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Designers and Decorators of 

-B.v Appointment to 


Hei^ Majesty the Queen 


And the County Families of the United Kingdom. 



466, 468, & 470, OXFORD STREET, 

31, & 32, ORCHARD STREET, 


Established 1746. 



Price One Shilling. 

Each Number Contains 160 Royal 8vo pages, and about Sixty-six Woodcut 


ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, 15^., including postage. 

Half-yearly Volumes, December to May, and June to November, neatly bound in 

cloth, price 8«. 6rf. 


With the CHARMING CHRISTMAS NUMBER, December 1885, commences 
the NEW VOLUME, and the Publishers rtspectfully invite attention to some of 
the leading attractions for the New Year, detailed in the following : — 


The Publishers have concluded an arrangement with Mr. W. D. Howells by which all the 
new writings of that author— his novels, short stories, descriptive sketches, and dramatic 
pieces — will be exclusively at their disposal from the beginning of IbSii. Mr. llowells is also 
to contribute monthly to Hnrper'a Magazine, beginning with the Jauuury Number, an editorial 
department having a relation to literature corresponding to that which the '* Editor's Easy 
Chair " has to Society. The new department will be styled the " Editor's Study." 


The two novels now in course of publication — Miss Woolson'a "East Angels," and Mr. 
Howells's " Indian Summer"— easily take the foremost place in current serial Action. 'Ihese 
will run through several numbers, and, upun their completion, will be followed by stories from 
Mrs. Dinah Maria L'raik, author of "John Halitax, Gentleman," and K. I). Uluckmore, author 
of "Lorna Doone." The scene of Mr. Bhickmore's new novel, " Springhaveu," which will be 
effectively illustrated by Alfred Parsons and Frederick Barnard, will be laid in a rural district 
of England during the time of the Napoleonic wars. Mrs. Craik's novel will be entitled " King 
Arthur : not a Love Story." 


The great literary event of the year will be the publication of a series of papers, taking the 
■hape of a story, and depicting characteristic features of American Society, written by Clmrles 
Dudley Warner, and illustrated by C. S. Reiuhart. 


The series of papers on "Great American Industries" will be continued, under the general 
charge of Mr. R. R, Bowker. They will comprise " A Lampful of Oil," Sugar, Paper, Cotton, 
Wool, Iron, and other staple products, each artistically illustrated. 


In a series of illustrated papers, the result of a recent extended tour of observation, Mr. 
Russell Sturgis will consider several of the important Cities of Europe with reference to tlie 
most notable and significant art treasures peculiar to each, and especially claiming the attention 
of all thoughtful readers and lovers of Art. Among other riclily illustrated articles on art 
•ubjects to appear during the year may be mentioned "The new Gallery of Tapestries io 
Florence," " Ravenna and its Mosaics," " The Art Movement in New York," by George Parsons 
Lathrop; an interesting article on " Our Artist Contributors," by W. M. Laffau; and contribu- 
tions by Dr. Charles Waldstein. 


A paper on "Orchids," by F. W. Burbidge, F.L.S., beautifully illustrated by William 
Hamilton Gibson and Alfred Parsons. Mr. F. Satterthwuite will contribute a paper entitled 
"(Plebeian and Aristocratic Pigeons," illustrated by Gibson ; Hugh Dalziel one on " Dogs and 
their Management "j and Dr. W, T. Greene another on "The Keeping of Birds," beautifully 
illustrated by A. F. Lydon. Other studies in natural history will be illustrated by Jame« 
C. Beard. 

Several other Interesting Features, Literary and Artistic. 

Mr. E. A. Abbey will continue his series of illustrations for " She Stoops to Conquer " ; Mr. 
Alfred Parsons will supply "Sketches of the Avun"; illustrated papers will appear on '"The 
Navies of Europe," by Sir Edward Reed, Madam Adam will contribute personal recollections of 
her Salon in Paris, Ac. 

188, Fleet Street, E.G. 



Under Contract for Her Majesty^ s 3Iails to India^ China. 

Australia, ^c, 


Departures for 


r. X • v., ) From TILBURY, WEDNESDAYS, 12.30 p.m. 
Fortnightly j p^^_^ BRINDISI, MONDAYS. 


„ . . ,„ j From TILBURY, WEDNESDAYS, 12.80 p.m. 
Fcrtn,ghtly| ^^^^ bRIxNDISI, MONDAYS. 


From TILBURY, THURSDAYS, 12.30 p.m. 








13fi appointment to Jgcr JlflajegtB. 













ELKINGTON 6c Co. leg to request purchasers oj 
SILVER and PLATED GOODS to note the fact of 
their special manu- satisfying themselves 

factures having stood r^^iur^ when purchasing that 

the test of wear J or j ^^ \ ELKINGTON 6f 
nearly forty years, ( FXr y (^o.^s marks — as in 
and to urge upon ^— ^^^^ shield^are distinctly 

them the necessity of stamped upon each 

piece, such only being warranted by them. 

ELKINGTON & Co.'s Plate is eminently well suited 
for Regimental Mess use, for Hotels, Steamships, and 
Clubs ; and for private use it is almost equal to Silver. 

Apply for Designs, Pattern Books, and Prices, &c., to 
the Manufactory, Birmingham, or their Houses— 



22, Regent Street, W. 
42, Moorgate Street, City. 
25, Church Street. 
St. Ann's Square. 



Willcox & Gibbs 

Silent Sewing Machine. 

The very highest excellence. 

Beyond all comparison the HANDIEST Household Sewing Machine. 
Quiet, Elegant, and Useful— it does the BEST WORK, and does 
it MORE EASILY than any other Machine. (Hand or Treadle.) 
Sent Carriage paid for a Month's Free Trial. Lists Post Free. 

Willcox & Gibbs Sewing Machine Co. 



Manchester, 34, King Street. Brighton, 32, New Road (facing North Street) . 

Glasgow, 115, Hope Street (Corner of Bothwell Street). 

Nottingham, 11, Market Street. Canterbury, 15, Mercery Lane. 

A Certified Agent in every Town. 



Latest Invention and Improvement. 

Wm. coles & Co., 



225, PICCADILLY, W., near the "CRITERION," 


Read '' CobbeWs Legacy;' Gratis per post. 


Third edition, handsnmeli/ bound, cloth gilt, 6s. 6d., post free ?'• (with photo porliuU oj ' ^A VK 
when (I Bnhi/^ on front cover), and richly illustrated with 18 page-cuts of Champion Dogs, 

and 48 smaller illustrations. 



(a) All that is known about ererj/ breed of J)i,ff in 
the World, and tlie show-points, properties, 
uses and peculiarities of each. 

(6) A complete'idigest of the diseases 
from which Dogs are apt to suffer, 
and plain advice for the treatment. 

(c) All details about the various Dog 
Clubs, their rules, and the Points 
and Breeds laid dou-n by them. 

(d) Important information on the Rear. 
ing of the Puppy and the treatment 
of the Dam. 

(e) The most approved methods of ken- 
nelling, grooming, feeding and 
preparing for bringing Dogs to the 
show benches. 

(/) Valuable bints about buying and 

The information is the most perfect ever 
published. Every Breeder, or Exhibitor seek- 
ing success, should possess this work. — Kennel 

Is most valuable and an excellent guide to 
those who desire to buy, sell or keep any kind 
of home-bred dog. — Daily Telegraph. 

We can understand more from this bonk than 
from any other we have seen on the subject. — 
Sporting Life. 

There is a good deal of information to be 
gathered from tliis work, while the notes on 
feeding and rearing will be useful to all owners 
of dogs. — Lund and Water. 







the Patronage of 


The Queen. 

The NAUTILUS is a 
Portable. Fire-brick- 
liued, Sluw-combustion, 
Smoke-consuming Dog 
Stove, and is the most 
Artistic, Scientific, Eco- 
nomical, Cleanly and 
Powerful of all Domestic 



LONDON, 1884. 

The NAUTILUS pos- 
sesses all the cheerful 
and healthful advan- 
tages of an open fire, and 
has also the heat conserv- 
ing merits of a closed 
Stove. It may be re- 
moved in the Summer 
and its place filled with 
ferns, Sec. 



Telegraphic Address 
Nautilus Ykovil. 



Post free. 





Alexander Ferguson, 

Cmifcttioiur ifl tlje €im\\ anlr guhc of d^liinkrg|, 



0". OIE^iMIE <Sz; 00-, 

Late M. JACKSON & Co., 


O {7 CO 

,^ E^ 05 

0^ < ^ 


<j eo « 

9 « d 
i^ t^ •'J 

O M o 



5 Q 

2 2 

?» M 

Apparatus for use in Teaching or Experimenting in the Sciences of 

Chemistry, Electricity, Magnetism, Acoustics, Light, 

Heat, Hydrostatics, Mechanics, k. 

Importers of Finest Bohemian Glass, Berlin Porcelain, Pure Chemicals 

for Analysis, &c 

Price Lift with nearly 1000 lUustratioru pott free 2$. 6d. 

65, B^LR^BIO^ISr, LOIsTDOnsr, E.C 


Thos. BONTOR & Co., late 



iffarpet Haanufacturcrg to tt)e 
^Soijal jFamili). 





J^/ne Bengal Matting, six yards wide. Rooms covered in one piece, 

35 AND 36, Old Bond Street, VV. 




c^lrato ani) f rg^ani |)at Paimferturc, 

And. Importer ol Fi-enclx Bonnets. 


Under the Patronage of the Nobility and Gentry. 

SPECIALITIES: Lacliea' Elegant and Best Bonnets— Hygienic and Faahionable. Beat 
H.iimets and Dress Caps Specially fur Elderly Ladies. The Paris Patent Flexible Hygienic 
Cur Jits in Wild Boar Hair. Amazon Corsets Specially for Riding. Corsets Specially for Indoor 
Wear. Surgical Braces Specially for Little Girls and Young Ladies. Supporting Belts, &c., &c. 
The Patent Hygienic Elastic Silk and Flannel Crape de Sant6, for Ladies, Children, &c., Ac, 
this article is a real luxury, and kxtremkly durable and comfortable. Underlinen of Superior 
Quality. Bridal Trousseaux, Layettes, &c. 

A Special Price List containing much valuable information respecting Ladies' Bonnets, 
Hygienic Flexible Corsets, and Hygienic Flannel Crape de Sante, sent Gratis and Fust Free. 

Orders by Pott receive prompt attention. Indian orders executed with dispatch . 
Carriage Paid to any Railway Station in the United Kingdom. 

P.O. Orders payable to Mme. ALEXANDRINE; cheques crossed National Bank. 

N.B.— Mme. Alexandrine invites the attention of the Nobility and Gentry to her 
Remarkable Specialities. 

Lace Shawls 

-Wrap Shawls' 

10 FredericKS^ 



For Varicose Veins and Weakness. 


pervious, light in texture, and inkxpkvsive, yielding an unvarying support, 
without Lacing or Bandaging. Likewise a strong, low-priced article for 
Hospitals and the Working Classes. 

Abdominal Supporting Bklts. Those for Ladies' use, before and after 
accouchement, are atimirably adapted for giving adequate support, with 


Instructions for Measurement and Prices on application ; and the articles 
sent by Post from the Manufacturers and Inventors, 

]»OPC: & PJ^AMTO, 







Heats M size Bath in FOUR Minutes. 

Boils Water Instantly 

Prospectus Post Free. 

May be Tested at the Factory, 

346, Euston Road, 

London, N.W. 



Self -Acting Hydraulic Kams. 

For Raising Water for the supply of Towns, Villages, Irrigation, Railway Stations, 
Mansions, Fountains, Farms, etc. 

No Cost for Mntire Power, which 
obtained from the Stream of Wati 
passing through the Ram, 

This Ram will force a part of the 
same water that works it, or will 
force clean water from a well or 
spring whilst worked by a stream of This view represents fig. A Ram forcing up a part 

impure water. Rams on this principle of the same water that works it, which is supplied 
can be supplied to force to a height of from a spring. Special Rams of A make can be aup- 
1500 feet. plied to force to a height of 800 feet. 

From Wm. Dickinson, Es/f., Agent to the Most Honourable the Marquis of Abergavenny, Bridge 
Estate Office, Margate Lodge, Tunbridge Wells, 3rd July, 1885. 
"Sir, — I am instructed by the Marquis of Abergavenny to say that the Patent Hydraulic 
Ram, with over two miles of pipes, forcing water to a height of 230 feet, which you erected at 
Bridge Castle about nine months ago, has given his lordship entire satisfaction, and he has every 
confidence in its continuing to do so. — I am. Sir, yours faithfully, WILLIAM; DICKINSON." 
From V. F. Brnt-tt- Stanford, Esq., M.P., Pt/t House, Tisbury, Wilts, August 20th, 1880. 
•* I have no htsitation in saying your self-acting Hydraulic Ram and Apparatus for ex. 
tinguishing fire, which you laid down here, including about one mile of pipes, are very satisfac- 
tory. The Ham forces upwards of 5,000 gallons per day to a service reservoir holding 25,000 
gallons, at an elevation of 2<>5 feet, being "0 feet above the roof of the house, from which reservoir 
the water is distributed to the house, stables, home farm, and several cottages, and in case of 
fire four jets can bo thrown on to the house from different sides at a great force and large volume. 
I consider the work has been done well and efficiently and does you credit." 

From Mr. J. A. Rutherford, Agent to C. F. H. Bolckow, Esq., Estate Office, Marten Hall, 
Middlesbrough, 26th September, 1883. 
" Dear Sir,— I am glad to say that the Rams you put down on the Hambleton Estate for Mr. 
C. F. H. Bolckow, are working very well. You undertook, with 16 gallons per minute, to send 
up 1,500 gallons per day, and with enough water to work the Rams at full power, 2,000 gallons 
a day. With a supply of 11} gallons per minute they are lifting 2,200 gallons, and when 
working full power, 3,105 gallons per day are sent up to a height of nearly 400 feet. They made 
a clear start and have gone well since." 

The Delivery Pipe, in the above case, is 9,000 feet in length. 
From Mr. Henry Robinson, Engineer to the Stockport District Waterworks Co., Sept. 8, 1883. 
"Dear Sir, — I can now report well of the two Hydraulic Rams we have fixed to your in- 
structions for the supply of Disley Village. 40,000 gallons per day was the quantity you 
promised they would force to a height of 68 feet, but on testing them I am coiivinced that 
50,000 gallons is not the limit of their ix)wer, whilst the quantity of waste water used in driving 
them is not equal to half the capacity of the 6-inch pipe by which they are fed, and 1 am inclined 
to the belief that a more simple and efficient pump cannot be found." 
Blake's Hydraulic Rams have been supplied to the following amongst others — 

To His Royal Highness tlie Duke of Connaught 
,, His Grace the Maharajah of Kashmir. 
„ His Grace the Duke of Cleveland. 
„ His Grace the Duke of Portland. 
,, His Grace the Duke of Sutherland. 
,, The Most Hon. the Marquis of Ripon. 
„ The Most Noble the Marquis of Downshire. 
„ The Most Noble the Marquis of Abergavenny 
,, The Most Noble the Marquisof Londonderry 
„ The Right Hon. the Earl of Derby. 
„ The Right Hon. the Earl of Gainsborough. 
„ The Riglit Hon. the Earl of Ilchcster. 
,, The Right Hon. the Earl of Romney. 
„ The Right Hon. the Earl of Granard. 
„ The Right Hon. the ?:arl Beauchamp. 

To The Right Hon. the Earl of Caledon. 
„ Tlie Right Hon. the Earl of Lichfield. 
„ The Countess de Morella. 
„ Lady H. Cholmondely, East Bumham Lodge 
„ Lady Frankland, Thirkleby Park. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Londesborough. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Galway. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Leconfield. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Ribblesdale. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Hatherton. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Leigh. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Bridport. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Clifden. 
„ The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Boyne. 
,, Tho Riglit Hon. T. Sotheron-Eatcourt. 

JOHN BLAKE, Engineer, Accrington, Lancashire. 




Inventors ami Patmiees of the 


To His Late Majesty William IV., and to Her Majesty's Army and Navy. 

Jhh is the only effectual Truss for Hernia and Recognised by the 


The MEDICAL PRESS AND CIBCULAK, October 13th, 188t, in its rrvi.w of 
Mr. Gant's work, says: — "We can safely corroborate Mr. Gant in the fnvi.iirjildu 
opinion he has formed of Salmon & Ody's Truss. We, ecjually with him, have 
used it successfully when other Inquinal Trusses have failed." 

Elastic Stockings, Knee Gaps, Leggings, &c., &c. 
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Belts. 

292, STE/^nSTX), LOlSriDOItT, -W-.O. 




For the Relief of the Ruptured Poor throughout the Kingdom. 

Established 1807. 
Patron— H.R.H. the PRINCE OF WALES, K.G. 

Prksiuknt— The Right Hon. LORD EBURY, P.C. 
Trbasl'rkr— JOHN NORBURV, Esq. 

The patients (numbering now about 9,000 iu the year) are of both sexes and all ages, from 
children a month old to adults over 90. Upwards of 412,000 patients have been relieved since 
the formation of the Charity. 

SUBSCRIPTIONS and DONATIONS will be thankfully received by the Society's Bankers. 
Lloyds, Barxktts, and Bosanuubt's Bank (Limited), 62, Lombard Street ; and by the 
Secretary, at the Institution. 



Temporary Premises:— 81, C0MMERCI4L STREET, SPITALFIELDS, E. 

The Committee appeal most earnestly for Funds to meet current 
expenses. The Wards are full, and unless aid is immediately forth- 
coming, the usefulness of the Institution must be considerably impaired. 
Contributions will be most thankfully received by the Bankers, Messrs. 
Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co., 67, Lombard Street, E.C. ; by the 
Chairman, Joseph Fry, Esq., 21, Gresham House, Old Broad Street, 
E.C. ; and by— GEORGE CROXTON, Secretary. 


The Oldest Hospital in Europe for 

Consumption and Diseases of the Chest 





Founded by H.R.H. the late DUKE OF KENT, 1814. Rebuilt 1863. 
Enlarged and New Wing 1867. New Wing for In-patients 1885. 

Under the immediate patronage of HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN. 
TRUSTEES.— The Ritht Hon. TuE Lord Wolverton. The Right Hon. The Lord 
Charles Bruce. Colonel Makins, M.P. The Right Hon. Thk Lord de 


TREASURER.— The Hon. Pascob C. Gltn, M.P., Lombard Street. 

The central position of this old-established Hospital, the fact that it 
receives patients from all parts of the kingdom, that a new wing con- 
taining eighty beds for In-patients has just been added to the Hospital, 
that it has dispensed its benefits for nearly three-quarters of a century, 
and that it is dependent on voluntary contributions, urge the Council 
to commend its claims for increased support, especially in the form of 
additional Annual Subscribers. 

Patients are admitted daily at 2 p.m. 

Donors of Thirty Guineas, or Annual Subscribers of Three Guineas, may 
recommend In-patients. 

Donors of Ten Guineas, or Annual Subscribers of one Guinea, may recom- 
mend Out-patients. 

JOHN J. AUSTIN, Secretary to the Council, 

" I give anrl bequeath to the Treasurer for the time being of the Royal Hospital for the 
DitemnH of thf Chest, City Romd, London, the sum of * to be applied in and 

towarda the carrying on the charitable objects of the Institution ; the said sum of * 
to be paid free of Legacy duty, out of such part of my personal estate as I may lawfully bequeath 
to the i)iir|x>3cs of the said Institiiti(m, and I direct that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time 
being shall be a sufficient charge to my executors for the same. 

• The sum to be expressed in words at length. 






Nearly Six Hundred Children are now in this Institution, whose ages 
range from fifteen to three years. 

All are Fatherless ; many have lost both parents. 

Since the estahlishment of the Asylum 3,476 CliiMrrn. Orphans of Clergjrmen, 
Officers in the Army and Navy, Modical Men, Solicitors, Ti-a'lcsmen, and other 
respectable persons from all parts of the British dominions, have hccn admitted. 

The institution depends ujion Voluntary Contributions for Nkarly the WnoLB 
OF ITS Income. 

Life Subscription, for One Vote, £5 6».; for Two Votes, £10 10s. 
Annual Subscription, ditto, 10a. 6rf. ; ditto £1 1«. 

Bankers — Messrs. Williams, Deacon & Co, Birchin Lane, E,C. 

Offices— 100, Fleet Street, E.C. HENRY W. GREEN, Secretary. 




THIS Hospital was Established in 1809 to receive and treat Sick Children of 
the Poor, without distinction of creed. 

There are 61 cots in the Hospital, and last year 427 children were received as 
In-Patients, while 9,804 were treated as Out-Patients, the total number of 
attendances being 39,726. 

The Hospital is open every day from 2 till 4 o'clock for the inspection of 

The Committee of Management urgently appeal for Subscriptions 
or Donations to meet the necessary expenses of this Charity. 

CONTRIBUTIONS will be thankfully received by the Secretary at the 
Hospital, or they may be sent to the Bankers, Messrs. Smitu, Payne, & Smith, 
1, Lombard Street, E.C. 

Copies of tho Annunl Report, with full information, will be gladly forwarded 
on application. 

T. S. CHAPMAN, Secretary. 





President. — the right hon. the lord leigh. 
Treasurer. — richard b. wade, Esq. 


rpHIS Hospital is a Home for the reception of Poor Women afflicted 

with diseases peculiar to their sex. 
Poor Women suffering from such diseases, and Children from all 

diseases, treated in the Out-Department. 
Children received as In-Patients to the Branch. Ages between 2 

and 12. Medical, Surgical, and Accident Cases admitted. 
All Patients are received into this Hospital without any payment 

whatever . 
No Governor's Letter required by either In- or Out-Patients, the 

admission being entirely free. 
No payment demanded for Medicine from Out-Patients. 


Subscriptions and Donations are also received by Messrs. Barclay St Co., 54, Lombard 
Street; Measra. Coutts & Co., 59, Strand ; Messrs. Glyv A Co., 67, Lombard Street; Messrs. 
Ransom ft Co., 1, Pall Mall East; Messrs. Hatchard, Piccadilly. 

Cheques should be crossed Messrs. Sir S. Scott, Bart., &, Co. Post Office Orders made 
payable to Gkorok Scuuamork, at the Western District Post Office, Vere Street, W. 





Patrombss— Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. 

Trkasurkr— John Deacon, Esq., 20, Birchin Lane, E.C. 

Sub-Treasitrkr — Richard B. Wade, Esq., 13, Seymour Street, W. 
Bankbrs— Sir S. Scott, Bart., & Co., 1, Cavendish Square, W. ; Messrs. Williams, Deacon & Co., 
20, Birchin Lane, E.C; the National Provincial Bank of England, Bishopsgate Street, E.C, 
and the St. Marylebone Branch, 53, Baker Street, W. 

This Society, founded in 1838, seeks to reclaim Young "Women from all parts 
of the Country who have taken the first false step from the path of virtue. They 
are cared for in their trouble if expecting to become mothers, and, after suitable 
training, are placed in service, where needful help is given them in supporting 
their infants, lest, through want, they should fall again into sin. This is more 
necessary from the extreme youth of many of the applicants, which prevents their 
earning sufficient to maintain their infants. 

Cheques should be crossed Messrs. Sir S, Scott Bart, & Co. Post Office Orders payable to 
Gborob ScuDAsioRK, at the Western Branch District Post Office, Vere Street, Oxford Street, W. 




Itife anlr Jfire %ss\xxiim (Suntpaug. 



GAFTTATu ^45,000,000. 

Jahrs Alkxandbr, Esq. 
Charles Gkorok Barnktt, Esq. 
Charlks Edward Barnktt, Esq 
Francis William Buxton, Esq. 
Lord Edward Cavendish, M.P. 
Jamks Flktchbr, Esq. 
CvRiL Flowkr, Esq., M.P. 

Tub Rioht Hon. Lord Rothschild, Chairman. 

Right Hon. G. J. GoscniN, M.P. 

Right Hon. Lord R. Grosvknor, M.P. 

Richard Hoark, Esq. 

Francis Alkrku Lucas, Esq. 

Edward Harrord Lunhington, Eaq. 

Hugh Colin Smith, Esq. 

Sir Charlbs Rivbrs Wilmok, K.C.M.a.,C.B. 


Hon. K. P. BouvBRiB. I Hon. A. K. Dioby. | R. D. Sassoun, Esq. 

Robert Lbwis, Chief Secretary. 

ST. JAMES'S BRANCH:— Offices, 1, St. James's Street, 8.W. 

Roland G. Hill, District Sfcretarii. \ FiiAvris F. Gordov, Asuistfint District Serretarp, 

CHANCERY LANE BRANCH: —New Stone Buildings, C3& 64. Chancery Une, W.C. 

Sir John R. Hkr«)V-Maxwkll, Hart., District Srii-ftarf/. 

WESTMINSTER BRANCH:— I, Great George Street, Westminster. 

Granville R. Rtdkr, Superintendent. 


In the selection of an oflBce in which to effect Life Assurances, the important 
points for consideration are : — 
I. Skcurity. 
II. The Rates of Premium Cuarqed. 

III. The Conditions of Assurance. 

IV. The Profits to the Assured under Participatiho Policies. 

It is claimed by the Alliance that its large Capital, tlie amount of its Reserves, 
and the character of its investments, afford security of a very high order. 

The Rates of Premium will be found moderate, and the Conditions of Assurance 
most favourable to the Assured. 

The Reversionary Bonuses resulting from the distribution of Profits ascertained 
at the close of the year 1883, allotted to Policies of Five years standing, range 
from about — 

£1 12s. per cent, per annum on the Sum Assured under Policies effected at age 20 
to £3 165. „ „ „ „ „ 60 

Fire Policies are granted on the usual terms. 

The Company have Branch Offices at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Liverpool, Manchester, 
SheHield, Birmingham, Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Wrexham, Bristol, 
and Calcutta. 

Life and Fire Proposal Forms, detailed Prospectuses, and Statements of Accounts, may be 
had on application to the Head Office of the Company, or to any of the Branch Offices. 

The Directors are open to entertain applications for Agencies from parties who are In a 
position to introduce business of a high class. 

Loans are granted on security of Life Interests, Freehold Property, and County Rates. 

ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary 




nirFrtnri / ^^^ William J. W. Bayvks, Bart., Chairman. 

ntre I rs •^ Charles Andrew Pbkscott, Esq., X>epM<y-CAat>man. 

Bankers — Messrs. Pkescott, Cavk, Buxton, Loder & Co. 

Secretai-y — Samuel J. Pipkix. Actuary — George King. 

Capital Subscribed ... £1,200,000 I Fire, Accident, & Reserve Funds £173,885 
Capital Paid-up - - - £144,000 | Life Funds £1,476,524 

TOTAL INVESTMENTS (all in Great Britain) £1,819,748. 

THE RATES OF PREMIUM have recently been revised, and new liberal conditions in- 
troduced, involvinfi: Payment of Claims immediately on proof of death and title. — Cash Surrender 
Values of about 40 percent, of the premiums paid.— THE PREVENTION OF THE FOR- 

THE VALUATION for the Five Years ending Christmas 1884, shows a Surplus of £175,429, 
the whole of which is divided amongst the Participating Policyholders and equals 40 per cent, of 
the premiums paid in the Quinquennium. 

The total Surplus divided amongst the Assured up to date, amounts to more than j6'1,875,000 
in actual money. 

Endowment Assurances granted with or without profits. Exceptionally favonrable con- 
ditions as to Foreign residence. 

AMAVTMT-AT unwvrTTTivjf «# 1 jC 1 ,000 at Death, Or ou thc Loss of Two Llmbs. 
A NAN N LAL PREMIUM of ) ^333 ^^ ^^^ ^o^^ of 0„3 Limb, or Total Loss of Sight. 
jC3 will &LLUKii— j ^^6 per Week during Total Disablement. 
PREMIUMS ARE REDUCED if no Claim has arisen, at Third Year, 7^ per cent, j at 
Fifth Year and thereafter, 10 per cent. 

ASSURANCES granted on nearly every kind of Property at equitable rates, and free of stamp 

LOSSES OCCASIONED BY LIGHTNING will be paid whether the property be set on fire or not. 
LOSS OR DAMAGE caused by Explosion of Coal Gas in any building assured will be made good. 
SEVEN YEARS' POLICIES granted on payment of Six Years' Premiums. 

Active and Influential Agents Wanted in unrepresented Districts. 
Head Office— 92. Cheapside, E.C. SAML. J. PIPKIN, Secretary. 


50, Regent Street & 14, Comhill, London. 

Established 1806. 

Biraneli Oflices. 


Ti-wstees and Oir-ectors. 

Thk Right Hox. LORD KINNAIRD. 
Etc., Etc. 

Admiral Sir G. St. VINCENT KING, K.C.B. 
S. A. BEAUMONT, Esq., Managing Director. 
Etc., Etc. 

Joint Secretaries. 


H C 2 


Clergg Ptttual Assurance ^mtii 

1 & 2, The Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W. 
















Phjftician—DR. STONE. Actuarp—FRAifK B. WYATT, Esq. 


Total Funds £8,272,576 

Total Annual Income £354,686 

Total Amount of Claims upon Death £2,524,660 

Amount of Profits divided at the last Quinquennial Bonus £437,347 


Attention is particularly regttetted to the following point* respecting thin Society ^ as 
being of special importance to Clergymen and their Lay relatives desiring to assure 
their lives : — 

The Funds of the Society now amount to upwards of Three Millions and a Quarter, 

yielding an average rate of interest of £4 Is. 2d. per cent. The Income of the Society in 
upwards of Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds. 


The superior longevity of the Clergy as a class is still manifest; the Claims by death during 
the past year having again been considerably less than might have been'expected under the 
Carlisle Table of Mortality, upon which the Society's Rates of Premiums are based. 

3.— BONUS. 

The Society being purely Mutual, has no Proprietors, and consequently all the Profits are 
divided amongst the Assured Members. The Eleventh Quinquennial BonUS will be declared 
on 1st June, 1886, when results equally favourable with those of past Quinquenniums may 
confidently be anticipated. 


The Society neither employs Agents, nor allows Commission for tlie introduction of new 
husiness. The Expenses of Management for the past year were only £4 48. Id. per cent, on the 
total income. _^___ 


The business of the Society is chiefly with a class of persons in which the average duration 
of life is allowed to be beyond that Ordinarily found in the community at large. The experience 
of the duration of Life among the Members has hitherto been very favourable. 


Applications for Assxirances, &c., &c., may be made personally at the Office, 1 and 2, The 
Sanctuary, Wsstminster, or by letter addressed to th« Skcrktary. 







Chairman — ^Johx M. Clabon, Esq. 

Deputt/-Chfiir?ntin—HKSR\- Vox Bristowk, Esq., Q.C., Vice-Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. 

Henry P. Bowling, Esq. I 

R. J. P. BROf GHTON, Esq. 
Thos. p. Cobb, Esq. I 

The Hon.Mr.JtsTicKDKNMAN. 
John- Croft Dkvkrell, Esq. 
Wai. Hii.i.iARi) Dltnster, Esq. 
Alkx. Stavelkv Hill, Esq., 
Q.C., D.C.L., M.P. 

James Ingram, Esq. 
John Henry James, Esq. 
The Hon. Mr. Justice Kay. 
Wm. Maples, Esq. 
Edward Moberley, Esq. 
Frederick Peakb, Esq. 
Geo. Thompson Powell, Esq, 
Rt. Hon. Henry Cecil Raises, 

W. B. S. Rackham, Esq. 
Gkorge Upton Robins, Esq. 
Robkrt Romkr, Esq, Q.C. 
Cecil Hknry Russell, Esq. 
Herbert C. Saunders, Esq., 

Horace Wm. Smith, Esq., M.A. 
Richard Smith, Esq. 

SUMS ASSURED, £6,310,000. 

PREMIUM INCOME, £165,707. ASSETS, £2,062,652. 


At an Extraordinary General Meeting held on May 19th, 1885, the sum of 
£l,565,574wasset aside as the value of the Society's liabilities under its Assurance 
and Annuity Contracts, and £339,325 was ordered to be divided as Bonus, leaving 
a balance of undivided profit of £89,823. 

Nine-tenths of the sum divided was allotted among holders of Policies for 

TABLE of the TOTAL ADDITIONS made up to December 31st, 1884, 
to POLICIES of £1,000 each. 







Thirty. '^Y^^^y- 1 Twenty. 




Jf s. 

^ 8. 

jt a. jt: i.\ je 8. 

je s. 

je- 8. 

jt: s. 


* 1,022 

* 876 

* 736 567 10 431 


191 10 





* 978 10 

* 819 * 623 10 464 10 

325 10 





*1,343 10 

*1,124 10 

* 939 10 * 710 1 525 10 

365 10 





*1,454 10 

*1,225 10 

*1,017 * 769 10 j * 567 10 

393 10 


133 45 



*1,126 * 851 1 * 626 10 


276 10 

147 1 50 


*1,285 * 970 * 715 

497 10 

316 10 

168 1 55 


' *1,130 10 * 836 10 

*582 10 


197 10 60 

At each division of profits the Assured are allowed at their option to receive in 
cash the value of the Bonuses added to their Policies, or to have an equivalent 
reduction of the premiums payable. 

In the cases marked * the Bonuses, if surrendered, would be more than suflScient 
to extinguish all future premiums, and the Policy-holders would still be entitled 
to share in future profits. 





FOUNDED AD. 1762. 

The Oldest Life Office on the Mutual Principle in the World, 
BOMlJii TABlii: FOR 19 SO. 

Tablk showing the total Amount payable under a Policy for £1000 (including 
the additions), in the event of its becoming a claim after payment of the 
premium due in the year 1886. 


Date of Policy. 

Sam payable, in 
eluding Addition 

25th Jan. 


to 24tb 




24th April 1817 

,, 16th 


1818 .. 

.. .. 3715 

18th April 





.. . 3615 

5th Feb. 





.. .. 3615 

7th Jan. 


„ 22nd 



.. .. 3415 

23rd Dec. 


„ 30th 



.t ,. 3315 

1st Dec. 


» 7th 



.. : 321.'. 

7th Mar. 


„ 24th 



.. .. 3115 

25th May 





.. .. 3015 

9th Mar. 






7th Nov. 


„ 15th 



.. .. 2865 

2 1st July 





.... 2790 

3rd Mar. 


„ 24 th 



.. .. 2715 

24th Nov. 





.. .. 2640 

1st Aug. 


„ 18th 



.... 2.^65 

19th June 


„ 21st 



.... 2490 

2 1 St July 


,, 22nd 



.. .. 2415 

24th Jan. 





.. .. 2340 

15th Dec. 


„ 2nd 



.. .. 2265 

12th Nov, 


„ 18th 



.. .. 2210 

19th June 


,, 2nd 
„ 14th 
„ 19th 




,. .. 2155 
.. .. 2100 
.. .. 2045 

3rd Mar. 


14th Nov. 


19th Nov. 


„ 26th 
„ 31st 



.. .. 1990 
.. .. 1935 

26th July 


1st Jan. 


„ 31st 
,, 31st 
„ 31St 



.. .. 1880 
.... 1825 
.. .. 1770 
.. .. 1715 

1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1677 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1640 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.... 1602 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 
„ 31st 
,, 31st 



.. .. 1565 
.. .. 1527 
.. .. M90 

1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


„ 31st 
„ 31st 
„ 31st 
„ 31st 



.. .. 1452 
.. ,. 1415 
.. .. 1377 
.... 1340 

1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1320 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 
„ 31st 



.. .. 1300 
.. ,. 1280 

1st Jan. 


1st Jan. 



„ 31st 

„ 3l8t 



.. .. 1260 
.. .. 1240 

Ist Jan. 


Ist Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1200 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1160 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1120 

Ist Jan. 


„ Slat 


IS/t, , .. 

.. .. 1080 

1st Jan. 


„ 3l8t 



.. .. 1040 

1st Jan. 


„ 31st 



.. .. 1020 








Incorporated under the Act 7 and 8 Vic. c. 110. Registered under the Act 25 and 26 Vic. e. i 

Head Office: — 


W. H. THORNTHWAITE, Esq., Chairman. 



BiRMivoHAM— 18, Bennett's Hill, 
Bradford — Bank Chambers, Bank Street. 
Briohtov— 4, Pavilion Buildings. 
Bristol — 1, Broad Quay. 
LivKRPooL — Gresham Buildings, 99. Dale 

Manciikster — 2, Coper Street. 

Newcastlk— Percy Buildings, Grainger St. 
Norwich — Bank Plain. 

NoTTivoHAM— St. John's Chambers, Bridle- 
smith Gate. 
Sheffield— Parade Chambers, High Street. 
Stocktox-o.v-Tkks — Bank Chambers. 
Sunderland— 36, Fawcett Street. 

WALES. Cardiff— Gresham House, Roath. 

Glasgow — 63, St. Vincent St. | Edinburgh— "3, George St. | Aberdeen — 28, Market St. 

Belfast— 62, Royal Avenue. | Cork — 81, South Mall. | Dublin — 3, Westmoreland Street. 

Funds, IS85.— Assets £3,642,581. 

Life Assurance and Annuity Funds 3,453,588. 
Annual Income - - - - 717,042. 

BONUS TEAB, 1885.— The Balance Sheet for 1885 shows a sum of £96,000 which 
is available for distribution amongst the Policyholders and Shareholders of the 
Society. — 

Moderate Rates of Premium. Liberal Scale of Annuities. Loans granted upon Security of 
Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Property, Life Interests, and Reversions; also to Corporate 
and other Public Bodies, upon security of Rates, &c. 

Pro.Hpectu.1, Reports, and Proposal Forma can be obtained nn application to the Society^ 
Agents, and Branch Offices, or to JOSEPH ALLEN Secretary. 


Reversionary and Investment Company. 



Further Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, 14 & 16 Vict. cap. 130. 

CAPITAL, £500,000. 


Chairman— Edward Walmisley, Esq. 

Dbputy-Chairman— Colonel Joseph Walker Jasper Ouaeley. 

Mayow Wynell Adama, Esq. ! William Robert Barker, E«q. 

Thomas Allen, Esq. I William Henniker Heaton, Esq. 

Herbert Charles Malkin, Esq. 


Sir Charles Rhoderick McGrigor, Bart. | George Badham, Esq. | Martin J. K. Beoher, Esq. 

Bankkrs— Messrs. Drummond. 

Solicitors— Messrs. Shoubridge A May, 19, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. 

The business of this Company consists in the PURCHASE of, or LOANS upon— 

Reversionary Intkrksts, vested or contingent, in Landed or Funded Frnptrty, or 
Securities ; also 

Life Interests in Possession as well as in Expectation, 

Loans upon Reversions may be obtained either at an Annual Interest, or in consideration 
of deferred charges, payable upon the Reversions falling in. 

Present Incomes are likewise granted upon the latter principle to persons entitled to 
Reversionary Interests, who may thus obtain the means of support until their property falls into 
possession, without being called upon for any payment until that event. 

Prospectuses and Forms of Proposal may be obtained from the Secretary, to whom all 
communications should be addressed. 

D. A. BUMSTED, Actuary and Secrelari/. 



1, Old Broad Street ^ 22, Fall Mall, LONDON, 




INVESTED ASSETS (Capital and Reserves) ... over £1,500,000. 

The Distinguishinjr Characteristics of this Company are: — Moderate Rates; 
Undoubted Security ; Prompt and Liberal Settlement of Claims. 




TOTAL FUNDS IN HAND £1,250,000. 

Advantages offered comprise; — High Average Bonuses; Low Non-Profit Rates; 
New System of Diminishing Premiums; Unusually Liberal Conditions of 
Assurance ; Perfect Security. 



J^SLW Life A^j^svir-ance Society. 





The Right Hon. Baron Campbell. 
The Rigrht Hon. Viscount Cranbrook. 
The Hon. Mr. Justice Manisty. 
The Hon. Mr. Justice Pearson. 


The Hon. Alfred E. Gathorne-Hardy. 
His Honour Judge Turner. 
William Frederick Higgins, Esq. 

Edward Bailey, Esq. 
Samuel Bircham, Esq. 
Hon. Hallyburton G. Campbell. 
John Clerk, Esq., Q.C. 
Frederick Geo. Davidson, Esq. 
Richard Du Cane, Esq. 
Robert Ellett, Esq. 
William James Farrer, Esq. 

William Rolle Malcolm, Esq. 
Richard Nicholson, Esq. 
Charles Manley Smith, Esq. 
John M. Teesdale, Esq. 
Edward Tompson, Esq. 
J. Jas.EdgcombeVenning.Esq. 
Arnold William White, Esq. 
Basil Thomas Wood, Esq. 

Henry Ray Freshfield, Esq. 
Hon. A. E. Gathorne-Hardy. 
Henry J. L. Graham, Esq. 
Sir Farrer Herschell, Q.C. 
William F. Higgins, Esq. 
Right Hon. Sir Henry T. Hol- 
land, Bart., M.P., K.C.M.G. 
John Jas. Johnson, Esq., Q.C. 
Henry Gerard Hoare, Esq. I Windthrop Mackworth Praed, Esq. 

Henry Houseman, Esq. | Percival Walsh, Esq. 

Actuary — Griffith Davies, Esq. Assistant Actuary — Alfred B. Adlard, Esq. 

Physician — Robert Martin, E8q..M.D. 

Solicitor — W. Melmoth W alterB, Esq. Bankers — Messrs. Hoare. 

Assets on 3 1st December 1885 £5,248,223. 

Income for the Year 1885 438,475. 

Amount paid in claims to 31 st December 1885 14,536,593. 

Reversionary Bonuses allotted for Ave years ending Slat December 1884 690,946. 

Total Reversionary Bonuses hitherto allotted .. 6,889,937. 

The Expenses of Mnnaf^ement (including Commission) are about 4i per cent, of the Annual Income. 
The Limits of Free Travel and Residence have been largely extended, and the rates of extra 
premium reduced. 

Loans are granted on security of Policies, Life Interests and Reversions, as well as on other 
approved Securities. 

Life Interests and Reversions are purchased. Claims are paid immediately on proof of death 
and title. 
Commission is allowed to Solicitors and others on Assurances effected through their introduction. 
Prospectus and Form of Proposal will be sent on application to the Actuary, 



Subscribed Capital £1,000,000, in 10,000 Shares of £100 each. 

Held by over Nine Hundred Froprieton. 

IPj^IID-TJIP OJi^FXrrj^lLi £200,000, 







Head Office— 7, FENCHURCH STREET, E.G. 









2, King William Street, London, E. G. 

Examples of Bonases and Reductions of Preminms :— 




COMHBNCBD IN 1830, ClOSKD 1870. j 

COMMKNCBU I» 1871. 1 


Age at 




Age at Original 






of Policy, 

Entry. Premium. 




Jt 8. d. 

£ t. i. 








9 12 9 







64 10 10 

26 5 7 






47 41 7 6 

11 G 6 




922 1 


71 466 4 7 

884 19 4 






60 314 12 6 

111 6 6 

Assurers in Class A have their Premiums reduced by 87 per cent, of the 
original amounts, leavingr them only 13 per cent, to pay. Those who elected to 
take Bonuses instead of Reductions have annual additions made to their Policies, 
varying from 4 to over 9 per cent, of the original sums assured. 

Prospectuses and every information furnished on application to 




President— Sir THOMAS BEEVOR, Bart. 

Ciller Offlceii:— 


T. MUIR GRANT, Secretary. \ C. J. BUNYON, M,A., Actuary. 

mHtvlQt Offices:— 

Birmingham— 21, Bennett's Hill. I Glasgow— 102, St. Vincent Street. 

Dublin— 67, Upper Sackville Street. | Liverpool— 27, Castle Street. 
Manchester— 1, Clarence Street. 


Over 46,000. 

Over £10,000,000. 

Nearly £2,000,000. 



North British and Mercantile Insurance Co, 


Incorporated by Royal Charter and Special Acts of Parliament. 

President — His Grace thk Duke of Roxburghe. 

Vice-President — His Grace the Duke of Sutherland, K.G. 

Chairman of the General Court — Daviii Davidson, Esq. 

Chairman — John White Cater, Esq. Deputy- Chairman — Baron Schroder. 

Charles Morrison, Esq. 
Pascoe Du Pre Grenfell, Esq. 
George Garden Nicol, Esq. 
George Young, Esq. 

Charles W. Mills, Esq.,M.P. 
The Hon. C. N. Lawrence. 
Charles A. Cater, Esq. 
A. D. Kleinwort, Esq. 

Alexander H. Campbell, Esq. 
Richard Brandt, Esq. 
John Sanderson, Esq. 
Quintin Hogg, Esq. 
Manager of Fire Department — George Henry Burnett. Manager of Life Department and 
Actuary — Henry Cockburn. Secretary — F. W. Lance. Medical Officers — A. H. Hassall, M.D.; 
R. C. Cream, M.D. ; Herman Weber, M.D. Solicitor— Sit W. R. Drake. 

J. F. Walker-Drummond, Esq. I Evan Allan Hunter, Esq. | Sir Jas. H.Gibson-Craig, Brt. 

David Baird Wauchope, Esq. Charles Gardner, Esq. | Right Hon. the Earl of Elgin. 

Sir James Gardiner Baird, Esq. I Ralph Dunda.s, Esq. ; The Right Hon. Thos. Clark, 

George Auldjo Jamieson, Esq. I John Wharton Tod, Esq. Lord Provost of Edinburgh. 

Frederick Pitman, Esq. | Hon. Henry J. Moncreitf. I Charles B. Logan, Esq. 

Manager — A. Gillies Smith, F.R.S.E. Secretary — Philip R. D. Maclagan. Actuary — Thomas 
Wallace. Medical Officer— John Moii, M.D., F.R.C.P. Solicitors— J. & F. AndersoD, W.S. 
Auditor — James Haldane, Chartered Accountant. 

The Principles on which this Company was founded, and on which it continues to act, 
combine the system of Mutual Assurance with the safety of a large Protecting Capital and 
Accumulated Funds, and thus afford all the facilities and advantages which can prudently be 
offered by any Life Assurance Office. Under these principles the business of the Company 
continues rapidly to increase. 

» Ninety per Cent, of the waoLB profits is divided among the Assurers on the Par- 
ticipating Scale. 

The Profits are divided every Five Years. The next division will take place on 31st 
December, 1885. 

Policies Indisputable after Five Years from the date of issue, except in the case of 
persons Military or Seafaring by profession. 

Annuities of all kinds are granted, and the rates fixed on the most favourable terras. 


Property of kvery descripti6n, at Home and Abroad, insured at most favourable Rates. 

Net Premiums for 1884 amounted to .^t" 1,114,068. 

Losses from Fire occasioned by Lightning are made good by this Company. Losses caused by 
explosion of Gas are also paid. Insurances effected for seven years will be charged six years' 
Premiums only. No charge for alterations by f^ndorsements. Rents of Buildings Insured. 

Claims settled with promptitude and liberality. No Charge made for Policies. 

Prospectuses and every information can be obtained at the Chief Offices. 

Resources of the Company as at 31st December, 1884. 

I. Authorised Capital .. £3,000,000 

Subscribed Capital 2,500,000 

Paid-up Capital 625,000 Q 

II. Fire Fund— Reserve 

Premium Reserve 

Balance of Profit and Iajss Account 

ni. Life Fund — Accumulated Fund of Life Branch 
,, ,, Annuity Branch 

IV. Revenue for the Year 1884— 

From the Life Department : 
Life Premiums, Interest, and Fees.. 
Annuity Prices, Premiums, and Interest.. 

From Fire Department : 
Fire Premiums, Interest, and Fees. . 

The accumulated Funds of the Life Department are free from libality in respect of the Fire 
Department, and in like manner the accumulated Funds of the Fire Department are free from 
liability in respect of the Life Department. 

London: 61, Threadneedle Street, E.G. West End Office : 8, Waterloo Place, S.W. 
Edinburgh: 64, Princes Street. 



























Law Courts Branch— 33, CHANCERY LANE, W.C. 

West End Branch— 3i, St. JAMES'S STREET, S.W. 

Extracts from the Reports for the Year 1884. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT. { [««^y^^'*'«;/'*"/^"^«»8|*«-^^^ " ^^iifa ,? 6 

LIFE DEPARTMENT. Prkmiums, after deducting Re-Assurance .. 250,163 5 i 

DECLARATION of BONUS for the Qainqaexmiam ending 31st Dec, 1884. 
£1 IDs. PER Cknt. pkr Annum on Sum Assurkd, upon all Policies entitled to participate. 
As lit the previous Investigations of 1870, 1875, and 1880, to secure perfect accuracy in the calcula- 
tions, a valuation of the Liabilities has been obtained from an independent Actuary, in addition 
to the ordinary register valuation by the Officers of the Company : and Mr. James Meikle, F.F.A., 
F.I. A., President of the Actuarial Society of Edinburgh, the Consulting Actuary, reports that 

The Life Sarplns realised in the Five Years was £354,513. 

The valuation was made by the Tables of the Institute of Actuaries (Hm), at 3 per cent. Interest. 

After providing for payment of the Dividend, the Funds of the Company stand as follows : — 

Capital Paid-up 4^289,545 

FiRK Fund .£550.000 

Conflagration Fund 200,000 750,000 

Reserve Fund 1,100,000 

Balance of Profit and Loss 150,095 6 8 

.LiKK Funds 3 .058,767 a 6 

-— :- j g5,348.407 9 a 


" / have examined and counted evert/ Security, and have found all correct and in perfect order, 
and that the present aggregate Market value thereof is in excess of the amounts in the said 
Balance Sheets." 

JOHN H. MCLAREN, Manager. DIGBY JOHNSON. Sub.Manager. 

JOHN H. CROFT, Secretary in London. 



(Established by Royal Charter, A.D. 1720.) 

Chief Office, Royal Exchange, London; Branch, 29, Pall Mall. 

The Accumulated Funds exceed £4,000,000. 

The Total Claims paid by this Corporation have exceeded 


FIRE ASSTJRANCES on liberal terms. 

LIFE ASSURANCES with or without participation in profits. Divisions of Profit 
every Five Years. 

Persons whose lives are assured with this Corporation on the Bonus or Non- 
Bonus system incur no Mutual Liabilities as Partners, nor do they depend upon an 
uncertain Fund ; the large INVESTED CAPITAL-STOCK of the Corporation 
affords unquestionable Security for the fulfilment of its engagements. 

All real improvements in modern practice, with the security of an Office whose 
resources have been tested by the experience of more than a Century and a-half. 

The Corporation are open to consider applications for Agencies. 

A Prospectus, Table of Bonus, and Balance Sheet will be forwarded on ap- 

E. R. HANDCOCK, Secretary. 




Every description of 

Life Assurance and Annuity Business 

Transacted. Beversions Burcliased. 

The amount of Claims paid exceeds Seven 


The invested Assets exceed Five Millions. 

Whole-world Licenses granted to Seamen and 
others permanently engaged on board ship at an extra 
premium of ^^i per cent. 

Limited Licenses for voyages not extending beyond 
33 degrees North Latitude, los. per cent. 

The last Annual and Valuation Reports can be 
obtained upon application to the Secretary. 




This new White Lead Paint possesses the following 
important advantages : — 

It is Perfectly Innocnons — It will always Retain its Coloar — It is superior in 
Body, Colour, Density, and Durability to White Lead nianutactured by the ordinary 
methods — It mixes more readily with Oil, and is Entirely Free from the Injurious 
Smell of Poisonous White Lead. 


jr. IS. F^JEtl^E^TJ^lS Ac Co., 

White Lead, Varnish, and Colour Manufacturers, 

L oiv r> oiv. 


Samples and Prices^ also Reports by Professor A. H. Churchy Dr. BartUtt, 
Sir Chas. A. Cameron, ^c, and numerous Testimonials on application. 



Tliis Kitchener is con- 
structed for burning 
Ordinary Coal. thesmoke 
being consumed in its 
passage through the fire. 
Will roast in Jront of the 
fire. Unsurpassed for 
Economy, General Con- 
venience, Heatinp Baths , 
Through Ventilation, 
and the prevention of 
Smoky Chimneys. 

Fitted wiih Patent Self- 
acting Damper, which 
prevents waste of fuel. 



^|^^5'J"^'v^^ ^ 


The Gold Medal and 

a Silver Medal for 
Grates & Kitcheners 

at the 
Smoke Abatement 


South Kensington; 


Awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals at International Health Exhibition 1884, 
and Inventions Exhibition 1885. 

BROWN & GREEN, Limited, 

Makers of the Gold Medal Register d other Smoke Consuming Stoves, 
LUTON; & 69 & 71, FINSBURY PAVEMENT, London. 


.4. I«^ I S'S!$ 



PuMIiilied on !iatiii*4la;f, ^O Columns. 

Mb. victor MILWARD. 
Lt.-Col. the Hon. G. WINDSOR CLIVE. 

This old-established Paper has a larger circulation than any other 
weekly advertising newspaper published in the Midland Counties, 
and is therefore a first-class advertising medium, especially for al 
announcements intended to attract the notice of the Upper and Middle 
Classes, the Clergy, Professional Men, CapitaHsts, the Farming and 
Landed Interests, Tradespeople and the General Public. 




48 COLUMNS on Monday, Taesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 

56 COLUMNS on Thursday. 

A Daily Paper having a special and general circulation amongst the 
Merchants of Birmingham and Gentlemen of the neighbouring Counties. 
It is widely circulated amongst the Clergy, Professional Classes, the 
iFarming and Landed Interests, and Capitalists of the Midlands. 











Contractors to H.M, War Office and Admiraltij. 




For the last Twenty- Eight Years. 




184, ^I«,0]^tI»TOIV It0.4.I>, 





Sell the Finest TEA the World 
Produces at 3s. a Pound; 


Magnificent TEAS at 2s. 6d. & 2s. a Pound. 








Chief Office :— 

60, King William Street, London Bridge. 

nranch E staMisliments : 


35, STRAND (near charing Cross), W.C. 










Gem and Fine Gold Jewellery supplied direct to Purchasers 

at Manufacturers^ Prices^ 

Saving^ from SI5 to ^O per cent. 

"Their work is exquisitely finished."— 7%« TinuM. 
** An unrivalled display of Jewellery and Diamonds."— 7%« Queen. 

Awarded the Gold Medal at Inuntioru Exhibition, 






I The Stock of 

, Fine Gold and 

Gem Jewellery 

I is the largest 

1 and choicest 

in London, and 

contains new 

and original 

deai^i not to 

be obtained 

elsewhere, an 

inspection of 

which is in. 



in best Morocco Case, iB8. 


any Letter, in best Morocco Case, Ml 7s. 


£1 159. 


No. 683. £11 10s. 
The same in Fine Pearls 00s. 

Price lOs. each. 



Show-Rooms :— 112. REGENT STREET, LONDON, W 
Jewellery Manufactory, Clerkenwm.l. 




5;ry oFTO^E 


HOUSE OF Commons, 


Judicial Bench. 


Compiled and Edited by V^'^Vn 

Robert Henry Mair, LL.D, 





C. T. BROCK & Co. 

South Norwood, 


London Telephone— No. 21 1. 

Telegraphic Address — 



SOLK PyrotecKnists to the 



Visit of H.E.H. the PKINCE of WALES, and Proclamation of HER MAJESTY 
as Empress at Delhi, 




And to numerous Yacht Clubs, Horticultural and Agricultural Societies, 
Noblemen, and Gentlemen, 

^ipliittta iff %mtm^ mi ^M %M, 'fr[i^ui\m\ %xWi\m, 1884. 



-With Personal Superintendence, for 


GATHERINGS of TENANTRY, GARDEN PARTIES, and Evbry Kind of Festivity. 

Illuminations by Japanese and Chinese Lanterns, Vauxhall Lamps, Electric Lights, 

Gas Crystals, &c. 


Retail Oepot:— lOO, €lieapiii<le, Eiooclon, £.€. 

" We have all seen Fireworks of some kind or other, but only those who have seen Messrs. 
Brock's displays know what real Fireworks are." — Aberdeen Free Fret*. 



Abbreviations vii 

Adjournments of Parliaments, Dates of 386 

Administrations, List of 384 

Advertisements, Index to 390 

Appeal, Lords and Judges of 279 

Bye Elections since January, 1886 xiii 

Changes since the General Election of 1885 .... xiii 

Clerks and Officers of the House of Commons . . . 383 

„ ,, „ Lords . . . .383 

Clubs and Addresses of Club Houses 388 

Comparative Table showing Differences of Population and 
Representation between the Present and Old Consti- 
tuencies 385 

Counties, Divisions, Boroughs and Universities, returning 

Members to Parliament 165 

Duration of Parliaments, Table of 384 

General Elections since 1832 384 

House of Commons, Constitution of 384 

Judicial Bench : — 

Assistant Judge, Lord Mayor's Court 333 Judge of Consistory Court . . 334 

Colonial Judges . . . . 34* „ Passage Court, Liverpool . 333 

Committee of Privy Council . . 279 Judges of County Courts. . . 300 

Common Serjeant of London . . 333 Metropolitan Magistrates . . 335 

English Judges . . . 279, 280 Recorders ..... 313 

Irish ,, . . . 279, 292 Stipendiary Magistrates . . . 339 

Scotch „ . . . 280, 297 Temporal Chancellor, co. Durham . 334 

Judge of City of London Court . 334 Vice-Chancelior, co. Lancaster . . 333 

„ Bristol Tolzey Court . 334 Vice- Warden of the Stannaries . • 334 

,, Court of Record, Salford . 335 Wreck Commissioner . . . 334 

Lords High Chancellors since 1832 382 

Lords Lieutenants of Counties 387 

Members of Parliament : — 

Who have succeeded to Courtesy titles 

Alphabetical List of . . . i 

Unseated since February, 1886 . xiii 

Who have accepted office since Jan.^ 1 886 xiii 
Who have resigned their seats smce 
February, i886 . . . xiii 

since February, 1886 . . xiu 

\A^ho have been created Privy Coun- 
cillors, Baronets, Knights and Com- 
panion since January, 1886 . . xiii 

Ministry, The 380 

New Members of Parliament elected since January 1886 . xiii 
Obituary of Members of Parliament since December 1885 . xiii 

Occurrences during Printing xv 

Peeresses in their own Rights 386 

Peers and Peeresses of the United Kingdom .... 245 

Peers' Surnames 274 

Peers who are Minors 386 

Preface ix 

Privy Council, Judicial Committee of ..... 279 

Public General Acts passed in 1885 381 

Representative Peers 386 

Seats Vacant, February 1886 xiii 

Speakers of the House of Commons since 1832 .... 382 

Surnames of Peers 274 

Technical Parliamentary Expressions and Practices . . 369 
Titles of Heirs Apparent to Dukes, Marquesses, and Earls . 273 




Each Bottle bears an Oval Label, and each Cork is branded '• BURGOYNE." 

"Tintara." "Tintara." "Tintara." 

The Tintara Vineyard was planted by an early settler, our ftriend, the late A. C. Kkllt, Esq , 
M.D., and its position (about 6o miles from Adelaide) would scarcely hare been chosen had nv\ 
chance discovered the choice ferruginous constituents of the soil at Maclaren Vale for Win' 
growing. From 60 acres the estate has, under the supervision of his son, ^own to 1,700, prn 
ducing per acre from 250 to 400 gallons of rich ruby wine. Tlie intense colour of the wine 1- 
caused by the iron so largely absorbed from the soil, which gives it a most remarkably fruitN , 
generous flavour, conveying to the palate a fresh after-tonic, invigorating taste. For enridiiiiL: 
the blood, it has no equal, and we have the utmost confidence in recommending it as a perfectly 
ipure, generous sustaining wine, with extraordinary dietetic properties. 

P. B. BURGOYNE & Co.'s Gold Medal, LONDON, 1884. 
Of all Wine Merchants. 
P. B. BURGOYNE & Co.'s 
Vineyards of Supply carried off the only diploma of 
Honour at Vienna in competition with the vineyards of 
the world. 

Carried off many Gold and Silver Medals at Bordeaux, 
and are to be made a very prominent feature at the 
Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886 by the Colonial 

P. B. BURGOYNE & Co.'s 
Dr. Stmes Thompson writes:—" 1 believe the Health 
Exhibition will open people's eyes to the value of your 
wines. Your Hermitage Selected at 3«. lam greatly 
pleased with." 

Dr. Dixon— ''Has great faith In the Red Hermitage, 

from seeing it used under the advice of Sir W. Jenner." 

Dr. BouRKR writes:— "The Tintara is an excellent, 

full-bodied wine, well adapted for weak digestiou and 

nervous irritability." 

Dr. Druitt writes :—" Year Tintara is good for the 
sick and the healthy." 

Dr. Mackintosh writes:— "The Tintara is a tonic 
and restorative of high character, full body, and nu> 

P. B. BURGOYNE & Co.'s 
Dr. PiNHALL writes :— " I never realised the character 
and refinement Australian Wines are capable of dis. 
playing until I tasted yours." 

Dr. Hogg writes: — "Your wines agree well with a 
delicate stomach." 

The Tintara is of immense power, withal a natural 
wine. For cases of natural debility it has no equal. 
Dr. Gardner writes :— " The Tintara is wholesome, 
nutritious, and natural and highly appreciated by my 

The Lancet:— "The Tintara is a satisfying wine, 
and the constituents of grape juice abound. In robust- 
ness or body the wine is superior to the wines of 

The Medical Times:— "The Tintara is a natural 
wine of generous quality, is grown on ferrugious soil, 
and is very nutritious." 

P. B. BURGOYNE «t Co.'s 
The Standard in a lezwiing article says: — "These 
wines are generous, full flavoured, full of body, nothing 
finer or more genuine is to be drunk. They abound in 
memories of the sun that begot them." 

The Times :—" These are fine wines to keep, as English 
buyers are beginning to discover." 

P. B. BURGOYNE & Ca.'s 

" Burgoyne " is the Brand on all Corks. 

To be obtained of all Wine Merchants. If any dif- 

ffculty occurs, send f«r full List direct to 

Head Office : 6, Dowgate Hill, 
I (Cannon Street Station), London, E.C. 












"Tintara," "Tintara." 


A.A.G., Assistant Adjutant General : Acad., 
Academy; A.D.C,, Aide-de-Camp ; Adj., 
Adjutant ; Adm., Admiral ; A.P.D., Army 
Pay Department; A.Q.M.G., Assistant 
Quartermaster General ; Assist. , Assistant. 

Bar., Barrister; B., Baron; b., bom; B.A., 
Bachelor of Arts ; Bart., Baronet ; batn., 
battalion ; B.C.L., Bachelor of Civil Law ; 
B.C.S.,Bengal Civil Service; B.D., Bachelor 
of Divinity; Bom. C.S., Bombay Civil Ser- 
vice; Bonn. S.C., Bombay Staff Corps; 
boro', borough ; Bp,, Bishop ; Brig., Brigade, 
Brigadier; B.S.C., Bengal Staff Corps. 

C, Conservative ; c, created ; Camb., Cam- 
bridge ; Capt. , Captain ; Cav. , Cavalry ; 
C.B., Companion of the Bath; CE.. Civil 
Engineer; Ch., Chief; Chap.. Chaplain; 
Ch. Ch., Christ Church ; Chm., Chairman ; 
C.I., Lady of Imperial Order of the Crown 
of India; C.I.E., Companion of the Indian 
Empire; Civil Ser., Civil Service; C.M.G., 
Companion of St. Michael and St. George; 
CO., county. Company ; Col., Colonel ; Coll., 
College ; Com., Commander ; Comdg., Com- 
mandmg ; Comdt., Commandant ; Com.-in- 
Ch., Commander-in-Chief; Commn., Com- 
mission; Commr., Commissioner; Comy.- 
Gen., Commissary -General ; con., conse- 
crated ; COS., counties. Companies; cr., 
creation; C.S., Civil Service ; C.S.I., Com- 
panion of the Star of India. 

d., died; D., Duke; da., dau., Daughter; 
D.A.A.G., Deputy Assistant Adjutant 
General ; D.A.Q.M.G., Deputy Assistant 
Quartermaster General ; D. C. L. , Doctor of 
Civil Law ; D.D., Doctor of Divinity ; dep., 
deputy; Dep.-Lieut., Deputy-Lieutenant; 
Depart., Department; Diplo.j Diplomatic; 
Dist., District; Div., Division ; D.L., 
Deputy- Lieutenant ; D.Sc, Doctor of 

E., Earl ; ed., educated ; E.I.C.S., East India 
Company's Service; el., eldest; ext., ex- 
tinct; Extraor., Extraordinary. 

F.K.Q.C.P., Fellow of the King and Queen's 
College of Physicians, Ireland ; F.R.C.S., 
Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons ; 
F.R.S., Fellow of Royal Society; F.R.S.E., 
Fellow of Royal Society of Edinburgh. 

G.C.B., Knight Grand Cross of the Bath; 
G.C.H., Knight Grand Cross of Royal 
Hanoverian Guelphic Order; G.C.M.G., 
Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. 
George; G.C.S.I., Knight Grand Com- 
mander of Star of India; G. M.M.G., Grand 
Master of St. Michael and St. George ; 
G.M.S.I., Grand Master of the Star of India; 
Gen,, General; Gov,, Governor; Govt., 
Government : Gram. Sch. , Grammar School. 

h.-a.y heir-apparent; H.E.I. C.S,, Honorable 
East India Company's Service; H.I.H., 
His, or Her, Imperial Highness; H.M., 
Hi.s or Her, Majesty; H.M.S.. Her 
Majesty's Ship; Hon., Honourable; h.-p., 
heir-presumptive ; h.p., half-pay ; H.R., 
Home Rule; H.R.H., His, or Her, Royal 
Highness ; H.S.H., His, or Her, Serene 

I., IndepencJfent ; infra, below ; I, P., Peer of 

J. P., Justice of the Peace. 

K.B., Knight Bachelor ; K.C.B., Knight Com- 
mander of the Bath; K.C.H., Knight Com- 
mander of the Hanoverian Guelphic Order 
K.C.M.G., Knight Commander of St. 
Michael and St. George; K.C.S.I., Knight 
Commander of the Star of India; K.G., 
Knight of the Garter ; Knt.. Knight ; K.P,, 
Knight of St. Patrick ; K.T , Knight of the 

Z.., Liberal; L.C., Liberal Conservative; 
Legis., Legislative; L.I., Light Infantry; 
Lieut,, Lieutenant ; Lieut, -Col. or Lt.-Col., 
Lieutenant-Colonel ; L.K.Q.C.P., Licentiate 
of the King and Queen's College of Physic- 
ians, Ireland; LL.B., Bachelor of Laws; 
LL.D., Doctor of Laws ; LL.M., Master of 

M., Marquess ; w., married ; M.A., Master of 
Arts; Maj., Major; M.B., Bachelor of 
Medicine; M.C.S., Madras Civil Service; 
M.D., Doctor of Medicine; M.E.C., Mem- 
ber of Executive Council; Med., Medical; 
M.I.C.E., Member of Institute of Civil 
Engineers; Mil., Military ; Min., Minister ; 
M.L.A., Member of Legislative Assembly; 
M.L.C., Member of Legislative Council; 
M.P., Member of Parliament; M.R.C.S., 
Member of Royal College of Surgeons ; 
M.R.I. A., Member of the Royal Irish 
Academy; M.S.C., Madras Staff Corps 
Mus. B., Bachelor of Music ; Mus. D., 
Doctor of Music, 

N., Nationalist ; N.I., Native Infantry. 

Oxon., Oxford. 

P.C, Privy Councillor ; Plen., Plenipotentiary ; 
pop., population; Preb., Prebendary; Pres., 
President; P.W.D., Public Works Depart- 

Q.C., Queen's Counsel; Q.M.G., Quarter- 

R., Rector, Rectory; R.A., Royal Artillery, 
Royal Academican ; R.E., Royal Engineers; 
Reg. Elec, Registered Electors ; Regt., 
Regiment ; Rev., Reverend ; R.H.A., Royal 
Horse Artillery; R.M., Royal Marines; 
R.M.A,, Royal Marine Artillery ; R.M.L.I., 
Royal Marine Light Infantry ; R.R.C., Lady 
of the Royal Red Cross ; R.N., Royal Navy ; 
Roy., Royal; R.S.O. Railway Sub-Office: 
Rt., Right; Rt. Hon., Right Honorable. 

s., succeeded ; Sch., School . S.C.L., Student 
of Civil Law; Sec, Secretary ; Ser., Service ; 
So., Society; S.P., Peer of Scotland ; Sup. 
Superintendent ; Surg., Surgeon. 

/., translated; Trin,, Trinity. 

Univ., University. 

v.. Viscount, Vicarage : V.A., Lady of the 
Royal Order of Victoria and Albert ; Vis., 
Viscount ; V.C., Victoria Cross ; V.L., Vice- 
Lieutenant ; Vol., Volunteers. 

W.S., Writer to the Signet. 

Yeo., Yeomanry. 


MEDALS: PARIS, 1856, 1875, 1878. MEDALS: LONDON, 1851, 











Southampton Buildings^ Chancery Lane, 
THREE per CENT. INTEREST allowed on DEPOSITS, repayable on demand. 
TWO PER CENT. INTEREST allowed on CURRENT ACCOUNTS calculated on the 
minimum monthly balances, when not drawn below £60. 

The Bank undertakes for its Customers, free of Charge, the Custody of Deeds, 
"Writings, and other Securities and Valuables; the collection of Bills of Exchange, 
Dividends, and Coupons; and the purchase and sale of Stocks, Shares and 

THE BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with fuU particulars, can be obtained post 
free, on application to 

^arcA31«M885. FRANCIS RA VENSCROFT, 3/ana^er. 

The Birkbeck Building Society's Annual Receipts exceed Five 


with immediate Possession and no Rent to pay. Apply at the Office of the 
Birkbeck Building Society. 

MONTH, with immediate Possession, either for Building or Gardening 
purposes. Apply at the Office of the Birkbeck Freehold Land Society. 
A Pamphlet, with full particulars, on application. 

Southampton Buildings^ Chancery Lane. 


HOUGH many books have recently been pub- 
lished concerning the personnel of the New 
House of Commons, and the representation of 
the various constituencies, this is the only 
VOLUME that contains the numerous changes 
that have recently taken place consequent upon the resig- 
nation of the Salisbury Ministry and the formation of a new 
Cabinet by Mr. Gladstone. It also furnishes biographical 
sketches of all members elected to the present Parliament 
before Feb. 17th inst. ; and in the section devoted to con- 
stituencies the result of every election is duly noted. 

The dual nomenclature of new constituencies* is ren- 
dered easy for reference by an original plan, in which the 
"alternative" title is included in the alphabetical arrange- 
ment. Thus if it be desired to discover who is the member 
for Holland, or Hallamshire, or Howdenshire, etc., it is 
only necessary to refer to the name of the place indicated 
to find under what principal heading the information will be 
found. In other published lists of constituencies the absence 
of a double reference causes confusion and disappointment. 

This work is, moreover, the only one that gives a 
description of Divisional Boundaries, supplies engravings 
of armorial bearings of M.P.'s, of Judges, of Parliamentary 
Boroughs, and of County Divisions, beanng the "alternative" 
designations of Municipal Corporations to which arms have 
been granted. 

In preparing the present edition I met with unusual reti- 
cence on the part of many new M.P.'s, some of whom 
supplied the briefest possible information concerning them- 
selves, while others neglected to give any indication as to 
their places of residence. 

Those who have been accustomed to refer to previous 
editions of this work will notice that the present volume 
contains fewer engravings of armorial bearings than has any 
of its predecessors. Heralds may also observe that arms do 

* "Any name placed before the description of a Division shall be the name of the 
division, and where the names -of the divisions are in the alternative, the division 
may be designated by, both or eitherof such names for all purposes." — Extract from 
Redistriiutiou of Seats Act, 1885. 

not appear with the biographies of some members who are 
most unquestionably entitled to bear them. This circum- 
stance is due to the fact that the gentlemen referred to 
either neglected to supply the necessary information or 
furnished it too late. It is also worthy of note that several 
M.P.'s who shortly after their election stated that they did 
not bear arms, afterwards furnished drawings, or blazons, 
and particularly requested that engravings should be exe- 
cuted ; most of these requisitions, however, arrived too late. 
Possibly some of the illustrations are arms of assumption ; 
if so, I can only remark that they have been copied from 
book-plates, or seals, supplied by the gendemen using them. 

Although only a few weeks have passed since the meeting 
of Parliament, 7 new members have been elected, i resigned, 
I vacated his seat by accepting a Judgeship, i was unseated 
upon a scrutiny, 3 have become Honourables, 2 died, 5 have 
been sworn of the Privy Council, 25 elections have been 
held, and 4 seats are vacant. 

The parliamentary populations are taken from a Govern- 
ment paper issued in December last, and the registered 
electors are from data supplied by Returning Officers. 

To increase the referential value of the volume a com- 
plete list of Peers and Peeresses is appended, with their 
addresses and clubs, and the names, etc., of their heirs. 

The Judicial section, which is unique, furnishes bio- 
graphical sketches of the Judges of the Superior Courts of 
the United Kingdom, of the Judges of English and Welsh 
County Courts, of the Recorders and the Metropolitan and 
Stipendiary Magistrates of England, and of 151 Colonial 
Judges; and also supplies tabulated lists of Judges of 
County Courts, Recorders, and Colonial Judges. The 
scope of this section will probably bear extension, and I 
shall be glad to give mature consideration to any sugges- 
tion that may be made to me. 

To the hundreds of noblemen and gentlemen who have 
furnished me with information, or revised the proofs sub- 
mitted for their approval, I cordially tender my thanks. 

Robert H. Mair, LL.D. 

6, Batoum Gardens, London, W. 
February 20/^, 1886. 



rinliing J'0untam & Cattle Cr0«g| 


Supported entirely by Voluntary Contributions, 



^resilient — His Grace the Duke of Westminster, K.G., etc., etc. 

Chairman cf Committee and Treasurer — Joseph Fbt, Esq. 

Secretary — M. W. Milton. 


Free Supplies of Water for Man and Beast in the Streets of London, 

And the relief which it affords'both to human beings and dumb animals is incalculable. 

The total number of Troughs and Fountains now erected and at work in the 
Metropolis is as follows : — 597 Troughs for animals and 575 Fountains for 
human beings, at which multitudes of men, women, and children, horses, oxen, 
sheep and dogs, quench their thirst daily, amounting in the aggregate to probably 
not less than the enormous total of 250,000,000 drinkers in a year. 

The Committee eameatly solicit liberal contributions in support of this simple scheme for 
the amelioration of animal suffering and the promotion of habits of temperance amongst our 
itinerant and working population. 

Contributions may be paid to the Bankers, Messrs. Ransom, Bouvbrib, & Co. ; Messrg- 
Barclay, Bbvan, & Co.; or at the OflBce to 

M. W. MILTON, Secretary. 

" I gioe and bequeath the sum of tg be paid {free of Legacy 

Duty) out of such parts of my personal estate as can be lawfully applied for that purpose unto the 
Treasurer for the time being of a Society called or known by the name of Thb Metropolitan 
Drinking Fountain and Qattle Trough Association, t<M be at the disposal of the Com- 
mittee for the time being of the said Society." 










Costly IJIustrated Catalogue (No. IJ Free. 

OXFORD STREET, 158 to 162. 1 

Manufactory:— Norfolk Street, Sheffield. 



Grantham, William, Q.C., Croydon, appointed 
a Justice of the High Court of Judicature. 



Armagh County, 

Mid Armagh Division, Feb. ist, 1886. 
Banffshire, Feb. 13th, 1886. 

Luton Division, Feb. 13th, 1886. 
Berwickshire, Feb. 13th, i886. 
Birmingha m. 

West Divisioti, Feb. 9th, 1886. 
Carlow County, Jan. 29th, 1886. 
Clackmannan and Kinross, Feb. 13th, r886. 
Croydon, Jan. 27th, i886. 
Derby, Borough, Feb. 9th, 1886. 
Edinburgh City, 

South Division, Jan. 29th, 1886 ; Feb. 9th, 
Edinburghshire, Feb. loth, 1886. 
Elgin District, Feb. 12th, 18S6. 
Galwny, Borough, Feb. nth, 1886. 
Grimsby, Great, Feb. 12th, 1886. 
Hackney, Feb. nth, 1886. 
Hawick District, Feb. loth, 1886. 

South Division, Feb. 12th, 1886. 
Monaghan County, 

North Monaghan Division, Feb. ioth,i886. 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Feb. 12th, 1886. 

Mid Division, Feb. 12th, i886. 
Queen's County, 

Ossory Division, Feb. 12th, 1886. 

Brightside Division, Feb. 9th, 1886. 

North Western Division, Feb. 12th, 1886. 
Stirling District, Feb. loth, i886. 


Jan. 27th. — Croydon. 

,, 29th. — Edinburgh City, South Division ; 
Carlow County. 
Feb. I St. — Armagh County, Mid Armagh 

,, 9th. — Birmingham, West Division ; 
Derby ; Edinburgh City, South 
Division ; Sheffield, Brightside 

,, loth. — Edinburghshire ; Hawick District ; 
Monaghan County, South Mon- 
aghan Division ; Stirling Dis- 

,, nth. — Galway Borough ; Hackney. 

„ 12th. — Elgin District ; Grimsby ; Leeds, 
South Division ; Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne ; Northamptonshire, 
Mid Division ; Queen's County, 
Mid Division ; Staffordshire, 
N.W. Division. 

„ 13th. — Banffshire ; Bedfordshire, Luton 
Division ; Berwickshire ; Clack- 
mannan and Kinross. 


Birkbeck, Edward, Norfolk, East Division. 
Ewing, Archibald Orr, Dumbartonshire. 
Green, Edward, Wakefield. 
Paget, Richard Horner, Somersetshire, Wells 


Macdonald, Rt. Hon, John Hay Athole, Q.C., 

Edinburgh and St. Andrew's Universities. 


Grantham, William, Q.C., Croydon. 

Russell, Charles, Q.C., Hackney, South Divi- 


Heneage, Edward, Great Grimsby. 

H ibbert, John Tomlinson, Oldham. 

Kilcoursie, Viscount, Somersetshire, Southern 

Mellor, John William, Q.C., Grantham. 

Morley, John, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 


Gray, Edmund Dwyer, Carlow County, and 

Dublin City (St. Stephen's Green Divisiori). 
Healy, Thomas Michael, Londonderry County 

{South Derry Division), and Monaghan 

County {North Monaghan Division). 
O'Connor, Arthur, Donegal County {East 

Donegal Division) and Queens County 

{Ossory Division). 
O'Connor, Thomas Power, Galway Borough, 

and Liverpool {Scotland Division). 


Blake, John Aloysius, Carlow County, vice 
Edmund Dwyer Gray, elected for Carlow 
County and also for Dublin City (St. Ste- 
phen's Green Division). 

Childers, Rt. Hon. Hugh Culling Eardley, 
Edinburgh City {South Division), vice Sir 
George Harrison, deceased. 

Corry, Sir James Porter, Bart., Armagh 
County {Mid Armagh Division), vice John 
M'Kane, LL.D., deceased. 

Herbert. Hon. Sidney, Croydon, vice William 
Grantham, Q.C, appointed a Justice of High 
Court of Judicature. 

O'Brien, Patrick, Monaghan County {North 
Monaghan Division), vice Thomas Michael 
Healy, elected for two constituencies. 

O'Mara, Stephen, Queen's County {Ossory 
Division), vice Arthur O'Connor, elected for 
two constituencies. 

O'Shea, Capt. William Henry, Galway 
Borough, vice Thomas Power O'Connor, 
elected for two Constituencies. 


Harrison, Sir George, Edinburgh, South Divi- 

M'Kane, John, Armagh County, Mid Ar- 
magh Division. 


Grosvenor, Rt. Hon. Lord Richard de Aquila, 


Cardiff District. I Grantham. [sion. 

Flintshire. | Somerset, South Divi- 


Allsopp, George Higginson, Worcester. 
Allsopp, Samuel Charles, Taunton. 
Mills, Charles William, Kent {Western, or 
Sevenoaks, Division). 


Williamson, Stephen, St. Andrew's District. 


Extract from 

I saw an Americar 

Lady at the Interna 

tional Fur Store the 

other day trying on s 

Sealskin Ulster that had 

been made for her : 

It fitted as mathematically 

as the fur had done its original 




GLADSTONE (Rt. Hon. William Ewart), Edinburghshire, appointed Lord Privy 
Seal, Feb. 17th, 1886. 

GEANTHAM (John William Mellor, Q.C.), accepted office as Judge Advocate- 
General, Feb. 1886. 

KILC0T7BSIE (Viscount), Somersetshire, Southern Division, appointed Vice- 
Chamberlain of the Household, Feb. 17th, 1886. 



HERSCHELL (Sir Farrer), Lord Chancellor, created Baron Herschell Feb. 1886. 


ASPINALL (John B., Q.C.), Recorder of Liverpool, died Feb. 6th, 1886. 

EDLIN (P. H., Q.C.), Recorder of Bridgwater, wife died Feb. nth, 1886. 

C H. HOPWOOD (Liverpool). 

Charles Henry Hopwood, Q.C, 5th son of the late J. S. S. Hop- 
wood, Esq., of Montague Place, Russell Square, by Mary Ann, da. of the late 
John Toole, Esq., of Dublin; b. 1829 ; ed. at King's ^oU., London; Bar. Middle 
Temple 1853, a Q.C. Feb. 1874, and a Bencher Jan. 1876; sat as M.P. for Stock- 
port (Z) Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, when he was defeated ; appointed Recorder of 
Liverpool Feb. 1886. 

Residence— '^ox\^^\c\i Lodge, St. John's Wood Road, N.W. Chambers— \, Essex Court, 
Temple, E.G. C/«^j— Reform, NaUonal Liberal, Manchester Reform, Albemarle. 


BENNETT (H. C), appointed to Hammersmith Court, Feb. 1886. 
BRIDGE (John), transferred to Bow Street, Feb. 1886. 
SHIEL (James), transferred to South wark, Feb. 1886. 


PETHERAM (Sir William Comer), transferred from Chief Justiceship of N.W. 
Provinces, India, to Chief Justiceship of High Court Calcutta, Feb. 1886. 



Cardwell, Viscount, died Feb. 15th, 

1886, and his peerage is extinct. 

Grimthorpe, Baron. Edmund 

Beckett, Q.C., LL.D., ist B., b. 1816, c. 1886 ; 
h.-p, (by special remainder), his brother, Wil- 
liam Beckett Denison, M.P., b. 1826. Seat— 
Batch Wood, St. Albans. Toaun Residence— 
33, Queen Anne Street, W. Cltib — Athenaeum. 

Herschell, Baron. Farrer Her- 
schell, K.B., D.C.L., ist B., b. 1837, c. 1886. 
Residence — 46, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. 

Clubs — Brooks's, Athenaeum, 
National Liberal, Devonshire. 


Hillingdon, Baron. Charles 

Henry Mills, ist B., b. 1830, c. 1886; h.-a., 
Charles William, M.P., b. 1855. iVaZ-WUder- 

ness, Sevenoaks. Town Residence — Camelford 
House, Park Lane, W. Clubs — Carlton, 
White's, Turf, Travellers', St Stephen's, City 
Carlton, Burlington. 

HiNDLip, Baron. Henry Allsopp, 

ist B., b. 1811, c. 1886; k.-a.. Samuel Charles, 
M.P., b. 1842. .S"m/— Hindhp Hall, near Wor- 
cester. Clubs — Carlton, Windham. 

Melville, Viscount, died Feb. i8th, 

Rothes, Countess of. Mary Eliza- 
beth Haworth, b. 1811, s. 1886; k.-a., Nor- 
man Evelyn Leslie, b. 1877. 

Waveney, Baron, died Feb. isth, 
1886, and his peerage is extinct. 




67, 69, 71, 73, 77 & 79, 




Ebonized Early English Occasional 

9 ft.. ^1 148. 6d. 

Solid Brass Handsomely rmbcised 


with Two Candle Brackets. 

Best BereUed Plate, and Velret Mount 11 in., lfts.9d. 

Early English Cabinet. 

1 ft. 10 in. wide, 3 ft. 5 in. hiph, with 

handsomely decorated panels, ^2 17^. 6d. 

The ••Wolsey" Easy Chair. 

Spring Seat, very soft and comfortable, ^3. 

Extra size ditto, jUS lOs. 






\* For events that have taken place during- the passage of the book through the press, see 
" Occurrences during Printing." 

W. ABRAHAM (Glamorganshire, Rhonda Division). 
William Abraham; b. i8 — ; commenced life as a working 
miner; is a Miners' Agent and Dep.-Chm. of Sliding Scale Committee for S. 
Wales. A Liberal; has sat for Rhonda Div. of Glamorganshire since Dec. 

Residence — 

W. ABRAHAM (Limerick Co., West Limerick Division). 

William Abraham ; b. Nov. 1840 ; is engaged in business as a 
Nurseryman ; has taken an active part in the Land League Agitation ; in 1881 
was arrested as a suspect ; elected Chm. of Limerick Board of Guardians 1882. 
A Home Ruler \ has sat for W. Limerick Div. of Limerick co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences- Fort Prospect, Limerick ; 42, Ambler Road, Finsbury Park, N. 

A. H. D. ACLAND (Yorkshire, West Riding, South Part, Rotherham Division). 

Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland, 2nd son of 
the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, M.P., 
D.C.L., nth Bart., by Mary, da. of Sir Charles Mor- 
daunt, 9th Bart. ; b. 1847 5 ^^- ^^ Rugby and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford : m. 1873, Alice Sophia, el. da. of the Rev. 
Francis Macaulay Cunningham, R. of Brightvvell, 
Wallingford ; was Principal of Oxford Mil. Coll., 
Cowley, 1875-7 ; is Senior Bursar at Balliol Coll., Ox- 
ford. A Liberal \ has sat for Rotherham Div. of S. Part 
of W. Riding of York since Dec. 1st, 1885. 

Residences— QVpanoz, near Carnarvon ; i6, Welbeck Mansions, 
Inibranlable. Cadogan Terrace, S.W. Clubs — Reform, Savile. 

C. T. D. ACSLAND (Cornwall, North Eastern, or Launceston, Division). 
^ Charles Thomas Dyke Acland, el. son of the 

.^L Right Hon. Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, M.P., D.C.L., nth 

j^^S- bart., by Mary, da. of Sir Charles Mordaunt, 9th bart. ; b. 

-^■^^ July i6th, 1842; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford 

(B.A. 1866, M.A. 1868): w. 1879, Gertrude, da. of Sir 
John "W'alrond, 1st Bart. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1869 ; is a 
J. P. for Devon and Cornwall, a J. P. and D.L. for Somer- 
set, Major 1st Devon Yeo. (Jav., and a Dep. Warden of 
the Stanneries ; has been Sec. to Board of Trade since 
Feb. 1886. K Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Somer- 
setshire W. 1880 ; sat for Cornwall E. March 3istj 1882, 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for N.E., or 
Launceston, Div. of Cornwall. 

^^«V/,f«c^— Sprydoncote, near Exeter. C/«3f — Brooks's, 
Athenaeum, Farmers'. 




RIGHT HON. SIR THOBIAS D. ACLAND, Bart. (SomeneUhlre. Westairn, or 
Wellington, Division). 

Thomas Dyke Acland, P.C, D.CL.^ el. son 

of Sir Thomas Dyke Acland, D.C.L., loth bart., who d. 
1871, by Lydia Elizabeth, da. of the late H. Hoare, Esq., 
of Mitchara ; b. May 25th, 1809 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1831, and M.A. 1835, Fellow of 
All Souls' 1831, Hon. D.C.L. 1858) : m. 1st, 1841, Mary, 
who d. 1851, el. da. of the late Sir C. Mordaunt, 9th 
bart. ; 2ndly, 1856, Mary, da. of the late John En>kine, 
Esq. ; formerly ^Iajor Royal 1st Devon Yeo. Cav. ; is 
Hon. Col. 3rd Vol. Bain, Devonshire Regt., a D.L. and 
a J. P. of Devon, a J. P. for Somerset, and a Trustee of 
the Royal Agricultural So. ; was sometime a Schools' 
Inquiry Commr., and 2nd Church Elstates Comnxr. 1869- 
74; a P.C. 1883. A Liberal; sat for W. Somerset July 
1837 to July 1847; unsuccessfully contested Birmingham April 1859; sat for 
N. Devon April 1865 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for W., or Wellington, Div. of 
Somersetshire since Dec. 1885. 

.S'^a/f — Killcrton, near Exeter; Holnicote, near Minehead. Cluht — Atheueum, 

National Liberal, Farmers'. 

J. (E. W.) ADDISON (Aahton-iinder-Lyiie). 

John (Edmund Wentworth) Addison, Q.C.y 3rd son of Henry 
Robert Addison, Esq., by his 2nd wife, Grace, da. of Gen. Sir Robert Barton ; 
b. Nov. 5th, 1838 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 18—) : m. 1873, Alice, el. 
da. of Joseph McKeand, Esq., of Manchester ; Bar. Inner Temple April 30th, 
1862, a Q.C. 1880, and a Bencher 1883 ; goes N. Circuit ; has been Recorder 
of Preston since June 1874. A Conservative ; has sat for Ashtun-under-Lyne 
since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— z^, Norfolk Square, Hyde Park, W. 

J. T. AOC^GARDNER [See Gardner] 

W. AGNEW (Lancashire, South-Eastem Part, Stretford Division), 
l^^ William Agnew, son of the late Thomas 

JE|^B^ Agnew, Esq., of Manchester, by Jane, 2nd da. of 

^^^^ William Lockett, Esq., of Salford, and Lytham, Lan- 

cashire; b. 1825: m. 185 1, Mary, el. da. of George 
Pixton Ken worthy, Esq., of Manchester, and Peel Hall, 
Astley; is a J. P. for Lancashire. Manchester, and 
Salford, senior partner in publishing firm of Thomas 
Agnew and Sons, of London, Manchester, and Liver- 
pool, and a partner in firm of Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., 
proprietors and publishers of Punch, A Liberal \ 
sat for S.E. Lancashire April 1880 to Nov. 1885; has 
sat for Stretford Div. of S.E. Lancashire since Dec. 

Residences — Summer Hill. Pendleton, Manchester; xi, Great Stanhope Street, Mayfair, 
W. C/k^j— Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal. 

W. G. AINSLIE (lancashlre North, North Lonsdale Division). 
William George Ainslie, son of the late Montague Ainslie, Esq 
of Grizedale Hall, Lancashire; b. 1832; ed. at Sedbergh School: m. 18 — , 
Eliza Anne, da. of the late Thomas Sawer, Esq., of Fulham ; is senior part- 
ner in the firm of Harrison, Ainslie, & Co., of Ulverston, and Chm. of the N 
Lonsdale Iron and Steel Co.,jLimited, at Ulverston, and a J. P. for Lancashire 
A Conservative', has sat foi N. Lonsdale Div. of N. Lancashire since Dec. 1885 
Residences — Grizedale Hall. Hawkshead, near Ambleside ; Fumess Lodge, East Sheen 
Surrey. Clubs — Conservative, Constitutional. 

A. AKERS-DOUGLAS [See Douglas]. 


SIB HENBY M. HAVELOCE-ALLAN, BART. (Durham Co., South-Eastem 

Henry Marshman Havelock- Allan, V.C, 
C.B., son of Major-Gen. Sir Henry Havelock, K.C.B., 
by Hannah Shepherd, da. of the Rev. Joshua Marshman, 
D.D. ; d. 1830: m. 1865, Lady Alice Moreton, da. of 
2nd Earl of Ducie; entered 39th Foot 1846, became 
Lieut. 1848, Adj. loth Foot 1851, Capt. i8th Foot 1857, 
Major 1858, Lieut.-Col. 1859, Col. 1868, Maj.-Gen. 
1878, and Hon. Lieut.-Gen. (retired) 1882; was 
D.A.Q.M.G. in Persian Expedition 1857 (medal) ; served 
in Indian Mutiny 1857-9 (twice wounded, repeatedly 
mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps and 
V.C.), and in New Zealand war 1863-5 (medal); cr. a 
Baronet 1858, C.B. 1866; assumed in 1880, by royal 
licence, the additional and principal surname of Allan, 
on inheriting the bulk of the estates of that family in Durham and W. Riding 
of York ; is a J. P. and D.L. for Durham, and a J. P. for N. Riding of York. A 
Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Stroud Jan. 1874; sat for Sunderland Feb. 
4th, 1874, to 1881 ; has sat for S.E. Div. of Durham co. since Dec. 8th, 1885. 

Seats — Blackwell Hall, and Blackwell Grange, Darlington. Town Residence — 

70, Chester Square, S.W. Clubs — United Service, Reform, National Liberal. 


H. G. ALLEN (Pembroke and Haverfordwest). 

Henry George Allen, Q.C, 2nd son of 
the late John Hensleigh Allen, Esq., M.P., of Cres- 
selly, Pembroke, by Gertrude, 3rd da. of the late Rt. 
Hon. Lord Robert Seymour, M.P. for Carmarthenshire ; 
b, 1816; ed. at Rugby, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
1836, M.A. 1839); Bar. Lincoln's Inn May 1841, 
Q.C. 1880, and a Bencher 1881 ; was Recorder of 
Andover 1859-72; is a J. P. and Chm. of Quarter 
Sessions for Pembrokeshire. A Liberal \ sat for Pem- 
broke District April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for Pembroke and Haverfordwest. 

Country Residence — Paskeston, near Pembroke. Town 

Retidence—td, St. James's Street, S.W. C/«^f— Oxford and 

Cambridge, Arthur's, National Liberal. 

W. S. ALLEN (Newcastle-under-Lyme). 
William Shepherd Allen, only surviving son of the late William 
Allen, Esq., of Woodhead Hall, Cheadle, J. P. for Staffordshire, by Maria, da. 
of Wm. Shepherd, Esq. ; b. 1831 ; ed. at Wadham Coll., Oxford (B.A., 2nd 
class Law and History, 1854, M.A. 1857) : ni. 1869, Elizabeth Penelope, only 
child of John Candlish, Esq., formerly M.P. for Sunderland ; is a J. P. and a 
D.L. for Stafford co. A Liberal \ has sat for Newcastle-under-Lyme since 

»S"^«/— Woodhead Hall, near Cheadle. Clubs — Reform, United University. 

R. A- ALLISON (Cumberland, Northern, or Eskdale, Division). 

Robert Andrew Allison, son of the late J. Allison, Esq., of 
Stanwix, Carlisle, by Jane, da. of John Andrew, Esq., of Carlisle; b. 1838; 
ed. at Rugby, and Trin. Coll., Camb. : in. ,t367, Laura Alicia, da. of J. 
Milner Atkinson, Esq., of Thorp Arch, Yorkshire ; is a J. P. for Cumberland, 
and a Director of Midland Railway Co. A Liberal ; has sat for N., or Esk- 
dale, Div. of Cumberland since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— "SizaXeay Hall, Carlisle. Clui—Ncw University. 


HON. 0. H. ALLSOPP (WoroMtar). 

George Higginson ALLSOPP,son of ist Baron 
Hindlip, by Elizabeth, da. of the late William Tongue, 
Esq., of Comberford Hall, Tamworth; b. 1846; ed. at 
Eton and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; formerly Lieut. Wor- 
cestershire Yeo. Cav. ; is a partner in the firm of S. 
Allsopp ft Sons, Burton-on-Trent, and a J.P. for Staf- 
fordshire. A Conservative ; has sat for Worcester since 
Nov. 25th, 1885, having been defeated at Droit wicb, 


Ftstina Lente. 

T<mm Addrrss—16, Old Bond Street, W. 
Junior Carlton, Boodle's, HurUngham 

HON. S. C. ALLSOPP (TaontonX 

Samuel Charles Ali^opp, el. son of ist 
Baron Hindlip, by Elizabeth, da. of the late William 
Tongue, Esq., o( Comberford Hall, Staffordshire; b. 
March 24th, 1842 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1865, M.A. 1869) : m. 1868, Georgiana Mil- 
licent, da. of the late Charles Rowland Palmer-More- 
wood, Esq., of Alfrelon Hall, Derbyshire ; is a J.P. and 
a D.L. for Staffordshire, a T.I*, for Derbj-shire, Dep. 
Chm. of G. N. Railway, and a partner in brewing firm 
of Allsopp & Sons, Burton-on- Trent ; formerly Lieut. 
Derbyshire Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; sat for E. Staf- 
fordshire Aug. 1873 to April 1880, when he was de- 
^ feated ; has sat for Taunton since Feb. 16th, 1882. 

, Seat — Doveridge Hall, Derbyshire. Town Residence 

—33, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W. C/«4f— Carlton, 

Windham, Boodle s. 

W. AMBROSE (Middlesex, Harrow DlvlBion). 
William Ambrose, Q.C, son of the late Richard Ambrose, 
Esq., of the Gledrid, Salop ; h. 1832 : m. 1866, Mary Anne, da. of the late 
William Jones, Esq., of Camden Town, N.VV. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1859, and 
migrated to Middle Temple 1869, a QC. 1874, and a Bencher 1881. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Harrow Div. of Middlesex since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— V^tiSXo\ex, West Heath Road, Hampstead, N.W. Chambers— i^ Plowden 
Buildings, Temple, E.C. Clubs, St. Stephen's ; Conservative (Manchester). 

A. T. AMHERST (Norfolk, South- West Divlsioii). 

William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst, son of the 
late William George Tyssen Tyssen-Amhurst, of Did- 
lington, Norfolk, by Mary, el. da. of the late Andrew 
Fountaine, Esq., of Narford Hall, Norfolk ; b. 1835 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. 1856, Mar- 
garet Susan, only child of the late Adm. Robert Mitford, 
of Mitford, Northumberland, and Hunmanby Hall, 
York; is a J.P. for Westminster and Norfolk (High 
Sheriff 1866), a D.L. and J.P. for Middlesex; assumed 
by royal licence the surname of Amherst. A Conser- 
vative) sat for W. Norfolk March 8th, 1880, to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for S. W. Div. of Norfolk since Dec. 4th, 
Hall, near Brandon. Town Residence — 88, Brook Street, \\'. 

6"m^— Didlineton 
C/7/^.y— Carlton, Travellers', Athenaeum, &c 


SIR ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, Baxt. (St. Andrew's District). 

Robert Anstruther, el. son of the late Sir 

Ralph Abercrombie Anstruther, 4th bart., who d. 1863, 
by Mary Jane, el. da. of the late Maj.-Gen. Sir Henry 
Torrens, K.C.B. ; b. Aug. 28th, 1834 ; ed. at Harrow : 
m. 1857, Louisa, el. da. of the Rev. William Knox 
Marshall, V. of Wragby and Preb. of Hereford ; for- 
merly Capt. and Lieut. -Col. Grenadier Guards; is 
Lord-Lieut, of Fifeshire, and a D.L. and J. P. for co. 
Caithness. A Liberal; sat for Fifeshire April 19th, 
1864, to March 1880 ; elected for St. Andrews District 
Dec. 6th, 1885, with W. Stephen Williamson, each 
having polled the same number of votes ; and on Feb. 
Periissem ni Feriissem. 1 6th, 1 886, he was Seated upon a scrutiny. 

Seats — Balcaskie, Pittenween, Fifeshire ; Watten, Caithness-shire. Clubs — Travellers', 
Brooks's, Devonshire, Reform. 

J. ARCH (Norfolk, North Western Division). 
Joseph Arch, son of the late Mr. John Arch, an agricultural 

labourer, of Barford, Warwickshire; b. Nov. loth, 1826; ed. at Barford School 
from six to eight years of age: m. 1847, Marian Mills; was formerly an 
agricultural labourer, and afterwards a Primitive Methodist Local Preacher ; 
founded in 1872 the National Agricultural Labourers' Union, of which he is 
Pres. ; since 1872 has lectured to working men in all parts of the kingdom. 
A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Wilton 1880; has sat for North West 
Div. of Norfolk since Dec. 1885. 

J? esidences— Barford, Warwick; 15, Trafalgar Square, Chelsea. C/i^j— National 
Liberal, Cobden. 

B. ARMITAGE (Salford, West). 
Benjamin Armitage, 2nd son of the late Sir 

Elkanah Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lancashire, by Mary, 
da. of the late J. Bowers, Esq., of Newton Heath, 
Lancashire ; b. 1823 ; ed. at Barton Hall School, 
Patricroft, near Manchester : m. ist, 1845, Elizabeth, 
who d. 1855, da. of John Smith, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1856, 
Elizabeth, da. of the late George John Southam, Esq., 
of Manchester ; is a J. P. for Lancashire, a manu- 
facturer at Manchester, and a Director of Manchester 
Chamber of Commerce, of which he was sometime 
Pres. A Liberal; sat for Salford April 1880 to Nov. 
25th, 1885, since when he has sat for W. Div. of 

JlesideHce—Chomlta., Pendleton, Manchester. 

Clui — Devonshire. 

A. ASHER (Elgin District). 
Alexander Asher, Q.C.y 2nd son of the late Rev. William 

Asher, D.D., Minister of Inveravon, Banffshire, by Katherine Forbes, da. of the 
late Rev. John Gordon, Minister of Duffus, Elgin ; b. 1835 5 ^d. at Univs. 
of Aberdeen and Edinburgh : m. 1870, Caroline Julia, da. of the late Rev. 
Charles Henry Gregan-Craufurd, R. of Old Swinford ; Advocate of Scot- 
land 1861, and Q.C. 1881 ; was Advocate Depute 1869-74, and Solicitor-Gen. 
for Scotland Aug. 1881 to June 1885 ; reappointed Feb. 1886 ; is a D.L. for 
city and co. of Edinburgh. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested Glasgow and 
Aberdeen Universities 1880; has sat for Elgin District since July 13th, 1881. 

Residence— yi, Heriot Row, Edinburgh. Clubs — Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal, 
University (Edinburgh), Liberal (Edinburgh). 

E. ASHMEAD-BARTLETT [See Bartlett]. 


T. a. A8HT0N (CHeshlre, Hyde Divlilon). 

Thomas Gair Ashton, son of Thomas Ash- 
ton, Esq., J.P., D.L., by Elizabeth, da. of the late S. S. 
Gair, Esq., of Liverpool; b. Feb. 5th, 1855; ed. at 
Rugby, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A 1878, M.A. 
1882); is a J. P. for Lancashire, and a Merchant. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Hyde Div. of Cheshire since Dec. 

Retiitnct—Yor^ Bank, Didsbury, 




<<^ ^ 

Q. S. BADEN POWELL [See PowellJ. 

E. BAQOALLAT (Lambeth, Brixton Divtaion). 

Emest Baggallay, 2nd son of the Rt Hon. 

Sir Richard Baggallay. by Ann, da, of the late Henry 
C. Lacy, Esq., M.P. ; b. July nth, 1850; ed. at Marl- 
borough Coll. , and at Camb. Univ. (M.A. 1875): m. 1876, 
Emily Charlotte Edrica, da. of Sir Waller Wyndham 
Burrell, 5th Bart.; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1873; is Counsel 
to the Post Office. A Conservative ; has sat for Brixton 
Div. of Lambeth since Nov. 26th, 1885. 

Residence— qi. West Cromwell Road, S.W. Ckawihtrt—x^ 
Mitre Court Buildings. Temple, E.G. C/«^— United University. 

L. R. BAIL7 (Llyerpool. Exdumge Division). 
Laurence Richardson Baily, son of the late John Baily, Esq., 
of Blandford Square, N.W., and Gartley House, Kent, by Sarah, da. of 
Laurence Head, Esq., of Newbury, Berks ; b. 18 — ; ed. at Merchant Taylor's 
School and in Paris : m. 1850, Mary, da. of John Smith, Esq., of Liverpool; 
was formerly an Average Adjuster ; is a J. P. for Liverpool, a director of G.N. 
Railway, of Buffalo and Lake Huron Railway, and of Pacific Steam Navigation 
Co., Chm. of British Continental African Co., and of Reliance Marine Insurance 
Co., and Govt, nominee on Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. A Conser- 
vative] unsuccessfully contested Sunderland 1874; has sat for Exchange Div. 
of Liverpool since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— AXX^non Hall, WooUon, Liverpool ; Queen Anne's Mannons, S.W. 

J- BAIRD (Lanarkshire, North Western Division). 
John Baird, son of the late John Baird, Esq., of Lochwood, 
by Margaret, da. of John Findlay, Esq., of Springhill, Lanarkshire; b. March 
7th, 1852 ; ed. at Harrow, and Ch. Ch., Oxford : »/. 1878, Constance Emilia, 
da. of John Battersby Harford, Esq., of Blabe Castle, Gloucestershire ; is 
a J.P and D.L. for Inverness-shire. A Conservative; has sat for N.W. Div. 
of Lanarkshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Y^oyAzxt, Isle of Omsay, Inverness, N.B. ; Lochwood, Lanarkshire; 
50, Pont Street, Cadogan Square, S.W. C/«^j.— Conservative, Arthur's. 

L- J. BAKER (Somersetshire, Frome Division). 
Lawrence J. Baker, son of John Law Baker, Esq., of Eastcote 
Lodge, Middlesex ; b. 1827 ; has been twice married ; is a trustee of London 
Stock Exchange. A Liberal; has sat for Frome Div. of Somersetshire since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residences— 2^, Queen's Gate, S.W. ; Ottershaw Park, Chertsey, Surrey. 


dens. S.W. 

RIGHT HON. A. J. BALFOUR (Manchester, East Division). 

Arthur James Balfour, /*.C, LL.D., son 

of the late James Maitland Balfour, Esq., of Whit- 
tinghame, by Lady Blanche Mary Harriet, da. of 2nd 
Marquess of Salisbury ; b. 1848 ; ed. at Eton, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1873, Hon. LL.D. Edin- 
burgh 1 88 1, and St. Andrew's 1885) ; is a D.L. for 
East Lothian and Rossshire ; was Assist. Private Sec. 
to Marquess of Salisbury when Sec. of State for Foreign 
Affairs, 1878-80, employed on special mission of Lords 
Beaconsfield and Salisbury to Berlin June 1878, and 
Pres. of Local Govt. Board June 1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 
1885. A Conservative', sat for Hertford Feb. 1874 to Nov. 
1885, since when he has sat for E. Div. of Manchester. 

Seats — Whitlinghame, Prestonkirk, East Lothian ; Strath- 

conan, MuirofOrd, N.B. Town Residence — 4, Carlton Gar- 

C/w/5j— Carlton, Travellers', St Stephen's, Bachelor's, Scottish Conservative. 

SIR GEORGE BALFOUR (Kincardinesliire). 
George Balfour, K.C.B., son of the late Capt. George Balfour, 

of Montrose ; b. 1809 ; ed. at Military Coll., Addiscombe : m. 1848, Charlotte 
Isabella, da. of the late Joseph Hume, Esq., M.P. ; became Lieut. Madras 
Artillery 1825, Capt. and Major 1844, Lieut. -Col. 1854, Col. 1856, Major-Gen. 
1865, Lieut.-Gen. 1874, and Col.-Comdt. R.A., and Gen. 1877; was Staff 
Officer of Artillery with Malacca Field Force 1832-3, Adj. of Artillery 1833-42, 
and A.A.G. 1834-5, Brigade Major in India 1839, and in China 1840.42, Agent 
for Captured Property in China 184 1-2, Receiver of Public Money paid by 
China under Treaty of Nankin, and Consul at Shanghai 1843-6, member of 
Madras Mil. Board 1849-57, Commr. of Public Works, Madras, 1852-4, In- 
spector-Gen. of Ordnance, Madras, 1857-9, member of Mil. Finance Commn. 
of India 1859-60, Pres. of Finance Committee and Ch. of Mil. Finance Depart- 
ment of India 1860-62, a member of Royal Commn. on Recruiting for the Army 
1866-7, and Assist, to ControUer-in-Chief at War Office 1868-71 ; served with 
Malacca Field Force 1832, with Field Force in the ceded districts, and in action 
of Zorapore, 1839, and with China Force 1840-42, including the capture of 
Chusan, Canton, and Amoy, &c, ; is a D. L. and a J. P. of Kincardineshire ; C.B. 
1854, K.C.B. 1870. A Liberal', has sat for Kincardineshire since Dec. 1872. 
Residence — 6, Cleveland Gardens, W. Clubs — Athensum, Oriental, City Liberal. 

Q. W. BALFOUR (Leeds, Central Division). 

Gerald William Balfour, 4th son of the 
late James Maitland Balfour, Esq., of Whittinghame, 
Haddingtonshire, by Lady Blanche Mary Harriet 
Cecil, da. of 2nd Marquess of Salisbury ; b. April 23rd, 
1853; ed. at Et(m, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. ist 
class Classics 1875, M.A. 1877); was Private Sec. to 
Pres. of Local Govt. Board June 1885 to Jan, 1886. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Central Div. of Leeds since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence— yi, Addison Road, Kensington, W. 
New University. 


RIGHT HON J. B. BALFOUR (Clackmannan and Elnross-sliire). 

John Blair Balfour, F.C, Q.C, LL.D,, son of the Rev. P. 

Balfour, Minister of Clackmannan, by Jane Ramsay, da. of the late John Blair, 

Esq ; b. July lith, 1837 ; ed. at Edinburgh Acad, and at Edinburgh Univ. 

(Hon. LL.D. 1882) : m. 1st, 1869, Lilias Oswald, who d. 1872, da. of the 



late Lord Mackenzie, a Lord of Session ; 2ndly, 1877, the Hon. Marianne 
Eliza, da. of 1st Baron Moncreiif; Advocate of Scotland 1861, and Dean of 
Faculty of Advocates July 1885; was Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland April 1880 
to Aug. 1881, and Lord- Advocate Aug. 1881 to June 1885 ; re-appointed 
Feb. 1886 ; is a D.L. for city of Edinburgh, and a Member of Committee of 
Council on Education for Scotland; P.C. 1883. A Liberal', unsuccessfully 
contested N. Ayrshire April 1880 ; has sat for Clackmannan and Kinross-shire 
since Nov. 29th, 1880. 

Residence— I ^, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh. C/«^i— Brooks's, Refonn, Devonshire, 
National Liberal (London) ; University and Liberal (Edinburgh). 


Henry Campbell-Bannerman, P.C.^ LL.D.j 

son of the late Sir James Campbell, of Stracathro, Forfar, 
by Janet, da. of the late Henry Bannerman, Esq., of 
Manchester; b. 1836; ed. at Glasgow Univ., and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. in honors 1858, M.A. 1861, 
Hon. LL.D. Glasgow 1883): m. i860, Chariotte, da. of 
the late Major-Gen. Sir Charles Bruce, K-C. B. ; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Kent, and a J. P. for co. Lanark; was Finan- 
cial Sec. to War Office Nov. 1 871 to Feb. 1874, and March 
1880 to May 1882, and Sec, to Admiralty .May 1882 to 
Oct. 1884, and Ch. Sec for Ireland Oct. 1884 to June 
1885 ; has been Sec. of Slate for War since Feb. 1886; 
in Oct. 1872 assumed the additional surname of Banner- 
man. A Liberal; has sat for Stirling District since Nov. 1868, having been 
defeated there the previous April. 

Seats— Q,ft'Riaxi%% Park, Maidstone ; Belmont Castle, Meigle, N.B. T<mm Retideiut—^, 
Grosvenor Place, S.W. C/»^j— Reform, Brooks's, Oxford and (Cambridge, Devooahire, 
National Liberal. 

W. B. BARBOUR (Paisley). 

William Boyle Barbour ; b, 1823 ; is a merchant in Manchester 
and Buenos Ayres. A Liberal ; has sat for Paisley since Nov. 1885. 
Club — Devonshire. 

J. W. BARCLAT (ForfarahlreX 

James William Barclay, son of the late Mr. George Barclay, 
of Cults, near Aberdeen, by Margaret, da. of Mr. James Massie, of Maryculter, 
Kincardineshire ; b. 1832 ; ed. at Gram. School, Aberdeen, and at Aberdeen 
Univ. : m. 1st, 1863, Jane, who </. 1865, da. of Mr. John Smith, of Strathdon, 
Aberdeen ; 2ndly, 1882, Lilian Alice, da. of A. H. Novelli, Esq., of 8, Hyde 
Park Square, W. A Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested Aberdeen June 1872; 
has sat for Forfarshire since Dec. 1872. 

Residences, Clarendon Place, Hyde Park Gardens, W. Cbih—K^arm. 

A. BARNES (Derbyshire, Cbesterfleld Division). 

Alfred Barnes, youngest son of the late 
John Gorell Barnes, Esq., of Ashgate, Derbyshire, 
by Elizabeth Taylor, da. of John Clay, Esq., of N. 
Wingfield, Chesterfield ; b. 1823 : m. 1854, Charlotte, 
youngest da. of the late Thomas Wilson, Esq., of 
Liverpool ; is a J. P. for Derbyshire, and an extensive 
coalowner. A Liberal ; sat for E. Derbyshire April 
1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Derbyshire, Chester- 
field Div., since. Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence— AihgdXi Lodge, Chesterfield. C/k^— Reform. 


J. BARRY (Wexford, Northern Division). 

John Barry, son of Thomas Barry, Esq., of Poulrane, co. 
Wexford, by Mary, da. of W. Shalla, Esq., of Stokestown, co. Wexford; b. 
May 14th, 1845 : m. 1867, Mary. da. of James O'Dwyer, Esq., of Lismore, 
Ireland ; is a floor-cloth and linoleum manufacturer; founded, with the late 
Isaac Butt, Esq., Q.C., M.P., the Home Rule Confederation of Great Britain, 
of which he was Hon. Sec. 1873-6, since when he has been senior Vice-Pres. 
A Hoi7ie Ruler ; sat for Wexford co. April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he 
has sat for N. Div. of Wexford co. 

Residence — 192, Golbome Road, Netting Hill, W. 

G. C T. BARTLEY (Islington, North Division). 

George Christopher Trout Bartley, son of Robert Bartley, 
Esq., by Julia Anne, da. of — Lucas, Esq. ; b. Nov. 22nd, 1842; ed. at 
Clapton and at Univ. Coll. School : m. 1864, Mary Charlotte, da. of the late Sir 
Henry Cole, K.C.B. ; is a J. P. for Middlesex and Westminster, founder of 
the National Penny Bank, and author of several Educational and social works 
and numerous penny pamphlets on Thrift, etc., addressed to the Working 
Classes ; was formerly Science Examiner in Science and Art Depart., S. Ken- 
sington. A Conservative; unsuccessfully contested Hackney 1880; has sat for 
N. Div. of Islington since Nov. 1885. 

Residetices — St. Margaret's House, Victoria Street, Westminster ; Hare Hatch, Twyford, 
Berks. Clubs — St Stephen's, Constitutional. 

E. ASHMEAD-BARTLETT (Sheffield, EcclesaU Division). 

Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, el. son of the late 
Ellis Bartlett, Esq., of Plymouth, New England, U.S.A., 
by Sophia, da. of the late John King Ashmead, Esq. ; 
b. 1849; ed. at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B. A. 1872); Bar. at 
Inner Temple 1877; was sometime one of H.M.'s 
Inspectors of Schools, and a Civil Lord of the Admiralty 
June 1885 to Jan. 1886. A Conservative:, sat for Eye 
April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for 
Ecclesall Div. of Sheffield. 

Residence— x-^, Bruton Street, W. 
Stephen's, Empire. 

C/«3j— Carlton, St. 

SIR WALTER B. BARTTELOT, Baxt. (Sussex, North-Westem, or Horsham, 


Walter Barttelot Barttelot, C.B.^ el. son of 
the late George Barttelot, Esq., of Stopham House, 
Pulborough, by Emma, da. of the late James Wood- 
bridge, Esq., of Richmond, Surrey ; b. Oct. loth, 1820 ; 
ed. at Rugby ; entered 1st Royal Dragoons as Cornet 
March 1839 ; became Lieut. Dec. 1841, Capt. Feb. 
1845, and retired 1853 : m. 1st, 1852, Harriett, who 
d. 1863, 4th da. of the late Sir Christopher Musgrave, 
9th bart., of Eden Hall ; 2ndly, 1868, Margaret, only 
child of the late Henry Boldero, Esq., of South Lodge, 
St. Leonards Forest, Sussex ; is a D.L. and a J. P. for 
Sussex ; and Hon. Col. 2nd Vol. Batn. Roy. Sussex 
Regt. ; cr. a Baronet 1875. -^ Conservative; sat for W. 
Sussex Dec. 27th, i860, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N.W., 
or Horsham, Div. of Sussex since Dec. 1885. 

6"rrt/— Stopham, near Pulborough. Tmvn Residence— 29, St. James's Place, S.W. 

Cluis — Carlton, Junior United Service. 




H. A. BASS (Staffordahlre, Western DlTlilon). 

Hamar Alfred Bass, son of the late Michael 

Thomas Bass, Esq., M. P., of Rangemore, Burton-on- 
Trent, by Elliza Jane, el. da. of Major Samuel Anlen, 
of Longcrofts Hall, Stafford ; b. July 30th, 1842 ; ed. at 
Harrow : m. 1879, the Hon. Louisa, da. of 3rd Baron 
Bagot ; is a J. P. for Staffordshire, Hon. Major 4th Batn. 
Prince of Wales's (N. Staffordshire) Regt., and h.p. to 
baronetcy of his brother, Sir M. Arthur Bass, M.P. A 
Liberal', sat for Tam worth April 24th, 1878, to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat forW. Div. of Staffordshire since Dec. 7th, 

^«/W>»f^— Needwood, Burton-on-Trent. Town Rtsidentt 
—145, Piccadilly, W. C/t«**— Windham, Union, Reform, 
Devonshire, Brooks's. 

SIR M. ARTHUR R/ISS. Bart (StaffordsMre, Barton DivlBlonX 

(Michael) Arthur Bass, el. son of the late 
Michael Thomas Bass, Esq., M.P., of Rangemore, Burton- 
on-Trent, by Eliza Jane, el. da. of Major Samuel Arden, 
of Longcrofts Hall, Stafford ; b. Nov. 12th, 1837; ed. at 
Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1859, M.A. 
1863) : m. Oct. 1869, Harriet Georgiana, da, of the late 
E. Thomewill, Esq., of Dove Clitf, StafTordshire ; is a 
Director of Bass & Co., Limited, Burton-on-Trent, a 
D.L. and a J. P. for co. Stafford, and Col. and Lieut.-Col. 
Comdt. 2nd Vol. Batn. N. Staffordshire Rcc:t. ; cr. a 
Baronet 1882. A Liberal', sat for Stafford TuTy 1865 to 
Nov. 1868, and for E. Staffordshire Nov. 1868 to Nov. 
1885, since when he has sat for Burton Div. of Staffordshire. 

5^«/j— Rangemore, Burton-on-Trenl : Glen Quoich, Inverness-shire. Tewn ResitUnc* 
--Chesterfield House, Mayfair, W. C/«^f— Reform, Oxford and Cambridge, Brooks's, 

National Liberal. 

8IB EDWARD BATES, Bart (Plymouth). 

Edward Bates, son of the late Joseph Bates, 

Esq., of Spring Hall, near Halifax, by Rebecca, da. of 
the late Joseph Walker, Esq. ; b. March i6th, 1816 : 
m. 1st, 1837, Charlotte, da. of the late C. Smith, Esq. ; 
2ndly, 1844, Ellen, da. of the late Thomas Thompson, 
Esq., of Hessle, near Hull ; is an East Indian Merchant, 
a Shipowner, and a D.L. and J. P. for Lancashire and 
Hants; cr. a Baronet 1880. A Conservative i sat 
for Plymouth Nov. 187 1 to June 1 880, when he was 
unseated ; re-elected Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Seats— Ui.anydo'wn Park, Basingstoke ; Gym Castle, Mostyn, 
Flintshire. Clubs — Carlton, Junior Carlton, Conservative. 

A. A. BAUMANN (Camberwell, Peckham DivlsionX 

Arthur Anthony Baumann, son of William Baumann, Esq., of 
44, Hyde Park Square, W. ; b. 1856 ; ed. at Wellington Coll., and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 18 — ) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1881. A Conservative -^ has sat 
for Peckham Div. of Camberwell since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— ^^, Hyde Park Square, W. Chatnbers—\, Brick Court, Temple, E.C. 



W. W. 

B. BEACH (Hampshire, Western, or Andover, Division). 

William Wither Bramston Beach, son of the 
late W. Beach, Esq., M.P., of Oakley Hall, by Jane 
Henrietta, da. of John Browne, Esq. , of Salperton Park, 
Gloucestershire ; b. Dec. 25th, 1826 ; ed. at Eton, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852): m. 1857, 
Caroline Chichester, da. of the late Col. Augustus Clevland, 
of Tapeley Park, N. Devon ; is a J. P. for Hampshire ; 
formerly Hon. Major Hants Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; 
sat for N. Hampshire April 1857 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for W., or Andover, Div. of Hampshire. 

Seats— Oakley Hall, near Basbgstoke ; 
bridge. Club — Carlton. 

Keevil House, Trow- 

Tout en bon heure. 

RIGHT HON. SIR MICHAEL E. HICKS-BEACH, Bart. (Bristol, West Division). 
Michael Edward Hicks-Beach, P.C.,D.C.L.^ 
el. son of the late Sir Michael H. H. Beach, M.P., 8th 
bart., by Harriet Vittoria, da. of J. Stratton, Esq., of 
Farthinghoe Lodge, Northamptonshire ; h. Oct. 23rd, 
1837; ed. at Eton, and Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1858, 
first-class in Law and in Modem History, M.A. 1861, 
Hon. D.C.L. 1878): m. 1st, 1864, Caroline Susan, who 
d. Aug. 1865, el. da. ofL H. Elwes, Esq., of Colesbome 
Park, Gloucestershire ; 2ndly, 1874, Lady Lucy Cathe- 
rine, da. of 3rd Earl Fortescue ; s. as 9th Bart. 1854; is 
a J. P. and a D. L. of Gloucestershire ; formerly Capt. N. 
Gloucestershire Militia ; was Parliamentary Sec. to Poor 
Law Board March to Aug. 1868, Under Sec. of State for 
Home Depart. Aug. to Dec. 1868, Ch. Sec. for Ireland 
Feb. 1874 to Feb. 1878, Sec. of State for Colonies Feb. 
1878 to April 1880, Chancellor of the Exchequer June 1885 to Jan. 1886, 
and one of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland Aug. 1885 
to Jan. 1886 ; P.C. March 1874. A Conservative \ sat for Gloucestershire, E., 
July 1864 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for W. Div. of Bristol. 

5'^a/j— WUliamstrip Park, near Fairford ; Netheravon, Amesbury. C/«^*— Carlton, 

W. J. BEADEL (Essex, Mid, or Chelmsford, Division). 
William James Beadel, son of James Beadel, Esq., of Broom- 
field Lodge, Chelnisford, by Mary Anne, da. of James Grant, Esq., of Stoke 
Newington ; b. 1828 ; is head of the firm of Beadel & Co., Land and Estate 
Agents and Surveyors, 97, Gresham Street, E.C. A Conservative \ has sat for 
Mid, or Chelmsford, Div. of Essex, since Dec. 1885. 

^«/V/(f«<:^— Springfield Lyons, Chelmsford. C/«3*— Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's, 

H. F. BEAUMONT (Yorkshire, West Riding, South Part, Colne VaUey Division). 

Henry Frederick Beaumont, el. son of the 

late Henry R. Beaumont, Esq., by Catherine, da. Sir George 

Cay ley, 6th Bart. ; b. March loth, 1833 ; ed at Eton, and 

at Trin. Coll., Camb : m. 1857, Maria Joanna, da. ofW. 

Garforth, Esq., of Wiganthorpe, near York. ; is a D.L. 

and a J. P. for W. Riding of York, a J. P. for Lincolnshire 

and N. Riding of York, and Hon. Col. 2nd Vol. Batn. 

<^-^«j™j^^^ Duke of Wellington's (W. Riding Regt.). A Liberal-, 

^^*iSs^:SiS-^ sat for S. Div. of W. Riding of York 1865-74 ; has sat for 

Colne Valley Div. of S. Part of W. Riding of York since 

Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence— \i\i\\Xcy Beaumont, Huddersfield. C/«<J J— Brooks's, Travellers', Turf. 



EARL OF BECnVE (Westmoreland, Kendal DiylalonX 

fr --t-r^J-'^ ^ Thomas Taylour {Earl of Bective\ 

son of 3rd Marquess of Headfort, by Amelia, 
da. of the late W. Thompson, Esq., M.P. for 
,^ Westmoreland ; b, 1844 ; ed. at Ch. Ch., 

fvjHK ^ Oxford : w. 1 867, Lady Alice Hill, only 
•A'.V.'A.' // #«g3>^ V. fla. of 4th Marquess of Downshire ; is Hon. 
.-^'.'A'/iy ^JjSJkJ Col. 4th Batn. Border Regt., and a J. P. and a 
j^U'.XV.X/y ^k«^ D.L. for Westmoreland (High Sheriff 1868) ; 
"*^*J-30li3ll^^5^^ was Capt. ist Westmoreland Rifles 1865-75, 
^^^^i^uss»i»^j:5<^>5^ and of Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeo. 
Cav. 1866-74. A Conservative ; sat for West- 
moreland Feb. 1 87 1 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Kendal Div. of Westmoreland 
since Dec. 1885. 

Seats— \5ndn\cy, Kirkby Lonsdale; Bamacre Hall, GarsUng. C/«^« — Carlton, 
Travellers', Marlborough. 

G. BEITH (Glasgow. Central Division^ 
Gilbert Beith, son of the Rev. Alexander Beith, D.D., of 

Stirling, N.B. ; b. 1827 ; is a partner in the firm of Beith, Stevenson, & Co., 
Export Merchants, of (Glasgow and Manchester, and a Director of the Glasgow 
Chamber of Commerce. A Liberal ; has sat for Central Div. of Glasgow since 
Nov. 1885. 

Ojffices—'Dxui^aci Street, Glasgow ; 14, Bridge Street, Manchester. 

J. BENNETT (Lincolnsliire, West Llndsey, or Gainsborough, DivlsionX 

Joseph Bennett, son of the late William Bennett, Esq., J. P., of 
Grimsby ; b. 1829 ; ed. at Wesley Coll., Sheffield ; is a J. P. for Lindsey Div. 
of Lincolnshire, and for the Boroughs of Louth and Grimsby. A Libert ; has 
sat for W. Lindsey, or Gainsborough, Div. of Lincolnshire since Dea 1885. 

Residence— 1\» Cedars, Louth. C/»*— National Liberal. 


^K^-. George Augustus Frederick Cavendish Ben- 

*^g^^,^^ TINCK, P.C, only son of the late Major-Gen. Lord 

'^^ iBS Frederick Bentinck, C.B., by Lady Mary Lowther, 3rd 

da. of 2nd Earl of Lonsdale, K.G. ; ^. 1821 ; ed. at 
Westminster Sch., and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1843, 
M.A. 1847) : m. 1850, Prudence Penelope, 4th da. of 
the late Col. Charles Powell Leslie, of Glasgough Castle, 
CO. Monaghan ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1846; is a J. P. for 
Cumberland and Dorset, and a Trustee of British Museum; 
"C-— =— rrt*^ was Sec. of Board of Trade March 1874 to Nov. 1875, 
*. ^e^ mq B>^^ ^^^ Judge Advocate Gen. Nov. 1875 to April 1880 ; 
P.C. 1880. A Conservative \ sat for Taunton Aug. 1859 to July 1865, having 
been defeated in April 1859 ; has sat for Whitehaven since July 1865. 

Seat — Brownsea Island, Poole. 
Carlton, Travellers', Turf. 

Town Residence— 1, Grafton Street, W. Clubs- 



LORD CHARLES WILLIAM BERESFORD (Marylebone, East Division). 

Charles William de la Poer Beresford, 
C.B., son of 4th Marquess of Waterford, by Christiana, 
da. of Col. Charles Powell Leslie, of Glaslough, co. 
Monaghan; b. Feb. loth, 1846: m. 1878, Mina, da. of 
the late Richard Gardner, Esq., M.P. for Leicester; 
entered R.N. 1859, became Lieut. 1868, Com. 1875, 
and Capt. 1882; accompanied H.R.H. the Prince of 
Wales as Naval AD.C. to India 1875-6; commanded 
H.M.S. Condor at bombardment of Alexandria 1882 
(medal with clasp, bronze star, 3rd Class Medjidie, and 
mentioned in despatches for gallantry) ; served on Staff 
of Lord Wolseley in Nile Expedition 1884-5, ^^^d ii^ command of Naval Brig, 
in the Soudan 1885 (specially mentioned in despatches for gallantry, thanked 
by Parliament, and C.B.). A Conservative', sat for co. Waterford Feb. 1874 to 
March 1880, when he was defeated ; has sat for E. Div. of Marylebone since 1885. 
Town Residence — 100, Eaton Square, S.W. C/k^j— Marlborough, Turf, Carlton, 


O. R. BETHELL (Yorkshire, East Riding, Holdemess Division). 

George Richard Bethell, son of the late 
William Frogatt Bethell, Esq., J.P., D.L., by Eliza- 
beth, da. of the late Sir Edmund Beckett, 4th Bart. ; 
b. March 23rd, 1849 ; ed. at Laleham and Gosport 
Schools; is a Com. R.N., served in Egyptian War 
1882 (Medal and Bronze Star). A Conservative ; has 
sat for Holdemess Div. of E. R. of Yorks. since Dec. 

ToTtm Address— ^z, Curzon Street, W. C/«(J— Naval 

and Military. 

R. BICKERSTETH (Shropsliire, Northern, or Newport, Division). 

Robert Bickersteth, el. son of the late Right Rev. Robert 
Bickersteth, D.D., Lord Bishop of Ripon, by Elizabeth, da. of the late Joseph 
Garde, Esq., of co. Cork; b. 1847; ed. at Eton, and at Corpus Christi Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1869) : m. 1883, Lady Lavinia Louisa, da. of 6th Earl of 
Abingdon; was an Inspector of Factories 1873-80, and Private Sec. to Sec. 
of State (Earl of Kimberley) for the Colonies 1880-2, and for India 1882-5 ; 
is Major Middlesex Yeo. Cav. ; has been an unpaid Sec. at Indian Office 
since Feb. 1886. A Liberal) has sat for N., or Newport, Div. of Shropshire 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — 70, Cromwell Road, S.W. C/«^j— Brooks's, Windham. 

M. BIDDULPH 'Herefordshire, Southern, or Ross, Division). 

Michael Biddulph, el. son of Robert Bid- 
dulph, Esq., M.P., of Ledbury, by Elizabeth, da. of George 
Pahner, Esq., of Nazing Park, Essex; b. 1834; ed. at 
Harrow : m. 1st, 1864, Adelaide Georgiana, who d. 18 — , 
da. of the late Rt, Hon, Gen. Jonathan Peel, M.P. ; 2ndly, 
1877, Lady Elizabeth Philippa. widow of Henry John 
Adeane, Esq., M.P., and da, of 4th Earl of Hardwicke; 
is a D.L, and a J,P, for Hereford, and a partner in London 
banking firm of Cocks, Biddulph, & Co, A Liberal) sat for 
Herefordshire July 1865 to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for S,, or Ross, Div. of Herefordshire. 
Seats— Ledbury, Herefordshire ; Kemble House, Cirencester, Town Residence — 19 
Ennismore Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Brooks's, Reform. 



J. G BIOOAB (Cavan Co.. West Cayan DivlfllonX 

Joseph Gillis Biggar, son of the late Joseph 

Biggar, Esq., Chm. of Ulster Banking Co., of Trainfield 
House, Belfast, by Isabella, da. of William Houston, of 
Ballyearl, co. Antrim ; b. Aug. loth, 1828 ; ed. at Belfast 
Academy ; is a retired pork butcher ; was Chm. of Belfast 
Water Commrs. Aug. 1869 to March 1872. In favor of 
Home Rule ; unsuccessfully contested Londonderry city 
1872 ; sat for co. Cavan Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885 ; has 
sat for W. Cavan Div. of Cavan co. since Dec. 8th, 

Residence— KiXSton Park Avenue, Belfast. 

J. BIGWOOD (Flnstoury, East Division). 

James Bigwood ; b. 1839; ed. at Gotham and at St. John's 
Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1865): m. 1862, Marian, only da. of the late Edward 
Webb, Esq., of Torquay ; is a partner in Metropolitan firm of Messrs. Cham- 
pion & Co., Mustard and Vinegar Manufacturers. A Conservative \ has sat 
forE. Div. of Finsbury since Nov. 1885. 

Offices— \i.s> City Road, E.G. C/»^— Carlton. 

SIR EDWARD BIRKBECK, BART. (Norfolk, Eastern Division). 

Edward Birkbeck, youngest son of the late Henry Birkbeck, 
Esq., of Keswick Hall, Norfolk, by Elizabeth Lucy, da. of the late Robert 
Barclay, Esq., of Clapham, Surrey; b. 1838 : ni. 1865, the Hon. Mary Augusta 
Jolliffe, da. of ist Baron Hylton ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Norfolk, and Chm. 
of the Norfolk and Norwich Hall Co. (Limited), and of the Roy. National 
Life Boat Institution ; was Pres. of first National Fisheries Exhibition held at 
Norwich 1881, and Chm. of Executive Committee of Great International 
Fisheries Exhibition (London) 1883 ; at the Fishmongers' Hall in 1885 was 
presented by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales with a testimonial on behalf of 
25,000 fishermen and others connected with the fishing industry of the United 
Kingdom for valuable services rendered ; appointed a Public Works Loan 
Commr. 1885 ; cr. a Baronet Feb. 1886. A Conservative ; sat for North Nor- 
folk Jan. 1879 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for E. Div. of Norfolk. 

.y^a/— Horstead Hall, Norwich. Town Residence — 10, Charles Street, Berkeley 
Square, W. C/«if— Marlborough, Carlton. 

J. H. BLADES (West Bromwlch). 

John Horton Blades, son of the late Mr. Brownlow W. Blades, 
of West Bromwich : b. 1841 : m. 1865, Sarah, da. of Mr. Edmund Collumbell, 
of Derby ; is an Alderman of West Bromwich, and a blue-brick and sanitary 
pipe manufacturer at West Bromwich. A Liberal ; has sat for W. Bromwich 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Oakhurst, West Bromwich. 

R. S. BLAINE (Bath). 

Robert Stickney Blaine, son of the late Benjamin Blaine, Esq., 
of Hull : b. 18 — : ///. ist, 1869, Constance, da. of G. Moger, Esq., of Bath ; 
2ndly, 1 88 1, Lydia Letitia Purvis, da. of Sir Timothy Vansittart Stonhouse, 
14th Bart. ; is a J. P. for Bath, of which City he was Mayor 1872-3. A Con- 
servative; has sat for Bath since Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Residence— S>\xmmcc\i\Vi, Bath. Club — Conservative. 

J. A. BLAEE (Carlow Co.) [See page 163]. 



T. BLAEE (GloucestersMre, Forest of Dean Division). 

Thomas Blake, youngest son of the late 
William Blake, of Ross; b. Nov. nth, 1825: m. ist, 
1844, Susan Ellen, da. of Charles Gordon, Esq.; 2ndi 
1874, Anne, da. of Samuel Kay, Esq.; is Chm. of the 
Ross School Board, to which he has been four times 
elected. A Liberal -y unsuccessfully contested Hereford 
CO. 1868; sat for Leominster Feb. 15th, 1876, to March 
1880, when he was defeated ; has sat for Forest of Dean 
Div. of Gloucestershire since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Residence — Lebanon, Ross, Herefordshire. Town Residence 
—The Grand Hotel, Trafalgar, S.W. C/«<}i^— Reform, Cobden. 


A. BLANE (Arroagli Co., South Armagh Division). 

Alexander Blane ; d. 18 — ; ed. by the Christian Brothers, at 
Green Park ; is a tailor ; has been since 1876 Agent to the Catholic Registra- 
tion Asso. ; formerly Pres. of Prisoners' Aid So. ; is a practical Electrician. 
A Home Ruler ; has sat for S. Armagh Div, of Armagh co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Armagh ; 173, Drummond Street, Euston Square, W. 

H. BLITNDELL-HOLLINSHEAD-BLnNDELL (Lancashire, South West, Ince 


Henry Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell, son of the late 

Richard Benson Blundell-Hollinshead-Blundell, Esq., of Deysbrook, by Jane, 
da. of the late John Leigh, Esq., of Sandhills, near Liverpool; h. 1831 ; ed. at 
Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1854): m. 1863, the Hon. Beatrice Byng, 
who d. 1884, formerly a Maid of Honor to H.M., da. of Vice-Adm. the Hon. 
Henry Dilkes Byng ; entered Rifle Brig. 1855, exchanged to Grenadier Guards 
1863, ^J^d retired as Col. (h.p.) ; passed Staff Coll. 1864; served in Crimea 
1855-6, and with Nile Expeditionary Force 1884-5 5 is J. P. and D.L. for 
Lancashire, and owner of Pemberton Colliery, near Wigan. A Conservative ; 
has sat for Ince Div. of S.W. Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— h.%\i\a%t Lodge, Sunning Hill, Berks ; Deysbrook, near Liverpool ; 10, 
Stratton Street, W. C/«^s— Guards', Army and Navy, United Service. 

J. C. BOLTON (StirlingshlreX 

Joseph Cheney Bolton ; <^. 1819 : m. 1850 ; 
is a J. P. for cos. Stirling and Lanark; formerly a 
partner in firm of Ker, Bolton, & Co., East India 
merchants, of Glasgow and London. A Liberal; has 
sat for Stirlingshire since April 1880. 

Seat — Carbrook, Larbert, Stirlingshire. 
Burlington Hotel, W. 

Town Address- 

T. H. BOLTON (St. Pancras, North Division). 

Thomas Henry Bolton, son of the late Thomas Bolton, Esq. ; 
b. 1 84 1 : m. 1 86 1, Elizabeth Ann, da. of William Wegg, Esq. ; admitted a 
Solicitor 1869; is a partner in the firm of Bolton & Mote, of Gray's Inn, 
W.C. A Liberal', has sat for N. .Div. of St. Pancras since Nov. 1885. 

Residence Souih Binns, Heathfield, Essex. Chambers— xz, Gray's Inn Square, W.C. 
C/«^ J— National Liberal, Garrick. 



H. C. 0. BONSOR (Surrey, North Eastern, or Wimbledon, DiYiaion). 
H. Cosmo Orme Bonsor ; b. 1848 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1872, Emily 
Gertrude, who </. 1882, da. of James Fellowes, Esq., of Kingston, Dorset ; is 
a partner in brewing firm of Combe & Co., a director of the Bank of England, 
and a Gov. of Guy's Hospital. A Conservative', has sat for N.E., or Wimble- 
don, Div. of Surrey since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Ym^'&'woqA. Warren, Surrey ; 38, Belgtave Square, S.W. C/mA*— Arthur '- 
Turf, St. James'. 

T. W. BOORD (OreenwlchX 

Thomas William Boord, el. son of the late 
Joseph Boord, Esq., J. P., of Harefield Grove, Uxbridge, 
l)y Mary Anne, da. of Thomas Newstead, Esq., of Dun- 
ham, Notts ; b. July 14th, 1838 ; ed. at Harrow : m. 
1 86 1, Margaret, el. da. of the late Thomas Mackinlay 
Esq., F.S.A. ; is a partner in firm of Boord & Son, dis- 
tillers, a Gov. of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, F.S.A., a 
Fellow of Royal Institution, Hon. Sec. of Amateur Me- 
chanical So., and Lieut. 1st Vol. Batn. King's Roy. 
Rifle Corps. A Conservative ; has sat for Greenwich since 
Aug. 2nd, 1873. 
J>Vrtj!— Ockendcn, Cuckfield. Residence— \4„ Berkeley Square, W. C/«*— Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. G. SCLATER-BOOTH (Hampslilre, Nortliem, or Baaingttoke, 


George Sclater-Booth, PC., F.R.S., el. 

son of the late William Lutley Sclater, Elsq., of Hod- 
dington House, Hants, by Anne Maria, da. of the late 
William Bowyer, Esq. ; b. 1826 ; ed. at Winchester (gold 
metlalist for Latin verse 1844), and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 2nd class Classics, 1847, M.A. 1848): 
m. 1857, Lydia Caroline, who d. 1881, only da. of the 
late Major George Birch, of Clare Park, Hants ; Bar. 
Inner Temple June 1851 ; was Parliamentary Sec to 
Poor- Law Board March 1867 to March 1868, Financial 
Sec. to Treasury March to Dec. 1868, and Pres. of 
Local Govt Board Feb. 1874 to April 1880 ; is a J. P. 
for Hants., a member of Governing Body of Winchester 
Coll., a Public Works Loan Commr., and Official V'erderer of the New Forest ; 
assumed by royal licence in 1856 the additional surname of Booth ; P.C. March 
1874. A Conservative \ sat for N. Hampshire April 1857 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for N., or Basingstoke, Div. of Hampshire. 

6"m/5— Hoddington House, and The Priory, Odiham, Hants. Town Residence — 74 
St. George's Square, S.W. Clubs—Qax\\.on, St Stephen's. 

W. C. BORLASE (ComwaU. Mid, or St. Anstell, Division). 

William CopaJand Borlase, only son of the 
late Samuel Borlase, Esq., J. P. and a D.L. for Corn- 
wall, by Mary Anne, da. of the late William Copeland, 
Esq., of Chig^vell, Essex ; b. April 5th, 1848 ; ed. at 
"Winchester, and at Trin. Coll., Oxford, (B.A. 1870, 
M.A. 1873): m. 1870, Alice Lucy, da. of the Rev. 
Alfred Kent, Vicar of Coin St. Aldwyn's, Gloucester- 
shire ; Bar. Inner Temple 1882 ; is a J. P. for Cornwall, 
a Dep. Warden of the Stannaries of ComwaU and 
Devon. An advanced Liberal; sat for E. ComwaU 
April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat fot Mid, or St. 
Austell, Div. of Cornwall since 1885. 

^■^a/— Laregan, near Penzance. C/»^j— Brooks's, Reform, 
Windham, National Liberal, Cobden. 



SIR ALGERNON BORTHWICK (Kensington, South Division). 

Algernon Borthwick, K.B., son of the late Peter Borthwick, 
Esq., M.P. for Evesham 1835-47 ; b. 1830; ed. at King's Coll., London : tn. 
1870, Alice Beatrice, da. of the late Thomas Henry Lister, Esq., of Armitage 
Park, Stafford ; is Proprietor of the Morning Post \ received Knighthood 1880. 
A Consei-vative ; unsuccessfully contested Evesham 1880 ; has sat for S. Div. 
of Kensington since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

Residence — 139, Piccadilly, S.W. C/w^Ji— Carlton, St. James's, Bachelor's. 


Robert Bourke, P.C, 3rd son of 

5th Earl of Mayo, by Anne Charlotte, only 
da. of the late Hon. John Jocelyn ; b. June 
I ith, 1827 ; ed. at Hall Place School, Bexley, 
and at Trin. Coll., Dublin: m. 1863, Lady 
Susan Georgiana Broun Ramsay, el. da. of 
the late Marquess of Dalhousie, K. T. , some- 
time Gov. -Gen. of India ; Bar. Inner Temple 
May 1852 ; was Under- Sec. for Foreign 
Affairs Feb. 1874 to April 1880, and June 
1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 1880; is a D.L. 
and J. P. for E. Lothian. A Conservative \ 
has sat for Lynn since Nov. 1868. 

.S"f"i/— Coalstoun, Haddington, N.B. Toum Residence— xZ, Montagu Street, Portman 
Square, W. Chambers— i. Elm Court, Temple, E.C. C/k^j— Carlton, St. Stephen's, 

BOYD KINNEAR [See Kinnear]. 

C. BRADLAUOH (Northampton). 

Charles Bradlaugh, son of Mr. Charles Bradlaugh, a solicitor's 
clerk, by Elizabeth Mary his wife; b. Sept. 26th, 1833; ed. at elementary 
schools at Bethnal Green and Hackney Road : vi. 1854, Miss Susannah Lamb 
Hooper, who d. 1877 ; was successively an errand lad in a solicitor's office, a 
wharf clerk and cashier to a firm of coal-merchants, and a Sunday-school 
teacher in a Church of England school ; about 1849 he abandoned these 
positions, and, adopting secular opinions, became a public lecturer and 
pamphleteer; in Dec. 1850 he enlisted in 7th Dragoon Guards, and became 
orderly-room clerk, but purchased his discharge in 1853, when he ; ecame clerk 
to a solicitor and to a Building So., and a constant writer on secular subjects ; 
in 1858 he became editor of the Investigator^ and subsequently projected the 
National Reformer^ of which he is editor. A Radical-, elected for North- 
ampton April 1880, having been defeated there in Nov. 1868, Feb. 1874, and 
Oct. 1874 ; in March 1881 he was adjudged by High Court of Judicature as not 
qualified to sit on affirmation ; on Aprd 9th following he was re-elected, but 
was not permitted to take his seat ; on Feb. 21st, 1882, he disobeyed the order 
of the House by taking the oath, sitting, and voting, for which he was expelled, 
and on March 2nd ensuing he was re-elected ; in Feb. 1884 he accepted the 
Chiltern Hundreds, after having again taken the oath and sat and voted, and 
on a new election on the 19th of that month he was again returned ; re-elected 
at General Election, Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence-20, Circus Road, St. John's Wood, N.W. 



HON. HENRT R. BRAND (Gloacestenlilre. Mid. or Stroud. DlviBion). 

Henry Robert Brand, el. son of ist Viscount 
Hampden, by Eliza, da. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Robert Ellice ; 
b. May 2nd, 1841 ; ed. at Rugby: m. 1st, 1864, Victoria, who 
d. 1864, da. of the late Mons. Sylvain Van de Weyer ; andly, 
1868, Susan Henrietta, da. of Lord George Henry Cavendish, 
M.P. ; formerly Capt. Coldstream Guards; is a J. P. for Herts 
and Sussex, and a Director of the Pelican Life Office ; was 
Surveyor Gen. of Ordnance Jan. 1S83 to June 1885. A Liberal) 
^ sat for Hertfordshire Nov. 1868 to Feb. 1874, when he was 
defeated, and for Stroud July to Dec. 1874, when he was 
un- 1 April 1880 to Nov. 1885; has sat for Mid, or Stroud, Div. of 

Gloucestershire since Dec. 2nd, 1 885. 

y?«/V/(r«cr— Temple Dinsley, Hitchin. Clubs — Brooks's, Travellers'. 


Thomas Brassey, K.C.B., el. son of the late 
Thomas Brassey, Esq., railway contractor; b. 1836 ; ed. 
at Rugby, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1859, M.A. 
jl^fc,_ ^ ^ 1862) : m. Oct. i860, Annie, only da. of John Allnutt, 
^ y Esq., senior partner in firm of John Allnutt and Co. ; 

y*^' Bar. Lincoln s Ixm 1866; is a D.L. for Sussex, a J. P. 

for E. Sussex, a Younger Brother of Trinity House, 
Lieut, of London Brigade and Hon. Com. of Liverpool 
Brigade of R.N. Artillery Vol., and an Associate of 
Institute of Civil Engineers ;• in 1873 passed Voluntary 
Examination in Navigation established by Board of 
Trade for yacht owners desirous to qualify as masters ; 
was a member of Royal Commn. on Unsea worthy Ships, and of Commn. on 
Colonial Defence, a Civil Lord of the Admiralty April 1880 to Nov. 1884, Sec. 
to the Admiralty Nov. 1884 to June 1885, and Pres. of Statistical So. 1879-80; 
Author of "Work and Wages," "British Seamen," "Foreign Work .ind 
English Wages," "Lectures on the Labour Question," and "The British 
Navy," &c. A moderate Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Birkenhead 1861, 
Devonport 1865, and Sandwich 1866 ; has sat for Hastings since Nov. 1866. 

.y^-rt^j— Normanhurst Court, Battle, Sussex ; Bulkeley Grange, Cheshire. Town Rrsi- 
dencc—2^, P.nrk Lane, W. C/«^j— ^Reform. United LJniversJty, National Liberal, White- 
hall, Athenaium, Brooks's, Devonshire, Burlington, Bachelors , Royal Yacht Squadiun, 
Royal Victoria Yacht, Royal Thames Yacht, City Liberal. 


Francis Charles Bridgeman, son of 3rd 
Earl of Bradford, by the Hon. Selina Louisa 
Forester, da. of 1st Baron Forester ; b. July 4ih, 
1846; ed. at Harrow: m. 1883, Gertrude Cecilia, 
da. of George Hanbury, Esq., of Blythewood, 
Maidenhead; is Major and Lieut. -Col. 2nd Batn. 
Scots Guards; was A.D.C. to Gen. H.S.H. Prince 
Edward of Saxe- Weimar 1875-6, and attached to 
Special Mission to Spain 1878 (order of Isabel da 
Catolica) ; served in Suakin Expedition 1885. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Bolton since Nov. 25th, 
[885, having been defeatsd there 1880. 

Residence— 2^, Granville Place, Portman Square, W, C/k^j— Carlton, Guards'. 



RIGHT HON. JOHN BRIGHT (Birmmgliam, Central Division). 
John Bright, P.C, son of the late Jacob Bright, Esq., of Green- 
bank, near Rochdale, and brother to Jacob Bright, Esq. ; b, Nov. i6th, 
181 1 : in. 1st, 1839, Elizabeth, who d. 1841, el. da. of the late Jonathan 
Priestman, Esq., of Benvvell House, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 2ndly, 1847, 
Margaret Elizabeth, who d. 1878, el. da. of the late William Leatham, Esq., 
of Heath, near Wakefield ; was Pres. of Board of Trade Dec. 1868 to Dec. 
1870, and Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster August 1873 to Feb. 1874, and 
April 1880 to July 1882 ; P.C. 1868 ; is a partner in the firms of John Bright 
& Bros., cotton-spinners and manufacturers, and of Bright & Co., carpet 
manufacturers, Rochdale and Manchester. A Liberal-, sat for Durham city 
July 1843 to July 1847 ; for Manchester July 1847 to April 1857 ; and for 
Birmingham Aug. 1857 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Central Div. 
of Birmingham : unsuccessfully contested Durham city April 1843, and Man- 
chester April 1857. 

Residence— OtiG Ash, Rochdale. C/«^j— Reform, Athenaeum, National Liberal. 

W. L. BRIGHT (Stoke-upon-Trent). 
William Leatham Bright, son of the Rt. Hon. John Bright, 
MP., of One Ash, Rochdale, by Margaret Elizabeth, da. of William Leatham, 
Esq., of Heath, near Wakefield ; b. Aug. 12th, 1851 ; ed. at Grove House 
School, Tottenham, and at London Univ. ; is a Colliery Agent and Ship 
Broker. A Liberal ; has sat for Stoke-upon-Trent since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — 37, Queen's Mansions, S.W. Clubs — Reform and National Liberal. 

J. BRINTON (Kidderminster). 

John Brinton, 3rd son of the late Henry 
Brinton, Esq., of Kidderminster ; <J. Jan. 25th, 1827: 
m. 1st, 1853, Anne, who d. 1863, da. of the late Samuel 
Oldham, Esq., of Dublin ; 2ndly, 1865, Mary, da. of 
the late Col. Chaytor, R.E. ; is a J. P. for Worcester- 
shire, and head partner in firm of John Brinton and Co., 
carpet manufacturers, Kidderminster ; received in 1878 
the Legion of Honor. A Liberal; elected for Kid- 
derminster March 31st, 1880, and resigned his seat the 
following April 1880 ; re-elected May 1880 and Nov. 

Residence— 'M^ooT Hall, Stourport, Worcestershire. Tmvn 
Residence — 52, Cornwall Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Reform, 

National Liberal. 

L. BRISTOWE (Lambetli, Norwood Divlflion). 

Thomas Lynn Bristowe, 3rd son of the late 
John Syer Bristowe, Esq., M.R.C.S., of Camberwell, by 
Mary, da. of Robert Chesshyre, Esq., of Rock S'avage, 
Cheshire ; b. March 31st, 1833 ; ed. privately : ni. 1857, 
Frances Ellen, 2nd da. of Joseph Paice Mason, Esq., 
of Champion Park, Denmark Hill, S.W., and Mincing 
Lane, E.C. ; is a partner in the firm of Bristowe Bros., 
London Stock Exchange. A Conservative; has sat for 
Norwood Division of Lambeth since Nov. 1885. 

Resuie7ue—T)\\W\c!i\ Hill House, 
C/«*— St. Stephen's. 

Denmark Hill, Surrey. 

Vigilantibiis non 



H. BROADHXJRST (Btrmingham, Bordealey DtvlBlon). 

Henry Broadhurst, son of the late Mr. Thomas Broadhurst, a 
journeyman stonemason, of Littlemore, Oxfordshire; b. 1840: m. i860, Eliza, 
da. of Mr. Edward OUey, journeyman currier ; until 1872 he followed the same 
occupation as his father ; is Sec. to Parliamentary Committee of Trades' Union 
Congress ; has for some years past taken a leading part in various movements 
affecting the working classes in reference to disputed wages, trades' unions, 
political meetings, &c. ; has been Under-Sec. of State for Home Depart, since 
Feb. 1886. A Liberal \ sat for Stoke-upon-Trent April 1880 to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for Bordesley Div. of Birmingham. 

Residence — 7, Lambert Road, Brixton Rise, S.W. ChatHbtrs—\q, Buckingham Street. 
Strand, W.C. C/i«Jj-Reform, National Liberal. 

W. C. BR0CKLEHT7RST (Cliesliire, Macclesfield Division). 

William Coare Brocklehurst, el. son of the 
late John Brocklehurst, Esq., M.P. for Macclesfield 
1832-68, by Mary, 2nd da. of the late W. Coare, Esq., 
of Islington; b. Feb. qth, 1818 : m. 1849, Mary, youngest 
da. of William Worthington, Esq., J. P., of Brockhurst 
Q~W"^k M^ll» Cheshire ; is a J. P. for Cheshire, Pres. of Macclesfield 
^^^^^:^^^i^ Chamber of Commerce, and_ extensively engaged inthe 

silk trade ; formerly Capt. Earl of Chester's Yeo. Cav. 

A Liberal \ sat for Macclesfield Nov. 1868 to 1880, when 
he was unseated ; has sat for Macclesfield Div. of Cheshire since Dec. ist, 

Residence— Bnt]cy Hall, near Macclesfield. Taum Address— 33, Milk Street, E.G. 
C/*tbs — Reform, Union. 


BRODRICK (Surrey, South-West, or Guildford, Division). 

William St. John Fremantle Brodrick, 
el. son of 8th Viscount Midleton, by the Hon. Augusta 
Mary Fremantle, 3rd da. of ist Baron Cottesloe ; b. 
1856; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 
1879, M.A. 1882) : m. 1880, Lady Hilda Charteris, 
3rd da. of 9th Earl of Wemyss and March; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Surrey; was sometime Lieut. 2nd Surrey 
Militia. A Conservative) sat for West Surrey April 
1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. W., or Guildford, 
Div. of Surrey since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Residence — Peper Harow, Godalming. 
W. C/«*— Carlton, 

Town Residence— i^. Lower Seymour Street, 

A. M. BROOEFIELD (Sussex, Eastern, or Rye, Division). 

Arthur Montagu Brookfield, son of the 

late Rev. W. H. Brookfield, Chaplain to H.M., by 
Jane Octavia, da. of Sir Charles Elton, 6th Bart. ; 
b. 1853; ed. at Rugby, and at Jesus Coll., Camb. : 
in. 1877, Olive Harriet, da. of the late James Murray 
Hamilton, Esq., of Preston, N.B., and of Buffalo, 
U.S.A.; formerly Lieut. 13th Hussars; is a J.P. for 
Sussex, and Lieut. -Col. 3rd Vol. Batn. Roy. Sussex 
Regt. A Conservative ; has sat for E., or Rye, Div. 
of Sussex since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Leasam House, Rye, Sussex; 33, Emperor's 
Gate, S.W. C/«*-St. Stephen's. 



J. BROOKS (ChesMre, Altrincham Division). 

John Brooks, only son of the late Rev. John 
Brooks, R. of Walton-le-Dale, Lancashire, by Anne, 
da. of John Jones, Esq., of Shackerley Hall, Salop ; 
b. April 7th, 1856; ed. at Harrow and at Merton 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1878) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1881 ; 
is a J. P. for Cheshire and Berks. A Conservative \ 
has sat for Altrincham Div. of Cheshire since Nov. 
27th, 1885. 

Residences— ^Si^c^y Cottage, Timperley, Cheshire ; Farley 
Court, Swallowfield, Berks, C/«3— Junior Carlton. 

A. H. BROWN (Shropshire, Mid, or Wellington, Division). 

Alexander Hargreaves Brown, 3rd son of 
the late Alexander Brown, Esq. , of Beilby Grange, York- 
shire, by Sarah, da. of the late James Brown, Esq., of 
New York; b. April nth, 1844: m. 1876, Henrietta 
Agnes Terrell, 5th da. of Charles R. Blandy, Esq., of 
Madeira; was Comet 5th Dragoon Guards 1864-66; 
Lieut. -Col. 1st Lancashire Artillery Vol., and a J. P. for 
Lancashire. A Liberal) sat for Wenlock Nov. 1868 to 
N'ov. 1885 ; has sat for Mid, or Wellington, Div. of 
Shropshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Druid's Cross. Wavertree, Liverpool. Toivn 

Residence -\i, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Ciubs — Brooks's, 

Est concordiafratrum. Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal, Palatine. 

HON. R. PRESTON BRUCE (Fifeshlre West). 

Robert Preston Bruce, 2nd son of 8th 
Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, by Lady Mary Louisa 
Lambton, C. I., da. of 1st Earl of Durham; b. Dec. 
4th, 1851 ; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1874, M.A. 1874); was Capt. Fifeshire 
Artillery Militia 1877-81 ; is a J. P. and D.L. for 
Fifeshire. A Liberal ; sat for Fifeshire April 1880 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Fifeshire W. 
Country Address— Broomhall, Dunfermline, N. B. Town 
Residence — 22, Eaton Square, S.W. Club — Brooks's, Tra- 
vellers', New University. 

J. T. BRUNNER (Cheshire, Northwich Division). 

John Tomlinson Brunnkr, 2nd son of the 
late Rev. John Brunner, a native of Zurich and Pro- 
prietor of Mere Bank School, Everton, Liverpool ; b. 
1842 ; ed. in his father's school : m. 1st, 1864, Salorpe, 
who d. 18 — , da. of James Davies, of Liverpool ; 2ndly. 
1875, Jane, da. of the late Dr. Wyman, of Kettering; 
is a J. P. for Cheshire and director of the firm of Brun- 
ner, Mond, & Co. (Limited), Alkali Manufacturers, of 
Northwlch and Sandbach, Cheshire ; has given large 
sums to the Famworth and Witton Grammar Schools, 
and established scholarships at the latter for the benefit 
of boys attending the elementary schools ; has also given 
large sums to Liverpool Univ. Coll.. and in July 1885 

presented to the town of Northwich a free public library, at a cost of £l,(yx>. 

A Liberal; has sat for Northwich Div. of Cheshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Wnin\Tx%\.oii Old Hall, Northwich. C/«^j— Devonshire, Nationa Liberal. 


J. BRTCE (Aberdeen, South). 

James Bryce, el. son of the late James Bryce, Esq., LL.D., of 
Glasgow, by Margaret, el. da. of James Young, Esq., of Abbey ville, co. Antrim ; 
d. 1838; ed. at High School, Glasgow, at Glasgow Univ., and at Irin. Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. in doublt first-class honors 1862), and successively Scholar of 
Trin. Coll., and Fellow of Oriel Coll., Oxford, obtaining at different dates the 
Gaisford Univ. Prizes for Greejc Prose and Greek Verse, the Arnold Prize for 
a Historical Essay, the Chancellor's Univ. Prize for a Latin Essay, and the 
Craven and Vinerian Scholarships ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1867 ; practised in 
Chancery ; has been since 1870 Regius Professor of Civil Law m Univ. of 
Oxford, and since Feb. 1886 Under Sec. for Foreign Aflairs ; author of ''The 
Holy Roman Empire," ** Transcaucasia and Ararat," &c. A Liberal \ unsuc- 
cessfully contested Wick District Feb. 1874 ; sat for the Tower Hamlets April 
1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for S. Div. of Aberdeen. 

Residence— -i,^, Bryanston Square, W. C/m^x— Athenaeum, National Liberal, SavUe. 

T. R. BUCHANAN (Edinburgh, West). 

Thomas Rybum Buchanan, 3r(l son of the late John Buchanan, 
Esq., of Dowanhill, formerly merchant in Glasgow, by Jane, 3rtl da. of the 
late John Young, Esq. ; b April 2nd, 1846 ; ed. at High School, Gla^ow, at 
Sherborne School, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (double first class in >Flodera- 
tions, and first class in Final Classical School, B.A. 1870, and Fellow of All 
Souls' Coll. 1871) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1873. A Liberal^ unsuccessfully con- 
tested Haddingtonshire April 1880; sat for Edinburgh August 23rd, 1881, 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for W. Div. of Edinburgh. 

Residence— xo, Moray Place, Edinburgh. C/k^— Reform. 

A. BUCELET (Lancashire, South Eastern Part, Preitwlch Division). 
Abel Buckley, son of Abel Buckley, Esq., of Alderdale, 
Ashton-under-Lyne, by Mary, da. of— Kershaw, Esq.,of Ashton-under-Lyne; 
b. 1835; ed. at Mill Hill School, and at Owen's Coll., Manchester : m. 1875, 
Hannah, da. of John Summers, Esq., of Ashton-under-Lyne; is a J. P. for 
Lancashire, Cheshire, and Ashton ; a Cotton Manufacturer and Chm. of Man- 
chester and Liverpool Dist. Banking Co. Limited. A Ltberal\ has sat for 
Prestwich Div. of S.E. Part of Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Rytcroft Hall, Andenshaw, near Manchester. Clttit— Reform, Devon- 
shire, National Liberal. 

H. BULLARD (Norwich). 

Harry Bullard, son of Richard BuUard, Esq., Brewer, of 

Norwich, by Jane, his wife ; b. March 3rd, 1841 ; ed. privately : m. 1867, Jane, 
da of the late Thomas Ringer, Esq , of Rougham, Norfolk ; is a Brewer, and 
a J. P. for Norwich, of which City he was Sheriff 1877-8, and Mayor l878-8a 
A Conservative ; has sat for Norwich since Nov. 1885. ^ 

^^ri^pw^— Hellesden House, Norwich. C/»^j^JiiDior Carlton, Constitutional. 

BURDETT-00UTT8 (Bee CouttsJ. 



LORD BURGHLEY (Northamptonsliire, Northern Division). 

Brovvnlow Henry George Cecil 

{Lord Burghley), son of 3rd Marquess of 
Exeter, by Lady Georgiana Sophia Pakenham, 
da. of 2nd Earl of Longford ; b. Dec. 20th, 
1849; ed. at Eton : w. 1875, Isabella, da. of 
Sir Thomas Whichcote, 7th bart. ; formerly 
Capt. Grenadier Guards ; is Major 3rd and 
4th Batns. Northamptonshire Regt., a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Lincolnshire, and a J. P. for 
cos. Rutland and Northampton. A Conser- 
vative ; sat for North Northamptonshire Aug. 

14th, 1877, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Northern Div. of Northamptonshire 

since Dec. 8th, 1885. 

Clubs— CaxXton, Junior Carlton, Marlborough 

T. BURT (MorpethX 
Thomas Burt, the son of poor parents ; b. Nov. 12 th, 1837 ; ed. 

at various dame or village schools, and by self-culture, meanwhile working as a 
miner : m. i860, Mary, da. of Thomas Weatherbum, of Seghill, at which time 
he was Sec. of a Temperance So., and of a School Committee at Choppington ; 
in 1864 represented the Choppington miners at a Conference of the Northumber- 
land and Durham Miners' Association ; in 1865 was during a strike Agent 
of the Northumberland Miners' Mutual Confident Association, then numbering 
4,000 members, who, to maintain the strike, subscribed over ;^4,ooo, and, 
expending only ;^3,30O, retained the balance as the nucleus of a new fund, 
which now amounts to several thousand pounds. Mr. Burt is Sec. to the 
Association referred to, and receives from the funds thereof ;^500 a year so 
long as he is a Member of Parliament. A Radical ; has sat for Morpeth since 
Feb. 1874. 

Residence — 35, Lovaine Crescent, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Town Residence — 26, Palace 
Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W. C/«^j— Reform, National LiberaL 

E. N. BUXTON (Essex, Soutli-Westem, or Walthamstow, Division). 

Edward North Buxton, 3rd son of Sir 
Edward North Buxton, M.P., 2nd Bart., by Catherine, 
da. of the late Samuel Gumey, Esq., of Upton, Essex ; 
b. 1840; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. : m. 1862, Emily, 
da. of the Rev. the Hon. Kenelm Henry Digby, R. of 
Tittleshall and Hon. Canon of Norwich; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for Essex, and a partner in Metropolitan 
brewing firm of Truman, Hanbury, & Co. ; was Chm. 
of London School Beard 1881-5. A Libei-al', unsuc- 
cessfully contested S. Essex 1880; has sat for S.W., or 
Walthamstow, Div. of Essex since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Residence— ViTii^iOTi^ Buckhurst Hill, Essex. 
City Liberal. 

C/uis—Ueyif University, Athenaeum, 



0. M. BTBNE (Wlcklow Co.. West Wlclclow 

Garrett Michael Byrne, 2nd son of the late 

Joseph Byrne, Esq., Merchant of Kingstown and Bally- 
brook, CO. Dublin, by Mary Anne, 2nd da. of the late 
Garrett Byrne, Esq., of Dunganstown and Ballard, co. 
Wicklow; b. Sept. 17th, 1829; ed. at Leopardstown 
Coll., Ireland: ///. 1855, Sarah, who </. 1875, 2nd da. 
of the late James Dillon, Esq., Merchant, of Wicklow. 
A Nationalist ; sat for Wexford co. April 1880 to June 
1883 ; has sat for W. Wicklow Div. of co. Wicklow 
since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

ChAmbert—Tht Outer Temple, 995, Stnmd, W.C 

C. CAMERON (Glasgow, College Division). 
Charles Cameron, M.D., LL.D., son of the late John Cameron, 
Esq., of Glasgow and Dublin, by his marriage with Miss Galloway, of Edin- 
burgh ; b. at Dublin Dec. 1841 ; ed. at Madras Coll., St. Andrew's, and at 
Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1st Senior Moderator and Gold Medallist in Experi- 
mental and Natural Sciences, B.M. 1st place-man and M.Ch. ist place-man 
1862, M.A. and M.D. 1866, LL.D. 1871); studie<l at medical schools of 
Paris, Berlin, and Vienna, but has never practised metlicine : m. 1869, Frances 
Caroline, youngest da. of the late W. Macauley, Elsq., M.D. ; formerly Editor 
of the North British Daily MaUy and since I073 managing proprietor of that 
paper. An advanced Liberal \ sat for Glasgow Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for College Div. of Glasgow. 

Country Residence— I ^, Park Circus, Glasgow. Town Xetidnue — 80, George's 

Square, S.W. C/«^*— Reform, National Liberal. 

J. M. CAMERON (Wick District). 
John Macdonald Cameron, only son of the late Lachlan 
Cameron, Esq., of Saltburn, Ross, N.B., by Christina, da. of the late John 
Macdonald, Esq., of Brackla, Nairnshire, N.B. ; b. April 8th, 1847; ed. at 
Sharp's Institution, Perth ; entered Inland Revenue 1866 ; in 1870 gained a 
Board of Inland Revenue scholarship in Science ; studied at Royal School of 
Mines (ist class prizeman in Organic and Inorganic Chemistry) ; was Assist. 
Chemist in Inland Revenue Laboratory, .Somerset House, 1 870-4, and instructor 
in Chemical Research Laboratory, Royal School of Mines 1874-9, when he 
commenced business as an Assayer and Mining Expert. A Liberal; has sat 
for Wick District since Dec. 1885. 

Offices— i-i. Lime Street, E.G. C/«^-National Liberal 

SIR AT^fTHBALD C CAMPBELL, BART. (Renfrewshire, Western Division). 
Archibald Campbell Campbkll, son of the 
late Archibald Campbell, Esq., J. P. and D.L. of 
Blythswood, Renfrewshire, by Caroline Agnes, da. of ^L 
Dick, Esq., of Pitkerro; b. Feb. 22nd, 1835 : m. 1864, 
the Hon. Augusta Clementina Carington, da. of 2nd 
Baron Carrington; formerly Lieut.-Col. Scots Guards, 
and Capt. Queen's Own Lanarkshire Yeo. Cav. ; served 
in Crimean Campaign 1855 (wounded, medal with clasp 
and Turkish medal); is a J. P., D.L., Vice-Lieut, and 
Convenor of Renfrewshire, a D.L. for Lanarkshire, Col. 
4th Batn. Princess Louise's (Argyle and Sutherland) 
Highlanders, Lieut.-Col. Comdt. 3rd Vol. Batn. High- 
land L.I. A Conserrative; sat for Renfrewshire 1873-4, 
and was defeated there 1874 and 1880 ; has sat for W. 

Div. of Renfrewshire since Dec. 1st, 1885. 

6"fa/— Blythswood House, Renfrew, N.B. Toum Residence -i, Seamore Place, W. 

C/w^i-i— Carlton, Guards', Travellers', Marlborough, Scottish Conservative. 



SIR GEORGE CAMPBELL (Kirkcaldy District). 

George Campbell, K.C.S.I., D.C.L., el. son 

of the late Sir George Campbell, of Edenwood, Fifeshire, 
by Margaret, da. of A. Christie, Esq., of Ferrybank, 
Fifeshire ; b. 1824 ; ed. at Haileybury Coll. : w. 1854, 
Letitia, da. of the late Thomas Gowan Vibart, Esq., 
B.C.S. ; served several years in Civil Ser. of H.E.I.C., 
and was sometime Lieut. -Gov. of Bengal, and a member 
of Council of India ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Fifeshire ; 
D.C.L. Oxford 1870, K.C.S.L 1874. A Liberal \ has 
sat for Kirkcaldy District since April 1875. 

Town Residence — Southwell House, Southwell Gardens, S.W. 
Clubs — Brooks's, Reform, Athenaeum, National Liberal. 

H. CAMPBELL (Fermanagh Co., South Fermanagh Division). 

Henry Campbell; b. 18 — ; is private Sec. to Charles Stewart 
Parnell, Esq., M.P. A Home Rider; has sat for S. Fermanagh Div. of 
Fermanagh co. since Dec. 1885. 


J. A. CAMPBELL (Glasgow and Aberdeen 

James Alexander Campbell, son of the late 

Sir James Campbell, Lord Provost of Glasgow, by 
Janet, da. of the late Henry Bannerman, Esq., of 
Manchester; b. 1825 : m. 1854, Ann, da. of Sir Samuel 
Morton Peto, ist bart.; is a J. P. for cos. Lanark and 
Forfar. A Conservative \ elected for Glasgow and 
Aberdeen Universities April 1880. 

6'^rt/— Stracathro House, Brechin, N. B. Club — Carlton. 

R. F. F. CAMPBELL (Ayr District). 

Richard Frederick Fothringham Campbell, 
el. surviving son of the late James Campbell, Esq., 
of Craigie, by Grace Elizabeth, da, of the late Gen. 
Hay, K.C.B. ; b. Sept. 30th, 1831 ; ed. at Rugby : 
m. 1869, Arabella Jane, da. of the late Archibald 
Argyll Hay, Esq., and widow of Charles Parker 
Tennent, Esq. : was formerly Capt. 8th Madras 
Cav. ; is Vice- Lieut, co. Ayr, and Lieut. -Col. Ayr- 
shire Yeo. Cav. A Liberal ; has sat for Ayr District 
since April 1880. 

Seat- Craigie House, Ayr, N.B. Clubs— ^xoo\&'%, Devon- 
shire, Junior United Service, New, Western. 

E. H. CARBUTT (Monmoutli District). 
Edward Hamer Carbutt, youngest son of the late Francis 
Carbutt. Esq., J. P., of Chapel Allerton, near Leeds; b. 1838: ni. 1874, the 
only da. of John Rhodes, Esq., J. P., of Pottemewton, near Leeds ; was formerly 
in business as a mechanical engineer, and was Mayor of Leeds 1878 ; is a 
Member of Institute of Mechanical Engineers, and an Asso. Institute of Civil 
Engineers. A Liberal ; has sat for Monmouth District since April 1880. 

Residence — Llanwern House, near Newport, Monmouth. 
Park Gardens, W. C/?<^j —Reform, Cobden, 

Tmvn Residence— 19, Hyde 


J. L. CAREW (EUdare Co., Nortli KUdare DlvlBlon). 
James Laurence Carew, son of the late Laurence Carew, Esq., 
of Kiklangan, co. Meath ; b. 1853 ; ed, at St. Stanislaus Coll., and at Clon- 
gowes (B.A. Dublin Univ. 18—) ; Bar. Middle Temple 1878, and Lincoln's 
Inn, ad eutidem, 1879. A Home RuUr\ has sat for N. Kildare ! >•• -f K-'-'-^e 
CO. since Dec. 1885. 

Chambers— \-2, New Court, W.C 

LORD EDWARD CAVENDISH (DerbyaMre, Western Division). 

Edward Cavendish, 3rd son of 7th Duke of 
Devonshire, by Lady Blanche Georgiana lloward, da. of 
6th Earl of Carlisle; b. 1838; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. : 
m. 1865, the Hon. Elizabeth Lascelles, formerly a Maid of 
Honor to H.M. and da. of the late Right Hon. W. S. 
Lascelles; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Derbyshire, Lieut. -Col. 
Comdt. 3rd Batn. Sherwood Foresters' (Derbyshire) Kegt., 
and a Director of Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Co. , of 
Furness Railway, and of Barrow Hermalite Steel Co. ; 
was Private Sec. to Lord Lieut, of Ireland (Earl Spencer) 
1873-4. K Liberal', sat forE. Sussex 18658; unsuccessfully 
contested E. Sussex 1868, and N.-E. Lancashire 1874; sat 
for N. Derbyshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for W. 
Div. of Derbyshire since Dec. 8th, 1885. 

/?«/</««f«— Chatsworth, Derbyshire : 78, Hccadilly, W. Clubs 
— Brooks's, Devonshire, St. James's, Travellers'. 

RIGHT HON. JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN (Birmingham. West Division). 
Joseph Chamberlain, P.C, F.R.S., son of the late Joseph 
Chamberlain, Esq., of Moor Green Hall, near Birmingham, by Caroline, da. of 
the late Mr. Henry Harben ; b. 1836; ed. at Univ. School, London: m. 1st, 
i860, a da., who d. 1862, of Archibald Kenrick, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1868, Florence, 
who </. 1875, <ia- of Timothy Kenrick, Esq. ; is a J. P. for Birmingham; was 
Mayor of Birmingham 1873-6, Chm. of Birmingham School Board 1 874-6, 
sometime an Alderman of Birmingham, for many years extensively en^'aged as 
a manufacturer, and Pres, of Board of Trade April 1880 to June 1885 ; has 
been Pres. of Local Govt. Board since Feb. 1886. A Liberal', unsuccessfully 
contested Sheffield 1874; sat for Birmingham June 27th, 1876, to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for \V. Div. of Birmingham. 

Country /?«i<i^«r^— Highbury, Moor Green, Birmingham. T<mm Residence— ^Ot 

Prince's Gardens, S.W. C/«^j— Athenaeum, Devonshire, National Liberal. 

R. CHAMBERLAIN (Islington, West Division). 
Richard Chamberlain, son of the late Joseph Chamberlain, 
Esq., of Moor Green Hall, Birmingham, by Caroline, da. of the late Mr. Henry 
Harben ; b. 1840 : ed. at London Univ. School : m. 18—, Emilie Agnes, 
who d. 1882, da. of the late William Henry Dawes, Esq. ; was Mayor of Bir- 
mingham 1879-80 and 1880-1 ; is a J. P. for co. Warwick and Birmingham. 
A Liberal ; has sat for W. Div. of Islington since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— Oak Mount, Edgbaston, Birmingham ; Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W. 
Clubs — Devonshire, National Liberal. 

P. A. CHANCE (Kilkenny Co., Kilkenny Soutli Diviaion). 

Patrick Alexander Chance, son of the late Albert G. Chance, 
Esq., of Chelsea, by Elizabeth, da. of George Fleming, Esq. ; b. March 15th, 
1857 ; ed. at Catholic Univ. School, and at Catholic Univ. of Ireland ; ad- 
mitted a Solicitor in Ireland (Law Society's Literary Scholar and Medallist 
and Law Medallist) 1882. K Home Ruler ', has sat for S. Kilkenny Div. of 
Kilkenny co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— \2, Westmoreland Street, Dublb ; is> Westland Row, Dublin. 



F. A. CHANNING (NorthamptonsWre, Eastern Division). 

Francis AUston Channing, son of the late 
Rev. William Henry Channing, of Liverpool, and 
formerly of Boston, U.S.A., by Julia Maria, da. of 
Williaiji Allen, Esq.; b. March 21st, 1841 ; ed. at 
Exeter Coll., Oxford (B.A. in Honors 18 — ) ; was 
sometime Fellow and Lecturer of Philosophy and 
Tutor of University Coll., Oxford ; gained Chancellor's 
Prize English Essay 1865 and Arnold's Essay 1866 : 
m. 18 — , Elizabeth, da. of Henry Bryant, Esq., of 
Boston; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1882. An advanced 
Liberal] has sat for E. Div, of Northamptonshire since 
Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Residences — Pytchley House, Northamptonshire. Clubs — 
Reform, New University, National Liberal, Union (Brighton). 

RIGHT HON. HENRY CHAPLIN (Lincolnshire, North Kesteven, or Sleaford, 


Henry Chaplin, /*.C, 2nd son of the late 

Rev. Henry Chaplin, by Horatia, da. of the late William 
Ellice, Esq. ; b. 1840; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford : m. 1876, Lady Florence Leveson-Gower, who d. 
1881, da. of 3rd Duke of Sutherland; is a J. P. and a 
D.L. of Lincolnshire, and a well-known leading member 
of the turf ; was Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancashire 
June 1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 1885. A Conservalive ; sat 
for Mid-Lincolnshire Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for N. Kesteven, or Sleaford, Div. of Lincoln- 

^Va/— Blankney Hall, near Sleaford, Lincolnshire. Clubs— 
Carlton. White's, Boodle's, Turf, Marlborough, St. Stephen's, Bachelors', Hurlingham,Orleans. 

S. CHARRINGTON (Tower Hamlets, Mile End Division). 
Spencer Charrington ; b. 18 — ; is a partner in the firm of 
Charrington, Head, & Co., Brewers. A Conservative) has sat for Mile End 
Div. of Tower Hamlets since Nov. 1881;. 

Residences— YiwvisAoxi House, Hunsdon, near Ware, Herts 
End, E. C/«^- Conservative. 

St. Peter's Road, Mile 

RIGHT HON. HUGH C. E. CHILDERS (Edinburgh, South Division), 
[See page 1631. 

South Division). 

Randolph Henry Spencer- 
Churchill, P.C, son of 6th Duke of 
Marlborough, by Lady Frances Anne 
Emily, el. da. of 3rd Marquess of London- 
derry ; b. Feb. 13th, 1849; ed. at Merton 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1870, M.A. 1872): 
m. 1874, Jennie, da. of Leonard Jerome, 
Esq., of New York ; is a J. P. and D.L. for 
Oxfordshire ; was Sec. of State for India 
June 1885 to Jan. 1886 ; P.C. 1885. A Con- 
servative; sat for Woodstock Feb. 1874 to 
Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Div. of Paddington since Nov. 25th, 1885, having 
the previous day been defeated for Central Div. of Birmingham. 
Rtsidence-2, Connaught Place, W. C/«^*— Turf, Carlton, Athenaeum. 



J. J. CLANCY (Dablin Co.. North Dublin DlvliionX 
John Joseph Clancy, son of William Clancy, Esq., of Curragh 
Lodge, Claregalway, co. Gal way ; b. 1847; ed. at Coll. of the Immaculate 
Conception, Athlone, and at Queen's Coll., Gal way ; formerly classical master 
of the Holy Cross Seminary, Tralee ; has been editor of the Natiati since 
1882. A HoTtie K%der\ has sat for N. Dublin Div. of Dublin co. since Dec. 

Residence— Tiv\iXva.. 

0. B. CLARE (Calthness-Blilre). 
Gavin Brown Clark, J/.Z?., son of the late William Clark, 
Esq., of Glasgow, by Jessie, da. of John Brown, Esq., of Fenwick, Ayrshire; 
b. Oct. 5th, 1846 ; ed. at Univs. of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and at King's 
Coll., London (L.R.C.S. Edin. and L.R.C.P. Edin. 1874, M.D. Brussels 1877, 
F.R.C.S. Edin. 1879) : m. ist, 1871, Lily, who </. 1876, da. of the late James 
Scotland, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1879, Ag^e, da. of John Bro>n-n, Esq., J. P., of 
Paisley ; author of several pamphlets on India and South Africa, and on 
Land, Temperance, and Social Questions. A Liberal \ has sat for Caithness- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Fenwick House, West Dulwich, Surrey. 

E. CLARKE (PlymouthX 
Edward Clarke, Q.C, son of Mr. J. G. Clarke, of Moorgate 
Street, E.C., by Frances, da. of Mr. J. George, of Bath; b. Feb. 15th, 
1841 ; ed. at College House, Edmonton, and at City Commercial School, 
Loudon : m. 1st, 1866, Annie, who d. 1881, da. of George Mitchell, Esq. ; 
2ndly, 1882, Kathleen Mathilda, da. of Augustus Bryant. Esq. ; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1864 (Tancred Student), a Q.C. 1880, and a Bencher 1882 ; author of " A 
Treatise on the Law of Extradition." A Conservative', sat for Southwark in 
Feb. 1880, and was defeated in April of that year ; has sat for Plymouth since 
July 8th, 1880. 

Residence— ji, Russell Square, W.C. CAamiers—5, Essex Court, Temple, E.G. 

Cluis—Caxhon, St. Stephen's, City Carlton, Garrick. 

P. COBB (Warwickshire, South Eastern, or Rugby, Division). 

Henry Peyton Cobb, son of Timothy Rhodes 
Cobb, Esq., Banker, of Banbury, by Charlotte, da. of 
Thomas Pix, Esq., of Northiam, Sussex; b. Oct. 19th, 
1835 ; ed. at Hove House, Brighton, and at Univ. Coll., 
London (B.A. in Mathematical Honors London Univ. 
1856) : m. 1st, 1863, Fanny, who d. 18— ,da. of the late 
John Taylor, Esq., of Great Cumberland Place, W. ; 
2ndly, 1872, Bessie, da. of the late William Sharpe, Esq., 
of Bedford Row, and Highbury; admitted a Solicitor 
1866 ; is a partner in the firm of Cobb & Son, Bankers, 
Banbury. A Liberal; has sat for S.E., or Rugby, Div. 
of Warwickshire since Dec. 1885. 

R esidef ice— Wealdstonc House. Harrow Wea'd, Stanmore. 
Chambers- ^l, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. C/k^j— Reform, National Liberal 



F. T. COBBOLD (Suffolk, Nortti-Westem, or Stowmarket, Division). 

Felix Thornley Cobbold, youngest son of 
the late John Chevallier Cobbold, Esq., M.P., of 
Holywells, Ipswich, by Lucy, da. of the Rev. Henry 
Patteson, R, of Drinkstone, Suffolk; b. Sept. 8th, 
1841 ; ed. at Eton, and at King's Coll., Camb. (B.A. 
1st class Classics 1865); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1868; is 
a partner in firm of Cobbold & Co., Brewers and Mer- 
chants of Ipswich and Stowmarket, and a J. P. for 
Suffolk. A Liberal; has sat for N.W., or Stowmarket, 
Division of Suffolk since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— Th^ Lodge, Felixstowe, Suffolk. CiuS—Nevr 

W. CODDINGTON (Blackburn). 

William Coddington, el. son of the late VV. D. Coddington, 
Esq., by Elizabeth, da. of the late Robert Hopwood, Esq. ; b. Dec. 12th, 1830; 
ed. at Bruch Hall, near Warrington : m. 1864, Sarah Catherine, 3rd da. of the 
late W. T, Hall, Esq., of Milnthorp, near Wakefield ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for 
Lancashire. A Conservative ; has sat for Blackburn since April 1880. 

Country Residence — Wycoll, Blackburn. Town Residence — 34, Phillimore Gardens, 
Kensington, W. C/k^— Junior Carlton. 

A. COHEN (Southwark, West DivlBion). 

Arthur Cohen, Q.C, son of the late Benjamin Cohen, Esq., of 
Asgill House, Richmond, Surrey, by Justina, sister of Sir Moses Montefiore, 
1st bart. ; b. Nov. i8th, 1829 ; ed. at Frankfort, at Univ. Coll. Sch., London, 
and at Magdalene Coll., Camb. (B.A. 5th Wrangler 1853, M.A. i860) : m. i860, 
Emmeline, da. of Henry Micjiolls, Esq., of Manchester ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1857, a Q.C. 1874 ; was one of the Counsel for Great Britain in the Geneva 
Arbitration, and a member of Commn. on Unseaworlhy Ships ; is Judge of the 
Cinque Ports, and Standing Counsel to Univ. of Camb. A Liberal; unsuccessfully 
contested Lewes 1874 ; sat for Southwark April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for W. Div. of Southwark. 

Residence— 6, Holland Park. W. Chambers— 1, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.G. 

C/«^f— Reform, Oxford and Cambridge, Athenaeum, City Liberal, National Liberal. 

L. L. COHEN (Paddlngton, North Division). 
Lionel Louis Cohen, son of the late Louis Cohen, Esq., of 
Gloucester Place, Portman Square, W., by Floretta. el. da. of the late Assur 
Keyser, Esq., of London ; b. June 2nd, 1832 : m. 1856, Esther, da. of the late 
J. Henry Moses, Esq., of Hyde Park Square. W, ; is a Member of the London 
Stock Exchange, and one of the Trustees and Managers thereof, a D.L. of 
City of London, Pres. of Jewish Board of Guardians, Vice Pres. of the United 
Synagogue, and a Member of Council of Statistical So. A Conservative ; has 
sat for N. Div. of Paddington since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— g, Hyde Park Terrace, W. Clubs— City Carlton, Constitutional, City 



HON- BERNARD J. OOLEBmOE (Bbeffleld, Atterdlffe DlTliion). 

Hon. Bernard John Coleridge, el. son of 
1st IJaron Coleridge, by Jane Fortescue, da. of Rev. 
George Turner Seymour of Farringford Hill, Isle oi 
Wight ; <J. 1851 ; ed. at Eton and at Trin. Coll., Ox- 
ford (13. A. 1875, M.A. 1877): m. 1876, .Mary A! 
da. of the Rt. Rev. John Fielder Mackamess. 
Lord Bishop of Oxford ; Bar. .Middle Temple k.^, . 
is Counsel for the Post Office on W. Circuit. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Attercliffe Div. of Sheffield since 
Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Reudence—w, Westboume Street, Hyde Park, W. Clttb- 

J. COLUNQS aiwwlcli). 
Jesse CoLLiNGS, son of the late Mr. Thomas Collings, of 
Exmouth, by Elizabeth his wife ; b. Dec. 1831 : m. 1858, Emily, da. of 
Edward Oxenbould, Esq. ; assisted to found the Devon and Exeter Boys' 
Industrial Schools ; formerly Chm. of Birmingham Free Libraries Committee, 
Hon. Sec. of Birmingham Educational Soc. and of National Education 
League, and Pres. of National Fe<leration of Lil)enil Associations ; was a 
member of Birmingham School Board 1873-6, and Mayor of 
1878-9: is a J. P. and an Alderman of Birmingham; formerly head of tlic 
firm of Collings and Wallis, Birmingham ; has been Sec. to Local Govt. 
Board since Feb. 1886. A Radical ; has sat for Ipswich since April 1880. 
Residence— Y.Af^a&\.oxi, Birmingham. C/»^— National Liberal. 

J. J. COLMAN (NorwlcH). 

Jeremiah James Colman, son of James 

Colman, Esq., of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, l»y 
Mar>', da. of John Burlingham, Esq., of Old Buckenhani, 
Norfolk: b. June 14th, 1830 : m. 1856, ' '■ ' 

da. of \V. H. Cozens-Hanly, Esq., of I 
Hall, Norfolk ; is a J. P. and a D.L for . 
Suffolk, a J. P. for Norwich, and a partner in tinn of 
J. and J. Colman, manufacturers, of Norwich and Lon- 
don ; was Sheriff of Norwich 1862 and Mayor 1867. 
An indepatdntt Liberal and Nonconformist ; has sat for 
Norwich since Feb, 21st, 187 1. 

Seats— Q^TXow House, Norwich ; The Oyffe, Corton, I^westoft. Ltrndtm Addresses 
—108, Cannon Street, EC ; Belgravc Mansions, S.W. C/»^«— Reform, Cobden. Devon- 
shire, City Liberal, National Liberal. 

SIR JOHN E. COMMERELL (Soutliaxnpton). 

Sir John Edmund Commerell,.^.C-6., V.C, 
son of the late J. W. Commerell, Esq.. of Stroud Park, 
Horsham; b. 1829: m. 1853, Matilda Maria, da. of 
Joseph Bushby, Esq., of St. Croix, W. Indies ; entered 
R.N. 1842, became Com. 1855, Capt. 1859, Rear-Adm. 
1877, and Vice-Adm. 1881 ; present at all operations in 
the Parana 1845-6, and at Punta Obligado, assisted to 
cut the chain that defended the river ; served in Bait c 
and Gulf of Bothnia 1854 (medal), at Sebastopol and 
in operations in Sea of Azof (medal with two clasps, 
Legion of Honor, and Medjidie) ; twice mentioned in 
despatches, and receivM the V.C. for hazardous service 
in the Putrid Sea ; commanded H.M.S. *' Fury" 1859, 
and a div. of seamen in attack on Taku Forts, 1859 (strongly mentioned in 



despatches) ; served in H.M.S. *' Magicienne " during operations in China, 
i860; commanded H.M.S. "Terrible" 1866, and rendered active service in 
laying Atlantic Cable ; was senior officer in command of Cape of Good Hope 
and W. Coast 1872 to Aug. 1873, when reconnoitring up the River Prah, he 
was dangerously wounded in the lung, and obliged to resign command ; was a 
naval A.D.C. to H.M. 1872-7, a Groom in Waiting to H.M. 1^74-9, a Lord 
of the Admiralty 1879-80, and Com.-in-Ch. on N. American and W. Indian 
station 1882-5 5 isa J.P. for Hants ; cr. C.B. (mil. and also civil) 1866, K.C.B. 
1874. A Conservative; has sat for Southampton since 1885, having been 
defeated there in 1880. 

Totvn Address— yi. Chapel Street, Belgrave Square, S.W. 
Service, Wanderers', Empire. 

C/«3j— Carlton, United 

A. COMMINS (Roscommon Co., South Roscommon Division). 
Andrew Commins, LL.D.^ son of the late John Commins, 
Esq., of Ballybeg, co. Carlow; b. 1832 ; ed. at Carlow Coll., and at Queen's 
Coll., Cork (M.A. Queen's Univ., Ireland, 1854, LL.D. London Univ. 
1858) : w. 1885, Jane Walton, da. of the late James Neville, Esq., of 
Liverpool ; Bar Lincoln's Inn i860 ; goes N. Circuit. A Home Ruler ; 
sat for Roscommon co. April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Roscommon 
Div. of CO. Roscommon since Dec. 1885. 

Residetue—OTmnv^A. Villa, Prince's Park, Liverpool. Chambers- -YAd^on Chambers, 

Liverpool ; I^gal Club, Outer Temple, E.G. Club — Liverpool Reform. 

F. COMPTON (Hampshire, New Forest Division). 

Francis Compton, D.C.L., son of the late 
Henry Combe Compton, Esq., M.P., of Minstead 
Manor House, Lyndhurst, Hants, by Charlotte, da. of 
the late William Mills, Esq., of Bisteme, Hants; b. 
182;; ed. at Merton Coll., Oxford (B.A. in classical 
honors 1846, M.A. 1849, Fellow of All Souls' Coll. 
18—, D.C.L. 18—); Bar. Lincoln's Inn and Middle 
Temple 1850; is a J. P. for Hampshire. A Conserva- 
tive; sat for S. Hampshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885; 
has sat for New Forest Div. of Hampshire since Dec. 
2nd, 1885. 

Country Residence — Afanor House, Minstead, Lyndhurst. 
Town Residence— Pa.\act Chambers, 6a, Victoiia Street, S.W. 

Western, or Stratford-on Avon, Division). 

William George Spencer Scott Douglas- 
Maclean-Compton, son of 4th Marquess of 
Northampton, by Eliza, da. of the late Adm. the 
Hon. Sir George Elliot, K.C.B. ; b. 1851 ; ed. at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 18—) : m. 1884, the Hon. 
^^^^IKiSi Mary Florence Baring, da. of 2nd Baron Ashburton ; 

is a 3rd Sec. in Diplo. Ser.; was attached to Marquess 
of Northampton's Special Mission to Spain 1881 ; 
was Private Sec. to Viceroy of Ireland (E. Cowper) 
1880-2. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested S. War- 
wickshire 1884 ; has sat for S.W., or Stratford-on- 
Avon, Div. of S. Warwickshire, since Dec. ist, 1885. 
Residence — 51, Lennox Gardens, S.W. Clubs— %K, James's, Travellers', Bachelors'. 

T. J. CONDON (Tipperary Co., East Tipperary Division). 
Thomas J. Condon ; b. 18 — ; is a cattle dealer and victualler, 
and a Town Commr. and Poor Law Guardian of Clonmel. A Home Ruler ; 
has sat for E. Tipperary Div. of Tipperary co. since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — Clonmel. 


L. CONNOLLY (Longford, South Longford DlTislon). 

Laurence Connolly, son of the late Mr. Owen Connolly, 
tenant fanner, of Hazlehatch, co. Dublin, by Alice, da. of Mr. James O'Brien, 
of Hazlehatch ; b. 1833 ; ed, at a private school at Celbridge, co. Kildare : 
VI. 1859, Mary, da. of Thomas Stafford, Esq., of Wexford : is Senior Partner 
in the firm of L. Connolly & Co., Fruit Merchants and Brokers, of Liverpool, 
and Proprietor of the •* Palace" Winter Gardens Pavilion and Salt Water 
Baths at New Brighton ; has been a member of the Liverpool City Council 
since 1875. A /Joim Ruler ; has sat for S. Longford Uiv. of Longford since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residenct— EllersUe, New Brighton, Cheshire. 

M. CONWAY (Leltrlm Co.. North Leltrlm Division). 

Michael Conway, 2nd son of the iate Edward Cox, of May- 
lough, near Tubbercross, co. Mayo ; b. 1844 : m. 18 — , Anne. da. of the late 
Mr. Andrew Leonard, of Aclare, co. Sligo ; in 1857 became a pupil teacher at 
St. Anne's, Blackburn, in 1862 entered St. Mary's Training Coll., Hammer- 
smith, and since 1865 has been engaged in education ; is Pres. of Blackburn 
branch of the National League. A Home RuUr\ has sat for N. Leitrim 
Div. of Leitrim co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— x% St. Albans, Blackburn ; 3. Colchester Street, Pimlico, S.W. 

C. A. V. CONTBEARE (Cornwall, North Western, or Camborne. Division). 
Charles Augustus Vansittart Conybeare, son of the late John 
Charles Conybeare, of Ingatestone, Rssex, by a da. of the Rev. W. Vansittart, 
Preb. of Carlisle ; b. 1853 ; ed. at Tonbridge. and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
1876, Lothian Prizeman for English Essay 1877) ; Bar. Gray's Inn 1881 ; 
author of Treatises on "Married Woman's Property Law," and "Corrupt 
Practices Prevention Acts." A Radical \ has sat for N. W., or Camborne, Div. 
of Cornwall since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Sx.. Leonard's^ Ingatestone, Essex. Chambers—^, Chancery Lane, E.G. 
C/«^j— National Liberal, Savile. 

E. R. COOK (West HamX 

Edward Rider Cook, son of Edward Cook, Esq., of Crix, 
Hatfield Pevercll, Essex, by Anne, da. of the late Henry Rider, Esq.; b. 
June 4th, 1836; ed. at City of London Sch., and at Univ. Coll., London: 
m. 1st, i860, Edith, da. of the late Thomas Piper, Elsq., of Bishopsgate Street, 
E.C.; 2ndly, 1873, Ellen, da- of the late Isaac Leonard, Esq., of Bristol; is 
senior partner in firm of Edward Cook & Co., Soapmakers and Chemical 
Manufacturers, of Bow, E., a J. P. for Middlesex, Chm. of London Riverside 
Fish Market Co., Shadwell, Hon. Treasurer of So. of Chemical Industry, a 
F.C.S., and a Conservator of River Lea; has been Member for Poplar at 
Metropolitan Board of Works since 1865. An advavued Liberal', has sat for 
West Ham since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— '^ (xMoxA^ Essex. C/««*«^ Reform, Gty Liberal, National Liberal. 

W. T. 6. COOK (Birmingham, East Division). 
William Thomas Gustavus Cook, son of Mr. Anselem Cook, 

of Kingscourt, Gloucestershire, by a da. of Mr. W. Chapman, of Stroud, 
Gloucestershire; b. Nov. 28th, 1834; principally self-educated: ///. 1857, 
Hannah, da. of Mr. Edward Scrambler ; is a Pin and Rivet Manufacturer, an 
Alderman and a J. P. for Birmingham, and a Director of the Birmingliam 
Cofiee House Co., of the Dairy Co., and the Corbar Hill Hydropathic Establish- 
ment ; was Mayor of Birmingham 1 883-4. A Liberal; has sat for E. Div. of 
Birmingham since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— K^\^y House, Birchfields, Birmingham. C/»^f— Reform (Birmingham), 
Liberal (Birmingham). 



C. W. R. COOKE (Newlngton, West Division). 

Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe Cooke, son of the 
late Robert Duffield Cooke, Esq., ofHellens, Hereford- 
shire ; b. 1841 ; ed. at Emmanuel Coll., Camb. (B. A. 
in honors, Moral Science Tripos 1864, "Le Bas" 
Prizeman 1864, and " Biimey" Prizeman i866and 1867 
for English Essays): m. 1876, Frances Parnther, da. 
of the Rev. J, H. Broome, V, of Houghton, Norfolk ; 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1872; is a J. P. for Herefordshire, 
Pres. of Herefordshire Chamber of Agriculture, and 
Chm. of the Ledbury Highway Board; author of 
Works on the Agricultural Holdings Act of 1875, ^^id 
of pamphlets on political and other questions, founded 
the Constitutional Union. A Consej-vative ; has sat for 
W. Div. of Newington since Nov. 1885. 
Residence— HcW^ns, Herefordshire. Chambers— 2, Essex Court, Temple, KC. 

Clubs— ^t. Stephen's, Constitutional. 

0. E. COOPE (Middlesex, Brentford Division). 

Octavius Edward Coope, son of the late 
John Coope, Esq., of Great Cumberland Place, W. , by 
Anna Maria his wife ', b. 1814 : /«. 1848, Emily, da. of 
Capt. Fulcher, of the Indian Army; is a J. P. and a 
D. L. for Essex, a partner in brewing firm of Ind. Coope, 
& Co., of Romford and Burton-on-Trent. and a Director 
of the Phoenix Fire and the Pelican Life Insurance Cos. 
A Conservative ; sat for Great Yarmouth 1848 ; unsuccess- 
fully contested the Tower Hamlets 1868 ; sat for Mid- 
dlesex Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for 
Brentford Div. of Middlesex. 

Seat — Rochetts, South Weald, Brentwood. Town Residence 

of London. 

T. COOTE, Jun. (Huntingdonshire, Southern, or Huntingdon, Division). 
Thomas Coote, son of Thomas Coote, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of 
Oaklands, Fenstanton, St. Ives, and Lisle House, Bournemouth; b. 18 — ; 
ed. privately: m. 1878, Elizabeth Pauline, da. of George Newton Day, Esq., 
Solicitor, St, Ives ; formerly a partner in firm of Coote & Son, Coal Merchants, 
of St. Ives. K Liberal; has sat for S., or Huntingdon, Div. of Huntingdon- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Arnhnry House, Huntingdon. C/m^j— Devonshire, National Liberal 

W. J. CORBET (Wicklow Co., East Wicklow Division). 

William Joseph Corbet, 3rd son of the late 

Robert Corbet, Esq., of Ballykaneen, Queen's co., by 
Alice, da. of John Mulhall, Esq., of Clonaslie, Queen's 
CO.; b. 1825 ; ed. at Broad wood House, Lancashire : m. 
1865, Elizabeth, who d. 1871, da. of Richard Jennings, 
Esq. ; is a member of Royal Irish Academy ; author of 
various works, including "Songs of my Summer-time," 
'♦The Battle of Fontenoy," and other poems, *' What is 
Home Rule?" etc. A Home Ruler ; sat for co. Wicklow 
.April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for E. 
Wicklow Div. of co. Wicklow. 

Residence— %^Tmz Fann, Te'.gany, co. Wicklow. 
St. Stephen's Green, St. George's. 




A. L. C CORBETT (Glasgow. Tradeston DlvlslonX 
Archibald L. Cameron Corbett, son of 

Thomas Corbett, Esq., of Glasgow, by Sarah, da. of 

the late Archibald Cameron, Esq, ; b. May 23rd, 1856 ; 

ed. privately; is a J. P. for Warwickshire, and a 

Member of Board of Advice for Colony of Victoria. 

A Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested N. Warwickshire 

1884 ; has sat for Tradeston Div. of Glasgow since 

Nov. 1885. 

Residences— "^QrAivXi Hall, Coleshill, Btmingluun ; Oak- 
lands, Clapbam Park, S.W. 

CORBETT (Worcestenhlre Mid, or Droitwich). 

John CoRBEiT, son of the late Mr. Joseph 
Corbett, of Shropshire, by Hannah his wife ; b. 1817 : m. 
1856, Anna Eliza, da. of Mr. John O'Meara, of Tipperary 
CO. ; is a J. P. for co. Worcester, a J. P. and a D.L. for 
CO. Merioneth, proprietor of Stoke Prior Salt Works, 
Worcestershire, a Director of several public cos., Lord 
of the Manors of Impney, Sagebury, and Obden, an 
Associate of Institution of Civil Engineers, a member 
of Roy. Agricultural, Roy. Historical, and Statistical 
Societies, and Chm. of District School Board. An Indt- 
patiUnt\ sat for Droitwich Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, 
having been defeated there in 1868; has sat for Mid, 
or Droitwich, Div. of Worcestershire smce Nov. 27th, 
1885, having in 1868 been an unsuccessful candidate. 

Seats — Impney, Droitw-ich ; Ynys-y-Maengiiryn, Towyii, 
Merionethshire. Tcom Residence— -iOy Hertford Street, Mayfair, 
W. C/m^j— Reform, Gresham, Cobdcn. 

sm JAMES P. CORRT, BART. (Armagh Co.) [See iwge IM]. 

H. C0S8HAM (Bristol, East Division). 
Handel Cossham, son of the late Mr. Jesse Cossham, of 

Thombury, Gloucestershire; b. 1824; was manager of the Yate Collieries 
1845-50; is ch. proprietor of the Parkfield and Kingswood Collieries, and a 
Member of Town Council of Bath; was Mayor of Bath 1882-3 *"^^ 1884-5. 
A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Nottingham 1866, Dewsbury 1868, ami 
Chippenham 1874; has sat for E. Div. of Bristol since Nov. 1885. 
Residences— >iitsx<m. Park, Bath ; Holly Lodge. Bristol East. C/w^— Reform. 

E. T- D'A. COTTON (ChesMre. Wlrral Division). 

Edward Thomas D'Avenant ConoN, son of 
the late Right Rev. George Edward Lynch Cotton, 
Bishop of Calcutta, by Sophia Anne, da. of the Re\ . 
Henry Tomkinson, of Reaseheath, Cheshire; b. June 
29th, 1847 ; ed. at Rugby, Marlborough, and Roy. Mi!. 
Acad., Woolwich : m. 1S78, Mar>' Rennell, da. <»f 
William Rennell Coleridge. Esq., of Salston, Devon ; 
formerly Capt. R.A. ; is a J. P. for Cheshire. A Con- 
servative', has sat for Wirral Div. of Cheshire sir.ce 
Dec. 1st. 1885. 

Residences — Rease Heath Hall. Nantwich ; 13, Strauon 
Street, W. C/»5*— Carlton, Junior United Service. 


L. H. COURTNEY (Comwall, South East, or Bodmin, Division). 
Leonard Henry Courtney, el. son of the late John Sampson 
Courtney, Esq., of Alverton House, Penzance; b. 1832; ed. at St. John's 
Coll., Camb. (B. A., 2nd Wrangler, 1855, M.A. 1858, Fellow 1856): m. 1883, 
Catherine, da. of Richard Potter, Esq., of Standish House, Stonehouse, Glouces- 
ter; Bar. Lincoln's Inn June 1858; was Professor of Political Economy in 
Univ. Coll., London, 1872-5, Under Sec. of State for Home Depart. Dec. 
1880 to Aug. 1881, Under Sec. of State for Colonies Aug. 1881 to May 1882, 
and Financial Sec. to Treasury May 1882 to Dec. 1884; is a Director of 
Colonial Bank of New Zealand. A Liberal; sat for Liskeard Dec. 22nd, 1876, 
having been defeated there in Feb. 1874; has sat for S.E., or Bodmin, Div. of 
Cornwall since Dec. 1885. 

Tcnvn Residence— is, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W. C/«3j— Reform, Albemarle. 

W. BURDETT-COUTTS (Westminster). 

William Burdett-Coutts, son of the late 

Ellis Bartlett, Esq., of Plymouth, New England, U.S.A., 
by Sophia, da. of John King Ashmead, Esq., of Phila- 
delphia (his grandparents on both sides having been 
British subjects) ; ed at Torquay, at Cholmeley Sch., 
Highgate, and at Keble Coll., Oxford (gained ist 
Scholarship 1870; M.A. 1876) : m. 1881, the Baroness 
Burdett-Coutts, whose name he assumed by Roy. 
License; in 1877 was Special Commr. to Turkey to 
administer the Turkish Compassionate Fund, which had 
been initiated by the Baroness Burdett-Coutts, and re- 
ceived from the Sultan the Collar and Star of the 
Medjidieh; in 1879-S0 visited Ireland to assist in or- 
ganising relief in the distressed districts; largely developed the Baroness Burdett's 
scheme for benefiting the Irish Fisheries; was on Executive Committee of 
International Fisheries Exhibition 1883; owns the Columbia Market, and has 
established in connection therewith a large Fishing Fleet in the N. Sea, and a 
considerable trade in Vegetables ; is Chm. of Highgate Committee for enlarging 
Hampstead Heath. A Couservatrve ', has sat for Westminster since Nov. 1885. 
Residences— \, Stratton Street, W. ; Holly Lodge, Highgate, N. 

J. COWEN (Newcastle-upon-Tyne). 

Joseph Cowen, son of the late Sir Joseph Cowen, M.P. for 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by Mary, da. of the late Mr. Anthony Newton, of Win- 
laton ; b. 1831 ; ed. at Univ. of Edinburgh : m. 1854, Jane, da. of the late Mr. 
John Thompson, of Fatfield, co. Durham ; is a coal-owner, and fire-brick and 
clay retort manufacturer, proprietor of the Neivcastle Daily Chronicle, and of 
the Newcastle Weekly Chronicle, and author of numerous political pamphlets, 
&c. A Radical ; in favor of a national foreign policy ; has sat for Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne since Jan. 1874. 

Residence — Stella Hall, Blaydon-upon-TyTie. Town House — 23, Onslow Square, S.W. 
Offices— ii, Essex Street, Strand, W.C. C/«<^Reform. 

J. R. COX (Clare Co., East Clare Division). 

Joseph Richard Cox, son of Hugh Cox, Esq., of Hillsgrove 
Lodge, Kilmore, co. Roscommon, by Anne, da. of the late Richard Kelly, 
Esq., J. P., of CO. Roscommon f b. 1852; ed. at St. Mells Coll., Longford; 
organiser of Irish National Land League, and of Irish National Exhibition in 
Ulster; imprisoned urjder Coercion Act June 1881 to April 1882; was private 
Sec. to Lord Mayors of Dublin 1884 and 1885. A Hotrie Ruler; has sat for 
E. Clare Div. of Clare co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Hillsgrove Lodge, Kilmore, co. Roscommon ; 45, St. Stephen's Green East, 
Dubhn. C/«^*— Catholic (Dublin). 

H. H. OOZENS-HARDY [See Hardy]. 


VISCOUNT CRANBORNE (Lancashire, Norm East Fart, Darwen DlvlslOB). 

James Edward Hubert Gascoyne- 
Cecil (^Viscount Cranborne)^ el. son of 3rd 
Marquis of Salisbury, K.G., by Georgiana, 
da. of the late Hon. Sir Edward Hall Alder- 
son, a Baron of the Court of Exchequer; 
b. Oct. 23rd, 1861 ; ed. at Eton and at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford ; is a J. P. for Herts, and Capt. 
Herts Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; has sat for 
Darwen Div. of N.E. Lancashire since Dec 
2nd, 1885. 

Residence— tOy Arlington Street, W. Clubt — 
Carlton, Bachelors', White's, Turf. 

J. CRAVEN (Yorkshire, West Riding. Northern Part, Shipley Division). 
Joseph Craven, son of the late Mr. Joshua Craven, Worsted 
Spinner and Manufacturer ; b. 1825 : m. 1845, ^ *^^- o^ ^^ '*^^ ^^- Jonathan 
Knowles, of Denholme Brewery ; is a Gov. of Thornton Grammar School, 
of Airdale Coll., and of the Crossley Orphanage, and a member of Bradford 
Chamber of Commerce. A Liberal; has sat for Shipley Div. N. Part of W. 
R. of Yorks since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Ashfield, Thornton, near Bradford. Town Addmt—}AxAi\ Metropole, S. W. 

D. CRAWFORD (Lanarkshire, North Eastern Division). 

Donald Crawford, son of the late Alexander Crawford, Esq., 
of Aros, Argyllshire, by Sibella, da. of the late Donald Maclean, Esq., W.S., 
of Kinloch ; b. May 5th, 1837 ; ed. at Edinburgh Academy, Glasgow Univ., 
Balliol Coll., Oxford, and Univ. of Heidelberg (B.A. and Fellow of Lincoln 
Coll. 1861): m. 1881, Mary Virginia, whom he divorced 1886, da. of Thomas 
Eustace Smith, Esq., of 52, Prince's Gate, S.W., formerly M. P. for Tynemouth ; 
Advocate Scotland 1862; is a J. P. for Edinburgh; was Legal Sec. to Lord 
Advocate of Scotland 1880-85, and a member of Parliamentary Boundary 
Commission for Scotland 1884-5. A Liberal; has sat for N.E. Div. of Lanark- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— a, Melville Street, Edinburgh. C/«3«— Oxford and Cambridge, New, 
Scottish Liberal. 

W. CRAWFORD (Durham Co.. Mid Division). 
William Crawford ; b. 1833 ; when ten years of age he worked 
in Hartley Coal Mines ; in 1862 took an active part against the attempt of the 
mine owners of Northumberland to impose the system of yearly hirings ; has 
been Sec. of Durham Miners' Asso. since 1863. A Liberal) has sat for Mid 
Div. of Durham co. since Dec. 1885. 

W. B. CREMER (Shoreditch. Haggerston Division). 

William Randall Cremer, son of Mr. George Randall Cremer, 
Herald Painter, of Fareham, Hants ; b. 1838 ; was apprenticed to the trade of 
a carpenter and joiner; formerly Sec. of the International Working Men's 
Asso. ; is Editor of the Arbiira/or, the organ of the Workman's Peace Asso. 
A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Warwick 1868; has sat for Haggerston 
Div. of Shoreditch since Nov. 1885. 

Address — 9, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C. 

D. CRILLT (Mayo Co., North Mayo Division). 

Daniel Crilly; b, 1857; ed. at Newry National School, at 
Catholic Institute. Liverpool, and at Sedgeley Park Coll., Staffordshire ; is on 
staff of the Nation newspaper. A Home Ruler; has sat for N. Div. of Mayo 
CO. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Dublin. 



C. CROMPTON (Staffordshire, Leek Division). 
Charles Crompton, Q.C.^ son of the late Hon. Sir Charles 
Crompton, a Judge of the Queen's Bench, by Caroline, da. of the late Thomas 
Fletcher, Esq.. of Liverpool ; b. Feb. 4th, 1833 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. School, 
and Univ. Coll., London, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 18—, M.A. 1858, 
4th Wrangler 1855, Fellow Coll. 1856) : m. 1863, Florence Elizabeth, who d. 
1881, da. of the Rev. William Gaskell, of Plymouth Grove, Manchester ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1864, and a Q.C. 1882 ; was a Commr. to inquire into alleged 
corrupt practices at Knaresborough 1&80. A Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested 
W. Cheshire 1880, has sat for Leek Div. of Staffordshire since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— \2', Cromwell Place, S.W. Chambers — 3, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, E.G. 

RIGHT HON. SIi; RICHARD A. CROSS (Lancashire, South-West Part, Newton 


Richard Assheton Cross, P.C, G.C.B., 
D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., 3rd son of the late William 
Cross, Esq., D.L., of Red Scar, Preston, by Ellen, da. 
of the late Edward Chaffers, Esq.; b. May 30th, 1823 ; 
ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1846, 
Hon. LL.D. 1878, and Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1877): 
m. 1852, Georgiana, da. of the late Thomas Lyon, 
Esq., of Appleton Hall, Cheshire; Bar. Inner Temple 
1849, and a Bencher 1876; is a J. P. and a D.L, for 
Lancashire, and a J. P. for Cheshire ; was Sec. of State 
for Home Depart. Feb. 1874 to April 1880, and June 
1885 to Jan. 1886, and one of the Committee of 
Council on Education in Scotland Aug. 1885 to Jan. 
1886; P.C. 1874, G.C.B. 1880. A Conservative, sat for Preston 1857 to 
1862, and for S.W. Lancashire Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for Newton Div. of S.W. part of Lancashire. 

Seat — Eccle Riggs, Broughton-in-Furness, Lancashire. Taiun Residerxe —12, War- 
wick Square, S.W. Cluis — Athenaeum, Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

H. SHEPHERD-CROSS (Bolton-le-Moors). 
Herbert Shepherd- Cross, son of the late Thomas Cross, Esq., 

J. P., of Ruddinglon Hall, Notts., and Mortfield, Lancashire, by Ellen, da. of 
Joseph Mann, Esq., of Liverpool; b. 1847; ed. at Harrow, and at Exeter 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873): m. 1870, Lucy Mary Shepherd, da. 
of the late Rev. John Shepherd Birley, M.A., J. P., of Kirkham, Lancashire; 
is a J. P. for Lancashire and Herts, a partner in the Mortfield Bleach Works, 
and Capt. Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeo. Cav. ; assumed the additional name 
of Shepherd by Royal licence 1884. A ConservcUive ; has sat for Bolton-le- 
Moors since Nov, 1885. 

Residettces—\^, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. ; Hamels Park, near Ware, Herts. Club 
— Junior Carlton. 

E. CROSSLEY (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Sowerby Division). 

Edward Crossley, son of Joseph Crossley, 
Esq., Broomfield, Halifax, by Hannah, da. of John 
Smith, Esq.; of Halifax; b. July 12th, 1841 ; ed. at 
Tot te ridge School, and at Owens Coll., Manchester: 
7)1. 1865, Jane Eleanor, da. of Sir Edward Baines, of 
St. Ann's Hill, Burley, Leeds; isaJ.P. for Halifax, 
of wliich Borough he was Mayor 1874-6 and 1884-5, 
a Carpet Manufacturer, Chm. and Director of John 
Crossley & Sons, Limited, of Halifax, and Pres. of 
Halifax Liberal Asso. A Liberal) has sat for Sowerby 
Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of York since Dec. 

Residence— ^&rm^r?\6.e., Halifax. C/k^j— N ational Liberal, 
Halifax, Liberal (Bradtord). 



SIB 8AVILE B. CROSSLEY, BABT. (BuiTolk, Northern, or Lowestoft, DIvislonX 
Savile Brinton Crossley, son of Sir Francis 
Crossley, M.P., who d. 1872, by Martha Eliza, da. of 
the late Henry Brinton, Esq., of Kidderminster ; b. June 
14th, 1857; ed. at Eton and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
Tb.A. 1881); is Lieut. 2nd Brig. E. Div. R.A., and 
a J.P. for Suffolk and Norfolk. A Liberal) has sat 
for N., or Lowestoft, Div. of Suffolk since Dec. 1885. 

6"m/*— Somerleyton Hall, Lowestoft ; Belle Vue, HaliCaut. 
C/«<5j— Reform, Bachelors'. 

Town Address—^, Jermyn Street, S.W. 


William Crossman, K.CjM.G., el. son of 
of the late R. Crossman, Esq., of Cheswick, Northum- 
berland ; b. 1830 : m. 1855, Catharine Josephine, da. of 
J. Lawrence Morley, Esq., of Albany, \V. Australia ; 
became Lieut. R.E. 1848, Capt. 1858, Major 1872, 
Lieut.-Col. 1873, Col. 1878, and Major-Gen. (retired) 
1886; was Assist.-Sec. to Juries at Internal. Exhib. 
185 1, in charge of various Public Works in W. Aus- 
tralia 1852-6, and a Magistrate of the Colony ; employed 
under Inspector-Gen. of Fortifications at War Office 
1857-61, temporarily on staff of Q.M.G., on march of 
troops from Halifax to Riviere du Loup, Dec. 1861 ; 
Sec. to Roy. Commn. on defences of Canada 1862 ; in 
charge of Diplomatic and Consular Buildings in China 
and Japan 1866-9, ^^^ ^^ Constantinople 1869 ; a member of Treasury Com- 
mittee on Irish Board of Works 1870 ; Assist. -Director of Works for Fortifi- 
cations 1874-5 ; H.M.'s Special Commr. to Griqualand W. 1875 ; Inspector 
of Submarine Defences at War Office 1876 ; on special service to inspect and 
report upon the defences of the principal colonies 1 88 1 ; a Roy. Commr. to 
inquire into the Public Revenues, etc., of W. Indian Islands 1882-3 ; was 
Comdg. R.E. of S. District 1882-5 ; is an Associate Member of Institute of 
Civil Engineers; cr. C.M.G. 1876, K.C.M.G. 1884. A Liberal-, has sat 
or Portsmouth since Nov, 26th, 1885. 

Residence— Q!i\ss9iv^ Beal, Northumberland. Club — United Service. 


GEORGE CUBITT (Surrey, Mid, or Epsom, Division). 

George Cubitt, P. C, son of the late Thomas 

Cubitt, Esq., of Denbies, Surrey, by Mary Anne, da. of 
Samuel Warner, Esq. ; b. 1828; ed. at Trinity Coll., 
Camb. (M.A. 1854) : m. 1853, Laura, da. of the late 
Rev. James Joyce, Vicar of Dorking ; was 2nd Church 
Estates Commr. Feb. 1874 to March 1879, and a member 
of Royal Commn. on Sale and Resignation of Ecclesias- 
tical Benefices, and on City Charities ; P.C. March 241I1, 
1880; is a D, L. for Surrey and Middlesex. A Con- 
servative) sat for W. Surrey i860 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for Mid, or Epsom, Div. of Surrey. 

6"(rrt/ — Denbies, Dorking. Town Residence— ij. Prince's 
Gate. S.W. C/«^— Carlton. 



SIR DONALD CURRIE (Perthshire, Western Division). 

Donald Currie, K.C.M.G., F.R.G.S., son of the late James 
Currie, Esq., of Greenock, by Elizabeth, da. of the late Donald Martin, Esq., 
of Greenock ; b. 1825 : m. 1877, Margaret, da. of the late John Miller, Esq., of 
Liverpool, and Ardencraig, Bute ; is a shipowner, head of firm of Donald 
Currie & Co., and a D.L. for City of London; C.M.G. 1877, K.C.M.G. 
1881. A Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested Greenock 1878 ; sat for Perthshire 
March 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for W. Div. of Perthshire. 

Residences— iz, Hyde Park Place, W. ; Garth Castle, Aberfeldy, Perthshire, N.B. 
C/m3— Reform. 

VISCOUNT CURZON (Buckinghamshire, High Wycombe Division). 

George Richard Penn Curzon 
( Viscount Curzon), el. son of 3rd Earl 
Howe, by Isabella Katherine, da. of the 
late Maj.-Gen. the Hon. George Anson; 
b. April 28th, 1 861 ; ed. at Eton and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford: m. 1883, Lady Geor- 
giana Elizabeth Spencer- Churchill, da. of 
7th Duke of Marlborough; is a J. P. for 
Bucks and Lieut. Leicestershire Yeo. Cav. 
A Conservative ; has sat for High Wycombe 
Div. of Buckinghamshire since Nov. 27th, 
Residence— 22, Upper Brook Street, W. C/w3j— Carlton, Constitutional, Bachelors'. 

D. DAVIES (Cardiganshire). 

David Davies, son of the late Mr. David Davies, by Elizabeth 
his wife; b. Dec. i8th, 1818; attended a day-school at Llandinam, but is 
principally self-educated : m. 185 1, Margaret, da. of Mr. Edward Jones, of 
Llanfair; commenced life as a working-man, then followed the pursuit of 
agriculture, and afterwards became a railway contractor; is now a colliery 
proprietor, a Director of the Brecon and Merthyr Railway, a J. P. for Mont - 
gomeryshire, and Chm. of the Llandinam School Board. A Liberal', sat for 
Cardigan District Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Car- 
diganshire, which he unsuccessfully contested 1865. 

Seat— Bronierion, Llandinam, near Shrewsbury. JS us if less Address— Oceam Collieries, 
Cardiff. Tenvn Address— United Hotel, Charles Street, S.W. 

R. DAVIES (Anglesey). 
Richard Davies, son of the late Richard Davies, Esq., of 
Langefni, Anglesey.; b. 1818 : m. 1855, Annie, only child of the late Rev. 
Henry Rees, of Liverpool ; is Lord-Lieut, of Anglesey (High Sheriff 1858), 
and a J. P. for co. Carnarvon. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Carnarvon 
District 1852 ; has sat for Anglesey since Nov. 1868. 

Seat— Trehorth, Bangor. Ctuis— Reform, National Liberal. 

W. DAVIES (Pembrokeshire). 
William Davies, son of the late Thomas 

Davies, of Haverfordwest; b. 1821 : m. 1859, Martha 
Rees, who ^. 1872, el. da. of the late Thomas Morgan, 
of Haverfordwest, and niece of the late William Rees, 
J. P. and D.L., of Scovestan, co. Pembroke (High 
Sheriff 1863) ; admitted a Solicitor 1848 ; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for Pembrokeshire, and a J. P. for Haverford- 
west. A Liberal; has sat for Pembrokeshire since 
April 1880, having in 1876 been an unsuccessful candi- 

Residences— Scoveston, Milford Haven ; Spring Gardens, 
Haverfordwest ; Broad Haven House, St. Bride's Bay. Clud — 



R. GENT DAVIS (Lambeth, Kennlngton DivlBion). 

Robert Gent-Davis, son of Robert Davis, 
Esq., of Hampstead, by a da. of the late John Gent, 
Esq.; ^. July 1st, 1857; ed. privately: m. 1880, Blanche 
Ellen, da. of ihe late William Dixon, E^., of the Admi- 
ralty; is head of the firm of Sparks, White, & Co., 
Distillers' Chemists, 62 and 64, St. John Street, Smith- 
field, E.C. A Conservative', has sat for Kennington Div. 
of Lambeth since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— \<j, Albert Square, S.W. C/at^— Constitutional. 

HON. LEWIS P. DAWNAY (Yorkshire. North Elding, Thirsk and Malton 

Lewis Payn Dawnay, 2nd son of 7th 
Viscount Downe, by Mary Isabel, da. of the late 
Right Rev. the Hon. Richard Bagot, D.D., Bishop of 
Bath and Wells ; b. April ist, 1846; ed. at Eton : m. 
1877, Victoria Alexandrina Elizabeth, da. of the late 
Gen. the Hon. Charles Grey; formerly Capt. and 
Lieut. -Col. Coldstream Guards. A Conservative 't 
unsuccessfully contested York Feb. 1874; sat for 
Thirsk April 1S80 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for 1 hirsk 
and Malton Div. of N. Riding of York since Dec. 
3rd, 1885. 

Residence— ^U Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. C/«^*— Carlton, White's, 

Guards', Yorkshire 

R. DAWSON (Leeds. East Division). 

Richard Daw.son, son of Richard Dawson, Esq., J. P., of Bun- 
ratty, CO. Clare ; b. 1855 ; ed. at Hertford Coll., Oxford ; was Private Sec. to the 
Rt. Hon. Henry Chaplin, M.P., Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster 1885-6. 
A Conservative) has sat for E. Div. of Leeds since Nov. 1885. 
Residence— ^^ Scarsdale Villas, Kensington, W. 

J. DEASY (Mayo Co , West Mayo Division). 

John Deasy, son of the late Michael Deasy, Esq., C.E., of Cork ; 
h. 1856. A Home Ruhr; sat for Cork City Feb. 23rd, 1884 to Nov. 1885 
since when he has sat for W. Mayo Div. of co. Mayo. 

Residence— ^isho^stovra, Cork. 

E. S. W. DE COBAIN (Belfast, East Division).' 
Edward Samuel Wesley De Cobain, son of the Rev. Edward 
DeCobain, of Ashley Hall, Belfast, by Harriet Ann, da, of John Smyth, Esq., 
of Smythborough, and the Shades of Ballynure, co. Monaghan ; b. 1840 ; ed. 
at Bell's Academy, Belfast ; formerly Cashier for the Borough of Belfast, and 
for 5 years Giund Master of the Orange Lodge of Belfast, and is Dep. Grand 
Master for Ireland ; author of Political Lectures and occasional Poems, A 
Consen'ative ; has sat for E. Div. of Belfast since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— 'i\zxa^x.on House, Ormeau Road, Belfast; 107, Southampton Row, W.C. 
Clubs — Constitutional, Ulster. 



E. W. 

DENISON (YorksMre, North Riding. WMtby Division). 

Ernest William Denison, son of William 
Beckett Denison, Esq., M.P., of Nun Appleton Hall, 
Bolton Percy, Yorks., by Hon. Helen Buncombe, da. of 

2nd Baron Faversham; b, 1856; ed. at Eton and at 

Coll., Camb. : m. 1863, Lucy Tracy, da. of the late 
William Lee, Esq., of New York ; is a Banker at Leeds. 
A Conservative) has sat for Whitby Div. of N, R. of 
Yorks. since Dec. i88v 

Residence— iiZ, Piccadilly, W. 
C/«(Jf— Bachelors', St. James's, White's. 

W. B. DENISON (NottinghamsMre, Bassetlaw Division). 

William Beckett Denison, 3rd son of Sir 

JlU| Edmund Beckett. 4th B:irt., of Grimthorpe, York, by 

^^^1 Maria, da. of the late William Beverley, Esq, ; b. 1826 : 

^^ -' fft. 1855, the Hon, Helen Duncombe, da. of 2nd Baron 

Feversham ; is a J.P. and D.L. for W, Riding of York, 

and head of banking firm of Beckett & Co., at Leeds, 

Doncaster, Retford, etc., and of E. Riding Bank at 

Beverley, Malton, etc. ; formerly Capt. Yorkshire Hussar 

Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; sat for E. Retford Feb. 24th, 

1876, to March 1880, when he was defeated; has sat for 

Bassetlaw Div. of Nottinghamshire since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Seat — Nun Appleton, Bolton Percy, Yorkshire. Tcnvn 

Residence— x-^Z, Piccadilly, W. C/«<Jj— Carlton, White's, Garrick, 

BARON F. J. DE ROTHSCHILD [See Rothschild]. 


A. G. DICKSON (Dover). 

^ Alexander George Dickson, son of George 

^gft^^ Dickson, Esq., Belchester, Berwick, by Jane, el. da. of 

^^ Gen. Sir Martin Hunter, G.C.M.G., of Medorasley. 

^ J ^ _ Durham, and Anton's Hill, Berwick ; b. June 23rd, 

^'^^^ 1834 ; ed. at Rugby : m. 1861, Charlotte Maria, da. of 

the Rev. the Hon, William Eden, and widow of Lord 
North ; entered 62nd Foot, Feb, 1853, became Capt. 
6th Dragoon Guards 1855, and Major 13th Hussars July 
i860 ; served with 62nd Foot in Crimean Campaign Nov. 
1854 to July 1855 (medal, with clasp, and Turkish medal), 
and with Carabineers in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 
(medal with clasp) ; is Dep. Chm, of Crystal Palace Co. , 
and a Director of London, Chatham, and Dover Rail- 
way, and of Grand Trunk Railway of Canada. A moderate Conservative ; 
has sat for Dover since July 1865. 

^^•«V/;p«c^— Glemham Hall, Wickham Market. Town Address— lo, Duke Street, 
3t. James's, S.W. Ctuds— Army and Navy, United Service, Carlton, Garrick. 





Charles VVentworth Dilke, F. C, el. son of Sir 
Charles Wentworth Dilke, M.P., 1st bart., whor/. 1869, 
by Mary, only da, of the late Capt. William Chatfield, 
1st Madras Cav. ; b. 1843 ; ed. at Trin. Hall, Camb. 
(Senior Legalist 1866, LL.M. 1868;: w. 1st, 1872, 
Katherine, who d. 1874, only da. of the late Capt. 
Arthur Gore Sheil ; 2ndly, 1885, Emilia Frances, da. 
of the late Major Strong, and widow of the Rev. Mark 
Pattison, R. of Lincoln Coll., Oxford ; Bar. Middle 
Temple April 1866 ; was Under Sec. of State for Portion 
Affairs April 1880 to Dec. 1882, and Pres. of Local 
Govt. Board Dec. 1882 to Tune 1885. A Radical-, sat 
for the original Borough of Chelsea Nov. 1868 to Nov. 

1885, since when he has sat for the New Borough of Chelsea. 

Residences— t6, Sloane Street, S.W. ; Pyrford, Surrey; Dockelt Eddy, Shcpperton, 

Middlesex; La Sainte Campagne, Cap Brun, Toulon. Clubs — Reform, Devonshire, 

National Liberal, Cobden, Burlington. 

J. DILLON (Mayo Co.. Mayo East DlvlsionX 

John Dillon, son of the late John Blake 
Dillon, M.P. for co. Tipperary 1865-6, by Adelaide, 
da. of the kite William Francis Hart, Esq., of Dublin ; 
b. 1851 ; ed. at Catholic Univ. of Dublin ; is a 
Licentiate of Royal Coll. of Surgeons in Ireland. A 
Nationalist ; sat for Tipperary April 1880 to March 
1883, when he resigned ; elected for Mayo co., E. 
Div., Nov. 1885. 

Residence— "^onh Great George Street, Dublin. 

L. L. DILLWTH (Swansea Town DlvlsionX 

Lewis Llewelyn Dillwyn, 2nd son of the 
late Lewis Weston Dillwyn, M.P., of Sketty Hall, 
Glamorganshire, by Mary, da. of the late John 
Llewelyn, Esq., of Penllergare, Glamorgan ; b. M.iy 
19th, 1814 : m. 1838, Eliza^th, da, and heiress of the 
late Sir H. T. De La Beche, C.B. ; is a D.L. aiii a 
J. P. of CO. Glamorgan, Col. Comdt. 3rd Vol. V>.\\\\. 
Welsh Regt., a Director of G.W. Railway, and ( in. 
of Glamorganshire Banking Co. A Liberal; sat lor 
Swansea District Feb. 1855 to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for Swansea Town Div. of Swansea. 
6Va/— Hendrefoilan, near Swansea. Chambers— 10, King's Bench Walk, Temple, 
E.G. r C/«/'f— Athenaeum, National Liberal. 

HON. BARON DIMSDALE (HertfordsMre. Northern, or Hltchln. Division). 
«4i( Robert Dimsdale {Hon. Baron Dimsdale), 

J^gk son of 5th Hon. Baron Dimsdale (of the Russian Em; 

"■^"^^ by Jemima, da. of the Rev. Anthony Pye, Pn 

Worcester ; b. July 4th, 1828 ; ed, at Eton and at C 
Christi Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852) : m. I^3 > 
Cecilia Jane, da, of the late Rev. Marcus Soutlivcll. 
V. of St. .Stephen's, St. Albans; is a J.P, and a D.L. for 
Herts, and a J.P. for Middlesex and Westminster. A 
Conservative] sat for Hertford Borough 1866-74, having 
been defeated there in Aug, 1859; has sat for N,, or 
Hitchin, Div. of Hertfordshire since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence — Essendon Place, Hatfield. 

C/«3*- Carlton, 




•X G- DIXON (Birmingham, Edgbaston Division). 

George Dixon, son of the late Abraham Dixon, Esq., of 
Whitehaven, by Letitia, da. of John Taylor, Esq., of Gomersall, York ; 
b. July 2ist, 1820; ed. at Leeds Gram. Sch. : m. 1855, Mary, youngest da. of 
the late James Stansfeld, Esq., Judge of County Courts at Halifax ; formerly 
Pres. of Chamber of Commerce for Birmingham ; is Chm. of Birmingham 
School Board, a J. P. for that borough and co. Warwick, and a partner in 
mercantile firm of Rabone Bros. & Co. ; was Mayor of Birmingham 1866-7. 
An ^'' advanced Liberal 'y^ sat for Birmingham July 1867 to June 1876 ; has sat 
for Birmingham, Edgbaston Division, since Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Seat—Tn& Dales, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Town Residence— Stoke Lodge, 41, 

Hyde Park Gate, Kensington, W. C/w*— Reform. 

F. D. DIXON-HARTLAITD [See Hartland]. 

J. DODDS (Stockton-upon-Tees). 

Joseph DoDDS, el. son of the late Matthew 
Dodds, Esq., of Whorley Hill, co. Durham, by Margaret, 
da. of Mr. Joseph Richardson; b. 1819 ; ed. by the Rev. 
William Bowman, M. A., Gainford : m. 1847, Anne, who 
d. 1876, only da. of William Smith, Esq., and cousin 
and heiress of Mrs. Elizabeth Starkey, of Stockton-upon- 
Tees ; is a D. L. for co. Durham, Chm. of Tees Bridge 
Iron Co., Pres. of several local institutions, an extensive 
colliery owner, ironmaster, and ironstone proprietor in co. 
Durham and Cleveland, and" in practice as a solicitor at 
Stockton; was Mayor of Stockton 1857-8. A Liberal ; 
has sat for Stockton-upon-Tees since 1868. 

Town Address- 10s, Pall Mall, 

^ :ggTiA-67rffSl^ 

Country Residence — Ragworth , Stockton-upon-Tees, 
S.W. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal. 

R. S. DONKIN (Tjmemoutli). 

Richard Sims Donkin, son of James Donkin, Esq., of North 
Shields, by Ann, da. of — Sims, Esq. ; b. Aug. 27th, 1836 : m. 1864, Hannah, 
da. of — Dryden, Esq. ; is a J. P. for Northumberland, a Partner in the Firm 
of Nelson, Donkin, & Co., Steamship Owners, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and on 
Committee of Lloyd's Register of Shipping. A Conservative; has sat for 
Tynemouth since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— MhcmaxXe, Wimbledon Common, S.W. ; Campville, North Shields. Town 
Address— $, Roland Houses, South Kensington, S.W. Clubs — ^Junior Carlton, Constitutional, 
Union, and Orleans. 

A.. AKERS-DOUGLAS (Kent, St. Au^stlne's Division). 

Aretas Akers-Douglas, only son of the late 
Rev. Aretas Akers, of Mailing Abbey, Kent, by Frances 
Maria, da. of Francis Hollis Brandram, Esq., of Tun- 
bridge Wells; b. 1851, ed. at Eton, and at Univ. Coll., 
Oxford : m. 1875, Adeline, da. of Horatio Austen 
Smith, Esq., of Hayes Court, Kent.; Bar. Inner Temple 
1874; is a J. P. for cos. Kent, Edinburgh, and Dumfries, 
and Lieut. E. Kent Yeo. Cav. ; was Patronage Sec. to 
the Treasury June 1885 to Jan. 1886; assumed in 1875, 
by royal licence, the additional surname of Douglas. A 
Conservative; sat for E. Kent April 1880 to Nov. 1885; 
has sat for St. Augustine's Div. of Kent since Dec. 4th, 

5'fc'rt/.9— Chilston Park, Maidstone; Mailing Abbey. Maidstone; Craigs, near Dumfries, 
N.B. Ciiibs—Caxhon, Union. 




T. DUCKHAM (Herefordshire, Northern, or Leominfiter. Dlviiion). 

Thomas Duckham, 2nd son of the late Mr. John Duckham, of 
Shirehampton, near Bristol; b. Sept. 26lh, 1816; ed. at private schools al 
Bristol and Hereford; m. 1845; is J. P. for Herefordshire, a tenant farniir, 
founder of Central and Associated Chambers of Agriculture (of which he was 
Chm. 1883), and a member of Councils of Central Chamber of Agriculture, of 
Bath and \V. of England and S. Co. Association, and of Herefordshire Agri- 
cultural So.; was twenty years Editor of the Hereford Herd Book. A 
Liberal', sat for Herefordshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885; has sat for N., or 
Leominster, Div. of Herefordshire since Dec. 1st, 1885. 

ResuUnce— ^9.^^0X0. Court, near Ross. C/«^j— National Liberal, Farmers'. 

R. W. DUFF (Banffhhlre). 

Robert William Duff, only son of 
the late Arthur Duff, Esq., of Fetteresso, 
who assumed the name of Abercromby, by 
Elizabeth, da. of John Innes, Esq., of (^owie, 
Kincardine ; b. May 8th, 1835 ; ed. at Black- 
heath Sch. : m. 1871, Louisa, da. of Sir 
William Scott, 6th bart. ; entered R N. 
1848, and became Retired Com. 1864 ; is a 
D.L. and a J. P. for cos. Banff and Kincar- 
dine ; was a Junior Lord of the Treasury 
June 1882 to June 1885; has been a Civil Lord 

of the Admiralty since Feb. 1886 ; resumed the paternal name of Duff Dec. 

1861. A Liberal; has sat for Banffshire since Dec. 1861. 

Seats — Fetteresso Castle, Stonehaven, N. B. ; Glassaugh, Portsoy, Banflshire : Culter, 
Aberdeenshire. C/«^J— Brooks's, Devonshire, National Liberal, Liberal, Turf, Hurlingham. 

D. DUNCAN (BarrowlnFamess). 

David Duncan, son of James Duncan, Esq., of Brae, Perthshire ; 
b. 1831 ; ed. in Dundee : w., in 1856, a da. of Archibald Williamson, Esq., of 
Anstruther, Fife; is a J. P. for Cheshire ; formerly a merchant in Chili. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Barrow-in Fumess since Nov. 1885. 

Rfsiiience— Gay ton Hall, Neston, Cheshire. 

FRANCIS DUNCAN (Flnsbury, Holbom Division). 

Francis Duncan, C.B.j LL.D.^ D.C.L.^ son o\ the late John 
Duncan, Esq. ; b. 1836; ed. at Aberdeen Univ. (M.A. in honors 1855, Hon. 
D.C.L. King's Coll., Canada, 1861, Hon. LL.D. Aberdeen 1874, Hon. D.C.L. 
Durham 1882); entered R.A. 1855; became Capt. 1864, Major 1874, Lieut.- 
Col. 1881, and Col. 1885 ; was Instructor in Sch. of Gunnery 1877-82; employed 
with Egyptian army 1883-5 (3^^ Class Osmanleh) ; author of the ** History of 
the Royal Artillery." **The English in Spain," &c. A Conservative) has sat 
for Holbom Div. of Finsbury since 1885. 

Residence— "^^ooWich. Common, S.E. Clubs — Carlton, United Service. 

A. DUNCOMBE (Yorkshire, East Riding, Hovdenslilre Division). 

Arthur Duncombe, son of Adm. the Hon. 
Arthur Duncombe, by Delia, da. of the late John 
Wilmer Field, Esq., of Heaton Hall, York; b. 
1840; ed. at Eton and Univ. Coll., Oxford (M.A. 
1862) : m. 1869, Katherine Henrietta Venezia, da. 
of the late Henry John Mewsham Milbank, Esq.; 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1867; is a J. P. and D.L. for E. 
Riding ; and a J. P. for N. Riding of York. A Con- 
servative) unsuccessfully contested Scarborough 
1880; has sat for Howdenshire Div. of E. Riding 
of York since Dec. 1885. 
Residences— So\xt)x Cliff, Scarborough ; 37, Hill Street, W. C/m^— Carlton. 



J. C. DURANT (Tower Hamlets, Stepney Division). 

John Charles Durant, son of Mr. Christopher William Durant, 
of Epping, Essex, by Sarah, da. of Mr, Coles, of Fordingbridge, Hants ; b. July 
15th, 1846 ; ed. at British School, Fordingbridge, Hants : vi. 1874, Alice, da. 
of Mr, William Johnson, of Ockley, Surrey ; formerly a compositor ; is now a 
master printer ; an original founder of the Eand Nationalization So., of the Land 
Restoration League, of the People's League, and Democrat newspaper ; author 
of Pamphlets on Land and Social Questions, A Liberal, and ' ' Christian 
Socialist ;" has sat for Stepney Div, of Tower Hamlets since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — 121, Lavender Sweep, Clapham Common. 

EIGHT HON. SIR WILLLAM H. DYKE, Bart. (Kent, North-Westem, or 
Dartford, Division). 

William Hart Dyke, P. C, el. surviving son of 
Sir Percival Hart Dyke, 6th bart., by Elizabeth, da, of 
the late John Wells, Esq, , of Bickley, Kent ; b. Aug. 
7th, 1837; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch,, Oxford 
(M,A. 1861) : m. 1870, Lady Emily Caroline Montagu, 
el, da. of 7th Earl of Sandwich ; s. his father as 7th 
bart. 1875 J is a D,L, and a J.P. of Kent ; was Patronage 
Sec. to Treasury Feb, 1874 to April 1880, and Ch. Sec. 
for Ireland June 1885 to Jan, 1886; P.C, 1880, A 
Conservative-, sat for W. Kent July 1865 to Nov, 1868, 
and for Mid Kent Nov, 1868 to Nov, 1885; has sat for 
N.W., or Dartford, Div. of Kent since Nov, 1885, 
^ert/— LuUingstone Castle, Dartford, . C/«3j— Carlton, White's, Boodle's, Marlborough, 
St. Stephen's. 

H. W. EATON (Coventry). 

Henry William Eaton ; b. 1816 ; ed. at 
Enfield, and at Coll. RoUin, Paris : m. 1839, the only 
da,, who d. 1877, of the late Thomas Leader Harman, 
Esq,, of New Orleans ; is extensively connected with 
the silk trade, a Director of the Marine Insurance and 
of the Imperial Fire Assurance Cos., a Fellow of the 
Geographical, Horticultural, and Botanical Sos., and a 
D.L. for Suffolk and the Tower Hamlets. A Con- 
servative ; sat for Coventry June 1865 to April 1880, 
when he was defeated ; re-elected March 12th, 1881, and 
Nov. 24th, 1885, 

Town Residence— 16, Prince's Gate, S.W, Clubs — Union, Carlton, Marlborough. City 
of London, Fine Arts. 

VISCOUNT EBRINGTON (Devonsliire, Western, or Tavistock, Division). 

Hugh FORTESCUE ( Viscount Ebring- 
ton), el. son of 3rd Earl Fortescue, by 
Georgiana Augusta Charlotte Caroline, da. of 
the late Right Hon, George Lionel Dawson- 
Damer; b. April i6th, 1854; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., ist class 
Law, 1875, M,A. 1879) ; is Capt, N, Devon 
Hussar Yeo. Cav., a J.P. and a D.L. for 
Devon, a J.P. for S, Molton, and Master of 
Devon and Somerset Stag-hounds ; was some- 
time Private Sec, to Lord Pres. of the Council 

(Earl Spencer). A Libei-al\ sat for Tiverton Nov. 14th, 1 881, to Nov. 1885 ; 

has sat for W,, or Tavistock, Div, of Devonshire since Dec. 5th, 1885, 
Residence — 40, Belgrave Square, S.W. C/«<Jj— Brooks's, Travellers'. 

T. C, EDWARDS MOSS [See Mobs], 



HON. ALAN DB T. EOERTON (OiesUre, Knutsford Dlylslon). 

Alan de Tatton Egerton, 2nd son of ist Baron 

Egerton, by Lady Chadotte, el. da. of 2nd Marquess of Kly ; 
b. March 19th, 1845; ed, at Eton: m. 1867, Anna Louisa, da. 
of Simon Watson Taylor, Esq. (formerly M.P. for Devizes), of 
Erlestoke Park, Westbury ; is a J. P. for Cheshire, Capt. 5th 
Vol. Batn. Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own), Lieut. 
Cheshire Yeo. Cav., and h.p, to his brother the 2nd Baron 
Egerton of Tatton. A Consen>atwe\ sat for Mid-Cheshire 
March 14th, 1883, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Knutsford Div. of 
Cheshire since Dec 1885. 

Taplow. Town Residenct^g, Seamore Place, 

Country Residence — Thatched Cottage 
Mayfair. W. Clubs— St. James's. Carlton, Bachelors*. 

HON. A. J. 

F. EGERTON (LancasMre, South East Part. Eccles Division). 

Alfred John Francis Egerton, son of 2nd Earl of 
Ellesmere, by Lady Mary Louisa Campbell, da. of 1st Earl of 
I Cawdor ; b. 1854 : «. 188 1, Isabella Coresaide Gertrude, da of 
the late Hamilton Gorges, Esq., of Kelbrew, co. Meath ; for- 
merly Lieut. Grenadier Guards. A Comtrvativc ; has sat for 
Eccles Div. of S.E. Part of Lancashire since Nov. 1885. 

Residence—^ Upper Grosvenor Street, W. C/«*— Turf. 

HON. F. EOERTON (Derbyshire. North-East Division). 

Francis Egerton, son of ist Earl of Elles- 
mere; b. Sept. 15th, 1824; ed. at Harrow: m. 1865, 
Lady Louisa Caroline, only da. of 7th Duke of Devon- 
shire ; entered R.N. 1840, became Com. 1850, Cajn. 
1855, Rear-Adm. 1873, and retired Vice-Adm. 1878: 
served in .Syria 1840, present on shore at bomhardmcnt 
of Acre (medal), and in Baltic Expedition 1854 (medal) : 
is a J. P. for .Surrey, and was a Naval A.D.C. to II.M. 
1865-8. A Liberal; sat for E. Derbyshire Nov. 1868 to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for N.E. Div. of 

Seat — St. George's Hill, Byfleet, Surrey. ToTtm Residence 
—78, Piccadilly, W. C/«^*— Travellers', United Service. 

HON. ARTHUR R. D. ELLIOT (RoxburghshlreX 

Arthur Ralph Douglas Elliot, 2nd son of 

3rd Earl of M into, by Emma Eleanor Elizabeth, only 
da. and heiress of the late Gen. Sir Thomas IIi>I<)p. 
Bart., G.C.B. ; b. Dec. 17th, 1846; ed. at Edinbuii;h 
Univ., and at Trin. Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1S68, 
M.A. 1873); Bar. Middle Temple 1870; goes x\. 
Circuit. A Liberal ; has sat for Roxburghshire since 
April 1880. 

Residence— \i. Cavendish Square, W. Chambers— ^, 

■f_^lS!i>'^ King's Bench Walk, E.C. cVw^j— Brooki s, New University. 



HON. HUGH F. H. ELLIOT (Ayrshire, North Division). 

Hugh Frederick Hislop Elliot, 3rd son 
of 3rd Earl of Minto, by Emma Eleanor Elizabeth, 
only da. and heiress of the late Gen. Sir Thomas 
Hislop, Bart, G.C.B. ; b. 1848; ed. at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1870) : m. 1879, Mary Euphemia, da. of 
the late Col. Samuel Long, of Bromley Hill ; formerly 
a Clerk in House of Commons ; was Private Sec. to 
First Commr. of Works and Buildings (Rt. Hon. W. 
P. Adam, M.P.) 1873-4. A Liberal; has sat for 
Ayrshire, N. Division, since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence — Corwar, Newton Stewart, N.B. Clubs — Brooks's, Travellers'. 

J. ELLIS (Leicestershire, Western, or Bosworth, Division). 

James Ellis, son of Joseph Ellis, of Glen field, Leicester, by 
Hannah, da. of John Shipley; b. Oct. 2nd, 1829; ed. at Schools of the Society 
of Friends : m. 1855,' Louisa, da. of Thomas Burgess, of Wigston Grange, 
Leicestershire; is Chm. of Leicester School Board, and a merchant and 
Owner of Granite Quarries. A Liberal ; has sat for W., or Bosworth, Div. of 
Leicestershire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Th& Gynsills, near Leicester. C/m^j— National Liberal and Leicestershire. 

J. E. ELLIS (Nottinghamshire, Rushcliffe Division). 

John Edward Ellis, el. son of the late Edward Shipley Ellis, 
Esq., J. P., of The Newarke, Leicester, by Emma, da. of the late John Burgess, 
Esq., of Wigston Grange, Leicestershire; b. 1841 ; ed. at "PViends" School, 
Kendal : m. 1867, Maria, da. of the late John Rowntree, Esq., of Scarborough ; 
is a J. P. for Nottingham and N. Riding of York, a coal owner, and Chm. of 
Nottingham Joint Stock Bank, Limited, author of Pamphlets on " Sequence of 
Events in Eastern Questions 1878," and "Parliamentary Misrepresentation 
1884." A Liberal; has sat for Rushcliffe Div. of Nottinghamshire since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Thft Vax^ Nottingham: Wrea Head, Scalby, Scarborough; 40, Pont 
Street, S.W. Club— K^form. 

SIR JOHN W. ELLIS, Bart. (Surrey, Kingston Division). 

John Whittaker Ellis, 5th son of the late 
Joseph Ellis, Esq., of Petersham, Surrey, by Elizabeth, 
da. of the late William Moates, Esq., of Southwark ; 
b. Jan. 25th, 1829 : m. 1859, Mary Ann, da of John 
Staples, Esq., of Belmont, near Salisbury; elected Alder- 
man of Broad Street Ward, London, 1872 ; was Sheriff 
of London and Middlesex 1874-5, ^"^ Lord Mayor of 
London 1881-2 ; is a J. P. for co. Londonderry, Gov. 
of Hon. the Irish So., a D.L. for City of London, 
Master of Merchant Taylors' Co., Chm. of Alliance 
Bank and of Emanuel Hospital, and a Chevalier 2nd 
class of Golden Lion of Nassau. A Conservative ; 
sat for Mid Surrey June 20th, 1884, to Nov. 1885 ; has 
Iluic Habeo non Tibi. sat for Kingston Div. of Surrey since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

5^fl/— Byfleet, Surrey. Town Residence -21, Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. Clubs 
Carlton, Garrick, Constitutional, City Carlton. 

J. W. ELLISON MACARTNEY [See Macartney]. 



8m THOMAS H. 0. E8M0NDE (DnbUn Co., South Dublin DiTlilon). 
11^ Thomas Henry Grattan Esmonde, son of 

Sir John Esmonde, loth Bart., who d. 1876, by Louisa, 
da. of the late Henry Grattan, Esq., of Tinnehinch, co. 
Wicklow ; b. Sept. 21st, 1862 ; is Lieut. 6ih Brig. S. 
Irish Div. R.A. A Home Ruler \ has sat for S. Dublin 
Div. of CO. Dublin since Nov. 1885. 

Rtsidenc* — Ballynastngh, Gorey, ca Wexford. 


p. ESSLEMONT (Aberdeenshire, East Division). 

Peter Esslemont, son of the late Mr. Peter Esslemont, Farmer, 
of Balnakettle, Udney, Aberdeenshire, by Annie, da. of Mr. Connon; b. June 
13th, 1834; ed. at Public School, Belhelvie : m. 1st, 1857 (wife d. 1871); 
2ndly, 1876, Mary Anne, da. of Rev. William Bradford Sherwood, of U.S.A. ; 
is a J. P. for Aberdeenshire, head of the firm of Esslemont and Macintosh, 
warehousemen, of Aberdeen, Pres. of Chamber of Commerce and Director 
of Scottish Employers Liability Co. (Limited), etc. ; was Ix)rd Provost of 
Aberdeen 1880-3; author of '* Scheme for Improvement of Robert Gordon's 
Hospital." A Liberal \ has sat for E. Div. of Aberdeenshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residencfs — 34, Albyn Place, Aberdeen ; Cairnballach, Durris, Kincardine. Clubs — 
Nalional Liberal, Scottisb (Edinburgh). 

W. J. EVELYN (DeptfordX 
William John Evelyn, son of the late 
George Evelyn, Esq., of Wotton, Surrey, by Mary 
Jane, da. of James Hewitt Massy-Dawson, Esq., 
M.P., of Ballinacourte, co. Tipperary ; b. July 27th, 
1822 ; ed. at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1843, M.A. 
1849) : w. 1873, Frances Harriet, el. da. of the late 
Rev. George Vaughan Chichester, of Wotton ; formerly 
Capt. Surrey Vol., and Capt. 3rd Surrey Militia ; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. for Surrey (High Sheriff) i860. A 
Conservative \ sat for \V. Surrey 1849-57 ; unsuccess- 
fully contested Guildford 1858 ; has sat for Deplford 
since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— "Cotton House, Dorking. Ciuis — Athenaeum, 
Oxford and Cambridge. 

R. L. EVERETT (Suffolk, South Eastern, or Woodbrldge, Division). 
Robert Lacey Everett, son of the late Joseph David Everett, 

Esq., Yeoman, of Ipswich; b. 1833 : m. 1863, Elizabeth, da. of Obadiah 
Nussey, Esq., J. P., of Leeds, cloth merchant, and manufacturer. A Liberal) 
unsuccessfully contested E. Suffolk as a Farmers' Candidate, 1880; has sat for 
Woodbridge, or S.E. Div. of Suffolk, since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— R\xs,hm&ce, Ipswich. Town Address—^, Bridge Street, S.W. 



W. EWART (Belfast, North Division). 

William Ewart, son of the late William 
Ewart, Esq., of Sydenham Park, co. Down ; b. Nov. 
22nd, 1817 ; ed. at Belfast Academy: m. 1840, Isabella 
Kelso, youngest da. of the late Lavens Mathewson, Esq., 
of Newtown Stewart, co. Tyrone; is a J. P. for cos. 
Antrim and Down and for Belfast borough, a Harbour 
commr. for Belfast, member of Representative Body of 
Church of Ireland, Pres. of Irish Linen Trade and Flax 
Supply Associations, and a linen manufacturer and 
merchant ; was Mayor of Belfast 1859-60, and a Repre- 
sent, tive of Linen Trade in N. of Ireland in negotiating 
French Treaty 1864. A Conservative', sat for Belfast 
April 2nd, 1878, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for 
N. Div. of Belfast. 

Residence — Glenmachan House. Strandtown, co. Down. 

C/«3j— Carlton, Ulster. 

SIB ARCHIBALD 0. EWING, BABT. (DumbartonsMre). 

Archibald On Ewing, 7th son of the late 

William Ewing, Esq., merchant of Glasgow, by Susan, 
da. of the late John Orr, Esq., of Paisley; b. Jan. 4th, 
1819; ed. at Glasgow Univ. : m. April 1847, Elizabeth 
Lindsay Reid, only child of James Reid, Esq. , J. P., of 
Caldercruix, Lanark ; is a J. P. and a D. L. for Stirlingshire, 
a J. P. for cos. Lanark, Inverness, and Dumbarton, Brig. 
Gen. of Roy. Co. of Archers (H.M.'s Body Guard for 
Scotland), and a merchant at Glasgow ; cr. a Baronet 
Feb. 1886. A Liberal Conservative', has sat for Dumbar- 
tonshire since Nov. 1868. 

5"£.rt/j— Lennoxbank, Dumbartonshire ; Ballikinrain Castle, Killeam, Stirlingshire ; 
Gollanfield, Fort George, Inverness-shire. C/«^f— Carlton, New, Edinburgh University, 
Western, Scottish Conservative, New (Glasgow). 

SIR ANDREW FAIRBAIRN (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Paxt, 
Otley, Division). 

Andrew Fairbairn, K.B.^ son of the late Sir 
Peter Fairbairn, of Woodsley House, Leeds, by Margaret, 
da. of the late Robert Kennedy, Esq., of Glasgow ; b. 
1 828 ; ed. at Geneva, at Glasgow, and at St. Peter's 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 37th Wrangler 1850, M.A. 1853) : 
m. 1862, Clara Frederica, da. of Sir John Lambton 
Loraine, loth bart. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1852 ; is Chm. 
of engineering firm of Fairbairn, Naylor, 5lacpherson, 
& Co. (Limited), of Leeds, a J. P. and D.L. for W. 
Riding of York, and a J. P. for Leeds ; formerly Capt. 
Yorkshire Hussar Yeo. Cav., and Major 7th W. Riding 
Rifle Vol. ; was a member of Executive Committee of 
Leeds Exhibition of Fine Arts 1868, Mayor of Leeds 
Ne cede arduis. , 855.7 and 1 867-8, Chm. of Leeds School Board 18Y1-8, 

and a Royal Commr. of Paris Exhibition 1868. A Liberal', unsuccessfully 
contested Leeds 1868, and Knaresborough 1874 ; sat for E. Div. of W. Riding 
of York April 1880 to Nov. 1885 J has sat for Otley Div. of E. Part of W. 
Riding of York since Dec. 1885. 

6"^fl^—Askham Richard, York. 7>7t'«/?^j/V/f«f^— 15, Portman Square, W. Clubs — 
Brooks's, United University, Reform, St. James's, Yorkshire, Hurlingham, 



H. R. FARQUHARSON (DorMtalilre. Weatem DIvialonX 

Henry Richard Farquharson, son of the 

late Henry J. Farquharson, Esq., by Fanny Maria, da. of 
the Rev. J. Ward, of Cowes, Isle of Wight ; b. May 
1857 ; ed. at Eton, and at Jesus Coll., Camb. : m, 1878, 
Constance, da. of James John Farquharson, Esq., of 
Langton House, Bland ford. A Conservative; has sat 
for W. Div. of Dorsetshire since Dec. 1885. 

Rfsidence—Tzmnt Gunvillr. Hlandford 
Boodle's, St. Stephen's, Kenn ' 


K. FARQUHARSON (Aberdeenshire. West DlvislonX 
Robert Farquharson, M.D.^ LL.D., son of the late Francis 
Farquharson, Esq., of Finzean ; b. 1S37 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M. D. 1858, 
F.R.C.P. London 1877, LL.D. Al^erdeen 1882); formerly Assist -Surgeon in 
Coldstream Guards; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Aberdeenshire; was sometime 
Physician to St. Mary's Hospital, and Lecturer there on Materia Medica, and 
Physician to Belgrave Hospital for Children ; author of. numerous medical 
works. A Liberal', has sat tor W. Div. of Aberdeenshire since April 1880. 

6"tw/— Finzean. Aboyne. Aberdeenshire. C/«^*— Junior United Servic*". H-f.-"T.. 


R. J. FEILDEN (Lancashire. North, Chorley Division). 

Randle Joseph Feilden, C.M.G.^ el. sur- 
viving son of the late Joseph Feilden, Esq., M.P., 
of Witton Park, by Frances Mary, da. of the late Rev. 
Streynsham M.ister, Rector of Croston ; b. 1824 : tn, 
1861, Jane Campbell, da. of James Hozier, Esq., of 
Maudslie Castle, Lanarkshire ; entered Army 1843, 
became Capt. 1853, Major i860, Lieut. -Col. 1864, 
Col. 1869, Maj.-(Jen. 1S79, anil Hon. Lieut.-Gen. 
(retired) 1883 ; commanded 1st Batn. 60th Rifles on 
Red River Expedition 1870 (C.M.G.) ; is a J. P. for 
Lancashire. A Consen'atvi>e ; sat for N. Lancashire 
April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for 
Chorley Div. of Lancashire, N. 
.9m/— Witton Park, Blackburn. Town Residence—xo, Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. 
C/k*^— United Service, Carlton, Empire. 

W. H. FELL0WE8 (Huntin^rdonsliire, Northern, or Ramsey, Division). 

William Henry Fellowes, son of Edward 
Fellowes, Esq., by Mary Julia, da. of 4th Baron Sondes ; 
b. 1848 : m. 1877, Lady Rosamond Jane Frances Spencer 
Churchill, 2nd da. of 7th Duke of Marlborough ; formerly 
Capt. 1st Life Guards; is a J. P. for Huntingdonshire, and 
a Director of G. N. Railway. A Comervatrve ; sat for Hunt- 
ingdonshire April 1S80 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N., or 
Ramsey, Div. of Huntingdonshire since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

^ 5"^a/— Abbots Ripton Hall, Huntingdon. Residence— -20^ Upper 
^^ Brook Street, W. Clubs — Carlton, Marlborough. 

C. FENWICK (Northumberland, Wansbeck Division). 

Charles Fen wick ; b. iS — ; is a Miner and a Primitive 
Methodist Local Preacher ; has taken active interest in the Northumberland 
Miners' Association. A Liberal ^ has sat for Wansbeck Div. of Northumber- 
land since Dec. 1885. 

/?«/V/^w^— Bebside, Northumberland. Town Address—s, Beaufort Buildiogs, Strand, 



W. H. FISHER (Fulliam). 
William Hayes Fisher, el. son of the late Rev. Frederick 

Fisher, R. of Downham, Isle of Ely, by a da. of the late William Hayes, Esq., 
senior conveyancing counsel to the Court of Chancery; b. 1853 ; ed. at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1876) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1879. A "progressive Con- 
servattTe'' ; elected for Fulham Nov. 26th, 1885. 

Residence — Victoria Mansions, Westminster, S.W. Clubs — Oxford and Cambridge. 

R. U. P. FITZGERALD (Cambridge Borough). 

Robert Uniacke Penrose FitzGerald, son of 
the late Robert Uniacke Penrose FitzGerald, Esq., by 
Frances Matilda, da. of the late Rev. R. Austen, D.D. ; 
b. July loth, 1839 ; ed. at Westminster, and at Trin. 
Hall, Camb. (B.C.L. 1861, M.C.L. 1867) : ?n. 1867, Jane 
Emily, el. da. of Gen. Sir William Codrington, G.C.B. ; 
is a J, P. and a D. L. for co. Cork, and a Director of the 
Land Corporation of Ireland. A Conservative; unsuc- 
cessfully contested Youghal 1874; has sat for Cambridge 
Borough since Nov. 1885. 

Residetices — Corkbeg Island, Whitgate, co Cork ; 35, Grosvenor 
Fortis et Fidelis. Road, S.W. Clubs— Cax\x.ow, Kildare Street. 

^BI*=i^S William John Wentworth-Fitzwilliam, 

<^^ ijn^S. 4*^ ^*^" °^ ^^ Y.2lx\ Fitzvvilliam, by Lady Frances 

c^^ cxs& Harriet Douglas, el. da. of the 19th Earl of Morton; 

b. Aug. 7th, 1852 ; ed. at Eton, and at Magdalene 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1874); is Capl. 1st West York 
Yeo. Cav., and a J. P. for W. Riding of Yorkshire. An 
Independent Liberal; has sat for Peterborough since 
Oct. 29th, 1878. 

Residence — 4, Grosvenor Square, W. 
Boodle's, Bachelors', Turf. 

C/«^x— Brooks' 

SIR FREDERICK W. J. FITZ-WYGRAM (Hampshire, South, or Fareham, 


Frederick Wellington John Fitz- 
Wygram, 3rd son of Sir Robert Fitz- 
Wygram, M.P., 2nd bart., by Selina, da. of 
Sir John Hayes, ist bart. ;' b. Aug. 2gth, 
1822: m. 1882, Angela, da. of the late 
Thomas Nugent Vaughan, Esq. ; entered 
6th Dragoons 1843, became Capt. 1848, 
Major and Lieut.-Col. 1858, Lieut.-Col. 15th 
Hussars i860. Col. 1863, Maj.-Gen. 1879, 
Lieut.-Gen. 1883, and Col. 3rd Hussars 
1884 ; served in Crimean campaign 1855 
(medal with clasp and Turkish medal) ; was Inspector-Gen. of Cav. in Great 
Britain and in command of Cav. Brig, at Aldershot 1879-84 ; s, his brother as 
4th Bart. 1873. A Conservative; sat for S. Hampshire June 20th, 1884, to 
Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S., or Fareham, Div. of Hampshire since Dec. 1885. 

Seat~'Le.\g\\ Park, Havant. Town Residence— j^, Portland Place, W. Clubs— 

Carlton, Army and Navy. 



B. FLETCHER (Wiltshire. North Western, or Chippenham* Diyision). 
Banister Fletcher, 2nd son of the late Thomas Fletcher; 
b. 1833; ed. privately: m. 1863, the only da. of the late Charles Phillips; 
gained, when a student, the 1st prize given by the Roy. Institute of British 
Architects, of which Institute he is jiow a Fellow ; is an Architect and Sur- 
veyor, District Surveyor for VV. Newington and part of Lambeth, and Major 
1st Tower Hanilets Rifle Vol. Brig. ; author of several text-books relating to 
his profession. A Liberal; hassatforN.W., or Chippenham, Div. of VVill^ire 
since Dec. 1885. 

Residen£e—Ax\g\tihsiY, Woodchurch Road, West Hampstead, N.W. OJkft—ag, 

New Bridge Street, E.C. C/x^s — National Liberal, Junior Athenaeum. 

ISm HENRT FLETCHER, Bart. (Sassex, Mid, or Lewes. Division). 

Henry Fletcher, el. son of the late Sir 
Henry Fletcher, 3rd hart., who </. 1851, by Emily 
Maria, da. of the late George Browne, Esq., a member 
of the Council, Bombay ; b. Sept. 24th, 1835 ; ed. at 
Eton : m. 1859, Agnes, da. of the late Sir John Morillyon 
Wilson, C.B., K. H. ; entered 69th Foot I053, and retired 
from Army as Lieut. Grenadier Guards ; was Comet 
Cumberland and Westmoreland Yeo. Cav. 1859-61, and 
Major 2nd Surrey Kifle Vol. 1860-63 ; is Hon. Col. 2nd 


Mertis mm Cu/idinis. 

Vol. Bain. Roy. Sussex Regt., and a I. P. and D.L. for 
Sussex, and a J. P. for Surrey ; has been a Groom in 
Waiting to H.M. since July 1885. A Conservative', sat 
for Horsham March 3nl, 1880, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for 
Mid, or Lewes, Div. of Sussex since Dec. 4th, 1885. 
Seai—Haja Manor, AngAering. near Worthing. C/m^^— Guards', Carlton, Turf. 

C. FLOWER (Bedfordshire. Lnton Division). 

Cyril Flower, el. son of the late Philip 
WilHam Flower, Esq., of Furze Down Park, Streatham, 
Surrey, by Alary, da. of the late Jonathan Flower, 
Esq. ; A 1843 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. : m. 1878, Constance, da. of Sir Anthony de 
Rothschild, 1st bart. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1870 ; is a 
D.L. for City of London, and a Lieut. Bucks Yeo. Cav., 
has been a Junior Lord of the Treasury since Feb. 
1886. A Liberal; «at for Brecknock April 1880 to 
Nov. 1885 ; has sai for Luton Div. of Bedfordshire 
since Dec. 18S5. 

Country Residettcet—KsXon Clinton, Tring, Bucks; Brick- 
ingham House, Brecon. Town Res idrncf— Surrey House, 7, 
Hyde Park Place. W. Chambers— i, Tanfield Court, Temple, 
E.C. C/«^.J— Reform, Burlington, Bachelors'. 

J. C. FLYNN (Cork Co., North Cork Division). 

James C. Flynn, son of — Flynn, of Whitechurch, co. Cork ; 
b. 1852 ; formerly Sec. of the Cork Evicted Tenants* Fund ; is a Member of 
the Cork Literary So. ; has been since 1883 engaged in establishing branches 
of the " National League." A Home Ruler ; has sat for N. Cork Div. of Cork 
CO. since Dec 1885. 

Residence— CorV.. Town Address— iig, Warwick Street, Pimlico, S.W. 

P. J. FOLEY (Galway Co., Connemara Division). 

Patrick James Foley; If. 1836 ; is managing director of the 
Pearl Life Assurance Co., Limited, of Adelaide Buildings, London Bridge, E.C. 
A I/of/ic Ruler ; has sat for Connemara Div. of Galway co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 8, Lydon Road, Clapham, S.W. 



C. G. S. FOLJAMBE (Nottinghamsliire, Mansfield Division). 

X Cecil George Savile Foljambe, el. son of 

the late George Savile Foljambe, Esq., of Osberton, 
_ ^ Notts, Aldwarke, York, and Haselbech, Northampton, 

by his 2nd wife, Selina Charlotte, 2nd da. and coheiress 
of 3rd and last Earl of Liverpool, and widow of William 
Charles, Viscount Milton ; b. Nov. 7th, 1846 ; ed. at 
Eton : m. 1st, 1869, Louisa Blanche, who^/. 1871, el. da. 
of Frederick John Howard,Esq., of Compton Place, East- 
bourne ; 2ndly, 1877, Susan Louisa, el. da. of the late 
Lieut. -Col. William Henry Frederick Cavendish, of W. 
Stoke, Sussex, and 47, Cromwell Houses, S.W. ; Lieut. 
R.N. (retired); served in New Zealand war 1863-4, 
and with Naval Brigade under Commodore Sir William 
Wiseman, Bart, (medal and specially noted in despatches); is a J. P. and a 
D. L. for Notts and E. Riding of York, a J. P. for W. and N. Ridings of York, 
and a J. P. for cos. Northampton and Leicester. A Liberal ; sat for N. Notting- 
hamshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Mansfield Div. of Nottingham- 
shire since Dec. 7th, 1885. 

6'£'a/j--Cockglode, Ollerton, Newark ; Kirkham Abbey, York ; Haselbech Hall, North- 
amptonshire. Town Residence — 2, Carlton House Terrace. S.W, Club — Brooks's. 

RIGHT HON. VISCOUNT FOLKESTONE ^Middlesex, Enfield Division). 

William Pleydell - Bouverie, 

P.C. {Viscount Folkestone)^ el. son of Earl 
of Radnor, by Lady Mary Augusta Grim- 
ston, 3rd da. of ist Earl of Verulam ; b. 
June 19th, 1841 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. : m. 1866, Helen Ma- 
tilda, da. of the late Rev. Henry Chaplin, 
of Ryall, Rutland ; was Lieut. Berks Militia 
1870-72 ; is Capt. Roy. Wilts Yeo. Cav., a 
D.L. for Wilts, and a J. P. for Wilts, Berks, 
and Peterborough ; was Treasurer of the 
Household June 1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 

1885. A Conservative 'y sat for S. Wiltshire Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, since when 

he has sat for Middlesex, Enfield Div. 

Town Residence— %, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. C/«^j— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 


Charles Forster, only son of the late Charles 
Smith Forster, Esq., 1st M.P. for Walsall, of Lysways 
Hall, Rugeley, by Elizabeth, da. of the late Richard 
Emery, Esq., of Burcott House, Salop ; b. 1815 ; ed. at 
Worcester Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1840, M.A. 1843): m. 
1840, Frances C^atherine, da. of the late John Surtees, 
Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne, the Chateau La Colinais, 
Dinan; Bar, Inner Temple 1843; is a D.L. and a J. P. 
for Staffordshire ; cr. a Baronet March 1874. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Walsall since July 1852, having been 
defeated in July 1847. 

Seat — Lysways Hall, Rugeley. Town Restdence--2^, Queen 
Anne's Gate, S.W. Ctiibs — Oxford and Cambridge, Garrick, 

National Liberal. 

Sit Forster felix. 

RIGHT HON. W. E. FORSTER (Bradford, Central Division). 

William Edward Forster, P.C, D.C.L., LL.D., RR.S., only 

son of the late Mr. William Forster, a minister of the So. of Friends, 

by Anna, sister of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, 1st bart. ; b. July nth, 

1818 : m. 1850, Jane Martha, el. da. of the late Rev. Thomas Arnold, 


D.D., Head Master of Rugby Sch. ; is a D.L. and a J. P. for W. Riding of 
York, a D.L. and a J. P. for Westmoreland, F.R.S., K.R.G.S., and a worsted 
manufacturer near Bradford ; was Under Sec. of State for Colonies Nov. 1865 
to July 1S66, Vice-Pres. of Committee of Council on Education Dec. 1868 to 
Feb. 1874, Lord Rector of Aberdeen Univ. 1875-8, and Ch. Sec. for Ireland 
April 1880 to May 1882; P.C. Dec. 1868; admitted a member of the Cabinet 
1870; Hon. LL.D. Al>erdeen 1876, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1879. A Liberal', 
unsuccessfully contested Leeds April 1859; sat for Bradford Feb. 1861 to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Central Div. of Bradford. 

Country /["w/V/^r/ir^— Burley-in-Wharfedale, Leeds. Towh Residence — 80, Eccleston 
Square, S.VV. C/«^j— Reform, Athcnaium. 

A. B. FORWOOD (Lancasliire, South West Part, Ormsklrk Division). 

Arthur Bower Forwood, son of the late Thomas B. Forwood, 
Esq., J. P., of Thornton Manor, Neston, Cheshire, by Charlotte, da. of William 
Bower, Esq., of Liverpool ; b. June 23rd, 1836; ed. at High Sch., Liverpool 
Coll. : m. 1st, 1858, Lucy, da. of the late S. Crosfield, Esq., of Liverpool ; 
2ndly, 1874, Lizzie, da. of the late Thomas BaineJ;, Esq., of Liverpool, and 
niece of Sir Eld ward Baines ; is a Merchant and Shipowner ; an Alderman and 
a J. P. of Liverpool, and a Director of the Employers' Liability Co. ; author of 
papers on " Artizans' Dwellings," '* Democratic Toryism," etc, A Consen>atwe', 
unsuccessfully contested Liverpool Dec. 1882 ; has sat for Ormskirk Div. of 
S.W. Part of Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Tht Priory, Gateacre, Liverpool. Clubs—St. Stephen's, Constitutional. 

B. W. FOSTER (Chester Borongli). 

Balthazar Walter Foster, M.D.^ son of Belthazar Foster, Esq., 
ofDrogheda, by Marian, da. of J. Green, Esq., of Cambridge; b. 1840; ed. at 
Drogheda Grammar School, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin (L.M. Dublin 1859, 
L.R.C.S.L i86o, M.D. Univ. of Krlangen 1864, F.R.C.P. London 1873, and 
M.K.Q.C.P. Ireland 1880) : m. 1864, Emily Martha, da. of W. L. Saipint, 
Esq., of Edgbaston, Binningham ; is a J. P. for Warwickshire, Senior Professor 
of Medicine Queen's Coll., and Physician to Gen. Hospital, Birmingham, • 
Pres. of Council of British Medical Asso., a Consulting Physician, and a 
director of Masonic Hall and Club Co., Birmingham ; author of " Clinical 
Medicine." the *' Sphygmograph," •' Method and Medicine," and many 
pamphlets on Medical and Sanitary Science. A Liberal', has sat for Chester 
Borough since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— Pi&\A!t\Ai Edgbaston ; 14, Temple Row, Binningham. C/w^<>— National 
Liberal, Wanderers'. 

H. H. FOWLER (Wolverhampton). 

Henry Hartley Fowler, younger son of the 
late Rev. Joseph Fowler ; b. May i6th, 1830 ; ed. at 
Woodhouse Grove School, and at St. Saviour's School : 
m. 1857, Ellen, youngest da. of the late George B. 
Thomeycroft, Esq., of Chapel House, Wolverhampton, 
and Hadley Park, Salop; admitted a Solicitor 1852; 
is a D.L. for Staffordshire, and a J. P. for W^olver- 
hampton \ was Mayor of Wolverhampton 1863, First 
Chm. of Wolverhampton School Board 1870, and 
Under Sec. of State for Home Depart. Dec. 1884 to 
June 1885 ; has been Financial Sec. to Treasury since 
Feb. 1886. A Liberal', has sat for Wolverhampton 
since April 1880. 

In te domine speravi. Residence — Woo^rhomc, The Wergs, Wolverhampton. 

Clubs — Reform, National Liberal. 




Robert Nicholas Fowler, son of Thomas 
Fowler, Esq., of Bruce Grove, Tottenham, and Gastard, 
Chippenham, banker, by Lucy, da. of Nicholas Water- 
house, Esq., of Liverpool; b. Sept. I2th, 1828; ed. at 
Grove House School, Tottenham, and at Univ. Coll., 
London, of which he is a Fellow (B.A. London Univ., 
2nd in mathematical honors, and 5th in classical honors, 

and M.A. 1850) : in. 1852, Charlotte, who d. 1876, 
2nd da. of Alfred Fox, Esq., of Falmouth ; is an Alderman 
of London, a J. P. for Middlesex and Wilts, a D.L. for 
City of London, and senior partner in City banking firm 
of Dimsdale, Fowler, & Co. ; was Sheriff of London 
and Middlesex 1880-81, and Lord Mayor of London 
•4, and April to Nov. 1885 ; cr. a Baronet 1885. A Conservative-, unsuc- 
cessfully contested London city July 1865, and Penrynand Falmouth Oct. 1866 
and Feb. 1874; sat for Penryn and Falmouth 1868-74; has sat for city of 
London since March 31st, 1880. 

Seat — Gastard House, near Chippenham. Town Address — 50, Cornhill, E.G. 

Clubs — Garlton, Athenaeum, City Carlton, City of London, National, City Conservative, City 

F. FOX (King's Co., Tullamore Division). 

Francis Fox; b. 1853; ed. at St. Colman's Coll., Fermoy, 
and at Queen's Coll., Cork ; was for some years a teacher of classics and music; 
emigrated to New York, and became a tutor at St. Francis Xavier's Coll., 
from which he afterwards graduated M.A. ; subsequently practised the pro- 
fession of Medicine at Troy, State of New York. A Home Ruler ; elected for 
Tullamore Div. of King's co. Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 

C. C. FRASER (Lambeth, North Division). 

Charles Craufurd Fraser, C.B., KC, son 
of Sir James John Fraser, 3rd Bart., by Charlotte Anne, 
da. of the late Daniel Craufurd, Esq. ; d, August 31st, 
1829; formerly Col. nth Hussars, became Maj.-Gen. 
1877; served in Indian Mutiny campaign (severely 
wounded, mentioned in despatches for the most con- 
spicuous gallantry, medal with clasp, and V.C. for cool 
and conspicuous gallantry on another occasion), and in 
Abyssinian war 1867 (mentioned in despatches, (i;.B., and 
^ medal); awarded Roy. Humane So.'s Medal 1st class; 
was A.D.C. to H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge 1873-7 ; 
has been Insp.-Gen. of Cav. in Great Britain and in com- 
mand of Cav. at Aldershot ; is A.p. to his brother's Baronetcy. A Conservative ; 
has sat for N. Div. of Lambeth since 1885. 

Residence— 16, William Street, S. W. Ciubs—Turi, Marlborough, Travellers', Bachelors'. 

C. FRASER-MACKINTOSH [See Mackintosh]. 
L. FRY (Bristol, North). 
Lewis Fry, 4th son of the late Joseph Fry, 
Esq., of Bristol, by Mary Anne. da. of the late Edward 
Swaine, Esq., of Reading ; b. April i6th, 1832 : m. 1859, 
the only da., who d. 1870, of the late Francis Gibson, 
Esq., of Saffron Walden ; admitted a Solicitor 1854, and 
practised for several years at Bristol ; was Chm. of Bristol 
School Board 1871-80. A Liberal', sat for Bristol Dec. 
1878 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for N. Div. 
of Bristol. 

Country R esidences—GoMney House, Clifton Hill, Bristol ; 
Balder Grange, Cotherstone, Yorkshire. Town Residence — 13, 
Arlington Street, S.W. C/«Ar— Reform, Burlington, Devonshire, 
Esto fidtlis. National Liberal. 



T. FRT (DarlingtonX 
Theodore Fry, 2nd son of Francis Fry, 

Esq., F.S.A., of Bristol, by Matilda, da. of the late 
Daniel Penrose, Esq., of Britlas, co. Wicklow ; l>. 
1836: m. 1862, Sophia, da. of the late John Vv?. v, 
Esq., of Darlington; was Mayor of Darlington 1S7" 
is a J P. for co. Durham, a Director of Bcarpark » 
and Coke Co. (Limited), and of Shildon and Weardalf 
Water Works Co., and head of firm of Fry, Tanson, cV 
Co., iron manufacturers, Darlington. K Liberal \ has 
sat for Darlington since April 2nd, 1880. 

ResideHcei—\iooA\>MTay near Darlin^on ; Glen Rothay, Rydal. 

/. . ,. , ,. Westmoreland. C/w^f— Reform, National Liberal. 

O. p. FULLER (Wiltshire, Weatem, or Westbury, Division). 

T^^ George Pargiter Fuller, son of the late 

<38Bc John Bird Fuller, Esq., of Neston Park, Corsham. I 

^SBr ^ Sophia Harriet, da. of the late William Manning, ! 
of Dillington House, Somerset ; b. 1833 » ed. a: 
Chester, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 18 -, M.A. i , 
m. 1864, Emily Georgina Jane, da. of Sir Miciiacl 
Hicks-Beach, M. P., 8th Baronet; isa J.P.for Wilt^lu^c 
(High Sheriff 1878). A Liberal \ unsuccessfully coi 
tested N. Wiltshire 1880; has sat for W., or Westbury, 
Div. of Wiltshire since Dec. 1885. 

Itrsit/rpufs—'Seston Park, Corsham, Wilu; 47, Rutland 
Gate, S.W. C/ufis—\Jmicd University, National Liberal. 

W. FULLER-MAITLAND [Sm Kaitland]. 
H. C. GARDNER (Essex, Northern, or Safflron Walden. DivlslonX 
Herbert Colstoun Gardner ; d. June 9th, 1847 ; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Trin. Hall. Camb. (B.A. 1868, M.A. 1872): is a D.L. of Middlesex. 
A Liberal ; has sat for N. or Saffron Walden Div. of Essex since Dec. 1885. 

/:«/V/f«r«— Debden Hall. Essex; 46, Dover Street, W. C/M^«^Brooks's, White" 
Turf, St. James's, Bachelor's, Pratt's. 

J. T. AGO GARDNER (Cheltenliain). 
James Tynte Agg-Gardner, son of the late James Agg- 
Gardner, Esq., of Hadley House, Cheltenham, by Eulalie Emily Hopkyns, 
da. of R. Northey, Esq. J of Oving House, Bucks ; b. Nov. 1846 ; ed. at 
Harrow and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; iiar. Inner Temple 1873. A ConsennUivc \ 
unsuccessfully contested Cheltenham 1868 ; sat for that borough Feb. 1874 to 
Feb. 1880, when he was defeated ; re-elected Nov. 24th, 1885. 
Clubs — Carlton, Junior Carlton. Residence — Cheltenham. 


Robert Richardson-Gardner, son of John 

Richardson, Esq., J. P. of Swansea, by Elizabeth his 
wife ; b. 1827 : m. 1854, Maria Louisa, only child and 
heiress of Henry Gardner, Esq., whose surname he as- 
sumed by royal sign-manual in 1864 ; Bar. Middle Tt. iijle 
1853 ; was for 10 years a Vol. Officer and retired in 1^69 
as Hon. Col. of N.E. London Rifles ; is D.L. of Tower 
Hamlets, a Com. of Order of Crown of Italy and an 
oflicer of Order of Leopold of Belgium. A Conseiit'ri ; 
has sat for Windsor since Feb. 1874, having been defcuied 
there in 1868. 

Residetue — 41, Grosvenor Square, W. 

C/w^j— Carlton, 



BULNES-GASKELL (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, 
Money Division). 

Charles George Milnes-Gaskell, son of the 
late James Milnes-Gaskell, Esq., M.P., of Thomes House, 
Wakefield, and Wenlock Abbey, Shropshire, by Mary, 
da. of the late Right Hon. Charles Watkin Williams- 
Wynn, M.P. ; b. Jan. 23rd, 1842; ed. at Eton, and at 
Trin. CoU., Carab. (B.A. 3rd class Classical Tripos 1863) : 
m. 1876, Lady Catherine Henrietta Wallop, da. of 5th 
Earl of Portsmouth; Bar. Inner Temple 1866; is a J. P. 
and D.L. for W. R. of York. A Liberal', unsuccessfully 
contested Pontefract 1868 and Knaresborough 1881 ; has 
sat for Morley Div. of S. part of W. Riding of York since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Thomes House, Wakefield ; Wenlock Abbey, Shropshire. 
Brooks's, Travellers', St. Janies'. 


E. GENT-DAVIS [See Davis]. 

T. R 6IBB (St. Pancras, East Division). 
Thomas Eccleston Gibb ; b. 1838; is Vestry Clerk of St. 
Pancras. A Liberal ; has sat for E. Div. of St. Pancras since Nov. 1885. 
Residences— ^\xiAit.y, Herts ; 16, Lady Margaret Road, N.W. 

J. G. GIBSON (Liverpool, Walton Division). 

John George Gibson, Q.C, youngest son of 
the late William Gibson, Esq., J. P., of Merrion Square, 
Dublin, and Rockforest, co. Tipperary; b. Feb. 14th, 
1846; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. and Hon. M.A. 
1867) : ;//. 1 87 1, Anna, only da. of the Rev, John Hare, 
of TuUycorbet, co. Monaghan ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin, 
1870, Q.C. 1880, and 3rd Serjeant-at-Law 1885; was 
Solicitor Gen. for Ireland Nov. 1885 to Jan. 1886. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Walton Div. of Liverpool since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence— 2,^, FitzWilliam Place, Dublin. Clubs— Csxlion, 
University (Dublin), 

A. GILES (Southampton). 
Alfred Giles, 2nd son of the late Francis 

Giles, Esq., the original engineer of S.W. Railway, by 
Mary Ann, da. of Samuel Wyer, Esq , of Birmingham ; b. 
Oct. 3rd, 1816 ; ed. at Charterhouse : tn. 1838. Jane Emily, 
da. of the late John Coppard, Esq., of Hastings ; is con- 
sulting Engineer to Southampton Dock Co., C^hm. of 
Union Steamship Co., a Director of Commercial Union 
Fire and Life Assurance Co., and a Knight of the Order 
of Dannebrog of Denmark ; has been much engaged in 
constructing Railways and Dock Works at home and 
abroad. A Conservative; sat for Southampton June 
1878 to April 1880, when he was defeated ; re-elected 
April 6th, 1883, and Nov. 25th, 1885. 
Residences— Cosford, Godalming ; 17, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W. Chambers— 26, 
Great George Street, Westminster, S.W. C/«^— Carlton. 



J. GILH00L7 (Cork Co.. West Cork DlyUlon). 

James Gilhooly, son of Mr. J. Gilhooly, of the Coast-Guard 
Service ; b. 1845 ; is a Draper. A Home Rul^\ has sal for \V. Cork Div. of 
Cork CO. since Dec. 1885. * 

ResidtHce—'^ZDXxy, co. Cork. 

H. J. GILL (Limerick Borough). 
Henry Joseph Gill, son of the late Mr. Michael H. Gill, of 
Dublin; b. 1836 ; ed. at St. Vincent's Coll., Caslleknock, co. Dublin, and at 
Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1857, M.A. 1872): m. 1870, Mary Julia, da, of 
the late Mr. James Keating ; is principal partner in the publishing, Ixiokselling, 
and printing finn of M. H. Gill & Son, Dublin, and a member of the 
Municipal Council of Dublin. A Home RuUr\ sat for co. Wcstmeath Ai)ril 
1880 to Feb. 1883, when he resigned; has sat for Limerick Borough since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Roebuck House, Clonskeagh, co. Dublin. Busuuu Addrest—y>t Upper 

Sackville Street, Dublin. 

T. H. GILL (Louth Co., South Louth Division). 

Thomas Henry Gill, son of Mr. Gill, a Farmer, of co. Tip- 
perary ; b. 18 — ; is a Journalist, at present upon the staff of UniUd Irelatid. A 
Home Ruler \ has sat for S. Louth Div. of co. Louth since Dec. 1S85. 

Address — 33, Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. 

Fide et I 'irtute. 

H. J. GLADSTONE (Leeds, West Division). 

Herbert John Gladstone, son of the ' . 
Hon. William Ewart Gladstone, P.C., M.P.. 
Catherine, el. da. of Sir Stephen Richard Glynnc 
bart ; b. Jan. 7th, 1854; ed. at Eton, and at I .. 
Coll., Oxford (H.A. 1st class Modem History 1 -, 
M.A. 1879); was sometime Lecturer in Hislci 
Keble Coll., Oxford, Private Sec to his father i8t>u vM. 
and a Lord of the Treasury 1881 to June 1885 ; ha 
been Financial Sec. to War Office since Feb. 1886. A 
Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested Middlesex April i 
sat for Leeds May 8th, 1880, to Nov. 1885, since 
he has sat for W. Div. of Leeds. 

Residence — Hawarden Castle, Flintshire. Club — National 


William Ewart Gladstone, P.C.^ D.C.L., 

4th son of the late Sir John Gladstone, 1st bart., 1 
2nd wife, the da. of the late Andrew Robertson, 
Provost of Dint^vall ; b. Dec. 29th, 1809; ed. ai 1 1, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. double-first-class iN^i, 
M.A. 1834, Hon. D.C.L. 1848): m. 1839, Cathcnnc, 
el. da. of the late Sir Stephen Richard Glynne, 8th 1 ni.; 
is a D. L. for Flintshire, a member of Institute of Fi nee 
1865, and author of various volumes, including an c;,l Hi- 
rate work on Homer; was a Lord of the Treasuiy in 
Dec. 1834, Under Sec. for Colonies Jan. to April 1S35, 
Vice-Pres. of Board of Trade and Master of the Mint 
Sept. 1841 to May 1843, Pres. of Board of Trade and 
Master of the Mint May 1843 to Feb. 1845, '*^ec. of 
State for the Colonies Dec. 1845 ^o J"ly 1846, Chancellor of the Exchequer 
Dec. 1852 to Feb. 1855, Lord High Commr. Extraordinary to Ionian Islands 

Fide et ^irtute. 



1858, Chancellor of the Exchequer June 1859 to July 1866, Lord Rector of 
Edinburgh Univ. 1859-65, Premier and First Lord of the Treasury Dec. 1868 
to Feb. 1874, and Premier and Chancellor of the Exchequer Aug. 1873 to Feb. 
1874, and April 1880 to Dec. 1882, and First Lord of the Treasury and Premier 
Dec. 1882 to June 1885; re-appointed Feb. 1886. KLiba-al', sat for Newark 
1832 to Dec. 1845, for Oxford University July 1847 to July 1865 when he was 
defeated, for S. Lancashire July 1865 to Nov. 1868, when he was defeated for 
S.W. Lancashire, and for Greenwich Nov, 1868 to March 1880; being returned 
for Leeds April ist, and for Edinburghshire April 5th, 1880, he elected to sit 
for the latter constituency, and has since represented it. [In June 1885 H.M. 
offered an Earldom to Mr. Gladstone, who declined the honor.] 
Seat — Hawarden Castle, Flintshire. Club — United University. 

Fidei tenax. 

HON. PASCOE C GLYN (DorsetsMre, East Division). 

Pascoe Charles Glyn, 6th son of ist Baron 
Wolverton, by Marianne, da. of the late Pascoe Grenfell, 
Esq., of Taplow Court, Bucks; b. 1833 ; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Univ. Coll., Oxford : m. 1st, Horatia, who d. 1858, 
da. of the late Ven. C. S. John Mildmay, R. of Chelms- 
ford ; 2ndly, 1861, Caroline Henrietta, da. of the late 
Capt. William Amherst Hale, 52nd Regt. ; is a partner in 
banking firm of Glyn, Mills, Currie, & Co., a J. P. for 
London, and a D.L. for London. A Liberal ; has sat 
for E. Div. of Dorsetshire since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Clubs — Brooks's, 

Residence— ^^^ Lowndes Square, S.W. 
Arthur's, City Liberal, National Liberal. 

SIR JULIAN GOLDSMID, BART. (St. Pancras, South Division). 

Julian GoLDSMiD, el. son of the late Frederick 
David Goldsmid, Esq., M.P., of Somerhill, Tonbridge, 
by Caroline, da. of Philip Samuel, Esq., of Bedford 
Place, W.C; b. Oct. 8th, 1838; ed. at Univ. Coll., 
London (B.A. London Univ., in Honors 1859, M.A. 
(Classical Branch) 1861) : m. 1868, Virginia, el. da. of 
the late A. Philipson, Esq., of Florence ; is a D.L. and 
J.P, of Kent; s. his uncle. Sir Francis Henry Goldsmid, 
M.P,, as 3rd Bart.; in Portugal bears the title of Baron 
de Goldsmid e da Palmeira; Bar. Lincoln's Inn Jan. 
1864. A Liberal', sat for Honiton March 1866 to Oct. 
1868, and for Rochester July 1870 to March 1880; 
unsuccessfully contested Mid-Surrey Oct. 1868, and 
Concordia et sedulitate. Rochester March 1880. 

6"^rt/j— Somerhill, Tonbridge, Kent ; Rendcombe Park, near Cirencester. Town 

Residence — 105, Piccadilly, W. Clubs — Brooks's, Reform, Athenaeum, St. James's, Devon- 
.shire, Portland, City Liberal, Burlington. 

W. I. CM)LDSWORTHY (Hammersmitli). 
Walter Tuckfield Goldsworthy, son of Thomas Goldsworthy, 

Esq., of Calcutta, by Sophia, da. of William Tuckfield, Esq., R.N. ; b. 
May 8th, 1837 : in. 18 — , Emma Mary, only child of Henry Cox, Esq., of 
Trevereux, Limpsfield, Surrey, and Charton Manor, Kent ; served with Vol. 
Cav. in Oude during Indian Mutiny 1857 ; entered 8th Hussars 1858, became 
Capt. 1864, and in that year exchanged to 91st Highlanders : Major unat- 
Lached 1868, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 1874, Col. 1879 ; A.A.G. Cork Dist. 1875-80 ; 
Lieut. -Col. Essex Regt. 1882; Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1885. A Conservative-, 
:ias sat for Hammersmith since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— 22, Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. CMs — United Service, St. Stephen's 



SIB JOHN E. OORST (Cliatluun). 

John Eldon Gorst, K,B,y Q.C., son of the late 

Edward Chaddock Lowndes, Esq., of Preston, who as- 
sumed in 1853 the name of Lowndes in lieu of Gorst, 
by Elizabeth, da. of J. D. Nesham, Esq., of Houghton-le- 
Spring, Durham ; b. May 24th, 1835 ; ed. at St. John's 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 3rd Wrangler 1857, M.A. i860. Fellow 
18 — ) : m. i860, Mary Elizabeth, da. of the Rev. Lorenzo 
Moore, of Christ Church, New Zealand, who was formerly 
Capt. 5th Madras Light Cav. ; was Civil Commr. of VVaikato, 
New Zealand, 1861-3 ; Bar. Inner Temple 1865, a Q.C. 
1875 ; was Solicitor tien. June ^885 to Jan. 18S6. A Con- 
servative; unsuccessfully contested Hastings 1865; sat for Cambridge 1866-8, 
when he was defeated ; has sat for Chatham since Feb. 1875. 

Residence — 79, St. George's Square, S.W. 
E.G. a«^i-Carlton, Whitehall. 

Chambers — 6, Crown Office Row, Temple, 

RIGHT HON. 6E0R0E J. OOSCHEN (Edlnborgli. East). 

George Joachim Goschen, F.C, son of the 
late William Henry Goschen, Esq., of Austinfriars, 
E.C., and Koehampton, Surrey, by Henrietta his wife; 
b. Aug. lOth, 1831 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Oriel Coll., 
Oxford (B.A., 1st class Classics, 1853, Hon. Fellow 
of Oriel Coll. 1882): ///. 1857, Lucy, da, of the late 
John Dalley, Esq. ; was formerly a merchant in partner- 
ship with Messrs. Fruhlingand Goschen, of Austinfriars, 
but retired in 1865 upon taking office in the Russell- 
Gladstone Ministry; was Vice-Pres. of Board of Trade 
Nov. 1865 to Jan. 1866, and Chancellor of Duchy of 
Lancaster Jan. to July 1866, Pres. of Poor Law Board 
Dec. 1868 to March 1871, First Lord of the Admiralty 
March 1871 to Feb. 1874, Special Ambassador to Constantinople May 1880 to 
May 1881, and an Ecclesiastical Commr. for England 1882-5 ; is Chm. of 
Lloyds', aD.L. of city of London, and a Director of Alliance Life and Fire 
Assurance Co. A Liberal) sat for city of London 1863-80, and for Ripon 
1880-5, since when he has sat for E. Div. of Edinburgh. 

.S^a^— Seacox Heath, near Hawkhurst, Kent. Toivn Residence— 69, Portland Piace, 
W. C/«^j— Athenaeum, Brooks's. 

E. T GOURLEY (Sunderlaiid). 

Edward Temperley Gourley, son of the late 

John Young Gourley, Esq., of Sunderland, by Mary, da. of 
the late Mr. Temperley ; b. June 8th, 1828 ; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for co, Durham, a J. P. for Sunderland, and Hon. 
Col. 3rd Bain. Durham Vol. ; served ten years in N. 
Durham Militia ; was Mayor of Sunderland 1864-6. An 
advanced Liberal ; has sat for Sunderland since Nov. 1868. 

Residence — Roker Park, Sunderland. 

C/«^i^— Devonshire, 



G. G. LEVESON-GOWER (Staflfordshire, North Western Division). 

George Granville Leveson-Gower, son of the 
Hon. Edward Frederick Leveson-Gower, by Lady Margaret 
Frances Elizabeth Compton, da. of 2nd Marquess of 
Northampton; b. 1858; ed. at Eton and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 2nd class Classics 1880) ; was Private Sec. 
to the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, M.P., 1880-5, and 
attached to Marquess of Northampton's Special Mission to 
Spain 1881 ; has been a Junior Lord of the Treasury since 
Feb. 1886. A Liberal; has sat for N.W. Div. of Staflford- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— \i„ South Analey Street, W. 

F. W. GRAFTON (Lancashire, North-East, or Accrington, Division). 

Frederick William Grafton, son of the late 
Joseph Smith Grafton, Esq., merchant and manufac- 
turer, of Manchester ; b. 1816 : m. 1850, Emily 
Sophia, da. of William Howard, Esq., of London ; 
is a J. P. for Lancashire, and head of firm of F. W. 
Grafton & Co., calico printers, of Broad Oak, Ac- 
crington, and Manchester. A Liberal; sat for North- 
East Lancashire April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for Accrington Div. of N. E. Lancashire. 

Residences— ']\^y%\\7Lm Hall, Lancaster ; Hope Hall, Man- 
chester. Clubs — Devonshire, National Liberal. 


George Macpherson-Grant, el. son 

of Sir John Macpherson-Grant, 2nd bart., by 
Marion Helen, el. da. of the late Mungo 
Nutter Campbell, Esq., of Ballimore, Argyll ; 
b. Aug. I2th, 1839; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1861) : m. 1861, 
Frances Elizabeth, da. of the late Rev. Roger 
Pocklington, V. of Walesby, Notts; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for cos. BanflT, Elgin, and Inver- 
ness; s. his father as 3rd bart. 1850. A 
Liberal; has sat for Elgin and Nairn since 
Sept. 1879. 

^'m^f— Ballindalloch Castle, Elgin ; Livereshie House, Inverness, N. B. Clubs-' 

Brooks's, St. James's. 

R D. GRAY (Dublin City, St. Stephen's Green Division). 

± Edmund Dwyer Gray, son of the late Sir 

John Gray, M.P., of Charleville House, co. Dublin, by 
^ Anna, da. of the late James Dwyer, Esq., of Limerick ; b. 

1845 : m. 1869, Caroline, da. of Major Archibald Chisholm ; 
is proprietor of the Freeman's Journal (Dublin), and 
Morning Ne7us (Belfast) ; was Lord Mayor of Dublin 1880, 
and Sheriff for Dublin City 1882. A Home Ruler ; un- 
successfully contested Kilkenny 1875 ; sat for Tipperary 
CO. May 1877 to March 1880, and for co. Carlow April 
1880 to Nov. 1885, in Nov. 1885 he was returned for 
St. Stephen's Green Div. of Dublin City, and in Dec. 
following was also returned for co. Carlow, but elected to 
sit for the former constituency. 
Residence— '?m^x(i\fA House, Upper Mount Street, Dublin. 




Edward Green, el. son of the late Edward 
Green, Esq., of Manygates House, Sandal Magna, York- 
shire ; b. ^Iarch 1831 ; ed. at W. Riding Proprietary 
Sch., and in Germany : m. 1859, Mary, da. of William 
Edward Lycett, Esq., of Bowdon, Cheshire; is an 
' Engineer, a Director of the Lancashire and Yorkshire 
Railway, and a J. P. for Norfolk and W. Riding of York ; 
formerly Lieut. W. York Yeo. Cav. ; cr. a Baronet Feb. 
T""r). K Conservative \ sat for Wakefield in 1874, ^"^ 
unseated ; unsuccessfully contested Pontefract April 
i.c^o; re-elected for Wakefield July 2nd and Nov. 20th, 

Residences— \itsA\i Old Hall, Wakefield 
Town Residence— T^ Upper Grosvenor Street, W. 

Ken Hill, King's 

H. GREEN (Tower Hamlets, Poplar Division). 

Henry Green, el. son of the late Henry Green, Esq., of Black- 
wall and Walthamstow ; b. 1838 ; ed. at Cheam Sch. and at Bonn Univ. ; is 
Senior Partner in the Metropolitan Shipowning firm of R. & H. Green, a J. P. 
for Middlesex, and a Director of the E. k. W. India Dock Co. ; has been 
Pres. of Chamber of Shipping and a Commr. to enquire into the loss of life 
and property at sea. A Liberal \ has sat for Poplar Div. of Tower Hamlets 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— T\i6 Cherry Orchard, Old Charlton, Kent. (?^r*— Blackwall Yard, E. 

Alia Peto. 

SIR GILBERT QREENALL, Bart (Warrington): 

Gilbert Greenall, youngest son of the late 
Edward Greenall, Esq., of Wilderspool. Cheshire, and 
brother of Peter Greenall, Esq., formerly M.P. for 
Wigan ; b. May lith, 1806: m. 1st, 1836, Mary, who 
d, 1 861, da. of David Claughton, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1864, 
Susannah, el. da. of John Louis Rapp, Esq. ; is a D.L. 
and a J. P. for Lancashire, a J. P. for (Cheshire High 
Sheriff 1873), a director of the Warrington Waggon 
Co., and of Parr's Banking Co. ; cr, a Baronet 1876. 
An Indepaident Comervatvve ; sat for Warrington July 
1847 to Nov. 1868 [when he was unseated through an 
error of the Mayor's poll-clerk], and Feb. 1874 to March 
1880, when he was defeated ; re-elected Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Patron of Three Livings. 
.S^a/— Walton Hall, Warrington. 

C/«3j— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

G. B. GREGORY (Sussex, North, or East Grinstead, Division). 

George Burrow Gregory, son of the late John 

Swarbreck Gregory, Esq. ; b. Jan. 29th, 1813 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. and M.A.) : ni. 1847, 
Maria Teresa, da. of Richard Price, Esq., of Santiago, 
Chili ; is Treasurer of Foundling Hospital, and a partner 
in firm of Gregory, Rowcliffe, Rowcliffe, and Rawle, solicitors. 
A Conservative ', sat forE. Sussex Nov. 1868 to Nov. 18S5 ; 
has sat for N., or E. Grinstead, Div. of Sussex since Dec. 

Seat— Boarzell, Hurst Green, Sussex. Town Residence— Fonnd- 
ling Hospital, Guildford Street. W.C. Offices~\, Bedford Row, W.C. 
C/KiJj— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge, Farmers'. 



W. H. GRENFELL (Salisbury). 
William Henry Grenfell, el. son of the late 
Charles William Grenfell, Esq., M.P., of 38, Belgrave 
Square, S.W., by Georgiana, da. of the late Rt. Hon. 
William S. Saunders Lascelles, M.P. ; b. 1855 ; ed. at 
Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1879); is a 
J. P. for Bucks and a D.L. for Tower Hamlets ; appointed 
Parliamentary Groom in Waiting to H.M. 1882. A Liberal ; 
sat for Salisbury April 1880 to Nov. 1882, when he was 
defeated after acceptation of office ; re-elected Nov. 26th, 1885. 

^■^a^— Taplow Court, Buckinghamshire. C/«^j— Reform, White's, Turf, Brooks's, 

Bachelor's, Alpine, Beafsteak. 

A. H. G. GRET (Nortliuinberland, Tyneside Division). 

Albert Henry George Grey, only surviving 
son of the late Gen. the Hon. Charles Grey, Private 
Sec. to H. M., by Caroline Eliza, el. da. of Sir Thomas 
Harvie Farquhar, 2nd bart. ; b. Nov. 28th, 1851 ; ed. 
at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1874) : 
m. 1877, Alice, da. of Robert Stayner Holford, Esq., 
M.P., of Westonbirt House, Tetbury; is a J. P. for 
Northumberland, and h.-p. to his uncle, the 3rd Earl 

.^5w__J~-**^^""^V,,,''^^p> Grey. A Liberal; in April 1878 he and Mr. E. Ridley 

^^^^^I^2l^^v^\^t2:i^:^:^^'^^ polled the same number of votes for S. Northumber- 
land, but declining a scrutiny the seat was held by Mr. 

Ridley ; sat for N. Northumberland April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for 

Tyneside Div. of Northumberland since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Residence— ^o^\cV, Lesbury, Northumberland. C/«3j— Brooks's, Bachelors', St. 

James's, National Liberal. 


BART. (Northumberland, Berwick on-Tweed Division). 
Edward Grey, son of the late Lieut. -Col. 
George Henry Grey, only son of 2nd Bart., by Harriet 
Jane, da. of Lieut.-Col. Pearson ; b. April 25th, 1862 ; 
ed. at Winchester and at Balliol Coll., Oxford ; s. his 
grandfather as 3rd Bart. 1882 : m. 1885, Dorothy, da. 
of Shallcross FitzHerbert Widdrington, Esq., of Newton 
Hall, Felton, Northumberland; is a J. P. for Northum- 
berland. A Liberal; has s«it for Berwick-on-Tweed 
Div. of Northumberland since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

.S"m^— Falloden, Chathill, Northumberland. 

VISCOUNT GRIMSTON (Hertfordshire, Mid, or St. Alban's, Division). 

James Walter Grimston ( Viscount 
Grimston), el. son of 2nd Earl Verulam, by 
Elizabeth Joanna, da. of Richard Weyland, 
Esq. , of Woodeaton, Oxfordshire ; b. May 
nth, 1853; ed. at Harrow: m. 1878, 
Margaret Frances, da. of Sir Frederic Ulric 
Graham, 3rd Bart., and widow of Alexander 
yEneas Mackintosh, Esq. ; formerly Lieut, ist 
Life Guards ; is a J. P. for Herts and Capt. 
Herts Yeo. Cav. A Conservative; has sat 
for Mid, or St. Alban's, Div. of Hertfordshire 
since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence— QtW Barnes, St. Albans. C/«^i— Carlton, Turf, Bachelor's. 




M Richard de Aquila Grosvenor, F.C.y 4th 

son of 2nd Marquess of Westminster, by Lady Elizabeth 
Mary, 2nd da. of 1st Duke of Sutherland ; b. Jan. 28th, 
1837; ed. at Westminster and at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
(M. A. 1858) : m. 1st, 1874, Hon. Beatrice, who d. 1876, 
da. of 3rd Viscount de Vesci ; 2ndly, 1879, Eleanor 
Frances Beatrice Hamilton, da. of the late Robert Hamil- 
ton Stubber, Esq., of Moyne, Queen's co, ; is Hon. Col. 
Queen's Dorset Yeo, Cav., a J. P. for cos. of Dorset and 
Flint, a Director of the L. and N. W. Railway, and of 
the Alliance Life and Fire Assurance Co., a F.R.G.S., 
and an Associate of Institute of Civil Engineers ; was Vice-Chamberlain of 
H.M.'s Household Feb, 1872 to Feb. 1874, and Parliamentary Sec. to Treasury 
April 1880 to June 1885; P.C. 1872. A Liberal; has sat for Flintshire since 
May 1861. 

Residence — 12, Upper Brook Street, W. C/«^ — Brooks's, Reform, White's, St. 
James's, Travellers', Devonshire, National Libend. 

SIR THOBIAS F. F. GROVE (Wiltshire, Southern, or Wilton, Division). 

Thomas Fraser Grove, son of the late John 
Grove, Esq., of Feme, near Salisbury, by Jean Helen, 
da. of Sir William Fraser, 3rd bart. ; b. Nov. 27th, 1823 : 
m, 1st, 1847, Grace Catherine, who d. 1879, da, of the 
late Hon. Waller O'Grady, Q.C. [V. Guillamore]; 2ndly, 
1882, F" ranees Hinton, da. of Henry Northcote, Esq., of 
Oakfield, Devon, and widow of (i.) Capt. Herbert Crosse, 
and (ii.) of the Hon. Frederick Bamewall Best[B. Wyn- 
ford] ; formerly Capt. 6th Dragoons ; is a D. L. and a J. P. 
for Wilts (High Sheriff 1863), a J.P. for Dorset, and 
Hon. Lieut. -Col. Wilts Yeo. Cav, ; cr. a Baronet 1874. 
A Liberal; sat as M.P. for S. Wiltshire 1865-74, when 
he was defeated ; has sat for S., or Wilton, Div. of Wilt- 

shire since Dec. 1885 

Seat— Feme House, near Salisbury 

Clubs— Army and Navy, Boodle's, Brooks's. 

R. GUNTER OTorkshlre (West Riding, Eastern Parts). Barkston Ash Division). 
Robert Gunter, el. son of the late Robert 
Gunter, Esq., of Earl's Court, Middlesex, by Fanny, 
da. of E. Thompson, Esq., of Durham ; b. Nov. 2nd, 
183 1 ; ed, at Rugby : m. 1862, Jane Marguerite, el. da. 
of Thomas Benyon, Esq., of Gledhow Hall, York- 
shire ; formerly Capt. 4th Dragoon Guards, and served 
with that Regt, in Crimean campaign ; is a J.P. for 
W. Riding of York, and Lieut. -Col. Comdt, 3rd Batn. 
Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regt,), and Hon, 
Col, A Conservative ; sat for Knaresborough Dec, 9th, 
1884, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Barkston 
Ash Div. of E. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire. 

/?^f /^^«<r^— Wetherby Grange, Yorkshire. C/«^J— Carlton, 
Army and Navy, Hurlingham, 



R. T. GURDON (Norfolk, Mid Division). 
Robert Thomhagh Gurdon, el. son of Brampton Gurdon, Esq., 
M.P., ofLetton, Norfolk, and Grundisburgh, Suffolk, by the Hon. Henrietta 
Susannah Ridley Col borne, da. of 1st Baron Colbome; b. 1829 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., Senior Optime, 1852, Hon. M.A. 1852): 
m, 1st, 1862, Harriott Ellen, who d. 1864, da. of Sir William Miles, M.P., 
istbart.; 2ndly, 1874, Emily, da. of the late Rev. Robert Boothby Heathcote, 
of Chingford, Essex; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Norfolk, Chm. of Quarter 
Sessions, and Lieut. -Col. 4th Vol. Batn. Norfolk Regt. A Liberal', sat for 
S. Norfolk April 1880 to Nov. 1885, having been defeated there in April 187 1 
and Feb. 1874 ; has sat for Mid Div. of Norfolk since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Country Residences— Litton, Thetford ; Grundisburgh Hall, Woodbridge. Tcnun 

Residence — 5, Portman Square, W. Clubs — Brooks's, United University, National LiberaL 

R. B. HALDANE (HaddingtonsMre). 
Richard Burdon Haldane, son of Robert Haldane, Esq., of 
Cloanden, Perthshire, by Mary Elizabeth, da. of Richard Burdon Sanderson, 
Esq., of Otterbum, Northumberland; b. 1856; ed. at Univs. of Edinburgh 
(M.A. 1876) and Gottingen ; Joint Author of " Philosophical Criticism " and 
Essays. A Liberal; has sat for Haddingtonshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Cloanden, near Auchterarder, N.B. Chambers — 5, New Square, Lincoln's 
Inn, W.C. C/?<<Jj— Brooks's, New. 

A. W. HALL (Oxford Borougli). 
Alexander William Hall, el. son of the late 
Henry Hall, Esq. , of Barton Abbey, Oxfordshire, by the 
Hon. Catherine Louisa, da. of 2nd Baron Bridport ; b. 
1838 ; ed. at Eton, and at Exeter Coll., Oxford : m. 1863, 
Emma Gertrude, da. of Edward Jowitt, Esq., of Eltofts, 
CO. York ; is a J. P. and D. L. for Oxfordshire (High Sheriff 
1867). A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Oxford 
Feb. 1874, and sat therefor from March 1874 to Aug. 
1880, when he was vmseated ; re-elected Nov. 26th, 

Seats — Barton Abbey, near Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire ; St. 
Thomas', Oxford. C/k^j— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

C HALL (Cambridgeshire, Western, or Chesterton, Division). 

Charles Hall, (^.C, son of the late Vice- 
Chancellor the Hon. Sir Charles Hall, of Farnham 
Chase, Slough, by Sarah, da. of Francis Duval, Esq., 
of Exeter ; h. Aug. 3rd, 1843 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1865, M.A. 1868) ; Bar. 
Middle Temple 1866, a Q.C. 1881, and Bencher 1884 ; 
has been Attorney-Gen, toH.R.H.the Prince of Wales 
and the Duchy of Cornwall since 1877. A Conseivative ; 
has sat for W., or Chesterton, Div, of Cambridgeshire 
since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Gardens, E.G. 

-131, Piccadilly, VV. Chambers — 3, Temple 

C/w<5j— White's, Garrick, Marlborough, Carlton. 

F. C. HUGHES-HALLETT (Rochester). 
Francis Charles Hughes-Hallett, son of the late Charles 
Hughes-Hallett, Esq., H.E.I. C.S., by — da. of the late Charles Roberts, 
Esq., Judge of H.E.I.C.S. ; b. Oct. 15th, 1838; ed. at Brighton Coll., aid 
Royal Mil. Academy, Woolwich : m. 1st, 1871, Catherine Rosalie, who d. 
1875, da, of Col. Godfrey Thomas Greene, Bengal Engineers, and widow (i. ) 



of the Rev. Harry Dupuis, V. of Richmond, Surrey, (ii.) the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Charles Jasper Selwyn, a Lord Justice of Appeal ; 2ndly, 1882, Emilie, da. of 
Col. von. Schaumburg, of Philadelphia, U.S.A., formerly Lieut. R.A. ; is 
Lieut. -Col. Comdg. and Hon. Col. 2nd Brig. S. Div. R.A. A Conservative', 
unsuccessfully contested Sandwich 1874; has sat for Rochester since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— 10&, Cromwell Road, S.W. C/«*i^Umted Service, Junior United Service. 

T. F. HALSEY (HertfordsMre, Western, or Watford, DivlslonX 

Thomas Frederick Halsey, only son of the 
late Thomas Plumer Halsey, Esq., M.P., by Frederica, 
da. of Gen. F. Johnston, of Hilton; b. 1839; ed. at 
Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1861, M.A. 1864) : 
m. 1865, Mary Julia, da. of the late F. O. Wells, Esq., 
B. C. S. ; is a J.P. for Herts, Major Herts Yeo. Cav., 
and Chm. of Great Gaddesden School Board. A Con- 
servative\ sat for Hertfordshire Feb. 1874 to Nov. 
1885, since when he has sat for W., or Watford, Div. 
of Hertfordshire. 

.y^rt/— Gaddesden Place, Heme! Hempstead. Clubs— 

Carlton, United University, Constitutional, Isthmian. 


C. E. HAMILTON (Soathwark, RotherMthe Division). 

Charles Edward Hamilton, son of the late 

John Hamilton, Esq., of Liverpool, by Jessy, da. of the 
late Peter Kemble, Capt. Roy. Veteran Batn., and 46th 
Regt. ; b. May 28th, 1845 ; was for nine years a member 
of Liverpool Corporation ; formerly Lieut. -Col. 80th 
Lancashire Rifle Vol., and retired 1881 with permission 
to retain his rank ; is a J. P, for Lancashire and Liver- 
pool City, and a Director of the N. Wales Paper Co. 
(Limited) and of M'Corquodale & Co. (Limited). A 
Conseri'ath'e ; has sat for Southwark, Rotherhithe Div. , 
since Nov. 1885. 
Mayfield, Shooter's Hill, Kent. C/»3j— Carlton, Conservative. 

LORD CLAUD J. HAMILTON (Liverpool, West Derby Division). 

Claud John Hamilton, 2nd son of ist Duke 

of Abercom, by Lady Louisa Jane, 2nd da. of 6th Duke 
of Bedford ; b. Feb. 20th, 1843 ; ed. at Harrow Sch. : 
m. 1878, Carolina, da. of the late Edward Sacheverell 
Chandos-Pole, Esq., of Radbume Hall, Derby; formerly 
Capt. Grenadier Guards ; was A.D.C. to Lord Lieut, of 
Ireland 1866-8, and a Lord of the Treasury Nov. and 
Dec. 1868; is Lieut. -Col. Comdt. 5th Batn. Royal 
Inniskilling Fusiliers, and Dep. Chm. of G.E. Railway 
Co.; was attached to Duke of Abercom's Special Mission 
^ - , to the King of Italy 1878. A Conservative \ sat for 

Londonderry city July 1865 to Nov. 1868, and for King's Lynn Dec 1869 to 
March 1880 ; unsuccessfully contested Londonderry Nov. 1868, Brecon 1869, 
and Kings Lynn April 1880; sat for Liverpool Aug. 6th, 1880, to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for W. Derby Div. of Liverpool. 

c^ .*^"^''''-^^'"°"'t>9°y''^' ,^^^.^^'ow" Stewart, co. Tyrone. Trojn Residence— 21, Lowndes 
Square, S.W. C/«^^— White's, Carlton, Travellers'. 



LORD ERNEST W. HAMILTON (Tyrone Co., North Tyrone Division). 

Ernest William Hamilton, youngest son of 
1st Duke of Abercorn, by Lady Louisa Jane Russell, 
2nd da. of 6th Duke of Bedford ; b. Sept. 5th, 1858 ; ed. 
at Harrow, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; was for- 
merly Capt. nth Hussars. A Conservative ; has sat for 
N. Tyrone Div. of co. Tyrone since Nov. 1885. 

Town Residence — 17, Dover Street, W. Club — Naval and 

LORD FREDERICK W. HAMILTON (Manchester, South-west Division). 

Frederick Spencer Hamilton, son of ist 

Duke of Abercorn, by Lady Louisa Jane, da. of 6th 
Duke of Bedford ; b. Oct. 13th, 1856 ; ed. at Harrow ; 
entered Diplo. Ser. 1877, became a 2nd Sec 1882, and 
retired 1884 ; was attached to ist Duke of Abercorn 's 
Special Mission to Italy 1878. A Conservative ; has sat 
for S.W. Div. of Manchester since Nov. 26th, 1885. 

C/«^j— Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. James's. 

RIGHT HON. LORD GEORGE F. HAMILTON (Middlesex, Ealing Division). 
George Francis Hamilton, P.C.^ 3rd son 
of 1st Duke of Abercorn, by Lady Louisa Jane, 2nd da. 
of 6th Duke of Bedford; b. Dec. 17th, 1845; ed. at 
Harrow ; m. 187 1, Lady Maud Caroline Lascelles, da. 
of 3rd Earl of Harewood ; entered Army as Ensign Rifle 
Brigade 1864, and exchanged to Coldstream Guards 
1868; is a J. P. for Middlesex ; was Under Sec. of State 
for India Feb. 1874 to April 1878, Vice-Pres. of Council 
of Education April 1878 to April 1880, and 4th Charity 
Commr. for England and Wales May 1878 to April 1880, 
and First Lord of the Admiralty June 1885 to Jan. 1886 ; 
A Conservative ; sat for Middlesex Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885 ; has 

P.C. 1878. 

sat for Ealing Div. of Middlesex since Dec. 5th, 1885. 

Country Residence— Baron's Court, Newtown Stewart, co. Tyrone. Town Residence — 
17, Montagu Street, Portman Square, W. Ctubs — Carlton, St. Stephen's, Athenaeum, 

City Carlton, Travellers'. ^ 

J. G. C. HAMILTON (Lanarkshire, Southern Division). 

JohnGlencairn Carter Hamilton, 

son of the late A. J. Hamilton, Esq., of 
Dalzell, by Ellinor, da. of D. Hamilton, 
Esq., of Gilkerscleugh ; b. Nov. i6th, 1829; 
ed. at Eton : m. 1864, Lady Emily Ellinor, 
who d. 1882, 4th da. of loth Earl of Leven 
and Melville ; formerly Capt. 2nd Life 
Guards, and Lieut. -Col. Comdt. and Hon. 
Col. Queen's Own Roy. Glasgow Yeo. Cav. ; 
is Vice-Lieut, and a J. P. for Lanarkshire, 
A Liberal; sat for the Falkirk Burghs 
1857-9, and for S. Lanarkshire Nov. 1868 to 
Feb. 1874, when he was defeated, and April 
8th, 1880, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Div. of Lanarkshire since Dec. 1885. 

'">"<^«^— Dalzell, Motherwell, Lanark.shire. Town Residence— 1\, Eaton Place, S.W. 
C/w/Jf— Brooks's, Arthur's, National Liberal. 



SIR EDWARD B- HAMLET (Birkenhead). 
Edward Bruce Hamley, K.C.B.y K.C.M.G., son of the late 
.Adm. William Hamley; b. 1824; entered R.A. 1843, became Capt. 1850, 
Major 1854, Lieut. -Col. 1854, Col. 1863, Major-Gen. 1869. and Lieut.-Gen. 
1882 ; served in Crimean campaign 1854-5 (medal with four clasps, Sardinian 
and Turkish medals, Legion of Honor, Medjidie, several times mentioned in 
despatches, and C.B.) ; was Professor of Mil. History at Sandhurst 1858-64, 
a Member of Council of Mil. Education 1866-70, Comdt. of Staff Coll. 1870-7, 
and H.M.'s Commr. for delimitation of Bulgaria 1879, for demarcating the 
frontier of Turkey in Asia 1880, and on International Commn. 1881 to super- 
vise the evacuation by Ottoman army and occupation by Greek army of 
territories ceded by Turkey to Greece ; grand officer of the Medjidie 1881, and 
of the Saviour of Greece, which latter order he was not permitted to accept ; 
commanded 2nd Div. in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, and 
thanked by Parliament, and 2nd class Osmanieh) ; C.B. 1855, K.C.M.G. 
1880, K.C.B. 1882; author of "Our Poor Relations," and "Lady Lee's 
Widowhood," etc. A ConservcUive : has s&t for Birkenhead since Nov. 2i;th, 

Residence— Si. James's Palace Chambers, Ryder Street, St. James's, S.W. Club— 

R. W. HANBURY (Staffordshire, North). 

Robert William Han bury, son of the late 
Robert Hanbury, Esq., of Bolehall House, Tamworth, 
by Mary Anne, da. of the late Major Bamford, of Wilne- 
cote Hall, Warwick ; b. Feb. 24th, 1845 ; ed. at Kugby 
and at Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford : m. 1869, Ismena 
Tindal, who d. 1871, da- of Thomas Morgan Gcpp, 
Esq., of Maynetrees, Chelmsford ; is a J. P. and D.L. 
for cos. Stafford, Warwick, and Derby, and Hon. Col. 
5th Lancashire Artillery Vol. ; formerly Capt. Queen's 
Own Royal Staffordshire Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; 
sat for Tamworth April 1872 to April 1878, and for N. 
Staffordshire April 1878 to April 1880, when he was 
defeated ; has sat for Preston since Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Seats— Wsjn Hall, Dovedale, Staffordshire; Bolehall House, Tamworth. 


F. A. HANKEY (Surrey, North Western, or Chertaey, Division). 

Frederick Alers Hankey, son of the late 

Thomas A. Hankey, of Epsom, and 7, Fenchurch Street, 
E.C., by Elizabeth, da. of George Green, Esq., of Black- 
wall ; b. March 29th, 1833 ; ed, at Harrow and at Oriel 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1855, M.A. 1858) : m. ist, 1862, 
Mary Wickham, who d. 1863, da. of the late P. W. 
Flower, Esq., of Furzedown, Tooting Common ; 2ndly, 
1865, Marian, el. da. of the late T. J. Miller, Esq., M.P. ; 
is Chm. of Consolidated Bank, and a Director of English- 
Scottish, A Conservative ; has sat for N. W. , or Chertsey, 
Div. of Surrey since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— -Silvtilaxids, Chertsey. Club — Union. 



E. W. HARCOURT (Oxfordshire South, or Henley, Division). 

Edward William Harcourt, el. son of the 
late Rev. William Harcourt, of Nuneham Park, Oxford- 
shire, by Matilda Mary, da. of the late Col, William 
Gooch, and grandson of the late Most Rev. Edward 
Harcourt, Archbishop of York, and gt. -grandson of the 
1st Baron Harcourt, whose estates he has inherited; 
b. 1825 ; ed. at Ch. Ch.. Oxford : m. 1849, Lady Susan 
Harriet Holroyd, only da. of 2nd Earl of Sheffield ; is a 
J. P. for Berks and Sussex, and a J. P. and a D.L. for 
Oxfordshire (High Sheriff 1875) ; is Hon. Col. 3rd Vol. 
Brig. Cinque Ports Div. R.A. ; was a member of Royal 
Commn. for organizing the Volunteer Force 1862, and 
was 15 years Pres. of National Artillery Association. 
A Conservative-, sat for Oxfordshire Feb. 5th, 1878, to 
Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S., or Henley, Div. of Oxfordshire since Dec. 1885. 

Seats— Nuneham Park. Abingdon ; Stanton Harcourt, Eynsham, Oxfordshire. Marine 
Residence—^, Robertson Terrace, Hastings. Town Residence— 6, Prince's Gaxxlens, S.W. 
Clubs — Carlton. Travellers'. 


^ William George Granville Venables Vernon- 

^^^^ Harcourt, P.C, K.B., Q. C, son of the late Rev. William 

^^^^^^^^ Harcourt, of Nuneham Park, Oxford, by Matilda Mary, 
f Ttf^ ^ri^W ^^' ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^- William Gooch ; b. Oct. 14th, 1827 ; 
Tl^al^^^^ ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1st class Classics and 
Senior Opt. 1851) : m. ist, 1859, Therese, who d. 1863, 
da. of Thomas Henry Lister, Esq., of Armitage Park, 
Stafford ; 2ndly, 1876, Elizabeth, da. of the Hon. J. L. 
Motley, of the U.S.A., and widow of T. P. Ives, Esq.; 
Bar. Inner Temple 1854, and Q.C. 1866 ; has been 
Professor of International Law in Camb. Univ. since 
1869, and a member of numerous Royal Commns. ; author 
of *' Letters of ' Historicus ' on International Law" ; was 
Solicitor-Gen. Nov. 1873 to Feb. 1874, and Sec. of State 
for Home Depart. April 1880 to June 18S5 ; has been Chancellor of the 
Exchequer since Feb. 1886. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Kirkcaldy 
Burghs 1858 ; sat for Oxford city Nov. 1868 to April 1880, and was defeated 
on May 8th following after acceptation of office ; has sat for Derby since May 
25th, 1880. 

Town Residence— T, Grafton Street, Bond Street, W. Chambers— Yikmx^s Buildings, 
Temple, E.G. Ciubs — Oxford and Cambridge, Devonshire, Reform, National Liberal. 

HARDCASTLE (Salford, North Division). 

Edward Hardcastle, younger son of the 
late Alfred Hardcastle, Esq., of Hatcham House, 
Surrey, by Eliza, da. of Benjamin Smith, Esq., of Man- 
chester ; b. 1826 ; ed. at Trin. and Downing Colls., 
Camb. (B.A. 1850, M.A. 1853) : vi. 185 1, a da. of 
Samuel Hoare, Jun., Esq., banker, of Lombard Street, 
London ; is a merchant, a J. P. and D.L. for Lancashire, 
a Governor of Owen's College, and of Cheetham 
Hospital, and a Trustee of Manchester Grammar 
School. A Conservative ; sat for S.E. Lancashire Feb. 
1874 to Feb. 1880, when he was defeated; elected for 
N. Div. of Salford Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Seats — Headlands, Prestwich, Lancashire ; New Lodge, Hawk- 
hurst, Kent. Clttbs — Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge 



F. HARDCASTLE (LancasMre, South Eastern, West Houghton Division). 
Frank Hardcastle, son of the late James 
Hardcastle, Esq., J. P., of Firwood, Bolton, and Pen- 
y-lan, Ruabon ; b. May 1 2th, 1844; ed. at Repton : 
m. 1885, Ida, da. of Horatio Ross, Esq., of Portsmouth ; 
is Proprietor of the Breightmet CoUieries and of the 
Firwood Bleach and Dye Works. A Conservative ; has 
sat for W. Houghton Div. of S.E. Part of Lancashire 
since Dec. 1885. 


Residence — Firwood, near Bolton. 
Carlton, UnioD. 

C/k**— Carlton, Junior 

H H. C0ZENS-HARD7 (Norfolk, Northern Division). 

Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Q.C.^ son 
of William Hardy Cozens-Hardy, Esq., J. P., of 
Letheringsett Hall, Holt, Norfolk, by Sarah, da. of 
Thomas Theobald, Esq., of Norwich ; b. Nov. 22nd, 
1838 ; ed. at Amersham and Univ. Coll., London, of 
which he is a Fellow (B.A. London Univ. 1858, LL.B. 
1863) : m. 1866, Maria, da. of Thomas Hepburn, Esq., 
J. P., of Clapham Common ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1862, 
and a Q.C. 1882. A Liberal) has sat for N. Div. of 
Norfolk since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— so, Ladbroke Grove, W. Chambers— T, New 
Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C C/m^Savile. 

HON. JOHN S. OATHORNE HABDT (Kent, Mid, or Medway. Division). 

John Stewart Gathorne-Hardy, el. son of 

1st Viscount Cranbrook, by Jane, da. of James Orr, Esq., 
of Holy wood House, co. Down ; b. March 22nd, 1839 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : in. June 1867, 
Cicely, da. of Joseph Ridgway, Esq., of Fairlawn, Kent ; 
formerly Lieut. Rifle Brigade; is a J. P. and a D.L. for 
Kent, and Lieut.-Col. 2nd Vol. Batn. The Buffs (E. Kent 
Regt.); was Sec. to his father when Pres. of the Poor 
Law Board 1 866 -7. A Conservative', sat for Rye Nov. 
1868 to March 1880, when he was defeated, and for Mid 
Kent May 14th, 1884, to Nov. 1885; has sat for Mid, or 
Medway, Div. of Kent since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 
Town Residence— z^ Cadogan Square, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Wellington. 

W. HAREXR (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Part, Rlpon Division). 

William Harker, son of the late Robert Harker, Esq., of 
Pateley Bridge, near Ripon : ni. 1863, Annie, da. of George Hodgson, Esq., 
of Bradford ; is a J. P. for Ripon and W. R. of Yorks, and Chm. of Bradford 
Banking Co. A Liberal; has sat for Ripon Div. E. Part of W. R. of York- 
shire since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence— Harefield, Pateley Bridge, Leeds. 



RIGHT HON. EDWARD R. KING-HARMAN (Kent, Isle of Thanet Division). 
Edward Robert King-Harman, P. C, el. son 
of the late Hon. Laurence King-Harman, by Cecilia, da. 
of the late James Raymond Johnstone, Esq., of Alva, 
CO. Stirling ; b. 1838 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1861, Emma 
Frances, da. of Sir William Worsley, 1st bart. ; for- 
merly Lieut. 60th Rifles and Capt. Longford Militia ; is 
Lord Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum of co. Roscommon, 
Hon. Col. 5th Batn. Connaught Rangers, and a J. P. 
for COS. Sligo, Longford, and Westmeath ; P.C. of 
Ireland 1885. K Conservatrve \ sat for Sligo Jan. 1877 
to April 1880, when he was defeated, and for Dublin 
Co. Feb. 28th, 1883, to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for Isle of Thanet Div. of Kent. 

J^a/5— Rockingham, co. Roscommon; Newcastle, Ballymahon, co. Longford. Clubs 

■Carlton, Arts, St. George's Yacht. 

E. HARRINGTON (Kerry Co., West Kerry Division). 

E. Harrington, son of Mr. Denis Harrington, of Castletown, 
Bere, co. Cork, by Ellen, da. of Mr. O'Sullivan. A Home Rtder ; has sat for 
W. Kerry Div. of Kerry co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— 1\, Tachbrook Street, S.W. 

T. HARRINGTON (Dublin City, Dublin Harbour Division). 

Timothy Harrington, son of Mr. Denis Harrington, of Castle- 
town Bere, co. Cork, by Ellen, da. of Mr. O'Sullivan ; b. Aug. loth, 1850 ; is a 
newspaper proprietor, a journalist, and Hon. Sec. of Irish National League. 
A Home Ruler-, sat for Westmeath co. Feb. 24th, 1883, to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for Dublin Harbour Div. of Dublin City. 

Residence— Tm[&Q, co. Kerry. C/«<5— Catholic (Dublin). 

M. HARRIS (Galway Co., East Gal way Division). 

Matthew Harris, son of the late Mr. Peter Harris, Farmer, of 
Borris, Athlone ; b. 1826 : m. i860 ; is a Contractor and Builder; formerly a 
working bricklayer, and an active member of the National League. A Home 
Ruler; has sat for E. Galway Div. of Galway co. since Dec. 1885. 

^«/^<'««— Ballinasloe. Toum Address— ^6, Great Russell Street, W.C. 

Rossendale Division). 

Spencer Conipton Cavendish, 

P.C, D.C.L., LL.D. {Marquess of 
Hartington), el. son of 7th Duke of Devon- 
shire, by Lady Blanche (jeorgiana, 4th da. of 
6th Earl of Carlisle ; b. July 23rd, 1833 ; ed. 
at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1852, M.A. 
1854, LL.D. 1862); is a D.L. and a J. P. 
for Derbyshire and Lancashire, and Hon. 
Col. 3rd Batn. Sherwood P'oresters (Derby- 
shire Regt.) ; formerly Hon. Col. 5th Lan- 
cashire Rifle Vol . ; was a Lord of the 
Admiralty March to April 1863, Under 
Sec. of State for War April 1863 to Feb. 1866, Sec. of State for War Feb. to 
July 1866, Postmaster-Gen. Dec. 1868 to Jan. 1871, Ch. Sec. for Ireland Jan. 
1871 to Feb. 1874, Lord Rector of Glasgow Univ. 1877, Sec. of State for 



India April 1880 to Dec. 1882, and Sec 6f State for War ; in 1856 was 

attached to Earl Granville's special mission to Russia. A Liberal \ sat for 
North Lancashire March 1857 to Nov. 1868, when he was defeated, and for 
Radnor District Feb. 1869 to March 1880; in April 1880 being returned both 
for Radnor District and N -E. l.ancashire, he elected to sit for N.-E. Lancashire, 
and sat therefor until Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Rossendale Div. of 
N.-E. Lancashire. 

Town Residence — Devonshire House, Piccadilly, W. C/««^j— Brooks's, Travellers', 
Turf, Marlborough, St. James's, National Liberal, Hurlingham, City Liberal. 

F. D. DIXON HARTLAND (Middlesex. Uzbridge Division). 

Frederick Dixon Dixon-Hartland, el. 
son of the late Nathaniel Hartland, of The Oaklands, 
Charlton King's, Gloucester, by Eliza, da. and coheiress 
of the late Thomas Dixon, Esq., of King's Lynn; b. 
May 1st, 1832: m. 1867, Grace Amy, da. of the late 
Col. Wilson, K.H. ; is a J. P. for cos. Gloucester and 
Worcester, a partner in metropolitan banking firm of 
Lacy, Hartland, & Co., and in Hull, Smith, & Co., 
Uxbridge Old Bank, an Almoner of Christ's Hospital, 
an F.S.A. and F.R.G.S. ; has assumed the additional 
surname of Dixon. A Consen'cUh'e ', unsuccessfully 
contested Hereford April 1st, 1880, and Evesham July 
8lh, 1880; sat for Evesham Dec. 17th, 1880 (being 

seated on a scrutiny) to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Uxbridge Div. of Middlesex 

since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Country Hfsidence—Tht Oaklands, Charlton Kind's, Gloucestershire. Toum Retidtnce 
—14, Chesham Place, S.W. C/«<^f -Carlton. Gamck. 

J. H. HASLETT (Belfast, West Dlyision) 
James Homer Hasleit, son of the Rev. Henry Haslett, of 
Castlereagh, co. Dowti, by Mary, da. of John Wilson, Esq., Linen Merchant, 
of Drumcroon, Coleraine; b. 1832 ; ed. at Academical Inst., Belfast: m. 1877, 
Annie, da. of — Rea, Esa., of London ; is a Chemist and Druggist, and an 
Aldeiman, and a J. P. o! Belfast. A Conservative', has sat for W. Div. of 
Belfast since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— '^■naccs^ Gardens, Belfast. Tmon Address—^, Friday Street, E.C. 

O. W. HASTINGS (Worcestershire, Eastern DivislonX 
KA George Woodyatt Hastings, only son of the 

^|»- late Sir Charies Hastings, M. D. , D. C. L. , of Worcester, 

aBL and Barnard's Green, Malvern, by Hannah, da. of the 

tJWBfc^ late George Woodyatt, Esq., M.D. ; b. Sept. 28th, 

1825; ed. at Bromsgrove Gram. Sch., and at Christ 
Coll., Camb. (LL.B. in honors 1849, LL.M. 1870): 
m. 1st, 1858, (Catherine Anna, who d. 1871, da. of the 
late Rev. Samuel Mence, B.D., R. of Ulcombe, Kent; 
2ndly, 1877, Frances Anna, da. of the late Rev. 
William Huntingdon Pillans, Rector of Himley; Bar. 
Middle Temple 1850 ; formerly Sec. of the Law Amend- 
ment So. and Hon. Sec, of National Reformatory 
Union ; was Gen. Sec. of National Association for 
Promotion of Social Science 1857-68, and Chm. of 
Council 1868-83; is a J. P. and Vice-Chm. of Quarter Sessions for Worcester- 
shire, and a J. P. and a D.L. for Herefordshire ; was Chm. of Worcester School 
Board 1871-83. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Beverley 1854, and W. 
Worcestershire 1874; sat for E. Worcestershire April 12th, 1880, to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for E. Div. of Worcestershire since Dec. 1885. 

Country Residence — Barnard's Green House, near Malvern. 
Cambridge, Brooks's. 

C/«3j — Oxford and 



HON. MURRAY E. G. FINCH-HATTON (LincolnsMre, Holland, or Spalding, 


Murray Edward Gordon Finch-Hatton, 
son of loth Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham, by- 
Fanny Margaretta, da. of Edward Royd Rice, Esq., 
of Dane Court, Kent; b. March 28th, 1851; ed. at 
Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class 
Modern History 1874, M.A. 1876, Fellow of Hertford 
Coll. 1875) : m. 1875, Edith, da. of Col. Edward 
William Harcourt, M. P., of Nuneham Park, Abing- 
_^don ; is a D.L. for Lincolnshire (High Sheriff 1879). 
and a J. P. for Kesteven Division of that co. A Con- 
servative) sat for S. Lincolnshire Feb. 28th, 1884, 

to Nov. 1885 '■ has sat for Holland, or Spalding, Div. of Lincolnshire since 

Dec. 2nd, 1885; uasuccessfully contested Newark 1880. 
Seat — Haverholme Priory, Sleaford. Clubs — Carlton, White's. 


L. P. HAYDEN (Leitrim Co., South Leitrim Division). 

Luke Patrick Hayden, son of Mr. Luke Hay den, of Roscom- 
mon ; b. Dec. 20th, 1855 ; is proprietor of the Roscommon Messenger news- 
paper; has been Chm. of Town Council since 1880. A Home Ruler \ has sat 
for S. Leitrim Div. of Leitrim co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Roscommon. Town Address— 2^2, Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W. 

C. SEALE-HATNE (DevonsMre, Mid, or Aslibiirton, DivlBion). 

Charles Seale-Hayne, son of the late Charles 
Hayne Seale-Hayne, Esq., of Fuge House, Dartmouth, 
by Louisa, da. of the late Richard Jennings, Esq., of 
Portland Place, W, and Ridge, Herts; b. 1833; 
ed. at Eton; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1857; isa J. P. for Devon 
and Dartmouth, and Chm. of N. Railway of Buneos 
Ayres, and of Texas Land and Mortgage Co. ; has been 
Major and Hon. Lieut. Col. 3rd Batn. Devonshire Regt. 
since 1872; author of "Annals of the Mililia," and 
" Politics for Working Men, Farmers, and Landlords." 
A. Liberal) un.succe.<;sfully contested Dartmouth 1857 and 
1865; has sat for Mid, or Ashburton, Div. of Devon- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Kingswear Castle and Fuge House, Dartmouth ; 3, Eaton Square, S.W. 
C/«^J— Reform, National Liberal. 

M. HEALY (Cork City). 

Maurice Healy, son of Maurice Healy, Esq., of Bantry, co. 

Cork, by Eliza, da. of D. Sullivan. Esq.; admiued a Solicitor in Ireland 1882. 
A Home Ruler ; has sat for Cork City since Nov. 1885. 
Residence— -itlt Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin. 

T. M. HEALY (Londonderry Co., South Derry Division). 
Timothy Michael Healy, 2nd son of Maurice Healy, Esq., of 
I'.antry, co. Cork, by Eliza, da. of D. Sullivan, Esq. ; b. 1855 : m. 1882, 
Erina Kate, da. of Mr. T. D. Sullivan; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin, 1884; 
Author of "Why there is an Irish Land Question and an Irish Land League." 
A '' Natioftalist \" sat for Wexford Borough Nov. 1880 to June 1883, when 
he resigned ; and for Monaghan co. June 30th, 1883 to Nov. 1885 ; in Dec. 
1885 returned for N. Monaghan Div. of co. Monaghan and also for S. Derry 
Div. of CO. Londonderry, and elected to sit for the last-mentioned. 
Residences— ji, Chesterton Road, W. ; 50, Great Charles Street, Dublin. 



J. H. BEATON (Canterbury). 

John Henniker Heaton, son of Lieut.-Col. Heaton, 24th 
Regt., a direct descendant of the Heatons of Heaton, co. Lancaster ; b. 1848 ; 
ed. at King's Coll., Lond. ; went to Australia 1865, and was for some years 
engaged in pastoral pursuits ; acquired interest in several leading newspapers 
in N.S.VV. ; compiled and published "The Australian Dictionary of Dates, 
and Men of the Time " ; was Govt. Commr. for N.S.W. at Amsterdam Exhi- 
bition 1883, Delegate to British Govt, for people of Mauritius to obtain Reform 
of Constitution 1884, and represented Govt. 01 Tasmania at International Cable 
Conference of the world at Berlin 1885. A Conservative ; has sat for Canter- 
bury since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— 2q, De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W. Club—Sx. Stephen's. 


Edward HENEAGE,/*.C,el.sonof thelate George 
Fieshi Heneage, Esq., M.P., of Hainton Hall, Wragby, by 
Francis, da. of the late Michael Tasburgh, Esq., of Burgh- 
wallis Hall, Doncaster; b. March 29th, 1840; ed. at Eton: 
m. 1864, Lady Eleanor Cecilia Hare, da. of 2nd Earl of 
Listowel ; served in 1st Life Guards 1857-63 ; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for Lincolnshire (High Sheriff 1880), Vice-Chm. of 
Quarter Sessions for Lindsey Division, and Chm, of Louth 
and Lincoln Railway Co. ; has been Chancellor of Duchy 
of I^ncastcr, and Pres. of Committee of Council on Agri- 
culture since Feb. 1886. AJ^eral; sat for Lincoln city 1865-8; has repre- 
sented Grimsby since March'^ist, 1880. 

Seat— Haxnxon Hall, Wragby. C/««5x— Brooks'i. National Liberal. 

MITCHELL HENRY (Glasgow, Blackftlars, and Hutchestown Division). 

Mitchell Henry, son of the late Alexander 
Henry, Esq., M.P. for S. Lancashire, by Elizabeth, 
da. of the late Henry Brush, Estj., of Willow Bank, 
CO. Down ; b. 1826 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. : m. 1849, 
Margaret, who d. 1874, da. of Geoi^e Vaughan, Esq., 
of Quilly Dromore, co. Down ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1847, 
and F.K.C.S. Eng. 1854; formerly surgeon to and 
lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence at Middlesex Hos- 
pital ; is a partner in mercantile firm of A. S. Henry 
and (io., a D.L. for Middlesex, and a J. P. for West- 
minster and CO. Galway. A Liberal', unsuccessfully 
contested Woodstock July 1865, and Manchester 1868 ; 
sat for CO. Galway Feb. 21st, 1871, to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for Blackfriars and Hutchestown Div. of Glasgow. 

Seat— Kylemore Castle, co. Galway. Tmim Residence— Strzthcdcn House, Rutland 
Gate, S.W. C/«^j— Reform, Devonshire, Burlington, Kildare Street, Manchester Union, 
CO. Galway. 

HON. S. HERBERT (Croydon) [See page 164]. 
LORD FRANCIS HERVET (Bury St. Edmund's). 

Francis Hervey, 4th son of 2nd Marquess 
of Bristol, by Lady Katherine, 4th da. of 5th Duke of 
Rutland; b. 1846; ed. at Eton and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford {B.A., 2nd class in Classics, 1869, Fellow of 
Hertford Coll. 18 — ) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1872 ; is a J. P. 
for Suffolk. A Cotiset^ative ; sat for Bury St. Edmund's 
Feb. 3rd, 1874, to 1880, when he was defeated ; re-elected 
Nov. 24th, 1885. 

C/«i5j— United University, Carlton. Residence— 2, Spring 
Gardens, S.W. 



J. T. HIBBERT (Oldham). 

John Tomlinson Hibbert, son of the late 
Elijah Hibbert, Esq., of Oldham, by Elizabeth, da. of 
the late A. Hilton, Esq., of Oldham ; b. Jan. 5th, 1824 ; 
ed. at Gram. Sch., Shrewsbury, and at St. John's 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1847, M.A. 185 1) : m. ist, 1847, 
Eliza Anne, el. da. of Andrew Schofield, Esq., of 
Oldham ; 2ndly, 1878, Charlotte Henrietta, 4th da. 
of the late Adm. Warde, K.H., of Squerryes Court, 
Westerham, Kent ; Bar. Inner Temple 1849 ; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Lancashire, and Dep. Chm. of Court 
of Annual Gen. Session for Lancashire ; was Sec. to 
Local Govt. Board Jan. 1871 to Feb. 1874, and Parlia- 
mentary Sec. thereof April 1880 to June 1883, Under 
Sec. of State for Home Depart. June 1883 to Dec. 1884, and Financial Sec. 
to Treasury Dec. 1884 to June 1885; has been Sec. to the Admiralty since 
Feb. 1886. A Liberal', sat for Oldham May 1862 to Feb. 1874; unsuccess- 
fully contested that borough April 1859 and Feb. 1874, and has sat therefor 
since March ist, 1877. 

6"^rt^— Hampsfield, Grange-over-Sands, Lancashire. 

Clubs — Reform, Manchester 

A. HICKMAN (Wolverhampton, West). 
Alfred Hickman, son of George Rushbury Hickman, Esq., of 
Tipton, Staffordshire, by Mary, da. of the late Benjamin Haden, Esq. ; b. July 
3rd, 1830; ed. at King Edward's Sch., Birmingham: m. 1850, Lucy Owen 
Smith ; is an Ironmaster, a Colliery Proprietor, Chm. of the Staffordshire 
Steel and Ingot Iron Co., a Director of Lloyd's Staffordshire Proving House 
Co., a Member of Council of Mining Asso. of Great Britain, and Chm. of 
Staffordshire Railway and Canal Freighter's Asso. A Consei-vative ; unsuc- 
cessfully contested Wolverhampton 1880 ; elected for West Div. of Wolver- 
hampton Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Residences — Wolverhampton ; Morven Lodge, near Ballater, Aberdeenshire ; 22, Ken- 
sington Palace Gardens, W. 


C/«^f— Junior Carlton, Conservative, St. Stephen's, 

A. S. HILL (Staffordshire, West). 

Alexander Staveley Hill, Q.C.^ D.C.L., only 
son of the late Henry Hill, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of 
Oxley Manor, Wolverhampton, by Anne, da. of the 
late Luke Staveley, Esq. ; b. 1825 ; ed. at King Edward's 
Gram. Sch., Birmingham, and at St. John's Coll., Ox- 
ford (B.A. 1852, Fellow 18—, D.C.L. 1855): m. 1st, 
1864, Katharine Florence, who d. 1868, da. of Miles 
Ponsonby, Esq., of Hale Hall, Cumberland ; 2ndly, 
1876, Mary Frances, da. of Francis Baird, Esq., of St. 
Petersburg ; Bar. Inner Temple Nov. 1851, a Q.C. 1868, 
and Treasurer of his Inn 1886; has been Examiner in 
Law and in Modem History in Univ. of Oxford since 
1858, Dep. High Steward of Univ. of Oxford since 
1874, Counsel to Admiralty and Judge Advocate of 
the Fleet since 1875, and Recorder of Banbury since 1866 ; is a D.L. and a 
J. P. for Staffordshire, and a Director of the Lands Improvement Co. A 
Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Wolverhampton June 1861, and 
Coventry March 1868; sat for Coventry Nov. 1868 to Jan. 1874, and 
Staffordshire W. Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885; has sat for Kingswinford Div. 
of Staffordshire since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

^■^rt^— Oxley Manor, near Wolverhampton. Town Residence— \, Queen's Gate, S.W. 
Chambers— iz. King's Bench Walk, E.C. Clubs — United University, Carlton, St. Stephen's. 



BIGHT HON. LORD AETHUR W. HILL (Down Co., West DlvlslonX 

Arthur William Hill, P.C.^ son of 4th 
Marquess of Downshire, by the Hon. Caroline 
Frances Stapleton Cotton, da. of ist Viscount Com- 
bermere, G.C.B. ; ^. July 29th, 1846: m. ist, 1873, 
Annie Nisida Denham, who d. 1874, da, of Lieut. - 
Col. George Cookes, of Prince's Gate, S.W. ; 2ndly, 
1877, Annie, 3rd da. of James Fortescue Harrison, Esq., 
formerly M.P., of Crawley Down Park, Sussex; was 
successively Lieut. 2rid Life Guards, and Cornet Den- 
bigh Veo. Cav. ; is a J. P. for cos. Sussex, Berks, and 
Down, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Middlesex (H.M.'s Customs) 
Artillery Vol., and h.p. to his nephew, the 6th Mar- 
quess of Downshire; was Comptroller of H.M.'s Household June 1885 to 
Jan. 1886. A Conservative', sat for co. Down April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for W. Div. of co. Down. 

Residences — Wakehurst, Hay ward's Heath, Sussex ; St. Mildred's Court. Westgate-on- 
Sea, Kent. C/k^j— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Travellers', St. Stephen's. Constitutional, Ulster. 

B. HIN0LE7 (Worcestershire, Northern Division). 

Benjamin Hingley, son of the late Noah Hin^ley, Esq., J. P., 
of Hatherton Lodge, Cradley, Worcestershire; b. 1830; ed. at Halesowen 
Gram. School; is a J. P. for Staffordshire and Dudley, head of the firm of 
Noah Hingley & Son, Colliery Proprietors and Ironmasters, Chm. of S. 
Staffordshire Ironmasters' Asso., of Lloyd's Staffordshire Proving House Co., 
and of Cradley Heath Gas Co., and a Director of Midland Steam Boiler Asso. 
A Liberal', has sat for N. Div. of Worcestershire since Dec. 1885. 

/?«/</^«^-^— Hatherton Lodge, Cradley, Worcestershire. C/«A— National Liberal. 

H. HOBHOUSE (Somersetshire, Eastern DivlslonX 

Henry Hobhouse, only son of the late 
Henry Hobhouse, of Hadspen House, Somerset, by 
the Hon. Charlotte Etruria Talbot, da. of 1st Baron 
Talbot de Malahide ; b. 1854; ed. at Eton, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class Classics 1875, 
M.A. 1878): m. 1880, Margaret Heywortli, da. of 
Richard Potter, Esq. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1880; has 
practised as a Parliamentary draughtsman ; is a J. P. 
for Somerset. A Liberal-, has sat for E. Div. of 
Somerset since Nov. 28th, 1885. 
Hadspen House, Castle Carey, Somerset ; 4, Ketisin^on Square, W. 

Chambers— 1, Mitre Court Buildings, Temple, E.C. C/«^x— New University, National 


SIR JAMES M. M'GAREL-HOOO, Bart. (Middlesex. Homsey Division). 

^^^<^^3^, James Macnaghten M'Garel-Hogg, A'. C.B., 

^^L iMr son of the Rt. Hon. Sir James Weir Hogg, ist bart., 

^^k MK ^^^ ^* ^^7^» ^y Mary Claudine, 2nd da. of Samuel 

^BT ^^^Q Swinton, Esq., of Swinton. co. Berwick; b. May 3rd, 

1823; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch,, Oxford: m. 1857, 

Caroline Elizabeth Emma, el. da. of 1st Baron Penrhyn; 

formerly Lieut.-Col. ist Life Guards; is a J. P. for 

Middlesex, co. Antrim, and Westminster; has been 

Chm. of Metropolitan Board of Works since 1870; 

K.C.B. 1874; assumed in 1877 the additional surname 

of M'Garel. A Conservative', sat for Bath July 1865 to 

Oct. 1868, and for Truro 1871 to Nov. 1885, since when 

he has sat for Homsey Div. of Middlesex. 

Seat — Magheramome, co. Antrim. Town Residence — 17, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. 
C/«^J— Carlton, Travellers', St. Stephen's. 




A. HOLDEN (Bradford, East Division). 

Angus HoLDEN, son of Isaac Holden, Esq., 
M.P., of Oakworth, Keighley ; b. 1833 J ed. at Edin- 
burgh and at Wesley Coll. , Sheffield ; is a partner in 
firm of Isaac Holden & Sons, Wool Combers, of Alston 
Works, Bradford ; was Mayor of Bradford 1880 and 
1 88 1, A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Knares- 
borough Dec. 1884; has sat for E. Div. of Bradford 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residetue — Moorlands, Bradford. 

. HOLDEN (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Keighley Division). 

Isaac Holden, son of the late Mr. Isaac 
Holden, of Gunends, near Alston, Cumberland, by Mary, 
da. of the late — Forest, Esq., of Alston ; b. May 7th, 
1807 : m. 1st, 1832, Marion, da. of the late Mr. Angus 
Love, of Paisley, N.B. ; 2ndly, 1850, Sarah, 2nd da. of 
the late John Sugden, Esq., of Dockroyd, Keighley ; 
is a J. P. and a D.L. for W, Riding of York, and a 
manufacturer at Bradford, Rheims, and Roubaix. A 
Liberal \ sat for Knaresborough July 1865 to Nov. 1868 ; 
was defeated for N. Div. of W. Riding 1872, and E. Div. 
of W. Riding 1868 and 1874 ; sat for N. Div. of W. 
Riding May i8th, 1882. to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for Keighley Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of York. 

Oakworth House, near Keighley, Yorkshire. Tinvn Residence — Queen Anne's 
" " ~ ■ Clubs- ~ 

Mansions, St. James's Park, S.W 

-Reform, National Liberal. 

Respice, As/>ice, Prospice. 

RIGHT HON. SIR HENRY T. HOLLAND, Baxt. (Hampstead). 

Henry Thurstan Holland, P.C, G.C.M.G., 

el. son of Sir Henry Holland, ist bart., who d. 1873, by 
Margaret Emma, da. of James Caldwell, Esq. ; b. 1825; 
ed. at Harrow and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1847) * 
m. ist, 1852, Elizabeth Margaret, who d. 1855, da. of 
Nathaniel Hibbert, Esq., of Munden House, Watford; 
2ndly, 1858, Margaret Jean, da. of Sir Charles E. 
Trevelyan, K.C.B., 1st bart ; Bar. Inner Temple 1849, 
and a Bencher 188 1 ; was Assist. Under Sec. Colonial 
Office 1870-74, Financial Sec. to Treasury 1 885, and Vice 
Pres. of Committee of Council on Education Aug. 1885 
to Jan. 1886; is a D.L. for Middlesex, and a J. P. for 
Surrey; C.M.G. 1875, K.C.M.G. 1877, PC. 1885. A 
Conservative ; sat for Midhurst Aug. 1874 to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for Hampstead. 
5'^a/— Pinewood, Witley, Godalmin^. Town Residence — 65, Rutland Gate, S.W, 

Clubs — Carlton, Athena;um. 


RIGHT HON. HUGH HOLMES (Dublin University). 
Hugh Holmes, F.C, Q.C, son of the late William Holmes, 

Esq., of Dungannon, co. Tyrone ; b. Feb. 17th, 1840; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin 
(B.A. 1861, M.A. 1878) : m. 1869, Olivia, da. of J. W. Mule, Esq., of Syden- 
ham ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin, 1865, Q.C. 1877, and a Bencher 1879; was 
Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1878-80, and Attorney-Gen. June 1885 to Jan. 1886; 
is a J. P. for co. Tyrone; P.C. 1885. A Conservative; has sat for Dublin 
University since July 1st, 1885. 

Residence --i, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin. Clubs — Carlton, Garrick, Kildare Street, 
Dublin University. 



J. HOOFER (Cork Co., South East Div. of Co. Cork). 

John Hooper; b. 1846; has been associated with the Cork 
I/erald smct 1 86 1, with the exception of one year, when he was connected with 
the Freentan*s Journal', has been Alderman of N. VV. Ward of City of Cork 
since 1883. A Home Ruler) has sat for S. E. Div. of Cork co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Cork. Town Address — Craven House, Clarendon .Street, S.W. 


^^^^ Alexander James Beresford Beresford- 

(^l*^ Hope, P.C, D.C.L., LL.D., youngest son of the late 

Thomas Hope, Esq., of Deepdene, Surrey, by the Hon. 
Louisa Beresford, da. of 1st Baron Decies, Archbishop 
of Tuam ; b. Jan. 25th, 1820 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., 1841, M.A. 1844, Hon. 
LL.D. 1864, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1848, Hon. LL.D. 
Dublin 1881, and Hon. LL.D. of Washington and Lee 
Univ., Virginia, and the Univ. ofS. Tennessee, U.S.A.) : 
m. 1842, Lady Mildred Arabella Charlotte Henrietta, 
who d. 1881, el. da. of 2nd Marquess of Salisbury ; is a J. P. and a D. L. for 
Kent, a J. P. for co. Stafford, Pres. of Ecclesiological So. and of Architectural 
Museum, a Trustee of British Museum and of National Portrait Gallery, and 
a Fellow of numerous sos. ; prefixed the surname of Beresford, by royal licence, 
on inheriting the English estates of Marshal Viscount Beresford ; is author of 
•♦Letters on Church Matters," "The English Cathedral of XLXth Century," 
*' Worship in the Church of England," " Worship and Order," " Strictly Tied 
Up," ♦• The Brandreths" novels, &c., and of numerous articles in various 
serials ; known for his advocacy of Gothic Architecture, carried out the 
buildings of St. Augustine's Missionary Coll., Canterbury, 1844.-8, and of All 
Saints' Ch., Margaret Street, 1850-59 ; was Pres. of Royal Institute of British 
Architects 1865-7, and Chm, of S. Independence Asso. of London ; P.C. April 
l88o. hxi Independent Conservative \ sat for Maidstone June 1841 to 1852, 
and March 1857 to April 1859, and for Stoke-upon-Trent July 1865 to Feb. 
1868, since when he has sat for Cambridge University. 

^^<i/j— Bedgebury Park. Cranbrook, Kent : Beresford Hall. Suffordshire. Tmvn 

Residence — Arklow House, Connaughl Place, W. Clubs — Carlton, Athenasum, United 
University, Oxford and Cambridge, New University. 

W. H. HOULDSWORTH (llancliester, North-west DlvlsionX 
William Henry Houldsworth, son of the late Henry Houlds- 
worth, Esq., J. P. and D.I^, of Coltness, Wishaw, N.B., by Helen, da. of 
James Hamilton, Esq., of Glasgow; b. 1834: m. 1862, Elizabeth Graham, 
da. of Walter Crum, Esq., of Thomliebank, Renfrew ; is a cotton-spinner, 
A Conservative ; sat for Manchester Oct. 4th, 1883, to Nov. 1885, having been 
defeated there in March 1880; has sat for N.W. Div. of Manchester since 
Nov. 26th, 1885. 

Residences— "^or^xyrf Booths Hall, Knutsford, Cheshire ; Coodham, Ajrrshire. 

E. S. HOWARD (Gloucestershire, Southern, or Thombnry, Division). 

1^ ^ Edward Stafford Howard, 2nd son of the 

yif§^ late Henry Howard, Esq., M. P. for Steyning, of Grey- 

^j fe^i^ stoke, Cumberland, by Charlotte Caroline Georgiana, 

da. of the late Henry Lawes Long, Esq., of Hampton 
Lodge, Surrey; b. 1851 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb.: 
m. 1876, Lady Rachel Anne Georgiana Campbell, da. 
of 2nd Earl of Cawdor; Bar. Inner Temple 1875; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. of Gloucestershire. A Liberal', sat 
for E. Cumberiand April 26th, 1876, to Nov. 1885 ; 
has sat for S., or Thombury, Div. of Gloucestershire 
since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

5"^«/— Thombury Castle, Gloucestershire. Town Residence — 
22, Half Moon Street, W. C/iaJ— Travellers'. 


H. C. HOWARD (Ciunberland, Mid., or Penritli, Divlsioii). 

Henry Charles Howard, el. son of the late 
Henry Howard, Esq., M.P., of Greystoke Castle, 
Penrith, by Charlotte Caroline Georgiana, da. of the 
late Henry Lawes Long, Esq., of Hampton Lodge, 
Surrey; b. 1850; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. : m. 1878, Lady Mabel Harriet McDonnell, da. 
of 4th Earl of Antrim ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for cos. 
Cumberland and Westmoreland (High Sheriff 1879). 
A Liberal ; has sat for Mid, or Penrith, Div. of Cumber- 
land since Dec 2nd, 1885. 

Residence — Greystoke Castle, Penrith. 

J. HOWARD (Middlesex, Tottenliam Division). 
Joseph Howard, son of the late John Eliot Howard, Esq., 

F.R.S., of Tottenham; b. May 9th, 1834; B.A. London Univ. 1853: m, 
1859, Ellen, da. of Henry Waterhouse, Esq., of Highfield, Didsbury ; Far. 
Lincoln's Inn 1856; is a J. P. for Middlesex and a D.L. for City of London, 
and now engaged in the Iron Trade. A Conservative ; has sat for Tottenham 
Div. of Middlesex since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Th^ Green, Tottenham. Town Address— ijo. Cannon Street, E.C. 

(J.) M. HOWARD (CamberweU, Dnlwich Division). 

(John) Morgan Howard, Q.C.^ son of the late John J. Howard, 
Esq., of Swansea ; b. Nov. 1837 : m. 1857, Anne, da. of the late George 
Bowes, Esq., of Homerton, Middlesex ; Bar. Middle Temple 1858, a Q.C. 
June 1874, and a Bencher Nov. 1877 ; goes the S- E. Circuit ; was H.M.'s Chief 
Commr. of Norwich Royal Commn. 1875 ; is a J. P. for Middlesex, West- 
minster, and Guildford, and a member of the Council of Legal Education 
of the Inns of Court ; has been Recorder of Guildford since March 1875 ; an 
Editor of the " New Reports" 1862 to 1865. A Conservative; unsuccessfully 
contested Lambeth 1868, 1874, and 1880; has sat for Camberwell, Dulwich 
Division, since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

ResideTue — 22, Gloucester Street, Warwick Square. S.^V. Chmmbers — 6, Pump Court, 
Temple, E.C C/«35— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Constitutional. 

O. HOWELL (Bethnal-Green, Nortli East Division). 
George Howell, son of Mr. Howell, builder and contractor ; 

b. 1833 ; was Sec. to London Trades Council on its first formation, and to 
Parliamentary Committee of Trades Union Congress. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
fully contested Aylesbury 1868 and 1874, and Stafford 1881 ; has sat for N.E. 
Div. of Bethnal Green since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Hampden House, Ellingbam Road, Shepherd's Bush, W. 

L HOTLE (Lancaaliire, South Eastern Part, Haywood Division). 

Isaac HoYLE, son of the late Mr. Joshua Hoyle, of Bacup, by 
Elizabeth, da. of Mr. James Bentley, of Bacup ; b. 1828; ed, at Crosby House 
School, Frodsham : m. ist, 1854, Elizabeth, who d. 1870, da. of Mr. James 
Smallpage, of Burnley; 2ndly, 1872, Mary Hamer, da. of Mr. John Robinson 
Kay, of Bury; is a J. P. for City of Manchester, a Director of Manchester 
Chamber of Commerce, a Governing Director of Joshua Hoyle & Sons, 
Limited, and a Director of the Wesleyan-Methodist Newspaper Co., Limited. 
A Liberal; has sat for Hey wood Div. of S.E. part of Lancashire since Dec. 

Residence — The How, Prestwich. Clubs — National Liberal ; Clarendon and Reform 


RIGHT HON. J. O. HUBBARD (City of London). 

John Gellibrand Hubbard, P.C, son of the late 
John Hubbard, Esq., of Stratford Grove, Essex, by Marian, 
da. of the late John Morgan, Esq., of Bramficld Place, 
Herts ; b. 1805 : m. 1837, the Hon. Maria Margaret, el. 
da. of 8th Baron Napier ; is a D.L. for Bucks, a D.L, for 
London, a Director of the Bank of England and of the 
^ ^ Guardian Fire and Life Assu. Co., and a merchant in 
^^'' London ; was Chm. of Public Works Loan Commn. 1853- 
75 ; a P.C. 1874. A Conservative \ sat for Buckingham 
May 1859 to Nov. 1868, when he was defeated ; has sat 
for city of London since Feb. 5th, 1874. 

.Jm/— Addington Manor, Winslow, Bucks. Tcwn ReiitUnce — 24, Prince's Gate, S.W. 
Clvbs—QaxXxiaa., Athenaeum, City Carlton. 

E. HUGHES (Woolwldi). 

Edwin Hughes, son of William Hughes, Esq., of Woolwich, 
by Elizabeth, da. of Richard Gibbs, Esq^; b. May 27th, 1832; ed. at Bir- 
mingham Gram. School : m. ist, 1853, Eleanor, who d. 1872, da. of John 
Smith, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1873, Mary Ann, widow of James Moore, Esq. ; admitted 
a Solicitor i860; is Lieut.-Col. 1st Vol. Brig. London Div. R.A., a Member 
of London School Board, and of Metropolitan Board of Works, Founder 
and Vice Pres. of Metropolitan Local Govt. (Officers') Asso., Vice Chm. 
Modem Building So., Chm. of Suburban Property Co., Limited, and Solicitor 
to Local Board of Health ; formerly Conservative Election Agent for City of 
London and Borough of Greenwich. A Conservative ) has sat for Woolwich 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residrnces — Oaklands, Plumstead Common ; 38, Green's End, Woolwich. Chambtrt 
— 2, Gresham Buildings, E.C. Clubs — City Carlton, Constitutional, West Kent Carlton. 


H. T. KNATCHBULL HUGESSEN (Kent. North Eastern, or Faveisliain, Diylslon). 
Herbert Thomas Knatchbull-Hugessen, 
son of the late Rt. Hon. Sir E. Knatchbull, 9th 
bart., M.P. for Kent 1819-30, and for E. Kent 1832-45, 
by his 2nd wife, Fanny Catherine, el. da. of the late 
Edward Knight, Esq., of Godmersham Park, Kent, and 
Chawton House, Hants ; b. 1835 ; ed. at Eton and at 
Trin. Coll. , Oxford. A Conservative ; has sat for N. E. , 
or Faversham, Div. of Kent since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

Residences — Lynstead, near Sittingboume ; 2, Cleveland Row, 
St. James's, S.W. C/»^x— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Constitutional. 

F. S. HUNT (Marylebone, West Division). 
Frederick Seager Hunt, el. son of James Hunt, Esq., of 54, 
Cromwell Road, S.W., by Eliza, da. of J. Lys Seager, Esq. ; b. April 27th, 
1838: m. 1867, Alice Harriet, da. of the late Alfred Hunt, Esq. ; is proprietor 
of the business of Messrs. Seager, Evans, & Co., Distillers and Wine Mer- 
chants, of London. A Conservative-, unsuccessfully contested Marylebone 
1880 ; has sat for W. Div. of Marylebone since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— Ti Cromwell Road, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Union, Conservative, Constitu- 

SIR W. GUYER HUNTER (Hackney, Central Division). 
(William) Guyer Hunter, K.C.M.G., M.D., son of the late 
Thomas Hunter, Esq., of Catherick, York, and Norwood, Surrey; b. 1830; 
ed. at King's Coll., London, at Aberdeen Univ., and at Charing Cross 


Hospital (M.R.C.S. Eng. 1849, F.R.C.S. Edin. 1858, M.D. Aberdeen, and 
F.R.C.P. London 1867): vi. ist, 1856, a da. of the late Rev. Christopher 
Packe, V. of Ruislip ; 2ndly, 187 1, a da. of Joseph Stainburn, Esq. ; entered 
Indian Med. Ser. 1850, and retired as Surg. -Gen. 1880; served in Burmese 
War 1853 (medal with clasp), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign; was sometime 
Principal and Professor of Medicine in Grant Medical Coll., Bombay, Senior 
Physician to Jamsetji Jijebhoy Hospital, Bombay, Vice-Chancellor of Bombay 
Univ. ; employed by Govt, on a Special Mission to Egypt during Cholera 
Epidemic 1883, and British Delegate to Sanitary Conference at Rome 1885 ; 
has repeatedly received the thanks of Govt. ; is an Hon. Surg, to H.M., 
Consulting Physician to Charing Cross Hospital, and Hon. Comdt. Medical 
Vol. Staff Corps; K.C.M.G. 1884. A Conservative ; has sat for Central Div. 
of Hackney since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— 2.1, Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, W. Clubs — East India, United Service. 

W. A. HUNTER (Aberdeen Borougli, North Division). 

William Alexander Hunter, son of James Hunter, Esq., 
Granite Merchant, of Aberdeen ; b. 1844; ed. at the Gram. School and Aber- 
deen Univ. (M.A. 1864, with highest honors in Philosophy and Natural 
Science) ; Bar. Middle Temple 1867 ; was Inns of Court' Jurisprudence Tutor 
1873, 3.nd Professor of Roman Law Univ. Coll., London, 1870, and Examiner in 
Jurisprudence London Univ. 1879-84. K Liberal', has sat for N. Div. of Aber- 
deen Borough since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— YoMDXaxa Court, Temple, E.G. 

J. F. HUTTON (Manchester, North Division). 
James Frederick Hutton, son of the late William M. Hutton, 

of London ; b. 1826 ; ed. at King's Coll., London : m. 1855, Catherine, da. of 
J. Roger Jones, Esq., of Pen-y-Pylle, Flintshire ; is a J. P. for Lancashire, a 
Merchant and Manufacturer, Belgian Consul for Manchester, Pres. of Man- 
chester Chamber of Commerce, Vice Pres. of Geographical So. of Manchester, 
Director of National African Co., London, and of African Mills Co., and 
a Member of International Asso. of the Congo. A Conservative ; has sat for 
N. Div. of Manchester since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— VicKorvi. Park, Manchester. C/«^,r— Carlton ; Union (Manchester). 

SIR HENRY J SELWIN-IBBETSON, Baxt. (Essex. West, or Epping, Division). 

Henry John Selwin-Ibbetson, only son of 

Sir John Thomas Selwin, 6th bart., by Isabella, da. of 

the late Gen. John Leveson-Gower, of Hill House, 

Berks; b, Sept. 26th, 1826; ed. at St. John's Coll., 

Camb. (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852) : m. 1st, 1850, the 

Hon. Sarah Elizabeth, who d. 1865, el. da. of 1st 

Baron Lyndhurst {ext.') ; 2ndly, 1867, Eden, da. of 

J. G. Thackrah, Esq., and widow of Percival Perkins, 

Esq., and of Sir Charles Ibbetson, 5th bart. ; is a D.L. 

and a J. P. of Essex, and a Chm. of Quarter Sessions 

for that CO. ; was Under Sec. of State for Home Depart. 

Feb. 1874 to April 1878, and Financial Sec. to Treasury 

April 1878 to April 1880; resumed the family surname 

Liber et Moriar. of Ibbetson on his 2nd marriage ; s. his father as 7th 

bart. 1869; has been 2nd Church Estates Commr. since 

July 1885. A Conservative; unsuccessfully contested Ipswich in 1857 and 

1859; sat for S. Essex July 1865 to Nov. 1868, and for W. Essex Nov. 1868 

•to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for W., or Epping, Div. of Essex since Dec. 1885, 

Seat—Tio^n Hall, Harlow, Essex. T<mm Residence— 16, James Street, Buckingham 
Sate, S.W. C/«^j— Carlton, Travellers'. 



A. nUNGWOBTH (Bradford. Weit DlYlilos). 

Alfred Illingworth, el. son of Daniel Illing- 
worth, Esq., of Bradford, by Elizabeth his wife; b. Sept. 
25th, 1827; ed. at Iluddersfield Coll. : w. 1866, Margaret, 
da. of Isaac Holden, Esq., M.P., of Oak worth House, 
Keighley; is a Director of the Bradford District Bank, and 
a partner in firm of D. Illingworth & Sons, spinners, of 
Bradford. A Liberal \ sat for Knaresborough Nov. 1868 to 
Feb. 1874, and for Bradford April 1st, 1880, to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for W. Div. of Bradford. 

^■/•a/— Daisy Bank, Bradford. Yorkshire. 
National Liberal. 

C/k^i— Reform, 

H. B. INCE (iBllngton, East Division). 

Henry Bret Ince, Q.C.^ son of Ekiward 
Bret Ince, Esq., of 42, Albion Road, Hampstead, 
N.W., formerly publisher of the *' Law Journal," and 
of the "Law Journal (Law) Reports," by Anna, da. of 
the late John Finney, Esq., of Edinburgh; b. 1830; 
ed. at London Univ. : m. 1862, Annie Jane Grace, 
da. of the late Charles James Muggeridge, Esq., hop 
merchant, of the Borough, and of Bursted Lodge, 
Twickenham ; Bar. Inner Temple and Lincoln's Inn 
1855, and a Q.C. 1875; author of a "Treatise on 
Trustee Acts"; is a member of Statistical and Geo- 
graphical Sos. A Liberal', sat for Hastings June 29th, 
1883, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat (w E. Div. 
of Islington. 

Rtsidena* — 98, Cromwell Road, S. Kensington, S.W. ; lop, Marina, St. Leonard's-on. 
Sea. Ckambert-' 30, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C C/atm^— Reform, National Liberal. 

W. J. INGRAM (Boston). 
William James Ingram, el. surviving son of 
the late Herbert Ingram, Esq., M. P., founder of "The 
Illustrated London News," by Anne, dn. of William 
Little, Esq., of Peterborough ; b. 1847 ; ed at Winchester, 
and at Trinity Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1871) : m. 1874, Mary 
Eliza Collingwood, el. da. of the late E. Stirling, Esq., 
of 34, Queen's Gardens, Hyde Park, and of Adelaide, 
S. Australia; Bar. Inner Temple 1873; is a J. P. for 
Surrey and Cinque Ports. A Liberal', sat for Boston 
Feb. 1874 to July 1880, when he was unseated ; re- 
elected Nov. 1885. 

Town Address— 6^, Cromwell Road, S.W. .S"<ra/'j— Mount 
Felix, Walton - on - 1 hames ; Swineshead Abbey. Lincolnshire. 
Clubs— Ht^tf University, Reform. 

L. H. ISAACS (Newlngton, Walworth Division). 
Lewis Henry Isaacs, son of Isaac Isaacs, Esq., of Devonshire 
Square, E.C., by the el. da. of the late Lewis Henry, Esq., merchant, of Liver- 
pool ; b. Jan. 3rd, 1830 ; ed. at Roy. Gram. Sch., Lancaster, and at Univ. 
Coll. Sch., London ; is an Architect, Surveyor to Board of Works (Holborn 
District) and to the Hon. So. of Gray's Inn, a Director of Metropolitan District 
Railway, and Dep. Chm. of Westcombe Park Estate Co. (Limited) ; formerly 
Major 22nd Rifle Vol. ; author of '* A Treatise on Sewerage and Drainage, 
A Conservative ; elected for Walworth Div. of Newington Nov. 27th, 1885. 
Residence— 2, Pembridge Square, Bayswater, W. C/«^J— Whitehall Constitutional. 



W. JACKS (Leith District). 
William Jacks; b. i8 — ; ed at Swinton Village School; served 

his apprenticeship in the ship-building yard of Messrs. Pile & Co., W. 
Hartlepool, then became Manager of Works in Sunderland, in 1870 went to 
Glasgow in connection with a foreign merchant, and afterwards established 
himself as a merchant in Glasgow. A Liberal ; has sat for Leith District since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Egremont, Helensburgh, N.B. 

W. L. JACKSON (Leeds, North Division). 
William Lawies Jackson, son of the late Mr. 

William Jackson, of Leeds ; b, 1840 ; ed. at a private 
school : m. 186O) Grace, da. of Mr. George Tempest ; 
is a J. P. for Leeds, a Director of the Great Northern 
Railway, and of the Leeds Exchange, and in business 
as a tanner and leather merchant ; was Financial Sec. 
to Treasury in Jan. i886^ A Conservative ; sat for 
Leeds April 1880 to Nov. 1885, having been defeated 
in Aug. 1876; has sat for N. Div. of Leeds since Nov. 
25th, 1885. 

Residence— Chaipei Allerton, near Leeds. C/uis— Carlton, 
St. Stephen's. 

J. A. JACOBY (Derbyshire, Mid Division). 

James Alfred Jacobv, son of the late Moritz Jacoby, Esq., of 
The Park, Nottingham ; b. 1852 ; ed. privately : m. 1883, Miss F. Leipmann, 
of Glasgow ; is a partner in the firm of M. Jacoby & Co., Lace Manufacturers, 
of Nottingham ; has been a Member of the Town Council of Nottingham since 
1876 (Sheriff 1877-8); is Pres. of the Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, 
Chm. of the Technical Schools Committee, and Notts Liberal Club, Vice- 
Chm. of Castle Museum Committee, and a Member of Statistical So. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Mid Div. of Derbyshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Normanton House, Normanton-on-the- Wolds, Notts. 

C. H. JAMES (Merthyr Tydfil). 

Charles Herbert James; b. 1817; admitled a solicitor 1838, 
and practised forty years at Merthyr Tydfil. A Liberal ; has sat for Merthyr 
Tydfil since April 1880. 

Reside?tce — Brynteg, Merthyr Tydfil. 


Henry James, F.C, K.B.y Q.C, youngest son 
of the late Philip Turner James, Esq., surgeon, of Here- 
ford, by Frances Gertrude, da. of John Bodenham, of 
The Grove, Presteign ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., 
of the Council of which he is a member ; entered Middle 
Temple 1849, and in 1850 and 1851 was Lecturer's 
Prizeman : Bar. Middle Temple Jan. 1852, a Q.C. 
1869, and a Bencher Feb. 1870; was "postman" to 
Court of Exchequer 1867 to June 1869, Solicitor-Gen. 
Sept. to i\ov. 1873, and Attorney-Gen. Nov. 1873 to Feb. 1874, and April 
1880 to June 1885 ; K.B. 1873, P.C. 1885. A Liberal; unsuccessfully con- 
tested Taunton Nov. 1868, but on a scrutiny in March 1869, he was declared 
elected, and retained his seat, until Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Bury. 
Residetice—2^, Wilton Place. S.W. Chambers - 1. New Court. Temple, E.G. Clubs 
—Brooks's, Reform, Devonshire, St. James's, National Liberal, Garrick. 



Ainu a Jamais. 

HON. WALTER H. JAMES (Oateshead). 

Walter Henry James, only son of ist Baron 
Northbourne, by Sarah Caroline, da. of Cuthbert Ellison* 
Esq., of Hebburn Hall, Durham; b. March 25th, 1846; 
ed. at St. Peter's Coll., Radley, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. in honors in Law and History, 1868): 
m. 1868, Eldith Emeline Mary, da. of Mr. and the Hon. 
Mrs. Newton Lane; is a D.L. and a J. P. for Kent. 
A Liberal', has sat for Gateshead since Feb. 3rd, 1874. 

^■^'a/— Updown, near Sandwich. Town Residrnce—d, White- 
hall Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Travellers', Reform, National Liberal. 

SIB ROBERT JARDINE, Bart (Dmntriesshlre). 

Robert Jardine, youngest son of the late 
David Jardine, Esq., of Muir House, Lockerbie, co. 
Dumfries, by Rachel, 5th da. of the late David Johnstone, 
Esq., of Linns, co. Dumfries ; b. May 1826 • ed. at Edin- 
burgh : m. 1867, Margaret Seton, who d. March 1868, da. 
of John Buchanan Hamilton, Esq., of Leny and Bardowie, 
N.B. ; is a D.L. for Dumfriesshire, head of the firm of 
Jardine, Matheson, & Co.. merchants in China, and a 
F.R.G.S. ; cr. a Baronet July 1885. A Liberal; sat for 
Ashburton July 1865 ^o Nov. 1868, and for Dumfries 
Burghs 1868-74 ; has sat for Dumfriesshire since April 3rd, 
1880, having in Feb. 1874 been an unsuccessful candidate therefor. 

5m/— Castle Milk, Lockerbie, N.B. Town Retidcnce—^^, St. James's Place, S.W. 
C/«A*— Brooks's, Reform. City Liberal 

J. JENKIKS (Penryn and Falmoath). 

David James Jenkins, 3rd son of the late 

Mr. John Jenkins, of Haverfordwest, by Mary, da. of 
the late Mr. John Evans, of the same place ; b. 1824 ; 
ed. at Teignmouth Grammar Sch. . m. 1st, 185 1, 
Bessie, who d. 1875, da. of the Rev. John Howe, of 
Cork ; 2ndly, 1877, Alice, da. of G. Nash, Esq., of 
Malvern Wells ; served some years in mercantile 
marine, and in 1 854-5 commanded a troop steamship 
in the Baltic ; is a merchant and shipoA^mer, a partner 
in metropolitan firm of Jenkins & Co., and Hon. 
Lieut. R.N. Artillery Vol. A Liberal \ has sat for 
Penryn and Falmouth since Feb. 1874. 

Residence— \xx, Highbury New Park, N. Offices— "^Mw- 
tington Avenue, E.C. C/w— Reform. 

SIR JOHN J. JENKINS (Carmarthen District). 

John Jones Jenkins, son of the late Jenkin 
Jenkins, Esq., of Morriston, Glamorganshire; b. 1835: 
m. I St, 1854, Margaret, who d. 1863. da, of the late 
Josiah Rees, Esq., of Morriston ; 2ndly, 1864. Katherine, 
younjjest da. of the late Edward Daniel, Esq.. C.E., of 
Morriston; is a J. P. and D.L. for Glamorganshire, and 
a J. P. for Swansea, of which borough he was Mayor 
1869-70, 1879-80, and 1880-81 ; received knighthood 
1882. A Liberal; has sat for Carmarthen District 
since Jan. 4th, 1882, having been defeated there in 
March 1880. 

Residence — The Grange, Swansea. Clubs — Reform, 

National Liberal. 



L. J. JENNINGS (Stockport). 
Louis John Jennings; b: 1837: m. 1867, Madeline Louise, 

da. of David M. Henriques, Esq. ; author of " Eighty Years of Republican 
Government in the United States," "Field Paths," "Rambles Among the 
Hills," etc. A Conservative) has sat for Stockport since Nov. 1885. 
Residence— \cy, Connaught Place, W. 

J. W. JOHNS (Warwickshire, North Eastern, or Nuneaton, Division). 

Jasper Wilson Johns, son of the late Thomas 

Evans Johns, Esq., of Cardiganshire, by Elizabeth 
Tudor, da. of J. Avis, Esq., of Suffolk; b. 1824: m, 
1855, Emily Theresa, da. of the late Dr. James Bird, 
of London; practised as a Civil Engineer until 1854, 
when he became connected with the late firm of Wil- 
liam Bird & Co., Iron Merchants, of London ; took an 
active part in promoting Railways through Wales, and 
was for many years Chm. or Dep. Chm. of many of 
them until they became vested in the L. & N. W. 
Railway systems, was one of the earliest Vol. officers 
as Capt. Comdt. 3rd Montgomery Rifle Vol. ; is a 
J. P. for cos. Merioneth and Montgomery, and a D.L. 
for CO. Merioneth. A Liberal) unsuccessfully contested Northallerton July 
1865, and Nov. 1868 (when he was defeated by 14 votes) ; has sat for N.E., 
or Nuneaton, Div. of Warwickshire. 

Residence— 16, Grenville Place, Cromwell Road, S.W. C/k^— Reform. 

J. E. JOHNSON FERGUSON [See Ferguson]. 

W. JOHNSTON (Belfast, North Division). 

William Johnston, el. son of the late John 

Brett Johnston, Esq., of Ballykilbeg, co. Down, by 
Thomasina Anne Brunette, da. of the late Thomas 
Scott, Esq.; b. Feb. 22nd, 1829; ed. at Trin. Coll., 
Dublin (B.A. 1852, M.A. 1856) : m. ist, 1853, Harriet, 
da. of Robert Allen, Esq., of Kilkenny; 2ndly, 1861, 
Arminella Frances, da. of the Rev. Thomas Drew, 
D.D. ; 3rdly, 1863, Georgiana Barbara, da. of Sir John 
Hay, 7th bart. ; Bar. King's Inns Dublin 1872 ; was 
Inspector of Fisheries in Ireland 1878-85 ; author of 
"Nightshade," " Freshfield," " Under which King?" 
"The Lotus Flower," etc. A ''Protestant Constitu- 
tionalist ) ■' unsuccessfully contested Downpatrick 1857 ; sat for Belfast Nov. 
1868 to 1878; has sat for S. Div. of Belfast since Nov. 1885. 
Seat — Ballykilbeg, co. Down. 

J. JOICET (Durliam Co., Chester-le-Street Division). 

James Joicey, son of George Joicey, Esq., of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, by — , da. of Jacob Yowland, Esq., 
of Wrekenton, co. Durham, and a nephew of the late 
Col. John Joicey, M.P. for N. Durham ; b. 1846 ; ed. at 
Gainford School, co. Durham : m. ist, 1879, Amy, who 
d. 1881, da. of Joseph Robinson, Esq., J. P., of North 
Shields; 2ndly, 1884, Margaret Smyles, da. of the late 
Col. Drever, H.E.I.C.S. ; is a J. P. for co. Durham and 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, and a large coal owner. A Liberal ; 
has sat for Chester-le-Street Div. of Durham co. since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Dissington Hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Cluis — 
Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal. 



F. JONEB (Montgomoy District). 

Pryce Jones, son of the late William Jones, 
Esq., Solicitor, Newtown, N. Wales ; b. 1834 : m. 1859, 
Ellen, da. of the late E. R. Morris, Esq., of Newtown, 
N. Wales; is a Manufacturer and Merchant, Director of 
the Severn Valley and Powysland Flannel and Tweed 
Co., Limited, and of the New Van Consols Mining Co., 
Limited ; has taken first prize and diplomas for Welsh 
productions at all International Exhibitions since 1861. 
A Conservatvve ', has sat for Montgomery Dist- since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residtnce9—\io\vni, Newtown. N. Wal«w ; 6^, Upper Berkeley 
Street, Portman Square, W. C/««^— St. Stephen's. 

L. A. ATHERLET-JONES (Dtirham Co.. North Western Division). 

Llewellyn Arthur Atherley-Jones, son of the late Ernest 
Jones, Esq., Bar.-at-law, a prominent Chartist, of Broughton, Manchester ; h. 
1849 ; ed. at Brasenose Coll., Oxford (B.A, 18—) : m. 18 — , a da. of the late 
— Lambert. Esq., of Durham; Bar. Inner Temple 1875. A Liberal', has sat 
for N.W. Div. of Durham co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — ^4, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C 

T. D. L. JONES-PARRT [See Parry] 

J. JORDAN (Claxe Co., West Clare Division). 

Jeremiah Jordan, son of a small farmer of co. Fermanagh ; 
b. 18 — ; is a Tenant Farmer, a General Trader, and a Member of National 
League ; has been twice Chm. of Enniskillen Town Commrs. A Home Ruler ; 
has sat for W. Clare Div. of Clare co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— 'ExamVJWt.n. 

H. SETON-KARR [See Seton].' 
em U. J. KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH [See Shuttleworth]. 

B. KELL7 [Donegal Co., Sonth Donegal Division). 

Bernard Kelly, son of Mr. Peter Kelly, grocer, of Bally- 
shannon ; b. 18 — ; is an assistant in his father's shop, and Local Sec. of the 
National League. A Home Ruler; has sat for S. Donegal Div. of Donegal co. 
since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Ballyshannon. 

Sm JOHN HENRY KENNAWAY, Bart (Devonshire, Honiton Division). 
^j|A|. John Henry Kennaway, el. son of Sir John 

^WB|^ Kennaway, 2nd bart., who d. 1873, by Emily Frances, 

-x^tr^ da. of Thomas Kingscote, Esq., of Kingscote, Glou- 

cester ; b. June 6th, 1837 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class Law and History i860, 
M.A. 1862) : m. 1866, Frances, el. da. of Archbald F., 
and the Hon. Mrs. Arbuthnot ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1864 ; is Major 3rd Vol. Batn. Devonshire Regt., and 
a J. P. for Devon. A Conservative ; sat for E. Devon- 
shire April 1870 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat 
for Honiton Div. of Devonshire. 

Country Address — Escot, Ottery St. Mary, Devon. Ttmm 
Residence — !^, Hyde Park Square, W. C/«<^* — Carlton, 



C. S. KENNY (Yorkslilre, West Riding, Southern Part, Bamsley Division). 
Courtney Stanhope Kenny, son of William Fenton Kenny, 
Esq., J. P. of Halifax and Ripon, by Agnes, da. of John Rhodes Ralph, Esq., J. P. 
of Halifax; b. 1847; ed. at Heath Gram. School, and Downing Coll., Camb. 
(LL.M. and Fellow of his Coll. 1875) : tn. 1876, Emily Gertrude, da. of 
William Wood Wiseman, Esq., M.R.C.S., of Ossett, Yorks; admitted a 
Solicitor 1869; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1881 ; is Law Lecturer Trin. Coll., Camb. ; 
was Examiner in Law Tripos 1881-3 ; author of "The Law of England on the 
Effects of Marriage on Property," " The History of the Law of Primogeniture," 
and " Endowed Charities." A Liberal) has sat for Barnsley Div. of S. part of 
W. Riding of Yorkshire since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — Downing College, Cambridge. 

J. E. KENNY (Cork Co., South Cork Division). 

Joseph Edward Kenny, son of the manager of a lead mine in 
Palmerston. co. Dublin; b. 18—; ed. in Dublin; L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. 
Edin. 1870; is a Fellow of Academy of Medicine in Ireland ; formerly visiting 
surgeon to N. Dublin Union Hospital, Visiting Physician and Medical Officer 
of Health to N. City Dispensary, and Physician to N. Dublin Small-pox 
Hospital ; was arrested as a suspect, and being dismissed by the Local Govt. 
Board, disputed their legal right to dismiss him, and was reinstated, receiving 
a testimonial of ;^i,ooo as an expression of public sympathy. A Honu Ruler \ 
has sat for S. Cork Div. of Cork co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 15, Rutland Square East, Dublin. 

M. J. KENNY (Tyrone Co.. Mid. Division). 
Matthew Joseph Kenny, 3rd son of Michael Kenny, Esq., 

Solicitor, of Freagh Castle, Miltown Malbay, co. Clare, by Bridget, da. of 
William Frost, Esq., of Ballymorris, Cratloe, co. Clare ; b. Feb. ist, 1861 ; 
ed. at Ennis Coll.,. and Queen's Univ., Ireland ; is a Law Student at Gray's 
Inn. In favor of Home Rule ; sat for Ennis Nov. 15th, 1882, to Nov. 1885 ; 
has sat for Mid Div. of co. Tyrone since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— ViWx.O'wxi. Malbay, co. Clare ; Palace Chambers, Westminster, S.W. 

W. KENRICK (Birmingliam, Nortli Division). 

William Kenrick, son of the late Archibald Kenrick, Esq., of 
West Bromwich; b. 1831 ; ed. at Hove, near Brighton; attended lectures at 
Univ. Coll., London, and took Gold Medal in Chemistry : m. 1862, Mary, da. 
of the late Joseph Chamberlain, Esq., and sister to the Rt. Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain, M. P. ; is a Hollow-ware Manufacturer at West Bromwich; 
elected a Town Councillor of Birmingham 1870, and an Alderman 1877 ; was 
Mayor of Birmingham 1878 ; has been since 1882 Chm. of Gen. Committee of 
National Liberation Federation. A Liberal) has sat for N. Div. of Birmingham 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— The Grove, Harbome, Staffordshire. 

HON. GEOEGE T. KENYON (Denbigli District). 

fl | George 'J'homas Kenyon, 2nd son of 3rd 

^^mMLi^ Baron Kenyon, by the Hon. Georgina de Grey, da. of 

jSb3^ « 4th Baron Walsingham ; b. Dec. 28th, 1804 ; ed. at 

Harrow and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1864, M.A. 
1870) : m. 1875, Florence Anna, da, of John Hurleston 
Leche, Esq., of Garden Park, Chester ; formerly Capt. 
N. Shropshire Yeo. Cav. ; Bar. Middle Temple 1869 ; 
is a J.P. and D.L. for Flint and a J. P. for Salop, 
and //./. to his nephew, the 4th Baron Kenyon. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Denbigh District since Nov. 
27th, 1885, having been defeated there in 1874 and 1880. 
Residence— \^axiKtf^^V9xa\», EUesmere. C/«*— Carlton.. 



R. W. B. KEB (Down Co., East Down Dlvlalon). 

Richard William Blackwood Ker, son of the late David Stewart 
Ker, M.P. for co. Down 1852-7 and for Downpatrick 1859-67, by the Hon. 
Anna Dorothea Blackwood, 6th da. of 3rd Baron Dufferin ; b. 1850: m. 
18 — , Edith Louisa, da. of W. A. Rose, Esq., of Walston Heath, Rugby ; was 
formerly Lieut. 1st Royal Dragoons; is a J. P. for co. Down (fligh Sheriff 
1880). A Conservative ; sat for co. Down Nov. 27th, 1884, to Nov. 1885, 
since when he has sat for E. Down Div. of co. Down. 

Residences — Monhalto, Ballynahinch, co. Down ; Portabo, Donaghadee, co. Down. 

VISCOUNT KILCOURSIE (Somersetfllilre, Southern Division). 

Frederick Edward Gould Lambart 
(^Viscount KiL-ourste')y son of 8th Earl of 
Cavan, by the Hon. Caroline Augusta, da, 
of 1st Baron Hatherton; b. Oct. 21st, 1839: 
m. 1863, Mary Sneade, only child of the late 
Rev. John Olive, R. of Ayott St. Lawrence, 
Herts; formerly Lieut. R.N.; served through- 
out siege of Sebastopol 1858, at bombard- 
ment of Canton 1856, and with "forlorn 
hope" at attack on Peiho Forts 1858; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. for Somerset, and a J. P. 

for Herts. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Taunton Feb. 1882 and W. 

Somerset Feb. 1884; has sat for S. Div. of Somersetshire since Dec. 188$. 


-Wheathampstead, Herts; Traigh House, Arisav. Fort William, N.B. 
-2, Cleveland Row, S.W, C/#//J*— Travellers', Boodle's. 


H. KIMBER (WandswortbX 
Henry Kimber, son of Joseph Kimber, Esq., 
of Canonbury ; b. July 13th, 1834: m. Sept. 4th. i860, 
Mary Adelaide, da. of the late Gen. Charles Dixon, 
R.E., of Rectory Grove, Clapham, S.W. ; admitted a 
Solicitor 1858 (ist prize of Incorporated Law So., and 
2nd in Law at Univ. Coll.) ; founder of the legal firm 
of Kimber, Elliott, & Co. ; is a Commr. of Supreme 
Courts of all the Australian Colonies and some of the 
States of U.S.A., a Director of S. Indian Railway, and 
Chm. of Natal Land and Colonization Co., and of 
Political Committee of City Carlton Club. A ''Pro- 
gressive Consemative ; " has sat for Wandsworth since 
Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence -Lansdowne Lodge. West Hill, Putney Heath, S.W. Offices— ^^, Lombard 
Street, E.C C/«*— City Caxlton. 

H. S. KINO (Hall. Central Division). 

Henry Seymour King, son of the late Henry 
Samuel King, Esq., J. P., of Manor House, Chigwell, 
Essex ; b. Tan. 4lh, 1852 ; ed. at Charterhouse and 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (M.A. 1880) : m. 1875, Julia 
Mary, da. of Rev, John Jenkins, D.D., of Montreal ; 
is a D.L. for City of London, Head of the Firm of 
Henry S. King & Co., Bankers, of London, Bombay, 
and Calcutta, a Director of American Freehold Land 
Mortgage Co., London (Limited), and Chm. of Land 
Mortgage Investment and Agency Co., of America 
(Limited). A Conservative; has sat for Central Div. 
of Hull since Nov. 1885. 

Residettce—ii, Comw'all Gardens, South Kensineton, S.W. 
Clubs — St. Stephen's, Garrick, Conservative, City Carlton, 
Savile, Alpine. 

^GHT HON. £. B. EINQ-HABMAN [See Harman]. 



J. BOYD-KINNEAR (Fifesliire, Eastern Division). 

John BoYD-KiNNEAR, son of the late 
Charles Kinnear, Esq., of Kinloch, by Christian, da. 
of John Boyd Greenshields, Esq., advocate, of Drum, 
CO. Dumbarton ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Edinburgh and St. 
Andrew's Universities : m. ist, 1852, Sarah Harriet, 
who d. 1866, da. of the late George Frith, Esq., of 
Worksop, Notts ; 2ndly, 1868, Teresa, da. of the late 
Clemente Bassano, of Venice ; Advocate Scotland 
1850, and Bar. Inner Temple 1855 ; is a J. P. for 
CO. Fife; was political Sec. to Lord Advocate of 
Scotland 1852-6; Author of "Practical Treatise on 
Law of Bankruptcy in Scotland," and "Digest of 
House of Lords Cases Decided on Appeal from Scot- 
land 1709— 1864." A Radical', has sat for E. Div. 
of Fifeshire since Dec. 1885. 
Residences — Kinloch House, Ladybank, Fifeshire ; Courtil Rozel, Guernsey. Chambers 
— 9, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

A. G. KITCHING (Essex, Eastern, or Maldon, Division). 
Albert George Kitching, son of George Kitching, Esq., M.D., 
of Enfield, Middlesex, by Mary Ann, da. of John Betts, Esq. ; b. Dec. 28th, 
1840; ed. privately : m. 1864, Honoria Lydia, da. of George Boyle Woolley, 
Esq.; is a Member of London Stock Exchange, a J. P. for Middlesex, and 
Gov. of Enfield Gram. School. K Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Malmes- 
bury 1880; has sat for E., or Maldon, Div. of Essex since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Florence House, Enfield, Middlesex. Clubs — National Liberal, City 



SIR RAINALD KNIGHTLEY, BART. (NorthamptonsMre, Southern Division). 

Rainald Knightley, only son 
of the late Sir Charles Knightley, 2nd 
Bart., M.P. for S. Northamptonshire 
1834-52, who d. 1864, by Selina Mary, 
el. da. of Felton Lionel Hervey, Esq., 
of Englefield Green, Surrey; b. 1819; 
ed. at Eton : m. Oct. 1869, Louisa 
Mary, da. of the late Gen. Sir Edward 
Bowater; is a D.L. and a J. P. for co. 
Northampton. A Consen>ative ; sat for 
South Northamptonshire 1852 to Nov. 
1885; has sat for Southern Div. of 
Northamptonshire since Dec. 1885. 

^Vrt^— Fawsley Park, Daventry, Northamptonshire. C/w^f— Carlton, White's, Turf, 

H. LABOUCHERE (Northampton). 

Henry Labouchere, el. son of the late 
John Labouchere, Esq., of Broome Hall, Surrey, by 
Mary, da. of the late James Du Pre, Esq., of Wilton 
Park, Beaconsfield ; b. 1831 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1868, 
Harriet, da. of William Hodson, Esq. ; entered Diplo. 
Ser. 1854, became a 3rd Sec. 1862, and a 2nd Sec. 
1863, and retired 1864: is editor and proprietor of 
Truth. A Radical ; sat for Windsor July 1865 to 
April 1866, when he was unseated, and for Middlesex 
April 1867 to Nov. 1868 ; unsuccessfully contested 
Nottingham Feb. 1874 ; has sat for Northampton 

since April 18S0. 
Residences— \o, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. ; Pope's Villa, Twickenham. 
Reform, National Liberal, St. James's. 



a a LACATTA (DonctoeX 
/ Charles Carmichael Lacaita, only son of Sir James Philip 
Lacaita, K.C.M.G., by Maria Clavering, da. of Sir Thomas Gibson-Car- 
michael, loth Bart.; b. 1853; ed, at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st Class 
Classics 1875, M.A. 1879) : m. 1885, Mary Annabel, da. of Sir Francis 
Hastings Doyle, 2nd Bart. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1879; was Assist. Private Sec. 
to Earl Granville Jan. to June 1885. A Liberal', has sat for Dundee since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residences — Robarns, Horsley, Lealherhead; xi, Upper Brook Street, W. Clubs— 
Brooks's, New University. 

R. LALOR (Queen'8 Co., Leix DivlfiionX 
Richard Lalor, son of the late Patrick Lalor, Esq., M.P. for 
Queen's co. 1832-5, of Tenakill ; b. 1823 ; ed. privately : m. 1852, Margaret, 
da. of Michael Dunne, Esq., of Mountrath, Queen's co. ; is a civil engineer 
and a tenant farmer. A Home Ruler ; sat for Queen's co. April 1880 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Leix Div. of Queen's co. since Dec. 2nd, 1 085. 

Residence — Tenakill, Mountrath, Qaeen's co. Town Addrtst — 4, Norfolk Street, 

Strand, W.C. 

W. J. LANE (Cork Co., East Cork Division.) 

William John Lane, son of Mr. John Lane, Merchant, of Cork ; 
b. 1849 ; ed. at Vincentian Coll., Cork ; is a Butter Merchant and a member 
of the Town Council of Cork ; originated the National Industrial Exhibition 

1882, and took a leading part in promoting the Cork Industrial Exhibition of 

1883. In favour of Home Rule', has sat for E. Cork Div. of co. Cork since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residttui—'^ox^ Mall, Cork. Town Address — Craven House, Clarendon Street, 

O. W. LATHAM (Cheshire, Crewe Diylsion). 

George William Latham, son of the late John Latham, Esq., 
of Bradwall Hall, Sandbach, by Elizabeth Anne, da. of the late Hon. Sir 
Henry Dampier, a Judge of the King's Bench; b. May 4th, 1827; ed. at 
BrasenoseColl., Oxford (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852) : m. 1856, Elizal>eth Sarah, 
da. of the late Rev. H. Luttman-Johnson, of Binderton House, Sussex ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1852 ; is a J. P. for Cheshire and Borough of Crewe. K Liberal', 
unsuccessfully contested Mid Cheshire 1880; has sat for Crewe Div. of 
Cheshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— %nA^ir^\ Hall, Sandbach, Cheshire. C/«*— National LibcraL 

J. C. LAWRANCE (Lincolnshire, South Eesteven, or Stamford, DiviBion). 

John Compton Lawrance, Q.C.^ only son 
of the late Thomas Munton Lawrance, Esq., of Dunsby 
Hall, Lincolnshire, by Louisa, da, of the late John 
Compton, Esq., of Water Newton, Wansford ; b. 1832: 
OT. 1861, Charlotte Geoi^ina, da. of Major Smart, of 
Tumby Lawn, Boston ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1859, and 
a Q.C. 1877; is a J. P. for Kesteven Div. of Lincoln- 
shire; has been Recorder of Derby since 1879. A 
Conservative-, unsuccessfully contested Peterborough 
1878 ; sat for S. Lincolnshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; 
has sat for S. Kesteven, or Stamford, Div. of Lincoln- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Country Residence — Dunsby Hall, near Bourne, Lincolnshire. 
Town Residence —-i, Onslow Square, S.W. Chambers— i. 

Paper Buildings, Temple, E.C. Clubs — Carlton, St. Stephen's, Junior Carlton. 



SIR J. J. TREVOR LAWRENCE, Baxt. (Surrey, South Eastern, or Reigate, 


Menio et iabore. 

(James John) Trevor Lawrence, son of Sir 
William Lawrence, F.R.S., 2nd bart. (Sergeant-Surgeon 
to the Queen), who d. 1867, by Louisa, youngest da. of 
James Senior, Esq., of Broughton House, Aylesbury; 
b. Dec. 30th, 1831 ; ed. at Winchester: m. 1869, 
Bessie, only child of the late John Matthew, Esq, , of 
Park Lane, and Burford Lodge, Dorking ; was formerly 
a medical officer in Indian Army ; is a J. P. for Surrey. 
A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Gloucester city 
Feb. 1874 ; sat for Mid-Surrey Nov. 1875 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for S.E., or Reigate, Div. of Surrey since 
Dec. 1885. 

^^rt^— Burford Lodge, Dorking. Town Residence — 57, 

Prince's Gate, S. W. C/«^5— Carlton, East India United Service. 

W. F. LAWRENCE (Liverpool, Abercromby Division). 

William Frederic Lawrence, son of the late 
Rev. Charles W. Lawrence, of St. Luke's, Liverpool, 
by Lucia, da, of Sir Samuel Young, ist Baronet ; b. 
1844; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
1867, M.A. 1872); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1871 ; isaJ.P. 
for Wilts. A Conservative; has sat for Abercromby 
Div. of Liverpool since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Cowesfield House, Whileparish, Salisbury. 
— New University. 


H. L. W. LAWSON (St. Pancras, West Division). 

Harry Lawson Webster Lawson, son of 
Edward Levy Lawson, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Hall 
Bam, Bucks, by Harriette Georgiana, da. of the late 
Benjamin Webster, Esq. ; b. Dec. 1862 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (2nd Class Classical Mo- 
derations 1882, 1st Class Final School of Modern 
History, B.A. 1884) : m. 1884, Olive, 2nd da. of Gen. 
Sir Henry Percival de Bathe, 4th Bart. ; is Lieut. 
Royal Bucks Yeo. Cav., a Treasurer of the Free Land 
League, Vice Pres. of Municipal Reform League, and 
a Member of Executive Committee of Municipal 
Federation League. An advanced Liberal; has sat 
for W. Div. of St. Pancras since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— xi, Grosvenor Square, W. ; Orkney Cottage, Taplow, Bucks. Clubs — 

Devonshire, Cobden. 

J. LEAHY (Kildare, South). 

James Leahy, son of the late Mr. Daniel Leahy, of Temple- 
more, CO. Tipperary ; b. 1822 ; ed. privately : ni. 1850, Julia, da. of John 
Mulhall, Esq. ; is a tenant farmer. K Liberal; sat for co. Kildare April 1880 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for S. Div. of Kildare co. 

Residence— yi.02X Lodge, Athy, co. Kildare. 



B. LEAKE (Lanoaalilre, Soath-East Part, BadcUffe com-Farnworth DlTiilon). 
^^^ Robert Leake, el. son of the late Robert 

amHkB Leake, Esq., of Manchester, by Mary, el. da. of the 

wHflr late William Lockett, Esq., of Richmond Hill, Salford; 

^^St^^ ^ b. 1824 : m. 1st, 1859, Mabelle Sarah, who <</. 1863, 
^*" youngest da. of the late Richard Nolan, Esq., of Dublin, 

and Sea View, co. Wicklow ; 2ndly, 1865, Louisa 
Maria, 2nd da. of the late Wright Turner, Esq., of 
Pendleton, Manchester; is a J. P. for Lancashire. A 
Liberal; sat for S. E. Lancashire April 1880 to Nov. 
1885; has sat for Radcliffe-cumFamworth Div. of 
S. E. Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — The Dales, Whitefield, nev Manchester. 
Clubs — Reform, Devonshire, Liberal. 

E. LEAMY (Cork Co., Nortli East Cork Division). 

Edmund Leamy, 2nd son of James Leamy, Esq., Waterford ; b. 
1848; ed. at St. John's Coll., Waterford, and University High School Water- 
ford ; admitted a Solicitor in Ireland 1878, and Bar. of King's Inns Dublin 
1885. A Home Ruler ; sat for Waterford city April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for N.E. Cork Div. of Cork co. 

Residettce—i^, Bercsford Street, Waterford. 

E. A. LEATHAM (HadderafleldX 

Edward Aldam Leatham, youngest son of 
the late William Leatham, Esq., of Heath, Wakefield, 
by Margaret, da. and heiress of the late Joshua Walker, 
Esq., M.D., of Leeds; b. Aug. 2nd, 1828; ed. at 
London Univ. (2nd place at H.A. Examination for 
Classical Honors, 1848, M.A. 1851, Fellow of Univ. 
Coll. 18 — ): m. 1851, Mary Jane, only da. of the late 
John Fowler, Esq., of Elm Grove, Melksham ; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. for W. Riding of York, a J. P. for 
Gloucestershire, and senior partner in banking firm of 
Leatham, Tew, & Co. (W. Riding Bank). A moderate 
Radical; sat for Huddersfield May 1859 tD July 1865, 
when he was defeated ; re-elected March 1868, Nov. 
1868, Feb. 1874, April 3rd, 1880, and Nov. 1885. 
5'<'«/— Misarden Park, near Cirencester. Tcnvn ResicUnce—^t, Eaton Square, S.W. 
C/«^J— Reform, Athenarum, Windham, Devonshire. 

SIB EDMUND A H. LECHMERE, Bart. (Worcestershire, West, or Bewdley, 

Edmund Anthony Harley Lechmere, only 
son of Sir Edmund Hungerford Lechmere, 2nd bart., 
who d. 1856, by Maria Clara, da. of the late Hon. David 
Murray ; b. 1826 ; ed. at Charterhouse, and at Ch, Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852): m. 1858. Louisa 
Katharine, da. and heiress of John Haigh, Esq.. of 
Whitwell Hall, York ; is a D.L and a J. P. for Wor- 
cestershire (High Sheriff 1862), senior partner in 
Worcester Old Bank, Knight Com. of Servian Order 
of the Takova, of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England, of which he is Sec, and Chm. of St. John 
Ambulance Association; formerly Capt. 19th Wor- 
Christuspclkano. cestcrshire Rifle Vol.; has Medjidie 2nd class. A 
Conservative; sat for Tewkesbury 1866-8, and was defeated there 1868 and 
1874; sat for W. Worcestershire July 1876 to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for W., or Bewdley, Div. of Worcestershire. 

Seats — Rhydd Court, and Severn End, Upton-on-Sevem, Worcestershire ; Whitwell 
Hall, Yorkshire. Town Residence— 11, Bolton Row, W. C/«*— Carlton. 



J. LEICESTER (West Ham, South Division). 

Joseph Leicester; b. 1827 ; was for 35 years a glass-blower 
in the employ of Messrs. Powell, of Whitefriars, E.G. ; was sent by So. of 
Arts to Paris Exhibitions of 1867 and 1868 to report upon glass, and has gained 
three first-class prizes for art from that So. ; in 1870 was presented by the Glass 
Blowers' Society of Great Britain and Ireland with ;^ioo in recognition of his 
services to the trade; is a Temperance advocate. A Liberal', has sat for S. 
Div. of West Ham since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— \t The Crescent, Belvidere Road, Lambeth, S.W. 

S. LEIGHTON (SliropsMre, Western, or Oswestry, Division). 

Stanley Leighton, son of Sir Baldwin 
Leighton, 7th bart. , by Mary, da. of Thomas Netherton 
Parker, Esq., of Sweeney Hall, Salop; b. Oct. 13th, 
1837; ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
CM. A. 1861) : m. 1873, Jessie Marie, da. of Henry 
Bertie Watkin Williams-Wynn, Esq., of Nanty-Meiched, 
Montgomery; Bar. Inner Temple Nov. 1861; went 
Oxford Circuit; is a J.P. and D.L. for Shropshire, and 
a J. P. for Montgomeryshire; formerly Capt. 15th Shrop- 
shire Rifle Vol. A Conservative; unsuccessfully con- 
tested Bewdley 1872 ; sat for N. Shropshire Feb. 2nd, 
1876, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for W., or 
Oswestry, Div. of Shropshire. 

Dread shame. 

Residence — Sv:tcncy Hall, Oswestry. C/w3,s —Carlton, 

Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge, Burlington. 

SIR ROPER LETHBRIDGE (Kensington, North Division). 

Roper Leth BRIDGE, C.I.E.y son of the late E. Lethbridge, 
Esq., of Ste. Adresse, France; b, 1840; ed. at Exeter Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. in double honors 1863, M.A. 1866) : m. 1865, Eliza, da. of the late W. 
Finlay, Esq.; entered Inner Temple 1864, Bar. thereof 1880; appointed a 
Professor in Bengal Educational Dept. 1868, and a Fellow of Calcutta Univ. 
and Sec. of Simla Educational Commn. 1877, transferred to Indian Political 
Depart, as Political Agent, ist class, and appointed Press Commr. 1878 ; was 
Editor of "Calcutta Quarterly Review" 1871-8 ; is Hon. Member of the 
Anjuman-i-Punjab, Member of Asiatic So. of Bengal and of Asiatic So., and 
Member of Council of E. Indian Asso. and of National Indian Asso. ; CLE. 
1878, K.B. 1885. A Conservatives has sat for N. Div. of Kensington since 
Nov. 26th, 1885. 

Residence— 19, Clanricarde Gardens, W. C/«3— Carlton. 

O. G. LEVESON-GOWER [See Gower]. 

Residences- 29, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W. 
C/«^ J— Carlton, Gresham, Conservative, St. Stephen's. 

C R LEWIS (Londonderry). 

Charles Edward Lewis, son of the late 
Rev. George William Lewis, M.A., Oxon, sometime 
Incumbent of the Chapel of Ease at Ramsgate ; b. 
1825 : m. 1850, Isabella, da. of the late Richard 
Annesley Ellison, Esq., merchant, of Bristol ; is a 
J.P. for CO. Derry, and a Director of the London 
and Provincial Bank, Limited, and of several other 
leading financial institutions. A Conservative; "but 
holds that the question of preservation of the Union 
is superior to all party interests and questions " ; has' 
sat for Londonderry since Nov. 1872, and was the 
first member elected by the ballot in Ireland. 

35, Brunswick Terrace, Brighton 



O. PITT-LEWIS (DevouMhlre, Bamstapl* Divlaioii). 
y ^^ George Pitt-Lewis, Q.C, el. son of the 

^ir ^Bk^ Rev. George Tucker Lewis, of The Limes, Exminster, 
A^K Ar^ Exeter, by Jane Frances, el. da. of the late Rev. 
L^MJk MA^^ William Palmer, D.D., J.P., and D.L., R. of Yar- 
ombe, Devon; b. Dec. 13th, 1845; ed. at Honiton 
.ram. Sch. : m. 1881, Mai, only child of the late 
v.en. John George Palmer, of the Champs Elysees, 
Paris ; Bar. Middle Temple 1870 (Certificate of Honor 
1st Class and Studentship of Four Inns of Court 1869) 
and a Q.C. 1885 ; goes \V. Circuit ; one of the ori- 
ginators of " The Bar Committee," of which he has 
been a member since its formation; author of "A 
Complete County Court Practice;" assumed 1876 by 
royal licence the additional surname of Pitt; is a J. P. 
for Poole, and has been Recorder thereof since Jan 1885. A Liberal-, has sat 
for Barnstaple Div. of Devonshire since Dec. 5th, 1885. 

Residence— 12, Airlie Gardens, Campden Hill, W. Chambert—^, Paper Buildings 
Temple, E.C. C/«^j— Reform. National Liberal, Devon and Exeter. 


William Heneage Legge, P.C. ( Vis- 
count Lrwishatn\ son of 5th Elarl of Dart- 
mouth, by Lady Augusta Finch, da. of 5 th 
Earl of Aylesford ; b. May 6th, 1851 ; ed. at 
Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. 1879, Lady 
Mary Coke, 4th da. of 2nd Earl of Leicester ; 
formerly Major 1st Vol. Batn. Staffordshire 
Regt. : was Vice -Chamberlain of H.M.'s 
Household June 1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 
1885 ; is a J. P. for Staffordshire and Shrop- 
shire. A Conservative ; sat for W. Kent May 
15th, 1878, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Lewisham. 

Residence— n, Manchester Street, Manchester Square, W. C/«^*— Carlton, Travellers', 

E. H. LLEWELLYN (Somersetsliire, Northern DlvlslonX 
Evan Henry Llewellyn, 4th son of the late Henry Llewellyn, 

Esq., of Buckland Filleigh, N. Devon; b. 1847; is a J. P. and a D.L. 

of Somerset. A Conservative', has sat for N. Div. of Somersetshire since 

Dec. 1885. 

i?Mte^!r«Mv— Langford Court, Somerset. Club — Carlton. 

W. LLOYD (WednesburyX 
Wilson Lloyd, son of the late Mr. Samuel Lloyd, of Wednes- 

bury; b. 18—: m. 1883, a da. of Dr. Thomas Underhill, J P., of West 
Bromwich ; is proprietor of the Bescot Forge Ironworks, Chm. of Employers' 
Liability Co., Birmingham, and a J. P. for co. Stafford; was Chm. of Wed- 
nesbury School Board 1874-7. A Conservative', has sat for Wednesbury since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Myood House, Wednesbury. 

F. LOCKWOOD (York). 

Frank Lockwood, Q. C, son of Charles Day Lockwood, Esq., of 
Doncaster; b. 1846; ed. at Manchester Gram. Sch., and at Caius Coll., Camb. 
(B.A. 1868): m. 1874, Julia, da. of the late Salis Schwabe, Esq., of Man- 
chester, and Glyn-y-garth, Anglesey; Bar. Lincoln's Iim 1872, and a Q.C. 



1882 ; in 1880 was a Roy. Commr. to enquire into Corrupt Practices at 
Chester; has been Recorder of Sheffield since July 1884. A Liberal; unsuc- 
cessfully contested Lynn 1880 and York 1883 ; has sat for York since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — 26, Lennox Gardens, Pont Street, S.W. Chambers — 2, Paper Buildings, 
Temple, E.C. Clubs — Brooks's, Garrick. 

W. H. LONG (Wiltshire, Eastern, or Devizes, Division). 

Walter Hume Long, son of the late Richard 
Penruddocke Long, Esq., M.P., by Charlotte Anne, da. 
of Wentworth Fitzwilliam Hume-Dick, Esq., M. P., of 
Hume Wood; b. July 13th, 1854; ed. at Harrow, and 
at Ch. Ch., Oxford: m. 1878, Lady Dorothy Blanche 
Boyle, 4th da. of 9th Earl of Cork and Orrery; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. for Wiltshire, a T.P. for Somerset, 
and Capt. Wilts Yeo. Cav. A Conservative) sat for 
N. Wiltshire April 9th, 1880, to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for E. , or Devizes, Div. of Wiltshire. 

Residences — Rood Ashton, Trowbridge ; Wraxall, Bradford- 
on-Avon. Clubs — White's, "rurf, Carlton, Marlborough. 

HON. WILLIAM LOWTHER (Westmoreland. North, or Appleby, DivlBion). 

William Lowther, second son of the late 
Hon. H. C. Lowther, M.P. for Westmoreland 1812-67, 
by Lady Lucy Eleanor, da. of 5th Earl of Harborough ; 
b. Dec. 14th, 1821 ; ed. at Magdalen Coll., Camb. : m. 
Dec. 17th, 1853, Charlotte Alice, da. of ist Baron Wens- 
levdale; was unpaid Attache to H.M. Mission at Berlin 
1 841 -6, and paid Attache 1846-52 ; Sec. of Legation at 
Naples 1852-8, at St. Petersburg 1858-9, and at Berlin 
1859-61; Sec. of Embassy at Berlin 1861-7, and H.M.'s 
Minister at Buenos Ayres 1867 till Jan. 1868; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Westmoreland and Cumberland, a J. P. for 
Beds and Suffolk, and a Director of L. and N. W. Railway; raised to rank of 
an Earl's son 1872. A Conservative', sat for Westmoreland Jan. 8th, 1868, 
to Nov. 1885; has sat for N., or Appleby, Div. of Westmoreland since Dec. 
3rd, 1885. 

Seat— Campsey Ashe. Wickham Market, Suffolk. Town Residence — Lowther Lodge, 
Kensington Gore, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Travellers', St. Stephen's. 

SIR JOHN LUBBOCK. Bart (University of London). 

John Lubbock, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., el. 
son of Sir John William Lubbock. 3rd bart., who d. 1865, 
by Harriet, da. of the late Lieut. -Col. Hotham ; b. April 
30th, 1834 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1st, 1856, Ellen Frances, 
who d. 1879, only da. of the late Rev. Peter Hordem, 
of Chorlton-cum-Hardy ; 2ndly, 1884, Alice Augusta 
Laurentia, da. of Maj.-Gen. Augustus Henry Lane Fox- 
Pitt-Rivers, of Rushmore, Salisbury ; formerly Vice- 
Chancellor of London Univ. ; is a D.L, and a J. P. for 
Kent, a Trustee of British Museum, Pres. of Linnaean 
So., and of Institute of Bankers, Vice-Pres. of Roy. So. 
and of British Association, a member of the Geological 
and other societies, Hon. Sec. to Committee of London 
Bankers, head of London banking firm of Robarts, Lub- 
bock, & Co., a Royal Commr. for Advancement of 
Science, and a Director of the Pelican Insurance Co. ; Hon. D.C.L. of Oxford 

A uctor pretiosa 



1874, HoiL LL.D. of Camb. and of Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1878, and of Edin- 
burgh 1884, and Hon. M.D. of Wurzburg 18—; formerly a Public Schools' 
Commr., and was on the Royal International Monetary Commn. A Liberal \ 
unsuccessfully contested W. Kent 1865 and 1868; and Maidstone April 1880 ; 
sat for Maidstone Feb. 1870 to March 1880; has sat for the University of 
London since June 2nd, 1880. 

j"^rt/— High Elms. Down, Kent. Town Addrtss—x^, Lombard Street, E.C Clubs 
— Athenaeum, City Liberal, National Liberal. 

L. LTELL (Orkney and Shetland). 
Leonard Lyell, el. son of Lieut.-Col. Henry Lyell ; b. 1850; 
B.Sc. Univ. Lond. : m. 1S74, Mary, da. of the late Rev. John Mayne Stir- 
ling, R. of Mangerville ; formerly Lecturer on Geology in the School of Mines, 
London; is a J. P. for co. Forfar. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested S. 
Essex 1880 ; has sat for Orkney and Shetland since Dec. 1885. 

Residtnce—YMOiOvAy^ Kirriemuir, N.B. Town Address—^, Cornwall Gardens, S.W. 
C/»^i^Reform, Athenaeum. 

VISCOUNT LYMINGTON (Devonahlre, Northern, or South Molten, Dlvlfllon). 

Newton Wallop ( Viscount Lyming- 
ton\ el. son of the 5th Earl of Portsmouth, 
by Lady Eveline Alicia Juliana Herbert, el. 
da. of 3rd Earl of Carnarvon ; b. Jan. iQih, 
1856; ed. at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 
1879, M.A. 1880): m. 1885, Beatrice Mary, 
only child of the late Edward Pease, Esq. . 
of Darlington; is a T.P. for Hants and 
Devon, and a D.L, for Wexford co. A 
Liberal; sat for Barnstaple Jan. 1880 to 
Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N., or S. Molton, Div. 
of Devonshire since Dec. 1885. 

^^n<^>mV— Hurstboume Park, Whitchurch, Hants. C/w^— Brooks's, HurUngham, 

A- McARTHUR (Leicester). 
Alexander McArthur, son of the late Rev. 

John McArthur, Wesleyan minister, of Londonderry ; 
b. 18 — : w. 1853, Maria Bowden, 2nd da. of the Rev. 
W. B. Boyce ; was a member of Legislative Assembly of 
New South Wales during two Parliaments, and a Magis- 
trate of the Territory, and was nominated a member of 
Legislative Council 1861 ; returned to England 1863 ; is 
a partner in firm of W. and A. McArthur, Australian 
merchants, a J. P. for Surrey, a D.L. for City of London, 
a Director of the Land Mortgage Bank of Victoria, and 
a Fellow of Royal Geographical So. , and of Colonial and 
Victoria Institutes ; was a member of first London School 

Board (Lambeth Di^sion) 1870-73. A Liberal \ has sat for Leicester since 

Feb. 1874. 

Residence— '9^t\?}n. Hall, Brixton Rise, S.W. Business Address— iSand 19, Silk Street, 
Cripplegate, E.C. C/«*j— Reform, City Liberal, City of London, National Liberal, Colonial. 

J. MCALMONT (Co. Antrim, East Antrim Division). 

James M'Calmont, 2nd son of the late James M'Calmont, Esq., 
of Abbeylands, Belfast; b. 1847; ed. at Eton; formeriy Capt. 8th Hussars; 
was sometime A.D.C. to Viceroy of Ireland [Duke of ^larlboroul/h]. A Con- 
servative ; has sat for E. Antrim Div. of Antrim co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— ^^\l»s\.. Town Address— Z^, Jermyn Street, S.W. 



J. M'CARTHY (Longford Co., Longford, North Division). 

Justin McCarthy, son of Michael Francis 
McCarthy, of Cork, by Ellen his wife; b. Nov. 22nd, 
1830; ed. at a private school in Cork: m. 1855, 
Charlotte, who d. 1879, da. of W. G. Allman, Esq., 
of Bandon ; was some years engaged on reporting staff 
of a Liverpool paper, and was afterwards successively 
foreign editor and editor-in-ch. of the London Morning 
Star ; subsequently travelled in U.S.A., where he took 
an active interest in the question of the Liquor Laws ; 
author of a ** History of our Own Times;" and of 
several novels. A Home Ruler ; sat for co. Longford 
April 1879 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Longford N. Div. 
of CO. Loi^ord since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 20, Cheyne Gardens, Chelsea Embankment, S.W. C/«^ Devonshire. 

J. H. M'CARTHY (Newry). 

Justin Huntly M'Carthy, son of Justin 

McCarthy, Esq., M.P. for Longford co., by Charlotte, 

da. of W. G. Allman, Esq., of Bandon ; b. 1859. A 

Home Ruler] sat for Athlone June 12th, 1884, to 

Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Newry. 

Residence— ^St Ebury Street, S.W. Cluis— Arts, Savile, 
Green Room. 

W. G. ELLISON-MACARTNEY (Antrim Co., South Antrim DivlBlon). 

William Grey Ellison-Macartney, el. son 

of John William Ellison- Macartney (M.P. for co. 
Tyrone 1874-85), by Catherine, da. of Arthur Chichester 
Macartney, Esq., K.C., of Murlough, co. Down; b. 
June 7th, 1852 ; ed. at Eton, and at Exeter Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. ist class in History Moderations 1875) ; 
Bar. Inner Temple 1878. A Conservative; has sat for 
S. Antrim Div. of co. Antrim since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Clogher Park, co. Tyrone. Chambers— 2, King's 
Bench Walk, Temple, E.G. Clubs— ^t. Stephen's. Ukter. 

J. M'CULLOCH (Glasgow, St Rollox Division). 

John M'CuLLOCH, son of the late Mr. John M'Culloch, of 
Kiiliamore, Wigtonshire, by Margaret, el. da. of the late David Mitchell, Esq., 
of Woodhead, Carsphaim, Kirkcudbright ; ed. at a Parochial School ; for- 
merly an Inspector for Dundee Mortgage and Land Cos. in America ; is a 
Land Valuer, a Director of Peter Lawson & Son (Limited), a Medallist of 
the Highland So., and a Vice-Pres. of Scottish Chamber of Agriculture. A 
Liberal; has sat for St. Rollox Div. of Glasgow since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— GXcvii^aA. House, Stranraer, N.B. C/«^— Liberal (Edinburgh). 



Bt Hon. J. H. A. MACDONALD (Edinburgh and St. Andrew*! UnlTenlty). 

John Henry Athole Macdonald, P.C, 

C.B., Q.C.t LL.D.t son of the late Matthew Normai 

Macdonald- Hume, Esq., of NinewelLs, W.S., \\ 

Grace, da. of Sir John Hay, 5th Bart., of SmithfieKi ; 

b. Dec. 27th, 1836 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (LL.D. 

1884) : m. 1864, Adelaide, da. of Major Doran, <if 

Ely House, Wexford; Advocate Scotland 1859, <J < . 

1880, is a J. P. and D.L. for co. of the City of luiii - 

burgh, F.R.S. Edin., and Lieut.-Col. Comdt. Queen 

Edinburgh Rifle Vol. Brig., was Sheriff of Ross, Cn- 

marty, and Sutherland 1875-6, and of Perthshire 

1880-5, Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland 1876-80, and Dean 

of Faculty of Advocates 1882-5 '> ^^ ^o*^ Advocate 

for Scotland June 1885 to Jan. 1886 ; P.C. 1885, C.H. 

1886. A Conservative', unsuccessfully contested Haddingtonshire 1878 an<l 

Edinburgh 1880; has sat for Edinburgh and St. Andrewrs Universities since 

Dec 1885. 

Residence— 15, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh. C/«A»— New, Conservative, University 

(Edinburgh) ; New United Service (London). 

P. ITDONALD (Co. Sllgo. North Sllgo DlvlsionX 
Peter M' Donald, son of Mr. Ronald Macdonald, of Kil- 
finane ; b. 1836; ed. at French Coll., Blackrock ; was some years a Commercial 
Traveller ; is a partner in the Dublin firm of Cantwell and M'Donald, wine 
merchants and rectifying distillers, and a member of Dublin Corporation ; i- 
High Sheriff of Dublin. 1886. In favor of Home Rule; sat for N. Sligo Div. 
of CO, Sligo since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 11, Clarinda Park, Kingstown, Dublin. 

R. MACDONALD (R088 and CromartyX 
Roderick Macdonald, M.D., son of Mr. Angus Macdonald, a 
Crofter, of Fairy Bridge, Skye; b. 1840; ed. at Free Church Normal School, 
Glasgow, and at Glasgow Univ. ; was sometime a teacher in the Free Church 
School, Lonmore; L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. Ed. 1867, F.R.C.S. Ed. and M.D. 
Durham 1883 ; is a member of the Middle Temple. A Liberal) has sat for 
Ross and Cromarty since Dec. 1885. 

ResitUnce—e^, West Ferry Road, Milwall, E. 

D. H. MACFARLANE (Argyleshlre). 

Donald Home Macfar- 
LANE, youngest son of the late Allan 
Macfarlane, Esq., J. P., of Caithness, 
by Margaret, da. of the late Major 
James Home, of Stirkoke, Caith- 
ness-shire; b. 1830: m. 1857, Mary 
Isabella, da. of the late Henry R, 
Bagshawe, Esq., Q.C. A Liberal; 
sat for CO. Carlow April 1880 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Argyleshire since 
\0 Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Residences- 62, Portland Place, W. ; Dorset Cottage, Fulham, S.W. C/«^J— Reform, 
Devonshire, Oriental, Royal Victoria Yacht. 

SIR J. M. M'GAREL-HOGG, BART. [See Hogg]. 

M. MACINNES (Northumberland, Hexham Division). 

Miles MacInnes, son of the late Gen. John Maclnnes, of 

Fern Lodge, Hampstead, by Ann Sophia, da. of Jacob F. Reynolds, Esq., of 

Carshalton, Surrey; b. Feb. 21st, 1830; ed. at Rugby, and at Balliol Coll., 

Oxford (B.A. 1852, M.A. 1856) : m. 1859, Euphemia, da. of Andrew 



^ Johnston, Esq., of Helton Hall, Suffolk; is a J.P. for Cumberland and 
Middlesex, and a Director of the L. and N.W. Railway. A Liberal) has sat 
for Hexham Div. of Northumberland since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Kxck&xhy, Carlisle. C/w/^— Oxford and Cambridge. 

L. M'lVER (Devonshire, Torquay Division). 

Lewis M'lvER, son of Mr. J. M'lver, formerly Chief of the Presi- 
dency Bank, Madras; b. 1846; ed. at Kensington Gram. Sch. and at Bonn 
Univ. ; was sometime in Indian Civil Service ; Bar. Mid. Temple 1878. A 
Liberal \ has sat for Torquay Div. of Devonshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— i,T, Hill Street, W, 

SIR JOSEPH N. McKENNA (Monaghan Co., Soutli Monaghan Division). 

Joseph Neale McKenna, el. son of the 
late Michael McKenna, Esq., of Dublin, by Mary, el. 
da. of the late Oliver Plunket Gregan, Esq., of Dublin ; 
b. 1819 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin : m. 1st, 1842, Esther 
Louisa, who d. 187 1, da. of the late Edmond Howe, 
Esq., of Dublin; 2ndly, 1880, Amelia Anne, da. of the 
late George Keats Brooks, Esq. , and widow of Richard 
Warner Hole, Esq., of Shelthorpe House, Lough- 
borough, and of Quomdon, Leicestershire ; Bar. King's 
Inns, Dublin, 1848 ; received Knighthood 1867 ; is a 
J.P. and D.L for co. Cork and a J.P. for co. Water- 
ford. A Home Ruler ; unsuccessfully contested Tralee 
1865 ; sat for Youghal July 1865 to Nov. 1868, when 

he was ddcaicd. and 187410 Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Monaghan Div. of co. 

Monaghan since Dec. 8th, 1885. 

.9^rt/— Ardogena, Youghal. Town Residence— dT^ Lancaster Gate, W. Club— 

St. George's. 

C. FRASER-MACKINTOSH (Invemess-sWre). 

Charles Fraser-Mackintosh, son of Alex- 
ander Eraser, of Dochnalurg, Inverness, by Marjory, 
da. of Capt. Alexander Mackintosh; b. 1828 : m. 1876, 
Eveline May, only da. of Richard D. Holland, Esq., 
of Brooklands, Streatham ; is a J.P. for co. Inverness, 
a F.S.A. Scot., and Chairman of the Anglo-American 
Land Mortgage and Agency Co. ; formerly Capt. Inver- 
ness-shire RiHe Vol. ; assumed the additional surname 
of Mackintosh by royal licence 1857. An Independent 
Liberal; sat for Inverness District P'eb. 1874 to Nov, 
1885 ; has sat for Inverness-shire since Dec. 1885, being 
returned in the Crofter interest. 

Town Residence — 5, Qarges 


Street. W. 

Seat — Drummond, Inverness. 
C /«A— Devonshire. 

P. McLAGAN (LinUtligowsMre). 

Peter McLagan, only surviving son of the 

late Peter McLagan, of Pumpherston, Mid-Calder, N.B. ; 

ed. at Tillycoultry Sch. and at Edinburgh Univ., of 

which he is a member of Council : m. 1876, Elizabeth 

Anne, yAxod. 1882, da. of George Taylor, Esq., of Leeds, 

and widow of John Henry Taylor, of Huddersfield ; is a 

J.P. for COS. of Edinburgh and Linlithgow, a D.L. of 

Linlithgowshire, and Chm. of Queen Assu. Co. in London; 

has been a Roy. Commr. to enquire into the law relating 

to the '* Landlord's Right of Hypothec in Scotland," a 

Roy. Commr. to enquire into the laws relating to Grocers' 

Licences in Scotland, and a Fellow of numerous scientific 

SOS. A Liberal; has sat for Linlithgowshire since July 1865. 

Seat — Pumpherston, Mid-Calder, N.B. C/«^ Windham. 



C. B. B. MUiKES (BtaffordX 

Charles Benjamin Bright M'Laren, 3rd son of Duncan 
M'Laren, Esq., formerly M.P. for Edinburgh, by Priscilla, da. of the late Jacob 
Bright, Esq., of Green Bank, Rochdale, and sister of the Rt. Hon. John 
Bright, M.P. ; 6. May 12th, 1850; etl. at Tottenham School, at Edinburgh 
Univ. (Tyndale-Bruce Prizeman for Metaphysics, and Hamilton .Scholarship, 
M.A. 1st class honors 1870, and Fergusson Philosophical Scholar 187 1), and 
at Universities of Bonn and Heidelberg: m. 1877, I^ura, only da. of Henry 
D. Pochin, Esq., of Bodnant Hall, Conway, formerly M.P. for Stafford; was 
sometime a contributor to the press ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1874, and joined N. 
Circuit, but practises at the Chancery Bar. An ad^'anced Liberal ; has sat for 
Stafford since April 1880. 

Residence— i^, Harrington Gardens, S.W. Ckamberx—^, New Court, Lincoln's Inn, 
W.C. C/«*J— Reform, National Liberal, Savile. 

F. W. MACLEAN (Ozfordaliire, Mid, or Woodstock. DtvisionX 

Francis William Maclean, son of the late 
Alexander Maclean, Esq., of Barrow Hedges, Car- 
shalton, Surrey ; b. Dec. 13th, 1844 ; ed. at Westminster, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1866, M.A. 1870) : 
m. 1869, Mattie, da, of the late John Sowerby, Esq., 
of Benwell Tower, Northumberland ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1868. A Liberal) has sat for Mid, or Woodstock, Div. 
of Oxfordshire, since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — o, Southwell Gardens, S.W. ; Rougham House, 
Bury St. Edmund's. Chandlers — 6, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's 
Inn. Cluhs United University, Garrick. 

J. M. MACLEAN (Oldliam). 

James Mackenzie Maclean, son of Alexander Maclean, Esq., 
by Mary, da. of Mackenzie Baigrie, Es<j.; b. Aug. 13th, 1835 ; is a Fellow oif 
Univ. of Bombay : m. 1867, Anna Mana, da. of Philip Whitehead, Esq. ; is a 
Journalist and Newspaper Proprietor ; was sometime Chm. of Bombay Town 
Council; author of Maclean's Guide to Bombay and numerous essays on Indian 
subjects. A Conservative) unsuccessfully contested Elgin Boroughs 1880; has 
sat for Oldham since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Malabar Villa, Chiswick. C/«3i— Carlton, Junior Athenaeum. 

LORD W. O. B. 8. D.-MACLEAN COMPTON ISee Compton]. 

B. MACNAGHTEN (Antrim Co., North Antrim Division). 

^WP Edward Macnaghten, Q.C.y 2nd son of 

J^^ Sir Edmund Charles Workman-Macnaghten, 2nd bart,. 

JKa ^ by Mary Ann, only da. of the late Edward Gwatkin, 

Esq. ; b. 1830; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1852, 

Fellow 185-, M.A. 1859) : m. 1859, Frances, only 

child of the late Right Hon. Sir Samuel Martin ; Bar. 

J^incoln's Inn 1857, a Q.C. 1880, and a Bencher 1883. 

A Conservative ; sat for co. Antrim April 1880 to Nov. 

[885, since when he has sat for N. Antrim Div. of co. 


Residence— \qZ, Queen's Gate, S.W. Chambers— "i, New 
Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Clid>s — United University, 





C. MAGNIAC (Bedfordshire, Northern, or Biggleswade, Division). 
Charles Magniac, el. son of the late HoUingvvorth Magniac, Esq., 
of Colvvorth, Beds. ; b. 1827; ed. at Eton andatTrin. Coll., Camb. : m. 1856, 
the Hon. Augusta, da. of ist Baron Castletown, and widow of Lieut. -Col. the 
Hon. Thomas Vesey Dawson; is a J.P. for Beds, a D.L. for London, and a 
partner in firm of Matheson & Co., E. India and China merchants, of Lom- 
bard Street. A Liberal; sat for St. Ives, Nov. 1868 to Feb. 1874, and for 
Bedford March 31st, 1880, to Nov. 1885, having been defeated there Feb. 1874; 
has sat for N., or Biggleswade, Div. of Bedfordshire since Nov. 1885. 

6'^a/— Colworth, Bedfordshire. London Residence — 16, Charles Street, Berkeley 

Square, \V. Cltibs — Brooks's, Travellers', Fine Arts, Hurlingham, City Liberal, "National 

William Fuller-Maitland, el. son of the late William Fuller- 
Maitland, Esq., of Stanstead, Essex, and Garth, Brecon, by Lydia, only da. of 
the late Lt.-Col. Prescott ; b. May 1844; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford : m. 1881, the Hon. Evelyn Coulstoun Gardner, da. of 3rd Baron 
Gardner; is a J.P. and a D.L. of Breconshire, and a J.P. for Essex. A 
Liberal \ has sat for Breconshire since May 1875. 

Seat — Stansted Hall, Essex. CluBs — Brooks's, Oxford and Cambridge. 

W. T. MAKINS (Essex, South-Eastem Division). 

William Thomas Makins, el. son of the late 
Charles Makins, Esq., of St. Mark's, Woodhouse, Leeds; 
b. March i6th, 1840; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1861, M.A. 1865): m. 1861, Elizabeth, 
2nd da. of Lightly Simpson, Esq. ; Bar. Middle Temple 
1862; goes Midland Circuit; is a J.P. for Oxfordshire 
.'uid Essex, and a D.L. for Essex and city of London, a 
Director of G. E. Railway, Gov. of Gas Light and Coke 
Co., and Hon. -Col. ist Essex Artillery Vol. A Conser- 
vative) unsuccessfully contested Kidderminster 1868; sat 
for S. Essex Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for S. E. Div. of Essex. 

6"^rt/— Rotherfield Court, Henley-on-Thames. Town Residence — i, Lowther Gardens, 
Prince's Gate, S.W. C/k^j— Carlton, St. Stephen's, City Carlton, Constitutional. 

RIGHT HON. LORD JOHN J. R. MANNERS (Leicestershire. East, or Melton, 


John James Robert Manners, F.C, G.C.B., 

2nd son of 5th Duke of Rutland, by Lady Elizabeth, da. of 
5th Earl of Carlisle ; b. Dec. 13th, 181 8 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (M.A. 1839, Hon. LL.D. 1862, 
Hon. D.C.L. Oxon 1876) : m. ist, 1851, Louisa Catherine, 
who d. 1854, only da. of the late Col. Marlay, C.B. ; 
2ndly, 1862, Janetta, el. da. of Thomas Hughan, Esq., 
of The Airds, Galloway ; was First Commr. of Works 
and Buildings in 1852, with a seat in the Cabinet, March 
1858 to June 1859, and July 1866 to Dec. 1868, and 
Postmaster-Gen. Feb. 1874 to April 1880, and June 1885 
to Jan. 1886; P.C. 1852, G.C.B. 1880; formerly a Lieut, 
in Leicestershire Militia ; is h.p. to his brother, the 6th Duke of Rutland. A 
Tory ; unsuccessfully contested Liverpool 1847, and London 1849 ; sat for 



Newark 1 84 1 to July 1847; sat for Colchester Feb. 1850 to Feb. 1857, and 
for N. Leicestershire Feb. 1857 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for E., or Melton, Div. 
of Liecestershire since Dec. 1885. 

Sent— St. Mary's Tower, Bimam, N.B. Tanm Residmce—i, Cambridge Caie, 

Regent's Park, N.W. C/m^«— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

F. T. MAPPIN (YorkBlilre (West Riding, Bouthern Part), Hallam shire DlvlBion). 
Frederick Thorpe Mappin, son of the late 
Mr. Joseph Mappin, of Sheffield ; b. 1821 ; is a J. P. for 
the \V. Riding of York, and for Sheffield, a Director 
of Midland Railway, and of Bridgwater Navigation Co., 
Chm. of Sheffield Gas Co., a Member of Institution of 
Civil Engineers and of Mechanical Engineers, an officer 
of Legion of Honor, and senior partner in firm of 
Thomas Turton & Sons, Sheaf Works, Sheffield ; 
was a Juror at Paris Exhibition 1878 ; has been Mayor, 
and also Master Cutler of Sheffield. A Liberal', sat 
for E. Retford April 1880 to Nov. 1885; has sat for 
Hallamshire Div. of S. part of W. Riding of York since 
Dec. 1885. 

ResidtHce—Thorahxyry, Sheffield.. Tovm Residetue—^%y Princes Gate, S.W. Clttis 
— Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal. 

EARL OF MARCH (Sussex, South Western, or CMcliester, Division). 

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox 
(Earl of March)y el. son of 6th Duke of Rich- 
mond and Gordon, by Frances Harriet, el. 
da. of Algernon Frederick Greville, Esq., of 
Hillingdon, Middlesex; b. Dec. 27th, 1845; 
ed. at Eton : m. ist, 1868, Amy Mary, who 
d. 1879, el. da. of Percy Ricardo, Esq., of 
45, Prince's Gardens, W. ; 2ndly, 1882, Isabel 
Sophia, da. of William George Craven, Esq. ; 
is a J. P. of Sussex and Banffshire, and Lieut. - 
Col. 3rd and 4th Batns. Roy. Sussex Regt. ; 

formerly Lieut, and Capt. Grenadier Guards. A Conservative; sat for W. 

Sussex April 17th, 1869, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. W., or Chichester, Div. 

of Sussex since Nov. 1885. 

5^a^j- Goodwood. Chichester; Gordon Castle, Fochabers, N.B. C/«**— Carlton, 
Guards', Turf, Travellers'. 


Edward Marjoribanks, P.C, el. son of the 
1st Baron Tweedmouth, by Isabella, da. of the Rt. Hon. 
Sir James Weir Hogg, 1st bart. ; ^. July 8th, 1849 ; ed. 
at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. 1873, Lady 
Fanny Octavia Louisa Spencer-Churchill, 3rd da. of 7th 
Duke of Marlborough ; Bar. Inner Temple 1874 ; is a 
J. P. for COS. Berwick and Inverness ; has been Con- 
troller of H.M.'s Household since Feb. 1886; P.C. 
1886. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested W. Kent 
1874 ; has sat for Berwickshire since April 1880. 

Residences — Ninewells, Chimside, Berwickshire ; 134, Picca- 
dilly, W. C/«<Jf— Brooks's, Turf, Marlborough. 



RIGHT HON. W. T. MARRIOTT (Brighton). 

William Thackeray Marriott, P.C, Q.C, 
3rd son of the late Christopher Marriott, Esq., of 
Crumpsall, by Jane Dorothea, da. of the late John 
Poole, Esq., of Cornbrook Hall, Manchester; b. 1834; 
ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb. : m. 1872, Charlotte 
Louisa, el. da. of the late Capt. Tennant, R.N., of 
Need wood House, Stafford ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1864, 
a Q.C. 1877, and a Bencher 1879; is a D.L. for City 
of London ; was Judge Advocate Gen. July 1885 to Jan. 
1886. A Conservative ; sat as a Liberal for Brighton 
April 1880 to Feb. 1884, when having condemned the 
Egyptian Policy of Mr. Gladstone he accepted the 
Chiltem Hundreds, and on presenting himself for re- 
election as a Conservative holding Liberal principles as they were understood 
up to 1880 was returned on March ist following ; re-elected Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Country Residence — 22, Brunswick Square, Brighton. Town Residence — 56, Ennismore 
Gardens, S.W. Chambers — 6, Crown Office Row, Temple, E.C. Clubs — Carlton, 


G. B. H. MARTON (Lancashire, North Lancaster Division). 
George Blucher Heneage Marton, son of the late George 
Marton, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Capemwray Hall, Lancashire, by Lucy Sarah, 
da. of the late Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Dallas, Ch. Justice of Common Pleas ; b. 
1839 : m. 1866, the Hon. Caroline Gertrude Trench, da. of 5th Viscount Ash- 
brook ; is Major 3rd Batn. King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt.), a J. P. and D.L. 
for Lancaster (High Sheriff 1877), and a J. P. for Westmoreland. A Conserva- 
tive) has sat for Lancaster Div. of N, Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— Q.z.^xiivix^y Hall, near Lancaster. Clubs — Carlton, Arthur's. 

E. P. M. MARUM (Kilkenny Co., North Kilkenny Division). 

Edward Purcell Mulhallen Marum, only- 
son of the late Richard C. Marum, Esq., of Ahamey 
House, Ballyragget, by Elizabeth, da. of the late Capt. 
John Purcell Mulhallen, 85th Regt; b. 1828; ed. at 
Carlow Coll. (B.A. London Univ. 1844, LL.B. 1848) : 
///. 1 86 1, Marianne Josephine, da. of the late John 
Brennan, Esq., of Woodview, co. Kilkenny; Bar. 
King's Inns, Dublin, 1846; is a J. P. for Queen's Co. 
and for co. Kilkenny. A Home Ruler; unsuccessfully 
contested Kilkenny City April 1875; sat for co. Kil- 
kenny April 1880 to Nov, 1885 ; has sat for N. Kil- 
kenny Div. of CO. Kilkenny since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 
Residence— Aha.rney House, Ballyragget, co. Kilkenny. 


S. MASON (Lanarkshire, Mid Division). 

Stephen Mason ; ^. 18 — ; is a Merchant in Glasgow, formerly 
Chm. Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. A Liberal ; has sat for Mid Div. of 
Lanarkshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Q,\3&^QyN. Town ^</i/r«j— Salisbury Hotel, Salisbury Square, E.C. 

W, MATHER (Salford, South Division). 
William Mather, son of the late William Mather, Esq., of 
Salford, by Amelia, da. of the late James Tidswell, Esq., of Salford ; b. 1838 ; 
ed. privately : m. 1863, Emma, da. of Thomas Watson, Esq., of Highbury N, ; 



is a J. P. for Salford, a partner in the firm of Mather & Piatt, owners of the 
Salford Ironworks, and Pres. of the Manchester Reform Club, and of the 
Salford Liberal Asso. A Liberal ; has sat for S. Div. of Salford since Nov. 1885. 
Residence — Salford. Club — Devonshire. 

SIR HERBERT E. MAXWELL. Bart (Wigtownshire). 

Herbert Eustace Maxwell, el. sur- 
viving son of the late Lieut. -Col. Sir William 
Maxwell, 6th bart., who d. 1877, by 
Helenora, da. of the late Sir Michael Shaw- 
Stewart, 5th bart. ; b. Jan. 8th, 1845 ; e<i. 
at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. 1869, 
Mary, da. of Henry Fletcher Campbell, 
Elsq., of Boquhan, Stirling; is a J. P. and a 
D.L. for Wigtownshire, and Capt. 4th Batn. 
Roy. Scots Fusiliers. A Comen<atri>e \ has 
sat for Wigtownshire since April 1880. 

^/a/— Monreith, Whauphill, Wijjtownshire. C/w^j— Carlton, Scottbh Conservative. 

T. MATNE (Tipperary Ck> . Mid Tipperary DlvlsionX 
Thomas Mayne, el. son of the late John Mayne, Esq., of High 
Street, Dublin, by Jane, da. of the late Arthur Ward, Esq., of Enniscorthy, 
CO. Wexford ; b. 1832 ; ed. at Cath. Univ. of Ireland, and at Roy. Coll. of Science, 
Dublin : m. i860, Susanna, el. da. of the late Patrick Rooney, Esq., of Dol- 
phin's Barn, Dublin ; is in business as a general warehouseman in Dublin, a 
member of Municipal Council, Dublin, and Chm. of Finance and leases Com- 
mittee of Corporation of Dublin. A Home Ruler ; unsuccessfully contested 
Portarlin^on Feb. 1883 ; sat for co. Tipperary March 20th, 1883, to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Mid. Tipperary Div. of Tipperary co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— (^vSx&hoxt! Road, Bray, co. Wicklow. Wetrtkouse—yi and 33, Castle 

Street, Dublin. 


John William Mellor, /*.C., Q.C.^ el. son 
of theRt Hon. Sir John Mellor, P. C, of Kingsdowne, 
Kent, by Elizabeth Cook, da. of William Moseley, Esq., 
of Peckham Tlye, Surrey ; b. 1835 ; ed. at Trinity 
Hall, Camb. (B.A., Senior Optime, 1857, M.A. 
i8t)0) : m. i860, Caroline, 4th da. of the late Charles 
Paget, Esq., M.P., of Ruddington Grange, Notts ; 
Bar. Inner Temple i860, a Q.C. 1875, and a Bencher 
1877 : is a J. P. and a D.L. for Somerset ; has been 
Judge Advocate-Gen. since Feb. 1886. A Liberal ; 
for Grantham March 31st, 1880 to Feb. 1886, having 
been defeated there in 1874.* 

Country R esidence—Q.v\m\\taA, Taunton. Terwn Residence 
— 68, St. George's Square, S.W. Chambers— -i. Dr. Johnson's 
Buildings, Temple, E.C. Clubs — Brooks's, Devonshire. 

R. S. MENZIES (Ferthslilre, Eastern Division). 
Robert Stewart Menzies, son of the late Graham Menzies, Esq., 
of Hallyburton. Cupar Angus, N.B., by Beatrice, da. of William Dudgeon, Esq., 
of Edinburgh ; b. 1857 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. in honors 
1880); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1882; is a J.P. for cos. Perth and Forfar. A 
Liberal ; has sat for E. Div. of Perthshire since Dec. 1885. 

^^rtV/^«c^— Hallyburton House, Cupar Angiis, N.B. Clubs — Oxford and Cambridge, 

* In Feb. 1886, Mr. Mellor accepted office, and at the time of going to press his seat is 




SIR FREDERICK A. MILBANK, Baxt. (Yorksliire, North Riding, Richmond 

Frederick Acclom Milbank, 2nd son of the 
late Mark Milbank, Esq., M.P., of Thorp Perrow, 
Yorkshire, by Lady Augusta Henrietta, 2nd da. of ist 
Duke of Cleveland; b. April 1820; ed. at Harrow: 
m. 1844, Alexina Harriet, da, of Sir Alexander Don, 
6th bart. ; formerly Lieut. 79th Highlanders ; is a D. L. 
and a J. P. for Durham (High Sheriff 185 1), and for 
X. Riding of York; cr. a baronet 1882. A Liberal) sat 
for N. Riding of Yorkshire July 1865 to Nov. 1885, 
having been defeated there in 1862 ; has sat for Rich- 
mond Div. of N. Riding of York since Dec. 4th, 
iieats — I'horpe Perrow, Bedale ; Bamingham Park, Barnard Castle ; Wemmergill Lodge, 
Moreton Gardens, S.W. 


Town Residence- 

Clubs— 'Qrooks's, National 

F. B^ MILDMAY (Devonshire, Southern, or Totnes, Division). 

Francis Bingham Mildmay, son of Henry 
Bingham Mildmay, Esq., J. P., of Shoreham Place, 
Sevenoaks, and Flete, near Ivybridge, by Georgiana 
Frances, da. of the late John Crocker Bulteel, Esq., 
of Flete, near Ivybridge ; b. 1861 ; ed. at Eton, 
and Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1883) ; is Lieut. W. 
Kent Yeo. Cav., and a partner in the firm of Baring 
Bros. & Co. A Liberal; has sat for S., or Totnes, 
Div. of Devonshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 46, Berkeley Square, W. 

HON. CHARLES C W. MILLS (Kent, Western, or 
Sevenoaks, Division). 

Charles William Mills, el. son of ist Baron 
Hillingdon, by Lady Louisa Isabella Lascelles, da. of 
3rd Earl of Harewood; b. Jan. 26th, 1855; formerly 
Lieut. W. Kent Yeo. Cav. ; is a partner in banking 
firm of Glyn, Mills, & Co. A Conservative ; has sat 
for W., or Sevenoaks, Div. of Kent since Nov. 27th, 

Residence —CamtMord House, Park Lane, W. 

C. G. MILNES-GASEELL [See Gaskell]. 

T. MILVAIN (Durham Borough). 

Thomas Milvain, son of Henry Milvain, 

Esq., of North Els wick Hall, Newcastle-on-Tyne, by 
Jane, da. of Edward Davidson, Esq., of Newcastle ; 
^.May 4th, 1844; ed. at Durham Gram. Sch., and at 
Trin. Hall, Camb. (LL B. 1866, LL.M. 1871) : w. 
1875, Mary Alice, da. of the late John Henderson, 
Esq., M.P., of Durham and Dunholme, Bournemouth; 
Bar. Middle Temple 1869. A Conservative; has sat 
for Durham Bor. since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — ^1, Rutland Gate, S.W. 

Club — New 



B. 0. MOLLOY (King's Co., Birr DivisionX 

Bernard Charles Molloy, son of the late 
Kedo Molloy, Esq., of Comelare, King's cc, and 
Drummond Lodge, Westmeath, by Maria Theresa, da. 
of the late James Tracy Lynam, Esq. ; b. 1843 ; ed. at 
St. Edmund's Coll., Ware, in France and at Bonn; 
formerly Capt. in French Army : is Pres. d'honneur 
des Chevaliers Sauveteurs; Bar. Middle Temple 1872; 
is a Private Chamberlain to His Holiness the Pope. 
A Home Ruler and Liberal', sat for King's co. April 
1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Birr Div. of King's co. 
since Dec. 1885. 

Chambers— I, Elm Court, Temple, E.C 

8. MONTAGU (Tower Hamlets, WMtechapel DivlsionX 
Samuel Montagu, son of the late Mr. Louis Samuel, watch- 
maker, of Liverpool; b. 1832; ed. at High School of Liverpool Mechanics' 
Institute, under the name he now bears : m. 1862, Ellen, da. of the late Louis 
Cohen, Esq., of the Stock Exchange; since 1853 has carried on business in 
London as a Foreign Banker under the style of Samuel Montagu & Co. ; 
has taken great interest in advancing Jewish institutions, and in founding new 
synagogues. A Liberal', has sat for Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel Division, 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — is, Kensington Palace Gardens, W. 

R. J. MORE (SliropBliire, Southern, or Ludlow, DivlsionX 

Robert Jasper More, son of the late Rev. 
Thomas Frederick More, J. P., of Linley Hall, Shrop- 
shire, by Harriet Mary, da. of Thomas More, Esq., of 
Larden Hall, Much Wenlock ; b. Oct. 30th, 1836 ; ed. 
at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. i860, M.A. and B.C.L. 
1862) : m. 1871, Evaline Frances, da. of the Rev. Edward 
Carr, LL.D., Canon of Liverpool; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
1863; is a J.P. and D.L. for Salop (High Sheriff 1881), 
and a J.P. for co. Montgomery. A Liberal', .sat for 
Shropshire South 1865-8, and was defeated there Nov. 
1868 and April 1880; has sat for S., or Ludlow, Div. of 
Shropshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— lAvA^y, Bishop's Castle, Shropshire ; The Hall, Cleobory North, Bridgnorth. 
Clubs— Oxford and Cambridge, Brooks'. 

HON. F. C. MORGAN (MonmouthsMre, Southern Division). 

Frederic Courtenay Morgan, son of ist 
Baron Tredegar, by Rosamond, da. of Gen. Godfrey Basil 
Mundy; b. May 24th, 1834: m. 1858, Charlotte Anne, 
da. of the late Charles A. Williamson, Esq., of Lawers, 
Perthshire, N.B. ; formerly Capt. Rifle Brigade; served 
in Crimean war (with medal, four clasps, Medjidie, and 
Turkish medal); is a J.P. forces. Monmouth and Gla- 
morgan, and h.p. to his brother, the 2nd Baron Tredegar. 
A Conservative] sat for Monmouthshire Feb. 2nd, 1874, 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for S. Div. of 

^■^rt/— Ruperra Castle, Newport, Monmouthshire. 
Army and Navy, Carlton. 




RIGHT HON. GEORGE 0. MORGAN (Denbighsliire, Eastern Division). 

George Osborne Morgan, P.C, QC., el. 
son of the Rev. M. Morgan, vicar of Conway; d. 1826 ; 
ed. at Shrewsbury Sch. and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1st class Classics 1847, M.A. 1850, Stowell Law 
Fellow of Univ. Coll., Eldon Univ. scholar. Craven 
Univ. scholar, and Newdigate and Chancellor's prize- 
man) : w. 1856, Emily, 2nd da. of the late Mr. Leopold 
Reiss, of Broom House, Eccles ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
1853, and a Q.C. and a Bencher 1869; was Judge- 
Advocate-Gen. April 1880 to June 1885; P.C. 1880; 
has been Under Sec. for Colonial Depart, since 1886 ; 
a J. P. for Denbighshire ; author of several legal works 
and political pamphlets. A Liberal ; sat for Denbigh- 
shire Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for E. Div. of Denbighshire since Dec. 
4th, 1885. 

Seat — Brymbo Hall, Wrexham. Residence — 59, Green Street, Grosvenor Square, W. 
Chambers — 9, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn. C/«^j— Athenaeum. Oxford and Cambridge, 

0. V. MORGAN (Battersea and Clapham, Battersea Division). 
Octavius Vaughan Morgan, 8th son of the late Thomas 

Morgan, Esq., of Glasbury, Battersea ; b. 1837 ; ed. at Priory School, Aber- 
gavenny : m. 1867, Katharine Anne, el. da. of Henry Simkin, Esq., of 
Highbury ; founded in partnership with his brother the mercantile firm of 
Morgan Bros., of Cannon Street, E.C., the Crucible Co. at Battersea, and the 
European Mail, the Ironmonger, and the Chemist and Druggist trade journals ; 
is a J. P. for Surrey ; formerly Capt. 7th Surrey Rifle Vol. A Liberal ; has sat 
for Battersea Division of Battersea and Clapham since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— x-i. The Boltons, S. Kensington, S.W. Clubs — Devonshire, Junior 

Athenaeum. National Liberal, Albemarle. 

A. MORLEY (Nottingham, East Division). 

Arnold Morley, son of Samuel Morley, Esq., 
M.P., of Hall Place, Tonbridge, by Rebekah Maria, da. of 
the late Samuel Hope, Esq., banker, of Liverpool ; b. 
1849; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874); 
Bar. Inner Temple Nov. 1873, and joined the Midland 
Circuit ; has been Patronage Sec. to Treasury since Feb. 
1886. A Liberal', sat for Nottingham May »th, 1880, to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for E. Div. of Nottingham. 

Residence — 132. Piccadilly, W. Chambers— -2, Temple Gar- 
dens, E.G. C/«^j— Reform, Brooks's, National Liberal, New 

RIGHT HON. JOHN MORLEY (Newcastle-on-Tyne). 
John Morley, P.C, son of the late Jonathan Morley, Esq., of 
Blackburn ; b. Dec. 24th, 1838 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Lincoln Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1859, M.A. 1873, Hon. LL.D. of Glasgow 1879) ; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1S73 ; was many years Editor of the Fortnightly Review and of the Pall 
Mall Gazette, and author of various works on the French Philosophers of the 
l8th century, of an essay on " Compromise," of a study on " Edmund Burke." 
and of the "Life of Cobden " ; has been Ch. Sec. for Ireland with a seat in 
the Cabinet since Feb. 1886. A Liberal-, unsuccessfully contested Westminster 
April 1880 ; has sat for Newcastle-on-Tyne since Feb. 24th, 1883. 

Residence - 05, Elm Park Gardens, 
Reform, National Liberal. 

S. Kensington, S.W 

Clubs — Athenaeum, 



rT^^^^F^ T. 0- EDWAED8-M08S (Lancashire, Boath West Part, 
W trt rtff/ Wldnes Dlvlalon). 

^^S^ Tom Cottingham Edwards-Moss, 2nd son 
^^^^ of Sir Thomas Edwards>Moss, ist Bart., by Amy 

Charlotte, da. and heiress of Richard Edwards, Esq., 
of Roby Hall ; d. 1855 ; ed. at Eton and at Brasenose 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1878, M.A. 1880) ; is Lieut. Lan- 
cashire Hussars Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; has sat 
for Widnes Div. of S.W. Lancashire since Dec. 2nd, 

Residences— OxtmyooX, Aigbnith, Liverpool; x, Ennismore 
En la rosejejleurie. Gardens. S.W. C/«aj— United University, Carlton, Bachelors'. 

J. F. MOULTON (Battersea and Clapham, Clapham DlvlslonX 
John Fletcher Moulton, Q.C.y F.R.S., son of the Rev. James 
Egan Moulton, a Wesleyan minister, by Catherine, da. of Samuel Fiddian, 
Esq., of Birmingham; b. Nov. i8th, 1844; ed. at New Kingswood School, 
Badi, and St. John's Coll., Camb. (B.A. Senior Wrangler, First Smith's Prize- 
man, Fellow of Christ's Coll.. and Gold Medallist for Mathematics Univ. of 
London 1868) : m. 1875, Clara, widow of R. W. Thomson, Esq., of Moray 
Place, Edinburgh ; Bar. Middle Temple 1874. Q.C. 1885 ; isa /.i?.5., a Fellow 
of numerous other Learned Societies, and Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur. A 
Liberal; has sat for Clapham Diy. of Battersea and Clapham since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 74, Onslow Gardens, 
Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. Clubs- 

South Kensington, S.W. Cfuunbers — ii, 

-Reform, Garricic, National Liberal, Savile. 


W. O. MOUNT (Berkshire, Soathem, or Newbury. Division). 
William George Mount, son of the late William Mount, Esq., 

of Wasing Place, Berkshire, by Charlotte, da. of the late George Talbot, Esq., 
of Temple Guiting, Winchcombe, Cheltenham ; b. July i8th, 1824 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1845, M.A. 1848): m. 1862, Marianne 
Emily, da. of Robert Clutterbuck, Esq., of Watford House, Herts ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1849; is a J. P. and D.L. for Berks (High Sheriff 1877) and a 
J.P. for Hants. A Conservative ; has sat for S., or Newbury, Div. of Berk- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— "^z&vaz Place, near Reading. C/«*— Oxford and Cambridge. 

RIGHT HON. SIR JOHN R. MOWBRAT, Bart (University of OxfordX 

John Robert Mowbray, P.C.^ D.C.L., son of 

the late Robert Stribling Cornish, Esq., of Hills Court, 
Exeter : ^. June 3rd, 1815 ; ed. at Westminster Sch. (Student 
of Ch. Ch., Oxford, 1835, B.A. 1837, M.A. 1839, Hon. 
D.C.L. 1869) : m. 1847, Elizabeth Gray, only child of George 
Isaac Mowbray, Esq., of Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham, 
and of Mortimer, near Reading, when he assumed the name 
of Mowbray in lieu of his patronymic ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1841, and went W. Circuit ; was Judge- Advocate-Gen. and 
Judge-Marshal March 1858 to June 1859, and July 1866 to 
Dec. 1868; is a D.L. and a J.P. of Durham, a J.P. for Berks, a Church 
Estates Commr., and Chm. of the Clerical and Medical Life Assu. Co. ; a P.C. 
1858, and cr. a Baronet 1880. A Conservative \ sat for Durham city June 1853 
to Nov. 1868, since when he has sat for Oxford University. 

6'*<i^— Warrennes Wood, Mortimer, near Reading. Town Residence— ^t, Onslow 
Gardens, S.W. C/«^j— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 



MULHOLLAND (Londonderry Co., North Derry Division). 

Henry Lyle Mulholland, son of John Mul- 
holland, Esq., LL.D., formerly M.P. for Downpatrick, 
of Ballywalter Park, Grey Abbey, co. Down, by Francis 
Louisa, da. of Hugh Lyle, Esq., of Knocktarna, co. 
Londonderry; b. Jan. 30th, 1854; ed. at Eton, at Roy. 
Mil. Academy, Woolwich, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. in honors 1881): ///. 1881, Norah Louisa Fanny, 
da. of Capt. the Hon. Somerset Richard Hamilton 
Augusta Ward; formerly Lieut. R.E., is Capt. 5th 
Batn. Roy. Irish Rifles; a J. P. for co. Down (High 
Sheriff 1883), ^^d a Director of Belfast and co. Down 
Railway. A Conservative \ has sat for N. Derry Div. of 
Londonderry co; since Dec. 1885. 

^«/^«f^— Ballywalter Park, Grey Abbey, co. Down. Town Address — 33, Beaufort 

Gardens, S.W. Clubs— Qax\x.QXiy Royal St. George's Yacht, Ulster. 

BARON MUNCASTER (Cumberland, West). 

Josslyn Francis Pennington 
(^Baron Afuncaster), 2nd son of Lowther 
Augustus John, 3rd baron, by Frances 
Catherine, da. of Sir John Ramsden, 6th 
bart. ; b. Dec. 25th, 1834 ; ed. at Eton : 
///. 1863, Constance Ann, 2nd da. of Ed- 
mund L' Estrange, Esq., of Tynte Lodge, 
CO. Leitrim; formerly Capt. Rifle Brigade, 
Lieut. Yorkshire Hussars, Capt. Cumber- 
land Militia, Lieut. -Col. York Militia, and 
Hon, Col. Cumberland Rifle Vol. ; served 
in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with clasps, and Turkish medal) ; is 
Lord Lieut, of Cumberland, and a J. P. and a D.L. for E. Riding of York ; 
s. his brother as 5th baron (peerage of Ireland), and loth bart., 1862. A 
Conservative', sat for Cumberland W. 1872-80, when he was defeated ; has sat 
for Egremont Div. of Cumberland since Nov. 1885. 

Patron of two Z,/V/«jfs— Muncaster, V. Waberthwaite, R. Cumberland. 
^^«^— Muncaster Castle, Ravcnglass, Cumberland. To^n Residence — 5, Carlton 

Gardens, S.W. C/«^j— Carlton, Army and Navy, Marlborough, Bachelors'. 

RIGHT HON. ANTHONY J. MUNDELLA (Sheffield, Brightside Division). 

Anthony John Mundella, P.C, F.R.S., son of the late Antonio 
Mundella, an Italian refugee, by Rebecca, da. of Thomas Allsop, of Leicester ; 
b. March 28th, 1825 : ///. 1845, Mary, da. of William Smith, Esq., of Kib- 
worth Beauchamp, Leicester ; was formerly a manufacturer in Nottingham, 
Loughborough, and elsewhere ; originated and organized in i859the first Courts 
of Conciliation and Arbitration for the settlement of disputes between capital 
and labour ; is a J. P. for Middlesex and for Nottingham Borough ; was Sheriff 
of Nottingham 1852, and has been an Alderman, Pres. of Chamber of Com- 
merce, and Pres. of Board of Arbitration of that borough ; was Vice-Pres. of 
Council on Education and 4th Charity Commr. 1880-5; ^^ heen Pres. of 
Board of Trade since Feb. 1886 ; P.C. May 1880. An advanced Liberal ; sat 
for Sheffield Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Brightside Div. 
of Sheffield. 

Town Residence~x6, Elvaston Place, S.W. C/w3f— Reform, Athenaeum, Savile. 



P. A. MUKTZ (Warwloiublre, Northern, or Tamworth. Division). 

Philip Albert Muntz, son of the late George 

Frederick Muntz, Esq., M.P., of Umberslade, Warwick- 
shire, by Eliza, da. of the late Rev. John Price, of Dolforwyn 
Hall, Montgomery; b. 1839: m. 1859, Rosalie, da. of 
Philip Henry Muntz, Esq., M.P., of Edstone Hall, Henley- 
in-Arden; is a J. P. for Warwickshire. A Comervathe ', 
sat for N. Warwickshire June 30th, 1884, to Nov. 1885; 
has sat for N., or Tamworth, Div. of Warwickshire since 
Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence— Tiyxxaxaam, near Rugby. C/mA»— Cariton, Uaion. 

C. T. MXTRDOCH (ReadingX 

Charles Townshend Murdoch, son of the 

late James Gordon Murdoch, Esq., of Ashfold, Sussex, 
by Caroline, da. of S. Gambier, Esq. ; h. May 27th, 
1837 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1862, Sophia, da. of W. Speke, 
Esq., of Jordans, llminster ; formerly Lieut. Rifle Brig., 
Capt. S. Middlesex Vol., and Adj. Herts Yeo. Cav. ; 
is a J. P. for Berks, a partner in the firm of Ransom, 
Bouverie, & Co., Bankers, Chm. of Llanelly Railway 
Co., and a Director of Imperial Fire Insurance Co., 
and of London Life Asso. A Consen^ative ', has sat 
for Reading since Nov. 1885. 

Residences — Buckhurst, Wokingham, Berks ; 79, Eccleston 
Square, S.W. C/«^— Junior United Service. 

W. H. MUSFH7 (DnbUn Borough. St Patrick's Division). 

William Martin Murphy, only son of 
Denis William Murphy, Esq., of Bantry, co. Cork, 
by Mary Anne, da, of the late James Martin, of 
Castletown, Bere, co. Cork; b. Dec. 29th, 1844; ed. 
at Jesuits' Coll., Belvidere House, Dublin : m. 1S70, 
Mary Julia, da. of James F. Lombard, Esq., J. P., of 
South Hill, CO. Dublin; is a J. P. for co. Cork, a 
Civil Engineer and Contractor, Director of Dublin 
Tramways, Belfast Tramways, and Cork and Bandon 
Railway Cos., and an Asso. of Institute of Civil Engi- 
neers, Ireland. Home Ruler', has sat for St. Patrick's 
Div. of Dublin Bor. since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— DsLnr^y, Kathmines, co. Dublin ; Bantry, co. 
Cork. C/«As— National Liberal, Hogarth, Leinster (Dublin). 

VISCOUNT NEWARK (NottlnghamsMre, Newark Division). 
4 (^ i Charles William Sydney Pierre- 

■fjfc^ ^ J^ PONT {Viscount Newark), son of 3rd Earl 
^iS^iF ^^^Bd Manners, by Georgiana Jane Elizabeth Fatiuy 
^ ^^ (jg Franquetot, da. of Gustav Due de Coigny ; 

b. Aug. 2nd, 1854 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1880, 
Helen, da. of Sir Robert Michael Shaw- 
Stewart, 7th Bart. ; formerly Lieut. Grenadier 
Guards and Capt. Notts. Yeo. Cav. ; is a 
D.L. for Notts. A Conservative ; has sat for 
Newark Div. of Nottinghamshire since Dec 
2nd, 1885. 
Residence— Yio\m^ Pierrepont, Nottingham. C/»^x— Carlton, Guards'. 



G. NEWNES (Cambridgesliire, Eastern, or Newmarket, Division). 
George Newnes, son of the late Rev. T. Mold Newnes, of Mat- 
lock, Derbyshire, by a da. of Daniel Urquhart, Esq., of Dundee ; b. March 13th, 
185 1 ; ed. at Shireland Hall, Warwickshire, and City of London Sckool : vi. 
1875, Priscilla, da. of the late Rev. J. Hillyard, of Leicester; is a J^gjjtoist, 
and Proprietor of several serial publications. A Libtral'^ has sat foi^E, or 
Newmarket, Div. of Cambridgeshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— "^WAcroit^ Putney Heath, S.W. Clubs— 'Sa.. George's, National Liberal. 

E. NOEL (Dumfries District). 

Ernest Noel, 2nd son of the late Rev. the 
Hon. Baptist Wriothesley Noel, by Jane, el. da. of Peter 
Baillie, Esq., of Dochfour ; b. Aug. 1831 ; ed. at 
Edinburgh, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : m. 1857, Louisa 
Hope, who d. 1870, only da. of Thomas Milne, Esq., 
of Warley House, York; 2ndly, 1873, Lady Augusta, 
younger da. of 6th Earl of Albemarle ; is a J. P. and a 
D.L. for Sussex, and a F.G.S. A Liberal) has sat 
for Dumfries District since Feb. 1874, having been 
'defeated there in 1868. 

Seat— Lydhurst 
W. Clitbs " 

Hayward's Heath, Sussex. Town Residence —%, Portman Square, 
Brooks's. Athenaeum. 

J. P. NOLAN (Galway Co.). 
John Philip Nolan, son of the late John 

Nolan, Esq., J. P. of Ballinderry, by Mary Anne his 
wife; b. Aug. 30th, 1838; ed. at Clongowes, Stony- 
hurst, Trinity Coll., Dublin, the Staff Coll., and the 
advanced class, Woolwich ; entered R, A. as Lieut. 1857, 
became Capt. 1869, Major 1877, and Lieut. -Col. retired 
1881 ; served throughout the Abyssinian Campaign 
(mentioned in despatches, and medal) ; is a J. P. for co. 
Galway. In favour of Home Rule ; sat for co. Galway 
Feb. to June 1872, when he was unseated, and has sat 
therefor since Feb. 1874. 

Cor unum via una. 6"<rrt^— Ballinderry, co. Galway. Club — Army and Navy. 

J. NOLAN (Louth Co., North Louth Division). 

Joseph Nolan; h. 18 — ; formerly a Schoolmaster; is Manager 
of" Palace" Winter Gardens Pavilion and Salt Water Baths, at New Brighton. 
A home Ruler; has sat for N. Louth Div. of Louth co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— ^evt Brighton, Cheshire. 

R S. NORRIS (Tower Hamlets, Limehouse Division). 

Kdward S. Norris, son of the late Samuel 
Edward Norris, Esq., of Upper Clapton, Middlesex ; 
b. Oct. 17th, 1832; ed. at Leatherhead Gram. School : 
tn. 1st, 1861, Mary, who d. 1867, da. of the late James 
Gole, Esq., Solicitor; 2ndly, 1869, Anne Amelia, da. 
of C. Wohlgemuth, Esq. ; was formerly a Merchant and 
Manufacturer; late Capt. Comdt. 2nd Sussex Artillery 
Vol. ; is Director and Dep. Chm. of Southampton 
Dock Co.. Treasurer of Merchant .Seamen's Orphan 
Asylum, and the East London Hospital for Children, 
and Trustee for various public charities ; author of " A 
Short History of the Curriers' Co.," and of political 
pamphlets. A Conservative; has sat for Limehouse 
Div. of Tower Hamlets since Nov. 1885. 
Residences— Hurst Dene, Hastings : 24, Chester Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. Clubs 
—Junior Carlton, Constitutional, Old City. 





Henry Stafford Northcote, C.B.^ 2nd son 
of 1st Earl of Iddesleigh, G.C.B., by Cecilia Frances, 
C./., da. of Thomas Farrer, Esq., of Lincoln's Inn ; 
b. Nov. i8lh, 1846; ed. at Eton, and at Merton Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1869, M.A. 1873) : m. 1873, Alice, da. of 
Sir George Stephen, 1st b.nrt., of Montreal ; appointed 
a clerk in Foreign Office 1868 ; was attached to Marquess 
of Kipon's Special Mission to arrange the Alabama 
Treaty in 1871, .Sec. to H.M.'s Claims Commn. under 
Treaty of Washington 1871-3, and Private Sec. to Mar- 
quess of Salisbury on his Embassy to Constantinople 
1876-7; appointed Acting 3rd Sec. in Diplo. Service 
1876 ; was Private Sec. to his father when Chancellor of 
the Exchequer 1877-80, and Financial Sec. to War Office 
; is a Director of Canadian Pacific Railway ; C.B. 1880. 
has sat for Exeter since March 31st, 1880. 

Clubs— Qax\\on, 81. James's, Athenaeum, 

Christi Crux tst 
Mta Lux. 

June 1885 to Jan. 1886 

A ** Moderate Conservative" ; 

Resid*nce—T, Seamore Place, Mayiatr, W, 
St. Stephen's, Empire. 

R. NORTON (Kent, Soath Western, or Tunbrldge, DlvlBlonX 
Robert Norton, son of the late William Norton, Esq., of 
Burcott House, Northamptonshire ; b. Oct. nth, 1838 ; ed. privately : m. 1867, 
Amelia Harriet, da. of the late Rev, John Duncombe Shafto ; Bar. Middle 
Temple 1865 ; formerly a Clerk in War Office. A Conservative \ has sat for 
S.W., or Tunbridge, Div. of Kent since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— YiQ!trD& House, Yalding, Maidstone. Clubs — Carlton, Unioo. 

J. F. X. O'BRIEN (Mayo Co., South Mayo DlvlBlon) [See pa«e 164]. 

P. 0. O'BRIEN (Monaghan Co., North Monaghan DlvlBlon) [See page 164L 

P. J. O'BRIEN (Tlpperary Co., North Tlpperary Division). 
P. J. O'Brien, son of Mr. James O'Brien, of Nenagh ; b. 1835 ; 
is Chm. of Nenagh Town Commis. : m. 1878, Bridget, da. of Mr. Dennis 
Hayes, of Ballinioker, Nenagh. A Home KuUr\ hi^ sat for N. Tipperary 
Div. of Tipperary co. since Dec. 1 885. 

Residence— ^t.n^^. Town Address— -^fy^ Cambridge Street, Pimlico, S.W. 

W. O'BRIEN (T3rrone Co., South Tyrone DlvlslonX 
William O'Brien, son of the late Mr. James O'Brien, of Mallow, 
CO. Cork, by Kate, da. of Mr. James Nagle, of Mallow ; b. 1852 ; ed, at Diocesan 
Coll., Cloyne ; was for several years a writer in the Freetnan's yottrnal, and is 
now Editor of United Ireland. A Home Ruler ; sat for Mallow Jan. 24th, 1883, 
to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. since Dec. 5th, 1885. 
Residence— \jo>Ntx Atbey Street, Dublin. 

A. O'CONNOR (Donegal Co., East Donegal Division). 

Arthur O'Connor, son of the late William 
O'Connor, Esq., M.D., of Dingle, co. Kerry, and 30, 
Upper Montagu Street, W.; b. 1844 ; ed. at St. Cuth- 
hert's Coll., Ushaw : m. 18 — , Ellen, el. da. of 
William Connolly, Esq. ; Bar. Middle Temple 1883 ; 
is a Member of the S. E. Circuit. A Honu Ruler ; sat 
for Queen's co. April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; elected for 
K. Donegal Div. of Donegal co., and also for Ossory 
Div. of Queen's co. Dec 4th, 1S85, and elected to sit 
for the former. 

Residence— ^T, Rowan Road, West Kensington Park, W, 
Chambers— 2, Garden G>urt, Temple, W. 


J. O'CONNOR (Kerry Co., South Kerry Division). 
John O'Connor, son of the late Edward O'Connor, Esq., 

of Mulgeeth House, co. Kildare ; b. May 1st, 1837 : m. ist, Marianne, who 
d. 18—, da. of the late Denis Byrne, Esq. ; 2ndly, Mary Margaret, da. of James 
White, Esq., of Restrevor Terrace, Clontarf; elected an Alderman of Dublin 
1883, and was Lord Mayor of that City 1886. K Home Ruler; unsuccess- 
fully contested co. Kildare April 1880 ; has sat for S. Kerry Div. of Kerry 
CO. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— hkiYte^Ynisv, Dalkey, co. Dublin. 

J. O'CONNOR (Tipperary Co., South Tipperary Division). 
John O'Connor. A Ho7ne Ruler; sat for Tipperary co. 
Jan. 9th, 1885 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Tipperary Div. of co. Tipperary 
since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 
Residence — 

T. P. O'CONNOR (Liverpool, Scotland Division). 
Thomas Power O'Connor, son of Mr. Thomas O'Connor, of 

Athlone ; b. 1848 ; ed. at the Queen's Coll., Galway (M.A. Queen's Univ., 
Ireland) ; is a journalist ; author of "Lord Beaconsfield, a Biography," and 
other works. A Home Ruler ; sat for Galway borough April 1880 to Ncv. 
1885, in which month he was elected for Scotland Div. of Liverpool and also 
for Galway Borough, and chose the former constituency. 
Residence— -^.t Grosvenor Road, Westminster, S.W. 

J. E. O'DOHERTT (Donegal Co., North Donegal Division). 
James Edward O'Doherty, son of B. P. O'Doherty, Esq., 
Merchant, of Buncrana, co. Donegal; b. 1848 ; ed. at Castleknock; admitted 
a Solicitor in Ireland 187 1, having previously obtained the Gold Medal of 
Incorporated Law So. A Home Ruler ; has sat for N. Donegal Div. of Donegal 
CO. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Buncrana, co. Donegal. 

K. I. O'DOHERTY (Meath Co., North Meath Division). 
Kevin Izod O'Doherty, b. June 1824; F.R.C.S.I. 1857, 

L.K.Q.C.P.I. 1859 : m, 1855, Eva Mary, da. of — Kelly, Esq., of Galway ; in 
1848 was sentenced to 10 years' transportation for treason-felony, and departed 
to Van Dieman's Land ; received a conditional pardon 18 — , and in 1856 an 
unconditional pardon ; sat sometime as a M.L.A. of Queensland, and in 1877 
was elected a M.L.C. of that colony. A Home Ruler ; has sat for N. Meath 
Div. of CO. Meath since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — 

T. O'HANLON (Cavan Co., East Cavan Division). 
Thomas O'Hanlon ; b. 18 — ; is a wholesale and retail licensed 
grocer in Derry, formerly a member of Newry Board of Guardians and of 
Town Council of Derry. A Honu Ruler ; has sat for E. Cavan Div. of Cavan 
CO. since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— Derry . 

P. O'HEA (Donegal Co., West Donegal Division). 
Patrick O'Hea, son of the late P. O'Hea, Esq., M.D., of 
Clonakilty, co. Cork, by Mary, da. of C. MacCarthy, Esq.; b. Oct. loth, 
1852; ed. at Gayfield, an affiliated Coll. of Catholic Univ., and attended Law 
Lectures in Trin. Coll., Dublin : m. 1880, a da. of the late John Slattery, Esq., 
of Coolnagour, Dungarvan; admitted a Solicitor in Ireland 1875 ; is a Member 
of Corporation of City of Cork and of Irish National League. A Home Ruler) 
has sat for W. Donegal Div. of Donegal co. since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — 2, Buxton Terrace, Cork. 


J. O'KELLT (Roaoommon Co-. North Bosoommon Division). 
James O'Kelly, son of John O' Kelly, Esq., of co. Roscommon ; 
b. 1845 ; ed. at Durham and Paris ; served sometime in the French Army, 
and retired as Capt. ; was subsequently one of llic Editors of the New York 
Herald^ and in 1873 volunteered to proceed as war correspondent to Cuba ; 
here he visited Ceopedes and the Cuban rebels, and upon returning to the 
Spanish lines was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death as a susi>ectcd /Uibus- 
tero] he was, however, saved by Senor Castelar from the Spanish bullets, 
and took part in the war against the famous Sioux chief, "Sitting Bull," 
and afterwards accompanied H.I.M. the Emperor of Brazil in his voyage from 
Rio Janeiro through the United States. A Uome Ruler ; sat for co. Roscom- 
mon April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N. Roscommon Div. of Roscommon 
CO. since Dec. 8th, 1885. 

8. OKA£A (Queen's Co., Ossory Dlylsion). 
Stephen O'Mara; b, 18 — ; is Mayor of Limerick 1886. A 
Honu Ruler \ elected for Ossory Div. of Queen's co. Feb. 12th, 1886. 
^rn^/mc^— Limerick. 

HON. R. T. O'NEILL (Antrim Co., BUd Antrim Dlvlfilon). 

Robert Torrens O'Neill, 2nd son of ist Baron 
O'Neill, by Henrietta, da, of the late Hon, Robert Torrens, 
a Judge of the Common Pleas in Ireland; b. 1845 ; ed. at 
Harrow and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford (M.A. ii!i7o) ; is a 
J. P. for CO. Antrim, and a D,L. for co. Londonderry (High 
Sheriff 1871) ; formerly Major 4th Batn. Inniskilling Fusiliers. 
A Conservative ; elected for Mid Antrim Div. of co, Antrim 
Dec, 2nd, 1885, having previously in that year unsuccessfully 
contested co. Antrim. 

i?/Mi^!rfiMV— Derrynoyd, Draperstown, co. Deny. C/m^«— Junior Carlton, Ulster. 
W. H- CSHEA (Oalway Borough) [See page 1641 

F. OTTER, LlncolnsMre (East Llndsey, or Louth, Division). 

Francis Otter, son of the late Francis Otter, Esq., of Ranby 
Hall, Wragby, by Elizabeth, da. of Samuel Younger, Esq. ; b. 1831 ; ed, at 
Gainsborough, Rugby, and Corpus Christi Coll,, Oxford (B.A, 18 — , M.A. 
1857) : m. 1875, Emily Helen, da. of the late William Cross, Esq., of Glas- 
gow ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1867 ; is a J, P. for co. Lincoln. A Liberal 'y has sat 
for E. Lindsey, or Louth, Div. of Lincolnshire since Dec. 1885. 

.y^a/— Ranby Hall, Wragby. C/i^— National Liberal, New University. 

SIR RICHARD H. PAGET, Bart. (Somersetshire, Wells Division). 

Richard Homer Paget, son of the late John 
Moore Paget, Esq., of Cranmore, Somerset, by Elizabeth 
Jane, da, of the late Rev. J, F. Doveton, R. of Mells, 
Somerset; b. 1832 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst: 
tn. 1866, Caroline Isabel, 2nd da. of H. E. Surtees, Esq., 
of Redworth, Durham ; is a J.P, and a D,L, for Somer- 
setshire ; foiinerly Capt, 66th Regt,, and Hon. Lieut. - 
Col 3rd Vol. Batn, Prince Albert's (Somersetshire) L.I., 
cr. a Baronet Feb, 1886. A Conservative ; sat for E. 

Somerset July 1865 to Nov, 1868, and for Mid Somerset Nov, 1868 to Nov. 

1885 ; has sat for Wells Div. of Somersetshire since Dec, 4th, 1885, 

Seat — Cranmore Hall, near Shepton Mallet. Town Residence — 58, Queen Anne 

Street, W. C lub—Q^Xtou. 



T. T. PAGET (Leicestershire, South, or Haxborough, Division). 

Thomas Tertius Paget, el. son of the late 
Thomas Paget, Esq., M.P., by Anne, 2nd da. of the 
late John Pares, Esq., of The Newarke, Leicester; b. 
Dec. 27th, 1807 : m. 1850, Katharine Geraldine, 4th da. 
J^ft^^*^^^ of the late Marcus MacCausland, Esq. , of Dreenagh, co. 
^^^B ^^K Derry; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Leicestershire (High 
^^* ^^^ Sheriff 1869), and a partner in Leicester Bank. A 
Liberal; sat for S. Leicestershire Nov. 1867 to Nov. 1868, 
when he was defeated, and April 1880 to Nov. 1885, 
having been defeated in June 1870 and Feb, 1874; has 
sat for S., or Harborough. Div. of Leicestershire since 
Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Seats — Humberstone, Leicester ; Ibstock House, Ashby-de-la-Zouch ; Oxendon Lodge, 
Market Harborough. Clubs — Reform, Brooks's, Devonshire, City Liberal, National Liberal, 

C. M. PALMER (Durham Co., Jarrow Division). 

Charles Mark Palmer, younger son of the 
late George Palmer, Esq., shipowner and merchant, of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, by Maria, da. of Thomas Taylor, 
Esq. ; b. 1822 : ///. 1st, 1846, Jane, who d. 1865, da. 
of Ebenezer Robson, Esq., of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 2ndly, 
1867, Augusta Mary, who d. 1875, da. of Alfred Lambert, 
Esq. , of Paris ; 3rdly, 1877, Gertrude, da. of James Mont- 
gomery, Esq., J. P., of Hartlands, Cranford, Middlesex; 
is an extensive coalowner, and plate-glass manufacturer, 
and founder of the town of Jarrow, of which he was first 
Mayor 1875, * J-^- ^^^ ^ D.L. for co. Durham and 
N. Riding of Yorks, Lieut. -Col. Comdt. Newcastle-on- 
Tyne and Durham Engineer Vol., and Lord of Manor of 
Easington and Hinderwell in N. Riding. A Liberal', 
unsuccessfully contested S. Shields 1869; sat for N. 
Durham Feb. to May 1874, when he was unseated, and from June 19th, 1874, 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Jarrow Div. of Durham co. 

Seats— Q,r\nV\& Park, Loflus-in Cleveland. Yorkshire ; Newcastle-on-Tyne. Town 

Residence— ^l, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubs — Brooks's, Reform, Windham. 

C. S. PARKER (Perth). 
Charles Stuart Parker, el. son of the late 

C. S. Parker, Esq., merchant, of Aigburth, Liverpool, 
and Fairlie, Ayrshire, by Anne, el. da. of Samuel 
Sandbach, Esq., of Woodlands, Liverpool, and Hafo- 
dunos, Denbigh ; b. 1829 ; ed. at Eton, and at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford (B.A., in first-class honors, 1852, Fellow 
1854, M.A. 1856) ; was a Public Examiner at Oxford 
1859, i860, 1863, and i868, Private Sec. to Right Hon. 
E. Cardwell, when Sec. of State for Colonies, 1864-6, 
a member of Roy. Commn. on Military Education 1869- 
70, and of Scotch Endowed Schools Commn. 1872-4, 
and one of the Special Commrs, for Public Schools ; 
formerly Major of Oxford Univ. Vol. ; is Chm. of 
Referees on Private Bills for the present parliament. A Liberal; sat for 
Perthshire Nov. 1868 to Feb. 1874, when he was defeated ; has sat for Perth 
since Feb. 1878. 

Residence— V?:\r\\c^, Ayrshire. Town Residence— \Si Great Queen Street, Westminster, 
S.W. C/«^— Athena:um. 



0. 8. PARMELL (Ooilc OltjX 

Charles Stewart Parnell, son of the late John 
Henry Parnell, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of Avondalc, co. 
Wicklow, by Delia, da. of Commodore Charles Stewart, 
of the United States Navy; b. 1846; cd. at Magdalene 
Coll., Camb. ; was sometime a J. P. for co. Wicklow, of 
which he was High Sheriff 1874. A I/ontf Rula- ; un- 
successfully contested Dublin co. March 1874 ; sat for 
Meath co. April 1875 to March 1880 ; has sat for Cork 
city since April 6th, 1880. 

Tvmn Addrtu 

Residence— hvon6»\t, Rathdrum, co. Wicklow. 
bridge Street, Westminster, S.W. 

JONES-PARRT (CamarYon DlstrlctX 

Thomas Duncombe Love Jones-Parry, 

el. son of the late Lieut. -Gen. Sir Love Parry Jones- 
Parry, K.H., of Madryn, sometime M.P. for 
Horsham and Camar\'on Boroughs, whose father 
assumed the additional surname of Parry, by 
Elizabeth, da of the late Thomas Caldecot, Esq., of 
Holton Hall, Lincolnshire; ^. Jan. 8lh, 1832 ; ed. 
at Rugby, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford ; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for Carnarvonshire (High Sheriff 1854), 
and a Fellow of numerous Literary, Scientific, and 
Antiquarian Socs. ; formerly Capt. Royal Anglesey 
Militia. A Liberal \ sat for Carnarvonshire Nov. 
1868 to Feb. 1874, when he was defeated ; has 
sat for Carnarvon District since March 28th, 1882. 

Seat — Madryn Ca-stle, Pwllheli, Carnarvonshire. 
TaifH Residence— iTj, Piccadilly. W. C/k^*— Junior 
United Service, Reform. 

J. M. PAULTON (Durham Co., Bishop Auckland DlvlslonX 
James Mellor Paulton, son of the late A. W. Paulton, Esq., 

of Bolton, by a da. of the late James Mellor, Esq., of Liverpool ; b. 1857 ; 

ed. at London International Coll., and at Trin. Hall, Camb.; formerly private 

Sec. to James Bryce. Esq., M.P. A Liberal) has sat for Bishop Auckland 

Div. of Durham co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— ^ougYiion Hall, Woking, Surrey : 150, Piccadilly, W. 

R. pp. A COCK (Lancashire. South Eastern Part, Gorton Division). 

Richard Peacock, son of the late Ralph 
Peacock, of Bank House, Swaladale, Yorks, by Dorothy, 
da. of the late John Robinson, of Swaledale ; b. April 
9th, 1820 ; ed. at Leeds Grammar Sch. : m. 1838, 
Hannah, da. of John Henry Crowther, of Leeds ; is a 
J. P. for CO. Lancaster, a Civil Engineer, and Director 
of Beyer, Peacock, & Co., etc. A Liberal; has sat for 
Gorton Div. of S.E. part of Lancashire since Dec. 


Vincit Veritas. 

Residence— Gorton Hall, Gorton, Manchester. 
Reform, Whitehall, Cobden ; Union (Manchester). 

W. PEARCE (Lanarkshire, Oovan Division). 
William Pearce, son of the late George Pearce, Esq., of the 

Admiralty ; b. 1835 ; ed. privately ; studied Naval Architecture under the late 



Oliver Lang, Esq. ; appointed in 1864 gen. Manager of Messrs. Robert Napier 
& Sons' Shipbuilding Yards at Glasgow, and in 1870 became a partner in Ship- 
building Firm of John Elder & Co. , of Fairfield, Govan, near Glasgow ; is 
Chm. of the Guion Line Steamship Co., and of the Scottish Oriental Steam 
Shipping Co., and a Director of other Steam Shipping Cos. ; appointed 1881 
a member of the Roy. Commn. on Tonnage, and is a member of Roy. 
Commns. on Loss of Life at Sea and on Depression of Trade. A Conservative ; 
has sat for Govan Div. of Lanarkshire since Dec. 1885. 
Jifsidettce— Glasgow. C/k^— Carlton. 

A. E. PEASE (York). 
Alfred Edward Pease, son of Sir Joseph 
Whit well Pease, M.P., 1st Bart., by Mary, da. of the 
late Alfred Fox, Esq., of Falmouth ; d. 1857 ; ed. at 
Grove House, Tottenham, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
(B.A. 1880, M.A 1883); is a J.P. for N. Riding of 
York, a D.L. for London, and a Director of Pease & 
Partners, Limited : m. 1880, Helen Ann, da. of Sir 
Robert Nicholas Fowler, M.P., ist Bart. K Liberal \ 
has sat for York since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— YvnAaD\k\.or^ House, Gisborough. 
Reform, Brooks's. 


H. F. PEASE (Yorkshire, North Riding, Cleveland Division). 

Henry Fell Pease, son of the late Henry 
Pease, Esq., M.P., of Pierremont, Darlington, and Stan- 
hope Castle, Durham, by Anna, who d. 1839, da. of 
Richard Fell, Esq., of Uxbridge ; b. April 28th, 1838; 
ed. privately : m. 1862, Elizabeth, da. of the late John 
Beaumont Pease, Esq. , of North Lodge, Darlington ; is 
a J.P. for Durham co. and N. Riding of York, and a 
Director of Public and Private Mining, Water, Engineer- 
ing, and other sos. ; was Mayor of Darlington 1874-5. 
A Liberal ; has sat for Cleveland Div. of N. R. of York 
since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Brinkbum, Darlington; Stanhope Castle, Durham. 
Clubs — Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal. 

SIR JOSEPH W. PEASE, Bart (Durham Co., Barnard Castle Division). 

Joseph Whitwell Pease, son of the late 
Joseph Pease, Esq., of Darlington, merchant, M.P. for 
S. Durham 1832-41, by Emma, da, of the late Joseph 
Gurney, Esq., of Lakenham Grove, Norwich ; b. June 
23rd, 1828 ; ed. privately : m. 1854, Mary, da. of the 
late Alfred Fox, Esq., of Falmouth; is a J.P. for 
Durham, a D.L. and J.P. for N. Riding of York, a 
Director of N.E. Railway, and an owner of coal and 
ironstone mines in Durham and Yorkshire ; cr. a baronet 
1882. A Liberal ; sat. for S. Durham July 1865 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Barnard Castle Div. of Durham co. 
since Dec. 1885. 

.SVa/j— Hutton Hall, Gisborough, Yorkshire; Kerris Vean, Falmouth. Tmvn Resi- 
de7ice- 1%, Kensington Palace Gardens, W, C/«<^5— Reform, Brooks's, Devonshire, City 



BIGHT HON. ABTHUR W. PEEL (Warwick and Leaminirton). 

Arthur Wellesley Pkel, /'.C, youngest son of the 
late Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel, 2nd hart., by Julia, da. of Gen. 
Sir John Floyd, ist bart. ; b. Aug. 6th, 1029; ed. at Eton, 
and at Halliol Coll., Oxford ; m. 1862, Adelaide, el. da. of 
William Stratford Dugdale, Esq., of Merevale, Warwick ; 
f.J4C <^ \ entered Inner Temple, but has not been called to the Har ; 
{'VC'^^0^1 was Parliamentary Sec. to Poor l^w Board Dec. 1868 to 
Jan. 1871, and to Board of Trade Jan. 1871 to Aug. 1873, 
Patronage Sec. to Treasury Aug. 1873 to F'eb. 1874, and 
Under-Sec. for Home Depart. April to Dec. 1880 ; elected 
Speaker of the House of Commons Feb. 1884, and re-elected Jan. 1886 ; is 
a D.L. and a J. P. of Warwickshire, and a J. P. Bedfordshire. A Liberal-, 
unsuccessfully contested Coventry 1863 ; sat for Warwick July 1865 to Nov. 
1885, since when he has sat for Warwick and Leamington. 

Seat— The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire. Residtmce—S^takt^t House, Palace of 
Westminster, S.W. C/««^— United University. 


Robert Peel, RC, G.C.B., el. 
son of the late Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel, 2nd 
bart., who was Premier 1833-5 and 184 1-6, 
and who d. 1850, by Julia, da. of Gen. Sir 
John Floyd, 1st bart.; b. May 4th, 1822; 
ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
1843) : m. 1856, Lady Emily Hay, youngest 
da. of 8th Marquess of TweeddaJe, K.T. ; 
was attache to British Embassy at Madrid 
June 1844 to May 1846, Sec to Legation 
in Switzerland May to Nov. 1846, and 

Charge d'Affaires there Dec. 1846 to June 1850, a Lord of the Admiralty Feb. 

1855 to May 1857, Sec. to special mission to Russia at coronation of Emperor 

Alexander 1856, and Ch. Sec. for Ireland July 1861 to 1865; P.C. 1861, G.C.B. 

1865 ; is a D.L. and J. P. for cos. Stafford and Warwick. A Conservative ; 

sat for Tamworth {L.C.) July 1850 to March 1880, and for Huntingdon 

Borough (C) March 1884 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Blackburn ; 

unsuccessfully contested Gravesend July 1880. 

Seats— T>r3iyx.on Manor, Tamworth : Villa Lammaraoor, Lake of Geneva, Switzerland. 
Ttmm Residence— f), Sprins Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Broolcs's, Turf, Sackville 

Street, Kildare Street, Sl James's, Royal Western Yacht. 

SIR LEWIS PELLT (Hackney. Nortli DivlslonX 
Lewis Pelly, K.C.B.^ K.C.S.I.y son of the late John Hinde 

Felly, Esq., of Hyde House, Gloucester; b. 1825; ed. at Rugby: m. 1878, 
Amy Henrietta, da. of the late Rev. J. Lowder, British Chap, at Shanghae ; 
entered E. L Co.'s Mil. Ser. 1841 ; became Capt. 1855, Major 1861, Lieut.- 
Col. 1866, Col. 1871, and Maj.-Gen. 1882; served in Sind previous to its 
annexation ; was Assist. Resident at Court of Guicowar 1852, m Civil Ser. of 
Sind 1852-6, A.D.C. to Gen. Jacob, comdg. cav. in Persian Expedition 1857. 
Sec. to Sir James Outram during occupation of Bushire and Kharack, Maj. of 
Brig, of Frontier Force of Sind Irregular Horse 1858, Judge at Kurrachee 
1859, Sec. of Legation at Court of Persia 1859-60, Charge des Affaires in 
Persia i860, employed on a special mission through E. Persia, Herat, 
Affghanistan, and Beloochistan i860, on a mission to the Comoro Islands 
and Mozambique Channel 1861, Political Agent and Consul at Zanzibar 1861-2, 
specially employed to visit and report on the Seychelle Islands 1862, Political 
Resident Persian Gulf 1862-73, employed 187 1 -2 with H.M.'s fleet before the 
Islands of Bahrain, attached to Sir Bartle Frere's Anti-Slavery Mission to 



E. Coast of Africa 1872-3, Agent to Gov. -Gen. for Rajpootana States and ex- 
officio Ch.-Commr. of Ajmere and Mhairwarra 1873-75, special Commr. and 
Agent to Gov.-Gen. at Baroda 1875-6, employed on a double mission to 
Khelat and Afghanistan 1876, and Envoy and Plen. at Peshawur Conference 
1877; many times thanked by Gov. for his services; C.S.I. 1867, K.C.S.I. 
1874, K.C.B. 1877. A Conservative; has sat for N. Div. of Hackney since 
Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— z, Eaton Square, S.W. C/«3— United Service, Windham, Athenaeum. 


LORD ALGERNON M. A. PERCY (St. George, Hanover Squaxe). 

Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy, son of 6th 
Duke of Northumberland, by Louisa, da. of the late 
Henry Drummond, Esq., M.P., of Albury Park, Surrey; 
b. Oct. 2nd, 1851 ; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford 
(B.A. 1871, M.A. 1878) : m. 1880, Lady Victoria 
Frederica Caroline, da. of 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe ; 
was sometime Lieut, and Adj. Grenadier Guards ; is Major 
3rd Batn. Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Royal Berkshire) 
Regt., and a J. P. for Surrey. A Conservative ; sat for 
Westminster Feb. loth, 1882, to Nov. 1885, since when 
he has sat for St. George, Hanover Square. 
/v'ffA/tv/tv— Merrow Grange, Guildford. Town Address — 2. Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

Clubs — Carlton, Guards'. 


B. PICKARD (TorksMre, West Riding, Southern Part, Normanton Division). 

Benjamin Pickard ; b. 18 — ; is Sec. to Yorkshire Miners' 

Union, and a Member of the Wakefield School Board; formerly a Wesleyan 

Local Preacher, A Liberal; has sat for Normanton Div. of S. part of W. R. 

of Yorkshire since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — Bamsley, Yorkshire. 

E H. PICEERSOILL (Betlmal Green, South West Division). 
Edward Hare Pickersgill, son of the late Thomas Pickersgill, 
Esq., Architect, of York; b. 1851 ; ed. at York Gram. School (B.A. London 
Univ. 1872); Bar. Inner Temple 1884; formerly a Clerk in Post Office. A 
I iberal) has sat for S.W. Div. of Bethnal Green since Nov. 1885. 
Residence — 54, CUssold Road, Stoke Newington, N. 

J. A. PICTON (Leicester). 

James Allanson Picton, el. son of Sir James Allanson Picton, 
of Sandyknowe, Wavertree, Liverpool, by Sarah, da. of Henry Pooley, Esq., 
of Liverpool; b. Aug. 8th, 1832; ed. at Owen's Coll., Manchester (B.A. 
London Univ. 1854, M.A. 1856) : m. 1st, 1859, Margaret, who d. 1862, da. 
of the late John Beaumont, Esq., of Manchester; 2ndly, 1866, Jessie, da. of 
the late Sydney Williams, Esq., of Hamburg ; was a member of London 
School Board (Hackney Div.) 1870-79 ; author of " Life of Oliver Cromwell," 
and "Lessons from the Rise and Fall of the English Commonwealth." A 
Liberal ; has sat for Leicester since June 26th, 1884. 

Residence— Zo, Regent's Park Road, N.W. 

G. A. PILKINGTON (Lancashire, South West, Southport Division). 
George Augustus Pilkington, son of R. G. Coombe, Esq., of 
Burnham, Essex; b. 1848; ed. privately : m. 1876, a da. of James Pilkington, 
Esq., J. P., D.L., of Park Place, Blackburn; xM.R.C.S., Eng., and L.S.A. 
1870; was Mayor of Southport 1884-5; assumed on his marriage the surname 
of Pilkington in lieu of his patronymic. A Liberal ; has sat for Southport Div. 
of S.W. Lancashire since Dec. I085. 

Residence— -i^Xf Lord Street, Southport. C/«*-~National Liberal, 


O. PITT-LBWIB [Be« Lewis I 

BT. HON. SIR LYON PLAYFAIR (Leeds. South DtvlBlon). 

Lyon Playfair, P.C, K.C.B., LL.D., 

F.R.S.f son of the late Dr. George Playfair, Ch. 
Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals, Bengal, by Jessie, da, of 
the late Mr. George Ross ; b. May 2ist, 1819 ; ed. at 
Univs. of St. Andrew's, Edinburgh, and Giessen, and at 
Univ. Coll., Lx)ndon (Hon. LL.D. St. Andrew's, Edin- 
burgh, and McGill Univ., Montreal) : m. 1st, 1846, 
Margaret Eliza, who d. 1855, da, of the late James 
Oakes, Esq., Ridding's House, Derby ; 2ndly, 1857, 
Jean Ann, who</. 1877, da. of the late Crowley Milling- 
,, ^. ^ ton. Esq, ; 3rdly, 1878, Edith, da. of S. H. Russell, 

vum spiro sptro. ^^^ ^^ Boston, U.S.A. ; studied chemistry at Ander- 
sonian Univ., Glasgow, 1834, and under Liebig 1838 ; was manager of calico 
print works at Clitheroe 1840-3 ; has been Professor of Chemistry in Roy. 
Institution, Manchester, a Commr. to examine into the sanitary condition of 
large towns and populous districts, Chemist to Museum of Practical Geology, 
Special Commr. m chaise of Depart, of Juries at Great Exhibitions of 1851 
(C.B.)and 1862, Gentleman Usher to the late Prince Consort, joint Sec. to 
Depart, of Science and Art, Inspector-Gen, of Govt. Museums and Schools of 
Science, Pres. of Chemical So., London, and Professor of Chemistry in Univ. 
of Edinburgh ; was Postmaster-Gen. Nov. 1873 to Feb. 1874, Chm. of Ways 
and Means May 1880 to Feb. 1883, Chm. of Panel of Chairmen 1883, and 
Pres. of British Asso. for advancement of Science 1885 ; has been Vice- 
Pres. of Committee of Council on Education since Feb. 1886; P.C.Dec, 1873, 
K,C,B. 1883 ; is a Com. of Austrian Order of Francis Joseph, and of French 
Legion of Honor, a Knight of Portuguese Order of the Conception, and of 
Swedish Order of Northern Star, and a Knight of WUrtemburg. A Liberal ; 
sat for Universities of Edinburgh and St. Andrew's Dec. 4th, 1868, to Nov. 
1885, since when he has sat for S. Div. of Leeds. 

Town R«*idtnct-4A, Onslow Gardens, S W. CAkAt— Athenxum, Edinburgh University, 

RIGHT HON. DAVID R. PLUNKET (Dublin UnlversltyX 

David Robert Plunket,/'.C, Q.C, 
LL.D., son of 3rd Baron Plunket, by Char- 
lotte, da. of the late Right Hon. Charies R. 
liushe, Ch. Justice of Queen's Bench in 
Ireland ; b. Dec. 3rd, 1838 ; ed. at Trin, 
Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1859, M.A. and LLD, 
1S75). Bar, King's Inns, Dublin, 1862, and 
(^).C. 1868; was Taw adviser to Irish CJovt. 
in 1S6S, Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1875-77, 
Paymaster-Gen. March to April 1880, and 
First Commr. of Works and Buildings June 
1885 to Jan. 1886; P,C. 1880 ; formerly Professor of Constitutional and 
Criminal Law King's Inns, Dublin; edited in 1867 the "Life and Speeches 
of Lord Plunket," A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Dublin city 1868 ; 
has sat for Dublin University since Feb. 14th, 1870. 

Residence— %T, Merrion Square South, Dublin. Town ResicUrue—tt, Mandeville 
Place, W. C/«^J— Carlton, Garrick ; University and Kildarc Street, Dublin. 

W. P. POMFRET (Kent, Soutliem, or AsMord, Division). 

William Pomfret Pomfret, son of the late William Burra, Esq., 

Banker, of Ashford, Kent, by May Catherine, da. of the late John Butler 

Pomfret, Esq., of Tenterden, Kent; b. Dec. 1828; ed, at Shrewsbury and 

Tunbridge Schools: m. ist, 1853, Isabella, who d. 1876, da, of the late 



George Nottidge, Esq., of Yard ley Lodge, Tunbridge, Kent; 2ndly, 1878, 
Flora Rose, da. of Charles Frederick Hore, Esq., of Hilden, Beckenham; is 
a J. P. for Kent, and a Banker at Ashford ; assumed in 18 — , by royal licence, 
the surname of Pomfret in lieu of Burra. A Conservative \ has sat for S., or 
Ashford, Div. of Kent since Dec. 1885. 

Residences~Go6\.x\%x.on Park, Ashford, Kent ; Morghew, Tenterden, Kent. Clubs — 
Union, Constitutional, Empire. 


HON. E. B. PORTMAN (DorsetsMre, Northern Division). 

Edwin Berkeley Portman, son of ist 
Viscount Portman, by Lady Emma Lascelles, da. 
of 2nd Earl of Harewood ; b. 1830; ed. at Rugby 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B. A. 1850, Fellow of 
All Souls' Coll. 18—); Bar. Inner Temple 1852; 
was sometime Sec. to First Commr. of Public 
"Works. A Liberal; has sat for N. Div. of Dorset- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 12, Ashley Place, Victoria Street, S.W. 
Clubs — St. James's, United University, Devonshire. 


T. B. POTTER (Rochdale). 

Thomas Bayley Potter, son of the late Sir 
Thomas Potter, of Buile Hill, Manchester, by Esther, 
da. of Thomas Bayley, Esq., of Booth Hall, Manchester; 
b. Nov. 29th, 181 7; ed. at Rugby, and at Univ. Coll., 
London : m. 1846, Mary, who d. 1885, da. of Samuel 
Ashton, Esq., of Gee Cross, Hyde; is a D.L. and a J.P 
of Lancashire, a J.P. for Manchester, and Hon. Sec. 
of the Cobden Club ; was Pres. of Union and Emanci- 
pation So. during the war in the United States. A 
Radical; has sat for Rochdale since April 1865. 

Residence— -^x, Courtfield Gardens, S.W. Chambers — 

Reform Club Chambers, 105, Pall Mall, S.W. C/«**— Reform, National Liberal, Cobden, 

F. S. POWELL (Wigan). 
Francis Sharp Powell, son of the late Rev. 
Benjamin Powell, of Wigan, by Anne, da. of the late 
Rev. T. Wade ; b. 1827 ; ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb. 
(B.A. in classical and mathematical honors in 1850, M.A. 
1853) : m. 1858, Anne, 2nd da. of Matthew Gregson, 
Esq., of Toxteth Park, Liverpool ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1853, but does not practise ; is a J.P. for Lancashire and 
W. Riding of York. A Liberal Conservative; sat for 
Wigan March 1857 to April 1859, when he was defeated, 
for Cambridge Feb. 1863 to Oct. 1868, for N. Div. of 
g________^^ W. Riding of York Feb. 1872 to March 1874, and for 

.>,^RPE Dtgj:^.*-'^ Wigan Jan. to April 1881. when he was unseated ; un- 
successfully contested Wigan July 1852, Oct. 1854, and April 1859, Stalybridge 
1871, and N. Div. of W. Riding of York April 1874 and April 1880; re- 
elected for Wigan Jan. i8th, 1881, and Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Patron o/^one living — All Saints', Horton, V., Yorkshire. 

Seat— Worton Old Hall, Bradford, Yorkshire. Tonvn Residence— \, Cambridge Square, 
Hvde Park, W. C/»^x— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 



W. R. H. POWELL (CannartiienBlilre, Wettern Division). 

Walter Rice Howell Powell, son of the 
late Walter Rice Howell Powell, by Mary, da. of 
Joshua Powell, Esq., of Brislington; b. 1819; ed. at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford : m. ist, 1840, Emily Anne, who d. 
1846, 2nd da. of Henry Skrine, Esq., of Stubbings, 
Berks, and Warleigh Manor, Bath; 2ndly, 1851, 
Catherine Anne, 2nd da. of Grismond Philipps, Esq., 
of Cwmgwilly, Carmarthen ; is a J. P. and a D.L. lor 
COS. Pembroke and Carmarthen (High Sheriff 1849), 
and a J.P. for Cardiganshire : has been more than 
forty-six years Master of Foxhounds. A Liberal ; sal 
for Carmarthenshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat 
for W. Div. of Carmarthenshire since Dec. 1885. 

^^ju/«i«r«— Maesg.wynne, Whitland, Carmarthenshire. C/w^— National Liberal. 

0. 8< BADEN-POWELL (Liverpool, Ktrkdale DlvlslonX 

George Smyth Baden-Powell, C.M.G.y son of the late Pro- 
fessor Baden- Powell, of Langton, Kent ; b. 18 — ; ed. at Marlborough Coll. 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. in honors 1875, Chancellor's Prize, English 
Essay 1876, M.A. 1876); was one of two Roy. Commrs. appointed in 1882 
to enquire into and advise upon financial and administrative affairs of W. Indian 
Colonies; cr. C.M.G. 1884; assisted Sir Charles Warren in S. Africa 1885; 
author of books and papers upon Economic, Financial, and Colonial subjects. 
A Conservative ; has sat for Kirkdale Div. of Liverpool Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Resid4nce—6, St. George's Place, Hyde Park Comer, W. 

P. J. POWER (Waterford Co-, East Waterford DivlBlon).'' 

Patrick Joseph Power, son of Preise Power, Esq., of Newtown 
House, Tramore, co. Waterford; b. 1850; is a J.P. for co. Waterford. A 
Home Ruler', sat for Waterford co. Aug. 21st, 1884, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for 
East Waterford Div of co. Waterford since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Residence — Newtown House, Tramore, co. Waterford. 

R. POWER (Wateiford City). 

Richard Power, son of Patrick W. Power, 
Esq., J. P., of Pembroke Lodge, Tramore, co. W^ater- 
ford, by Ellen, da. of the late Edmond Power, Esq., 
D.L., of Gurteen, co. Waterford ; b. 1851 ; ed. at Old 
Hall Coll., Hertfordshire. In favor of Home Rule\ 
has sat for Waterford city since Feb. 1874. 

Residefue—VtvcCiixoVti Lodge, Tramore, co. Waterford. Club 
— Garrick. 



G. E. PRICE (Devonport). 
George Edward Price, son of George Price, 

Esq., formerly of Worthy Park, Jamaica, by the Hon. 
Emily Valentine, da. of 14th Baron Dunsany ; b. March 21st, 
1842 ; m. 1873, Gertrude Lawrence, adopted da. of Phoebe, 
widow of Joshua Locke, Esq. , M. P. ; is a retired Com. 
R.N. ; served in China war 1857 (medal with clasp). A 
Conservative', has sat for Devonport since Feb. 1874. 


Restdefice— Carlton Hall, Saxmundham. 

Clubs — Naval and Military, Carlton, 

T. p. PRICE (Monmoutlislilre, Northern Division). 
Thomas Phillips Price, son of the late Rev. William Price, Vicar 
of Llanarth, Monmouth, by Mary, da. of the late Thomas Phillips, Esq., of 
Llanellen, Monmouth; b. June 14th, 1844; ed. at Winchester and at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1867, M.A. 1869): m. 1882, Frances Ann, da. of the Rev. 
John Charles Rowlatt ; Bar. Inner Temple 1869; is a J. P. for Monmouthshire 
(High Sheriff 1882); formerly Capt. Roy. Monmouthshire Militia. A Liberal ; 
has sat for N. Div. of Monmouthshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— TnX^y Court, Abergavenny; 135, Sloanc Street, S.W. CluBs — Union, 

B. PRIESTLEY (YorksMre, West Riding, Eastern Part, Pudsey Division). 

Briggs Priestley ; b. 1 83 1 ; is a partner in a firm of Worsted 
Manufacturers at Bradford. A Liberal ; has sat for Pudsey Div. of E. Part of 
W. R. of Yorkshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Apperley Bridge, near Leeds. 

D. PUGH (CaxmaxtliensMre, Eastern Division). 

David PuGH, son of the late Col. David Pugh, 

by Elizabeth, da. of William Beynon, Esq., of Trewem, Pem- 
broke ; b. 1806; ed. at Rugby, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 18—); Bar. Inner Temple 1837; is a D.L. of Cardi- 
ganshire and a J. P. for Carmarthenshire; was Chm. of Car- 
marthenshire Quarter Sessions 1843-52, and sometime Capt. 
Carmarthenshire Rifle Vol. A Liberal; sat for Carmarthen- 
shire June 1857 to Nov. 1868; re-elected Dec. 4th, 1885. 
Residence — Manoravon, Llandilo, Carmarthenshire. C/«^— Oxford and Cambridge. 

J. H. PULESTON (Devonport). 

John Henry Puleston [of Llanfair, Ruthin, 
N. Wales], son of the late John Puleston, Esq., of 
Plasnewydd, Ruthin, by Mary, da. of the late James 
Jones, Esq., of Tryddyn ; b. June 2nd, 1830; ed. at 
Ruthin Gram. Sch., and at King's Coll., London: m. 
1857, Margaret, da. of the late Rev. Edward Lloyd, of 
Llanfyllin, N. Wales. A Conservative ; has sat for 
Devonport since Feb. 1874- 

Marine Residence — 31, Sussex Square, Brighton. Town 
Residence — 7, Dean's Yard, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Conservative, 
Royal Thames Yacht, City Carlton, City of London. 





J. PULLET (Hereford Borough). 

Joseph Pulley, son of the late Joseph Pulley, 
Esq. , of Bayswater, by Fanny, da. of Charles Oldaker, 
Esq., of Fladbury, .Worcester; b. 1822: m. i860, 
Mary Jane, 3rd da. of the late Henry W. Burgess, 
Esq.; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Herefordshire. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Hereford Borough since April 
1880, having been defeated there in Feb. 1874 and 
March 1878. 

Residrnces—ljomtx Eatoiij Hereford ; 90, Piccadilly, W. 
C/m^j— Devonshire, Reform, City Liberal, National Liberal. 

J. D. PYNE (Waterford Co., West Waterford DlvlBlonX 
Jasper Douglas Pyne, son of the Rev. William Masters Pyfie, 
Rector of Oxted, Surrey ; b. 1847 : ///. 18 — , a da. of the late Jasper Pyne, Esq., 
of Ballyvolane, and Castle Martyr, co. Cork ; is a large tenant farmer under 
the Duke of Devonshire. A Home RuUr ; has sat for W. Waterford Div. of 
Waterford co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— lAsSvaay Castle, Waterford. 

Street, W. 

W. C. QUILTER (Suffolk, South, or Sudbury, Division). 

William Cuthbert Quilter, son of William 
Quilter, Jisq., of 28, Norfolk Street, Park Lane, W., 
by Elizabeth Harriot, da. of Thomas Cuthbert, Esq. ; 
b. Jan. 29th, 1841 ; ed. privately : m. 1867, Mary Ann, 
da. of tlie late John Wheeley Bevington. Es(j., of Bruns- 
wick Terrace, Brighton ; is a J. P. for Suflfolk ; head of 
the firm of Quilter, Balfour, & Co., Stockbrokers, 14, 
King's Arms Yard, E.C., a Director (and one of the 
founders) of the United Telephone Co., Limited, Vice- 
Commodore Roy. Harwich \ acht Club, and Member of 
Council of Yacht Racing Asso. A Liberal ; has sat for 
S., or Sudbury, Div. of Suffolk since Nov. 1885. 

^r«V//^«<:«— Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich; Bawdscy Manor, 
Suffolk ; 4, Hninswick Square, Brighton ; 74, South Audley 
C/«^f— National Liberal, Raleigh. 

RIGHT HON. HENRY C. RAIKE8 (University of Cambridge). 

%^ Henry Cecil Raikes, /*.C, eL son of the late 

^B Henry Raikes, Esq., of Llwynegrin, Flint, by Lucy Char- 

|W^_ lotte, da. ofthelate Ven. Francis Wrangham, Archdeacon 

«iCBsP of Craven ; b. 1838 ; ed. at Shrewsbury Sch. and at Trin. 

Coll., Camb. (B.A., 2nd class Classics, i860, M.A. 1863) : 
m. 1 86 1, Charlotte Blanche, 4th da. of Charles Blayncy 
Trevor Roper, Esq., of Plas-Teg, Flint. ; Bar. Middle 
Temple 1863, and a Bencher 1880 ; is a J. P. for Cheshire, 
a J. P. and D.L. for Flintshire, and Pres. of Central Council 
of Diocesan Conferences; was Chm, of Council of National 
Union of Conservative and Constitutional Associations 
1868-75, ^lii«- of Church Defence Institution 1867-74, 
and Chm. ot Ways and Means and Dep. Speaker of House of Commons 1874- 
80. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Chester 1865, and Devonport 
1866; sat for Chester Nov. 1868 to March 1880, when he was defeated, and 
for Preston Feb. to Nov. 1882, since when he has represented Cambridge 

6"^a/— Llwynegrin, Mold, Flintshire. Clubs- Carlton, United University, St. Stephen's, 



J. RAMSAY (Falkirk District). 

John Ramsay, son of Robert Ramsay, Esq., of Stirling, by 
Elizabeth, da. of W. Stirling, farmer, of Craigforth; b. 18 14; ed. at Glasgow 
Univ. : in. 1st, 1857, Eliza, who </. 1864, da. of the late William Shields, Esq., 
of Lanchester, Durham ; 2ndly, 1871, Lucy, da. of the late George Martin, 
Esq., of Auchendennan, Dumbarton; is a merchant in Glasgow, a D.L. and 
a J. P. for Argyllshire, a J. P. for Lanarkshire, a member of Endowed Institutions 
Commn. under Act of 1878, and a Fellow or member of several learned sos. ; 
was an tinpaid member of Board of Education for Scotland, a member of Roy. 
Commn. on Education in Scotland (1864), of Roy. Commn. on Endowed 
Schools in Scotland (1872), and of Educational Endowments Commn. under 
Act of 1882. A Liberal \ sat for a short time for Stirling District 1868, and 
Feb. to March 1874, when he was disqualified; re-elected for Falkirk March 
26th, 1874, and at each subsequent general election. 

Seat — Kildalton, Argyllshire. Clubs — Windham, Athenaeum. 

SIR JOHN W. RAMSDEN, Bart. (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Part, 
Osgoldcross Division). 

«Aa John William Ramsden, son of the late 

©* John Charles Ramsden, Esq., successively M.P. for York- 

^1 shire and Malton, by Isabella, da. of ist Baron Dundas ; 

-^*^*- b. Sept. 14th, 1831 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., 

Camb. (M.A. 1852) : m. 1865, Lady Helen Guendolen 
St. Maur, da. of I2th Duke of Somerset ; is a D.L. and 
a J. P. for W. Riding of York, a D.L. of Inverness-shire, 
and Hon. Col. ist W. Riding Artillery Vol. ; was Under 
Sec. of State for War 1857-58, and High Sheriff of York- 
shire 1868; s. his grandfather as 5th bart. 1839. A 
Liberal; sat for Taunton 1853 to 1857, for Hythe 1857 
to 1859, for W. Riding of York 1859 to 1865, for Mon- 
mouth District Nov. 1868 to Feb. 1874, when he was 
defeated for E. Div. of W. Riding of York, and for E. Div. of W. Riding of 
York April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Osgoldcross Div. of E. Part of W. 
Riding of York since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Seats— Byram, Ferrybridge ; Longley Hall. Huddersfield ; Bulstrode Park, Gerrard's 
Cross, Bucks; Ardverikie, Kingussie, N.B. Toiun. Residence — 6, Upper Brook Street, 
W. C/w^f— Brooks's, Athenaeum, Travellers'. 

W. RATHBONE (Camarvonsliire, Northern, or Arvon, Division). 

William Ratheone, son of the late William 

Rathbone, Esq., of Green bank, Liverpool, by Elizabeth, 

da. of the late Samuel Greg, Esq., of Quarry Bank, 

Cheshire; b. P'eb. nth, 1819 : m. ist, 1847, Lucretia 

Wainwright, da. of the late S. S. Gair, Esq., of Liverpool ; 

2ndly, 1862, Emily Acheson, da. of the late Acheson 

Lyle, Esq., of The Oaks, Londonderry; is a D.L. and 

a J. P. for Lancashire, and a merchant in Liverpool. A 

Liberal', sat for Liverpool Nov. 1868 to March 1880 

unsuccessfully contested S.W. Lancashire April 1880 

sat for Carnarvonshire Nov. 30th, 1880, to Nov. 1885 

has sat for N., or Arvon, Div. of Carnarvonshire since 

Dec. 1885. 

Country Residence— Q,r^zx\\i&vi\i, near Liverpool. Town Address— 18, Prince's 

Gardens, S.W. C/«^f— Reform, Athenaeum, Devonshire. 



J. E. REDMOND (Wexford Oa, North Wexford Dlvlaloii). 

John Edward Redmond, el. son of the late 
William Archer Redmond, Esq., M.P. for Wexford 
Borough, by Mary, el. da. of the late Major R. H. Hoey, 
of Hoeyfield, co. Wicklow, and formerly of 6ist Regt. ; 
h, Sept. 1st, 1856 ; ed. at Clongowes Wood Coll., and at 
Trin. Coll., Dublin : m. 1884, Johanna, youngest da. of 
the late James Dalton, Esq., of Orange, New South 
Wales. An advanced Honu Ruler ; sat for Ne*w Ross 
Jan. 31st, 1881, to Nov. 188$; has sat for N. Wexford 
Div. of CO. Wexford since Dec. 5th, 1885. 

^i-r/V/^w* — Dhera, Gapham Rise, S.W. 

Club — Union 

W. H. K. REDMOND (Fermanagh. North Division). 

William Hoey Kearney Redmond, 2nd son of 
the late VVilliam Archer Redmond, Esq., M.P. for Wex- 
ford Borough, by Mary, el. da. of the late Major R. H. 
I locy, of Hoeyfield, co. Wicklow, and formerly of the 6ist 
Rc^'t. ; b. April 13th, 1861 ; ed. at Clongowes Wood and 
Carlos Colls. ; formerly Lieut. 3rd Bat. Roy. Irish Regt. ; 
in 1883 establisheii in conjunction with his brother the 
Irish National League in the Australian Colonies. An 
ai.anud Home Ruler; sat for Wexford Borough July 
10th, 1883, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N. Div. of 
Fermanagh since Dec. 1885. 

AiMrfss—Qreahim Hotel, Dublin. C/i»**— Catholic (Dublin) ; 
Union (Wexford). 

SIR EDWARD J. REED (CardllT DlftrlctX 

Edward James Reed, K.C.B., F.R.S., son 

of the late Mr. John Reed, of Sheemess, by Eli/p.'r'li 
his wife: t>. .Sept. 20th, 1830; ed. at Schu. 
Mathematical and Naval Construction, Portsnu. 
m. 1851, Rosetta, el. da. of the late Nathaniel Barnii v, 
Esq., of Sheemess ; was Ch. Constructor of the 
July 1863 to July 1870, when he resigned ; is a F.K.S . 
Vice-Pres. of Inst, of Naval Architects, member i>; 
Council of of Civil Engineers and a member <jI 
Inst, of Mechanical Engineers; author of "Our Iron- 
clad Ships," "Ship-building in Iron and Steel," *'()ur 
Naval Coast Defences," papers in " Philosoi>liii il 
Transactions," "Japan, its History, Traditions, .ud 
Religions," " The Stability of Ships," &c. C.B. i ^' n. 
K.C.B. 1880 ; is a Knight Com. of Russian order of S. Stanislaus, of Au- 1 1 
order of Francis Joseph, of Turkish order of the Medjidie, 2nd class, an i <>{ 
Japanese order of the Rising Sun ; has been a Junior Lord of the Tn.;: . y 
since Feb. 1886. A Liberal; sat for Pembroke District Feb. 1874 to M.iicii 
1880, and for Cardiff District March 1880 to Feb. 1886.* 

Seat — Hextable, Swanlcy, Kent. t^c«— Broadway Chambers, Westminster, S.W. 
C/»^— National Liberal 

H. O. REID (Aston Manor). 

Hugh Gilzean Reid, son of the late Mr. Hugh Reid, by 

Christian, da. of Mr. Gilzean, descendants of a long race of Highland Crofters; 

b. Aug. iilh, 1836; primarily self-educated, afterwards studied for the Non- 

conformbt Ministry, and passed examinations in Classics and Theology : m. 

• In Feb. 1886, Sir Edward Reed accepted office, and at the time of going to press his seat 
is vacant. 



1863, Anne, da. of the late John Craig, Esq., of Peterhead. N.B. ; is a 
Journalist, and Proprietor of The J^orth- Eastern Daily Gazette, Stockton-on- 
Tees Herald, etc. An advanced Liberal ; has sat for Aston Manor since Nov 

Residences— VfaxXey Hall, near Birmingham ; Middlesborough-on Tees, Yorks. 
—National Liberal, Hogarth. 


S. RENDEL (Montgomeryshire). 

Stuart Rendel, 3rd son of the late James 
Meadows Rendel, Esq., F.R.S. ; b. July 2nd, 1834; 
ed. at Eton, and at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1856, 
M.A. 1859) : m. 1857, Ellen, da. of William Egerton 
Hubbard, Esq., of Leonardslee, Horsham; Bar. Inner 
Temple 1861, but has never practised; formerly a 
member of Sir William Armstrong's engineering firm, 
and its managing partner in London. A LibercU', has 
sat for Montgomeryshire since April 1880. 

Country Residence— ?\^ Dinam, Montgomeryshire. Town 
Residence — i6. Palace Gardens, W. C/«^f — Brooks's, 

Athenaeum, Garrick. 

W. J. REYNOLDS (Tyrone co., East Tyrone Division). 
William James Reynolds, son of the late David Reynolds, of 

Dungannon, by Ellen, da. of Mr. Andrew Campbell, Esq. ; b. Aug. 1st, 1856; 
ed. at Royal School, Dungannon : m. 1881, Mary Teresa, da. of M. Montague, 
Esq., of Dungannon; admitted a Solicitor in Ireland 1879. -A- Home Ruler) 
has sat for E. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. since Dec. 1885. 
Residtrue — Dungannon. 

H. RICHARD (Merthyr Tydfil). 
Henry Richard, son of the late Rev. Ebenezer Richard, of 

Tregaron, Cardiganshire, a distinguished Calvinistic Methodist minister ; b. 
April 3rd, 1812; ed. at Gram. Sch., Llangeitho, and at Congregational Coll., 
Highbury: m. 1866, Augusta Matilda, 3rd da. of the late John Farley, Esq., 
of Kennington Park Road ; was formerly a Nonconformist minister, and for 
many years officiated at Marlborough Chapel, Old Kent Road ; has been a 
staunch advocate for arbitration as a means of settling national disputes ; is 
Sec. of the Peace Soc. A Liberal', has sat for Merthyr Tydfil since Nov. 1868. 
Residence — 11, Bolton Gardens, S.W. C/«^j— Devonshire, National Liberal. 

T. RICHARDSON (Hartlepool). 

Thomas Richardson, el. son of the late 
Thos. Richardson, Esq. , of Castle Eden, and Hartlepool ; 
b. June 6th, 1821 : m. 1843, Maria, da. of the late 
Richard Greenwell, Esq., of Sunderland ; is a J. P. and 
a D.L. for Durham co., a J. P. for N. Riding of York, 
and head of the firm of T. Richardson & Sons, 
marine engine-builders, Hartlepool. A Liberal-, sat 
for Hartlepool Feb. 1874 to July 1875, when he 
accepted the Chiltem Hundreds ; re-elected April 1880, 
and Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Seat — Kirklevington, Yarm, Yorkshire. 
National Liberal. 

Clubs— Reform. 



J. RIOBY (Cambrldgeahlro. Northeni. or Wlsbeaota. DlyUlon) 
John RiGBY, Q.a, son of the late Thomas Rigby, Esq., of 
Halton, Cheshire, bv Elizabeth, da. of Joseph Kendal, Esq. ; d. 1834; ed. at 
Liverpool Coll. and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 2nd Wrangler, 2nd M.A. 
1869, Smith's Prizeman, and Fellow of his Coll. 18—) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
i860, and a Q.C. and Bencher 1881 ; was Junior Council to Treasury 1875-81. 

\q*^^^'' ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^•» ^^ Wisbeach, Div. of Cambridgeshire since Dec. 

Residence— ](>. lermyn Street, St. James's, S.W. C/«**— Oxfoitl and Cambridae. 
•Keform, National Liberal. 

C. T. RITCHIE (Tower Hamlets, St- George's East DivisionX 

Charles Thomson Ritchie, son of the late 
William Ritchie, Esq., of Rockhill, Broughty Ferry, 
Forfarshire, by Elizabeth his wife; b. Nov 19th, 1838: 
m. 1858, Margaret, da. of the late Thos. Ower, Esq., of 
Perth ; is a J. P. for Middlesex, Major 3rd Batn. Queen's 
Royal W, Surrey Regt., and a partner in firm of William 
Ritchie & Son, merchants, jute spinners, and manu- 
facturers; was Sec to the Admiralty June 1885 to 
Jan. 1886. A Conservative \ sat for the Tower Ham- 
lets Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885. since when he has sat for 
St. George s E. Div. of Tower Hamlets. 

Town Residence— II, Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton, City Carltoo. 

J. ROBERTS (Flint District). 

John Roberts, son of David Roberts, Esq., of 
Tanyrallt, Denbigh ; b. July 14th, 1835 J Brighton : 
m. 1 86 1, Katharine Tudor, who d. 1880, da. of the late 
Rev. John Hughes, of Liverpool ; is a Magistrate for 
Denbighshire. A Liberal', has sat for Flint District 
since July 5th, 1878. 

Residence — Bryngwenallt, near Abergele, Denbighshire. Clubs 
^Reform. National Liberal. 

J. ROBERTS (Camarvonsliire, Soutliem, or Eiflon, DiyisionX 
John Roberts, son of the late Daniel Roberts, Esq., of Bryn 
Adda, Bangor, by Anne, da. of Griffith Jones, Elsq., of Plas Gwanas, near 
Dolgelley ; b. 1843 ; ed. at Cheltenham Gram. School ; admitted a Solicitor 
1868. A Liberal) has sat for S,, or Eifion, Div. of Carnarvonshire since Dec. 

Residence— Hxjn Adda, Bangor. C^m^— National Liberal. 

E. ROBERTSON (Dundee). 
Edmund Robertson, son of the late Mr. Edmund Robertson, 

Schoolmaster, of Kinnaird, near Dundee.; b. 1846 ; ed. at St. Andrew's Univ. 
(M.A. 18—) and Corpus Christi Coll., Oxford (B.A. 18— M.A. 18—, ist 
class Classics, Vinerian Law Scholar, and Fellow 1870) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
1871. A Liberal; has sat for Dundee since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— I, Croxted Road, West Dulwich, S.E. CAamiers—4, Essex Court, 

Temple, E.C. 


H. ROBERTSON (Merionetlisliire). 
Henry Robertson, son of the late Duncan Robertson, Esq., 

by Christian, da, of J. Anderson, Esq. ; b. 1816 ; ed. at King's Coll., Aber- 
deen (M.A. 18 — ) : m. 1846, Elizabeth, da. of William Dean, Esq., of London,; 
is J. P. and a D.L. for cos. Merioneth and Denbigh (High Sheriff 1869) ; a 
civil engineer, a coal and iron-master, a director of several railways, and a 
member of Institute of Civil Engineers ; was Engineer-in-Ch. of Shrewsbury 
and Chester, Shrewsbury and Birmingham, Shrewsbury and Hereford, Central 
Wales, and of various railways in N. Wales. A Liberal ; sat for Shrewsbury 
1862-8, and Feb. 1874 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Merionethshire since Dec. 

Seats — Pal^, Corwen, Merionethshire ; Biymbo Hall, Denbighshire. Town Residence 
— 13, Lancaster Gate, W. Chambers — 7, Westminster Chambers, Victoria Street, S.W. 
C/»^J— Reform, National Liberal, Whitehall. 

J. P. B. ROBERTSON (Bnteslilre). 

James Patrick Bannerman Robertson, son of the Rev. R. J. 
Robertson, of Forteviot, Perthshire, by Helen, da. of Rev. J. Bannerman, of 
Cargill, Perthshire ; b. Aug. loth, 1845 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M.A. 1864"^ : 
m. 1872, Philadelphia Mary Lucy, da. of W. N. Eraser, Esq., of Tomaveen, 
Aberdeenshire; Advocate Scotland 1867, Q.C. 1885; was Solicitor for Scot- 
land June 1885 to Jan. 1886. A Conservative', unsuccessfully contested 
Linlithgowshire 1880; has sat for Buteshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— ^nt\\2\\& Castle, Kincardineshire; 19, Dnimshurgh Gardens, Edinburgh. 
Clubs — Junior, Carlton. 

T. ROBINSON (Gloucester). 

Thomas Robinson; b. 1827 : m. 1852, Harriet, da. of the 
late John Godwin, Esq., J. P., of Worcester; is a J. P. and an Alderman of 
Gloucester, of which city he has been four times Mayor. A Liberal ; elected 
for Gloucester Borough April 1880, and was unseated the same year ; re- 
elected Nov. 24th, 1885. 

Residence— Longford Park, near Gloucester. Clni—'Rtfonn. 

W. S. ROBSON (Tower Hamlets, Bow and Bromley Division). 

William Snowden Robson, son of Robert Robson, Esq., of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, by Emily Jane, da. of William Snowden, Esq., of New- 
castle-on-Tyne ; b. Sept. loth, 1852; ed. at Newcastle, and at Gonville and 
Caius Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1878); Bar. Inner Temple 1880. A Liberal; has 
sat for Bow and Bromley Div. of Tower Hamlets since Nov. 1885. 

Residence—*,^, Curzon Street, Mayfair, W. C/m^j— Reform, National LiberaL 

T. ROE (Derby). 
Thomas Roe, el. son of the late Thomas 
Roe, Esq., J. P., Alderman, and Mayor [1863-5] of 
Derby, by Deborah, da. of the late Absalom Oakley, 
Esq., of Derby; b. July 13th, 1832; ed. at local 
schools ; is Governing Director of Roe's Timber Co., 
Limited, Derby, Vice Chm. of the Derby Commercial 
Bank, and an Alderman and a J. P. for the borough 
of Derby, of which he was Mayor 1 867-8. A Liberal \ 
has sat for Derby since June nth, 1883. 

Residence— U.X.c\iyirQ\\, Derby. C/«^J— Reform, National 



J. E. T. ROGERS (8outhwark« Bermondsey Divliioii)- 
-g^ James Edwin Thorold Rogers, son of the 

9|| late George Vining Rogers, Esq., of VVestmeon, Hants, 

^^^^ by Mary Ann, da. of the late John Blyth, Esq.; 

^^^^Sj^^^^ b. March 23rd, 1823 ; ed. at King's Coll., London, and 
^PI^^H^H at Magdalen Hall (new Hertford Coll.), Oxford (B.A. 
^^^^^^^^^^^H 1st class Classics, 1846) : m. 1854, Ann Susannah 
^^B^^^^^^^^M Charlotte, 2nd da. of the late Henry Revell Reynolds, 
^^^H^^^^^v Esq., Solicitor to the Treasury ; was several times Public 
^^^^n^^^^^ Examiner and Moderator in Oxford Univ., and Professor 
Qn^^^K^^^^/^ of Political Economy there 1862-68 ; has been Examiner 
mKf^ ^^^^^^>fi2L *" Political Economy in Univ. of London, and Tooke 
^^^jjjTj'^^^^gP Profes-sor of Economic Science and Statistics at King's 
^^^-SEi^CP^ Coll., London, since 1850; formerly in Holy Orders ; 
author of "Six Centuries of Work and Wages, "A History of Agriculture 
and Prices," "The Protests of the Lords, with Historical Introductions," 
"Cobden's Political Opinions," and '.'Epistles, Satires, and Epigrams," &c. ; 
is Chm. of Clarendon Hotel Co., Limited, Oxford, and of National Liberal 
Land Co., and a director of National Model Dwellings Co. A Liberal \ un- 
successfully contested Scarborough 1847; sat for Southwark March 1880 to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat foi Bermondsey Div. of Southwark. 
Resid*nct'-% and 9, Beaumont Street, Oxford. CAiAr— National Liberal, Savile. 

SIR HENRT E. R08C0E (Manchester, Sontli Division). 

Henry Enfield Roscoe, LL.D.^ F.R.S.^ son of the late Henry 
Roscoe, Esq., Bar.-at-law; b. 1833; ed. at Liverpool High Sch., at Univ. 
Coll., Lond., and at Heidelberg (B.A. Lond. Univ. 1852, Ph.D. of Heidel- 
berg and Hon. LL.D. of Dublin 1878, of Cambridge 1883, and of Montreal 
18^) : m. 1863, Lucy, da. of Edmund Potter, Esq., F.R.S., of Camfield 
Place, Herts ; was Exam, in Chem. at Lond. Univ. 1874-8, Pres. of Chem. 
So. of Lond. 1880, of So. of Chem. Industry 1881, and of Literary and Phil. 
So. of Manchester 1882, and a member of Roy. Commn. on Noxious Vapours 
and on Technical Instruction ; has been Prof, of Chem. at Owen's Coll. 
(Victoria Univ.), Manchester, since 1858, and is a Professional Exam, in 
Science Div., Science and Art Depart., S. Kensington ; a F".R.S. 1863, and 
in 1873 received the Roy. medal of that So. ; cr. a baronet 1884. A Ltbiral ; 
has sat for S. Div. of Manchester since Nov. 26th, 1885. 

Rtsidtnct—y'vxonii Park, Manchester. C/«^— Athenasum. 

A. H. ROSS rMaldstone). 

Alexander Henry Ross, son of the late 
Charles Ross, Elsq., M.P., and a Lord of the Admiralty, 
by Lady Mary Comwallis, da. of 2nd and last Mar- 
quess Comwallis ; b. Oct. 21st, 1829; ed. at Eton, 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1851, M. A. 1864) : m. 
1859, Juliana, da. of William Moseley, Esq., of 
Leaton Hall, Stafford ; Bar. Inner Temple 1853 ; 
served twenty years in W. Kent Militia, from which 
he retired as Major ; was many years a member of 
Metropolitan Asylums Board ; is a J. P. for Middlesex. 
A Conservative; has sat for Maidstone since April 
1880, having been defeated there in Feb. 1874. 

Residence- 9, Upper Berkeley Street, W. Club— Carlton. 


BARON FERDINAND J. DE ROTHSCHILD (BucMngliamsliire, Mid, or 
Aylesbury, Division). 

Ferdinand James de Rothschild, 2nd son of the late Baron 

Anselm de Rothschild, of Frankfort ; b. 1839 : m. 1865, Evelina, who d. 1866, 
youngest sister of ist Baron Rothschild ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Bucks (High 
Sheriff 1883). A Liberal; sat for Aylesbury July i6th to Nov. 1885 ; has sat 
for Mid, or Aylesbury, Div. of Buckinghamshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Lodge Hill, Waddesdon, Aylesbury ; Manor House, Upper Winchenden, 
Bucks ; Leighton House, Leighton Buzzard. Town Residence — 143, Piccadilly, W. 

J. ROUND (Essex, Harwich Division). 

James Round, el. son of the Rev. James 
Thomas Roimd, B.D., R. of All Saints', Colchester, 
Rural Dean and Hon. Prebendary of St. Paul's, by 
Louisa, da. of Rev. George Barlow, R. of Burgh, 
Suffolk ; b. April 6th, 1842 ; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. 1864, M.A. 1872) : m. 1870, Sibylla 
Joanna, da. of the late Rev. Henry Freeland, R. of 
Hasketon, Suffolk; Bar. Inner Temple June 1868; is a 
J. P. and a D.L. for Essex; formerly Major W. Essex 
Militia. A Conservative', sat for East Essex Nov. 1868 
to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Harwich Div. 
of Essex. 

Seats — Birch, Colchester ; The Elms, Acton, Middlesex. Town Residence — 31, De 
Vere Gardens, Kensington, W. Club — Carlton. 

T. B. ROYDEN (Liverpool, West Toxteth Division). 

Thomas Bland Royden, son of the late Thomas Royden, Esq., 
of Liverpool; b. 1832; ed at Liverpool Coll. : m. 18 — , Alice Elizabeth, da. 
of the late T. Dowdall, Esq. ; is a J. P. for Liverpool ; has been a member of 
Liverpool City Council since 1873, and was Mayor of Liverpool 1878-9. A 
Conservative) has sat for W. Toxteth Div. of Liverpool since Nov. 1885. 

Residence — Holmfield House, Aigburth, Liverpool. 

SIR CHARLES RUSSELL (Hackney, South Division). 

Charles Russell, K.B., Q.C., son of the late Arthur Russell, 
Esq., of Newry, by Margaret, widow of John Hamill, Esq., of Belfast; b. 
1833; ed. at Castleknock Coll., and at Trin. Coll., Dublin: m. 1858, Ellen, 
el. da. of J. S. Mulholland, Esq., M.D., of Belfast ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1859, 
Q.C. and Bencher 1872 ; has been Attorney Gen. since Feb. 1886. A 
Liberal) sat for Dundalk April 1880 to Nov. 1885, having been defeated 
there Feb. 1874 ; elected for S. Div. of Hackney Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence — Tedworth Court, Epsom. Chambers — 10, New Court, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 
C/«^j— Reform, Turf, National Liberal, Portland. 

E. R. RUSSELL (Glasgow, Bridgeton Division). 
Edward Richard Russell, son of the late Edward Haslingden 

Russell, Esq., of London, by Mary Ann, da. of the late William Crook, 
Esq., of London ; b. Aug. 9th, 1834: m. 1858, Eliza Sophia, da. of Stephen 
Bradley, Esq., of Bridge, Canterbury ; is editor of The Liverpool Daily Post, 
and a Life Gov. of Univ. Coll., Liverpool ; for four years wrote the Parlia- 
mentary leading articles of The Morning Star ; has been Pres. of Literary and 
Philosophical So. of Liverpool. An cuivanced Liberal ; has sat for Bridgeton 
Division of Glasgow since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

Residence — 6, Abercromby Square, Liverpool. Clubs — Reform and National Liberal 
(London) ; Reform, Junior Reform, and Art (Liverpool). 



DiadU Justitiam 

SIR GEORGE RUSSELL, Bart. (BerkBMre, Eastern, or Wokingham, DlTlBlon). 
George Russell, 2nd surviving son of the 
late Sir Henry Russell, 2nd Bart., by his second wife, 
Marie Clotilde, da. of Mons. Moltet de la Fontaine ; b. 
1828; ed. at Eton, and at Exeter Coll., Oxford (B.A. 
1850) : m. 1867, Constance Charlotte Eliza, el. da. of 
the late Lord Arthur Lennox ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1853, 
and went the Oxford Circuit ; has been Recorder of 
Wokingham since 1862 ; was Judge of County Courts 
Circuit No. 19, 1866-74, of Circuit No. 19, 1866-74, of 
Circuit No. 49. 1874 to Feb. 1884 ; s. his brother Sir 
Charles Russell, 3rti Bart, 1883; is a D.L. for Berks. 
A ComervcUive ; has sat for E., or Wokingham, Div. 
of Berkshire since Dec. 1885. 

5m/— Swallowfield Park, Reading. Cl uu mk trt '-\, New 

Court, Temple, E.G. C/»«*— Carlton. 

J. RUSTON (Lincoln). 
Joseph RusTON, son of the late Robert Ruston, Esq., of 
Chatteris, Isle of Ely, by Margaret, da, of William Sewartl, Elsq., of Chatteris ; 
b. 1835 ; ed. at Wesley Coll., Sheffield : m. 1859, Jane, da. of William Brown, 
Esq., of Sheffield ; was Mayor of Lincoln 1S70; is a J. P. for Lincoln city and 
CO., and head of firm of Ruston, Proctor, & Co., agricultural implement makers 
and engineers, Lincoln. A Liberal \ has sat for Lincoln since June 14th, 1884. 
Residenot—Viovit* Manor, near Lincoln. C/»Ax— Reform, National Liberal. 

P. RYLAND8 (Burnley) 
Peter Ry lands, son of the late John 

Rylands, Esq., of Bewsey House, Warrington, by 
Martha, da. of the late Rev. James Glazebrook, V. 
of Belton ; b. 1820 ; ed. at Boteler's Gram, School, 
Warrington : m. 1861, Caroline, da. of W'illiam Rey- 
nolds, Esq., of Penketh House, Warrington; is a J. P. 
for Cheshire, for co. Palatine of Lancaster, and for 
borough of Warrington, of which he was Mayor 
1853-4, a Director ot Manchester and Liverpool Bank- 
ing Co., of Bridgwater Navigation Co., of Pearson 
and Knowles Coal and Iron Co., Limited, and of 
Rylands' Brothers, Limited, iron masters and wire 
manufacturers; was a member of Roy. Commn. on 
Contagious Diseases Acts 1872. A Liberal', sat for Warrington Nov. 1868 to 
Feb. 1874, when he was defeated ; unsuccessfully contested S.E. Lancashire 
1874 ; has sat for Burnley since Feb. 1876. 
Seat- Massey Hall, Thelwall. near Warrington. 

Square, S.W. C/«3*— Reform, Cobden. 

Town RetitUnc€—^Z, St. George's 

SIR JOHN ST. AUBYN, Bart. ((k)mwall. Western, or St. Ives, Division). 
John St. Aubyn, eL son of Sir Edward St 
Aubyn, ist bart., who d. 1872, of St. Michael's Mount, 
Cornwall, by Emma, da. of the late Gen. Knollys ; b. 
Oct. 23rd, 1829 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
(B.A. 1852) : m. 1856, Lady Elizabeth Clementina, 2nd 
da. of 4th Marquess Townshend ; is a D.L. and a J. P. 
of Cornwall, and Dep. Special Warden of the Stannaries; 
formerly Hon. Col. 3rd Batn. Duke of Cornwall's L.L 
A Liberal; sat for West Cornwall July 1858 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for W., or St. Ives, Div. of Cornwall since 
Dec 5th, 1885. 

Seat — St. Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall. Clubs— 

I$t u Tents. Boodle's, Brooks's, Travellers', Oicford and C^ambridge. 



G. SALIS-SCHWABE [See Schwabe]. 

SIR BERN HARD SAMUELSON, Baxt. (Oxfordshire. North, or Banhury, 

Bernhard Samuelson, J^.I^.S., son of the 
late Samuel Henry Samuelson, Esq., of Liverpool, 
merchant, by Sarah his wife; d. Nov. 22nd, 1820; ed. 
at the Rev. J. Blezard's, Skirlaugh, Yorkshire : m. 
1844, Caroline, da. of the late Henry Blundell, Esq., of 
Hull; is an ironmaster at Middlesborough, an agricul- 
tural implement manufacturer at Banbury, a member of 
Institution of Civil Engineers and of Institute of Mecha- 
nical Engineers ; Past Pres. of Iron and Steel Institute ; 
has order of Legion of Honor. A Liberal', sat for 
Banbury Feb. to April 1859, w^en he was defeated, and 
July 1865 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for N., or Banbury, Div. 
of Oxfordshire since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 
Seats — Bodicote Grange, Banbury ; Lupton House, Brixham, Devon. Town Residence 
—56, Prince's Gate, S.W. C/«Z^Reform. 

T. M. SANDYS (Lancashire, South-West, Bootle Division). 

Thomas Myles Sandys, son of the late Capt. Thomas Sandys, 
R.N., by Frances, da. of the late Capt. Thomas Sanders, H.E.I.C.S. ; b. 
1837 ; is Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. 3rd Batn. Royal North Lancashire Regt. ; 
formerly Capt. 7th Royal Fusiliers. A Conservative ; has sat for Bootle Div. 
of S.W. Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Qxz.y^^2cn.t. Hall, Ulverston. Clubs — Naval and Military, United Service. 

W. SAUNDERS (Kingston-upon HuU, East Division). 
William Saunders; b. 1823; is Vice-President of the United 
Kingdom Alliance ; founded the Eastern Morning News, Western Morning 
News, and the Central News Agency, from which he has retired. A Liberal; 
has sat for E. Div. of Kingston-upon- Hull since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— Mountvievi, Streatham, S.W. 

J. SAUNDERSON (Armagh, North Division). 

Edward James Saunderson, son of the late 
Col. Alexander Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson, co. 
Cavan, by the Hon. Sarah Juliana Maxwell, da. of 6th 
Baron Famham ; b. Oct. ist, 1837 : m. 1865, the Hon. 
Helena Emily De Moleyns, youngest da. of 3rd Baron 
Ventry ; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. Cavan (High Sheriff 
1859), and Major 4th Batn. Princess Victorias (Royal 
Irish Fusiliers). A Conservative) sat for co. Cavan 
July 1865 to Feb. 1874, when he was defeated; has sat 
for N. Armagh Div. of co. Armagh since Nov. 30th, 
Castle Saunderson, Balterbet, co. Cavan, Club — Brooks's, Rildare Street. 

G. SALIS-SCHWABE (Lancashire, South Eastern Part, Middleton Division). 
George Salis-Schvvabe, son of the late Salis Schwabe, P^sq., 
D.L., of Rhodes, Middleton, and Glyn Garth, Anglesey, by Julia, da of the 
late G. Schwabe, Esq. ; b. July 6th, 1843 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. School, London 
(B.A. London Univ. 1862) : m. 1870, Mary Jaqueline, da. of the lateRt. Hon. 
Sir William Milbourne James, Lord Justice of Appeal ; is a Col. in Army, 
formerly Lieut.-Col. Comdg. i6th Lancers ; was Brig. Major of Cav. at the 
Curragh and at Aldershot 1873-77; served in Zulu War 1879 (mentioned in 
despatches, Medal with Clasp) ; is a partner in firm of Salis Schwabe & Co., 
Calico Printers, of Rhodes and Manchester. A Liberal ; has sat for Middleton 
Div. of S.E. Part of Lancashire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Rhodf^s, Middleton, near Manchester ; 8, Clarges Street, W. Clubs— 
United Service, National liberal. 



8. SEALE HAYNE [See H&yne]. 

C. SEELT, Jon. (Nottingham, West DiYlsioii). 

Charles Seely, jun., only son of Charles Seely, 
Esq., late M.P. for Lincoln, of Brooke Mouse, Isle of Wij^ht, 
Furzeclown Park, Tooting, Surrey, and 26, Prince's Gair, 
S.W., by Mary, da. of Jonathan Hilton, Esq., of Newcasilc- 
on-Tyne; d. 1833: m. 1857, Emily, da. of^ William Evans, 
Esq., of London ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Notts, a J. P. for 
Derbyshire, and Licut.-Col. 3rd Vol. Batn. Sherwood For- 
esters (Derbyshire Rc|jt.). A Liberal \ sat for Nottingham 
June 1869 to Feb. 1874, having been defeated in Nov. 1868, and April 1880 to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for W. Div. of Nottingham. 

.S'/d/— Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, Nottingham. Tcwn Residrnce—^-^t Queca's Gate 

Gardens, S.W. C/w^«— Reform, Brooks's, City Liberal. 

▲. C. SELLAR (Lanarksblre, Partlck DlTlBlonX 
Alexander Craig Sellar, son of the late Patrick Sellar, Esq., 
of Westfield, Morayshire, by Ann, da. of the late Thomas Craig, Esq., of 
Barmakelty, Moray; b. Oct. 17th, 1835; ed. at Rugby, and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1858, M.A. 1865): m. 1870, Gertrude, da. of the late Octavius 
Heniy Smith, Esq., of Ardtornish, Argyll; Advocate Scotland 1862; was 
Lqgal Sec to Lord Advocate for Scotland 1870-74; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. 
Argyll A Liberal) unsuccessfully contested Devonport 1880; sat for Had- 
dington District Aug. 22nd, 1882, to Nov. 1885; has sat for Parlick Division 
of Lanarkshire since Dec 3rd, 1885. 
Rtsidtme*-n^ CromweU RomI. S.W. 

BIB HENRY J. SELWIN IBBET80N, Bart (See Ibbetsonl. 

law, Roxburghshire 

H 8ET0N KARR (St Helen*!). 

Henry Seton-Karr, son of the late George 
Berkeley Seton-Karr, Esq, of the Indian Civ. Ser., 
by a da. of Henry Usborne, Esq., of Branches Park, 
Suffolk; b. Feb. 5th, 1853: ed. at Harrow and at 
Oxford Univ. (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1879) ; m. 1870, 
Edith, who d. 1884, da. of William Pilkington, Esq., 
of Roby Hall, Liverpool ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1879 ; 
is owner of a Cattle Ranche in U.S.A., and a Direc- 
tor of Capitol Freehold Land and Investment Co., 
Limited. K Conservative \ has sat for St. Helen's since 
Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residences— 11, Queen's Gardens* Hyde Park, W. ; Kippi- 
CltibsSt. James's. 

T. SEXTON (Sllgo Co., South SUgo Dlvlalon). 
Thomas Sexton, el. son of the late Mr. John Sexton, of Water- 
ford; b. 1848; ed. privately and at local schools; has been a contributor of 
political and literary articles to the Nation Dublin newspaper since 1867. A 
Nationalist ; sat for co. Sligo April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Sligo 
Div. of CO. Sligo since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Residences— DyitXoi ; 91, Tachbrook Street, Pimlico, S.W, 



T. SHAW (Halifax). 
Thomas Shaw, 3rd son of the late Joseph Shaw, Esq., of 
Greenbank. Stainland, near Halifax ; b. Dec. 21st, 1823 ; ed. at Huddersfield 
Coll. : m. 1853, Elizabeth, 3rd da. of the late William Rawson, Esq., J. P., Hon. 
Treasurer of Anti-Corn Law League, of Wilton Polygon, near Manchester ; is a 
woollen manufacturer and merchant, a principal shareholder in firm of John 
Shaw & Sons, Limited, Brookroyd Mills, Halifax, a D.L. for W. Riding 
of York, a J.P. for Halifax, and Pres. of Halifax Mechanics' Institute ; was 
Mayor of Halifax 1866-7 and 1867-8, three years Pres. of Halifax Chamber of 
Commerce, and of Halifax Literary and Philosophical So. An advanced 
Liberal; has sat for Halifax since Aug. 19th, 1882. 

/?^«V/e«rf5— Allangate, Halifax ; Oakes House, Stainland, Yorkshire. Town Residence 
— Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal. 

JEREMIAH D. SHEEHAN (Kerry, East Kerry Division). 

Jeremiah D. Sheehan ; b. 18 — . A Home Ruler; has sat for 
E. Kerry Div. of Kerry co. since Dec. 1885. 
Residence — 

D. SHEEH7 (Galway Co., South Oalway Division). 

David Sheehy, son of Mr. Richard Sheehy ; b. Oct. 1844 ; ed. 
at the Jesuit Seminary, Limerick, and at the Irish Coll., Paris; formerly in 
partnership with his father, a tradesman at Mallow. A Home Ruler \ has sat 
for S. Galway Div. of Galway co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Templemore, co. Tipperary. 

E. SHEIL (Meath Co., South Meath Division). 

Edward Sheil, son of the late Gen. Sir Justin 
Sheil. K.C.B.. by a da. of the late Lord Ch. Baron 
Woulfe; b. July 1851; ed. at Dr. Newman's Oratory 
School, Birmingham, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford. In favour 
oi Honu Rule', at the General Election, Feb. 1874, he 
polled the same number of votes as the late Sir John 
Ennis, Bart. , and upon a scrutiny being held on April 
24th, 1874, he was awarded the seat, and retained it 
until April 1880, when he was defeated at Athlone ; sat 
for Meath co. April 14th, 1882, to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for S. Meath Div. of co. Meath. 

C/«3j— Stephen's Green, Garrick. 


H. B. SHERIDAN (Dudley). 
Henry Brinsley Sheridan, son of Garrett Sheridan, 
Esq., of Cavan, Ireland, by Jane Juliana Damley, da. of the 
late Sir Richard Perrot, Bart. ; b. 1820; ed. at Brighton 1850 : 
m. Elizabeth Frances, da. of the Rev. John Wood ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1856 ; is a J.P. for Middlesex, Westminster, 
Kent, and Liberties of the Cinque Ports, a Fellow of 
f Geographical So., and on Council of Kent Archaeological So. ; 
; iinierly Capt. 6th Cinque Port Artillery Vol. Corps. A 
Liberal; has sat for Dudley since 1857. 

Town Residence — 6, Colville Gardens, Kensington Park, W. Clubs 

—Devonshire, City Liberal, National Liberal. 



8. SHIRLET. TorksMre (West Riding. Southern Part), Doncaster Dlylslon. 

Walter Shirley Shirlev, only surviving 
son of W. E. Shirley, Esq. (twice Mayor and now 
Town Clerk of Doncaster), by Jane Winteringhame, 
da. of the late John Shirley, Esq., of Attercliffe, 
Sheffield; b. Oct. 17th, 1851; ed. at Rugby, and 
at lialliol Coll., Oxford (M.A. 1876, RC.L. 1881); 
Bar. Inner Temple 1876; goes N.E. Circuit. An 
advanced Liberal ; has sat for Doncaster Div. of 
S. Part of W. Riding of York since Nov. 27th, 1885. 
Chambers — a, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.G. 
Clubs— Devonshire, National Liberal, Vcmon. 

SIR UQHTRED J. KAT-SHX7TTLEW0RTH. Bart. (LancaaMre. Morth East Part, 
Clltheroe Division). 
Ughtred James Rav-Shuttleworth, el. son 
of Sir James Kay-Shuttleworth, D.C.L., ist bart., who 
d. 1877, by Janet, da. of Robert Shuttlewortli, Esq. ; b. 
1844; ed. at Harrow and at London Univ. : m. 1871, 
Blanche Marion, da. of Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H.; 
is a J. P. for Lancashire, and a J. P. and a D L. for 
Westmoreland; was a Member of London School 
Board 1880-2 ; has been Under .Sec. Indian Depart, 
since Feb. 1886. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested 
N. E. Div. of Lancashire Nov. 1868, Hastings 1880, and 
Coventry 1881 ; sat for Hastings 1869 80; has sat for 
Ciitheroc Div. of N. E. Lancashire since Dec. 4ih, 1885. 

Kynd kynnknmnmt .9«/*-Gawthorpe Hall, Padiham ; Barbon Manor, Kirkby 

^' Lonsdale. 7Vtw» A'«nWrt«r<--a8, Prince's Gardens, S.W. Clubs 

— Reform, Atheturam. Devonshire, Manchester Reform. 

T. H. SIDEBOTTOM (Stalybrldge). 

Tom Harrop Sideboitom, son of the late 
William Sidebottom, Esq., of Etherow House, by 
Agnes, da. of Jonah Harrop, Esq., of Bardsley House, 
Lancashire ; b. 1826 ; is a J. P. for Cheshire and Derby- 
shire, and an extensive cotton manufacturer in Cheshire 
and Derbyshire. A Conscnative ; sat for Stalybridge 
Feb. 1874 to Feb. 1880, when he was defeated; re- 
elected Nov. 25th, 1885. 

^■m/x— Elherow House, Hadfield, near M.-inchester ; Inner- 
wick Lodee, Glen Lyon, Perthshire. C/«^*- Carlton, St. 
Stephen's (London) ; Union, Conservative (Manchester). 

W. SIDEBOTTOM (Derbyshire, HU^li Peak Division). 

William Sidkbottom, son of the late William 
Sidebottom, of Etherow House, Hadfield, by Agnes, da. 
of Jonah Harrop, Esq., of Bardsley House, Lancashire; 
b, Nov. 14th, 1841 ; ed. privately ; is Capt. 4th Vol. 
Batn. Cheshire Regt. and a J. P. for Chester co. and 
Borough of Glossop; was Mayor of Glossop 1873-4- A 
Conservative', unsuccessfully contested N. Derbyshire 
1880; has sat for High Peak Div. of Derbyshire since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residence— ^■ixt.wtxA Lodge, Broadbottom, Mottram in Long- 
j^\ dendale, C3ieshire. C/w^x— Constitutioaal (Loodon), Union and 
Conservatiye (MancbesterX 



Scutum meum 

J. SIMON (Dewsbury.) 

John Simon, ^S.Z., only son of Isaac Simon, Esq., 
of Jamaica, by Rebecca, only da. of Jacob Orabio Furtado, 
Esq., of the same island ; b. Dec. 9th, 181 8 ; ed. at Univ. 
Coll., London (LL.B. Univ. of London 1841) : m. 1843, 
Rachel, da. of S. K. Salaman, Esq., of London; Bar. 
Middle Temple Nov. 1842, created a Serjeant-at-lavi^ Feb. 
1864, and received a patent of precedence Jan. 1868 ; a 
member of N, Circuit but has ceased to practise; is a 
member of Council of So. for Codification and Improve- 
ment of International Law. A Liberal', canvassed Not- 
tingham June 1866, but did not go to the poll; has sat for 
Dewsbury since Nov. 1868. 

Town Residence— if), Tavistock Square, W, C. C/«3j— Reform, 


George Reresby Sitwell, el. son of Sir 
Sitwell Reresby Sitwell, 3rd Bart., who d. 1862, by 
Louisa Lucy, da; of the late Col. the Hon. Henry Hely 
Hutchinson ; b. Jan. 27th, i860 ; ed. at Eton and at Ch. 
Ch., Oxford ; is Lieut. 1st W. York. Yeo. Cav. A Con- 
servative ; has sat for Scarborough since Nov. 27th, 
1885, having been defeated twice therefor in Nov. 

Ttywn Address— 

Ne cede ma lis. 

Residence— KtmsioxA Hall, Chesterfield, 
30, Bury Street, St. James's, S.W. 

J. F. SMALL (Down Co., South Down Division). 

John Francis Small, son of Arthur J. Small, Esq., of Newry, by 
Mary, da. of Patrick O'Callaghan, Esq., of Dublin: b. 1853; admitted a 
Solicitor in Ireland 1874 ; is Coroner for S. Div. of co. Armagh, Town 
Councillor of Newry,. and Hon. Sec. to Irish Nationalist Party. A '■''Nation- 
alist and Democrat','' sat for Wexford co. June 13th, 1883, to Nov. 1885; 
has sat for S. Down Div. of co. Down since Dec. 9th, 1885. 

Residences — 87,- Hill Street,. Newry, co. Down ; 33, Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin. 

SMITH (Hertfordshire, Eastern, or Hertford, Division). 

Abel Smith, el. son of the late Abel Smith, 
of Woodhall Park, M.P. for Hertfordshire 1835-47, by 
Frances Anne, da. of the late Sir Harry Calvert, Bart. ; 
b. Dec. 30th, 1829; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (K.A. 1852, M.A. 1855): m. ist, 1853, Lady 
Susan Emma, who^. 1875, da. of 3rd Earl of Chichester ; 
2ndly, 1877, Frances Julia, da. of Sir Percyvall Hart 
Dyke, 6th bart. ; is a D.L. and a J. P. for Herts; 
formerly Capt. S. Herts Yeo. Cav. A Conservative', sat 
for Hertfordshire 1854 to 1857, and 1859 to July 1865, 
when he was defeated, and 1866 to Nov. 1885, since 
when he has sat for E. , or Hertford, Div. of Hertfordshire. 
Town Residence— ■^s, Chesham Place, S.W. 

Seat-Vf oo^haW Park, near Hertford. 
C/«^f— Carlton, Travellers'. 



D. BHTTH (BrigbtonX 

David Smith, son of the late Alexander Smith, Esq., of Manor 
House, Camberwell, by a da. of David Richardson, Esq., of London ; b. 1826 : 
m. 18—, Elise, da. of T. Spencer. Esq., of Dublin ; is a D.L. for Sussex and 
City of London, and a J. P. for Brighton ; was Mayor of Brighton i88o*l. A 
Ccmsen>ative ) has sat for Brighton since Nov. 1885. 

ResidtHct—\\t Arundel Terrace, Brighton. Tovm w4<f</r»x— Bockiogluun Palace 

Hotel, S.W. C/w^f— Conservative, Constitutional. 



William Henry Smith, P.C, son of the late 
W. H. Smith, the well-known news-agent and railway- 
stall bookseller;^. June 24th, 1825; ed. at Gram. 
School, Tavistock : m. 1858, Emily, el. da. of the late 
Frederick Dawes Danvers, Esq., of the Duchy of Lan- 
caster ; is a J. P. for cos. Herts, Oxford, and Bucks, 
and a D.L. and a J. P. for Middlesex; formerly head 
of the eminent firm of W. H Smith & Son, 186, 
Strand, news-agents, booksellers, and advertisement 
contractors ; was a member of London School Board 
1870-74, Financial Sec. to the Treasury Feb. 1874 
to Aug. 1877, First Lord of the Admiralty Aug. 1877 
to March 1880, and Sec. of State for War June 1885 
to Jan. 1886, in which month he was for a few days Ch. • Sec for Ireland. 
A Comervat'we\ sat for Westminster Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885, having been 
deiieated in July 1865 ; has represented Strand since Nov. 1885. 

.fM/— Greeolands. Henley-on-Thames. Tewm Rftidenct—'i, Groavenor Place, S.W. 
C/»^»— Carlton, Conservative, Athensum, United Service. 

W. BICKFORD-SMITH (Cornwall, Truro DivlflionX 

William Bickford-S.mith, son of the late George Smith, Esq., 
LL.D., J. P., of Truro, by Elizabeth Burrall, da. of William Bickford, Esq., 
of Tuckingmill, Cornwall ; b. 1827 ; ed. at Saltash and Plymouth : m. 1st, 1852, 
Margaret Leaman, who </. 18 — , da. of William Venning, Esq., of Broad hemp- 
stone, Devon ; 2ndly, 1870, Anna Matilda, da. of George Hickman Bond, 
Esq., of Radford, Notts; is a J. P. for Cornwall, Chm. of Helston Railway, 
and a partner in the firm of Bickford, Smith, & Co., Patent Safety Fuse Manu- 
facturers, of Tuckingmill, ComwaU, and St. Helen's Junction, Lancashire; 
formerly Capt. 15th Cornwall Rifle Vol.; assumed the additional surname of 
Bickford, on inheriting the property of his maternal grandfather 1868. A 
Liberal ] has sat for Truro Div. of Cornwall since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Tnwuo, Helston, Cornwall. C/««*— Reform. 

J. F. SMTTHWICK (KOkenny Boroogli). 

John Francis Smithwick, son of the late 

Daniel Smithwick, Esq., of The Cottage, Kilkenny, by 

Ellen, da. of the late J. Morris, Esq., of Waterford ; /'. 

1844: m. 1878, Marion, da. of James Power, Esq., of 

Eastlands, co. Waterford; is a J. P. for Kilkenny city 

(High Sheriff 1871) ; was Mayor of Kilkenny 1884. A 

Home Ruler ; in favor of fixity of tenure ; has sat for 

Kilkenny Borough since Feb. 1880. 

^/«V/r«<:r— Drakclands,co. Kilkenny. C/k**— St. George s, 
Kilkenny co. 



HON. C. ROBERT SPENCER (Northamptonshire, Mid Division). 

Charles Robert Spencer, younger son of 
the 4th Earl Spencer, K.G., by Adelaide Horatia 
Elizabeth, da, of the late Sir Horace Beauchamp 
Seymour ; b. Oct. 30th, 1857, ed. at Harrow, and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1879, M.A. 1883); is a 
D.L. and a J. P. for co. Northampton, and h.p. to 
his half-brother, the 5th Earl Spencer, K.G ; has 
been Parliamentary Groom in Waiting to H.M. 
since 1886. A Liberal; sat for N. Northampton- 
shire April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has 
sat for Mid Div. of Northamptonshire. 

Residences— KS.\!tvor^ Park, Northampton ; Spencer House, St. James's Place, S.W. 
C/«^J— Brooks's, Reform, Marlborough, Turf. 


H. 8PICER, JUN. (Islington, South Division). 

Henry Spicer, Jun., son of Henry Spicer, Esq., of the firm of 
Spicer Bros., wholesale stationers; b. 1837; ed. at Mill Hill Gram. School, 
and New Coll., St. John's Wood; grad. at London Univ. ; is a J. P. for 
Middlesex, and a Member of London School Board. A Liberal', has sat for 
S. Div. of Islington since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— 1^ Aberdeen Park, Highbury, N. 

H. SPENSLE7 (Finsbory, Central Division). 

Howard Spensley, son of the late William 
Spensley, Esq., of London ; b. 1834 ; ed. at a Mercantile 
Academy: m. 1868; emigrated to Australia 1859, and 
for some years was engaged as a Journalist in Mel- 
bourne; Bar. of Supreme Court of Victoria 1864, and 
Middle Temple 1876; elected a Member of Legislative 
Assembly 1871 ; was Solicitor Gen. for Victoria 187 1-3, 
Commr. for Victoria to London Exhibition 1873, Repre- 
sentative of Colony of Victoria at Geographical Congress 
held at Venice 1881 (Knt. of Crown of Italy), and 
Commr. for Victoria at Amsterdam Exhibition 1883; 
is a Privy Councillor of Colony of Victoria, etc., and 
one of the Advising Council of Agent. Gen. for Victoria 

in London. An advanced Liberal ) has sat for Central l3iv. of Finsbury since 

Nov. 1885. 

Residence — 12, E^l's Court Square, S. Kensington, S.W. 

J. STACK (Kerry Co., North Kerry Division). 

John Stack, son of a trader in Listowel ; b. 18 — ] ed. privately ; 
s a general shopkeeper, and Pres. of Listowel Branch of the National League. 
A Home Ruler; has sat for N. Kerry Div. of Kerry co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 




Cromartie Sutherland-Leveson 

GoWER {Afaroufss of St afford) ^ el. son of 3rd 
Duke of Sutherland, by Anne, da. of John 
Hay Mackenzie, Esq., and in her own right 
Countess of Cromartie ; b. 1851 ; ed. at Eton: 
m. 1884, Lady Millicent Fanny St. Clair- 
Erskine, da. of 4th Earl of Rosslyn ; formerly 
Lieut. 2nd Life Guards, and Capt. Stafford- 
shire Yeo. Cav. ; is a J. P. for co. Suther- 
land, a Director of the London and N.W. 
Railway, a Member of Council of Royal 
Agricultural So., and Lieut. -Col. and Vol. Batn. Seaforth Highlanders (Ross- 
shire Buffs, the Duke of Albany's). A Liberal \ has sat for Sutherlandshire 
since Feb. 1874. 

Town X*stdfMc*—St»Sord House, St Ja 

•$, S.W. C/«Ar-White's, Marlborough, 

RIGHT HON. E. STANHOPE (Lincolnslilre. South Lindsay, or Homcastle, 


Edward Stanhope, P.C., 2nd son of 5th 
Earl Stanhope, D.C.L., by Emily Harriet, 2nd da. of 
Gen. Sir Eclward Kerrison, M.P., 1st bart. ; b. 1840; 
ed. at Harrow, and at Oxford Univ. (B. A. 1862, Fellow 
of All Souls' Coll. 1862, M.A. 1865) : m. 1870, Lucy 
Constance, da. of the late Rev. Thomas Egerton ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1865 ; was Sec to Board of Trade Nov. 
1875 to April 1878, and Under Sec. of State for India 
April 1878 to April 1S80 ; was Vice Pres. of the Council 
on Education and 4th Charity Commr. for England and 
Wales June to Aug. 1885, and Pres. of Board of Trade 
Aug. 1885 to Jan. 1886; P.C. 1885 ; a J.P. for Lin- 
colnshire, and a Trustee of the National Portrait Gal- 
lery. A Conservative', sat for Mid-Lincolnshire Feb. 

2nd, 1874, to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for S. Lindsay, or Homcastle, Div. 

Lincolnshire since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Ccumtry Residtnce — Revesby Abb«y, Boston. Tenm Retidenee—iii, Eaton Square, 
S.W. C^wAr— Carlton, Athenanun. St. Supheo's, Empire. 

E. J. STANLEY (Somerset, Bridgwater Division). 

Edward James Stanley, son of the late Edward 
Stanley, Esq., of Cross Hall, Lancashire, by I>ady Mary, da. of 
8th Earl of Lauderdale ; b. 1826; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. 1849, M.A. 1852) : m. 1872, the Hon. Mary 
Labouchere, da. of the ist Baron Taunton; is a J.P. for 
Somerset (High Sheriff 1880), and a D.L. for Lancashire. 
A Conservative ; sat for W. Somerset April 25th, 1882, to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Bridgwater Div. of Somersetshire since 
Dec. 4th, 1885. 

Seat — Quantock Lodge, Bridgwater. Town Residence — 14, Gro«- 
venor Square, W. Clutoi — Travellers', White's, Carlton. 



RT. HON. SIR FREDERICK A. STANLEY (Blackpool Dlv. of Lancashire, N.). 
Frederick Arthur Stanley, P.C, G.C.B., 2nd 
son of 14th Earl of Derby, K.G., by the Hon. Emma Bootle- 
Wilbraham, 2nd da. of ist Baron Skelmersdale ; b. Jan. 15th, 
1 84 1, ed. at Eton : m. 1864, Lady Constance, el. da. of 4th 
Earl of Clarendon ; entered Grenadier Guards as Ensign and 
Lieut. April 1858, became Lieut., Capt., and Adj. June 1862, 
and retired 1865 ; formerly Col. 3rd and 4th Batns. King's 
Own (Roy. Lancaster Regt.) ; is a Supernumerary A.D.C. to 
H.M. and a J. P. for Lancashire and Westmoreland ; was a 
^^____;^__.— ^ Civil Lord of the Admiralty Aug. to Nov. 1868, Financial 
^ii£.£ii£:i^ Sec. to War Office 1874-7, Sec. to Treasury 1877-8, and Sec. 
^ ^ of State for War 1878-80, and Sec. of State for Colonies June 

1885 to Jan. 1886 ; P.C. 1878. A Conservative ; sat for Preston July 1866 to 
Nov. 1868, and for N. Lancashire 1868 to Nov. 1 885, since when he has sat 
for Blackpool Div. of Lancashire, N. 

.Sm/— Witherslack, Grange-over- Sands, Lancashire. Town Residences, Portland 
Place, W. C/«^J— Carlton, White's. 


James Stansfeld, son of the late James 
Stansfeld, Esq., Judge of the County Court at Halifax, 
by Emma, da. of the Rev. John Ralph, of Halifax j 
b. 1820 ; LL.B. Univ. of London : ;//. 1844, Caro- 
line, da. of William Henry Ashurst, Esq., solicitor, of 
London ; Bar. Inner Temple 1849 ; was a Lord of the 
Admiralty April 1863 to April 1864, Under Sec. 
of State for India 1866, Third Lord of the Treasury 
Dec. 1868 to Nov. 1869, Financial Sec. to Treasury 
Nov. 1869 to March 1871, and Pres. of Poor Law 
Board March to Aug. 1871, and of Local Govt. 
Board Aug. 1871 to Feb. 1874; a P.C. Feb. 1869. 
An advanced Liberal ; has sat for Halifax since April 1859. 

Country Residence— Ca^xXt Hill. Rotherfield, Sussex. To^vn Residence— Stoke 

Lodge, Hyde Park Gate, S.W. Clubs — Reform, Athensum, Devonshire. 

F. S. STEVENSON (Suffolk, North-Eaatem, or Eye, Division). 
Francis Seymour Stevenson, son of the late Sir William 
Stevenson, K.C.B. ; b. 1862; ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford. A 
Liberal] has sat for N.E., or Eye, Div. of Suffolk since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— WhcrsttzA, near Ipswich ; 4, Gloucester Mansions, Harrington Gardens, 

J. C. STEVENSON (South SMelds). 

James Cochran Stevenson, el. son of the 
late James Stevenson, Esq., merchant of Glasgow, and 
afterwards senior partner in the Jarrow Chemical Co., 
S. Shields, by Jane Stewart, da. of the late Alexander 
Shannan, Esq., merchant of Greenock; b. Oct. 9th, 
1825 ; ed. at High School, Glasgow (gold medalist in 
junior and senior mathematical classes), and at Glasgow 
Univ. (1st prizeman in junior division of Logic class): 
m. 1855, Elisa Ramsay, da. of the late Rev. James 
Anderson, D.D., of Morpeth ; is a J. P. for co. Durham 
and for S. Shields, Lieut. -Col. Comdg. 3rd Durham 
Artillery Vol. , a Life Commr. appointed by the Tyne 
Improvement Act, and Chm. of the Board, Chm. of 



the Tyne Pilotage Commrs., a member of Gen. Council of Glasgow Univ., 
a Fellow of Institute of Chemistry, and a chemical manufacturer in partnership 
with the Jarrow Chemical Co. A Liberal y has sat for South Shields since 
Nov. 1868. 

Residttue—^ttlot, South Shields. C/«^— Reform. 

M. J. STEWART (Klrlccudbrlglitslilre). 

Mark John Stewart, el. son of Mark Sprot 

Stewart, Esq., of Southwick, Kirkcudbrightshire, by 
Janet, da. of the late John Sprot, E,sq. ; b. 1834 ; ed. at 
Winchester and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1858, M.A. 
i860): m. 1866, Marianne Susanna, only child of the 
late John Orde Ommanney, Esq. ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1862; is a J. P. and a D.L. for Kirkcudbrightshire, a 
J. P. for Wigtonshire, and Lieut. -Col. Ayrshire and 
Galloway Artillery Vol. A Consen<ativ€ ; sat for Wig- 
ton District Feb. 1874 to July 1880, when he was un- 
seated ; has sat for Kirkcudbrightshire since Nov. 30th, 

5"«/j— Ardwell, Wigtownshire; 

Southwick, Dumfries, N.B. C/«^x— Carlton, New 

8. STOREY (Sunderland). 
Samuel Storev, son of the late Robert Storey, of Whitburn, 

Durham, by Mary Ann, da. of the late John Craggs, of Hylton ; b. Jan. 13th, 
1840: w. 1864, Mary Ann, who d. 1877, el. da. of John Addison, of Sun- 
derland ; has been three limes Mayor of Sunderland ; is a newspaper proprietor. 
A Radical \ has sat for Sunderland since April nth, 1881. 

Rtsidtnces—'^oXiR Lea, Sunderland. Chambert—\^, Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C. 
C/»A*— Devonshire, Empire, National LiberaL 

8T0RY-BIASKELYNE (Wiltshire, Northern, or Crlcklade, Division). 
Mervin Herbert Nevil Story-Maskelyne, 
F.R.S., el. son of the late Anthony Mervin Reeve 
Story-Maskelyne, Esq., F. R.S., of Basset Down 
House, Swindon, by Margaret, only child of the late 
Rev. Nevil Maskelyne, D.D., F.R.S., sometime 
Astronomer Royal, of Purton, Wilts ; b. 1823 ; ed. at 
Wadham Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1845, M.A. 1849, Hon. 
Fellow 18— ) : m. 1858, Theresa Mary, el. da. of John 

Dill wyn- Llewelyn, Esq., F. R.S., of Penllergare, Gla- 

JkN^V WBtf^^jk morgan ; was sometime Keeper of the Mineral Depart- 
^^ N^H^y^ ment at British Museum; is a D.L. for co. Brecon, 
^S^Ss^.^j^^,X^/^ and a J. P. for cos. Gloucester and Wilts, Professor of 
^ Ji^ii-^t^ Mineralogy in Univ. of Oxford, and a Fellow of Insti- 

tute of Chemistry. A Liberal ; sat for Cricklade April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has 
sat for N., or Cricklade, Div. of Wiltshire since Dec. 5th, 1885. 
HesidfHce—BaiSscl Down House, Swindon. C/«Ar — Athenaeum, Brooks's. 

R. STRONO (Camherwell, North Division). 

Richard Strong, son of the late — Strong, Esq., flour factor, 
of Mark Lane, E.C. ; b. 1833 > 's a J. P. for Surrey, and a Gov. of Dulwich 
Coll. A Libera/; has sat for N. Div. of Camberwell since Nov. 1885. 

./?^«<i^w*— Helstonleigh, 3, Champion Park, Denmark Hill, S.W. 


J. STUART (Shoreditcli, Hoxton Division). 

James Stuart, son of the late Joseph Gordon Stuart, Esq., of 
Bal^onie, co. Fife, by Catharine, da. of the late David Booth, Esq., ofNewburgh, 
I lie; b. 1843; ed. at St. Andrew's Univ., and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A- 
1866, Fellow 1867, M.A. 1869) ; has been Professor of Mechanism and Applied 
Mechanics in Univ. of Cambridge since 1875. A Liberal) unsuccessfully con- 
tested Cambridge University Nov. 1882; sal for Hackney Nov. 19th, 1884, to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Hoxton Division of Shoreditch. 

Residence — Trinity College, Cambridge. 

C. B. STUART-WORTLEY [See Wortley]. 

R P. STURGIS (Dorsetshire, Southern Division). 

Henry Parkman Sturgis, son of Russell Sturgis, Esq., of 17, 
Carlton House Terrace, S.W., and Givons Grove, Leatherhead; b. March ist, 
1847; ed. at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford: m. 1872, the Hon. Mary Cecilia 
Brand, da. of 1st Viscount Hampden, G.C.B. ; formerly a partner in firm of 
Baring Bros. & Co. , Liverpool ; is a Director of London and Westminster 
Bank. A Liberal; has sat for S. Div. of Dorsetshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence—^, Great Cumberland Place, W. Club— Si. James's. 

P. STURROCK (Kilmarnock District). 

Peter Sturrock, son of the late David Sturrock, of Struthers, 
near Kilmarnock, by Helen, da. of — Woodbum, Esq., of Aird, N.B. ; b. 
1820 ; ed. at Kilmarnock Acad., and at Glasgow : m. 1850, Helen Hutchison, 
da. of the late John Guthrie, Esq. : is Provost of Kilmarnock, a J. P. for 
Ayrshire, a Civil Engineer, a Colliery Owner, and a Director of N. British 
Cana»'ian Investment Co., and of Scottish Ontario Land Co. A ConservaXive ; 
has sa for Kilmarnock Dist. since Dec. 1885. 

Ren ^«<rtf— London Road, Kilmarnock. C/«*— Scottish Conservative. 

D. SULLIVAN (Westmeath Ck)., South Westmeath DivislonX 
Donal Sullivan, son of Daniel Sullivan, Esq., of Amiens 
Street, Dublin; b. 1838; formerly Manager of the Publishing Dept. of the 
Nation newspaper. A Home Ruler ; has sat for S. Westmeath Div. of West- 
meath CO. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 71, Amiens Street, Dublin. 

RIGHT HON. T. D. SULLIVAN (Dublin City, CoUege Green Division). 

Timothy Daniel Sullivan, el. son of Daniel Sullivan, Esq., of 
Amiens Street, Dublin ; b. 1827 : m. 1856, Catherine, da. of Thomas Healy, 
Esq., of Bantry ; elected to Corporation of Dublin Nov. 1881 ; is Lord Mayor 
of Dublin 1886, editor and proprietor of the Natioft, the Weekly News, and 
Young Ireland newspapers, and in business in Dublin as a printer, bookseller, 
and publisher ; author of two volumes of Irish National Poems. A Hotfie 
Ruler-, sat for co. Westmeath April 1880 to Nov. 1885, smce when he has sat 
for College Green Div. of Dublin City. 

Residences~^aja%ion House, Dublin ; 52, Great Charles Street, Dublin. 




T. SUTHERLAND (Oreenock). 
Thomas Sutherland, son of the late Robert Sutherland, Esq., 

of Aberdeen; b. 1834; ed. at Aberdeen Univ.: m. 18 — , Alice, da. of the 
Rev. John Macnaught, V. of St. Mary's, Hammersmith, W. ; is chm. of 
Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., a Director of the Suez Canal 
Co., and a D.L. for City of London ; formerly a Member of Legislative Council 
of Hong-Kong ; was a founder and first Vice-chm. of the Hong-Kong and 
Shanghai Banking Corporation. A Liberal ; has sat for Greenock since Nov. 
26th, 1884 

Retid*nce—^}xx.t House, 167, Cromwell-road, S.W. C/W^— Reform. 

SIR JOHN SWINBURNE (Staffordflhlre, Lichfield Division). 

John Swinburne, son of the late Edward 

Swinburne, Esq., el. son of 6th Bart., by Anne Nassau, 
da. of — Sutton, Esq. ; b. 1831 ; s. his grandfather as 
7th Bart., i860 : m. 1863, Emily Elizabeth, who d. 
1881, da. of the late Rear Adm. Broadhead ; is a 
retired Capt. R.N., and a J. P. for Northumberland 
(liigh Sheriff 1866) ; served m Burmese war 1852, and 
in Baltic 1854. A Liberal \ unsuccessfully contested 
Lichfield, April and July 1880 ; has sat for Lichfield 
Div. of Staffordshire since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

.S"<ra/j— Capheaton. Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Mounces and Edling- 
ham, Northumberland. C^«^*— Travellers, Army and Navy, 
Brooks's, United Service. 

Seme let semper. 

(forksliire. East Riding, Buckrose DiyisionX 

Christopher Sykes, 2nd son of the late Sir 
Tatton Sykes, 4th bart., by Mary Ann, da. of the late 
Sir William Foulis, Bart. ; *. 1831 ; ed. at Rugby, and 
at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; is a D.L. and a J. P. for E. 
Riding of York, and h.p. to his brother Sir Tatton 
Sykes, 5th bart. ; has Order of St. Lazarus of Belgium. 
A Conservative; sat for Beverley July 1865 to Nov. 1868, 
and for E. Riding of York Nov. 1868 to Nov. 1885; 
has sat for Buckrose Div. of E. Riding of York since 
Dec 4th, 1885. 

6"m/— Brantingham Thorpe, Broujjh. Yorkshire. Town Resi- 
dence—i\. Hill Street, Berkeley Square, W. C/«*J— White's, 

Carlton, Boodle's, Turf, Marlborougo, Yorkshire. 

C. R. M. TALBOT (Olamorgansliire, Mid). 

Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot, F.R.S., son of 

the late Thomas Mansel Talbot, Esq., of Margam, by Lady Mary 
Lucy, da. of 2nd Earl of Ilchester; b. 1803 ; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B. A., ist class Mathematics, 1823) : 
m. 1835, Lady Charlotte, who d. 1846, 2nd da. of 1st Earl of 
Glengall ; is Lord-Lieut, of Glamorganshire, Hon. Col. 2nd 
Vol. Batn. Welsh Regt., a Fellow of several learned Sos., and 
a Director of the G. W. Railway. . A Liljeral ; has sat for 
Glamorganshire since 1830. [A peerage was offered to this 
gentleman in Nov. 1869, an honor, however, which he declined. 

Seats— 1lizx%2iva. Park, Taibach, S. Wales ; Penrice Castle, Swansea. Town Residence 
-3. Cavendish Square, W. C/«^— Travellers*. 



J. G. TALBOT (Oxford University). 

John Gilbert Talbot, jD.C.L., el. son of the late 
Hon. John Chetwynd Talbot, Q.C., who was brother of i8th Earl 
of Shrewsbury, by the Hon. Caroline Stuart Wortley, da. of 1st 
Baron Whamcliffe ; b. Feb. 24th, 1835 ; ed. at Charterhouse 
and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (M.A. i860, Hon. D.C.L. 1878) : m. 
i860, the Hon. Meriel Sarah, el. da. of 4th Baron Lyttelton ; 
was Sec. to Board of Trade April 1878 to April 1880 ; is a J. P. 
for Kent, Sussex, Middlesex, and Westminster, a D.L. for 
Kent, Chm. of W. Kent Quarter Sessions, and a Director of 
the Guardian Assu. Co., and of the Reversionary Interest So. 
A Conservative', unsuccessfully contested Kidderminster 1862, and Malmes- 
bury 1865 ; sat for W. Kent Nov. 1868 to May 1878, since when he has sat 
for Oxford University. 

5'^rt^— Falconhurst, Eden Bridge, Kent. Town Residence — 10, Great George Street, 
Westminster, S.W. C/«^f— Travellers', Carlton. 

C. K. D. TANNER (Cork Co., Mid Cork Division). 

Charles Kearns Deane Tanner, M.D., son of William Kearns 
Tanner, Esq., M.D., F. R.C.S.I., by a da. of Thomas Sharpe, Esq., M.D., 
Cork; b. 1850; ed. at Winchester, at Queen's Univ., Ireland (B.A. 18 — ), and 
at Univ. of Berlin and Leipsic ; L.K.Q.C.P.I., M.D., and L.R. C.S.I. ; is 
Surgeon to South Cork Infirmary and County Hospital, to Cork Lying-in 
Hospital, and to Cork Incurable Hospital, a Director of South of Ireland 
National Steam Packet Asso., and Conservator of River Lee. A Nationalist ; 
has sat for Mid Cork Div. of Cork co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Lapp's Island, Cork. Town Address — 9, Margaret Street, W, 

F. TAYLOR (Norfolk, Soutnem Division). 
Francis Taylor, son of the late Thomas Lombe Taylor, Esq., 

Starston, Norfolk, by Mary, da. of the late David Cooper, Esq. ; b. April 1st, 
1845 ; ed. at Hove House School, at Univ. Coll. School, and at Univ. Coll., 
London: m. 1 873, Susan, da. of Edward Rigby, Esq., M.D., of Berkeley 
Square, W. ; is a J. P. for Norfolk, Capt. 4th Vol. Batn. Norfolk Regt., and 
head of the firm of Taylor Sons & Dowson, Brewers, Diss ; formerly a member 
of the firm of De Winton & Co., Engineers, Carnarvon. A Liberal) has sat 
for S. Div. of Norfolk since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— }\z{\ Hills, Diss. Town Residence— \<yj, Victoria Street, S.W. Club— 
Royal Thames Yacht. 

SIR RICHARD TEMPLE, BART. (Worcestershire, Southern, or Evesham. 


Richard Temple, G.C.S.I., CLE., D.C.L., 

LL./J., son of the late Richard Temple, Esq., of The 
Nash, Kempsey, Worcestershire, by Louisa Anne, da. 
of the late James Rivett-Camac, Esq. ; b. March 8th, 
1828 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Haileybury : m. ist, 1849, 
Charlotte Frances, who d. 1855, da. of Benjamin Martin- 
dale, Esq., of London; 2ndly, 1871, Mary Augusta, C'./., 
da. of Charles Robert Lindsay, Esq., formerly of B.CS. 
{see E. Crawford, colls.] ; entered B.CS. 1847; has been 
British Resident at Court of Nizam of the Deccan at 
Hyderabad, Foreign Sec. to Govt, of India, and Sec. to 
Order of the Star of India ; was Financial Member of 
Tempia quam diUcta. Govt, of India 1868-74, Lieut.-Gov. of Bengal 1874-7, 
and Gov. of Bombay 1877-80 (thanked by Gov.-Gen. in Council for services 



rendered during Afghan wars 1878-9-80) ; C.S.I. 1867, K.C.S.I. 1868, G.C.S.I. 
and CLE. 1877, Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1880, Hon. LL.D. Camb. 1883, and 
McGill Univ., Montreal, 1884; late Pres. of National Association for Promo- 
tion of Social Science. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested E. Worces- 
tershire 1880; has sat for S., or Evesham, Div. of Worcestershire since Dec. 
2nd, 1885. 

Seat— Th.^ Nash, Kempsey, Worcestershire. C/»^j^— Carltoo Athenaeum, Bachelors', 

SIR CHARLES TENNANT. BART. (Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire). 

Charles Ten n ant, son of the late John 
Tennant, Esq., J. P. and D.L., of St. Rollox, Lanark- 
shire ; b. 1823 : m. 1849, Emma, da. of Richard 
Winsloe, Esq. , of Mount Nebo, Taunton ; is a J. P. 
and a D.L. for Peeblesshire and Lanarkshire, and a 
merchant in Glasgow ; cr. a Baronet July 1885. A 
Liberal 'y sat for Glasgow July 1879 to March 1880; 
has sat for Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire since April 

Seats— The Glen, Innerleithen, N.B. ; St. Rollox, Glasgow. 
n*f //»>>;/ »,*/« Town Residrm-e—-\s, Grosvenor Square, W. C/k^*— Brooks's, 

Ueu* dabtt vela. Reform. Burlingtoh, NaUonal Uberal. 

A. THOMAS (Cnamorganaliire, Eastern Division^. 

Alfred Thomas, b. 1840; is a Merchant of Cardiff, a Member 
of Council of South Wales Univ. Coll.., and Pres. of Welsh Baptist Union ; 
was Mayor of Cardiff i88i-2. A Liberal) has sat for E. Div. of Glamorgan- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— TixV Place, Cardiflf. Town Address— $1, Gloucester Place, Portman 
Square, W, 

SIR HENRY M. MEYSEY-THOMPSON, BART. (Llncolnslilre, North Llndsey, 
or Brigg, Division). 

Sir Henry Meysey Meysey-Thompson, el. 
son of Sir Harry Stephen Meysey-Thompson, 1st Bart., 
who d. 1874, by Elizabeth Anne, da. of Sir John Croft, 
1st Bart. ; b. Aug. 30th, 1845 : m. 1885, Ethel Adeline, 
da. of Sir Henr>' Pottinger, 3rd Bart. ; ed. at Eton, and 
at Trin. Coll.. Camb. (B.A. 1868) ; is a J.P. for N. 
and W. Ridings of York, and Capt. Yorkshire Hussars 
Yeo. Cav. A Libera/ ; sat for Knaresborough April to 
July 1880, when he was unseated ; unsuccessfully con- 
tested N. Lincolnshire 1885 ; has sat for N. Lindsay, or 
Brigg, Div. of Lincolnshire, since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Seats— Kirhy Hall, York ; Thorpe Green, Little Ousebum. 
Town Residence— 42, Albemarle Street, W. C/«*f— Wliite's, 
Turf, Marlborough, Brooks', Bachelors'. 

5V veux de boune guerre. 




W. TIPPING (Stockport). 
William Tipping, son of the late John 

Tipping, Esq., Merchant of Liverpool ; b. 1816 ; ed. at 
a private school at Tottenham : m. iS— , Maria, da. of 
the late Benjamin Walker, Esq., of Leeds; is a J. P. for 
Kent, Lancashire, and W. Riding of Yorks, and a Direc- 
tor of the Lond. and N.W. Railway. A Conservative \ 
sat as M.P. for Stockport 1868-74, when he was defeated; 
re-elected Nov. 26th, 1885. 

p7>— _J!_^^7-xS^ Seat — Brastead Park, near Sevenoaks. Clubs — Carlton, St. 

^^Vg ^TjV))Ji>^ Stephen's, Constitutional. 

H. J. TOLLEMACHE (Cheshire, Eddlsbory Divlsioii). 

Henry James Tollemache, son of Wilbraham 
Spencer Tollemache, Esq., of Dorfold Hall, Nantwich ; 
^.July 5th, 1846; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford 
(B.A. 1870) ; is a J. P. for Cheshire, and Capt. Cheshire 
Yeo. Cav. A Conservative ; sat for W. Cheshire April 
22nd,' 1 88 1, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for 
Eddisbury Div. of Cheshire. 

C/«^*— Arthur's, 

Residence — Dorfold Hall, near Nantwich. 

W. E M. TOMLINSON (Preston). 

William Edward Murray Tomlinson, el. 
son of the late Thomas Tomlinson, Esq. (Bar. and 
Bencher Inner Temple), by Sarah, da. of the late 
Rev. Roger Mashiter, Incumbent of St. Paul's, Man- 
chester ; b. 1838 ; ed. at Westminster Sch., and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A i860, M.A. 1862); Bar. Inner 
Temple 1865 ; is Capt. 1st Vol. Batn. The Royal N. 
Lancashire Regt. A Conservative ; has sat for Preston 
since Nov. 23rd, 1882. 

Residences— z, Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, S.W. ; Hey- 
sham House, near Lancaster. Chambers— \i. Old Square, 
Lincoln's Inn, W.C. C/«^J— Carlton, Athenaeum, St. 


A. L. TOTTENHAM (Winchester). 

Arthur Loftus Tottenham, el. son of the 
late Nicholas Loftus Tottenham, Esq., of Glenfame 
Hall, Enniskillen, by Anna Maria, el. da. of the late 
Sir Francis Hopkins, Bart., of Rochfort ; b. 1838 ; ed. 
at Eton : in. 1859, Sarah Ann, da. of George Adden- 
broke Gore, Esq., of Barrowmount, co. Kilkenny; 
formerly Capt. Rifle Brigade ; is a J. P. for cos. Leitrim, 
Cavan, and Fermanagh, and a D.L. for co. Leitrim 
(High Sheriff 1866). A Conservative-^ sat for co. 
Leitrim April 1880 to Nov. 1885, having been defeated 
there in 1876 ; has sat for Winchester since Nov. 1885. 

Seat — Glenfame Hall, Enniskillen. Clubs — Carlton, 

Marlborough, Kildare Street. 



^g^^ George Otto Trevelyan, /*.C, LL.D.^ son 

if ^k of Sir Charles Edward Trevelyan, 1st bart., K.C.B., 

^^^'^^ by Hannah More, da. of Zachary Macaulay, Esq. ; b. 

^ July 20th, 1838; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., 

Camb. (B.A., 2nd in ist class Classical Tripos, 1861 ; 
M.A. 1864; Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh 1882): m. 1869, 
Caroline, el. da. of Robert Needham Philips, Esq., 
of Welcombe, Stratford-on-Avon, and The Parte, 
Manchester ; was a Lord of the Admiralty Dec. 1869 
to June 1870, Parliamentary Sec. to Admiralty Nov. 
1880 to Mav 1882, Ch. Sec. for Ireland May 1882 
to Nov. 1884, and Chancellor of Duchy of Lancas- 
ter, with a seat in the Cabinet, Nov. 1884 to June 
1885; has been Sec. for Scotland since Feb. 1886; is 
D.L. of Northumberland. A Liberal ; sat for Tynemouth July 1865 to Nov. 

Tyme tryetk troth. 

1868, since when he has sat for Hawick District. 

Town Residence — 8, Grosvenor Crescent. S.W. 
shire, Atheiueum. 

C/k^x— Brooks's, Reform, Devon- 

H. J. TROTTER (ColchesterX 
Henry John Trotter, son of the late Lieut.-Col. William 
Trotter, of Bishop Auckland, co. Durham, by Henrietta, da. of the late Major 
A. P. Skene, 9th Light Dragoons; b. 1836; ed. at Oriel Coll., Oxford (M.A. 
1863), Bar. Inner Temple 1864; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. Durham, and a 
Director of the G.E. and N. British Railways ; formerly Lieut. 2nd W. York 
Yeo. Cav. An ItuUpetuUnt Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Tynemouth 
1868 and 1881, and Berwick-on-Tweed 1881 ; has sat for Colchester since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residence— XjOSifyya. Grange, Gaioford, Darlington. Tottm Residence— yst Clarges 
Street. Chambers—^, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, E.C C/«*r— Carlton, Hur- 

lingham, St. James's, New University, New. 

J. TUTTE (Westmeath Co., North Westmeath DivlBionX 
James Tuite, son of the late Mr. John Tuite, Watchmaker, of 
Mullingar, by Margaret, da. of Mr. Christopher Downes ; b. Nov. 14th, 1849; 
ed. at St. Mary's Coll., Mullingar ; succeeded to his father's business i8 — ; is 
Chm. of Mullingar Town Commrs. ; imprisoned for nine months as a Land 
League suspect. A Home Ruler', has sat for N. Westmeath Div. of West- 
meath co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence^jns'^X^ Street, Mullingar. Town yj J^rMX— 393, Vauxhall Bridge Road,S.W. 

SIR HENEY W. TYLER (Great Yarmoutli). 

Henry Whatley Tyler, K.B., son of the 
late John Chatfield Tyler, Esq. ; b. 1827 ; ed. at Roy. 
MiL Acad., Woolwich : m. 1852, Margaret, da. of 
the late Gen. Sir Charles Pasley, K.C.B. ; entered 
R.E. 1844, and retired as Capt. 1867 ; was an In- 
spector of Railways 1853-71, and Ch. Inspector 
1871-7, knighted by patent 1877 '■> is Pres. of Grand 
Tnmk Railway of Canada, and connected with other 
commercial undertakings. A Conservative ; sat for 
Harwich April ist, 1880, to Nov. 1885, since when he 
has sat for Great Yarmouth. 

Residence— '9Yaaa.t& Park, Edmonton. 
Army and Navy. 

Clubs — Carlton, 

C. J. VALENTINE (Cumberland, Cockennoutli Division). 
Charles James Valentine, son of the late James Valentine, of 
Stockport, and Mossley, by Mary, da. of C. A. Bradbury, Esq., of Stockport ; 




b. Sept. 1837; ed. privately: m. 1861, Anne, da. of Peter Kirk, Esq., of 
Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire ; is Lieut, ist Vol. Batn. Border Regt., a J. P. 
for Cumberland, an Ironmaster, Managing Director of Moss Bay Hematite 
Iron and Steel Co., Limited, and Director of Cleator and Workington Railway, 
etc. A Conservative; has sat for Cockermouth Div. of Cumberland since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Eas)k&t\6i, Workington, Cumberland. Club — Constitutional. 

p. VANDERBTL (Portsmoutlij. 

Philip Vanderbyl, son of the late Hon. P. V. 
Vanderbyl, of the Cape of Good Hope ; b. April 28th, 
1827 ; ed. at Univ. of Edinburgh (M.D. in honors and 
obtained gold medal) ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1849, M.R.C.P. 
Lond. 1855, and retired from practice 1858 : m. 1853, 
Sara, only da. of the late Mr. James Alexander, of the 
firm of Redfem, Alexander, & Co. ; is an Australian 
Merchant, and a Director of E. and W. India Dock Co. 
A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Great Yarmouth 
1865 ; sat for Bridgewater July 1866 to Nov. 1868; has 
sat for Portsmouth since Nov, 26th, 1885. 

Residences — 51, Porchester Terrace, Hyde Park, W. ; North- 
wood, near Winchester. Club— Reform. 

E. H. VERNEY (North, or BucMngliam, Division). 

i:dmund Hope Verney, el. son of the Rt. 
Hon. Sir Harry Verney, 2nd Bart., by Eliza, da. of 
Adm. Sir George< Hope, K.C.B. ; b. April 6th, 1838 ; 
ed. at Harrow : m. 1868, Margaret Maria, da. of Sir 
John Hay Williams, 2nd Barl. ; entered R.N. 1851, 
became Com. 1866, and Capt. 1877 ; retired 1884 ; 
served in Crimean War 1854-5 (medal with clasp and 
Turkish medal) and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 
(medal with clasp and specially mentioned in dis- 
patches) ; is a D.L. and a J. P. for Bucks and Anglesey, 
and Chm. of Quarter Sessions for Anglesey. A Liberal; 
unsuccessfully contested Great Marlow 1868, the Angle- 
sey Boroughs 1874, and Portsmouth 1880 ; has sat for 
N., or Buckingham, Div. of Buckinghamshire since Dec. 5th, 1885. 
Residmce—^Khiznvzs, Anglesey. C//'^j— Travellers', United Service. 

BIGHT HON. CHARLES P. VILLIEKS (Wolverhampton, South DlvisionX 

Charles Pelham Villiers, F. C, 3rd son 

of the late Hon. George Villiers, and brother of 4th 
Earl of Clarendon, by Theresa, only da. of 1st Baron 
Boringdon ; b. 1802 ; ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb. 
(B.L. 1824, M.A. 1827) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1827 ; 
was an examiner of witnesses in Court of Chancery 
1833 to Dec. 1852, Judge-Advocate-Gen. Dec. 1852 
to March 1859, and Pres. of Poor Law Board July 
1858 to July 1865 ; raised to rank of an Earl's son 
1839 ; a P.C. 1853 ; is a D.L. and a J. P. of Herts ; 
was an early advocate of free trade in com, and 
Commr. of Inquiry into the operation of the Poor 
Laws. A Liberal ; sat for Wolverhampton 1835-47, 
when being returned for that borough and also for S. Lancashire, elected to 



sit for his former constituency, which he continuously represented until Nov. 
1885, when he was elected for South Div. of Wolverhampton. [In June 1885 
a peerage was offered to and declined by Mr. Villiers. ] 

CffHHtry ResitUnce—T, Park Shot, Richmond. Town Residence— y), Sloane Street, 
S.W. C/m^J— Athenaeum, Reform, Brooks's, Travellers', National Liberal. 

C E. HOWARD VINCENT (Sheffield, Central Division). 

Charles Edward Howard Vincent, C.B.^ son 
of the Rev. Sir Frederick Vincent, nth Bart., by Maria 
Copley, da. of the late R. Herries Young, of Auchens- 
kreugh, Dumfries ; b. 1849 ; ed. at Westminster, and 
jRoy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst : m. 1882, Ethel Gwendoline, 
'da. of the late George Moffatt, Esq., M.P., of Goodrich 
Court, Herefordshire ; served in Roy. Welsh Fusiliers 
[868-73; Bar. Inner Temple 1876; is Lieut.-Col. Comdt. 
1 6th Vol. Batn. King's Roy. Rifle Corps ; was Director of 
Criminal Investigations, Metropolitan Police, 1878-84, 
Capt. Roy. Berks Militia 1873-5, and Lieut.-Col. Central 
London Rangers 1875-8 ; C.B. 1885. A ** National Con- 
servative" i has sat as M.P. for Central Div. of Sheffield 
Vincenti doHtur. since Nov. 1885. 

Residtnu—x, Grosrenor Square, W. C/«3j— Carlton, Marlborough, Naval and 


BIR HENRY H. VIVIAN, Bart. (Swansea DlstarlctX 

Henry Hussey Vivian, el. son of the late 

John Henry Vivian, Esq., M.P. for Swansea 1832-55, 
and brother of the ist Baron Vivian, by Sarah, el. da. 
of Arthur Jones, Esq. , of The Priory, Reigate, and for- 
merly of Caerfallach, Flint ; b. July 6th, 1821 ; ed. at 
Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : m. 1st, 1847, Jessie 
Dalrymple, who d. 1848, da. of Ambrose Goddard, 
Esq., M.P., of The Lawn, Swindon; 2ndly, 1853, 
Caroline Elizabeth, who d. Jan, 25th, 1868, d. of Sir 
Montague John Cholmeley, 2nd bart., M.P. ; 3rdly, 
Nov. 1870, Averil, da. of Capt. Richard Beaumont, 
R.N. ; formerly was Lieut.-Col. 4th Glamorgan Rifle 
Vol. ; is a D.L. and a J. P. of Glamorganshire, and a 
Fellow of Geological So. ; cr. a Baronet 1882. A 
Liberal ; sat for Truro July 1852 to April 1857, and 
for Glamorganshire 1857 to Nov. 1885, since when he 
has sat for Swansea District. 

Seat—Vxc\f. Wem, Swansea. Tmttn Residence— ^t , Belgrave Square, S.W. Clubs 
—Brooks's. Arthur's, National Liberal, Athenaeum, Hurlingham. 

W. H. WALROND (DevonBlilre, North-Eastern, or Tiverton, Division). 
^^ William Hood Walrond, el. son of Sir John 

^W^f Walrond Walrond, 1st bart., by the Hon. Frances 

j^^fk Caroline Hood, da. of the 2nd Baron Bridport ; b. Feb. 

"■^"^ 26th, 1849; ed. at Eton: w. 1871, Elizabeth Katharine, 

da. and heiress of the late James Pitman, Esq., of 
Dunchideock House, Devon ; formerly Capt. Grenadier 
Guards, and Lieut.-Col. 1st Devon Rifle Vol. ; ba J.P. and 
a D.L. for Devon; was a Lord of the Treasury June 1885 
to Jan. 1886. A Conservative', sat for E, Devonshire 
April 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for N.E., 
or Tiverton, Div. of Devonshire. 

Seat—'^cyi Court, Topsham. Devon. Town Residence— w, 
Beaufort Gardems, South Kensington, S.W. C/»^i— Guards', 

Vive anima Dei. 



HON. ARTHUR H. J. WALSH (RadnorsMre). 

Arthur Henry John Walsh, el. son of 2nd 
Baron Ormathwaite, by Lady Emily Somerset, da. of 
of 7th Duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; b. 1839 ; is Lieut. 1st 
Life Guards, and a D.L. for co. Radnor. A Conserva- 
tive ; has sat for Radnorshire since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

C/«3— Bachelors', 

Virtus et Veritas 

H. WARDLE, (Derbyshire, Southem Division). 

Henry Wardle, son of Francis Wardle, Esq., of Highfield, 
Burton-on-Trent, by Elizabeth Billinge his wife ; b. 1832 : m. 1865, Mary 
Ellen, da. of the late Thomas Fosbrooke Salt, Esq. ; is a J. P. for cos. Derby 
and Stafford, and senior partner in the brewing firm of Salt & Co. A Liberal ; 
has sat for S. Div. of Debyshire since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

Residence— W'x^^tM, Burton-on-Trent. C/«^f— Reform, National Liberal, City 

Liberal, National. 

T. WARING (Down Co., North Down Division). 

Thomas Waring, son of the late Major 
Henry Waring, of Waringstown, by Frances Grace, 
da. of the Very Rev. Holt Waring, Dean of Dromore ; 
b. Oct. 17th, 1828; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 
1850) : m. 1st, 1858, Esther, who d. 1873, da. of Ross 
T, Smyth, Esq., of Ardmore, Londonderry; 2ndly, 
Fanny, who d. 1883, da. of Adm. John Jervis Tucker, 
of Trematon Castle, Saltash, Cornwall ; 3rdly, 1885, 
Geraldine, da. of Alexander Stewart, Esq., of Bally 
Edmond, Rostrevor; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin, 1852; 
is a J. P. for co. Armagh, a J. P. and D.L. for co. Down 
(High Sheriff 1868), and Lieut. -Col. Comdt. and Hon. 
Col. 5th Batn. Royal Irish Rifles. A Conservative) has 
sat for N. Down Div. of co. Down since Dec. 1885. 

/?«rV^«r<r— Waringstown House, Lurgan, co. Down. 
Street (Dublin), Ulster (Belfast). 

C/»^f— Constitutional, Kildare 

C. M. WARMINGTON (Monmouthshire, Western Division). 

Cornelius Marshall Warmington, Q.C.^ son of Edward Warm- 
ington, Esq., of Colchester; b. June 5th, 1842; ed. at Univ. Coll. School, 
London: m. 1871, Annie, da. of Edward Winch, Esq., of Chatham; admitted 
a Solicitor 1864; Bar. Middle Temple 1869, and a Q.C. 1882. A Liberal; 
has sat for W. Div. of Monmouthshire since Dec. 1885. 

Rtsidence— 43, Courtfield Gardens, S.W. Ckatfibers — 7, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, 




E. WA80N (Aynhire, Sontli DlvlBlonX 
Eugene Wason, son of the late Rigby Wason, Esq., M.P. for 
Ipswich, of Con^'ar, Ayrshire, by Euphemia, da. of Peter McTier, Esq. 
b. Jan. 20th, 1846; ed. at Rugby, and at Wadham Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1868 
M.A. 1871): VI. 1870, Eleanor Mary, da. of Charles Reynolds Williams, 
Esq., of Dolmelynllyn, Dolgelly, co. Merioneth; is a J. P. for co. Ayr; Bar, 
Middle Temple 1870. A Liberal', has sat for S. Div. of Ayrshire since Dec, 

I, Garden Court, Temple, E.C C/»iir— Union, Law. 

Blair Ginran, N.B. Chamben— 

^ Edward William Watkin, KB.j son of the 

vf late Absalom Watkin, Esq., a J. P. for Lancashire, by 

^^jSjT^ Elizabeth his wife ; b. Sept. 26th, 1819 ; ed. at Man- 

chester : m. 1845, Mary Briggs, da. of the late Jonathan 
Mellor, Esq., J. P., of Hope House, Oldham ; was formerly 
a merchant in Manchester ; is Chm. of South- Eastern, the 
Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire, and the Metro- 
politan Railways, a J. P. for Lancashire, Cheshire (High 
Sheriff 1874), Kent, and the city of Manchester, trustee 
of the River Weaver, a D.L. of the Tower Hamlets, 
and a Knt. Com. of Orders of the Redeemer of Greece, 
and Leopold of Belgium ; Knighted 1868, for services 
in connection with the Confederation of the British N. 
American Provinces ; cr. a baronet 1880. A Liberal ; sat for Great Yarmouth 
in 1857, but was unseated, and unsuccessfully contested that borough April 
1859; sat for Stockport May 1864 to Nov. 1868; unsuccessfully contested 
Exeter 1873 ; has sat for Hythe since Feb. 1874. 

Seat-'Rost Hill, Northendcn, Cheshire. Tovm Address— Chaxxog Cross Hotel, S.W. 
C/iK^j— Reform, Empire. 

J. WATSON (ShrewBbnryX 

James Watson, son of the late James Watson, Esq., pf 
Edgbaston, Birmingham, by Mary, da. of Richard Spreadborough, Esq., of 
Aston, CO. Warwick; b. 1817 : m. 1856, Jane, da. of Leonard Willan, Esq., 
of Silverdale, co. Lancaster ; is a J. P. for cos. Stafford, Salop, and Worcester. 
A Conservative) has sat for Shrewsbury since Dec. 1885. 

ResideHce—Bcnnde. House, near Shrewsbury. 

T. WATSON (Derbyslilre, EJceston Division). 

Thomas Watson; b. 182 1 ; in early life was 
a working silk spinner ; in 1846 he and two fellow- work- 
men commenced business in Rochdale as silk -spinners 
and hatters, and invented silk-plush for hat-making ; is 
now sole partner in the firm of Thomas Watson & Sons, 
silk-plush manufacturers of Rochdale ; is a J. P. for Roch- 
dale, Chm. of the Rochdale School Board, and Treasurer 
of the Free Church Denomination ; has founded and given 
to the town of Rochdale a new Infirmary. An Advanced 
Liberal) has sat for Ilkeston Div. of Derbyshire since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Horse Carrs, Rochdale. 



H. WATT (Glasgow, CamlacMe Division). 

Hugh Watt, only son of John Watt, Esq., 

J. P., Hon. Sheriff of Ayrshire, by Jane, da. of Capt. 

Thomas Baird; b. 184.8; ed. at Kilmarnock Academy 

and Univ. of Geneva : m. 1880, Julia, da, of C. M. 

Welstead, Esq., of Home Place, near Battle, Sussex; 

is a Merchant in London, Liverpool, and Glasgow, 

Chm. of Maxim-Weston Electric Co., Limited, and of 

New Chile Mining Co., Limited; author of " Lectures 

on Practical Electricity." A Liberal; has sat for Cam- 

lachie Div. of Glasgow since Nov. 1885. 

Residences- Txg, St. George's Road, S.W. ; Maryfield, 
Kilmarnock, N.B. C/«^j— National Liberal, Royal Scottish. 

T. WAYMAN (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Elland Division). 

Thomas Wayman, son of the late Mr. William Henry Wayman, 
of Halifax, by Nancy, da. of the late Mr. J. Rawcliffe, of Halifax; b. Oct. 
26th, 1833; ed. privately: m. 1856, Sarah, da. of the late Mr. James Ellis, 
of Halifax; is a Woolstapler and a J. P. for Halifax, of which Borough he was 
Mayor 1872-4. A Liberal; has sat for Elland Div. of N. Part of W. Riding 
of York since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Savile Close, Halifax. 

SIB RICHARD E. WEBSTER (Isle of Wight). 
Richard Everard Webster, Q.C.^ son of the late Thomas 
Webster, Esq., Q.C., by Elizabeth, da. of the late Richard Calthrop, Esq., of 
Swineshead Abbey, near Spalding; b. 1842; ed. at King's Coll. Sch., 
Lond., at Charterhouse, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 35th Wrangler 
1865): m. 1872, Louisa Mary, who rt'. 18 — , da. of William Calthrop, Esq., 
of Withem, near Alford ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1868, Q.C. 1878 ; was Attorney- 
Gen. June 1885 to Jan. 1886; K.B. 1885; is a Gov. of Charterhouse. A 
Conservative ; sat for Launceston July 1st to Nov. l8th, 1885 ; has sat for Isle 
«f Wight since Nov. 27th, 1885. 

Chambers — 2, Pump Court, 

Temple, E.C. 

-Homton Lodge, Pitt Street, Kensington, W. 
C/«<5— Carlton. 


H. W. WEST (Ipswich). 

Henry Wyndham West, Q.C, son of Martin 
John West, Esq., Recorder of Lynn, and sometime Commr. 
of Bankrupts for Leeds District, by Lady Maria Walpole, 
da. of 2nd Earl of Orford; b. Nov, 7th, 1823; ed. at 
Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1844): m. 1870, 
Violet Katherine Hamilton, 3rd da. of the late Walter 
Frederick Campbell, of Islay; Bar, Inner Temple May 
1848, and a Q.C. Feb, 1868; goes N, Circuit; was 
Recorder of Scarborough 1858 to May 1865 ; has been 
Recorder of Manchester, and Judge of H.M.'s Court of 
Record for that city since May 1865, and Attorney-Gen. 
of Duchy of Lancaster since 1861 ; is a J. P. for Lanca- 
shire, and a Director of the Lands Improvement Co. A 
Liberal; sat as M.P. for Ipswich Nov. 1868 to Feb. 1874; unsuccessfully 



contested that constituency Julv 1865, Feb. 1874, and April 1880, and was 
re-elected therefor Dec 12th, 1883, and Nov. 25th, 1885. 

Residence— li, Cadogan Place, S.W. Chambers— 10, King's Bench Walk, E.C. Cluit 
—Travellers*, Brooks's. 


C. WEST (Denbighshire, Western Division). 

William Cornwallis West, son of the late 
Frederick Richard West, Esq., M.P., by Theresa, da. 
of Capt. John Whitby, of Newlands, Lymington ; b, 1835 J 
ed. at Eton : m. 1872, Mary, da. of the Rev. Frederick 
Fitzpatrick, R. of Cloone, co. Leitrim ; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1862; is Lord Lieut, of Denbighshire (High SheriflF 
1872), and Lt.-Col. ist Vol. Batn. Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 
A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Lymington and 
Cheshire West 1880; has sat for W. Div. of Denbigh- 
shire since Dec 1885. 

d^Johp; -^^.t-itfii^ ^"^* — Ruthin Castle, Denbighshire. C/iKi*— Travellers', 
^*S£OLS£--l^'^*^ Devonshire, Hurlingham. 

J. WESTLAKE (Essex, Soath. or Romford, Division). 
John Westlake, Q.C, LL.D., son of the late John Westlake, 
Esq., of Lostwithiel ; b. 1828); ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1850, Fellow 
1851, Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh 1877) : m. 1864, Alice, da. of T. Hare, Esq., 
Assist. Commnr. of Charities ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1854, and a Q.C. 1874 ; 
was sometime Recorder of Lostwithiel. A Liberal \ has sat for S., or Rom- 
ford, Div. of Essex since Dec. 3rd, 1885. 

Country /?«ii/«K:*— Tregerthen, Zennor, St. Ives, Cornwall Tcvm Residence— ^\tx 
House, 3, Chelsea Embankment, S.W. C/«A— Athenaeum. 

J. D. WESTON (Bristol. South DivisionX 
Joseph Dodge Weston, son of the late Thomas Weston, Esq. ; 
b. 1822; is a J. P. for Bristol, Chm. of the Patent Nut and Bolt Co., and one 
of the original promoters and founders of the Bristol Waggon Works Co. ; was 
Mayor of Bristol 1880 to 1883. A Liberal; has sat for S. Div. of Bristol since 
Dec. 1885. 

Residence— BnstoX. 

S. WHITBREAD (Bedford). 

Samuel Whitbread, son of the late Samuel 

Charles Whitbread, Esq., M.P., of Cardington, Bedford, 
by the Hon. Juliana Brand, da. of 21st Baron Dacre; b. 
May 5th, 1830; ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : 
m. 1855, Lady Isabella Charlotte, 3rd da, of 3rd Earl 
of Chichester; was private sec. to Sir George Grey 1850, 
and Civil Lord of the Admiralty June 1859 to March 
1863 ; is a D.L. and a J. P. of Bedfordshire. A Liberal; 
has sat for Bedford borough since July 1852. 

6'^a/— Southill, Biggleswade. Town Residence— \o, Ennis- 
more Gardens, S.W. C/«*— Brooks's. 



E. WHITLEY (Liverpool, Everton Division). 

Edward Whitley, son of the late John 
Whitley, Esq., of Liverpool, by Isabella, da. of Edward 
Greenall, Esq., of Wilderspool, Cheshire; b. 1825; 
ed. at Rugby : m. 1878, Elizabeth Eleanor, da. of 
Henry Walker, Esq., of Whitehaven; admitted a 
Solicitor 1849, ^.nd is senior partner in the legal firm 
of Whitley, Maddock, Hampson, & Castle, of Liver- 
pool ; has been a member of the Town Council of 
Liverpool since 1866, and was Mayor of that city 
1868; is a J. P. for Liverpool. K \ Conservative \ sat 
for Liverpool Feb. 1880 to Nov. 1885, since when he 
has sat for Everton Div. of Liverpool. 

Residence— 1^^ Grange, Halewood, near Liverpool. Tovni Address— 185, Piccadilly, 
W. a«^f— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

^^ . 

H. WIGGIN (Staffordshire, Handsworth Division). 

Henry Wiggin, son of the late William 
Wiggin, Esq., of Cheadle, Staffordshire; d. 1824: m. 
1851, Mary Elizabeth, da. of David Malins, Esq., J. P., 
of Ekigbaston, Birmingham ; is a J. P. and a D.L. for 
Staffordshire, a J. P. for Worcestershire and borough of 
Birmingham, a Director of the Midland Railway, the 
S. Staffordshire Water Works Co., the Birmingham 
Joint Stock Bank, and Muntz's Metal Co., and a Gov- 
of King Edward's School, Birmingham. A Liberal 'y 
sat for E. Staffordshire April 1880 to Nov. 1885 ; has 
sat for Handsworth Div. of Staffordshire since Dec. 7th, 

i'^a/— Metchley Grange, Harbome, Birmingham. Clubs — 
Reform, National Liberal. 

J. S. WILL (Montrose District). 
John Shiress Will, Q.C.^ son of the late John Will, Esq., of 

Hanover, co. Cornwall, Jamaica, by Mary, da. of John Chambers, Esq. ; b. 
July 20th, 1840; ed. at Brechin Gram. School, and at King's Coll., London : 
m. 1873, Mary, da. of William Shiress, Esq., of Brechin, co. Forfar, N.B.; 
Bar. Middle Temple, 1864, Q.C. 1883. A Liberal', has sat for Montrose 
District since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— \x, West Cromwell Road, S.W. ; Ardovie, Brechin, N.B. Chambers— 
2, Garden Court, Temple, E.G. 

A. J. WILLIAMS (Glamorganshire, Southern Division). 

Arthur John Williams, son of John Morgan Williams, Esq., 
Surgeon, of Bridgend, co. Glamorgan; b. 1835: m. 1877, Rose Henrietta 
Thompson, da. of the late Robert Thompson Crawshay, Esq., of Cyfarthfa 
Castle, Glamorganshire; Bar. Inner Temple 1867 ; is a J. P. for Glamorgan- 
shire, Sec. to the Accidents in Mines Commn. ; formerly Hon, Sec. to the Law 
Amendment Soc, and Hon. Sec. to the Legal Education Asso. A Liberal; 
unsuccessfully contested Birkenhead 1880 ; has sat for S. Div. of Glamorgan- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— Ulorm, Eastbourne. 



J. C. WILLIAMS (Nottingham Borough. South Division). 

John Carvell Williams, son of the late John Allen Williams, 
Esq., of Stepney, by Mary, da. of John Carvell, Esq., of Lambeth ; b. Sept. 20th, 
1821 ; ed. privately ; was Sec. to the "Liberation Soc." 1847-77, since when 
he has been Parliamentary Chm. to the Soc. ; is a Director of Whittington Life 
Insurance Co. ; author of works on Disestablishment, the Burial L^ws, and 
other Ecclesiastical subjects. A Liberal ; has sat for S. Div. of Nottingham 
Borough since Nov. 1885. 

Residence— 1\\om\i\\\, Crouch End, N. Ckami€n—i, Serjeant's Inn, Fleet Street, 
E.C C/k*— National Liberal. 

J. P. WITJ.TAirH (Birmingham, South Division). 
Joseph Powell Williams, son of the late Mr. Joseph Williams, 

of Worcester ; b. 1840 ; ed. at Edgbaston Proprietary School : m. 1870, a da. 
of the late S. A. Bindley, Esq., F. R.C.S., of Birmingham ; is a J. P. and an 
Alderman for Birmingham, Chm. of Finance Committee, and Hon. Sec. of the 
Birmingham Liberal Asso. and of the National Liberal Federation. A Liberal ; 
has sat for S. Div. of Birmingham since Nov. 1885. 

ResidtMce—QovLf^ Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. C/M^-National LiberaL 

# *; i< 

C. H. WILSON (Hull. West Division) 
Charles Henry Wilson, son of the late 

Thomas Wilson, Esq. ; b. 1833 : m. 1871, Florence 
Jane Helen, da. of Col. William Henry Charles Welles- 
ley, late of the 7th Fusiliers; is Chm. of the Hull 
Seamen's Orphan Asylum, and a J. P. and D.L. for E. 
Riding of York ; was Sheriff of Hull 1870. A Liberal ; 
has sat for Kingston-upon-Hull since Feb. 4th, 1874. 

.Jra/— Warter Priory, Pocklington. Town Residence— -3^, 
Grosvenor Square, W. C/«^J^Reform, Bachelors'. 

H. J. WILSON (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, Holmflrth Division). 

Henry Joseph Wilson, son of the late William Wilson, Esq., of 
Torquay and Mansfield, by Eliza, da. of Joseph Read, Esq., of Wincobank 
Hall, Sheffield; b. April 14th, 1833; ed. at West of England Dissenters 
Proprietary School, Taunton, and Univ. Coll., London : m. 1859. Charlotte, 
da. of Charles Cowan, Esq., formerly M.P.for Edinburgh; is a gold and silver 
smelter and refiner, and a J. P. for Sheffield ; has been a Member of Sheffield 
School Board since 1876, and was Chm. thereof Jan. to Nov. 1885. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Holmfirth Div. of S. Part of W. Riding of York since 
Dec. 1885. 

/?*«Vfc;«r*— Osgathorpe Hills, Pitsmoor, Sheffield. 



L WILSON (Middlesbrough). 
Isaac Wilson, son of the late Isaac Wilson, 
Esq., of Kendal, by Mary, da. of John Jowitt, Esq., of 
Leeds ; b. Feb, i6th, 1822 : m. 1847, Anna Dorothy, 
da. of Robert Benson, Esq., of Parkside, Kendal ; is a 
J. P. for Durham, and a J. P. and a D.L. for N. Riding 
of York., and an ironmaster. A Liberal', has sat for 
Middlesbrough since July 4th, 1878. 

C/«^*— Reform, 

sc 4s 

^•^a/— Nunthorpe Hall, R.S.O., Yorkshire. 
National Liberal 

J. WILSON (Darham, Houghton-le Spring Division). 

John Wilson, son of Mr. Christopher Wilson, labourer, of 
Greatham, Durham, by Hannah, da. of Mr. Michael Sponton, of Hamsterley, 
near Toft Hill, Durham ; b. 1837 : m. 1863, Margaret, da. of Mr. George 
Firth, Coal Miner, of Sherburn Hill, Durham ; began work at Stanhope 
Quarries at the age of 10, and went down the pit at Ludworth Colliery, Durham, 
at the age of 13 ; has been Sec. of the Durham Miners' Franchise Asso. since 
1876, and Treasurer of the Miners* Asso. since 1882. A Liberal', has sat for 
Houghton-le-Spring Div. of Durham since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — 

J. WILSON (Edinburgh, Central Division). 
John Wilson, son of the late John Wilson, merchant, of Edin- 
burgh ; b. 18 — ; ed. at Edinburgh High School, and at Edinburgh Univ. ; is a 
J. P., and a D.L. and City Treasurer for Edinburgh, a partner in the firm of 
Mitchell & Co., merchants, of Edinburgh, and a Vice-pres. of the Chamber of 
Commerce. A Liberal; has sat for Central Div. of Edinburgh since Dec. 1885. 
/?«r«<^«<:^— Edinburgh. 

SIR MATHEW WILSON, Bart. (Yorkshire, West Riding, North Part, SWpton 


Mathew Wilson, el. son of the late Mathew 

Wilson, Esq., of Eshton Hall, by Margaret Clive, only 
da. of Mathew Wilson, Esq., of Eshton ; b. Aug. 29th, 
1802; ed. at Harrow, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1824) : m. 1st, 1826, Sophia Louisa Emerson, who 
d. 1833, da. of the late Sir Wharton Amcotts [title ex- 
tinct] ; 2ndly, 1878, Frances Durant, widow of Col. 
Pedler, of Brunswick Square, Brighton; is a J. P. and a 
D. L. for Lancashire and West Riding of York ; cr. a 
Baronet Feb. 1874. A Liberal', sat for Clitheroe 1847-52, 
and forN. Div. ofW. Riding of York Feb. 1874 to Nov. 
1885 ; has sat for Skipton Div. of N. Part of W. Riding 
of York since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — Eshton Hall, Gargrave, Yorkshire ; 30, Brunswick Square, Brighton. 
C/«3j— Athenaeum, Devonshire, National Liberal. 

Deedes not wordes. 



HON. B. WIKN (Fontefraot). 
Rowland Winn, el. son of ist Baron St. Oswald, 

by Harriet Maria Amelia, da. of Col. Henry Dumaresq ; 
b. Aug. 1st, 1857; ed. at Eton; is Lieut, ist Batn. Cold- 
stream Guards, and a J. P. for W. R. of York ; served 
in Soudan campaign 1885 (medal with clasp). A Con- 
servative ; has sat for Pontefract since Nov. 25th, 1885. 

VirtuU *t laiort. 

RtsitUncts—iiQ&itW Priory, Wakefield ; 11, Grosvenor Gardens, 
S.W. C/«^— Guards', Carlton, White's, Marlborough. 

A. R WINTEKBCraAM (aiouoestenhlre, Eastern, or Cirencester. DlvlsionX 
Arthur Brend Winterbotham, son of Lindsey Winterbotham, 
Esq., Banker, of Stroud, by Sarah Ann, da. of Rev. H. Page ; b. April 19th, 
1838; ed. at Amersham School : m. 1863, Elizabeth, da. of J. G. Strachan, 
Esq., of Farm Hill Park, Stroud ; is a J. P. for Gloucestershire, and a cloth 
manufacturer. A Liberal ; has sat for E., or Cirencester, Div. of Gloucester- 
shire since Dec. 1885. 

RcsidtHce—^Hoxjoaxk Hill, Dursley, Gloucestershire. C/»^x— Devonshire, National 


Edmond Robert Wodehouse, only son 
of Sir Philip Edmond Wodehouse, G.C.S.I., K.C.B., 
by Catherine Mary, da. of the late Francis J. 
Templer, Esq. ; b. 1835 ; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1865, M.A. 1865): m 1876, 
Adela, da. of the late Rev. Charles Walter Bagot, 
Chancellor of Bath and Wells, and R. of Castle 
Rising, Norfolk ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1861 ; was 
Private Sec. to his cousin, the Earl of Kimberley, 
when Viceroy of Ireland 1864-6, when Lord Privy 
Seal 1868-70, and when Sec. of State for Colonies 
1870-74. A Liberal \ has sat for Bath since April 1st, 1880. 

RtsieUnce—s6, Chester Square, S.W. C/w^«— Travellers', Oxford and Cambridge. 

YlSCOnirr WOLMER (Hampsliire. Eastern, or Petersfleld, Division). 

William Waldegrave Palmer 

{Viscount IVo/mer), el. son of 1st Earl of 
Selbome, by Lady Laura Waldegrave, da. 
of 8th Eari Waldegrave; b. Oct. 17th, 
1859 ; ed. at Winchester and at Univ. Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1st class Modem History 
1882) : m. 1883, Lady Beatrice Maud Cecil, 
da. of 3rd Marquess of Salisbury; is a J. P. 
for Hants and Capt. 3rd Batn. Hampshire 
Regt. ; was Private Sec to Mr. Childers at 
the War Office 1882-3, at the Treasury 
1883-4, and his father when Lord High 
has sat for E., or Petersfield, Div. of Hamp- 

Chancellor 1884-5. A Liberal 
shire since Dec. 2nd, 1885. 

Residence—^ John Street, Berkeley Square, W. 

C/jaJ— White's. 



W. WOODALL CHanley). 

William Woodall; b. 1832 : m. 1862, Evelyn, who d. 1870, 
da. ofthe late James Macintyre, Esq. ; is a J. P. for Staffordshire, Chm. of the 
Burslem School Board, senior partner in firm of James Macintyre & Co., 
potters, of Burslem, a Director of the National Liberal Land Co., and of 
the Sneyd Colliery, and a member of Roy. Commn. on Technical Instruction ; 
has been Surveyor Gen. of the Ordnance since 1886. A Liberal ; sat for Stoke- 
upon-Trent April 1880, to Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Hanley. 

Country Residence — Burslem, Stoke-upon-Trent. Toivn J? est defwc— Queen Anne's 

Mansions, St. James's Park, S.W. Cluds— Reform, National Liberal, Savile, Savage. 

J. WOODHEAD (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Part, Spen Valley Division). 
Joseph WooDHEAD, son of Godfrey Woodhead, Esq., of Holm- 
firth; 6. May 8th, 1824; ed. at private schools: m. 1853, Catherine, da. of 
the late J. 13. Woodhead, Esq., Wool Merchant of Huddersfield ; is a News- 
paper Proprietor and Editor, and a J. P. and an Alderman of Huddersfield; 
has been twice Mayor of Huddersfield. A Liberal', has sat for Spen Valley 
Div. of E. part of W. Riding of York since Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Longdenholme, Huddersfield ; Preswylfa, Conway. Club — National 


BARON HENRY DE WORMS (Liverpool, East Toxteth Division). 

Henry de Worms, 2nd son of ist 
Baron de Worms, by Henrietta, da. of the 
late Samuel Moses Samuel, Esq., of Park 
Crescent, N.W. ; b. 1840 ; ed. at King's 
Coll., London (of which he was elected a 
Fellow 1863) : w. 1864, Fanny, el. da. of 
the Baron Von Todesco, of Vienna ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1863; is a J. P. and a D.L. 
of Middlesex, and a Commr. of the Royal 
Patriotic Fund ; was Parliamentary Sec. to 
Board of Trade June 1885 to Jan. 1886. A 

Conservative \ sat for Greenwich April 1st, 1880, to Nov. 1885, since when he 

has sat for E. Toxteth Div. of Liverpool. 

Residence—^, Old Burlington Street, W. Cluis -Carlton, City of London. 


C. B. STUART-WORTLEY (Sheffield, Hallam Division). 

^Lfl^ Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, son of 

^hywS? the late Rt. Hon. James Stuart-Wortley, Q.C., by the 

Hon. Jane Lawley, da. of ist Baron Wenlock; b, 
Sept. 1 85 1 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1875, M.A. 1S78) : m. 1st, 18S0, Beatrice, who 
d. 1881, da. of Thomas Adolphus Trollope, Esq. ; 
2ndly, 1886, Alice Sophia Caroline, da. of Sir John 
Everett Millais, ist bart. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1876; 
was Sec. to Roy. Commn. on Sale, etc.. of Benefices 
1879-80, and Parliamentary Under Sec. of State for 
Home Depart. June 1885 to Jan. 1886. A Conserva- 
tive', unsuccessfully contested Shefiield Dec. 1879; sat for Slieffield April 1880 
to Nov. 1SS5, since when he has sat for Hallam Div. of Sheffield. 

, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. 

A'<'j/rtV//cf— 10, Victoria Square, S.W. Chambers- 
C/«^f— CailLon, Travellers', Beefsteak, Cosmopolitan. 




a WRIGHT (LancaBhire, South West, Leigh DIviBloni. 

Caleb Wright; b. 1810; when nine years of age he com- 
menced work as a cotton piecer in a factory, and in 1845 he started cotton 
spinning on his own account; is a J. P. for Lancashire, and Chm. of the 
Tyldesley Local Board. A Liberal ; has sat for Leigh Div. of S. VV. Lancashire 
since Dec. 1885. 

Residence — Tower Oak, Tyldesley, near Manchester. 

P. WROUGHTON (Berkshire, Abingdon Division). 

Philip Wroughton, el. son of the late 
Philip Wroughton, Esq., of WooUey Park, Herks, by 
Blanche, da. of the late John Norris, Esq. , of Hughenden 
House, Bucks; h. 1846 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. 1868) : m. 1875. Evelyn Mary. da. of Sir 
John Neeld, 1st bart. ; is a J. P. and a U.L. for Berks. 
A Conservative-, sat for Berkshire Feb. 23rd, 1876, to 
Nov. 1885, since when he has sat for Abingdon Div. of 

^^.rt/— Woolley Park, WanUge. 


(Glamorgajishlre, Western, or Gower, Division). 

Frank Ash Yeo, son of ihc kite Thomas Yeo, 
Esq., of Bideford, by a da. of the late Christopher 
Woollacott, Esq., of Bideford ; /'. 1832 ; cd. at Bide- 
ford School, and in Germany and France : ni. ist, 185S, 
a da., who d, 1863, of the late R. Cory, Esq., of 
Cardiff; 2ndly, 1868, a da. of George Dowson, Esq., 
of North Allerton; is a J. P. for Glamorganshire, a 
Colliery Owner, Director of the Swansea Bank, 
Limited, and the Swansea Blast Furnace Co., Limited : 
has been Chm. of Swansea Harlwur Trust since 1878 : 
was Mayor of Swansea 1874. A Liberal ; has sat for 
W., or Gower, Div. of Glamorganshire since Dec. 
188 «:. 

Residence— ^Vttxy Hall, Swansea. C/»^— Devonshire. 

R. TOREE (Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury Division). 

John Reginald Yorke, son of Joseph Yorke. 
Esq.. of Forthampton Court, Gloucester, by Franco 
Antonia, da. of the late Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole Carew; 
^. Jan. 25th, 1836; ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford : m. 1st, 1862, Augusta Emnieline, who </. 
1863, youngest da. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Monteith- 
Douglas, K.C.B., of Stonebyres and Rosehall, Lanark ; 

2ndly, 1S68, Mathilde, 2nd da. of the late Baron V. dt- 
Tuyll; is a D.L. of Worcestershire, a J. P. for Glouces- 
tershire, and a F.R.G.S. ; formerly Capt. Tewkesbury 
Rifle Vol. A Conservative', .sat for Tewkesbury Fel*. 
1864 to Nov. 1868, and for E. Gloucestershire March 
1872 to Nov. 1885 ; has sat for Tewkesbury Div. of 
Gloucestershire since Dec. 4th, 1885. 

5"m/- Forthampton G>urt, Tewkesbury-. Tcu'n Residence— 55, Rutland Gate, S.NN'. 
C/«*-f— Carlton. Oxford and Cambridge. 



C E. B. YOUNG (Cliristchurch). 

Charles Edward Baring Young, son of the 
late Charles Baring Young, Esq., of 12, Hyde Park 
Terrace, W., and Oak Hill, East Barnet, by Elizabeth, 
da. of the late Stephen Winthrop, Esq., M.D., of Little 
Bounds, Tonbridge; h. 1850; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1872, M.A. 1876); Bar. Inner 
Temple 1876. A Conservative ', has sat for Christchurch 
since Nov. 1885. 

Residences— Oak Hill, East Barnet, Herts ; Daylesford House, 
near Chipping Norton. Chambers — 2, Harcourt Buildings, 

Temple, E.C. Club — Oxford and Cambridge. 


J. A. BLAKE (Carlow Co.). 
John Aloysius Blake, son of the late Andrew 
Blake, Esq., of Waterford, by Mary, da. of Patrick Galway, 
Esq., of Waterford ; b. 1826 ; ed. at John's Coll., Waterford, 
and at Roy. Coll., Pau : m. 1875, Adelaide, da. of Nicholas 
Merton Power, Esq., sometime M.P. for Waterford, of 
Faithlegg, Waterford ; was Mayor of Waterford 1855-6-7, 
and Pres. of Waterford Chamber of Commerce, 1858-9; is 
a J. P. for Waterford. A Home Ruler; sat for Waterford 
City March 1857 to Nov. 1869, and for Waterford co. April 
1880 to Aug. 1884 ; elected for Carlow co. Jan. 29th, 1886. 
Address— ^^, Westland Row, Dublin. C/«/'j— Devonshire, St. Stephen's Green. 

RIGHT HON. HUGH C. E. CHILDERS (Edinburgh, S. Division). 

M Hugh Culling EardleyCHiLr)ERS,/'.C,i^.i?.S., 

^^ only son of the late Rev. Eardley Childers, of Cantley, co. 

^^ York, by Maria Charlotte, el. da. of Sir Culling Smith, 

tSk 3rfl Bart., of Hadley {ext.); b. June 27th, 1827; ed. at 

Q^fiS"^ Cheam Sch., and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., 14th 

Senior Optime, 1850, M.A. 1857) : vi. 1st 1850, Emily, 
who d. 1875, da. of George I. A. Walker, Esq., of 
Norton, Worcester; 2ndly, Katharine Ann, da. of the 
late Right Rev. Dr. Gilbert, Bishop of Chichester, and 
widow of Col. the Hon. Gilbert Elliot, son of 2nd Earl 
of Minto ; was a member of Govt, of Victoria (Australia) 
1 85 1 -7, held a seat in the first Cabinet there as Commr. 
of Trade and Customs, and represented Portland in first 
Legislative Assembly, 1856-7 ; was a Junior Lord of the 
Admiralty 1864-5, Financial Sec. to Treasury 1865-6, First Lord of the 
Admiralty Dec. 1868 to March 1871, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, with 
a seat in the Cabinet, Aug. 1872 to Oct. 1873, ^cc. of State for War April 
1880 to Dec. 1882, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Dec. 1882 to June 1885 ; 
has been Sec. of State for Home Dept. since Feb. 1886 ; is a J. P. for W. Riding 
of York. An '■^independent Liberal;" sat for Pontefract Jan. i860 to Nov. 
1885, having been defeated there in April 1859 ; has sat for S. Div. of Edin- 
burgh since Jan. 29th, 1886. 

Residence— w], Piccadilly, W. C////'j— Athenaeum, Brooks's, National Liberal. 



SIR JAMES P. CORRT. BART. (Armagh co.. Mid Armagh Division). 

0jg^A James Porter Corry, el. ^on of the late 

^fllt Robert Corry, Esq., merchant, of Belfast, by Jane, da, of 

^^^^^ the late M. James Porter, of Ballyussell, co. Down; 6. 

*^^^ Sept. 8th, 1826 ; ed. at Belfast Coll. : m. 1849, Margaret, 

who d. 1869, da. of the late William Service, Esq., of 
Glasgow; is a J. P. for co. Antrim and Belfast, and a 
shipowner and merchant in that borough ; cr. a Baronet 
Sept. 188^. A Consfrvative ; sal for Belfast Feb. 1874 
to Nov. 1885 ; unsuccessfully contested E. Div. of Belfast 
Dec. 1885 ; elected for Mid Armagh Div. of co. Antrim 
Feb. 1st. 1886. 

VigilaHS tt ttudax. 

.?<'«/— Dunraven, Belfast. 
Ulster, Sackville Stieet. 

C//<^j— Carlton, St. Stephen's, 

HON. S. HERBERT (CroydonX 

\mM Sidney Herbert, son of ist Baron Herbert of 

^Uw^ Lea, by Elizabeth, da. of the late Gen. Charles Ashe 

3C» A'Court ; b. Feb. 1853 ; ed. at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Ox- 

ford (B.A. 1876) : ///. 1877, Lady Beatrix Lambton, da. of 
2nd Earl of Durham ; was Capl. Roy. Wilts Yeo. Cav. 
1876-80, and a Lord of the Treasury June 1885 to Jan. 
tK86 ; is h.p. to his brother, the 13th Earl of Pembroke, 
id a Director of the River Plate Trust Loan and Agency 
). A Coiisen>ative ; sat for Wilton Feb. 19th, 1877, to 
NOV. 1885 ; unsuccessfully contested S., or Wilton, Div. of 
\ iltshire Dec. 1885 ; elected for Croydon Jan. 27th, 1886. 
Town Residenct— 10, Mandeville Place, Portman Square, W. 
Cluiis — Carlton, St. James's, Constitutional. 

J. P. X. O'BRIEN (Mayo Co., South Mayo DlviBion). 

James Francis Xavier O'Brien; b. 18 — ; is a Commission 
Agent ; in 1S67 he was tried at Cork for treason -felony, and being convicted 
was sentenced to be hanged, drawn, and quartered ; the sentence was subse- 
quently commuted to penal ser\'ilude for life, and he was afterwards amnestied. 
A Hottu Ruler ; has sat for S. Div. of co. Mayo since Dec. 18S5. 


P. O'BRIEN (Monaghan Co., North Monaghan Division). 
Patrick O'Brien. A Home Ruler \ elected for N. Monaghan 
Div. of CO. Monaghan Feb. ilth. 1886. 
Residence— Liverpool . 

W. H. O'SHEA (Galway Borough). 

William Henry O'Shea, only son of the late 
Henry O'Shea, Escj., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, 
by Catherine (Countess O'Shea), da. of Edward Cranach 
Quinlan, Esq., of Rosanna, co. Tipperary ; b. 1840; 
ed. at Oscott Coll., and at Trin. Coll., Dublin : m, 
1867, Katharine, youngest da. of the Rev. Sir John 
Page Wood, 2nd bart. ; formerly Capt. 1 8th Hussars ; 
is a J.P. for co. Clare, and a Count of Rome. A Home 
Ruler ; sat for co. Clare April 18S0 to Nov. 1885, when 
he unsuccessfully contested Exchange Div. of Liverpool ; 
elected for Galway Borough Feb. 1886. 

ResidefKes—\i ox\^r%\i Lodge, Eltham, Kent ; George Street, 
Limerick; 1, Albert Mansions, S.W. 



At the Commencement of February, 1886, 


The engravings are copies of 
Borough Arms or of Corf ora- 
tion Seals ; when inserted iti the 
Division of a County the arms 
indicate the armorial insignia of 
the Borough after which the 
Division is named, either pri- 
marily or otherwise. 

Names in italics are those of un- 
successful members at the last 
General, or subsequent, Election. 

Figures following names indicate 
tne numbers polled at the last 
General, or subsequent. Election. 

• An Asterisk before the title of 
a constituency denotes that it is 
new ; and when before the name 

of a member it indicates that he 
did not sit in the last Parliament. 

Secondary nanus of Divisions, 
or Boroughs, are inserted in 
alphabetiJal order ihroughnut 
the section —e,g., ' 'Spalding, see 
Lin olnshire ;" " Leamington, 
see Warwick." 

Divisions of Counties and 
Boroughs are given in alpha- 
betical order by their primary 
title under the heading of their 
respective county, and not in 
the numerical order in which they 
appear in the "Redistribution of 
Seats Act." 

t Af ember sat in last Parliament 
for another constituency. 

J Unsuccessful mem.ber sat in last 

[ ] Figures between brackets after 
the title of a constituency show 
the number of members. 

Registered Electors. The figures 
within parentheses denote the 
number upon the Register in 
1884 prior to the extension of 
the Franchise. 

The Parliamentary pofulaiions 
of counties and divisions only 
are given — i.e., the Borough 
populations being deducted from 
the gross totals. The population 
Quoted is in every case that of 
the late census, except it is 
otherwise stated. 

Abercromby, [See Liverpool]. 


* North [11 

{The Municipal IFards of SI. Cl-ment, St. 
Andreiu, St. Mac/tar, and Grey/riars, and 
tfu 10th and 11th Parliamentary Foiling 

*Dr. William A. Hunter (L.) .. 4,794 
Benjamin Scott Foster M'Geagh 

(C.) 894 

Wallace Thorn (^.) .. .. 177 

Pop. 55,893. Reg. Elec. 8,256. 

* South [1]. 

( The Municipal Wards of St. Nicholas, Rose- 
mount, Rubislaw, and Ferrt hill, ami the 
gth Parliamentary Polling District.) 

tjames Bryce (L.) .. •• 4»548 

Colin McKenzie (C.) . . .. 1,455 

Pop. 49,110. Reg. Elec. 7,813. 
Returning Officer— ]o)xv\. Guthrie Smith, Esq., 

Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banffshire). 

Aberdeen University [See Glasgow and 
Aberdeen University]. 

East LI]. 
♦Peter Esslemont (L.) .. ..6,509 

Lieut. -Col. H. Wolridge Gordon 

(c.) 3,15s 

Pop. 83,295. Reg. Elec, 12,522(4,865). 

West [1]. 

t Robert Farquliarson, M.D. (L.) 4,248 

Francis Hugh Irvine, jun. (C.) 2,010 

Quintin Kerr iX-.) .. .. 1,530 

Pop. 66,834. Reg. Elec. 10,500(4,248). 

Returning Officer — John Guthrie Smith, Esq., 
Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
Aberdeen and Kincardine, &c.). 

Abingdon [See Berkshire]. 

Accrington [See Lancashire, N.E.]. 

Altrincham [See Cheshire]. 

Andover [See Hampshire]. 

Richard Davies (L.) .. ..4,412 

Capt. George Prilchard Rayner 

(c.) 3.462 

Pop. 51,416. Reg. Elec. 9,866(3.175). 
Returning Officer- The High Sheriff. 

1 66 


ANTRIM 00. [41. 

• East Antrim [11. 

{Barvmies of Belfast Lau-tr, ami GUnarm 
U/^per, Parts of Baronits of Antrim VHtr, 
Antrim Lawtr, and Belfast Upper, euidtk* 
town of Carrie fc/erfus.) 

*Capt. James M'Calmont (C.).. 4,i8o 

Marriot Robert Dahmy (L.) . . 2, 105 

Pop. 56,402. Reg. Elec. 8,773. 

* Mid Antrim [1]. 

{,Baronies of Glemi*^fH Loitter, Toome Lower, 
part of the Barony of Antrim Lower, and 
parts of the parishes of Connor and A hafkilL) 

•Hon. Robert Torrens O'NeUl 

(c.) 3.832 

\ Thomas Alexander Dickson (L. ) 2, 7 1 3 
Pop. 56,729. Reg. Elec. 8,307. 

• North Antrim [1]. 

{Baronies of Cary. Dunluce Lovftr, Dunluct 
Upper, and Kilcontvay. ) 

tEdward Macnaghten, Q.C. (C.) 3,233 

\ IViiliam Firrie Sinclair (L.) . . 2, 149 

y. Pinkerton iXJ) .. .. 1,915 

Pop. 57,526. Reg. Elec. 8,948. 

* Sontli Antrim [1]. 

{Baronies of Massfreene Upper, Masseretne 
Lower, and Antrim Upper, parts o/ th* 
Baronies of Upfer Toome and Belfast 
Upper, and so much of the Parliamentary 
Bor<>Mg h of Belfast as is in County of A ntrim. ) 

*WilliamGrey Kllison-Macartney 

(C.) 5.047 

John Doherty Barbour (L.) . . 3,685 

Pop. 58,283. Reg. Elec. 10.8*4. 
Returning Officer— 'Ihg. High Sheriff. 

Appleby [See Westmoreland 1. 
Arfon [See Carnarvonshire]. 

*Donald Home M'Farlane (L.) 3,336 
IViiliam Alackinnon (l^.) .. 2,852 

John Stuafi A/Xai^ (L.) . . 665 

Pop. 63,506 Reg. Elec io,on (3,604). 
Returning Officer— k\cxAxv\t.r Forbes IrWne, 
Esq. , 25, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh (SherilT 
of Argyllshire). 

ARMAGH CO. [3]. 

* Mid Aima«h [1]. 

{Baronies ^ Armagh and 1 iranny, and parts 
of th* Baronies of Fetvs Lower, Ontilland 
West, Orior Lower, and l-ews Upper.) 

At thd General Election •John M'Kane, LL,D. 
(C). and '.Edmund Uaniy (H.R.), polled 
respectively .,178 and 2.667 7'otes. Dr. 
M 'Kane dted Jan. \Uh,\ 886, and upon a new 
election on Feb. ist ensuing the result wtu — 

*Sir James Porter Corry (C.) . . 3,930 

XThomas Alex. Lickson (H.R.) 2,974 

Pop. 53,411. Reg. Elec 8,170. 

* North Armagh [1]. 

{Barony of Ontilland East, and fart of the 
Batony of Oneilland h'est.) 

*Major Edward James Sauiuicr- 

son (C.) . . . . 4,192 

Thomas Shillington {h. ) .. 2,372 

Pop. 52,623. Re;. Elec. 7,947. 

* South Armagh [1]. 

{Parts of Baronies of Fews Lower, Fews 
Upper, and Orior Lower, and the Barony 
of Orior Upper) 

•Alexander Blaine (H.R.) 

Pop. 51.198. Reg. Elec. 8,192 
Returning Officer— T\ii Hi)ih Sheriff. 

A«h1rarton [See Devonshire]. 
Ashford [See Eentj. 

A8HT0NUNDERLTNE (Lancashire) [11. 

{Including the old borouj^h 0/ Ashtoit-utidet- 
Lyne, and tJu Local Government district 
of Hurst.) 

Motto -*• Labor omnia vincit." 
•John Edmund Went worth Addi- 
son, Q.C. (C.) .. .. 3,164 
t/fuj^h A/ason (h.) .. ..3,118 

Pop. 43,630. Reg. Elec. 6,553(6,112). 
Returning Officer— ^Alderman James Walker, 
George Street, Ashton-under-Lyne (Mayor). 

• ASTON MANOR (Warwickshire) [1]. 

(Local Government District of Aston .Manor.) 

*H. G. Reid (L.) .. .. 4,241 

jRobert Peiks Yates (C.) . . . . 3,088 

Pop- 53.8<2. Reg. Elec. 10,048. 
Returning Officer — Wragg, Esq., 

Church Lane, Aston Manor (Chairman of 

Local Board). 



Attercliffe [See Sheffield]. 
Aylesbury [See Buckingliainsliire]. 

AYR (District) [1]. 

(^Comprising Ayr, Irvine, Campbeltown^ 

Inverary, and Oban.) 

Richard Frederick Fothringham 

Campbell (L.) .. .. 2,460 

Malcolm Lmv {C.) .. .. 2,n8 

Pop. 41.723- Reg. Elec. 5,449(4,267). 
Returning O^cer— David Brand, Esq., q, 
Albany Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Ayr- 

North [1]. 
*Hon. Hugh Frederick Hyslop 

Elliot (L.) 5,700 

X^^obert William Cochran- Patrick 

(c.) 4,740 

Pop. 72,742. Reg. Elec. 12,465(3,836). 
South [1]. 
* Eugene Wason (f,.) .. .. 7,357 
XMajor.-Gen. Clatid Alexander 
(C.) 5,447 

Pop. 89,256. Reg. Elec. 15,109(4,038). 
Keturfiing Officer— Yiziwxd Brand. Esq., 9, 
Albany Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff). 

Banbury [See Oxfordshire!. 

At the General Election, Robert William 
Duff (L.) and Moir Tod Darling {C.) polled 
respectively 3,740 and 2,008 votes. In Feb. 
1886 Mr. Duff accepted office, and on a new 
election on the i^th of that month t/iere was 
not any opposition to the return 0/ 

Robert William Duff (L.) 

Pop. 50,875. Reg. Elec. 7,018 (2,759). 

Returning Officer— \o\in Guthrie Smith, Esq., 
Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
COS. Aberdeen, Banff, and Kincardine). 


Baxkston Ash [See Yorkshire, 

Riding (E.)]. 

Barnard Castle [See Durham co.]. 

Bamsley [See Yorkshire, W. Ridini? 

(S.)J. ^ 

Barnstaple [See Devonshire]. 

* BARROW-IN-FURNESS (Lancashire) 


{Municipal Borough 0/ Barrow-in-Furness.) 

* David Duncan (L.) .. .. 2,958 

Henry William Schneider (C.) . . 2,612 

Pop. 47,259. Reg. Elec. 6,063. 

Returning t>^<r^r— Benjamin Townson, Esq., 

Abbots Field, Barrow-in-Furness (Mayor). 

Basingstoke [See Hampshire]. 
Bassetlaw^ [See Nottinghamshire]. 

BATH (Somerset) [2]. 

{Consisting of the old city of Bath, the parishes 
of IVulcot, Bathwick, Lyncombe, and JVid- 
combe, and part of the parish of Tiverton.) 

* Robert Stickney Blane (C.) . . 3,208 
Edmund Robert Wodehouse (L.) 2,990 
Lieul.-Col. Robert Peter LauriksZ.) 2,971 
XSir Arthur Divett Hayter^ Bart. 

(L.) .. •• .. .. 2,953 

Pop. 53,785. Reg. Elec. 6,767 (6,268). 
Returning Officer- Anthony Hammond. Esq., 

J. P., 10, Royal Crescent. Bath (Mayor). 



{Parishes 0/ St. Mary, Battersea, and 


• Battersea [1]. 

{Wards No. 2 and 3. a7id Part 0/ Ward 
No. 4.) 

1 68 


•Octavius Vaughan Morgan (L.) 4,259 

John Edward Cooke (C.) . . 3,547 

Pop. 73,181. Reg Elec 10,018. 

* Clapham [1]. 

{Parish of Claphnm, Ward No. i of Batter- 
ua Parish, and &art of IVard No. 4 of 
Battersea Parish^ 

♦John Fletcher Moulton (L.) . . 3,976 
Hon.Aigernon Henry Bourke{C.) 3,650 

Pop. 70,461. Reg. Elec 9,434. 
Rttuming Offic 

BEDFORD (Borougb) [11. 

{Includes the parishes of St. Cuthhert, St. 
John, St. Mary, St. Paul, and St. P«ttr.) 

Samuel Whitbread (L.) 
James Herman de Ricci (C.) 

Pop. 19.533- Reg. Elec 3,134(2,975). 
Returning Officer— Y.A^n Ransom, Esq., 24. 
Asbburnham Road, Bedford (Mayor). 

• Northern, or Biggleswade [1]. 

{Tht Sessional Divisions of Bedford, Bigfles- 
VMide, and Shambrook, part of the Sessional 
Division of A mpthill, and the Municipal 
Borough of Bedford.) 

fCharles Magniac (L.) . . . . 6,037 
Capt. Walter Charles Barttdott 
(C.) 4,422 

Pop. 66.566. Reg. Elec 13.347. 

* Southern, or Luton [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Lei^hton Buzzard, 
Luton, and Wob urn, part of the Sessional 
Division of A mpthill, and the Municipal 
Boroughs of Dunstable and Luton.) 

At tht General Election, tCyril Flower (L.) 
attd Sydney Gedge {iC.) ^lUd respectively 
6,080 and 3,971 votes. Mr. Flower accepted 
office Feb. 1886, and on a neiu election on 
the \ith of that month there was not any 
opposition to the return e/" 

tCyril Flower (L.) 

Pop. 63,374. Reg. Elec la.irj. 

Returning Officer— The High SheriffT 

BELFAST (County Antrim) [41. 

* East 111. 

{Parts of Dock and Cromac Wards, and part 
of parishes of Hollywood and Knockbreda.) 

♦Edward Samuel Wesley de Co- 
bain (C.) 3,033 

XSir Janus P. Corry, Bart. (C.) 2,990 

Robert Wallace Murray (L.) . . 837 

Pop. 55,897 Reg. Elec 9.805. 

• North [11. 

{Parts of St. Anne's and Dock Wards, and 
part of the parish ofShankill.) 

tWilliam Ewart (C.) .. ..3.915 

Alexander Bo7vman (X') .. 1,330 

Pop. 53.427- Reg- Elec 9,376. 

♦ South rii. 

{Parts of Cromac and St. George's Wards, 
the Toivnland of Malone Lower, and part 
of the parish ofShankill) 

♦William Johnston (C.) ..3,610 

John Windsor Workman (L.) . . 990 

William Seeds (C.) . . . • 871 

Pop. 54,233. Reg. Elec. 10,335. 



* West [1]. 

(Parts of St. Anne's and Si. George s Wards, 
Smithfield Ward, and part of the Parish of 

*James Homer Haslett (C.) . . 3,778 
XThomas Sexton i^.^:) .. 3,743 

Pop. 58,043. Reg. Elec. 9,695. 
Returning Officer — The Mayor. 

• Eastern, or Woklngliain [1]. 

( The Sessional Dii'isions of Alaidenhead and 
Windsor, part of the Sessional Division of 
Wokingham, and the parishes of East and 
West Swallowfield) 

*Sir George Russell, Bart. (C.) 4,710 

Edwin Lawrence iX-^ •• •• 3»o62 

Pop. 52,534. Reg. Elec 9,258. 

• Northern, or Abingdon [1]. 

The Sessional Divisions of Abingdon, Far- 
ingdon, Wallingford, and Wantage, the 
Municipal Borough of Wallingford, and 
parts of the Municipal Boroughs of Abingdon 
ana Oxford.) 

t Philip Wroughton (C.) . . 4,245 

Robert Purvis {I..) .. ..2,986 

Pop. 49,615. Reg. Elec 8,791. 

♦ Southern, or Newbury [1]. 

( The Sessiona Divisions of Ilsley, Lambourn , 
Newbury (including Hungerford, and Read- 
ing, except the parishes of E. and W. 
Swallowfeld), the Municipal Boroughs <^ 
Newbury and Reading, and part of the 
Sessional Division of Wokingham.) 

♦William George Mount (C.) . . 4,631 
X George Palmer {la.) .. .. 4,429 

Pop. 52,924. Reg. Elec. i9,453- 
Returning Oficer— The High SheriflF. 

Bermondsey [See Southwaxk]. 

Berwick-on-Tweed [See Northiunber- 


At the General Election, the Hon. Edward 
Marjoribanks (L.) and JLt.-CoI. David 
Milne-Home (C.) polled respectively 3,758 
and 1, 22s votes. Mr. M3iT}onhan\iS accepted 
office Feb. 1886, and on a new election on the 
\-^th of that month there was not any oppo- 
sition to the return of 

Right Hon. Edward Marjoribanks (L.) 

Pop. 35,379. Reg. Elec 5,982 (1,817). 
Returning Officer — John Cheyne, Esq., 13, 

Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of cos. 

Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk). 


* BETHNAL GREEN (Middlesex) [21. 
(Parish of St. Matthe-u, Bethnal Green.) 

* North East [ll 

(North and East Hoards.) 

♦George Howell (L.) .. 
yoAn 2>awson Mayne (C.) 

Pop. 60,203. Reg. Elec 7,102. 

• South West [11. 

(South ami West Wards.) 

♦Edward Hare Pickersgill (L.) 3,088 
X Capt. John Evans Freke Aylmer 

(C.) 2,200 

Pop. 66,758. Reg. Elec 8,365. 
Returning Officer — William Voss, Esq., Solici- 
tor, 26, Clapton Square, E., and Vestry 
Hall, Church Row, Bethnal Green, E. 

Bewdley [See Worcestershire]. 
Biggleswade [See Bedfordshire]. 

BIRKENHEAD (Cheshire) [1]. 

(Comprises the extra parochial chapelry of 
Birketthead, the tvumships of Claughton, 
Tranmere, Oxton, and part of Higher 



♦Lieut. -Gen. Sir Edward Bruce 

Hamley, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. 


William Kann Kenntdy. Q.C. 


Pop, 84,006. Reg. Elec. 13,215 (10,876). 
Returning OJJ^cer—]o\\n Laird, Esq., J.P, 

Oakhurst, Birkenhead (Mayor). 


BIRMINQHAM (Warwickshire) [7]. 

(Comprises the parishes of Birmingham and 
EaghastoH, the townships 0/ Deritenti^ 
BordesUy, and Duddeston-cum-Nechells, 
and the Local GoT'emment Districts 0/ 
BaUall Heath, Harbome, andSaltUy, and 
the Hamiet of Little Bromwich.) 

Motto — " Korward." 

• Bordesley tl]. 

{BordesUy and St. Bartholomew's Wards.") 

tHenry Broadhurst (L.) . . 5,362 

Walter Shonnell (<Z.) .. ..4,019 

Pop. 64,656. Reg Elec. 11,178. 

• Central [1] 

{Market Hall, Ladyivood, and St. Thomas's 

fRight Hon. John Bright (L.) . . 4,989 
\Riqht Hon. Lord Randolph 

Churchill (Q.) 4,216 

Pop. 66,815. Reg. Elec. 10,923. 
♦ East [1]. 
{Xechells and Duddeston Wards, the Local 
Covemtnent District of Saltley, and the 
Hamlet of Little Bromwich.) 

'William Thomas Gustavus Cook 

(L.) 4,277 

Francis William Lowe (C.) . . 3,025 
Pop- 55.55»- Reg- Elec. 9,38a. 

• Edgbaston (11. 

{Edgbaston Ward, part of Rotten Park 
H'a rd, part o/Balsall Hea th , Local Govern • 
ment District, and the Local Gotfemment 
District of Harbome.) 

♦George Dixon (L.) .. ..4,098 
:J:.S» John Eardley Eardley- 

Wilmot, Bart. (C.) .. ..2,907 

Pop. 60,676. Reg. Elec. 8,693. 

• North [11. 

{St. George's, St. Stephen's, and St. Mar/t 

•William Kenrick (L.).. .. 4,179 

henry Matthr:os, Q.C. (C.) .. 3,561 

Pop. 65,639. R^. Elec 9,437. 

• South [1]. 

{St. Martin and Deritend Wards, and part 
of Balsall Heath LoceU Govemmtnt Dis- 
♦Joseph Powell Williams (L.) 5,099 
Henry Hawkes (C. ) . . . . 3,31 1 

Pop. 63,234. Reg. Elec. 10,643. 

• West 111. 

{All Saints' and St Pauts Wards, and part 
of Rotton Park Ward.) 

At the General Election, the Rt. Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain (L.) and John Molesworth 
Thoma.s Humphreys (C.) polled respectively 
5,419 and 2.6^5 7'ofrs. In Feb. 1886 Mr. 
Chamberlain "<:e, and on a nrtv 

election on tli ' month there ivas 

not any oppos . • ctum of 

fRight Hon. Joseph Chamberlain (L.) 
Pop. 60,510. Reg. Elec. 10,329. 

Returning Officer— WAerxuzn Thomas Mar- 
tincaii, J v.. West Hill, Edgbaston, Bir- 
mingham (Mayor). 

Birr [See King's co.i 
Bishop Auckland (See Durham co ]. 

BLACKBURN (Lancashire) [2]. 

{Comprising the toivnshit> of Blackburn , parts 
of the toivnships of Wttton, Livesey, and 
Little Hartvood, and so much of the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Blackburn as is not in- 
cluded in the before-mentioned townships.) 



William Coddington (C.) ..9,168 

t Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, 

Bart., G.C.B. (C) .. .. 8,425 

XlViiliam EdimrJ Briggs (L.) 6,740 
y. N. Boothman {I.) .. .. 5,341 

Pop. 104,014. Reg. Elec. 16,329 (15,208). 

Returning Officer— T)\omzs Farrei-Bajnes, 
Esq., J. P., Ash Villa, Blackburn (Mayor). 

Blackfriars [See Glasgow]. 

Blackpool [See Lancashire, N.]. 

Bodmin [See Cornwall]. 

BOLTON-LE-UOORS (Lancashire) [2]. 

{Consists of tJie taivnships of Great Bolton, 
LittU Bolton, Tonge ivith Haulgh, and 
parts of the townships of Halliiuell, Sharpies, 
and Runworth, and so much of the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Bolton as is not included 
in the before-mentioned Townships.) 

•Herbert Shepherd-Cross (C). . 7,933 
*Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Francis 

Charles Bridgeman (C.) .. 7»655 

XJohn Kynaslon Cross (L.) .. 6,725 

\Jolin Pennington Thoniasson{ L.) 6, 228 

Henry Marriott Richardso^i (I.) 1,191 

Pop. 108,963. Reg. Elec. 16,063 (i5,o8oX 

Returning Officer— Alderman Thomas Flet- 
cher, Bolton-le-Moors (Mayor). 

Border Burghs [See Hawick District]. 
Bootle [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 
Bordesley [See Birmingham]. 

BOSTON (Lincolnshire) [1]. 

{Includes the old borough of Boston, part of 
the parish of Skirbeck, and tlu hamlet of 
Skirbeck Quarter.) 

♦William James Ingram (L.) .. 1,295 
Nehemiah Learoyd (C. ) . . 996 

Pop. 18,863. Reg. Elec. 2,789 (2,935). 
Returning Officer — John Caboum Simonds, 
Esq., Boston (Mayor). 

Bosworth [See Leicestershire]. 
Bow [See Tower Hamlets]. 

BRADFORD (Yorkshire) [3]. 

{Includes the townships of Bradford, Bo7vling, 
Norton, and Manningham, and those parts 
of the Municipal Borough not included in 
the before-mentioned to^vnships.) 

* Central [1]. 

{Lister Hills, H^'est, North, Little Morton, 
and Exchange H^'ards.) 

f Right Hon. William Edward 

P^orster (L.) 5,275 

George Motley lVaud(C.) .. 3,732 

Pop. 67,611. Reg. Elec. 11,297. 

♦ East [1]. 

{East, South, Bradford Moor, East Bowling, 
and H^'est Bowling Hoards.) 

♦Angus Holden (L.) .. .. 4.713 

John Taylor {Q,.) .. .-4,367 

Pop. 67,782. Reg. Elec. 10,887. 

• West [1]. 

{Manningham, Heaton, Allerton, Bolton, and 
Great Morton Wards.) 



fAlfred lUingworth (L.) .. 4.688 

H. Byran Rttd {C.) .. .. 3,408 

Pop. 59,10a. Keg. Elec. 9,334- 

Reti.minz Officer— fiX^cnaxa Thomas Hill, 
Bradford (Mayor). 

William Fuller-Maitland (L.) .. Ay^%A 
Hon. Arthur John Morgan (C.) 3,282 

Pop. 55.4 4- Reg- Elec 9,5 0(4,184). 
ReturniHg Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Brentford [See Middlesex]. 

Brldgeton [See Glasgow]. 

BridjTwater (See Somersetshire]. 

Brigg [See Lincolnahire]. 

BRIGHrON (Sussex) [2]. 

{Includes the parishes of Brighthelmstotie, 

lioz't, ami Preston.) 

Right Hon. William Thackeray 
Marriott, Q.C. (C.) .. .. 7,047 

♦David Smith (C.) .. .. 7,019 

John mbb Prodyn {I..) .. 4,899 

XJohn Robert Holland (L.) .. 4,865 

Pop. 128,440. Reg. Elec. 14,848 (i3,994X 

Returning Officer — Alderman Edward James 
Reeves, J. P., 85, Queens Road, Brighton, 

Brightside [See Sheffield]. 

BRISTOL (Gloucesterslilre) [41. 

(Comprises tiventy-tivo entire parishes in the 
city of Bristol, part of the parisltes of Bed- 
minster and Westbury-on-Trim , and the 
Local Goziemment Districts o/ St. George, 
Hor/ield, and Stapleton.) 

* East [11. 

(JSouth Ward, part o/ North ll'ard, and Local 

Gifvemtnent Dutrict of St. George.) 

•Handel Cossham (L.) .. .. 4,647 

Janies Broad Bissell {C.) .. 2,383 

Pop. 61,986. Reg. Elec 9,506. 

• North II]. 

{Districl.St. Paul's, and St James's Wards, 
pari of North Ward, and Local Govern- 
tment District 0/ Stapleton.) 

tl^wis Fry (L.) .. .. 4,110 

Charles Edward Hungerford 
Aiholl Colston (C.) . . . . 3,046 

Pop. 64,71;. Reg. Elec. 9,ooa. 

• South (11. 

{Bristol, Redcliffi, and East and West Bed- 
minister Wards, and part of Bedminister 

♦Joseph Dodge Weston (L.) ..4,217 
Litut.-Col. Edward Stock Hill, 

C.B.iC.) 4,121 

Pop. 66,333. Reg. E'ec« 10.384. 

• West (11. 

{Clijton, Westbury, St. Michaers. and St. 
Augustine's Wards, and H or field Local 
Government District.) 

fRight. Hon. Sir Michael Ed- 
ward Hicks- Beach, Bart. (C.) 3,876 
Brinsley de Courcy Nixon (L.) 2,463 
Pop. 60,874. Reg. Elec. 7.657. 

Returning Officer— "R^^xnT^A W. Butlerworth, 
Elsq.. J. P., Rockwell, Henbury, near Bristol 

* Mid, or Aylesbury [1]. 

{Sessional Di-'isions of Aylesbury, Cheshnm, 
and Linslade, and part of ■2nd Division of 
Desborough and parts o/ WinsloTv.) 

fBaron Ferdinand James de 

Rothschild (L.) .. .. 5,476 

Frederick Charsley (C) . . . . 2,624 

Charles James Clarke (L.) . . 296 

Pop- 55. 920- Reg- Elec. 10,535. 

• Northern, or BucMngham [1]. 

(Sessi tial Division of Ashendon, Buckingham, 
Neiuport, and .Stony Stratford, part of 
Sessional Division of lVinslo7v, and the 
Municipal Boro'ugh of Buckingham.) 



*Capt. Edmund Hope Vemey, 

R.N. (L.) 5.462 

Sir Samuel Wilson {C.) ..4,006 

Pop. 56,928. Reg. Elec. 11,307. 

* Southerzi, or Wycombe [1]. 

{Sessiofuil Divisions of Burnham and Stoke, 
parts of 1st and 2nd Sessional Divisions of 
Desborough, and the Municipal Borough of 
Chipping Wycombe.') 

*Viscount Curzon (C.) . . . . 5,092 

\Hon. Rupert Clement George 

Carington (L.) .. .. 4,239 

Pop. 0,-11. Reg. Elec. 1^269. 
Returning Officer— 'W^f: High Sheriff. 

Buckrose [See Yorkshire, E. Riding]. 

BIJRNLE7 (Lancashire) [1]. 

Consists of tJie township of Burnley, and part 
of the township of Habert^hatn Eaves!) 

Peter Rylands (L.) . . .. 4,866 

Henry Herbert IVainwright {C) 4, 199 

Pop. 63,63?. Reg. Elec. 9,6 8 (9,065). 
Returning Officer — Alderman George Keigh- 
ley, Ironfounder, Woodfield, Clifton, Burn- 
ley (Mayor). 

Burton [See Staffordshire]. 

BURY (Lancashire) [1]. 

{^Includes the tozvnship of Bury, and part of 
the to7unships of Elton, Heap, Birtle-cutn- 
Bamford, Tottington-loiver-End, Wahners- 
ley-cum-Shuttle^Vi'tih, the parish oj Rad- 
cliff and so much oJ the Municipal Borough 
of Bury as is not included in before-Men- 
tioned districts.) 

fRight Hon. Sir Henry James, 

Q.c.(L.) 3,976 

John Grant LawsoniQ") •• 3,7^7 

Pop. 53.240- Reg- Elec- 8,179(6,853). 
Returning Officer — J. Burrow, Esq., Bury 

BURY ST. EDMUNDS (Suffolk) [1]. 

(Comprises the parishes of St. James, St. 

Alary, and St. John.) 

♦Lord Francis Hervey (C.) .. 1,122 
XJoseph Alfred Hardcastle (L.) 935 

Pop. 16,111. Reg. Elec. 2,313(2,231). 
Returning O^cer—Georgt: John Oliver, Esq., 

Risley Gate House, Bury St. Edmunds 




James Patrick Bannermann 

Roljerlson (C.) .. .. 1,374 

RoUrt A, AlacUan (L.) . . . . 1,090 

Pop. 17,489. Reg. Elec 2.943 (1.503X 
Retttrnmg Offietr—non. Henry James Mon- 
fi^'"^' J 5. Great Smart Street, Edinburgh 
(bhenif of Renfrew and Bute). 

♦Gavin Brown Clark, M.D. (L.) 2,110 
Clareme Granviile Sinclair ( L. ) 1,218 

Pop. 30.76a. Reg. Elec. 4.120(1.238). 
Returning OJScfr—Gcorgc Hunter M. Thorns. 
/ot^"*-J3; Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
(ShenflTof COS. Caithness, Orkney, and Shet- 

• CAMBERWELL (Surrey) [31 
• Dulwrlch 111. 

(Camberweli and Dulwich Ward, tuid the 
Hamlet 0/ Penge.) 

♦(J.) Morgan Howard, Q.C (C.) 4,406 

George Collins {Xu) .. ..2,712 

Pop. 61.676. Reg. Elec 8,963. 

• Horth tlJ. 

{St. Georges, Eatt nd H^est Wmrdt^ and 

Camden H''ard^ 

♦Richard Strong (L.) .. .. 3,137 

IVil/rid Scaii^en Blunt {Q') .. 2,'975 

Pop- 72,478. Reg. Elec, 8,6o|. 

• PecUiain fli. 

(VartA and South Frcktutm Wards,) 
•Arthur Anthony Baumann (C) 3. •162 
XlVilliam milis, Q,C., lLd. ^ 
(L.) .. .. .. ., 2,929 

Edward Dresser Rogers {h.) ,. 500 

Pop. 71,089. Reg. Elec. 9.713. 
Retutning ^#f<r- Frederick C. AbboK. Esq. 
3. VVren Road. Camber* ell Green. S.E., and 
112, Burnt Ash Hill, S.E. 

Camborne [See Comwallj. 
CAMBRIDGE (Borough) fll. 

(Consists of fourteen parishes, comprising the 
old borough of Cambridge, and Part of the 
parish o/Chesterton.) 

♦Robert Uniacke Penros.-Fii/. 

gerald(C.) .. 2,846 

jH^i/liam /-ozoler (L.) . . 2,7 vj 

Pop. 40.878. Reg. Elec 6.189(5,093)1 

Returning OJlcer-Williim Bode* Redfam. 
Esq. J.P. Inveruglas Hoi««, Pftrk Side, 
Cambridge (Mayor). 

• Eastern, or Newmarket [11. 

( The Sessional Divisions o/Bottisham, L in ton, 
and Newmarket, and tht parishes 0/ Ely 
CoUege El, Hoi, Trinit^ and gl, St. 
At or,.) 


♦George Newnes (L.) . . 
XEdward Hicks (Q.) 

Pop. 47,108. Reg. Elec. 8,93«. 

• Northern, or Wiabech \X\. 

(The Sessional Divisions of North Witch ford 
WhittUsea, and Wisbech, the Municipal 
Borough of Wisbech, and the parishes 0/ 
Coveney, DonmJutm, and Littleport.) 

tjohn Rigby, Q.C. (L.) .. 3,919 

Capt. Charles Willuxm Selwyn 
(C.) .. 3.596 

Pop. 48,650. Reg. Elec. 9,530. 

• Western, or Chesterton [ij. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Arrin^on and 
Melhourn, Cambridge and Caxton, tlie 
Afunicifial Borough of Cambridge, and tlie 
Parishes of Grunty Fen, Haddenham, 
Mepal, Stretham, Sutton. Thetford, Went, 
worthy WiUmrton^ Witcham, and Witch- 

♦Charles Hall, Q.C. (C.) .. 4,246 

Neville Goodman {\a,) .. ..4,161 

Pop. 48,958. Reg. Elec. 10,465. 

Returning O^cer— The High Sherifi: 




Motto — " Hinc Lucem et Pocula Sacra." 

Right Hon. Alexander James Beresford 

Beresford-Hope, LL.D. (C.) 
Right Hon. Henry Cecil Raikes (C.) 

Reg. Elec. about 6,450. 
Returning OJicer— The Vice-Chancellor. 

CamlacMe [See Glasgow]. 

CANTERBURY (Kent) [1]. 

Consists of i/te county, city, atid suburbs 0/ 
Canterbury included ivithin the parlieunen- 
tary and municipal Boundaries?^ 

*John Henniker Heaton (C.) .. 1,804 
Williatu Hickman Smith Au- 
brey, LL. Z?. (L.) . . . . 825 

Pop. 21,704. Reg. Elec. 3,371 (3,228). 

Returning Officer — Samuel Prentice, Esq., 
St. George's Place, Canterbury (Sheriff). 

CARDIFF DISTRICT (CO. Glamorgan) [1]. 

{Comprising Cardiff. Co^vbridge, and Llan- 
trissant, and so much 0/ the Municipal 
Borough of Cardiff CLS was not included m 
the old Parliamentary Borough.) 

At the General Election, Sir Edward James 
Reed,. K.C.B. (L), and Henry Harben (C), 
polUd respectively 5,559 and 5,429 votes ; in Feb. 
1886 Sir Edward Reed accepted office, and at 
the time 0/ going to press the seat is vacant. 

Pop. 85,862. Reg. Elec. 12,005 (".527). 
Returning Off cer—Y)a.\id Edgar Jones, E q., 

F.R.C.S., Spring Bank, Cardiff (Mavor\ 

t David Davies (L.) ^. .. 5,967 

Vaughan Dairis (C.) . . . . 3,644 

Pop. 70,070. Reg. Elec. 12,308(5,026). 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

CARLISLE (Cumberland) [1]. 

{Comprises the ancient city of Carlisle, the 
townships of Botcher^ate and Rickergate, 
English Street, and a portion of the parishes 
of Eaglesfield Abbey and St. Mary Carlisle 

Robert Ferguson (L.). 

Pop- 35.884. Reg. Elec. 5,726(5,504). 

Returning O^cer— James Atkinson Wheatley 
Esq., Carlisle (Mayor). 

At the General Election t Edward Dwj-er 
Gray (H.R.) and Sir Thomas Pierce Butler. 
Bart. {C), polled respectively 4,^01 and 751 
votes. Mr. Gr2Ly being also returned jor St. 
Stephen's Gteen Div. of Dublin City elected 
to sit for that Constituency, and on a nevj 
election on Jan. -zath, 1886, there was not 
any opposition to tke return of 

John Aloysius Blake (H.R.). 



Pop. 46.568- Reg. Elec. 6,891 (a,aqoX 
RetNrMtH^ Oj^c^r-The Hi^h Sheriff. 

{Ccm^risiHg CarmartA*m amd LUuuUy.) 

Sir John Jones Jenkins (L. ) .. 2,884 
John iiimmons Tre^onin^ (C). . 1,281 

Pop. 30,636. Reg. Elec. 5,400 (4.860). 
Retumine OJlcfr—Rees Lewis, EUq., 56, 
Pnory btrect, Carmarthen (Sherifl). 


• Eaatem [11. 

(Parts oftk* Sessional Divisions 0/ Landeilc 

and L latidovery, and th* StssiotuU Division 


♦David Pugh(L.) .. .. 4.487 

Sir Marteitu O. Lloyd, Bart. (C.) 2, 122 

Pop. 46,635. RejJ. Elec. 8,669. 

• Western [1]. 

(T'A/ Sessional Divisions 0/ Carmarthen, 
Lianhoidy, LloHjihangtl-ar-Arth, New- 
castle Emlyn, and St. Clears, the Muni- 
cipal Borough 0/ Carmarthen, and parts 
of the Sessional Divisions 0/ Llandein and 

t Walter Rice Howell Powell (L.) 4.566 
XViscount Emlyn {Z.) .. .. 2,940 

Pop. 47,593- Reg. Elec. 9,969. 
Returning Officer— 'Y'^c High Sheriff. 


(Comprising Carnarvon, Conway, Criccieth, 

PtulUuli, Bangor, and NevinJ) 

Thomas Duncombe Lovejones" 

Parry (L.) 1,92^ 

Edward S-.vetenham, Q.C. (Q.) 1,858 
Pop. 38.891. R«K- Elec. 4,488 (4,333). 

Returning O^rrr— Alderman Lewis Lewis, 
J. P., Carnarvon (MayorX 


• Northern, or Arfon [11. 

( The Sessional Divisions q/ Bangor, Conway, 
and Nant-Cottway, and tJU parishes of 
Llanberis and Llanddsiniolen.) 

fWilliam Rathbone (L.) .. 4,562 

Luul. - Col. Henry Piatt (C. ) . . 2, 838 

Pop. 44,6a I. Reg. Elec. 9,136. 

* Bon' hem, or Eiflon [11. 

(Part of Sessional Division o/Camatvon, the 
Sessional Divisions 0/ Etfionydd or Port- 
madoc, and Pwllheli, and tru Municipal 
Boroufh of Carnarvon.) 

♦John Roberts (L.) .. .. 4,535 
Hugh John Ellis-Nanmy (C. ) 2, 573 

Pop. 45,837. Reg. Elec 8,978. 
Returning t>^frr— High Sheriff. 


* East Cavan (11. 

(The Baronies 0/ C ostler ahan and Clankee, 
and parts 0/ the Baronies of Tullygarvey 
andLoughUe Upper.) 

Thomas O'Hanlon (H.R.). 

Pop. 64,037. Reg. Elec 8,930. 

♦ West C&yan [11. 

(The Baronies of ClanmaAon, Loughtee 
Lower, Tullyhaw and Tullyhunco, part of 
th* Barony of Tullygarvey, and the Town- 
land of Crumlin, in parish o/ Denn.) 

^Joseph Gillis Biggar(H.R.) .. 6,425 
Samuel Sanderson (C.) . . . . 1,779 

Pop. 65,449. Reg- E'ec. 10,109. 
Returning Officer— IVt^ High Sheriff. 

CHATHAM (Kent) \\\ 

(The borough 0/ Chatham, including parts 0/ 

the parishes 0/ Chatham and Gillmgham.) 

Sir John Eldon Gorst, Q.C. (C.) 3,396 
Hon. Robert Collier (\..) .. 2,610 

Pop. 46,788. Reg. Elec 6.998 (6,383). 
Returning Officer— George Winch, Esq., 
Solicitor, Chatham. 

Chelmsford [See Essex]. 

* CHELSEA (Middlesex) [1]. 

(The parish of St. Luke, Chelsea.) 

Right Hon. Sir Charles Went- 

worth Dilke, Bart. (L.) .. 4,291 
Charles Algernon Whit more (C) 4,116 



Pop. 88.128. Reg. Elec. 11,104. 
Returning Officer— W\\X\^ja. Miller, Esq., 
Esq. , solicitor, 250, King's Road, Chelsea, 

CHELTENHAM (Gloucestershire) [1]. 

{Comprises the parish 0/ Cheltenham and parts 
o/the parislus 0/ Leckhampton and Charl- 
ton Kings.) 

♦James Tynte Agg-Gardner (C.) 3,504 
Rudolph Chambers Lehmann (L.) 2,700 

Pop. 50,842. Reg. Elec. 6,697 (5,684). 
Returning Officer— George Parsonage, Elsq., 
Western Lawn, Cheltenham (Mayor). 

Chertsey [See Surrey] 

* Altrincham fll- 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Altrincham, pari 
of the Sessional Division 0/ Stockport, and 
that part o/the Municipal Borough 0/ Stock- 
port situate in Cheshire.') 

*John Brooks (C.) .. ..4,798 

Isaac Saunders L.adam (L.) . . 4,046 

Pop. 55, 1 1 7- Reg. Elec. 10,497. 

* Crewe [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of Crewe ^ and parts 
o/the Sessional Divisions of Nantwtch and 

♦George William Latham (L.) . . 5,089 

Oscar Leslie Stephen {Q.) ..4,281 

Pop. n,Tii- Reg. Elec. 10,815. 

♦ Eddisbury [1]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Broxton, part 0/ 

the Sessional Divisions 0/ Chester Castle, 

Eddisbnry, Santivich, and Northwich, and 

the Municipal Borough 0/ the City 0/ 


t Henry James Tollemache fC.) . . 4, 285 

Lawrence Irwe II (L.) .. ..4,164 

Pop. 52,931. Reg. Elec. 10,436. 

• Hyde [\l 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Hyde, that part 
0/ the Municipal Borough 0/ Stalybridge 
situate in Cheshire, and part o/the Ses- 
sional Division of Stockport.) 

♦Thomas Gair Ashton (L.) .. 4,546 

XWilliam John Legh {*Z.) .. 3,990 

Pop. 53.246- Reg. Elec. 9,328. 

• Knutsford [1]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Bucklow, parts 0/ 
the Sessional Divisions 0/ Daresbury, P rest- 
bury, Le/twich, Northwich, and Stockport, 
and that Part of the Municipal Borough 0/ 
IVarrington situate in Cheshire.) 

fHon. Alan de Tatton Egerton 

(C.) 4,663 

John Emnwtt Barloxv (L.) . . 3,419 
Pop. 53.132. Reg. Elec. 9,314. 

* Macclesfield [1]. 

{The Municipal Borougfis 0/ Congleton and 
Macclesfield, and part 0/ the Se.^sional 
Divisions 0/ Prestbury and Northwich.) 



•WilliamCoare Brock lehurst(L.) 3,311 

Xmiliam Cunliffe Brooks (C.).. 2,846 

Pop- 55i498' Reg- Elec. 7,211. 

• Northwldi 11]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ RuHcorH, and 
/>nris oj the Sessional Divisions 0/ Eddis- 
bury, Le/tivich, and Northwich.) 

*John Tomlinson Brunner (L.).. 5.023 

\rVilliam Iienry Verdin {Q.) .. 3,995 

Pop. 57,607. Reg. Elec. 10,577. 

• Wlrral 11]. 

iTkt Hundred 0/ Wirral, and the Municipal 
Borough 0/ Birkenhead.) 

*Capt. Edward Thomas D'Ave- 

nant Cotton (C.) .. .. 4,756 

Jatrus 7'omkinson {L.) ., ..3,261 

Pop. 49.494- Reg- Elec. 9.772. 
Returning 0/^cer— The High Sheriff. 

CHESTEE (Borough) [1). 

{Includes the old city and horoueh of Chester, 
and farts of the townships of Hoole, New- 
ton, Great Bough ton, and Saltney.) 

♦Balthazar Walter Foster, M.D. 

(L.) 2,740 

Kobert Armstrong Yerburgh (C.) 2,440 

Pop. 40,972. Reg. Elec. 6,296 (6,280). 
Returning Officer— Ge<.irge Dutton, Esq., 

100, Eastgate Street, Chester (Sheriff). 

Chesterfield [See Derbyshire]. 

Chester le-8treet [See Durham Co.]. 

Chesterton [See Cambridgeshire]. 

Chichester [See Sussex]. 

Chippenham [See Wiltshire]. 

Chorley [See Lancashire, N.]. 

CHRISTCHURCH (Hants) [1], 

{Includes tJu parishes of Holdenhurst and 

*Charles Edward Baring- Young, 
(C.) 2,184 

XHorace Davey, Q.C. {h.) ..2,006 
Pop. 28,535. Reg. Elec. 4.636(3,604). 

Returning Officer— SamucX Bemister, Esq., 
West End, Christchurch (MayorX 

Cirencester [See Gloucestershire]. 

SHIRE [1]. 

At tk* General Election, the Rt. Hon. John 
Blair Baifour, Q.C, -uhu returned without 
opposition. He accented office in Feb. 1 8S6, 
and on a new election on the i^tJk 0/ that 
m-nth thete Toas nat any opposition to the 
return of 

Right Hon. John Blair Balfour, Q.C, 
LL.D. (L.) 

Pop. 42,057. Reg. Elec (Clackmannan-shire, 

5,478; Kinross-shire. 1.452)6,910(2,142). 
Returning Officer— Izmt^s Mutrncad, Esq 

2, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Stirling, Dumbarton, and Clackmannan). 

Clapham [See Battersea]. 

CLARE CO, [2]. 

* East Clare [1]. 

{The Baronies of Buna, Bunratty Upper and 
Lo^.ver, and Tulla Upper and Lower, and 
part 0/ t/u Baronies of Inchiquin and 

•Joseph Richard Cox (H.R.) .. 6,224 
/Jon. Lucius William O'Brien 

(C.) 289 

Pop. 70,569. Reg. Elec 10,128. 

• Wert Clare [1]. 

( The Baronies ofClonderaiaiv and Corcomroe, 
and part of Baronies of Inchiquin and 
Islands. ) 

*Jeremiah Jordan (H.R.) .. 6,763 

Robert William Gary Beeves (C.) 289 
Pop, 70,888. Reg. Elec. 9,813. 

Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

Cleveland [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 
Clitheroe [See Lancashire (N.E.)]. 
Cockermouth [See Cumberland]. 



COLCHESTER (Essex) [1]. 

{Consists of sixteen parishes in the old borough 
0/ Colc/iester. ) 

*Henry James Trotter (C.) . . 2,044 
XKkhard Knight Causton (L.) . . 1,878 

Pop. 28,374. Reg. Elec. 4,241 (4i7i4X 
Eetuming Officer — Henry Laver, Esq., 
M.R.C.S., Colchester (Mayor). 

College [See Glasgow]. 
College Green [See Dublin Borough]. 

Colne VaUey [See YorksWre, W. Eld- 
ing (S.)]. 
Connemara [See Galway co]. 

CORK (Borough) [2]. 


Motto — "Statio bene fide carinis." 
Charles Stewart Pamell (H.R.) 6,716 
♦Maurice Healy (H.R.).. ..6,536 

Joseph Pike iC.) 1,464 

Ca/>t. John Hugh Bainbridge, 

A'.iV. (C.) 1,401 

Pop. 104,496. Reg. Elec. 14,569 (5,939)- 
Returning Officer— i:)Mt High Sheriff of Cork 

CORK CO. [7]. 
• East Cork [1]. 

( TJie Barony of Imokilly, and part of the 

Barony of Barrymore). 

* William John Lane (H.R ) . . 4,314 

Xllcnry Villiers Smart (L.) . . 266 

Pop. 56,578. Reg. Elec. 6,934. 

* Mid Cork [1]. 

{Part of the Barony of Barretts and the 
Baronies of East and West Muskerry. ) 

*Charles Kearne Deane Tanner 

(H.R.) 5,033 

Arthur Patton {Q.) .. .. 106 

Pop. 56,101. Reg. Elec. 7,409. 

* North Cork [1]. 

{The Baronies of Duhallow and Orrery, and 
Kilmore, and part of the Barony ofFermoy.) 

*James C. Plynn (^H.R.) .. 4,902 

Thomas Walsh {L..) .. .. 102 

Pop. 56,319. Reg. Elec. 7,827. 

♦ North East Cork [1]. 

( The Baronies of Condous and Clongibbon, and 
Kinnatalloon, and part of the Baronies of 
Fermoy, Barrymore, and Barretts. ) 

f Edmund Leamy (H.R.) 

Pop. 57,905. Reg. Elec. 8,175. 

* South Cork [1]. 

{The Barony of East Carbery{lVest Division), 
and parts of the Baronies of Ibane and 
Barryroe, East Carbery{East Division), and 
West C artery {East Division).) 

*Joseph Edward Kenny (H.R.) 4,820 

APCarthy Conner (C.) . . . . 195 

Pop. 55.593- Reg. Elec. 7,299. 

* South East Cork ill. 

{The Baronies of Courceys, Kerrycurrihy, 
Kinalea, Kinalmeaky, and Kinsale, and 
parts oft/ie Baronies of East Carbery {East 
Division), and J bane and Barryroe.) 

*John Hooper (H.R.) .. .. 4,620 

Sir /Augustus Riversdale Warren, 

Bart. (C.) 661 

Pop, 54,748. Reg. Elec. 8,007. 

* West Cork [1]. 

{The Baronies of Ba».try, Bear, and West 
Carbery { West Division), and part of the 
Barony of H est Carbery {East Division).) 

♦James Gilhooly (H.R.) .. 3,920 

y.W. Payne {C.) .. ..373 

Pop. 52,867. Reg. Elec 6,126. 
Ji eetuming Officer — The High Sheriff of co. 

♦ Mid, or St. Austell [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Powder {East and 
South) and Ryder, and the parishes of 
Ladock and St. Blazey.) 

f William Copeland Borlase (L.) 4,464 

John Heywood Johnstone (C.) . . 2,183 

Pop. 50,711. Reg. Elec' 8,860. 

* North-Eastem, or Launceston [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of East Middle, 
East North, Lesneivth, and Stration, and 
part of the Sessional Division of Trigg.) 



fChnrles Thomas Dyke Adand 

(I^.) 4,690 

Thomas North more Lawrence (C.) 2, 587 

Pop. 50.835. Reg. Elec. 9,297. 

• Nortli Western, or Camborne [1]. 

{^Part 0/ Sessiotial Dtvision 0/ Pentvitk East, 
and the parishes 0/ Gwfnnap and St. 

•Charles Augustus Vansittart 

Conybeare (L.) .. .. 2,976 

% Arthur Pendat ves Vivian ( L. ) 2, 5 7 7 
Pop. 51,528. Reg. Elec. 7,139. 

* Soutli-Eastem, or Bodmin [1]. 

( The Sessional r>ivisi<m 0/ East, Sonth, and 
H'esi Hundred, part 0/ the Sessional Divi- 
sion 0/ Powder Tywardreath, the Muni- 
cipal Boroughs 0/ Bodmin and I.iskeard, 
and the parishes 0/ Bodmin, Hellamd, and 

+Leonard Henry Courtenay (L.) 4,254 
Liettt.-Col. 7 he Hon. Charles 
Ernest Edgcumbe (C. ) . . 3, loi 

Pop. 52,958. Reg. Elec. 9,158. 

• Tmro [1]. 

( The Sessional Division 0/ Kerrier West, part 
of the Sessional Division of Kerrier East 
and PoTvdcr West, and the Municipal 
Boroug;hs of Falmouth, Helston, Penryn, 
ami Truro.) 

•William liickford-Smith (L.) .. 3,816 
\William Napleton MolesvMrth- 

St.Ai4hyn[C.) .. ..2,883 

Pop. 53 051. Reg. Elec. 8.825. 

• Western, or 8t Ives. 

( The Sessional Division of Penivith H 'est (in- 
cluding the Scilfy Islands), the Municipal 
Boroughs of PemoMce and St. Ives, and the 
parishes of St. Erth and UnyLelant.) 

t Sir John St. Aubyn, Bart. (L.) 3.313 
XCharlcs Campbell Koss {}Z.) .. 2,570 

Pop. 52,631. Reg. Elec 7,606. 
Returning Officer— C\\aT\tts E. Treffry, Esq., 
Place CaslXi, Fowey (High Shenff). 

COVENTRY (Warwickshire) [1] 

(Consists of the city ofCm'entry and the 
finrish of Stoke.) 

Motto — "Camera Principis, 



Henry William Eaton (C.) .. 4,565 
Thomas Court enay Thay don- 
Warner {L.) 4,327 

Pop. 6,563. 
ur, ' _ " _ 

J. P., 9, Queen's Road, Coventiy (Mayor).' 

Reg. Elec. 9,736(9,102). 
Returning^ OJicer— J a.mes Maycock, Esq. 

Crewe [See Cheshire]. 

Cricklade [See WUtshire]. 

Cromarty [See Ross and Cromarty]. 

* CROYDON (Surrey) [1]. 
(TAe Municipal Borough of Crovdon.) 
At the General Election tWilliam Grantham, 
Q.C. (C), and tjabez Spencer Balfour (L.) 
polled respectively 5,484 and 4,315 votes. 
Mr. Grantham in Jan. 1886 accepted office, 
and on a new election on the 2-jth 0/ that 
month, the result was — 

fHon. Sidney HerlDert (C.) .. 5,205 
XSydney Charles Buxton {X") •• 4>458 

Pop. 78,840. Reg. Elec. 12,619. 

Returning Officer— Alderman Reuben Vincent 

Barrow, J. P., Park Hill Road, Croydon. 

* Cockermouth [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Derwent and 

•Charles James Valentine (C.).. 3,845 

t^ir Wilfrid Lawson, Bart. (L.) 3,835 

Pop. 50,403. Reg. Elec. 9,538. 

• Mid, or Penrith [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisiotis 0/ Keswick and 

Leath IVard, and part 0/ the Sessiofial Divi' 

sion 0/ Allerdale Ward belvw Derwent.) 

*Henry Charles Howard (L.) .. 3,921 

Xjames Williarn Lowther (C.) 3,448 

Pop. 45,912. Reg. Elec. 9,123. 

* Northern, or Eskdale [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Eskdale Ward, 
Cumberland Ward, and Longtown, part 0/ 
the Sessional Division 0/ Allerdale Ward 
below Denvent, and the Municipal Borough 
0/ Carlisle.) 

*Robert Andrews Allison (L.) 4,749 

Samuel Porter Foster (C.) . . 3, 163 

Pop. 46,921. Reg. Elec. lo.ooi. 

* Western, or Egremont [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bootle and A ller- 

dale Ward above Derwent.) 
*Baron Muncaster (C.) . . . . 3,990 

XDavid Ainsiuorth (L.) . . . . 3,453 

Pop. 52,222. Reg. Elec. 9,043. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

DARLINGTON (Durham) [1]. 

(Consists of the Municipal Borough of 


Theodore Fry (L.) .. ..3.302 
William Henry Wilson- Todd (C. ) 2,096 

Pop. 35,104. Reg. Elec. 5,907(5,214). 
Returning^ Officer — Joseph Kimber Wilkes, 
Esq., Westwood House, Darlington (Mayor). 

Dartford [See Kent]. 
Darwen [See Lancashire, N.E.], 

DENBIGH (District) [1]. 

(Comprising Denbigh, Holt, Ruthin, and 

•Hon. George Thomas Kenyon 

(C.) 1,761 

XSir Robert Alfred Cv.nliffe, 

Bart. (L.) 1,455 

Pop. 22,924. Reg. Elec. 3,407(3.225)- 
Returning Officer — Robert Humphreys 
Roberts, Esq., Solicitor. The Hollies, Den- 
bigh (Mayor.) 


• Eastern [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bromfield and 
Ruabon, the Municipal Borough of WreX' 
ham, and the Parish of Chirk.) 

fRight Hon. George Osborne 
Morgan, Q.C. (L) .. ..3,831 

XSir Herbert Lloyd Watktn 

Williams Wynn, Bart. (C.) . . 3,438 
Pop. 42,284. Reg. Elec. 8,297. 

* Western [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Chirk 
Lower, the Sessional Divisions of Chirk 




V^Ptr, IsaUd, Itdultu, Ruthin, UwckaUd. 
and Uwckdulas, andtfu M unici^ Boroutk 
of Dtnbigk,) 

♦Lieut.-Col William Comwallis 

West(L.) 4.586 

Major Charles Salushury Main- 

waring (C.) 2,992 

Pop. 46,53a. Reg. Elec. 8,899. 
Returning Officer— The Hijjh Sheriff. 

• DEFTFORD (Kent) tl[. 

(Ths Parish 0/ St. Paul, Dept/ord (Kent), 
including Hatcham (Surrey). 

•William James Evelyn (C.) .. 3,927 

Laimohun Ghose (X-.) .. .. 3,560 

Pop. 76,752. Reg. Elec 9,371. 

Returning Offfcer—Gcorst Weller, Esq., 51, 

High Street, Bromley, 
Row, E.G. 

^ent, and 38, 

DERBY (Borough) [2]. 

{Comprises the old borough 0/ Derby, thf town- 
ships 0/ Litchurch and Little Chester, and 
parts oj Normanton, Littleover, and Mark- 
eaton, and that part 0/ th* Municipal 
Boroueh not included in the be/ort-men' 
tion*a locatities. ) 

Thomas Roe (L.) .. .. 7,813 

At the General Election, the Rt. Hon. Sir 
William Granville Venables Vernon- Harcourt 
(L.), William Brown Hextall(C.), and AXhed 
S. Dyer (I.), polled res^ctively 7,630, 4,943, 
eutd 1,251 votes. Sir William Vemon-Har- 
court accepted office in Feb. 1886, and on a 
new election on the <^th 0/ that month there 
was not any opposition to the return 0/ 

Rt. Hon. Sir William Granville Ven- 
ables Vernon- Harcourt, Q.C. (L.) 
Pop. 81,168. Reg. Elec. 14,925(13,584). 

Returning O^f^r— Councillor Charles Leech, 
Derby (Mayor). 

• Chesterfield [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Chester- 
field, the Municipal Borough o/Chesterfield, 
and part of iht Sessional Division of Al- 

tAlfred Barnes (L.) . . . . 2,408 

y Cumming Macdona (C.) . . 2, 136 

yarms Haslam {h.) .. .. 1,907 

Pop. 54,927. Reg. Elec 8,616. 

• High Peak [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Buxton, Chapel- 
m-U-Frith, and Glossop, and the Municipal 
Borough of Glossop.) 

•Capt. William Sidebottom (C.) 4,199 

lyhAn Frederick Cheetham (L.) 4,190 

Pop- 53i357- Reg. Elec. 9,414. 

• nkeston (11. 

(The Sessional Division ofSmalUy, and part 
of th« Sessional Division qf Derby. ) 

•Thomas Watson (L.) .. .. 5,780 
William Nathaniel Drury Drury- 

L(yw€(C.) 3,793 

Pop. S4>54>' R^- Elec xo,66a 
-" Mid [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Alfreton 

and the Sessional Division of Belfer.) 

♦James Alfred Jacoby (L.) . . 5,447 

John Burton Barrow (C.) . . 3,c67 

Pop- 53. 298. Reg- Elec. 9,471. 

* MorthEastem [11. 

(The Sessional Division of Eckington, and 
Part of the Sessional Division of Chester- 

tVice-Adm. the Hon. Francis 

Egerton (L.) .. .. .. 4,999 

Charles Gould {(l.) .. ..2,536 

Pop. 53,908. Reg. Elec 9,207. 

* Southern [11. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Derby, the 
Sessional Divisions of Refion and Sivad- 
lingcote, the Municipal Borough of Derby, 
and the parish of Mercaston, in Sessional 
Division of Ashboum.) 
•Henry Wardle (L.) . . . . 6, 186 
Hon. George Nathaniel Curzon 

(C.) 4,094 

Pop. 55,2oo. Reg- Elec. 11,575- 

• Western [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Apple tree, Ash- 
bourne (except parish of Mercaston), Bake- 
luell and Wirksworth^) 



fLord Edward Cavendish (L.) 5,020 
Capt. Frederic Charles Ark- 

Wright (S") 4,138 

Pop. 55,514. Reg. Elec. 10,319. 
Returning O^cer— The High SheriflF. 

Derby, West [See Liverpool]. 
Derry [See Londonderry]. 
Devizes [See Wiltshire]. 

DEVONPORT (Devonshire) [1]. 

{Comprises the parish of Stoke Damerel, 
and the toT.vnship of East Stonehouse.') 

Capt. George Edward Price, R.N. 

(C.) 2,968 

Jolin Henry Pulcston (C.) .. 2,944 
Geor^ Webb Medley {X-.) .. 2,653 

Thomas Terrell (L.) . . . . 2,636 

Pop. 63,980. Reg. Elec. 6,546 (5,599)- 
Returning Officer— P^ Brickwood Hutchings, 

Esq., J. P., Solicitor, 55, St. Aubyn Street, 

Devonport (Mayor). 

* Eastern, or Honiton [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of A xminster, Honi- 
ton, Ottery, and IVoodbury.) 

fSir John Henry Kennaway, 

Bart. (C.) 4,540 

Sir John Budd Phear (L.) . . 2,957 
Pop. 52,049. Reg. Elec. 9,012. 

* Mid, or Ashburton [1]. 

{Th« Sessional Divisions of Crockernivell, 
and Teigti bridge.) 

♦Charles Seale-Hayne (L.) . . 4,433 

%lVilliam James Harris (C.) . . 3,182 

Pop. 51,840. Reg. Elec. 9.300. 

* North-Eastem, or Tiverton [1]. 

(Tk^ Sessional Divisions of CoUumpton and 
Wotiford {fxcept wliat is comprised in Par- 
liamentary Borough of Exeter, and the 
Municipal Borough of Tiverton.) 

fWilliam Hood Walrond (C.) . . 4,563 

Sydney Stern (L.) . . . . 3,460 

Pop. 53.033- Reg- Elec. 9,349. 

* Northern, or South Molton [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Crediton, GrecU 
Torrington, and South Moltoft, and the 
Municipal Borough of South Molton.) 

1 84 


fViscount Lymington (L.) .. 4,925 
Coi. the Hon. WaUer Rudolph 

Trefuns (C. ) 2,924 

Pop. 50,188. Reg. Elec 9,343. 

• Nortli- Western, or Barngtaple [IJ. 

iX^' Sessional Dh'isians of Bide/ord, and 
BrauHton, a$ul the Municipal Boroueht 0/ 
BamstapU and Bidt/ord.) 

♦George Pitt-Lewis, Q.C. (L.). . 4,577 

Arthur Kekiwich {Q.) .. .. 3,734 

Pop. 56,73a. Rejf. Elec. 10,189. 

* Southern, or Totnes 11]. 

iTht SessiomU Divisions 0/ Ermington and 
Piympton, and Stanborough and Coleridgt, 
and tk$ Municipal Borough <j/" Totnet.) 

♦Francis Bingham Mildmay (L.) 4,387 

Henry Yarde Fuller Lopes (C). . 3,252 

Pop. 50,639. Reg. Elec 9,188. 

• Torquay [1]. 

( The Sessional Division of Paignton, and the 
Municipal Borough of Darttnouth.) 

♦Lewis Mclver (L.) .. .. 3,509 

Richard Mallock {(Z.) .. ..3,161 

Pop. 50.736- Reg- Elec. 7,738 

• Wertem. or Taylitoek [ij. 

^^^ .^""<»^ Divisions 0/ HatherUigk 
Holsworthy. Li/ton. Midland Roborougk 
»ndTavistock, and the MunkipmlBorougk 
0/ Devonport and Plymouth.) 

tViscount hhniigton (L.; .. 5,39c 

Henry Machu Imbert Terry (C.) 3,17: 

Pop. 51,164. Reg. Elec. 10,851. 
Returning Officer— "Win High Sheriff. 

DEW8BUR7 (Torkslilre) [11. 

{Consists of the to'.vnship 0/ Dewsbury, ant 
parts of the townships 0/ Batley, Soothtii 
and Thomhill, and the district caliei 

Mr. Serjeant John Simon (L.). . 6, 12^ 
y.Fox^S:,.) 3,66. 

Pop. 69,566. Reg. Elec. 11,439 (io,8o6X 

Returning Officer— 1\iom»& Bateman Fox 
Esq., J. P., Springfield Terrace, Dewsbur] 

Doncaster [See Torkshlre, W. Riding 


* East Donegal [1]. 

{The Baronies 0/ North and South Raihoe 
and part o/the Baronies 0/ Inishmven West 
and Kilnutcrenem.) 

t Arthur O'Connor (H.R.) .. 4,08c 

\Thomas LxaiX-) •• •• 2,99: 

Pop. 51,509. Reg. Elec. 7,840. 

* North Donegal [11. 

The Baronies of Inishoiven, East and Wes 
{except t/u parish of Burt), and part oj th 
Barony of Kilntacrenan.) 

*JamesEdwardO'Doherty(H.R.) 4,59; 
Lieut. -Col. Hai-ry Hutchinson 
Augustus Stewart {C.) .. 95: 

Pop. 50,840. Reg. Elec 6,933. 



♦ South Donegal [1]. 

{JThe Barojiies 0/ Banagh and Tirhugh.') 

♦Bernard Kelly (H.R.) . . . . 5,065 

A rthur H. Forster (C. ) . . • • 1,379 

Pop. 52,365- Reg. Elec. 7,854. 

* West Donegal [1]. 

( The Barony of Boylagh, and part of the 
Barony of Kiltnacretian.) 

♦Patrick O'Hea (H.R.) 

Pop. 51,321. Reg. Elec. 7,378. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff 

* Eastern [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Wimbome, part of 

the Sessional Division of Wareham, arid 

the Municipal Borough of the Town and 

Co. of Poole.) 

♦Hon. Pascoe Charles Glyn (L.) 4,543 

George Hawksworth Bond (C). . 3,846 

Pop. 49,578- Reg. Elea 9,797. 

• Northern [11 

(The Sessional Divisions of Blandford, Shaftes- 
bury, and Sturminster, and part of the 
Sessional Division of Sherborne, and the 
Municipal Borough of Shaftesbury^ 

•Hon. Edwin Berkeley Portman 

(L.) 4,520 

Hon. Humphrey Napier Sturt^C.) 3,031 
Pop. 47,747. Reg. Elec. 8,522. 

• Southern [11. 

(Part of the Sessional Divisions of Dorchester 

and VVareham, the Municipal Boroughs of 

Dorchester, and Weymouth, and MeUombe 


♦Henry Parkman Sturgis (L.) . . 3,128 

Charles Joseph Theophilus Hatn- 

bro(Q.) 3.096 

Pop. 48,721. Reg. Elec. 7,316. 

• Western [11- 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bridport and 
Ceme, the Municipal Boroughs of Bridport 
and Lyme Regis, and part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Dorchester and Sherborne. ) 

*Henry Richard Farquharson (C.) 3, 507 
Herbert Gary George Batten (L.) 3,365 

Pop. 44.982. Reg. Elec. 7,914. 
Returtiitig Officer— The High Sheriff. 

DOVER (Kent) [11. 

{Consists of the parishes of St. James and St. 
Mary, East Cliffe, and Dover Castle, and 
parts of the parishes of Buckland, Charl- 
ton, Guston, and Hoitgham.) 

Major Alexander George Dickson 
(C.) 2,066 

R. Murray Lawes (L.) . . . . 1,418 

Pop. 30,270. Reg. Elec. 4,885 (4,807). 

Returning Officer —WWWAm John Adcock, 
Esq., J. P., Leyburae House, Dover (Mayor). 

DOWN CO. [4]. 
* East Down [1]. 

(The Baronies of Dufferin, and Lecale Ltnuer 
and upper, and part of the Bmrtny oj 
Castlereagh Upper.) 

t Richard William Blackwood Ker (C.) 
Pop. 59.283. Reg. Elec. 9,788. 

* North Down [11. 

(The Baronies of Castlereagh LoTvtr and 
Lcnver and Upper Ards, part of the Barony 
of Castlereagh Upper, and such part of the 
Parliamentary Borough of Belfast as is in 
CO. Down.) 

*Col. Thomas Waring (C.) . . 4,315 

John Shaw Brown (L.) . . . . 2,841 

Pop. 56,517. Reg. Elec. 9,274. 

* South Down [11. 

(The Barony of Iveagh Upper, LoTmtr Half, 
Lordship of Newry and Mourne, and part, 
of the Barony of Iveagh Upper, Upfier 

tjohn Francis Small (H.R.) . . 4,945 

William H. Kisbey, Q.C. (C.) . . 3,945 

Pop. 59,290. Reg. Elec. 10,337. 

* West Down [1]. 

(The Baronies of Iveagh Upper, Lower Half, 
and Lower Iveagh, Upper Half, a ' 
of the Barony of Iveagh Upper, Upper 

fRight Hon. Lord Arthur William 
Hill (C.) 

Pop. 58,775. Reg. Elec. 9,606. 
Returning Offieer—The High Sheriff. 

Droitwich [See Worcestershire]. 



DUSLIN (Borouirli) [«• 

* Ck)Uege Green [1]. 

jirrmu Quay, Inns Quay, North City and 
^outh City ll'ards, and ^rt of Rotundo 

tTimothy Daniel Sullivan (H.R.) 6,548 

David Sherlofk {h.) .. ..1,518 

Pop. 72,153. Reg. Elec. 10,797. 

* Dublin Harbour [1]. 

Mount joy and North Dock Wards, ^ari of 

Rotunda^ South Dock, and Trinity Wards, 

tht ToxuMs 0/ Ringstnd and Jrishtown, and 

pa*t 0/ beggitr's Bush.) 

tTimothy Harrington (H.R.) .. 6,617 

XSir Rawlattd BUnnerhassett^ 

Bart. (L.) 1,652 

Pop. 67,674. Reg. Elec 11,013. 

* St. Stephen'! Green [1]. 

{ExchoMgt, FitswiUiam, tmd Mansion Houu 
Wards, part qf South Dock, and Trinity 
Wards, and part of the Parliamentary 
Borough 0/ Dublin.) 

fEdward Dwyer Gray (H.R.) 5,277 
Sir Edward Cecil Guinness^ Bart.^ 
(C.) 3,334 

Pop. 66,394. Reg. Elec 10,284. 

• St. Patrick's [11. 

(Merchant's Quay, Usher's Quay, amd Wood ' 
Quay Wards?) 

♦William Martin Murphy (H.R.) 5,330 
Morris Edward Dockrell (C.) . . 1, 162 

Pop. 67,061. Reg. Elec 8,95a. 
Returning Ojfftcer—'Pcx.n M'I>onald, Esq., 
M.P.. II, Clarinda Park, Kingstown, 
Dublin (High Sheriff of Dublin City). 

DUBLIN CO. [2]. 
• North Dublin [1]. 

The Baronies 0/ Balrothery, East and West,) 
Castleknock^ Coolock, Nethercross, and New- 
castle, and parts of the Baronies of Rath- 
down and Uppercross.) 

♦John Joseph Chancy (H.R.) .. 7,560 

William Roper Caldbeck (L.) . . 1,425 

Pop. 72,99a. Reg. Elec 12,334- 

• South Dublin ai. 

(.The Barony of Dublin, and peurU of the 
Baronies tf Rathdmvn and Uppercross.) 

•Sir Thomas Henry Grattan 

Esmonde, Bart. (H.R.) .. 5,114 
Xlon Trant Hamilton {C) .. 3,73-' 

Pop. 72,636. Reg. Elec. xi.316. 
Returning 0/^er— The High Sheriff. 


Right Hon. David Robert Plunket, 

Q.C. (C.). 
Right Hon. Hugh Holmes, Q.C. (C). 

Reg. Elec 4,16a (4,071). 

Returning OJlcer -Rev. John Hewitt Jellett. 

D.D. (Provost of Trinity College, Dublin). 

DUDLEY (Worceatershlre) [1]. 

(Comprises t/. / 

Dudley, CO ■ ./♦ 

county of V- il 

groundsofl'Uiiiiv L astir titll. ■ s 
of Pensnett. Brockmoor, i^u 

Brierly Hill. Reddall Hill, €t>:. /. 
in the parish* . Cj Kingrwinford and Kowley 
Regis, in the county o Stafford.) 

Henry Brinsley Sheridan (L. ) . . 6,377 

Brooke Robinson ((Z.) .. ..5,211 

Pop. 87,527. Reg. Elec 14,918 (14,401). 



Returning Officer — Alderman William Elwell 
Walker, Dudley (Mayor). 

Dulwich [See Camtoerwell]. 

Archibald Orr Ewing (C.) . . 4,514 
XRobert Threshie Rdd, Q.C. (L.) 4,357 

Pop. 61,394. Reg. Elec. 10,063 (s.^Q?)- 
Returning 0^cer—ja.mes Muirhead, Esq., 
LL.D., 2, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of StirUng, Clackmannan, and Dum- 

DUMFRIES (District) [1]. 

(Comprising Dumfries, Annan, Kirkcud- 
bright, Lochmaben, and Sanquhar.) 

Ernest Noel (L.) .. .. 1,546 

^/iUs Matfinson (C.) .. .. 1,363 

Pop. 25,584. Reg. Elec. 3,148(3,999). 
RetumingOfficer — Norman Macpherson, Esq., 

LL. D., 2, Randoljph Cliff, Edinburgh (Sheriff 

of Dumfries and Galloway). 

Sir Robert Jardine, Bart. (L.) . . 4,857 
Earl of Dalkeith ( C. ) . . . . 3, 566 

Pop. 57,575- R«g- Elec. 9,489 (3,535X 
tumingOfficer— Norman Macpherson, Esq., 
LL.D., 2, Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Dumfries and Galloway). 

*Charles Carmichael Lacaita (L.) 8,261 
*Edmund Robertson (L.) .. 7,187 

Alexander Hay Moncur (C.) . . 6,279 
Edward Jenkins {Q.) .. ••5,149 

Pop. 140,063. Reg. Elec. 17,420 (15.789)- 
Returning Officer — John Comrie Thomson, 

Esq., 24, Great King Street, Edinburgh 

(Sheriff of CO. Forfar). 

DURHAM (Borough) [1]. 

{The old city of Durfiam atid Borough of 

Motto—" Prudentia et candori.' 

♦Thomas Mil vain (C.) .. .. 1,114 

% Thomas CharUs Thompson (L.) 993 

Pop. 15,372. Reg. Elec. 2,302 (2,236). 
Returning 0#r<^— Samuel Holds worth, Esq., 
24, Western Hill, Durham (MayorX 

DURHAM (County) [8]. 

* Bamaxd Castle [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Barnard Castle 
and Staindrop, Stanhope {except the 
parishes of Hunstanworth and Edmond- 
byers\ and Wolsingham, and part of ths 
Sessional Division of Bishop Auckland.) 

fSir Joseph Whit well Pease, Bart 

(L.) 5.962 

Hon. Patrick Bowes- Lyon (C.) . . 2,457 
Pop. 58,247. Reg. Elec. 9,991. 

* Bialiop Auckland [11. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Bishop 

•James Mellor Paulton (L.) .. 5,907 

Marmaduke L^Arcy Wyvil (C.) 2,280 

Pop. 59.921- Reg- Elec 9,958. 

* Chester-le-Street \X\. 

( The Sessional Division of Chester-le-Street, 
part of the Sessional Division of Gateshead, 
and the Municipal Borough of Gateshead. ) 

♦James Joicey (L.) . . . . 4,409 

Lloyd Jones (L. ) 3,606 

Walter Ashworth (C) . . . . 2, 1 18 

Pop. 59,072. Reg. Elec. 11,830. 

♦ Houghton-le Spring [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of H ougftton-le- 
Spring {including all the parish of Moor- 



houst, ttMd Sunderland, tkt Mum'ci/ai 
Borough of Sunderland, and fart of 
the Sessional Division qfSeaham Harbour.) 

•Joha Wilson (L.) .. ..6,511 

Nicholas Wood {Q.) .. ..4,767 

Pop. 60,790. Reg. Elec 13,902. 

♦ Jarrow [1]. 

(7*-*/ Sessional Division of South Shields, the 
Municipal Boroughs of Jarrmv and South 
Shields, and that part of th* Parish of 
Heworth not included in the Municipal 
Borough of Gateshead.) 

♦Charles Mark Palmer (L.) ..5,702 

M W Johnston {!..) .. 1,731 

Pop. 62,700. Reg. Elec. 12,897. 

• Kid [11. 

{The Sessional Division of Durham {includ- 
ing all the parish of Shadforth, and ex- 
eluding all the parish of Moorhouse\ attd 
the Municipal Borough of Durham.) 

♦ William Crawford (L.) .. 5,799 

Francis Adolphus Vatu-Tempest 

(C.) 3»245 

jPoP- 59.IIO. Reg. Elec. 11,145. 

* North-western [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Lanch4ster mmi 
Consett, and the parishes of Edmondbyers, 
and H unstatnuorth.) 

♦Llewelljrn Archer Atherley- 
Jones (L.) 5,081 

Lieut.Xol. Arthur Booth WU- 

braham (C. ) 3,085 

Pop. 58.7»5. Reg. Elec. 9,543. 

* Soath-Bastem [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Castle Eden {ex- 
eluding all the parish of Shadforth), Dar- 
lington, Stock ton-on- Tees, and tVest Hartle- 
pool, part of the Sessional Division of Sea- 
ham Harbour, and the Municipal Boroughs 
of Darlington, Hartlepool^ emd Stocktcn- 

•Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Marsham 
Havelock- Allan, Bart., C.B., 
V.C.(L.) 5,603 

XSir George Elliot, Bart. (C.) . . 4,854 
Pop. 59,056. Reg. Elec 13,176. 

Returning Officer— li\it^ High Sheriff. 

Ealing [See Middlesex]. 

Eastbourne [See Sussex]. 

East Grinstead [See Sussex]. 

Eccles [See Lancashire, S.E.]. 

Ecclesall [See Sheffield]. 

Eddlsbury [See Cheshire]. 

Edgbaston [See Birmingham]. 


• Central 11]. 

{The Municipal Wards of St. Giles and 
George Square, and part of St. Leonards 

♦John Wilson (L.) .. .. 2,930 

James Hall Renton {\.,) .. 1,684 

Major the Hon, John Scott 

Napier {C.) 1, 606 

Adam William Black {l^) .. 770 
Pop. 61,541. Reg. Elec 8,158. 

* Bast [11. 

{The Municipal Wants of Broughton, Calton, 
and Canongate, and part of St. Leonards 

f Right Hon. George Joachim 

Goschen(L.) 4,337 

Benjamin Francis Conn Costelloe 

(C.) 1,929 

Pop. 53,167. Reg. Elec. 7,618. 

* South [1]. 

{The Municipal Wards of St. George, St. 
Cuthbert, and Newington. ) 

At the General Election • Sir George Harrison 
(L.)<iW Thomas Raleigh (L.) /<?//<•«/ respec- 
tively 4,273 and 2,874 'i'otes. Sir George 
Harrison died Dec. a2nd, 1885, atid on a new 
election on Jan. agth, 1886, the result tvas 
— f Rt. Hon. Hugh Culling Eardley Childer* 
(L.), 4,029, and the Hon. Walter George 
Hepbume-Scott, (C), 1,730 Mr. Childers 
accepted office in Feb. 1886, and on a nnv 
election on the gth of that month there was 
not any opposition to the return of 

fRt. Hon. Hugh Culling Eardley 
Childers (L.) 

Pop. 65,405. Reg. Elec. 8,712. 
• West [1]. 
{The Municipal Wards of St. Andrew, St. 
Stephen. .9/. Bernard, and St. Luke.) 

fThomas Ryburn Buchanan (L.) 3,800 
George Auldjo Jamieson {Q.) .. 2,625 

Pop. 55.919. Reg. Elec. 7,460. 
Returning Officer — Archibald Davidson, Esq., 

9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The 

Lothians and Peebles). 


* Right Hon. John Hay Athole 
Macdonald, P.C, C.B., Q.C. 
(L.) 2,840 

John Eric Erichsen (L.) . . 2,453 



Rpp- Elec i Edinburgh, 5.158 (4,921) I g gg- 
Keg. tlec. I gj Andrew's, 1,507(1,547) l'^' 
Returning Officer — Sir William Muir, 
, K.C.S.I., D.C.L., LL.D. (Principal and 

At the General Election, the Rt. Hon. William 
Ewart Gladstone (L.), and tCharles Dal- 
rymple (C), polled respectively 7.879 ««^ 
3,248 votes. In Feb. 1886 Mr. Gladstone 
accepted office, and on a new election on the 
lotk 0/ that month there was not any opposi- 
tion to the return of 

Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone (L.) 

Pop. 78 901. Reg. Elec. 13,000(4,086). 
Returning Officer — Archibald Davidson, Esq., 

9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The 

Lothians and Peebles). 

Egremont [See Cumberland]. 
Eifion [See Cajnarvonsliire]. 


' Elgin, Banff, Cullen, 1 
antore, and Peterhead.') 

(Comprising Elgin, Banff Cullen, Inverurie, 

At the General Election, Alexander Asher, 
Q.C. (L.), was returned unopposed. In Feb. 
1886 he accepted office, and on a new election 
on tlu \ith of that month there was not any 
opposition to th£ return of 

Alexander Asher, Q.C. (L.) 

Pop. 31,804. Reg. Elec. 4,196(3,829). 
Returning Officer — '^\Vi\B.m Ivory, Esq., 

6, Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh (Sheriff 

of Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 

Sir George Macpherson-Grant, 

Bart. (L.) 

Hugh Fife Ashley Brodie (C.) . 
C. H. Anderson (L.) 



6,290 ) 

Ree Elec -I !;'^"' 5,oo4 
Keg. tiec -^ jj^j^^ ^^2 

Returning Officer — William Ivory, Esq., 
6, Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 


Elland [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Enfield [See Middlesex]. 

Epping [See Essex]. 

Epsom [See Surrey]. 

Eskdale [See Cumberland]. 

ESSEX [8]. 
• Eastern, or Maldon [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Hinckford South 
(Braintree Bench\ and IVitham, the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Maldon, and part of Ses- 
sional Divisions of Hinckford South (Hal- 
stead Bench), Lexden, and IVinstree.) 

* Albert George Kitching (L.) . . 4,509 

Char/es William Gray (C.) .. 3,878 

Pop. 51,136. Reg. Elec 9,860. 

* Mid. or Chelmsford [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Brentwood (ex- 
cept the parishes of Rainltam and IVenn- 
ington)-and Chelmsford.) 

*William James Beadel (C.) .. 4,321 

XRichard Biddulph Martin (L.) 3,079 

Pop. 54,432. Reg. Elec. 9,227. 

• North-Eastem, or Harwich [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Divisions of Lexden 
and IVinstree, and the Municipal Boroughs 
of Colchester and Hay wich. ) 

tjames Round (C.) 
James Jackson (L.) 

Pop. 51,911. Reg. Elec. 



* Northern, or Safiron Walden [1]. 

(TAt Sessional DivisioHS of Frtshwell, Hipuk- 
ford North, and IVaJden, parts of the Ses- 
soniai Division of Hinck/ord South (Hal- 
stead Bench), the Municipal Borough of 
Saffron Walden, such part of the Municipal 
Borough 0/ Sudbury as is in Essex, ami the 

♦Herbert Colstoun Gardner (L.) 4,755 

XHon. Charles Hcdley Strutt (C.) 3,006 

Pop. 50,995- Reg. Elec 9.306. 

* South-Eastem [1]. 

{The Sessional Diznsions 0/ Dengie, Orsett, 
and Roch/ord, and th« parishes o/Rainham 
and U'ennington.) 

tCol. William Thomas Makins 

(c.) 3,707 

X William Hmry Wills (L.) . . 3,500 
Pop. 54.6a6. Reg. Elec 9,367. 

* Southern, or Romford [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Dh'ision 0/ Bacontree, 
and the Liberty 0/ Havering-atte-Bozver.) 

*John Wcsllake, Q.C. (L.) . . 4,370 

James Theobald (C.) .. .. 4,306 

Pop. 52,690. Reg. Elec. 13,591. 

• South- Western, or Walthamstow [1]. 

{The parishes 0/ Loiu Ley ton, IVaithamstow, 
and IVood/ord.) 

♦Edward North Buxton (L.) .. 4,300 

%7homas Charles Baring (C.) . . 4,125 

Pop. 51,885. Reg. Elec. 11,233. 

* Western, or Epplng [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Dunmow {except 
the parish 0/ Thaxted), Lpping, Harlow, 
ami Ongar.) 

fSir Henry John Selwin-Ibbet- 

son, Bart. (C.) 4,659 

Edward Broiighton Bartiard{\^.) 2,915 

Pop. 51,432. Reg. Elec. 9.239. 
Returning Officer— 1\it. High Sheriff. 

Ererton [See Liverpool]. 

Eveshajn [See Worcestershire]. 

Exchange [See Liverpool]. 

and parts of the parishes of Heavitret. St 
Thomas the Apostle, Topskeun, and Alph- 

Hon. Henry Stafford Northcote 

(C.) .. .. .. .. 3.315 

XEdward Johnson (L.) . . . . 3,074 

Pop. 47,154- Reg. Elec 7,000(7.562). 
Returning Offcer—'RicharA Lev, Esq., St. 
Leonard's Lawn, Exeter (Sherifi"). 

Sye [See Suffolk]. 

FALKIRK DISTRICT (Stirlingshire) [1]. 

(Comprising Falkirk, Airdrie, Hamilton, 
Lanark, and Linlith^oiv, and so much of 
the Municipal Borough of Hamilton as was 
net included in the old Parliiunentary 

John Ramsay ^1..) .. •• 2>,lO^ 

Samuel Leek Mason (C.) .. 2,204 

James Galloway Weir (h.) .. 814 

J. Jioskill (L.) 14 

Pop. 53.873- Reg. Elec 7.100(5,353). 
Returning Offcer— James Muirhead, Esq., 
LL.D., Advocate, Edinburgh (.Sheriff of 
Stirling, Dumbarton, and Clackmannan). 

EXETER (Devonshire) [1]. 
{Comprising the city and county of Exeter, 

Falmouth [See Penrhyn]. 

Fareham (See Hampshire]. 

Farn worth I See Lancashire, S.E]. 

Faversham [See Kent]. 


• North Fermanagh [1]. 

Baronies of Lurg, Magheraboy, and 



fWilliam Hoey K. Redmond 
(H.R.; 3,255 

Joh7i Caldwell Bloomfield {C.) .. 2,822 
Pop. 42,792. Reg. Elec. 6,687. 

* Soutli Fermanagh [1]. 

( The Baronies ofClanaivley, Clankelly, Coole, 
Knockninny, and Magherastephana.) 

♦Henry Campbell (H.R.) . . 3,574 

Frank Brooke {C.) .. ..2,181 

Pop. 42,087. Reg. Elec. 6,855. 
Returning 0Jice7-—The High Sheriff. 


* Eastern [1]. 

{The parishes of Abdie, Abernethy, Anstruther 
Wester^ Anstruther Easter, Amgask, 
Auchtemtuchty, Balmerifw, Cameron, 
Cambee, Ceres, Collessie, Crail, Creich, 
Cults, Cupar, Dairsie, Dimbog, Dunino, 
Elie, Falkland, Ferry- Port-on-Craig, Flisk, 
Forgan, Kemback, Kennoway, Kettle, Kil- 
cotiquhar, Kilmany, Kilrenny, Kingsbams, 
Largo, Leuckars, Logie, Monimail, Aloon- 
zie, .\e^vburgh, Newburn, Pittenweem, St. 
Andrew's, St. Leonards, St. Monatice, 
Scoonie, and Strathmiglo.) 

*John Boyd-Kinnear (L.) .. 4,533 

John Gilmour {(Z.) .. ..2,577 

Pop. 52,200. Reg. Elec. 9,233. 

♦ Western [1]. 

( The parishes o/A bbot shall, A berdour, A uckter- 
derran, Auchtertool, Ballingry, Beath, 
Burntisland, Camock, Dalgetty, Dun/enn- 
line, Dysart, Inverkeithing, Kinghom, 
Kinglassie, Kirkcaldy, Leslie, Markinch, 
Saline, Torryburn, and Wemyss.) 

fHon. Robert Preston Bruce (L.) 
Pop. 49,551. Reg, Elec. 8,429. 
Returning Officer — James A. Crichton, Es^., 

13, Nelson btreet, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Fue 

and Kinross). 

FINSBURY (Middlesex) [3]. 

* Central 11]. 

{The paris/us 0/ St. James and St. John, 


*Howard Spensley (L.). . .. 2,861 

Saul Jsaac {C.) .. .. .. 2,314 

Pop. 69,076. Reg. Elec. 7,462. 
• East [1]. 

{TJu parishes 0/ St. Luke and St. Sepulchre, 
Middlesex, C/iarterhouse, and Glasshouse 

*James Bigwood (C.) .. .. 2,055 

James Raiulands (L.) . . . . 2,035 

Pop. 50,333. Reg. Elec. 6,105. 

♦ Holbom [1], 

{The paiishes of St. Andrew, Holbom above 
Bars, and St. George the Martyr, and Saf- 
fron Hill, Hatton Garden, Ely Place, and 
Ely Rents, tlu St. Giles Disti ict {comprising 
the parishes oj St. Giles in the Fields and 
St. Georges, Bloomibupi], and Gray s, Fur- 
nival' s, Staple, and Lincoln's I tuts.) 

♦Col. Francis Duncan, C.B. (C.) 4,047 
Charles Harrison (L.) . . .. 2,473 

Pop. 78,739. Reg. Elec. 9,802. 
Returning Officer — Sharon Grote Turner, Esq. , 
Solicitor, Roehampton Priory Lodge, Surrey, 
and 56, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. 

{Comprising Flint, Caergujyle, Caerwys, Over- 
ton, Rhuddlan, Holywell, Mold, and St. 

John Roberts (L.) . . . . 1,835 

Capt. Philip Pennant Pennant (C .) 1,713 

Pop. 24,154. Reg. Elec. 3)773(3.776)- 
Retumiiig O^cer— Alderman Alfred Dyson, 
Flint (Mayor). 

Right Hon. Lord Richard de 

Aquila Grosvenor (L.) . . 4,758 

Capt. the Hon. Henry Richard 
Howel Lloyd- Mostyn (C ) . . 3, 132 
Pop. 55,447- Reg. Elec. 10,082 (4,881). 
Returning Officer— "W^e High Sheriff. 

James William Barclay (L.) .. 6,157 
William Alexander Lindsay (C.) 1,851 

Pop. 67,473. Reg. Elec. 11,232(3,667). 
Returning Officer- johu Comrie Thomson, 
Esq., 24, Great King Street, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of CO. Forfar), 

Forest of Dean [See Gloucestershire]. 
Frome [See SomersetsMrel. 

• FULHAM (Middlesex) [1]. 

{The parish of Fulham.) 
♦William Hayes Tisher (C.) .. 2,642 
t George IVUliam Erskine Rus- 
sell {L.) 2,590 

Pop. 42,900. Reg. Elec. 6,500. 
Returning Officer— Charles James Foakes, 
Esq., Berwick House, Walham Green, S.W. 

Gainsborough [See Lincolnshire]. 

GALWA7 (Borough) [1]. 



Atth* Gtneral Election Thomas Power O'Con- 
nor (H.R.) and Thomas George Palmer 
Hallett (C.) ^lUd respectively 1,335 and 
164 votes. Mr. O'Connor being also re- 
turned/or Scotland Div. of Liverpool, 
tlected to sit for that constituency, and on 
a new election on Feb. utA, 1886, the result 

tCapt. William Henry O'Shea 

(H.R.) 945 

Michael A. Lynch {U.K.) .. 65 

Pop. 19,171. Reg. Elec. 2,279(1,024). 
Returning O/^cer-Thc High Sheriff of the 
CO. of the Town of Galway. 

0ALWA7 CO. [41. 
* Connemaxa [11. 

{Tie Baronies of Ballynahinch, Morgcullen, 
and Ross.) 

♦Patrick James Foley (H.R.). 

Pop. 56,239. Reg. Elec. 5184a' 

* East Galway [11 

{The Baronies of ClonmacMnven, Kilconnell, 
Killian, Longford, and Tiaquin.) 

♦Matthew Harris (H.R.) .. 4,866 

Hon. Richard Anthony Nugent (C. ) 353 

Pop. 54.847. Reg. Elec. 8,083. 

* Nortlx Oalway [11 

(TVS* Baronies of Ballymoe, Clare ^ and 

fLieut. -Col. John Philip Nolan (H.R.). 
Pop. 58,664. Reg. Elec. 5,927. 

* Soutb Oalway [11. 

(The Baronies of Aran, Athenry, Dunkellin, 
Kiltartan, Leitrim, and Loughrea.) 

♦David Sheehy (H.R.). 

Pop. 53,084. Reg. Elec. 7,220. 
Returning Officei^-TYM High Sheriff of Gal- 
way CO.). 

GATESHEAD (Durham) [11. 

(Consists of the parish of Gateshead, and pari 
of the chape tries of Heworth,St.Alban,and 

Hon. Walter Henry James (L.) 5,756 
y H Bottomley (C.) . . 3,024 

Pop. 65,803. Reg. Elec. 13,206 (12,281). 
Returning Officer— 'Y\iom3& McDermott. Esq., 

J. P., Gladstone Terrace, Gateshead (Mayor). 

* Eastern [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Caerphilly Higher 
, Oi 0/ 
tiL-Aer, and 
of Sessional Division ofMiskm Lower^ 

and Lower (including all the parish of 
Eghvysilan), and Mislcin Higher, and part 

♦Alfred Thomas (L.) .. ..4,886 
Godfrey Lewis BosvilU Clark (C. ) 2,086 

Pop. 47.3<»- Reg' Elec. 8,544. 

* Mid [11. 

(The Sessional Division of Neath, part of 
the Sessional Divisions qf Newcastle and 
Ogmore, and the Municipal Borough of 

f Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot (L. ). 
Pop. 49.084. Reg. Elec. 8,970. 

* Rhondda [1]. 

(The parish of Vstradyfodtog.) 
•William Abraham (L.) . . . . 3,857 
Frederick Lewis Davis (C) .. 2,992 

Pop. 44,046. Reg. Elec. 8,aio. 

• Southern [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Cowbridge, Dinas 
Powis, and Kibbor (except the parish of 
Eglwysilan\ the Municipal Borough of 

Ogmore, and Miskin 

Cardiff, and pari of the Sessional Divisions 

of Newcastle and ( 


•Arthur John Williams (L.) .. 3,945 
John Talbot Dillwyn Llewellyn 

(c.) 3.351 

Pop. 46,106. Reg. Elec. 8,806. 

• Western, or Gower [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Gower, Pontar- 
dawe, tutd Swansea, and the Municipal 
Borough of Swansea.) 

•Frank Ash Yeo (L.) .. .. 5.560 
Henry Aathaniel Miers {C.) .. 2,103 

Pop. 49,382. Reg. Elec. 10,56a. 
Returning Officer— T^i^ High Sheriff. 

GLASGOW (Lanarkshire) [71. 



* Blackfrlars and Hutchesontown [1]. 

( The sixth and fourteenth Municipal IVards.) 

fMitchell Henry (L.) .. ••3,759 

William Charles Maughan (C.) 3,137 

J. Shaw Maxwell ^.) .. ..1,156 

Pop. 71,744- Reg- Elec. 9,725. 

♦ Bridgeton [1]. 

{The first a?td fourth Municipal Wards.) 
♦Edward Richard Russell (L.). . 3,601 
Elphinstone Vans Agmw Matt- 

land{C.) 3,478 

Willia?n Forsyth CL.) .. .. 978 

Pop. 79,500. Reg. Elec. 10,058. 

* CamlacMe [1]. 

{The second Municipal Ward and part of the 
third Ward.) 

•Hugh Watt (L. ) . . . . 4,047 

Thomas Arnot Reid (C.) . . 2,883 

yames Martin [h.) .. .. 177 

Pop. 70,500. Reg. Elec. 9,220. 

* Central [1]. 

( The seventh, eighth, ninth, twelfth, and thir- 
teenth Municipal Wards.) 

♦Gilbert Beith (L.) .. ..5,846 
John George Alexander Baird 
(C.) 4,779 

Pop. 68,065. Reg. Elec. 13,208. 

* CoUege [1]. 

{The tenth and eleventh Municipal 
fCharles Cameron, M.D.,LL.D. 

(L.) 5,662 

Lieut. 'Col. Sir William jfames 
Montgomery Cuninghame ( C. ) 4, 1 39 
Pop. 83,665, Reg. Elec. 11,934. 

♦ St. RoUox [1]. 

( The fifth Municipal Ward, and part of 
the third Ward.) 

♦John M'Culloch (L.) . . . . 4,950 

John Neilson Cuthbertson (C.) . . 4,824 

Pop. 72,173. Reg. Elec. 11,926. 

* Tradeston [1]. 

{The fifteenth and sixteenth Municipal 

♦Archibald Cameron Corbett (L.) 4,354 
yames Somervell {C.) .. .. 3,240 

Wallace M Guffin Greaves (L. ) . . 86 

Pop. 64,555. Reg. Elec. 9,222. 
Returning O^cer— Francis William Clark, 
Esq., LL.D., Glasgow (Sheriff of Lanark- 


James Alexander Campbell (C). 

Returning Officer— Th!t Vicc-Chancellor of 
Glasgow University). 

GLOUCESTER (Borough) [11. 

{Comprises tlie old borough of Gloucester, and 
portiotts of the parishes of Wotton St. Mary- 
Ville of Wotton, Longford St. Mary, Long- 
fords t. Catherine, Kingsholm St. Catherine, 
North Hamlet, Bartiwood, South Hamlet, 
Hempstead, Barton St. Mary, Barton St. 
Michael, Upton St. Leonards, Tuffley.) 

♦Thomas Robinson (L.) .. 2,222 

WUliam Killigrew Wait (C.) . . 1,726 

Pop. 36,521. Reg. Elec. 4,547 (5,767)- 
Returning Officer — William Higgs, Esq., 
Russell Street, Gloucester (Sheriff > 

* Eastern, or Cirencester [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Cnmpden, Ciren- 
cester, Fairford, Morton-in-the-Marsh, 
NorthUach. Stow, and Tetbury.) 

♦Arthur Brend Winterbotham 

(L.) 4,782 

John Edward Dorington (C.) .. 4,035 
Pop- SSiS'O- Reg. Elec. 10,157. 

* Forest of Dean [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions ofColeford, Lydney, 
Newent, and Newnham.) 

•Thomas Blake (L.) .. ..5,143 

Hon. John William Plunket (C.) 2,421 

Pop. 53.688. Reg. Elec. 9,458. 

* Mid, or Stroud [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Dursley {except the 
parish of Slimbridge), Horsley, Stroud, 



and WoottoH'Undtr-Edgt, and part 0/ th« 
Sissional Division 0/ Wkitminster,) 

fHon. Henry Robert Brand (L.) 4,646 

Gforge HoUoway {C.) .. -.4*333 

Pop. 57,030. Reg. Elec 11,665. 

• Northern, or Tewkesbury [11. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Berkeley, Chel- 
tenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and 
Winchcomb, part 0/ the Sessional Division 
of IVhit minster, the Municipal Boroughs of 
Gloucester and Tewkesbury^ and the parish 
0/ Slimbridge.) 

tjohn Reginald Yorke (C.) . . 4,666 

Godfrey Samutlson (L. ) . . . • 4*484 

Pop. 48.611. Reg. Elec 11,665. 

* Southern, or Thombury (11. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Laiv/ords Gait 
{except the portion included in Parliament^ 

ary Borough 0/ Bristol), Sodbury, 


tEdward Stafford Howard (L.) 4,8^ 
XBettjamin St. John Acktrs (C.) 4,689 

Pop- 59.456. Reg. Elec. ii,333- 
Returning Oj^cer— The High Sheriff. 

Gorton [See Lancashire SE.]. 

Oovan [See Lanarkshire]. 
Gower [See Glamorganshire]. 

GRAITTHAM (Lincolnshire) [1]. 

{Comprises the parish of Grantham, the 
to7unships 0/ Spittlegate, Manthorpe, Little 
Gonerby, Harrawby, and part 0/ th* parish 
0/ Somerby.) 

John William Mellor (L.) . . 1,379 
Major Alfred CholmsUy EarU' 

H^e/dy{C.) 1,131 

Pop. 17,345. Reg. Elec. 2,883(2,713). 

Returning Officer— Alderman William LonK 

Wand, 38, Watergate, Grantham (Mayor). 

0RAVE8END (Kent) [1]. 

{Consists 0/ the parishes of Milton and 
Grnvesend, and a part of tlie parish of 

•John Bazley White, Junr. (C.) 1,916 
Thomas Sevan {L..) .. .. 1,850 

Pop. 31,283. Reg. Elec. 4,200(3,643). 
Returning Officer — William Fletcher, Esq., 

By Cliffc, Gravesend (.Mayor). 

Great Grimsby [See Grimsby, Great.] 
Great Tarmouth [See Tarmouth, Great]. 

GREENOCK (Renfrewshire) [11. 

{The former Parliamentary Borough 0/ 
Greenock, and that part of the Municipal 
Borough of Greenock not heretofore in- 
cluded in tht Parliamentary Borough.) 

Thomas Sutherland (L.) .. 3,057 

John Scott {C.) .. .. .. 2,954 

y. Morrison Davidson {1^.) .. 65 

Pop. 65,884. Reg. Elec. 7,131(7,405). 
Returning Officer— Won. Henry James Men- 

creiff, 15, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh 

(Sheriflf of Renfrew and Bute). 



* GREENWICH (Kent) [1]. 
{Parishes of Greenwich, S.\ Nicholas, Dept- 

/ord, Charlton, and Kidbrooke.) 
fThomas William Boord (C.) .. 3,317 
Herbert Watney, M.D. (L.) .. 2,961 

Pop. 65,411. Reg. Elec. 8,632. 
Returning Officer— Q,\\3x\&?, H. Smith, Esq., 
Kent House, Greenwich Road, S.E. 

GRIMSBY, GREAT (Lincolnshire) tH. 

(Coftsisis of the parishes of Great Grimsby, 
Great Coates, Little Coates, Bradley, 
Laceby, Waltfiam, Scartho, Clee, Weelsby, 
and Cleethorpe.) 

At the General Election, Edward Heneage 
(L.) and Col. A. Campbell Walker (C.)/^//^fl^ 
respectively 3,711 and 2,897 votes. In Feb. 
i886 Mr. Heneage accepted office, and upon 
a new election on the \-ith of that month 
the result was 

Rt. Hon. Edward Heneage (L.) 3,390 
Col. A. Campbell Walker (C ) . 2,330 

Pop. 45.351- Reg. Elec. 8,762 (7,056). 
Returning Officer— K\A^ra\axi H. Smethurst, 
J. P., Grimsby (Mayor). 

Orinstead, East [See Sussex]. 
Guildford [See Surrey]. 

HACKNEY (Middlesex) [3]. 
• Central [1]. 

{TJte De Beauvoir To^vn and Dalston Wards, 
and part of Hackney Ward.) 

*Sir (William) Guyer Hunter, 

K.C.M.G., M.D. (C.) .. 2,941 

XJohn Holmes {L.) .. .. 2,748 

Pop. 62,033. Reg. Elec. 7,381. 

♦ North [1]. 

\ {The parish of Stoke Nerving ton, the Stam- 
ford Hill and West Hackney Wards, atid 
part of Hackney Ward.) 

*Major Gen. Sir Lewis Pelly, 

K.C.B., K. C.S.I. (C.) .. 3,327 

: X/Eneas John M'Intyre, Q. C. (L. ) 2, 9 1 1 
Pop. 54,752. Reg. Elec. 8,058. 

♦ South [1]. 

{The South Hackney and Homerton Wards, 

an4 part of Hackney Ward.] 
At the General Election, t Charles Russell, 

Q.C. (L.), and Charles John Darling, Q.C. 

(C), polled respectively 3,544 and 2,602 votes. 

In Feb. i886 Mr. Russell accepted office , and 

on a new election on the iith of that month 
the result was 

fSir Charles Russell, Q.C. (L.) 3,174 
Andrew Richard Scoble, Q.C. (C.) 1,979 
Henry Munster {\.) .. .. 17 

Pop. 69,677. Reg. Elec. 8,684. 
Returning Officer — Richard Ellis, Esq., Solici- 
or, 16, Mark Lane, E.C, and Town Hall, 
Hackney, E. 

♦Richard Burdon Haldane (L.) 3,473 
XLord Elcho [C.) .. .. 1,945 

Pop. 38,475. Reg. Elec. 6,487 (1,071). 
Returning t^^c^r— Archibald t)avidson, Esq. , 
9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (SheriflFof The' 
Lothians and Peeblesshire). 

Haggerston [See Shoreditch]. 
HALIFAX (Yorkshire) [2]. 

{Consists of the municipal borough of Halifax 
as constituted by the Halifax Extension 
and Improvement Act, 1865.) 

Thomas Shaw (L.) .. .. 6,269 
Right Hon. James Stansfeld (L.) 6,053 
Alfred Udorris {C.) .. ..3,988 

Pop. 73,633. Reg. Elec. 12,289 (",998). 
Returning Officer— V\c\\^xd. Horsfall, Esq., 

Shibden Grange, Halifax (.Mayor). 

Hallam [See Sheffield]. 
Hallam shire [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 

Ham, West [See West Ham]. 

• HAMMERSMITH (Middlesex) [1]. 
{Parishes of St. Peter and St. Paul, 
*Major Gen. Walter Tuckfield 

Goldsworthy (C.) .. .. 4,264 

Thomas Chatfetld Clarke (L.) . . 3,095 

Pop. 71^39. Reg. Elec. 9,611. 
Returning Officer— W Mam Poile Cockbum, 
Esq. , Vestry Clerk, 3, The Grove, Hammer- 
smith, W. 

* Eastern, or Petersfield [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Alton, Droxford, 
and Petersfield, and part of the Sessional 
Division of Winchester.) 



♦Viscount Wolmer (L.) . . . . 3,414 

J IVilliam Nicholson (C. ) • • 3»253 

Douglas Henty [X-.) .. .. 179 

Pop. 46,318. Reg. Elec. 8,211. 

• New Forest [11. 

{TAr Sessional Dhnsions of Lymington attd 
Ringwoody part 0/ Sessional Dwision 0/ 
Romsev, the M uniciptl Borough o/Romsey, 
and the parishes 0/ Chilworth and North 

t Francis Compton, D.C.L. (C.) 4,281 

Henry Mason Bompas (L.) .. 3,511 

Pop. 48.715. Reg Elcc. 9,431' 

* Northern, or Basingstoke [ll 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Basingstoke and 
Odehatn, and the Municipal Borough q; 

fRight Hon. George Sclater- 

Booth(C.) 3,892 

Richard Eve {L.) .. .. 2,313 

Pop. 60,476. Reg. Elec 7,745. 

• Southern, or Fareham [1]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Fareham, part 0/ 
the Sessional Division 0/ Southampton, atul 
the Municipal Boroughs 0/ Portsmouth and 

fGen. Sir Frederick Wellington 

John Fitz-Wygram, Bart. (C.) 5,177 
Reginald Gartofi lVilder/orce{h.) 4,518 
Pop. 55,647. Reg. Elec. 12,240. 

• Western, or Andover [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Andm>er and 
Kingsclere^ part 0/ tlu Sessional Divisions 

0/ Winchester amd Romtey, and the Mum 
cipal Boroughs o/A ndover andlVitieketter. ) 

tWilliam Wither Branston Beach 

(c.) 4.559 

XFrancis IVilliam Buxton (L.) 3,108 

Pop. S3.003. Reg. Elec. 9,183. 
Returning OJicer— The High Sheriff. 

• HAMPSTEAD (Middlesex) [1] 

(Palish o/St. John. Hampstead.) 
fRight Hon. Sir Henry Thur- 
Stan Holland, Bart., G.C.M.G. 

(C.) 2,785 

Right Hon. the Marquess of 

Lome, K.T., G.C.M.G. (L), 1,910 
John E. Williams (L. ) . . . . 27 

Pop. 45.<5a- Reg. Elec. 5,981. 
Returning ^^r<^— Sidney George Ratcliff, 
Esq Solicitor, 126, King Henry's Road, 
N.W. ; 60. New Broad Street, E.G. 

Handsworth [See Staffordshire!. 

• HANLET (Staffordshire) [1]. 

( The Municipal Boroughs o/Hanley and Bur- 
slem, and that Part 0/ the late Parliumt-n- 
tary Borough 0/ Stoke-upon-Trent ivhich, 
lyine to the North o/Hanley, is not in- 
cluded tn the Local Government District of 
Tunstail.) '' 

tWilliam Woodall (L.) . . . . 6, 136 

Liad. - Col. F. Wright ( C, ) . . 2,739 

Pop. 75,912. Reg. Elec. 10,980. 
Returning Officei^-^ZoMnciWox Jesse Shirley, 
Hanley (Mayor). 

Harborough [See Leicestershire]. 

Harbour (See Dublin Borough]. 

Harrow [See Middlesex]. 

(Durham) [1]. 

(Consists oj tlte Municipal Borough of Hartle- 
pool, ihe townships of Throston, Stranton, 
- 7vhich ituludes West Hartlepool,— and 
Seaton Carew.) 



Thomas Richardson (L.) . . 3,669 

Dr. Thomas Hutchinson Tris- 
tram, Q.C.iC.) .. .. 2,629 

Pop. 46,990. Reg. Elec. 8^505 (7,807) 
Returning Officer — Dr. James Rawlings, J. P., 
12, Cliff Terrace, Hartlepool (Mayor). 

Haxwich [See Essex]. 
HASTINGS (Sussex) [U 

(Consists of the town and part 0/ Hastings 
and its liberties, part of the parish of St. 
Leonard, portions of the Extra Muxicipai 
and parts of the parishes of St. Mary in. 
the Castle and Ore.) 

Sir Thomas Brassey, K.C.B. (L.) 2,712 
Wilson Noble (C.) . . •• 2,550 

Pop. 47,^19- Reg. Elec. 5,672 (5,238). 
Returning Officer— Edwin Bradnam, Esq , 

IP., Hazeldean, Mount Pleasant Road, 

Hastings (Mayor). 

Haverfordwest [See Pembroke]. 

3AWICK DISTRICT (Roxburghshire) [1]. 

Comprising //awick. Galashiels, and Selkirk, 
and so much of the Municipal Borough of 
Galashiels not heretofore included in the 
Parliamentary Borough.) 

it the General Election, the Rt. Hon. George 
Otto Trevelyan (L.) tvos returtied -without 
opposition. In Feb. 1886 he accepted office, 
and on a new election on the 10th of that 
month there was not any opposition to the 
return of 

<ight Hon. George Otto Trevelyan (L.) 

Pop. 37,604. Reg. Elec. 5,678 (4,999). 
Returning Officer— John Chcyne, Esq., 13, 
Chester Street, Edinburgh . (Sheriff for cos. 
Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk). 

Henley [See OxfordsMre]. 

HEREFORD (Borough) [1]. 
(Consists of t/ie borough of Hereford and the 

Castle Green.) 

Joseph Pulley (L.) .. .. 1,360 

William Henry Bameby (C.) . . 1,296 

Pop. 19,821. Reg. Elec. 3,002(3,164). 
Returning Officer—}, Howell Morley, J. P., 
Hereford (Mayor). 

* Northern, or Leominster [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bredwardine, 
Bromyard, Kingston, Leominster, Weobley, 
and Wigmore, and the Municipal Borough 
of Leominster.) 

t Thomas Duckham (L.) .. 3,871 

* yam es Rankin (Q.) ,. ,. 3,750 

Pop. 49,064. Reg. Elec. 9,516. 

* Southern, or Ross [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Dore, Harewood's 
Ends, Hereford, Ledbury, and Ross, and 
the Municipal Borough of Hereford.) 

fMichael Biddulph (L.). . .. 4,415 
%Sir Joseph Russell Bailey , Bart. 
(C.) 3,643 

Pop. 52,177. Reg. Elec. 10,380. 
Returning Officer- The High Sheriff. 




Hertford [See Hertfordsliire]. 

* Eastern, or Hertford [1]. 

( The Sessional Dhisions of Biskup Stori/ord, 
CkeskuHt, and Ware {except the parish 0/ 
Braitehin^), part 0/ the Sessional Division 
0/ Hertford, the Municipal Borough of 
Hertford, and the Parishes of Great and 

tAbel Smith (C.) .. .. 4.263 
XHon, Hittry Frederick Cowper 
(L.) 3»027 

Pop. 51,43a. Reg- Elec. 8,840. 

* Mid. or St. Albans (11. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Bamet and St. 

Albans, the Municipal Borough of St. 

AlhAns, parts of the Sessional Divisions of 

Hertford, aitd Dacorum, and the pemsh qf 

♦Viscount Grimston (C.) .. 4»'o8 

John CoUs (L.) 3.037 

Pop. 47.500. Reg. Elec. 8,741. 

• Northern, or Hitdiln [11. 

The Sessional Divisions of Aldbury {except 
the parishes of Great and Little Hadham), 
Buntingford, Hit chin, Odsey, Stevenage, 
andWTlivyn, and the parish of Braughing.) 

* Hon. Baron Dirnsdale(C.) .. 4,418 

Henry Grorge lorJham (L.) .. 2,869 

Pop. 49,111. Reg- Elec. 8,996. 

• Western, or Watford [11. 

{The Sessional Division of Watford {except 
the parish of Aldenham). and bart of the 
Sessional Division of Dacorum.) 

f Thomas Frederick Halsey (C.) 4,032 

George Fattdell Phillips ih.) .. 3,712 
Pop. 55.036. Reg. Elec. 10,029. 

Returning Officer— l)\f^ High Sheriff. 

Hexham [See Northiunberland]. 
Heywood [See LaLncashire, S.R1 

High Peak [See Derbyshire]. 

Hitchin [See Hertfordshire). 
Holborn [See Finsbury]. 

Holdaness (See Yorkshire, E. Rldlncl. 
Holland [See Lincolnshire). 

Holmflrth [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Honlton [See Devonshire). 

Homcastle (See Lincolnshire I. 

Homsey [See Middlesex]. 

Horsham [See Sussex). 

Honghton-le- Spring [See Durham co.]. 

Houghton, West [See Lancashire. SE.) 

Howdenshlre [See Yorkshire, £. 

Hoxton [See Shoredltclil. 

HUDDERSFIELD (Yorkshire) [1]. 

(Comprises the to^tmships of Hudders/ield, 
Lindley-cum-Quarmby, Lockwcod, Almond- 
bury, and Dalton, the hamlet of Lower 
Linthwaite, and part of the township of 

Edward Aldam Leatham (L.) . . 6,960 
Joseph Crosland (C.) . . • • 6, 194 

Pop. 87,157. Reg. Elec 14,991 (i4f335)- 
Returning C>#«r— Alderman John Varley, 

Springfield, Newsome, Huddersfield 


HULL, KINGSTON-UPON-(YorkBhire)[3]. 

• Central [1]. 

{The Queen's and Paragon Wards, and part 
of Central Ward.) 



*Henry Seymour King (C) . . 4, 193 

I Charles Morgan Norwood (JL.) . . 4, 027 

N. B. Btllany {U) .. .. 735 

Pop. 58,994. Reg. Elec. 11,627. 

* East [1]. 

(The Alexandra, Drypool, Sutton, and 
Beverley Wards, ami part 0/ Central 

*William Saunders (L.).. .. 3,625 

Frederick Brent Grotrian (C.) . . 2,960 

Pop. 48,037. Reg. Elec. 8,053. 

♦ West [1]. 

(Tfu Ne-wington, Colt man, Albert's, Botanic, 
and Park Wards.) 

fCharles Henry Wilson (L.) .. 5,247 
Albert Kaye Rollit, LL.D. (C) . . 3,697 

Pop. 58,659. Reg. Elec. 11,517. 
Returning- Officer — Henry Hunter Briggs, 

Esq., 5, Crown Terrace, Anlaby Road, Hull 


Huntingdon [See Huntingdonshire]. 

* Northern, or Ramsey [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Hurstingstone, 
Norman Cross, and Ramsey.) 

fCapt. William Henry Fellowes 

(C.) 2,775 

Lord Esme Stuart Gordon (L.) . . 2,410 
Pop. 29,808. Reg. Elec. 5,989. 

• Southern, or Huntingdon [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Leightonstone 
and Toseland.) 

*Thomas Coote, Jun. (L.) 
Col. the Hon. Oliver George 
Powlett Montagu (C. ) 

Pop. 27,412. Reg. Elec. 5,655, 
Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

• 2,354 


Hutchesontown [See Glasgow]. 
Hyde [See Cheshire]. 

HYTHE (Kent) [1]. 

Consists 0/ the old Borough 0/ Hythe, the 
liberties of the town of Folkestone, the 
parishes of West Hythe, Saltwood, Cheriton, 
Folkestone, and Newington.) 

Sir Edward William Watkin, 

Bart. (C.) 2,247 

Alpheus Cleophas Morton (L.) . . 797 
Pop. 28,239 Reg. Elec 3,749 (3,080). 

Returning Officer — Councillor T. Judge, 
Hythe (Mayor). 

Ilkeston [See Derbyshire]. 
Ince [See Lancashire. S.W.]. 


(Comprises Inverness. Forres, Fortrose, and 

♦Robert Bannatyne Finlay, Q.C. 

(L.) 1,709 

H'alter S. Bright McLaren (L.) i, 546 

Pop. 26,425. Reg. Elec. 3,S56 (3,126). 
Returning Officer —\i\\Vaxa. Ivory, Esq., 

6, Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh (Shenff 

of Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 

fCharles Fraser Mackintosh (L.) 3,555 
Reginald Macleod (Q.) .. .. 2,031 

Sir Kenneth Smith Mackenzie^ 

Bart. (L.) 1,897 

Pop. 72,755. Reg. Elec. 9,330 (1,939). 
Returning Officer — W\\\\2im Ivory, Esq., 
6, Whitehouse Terrace, Edinburgh (Shenff 
of Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 

IPSWICH (Suffolk) [2]. 
(Consists of th* old Borough of Ipswich, and 



/«r/* «/■ *^ Pttriskts of BtUttad, Bram- 
ford, Rushmert, Sprougkttm, IVestcrfitid, 
and Whitton,) 

Henry Wyndham West, Q.C. (L.) 3, 795 
Jesse Collings (L.) .. .. 3.777 

E. Murray Ind (C.) . . .. 3.717 
Sir William Thomas CharUy, 

Q.C, D.C.L. (C.) .. .. 3.649 
Pop. 50,546. Reg. Elec 8,867 (8,287). 
RetumtMg^ ^J^frrr— Benjamin Page Grimsey, 

Esq., Stoke Lod^e. Ipswich (Mayor). 

iBle of Thanet (See Kent]. 

Isle of Wight [1]. 
Sir Richard Everard Webster (C.) 5,495 
Xlfon. {Anthony) Evelyn Mel- 
bourne Ashley {I.,) .. .. 5.059 
Pop. 63,969. Reg. Elec. 11.993 (s.aaoX 
Returning Officer— K. Harbottle Estcourt, 
Esq , Newport, Isle of Wight (Deputy 

• ISLINGTON (Middlesex) [i]. 

• East (1). 
{Highbury and Ctm^nbury Hoards.) 

fHenry Brett Ince, Q.C. (L.) .. 3,296 

Cowley Lambert {O .. ..3.262 

Pop. 77,890. Reg. Elec 8,09a. 

• North [11. 
{Ward of Upper HoUaway). 

♦George Christopher Tront 

Bartley (C.) 3.545 

tSamuel Banks Waddy {\..) .. 2,972 

Archibald Dobbs {X.) .. .. 183 

Pop. 67,946. Reg. Elec 7,774. 

• South [1]. 

IBamsbury, St. Mary's, and St. Peter's 

♦Henry Spicer(L.) .. .. 3.050 

Henry Wildey Wright (C.) . . 2,502 

Pop. 66,933. Reg. Elec. 7,024. 

♦ West [1]. 

{Lvwer Holloway and Thomhill Wards.) 

•Richard Chamberlain (L.) .-3.370 

Thomas George Danford (C.) . . 2,356 

Pop. 70,096. Reg. Elec 7.*76. 
Returning ^^Errr— Charles Gasquet, Esq., 
Solicitor, Tangier Lodge, Barnes, Surrey, 
and 9. Idol Lane, Great Tower Street, E.C. 

Jarrow (See Durham co.l. 

Kalghley (See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Kendal (See Westmorelandl 

Kennington (See Lambeth). 

• KENSINGTON (Middlesex) [21. 

• North (II. 

{That part ef tfu Pariiamtntary Borough^ 
Kensington that ties to the north 0/ a tine 
drawn along the centre 0/ th* uxbridee 

•Sir Roper Lethbridge, CLE. 

(C.) 3,619 

XJoseph Firth Bottom ley. Firth ( L. ) 3, 1 1 
Pop. 82,517. Reg. Elec. 8,297. 

* South [11. 

{Thai pari 0/ the Parliamentary Borough 0/ 
Kensington which is not comprised in the 
Northern Dixnsion.) 

•Sir Algernon Borthwick (C.) , . 4,602 
Montagu Hughes Cookson^ Q.C 

(L.) 2,138 

Pop. 80,634. Reg. Elec. 8,859. 
Retumint^ Officer— '9.^v!am Green. Esq , 27, 

LansdowM Road, W. 

KENT [81. 
* Bastern* or St. Augustine's [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Elh:- "■-■_ 
and Wingham, the Municipal 
Canterbury, Deal, Dover, Folk I 

Hythe, and the corporate torvn oj rora .<■:, h, 
also Bekesboume, Ringwold, Kingsdoxtm^ 
and Walmer.) 

fAretas Akers-Douglas (C.) .. 5,842 

Alfred Simmons {L..) .. .. 3,582 

Pop. 64,773. Reg. Elec. 12,157. 

* Isle of Thanet (11. 

{The Sessional Division o/Ramsgate, and the 
Municipal Boroughs 0/ Margate and Sand- 
wich; also Ramsgate, Sarre, Birchington, 
Minster, St John, St. Peter, and Wood.) 
fRt. Hon. Col. Edward Robert 

King-Harman (C.) .. .. 3,381 

Edmund Francis Davies {L") •• 2,670 
Pop. 53.667. Reg. Elec 7,941. 

* Mid. or Medway [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Bearstead and 
Rochester, part of the Sessional Division of 
Mailing, and the MunicipcU Boroughs of 
Gravesend, Maidstone, and Rochester, also 
Grange, rum-corporate Member of Hastings.) 

fHon. John Stewart Gathome- 
Hardy (C.) 6,212 

tSir Sydney Hedley Waterlow 

(L.) S.118 

Pop. 61,483. Reg. Elec 13.482. 



• North-Eastem, or Faversham [1]. 

{Thf Sessional Divisioti of Faversham, the 
Municipal Borough of Faversham, and the 
corporate town of Queenborough.) 

•Herbert Thomas Knatchbull- 

' Hugessen (C.) 5,067 

Francis Flint Belsey iX-.) .. 4,123 

Pop. 66,430. Reg. Elec 11,370. 

• Nortli Western, or Dartford [1]. 

{TJie Sessional Diiision o/ Dartford, part of 
the Sessional Division »f Bromley, and the 
Parliamentary Boroughs of Greenwich and 

fRight Hon. Sir William Hart 

Dyke, Bart. (C.) .. .. 4,488 

James Ebenezer Saunders (L. ) . . 4,066 
Pop. 61,708. Reg. Elec. 11,172. 

* Southern, or Ashford [1]. 

{Xhe Sessional Divisions of Ashford and 
Cranbrook, the Municipal Borough of Ten- 
terden, the corporate towns cf Lydd and 
Ne7v Komney, and part of the Liberty oj 
Romney Marsh.) 

•William Pomfret Pomfret (C.) 6,020 

George Crispe Whiteley (L.) .. 4,895 

Pop. 66,791. Reg. Elec. 13,389. 

♦ Southwestern, or Tunbrldge [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Tunbridge and 
Tunbridge Wells, and part of the Sessional 
Division of Mailing.) 

♦Robert Norton (C.) .. -.4,533 

Frederick William l^erney (L,.) . . 4,210 

Pop. 65,065. Reg. Elec. 10,703. 

♦ Western, or Sevenoaks [11. 

{The Sessional Division of Sevenoaks, part 
of the Sessional Division of Bromley, the 
parish of Mottingham, the Parliamentary 
Borough of Lewisham, and that part of 
the Parliamentary Borough of Deptford 
which is in co. of Kent.) 

♦Charles William Mills (C.) ..4,651 
Patteson Nickalls (L.) .. .. 3,956 

Pop. 61,153. Reg. Elec. 11,090. 
Returning Officer— Tht High Sheriff. 

KERRY CO. [4]. 
♦ East Kerry [1]. 

( The Barony of Magunihy, and part qf the 
Barony of Trughanacmy.) 

♦Jeremiah D. Sheehan (H.R.) . . 3,069 
Charles Henry de Gray Robert- 
son {Q,.) 30 

Pop. 49,856. Reg. Elec. 5,971. 

* North Kerry [11. 

( The Baronies of Clanmaurice and 
I raghticonnor .) 

♦John Stack (H.R.). 

Pop. 50,813. Reg. Elec. 5,973. 

* South Kerry [1]. 

{The Baronies of North and South Dun- 

kerron, Glanarought, and Iveragh.) 

♦John O'Connor (H.R.) .. 2,742 

Daniel James O'Connel {!..) .. 133 

Pop. 50,837. Reg. Elec. 4,529. 

* West Kerry [11. 

The Barony of Corkaguiny, and part of the 
Barony of Trughanacmy I) 

♦Edward Harrington (H.R.) .. 2,607 
Lieut.-Col. William Kowan {Q,.) 262 

Pop. 49.533- Reg. Elec. 5,668. 
Returning Officer— The: High Sheriff. 

Kesteven [See Lincolnshire]. 

KIDDERMINSTER (Worcestershire) [1]. 

{Consists of the old Borough of Kidderminster, 
part of the Foreign of Kidderminster, and 
part of the Parish of Wolverley.) 

John Brinton (L.) .. ..2,172 

Augustus Frederick Godson (C.) 2,024 

Pop. 25,633, Reg. Elec. 4,547 (3,966). 

Returning Officer— George Holdsworth, Esq., 
Springfield House, Kidderminster (Mayor). 

* North KUdare [1]. 

{The Baronies of Car bury, Clane, Connell, 
Ikeathy, and Oughterany, North Naas, 
and North and South Salt, and part of the 
Baronies of South Naas and East Offably. ) 



♦James Laurence Carew (H.R.) 3,168 

Baron de Robeck (C. ) . . . . 467 

Pop. 36,650. Reg. Elec. 5,108. 

* South KUdare [1]. 

{Tk« Baronies 0/ KilculUn, East and West 
Offdly, Kilkea and Mcone, Narragh and 
Keban East and IV'est, and part 0/ the 
Barony of South Naas.) 

tjames Leahy (H.R.) . 

Pop. 39,154. R^. Elec. 5,070. 
Returning Q^er— The High SheriC 

KILEENN7 (Borough) [1]. 

John Francis Smithwick (H.R.). 
Pop. 15,378. Reg. Elec 1,899. 
Retumine Officer— Th.^ High Sheriff of KU- 
kenny City. 


• North Kilkenny 11]. 

Th4 Baronies 0/ Crannagh, Fassadinnin, 
Galmoy, and ShilUlogher, and part 0/ the 
Barony 0/ Gowram.) 

jEdward Purcell Mulhallen 

Marum (H.R.) .. .. 4,084 

Hon. Charles Bertram Bellew 

(C.) 174 

Pop. 41,081. Reg. Elec 5,647. 

* South Kilkenny [1]. 

(The Baronies 0/ Callan, Ida, Kelts, and 
Knochtopher, and part 0/ the Barony 0/ 
Gottfran. ) 

♦Patrick Alexander Chance 

(H.R.) 4,088 

Raymond De La Poer (C. ) . . 222 

Pop. 43,172. Reg. Elec 5,924. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 


(Comprising Kilmarnock Dumbarton, Ren- 
frew, Rutherglen, Port Glasgow, and so 
much of the Municipal Boroughs of Kil- 
tnarnock and Renfrew as were not included 
in the old Parliamentary Borough.) 


♦Peter Sturrock (C.) 

XJoh n Dick Peddie ( L. ) ; ^ ' > 

Viscount Daln'mple {L.) .. i,i502 

John Steven Storr (C.) . . . . 55 

Pop. 69,618. Reg. Elec. 10,475 (8,240). 

Returning Officer— David Brand, Esq., 9, 
Albany Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Ayr- 


Sir George Balfour, K.C.B. (L.) 3,160 
David Scott Porteotis (C. ) . . i , 267 

Pop. 33,349- Reg. Elec. 5,580 (1,853.) 
Returning Officer— }o}\n Guthrie Smith, Esq., 

Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 

Aberdeen and Kincardine^ 

KINO'S CO. [2].. 
• Birr [11. 

(.The Baronies of Ballyboy, Ballybritt, Clon- 
lesk, Eglish, and Garrycastle.) 

fBemard Charles Molloy( H.R.) 3,408 
Capt. Thomas Scroope Wellesley 

Bertuird{C.) 760 

Rop- 35.348. Reg. Elec 5,236. 

• Tullamore [11. 

(The Baronies of Ballyco^van, Coolestown, 
Geeuhill, Kilkoursey, Phillipstown Upper 
and Lower, and IVarrenstown.) 

•Francis Fox (H.R.) 3, 700 

Walter Hussey- Walsh (U) .. 323 

Rop. 37,504. Reg. Elec 5,162. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

KING'S LTNN (Norfolk) [1]. 

(Consists of thr parishes of St. Margaret and 
South Lynn, All Saints, part of the parish 
of Gaywood, Lynn, and that part of the 
Municipal Borough of King's Lynn as is 
not included in the Parliamentary Borough,\ 



Right Hon. Robert Bourke (C.) 1,472 
Sir William Howell Browne 

Ffolkes, Bart, ih.) .. ..1,302 

Pop. 18,539. Reg' Elec. 3,063(2,820). 
Returning O^cer— John Dyker Thew, Esq., 
J. P., King's Lynn (Mayor). 

Kingston [See Surrey]. 
Kingston upon Hull [See Hull]. 
Kingswinford [See Staffordshire]. 
Kinross-sliire [See 


{Co^nprisiftg Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, Dysari, 
and Kinghom, and so much 0/ the Munici- 
pal Borough 0/ Kirkcaldy not included in 
the old Parliamentary Borough {except that 
portion within the Parliamentary Borough 
0/ Dysart).) 

Sir George Campbell, K. C.S.I. , 
D.C.L. (L.) 2,180 

John Malcolm Inglis (L.) .. 1,504 

Hugh Thomas Munro^ J unr. (C.) 746 
Pop. 31.424- Reg. Elec. 5,394 (4.''99)- 

Returning Officer—]. A. Crichton, Esq., 13, 
Nelson Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Fife 
and Kinross). 

Kirkcudbrlghtsliire [1]. 

♦Marie John Stewart (C.) . . 2,526 

Alexander Young iX") •• •• 2,492 

Pop. 35,054. Reg. Elec. 5,720 (2,278). 

Returning <9^c^r— Norman Macpherson, 
Esq., LL.D., 2, Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of Dumfries and Galloway). 

Kirkdale [See Liverpool]. 
Knutsford [See Cheshire]. 

* Brixton [1]. 

{Those parts of the Stockwell and Brixton 
Wards that lie to the North of Acre and 
Coldharbour Lanes, and that part ofVaux- 
hall Ward not included in the Kennington 

*Emest Baggallay (C.) . . . . 3,427 

William Blake Odgers, LL.D. 

(L.) 2,762 

Pop. 59,077. Reg. Elec. 7,963. 

* Kennington [1]. 

{The Prinee's Ward, and that part of Vaux- 
hall Ward West of the Clapham Road.) 


• 32 

♦Robert Gent-Davis, (C.) 
XJohn O^ Connor Power (L.) 
John Fielding (L.) 

Pop. 68,556. Reg. Elec. 8,313. 

* North [1]. 

{The North and South Marsh, and Bishop's 

•Major-Gen. Charles Craufurd 

Fraser, C.B. (C.) .. ..2,524 
Waller Wren {L.) .. ..2,346 

tSir James Clarke Lawrence^ 

Barl.{h.) 692 

Pop. 67,051. Reg. Elec. 7,939. 

* Norwood m. 

{The Not wood Ward, and those parts of the 
Stockwell and Brijtton Wards ftot included 
in t/te Brixton Division.) 

•Thomas Lynn Bristowe (C.) . . 3,496 
Feler Wtlliam Clayden (L.) .. 2,563 

Pop. 59,015. Reg. Elec. 7,501. 
Returning Officer— Frederick C. Abbott, Esq.. 

20, Spencer Road, Heme Hill, S.W., and 

112, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, S.E. 

• Govan [1]. 

{That Part of the parish of Govan which lies 
south of the Clyde beyond the boundary of 
the Municipal Burgh of Glasgow.) 

•William Pearce (C.) .. ..3,677 
Bennet Burleigh {L..) .. .. 3,522 

David George Hoey (L.) . . 11 

Pop. 61,403. Reg. Elec. 8,998. 
• Mid [1]. 
{The parishes of Rutherglen, Carmunnock, 
Cambuslang, Blantyre, Dalserf and Cam- 
busnethan, and part of the parishes of Cath- 
cart and Hamilton.) 
•Stephen Mason (L.) .. .. 2,875 

William Robert Bo7is^eld {C.) .. 2,579 
John Clark Forrest ( L. ) . . 1,913 

Pop. 58,193. Reg. Eke. 8,939. 



• North Eastern [11. 

(Tk4 p«rishtt of New Mtmklaiut. Skottt, 
Dalzitl, Bothwell, and part o/ tlu fariik 
of HamiltoM.) 

♦Donald Crawford (L, ) . . . • 4,564 

yokn Charles Cunninghanu (C. ) 4,405 

Pop. 67,195. Reg. Elec 10,814. 

• North-Weatem (11. 

(Part of the parish o/fiarony and the Mrishes 
o/Cadder and Old AtamMiamd^ 

•John Baird (C.) 4,545 

Robert Bontim Cunninghamt 

GraAam(L.) 3,442 

Pop. 59,8a I. Reg. Elec 9,374. 
• Partlck [11. 

(Th/tt Uirtfif the farisk 0/ Goran which litt 
Morth of the Clyd* beyond the boundary of 
the Municipal Burgh of Glasgow and part 
of the parish tf/ Barony. ) 

t Alexander Craig Sellar (L.) . . 3,726 
Right Hon. Lord Henry George 

Charles Gordon- Lennox (C.) . . 3,385 
John Murdoch {I..) .. .. 74 

Pop. 58.366. Reg. Elec. 8,945. 

* Soutbem (11. 

. {The parishes of Biggar, Carluke, Carmichoff, 
Camwath, Carstairs, Covington and Than- 
kerton, Crawford, Crawfordjohn, Culter, 
Dolphinton, Douglas, Dunsyrt, Lamin^ton 
and W'andel, Lanark, Lesmahagow, Liber- 
ton, Pettinain, Symington, Walston, H' is ton 
and Roberton, Mojfiit, Avondale, Stone- 
house, Glasford, and East Kilbtide, and 
part of the parishes qf Cathcart and Kirh- 

tjohn Glencaim Carter Hamil- 
ton (L.) 4.583 

James Henry Cecil Hozi^r (C.) . . 3,245 
Pop. 55,138. Reg. Elec 8,984. 

Returning Officer— YnMCki William Clark, 
Esq., LLD., Glasgow (Sheriff^ 


NORTH r4]. 

* Blackpool [11. 

{The Sessional Dixnsions of Amoundemess 
and Kirk hatn, part of the Sessional Division 
qf Leyland, and the Municipal Borough of 
tCol. the Right Hon. Sir Frederick 
Arthur Stanley, G.C.B. (C). 
Pop. 56,055. Reg. Elec 11,899. 

• Cborley [1]. 

{The Sessional Division if Leyland Hundred, 
and part of the Sessional Division of Ley- 

f Lieut. -Gen. Randle Joseph 

Feilden, C. M. G. (C. ) • • 5, 867 

Harold WrighJ (L.) . . . . 2,808 
Pop. 59,384. Reg. Elec. 9,881. 

* Lancaster [11. 

{The Seeeional Divisums qf Gartteutg and 
Hornby^, part 0/ Sessional Divititm ef South 
Lomdiad*, and the Munici/al Borough of 

•Major George Blucher Heneage 

Marton (C.) 4,387 

IJames Carli/e McCoan (h.) .. 3,530 
Pop. 53'970- Reg. Elec. 9,ai9. 

* North Lonsdale [11. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Barrow-in-Fur- 
ness, Hawkstead and North Lonsdale 
{itKludin^ Cartsnel), and pari of the Set- 
sional Droieion of South Lonsdale^ 

•William George Ainslie (C.) .. 4,166 

XSir Farrer Heruhell {h.) .. 3,941 

Pop. 50,179. Reg. Eiec. 8,961. 

• Accrlngton (11. 

{The Municipal Borough of Acerington, and 
the parishes of Altham, Church, Clayton- 
le-Moors, Ha^ton, Huncoat, Oswaldtwistle, 
and Ruhton.) 

fFrederick William Grafton (L.) 5,320 
Robert 1 rotter Hermon- Hodge 

(C) 4.842 

Pop. 62,721. Reg. Elec. 10,797. 

• Clltheroe [1]. 

{Th* Sestional Divisitms of Burnley {except 
the pari'k of Unpton) and Colne part of 
the Sessional Division of Clitkeroe, and 
the Mnnicipal Boroughs oj Burnley and 




•Sir Ughtred James Kay-Shuttle- 

worth, Bart. (L.) .. ..6,821 

John Ormerod Scarlett Thursby 

(C.) 4,462 

Pop. 65,476. Reg. Elec. 12,698. 

* Daxwen [1]. 

{Part o/the Sessional Divisions 0/ Blackburn 
afid Clitheroe, the Sessional Divisions 0/ 
Dariven and Walton-le-Dale, and the 
Municipal Boroughs 0/ Blackburn and Over 

•Viscount Cranborne (C.) .. 5,878 

John Gerald Potter (L. ) . . 5,873 

Pop. 61,092. Reg. Elec. 12,629. 

* Rossendale [U 

( The Sessional Division of Rossendale, and 
part o/the Municipal Borough of Bac-upS) 

fRight Hon. Marquess of Hart- 

ington (L.) .. .. .. 6,060 

William Farrer Ecroyd (C. ) . . 4, 228 
Pop. 69,887. Reg. Elec. 11,450. 


* Eccles 11]. 

(The parishes of Barton-upon- Irwetl, Clifton, 
Flixton, Urnts^on, aud IVorsley, and that 
part of the parish of Peudlebury not withitt 
the Municipal Borvugh ofSalford.) 

+Hon. Alfred John Francis Eger- 

ton (C.) 4,559 

Vernon Kirk Armitage (L.) . . 4,312 
Pop. 59,088. Reg. Elec. 9,781. 

* Ctorton 111. 

{The parishes of Denton, Hattghton, and 
Openshaw, and that part of the parish of 
Gorton not within the Parliarttentary 
Borotigh of Manchester.) 

♦Richard Peacock (L.) .. .. 5,300 

Daniel Irvine Flatteley (C.) . . 3,452 

Pop. 61,960. Reg. Elec. 10,338. 

* Heywood [1]. 

{JPart of the Sessional Division of Bury, the 

Municipal Boroughs of Bury and Heywood, 

and part of the parish of Spotland.) 

•Isaac Hoyle (L.) .. .. 4,538 

James Kenyan {Q.) .. ••3,955 

Pop. 56,254. Reg. Elec. 9,269. 

* Middleton [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Divisions of Middleton 
and Bury, the Municipal Borough of Roch- 
dale, and the parishes of A Ikrington and 

*Col. George Salis-Schwabe (L.) 5,882 

Thomas J- ielden {C.) .. ..4,885 

Pop. 67,009. Reg. Elec. 11,748. 

* Prestwich [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of Ashton-under- 
Lyne and Oldham, t fie parishes of Black ley, 
Chadderton, Compton, Crumpsall, Droyles- 
den, Failszvorth, Great and Little Heaton, 
Mostvn, Prestwich, and Royton, and that 
part of the parish of Ashton-under-Lyne 
not included in the Municipal Borough.) 

* Abel Buckley (L.) .. .. 5,414 
Robert Gray Cornish Mowbray 

(C.) 4,686 

Pop. 67,617. Reg. Elec. 11,156. 

• Radcllffe-cmn-Famwortli [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Divisions of Bolton and 

fRobert Leake (L.) .. .. 5,092 

IVilliam WUbraham BUthyn 

Hulton{(Z.) 4,579 

Pop. 63,086. Reg. Elec. 10,433. 

* Stretford II]. 

( The Municipal Boroughs of Manchester and 
Salford, that part of the Municipal Borough 
of Stockport situated in Lancashire, and 
the parishes of Bradford, Bumage, Chorlton- 
cum'Hardy, Didsbury, Harpurley, Levens- 
hulme. Moss Side, Newton, Redaish, 
Rusholme, Stretford, and VVittington, and 
that Part of the parish of Heaton Norris 
not withitt. the Municipal Borough of Stock- 

tWilliam Agnew(L.) .. ..4,866 

John William Maclure (C.) . . 4,676 

Pop. 49,768. Reg. Elec. it. 140. 

• West Houghton HI. 

{Part of the Sessional Division and the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Bolton.) 

* Frank Hardcastle (C). . .. 6,01 1 
Edward Cross (L.) . . .. 3,741 

Pop. 62,543. Reg. Elec. 10,625. 


♦ Bootle 11]. 

{The Municipal Boroughs of Liverpool and 
Bootle-cum-Linacre, the parishes of Child- 
wall, Fazakerley, Walton-on-the-Hill, and 
Wavertree, and part of the parishes of West 
Derby and Toxteth Park.) 

*Col. Thomas Myles Sandys (C) 6,715 

Samuel Howard Whitbread (L.) 3,933 

Pop. 53,167. Reg. Elec. 14,663. 

• Ince. 

{The Municipal Borough of Wigan, and the 
parishes of Abratn, Haigh, Hindley, Ince- 
in-Makcrfield, Orwell, and PenUierton.) 



•Lieut. -Col. Henry Blunddl 

Hollinshead-Blundell (C.) ..4,271 
Conuiim McLtod Percy (L.) . . 3,725 
Pop. 53.607. Reg. Elec. 9,157. 

(7I*# Sesswnai DivUion 0/ Leigh.) 

•Caleb Wright (L.) . . 4,261 

Lees Know Us {C) .. 3,275 

Pop. 51,816. Reg. Elec 8,572. 

* Newton [1]. 

(Tk* Sessional Divisiotu 0/ St. Helen's and 
Warrington, the MuHtcipiU Borough 0/ St. 
Helens, that part o/ the .MunicipiU Borough 
of Warrington which is in Lancashire, and 
the parishes 0/ .'ishtonin-MahertieU, Bil- 
lings Chapel End and Higher End, Rain- 
hill, and Winstanley, and part 0/ the parish 
(l/ EccUston.) 

fRight Hon. Sir Richard Asshe> 

ton Cross, G.C.B. (C.) .. 4,414 

Col. George Af * Corquodale ( L. ) . . 4, 03 1 
Pop. 53,816. Rejc. Elec. 9,344. 

* Ormaklrjc [1]. 

(The Sessional Division 0/ Ormskirk, the 
parishes 0/ Aintrte, Dalton, Kirkby, Li*her- 
land, Lunt, Netherton, Orrell and Ford, 
Se/ton, and Uphotland, and in the Prescot 
Sessional Division, Croxteth Park, Knows- 
ley, and Prescot.) 
•Arthur Bower Forwood (C.) .. 5,133 
John Prince Sheldon (L.) . . 2,343 

Pop. 54.491- Reg Elec. 8,714. 
* Southport [i]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Southport, the 
Municipal Borough of Southport, and the 
parishes of Great and Little Crosby, Ince, 
Blundell, and Thornton.) 

♦George Augustus Pilkington (L. ) 3, 741 

John ±:. Edwards- Moss {C.) .. 3,581 

Pop. 57,643- Reg. Elec.. 8,437. 

• Wldnes [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Prescot {except the 
Parish of Rainhill, part of the parish of 
EtclestoH, and Croxteth Park, Knowsley, 
and Prescot), and the parishes of Alter ton, 
Garston, Hale, Halwood, LittU and Much 
Woolton, and Speke.) 

♦Tom Cottingham Edwards- 
Moss (C.) 4,327 

Edward Kn^rwles MusprtUt (L.) 2,650 

Pop. 53.95 «• Reg. Elec. 8.M3. 
RetumiMf OJlcer— The High S 

Lancaster [See Lanoaslilre, M.]. 
Launceston (See Cornwalll. 
Leamington (See Warwick]. 

LEEDS (Torksliire) (6]. 

• Central 1]. 

(The West and Mill Hill Wards, and farts 
of the Brunswick and Central Wards.) 

•Gerald William Balfour (C.) .. 4,589 

^John Barran {I..) .. ..4,275 

Pop. 64,725. Reg. Elec xi,i35' 

* Bait [11. 

{The East Ward, and part of the North, 

North- East, and Cent red Wards.) 

♦Richard Dawson (C) .. ..3,849 

John Lawrence Gane^ Q.C. (L.) 3,504 

Pop 59.537- Reg. Elec 8,831. 

• North (11. 

( The Headingly and North-West Wards, an ' 

part of Brunswick North, and North- Ea^ 


t William Lawies Jackson (C.).. 4,494 

Arthur William Pucker (L.) .. 4,237 

Pop 58,491. Reg. Elec 10,128. 

• South (1]. 

{The South, East Hunslet, and West Hunslet 
Wards, and part of the Brantley Ward.) 

At the General Election, the tRt. Hon. Sir 
Lyon Playfair, K.C. B. {h.) and SiuarX. Cun- 
ningham Macaskie (C.) polled respectively 
s,2o8 and 2,869 votes. In Feb. 1886 Sir Lyon 
Playfair accepted office, and upon a ne~<v 
election on the 12th of that month there was 
not any opposition to the return of 

tRt Hon. Sir Lyon Playfair, K.C.B.(L.) 
Pop. 60.325. Reg. Elec. 10,931. 

• West (11. 

( The Holbeck, A rmley and Wort ley, and Neru 
Wortley Wards, and part of the Brantley 

fHerbert John Gladstone (L.) . . 6,130 
Sir William St. Janus Wheel- 
house, Q.C. (C.) .. ..3.804 



Pop. 66,041. Reg. Elec. 12,058. 
Returning Officer— Y.A\\m Gaunt, Esq., 
Carlton House, Leeds (Mayor). 

Leek [See StaffordsMre]. 


LEICESTER (Borougli) [2]. 

(JContprises the parishes of St. Margaret, Si. 
Leonard, St. Nicholas, St. Martin, All 
Saints', and St. Mary, the liberties of Castle 
View and Ne^vark, and the extra-parochial 
places 0/ Black/riars and Whitefriars\ 

James Allanson Picton (L.) . .11,480 
Alexander M' Arthur (L.) ..11,121 

Col. William Millican {Q.^ .. 6,750 

Pop. 122,376. Reg. Elec. 21,671(20,685). 
Returning Officer— Isncl Hart, Esq., J.P., 

Leicester (Mayor). 

* Eastern, or Melton [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Behoir and 
Melton Mowbray, and part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Leicester and Loughborough.) 

f Right Hon. Lord John James 

Robert Manners, G.C.B. (C.) 5,150 
Daniel Rowlmson RaddiffiX--) • • 3>868 
Pop. 50,282, Reg. Elec. lo.igo. 

* Mid, or Lougbborough [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Loughborough 
{except the parishes ofCossington, Seagrave, 
andSileby), and parts of the Sessional Divi- 
sions of Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Leicester.) 
*JabezEdward Johnson-Ferguson 

(L.) 4,733 

XHon. Montagu Curzon (C.) . . 3,693 
Pop. 50,614. Reg. Elec. 9,313. 

* Southern, or Harborough [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Lutterworth and 
Market Harborough, part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Leicester and East Norton, and 
the Municipal Borough of Leicester.) 

fThomas Tertius Paget (L.) . . 5,502 

Thomas Keay Tapling (C.) . . 5,336 

Pop. 47,102. Reg. Elec. 12,476, 

* Western, or Bosworth [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of A shby-de: la-Zouch 
{except the parishes qf Bardon, Breedon, 

Osgathorpe, Thringstone, and Whitwick) 
and Market Bosworth.) 

*James Ellis (L.) .. ..5,648 

Major Sackville Geoi-ge Stopford- 

Sackville (C.) 3,051 

Pop. 50,884. Reg. Elec. 9,919. 
Returning Officer— The: High Sheriff. 

Leigh [See Lancasbire, S.W-]. 

LETTH DISTRICT (Edinburgbsbire) [1]. 
{Comprising Leith, Musselburgh, and Porto- 
be I lo.) 

♦William Jacks (L.) .. ..6,355 

William David J horburn (C). . 2,485 

Pop. 72,856. Reg. Elec. 11,779 (»o.377). 
Returning Officer — Archibald Davidson, Esq. , 
9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The 


* North Leitrlm [1]. 

( The Baronies of Drumahaire and Rosclogher, 
and part of the Barony of Leitrim.) 

♦Michael Conway (H.R.) .. 4,686 

George lj}ftus Tottenham {Q.) .. 541 

Pop. 45.174- Reg. Elec. 12,784. 

* South Leitrim [1]. 

{The Baronres of Carrigallen and Mohill, and 

part of the Barony of Leitrim.) 
♦Luke Patrick Hayden (H.R,). . 4,775 
James Ormsby Lawdsr (C.) . . 489 

Pop. 45,198. Reg. Elec. 6,270. 
Returning Officer— The^ High Sheriff. 

Leix [See Queen's col. 

Leominster [See Herefordshire]. 

Lewes [See Sussex]. 

♦ LEWISHAM (Kent) [1]. 
{The parishes of Lewisham^ and Lee.) 

t Right Hon. Viscount Lewisham 
(C.) 4,244 

XBenjamin Whitworth {!..) .. 3,019 
Pop. 67,500. Reg. Elec. ,281. 

Returning Officer — Davis L. Irwin, Esq., 36, 
Amersham Road, Lewisham, and Railway 
Approach, Lewisham, S.E. 



Lichfield (See Staffordshire]. 
Llmehouse [See Tower Hamlets]. 

LIMERICK (Borough) [1]. 


' Urbs Aotioua (bit staditsqae 
asperrima oellL " 

♦Henry Joseph Gill (H.R.) .. 2,169 
Janus Spaight {C.) .. .. 44© 

Pop. 48,670. Reg. Elec. 6,009 (1,916). 
Retumimg Ojficer—l^uTcnccO'KwK^ Esq.. 

George Street, Limerick (High SherilT of the 

Co. of the City of LiuierickX 


• East Limerick [1]. 

( Tlu Baronus 0/ CUutnnlliam^ Coonak, Cotk' 
Ua, Kilmallock, OwnryUf^ PuddUbrien^ 
and Smalkoumty, amd fart 0/ tkt Barm^ 
0/ Coshma.) 

*John Finucane (H.R.) 

Pop. 65,575. Reg. Elec 8,474. 

• Wast Limerick ai. 

{Tfu Baronies of Contullo Upptramd Loner, 

GUnquim, Keufy, and S 

the Barony o/Cotkma.) 

♦William Abraham (H.R.) 

Pop. 66,387. Reg. Elec. 7,834. 
Returning Officer— Ttif^ High Sheriff. 

Glenquin, Kenry, amd Shanid^ and fart ^ 

LINCOLN (Borough) [U 

Consists of the old city of Lincoln, The Bail, 
The Close, Canwick Common, and the 
parish 0/ Bracebridge.) 

Joseph Rust on (L.) .. .. 3,726 
Frederick Harold Keram (C.) . . 2,701 

Pop. 30,436. Reg. Elec 7,715 (6,18a). 

Returning C'/fff^r — Alexander M'Kerchar, 

EM)., 387, High Street, Lincoln (Sheriff). 

* East Lindsey. or Louth (11. 

iXke Sessional DiT'isions 0/ Louth, Market 
Rosen, and Wragdy, and fart of the Ses- 
sional Divisions of Afford, Grimsby ^ and 

♦Frands Otter (L.) .. ..4,801 

X^ig^i Hon. James Lcnvtfur (C. ) 3, 590 

Pop. 50,578. Reg. Elec 10,353. 

* Holland, or Spalding ll]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Elloe {exceft the 
farisk 0/ Crowland), fart of the Sessional 
Division of Kirton and Skirbeck, and the 
Mnnicifai Borough of Boston) 

fHon. Murray Edward Gordon 

Finch- Hattoo (C.) .. ..4,658 
HalUy Stewart {h.) .. ..4,580 

Pop. 53.498- Reg. Elec. xi,597- 

* North Kestevfin. or Sleaford [1]. 

.^The Sessional Divisions of Lincoln {exceft the 
farish of Bracebridge) and Sleaford, and 
fart of the Sessional Divisions of Kirton 
and Skirbeck.) 

t Right Hon. Henry Chaplin (C.) 4,761 

Charles SAarfe (L.) .. .. 3,460 

Pop. 48,899. R<^. Elec 9,863. 

* North Lindsey, or Brigg [1]. 

( Tke Sessional Divisions of Bartonon- Hum' 
ber, Brigg, and IVinterton, fart of tke 
SessionoT Division of Grimsby and the 
MnnicifaJ Beromgh of Great Grimsby.) 

♦Sir Henry Meysey Meysey- 

Thompson, Bart. (L.) .. 5,643 

\Henry John Atkinson (C.) . . 3,006 
Pop. 48,809. Reg. Elec. 10,323. 

• South Kesteven, or Stamford [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bourn and S fit tie- 
gate, the Municifal Borough of Grantham, 
that fart of the Municifal Borough of 
Stamford which is in co. Lincoln, and the 
farish qf Crowland.) 



tjohn Compton Lawrance (C.) 4,647 

Joseph Stevens Cudlip (L.) . . 3,514 

Pop. 49,418. Reg. Elec. 9,741. 

* South Lindsey, or Homcastle [1]. 

( The Sessional Division of Spilsby and part 
of the Sessional Divisions of Alford and 

fRight Hon. Edward Stanhope 

(C.) 4,824 

Thonias ThrelfalU^.) .. ..3,959 

Pop. 48,893. Reg. Elec. 9,941. 

• West Lindsey, or Gainsborough [II. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Epworth, Gains- 
borough, and Lincoln, the Municipal Bor- 
ough 0/ Lincoln, and the pctrish of Brace- 
♦Joseph Bennett (L.) .. .. 4,955 

Major Gen. Charles Alexander 

Sim(C.) 3,850 

Pop. 48,819. Reg. Elec 11,107. 
Returning O^cer— The High Sheriff. 

Lindsey [See Lincolnshire!. 

Peter McLagan (L.) .. .. 3,801 
Capf. Thomas //o fie (C.) .. 1,606 

Pop. 37.567. Reg. Elec. 6,808(1,333). 
Hetuming OJicer— Archibald Davidson, Esq., 
9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The 

LIVERPOOL (Lancashire) [91. 

* Ahercromby [1]. 

(The Abercrontby, Rodney Street, Castle 
Street, St. Peter's, Pitt Street, and Great 
George's Ward.) 

* William Frederic Lawrence (C.) 3, 789 

XSamuel Smith iX-.) .. .. 2,982 

Pop. 67,551. Reg. Elec. 9,137. 

♦ East Torteth [11. 

{Part 0/ the parish o/Toxteth.) 
t Baron Henry de Worms (C). . 3,598 
John Charles Bigham, Q.C. (L.) 2,608 

Pop. 52,180. Reg. Elec. 8,003. 

* Everton [II. 

{The parish of Everton, except those portions 
included in the Kirkdale and Walton 

fEdward Whitley (C.) . . .. 4,535 

Frederick Davies (L.) . . . , 2,063 

Pop. 78,569. Reg. Elec. 9,439. 

* Exchange [1]. 

{The Vauxhall, St. Ann Street, Lime Street, 
Exchange, and St. Paufs Wards.) 

*Laurence Richardson Baily (C.) 2,964 
XCapt. William Henry a Shea 

(L.) 2,909 

Thomas English Stephens (C. ) . . 36 
Pop. 72,007. Reg. Elec. 8,171. 

* Elrkdale [1]. 

{The palish 0/ Kirkdale, and part of the 
parish of Everton.) 

♦George Smyth Baden-Powell, 

C.M.G. (C.) 3,391 

James Samuelson (L.) . . . . 1,981 

XJohn Edward Redmond ( H.R.) 765 

Pop. 69,361. Reg. Elec. 8,346. 

* Scotland [li. 

{The Scotland Ward.) 
fThomas Power O'Connor 

(H.R.) 2,724 

Mortimer Neville Woodard (I.) 1,474 
Pop. 70,606. Reg. Elec. 7,075. 

* Walton [1]. 

{So much of the parishes of Walton-on-the- 
Hill, Waz'ertree, and West Derby, as art 
in the Parliamentary Borough of Liverpool, 
and a part of the parish of Everton.) 

*John George Gibson, Q.C. (C.) 3,492 

Augustine Birr ell iX-.) . . .. 2,500 

Pop. 58,201. Reg. Elec. 7,683. 

• West Derby [li. 

{The West Derby Ward.) 

fLord Claud John Hamilton (C.) 4,213 

Malcolm Guthrie iX.^ .. .. 3,068 

Pop. 67,727. Reg. Elec. 8,873. 

• West Toxteth [1]. 

{That part of the parish of Toxteth which is 
not included in the East Toxteth Division.) 



•Thomas Bland Royden (C.) .. 3,754 
Thomas Suthtrst (\..) .. .. 1,771 

Pop. 64.848. Reg. Elec. 7,684. 
Rftuming Officer— \>3L\\d. RadcliflTe, Esq., 
J.P., Formby Hall, Liverpool (MayorV 

LONDON (2). 

(Comprise* tfu whole 0/ the t^t within tk* 
bonmiaries of the City 0/ LomUm and tk* 
Imttr and Middle Temple.) 

Sir Robert NicUolas Fowler, 

Bart. (C.) 12,827 

Right Hon. John Gillibrand 
Hubbard (C.) 8,802 

Stephen Philpot Lowe (L.) .. 5,817 

X William Ja mes Ku:h mond Cotton 

(c.) 5.563 

Pop. 50,652. Reg. Elec 39,15a (35. 310X 

Returning Officers— WA^vcaxn David Evans, 
of 26, Watting Street, E.C., and Thomas 
Clarke, Esq., of 33, Blooinsbury Square, 
W.C. (High Sherills of London and Mid- 

LONDON (University of) HI. 

Sir John Lubbock, Bart. (L. 
Reg. Elec. about 2,500. 
Returning Officer— S\r Tames Paget, Bart. 

Harewcxxi Place, Hanc 


square, W. 

LONDONDERRY (Boroufb) 11). 

Charles Edward Lewis (C.) " . . 1,824 
ty$*stin M'Carthy ( H . R. ) . . 1 , 795 

Pop. 39,163. Reg. Elec. 3,873. 
Returning Officer— Thomas Lecky, Esq., J. P., 
Foyle Hill, Londonderry (Mayor). 


• North Derry (11. 

{The Banmies 0/ Kennaught, NorikEast 

Liberties o/Coleraine. North- IVest Liberties 

0/ Londonderry and Tirkeeran, and part 0/ 

the Barony o/'Coleraine.) 

•Henry Lyle Mulholland (C.) .. 5,180 

XSamu€i Walker, ().C (L.) .. 3,017 

Pop. 66,717. Reg. Elec. 11, 189. 

• South Deny (1). 

{^The Barony of Loughinsholin, and part of 
the Barony o/Loltraine.) 

tTimothyMichaeineaIy(H.R.) 4,723 
Col. Hugh M'Calmont, C.B. (C.) 2,342 
X William Findlater ( L. ) . . 1,816 

Pop. 69, 112. Reg. Elec. 10,738. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 


* North Longford [1]. 

(The Barony 0/ Granard, and part of the 
Baronies 0/ Longfoni and Ardagh^ 

Justin M'Carthy (H.R.) .. 2,592 

James Mackay Wilson (C.) . . 163 

Pop. 30,540. Reg. Elec. 3,714. 

* South Longford [1]. 

{.The Baronies 0/ Afoydo^v, Rathcline, and 
Shrule, and parts o/the Baronies o/Ardagh 
and Longford!) 

* Laurence Connolly (H.R.) ., 3,046 
James Wilson {L.) .. .. 321 

Pop. 30,469. Reg. Elec. 4,436. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Lonsdale, North [See Lancashire, N]. 

Loughborough (See Leicestershire]. 

Louth [See Lincolnshire]. 



LOUTH CO. [2]. 

* North Louth [1]. 

{The Baronies of Louth, Lower and Upper 
Dundalk, the parish of Killany, and that 
part of the parish of Louth included in the 
Barony of Ardee.) 

f Joseph Nolan (H.R.) .. .. 2,581 

XPhilip Callan {Yi."^.) . . • . i,45i 

Pop. 40,409. Reg. Elec. 5,935. 

* South Louth [1]. 

{The Baronies of Ardee {except the parish of 
Killany, and that part of the parish of 
Louth included in North Division), Drag- 
heda and Ferrard, and the county of the 
town of Drogheda.) 

♦Thomas Patrick Gill (H.R.) 

Pop. 37,275. Reg. Elec. 5,769. 
Returning O^cer—The High Sheriff. 

Lowestoft [See Suffolk]. 

Ludlow (See Shropshire]. 

Luton [See Bedfordshire]. 

Lynn Regis [See King's Lsnin]. 

Macclesfield [See Cheshire]. 


(Consists of the parish of Maidstone, and 

Major Alexander Henry Ross (C.) 2,184 
Major Martin Andrew Sharp- 
Hume (L.) 1,839 

Pop. 29,647. Reg. Elec. 4,314 (3,899). 

Returning Oj^cer— Major William Haynes, 
J. P., Vinters Road, Maidstone (Mayor). 

Maldon [See Essex]. 
Malton [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 

MANCHESTER (Lancashire) [6]. 

• East [1]. 

(The parishes of Bradford, Ardwick, ana 
Beswick, and part of the parish ofChorlton- 

fRight Hon. Arthur James Bal- 
four (C.) 4,536 

Alfred Hopkinson ^X") •• ..3,712 

Pop. 76,217. Reg. Elec. 9,779. 

* North [1]. 

{St. MichaeFs Ward, the parish of Harpur- 

hey, and that part of the parish of Newton 

to the North-VVest of the Oldham Road.) 

* James Frederick Hutton (C). . 4,093 

C. E. Schwann (L.) .. .. 3,143 

Pop. 70,043. Reg. Elec. 8,703. 

• North-East [1]. 

{The New Cross IVard, and that part of the 
parish of Newton not included in the North 
and South Divisions.) 
♦Right Hon. Sir James Fer- 
guson, Bart. (C.) .. ... 4,341 

XR(nvland Ponsonhy Blenner- 

hasseU {L.) .. .. .. 2,893 

Pop. 71.067. Reg. Elec. 8,579. 

• North-West [1]. 

{The Collegiate, Exchange, St. John's, St. 
Ann's, St. James' s, Oxford, and St. Cle- 
ment's Wards, and the pat ish ofCheetham.) 
fWilliam Henry Houldsworth(C.) 5,834 
X7ohnSlagg{h.) .. ..5,111 

Pop. 67,404. Reg. Elec. 12,685. 

• South [1]. 

{Part of the parish of ChorltonuponMedlock, 
the Local GoT>emment Distiicts of Moss 
Side and Kusholme, the Hamlet of Kirk- 
manshulme in parish of Newton, and that 
part of Gorton Parish included in Parlia- 
mentary Borough of Alanchester.) 

*Sir Henry Enfield Roscoe (L.) 3,791 
Peter Royle (C. ) . . . . . . 3, 121 

Pop. 67,346. Reg. Elec. 8,534. 

• South-west [1]. 

( The pa rish of Hulme.) 
♦Lord Frederick Spencer Hamil- 
ton (C.) 3,929 

XJacob Bright {I..) .. ..3,362 



Pop. 72,147. Reg. Elec. 8,890. 
Returning ^frr— Alderman Philip Gold- 
schmidt, J. P., Manchester (Mayor). 

Mansfield [See Nottlnghamflhtrel. 

MABYLEBONE (Middlesex) [21. 
♦ East [IJ. 

{Thi St. John's Wood Terract, Dorut Square 
and Refent's Park, Portland Place and 
Cavendish Square Wards.) 
♦Lord Charles William De La 

Poer Beresford (C.) .. ..3,130 
XDanUl Grant (h.) .. ..2,186 
Pop. 71,039. Reg. Elec. 6,978. 

• West tlj. 

{The Hamilton Terrace, New Church Street, 
Bryanstofu, and Port man Wards.) 

*Frederick Seager Hunt (C.) ... 3,093 
Henry Seymour Tr(ywer {X..) .. 1,595 
.Sir Henry Edmund Knight (L.) 701 
Rev. Joseph R. Diggle (L.) . . loi 

Pop. 83,871. Reg. Elec 7,677. 
Retutning Officer — George Tamplin, Esq.. 

Solicitor, 12, Manchester Square, W., ana 

159, Fenchurch Street, E.C. 

MAYO CO. [41. 
• East Mayo (11. 

(Parts o/the Baronies o/Costello ondGatUn.) 
♦John Dillon (H.R.) 

Pop. 58,676. Reg. Elec. 8,149. 

* North Mayo [II. 

{The Baronies 0/ Erris and Tirawley, and 
part o/the Barony o/Gallen.) 

*Daniel Crilly (H.R.) 

Pop- 59,974- Reg- Elec. 7,413. 

* South Mayo [11- 

The Baronies of Clanmorris and Kilmaine, 
and part 0/ the Baronies 0/ CostelU and 

*J. F. O'Brien (H.R.) .. .. 4,900 

George Orme Medley (C.) . . 75 

Pop. 63,492. Reg. Elec. 7,980. 

* West Mayo [1]. 

{The Baronies of Burrishoole and Murrisk, 
and part of the Barony of Carra.) 

tjohn Deasy (H.R.) .. .. 4,790 

y. Stony {C.) 131 

Pop. 63,070. Reg. Elec. 8,009. 
Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

BIEATH CO. [2]. 
* North Meath [1]. 

{The Baronies of Fore, Kelts Upper and 
Lower, Morgallion, and Slane Upper and 
Lower, and part of the Baronies of Navan 
Lower, and Skreen. 

•Kevin Uod O'Doherty (H.R.) 
Pop. 44.066. Reg. Elec 6.65». 

* South Meath [1]. 

{Tk4 Baronies of Deece Upper and Louver, 
Duleek Upper and Lower, Dunboyne, l.wu, 
Moyfenrath Ufper and Lower, S.i: i>i 
Upper, and kotoath, and part of the 
Baronies of Skreen and Navan Lower.) 

fEdward Sheil (H.R.) 

Pop. 43.403- Reg. Elec. 6,324. 
Returning Officer^Thfi High Sheriff. 

Med way (See Kent). 
Melton [See Leicestershirel. 

fHenry Robertson (L.) . . . . 3,784 

IVdliam Robert Maurice Wynne 

(C.) 2,209 

XAf organ Uoyd, Q.C.{\..) .. 1,907 

Pop. 52.038. Reg. Elec. 9,333 (3,979)- 
Returmng Officer— Thti High Sheriff. 

Consists of the old borough of Merthyr Tydfil, 
tke^nsh of Abrrdare, part of the parishes 
of Merthyr and Faenor, and part of thf dis- 
trict of Mountain Ash.) 

Henry Richard (L.) 
Charles Herbert James (L.) 

Pop. 91,373. Reg. Elec 15,196 (i4,3i9X 
Returning OJ^cer— Thomas Lewis White, 

Esq., Soliator, Merthyr Tydvil. 

{Consists of parts of the to^vu ships of Lin- 
thorpe, Middlesbrough, Marion, Ormeshy, 
Normanby, and Eston, and that t>art of the 
Municipal Borough of Middlesorough not 
included in the before-mentioned township.) 

Isaac Wilson (L.) .. .. 6,961 

Major R. Dixon (C.) . . . . 4,035 

Pop. 72,601. Reg. Elec. 11,788 (13,716). 
Returning Officer— Alderman Richard Wei- 

ghell, Middlesborough (Mayor). 




• Brentford [1]. 

* The Local Gontemment District of Brentford, 
and the parishes of Hanwell {except that 
portion included in the Ealing Dimsion), 
Heston, Isleworth, Not woody cind Twicken- 

tOctavius Edward Coope (C.) . . 3,563 

James Haysman (L-) •• •• 2,267 

Pop. 58,875. Reg. Elec. 7.971. 

• Ealing [1]. 

(The parishes of Acton, Chiswick, Ealing 
{except that part included in the Brentford 
Local Go7iemment Disttict), Greenford, and 
Perivale, that part of the parish of Hanwell 
situate between Ealing and Tivyford, and 
the area included in the Parliamentary 
Boroughs of Chelsea, Fulham, Hammer- 
smith, Kensington, St. George Hanover 
Square, Strand, and Westminster.) 

fRight Hon. Lord George 

Francis Hamilton (C.) .. 4,353 

William Bruce Gordon Hogg, 

M.D. (L.) 2,691 

Pop. 49.437- R^eg- Elec. 9,283. 

• Enfield [1]. 

{Tlie parishes of Edmonton, Enfield, Fryem 
Bamet, Monken Hadley, and South 
Mimms. ) 

f Viscount Folkestone (C.) .. 3,644 

John Kempster {L.) .. ..2,684 

Pop. 54,153. Reg. Elec. 8.621. 

• Harrow [11. 

The parishes of Edgware, Great and Little 

Stanmore, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Hendon, 

Kingsbury, Pinner, Twyford Abbey, and 

IVillesden, and the area included in the 

Parliamentary Boroughs of Hampstead, 

MaryUbone, Paddington, and St. Pancras. 

*\ViIliam Ambrose, Q.C. (€.)•• 4,214 

Alfred A/ilner {L.) .. ..3,241 

Pop. 54,557. Reg. Elec 10,438. 

• Homsey (11. 

( The parishes of Finchley and Homsey (in- 
cludine South Homsey), and the area 
included in the Parliamentary Boroughs of 
City of London, Finsbury, and Islington^ 

fSir James Macnaghten M'Garel- 
Hogg, Bart., K.C.B. (C.) ..4,619 

\Right Hon. Baron Kensington 

(L.) 3,299 

Pop. 48,269. Reg. Elec. 10,648. 

♦ Tottenham [1]. 

(The parish of Tottenham, and the area 
included in the Parliamentary Boroughs 
of Bethnal Green, Hackney, Shoreditch, and 
Tower Hatnlets.) 

*Jo.seph Howard (C) . . . . 4,441 

t William Sproston Cairn (L.) . . 3,706 

Pop. 46,456. Reg. Elec. 10,887. 

• Uxbrldge [1]. 

{The parishes of Ashford, Ccnvley, Cranford, 
East Bcdfont, Felt ham, Hampton, Hampton 
Wick, Hanworth, Harefield, Harlington, 
Harmondsworth, Hayes, Hillingdon, Icken- 
ham, Laleham, Littleton, Northolt, Kuislip, 

Shepperton, Staines, Stanwell, Sudbury, 
Teddington, Uxbridge, and West Drayton.) 

fFrederick Dixon Dixon-Hart- 

land(C.) 5,093 

James Pellatt Rickman (L.) . . 2,615 
Pop. 58,182. Reg. Elec. 9,902. 

Returning Officers— AXdeTman David Evans, 
26, Watling Street, E.C., and Thomas 
Clarke, Esq., 33, Bloomsbury Square, W.C. 
(High Sheriffs of London and Middlesex). 

Middleton [See Lancashire, S.E.]. 

MidlotMan [See Edinburghshire], 
Mile End [See Tower Hamlets]. 
Molton, South [See Devonshire], 


• North Monaghan [1], 

(The Baronies of Dartree, Monaghan, and 
At the General Election tTimothy Michael 
Healy (H.R.)a«rf Sir John Leslie, Bart. (C.) 
polled respectively 4,055 and 2,685 votes. Mr. 
Healy having also been returned for South 
Derry Division of Lotidonderry elected to sit 
for that constituency, and on a new election 
on Feb. nth, 1886, the result was— 

*Pa rck O'Hrien (H.R.) . . 4,015 

J. C. Hall, MB. (C.) . . . . 2,551 

Pop. 51,183. Reg. Elec. 7.525. 

* South Monaghan [1], 

(The Baronies ofCremome and Forney . 
fSir Joseph Neale McKenna, 

Bart. (H.R.) 

. 4,735 

Sewallis Evelyn Shirley (C.) . . 963 

Pop. 51,565- Reg. Elec. 7,474. 
Returning Officet^Tht High Sheriff. 

(Comprising Monmouth, Newport, and Usk, 
and so much of the Municipal Borough of 
Newport as was not included in the old 
Parliamentary Borough.) 


Edward Hamer Carbutt (L.) .. 2,932 
Thomas Cordes (C.) . . . . 2,922 

Pop. 46,033- Reg. Elec. 6,485 (5,560). 
Returning Officer — Champney Powell, Esq., 

J. P., Ihe Elms, Dixton, near Monmouth 

(Mayor of Monmouth). 




• Northern 111. 

(TA* Sessitmal Divisions of AlKrvavenny, 
Pontypooi, and Skenfrith,) 

♦Thomas Phillips Price (L.) .. 5,693 

XJohn Allan Rolls (C.) . . .. 3,226 

Pop. 55,748. Reg. Elec 10,703. 

* Sonthem [11. 

( The Sessional Divisions 0/ CaerUon, Che^ 
stow, Christckurch, Monmouth, Newport, 
Raglan, TrtUech. and Usk, the Municipal 
Boroughs 0/ Monmouth and Nnvt>ort, and 
tht parishes 0/ Bedwas and Mynyadislvfyn.) 

fHon. Frederic Courtenay Mor 
.gan (C.) 4,891 

Sir Henry Mather Jackson^ Bart. 

(L) 4,293 

Pop. 53,646. Reg. Elec. 11,068. 

• Western [11. 

( The Sessional Division o/Bedweliv, except th* 
parishes 0/ Bedwas and Mynyadislwjm.) 

♦Cornelius Marshall Warming- 
ton, Q.C. (L.) .. .. 6,730 
Benjamin Francis Williams (C.) 1,341 

Pop. 55,840. Reg. Elec 9,77a 
Returning 0^cer~Thc High Sheriff. 


(Comprising Montgotnery, Llanfyllin, Llan- 
idloes, Machynlleth, Newtown, and Welsh- 

♦Pryce Joncb (C.) .. .. 1,409 

XHon. Fr.derick Stephen Archi- 
bald H anbury -Tracy i^.) .. 1,326 
Pop. 19.925. Reg. Elec 2,955 (3,089). 
Returning O^cer— The Bailiff. 


Stuart Rendel (L.) .. .. 4,044 

Charles Watkin Williams- Wynn 

(c.) 3,389 

Pop. 45.793- Reg- Elec. 8,869 (5.270). 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 


{^Comprising Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, 
Forfar, and Jnt'trbetvit.) 

♦John Shiress Will, Q.C. (L.).. 3,532 
Alexander Gordon (L.) . . . . 2,779 

Alexander Afackie, L f.D. (C.) . . 963 

Pop. 59,674. Reg. Elec 8,967 (8,278X 
Returning Oj^cer— John Comric Thomson, 

Esq., 24. Gre.1t King Street, Edinburgh 

(Sheriff of CO. Forfar). 

Morley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (8.)]. 

MORPETH (Northumberiand) (1). 

{Consists of the townships 0/ Morpeth, Bullers 
Green, Newminster Abbey ,C atchburti , Mor- 
peth Castle, StobhiU, ifepscott, Tratnuell 
High Church. CoTtfen, South Blyth, Fa 
Houses, and Newsham, and the parish 

Thomas Burt (L.) 

Pop. 33.459- Reg- Elec 6,119(5,749). 
Returning 6Wf«-— Joseph W. Chimey, Esq 
Mo.peth (Mayor). 

Nairnshire [See Elginshire]. 

Newark [See Nottinghamshire]. 

Newbury [See Berkshire]. 

shire) [11. 

{Consists of the old Borvugh 0/ Ne-UKastle 
ufidtr-Lyme, so much of the Municipa 
Borough 0/ Newcastle-under-Lyme as »> no 
included in the old Borough, the Loca 
Government District 0/ Tunstall, and par 
of the palish of IVolstanton.) 



William Shepherd Allen (L.) .. 4,031 
Andrciv Richard Scoble, ^.C. (C.) 2,848 

Pop. 49,293. Reg. Elec. 8,272 (3,080). 
Returning Officer — Thomas Bullock, Esq., 
J. P., Newcastle-under-Lyme (MayorX 

berland) [21. 

{Consists 0/ the city and county 0/ Neivcastle, 
and the to7vtishiJ>s 0/ Byker, Heaton, Jes- 
mofid, H^est^ate, and Elsiviik.) 

[oseph Co wen (L.) . . . . 10,489 

At the General Election John Morley (L.) 
and Charles Frederick Hamond (C.) polled 
respectively 10,129 and 9,500 votes. In Feb. 
1886 Mr. Mor\ty accepted office, and on a new 
election on the 12th of that month the result 
was — 

Rt. Hon. John Morley (L.) .. 11,110 
Charles Frederick Hamond (C.) 8,449 

Pop. 145.359- Reg. Elec. 30,314 (25,285). 
Returning Officer — Thomas Bell, Esq., 23, 

Windsor Terrace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 


New Forest [See HampsMrel. 

* NEWINGTON (Surrey) [2]. 
* Walworth [1]. 

St. Peter's Ward, and that part of St. 

Mary's Ward that lies East of the Station 

ami Walworth Roads.) 

'Lewis Henry Isaacs (C.) .. 1.885 

Alfred George Henriques (L.) . . 1,816 

William Malthouse {\^.) .. 246 

Pop. 55,444. Reg, Elec. 5,598. 

* West [11. 
{Part of St. Marys Ward, and Trinity and 

St. Paul's Wards.) 
* Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe 

Cooke (C.) -2,419 

y Seymour Keay iX:) .. 1,774 

XSir IVilliam Me Arthur^ 

K.C.M.G. (L.) .. .. 821 

Pop. 52,406. . Reg. Elec. 6,377. 
Returning C>^t-<?r— Frederick C. Abbott, Esq., 
II, Wansey Street, Walworth Road, S.E., 
and 112, Burnt Ash Hill, Lee, S.E. 

Newmarket [See Cambridgesliire]. 
Newport [See Shropshire]. 

NEWRY (Cos. Armagh and Down) [11. 

tjustin Iluntly M'Carth^ (H.R.) 
Pop. 15,590. Reg. Llec. 2,223. 
RetumiHi Officer-TYi^ High Sheriff of co. 

Newton [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 

* Eastern [11. 

(The Sessional Di~<isions of Blofield and 
Walsham, East and West Flegg, Taverham 
and Tunstead, and Happing, so much of the 
Municipal Borough of Ureat Yarmouth as 
is in CO. of Niftfolk, and part of the Sessional 
Division of South Erpingham.) 

tSir Edward Birkbeck, Bart. (C.) 4,682 

Philip Folk (L.) 4,440 

Pop. 49,561. Reg. Elec. 1 1,161. 
• Mid. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Forehoes, Guilt- 
cross and Shropham, and Mitford and 

fkobert Thornhagh Gurdon (L.) 5,275 

Aihvyn Edward Fellowes (C.) . . 2,872 

Pop. 50,784. Reg. Elec. 9,992. 

• Northern [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Eynsford, Holt, 
North Erpingham, North Greenkoe, anil 
part of the Sessional Division of South 

•Herbert Hardy Cozens- Hard v. 

Q.C. (L.) .. .. ;: 5,028 

Samuel Hoare (Q.) .. .. 3,342 

Pop. 50,040. Retj, Elec. 9,742. 



• North-Weatern (IJ. 

{TJU Sestitma/ Dh'ishnt nf Frtebridgt Lynn^ 
Fretbridge Marshall, Gall<nu and Smith- 
thm, ana Brothercrjss, and thi Mumcipal 
Borough of King s Lynn.) 
♦Joseph Arch (L.) .. ..4,461 

Lord Henry Ca:i>endish Cavnt- 
dish- Bern inck{Q.) .. ..3.521 
Pop. 51.575- Reg. Elec. 10,444. 

• Southern [1]. 

(TA^ Sessianai Divisions of Dep^vtuU^ Diss, 
Earsham, Loddon and Clavtring^ and 
Svuiinsthorfie. ) 
♦Francis Taylor (L.) .. .-4.530 
tSir Robert Jacob Buxton^ Bart. 

(c.) .. .. .. ..3.588 

Pop. 50,525. Reg. Elec. 10,141. 

• So\xtli-We8t6m 11). 

( The Sessional Divisions of Cla<:kclose, Grim- 
sfioe. South Greenhoe, and Wayland, and 
so much 0/ the Municipal Borough 0/ Thtt- 
ford as is in Norfolk.) 

fWilliam Amhurst Ty.ssen- 

Amhurst (C.) 4.096 

Sir William Brampton Gurdon 

(L.) 3.776 

Pop. 48, 142. Reg. Elec 9,391. 

Returning Officer— T\it: High Sheriff. 

Vormanton [See TorksMre, W. Riding 

NORTHAMPTON (Borough) \%\ 

{Consists of the parishes of All Saints, St. 
Giles, si. Peter, St. A ndmv, and St. Sepul- 
chre, and several extra- parochial places.) 

Henry Labouchcrc (,L.) .. 4,845 

Charles Brad laugh (L.) .. 4,315 

Henry Charles Richards {Q.') .. 3,890 

Pop. 57,554. Reg. Elec. 9,600 (8,886). 
Returning Officer— l\\omzs Adams, Esq., 
J. P., Northampton (Mayor). 


* Ea,stem [1]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Wellingborough, 

and pari 0/ tk* Sessional Division 0/ Km 

♦Francis Allston Channing (L.) 5,41 

Richard Ramsden (C) .. "3.35 

Pop. 50,111. Reg. Elec. 9,691. 

• Mid (ll 
{Tht Sessional Divisions 0/ Little n.y:><,i.- 
and Northampton, parts of the 
Dtznsions 0/ Kettering and Datu > 
the Municipal Borough 0/ Northah.j .. 
At the General Election the t Hon. Ch;. 
Robert Spencer (L.) and \ Pickcrins? V\ 
{Q.) polled respectivily 5,446 and a,. 
In Feb. 1886 Mr. Spencer accepted - 
on a ne^v election on the 12th 0/ th. 
there ivas not any opposition to the r,:ur 

fHon. Charles Rol>ert Spencer (L.) 
Pop. 48,663. Reg. Elec. 11,306. 

• Northern 111. 

{Part of the Sessional Division 0/ K'ft,-f:„t 
the Sessional Divisions 0/ Oui 
Thrapstone, the Liberty 0/ th, 
Peterborough, and that part qf tu. ........ 

cipal Borough 0/ Stamford situate in ct 


Jorthampton ) 
tLord Burghley (C.) .. 
Sir James Morse Camiichael., 

Bart. (L.) 4.29 

Pop. 48,024. Reg. Elec. 9,741- 

• Southern [IJ. 

( The Sessional Division of Brackley, Tvtvcti 
ter, and part of the Sessional Division t 

tSir Rainald Knightley, Bart. (C.) 4,07. 
Sir Maurice Fitzgerald, Bart, (L.) 4,01 

Pop. 48,080. Reg. Elec. 9,636. 
Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

North Lonsdale (See Lancashire, N.]. 

• Berwick upon-Tweed. 

{The Sessional Di-.-isions of ." '. C 

quetdale North , GUmiale a ;. " ir 

andIslandshire,ptirtofthi . Vt 

sion ofCoquetdalc East, ami t/ir .uuiticip> 
Borough of Berwick-upon-'J weed.) 

Motto — " Victoria gloria merces 

»Sir Edward Grey, Bart. (L.) . . 

XHight Hon. Earl Percy (C.) . . 

Pop. 55.847- Reg. Elec. 9,091 





* Hexham [1]. 

[The Sessional Divisions of Bellingham. Co- 
quetdale West, Haltivhistle, and Tynedale!) 

*Miles Maclnnes (L.) .. .-5,193 

XSir Matthew White Ridley, Bart. 

(C.) 3,663 

Pop. 54,287. Reg. Elec. 10,237. 

* Tyneside [1]. 

Part of the Sessional Division of Castle 
H'est, the Municipal Boroughs of Neiucastle- 
upon- 1 yne and Tyneviouth, and the parish 
of IVallsend.) 

f-Albert Henry George Grey (L.) 5,782 
Gainsford Bricce (C.) . . . . 3,446 

Pop. 49,567. Reg. Elec. 11,852. 

* Wansbeck [1]. 

The Sessional Divisions of Bedlingtonshire, 
Castle East {except the parish ofWallsend), 
and Morpeth, and part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Castle IVest, and Coquetdale 

t*'Charles Fenwick (L.) . . .. 5,858 
^hn Blencowe Cookson (C.) . . 2,703 

Pop, 5i,44g. Reg. Elec. 10,392. 
letuming Officer- The High Sheriff. 

Northwlcli (See Chesliirel. 

NORWICH (Norfolk) [2]. 

{Consists of the city and county of Nonvich, 
and several extra-parochial places.) 

iHarry BuUard (C.) .. .. 7,279 

eremiah Jame.s Colnian (L.) .. 6,666 

'obert Samuel IVrij^ht (L.) .. 6,251 

Pop. 87,842. Reg. Elec. 15,321 (14,765). 

'etur>iingOfficer—}osf:^h. ]o\\r\ Dawson Paul, 
Esq., The Lawns, Eaton, Norwich (Sheriff). 

Norwood [See Lambeth]. 

NOTTINGHAM (Borough) [3]. 

* East [1]. 

{Mapperley, Robin Hood, St. Anns, Matwers, 
and Byron Wards.) 

t Arnold Morley (L.) .. .. 5,239 

Hon. Harold Henea^ Finch- 

Hatton (C.) 4,248 

Pop. 65,988. Reg. Elec. 12,749. 

* South [1]. 

(Castle, Market, Meadow, St. Mary Bridge, 

and Trent Wards.) 

♦John Carvell Williams (L.) ..4,983 

Henry Smith Wright {C.) .. 4,620 

Pop. 58,803. Reg. Elec. 12,751. 

• West [11. 

(St. Album's, Broxtowe, Wollaton, Sheiwood, 
and P'orest Wants.) 

■fCharles Seely, Jun. (L.) .. 6,669 

Edward William Cope (C.) .. 3,797 

John Burns {I..) .. .. 598 

Pop. 61,784. Reg. Elec. 14,929. 

Returning O^cer— John Benjamin Walker, 
Esq., The Park, Nottingham (Sheriff )l 


* Bassetlaw [1], 

(The Sessionai Di7'isions of Retford and 
Worksop, the Municipal Borough of East 
Retford, and part of the Sessional Divisions 
of Mansfield and Southwell.) 

•William Beckett-Denison (C.) 4,367 
X^ rands John Savile Foljavibe 

(L.) 4,072 

Pop. 50,185. Reg. Elec. 9,479. 

* Mansfield [1]. 

(Part qf the Sessional Divisions of Mansfield 
and Nottingham.) 

tCecilGeorge SavileFoljambe(L.) 6, 120 

John Home- Payne (Q.) .. 2,305 

Pop- 53.342. Reg. Elec. 9,862. 

• Newark [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bingham, New- 
ark, and Southwell (except Bilsthorpe and 
Eakring), the Municipal Borough of New- 
ark, and part of the Sessional Division of 



♦Visco int Newark (€.)•• • • 5. 283 

X Thomas Earp (L.) . . • • 3»529 

Pop. 51,042. Reg. Elec. 10.214. 

• RUBhCllffe [1]. 

{Part 0/ tfu Sessional Division 0/ 

♦John Edward Ellis (L.) .. 5,944 

John Hmry Boyer Warner {C.) 3,308 

Pop. 50,671. Reg. Elec ii,i3X 
Returning Ojicer^Thc High Sheriff. 

Nuneaton (See Warwickslilrel. 

OLDHAM (Lancashire) [2]. 

Consists of the to^vnships of Oldham, Chad- 
dertoH, CrotnptoHy Koyton, and Lees, and 
so much of the Municipal Borough of Not- 
tingham as is not included in the before- 

tnentioned tir:t<nslit/>s.) 

John Tomliiison Hibbert (L.) . . 12,259 
*James Mackenzie Maclean (C.) 11,992 
I //on. Edward Lyulph Stanley 

(L.) 11,847 

Smith Taylor Whitehead {Q.) . . 11,491 

Pop. 152,513. Reg. Elec. 26,030 (24,331). 
Retumins: OJicer—joshnaiVf . Radcliffe, Esq., 

J. P., Oldham (Mayor). 


♦Leonard Lyell (L.) .. 3,352 

Hon. Cospairick / homos Dundas 

(c.) 1,940 

p«« (Orkney, a8,iai) „ 
*^°P- ■) Shetland, 29.705 f 57. 

Returning OJicer— George Hunter M. ThoTis 
Esq., 13, Charlotte Square, Edinhurgl 
(Sheriff' of COS. Caithness, Orkney, and Shet 

Ormskirk (See Lancashire, 8.W.]. 

OsjTOldcross [See Yorkshire, W. Ridinj 


Ossory [See Queen's Co.] 

Oswestry [See Shropshire]. 

Otley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (E)l. 

OXFORD (Borough) [11. 

{Consists of the fianshes of All Saints. St 
Ebhe, Holyit'ell. St. Martin, St. "• 
Magdalen, St. Mary the Virgin, .s 
chael, St. Peter le Bailey, St. Pete 
East. St. John. St. Thomas, St. Gil 
Binsey ; parts of the parishes of St. 
St. Clement, Cowley, Headingtou 
North Hinksey; atid the extra-pa > 
places of Godstow, the Trap Groic 

IVolvercolt. and the King's Mill O/ 

at Hemiinpfon.) 

♦Alexander William Hall (C.).. 6,96) 

Charles Alan Fyffe{h.).. .. 2,891 

Pop. 40,837. Reg. Elec. 6,983 (6,495). 

Returning Officer— MAcrm^n Robert Buckell 
5, Wellington Square, Oxford (Mayor). 

• Mid, or Woodstock [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of East and JV,: 
Bampton, Ploughley, and IVootton Sout, 
that part of the Municipal Borough . 
Oxford situate in Oxfordshire, and pa) 
of the Sessional Divisions of Bulli>igdon 
those parts of the parishes of Headington 
Marston, St. Clement's, St. Giles, a>: 
Woolvercott that are not included in t>^ 
Municipal Borough of Oxford, and tho. 
parts oftheparishi s ofCo7i>ley and Iffley tha 
are neither included in the Parliamentary 
nor the Municipal Borough of Oxford.) 



*Franci.s William Maclean (L.) 4,327 

Viscount Valentia {C.) .. ..4.138 

Pop. 49,800. Reg. Elec. 10,012. 

♦ Nortliem, or Banbury [1]. 

(The Sessional Division 0/ BaTibury and 
Bloxham, Chadlington^ and Wootton North, 
and the Municipal Borough of Banbury.) 

fSir Bemhard Samuelson, Bart. 

(L.) 4,436 

Llewellyn Malcolm Wynne (fl^. . 2,944 
Pop. 44.557- Reg. Elec. 8,478. 

* Southern, or Henley [1]. 

( The Sessional Diznsions 0/ Henley and IVat- 
lington, part of the Sessional Division of 
Bullingdon, the Municipal Borough of 
Henley-on-fftames, and that part of the 
Municipal Borough of Abingdon situate in 
CO. Oxford.) 

fCol. Edward William Harcourt 

(c.) 3,778 

Frederick William Maude (L.) . . 3,258 

Pop. 45,983- Reg. Elec. 8,555. 
Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

OXFORD (University) [2]. 

Right Hon. Sir John Robert Mowbray, 

Bart. (C.) 
John Gilbert Talbot, D.C.L. (C.) 

Reg. Elec. 5,575. 
Returning Officer— R^y. BeBJamin Jowett, 

M.A. (Vice-chancellor). 


• North [11. 

(Ward Number 2.) 

*Lionel Louis Cohen (C.) 
William Digby, C./.E. (L.) .. 
Pop. 45.87>^. Reg. Elec. 5,345. 

♦ South [1]. 

{Wards Numbers i, 3, and 4.) 
f Right Hon. Ixjrd Randolph 

Churchill (C.) 

Hilary Skinner (L.) 

X William Lazvrence (L. ) 

Pop. 61,339. Reg. Elec. 5,193. 

Returning Officer— Frederick Kynaston Met' 

calfe, Esq., Solicitor, 26, Sunderland Terrace, 

Westbourne Park, W., and 9, Idol Lanej 

Great Tower Street, E.G. 





PAISLEY (Renfrewshire) [1]. 

9 so 


•William Boyle Barbour (L.) .. 3,39© 
Robert Mure M' Kerrell (^C.^ .. 2,523 

Pop. 55,627. Reg. Elec. 6,794 (5,357)- 
ReturniHg Of^cer — Hon. Henry James Mon- 

cretif, 15, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh 

(Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute). 

Partlck (See LanarkaMrel. 
Peckham [See Camberwell]. 

P TrRBT.T;g| nip.Tt AND Rirr.'irr p. irflTfrRy \\\ 

Sir Charles Tennant, Bart. (L.) 1,746 
Sir Graham Graham-Mont- 
gomery, Bart. {Q.) .. .. 1,038 

Returning Officer— KxiM^islA Davidson, Esq., 
9, Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The 
Lotbians «uid Peebleshire). 

WEST (11. 
Comprising Pembroke, Tenby, IViston, Mit- 

/ord, Havirfordivest. Fishguard, and Nar- 
berth ami part of the parish of Llanstad- 

t Henry George Allen (L.) . . 2,415 
Rear-Adm. Richard Charles 

Mayne, C.B. {C.) .. .. 2,150 

Pop^ 34.795. Reg ^' 
Returmimf O^eef^—Mdcrtu 
J. P., Haoulton House, 1 
of PembrokeX 

William Davies, (L.) .. .. 4,999 

Charles Edward Gregg- Philipps 

(c.) 3.738 

Pop. 59,039. Reg. Elec. 10,941 (5,i92X 
Returning Officer^Thc High Sheriff. 


(ComwaU) 111- 

(The Municipal &0roughs qf Penrhyn and 

Falmouth, the parish ^ Falmouth, parts of 
the parishes of St. Gluvias, Budock, and 
At y tor, and the village of Flushing,) 

David James Jenkins (L.) .. 1,170 

William George Cavendish Ben- 

tinck{C.) 1,069 

Pop. 18,072. Reg. Elec 2,562 (2,431). 
Returning Ofncer—l. Bisson, Esq., Penrhyn, 

(Mayor of Penrhyn). 

Penrith [See Cumberland]. 

PERTH (Borougli) [1]. 



Charles Stuart Parker (L.) .. 1,652 
John Chisholm {Q.) .. .. 1,099 

Alexander Macdougall, Junr. ( L. ) 967 

Pop. 28,949. Reg. Elec. 4,126(4,132). 
Returning Officer— W\\\\.2im Ellis G'o .^, Esq , 
of Kincaimey, Perthshire, and 6, Herioi 
Row, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Perthshire). 


• Eastern [1]. 

The parishes 0/ Aberdalgie, Abertiyte, Alyth, 
Auchtergaven, Amgask, Abemethy, Blair- 
gowrie ^ Bendochy, Cou^ar-Anpts, Cargill, 
Caputh, Collace, Ciunie, Dunbamey, Dun- 
ning, Kinloch, Kin/auns, Kinclaven, Kin- 
nand, Kinnoull, KiUpindie, Lethendy, 
Long/organ, Meigie, Methven, Moneydie, 
Perth, Redgorton, Tibbemiore, Rattray, 
Rhynd, Scone, St. Martin's, and St. Madoes, 
and part o/the parishes o/Dunkeld, Kettins, 
and Liff, Benvie, and Invergowrie.) 

•Robert Stewart Menzies (L.) .. 4,222 

Andrew Graham Murray (C). . 2,421 

Pop. 46,933- Reg. Elec. 7,851. 

• Western [1]. 

{The parishes of Aherfoyle, Ardoch, Auch- 
terarder Blair Athole. Balguhidder, Black- 
ford, Crieff, Comi ie, Callander, Dunblane, 
Dull, Fortingall, Fowlis IVester, Glenderon, 
Kenmore, Killin, Kilmadock, Kincardine, 
Kirkmichael, Little Dunkeld, Logierait, 
Lecropt, Moulin, Madderty, Monzie, Mon- 
zievaird and Strowan, Muthill, Port of 
Menteith, Trinity Gask, and Weem, and 
pa rt of the pa t ishes of Dunkeld and Dowally, 
and Kippen.) 

fSir Donald Currie, K.C.M.G. 

(L.) 3.786 

Lieut. 'Col. Henry Edward Stir- 
ling HoTne-Drummond- Moray 

(c.) 3.290 

Pop. 48,111. Reg. Elec. 8,284. 
Returning (9#c^r— William Ellis Gloag, Estj., 
of Kincairney, Perthshire, and 6, Heriot 
Row, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Perthshire). 

PETERBOROUGH (Northamptonshire) 


(Comprises the parish of St. John Baptist, the 
parish of the Minster Precincts, and part 
of tlu parishes of Fie t ton and Woodstone.) 

Hon. William John Wentworth- 

Fitzwilliam (C.) .. .. 1,853 

XSydney Charles Buxton {L.) .. 1,595 
Pop. 22,394. Reg. Elec. 3)79° (3.952). 

Returning Officer— Alderman W. D. Nichols, 
Peterborough (Mayor). 

Petersfleld [See Hampshire]. 

PLYMOUTH (Devonshire) [2]. 

(Comprises the old Borough of Plymouth, Mill 
Bay, and the tithing ofCompton Gifford.) 

*Sir Edward Bates (C). . . . 4,354 

Edward Clark, Q.C. (C.) .. 4.240 

XPeter Stewart Macliver (L. ) . . 4, 1 32 
XHon. Reginald Baliol Brett (L.) 3,968 

Pop. 76,080. Reg. Elec. 10,130(9,214). 
Returning Officer— W\\\\axa. Henry Alger, 
Esq., Widey Court Plymouth (Mayor). 

PONTEFRACT (Yorkshire) [1]. 

Comprises the townships of Pontefract, Tan- 
shelf, Monkhill, Knottingley, Ferrybridge, 
and Carleton, the districts of Pontefract 
Park, and the Castle Precincts.) 

* Hon. Rowland Winn (C.) .. i,iii 
XRight Hon. Hugh Culling 

Eardley Childers {!..) ..1,075 

Pop. 15,332. Reg. Elec. 2,497 (2360). 
Returning Officer— John Rhodes, Esq., J.P., 

Sugdale Hall, Pontefract (Mayor). 



Poplar [See Tower Hamlets]. 

PORTSMOUTH (Hampshire) 12). 

{Consists of the parishes of Portsmouth and 
Port sea, and tfie whole of Portsmouth 

•Col. Sir William Grossman, 

K.C.M.G. (L.) .. .. 8,367 

♦Philip Vanderbyl (L.) . . .. 8,214 

X(fon. Thomas Charles Bruce {Q.) 7,650 

\ Right Hon. Sir henry Drum- 

mond Wolff, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. 

(C.) 7,595 

Pop. 127,089. Reg Elec. 30,341 (17,91a) 
Returning Officer— hXUtA Starling Blake, 
Esq., Portsmouth (Mayor). 

PRESTON (Lancashire) 12]. 

{Comprises the old Borough of Preston^ the 
toavnship of Fishwick, so much of the Muni- 
cipal Borough as is not included in the 
Parliamentary Borough, the Local Gcvem- 
tttent District 0/ Fulwood, and so much 0/ 
the parishes 0/ Lea, Ashton, Ingol, and 
Gotham, and Penv>ortham, as will be added 
to the Municipal Borough 0/ Preston on 
June 1st, 1889.) 

Prestwlch [See Lancashire, S.Rl. 
Pudsey [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (E.)l. 

William Edward Murray Tom- 

linson (C.) .. . . . . 8,459 

♦Robert William Hanbury (C.) 7,971 

Thomas IV Russel/ (L.) .. 5,491 
Pop. 100,262. Reg. Elec. 14,876 (13,537). 

Returning Officer — Alderman Benjamin 
Walms.ey, Preston (Mayor). 

QUEEN'S CO. [21. 
• Leix [11. 
{The Baronies of Ballyadams, Cullenagh^ 
Maryborough East, Slin>emargy, and 
Stradbally, and part of Barony of Port- 

fRichard Lalor (H.R.).. .-3,740 

Cap/. Robert A. Godolphin Cosby 

(c.) 507 

Pop. 36,266. Reg. Elec. 5,47a. 

• Ossory [1]. 

{The Baronies of Clandonagh, Charmallagh, 
Maryborough West, Tinnahinch, and Vp- 
perwoods, and pari of the Barony of Port- 

At the General Election t Arthur O'Connor 
(H.R.)aW William Roper Caldbeck(C. )/<»//<•</ 
respectively 3.959 and 293 votes. Mr. O'Connor 
having been also elected for E. Div. oj Donegal 
CO. elected to sit for that constituency, and on a 
ne7v election on Feb. \ith, 1886, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

•Stephen O'Mara (H.R.) 

Pop. 36,858. Reg. Elec. 5,617. 
Returning Officer— Th^ High Sheriff. 

Radcliffe [See Lancashire, S.El. 

•Hon. Arthur Henry John Walsh 

(C.) 1,880 

I Charles Colt man Rogers (L.) . . 1,813 

Pop. 23,528. Reg. Elec 4,539 (2i352)- 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Ramsey [See Huntingdonshire]. 

READING (Berkshire) [1]. 

{Consists of the parishes of St. Lawrence, St. 
Giles, and St. Mary, and certain suburbs 
beyond those boundaries.) 

♦Charles Townshend Murdoch 

(c.) 3,518 

X Right Bon. George John Shaw- 
Lefevre {h.) 3,389 



Pop. 46,054. Reg. Elec. 7,515 (6,274)- 
Returning Officer— Xrihuv Hill, Esq., Elm 
Lodge, Reading (Mayor). 

Reigate [See Surrey]. 

* Eastern [1]. 

{The parishes 0/ Eastwood, CatJurart, Meams, 
and Eaglesham, and part of the parish of 

♦James Finlayson (L.) .. .. 3,642 

Allan Gilnmcr, Junr. {C.) .. 3,144 

Pop. 53,832. Reg. Elec. 8,295. 

* Western [1]. 

{The parishes of Inverkip, Greenock, Port 
Glasgow, Kilmalcolm, Erskine, Inchinnan, 
Houston, Kilbarchan, Lochwinnoch, Ren- 
frew, Abbey, Neilsttm, Beith, and Dunlop.) 

*Col. Sir Archibald Campbell 

Campbell, Bart. (C.).. .. 3.618 

Harry Smith il..) .. ..2,980 

Pop. 53,000. Reg. Elec. 7,746. 

Returning Officer— Hon. Henry James Mon- 
creiff, 15, Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of Renfrew and Bute). 

Rhondda [See GlamorgansMre]. 
Richmond [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 
Ripon [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (E)]. 

ROCHDALE (Lancashire) [1]. 

{Comprises the to^vnship of Wardle^vorth, 
parts of the hamlets of Catley Lane, Healey, 
and Chadwick, all in the township of Spot- 
land, parts of the hamlets of Belfield, New- 
bold, Buersil, and Marland, all in the 
township of Castleton, and part of the ham- 
let of VVuerdle, in the township of Wuerdle 
and IVardle.) 

Thomas Bayley Potter (L.) .. 5,552 
El/iol Lees lO 4,417 

Pop. 68,866. Reg. Elec. 10,808 (10,796). 
Returning Officer — Joseph R. Heape, Esq., 

Mereland Terrace, Rochdale (Mayor). 

ROCHESTER (Kent) [1]. 

{Consists of the old city of Rochester and por- 
tions of the parishes of Strood and Frinds- 

*Col. Francis Charles Hughes- 

Hallett(C.) 1,627 

Xjohti Passmore Edwards (L.) . . 1,386 
Pop. 21,307. Reg. Elec. 3,304(3,052). 

Returning Officer— L&Wii, Levy, Esq., J. P., 
Rochester (Mayor). 

Romford [See Essex]. 


* North Rosscommon [1]. 

{The Baronies of Ballintober North and 
French Park, and part of the Barony of 

tJamesO'Kelly (H.R.) ..4,664 

P. Mtdlany iyi."^.) .. ..1,438 

Lieut, -Col. Caleb Robertson (C.) 366 

Pop. 66,724. Reg. Elec. 8,682. 

* South Rosscommon [1]. 

{The Baronies of Athlone, Ballintober South, 
Ballymoe, Castlereagh, and Moycarn, and 
part of the Barony of Roscommon.') 

tAndrewCommins,LL.D.(H.R.) 6,033 
y. K. Talbot {C.) .. .. 338 

Pop, 65,766. Reg. Elec. 9,351. 
Returning Officer— Thu High Sheriff, 

Ross [See Herefordshire]. 

♦Roderick Macdonald, M,D. (L.) 4,942 
XRonald Craufurd Munro-Fer- 

guson (L.) 2,925 

Pop. 72,483, 

Returning Officer— W\\\va.m Mackintosh, Esq., 
Advocate, 6, Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty, and Sutherland). 

Rossendale [See Lancashire, N.E.], 

Rotherham [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Rotherhithe [See Southwark]. 

Hon. Arthur Ralph Douglas 

Elliot (L.) 3,419 

Charles Barrington Balfour (C.) 1,945 



Pop 37,358. Reg. Elcc. 6.180 (a.oxjX 
RetumiHg Officer— lo^xn Cheyne. Esq., 13, 
Chester Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Ber- 
wick, Selkirk, and Roxburghshire). 

Rugby [See Warwickshire]. 
RushcUffe [See Nottinghamshire]. 

George Henry Finch (C.) .. 2,366 
XMarston Clarke Buszard, Q. C. 

(L.) 1,110 

Pop. 31,434. Reg- Elec. 4,166(1.708). 
Returning Officer— T^^ High Sheriff. 

Rye [See Sussex]. 

Safil-on Walden [See Essex]. 

St. Albans [See Hertfordshire). 

ST. ANDREW'S DISTRICTT (Flfeshlre) [11. 

{Comprising St. Andrrw's, A nstruther {East- 
em and IVestem), Crail, Cu^ar, Pitten- 
ween, and Kitrmny.) 


tStephen Williamson (L.) .. 
*Col. Sir Robert Anstruther, 

Bart. (L.) 

Pop. 19,396. Reg. Elec. 3,837 (2,693). 
Returning Officer— }. A. Crichton, Esq., 13, 

Nelson Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Fife 

and Kinross). 

St. Andrew's University [See Edinburgh 

and St. Andrew's). 

St. Augustine's [See Kent]. 

St. Austell [See Cornwall]. 

St. George [See Tower Hamlets]. 

(Middlesex) [1]. 

{Parish of St. George, Hanoz'er Square, IV.) 
f Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur 

Percy (C.) 5,256 

Sir IVaiter George Frank Philli- 

more, ^.C (L.) .. .. 2,503 

Pop. 89,573. Reg. Elec. 10,500. 
Returning Officer — William James Farrer, 

Esq., 66, Lincoln's Inn Fields, and 22, 

Sackville Street, W. (High Bailiff of West- 


* ST. HELEN'S (Lancashire) [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of St. Helen's.) 
•Henry Seton-Karr (C.) . . 3,750 

Col. Dcn'id Gamble (L. ) . . •• 3,693 

Pop. 57,403. Reg. Elec. 8,309. 
Returning O^c^r— Alderman James McBrj'de, 

J. P.. Balker, St. Helen's (NIayor). 

St. Ives (See Comwalll. 

* ST. PANCniAS (Middlesex) [4]. 
* East [1]. 

{Wards Numbers 3 and 6.) 

•Thomas Eccleston Gibb (L.) .. 2,416 

Mobert Grant IVebster (C.) . . 2, 1 70 

Pop. 61,397. Reg- Elec. 5,913. 

• North [11. 

{IVard Number I.) 
•Thomas Henry Bolton (L.) .. 2,380 
Hon. Charles Wallace Alexander 
Napter Coehrane- Bail lie (C.) . . 1,915 
Pop- 52,351 Reg. Elec 5,447. 

• South (11. 

{Wards Numbers 7 and 8 ) 

♦Sir Julian Goldsmid, Bart. (L.) 2,225 

Johti Blundell Maple {Z.\ ..2,003 

Pop. 57,976. Reg. Elec 5,370. 

• West (11. 

{Wards Numbers 2, 4, tutd 5.) 
•Harry Lawson Webster Law- 
son (L.) 2,954 

Capt. Walter Haweis James (C) 2,485 

Pop. 64,534. Reg. Elec. 7,103. 

Returning C>^«r— Clarence Richard Halse, 

Esq.. Solicitor, 61, Cheapside, E.G. ; 17, 

Old Burlington Street, W. ; 15, Addison Road, 

W., and Vestry Hall, St. Pancras, 

St Patrick's [See Dublin Borough]. 

St. Rollox [See Glaegow]. 

St Stephen's Green [See Dublin 


SALFORD (Lancashire) (31. 

* North [1]. 

{St. John's, Kersal, Trinity, St Matthias, 
and Greengate Wards.) 



*Edward Hardcastle(C.) ..3»5i9 

XArthur Arnold {!..) .. ••3.343 

Pop. 56,355. Reg. Elec. 7,728. 

* South [1]. 

{hlingion, Ordsall, Crescent, and St. Ste- 
phen's IVards, and part of Regent Ward.) 

♦William Mather (L.) .. ..3.752 

Thomas Gibson Bowles (C.) . . 3.690 

Pop. 65,483- Reg- Elec. 8,717. 

* West [1]. 

(i"/. Thomas's and Smedley Wards, and part 
of Regent Ward.) 

fBenjamin Armitage (L.) .. 3,704 

Sir IVilliam Cayley Worsley, 

Bart. (C.) 3.431 

Pop. 54.397- Reg- Elec. 8,197. 
Returning Officer — Alderman James Farmer, 

Hope House, Eccles (Mayor). 

SALISBURY (WUtshire) [1]. 

(Consists of the parishes of St. Edmund, St. 
Martin, St. Thomas, and Fisherton Anger, 
tite liberty of the Close, and part of the 
parish of Milford.) 

♦William Henry Grenlell (L.) .. 1,144 
%Coleridge John Kennard (C.) . . 1, 104 

Pop. 16,435. Reg- Elec. 2,508 (2,267). 

Returning Officer — William Maxwell Ham- 

mick, Esq., The Close, Salisbury (Mayor). 

SCARBOROUGH (Yorkshire) [1]. 

{Consists of tlie parish of Scarborough and the 
precinct of Scarborough Castle.) 

*Sir George Reresby Sitwell, 

Bart. (C.) 2,185 

John Glo7Jer (X-^ •• •• 2,047 

Pop. 30,504. Reg. Elec. 4,666(4,167). 

Returning Officer — Joshua Rowntree, Esq., 
Scarborough ( Mayor). 

Scotland [See Liverpool]. 
Sevenoaks [See Kent]. 

SHEFFIELD (Yorkshire) 15]. 


Attercnne LiJ. 
{The Attercliffe and Park Wards, and the 
parish of Healey.) 

*Hon. Bernard John Seymour 

Coleridge (L.) 4,891 

Edward Brodie Hoart {C) .. 3,633 
Pop.. 57,080. Reg. Elec. 9,751. 

♦ Brightside [1]. 

{The Brightside Ward.) 
At the General Election the jRt. Hon. 
Anthony John Mundella (L.) and Lord Ed- 
mund Bernard Talbot (C.) polled respectively 
4.616 and 3,382 votes In Feb. 1886 Mr. 
Mundella accepted office, and on a new election 
on the gth of that mon^h there was not any 
opposition to the return of 
f Right Hon. Anthony John ]VIundelIa(L.) 
Pop. 56,719. Reg. Elec. 9,298. 

* Central [1]. 

{St. Peters and St. Philip's Wards, and part 
of St. George's Wards.) 

♦Charles Edward Howard Vin- 
cent, C.B. (C.) .. .. 4,633 
Samuel Flimsoll {L.) .. .. 3,484 
Mervyn Lanark Hazvkes (L.) . . 140 
Pop. 69,878. Reg. Elec. 9,923. 

* Ecclesall [1]. 

{The Ecclesall Ward {exclusive of the portion 
comprised in the HallaTn Division).) 

fEUis Aslimead-Bartlett (C.) .. 4,182 

Cyril Dodd {I.?} 3,490 

Pop. 53,280. Reg. Elec. 8,904. 

* Hallam [1]. 

{The Nether and Upper Hallam Wards, and 
parts of St. Georges and Ecclesall Wards.) 

fCharles Beilby Stuart-Wortley 

(c.) 3.764 

Sir Charles Warren, G. CM. (7. (L.) 3, 1 5 5 



Pop- 47.55»- R«g- Elec. 7,846. 
Returtiht^ f>^r^r— Alderman John William 
Pye-Smuh, Uplands, Shertield (Mayor). 

Shetland [See Orkney). 

Shields [See South Shields]. 

Shipley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (N.)]. 

• SHOREDITCH (Middlesex) [2]. 
* Haggerston [1]. 

{Tkt IVhitmore, Kingsland, Haggerston, and 
Acton Wards.) 

♦William Randall-Cremer (L.). . 2,736 

Richard Denny- Urlin {(Z,) .. 1,259 

Pop. 57.001. Reg. Elec. 6,752. 

• Hozton 111. 

{The Moorfields, Church, Hoxton, and 

Wenlock Wards.) 

tjames Stuart (L.) .. .. 3,084 

Robert Arthur Germaitu (C) . . 2,047 

Pop. 69.590. Reg. Elec. 8,494. 

RetnmiHfr Ofiicer— Enoch Walker, Esq., 

Vestry Clerk of St. Leonard, Shoreditch. 

SHREWSBUBT (Salop) [11. 

(Consists 0/ the parishes 0/ Holy Cross and St. 
Giles, portions 0/ the parishes of St. Chad, 
St. Mary, St. Alkmond, St. Julian, and 
Brace Meole. ) 

♦James Watson (C.) .. .. 2,244 

Charles Waring {h.) .. .. 1,512 

Pop. 26,478. Reg. Elec. 4,131 (4,25iX 

Rftuniinz Officer — Thomas Southam, Esq., 

J. P., The Hollies, Shrewsbury (Mayor). 

• Mid, or Wellington [1]. 

(Part of tlie Sessional Divisions 0/ Brad/07 d, 
Wellington, and Brad/ord Newport, and 
part oj the Municipal Borough 0/ Wenlock.) 
f Alexander Hargreaves Brown 

(L.) 4,807 

Lieut. -Col. William Kenyan 

Slauey{C.) 2,571 

Pop. 52,798. Reg. Elec. 8,648. 

* Northern, or Newport [11. 

(^The Sessional Divisions of A Ibrighton (except 
the parish of Filz), Bradford Pynvtou, 
Brad/ord Went, Brad/ord V." 
Brinstrte Shi ff nail, parts o/ : ! 

Divisions o/Brati/ord Newport 
/ord Wellington, the Municipal Hnou^li o/ 
Shrewsbury, and the parish 0/ Middle?) 

♦Robert Bickersteth (L.) ..4,694 

X Viscount Newport (Q.) . . 4,333 

Pop. 55,234. Reg. Elec. 10,636. 

* Southern, or Ludlow [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions o/ Bishop's Castle, 
Brinstree South, and Stottesden Chelmarsh, 
Burford, Clun and Purslo^u, Munslo^u 
Lo7ver and Upper, Stottcsden Cleobury, 
and parts o/ Ovens and Stottesden, and 
part of the Municipal Boroughs of Bridg- 
north, Ludlow, ana Wenlock.) 

♦Robert Jasper More (L.) . . 4,642 
XSir Baldwyn Leighton^ Bart. 

(C.) 4,073 

Pop. 58,520. Reg. Elec. 10,740. 

• Western, or Oswestry [1]. , 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Chirhury, Con- 
dover. Ford, Os^vestry, and Pinihill (except . 
Middle), the Municipal Borougho/Oswestry, 
and the parish 0/ Fits ) 

tStanley Leighton (C.) . . . . 4,753 
Ilettry Jephson (L.) .. -.3,772 

Pop. 54,984. Reg. Elec. 10,083. 
Returning OJlcer— The High Sheriff. 

Sklpton [See Yorkshire, W Riding (N.)]. 
Sleaford [See Lincolnshire]. 

SLICK) CO. [2]. 

• North Sllgo [11. 

(The Baronies 0/ Carbury and Tireragh, and 

part o/the Barony 0/ Leyny.) 

♦Peter M'Donald (H. R.) . . 5,216 

Capt. John Ffolliott (C.) . . 772 

Pop. 54.657- Reg. Elec 7,867. 

* South Sllgo [11. 

(The Baronies 0/ Covlavin, Corrin, and 

Tirerrill, and part o/the Barony 0/ Leyny.) 



fThomas Sexton (H.R.) ..5»i5i 

Alexander Ferceval {Q.) . . .. 541 

Pop. 56,921. Reg. Elec. 7,693. 
Returning Officer— TOft High Sheriff. 

* Bridgwater [1]. 

{The Sessional Division 0/ Bridgwater, part 
0/ the Sessional Divisions of Taunton and 
Ilminster, and the Municipal Borough of 

f Edward James Stanley (C.) . . 3,935 
Edward Brooke Cely-Trevilian 

(L.) 3,855 

Pop. 49,350. Reg. Elec. 9,861. 

'^ Eastern [1]. 

{Part of Sessional Divisions of Shepton 
Mallet and Wells, and the Sessional Divi- 
sions of Somerton and Wincanton.) 

♦Henry Hobhouse (L.) ..4,732 

Sir Henry Ainslie Hoare^ Bart. 

(C.) 3,280 

Pop. 50,038. Reg. Elec. 9,344. 

• Frome [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Frome, Kilmersdon 
{except Chilcompton and Midsotner- Norton), 

■ and Weston, the Municipal Borough of 
Bath, and part of the Sessional Division 
of Shepton Mallet.) 

♦Laurence James Baker (L. ) .. 4,735 

Viscount Weymouth (C.) . . 3,973 

Pop. 49,823. Reg. Elec. 10,498. 

♦ Northern [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Keynsham, Long 

Ashton, and Temple Cloud, and the parishes 

of Binegar, Chilcompton, and Midsomer- 


♦Evan Henry Llewellyn (C.) .. 4,176 

Edward Strachey {I..) .. ..3,491 

Pop. 50,941. Reg. Elec. 10,209. 

* Southern. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Crewkerne and 

Yeovil, part of the Sessional Division of 

IlmiTtster, and the Municipal Borough of 


♦Viscount Kilcoursie (L.) .. 4,534 

XJohn Kenelm Digby Wingfield- 

DigbyiO 3,268 

Pop. 51,504. Reg. Elec. 9,349. 

* WeUs [1]. 
{The Sessional Divisions of Axbridge and 
Wells {except the parish of Binegar), and 
the Municipal Borough of Wells.) 

f Lieut. -Col. Richard Horner 

Paget (C.) 4,201 

XPendeliRalli{\..) .. .. 3,335 
Pop. 52,994. Reg. Elec. 9,501. 

* Western, or Wellington [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Bishop s Lydeard, 
Dulverton, Dunster, \Vellingto7i, Williton, 
and Wiveliscomb, and part of the Sessional 
Division of Taunton.) 

fSir Thomas Dyke Acland, 

Bart. (L.) 4,299 

XCharles Isaac Elton, Q.C. (C.) 3,760 

Pop. 50,929. Reg. Elec. 9,537. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

SOUTHAMPTON (Hampshire) [2]. 

{Consists of the parishes of All Saints, Holy 
Rhood, St. John, St. Laivre^tce, St. 
Michael, St. Mary, Milbrook, St. Mary 
Extra, the Ecclesiastical District of Holy 
Saviour, Bittern, the tithitig of Portswood, 
and the detached part of the parish of 
Hound within the parish of St. Mary 

Alfred Giles (C.) .. .-5,595 

*Vice-Adm. Sir John Edmund 

Commerell, K.C.B., V.C. (C.) 5,307 
XHenry Lee {^.) .. ..4,566 

Edwin Jones (L.) . . . . 4,535 



Pop. 84,384. Reg. Elec. 13,058 (8,9x5). 
XrhtrMtn^OJlcer—EdwATd Brown, Esq., 17, 
Above Bar, Southampton, and Doncaster 
Farm, North Stoneham, Hants (SheriffX 

Soutli Molton [See Devonshire]. 
Southport [See Lancashire, S.W.1. 

SOUTH SHIELDS (Durham) [1]. 

Comprises the tou<ftsht/>s 0/ South Shitlds and 

Motto — "Courage, Humanity, Commerce." 
James Cochrane Stevenson (L.) 4,064 
IVilliam Digby Seymour^ Q.C, 

(C.) 3,128 

Pop. 56,875. Reg. Elec. 11,928(11,682). 
Returning Officer- J. T. Eltringham, Esq., 
J.P., South Shields (Mayor). 

SOUTHWARK (Surrey) [SJ. 

♦ Bermondsey [1]. 

{Wards Nos. 1, 2, and 3 of Bermondsey 
Parish, and St. Georges Ward, 0/ tfie 
/parish 0/ St. George the Martyr, South- 

■fjames Edwin Thorold Rogers 

(L.) 3,469 

Alfred Lafom {Q.) ,. ..3,386 

Pop. 84,537. Reg. Elec. 9,433. 

* Rotherhithe 11]. 

{St. Olave's, St. John's, St. Thomas's, St. 
Mary, Rotherhithe, and St. Alary Mag- 
dalen, Bermondsey.) 


♦Lieut. -Col. Charles Edward 
Hamilton (C.) 

Richard Marsdtn Pankhurst, 
ZZ,Z>. (L.) 2,8cx) 

Pop. 69,489. Reg. Elec 8,455. 

• West [11. 

{St. Saviour s District, Chnstchurch, Surrey, 
and St. Michael's and St. Pauls Wards of 
the /Parish of St. George the Martyr, South- 

fArthur Cohen, Q.C. (L.) ..2,851 

Augustus Beddali {C.) .. ..2,611 

Pop. 67,920. Reg. Elec. 7,776. 

Returning Officer— Thorns Roderick, Esq., 
17, Aldermanbury, E.C. (High Bailiff). 

Sowerby [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (N.)l. 

Spalding [See Lincolnshire). 
Spen Valley [See Yorkshire. W. Riding 


STAFFORD (Borough) [1]. 

{Consists of the parishes of St. Mary and St. 
Chad, part of the parish of Castlechurch, 
and part of the townships ofHopton and 

Charles Benjamin Bright 

McLaren (L.) 1,532 

XThomas Salt {C.) .. .. 1,485 

Pop. 19,977- Reg. Elec. 3,264(3,104). 
Returning (J^f^r— Nicholas Joyce, Esq., 
J. P., Stafford (Mayor). 

* Burton [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Burton-upon-Trent, 
and part of the Sessional Division of 



fSir (Michaelj Arthur Bass (,L.) 5,395 

Gerald Hardy {Q.) .. -.2,543 

Pop. 52.507- Reg. Elec 9,400. 

* Handswortli [1]. 

{T/te Sessional Dwisions of Rushalt Tipton, 

IVednesbury, and West Bromwich, ami the 

Municipal Borough of Walsall.') 

♦Henry Wiggin (L.) .. .. 7,057 

Harry Robert Graham (C.) .. 4,107 

Pop. 60,140. Reg. Elec. i4;9o8. 

• Kingswinford [1]. 

{^he Sessional Divisions of Bilsion, Kings- 
"winford, and Wordsley, Rowley Regis, 
Sedgley, Willenhall, aiid Wolverhampton, 
and the Municipal Borough of Wolver- 
hampton. ) 
t Alexander Staveley Hill (C.).. 5,161 
George King Harrison (L.) . . 4,530 
Pop. 46,537' Reg- Elec. 12,273. 

* Leek [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions ofCheadUand Leek, 
and part of the Sessional Division of 

♦Charles Crompton, Q.C. (L.) 4,225 
\Harry Tichbome Davenport 

(C.) 4,063 

Pop. 54,578. Reg. Elec. 10,234. 

* LicMeld [1]. 

{J'he Sessional Divisions of Elford, Rugeley, 
and Shenstone, the Municipal Borough of 
Lichfield, so much of the Municipal Bor- 
ough of Tamworth as is in Staffordshire, 
and the parishes of Great Wyrley and 
Norton Canes.) 

*Sir John Swinburne, Bart. (L.) 4,126 

Tonjfian Mosley {C) .. .. 3,013 

Pop. 49,942. Reg. Elec. 8,842. 

* North-Westem [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Eccleshall {except 
the parish of Gnosall) and Pierhill North, 
and the Municipal Boroughs of Hanley, 
Longton, and Newcastle-under-Lyme. 
At the General Election *George Granville 
Leveson-Gower (L.) ajtd Capt. Justinian 
Heathcote Edwards-Heathcote (C.) polled re- 
spectively 5,757 a«rf 4,720 votes. In Feb. 1886 
Mr. Leveson-Gower accepted office, and on a 
new election on the 1.2th of that month there 
•was not any opposition to the return of— 

*George Granville Leveson-Gower (L.). 
Pop. 59,392. Reg. Elec. 13,222. 

• Western [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Penkridge {except 
Great Wyrley and Norton Canes), Stafford 
{including the parish of Gnosall), and Stone, 
and the Municipal Borough of Stone.) 

fHamar Alfred Bass (L.) . . 4,820 

X Francis Monckton (C.). . . . 4, 106 

Pop. 52,765. Reg. Elec. 10,636. 
RetuT-ning Officer — The High Sheriff. 

STALTBRIDGE (Lancashire and 
ChesMre) [1]. 

{Consists of the Borough of Stalyb'riige {so 
much of the Municipal Borough of Sialy- 
bridge as is not included in t/te Parlia- 
mentary Borough), and the township of 
Dukiu field.) 

♦Tom Harrop Sidebottom (C.). . 3, 169 

XWilliam Summers iX") •• 2,950 

Pop. 42,863. Reg. Elec. 6,424 (5,781). 

Returning Officer — Alderman Mark Fentem, 
J. P., Sulybridge (Mayor). 

Stamford [See Lincolnshire]. 
Stepney [See Tower Hamlets]. 


{Comprising Stirling, Cnlross, Dunfermline, 

Inverkeithine:. <ind Queens ferry.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Henry 
Campbell-Bannerman (L.) ivas returtied un- 
opposed. In Feb. 1886 he accepted office, and 
on a new election on the 10th of that month 
there was not any opposition to the return of— 




Right Hon. Henry Campbell-Banner- 
man (L.) 
Pop. 36,78a Reg. Elec. 5,228 (4,904). 

Returning O^cer—J times Muirhcad Esq., 
LL.D., Edinburgh (Sheriff of Stirling, Dum- 
barton, and Clackmannan). 

STIRLmOSHntE [11. 
Joseph Cheney Bolton (L.) . . 6,454 
Michael Hugh Shaw-Stciuart (C) 3,938 

Pop. 78,000. Reg. Elec. 12,486 (3.460). 
Returning O/^cer— James Muirhead, Esq., 
LL.D., 2, Drumsheugh Gardens, EdinLurgh 
(Sheriff of Stirling, Dumbarton, and Clack- 

STOCKPORT (Cheslxlre) [21- 

{Cam/n'srs tW tmvttskip 0/ Stockport, and the 
hamlets 0/ Brinks^vay and Edgeley in the 
townships ofChsadU Bulkeley and Cheadle 
Mosele^, and parts 0/ the townships of 
Srinnington and Heaton Norris, the latttr 
0/ which is in Lancashire). 

*Loui.s John Jennings (C.) .. 4,85^ 
*Williara Tipping (C.) .. .. 4,498 

XCharles Henry Hopwood (L.) . . 4,486 
Joseph Leigh {\..) .. •• 4*132 

Pop- 59.553- Reg- E'ec. 9,560 (9,343)- 
Returning 0/^cer—Wi\l\am Leigh, Esq., J. P., 

Mersey Bank, Heaton Mersey, near Man- 

chest-tr (Mayor). 

Stockton-on-Tees (Durham) [li. 

(Consists of the townships 0/ SttKhton and 
Thornaby, part of the toivnship of Lin- 
thorpe, and part of tht Parish of Norton.) 

Jo.seph Dodds (L.) .. ..4,237 

Thomas Wrightson {C). . .. 3,133 

Pop- 55,460. Reg. Elec. 8,761 (8,a6o). 
Returning 0/?lFr«-— William Metcalf Watson, 

Esq., St. John's House, Stockton-on-Tet 


STOKE-UPON TRENT (Staffordshire) (11. 

(Comprises so much of the former I'.i ", 
mentary Borough ofStoke-upon- Treu : 
south of the Municipal Borough of Ji.. 
and so much of the Municipal Boron g/t of 
Longton as is not included in the said Parlia- 
mentary Borough, ) 

*\Villiam Leatham Bright (L.). . 4,790 
Haditt Corser (C) .. ..2,800 

Pop. 64,091. Reg. Elec. 9,214 (19,824). 

Returning Officer— GcoT%e Leason, Esq., J. P., 

Ash Field Cottage, Stoke-upon-T rent (Mayor). 

Stowmarket (See Suffolkl. 

* STRAND (Middlesex) [1]. 

(The Strand District and the parishes of St. 
James's, Westminster, and St. Martin's- 

fRight Hon. William Henry 
Smith (C.) 5,645 

Edmund George Johnson iXA .. 2,480 
Pop. 80,036. Reg. Elec. 11,264. 

.^^-/wrpniWjfO/fff^r— James Farrer,Esq., 
66, Lincoln's Inn F'iclds, and 22, Sackvil!-,- 
Street, W. (High Bailiff of Westminster.) 

Stratford-on-Avon [See Warwickshire] 

Stretford [See Lancashire, S.E.]. 

Stroud (See Gloucestershire]. 

Sudbury [See Suffolk]. 

♦ North Eastern, or Eye [11. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Blyf' :>:^, 
the Sessional Divisions of Framlifti^iutiii, 
Hartismere, and Hoxne, and the Municipal 
Borough of Eye.) 

♦Francis Seymour Stevenson (L.) 5,356 
Benjamin Bridges Hunter Rod- 
well, Q.C.iC.) .. ..3,360 
Pop. 56,877. Reg. Elec. 10,993. 



* Nortliem, or Lowestoft [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Beccles, Bungay, 
and Mtitford, and Lothingland, so much of 
the Municipal Borough of Great Yarmouth 
as is in Suffolk, the Municipal Borough of 
Southivold, and part of the Sessional Divi- 
sion of Bly thing?) 
♦Sir Savile Brinton Crossley, 

Bart. (L.) 4.324 

Col. Hemage Charles Bagot- 

Ckester {C.) 3»743 

Pop. 56,503. Reg. Elec. 10,956. 

* North-Westem, or Stowmarket [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Blackboum, Lack- 
ford, and Stowmarket, part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Newmarket, Thingoe, and 
Thedwestry, the Municipal Borough of 
Bury St. Edmunds, and t/iat part of the 
Municipal Borough of Thetford situate in 

♦Felix Thomley Cobbold (L.) . . 4,606 

\Sir Thomas IhornhilL Bart. ( C.) 3,475 

Pop. 56,328. Reg. Elec. 10,587. 

* South-Eastem, or Woodbridge [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Bosmere and 
Clay don, Samford, and Woodbridge, the 
Municipal Borough of Ipswich, and the 
Corporate Town of Aldeburgh.') 

♦Robert Lacey Everett (L.) .. 4,978 

XLord Rendlesham (C.) . . . . 4,810 

Pop 55,502. Reg. Elec. 12,126. 

* South, or Sudbury [1]. 

{J" he Sessional Divisiotis of B oxford, Hadleigh 
or Cosford, Melford and Risbridge, so much 
of the Municipal Borough of Suddury as is 
situate in Suff'olk, and part of the Sessional 
Divisions of^Newmarket, and Thingoe and 

♦William Cuthbert Quilter (L.) . . 4,913 
Thomas Weller- Foley {Q.) ..3,461 

Pop. 56,018. Reg. Elec. 10,522. 
Returning Officer — The High Sheriff. 

SUNDERLAND (Durham) [2]. 

[Comprises the parish 0/ Sunderland, and the 
to^vnships of Bishop Wearmouth, Bishop 
iVeartnouth Panns, Monk Wearmouth, 
Monk Wearmouth Shore, attd Southwick.) 

Motto — "' Nil Desperandum Auspice Deo." 
Samuel Storey (L.) .. .. 8,295 

Edward Temperley Gourley (L.) 7,759 
Samuel Peter Austin [Q.) .. 6,703 

Pop. 124,841. Reg. Elec. 17,978 (17,458). 
Returfiing Officer— KohcrX. Preston, Esq., J. P., 

SURREY [6]. 

* Kingston [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Richmond, the 
Municipal Borough of Kingston-upon- 
Thames, the parish of Hatch and Ham, 
and that part of the parish of Kingston 
not included in the Municipal Borough of 
Kingston-on- Thames. ) 

fSir John Whittaker Ellis, Bart. 

(c.) 4,915 

Charles Duncan Hodi^son (L.) . . 3,206 
Pop. 69,048. Reg. Elec. 11,102. 

* Mid, or Epsom [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Epsom and King- 
ston (except that part of the parish of 
Kingston which is not included in the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Kingston-on-Tliames), atid 
the parishes of Effingham and Mickleham.) 

fRight Hon. George Cubitt (C.) 4,621 

Richard Harris {"L.) .. ..2,368 

Pop. 56,991. Reg. Elec. 9,009. 

* North-Eastem, or Wimbledon [1]. 

( The Sessional Division of Croydon (except so 
much as is within a District of the Metro- 
polis), the parishes of Caterham, Chelsham, 



FmrUy, Warlinekam, Merttm, and Wim- 
hUdon^ to mttck of the Parlitiuntary 
Bormfk ^ Dept/ord as U in Surrty, and 
tkt arta of ikt Farliatmtntarv Boroughs of 
Batttrssa and Clafham, CamierwtU, Lam- 
ietk, Ntwitigton, Soutkwark, and Wands- 

•H. Cosmo Orme Bonsor (C.) 6,189 

John Coopa^ {XJ) 3,745 

Pop. 50,416. Reg. Elec. 14,086. 

* North- WMtem, or Chertsey [1]. 

( Th* Stssionai Division 0/ Chtrlsey. part of 
the Sessional Division o/GuiU^ford^ and tht 
parish of FrimUy.) 

•Frederick Alers Hankey (C.).- 4,540 
Sir Henry Denis Le Marchant^ 

Bart. (L.) 2,560 

Pop. 51,807. Reg. Elec 9,340. 

* SouthBastam, or R«lgata [1]. 

4 Sessional Divisions of Dorking 
the Parishes of Effingham and MicA 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Dorking {except 
the parishes 0/ Effingham and Mickleham\ 
Goastone {except the parishes of CtUerham, 
Chelsham, Farley, and WaHtngham), and 
Reigate, and the Municipal Borough of 

fSir James John Trevor Law- 
rence, Bart. (C.) .. ..4,726 
Alfred Carpenter^ MJD. (L.) . . 2,762 
Pop. 36,348. Reg. Elec. 9,500. 

* SoutlxWestem, or Oolldfonl [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Famham, part of 
the Sessional Division of Guildford^ and 
the Municipal Boroughs of Godalmung emd 

tHon. William St. John Fre- 

mantle Brodrick (C). . .. 4,485 

Ellis Duncombe Gosling (Ln) . . 3,750 

Pop. 57»J09' Reg- Elec. 9,978. 
Returning Officer-lhK High Sheriff. 

SUSSEX [6]. 
• Eastern, or Eye [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions 0/ Battle, Burwash, 
Frant, Hastings, and Rye, the Municipal 
Boroughs 0/ Hastings cuid Rye, the ancient 
town of IVinchetsea, and the Liberty of the 
Sluice and Petit Iham.) 

•Lieut. -CoL Arthur Montagu 
Brookfield (C.) .. ..4,526 

X Frederick Andrew Inderwick^ 

(?.C. (L.) 4,303 

Pop. 53.665. Reg. Elec 10,304. 

* Mid. or Lewes [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Hove attd Worth- 
ing, part of the Sessional Divisions of Lc.ves 
and Steyning, and the Municipal Borough 
Hf Brighton.) 

fSir Henry Fletcher, Bart. (C.) 5,312 

William Egerton Hubbard ( L. ) 3,181 

Pop. 56,670. Reg. Elec 10,586. 

* Northern, or East Orinstead [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Cuckfifld (except 
the parish of Crawley), East Gtinstead, 
and Uckfield {except East HeathUy and 



fGeorge Burrow Gregory (C.) . . 3,530 

Charles John Heald (L.) . . 2,579 

Pop. 49,707. Reg. Elec. 7,660. 

* North-western, or Horsham [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Horsham, Mid- 
hurst, and Petworth, and the parish of 


*Col. Sir Walter Barttelot Bartte- 

lot, Bart., C.B. (C.) .. .. 4*483 

Samuel Barrow (L.) . . . . 2,468 

Pop. 51,146. Reg. Elec. 8,<;82. 

* Southern, or Eastbourne [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Hailsham and 
Uckfield {except the parishes of East 
Hoathley and Waldron), the Corporate 
Towns of Pevensey and Seaford, and part 
of the Sessional Division of Lewes.) 

*Capt. Edward Field (C.) .. 3,561 

George Ambrose Wallis (L.) . . 3,497 

Pop. 51,183. Reg. Elec. 8,504. 

• Southwestern, or Chichester [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Arundel and 
Chichester, part of the Sessional Division of 
Steyning, and the Municipal Borough of 

fEarl of March (C.) .. ..4,760 

Frederick Waymouth Gibbs^ C.B., 

Q-C. (L.) 2,470 

Pop. 52,075. Reg. Elec. 8,502. 
Returning OJicer— The High Sheriff. 

Marquess of Stafford (L. ) .. 1,701 
Angus Sutherland (L.). . .. 1,058 

Pop. 22,805. Reg. Elec. 3,185 (350). 
R etuming Officer— V^iWiam Mackintosh, Esq., 
Advocate, 6, Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh 
(Sheriff of Ross, Cromarty, and Sutherland). 

SWANSEA (Glamorganshire [2]. 

* Swansea District [1]. 

{The Boroughs of Aberavon, Kenfig, Longhor, 
and Neath, the parish of St. John, near 
Swansea, and so much of the parishes of 
Close, Llangafelach, and Llaftsamlet 
Higher and Lower as is within the Parlia- 
mentary Borough of Swansea.) 

fSir Henry Hussey Vivian, Bart. (L.) 
Pop. 50,547- Reg- Elec. 8,926. 

* Swansea Town [1]. 

{The parishes of Swansea Town and St. 
Thomas, and that part of the parish of 
Swansea {Higlier and Lower) as is within 
the Parliamentary Borough of Swansea.) 

tCol. l^wis Llewelyn Dillwyn 

(L.) 3,660 

William Herbert Meredyth (C.) 2,520 

Pop. 50,043. Reg. Elec. 7,597 (^5,290). 
Returning Officer— W\\\\2im.}o\m. Rees, Esq., 
Swansea (Mayor). 

Tamworth [See Warwickshire]. 

TAUNTON (Somersetshire) [1]. 

{Comprises part of the parishes of St. James, 
St. Mary Magdalen, Wiltoii, Bishop's Hull, 
and West Monk ton.) 

Motto—" Defendamus.' 



Hon. Samuel Charles Allsopp(C.) 
Sir CharUs y antes Jessel^ Bart. 



Pop. 16,614. Reg. Elec. 9,349 (2,400)1 
Rttuming Officer^— l^omaA Penny, E»q., J.P., 
Taunton (MayorX 

Tavistock [See Devonshire]. 
Tewkesbury [See Gloucestershire]. 
The Hartlepools [See Hartlepool]. 
Thlrsk [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 
Thombury [See Gloucestershire]. 


• East Tipperary [1]. 

The Baronies 0/ Iffa and Offa East, and 
Middlethird, and part of the Barony of 
Slievardae^h. ) 

♦Thomas J. Condon (H.R.) ..4,064 

Major FitzGibbon Trant (C.) .. 196 

Pop. 52,126. Reg. Elec 6,899. 

• Mid Tipperary [1]. 

The Baronies of Eliogarty, Ikerrin, and 
Ki'namanagh Lower, ami part of the 
Baronies of Kilnanumagk Upfer, and 

fThomas Mayne (H.R.) ..3,805 

George Edward Ryan (C.) . . 235 

Pop. 50,356. Reg. Elec 6,517. 

* North Tipperary [1]. 

The Baronies Ormond Upper and Lffwer, 
and Ovmey and Arra, and part of the 
Barony of Kilnamanagh Upper.) 

♦P. J. OBrien (H.R.) .. ..4,789 

Henry Eustace iS^.) .. .. 252 

Pop. 49>iS<S' Reg- Elec. ^^vso, 

• South Tipperary ni 

{The Baronies of CiaHwiiiiam, and Jjffa ana 
Offa West.) 

tjohn O'Connor (H.R ) -.3,572 

Col. Christopher Barton {C) .. 122 

Pop. 47,974- Reg- Elec 5,841. 
Returning Officer^— TYic High Sheriff. 

Tiverton [See Devonshire]. 

Torquay [See Devonshire]. 

Totnes [See Devonshire]. 

Tottenham [See Middlesex]. 

TOWER HAMLETS (Middlesex) [7]. 
• Bow and Bromley [1]. 

The parishes of St. Mary Stratford-ie-Bow 
and Bromley St. Leonard {^except so much 
as is comprised in the Poplar Dizn'sion).) 

♦William Snowden Robson (L.) 3,419 
Gapt. John Charles Ready Colontb 
(C.) 2,738 

Pop. 42,406. Reg. Elec 8,795. 

* Llmehouse [1]. 

The Limehottse District, except the paiish of 

♦Edward Samuel Norris (C.) .. 2,566 

James George Cotton Minchin (L.) i , 676 

Pop. 56,318. Reg. Elec 5,954. 

* Mile End [1]. 

{The North and East Wards of the HamUt 

ofMiU End Old Toivn.) 
*Spencer Charrington (C.) .. 2,091 
Ernest //art (L.) .. .. 1,442 

Right //on. Acton Smee Ayrton 

(L.) 420 

Pop. 47,491. Reg. Elec 5,804. 

• Poplar [1]. 

{The Parish of Poplar, and pari of the parish, 
of Bromley St. Leonard.) 

•Henry Green (L.) .. .. 4,090 

XDenzil Robert Onslow (C.) . . 2, 1 1 3 

Pop. 74,104. Reg. Elec. 9,041. 

• St. George [1]. 

{The parishes of St. Gtorge-in-tht- East and 

fCharles Thomson Ritchie (C.) . . i. 744 

Sir David Salomons (L. ) . . i, 180 

Pop. 49,382. Reg. Elec 4,322. 

* Stepney [1]. 

{T/u Centre, IVest, and South Wards of the 
Hamlet of Mile End Old Totvn.) 

♦John Charles Durant (L.) .. 2,141 

Frederick Wootton /saacson (C.) 2,119 

Pop. 58,122. Reg. Elec 6,926. 

* Whltechapel [1]. 

{The Whltechapel District:) 
♦Samuel Montagu (L.).. .. 2,353 

Col. /^hineas Cowan ((T.) .. 1,972 

Pop. 71,314. Reg. Elec. 6,140. 
Returning d^tr^r— Thomas Wrake Ratcliff 
Esq., Solicitor, 43, White Horse Street, 
Commercial Road East, E. 

Toxteth [See Liverpool]. 
Tradeston [See Glasgow}. 

Truro [See Cornwall]. 

Tullamore [See King's Co.]. 

Tunbrldge [See Kent]. 

TYNEMOUTH (Northumberland) [1]. 

{Consists of the to7vftships of Tyntmouth, 
Norih Shields, Chirton, Preston, and 



*Richard Sims Donkin (C.) . . 3,027 
Joseph Spence {!..) .. ..2,267 

Pop. 44,118. Reg. Elec. 6,821 (6,500). 

Returning <9#<:^r — Joseph Elliott, Esq., 

Gladstone House, North Shields (Mayor). 

Tyneside [See Nortlmmberland]. 

TYRONE CO. [4]. 

* East T3n:one [1]. 

(The Baronies of Dungannon Upper and 

Dungannon Middle {except the parishes of 

Clonfcade and Donaghmore).) 

♦William James Reynolds (H.R.) 3,919 

Jajnes Meliss Stuart (C.) . . 3,368 

Pop. 51,639. Reg. Elec. 7,946. 

* Mid T3n:one [1]. 

{The Barony of East Omagh, and part of 
Barony of Strabane Upper^ 

fMatthew Joseph Kenny (H.R.) 4»299 

Hugh Hamilton Moore (C.) . . 2,657 

Pop. 49,986. Reg. Elec. 8,083. 

* North Tyrone [1]. 

{The Baronies of Strabane Lower and West 
Omagh, and part of the Barony of Strabane 
*Lord Ernest William Hamilton 

(C.) 3,345 

Joh7t Dillon i^YL.^.) .. ..2,922 

Pop. 48,026. Reg. Elec. 6,810. 

* South Tyrone [1]. 

{The Baronies of Clogher and Dungannon 
Lower, ami the parishes of Clonfeade and 

fWilliam O'Brien (H.R.) ..3,434 

Somerset Henry Maxwell (C.) . . 3,382 
Pop. 48,068. Reg. Elec. 7,720. 

Returning Officer— 1\\& High Sheriff. 

Uxbridge [See Middlesex]. 

WAKEFIELD (Yorkshire) [1]. 
{Consists of the township of Wakefield, parts 
of the toivnships of A Iverthorpe-wtth- Thames 
and Stanley-wit h- Wrenthorp and that part 
of t/ie parish of Sandal Magna known as 
Belle Vue.) _ 

Iklward Green (C.) 2,374 

VVentiuorth Canning Black 'tt 
Beaumont (X-) -- •• 2,049 

Pop- 34.566. Reg. Elec. 4,800 (4,001). 
Returning Officer — Alderman Reuben Rey- 
nolds, Wakefield (Mayor). 

WALSALL (Staffordshire) [1]. 

{Comprises the townships of the borough and 
foreigti of Walsall, and part of the parish 

Sir Charles Forster, Bart. (L.).. 5,112 
Fra7tk James (C.) . . . . 3.435 

Pop. 59,402. Reg. Elec. 11,000(10,042). 
Returning Officer — Alderman T. Evans, 
Walsall (Mayor). 

Walthamstow [See Essex]. 

Walton [See Liverpool]. 
Walworth [See Newingtonj. 

♦ WANDSWORTH (Surrey) [1]. 

{The parishes of Wandsworth, Tooting, 
Graveney, Streatham, and Putney {in- 
cluding Roehampton).) 

* Henry Kimber (C.) .. -.4,256 

Hobert Wallace {\..) .. •• 3*283 

Pop. 66,792. Reg. Elec. 10,150. 

Returning Officer— Axthxxr Walter Mills, Esq., 
Solicitor, i. Old Serjeants Inn, Chancery 
Lane. W.C. 

Wansheck [See Northumberland]. 
WARRINGTON (Lancashire) [1]. 

{Comprises tJie townships of \Varrington and 
Latchford, and part of the township of 




•Sir Gilbert Greenall, Bart. (C.) 4,010 
H7//ta»t Crossfitld ( L. ) . . • • 3, 234 

Pop, 45,353. Reg. Elec 8,030(6,711). 
RetMmimg OMeer—Jouefh Harrison, Eiq., 

I. P., 'rne Terrace, Latchford, Warrington, 



(TAf /art's Jut 0/ St. Mary. St. Skkalax. St. 
Paul, ami All Saints, Warwick, th« Mutu- 

ciptd Borot^ of Royai Leaminf^on S/a, 
guu/ tk* Local Govemmunt Dutricts 0/ 

MilvertOH and LilliHgton.) 


Right Hon. Arthur Wellesley 
Peel (L.) 

Edxvard Montagu Nelson (C.) • • 
Pop. 37.879. Reg. E'.ec 5,491. 

^r/MnKt<«^6>/^r«'r— Stephen William Stanton, 
Esq., J. P., The Butts, Warwick (Mayor of 

* North Eastern, or Ntmeaton CI]. 

The Sessional Division of Coventry, the 
Municipal Borough of Co7>entry, atu£ part 
of the Sessional Divisions ofAtnerstone and 

*Tasper William Johns (L.) .. 4,445 

John Stratford DugdaU, Q.C.{C.) 4. 1 69 

Pop. 47,344. Reg. Elec 10,061. 

• Northern, or Tamworth [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Birmingham and 
Solihull, part of the Sessional Divisions of 
Atiurston* and Coleshill, the Municipal 

Borouf^ ^ Birmingham, mmd that part of 
ik* Muniapal Borough of Tatitworth titua te 
in CO. IVarwicM.) 


tPhilip Albert Muntz (C.) .. 4,338 

miliam Phipson Feale {U) .. 3,858 

Pop. 47f3S3- R^- Elec 10,046. 

* SonUi Eastern, or Bni^by [1]. 

(Xke Sessional Divisions of Burton Dassett 
eutd Kington, Rugby, Soutkam, and Kenil- 
toortk {except that part included in the 
Parliamentary Borough of IVatwicA and 

•Henry Peyton Cobb (L.) .. 4,877 

ydmes Darlington (C. ) . . . . 3,533 

Pop. 49,391. Reg. Elec. 9,700. 

* South Western, or Btratford-on Avon 


{The Sessional Dimsions of Alcester, Brailes, 
HenUy, Stratford, and Snittcyfeld. and 
Watwick (.including the !^ I ^hops- 

Tachhrook), so much of (> IUti- 

sion of Kenilworth as i >i the 

Parliamentary Borough of H'aiii'ick ami 
Leamington, the Municipal Botoughs of 
Leamington, Stratford-on-Avon, cmd War- 

•Lx)rd William George Spencer 
Scott Douglas- Maclean-Comp- 
ton (L.) 

%Satripson Samuel Uoyd (C.) . . 
Pop. 47.022. Reg. Elec. 9.631. 

Returning OJlcer— The High Sheriff. 




WATERFORD (Borough) [IJ. 

Richard Power (H.R.).. ..2,308 

Fitzmaurice Gustavus Bloomfield 

(C.) 250 

Pop. 29.181. Reg. Elec. 3,946 (1,446). 
Returning Officer — Andrew Farrell, Esq., 

Merchants' Quay, Waterford (High Shenff 

of Waterford City.) 


♦ East Waterford [1]. 

(TA^ Baronies 0/ Gaultiere, Glenahiry, Mid- 
dlethird, and Upperthitd, and part of the 
Barony 0/ Decies "without Drumi) 

fPatrick Joseph Power (H.R.) 3,291 

Capi. lVi//tam de la Poer (C.) . . 314 

Pop. 39i597- Reg. Elec. 5,678. 

* West Waterford [1]. 

{^The Baronies of Coshmore and Coshbiide, 
and Decies within Drum, and part of the 
Barony of Decies without Drum.) 

*Jasper Douglas Pyne (H.R. ) . . 
Sir Richard Francis Keane^ Bart. 


Pop. 43,990. Reg. Elec. 6,025. 
Returning- Officer -The High Sheriff. 



Watford [See HertfordsUre]. 

WEDNESBURY (Staflfordslilre) [1]. 

(Comprises tlie parishes of Wednesbury^ 
Tipton, and Dariaston.) 

♦Wilson Lloyd (C.) . . . . 4,628 
I/cyn. Philip James Stanhope ( L. ) 4,433 

Pop. 68,142. Reg. Elec. 10,808(19,561). 
Returning C>^t:^r— Richard Williams, Esq., 

J. P., Brunswick House, Wednesbury. 

Wellington rSee Shropshire]. 

Wellington [See Somersetshire]. 

WeUs [See Somersetshire]. 

• WEST BROMWICH (Staflfordshlre) [1]. 
(The Municipal Borough of IVest Bromwich.) 

*John Horton Blades (L.) . . 3,988 
J anus Ernest. Spencer {Q.) . . 3,171 

Pop. 56,295. Reg. Elec. 8,749. 
Returning Officer — Councillor Thomas Rol- 
lason, West Bromwich (Mayor). 

Westbury [See Wiltshire]. 
West Derby [See Liverpool]. 

* WEST HAM (Essex; [2]. 

* North [1]. 

(^So much of the Parliamentary Borough of 

West Ham^ as is not included in the South 


♦Edward Rider Cook (L.) .. 4,219 

James Forrest Fulton {(Z.') .. 3,500 

Pop. 69,601. Reg. Elec. 10,026. 

* South [1]. 

(The Parliamentary Borough of West Ham. 
except that portion comprising the North 

♦Joseph Leicester (L.) .. .. 3,527 

Alp-ed John Pound (C. ) . . 2, 548 

Pop- 59.352- Reg. Elec. 8,942. 
Returning Officer— George A. Sedgwick, Esq., 
Solicitor, "Linton," Upton Lane, Forest 
Gate, E. 

West Houghton [See Lancashire, S.E.]. 


♦ North Westmeath [1]. 

(The Barotiies of Corkaree, Dek'in, Farbill 
and Fore, and part of the Baronies of Moy- 
goish, Moyashel, and Magherademon, and 

♦James Tuite (H.R.) .. .. 3*648 

John Mackay Wilson (L. ) . . 255 

Pop. 37,219. Reg. Elec. 5.517. 

• South Westmeath [1]. 

(The Baronies of Brawny, Clonlonan, KiU 
kenny West, Moycashel and Rathconrath, 
and part of the Baronies of Fartullagh, 
Moygoish, and Moyashel, and Maghera- 
♦JVI'Donell Sullivan (H.R.) .. 3.618 
Herman Smithwood Smith (C.) 200 

Pop. 34.579- Reg- Elec. 5,423. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

♦ WESTMINSTER (Middlesex) [1]- 

(The Westmittster District and Close of 

CoUegiate Church of St. Peter.) 



* William Lehman Ashmead 

Harilett Burdett-Coutts (C.).. 3,991 

Edward Spencer Beesly (L.) . . 1,736 
Pop. 60,175. Reg- Elec- 7»67o(ai.774). 

RetumiHg i?^r/r--WilHain James Fairer, 
Esq., 66, Lincoln's Inn Fields, and 33, Sack- 
villc Street. W. (High Bailiff of Westminster). 

* Northern, or Appleby [1]. 

(7** Sessional DivisioMS of Ambltsidt and 
East and West Wards.) 

tHon. William Lowther (C.) . . 2,694 

Alderman James Whitehead (L.) 2,684 

Pop. 31,383. Reg. Elec 6,673. 

* Southern, or Kendal [1]. 

{TJu Sessional Ditnsitms of Kendal and 
Lonsdale^ and the Mutucipal Borough 0/ 

fEarl of Bective (C.) .. .. 2,690 

X James Cropper (L.) . . , . 2,427 

Pop. 32,908. Reg. Elec. 6,149. 
Returning OJicer— The High Sheriff. 

* North Wexford [1]. 

{TAe Baronies 0/ Ballaghkeen North and 
South, Gorey, Scarawalsh, and Shelntaliere 
East, and parts of the Baronies of Bantry 
and Shelntaliere West.) 

tjohn Edward Redmond (H.R.) 6,531 

Viscount Stopford (C.) . . . . 817 

Pop. 61,610. Reg. Elec 9,768. 

* South Wexford d]. 

{Jke Baronies of Bart^, Forth and Shsl- 
bume, and part of tAe Baronies of Bantry 
and Shelntaliere West.) 

tJohn Barry (H.R.) 

Pop. 63,744. Reg. Elec. 9,577. 
Returning Officer— 'Wit. High Sheriff. 

Whithy [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 
Whitechapel [See Tower Hamlets]. 

WHITEHAVEN (Cumberland) [1]. 

{Comprises the township of Whitehaven ami 
Part of the township of Preston Quarter.) 

George Augustus Frederick 

Cavendish-Bentinck (C.) .. 1,336 
IVilliam Court Gully, Q.C. (L.) 1,125 

Pop. 19.395. Reg. Elec 3,767 (2,338). 
Returning Officer — 

WICK DISTRICT (00. Caithness) [1]. 

{JOomprising Wick, Cromarty, Dingwall, 
Dornoch, Kirk^vall, and Tain.) 

♦John McDonald Cameron (L.) 913 
XJohn Pender {U) .. .. 868 

Pop. 17,461. Reg. Elec. 2,015 (i.797)- 
Returning Officer— George Hunter M.Thomss, 
Esq. (Sheriff of co. Caithness, Orkney, and 
Zetland), 13, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. 


• East Wlcklow [1]. 

{The Baronies of Arklmv, Neivcastle, and 
Ratkdoum, and so much of the parish of 
C alary as is in Barony ofBallinacor North.) 
fWilliam Joseph Corbet (H.R.) 3,385 
Lieut. -Col. Charles George Tot- 
tenham (C.) . . . . . . 1,000 

Pop. 34.599- Reg- Elec. 5,569- 

• West Wicklow [1]. 

{The Baronies of Bcdlinncor North and South 
{except that part of the parish of Calary 
included in East Division), Shillelagh, aitd 
Talbotstovjn Upper and Lower.) 



♦Garret Michael Byrne (H.R.) 3,721 
William Wentworth Fitzwilliam 
Hume-Dick {C.) .. .. 871 

Pop. 35,787. Reg. Elec. 5,226. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Widnes [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 

WIGAN (Lancashire) [1]. 

{Comprises the imvuship of Wigan.) 

♦Francis Sharp Powell (C.) . . 3,637 
George Harris Lea (L.) ..2,721 

Pop. 48,194. Reg. Elec. 6,889 (6,638). 
'uming Officer— kXAcTTaza He ~ 


Returning Office 

wigan (Mayor) 

Alderman Henry Park, 

Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart. (C.) 2,704 
Hon. Hew Hamilton Dalrymple 

(L.) 2,625 

Pop. 38,452. Ree. Elec. 6,00^ (1.705)- 
F eturning Officer— ^ormaxi Macpnereon, Esq. 

2, Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh 
Dumfries and Galloway). 

(Sheriff of 

Wilton [See Wiltshire]. 

* Eastern, or Devizes [11. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Devizes, Ever ley, 
and Pewsey {except the t>arishes of Fight l- 
dean and Milston), and Marlborough, and 
Ramsbury, and the Municipal Borough of 
Devizes and Marlborough.) 

t Walter Hume Long (C.) . . 3,849 

William Barber^ Q.C. (L.) . . 3,752 

Pop. 51,696. Reg. Elec. 9,357. 

* Northern, or Cricklade [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Cricklade atid 

fMervin Herbert Nevil Story- 

Maskelyne (L.) . . . . 4,541 

William intone (C.) . . .. 2,770 

Pop. 47,582. Reg. Elec. 9,031. 
* North-Westem, or Chippenham [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Calne, Chippen- 
ham, and Alalmesbury.) 

*Banister Fletcher (L.). . . . 3,886 
Major Lord Henry Arthur 

George Somerset {Q..). . • • 3>574 
Pop. 44,781. Reg. Elec. 8,853. 

* Southern, or Wilton [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Hindon, and 
Salisbury, and Amesbury, the Municipal 
Borough of Salisbury, and the parishes of 
Figheldean, Milston, Fisherton-de-la-Mere, 
and Wily.) 

*Sir Thomas Fraser Grove, Bart. 

(L.) 4,151 

%Hon. Sidney Herbert (C.) . . 3,329 
Pop. 45,116. Reg. Elec. 8,675. 

* Western, or Westbury [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Bradford, Melk- 
shatn, Trowbridge, and Westbury, War- 
minster {except the parishes of Fishertoji- 
de-la-Mere and Wily), and Whorwelsdon.) 




'>V^ .r 

•George Pargiter Fuller (L) . . 5,333 
t/^f. Hon. Lord Henry Frederick 
Thynne (C.) 3,639 

Pop. 53.355- Reg- Klec. 10,566. 
Returning Officer— "Wit. High Sheriff. 

Wimbledon [See Surrey]. 

WINCHESTER (Hampshire) W\ 

(Consists o/tht city 0/ li 'inckester.) 

t Arthur Loftus Tottenham (C.) 1,153 
X Viscount Baring (L. ) . . . . 982 

Pop. 17,780. Reg. Elec. 2,138 (2,048X 

Returning Officer— }o\in Blalceway Little, 

Esq., 2, Clifton Road, Winchester (Mayor). 

WINDSOR (Berkshire) [1]. 

{Consists of tlie f-arish of Nr:i> h-'im/sor, tAc 
lower ward of the C as tie, ami parts <>/ the 
parishes ofCle^i'er, Berks, and Eton, Bucks.) 

Col. Robert Richardson-Gardner 

(C-) 1.431 

Hon. Henry Edmund Butler (L. ) 966 

Pop. 19,082. Reg. Elec 2,612 (2,292). 
Returning O^cer— Joseph Lundy, Esq., J. P., 
Windsor (Mayor). 

Wlrral [See CHieshlre]. 

Wisbech [See Cambrldireshlre]. 

Wokingham [See Berkshire]. 

WOLVERHAMPTON (Staffordshire) [3]. 

• East [11. 

{The Wards 0/ St. Mary, St. Jestnet, and St. 
Peter, and th* parishes 0/ WedMesjleld and 

t Henry Hartley Fowler (L.) . . 3,93^ 

Walter Bird {C.) .. ..2,648 

Pop. 53.424- Reg. Elec. 7,517. 

• South ri]- 

(Tht parishes 0/ Sedgley and Bilston {except 
the part included in the West Division.) 

Right Hon. Charles Pelham V illiers ( L.) 

Pop- 55.746- Reg. Elec 8,636. 

• West [1]. 

{The Wards o/St. Mark, St. Paul. St. John, 
St. George, and St. Matthew, and fart nf 
tht parish of Bilston known as Ettingshail 
New Village.) 

♦Alfred Hickman (C.) . . - - 3.722 
William Chichele Plowden (L.) 3,569 

Pop. 55,162. Reg. Elec 8,391. 
Returning C>/^f<»- — Joseph Green Wright, 
Esq., Wolverhampton (Mayor). 

Woodbridge [See Suffolk]. 
Woodstock [See Oxfordshire]. 

• WOOLWICH (Kent) [1]. 

{The parishes 0/ Woolwich, Eltham, and 

* Edwin Hughes (C.) . . .. 4.760 
Col. Henry Montagu HozieriX-) 3.549 

Pop. 74.963- Reg Elec 9,769. 
Returning Officer — George Whale, Esq., 
Solicitor, 39, William Street, Woolwich, S.E. 



WORCESTER (Borough) [1]. 

{Comprising the parishes of All Saints, St. 
Alban, St. Andrew, St. Clement, St. Helen, 
St. Michael, St. Nicholas, St. S within, the 
Blockhouse, the College precincts, attd the 
Tithing of Whistones, part of^the parishes 
of Claines, St. John, St. Martin, St. Peter, 
and Hallow.) 

♦Hon.George Higginson Allsopp 

(C.) 2,974 

\Thomas R<nvley Hill (L.) . . 2,890 

Pop. 40,354- Reg. Elec. 6,714 (6,525). 
Returning Officer— The Sheriff of Worcester 



♦ Eastern [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions ofBromsgrove (except 
the parishes of Grafton Manor, Stoke Prior, 
and Upton Warren). Northfield {except the 
parish of Northfeld), and Redditch {except 
the parishes of Feckenham, Inkberrow, 
Bentley Pauncefoot, and Webheath).) 
fGeorge Woodyatt Hastings ( L. ) 3,685 
Frederick Albert Bosanquet, Q. C. 

(C.) 3«i94 

Pop. 44,848. Reg. Elec. 8,187. 

• Mid, or Droltwlcli [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Droitwich, Kid- 
derminster, and Stourbridge ^.except the 
parishes of Cradley, Lutley, and Lye), tfu 
Municipal Boroughs of Droitwich and 
Kidderminster, and the parishes of Lower 
Mitton with Stourport, Upper Mitton, 
Bentley Pauncefoot, IVebhiath, Grafton 
Manor, Stoke Prior, and Upton Warren.) 

* Northern [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Halesowen and 

Oldbury, the Municipal Borough of Dudley, 

and the parishes of Cradley, Lutley, Lye, 

and Northfeld.) 

*Benjainin Hingley (L.) . . 5,774 

John W. Willis-Bund {C.) . . 2,155 

Pop. Si>5i4- Reg. Elec. 10,573. 

* Southern, or Evesham [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions ofBlockley, Evesham, 
Pershore. and Upton-on-Sevem, the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Evesham, and the parishes 
of Feckenham, Inkberrow, and Little Mal- 

tJohn Corbett (L.) 

Pop. 48,017 Reg. Elec. 9,484. 

♦Sir Richard Temple, Bart, 

G.C.S.I. (C.) 4,080 

Arthur Chamberlain (L.) . . 3,848 
Pop. 49,708. Reg. Elec. 9,522. 

♦ Western, or Bewdley (!]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Hundred House, 
Malvern {except the parish of Little Mal- 
vern), Stourport {except the parishes of 
Lower Mitton with Stourport, and Upper 
Mitton), Tenbury, and Worcester, and the 
Municipal Boroughs of Bewdley and Wor- 

fSir Edmund Anthony Harley 

Lechmere, Bart. (C.) . . 4.525 
yohn /'ell (L.) 3.01 5 

Pop. 51,460. Reg. Elec. 9,833. 
Returning O^cer— The High Sheriff. 

Wycomhe [See Buckinghamshire]. 



• TABMOUTB. CttBAT (Norfolk) [1]. 

(Th* Mmnicipml Bor^t;k o/Grtat Y'arwumik, 
tJU wkoU if tkt ^nsk of GcrUttoH, and a 
Pmrt 0f tkt /mttsk of Runkam, sitiftd im 

fSir Henry Whatley Tyler (C.) 2,653 
Capt, Cecil Norton i^..) . . ..2,458 

Pop. 46,749. Reg. Elec. 6,95a 
Returuinr <^<rrr— Thomas B. Steward, Esq., 
Great Yarmouth (Mayor). 

YORK (Borongh) [2]. 

(Comprises tlu City Librrty, the ttnvnskip of 
St. O/ave Afaryxtte, farts of the tcwnshifs 
of Cliftott, Hnvorth, and Fulford, and so 
much of the Municipal Borough of York 
{including the parts added thereto by the 
York Extension and Improvement Act, 
1884) «u VMU not included in the old Pariior 
mentary Borough.) 

•Alfred Edward Pease (L.) . . 
Frank Lockwood, Q.C. (L.) .. 
\Sir Frederick George Miltur^ 

Bart. (C.) 

Capt. James LHghy Legard (C.) 

Pop. 61,166. Reg. Elec. 12,415(11,395). 
Returning Officer — Samuel Wright, Esq., 

Fairmount House, Mount Vale, York (Sheriff 

of York City). 





• Buckrose [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Sainton Beacon, 
Buckrose, and Dickering.) 

tChristophcr Sykes (C.) . . 4.081 

John James Cousins (L.) . . 3,785 

Pop. 5a,47o. Reg. Elec 9,113. 

* HolderneM [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of A fiddle. Sort: 
and South Holdemess, and Sorth HunsL 
Beacon, and the Municipal Boroughs oj 
Beverley and Ktngston-upon-Hull.) 

♦George Richard Bethell, Com. 

R.N. (C.) 4.166 

XLieut. Col. Gerard Smith (L.).. 3,537 

Pop. 4>.48i- Reg. Elec. 9,143. 

* Howdenshlre [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Holme Beacon^ 
Hotvdenshire, South Hunsley Beacon, lYil- 
ton Beacon, and O use and Derwent{erceft 
so much as is included in the extended 
Municipal Borough of Yorl:).) 

* Arthur Duncombe (< 
Anthony George Sheill 

Pop. 51,371. Reg. Elec 9,503. 

3' 334 

* Cleveland [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of East Langbaurgh 
(except the parishes oj^ Danby and Easing- 
tn and West Langbaurgh ana 

Municipal ~ Borough of 

ton), Norti 

Yarm, and the 

♦Henry Fell Pease (L.) ..6,948 

%IIon. Guy Cuthbert Dawnay (C.) 2,845 
Pop. 59,464. Reg. Elec. 11,788. 

• Biclixnond [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of AUertonshire, 
East and lYest Gilling, East and West 
Hang , and Greta Bridge, attd the Municipal 
Borough of Richmond^ 

fSir Frederick Acclom ..x.w^..,.,x, 

Bart. (L.) 4,869 

X George William Elliott (C.) . . 4,320 
Pop. 58,830. Reg. Elec. 11,237. 

• Thlrsk and Malton [IJ. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Birdforth, Halli- 
keld, Malton, and West Bulmer, part of 
the Sessional Divisions of East Bulmer, the 
Wapentake of the Ainsty of York, and the 



Municipal Borough of York, including the 
additions added to it by the Act 47 and 
48 Vict., c. ccxxxii.). 

fLieut. Col. the Hon. Lewis 

Payn Dawnay (C.) .. .. 5,966 

Edward RussboroughTurton^^.) 4,503 
Pop. 58,614. Reg. Elec. 12,637. 

* WMtby [1]. 
{^he Sessional Divisions 0/ East and West 
Pickering Lythe, Ryedale, and Whitby 
Strand, the Municipal Borortgh of Scir- 
borough, and the parishes 0/ Danby and 

♦Ernest William Denison (C.)- • 5>049 

XArthur Pease {I..) .. ..4,709 

Pop. 58,519. Reg. Elec. 11,350. 

* Barkston Ash [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Lower Barkston, 
part of the Sessional Divisions of Skyrack, 
upper Barkston Ash, and Wctherby, and 
the parisfies of Griniston, Kirkby Wharf 
ivith North Milford, Newton Kyme with 
Toulston, Sutton with Hazlewood, Tad- 
caster West, Towton, and Ulleshelf.) 
fCol. Robert Gunter (C.) .. 4,600 
Thomas Bay ley (L.) . . .. 3,694 
Pop. 49,360. Reg. Elec. 8,411. 
* Osgoldcross [1]. 

{The Municipal Borous^h of Pont efr act, the 
Wapentake of Osgoldcross, and part of the 
Sessional Divisions of Upper Barkstone 
Ash, and Skyrack.) 

fSir John William Ramsden, 

Bart. (L.) 5,i53 

Reginald Bardy (C.) . . . . 3,053 
Pop. 53.053- Reg. Elec. 10,322. 

* Otley [1]. 

(TJte Sessional Division of Otley, and tJie 
parishes of Beamsley in Addingham, Beams- 
ley in Skipton, Bingley and Micklethwaite, 
Hazlewood with Storris, Morton, and Nes- 
field with Latigbar.) 
■fSir Andrew Fairbaim (L.) . . 5,048 
Frederick William Fison (C.) . . 3,639 
Pop. 56,718. Reg. Elec. 9,885. 

* Pudsey [1]. 

( The Municipal Borough of Leeds, the parishes 
of Diighlington, Hunsworth, and Tang, so 
much of the parishes of Calverley with 
Parsley and Pudsey as are not included in 
the Municipal Borough of Bradford, and 
part of the Sessional Division of Skyrack.) 

*Briggs Priestly (L.) . . . . '6,363 

Surr William Duncan (C.) . . 4,039 

Pop. 45,511. Reg. Elec. 11,989. 

* Ripon [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Clars and Kirkby 
Malzeard, the Liberty of Ripon, and the 
Municipal Borough of Ripon.) 

* William Harker (L.) . . . . 3,985 

John Lloyd Wharton (C.) , . 3,820 

Pop. 52,252. Reg. Elec. 9,049. 

♦ Spen Valley [1]. 

{The parishes of Gomersal, Heckmondwike, 
Liversedge, Cleckheaton, Clifton, Harts- 
head, and Wike.) 

♦Joseph Woodhead (L.) . . 5,826 

jfohn Evelyn Gladstone (C.) . . 2,782 

Pop. 54»483. Reg. Elec. 9,645. 

* EUand [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of Halifax, the 
parishes of EUand with Greetland, Fixby, 
Hipperholme with Brigliouse, Rastrick, 
Shelf, and Stainland with Old Lindley, 
and so much of the pai ishes of Northowram, 
Ovenden, and Southowra?n as is not in- 
cluded in the Municipal Borough of Hali- 

•Thomas Wayman (L.). . ..6,516 

Capt. F. C. Rasch (C.) . . . . 3,458 

Pop. 59,758. Reg. Elec. 11,851. 

* KeigWey [1]. 

{The parishes of Cowling, Glusbum, Keighley, 
Steeton with Eastburn, Sutton, Haworth, 
Thornton, and Wilsden.) 

tisaac Holden (L.) . . . . 5,058 
William Henry Caiier Dunhill 

(C.) 2,813 

Pop. 56,547. Reg. Elec. 10,072. 


• ghiplAy [1]. 

(7*** Municipal Borough of Bradford, and 
tk* parishes qf Clavton, EccUshaU, IdU, 
North Brierley, and Shipley.) 

♦Joseph Craven (L.) . . . . 7,022 

Laurepce Hardy (C.) . . . . 4,825 

Pop. 58,205. Reg. Elec 14,066. 

• Sklpton [1]. 

(Th« Waptntak* of Ski/ton and Eivtcross 
{except the paiishes 0/ Cowling, Glusbum, 
Keighley, Steetom with Easthtru, and 

fSir Mathew Wilson, Bart. (L.) 5,059 

Samuel Cunliffe Lister (C.) . . 4,269 

Pop. 56,906. Reg. Elec 10,796. 

• Bow6rl>y [1]. 

{J'he parishes 0/ Barkisland, Erringden, 
Heptonstall, Langjield, Midgley, Norlandy 
Rishfvorih, Sowerby, Stansfield^ Wads- 
worth, a$td IVarley, and that part 0/ the 
parish of Skircoat not included in the 
Municipal Borough 0/ Halifax.) 

Edward Crossley (L.) . . . . 6,418 
\Sir FercUrick George Milner^ 

Bart. 2,960 

Pop. 60,3x9. Reg. Elec 11,364. 


• Bamsley [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Dirnsion of Staincross, 
eutd the parish of Hemsworth.) 

•Courtney Stanhope Kenny (L.) 6,705 
Brwe Canning Vernon- Went- 

tvorth (C.) 2,722 

Pop. 62,381. Reg. Elec x 1,000. 

• Colne VaUey [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Dhnsions of Saddle- 
worthand Upper Agghrigg, and the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Huddenfield.) 

♦Henry Frederick Beaumont (L.) 5,398 

Thomas Brooke (C.) . . . . 4»54i 

Pop. 55,8ao. Reg. Elec. 10,881. 

• Doncaster [1]. 

tPart of the Sessional Divisions of Lower 
Strafforth and Tickhill. and Upper Straf 
forth and Tickhill, and the Municipal 
Borough nf Doncaster.) 

•Walter Shirley Shirley (L.) . . 5,680 
Hon. Alfred Erskine Gathome- 

Hardy (C.) 4,700 

Pop. 63,079. Reg. Elec 13,158. 

* Hallamablre [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of Sheffield, and 
part of the Sessional Divisions of Uf>fer 
Strafforth and Tickhill, and Staincross. ) 

+ Frederick Thorpe Mappin (L.) 6,454 
Hon. IViiliam Charles Went- 
worth- Fitzivilliam (C.) . . 4,457 

Pop. 61,560. Reg. Elec. 13,176. 
• Holmflrtli [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Divisions of Upper 
AggMgg and Steuncross?) 

•Henry Joseph Wilson (L.) . . 6,208 

Hon. Hemage Leg^ (C.) . . 3,164 

Pop. 63,859. Keg. Elec 10,770. 

• Morley [1]. 

{Part <f the Sessional Divisions of Dewshury 
and Lower Aggbrigg, and the Municipal 
Boroughs of Bat ley and Detvsbury.) 

•Charles George Milnes- Cask ell 

(L.) 6,684 


(c.) 3,177 

Pop. 59.363. Reg. Elec. 11,467. 

* Normanton \Xl 

{Part of the Sessional Division of Lo7ver 
Aggbrigg, and the Municipal Borough of 

•Benjamin Pickard (L.) . . 5,608 

Albany Hawke CharUsworth (C. ) 3, 706 

Pop. 6a, 545. Reg. Elec. i4,479- 

* Rotherham [1]. 

{Pari of the Sessional Diz'isions of Upper 
Strafforth and Tickhill, and the Municipal 
Borough of Rotherham.) 

♦Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland 

(L.) 6,301 

Afajor IVilliam Wright Hoole [C ) 2,257 

Pop. 65,014. Reg. Elec. 10,730. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 



140, 141, 142, & 143, HIGH HOLBORN, LONDON; 


And crescent IRON WORKS, SALFORD. 

Awarded upwards ot 


Gold and Silver Medals 

and First Priaes. 

Two Gold Medals, 

International Health 

Exhibition, 1884. 

Gold Medal, 


International Exhibit 

tion, 1883. 

Gold Medal 


SiLTER Medal, 

Royal Dublin Society, 

Silver Medal, 
Royal Agricultural 
Society of England, 

THE MANY LAUNDRIES,— of almost every capacity, 
both for— Hand Power,— Steam Power,— Gas Power,- Water Power,- 
—that we have during the last twenty-five years fitted up almost 
everywhere,— have uniformly been satisfactory in their results— 
those of recent years more especially so. Economy,— and a perfect 
and thorough system of cleansing and purifying all sorts of linen,— 
more especially body linen — so essential to bodily health, — are 
absolutely ensured. 

Consultatibn by appointment ;— every class of Laundry can be 
inspected in operation,— complete plans furnished when required, 
—as required— for House, Mansion, School, Hotel, Workhouse, 
Asylum, Hospital, or Steam Laundry. 

Catalogue with 70 IlluBtrations 

Of Laundry Machinery and Appliances, including,— 
Washing Machines, Wringers, Mangles, Drying and Airing Closets,. 
Ironing Machines, Laundry Stoves, and Laundry Requisites, free by 
post on application. 

Awarded Special Gold Medal, Dublin, 1884. 

OUR MODEL DAIRY FITTINGS consist of 'Diaphragm * 
Barrel and 'Declivity' Box Chums, 'Albany' and 'Springfield' 
Butter Workers, Revolving -Disc Milk Pan Stands, to which some 
40 Gold and Silver Medals have been awarded. See special Dairy 
Catalogue (which is very oomprehensive), free by post. 



Jt ixXJLaXaxxJtCX) <jG ViJKJn 





Paillard's Musical Boxes bear the above Trade Mark, and can be 

obtained at almost all the principal Music Sellers and Jewellers in 

the United Kingdom. 


*'-AL.iiiol>eaii" 3i;ii.sical ]Boxes, 

Which differ from the ordinary changeable Cylinder Musical Boxes, 

in this most important point, viz. : that an unlimited number of new 

cylinders can be supplied without requiring the original Box. 




Peers' surnames are given on page 274, and Eldest Sons' titles on page 273. 
Irish Representative Peers. t Scotch Representative Peers. J Not a Peer of Parliamen 

Reigning Sovereign. 
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, 

Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 
and Ireland^ Defender of the Faith, and 
Empress of India, b. May 24th, 1819 ; s. June 
20th, 1837 ; crowned June 28th, 1838 ; m. Feb. 
loth, 1840, H.R.H. Prince Albert of Saxe- 
Coburg and Gotha (Prince Consort), who d. 
Dec. 14th, 1861 ; h.-a., Albert Edward, Prince 
of Wales {see infra]. Palaces — Windsor Castle, 
Berkshire ; Osborne House, Isle of Wight ; 
Balmoral, Scotland ; Buckingham Palace, S.W. 

Peers of the Blood Royal. 
WALES, PRINCE of. Albert 

Edward, K.G., K.T., K.P., F.M., P.C., 
G.C.S.I., G.C.B., LL.D., D.C.L., b. 1841 ; 
h.-a., Albert Victor Christian Edward, K.G., 
b. 1864. Residences— 'S>2J\Ar\n^^xa Hall, King's 
Lynn, Norfolk ; Birk Hall, Aberdeenshire ; 
Marlborough House, Pall Mall, S.W. Clubs— 
Travellers', United Service. Junior United Ser- 
vice, Army and Navy, Marlborough, Guards', 
Junior Naval and Military, United University, 
Turf, Yorkshire, Royal Victoria Yacht, Hur- 


Ernest Albert, K.G.,K.T.,K.P..G. CM. G., 
G.C.S.I., P.C, LL.D., b. 1844, f. 1866; h.-a., 
Albert .\lexander Alfred Ernest William, E. 
Ulster, b. 1874. Residence — Clarence House, 
St. James's, S.W. C/w<5j— Travellers', White's. 
United Service, Junior United Service, Army 
and Navy, Marlborough, Junior Naval and 
Military, Edinburgh University, Hurlingham. 

EARN, DUKE OF. Arthur William 
Patrick Albert, K.G. K.T., K P., P.C, 
G.C.M.G.. G.CS.I.,*. 1850; c. 1874; h.-a., 
Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert, E. Sussex, b. 
1883. Residence — Bagshot Park, Surrey. 
Clubs — Army and Navy, Marlborough, 

ALBANY, DUKE of. Leopold 
Charles Edward Duncan Albert, and 
Duke, b. 1884, s. 1884. 


William Frederick Charles, K.G., K.P., 
F.M., K.T., G.C.B., G.C.H., G.M.M.G., 
G.C.S.L, P.C, D.C.L.. LL.D., 2nd Duke, b. 
1819, s. 1850. Residence — Gloucester House, 
Park Lane, W. Official Residence— Horse 
Guards, Whitehall, S.W. Clubs— United Ser- 
vice, White's, Travellers', Army and Navy, 
Junior Naval and Military, St. James's, Marl- 

DALE, Duke of. Ernest Augustus Wil- 
liam Adolphus George Frederick, K.G., 
G.C.H., 3rd Duke, /J. 1845, j. 1878; h.-a., George 
William Christian Albert Edward Alexander 
Frederick Walderaar Ernst Adolph, E. Armagh, 

1880. Residence— Cmiinden, Austria. 

Peers and Peeresses. 
Abercorn, Duke of. (Sits as M.) 
James Hamilton, C.B., 2nd D., b. 1838, s. 
1885 ; h.-a., James Albert Edward, M. Hamil- 
ton, b. 1869. vJ^a^j— Baron's Court, Newton 
Stewart, co. Tyrone; Duddingston House, 
Portobello, N.B. Town Reside?ice— Hampden 
House, 58, Green Street, W. C/^^Z-j— Carlton. 
Travellers'. White's, St. Stephen's, Turf, Marl- 
borough, Sackville Street. 

Abercromby, Baron. George 
Ralph Abercromby, 4th B., b. 1838, j. 1852 ; 
h.-p., his brother John, b. 1841. Seats— Ainhrie 
Castle, Stirling; Fern Tower, Crieff, N.B. ; 
Tullibody, Clackmannan. Town Residence— 
39, Charles Street, W. Club— Turf. 

Aberdare, Baron. Henry Austin 

Bruce, P.C, G.C.B., D.C.L., ist ^., b. 1815, 
c. 1873, h.-a., Henry Campbell, b. 1851. Seat— 
Duffryn, Aberdare, Glamorganshire. To^vn 
Residence— I, Queen's Gate, S.W. Clubs— 
Athenaeum, Devonshire. 

Aberdeen, Earl of. (Sits as V. 
Gordon.) John Campbell Hamilton- 
Gordon, 7th ^., b. 1847, J. 1870; h.-a. , George, 
L. Haddo, b. 1879. Seats— Haddo House. 
Aberdeen; Tarland, Aboyne, N.B. Town 
Residence— yj, Grosvenor Square, W. Ch4i 
— Windham. 

Abergavenny, Marquess of. Wil- 
liam Nevill, K.G., 1st M., b. 1826, c. 1876; 
h.-a., Reginald William Bransby, E. Lewes, b. 
1853. Seat—^^dge Castle, Tunbridge Wells. 
Town Residence— 34,DoverStreet,W. Clubs— 
Carlton, Conservative, Yorkshire, Turf, Junior 
Carlton, Beaconsfield. 

Abingdon, Earl of. Montagu 

Arthur Bertie, 7th ^..3. 1836, s. 1884; h.-a., 
Montague Charles Francis, L. Norreys, b. i860. 
Seat Wyiham Abbey, Oxford. Clubs— Tra- 
vellers', White's, Turf. 

Abinger, Baron. William Frede- 
rick Scarlett, C.B., 3rd B., b. 1826, j. 1861: 
h.-a., JamesYorkeMacgregor, (5. 1871. Seat— 
Inverlochy Castle, Kingussie, Inverness. To7t/n 
Residence— 46, Cornwall Gardens, S.W. Clubs 
— Carlton, United Service, Guards', Empire. 

Acton, Baron. John Emerich 
Edward Dalberg-Acton, ist B., b. 1834, c. 
1869 ; h.-a., Richard Maximilian, b. 1870. Ch^^s 
— Brooks's. Athenaeum, Travellers', Devon- 

Ailesbury, Marquess of. Ernest 
Augustus Charles Brudenell-Bruce, P. C, 
3rd M., b. 1811, s. 1878 ; h.-p., his grandson, 
George William Thomas, F. Savernake, b.1863. 
Seats — Savernake Forest, Marlborough; Jer- 
veaux Abbey, Bedale ; Villa Marbeila, Biarritz, 
France. Tozun Residence — 6, St. George's 
Place, S.W. C/«^j— Travellers', Carlton, 
Boodle's, Athenaeum, St. James's, White's 




AiLSA, Marquess of. Archibald 
Kennboy, 3rd hf., h. 1847, s. 1870: A.-/*., 
Archibald. E. CaasillU, b. 187a. Seat*— 
CusUlu House, Cuhean Castle, and Newark 
Castle, Ayrshire. Town Rttidrmc* — la, 
Charles Street, Berkeley Square. W. Clmis^ 
Guards', Royal Yacht. 

fAiRLiE, Earl of. David Stanley 
William Oqiuvy, 10th J?. (S.P.). A. 1S56, *. 
1881 : A.-/., his brother, Lyulph Gtlchritt 
Stanley, i>. 1861. Seats — Airlie Ca&tle, Cor- 
tachie ('aj>tle, and Auchterhotise. Forfarshire : 
Clunie and Keltic C'*stlcs, Perthshire. Cluit 
—-Guards', Marlborough. 

Albany, Duke oi—see " Peers of the 
Blood Royal." 

Albemarle, Earl of. George 

Thomas KBrPKLL, 6th E., b. 1799. i. 1831; 
h,m.. WiUiam Coutts. K Bury (see that title]. 
ShU — Quindenham Hall, Attleburxh, Norfolk. 
Toum ResitUnce—Z, Fortman Square, W. 
Clubt—Aihetaexxm, Brooks's. Fox. 

Alcester, Baron. Frederick 

Bbai-champ Sbymouh, G.CB., ist B., c. 1885. 
Kesidetut- aa, Ryder Street, St, lamcs's, S.W. 
C/«^j— United Service. White's, Marlborough, 
Travellers', Garrick, Pratt's. 

Alington, Baron. HENRY Gerard 

Sturt, ist B., b. i8a5, c. 1876 ; k.-a,, Humph- 
rey Napier, b. lijn. .9^/— Crichel, Wim- 
boume, Dorset. Timm RftuUmce—kWnglon 
House, S. Audlev Street, W. C7»A*— White's, 
Carlton, Turf, &larlborough. 

Amherst, Earl. William Pitt 

Amhbrst, and E., b. i8os, *. 1857: A.-«., 
William Archer, K Holmesdale (who siu as S. 
Amherst), ^. 1836. 5'ra/— Montreal, Seveooaks. 
7<mMi Rttidrtut -43, Grosvenor Square, W. 
C/«^ir— Carlton, Hurlingham. 

Am PTH ILL, Baron. Oliver Arthur 

ViLLIERS Ru&SBLL, and B., b. 1869, s. 1884 : 
A../., his brother, Villiei* Odo Wiiriam Theo- 
philus, b. 1870. Rtsidmct—i^ Stratford Place, 
Oxford Street, W. 

Anglesey, Marquess of. Henry 

Paget. 4th M., b. 1835, s. 1880; A.-*, Henry 
Cyril, E. Uxbridee,* 1875. .fro/r— Beaudesert, 
Lichfield : Plis-Newydd, Bangor ; Llanfair, 
Anglesey. C/«^«— Marlborougl^ Carlton, Gar- 
rick, TurC 

Annaly, Baron. Luke White, 

K.P., and B.. b. iSag, *. 1873. *,-«., Luke, b. 
1857. 5"^/*— Woodlands Castle, Clonsillaiy CO. 
Dublin ; Rathcline House, co. Longford. C/uis 
— United Service. Brooks's, Army and Navy, 
Kildare Street, Sl George's Yacht. 

•Annesley, Earl. Hugh Annes- 

LEY, sth E. (IP.), b. 1831, *. 1874: A. -a., 
Francis, L. Glerawley, b. 1884. .S"<^fl/j— Castle- 
wellan, co. Down ; Donard Lodsje, Newcastle, 
CO. Down. Tcvm Residence— Anntsley Lodge, 
Sussex Place, Regent's Park, N.W. Clubs— 
Carlton. White's. 

^Antrim, Earl of. William Ran- 

DAL McDonnell. 9th E. (I. P.), b. 1831, s. 
1869 : A. -a. . Randal Mark Kerr, K Dunluce, b. 
1878. .$"<•«/— Glenarm Castle, Lame, co. 
Antrim. Ci$tbs—St. James's, White's, Tra- 

Arbuthnott, 9th r. (S.P.), b. 1806,*. i860; 

A -A, John, ^. 1843. 5'/a/— Arbuthnott House. 
Fourdoun, Kiocardincahire. C/ii3— Scuttu>ti 

Ardilaun, Baron. Arthur Ed- 
ward GUINNB&S, ist B., f> iR.(o' iR^L. 
A.-/, to baronetcy, his br.- 
b. 184a. Seats — Ashford < 

St. Anne's, Clontarf, co. Di 

4£rNC#— II, Carlton House Terrace. S.W. 
—Carlton, Garrick, Kildare Street, I ' 
University, St. George's Yacht. 

Argyll, Dukeof. (Sitsas A Sun- 


Campbell. K.G.,K.T., PC, LL.D.D « I 
F.R.S., 8th D.,b. 1833, «. 1847; A.-rt.. i m 
George Eldward Henry Douglas SutluM 
M. Lorne. K.T., P.C, G.C.M.G.. /- 
.S"<m/x— Inverary C^tle, Argvllshire ; 1 
neath Castle, Dumbarton : M.tch.-irioch..\i„) il 
shire. Tifrvn Res: 11 Lodije, 4, 

Campden Hill. K W. Clubt— 

AtheiUBum. Travelk-i- , ;ic. 

Arran, Earl of. (.Sits as B. Sud- 
LBY.) Arthur Saunders William Charles 
Fox Gore. 5th E. (IP.), b. i8w. s. 1884; 
A-*., Arthur J occlyn Charles. V. Sudley, b. 
1868. .Jm/— Castle Ciore, Balliney. co. Mayo. 
Ttmm Residence — 16, Hertford Street. W. 
C/»Ar-White's, Brooks's, Travellers', Kildare 

Arundell of Wardour, Baron. 

John Francis Arundbll, lath B., b. 1831. s. 
i86a ; A.-/., his brother. Rev, Everard Aloy- 
sius Goniaga, b. 1834. Seats — 'Ws.rd<mr 
Castle, Tisbury. Wilts; Lanheme, Cornwall. 
C/«^— Athenaeum. 

Ashbourne, Baron. Edward Gib- 
son, P.C, LL.D., ist B., b. 1837, c. 1885: 
k.-a., William, b. 1868. Residences— Q3, Fitx- 
William Square, Dublin : Chateau de la 
C^herie, Boulogne-sur-Mcr. C/uls — C^riton, 
Athenaeum, Kildare Street, Dublin University. 

J Ash BROOK, Viscount. William 
SrsNCBR Flowbr. 7th K (I. P.), b. 1830, *. 
188a : A.-/., his brother, Robert Thomas, b. 
1836. ^'i'a/— Castle Durrow, Abbeyleix, Queen's 
CO. Residence— 99, Palmeira Squau«, Brighton. 

Ashburnham, Earl of. Bertram 

Ashburnham. 5th E., b. 1840, «. 1878; A.-/., 
his brother, John, b. 1845. Seats — Ashburnham 
Place Battle, Sussex; Barking Hall, Need- 
ham Market, Suffolk, Town Residence— y>, 
Dover Street, W. C/«^*- Travellers', While's, 
Carlton, Turf. 

Ashburton, Baron, Alexander 

Hugh Baring, 4th B., b. 1835, s. 1868 : A-<i., 
Francis Denril Edward, b. 1866. Seat— The 
Grange, near Alresford. ToTvn Residence — 
Bath House. 83. Piccadilly, W. Clnis— 
Travellers'. White's. Turf. 

^Ashtown, Baron. Frederic 

Oliver Trench, 3rd B. (I. P.), b. 1868, *. 
1880; A-/., his brother, William Cosby, b. 
1869. .y^/i/— Woodlawn, co. Galway. 

Athlumney, Baron. (Sits as B. 
Meredyth.) James Herbert Gustavus 
Meredyth Somerville, and^.. b. 1865, *. 
1873 ; A,-/, to baronetcy, his kinsman, James, 
b. 18—. 5"^a/— Somerville, Navan, co. Mealh. 

ATHOLE,Duke of.{Sitsas£.STRANGE.) 



John James Hugh Henrv Stewart-Mur- 
ray, K.T., 7th D., b 1840, J. 1864 ; fu-cu, John 
George, M. Tullibardine, b. 1871. Seat — 
Blair Castle, Blair Athole, Perthshire, N.B. 
Tmvn Residence — 84, Eaton Place, S.W. 
C/«/Jj— Guards', Turf, Carlton, Marlborough, 

Auckland, Baron. William George 

Eden, 4th B., b. 1829, s. 1870 ; h.-a., William 
Morton, b. 1859. Seat — Edenthorpe, Don- 
caster. Clubs — Travellers', Yorkshire. 

AvELAND, Baron. Gilbert Henry 

HeathcoteDrummond-Willoughby, P.C, 
2nd B., b. 1830, s. 1867 ; h.-a., Gilbert, b. 1867. 
Seats — Normanton Park, Stamford ; Stocken 
Hall, Oakham ; Bulby House, Bourn, 
Lincolnshire. Town Residence — 12, Belgrave 
Square, S.W. C/m^j— Travellers', White's, 
Turf, Marlborough. 

:}: Avon MORE, Viscount. William 

Algernon Yelverton, 6th f^. (LP.), b. 1866, 
s. 1885 ; h.-p., his kinsman, William Henry 
Morgan, <J. 1840. Seati—V,&\\t. Isle, Roscrea, co. 
Tipperary ; Hazle Rock, Westport, co. Mayo. 

Aylesford, Earl of. Charles 

WiGHTwicK Finch, 8th E., b. 1851, s. 1885 ; 
h.-a., Heneage Greville, L. Guernsey, b. 1883. 
Seat — OfTchurch, near Leamington. Clubs — 
Junior Carlton, Marlborough. 

+AYLMER, Baron. Udolphus 

Avlmer, 7th B. (LP.), b. 1814, 5. 1858 : h.-a., 
Matthew,^. 1842. Residence — Melbourne, East 

Bagot, Baron. William Bagot, 3rd 

B.,b. 1811, s. 1856; A. -a., William, b. 1857, 
^«-,//j— Blithfield House, Rugeley ; Pool Park 

y ; ro 

Ruthin. Clubs — Carlton, Travellers', White's. 

fBALFOUR OF Burleigh, Baron. 
Alexander Hugh Bruce, 6th B. (S.P.), 
b. 1849, J. i86q: A,-a., Robert, A 1880. Seat 
— Kennet, Alloa, Clackmannanshire, N.B. 
C/«^j— Carlton, Marlborough, New, Scottish 

•Bandon, Earl of. James Francis 

Bernard, 4th E. (LP.), b. 1850, s. 1877 ; h.-p., 
his uncle, the Rt. Rev. Charles Brodnck, D. D. 
(Lord Bishop o/Tuam),b. 181 1. Seats— Czsx\k 
Bernard, Bandon, co. Cork ; Durrus Court, 
Bantry, co. Cork. Clubs— }\xii\ox Carlton, Kil- 
dare Street, Hurlingham. 

Bangor, Bishop of. James Col- 

QUHOUN Campbell, D.D., b. 1813, con. 1859. 
/'a/ac^— Bangor. C/«*— Athenaeum. 

•Bangor, Viscount. Henry Wil- 
liam Crosbie Ward, 5th V. (LP.), b. 1828, 
*. 1881 ; h.-a., Edward William Henry b. 1863. 
•S'^rt^— Castle Ward, Downpatrick, co. Down. 
Clubs— \}n\on, Kildare Street, Ulster, St. 
George's Yacht. 

JBantry, Earl of. William Henry 

Hare White, 4th E. (LP.), b. 1854, s. 1884; 
h.-p, his uncle, Robert Hedges, b. 18 10. 
Seats — Bantry House, GlenganfTe, Macroon 
Castle, and East Ferry, all in co. Cork. Club 
—Kildare Street. 

Barrington, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Shute.) George William Barrington, 
P.C. 7th V.,b. 1824, s. 1867 ; h.-p., his brother, 
Percy, b. 1825. ^'m^— Beckett, Shrivenham, 
Berks. To^vn Residence — 20, Cavendish 
Square, W. Clubs— OaXion, Travellers', Marl- 

borough, White's, Pratt's, Turf, Garrick, 
Bachelors , Huihngham. 

Bateman, Baron. William Bate- 
man Bateman-Hanbury, 2nd B., b. 1826, j. 
1845 ; h.-a., William Spencer, b. 1856. Seat— 
Shobdon Court, Leominster. Clubs— Q,2,x\\.o\^, 
White's, Boodle's, Hurlingham, Bachelors'. 

Bath, Marquess of. John Alex- 
ander Thynne, 4th iJ/., b. i83i,.y. 1837 \ h.-a., 
Thomas Henry, V. Weymouth, b. 1862. Sea't 
— Longleat, Warminster. Town Residence— 
48, Berkeley Square, W. C/«3^— Carlton, 
Turf, Travellers'. 

Bath and Wells, Bishop of. 

Lord Arthur Charles Hervey, D.D., b. 
1808, con. 1869. Palace— ^ ex?,, Somerset- 
shire. C/k^— Athenaeum. 

Bathurst, Earl. Allen Alexander 

Bathurst, 6th E., b. 1832, j. 1878; h.-a., 
Seymour Henry, L. Apsley, b. 1864. Seat— 
Cirencester House, Cirencester. Tow7i Resi- 
dence— -2.0, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton, White's, Marlborough, Travellers', 
St. James's. 

Beauchamp, Earl. Frederick 

Lygon, P.C, D.C.L., 6th E., b. 1830, s. 1866 ; 
h.-a., William, V. Elmley, b. 1872. Seat— 
Madresfield Court, Great Malvern Town 
Residence— i-^, Belgrave Square, S.W. Clubs 
—Carlton, White's, Bachelors'. 

Beaufort, Dukeof. HenryCharles 

Fitzroy Somerset, K.G., P.C, 8th D., b. 
1824, J. 1853; h.-a., Henry Adelbert Welling- 
ton Fitzroy, M. of Worcester, b. 1847. Seats — 
Badminton House, Chippenham ; Stoke Gif- 
ford, Bristol ; Troy House, Monmouth ; Llan- 
gattock Park, Crickhowell, Breconshire. Town 
Residence—^, Cleveland Row, S.W. Clubs— 
Pratt's, White's, Carlton, Turf, Garrick, Marl- 
borough, Hurlingham, Beefsteak, Badminton, 

Beaumont, Baron. Henry Staple- 
ton, 9th B., b. 1848, s. 1854 ; h.-p., his brother. 
Miles, b. 1850. 6"<ra/— Carlton Towers, Selby, 
Yorkshire. C/k^j— Carlton, Marlborough, St. 
James's, Bachelors'. 

Bedford, Duke of. Francis 
Charles Hastings Russell, K.G., 9th D., 
b. 1819,^. 1872 ; h.-a., George William Francis 
Sackville, M. of Tavistock, b. 1852. Seats 
— Wobum Abbey and Oakley House, Bed- 
fordshire ; Endsleigh, Devon ; Norris Castle, 
East Cowes, Isle of Wight. Town Residence 
—81 and 82, Eaton Sqiiare, S.W. Clubs— 
Reform, Travellers', Brooks's, United Service. 

JBelhaven and Stenton, Baron. 
James Hamilton, 9th B. (S.P.), b. 1822, s. 
1875 ; h.-p., his kinsman, Alexander Charles, 
b. 1840. Seat — Wishaw House, Motherwell, 
Lanarkshire. Residence— Y^\\g;rastovx Grange 
Road, Edinburgh. 

JBellew, Baron. Edward Joseph 

Bellew, 2nd B. (LP.), b. 1830, j. 1866 ; h.-a., 
Charles Bertram, b. 1855. Seat — Barmeath, 
Dunleer, co. Louth. 

*Belmore, EarL Somerset 

Richard Lowry Corry, P.C, K.CM.G., 
M.R.I.A., 4th E. (LP.), b. 1835, s. 1845; 
h.-a., Armar, F. Corry, b. 1870. Seat — Castle 
Coole, Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh. Clubs — 
Carlton, Athenaeum, Constitutional. 



Belper, Baron. Henry Strutt, 

«nd B., b. 1840, s. i88o ; h.-a... Williann, b. 1875. 
Seat — Kineston Ha!l, Kegworth, Dcrbv. 
Town Rfsidtnce — 18, Manchester Square, W. 
Clubs — Marlborough, Athenscum, Brooks's. 

Berkeley, Earl of. George Len- 
nox Rawdon Berkeley, 7th E., b. 1827, s. 
1882; h.-a., Raiidal Thomas Mowbray, K 
Dursley, b. 186—. 

^Berners, Baroness. Emma Har- 
riet Tyrwhitt, b. 1835, J. 1871 ; h.-a., Harry 
Tyrwhitt-Wilson, *. 1854. JT^-a/— Stanley Hall, 
Asiley Abbotts, Bridgnorth. 

Berwick, Baron. Richard Henry 

Noel-Hill, 7th B., b. 1847, *. i88a : A.-/., his 
brother. Rev. Thomas Noel, b. 1847. Seat — 
Attingham Hall, Shrewsbury. C/m^— Boodle's. 

Bessborough, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
PoNSONBV of Sysonby.) Fkedemick Gborgb 
Brabazon Ponsonby, 6\.hE.,b. 1815, s. 1880; 
A.-/. . his brother, Rev. Walter Willi.^m Braba- 
lon, b. 1 82 1. .Sz-a/j— Bessborough House, 
Piltown, CO. Kilkenny ; Garry Hill, co. Carlow. 
T07VH Residence—-^, \Iount Street, W. 

Blachford, Baron. Frederic 
Rogers, P.C, K.C.M.G., ist B., b. 181 1, c. 
1871 ; h.-p. to the Baronetcy only, his brother, 

iohn Charles, b. 1818. 6Vrt/— Bbchford, Ivy 
Iridge, Devon. Club — Athenaeum. 

Blackburn, Lx>rcl. Colin Black- 
burn, P.C. LL.D. (Lord of Appeal in 
OnJinaryJ; b. 1813, r. 1876. Seat — Doonholm, 
Ayrshire. Team Residence — 10, Prince's 
Gardens, S.W. C/m^— Athenxum. 

tBLANTYRE, Baron. Charles Stu- 
art, 12th i9.(S. P.) *. 1818,1. 1830;*. -a.. Walter, 
b. 1851. ^i-rt/i— Lennox love, near Hadding- 
ton ; Erskine House, Gla.seow. Town Residence 
— 41, Berkeley Square, W. Club Travellers'. 

Bolingbroke and St. John, Vis- 

counL Henry St. John, 5th V., b. 1820, 
s. 1851 ; h.-fi., his cousin, the Rev. Maurice 
William Ferdinand, b. 1827. Seat — Lydiard 
Park, near Swindon. Club — White's. 

:J:BoLSovER, Baroness. Augusta 
Mary Elizabeth Cavbndish-Bentinck, ist 
Baroness, b. 1834, c. 1880 ; A.-/., the 6th Duke of 
Portland. Residence — i3,Grosvcnor Place, S.W. 

Bolton, Baron. William Henry 

Orde-Powlett, 3rd B., b. 1818, s. 1850; h.-a, 
William Thomas, b. 1845. Seats— HoXion Hall, 
Wensley, Bedale ; Hackwood Park, Basing- 
stoke, fown Residence— ^6, Prince's Gardens, 
S.W. Clubs— Caxhon. Yorkshire. 

*BoRTHWicK, Baron. Archibald 
Patrick Thomas Borthwick, 13th .5. (S.P.), 
b. 1867, s. 1885. .S^a/— Ravenstone, Whit- 
horn, Wigtonshire. 

Boston, Baron. George Florance 

Irby, 6th B., b. i860, J. 1877 ; A.-/., his brother, 
Cecil Saumarez, b. 1862. Seats — Hcdsor 
Lodge, Maidenhead ; Porthamcl, Anglesey. 
C/K*f— Bachelors', Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

Boyne, Viscount. (Sits as B. Bran- 
cepeth.) Gustavus Russell Hamilton- 
Russell, 8th y., b. 1830, s. 1872 ; h.-a., 
Gustavus William, b. 1864. Seats — Brancepeth 
Castle, Durham : Burwarion Hall, Bridgnorth. 
Town Residence — 16, Grosveuor Gardens. 
S.W. Club- Carlton. 

Brabourne, Baron. Edward 


B., b. 1839, r. 1880; h.-a., Edward, h. 1 ; 
.S'/a/x— Smeeth Paddocks, Ashford ; Provcin;. r. 
Faversham. Toum Residence — 3, Queen 
Anne's Gate, S.W. Clubs— QaAxjota, Univer 
sity, Empire. 

Bradford, Earl of. Orlando 

George Charlbs Bridgeman, P.C, 3rd E., 
b. 1819, s. 1865; h.-a., George Cc< il, 
y. Newport, b. 1845. Seats— \'^ ';. 

Shiflfnal ; Castle Bromwich, ! 1 ; 

Newport Lodge, Melton MowLi..^. . . .jh 
Residence— ^%, Belgravc Sauare, S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton, Turf, Travellers', Wanderers'. 

Bramwell, Baron. George Wil- 
liam Wilshere Bramwell, P.C, K.B., b. 
1808, f. 1882. .y^-a/— Edcnbridge, Kent, lou-n 
Residence— x^, Cadogan Place, S.W. Clubs 
Brooks's, Athenxum. 

Braybrooke, Baron. Charle.^ 

CoRNWALLis Neville. 5th B., b. 1823,/. 1861: 
h.-/., his brother, the Rev. Latimer, b. 1827. 
Seats — Audley End. Saffron Waldon ; Hcydon 
House, Royston, Herts ; Billingbear, Wokiu j- 
ham. Town Residence — 42, Upper hrooJc 
Street. W. C/«^j— Travellers', Carlton. 

Braye,- Baron. Alfred Thoma 
Townsheno Vernby-Cave, 5th B., b. 184 
*. 1879 ; h.-a., Adrian Vemey, b. 1874, 
i<nKV— Stanford Park, Rugby. To^tmK, 
— ^40, Grosvenor Street, W. Club — Bn- 

Breadalbane, Marquess of. Gavi n 
Campbell, P.C, 1st M., c. 1885, ;^. 1S51 ; //. 
to F.arldom, his brother, Ivan, I'. ^s 

— Taymouth Casilc, Aberfcldy.T: 
House, and Glcnfallock House, !•■ • \r- 

maddy Cistle, and Forest House, Ar^ylL>liiic. 
Town Residence- 19, Cavendish Square, W. 
Clubs — Marlborough, Reform. 

Bridport, Viscount. Alexander 

Nelson Hood, K.CB.. ist V., b. 1814, c. 
1868; h.-a., Arthur Wellington Alo\;.ii.!cr 
Nelson, ^. 1839. .?<•«/*— Cricket St. 'lli. n.s. 
near Chard ; Castellodi Maniace Bront^, .^i' ilv. 
Town Residence — 12, Wimpole Street. W. 
Clubs — Carlton, United Service, Travellers'. 

Bristol, Marquess of. Fredkhick 
William John Hervey, 3rd M.. b. ii- t s. 
1864; A.-/., his nephew, Charles H m v 
Augustus, 0. 1862. Seats — Ickworth ' 
Bury St. Edmunds. Marine Residence 
20, Sussex Square, Brighton. Town R< 
— 6, St. James's Square, S.W. Clubs— d., n... 
Travellers', Boodle's, White's, Naval aiu: 

Brougham and Vaux, Baron. 

Henry Charles Brougham, 3rd^.,^. i / , s. 
i886;A.-/., his brother Wiltrid,^. 1842. .SV./.'^ - 
Brougham Hall, Penrith ; Chateau Elc.i 
Cannes, France. Totom Residence, 36, <J\t' 1:1 
Place, S.W. Clubs, Garrick, Arthur's, Bru ^> >, 

Brownlow, Earl. Adelbert Wel- 
lington Bkownlow Cust, 3rd E., b. 1844, s. 
1867 ; A.-/., his cousin, Ernest Richard Charles, 
i.1850. Seats — Ashridge Park, Great Berkh.inip- 
stead ; Belton House, Grantham. To7un At-si- 
dence—3, Carlton House Terrace, S NV. C/i^/'s - 
Carlton, Sl James's, Marlborough, Travellers'. 

Buccleuch and Queensberry, 
Duke of. (Sits as-£. of Doncaster.) William 



Henry Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott. 
K.T., 6th D. Buccleuch and 8th D. Queens- 
berry, b. 1831, J. 1884 ; h.-a,, Walter Henry, E. 
of Dalkeith, L 1861. ^^rt&— Dalkeith House, 
Edinburgh, N.B. ; Bowhill, Selkirk, N.B. : The 
Lodge, Langholme, and Drumlanrig Castle, 
Thornhill, Dumfriesshire, N.B. ; Boughton 
House, Kettering ; Richmond, Surrey. Town. 
/!(rsui^tu:e—Mont3igu House, Whitehall, S.W. 
C//*^f -- Carlton, Travellers', Marlborough, 
Turf; St. Stephen's, Scottish Conservative. 

i^BucHAN, Earl of. David Stuart 

Erskine, 13th E. (S.P.), d. 1815, s. 1857; 
k.-a., Shipley Gordon Stuart, L. Cardross, 6. 
1850. C^«<J— Military and Royal Naval, 

Buckingham and Chandos, Duke 

of. Richard Plantagenet Campbell 
Temple -Nugent -Brydg es-Chandos-Gren- 
ville, P.C.,G.C.S.I.,D.C.L.,CI.E.,3rdi?., 
i. 1823, s. 1861 ; A.-/, to Earldom of Temple, 
his nephew, William Stephen Gore-Langton, 
Esq., A. 1847; A.-a. to Barony of Kinloss, 
Mary, C.L, 6. 1852 , A.-p. to V. of Cobham, 
Baron Lyttelton- SfeUs — Stowe, Bucking- 
ham; Wotton, Aylesbury. CduAs — Carlton, 

Buckinghamshire, Earl of. Sid- 
ney Carr Hobart-Hampden, 7th £., b. i860, 
s. 1885 ; h.-p. his uncle, Augustus Charles, b. 
1822. Seat — Hampden House, Great Missen- 
den, Bucks. Town Resilience — The Albany, 
Piccadilly, W. a«<>— Boodle's. 

BURV, Viscount. (SitsaSiff.AsHFORD.) 
William Coutts Keppel, P.C, K.CM.G., 
b. 1832; c. 1876; h.-cu, Arnold Allan Cecil, 
b. 1858. 5".^a/ — Elmhurst House, Christ- 
church, Hants. Town Residence— 6s, Prince's 
Gate, S.W. C/«^x — Carlton. Athenaeum, 
Guards', Pratt's, Empire. 

Bute, Marquess of. John Patrick 
Crichton-Stuart, K.T., LL.D., 3rd M.,b. 
1847, s. 1848 ; k.-a. E. Dumfries, b. 1881. 
Seats— lliownx. Stuart, Rothsay, Isle of Bute ; 
Cardiff Castle, Glamorganshire ; Dumfries 
House, Cumnock, Ayrshire. Tmvn Residence 
— Chiswick House, Chiswick, W. Clubs— 
Carlton, White's, St. Stephen's, Marlborough, 
Travellers', Western, Edinburgh University, 
Scottish Conservative. 

Byron, Baron. George Frederick 

William Byron, oth B., b. 1855, s. 1870; 
k,-p., his brother, Frederick Ernest Charles, 
b. 1861. Seat — Langford Park, Maldon, Essex. 
Town Residence- -5, Grafton Street, W. Clubs 
—White's, Bachelors'. 

Cadogan, Earl. George Henry 

Cadogan, 5th E., b. 1840, *. 1873 ; k.-a., 
Henry Arthur, r. Chelsea, b. 1868. Seat— 
Babraham Hall, Cambridge. Residence — 
Chelsea House, Cadogan Place, S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton, White's, Travellers', Turf, Empire. 

Cairns, Earl. Arthur William 

MacCalmont Cairns, and E., b. 1861, s. 
1885. Residence — 

Caithness, Earl of. (Sits as B. 

Barrogill.) George Philips Alexander 
Sinclair, isth E., b. 1858, s. 1881. Seats— 
Barrogill Castle and Tister House, near Thurso, 
Caithness-shire. Town Residence — 34, Hill 
Street, W. C/«i5f— Bachelors', Junior Oxford 
and Cambridge. 

•Caledon, Earl of. J am es_ Alex- 

ander, 4th ^. (I.P.), 3, 1846, J. 1855; h.-a., 
Eric James Desmond, V. Alexander, b. 1885. 
Seats — Caledon, co. Tyrone ; Derg Lodge, co. 
Tyrone. Town Residence — 5, Carlton House 
Terrace, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Junior Army 
and Navy. 

Calthorpe, Baron. Frederick 

Henry William Gough-Calthorpe, 5th B., 
b. 1826, s. 1868; h,-p., his brother, Augustus 
Cholmondeley, b. 1829. Seats — Elvetham Park, 
Winchfield, Hants ; Edgbaston Hall, Birming- 
ham. Town Residence — 33, Grosvenor Square, 
W. C/«^J — White's, Travellers', Brooks's, 
Boodle's, Marlborough, Turf, Bachelors', 
Royal Yacht, Hurlingham. 

Cambridge, Duke of, — see *' Peers of 
the Blood Royal." 

Camden, Marquess. John Charles 

Pratt, 4th M., b. 1872, j. 1872 ; h.-p., his 
uncle, George Murray, h. 1843. Seats — Wilder- 
ness Park, Sevenoaks ; Bayham Abbey, Lam- 
berhurst ; The Priory, Brecon. 

Camoys, Baron. Francis Robert 

Stonor, 4th B., b. 1856, s. 1881 ; k.-a., Ralph 
Francis Julian, 3. 1884. Seat — Stonor, Henley- 

Camperdown, Earl of. Robert 

Adam Haldane Phu-ips Haldane-Duncan, 
3rd E.,b. 1841,.^, 1867; h,-p., his brother, George 
Alexander Philips Haldane, b. 1845. Seats— 
Camperdown, Dundee ; Gleneagles, Perthshire. 
Town Residence— 29, Charles Street, Berkeley 
Square, W. Clubs — Brooks's, Travellers, 
United University. 

Canterbury, Archbishop of. 
Edward White Benson, P.C, D.D., D.CL.. 
Primate of all England amd Metropolitan, b. 
1829, con. 1877, /. 1883. Palace — Lambeth, 
S.E. Country Residence— Addmgton Park, 
Croydon. Cluis -Athenxum, Grillions. 

Canterbury, Viscount. Henry 

Charles Manners-Sutton, 4th V., b. 1839, 
*. 1877; h.-a., Henry Frederick Walpole, b. 
1879. Seats— ^xooVc House, Norwich ; Witch- 
ingham Hall, Norwich. C/«^j — White's, 
Marlborough, St. James's, Brooks's. 

ifCARBERY, Baron. George PATRICK 
Percy Evans-Freke, 7th B. {\.Y.),b. i8io, j. 
1845 ; h. p., his brother, Fenton John, b. 1816. 
Seats- ~C.2&\\& Freke, co. Cork; Laxton Hall, 
Wansford, Northamptonshire. 

Cardwell, Viscount. Edward 
Cardwell, PC. D.CL.. 1st V., b. 1813, c. 
1874. 6"^^z/f— Ellerbeck Hall, near Choriey, 
Lancashire. Town Residence — 74, Eaton 
Square, S.W. C/«^— Athenaeum. 

Carew, Baron. Robert Shapland 
Julian Carewt, 3rd B., b. i860, s. 1881 ; h.-p., 
his brother, George Patrick John, b. 1863. Seats 
— Castleboro', Enniscorthy, co. Wexford; 
Woodstown, CO. Wateriord. Town Address 
—28, Belgrave Square, S.W. C//^J— Brooks's, 

Carlingford, Baron. Chichester 
Samuel Parkinson-Fortescue, K.P., P.C, 
ist B., b. 1823, c. 1874. 6"£'rt/,y — Chewton 
Priory, Bath; Dudbrook House, Brentwood, 
Essex. C/«^J— Reform, Brooks's, Travellers', 

Carlisle, Bishop of. Harvey 
Goodwin, D.D., b. 1818, con. 1869. Palace 



— Ro«c Castle. Carlisle. Ttmm Residence— 
n8, Harlcy Street, W. C/«^- Athenaeum. 

Carlisle, Earl of. The Rev. William 
George Howard, 8th E., b. 1808, x. 1864 ; 
A.-/., his kinsman, George James, b. 1843. 
Seats — Castle Howard, Malton ; Naworth 
Castle, Brampton. 

Carnarvon, Earl of. Henry How- 


b 1831. s. 1849 ; h.-a., George Edward Stanhope 
Molvncux, L. Porchester, b. 1866. Seats— 
Highclere Castle, Newbury: Pixton Park, 
Dulverton, Somerset. Town Residence— ^\, 
Portman Square, W. Clubs- Carltoo, Travel- 
lers', Athenzum. 

^Carnwath, Earl of. Harry 

BURRARD DAL2EU,, X4th E. (S.P.), b. 1804, S. 

187s ; k.-p. his nephew, Robert Harris Cam* 
wath, *. 1847. Residence— 1%, Eaton Place, 
S.W. C/«A*— United Service, Carlton. 

JCarrick, Earlof. So.merset Ar- 
thur Butler. 5th E. (I. P.), *. 1835. *. 1846; 
h.-p., his cousin. Charles Henry Somerset, b. 
1851. Seat—lAa\yax Juliet, Thomastown. ca 

Carrington, Baron. Charles 

Robert Carington. P.C, G.C.M.G., 3rd B., 
b. 1843. s. 1868 ; A.-/., his brother, William 
Henry Peregrine, b. 1845. J^-a/- Wycombe 
Abbey, Bucks. Official Residence— Gorcm- 
mcnt House, Sydney, N.S.W. Ttnvn Resi- 
dences, Whitehall Yard, S.W. C/ixAr— Mari- 
borough, Brooks's, Reform. 

Carysfort, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
William Proby. K.P.,5th E.,b. 1836, t. 1877. 
Seats—EUon Hall. Peterborough : Glenart 
Castle, Arklow, co. Wicklow. Tatvn Residence 
—10, Hereford Gardens. W. C/m^x— Kildare 
Street, Brooks's, White's, Travellers'. 

♦Castlemaine, Baron. Richard 

Handcock, 4th B. (I. P.), *. i8a«. *. 1869; 
A.-a., Albert Edward, b. 1863. Seats— Moydnim 
Castle. Athlone ; The Hare Island, co. West- 
meath. C/w^*— Carlton, St. George's Yacht, 
Sackville Street. 

JCastle-Stuart, Earl of. Henry 
James Stuart-Richardson, 5th E. (I. P.), 
b. 1837. s. 1874: A.-/., his uncle, the Rev. 
Andrew Godfrey Stuart, b. i8ia. Seats— 
Stuart Hall, Stewartstown. co. Tyrone ; Drum 
Manor, Cookstown, co. Tyrone. 

Castletown, Baron. Bernard 

Edward Barnabv FirzPATRicK, and B., b. 
1849, s. 1883. Seat — Granstown Manor, 
Abbeyleix. Queen's co. C/w^j— Marlborough, 
St. James's, Travellers', Fox, Kildare Street, 
Bachelors', Hurlingham. 

Cathcart, Earl, Alan Frederick 

Cathcart, vd E., b. 1828, s. 1859 ; A.-a., Alan, 
L. Greenock, b. 1856. Jm^— Thomton-le- 
Street. Thirsk. C/«*J— Carlton. United Ser- 
vice, Yorkshire. 

ICavan, Earl of. Frederick John 

William Lambart. 8th E. (I. P.), 6. 1815, 
s. 1837 : A.-a., Frederick Edward Gould. K 
Kilcoursie, M.P., b. 1839. Residence— The 
Lodge, Weston-super-Mare. 

Cawdor, Earl of. John Frederick 

Vaughan Campbell, and E., b. 1817, s. i860 ; 
A.-a., Frederick Archibald Vaughan Qimpbell, 
K Emlyn, b. 1847. ^^o/J— Stackpole Court, 

Pembroke ; Golden Grove, Carmarthen ; Caw- 
dor Castle, Nairn, N.B. Clubs — Whites. 
Travellers', Carlton. 

Charlemont, Earl of. (Sits as /?. ) 
Iambs Molvneux Caulfeild, K.P., 3ni /.., 
b. 1820, s. 1863 ; A.-/, to Peerages of 163. . aid 
1625. his kinsman, James Alfred Civili .1 i, 
b. 1830. .Jra/— Roxllorough Castle, Mcs. '. 
Tyrone C/w^j- -Brooks's. Athenaeum. Lur- 
lington. Travellers', Ulster, Kiklare Street, St, 
George's Yacht. 

Chelmsford, Baron. Fredfrtc 
Augustus Thesiger, G.C.B. ; b. 1827, j i ; 
A.-a., Frederic John Napier, i. 1868. Resh:,:\c 
—5, Knaresborough Place, S.W. Cluds— 
Carlton, United Service. 

Chesham, Baron. Charles Comp- 

ton William Cavendish, 3rd R., b. 1850, s. 
i88a : A,-a.. Charies William Hugh, b. 1878. 
Seat — Latimer, near Chesham, Bucks. Clubs 
—Travellers*. Guards', White's. 

^Chester, Bishop of. William 

Stubbs, D.D., LL.D., *. 1825, com. 1884. 

Palace — Dee Side, Chester. Club — 

Chesterfield, Earl of. Henry 

Edwvn Chandos Scudamork-Stanhope, 
9th E., b. i8ax. s. 1883 ; A.-a., Edwvn Francis, 
L. Stanhope, b. '854. Residence— \\om Lacy, 
Hereford. C/w^j— Travellers', Brooks's. 

^Chetwynd, Viscount. Richard 

Walter Chetwynd. 7th y. (LP.), b. 1823, s. 
1879 : *•-«•. Richard Walter, b. 1859. Tmtm 
Residence -■as, Elvaston Place, S.W. Club— 

Chichester, Bishop of Richard 

Durnford, D.D., b. i8oa, c(m. 1870. Resi' 
dence — Palace, Chichester. Club — Athenaeum. 

Chichester, Earl of Henry 

Thomas Pelham, 3rd E., b. 1804. s. 1826 ; 
A.-a.. Walter John, L. Pelham, b. 1838. Seat 
— Stanmer, Lewes. Club — United Univer- 

Cholmondeley, Marquess of. 
George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley, 4th 
Af., b. 1858, s. 1884; A.-a., George Horatio 
Charles, E. of Rock Savage, b. 1883. Seats 
— Cholmondeley Castle, Malpas, Cheshire; 
Houghton Hall, Rougham, Norfolk. Clubs— 
White's, Carlton. 

Churchill, Baron. Francis 

George Spencer, D.CL., and B., b. i8oa, s. 
1845 ; A.-a.. Victor Albert Francis Charles, b. 
1864. Seats — Combury Park, Charlbury, 
Oxfordshire; West Lavington House, Devizes. 
Town Address — 5, Bury Street, St. James's. 
C/J»*- Travellers'. 

Churston, Baron. John Yarde- 

BuLLER, and B.. b. 1846, s. 1871 ; A.-a., John 
Reginald Lopes, b. 1873. Jfra/— Lupton House, 
Brixham, Devon. C/w^j— Guards', Hurling- 
haun, Salisbury, Torbay and Devon. 

Clancarty, Earl of. (Sits as V.) 
Richard Somerset Le-Poer-Trench, 4th 
E., b. 1834, s. 187a ; A.-a., William Frederick, 
v. Dunlo. b. 1868. .y^rt^-Garbally, Balli- 
nasloe. co. Galway. C/w^i^Carlton, Kildare 
Street, St. George s Yacht. 

:J:Cijvnmorris, Baron. John George 

Barry Bingham, 5th B. (LP.), b. 185a, *. 



1876; h.-a., Arthur Maurice Robert, b. 1879. 
Seats— Qx^Z Clare, Ardrahan, co. Galway ; 
Newbrook, Ballyglass, co. Mayo ; Fortfield, 
Dublin. C/«^J— Carlton, Marlborough, Naval 
and Military, Kildare Street, Galway co., Ulster, 
Royal St. George Yacht, Ulster Yacht. 

Clan RiCARDE, Marquess of. (Sitsas 
B. SoMERHiLL.) Hubert George De-Burgh 
Canning, 2nd M., b. 1832, .y. 1874; h.-p., by 
special remainder, his cousin, George John, 3rd 
Marquess of Sligo. J^a^— Portumna Castle, 
Portumna, co. Galway. T<nvn Residence— 
c 5, The Albany, Piccadilly, W. C/«^f— Tra- 
vellers', Reform, Devonshire, Kildare Street, 
CO. Galway, Burlington, St. James's. 

Clanwilliam, Earl of. (Sits as -5.) 
Richard James Meade, K.C.M.G., 4th E., 
b. 1832, s. 1879 ; h.-a., Richard Charles, L. 
Gillford, b. 1868. Seat—G\\\ Hall, Dromore, 
CO. Down. Town Reside>ue- yz, Belgrave 
Square, S.W. C/«^s— United Service, Travel- 
lers', Kildare Street. 

Clarendon, Earl of. Edward 

Hyde Villiers, 5th E., b. 1846, s. 1870 ; h.-a., 
George Herbert Hyde, L. Hyde, b. 1877. 
Seat—T\\t^ Grove, Watford. Town Residence 
—II, Berkeley Square, W. C/z/^J— Brooks's, 
Marlborough, Turf, Travellers', Bachelors'. 

JClarina, Baron. Eyre Chal- 
LONER Henry Massey, 4th B. (I. P.), b. 1830, 
s. 1872 ; k.-p., his brother, Hugh Nathaniel 
George, b. 1836. .S"^rt/— Elm Park, Clarina, 
CO. Limerick. C/«*x— United Service, Kildare 

Clermont, Baron. Thomas For- 

tescue, ist B., b. 181S, c. 1852 : h.-p. (to 
Irish Barony), his brother, Chichester Samuel 
Parkinson- Fortcscue, P.C., 1st B. Carlingford, 
b. 1823. .y^a/j -Ravensdale Park, Newry, 
CO. Down ; Clermont Park, Dundalk, ca Louth. 
To-MH Residence— zs. Hill Street, W. Clubs— 
Travellers', Brooks's. 

Cleveland, Duke of. Harry 

George Powlett, KG., D.C.L., 4th D.. b. 
1803, s. 1864; A.-/., to barony of Barnard 
only. Sir Henry Morgan Vane, b. 1808. Seats 
-Raby Castle, Durham ; Battle Abbey, Sussex. 
Tovm Residence— \T, St. James's Square, S.W. 
C/w/^j— Athenaeum, Travellers'. 

Clifden, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Mendip.) Henry George Agar-Ellis, 4th 
v., b. 1863, s. 1866; h.'P., his uncle, Leopold 
George Frederick, b. 1829. Seats— Go^x2^ 
Castle, CO. Kilkenny; Holdenby House, North- 
ampton. TaivH Residence — 4, Chesterfield 
Gardens, Mayfair, W. 

Clifford, Baron. Lewis Henry 

Hugh Clifford, 9th .5.,*. 1851, f. 1880; A. -A. 
his brother, William Hugh, b. 1858. Seats— 
Ugbrooke Park, Chudleigh ; Court House, Can- 
nington, Somerset. Clubs— Brooks's, Bachelors', 
St. George's. 

Clinton, Baron. Charles Henry 

RoLLE Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis, 
2oth B.,b. 1834, s. 1866: h.-a., Charles John 
Robert, b. 1863, Seats— YiG:xn\.on Satchville, 
Beaford, Devon ; Invermay House, Bridge of 
Earn, Perth. Town Residetu:e—7,'2, Bruton 
Street, W. Clubs- Cariton, Travellers'. 

Clonbrock, Baron. Robert Dil- 
lon, 3rd B. (LP.), b. 1807, s. 1826; h-a., 
Luke Gerald, b. 1834. i"<ra/— Clonbrock, 

Ahascragh, co. Galway, Town Residence — 
34, Duke Street, S.W. C/?^^^— Travellers', 
Arthur's, co. Galway, Kildare Street, St. 
George's Yacht. 

Cloncurry, Baron. Valentine 

Lawless, 4th B., b. 1840, s. 1869 ; h.-p., his 
brother, Edward, b. 1841. Seat — Lyons, 
Hazlehatch, co. Kildare. Chtbs — Carlton, St. 
James's, Kildare Street, St. George's Yacht. 

♦Clonmell, Earl of. John Henry 
Reginald Scott, 4th E. (LP.), b. 1839, j. 
1866 ; h.-p., his brother, Thomas Charles, b. 
1840. Seat — Bishop's Court, Straffan, co. Kil- 
dare. Town Residence — 3, St. James's Place, 
S.W. Clubs— Cmhoxi, Marlborough, Turf, 
Kildare Street, St. George"'s Yacht, Hurling- 

Colchester, Baron. Reginald 

Charles Edward Abbot, 3rd B., b. 1842. 
s. 1867. Seai — Forest Row, East Grinstead. 
Town Residence — 49, Eaton Place, S.W. 
C/«Ar— Carlton, New University. 

Coleridge, Baron. John Duke 
Coleridge, P.C, DC.L., F R.S., 1st B., b. 
1820, c. 1873 ; A.-a., Bernard John Seymour, b. 
1851. 6"^a/— Heath's Court, Ottery St. Mary, 
Devon. Town Residence — i, Sussex Square, 
W. Clubs — Athenaeum, Reform, Devon- 

CoLViLLE, of [Culross, Baron. 
Charles John Colville, P.C, K.T., nth 
B., b. 1818, s. 1849: A.-a., Charies Robert 
William, b. 1854. Residefices—Cuhoss Lodge, 
West Cowes ; 42, Eaton Place, S.W. Clubs— 
Carlton, Marlborough, Turf. 

CoMBERMERE, Viscount. Welling- 
ton Henrv Stapleton-Cotton, 2nd r., b. 
1818, s. 1865 ; h.-a., Robert Wellington, <5. 1845. 
6"^rt^— Combermere Abbey, Whitchurch, Salop. 
C/«^J— Cariton, Boodle's. 

Congleton, Baron. Henry Wil- 
liam Parnell, 3rd B., b. 1809, s. 1883 ; h.-a., 
Henry, C.B., b. 1839. 5"^a^5— Rathleague, 
Queen's co. : Anneville, MuUingar, co. West- 
meath. Town Residence — 13, Bryanston 
Square, W. C/«3— Athenaeum. 

Connaught, Duke of,— see ** Peers of 
the Blood Royal." 

CoNYERS, Baron. Sackville 
George Lane-Fox, 12th B., b. 1827, .y. 1859 ; 
co-heiresses to Barony, Marcia Amelia Mary, 
b. 1863 ; Violet Ida Eveline, b. 1865. Club— 

Conyngham, Marquess of. (Sits as 
B. Minster.) Henry Francis Conyngham, 
4th M., b. 1857, s. 1882 ; h.-a., Victor George 
Henry Francis, E. Mount Charies, *. 1883. 
6>a^f — Slane Castle, co. Meath ; Mount 
Charies, co. Donegal ; Bifrons, near Canter- 
bury. Clubs- Guards', White's, Marlborough. 

Cork and Orrery, Earl of. (Sits 
as B. Boyle.) Richard Edmund St. Law- 
rence Boyle, K.P., P.C, 9th ^., '^..1829, ^. 
i8<;6- h.-a., Charles Spencer Canning, V. 
Dungarvan, b. i86i. 5m^-Marston House, 
Frome. Town Residence-^ i, Upper Belgrave 
Street, S.W. Clubs-Bro6ks\ White s, Turf, 

Cottenham, Earl of. Kenelm 
Charles Edwakd Pepvs, 4th ^m ^- ^^74, 



*. iMt ; 4.-/., hi* brother, Everard Digby, b. 
t976w ^<a/«— Tandridse Court, GodMone, 
MW Redhill : Ridley Hall, Naiitwich. 

CoTTESLOE, Baron. Thomas 
FitANas Fkbmantlb. P.C, iit B., b. 1798, 
e. 1874 : k.-a,, Thonuu Frmncis, b. 1830. ^Mi 
— Swanboumc, Winslow, Buck*. Ttwn Rett- 
denct—9o, Eatoo Place, S.W. CiuU- Carlton, 

COURTOWN, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
SALTBRsroRD.) Jambs Gbokgb Hbnry Sxcr- 

roRO, 5th E. (l.P.), b. 1823, /. 1858 ; A. -a.. 
James Walter MiUes, K. Stopfoid, *. 1851. 
A#ai— Courtown House, Gorey, co. Wexford. 

C/i»A«— Carlton, KUdare Street 
JC o u T T s , Baroness Burdett-. 


ist Baioness, b. 181A. c. 1871. Stat— HoWy 
Lodge, Highgate. N. Town Reiidtnce—x^ 
Stratton Street, W. 

Coventry, Earl of. George Wil- 

UAM COVBNTRY. P.C, 9th E., b. 1838, *. 1843 : 

A.-rt., George Wjlliam, V Deerhufst, b. 1865. 
J'tfw/— Croome Court. Severn Stoke, Worcester- 
shire. C/«^*— Carlton, White's, Turf. 

Cowley, Earl. William Henry 

Wrlleslev, and E., b. i%xl, %. 1884; k.-€t., 
Henry Arthur Mominitton, k. Dangan,^.2866. 

5>«t/— Draycott House, Chippenham, Tcwh 
ResitUMce-Ai, Wilton Crescent, S.W. Clubs 
—Travellers , Turf, Marlborough. 

Cowper, Earl. Francis Thomas 

Db Grby Cowper, K.G., P.C, 7th E., b. 1834, 
t. i8s6: A.-/., his brother, Henry Frederick, 
b. 1836 .$•<•«/*— Penshanger, Heru ; Wrest 
Park. Ampthill, Bedfordshire. C/i»**— Travel- 
lers', St. James's, White's, Brooks's, Marl- 
borough, 'Turf, Athenaeum, Hurlingham. 

Cranbrook, Viscount. Gathorne 
Gatmornb-Hardy, P.C, G.CS.I., ist V. ; *. 
1814, r. 1878 : k.-4i., John Stewan, b. 1839. 
.^a/— Hemsted Park, Supiehurst. Town. 
Residenct—\T, Gnwvenor Crescent, S.W. 
CAkA*— Carlton, Athenzum, Wellington. 

Craven, Earl of. William George 

Robert Cravbn. 4th E., b. 1868, *. 1883 : k.-p., 
his brother, Rupert Cecil, b, 187a Seat* — 
Combe Abbey, Coventry; Ashdown Park, 
Shrivenham, Berks; Hamstead Marshall, 

Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of. 

(Sits as ^. Wigan.) Jamb.s Luix)vic Lindsay, 
F.R.S., 26th .£..*. 1847, f. 1880; *.-«., David 
Alexander, L. Balneil, b. 1871. 5"<-a/j— Haigh 
Hall, Wigan ; Dun Echt House, Aberdeen. 
ClMbs — Carlton. Conservative, Athenaeum,. 

Crewe, Baron. Hungerford 
Crewe, 3rd B., b. 1812, *. 1835. ^ra/— Crewe 
Hall. Crewe, Cheshire. Town Residence — 23, 
Hill Street, W. C/«3*— Travellers', White's. 

♦Crofton, Baron. Edward Henry 
Churchill Crofton, 3rd B. H.P.), b. 1834, 
s. 1869 ; A.-/., his brother. Charles St. George, 
*. 1836. JTra/— Mote Park. Ballymurray, Ros- 
common. C/wAf— Carlton, Sackville Street. 

:I:Cromartie, Countess of. Anne 

Suthbrland-Leveson-Gower, C. of Cro- 
martie, *. 1829. c. 1861 ; h,-a,, Francis, V. 
Tarbat, her second son, b. 1852. Seats— 

Tarbat and Castle Leod, Cromaitr. Temn 
Rendence-Stiffonl House. S.W. 

Cumberland and Teviotdale, Duke 
of,— tee " Peers of the Blood Royal." 

Dacre, Boron. Thomas Crosbie 

WIL4JAM Trevor, 22nd B., b. 1808, s. 1853 ; 
A,-/., his brother, Henry Bouvcrie William, 
P.C, G.C.B., 1st K Hampden, b. 1814. Seat 
—The Hoo, Welwyn, Herts. Town Residence 
—xi, Grotvenor Street, W. C/mA»— Boodle's, 

Dalhousie, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Ramsay, of Glenmark.) John William 
Ramsay, K.T., t3th E., b. 1847, s. 1880: A.-a., 
Arthur George Maule, L. Ramsay, ^. 1878. 
SeaU—^tec\aii Castle. Brechin. N.B. ; Dal- 
housie Castle, Bonnyrig, Midlothian ; Panmure 
House, Carronstie, N.B. Town Residence— 
86, Brook Street. Berkeley Sauare, W. Clubs 
— Junior United Service, Marlborough, White's. 

Darn LEY, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
CLirroN.) John Stuart Bi.u;h, '■>th E., b. 
1827, *. 1835 ; A. -a., Edwar<! irt, L. 

Qitton, A 1851. Seats— Ck' raves- 

end : Gifton Lodge, Athbov Town 

Residence— 21, Hill Street, W. CluJt- Carlton, 
Sackville Street. 

Dartmouth, Earl of. William 

Waltbr Lbggb, 5th E., b. 1823, *. 1853 ; 
A.-A, William Heneage. V. Lewish-im. MP. A. 
1851. 5M/x-Patshull Hall, Wolv 
Sandwell Park. Birmingham; We 
Huddersheld. TiKim Residence— i, r 

Square, W. C/«*x -Carlton. Travellers , J iinior 
Carttoo. Burlington, St. Stephen's. 

Dartrey, Earl of. Richard Daw- 
son, K.P., ist E. b. 1817, *. as 3rd B. Cre- 
morne 1837, c. E. Dartrey 1866 ; A, -a., Vesey, 
L. Crcmome, b. 1843. Seat—DanTcy, co. 
Monaghan. Town Residence — 30, Curzon 
Street, W. C/«»A*— Travellers', Brooks's, 
Kildare Street. 

^De Blaquiere, Baron. William 
Barnard db Blaquiere, 5th B. (I. P.), b. 
1814, X. 1871 ; A.-/., his kinsman, Peter Henry 
de Blaquiere, b. 1849. /f«/dV-«r/— Springfield 
Crawley, Sussex. 5fti^— Brockworth Manor, 
Gloucestershire. C/«**— United Service, Army 
and Navy. 

Decies, Baron. William Robert 

John Db la Pobr Horslby-Bbrksford, 
xrd B. (I.P.), b. 1811, s. 1855; A, -a., William 
Marcus De la Poer, b. 1865. Seats— hoXsixn 
House, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Gallowhill House, 
Northumberland ; The Craig, Windermere ; 
Orton Hall, Peterborough. C/«^x— Carlton, 
Guards', Junior United Service. 

De Clifford, Baron. Edward 
Southwell Russell, 21st B., b. 1855, *. 
1877 ; co-heiresses^ his sisters, Maud Clara, b, 
1853, and Katherine, b, 1861. Residence— 16, 
Park Lane, W. Clubs -Marlborough, Bache- 
lors', Hurlingham. 

De Freyne, Baron. Arthur 

French, 4th B., b. 1855, s. 1868 ; A. -a., Arthur 
Reginald, b. 1879. .Sm/ -French Park, co. 
Roscommon, Ireland. C/«A— Carlton. 

Delamere, Baron. Hugh Chol- 

mondelev. and B., b. 1811, s. 1855: h.-a., 
Hugh. b. 1870. Seat- Vale Royal, Northwich. 
Tcnvn Residence- 13, Carlton House Terrace. 
S.W. C/«*- Carlton. 



I Delawarr, Earl. Reginald 

^ Windsor Sackville, 7th £., b. 1817, s. 1873 ; 
h.-a., Lionel Charles Cranfield, V. Cantelupe, 
b. 1868. Seat — Buckhurst, Sussex. Tcmm 
Residence— 60, Grosvenor Street, W. Clttbs— 
Carlton, White's. 

De L'Isle and Dudley, Baron. 

Philip Sidney, 2nd B., b. 1828, 5. 1851 ; h.-a., 
Philip, b. 1853. ^^fl^j— Penshurst Place, Ton- 
bridge ; Ingleby Manor, Northallerton. Town 
Residence — 2, Lennox Gardens, Pont Street, 
S.W. Clubs— CsLThon, White's, Turf, Marl- 
borough, Hurlingham. 

De Mauley, Baron. Charles 

Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby, 2nd 
B.,b. 1815, s. 1855; A.-fl., William Ashley 
Webb, b. 1843. Seat — Langford House, Lech- 
lade. C/«<J— Brooks's. 

Denbigh, Earl of. Rudolph Wil- 
liam Basil Feilding, 8th E., b. 1823, j. 1865 ; 
h.-a., Rudolph Robert Basil Aloysius Augus- 
tine, V. Feilding and Callan, b. 1859. Seats — 
Newnham Paddox, near Lutterworth ; Down- 
ing, near Holywell, Flintshire. Town Resi- 
dence — 2, Cromwell Houses, S.W. Clubs — 
Travellers', Carlton. St. George's, Wanderers'. 

Denman, Baron. Thomas Aitchi- 

son-Denman, 2nd B., b. 1805, s. 1854; ^-"A. 
his brother, Richard Denman,^. 1814. Seats — 
Alderston, Haddington, N.B.; Bostern Grange, 
Dovedale, Ashboum ; Stony Middleton, by 

Deramore, Baron. Thomas Bate- 
son, ist B., b. 1819, c. 1885 ; A.-/>. (by special 
remainder), his brother, George William Bate- 
son de Yerburgh, b. 1823. Seats — Belvoir 
Park, Belfast ; Moira Park, Downshire. Town 
Residence — 12, Grosvenor Place, S.W. Clubs 
— Carlton, Travellers', Marlborough. 

Derby, Earl of. Edward Henry 
Stanley, K.G.,P.C,D.C.L.,LL.D.,F.R.S., 
15th E., b. 1826, f. 1869; h.-p., his brother, the 
Rt. Hon. Frederick Arthur, P.C, M.P.,<J. 1841. 
Seats — Knowsley Park, Prescot ; Holwood, 
Beckenham ; Fairhill, Tunbridge Wells. Town 
Residence — 2-^, St. James's Square, S.W. 
Clubs — Travellers', Devonshire. 

De-Ros, Baron. Dudley Charles 

Fitz-Gerald-De-Ros, 24th B., b. 1827, *. 
1874 ; htiress-cu, Mary Frances, b. 1854. Seat 
— Old Court, Strangford, co. Down. Town 
Residence— 2,(>, Park Street, W. C/«^J— Carl- 
ton, Royal Ulster Yacht. 

Derwent, Baron. HarcourtVan- 
den-Bempde-Johnstone, ist B., b. 1829, c. 
1881 ; A.-a. Francis, b. 1851. Seat — Hackness 
Hall, Scarborough. Town Residence — 34, 
Belgrave Square, S.W. C/«^j— Travellers', 
Brooks's, Devonshire, Yorkshire. 

Desart, Earl of. William Ulick 
O'Connor Clffe. ^th E. (LP.), b. 1845, j. 
1865 ; h.-p., his brother, Hamilton John Ag- 
mondesham, b. 1848. Seat — Desart House, co. 
Kilkenny. C/«^j— Carlton, White's, Beacons- 

De Saumarez, Baron. John St. 
Vincent Saumarez, 3rd B., b. 1806, s. 1863 ; 
A. -a., James St Vincent,^. 1843. Residence 
—41, Prince's Gate, S.W. C/«i5— United Ser- 

De Tabley, Baron. George War- 
ren, P.C, 2nd B., b. i8ii. s. 1827; h.-a.. 

John Byrne Leicester, b. 1835. .S"m^— Tabley 
House, Knutsford. Town Residence — 12, 
Upper Belgrave Street, S.W. C/«3j— Travel- 
lers', St. James's. 

De Vesci, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
De Vesci.) John Robert William Vesev, 
4th v., b. 1844. -y- 1875; h.-p. his brother, 
Eustace, b. 1851. 6"^^^— Abbey Leix, Queen's 
CO. C/«/5j— White's, Travellers', Guards', Bur- 
lington, St. George's Yacht. 

Devon, Earl of. William Regi- 
nald Courtenay, P.C, D.CL., nth E., b. 
1807, s. 1859; h.-a., Edward Baldwin. L. 
Courtenay, (J. 1836. .S"^a^j— Powderham Castle, 
near Exeter ; The Molt, Kingsbridge, Devon ; 
The Castle, Newcastle, co. Limerick. Clubs — 
Athenaeum, Carlton. 

Devonshire, Duke of. William 

Cavendish, K.G., P.C, LL.D., F.R.S., 7th 
Z>., b. 1808, J. as E. Burlington 1834, as D. 
Devonshire 1858 ; h.-a., Spencer Compton, 
M. of Hartington, M.P., P.C, D.CL , LL.D., 
b. 1833. 6Vrt^j— Chatsworth, Chesterfield; 
Hardwicke Hall, Derbyshire ; Compton Place, 
Eastbourne ; Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire ; Holkar 
Hall, Carnforth ; Lismore Castle, Waterford ; 
Chiswick, Middlesex. Toivn Residence — 
Devonshire House, 78, Piccadilly, W. Clubs — 
Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge, Devon- 
shire, Brooks's. 

DiGBY, Baron. Edward St. Vin- 
cent DiGBY, 9th B., b. 1809, J. 1856; h.-a., 
Edward Henry Trafalgar, b. 1846. Seats — 
Minterne House, Cerne Abbas, Dorset; Geas- 
hill. King's co. Town Residence — 39, Belgrave 
Square, S.W. Clubs — Travellers', Carlton. 

JDiLLON, Viscount. Arthur Ed- 
mund Dennis Dillon-Lee, i6th V. (LP.), 
b. 1812, s. 1879; h.-a., Harold Arthur, b. 1844. 
Seats — Dytchley, near Charlbury, Oxfordshire ; 
Lough Glynn, co. Roscommon. 

DoNEGALL, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
FiSHERWicK.) Edward Chichester, 4th M., 

b. 1799, s. 1883 ; h.-a., George Augustus Hamil- 
ton, E. Belfast, b. 1822. Residence — 100, Park 
Street, W. C/«^j— Carlton, Arthur's. 

♦DoNERAiLE, Viscount. Hayes St. 
Leger, 4th V. (LP), b. 1818, s. 1854; A. -A, his 
cousin, Richard Arthur St. Leger, Esq., ^. 1825. 
6"^a/— Doneraile Court, Doneraile, co. Cork 
Clubs— Carlton. Arthur's, White's, Kildare St. 

DoNiNGTON, Baron. Charles 
Frederick Abney-Hastings, ist B., b. 1822, 

c. 1880; h.-a., Charles Edward Hastings, E. 
of Loudoun, b. 1855. Seats -Donington Park, 
Derby; Loudoun Ostle, Galston, N.B.; Raw- 
don Hall, York. Club, Carlton. 

DONOUGHMORE, Earl of. (Sits as V. 
Hutchinson.) John Luke George Hely- 
Hutchinson, K.C.M.G., 5th E., b. 1848, .y. 
1866 ; h.-a., Richard Walter John, V. Suirdale, 
b. 1875. 6V«j:— Knocklofty House, Clonmel, 
CO. Tipperary. C/«<Jj— Carlton, Marlborough, 
Kildare Street, White's, St. James's, Bachelors' 
St. George's Yacht, Hurlingham, Empire. 

DORCHESTER, Baron. Dudley Wil- 

MOT Carleton, 4th B., b. 1822, s. 1875. Resi- 
dences— HsimX&x. Lodge, Cowes, I. of W. ; 42, 
Berkeley Square. W. Clubs— Inri, Whites, 
United Service, Guards', Bachelors', Hurling- 

DORMER, Baron. John Baptiste 
Joseph Dormer, 12th ^., b. 1830, s. 1871; h.-p.. 



his brother, Jmmes Charlemagne. C.B., *. 1834. 
Sra/s—Gn>vc Park, near Warwick ; Peterfey 
House. Amersham. C/«^- Travellers', Pratt's. 

JDowNE, Viscount. Hugh Richard 

Dawnav, 8th K (I.P.). *• '844, /. 1857 : A.-a,. 
John, i. 187a. Sfats—DAuby Lodge, Yarm ; 
Wykeham Abbey. York. TtnvM Residence— 
jQ, Berkeley Square, W. C/«**— Carlton, 
White's. Turf, Marlborough, Yorkshire. Hur- 

DowNSHiRE, Marquess of. (.Sits as 
E. of Hillsborough.) Arthur Wili.s John 
Wellington Bluni ell Trumbull Hill, 6th 
M., b. 1871, X. 1874; h.-p., his uncle. Arthur 
Willbm. M.P.,^. 1846. Seats— East Hampstead 
Park, Wokingham : Hillsborough Castle, Hills- 
borough, CO. Down. 

Drogheda, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
MouRK.) Hknrv Francis Seymour Moorb, 
K.P., H.C, 3rd i\f. b, 1825, s. 1837; A.-/, to 
Kiirldom of Drogheda, his kinsman, Ponsonby 
William Moore, Esq., b. 1846. .S"^<i/— Moore 
Abbey, Monasterevcn, co. Kildare. Clttbs— 
Carlton. Travellers'. Marlborough, Kildare 
Street, St. George's Yacht. 

DuciE, Earl of. Henry John Rey- 

NOLDS-MORETON.P.C, F. R. S. , 3rd £■. , *. 1827, 

•f. 1853; A.-<i.. Henry Haughton Reynolds, 
L. Morcton, ^. 1857. .SV<i/j—Tortworth Court, 
Faltield ; Sarsdcn, Chipping- Norton. T<nvH 
KfsuifMce—it. Porlman Square, W. Clubs— 
Brooks's, Travellers', Athenarum. 

Dudley, Earl of. William Hum- 

DLE Ward, and E., b. 1867, *. 1885; A.-/., 
his brother, John Hubert, b. 1870. Seats— 
Himley Hall, Dudley ; Wiiley Court, Stour- 
port, Worcester : Crogen, Corwen, Merioneth- 
shire. Town RtsiiUme— Dudley House. Park 
Lane, W. 

DuFFERiN, Earl of. Frederick 

Tbmplb Hamilton-Blackwood, K.P., P.C, 
G.M.S.L, G.CB., G.CM.G., G.M.I. I.E., 
F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., 1st E., b. i8a6, c. 
1871 :A.-a., Archibald Temple, V. Clandeboye, 
b. i86^ .$■<•«/— Clandeboye, CO. Down. Official 
Residence — Government House, Calcutta. 
ClMbs— Brooks's. Travellers' Athenanim, Marl- 
borough, Ulster, Empire. 

tDuNALLEY, Baron. Henry Prit- 

TIB, 3rd B. (LP.), b. \^^,s. 1854 : h.a., Henry 
O'Callaghan, b. 1851. .bVtf/— Kilboy, Nenagh, 
CO. Tipperary. 

tDuNBOYNE, Baron. James Fitz- 
Walter Clifford-Butler. 15th B. (LP.), 
b. 1839, s. 1881 : A.-/., his brother, Robert St. 
John Fitz-Walter Butler, b. 1844. Seat— 
Greendale, Clysl St. Mary, Exeter. 

JDundonald, Earl of. Douglas 


12th E. (S. p.), b. 1852, s. 1885 : h.-p. his brother, 
Thomas Horatio Arthur tmest,^. 1857. Town 
Residence— so, Eaton Place, S.W. Clubs— 
Army and Navy, New, Arthur's. 

Dunmore, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Charles Adolphus Murray, 7th E., b. i8^i, 
*. 1845 : A,-rt., Alexander Edward, V. Fincastle, 
b. 1871. Seats — Dunmore, Stirling ; Isle of 
Harris, Invemess-shire. Clubs — Carlton, Turf, 
Marlborough, Guards', Bachelors', City of 
London, Scottish Conservative. 

Dunraven and Mount-Earl, E. 

of. (Sits as B. Kenry.) Windham Thomas 

Wyndham-Quin, K.P.,4th.ff.,*. 1841,*. 1871; 
A.-/., his cousin, Windham Henry, b. 1857. 
Seats — Adare Manor, Adare. co. Limerick ; 
Dunraven Castle, Southerdown, Glamorgan- 
shire. Residence— Kenry House, Putney Vale, 
S.W. C/*<^*- White's, Brooks's, Windham, 

Baron. Denis St. George Daly, and B 
(I.PJ. *. 1810, *. 1847; A.-/., his brother, 
Skemngton James, ^. 1811. Seat — Duns.-indle, 
Athenry, co. Galway. C/w**— Carlton. Kildare 
Street, co. Galway, St. George's Yacht. 

♦Dunsany, Baron. Edward Plun- 

kett, i6lh £. (LP), b. 1808, X. 185a; A.-a., 
Randal Edward Sherborne, 3.1848. Seat 
—Dunsany Castle, Navan, co. Meath. T<ni>n 
Residence— 7, Grosvenor Place. S.W. Clubs 
— Travellers, United Service, Kildare Street. 

Durham, Bishop of. Joseph Barber 

LiGHTFOOT. D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., b. 1838. 
ccm. 1879. Palace — Auckland Castle, Bishop 
Auckland. C/«*— Athenaeum. 

Durham, Earl of. John Georgi 
Lambton. 3rd E., b. 1855, s. 1879 : A.-/., his 
brother, Frederick William (twin), b. 1855. 
.S"«*rt/— Lambton Castle. Durham. Town Resi- 
dence— 3^. Hill Street, W. C/«3x— Guards", 
Turf, Bachelors'. 

Dynevor, Baron. Arthur de 

Cardonnkll Rice, 6th B., b. 1836, *. 1878; 
A. -a., Walter Fitz-Uryan, *. 1873. Seat— 
Dynevor Castle, Liandilo, Carmarthenshire. 
C/«A— Carlton. 

Dysart, Earl of. William John 

Manners Tollemachb, 8th E. (S. P.), *. 1859, 
*. 1878 ; heiress-p., his sister. Agnes Mary 
Manners, b. 1855. ^^o/x— Buckminster Park, 
Grantham ; Ham House, Petersham, Surrey. 

Ebury, Baron. RobertGrosvenor, 

P.C, 1st B., b. 1801, c. 1857: k.-a., Robert 
Wellesley, b. 1834. Seat— \\oox Park, Rick- 
mansworth. To^^vn Residrrue- 3s. Park Street, 
W. C/«3x-Reform. Brooks's, Travellers'. 

Edinburgh, Duke oi—see " Peers of 
the Blood Royal." 

Effingham, Earl of. Henry 

Howard, and E., b. 1806, x. 1845; h.-n., 
Henry, L. Howrard of Effingham, b. 183-' 
Seats— T\i%moTe House. Bicester; TheGrang- 
Rotherham. Town Residence— st, Eaton Plac 
S.W. a«* -Travellers'. 

Egerton of Tatton, Baron. Wil- 
braham Egerton, and B., b. 183a, x. 1883 : 
A.-/., his brother, Alan de Tatton, b. 1845. 
Seat— "TaXton Park, Knutsford. Town Resi- 
dence— t, St- James's Square, S.W. Clubs — 
Carlton, Travellers', Sl Stephen's, Burlington, 

Eglinton and Winton, Earl of. 

(Sits as E. of Winton.) Archibald William 
Montgomerie, 14th E., b. 1841, s. 1861 ; 
A.-/., his brother, George Amulph, b. 1848. 
Seat— Eglinton Castle, Irvine, Ayrshire, 
r/w^x— Carlton, Western, HurUngham, Royal 
Western Yacht. 

Egmont, Earl of. (Sits as B. Lovell 
and Holland.) Charles George Perceval, 
7th E., b. 1845, X. 1874; h.-p., his cousin, 
Augustus George Perceval, b. 1829. Seats — 
Cowdray Park, Midhurst ; Lohort Castle. Cork ; 



Churchtown, Buttevant, Ireland ; Nork House. 
Epsom. Town Reside?ice—z6, St. James's 
Place. S.W. Clubs— Qax\r.on, White's, New 

Eldon, Earl of. John Scott, 3rd 

E., b. 1845, s. 1854; h.-a., John, V. Encombe, 
^.1870. ^■^a^j— Encombe, Wareham ; Stowell, 
Northleach. Town Residence— i, Hamilton 
Place, W. Club— CzxXton. 

Elgin and Kincardine, Earl of. 

(Sits as B. Elgin.) Victor Alexander 
Bruce, 9th E. of Elgin and 12th E. Kin- 
cardine, b. 1849,5. 1863; -4.-a., Edward James, 
L. Bruce, b. 1881. .Jm/— Broomhall, Dumferm- 
liiie, Fifeshire. C/k^j— Devonshire, Travellers', 

Elibank, Baron. Montolieu Fox 
Oliphant Murray. loth B. (S.P.), 3. 1840, 
*. 1871 ; h.-a., Alexander William Charles 
Oliphant, b. 1870. Seats— Tiam Hall, Eddle- 
sion, Peeblesshire ; Pitheavlis. Perthshire. 
C/w<Jj— Naval and Military, New. 

Ellenborough, Baron. Charles 
Edmund Law, 3rd B., b. 1820; s. 1871 ; k.-a. 
Charles Towry Hamilton, b. 1856. Residence— 
6, Buckingham Gate, S.W. C/j^j- United 
Service, Army and Navy, Royal Thames 
Yacht, Carlton. 

Ellesmere, Earl of. Francis 

Charles Granville Egerton, 3rd E., b. 
1847, s. 1862 ; A.-a., John Francis Granville 
Scrope, K Brackley, 0. 1872. .S^rt^— Worsley 
Hall, Manchester. Town Residence— Bndg- 
water House, Cleveland Square, S.W. Clubs 
—Marlborough. Travellers', Turf. 

Elphinstone, Baron. William 
Buller-Fullerton-Elphinstone, 15th B., 
b. 1828, s. 1861 ; h.-a., James Drummond, b. 
1865. i'^a/— Carbcrry Tower, Musselburgh, 
N.B. Town Residence— 61, Portland Place, 
W. Clubs— Oix\\.on, Marlborough, United 

Ely, Bishop of. Lord Alwyne 

CoMPTON, D.D., b. 1825, con. 1886. Palace 
- Ely. Town Residence— YAy House, 37,Dover 
Street, W. C/«^— Athenaeum. 

Ely, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
LoFTUs.) John Henry Wellington Gra- 
ham LoFTUS, 4th M., b. 1849, s. 1857: h.-p., 
his cousin, John Henry Loftus, Esq., b. 1851. 
.y^a^j— Ely Lodge, Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh; 
Loftus Hall, CO. Wexford ; Kearnsey Abbey, 
Dover. Clubs— Koya\ Cork Yacht, Royal 
Yacht Squadron. 

Emly, Baron. William Monsell, 

P.C, ist B., b. 1812, c. 1873: h.-a., Gaston 
Thomas William, b., 1858. Seats— Cha.tei^n 
de Drouilly, Montoire ; Tervoe, Limerick. Clubs 
—Athenaeum, St. George's, Empire, 

Enfield, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Strafford.) George Henry Charles 
BvNG, called to the House of Lords dunng 
the lifetime of his father, b. 1830. To^vn Resi- 
dence— 34, Wihon Place, S.W. C/»^i— White's, 
Brooks's, Athenaeum. 

Enniskillen, Earl of. (Sits as B. 

Grinstead.) William Willoughby Cole, 
D.C.L.,LL.D.,F.R.S.,3rdi5:.,/J. 1807,^.1840; 
A.-a., Lowry Egerton, F. Cole, M.P., ^. 1845. 
.Sm/— Florence Court, Enniskillen, Ferman- 
agh. Town Residence— 6s, Eaton Place, S.W. 
C/w^— Athenaeum, 

Erne, Earl of. John Henry 

Crichton, 4th E., b. 1839, -y- 1885 ; h.-a., 
Henry William, V. Crichton, b. 1872. Seat 
— Crom Castle, Newtown Butler, co. Fer- 
managh. Town Residence — 12, St. George's 
Place, Hyde Park Corner, S.W. Club — 

Erroll, Earl of. (Sits as B. Kil- 
marnock.) William Harry Hay, 18th E., b. 
1823, s. 1846 ; h.-a., Charles Gore, L. Kilmar- 
nock, b. 1852. Seat — Slains Castle, Cruden, 

Erskine, Baron. William Mac- 

naghten Erskine, 5th B., b. 1841 ; j. 18B2 ; 
h.-a., Montagu, b. 1865. Seat — Cottesbrooke 
Grange, Northampton. Clubs — Arthur's, 
Naval and Military. 

EsHER, Baron. William Baliol 
Brett. P.C, K.B., ist B., b. 1815, c. 1885; 
A.-a., Reginald Baliol, b. 1852. Seat- Heath 
Farm, Watford. 7 own Residence — 6, Ennis- 
more Gardens, S.W. C lubs—CdiAton, Athe- 

Essex, Earl of. Arthur Alger- 
non Capell, 6th E., b. 1803, s. 1839 ; h.-p., 
his gratid-s., George Devereux de Vere, L. 
Capell, b. 1857. .y^rt^— Cassiobury Park, Wat- 
ford. C/7/-J— Travellers'. 

EvERSLEY, Viscount. Charles 

Shaw-Lefevre, P.C, D.C.L , LL.D., ist V., 
b. 1794, c. 1857. .S'f-a^— Heckfield Place, 
Winchfield, Hampshire. Town Residence— 
114, Eaton Square, S.W. C/7<<Jj— Athenaeum, 
Brooks's, Fox. 

lExETER, Bishop of. Edward 
Henry Bickersteth, D.D., b. 1825, con. 
1885. Palace— ^vxx&x. C/«-5— Athenaeum. 

Exeter, Marquess of. William 
Alleyne Cecil, P.C, 3rd M., b. 1825, j. 1867 : 
A.-a., Brownlow Henry George, L. Burghley, 
M.P., b. 1849. 6"^rt^— Burghley House, near 
Stamford. Town Residence— t, Hereford Gar- 
dens, W. C/«<^s— Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. 
Stephen's, United Service, Conservative, Royal 
Victoria Yacht. Royal Yacht Squadron. 

Exmouth, Viscount. Edward 
Fleetwood John Pellew, 4th V., b. 1861, 
s. 1876 ; h.-p., his brother, William Addington 
Winthrop, b. 1862. ^'^a^— Canonteign House, 
Dunsford, near Exeter, C/«^— Bachelors'. 

t Fairfax, Baron. John Contee 

Fairfax, M.D., nth B. (S.P.), b. 1830, j. 1869 ; 
A.-a., Albert Kirby, b. 1870. 6"^rt/f— Northamp- 
ton, Bradensburg, Prince George, co. Mary- 
land, U.S.A. 

^Falkland, Viscount. Planta- 
genet Pierrepont Gary (S.P.), nth V., b. 
1806, s. 1884 ; A.-p., his nephew, Byron Plan- 
tagenet, b. 1845- ^-^a/"— Skutterskelfe, Yarm, 
Yorkshire. Residence— ?>ovnh. Norwood Hill. 
C/w^— United Service. 

Falmouth, Viscount. Evelyn Bos- 

CAWEN, 6th v., b. 1819, s. 1852 ; A.-a., Evelyn 
Edward Thomas, C.B., b. 1847- Seats ire- 
gothnan, Truro ; Mereworth Castle, Maidstone. 
Town Residence-2, St. James s Square, S.W. 
C/«3i— White's, Arthur's, Marlborough, lurt, 

JFarnham, Baron. James Pierce 

Maxwell, 9th B. ^l.V.), b. 1813, J. 1884 ; A.-/., 
his nephew, Somerset Henry, b. 1849. ^eat— 



Farnham, co. Cavan. Club* — Carllon, Anny 
and Navy. Sackville Street. 

JFermoy, Baron. Edward Fitz- 

EoMUND Burke Roche, and B. (I. P.). b. 1850, 
*, 1874: A.->., his brother, James Boothoy 
Burke, b. 185a. Clubs- Kildare Street, Garrick. 

Ferrers, Earl. Sewallis Edward 

Shirley, loth £., b. 1847, x. 1859; A.-/., his 
cousin, Walter Knight, b. 1864. Seats — Suun- 
ton Harold, Ashby-de-la-Zouch ; Chartley 
Castle, Stafford. C/wAx— Carlton. Boodle s. 

Feversham, Earl. William Er- 
nest DUNCOMBB, ist £., b. 1829, *. as 3rd 
B. 1867, f. 1868 : A.-/., his grandson, Charles 
William Reginald, V. Hclmsley. b. 1879. Seat 
— Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Yorkshire. Trmm 
Residence— \<^, Belgrave Siiuare, S.W. Clubs 
—Junior Carlton, Turf, Marlborough, York- 
shire, Traveller's. 

JF F R E N c H, Baron. Thomas 

Fprench, 4th ^.(I.P.). b. 1810, s. i860 ; A.-/., 
his brother, Martin Joseph, b. 1813. Resideuce 
— Elm Park, Merrion, Dublin. 

Fife, Earl of. Alexander Wil- 
liam George Duff, K.T., P.C, 6th E.,b. 
1849. s. 1879: A.-/., his uncle, George Skene, 
b. 1816. J/<z/j— Duff House, Banff; Balvenie 
Castle. Duff Town ; Auchintoul House, Aber- 
chirder, and Rothiemay House, Huntly, Banff- 
shire ; Innes House, Elgin: Westcrton House, 
Morav ; Mar Lodge, Breamar ; Skene House, 
and Eden House, Aberdeenshire : Sheen 
House, near Richmond, Surrey*. Town Resi- 
dence—^, Cavendish Square, W. Clubs— 
White's. Brooks's, Marlborough, Reform. Turf. 
Devonshire, St James's, Gamck, Royal Yacht 

FiNGALL, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Arthur Jambs Plunkett, mh E., b. 1859, 
*. 1881 ; A.-/.,his uncle. Rev. William Matthew, 
b. 1824. .Jm/— Killeen Castle, Tara. co. Meath. 
Clubs — Orleans, Hibernian, United Service. 

Fitzgerald, Baron. John David 
Fitzgerald, P.C, LL.D. [Lord of Appeal in 
Ordinaryl, b. 1816, c. 1882. Residence—^, 
Portland Place. W. a«^*-Brooks 5, Athen- 

Fitz-Hardinge, Baron. Francis 

William Fitz-Hardinge Berkeley, 2nd B., 
i. 1826, s. 1867 ; A.-^., his brother, Charles 
Paget Fitz-Hardinge, r. 1830. .S'^'a/j— Berkeley 
Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire ; Cranford 
House, Hounslow, Clubs — Boodle's, Turf, 
Marlborough, Road. 

Fitzwilliam, Earl. William Tho- 
mas Spencer Wentworth - Fitzwilliam, 
K.G., 6th£'., b. 1815, s. 1857 ; A.-a., his grand- 
son, William Charles de Mure, K Milton, 
b. 1872. Seats — Wentworth Woodhouse, 
Rotherham; Coollattin, co. Wicklow. Town 
Residence— L, Grosvenor Square, W. Clt^s — 
Yorkshire, Travellers', Brooks's. 

Foley, Baron. Henry Thomas 

Foley, 5th B., b. 1850. s. 1869; h.-p., his 
brother, Fitzalan Charles John, b. 1852. 
Seat — Ruxley Lodge, Esher, Surrey. Tcnvn 
Residence — 26, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubs — 
Devonshire, Brooks's, White's, Travellers'. 

tFoRBES, Baron. Horace Courte- 
NAY Forbes, 19th B. (S.P.), b. 1829, s. 1868; 
A.-/., his brother, Atholl Monson, b. 1841. Seat 

— Castle Forbes, Whitehouse, Aberdeetishirc. 
C/m^x— Carlton, Athenaeum. 

Forester, Baron. George Cecil 

Weld Forester, P.C, 3rd B., b. 1807, *. 
1874; A.->., his brother, the Rev. Orlando Wat- 
kin Weld, *. 1813. Seats— Mcsiford, Stone; 
WiUey Park. Broseley : Doihill Park, Welling- 
ton, Salop. TmvH Residence— 3, Carlton 
Gardens, S.W. C/«^i- Carlton, White's. 

FoRTEScuE, Earl. Hugh Fortes- 
cue, 3rd^., b. 1818. r. 1861 ; A. -a., Hugh, F. 
Ebrington, M.P., b. 1854. •S"'^'*'*— Castle Hill, 
South Molton ; Wear Gifford, Bidcford. Totvh 
Residence— ^o. Belgrave Square, S.W. Clubs 
— Travellers , Atheiueum, Brooks's. 

^Frankfort, Viscount. Lodge 

Raymond Db Montmorency, 2nd V. (I. P.), b. 
1806, «. 1822 : A. -a., Raymond Harvey, b. 1835. 

Gage, Viscount. (.Sits as ^.) Henry 
Charles Gage, sth K,, b. 1854, *. 1877 ; A.->., 
his uncle, Edward Thomas, C B., *. 1825. Seat 

— Firle Place, Lewes, Sussex. Ttmm Resi- 
dence— 4. Whitehall Yard, S.W. Clubs-MirU 
borough, Carlton, Bachelors'. 

Gainsborough, Earl of. Charles 

William Francis Noel, 3rd E., b. 1850, s. 
1881 : A, -a., Arthur Edward Joseph, K Camp- 
den, b. 1884. Seats— ILxton House, Oakham ; 
Campden House, Broadwav, Gloucestershire. 
C/k^*— Boodle's, Junior IJnited Service, St. 
George's, Pratt's. 

Galloway, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Stewart ofGarlies.) Alan Plantagenbt 
Stewart, loih £., b. 1835, s. 1873 ; A.-/., his 
brother, Randolph Henry, b. i8?6. Seats— 
Cumloden, Newtown Stewart, N. B. ; Glentroo 
Lodge, Bargrennam, Kirkcudbrightshire ; Gal- 
loway House, Garlicsiown, N.B. Town Resi- 
dence— \t^ Upper Grosvenor Street. W. Clubs 

- Carlton, Travellers', St. Stephen s. Hurling- 
ham, Scottish Conservative, 

JGalway, Viscount. George Ed- 
mund Milnbs Monckton-Arundell, 7th 
V. (LP.), b. 1844, s. 1876 ; A.-a., George Vere 
Arundell, b. 1882. J^a/— Serlby Hall, Bawtry. 
Clubs — Carlton, Junior Carlton, Yorkshire, 
"Travellers', Bachelors'. 

Gardner, Baron. Alan Hyde 

Gardner, 4th B,, b. 1836, *. 1883 : h.-a., Alan 
Legge, b. i88i. Residence— '^'xW^g.t: Munowta, 
near Nadrie, District Etah, N.W.P. India. 

tGARVAGH, Baron. Charles John 
Spencer George Canning, prd ^. (I.P.), ^. 
1852, *. 1871 ; h,-a., Leopold Ernest Stratford 
George, b. 1878. J^-a^—Folaskarthe, Halling- 
dal, Norway. Town Residence — 19, Kensing- 
ton Gardens Terrace, W. C/«*j- White's, 
Salisbury, New, Scandinavian. 

Gerard, Baron. Robert Tolver 

Gerard, ist B.,b. 1808, c. 1876; A.-rt.,William 
Cansfield, b. 1851. Seat — Garswood, Newton- 
le-Willows, Lancashire. Clubs — White's, 
Marlborough, Boodle's, St. Stephen's, Man- 
chester Conservative. 

Gifford, Baron. Edric Frederick 

Gifford, V.C, 3rd B., b. 1849. s. 1872 ; A.->., 
his brother, Edgar Berkeley, b. 1857. Resi- 
dence — Gibraltar. Clubs — Carlton, Junior 
Army and Navy. 

Glasgow, Earl of. (Sits as B. Ross. ) 
George Frederick Boyle, 6th £., b. 1825. 



s. 1869 ; A.-p., his kinsman, Capt. David Boyle, 
R.N., d. 1833. Sea^s — Kelburne House. Largs, 
Ayrshire ; Crawford Priory, Cupar, Fifeshire ; 
The Garrison, Isle of Cumbrae, Buteshire. 
Town Residence— 11, Hereford Gardens, W. 
Clubs— Caxhon, Scottish Conservative. 

Gloucester and Bristol, Bishop 

of. Charles John Ellicott, D.D., b. 1819, 
con. 1863. Palace — Gloucester. Town Resi- 
dence— ^S, Great Cumberland Place, W. Club 
— Athenaeum 

GoRMANSTON, Viscount. (Sits as B. ) 
'Jenico William Joseph Preston, 14th V., 
i. 1837, s. 1876 ; A.-a., Jenico Edward Joseph, 
b. 1879. Seats— GoTmanston Castle, Balbrig- 
gan, CO. Dublin; Whitewood, Nobber, co. 
Meath. Official Residence — Government 
House, St. John's, Antigua. C/«^5— Carlton, 
Army and Navy, Kildare Street, St. George's 
Yacht, Hurlingham. 

+GORT, Viscount. Standish Pren- 

DERGAST VeREKER, 4th V. (LP.), b. 1819, S. 

1865 ; h.-a., John Gage Prendergast, b. 1849. 
Seat — East Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight. 
Town Residences— 1, Portman Square, W.; 12, 
Merrion Square, Dublin. Club— Union. 

Gosford, Earl of. (Sits as B. Wor- 
LiNGHAM.) Archibald Brabazon Sparrow 
AcHESON, K.P., 4th E., b. 1841, s. 1864; h.-a., 
Archibald Charles Montagu Brabazon, V. Ache- 
son, ^. 1877. 6'«'a/— Gosford Castle, Market Hill, 
CO. Armagh. Town Residence— 10$, Harley 
Street, W. C/«/«— Brooks's, White's, Turf, 
Marlborough. Kildare Street, Travellers', St. 
George's Yacht, Royal Yacht Squadron. 

GouGH, Viscount. George Ste- 
phens GouGH, and V., b. 1815, s. 1869 ; h.-a., 
Hugh, b. 1849. Seats— ?,i. Helen's, Booters- 
town, CO. Dublin ; Lough Cutra Castle, Gort, 
co.Galway. C/«*J— Athenaeum, Carlton, Dublin 
University, Kildare Street, Scientific, co. 

Grafton, Duke of. Augustus 

Charles Lennox Fitz-Rov, K.G., C.B., 7th 
D., b. 1821, s. 1882 ; h.-a., Henry James, £. 
Euston, b. 1848. Seats— Euston Hall, Thetford, 
Suffolk; Wakefield Lodge, Stony Stratford. 
Town Residence — 4, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 
C/«<Jj— Travellers', White's. 

Granard, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
George Arthur Hastings Forbes, K.P., 
7th E., b. 1833, s. 1837 ; h.-a., Bernaird Arthur 
William Patrick Hastings, V. Forbes, b. 1874. 
.Sea/— Castle Forbes, Newtown Forbes, co. 
Longford. Clubs— Boodle's, Junior United 
Service, Kildare Street, Bachelors', St. George's 
Yacht, Hurlingham. 

Grantley, Baron. John Richard 

Drinslev Norton, 5th B., b. 1855, s. 1877 ; 
k.-p., his cousin Charles Grantley Campbell 
Norton, b. 1835. Seats — Grantley Hall, Ripon ; 
Kettlethorpe Hall. Wakefield. C/«^i— Carl- 
ton, White's, Wanderers'. 

Granville, Earl. Granville 

George Leveson-Gower. K.G.,P.C., D.C.L., 
LL.D., F.R.S., 2nd E., b. 1815, s. 1846 ; h.-a., 
Granville George, L. Leveson, b. 1872. Seat 
— Walmer Castle, Kent. Town Residence— iZ, 
Carlton House Terrace. S.W. ^ Clubs-— 
Athenaeum, Travellers', St. James's, White's, 
Brooks's, Turf, Marlborough, Reform, Devon- 
shire, Manchester Reform, City Liberal. 

:}:Graves, Baron. Clarence Ed- 
ward Graves, 4th B. (I. P.), b. 1847, 5. 1870 ; 
h.-a., Sydney Thomas Williams North, b. 
1872. 6'«'«zf— Thanckes, Devonport. Town 
Residence— iix, St. George's Square, S.W. 
Clubs — Carlton, Naval and Military, Wan- 

Greville, Baron. Algernon Wil- 
liam FuLKE Greville, 2nd B., b. 1841, j. 
1883; h.-a., Ronald Henry Fulke, b. 1864. 
Seats — The Glen, Sunninghill, Berks ; Clon- 
hugh, Mullingar. Town Residence — 7, Ches- 
terfield Gardens, W. Clubs — Devonshire, 
Brooks's, Turf, City Liberal, Kildare Street. 

Grey, Earl. Henry Grey, K.G., 

G.C.M.G., P.C, D.C.L., 3rd E., b. 1802, s. 
1845 ; h.-p., his nephew, Albert Henry George, 
M.P., b. 1851. Seat — Howick House, Les- 
bury, Northumberland. Clubs — Athenaeum, 

Grey de Ruthyn, Baroness. 

Bertha Lelgarde Clifton, b. 1835, s. 1885 ; 
h.-a., Rawdon George Grey, b. 1858. Seat— 
Warton Hall, Lytham, Lancashire. 

Guilford, Earl of. George 

Frederick North, 8th E., b. 1876, j. 1885 ; 
h.-p., his uncle, Morton Walham, b. 1852. 
Seats — Waldershare Park, Dover; Glemham 
Hall, Wickham Market. 

JGuiLLAMORE, Viscount. Hardress 
Standish O'Gradv, 5th V. (LP.), b. 1841, .y. 
1877 ; h.-p., his brother, Frederick Standish, 
b. 1847. Seat — Cahir, Guillamore, Kilmallock, 
CO. Limerick. 

GwYDYR, Baron. Peter Robert 

BuRRELL, 4th B., b. 1810, J. 1870; h.-a., 
Willoughby Merrick Campbell, b. 1841. Seat 
—Stoke Park, Ipswich, Suffolk. Clubs— Q-aioxA 
and Cambridge, Royal Victoria Yacht. 

fHADDiNGTON, Earl of. George 

Arden-Baillie-Hamilton, nth E. (S.P.), 
b. 1827, s. 1870; h.-a., George, L. Binning, b. 
1856. Seats — Tyninghame House, Preston 
Kirk, Haddingtonshire ; Mellerstain, Kelso, 
Roxburghshire ; Lennel House, Coldstream, 
Berwickshire; Jerviswoode, Lanarkshire; Ar- 
deme Hall, Tarporley, Cheshire. Clubs— 
Carlton, Hurlingham, White's, Scottish Con- 
servative, Home Service. 

Haldon, Baron. Lawrence Hes- 

KETH Palk, 2nd B., b. 1846, s. 1883; h.-a., 
Lawrence William, b. 1869. ^^a/— Haldon 
House, Exeter. Clubs— liwri, Marlborough, 
Torbay and South Devon. 

Halifax, Viscount. Charles 

Wood, 2nd V., b. 1839, 5. 1885 ; h.-a., Charles 
Reginald b. 1870. .S'^^/'— Hickleton Hall, 
Doncaster ; Garrowby, Pocklington, Yorkshire. 
Town Residence— xo, Belgrave Square, S.W. 
Clubs— BtooVs's, Travellers', Athenaeum. 

Halsbury, Baron. Hardinge 
Stanley Giffard, P.C, K.B., ist B., b. 
1825, c. 1885 ; h.-a., Hardinge Goulburn, b. 
1880. Seat — Pendruccombe, Launceston. 
Town Residence— g(), Gloucester Place, Port- 
man Square, W. C lubs—Ca.r\ton, Junior 
Carlton, St. Stephen's, Garrick, Athenaeum. 

Hamilton, Duke of. (Sits as D. of 
Brandon.) William Alexander Louis 
Stephen Douglas-Hamilton, K.T., 12th D. 
Hamilton and 9th D. Brandon, b. 1845, s. 1863 ; 
h.-p., his brother, Charles George Archibald, 



k 1149. Smii—muium Park. Wickham Market ; 
H»aultOB Palaca, Luiark*hire : Kinniel, Lin- 
Kthgowihire : Brodick Castle, Kle of Arran, 
Bntadiire. CMs — Turf, Marlboroush. 
Western, Hurlingham, Orleans. Road. English 
(HomburgX Cercle de la Mediterran^ (NtoeX 

Hammond, Baron. Edmund Ham- 

mond. P.C, ist B., h. tSoa. c. 1874. 
X*tuUmct—9i. Eaton Place, S.W. CA»*- 

Hampden, Viscount. Henry 

BouvKRiE William Brand, P.C, G.C.B.. 
ist y., b. 1814, c. 1884 ; h, a., Henry Robert, 
M. P., ^.1841. i'M/— Glynde. Uwes. C/«^ 
— Reform. Brooks's, Athenzum. 

Hampton, Baron. John Slaney 

Pakincton. and B., 6. 1829, *. 1880: A.-/., 
his half-brother, Herbert Perroti Murray, i. 
1848. Jltsidf met — Thornton Beulah Hill, 
Upper Norwood, S.E. C/«^-Carlton. 

JHarberton, Viscount. James 

Spknckr Pomeroy (I. p.), 6th K. b. 1836. jr. 
1863: h.Hi,, Ernest Arthur George, b. 1867. 
Residence -\i<i. Cromwell Road. S.W. CltJy— 
United University. 

Hardinge, Viscount. Charles 

Stewart Hakdingk. and V.,b. i8n, s. 1856: 
A-««., Henr\' Charles. ^. 1857. 5^m/— South 
Park, near PenUturst Place. Tonbridge. Clmb* 
— Travellers', United Service, Carltoo. 

Hardwicke, Earl of. 
Philip Yorke. P.C. «h E..b. 1836, *. 1873; 
A -a., Albert Edward. V. Ro^rston^ b. 1867. 
•Sm/— Wimpole Hall, Rovston, Cunbndgeshire. 
TVim jRestdenfe—ao, Albemarle Street, W. 
C/mbt — Carlton. Traveller*', White's, Turf, 

Harewood, Earl of. Henry 
Thvnnb LASCBLI.BS, 4th £., b. tBiA, s. 1857 : 
A-A, Henry Ulick. K Laxellea. A 1846. 
St»it — Harewood House. Leeds ; Golds- 
borouf h Han. Ruaresborougn. TvwmRtsidtnee 
— 13. Hanover Square, W. C/«t/w— Carlton, 
Travellers', Turf, ftlarlborough, Yorkshire. 

Harlech, Baron. Wiluam Richard 

Ormsbv-Gorr, and B., b. 1819, x. 1876 : k-n., 
George Ralph Charles, *. 1855. Seats— Vitxry- 
came, co. Leitrim ; Brogynty'n. Otwestry ; 
Glyn, Merionethshire. Towm Kesidmct—n, 
Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. C/oAf — Carlton, 
United Service. 

Harrington, Earl of. Charles 

AUCUSTLS SXANHOrr '■•*' ^ * -o-t - 1881 : 

A-/., his brother, Fit '>read, 

A 1845. Seats—VA\.\ i »crby ; 

Gawsworth Hall, Macj-n-Miciu. i. <««>* - \V hite s, 
Carlton, H uriingh.-im. 

Harris, Baron. George Robert 

Canning Harris. 4th B., b. 1851, s. 1873; 
A-/., his uncle. Reginald Temple Harris- 
Temple, *. 1830. ^m/— Belmont, Vaversham, 
KenL C/«^r— Carlton, Marlborough. 

Harrowby, Earl of. Dudley 

Francis Stuart Ryder, P.C, 3rd E., b. 
1831. *. 188a : A-/., his brother, Hcnr>' Dudley, 
b. 1836. Jm/j— Sandon Hall, Stone. SuflTord ; 
Norton House, Campdcn, Gloucester. Ttmrn 
Residence — 39, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubs — 
Carlton, St. Stephen's, Travellers', Atheneum, 

Hastlngs, Baron. George Man- 

ners AsTLBY, 13th B., b. 1857, *. 1875 ; A-«,, 
Albert Edward Delaval. b. 188a. Seats— 
Mettoo Consuble Dereham. Norfolk; Seatoa 
Dehival. Newcastle-upon-iyna. T&wn Rest- 
dfnct—rt, Bruton Street. W; Clubs -Carlton, 
Marlborough. Turf. White's. 

Hatherton, Baron. Edward 
Richard Littleton, C.B., and 
*. 1863: A-a., Edward George Pt 
b. 1843. .9/a/i— Teddesley Park, 
ridge ; Hatherton, Cannock. Town Kssi^itme 
—n, Rutland Gate. S.W. C/«»**— Travellers', 

•Hawarden. Viscount Corn- 

WALLIS MaI'DK. 4th V. (I. P.). *. T817, *. 

1856: h. ' ^ • r • TT „ry, i, 

184a. .s crary. 

Clubs- K ,, ^», St. 
Stephen's, iviiaarc Mrcct. 

Hawke, Baron. Rev. Edward 
Henry IuliusHawke, 6th i^.,^. 1815, x. 1870; 
A -a.. Martin Bladen, b. 186a Residence - 
Wighill Park. Tadcaster. C/«.*-Carlton. 

Headfort, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
Kbnlis.) Thomas Taylour, PC. 3rd M., 
b. i8aa, *. 1870 ; A-a., Thomas. E. of Bective, 
M.P., b. 1844. Seats— TYm Lodge, Vimnia, 
CO. Cavan : Headfort House. Kelts, co. BAeath. 
7>or« Residence— t^, Belgrave Square. S.W. 
C/«^— Cariton. Travellers' Turf, Kildare 
Street, Saekville Street. St George's Yacht 

•Headley, Baron. Charles Mark 

Allanson Allanson-Winn (I. P.), 4th B., 
b. 1845. *. 1877; A->., his uncle, Rowland, A 
x8i6. C/«^-Carlton. 

Henley, Baron. (Sits as .^. North- 
incton.) Anthony Henley Henley, 3rd A, 
b. i8as. X. 1841 ; k.-a., Frederick, b. 1849. 
Seat \Vatford Court, near Rugby. Clubs— 
Brooks's, Turd 

Henniker, Baron. (Sits as A Har- 
tismbrb.) John Major 
jih A, A 1843, X. 1870; A ' ! 

John. *. 1865. Seats— Th 
Suffolk: Worlingham Hall, \ 
C/mAx— Carlton, White's, M.alborough, Tra- 

Hereford, Bishop of. James At- 

LAY, D.D., A 1817. can. 1868. Palace— 
Hereford. C/«^— Athenxum. 

Hereford, Viscount Robert 

Dbvbbbux. i6th v., b. 1843, X. 1855; A-tf., 
Robert Charles. A 1865. .$"/«/ — Tregoyd, 
Three-Cocks Junction. R.S.O., Brecknockshire. 

HerRIES, Baron. Marmaduke Con- 
stable-Maxwell. 14th B., b. 1837, X. 1876; 
co-heiresses, his daus., Gwendolen Mary and 
Angela Marv (twins), b. 1877. .Vr-a/x— Evering- 
ham Park, York; Carlavcrock Castle, and Kin- 
harvie, Dumfries. Clubs- Boodle's, Athenasum, 
St James's, Yorkshire, Hurlingham. 

Hertford, Marquess of. Hugh 
DB Grey SEYMOirR, P.C, 6th M., b. 1843, x. 
1884: A-o., George Francis Alexander, E. 
Yarmouth, A 1871. .S"m/x— Ragley Hall Alces- 
cester, Warwickihire ; Park Hall, Salford, 
Evesham. C/«^x— Carlton, Guards', Ulster, 

Heytesbury, Baron. William 
Henry Ashe A'Coust-Holmbs, and B., b. 



1809, s. i860 ; A.-a., William Leonard, d. 1835. 
Seais — Heytesbury House, Wiltshire ; West- 
over, Newport, Isle of Wight. C/u6s — Carlton, 

Hill, Viscount. Rowland Clegg 

Clegg-Hill, 3rd y., b. 1833, s. 1875; h.-a., 
Rowland Richard, b. i86?. Seat — Hawkstone 
Park, Shrewsbury. Clubs — Carlton, White's, 

HoBHOUSE, Baron. Arthur Hob- 
house, RC, K.C.S.I., CLE., ist B., b. 1819, 
c. 1885. Residence— IS, Bruton Street, W. 
C/wA— Athenaeum. 

Holm BSD ALE, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
Amherst.) William Archer Amherst, called 
to House of Lords 1880, during lifetime of 
his father; b. 1836. Seat — Montreal, Seven- 
oaks. Clubs — Carlton, Travellers', Marl- 
borough, St. James's, St Stephen's. 

Home, Earl of. (Sits as B. Douglas.) 

Charles Alexander Douglas-Home, 12th 
E., b. 1834, s. 1881 ; k.-a., Charles Cospatrick 
Archibald, L. Dunglass. <J. 187^ Seats— The 
Hirsel, Coldstream, Berwickshire ; Bothwell 
Castle, N. B. ; Douglas Castle, Lanarkshire. 
Town Residence— 6, Grosvenor Square, W. 
Clubs Carlton, Travellers', White's. 

Hood, Viscount. Francis Wheler 

Hood, 4th K., b. 1838, s. 1846; k.-a., Gros- 
venor Arthur Alexander, b. 1868. Tmvn 
Residence— \o, Chesterfield Street, W. Clubs— 
White's. United Service, Travellers'. 

HoPETOUN, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
John Adrian Louis Hope, 7th E., 3. i860, s. 
1873 ; h.-p,, his brother, Charles Archibald, b. 
1863. Seats — Hopetoun House, South Queens- 
ferry, Linlithgowshire; Ormiston Hall,Tranant, 
and Keith House, Upper Keith, Blackshiels, 
Haddingtonshire. — Bachelors', Scottish 

JHoTHAM, Baron. John Hotham, 

5th .5. (I.R), b. 1838, s. 1872 ; h.-p., his cousin, 
the Rev. John Hallctt Hotham, b. 181 1. Seat— 
Dalton Hall. Hull. C/«^f— Carlton. Yorkshire, 

HoTH FIELD, Baron. Henry James 

TuFTON, ist B., b. 1844, c. 1881 ; k.a., John 
Sackville Richard, b. 1873. Seats — Appleby 
Castle, Westmoreland; Hothfield Place, Ash- 
ford, Kent ; Skipton Castle, Yorkshire. Tmvn 
Residence— ^.Ch^sterfitAd Gardens, W. Clubs 
—Brooks's, Garrick. Turf, White's, Pratt's, 
Bachelors', Hurlingham. 

Houghton, Baron. Robert 

Offley Ashburton Milnes, and B., b. 1858, 
*. 1885 ; h.-a., Richard Charles Rodes, *. 1882. 
Seat— Fryston Hall, Ferry Bridge, Yorkshire. 
C/«3j— Brooks's, White's. 

^ Howard de Walden, Baron. 
Frederick George Ellis, 7th B., b. 1830, 
s. 1868 ; k.-a., Thomas Evelyn, b. 1880. Resi- 
dence— loo, Eaton Place, S.W. Clubs — 
Arthur's, Carlton. 

Howard of Glossop, Baron. 
Francis Edward Fitzalan-Howard, 2nd 
B., b. 1859, *• 1883: k.-a., Bernard Edward, 
*. 1885. Seats— Tntt Hall, Glossop, Derby- 
shire ; Dorlin, Salen, N.B. Town Residence 
—19, Rutland Gate, S.W. C/i«Jj— White's, 
Scottish, Bachelors'. 

Howe, Earl. Richard William 

Penn Curzon-Howe, C.B., 3rd E., b. 1822, 

s. 1876 ; h.-a., George Richard Penn, V. 
Curzon, b. 1861. 6'^a^j— Gopsall, Atherstone ; 
Penn House, Amersham ; Acton Place, Sud- 
bury, Suffolk. Town Residence— ii, Curzon 
Street, W. Clubs— Hyxxi, White's. 

HOWTH, Earl of. (Sits as ^5.) Wil- 
liam Ulick Tristram St. Lawrence, K.P., 
4th E., b. 1827, J. 1874 ; h.-p., his half-brother, 
Thomas Kenelm Digby, b. 1855. ^Smi"— Howth 
Castle, Howth, co. Dublin. C/«<5.y— Travellers', 
Turf, Devonshire. 

Huntingdon, Earl of. Warner 

Francis John Plantagenet Hastings, 
14th E., b. 1868, s. 1873; h.-p., his brother, 
Osmond William Toone Westenra, b. 1873. 

JHuntingfield, Baron. Charles 
Andrew Vanneck, 3rd B. (LP.), <J. 1818, s. 
1844; A. -«., Joshua Charles, b. 1842. Seat — 
Heveningham Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk. Towri 
Residence— \\, Charles Street, W. Clubs— 
Carlton, Turf, Marlborough, Hurlingham. 

HUNTLY, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 
Meldrum.) Charles Gordon, P.C, wxSxM., 
b. 1847, s. 1863; h.-p., his brother, Douglas 
William Cope, b. 1851. Seat — Aboyne Castle, 
Aberdeenshire. Town Address — 8, Hereford 
Gardens, Park Lane, W. C/«^j— Devonshire, 
City LiberaL 

H Y L T o N, Baron. Hedworth 

Hylton Jolliffe, and B., b. 1829, s. 1876 ; 
h.-a., Hylton George Hylton, b. 1862. Seats — 
Merstham House, Redhill ; Heath House, 
Petersfield ; Ammerdown Park, Radstock, 
Bath. Clubs — Boodle's, Carlton, White's, 
Turf, Athenaeum. 

Iddesleigh, Earl of Stafford 

Henry Northcote, P.C, G.C.B., ist E., 
b. 1818, c. 1885; h.-a., Walter Stafford, V. 
St. Cyres, b. 1845. Seat — Pyres, Exeter. 
Town Residence — 30, St. James's Place, S.W. 
C/«^f— Athenaeum, Carlton. 

Ilchester, Earl of. Henry Ed- 
ward Fox-Strangways, P.C, sth^., b. 1847, 
s. 1865; A. -a., Giles Stephen Holland, L. Stavor- 
dale, b. 1874. Seats — Melbury House, near 
Dorchester ; Abbotsbury Castle, Dorchester ; 
Redlynch House, Bruton. Town Residence — 
42, Belgrave Square, S.W. C/«^.r— Turf, Marl- 
borough, White's, St. James's, Travellers', 
Bachelors', Hurlingham, Salisbury. 

*Inchiquin, Baron. Edward DoN- 
ough O'Brien, 14th B. (LP.), b. 1839, s. 
1872 ; h.-a., Lucius William, b. 1864. Seat — 
Dromoland, Newmarket-on- Fergus, co. Clare. 
C/«^j— St. James's, Carlton, Kildare Street. 

Jersey, Earl of. Victor Albert 

George Child Villiers, 7th E., b. 1845, .r. 
1859 ; h.-a., George Henry Robert Child, V. 
Villiers, b. 1873. 'S'^'^^— Middleton Park. Bices- 
ter ; Osterlev Park, Southall. Town Residetice 
—3, Great Stanhope Street, W. Clubs— ]\xxi\ox 
Carlton, Carlton, St. Stephen's. 

Keane, Baron. John Manley 
Arbuthnot Keane, 3rd B., b. 1816, s. 1882; 
h.-p., his brother, Adm. George Disney, C.B., 
b. 181 7. 6'^a^— Castletown House, Church- 
town, CO. Wexford. Town Residence— 7,, 
Wetherby Gardens, S.W. Clubs— Krmy and 
Navy, Carlton, Salisbury. 

Kenmare, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Valentine Augitstus Browne, K.P., P.C, 
4th E., b. 1825, f. 1871 ; h.-a., Valentine Charles, 



Blickling Hall, Aylsham ; Monteviot, Jed- 
burgh, N. B. Town Residence — 34, Grosvcnor 
Square, W. Clt^s — Carlton, Travellers', 
Empire, Scottish Conservative. 

Loudoun, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Hastings.; Charlbs Eowako Hastings 
Abnky-Hastings. nth £., b. 1855,*. 1874; 
A./., his brother, Paulyn Francis Cuthbert, 
b. 1856. ^M/f-WiUesley Hall. Ashbyde- 
la-Zouch ; Rowallan Castle, Ayrshire. Clubs— 
Carlton, White's. 

tLouTH, Baron. Randal Pilgrim 

Ralph Plunkett, 14th B. (I. P.). b 1868, *, 
1883 ; A.-/., his uncle, Thomas Oliver Westenra 
b. 1838. JTm/- Louth Hall, Ardee, co. Louth. 

LovAT, Baron. Simon Fraser, 

15th B., b. i8a8, *. 1875: A.-a., Simon Joseph, 
b. 1871. .9<-a/— Beaufort Castle, Beauiey, In- 
vemess-shire. C/«^f— Brooks's, Marlborough, 

Lovelace, Earl of. William King- 
Noel, F.R.S., 1st E.,b. 1805, f. 1838: h.-a„ 
KaJph Gordon Noel Milbanke, V. Ockham, b. 
1839. Seats — Horsiey Towers, Leatherhead ; 
Ashley Combe. Porlock, Somerset ; Ockham 
Park, Surrey. Town Residence— q. St George's 
Place. S,W. a«^-Athenaum. 

•LucAN, Earlof. George Charles 

Bingham. G.C.B., 3rd E. (LP.), b. 1800. 
*. 1839; A. -a., George. Z. Bingham, b. 1830. 
^<w/j— Castlcbar, co. Mayo ; Lalcham. near 
Staines. Town Residence— ii. South Street, 
W. CYwAr— Carlton, United Service. 

LuRGAN, Baron. William Brown- 
low, 3rd B., b. 1858, *. i88a ; h.p., his brother, 
{ohn Roderick, b. 1865. Seat- Brownlow 
louse, Lurgan, co. Armagh. Clubs — Brooks's, 
White's, Guards', Bachelors', Turf, Kildare 
Street. Ukter. 

Lyons, Viscount. Richard Bicker- 
ton PembllLvons. G.C.B., P.C, G.CM.G., 
D.CL., ist V.,b. 1817. c. 1881. Ojfficial Resi- 
dence— 'Y\m British Embassy, Pans. Lottdon 
Address— lior(o\k House. St. James's Square, 
S.W. C/«**-Travellers', St. James's, Aihe- 
lueum, Marlborough. 

Lytt ELTON, Baron. Charles 
George Lyttelton, 5th B., b. 1842, s. 1876 ; 
A. -a., John Cavendish.^. i88i. i'<ra/— Hagley 
Hall, Stourbridge. Town Residence — 3, Sl 
James's Square, S.W. Club — Brooks's. 

LvTTON, Earl of. Edwar d Robert 

Bulwer Lytton, G.CS.I., G.C.B.. CLE., 
ist^.,*. 1831,^. 1880; A. -a., Vict6r Alexander 
George Robert, V. Knebworth, b. 1876. Seat 
— Knebworth Park, Stevenage, Hertfordshire. 
C/k^x— Athenaeum, Marlborough, Empire. 

Lyveden, Baron. Fitz-Patrick 

Henry Vernon, and B., b. 1824, s. 1873 ; 
A.-/., his brother, the Rer. Courtenay John, 
b. 1828. .$■<•«/*— Laundimer House, Oundle ; 
Farming Woods, Thrapstone. 

Macclesfield, Earl of. Thomas 

Augustus Wolstenholme Parker, 6th E., 
b. 1811, s. 1850; h.-a., George Augustus, y. 
Parker, b. 1843. ^^"^^ — Shirbum Ca.stle, "Tets- 
worth, Oxfordshire. To7vh Residence — 94, 
Eaton Square, S.W. Club — Carlton. 

^Macdonald, Baron. Ronald 
Archibald Macdonald (LP.), 6th B., b. 
1853, s. 1874 ; h.-a., Somerled Godfrey James, 

b. 1876. 5'm/— Armadale Castle, Isle of Skyc 
Clubs — Carlton, Scottish Conservative. 

Malmesbury, Earl of. Jamf.' 
Howard Harris, G.C.B., P.C, D.C.L., 
E., b. 1807, J. 1841 ; A.-/., his brother, ^ 
Edward Alfred John, K.CB., *. 1808. .*.,... 
Heron Court. Cnristchurch. Hampshir' 
Resideftce-i^, Wimpolc Street. W. 
Carlton, Junior C4U-I ton, Hurlingham, 1 , 

Manchester, Bishop Designate of 
Jambs Moorhousb. D.D., b. 183-, con. 187^ 
^MirfVw*:^— Bishop's Court, Manchester. Ci 
— Athcnajum. 

Manchester, Duke of. Willi • 
Drogo Montagu, K.P., 7th D., b. 
1855 • ^"<»M George Victor Drogo, / 
deviUe, b. 1853. .S><i/j— Kimbolton ' 
Hunts ; Tanderagce Castle, co. Armagh. J c- 
Residence— t, Circ^t Stanhope Street, W.' 
C/«^f— Carlton, Marlborough, Empire. 

Manners, Baron. John Thom 
Manners. 3rd B.. b. 1853, *. 1864; A.-/., ! 
brother. Arthur, b. 1855. Clubs — ( 
Guards', Bachelors', St. James's, Hurl; 

Mansfield, Earl of. Willi . 
David Murray. K.T., ^th E., b. 1806, s. 1B4 
A.-rt., William David, V. Stormont. b. 18 

Seats — Scone Palace. Perth ' ' ' --•■< ' ■-• 

Dumfries ; Schaw Park. > 

vaird, Fife. Town Rr 

Highgate. C/wAi— Travciiti > , cniwu. 

Manvers, Earl. Sydney Willia 

Herbert Pierretont, 3rd £., b. 18. 
*. i860: A. -a,, Charles William Sydney. - 
Newark, b. 1854. Seats — Thoresby Pari 
Ollerton, Notts ; Holme Pierrepoint, Noit 
Town Residence— 6, Tilney Street, Park Lan 
W. C/i»/^x— Carlton, Salisbury. White's. 

Mar, Earl of. John Francis Er 

KiNB Goodevb-Erskine, llth £., b. 1836, 
1866 ; A.-fl., John Francis Hamilton Sincia 
Cunliflfe Brooks Forbes, L. Garioch, b. i86i-. 
Residence— Wilton, near Ross, Herefordshire 
C/«^— Scottish. J 

fMAR AND Kellie, Earl of. Walti 
Henry Erskinb, nth E. of Mar, 13th £. 
Kellie (S.P.). b. 18^9, *. 187a; A.-a,, Wal* 
John Francis, L. Erskine, b. 1865. Seat 
Alloa House, Clackmannanshire. Clubs* 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, New. 

Marlborough, Duke of. Georc 
Charles Spencer-Churchill, 8th D.,b. 18^ 
*. 1883 : k.-a., Charles Richard John, M. BlaB 
ford b. 1871. ^■^'a^— Blenheim Palace. Woo 
stock, Oxfordshire. Tozun Residence — 4 
Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. Clubs— St. James 
Hurlingham. Road. 

Massereene and Ferrard, Vi: 
count (Sits as B. Oriel of Ferrard 
Clotworthy John Eyre Foster Ske 
FINGTON, nth y., b. 184a. *. 1863 ; A.-a 
Oriel John Clotworthy Whyte Melville, b. 187 
Seats — Antrim Casde, co. Antrim ; Ori 
Temple, CoUon, co. Louth. C/«^j— Carltoi 
Boodle's, Travellers', Kildare Street, Ulste 
Bachelors', St. George's Yacht, 

*Massy, Baron. John Thom^* 
William Massy, 6th B. (LP.), b. 1835, 
1874; A.-«., Hugh Somerset John, ^. 1864. Sen 
— Hermitage, Castle-Connell, co. Limerick 
Massy Lodge, Anglesboro', co. Limericl- 
Lareen House, Bundoran, co. Donegal ; K 
lakee, Rathfamham, co. Dublin. Clubs 
Chiton, Kildare Street. 



J Mayo, Earl of. Dermot Robert 

Wyndham Bourke, 7th E. (LP.), b. 1851, 
s. 1872 ; h.-p., his brother, Maurice Archibald, 
R.N., b. 1853. Seats — Palmerston House, 
Straffan, co. Kildare ; Hayes, Navan, co. 
Meath. Clubs — Carlton, Guards', Marlborough, 
Kildare Street. 

Meath, Earl of. (Sits as B. Cha- 
woRTH.) William Brabazon, nth E. (LP.), 
b. 1803, s. 1851 ; h.-a., Reginald, L. Brabazon, 
b. 1841. Seat — Kilruddery, near Bray, co. 
Wicklow. C/«<5j— Travellers', Kildare Street. 

Melville, Viscount. Robert Dun- 
das, 4th v., b. 1803, s. 1876 ; h.-p., his nephew, 
Henry, b. 1835. 6Va/— Melville Castle, Lass- 
wade, Edinburgh. Town Residence — 7, 
Portugal Street, W. C/«^— Travellers'. 

Methuen, Baron. Frederick 

Henry Paul Methuen, 2nd B., b. 1818, s. 
1849 ; h.-a., Paul Sanford, C.B., b. 1845. Seat 
— Corsham Court, Corsham, Wilts. ClUbs — 
! Marlborough, Brooks's. 

JMexborough, Earl of. John 
(Charles George Savile, 4th ^. (LP.), ^.1810, 
s. i860; h.-a., John Horace, y. Pollington, b. 
1 1843. Seat — Methley Park, Leeds. Town 
I Residence — 33, Dover Street, W. Club — 
i Travellers'. 

Middleton, Baron. DigbyWent- 
WORTH Bayard Willoughbv, 9th B., b. 1844, 
*. 1877: h.-p., his brother Godfrey Ernest 
• Percival, b. 1847. Seats— yNoWdXovi House, 
' Nottingham ; Birdsall House, York ; Set- 
. trington House, York ; Middleton Hall, 
. near Tamworth ; Applecross, Dingwall, Ross- 
shire, N.B. Clubs— QaxXxaxi, Guards', Junior 
Carlton, Yorkshire. 

MiDLETON, Viscount. (Sits as B. 
iBrodrick.) William Brodrick, 8th V.,b. 
-.1830, s. 1870; h.-a., William St. John Fre- 

mantle, M.P., b. 1856. Seats— ^c^^r Harow, 

Godalming; Cahirmone, Midleton, co. Cork. 

To^vn Residence— %g, Eaton Square, S.W. 

C/«^j— Carlton, Athenaeum. 

♦MiLLTowN, Earl of. Edward 

'Nugent Leeson, 6t\\E.(l.V.),b. 1835, j. 1871; 
h.-p., his brother, Henry, b. 1837. Seat — 
Russborough, Blessington, co. Wicklow. ToTvn 
Residence — Harrington House, Kensington 
Palace Gardens, W. Clubs— St. James's, Carl- 
ton, Kildare Street, Constitutional, Bachelors' 

MiNTo, Earl of. William Hugh 

Elliot Murray Kynynmound Elliot, 
KT., 3rd E.,b. 1814. s. 1859; /'•-«•. Gilbert 
John, l^. Melgund, b. 1845. Seats— Minto 
House, Hawick Roxburgh ; Lochgelly, Fife. 
Clubs— Travdlers , Devonshire, Brooks's. 

+M0LESWORTH, Viscount. Rev. 
Samuel MoLESwoRTH, 8th K (I.P.), b. 1829, 
s. 1875 ; h.-a., George Bagot, b. 1867. Residence 
—St. Petrock Rectory, bt. Issey, CornwalL 

MoNCK, Viscount. (Sits as B.) 
Charles Stanley Monck, G.C.M.G., P.C, 
4th v., b. 1819, s. 1849 ; h.-a., Henry Power 
Jharles Stanley, b. 1849. ^^a/f— Charleville, 
Enniskerry, co. Wicklow. Clubs — Brooks's, 
Athensum, Kildare Street, City Liberal. 

MoNCRiEFF, Baron. James Mon- 
:rieff, P.C, LL.D , 1st B., b. 1811, c. 1873 ; 
4.-a., Henry James, b. 1840. Residences— 
Tullybole Castle.Kinross-shire; i5,Great Stuart 

Street, Edinburgh. C/«^5— Brooks's, Reform, 

Monk Bretton, Baron. John 
George Dodson, P.C, ist B.,b. 1825, c. 1884 ; 
h.-a., John William, b. 1869. Seat— Qoxiy\ioxQ, 
Lewes. Torvn Residence — 6, Seamore Place, 
Mayfair, W. C/«<5j— Brooks's, Reform, Uni- 
versity, Devonshire. Grosvenor, Farmers'. 

Monson, Baron. William John 

MoNSON, P.C, 7th B., b. 1829, .y. 1862 , h.-p. 
his brother, Debonnaire John, b. 1830. Seats — 
Gatton Park, Reigate ; Burton Hall, Lincoln. 
Town Residence— iq, Belgrave Square, S.W. 
C/«i^j — Brooks's, Raleigh, National Liberal, 

Montagu of Beaulieu, Baron. 
Henry John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, ist 
B., b. 1832, cr. 1885. ^-^a/— Palace House, 
Beaulieu, Southampton. Tozvn Residence — 3, 
Tilvey Street, W. Clubs— Q,zx\K.on, Travellers', 

Monteagle, Baron. Thomas 

Spring-Rice, K.P., 2nd B., b. 1849, .y. 1866; 
h.-a., Stephen Edmond, b. iSyj. Seat — Mount 
Trenchard, Foynes, co. Limerick. Clubs— 
Reform, New University. 

Montrose, Duke of. (Sits as E. 
Graham.) Douglas Beresford Malise 
Ronald Graham, K.T., 5th D., b. 1852, s. 
1874; h.-a., James, M. Graham, b. 1878. Seat 
— Buchanan Castle, Glasgow. Clubs — Carlton, 
Turf, Hurlingham, Scottish Conservative. 

Moray, Earl of. (Sits as B. Stuart, 
of Castle Stuart.) George Stuart, 14th E., 
b. 1816, s. 1872 ; h.-p., his kinsman, Edmund 
Archibald Stuart-Gray. b. 1840. Seats— Q2&\\& 
Stuart, Inverness ; Darnaway Castle, Forres, 
Elgin . Donibristle Park, Aberdour, Fife ; Doune 
Lodge, Perth. C/7^(5— Travellers'. 

Morley, Earl of. Albert Edmund 

Parker, 3rd E., b. 1843, ^. 1864 ; h.-a., Ed- 
mund Robert, V. Boringdon, b. 1877. Seat — 
Saltram, Plympton, Devon. Town Residence 
—31, Prince's Gardens, S.W. Clubs— Brooks's, 

JMorton, Earl of, Sholto George 
Douglas, 21st E. (S.P.), b. 1844, s. 1884; 
h.-a., Sholto Charles Watson, L. Aberdour, b. 
1878. .y^a^.y— Aberdour Castle, Fifeshire ; 
Dalmahoy, Wilkieston, Midlothian ; Cona- 
glen House, Ardgour, Argyllshire ; Loddington 
Hall, Leicester. Clubs — Travellers', Carlton, 
Boodle's, Hurlingham. 

M o s T Y N , Baron. Llewellyn 
Nevill Vaughan Lloyd-Mostyn, 3rd B., b. 
1856, s. 1884 ; h.-p., his brother, Henry Richard 
Howel, b. 1857. Seat— Mostyn Hall, Holywell, 
Flintshire. Club— CaxXton. 

tMouNTCASHELL,Earlof. Stephen 
Moore, 4th E. (LP.), b. 1825, s. 1883 ; h.-p., 
his brother, Charles William, b. 1826. Seat — 
Moore Park, Kilworth, co. Cork. 

Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of. Wil- 
liam Henry Edgcumbe, P.C, 4th ^., 3. 1832, 
s. 1861 ; h.-a.. Piers Alexander Hamilton, F. 
Valletort, b. 1865. Seats — Mount Edgcumbe, 
Devonport ; Cothele, Cals'ock, Tavistock. Clubs 
— Carlton Travellers', White's, Marlborough. 

+M0UNTGARRET, Viscount. Henry 
Edmund Butler, 13th V. (LP.), b. 1816, j, 
1846 ; h.-a., Henry Edmund, b. 1844. ^^^^ — 
Ballyconra, co. Kilkenny. Residence — 34, 



Laiudowne Place, Leamington. T&um Resi- 
tUtut—iT, South Audlcy Street, W. Clubt— 
Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 

tMoUNTMORRES, Viscount. Wil- 
liam Geoffrey Bouchard De Mont- 
morency, 6th y. (LP.), b. 1872. X. 1880 : h,p., 
his brother, Arthur Alberic. ^. 1874. Residence 
— Ebor Hall, Clonbur, co. Galway. 

Mount-Temple, Baron. William 

Francis Cooper-Temple, P.C, 1st B., b. 
1811, c. i88a .S"^<»/x — Broad lands, neat 
Romsey, Hants ; Babbacombe Clifl", Torquay. 
Tmvn Residence — Shelley House, Chelsea 
Embankment, S.W. C/*«*j — Aihena:um, 
Brooks's, Reform, Travellers'. 

Mowbray and Stourton, Baron. 
Alfred Joseph Stourton, 24th B., b. 1829, 
*. 1872 ; h.-a,, Charles Botolph Joseph, b. 1867. 
^<'5»/— Stourton Castle. Knarcsborough, York- 
shire, C/o^f— Yorkshire, Hurlingham. 

tMuNCASTER, Baron. TossLYN 
Francis Pennington, 5th B. (LP.), b. 1834, 
*. 1862 ; k.-p,, his brother, Alan Joseph, b. 1837. 
Seat -Muncaster Castle, Ravcngloss, Cumber- 
land. Town Residence— r„ Carlton Garden:;, 
S.W. C/«**-Carlton. Army and Navy, Marl- 
borough, Bachelcn'. 

MuNSTER, Earl of. William 

George Fitz-Clarence, 2nd E., b. 1824, 
*. 1842 ; A.-tf,, Geoffrey George Gordon. Z. 
Tewkesbury, b. 1859, Residence— i-^, Palmeira 
Square. Brighton. C/«^— Travellers'. 

tMusKERRY, Baron. Hamilton 
Matthew Fitz-Maurice Deane-Morgan, 
4th B. (LP.), b. 1854. *. 1868 : h.-a., Hamilton 
Robert Tilson Fitz-Maurice Grogan, b 1873. 
Seat— Springfield Castle, Drumcolloher, co. 
Limerick. c7ir*— St. George's YachL 

JNairne, Baroness. Emily Jane 

Mercer Fitzmaurice (S.P.), Dowager Mar- 
chioness of Lansdowne, b. 1819, s. 1874 ; h.-a. 
At. lansdowne. Seat — Meikleour House, 
Perthshire. Tcum Residence — 15A, Grosvenor 
Square, W. 

Napier and Ettrick, Baron. (Sits 
as B. Ettrick.) Francis Napier. P.C, K.T., 
loth B., b. 1819, s. 1834 ; k.-a., William John 
George, b. 1846. .S^-a/— Thirlestane, Selkirk, 
N. B. C/«*— Athenasum . 

Napier of Magdala, Baron. 
Robert Cornelii;s Napier, G.C.B.,G.CS.I., 
D.C.L.. F.R.S., 1st B., b. 1810. c. 1868 ; h.-a., 
Robert William, b. 1845. C/«^j— United Ser- 
vice, Army and Navy, Athenxum. 

Nelson, Earl. Horatio Nelson, 

3rd £., b. 1823, s. 1835: h.-a.. Herbert Ho- 
ratio, V. Trafalgar, b. 1854. .Jm/"— Trafalgar 
House, near Salisbury. Ciub — Carlton. 

^Newborough, Baron. Spencer 

Bulkelev Wynn, 3rd B. (LP.), b. 1803, s. 
1832 ; A.-/., his grandson, William Charles, b. 
1873. Seats — Glynllivon Park, Bodvean Hall, 
and The Abbey, Carnarvon. C/«^— Alhena:um. 

^Newburgh, Earl of. Sigismund 
Nicholas Venantius Gaetano Francis 
Giustiniani, 6th £. (S.P.), b. 1818, j. 1878; 
h.-a., Charles, y. Kynnaird, b. 1862. /?«/- 
dence ~^ome. 

Newcastle, Bishop of. Ernest 
Roland Wilberforce, D.D., b, 1840, con. 

188a. /'o/tKV^Benwell Tower, Newcastle-on- 

Newcastle, Duke of. Henry 

Pblham Archibald Pelham-Clinton. 7th 
D.,b. 1864, X. 1879; A.-/., hU brother, Henry 
Francis Hope, b. 1866. 6Va/— Clumber. Worl- • 
sop, Notts. C/i#^j— Carlton, Wellington. 

JNorbury, Earl of. Willi.\m Br \ 
bazon Lindsay Toler, 4th E. (LP.), b. i86a, 
s. 1873 ; A.-/., his uncle, Otway Fortescue, 
b. 1824. 

Norfolk, Duke of. Henry Fitz- 
alan Howard, isth D., b. 1847, *. i860: 
h.-a., Philip Joseph Mary, E. Arundel and 
Surrey,*. 187^. .S"«-d/j— Arundel Castle, Sussex ; 
The Farm, ShefTicld ; Derwcnt Hall, Derby- 
shire. Tmvn Residence— Norfolk House, 21, 
St. James's Square, S. W. Clubs— St. George's, 
Carlton, Travellers', White's. 

NoRMANBY, Marquess of. George 


G.CM.G., 2nd M., b. 1819, s. 1865; h.-a 
Rev. Constantine Charles Henry, E. Mulgravei 
b. 1846. .$■*"<»/— MulgravcCistle, near Whitby, 

Clubs — Travellers', lirooks's. Fox. 

Normanton, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Somerton.) James Charles Herbert Wel- 
BORE Ellis Agar, 3rd E., b. 1818, *. 
1868 : h.-a., Charles George Welbore Kllis, 
V. Somerton, b. 1858. .y^a/— Somerley, King- 
wood Hampshire. Tmvn Residence — 7, 
Prince's Gardens, S.W. C/«^f— Travellers', 
White's, Brooks's, St. James's. 

North, Baron. William Henry 

John North, nth i9., *.. 1836, *. 1884: h.-a., 
"illiam Frederick John, *. i860. Seats- YJ\xX- 

ling Towe^ Newmarket : Wroxton Ahbcy, 
Banbury. Town Residence — ^\, Crumweli 
Houses. S.W. C/w^f— Carlton, Whites, Marl 

Northampton, Marques.s oi 

William Douglas-Maclean-Compton, ^ih 
M., b. 1818, s. 1877 ; h.-a., Charles John 
Spencer, E. Compton, b. 1849. Seats— (liv^\.\<~ 
Ashby, Northampton; Compton Wynyati 
Kineton, Warwickshire ; Torloisk, Tobermor\ 
N.B. C/«^- Travellers'. 

NoRTHBOURNE, Baron. Waltei 
Charles Jambs, ist^., 3. 1816, r. 1884: h.-a. 
Walter Henry, M.P., b. 1846. .9m/— Bcttes 
hanger, Sandwich. To7vn Residence — 6 
Whitehall Gardens, S.W. a«^f— Travellers' 

NoRTHBROOK, Earl of. Thoma; 
George Baring, P.C, G.C.S.L, D.C.I , t 
E., b. 1826, c. 1876 ; h.-a., Francis Ge. : 
Baring, MP., b. 1850. Seat- Stratton, A. 
dever Station, Hants. Residence— h^nw^.iws 
Whitehall. S.W. C/«<ij— Brooks's, Travellers' 
Marlborough, Burlington, City Liberal. 

^NoRTHESK, Earl of George Joh> 
Carnegie, 9th E. (S.P.), b. 1843, s. 1878 
h.-a., David John, L. Rosehill, b. 1865. Scat 
— Ethie, Forfarshire, N.B. ; Longwood House 
Winchester. T<mm Residence — 76, St. Get)rge' 
Square, S.W. C/«*j— Guards , Carlton, St 
James's, Hurlingham, Cocoa 'Iree. 

Northumberland, Duke of. Al 

gernon George Percy, P.C, LL.D., D.C.L. 
6th D., b. 1810, s. 1867; h.-a., Henry George 
E. Percy, M.P., P.C, 3. 1846. .S"f«/"j— Alnwick 
Keilder, Warkworth, and Prudhoe Castles 



Northumberland ; Sion House, Isleworth, 
Middlesex ; Albury Park, Guildford, Surrey. 
Tmun Residence—z, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 
Clubs — Travellers', United Service, St. 
Stephen's, White's. 

NoRTHWiCK, Baron. George 

RusHouT, 3rd B., b. 1811, s. 1859. Seat— 
Northwick Park, Moreton-in-the-Marsh, Glou- 
cestershire. Tcnvn Residence — 7, Park Street, 
W. C/«^J— Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge, 
Athenaeum, United Service, Devonshire. 

Norton, Baron. Charles Bowyer 
Adderlev, P.C, K.C.M.G. : ist B., b. 1814, 
c. 1878; h.-a., Charles Leigh, b, 1846. Seat— 
Hams Hall, Birmingham. Town Residence — 
35, Eaton Place, S.W. C/«/J— Carlton. 

Norwich, Bishop of. Hon. John 
Thomas Pelham, D.D., b. 1811, con. 1857. 
Palace — Norwich. 

O'Hagan, Baron. Thomas Towne- 

LEY O'Hagan, 2nd B., b. 1878, s. 1885 ; h.-p. 
his brother, Maurice Herbert, b. 1882. Resi- 
dence— ^zr&ioxA House, Hereford Gardens, W. 

O'Neill, Baron. Edward O'Neill, 

2nd B., b. 1839, s. 1883 ; h.-a., Arthur Edward 
Bruce, b. 1876. 6"^rt/ — Shanes Castle, co. 
Antrim. C/«^^— Carlton, Ulster. 

Onslow, Earl of. William Hil- 

LIER Onslow, 4th E., b. 1853, s. 1870 ; A. -a., 
Richard William Alan, V. Cranley, b. 1876. 
6>rt/— Clandon Park, Guildford. Town Resi- 
dence— j, Richmond Terrace, S.W. Clubs — 
Carlton, White's, Travellers'. 

*Oranmore and Browne, Baron. 
Geoffrey Dominick Augustus Frederick 
Guthrie (LP.), 2nd B., b. 1819. s. i860: 
h.-a., Geoffrey Henry Browne, b. 1861. Seats 
— Castle-Macgarrett, Claremorris, co. Mayo ; 
Bourtree Hill, Irvine, Ayrshire, N.B. Town 
Residence — 20, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. 
C/«<i^j- Carlton, Kildare Street, National. 

ORFORD.Earlof HoratioWalpole, 

4th E., b. 1813, s. 1858; A.-/., his nephew, 
Robert Horace, b. 1854. 6"m/f— Wolterton 
Park, Aylsham, Norfolk ; Manningham Hall, 
Aylsham, Norfolk. Taivn Residence — 6, 
Cavendish Square, W. Clubs— Carlton, Travel- 
lers', Stafford, White's, Turf, Marlborough. 

tORKNEY.Earlof. George William 

Hamilton Fitz-Maurice, K.C.M.G., 6th 
E. (S.P.), b. 1827, s. 1877; h.-p., his nephew, 
Henry George Hamilton, b. 1863. Seat — 
Castle Wigg, Whithorn, N.B. Town Resi- 
dence— 26, Sussex Place, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Clubs- -Carlton, Army and Navy, Marlborough. 

Ormathwaite, Baron. Arthur 

Walsh, 2nd B., b. 1827, f. 1881 ; h.-a., Arthur 
Henr^'John, M.P., b. 1859. .S^a^J — Orma- 
thwaite, Keswick, Cumberland : Warfield Park, 
Bracknell, Berks; Eywood, Titley. R.S.O., 
Herefordshire; Newcastle Court, Walton, Rad- 
nor. To^vn Residence— 'ii, Berkeley Square, W. 
Clubs— Carlton, White's, Marlborough, Bache- 
lors', Hurlingham. 

Ormonde, Marquess of. (Sits as 
B.) James Edward William Theobald 
Butler, 3rd M., b. 1844, s. 1854; h.-p., his 
brother, James Arthur Wellington Foley, b. 
1849. .S"<?rt^— Kilkenny Castle, co. Kilkenny. 
Town Residence -32, Upper Brook Street, W. 
Clubs— QaxXxon, Marlborough, Kildare Street, 
Travellers', St. George s Yacht, Bachelors'. 

Oxford, Bishop of. John Fielder 

Mackerness, D.D., b. 1820, con. 1870. Palace, 
— Cuddesdon, Oxfordshire. Club — Athenaeum. 

Pembroke and Montgomery, 

Earl of. George Robert Charles Herbert, 
13th E., b. 1850, J. as 2nd B. Herbert of Lea 
1861, and as 13th E. Pembroke 1862 ; h.-p., 
his brother, Sidney, b. 1853. ^^rt/— Wilton 
House, Salisbury. Town Residence— 7, Carlton 
House Terrace. S.W. C/m^-s— Carlton, Eton 
and Harrow, Marlborough, St. James's, Tra- 

Pen rhyn, Baron. Edward Gordon 

Douglas-Pennant, ist B., b. 1800, c. 1866 ; 
h.-a., George Sholto Gordon, b. 1836. 
^■^rt^j'— Penrhyn Castle, Bangor ; Wicken Park, 
Stony Stratford. Town Residence — Mortimer 
House. Halkin Street, S.W. C/?/3j— Carlton, 
Travellers', White's, Boodle's, United Service. 

Penzance, Baron. James Plaisted 

WiLDE,P.C.,K.B.,ist5.,^.i8i6,c.i869. Town 
Residence— EsLshing Park, Godalming. Chib — 

JPerth and Melfort, Earl of. 
George Drummond, 14th ^. (S.P.), b. 1807, 
s. 1853 ; h.-p., his grandson, George Essex 
Montifex, L. Drummond, b. 1856. Residence 
—29, Elvaston Place, S.W. C/«^5— White's, 

Peterborough, Bishop of. Wil- 
liam Connor Magee, D.D., D.C.L.,^. 1821, 
con. 1868. /"a/rtf^— Peterborough. Club — 

Petre, Baron. Rev. William 
Joseph Petre, 13th B., b. 1847, s. 1884; h.-p., 
his brother, Bernard Henry Philip, b. 1858. 
Seats -ThorndonHall, Brentwood; Ingatestone 
Hall, Essex. Residences— Thf^ Hyde, Ingate- 
stone, Essex ; Northwood Park, Cowes. 

Plunket, Baron. The Most Rev. 
William Conyngham Plunket, D.D., 4th^., 
and Archbishop of Dublin, b. 1828, 5. 1871 ; 
h.-a., William Lee, b. 1864. 5-^a^— Old Con- 
naught House, Bray, near Dublin. Residence 
—The Palace, Dublin. Clubs- -National, Kil- 
dare Street, University. 

Poltimore, Baron. Augustus Fre- 
derick George Warwick Bampfylde, P.C, 
2nd B., b. 1837, s. 1858; h.-a., Coplestone 
Richard George Warwick, b. 1859. Seats— 
Poltimore Park, Exeter ; Court Hall, North 
Molton, Devonshire. Town Residence— jt, 
Eaton Square, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Marl- 
borough, Boodle's. 

tPoLWARTH, Baron. Walter 
Hugh HEPBURNE-ScoTT,6th^.(S.P.),^. 1838, 
J. 1867 ; h.-a., Walter George, b. 1864. Seats— 
Mertoun House, St. Boswell's, Ber\vickshire ; 
Humbie, Haddingtonshire ; Harden, Selkirk. 

John Reuben Dawson-Damer, K.P., 3rd 
E. (LP.), b. 1822, s. 1845; h.-p., his cousm, 
Lionel Seymour William, b. 1832. Seat— Kmo 
Park, Portarlington, Queen's co. Clubs— Carl- 
ton, Cercle de la Mediterranee. 

Portland, Duke of. William John 

Arthur Charles James Cavendish-Ben- 
TiNCK, 6th D., b. 1857, s. 1879; h.-p., his half- 
brother, Henry Cavendish, b. 1863. i>eats— 
Welbeck Abbey, Worksop ; Fullarton House, 
Troon, Ayrshire; Langwell, Goldspie, Caith- 



ness ; Bothal Castle, Northumberland ; East 
Court, Wokingham, Berks. Tmtm Residence 
— 13, Grosvcnor Place, S.W. C/m^i— Guards', 
Turf, White's, Marlborough, Boodle's, Bachel- 
ors', Hurlingham. 

PoRTMAN, Viscount. Edward 

Bbrkelby Portman, ist v., b. 1799, c. 1873: 
h,-a.y William Henry Berkeley, b. 1820. Seats 
— Bryanston, Hlandford ; Hestercomo, Taun- 
ton. T<nvn Residence—^, Prince's Gate, S.W, 
Club — United University. 

Portsmouth, Earl of. Isaac New- 
ton Walix)P, 5th E., b. 1825, s. 1854 ; h.-a., 
Newton, V. Lymington, M.P., b. 1856. Seats 
— Hurstboume Park, Whitchurch, Hants : 
Eegesford House, Wembworthy, Devon. Cltdf 

PouLETT, Earl. William Henry 

PofLETT, 6th E., b. 1827, s. 1864 ; k.-a., 
William Tumour Thomas, V. Hinton, b. 1849. 
Seat — Hiiiton St. George, Crewkeme. Town 
Residence— yoy Belsiie Park Gardens, N.W. 
C/«^x— Arthur's, Army and Navy. 

*Powerscourt, Viscount. Mervyn 

WlNGPIELD, K.P., 7th V. (LP.), b. 1836, *. 
1844; A. -a., Mervyn Richard, b. 1880. Seat— 
Powerscourt Castle, Enniskerry, co. Wicklow. 
Town Residence— 6$, Brook Street, W. C/ubs 
— Brooks's, Marlborough, National Liberal, 
Kildare Street. 

Powis, Earl of. Edward Tames 

Herbert, LL.D., D.CL., 3rd E., b. 1818, 
s. 1848 ; A.-/., his nephew, George Charles, 
b. 1862. .y^-a^— Powis Castle, Welshpool, Mont- 
gomeryshire ; Walcot, Lydbury North, Shrop- 
shire. To7im Residence — 45, Berkeley Square, 
W. CJubf — Carlton, White's, Oxford and 
Cambridge, Travellers'. 

JQueensberry, Marauess of. John 
Sholto Douci-As, 8th A/. (s.P.), b. 1844, *. 
1858 ; A.-tf., Francis Archibald, K. Drum- 
lanrig, b. 1867. .S'/a/f — Kinmount House, near 
Annan, co. Dumfries ; Glen Stewart, Dum- 
friesshire, N.B. Town Residence — 42, Cado- 
tan Place, S.W. C/«^*— Turf, Wanderers', 

Radnor, Earl of. Jacob Pleydell- 

BouvERiE, 4th E., b. 1815, s. 1869 ; A. -a. 
William. K Folkestone, M.P., b. 1841. Seats 
- Longford Cistle,Salisbury ; Coleshill House, 
Highworth, Wilts. To7vm Residence — 52, 
Grosvcnor Street.W. Cittbs— Boodle's, Carlton, 

JRadstock, Baron. Granville 
Augustus William Waldegrave, 3rd B. 
(LP.), b. 1833, s. 1857 ; *•-'*•. Granville George, 
b. 1859. Toztm Residence — 70^ Portland 
Place, W. 

Raglan, Baron. George Fitz- 
Rov Henry Somerset, 3rd B., b. 1857, s. 
1884 ; A.-/., his brother, Arthur Charles 
Edward, b. 1859. Seat- Cefntilla House, Usk, 
Monmouthshire. Town Residence — 12, Albert 
Mansions. S.W. C/«^J— Guards', Carlton. 

Ranfurly, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Uchter John Mark Knox, 5th E., b. 1856, 
s. 1875 ; A.-a., Thomas Uchter Caulfeild, K. 
Northland, b. 1882. Seat — Dungannon Park, 
Dungannon, co. Tyrone. C/ubs — Carlton, 
White's, Royal Yacht Squadron. 

IRathdonnell, Baron. Thomas 
Kane M'Clintock-Bunburv, and B. (LP.), 

b. 1848, s. 1879 ; A.-a., William, *. 1878. Seats 
— Drumcar, Dunleer, co. Louth ; Lisnavagh. 
TuUow, CO. Carlow. C/mA*— Carlton, Naval 
and Miliury, Kildare Street. 

Ravensworth, Earl. Henry 
George Liddell, D.CL., 2nd £., b. 1821, 
*. 1878; A.-/,, his brother, Atli.! C h.irl.s. /-. 
1833. Seats — Ravensworth ' 
Eslmgton Park, Alnwick, 

Town Reside*ice — 9, Mansii'. ' 

dish Square, S.W. C/ub — Carliou. 

Rayleigh, Baron. John William 

Strutt. F.R.S., 3rd B.,b. 1842, *. 1873; /i.-a., 
Robert John, b. 1875. 6"^a/- Terling Place, 
Witham, Essex. Towtt Residence— 4, Carlton 
Gardens. S.W. Ciub — Athena:um. 

JReay, Baron, Donald James Mac- 

KAY, LL.D., nth B., b. 1839,*. 1876 ; A.-/., his 
cousin. Baron /Eneas, b. 1838. Seats — Ophe- 
mert, in GclderLind ; Carolside, Earlston, Ber- 
wickshire ; Laidlawstiel, Galashiels, Selkirk- 
shire. OjSa'at Residence— Oovcrnmcnt House, 
Bombay. C/ubs— St. James's, New, Travel- 
lers', Athena:um. 

Redesdale, Earl of. John Thomas 
Freeman-Mitford, D.C.L., 1st £., b. 1805, 

c. 1877. Seat — Batsford Park, Moreton-in- 
Marsh. To^un Residence — Vernon House, 6, 
Park Place, Sl James's, S.W. C/«*i— Carlton, 
White's, St. Stephen's. 

JRendlesham, Baron. Frederick 
William Brook Thellusson, 5th B. (I. P.), 
b. 1840, s. 1852; A.-o., Frederick Archibald 
Charles, b. 1868. .9^/ — Rendlesham Hall. 
Woodbridge, Suffolk. C/««A*— Carlton, Marl- 

Revelstoke, Baron. Edward 
Charles Baring, ist B., c. 1885 ; k.-a., John, 
b. 1883. SecU — Membland, Plympton, Devoii. 
Toxvn Residence— yj, Charles Street, Berkeley 
Square, W. C/ubs — Travellers', City of 

Ribblesdale, Baron. Thomas Lis- 
ter, 4th B., b. 1854, s. 1876; k.-a., Thomas, 
b. 1878. Seat—G\sh\XTne Park, Clitheroe, York- 
shire. C/ubs — Brooks's, Pratt's. 

Richmond, Lennox, and Gordon, 

Duke of. Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, 
K.G., P.C., D.C.L., 6th D., b. 1818, s. i860: 
A.-a., Charies Henry, E. March, M.P.. b. 1845. 
Seats — Goodwood Park, Chichester ; Gordon 
Castle, Fochabers, Banffshire. Town Resi- 
dence— ig, Belgrave Square, S.W. C/ubs— 
Carlton, White's, Travellers', Turf, City 
Carlton, Scottish Conservative. 

|RiPON, Bishop of. William Boyd 

Carpenter, D.D., b. 18—, con. 1884. Palace 
— Ripon, Yorkshire. Club— 

RiPON, Marquess of. George Fre- 
derick Samuel Robinson, K.G., G.M.S.I., 
P.C, D.CL., ist M., b. 1827, c. 1871 ; h.-a., 
Frederick Oliver, E. de Grey, b. 1852. Seats— 
Studley Royal, Ripon ; Nocton Hall, Lincoln. 
Town Residence— 1, Carlton Gardens, S.W. 
C/tt^J— Athenaeum, Reform, Brooks's, Travel- 
lers', United Service, Burlington, Yorkshire. 

RoBARTES.Bf^ron. Thomas Charles 
Agar-Robartes, 2nd B., b. 1844, s. 18S2 ; 
h.-a., Thomas Charles Reginald, b. 1880. Seat 
— Lanhydrock, Bodmin. Tozvn Residence — 
30, Upper Grosvcnor Street, W. Clubs— 



Athenaeum, Brooks's, New University, Wind- 

Rochester, Bishop of. Anthony 

Wilson Thorold, D.D., b. 1825, con. 1877. 
Residence Selsden Park, Croydon. Club — 

RoDEN, Earl of. (Sits as B. Clan- 
BRASsiL.) John Strange Jocelyn, 5th E., 
b. 1823, s. 1880 ; h.-p., his brother, William 
Nassau, b. 1832. Seats — Tollyraore Park, 
Castlewellen, co. Down ; Dundalk House, co. 
Louth; Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. 
Tcnvfi Residence — 2T, Hill Street, Berkeley 
Square, W. Clubs — United Service, Carlton. 

Rodney, Baron. George Bridges 
Hakley Dennett Rodney, 7th ^., b. 1857, 
s. 1864; h.-p., his brother, Robert WiUiam 
Henry, b. 1858. Seat — Berrington, Leominster. 
Clubs — Carlton, Marlborough, Bachelors', 

RoLLO, Baron. (Sits as B. Dun- 
ning.) John Rogerson Rollo, loth B., b. 
1835, s. 1852; h.-a., William Charles Words- 
worth, b. i860. Seats — Duncrub Castle, Dun- 
ning, Perthshire ; Dumcrieff House, Moffat, 
Dumfriesshire ; Wilmington, Ryde, Isle of 
Wight. Clubs — Athenaeum, United University. 

RoMiLLY, Baron. William 

RoMiLLY, 2nd B., b. 1835, s. 1874 ; h.-a., John 
Gaparsd Le Marchant, b. 1866. Seat — Porth- 
kerry, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. Town Resi- 
dence — 2, Ovington Gardens, S.W. Club — 

RoMNEY, Earl of. Charles Mar- 
sham, Eb .,^t\\. 1841, J. 1874; h.-a., Charles, 
V. Marsham, b. 1864. Seats — The Mote. 
Maidstone ; Boxley House, Maidstone. Clubs 
— Carlton, Bachelors', White's. 

RosEBERY, Earl of. (Sits as B.) 
Archibald Philip Primrose, P.C, LL.D., 
5th i?., b. 1847, s. 1868; h.-a., Albert Henry 
Harry Mayer Archibald, L. Dalmeny, b. 1882. 
Seats — Dalmeny Park, Linlithgowshire ; Rose- 
bery, Edinburghshire ; Mentmore, Bucks. 
Towtt Residettce — 54, Berkeley Square, W. 
C/m^j— White's, Brooks'.s, Turf, Marlborough, 
Reform, Devonshire, St. James's, New, Hurl- 
ingham, City Liberal. 

*RossE, Earl of. Laurence Par- 
sons, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R..S., 4th E. (LP.), 
b. 1840, s. 1867; h.-a., William Edward, L. 
Oxmantown, b. 1873. Seat — Birr Castle, 
Parsonstown, King s co. Clubs — Carlton, 
Athenaeum, Kildare Street. 

RossLYN, Earl of. FRANCIS Robert 
St.-Clair-Erskine, 4th .£:., ^. 1833, s. 1866: 
h.-a., James Francis Harry, L. Loughborough, 
b. 1869. Seats— Yiysaxx. House, Dysart, Fife- 
shire; Lady Ann's House, Stamford. Town 
Residence — 6, Great Stanhope Street, W. 
C/«*i— Carlton, White's, St. James's, Bache- 
lors', Scottish Conservative, Home Service. 

RossMORE, Baron. Derrick War- 
ner William Westenra, 5th B., b. 1853, s. 
1874; h.-p., his brother, Peter Craven, b. 
1855. Seats — Rossmore Park and Camla 
Vale, CO. Monaghan. C/«^5— Carlton, Turf, 
Marlborough, Bachelors*. 

JRoTHEs, Countess of. Henrietta 
Anderson Morshead Leslie, C. of Rothes 
(S.P.), b. 1832, s. 1859; keiress-p., her aunt. 
Lady Mary Elizabeth Haworth, b. 181 1. Seat 
—Leslie House, Leslie, Fifeshire. 

Rothschild, Baron. Nathaniel 

Mayer Rothschild, ist B. ; b. 1840, c. 1885 ; 
h.-a., Lionel Walter, b. 1868. ^^a^— Tring 
Park, Hertfordshire. Town Residence— i±Z, 
Piccadilly, W. C/?^3— Brooks's. 

Rowton, Baron. Montagu Wil- 
liam Lowry-Corry, C.B., ist B., b. 1838, 
c. 1880. Seat— Rowton Castle, Alderbury, near 
Shrewsbury. Town Residence— 31, Hill Street, 
W. Clubs — Carlton, Bachelors', St. James's. 

Roxburghe, Duke of. (Sits as E. 
Innes.) James Henry Robert Innes-Ker, 
7th D., b. 1839, 5. 1879 ; h.-a., Henry John, 
M. Bowmont and Cessford, b. 1876. Seats- 
Floors Castle, Kelso, Roxburghshire ; Brox- 
mouth Park, Dunbar, Haddingtonshire. 
Clubs — Marlborough, Arthur's, Brooks's, 

Russell, Earl. John Francis 

Stanley Russell, 2nd E., b. 1865, 5. 1878 ; 
h.-p., his brother, Bertrand Arthur William, 
b. 1872. Seat — Ardsalla House, Navan, co. 
Meath. Residence —Pembroke Lodge, Rich- 
mond Park. 

IRuthven, Baron. Walter James 

Hore-Ruthven, 8th ^. (S.P.), b. 1838, j. 1864 ; 
h.-a., Walter Patrick, b. 1870. Residence — 
Barnwith, Hamilton, N.B. Clubs — Carlton, 
White's, Home Service. 

Rutland, Duke of. Charles Cecil 

John Manners, K.G., 6th D., b. 1815, ,y. 
1857 ; h.-p., his brother, John James Robert, 
M.P., P.C, G.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D.. b. 1818, 
Seats — Belvoir Castle, Grantham ; Chevely 
Park, Newmarket ; Langshaw Lodge, Sheffield. 
Town Residence— BntG House, i, Campden 
Hill, W. C/7//^j — Carlton, St. Stephen's, 
White's, Bachelors'. 

Sackville, Baron. Mortimer 

Sackville-West, ist B., b. 1820 ; c. 1876 ; 
h.-p., his brother, Lionel, /'. 1827. Seats — 
Knole Park, Sevenoaks ; Woodlands, Potter's 
Bar, Middlesex. C"/?<(5j— Travellers', Carlton. 

St. Albans, Duke of William 

Amelius Aubrey de Verb Beauclerk, P.C, 
loth D., b. 1840, s. 1849; h.-a., Charles Victor 
Albert Aubrey De Vere, E. Burford, 3. 1870. 
Seats — Redbourne, Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincoln- 
shire ; Bestwood Park, Arnold, Notts. Club 
— Brooks's. 

St. Albans, Bishop of. Thomas 

Legh Claughton, D.D.; b. 1808, c. 1867, 
t. 1877. /^a/^^—Danbury Palace, Chelmsford. 
C/«<J— Athenaeum. 

St. Asaph, Bishop of Joshua 

Hughes, D.D., b. 1807, con. 1870. Palace— 
St. Asaph, Flintshire. Club-Axhcn^nm. 

St. David's, Bishop of. William 

Basil Jones, D.D., b. 1822, con. 1874- Palace 
— Abergwili, Carmarthen C/z^iJ— Athenaeum . 

St. Germans, Earl of. Henry 

CoRNWALLis Eliot, 5th E., b. 1835, s. 1881 ; 
h.-p., his brother, Charles George Cornwallis, 
/;. 1839. Seats— VoxX. Eliot, St. Germans, 
Cornwall ; Down Ampney, Gloucestershire. 
Town Residence— 13, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. 
C/w^j— Travellers', St. James's, Turf. 

St. John, of Bletsoe, Baron. St. 
Andrew St. John, 15th B., b. 1840, s. 1874 ; 
h.-p. his brother, Beauchamp Moubray, b. 
1844. 6"^^^?— Melchbourne Park, Sharnbrook. 
Bedford. C/a^— Carlton. 



St. Leonards, Baron. Edward 

BURTENSHAW SuGDEN, 2nd B., b. 1847, S. 

1875 ; h.-p., his brother, Henry Frank, b. 1850. 
Clubs — Carlton, Hurlingham. 

St. Oswald, Baron. Rowland 

WiNNi, ist^., b. 1820, c. 1885 ; h.-a., Rowland, 
M.P., b. 1857. Seats— ^o^x.ei\ Priory, Wake- 
field ; Appleby Hall, Brigg. Town Residence 
— ir, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Carl- 
ton, Junior Carlton, Yorkshire. 

St. Vincent, Viscount. Carnegie 

Parker Jervis, 5th V., b. 1855, j. 1885 ; h.-p., 
his brother, Ronald Clarges, b. 1859. Seats — 
Sutton-on-Derwent, York ; Norton Disney, 

Salisbury, Bishop of. John 

Wordsworth, D.D., b. 1843, con. 1885. 
Palace — Salisbury. Club — Athenaeum. 

Salisbury, Marquess of. Robert 
Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil, K.G., 
P.C, D.C.L., 3rd A/., b. 1830, J. 1868; h.-a., 
James Edward Hubert, V. Cranborne, M.P., 
b. 1861. .S^a^j— Hatfield House, Hatfield ; 
Manor House, Cranborne, Dorset. Town 
Residence — 20, Arlington Street, W. Clubs — 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, Athenaeum, St. Ste- 

fSALTOUN, Baron. Alexander 

Fraser, 17th B. (S.P.), b. 1820, J. 1853 ; h.-a., 
Alexander William Frederick, b. 1851. Seat 
— Philorth House, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen- 
shire. Clubs— Carlton, United Service, Army 

and Navy. 

Sandhurst, Baron. William 

Mansfield, 2nd B., b. 1855, s. 1876; h.-p., 
his brother, John William, b. 1857. Residefice 
—4, Manchester Square, W. Clubs — Guards', 
Brooks's, Turf. 

Sandwich, Earl of. Edward 

George Henry Montagu, 8th E., b. 1839, s. 
1884; h.-p., his brother, Victor Alexander, b. 
1841. Seats — Hinchingbrooke, Huntingdon ; 
Hooke Cou.t, Beaminster, Dorset. Clr^bs — 
Travellers', Carlton, Guards', Turf, United 

Sandys, Baron. Augustus Frede- 
rick Arthur Sandys, 4th B., b. 1840, s. 
1863 ; h.-p., his brother, Marcus Windsor 
George, b. 1849. Seat — Ombersley Court, 
Droitwich. Town Residence — 12, Wilton 
Crescent, S.W. Clubs — St. James's, Marl- 
borough, Hurlingham. 

Saye and Sele, Baron. Ven. 
Frederick Twistleton-WykehamFiennes, 
D.C.L., 13th B., b. 1799, s. 1847; h.-a., 
John Fiennes, b. 1830. Seats — Broughton 
Castle, near Banbury ; Residentiary House, 
Hereford. Club — Brooks's. 

Scarbrough, Earl of Aldred 

Frederick George Beresford Lumley, loth 
E., b. 1857, s. 1884 ; h.-p., his brother, Osbert 
Victor George Atheling, ^. 1862. Seats — Sand- 
beck Park, Rotherham ; Tickhill Castle, York ; 
Lumley Castle, Durham. Club — Carlton. 

Scarsdale, Baron. Rev. Alfred 
Nathaniel Holden Curzon, 4th B., b. 1831, 
J. 1856 ; h.-a., George Nathaniel, b. 1859. 
^^a^— Kedleston, near Derby. Toavn Resi- 
dence— "i^, Wimpole Street, W. Clubs — Carlton, 

Seafield, Earl of. (Sits as B. 

Strathspey.) James Ogilvie-Grant, gtli 
E.,b. 1817, J. 1884 ; h.-a., Francis William, V, 
Reidhaven, b. 1847. '5'^«^ — Mayne, P^lgin, 
N.B. To7vn Residence — 61, Onslow Gardens, 
S.W. Club— \JmtGd Service. 

S EATON, Baron. James Colborne, 

2nd B., b. 1815, J. 1863 ; h.-a., Reginald John 
Upton, b. 1854. Seats— B&Tt House, Athy, co, 
Kildare ; Beechwood, Plympton, Devon. Toivn 
Residence — 49, Dover Street, W. Clubs - 
Army and Navy, United Service, Marlborough, 
United University, Kildare Street, St. James'Sj 
Royal Victoria Yacht. 

Sefton, Earl of. (Sits as B.) WiL- 
liam Philip Molyneux, K.G., 4th E., b. 
1835, s. 1855 ; h.-a., Charles William Hylton, 
V. Molyneux, b. 1867. 6>a/— Croxteth Hall, 
Liverpool. Town Residence — Sefton House, 
37, Belgrave Square, S. W. Clubs — Travellers', 
White's, Brooks's, United Service, Turf. Marl- 

Selborne, Earl of. Roundell 
Palmer, P.C, K.B., D.C.L., F.R.S., ist ^., 

b. 1812, c. 1882; h.-a., William Waldegrave, 
Viscount Wolmer, M.P., b. 1859. Seat-^ 
Blackoor, Petersfield, Hampshire. Town 
Residence — 30, Portland Place, W. Clubs- 
Athenasum, Oxford and Cambridge. 

ISempill, Baron. William Forbes- 

Sempill, 17th B. (S.P.), b. 1836, s. 1884 ; h. 

^ohn, b. 1863. Seats — Craigevar Castle, White- 
ouse, Aberdeen ; Fintray House, Aberdeen. 
Reside7ice — St. Jean de Luz, France. Clubs 
— Carlton, Naval and Military, New. 

Shaftesbury, Earl of Anthony 

Ashley-Cooper, 8th .fi'.,^. 1831,5. 1885; h.-a.^ 
Anthony, L. Ashley, b. 1869. Seats— 'iiX.. Giles's, 
Cranborne, Dorset ; Belfast Castle, co. Antrim. 
To7V7i Residence — 5, Belgrave Square, W. 
Club — United Service. 

Shannon, Earl of (Sits as B. 
Carleton.) Henry Bentinck Boyle, 5th jS'., 
b. 1833, s. 1868 ; h.-a., Richard Henry, V. 
Boyle, b. i860. Seat — Castle Martyr, co. Cork. 
Club — Carlton. 

Sheffield, Earl of (Sits as B.) 
Henry North Holroyd, 3rd E., b. 1832, 
s. 1876 ; h.-1>. to Barony of Sheffield, his kins- 
man. Lord Stanley of Alderley. Seat — Sheffield; 
Park, near Uckfield, Sussex. Clubs — Carlton, 
Travel lens'. 

ISherard, Baron. Philip Castell 

Sherard, 8th B. (LP.), b. 1804, s. 1859 ; h.-p.^^ 
his nephew, Castel, b. 1849. Seat — Glatton, 
Peterborough. C/z^^^j- Carlton, Union. 

Sherborne, Baron. Edward Len-^ 

ox Dutton, 4th B., b. 1831, J. 1883 ; . 
his brother. Rev. Frederick George, b. 1840, 
6'^az'j— Sherborne Park, Northleach ; Bibury 
Court, and Standish House. Gloucestershire. 
Town Residefice— 2, St. James's Place, S.W. 
C/«<5j— Travellers', Athenaeum, Turf, White's, 

Sherbrooke, Viscount. Robert 

Lowe, P.C, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., ist V., 
b. 1811, c. 1880. Seats — Sherbrooke, Caterham ; 
Red hill, Surrey. TownResidence — 34, Lowndes 
Square, S.W. Clubs — Reform, Brooks's, 

Shrewsbury and Talbot, Earl of. 
Charles Henry John Talbot, 20th E., 
b. i36o, s. 1877 ; h.-a.t Charles John Alton 



Chetwynd, V. Ingestre, b. 1882. 6'^«/5— Inges- 
tre Hall, Stafford ; Alton Towers, Stoke-upon- 
Trent. Town Residence — 13, Upper Brook 
Street, W. Club—Q.zx\x.oi\. 

SiDMOUTH, Viscount. William 

Wells Addington, 3rd V., b. 1824, s. 1864 ; 
h.-a., Gerald Anthony Pellew Bagnall, b. 
1854. Seats — Upottery Manor, Honiton ; 
Earley Court, Reading. Tmvn Residence — 78, 
Eaton Place, S.W. a?/3— Carlton. 

JSiNCLAiR, Baron. Charles Wil- 
liam St. Clair, 14th B. (S.P.), b. 1831, s. 
1880; h.-a., Archibald James Murray, b. 1875 
Seats — Nisbet House, Berwickshire ; Herd- 
manston, Haddingtonshire. Town Residence 
— 55, Onslow Square, S.W. C/?^^.y— Carlton, 
United Service, Junior Carlton, Scottish Con- 
servative, New. 

Sligo, Marquess of. (Sits as B. 


M., b. 1820, .y. 1845 ; h.-p., his brother, John 
Thomas, b. 1824. Seat — Westport House, 
CO. Mayo. Town Residence — 10, Hyde Park 
Place, W. Cbibs—Tx2iVQ)\e.x%\ Athenaeum. 

SoDOR AND Man, Bishop of. Row- 
lev Hill, D.D., b. 1836, co7i. 1877. Palace— 
Bishops Court, Isle of Man. Town Residence 
—10, Hereford Square, S.W. C/?^^— National. 
[This prelate has a seat in the House of Lords, 
but does not vote.] 

SoMERS, Baron. Philip Reginald 

Cocks, 5th B., b. 1815, s. 1883 ; h.-p., his 
nephew, Herbert Haldane Somers, b. 1861. 
Seat — Glasshouse Hill, Newent. 

Somerset, Duke of. Archibald 

Henry Algernon St. Maur, 13th D., b. 
1810, .y. 1885 ; h.-p., his brother, Algernon 
Percy Banks St. Maur, b. 1813. Seats— 
Maiden Bradley House, Bath ; Burton Hall, 
Lougnborough. Toixm Residence — 28, Berkeley 
Square, W. Club — Travellers'. 

Sondes, Earl. George Watson 

MiLLES, ist E., b. 1824, c. 1S80; h.-a., George 
Edward, V. Throwley, b. 1861. Seats — Lees 
Court, Faversham ; Nackington, Canterbury : 
Elmham Hall, East Dereham. Chcbs — Carlton, 
White's, Travellers', Hurlingham. 

Southampton, Baron. Charles 

Henry Fitzroy, 4th B., b. 1867, j. 1872 ; h.-p., 
his brother, Edward Algernon, b. 1869. 

Southesk, Earl of. (Sits as B. 
Balinhard.) James Carnegie, K.T., 9th E., 
b. 1827, s. 1855; h.-a., Charles Noel, L. 
Carnegie, b. 1854. Club -Travellers'. 

JSouthwell, Bishop of. George 

Ridding, D.D., b. 1828, con. 1884. Residence 
— Thurgarton Priory, Southwell. Clubs — 
United University, Athenaeum. 

^Southwell, Viscount. Arthur 
Robert Pyers Southwell, 5th V. (LP.), 
b. 1872, s. 1878. 

Spencer, Earl. John Poyntz 

Spencer, K.G., P.C, D.C.L., LL.D., sth^., 
b. 1835, s. 1857 ; h.-p., his half-brother, Charles 
Robert, M.P., b. 1857. Seat- Althorp Park, 
Northampton. Town Residence — Spencer 
House, 27, St. James's Place, S.W. Llubs — 
Reform, Marlborough, Devonshire, Athenaeum, 

Stafford, Baron. Augustus 

Frederick Fitz-Herbert Stafford-Jer- 


NiNGHAM, loth B., b. 1830, s. 1884 ; h.-p., his 
brother, Fitz-Osbert Edward, <5. 1833. Seats — 
Costessy Park, Norwich ; Shiffnall Park, Salop. 

Stair, Earl of. (Sits as B. Oxen- 
FOORD.) John Hamilton Dalrymplk, K.T., 
10th E., b. 1819, s. 1864; h.-a., John Hew 
North Gustaye Henry, V. Dalrymple, b. 1848. 
Seats — Lochinch Castle, Stranraer, Wigtown- 
shire ; Oxenfoord Castle, near Edinburgh ; Bar- 
gany, Ayrshire. Clubs — Brooks's, United 
Service, Marlborough, Devonshire, New. 

Stamford, Earl of. Harry Grey, 

8th E., b. 1812, s. 1882 ; h.-p., his kinsman, 
William, b. 1850. Residence— 'Wynhtr^, Cape 
of Good Hope. 

Stanhope, Earl. Arthur Philip 

Stanhope, 6th E., b. 1838, j. 1875 h.-a., 
James Richard, V. Mahon, b. 1880. Seat- 
Chevening, Sevenoaks. Town Residence 20, 
Grosvenor Place, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, 
Travellers', St. Stephen's, Bachelors'. 

Stanley of Alderley, Baron. 

Henry Edward John Stanley, 3rd B., b. 
1827, J. 1869 ; h.-p., his brother, Edward 
Lyulph, b. 1839. Seat-AXAerXQy Park, Chel- 
ford, Cheshire. Town Residence — 15, Grosvenor 
Gardens, S.W. C/«^— Travellers'. 

Stradbroke, Earl of. John Ed- 
ward CoRNWALLis Rous, 2nd E., b. 1794, s. 
1827 ; h.-a., George Edward John Mowbray, 
V. Dunwich, b. 1862. Seat — Henham Hall, 
Wangford, Suffolk. Town Residence — 33, 
Belgrave Square, S.W. 

Strafford, Earl of. George 

Stevens Byng, P.C, F.R.S., 2nd E.,b. 1806, 
s. i860; A. -«., George HenryCharles, F.Enfield 
(who sits as B. Strafford), b. 1830. Seat — 
Wrotham Park, Barnet. To^vn Residence — 
5, St. James's Square, S.W. Clubs — Boodle's, 
Brooks's, Travellers', White's. 

Strathallan, Viscount. . James 

David Drummond, 8th V., b. 1839, s. 1886 ; 
h.-a., William Huntley, b. 1871. Seat — Strath- 
allan Castle, Auchterarder, Perthshire. Cluhs 
— Carlton, Naval and Military. 

Statheden and Campbell, Baron. 

William Frederick Campbell, 2nd B., b. 
1824, s. i860; h.-p., his brother, Hallyburton 
George, b. 1829. ^'^rt^ — Hartrigge House. 
Roxburghshire. Town Residence— \t, Bruton 
Street, W. C/«3j— Reform, Brooks's, St. 
James's, Oxford and Cambridge, Eton and 
Harrow, County Galway. 

Earl of. Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th E. (S.P.), 
b. 1824, .y. 1865 ; h.-a., Claude George, L. 
Glamis, b. 1855. i'm/j— Glamis Castle, Forfar- 
shire ; Streatham Castle, Darlington. To^vn 
Residence— ^j, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. 
Club — Carlton. 

SuDELEY, Baron. CharlesDouglas 
Richard Hanbury-Tracy, 4th B., b. 1840, s. 
1877; ^.-rt., William Charles Frederick, b. 
1870. Seats— Toddington, Winchcomb, Glou- 
cestershire; Gregynog, Newtown, Montgomery- 
shire. Town Residence— 7, Buckingham Gate, 
S.W. Clubs— Brooks's, Travellers'. 

SuFFiELD, Baron, Charles Har- 

bord, K.C.B., 5th B., b. 1830, s. 1853 ; h.-a., 
Charles, b. 1855. Seat— Gunton Park, Norwich. 
Town Residence— 46, Upper Grosvenor Street, 
W. Clubs — Brooks's, White's, Boodle's, 
Marlborough, Turf. 



Suffolk and Berkshire, Earl of. 

Henry Charles Howard, i8th E., b. 1833. 
s. 1876; h.-a., Henry Molyneux Paget, 
V. Andover, b. 1877. Seat — Charlton Park, 
Malmesbury. Clubs - Travellers', White's, 
Turf, Pratt's. 

Sutherland, Duke of. George 
Granville William Sutherland-Leveson- 
GovvER, K.G., 3rd D., b. 1828, s. 1861 ; h.-a., 
Cromartie, M. Stafford, M.P., b. 1851. Seats 
— Dunrobin Castle, Golspie, Sutherland ; Loch 
Inver House, Sutherland ; House of Tongue, 
Lairg ; Tarbat House, Ross-shire ; Castle 
Leod, Dingwall; Trentham Hall, Staffordshire; 
Lilleshall, Newport, Shropshire. Tcnun Resi- 
dence — Stafford House, St. James's, S.W. 
Clubs — Travellers', Marlborough. 

Sydney, Earl. John Robert 

Tovvnshend, G.C.B., P.C., b. 1805, s. as 3rd V. 
1831, c. E. 1874. Seats — Frognal, Foot's Cray, 
Kent ; Matson House, Gloucester ; Deal Castle, 
Kent. Town Residence — 3, Cleveland Square, 
S.W. C/«^j— Travellers', White's, Turf. 

|T A A F F E, Viscount. Edward 
Francis Joseph Taaffe, nth V. (LP.), b. 
1833, s. 1873 ; h.-a., Henry, b. 1872. Seats- - 
Ellischau Castle, and Kolinetz, Bohemia. 
Residence —Vienna. 

Talbot de Malahide, Baron. 

Richard Wogan Talbot, 5th B., b. 1846, j. 
1883; h.-a.. James Boswell, b. 1874. Seat — 
Malahide Castle, Dublin. Clubs — Army and 
Navy, Naval and Military, 

Tankervxlle, Earl of Charles 

Bennet, P.C, 6th E., b. 1810, .y. 1859; h.-a. 
George Montagu, L. Bennet, b. 1852. .9^^^^ — 
Chillingham Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland. 
Coombe End, Kingston-on-Thames. Clubs 
— Travellers', Carlton, Marlborough. 

Teignmouth, Baron. Charles 

John Shore, 3rd B. (LP.), b. 1840, s. 1885; 
h.-p., his brother, Frederick William, b. 1844. 
Seat — Langton Hall, Northallerton, Yorkshire. 

Templemore, Baron. Henry 
Spencer Chichester, 2nd B., b. 1821, i'. 
1837 ; h.-a., Arthur Henry, b. 1854. Seat— 
Dunbrody Park, Arthurstown, co. Wexford. 
Tcnvn Residence — 2, Upper Brook Street, W. 
Clubs — Carlton, Travellers'. 

*Templetovvn, Viscount. George 
Frederick Upton, K.C.B., 3rd V.{\.V.),b. 
i8o2, s. 1863 ; h.-p., his nephew, Henry Edward 
Montagu Dorington Clotworthy, b. 1853. Seat 
— Castle Upton, Templepatrick, co. Antrim. 
Town Residence — 49, Charles Street, Berkeley 
Square, W. Clubs — Travellers', United Ser- 
vice, Carlton, Ulster. 

Tennyson, Baron, Alfred Tenny- 
son, Tst B., b. 1809, c. 1884; h.-a., Hallam, 
b. 1852. Seats — Faringford, Freshwater, Isle 
of Wight ; Aldworth, near Haslemere, Surrey. 

Tenterden, Baron. Charles 
Stuart Henry Abbott, K.C.B., 4th B., b. 

1865, .y. 1882. 

Teynham, Baron. George Henry 

Roper-Curzon, i6th.5., b. 1798, s. 1842 ; h.-a., 
Henry George, b. 1822, Seat — Tower House, 
Shooters' Hill, Kent. 

Thurlow, Baron. Thomas John 

Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce, 5th B., 
b. 1838, s. 1874 ; h.-a., James Frederick, b. 1867. 

Seats— AshfieXd, Ixworth, Suffolk ; Dunphail 
N.B. ; Kinnaird, Larbert, N.B. Town Rest 
dence-2,3, Chesham Place, S.W. Clubs - 
Travellers', Brooks's, Bachelors', Empire. 

Tollemache of Helmingham 

Baron. John Tollemache, ist B., b. 1803 
c. 1876; h.-a., Wilbraham Frederick, M.P., 6 
1832. Seats — Helmingham Hall, Stonham 
Suffolk : Peckforton Castle, Tarporley.Cheshire 
Town Residence — 10, St. James's Square, S.W 
Clubs — ^Carlton, Arthur's. 

JToRPHiCHEN, Baron. Tami 
Walter Sandilands, 12th B. (S.P.), b. 1846 
s. 1869 ; h.-p., his brother, John Hope, b. 1847 
Seat- Calder House, Mid-Calder, near Edin 
burgh. Clubs- Windham, Naval and Military 

ToRRiNGTON, Viscount. Georgi 
Stanlep Byng, 8th V.. b. 1841,5. 1884 ; h.-p. 
his brother, Robert Lowther, b. 1842. Seat— 
Votes Court, Mereworth, Kent. Chtbs—C&rX 
ton, Junior United Service, Kildare Street, St^ 
George's Vacht. 

Townshend, Marquess. John Vii 

TIERS Stuart Townshend, 5th M., b. 1831, 
8163 ; h.-a., John James Dudley Stuart, I 
Raynham, b. 1866. Seats— Ba\\s Park, Hertforc 
Raynham Hall, Norfolk ; Tamworth Castlfl 
Staffordshire. C/«3j— Brooks's, Pall Mall. 

Tredegar, Baron. Godfre' 
Charles Morgan, 2nd B., b. 1830, s. 1875 ; 
h.-p., his brother, Frederick Courtenay, M.P., 
b. 1834. Seats — Tredegar Park, Monmouth- 
shire ; Ruperra Castle, Glamorganshire. Town 
Residence — 39, Portman Square, W, Clubs — 
Carlton, Army and Navy, Arthur's, Boodle's, 
St. Stephen's, Bachelors', Hurlingham, Road, 

Trevor, Baron. Arthur Edwin 

Hill-Trevor, rst B., b. 1819,* c. 1880: h.-a., 
Arthur William, b. 1852. .S'^a/'— Brynkinalt, 
Chirk, Denbighshire. Town Residence— 1$, 
Belgrave Square, S.W. Clubs — Boodle's. 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, City Carlton, Sackville 
Street, Ulster. 

Truro, Baron. Charles Robert 
Claude Wilde, 2nd B., b. 1816, s. 1855 ; h.-p., 
his nephew, Thomas Montague Morrison, b. 
1856. 6'^a/— Falcon wood. Shooter's Hill, Kent. 
Town Residence— 7.(^, Dover Street, W, Club 
— Brooks's, 

Truro, Bishop of. George Howard 

Wilkinson, D.D., b. 1833, con. 1883. Resi- 
dence— 7\J\s Escop, near Truro. Cltib — Athe- 

Tweeddale, Marquess of. (Sits as 
B.) William Montagu Hay, loth M., b. 
1826,5. 1878; ^.-a.,William George Montagu, E. 
Clifford, b. 1884. .S^a^f— Yester House, Had- 
dingtonshire, Clubs —Brooks's, St. James's, 
City Liberal, Hurlingham. 

Tweedmouth, Baron. Dudley 

CouTTS Marjoribanks, ist B., b. 1820, c. 
1881 ; h.-a., Edward, M.P,, b. 1849. Seats 
— Guisachan, Beauly, Inverness-shire ; Hutton 
Hall, Berwickshire. Town R esidence—lirooV. 
House, Park Lane, W. C/«^5— Travellers', 
Arthur's, Brooks's. 

JValentia, Viscount, Arthur An- 

neslev, nth V. (LP.), b. 1843, s. 1863 ; h.a., 
Arthur, b. 1880, 6"m^5- — Bletchington Park, 
Oxford ; Eydon Hall, Banbury. C/«i^5— Carl- 
ton, White's, Turf, Marlborough, St. James's, 



Vaux, Baron. Hubert George 
Charles MosTYN , 7th B., b. i860, s. 1883; 
h.-p., his brother, Ranulph Edward Montagu, 
b. 1861. Residence—-], Cadogan Square, S.W. 
C/«<^^— Brooks's, St. James's. 

*V E N T R Y , Baron. 
Blakeney Eveleigh-De-Moleyns, 4th B. 
(LP.), b. 1828, s. 186S ; h.-a., Frederick 
Rossmore Wauchope, b. 1861. 6"^«^— Burnham 
House, Dingle, co. Kerry. C/?^3j— Carlton, 
Kildare Street, St. James's, St. George's Yacht. 

Vernon, Baron. George William 

Henry Venables-Vernon, 7th B., b. 1854, s. 
1883; h.-p., his brother, William Frederick 
Cuthbert, b. 1856. 6'^rt/'^— Sudbury Hall, 
Derby; Poynton Hall, Stockport, Cheshire. 
C/«<Ji-— Travellers', Guards', Marlborough. 

Verulam, Earl of. James Walter 

Grimston, 2nd E., b. 1809, J. 1845; h.-a,, 
James Walter, V. Grimston, b. 1852. Seat— 
Gorhambury, St. Albans. C/«^— Carlton. 

Vivian, Baron. Charles Cres- 

piGNY Vivian, 2nd B., b. 1808, ^. 1842 ; h.-a., 
Hussey Crespigny, C. B., b. 1834. Seats— 
Glynn, Bodmin, Cornwall ; Plasgwyn, Pen- 
traeth, Anglesey. Clubs — Brooks's, United 
Service, Turf, Hurlingham. 

Waldegrave, Earl of. William 
Frederick Waldegrave, 9th E., b. 1851, ^. 
1859; h.-a., William Edward Seymour, V. 
Chewton, <J. 1882. Town Residence — 13, Mon- 
tagu Place, W Clubs— 0-idoxdi and Cambridge, 
Carlton, Volunteer Service. 

Wallscourt, Baron. Errol Au- 
gustus Joseph Henry Blake, 4th B. (LP.), 
b. 1841, i-. 1849 ; h.-a., Charles William Joseph 
Henry, b. 1875. Seat — Ardfry, Oranmore, co. 
Galvvay. Town Residence — 99, Earl's Court 
Road, S.W. Clubs- White's, Guards', 

Travellers', Marlborough, Kildare Street. 

Walsingham, Baron. Thomas de 

Grey, 6th B., b. 1843, .s. 1870; h.-p., his half- 
brother, John Augustus, b. 1849. Seats — Mer- 
ton Hall, Thetford, Norfolk ; Aldwark Manor 
House, Easingwold ; Blueberries, Otley, York- 
shire. To^vn Residence — Eaton House, 66a, 
Eaton Square, S.W. Clubs— Ca.r\ton, White's, 

Wantage, Baron. Robert James 
Loyd-Lindsay, K.C.B., V.C, ist B., c. 1885. 
Seat — Lockinge, Wantage, Berks. Town Resi- 
dence — 2, Carlton Gardens, S.W. Clubs — 
Guards', Travellers', Carlton, United Service, 
Marlborough, Athenaeum, Bachelors', Farmers'. 

Warwick and Brooke, Earl of, 
George Guy Greville, 4th E., b. 1818, 
J. 1853 ; h.-a., Francis Richard Charles Guy, 
L. Brooke, M.P., b. 1853. .S"m/- -Warwick 
Castle, Warwick. Town Residence — Berwick 
House. Stable Yard, St. James's, S.W. Clubs 
— Carlton, Travellers'. 

Waterford, Marquess of. (Sits as 
B. Tyrone.) John Henry de La Poer- 
Beresford, K.P., P.C, 5th M., b. 1844, .r. 
1866 ; h.-a., Henry de la Poer, E. of Tyrone, b. 
1875. Seat — Curr3igh.more, co. Waterford. 
Town Residence — 30, Charles Street, St. 
James's, S.W. C/?<^.y— Carlton, Marlborough, 
White's, Kildare Street, Sackville Street, Turf, 

IWaterpark, Baron. Henry An- 
son Cavendish, 4th B. (LP.), b. 1839, ^. 1863 ; 

h.-p., his kinsman, Henry Shappart Hart, 
b. 1876. Seat—V)ov&nA%fi Hall, Derby. Clubs 
— Brooks's, Travellers'. 

Watson, Lord. William Watson, 

P.C, LL.D. [Lord of Appeal in Ordinary]; 

b. 1828, c. 1880. Seat- Gillesbie, Lockerbie, 
N.B. Town Residence— 10, Queen's Gate, 
S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Athenaeum. 

Waveney, Baron. Robert Alex- 
ander Shafto Adair, F.R.S., ist B., b. 1811 ; 

c. 1873; h.-p. to Baronetcy only, his brother, 
Hugh Edward, b. 1815. ^-mifj— Flixton Hall. 
Bungay, Suffolk ; Adair Cottage, Aldeburgh- 
Suffolk ; Ballymena Castle, Antrim. Town 
Residence- 7, Audley Square, W. Clubs — 
United Service, Brooks's, Travellers', Oxford 
and Cambridge, Reform, Devonshire, Ulster, 

Wellington, Duke of. Henry 

Welleslev, 3rd D., b. 1846, s. 1884 ; h.-p., 
his brother, Arthur Charles, b. 1849. Seat — 
Strathfieldsaye, Winchfield, Hampshire. Tmvn 
Residence — Apsley House, Piccadilly, W. Club 
— Marlborough. 

Wemyss and March, Earl of. (vSits 

as B. Wemyss.) Francis Charteris, 9th E., 
b. 1818, s. 1883 ; h.-a., Hugo Richard, L. Elcho, 
b. 1857. Seats — Niedpath Castle and Hayes 
Lodge, Peebles ; Armisfield and Gosford House, 
Haddington ; Stanway, Gloucester ; Elcho 
Castle, Perth. Town Residence — 23, St. 
James's Place, S.W. C/w(5— Carlton. 

Wenlock, Baron. Beilby Lawley, 

2,rAB.,b. 1849,.?. 1880; A.-/., his brother, Richard 
Thompson, b. 1856. Seats — Escrick Park, 
Yorkshire ; Bourton Cottage, Much Wenlock, 
Shropshire. Clubs — Marlborough, Turf, 
Brooks's, Yorkshire. 

Wentworth, Baron Ralph Gor- 
don Noel Milbanke, 12th B., b. 1839, s. 
1862 ; heiress-a., Ada Mary, b. 1871. /?«/- 
</^«c^— Wentworth House, Chelsea Embank- 
ment, S.W. Club — Athenaeum. 

Westbury, Baron. Richard Lut- 

TRELL Pilkington Bethell, 3rd B., b. 1852, 
s. 1875 ; h.-a., Richard, b. 1883. Seat- Bar- 
ningham Hall, Hanworth, Norfolk. Clubs— 
Carlton, Guards', Naval and Military, Wan- 
derers', Hurlingham, Pratt's, Orleans. 

IWestmeath, Earl of. Anthony 

Francis Nugent, nth E. (I.P.), b. 1870, s. 
1883; h.-p., his brother, William Andrew, b. 
1871. Seat— VaWsiS, Loughrea, co. Galway. 

Westminster, Duke of. Hugh 
Lupus Grosvenor, K.G., P.C, b. 1825, s. as 
3rd M. 1869, c. D. 1874 ; h.-a., his grandson, 
Hugh Richard Arthur, V. Belgrave. b. 1879, 
Seats— Y.2Xov\. Hall, Chester; Halkin, Flint- 
shire ; Cliveden, Maidenhead. Town Residetwe 
— 33. Upper Grosvenor Street, W. Clubs — 
Travellers', Brooks's, White's, Reform, Devon- 
shire, Burlington, City Liberal. 

Westmorland, Earl of, Francis 

William Henry Fane, C.B.,, b. 1825, 
s. 1859; h.-a., Anthony Mildmay Julian, L. 
Burghersh, b. 1859. 5"^^— Apethorpe Hall, 
Northamptonshire. Clubs— Army and Navy, 
White's, Turf. 

Wharncliffe, Earl of. Edward 
Montagu Stuart Granville Montagu- 
Stuart- Wortley-Mackenzie, ist £'.,/5. 1827, 
c 1876 ; h.-p. under special remainder, his 
brother, Francis Dudley Montagu-Stuart- Wort 



ley, b. 1829. ^^a/fj— Wortley Hall, Sheffield ; 
Simonstone, Hawes, Yorkshire ; Belmont 
Castle, Meigle, Perthshire. Town Residence 
— Whamcliffe House, 15, Curzon Street, W. 
Clubs — Travellers', White's, Marlborough, 
Turf, Carlton, Bachelors', Beefsteak. 

JWiCKLOW, Earl of. Cecil Ralph 

Howard, 6th E. (I. P.), b. 1842, s. 1881 ; h.-a., 
Ralph Francis, L. Clonmore, b. 1877. Seats — 
Shelton Abbey, Arklow, co. Wicklow ; Castle 
Forward, co. Donegal. C/?/^.y— Carlton, Army 
and Navy, Naval and Military, Sackville 
Street, St. George's Yacht, Kildare Street. 

WiLLOUGHBY DE Broke, Baron. 
Henry Pevto Verney, 17th B., b. 1844, s. 
1862 ; /z.-rt., Richard Greville, b. 1869. Seat 
— Compton Verney, Warwick. Club — Carlton. 

IWiLLOUGHBY De Eresby, Baroness. 
Clementina Elizabeth Heathcote-Drum- 

MOND-WlLLOUGHBY, b. 1809, S. 187I ; A.-rt., 

Gilbert Henry, 2nd B. Aveland, b. 1830. 
Seats — Grimsthorpe Castle, Bourne, Lincoln- 
shire ; Drummond Castle, Crieff, N.B. ; Gwydyr 
Castle, Llanrwst, North Wales. Town Resi- 
dence—^, Belgrave Square,*S.W. 

Wilton, Earl of. Seymour John 

Grey Egerton, 4th Earl, b. 1839, .y. 1885; 
h.-a., Arthur George, F. Grey de Wilton, (5. 1863. 
Seat — Heaton Park, near Manchester. Town 
Residence — 24, St. George's Square, W. Club 
— Carlton. 

WiM borne, Baron. Ivor Bertie 

Guest, 1st B., b. 1835, c. 1880; h.-a., Ivor 
Churchill, b. 1873. Seats— C^^nhrA Manor, 
Wimbome ; Dowlais House. Merthyr Tydvil ; 
Branksome Dene, Bournemouth; Achnashellach 
Lodge, Ross-shire, N. B. To7un Residence — 
Hamilton House, 22, Arlington Street, S.W. 
Clubs — Carlton, .St. Stephen's, Athenaeum. 

Winchester, Bishop of. Edward 
Harold Browne, D.D., D.C.L., b. 1811, 
con. 1864, t. 1873. Palace — Farnham Castle, 
Surrey. Club — Athenaeum. 

Winchester, Marquess of. John 

Paulet, 14th M., b. i8oi, s. 1843 ; h.-a., 
Augustus John Henry Beaumont, E. Wilt- 
shire, b. 1858. 6Vrt/— Amport St. Mary's, 
Andover, Hants. Town Residence— iK, Al- 
bany, W. C/M3.r— Carlton, Travellers', White's. 

Winchilsea and Nottingham, 

Earl of. George James Finch-Hatton, 
nth E., b. 1815, s. 1858; h.-p., his half- 
brother, Murray Edward Gordon, M.P., b. 
1851. Residence — 2, Cadogan Mansions, Sloane 
Square, S.W. C lub— CarXion. 

Windsor, Baron. Robert George 

Windsor-Clive, 14th B., b. 1857, ^- 1869; 
h.-a.. Other Robert, b. 1884. Seats — Hewcll 
Grange, Bromsgrove ; St. Fagan's Castle, 
Cardiff. Town Residence — 53, Grosvenor 
Street, W. Cltibs -White's, Carlton, Bachelors'. 
WinMARLEIGH, Baron. John Wil- 

son-Patten, P.C., ist B., b. 1802, f. 1874; 
h.-a., his grandson, John Alfred, b. 1867. 
Seat — Winmarleigh, Garstang, Lancashire. 
Clubs — Carlton, Travellers'. 

IWinterton, Earl of. Edward 

Turnour, 5th E. (LP.), b. 1837, s. 1879 ; h.-a., 
Edward, K. Turnour, <5. 1883. 6"^a/— Shillinglee 
Park, Petworth, Sussex. Clubs — Arthur's, 
Carlton, Home Service. 

Wolseley, Viscount. Garnet 

Joseph Wolseley, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., ist V., 
b. 1833, c. 1885. Residence -6, Hill Street, 
Mayfair, W. Clubs — United Service, Army 
and Navy, Athenaeum, Marlborough. 

WoLVERTON, Baron. George 

Grenfell Glyn, P.C, 2nd B., b. 1824, s. 
1873; h.-p., his nephew, Henry Richard, b. 1857. 
Seat — Iwerne House, Shaftesbury Dorset. 
Residences — Warren House, Combe Wood, 
Kingston, S.W. ; 61, Pall Mall, S.W. Clubs 
— Brooks's, Reform, Travellers', Athenaeum, 
City of London, Turf, Devonshire, City Liberal. 

Worcester, Bishop of. Henry 

Philpott, D.D., b. 1807, con. \Z6i. Resi- 
dence — Hartlebury Castle, Kidderminster. 
Club — Athenaeum. 

Wrottesley, Baron. Arthur 

Wrottesley, 3rd B., b. 1824, s. 1867 ; h.-a., 
William, b. 1863. 6'mif— Wrottesley, Wol- 
verhampton. Clubs — Brooks's, Travellers'. 

Wynford, Baron. William 

Draper Mortimer Best, 3rd B., b. 1826, s. 
1869; h.-p., his brother, Henry Molyneux, 
b. 1829. .Sm^— Wynford Eagle, Dorsetshire. 
To^ufi Residence— Y-z, Grosvenor Square, W. 
C/«3j— Carlton, New. 

Yarborough, Earl of. Charles 

Alfred Worsley Anderson-Pelham, 4th 
E., b. 1859, s. 1875 ; h.-p., his brother, Victor 
Ralph, <^. 1866. 6"^a/— BrocklesbyPark.Ulceby. 
To7vn Residence — 17, Arlington Street, S.W. 
Clubs — Brooks's, Marlborough, Boodle's, 
Bachelors', Hurlingham, Home Service, Turf. 

York, Archbishop of. William 

Thomson, D.D., P.C, F.R.S., Primate of 
England and Metropolitan, b. 1819, con. 1861, 
t. 1863. /'rt/ar^— Bishopthorpe, York. Club 
— Athenaeum. 

Zetland, Earl of. Lawrence Dun- 
das, 3rd E., b. 1844, s. 1873 ; h.-a. Lawrence 
John Lumley, Z. Dundas,^. 1876. Seats — Aske, 
Richmond ; Upleatham, near Marske-by-the- 
Sea, Yorkshire ; Kerse House, Stirlingshire. 
To^vn Residence— ig, Arlington Street, S.W. 
Clubs— ^PT2Xt's, White's, Marlborough, Turf, 
Yorkshire, Travellers', Bachelors', Hurlingham. 

ZoucHE, Baron. Robert Natha- 
niel Cecil Ceorge Curzon, 15th B., b. 1851, 
J. 1873 ; heiress-p., his sister, Darea, b. i860. 
Seats— ^aLx\\2im. Park, Pulborough ; Ravenhill, 
Rugeley. C/wi^j— Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
White's, St. James's, Bachelors'. 





Aberdour, B. — E. Morton. 
Acheson, V. — E. Gosford. 
Alexander, V. — Caledoti, E. 

Ancrum, E.—M. Lothian. 

Andover, V.—E. Suffolk, and 

Anson, V. — E. Lichfield. 

Apsley, L. — E. Bathurst. 

Arundel and Surrey, E. — D, 

Ashley, L. — E. Shaftesbury. 

Balniel, Z. — E. Crawford and 

Baring, V. — E. Northbrook. 

Bective, E.—M. Headfort. 

Belfast, E.—M. Donegall. 

Bennet, L. — E. Tankerville. 

Belgrave, V. — D. Westmin- 

Bertie, L. — E. Lindsey. 

Bingham, L. — E. Lucan. 

Binning, L. — E. Haddington. 

Blandford, M.—D. Marl- 

Boringdon, V.—E. Morley. 

Bowmont and Cessford, M. — 
D. Roxburghe. 

Boyle, V. — E. Shannon. 

Brabazon, L.—E. Meath. 

Brackley, V. — E. EUesmere. 

Brooke, L. — E. Warwick. 

Bruce, L. — E. Elgin. 

Burford, E.—D. St. Albans. 

Burghersh, L. — E. Westmore- 

Burghley, L. — M. Exeter. 

Bury, V. — E. Albemarle. 

Campden, V. — E. Gains- 

Cantelupe, V. — E. Delawarr. 

Capell, L.—E. Essex. 

Cardross, L. — E.. Buchan. 

Carmarthen, M. — D. Leeds. 

Carnegie, L. — E. Southesk. 

Cassillis.i?.— :W.Ailsa. [derry. 

Castlereagh, V. — M. London- 

Castlerosse. V. — E. Kenmare. 

Chelsea, V. — E. Cadogan. 

Chewton, V. — E. Waldegrave. 

Clandeboye, V. — E. Dufferin. 

Clements, V.— E. Leitrim. 

Clifton, B. — E. Darnley. 

Clonmore, B. — E. Wicklow. 

Coke, V.— E. Leicester. 

Cole, V.—E. Enniskillen. 

Compton, E. — M. Northamp- 

Corry, V. — E. Belmore. 

Courtenay, L. — E. Devon. 

Cranborne, V. — M. Salisbury. 

Cranley, V. — E. Onslow. 

Cremorne, L. — E. Dartrey. 

Crichton. V.—E. Erne. 

Curzon, V. — E. Howe. 

Dalkeith, E.—D. Buccleuch. 

Dalmeny, L. — E. Rosebery. 

Dalr>'mple, V.—E. Stair. 

Dangan, V. — E. Cowley. 

Deerhurst, V. — E. Coventry. 

De Grey, E. — M. Ripon. 

Drumlanrig, V. — M. Queens- 

Drummond, L. — E. Perth. 

Dumfries, E.—M. Bute. 

Dundas, L, — E. Zetland. 

Dungarvan, V. — E. Cork and 

Dunglass, L. — E. Home. 

Dunlo, V.— E. Clancarty, 

Dunluce, V. — E. Antrim. 

Dunwich, V. — E. Stradbroke. 

Dupplin, V. — E. Kinnoull. 

Dursley, V. — E. Berkeley. 

Ebrington, V. — E. Fortescue. 

Elcho, L. — E. Wemyss. 

Eliot, L. — E. St. Germans. 

Elmley, V. — E. Beauchamp. 

Emlyn, V. — E. Cawdor. 

Encombe, V. — E. Eldon. 

Enfield, V.—E. Strafford. 

Ennismore, V. — E. Listowel. 

Erskine, B. — E. Mar and 

Euston, E. — D. Grafton. 

Feilding and Callan, V. — E. 

Fincastle, V. — E. Dunmore. 

Folkestone, V. — E. Radnor, 

Forbes, V. — E. Granard. 

Garioch, L. — E. Mar. 

Gifford, E.—M. Tweeddale. 

Gillford, L. — E. Clanwilliam. 

Glamis, L. — E. Strathmore. 

Glentworth, V. — E. Limerick. 

Glerawley, V. — E. Annesley. 

Graham, M. — D. Montrose. 

Greenock, L. — E. Cathcart. 

Grey de Wilton, V.—E. Wil- 

Grimston, V. — E. Verulam. 

Guernsey, L. — E. Aylesford. 

Haddo, L. — E. Aberdeen. 

Hamilton, M. — D. Abercorn. 

Hartington, M. — D, Devon- 

Helmsley, V. — E. Feversham. 

Hinton, V.—E. Poulett. 

Holmesdale, V. — E. Amherst. 

Howard of Effingham, L. — 

E. Effingham. 
Hyde, L. — E. Clarendon. 
Ingestre, V. — E. Shrewsbury. 
Inverurie, L.—E. Kintore. 
Kerry, E. — M. Lansdowne. 
Kilcoursie, V.—E. Cavan. 
Kildare, M. — D. Leinster. 
Kilmarnock, L.—E. Erroll. 
Kingsborough, V.—E. King- 
Knebworth, V.—E. Lytton. 
Kynnaird, V.—E. Newburgh. 
Lascelles, V. — E. Harewood. 

Leveson, L. — E. Granville. 

Lewes, E.—M. Abergavenny. 

Lewisham, V. — E. Dart- 

Lome, M.—D. Argyll. 

Loughborough, B. — E. Ross- 

Lymington, V. — E. Ports- 

Mahon, L. — E. Stanhope. 

Maitland, V.—E. Lauderdale. 

Mandevilie, V.—D. Manches- 

March, E. — D. Richmond. 

Marsham, V. — E. Romney. 

Melgund, V.—E. Minto. 

Milton, V. — E. Fitzwilliam. 

Molyneux, V.—E. Sefton. 

Moreton, L. — E. Ducie. 

Mount Charles, E. — M. 

M ulgrave, E. —M. Normanby. 

Newark, V. — E. Manvers. 

Newport, V.—E. Bradford. 

Newry and Morne, V. — E. 

Newtown-Butler, L. — E. 

Norreys, L.—E. Abingdon. 

North, L.—E. Guilford. 

Northland, V.—E. Ranfurly. 

Ockham, V. — E. Lqvelace. 

Oxmantown, L. — E. Rosse. 

Pakenham, L. — E. Longford. 

Parker, V. — E. Macclesfield. 

Pelham, L.—E. Chichester. 

Percy, E.—D. Northumber- 

Pollington, V. — E. Mex- 

Porchester,^. — ^.Carnarvon. 

Ramsay, L. — £. Dalhousie. 

Raynham, V. — M. Towns- 

Reidhaven, V.—E. Seafield. 

Rocksavage, £. — M. Chol- 

Rosehill, L.—E. Northesk. 

Royston, V. — E. Hardwicke. 

St. Cyres, V.—h. Iddesleigh. 

Savernake, V. — M. Ailesbury. 

Skelmersdale, L . — E. Lathom. 

Somerton, V. — jS-Normanton. 

Stafford, M.—D. Sutherland. 

Stanhope,^. — £". Chesterfield. 

Stavordale, L. — E. Ilchester. 

Stopford, V. — E. Courtown. 

Stormont, V. — E. Mansfield. 

Sudley, V. — E. Arran. 

Suirdale, V.—E. Donough- 

Sussex, E. — D. Connaught. 

Tarbatj V. — Countess Cro- 

Tavistock, M.—D. Bedford. 
Tewkesbury, iL.—.fi'. Munster. 




Throwley, K—E. Sondes. 
Trafalgar, V.—E. Nelson. 
TuUibardine, M.—D. Athole. 
Tumour, V. — E. Winterton. 
I'yrone, E. — M. Waterford, 
Ulster, E.—D. Edinburgh. 

Uxbridge, E. — M. Anglesey. 
Valletort, V.—E. Mount Edg- 

Vaughan, V, — E. Lisburne. 
Villiers, V. — E. Jersey, 
Weymouth, V.—M. Bath. 

Wiltshire, £.— M.Winchester, 
Wodehouse, L. — E. Kimber 

Wolraer, V.—E. Selborne. 
Worcester, M. — D. Beaufort 
Yarmouth, E. — M. Hertford 


Abbot, B. Colchester. 

Abbott, B. Tenterden. 

Abercromby, B. Abercromby. 

Abney- Hastings, E. Loudoun, 
and B. Donington. 

Acheson, E. Gosford. 

A'Court, (Holmes-A'Court), 
B. Heytesbury. 

Acton (Dalberg-Acton), B. 

Adair, B. Waveney. 

Adderley, B. Norton. 

Addington, V. Sidmouth. 

Agar, E. Normanton. 

Agar-Ellis, V. Clifden. 

Agar-Robartes, B. Robartes. 

Aitchison-Denman, B. Den- 

Alexander, E. Caledon. 

Allanson (AUanson-Winn), B. 

Amherst, E. Amherst, and V. 

Anderson-Pelham, E. Yar- 

Annesley, E. Annesley, and 
V. Valentia. 

Anson, E. Lichfield. 

Arbuthnott, V. Arbuthnott. 

Arden-Baillie-Hamilton, E. 

Arundell, B. Arundell of War- 

Arundell (Monckton-Arun- 
deil), V. Galway. 

Ashburnham, E. Ashburn- 

Ashley (Ashley-Cooper), E. 

Astley, B. Hastings. 

Atlay, Bishop of Hereford. 

Aylmer, B. Aylmer. 

Bagot, B. Bagot. 

Bailiie (Arden-Baillie-Hamil- 
ton), E. Haddington. 

Bailiie (Cochrane-Baillie), B. 

Bampfylde, B. Poltimore. 

Barmg, B. Ashburton, E. 
Northbrook, and B. Revel- 

Barrington, V. Barrington. 

Bateman-Hanbury, B. Bate- 

Bateson, B. Deramore. 

Bathurst, E. Bathurst. 

Beauclerk, D. St. Albans. 

Bellew, B. Bellew. 

Bempde (Vanden-Bempde- 
Johnston), B. Derwent. 

Bennet, E. Tankerville. 

Benson, Archbishop of Can- 
Bentinck (Cavendish-Ben- 

tinck), D. Portland, and 

Baroness Bolsover. 
Beresford, M. Waterford. 
Beresford (Horsley-Beres- 

ford), B. Decies. 
Berkeley, E. Berkeley, and 

B. FitzHardinge. 
Bernard, E. Bandon. 
Bertie, E. Lindsey, and E. 

Best, B. WjTiford. 
Bethell, B. Westbury. 
Bethune, E. Lindsay. 
Bickersteth, Bishop oi'ExetGn. 
Bingham, E. Lucan, and B. 

Blackburn, B. Blackburn. 
Blackwood Hamilton-Black- 
wood), E. Dufferm. 
Blake, B. Wallscourt. 
Biigh, E. Darnley. 
Bootle (Wilbraham-Bootle), 

E. Lathom. 
Borthwick, B. Borthwick. 
Boscawen, V. Falmouth, and 

Baiofiess Le Despencer. 
Bourke, E. Mayo. 
Bouverie (Pleydell-Bouverie), 

E. Radnor. 
Bowes (Bowes-Lyon), E. 

Boyle, E. Glasgow, E. Cork, 

and E. Shannon. 
Brabazon, E. Meath. 
Bramwell, B. Bramwell. 
Brand, V. Hampden. 
Brett, B. Esher. 
Bridgeman. E. Bradford. 
Brodrick, V. Midleton. 
Brougham, B. Brougham and 

Browne, E. Kenmare, B. Kil- 

maine, M. Sligo, and Bishop 

of Winchester. 
Brownlow, B. Lurgan. 
Bruce, ^. Elgin, B. Balfour 

of Burleigh, and B. Aber- 

Bruce (Hovell-Thurlow-Cum- 

ming-Bruce), B. Thurlow. 
Bruce (Brudenell-Bruce), M. 

of Ailesbury. [bury. 

Brudenell-Bruce, M. Ailes- 
Brydges (Temple-Nugent- 

Brydges - Chandos - Gren- 

ville;, D. Buckingham. 
Buller (Yarde-Buller), B. 


Buller (Bulier-Fullerton E - 
phinstone), B. Elphinston. 

Bulwer (Bulwer-Lytton), E. 

Bunbury (M'Clintock-Bun- 
bury), B. Rathdonnell. 

Burdett (Burdett - Coutts), 
Baroness Burdett-Coutts. 

Burrell, B. Gwydyr. 

Butler, M. Ormonde, E. Car- 
rick, E. Lanesborough, V. 

Butler (Clitford-Butler), B. 

Byng, £. Strafford, F.Enfield, 
and V. Torrington. 

Byron, B. Byron. 

Cadogan, E. Cadogan. 

Cairns, E. Cairns. 

Caithorpe (Gough-Calthorpe), 
B. Caithorpe. 

Campbell, D. Argyll, M. 
Breadalbane, E. Cawdor, 
B. Stratheden, and Bishop 
of Bangor. 

Canning, B. Garvagh. 

M. Clanricarde. 

Capell, E. Essex. 

Cardwell, V. Cardwell. 

Carew, B. Carew. 

Carleton, B. Dorchester. 

Carnegie, E. Northesk, and 
E. Southesk. 

Carpenter, Bishop of Ripon. 

Carrington, B. Carrington. 

Gary, V. Falkland. 

Cathcart, E. Cathcart. 

Caulfeild, E. Charlemont. 

Cave(Verney-Cave), .^.Braye. 

Cavendish, D. Devonshire, B. 
Chesham,, and B. Water- 

Cavendish-Bentinck, D. Port- 
land, and Baroness Bolsover. 

Cecil, M. Exeter. 

Cecil (Gascoigne-Cecil), M. 

Chandos (Temple - Nugent- 
Brydges - Chandos - Gren- 
ville), D. Buckingham. 

Charteris, E. Wemyss and 

Chetwynd, V. Chetwynd. 

Chichester, M. Donegall, and 
B. Templemore. 

Cholmondeley, M. Cholmond- 
eley, and B. Delamere. 

Churchill (Spencer-Churchill), 
D. Marlborough. [Albans. 

Claughton, Bishop of St. 

peers' surnames. 


Clegg (Clegg-Hill), V. Hill. 
Clements, E. Leitnm. 
Clifford, B. Clifford. 
Clifford-Butler, B. Dunboyne. 

Clifton, Baroness Grey de 

Clinton (Pelham-Clinton), D. 
Newcastle. [Windsor. 

Clive (Windsor-Clive), B. 

Cochrane, E. Dundonald. 

Cochrane (Cochrane- Baillie), 
B. Lamington. 

Cocks, B. Somers. 

Coke, E. Leicester. 

Colborne, B. Seaton. 

Cole, E. Enniskillen. 

Coleridge, B. Coleridge. 

Collier, B. Monkswell. 

Colville, B. Colville. 

Compton, Bishop of Ely. 

Compton (Douglas-Maclean- 
Compton), M. Northamp- 

Constable (Constable-Max- 
well), B. Harries. 

Conyngham, M. Conyngham. 

Cooper (Ashley-Cooper), E. 

Corry (Lowry-Corry), E. Bel- 
more, and B. Rowton. 

Cotton (Stapleton-Cotton), V. 

Coutts (Burdett-Coutts), Bar- 
OTtess Burdett-Coutts. 

Courtenay, E. Devon. 

Coventry, E. Coventry. 

Cowper, E. Cowper. 

Cowper-Temple, B. Mount- 

Craven, E. Craven. 

Crewe, B. Crewe. 

Crichton, E. Erne. 

Crichton-Stuart, M. Bute. 

Crofton, B. Crofton. 

Cuffe, E. Desart. 

Gumming (Hovell-Thurlow- 
Cumming-Bruce), B. Thur- 

Curzon, B. Scarsdale, and B. 

Curzon (Curzon-Howe), E. 

Curzon (Roper-Curzon), B. 

Cust, E. Brownlow. 

Dalberg- Acton, ^. Acton. 

Dalrymple, E. Stair. 

Daly, B. Dunsandle. 

Dalzell, E. Carnwath. 

Damer (Dawson-Damer), E. 

Dawney, V. Downe. 

Dawson, E. Dartrey. 

Dawson (Dawson-Damer), E. 

Deane (Deane-Morgan), B. 

De Blaquiere, B. De Bla- 

De Burgh (De Burgh-Can- 
ning), M. Clanricarde. 

De Courcy, B. Kingsale. 

De Grey, B. Walsingham. 

De Moleyns (Eveleigh de 
Moleyns), B. Ventry. 

De Montmorency, K. Frank- 
fort, and V. Mountmorres. 

Denison, B. Londesborough. 

Denman (Aitchison-Denman), 

B. Denman. 
De Ros(Fitz-Gerald-DeRos), 

B. De Ros. 
Devereu.x, V. Hereford. 
Digby, B. Digby. 
Dillon, B. Clonbrock. 
Dillon-Lee, V. Dillon. 
Dodson, B. Monk Bretton. 
Dormer, B. Dormer. 
Douglas, M. Queensberry 

and E. Morton. 
Douglas (Douglas-Hamilton), 

D. Hamilton. 

Douglas (Douglas-Maclean- 
Compton), M. Northamp- 

Douglas (Douglas-Pennant), 
B. Penrhyn. 

Douglas (Douglas-Home), E. 

Douglas (Montagu-Douglas- 
Scott), D. Buccleuch. 

Drummond, E. Perth, and V. 

Drummond (Heathcote - 

Drummond - Willoughby), 
Baroness Willoughby 

DEresby, and B. Aveland. 

Duff, E. Fife. 

Duncan (Haldane-Duncan), 

E. Camperdown. 
Duncombe, E. Feversham. 
Dundas, E. Zetland, and V. 

Durnford, Bishop of Chiches- 
Dutton, B. Sherborne. 
Eden, B. Auckland. 
Edgcumbe, E. Mount Edg- 

Edwardes, B. Kensington. 
Egerton, B. Egerton of Tat- 
ton, E. EUesmere, and E. 
Eliot, E. St. Germans. 
Ellicott, Bishop of Gloucester 

and Bristol. 
Elliot, E. Minto. 
Ellis (Agar-EUis), V. Clifden. 
Ellis, B. Howard de Walden. 
Elphinstone), B. Elphin- 
Erskine, B. Erskine, E. Mar 
and Kellie, and E. Buchan. 
Erskine (Goodeve -Erskine), 

E. Mar. 
Erskine (St. Clair Erskine), 
E. Rosslyn. [bery. 

Evans (Evans- Freke), B. Car- 
Eveleigh (Eveleigh de Mo- 
leyns), B. Ventry. 
Fairfax, B. Fairfax. 
Falconer (Keith- Falconer), E, 

Fane, E. Westmorland. 
Feilding, E. Denbigh. 
Ffrench, B. Ffrench. 
Fiennes (Twistleton-Wyke- 
ham-Fiennes), B. Saye and 
Finch, E. Aylesford. 
Finch (Finch-Hatton), E. 

Fitzalan (Fitzalan-Howard), 
D. Norfolk, and B. Howard 
of Glossop. 

Fitz-Clarence, E. Murister. 
Fitz-Gerald, D. Leinster, and 

B. FitzGerald. 
Fitz-Gerald-de-Ros, B. De 

Fitzmaurice, M. Lansdowne, 

E. Orkney, and Baroness 

Fitz- Patrick, B. Castletown. 
Fitz Roy, D. Grafton, and B. 

Fitz-William (Wentworth- 

Fitz- William), E. Fitz-Wil- 
Flower, V. Ashbrook. 
Foley, B. Foley. 
Forbes, E. Granard and B. 

Forbes (Hepburn-Stuart- 

Forbes-Trefusis), B. Clin- 

Forbes-Sempill, B. Sempill. 
Forester, B. Forester. 
Fortescue, B. Clermont, and 

E. Fortescue. 
Fortescue (Parkinson-Fortes- 

cue), B. Carlingford. 
Fox (Lane-Fox), B. Conyers. 
Fox (Fox-Strangways), E. 

Eraser, B. Saltoun, B. Lovat, 

and Bishop of Manchester. 
Freke (Evans- Freke), B. Car- 

Freeman (Freeman-Mitford), 

E. Redesdale. 
Fremantle, B. Cottesloe. 
French, B. de Freyne. 
Fullerton (Buller-Fullerton- 

Elphinstone, B. Elphin- 

Gage, V. Gage. 
Gardner, B. Gardner. 
Gascoigne-Cecil, M. Salis- 
Gathorne-Hardy," F". Cran- 

Gerard, B. Gerard. 
Gibson, B. Ashbourne. 
Giffard, B. Halsbury. 
Gifford, B. Gifford. 
Giustiniani, E. Newburgh. 
Glyn, 8. Wolverton. 
Goodeve-Erskine, E. Mar. 
Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle. 
Gordon, M. Huntly. 
Gordon (Gordon-Lennox), D. 

Gordon (Hamilton-Gordon)> 

E. Aberdeen. 
Gore, E. Arran. 
Gore (Ormsby-Gore), B. Har- 
Gough, V. Gough. 
Gough (Gough-Calthorpe), B. 

Gower (Gower-Leveson), E. 

Gower (Sutherland-Leveson- 

Gower), D. Sutherland, and 
Countess Cromartie. 
Graham, D. Montrose. 
Grant (Ogilvie-Grant), E. Sea- 
Graves, B. Graves. 
Grenville (Temple-Nugent- 
Brj'dges - Chandos - Gren- 
ville), D. Buckingham. 


peers' surnames. 

Greville, E. Warwick, and B. 

Grey, E. Stamford, and E. 

Grimston, E. Verulam. 

Grosvenor, D. Westminster, 
and B. Ebury. 

Guelph, surname of Royal 

Guest, B. Wimborne. 

Guinness, B. Ardilaun. 

Guthrie, B. Oranmore and 

Haldane (Haldane-Duncan), 
E. Camperdown. 

Hamilton, D. Abercorn and 
B. Belhaven and Stenton. 

Hamilton (Arden - Bailie- 
Hamilton), E. Haddington. 

Hamilton (Douglas-Hamil- 
ton), D. Hamilton. 

Hamilton (Hamilton-Black- 
wood), E. Dufferin. 

E. Aberdeen. 

Hamilton (Hamilton-Russell), 
V. Boyne. 

Hammond, B. Hammond. 

Hampden (Hobart-Hamp- 
den), E. Buckinghamshire. 

Hanbury (Bateman - Han- 
bury), B. Bateman. 

Hanbury (Hanbury-Tracy), 
B. Sudeley. 

Handcock, B. Castlemaine. 

Harbord, B. Suffield. 

Hardinge, V. Hardinge. 

Hardy (Gathorne- Hardy), V. 

Hare, E. Listowel. 

Harris, E. Malmesbury, and 
B. Harris. 

Hastings, E. Huntingdon. 

Hastings (Abney- Hastings), 
E. Loudoun and B. Doning- 
ton. [Winchilsea. 

Hatton (Finch-Hatton), E. 

Hawke, B. Hawke. 

Hay, E. Erroll, M. Tweed- 
dale, and E. Kinnoull. 

Heathcote (Heathcote - 

Drummond - WiUoughby), 
Baroness WiUoughby De 
Eresby, and B. Aveland. 

Hely (Hely-Hutchinson), E. 

Henley, B. Henley. 

Henniker (Henniker-Major), 
B. Henniker. 

Hepburne (Hepburne-Stuart- 
Forbes-Trefusis), B. Clin- 
ton. [B. Polwarth. 

Hepburne (Hepburne-Scott), 

Herbert, E. Powis, E. Pem- 
broke, and E. Carnarvon. 

Hervey, M. Bristol, and 
Bishop of Bath and Wells. 

Hewitt, F. Lifford. 

Hill, M. Downshire, and 
Bishop of Sodor and Man. 

Hill(Clegg-Hill), F.Hill. 

Hill (Hill-Trevor), B. Trevor. 

Hill (Noel-Hill), B. Berwick. 

Hobart (Hobart-Hampden), 
E. Buckinghamsh're. 

Hobhouse, B. Hobhouse. 

Holme- (Holmes-A'Court), B. 

Holroyd, E. Sheffield. 

Home-Douglas, E. Home. 

Hood, y. Bridport, and V. 

Hope, E. Hopetoun. 

Hore (Hore-Ruthven), B. 

Horsley-Beresford, B. Decies. 

Hotham, B. Hotham. 

Hovell (Hovell - Thurlow - 
Cumming-Bruce), B. Thur- 

Howard, E. Carlisle, E. Ef- 
fingham, E. Wicklow, and 
E. Suffolk. 

Howard (Fitzalan-Howard), 
D. Norfolk, and B. Howard 
of Glossop. [Howe. 

Howe (Curzon-Howe), E. 

Hugessen (Knatchbull-Hu- 
gessen), B. Brabourne. 

Hughes, Bishop of St. Asaph. 

Hutchinson (Hely-Hutchin- 
son), E. Donoughmore. 

Innes (Innes-Ker), D. Rox- 

Irby, B. Boston. 

James, B. Northboume. 

Jerningham (Stafford - Jem- 
ingham), B. Stafford. 

Jervis, V. St. Vincent. 

Jocelyn, E. Roden. 

Johnstone (^Vanden-Bempde- 
Johnstone), B. Derwent. 

Jolliffe, B. Hylton. 

Jones, Bishop of St. David's. 

Keane, B' Keane. 

Keith (Keith-Falconer), E. 

Kennedy, M. Ailsa. 

Kenyon, B. Kenyon. 

Keppel, E. Albemarle, and 
V. Bury. 

Ker (Innes-Ker), D. Rox- 

Kerr, M. Lothian. 

King, Bislwp of Lincoln. 

King (King-Noel), E. Love- 

King-Tenison E. Kingston. 

Kinnaird, B. Kinnaird. 

Knatchbull (Knatchbull-Hu- 
gessen), B. Brabourne. 

Knox, E. Ranfurly. 

Lambart, E. Cavan. 

Lambton, E. Durham. 

Lane (Lane- Fox), B. Conyers. 

Lascelles, E. Harewood. 

Law ( rowry-Law), B. Ellen- 

Lawless, B. Cloncurry. 

Lawley, B. Wenlock. 

Lawrence, B. Lawrence. 

Lee (Dillon-Lee), V. Dillon. 

Leeson, E. Milltown. 

Lefevre (Shaw-Lefevre), V. 

Legge, E. Dartmouth. 

Leigh, B. Leigh. 

Lennox (Gordon-Lennox), D. 

Le-Poer-Trench, E. Clan- 

Leslie, Countess Rothes. 

Leslie (Leslie-Melville), E. 
Leven and Melville. 

Leveson ( Leveso .-Gower), E. 

Leveson (Sutherland-Leve- 
son-Gower), D. Sutherland, 
and Countess Cromartie. 

Lewis, Bishop of Llandaff. 

Liddell, E. Ravensworth. 

Lightfoot, Bishop of Durham. 

Lindsay, E. Crawford and 

Lindsay (Loyd-Lindsay), B. 

Lingen, B. Lingen. 

Lister, B. Ribblesdale. 

Littleton, B. Hatherton. 

Lloyd (Lloyd-Mostyn), B. 

Loftus, M. Ely. 

Lowe, V. Sherbrooke. 

Lowry-Corry, E. Belmore, 
and B. Rowton. 

Lowther, E. Lonsdale. 

Loyd-Lindsay, B. Wantage. 

Lumley, E. Scarbrough. 

Lygon, E. Beauchamp. 

Lyon (Bowes-Lyon), E, 

Lyons, V. Lyons. 

Lysaght, B. Lisle. 

Lyttelton, B. Lyttelton. 

Lytton (Bulwer-Lytton), E. 

McClintock (McClintock- 
Bunbury), B. Rathdonnel. 

Macdonald, B. Macdonald. 

McDonnell, E. Antrim. 

Mackarness, Bishop oiOxiord. 

Mackay, B. Reay. 

Mackenzie (Montagu-Stuart- 
Wortley-Mackenzie), E. 

Maclagan, Bishop of Lich- 

Maclean ("Doug as-Maclean- 
Compton), M. Northamp- 

Magee, Bishop of Peter- 

Maitland, E. Lauderdale. 

Major (Henniker-Major), B, 

Manners, D. Rutland, and B. 

Manners (Manners-Sutton), 
K. Canterbury. 

Mansfield, B. Sandhurst. 

Marjoribanks, B. Tweed- 

Marsham, E. Romney. 

Massey, B. Clarina. 

Massy, B. Massy. 

Maude, B. Hawarden. 

Maxwell, B. Farnham. 

Maxwell (Constable - Max- 
well), B. Herries. 

Meade, E. Clanwilliam. 

Melville (Leslie-Melville), E. 
Leven and Melville. 

Methuen, B. Methuen. 

Milbanke, B. Wentworth. 

Milles, E. Sondes. 

Milnes, B. Houghton. 

Mitford (Freeman-Mitford), 
E. Redesdale. 

Molesworth, V. Molesworth. 

Molyneux, E. Sefton. 

Monck, V. Monck. 

Monckton (Monckton-Arun- 
dell), V. Galway. 
i Moncrieff, B. MoncriefF. 



Monsell, B. Emly. 
Monson, B. Monson. 
Montagu, D. Manchester, and 

E. Sandwich. 
Montagu (Montagu-Douglas- 
Scott), D. Buccleuch. 
Montagu (Montagu-Stuart- 

Wortley-Mackenzie), E. 

Montgomerie, E. Eglinton. 
Moore, M. Drogheda,j,and E. 

Mount Cashell. 
Moorhouse, j9. of Manchester. 
Moreton (Reynolds-Moreton), 

E. Ducie. 
Morgan, B. Tredegar. 
Morgan (Deane-Morgan), B. 

Mostyn, B. Vaux, and B. 

Mostyn (Lloyd-Mostyn), B. 

Murray, E. Dunmore, E. 

Mansfield, and B. Elibank. 
Murray (Stewart-Murray), D. 

Napier,^. Napierand Ettrick, 

and B. Napier of Magdala. 
Needham, E. Kilmorey. 
Nelson, E. Nelson. 
Nevill, M. Abergavenny. 
Neville, B. Braybrooke. 
Noel, E. Gainsborough. 
Noel (King-Noel), E. Love- 
Noel (Noel-Hill), B. Berwick. 
North, E. Guilford, and B. 

Northcote, E. Iddesleigh. 
Norton, B. Grantley. 
Nugent, E. Westmeath. 
Nugent (Temple - Nugent - 

Brydges - Chandos - Gren- 

ville), D. Buckingham. 
O'Brien, B. Inchiquin. 
O'Callagan, V. Lismore. 
Ogilvie (Ogilvie-Grant), E. 

Ogilvy, E. Airlie. 
O'Grady, V. Guillamore. 
O'Hagan, B. O'Hagan. 
O'Neill, B. O'Neill. 
Onslow, E. Onslow. 
Orde (Orde-Powlett), B. 

Ormsby (Ormsby-Gore), B. 

Osborne, D. Leeds. 
Paget, M. Anglesey. 
Pakenham, E. Longford. 
Pakington, B. Hampton. 
Palk, B. Haldon. 
Palmer, E. Selborne. 
Parker, E. Macclesfield, and 

E. Morley. 
Parkinson (Parkinson-Fortes- 

cue), B. Carlingford. 
Parnell, B. Congleton. 
Parsons, E. Rosse. 
Patten (Wilson-Patten), B. 

Paulet, M. Winchester. 
Pelham, E. Chichester, and 

Bishop of Norwich. 
Pelham (Anderson- Pelham), 

E. Yarborough. 
Pelham (Pelham-Clinton), D. 


Pellew, V. Exmouth, 

Pennant (Douglas-Pennant), 
B. Penrhyn. 

Pennington, B. Muncaster. 

Pepys, E. Cottenham. 

Perceval, E. Egmont. 

Percy, D. Northumberland. 

Pery, E. Limerick. 

Petre, B. Petre. 

Philpot, Bishop of Worcester. 

Phipps, M. Normanby. 

Pierrepont, E. Manvers. 

Pleydell (Pleydell-Bouverie), 
E. Radnor. 

Plunket, B. Plunket. 

Plunkett,^. Fingall, B. Dun- 
sany, and B. Louth. 

Poer (Le-Poer-Trench), E. 

Pomeroy, V. Harberton. 

Ponsonby, E. Bessborough, 
and B. De Mauley. 

Portman, V. Portman. 

Poulett, E. Poulett. 

Powlett, D. Cleveland. 

Powlett (Orde-Powlett), B. 

Powys, B. Lilford. 

Pratt, M. Camden. 

Preston, V. Gormanston. 

Primrose, E. Rosebery. 

Prittie, B. Dunalley. ' 

Proby, E. Carysfort. 

Quin (Wyndham-Quin), E. 

Ramsay, E. Dalhousle. 

Reynolds (Reynolds-More- 
ton), E. Ducie. 

Rice, B. Dynevor. [eagle. 

Rice (Spring-Rice), B. Mont- 
Richardson (Stuart-Richard- 
son), E. Castle Stuart. 

Ridding, Bishop of Southwell. 

Robartes (Agar-Robartes), B. 

Robinson, M. Ripon. 

Roche, B. Fermoy. 

Rodney, B Rodney. 

Rogers, B. Blachford. 

RoHo, B. Rollo. 

Romilly, B. Romilly. 

Roper-Curzon, B. Teynham. 

Rothschild, B. Rothschild. 

Rous, E. Stradbroke. 

Rowley, B. Langford. 

Rushout, B. Northwick. 

Russell, D. Bedford, E. Rus- 
sell, B. Ampthill, and B. de 

Russell (Hamilton-Russell), 
V. Boyne. 

Ruthven (Hore-Ruthven), B. 

Ryder, E. Harrowby. 

Ryle, ^/j/i^*/ of Liverpool. 

Sackville, E. Delawarr. 

Sackville (Sackville- West), B. 

St. Clair, B. Sinclair. 

St. Clair (St. Clair-Erskine), 
E. Rosslyn. 

St. John, V. Bolingbroke, and 
B. St. John. 

St. Lawrence, E. Howth. 

St. Leger, V. Doneraile. 

St. Maur, D. Somerset. 

Sandilands, B. Torpichen. 
I Sandys, B. Sandys. 

Saumarez. B, De Saumarez. 
Savile, E. Mexborough. 
Scarlett, B. Abinger. 
Scott, E. Clonmel, and E. 

Scott (Hepburn- Scott), B. 

Scott (Montagu - Douglas - 

Scott), D. Buccleuch. 
Scudamore - Stanhope, E. 

Sempill (Forbes-Sempill), B. 

Seymour, M. Hertford, and 

B. Alcester. 
Shaw (Shaw-Lefevre), V. 

Sherard, B. Sherard. 
Shirley, E. Ferrers. 
Sidney, B. Le L'Isle and 

Shore, B. Teignmouth. 
Sidney, B. de Lisle. 
Sinclair, E. Caithness. 
Skeflington, V. Massereene. 
Somerset, D. Beaufort, and 

B. Raglan. 
Somerville, B. Athlumney. 
Southwell, V. Southwell. 
Spencer, B. Churchill, and E. 

Spencer (Spencer-Churchill), 

D. Marlborough. 

Spring (Spring-Rice), B. 

Monteagle. [ford. 

Stafford-Jerningham, B. Staf- 

Stanhope, E. Harrington, and 

E. Stanhope. 

Stanhope (Scudamore-Stan- 

hope), E. Chesterfield. 
Stanley, E. Derby, and B. 

Stanley of Alderley. 
Stapleton, B. Beaumont. 
Stapleton (Stapleton-Cotton), 

V. Combermere. 
Stewart, E. Galloway. 
Stewart- Murray, D. Athole. 
Stewart -Vane -Tempest, M. 

Stonor, B. Camoys. 
Stopford, E. Courtown. 
Stourton, B. Mowbray. 
Strangways (Fox - Strang- 

ways), E. Ilchester. 
Strutt, B. Belper, and B. 

Stuart, E. Moray, and B. 

Stuart (Crichton-Stuart), M. 

Stuart (Hepburn - Stuart - 

Forbes-Trefusis), B. Clin- 
Stuart (Montagu - Stuart - 

Wortley-Mackenzie), E. 

Stuart (Stuart-Richardson), 

E. Castle Stuart. 
Stubbs, Bishop of Chester. 
Sturt. B. Alington. 
Sugden, B. St. Leonards. 
Sutherland - Leveson - Gower 

D. Sutherland. 
Sutton (Manners-Sutton), V. 

Taaffe, V. Taaffe. 
ialbot, E. Shrewsbury, and 

B. Talbot de Malahide. 



peers' surnames. 

Taylour, M. Headfort. 

Tempest (Stewart-Vane-Tem- 
pest), M. Londonderry, 

Temple, Bishop of London. 

Temple (Cowper-Temple), B. 

Temple (Temple - Nugent - 
Brydges - Chandos - Gren- 
ville), D- Buckingham. 

Tenison (King-Tenison), E. 

Tennyson, B. Tennyson. 

Thellusson, B. Rendlesham. 

Thesiger, B. Chelmsford. 

Thomson, A rchbishop of 

Thorold, Bishop of Rochester. 

Thurlow (Howell-Thurlow- 
Cumming- Bruce), B. Thur- 

Thynne, M. Bath. 

Toler, E. Norbury. 

Tollemache, E. Dysart, and 
B. Tollemache. 

Townshend, E. Sydney, and 
M. Townshend. 

Towry-Law, B. Ellenborough. 

Tracy (Hanbury-Tracy, B. 

Trefusis (Hepburn - Stuart - 
Forbes-Trefusis), B. Clin- 

Trench, B. Ashtown. 

Trench (Le-Poer-Trench), E. 

Trevor, B. Dacre. 

Trevor (Hill-Trevor), B. Tre- 

Trollope, B. Kesteven. 

Tufton, B. Hothfield. 

Tumour, E. Winterton. 

Twislelon (Twisleton-Wyke- 

ham-Fiennes), B. Saye and 

Tyrwhitt, Baroness Berners. 
Upton, B. Templetown. 
Vanden (Vanden - Bempde - 

Johnstone), B. Derwent. 
Vane (Stewart - Vane - Tem- 
pest), M. Londonderry. 
Vanneck, B. Huntingfield. 
Vaughan, E. Lisburne. 
Venables (Venables-Vernon), 

B. Vernon. 
Vereker, V. Gort. 
Verney,. B. Willoughbv de 

Verney (Verney-Cave), B. 

Vernon, B. Lyveden. 
Vernon (Venables- Vernon), B. 

Vesey, V. De Vesci. 
Villiers, E. Clarendon, and jE". 

Vivian, B. Vivian. 
Waldegrave, B . Radstock, 

and E. Waldegrave. 
Wallop, E, Portsmouth, 
Walpole, E. Orford. 
Walsh, B. Ormathwaite. 
Ward, V. Bangor, and E. 

Warren, B. De Tabley. 
Watson, B. Watson. 
Wellesley, D. Wellington, 

and E. Cowley. 
Went worth- Fitzwilliam, E. 

West (Sackville-West), B, 

Westenra, B. Rossmore. 

White, B. Annaly, and / 
Bantry. [cast; 

Wilberforce, BisJiop of Ne\ 

Wilbraham (Bootle-Wilbra 
ham), E. Lathom. 

Wilde, B. Truro, and B. 

Wilkinson, Bis/top of Truro. 

Willoughby, B. Middleton. 

WilloUijhby (Heathcote - 

Drummond - Willoughby), 
Baroness Willoughby De 
Eresby, and B. Aveland. 

Wilson (Wilson-Patten), B. 

Windsor-Clive, B. Windsor. 

Wingfield, V. Powerscouri. 

Winn, B. St. Oswald. 

Winn (AUanson-Winn), B. 

Wodehouse, E. Kimberley. 

Wolseley, B. Wolseley. 

Wood, K Halifax. 

Woodford, Bis/iop of Ely. 

Wordsworth, BisJiop of Salis- 

Wortley (Montagu - Stuart - 
Wortley - Mackenzie), E. 

Wrottesley, i?. Wrottesley. 

Wykeham (Twistleton-Wyke- 
ham-Fiennes), B. Saye and 

Wyndham, B. Leconfield. 

Wyndham (Wyndham-Quin ) 
E. Dunraven. 

Wynn, B. Newborough. 

Yarde (Yarde - BuUer), B. 

Yeiverton, V. Avonmore. 

Yorke, E. Hardwicke. 


JOHN ^OSNE^LLc & Go.'s 

y I The Mansion House, 

i.0N0ON, E.C. 


Some flowers are reckone<l precious 

tor their rich and fragrant scent. 
But the blossom of our fruit trees 

don't breathe scent to much extent; 
Yet the ladies (best of judges !) say 

no flowers in our fields 
Have one-hundredth of the perfume 

Gosnell's " Cherry Blossom " yields. 

Ladies, have you tried Gosnell & Co.'s 
Cherry Blossom Scent? If not, make him 
buy you a bottle. You will thanic me for 
mentioning it. — The 0. J. — Judy. 


Mr. G L, the world-famous perfumer, 

asserts that the smell of the gunpowder or 
dynamite, on the fateful Thursday, was so 
strong ten miles from the scene of the ex- 
plosion, that he was forced to scent his hand- 
kerchief with his " Fruit Bloom Bouquet " 
which is renowned as the strongest and best 
scent in the civilised world. The eflPect of 
this course was magical, and for leagues 
round the inhabitants believed, from the 
delightful fragrance surrounding them, that 
the cherry trees had burst into blossom. 
— Punch. 

:F^c-STnyniiLiE oif" the 
Silver Bottle of Cherry Blossom Perfume 



1/- per Canister. 




JExti-a IMLoist in JBlaclc a^n^ Wliite Pots, 

In Boxes of i Doz. 



Messrs. Gosnell's Cherry Tooth Paste is an article of world-wide reputation, 
and needs no introduction from my pen ; but their perfume called *' Cherry 
Blossom" is new, and its exceptional fragrance induces me to bring it to the 
notice of our readers. Although powerful, and therefore economical, a few drops 
sufficing to diffuse a most agreeable odour of cherry blossoms, it is neither over- 
powering nor sickly, but one of those refreshing scents which every one likes. — 
WMoris Ladies' Journal. 


May be obtained of any Chemist or Perfumer in the United Kingdi 




2/- Each. 





Ashbourne, Baron. 
♦Blackburn, Baron. 
Bramwell, Baron. 
ChanceIlor,The Lord High 

Coleridge, Baron. 

Esher, Baron (Master of 

the Rolls). 
^Fitzgerald, Baron. 
Halsbury, Baron. 
Hobhouse, Baron. 

Moncrieff, Baron. 
Monkswell, Baron. 
Penzance, Baron. 
Selborne, Earl of. 
* Watson, Baron. 


Co wen. Sir C. S. C. 
Chancellor, The Lord High. 
Cotton, Sir H. 

Fry, Sir Edward 
Lindley, Sir Nathaniel. 
Lopes, Sir H. C. 

Lord Ch. Justice of England. 
Master of the Rolls. 
President of Probate Court. 


Composed of tivo paid 7nembers (*) and of such other members of the Privy Council as 
shall from time to time be specially appointed, or shall hold or have held any of the under- 
mentioned offices, viz. : Lord President of tlte Conttcil, Lord Chancellor or First Lord 
Commissioner of the Great Seal, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, Lord Justice of Appeal, 
Master of the Rolls, Lord Chief Justice of Engla7i'i, Jttdge of tJte High Court of Ad- 
miralty, Judge of the Court of Probate. Those Prelates of the Chtirch of England who are 
Privy Cottncillors (t) are only members of the Jtidicial Committee on Appeals under the 
Church Discipline Act. 

Judges of Appeal . ) See Childers, H. C. E. 

Lords of Appeal. ) ante. Couch, Sir Richard. 

Cranbrook, Viscount. 

Gladstone, W. E. 

Granville, Earl. 

Hannen, Sir James. 

Harcourt, Sir W. G. 

Harrowby, Earl of. 


Baggallay, Sir R. 
Beach, Sir M. Hick 
Buccleuch, Duke of. 
Buckingham, Duke of. 
tCanterbury, Archbishop of. 
Carlingford, Baron. 

\* All the foregoing are m.etnbers of the Privy Council. 

G. V. 

tLondon, Bishop of. 
*Monkswell, Baron. 
*Peacock, Sir B. 
Richmond and Gordon, Duke 

Ripon, Marquess of. 
Spencer, Earl. 
tYork, Archbishop of. 


Bacon, Sir J. (F.C.). 
Butt, Sir C. 
Cave, Sir L. W. 
Chancellor, Lord High 
Chitty, Sir J. W. 
Coleridge, Baron (C. J.) 
Day, Sir J. C. 
Denman, Hon. G. 

Andrews, W. D. {Ex.\ 
* Barry, Rt. Hon. C. R. 
Bovd, W. {Bankruptcy). 
Chatterton, Rt. Hon. H. E. 

Dowse, Rt. Hon. R. (£jr.). 
*FitzGibbon, Rt. Hon. G. 
Harrison, M. {C.P.). 
Johnson, Rt. Hon. W. M. 


Field, Sir W. 
Grantham, Sir W. 
Grove, Sir W. R. 
Hannen, Rt. Hon. Sir J. 
Hawkins, Sir H. 
Huddleston, Sir J. W. 
Kay, Sir E. E. 
Manisty, Sir H. 


Lawson, Rt. Hon. J. A. {Q. B). 

*May, Rt. Hon. G. A. C.(C. J.) 

Miller, S. B. {Bnnkrziptcy). 

Monroe, John (Chan.). 

*Morris, Rt. Hon. Sir John M., 
Bart. {C.J., C.P.). 

Murphy, J. {C.P.). 

Naish, John {Lord Chan- 

O'Brien, J. {Q.B.). 
* Lord Justices of Appeal. 

Mathew, Sir J. C. 
North, Sir F. {KC.) 
Pearson, Sir J. (KC). 
Pollock, Sir C. E. 
Smith, Sir A. L. 
Stephen. Sir J. F. 
Wills, Sir Alfred 


{Land Commn.). 

Hon. C. {Ch.B. 

O'Brien, W. 

O'Hagan, J. 

*Palles, Rt. 

Porter, Rt. Hon. A. M.{M.R.) 

Townshend, J. F. H. {Ad- 

Warren, Rt. Hon. R. P. {Pro- 

* PRECEDENCE:— I Lord Chancellor.— 2 Lords of Appeal in Ordmary *.— 3 Judges of 
the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council *.— 4 Lord Chief Justice of England.— 5 Master 
of the Rolls.~6 Lord Justices of Appeal *.— 7 Vice-Chancellors *.— 8 Judges of High Court 
of Justice *.— 9 Judge of Court of Probate.— 10 Chief Judge in Bankruptcy.- ti Judge ot 
Admiralty Court Division*.— 12 Judges of County Courts*. * According to seniority of 




* Inner House {ist Division). t Inner House {2nd Division). \ Lord Ordinary. 

tAdam, Lord. 
tClark, Lord Rutherford. 
tCraighill, Lord. 
tFraser, Lord. 

*lnglis, Rt. Hon, J. {Lord 
Jtistice Gen.). 

tKinnear, Lord. 
JLee, Lord. 
*M'Laren, Lord. 
tMoncrieff, Rt. Hon. Baron 
{Lord Justice Clerk). 

*Mure, Lord. 
*Shand, Lord. 
fTrayner, Lord. 
tYoung, Lord. 


* Peer attending the Appellate Tribunal of the House of Lords. 



Edward Gibson, F.C, LL.D., isl 

Baron, son of the late William GibsoHj 
Esq., J.P., of Merrion Square, Dublin, anc 
Rockforest, co. Tipperary ; b. Sept. 1837 ; ed 
at Trin. Coll., Dublin; ist gold medalist ii 
history, English literature, and politica 
science (B. A. 1858, M.A. 1861, Hon. LL.D 
1881): w. 1868, Fanny, da. of Henry Colles 
Esq., Barrister-at-law ; Bar. King's Inns, 
Dublin, i860, a Q.C. 1872, and a Benche 
1877 ; is a J. P. for CO. Meath ; was Attorney 
Gen. for Ireland Feb. 1877 to April 1880 
unsuccessfully contested Waterford Jan. 1874 ; sat for Dublin University Jan 
1875 to June 1885 ; was Lord Chancellor of Ireland June 1885 to Jan. 1886 
P.C. 1877 ; cr. Baron Ashbourne^ of Ashbourne, co. Meath (Peerage of Unite( 
Kingdom), 1885. 

R esidetues—'22, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin ; 63, Warwick Square, S.W. ; Chateau de U 
Cocherie, Boulogne-sur-Mer. Clubs— CzxXton, Garrick, Kildare Street, Dublin University, 
St. George's Yacht 

HON. SIR JAMES BACON (Vice-Cliancellor). 

James Bacon, K.B., son of the late James 
Bacon, Esq., of the Middle Temple, by Catherine, 
da. of the late — Day, Esq. , of Manchester ; b. 
Feb. 1798: m. 1827, Laura Frances, who d. 1859, 
da. of the late William Cook, Esq., of Clay Hill, 
Enfield ; Bar. Gray's Inn May 1827, afterwards 
entered ad eundem at Lincoln's Inn, of which he 
is a Bencher; a Q.C. 1846; was a Commr. of 
Bankruptcy for London District Sept. 7th, 1868, to 
Dec. 31st, 1869, Ch. Judge in Bankruptcy Jan. to 
July 1870, and a Vice-Chancellor and Ch. Judge 
in Bankruptcy July 1870 to Nov. 1875, when he 
became a Judge of High Court of Justice (his former 
title being preserved by Act of Parliament) ; in 

Dec. 1883 retired from position of Ch. Judge in Bankruptcy; K.B. Jan. 1871. 
^^rt/— Compton Beauchamp, Faringdon, Berkshire. Town Residence— i, Kensington 

Gardens Terrace, W. a«3— Athenaeum. 



RIGHT HON. LORD BLACKBURN (Lord of Appeal in Ordinary). 

Colin Blackburn, P. C, K.B.,LL.D., 2nd son 

of the late John Blackburn, Esq., of Killeam, Stirling, by 
Rebecca, da. of the Rev. Colin Gillies ; ^. 1813 ; ed. at 
Eton and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., 8th Wrangler, 
1835, M.A. 1838, Hon. LL.D. of Edinburgh 1870); 
Bar. Inner Temple 1838; K.B. 1859; is joint author of 
Ellis and Blackburn's ** Reports;" was a Judge of 
Queen's Bench 1859 to Nov. 1875, and of High Court of 
Justice (Queen's Bench Div.) Nov. 1875 to Nov. 1876, 
when he was created a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, with 
title o{ Baron Blackburn, of Killearn, co. Stirling, 1876, 
and a Judge of Supreme Court of Judicature. 

.S"^rt2f— Doonholm, Ayrshire. To%vn R esidence—xo. Prince's 
Gardens, S.W, C/«<^ Athenaeum. 

RIGHT HON. SIR CHARLES S. C BOWEN (Lord Justice of Appeal). 

Charles Synge Christopher Bowen, /*. C.,K.B., 
D. C.L.J F.R.S., son of the late Rev. Christopher Bo wen, 
of Heatherwood, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, byKatherine 
Emily, da. of Sir Richard Steele, 3rd bart. ; b. 1835 > ^d. 
at Rugby, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (Scholar and 
Fellow of Balliol, Ireland Scholar, Hertford Scholar, 
Univ. Prizeman, and 1st class in Moderations and Final 
Schools ; Hon. D.C.L. 1883) : m. 1863, Emily Frances, 
da. of the late James Rendel, Esq., F.R.S. ; Bar, Lincoln's 
Inn 1861 ; was a Truck Commr. 1870, Recorder of 
Penzance 1871-9, Counsel to Treasury 1873-9, and a 
Justice of High Court of Justice (Queen's Bench Div.) 
June 1879 to May 1882, since when he has been a Lord 
Justice of Appeal ; is Visitor of Balliol Coll. , Oxford. 
County Residence — Colwood, Cuckfield, Sussex. Town Residence — i, Cornwall 

Gardens, S.W. Clubs — Athenaeum, University, Devonshire. 



George William Wilsher Bramwell, P.C, 
K.B., 1st Baron, son of the late George Bramwell, Esq., 
a banker of London ; b. 1808 : m. ist, 1830, Jane, who 
d. 1834, da. of Bruno Silva, Esq.; 2ndly, 1861 ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1838, a Q C. and a Bencher 1851 ; was 
a Baron of the Exchequer 1856 to Nov. 1875, a Judge 
of High Court of Justice (Exchequer Div.) Nov. 1875 
to Nov. 1876, and a Lord Justice of Appeal 1876-81 ; 
cr. Baron Bramwell of Hever, co. Kent (in Peerage 
of United Kingdom), 1882. 

Seat— ^olmvfooA, Edenbridge, Kent. To7vn Residence— 
34, Cadogan Place, S.W. Clubs— Erodk^'s, Athenaeum. 

HON. SIR CHARLES P. BUTT (Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division). 
Charles Parker Butt, K.B., 3rd son of the late Rev. Phelps John 

Butt, by Mary, da. of the late Rev. John Eddy, V. of Toddington, Gloucester ; 
b. 1830; ed. privately: m. 1878, Anna Georgina, da. of C. Ferdinand Rode- 
wald, Esq., of 57, Onslow Square; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1854, a Q.C. 1868; sat 
as M.P. for Southampton (Z.) April 1880 to April 1883, since when he has been 
a Justice of High Court of Judicature (Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Div.). 
Town Residefice—2g, Cadogan Place, S.W. 



HON. SIR LEWIS W. CAVE (Queen's Bench Division). 

Lewis William Cave, K.B., el. son of the late 
William Cave, Esq., of Desborough, Northampton ; 
b. July 3rd, 1832 ; ed. at Rugby Sch.. and at Lincoln 
Coll., Oxford (B.A., 2nd class Classics, 1855, M.A. 1877) : 
m. 1856, Julia, da. of the late Rev. C. F. Watkins, 
V. of Brixworth ; Bar. Inner Temple June loth, 1859, 
a Q.C. 1875, and a Bencher 1877: went first the Mid- 
land and afterwards the N.E. Circuit ; was a Revis- 
ing Barrister 1865-75, Recorder of Lincoln 1873-81, a 
Commr. of Assize for Autumn Circuit 1877, and 
Commr. to enquire into Corrupt Practices at Elections 
1880 ; appointed a Judge of High Court of Justice March 
1 88 1, and Judge in Bankruptcy 1884. 

Residence— d, Southwell Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. C/k^^— Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, Athenaeum. 

HON. SIR JOSEPH W. CHITTY (Cliancery Division). 

Joseph William Chitty, K.B., 2nd son of 
the late Thomas Chitty, Esq., author of '* Forms of 
Proceedings in the Courts of Queen's Bench, Common 
Pleas, and Exchequer," &c. ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1851, Vinnerian 
Scholar, and a Fellow of Exeter Coll. 1852, M.A. 
1854) : in. 1858, Clara Jessie, 6th da. of the Rt. Hon, 
Sir Frederick Pollock, ist bart ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
1856, a Q.C. 1874, and a Bencher 1875; formerly 
Major 14th Middlesex (Inns of Court) Rifle Vol. ; sat 
as M.P. for Oxford (Z.) April 1880 to Sept. 1881, 
when he was appointed a Judge of High Court of 
Judicature (Chancery Div.). 

7?^s/^^«^^— 33,. Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. C/'wiJj— Oxford and Cambridge, Devon- 
shire, Athenaeum. 

♦RIGHT HON. BARON COLERIDGE (Lord CMef Justice of England). 

John Duke Coleridge, P.C.y 
K.B., D.C.L., F.R.S., ist baron, el. son of 
the late Rt. Hon. Sir John Taylor Coleridge, 
a Judge of the Court of Queen's Bench, 
by Mary, el. d. of the late Rev. G. Buchanan, 
LL. D., V. of Woodmansteme and R. of 
Northfleet; b. 1820 ; ed. at Eton, and Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1843, Fellow of Exeter 
Coll. 184-, M.A. 1846, Hon. D.C.L. 1877) : 
m. 1st, 1846, Jane Fortescue, who d. 1878, 
3rd da. of the Rev. George Turner Seymour, 
of Farringford, Isle of Wight ; 2ndly, 1885, 
Amy Augusta Jackson, da. of the late 
Henry Baring Lawford, Esq., of the B.C.S. ; Bar. Middle Temple 1847, and a 
Q.C. and a Bencher 1861 ; was Recorder of Portsmouth 1855-66, Solicitor- 
General from Dec. 1868 to Nov. 1871, and Attorney-Gen, Nov. 1871 to Nov. 
1873 ; K.B. 1868, P.C 1873 ; cr. Baron Coleridge, of Otteiy St. Mary (Peerage 
of United Kingdom), 1873 ; author of various papers in the Edinburgh Revim. 
and other periodicals, and a Vice-Pres. of the Articled Clerks' So. ; sat as M.P. 
for Exeter {L.) July 1865 to Nov. 1873; was Ch. Justice of the Common Pleas 
Nov. 1873 to Nov, 1875, ^^<i P^^s- of Common Pleas Division of High Court 
of Justice 1870-80, his former title being preserved by Act of Parliament ; 
appointed Lord Chief Justice of England Nov. 1880. 

Resideftces—z, Sussex Square, Hyde Park, W. ; Heath's Court, Ottery St. Mary, Devon. 
Chambers— ^o\\% Gardens, Chancery Lane, E.C. Clubs— Athen^um, Reform, Devonshire. 



RIGHT HON. SIR HENRY COTTON (Lord Justice of Appeal). 

Henry Cotton, P.C, K.B.,D.C.L.,son of 

William Cotton, Esq., of Walwood House, Leyton- 
stone, formerly Gov. of Bank of England, by Sarah, 
da. of the late Thomas Lane, Esq., of The Grange, 
Leyton ; b. May 20th, 1821 ; ed. at Eton, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A., 1st class Mathematics, and 
2nd class Classics, 1842, M.A. 1845, Hon. D.C.L. 
1877) : m. 1853, Clemence Elizabeth, da. of the Rev. 
Thomas Streatfeild, of Charts Edge, Westerham ; 
formerly a Student of Ch. Ch., Oxford ; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1846, a Q.C. 1866, a Bencher 1867, and Trea- 
surer 1886 ; was Counsel to Univ. of Oxford 1872-7 ; 
appointed a Lord Justice of Appeal June 1877. 

Residences — 10, Sussex Square, W. ; Forest Mere, Sussex 
(post-town, Liphook. Hants). C/«(^Athenaeum. 

HON. SIR JOHN C. DAY (Queen's Bench Division). 

John Charles Day, K.B.^ el. son of the late 

Capt. John Day (49th Regt. ), by Emily, only da. of Jan 
Casper Hartsinck, Esq. ; b. 1826; ed. at Fribourg, and 
at Downside Coll., Bath (B.A. Lond. Univ. 1845): 
;;/. 18 — , Henrietta, da. of J, H. Brown, Esq.; Bar. 
Middle Temple 1849 ; went the Home and afterwards 
the S.E. Circuit; a Q.C. 1872, and a Bencher 1873 ; 
appointed a Judge of Highi Court of Justice (Queen's 
Bench Div.) June 1882. 

Residence — Green 
Athenaeum, Stafford. 

Bank, Hampstead, N.W. 


HON. GEORGE DENMAN (Queen's Bench Division), 
ojg^ George Denman, 3rd surviving son of ist Baron 
^5^^ Denman, by Theodosia Anne, da. of the late Rev. R. Vevers, 
R. of Kettering ; b. 23rd Dec, 1819 ; ed. at Gram. Sch., Repton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. senior classic, 1842, M.A. 
1845) ; was a Fellow of his Coll. 1843-52, and Auditor 1852-64 : 
f?i. 1852, Charlotte, da. of the late Samuel Hope, Esq., of 
Liverpool, banker ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1846, a Q.C. i860 ; went 
the Home Circuit and Kent Sessions ; unsuccessfully contested 
Camb. Univ. 1856, and Tiverton 1865 ; sat as M.P. for Tiverton 
(Z.) 1859 to 1865, and 1866 to Oct. 1872; was a Justice of 
Common Pleas Oct. 1872 to Nov. 1875, when he became a Judge of High 
Court of Justice. 

Residence — 8, Cranley Gardens, S.W. C/«^— Athenaeum. 

RIGHT HON. BARON ESHER (Master of the Rolls). 

William BaUol Brett, F.C, K.B., ist Baron, 

son of the late Rev. Joseph George Brett, of Ranelagh, 
Chelsea, by Dora, da. of the late George Best, Esq., of 
Chilston Park, Kent; b. Aug. 1815 ; ed. at Westminster 
Sch., and at Caius Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1840, M.A. 1842) : 
m. 1850, Eugenie, da. of Louis Mayer, Esq., and step-da. 
of the late Col. Gurwood, C.B. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn Jan. 
1846, a Q.C. March i860; unsuccessfully contested Roch- 
dale (C.) 1864 and 1865 ; sat as M.P. for Helston May 1866 
to August 1868; was Solicitor-Gen. Feb. 1868 to Aug. 1868, 
a Justice of Common Pleas Aug. 1868 to Nov. 1875, a Judge 
jh Court of Justice (Common Pleas Div.) Nov. 1875 to Nov. 1876, and a 

of Hi: 



Lord Justice of Appeal Nov. 1876 to April 1883, since when he has been Master 
of the Rolls ; K.B. 1868, P.C. 1876 ; cr. Baron Esher, of Esher, co. Surrey (in 
Peerage of United Kingdom) 1885. 

6"^a^— Heath Farm, Watford. Town Residence— 6, Ennismore Gardens, S W. Clubs 
— Carlton, Athenaeum. 


William Ventris Field, K.B.^ son of the late 
Thomas Flint Field, Esq., of Fielden. Beds; b. 1813; 
m. 18 — , Louisa, who d. 1880 ; practised as a solicitor 
in London 1 840-3 as one of the firm of Thompson, 
Debenham, and Field, of Salter's Hall Court, E.G. ; 
Bar. Inner Temple May 1850, a Q.C. 1864; formerly 
leader of Midland Circuit ; was a Justice of Queen's 
Bench Feb. to Nov. 1875, when he became a Judge 
of High Court of Justice. 

Seat—'Rakohaxa, Virginia Water, Staines. Town Resi- 
dence — 10, Grosvenor Mansions, S.W. C/?^— Athenaeum, 

RIGHT HON. BARON FITZ-GERALD (Lord of Appeal in Ordinary). 

John David Fitz-Gerald, P.C, 
LL.D.y son of the late David Fitz-Gerald, 
Esq., merchant of Dublin, by the el. da. of 
the late David Leaby, Esq., of London ; b. 
181 6 : m. 1st, 1846, Rose, who d. 1850, 2nd 
da. of the late John O'Donohoe, Esq., dis- 
tiller of Dublin ; 2ndly, i860, Hon. Jane 
Matilda Mary, da. of the late Lieut.-Gol. the 
Hon. A. F. Southwell, and sister to 4th Vis- 
count Southwell ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin, 
1838, a Q.C. 1847, and a Bencher 1855; 
went the Munster Circuit, of which he was for some years the leader ; was 
Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1855-6, Attomey-Gen. April 1856 to March 1858, 
in 1859 and in i860, and a Justice of Queen's Bench in Ireland 1860-82, when 
he was created a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, with title oi Baron Fitz-Gerald 
of Kilmarnock, co. Dublin ; sat as M.P. for Ennis (Z) July 1852 to i860, when 
he was made a Justice of Queen's Bench ; P.C. of Ireland 1856, and of Great 
Britain 1882, and Hon. LL.D. of Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1870; is a Commr. for 
National Education in Ireland, Visitor of Queen's Colleges at Belfast, Cork, and 
Galway, and a Gov. of Hibernian Military School. 

6'^rt/— Kilmarnock, Killiney, co. Dublin, Residence — 98, Portland Place, W. Clubs— 
Brooks's, Athenaeum. 

RIGHT HON. SIR EDWARD FRY (Lord Justice of Appeal). 

Edward Fry, F. C.,K.B., son of the late Joseph 
Fry, Esq., of Bristol, by Mary Anne, da. of the late 
Edward Swaine, Esq., of Reading; b. Nov. 4th, 1827 ; 
ed. at The College, Bristol, and at Univ. Coll., London 
(B.A. London Univ. 185 1, with honors in Classics and 
Animal Physiology) : m. 1859, Mariabella, el. da. of the 
late John Hodgkin, Esq., Bar.-at-law, of Lewes ; Bar, 
Lincoln's Inn 1854, a Q.C. 1869; practised at Chancery 
Bar ; was sometime Examiner in Law to Univ. of 
London, and to Council of Legal Education, and a 
Judge of High Court of Justice (Chancery Div.) May 
1877 to April 1883, since when he has been a Lord 
Justice of Appeal ; author of a Legal Work on the 
Specific Performance of Contracts, etc. 
Country Residence — Failand House, Failand, near Bristol. Town Residefice—s, The 
Grove, Highgate, N. Club — Athenaeum. 



HON. SIR W. GRANTHAM (Queen's Bench Division). 

William Grantham, K.B., son of the late 

George Grantham, Esq., of Barcombe Place, near Lewes, 
by Sarah, da. of the late Wilham Verrall.Esq..of Southover, 
Lewes ; b. Oct. 23rd, 1835 ; ed. at King's Coll., London : 
m. 1865, Emma, el. da. of the late Richard Wilson, Esq., 
of Chiddingley, Sussex, and Molesworth House, Brighton; 
Bar. Inner Temple and studentship given by Council of 
Legal Education for four Inns of Court 1863, a Q.C. 1877, 
and a Bencher 1878 ; is a J. P. for Sussex and Dep.-Chm. 
of Magistrates ; sat as M.P. (C) for East Surrey Feb. 
1874 to Nov. 1885, and for Croydon Nov. 1885 to Jan. 
1886, when he became a Judge of the High Court of 

Residences — 82, St. George's Square, S-W. ; Barcombe Place, 
Lewes, Sussex. Clubs — Carlton, St. Stephen's, Athenaeum.