Edinbof)^ 
of which in 1871 h< Ikvuih- I I.I>. Married in 1847 Janet, d. of Geoffga 
Graham Bell, Etq., of ( > - - Called to the Bar of Scotland 

iSio^ and to the Bar ;>le 1860; amde a Q.C Nov. 

1869. It a Bencher of Was Sheriff of Inv traem d ura 

ftom iS^; till i860, and of Haddington and Berwick from i860 till 1863; 
and Solicitor-General for Scotland from Nov. 1862 till Julv 1865, and from 
Dec. 1868 till Oct 1869, when he was appointed Lord Advocalc Created 
a Privv Councillor 1872. Sat as M.P. for Wigtown District (Z.) from April 
1865 till Feb. 1874. Appointed a Loid of Semkm aad a Loid of Jattkiuy 
Feb. aoth, 1874. 

C/bi»-Bct»k»'«, Rdbna, EdtiOiintk Vabmhy. Ntv. 

JTMiAwv-iS, Homy Phwn, tdiahunh. 




J. T. ABDT. 

John Thoinas Abdy, LL,D., soi^ of Col. James Nicholas Abcly, 

by Charlotte Gcorgiana, d. of Thomas King, Esq. He was bom July 5th, 1822 ; 
was ed. at Trinity Hall, Camb.,— LL.B. 1847, Fellow 1850-54, LL.D. i8s2, 
— and m., 1854, Marian, second d. of John Hardwick Hollway, Esq. Called 
to the Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 1850. Is a J. P. for Hertfordshire and 
Eatex, and lecturer on Law at Gresham College, London. Author of '* Kent'^ 
Commentary on International Law," and " Roman Civil Procedure," and, with 
the Rev. Byran Walker, "Gaius's Commentaries Translated and Annotated, 
and the *' Institutes of Justinian Translated and Annotated." Formerly Regius 
Professor of Civil Law in the Univ. of Cambridge. Has been Recorder of 
Bedford since July 1870, and in April 187 1 was appointed Judge of Circuit 
No. 38 ; holds courts at Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Colchester, 
Dunmow, Edmonton, Hadleigh, Halstead, Harwich, Hertford, Haverhill, 
Maldon, Rochford, Romford, Southend, Sudbury, and Waltham Abbey. 

Cl$t6 — Garrick. 

Residtrtet—Cnax Baddow House, Chelmsford. Essex; 


Heniy Tindal Atkinson, S.L. Called to the Bar at the Middle- 
Temple 26th Jan. 1844, made a Setjeant-at-law 9th Feb. 1864. Was Judge 
of Circuit No. 28 from i6th Dec., 1870, till 30lh Sept., 1871, of Circuit No. 12 
from Sept. 1871 till 22nd March, 1875, and of Circuit No. 14 from March 1875 
till Aug. 1880, when he was appointed Judge of Circuit No. 55, and holds 
courts at Blandford, Ik>umemouth, Bridport, Christchurch, Crewkeme, Dor- 
chester, Fordingbridge, Lymington, Poole, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Wareham, 
Weymouth, Wimbome Miaster, Wincanton, and YeovU. 

Residence— \, Uplands, Wimbome. 

Clutmben—-\, Ur Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.C 


Francis Henry Bacon, son of Vice-Chancellor the Hon. Si: 

iames Bacon, by Laura Frances, d. of the late William Cook, Es<i., of Cb) 
lill, Enfield. He was bom 18 — , and was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Init 
June 6th, 1856 ; went the Eastern Circuit, and practised as a draughtsman an<l 
conveyancer. Appointed Judge of the Bloomsbury County Court Circuit No. 42. 
Nov. 1878, and also of the VVhitechapel County Court Circuit No. 39, 1879. 

Residtnctt—Xf Kenstngton Gardens Terrace, W. ; Compton Beauchamp, Shrivenham. 


Francis Barrow, only son of the late Rev. Francis Barrow, Vicar 
of Cranbrook, Kent. He was born 1821, was ed. at the Univ. of 0\' ' 
grarl. B.A. 1841, and M.A. 1844, and m.. 1850, Catherine Clara, d. 
hitc Adm. Thomxis Dick. Call^ to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn Nov. 1 ; ; 

jUDGKS or oouirrv courts. 3S7 

Practised u a ipwkl pkMkr, aikl wmM, the H<nm Cfaaiil. k • J.P. Car 
Kml HMbMS iUoofdtfoT RochMlar aiBce 1867. AppoioMd. Ai«. ifitf^ 
lads* oC Cdnlj^Covta, drnit Na M^ tad holdi eowti al Arii^Mfo^b- 

Zooch, Bovra, nriiHtwm, HiackV>T» Lttevtcr, Lmgliboroi^thf L4 tt^ «wo^tl^ 
Market Boaworth, Markd H«rbonM«lv Udum Mowbray. Naacaioo, Oalrha«, 
Sumfurd, and UppiaglHUB. 

P. lATunr 

Frmncis Baylky, ion of the late Rt Hon. Sir John Ba 
lit bart, fbnacHjr a Jodge of tha Cam of Qooaa'a Beach, bjr EUaal 
vfMHMoM d. of John Mariiett, Eiq., oTMaopham Coart Lodn, ICaaL Hewaa 
bom Pah. 6ih, 1803, waa ad. al Etoa, and al Tria. ColL, Caaabi, and ml let, 
Aa«. 18^ EliabetC.— who died 1838, --d^d. oC Oie buc AleaanlerMaedoMld. 

Fraderick Roalal. 

appofailad Indp of tha Wa rtw i i a H e i Coaaty Coart, Cifcail'Na'4^ Dec 1849. 
Aathor of ** TrcaliM oa Fiact and Recovcriei,'* and editor oc 5th edilioa 
'* Bayley 00 BUla.'* 


r«M Jf0 Md ^tmt0 M, CtmM^lt^ T«rmn. Hyd* Park. W. 

. iBto^ EUabetii,— vmo <lied iBjs,— «i. d. oi uie late A kwanner na a io a a iti , 
. of Wertaiimter ; aad aadhr, April 1854. Chariotla, d. of the late Mom. 
brick Roalet Called lo the Bar at the Middle Teaiple Jaae i8«7, and 

Edmond Bealcs, son of Samuel Pickering Beales, Esq., of 
Ncwnhan, Cambridge, by Martha, d. of John CurtU, Em]. He was bora 
July 3nl, 1803, was ed. al Bory St EdaiUKU, at Eton, and at Trinity College, 
Camb^— giaT M.A.,-«nd m, Eltxa, d of the late James Manhall, E^ 
Maaager of the Prorindal Bank of Ireland, called ** the fiuhcr of Joiat Stock 
Haaka." Called to the Bar at the Mkidle Temple l8ioi Wu Revising 
Rarrietcr for Mfcidlewi i86s-66. UaaacecMfally coaterted the Tower Hamlets 
186& Author of varfoaa pamphlets oa Polaad aad Qicassia, and on Parlia- 
mcntnr) Ivcform. Was Prnident of the Reform League 1865*9. Appointed 
luU^c oi Circuit Na x$, Sept. 1870^ and bokis conits at Ampthill, Bedford, 
Kigglcswade. Bishops btortlbrd, Cambridge, Hitchin, Huntingdon, Newmarket, 
Ouadle, Peterboroagh* Royatoa, Safiron Waklen, St. Neota, aad Thrapaton. 

CM CoMm 

MmUtmn Osborm Hoata. Bokoa Pawl— BoBth. &W. 


Francis Alfred Bedwell. son of the late Francis Robert Bedarell, 
Esq., a Registrsr in Chancery. He was bora March 1st. 1828, and was ed. 
privately, at Clapham Grammar School, and at St John's Coll.. Camb., of 
which he was a SchoUr,— grad. &A. aist Wrawler 1841. M.A. 1854. In 
1857 he m. Sarah Jane. eL d. of the Ute Thomas Cuvdje. Esq.. of Ham|Mtead. 
Called to the Bar at Liaoola's Ian April 185c, and practised as an eqaitv 
draaghtsman and co n v eya ncer mitil March 1874, when be waa Tirri n H i ln i l 
Jodge of Orcnit Na it, HoUa ooaru at Barasley. Beverley. BridUMloB, 
Great I>rifficfcl, GooK Hedoa. Howden, Kii^itoo-opon-Httll, New Maltoa, 
Pocklington. Pontc6act, Scaitmoagb, Selby, and Whitby, b a J.P. for the 

MmUtmn For HaB, Bridfc^>sa Qaay. Ynririkits. 



Montague Bere, Q. C, son of the late Montague Baker Bere, Esq., 
CoQuniMJoner of Bankruptcy for Exeter District, by Wilhdmin.i Jemima, d. of 
the late Right Rcy. Dr. Sandford, Bishop of Edinburch. He was bom July 
9th. 1824, and u-as ed. at Chcam School and BallioT Coll., Oxford ; gnd. 
B.A, 1846 ; and in Aug. 1852 m. Cecil Henrietta, d. of Capt. T. W. Buller, 
R.N., of Strcte Ralegh, Exeter. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple May 
1850^ made a Q.C. June 1869, and went the Western Circuit. Is a T.P. for 
Cornwall and Devon. Was Recorder of Penzance from Feb. 1857 till May 
1862, of .South%nu>ton from May 1862 till Sept. 1870, and of Bristol from Sept. 
1870 till June 1872, when he was appointed Judge of Circuit No. 59. Holds 
courts at Bodmin, Camelford, Falmouth, Helston, Holsworthy, Launceston, 
Liskeard, Penzance, Redruth, St. Austell, St. Columb-Major, and Truro. 

C/mi United University. 

U tt i t/mc* Griamone, Horrabridge, S. Devon. 


William Beresford, third son of the late Rev. Gilbert Beresford, 
Rector of St. Andrew's, Holbom. He was bom Feb. 19th, 181 7, and was 
ed. at Rugby, at King's College, London, and at St. John's College, Camb., 
— grad. B.A. 1842. Practised as a special pleader 1843-58, when he was 
called to the Bar at the Middle Temple. Was sometime Dcp. Judge of the 
Whitechapel County Court. Appointed Judge of Circuit No. 31 Dec. 1877, and 
holds courts at Aberavon, Carmarthen, Cardigan, Haverfordwest, Lampeter, 
Llandilofawr, Llandovery, Llanelly, Narl^erth, Neath, Newcastle-in-Emlyn, 
and Pembroke Dock. 

H esid^Mce— Alt-y-gGg, Nantgaredig, R. S. O., South Wale*. 


Thomas Bradshaw, son of the late J. H. Bradshaw, Esq., by 
Catherine his wife, daughter and coheir of Richard Stuart, Esq. Bom 
17th Oct., 1824, cd. at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford, and m. ist, the 
Hon. Frances Devereux, only d. of Henry, 14th Viscount Hereford, and 
sometime Maid of Honor to the Queen ; and 2ndly, Emily, only child of 
Colonel Halkett, Coldstream Guards, and grand-d. of Gen. Sir Hugh Halkett, 
G.C.H., C.B. (Baron Halkett, of Hanover). Called to the Bar at Lincoln's 
Inn 1853. Appointed Secretary to the Royal Commission on Judicature 1867; 
and Judge of the County Courts of Northuml>eriand, Circuit No. i, 27th Oct., 
1871. Holds courts at Alnwick, Belford, Bcllingham, Berwick, Gateshead, 
Hexham, Morpeth, Newcastle, North Shields, Rothbury, and Woolen Is a 
J. P. for the counties of Northumberland and Durham. 

Xfsidfmcts—South Bailey, Durham ; Court House, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 


Samuel Boteler Bristowe, Q.C, el. son of Samuel Ellis 

Bristowe, Esq., of lieesthorpe Hall, Nottingham. He was bom Oct. 5th, 
1822, was ed. at Trinity Hall, Camb., grad. B.A. 1845, became a Fellow 
1850, and in 1846 m. Albertine Eugenie Elizabeth, d. of M. Jean Jacques 
Lavit, of Paris. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1848, and became a 
Q.C. 1872. Is one of Uie editors of an edition of ** Bums's Justice." Was 


KtwvkHMi.Ti«M tnm April iSio tUf MaicIi iOo^ tiiS «m m 
candidut in AHtt iSSa ApfMiMl Jalft of Oicirfl No. tj. J 

lUootdw <dS9wuk-im'Tnmtnm Jm. till April iSya StA m U.?. ht 

^Htt iSSa Appohi«l Jalft of Oicirfi No. tj. , 
eo«m fti Btccki. B— aiy, Bwy Su Kdawida, DIm, m, 
Halonrofth. llaHMon. iMwtdi. LowvMoA. MildaUMOl, Siiiiwmrfhim, 
OMtfkcc, Woodbridec Mid Yurmoatli. 



Canui: r . ,rd, only child of the btc Mont. 

Caraillc T. ' ihm Fraaeb anajr,— who «m dAogemttly 

wooadcd at im T S. Sih, 1814,— iwpbew of the kl« 

the btc Mom. Jem Aadrc CftOlud, 

der ue ^ 1 (ni>ir^ held vsriow oftoet of di^ 

tinctioa. He « . pnvateljr, mm! m. lit, 1850^ 

EouBM Looitt, nfr d. of the kle VfawcnC 

StodMy Rmoli! 'm ; 2ndljr, 187a, Amy 

Urmia, widow 01 xn'% Court, Donet, and 

yoongcr d. of the luc Aicxan<i< field Place, Berio, 

Called to the Ifair at the Inner Tc a J. P. and a D. 1. 

for Wilu aod a J.P. (or Somenct -•No. 

4th. 1859. and holds coofta at Bar ,n, 

SiMllMiry, Deviaei, FrooM^ MariU mpla 
Trowbridge, Wanninster, and ^\ 


John Fnmcis Collibr, son of the late John Collier, Esq., of 

Plymouth. Deiroa, a merchant and shipowner, who waa M. P. for Plymoatk 

18^-41, by Emma, ath d. of the late Robert Porrett, £m)., of North Hill 

Hou4e. nrar Plymouth, and brother to the Rieht Hon. Sir Robert Porrett 

( fthe ludidal Committee of the Privy CoondL He was bore 

j vu ed. at Winchester, and m., Feb. 1860^ Frsnces Anne Jane, 

" ' rrt Francis Jenner, Esq., of Wenvoe Castle, Glamoina* 

; the late Rt Hon. Sir Herbert Jenner Fast. Called 

! r Trmnlc June 1859. Joint author with the hUe CbL 

I'l;"" •' V Law." Is a J. P. for the county of Lanca- 

^! vr- w iron Ian. 1870 till Aug. 1873, when he was 

uf Circuit Na 6 ; holds courts at Liverpool, Ormsldrfc, 

Hcffiwrt, bam 1W4. and l«0< 

w. B.oooa. 
William Henry Cooke, Q. C, son of the late Rev. William Cooke, 
M. A., Vicar of Bromyard, and a J.P. for Here fo i dah ire { ed. at Qafetd, grad. 
M.A..1847. Called to the Bar at the loMrTMiqilejMWQlh, 1837.— of which 

Inn he U a Bencher, —oikI upnt the Oxibfd Qroui; made a Q.U 1863. la 


Recorder of Oxford, tnd aJ.P. for Norfolk and Herefordjihire. Was Judge 
of County Courta, Circuit 32, 1868-74, when he was transferred to Circuit 
36. Holds courts at AI)inj;<lon, Hanbuiy, Bicester, Bracklcy, Huckinj;;ham, 
raringdon, Kettering, Nortlmmnion, Oxford, Tliame, Towccster, Wanlai^e, 
Wellingborough, Witney, and Woodstock. 

C/mAt— CariUm. UnJted Univemty. 
C Aa m t «f$ t. Temple Garden«, E.C 
Jttndencr^4», Wtmpole Street. W. 


Homersham Cox. Bom 182 1. Ed. atTunbridge School, and 

at Jous Coll., Cainb. ; grad. M.A. 18 — . Called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple 1851. Was a Royal Commissioner to enquire into Corrupt Practices 
at elections for Beverley, 1869. Author of *' Treatises on the Dirferential and 
Integral Calculus," "The Institution of the English Government," " Antient 
Parliamentary Elections," "The Law and Science of Antient Lights," &c. 
Ai>|>ointed Judge of Circuit No. 28, Nov. 187 1, and as such holds courts at 
AiMrrystwith, Bala, Builth, Corwen, Dolgelley, Hay, Kington, Knighton, Llan- 
fyllin, Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Newtown, Portmadoc, Presteign, Pwllheli, 
Rhayader, and Welchpool. 
AVxi^M<3r— Tonbridge, Kent. 

William Thomas Shave Damkl, Q.C.j son of the late W^illiam 
Daniel, Esq., of Burton-on-Trent, by Elizabeth, only child of the late William 
Wilkes, Esq., M.D., of Stanton House, Derbyshire. He was bom March 17th, 
1806, and m. 1st, Septemljer 1830, Harriet, — who died 1838,— el. d. of John 
Mayou, Esq., of Coleshill ; and 2ndly, 1840, Sarah, onlv d. of the late Rev. 
A. W. Trollope, D.D., Head Master of Christ's Hospital. Called to the Bar at 
Lincoln's Inn,- -of which he is a Bencher, — Feb. 1830, and made a Q.C. 1851. 
Was Recorder of Ipswich from May 1842 till Nov. 1848. Appointed Judge of 
Circuit No. 11, March 21st, 1867, and Joint Judge at Leeds 1875 I holds courts 
at Burnley, Bradford, Colne, Keighley, Otley, and Skipion ; also holds courts 
at Lee<ls for Equity and Bankruptcy only. Was a member of the I^w Digest 
Commission, and originator of the system of Law Reporting established under the 
superintendence of the Council of Law Reporting, of which he was Vice-Chm. 
Unsuccessfully contested Tamworth 1859 and 1805. 
Jl fxideHC*— Thorleby House, Skipton. Yorkshire. 

J. B. DA8ENT. 

John Bury Dasent, el. son of the late John Roche Dasent, Elsq., 
Attorney-General of the Island of St. Vincent, West Indies. He was bom 
Dec. 22nd, 1806, was ed. at Westmiaster Sch. and at Trin. Hall, Camb., where 
he was first in the 1st class in Law, 1827, and is m. to Jane Camden, — who 
died 1880, — 3rd d. of the late Mark Dver French, Esq., barrister-at-law, of 
the Island of Tortola, West Indies. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 
April 1833, and was from Oct. 1858 to Nov. 1859 Judge of County Courts, 
Circuit No. I, when he was appointed Judge of Circuit No. 40, where he holds 
courts at Shoreditch and at Bow. Is Chairman of the Lord Chancellor's 
Committee for framing the roles of the County Courts. 

RttuUmct—ts, Warwick Road, Paddingtoo, W. 

jUDOBs or oouimr oourts. 391 


^ Tuu Eu.isoN, born Sq>t 27th, 1818, and ed at St Mmry't 

H:uit. Called lo the Bar at Grair'» Ina Jan. joth, 1844, and in Nuv. 

I501 Mra« appoteudjadfs of Omtt Na 13. Ilotdt ooofU ac GloMOp^ 


Thomis Faixoner, son of the Utc Rev. Thomas Falconer, — 
rormerlT FtUow of Cbrpua ChriiU ColL, Odbrd, and who «u grmndsoo of 
W. FalcoMr, Etq., Roeofdor of CiMMor, and of EHnbrth Wntwmham, aoat of 
Rkfaaid WObrabaat. Etq.. of LailMB, If .P. for CbMltr 1761-91. Hb faiber 

m. Fraaoi*. lwii«» of UMtCoL Robert lUitt, of iIm and Reel. He was bora 
June J$th. iSoc. %ira.« ol. at F^Itntmrvh. and b oaoianied. Called lo the Bar at 
Lincoli >tag Barftacr far FfaMbory, ibe Tom 

Hamlet !i i840^~«bca be rerigiied,— and ia 

l8(0 wa* mUccuU lu be ihc !*y the Goveraor— (be Earl of Elgin— 

and ibeCooacU of Canada, to the boondarka between tbal pwmnce 

-n.! the province of New Brttn«wicK. and in Joljr 1851 was appointed Colonial 

craiary of Wcrtere Aostralia. U a J.P. for the coa. of llonmonth, Gb- 
-i^traan. and Brecknock, a FeUow of the Royal Gcogfaphical So. and of the 
GeolQgioal So., and one of the two mtrrMtm nMabeiv of the London Con- 
raittee of the So. for the DiAuion of Uiefol Knowledge (i8%o). Antbor of 

Caaes of Controverted ElectioM,** **The Oregon Qnotioa,' ** On CoontT 

ofta,** ** Voyage of St. PuU," and on **Sanianiei.'* Ac Waa appoiated 
of Circait Now %0c Dec. aand, 1851, and bokia ooorU at Abcidaia, 
k, Bridgend, Merthyr-Tydvil, Poolyprkki, and SwaMca. 

K*ndmtM'VA. MnaiBiiiliiMM ; il. Roy^ Cnmwm, Batk. 

judge of 

William Wynne Ffoulkes, fourth son of John Powell Ffoulkes, 
{.. of Eriviat, 00. Denbigh, LieuL-CoL Royal Doibig^ Militia, by Caroline 

inr, 2nd d. and cobeiren of Capt Hubert JocelTn, RJf., of Stantaad Baiy. 

llerta. He waa boni Inly 14th, i8ai, waa ed. at Shrewsbury School aid 

Jotu Coll.. Oxford,— dected Scholar 1843. grad. B.A. 1844, M.A. 1847, 

And m. tat, 1854, Elisabeth Benedicta,— who died 1858,— atxth d. of ibc 

Kcv. K. C Howard. D.D.. Canon of Bangor : . i ;<>. Heater Marr, third 

d. of the Rev. George Heywood, Rector of ! »evon. Called to the 

Bar at Lincoln'a Inn Nov. lyrd. 1847, and wcui m*: ^vttb Wales and Charter 

Circuit ; was Revising Barrister 1872-4, and CoinMbrioner of Ksfhcat, rhfiim 

and North Wales, 1875. Ia a j.P. for Cheabire and Chester tky. Was 

appointed May 6th, 1875. Judge of Circuit Na 7. Hokb courts at Altrincham, 

Birkenhead, Leigh, Nonhwich. Runcorn, Warrington, and Wigan. 


Matthew Fortcscui, sod of the late Joseph Fortescue, Esq., 
by Mary. d. of the Utc Dr. James Monnser. He was bom May 18th. i8om^ 
and waa ed. at Quccn'» ColL, Cambu, giatL B.A. i8j8. M.A. 1S31. and m. 


1st, Margaret Eleanor, d. of K. C. Lcgeyt, Esq., and 2ndly, Maria Jane, d. oi 
T. K. Bowvear, Esq. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple Nov. 22nd, 1839. 
and went the Home Circuit. Is a J. P. for Devonshire, and in (Jet. 1857 wa> 
appointed Judge of Circuit No. 58. Holds courts at Churston Ferrers, 
Cnediton, wt Stonehouse, Exeter, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbot, Oakhampton, 
Tavistock, Torquay, and Totnes. 


John Walter de Longueville Giffard, el. son of the late Stanley | 
Lees GiflTartl, LL.D., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-law, by Susanna Mr-ir^, 
el. d. of Frank Moran, Esq., J. P., of Downhill, co. Mayo, ana is brother 1 
Hardinge Stanley Giffard, M.P., Q.C. He was bom 18—, was cd. privauly, 
and at Merton Coll., Oxford, — girad. M.A. 1844, — and in 1849 m. Emilie, 
second d. of the late D. B. Scott, Esq., of Ingham, co. Norfolk. Called to 
the Bar at the Inner Temple 1843. Author of the series of " Small and 
Giffards" and "Giffard's Reports (Chancery)." Was appointetl in March 
1875 Judge of Circuit No. 12, and holds courts at Dewsbury, Halifax, 
Holmhrth, Huddersfield, Saddleworth, and Todmorden. 

/sttu living— Tyfo sons, Sunley Lccr Smyihe and Hardinge Frank ; and two daughters, 
Constance Stanley and M.-igdulcne Georgina de Longueville. 

Addreu—Coanxy Court, Halifax. 

W. T. GREENHOW, See pa«e 418. 

W. Downes Griffith. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
1855. Appointed Judge of Circuit No. 25, June 1877, and holds courts at 
Oldbury, Walsall, and Wolverhampton. 

Addreu — County Court, Wolverhampton. 


Richard Harington, son of the late Rev. Richard Harington, 
D.D., Principal of Bra.senose Coll., Oxford, by Cecilia, d. of the Rev. Samuel 
Smith, D.D., Dean of Christ Church, Oxford. Bom May 20th, 1835 ; ed. at 
Eton, and at Christ Church, Oxford, — B.A., 2nd class Classics and 1st class 
Law and Modem History, 1857; M.A. i860; B.C.L. 1863; Vinerian Law 
Scholar 1858. In i860 he m. Frances Agnata, 2nd d. of the late Rev. 
Robert Bisooe, Rector of Whitboume, Herefordshire, and a Prebendary 
of Hereford. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1858, and in the same year 
gained a certificate of honor. Was a Revising Barrister for East Worcester- 
shire Aug. 1865, and a Metropolitan Police Magistrate from Nov. 3rd, 1871, 
till Jan. 6th, 1072, when he was appointed Judge of Circuit No. 34, and in 
the same year was transferrer! to Circuit No. 22 ; holds courts at Alcester, 
Bromsgrove,ChippingNorton, Coventry, Daventry, Evesham, Pershore,Redditch, 
Rugby, Shipston-on-Stour, Solihull, Southam, Stow-on-the-Wold, Stralford- 
on-Avon, and Warwick. Is a J. P. and a D.L. for Herefordshire, a J. P. for 
Warwickshire and Worcestershire, Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Hereford- 
shire, and a Fellow of the Architectural So. of Oxford. Succeeded his cousin, 
Sir John Edward Harington, loth bart, 1877. 

C/«A— Arthur'*. 

i?«fu<n«cr— Whitboume Court, WoroeiMr. 

jVDon or coxnrrr ootmrt. 395 


John Manrke Rbkbirt, too of John Lawrence Herbert, Ew)., 

or Nrw TIall. ctt. MiHitLtMiMTv. W Tovcc Suiaaaah, d. ai C. Joam, Eiq., of 

luly i(th« iSoS, wwM td. fti tht 

oil, Camtk., of which he wa» « 

iw. grad. B.A. lii , iSu. ood Bk lit, Mary Ame, eL d. of 

rloltOid. ollhe V 
Btf at Uaooln 

CO. MootffoncfT: mdly. Maxr 
<IViHtyHddw,Conwmll. OOMto 
Wm Airi«m TMw aad Copjrbold 
>ru4iikiii« Um AwwrfniiiMB Maaofi of 

ibc Duchy of Con)«« dbnl, Monmomh, CUmomta. 

and Radnor, ami a I and Cambridge Phflotoiifical 

Appobtr^ . 1S47, and holds coorts at 

tnootn, Kcwpoft, Polity- 


piK»i, RoM, Tmicjjar, anu t »k. 


Henry Hof.novD. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 

Oxfocd Cfoait. Appointed, May i88ol Jodfc of County 

.'6. and holds conits at BvrUem, Chcadtc, Hanley. Ixclt, 

"'-^ri Drayton, Newcaitle-onder-Lyme, Rngdcy, Staflbcd, 

. Tunstall, and Uttoaeter. 

'♦ T<wpfe, EC 


Willi LTON, second son of the late Lieut-CoL 

" < 'aroHne, d. of the late John Hooke Campbell, Esq.. 

c. lie was born Oct. 18th, 180s, and was callM 
> U- 1 unc 29th, 1837. Is a I. P. of Lancashire, aad 
MCtions.'* Appointed Jodffe of County Conili, 
is courts at Accrington, Bh^kbuni, Cborley, 
CI.: u^ilcn, Kirkham, Lancaster, Poulton, and Preston. 

. Ptmioo. 

0. HtTTTOIf. 

Crompton Hutton. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
Dec. 1S53. Appointed Judp of County Courts, Qrcutt Na 5, 187a, and as 
such holds courts at Bacup, Bolton, Bury, Oldhsin, and Rochdale 

JtmUmn Otttmoad Lo^f, Pi— Bkh, MisrliiMw 

T. B. niOHAM. 
Thcophilus Hastings Iv >nly soo of the late Ignatiiit 

laeham, Kn^j . of I„ist M^fton. . and Pimndson of the Rev. "" 

■M Lady Maf|prct Ingham, 5lh d. uf the 7th Earl of HuntiQedon. He was 
bom July i»h, 1806, and m., 1819, Mary, only chUd of John ThooMoa, Esq. 
Ckllcd to the Bar at tho Inner Tample May 1814. Was farmrly a Com- 


of Bankrupts. I« Recorder of Clitheroe, Judge of County Courts, 
Circuit No. \ (anoouitcd 1847), in which capacity he holds courts at Alston, 
AniMi^iHc, Appfrhy, B.irrow-in-Fumcss, Brampton, Carlisle, Cockermouth, 
1 • . Kendal, Kirk by Lon.sflale, Penrith, Settle, Ulverstone, 

^ -)wn ; a U.L. and a I. P. for the West Riding of York- 

shire, a j. i . tor I uniDcrland, Westmoreland, and Lancashire, and a Governor 
of Gigglcswick and Skipton Grammar Schools. 
Rti-.*" ' ^' ffouse, Skipton. 

B. M. KERR. 

Robert Malcolm Kerr, LL.D.^ el. son of John Kerr, Esq., — 

formerly Commissary Depute of Hamilton and Campsie, and Writer to the Signet 
in Glasgow, — by Elizalxith, d. of Alexander Malcolm, Esa., of Glasgow, mer- 
chant. He was bom June 5th, 1821, and was ed. at the Univ. of Glascow, of 
which he is LL.D. Called to the Bar in Scotland Feb. i8th, 1843, and to the 
Bar at Lincoln's Inn Jan. 28th, 1848. Acted for several years as Deputy Judge of 
the County Courts on North Wales Circuit, and was apjx>inted May 5th, 1859, 
Judge of the Sheriffs' Court, London (now the City of London Court), and one 
of the Commissioners of the Central Criminal Court Is a Commissioner of 
Lieutenancy for the City of London, a J. P. for Dumbartonshire, Middlesex, and 
the City and Liberty of Westminster, author of several legal works, inter alia^ 
*' An Action at Law," and editor of *' Blackstone's Commentaries," 4 vols., &c. 
Unsuccessfully contested Peterborough Feb. 1874, and Kilmarnock District 
April 1880. 

C/m^— Athetueum. 

Town Retidence—j, Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. 


Rupert Alfred Kettle. He was born Jan. 9th, 18 17, m., 
1857, Mary, d. and heiress of the late William Cooke, Esq., of Merridale, 
Staffordshire, and was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple June 14th, 1845. 
Is a D.L. and a J. P. and Assistant Chairman of Quarter Sessions for Stafford- 
shire, a J. P. for COS. Worcester, Hereford, and Merioneth, a member of the 
Wolverhampton School Board, and author of several pamphlets on subjects 
relating to political and social economy. Was knighted 1880 for his services in 
connection with the establishment of Boards of Arbitration between employers 
and employed. Appointed Judge of Circuit No. 23, Oct. 19th, 1859, and 
holds courts at Bromyard, Droitwich, Dudley, Great Malvern, Kidderminster, 
Ledbury, Stourbridge, Tenbury, and Worcester. Is one of the standing com- 
mittee for framing the rules of the County Courts. 

C/«^— Reform. 

RtsuUHcet—limdalc, Wolverhampton : Glan-y-<lon, Towyn, Merioneth. 

Patrick M. Leonard, el. son of Stephen John Leonard, Esq., 
of Queen's Fort, Tuam, co. Galway, by Barbara I>etitia, d. of D. Blake, Es(i.. 
and granddaughter of the late Sir Walter Blake, Bart. He was born June 
1821, was ed. privately, and at Trinity Coll., Dublin,— grad. M. A., 1846,— a 
m., Nov. 1855, Mary, 2iid d. of the late John Pearson, Esq., of Tandndgc 


jVDon or oouNTY ooumTi. 395 

Stiff«r. Called 10 Om Bsr tf Lfawoto'k Im Jul 1847, tad pmeiktd m 

nrrranoer ud •q«il7 diavgblHBMb AppoiMtd Jndf* of OiaiH Na 51, 

. 1874 { hokb ecwru at Alloa, Aadovor, HariiMntnlio, Bbhop't WdthMw 

«poft (blooTWiglttk PMHwiild, ^MiMOirtli. Ronwr, Ryi^ SooiIm«p. 

>iad WiMdMNorTli oMter of •• PiMdoMi of FlMidiv i« Ei^ 

-wuty Coan*." 

MttUmim-j. niMr SUMI. Pwfc Lmm.W.; Ktidd. WInrtliir; Qmm'* Fett. 
Tiuai. ea Gttlvay. 



Horatio Lloyd, kmi of the late K^lwtrd Watson Lloyd, Esq., 

Jionounr and Oerk of the Crows for the ooi^ of Chetfcr and Flint. lie 

born Sept. a9th, 1839, wna «L at Roanll, and b ox to Harricttc. 

•— >1ooonuw Lekh Rkby, Em|., of Hawaiden, Rintahim. Called 
he Middle Temple May 185a t «r«nt the Novth Walca and 
on which he was Coomd to Her MajeitT't Mhu and to the 

1 a Reririag Baniiler. Appointed Reamler of Chertcr Febw 
>f Lcemtaff and rnm't ••Practior of Qnarter ScMkxM,*' and of 
ih. ion of ♦Hi .ut« of Practical Utflity in the OtO and 

Cri: aistnition<' .Vc. U a J.P. for the 00^ of Chcrter and 

Kh; -"" hjc4 cnc»tcr. and Dcpuiy-Chm. of Quarter 'iwainni fsr 

Chr xf Jodfe of Qrcuii No. 39. Oct. 5th. 1874 ; holds coorts 

at IL. „ .. a.Chciter. Conway. Denbigh, Flint. Holyhiad, HolyweU, 

LbiMhidno, Uangefni, Uai^len, Uanrwvt, Mold, Ruthin, St. Ataph, and 


James ]ohr » 'v-'>alb, second son of the late James Lonsdale, 

£•«)., — an cmi: bjr Jane, d. of Edward Thornton Esq.. of Lancaster. 

He w^^ toirn \, ... J..., iSio^ was ed. at Univ. ColL, l^ondon, and m., 1st, 
185 ; laitkia,~who died in 1866,— only d. of the late Samuel lamea 

Aril r Orchard House, WaltooHM'Thames, and widow of Dr. mrtiert 

Ma)<>. 1 i^ >. ; ami andlir, 1878, Pnidentia Sarah Jeflcncn, only child of the 
hue T. JcruTM^m Hogg. Esq., of Norton House, near Stockton-on-Tees, and 
widow of the late TT T. Arnold, Esq.. a Metropolitan Police Magistrate; 
Called to the Bar at Lincobi's Inn Nov. sand, i8j& Was far tome tima 
Secretary to the Criminal Law Commi»»ioo. Has ben Reoorder of Folkestone 
since 1S47. and was County Court Jndge of Circnit Na 11 from Feb. 14th, 
185^. t 1 MArch loth, 1867, when he was appointed Jodce of Circuit Na 48* 
fa ^' ty he hokb courts at Bromley, Dartfoid, Gravcsend, Maidstonab 

Ro. noaka, Sheemesa, Tunbridce. and Tunbridfe WcUi. b a D.U 

*\ a J.P. for the West Riding of Yorkshife, and amhor of 

T .nal Uw of Enghmd,** the article 00 «• Crimfaal Uw** fa 

w (t.>i c.... .M lU J^mmy Qrf^airfe, a lecture on ** The ImpoitaMe to all 

of a genera] aoqnafataoee with the Crimmal Law,** awl **SpecfaMa of 

attempt to give a doaar EagBah Verve Trauklation of the Odes of Horace 
[Bouk I.) than has hitherto been maiic 
C/»^ -Ralbtak 
Km^fmcm Ths Owiata, 8afdpSiW KcM ; Tburkby Hgwac. M«r Skipcoa. YoiiAlare. 



Vernon Lushincton, Q.C.^ fourth son of the late Rt. Hon. 
Stephen Lushtngton, by Sarah, d. of the late Thomas William Carr, Esq., of 
Fnxrnal, Hampstead. He was bom 1832, was ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
(B.C.L. 18—), and m., l86c. Jane, d. of Francis Mowatt, Esq., formerly M.P. 
for Cambridge. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1857, and became a 
Q.C. 1868. Was Dep. Judge Advocaie-Gen. 1865-9, and Secretary to the 
Admiralty 1869-77. Ao|X)intcd Judge of Circuit No. 45 Oct. 1877. and holds 
courts at C!hertscy, Croydon, Kpsom. Famham, Godalming, Guildford, Hunger- 
ford, Kingston, Newbury, and Reading. 

Rtsidtmctt—jft, K«iuiiigtoa Square, W. ; Pyborts, Cobham, Surrey. 


Alfred Marti neau. He was born 1820, was ed. at Univ. Coll., 

London, and Trin. Coll., Cambridge (B.A, 1 84 1, 1st class Classics), and was 
sometime a Fellow of his College. Called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn Nov. 
1846. Was Judge of County Courts Circuit No. 25, 1872-77, when he was 
transferred to Circuit No. — , and in the same year was transferred to Circuit 
No. 50, and holds courts at Arundel, Brighton, Chichester, Cuckfield, Dorking, 
East Grinstead, Hastings, Horsham, Lewes, Midhurst, Petworth, Reigate, Rye, 
and Worthing. 

/?Mi<i!nicf— Fatrligfat, oear Hastings. 


William James Metcalfe, Q.C.^ son of the late Rev. W. 

Metcalfe, Rector of Foulmire, Cambridgeshire. He was bom 181 8, was 
ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb., — grad. M.A., — and m., 18 — , Agnes Mary, — 
who died 1874, — d. of Thomas Vaughan, Esq., co. Galway. Called to the Bar 
at the Inner Temple May 1845, and auj>ointed a Q. C. 1873. Was Recorder ot 
Ipswich from Nov. 1866 till Dec. 1874, since when he hxs l)een Recorder of 
Won*'ich. Appointed, Nov. i, 1879, Judge of County Courts Circuit No. 54, 
and holds courts at Axbridge, Bristol, Wells, and Weston-super-Mare. 

Club -St Stephen's. 

Rtsidtnce—'^ooAy^^ House, White Ladies' Road, Cliftoa. 


Edgar John Meynell, of Kilvington Hall, Thirsk, and The 

Fryerage, Yarm, son of the late Thomas Meynell, Esq., of the .same places, 
by .Mary, d. of the late John Wright, Esq., of Kelvedon Hall, Essex. He was 
bom Feb. 1st, 1825, was ed. at Ampleforlh Coll., York, and m., 1856, Maria 
Louisa, youngest d. of the late R. S. .Short, Esq., of Edlington, Lincolnshire. 
Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple May 1852. Has been Recorder of 
Doncaster since July 1870. Appointed Judge of County Courts, Circuit No. 2, 
1873. Holds courts at Biihop's Auckland, Durham, Hartlepool, Seahara 
Harbour, Shotley Bridge, SouUi Shields, Sunderland, and Wolsingham. Is 
a J. P. for CO. Durham. 

Retid*nce—\y\A Eivet, Durham. 

Stmta—Thtt Fryerage, Yarm ; Kilvington Hall, Thirsk. 

JUDGES or oovimr oovrts. 397 

M^ MoTTtRAM, C^*t son of Chftriet Motteram, Esq.. met- 
fF«1sbMtoa.WanHciGdkii«. HewMboni May i6ch. 1817, irMed.atibe 
' Md m. lil« l$i9,SArali,— who died l85$,~«o«aecf« 
M.A^ RMdcr oT the Hon. So. oT Gnf% 
9L d. at Hem. Anmmtt Colbruit. of 
to the Bv at tht Ifllldlo Teni|»le i8$i, 
a Q.C JaM l97«, and a Bcndier of 
ApMlnlad Tadte of Coaoty Coorta, Cborit No. ai. Jane 187^ 
crmm 3t BinRliigQaiB, Tamwotth, and Alhcff^ooa. I» a J. P. for 
v^ick, and a nombaroTtha Staadfa^ Coayaittat for ' 
xmty Conrtt. 

<. I>r. ;<ilMMea\B«adfa^ Tm^ V.,C 

si>oRrr, S.L., third son of the late C. F. Petersdorfi; 

:cnham. HejvaA bom Nov. 4th, 1800^ and m., 1847, 

Icy Street. W. WaicaUod 

ihc Bai Ai the liuief Temple Jan. 1833, joined the liome Circoit, and made a 

uie* Mallock, Eiq., of 78. Harlcy Street. W. Wai 

r)eaat-&t*Uw 1858. Wat lo m cttme one of the Coanad to the Admiralty, 
I by order of the lumb of the Admiralty he oompOed a complete coPectfao 
the ttatatec relating to the Navy, to shipping, porta, and harbooit. Antbor 
.. A f-^ .^ca) AbcUgoMttt of the Common and Statate Law aa at nttamt 
" and odMT ^fd woilta. Appointed Jodffe of Omit Na 57, 

and bdUa eooitaat Axmintfcr, Barmtaple, Bidefefd, Bridgwater, 

i >n. Ijuigpibrt, Sooth Moltoo, Taantoo, Tivertoo, TorratftoiL 

\N ul WilUton. 

<]. HuUy SiTMi. CavndUi Sqaarau 


Edwin Plumcr Price, Q.C, son of the late Hioinas Price, Esq., 
of ' !«, CO. Yoric, by Eliia, d. of Hall Plumer, Etq., of Slocktoo 

II ire. He was bom March 13th, 1818, was ed. at Sl Peter's 

S« - ) at Uncohi ColL. Oxford { grad. 1838, and m., 1841, his 

c I. and coheir of John Harrison, Esq., of Ripley. Surrey. 

C. r at the Inner Temple Tan. 1S41. and %vent the Midland 

Circuit. Appointed a Q.C. 1861. Recor ^ 1 866, and Jodge of Circoit 

No. 33 Oct. sih, 1874. Holds cooru ui >ufh, Aylsluun, Downham 

Market. East Dereham, Elv. Fakenham. Hull, King's Lynn, Little WaUaf- 
batn. March. North WsJaham, Norwich, Soham, Swaffbam, Thetfoil 
\V ^ nd Wi 



Arundel Rogers, son of T. Rogers, Esq., of HcUton. He was 

bom l8~. was cd. at Trinity Hall, CamU, and m., 1870^ Ellen, d. of the 
hue Laurancc Gwynoe, Esq., LL.D., of Cambrian, Tetgnmooth. Called to 
the Bar at the Inner Temple l86«, and went the Westera Ciiodt Aaihor of 
•*Tbe Uw of MiBOB, Miaeiala, and Qnasries,'* and of "A TVeatiH opoa the 


Tudicatiare Acts." Appointed, Feb. 6th, 1879, Juilgc of Countv Courts Circuit 
No. 27, and holds courts at Bishop*s Castle, Bridgnorth, Cleobury, Mortimer, 
Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow, Madely, Newport, Oswestr}*, Shrewsbury, 
Wellington, and Wem. 

CJkmmdfrt^i, Paipw BuOdinct. TempU, B.C 


George Russell, second surviving son of the late Sir Henry 

Russell, and hart., by hU second wife, Marie Clotilde, d. of Monsieur Mottet 
de U Fontaine. He was bom 1828, and was ed. at Eton, and at Kxc-ter Coll., 
Oxford, — grad. B.A. 1850, — and m., March 1867, Constance, cl. d. of the 
late Lorxl Arthur I^cnnox. Calletl to the Bar at Lincohi's Inn 1853, and went 
the Oxford Circuit. Has been Recorder of Wokingham since 1862, and 
Tudee of Circuit No. 19, 1866-74, when he was transferred to Ciicuit No. 49 ; 
holds courts at Ashford, Canterbury, Cranbrook, Deal. Dover, Faversham, 
Folkestone, Hythe, Marjjate, Kamsgate, Romney, Sandwich, Sittingboume, 
and Tenterden. Is heir-presumptive to Sir Charles Russell, 3rd bart. 

Chambers — i, New Court, Temple. 
RetuUitct—9i, Wilton Place, Belipave Square. 


John Archibald Russell, Q.C, tliird son of the late James 

Russell. Esq., of Rutherglen, co. Lanark, by Margaret his wife. He was bom 
Nov. 25th, 1816, was ed. at the Univ. of Glasgow, — grad. B.A. 1835, LL.B. 
i8si, — and m., Sept. 1846, Martha, 2nd d. of the late Thomas Holme Bower, 
Esq., of Hale, co. Chester. Called to the Bar Nov. 1841, made a (^.C. Feb. 
iSoo; Ls a Bencher of Gray's Inn, a member of the Council of Legal 
Education, and a Life Gov. of Univ. Coll., London. Went the Northern 
Circuit. Was Solicitor-General for the co. Palatine of Durham from May 
1862 till Mareh 1869, and Recorder of Bolton from May 1865 till March 
1869, when he was appointed Judge of Circuit No. 8, and holds courts at 
Manchester and Salfoid. Is a J. P. for Lancashire. Author of treatises "On 
the Law of Contracts" and "On Mercantile Agency." 

C/«*— Union (Manchester). 

Cknmhert—^, Harcourt Buildings. Temple. 

Retid£nc«~%^ Meckleoburgh Square, W.C 


James Stephen, LL.D., only son of the late Mr. Serjeant 
Stephen, a well-known legal writer, and elder brother of the late Right Hon. 
Sir James Stephen, K.C.B., by Mary, d. of the late John Morison, Esq., of Ediri 
burgh. Bom Sept. 16th, 1820, ed. at Rugby, and at Caius College, Cam^ridj.; 
He m.. 1850, Caroline Neville, -who dietl 1878, — d. of the late Henry Davie.-.. 
Esq.. M.D., of Saville Row, I>ondon. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 
Jan. 1846. Was a Revising Barrister on Westem Circuit 1862-4, Recorder of 
Poole 1861-4, Professor of English Law and Jurisprudence at King's Collie, 
London, 1850-64, and a Registrar of the Court of Bankruptcy at Leeds 
1864-70. Created an Hon, LL.D. of K<linburgh University 1856. Has 
edited several editions of " Stephen's New Commentaries on the I^ws of Eng- 
land," an edition of " Lush s Common Law Practice," and also of the 
•• Principles of Pleading." Appointed Nov. 1871 Judge of Circuit No. 17, and 
as such holds courts at Barton -on-Humber, Boston, Brigg, Caistor, Gains- 

juoon or couwty courts. 399 

nd Spibby. 

cL d. or tiM bu Charid 
iSjo^ wm ed. at St Mai/i 

•ad m., Apffil 1858, Mjtry 
1. C«Ued to tht Bv ftl the 

■.J. nOVOB. 
" r the late Chiurlet Sconor, Em., 
Sy Mary, cL d. of the fau« Charica 
U 14th, iSjo^ was ed. 

..pp. Em). . 

< :oramiariaiMr of the Wm Indian 

I* • J. P. for Saney. tad one of 

CoaBlTCottrta. Wat 

ted JndM of Na 46; 

0. suMim. 

- tN'ER, son of the Kt Rev. Charies Richard Sumner, 

^Kop of Winchester, by Tane, d. of J. P. Ifaaaoir, En. He 

•'ii9, waied. at BalliolCoU.. Oxfovd,— gnML B.A. 1840^ 

M to Mafcaiet, d. of T. E. BooleoCt, Eaq. Called to the 

)' >}>te Jane l6ch. 184I Appointed b 1856 Chancellor 

of thr Wincheiter. and Commiaary of Surrey, and. Sqx ember 

2^r!. I ->f Cimiit No. 53 ; holds ooorts at Cheltenham, Cirencc»ter. 

I> .'-sbonr, Newent* Newnham, 

'1 t Winchcomb. * " " 

c '* Moestenhiie. 

MIT, Newent, Newnham, Northleach, Stiood, 
1 ! Winchcomb. Is a J.P., and Chm. of the fint 


John Pitt Taylor, son of Thomas Taylor, Esq., of Cole 

ll.irtxmr, Surrey, bv Lady Lucy Rachael, 3rd d. of the 3rd Eaii Stanhope. 

I Ir w i« horn December ydh, i8l I, was ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford.— 

^: \ iS34,— andm., 1840^ Harriet,— who d. 1876,— and d. of Francis 

V I., of Wadaley, Yorkshire. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple 
1 - -^nd appointed Jndse of Circuit Na 47, November 2nd, i8u ; 

V -enwich, Lambeth, and Woolwich. Author of ** A Treatise 
vidence,** and numerous eanys and articles on bw reform, 

%, icnts, and rarious social reforms. Promoter of ** The Docu- 

tr Act." 1845. the ** Evidence Act," 1851, ami of other AcU to 

a: ltd the criminal Uw. 


1 t Edward Thompson, son of the late Gen. 
I \'A. at the Grammar School, Beverley, and at Queen's 
( ' ^' \ 1838. CaUcd to the Bar at Uaoohi's Imi 
N n Circuit. Was Raoonkr of ScubofltNwfa 

frv.... J ..,- ihe same year, whea he wMappoiMKi Joint 



Judge of Circait No. 6, and holds courts at Liverpool, Ormskirk, St. Helen's, 
and Southport. Is a J. P. for Lancashire. 

Rttid mu Dudtow Grange, Wavertree, Liverpool. 

B. &. TUBNER. 

Edmond Robert Turner, son of the late Rt Hon. Sir George 
Turner, sometime a I>ord Justice of the Court of Appeal in Chancery, by 
, d. of the late E. Jones, Estj. He was bom May I2ih, 1826, was ed. at 
the Charterhouse, and at Gonville and Caius Coll., Camb., — grad. B.A. as 
Wrangler 1848, M.A. 1851,— and m., April 1858, Mary Louisa Hlachlev, 2nd 
d. of trie Rev. W. H. Turner, M.A., Vicar of Hanwcll, and grand-d. of the late 
Very Rev. Dr. Turner, Dcin of Nonvich. Calle<l to the Har at Lincoln's Inn 
Tan- 27th, 1852, and practisetl as an equity draughtsman and conveyancer, and 
m the Lancaster Chancery Court Is a J. P. for the North Riding of Yorkshire. 
Was apix)intcd Judge of County Courts, Circuit No. 1$, March loth, 1868. 
Holds courts at Hamanl Castle, Darlington, Easingwold, Guisborough, 
Helmsley, Knaresborough, Leybum, Middlesbrough, Northallerton, Richmond, 
Ri{x>n, Stockton-on-Tees, Stokesley, Tatlcaster, Thirsk, and York. 

Rttidtnce—i, Driffield Terrace, The Mount. York. 


Thomas Wheeler, S.L., LL.D., son of the late John Wheeler, 

Esq., of Manchester. He was ed. at the Gram. Sch., Manchester, and at 
St. John's Coll., Camb., — grad. LL.B., 2nd in the 1st class of the Civil Law 
Classics, 1846, LL.D. 1855,— and ra. 1st, Frances, — who died 1873, — elder 
d. of the late John Whittenbury, Esq., of Manchester; 2ndly, 1875, Alice, d, of 
the late Thomas Gerrard, Esq. of Arlington, Lancashire. Was callwl to the 
Bar at the Middle Temple Jan. i6th, 1846, and made .Serjeant-at-law 1861. 
Was Judge of the Court of Record for the Hundred of Salford from Feb. 
i860 till May 1862, and Judge of Circuit No. 6 from May 1862 till Aug. 1873, 
when he was transferred to Circuit No. 43, and holds courts at lirentfoni, 
Brompton, and Marylebone. Is a J. P. for Lancashire and Middlesex. 

C/m*— Reform. 

RttuUnct—Z, HoUand Parte Terrace, W. 


James Whigham, fourth son of the late Robert Whigham, Esq., 

of Haliiday Hill, Dumfriesshire, by Elizabeth, d. of the late Robert Kennedy, 
Esq., of Knocknalling, co. Kirkcudbright. He was bom 18—, was ed. at 
the High Sch. and the Univ. of Edinburgh, and m., 1847, Emma, d. of the 
late I^urence Brock- Hollinshead, Esq., of Highfield, I^ncishire. Called to 
the Bar at Lincoln's Inn 1832, and went the Northern Circuit. Is a J. P. for 
Buckinghamshire and Kirkcudbrightshire, and a member of the Councd of th( 
Univ. of Edinburgh. Apix>inted a Judge of Circuit No. 37 in i860, .and hol<l 
courts at Aylesburv, Bamet, Cheshiam, Henley-on-Thames, High Wvcombt, 
Leighton Buzzard, Luton, Newport Pagnell, St. Albans, Uxbridge, Wallingford, 
Watford, and Windsor. 

R*sidienc«t—s», Cromwell Roed, S.W. ; Margreig Iroagray, Kirkcudbrightshire. 

Gordon Whitbread, youngest son of the late Jacob Whitbread, 
Esq., of Loudham Hall, Sufiblk. He was bom 1814, was ed. at Exeter 


GrMomAr SdMMl Md ■! tiM OmmwImim (wkwt IM raoiittd ilw C«ld M«dftl> 
and at BwMnnw Coll. OiiM«l,-gnML aA..--Md dam to Ckmim, iftjft, 
MA. 181I OOkd to the Bv tl Itoeolo'k luaJuL l$f^ Mil pn 
an lu]uitir Draughuman ami Cottvtyancer ttatil hia appotBOMBl aa 

Cuaoty Courtk ; •iq^ioa Vawall, fooofest d. of the late George 

Karweil. Km|.. oi i*tt»C Dear ToCaea, Devon. Appotoled Cooaicl 

the Duchy of 1-x:ujmct. 1851, Mid Cooaad tolheChtrity 

S3-. ^y'^V'^'<'5'^>7 t*^ 1^1^ (.Ttancjallor Hatherkjr doHas the whole thne 

wua hk kmlahtp held the oftoai of Vioe-ChMMeUor ami Loid Jmkt, aad 

pvtodpal 8ea«tH7 to hb loidaUp horn Dec % 1868. to May at, 1870^ when 

t>« waaappoteledJodfeoCCiicall Na 41, QerheBWcU. laa ronniier of th« 

•vendaff hody of the CharterhoeM School. 

Cib^-MraL Kmidfmtt »» Upper Wia^eM Sowi, 


"hard Wildman, voungest aon of James Wildman, Esq., of 

I Castle, Kent. He waa hota iSos, was cd. at Harrow, aad at Ch. 

' ' < and m., i8|o^ Marioo. foongeit d. of Cnuifiml Tait, Eao., of 

>. Clachaaaaaa. Called to the Bar at the laaer Temple Nov. 

It Rcooider of NoCtlaghaai, aad has been Judge of Conaty Coort 

iH siaoe March 1847 ; boldi ooarts at Bii^haai, DoQcatfer, East 

afield, Noctiagham, Thorae, aad Workaop. 

It, Vammim 89«w«. S.W. 


' s WooDFORDB, son of the late Thomas Ffooks, 

r fnr Ponet, by Fnu>ce» Sophia, d. of the Rev. F. 

'inenet. He was bora Jane 5Kh, 1816^ %ras 

1 xetcr Coll., Oxford, grad. M.A. 1842, and 

.< r. ci. 1 01 «V. Bcadon, Esq., J.P., of Ottcrhead, Devon. 

at the Inner Temple Jan. 1844, and went the Weatera 

f ,f I ).rhv«hire. Was for many years a Revisuia Barrister, 

ludffc of the ToUcy Court, bristol. In 1870 he 

->1forde. Appointed ludge of Circuit No. 19 

A ne, Bakewell, Belper, Bortoo-on- 

I Id, Derby, and Wirkswoith. 


-^r. John Yates, cI. son of Joseph Yates, Esq., of Peel 

li irr. h\- Amelia, el. d. of Thomas Ainsworth, Esq., of Bridge 

1 i He was bora Oct. 16th, 1808, was ed. at the Charter- 

h <>xford, and m., 1842, Emtlv Augusta, 4th d. of David 

Scoct. h»q.. »o, KincanitoeUure. Called to the Bar at the laaer 

Teamie May v\ beea Coouaiarioner of Baakivpis for the Mancheater 

district, Jod^ o^ll Debta Cooit at Gloaaop, Dnmty Ckfli of Stock- 

K>rt Court 0: I Reviaiiw BaniMer. Appomlcd Jndge of Circuit 

o. 9 in 18 ; arts at Aahtoo>oader>Lyae, Coneleton, Crrwe, 

Ilvde, .Mac ^indfaach, Stockport, and Whitchttrch. Is 

a f.l*. for L rhyshire, and Stockport, Depoty Steward 

of' "aadChaLoftheTraaleeaolOklhaa's 



402 THE ;tn>ICtAL BENCH. 


•,• Tkii 

, . .«- A>/ imctmUt pmrtiaiiMrt ^ ttvtnd gentletrntm wka art met Recorturs, e.g., / ' 
Cmwimm Strjtamt ^ LemUn, ik* AishUtmi 7«<pr ^ M# Lord Mayor' t Couft, tko Jud^ 
' ' */Paumtr. Lioerpoot, amd th* Wrt<k C om m rian m o r. 

J. T. ABDT (Bedford), See pa«re 386. 
J. E. W. ADDISON (Preston). 
John Edmund Wentworth Addison, third son of Col. Henry 
Rol)crt Addison, by his 2nd wife, Grace, d. of Gen. Sir Robert Barton. He 
was bom Nov. 5th, 1838, ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin,— grad. B. A Called to 
the Bar at the Inner Temple April 30th, 1862 ; goes the Northern Circuit, and 
attends the Kirkdale, Lancaster, Manchester, Preston, and Salford Session^ 
Appointed Recorder of Preston June 1874. 
Rttidomce—lAmt Grove, Manchester. 

J. B. ASPINALL (Llyerpool). 
John B. AspiNALL, Q.C., el. son of the late Rev. James Aspinall, 
Rector of Althorpe, Lincolnshire, and grandson of the late John B. Aspinall, 
Esq., who was Mayor of Liverpool in 181 3. He was bom Dec. 12th, 181 8, 
was ed. at Rugby, and m., 1843, Bertha Wyatt, d. of the late John Audley 
Jec, Esq., of Liverpool. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple Nov. 19th, 
1841, became a Q.C. 1864, and Treasurer of his Inn 1877. Has been 
Recorder of Liverpool since 1862. Goes the Northern Circuit. Appointetl 
Attomey-Gen. of the co. Palatine of Durham 1872 ; was a Commissioner to 
enquire into Corrupt Practices at Elections 1880. 
CAam^fY— Goldsmith Building, Temple. E.C 
Town Rrsidenct— 64, Queen's Gardens, W. 

J. E. BARKER (Leeds). 

John Edward Barker, only son of the late Edward Barker, 
Esq., of Bakewell, Derbyshire. He was bom April 9th, 1832, was ed. at 
Eton, and at Exeter Coll., Oxford,— grad. B.A. 1854, M.A. 1857,— and m.. 
i860, .Susan Marianne, d. of the late Rowley Wynyard, Esq., Lieut. R.N. 
and widow of the late James Mosley Leigh, Esq., of Davenham, Cheshire 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple Nov. 1862. Goes the North-Eastern 
Circuit. Appointed Recorder of Leeds Jan. 1880. 

C/«* -Oxford and Cambridge. 

ResidtHr—OsiiidAic. Sheffield. 

F. BARROW (Rochester), See page 386. 
T. H. BAYLIS (Judge of Court of Passage, Liverpool). 
Thomas Henry Baylis, Q. C, second son of the late Edward 
Baylis, Esq.. D.L. and J. P. of Middlesex. He was bom June 22nd, 181 7, was 
eti. at Harrow, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford, of which he was a scholar, — 
grad. M.A. 1841, — and m. LouLsa Lord, youngest d. of the late John In^le, 
Esq., D.L. and J. P. for Devonshire. Practised as a Special Pleader iSj^' ^'- 
Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1856, became Q.C. 1875, and a lU 
of his Inn 1877. Has been Judge of the Court of Passage, Liverpool, 


1S76. uMl LiMt..CoL j6cli Ukmmm RMi VoL mm 197S. AiiilMir oT • 

A4M^4 4. I'ttpar MUkn. Immt TmvK I.C 

w. a 

William Cole Hraslsy. Q. C, el. son of the Ute Capt Beasley, of 
-^ irflrrt, LuMMtmliire, bjr Mary, (L of John Cole, Em., of Wifioft, I0 tht mmtt 

uit'.>. He w—bom i8i6, %wucd. t Boiteaand r ochef to tw i y Cw« Sch>^ 

1 at Uoc Cotl. Ovfofd, of whkb CoU. 1m «m « Scholar,— fnd. B.A. 
>^j6. M.A. 1838,— and ol, 1842, Emma,— who died 1878, ~d. d. of the 

:e Edmund Tnnicr, Em., M.P. for Tnira Called 10 the Bar at the Inner 
I >«i :> iS^i, darted a Bcachcr of hk Inn 1875, and became a Q.C. 188a 
I - ( 'ottOMl to H.M.*B Otomi, and wa* one of the CoaMel to the 

> *i the Cwml Cfimhml Coait 1859-77. Guc* the Nofth-EaMem 
of Iht Midknd CUctth 

haviqf ban a wihir of Iht M idkmd CUcnh ontil it wa« teparateil 

' ' ««. Wm Raoordar of Warwick firom JoW tUl Dec 1874. when 

mod Raoofdcr of Kii^itooHipoo-HalL Wm a Rcviiiqg Bairincr 

..Ml I 

lohmoa't BmIIiWmi. Imm T« 

A. W. nSTRAM (DartBOVthX 
Albert William lUi^rrHAM. K/!,S. He was born 1803, and was 
called lu the Bar Nov. i8j6. It a member of the Wcftcm Circuit, a D.L. 
of the Tower Hamlcti, and a J.P. for MiddlcKX. Appointed Recorder of 
OaitiDOOth 186a 

•I. Soadi SquM. Otmf* iaa. W.C 

W.J. I. 

William John Ewins Bennett. Called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple Jan. 1859 ; tt a member of the Midbuid Circuit, and attends the 
Lcicetter, Northampton, and Birmingham Scmiona. Appointed Recorder of 
Grantham Dec 1877. 

CAmmdtr9-^ lUra Court, TmvW, E.C 

1. J. BOUni Olsrtta. Baadwloh and DmIX 
Robert John Hiron, son of the Rev. tUlwin Biron, M.A., J. P., 
V: " ' ' -npne, Kent, and Elisabeth hi* wife. He was bom Mardi 35th, 
r .X o(l. at the Kiitf't School, Canlerbnry, and at Corp. Ch. ColL, 

( 1. H.A. i8<3, and hi 1861 m. Jane, onlv tl. of the htc A. Iti<Ier. 

V' of Michad't Grove, BrompCoo. Ca! 

I h: practiies as a (pedal pleader, gocx 

aiiU aticud» the East and West iCeol ^cmioni Appoimca Kccunicr U ll>-thc 

1859, and one of Her Majesty's Coouaimiooers to enquire into Corrupt Practices 
r^ ' 18691 Was made r -- — ..i 

Raooider of Sandwich and Deal in 187a, and 

ir was appoialad ooe of the BaiHrtaB to try Munidpdl Efectkm 
i'^ ~ L W c cfiiu ly cootaited Canterbury dty KeK 1874. 

CM*-iUfona. DavvMbba. 

C4«««rf»^. Dr. JohMoo*. BuOdbffs. T«i|at. 

- - -)«,N«rfMkSqMM,HydsPliA,W. 


T. a BLOFELD (Ipnrloli). 
Thomas Calthorpe Blofeld, cl. son of the Rev. T. J. Blofeld, 

of Ilovcton House, near Norwich. He was bom Dec. 15th, 1836, was ctl. at 
Eton, and al Trin. Coll., Camb.,— grad. B.A. 1859, M.A. 1863,— and m., 
1868, Fanny Elizabeth, d. of the late Rev. J. A. Partridj^e, Rector of Hacons- 
thorpe, Norfolk. Called to the Bar Jan. 1862, and goes the SouthEastcni 
Circuit. Has been a Revising Barrister since 1872. Appointed Recorder of 
Ipswich 1877. 

Rtsidtmct—Hovtioo Home, near Norwich. 

F. A. BOBANQIJET (Worcester). 
Frederick Albert Bosanquet, son of S. R. Bosanquet, Esq., of 
Dtngestow Court, Monmouth. He was bom 1837, was ed. at Eton, and at 
King's Coll., Camb. (of which he was a Fellow),— jjrad. B.A. i860, 1st class 
Classics and Senior Op.), — and m., 1871, Albinia Mary, d. of John Curtis- 
Hayward, Esq., of Quedgeley, Gloucester. Called to the Bar at the Inner 
Temple 1863 ; is Junior Counsel to the Admiralty, and a Revising Barrister. 

{oinl author, with the late J. G. N. Darby, of •* A Treatise on the Statutes of 
limitation." Goes the Oxford Circuit and Stafford Sessions. Appointed 
Recorder of Worcester June 1879. 
Ckamhers—i, King's Bench Walk. 
ResitUnct—ti, Grwiville Place, South Kensington, S.W. 

J. BRAMWELL (Darham). 

John Bramwell, son of the late Rev. William Bramwell, a 
Wesleyan Minister. He was bom April 24th, 1794, was ed. by the Rev. 
William Pulford, of Liverpool, and m., Dec. 1818, Sarah, — who died July 1831, 
— youngest d. of Henry Longden, Esq., of Sheffield. Admitted an Attorney 
and Solicitor 18 14, but has retired from the profession. Was an Alderman of 
Durham 1835-52, and five times Mayor of that city, 1840-41, 1845, 1852-3, 
and Under-sheriff for the co. 1840. Is a J. P. for the city of Durham, 
and Chm. of the Durham School of Art. Appointed Recorder of Durham, 
Steward of the Court Leet, and Court Baron of that city i860. He is with 
one exception the only Recorder who not being a meml)er of the Bar has held 
that office ; he is reputed to be the oldest Recorder in the kingdom. 


W. BRANDON (ABsistant Judge of the Lord Mayor's Court). 

Woodthorpe Brandon, second son of the late Henry Brandon, 
of London, by Sarah, d. of Henry Woodthorpe, Esq., Town Clerk of London. 
He was bom Nov. 28th, 1813, was ed. at St. Paul's School, and m., 1859, 
l>ouisa, d. of J. Michael, Esq., of Wandsworth. Called to the Bar at the 
Middle Temple 1851. Appointed Assistant Judge of the Lord Mayor's Court 
1874. Author of "The Law of Foreign Attachment," "The Practice of the 
Lord Mayor's Court/' and smaller works relative to the laws and customs of 

C/m^— Reform. 

J. B. BREWER (Northampton). 

John Hibberd Brewer, son of the late John Hibberd Brewer, 
Esq., of Garlt^s, near Stockbridge, by Ann Earl his wife. He was bom 
June 20th, 1819, was ed. at Salisbury, and m., July 1840, Eliza, d. of Richard 


Webb, E«q., of Mdchct Pttrit, fUUbmj, CdM to Um Bar at Um li 

'^ d Raeoidflr of NonluuBpUM lulv i8sS» m^ 

Govt of QMw't BcachiiKw JwM 1861. 

T<li^ll« Jan. i8(i. Appotalod Roeofdflr'of Nonluwipioii July 1858^ 
boM oM of ibo Mmim of Iht C 

J. B. BEIKDLET lHAnl«7). 

Tohn BeavU Brindley. Called to the Bar at Gray*! Inn 
< S60 X b a mombor of Um Oxford Circnit, and attends the Slaflbid and 
ItddWws SiMiaiM. Appointad Roooidcr of Hanlcy D0& 1880. 
C^t minm 4. Mdk Cbwt, T«ai^ I.C 

J. B. W. BftOt UMBffdo&X 

James R. W. Bros, ion of Thomas Bros, Esq., J.P., of 

^prioffSeld, Upper daplon. Ha was bom Nov. 1841, was ad. at Rogbv, and 

I Sc John's CoU., Caab. (B.A. 186s) ; called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 

Not. 1866 { (oes the Oxford Circnit, and attends the Bcrlta and dooocMsr 

^carioos. Appointed Rcoxder of Abii^doo May 1878. 

CkmmUert^t*, Kii«'« Bwch Walk. TwnpU, E.C 

ifMU^wy-ji. Elai Park CiidiM, 8.W. 

Si BBOWV djBB BeflsX 
Douglas Brown, Q.C, son of the late Jonathan Brown, Esq. 
i le was bom i8a(\ was ed. at the Edinbuq^ Academy, and at Trin. Coll., 
Amb^— l^md. M.A. 18461— and m., 1851, Georgina Helen, d. of William 
^i...i^.._.^. 2sa^ of ArodiAe. Called to the Bar at Linoob's Inn May 1847, 
a <^.C. i860 ; went the Norfolk Circuit U a J. P. and a D. L. of the 

N ' uf Vurk shire, ukl F.S.A. AoiMiinteJ Recorder cH Lynn Regis 1 

T0mm Hmdtmt* y. MarioM RomI. ir>■l^imllJ^^ W. 
Smt^AntSm* Hall. o«r NoitlMllartott. 

O. BRUCE (BradfordX 
Gainsford Bruce, el son of the Kev. J. CoUingwood Bruce, 
LUD^ F.S.A., of Ncwcaalc-upon-Tvnc, by Charlotte, d. of T. Gainsfurd, 
Eaq., of Gcrrard's Cron, Bocks. He was bom 1834, was ed. at Ghu^gov 
Univ. , and m., 1868. Sophia, d. of Francis Jackson, E»o.. of Chcrtscy. Called to 
t' remple 1859, and joined the Ni: >c sane 

) >rth«£astem Circuit. Appointee! for co. 

1 irn 1879^ One of the Anthors of ** \\iiiuun> ami Brace's 

A c." Appointed Recocdor of BiwUbid 1877. Unsoooessfolly 

c '« 'O AprU 188a 

Ct:. Wiadkuk 

Ch : 1 niiflifc^. Tm^I*. E.C 


J. B. BULWSR (OunbrtdftX 
James Redfoord V . Q.C.^ el. son of the Rev. James 

Bulwcr, Rector of Hn -Stody, Norfolk. He was bom May 22nd, 

l8ao, and was ed. at 'Inn. v<>ii., ( Viinli . crrnl. M.A. 1846. Called to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 29lh, in j;. nni m ili- a Q.C. and Bencher of his 
Inn 186^; goea the South-Eastern Ciicuii. Wxs Recorder of Ipswich from 
June 1861 till Dec. 1866, when he was appointed Recoaler of Cambridge. Is 
editor of the "Common Law Scries of the Law Rcjxjrts," and Lieut. -Col. in 
the Inns of Court Rifle Vol. Sat as M.P. for Ipswich from Feb. 1874 till 
March 1880, when he was an unsuccessful candidate. 

Chdt Cfltoo. United Univerwty. 

Ckmmtken— It, King's Bench Walk, Temple. E.C 

J. H. CADBIAN (Pontefiract). 
John Heaton Cadman,* younger son of the late Edwin Cadman, 
Esq., of Wesllx>umc House, Sheffield, by Amelia, d. of John Bull Binge, Elsq. 
He was bom July 24th, 1839, was Worcester Coll., Oxford, — grad. B.A. 
1862. M.A. 1865, — and m., 1866, Mary Grayson, d. of the late Edward 
Thomhill Simpson, Esq., of Thomhill House, near Wakefield. Calle<l to the 
Bar at the Inner Temple Nov. 1864. Is a member of the West Riding Sessions 
and North-Eastem Circuit. Appointed Recorder of Pontefract Sept. 1877. 
Residenc* — Rhyddings House, Ackworth, near Pontefract. 

L. W. CAVE (Lincoln). 
Lewis William Cave, Q.C, el. son of the late William Cave, 
Esq., of Desborough, Northamptonshire. He was bom July 3rd, 1832, and 
was ed. at Rugby School, and at Lincoln Coll., Oxford, — ^rad. B. A., 2nd class 
Classics, 1855, M.A. 1877,— and m., 1856, Tulia, d. ofthe late Rev. C. F. 
Watkins, Vicar of Brixworth, Northamptonshire. Called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple June loth, 1859. Goes the North-Eastem Circuit. Appointctl 
a Revising Barrister 1865, Recorder of Lincoln 1873, a Queen's Counsel 1875, 
Bencher of his Inn 1877, ^"^ Commissioner of Assize for the Autumn Circuit 
1877. W'as a Commissioner to enquire into Cormpt Practices at Elections 1880. 

C/j»*x— Oxford and Cambridge, Devonshire. ^ 

Ckambtrs—A, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C. 
Residnue — Manor Park, Chulehurst. 

J. D. CHAMBERS (SallsburyX 
John David Chambers, eL son of the late David Chambers, Esq., 
commander R.N., of Oakley, Bucks, and Gloucester Terrace, Regent's Park, 
by Emma Catherine, 4th d. of John Weyland, Esq., of Woodeaton, Oxford, 
and Woodrising Hall, Norfolk. He was bom 1805, was ed. at Oriel Coll., 
Oxford,— grad. B.A. |827,M.A. 1831,— and m., 1834. the Hon. Henrietta Laura, 
3rd d. of the 2nd Baron Wodehouse. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
Jan. 1829 ; has been Recorder of Salisbury since 1842. Author of a treatise 
*• On the Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery over Infants," &c. 

C/m^— Athenaeum. 

TiTWH ResitUmee—\6, Prince'i Gardens, Hyde Park, S.W. 

* Mr. Cadman is a lineal descendant oT the family of Cadmans of Spinkhill Manor, co. 
Derby. It was at Spinkhill that the Prince Charles Edward was secreted four days on his 
r«trcat from I>erby before the Duke of Cumberland in 1745. On his departure he left hU 
■wont and other relics, which are still preserved by the (amtly. 


nc 407 



Arthur Charlis, Q.C, youngest ion of the Ute Robert Charlcst 

Bi)., of Laofioii. He wm bora Jul ajid, 1839, Md was cd. at Univ. ColL, 

LoMna,-jmML &A. at Unhr. of LoodoQ with wathawiMcal hooon la it$l. 

•ad au 1866. Racbd ChHMian, d. oT the late ThoouH Daacan Newton, Em|., 

of Plymooth. Called 10 the Bar (with a oerti6catt of honor of th« lu daM) 

tt the Inner Temple Jan. l86i ) became a Q.C. in Feb. 1877. and a Bencher 

' ^a. itta Appointed Rocoidcr of Bath Oct 1878. It a member 

il o| law Repuf ti ng , an Etaminer in Common Law in the Ixmdon 

' A member ofthe CoukU of Uahreraity CoUcve, London. 

•olHMl the Uabenity of London (C.) AprU 188a Wm 

-*• "> enqnire into Corrapt PkadkmattheCitjof Caotcrbory 

uldiac*. To^le. E.C M mUm» C«>tk>. Wadbfd. Hmu. 

t» wtLUAM T. CHABLIT (Oommoa %u^ma% of loadoax 

Wllli.un Cm ari Kv, Q.C, D.C.L.^* youngest son ofthe 

Jichy Honse, and Woodboorne, co. Antrim, 

rKoberta, Eaq.,ofColUn Hooie, inthe mme 

. 1833, and was ed. at private ichooU in the 

<n'« CoUoe. Odbrd, where he grad. B.A. 

!ation) 1868. Called to the Bar at the 

! obtained (1864) the Tint Certificate of 

> -^^Htion at the final examinations of 

Common Serjeant of the City of 

ofthe Central Crimfaial Cooit, and 

lent, of London, and Senior Major 

icd throogh Parliament leven Acti, 

Author of treatises 00 ** The Real Property 

iwl "1877," and on "The Judicature Arts 

■ r .. >.: V img attained a thiid edition ; also 

•i f ■ Ml I |L_- till iu »-^--^-»- ■* ^4kt^W 

M a w uianui uib inaniuici, wmca 
c honor of knWhthood, and made 
from Nov. 1868 till March l88a 

iL CLAivJk niYertOQi. 

Henry Clark, el. surviving son of the late Ervii^ 
"inor, CO. Devon, by Lcfitia Anne, d. of Paul Ti 

>)r and Plympton Homc^ Devon. Bora Ang. > 
•jpnd. B.A. 1851 
1 ;. Esq., Mount Tavy, Tavistock. l-d.'of 

\ -"' - •«"" « oU.. Oxlbni,-gnKL B.A. 1851 

N' icr, of Bookesbory Park. Hants. led to 

t: >v. 17th, 1855 ; goes the WcMern Ctf^ttii. Ap- 

I a Feb. 187a 

CA*M«rr»- J. r««ipl« CsiiliM, I.C Smi-MMBK^ 

• The AuaOy of CiMffay. or Cherity. h of Ki^lUi 
cvMwy in dM ea. of AaCfiai. aad iiMbw of it Ih«« 


B. T. OOLB (Plymontli and DeronportX 
Henry Thomas Cole, Q.C, second son of the late George 
Cole, Em., M.A., Capt. Cornwall Militia, by Sarah, d. of the late Capt. 
Cixmer, K.M., of Stramore, Ireland. He was bom Feb. 2nd, 1816, and m., 
1846, Geoi^giana, d. of the late John Stone, Esq., barrister-at-law, of the 
Western Circuit Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple Nov. 1842, and 
made a Q.C. and a Bencher of his Inn Jan. 1867 ; goes the Western Circuit, of 
which he is the leader. Was Recorder of Penzance 1862-72, when he was 
appointed Recorder of Plymouth and Devonport. Author of several Law 
Keports. Unsuccessfully contested Taunton 1868. Sat for Penryn and Fal- 
mouth <Z.) from Feb. 1874 tUl March 1880. 

C/«Ar— Reform, Royml Western Yacht. 
C4<tiw&rr»— Gokluuth Building, Temple, E.C. 
XttUgmct—ij, Prince of Wales^t Terrace, Kensington. W. 

A. J. H. COLLINS (Exeter). 
Arthur John Hammond Collins, Q.C, son of the late John 
Collins, EUo., of Parkstone, Dorset. He was bom Feb. 1834, and m. Isabella, 
only d. of the late Rev. Richard Wilson, D. D. Called to the Bar at Gray's 
Inn lune i860, and became a Q.C. and a Bencher of his Inn 1877 ; is one of 
the leaders of the Western Circuit. Appointed a Royal Commissioner to 
enauire into Corrupt Practices at Elections 1880. Is a Member of the Council 
of Legal E<iucation. Was for some years a Revising Barrister; Recorder of 
Poole 1873-9, since when he has been Recorder of Exeter. 

C/«»^— Conservative. 

Chambers— I, Pump Court, Temple. 

Resid*mc0— II, Earls Court Square, South Kensington. S.W. 

W. H. COOKE (Oxford), See pa«e 389. 

C. COOPER (ThetfordX 
Carlos Cooper, son of Charles Cooper, Esq., barrister-at-law, and 
Rose his wife. He was bom Feb. 12th, 181 5, was ed. at King Edward VI. 
School, Norwich, of which he is a Governor. Unmarried. Called to 
the Bar at Lincoln's Inn Jan. 1839 ; and attends the Norwich, SwaflTham, 
Yarmouth, and Lynn Sessions. Appointed a Revising Barrister 1862, Re- 
corder of Thetford Dec. 1865, and fudge of the Court of Record of the city 
of Norwich April 1872. Is a J. P. for the city of Norwich. 

Ckamtben- -Norwich. 
i?MuiSnw»— Lakenham. 

W. COPE (Brldgnortli). 
William Cope, son of William Henry Cope, Esq., J. P., 
formerly of Holbeach, Staffordshire. He was bom Oct. 20th, 1813, was ed. 
at Bridgnorth School, and at Trinity Collie, Oxford, — grad. M. A. 1836, — and 
m., 1843, Charlotte, d. of the late George Stevens, Esci., of Old Windsor 
Lodge, Berks. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1836. Is a member of 
the Oxiford Circuit, and has been since 1858 District Registrar of the Court 
of Probate at Shrewsbury. Appointed Recorder of Bridgnorth March 1871. 

C/k^— Oxford and Cambridge. 

Residtnct -\jisn\K\aa Hall, Wellington, Salop. 

ftlOORDCBt, ETC 409 

U. OOWn (MiWwi and ■aftw WaM«i 

III < !^ •; of ihc Ulc Alexander Cowie, M.A.. of 
oC Loodon, by Klfaihtth, d. uT Alcundcr 

AmteMd lUeoiticr of lUldoQ Md of Sdfton Wald«B Am. 1873. 
of UM Oiooat of DwImub Jaa. 1876^ Socw ury to Um CrfaBimd 
iMon 1818, tad ImmUbk Comnil far the Poil Oftce at the Ccntnl 

UAnlcn. of the UmiJy of Ganko of Trovp. FonacHv MathcflMtiod Scbotar 

of KWi ColL, Londos. and Scbobr of Trinity CoU., CMBbridc*. whcraht 

CradrB.A. (Wm^lwl i8si. M.A. 186a Maniod a d. of TIkmbm Walter, 

KM., of AddiMlai^ mm, CaUad to tba Bar at Gray's lao Jaa. 1861, 

aiiif rlcctc«! a miactiir 188a. Haa twice been Byamtner (or the Cambridfe 

I riuok. Waf AariMaat Bonadary Comiaiidoaer ander the Rdbrm 

. 186ft one ofthe RevWi« Barrteen for the HooM Cfrcttit, and in 

^:k> a Commiiainaer to eaqaiia faito Corrvpc Practieei at Kkctiom b 

>« of the Fnmineii for admfaiinn to the Bar onder the Coandl of Legal 

i^iacation. AppohNad Roeoider of Maldoa aad of Safton Walden Ai 

riminal Coon 18791 

Ckmmdtwt ■. TmrnfU Cmi^um, B.C 

■. W. OtlFPS (Uchfleldi 

Henrv Winiam Cripps, Q.C, son of the late Rev. Henry Cripps, 

\'icar of Protoo and Stooehoote, Gloooettenhire. He was born March 1815, 

u ed. at Winchester Coll., and at New Coll., Oafocd, of which he was a 

— ^^nul. .M.A. 1841,— and in 1845 m. Julia, d. of Charles Lawrence, 

<^aems, Cirenceaer. Called to the Bar at the Middle Temple May 

KMntcd a Q.C Jan. 1866. Appoinied Reooider of Lichfield 1853. 

' ? >tsest of the Laws of the Church and 00^7." b a J.P. for 

. and Vice-Chainaan of the Quarter Sesiuos for that county. 

S*iU- Psnwar. awr H«atey-«D- 


E. DERINO (FaTarshamX 

son of Sir Edward Chofandejr 

was ed. at Winchester, and Mafdalea 

m., 1868, Jane Alice,— who died 1874, 

>. Called to the Bar at the Middle 

sor of the Liberty of Roottey ; 

aa and West Kent, Caater- 

-' Kecoider of Favcnham 


• Suwi. Ca««arfUi 

O. ■. POWPMWm. qiaPl mryX 
Georae Morlcy I^owdeswklu C^i son of the late William Dow- 

dcswcU. rlM).. of bwcll, Surrey, and of the Inner Temple, aomrtimr Rcconicr 


at Bombay, by Elizabeth his wife. He was bom Sept. ah, 1809, was ed. at 
Pembroke Coll., Oxford,— crad. M.A. 1830,— and m., April 1865, M.iry Harriet 
Geor^ina, d. of the Rev. John Neville Freeman, Vicar of Hayes, Middlesex. 
Call«l to the Bar at the Inner Temple June 1834 ; nuide a Q.C. Dec. 1S66, and 
a Bencher of his Inn Jan. 1867 ; went the Oxford Circuit ; apix)inted Recorder 
of Newbury 1 854, and in 1876 an Official Referee of the Supreme Court ol 
Judicature. Editor of "Smith's Mercantile Law," •' Starkie on Evidence," 
" Bayley on Bills," and author of treatises on " Life and F"ire Assurance " and 
the *• Merchant Shipping Act." 


Ckt»mhert—t, Harcourt Dundings, Temple. 

JfMUSrMwr— Rogmte Lodge, Peterefield, Hampshire ; n, Brunswick Terrace, Brighton. 

J. 8. DUODALE (Birmingham). 
John Stratford Dugdale, second surviving son of the late William 
Stratford Dugdale, Esq., of Merevale Hall and Blyth Hall, Warwickshire, 
who was for some years M.P. for North Warwickshire. He was bom 
July 30th, 1835, and was ed. at Eton, and at Merton Coll., Oxford, — grad. 
B. A. 1857. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple June nth, 1862 ; goes th« 
Midland Circuit, and practises at the Parliamentary Bar. Is a J. P. U>\ 
Warwickshire. Was Recorder of Grantham Feb. 1874 to Dec. 1877, when he 
was appointed Recorder of Birmingham. 

C/iK*/— Carllon, Oxford and Cambridge. 

Ckatm&ert—t, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C 

P. a EDLIN (Brldgrwater). 

Peter Henry Edlin, Q.C.^ son of the late Ed. Colsill Edlin, E.sq., 
of Stanley Grove. Mortlake. Surrey, by Sophia, daughter of the late Thomas 
Sawyer, Esq., of Mount Edgecumbe, Tunbridge Wells. He was bom June 
29th, 1819, was ed. by the Rev. H. J. C. Blake, M.A.. late Fellow of King's 
Collie, Cambridge, and m. Amy Alicia, 3rd d. of the late Bruce 
Swinhoe, of Calcutta, Solicitor of the East India Company. Was called to the 
Bar at the Middle Temple June 1847, and joined the Western Circuit the same 
year. Went to India in 1048, returned to England in 1850, and again joined 
the Western Circuit. Was appointed Revising Barrister in 1865, made a Q.C. 
in 1869, and a Bencher of his Inn in January 1870. Appointed Recorder of 
Bridgwater in 1872, and Assistant Judge of the Middlesex Sessions March 1874. 

Retid4MC€s—6^, Queensborough Terrace, Hyde Park, W. : Wentwonh House, difton. 

J. FALLON (Tewkesbury). 

James Fallon, son of P. Fallon, Esq., of Cam House, Ros- 
common, by Mary, d. of Capt. O'Neil, R.N. He was bom 18 10, was ed. at 
Queen's Coll., Camb., and m., 1840, Anna Maria, d. of the Rev. R, Nash 
Skillicome, Rector of Salford, Oxfordshire. Called to the Bar at Gray's Inn 
Jan. 1849 ; goes the Oxford Circuit, and attends the Worcester and Gloucester 
Sessions. Appointed Recorder of Tewkesbury August 1869. 

ResUUnct—9^ St. James's Square, Cheltenham. 

|IIO0IU>IM» ETC 411 

F. riLLITm (Wmfeaa). 
Freeland Fillitir. second Mirviving son of the Ute George 
TOitor. Km| . of Tri^oB Hill W<u«lMn, ad SvuMft. DoimI, by OuMm 
tW^>..i .( ..r iKe laie cite Brown. Eiq..or the lalt of Pwb«eii. He w§ 
I 1814, WW ed. Imt tht Kcv. Ekucr Conn, at Higbaai HiU, 
^ a at Mont lUdHbfd Cotkft, £Mt«r» and m., 1SI9. HoOaa, 
c late Kdwia Slwte, Eaa^ of BmtoL Admitted a Solidior 183c. 
^ ti Warvham 1861*4 and 186$ A ^nd for manv yean Town Clerk 
' ' X I.P. for Wareham, Kcffirtimr of the Coeaty Coon at 
\^ dM Crw HnriTiw local Mcratarte of the Great Eahi- 
..»! V u, ,/ Waivhun i87<w and It M Mcb oae 

I "•-« V <-' ,,r Waivhun i89«^ and It aa Mcb oae 

«<: irvcy utkJrr the Mcrciiaat Shippiaf Act 

<>: !)c unly Solictttjr who holda tbe onoe of 


t HouM. W»nham, Dovmc 

J. T. rXTZADAM (WlfaaX 

John Thompson FitzAdam, el. and only surviving son of the 
late Adam FitrAHam, Eaq., baiTuicr-atlaw, — fur manv jrean Recofder of 
Wigaa,— b> v d. of John Tbomptoo, Eaq.. of Wigan. He wa* bora 

lS~^ and ni irv Murray, d. of the late John Wood, Eidu of Colina- 

beigo, Fifcsihirr. «. «iicd to the Bar at the Inner Temple Jan. 1859^ and b a 
■maber of the Northern Circuit. Author of a legd frorfc on the Jodicatnrc 
Acta. Appointed Keoordcr of Wigan April i88a 

Ckmmtftt u Kh^t Bmdk Wdk. T«aipl«. 
Mmtimtr % PWBfaMi* ffaid—. IT— hutoa, 

T. 0. ffOg'IJUi (WenrlflkX 

Thomis Campbell Foster, Q,C., son of the late John Foster, 

-<\» of Knaroboroogh and Leeds. 00. York. He was bora Oct. 6ch, 1811, 

) m.. 1850^ ImbeUa, d. of the late Andrew Crome, Em., of Broomfield, 

-* '^' CaUed to the Bar at the Middle Temple Jan. 

haviog for three yean previously practised as a mdal pleader, 
t Q.C 1875. Elected a Bencher of his Inn 188a Originally 
- hem Circuit ; since its division has gone the Narth>Eastera Circuit. 
^ Warwick, and one of the ^r-^^M^ Govcraors of the King's New 

hooi, Warwick. Unsuccessfully contested SheflSeki at the General Election 
1867, as a Liberal Conservative. Appointed Revhtng Banister for the West 
ling Boroughs in §868, and Recorder of Warwick Dec 1874. Author of 
Inters on tne Condition of Ireland," and ** A Treati«e 00 the Writ of Scire 
" int editor of Foster and Finlaysoo's ** Nisi Prina Reports'* ftc 

0. nuvon (Oanuttain 
rjc Francis, son of the late George Frmncta, Eaq^ of Fair- 
ly Martha his wife. He was bora Aug. loth, 1824, was ed. at 
School, Favenham, and is as. to Flora, d. of ThomM McRatchie. 


Esq., late of Maidstone, Kent Called to the Bar at Gray's Inn Jan. 1850, ami 
went the South^Eastern Circuit ; elected a Bencher of his Inn 1880. Was 
Recorder of Favenham from March 1864 to Nov. 1873, since when he has 
been Recorder of Canterbury ; appointed a Master in Queen's Bench Division 
July 1878. 


Rttidtm»-t%, Csritoo HUI. St. John's Wood. N.W. 

P. 0. GATES (Brighton). 

Philip Chasemore Gates, Q.C., second son of the late George 
Gatea, Esq., of Steyning. He was ed. at Caius Coll., Camb., — grad. B.A. 
1847. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 1850 ; became a Q.C. 1874, 
and subsequently a Bencher of his Inn. Goes the South-Eastem Circuit 
Appointed Recorder of Brijjhton June 1879. 

C/n^— United University. 

Ckatmbfn—to, King's Bench Walk, Temple. 

Ruid*nc*-i, Warwick Square. S.W. 

O. P. OOLDNEY (Poole). 

Gabriel Prior Goldney, el. son of Sir Gabriel Goldney, ist bart, 
M.P., by Mary Anne. d. of the late R. H. Alexander, Esq., of Corsham. Wilts. 
He was born Aug. 4th, 1844, and was ed. at Harrow, and at Exeter College, 
Oxford. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple April 30th, 1867. Practises 
as a special pleader and Parliamentary draughtsman. Was a Commissioner 
to enquire into Corrupt Practices at Norwich 1875. Was Recorder of Helston 
1876-9, when he was appointed Recorder of Poole. 

C/«<^— Junior Carlton. 

Chambers— I, Essex Court, Temple, EC. 


Standish Grove-Grady, fourth son of the late Henry Grove 
Grady, Esq., of Bellewood, Templemore, co. Tipperary, by Mary, d. of Thomu 
Lidwell, Esq., of Clonmore, co. Tipj)erary, and grand-d. of Gerald de Courcy, 
(The O'Grady,) of Kilballyowen Castle, co. Limerick. He was bom 1815, 
was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple Jan. 1841, and m., 1837, Margaret 
Isabella, 4th d. of John Farran, Esq., of Uebden Hall, Essex. Appointeil 
Recorder of Gravesend Sept. 28th, 1848. Is a member of the South-ka>tern 
Circuit, a Fellow of the Royal .Society of Literature, and late Reader to the \u\\> 
of Court in Hindu and Mahommedan Law, and the Laws in force in Briii.^li 
India. Author of "The Law of P'ixturesand Dilapidations Ecclesiastical and 
Lay»" "The Law of the Registration of Voters and of Elections," " Equaliza- 
tion of the Poor Rate," "The Present State of our Public Schools," " Abuse 
of Public Charities," " Hindu Law of Inheritance," " Manual of Hindu Law, 
"Mahommedan Law of Inheritance and Contract," joint author of " The Law 
and Practice at the Crown Side of the Court of Queen's Bench," and editor of 
the "Institutes of Menu" and of "The Hedaya." 

Chmmt6er$—2, Plowden Buildings. Temple. 

ReakUmct-%. St. G«orge's Square. S.W. 


omMM Grkenhow, ion of T. M. Greenhow, Eiq., 

of Onpel AlkfftuQ, Laodi, tad Ibrmerlr of Newoud«<on- 

l ftl Unhr. ColL, Loodom-md. EA. 

>».. 1S57. Markm.— who died iS&i,— «L d. 

i. r.«|..ofTiilMHULSttn«7. Calkd lo tlw Btf 

y 1S54. Go« Om Noft]|.EMtani Clicait. tad 

. ^ihuB, md NortlMmbcrUad SiioiM. Avtbor of 
MaoiuL" Appoialod lUeofdar of Bonrkk 187a tad to 1880 
V Coarti, Cifcoit Na 14, umI boldi Cowti at Lsodi aad 

t. r.«n Oawf. T«iM% ■>& 

J. a Qtiprni ouadiBcx 

T ..../.« ouiff GRiprrrs, son of the late Mr. John Grifllits, of High 

Hocks, bjr Ann hb wile. He wai born airt Feb., iSai, wm 

(iimm. Scfa., High Wyconbe, and was called to the Bar at the 

1 cmplc i6th Jane, 1848 ; became a Q.C 187c. Went the Nodblk 

fWr n <(hort time, and then joined the Oxfora, which he coofinoea 

•I Recorder of Readiitf Oct t87& Uneaccetftdly conterted 

) April 188a 

LiMi* tULtm, Gankk, AnuAti, OHmm. 
Ckmmiimt $, Oova OAo* Row. Tcapla. 
if*Mtm9^% Parii Pio^MCt. Sc jaaM's PmIu S.W. : Tht Ptimy, Higli Wyxxmim. 

P. E aum (BerrfbvdX 

Francis Edward Guise, third son of the late Gen« Sir John 

Guise, Ban., G.C B., by Chariolte Diana, d. of the late Gcof|^ Veraoo, 

r Oootarf Castle, co. Dnblin. He was born April aoth, i8jo^ was ed. 

iiolliol Coll., Oxford,— gnML B.A. 184a, M.A. 1844, --and m., Jane 1848, 

icTnetta, d. of Sir James Rivett Camac, 1st bait., formerly Govanor of 

>mbay. Called to the Bar at LincoUi's Inn Nov. 1846, and went the Oxford 

rcott. Appointed Reoocder of Hereford Dec 1863. Was StiMadair Ut^ 

vte for Chatham and Sheemesa Aog. 1867 to Dec 1877. U Clerk of the 

caoe for GloQcestenhire. 

/rrndlr»r»-I>«ui HaII. Ncvabui^ GkneManUra. 

T. OVmfSB (lottthamptoaX 
Thomas Gunner, son of William Gunner, Esq., of Bishop's 

im, llsrop«hirv, bv Lucy Matilda, d. of Thomas Ridge, Esq., of 
•n HouMT, Hampdtire. He was bom Nov. SJrd, 1815, was ol at 
iicuc^er ColL and at Trin. ColL, Oxford,— M. A. 1840^— «ad wl, |8$4, 
xria Sosaa, d. of Edwaid Hale. Ex].. ol Hamblcdon, Hamnhire. Ceded 
the Bar at Uncofai's Inn 184a. Is a J. P. for Hanpshife, and for the city of 
Wiachertcr. Appoimed Recorder of Soethamptnn Oct 187a 


W. BARDMAN (Klnffton-on-TliAmM). 

William Hardman, only son of the late Wm. Bridge Hardman, 
of Chamber Hall, co. Ijmcastcr. He was bom 1828, was ed. at Tiin. Coll., 
Camb., — grad. B.A. 1850, and M.A. 1854, — and m., 1855, Mary Anne, onlyd. 
of the late James Rndlcy, Ksq., of Liverpool. Called to the Bar at the Innei 
Temple April 1852. Hasl)ccn Chm. of tne Surrey Sessions since 1870, having 
been Assistant and Deputy Chm for some years previously. Unsuccessfully 
contested East Surrey 186^. Is a J. P. for Surrey and for the Iwrough of 
Kingston-on-Thames. Appointed Recorder of Kingston-on-Thames J une 1 875. 

Cim^—Vaited Univer«ly. 

Retidrmct—%1, St. George's Road, South Belgnivia. S.W. 

Ckmmtbtt^ J. New Square. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

A. 8. HILL (Banbnry), See page Hi. 

J. J. HOOPER (South Molten). 

James J. Hooper, son of the late Rev. James Hooper, by 
Martha, d. of Thomas Best, Esq., of Haselbury, Somerset. He was bom 
Nov. 7th, 1823, and was ed. at Wadham Coll., Oxford,— B.A. 2nd 
Classics 1846. Elected Fellow of Oriel Coll. 1848. Called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple 1852, and goes the Western Circuit. Was Tutor to the Students 
of the Inner Temple in Constitutional Law and L^al History 1871-5. Un- 
married. Appointed Recorder of South Molton 1877. 

C/mA— Oxford and Cambridge. 

Cfutmhen—t. Hare Court. Temple, E.C 

R esidtKce— T\iornt, near Yeovil. 


J. Morgan Howard, Q.C. He was born 1836, and m., 1857, 
Anne. d. of the late George Bowes, Esq., of Homerton, Middlesex. Called to 
the Bar at the Middle Temple, Easter Term 1858 ; became a Q.C. June 1874, 
and a Bencher of his Inn Nov. 1877. Goes the South-Eastem Circuit. Oik 
of the Editors of the " New Reports" 1862 to 1865. Was H.M.'s Chief Com 
missioner of the Norwich Royal Commission 1875. Is a J. P. for Guildford, 
a F.R.G.S., a F.R. Hist. Soc, an Hon. Assoc, of Royal Institute of Architects, 
and one of the Council of the British Archaological Asso. Unsuccessfully 
contested Lambeth (C.) 1868, 1874, and 1880. Appointed Recorder of 
Guildford March 1875. 

C/i»**— Carlton, Junior Carlton, St Stephen's. 

Ckamhert—6, Pump Court, Temple, E.C. 

IletidtH:e—a2, Gloucester Street, Warwick Square, S.W. 

R. H. HtTRST (Hastings and RyeX 
Robert Henry Hurst, only son of the late Robert H. Hurst, 
Esq.,— sometime M.P. for Horsham,— by Dorothea, el. d. of the late John 
Breynton, Esq., Haunch Hall, Staffordshire. He was bom 1817, and aos, ed.. 

RMOftOEM, BTC 41$ 

•I WMimiMUr, udaiTria. Coll, Omh.; fpid. &A., a$tli Wisi^kr, iS«a^ 
M.A. 1843- In it59 iM m. MatUda Jmm, tL d. oT Jmbc* Sooit, Em|.. oT 

The Nunnery. Roiptf. Smmmu Catkd lo Um Bv oT the Mi4dk T«»pW 
Nov. Ift42. and goM liw SomIhEmIoti CiioiU. k a D L. and a J.P. far 
a, a J.P. (or OsfordahirB. awl haft baca RccoiUcr of Haaimn attl Kyc 
186a. Sat at M. P. for Honham (L.) frum July 1865 lUl TcL 1874, 
ha was an vmmoemML candidate, and from u«c l8di, 1875, uU FcU. 
16U1, 1876k when ha wat a n iM tdi on pacitioo. 

Cl%:y*glti^ftVSi§g tt^., E.C ^_ ^_ ^,, ^ 

f^ifc. Mar HnnAai^ Smmn i BUffNgioa Orava, Clow 1 wihln. 

1LI.DRIHA]f(OUtbaroaX SaapacaMt. 
1. B. JILP (BvawilMun 
Art^" V'^;trd Jklf, O.C, lecond iod of the late Rev. Richard 
WUli»> • . CanuB of Ch. Ch., Oafonl, and Prtadpal of King's CoU.. 

Londot:, ., : .aiy, Coontcai Schlippcnbacfa of PniMta. He was bom 
Sept. loih, 1837, was cd. at Eton, and at Ch. Ol, Oxfonl,— grad. a A. 1860^ 
M.A. i86i-HU»d m., 1867. Jane, voungcat d. of the late Rev. W. C. King, 
Vicar of .Norham, Northomberland. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple 
1863. and became a Q.C. 1880 ; goe» the Oxford Circuiu Appointed Reooidcr 
of Shrewsbury Aognst 1879. 

Ckmmitrt g, Kfa<t B»ca Walk. TWmb. E.( 


Johnjaroes Johnson, Q.C, son of the late William Johnson. 
Esa.,ofThePalUuit, Chichester. Hewasbomjune iSi a, was ed. at Winchester 
CoU., and ro., iSca, Mary Judith, —who died 1855,— and d. of Thomas Bart