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Full text of "Debrett's Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland. [Another]"

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IN TWO vounos. 

tax riTTBXKTa xditiov, goviibibablt 



For C' uhI J* Rlvlngtovij St. Pa.uL't ChuTehyjird ind Witeiloo Plue; 
T. EgetoD, Whil^alli J. CuihcU, Middle Ron. Hnltmni J. ud 
W. T. Clulu, PnnugaJ street, LLicdIu'i Ida ! Longnun BUd Co., PhIot- 
HRS Rcmi-T. CuddJ, Stnndi J. RirhanUon, Royil Evhingai 
JjScolh, DnkBSDHt, Ponlud Ctupd: J. Bonkn. N«> Bond!<trMti 

HmHtoB lod Co., PWBniWer Row 1 J. HMchiRl ind Sid, PccsiUnyi 
J.Hsdlna. SI.Jdhi'iGiibHi Rodwell andMulln. Nev BandStmii 
a B. WhUakB, AT«.Hute Luu: B. Lloyd and Sou, Huley Saan; 

ad R. auKta. FiMi smn. 

lOfrmMMB AT tTATJomm^ uau-\ 

^'3 . 

.xts. ■*.-" 



Alexander Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton in 

iid, DcKE of BRANDON in SulTolk, uid Baron Diit- 
laa.a>. Chester: Dt^KE of Ch&ttelhenuk in FrouiXf Mar. 
f«a oC IXiui^lu. Clydesdale, and Homiltoo ; Earl of Augiis, 
ArruL, and Laaazk j Lord MacanBhire, Polmont, AWruetliy, 
■lid AberbroihoDk, in Scotland ; Keeper of HolyroDd Huuae: 
Livd.Limt. CO. Luinrh ; F.R. and S.A. : bom 3 Ovt., 1767 : 
nioHded his latber, Alexander, tlie late Duke, IS FeK, ISIOi 
married. 2fl April, IBin. Susan-Eupheroia, daughter of Wil- 
liun Beckford, of Fontltill, co. Wilts, Esq., {by Catherine 
GordiMi, danghler of Cbarke, lOth Earl of Abo)-ne,} und has 
' le, t. WtLLIAX-AKTBOHT-AncaiBALIi, Eari of Angua 
i Amm, b. 15 Feb., 1811 ; 2. Sutan, b. 9 Juiie, ISU. 

The origin of the illuHtrious family of Hamilton haa been 
tnreA hv Crawford, Douglas, and other Scotuh geneaki)£i)ile, 
^ !■■ IfilHtimde BiHaeIdoa,(ao samamed from tim place oC hit 
hinhalhcmaiioriif IIaineldoo,co. LnccMer,) whom ihi-yasaen 


to have heen a yoiitiger wro of Rflhert do Belloinoni , 
of Leicester, and M'bai^faai) s Kon Gilbert, wlio, having killed 
JoiiD le De^iicer, a favmmte officer about the court of king 
Edward JL, fled fram the apprehended vengeance of that 
moDarch ; and being closely pimued into a n-ood, he and his 
Berrant changed clijthea with two woodcatlen, and, taking 
their saw. were cutting Ihrottgh an oak tree when their pur. 
■uera passed by. Perceiving hia servant take notice of them, 
he hastily cried out to hini, " THaoPen ;" which word, \ '-^ 
the oak and saw through it, lie look for his motta and ci 
in mtimory of Lis happy deliverance. This detail is, Lowe 
liable to sereml atijectiani. Neither DugSale, nor any other 
of the Ensliidi gen^logists, maJies mention of the descent of 
the Haniilt^ns from the earls of Leicester. Accarding to 
them, Rol>ert, 3d earl, had tliMe sons; Robert, 4th earl, 
who died without issue in 1304 ; Roger, bishop of Si. Ad. 
drew's, and chancellor of Scotland, who died in 1202; and 
William, a ]eper,founder of thehospitnl of St. Leonard at Leices. 
ter. That this William pre.deoeosDd his eldest brother with. 
out issue, is evident, from the drmnatance of the great inlierit- 
ance of the family being divided, on the death of the 4th earl, 
between bis siiten ; and it ia further proved by a deed of Pe. 
tronetla, widow of the 3d earl, that the surname of her son 
WiUiam was not Hamilton, but de Britolio. It is, therefore, 
clear that he was not the progenitor of the family of Han *' 
whose desceTit, if derived from the earls of Leiixster at i 
Indeitd the similarity of arms, and the concurring testimony of 
several authors, seems to render probable,) must have been from 
one of the younger sOna of the first or second earl. We there. 
fore comm^uce our account of the fanuly with 
L OiLBEit-r DE Hamelduh, whose name occurs In the 

H Charlulary of Paisley, 1272, and who was father of Walteb, 

I who swore fealty to king Edward I,, 1292, and had two 

I tons; UATin, ancestor of the dukes of Hamilton, and JoAn, 

H ancestor of the earls of Haddington. Fifth in descent from 

■ David ums 

■ Sir James of Cadyow, who was created a lord of porlia- 

■ nent 3H June, U4S ; m. Hary, eldest da. of Jamet IL 
H king of Scotland, and tlj/ing 1479, -was »Uc*rt*d by his only 

I 2 

^ Jan 

James, 2<llord, created, 11th Augiul, 1S03, enri of Arran, 

' rewanl for his services ill negotiating the marriage between 

ig James IV. and the princess Margaret, eldest da. of king 

nry Vfl. The earl rf. 1630, leaving issue by his 3d r"- 

Janet, da. of Sir David Beawun, of Cn;ieli,-aMin, 


Jaxsa, 3d 9v\ whp Viii» i» 1543, dadared by Uie MtaUft uf 
pariianent leoaiid penoa in tbermim, md neamt t<» lucifMil 
to the crown of the same, felling U19 iMue of queen Mary, uud 
Hy reaaon. thereoC» tntor lawful to the queen, and goveriu)r of 
the realm.. He was created, by king Henry II. of Frunce, 
duke qf ChatelherakU in Poitou, and invested with the order 
uf St. jMichael, 154& On the marriage of queen Mary with 
Damley, the duke waa obliged to retire to France, where he 
nmained till 1569, wh» ha returned and headed the partiitana 
01 that queen, but was obliged to submit to the re<7Put Moray. 
The duke m. Margaret, eldest da. of James DouglaH, tki earl of 
Murton, and d. 22 Jan., 1575, leaving issue ; 1. James, 3d 
earl of Arran, who d. vnau 1609 ; 2. John^ of whom presently ; 
3. Daeid^ d. unm. \G\\ ; 4* Claude, ancestor of tlic marquess 
of Abercom ; (jtee thai title.) 

John, 2d son of the duke of Chatelherault, succee«led on his 
iather*s death to the family estates, his elder brother l»eiiig in 
a state oi insanity. He was exiled, together with tiis brother 
Claude, by the r^^^t Morton, 1579 ; but, returning to Scot- 
land in 1585, obtained a repeal of the act of forfeiture, and, 
17 April, 1599, was created marqueu of Hamilton. The 
marquesa m. Margaret, only da. of John, 8th lord Ghimis, 
sod dying 12 April, 1604, was succeeded by his only son, 

James, 2d marquess, K.G. who, on the death of his uncle 
James, 1609, became also 4th earl of Arran, and was rii>ated, 
16 June, 1619, baron Ennerdale, and earl of Cambridge iu 
liiiiiland ; m. Anne, da. of James Cunningham, 7th earl of 
(rifucairu, and had issue ; I. James, 1st duke ; 2. A^illiam, 
-'•! iluke ; 3. Anne, m. Hugh, 7th earl of Eglintoun ; 4. Mar- 
ii'irfi, r.i. John, earl of Crawfurd and Lindsay ; 6. JSIary, m. 
James, 2d earl of Queensbury. The marquess d. 2 Marcli, 
1^*25, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, 3d marquess of Hamilton, and 5th curl of Arran, 
K.G.. b. 1606: in 1G43 he was created rf^^Vg 0/ Hamilton, 
ii:iir<]ue«s of Clydesdale, &c. to him and the heirs male of his 
iijuy ; and in default thereof, to his brother W'illiani, earl of 
i'Hiuark, and his male issue ; and in default of such issue, to 
:l.e eldest daughter of the said James, duke of llaniiltou, and 
'ler male issue ; and in default of such issue, to the heirs what- 
NJfver of the said James's body i in 1648 he had the comniaud 
uf an army that was raised for the relief of Charles I., with 
'* hich he marched into England, but was totally defeated near 
Pn»wm, and himself taken prisoner. After several mouths' 
imprisonment, he was brought to trial, condemned, and he- 
i>aded in Old Palace Yard, March 9, 1648, a few weeks aftej- 

B 2 \v\* 


his royal inaiter had Buffered the eiiiiic tale t be died with un> 
dttunteii ixniTBge, and remarkable tranquillity and composure 
of mind ; decUred his uteiidy and firm attachment to the pro. 
tesCant religion, and prayed for the restoration of the ruyal 
family ibe nuHnent before he laid hin head on the block : hti 
grace tn. Mary Fielding, daughter of WiUiam, lit earl of Den- 
bigh, by Susanna, siater to Gan^ Villicra, the celebrated duke 
of BucJtingham ; and had issue, Charles, James, and William, 
who all rf. young ; AkbE, who aflerwardH became duleheu qf 
HamillMi ; and Sviatma, tn. John Kennedy, 7th earl of Caa- 
silia. His grace wai lucceeded by hii brother, 

WiLLlAU, 2d duke, E.U., b. 14 December, 1616i in 1039 
he was created earl of Lanark, lord Macanahire and Pnlmont ; 
Bi. Elizabeth, daughter and coheiress of James Maxwell, 
earl of Dirleton ; and had, 1. James, d. an infant ; 2. Anng, 
m. Robert, earl of Soutbeak, and had issue ; 3. Elizabeth, m., 
IsC, James, lord Kilmaurs, eldest sou of William, earl of Glen. 
raimj and 2dly, sir David Cunnyngham, of Boberllaud, hart. ( 
4. Mary, m., lit, Alesaniler, earl (rf' Calendar t 2dly, sir Janiei 
Levingstoit, of Weetquarier, bart. ; and 3d1y, James, 1>C eurl 
of FindlaceraiidEeafietcl; and 6. Msr^ral, it. William Blair, 
of Blair, CO. Ayr, eu)., and had iuue. His rmce having raised 
a troop of horse fur the service of Charles II., and nmrching to 
llie fatal battle of Worcester, on the 3d of Sept. 11)51, he re. 
ceived a shot in his 1^, of whidi he d., and was buried in the 
cathedral of Worcester. Upon the death of the duke without 
issue male, the earldom of Cambridge became extinct, and ths 
dukedom of Hamilton, pursuant tn the limitations of the pa. 
lent of 1043, deTolved on his niece, 

Anne, dnttiheu of Hamilton, eldest surviving da. ofhia 
brother James, 1st duke of Hamilton. Her grare mar. 

Qvorgv, 1st marquess of Huntley, (ancestor of the dukes of 
Gordon.) He was created, 1046, earlof Selkirk, which title he 
afterwards sorrendered in favour of his son Charles ; and after 
his marriage was, upon a petition &om the dutchess, ideated, in 
1860, duke b/ ttamiUon. for life. By Anne, dutdiesa of 
Hamilton, he left issue ! I.James, 4th duke; 2, lHlliam, d. 
without issue; 3. Cliarlei, earl of Selkirk; 4. John, earl of 
Ruglen ; 6. Georpe, earl of Orkney ; {lee Caiinteia iff Orkney) f 
6. Baiil, ra. Mary, da. and sole heir of sir David Dunbar, cf 
Baldoon, ban., who whs grandfather of Dunbar Douglas, 3d 
Mil of Selkirk 7, AvBhibald. HdmirBl H.N., governor of 


n. Jaue Hi. 

. ted liv her 

MKdy orden, vicu-oril'd- 
L -two dkugfalen ; £lusb«th, 
Ist wu-Jof Wui-wii^k; (ttt 
<tf England;) KDd June, m. 
^arl Calkcarl, in the Peer. 
three ilauRhten, Calhrrine, 
"onno, flL John, 3iJ cu-I i>f 
MaTgar*t, m. Junet Almile, 
IQai, and iru nicceedcd by 

'~^ Bod lit duke of Bnndun, 

'"" of EnjcUnd, K. O. and 

lucceeded, on the dentb 

[, wu H forest favuurite 

by him, in \{ — 

<^V^(^ ^Ji'?Sr=^^Tig "f FraiioB, to compliment 

»'^r*"'', 6Y\e''^\^' ^S** imderI«iii»XIV.! duriDHhiK 
iV, o'i ^ f>>%V!* 43><V^^«1, but Jamei 11. continued liim 

^-f Vi^*^ V»» *= flutiJieM of Haii.^™!., .a„™ue™i 
^'^ ^ ^'Jj^ «»* ''"^ preredeucy aceordinRlyi ha 
*>*^i(,*%(Pi J th^ Union in 1707 1 and in i;08 he na*. 
»735^ ^„ 'O^i^' **^"' '"" custody. "Pn" suapici.ui 
^filJljl *% oE^i»" intended invasion from France, but «-. 
» li^Tj", o* (J»^ |i fljiii 800Q after dected one of theaixtei 
<^^*r^v '^ t^ "lo October, 1710, be wm appointed] l,.r 

'=(*i'^ is'^^f ihB JbrBBta there, admiral of the s 
; #2*"" urin- counsellor. 11 Sept., 1711, he iv 

t*r of the wardrobe, K,T., and 
'if horse. After the acitasioii ul' 
^*^t> caTlofArran, was tirii'e ,ifnc 
' ' n of cun-esiKinditiK irjtii 

o— without any pro«enjtioii, 

"Utchesa of Hamilton, nurreudered 



eottld, after the union, lie ere/tied a peer of England ;" and. 
After a long debale, the house rBH>lv(>d arrordiiiKty, 30 Dec, 
1710 ; tbis resolution, however, Mat revened by a sulneqiient 
iledsion of tlie houte nf lords, in I7S2, nn Ihe petition of 
DniiglM, eighth duke, when, after hearing the .ludses, the 
hou«e resolved tliBt his grace wnn entitled to a writ of Bummoai 
as duke of Brandon. 

Previous to his grace's intended departure for Paris, li» 
accepted a chnlienge frtan Charles, lord Blohun ; adueleniuad 
in Hyde Park, Sunday, 16 Nov., 1713, in which he killedlord 
Olohujn, but WM immediately after killed himself, liy th* 
treachery, as was strongly sunpewed, of general Macartney, 
second to lord Mohun, who fled on the occanion ; and the Soots 
peers addressed her majesty, to write to all foreign nates, U 
cause bis apprehension, at the isme time otFering a reward of 
tive hundred pounds. The duke m., 1st, Anne Spencer, da. 
of Robert, eari of Sunderland, and by her had 3 das., Anne 
and Mary, who both d. younfc : and 2dly, Elizabeth, da. and 
sole heir of Digby, lord Oerrard, of Bromlev, (by Eliiabeth. 
youngest da. of Charles Gerrard, the let eart of MaccleiGeld,) 
and by her had issue, EHmlieth, and Calherine, both d , 
yming; Jamer, Gth duke; C^rJof/e, n. Charles Edwin, esq. ' 
and d. 6 Feb., I777 ; WiUiaiH, m. Anne, da. and sole heir at 
Fronds Hawes, esq. and d. without insue in 1734, and hit 
lady re-ni. with WiDiam, viscount Vane, in the peerage of 
Ireland, (which title became extinct in his person in 1788) 1 
Susan m., in Aug. 1736. Anthony.Tracv Keck, of Tew, 
i-o. Oxford, esq. and rf. 3 June, I7M! vinne, »n named, queen , 
Anne being his godmother, m. Mary, da. and sole heir of 

Pownall, esq. His prace was succeeded by his son, 

Jaues, 6th duke of Hamilton, and 2d duke of Brandon, 
K. T., m. I«, Anne Cochrane, da. of John, 4th earl of Dun. 
donald, and by her, (who rf. in Aug. 1734.) hndJAUE9,6tIl 
duket he«>.2dly, in 1727, Eliiaheth, da. and co-heiresa of . 
Thomas Strangways, of Melbury-Samford, ca Dorset, esq., hf 
wliom (who d. in 1730} he had no issue ; and 3dly, 31 Augij 
1737, Elizabeth, da. and sole heir of Edward Spencer, of R«k> 
dlesham, go. Suffolk, ew]. (who tn. 3dly, 24 Dec, 1761, th* 
honourable Ridiard-Savage Nassau, 2d son of Frederiek, 'dd 
earl of Rochford, and d. i) March, 1771,) and had issue Annt^ 
m., inl761, ArtlmrChidiester, 1st marquess of Donegall; aoA. 
2snns; Archibald, [Pth duke ; and .V;>BnR:r, A. 1743, lieut.. 
cnlonel in the font-iuards, d. March I7UI. His grace d. ia 
llarch 1743, and was succeeded by his son, 
Jaxes, 0th riuke, i. 10 Julv, 1724 1 tn., 14 Feb., 1752, 


Eiiabetk, 2d da. of John Ounning, of Cattle Coote, oo. Rot-^ 
cnmnuiL, esq. by the honourable Bridget Bourke, 3d da« of 
Tb«>obald, 6th TisGOunt Mayo ; and liv her (who m., 2dly, 
3 3Iareh, 1759, John Campbell, 5th duke of Argyll, father of 
the present diike,)had JAMEa-OEosoE, 7th duke; Douolab, 
8di duke ; and Elizabeth^ m., in June 1774, Edward, prcaent 
earl of IXerfoy ; and d. in 1797* 3 May, 1776, her grace was 
created a baroness of Great Britain, by the title of baronesM 
HmmilUnLt of Hameldon, co. Leicester, with remainder of the 
difniity of a baron to her heirs male. The duke tL Jan. ly* 
lidS, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Jaice8-Geob.oe, 7th duke, b, 18 Feb., 1755, and succeeded 
ti> the titles of marquen of Dauglaa and earl qf Angus on the 
death of Archibald, the last duke of Douglas, who (L 21 July, 
17C1, without issue, his grace being lin^lly descended from 
WilUam, earl of Selkirk, eldest son of the 2d marriage of 
William, lat niarq[ue8s of Douglas. His graced! unm. 7 July, 
1769, and was succeeded by his brother, 

Donoi.AS, 8th duke, b, 24 July, 1766 ; m., 4 April, 1778^ 
£lixabeth.Anne, da. of the late Peter Buirel, of Beckenham^ 
in Kent, eeq. (sister to Peter, Ist lord Owydir, Franoes^ulia, 
dutchess of Northumberland, and Isabella-Susanna, countess 
of Bereiiey,) which marriage was dissolved by act of parlia- 
ment, in 1794 ; and her grace m., 2dly, 19 Aug., 1800, Henry 
Cecil, 1st marquess of Exeter. His grace d. 2 Aug., 1799, 
vithout issue, and was succeeded by his unde, 

Archibald, 9th duke, b. \^ July, 1740, *n., 25 May, 1765, 
Harriet Stewart, da. of Alexander, 7tli earl of Galloway, and had 
i>Mie; 1. Alexander, present duke, called up to the house 
(A lords during the lifetime of his father, as baron Button ; 
2. Archibald^ b. 10 March, 1769 ; M. P. for co. I.anark ; 
;{. Anne^ b. 16 March, 1706 ; 4. Charlotte, b. 6 April,^ 1772, 
w.. 24 June, 1800, Edward Adolphus, present duke of Somer- 
set ; and 5. Susan, b. July 1/74, »«., 4 Aug., 1803, Oeorge, 
present earl of Dunmore. The duke rf. 16 Feb., 1819, and 
u-as succeeded by his eldest son, 

Alexander, present and 10th duke. 

Heir'Apparent — ^William-Anthony-Arghibald, Earl 
of Axgus and A&rak, the Dulce's only son. 

Creations — earl of Angus, 9 April, 1380; earl of Arran, 
i-o. Bute, 10 Aug., 1503 ; duke of Chatellierault, in Poitou, 
in France, 1552, by Henry II. of France ; marquess of Ha- 
milton, CO. Lanark, 19 April, 1599 ; marquess of Douglas and 
Clydesdale, 17 June, 1633 ; baron of Aberbrothock, June 
1606 : earl of the co. Lanark, lord Macanshire and Polmont, 

31 MattYv^ 

r n 


I 31 niardi, IC30 ] duke of HamilMn, 13 April, 1643, tM I 

I Bgun IS61 ; banrn of Diitton, co. Cbeiter, and duke of Bran. I 

■ don, in Suffolk, 10 Sept., 1711. I 

I ntoCM — Thrauak. I 

m Artai—See Plate J. _ 

frieealiire, Earl of Driimlanrtg, Btudeudi, Sanquhar, an^ 
Dalkeith) Viuount Nitb, Tlmrthnlwold, and Ross; Bnrosi 
Diiuglaa, of Kinmunt, MeddleUe, Domock, Bciitt, of Whitsu 
chiiroh and Eekdale ; SooU huuuum: Earl of Dancanter, uo.. 
York, and Baron Tyndiile, to. Nurthuuiherlanil ; EnKlish, 
liimmirs: bom SA Nov., 1806; tuncvded hii father, CliarlBft-- 
William-Henry, the late duke, 80 April, IBIO. 

Tha family of Svott traran ita descent from Richard U Scot,- 
of JUurdieston, ui. Lanark, who tva* one of the Stotidi hamos. 
that svore fealty to ^tiag Edward I., 121HI. His deSDendanta 
aFterwardi became lords of Branxholm and Buculcuch, but 
were not ennobled till tSOfi. when sir Walteb Scott wai 
I'rejited lord ffroW of Boudeuch i his Ban Walter wa* further 
iidvancsd, ICI9, to Ibadignity of earl of Bucdeuch, oaAdsiag < 
mS3, WBB aucceeded by his only son, WaLTEb, 3d earl, whii 
rf. 1861, lesviug only two daughters ( I. Marg, who, on lior ■ 
futlier's death, lieoune cmintesa of Bureleuchj m. Waltar 
HuMt, uf t^ hoiue of Scott, of Harden, Init d. 1661, wttliout . 
issue, whereupon the title devolved on her only sister, 

Amve. who «■ James, duke of Morunouth, (natural son of 
t'liariiB II.,) who, on the murisfte, adopted tlu: sumatue of 
ISiotl. In 1073 ilia grace was created, jointly witli his wife, , 
duke and dutches* of Bucdeuch, evla>id countess of Dalkeith, 
(>Bron and baronesa Whitediurdi and Eskdale, with reuiaitiditr 
III the lieira of tb»r bodies. Upon his uufortunulo diKxaae, 
the English honours of duke of Moumuuth, earl uf Duucastar, 
and liitron Tyndole, became forfeited, as ^ao bis Scots hoKOiira, 
of duke of Bucdeuch: but tlie attainder did not affect the 
peerages enjsyed by his dutcheaa in her own right, beittg 
cfutcbeu of Bucdeuch by (Teation, and countess of Bucdeucli 
by descent from her aneestars. Their issue was, 1. Jaues, 
earl uf Dalkeilh, who fa. Hemietla, da. of Lawreiuw Hide, 
earl rf Rochester, and rf. 1J05, leating issue by htr, Francis, 
3d liuke ; 3. Hmrg, who, in Mardi I70S, was created earl sf 
Itelnraino, viaoiunt HermiMige, nnd Iwrou Soolt, of G<ddy- 
Uuids, aiul <^H^in 1731, was suctcc(li<d byhis 

DUKES. 867 

arL, who d, 1799, and wai niooeeded by hit brother Henry, 
who d. 1740, and was luoceeded by his ion, Henry, 4th earl, 
on whose death, without issue, in 1807, the above titles be- 
cune extinct. The dutchess m. secondly, Charles, 3d lord 
Comwallis, and tfying 6 Fd>., 1732, was succeeded in her 
titles by her grandson, 

FmAircis, 2d duke; ft. 11 Jan., 1094; restored to the titles 
of esii of I>oncaster, and baron Scott, of Tyndale, by act of 
ptriisment, 1743 ; ffu, 6 April, 1720, Jane, ddest da. or James 
Douglas, 2d doke of Queensberry, ^through which marriage, 
ber grandson, Heitrt, 3d duke of Bucdeuch, inherited also 
the dntchy of Queensberry,) and had issue by her, (who d, 31 
Ad^., 17^)) Charles, Jane, Anne, and Mary, who all d, vnm, ; 
and Frakcis, eari 1^ Dalkeith^ who m., 2 Oct., 1742, Caro. 
line, eldest da. and cib» of John Campbell, duke of Argryll and 
Gnenwidi, and d.. 17^0, leaving issue by her, (who m., 2dly, 
the ri^t hon. Charies Townshend, brother of George, 1st 
■arqiacss Townshend, and was created baroness Greenwich, 
with limitation to her issue by her 2d husband, but d. without 
rach issue, in 1794^ John, Campbell, James, and Caroline, 
who all <f. unm, ; Hevry, 3d duke ; and a posthumous da. 
Frances, 6. in July 1750 ; m., 13 May, 1783, Archibald, pre- 
sent baron Douglas, of Douglas. Francis, 2d duke, m., 2<ily, 
nuM Alice Powell, by whom he had no issue, and d. 22 Apnl, 
1751 : he was succeeded by his grandson, 

Hexrt, 3d duke K.G. ; ft. 2 Sept., 1746; m., 20 March, 
1767, Elizabeth, da. of George, duke of Montagu, and had 
issue; 1. Charles- William-Henry, 4th duke; 2. Mary^ 
/'. Ifl May, 1769 ; wi. James-George, present earl of Cour- 
tfjwn: (9ee Earl of Courtoun, in the Peerage of Ireland ;) 
.1 Elizabeth^ ft. 10 Oct., 1770, m., 9 Nov., 1798, Wil- 
-:-ini, present and 10th earl of Home; 4. Caroline^ m., IS 
May. 1783, Charles Douglas, present marquess of Queensberry, 
Jir.d has issiie ; 5. Henry-James-Montayn,, succeeded to the 
'nrrmy of MONTAGU on the death of his maternal grand- 
f'jther, George, duke of Montagu, agreeably to the limitation 
•':' the {latent ; (see Baron Montagii^ in the Peerage of Eng- 
'■'>ii;j 6. Frances^ «i., 13 Aug., 1803, sir Charles Douglas, 
^■■•.Ti.\ T. Henrietta^ wi., Dec. 1806, William, marquess of 
I- 'Miian, K.T., and has issue. 

On the death of William^ 4th duke of Queensberry, 23 Dec., 
loiO, without issue, the titles of duke of Queensberry, mar- 
« ';es8 of Dumfriesshire, earl of Drumlanrig and Sancpihar, 
viKtmnt Nith, Thortholwold, and Ross, lord Douglas of Kil- 
::u»nt, 3liddlebie, and Domock, with the barony of Drumlan- 



t\g, and otiier extSDaiTi* property, co. Dumflies, devolrad, 
agreesbly lo ths paleat nf 1706, uid in virtue of an email 
executed by James, Sd duke of Queenabeiry, on Henrjf Scolt, 
3d duke of Buccleiudl, wba aasonwd the titles of duke af Butr 
oiaucli and Queeasherry, Alc Uib gciux d. 1 1 Jniu I6J2, and 
wai succeeded by liis aon, 

CBAai.«3-WrtLiAM-HEi»BT, K.T., 4th duke, J. 2-1 May, 
17T4, (suDunoned to parliBmeiie 1807, during the lifetime of 
his iMher, as buon Tyndale,) fn., 24 March, 1793, Harriet. 
Caclierine TowneHevd, voujigeM da. nf Thomas, lit viscount 
Sydney, and liy her (wbo <f. 24 Aug., 1811,) had issue, 1. 
Anne-Elixabitk, b. 17 Au^;., I79S ; n>., i July, 18S2, lord 
Slopford, BOu of the earl of Courtoiui ; 2. George-Henrg, earl 
of Dalkeith, d. 1 March, 1808 : 3. CluiTlaUe-.llbmia, b. 16 
Juir, 1799 ; *. ItabeUa-Marg, b. 24 Oct. 1800 ; m., !) 6ept^ 
1823, the hon. P. F. Cu»t ; 5. CatherinfJ'ranceii, d. June 
IBU; & Margaret; ^. Harriet; 8. WAl.TEB-FHAjJCta, 
pnsem duke : 0. Joha.I}ouglat Mmtagu, b. 13 July, 180& 
Hid gTBca d. At Ijiahon, 20 April, 1S!9, and wbji succeeded 

WaltEE-FiiaNciB, [irBsent and ath duke. 

Heir-Preiumptive — Lord JOBN !jcoTT, ooly brotlierof cha 

Creatioru—ljorA Scott, of Buecleuch, 16 March, ISOS; 
earl of Buccteiii:h, 16 March, IGia ; baroo of Kskdale, earl af 
Dalkeith, and duke of Buecleuch, 1673; duke of Queensheny 
and marqueu of Dumfriesihife, 3 Feb., 1684 ; enri of Druos. 
lanrig and Sanquhar, Tiacouul uf Nith, Thorlbntn'ald, and 
RoBB, baroD Duugloa of Kinmonl;, Middlebie, and Domuck, 
11 Feb., 1633 ; earl of Doneaater, and baron Tyndide, in Eng- 
land, 15 Feb. 16C8. 

Motto — Amo, I lo»e. 

ylriM — See Plate SI. 

Richmond in England, and Aubigny In France j Earl or 
March and Dsrnlev. 

{See Duke of HdhmoHd, in Ihe Peerage of England.) 

CreaHon — Duke of Lennox, in Scotland, 1(175' 

Arms— See Plate 6. 


qunsi and Earl of llunth;y, and Eiirl of Eiuie, Viscount lo- 
vemeu. Baron Gordon of Strathbogie, Imrd of Badenadt, 

DUKES. 659 

Lochabar, Strsthaven, Anhliwlmin, Bahnora, Uaitley, and 
KiaordiiiB^ Saots hoacmn ; Premier Maiqueaf in Scodand i 
Eari of Norwidi, Baron Beauchamp, of Bletshoe, Baron Mor- 
^HDit, of Torvey, oo>. Bedford, and Baron Gordon, of Hunt- 
ler, oou GloocseBtec, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom 
of Great Britain and Ireland ; K.T., F.R.8. ; Keeper of 
the Gxeat Seal of SooUand ; Chancellor of King's College*, 
Aberdeen ; liord Ldeutenant oo. Aberdeen, and Hereditary 
Knper of InTemess Castle: succeeded hn ladier, Conno- 
George, the late Duke, in Aug. 1752 : married, Ist, 18 Oct. 
iTG?) Jane, do. of sir Williiun Maxwell, bart., and by her 
(who ^11 April, 1812,) had issue; 1. Oeokox Marqutu of 
Bniky, 6. 2 Fdb. 1770 : summoned to the Hoose of Lmtls^ 
11 AprU, ia07, as Baron GORDON, of Huntley, oo. Glouoes* 
tcr, G.C.B. (tee Lord Gordon^ in the Peerage of England ;) 
sGateral in the Army, and Colonel 1st Regiment of Foot ; M, 

11 Bee, 18ia, , da. of Alexander Brodie, of Am HaH, 

Korth Britain, Esq.; 2i Charloita, m., Sept. 1789, Gharks 
UonOK, 4tli dokeof Richmond; 3. MmdeUna^ m. Ist, 8 Aprii^ 
1789, sir Robert Sindair, bart. ; and 2dly, 26 Nov., 1806, 
CWks Palmer, of Lockley Park, oo. Berln, Esq. ; 4. Susan, 
■«. 8Nov., 179Si, William Montagu, 5th duke of Manchester; 
9, Lijuisa^ m.^ 17 April, 1797) Charles, 2d marquess Comwal- 
lis; C. Georgiana^ fn., 28 June, 1803, John, present and 8th 
duke uf Bedford ; 7« Alexander, b, 8 Nov., 1786, a Captain 
in the d9th Regiment of Foot, d 8 Jan. 1808. His Grace m, 
2*ih', in July, 1820, Mrs. Christie, and by her (who d. July, 
\^1\.) had no issue. 

According to Clialmers, the territory of Gordon, in Berwick- 
shire, anciently oi great extent, was granted, during the reign 
(4' king i>avid I., to an Anglo-Norman settler, who assumed 
iroui it, the name of Gordon. lu the reign of Robert I., sir 
Aiam de Gordon obtained a grant of the barony ofStrathlK)- 
?ie. CO. Atholl ; his great-great-grandson, sir Adam Gordon, 
<ii' Huntley, was killed at Homildon, 1402, leaving an only da. 
iiid htir, m. to Alexander Seton, 2d. son of sir William Setun, 
OT Setan. Their eldest son and heir, 

Alexaki>"Eii Set on, lord of Gordon, assumed the sur- 
name of Gordon, and was created, 29 Jan. 1449-50, earl of 
Huntley. He was thrice m, ; by his 2d wife he had issue sir 
Ale-rander, ancestor of the Betons of Touch ; but the earldom 
ot Huntley was entailed on his issue by his- 3d wife, Elizabeth, 
da. td William, lord Crichton, high chancellor of Scotland, by 

'<* bom he was fath^ of 



eUi. da. nlkinB Ji 
a'.din\ hv Kif, eldt 

Alexander, 3d earl ; m., 1474, Jomi. da. of John, esrl of ■ 
Acboll, uterioG brother of king Jamei 11., and d. 16 Jan. 

GeoEBE, 4tii eort, wt aon of John, liinl Gordon, eldeit 
BOn of the 3d earl, who d. in hii father's lifetime. Ha nt, 
EUmbeth, eister of Wiliiam Keith, 4th rarl MaJ-ischal, and 
was father of OeoudE, 5th earl, whose only son, 

Oeosge, 6th earl, was created, 17 April, 1699, marqu^t 
of Hunlley ; m, Henrietta, eldest da. of Esme tjtewart, duka 
of Lemiox, aad dging 13 June, 1036, was siicoeeded by his 

GEonoE, Sd marquess, orcated, 30 April, IG32, viscount 
Abospie, with remunder, on his death or succession to hii 
lather's honours, to his 3d ton, Janies ; in. Aiuie, da. of Ar. 
diihald Campbell, 7th earl of Ar^ll, and hy her, (who d. 14 
June, 1B3S,) had issue; 1. George, killed at tlie battle of 
Alfont, 164Q, unffl. ; 2. Jamei, b^Bme visutunt Aboyoe on 
his father's anccession to the title of marquess of Huntley, d. 
unm. 1649; 3. liEWis, 3d marquCEs; 4. Charles, ancestAr 
of the earls of Aboyne, ftee Ihat lUte.) The marquess wa> 
beheaded for his loyalty in king Charles 1., 22 Slarch, l<i4!), 
and was succeeded by his eldest surrivtTif^ sou, 

Lewis, 3d marquess, m. Isabel, da. of Sir James Grant, of 
Grant, and d. 16S3, leaving an only son, 

Geoege, 4th marqness, cmieAdvke of OoaDOm, 1 Nov. 
1684 ; ffl. Elizabeth Howard, 2d da. of Henry, 6tb duke of 
Nor&lk, and by her (who d. in July, 1732) he had Alexan- 
DllR, bis successor ; and Jane, m. to Janies Drummoud. esq., 
son of Junes, 4th earl of Perth; aud dj/ing 7 Dec, 1716, was 
succeeded by his son, 

Alexandeb, 2d iIuA:« of GoaooH, fn., 1706, Henrietta, da. 
of Charles, 3d earl of Peterborough and Monmouth, and liy 
ber had issue ; 1. Cosuo-Geosqe, 3d duke; i. Charltt, d. 
1760; S> Xvuii, d. 1754; i. Adam, a aeneral in the army, 
and commander in diief of the forces in Siutland, d. Aog. 
1801 ; «., 2 Sept., 1767, Jane, da. of John Dnmuuoiid, esq., 
and widow uf James, 2d duke of Acholl ; 5. Henrietta, d. Feb. 
1761) : 6. JIfary, ± 26 Julv, 1762; 7. Anne, m, WiUiam, earl 
of Aberdeen, andd. 26 June, 1791 ! 6- Betig, m. the rev. Mr. 
SkeUyt 9. Jam, il. unm. in 1792; 10. Catheriae^m.TnxuAt, 
Sibesrlof Wemyas; U. CAor/utfe'. His grace rf. Nov., 1720, 
and wni suecfcdeil by his eldest son, 

^^\ 1793} t.Sfutm, t»., Ill, 

^Jf WeaunorUdd ; »nd, 2dly, 

rard. and <L I Da.., WH; 

'~^UGXuidGr Chalment, and it 

'^^. Tlioinaa Booker, «<(. 53d 

->• — Thedutcheai, tlieirnuilber, 

-*Iurri», and d. 10 Dec, 1779. 

Aug. 17fiS, wa» su(i»«dwl by 

^rxh duke. 

-*MABauE3a of Hi7»Ti.By,dd- 
Babon Gobdon, in ths 

1449; marquess of Hunlley, 

(j^^*k"^.*^^^a«, lordof BadeiunJi, Imchiilier, 
^^j^^-^^^ore, Oai'tley, and Kiiicanline, 

, _ ji^*^ ^f Xwhich barony nierpsi inln the 


t y- jf »- W'""A.>-A"' JuiB, 1819; earl of Nurwkh, 

^ ji^jj' t^ i!?*-t^*^y, I'o.ofGlomxator, 1784. 

^V^^0^<^' i^\ ^**^By """■■■go. "^^ by craft. 

^f^/^L:^ *jV^. t AMPBELL, Duke, MAB«PE5^ 

^jPV^ ' **i^^rt' **'"^''e" "f I"™ and Kintyra, EHr! 

vliO^ ■^ ■a'*^^' ^incounl Lochow and Olenik, Lord 

A rti^- ArC*s10tVen, andTyria; Suite honours : and 

rt**. '^rf'.il.^" ni Kwiilton. in the PBeraM of En«land ; 

-<*' **'J> ** -. ^J Ihp K;>,„'. Hm.^hnW. Artmiml iiF t},.- 


GiLi-ESPie Campbell, b iKentleTTuui nf Anf^n-Nonnan 
Uneaf^e, Hi»|uirei the liirdshjp of Lodiow, by mniriage with 
the heiress of the farmer poasesBorB, in the 1 1th century. Hie 
descandanc. Sir CoLnr, BumaiDed Morg, nr grsat, was one dF 
thofle disCingiuBhed penoiiB who were aimunoned^ by Robert 
Bruise, tu Berwiuk, in Aug. 1201, when king EdiFBrd I., iff 
Englsiid, came there, W decide the dispute between him anft 
John Baliol, (or the «>icoeEiion to the crown of Scotland. Hft 
m. a lady <rf the family of Sindair, and had iesue Neil hi« < 
inicoeaBtn', and Donald, aatv»U)r ot the earls of Luudoun. 

SirDttHCAM Campbell, ureat-gical-jcrandKin of Neil, waa 
tint of the family who aasunied the dtJe of Ar^ll, undnna' 
oreated a lord of parliament, 1445; m. Marjory, 3d do. of Ro-l 
bert, duke of Albany, regent of Scotland, and had issue, 
I. AreMtaldf d. in his father's Ufetime, leaving a son, 
CoLIs, 2d lord ; 3. CsJin, eneestor of the earls of Breadal- 
bnne. Sir Duncan d, H53, and waa succeeded by hia grand.' 

Colin, who was, in 1437, created earl of Argyll, and, 1483^ 
lord high chancellor nf ikotland ; which office he bald till hif 
deceaie, in 1492 ; m. Isabel, daughter and ro~heireu to Johli 
Stewart, lord Lorn, and hud AttCHiBALU, 2deaTi; Thomat^: 
antxetor to the Campbells of Lundy, co. Forfar ; and 6 dat, 
The earl wan ancceeded by hiit Min, 

ARCBiBAL]i,3d earl, who, commanding llieTan of the am^ 
at the bateJe of Flodden-lield, % Sept., 1513, vaa killed. wiA 
hia royal master; n. Eliiabeth, da. of John Stewart, eail 
ofLeiuun:; and had Colin, 3dearl ; AnMbald; >ttJolm,ijl 
Calder, ancestor of Lord Cawdor, and OoimM, abbot of Coupar. 

Colin, 3d earl, m. Janet Gordon, da. of Alexander, 3d earl 
of Huntley, and had iaaue, 

AscBtaAlD, 4th earl, Di., iBt, Helen, da. of James Hamil- 
ton, jst earl of Arran, by whom he had iaaue, AhChibalDV 
Gth earl, who d. withont Iaaue, tS Seplemtier, 157!> ; and, 
Sdly, Maigaret, only da. of William Graham, 3d earl eC 
IHontelth, bv whom be waa father of 

CoLiK, Oih earl ; m. Agnea, da. of William Keith, 4th eoA 
Mariaiibttl, and widow of the Regent Moray, and (/. lASi,' 
leaving iaaue liy her, (who il. 1688,) 

Abcuibalj), 7tb earl, fit., Isc, Anne, da. of William Dou- 
glas, earl of Morton, by whom he had ibsue, Akobibald, Irt 
marqueaa, and 4 das. ; and Sdly, Anne, da. and c».heir of dv 
William Comwallis, (by Anne, dx and co-heir of John Neritt, 
last lord Latiraar,) by whom he had a turn, Jamet, ereatad, 
1643, earl of Irvine, butcf-umn.,- and leveral das., ofw' — 


Mer^ M. Jaxoes 2d Lord RoUck The flosl d, 1G38, aiid wa» 
saeoeeded by his eldest son, 

AacHiBAi.D, 8th eari, eseatedxnarquest of Argyll in 11141. 
Eb oontributed much te the rsception aod coronation of 
Chukt II., end, 1 January, 1650, placed the crown on hia 
held aft Scoon ; but,, aftei the rwtoration in 1661, he waa 
MCOKd by the earl of Middleton of complying ^-ith 01i%'er 
Cimwell ia the death of Chavlaa I. ; for which he u-as coa< 
iflnmed by parliament, and,, on 27 M&y? 1661, waa beheaded 
tt the Market CroM of Edinburgh ;. nu Mar^piret, da. to 
Wiiliam Douglas, 7th earl of Morton; and had iBsue> Archi- 
is/d, 9th earl \ ubA Ncii ; also two das. ; Jaue^ m. Robert 
KfOT, lat nuunqueas ef Lothian.; and Marg^ «. Ist, to Qeorae 
SiadiuF, Mt earl ef Caithaess ; and^ 2dly, Ux John Campbdl, 
Itt eari of Breadalbane. The earl was succeeded by 

AacBrBALD, 9th eajrl, who, in 1663, was restored to the 
baoeuiv and estate of his ancestors, as earl qf Arj/yll only ; 
bat, in 1681, he was fiaund guilty c^ high treason, and sen*. 
tcnead te anfier death : shortly after his estate was given to 
nthers: bat his lordship effecung his escape very dexterousUr 
fnm priaes^ in the dress of a lady^s page, went to Holland, 
sad se cackled his destiny at that time. In 1685, having ooU 
lected some officers and soldiers in Holland, he put them on 
board 3 ships, and landed in Argyllshire ; but being defeated, 
sod taken by a peasant, was sent prisoner to the castle of 
Edinburgh, and beheaded at the Market Cross, on his former 
ientence, 30 June, 1685. The earl m. ]Mary Stewart, da. to 
•fames, earl of Murray, and had issue, 1. Abchibald, Ist 
duke ; 2. Jobn^ of Alammore, m, Elizabeth, da. to John, 8th 
lord Elphinstone, and had issue, John, 4th duke ; Charles 

Neil, d. ufim, ; William, m. a da. of Bernard, esq. ; 

Mary, m, James Primrose, 2d earl of Roseberry ; Anne, m, 
An-hibald Edmonstone, esq. ; Isabella, m. Alexander Mont- 
pomery, esq., and d, in 1785 ; Jane, wi. John Campl)ell, ci 
Carrick, esq. ; Primrose, m. Simon, lord Lovat ; Elizabeth, 
d. unm. 

Archibald, Ist duke, was acknowledged as earl of Ar- 
:,7U by the parliament before they took oflF the attainder 
acainst his father, and created duke of Argyll, to him and his 
heirs male whatsoever, 23 June, 1701 ; wi. Eliz«ibeth, da. of 
Vir Lionel ToUemache, of Helmingham, co. Suffolk, bart. 
(ancestor to Lionel, earl of Dysart, by Elizaheth his wife, the 
da. and heiress of William Murray, earl of Dysart), and 
dnng in 1703, by her (who d, May, 1735,) left issue, 

c 2 1. John, 



1. Jduh, 2d diike ; 2. Abcuibald, 3d duke; 3. Anne,! 
James Slevart, 2d earl of Bute. 

John, 2d duke, i. in 1680, succeeded liis rather an duke of 
Ar^Q, aud bravely distin^pii^hed himself thmu^b tbe w' 
course of queen Anne's wars. He was also, in 1706, ere: 
Aaron of Chalhom, Htike and earl «/ Grfenuiich i m., 
Mary, da. of John Brown, eaq., and niece to air Charles Dun- 
comh, knt. lord mayor of Liondori; hut ahe dying in 1716t_ 
without issue, bis grate m., 2illy, Jane Wnrburton, one of Cbo 
maids of honour to queeu Aiine, lut also to <jueen Carolina 
when princess nf. Wales ; and by tier had 5 das. ; vis. 
1. Caroline, m. Ist, Francis, earl of Dalkeith, eldest son o( 
Francis, 2d duke of Burcleuch ; and, Zdly, to the right hooi 
Charles Townsend, 2d sou of Charles, 3d viscouBt Townsend^ 
and brother to Oeotge, Ist marquess Townsend. Her ladyship 
was created barnneaa Greemaich, in England, and d. in i;»4 
leaving no male issue to succeed to that baronj-. 2. vfnrv, n, 
William, 4th earl of Strafford, and d. without issue ; 3. JanOy 
d. in her ISth year; 4. Bttly, m, James-Stuart Maekennie, 
e«q., unde to John, 1st marquess of Bute, and d. 19 July, 
1799, without issue ; 6. Marj/, m, Edward, viscount C'Oke, 
lieiF-apparent to Thomas, earl of Leicester, anil to his mother, 
Margaret, baroness CHObrd, and rf. 30 Seiit., 1811, without 
issue. His grace dying in Nov. 1743, the Eni^ish titles of' 
duke and earl of Greeawioh, and baron of Chatham, liecame 
extinct ; but he was succeeded in his other titles by hit 

AncHiBALD, 3d duka, who was created a peer of Scotland, ' 
by the titles of lord Oranaaif^ Dunoon, and Arose i also, 
BuemitU and earl of lala, 29 OcL, 1708 ; which titles, - 
his death without issue, became extinct. He >n. the da 

Wliitfield, esq. paymaster of the marines; but by 

(who rf. in 172.'!) he had no issue ; and his grace dying April 
16, 17fil, was succeeded by his oniisin, 

JoiTB Campbell, K.T., 4tli duke, son of John Campbell; 
of Mununore, 2d son of Artbibuld, 9th eari of Argyll ; m., in 
1 720, Mary, da. of John, Sd lord Hellenden, by whom (who iL 
18 Dec.. ITSe) he had issue, 1. John, 6th duke; 2. Henry i 
killed at tlie tiattle of La Fdt ; 3. Freilrrick, lord r^strar in 
North Britain, rf. 8 June, 1810, haviug m., 28 March, 1769, . 
Sloiy, da. of Amoi Meredith, esq. (and widow uf I^w- ' 
rence, 4th earl Ferrers) : his lady was unfortunately burnt to 
death nt her seat at CiH)mb Bank, Kent, 26 July, ll<n7t 
4. William, m,, May 17fi;<, Sarah, da. of Ralph Izard, uf 

DUKES. eea 

Charkn Town, South Cuoliiim, esq. and 4. 5 Sept., I778, 
iMTiiig issue s «m, WQUam, and 2 daa. : Anne, m. Alexander 
Johnstone, ^., and Caroline, tU unm, 1789 ; A. Carbine, m., 
1ft, Charles, earl of A^^bury, and, 9dlf , fisld-marshal the 
rigkt hon. general HenryJBeynioiir Conway, brother to Fran- 
ctt, 1st marqoeaa of Hertford, K.6. His grace dying 17 Nor., 
I77O9 WM soooeeded hy his son, 

JoHV, 9th eari, and 6th duke, a fidd-marshal in the army, 
and ooionel 3d regiment of foot-guards ; A. in 1790 ; created 
• peer of England wnile marquess of Loim, 22 I>sc., 17^* hy 
the title of bmnm Stmdrid^ of Coomb Baidc, oo. Kent ; m., 
3 Mardi, 17^9 Elixabeth, widow of James, 6th duke of 
■aimlton, and 9d da. of John Ghuming, of Castle Coot, oo^ 
BsscoB U B u n, esG. (by the hon. Bridget Bourke, Sd da. of 
Theobald, 0th ▼fsoount Mayo,) and hi^ issue by her, (who 
w created a ji e erew of Great Britain, 20 May, 1776, by the 
tide of bmfioneu HmntUon^ of Hambledon, oo. Leicester); 
L Ceorpv, d. an infant; 2. Oeougx-William, present 
dske; S. John-Douaku-BdwanUHtnry^ h. 21 I>ec., 1777, 
■., 3 Aug., 1802, Ehzabeth, eldest da. of Wm. Campbdl, of 
Fairfield, en. if. 9 Dec., 1818; and ^y, April, 1820, Mlaa 
ObHseD, of Long Niddrie, N.B. ; 4. Auptuta^ b, 31 March, 
17^, tn. lieutenant-general Clayering, son of the late sir 
John Clavering, K.B. ; 5. Charlotie'Stuan-Mmia^ 6. 21 June, 
1775 ; m., 14 June, 1796, John Campbell, eldest son of 
Walter Campbell, of Shawiield, esq., and by him (who d. 
15 MarclL, 1809) has a numerous issue. His grace deceasing 
34 May, 1806, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

frEoiiGE-WiLLiAM, present and 6tb duke. 

Heir- Presumptive — Johk-Douolas-Edward-Henry, 
only lirother of the present duke. 

Creation* — Lord Campbell, in 1445 ; earl of the co. Argyll, 
14.57 ; lord of Lorn, 1470 ; duke of Argyll, marquess of Kin- 
tvre and Lorn, earl of Campbell and Cowall, viscount Lothow 
uid Glenila, lord of Inverary, Mull, Morven, and Tyrie, 
23 Jiiiie, 1701, in the peerage of Scotland ; baron Sundridge, 
in Kent. 22 Dec. 1766, with remainder to the issue male of 
:«:* Itnjthers, Frederick and John ; baron Hamilton,*- 20 May, 
I76r». in the peerage of England. 

M4itu> Vix ea nottra eooo^— I can scarcely call these things 

•■■.»r <»\ni. 

Jrmt — See plate 61. 

cJ JOH^ 



JOHN MURRAY, DttKK, Mabquese, nnd Eabl al 
ATHOLL, MarqUFSB and Earl <if Tullihiirdiu. EnA uf 8tni[h- 
tay and ScrBthardale, Viscount Glenalmond, Ba]i)uliidir, and 
Glenlyiin, Baron Murray, of TullibBrdin, Lord BulTennie and. 
Osak, in North Britain : Eurl Strange, Bamn Strange, and 
Baron Murray, of Stanley, co. Gloucester, in the Peera^re of 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, K.T, and 
F.K.S. i Lord Lieutenant and Hereditary Sheriff co. Perth ; 
Captain-Gener&l and Ooverniir of the Isle of Alan g bont 
3D June, 17^5, and succeeded hin father,' John, the late Dukd^ 
1 Nov., 1774 : nuTTiai, 36 Dec, l??!, Jane, da. of Cbarlea^ 
Qth Lurd Catlicartt and by her (who it. 4 Sept., 1790) hs 
had issue; 1. John, Marquess of TL'Li,iBAnDiH, b. 2ff, 
June, 1778; 3. Jamei, Major-General in the Army, aoA 
Aide-de-Camp to the King, b. 211 May, 17113 ; tr.. Ill Maf^ 
1810, Emilf.FranceiPercy, 2dda.orHngh, 2dl>ukeDfNatv' 
thiunberland, K.G., and has issue, Qeorge-AuguBtiu-Fredeiiok 
John, b. May, iai5 ; 3. Edaranl, b. 11 Sept. 17113, A 
1» March, 1795; i. Robert, <J. S Feb., 17U»; 5. Frederidlp 
b. Oct., 1768, d. 11 April, 1789; G. Charhlle. b. 38 Oct, 
1776, m., 1st, 4 March, 1797, sir John Meniies, of CwtlC 
Mensies, oo. Perth, Bart., (vbo d. 26 March, ISOO)) andf 
adly, 23 May, ItlOl, Captain Adam Drummond. R. N. ) 
7. Jlfury.Louiio, d. June 1777 ! 8. AmeOa-Sophia, b. 5 July, 
1780, m., IB Jan., 1801), James Dnmunond, esq., cousin » 
General Andrew John Dmmmond, Viscount of 8trathallan( 
Jl. Etiaabtlh^ b. ly April, 1787. "-. 2" May, 1808, Erati Jolm. 
Macgregor Murray, Captain 1 6th Dragoons, only son of 3i^ 
John.Maqp-egnr Murray, of Lonrick, co. Perth, Bare His 
Grace m., 2dly, 1 1 March, 1 7»4, Margery, eldest da. of Jamei, 
leth Lord Forlieti, reUct of John, Lord Macleod, eldest s-iii of 
George, 3d Earl of Cromorde ; und has issue, 10. Caiharim, 
ri:23JBn., 179(1; and, 11. CAurffs, i. U March, 17UU. 

The family of Murray derives its origin from Jons IIS 
Moravia, who was sheriff of Perthsbire 1219, and d. 1236* 
His uranilson. Sir WitLlAM DE Mohavia, was one of tha 
Magnates Scotia summoned to Berwick by king Edward I^ 
1SD2; and hy mnrriege >rith Adin, da. uf Maliw, smescbll 
of Stralhem, acquired the lands nf Tullihardin, of which his 
descendouta were denominated baronn. 

Sir John Muiibat, of Tullibardin, wu created lord 
Murray, of Tullibardin, 1604, and earl of Tullibardin, IttOQ. 

DUK£8. 067 

& in favour of his hrother Patriek, on the deatli of whow 
MO Jamos; in 1070, it reverted again to the AthoU line. 

JoHX, l8t eari of AthoU, of this family, only son of William, 
3d earl of Tullibardin, by Dorothea Stewart, m. Jean, da. of 
Sir Duncan Campbell, of Olenorchy, and d, June 1(>42, leaving 
iisaeby her 

JoHX, 2d earl, succeeded to the earldom of Tiillibardin, of 
vhich be was 5th earl, on the death of his amain James, 1070; 
created marquess of AthoU, 17 Feb., 1070; m. Amelia-Sophia, 
ooly da. (who left issue) of James Stanley, 7th earl of Derby, 
vlio had, in 1628, been summoned to parliament as baruu 
Straage; and had issue, 1. Johw, 1st Duke; 2. Charles^ 
cnated earl of Dunmore, Csee tfuU title j ; 3. James^ m., and 
hid issna 2 daa. ; 4. WilHam^ who became lord Nairn, (see 
thai iUleJ f 6. Sdwardy fa., and had issue ; 0. AmeliOy m, 
Hugh, lOih lord Lovat. The marquess d, 6 May, 1703, and 
VIS sncoeeded by his ddest son, 

JoHV, 2d marquess, E.T., created 30 July, 1703, duke qf 
Alhottj and marquess of Tullibardin ; m., 1st, Catharine, da. of 
William, duke of Hamilton, and by her had issue, sous, and 
1 da^ viz. : 1. John^ colonel in the Dutch service, slain at 
)ilal]daquet, 1709 ; 2. William^ marquess of TuUibardiu, at- 
tainted in 171C», and being taken in the other rebellion, in 
1740, was imprisoned in the tower, where he (L unm. ; 
^ James, 2d duke ; 4. Charles^ d. 1720, s. p. ; 5. George y 
«., AmeUa, only surviving child and heir of James Murray, 
uf Glencarse and Strowan ; was lieut.-gtni. of the Pretoiider\s 
army, in 174d, attainted, and d, in lloUand, 11 Oct., 1700, 
leaving issue, 1. Joun, who became 3d Duke; 2. James, 
majnr-gen., d. unm.^ 1704; 3.^ George, vice-aduiiral of the 
white, m, AVilhelmina, da. of Thomas, 5t]i lord Kin^, and d. 
'2o Det:., 1795, s. p. ; 4. Amelia, m., 1st, John, 8th lord Sin. 
ilair, and, 24Uy, James Fan^uharson, esq., and d, 24 A])ril, 
1771*; 5. Cliarlotte, d, unm,^ 177«^; b*. BasU^ d, young; 
7. Suaan^ m. William, carl of Alierdeen. The duke wi., 2dly, 
Mar\-, da. o£ William lord Ross, by whom (who d. 1707) he 
bad issue ; 8. John^ a general and col. of the 42d foot, m., 
13 Sept., 1758, Miss Dalton, of Banner Cross, co. York, and 
'A 18 May, 1787, leaving issue by her (who d, 20 May, 1705,) 
an only da., wi., 1782, to Edward Foxlow, esq., who tw)k the 
name of Murray ; 9. Edward^ m., and left issue, John, dean 
Iff KiUaloe, in Ireland, who m. Elizabeth, da. of William 
Murrav, 4th earl of Dunmore, and d. 25 June, 1790, leaving 
1 das. ;' 10. Frederick^ R. N., d. unm, ; 11. Mary\ m. James, 
fiih earl of Findlater and Seafidd. The duke d. 14 Nov., 




1794, and waa aucceeded bf hia 3d aon, Jamrs, on whom, rm 
tbe stlainder of his elder brother Willimn, in 1716, the titta 
had been settled by act □( pBcllament. 

Jaueb, 2d Duke, S. T., was BeolDnelof tbeSd foolguardih 
On the death of Jamea, 10th earl of Derby, in 1736, hisgraee 
became sole heir of the body of James, 7th eurl of Derby, 
baron Strange, and, aa such, claimed and waa allowed the 
barony of Blrange, created by the writ of eummonB lo the aaid 
sail, iti 1638. His grace n., lat, Jane, sister of air John 
Frederick, ban., and widow of James Lannoy, eaq., br whoni 
(whoii. 13 June, 1748,) hehadiaaae one aon, if. an 'infant; 
and 3 das. ; 1. Jean, m. John, earl of Crawford, nnd d. 1747i 
8. p. ; 2. Charlotte, who was only survivitig child, n. her 
cousin John, 3d duke. The duke m., 2dly, Jean, da. of 
Jidin Drulnmoud, of Me^indi, by wbnin (wbu aurvived him, 
and re-m. lord Adam Oordoii, 4Ih eon of Alexander, 2d duka 
of Qordun,} he had no isaue. His gince d. 8 Jan., 1764, when 
the barony of Strange deaceoded to hia only surviving da. ( 
and hia Scots titles devolved on hla nephew, 

John, 3d duke, K.T., aon of lord Georg* Mnrray, eth aon 
of the Ist duke of AlhoU, on hia uncle's dcatli, claimed Iha 
titlesj when, 7 Feb., 1764, the hwise of lords resolved, 
" That the petitioner hath a right to the titles, honoura, and 
dignities of Bute of Alholl, Marqueet 0/ TuilibardiH. Earl rf 
SIralhtay and Sirathardie, FiecouHl Ba/qiMdir, Cicnalmond, 
and Glenlmn, flanin JHurrag, Balvfrmie and Gaih, claimed 
hyhiapotilionf" m., 23 Oct. 1753, CliBrloile, only surviving 
child of hia unde, James, 3d duke of Atholl, on whose death, 
in 1764, her ladyship succeeded to the sovereignty of the Isia 
nf Man, and to ibe EngUah barony of Strange. In 17liS, an 
act of parliament paaaed for purchasing the iile of Man, by ■ 
eoacract between the lords of the treasury and the duke and 
diitdiesB of Atholl, which island had been granted by king 
Henry IV., in 1406, to sir John de Stanley, knt., wboae auc* 
eessor* possessed the same till 1730, when it devolved on iha 
duke of Atholl, being heir of the line. Hia majeacy and tba 
uarliament agreed to pay 71,000/. for all their graces* intereal 
1 prifikffies in the island, reserving to them the landed 


^ 'pHc, 

eculetfiastlcal benefices in the island, on payment at 

101/. ISi. lid, per annum, and rendoring S fakiitu to the 

liJAgs and queens of England, hia nuijecty's Riotesaora, iHi (he 

dsyi ut' tiicar raepective cofvnatioiM. Thu iBoney was direoted 


to be laid out and invested in the purchase of an inlieritancc 
in Soothmd, and to be unalienably entailed on a certain series 
ofhein. On the death of the duke of Anraster, her ^race 
Ttt one of the daimaiits of the hereditary office of gn^at lii^h 
diamberlain of England. The imue of the duke and dutchi'Mjt 
vv, I.John, 4th duke; 2.Jaiue9, d. 1770; 3. George^ d, 
umfimt; 4. George^ D.D., h, 30 Jan., 1761, and 20 IXt*., 
1800, was consecrated bishop of St. David^s; m., 18 IM*., 
1780, Anne-Charlotte, da. of lieut.-Keu. Francis Grant, 
tvtxher of sir Imdovick Grant, of Grant, liart. ; and J. 
3 June, 1803, leaving issue; 1. John, R.N., d, in the West 
Indies, 1803 ; 2. George, in holy orders, D.D., appointed, in 
AprQ 1813, bishop of Sodor and Man, m., 7 Mny^ 1811, 
Suih-Maria Hay, youngest da. of Robert, 9th earl of Kin- 
Dool, and has issue; 3. Charlotte-Sophia, m., 1811, the rev. 
Tovnahend Selwyn, prebend of Gloucester; 4. C/harles, in 
the £. I. company's service at Bengal, d. at Siunatra, f/nm., 
1887; 5- Caroline-Leonora, m., Feb. 6, 1812, Henr\'-Stephen, 
pmcnt and 3d earl of Ilchester ; 6. Louisa-Anne, m., 30 Nov. 
18U, Robert, only son of sir Thomas Frankland^ liart. ; 
i.Emihr.Matilda ; 8. Edward ; 9. Henry, d. young; 10. Henry 

-5. mmam^ b. 20 March, 1762; m., 14 June, 1789, ^ 

da. of J. Hodges, of Massulipatam, in India, esq., niece of sir 
James Hodges, knt., and d. Dec. 29, 1796, leaving issue, 
James-Arthur, b, 25 March, 1790; tn.^ 3 Dec., 1822, Harriett, 
(ta. oi William Coupland, of Shrewsbury, esq. ; and Mary- 
Anne; 6. Henry ^ b. 13 June, 1767, «»., 8 Dec,, IT^JG, , 

lia. of Richard Kent, of Liverpool, esq., and d. 3 Dw., 1805, 

i>anng issue, Richard, Charlotte-Wilhelmiua, Mona-Kliza- 

itrth. Emily-Jane, Catherine-Maria, and Henrietta, h, 1805 ; 

"• Charles^ in holy orders, dean of Becking, co. Essex, wi., 

1-3 June, 1793, Miss Aynsley, and on that occasion obtained 

^iif ruval sign manual, authorising him and his issue to tiike 

use surname of Aynsley only; d, 5 May, 1808, leaving issue 

yher, (who rf. July, 1813), Charlotte, wi., 28 Jan., 1812, 

"".ajor-gen. Oswald jun., of Dunniker, colonel of the duke of 

Vi/rk's Greek light infantry ; John-Edward, AthoU-Ketunih, 

ElizafjetK, and Charles; 8. Charlotte^ b, 2 Aug., 1754, d. 

'thm., 4 April, 1808; 9. Amelia, b, 3 July, 17C3, wi., 

i Julv. 179c, sir Richard Gamon, of Minchenden. co. Mid- 

H*^x. ban., M. P. for Winchester ; 10. Jane^ b. 2 Dec., 

J7«4, m., 3 Aug., 1785, John-Grosset Muirhead, of Ikea- 

<{:esh<»lm.. co. Laiiark ; 11. Mnry^ b. 12 Jan., 17<>9, w»., 17f'7i 

lit rev. George Martin; and d. 7 Sept., 1814. Ilis gracx^ 



1885), and wa» luiraeded hy hia son, 

JoHir, present and 4th duke. 

Beir-ApjHirmt — JoHV, Marqueis of TrLLluABonr, s0(f' 
of the present duke. 

erratum — Beron Strange, liy writ of siinimnns, 1028 ; barair 

oniil Otfnalmond, \G^e ; dnhe oF Atholt, ntarqnHVsC' 
TnDibHrclin, earl oTStratjhtay and StrBthnrdk, vHsunint Bi^ 
qiiUdir, lord BalTGnniB and GbbIc, 1703 ; earl Strsngei tmro^ 
Murray, of Stanley, Co. Oloii center, IfiAaj., 1788. ^ 

Motto — PuTtk forlunv and Jitl the fetttrt. 

Armt—See Plate 61. _ 

■IAMBS GRAHAM, Duke, MjinaivEss, and Eaut. cf 
MONTROSE, Marqui-ss of Graham tind Buchanan, Earl rf 
Kincardin, Viaivnint Dundaff, Liiri ABenithTen, Slyndofk, 
and Finlray, in North Britain; and Earf and Barnn GUAi 
HAM, of Belfnrd, oi. Northmnlierland ; K. G., D.C. L.i 
Master of the Hone to the Ein^r, Lord Jusiice-Generd Of 
Scotland, Lord-Lieulenant m. Stirling, Hereditary aieriff to.' 
DumflBTton, Chancellor of the University of Olasgow, and all' 
Extraordinary Preaidenl of the Roysl Bank of Scotland : Aonr 
» Feb., 1785; snroeeded Wb fother, WiBiSm, the late Dnka,' 
23 Sept,, 1790 1 married, iBt, 6 March, 1786, Jemiima-EHza.' 
lieth, daiiKhter nf John, 2d Earl of Aahbiimham, and by heir 
(who d. 17 Sept., 1786) had iasne, WllHam, Martpiess nf Gra-' 
hran, d. 29 April, 178/. His Grace w., 2dly, 24 Julj-, 1790, 
Carolme.Maria Montague, eldest daughter of George, jtll 
Doke of Mandieiter, and has issne ; 1. Ctfor^'ina.Oarlo'U, 
i. 3 June, 1731, wi., 38 Jnly, 1814, Geui^e-Wimam Finch- 
Hatton, Esq., eldest son of George Finch.Hattnn, of EastireS' 

Park, CO. Kent, F .. . . - 

David, Sd Earl of 
1732; 3.£.ucjr, b. 2fl Sept., 17!)3,'w., 9Feb., 1S)8, Ed«W^ 
ViBcount ClivB, eldoBt sou of the Earl ofPowis; i. Jamet^ 
MargiwM nf Graham, b. 16 JuIt, 17M; 8, ff mWy, 6. 23 Jan,, 
1805; and 6. Monlagiu-William, b. 2 Feb., 180?. 

Of this celebrated name, the first penon vho appear) upon' 

record, it Willi*m oe Ghauah, who settled In Sciitleiid 

lenp. David I., and obtained from that prince the Inndn of 

Aberoom anil Dalkeith. Ufa aeoond eon, John Graham, wwr 


©13«^- 671 

tttker of WaUam, Uxher ^^^^^^ ^ I>»vid, father of 
i 3d David, who d. abofut 1»<^;J^J^ iMue, by AnabeUa 
kawife, da. of Robert earl of owweni, ZumBi 1. Patrick; 
t ar Jolm, of Ihindaff, one of Y**J^paniona of tir WUliam 
WiDwe, and alain at the battie of Falkirk, 22 July, 1298 « 
ISir David, who wM one of the nominees of Balicd, in hia 
compekldoa for the crown of Scotland, and one of the nohles 
rf tkat coimtrv who awore fealty to king Edward I., 3 Aug., 
IK Neither of the two younger aons of the 3d air David 
appears to have left issue, but the elden, 

Sir Patrick of Kincardine, styled by Hemingford, ^^ milet 
dteimut^ inter sapieniun-es r0ffni iUhu guagi primus, et inter 
poktUiores nobOUeimuSy" continued the line. He was, in 
1381, sent to negotiate the marriage between king Alexander 
UL and Margaret, da. of Guy, earl of Fbnders ; and was 
iliin at the battle of Dunbar, 1290. His great gnuidson, 

Sir Patrick of Dundaffand Kincardine, was one of the 
ktt^lBs fmr the ransom of king David IL, 1357- He waa 
tvice married ; by his 9d wife, Egidia, da. of sir John Stewart, 
flf Railston, and niece of king Robert IL, he had issue 4 sons, 
the ddest of whom, Patrick, m. Euphame, countess of Stra- 
them, only child of David, earl of Strathern, younger brother 
of king Robert II. ;. he was, in her right, earl of Strathern, 
aod ancestor, by her, of the Grahams, earls of Monteith and 
Airth. By his first wife he was father of 

Sir William, who was also twice married ; Ist, to Ma- 
riota, da. of sir John Oliphant, by whom he had issue, Alex^ 
ander ; and, 2dly, to the princess Mary, 2d da. of king Robert 
III., (and relict of George, earl of Angus,) and of sir Jumes 
Kennedy, of Dunure, by whom he had 3 sons ; 1. Robert^ an- 
cntor uf the Gralotms of Claverhouse, viscounts Dundee; 
2. Patrick, bishop of St. Andrews, papal nuntio, and legate a 
latere, d. 1478 ; 3. William, ancestor of the Grahams, of Bal- 
rvwan, and the present lord Lynedoch. 

Alexander, eldest son of sir M^'illiam, d, in his father's 
lifetime, leaving issue, 

Pat HICK, 1st lord Graham, so created before 5 July, 1451 ; 
d, 14(>5, leaving issue a son and heir, William, 2d lord, m, 
A.'iue, da. of Geoi^e Douglas, 4th earl of Angus, and, dying 
147*2, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William, 1st earl of Montrose, who adhered to the party 
of king James III. against that of his nobles, and was a com- 
Bunder at the battle of Bannockbuni, 1488, wlierein the king 
lust bis life. In return for his lo^'alty, king James IV. was 
pkaseJ to create him earl of Moktrose, 3 March, 1504-5. 



This earl waa, with king James IV. and nmn)' otter 

killed at the flatal hnttle of Hudden-Aeld, 1613. He wai nu^ 

OMHled liy hia eldest son, 

William, 5d earl, who was appointed rove ._ ^ 

Jumea V., by the regent, J^otin, duke of Albany, m. Jfine^ 
elden da. o[ Williain Keith, 3d earl MarisiJial, hy whoin hct 
hadJBBua 4 sons, and S das. His eldest son, Robert LocA' 
Oraham, waa killed at the battle of Pinkie, U47, in his fl 
lher'8 lifetime, learing a son JOHB. The earl d. 24May, 1871 
and was succeeded by his gnmdson, 

John, 3d earl, lord hi^ chancellor of Scotland, 1699, u 
viceroy of that kingdom, 1604 ; M. Jean, eldest da. of Dwri 
lord Drununond, and, dying 9 Nov., 1608, *wag succeeded i 
his eldest son, 

JoHH, 4th earl, lord president nf the council in Sootlm 
l(t36, Bjid d. the same year, leaving issue by Margaret, da. i 
William Ruthreu, 1st earl of Oourio, & das., and Dn oijy ■at 

James, 1st marquetw and Sth enrl of Montrose. K.O., 
1613, who, strongly attaching himself til Cbarles I., wu q 
pmnted, in 1644, CBpt..cen. In Scotland, and creiiti^d luarquei 
ofMuntroie^ but on his adrancing from Edinburgh, wll 
intention to strengthen the king, he was met at Philliplunr, 
near Selkiric, by nu^or-gen. Le^lio, who waa detached frof 
the Scots anny in England tn oppose his progress, and in 
battle fought there, 13 Sept.. 1645, the marifueaa was toloU 
defeated with very great loss, himself encaping to the Higli 
lands. He erobarked for France in Aiig. 1646. Themarqua 
haying procured a supply of money from Denmark and I 
Sweden, got together SM men, with arms and ammunition, 
which he sent from HambtU^b to one of the Orkney Islands, 
and followed iniTnedJately, with 100 officers, in April, ISIHI. 
From thence he landed nt Callhnens, collected his friends, and 
a battle took place, in whicli he was defeated by colonel Stra- 
han, condemned by the Scots parliament, and nn 21 May, 
1050, was hanged at the Cross, on a gibbet thirty feet high, 
for the imace uf three hours ; then lieheadcd and quartered, 
and his head fixed oo the Tullxiotli prison. After the resto- 
ration of Charles II. his majesty re^-ersed the sentence, and 
his scatteriid remains were colleel«d and buried with great 
solemnity in the caibedral church of St. Giles, May 16G1 : n. 
Magdalene Carnegie, da. of David, 1st earl of SoiilUesk, and 
had issue, 

Jajies, 2d marquess, commonly designated the .food mar- 
quess, by which appellation he was long and affectionately 
rumttmliered j who imniedlatdy on ilie king's return was re- 

DUKES. 673 

sund to his hoiunin and estate; m, Isabel Douglas, da. of 
Wilfiant, 7th earl of Morton, widow of Robert, 1st earl of 
Rflxburgh, and had issue, James, his successor ; and Anne, m. 
WilKam, 2d son of William, lord Oodirane, ancestor to the 
nib of DunAmald. He d. Ifl69, and was succeeded by his 


James, 3d marquess, m. Christian, da. to John Leslie, 
dnke of Rothes ; and dying in 1684, was succeeded by his son, 

James, 1st duke and 4th marquess of Montrose, K.G., was 
br queen Anne, 17^5, appointed admiral of North Britain ; 
ud S4 April, 1707i 'vras advanced to the dignity of duke of 
MovT&osE ; m. Christian Carnegie, da. of David, 3d earl 
of Northesk ; and by her (who d, in 1744) had issue, 1. Jlfar- 
jSTf/, d. young ; 2. James, d, young ; 3. David, whom king 
George L was jdeased to advance to the dignity of the peerage 
in En^and, by the titles of earl and baron Obaham, of Bel- 
ferd. col Northumberland, 23 May, 1722, with remainder to 
Ik brothers William and George ; his lordship d, vnm, in 
1731 ; 4. Wii.i'iAii, 2d duke ; and 5. George, capt. R.N., d, 
ISM., 2 Jan., 1747- The duke dL 7 Jan., 1742, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest surviving son, 

William, 2d duke of Montrose, and 2d earl and baron 
Onham, of Belford ; succeeded to the English honours on 
the death of his brother David, in 1731, m., Oct. 1742, Lucy 
Manners, da. of John, 2d duke of Rutland ; and had, 1 . James, 
Lis heir ; and 2. Lucy, m,, in 1771) Archibald Douglas, lord 
IV)ugIax. of Castle Douglas ; and </. 13 Feb., 1779. Themar- 
tuwss d. 23 Sept., 1700, and was succeeded bv his son, 

James, present and 3d duke, and 3d earl and baron Ora- 
UiTi. of Belford, in the peerage of England. 

Heir-Apparent— J A^iES, marquess of Graham, the duke^s 


Creations — Lord Graham, 1445 ; earl of Montrose, co. 
Forfar, 1505; marquess of Montrose, 1644; lord Al)enith- 
ven, 3f jTidock, and Fintray, viscount Dundaff, earl of Kin- 
c^rdin, marquess of Graham and Buchanan, and duke of 
3Inntrose, 1707 ; earl of Graham, and baron Belford, co. 
>'arthuml>erland, 1722. 

3li>tt« IiPoubliez pas — Forget not. 

--Irffrf— See Plate 51. 




ROXBURGH, Slarquess uf lieaiuiiuuC and Ceuford, Eul M 
Kelw, Viscount Brojunouch and Bnroii Ker, of Ccuford ao) 
Caiertan, uud a baronet; bora Jnly 1616; succeeded t^ 
father, Jam«,lale Duke, 19 July, 1823. 

Tbii ancient family, and that of the marquins of Luthiani 
are of Aiigh-Nvrman lineage, deaamded from two brothenu 
Ra^ and John, who aetth^d in g<:Dtland in the 13th cenluiT^ 
fotming two distinct raas of warlike border uhiafa. Front 
the alwce Ralph descended (lie Kets of FemihaTst, (les Mart 
quets uf LaUaaa) ,■ and from John the Ken of Cesffurd, ai 
ceston of the diukes rj Roxburgh. Eleventh in descent fm 

Sir RoBEVT Kebb, of Cesafiird, S. about JS70, created, 1. 
Sept., 1616, e*ifl of Jtoxburgh, and lord Kar, of C*Bsfurd aii4 
Cavertmui; n., let, Margaret, da. of sir William MaitJand, op- 

of Perth ; sir John Dnunmoad, of Loffiealmond ; Wjjll 

who became 2d earl of Roxburgh ; Jaue, m. John, 3d earl «if 
WiEton; and UUias, m. James, esirl of Tullibardiii ; 3. Isabtt, 
Ri. JomesSiTUDganir, 2d viscount of Dundee; 1. MaTg,m., la^ 
James Haliburton, of Pitcur,and, 2dly, Jiunes, 2d earl of Soutiv 
esk. The earl tn., 3dly, Jeaue, diu of Patrick lord Drummond, 
and sister of his son-inJaw, the earl of Perth, by whom he hi ' 
issue one son, Harry, lord Ker, wlio died in his father's lif 
time, leaving issue 4 das. : Jean, of whom hereafter ; Anne, 
■». John, 4lb earl of Wigton ; Margaret, tn., IGCG, sir James 
Innes, of Innes, hart. ; and Sophia, d. unm. Oa the destb 
of his ton, the earl obtained, 1646, a new charter of bis dig< 
nities and eststes, under the powers conferred liy which h« , 
eulailed tliem, 1st, on liia granilson, sir William Drummond, 
then on the 3 yrmnger sons of his grand-da., Jane, counteap 
of Wigton, (who all d. tHua.), undbr the express condition, 
that whoever succeeded -to the title, should marry the elde^ 
da. of his late son { and failing them, to the das. of his said 
son, and their hein male in succession. This entail was con- 
jirtned by act of partiaioent, 1649; and the earl dying IB Jan., 
16S0, was succeeded, according lo its provisions, by Ms 

Sir William DnuuHaHD, 3d earl, who, lOaS, in. hii 
cousin, lady Jean Ker, and by her had issue, RobSBT, 3d 
earl J and Jalm, who succeeded in IG71 to the title of lord 
Bellendeu, (|iursuaiit to disposition executed 14 April, 167L, 


k Wifliam lord Bdienden, who was son of M ai^^^aret, siiter 
tf the first earl of Roximrgh, and was created lord Beilcnden 
Iff]); and was ancestor of the 4th duke, as hereafter stated. 
Ae esrl d. 2 July, 1675, and was succeeded by his eldest Hon, 
RoBZKT, 3d earl, who was drowned near Yarmouth, 1(182, 
lanngissae, Robert, 4th earl, who d. unm. 13 June, 1096; 

JoH3r, 5th earl, K.6., created 25 Anril, 1707, duke of Rox- 
^1^ &C., with limitation of the title to those who Rhould 
noraed to that of earl of Rozburffh, under the settlement of 
1^; m. ^lary, only child of Daniel Finch, earl of Winchilsea 
md Nottingham, by his 1st wife, Essex, da. and coheiress of 
Robert Rich, eaii of Warwick, and d. 24 Feb., 1741, leaving 
inoe by her (who dL 19 Sept., 17^8) an only eon, 

RoBEKT, 2d duke, created Earl and Baron Ker^ of Wake- 
Ud. in England, 24 May, 1722 ; m. Essex, da. of sir Roger 
iloityn, of Mostyn, hart., and d. 23 Aug., 1755, leaving issue 
'OHX, 3d duke ; Robert^ who d. unm, 1761 ; and 2 das., who 
VCR bridemaids to queen Chariotte, 1761 ; Essex^ b, 25 Jan., 
1744, d. imm. 11 Sept., 1819; and ilfory, b. 17 March, 1746, 
^ «a«. 16 Feb., 1818. 

JoHx, 3d duke, K.O. And K.T. (the ce]et)rated e(^ector c^ 
kwhu f^nom whom the Roxburgh Club takes its name), d, 
vn«. 19 March, 1804, when the English titles of earl and 
^vna Ker became extinct ; but his Scots hononrs devolved 
'^ his kinsman, WilKam, 7th lord Bdlenden, whose descent 
»e pnx'eed to trace. 

Johiu 2d lord Bellenden, son of the 2d earl of Roxbiirgli, 
</• IT^'T- leaving issue, John^ 3d lord ; and William, father of 
*Jbe 7th lord and 4th duke. John,, 3d lord, d, 1740, IcaA^ng 
issue Ker,, 4th lord, and Robert^ 6th lord ; Ker,, 4th lorcl, left 
an only child, John^ 5th lord, who d, unm, 17*H), and was 
^';ofwded by his uncle, John^ who also dying unm. 1707) the 
f-arony devolved upon his cousin, 

M'li.LiAM, 7th lord Bellenden, succeeded, on the death of 
kinsman. John, 3d duke, in 1804, to the titles of duke of Rox- 
^"ir?h. &c., but d, without issue 22 Oct. 1805, when the 
■^ W,c male line of William, 2d earl of Roxburgh, failed ; the succession to the titles and estates was the subject of 
tJHitt^t for 7 years, the claim«nnts being, the late duke, as heir 
f*i lady Margaret Junes, 3d da. of Lord Harry Ker, son of the 
U: cn'rl, and lady Essex Ker, da. of the 2d duke; major-gen. 
M' [liter Ker, as heir male of the first earl; and the right hon. 
M'illiam Dnimmond, of Logiealmond, as heir male of the 2d 

i> 2 earl. 


earl. The house of lords, 1 1 May, 1812, resolved, that the late 
duke had made out his oUim ; and we now proceed to detail 
the descent on which it was founded. 

It has already been stated, that Margaret, 3d da. of Harry 
lord Ker, and grand-da. of the 1st earl, m. Sir James Innes^ 
of Inncs, hart. ; by him she had issue sir Haary Innes, who 
m., 16^, Jean, da. of Duncan Forbes, of Culloden, and d. 12 
Nov., ^721, leaving a son and heir, sir Harry ^ who m., 1727, 
Anne, da. of sir J^^ Grant, of Grant, bart., and d. 1762, 
leaving issue by her (who d. 2 Feb., 1771) & son and heir, 

James, whp became, in 1812, 5th duke of Roxburgh, &c. ; 
h. 1739 ; ml, 1769, Mary, da. of Sir John Wrey, of Glentworth, 
CO. Lincoln, bart., and thereupon took the surname of Nor- 
diffe.' 'This lady, d, without issue, 20 July, 1807 ; &nd his 
Grace m., 2dly, 28 July, 1807) Harriet, da. of Benjamin 
Chariewood, of Windlesham, by whom he had issue a da., b. 
and d. 26 May, 1814 ; and James-Hibk&y, present duke. 
His grape d, 19 July, 1823, and was succeeded by his only son, 

JiV^ES-HENHT, present and 6th duke. 
, Heir»Apparent — ^None. 

Creations — Earl of Roxburgh, lord Ker, of Gessfurd and 
Caverton, 1616, with limitatum to his issue male;, a new 
grant of the same honours, 1646, with the precedence of 1616,- 
and power to the grantee to nominate a successor. Duke of 
Roxburgh, marquess oi Cessfurd and Beaumont,^earl of Kelso, , 
and viscount Broxmouth, 1707) with remainder to the heirs j 
succeeding to the earldom of Roxburgh. . 

Motto — Pro Christo et patria^ dulce periculum-^'For Christ « 
and my country, danger is sweet. , ^ 

Arms — See plate 51. 1 



BARLE8 DOUGLA8, MAiiarEB« and EaRI. i<f 

'EBNSBERRV, VIiwdbC Dnimluirig, Lnrd Dmiglu, of 

Tide uid TibtHTTS, K.T., and a. Baronet ; sunwedeil lo Hie 

' tides on tbe death o( WiDiam, 4lli J>uke nf Quwimbcrrv, 

-i uf Marcb, Ruglen, ftc, 33 Dec, 1810 | Uird Lim- 

,.>. Dumfries; married, 13 Aug., Jn03, Caroline Scotl, 

' ^hier of Heory^Sd Duke of Biircleuch and Qiieeuilierry, 

. and has isnie; 1. Cnrotine-Eliaabelh, b. U Jviy, 1804, 

! April, 1811 ; 2. Louisa-Amtf^ i. S4 June, leOG i % Maiy- 

miieth, b. 2t Not., 1807; 4- Harriel-Cluiilian, A. 93 July, 

Mi 6. Jatte-Margaret-Stary, b. 15 Jan., 1811; 6. FraiKtit 

— - '), (.Jau. 1813; uul,& a dji.,&ae April, 1817. 



JahSB, Sd carl, who by his 2d wife, Mai^^ot, da. of Jobxti 
Stewart, lat earl uf Truquair, had iaaiie 6 daa., who all ta.^ 
and 4 BODB ; 1. William, Ist duke ; 2. James, killed ■' 
Namur, lOBI, leaving 2 sons, James and WiUituti, wlio Imtl 
if. B. p. : 3. John, killed at Treves, 1673, s. p. ; aiid 4. Robert 
killed Bt Maenricht, 1676, also s. p. The earl d. 1671, aoA 
was luccaeded liy his son, 

WiLLiAU, 1st duke aod inarqueBB of .Quecnsberry : 11 Fek) 
168S, lie was urested lord Douglas, of Kilmciunt, Middlnbib 
and Domoi^ ; vjstiouiit uf Nidt, Torthorwuld, and Roeb;. eofll 
of DrumUnrig and Sanquhar) marquesa uf Quvoiisberry ; a, 
in April 1660, he obtained the king's BtgD-manua! to the b 
lion king at amui, ordering the double trennire to be Bupi 
added to hia armorial bearings, as it is in the royal ochie^ 
mentB : be was alao, 3 Feb., IMS, created marquess of Dui 
fries, and duke of Queensbmry ; m., 16B7, Isabel, da. of Wit 
liam, marquess of Douglas, and bad i>sue ; 1. James, hU luB- 
cesior, and 1st duke of Dover; 2^ Wiiliam, created, 20 Aprfi,, 
lti97, earl of March, &c, n- Jean, 2d dn. of John Hay, M 
mal^iuem of Tweedole, and had iunie, Witliam, 2d coH of' 
ntarch, who, by Anne, da. of John Hamilton, earl of Selkirk^ 
was father of William, 6th diike of Qufwnal'erry | 3. Georg»^ 
d.KnTB. 1693; and .^nMs.m., 1607, David, 3d eacl of Weniyst,- 
Hia grace d. 6 March, 16U5, and was lucceoded by liia son, 

Jameb, 2d duJie of Queeusburry, &«., K.G., b. Dec 18,; 
lOea; created baroa of Ripjxin, marquess of Bevcrluv, an4 
duke of Dover in England, 2U May, 1703, in reward 'of his; 
services in bringing about the Uuion of (be two Kingdom! 
In 1706 he resigned into the hanils of the crown his titk'a i 
duke of Queoiisberry,niarqueBs of Duuifriessbire, eai'l of Drum^ 
lanrig and Sanquhar, vismunt of Nitb, Torthorwobl, and RoMj 
and boron Dojiglas (^ Kinmont, Middlebie, uiid Dumockj on^ 
ubtaineii a new patent, 17 June, 170'', to liim and bis beiraof 
Untail, (male or female, being descended from William, Ist 
earl of Queensbejry), succeediiig to the property of Queen*.^ 
berry : but in tbis surreuder and now grant, the titles of mar., 
quess and earl of Queenaberry, viscount of Drumlunrig, and, 
banin Douglas of Hawick aiid Tibbers, were not iodudedii 
but they were left to descend according to the original patents 
of creation. His grace m., 4 Dec, 1685, Mary, 4th da. of 
Charles lord Clifford, eldest son of Ridukrd earl of BurlingtiH^' 
and Cork, andliad issue by her (besides 3 sons mid 3 das., who, 
(tyomig)j I., 2d duke; 2. Jone, m. Francis, duk^., 
of Bucdi'uch, whose grandson, Henry duke nf Buocleuch, 
eventually succeeded to the dukedom of Queeusbetry, and tl i^ . 


fiher titles included in the paUsit of I7OG; 3. Ahm^ m. M'iU 
iiam Fiucfa, brother of Dauiel, 6th earl of Windiiliiea, and tL 
% Oct., 1741, 8. p. The duke d. 6th July, I711, and wai 
wceeeded by his ion, 

CiuELES, 3d duke of Queensherry, and 2d duke of Dover, 
vfao had during bis father^s lifetime, and when not 8 yearn 
<^ 17 June, 1700, been created carl of Soloway, visccmat 
Tibii^ &c, with remainders to tlie heira male of tlie lN)dy 
of his father not inheriting the title of duke of Queensherry ; 
&.3i Nov., IGUS; m., 10 March, I72O, Catlierine, da. of Henry 
flyde, earl «if Clarendon and Rochester, by whom he had issue 
2 una. Henry and Charles, who both d, in their father*s life* 
aoe, s. p. ; and the duke dying 22 Oct., I7789 aged 80» his 
EngHsh honours became extinct, but the Soots de^vlved on 
k» cousin, 

WiLLiAJC, 3d earl of March, grandson, as before stated, of 
William earl of March, Sd son of the 1st duke of Queensherry, 
vbo thereupon became 4th duke. His grace was K.T., and 
ocsted, 21 Aug., 1780, banm Douglas, of Amesbury, in £ng. 
ekod; d. If nm. 23 DeoL, 1810, when his English barony, ami 
the earldoms of Jfardi and Buglen, became extinct. The 
^edom of Queensberry, and the oth^ titles included in the 
patent of 1706, devolved on the duke of Bucdeuch (see thai 
title J i and the titles of marquess and earl of Queensl)erry, vis- 
Ofimt of Drumlanrig, and baron Douglas of Hawick and Tib- 
I t-n, ou tlie present marquess, whose descent from the 2d sou 
r^ the 1st earl we now proceed to trace. 

isr William Douglas^ of Kelhead, 2d son of the 1st earl of 
Qiitenslierry, was created a bart. 20 Feb., 167H, in wliicli title 
i:e iras succeeded by his eldest surviviug son, sir James^ who 
«iis father of sir tVillidm^ who tn., 1705^ Helen, da. of col. 
John Enikine, and d. 1733, leaving issue 10 sons and 4 dus. ; 
hif eldest son. 

Sir John^ »». Christian, da. of sir William Comnigham, of 
Capringtou^ CO. Ayr, bart., and had issue by her (who d. Nov. 
1741); 1. sir TVilliam^ his successor ; 2. James-Charles-Sholio, 
anne time collector of the customs in Jamaica, m., 1st, Basilia, 
^ of James Dawes, of Jamaica, and had issue by her, Jauies- 
Sholto, major in the army, m., and has issue ; John-Graham, 
d. vnin. I8O7 ; ^ir, capt. R.N., 9n., and has issue t he m., 
2dly, JUary, da. of rev. Dr. Richard Bullock, by whom he had 
iuue, ^^harles, €L unm, 1806 ; Edward-Bullock, m. Mary, da. 
of rev. Dr. Richard Bullodc ; Lucy-]\laria, m, rev. Thomas 
Newton, and d. 1811. Sir John d. 13 Nov., 1778, and was 
nicceede^ by his son. 


Sir Wtliiam, ni., 21 Mareb, 1173, Grace, da. and eaheire 
n! AVilliom Johiutoa, of Lockerb^, esq., and had iame ; „ 
Chahxcs, present msrqaess ; 2. Archibald, in Itie army, tL 
vniB. 2 Dec, 179Si 3. John, of Iiockerby! 4. HenTS-Ali»- 
aiiiUt! 5. WitHam-RaberUKeUh ; 6. Mary; ^. ChnsHm 
B. Catherine-Henm. Sir WiUiam A 16 May, 1783, and w 
suef«eded in the haronetcy by his son, 

Charleb, who, in 1810, aucceeded, an ttbore stated, to t! . 
"'"' " " sa of QueBDSberry; and is the present and 5Eh 

Heir-Preiamptive — The marquess's brother, Johh DoiT- 
6LAS, esq., of IiDck«rhy. 

Creatiom — MBrqueas of Queensberry, 11 Feb., 1682 ; ead^ 
IfiO: and viscount Dnimlanrig, 16-2B. 

Slotlo — FoTinard. 

^rnw— See Plate 62. 

Earl of Gifford, Viscoimt Walden, Lord Yeater, K.T.C.B., 
fiereditaty Chamberlain of Dumfermline ; Auru 1 Feb., 1787; 
succeeded hiii father, George, tbe late Marqueii, 19 Au^., 
1804; Liexitenant.Colonel In Iht Army. The Marquess w: 
Aide-de-Camp to th« Duke of Wellington, at the bitttle >_. 
Busaco, 27 Sept., 1810, where he waa wounded: married, 1st, 

18 Aiij;., 1813, , daughter of John Forbea, of Seatoii, au 

Aberdeen, esq., deceased ; and, 2dlv, E8 March, 181G, Susad 
Montagu, 2d danghter of William, Duke of Manchester ; and i 
has issue, a daughter, b. 12 March, 1817; a daughter, b. April 1 
1818; a daugluer, b. 18 July, 1819 ; and a son and hei ' 
20 April, 1821. 

The first person of this name who appears in the Scott 
records, is Williain de Haya, who settled in l«th!aii at tb* 
Close of the 13th cencnry, and had the office of pintertui dOm. 
Mini reoif (king's butler] dnring the reigns of Malcolm IV. 
and William the Lion. He d. abont II70, leaving issue t 
sons ; 1. fVilliam, ancestor of the earls of Errolt and 2. Jtfli' 
berl, ancestor o( the marquess of Tmeedale. 

JoHH Hat, 12th in descent from Bobert, was, SO Jan.,' 
1487-8, created lord Hay, of Vester, ivbich title descended ll| 
t^ulsr succession to William, 6th lord, who d. ISftl, leaff 
ing 2iAns; 1. William, Gthlirrd, who ri. without issoe toalef 
4nd 2. JAHCn, 7th lord, who d. IIJOD ; and was sucMedsd ^f 
hiiion, ^ 



Juux, ikh lord Yeiter, created 1 De&, 16J6, earl of 
TwtetlaHe ; m., 1st, Jean, da. of Alexander Set»n, In carl of 
Dumfenuline, by whom he had John, 2i1 earl ; and, Sdlly, Mar. 
girvt, da. of Alexander Montgomery, (ith e;irl of Eglin'tori, by 
niuRn he had a son, William^ of DrumelziiT, m., and had a 
someroua issue. The earl d. 1654, and was succeeded by his 

JoHx, 2d earl ; created, 17 I>ec, 1094, viscount Walden, 
ttH uf Gifford, and marquess of Tweedale ; m. Jean, da. of 
Walter Soott, 1st earl of Bucdeuch, and h&d issue; 1. Joiiw, 
Silinsnjuess; 2. David^ of Belton, m., and left issue; 3. Aler" 
c»^, of Spott, m., and left issue ; 4. Gilbert ; 5. William ; 
ud 2 das. The marquess dL U Aug., 1697, and was succeeded 
bv his 8on^ 

JoHx, 2d marquees, h, 1645, m., 11 Dec., 1666, Anne, only 
dkild and heir of John Maitland, duke of Lauderdale, and JL 
30 April, 1713, having had issue by her; 1. Charles, 3d 
msniaeas ; 2. Jahn^ brig..gen. under the duke of Marlborough, 
ud o^ of the Soots Oreys, <L 1706, s. p. ; 3. William^ of 
XnrluJl, m. 3Iaigaret, only child of John Hay, of Linplum, 
ud had a numerous ianie, of whom John, eldest son, who dL 
17&5, was father of Oeoroe, 7th marquess. The marquess 
d. 30 April, 1713, and was succeeded by his son, 

Charles, 3d marquess, m. Susan, da. of William and 
Anne, duke and dutcfaess of Hamilton, relict of John, 2d earl 
f*' Dundonald ; and had, 1. John, 4th marquess ; 2. Charles^ 
n^jor-^n., </. unm, 1 May, 1760; and, 3. George, Cth mar- 
\^ur\s. The marquess d. 17 Dec., 1715, and was sua'eeded by 
xJ* son, 

John, 4th marquess, m., April 1748, Frances Cartoret, <1a. 
rf Jiibn, earl Granville; and by her (who d, 21 Dl»c., l7i\Q.) lit^ides other children who d, young, George, r»tli niar- 
'iUess ; and Catherine,, m. capt. William Hay, 2d son of John, 
« r -NVwhall aboveiiamod, great-grandson of the 2d, and elder 
'.■■•thpf of the 7th marquess; which William d. I'JiH^ leaving 
•;■ li:'"* lady an only da., Frances, f?i., 1707^ Tharles ^Manners, 
'■? N.iili Witham, co. Lincoln, nephew of tbe earl of Dysart. 
T. *■ marquess d. 1 Dec, 1762, and was sucaHMled by bis son, 

'^*:'jRGE, oth marquess, who d. a minor, 4 Oct., 1770, and 
^i« sucveeiled by his uncle, 

fiLORGK, Cth marquess, who d. without issue, 16 Nov., 
17'»7« ^nd was succeeded by his distant cousin, 

'rEORG E^ 7th marquess, grandson, as before stated, of Lord 
^^Miiarn Hay, of Newhall, 2d son of John, 2d marquess ; m., 
?7n.'). HHiinah -Charlotte Maitland, duu of James, Tith earl of 

Lauderdale ; 


Laiiilerdele ; andb7}ier(wIiD(f. 6May, 1804,)IiBd, 1. Geoucii* 
the present marquess ; 3. James, lwut.-i»1. greDsdier guurdtL 

m., IB Aug., iei3, , da. of Tiiomiui Topbes, of SeaMlt 

CO. Aberdeen, e»q., and has ibeuq ada., i. 15 Oct., 1810| 
anather da., b. ISSept., 1818; and a son, b. B May, ISSOJ 
S.^nubn, espt. R.N.; i. Wiiliam-GeOTye, d. yoaag ; S. Edaa^ 
George, lieut. rifle brigade; 6. Thomas ; ^. DoTolhea-Franet^ 
m., S3 Oct., 1809, Jobn-Henry Ley, esq., clerk to tbe houu 
-' ''^--' -\e; 6. Ilannah.CharJolte, m.,2Slaa.% 

■ Ills, Jobn Thorpe, of ChippenbBm Park, to. Cambridg^ 
efeq.i 9. Ehxi^lh, m., 7 June, 1813, Jnaepb.Hope Vere, A 
Cri^rlp-hall and Blackwood, esq.; 10. Jane; and, l\. Jvlia^ 
Tomlinsen. The marqneas d. at Verdun, in France, Aug. 
1804, and was succeeded by hig eldest son, 

Oeoboe, present and Bth marquess. 

ffeir-Apparenl — The Earl of GiPpord, boh of the mail 

qtlCss. ^^ 

Crea(inlw— Lord Hay, of Yejter, 1487; earl of TweedaWj 
CO. Peebles, 1646; viscount Waldcn, earl of Gifford, and mnpJ? 
qncsH of Tweedale, 1694. 

Motto — Spare aonghl. 

Arm* — See Plate 62. 

EABt of LOTHIAN, Earl of Aiitrani, Baron Kerr of New- 
l«ltle and Jedburgh; born 1 Feb., IT!l4i succeeded his father,' 
William, late marquess, 2J April, 1824. 

The marquess of Lothian is mnle repnwentalive of tW 
iiouse of Ker, of Femihnrst, whose ancestor, Ralph Ker, set- 
tled in Teviotdale about 1330 ; and at the same time repre- 
sents, and derives some of his titles from, a Junior branch ol 
the Ken of Cessfurd (ia which family is the title of duke d 
Roxburgfa.) ^ 

Sir Andrmi Ker, of Femihurat, 8th in descent from Ralpfi 
aboveaained, d, 1545, leaving 2 sons ; 1. John, of FemihiiiM) 
who was grandfather of Andrew, created, 1622, baron Jeda 
bniKb i and of Robert, earl of Somerset, K.G., the favouritrf 
of King 

RoBF-KT, iu 1833, 
and his issne male by his 2d wife, with remainder to his iisut 
male whatsoever j m., Ist, EHiiabelh, da. of sir John Murray, 
of Btackbarony, by whom he had a son, Willfam, 3d eu} 
of Anrram and of Lothian ; and, 2dly, Anne, only stirvivir ^ 
da. of U'iUJam Stanley, 6th Mrl of Derby, by whom he h 

1IA&QUES8S8. 083 

mill dM., and one Km, CuAai.Xf , who In 1664 wicceeded 
ia fitther as 8d earl of Ancram, and dL ■. p. ; whereupon the 
title of Ancram devolved upon hJa half (and elder) bro&er, 

VTiLLiAM, who, having m. Anne, ooimteH of Lothian, 
ddoc da. and coheiress of Robert Ker, 2d earl of Lothian, 
and grand-daughter of Mark Ker, who was created barou New. 
borle. 1591, and earl of Lothian, 1006, (which Mark, earl of 
Lodiisn, was son and heir of Mark Ker, of Newbottle, 2d son 
<E sir Andrew Ker, of Cessfurd, ancestor of the dukes of 
Roibiirgh,^ was himself created eari of Lothian, 1631 ; and 
OD his hahf-brother's death, became also earl of Ancram. He 
^ 1675, leaving issue, by the said countess, 

KoBEET, 4ui earl of Lothian and Ancram; appointed bj 
Idiiff William III. lord justice general, and high conunisobner 
to the general assembly of the diurch, in Scotfimd ; and, 1701, 
cntted marquess of Lothian; m. Jean, da. of Archibald 
Campbdl, marquess of Argyll, and by her (who d, 31 July, 
1712,) had issue 4 das., wno d, young; Mary^ m. James, 
marquess of Douglas; and 5 sons; I. William, 2d marquess ; 
i Charltt^ director of the chancery in Scotland, m. Janet, da. 
of fir David Murray, of Stanhope, co. Peebles, hart., and d 
1735, leaving a numerous issue ; 3. JioAfi, coL of the 31 st foot, 
i- 1728, tiniR. ; 4. Mark, general in the army, and governor 
of Edinburgh castle, (L unm, 1752 ; 5. James, d, unm. The 
marquess </. 15 Feb., 1703 ; and was succeeded by his son, 

William, 2d marquess, who, on the death of his kinsman, 
R<il«rt, 3d lord Jedburgh, in 1692, inherited the title of baron 
Jetihtirgh, by virtue of a special limitation in the patent of 
iha: hi>nour ; m. Jean, da. of Archibald, earl of Argyll, and 
(^- 28 Feb., 1722, leaving issue by her 4 das., and an only son, 

William, 3d marquess; m., 1st, Margaret, da. of sir 
Thomas Nicholson, of Kemnay, co. Aberdeen, bart., and by (who d. 30 Sept., 1769,) had issue, 1. William-Henet, 
-Ith marquess ; 2. Robert, capt. in the army, killed at Cullo- 
<i»-n, 16 April, 1746; 3. Jane, d, younc. The marquess «i., 
2iliy. his cousin, Jean, da. of lord Chanes Ker, 2d son of the 
W. marquess ; but by her (who d. 26 Dec, 17870 had no issue. 
Hf d. 2.S July, 1767) and was succeeded by his son, 

^riLLiAMlHEXRY, 4th marquoBS, m. Louisa-Caroline, only 
da. «if Robert, earl of Holdemesse, great-grand-daughter of 
r.-wlerifk, duke of Schomberg and Leinster, (killed at the 
fiattle of the Boyne, 1690,) and of Charles-Louis, eloctor- 
.xJiiine ; hy whom (who d, 15 Nov., 1758,) he had, 1. Wil- 
mam-Joii>', 5th marquess ; 2. Louisa, m,, in 1759, lord 
(ievrjie Liennox, brother to Charles, 3d duke of Richmond, 
^ K.Q. ; 



K.O.; 3. fVilkelmina-Xmiliii, m., Z Jan., 1783, major-gen. 

John MaJeoil, of the ruj^ artilleiy, and hnn Ueue. The *' 

umrqueBs if. April 20, 1779, ami wab sncu«dtd I.y his sod, *>' 

WiLLiAH-JoHH, 5th mHrqness, general in tlie arniy, coL ^ 

lleU reg. of drigoons, and K.T., b. 1737. m-, 15 July, 17M, * 

Eliiabeth, ouly du. o! Chichester Forcescue, of Dromisken, '^ 

CO. Louth, (by Eliiabath H'ellesley, eldest du. of Rirhnrd, 1st ' 

lord Moriiiiigton), and by her (who d. 27 Dec, 1787.1 had '< 

issue; 1, William, 6tb marqueai ; 3. ChaTles-Beattchamp, ' 

6. 19 July, 1778, d. 20'Mareh, IfllB, having m. Eliial^th, da, '• 

f WlUiani Cnitnp, of Farnham, co. Surrey, esq., and had 
issue, Cbnries-Willinm John, b. Sept., 1801 ; Mnrk.IImry, 
I. Nor.. 11103; Caroline, b. Aug.. 1804; Bcaiu^hninp, b. Muy, 

1806; Charlotle, b. June, 1807; and Francis, b. March, ISOS! 
William, b. lull ; Elizabeth, b. 1813; 3. Mark-Roberf, 
R.N., h. 12 Nor., 1776, m., 18 July, 1700, Charlotte 
donald, 3d da. of Randall. Willi am, marquess of Anlrin , . 
haa isnue; Lelitia-Louisa, b. May 1800, d. 181i); Sydne^, 
d. an infant; Qeorgiana, b. July 1B06; Cftniliiie, b. JuHf 
1807; Sdiomberg, 4. April 1809, d. Feb, 181!'- — ' - — 
6. 27 April, 1814; i. Robert, major in the armv, 
to the order of the Thistle, m. Maij, da. of the rev, Eiiwnrd 
Gilliert, of Windsor Bouse, do. Cornwall, und has issue ; 
Elizabeth-Anne, b. 18 May, 1807; Ixmisa-GraL-e, *. 15 Sept., 
1808; WaUam-Wallor.Raleigfa, ft.26Nov., IBOOj End a da.', 
b. 31 Jiioe, 1817; 5. ElisabeiK, b. 2 Sept., 1766. m., 20 No», 
1784, Robert, lord Dormer, and d. I« Aug., I«22( 6. C 
lhi6.Sidnei/, b. 8 Sept., 1786; ?■ ifarg, b. 6 Tte^, 1707 
8 Dec., 1788, the hon. Ueui..gen. Frederick Sx. John, 3i 
of Frederick, 3d Ti»counI BoliTisbroke, and d. Feb., 179l' 
& LmiUa^ b. 30 Nov., 1708, m., 2 June, 1783, Arthur Atherl 
ofSouthunpton,e«|.,Bnd<J.33 June, 1819; and, y. Ai 
d. voung. The marquess d. 4 Jan., 1815, and was suu:eea 
liy'his eldest si.o, 

William, Cth marquess, E.T., m., 1st, U April, 171 
Henrietta, da. of John Hobart, 2il earl of Buckinghamshi 
{whose former marriage with Somerset Lowry, earl of B 
morn, was dissolved by act of parliament,) and by her (who 
Aug., IHOQ,) had issue; 1. Johk-William-Hobekt, p: 
aent marquess; 2. Schomberg-Robert, 6. 18 Aug., 1705; 3. /. 
betla-EaUy.CaToIine, 6. 7 Dec, 1737 ; 4. Henry-FTBiua^ 
CAarki, J). 17 Aug., tSOO. The marquess tn., 2dly, THt 
ISM, HenriettM, da. of Henry Scott, 3d duke of BurcleueS 
K.t)., Mid hud ioue ; 6. Elitabtlh-GeorgKna, b. 25 Se "' 
lac;.; G. J/arriet-LottUa-^tine. b, 19 Oct., ISOB; 7- Fran 


lUlUlOESiES. 6tt 

4 9 0et^ 1810; & a Mm, b. 14 l>ec., 1816; 9: a son, b. 28 
Sept, 1818 ; 10. a son, b, 19 July, 1821. The marqneM d. 
27 April, 1824, and wai-iueoeed8d^)u»iMi, 

J0HV-W11.1.IAM-R0BSKT, present and 7tli marquess. 

Hmt^Pr uumpH v e — Lord S^boiebekg-Robekt Kebk, 
Ike muqaem*B Inocher. 

Cfmiio9u — Baron of Nflubmifa, 15^ Oct., 1687; baron of 
Mru|^ 8 Feb., 1622 ; eaii of Aneiiim and marquess of 
Loddan, SS Jime, 1701 ; baitHi Ken*, in the peerage of the 
Dnted Kingdom, 14 Julf , 182f. 

Motto — Sero, sed #wi» 1 * Latir^ bil» serionsly. 

Arm — See Plate 62. 

▼OL. II. ' EARliS. 

[ 886 ] 






Elizabeth-Sutherland gower, Countess of 

SUTHERLAND, and Baroness of Strathnaver, co. Suther. 
land, in her own right : bom 24 May, 1765 : succeeded her 
father, William, the 17th Earl, 16 June, 1766 : married^ 
4 Sept., 1785, Oeorge, Marquess of Stafford, K.G. ; by whom 
she has, 1. Georoe-Oranville, Earl Oower, b, 8 Aug., 
1786; 2. Charlotte-Levisimy b. 8 June, 1788; m., 27 Dec, 
1814, Henry-Charles, Earl of Surrey, only son of Bernard- 
Edward Howard, Duke of Norfolk ; 3. JEHzabeth'Marp, b, 
8 Nov., 1797 ; 4. WHlianuLeviaon^ d. 1804 ; 5. Francis, b, 
1799 ; and 6. Elizabeth, 

This title is the most ancient of any in Great Britain, 
having continued, without interruption, in the lineal course 
of descent, for near six centuries : while nearly all the other 
ancient titles have been changed in their destinations by re- 
signations and new patents, this earldom has remained unal# 
tered, and been transmitted through twenty generations, in the 
legal order of descent, to Elizabeth, the present possessor. 

William, 1st earl of Sutherland, was great-grandson of 
Freskin, a Fleming, who settled in Scotland during the reign 
of David I. His father, Hugh Freskin, had obtained the 
territory of Sutherland forfeited by the earl of Caithness, 
when he rebelled, 1197 ; and he was created an earl, by Alex- 
ander II., in reward of his assistance in crashiiig the rebellion 


EARLS. 087 

of 6iIles]poe, in 1228, and at the name time to balance the 
f«vcr of the earl <if Caithness. He d. 1248, and from him 
tlie earidom descended, in an unbroken line from father to son^ 
to William, 4th earl, who m. Margvet, ddest da. of king 
Kobert I., and full sister to king David II., who erected the 
€vldom of Sutherland into a r^§;ality, by charter, 10 Nov., 
1M5. From William the title descended to Johk, 9th earl, 
vho d. without issue, 1514, when it devolved on his only 
lister, Elizabeth, wife of Adam Gordon, of Aboyne, 2d son of 
George, 2d earl of Huntley, and she was accordingly enfeoffed 
in the earldom, 30 June, 1515. On her death it descended 
to her grandson and heir, Johk, 10th earl, and from him, 
through a series of 8 generations, to the present countesses 

William, 18th earl, 6. 1707 ; m., 2 April, 1734, Elizabeth 
Wemyss, eldest da. of David, 3d earl of Wemyss, and by her 
(vfao d. 20 July, 1747) had issue ; William, 17th earl ; and 
EHxabeihy m., 29 Dec, 1757, her cousin, the hon. James 
Wemyss, 3d son of James, 4th earl of Wemyss, and d. 24 Jan., 
1803. The eaii d. ^ Dec., 1750, and was succeeded by his son, 

William, 17th earl, 6. 29 May, 1736 ; m., 14 April, 1761, 
Msry, ddest da. and co-heiress of William Maxwell, of Pres- 
teon, Kirkcudbright, esq., and had issue; 1. Catharine^ d. 
3 Jan., 1766, and Elizabeth, the present countess. The earl 
i. 16 June, 1766, having survived his countess, who d. of the 
fatigue and anxiety attendant upon nursing her husband in 
his £atal illness, just 16 days. On the death of the earl with- 
out issue male, a competition arose for the title of earl of 
Sutherland, between Elizabeth, the present countess, sir Ro- 
bert Gordon, of Crordanstoun, bart., and George Sutherland, 
of Force, esq.; when, on an appeal to the house of lords, they 
•ere, 21 March, 1771» pleased unanimously to resolve, 

1. *•' That the title, honour, and dignity of the earldom of 
Sutherland, descended to Elizabeth^ the wife of Adam Gor- 
di>n, upon the death of her brother John, earl of Sutherland, 
vithout issue, 1514, as heir of the body of William^ who was 
eari of Sutherland, 1275, was assumed by her husband in her 
right, and from her descended to the heirs male, who were 
iiso heirs of the body, down to the death of the last earl of 
Sutherland, 1766, without any objection on the part of the 
male line of the said William. 

2. *"*" That none of the charters produced affect the title, 
himour, or dignity of the earl of Sutherland, but operate as 
b)nve>'ances of the estate onlv. 

3. " Tiiat the claimant, Elizabeth Sutherland, has a right 

E 2 t-Q 


nanb^ uf Scotland : ni., 1740, Franixa, only ds. ni John. 

lltb earl of Mbit, nod d. 37 Feb., lyflS, leHViiig iHiie by her * 

(who li, 20 June, 1776) two lona ; 1. JouN-FitAHCis, prcnenC * 

■arl; 2. James-Frandi, ooL in the anny, d. 5 April, 1806, 1 

lesviog Usiie i < 

Heir-Apparent — Josn-Thohas, [he atd't eldest son. i 

CraofioR — ^ 

.4mj — See plate 56. e 

Banm Hay, Hereditary Lord High ConslaMe of Scothind : 
a Lord of the Beddiiunlier, (ind one of the 16 repretientaiiye 
Pews fOT Scotland ; bom 21 Feb., 1801 : auoceeded his father, 
WiWani Hav-CaiT, the late EKrl, 26 Jan., 1013; married, * 
4 Dec. IRSO, Elizaheth Ficzi-lBrence, third daughter of hi> *i 
Royal Hijcfanesi thi Diiki- nf Clarenn, K.O., O.C.B. and hu ■< 
iuue a ma and h«r, b. 3 May, IB23. S 

Under the tille Manjuem nf Tweedale, it has been already 
UUed thac the anrestor of that noble house, and of the earl 
uf BiTol, were brothers, Che loiu of WiUiam de Ilaya, who 
settled in Hid-Lothion, towarda Che md of (he 12th i;entiuy, 
a>d held the office of pinjieraa regia, or king's Liuler, in c)ie 
reigns of Malcolm IV. and WilUam the Lion. Wiiham, the 
(Uar brother, obtained ihe lordship of Emd, fmm vhence 
hi* dewendants have taken iheir utle, abont 111)0. tteventh 
in tinea) descent fi-om hioi was 

WilliauHat, who was, by kioff James II., in 1482, in 
Eennmpenae of his faithful services, created earl of Errol. and 
d. at, Slaites, abouc 14G7. Ue m. Beatrii, dsiiRhter of Jamei, 
3d lord DiUkeith, and by her hod imue 2 »i>ns; Nicholas, 
Mmrl,whod.nrithonti»iie 1470; ui.l Wili.iaii, 3d earl, 
vbad. 150B; leaving iwue William, 4th earl, and Thowuu \ 
al Ijogyalniond. . 

ViLLiAU, Jth earl, was killed at Flodden Field, 1513, j 
leaving an (inly son, William, Slh earl, who d. n-ithoHt i 
tCHle issue ^louc 1530, when the tiOe devolved on his nnuin, 
UE«aoE, 6th sail, son of ThaniBa of Logyalmoud above. 
uwied. He was nuxeeded by his eldcet son, 

Ahdhew, 7Ui bm-1, m, Jean, only da. and heir of William, 
6tti earl of Errul, by vhrnn be lind issue, Fbahcih, SiIi earl ; 
«ad 2i<ly, Agues, da. of George Sinclair, earl of Cuitlmess, by y 
wiunn he bud a sou, George, ^ KiJlour, whose grandiiOii, Jolim, . 

Fbancii, 8th nu-1, d. 1631, and vat iiunwded by his eldest 

KARIA 691 

MB, William, 9th «arl, who acted m lord hkfh constable of 
Scodsnd at the ammatioQ of king Gheriei I. { and dviaf 
1(96; left aa only aon, Oilbekt, 10th eacl, who dL witnout 
mm 1674, when the title devidvad on hii fcingpan, 

JoHv, 11th eail, ion ef Andrew Hay, of Killour, and 
gnmdaon of Qeorge abore-mentioiiad. He m. Anne, only 
4a. of Jamea Dmmnumd, SA eazl of Perth, and d. 1704, 
Ittnag issue; L Cilaklks, 12th earl, who d. unm, 1717 S 
1 Marit, who on her brother's death became countess of 
Send, and acted (by depaty) as high oonstable of Scotland at 
Ike coronation of king Gteo. XL, m. Alexander Falconer, but 
i without issue 1758 ; X Margant^ m. Janws, earl of Lin* 
Jidiggw asd Cidendar, by whom (who was attainted 1715) 
ihe had a da^ Anne, m. WUBanij 4th earl of Kilmamod^ 
(«ho WM CTacnted on Tower Hill 1746), and d. 14th Sept., 
1747, leanring issue S sons, of whom the eldest, 

Jamks, became on the death of hi» grand-aunt, Mary, 
oooatess of Emd, in 1768, 19th earl of Enxd, and high 
nsMfsUe of Scotland, ai^ but for the attainder of his £sther 
nd grandfislber, would have united in himedf the 4 eari. 
dsBM of Enrol, linlithgow. Calendar, and Kihnamock. He 
m^ 1st, I6ih Arot., 1749, Rdieooa, da. of Alexander Loddiart, 
tH^ by i^om (who d, 2 May, 1701) he had issue, Mary^ b, 
24 Jahr, 1751, m, 5 Nov., 1770, general John Soott, of 
Bskonie : the earl m., 2dly, 10th Aug., 1702, Isabella, da. of sir 
William Carr, of EtaU, co. Northumb^Wd, bart. ; and by 
her (who dL 3 Nov., 1808) had issue; 1. Geoeoe, 14th earl ; 
2. WiLLiAX, 15th earl; 3. Jamee, b. 27 April, 1778, who 
atered into the navid service of the East India Company ; 
was 4th officer of the Henry Dundas Indiaman, lying in the 
rirer Thames, 19th May, 1797) when two of the officers of 
the Belvedere Indiaman came on board to spend the evening : 
3fr. Hay acoompanied them on shore, and in returning to 
the Henry Dundas, the boat was upset, and all the gentlemeu 
were drowned ; 4. Charlotte^ b. 13 July, 1763 ; m., 18 May, 
1797, the rev. William Holwell, of Exeter, vicar of Men- 
beaniot, co. Cornwall ; 5. Isab0Ua'Arme^ d, 12 Nov., 1793 ; 
6. Auguatm^ b. 2S April, I766, m., 8 March, 1788, George, 
4th earl ei Glasgow, and d. 23 July, 1822 ; 7. Harriet-Jane, 
k 20 June, 1768, d. 24 Sept., 1812, unm. ; 8. Margaret, 6. 
12 Dec, 1769, m., 6 Aug., 1789, Charles Cameron, of the 
family of Lochiel, esq.; 9. Maria-Elizabeth, b. 30 April, 
1771, m., 29 June, 1796, the rev. George Bloore, rector of 
Wmtham, co. Kent, son of J<4in, late archbishop of Canter* 
bury, and d. 3 June, 1804 ; 10. Frances, b» 1773, d, unm., 

29 Aug., 

692 SCOTS P££JEtAG£. 

29 Aug., 1806; 11. Flaminia, 6. Sept. 1774, m., 6 May, 1809, 
George James, esq. ; and 12. JemifHa, 6. 18 July, 1778. The 
earl d, 3 June, 1778, and was succeeded by his scm, 

George, 14th earl, 6. 13 May, 1787 ; m., 25 Jan., 1790, 
£lizabeth.Jemima Blake, 2d da. of Joseph Blake, of Ardfrey, 
CO. Galway, esq., and sister to Joseph-Henry, lord Wallsoourt 
(who m. 2dly, 12 Sept., 1818, the right hon. John-Markham 
Frere) ; and dying 14 June, 1798, without issue, was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

William, Idth earl, (took the name and arms of Carr only, 
by royal sign manual, 28th March, 1795, pursuant to the 
last will of his maternal grandfather, sir William Carr, of 
Etall, bart.); b. 12 March, 1772; m., 1st, 7 Jan., 1792, Jane, 
da. of Matthew Beil, esq., and by her (who d, April, 179S) 
had issue, DvidbeUa-Jfane : the earl m., 2dly, 3 Aug., 1796, 
Alicia, youngest da. of Samud Eliot, esq., of the isUmd of 
Antigua, and by her (who <L 24 April, 1812) had issue ; 
1. James^ lord Hay, ensign of the 1st regiment of foot-guards, 
killed at Waterloo, 18 June, 1815; 2. AUeia^ b. 10 Dea, 
1798; 3. Isabella^ b, 22 July, 1800; 4. William-Georoe, 
present earl ; 5. Harriei-Jemima^ b. Jan. 1803, m., 12 Dec, 
1822, Daniel Gumey, of North Runeton, co. Norfolk, esq. ; 
6. Caroline-Augusta^ b. May 1805, m., 18 Sept., 1823, John 
Morant, of Broddehurst, co. Hants, esq.; 7* Samuel.^ b, 
9 Jan., 1807; 8* En»ma, b. 29 Jan., 1809. The earl m., 
3dly, 14 Oct., 1816, Harriet SomerviUe, 3d sister of Mark, 
lord SomerviUe, and by her had issue; a son^ b, 20 July, 
1817 ; and a da., b. 18 Aug., 1818 : the earl d, 26 Jan., 1819, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, William-George, 
present and 16th earl. 

Heir-Appareni — Lord Hay, the earPs son. 

Creations— Lord Hay 1424; and earl of Enrol, 17 Mar.,1452. 

Motto — Serva jugum — Preserve the yoke. 

Arms — See Plate 53. 

Lord Berriedale, and a Baronet ; bom 24 July, 1790 ; sue 
ceeded his father, James, late earl, 1823 ; married^ 22 Nov., 

1813, , youngest da. and co-heiress of Rev. William 

Leigh, of Rudiall, co. Hereford, late Dean of Hereford. 

The name of Sinclair^ which is originally from the family 
of Saint Clfuv, in France, has been very eminent in Scotland. 
Sir William Sinelairp in the reign of Akaumder 1., 4)btained 


levtnl Umdi from thai Jkiiw, w the teraay of Kotilym Ib 

md coheir of Malu^ eail of Stratlmw Caithness and Qricn^ 
Miiheir aoD, H«nrf 8iiicl«ir, obtained the earUom of Oi^^ 
W11.LIAM 81KGIAIE, 8d earl ai 04mey, lofd hi^^ dian. 
«Dor of ScotUnd, obtained from Ung James II. a grant of 
iheeaiidpQ of CaitluMM, to hirnaeV and his hein, 88 Aiig^ 
1446^ ia eemideratioii, as the diarter statea, of a claim of 
i^ whidi }i« wid hk kein had to the lordship of Niddesdale. 
& WIS afterwaidsstylBd earl of OrlesMy and CoI^/mmm; but, 
» I47I9 hanrto^ eiurreaderad to Jaaaes IIL the eaiUom of 
Maty, he griinyHAed that title, and was called earl of 
C tj^ iut ; he xemguBd. the earldom of Caithness in favour of 
Ui MB bgr h&s 8d wila, WUHtm gheltUr^ passing by another 
^inoiam Siadinr, the jasiie of his fot maroagew Itilliajc, 
U eari of Caithness, in Aioaaqia^aoe (of his fiMher*8 iw^ 
flMned £nan «toMS III. jidMrter of th« whole lands of the 
cvldam of Caithness. He was kiUed with his royal master a^ 
thsWttleofrioMm^^Sqil^ I5U ( und hy Hwy, da. of sir 
^VHUam Kmth, of Innerufy, had 

JoHjr, 3d eail, killed la a« an«»pC to take possesdon of 
theOrkneys, 1529 ; m. Elizabeth, da. of William Sunderhmd, 
of Duffiis, and had issue Gs4>&oe, 4th earl, who sat Ist as a 
peer of pariteMBt, 1542 ; m. Elizabeth, 2d da. of William, 
2i eari of Montrose, and had issuer 1. John^ master of 
Caithness, <L in his father *s lifettrae, leaying issue ; Geo roe, 
Ml eaii ; James of Murchill, ancestor of the 9th and 9th earls ; 
and John ef Greenland, ancestor <^ the IQth and 11th earls « 
2. Ge9rge^ ancestor oi the present earL 

Geokge, 5th earl, d, 1643, having survived his eldest son 
and grandson, and was succeeded by his great-ffrandsony 
^EOEGE, 6th earl, who d, without issue, 1676, having alien- 
ated his estates to sir John Campbell, of Glenoirhy, who was, 
in eoBsequence, created earl of Caidmess ; but both the title 
and estates, after much litigation, and even bloodshed, were 
Tvonrered in 1681, by the heir male of the familv, Geoboe 
Sinclair, of Keiss, vm of Fraads, 2d son of the 5tn eaii. He 
thus became 7th earl, but d, t^nm. 1698, when the title de- 
voked on his 2d cousin, 

John, 8th earl, grandson of James of MurdxiU, above. 

nuD«L He d. 1705, leaving three sons ; Alexawdeil, 9th 

«mri ; John^ and Francis, who all d s. p. ; the earl, the last sur. 

viror of them, in 1785, whai the title devolved <m 

William, 10th earl, who was 5th in descent from John of 



Oreeplaad, abovenamed. He was succeeded in 1779, by lili 

son, John, lUh earl, who d, without issue, 8 April,' 1^9^ ^ 

when the title again devolved on a very distant brandi of the ^ 

family, becoming vested in i 

James, 12th earl, who was 9th in lineal descent from ^( 

Oeorge Sinclair, of Mey, youngest son of the 4th earL He m., iVij 

2 Jan. 1784, Jean, 2d da. of Alexander Campbell, of Banad* kh 

dine, and had issue ; 1. Johuj d. unm, 1802 ; 2. Alsxaw- tl( 

DER, present earl ; 3. James^ 6. 24 Oct., 1797) m* 9 Marteh, ii^ 

1819, Elisabeth, da. of Oeorge Tritton, of West Hill, Wands. ii| 

worth, esq. ; 4. Patrtck-Campbell, b, 14 July, 1800 ; 6. EtiOm >f^ 

George^ b, 19 Aug., 1801 ; 6. John, 6. 4 July, 1808 ; 7< Jantiy \^ 

m., 10 May, 1805, James Buchanan, of Aidenoonnel, co. Dam- |^ 

barton, esq. ; 8. Helen, d, unm, 1 Oct. 1803 ; 9. Charhii0~ ^ 

Anne, m., 20 May, 1810, Alexander, son of sir J. M. Murray, i^i 

hart. The earl d. 1823, and was succeeded by his son, ^ 

Alexander, present and 13th earl. <^ 

Heir- Presumptive — The hon. James Sinclair, the eari*i ^ 

brother. .^ 

Creations — Earl of the co. of Caithness, 28 Aug. 1455 ; anA ^ 

a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1629. ^ 

Motto — Commit thy work to God, 4 

^mwi— See Plate 53. ^ 

OEORGE DOUGLAS, Earl of MORTON, and Lord j 

Aberdour, co. Fife; Baron Douglas, of Lochleven, in the \\ 

peerage of England ; Lord Lieutenant co. Fife ; High Com* \\ 

missioner to the Kirk of Scotland; K.T., y.P.R.S., and ^ 

F.S.A. : bom 1759 ; succeeded his father, Sholto-Charles, the i| 

late Earl, 27 Sept., 1774 ; married, 13 Aug., 1814, Susan. \ 

Elizabeth Buller, daughter of Sir Francis Buller, of Lupton, \ 

CO. Devon, Bart. \ 

The earls of Morton descend from Andrew de Duglas, 2d . 

son of Archibald de Duglas, whose eldest son, William, was i 

ancestor of the dukes of Douglas. John Douglas, of Lau. ^ 
den and Lochleven, great-ereat-grandson of Andrew, lived in 
the reign of king David IL, and had, besides other issue, two 
sons ; James, whose great-grandson was created earl of Mor- 
ton ; and Henry, of Lochleven, ancestor of the present earl. 

James Douglas, of Dalkeith, 1st earl of Morton, was so 
created 14 March, 1457'8. His grandson, James, 3d earl, 

having no male issue, obtained a new settlement of the title, \ 
by virtue of which it devolved, on his death in 1553, upon 
James Douglas, of the house of Angus, who had married the 


EARLS. ei5 

ihTs da. £Uzabe(h ; <m his dcsth withoat iiine, upon Archi- 
Ud Douglas, 8tb earl of Angus ; and on his death, also with- 
Miasiie, in 1588, upon 

Sir Wix.i.iAif Dou|^ of Lochkfven, who was 7th in 
faoent fipom Henry of Lochleven, abovenamed, and became 
flk esvL He dL 1006, and was suooeeded by his grandson, 

William, 7th earl, K.G., and lord high treasurer of 
Seodmd, who d, 1648, leaving two sons; Robeht, 8th earl; 
ibIJamcs, 10th earL Robeht, 8th earl, <L 1649, and was 
■weeded by his son, William, 9th earl, on whose death 
vithoQt issue, 1681, the title devolved on his unde, James, 
lidi eiri, who tL 1686, leaving three sons; James, 11th; 
BoBKBT, I2th ; and Oeorge, 18th earl : the two former d. 
vidisBt issue, in 1715 and 1790 ; and the latter d, 1738, and 
v» ioeoeeded by his son, 

Jakes Dovolas, 14th earl, m., Ist, Agatha, da. of James 
Bsflibiirtoii, of Pitcur, esq., and by her had issue several 
cUdren, wlio all dL yonnf, except Sholto-Ghakles, 15th 
cbI; and Jfory, m., Apri^ 177^9 Gharies Gordon, 4th earl of 
Ak^ne, and d. 25 Bee., 1816. The earl m. adly, 31 July, 
I7tt, Bridget, da. of sir John Heathoote, of Normanton, co. 
Kntisiid, hart., and by her (who dL 3 March, 1805,) had issue; 
1. JaAn, b. 1 July, 1756, d. 1 May, 1818, having m., 4 Oct. 
1784, Frances LasoeUes, eldest da. of Edward, earl o£ Hare- 
vood, and by her (who d. 31 March, I8I79) had issue ; 1. 
FnmeeM^ b, 10 Jan., 1786, «»., 21 April, 1804, the hon. lieut.. 
gen. sir William Stewart, G.C.B., son of John, 8th earl of 
(iaUoway, K.T. ; 2. Sholto^ b. 23 Dec., 1789, in the army, m. 
Fnnoes, eldest da. of the right hon. sir Geoige Henry Rose, 
O.C.B., envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to 
tlie court of Berlin, and derk of the parliament ; 3. Charles^ 
I. lOMsut^, 1798, m., 2 March, 1816, Isabella Gore, sister to 
the earl of Arran ; 4. Harriet^ b. 8 June, 1792, m., 25 Nov., 
I^, vittcount Hamilton, son of John-James, marquess of 
Hamilton, K.G., 2dly, 8 July, 1815, George, earl of Aber- 
deen, K.T. ; 5. Charlotte^ b. \\ July, 1794; 6. Emma; 7. 
ElixQJ^th^Bridget, 6. 28 April, 1758, m., 4 Aug., 1777, the 
h<m- William-Henry Bouverie, 2d son of William, Ist earl of 
Radnor. The earl (L 12 Oct., 1768, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Siiolto-Charles, 15th earl, m. Catherine, da. of John 
Hamilton^ e»q., and d, 27 Sept., 177^^9 leaving issue by her, 
(vho d. 2.5 April, 1823,) an only son, 

George, present and 16th earl, who was, 11 Aug., 1791, 



creeWd hawtn DougloS of ioeAfewn, in thp pprnTije of Ens' 

Hcir-PremtaptUie to the Scots Earldnra — ShOLTO, 
csrl's counn. The Englnh fciuron^ of 'D<*m\m. of Louhlawn 
wilt become extinct, on tajliire of ienie male of tlie earl. '• 

Creatiom — Earl of Morton, and lord Abo^our, 14 Marcif 
1457 : and hernn Douglas, of Locfaleven, in the peeragO of llM 
"■■"■■ ■■ • , 1781. 

eEORGE LESLIE, Eabl of HOTHES, Baron LadW 

nuoeveded hia mother, Heiirletca.ARiie, cIlb late Clountoa^ BT 
Jan., 1SI9. i« 

No Scou curname hna been more tODEiunioua in Eun^ <t^ 
than that of LeilU. There were at one time three genentl lil| 
OlReen of that name in (be service of three aoveralgns : via. i^j 
IPnAer, count Lealia, of the emperor uC Oermany; Aiixandar, t,, 
eikrl of Leran, of the kin^ of Oraai Britain: and David utt 
Ltatie, (ofUTnatdB baron Iftaark,) of Oustaviu Adolpbnav \; 
kin^ of :^eden. SeTeral counts of the name <If Laii« a» 
nettled in Oennany, besides many considerable fumilie* in 
France, Rusaia, and Fcdand. The tunily derives iu or ~'~ 
Irwn B^stBOLOUSW, a Flemish chief, who sotlled wit) 
iUlawHrs in the district of Garioch, co. Aberdeeu, tentp. king 
'"'"' n I., and whose poalerity ware draiQiiiinated de LeilnrJ 

bom their place of 

Ei^htli in descent from Bartholonieni, was Davis df Lew 
!.■¥, of Lealey, who d. without iasue male, aboat 1440) 
leaving un oilly da. who inborited the barony of Lesley} 
which ihe earned to her husband, a gentleman of the aaarW 
naiae, ancestor of the Lesleys of Lesley ; but the other cstaCM 
went to the heir male^ 

No9»AK de Leiliiy, of Rothes, (wm of sir Geor^a Leslie (4 
thttsame,) n., 1415, Christian, da. of sir John Setoii, and had 

Oedhge, wha, bcfora SO IBlirch, I4GII, whs orenled earl oC 
Rothet; m. Christian, da. of Walter, lord Hali burton, an* 
had imiie a son, Andfeat, mnCer of Ratlies, who d. in hi* 
father's lifetime, having m, Marjory, da. of William SlnclBi>| 
3d enrl of Orkney, and hul issoe 1^ her, Gsohoe, 3d cari, 
and WUtiatH, (IdUcd at Flodden Field, iJ>13,) father of 

fiKOiftE, Sd emrh The earl d, about 1488, and was me. 
enied by Ills grandatm, 

GsoRSB, %± earl, killed, as well aa his yaangtr brother, at 
FUden Field, tcnei., and was suooeedfld by his nephew, 
0IO1OK, 3d earl ; and he, (who was killed in an engagement 
keceeen the French and Gennana, near Cambray, 1654,) by 

Ajidkew, 4th eaii, who was grandfather of JoHir, ftch 
cni, who tL 1841, and was soeoeeded by his son, 

JoHH, 8th earl, carried the sword of state at the eorona. 
tua of Charka II., at Sooone, 1851 ; taken piisoner at the 
bttk of WoRseeter, and his estate sequestrated. After the 
Bisration, he was iqipointed president of the oooncfl, and 
li^tnasorar aadhighohanodlor ofSeothuid. In 181^ he 
ifctsiaed adiaiter, entailing the earldom of Rothes, in case of 
hSkat of issue male of his body, on his dder daughter; and 
nsereaied, 89 May, 1880, baron Andmmty and cSiskiebeny, 
nnoimt of liugtoun, eari of Lesley, marauess of Ballenbieion, 
Mi dnke of Bothes, to him and the hslrs male of his body ; 
ik Aane, eUeat da. of John Lendsay, eail of Crawfurd, and 
iiailHBe only two das. ; 1. BfABeAmsT, ooontess of Riches; 
1 ChrMllMtit, fa., 1st., James, 3d marquess of Montrose ; and 
Sfly, sir John Bmoe, of Kinross, bart. The duke tL 27 July, 
im, when the titles conferred on him by the patent of 1680 
ktaune eKtinct, but the earldom of Rothes, in oonfonnity 
vith the settlement of 1663, descended to his eldest da., 

Masgarct, who m., 7 Oct., 1674, Charles, 5th earl of 
flsddington, on which occasion, it was stipulated that the 
tvo earldoms should not be united, but that of Rothes de- 
mad to her eldest, and Haddington to her 2d son ; which 
KCtfement was afterwards confirmed by two patents, in 1680 
snd 1702. The countess had issue, 1. James, 7th earl of 
Rothes ; 2. Thomas, 6th earl of Haddington ; 3. CharleSy d, 
raung. She dL 20 Aug., I7OO; and was succeeded by her son, 
JitMES, 7th earl, vice-adxn. of Scotland ; m., 29 April, 1697, 
Juie Hay, da. of John, 2d marquess of Tweedale, high chan- 
<YUor of Scotland, and by her (who d, 4 Sept., 1731,) had 
i>sue; 1. John*, 8th earl; 2. Charles, d, 16 Aug., 1769; 3. 
Thomas, d. 17 March, 1772; 4. Jamest, d, 24 Sept., 1761 ; 5. 
David, d, young ; 6. William, d. 29 Jan., 1764 ; 7- Francis, 
i voung ; 8. Andrew, equerry to the princess dowager of 
H'aies ; who, on the death of JoHir, 9th earl of Rothes, 1773^ 
(.iaiued the estate as heir male imder an entail : but the court 
of session determined in favour of the countess, his niece, and 
their judgment was affirmed by the house of lords, 10 Ma5^ 
vol.. II. /• \774: 


1774 : he d. 27 Aug., 1776 ; 9. Jane, d, 18 March, I77I ; Iflt ^ 

Mary ; and 11. Margaret^ both d. infants ; and 12. Anne^ di ^ 

young. The earl d, 9 May, 1722, and was succeeded fay his ^ 

son, ./^ 

John, 8th earl of Rothes, K.T., general in the army, com. ** 

-mander in chief of the forces in Ireland ; m. 1st, 26 May^ ^ 

1741, Hannah, youngest da. and coheiress of Matthew Hoiw.- ^ 

ard, of Thorpe, co. Norfolk, esq., and by her (who d. 26 Ajnil, '^ 

1761,) had issue ; 1. John, 9th earl ; 2. Charles- Howard^ d, "^^ 

unm, 1762; 3. Jane, successor to her brother; 4. Maity, b, ^ 

29 Aug., 1763 ; m., 5 Nov. 1770, William-Charles, 3d eari of ^' 

P(Hrtmore, and d. 21 March, 1799. The earl m^^J^ 27 |^ 

she had many children, and d* his widow, 10 Jan., 1820,) he ^ 
had no issue. The earl d, 10 Dec, I7679 and was succeeded 
by his son, I 

JoHK, 9th earl, 6. 19 Oct., 1744, m., 4 April, 1768, Jane, J 
2d da. (^ captain Maitland, of Lontra, co. Hadiidington, and \ 
by her (who m. 2dly, 29 Sept. 1774, the hon. Patndc Malt- \ 
land, of Freugh, co. Wigtoun, 7th son of Charles, 6th eari of ■ 
LoAiderdale,) nad no issue. The earl d, 18 June, 1773, with- 
out issue, and was succeeded by his sister, 

Jake-Elizabeth, countess of Rothes. On the death of 
her brother, 1773, her right to the estate was contested by her 
unde, the hon. Andrew Leslie, but ineffectually ; m. 1st, 1 
Jan. 1766, GeofTge-Raymond-Evelyn, youngest son of WiUiam 
Evelyn Olanville, of St. Clere, 00. Kent, esq., and by him 
fwho d, 23 Dec., 1770,) had two sons, who d, infants, and 
GEoaeE- William, 10th earl ; and 2dly, 30 Oct., 1772, idr 
Lucas Pepys, bart. and by him had issue ; 1. Charles, in the 
army ; 2. Harriet^ m., Nov. 1804, William Courtenay, esq., 
barrister-at-law, cddest son of Henry Reginald, late lord 
bishop of Exeter ; and 3. Henry, in holy orders, M.A., rector 
of Sheepall, co. Herts, and Wetherall, co. Suffolk, and one of 
his majesty *s chaplains in ordinary, m, 15 Feb. 1816, Eliza- 
beth-Jane, youngest da. €i the rev. James Oakes, of Tostodc, 
CO. Suffolk, d, 12 Dec., 1816. The countess d. 2 June, 1810, 
and was succeeded by her eldest son, 

Oeoroe-William, 10th earl ; 6. 28 March, I768 ; m., Ist, 
Henrietta-Anne Pelham, eldest da. of Thomas, Ist eari of 
Chichester, and by her (who d, 6 Dec, 17970 had issue ; !• 
Henrietta-Akke, late countess; 2. Amelia, d. 23 Feb., 
1817; 3. Mary: the earl m, 2dly, Aug. 1798, Charlotte- 

£AHL& 699 

infia, da. of colonel John Campbell, of Dunoon, and had imim i 
I EUxabeth-JanSy flk, 3 Oct., 1816, Frandt Pvm,ot'the Has- 
idi, 00. Bedford, esq. M.P. for Bedford ; anj 2. Georgianm^ 
dL16Nov. 1814. The earl d. il Feb. 1817, and wa« tuc 
oeeded by his eldest daughter, 

Hexrixtta-Axxe, b. 1790 ; ta. Oeorge Leslie, enq., and 
hd iasue, 1. Harriet ; 2. George, present earl ; 3. Thomatf 
LMmrj/; and 6. a (ii0. 6. 14 April, 1817> The countess i^ 
31 Jan. 1819, and was succeeded by her eldest son, 

GscmGE, present and 14th earL 

n§ir-Rre9umplive — The Hon. Thomas Leslie, next 
bmfaer of the earL 

CfMlms-Lrfird Leslie, of Rothes, 1390; earl of Rothes, 1467. 

Motto — Grip fast. 

Plate 63. 

Lad Anchterhoase, and Lord Cardross, oo. Stirling, succeeded 
hisfitther, Henry-David, the 10th earl, 1 Deo. 1767 : married^ 
15 Oct. 1771» 1^ cousm.german, Margaret, daughter of Wil* 
Kan Fraaer, of Fraserfield, Esq., ne^ew to the late Earl of 
Bocfaan, bam 1742, and by her (who d, 12 May, 1819,) had 
ao issue. 

The north-eastern district of Aberdeenshire, known by the 
s]q»dlation of Buchan, has, for several centuries, given title 
to one of the most ancient earldoms in Scotland. The first 
on record is Fei^us, earl of Buchan, temp, William the Lion ; 
Ya.% da. and heiress carried the title into the family of Comyn. 
It was afterwards granted by king Robert II. to his 4th son, 
sir Alexander Stewart ; Christiana, grand-da. and heir of 
Jolm Stewart, 3d earl of that family, m. Robert Douglas ; 
sad her grand-da. Mary, countess of Buchan, m. James 
EftSKiKE, (3d son of John, 7th earl of Marr,) who thereupon 
bad a diarter of the earldom to him and his heirs mule, and 
aaiigns whatever, 25 Nov., 1625, and is called 6th earl of 
Bnchan. He was succeeded by his son James, 7th earl, who 
d. 1664, leaving an only son Wii.liasi, 8th earl, on whose 
death, unm.^ 1695, the title devolved, pursuant to the limita- 
tions of 1625, on 

David, 4th lord Cardross, great grandson of Henry, 4th 
lOD of John, earl of Marr, and whole brotlier of James, earl 
of Buchan, who became 9th earl; w., 1607, Franws, da. and 
•ole htdr of Henry Fairfax, of Hukt, co. Berks, esq., eldest son 

r 2 ol 


of Huury, Sd tun of Thoniaa, vimnuiit Fiiir&x, io Ireland, bfi 
vban he had iasuej 1. Hem&v-David, lOlheurl; 2. Cov 
thtritu-AnHe, m. the hon. Williun Fraser, mti of AJouuidMb 
lord Saltuun ; 3. Frances, m. to coltmel Gardner, who Eel^. 
with glory, in the bntde of Freiton PaOB, 1745; beaidraf! 
aaoB and 5 doi. who d. untn. HIb lordahip fo., 2dlf, IwbdLs. 
da. of BIT William BraokeC, but. by whom he hud no issue ) 
■nd dying 11 Oct., 1145, was succeedod by hii eldest eon, 

Henuv-Davii), loth earl, b. 16 April, 1710 ; m., 31 J*n~ 
1739, Agnes, 2d do. of air James Stewart, of Colcne»9 aa| 
Ooodtreia, hart, by whom (who d. 1 1 Doc 1778,) he hud iuae C 
I. Amia-Agnea, d. 50ct., 1B04; 2. DAVii>-STEWABT,premif 
mrl i 3. Hmty, an advocale in Edinburgh, d. B Oct,, 1817^ 
haviiig m. ChrinttauB, da. of Oeorge FuUanon, esq., having 
hod iasue by her (who if. May 1804,) Hehkt-Datid, m. 
ouBi Shipley, da. of sir Charles Shipley ; Agnei-Franeei, wha 
d.jouag; Elitabelh-Cnimpion, m. ooiimel Catlender; 4. Thom 
nua, orealed lord Enkine in England, faee thai tUlei) S.tia.. 
balla, m. 31 Jan., 1770, WiUiam-Letlie Hamilton, bm)., attotv 
ney-generalof the Lmvardlslanda, (who <!. Oct., 1780, wlthoni 
■Hue ;) and 2dly, 23 ApHl, 1785, to the right hon. and rm 
John, 18th and last ear) o( Glencaim, (who d. 24 Sept., ITI^t) 
and<l 17 May, 1824. The earl d, 1 Dec, 1767, and was suo.. 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

DATiD-STEWAHT,tbe present and 11th earL 

Heir-PrtsuntpHM — Hevby.David, the earl's nBph*w. 

Crealioni — Lord Auchterhouse, and earl of Buchan, 1460t 
lord Cardross, 16S4. 

Motto — Judge nought. 
'« Plate 63. 

EOLINTON, and Lord MuntfCODierie, and Baron Ann 
SAM, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and IreL 
bom 29 Sept., 1812 : succeeded his grandfather, Hugh, tha 
late Earl, 1& Dec, IBlif. 

RoSEBT DE MuNr>i:Qi;tinB:E, the first of this name wh> 
settled ill Scotland, appears to have accompanied Walter, the 
hjffh steward (ancestor of the royal house of Stuart) from 
Wales, and obtained from him the manor nf Eglishnm, co. 
Renfrew, which is still in the possession of the earl of Eglintoo, 
His descendant, John de MoNTaoMZSY, of Eglisham, var 

CAALS. 701 

uiEed, bf marriage with Elisabeth, da. and sole heir of ur 
a^ de EglintoiLi a oonsiderable aixseuion of property, nuire 
fudadarly the lordahipt of Eglinton and ArdnMnn, oo. Ayr, 
whidi also are atill the property of the earL His grandson, 
drALEXAXDEm de Moxtgomert, was created lord Aloiit- 
fBoery before 31 Jan., 1448-^, and dying about 1461, was 
•Hoeeded by hia grandson, Alexandeb, 2d lord, who was 

Hugh, lit earl of Eglinton, so created, 1607 ; uid <L 1645, 
ved 86, leaving a numerous issue ; and having survived hit 
Mat Mm, was Buooeeded by his g^randson, Hugh, 2d earl, 
vlio dL 1646, and was succeeded by his son, 

Hugh, 8d eari, m, Margaret, mL of sir John Drummond, 
of Imwrfiffiy, and had issue, 1. Hugh, 4th earl : S. Robert^ 
who leflt an only da., Margaret, m. her cousin Hugh, 6di 
eui; 3. Mmrgarei^ m, Robert, Ist earl of Wintoun, by whom 
die WIS wMithgr of Alexander, 6th earl of Eglinton ; 4. AgneM^ 
«. Robert, 4th lord Semple. The earl d, 1686, and was suc- 
cesdbd by hia son Hugh, 4th earl, who was murdered 1686, 
hningaa only son, 

Hugh, 6th earl, who, having nd issue, obtained, 28 Noi%, 
1611, a charter, settling the earldom ou Alexander Thomas 
ud John Seton the younger, sons of his aunt Margaret, 
OHintess of M^intoun, and dying 1612, was succeeded in the 
tcnns 6( that charter by his cousin, 

Alexander^ 6th earl; m. Anne Livingstone, eldest da. 
of Alexander, Ist earl of Linlithgow ; and by licr had, 
1. HuGU, 7th earl ; 2. a\t Ilenry^ of Giffen ; 3. Alexander j 
^ 1615 ; 4. ool. James Montgomery^ of Coilsiield, ancestor 
til the present earL The earl d. IGtil, and was succeeded by 
bis son, 

Hi'ou, 7th earl ; who l>y his 2d wife, 3Iary Lesley, 2d da. 
of Jubn, 6th earl of Rothes, and sister of John, duke of 
Kiiches,had issue, Alexander, 8th earl; Francis^ of Giffen; 
^fary^ m-, 16G2, George, 3d earl of Wintoun ; Margaret^ m. 
June% 2d earl of Loudoun ; Christian, m., 1072, John, 4th 
kird Balmeriiio ; Eleanor, m. sir David Dunbar, of Baldoon, 
ban. ; and Anne, m. Sir Andrew Ramsay, of Abbotshall, 
bart. The earl d, 1673, and was succeeded by his son, 

Alexaxder, 8th earl, m., 1658, Elizabeth Criclitou, eldest 
da. of \Villiam, 2d earl of Dumfries, and had issue; 1. Alex- 
ander, 9th earl; 2. Hugh^ 3. John, bothrf. without issue ; 
4. Mary, tn. sir James A^ew, of Lochnaw, co. M^igtoun, 
bart. The earl d. 1701, and was succeeded by his son,^ 

Alexakoer, 0th earl, »., Ist, Margaret, da. of William, 

r 3 \ord 


lord Codirane, eldcac bud uf WUliain, I bC rarl of DundouaM, 
and huA isnus 2 ions, who bach d. young ; and 4 Am. ; 1. C»> 
Jtiirinf, «. James, Sth earl of GtiUaway; 2. Grace, n. Robert, 
6tb earl of CBrnwath, atuuiittd 1716; 3, Euphen*, m. Oeorge 
Ixckhart, esq., the celsbraced author of cbe Hiatory urSintland, 
and d. Dec 1738 ; i. MargaTil, m. sir Alexander Muwell, 
bait. : the em-l m., 2dly, Aiuie, do. of George, lat earl of 
Aberdeen, by mhorn he had iusue one da., Mary, m. sir David 
Cunyogbanie, bart. ; and 3d1y, Susanna, da. of Sir Aivhibald 
Kennedy, of Culiean, bart., by vrhom be had imie 3 sons and 
7daii.j 1. Janes, d. young; 2. AleiuTTieb, 10th earif. 
3.AacaiBALD, 11th earl; i. Elitabeth, n. rir John Cun- 
ningham, of Capriiigcon,' eo, Ayr, bare. ; G. Helen, m. the 
hou. Fraud* Stewart, 3d son of Janioa, 8th earl of Moray) 
6. iSiunnna, m. Juhii Reutou, esq, ; 7. Margaret, m. lirAlu- 
ander Macdoosid, hart. ; 8. Fraiites ; 9. CkrUtian, m. JamM 

Moray, esq-! lO.Graee,in Byne,esq. The earl if. 1 739, 

and wa« niccseded by his eWt»t son, 

AtEi*MIiKa, 10th eari, who wan unfortunatoly Hiurderei) 
by one Mungo Campbell, an eieise officer, 34 Oct., 1769,^4, 
dying unm., was succeeded by his lirother, 

AacHiBALD, Uth earl, m., Ist, 30 March, 1773, Jan* 
Lindaay, da. of George, 10th earl of Crawford ; and hy bef 
(whud. 2JJaD., 177S,)hadnoiBaue;and, Sdly, 9 Aug., 1783, 
Frances, only da. of air William Twysden, of Roy^n HaOi 
CO. Kent, bare, and by her (who «., 3dly, Francis Motn^ . 
esq., son of Dr. John Moore, and brother to the lato geu. ^r 
Jdm Moore, K.B.,) had issue; I. Marg, b. G March, I7S7| 
m., S8 March, 1S03, Archibald, lord Mootgomerie, eUest scat 
of Hugh, 12th esrl of Egtinton t thus uniting the lineal and 
male branches of hia fan'ily ; and, 2. Susanna, b. 20 May; 
17B8: d. 16 Nov., 18()5. The earl li 30 Oi4., 1790, without 
lunie male, and was succeeded by 

Buon, K-T., IBth earl, who was son of Alerander Monl. 
Romery, of Coytsfield, by Lilias, da, and coheiress of Sir Rtf 
hart Montgomery, of Skelmorley, bart., and groat-grandsoa 
gf James Montgomery, of Coylafield, 4th sou of Alexandtw. 
Ml earl of Eglinton. The earl si. his uousin, Eleanora, 4lS 
da. of John Hamilton, of Dowertroe Hill, oo. Ayr, esq., antf 
bad imie; 1. Abchibald, lord Montgomorie, *. 30 July, 
1773i major^gon. in tbB armv, "a., 29 March, 1803, his amsin,' 
Mary, only surviving da. anil heir of Archibald, 11th earl of 
BgUnton, and d. 34 Jan., IBU, leaving issue by her; (irbo 
•R., 2aiy, 30 Jan., ISlfi, Charles Hontolieu, eldest s<m of Or 
Junea BLiad Bucgeas, ban.) ABCiitaAi.ii-WiLt,iA>i, present 

gARL& 709 

Mi of Sgfinton ; 3. Afvr, ILN^ dL Jan., 1799; SL LUiag^ 
■L, lit, Bobflrt-DondM MaeqiMKii, eaq. ; and, 2dl7, 21 Aug., 
im,R.A.Oawald,«q.;and,4.«/afM. Tbmmrid.l5Dee,y 
llli, and was ■uccowiki by Ida grandson, 
AmcHiBAi.i>-Wii.i.iAM, pEoaent and 13th earL 

CrmUmu — Load Montgomerie, 1448; eari of Eglinton, 
UI7; and baron AnfmaMiij in the Poerage of tha Unitod 
Gagdom, Si Fcb.,^ 1808. 

Motto — G^urdeM bien — Take good care. 
r—Sae Httta fiS. 

l0d Kennady, Baron Ailsa, of Ailsa, in the Peerage of tha 
Oited Kingdom of Giwit Biitain and Irdand, and a Barooet ; 
nflnodedU firtbor, Archibald, the Ute Earl, 29 Dec, 1 794 ; 
■aprM^ 1 Jnna, I7889 Margaret, dau^ter of John Enkina, 
tf Dnanottar, co. Kiacardin, eiq., (by Margaret, daughter of 
WiSam Baixd, of Newlrrth, eaq.,) and baa isme; 1. Archie 

M; hrd Mmmtdifj k. 1794, m.. May, 1814, , only da. 

ad Hie bair of AlUurdyoe^ of Dunnottar, 00. Kincardin, 

m^ and baa iMoa a aon, i. April, 1818; 2. Amme; S. Mwry; 
1 MtmgmrBtt fa., 14 Nor., 1817^ Thomaa, TiMxmnt Kinnalrd, 
iUttt ion of Franda, earl of Newbuzgh ; b, John ; and, 6L 
JHeim Jame, «»•, Mardi, 1824, Jonathan Ped, capt. grenadier 

Sir Gii^E&T Kennedy, of Dunnre, was created lord 
Comedy about the year 1452. His grandson, 

Davii), 3d lord, was one of the privy coundl to king Jamea 
IV., and waa, in 1509, by him created earl of Cassilis : he nu 
2 vires ; Agnes, da. of William, lord BorthMriok ; and Mary, 
^ of Thomas Boyd, earl of Arran, (by the princess Mary, 
ddest da. of king James lU-O and being killed, 9 Sept., 1510, 
vith king James IV., at the fatal battle of Flodden, was sue- 
ended by his eldest son by the Ist wife, 

Gilbert, 2d earl, who was of the privy council to kin^ 
James V. ; by whom, in 1523, he was sent ambassador to 
England to treat oi peace ; but the next year he was murdered, 
ia atteaapting to rescue the king from the earl of Angus : he 
a. Isabel, da« of Archibald Campbell, 8th earl of Argyll, by 
vhom he had, 

Gilbe&t, 3d earl, who was by king James V. appointed 
lord treasurer of Sce^^nd,. and in 1558: waa one of the peers 
«eut ovev lA f ranoevto aanat »t the marriage of queen Mary 


904 SCOTig PJSEilAOK. > 

with Frands the dauphin, afterwards king Frands IL, and '^ 
id, at Dieppe, leaving, by Elizabeth his wife, da. and.heii)B8a 
to John K^inedy, of Golzean, esq., 2 sons, Oilbebt, hit ^' 
successor; and sir Thomas^ from whom the present earl is ^ 
descended ; and dying 1558, was succeeded by his eldest ton, '^ 

Gilbert, 4th earl, who was one of the privy council to ^ 
queen Mary; he m. Margaret, da. of John Lyon, lord Glamis, ^ 
and by her (who m., 2dly, John, the 1st marquess of Hamil- ^ 
ton,) had 2 sons, Johk and Gilbert; and dying 1576, was tuo- H 
ceeded by his son, . ^ 

John, 5th earl, who was appointed lord treasurer of Soot- *l 
land ; but dying without issue, was succeeded by his nephew, li 

John, the son of his brother Oilbert, who became heir, % 
and was the 6th earl : he m., 1st, Jane, da. of Thomas. Ha- I 
milton, the 1st earl of Haddington, anii by her had 2 das. | K 
Catherine, m. William, lord Cochrane, son of William, lit \ 
earl of Dundonald ; and Margaret, m. the celebrated Dr. GiU \ 
bert Burnet, lord bishop of Salisbury, (author of the Historiea I 
of his Own Times, and of the Reformati(m) ; and by hit 1 
second wife, Margaret, da. of WiUiam Hay, 10th eul ai 
Errol, and relict of Henry, lord Kerr, he had Johk, his h^ir, i 
and a da., Mary : the earl d. 1668, and was succeeded by his son, 

Johk, 7th earl, who was one of the privy council to king 
William III., by whom he was also made one of the commis* 
sioners of the treasury ; m, Susan, youngest da. of James, the 
Ist duke of Hamilton (who was beheaded in 1648) ; .by her 
had, 1. John, lord Kennedy, m. Elizabeth, da. of Charles 
Hutchinson, of Owthorpe, Notts, esq., and d, in his father's 
lifetime, 1700, leaving an only son, Johk, 8th earl; 2. Anne^ 
m. John Hamilton, earl of Ruglen, who succeeded also as earl 
of Selkirk. The earl d. 1702, and was succeeded by hit 

Johk, 8th earl, who d. ^ Aug., 1759, without issue, when 
the issue male of Gilbert, the 4th earl, became extinct, and 
the title devolved on sir Thomas Kennedy, of Cullean, whose 
descent from Thomas, brother of the said 4th earl, we now 
proceed to state. 

Sir Thomas of Cullean had 3 sons, Thomas, who d. unm, f 
James, who left an only son, James, who d. without issue ; 
and Alexander, who continued the line. Alexander €L 1652, 
leaving two sons; sir John, from whom the 9th and 10th 
earls descended; and Alexander, of Craigoch, great-grand- 
father of the present earL Sir John Kennedy, of Cullean, 
was father of sir Archibald, created a bart. 1682, and (L 1710, 
leaving a son, sir John, who d, 1742, leaving 3 sons ; 1. sir 


EARLS. 700 

Mb, d. muH, 1744 ; 2. Thomat, and 3. David> 0th and lOlh 

Thomas, Oth eari, in Nor. 1761, daimed tha titln ; and 
tkekme of lords rasdTed, 27 Jan., 1762, " that ha had a 
ligkt to the title and dignity of earl of CasuHs, as heir male 
tf thahody of IHirid, Ist aoA of Cassilis; and to the title of 
lad Kennedy, as heir male of the body of Gilbert, the lat 
Imi Kennedy;" tU withoat issue, SO Nov., 1776* and was sue* 
flBried by hia hcother David, 10th earl, who deceasing om 
IDtai, 1792, also withoat issue, the male line of the house 
tf CoJlBan became extinct, and the title devolyed on the great- 
gimjton of Alexander Kennedy, of Craigoch, 2d son of AIoe. 

'e-named, viz. 

r, of Cnlieaa, abore-named, viz. 

AuEZAiTBEm, 11th eari, capt. R.N. ; by Anne, his 2d wife, 
ii. if John Watts, of New York, esq., (wlio d. 29 Dec, 1793s) 
hshsd ispie; 1. AmcHiBALD, present earl; 2.JoA»,inthe 
seny; 8. J toftert, la., and has issue; 4. Anney m.j 21 July, 
19K, HHHam^enry Digby, esq., of Twii^enham* The 
«ddL 29 Dec, 1794, and was succeeded by hia son, 

ABCHIBAI.B, present and 12th earL 

H^ir^.Appargnt'^AMCwBALJ^ Lord Kennedy, sesi of the 

CffsaliaM — Lotrd Kennedy, of Caiailis, 1460 ; eari of Css. 
dii, 1609; s baronet of Nora Scotia, 1682; and baron AUsa^ 
is the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 12 Nov., 1806. 

Motto — -^AmiMeM lajSa— CSonsider the end. 

jimi — See Plate 63. 


FRANCIS STUART, Easl of MORAY, Boron Donne, 
md Baron Stuabt, of Castlestuart, co. Inyemess, in Great 
Bntain, Lord Lieutenant co. Elgin, bom 1771) succeeded his 
&ther, 28 Aug., 1810 ; married, Ist, 26 Jan., 1796, Lucy, 2d 
dnghter of General Jo^ Scott, of Balcombie, co. Fife, sister of 
Henrietta, present Dutchess of Portland ; and by her (who d. 
SAiig., 1798,) had issue; 1. F&ancis, Lord Douke, b, 
7 Nor., 1795 ; 2. John, b. 25 Jan., 1797- The earl m., 2dly^, 
7 Jan., 1801, Margaret-Jane, eldest daughter of Sir Phihp 
Ainslie, of Pilton, co. Edinburgh, knight, (by Elizabeth, 5th 
teighter of John, 12th Lord Gray,) and nas issue ; 1. Elu 
gabeihy d. 1802 ; 2. Jane, b. 30 Nov., 1802 ; 3. a son, (/. 1 
April, 1805 ; 4. Margaret-Jane, b, \^ Sept., 1807 ; ^ Anne- 
Grace, b. 6 March, 1809 ; 6. ArehibaUUGeorge, b. 3 March, 
1810 ; 7* James, b. 4 Aug., 1814 ; and 8. Louisa. 

Jaxzs Stewart, natural son of James V., king of Scot- 


land, and regent of that IdngAim during part of the reigo S 
queen Mary, was treated earl of Moray, 30 Jan., I' 
him and tha heirs male of his body ; and he i ' 
lained a clj^ter extending the limitation of tl 
his next lawful heirs. His history, and death by the hi 
Hamilton, of Bothwellhaugh, 31 Jan., t&^l^, Bi 
known to need recapitulation. By his wife, Anof 
of William Keith, 4th earl Marischal, he left ii 
I. EliEnbelh; 2. Marffuret, m. Frands, »th earl of Em 
In 15B0 the wardship and marriage of these ladies was, by 
king James VI., given tn James Stewart, son and heir of sir 
James Stewart, of Doime (whidi sir James was son of air 
James Stewart, of Beath, 2d son of Andrew lord Avandale, 
and brother of Andrew lord Avandale, and Henry lord Meth. 
ven, husband of Margaret, queen of Scotland.) He imme- 
diately thereupon m. the elder sister, and assumed the title of 
ebH of Moray. Thi« peer is known in history by the appel- 
lation of the " bonny earl of Moray." He wa* murdered by 
his hereditary enemy, the earl of Huntley, T Feb., 1 5!I2, leaving 
isiniet 1. James, 2d earl; 2. sJr/'ninni(,K.B.,alenrnedman 
ofhis time, andone of sir Walter Raleigh's dub; 3. Margaret, 
ni., Ist, Charles Howard, earl of Nottingham, lord hij^h ad. 
mfral of England ; and, 3dly, William Tiacnunt Monson, of 
Ireland, and d. 4 Aug., 163S ; 4. Mary, m. John, 8th lord 
Abemelhy j 6. Grixel, m. sir Robert Innei, of Innen. 

JaHEb, 2d earl, the eldeat son, liy the king's sprcial media, 
tion and appointment, was reconciled to his father's murderer, 
the marquess of Huntley, and, in 1601, m. Anne Gordon, hii 
da. The king's care and prudeu 

mosities between the two familiea, HTiith had ocrasionod mndl' 
bloodshed, was thereby put an end to. The earl of Mor 
accompanied king James VI. lo London, and got a new en 
tiun of the whcde earldom of Moray to him and his faehA 
male; remainder to sir Francis, his brother, and his issoQ 
male: by his wife behad issue; 1. jA>iES,3d earl; 2. Man 
l/arel, m., 1640, sir James Grant, of Oraut, hurt. The sail 
d. 1638, and was succeeded by his son, 

Jakes, 3d earl, tn. Margaret Home, eldest of the 3 daa. of 
Alexander, Isl earl of Home, coheir with her sister Amu, 
dulfhess of Liuderdate, uf her brother Junes, Sd earl of 
Home, and had issue; I. Jiimet,d. young; 2. ALEXaHSEKt 
4tb earl ; 3. Frannis, of Cdlaly, d. witliout issue; 4. AtM>- 
hold, of Diiiiram, m., and left issuei 6. Mary, m., 13 May, 
)S50, ArthiliiiM, 9lh earl of Ar^ll; 6. Margant, tn. Alai* 

EARUS. 707 

r, 1st lord Quffus ; 7« Henrietta^ m. sir HukIi (lamplHill, 
tfCaUer; and 8. Anne^ m., 1660, David Rom of Balnaguwan, 
odd. 1719. The earl d. 4 March, 1653, and was mioceeiled 
k hit ion, 

Alexander, 4th earl, «. Amelia, da. of sir William 
BiUbur, of PitcuUo, lieutenant of the Tower of London, and 
bd issoe ; 1. James^ Lord Doune^ d. 1665, having m. Ca- 
darina Tafanaah, da. of the dutchess of Lauderdale ; and by 
ber fwbo m., 2dly, John, 15th earl of Sutherland,) had issue; 
1. Euzabeth, «•• Alexander Grant, of Grant ; 2. Amelia, m., 
Ittf Thomas Fraaer, of Strichen ; and, 2dly, to John, 16th 
carl of Crawford ; 2. Charles, 5th earl ; S. Johtk, d, young ; 
i Fraxcis, 6th earl. The earl d, 1 Nov., 1700, and was 
mneeded by faia eldest surviving son, 

Charles, 6th earl, m. Anne Campbell, da. of Archilwld, 
Bth esri of Az^n^, (who was beheaded in 1685,) and by her 
lisd no issue. The earl d» ^ Oct., 1735, and wub succeeded 
\n his brother, 

FiAircis, 6th earl, b. 1673 ; and by his 2d wife, Jane £1. 
P^'uffiOfiP, 2d da. of John, 4th lord Balmerino, who d. 1739, 
bad ime ; 1. James, 7th earl ; 2. John^ gen. in the army, d. 
Ma. Aug. 1796 ; 3. Francis^ of Pittendriech, fa., Ist, 4 Jan., 
I7^f Helen Montgomery, 6th da. of Alexander, 9th earl of 
Griinton ; and by her (who d, 1747) had Frauds, (who <L at 
RbetiDs, in Champaign, 1766) ; his 2d wife d, 1784, leaving 
ads«, n., 1 Nov., 1783, the right rev. Thomas-Lewis 0*Beime, 
D.D.,lord bishop of Meath; 4. Archibald, capt. R.N., 1715, 
«^ ¥A, 1796 ; 5. Henry, major in the army, d. in Germany ; 
'5. AMis^ fn. John Stewart, of Blair HaU, had issue, and (L 
1783; 7. Amelia, m. sir Peter Halket, of Pittfeman, co. Fife, 
itrt., killed at Fort Du Quesne, in North America, July 
I75&. The earl d.\\ Dec, 1739, and was succeeded by his 

James, 7th carl, K.T., ft. I7O8, m. Ist, Dec. 1734, Grace, 
'li. i.f Geoi^ IxK'khart, of Carnwath, esq., {hy Euphemia, 
i\ d'rt. of Alexander, 0th earl of Eglinton,) relict of John, 3d 
*-ix\ t}i AiNiyue, and by her (who d. Nov., 1738,) left issue ; 
1. Fhancis, 8th earl;'2. Euphemia, d. unm. 1770; and, 2dly, 
2; April, 1740, Margaret, da. of David, 3d earl of Wemyss, 
.t:i<i }»v her (who d. Aug. 1770) had issue; 1. James, b, 
April '1741, d. 3Iay 1808; 2. David, 6. 1745, lieut. R.N., 
'i. J\me 1784. The earl d. 5 July, 17C7, and was succeeded 
bv Wis wm, 

Faxxcis, 8th earl, b. 11 Jan., 1737; w.,28 June, 1763, 
Jiiiie. «-lJe5t da. of John, 12th lord Gray, and by her (who rf. 

10 Feb., 



19 Feb., 1780,) had Isbu^ ; 1. Jamei,d.n JiUy, 1776: E. Johb I 
£.llFeb., i;S8, </.!»>■». C July, 17!ll: 3. Fhahcis, preMMl 
earl; 4. Ardtibaid, b. 2 Feb., 1771, m., 17 March, 1793, CcA I 
nelia, ymingCBt da. of Edmund-Morton Fleydell, of HUbofll'l 
St. AndreiT, esq., uid lin issue; FrHndi-Archibald, Jiilin>l 
Manila, Jamen- William, Edmund.Lutlrell, Douglsa.WyB " 
and Oeorge.Gray; S. Charki, d. untn.,- O.Margaret, d. ai: 
17SIi; 7. Grace, in., lOJidy, 1789,Oa)rgeDou^,ofCav« 
eo. Koilnirgh, esq. i B. Jaiie, d. young ; and, 9. AnKt. " 
earl waa, in IJHG, orateA a BritiBh peer, liy the title ol 
Sluart, of Castle Stuaft, co. Inverness ; and d. SU Aug., 1B1(| 
was BuccsKded hy hiii boq, 

Fbahcis, 9tli and present earl. 

Heir-Appamnl — Fhahcis, lord DouNE, Ihe ( 

L'n»fli(7iu_LardDoiune, 1601; earl of Moray, 1 562 ; and J 
baron Stuart, of Caxtle Stuart, in the Peerage lif the United . 
Kingdom, 4 June, 1796. , 

Blutto — Salni per Chnalunt RedcmpiOTem — Salvation 
through Christ the Redeemer. 

^nru— See Plate 53. 

WILL1AM.HAMEY.H0ME, Exiit of HOME, Bamn 
Home, aiid Banin of DungluB, one of the 16 Peers fur North 
Britain in the Imperial Parliament, and Lord Lieutenant co. 
Berwidt ; bam in 1760 i succeeded his father, Alexnoder, the 
late earl, IB Dec, 1786; took the mirname ofRamey in addi- 
tion (o that of Home, by royal sign manual, 1814 ; married, 
9 Nov., 1798, Eliiubeth Scott, Sd daughter nf Henry. 3d 
Duke ik BuDcteuch and Queensberry, E.O., and has isme; 
1. CoBPATBiCK-ALEKAHDEa, Lard Dunglia, b. 37 Oct., 
I791I: 2- Wiltiam.Monlague~Doi,glas, b. S3 Nov., 1000; and, 
3. Henrj/.Campbtll, d. an infant. 

Few families in Nmth Britain can ImasI ao andeul an 
origin as that of Home, being a brand] nf the illustrious honse 
of Dimbar and Mordi, and descended Irom Patrick, 2d m 
(if (.'-npatrie, earl of Diinhar and Blarch. His grandson H'U- 1 
lium BWmned the Bunianu: of Home, and was anceatot o 

AtEiiNDElt Home, created lord Ilorue 3 Aug., 14jaj J 
bad issue Alacaitdtr, who d. in hit father'* lifedmo, lenir' — 
issue 2 sons, Alexahsek, 2d lord ; and John, of Wluw ' 
oMeiloT of the pnaoit bbtL 

Id lord, lefe S wi.n, Ai.exahdee, .^ k 

EARI& 709 

ai4GEomoE,4thiOTds the latter wM£rtliar of Alxzavdck, 
^lord^whoie only Mm, Alxxaxder, 6di lord, wu cnnted, 
4 Xircih, 1604-5, earl c£ Home, and banm Dunglai, to bim 
al kb hein male whataoerer ; by virtue of wbich limitatioB 
Ae title derolved, on the death without iaiue of his only 8on, 
/axes, 2d earl, in 103SK, on his kinwnan, lir James Home, of 
Cildin Am iw, who was sixth in lineal descent from John, 
tf Whiterigi, abore^named. 

8b Jaxe8, who thus became Sd earl of Home, m, Jane, 
iL if Williion, ^^ eail of Morton ; and deoaaaing in 1408, 
kft S sans ; Alexander, 4th earl, who d. without issue 
1174; Jamei, &th enri, who d, also without issne 1687 ; uid 

CjOAELxa, Och oar], was imprisoned in Iklinbargfa castle, 
1678, ^ beiiotf^ an accomplioa in the clandestine marriage of 
die beLresB of Ayton to the laird of Kimmergfaam ; m. Anne, 
^ ff sir William Purvea, of Purves-hall, oo. Berwick, bart., 
md had issue; 1. Alexaei^b, 7th eail; 8. JmmeM^ of 
Ayton, who engaged in Ihe rebellion of 1716 ; his estate of 
Anon was in cxmaequenee foisted, and he dL 6 Deo., 1764 ; 
■. Janet, da. of Zerobabel Haig, of Bennersyde, oe. Berwick, 
ml b^ her (who d, Oct. 1777) had Marian, m. Alexander, 
Ml earl of Home ; and Jane, of Haigsfield, m., 6 May, 1776, 
Dr. Jsmes Hunter, of Monfodd ; 3. George, d, 1777 < 4. Jane, 
a. Patrick, lord Polworth, son of the Ist eari of MardiuQont ; 
& Margery, d. unm. ; 6. Margaret/, m. Alexander Bothwell, 
matter of Holyrood-house, esq. The earl d, 20 Aug., 1706, 
>nd was succeeded by his son, 

Alexander, 7th earl, who, on the breaking out of the 
KebeUicHi, 171^, ^^ committed prisoner to the castle of £din. 
Iiof^, but was released on the expiration of the suspenaion 
of die Hal>eas Corpus Act, 24 June, I7I6 ; m. Anne Ker, 2d 
da. of William, 2d marquess of Lothian, and had issue; 1. 
Charles, d, young; 2. Wili^iah, 8th earl; 3. James, d, 
young; 4. Aiejfander, d, an infunt; 5. Alexander, dth 
rarl ; 6. George, el. young ; 7* Anne, d, an infant ; and, 
^ Jane, d. 1767* The earl d. 1720, and was succeeded by 

Wii.LiA3i, Cth earl, lieut.-gen. in the army, and governor 

ff Gibraltar ; m., 25 De(^, 1742, , relict of Lawes, 

«Hq., and dying, 28 April, 1766, without issue, was succeeded 
-y }iis brother, 

Alexander, 0th earl, in holy orders of the church of 
England ; m., 1st, Primrose, 2d da. of Charles, 9th lord Elphin. 
^•»*i!ip, and by her (who rf. 18 Dec., 1759,) had issue ; 1. WiU 
«.vw, lord Diiiiglas, lieut. in the Coldstream regiment of fbot- 

voL. IT. a gwards, 


guards, 1778 ; accompanied the guards to America, where he 

was mortally wounded at the battle of Guildford, 15 Mardi^ ^ 

1781, unm, ; 2. Eleanoret^ fn., 9 Jan., 1784, major-gen. Thomat ^^ 

Ihmdas, of Fingaskj who fell a victim to pestilential diseaie, -^ 

on public service in the West Indies, 1794 ; and to whom a |J 

monument is erected in the cathedral of St. Paul at the ^ 

public expense. The earl m»,2dly,his cousin Marian, da. of hif ^ 

uncle, the hon. James Home, of Ayton ; and by her (who d, 7 

30 Oct., 1783,) had no issue ; and, 3dly, 10 Feb., 1768, AM- ?* 

gail-Browne, da. and heir of John Ramey, of Yarmouth, oo» ^ 

Norfolk, esq., and by her (who dL 5 Feb., 1814,) had issue ; ?* 

1. a son, d. young; 2. Alexakder, the present earl; 3. Cc- 7^ 

roline, d. 30 AprU, 1794, unm, ; and, 4. Charlotte^ ml, 16 ^. 

April, 1797) the rev. Charles ^ullie, ardideaoon of Clere- |^ 

land, and rector of Middleton, 2d son of the hon. Geoigt 7* 

BaiUie, of Jerviswood, and has issue. The earl d, 8 O^ ^ 

1786, and was succeeded by his only son, ?| 

Alexander, present and 10th earL '}J 

Heir-Appareni — Cospatrick-Alexander, Lord Dim- ^ 

GLAS, the earPs son. ^ 

CreaHons—^hord Home, 1473; lord Dunglas and eari of J| 

Home, 00. Berwick, 1004. || 

Motto — True to the end, ^ 

^fin«_See Plate d3. ^ 

and KINGHOBN, Viscount Lyon, Baron Glamis, Xanna- » 
dyoe, Seidlaw, and Stradichtil ; succeeded his brother John, 
the late Earl^ 3 July, 1820 ; manned^ 1st, Mary-Elizabeth ; 
Rodney, dau«^ter and sole heir of G^rge Carpenter, of Red- 
bourne, co. Herts, esq., and had issue, Visoount Ltok, J 
and a daughter : the Earl m,, 2dly, Miss Northcote, by whom 
he had issue, one daughter : the earl m., 3dly, Lady CampbeO. 

John de Ltok obtained a grant from king David IL 
of the baronies of Forteviot, Forgendenny, co. Perth; Cur- 
testoun, and Drumgovan, co. Aberdeen ; which grants were 
confirmed by Robert II. 

Sir JoHK Lton, his son, was secretary to Robert II., who, 
in 1379, granted him the thanedom of Glamis, in Forfarshire, 
to hold in free barony. He was also great chamberlain of 
Scotland, and m. king Robert II. *8 2d da. (by Elizabeth Mure), 
Jane Stuart, with whom he got the barony of Kinghorn, and 
was allowed to carry the double tressure of Scotland in his 


na. Hit mndson Patrick was, MOording to the chro. 
lade of ForduiL, created a peer of parliament by the title ixf 
knon Glamis, 1445. Sixth in descent from him wai 

Patrick Ltok, Itt earl of Kinghom, and 9th lord Olamii, 
JfL of the guard, and one of the priyy council to king Jamea 
n., and loi^ treasurer of Scotland ; and in 1006, created earl 
rf J t ayfc o m, He m. Anne, da. of Murray, Itt earl of TuUi. 
hwfin, and had istue hy her ; JoHir, 2d earl ; Jamst ; Fn* 
^tnek^ ancestor of the Lyont of Brigton ; and Anne^ m. Wil- 
bm Hay, 1 Ith earl of ErroL The earl d, 1615, and was suc- 
oeded by his eldest son, 

JoHX, 2d earl, «»., Ist, Martha, da. of John Erekine, 6ch 
Mriof Mar; and, 2dlv, Elizabeth Manle,da. of Patrick, Ist 
ttri of Panmure ; and had issue by her Qs^ho after his decease 
a. George, the 3d earl of Linlithgow,) Patrick, 3d earl ; 
vAEUmabeth^ m., Ist, Charles Gkmlon, 1st earl of AlM)yne; 
•od, 2dly, capt. Aiezander Orant. The earl deceasing in 1649, 
vit succeeded by his son, 

Patrick, 3d earl, who obtained a diarter, 1 July, 16779 
innting that he and his heirs of entail should in future be 
iMed calls of Strathmore and Kinghom ; he was one of the 
pnnr council in that reign, and also one of the extraordinary 
lonh iji session : ffi. Hden Middleton, da. of John, earl oif 
^uidleton, and by her had John, 4th earl ; Patrick, slain at 
I^Iienffinuir, 1715 ; Grizel, m. David Ogilvy, 3d earl of Airley ; 
ud Elizabeth, m., Ist, Charles, 2d earl of Aboyne ; 2dly, 
Pttrick, 3d lord Kinnaird ; and, 3dly, capt. Alexander Grant, 
0^ Orantsfield. Patrick, 3d earl, deceasing in 1695, was 
ncoKded by his son, 

JoHy, 4th earl, who was of the privy council to queen 
ABDe ; m. Elizabeth Stanhope, da. of Philip, 2d earl of Ches- 
terfield, and had issue ; John, 5th earl ; Charles, 6th earl; 
^AXEs, 7th earl ; and Thomas, 8th earl ; Helen, m. Robert 
sitevLrt, 7th lord Blantyre ; and Mary, d, unm. 1780. The 
tv] 4. 1712, and was succeeded by his son, 

John, the olV earl, who being in the rebellion in 1715, 
■ kder the commr^nd of John, earl of Mar, was killed at the 
la:jle of .SherilTmuir, and was succeeded by his next brother, 
(.', 6th earl, who was unfortunately mortally 
Hniutied in an affray, 9 May, 1728, and rf. two days after. 
v^nds. without issue : he was succeeded by his brother, 

James, 7th earl ; wi., 1731, Mary, da. <rf George Oliphant, 
M. D. : and dying 14 Jan., 1735, without issue, was succeeded 
• y \\\% \irotlier, 
Thomas, 8th carl, exhibiting, in his person, the uncommon 

a 2 in»lauce 


u brothere suu»eding each uther in the et 

13 May, 177S) bud issue; 1. Jouh, 9ch earl; 2.Jamtt- 
Fhilip, b. 173s, ia the service of tlie Eusc India Cnmpaay^j 
vaa mkeD at Coaijinbaxsr, by Mir Cosimiu, nabob uf BeagaL, 
and murdered at Palua, by orders of the nabob, with leTeru 
En^i^ gentleaieu, in July, 1763 ; 3. Thomas-tsoa, b. 174L;J 
tn^ 13 June, 177'li Mary-Elizubeth, da. of Farren Wren, a 
Binchester, to. Durham, esq. ; and by her {who rf. 31 May 
IRll] had issue, 3 90I1X, and Has.; the eldest son d. Sept 
1 794 { the eldest da. m. Thomas Wilkinson, of Bedford Row, 
London, esq, ; Susannah, 2d da., «., IStl, the tcv. J. VeS 
loves, of Shottesham, co. Norfolk ; Frances, 3d da., n 
94 June, 1611, Thomas Thnrlow, esq., brother of Edwan 

Sesenl lord Thurlow ; Charlotte, 4th da., m., 20 Not., IBOj 
eoiy-George Liddel, of Ravensworth Casde, co. Diirhao 
esq. ; 4. 5iisiin, n., 5 Sept., I7O3, general John Lamhton, 1 
HarratonJiBiU, co. Durham; fi. Atme, m., 15 Jiity, 17SI. 
John Simpson, of Bradley, co. Durham, esq., and <i. 177^1 
6. Maiy, d. unm., W May, \^m ; and ^. Jane. Tlie earl A 
Jan. 1763, and was succeeded by hia eldest son. 

Jobs, 9th earl, b. in 1737 ; n., 14 Feb., 17^7. AUr^ 
Eleanor, do. and sole heiress of Greor^ Bones, of Oibside, ot 
Durham, e«q., and assumed the name of Bouiea, pursuant B 
an act of parliameDt in the some year, and by her {vho d 
ISOO, having m., 2d]y, Andrew Rabimau Stoney. esq., whi 
took Oie name of Dowes, aod d. 16 Jan., IGIO) lind isauei 
1. John, present earl ; 2. George Boieen, b. 12 April, IJSl 
of Paul's Waliien, co. Hertford, who inherited the estates o 
his grandmother in that county, and also in Middlesex ; 9Hi 
14 June, IBOa, Mary, da. of Edward Thomhill, esq^ « 
Kingston Lisle, CO. Berks, and ij. 31 Jan., 1806, without iSBug 
3. Thomas, present earl ; 4. Maria Jane, n.. May 17M 
BarriuKton Price, oiq., and d. April 1806; Q. Anna-JUarit 
m., 3 Feb., 1703, HeuryJames J«»ap, esq. The ettrl iL I 
April 17761 and was succeeded bv his sun, 

JouK, 10th carl, who was, IR Jaty, 1S15, created b 
Bowes, in the PeernifeufEngland: £. April 1769; ?i>.,2Juli 
leaO, Miss Mary MUuer, of Slaindrop, to. DurUat " " ' ' '^ 
next day, when the barony of Bowes, in the 
Ei^land, became eitinct; but the earldom of S 
and Kingbom devdTed on hie only brother, 
Thomas, present and lltbearl of Strathmure. 
Hnr-Afiparcnl—Vucouat Lxok, the earl's sou. 


Creaiiaiu — Liord Gkunis, 1445 ; earl of Kinghum, lord 
Lyon wad Glamu, 10 July, 1606 ; a new duuter of the 
cttUom, 90 May, 1673, to Patrick, Sd earl of Kiogfaom, and 
kit ianie male ; and, in defaolt, to any penon or personi no- 
Bunated by him ; and in failure of sudh heirs of such nomi- 
udoo, to his hein male whatsoever ; which failing, to his 
ban and assigns whatsoever, with the former precedency, 
cbsner, I July, 1677, '' that Patrid^ 3d earl of Kingfaorn, 
C^U9«e kitredes mateuii €t UUlim aibi ntocedeiu in ejui territ 
pmMii €i simiUj should be styled, in all future ages, earls of 
Smthmore and Kingfaorn, viscounts Lyon, barons Glamis, 
Tsnnadyoe, Seidlaw, and Stradiditie.'* 

Motto — In tv, Ihmme, sperani — In thee, O Lord, have I 
|at mv trast- 


tf Fsiiley, in Scotland, Viscount and Baron Strabane, in 
Irdfeod, and a Baronet of the same kingdom ; and Marquess 
<FAiERCOBK, and Viscount Hamilton, in England: bom 

fSee Marquess of Ahercom^ in the Peerage of England,) 
Ueir-Presumptive — The Marquesses only brother. 
Creation — 1606. 
Arms — See Plate 10. 

THOMAS ERSKINE, Earl of KELLIE, Viscount Fen- 
Um, Baron Dirleton, Premier Viscount of Scotland, and a 
Baronet of Nova Scotia ; one of the sixteen Peers for North 
Britain in the Imperial Parliament. The Earl obtained his 
Majesty^s permission, 9 July, 1808, to accept and wear the 
Royal Order of Vassa, conferred on him by Gustavus Adol- 
phuN, 4th King of Sweden : succeeded his nephew, Charles, 
the late Earl, 9 Nov., 1799 : born 1746 ; married at Gotten- 
buff^, 1771 1 Anne, da. of Captain Adam Gordon, of Ardock ; 
sad tiv her has no issue. 

TI)e immediate ancestor of this branch of the noble family 
of Erskine, was sir Alexander Erskine, of Gogar, ddson 
of Job .n, 12th lord Erskine, and 6th earl of Mar, by lady 
Margtiret Campbell, da. of Archibald, 2d earl of Argyll. 
After the death of his brother John, 6th earl of Mar, (regent 
of Scotland,) he waa appointed by the parliament. 1572, go- 

o 3 vernor 


temor to the young king James the Sixth, and First of 
England. In the year l.'i7'<, he was conetitnlcd frnvcmar i 
Eijinbiirgh Caatle, vicv-chanibin'Iain ofScottand, and of h 
msjesly's privy coundL He m. Margaret, da. of Gnirire, M 
lord Home, by whom be had 3 sons and 3 das. ; 1. sir ASfa 
ander, killi^d at the surprine of Stirling Castle, 1678 ; 2. Thc 
HAS, nfterwards earl of KelJJe; 3. sir Georpe, of Inncrtal 
(me of the senators of the college of justice; 4. JUargaret, ■ 
James Crichton, of Rnlhven, em]. ; 5. Jmte, m. John Leslii 

of Ruthven, esq.; mother, by him, to Waller, Ist cmir 

Leslie, in Germany ; and, 6. Mary^ m. Sit DugUd Campbell) 
of Auchinbredt. ! 

Sir Thomas Ehs SINE, ofO<^ar, eldest HurriTing ion <A 
sir Alexander, wmbom in the same year with king Jame»Vl( 
{1566), and educated with him from bi» chiWhnod ; he -mm 
constunlly about hia majesty's person during the whole iif hto 
life, and always in great favour with him. He w ' " " "^ 

one of tlie gentlemen of the bed-chamber, I5S5, a 

tad the good fortune lo be one of the happy ins 

the rescue of the king from the treasonable attempt of 

earl of Oowrie, whose brother, Alexander Ruthven, he t 

with his own hands. He aci.'ompanied the king to England, 
1603 ; was one of the E. B. at hit corotintiou ; appointed 
captain of the yeomen of the guard, on the removal of al* 
Walter Raleigh ; the same year created baron Diilelon, 
and 18 May, 1606, viscount Feotoun, being the first raised to 
that degree of diguity in Scotland . He was further created, ' 
IZ March, 1619, earl of Kellie ; was K.O., and a privy coim.' 
cillor, in England and Scotland. The earl, by Anne, da. of 
Gilbert Ogilvy, of Powrie, his 1st wife, had isi 
■•. sir Robert Mowbray, of BBrnb<Hi"le, bart. . 
Alkxaitdeh viscount Fentoua, who d. in his father's llfew: 
time, Feb. IKIS, leaving iame, by Anne, da. of Alexander 
Seton, 1st earlofI>un!iferline, 1. THO«tAB,3dearl ( 8. Ai.BX^ 
AHDER, 3d earl ; 3. sir Charlea, i^ Cambo, ancestor of tli^ 
present earl, of whom hereafter. The ear) d. 12 June, 1038^^ 
and was succeeded by his eldest grandson, 
Thomas, Sd earl, who if. mm. 3 Feb., 1643. 
Alexander, 3d earl, next brother of Thomas, was a 
steady loyalisC during the ravil wars, and taken prisoner at 
tbe kattle of Worcester : he if. 6 Aug., 1(^7, and was luo., 
oeoded by Ida only son, ALKK4NiiEB,4lh earl, who rf. 8 March,, 
1716, Fearing an only son, 

Alexj^ndeb, 5th earl^ in., Ist, Louisa, diu of William 
'^Uoray^.of Aberraimy, by whumhahadnoiuua; ami, itdl^. 

:tempt of tbtt 
iven, he sleiM 
to England,* 

Jmet, da. of the oeiebimted I>r. Aichibald PHovrn, and bf 
^ (vho «L 7 June, 177d) waa Atthnr of the eth and 7th eari% 
mdoi Andrew, who d. unm^ 1793. The earl d. 8 April, 
17961, and waa auooeeded by hia eldest son, 

Thomas, 6th earl, who d, unm. 1781, and was snoceeded 
by his next brother, Archibald, 7th earl, ou whose death, 
■Hk, 8 May, 17979 the issue male of Alexander, 3d earl, be- 
one cBcdnct, and the titles devohred on sir Charles Er^ne, 
of Csmbo, bart. whose descent we now prooeed to detail : 

Sir Chariet Erskine, id Cambo, 3d son of Alexander, 

voooont Fentoan, and grandson of the Ist earl, was created 

MJLyQn,kiiigof anus, 1663, and a bart., 1666. Heii.1677, 

Istrin^ an only son, sir Alejcmnder^ also lord Lyon, kiiiK ^ 

■av, ak hia oousin Mary, da. of the 3d earl of Kelli« "^ ''* 

173S, leaiini^ iaaue, sir CA«fites,sir JoA»,andsiri5SJ^''^ 

9mwe barta., who d. tmm. in 1763, 1764i.Pr* ^ ' *' ' .Vf T'"* 

wkscsotinued the Ime; Thomas, «fc,aP'»^5"«^5 fS?,^"^ 
vbssettled at Rome, and was ma**- » cardinal in 1801, and 

< ItU. 

AwWEiakine, 4th so^^»r Alexander, had issue, by his 

Mwfe, miaa Younr* 1- »^ Charlea; 2, 3, 4, Oeorge, John, 
■d Darid, all #^ '<m*«*^ > ^* Thohas, present earl ; 6. Meih* 
«», of Air(l>^9 CO- P^9 *"*9 10 July, 1781, Joan, da. of Adam 
Gsriour ^ Ardodi. 

8>r Charles Erakine, eldest son of David, succeeded his 
iflde, sir William, 178(H and d, 1790, leaving issue sir WiU 
&«, who d, unm. 1791, and 

Sir Charles, who, on the death of Archibald, 7th earl of 
Kdlie, in 1797, succeeded to that title, but d, unm,^ 28 Oct., 
1799, and was succeeded by his unde. 

Thomas, present and 9th earl. 

ffeir-Presumptive— .The earl's brother, Methuen-Kel- 
LiE Erskine, of Airdrie. 

Crealion — Baron of Dirleton, 1603; viscount Fenton, (lieing 
the lift of that dignity created in Scotland,) 1606 ; and earl of 
KeUie, 12 March, 1619 ; and a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1666. 

Motto — Decori decus addU aviio — He adds honour to the 
liOQour of his ancestors. 

Arm* — See Plate 54. 

«id Baron of Binning and Byres, and Lord-lieutenant co. 
Haddington : born 1763 ; succeeded his father, 19 May, 1794 : 
carried, in April, 1779, Sophia Hope, da. of John, 2d earl of 

Hopetoun ; 

716 SCOTd ]^£:£RAO£. |^ 

Hopetoun ; and by her (who d. 8 Mardi, 1813) hftd tiSlM, ^ 
Thomas, Lord Binning, M. P. for Rochester, and one of hii ^^ 
majesty's most hon. privy council ; b. 1780 ; m., 13 Not., 18Mi ^^ 
Maria Parker, only da. of George, present and 4ih Eart rf ^ 
Macclesfield. ^ 

Thomas Hamiltok, of Ochartfield, descended from tfcj J 
Hamiltons, of Innerwick, a branch of the ancient family of J 
Hamilton, duke of Hamilton, acquired in 1522, from Jolia, J 
earl of Lennox, the barony of Bathgate, co. Linlithgow ; and, JJ 
in 1524, purchased the lands of Ballincrieff, in the same Jj 
county. His son, Thomas Hamilton, was possessed of the J 
^^ds of Ochartfield, Bathgate, and Ballincrieff, in 1637 ; he J 
maob exchange of the hmds of BalUncrieff with Jamot J 
Hamilton, .f innerwick, for the lands of Balbyne and Dnmu Jj 
came, co. Periu, ^f ^y^^ he had a charter, 2 Aug., 1538. jf 
He was killed at tht, wUg of Pinkie, 10 Sept., 1647 ; leavtog". J 
1. Thomas; and 2. JoAf*, j^ gecuhir priest j he left Scotland J 
on account of his religion, hx*H his residence in Paris 1678, Jj 
where he became tutor to the cann^ ^e Bourbon, and rector '" 
of the University. Returning to ScotiM)^^ in 1609, he waa ^ 
arrested and committed to the Tower of Lona«^ where he died. ^ 

Thomas Hamilton, of Priestfield, eldest sor\ of Thomaa ^ 
of Orchartstoun, was a knt., and a lord of session, »%. Elisa- ^ 
beth, da. of James Heriot, of Trabroun, and had la^ue;' ^ 
1. Thomas, 1st earl ; 2. sir Andrew, of Redhouse, a lord at 
session ; 3. sir John, of Magdalens, a lord of session, a privy * 
councillor, and lord raster of Scotland, d. without male issue ; ' 
4. Patrick, under secretary of state to his brother the earl of ' 
Haddington ; 6. Alexander, general of artillery to the Scota ' 
troops serving under Oustavus Adolphus. ' 

Thomas Hamilton, Ist earl, being bred to the law, was 
by king James VI. made one of the senators in the college 
of justice, secretary of state, lord advocate and register, and 
was, in 1613, created baron Binning, and earl of Melross, 
which he afterwards changed to the title of Haddington ; in 
1627, be was constituted lord privy seal, which office he held 
for 10 years ; m., Ist, a da. of James Borthwick, esq., by 
whom he had one da., Christian, m,, 1st, John, lord Lindsey ; 
and, 2d]y, Robert, lord Boyd. His lordship m., 2dly, a da. of 

sir James Foulis, hart. ; and, 3dly, a da. of sir Ker : by 

his 2d wife he had 3 sons and 3 das., of whom 

Thomas, his eldest son, succeeded his father, as 2d earl, 
and joined with the covenanters, in the beginning of their 
civil war ; was governor of the castle of Dunglas, where he 


EARLS. 717 

. 90 Aug., IMO, unfortunately blown up, together with 

gert HamiltoiL, his brother; Patrick, hu natural brother ;/ 

Jfdin Hamilton, d Red-houne, his cuimin-gemiaii ; nir 

iaaoder Hamiltmi, of Innerwick, and Alexauder Iiiit mm 

ad heir ; sir Alexander Enkine, 4th ion of the 7th earl of 

far, brother4n Jaw to the earl ; sir Gideon HaiUie, (yf LiN'h- 

■d; James Inglis ; and John of Gqcar. A report prevailttd 

Att Dunglas waa treacherously blown up 1)y Edward Paris, 

II English boy, page to the earl of Haddington, on aicoiint 

dhk master jestingly telling him, that his oouatrynieu w«re 

a pidk of cowards, Uy suffer themselves to be lieateii, and to 

no away at Newbum ; which so mudi enraged him, tliat lie 

tKk a hot iron, and thrust it into one of the powder liarrels, 

fniUng hiww^lf with the rest. He ai., 1st, Catherine Ers- 

Uae, 4th da. of John,. 7th earl of Mar ; and by her (who d, 

9 Fek, 1635) had issue ; 1. Thomas, 3d earl ; 2. Johk, 4tfa 

evl; 3b Marffaret^ d, young; 4. Robert, and 5. James, both 

^ ynqg ; and, 2dly, Jane Gordon, 3d da. of George, 2d mar. 

^BflH of Huntley, and bv her had a posthumous da., Margaret^ 

L U Jan., 1641, m. John, 1st earl of Kintore. 

Thovas^ 3d earl, m. at Chatillon, in France, 8 Aug., 1643, 
Henrietta de Coligny, eldest da. of GaMMurd, oomte de Coligny, 
Bareicfaal of France, (by Anne de Polignac, da. of Gabriel, 
^rur de tft. Germain,) sister of the duke de Chatillon, and 
emt-grand-da. of the celebrated admiral de Coligny. The 
(vi ^ of a consumption, under age, 8 Feb., 1645 : his emm- 
len. celebrated {or her l)eauty, Iter wit, and her romantic 
uiventures, m., 2dly, Gaspard de Champagne, comte de la 
Suae, a hugonot nobleman ; from whom slie was divorced, 
and turned catholic, 20 July, 1653 ; " in order,** said Chris- 
tina, queen of Sweden, ^^ that she might never more see him, 
niher in this world or the next." The countess d, at Paris, 
!<i March, 1673. The earl dying, 8 Feb., 1645, witliout issue, 
«» bucceeded by his brother, 

JoHN^ 4th earl, tn. Christian Lindsey, 2d da. of John, IStli 
carl of Crawfiuxi and Lindsey, (by Mai^ret Hamilton, 2d 
4a. 4ff James, 2d marquess of Hamilton,) and had issue; 
1. Charles, 5th earl; 2. Margaret^ m. John Hope, of 
Hopetoun, who was lost in his passage to Scotland, with the 
duke of Vork, 5 May, 1682, leaving issue, Charles, iHt earl of 
Hiipetoun ; 3. Helen, m, sir William Austruther, of Anstru- 
tlier, CO. Fife, and had issue ; 4. Stuan, m. Adam Cockbum, 
of Ormistoun, es*!., and had issue. The earl d, 1 Sept., 1660^ 
and was succeeded by his son, 


718 SCOTS l^££ItAG£. K 

Charles, 5th earl, b, 1660 ; m., 7 Oct., 1674, MarganfL |^ 
countess of Rothes, eldest da. of John, duke of Rothes, Im •^ 
high chancellor of Scotland : on her father's death, in JvJj w 
1681, the dukedom hecame extinct ; hut she succeeded •• ^ 
countess of Rothes. In the-contract of this marriage it ww l, 
stipulated, in order to prevent the two earldoms ^ Rothflf ^ 
and Haddington from being united, that the earl should lur- Tj 
render his title of Haddington, in favour of his second son ; J 
which settlement was subsequently confirmed by two patents, ^ 
dated 18 Dec.*, 1689, and 22 Oct. 1702. By the countess of 
Rothes (who (L 20 Aug., 1700) he had, 1. Johk, 8th earl of 
Rothes, from whom Oeorge- William, the present earl of w 
Rothes, descends, through an heir female ; hut, his male lim J 
being extinct, the earl of Haddington is now heir male o£ ths ^ 
body of sir Thomas Hamilton, 1st earl of Haddington ; J 
2. Thomas, 6th earl ; 3. Charles^ d. young. The earl d, 168ft, ) 
and the earidom of Haddington descended to his 2d son, '"! 

Thoiias, 6th earl : he had a charter of the earldom ci * 
Haddington, 25 Feb., 1687, and another of the hereditaiy ! 
office of the keeper of the park of Holyrood-house, 23 Jan., 
1691 ; m. his cousin-german, Helen, cmly da. of John Hope, ' 
of Hopetoun, esq., sister of Charles, 1 st earl of Hopetoun ; and ' 
by her (who d, 19 April, 1768, aged 91) had issue ; 1. Charles^ 
lord Binning, b. 1697) who d, during ids father's lifetime, at 
Naples, 13 Jan., 1733, having m, Rachel, sole heiress of 
George Baillie, of Jerviswood, co. Lanark, (by Grizel Hume, 
eldest da. of Patrick, 1st earl of Marchmont) ; and by her 
(who d. 1773) had issue ; 1. Thomas, 7th earl ; and, 2. Qwrge^^ 
of Jerviswood, who, on succeeding to the estates of his maternal 
grandfather, took the name and arms of Baillie; m. and had 
issue; 3. Charles, lieut.-ooL and governor of Bladcness-castle, 
d. 28 Sept., 1806; 4. Grizel, m. Philip, 2d earl Stanhope; 
6. Rachel, d, unm, ; 2, John, d. 11 Feb., 1772, leaving 4 das., 
viz., Margaret, m. sir George Home, of Blackadder, hart, x 
Catherine, m. Sholto-Charles, late earl of Morton ; Helen, m. 
Dunbar, 4th earl of Selkirk ; and Mary, m. Sir John Halkett, 
bart. ; 3. Margaret, d. unm,, 1768 ; 4. Christian, m, sir 
James Dalrymple, of Hailes, bart. The earl d. 28 Nov., 1735, 
and was succeeded by liis grandson, 

Thomas, 7th earl; m., Ist, 28 Oct., 1750, Mary, da. of 
Rowland Holt, <3i Redgrave, co. Suffolk, esq., reliot of Mr. 
Lloyd, and by her (who d, j Sept., 1785) had, 1. Chables, 
present and 8th earl ; 2, Thomas, d, 1 April, 1774. The eari 
m., 2dly, 6 March, 1786, Anne, eldest da. of sir Charles Gas<' 


EARLS. 71:* 

«Kg»e, knt., by whom (who m., 2dly, 1799, Jamei Dalrymple, 
oq.) he had ChmTlotte^ b. March 1790, d. 3 May, 1793.' The 
wi d. 19 31 ay, 1794, and was succeeded by his son, 

Charles, present and 8th earL 

Heir-Apparetit — ^Thomas, lord Bikvixo, the earPs son. 

Creations ^Baron Binning, 30 Nov., 1613 ; and earl of 

HnUington, East Ijothian, 20 Mardi, 1619. 

Motto— /Vtf't/o et pertitto — I undertake and persevere. 
Plate 64. 

Gillies, and Baron Stewart, of Cku'lies, in the Peerage of 
the United Kipgdom, K.T., Vioe-Admiral of the White, Lord- 
lieutenant oo. Wigtoun and oo. Kirkcudbright, succeeded 
Im &ther, John, uie late Eari, 13 Nov., 1806 : married^ 
19 April, 1797, Jane Paget, 2d da. of Henry Bayley, 1st 
£0! of Uxbrid^B^ (sister of Henrf-William, Marquess of 
Ai^esey, EL6., 6.C.B.,) and has issue ; 1 . Jane^ b, 29 March, 
1796; «., 11 Jan., 1819, her cousin, Geoige, Marquess of 
Bhndford, ddest son of George, Duke of Marlborough ; 
1 Caroltntf, b. 16 Aug., 1799 ; 3. Randolph Lord Gar- 
Lizs, 6. 16 Si^pt., 1800 ; 4. Louisa, b, 18 March, 1804, fn., 
IfleS, W. Duncombe, esq., M.P. ; 5. Arthur^ d. 1 Jan., 1806 ; 
ft AUan^ <2. 1 May, 1808 ; 7. Helen, d, 26 Jan., 1813 ; 8. a da,, 
&. 26 Sqpt., 1812 ; and, 9. a da. b, 3 Jan., 1814. 

The origin of the royal house of Stewart is traced by the 
inde&tigable researches of Ohalmers to Alak Fitz-Fleald, 
a Norman oompanion of William the Conqueror. He had 3 
KBs; 1. fFi/Ztam, ancestor of the Fitz- Alans, earls of Arundel 
m Endand; 2. Walier, who settled in Scotland, and obtained 
from king David I. the office of lord high steward, from 
vhenoe his descendants adopted the name of Stewart ; 3. Simon, 
vho also settled in Scotland, and was progenitor of the family 
of Boyd. 

Alexander, high steward of Scotland, great-grandson of 
Walter, had 2 sons ; I.James, whose grandson, Robert, ascended 
the throne of Scotland 1371, and whose male line ended in the 
person of king James V., father of Mary queen of Scots; 2. sir 
Jbhn, of Bonkyll, who had 4 sons, who left issue, viz. : Alex- 
ander, ancestor of the earls of Angus, whose male line became 
«tinct 1377 ; Alan, ancestor of the house of Darnley, earls and 
dukes of Lennox, and of the kings of Scotland and England ; 




Walter, of -Oarlies, whose great-^and-daughter and heir m, 
the ancestor of the earl of Galloway ; James, ancestor of the ^^ 
earls of Atholl, Buchan, and Traquair, and the lords Lorn ^ 
and Innermeath. ^i 

This hranch of the house of Stewavt is descended from sir ^ 
- William Stewart, of Jedworth, who lived in the beginning of ^ 
the 15th century, and whose precise connexion with the royil ^ 
line has been the subject of much and warm controversy. On <« 
the part of the earl it is contended, that the above sir WiUiami ^ 
was second son of sir Alexander Stewart, of Damley, who was ti 
grandfather of the first Stewart, earl of Lennox ; and in that ^i 
■case, the whole male line of sir John Stewart, sir Alexander** ^ 
eldest son, having failed on the death of .cardinal York, in ^ 
1807, the earl of Oalloway must be the imdoubted male heir l( 
and representative of the Damley family. That sir WiUUun lb 
was of the house of Damley, is clear from the words of the k{ 
.patent creating his descendant earl of Galloway, wherein his ^ 
origin, ^^ ab antiqttd domo de Lennox derivata,*^ is ezpreiBljr ^' 
enumerated as one of the reasons of his elevation to Uie M 
.peerage. '\ 

Sir John Stewa&t, son of sir William, m. Marion, d|u ^ 
and heir of sir Walter Stewart, of Dalswinton, who was mm ^ 
of sir John Stewart, of Dalswinton, one of the hostages for ^ 
king David II., 1357) and grandson of sir Walter Stewut, (t^ 
of Garlies, 3d son of sir John Stewart of Bonkyll, above«inei^ i^ 
tioned. They had issue, i^ 

Sir William Stewart, of Dalswinton and Garlies, who ^, 
had 3 sons ; Alexander, his successor ; Thomas, of Minto, ^i 
ancestor of lord Blautyre ajid the earls of Londonderry ; aiwl i^ 
Walter, of Tonderghie. ^ 

Sir Alexander Stewart, eldest son, left an oplyim. vj 
vivin^ son, sir Alexander, who m. Elisiabeth, da. of wr ^ 
Archibald Douglas, of Cavers, and had issue ; Alejcandery h^ iu 
successor ; and Archibald, ancestor of the Stewarts .earu gi ^ 
Blessinton, and viscounts Mountjoy in Ireland. ^ 

Alexander, the eldest son, m. Elizabeth, da. of Ale:^ w 
ander Kennedy, of Blairquhan, and had issue by her 16 das., ^ 
and a son, Alexander, who w^s great^andGather of tiie ^ 
earl. ^ 

Alexander, Ist earl, was created lord Garlies In I6O79 ^ 
chiefly in consideration of his descent from the nohle house j[)f \ 
Lennox. In 1623 he was created earl of Galloway, and nM48 \ 
cme of the privy council to king. James I. He.m. Orizel, d^ j 
of John dordon, of Loehinvar, ancestor to the viscounts Sei^ 


RfVRLS. Tfl 

aus; and hy her had Alejtander, xrhn d, in his father's life. 
lau, 1642 ; and James, 2d earL Th« earl <L 1C49, and was 
■OBseded by his 2d, but eldest surviving son, 

James, 2d earl, who, during the usurpation, was very ac- 
tire Cor the royal cause, and a great sufferer in it ; and dying 
iC71, left (by Nichola, his wife, da. of sir Robert Grierson, of 
Isf) Alex Air DKK, 4th earl; Robert g and Williams and a 
h. GfftMl, m. Alexander Gordon, 5th viscount Kenmure. 

Alexamder, 3d earl, siusoeeded hu father, and m, Mary 
DoB^bs, da. of James, 2d earl of Qneensberry, by whom he 
kad issue ; Ai.£Xandeb, 4th eari ; James, 6th earl ; and 
Jafta, brigadier-gen. in the army. 

Alexamdeb, 4th earl, succeeded his father ; but dying in 
IIM, unm.^ was succeeded by his next brother, 

James, 5th earl, m. Catherine Montgomery, da. of Alex, 
■ader, 9th earljof Eglinton, and by her had, 1. Alexakder, 
7th eari; 2. James ; 3. William ; 4. George ; 5. Margaret^ «a., 
Itt, Jsmes Cam^e, earl of Southesk ; and, 2dly, to John Sin- 
dair, eldest son of Henry, lord Sinclair; 6. Euphemia^ m. John 
Murray, of Broughton, esq. ; 7- Catherine- Anne ^ «/. 12 March, 
IJiSb The earl (L in 1747) and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Alexamder, 7th earl, m. Anne Keith, da. of William, the 
Wi eari Marischal, by whom he had, 1. Alexander^ d, unm, ; 2. 
•Ines^ d. young ; 3. Mary^ m. Kenneth, lord Fortrose, son of 
lV attainted earl of Seaforth. His lordship m., 2dly, Catherine, 
i*. <:f John Cochrane, 4th earl of Dundonald ; and by her 
'Who d. in 171(>) had, 1. John, 8th earl; 2. George^ killed at 
Tinrndenigo, in 17^8; 3. William^ d. young; 4. Keith^ an 
admiral, m. miss Daggalier, and dying, left Leveson-Douglas, 
R.N'., m., ly Oct.. 1808, Elizabeth, 3d da. of sir John-Dal- 
Tmple Hay, of Park Place, Dunhice, hart., d, Dec. 1816 ; 
Uril iither issue ; 5. Catherine^ m. James Murray, of Brought 
111, es4|., d. \\ Dec., 181() ; 6. Susanna, m., 1761, Granville, 
Nt marquess of Stafford, K.G., and d, in Aug., 1805 ; 7* Mar^ 
i^reU m. Charles Gordon, 4th earl of Aboyne ; 8. Eupheniia, 
'■: a Nov., 1818 ; 9. Harriet, m, Archibald,^h duke of Hnmil- 
'^Mu and d. Nov. 1788; 10. Charlotte^ m. William, 5th earl 
hT Dunmore, d, Nov. 1818. The earl d. 14 Oct., 1773, and 
«a.^ succeedt^l by his son, 

John, 8th earl, K.T., and a lord of the bedchamber to the 
Ii:t» king ; m., 1st, Charlotte-Mary GreviUe, da. of Francis, . 
Ut earl of Warwick, by whom he had 1 son, who did not long 
^'L'^'ive his mother ; and he m., 2dly, Anue, da. of the late 
*:r Jamev Dashwood, bart., by whom he had issue ; 1. Alex- 
avier^ d. voun^ ; 2. George, present earl; 3' Levison, d.. 

VOL. II.* H young; 


young; 4. sir William^ G.C.B., a lieut-gen. in the cinn7,|t 
and coL-oommandant of the rifle brigade ; 5. Charles^amesg^i 
6. Montgomery'Granville'John ; 7- Edward-Richard^ •»., Nar.^« 
1805, Catherine Chateris, 3d da. of Francis, . lord Elcho; 8. 
«7ame«, C.B., lieut.-coL in the army, m., 10 Aug., 1819, Hen- 
rijBtta-Anne, 3d da. of the rev. Spencer Madan, D.D. ; 9. Cam. 
therine, m, sir James Graham, of Netherby, bart. ; 10. i9u«afiy^ 
m., 15 Sept., 1791, George, present duke of Marlborough;!!* 
11. Harriet^ *»., 8 Aug., 1795, lord Spencer Chidiester, hro..JJJ 
ther to the marquess of Donegal ; 12. Elizabeth^ m., in Jan. j* 
1798, to W. P. Inge, esq. ; 13. Georgiana ; 14. Chmrhtte^ m^ ^"^ 
12 Sept., 1801, the hon. sir Edward Crofton, bart., eldest son ^ 
of baroness Crofton ; 15. Caroline^ m., 10 Jan., 1803, to the ^ 
hon. and rev. George Rushout, brother to lord Korthwick, dm ^ 
23 May, 1818 ; and 16. Sophia^ m., 2 July, 1806, the hon. *>> 
William Bligh, brother to the earbof Damley, and d, 25 July, ^ 
1809. The earl was, 6 June, 1796, created baron Stewart^ ^ 
of Garlies, in the peerage of England ; and deceasing, 13 NoY.^ ^ 
1806) was succeeded by his eldest son, ^ 

Geo&ge, the present and 9th earl. 'i 

Heir-Apparent — Randolph, Viscount Oarlies, hk ^ 
lordship^s eldest son. • t 

Cr^a/ton^^- Baron of Garlies, 2 April, 1607; earl of co. • 

Galloway, 19 Sept., 1623 ; and baron Stewart, of Garlies, in ^ 

Oreat Britain, 6 June, 1796. -» 

' Motto — Virescit vulnere virtus — Virtue is increased by a ^ 


^rm«— See Plate 54. V 

CDunt Maitland; Baron of Thirlestane, in North Britain, ^ 
Baron of Lauderdale, of Thirlestane, in the Peerage of the ' 
United Kingdom ; and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, D.C.L. ; ' 
born 1759; succeeded his father, James, the late Earl, 17 
Aug., 1789; married, 15 Aug., 1782, Eleanor, only daughter 
of Anthony Todd, •esq., by whom he has, 1. James, Vis- 
count Maiikmd, 6. 12 July, 1784; 2. Apihony^ C.B., capt. 
of the Glasgow, b, 10 June, 1785, entered early into die 
R.N., was wounded at the attack of Copenhagen, and again, 
severely, in the attack against the French flotiUa at Boulogne; 
appointed a Lieut. 1805, Capt. 1806 ; 3. John^ b. March 1789 ; 
4. Charles-Fox, b, 6 Nov., 1793, d, 18 Dec, 1817 ; 5. Anne^ 
m., 8 May, 1807, Robert Fraser, of Torbreck, co. Inverness, 
esq. ; 6. Mary, b, 4 Jan., 1788, m., 3 Sept., 1819, Edward 
Stanley, of Crow Hall, co. Lancaster ; 7* Eleanor^ b, 3 Oct., 


EARLS. 7-j» 

l/JM; m., 19 Jan., 1815, James Balfour, of Gorton, N.B., 
\m 8. Julia-Jane^ b, 10 Oct., 1791 ; m., 10 April, 1IJ23, 
IMi Warreader, esq. ; and, 9. Charlotte^ b. 10 Oct., 1792, dU 
filbn^ 1813. 

TUs distinguished family appears to have been Mated at 
fliriotane, in the oo. of Berwick, at least as early as the 
Otk century. Sir Richard Maitland^ oi Leithington and 
AnlKtane, was one of the extraordinary lords of session, and 
Wpcr of Uie privy seal, and retired from public business 
Jtt4, having been employed therein more than 70 years, and 
Knd 4 generations of Scottish monarchs. He was father of 
WtSnmMaitland^vrho played a conspicuous part in the trouble^ 
ibt Irritated Scotland during the reign of queen Mary ; and of 

& JoHK, who accompanied James VI. to Denmark, 1589, 
■id on his return was created baron Thirlestane, 18 May, 
U0Ol He fi». Jean, only da. and heiress of James, 4th lord 
ReBiing, and <L 3 Oct., 1595, leaving issue an onlv son, 

JoHif , 2d lord, created, 2 April, 1616, viscount Lauderdale, 
and, 14 March, 1624, viscount Maitland and earl of Lauder- 
4]e; n. Isabella, 2d da. of Alexander Seton, earl of Dunferm- 
fiae, and had issue; 1. John, duke of Lauderdale; 2. Robert^ 
«f Lnndin, d. 1658,* leaving an only son, John, who d. unm. 
1664; and a da.., Sophia, m. John Drummond, earl of Mel fort ; 
3. Charles, 3d earL The earl d, 1645, and was succeeded 
Vy his son, 

John, 2d earl, K.G., a steady loyalist during the civil 
wars, and taken prisoner at the battle of Worcester. On 
the restoration of king Charles II. he was appointed high 
commissioner, and for 18 years held the whole power and 
patronage of Scotland in his hands. He was created, 2 IMay, 
1672, marquess of March and duke of Lauderdale iu Scot- 
land ; and, 25 June, 1674, earl of Guilford and baron 
Petersham in England. His grace had an only da., Anne, 
ai. Ji^n, 2d marquess of Tweedale, but no male issue ; and 
dying 24 Aug., 1682, his English titles, 'and those of duke of 
Lauderdale and marquess of March, became extinct ; but he was 
fuooeeded in the earldom of Lauderdale, &c., by his brother, 

Chables, 3d earl, general of the mint, and one of the 
judges of the court of session ; m. Elizabeth, da. and sole heir 
(rf" Richard Lauder, of Ilatton, esq., and had issue, 1. Richard, 
4th earl ; 2. John, 6th earl; 3. Charles, 6th earl; 4. Aleje- 
amier; 5. William; 6. Thomas; 7» Isabel^ m. John, 8th lord 
Elphinstone; and, 8. Mary^ m. Charles Carnegie, earl of 
Jsithesk. The earl d^ 1691, and was succeeded by his son, 

ii 2 KicuAsr, 


•Richard, 4th earl, lord justice general, the tranilator of |k| 
Virgil : m, Anne Campbell, da. of Archibald, 9th earl of |^ 
Argyll, (who was beheaded,) but dying without issue by her, ^< 
(who m., 2dly, Charles, earl of Murray,) he was succeeded by ^ 
his next brother, ^ 

John, 5th earl, fn, Margaret, da. of Alexander Conyng. ^ 
ham, earl of Glencaim, and had issue; 1. James^ yisooimt l| 
MaiUand, d, before his father ; m. Jane, da. of Jc^n, 19th. !! 
earl of Sutherland, and had an only child, Jane, m. sir James !: 
Ferguson, of Kilkerran, hart. ; 2. Charles, 6th eaii ;■•&.!' 
Johuy an officer in the guards ; and 4. Elizabeth^ m. JtaoM !! 
Carmidiael, 2d earl of Hyndford : the earl d, 30 Aug., 1710^ ! 
and was succeeded by his only surviving brother, 

Charles-Maitlakd, 6th earl, m. Elizabeth Ogilvy^ da. 
of James, 4th earl of Findlater and Seafield, the Jast diaa- 
cellor of Scotland, by whom he had issue; 1. James, Jih 
earl ; 2. Charles^ in., 1st, Isabel Barclay, heiress of Towiei^ 
and aJssumed the name of Barclay ; 2dly, April 1765, a da. 
of Patrick Haldane, of Gleneagles, esq. ; and, 3dly, 1 1 Feb., 
1768, Jane, da. of sir Thomas Moncrie^ bart., (who d. 6 Noir., 
' 1799) ; by his 1st wife, he had Charles Maitland, m. mi« 
Hull, of Exmouth ; Mary-Tumer, tn., 9 Nov., 17^, James 
Christie, of Durie, co. Fife, esq. ; Margai&t, m., 7 April, 1781, 
major Archibald Erskine, of Venlaw, oo. Peebles, who d, 6 
Aug., 1804 ; and, 2dly, 25 Jan., 1822, Charles Dundas, iesq., 
M.P. for Berks; 3. George^ in holy orders, archdeacon in Ire- 
land ; 4. Richardy col. in the army, d. 1772, having m. , 

an American lady, and by her had, 1. John, capt. R.N., 1797, 
m., 22 April, 1799, Elizabeth, da. of Archibald Ogilvy, of 
Inchmartiu, esq. ; 2. Patrick, banker at Calcutta, m., 1807, 
Anne, da. of Colthurst Bateman, of Ireland, esq. ; 3. James, 
-served imder viscount Lake, killed when commanding the 
storming party at Bhurtpore, 10 Jan., 1805 ; 5. Alexander ^ 
gen. in the army, and col. of the 49th reg. of foot ; created a 
bart. of Great Britain 3 Oct., 1818, d, 14 Feb., 1820, having 
m., 27 June, 1754, Penelope, da. of col. Martin Madan, and 
by her (who d, 22 Dec, 1805,) had issue, sir Alexander. 
Chai'les, present bart.^, and other children ; 6. Frederick-LewiSy 
of Rankeillour, 6. 19 June, 1730, capt. R.N., and d, 16 Dec., 
' 1786, having m., 27 Aug., 1767, Margaret-Dick, heiress of 
Rankeillour and Lindores, co. Fife, in the right of her mother, 
sister of James Macgill, of Rankeillour, who claimed -the 
title of viscount Oxfurd; and had issucf, 1. Charles-Mai tland 
Macgill, m. Mary, da. of David Johnston, of Lathrisk, oo. 
Fife, and of Bavelawj co. Edinburgh, esq., and has issue, 
r Frederick ; 

EARLS. 725 

Frederick; David; James; Charles; Mary; Alai^^^aret; and 
Etizabeth ; 2. James, writer to the signet, succeeded to the 
estate at Ramomy, co. Fife, long the property of the Herriots, 
s younger branch of the Craigs, of Riccartoun, and assumed 
the name of Herriot^ of Ramomy ; 3. Frederick-Lewis, capt. 
R.N., signalised himself highly, when commander uf the 
Lure frigate, 1803 to 1806, particularly in Muros Bay, 4 June, 
1905 ; and, as capt. of the Bellerophon, had the peculiar good 
fortime to receive the surrender of Napoleon Buona])arte, on 
board that ship, 15 July, 1815 ; m., at Cork, April 1804, Ca- 
therine, 2d da. of Daniel Conner, of Ballyhricken, co. Cork, 
esq. ; 4. Robert, R.N., d. at Malta, 2 July, 1801 ; 5. Mary. 
Turner, «n., 5 April, 1793, Henry-Scrymgeour Weddcrburn, 
of Wedderi^um, co. Forfar, and of Birkhill, co. Fife, esq., 
liereditaiy royal standard J)earer of Scotland ; 6. Elizabeth ; 
7* Isabella, m., 8 July, 1794, William Roy, of Nenthom, co. 
EoKborgh; 7* P€Urick^ of Freugh, who was commander of 
«n East Indiaman, b, 10 April, 1734 ; m. 29 Sept., 1774, Jane 
JIaitland, countess of Rothes, relict of John, 10th earl of 
Rochet, and <L\A May, 1797i leaving issue, 1. John, of Balgre. 
pa, M., 5 July, 1803, the 3d da. of sir William Maxwell, of 
HonteitfaL, oo. Wigtoun, hart., and d, ^0 May, 181 1, leaving Pa- 
trick, and William; 2. Mary-Turuer, 5. 1775; 8. John^ lieut— 
coL of marines, clerk of the pipe in Scotland, and M.P. for 
Haddington, </. unm, at Savannah, 12 Oct., 1779; 9. William^ 
d. young; 10. Anne^ d. young; 11. Elizabeth^ m,, Ist, 1739, 
James Ogilvie, of Rothiemay, esq.; and, 2(Uy, 17 Aug., 17^5, 
to gen. Robert Anstnitlier, and d. 24 Sept., 1804 ; 12. Jlfnr- 
gnret^ d. unm. 1763; 13. Janrt, to., 11 Nov., 1744, Thomas 
Dundas, of Fiiigask, esq., and d. 30 T)ec, 1005. The earl d, 
19 July, 1744, and was succeeded by his eldest scm, 

Jaues, 7th earl, b. 1718, wi., 1749, Mary, da. and co- 
heiress of sir Thomas Lomb, bart., by whom (who d.\8 July, 
1789) he had issue; 1. Valdave~Ch(trles-Lau(l€T^ d. yoiui«r; 
2. James, present earl; 3. the right hon. sir Thomas, G.C.B., 
a pri^y councillor, lieut. -gen., col. of the 10th foot, governor 
of Malta and the Ionian Islands, d. Jan., 1824; 4. John^ 
in the army, who d. in Oct. 17C8; 5. William'Mordaunt, a 
lieuL-gen. in the army, m., 1st, I\Irs. Travers, relict of I\Ir. 
Travers, of Firgrove, co. Cork, and da. of Mr. Orpin, and 
has issue one son ; and, 2dly, 5 June, 1810, the relict of Dal- 
housie Watherston, esq.; C. Charles, who rf. young; 7* Unn- 
nahy d. young; 8. Elizabeth, w., March 1770, to David Gavin, 
»q.; 9.' Mary-Julian^ m., 9 March, 1773, to Thomas Hogg, 
e»q. ; 10. Hannah^Charlotle^ m., 18 April, 1705, George, 7th 

II 3 maiqiiess 


ifiai*ques»'of Tweedale; 11. Jarie^ w., lat, 22 Dec, 1787, Sa- 
muel Lon^, esq. ; end, 2dly, 1808, sir William Houstou, 
K.C.B., a lieut.-gen. in the army, and col. 20tli foot ; 12. Anne^ 
«»., 1 July, 1793, Francis Dashwood, esq. The earl deceasing, 
17 Aug., 1789, was succeeded hy his eldest surviving son, 

James, present and 8th earl. 

Heir^ppareni — James, Viscount Maitland, eldMt 
sou of the present earl. 

CrecUion» — ^Baron Maitland, of Thiriestane, in the 00. Ber- 
wick, 18 May, 1590; viscount Maitland, 1616; and earl of 
Lauderdale, in the co. aforesaid, 24 March, 1623 ; Baronet of 
Nova Scotia, 1680; and a peer of the United Kingdom, by 
the title of Baron Lauderdale, of Thiriestane, 22 Feb., 1806L 

Motto — Consilio et animU — By wisdom and courage. 

^rm^—See Plate 54. 

Baroness Loudoun and Marchline : bom in 1780 : suooeedad 
her father, James-Muir, 5th Earl of Loudoun, 28 April, 1786; 
married^ 12 July, 1804, Fraucis-Rawdon Hastings, Marquess 
of Hastings, K. G., G. C^B., a General in the Army, Constahfe 
of the Tower of I^ondon, and Gustos Rotulorum of the Tower' 
. Division, Ck>Iouel of the 27th Regiment of Infantry, and late 
Governor-General of India, by whom she has issue ; 1. Florae 
Elizabeth^ b, \i Feb., 1805; 2. George-Francis, Earl of 
Rawdon^ b, 4 Feb., 1808; 'S,- Sophia JF'rederica-ChrUHana^ b» 
1 Feb., 1810; 4. Selina-Constantia^ b. 15 April, 1812; ft.. 
Adelatde-'AugustO'Laviniaj b. 25 Feb., 1812. 

The lands of Loudoun, in Ayrshire, from which this titl/B 
js taken, belonged, in the reign of David I., to one Lambinus, 
whose son, James de Loudoun, left an only da., Margaret, who 
«t. sir Reginald Crawfo^ heritable sheriff of Ayr. Sir Re- 
ginald's descendants continued lords of Loudoun, for four 
generations, when their line ended in a female, Susanna, Only 
diild and heir of sir Reginald Crawford, who m. sir Duncan 
Campbell, (son of Don^d Campbell, 2d son of Colin More 
Campbell, of Lochow, ancestor of the dukes of Argyll.) In 
the family of Campbell, the lordship of Loudoun descended 
through ten generations to 

Sir Hugh, sheriff of Ayr, and a privy councillor, created 
a lord of parliament 30 June, 1601, by the title of lord Camp, 
bell, of Loudoun ; and rf. 15 Sept., 1622. By his 1st wife, 
Margaret, da. of Sir John Gordon, of Lochinvar, he had an 
only son, George^ master of Loudoun, who di in his father's 


EABL8. '727 

fifedme, leaving 2 das., his oohein ; of whom the yoitiigicst, 
Etiabeth, in; sir Hugh Campbdl, of Cetsnock, and theddest, 
Makga&et, became baroness Loudoun ; m., 1090, sir 
JoHK Caxpbei.1., of Lawers, Ta younger branch of the 
Cviqibdls, of Glenorcfay.) Sir John was created, 1033, earl 
«f Loudoon and Baron Farrinyeane and Marchline, but joining 
the oppos it ion against the court, his patent was stc^iped tiU 
1641, when he was aj^winted lord high chancellor of Scotland, 
ud his title allowed, with precedence, from 1033. He was 
•le of the lords appointed to treat with king Charles 1., in 
tke Isle of Wight, 1047 : a&er the battle of Worcester, he 
ittbed into the Highhunds, and, together with his son, was 
a ee pta d out of Cromweil's act of grace and pardon, 1054. 
He dL 15 Mardi, 1003, and was succeeded by his only sur- 

James, 2d earl, m. Margaret Montgomery, da. of Hugh, 
Jth earl of EgUnton, and had issue ; 1. Hugh, 3d earl ; 
2. Mm, ooL in the army, <{. s. p; ; 3. sir James Campbell^ of 
Lswera, KJ3., ooL of the regiment of royal Scots greys, groom 
«f the beddiamber to king George II., goremor of the castle 
sf Sdinbnrgh, majcv-general of his majesty's forces, and re- 
psBHotatrve for the shire of Ayr, in the 1st and 2d paiiia- 
nats of his late majesty. He was present at the battle of 
fimingen, in 1743, where he was distinguished for hit 
brsToy, and madie a K.B., and was killed by a cannon-ball, 
at the battle of Fontenoy, in 1745. He m. Jane Boyle, da. 
of David, Ist earl of Glasgow, by his 2d wife, Jean, da. and 
hdrpss of William Mure, of Rowallan, and by her had issue 
a ion, James, dth eari,'and a da., Margaret ; 4. Margaret^ m, 
CV)jin Lindsay, 3d earl of Balcarras ; 5. Jean^ m, sir James 
Campbell, of Aberuchill, bart. ; 6. Christian^ m, George Ross, 
sf Galstoun ; 7* Eleanor^ m., 1st, James, Ist viscount Prim- 
n»e, and, 2<Uy, John, 2d earl of Stair. The earl d. 1084, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Hugh, 3d earl, K.T., privy councillor to William III., an 
cxtranrdinary lord of session, and one of the conmiissioners 
for the union. He resigned his titles in 1707) and obtained 
a new charter of them to himself, and the heirs male of his 
kody, which failing, to the heirs of the body, whatsoever, of 
tlip 1st earl. His lordship m., April, 1700, Margaret, da. of 
John, l5t earl of Stair, and by her (who cL 3 April, 1777i in 
the 100th year of her age) had issue ; 1. John, 4th earl ; 
2. Elisabeth^ d. unm. ; 3. Margaret^ m. John Campbell, of 
^hawiield. The earl d. 20 Nov., 1731, and was succeeded by 
his only son, 




John, 4th earl, a general in the arm^, who dyingtunm., 
27 April, 1782, the title devolved upon his cousin, I 

James, 5th earl, 6. 11 Feb., 1726, assumed the name of '- 
Muir, on succeeding to his grandmother the countess of Glaft« | 
gow^s estate ; major^neral in the army ; fn., 30 April, 1777) k 
Flora, eldest da. of John Madeod, of Rasay, co. Invemesa, i) 
esq., and by her (who d. 2 Sept., 1780) had issue an only t 

Flora-Muir Campbell, the present countess. 

Heir-Apparent — George-Francis, Earl of Rawdojt, 
son of the countess. 

Creations — Baron of Loudoun, in Conyngham, cp. Ayr, in 
1604 ; earl of the same place, and baron Farrinyeane and 
Marchline, 12 May, 1633. 

Arms-JSee Plate 61. 

KINNOUL, Viscount Duplin, and Baron Hay, of Elinfauns, 
Scots honours ; Baron Hay, of Pedwardine, in the Peerage of 
the United Kingdom ; Lord Lyon, King at Arms, in North 
Britain : bom 5 April, 1785 : succeeded his father, RoberU 
Auriol, the late Earl, 12 April, 1804 ; married, 17 Aug., 
1824, Louisa, 2d da. of sir Charles Rowley. 

Peter Hay^ of Melginche (descended from a second son of 
sir David de Haya, ancestor of the earls of Errol,) had 2 sons, 
of whom James, the youngest, was one of the favourites of 
king James I., and by him created earl of Carlisle, in England, 
K.G., &C. ; and the eldest, Patrick, or Peter, was father of 
. George Hay, created 25 May, 1633, earl of Kinnouly 
viscount of Duplin, and baron Hay, of Kinfauns, to him and 
his heirs male for ever. The issue male of his body became 
extinct on the death, in 1709, of his great-grandson, Wil- 
liam, 5th earl, who, in 1704, resigned his titles, and obtained 
a charter limiting them to his kinsman, Thomas Hay, (great* 
grandson of Peter, younger brother of the 1st earl) who had 
been already created, 31 Dec, 1697» viscount of Duplin. 

Thomas Hay, who thus became 6th earl of Kinnoul, wa». 
one of the commissioners at the treaty of Union, 1707) and in 
1713 returned one of the 16 peers for Scotland ; he m. Eliza, 
beth, da. of William, viscount Strathallan, and had George* 
Henry, 7th earl ; and John, m. Margery, da. to David, 
viscount Stormont; and 2 das.; viz. Mt^rgaret, m. John 
Ersklue, Uie last earl of Mar ; and Elizabeth^ m. James, 5th 


EARLS. 789 

eulaf Findlater and Seafield. The earl d, 1719, and was 
Mcneded by his schi, 

GEoaoE-HENRY, 7th earl of Kinnool, who, SO Dec., 171 1, 
w created a peer of Great Britain, hy the title of baron Hay^ 
«f Pedwardine, co. Hereford ; m., 1709, Abigail, youngest da. 
tf Robert, Ist earl of Oxford and Mortimer ; and by her (who 
d. 15 Jnly, 1750) had ; 1. Thomas, 8th earl ; 2. Robert^ 
archbishop of York, €L 10 Dec., 1776, who took the name and 
anna of Drummond, according to the deed of entail of his 
frest-grandfather, William Drummond, viscount Strathallan ; 
kesi., in 17*^ Henrietta, da. of Peter Auriol, merchant in 
London, and by her (who d, 21 March, 1773)) had issue, 
1. RoBE]i.T«AuRiOL, 9th earl ; 2. Thomas-Aurim, b. 7 Aug., 
1752, d, in 1773 ; 3. Peter.Anriol, b. 21 Jan., 1754, «»., 
18 Dec, 1775, miss Milnes, of Wakefidd, and d, without 
iMe, 21 Mardi, 1799 ; 4. John.Auriol, b. 4 July, 1756, and 
vaa lost in the Beaver, priee ship of war, in O^ 1780, 
&. Edward-Anriol-Hay, D.D., in holy orders, king^s chaplain, 
ficbendary of York and Southwell, and rector o( Hadleigh, 
ca Suffolk, 6. 10 April, 1758, m., 12 Dec., 1782, Elizabeth de 
Vime, da. of William de Visme, esq., by whom (who d, 
14 Feb., 1790) he had issue, Edward-William-Auricd, captain 
7U regiment of foot, 5. 4 April, 1785, m., 14 Dec., 1812, 
Lomsa-Margaret, only da. of John Thompson, esq., deputy 
coBunissary-general of the eastern district ; Henrietta, b. 
30 March, 1778 : he m., 2dly, 24 May, 1791, miss Amelia 
Aariol, by whom he had Amelia, 5. 11 Sept., 1794, and Char- 
ktte, 5. 2^ Jan., 1805 ; 6. Oeorge-William-Auriol, A.M., in 
lu^ orders, prebendary of York, and vicar of Brodsworth, 
CO. York, 6. 13 March, 1761, and cL ^ Dec, 1807, having 
«•, 12 April, 1785, Elizabeth.Margaret, da. of sir Samuel 
Marshall, by whom (who d. 15 Feb., 1799) he had Robert- 
William, b. 9 Jan., 1786 ; Henrietta-Elizabeth, b. 1 Dec, 
1/86; and Alexander, b, 4 Feb., 1797; 3. John, in holy 
orders, rector of Epworth, oo. Lincoln, b. 1719, d. unm,, 
1751 ; 4. Edward, b, 1722, was governor of the island of 
Barbadoes, and m., in 1752, Mary, da. of Peter Flower, esq., 
and d. 21 Oct., 1779, leaving issue, Edward, m. Elizabeth, 
da. fj{ William Wagstaffe, of Manchester, esq., who d. 24 

Oct., 1798 ; Thomas, m, Anne, da. of Bra^^e, of Cleve- 

dale, oo. Gloucester, esq. ; William-Robert, m, Mary, da. of 
William Wagstaffe, of Manchester, esq. ; Henrietta, wi. Isaac 
Hawkins Browne, of Badger, co. Salop, esq. ; Mary, m. Dr. 
Levis Bagot, late bishop of St. Asaph ; and Margaret, unm, ; 
5. Henrietta, m. Robert Roper, esq., of Trimdem^ in Durham, 


D.C.L., and d. Oet. 1798 ; 6. Ufary^ m. John Hume, late ^ 
bishop of Salisbuxy, (who d, Sept. 1785.) The earl d» 29 June^ ^ 
1758, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 7^^ 

Thomas, 8th earl ; b, 4 July, 1710 ; m., June 1741, dm* ^' 
stantia, da. of John Kyrle Ernley, of Whetham, oo. Wilti^ Jj^ 
esq., who d. June 1753, having had issue, Thomtu-Juhn-JSmr ^ 
ley^ who d, an infant. His lordship dying, 28 Dec., 1787* ^ 
without issue, the honours devolved on ^ 

Robert, 9th earl, his nephew, son of his brother, Robert, * 
archbishop of York, who, 1759, assumed the name and arms /* 
of Drummond^ as heir of entail of his great-grandfather, ^U 
William, viscount Strathallan, by whom the estates of Cronu ^ 
lix and Innerpettry, co. Perth, were settled as a perpetual |bi 
provision for the 2d branch of the Kinnoul family; &. 18 M] 
March, 1751 ; m., 1st, 19 April, 1779, miss Eyre, da. of An- ^1 
thony Eyre, esq., by whom (who d, 29 March, 1780) he had ^i 
no issue; and, 2dly, 17 July, 1781, Sarah, da. of the right \H 
hon. Thomas Harley, 4th son of Edward, 3d earl of Oxford i^i 
and Mortimer, by whom he had, 1. Henrietta^ Ik 3 Aug., ^^ 
1783 ; m., 23 June, 1807) Henry Drummond, of the Grange, j^ 
00. Hants, esq.; 2. Thomas-Robert, present earl; 3.Fff«»- ii|| 
cis-John, b, 17 Sept., 1786, captain in the army, d, 28 Oot^ ^ 
1810; 4. Sarah-Maria^ b, 21 June, 1788; m., 5 May, 1811, !)^, 
George Murray, D.D., bishop of Sodor and Man, and nephew 1^ 
to the duke of AthoU. The earl d, 12 April, 1804, and waa y 
succeeded by his son, . ^ 

Thomas-Robert, present and 10th earl. k| 

Heir-Presumptive — The rev. Edward-Auriol-Hat t^ 
Drummond, D.D., unde of the present earL i^ 

Creations — Lord Hay, and viscount Duplin, 4 May, 1627 ; i\ 
earl of Kinnoul, 25 May, 1633 ; and Baron Hay, of Pedwar- « 
dine, oo. Hereford, 30 Dec, 1711. 

Motto — Renovate animos — Renew your courage. i 

^mw—See Plate 54. ^ 

Viscount Ayr, Baron Crichton, of Sanquhar, and Lord Cum* \ 
nock and Inchmartin ; also Earl of Bute, Viscount Mount- i 
Stuart, and Kingarf, Lord Cumra and Inchmamock, Scots 
honours ; Marquess of Bute, Earl of Windsor, Viscount 
Mount joy. Baron Cardiff and Mountstuart, in the Peerage 
of the United Kingdom ; born 3 Aug., 1703: succeeded hia 
maternal grandfather, as Earl of Dumfries, ^ April, 1803, and 
hifi grand&ther, as Marquess and Earl of Bute, 16 Nov., 1814. 



(See Marques* of Buie^ in the Peerage of England,) 

Heir.PreeumpHtfe — Patrick, brother to the earl. 

Creations — ^Lord Griditon, of Sanquhar, 1485; Tiaoount 
Ayr, 1622 ; and earl of Dumfries, 1633 ; lord Cumra and 
hdunanin. Viscount Af ountstuart and Kii%arf, and earl of 
Bute, 1703 ; Scots honours. 

Motto — God send grace. 

Arms— See Plate 11. ^ 

OfNE, Baron Bruce, of Kinloss and Tory, K.C., and a Lieu- 
tosnt-General in the Army : succeeded his brother, M''illiam- 
lobert, the late EarL, 15 July, 1777* The Earl was appointed 
(July 1799) Ambassador Extraordinary to the Sublime Otto- 
■SB Porte, where he continued till the French were finally 
inrea out of Egypt, an4 availed himself of the oj^rtunities 
iftrded by his diplomatic character to make that splendid 
floQecdon of Grecian Antiquities known by the name of the 
Elgin Marbiesnt now depc^ited in the British Museum : mar^ 
fied, Ist, 11 March, 1799, Mary, only child of M'iUiam 
Hsmilton Nisbet, of Dirleton and Belhaven, co. Haddington, 
Of^ and by her (whose marriage was dissolved by Act of 
Piiliament,'in 1808,) had issue; 1. Georoe-Charles-Cok- 
Waxtixe, Lord Bruce, b, at Pera, 6 April, 1800 ; 2. Mary, 
*.at Bnjukdore, 22 Sept., 1802; 3. William, d. at Paris, 20 
April, 1JX)5 ; 4. Lucy, b. 21 Jan., 180G. The Earl w., 2dly, 
21 St^t., 1810, Elizabeth, youngest da. of James Townshend 
Oswkld, of Dunniker, co. Fife, esq., and by her has issue, 
a $m^ b. 14 April, 1814; another son, b. Nov. 1815 ; and a 
iavghter, b, 3 April, 1822. 

The earls of Elgin are certainly descended from the royal 
house of Bnice, although the precise line of that descent cannot 
BOW be distinctly traced ; their undoubted ancestor, Robert 
Brure, of Gersmanyston, being described as *' dilectus con^ 
tanguineus,'*'* by king David II., 1359. 

Edward Bruc5, of Blairhall, 6th in descent from Robert 
above-named, left 3 sons : 1. Robert, ancestor of the Bnices, 
of Blairhall, extinct ; 2. Edward, ancestor of the earls of 
Dlgin and Aylesbury ; 3. George, of Carrock, ancestor of the 
oris of Kincardine, and of the present carl. 

Edward, 2d son, was ambassador, with the earl of Mar, to 
<{ueen Elizabeth, at London, where he was greatly instru- 
mental in the peaceful succession of king James I. to the 
throne of England, after the decease of the queen, by the in- 


732; SCOTS P££BAG£. 

telligenoe he .privately held, in her lifetime, with sir Robert 
Cecil, her secretary ofstate, and had thereupon, in reoom- 
pense, the office of master of the rolls given him for life ; he 
was also, by that king, made a privy councillor in both king- . 
doms, and.created, 1608) baron Bruce, of Kinloss; and £- 
ceasing in 1610, was buried in the Rolls chapel, London, 
where a splendid monument is erected to. his memory; nu 
Magdalen, da. of sir Alexander Clerk, of Balbemey, and had 
issue, Edwabd, 2d lord ; Thomas, 1st earl of Elgin ; and 
Christian, m, William Cavendish, earl of Devonshire. 

Edwaed, 2d lord, succeeded his fjEither, and was mad4»a 
K.B. at the creation of Henry prince of Wales, and was one 
of the gentlemen of his beddiamber, but did not long enjoy 
the title, being killed in Aug. 1613, in a duel wiUi sir Edwam. 
Sadcville, afterwards earl of Dorset. He was succeeded by 
his brother, ^ 

Thomas, 3d lord, who was created, 21 June, 1633, earl o£ 
Elgin, and baron Bruce of Whorlton ; m, Anne, only da. of. 
sir Robert Chichester, of Raleigh, oo. Devon, K.B. £|[is lord- 
ship d, in 1663, and was succeeded by his only son, 

RoBE&T, 2d earl, who was, for his loyalty to kings Charles 
I. and II., created, 18 March, 1663-4, iMtron Bruce, of Skel- 
ton, CO. York, viscount Bruce, of Ampthill, co. Bedford, and 
earl of Aylesbury. He m. Diana Grey, da. of Henry, 1st. 
earl of Stamford, and by her had 8 sons and 9 das., and dying 
20 Oct., 1685, was succeeded by his only surviving son, 

Thomas, 3d earl of Elgin, and 2d earl of Aylesbury ; m., 
1st, Elizabeth Seymour, da. of Henry, lord Beauchamp, son 
of William, 2d duke of Somerset, and, at length, sole heir to 
her brother, William, 3d duke of Somerset ; and by her had. 
4 sons and 2 das., 2 of whom only survived, viz. : Charles, 
4th earl ; and EUzabeth, m, G^eorge Brudenell, earl of Car- 
digan, ancestor of the present earl of Cardigan, and marquess 
oi Aylesbury, (see those titles,) The earl m., 2dly, Charlotte, 
countess of Sannu, of the house of Argenteau, in Brabant, 
and by her had an only da., Charlotte^ m., 1722, to the count 
of Horn, in Germany, by whom she had issue. Thomas, 3d 
earl, d, 1741, and was succeeded by his only surviving son, ^ 

Chaeles, 4th earl, and 3d earl of Aylesbury, who had . 
been called up to the house of peers by writ, 1711) as lord 
Bruce of Whorlton. In April 1746, he was created baroa^ 
Bruce, of Tottenham, co. Wilts, with remainder to his 
nephew, Thomas-Bruce Brudenell, youngest son of George,^ 
earl of Cardigan, by Elizabeth Bruce, m., 1st, Anne, da. and 
coheir of William Saville, marquess of Halifax ; 2dly, Juli-^ 


^RLS. 73S 

««,ia. of Charles Boyle, esrl of Burlington ; and, 3dly, Ca. 
roltbe, da. of John Campbell, duke of Argyll, who survived 
kim, and rtf-4». general Henry Seymour, brother of the 1st 
anrqiiefB of Hertford. By his first wife he had a son, Robert^ 
vbo ai», bat dL, s. p., in his father's lifetime ; and 2 das., 
Iffliy, m. Henry, duke of Chandos, and Elixabeth^ m, Benja- 
nin Batfannt, elder brother of Allen, 1st earl Bathurst : by 
Us 8d wifie tihe earl had no children, and by his 3d an only 
is.., Mary, fn. Charles, duke of Richmond. The earl d, 10 
FelL, 1747* when the earidom of Aylesbury became extinct ; 
the baroDY of Bruce of Tottenham devolved on his nephew, 
Thomaa iSmce BrudeneU, ancestor of the present marquess of 
Ayledrary, (*ee that title) ; and the Scotch honours went ovev 
to Ua heir male general, Charies, 9th earl of Kincardine, 
whose dooent we now proceed to state : 

Sir George Bruce, of Camock, younger brother of the 1st 
Losd Bruce,- of Kinloss, d, 1625, leaving 2 sons, George^ of 
Csmock, and Robert^ oi Broomhall : George^ the eldest son, 
snooeeded his father, and had issue, 2 sons, of whom £d- 
WAXD, the eldest, was created, 26 Dec, 1647, lord Bruce,, of 
Tony, and earl of Kincardine, to him and his heirs male, but, 
dying withimt issue^ about 1662, was succeeded by his brother, 
Alexakdeb., 2d earl, who d. 9 July, 1680, leaving an only 
ion, Alexander, 3d earl, on whose death, i/nm., 1705, the 
titles devolved on his kinsman, 

Alexander, 4th earl, (son of Robert Bruce, of Broom- 
hall above-named, unde of the 1st earl.) He m. Christian, da. 
of Bobert Bruce, of Blairhall, and left 3 sons, Robert, 
Alexakder, and Thomas, successive earls of Kincardine. 
The two former d, without issue ; and the latter d, 23 March, 
1740, leaving a son, William, 8th earl, who d. a few months 
after his father, and was succeeded by his eldest Sbn, 

Charles, 9th earl, who, on the death of Charles, 4th earl 
of Elgin, succeeded to that title, and was from thence styled 
eaii of Elgin and Kincardine : b. 1732 ; m., 1 June, 1759, 
Martha, only child of Thomas White, banker in London. 
Her ladyship, steadily devoting herself to the education of her 
children, which she conducted in the most judicious manner, 
was sdected to fill the highly important office of governess to 
her royal highness the princess Charlotte of W^es, and (f.,, 
much r^^retted, 21 June, 1810; they had issue; 1. Wil- 
LiAM.RoBERT, Cth earl of Elgin ; 2. Thomas, 7th earl ; 
3. Charles- Andrew^ governor of the Prince of Wales's Island, 
»., Ist, 20 May, 1795, Anne-Maria, 8tli da. of sir Charles- 
Willian^ Blunt, hart., who d. 19 Sept., 1798 ; and, 2dly, 8 

VOL. II. / Feb., 


Feb., 1802, Ytiiss Dashwood, (who m., 2dly, 8 Feb., 1819| 
James Alexander, esq., cousin toBupr^, earl of Galedoii)| 
6. James, M.P. for Marlborough, 1796, drowned in crosciiig 
the river Don, in Yorkshire, 10 July, 1708, unm, ; 7* Char* 
lotie, 6. 28 May, 1771, d, 21 Feb., 1816, having m., 1799, 
admiral sir Philip-Charles Durham, O.C.B., 3d son of James 
Durham, of Largo, co. Fife, esq. The earl d. 14 May, 1771) 
and was succeeded by his son, 

WiLLiAM-RoBEUT, 10th earl of Kincardine, and 6th eail 
of Elgin, d, 15 July, 1771, Aged 7 years, and was succeeded by 
his brother, 

Thomas, present and 11th earl of Kincardine, and 'Jih 
earl of Elgin. 

Heir 'Apparent — George - Charles - Const antike. 
Lord Bruce, son to the earl. 

Creations — ^Baron Bruce, of Kinloss, 8 July, 1604 ; earl of 
Elgin, 21 June, 1611 ; earl of Kincardine, and baron Bnice^ 
of Torry, 26 Dec, 1647. 

Motto — Fuimus — We have been. 

Arms — See Plate 54. 

Earl of WEM YSS and MARCH, Baron Elcho : succeeded 
his grandfather, Francis, the late Earl, 24 Aug., 1808; created, 
17 July, 1021, a Peer of the United Kingdom, by the title of 
Baron Wemyss, of Wemyss ; bM'n 1772; fnarried, 31 May, 
1794, Margaret, 4th daughter of Walter Campbell, of Shaw, 
field, (by Eleanor, da. of Robert Kerr, of Newfield, esq., 
eldest sou of Lord Charles Kerr, 2d son of Robert, Ist Majr. 
qucss of Lothian,) and has issue; I. Francis, Lord Elcho i 
m., in 1817t Lady Louisa Bingham, youngest da. of the Earl 
of Lucan, d, 8 Aug., 1818 ; 2. Eleanor, m., Jan. 1820, W. F. 
Campbell, esq.; 3. Walter, d. Aug. 1818; 4. Susan, d, 
young ; 5. Margaret ; 6. Catharine ; 7. Charlotte ; 8. Louisa- 
Antonietta; 9. Harriet; 10. Jane; and, 11. a da. b, 12 Jan., 

That the ancient and noble family of Wemjfss is descended 
from the great Macduff, thane of Fife, who was the chief 
instrument of subduing the tyrant Macbeth, is the unani* 
mous voice of all our antiquaries : for John, the younger son 
of the said thane, being lord of the barony of Wemyss, frqnoL 
thence his descendants assumed their surname. 1200, sir 
David Wemyss, and sir Michael Scot, were sent to Norway, 
by the lords of the regency in Scotland, to bring over their 


EARLS. 789 

}(nag q[aeen, Blargaret, who, to die univenal miifortiuie of 
die natioii, d. at the Orimeys, and thereupon happened the 
oompetitum between Bahcd and Bruce, about the right oi 
wtttemianM Temp, king Robert I., the aforesaid tir David 
vas one of those great men of the kingdom who wrote a 
letter to the pope, asserting the independence of their country. 

Sir JoHK Wemtss, kMrd of that ilk, was a man of gpreat 
integrity and honour, and much esteemed by Charles I., who 
anted him a baronet, 1625 ; raised him to the dignity of the 
peersge, by the title of lord Wemyts, of Elcho, I April, 1628 9 
■od was afterwards pleased further to dignify him with the 
titkB of earl of WemysSy lord Eleho^ &c. 25 June, 1633. 
Thoogfa he was a man of mild and moderate principles, he 
■M with the parliament in the troublesome reign of Charles I. 
By Jane, da. of Patrick, 7th lord Gray, he had 1 son 
and 5 das. ; and dying 22 Nov., 1649, was succeeded by his 
ttdy son, 

David, 2d earl, la., 1st, Jane, da. of Robert, lord Burleigh, 
W whoHi he had Jane^ m., 1st, to Archibald, earl of Angus, 
cUest scm of William, Ist marquess of Douglas; 2dly, to 
Geofge, 14th eaii of Sutherland. He m., 2dly, Leonora 
Ikom^, da. of the earl of Wigtoun, by whom he had no 
kmte. By his 3d wife, Margaret Leslie, da. of John, 6th earl 
•f Rothca, he had Margaret, The earl having no male 
issue, resigned his honours to the crown, and obtained a new 
patent, with the former precedency, to and in favour of his 
da. Margaret, and the heirs male of her body, 3 Aug., 1G72. 
He tL l^H), and was succeeded in his estate and honours by 
liis daughter, 

Margaret, countess of Wemyss, m, sir James Wemyss, 
«f Caskierry, lineally descended of James, 2d son of sir David 
de Wemyss, lord of that ilk. He was created, by Charles II., 
lord Burntisland, for life only, 18 Aug., 1672 : he d. in 1G85, 
leaving issue, by the said countess ; David, 3d earl ; and 2 
das. ; Anne, m, David, earl of Leven ; and Margaret, m. 
David, 4th earl of Northesk. The countess d. 1705, and was 
succeeded by her son, 

David, 3d earl, one of the lords of the privy council to 
queen Anne : 1706, he was constituted lord high admiral of 
Scotland, and was named one of the commissioners for the 
treaty of \inion with England ; afterwards he was appointed 
Tioe-admiral, which he enjoyed till the death of the queen. 
He sat as one of the 16 peers in the 1st and 2d British 
parliaments ; m., 1st, Anne Douglas, da. of William, 1st 
duke of Qoeen6berry, and sister of James, 2d duke of 

1 2 Q\ieensberr!f^ 



Queensheny, and let earl of March, by whom he had S 
sons ; 1. David, lord Elrho, a youth of Rreat hopes and spirit) 
■who d. unn., muuh lamented ; 2- Jaues, 4th earL U«ni.^ 
2dly, Mary, da, of sir John Robinson, of Farmiogwood, 
Northampton, bait., (by Mary, hii wife, da. of air Willi 
Dndl^, of ClopCon, hart.) but by her had no issue. He n>4. 
Sdly, Elizabeth, da. of Henry, 7th lord Sinclair, by whan Iw 
had two das.; 1. K/tBoSrtfc, m. William, 16th earl of_8nthe^ 
land; 2. JWarrjare(, m. James, 9th earl of Moray. 
d. IS March, 1730, and was succeeded by his son, 

James, 4th earl, 4. 1099; m., March 1766, Janet, imlf 
da. of colonel Francis Charteris ; by whom (who d. 1776) H 
had, 1. David, lord Elubo, who, joining in the rebeUion^ 
1745, was the next year attainted, with many otbers; aode 
after the battle of Cullodeii, escaped into France, during 
vbose lifHtime the dif^nity of the family was suspended ; but 
he dying without issue, 17^7, it det'olved upon his brother* 
2. Fbancis-Chahtebis Wkmyss, who enjoyed the f[Teat 
estate of his grandfather, uoL Charteria, and assumed 
name ; 3. Jamei', who succeeded to the late earl's estate , m^ 
S Sept., 1757, his rouBin, EKzabcth Sutherland, da. of W» 
liaro, earl of Sutherland, and siater to the late earl, by whed 
he hod a Mm and heir, b. 8 Oct., 176Q, and other children^ 
4. Franea, m. sir JamesStewarc, hart., whoif. 21 June, 176&t 
6. WalpoU, m. M. Chastel de la Barthe, a French gentlanwl 
of distinction ; 6. Anne., m. John Hamilcon, etq. ; 7> ifelem 
m. Hugh Dalrymple, of Fordel, esq. 

FbamcisXhahtebib, 6th earl, b. 1723; n., 1746, Clk^ 
tharine, da. of Alexander, 2d duke of Gordon (by Reaiinni 
Mordaont, da. of Charles, earl of Feterborough and Moo. 
mouthV and by her (who d. 1786) had issue, 1. Fraitci^ 
lordElcho; m,, 1771, Sictuii, da. of Anthony.Tracy Eedk^ 
esq. (by Susan Hamilum, da. of Jatnes, 4th duke of Hami' - 
ton); d. 20 Jan., 1808, leaving iuoe 1 son and 4 das. (l_ 
whom the prince regent was pleasud, 22 Jun., 181S, Hi graajt 
the ume precedence as if their late father had succeeded lit 
the earldom of Weniyiii^; 1. Francis, 6th earl; 2. Heuii 
rlettaXharlotte-Elixabeth, m., 2B Dec, 1797, Geoige-Hany, 
earl of Stamford and Warrington; 3. Su«an, m,, 23 Nov_ 
1799, lieiit..gen. sir WiUiom-Henry Clinton, O.C.B., d. if 
Aug., 1816; 4. Catharine, in., Nov. IRDG, the hon. Edward* 
Ridiard Stewart, Hon of John, 8th earl of Oalloway; rniA^ 
6. Augnsta, m., 3 June, 1819, Warner-William, lord Rou^ 
more. The earl had b das. ; viz. Henriella ; Calkarintt 
if. 1812; Janel; J^, 20 April, I7IK), Ret-. WiUiBia 

EARLS. 737 

MI,D.D.; and Anne. The earl d. S4 Aug., 1808, And 
*if sucxseeded by his grandson, 

FuoreiB, pi 'e acu t and 6th carL 

On the death of William, duke of Qpeensberry, earl of 
Unth, &C. 23 Dec, 1810, the titles of earl of March, viicount 
FeeUes, and baron Dooglas, of Neidpath, Lyne, and Munard, 
typeur to hare devolved upon the earl of Wemyu, the patent 
bong to lord William DoiigU», ^^ ei hmredes matcuiot de ejus 
ftrptrBj quibuM di^fieienHbui, alios ejus hmredes masculos et 
Mmv amienioM m ejus mfeqfameniis terrarum et domini de 
XtidpmihJ** The lands and lordship of Neidpath were as- 
signsd, by marriage contract of lord William Douglas, in the 
ncnre of a strict entail, by the Ist duke of Queensberry, to 
ked WiDiam, and his issue male ; and in default, to James, 
cbI of Dromlanxig, and his issue male ; and in default, to the 
aid dnke himself, and his issue male ; which failing, to ladv 
Aloe Donglas, his lawful da,, and her issue male; with 
senxal other remainders. The earl of Wemyss, heir male of 
kiy Anne Douglas, has accordingly succeeded to the lands 
sad lordship of Neidpath, in terms of the contract, by which 
tile duke bound himself to infeoff lord William Douglas, and 
Us iasne male and of tailzie therein recited, in that lordship ; 
sad the patent of the earldom of March being in the same 
tcnns, it is presumed that his lordship succeeds also to the 
titles above recited. The English property of Ambresbiiry, 
CO. Wilts, went, in virtue of a settlement executed by Charles, 
3d duke of Queensberry, to Archibald, lord Douglas, of 
Douglas. The personal fortune, amounting to near one mil- 
lion sterling, was devised, in legacies, to various persons, the 
residuary legatees being the countess of Yarmouth, and her 
hdyihip^s second son by the earl of Yarmouth, eldest son of 
the marquess of Hertford, K.G. 

Heir-Apparent — ^Francis, Lord Elcho, the earPs son. 

Creations — Baron Elcho, 1 April, 1628 ; and earl of We- 
myss, CO. Fife, 15 May, 1633 ; baron Wemyss, of Wemyss, 
in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 17 July, 1C21. 

Motto— </« pense — I think. 

^rfiM;-.See Plate 54. 

Ramwy, G.C.B. ; Baron Dalhousie, of Dalhousie Castle, 
«o. E«linburgh, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom ; a 
General in the Army, and Colonel 26th Regiment of Foot ; 
Captain-Genend aad Govemor-in-Chief of the Provmces of 

J 3 liower 



Lower anil Upper Canada, Nora ScoCia, Kern Brutidwick, and 
the Islands cif Prinve Edward and Cape Breton ; iom 1770i 
BUixeeded hia father, Qeorge, tlie late Eari, 15 Nov., 17117 > 
married Christian, only child of Qiartea Brown, of CnalstOQ, 
ca. Haddington, esq., heiress of that ancient family ; and hf 
her (who was 6. 2S Feb., 1786) has issue i I. Oeohoe, Lord 
Baauag, b. 3 Aug.. 1806 ; 3. Charie), b. SO OcC, 1B»7, dt 
8 July, 1817 ; and, 3. anMhec son, b. 22 April, 1S19. 

The earl has received tike repeated ihanks of both h 
of parliament for hia dialinf^shed gallanlry, and ]>utiinilBri)C 
at the glorinus victory lif Waterioo, 18 June, ISIS. ■ 

Of this family, which is said to be originallT from Oen> 
many, was iS'inion de Bamsaii, of Dalhousie, in Ldtliian, ooi 
Edinburgh, who, iernp. David I., 1140, was a witness to - 
grant of Iha church of Livingston, in Weat Lothian; ai 
from him descended sir William RAiiaAV,of the same pLu 
who was one of thoae barons, who, in 1320, subBoribed tl 
celebrated letter to the pope, asserting the independency of 
tbeir country ; from whom descended 

Sir OeoSOE RaHSaT, who was knighted by James VLj 
and was created, SR Aug., 1618, lord Ranuag. He was BU~~ 
seeded, in 1030, liy his son, 

William, lat earl of Dalhousie, so created 29 June, 1633|; 
m., ID June, 1G33, Margaret, da. of David, lat ead i 
Southesk, and had issue, 1. OeoHOE, 2d earl; S. JoAn, «_. 
miia Sinclair, and had issue, WiLLtAH, Gth earl; 3. MarjH 
n. James, 2d earl of Buchan. 

Oeoroe, 2d eari, (a. Anne Fleming, da. of John, 2d ea 
of Wigtoun, and had issue ; I. M'illIah, Sdearl; 2.JohH4 
3. George, nf Caniden, Co. Linlithgow; 4. Roberlt who all 
'f. without male issue ; 5. Jane, m., lat, George, lord Hon | 
and, 2dly, Robert, viscount Oxenford ; 0. ^niM, tn. Jameif 
Slh carl of Home ; and, 7. Evphemia, m., 1879, John Hay, 
esq. The carl d. IG^b, and was succeeded by his ion, 

William, 3d earl, m., Ist, Mary, da. of Henry, 1st eti 
of Dro.-^heda, (by AUce, Sth da. ef William, lord Spencer, 
Wannlei);hton,) and ancestor of Charles, preaent nmrqueii ol 
Drogheda, K.F., and liy bar (who m, 2dlv, John, Sd hoi 
Bellenden, and, 3d1y, StiOaai Collins, Itl. D., and d. Man! 
1786) had iuue ; 1. Oeobqe, 4th eari ; 3. Williak, Oil 
eaii; 3. JaDMt, (t young; and, 4. fitioisfA, ni. lord Hawla^ 
succeeded In (he person^ etlate of her brother, and d, 1719 
The earl d. 1602, and was sui:iv?ede<l liy hia eldest son, 

UEOBUii, 'Itb earl, whu was killed in UoUand, by onl 

EARLS. 7au 

Mr. Hamilton, 1696, vmn. ; and was succeeded by liis 

TTiLLiAM, 5th earl : he was ooL of the Soots ffiiards, in 
the Cones sent to the assistance of the archduke Charhw, in 
Iiii oompetition for the crown of Spain ; had tlie rank of bri. 
pdier-gen., 1 Jan., 1710, and d. «ani., in Spain, in October 
loOgwiiig, and was succeeded by his kinsman, 

William, 6tb earl, (son of the hon. captain John Ramsay, 
Si son of William, 1st earl of Dalhousie, by miss Sinclair,) 
■l, 1st, Jane, da. of George, 10th lord Ross, by lady Jane 
wisay, and had issue; 1. George^ lord Ross, d. during 
the life of his father, 25 May, 1739, m. Jane, 2d da. of the 
hoB. Harry Maule, of Kelly, brother of James, 4th earl of 
Piomiirei, and by her (who m., 2dly, John^trother Ker, of 
litdedean) had issue ; 1. Chakles, 7th earl ; 2. George, 
ttheari; 3. Malcohn, d, unwu^ 18 July,. 1783; 2. Charles; 
1 Maioolm f 4. Anne ; 5. Jean ; all a. unm. The earl m., 
lily, BUM Janet Martin, and dying 8 Dec, 1739, was suc- 
oeded by his grandson, 

CHAmLBB, 7th earl, who d, vnai., 29 Jan., 1704, and was 
wcoeeded by his brother. 

OsoROE, 8th earl, high commissioner to the general as- 
KBUy of the church of Scotknd, from 1777 to 1782 : on the 
itath of his uncle William, earl of Panmure, 1782, the very 
toamve property'of that family devolved upon him, in life- 
ifDt, by virtue <tf a settlement executed by the earl of Pan. 
■ure, 1775, with remainder to his 2d son. This settlement 
VIS attempted to be revoked by lieut. Thomas Maule, heir- 
osle of the Panmure family, grandson of Henry Maule, 
bishop of Meath; but the court of session, 1 March, 1782, de- 
tennined in favour of the earl of Dalhousie, A^-ith the exception 
Si to certain long leases of Panmure and Brechin Park, which 
Tere found to belong to lieut. Maule. The earl m., 30 July, 
1767, Elizabeth, da. of Andrew Glen, esq., niece and heiress 
<f James Olen, of Longcroft, co. Linlithgow, esq., capt.-gen. 
<f the pro\'ince of Carolina ; and by her (who d. 16 March, 
1807) had issue ; 1. George, 9th earl ; 2. Wiiliam^ M.P. 
oot Forfar, b. 27 Oct., 1771* who, on inheriting the Panmure 
estates, assumed the name and arms of Maulc^ of Panmure, 
•., 1 Dec., 1794, Patricia Heron, da. of Gilbert Gordon, of 
flalleaths, and has issue ; Patricia ; Elizabeth ; Mary ; Lucy, 
i. 1806 ; Fox ; Georgiana ; Ramsay ; Christian ; Lauderdale ; 
»nd WiUiam-Maule ; 3. James^ major-gen. in tlie anny, L 
4 Oct., 1772 ; 4. John^ lieut.-cck. in the army, m., 19 April, 
laeo, Mary, da. of Philip Delisle, of Calcutta, esq. ; and by 



her (who is deceased) had isgue, Georgiana, WilUam-Maill^ 
George, and Elizabeth ; 5. Andrew^ in the naval service of 
the East India Company ; he was 2d officer in the Woodford, 
which sailed from Portsmouth, Feb. 1807, to China, where ho 
fbught a duel, and received a wound in the head, which re« 
quired the operation of the trepan : this was performed with 
every prospect of success, but inflammation ensued, and he dL 
24 July, 1808, unm. ; 6. Davidy captain 1st regiment of foot, 
d. of the yellow fever in the West Indies, 6 Sept., 1801, unm, $ 
7. Jane^ d. 20 May, 1768 ; 8. Elizabeth^ b. 6 S^t., 1769, M.» 
13 April, 1786, sir Thomas 3Ioncrieff, of Moncrieff, hart., 
and has issue; 9. Lucinda; 10. Georgiana; and, 11. Marpy 
m., 29 April, 1801, James Hay, of Drum, oo. Edinboi^^ 
formerly of Bhagulphour, in India. The earl dL 16 Nov.) 
1787, and was succeeded by his son, 

George, present and 9th earh 

Heir-Apparent — George, Lord Ramsat, the earPs son. 

Creation* — ^Lord Ramsay, 25 Aug., 1618 ; and earl of Dal- 
housie, CO. Mld.Lothian, 19 June, 1633 ; baron Dalhousiey 
in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, 11 Aug., 1815* 

Motto — Ora et labora — By prayer and deeds. 

Arms— See Plate 54. 

Stuart, of Traquair ; and Lord Linton and Caverston ; and 
a Baronet ; succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, in April 
1779 : married, 19 Aug., 1773, Mary, da. and co-heiress of 
George Ravenscroft, of Wickham, co. Lincoln, esq. ; and by 
her (who d. at Madrid, 1 1 July, 1796) had issue ; 1. Lwtisa, 6. 
20 March, 1776 ; and, 2. Joux, Lord Linion, b, 31 Jan., 1781. 

The ancestor of this noble family was James Stuart, a na- 
tural son of James, earl of Buchan, who obtained a charter of 
legitimation, 20 Feb., 1488-9; and m. Catharine, da. and 
sole heir of Richard Rutherford, of that ilk ; with her had 
the baronies of Rutherford and Wells, co. Roxburgh, and 
being killed with James IV. at the fatal battle of Flodden, 
1513, left a son, William, who m. Christian, da. of John Hay, 
lord Yester, and by her had William, father of 4 sons ; viz. 
Robert, John, William, who all d. without issue ; and James, 
who had a son, John, who d, before his father, leaving, by 
Mary, his wife, da. of Andrew Stuart, master of Ochiltree, 
CO. Wigtoun, a son, 

JoHK, 1st earl of Traquair, who was created 19 April, 
1628, lord Stuart, of Traquair; and, 22 June, 1633, baron 


EA&LS. 741 

andeart of Tnupiair; m. Catharine, da. of David, 
kcail of Southesk, and by her had Joux, 2d earl ; Marm 
fmt, m. James Booghu, 2d earl of Queensberry (anoestor 
ofthe pveaent marqneu); EliMobeiK, m. PatridL, 2d lord 
l3ibaok ; Anne, nu tai John Hamilton, of IMhouie ; and 
CtAarme, at. John Stewart, esq. The earl d, 1630, and waa 
wceeeded by his son, 

. Jon, 2d earl ; «., Ist, 1649, Henrietta Gordon, 2d da. 
tf George, 2d marquen of Huntley, relict of Oeorge, lord 
Scton, eldest son of George, 2d earl of Wintoun, and by her 
(vhod. 1650) bad no issue; and, 2dly, 1654, Anne Seton, 
9d db. of George, earl of Wintoun, by Elisabeth, da. of lord 
Bemes ; and by her had William, 3d earl ; and CuAmLEs, 
4dieHl; and Sdu., whoalld. ttfifn. The earl <i. 1666, and 
VIS Himeded by his eldest son, 

WiLLiAX, 3d earl; who d. tenia., 1741, was sncoeeded by 

Ckaales, 4th earl, m, Mary Maxwell, da. of Robert, 4th 
ori of Nitheadale, by whom (who d, 22 Sept., 1769) he had, 
i. Cha&lzs, 5th earl; 2. Johk, 6th earl ; 3. Luep; 4. Anne^ 
4- aaak ; 5. Mary^ m. John Drummond, esq., and d. in 1773 ; 
8> CmthannM^ «u her cousin William, earl of Nithesdale, and 
i. 6 31 ardi, 1773 ; 7« Barbara^ d, unm.^ 15 Nov., 1794 ; 8. 
Mmrpmrety d^unm., 12 April, 1791. The earl dying 1741, 
vu sttooeeded by his son,. 

Chakles, 5th earl ; m. Theresa, da. of sir Baldwin Gon- 
jers, who dL 1773; and dying without issue, 1764, was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

John, 6th earl, m. Christiana, da. of sir Peter Anstruther, 
«f Anstnitherfield, bart. ; by wliom (wlio d, in 177B) te had 
Uwe, Charles, present earl ; Christiana^ m, Cynis Griffin, 
esq. ; Marp ; and Lucy. The earl d, at Paris, 28 March, 
1779, and was succeeded by his son, 

Charles, present and 7th earl. 

Heir-ApparenU-J omn^ lord liiNTON, the earPs son. 

Creatums — Baron Stuart, of Traquair, 1628 ; baronet of 
N(wa Scotia, 1629: earl of Traquair, Lord Linton and 
Caverston, 1633. 

Motto^—^udge nought. 

Arms-^Sec Plate 64. ^ 

Visonint Balgonie and Kirkaldie; Baron Melville, Raith, 
Monimail, and Balvearie, bwm 8 Dec., 1786; succeeded his 
father, Alexander, the late Earl, 22 Feb., 1829; Capt. R.N. 

Alex AV DEE, 


Alexandek Leilte, commander of tbe army of Ij 
Snnrh corenantera in 1639, vmn created, 11 On., 1G41, M 
at Lrvfm, to him and his heirs whatever. His son, AlexoaA 
lord Balgony, d. in his father'*) lifetime, lenving issue one M 
Ai.E^CAMDEB, Sd earl; and one da., CathebinE, who B 
came, on the death of her niecea, aa hereafter stated, counH 

Ai.EiANDEIi,who, on hia grandfather's death, in 1661, b 
came 2d earl of Leven, d. I6G4, leaving 2 doa., MAnGARS 
and Catbehthe, HufcesaiTely cnunliiSBea Leren, ivha both 
without imie j and on the death of the latter of tbem, ! 
1706, that tide deTolved on her Bunt, 

Cathehine, abore-named ; in., 1655, Qeorge, Ith Id 
Melville, who, 8 April, 1690, was created earl of MelviUe. C 
her death, the two earldoma united in the person of her too 

Datid, 3d earl of Leven, and 2d earl of Melville, vA 
Bucceeded his father in the latter tide 1707, and his ntolb 
in the former 1713; m. Anne, sister of David, 3d earl' 
Wemyss, and had issue, 1. George, lord Bulgony and RaitI 
who d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue, Davis, 2d el 
of Leven and Melville, nho d. an infant 1729 ; and 2. ' - 
AMDEB, who on the death of his nephew betsme 6th earl 
Leven, and 3d earl of Leven and Melville. 

AxEiANDEB, 5th earl of Leven, m., 1st, Mary, do. of ( 
John Erskine, of Camotk, by whom he hod, I. David, i 
earl; and, 2dly, EliTabeCb, da. of David Monypenny, esq., 
whom (who(J.17^hehad, 2.^/e2anE(er, the •m 
tn. Macy, da. of Thomaa TuUidiph, esq., by whom he I 
issue an only child, Mary-Anne, m., 1787, John Rutherfiir 
esq. M.P. ; 3. Anne, m. George, 6th earl of Northear 
Bcity, m. John, 2d earl of Hnpaioun; 6. Mivry, m. J 
Walker, esq. Hia lordship d. 2 Sept., 17B4, and waa 
ceeded by his son, 

David, «th earl ; m. Wilbelmina, da. of William NeaM 
of Dirleton, esq., by whom (who d. 10 May, 1798,) he lia 
issue: I. Alekahdeii, present earl; 2. WiUtam, killed I 
America, Jan. 1777; 'i- David, brig.-gen. In the army, i 
RebeiTB, da. of the rev. Dr. Gillies, of Glasgow ; 4. Johi 
lieut.-gen. in the army, tn., 13 Sept., 1916, the eldest da. o 
tbe late T. Cununing, of Edinburgh castle, esq. ; 5. Georffi, 
d. 8 March, 1612, having m. miss Vondergraff, of Ceylon 
6. Jane, m. sir John Smart ; 7. Mary.EtimahetIt, m. JainB 
4th lord Ruthven, and ha* issue ; 8. Charlotls. ""' 
dying in 1802, wai sueceediid by his eldest son, 

ALeiANDEn, 7tli earl, m., II Aug., 17SJ, Jane, da. < 


^Thornton, of Liondoii, esq., and had issue ; I.David, 
iNKiiteari; 2. John-Thomton ; 3. WUHam-IIenry ; 4. Ro^ 
krUSemueli 5. Alejrander; 6. Lucy^ m,^ 14 July, 1824, 
Hcniy Smith, esq., son of Samuel Smith, of Woodhall Park, 
Hcrti, M.P. ; 7- Jafte^ m., 3 Oct., 1816, Frands Pym, of the 
HiMpIg, 00. Bedford, esq., M.P. for co. Bedford ; 8. jlfary. 
ilaac, flk, 28 Aug., 1822, Abel Smith, esq., of Woodhall 
hrk, Herts, M.P., and d. 22 March, 1823. The earl d, 22 
Frii., 1820, aiid was succeeded by his ddest son, 

Dayid, present and 8th earL 

Har-Presumpiive — JouK Tuorntok, the earPs next 

CretUunu — Lord Melville, April 30, 161G; earl of Ijeren 
ndfisooiuit Balgonie, 15 Nov., 1641 ; and earl of Melville, 
TiMoimt Kirkaldie, Baron Raith, Monimail, and Balvearie^ 
8 April, 1090. 

Motto — Pro rege etpairia — For king and country. 

Anu — See plate 5d. 

f^ Fife ; Baroness Huntingtower, go. Perth ; succeeded her 
brother, Wilbraham, the late Karl, 9 March, 1821 ; married 
John Manners, of Grantham-Orange, co. Lincoln, M.P., by 
vhom (who d. 23 Sept., 1792,) she has issue ; 1. William, 
Lord Hujitinfftoteer^ created a Bart. 5 Jan., 1793, took the name 
of Talmash, by royal sign manual, 1821 ; m. Catharine, da. of 
Francis Grey, of Lehena, co. Cork, esq., and has issue; 1. 
Lionel-Willlam ; 2. Felix ; 3. Arthur-M'^illiain ; 4. llugh- 
Frands, m., 22 June,1824, Matilda, 5th da. of Joseph Hume, 
4)f Notting-Hill, Kensington, esq., M.P. ; and 2 other sons ; and 
Louisa, Camilla, Emilia, Carolina, Frances, and another da. ; 
2. John, m, Mary, dutchess of Roxburgli, relict of William, 4th 
Ihike of Roxburgh; 3. Charles^ w., 1st, Frances Hay, niece of 
(ieorge^ 7th Marquess of Tweed^e, and by her has 2 scms ; 
Slid in., 2dly, Gertrude-Florinda, da. of the Hon. William Gar- 
diner, son of Luke, Viscount Mountjoy, and has issue 4 sons 
and 2 das. ; 4. Catharine-Sophia, m. sir Gilbert Ueathcote, 
of Normanton Park, co. Rutland, bart., M.P. ; 5. Maria- 
Caroiitie^ m. James Duff, present and 4th Earl of Fife, K.S.F., 
•nd (L 20 Dec., 1806; 6. Louisa-Grace, m. Aubrey Beauclerc, 
I>iike of St. Albans, who d. 12 Aug., 1815. Her Grace sur- 
vived her husband only 6 months, and d. 19 Feb., 1816, three 
Lours* after her only son, Aubrey, 7th Duke of St. Albans ; 
7. Lauroy m. John Dalrymple, 7th and present Earl of Stuir, 


744 3C0TS P££ItAG£. 

which marriage waa dissolved in oonsequcoioe of a jptevhaui 
Soots contract on the part of the Earl: this contract <wa^ 
broken by the lords of sessions at Edinburgh, June 1820. . 

His mi^jesty, 30 March, 1821, was pleas^ to give and grant 
his royal permission, that the countess, in testimony of her 
affection and respect for the ancient and noble family of Tel> 
lemadke^ of which she is at present the sole heir and repre;- 
iientative, may, with her da., lady Laura, and her sons, the 
hon. John and Charles, take and-use the surname and arms 
of ToLLEMACHE ouly, instead of the surname and arms of 

William MnaRAT, descended from Patrick Murray^ Sd 
son of sir David Murray, of TulUbardin, (ancestor of tha 
dukes of Atholl^ was son of rev. William Murray, mimtter 
of Dysart, co. Fife, and preceptor and secretary to kudg 
Charles I. when prince of Wales. He was created eaii of 
Dysart and lord Huntingtower, 3 Aug., 1643 ; m, Cathedne 
or Elizabeth Bruce, of the house of Clackmannan, descended 
from Robert Bruce, king of Scotland, and had issue 2 das. ; 
1. Elizabeth, who inherited her father's honours, and was 
countess of Dysart; and 2. Ma/rgarei^ m. William, 2d.loE4 

Elizabeth, countess of Dysart, m., 1st, sir Lionel ToUcp 
mache, of Hehningham, co. Suffolk, bart., who d. 1669 ; ,and^ 
5 Dec., 1670, she obtained from king Charles II. axharteic* 
under the great seal, ratifying the letters-patent to her father, 
William, earl of Dysart and lord Huntingtower, dated Ox- 
ford, 3 Aug., 1643 ; and as these titles had been resigned 
into his majesty^s hands by the countess, he honoured the 
countess by a new grant. The coimtess m., 2dly, 17 Feb.^, 
1671-2, John, duke of Lauderdale, K.G., his majesty's <xmi'« 
missioner for Scotland. His grace d, 24 Aug., 1682 ; th^ 
dutchess d* June 1697* By the duke she had no issue ; but 
by sir Lionel Tollemache her grace had eleven children, of 
whom 6 d, young; the others were, 1. Lionel, earl of 
Dysart; 2. Thomas^ a military character of the first emi^ 
nence; 3. William^ R.N., d, in the West Indies; 4* Elizabeth^ 
m, Archibald, duke of Argyll, had issue, and d. 1735 ; 5. C<ir 
tharine, m., 1st, James, lord Down, eldest son of Alexander^ 
6th earl of Moray ; and, 2dly, John, Idth earl of Sutherland* 

Sir Lionel, 2d earl of Dysart, b. 1648, m., 1680, Orace, 
eldest da. and co-heir (with her sister Mary, wife of Richard 
Newport, earl of Bradford.) of sir Thomas Wilbraham, bart., 
and by her (who d, 1740) had 1 son aqd 4 djRS. ; 1. Lianetj 


EARLS. 746 

lord Huntiiis^taEwer, d. during the lifetime of his father, 
1712 ; m. miss Cavendish, of the family of the duken of Devon- 
dire, by whom he had issue, Lionel, 3d earl of Dpart; 
md Henrietta, m. John Chitterbuck, of .Mill Oreen, Essex, 
CB^ ; 2. JSliasabeihy m, sir Robert Cotton, of Combennere, 00. 
Cherter, hart., and d, without issue, 1748 ; 3. Catharine^ m., 
SepL 172^9 John, marquess of Carnarvon, d, April 1727) 
leaving iaaae 2 das. The earl d, 3 Feb., 1727) and was suq. 
eeeded by his grandson, 

Lioirsi., 3d earl, la., 1713, Grace Carteret, eldest da. of 
John, 1st earl Oranville, and had issue; 1. Lionel, 4th earl ; 
2. W11.BBAHAM, 6th earl ; 3. GeorgSy R.N., killed at New 
Tori^ in a duel there, by lord Muncaster ; m. Bridget Hen- 
ky, da. of Robert, 1st earl of Northington, relict of the hon. 
Qeorge-Foz Lane, only son and heir df lord Bingley ; and by 
\et had Laooel^Robert, an only son, Ist reg. of foot-guards, 
kiOed at the storming of Valenciennes, unm. ; 4. WUliam^ 
lost in the Repulse frigate, 177^ ; &• Louisa, present coun- 
tess ; 8. Jane^ m. John-Delap Halliday, of the Leasowes, 00. 
SsJop, esq. The earl dL 10 March, 1770 ; and was succeeded 
brills son, 

LioKEi., 4th earl, m., 1st, Charlotte, da. of the hon. ^ 
Biibert Walpole, K.B., son of Robert, 1st earl of Orford, 
and sister to Maria, dutchess of Gloucester, d, 6 Sept., 1789 ; 
he «., 2dly, Magdalene, da. of David Lewis, of Malvern Hall, 
eo. Warwick, esq., who survived the earl, and d, 2 Feb., 1823. 
The earl d. il Feb., 1799, without issue, and was succeeded 
by his brother, 

Wi LB RAH AM, 5th earl, m. Anna-Maria, da. of David 
Lewis, e8q. The earl d, 9 March, 1821, without issue, and 
was succeeded by his sister, 

Louisa Tollemache, the present countess. 

HetT'Apparent — William, Lord Huntingtoweii, 
eldest son of the countess. 

Creations — Earl of Dysart, co. Fife, and lord Hunting, 
tower, CO. Perth, by patent, 3 Aug., 1643 ; and by a new pa- 
tent, with the former precedence, 5 Dec., 1670, to Elizabeth, 
ouontess of Dysart. 

^r«w— See Plate 61. 

Lord Daer and Shortdeugh, F.R.S. ; succeeded his father, 
Dunbar, the late Earl, 8 Sept., 1820. 

VOL. II. K FTiWiam 


Willkun Douglas^ duke of Hamilton, luri^ndered tKe titles 
dC earl of Selkirk, lord Daer, and SLortcleugh, (to which he 
hJMl been advanced 4 Aug., 1646,) and obtained a new patent, 
6 Oct., 1688, entailing them, with the precedency of 1646, on 
his younger sons, Charles, John, George, Basil, and Archi.< 
bald, and the heirs male of their bodies respectively and sue* 
cessively ; in pursuance of which patent the said titles became 
vested in his son, 

Charles, 2d earl, who was one of the 16 representative 
peers of Scotland in 4 parliaments, and dying unm, 15 March, 
1739, was succeeded by his next brother, 

John, 3d earl, who had been created, 14 April, 1697) earl 
of Ruglen. He left a da., Anne, who inherited the earldoia 
of Ruglen, but dying without male issue, 3 Dec., 1744, that 
of Selkirk (his next brother, George, who had been created 
tearl of Orkney, having also d. without male issue) devolved 

• upon the g^randson of his brother Basil, viz. 

DuKBAB. Hamilton, 4th earl, b, 22 Dec., 1722, who, on 
his accession to the title, resumed the paternal name of 
Douglas; m., 3 Dec., 1758, Helen, 5th da. of the hon. John 
Hamilton, 2d son of Thomas, 6th earl of Haddington, and by 
her (who d, 28 Nov., 1802,) had issue ; 1. Sholto^ lord Daer, 
h. 3 Sept., 1769, d, 4 July, 1760;, 2. BasU^William^ lord 
Daer, 6. 15 March, 1783, d, unm., 5 Nov., 1794; 3. John^ 
lord Daer, d, unm. at Florence, 9 July, 1797; 4. Dunbar y 
capt. R.N., 1795, d. at St. Christopher's, Nov. 1796, unm. ; 

• 6. Alexander^ capt. 80th reg. of foot, fell a victim to the pes- 
tilential disease at Guadaloupe, 24 June, 1794, unm. ; 6. David, 
<f. an infant; 7* Thomas, 5th earl; 8. Isabella-Margaret; 
0. Helen^ m., 9 Nov., 1786, sir James Hall, of Douglas, bart. ; 
10. Mary^ d, 20 Aug., 1778; 11. Elizabeth^ w., 1 Aug., 1806, 
sir James Montgomery, of Stanhope, bart., (see DebretVs New 
Baronetage) ; 12. Catharine^ m., 6 July, 1815, John Halkett, 
of the Albany, esq. ; and, 13. Anne^ d, an infant. The earl 
d, 24 May, 1799, and was succeeded by his son, 

Thomas, 5th earl, b, 1771 ; ni.^ 24 Nov., 1807, Jane, only 
da. of James-Wedderbum Colville, esq., and had issue; 1. 
Du>f bar-James, present earl; 2. a da,, b, 8 Jan, 1811 ; and, 
3. a da,, b, at Montreal, 4 Jan., I8I7. The earl d. at Pau, 
in the South of France, 8 April, 1820, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

Dunbar-James, present and 6th e&rl. 

Heir-Apparent — None. 

Creations — Earl of Selkirk and lord Daer, in the co. Sel- 
kirk, 4 Aug., 1646. 


EARLS. 747 

3Iatto — Firmior quo paraiior^^Au firm ai prep&rsd t and 
louid the crat — JamaU arrt^re-. Never behiiuL 
Arms — See Plate 65. 


BMehilL, and IngHsmaldy, Admiral of the Blue, 6.C.B., 
viiich honour, and certain honourable augmentations to 
liii armorial ensigns, and the ancient supporters of the earl- 
dom, were conferred upon him in consequence of his distin- 
tingoished conduct, as 3d in command, at the glorious and 
mure victory off Cape TrafiEilgar; bom 1758; succeeded 
Ids fisther, Geoige, the late Earl, 22 Jan., 1792, Governor of 
dte British Linen Company : married^ Jan. 1789, Mary, only 
4s. of William-Henry Rickets, of Longwood, 00. Hants, esq., 
(by Mary Jarvis, eldest sister of John, Earl of St. Vincent, 
6.C.B.,) on whom, 21 April, 1801, the title of VisoountesB 
St. ViircEXT was granted in remainder ; and by her hat 
iaiie; I. George, lord Rosehill, who was unfortunatdy lost 
in the Blenheim man of war, Rear-adm. Sir Thomas Trow- 
Widge, bart., presumed in the Southern Ocean, in Feb. 1807; 
2. WiLLiAM-HoPETOUK, Lord RosehtU ; 3. JohnJervitf 
4. Mwry-Anne-LetUia^ m., 12 Feb., 1810, Walter Long, of 
Preshaw, co. Hants, esq. ; 5. Elizabeth-Margaret ; 6. Jane^ 
Chrutian^ b. 14 Nov., 1800; m., 27 Dec, 1820, William-Ful- 
laiton-Lindsay Carnegie, of Spynie and Boysack, co. Angus, 
nq. ; 7* Anne'Leiitia^ m., 18 Jan., 1821, James, eldest son 
of Junes Cruickshanks, of Langley-Park, co. Angus, esq. 

The first of this family on record is Dttthac de Carnegie, 
who, in 1410, obtained from Robert, duke of Albany, gover- 
nor of Scotland, a charter of the lands of Kynnard. Fifth in 
descent from Duthac was David Carnegie^ who d, 1598, leav- 
in<^ by his 2d wife, Eupheme, da. of sir John Wemyss, of 
M'emyss, (l>esides other issue) 2 sons; David^ created, 1633, 
earl of Soiithesk, (which title was forfeited in the rebellion of 
1715 by his descendant, James, dth earl) ; and, 

^ir Joiix Carnegie, of Ethy, co. Forfar, next brother to 
David, 1st earl of Southesk, created lord Ingliamaldy, and 
afterwards lord Lour, and earl of Ethy, 20 April, 1689 ; wi. 
Mafrdaleiie, da. of air James Halliburton, of Pitcur, and widow 
of Erbkine, of Dunn, by whom he had 2 sons, David, 2d 
e»rl ; and John ; and 4 das. After the restoration, his lord- 
i^hip got his titles changed, 1662, to earl of Northesk and lor^ 
Ronchdl ; and dying 1(K>7, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

k2 Davib^ 


. Datid^ 2d earl; m. Jane Maule, eldest da. of Patrick, Ist 
earl of Pazmuire, and by her had, 1. Bavid, 3d earl ; 2. James^ 
of Finhaven ; 3. Patrick, of Lour ; 4. Alewander, tn., Ist, 
Anne, eldest da. and heiress of sir William Blair, of Kinfanns, 
and assumed the name of Blair ; and, 2dly, Margaret Nairn, 
ajnd had issue by both ; 5. Robert ; 6. Jean, m, (^lin, 3d earl 
of Balcarras; and, 7* Magdalen, m, John Mudie, of Axdbikie, 
esq. The earl d, 16TJ, and was succeeded by his son, 

. David, 3d earl, m., 9 Sept., 1669, Elizabeth Lindsay, 4th 
da. of John, earl c^ Crawf urd and Lindsay, high treasurer of 
SiDOtland, and by her had issue; 1. David, 4th earl; 2. John f 
3L Margaret, d, nnm. ; 4 ChHstian, m. James, 1st duke of 
Montrose, and dL 25 May, VJ^^\ 5. Jean; and, 6. Anne, botli 
d young; The earl d, Oct. 1688, and was succeeded by his son, 

. David, 4th earl, m. JM^garet Wemyss, 2d sister of 
I)avid, 3d. earl of Wemyss, and by her (who d, 29 March, 
1763,) had issue; 1. David, 5th earl; 2. Geoage, 6th 
earl; 3. Margaret, b. 6 Dec., 16979 ^"^ George, lord Bal- 
gimie; son of David, earl of Leven and Melville ; 4. EUecAeih, 
tn. John, dth lord Balmerino ; 5. Anne, m. sir Alexander 
Hope, of Kerse, oo. Sturlmg, and d, Feb. 1733 ; 6. ChrisHar^ 
d%. unm,, 1 April, 1787 ; an^ 7* Mary, d. unm., 29 Nov., 1798, 
set. 86. The earl, d, 1729, and was succeeded by his son, 

• David, 5th earl, d. tmtn., 24 June, 1741, and was succeeded 
by his brother, 

. Gtob&e, 6th earl, R.N., attained the rank of capt. 25 
Aug., 1741. He commanded the Oxford, of 66 guns, 1755 ; 
was promoted to a flag 17^6 ; and rose to the rank of adm. of 
the white'; m., 30 April, 1748, Anne Leslie, eldest da. of 
Alexander, 5th earl of Leven, and by her (who d, 8 Nov., 
1779,) had issue ; 1. David, lord Rosehill, b. 5 April, 1749, 
m., in Maryland, Aug. 1768, Margaret Cheer, and d. 1788, 
without issue ; 2. William, 7th earl ; 3. James, d, young ; 
4. George, lieut.-col. in the army, m., Aug. 1796, Elizabeth, 
dd da. of John Swinton, of Swinton, co. Berwick, a lord of 
session, and by her had Margaret, d, 1810, and a son ; 5. Eli^ 
ssabeth, m., 16 Aug., 1766, James, 3d earl of Hopetoun, and 
tk 1791 ; 6. Margaret, m^, 1780, Charles Watson, of Laugh, 
ton, CO. Edinburgh, esq., and d. 15 March, 1793 ; 7> Mary» 
Anne, m., June 1797$ John Kemp, D.D., and d, without 
issue, 10 Aug., 1798. The earl d. 21 Jan., 1792, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

• William, present and 7th earL 

Heir-Apparent — William, Lord Rosehill, his lord- 
ship's eldest son. 

Creations — 

EARLS. 749 

Creaiians — Liord Rotehill, 20 April, 1880; and earl of 
Northesk, oou Forfar, 1 Nov., 1647. 
Motto — Taehe Mans taehe — Spot witlumt spot. 
Arms — See plate 55. 

ca Fife, and Lm^ Lindsay, of Cummerland, one of the siz« 
teen Peers for North Britain in the Impexial Parliament, & 
General and Colonel 63d Regiment of Foot ; bom 1752, suc- 
ceeded his father, James, the late Earl, in Feb. 1767 : married^ 
1 Jimp, 1780, Elizabeth, only diild of his unde, Charles Dal- 
lyraide, of North Berwick, esq., by Elizabeth, sole daughter 
of John Edwin, esq., by Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir 
Roger Bradshaigh, cf Haigh, co. Lancaster, bart., (on the 
iailDre of the issue male of the Bradshaighs, the estate of 
Haiffk devolved on Elizabeth, Countess of Balcarras,) and 
by her (who tL 10 Aug., 1816,) has issue; 1. James, Lord 
UmiMjf^ M.P. for Wigan, b, 24 Aug., 1784, m., Dec 1811, 
3tfaria-fVanoes, only da. of John Pennington, 1st Lord Mun- 
CMter, and has issue a son, b, Oct. 1812, and another son, b. 
37 Sepc, 1815 ; 2. Charles-Robert^ Collector of Oovemment 
Customs and Town Duties at Agra, in Bengal, m., at Madras, 
12 Feb., 1814, Elizabeth Thompson; 3. Richard; 4. Edwin^ 
(twin with Richard,) in the military service of the East India 
Company, at Madras; 5. Elizabeth-Keith^ m., Jan. 1815, 
Richard-Edensor Heathcote, of Longtonhall, co. Stafford, 
esq.; and, 6. Anne, tn., 15 March, 1811, Robert Wardlaw, of 
BiJganrie, co. Fife, esq. 

The family of Lindsay is of great antiquity in Scotland, 
^here it has spread into numerous branches. The earldom 
«f Crawford, the most ancient pn the union roll, was conferred, 
by king Robert III., on sir David Lindsay, 21 April, 1398. 

Of this distinguished house the earl of Balcarras is iin« 
dnibtedly the chief, being descended in the male line from 
WnJter-Lind«ay, 3d son of Alexander, 2d earl of Crawford ; 
and the whole male descendants of the 2 eldest sons of that 
earl having failed. David, 7th earl of Crawford, having been 
tari^arrnisly treated by his sons, disinherited them, and set- 
tied his title and estate on sir David Lindsay, of Edzell, great- 
fsrandson of AValter above mentioned, who consequently be- 
t-dme the 8th earl of Crawford ; but, notwithstanding he had 
several sons, and one of them ancestor of the earl of J3o/cor- 
ras, the generosity of his disposition induced him to make a 

X 3 8ettl«mexi\ 

760 SCOTS I»££RAG£. 

settlement of the honours and estate on the rightftil heir in 
blood, David^ grandson of the 7th earl, reserving to himself, 
during his life only, the title of earl of Crawford, and a com- 
petent provision out of the estate, to support him according 
to his rank. He expressly conditioned, that, in failure of the 
heirs male of the body of David^ above-mentioned, who, in 
virtue of that settlement, became 9th earl of Crawford, die 
honours and estate should revert to the descendants of his 
own body, as next heirs male. Liuhvick^ 14th earl of Craw« 
ford, having engaged on the side of king Charles L, in the 
civil wars, was taken prisoner, and condemned to be exeoated, 
by the parliament of Scotland ;^ by whom his title and estates 
were conveyed to John, earl of Xifuiffoy, lord high treasurer 
of Scotland, a remote branch of the family, which were de- 
scended from the principal stock, previous to their creation 
as earls of Crawford. The earl of Lindsay being doubtful of 
the validity of this grant by parliament, entered into a con* 
tract with the earl of Crawford, then in prison, under sen- 
tence of death, to whom he gave assurances of saving him 
from the hands of the executioner. By this transaction, 
Crawford agreed to resign his title in favour of Lindsay, re- 
servii^ that the resignation should not take effect in the 
event of his leaving issue male of his own body. On his 
death, without issue, the earl of Lindsay became, accordingly, 
15th earl of Crawford; and thus the succession was con- 
veyed away from the legitimate heirs male. The male line of 
his body failed in GeorgCy 20th earl of Crawford, who died 
withont issue, in 1808. 

Sir David Lindsay, of Balcarras (grandson of John 
Lindsay, 2d son of David, 8th earl of Crawford, above-named,) 
was served heir to John, his father, 19 May, 1601 : when 
Hing Charles I. visited Scotland, he was advanced to the dig- 
nity of the peerage, by the title of lord Lindsay^ of Balcarras, 
27 June, 1633 ; m, Sophia Setoh, da. of Alexander, 1st earl 
of Dunfermline, lord chancellor of Scotland, and had issue ; 

1 . Alexander, 2d lord ; 2. David^ d. 7 April, 1650 ; 3. Sophia^ 
m, sir Robert Murray, justice derk from 1660 to 1663, and 
d. Jan. 1653, without issue ; 4. Isabel, m. Thomas Boyd, of 
Pinkill, CO. Ayr. His lordship d. March 1641, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

[ Alexander, 2d lord, who was, 1651, created earl of -Ba/- 
carras; m. Anne Mackenzie, da. and coheir of Colin, 1st earl 
oif Seaforth, and had issue 2 sons; Charles, 2d earl; and 
Colin, 3d earl : and 3 das. ; 1. Anne, d, a nun, in France ; 

2. Sophia, a lady remarkable for the brightest faculties, who 


EAJtLB. 751 

Kcomplished the escape of her stepfather, Archibald, 9th earl 
of Aigyll, fmnk the castle of Edinburgh, 1880, in the disguise 
of 1 page holding up her train; she m. his 3d son, the hon. 
opt. Charles Campbell; and, 3. Henrietta^ m. sir Duncan 
Campboil, bart. His lordship d. 30 Aug., 1859, and was suc- 
ceeded by hia aon, Cha&jlss, 2d earl ; who, deceasing unm., 
VIS succeeded by his brother, 

CoLiir, 3d earl, m. 3 wives. By the 1st, Jane Carnegie, 
^ of David, 2d earl of Northesk, he had a da., Anne^ m. 
Alenmder Erakine, 3d earl of Kellie ; by his 2d, Jane Ker, 
ds. of William, 2d earl of Roxburgh, he had a da., Margp^^t 
m. John Fleming, 8th earl of Wigtoun; by his 3d wif^y ^^r- 
gvet Campbell, da. of James, 2d earl of Loudo-^^ ^e ^^ 2 
MDs, Ai.EXA]ii>EB, 4th earl ; and James. '^^ ®^^ « ^^ ^ 
^ EtemuoTj m. James Fraser, of LoiP*»ay> 3d son of Wil- 
bam, 9d lord Saltoun ; and EUxohsfh^ d. unm. The earl d. 
1722, and waa succeeded by h^ eldest son, 

Alexavdee, 4th eai4> d, 1740, without issue, and was 
■iCBBeded by his brotlnir, 

Jaicbs, Ml. e»^- 1^ ^^'t 1691; m., 24 Oct., 1749, Anne, 
4l of nr B'Aert Daltymple, of Castleton, knt., and by her 
(iHko dL Pec- 1820) had issue ; 1. Anne^ b. 8 Dec, 1750, m., 
OcLljSS, Andrew Bernard, esq., secretary to the colony of 
tke C^ of Good Hope, son of Thomas Bernard, D.D., bisiiop 
of limerick; 2. Alexander, 6th earl; 3. Margaret^ 6. 14 
Feb., 1753, m., Ist, 20 June, 1770, Alexander Fordyce, of 
London, banker, esq. ; and, 2dly, 8 Sept., 1812, sir James- 
Biaiid Burgess, bart., d, Dec. 1814 ; 4. Roberty b. 25 Jan., 
I7»l, m., 25 Nov., 1788, Elizabeth, da. of sir Alexander Dick, 
of Prestonfield, co. of Edinburgh, bart., and has issue, James, 
lieut.-ooL 1st guards, m., 2 April, 1823, Anne, eldest da. of 
ur Coutta Trotter, bart.; Alexander, on the Bengal esta- 
I'Kshment; Robert; William.Duff, d, Dec 1813; Colin; 
Charles; Mary; Anne; Cecilia; and Elizabeth; 5. Co/tn, b, 5 
April, 1755, brig.-gen. in the army, d. unm, at Belvidere, in 
(rrenada, 22 March, 1795; 6. James^Stair, b. 16 Dec, 1758 ; 
be commanded the grenadier company 73d reg. of foot, in the 
engagement with the French and Mahrattas, at Cuddalore, 
13 June, 1783, when he was mortally wounded storming the 
nsdonbts of that place, aiid d, of his wounds at Cuddalore, 
unm. ; 7. JVUHam, b. 21 Nov., 1759, lost in getting into a 
bgat from the Priam East Indiaman, 1785 ; 8. the right hon. 
Ckarles^Dalrymple, D.D., b, 14 Dec, I76O, lord bishop of 
Kildare, m., Ist, 1 Jan., 1790, EUzabeth, only da. of Thomas 
Fvdett, esq., and by her (who d. 7 Feb., 1797,) had issue ; 

Charles ; 


Charles; £lizabet1i; Frances, t/h Compton Domyille, esq., 
and d. 10 Aug., 1812; Thomas; and Philip. Yorke ; and, 
2dly, Catherine, da. of George Coussmaker, esq., ^and htm 
issue, G^i^e-Hayward, and Henry; 9. John^ 6. 15 May, 
1762, late major and lieut..coL 71st r^. of foot, «»., 2 Dec, 
1800, Charlotte North, youngest da. of Frederidc, 3d earl of 
Guildford, K.G. ; 10. Elizabeth, A. 11 Oct., 1763, m., 24 July, 
1782, Philip, present and 3d earl of Hiurdwicke, K.G., and 
has issue; and, 11. Hugh, M.P. for St. Andrews, &c., and 
marshal to the admiralty, b. 30 Oct., 1765, m., 14 Jan., 1799, 
Jai«» 2d da. of the hon. Alexander Gordon, lord Rockville, 
4th son *f William, 2d earl of Aberdeen, (by Anne, dowager 
countess of i^timfries and Stair,) and has issue, Hugh, and 
Anne, m., 16 Ocv., 1817, Edmund Antrobus, esq., nephew 
of sir Edmund Antrob^,, of Antrobus, co. Chester, bart. The 
earl d, 20 Feb., 1768, and ^i« succeeded by his son, 

Alexander, present and b\h earl. 

Heir-Apparent^-. J AMiis, Lord Ijtkdsay, his lordship^t 
eldest son. 

Creations — Lord Lindsay, 27 June, 1633, by Charles I. ; 
and earl of Balcarras, co. FHe, and lord Lindsay Mid Balniel, 
9 Jan., 1650-1. 

Motto — Astra castra^ Numen lumen -^The stars my ctnnp, 
the Deity my h'ght. 

Arms — See Plate 55. 

• FRANCIS EYRE, Earl of NEWBURGH, Viscount 
Kinnaird, and Baron Livingston, of Flacraig: bom 10 Feb., 
1762: succeeded his cousin, Anthony-James Radcb'ffe, the 
last Earl, 29 Nov., 1814 ; married, 29 Aug., 1787, Dorothy, 
da. and co-heir of John Gladwin, esq., by whom he has issue ; 
1. Dorothy, b. \3 July, 1788; 2. Mart/, b. 12 Oct., 1789, rf. 
5 Oct., 1813 5 3. Thomas, Viscount Kinnaird, b, 21 Oct., 
1790, m., 14 Nov., 1817, Margaret Kennedy, 3d da. of Archi- 
l>ald. Earl of CassiliS; 4. Charlotte, 6. 6 June, 1792, d, 6 Aug., 
1818; 5. Francis, some time an Officer in the Coldstream Reg. 
of Guards, b. 7 July, 1794 ; 6. Anne, b, 16 May, 1796, d. 25 
April, 1802 ; 7. Barbara, b. 18 May, 1798 ; and, 8. Radcliffe 
(a da.), b. 27 May, 1802. 

Sir James Livikoston, bart., son and heir of sir John 
Livingston, of Kinnaird, one of the gentlemen of the bed- 
chamber to king Charles I., was raised to the honour of vis- 
count Newburgh, 13 Sept., 1647- After the death of his 


EARLS. 7ft3 

nyil msster he was compelled to fly oat of England, by rea- 
mi flf the disooveries which Cromwell made of his oorre- 
y^^Tig with King Charles II., and went to his majesty at 
Ae Hague 1690, wh<Hn he attended till his restoration, when 
ke vas-oonstituted capt» of his majesty's guard, and raised to 
the dignity of earl of Newhurgh, 31 Dec., 1660. He m. Ca- 
tharine Howard, da. of Theophilus. earl o£ Suffolk, widow of 
Geoi^^ lord Aulngny, and mother of Charies, duke of Rich- 
mood and Liennox, by whom he had Chakles, 2d earl; 
ind ^^rtiatnTig in Dec 1670, was succeeded by his son, 
-CHA&I.S8, 2d earl of Newburgh, m. Frances, da. of Francis, 
lord Bradenell, and sister to George, eari of Cardigan ; and 
dying 1694, by her '^who afterwards m, Richard, lord Bellew, 
b Irdand,) left an only daughter, 

Charlotte, countess of Newburgh, whom., 1st, Thomas 
Clifford, son and heir-apparent of Hugh, 3d lord Clifford, of 
Cfandldgfa, by whom she had 2 das., 1. Frances, d, unm, 1771 ; 
nd 2. A§me^ m., Ist, count Mahoni, by whom she had issue; 
and, 2dly, count Carlo S. Severino, and d. 28 April, 1793. 
The countess m., 2dly, Charles Raddiffe, 3d son of Edward, 
2d eail of Derwentwater, by Mary.Tudor, natural da. of king 
Charlea II., and by him (who was attainted 1715, but escaped 
iato France, and returning, and taking part in the rebellion 
of 1745, was beheaded on Tower-hill, 8 Dec, 1746,) had issue ; 
I. JameS'Bartholomew, 3d earl; 2. James-Clement, a 
ireneral officer in the French service, d 11 May, 1788; 3. 
Charles, d. an infant; 4. Charlotte, d,\\ March, 1800 ; 5. Bar^ 
Imra, d. at Cambray, 7 Aug., 1768 ; 6. Thomasine, <L an in- 
fant; 7- Mary, m., 11 Feb., 1756, Francis Eyre, of Wark- 
worth and Hassop, esq., and d. 27 Aug., 1798, leaving issue 
by him, (who d. 7 Oct., 1804,) 1. Mary, b. 15 Nov., 1756, 
•., 9 April, 1793, Arthur Onslow, esq., serjeant-atJaw, and 
d. without issue, 14 May, 1800 ; 2. Francis, present earl of 

liewboi^h ; 3. James, h. 6 Jan., 1766, m. the da. of 

C!hinniooart, of Metz, in Lorraine, and has issue an only da., 
Carc^ine, 6. at Metz, 15 Sept., 1808 ; 4. Charles, 6. 29 April, 
1771, d, July 1819. The countess d. 4 Aug., 1755, and was 
soeceeded by her eldest son, 

Jaites-Babtholomew, 3d earl of Newburgh, b. at Vin- 
cennes, in France, 23 Aug., 1725, succeeded his mother, 
Charlotte-Maria, in the title, 5 Aug., 1755; he m,, 1749, 
Barbara, only da. and heiress of Anthony Kemp, of Slindon, 
CO. Sussex, esq., by Anne Brown, da. of Henry, 6th viscount 
Montagu, and by her (who d, 12 Sept., 17970 had issue, Anne, 



who d, unm.y 26 Nov., 1785 ; and Anthont-JaiOis, 4th earL 
He d, 2 Jan., 1786, and was succeeded by his son, ^ 

Anthont^ames, 4th earl o{ Newbursh, b. 20 Juno, • ^ 
1767 ; m., 30 June, 1789, Anne, only da. of Joseph Webb, * 
esq., sister of sir Thomas Webb, hart., and dying without 
any issue, 29 Nov., 1814, the title devolved on his cousin, . - 1 

Francis Eyre, present and 6th earl. ^ 

Heir-Apparent — Thomas, Viscount Kinnaird, the ' 
earrs eldest son. 

Creations — Viscount Newburgh, co. Aberdeen, 13 Sept., 
1647; earl of Newburgh, viscount Kinnaird, and baron 
Livingston, of Flacraig, 31 Dec, 1660. 

Motto — Si je puis — If I can. 

Arms — See Plate 66. 

GEORGE GORDON, Earl of ABOYNE, and Baron 

Gordon, of Glenlivet and Strathaven, Baron Meldrum, of 
Morven, co. Aberdeen, (in the Peerage of the United King» 
dom) : succeeded his father, Charles, the late Earl, 28 Dec, 
1794: 6om 28 June, 1761 : married, 4 April, 1791, Catha- 
rine, 2d da. of Sir Charles Cope, of Breweme, co. Oxford, 
and Overton Longueville, co. Huntingdon, hart., by Catha* 
rine, da. of Sir Cedl Bisshopp, bart., (who m., 2dly, Charles 
Jenkinson, 1st Earl of Liverpool,) and has issue ; 1. Charles, 
Lord Strathaven^ M.P. for East Grinstead, b. 4 Jan., 
1792 ; 2. Catharine-Susan^ b. 1793, m., 18 June, J814, 
Charles-Compton Cavendish, esq., youngest son of Lord 
George-Augustus-Henry Cavendish ; 3. George^ M. P. for co. 
Aberdeen, 6. 27 March, 1794; 4. Charlotte-Sophia ; 5. Mary; 
6. John-Frederick ; 7* Henry ; 8. Cedl ; and, 9. Francis^ 6. 
Jan. 1808. 

The ancestor of this branch of the family of Gordon was 
George, 2d marquess of Huntley, who m. lady Anne Camp. 
))ell, da. of Archibald, 7th earl of Argyll, by whom he had 3 
sons, viz. George, who was killed at the battle of Alford, in 
his father^s lifetime, and had no issue ; Lewis, marquess of 
Huntley, who succeeded his father (ancestor of the dukes of 
Gordon); and 

Charles, who having highly manifested his loyalty to 
king Charles I. in the time of the civil war, as also to king 
Charles II. during the usurpation, was, in recompense of 
those services, raised to the dignity of earl of Alwyne, lO 
Sept., 1661. He m. Elizabeth Lyon, da. of John, 2d earl of 


earls: 75c^ 

K>n<;liom, and had issue 3 sotm ; Charles, 2d earl ; Gewge^ 
ttd John ; and a da., Elisabeth, who m., liiSo, John, 2d earl 
tfCnxnarde. The eari </. March 1681, and was succeeded 
bjr his eldest son, 

Charles, 2d earl of Aboyne, t». Elizabeth Lyon, 2d da. 
flf Patrick, 3d earl of Strathmore and Kiughom, and by her 
(rho fla., 2dly, Patrick, 3d lord Kinnaird, and, 3dly, captain 
Alexander Grant,) had 1. Johk, 3d earl; 2. Helen, m, 
Geofge Kinnaird, esq., and was mother of Charles, 6th lord 
Kinaaird ; 3. Elixabeth, d, unm., 14 April, 1770; 4. Grizely 
sk, 1735, James Grant, of Knockando, and d, 18 Oct., I7OI. 
The earl d. April 1702i and was succeeded by his son, 

JoHV, 3d earl, m. Grace, da. of George Lockhart, of Carn- 
vith, by Euphemia, 2d da. of Alexander, 6th earl of Eglin- 
Xan^ and by her Twho m., 2dly, James, 9th carl of Moray, and 
d. 17 Nor., 1738) had issue ; 1. Charles, 4th eai'l ; 2. John^ 
A. 19 June, 1728, lieut..col. of the 81st regiment, m., I76I, 
Clementina, da. of George Lockhart, of Camwath, esq., and 
d. 3e Oct., 1778, leaving issue by her (whQ d, 31 March, 
1803,) 2 sons, John, major^n. and ooL -commandant of the 
2d brigade of Bengal cavalry, b. 8 July, 1765, m., Nov. 1810, 
Bixa, 3d da. of Robert Morris, esq., late M.P. for Gloucester ; 
aad George, R.N., b. 9 April, 1769, d: unm. 23 Aug., 1799; 
sad a da., Grace-Margaret, b, 27 Sept., 1766, wi., 13 April, 
1704, William Graham, of Mossknow, esq. ; 3. Lockhart, b. 
1732, was judge-advocate general of Bengal, m., 3 Oct., 1770, 
Catherine, da. of John M'allop, viscount Lymington, and 
Mrter of John, late earl of Portsmouth, and d. at Calcutta, 24 
March, 1788, leaving issue by her (who d. May 1813) two 
sons, Lockhart, collector of the customs ; and Loudoiin-Har. 
court, in the army. The earl d, Aug. 1732, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Charles, 4th earl, b. 1726; m., Ist, 22 April, 1769, Mar- 
garet 8tewart, 3d da. of Alexander, 6th earl of Galloway, and 
by her (who d. 12 Aug., 1762,) had issue; 1. Gkoroe, .^th 
*sirl ; 2. Catfiarine, d. youii^; 3. Margaret, m., 5 May, 17^3, 
WiUiam, only son of William Beckford, of Fonthill-Gitford, 
CO. Wilts, lord mayor of London, and d. at the Castle de la 
Tour, in the Pays de Vaud, 23 May, 1786, leaving issue 2 
das. The earl m., 2dly, 23 April, 1774, Mary Douglas, only 
surviving da. of James, 14th earl of Morton, (by Agatha, only 
da. of James Halyburton, of Pitcur,) and by her (who d. 25 
Dec,, 181 G,) had Doiiy las-Gordon, b. 10 Oct., \^^^, who, on 
the death of his cousin, tlie hon. Hamilton-Douglas Halybur. 
tun, of Pitcur, 1784, succeeded to his extensive property, co. 



Forfar, and in consequence assumed the nBmeotHalffhuHm; 
«»., 16 July, 1807) Louisa, only child of sir Edward Lei^e, 
of Tarbert, co. Kerry, bart. The earl d, 28 Dec, 1794, aad 
was succeeded by his son, 

George, present and 5th earl, 

Heir'Appareni — Charles Lord Strathaven, son ^ 
the earL 

CreoHons — Earl of Aboyne, oo. Aberdeen; baron Gordon, 
of Glenlivet and Strathaven, 10 Sept., 1661 ; and baron Mel- 
drum, of Morven, co. Aberdeen, (in the Peerage of the UniUd 
Kingdom^) 11 Aug., 1815. 

Motto — Stant catera Hgna — The rest stand on a beanu- 

^rm«— See Plate 55. 


Lord Cochrane, and a Baronet ; succeeded his father, Thomas, 
the late Earl, 1778: married^ l^ Oct., 1774, Anne, 2d daugh- 
ter of Captain James Grant, R.N., and by her (who d, 18 
Nov., 1784,) had issue ; 1. Thomas, Lord Cochrane^ h, 14 
Dec., 1776, m., Catherine-Corbett Barnes, and has issue 2 sons, 
Thomas-Barnes, and Horatio- William ; and a <2a., 6. 1821.; 
2. James^ d, young; ?• Basil, Lieut.-Col. 36th Reg. of Foot, iL 
unm,. May 1816; 4. William-Erskine, a Major in the Army^ 
and late 15th Reg. of Dragoons ; 5. Archibald, Capt. R.N., dis- 
tinguished himself under his brother. Lord Cochrane, in the 
Mediterranean, 1801, and commanded the Fox frigate in the 
East Indies; m., 11 Jan., 1812, Jane, da. of Arthur Mowbray, 
esq., and has issue; 1. Anna-Jane, b. 28 Jan., 1813; 2. Caro- 
line-Elizabeth, b, II Jime, 1814; 3. Robert-Alexander, 6. 18 
March, 1816; 4. Basil-£dward-Arthur, b. 23 Dec, 1817; 
5. Archibald-Hamilton, 6. 2 June, 1819 ; and, 6. Elizabeth- 
Stuart, b. 26 April, 1823 ; and 6. Charles, d, young. The 
Earl m., 2dly, 12 April, 1788, Mary, relict of John Mayne, 
of Jeffort-Evias, co. Wilts, esq., and by her (who d, Jan. 1809,) 
had no issue. The Earl tn., 3dly, April 1819, Anna-Maria, 
eldest da. of Francis Plowden, esq., and by her (who d. IB 
Sept., 1822,) had issue a da., b. 1820. 

William Cochrane, of Cochrane, of an ancient family, which 
had been resident in the county of Renfrew for many centu- 
ries, by Margaret, his wife, da. of sir Robert Montgomery, 
of Skelmorley, co. Ayr, had issue Elizabeth, sole heiress, ifu 
Alexander Blair, of Blair, esq. William Cochrane made^a 
settlement of his estate, 1593, in farpur of his da., Elizabeths 


EARLS. 757 

iisae male, who were to 1>ear the iianu* and amiR of 
e» Alexander lUair, on his marriaf^^ u'it}i Elizal^eth 

e, aiMumed the name and arms of Cochrane^ had a 
of the barony of Cochrane, to Alexander Cochrane, 
iir, 7 Feb., 1601-2. He had a charu>r of the lands of 
Ciewclie, 30 July, 1610, and of Couldtm, 2:) April, 
They had issue, sir John Cochrane, who attend(^d 
larlew II. on the continent, 1C4{), and was, by him, dc- 
1 on an embassy to Poland, 1650. He was father of 
liam Cochrane^ of Cowdon, who, being very zealous 
f Charles I., was created a peer, by the title of lord 
n^, of Dundonald, by patent, at Scarbonnifirh, 27 Dec., 
ftt the restoration, he was appointed one of tlie com. 
en of the treasury and exchequer. This emplo)'ment 
iaiged with admirable prudence and inte^^ity, to the 

satisfaction of the nation ; of which Charles II. was 

tbie, that he advanced his lordship to tlic dip^iity of 

Dundonald^ lord Cochrane of Paisley and Odiiltree, 

f, 1669, to his issue male, remainder to the eldest 
male of his body, without division, and the heirs male 
I heirs female, bearing, however, the name and arms 
yrane<t which they shall be obliged to assume : and, in 

, to his next heirs whatsoever : to. Eui)lienie, da. of 
lliazn Soott, of Ardross, co. Fife, and by her had issue, 
m, lord Cochrane, d, before his father, 1C79 : (an accu. 
was, 1684, preferred against the ejirl of Dundonald, 
pin^ a chaplain with his son, lord Cochrane, when he 
inp, 1679? who prayed to Cod to bless the rebels in 
est with success,) having 7«.,lf;53, Catharine Kennedy, 
of John, 6th earl of Cassilis, and had issue ; 1. John, 
I of Dundonald ; 2. William, of Kihnarnock, to. Orizel, 
of James Graham, marquess of Montrose, and d, 1717, 
I issue Thomas, who became Cth earl, and 5 das. ; 
jmas, (»f Rolskelly, to. Diana, da. and h(>iress of sir 
Cunn\nighame, of Robertland, hart., andrf. 1694, with- 
nie ; 4. Alexander, of Bollinshaw, whoso male line be- 
extinct 1710; 6. Margaret, to., 1676, Alexander, 0th 
* Eglinton; 6. Helen, to. John, 15th oarl of Sutherland, 
ad issue; and 7* Jane, to., 1st., John, 1st viscount 
je ; and, 2dly, William, 3d viscount Kilsyth, and had 
iiy lioth. The earl d. 1680, an<l was succeeded by his 

IK, 2d earl, to., 16^4, Susannah Hamilton, 2d da. of 
itfii and Anne, duke and dutchess of Hamilton ; and by 
rho m., 2dly, Charles, 3<1 marquess of Tweedale, and 6\ ' 
I.. II. L 7¥c'., 


7 Feb., 17S7,) Had issue; 1. William, 3d earl ; and, 2. JoHlf, 
4tli earL The earl d IG May, ]l6d0, and was succeeded bf y 
liis son, i 

William, 3d earl, who d, unm,^ 19 Nor., 1705, and wtti 
succeeded by his brother, 

John, 4th earl, m., Ist, 4 April, 1706, Anne Murray, fid 
da. of Charles, Ist earl of Dunmore ; and by her (who d. I?!!)) 
had issue; I.William, 5th earl; 2. Anne^ «»., 14 Feb., 
1723, James, 5th duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and dL 14 
Aug., 1724 ; 3. Susan, m., 1st, 25 July, 1725, Charles, 6£h 
earl of Strathmore, who was killed by James Cam^e, oi 
Finhaven, May 1728, without issue; and, 2dly, 1745, Qeorge 
Forbes, her factor, and had a da., Susanna-Janet^Emilia, & 
in Holland, May 1746 : her ladyriiip d. 24 June, 1754; 4. Ca» 
tharine, tn., 172i9, Alexander, 6th earl of Galloway, and by 
him had a numerous issue. The earl, m., 2dly, 15 Oct., VJV^^ 
Mary Osborne, 2d da. of Peregrine, 2d duke of Leeds, relkfk 
of Henry, 2d duke of Beaufort, and by her (who d, 24 May, 
1714,) had no issue. The earl d, b June, 1720, and was 8uo> 
ceeded by his brother, 

William, 5th earl, d, unm., 27 Jan., 1725, being sno. 
ceeded in his unentailed property by his nephew, James, mar« 
quess of Clydesdale, afterwards duke of Hamilton, and in the 
title and entailed estates by his cousin, 

Thomas, 6th earl, (son of William Cochrane, of Kilmar- 
nodc, above-named,) b, 1702 ; m. Catharine, 2d da. of lord 
Basil Hamilton, of Baldoon ; and by her (who d, at Bath, 13 
April, 1770,) had, 1. William, 7th earl ; 2. Basil, R.N., d, 
6 Sept., 1748; 3. Mary, d, unm», 16 March, 1805 ; 4. Catha^ 
Ttne, m, William Wood, of Nether Gallowhill, and d. 4 Oct., 
1776. The earl d, 28 May, 1737) and was succeeded by his 

William, 7th earl, had his horse shot under him at the 
West-port, 27 Oct., 1745, by a gun from the castle, during 
the rebellion ; accompanied general Forbes to America, 1757, 
and was killed at the siege of Louisbourgh, in a sortie made 
by a drunken party of the garrison of that pdace, 9 July, 1758 : 
dying untn., the title devolved upon 

Thomas, 8th earl, (grandson of sir James Cochrane, of 
Ochiltree, 2d son of ^e 1st earl of Dundonald, and 7th son 
of William Cochrane, of Ochiltree, by Mary Bruce, eldest da. 
of Alexander, 2d earl of Kincardine^ and heir to her brother 
Alexander, 3d earl, who d. unm., Nov. 1705, when she claimed 
that title, but without success) ;. m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of 
James Ker, of Mosristoun, oo. Berwick, esq., and by her 


£ARLS. 759 

(v2>o d. 1743,^ had issue^ WiUiafiL, d. ymm^ ; and Crirci, d. 
MM. The eftrl m., 2dly, G Hept., 1744, Jane, eUlcst <la. of Ar. 
ctubaid Stnart, of Tovience, 00. Lanark, siifter of Audrcw 
^cnart, esq., and by her (wlio d. 21 March, 11)08,) had issue ; 1. 
EHzabeth, 6. 2? Aug., 1745 ; m., 18 Dec, 1775, Patrick Heron, 
of Heron, esq.; 2. Argyll^ d. ymmf^; 3. Arcuibald, iHh 
cari; 4. Charies^ 6. 23 Jan., 1749, major in the army, and 
Kired in America : he was sent with despatches from Kir 
Henry ClintodOL, K.B., to earl Com^-allis, then besiep^vd at 
Vork Town : ^vent in a vessel to the CaiM?s, where lie ^ut 
into a boat, in which he passed undiscovered tliruu^rh the 
middle of the French fleet, and arrived safe at York Town, 10 
Oct., 1781. £arl Comwallis, in testimony of his approbation 
tf tltat intrepid conduct, a[^iuted major Ckichraiie one of his 
aides-de^smp : but in a day or two afterwards his head wan 
taken off by a cannon-ball, previous to the surrender of that 
anay ; m. Catharine, da. of major Pitcaim, of the royal ma- 
rinei ; and by her (who m., 2dly, 19 Feb., 1789, Charles-Oweu 
tjunlnidge, of Twickenham, esq., son of the celebrated author 
of ^ The Scribleriad,*' and other poems,) had 1 son and I da., 
both d,; &, John^ deputy commissary to the forces in North 
Britain, b. 3 July, 1750; m., 7 May, 1800, miss Birch, of 
Pinner, co. Middlesex, and d, 21 Nov., 1801, without issue; 
t, Jamet'AthoIl^ vicar of Mansfield, co. Notts, presented to 
tlie rectory of Lang-horsley, 00. Northumberland, Aug. 1792; 
m. Mary Smithson, and d, 1823; 7. Basil., b. 22 April, l?*")*^ ; 
placed on the Madi*a8 civil establishment, lliW) ; returned to 
(Ireat Britain, May 1807, &nd purchased the barony of Auch- 
terarder, co. Perth ; 8. Thomas ; and, 9. George^ both d. 
Vfning; 10. sir AleJtander-Forrester-Infflis^ G.C.B., b. 23 
April, 1758, vice-admiral of the red, had the rank of lieute- 
naiit, 1778 ; was wounded in the engagement betwixt lord 
Rodney, K.B., and comte de Guichen, in the West Indies, 
April 178'), and was promoted to the rank of captain, 17 Dec, 
1 Tii2 : he commanded the Thetis frigate, 38 guns, on the 
Halifax station, from 1794 to 1797 : in company with the 
lluHitar, off Cape Ilenr)', 17 May, 1705, he fell in with five 
sail of French ships, appearing alt(^ther to carry 120 guns ; 
notwithstanding tliis disparity, capt. Cochrane attacked them, 
and captured la Prevoyaute, of 20 guns, and la Kaison, of 18: 
the remainder made tlieir escape. In 1800, he was Appointed 
M the Ajax, of 80 gims, in which he accompanied lord Keith 
and y\r Kalph Aljercrombic to Egypt, 1801: he was promoted 
n» a flag, 1JJ04, and apjiointed to the arduous service of watch- 
ing tlie port of Ferrol: next year he was made commander 

l2 on 


on the (reward Islands,' and was under sir JJ T. Duckworth, 
with seven sail of the line : he attadced the French squadron 
of admiral de Siegler, off St. Domingo, 6 Feb., 1806, and took 
■and destroyed the whole, consisting of one ship of 120 guns, 
two of 84, and two of 74 ; adm. Cochrane sustained the brunt 
of the action, getting up first, and engaging the three-decker: 
.he had 21 killed and 79 wounded. When the accounts of this 
gallant action arrived in England, the admiral was immedi- 
ately nominated a K.B. : in Dec 1807) he took the islands of 
•St. Thomas and Santa Cruz ; and on the 14th of April, 1809, 
he received the unanimous thanks of the house of commons 
for his able and meritorious direction of the naval force, in 
effecting the conquest of Martinique. Sir Alexander m., at 
New York, April 1788, Maria, da. of David Shaw, esq., relict 
of sir Jacob Wheate, bart., capt. R.N., and has issue Thomas, 
capt. R.N. ; m., Jan. 1812, Ross-Wishart, eldest da. of lieut.- 
gen. sir Charles Ross, bart.; Charles; Andrew; Anna-Maria; 
Jane ; and Forrester, m., 19 Oct., 1810, sir Edward-Thomiu 
Trowbridge, bart. ; 11. George-Augustus^Frederick^ b» 2d 
Nov.. 1762, lieut.-col. 87th foot, and quitted the army, 1805; 
12. Andrew^ b, 24 May, 1767) had the rank oi asA. in the 
&nny, 1797; was the same year appointed capt. -general and 
governor of Dominica, and col. of a West-India reg., 1798 ; 
fR., 1st, 14 Nov., 1793, Georgiana Hope, 3d da. of James, 3d 
earl of Hopetoun, on which occasion he assumed the name 
of Johnstone in addition to that of Cochrane ; and by her 
(who d. 17 Sept., 17970 had issue ; Elizabeth, m., 28 March, 
1816, the hon. William- John Napier, eldest son of Francis, 
7th lord Napier; and James-Thomas, d: 25 Jime, 1801 ; and, 
2dly, at Martinique, 21 March, 1803, Amelia-Constance-Ger. 
trude-Etiennete de Clugny, only child and heiress of the late 
baron de Clugny, governor of Ghiadaloupe, and relict of mon. 
sieur Raymond Godet, of that island. The earl d, 27 June, 
1778, and was succeeded by his son, 

Archibald, present and 9th earl. 

IJeir-Apparent — Thomas, Lord Cochrane, eldest son 
of the earl. 

Creations — 17 Dec, 1647, baron of Cochrane, in Renfrew; 
baronet of Nova Scotia, 1675; and earl of Dundonald, co. 
Ayr, 19 May, 1669. 

Alotto — Virtute et labore — By courage and labour. 

Arms — See Plate 55. 




DR£, Lord Keith, of Invcrury aiid Koith Jiuli, Ix>rd FhI. 

joer. Iff Halkertoun : barn 20 April, 1704 : micv(*efl«Mi hU 

■ther MlUiam, the late Earl, ii Oct., 1»12 : married^ 14 June, 

1817, Juliet, Sd da. of the late Rol>ert Kenny, of BornywHeld, 

N.B., esq. ; and by her (who d, 9 July, 1019,) had no iiwiie. 

The Earl m., 2dly, 27 Aug., 1821, LouiHa, ymiugpst tU. of 

Fruids Hawkins, esq., and has issue a son, L<Mrd Inveruryy 

h. Sept. 1822. 

The hon. sir JiAn Kciih^ 3d son of William, Gtli earl Ala- 
riichai, had the principal hand in preserving the regalia of 
Seotland from falling into the hands of Cromwell, during 
whose nsurpatiou they had been carried to Dtmmore caxtle, 
hsth as the earl Marischal, in virtue of his office, had a right 
to keep them, and it was thought a place of safety, Duunoter 
being besi^ed. Sir John Keith got the regalia safely nni- 
ve^ away, and deposited under ground, in the church of 
Kmneft. Sir John then sailed for France, where ho pretended 
Id have carried these valuable articles. On his return home, 
be wu apprehended and examined ; dedaring tliat he had 
ftsnrtjed ttiem to France, all further search for the regalia 
was dropped. He had a charter of the lands of (Hiskieben, 
DOW Keith Hall, 1661 ; was raised to the -dignity of the 
pwrage bv the title of earl of Kintorey ba^on Keith of Inve. 
iiiry and Keith Hall, 26 Jime, 1677; in Dec 1608, was ap. 
p-Hnted in.-asurer depute, vice the earl of Alelfort, ])roniotetl. 
Tlie earl made a resii^mtion of his honours and estaU^s into 
tfie handn of king M'^iliiam and quci>n Mary, and, 22 Feb., 
IfifM, (ilitaine«i a new charter, by which the title of Kiniore, 
jiiid the family estaten, were settled on him and his issue male, 
remainder on the male issue of his brother (ieorge, earl Ma. 
riv4ial, remainder to the heirs female of his l»ody, with other 
ri^iiainders : m. Margaret Heniiltou, h, 15 Jan., 1641, post- 
l!<ii.i(ni]« da. of Thomas, 2d earl of Haddington, and had issue; 
I. M'lLLiAM, 2d earl; 2. Jane^ in. sir William For!>e8, of 
•^Ifinyniiixk, co. A!>erdt»en, bart., ancestor of sir William 
Forties, of Pit^go, bart. ; 3. Margaret^ m, Gavin Hamilton, 
ci' Kaploi'h, esq. 

M'lLLiABi, 2d earl, succeeded his father, 1714: m. Catha. 
riiie Murray, ehiest da. of David, 4th visttiimt Storinont, and 
liad issue; 1. Jonv, 3d earl; 2. William, 4ih earl; % Ca- 
fhirinr., m. David, 6th lord Faljwner, of Jlolkertouii, by whom 
•Uf luid i^MM^ Alexander, 6th lord Falt'oiier, wli<> d, with<mt 
i^ue, 1702; and William, 7th luid Falcouei-, who d, 177^i 

X 3 leavmg 


•leaving issue Anthony-Adrian, 8th lord,' who sucdeeded 

- to the title of earl of Kintore, and became 5th earl ; and, 4. 

-iJwMi^ d* uwfn»- 

Jons, 3d earl, succeeded his father, 1718 ; b. May 1699 ; 

,m.^ Aug. 1729, Mary, da. of the hon. James Erskine, of 
Orange, lord justice derk, brother of John, 11th earl of Mar; 
and by her (who d. 9 May, 1772,) had no issue. 

William, 4th earl, succeeded his brother, 1758, and d. 22 
Nov., I76I, unm. On his death, the estates devolved upon 
George, lOth carl Marischal, grandson of George, (elder bro- 
ther of the 1st earl of Kintore,) upon whose issue male the 
title was entailed by the charter of 1694 ; but the honours be- 
came dormant, as lord Marischal would not allow a clause, 
enabling him to inherit titles, to be inserted in the act of par- 
liament by which he was allowed to inherit estates. On the 
earl Mari^chal's death, 23 May, 1778, the titles and estates 
of Kintore devolved on Anthont-Adrian, 8th lord Fal- 

' coner, of Halkertoun, above-named, whose paternal descent 
we now proceed to state. 

The Falconers, of Halkertoun, derive their deseent from 
Ranulphus, filius Walteri de Lunkyir (Lumgair), who ob- 
tained the office of king^s falconer from William the Lion, 
from whom he got a charter of the lands of Luthra, Balbegno, 
and several others, co. Kincardine, near the castle of Kincar- 
dine, where king William frequently resided : from this office 
he assumed the name of Falconer. 

Sir Alexander Falconer, of Halkerton, lived at the latter 
•end of the 16th, and beginning of the 17th centuries.; m. 
Agnes, sister of the Ist earl of Southesk, and had, besides 
rther issue, Alexander, created, 20 Dec., 1647) lord Fal- 
coner, of Halkertoun, to him and his heirs male whatsoever ; 
and sir David, of Glenfarquhar. Alexander, lord Falconer, 
d. 1671, and was succeeded by his only son, Alexander, 2d 
lord, who d. 1684, leaving an only son, David, 3d lord, on 
whose death, without issue, 1724, the title devolved on his 
secf nd cousin, 

Alexander, 4th lord, (grandson of sir David, of Glenfar- 
quhar, abovC'.named,) who also d» without issue, and was suc- 
ceeded by his cousin, 

• David, 5th lord, who m., as before stated, Catherine, da. 
of William, 2d earl of Kintore, and was grandfather of 
. Anthony-Adrian, 8th lord Falconer, succeeded to that 
title, 1776 ; and on the death of George, earl Marischal, in, 
1778, succeeded to the estate and title of earl of Kintore ; m. 
Uiias Chribtin^-EUxabeth i>lightQrmfin, of Giroulngen, in Hol^ 


EARLS. 763 

]and, and by her (who tL 26 March, 1809,) had, 1. William, 
nth earl of Kintore ; 2. SUnlia^ b, 18 Jan., 1768, d. young ; 3. 
Maria-Rembertina, b, 8 Feb., 1769 ; 4. Catherine^Marparety 
b. 3 June, 1770; 5. Pnmces^ConatanHa^ b. l^ June, 1771 ; 8. 
Jane^ 6. 3 July, 1772, d, young : 7* ChristtnO'Eiizabethy b, 31 
Dec^ 1774, d. Dec. 1820; and, 8. Helen, b. 30 Aug., 1777, d. 
young. The earl d, 30 Aug., 1804, and was succeeded by his 
only son, 

William, 6th earl of Kintore, and 9th lord Falconer, of 
Halkertoun ; in., 18 June, 1793, Maria, da. of sir Alexander 
Bannennan, of Kirkhill, bart., and had issue ; 1. Anthony- 
Adbiak, 7ih earl ; 2. Maria, b, 2 May, 1795 ; 3. Alexander, 
h. 11 Oct., 1798; 4. WiUiam, b, 16 Dec., 1799. The earl d. 
% Oct., 1812, and was succeeded by his son, 

Anthony-Adrian, present and 7th earl of Kintore. 

Heir-PreeumpHve — Alexander, brother of the earl. 

Creations — Lord FUconer, of Halkertoun, 20 Dec, 1647 ; 
carl of Kintore, lord Keith, of Inverury and Keith Hall, 26 

June, 1677* 
MciUo—Qtue anussa salva — ^What was lost is safe. 
Arms See Plate 55. 

count Campbell, of Tay and Paintland ; Viscount Glenorchy 
and Taymouth, Baron Benedoraloch, Ormerlie, and Weik, 
and a Baronet in North Britain ; Baron Bread albaxe, of 
Ta\Tnouth Castle, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom ; a 
lieutenant-General in the Army, and a Counsellor of State to 
the King for North Britain, F.R.S. : bom 1762: succeeded 
his ooiisin, John, the late Earl, in July 1782 ; ci-eated a Peer 
<if the United Kiugdom, by the title of Baron Brcadal))ane, of 
Taymouth, county of Perth, 13 Nov., 1806 : married, 2 Sept., 
171)3, Mary-Turner, daughter of David Gavin of Langton, 
esq., (by Elizabeth Maitland, daughter of James, 7th Earl of 
Ijauderdale,) and had, 1. Elizaheth-Maitland, b. 25 July, 
IJIM ; 2. Mary, b. 10 July, 1795 ; w., 13 May, 1819, Richard- 
Plantiigenet, Marquess of Chaudos, only stm of Richard, 
Jhike of Buckingham, K. G., and 3, John, Lord Glen- 
orchy, b, 26 Oct., 1796, M.P. for Oakhampton; m,, 23 Nov., 
1821, Eliza, eldest da. of George Baillie, of Jerviswoode, 

Sir Colin Campbell, 1st of the house of Glenorchy, b. 
nlwut 1400, was 3d son of Duncan, Ist. lord. Campbell, of 



Lochow, by Margery, da. of Robert, duke of Albany, regent of 
Scotland ; his father settled upon him the estate of Glenorchy 
which had been conveyed to the Campbell family, iemp. king 
David IL, by the marriage of Margaret Glenorchy with John 
Campbell ; he was one of the knights of Rhodes, now styled of 
Malta, and by his conduct and valour acquired distinguished 
honour : after the execrable murder of king James I., 1437, 
he exerted himself in pursuing the regicides, and was so dili- 
gent, that he soon apprehend^ and brought to justice two of 
the assassins, Chalmers and> Colquhoun ; in reoompence for 
which service, king James III. afterwards bestowed on him 
the barony of Lawers : he had the care of the person and 
estate of his nephew, CdBn, 1st eaii of Arg^, during his 
minority, and faithfully discharged the tmst reposed in him ; 
concluding a ioatch between the earl and the sister of his own 
wife, one of the three das. and co-heirs of lord Lorn. He had 
a charter to himself and Margaret Stirling, his wife, and their 
issue, of the lands of Achariivach, oo. Perth, 27 Oct., 1467 * 
he built the castle of Kilchurn, at the east end oif Lochow, in 
Olenorchy, 1440 ; and was dead previous to 10 June, 1478, 
on which day the lords auditors gave a decree, in a civil suit, 
against " Duncain Campbell, son and heir of umquhale sir 
Colin Campbell, of Glenurquha, knt." By his 2d wife, Mar. 
garet, 2d of the three das. and co-heirs of John, lord Lorn, 
(by whom he got a third of that lordship, which still remaiitH 
in the family; and from thence, quartered the galley of 
Lorn with his paternal achievement ;) he had issue Dutim 
can. He m., 3dly, Alargaret, da. of Robert Rol)ert8on, 
of Strowan, by whom he had Margaret, fit., Ist, Archibald 
-.jNapier, of Merchistoun ; and 2dly, John Dickson, of Ross- 
"herhald: ho m., 4thly, Margaret, da. of Luke Stirling, of 
" Keir, and had issue one son, John, ancestor of the earls of 
Loudoun, (vide Countess of Loudoun,) and a da. Mariot, m. 
William Stewart, of Baldoran. Sir Duncax, the eldest son, 
is next in succession to the sons of Colin, 1st earl of Arafyll, 
in the charter of Knopdale, 26 Feb., 1480-1. He was killed 
at the battle of Flodden with James IV., 9 Sept., 1513 ; wi., 
1st, 1479, Margaret Douglas, 4th da. of Geoi^fe, 4th earl of 
Angus, and had issue ; 1. sir Colin ; 2. Archibald ; 3. Patrick ; 
, and 2dly, Margaret, da. of the laird of Moncrief, co. Perth, 
and had issue ; 1. John, a substitute in the charter of Glen- 
lyon, 1502, bishop of the isles; 2. Catherine, m. William 
JMurray, of Tullibardine ; and 3. Annahella, m, 1533, Alex- 
ander Napier, of Merdiistoun. Sir Colin, the eldest son, 
vFa» o£ greh% Bervice in procuring his oousiii, Gavin Doug. 

EARLS. 705 

las, peaceable possession of the epscopal sec of Diiiikcid, 
1516, in opposition to a powerful competitor, Andrew Stewart, 
his own brother-in-law ; m. Mary Stewart, 6th da. of John, 
earl of AthoU, uterine brother of king James II., and had 
issue ; 1. sir Duncax ; 2. sir John ; and 3. sir Colin, He 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Sir Duncan, who d, 1514, and was succeeded by his 
brother, sir John, who was succeeded by his brother, sir 
Colin, from whom descended 

Sir John Campbell, b. 1635 ; being a principal creditor 
of George, 6th earl of Caithness, whose debts are said to have 
exceeded a million of marks, that earl, 8 Oct., 1672, made 
a disposition of his whole estate and earldom, with the heri- 
table jurisdictions and titles, to sir John Campbell^ of Glen- 
orchy, who took the whole of his lordship^s debts to himself: 
on which disposition, a charter passed, 11 Jan., 1673, investing 
sir John with the lands and earldom of Caithness, 27 Feb., 
1673. The eari of Caithness reserved his life-rent of the title, 
and an annuity for life of 12,000 marks to him and his coun- 
tess, and the survivor of them. The charter contained also a 
danse of redemption of the earldom within a limited period, 
and an obligatitm on sir John Campbell, and his issue, to 
iKume and use the name of Sindair, and arms of the house 
of Caithness, when he should be possessed of the earldom irre- 
rocably. George, earl of Caithness^ dying at Thurso East, May 
1676, sir John Campbell, who was then residing in family 
with them, being in possession of the earldom, obtained a 
patent, creating him earl of Caithness^ dated at ^VTiitehall, 
28 June*, 1677 : sir John Campbell did not, however, long 
retain the title of earl of Caithness, corif erred upon him by 
the above patent, as the privy council, under the reference of 
the authority of parliament, found that George Sinclair, 
of Keiss, the heir male of the last earl, had a right to the 
dignity of earl of Caithness, and he in consequence took place 
as su<ii in parliament, 15 July, 1681. Sir John Campbell, 
thus deprived of that title, obtained a patent, 13 Aug., 1681, 
creating him earl of Breadalbane and Holland^ viscount of 
Tay and Paintland, lord Glenorchy, Benedoraloch, Ormerlie, 
and Weik, with the precedency of the former patent, 22 June, 
!677» remainder to whichever of his sons, by lady Mary Rich, 
his wife, he, by writing under his hand, at any time of his 
life, might think proper to designate, and the heirs male to 
lie procreated of the lK)dy so designated ; remainder to his 
h%ue male, remainder to his nearest legitimate heirs male, 
remainder to his nearest legitimate heirs whatsoever; m.. 


l8t, 17 Dec., 1057, Mary Rich, 3<l d^ of Henry, let earl of 
Holland, baron Kensington, executed foi* his loyalty to ^ 
Charles I., 9 March, 1649, opposite Westminster Hall, imme- J* 
diately after the duke of Hanulton : and by her had issue ; I. | 
Duncan, styled lord OrmerUe, who survived his father, but ^ 
was passed over in the succession ; 2. John, 2d earl of Bread- j' 
albane ; and 2dly, 7 April, 1678, Mary Campbell, 8d da. of ?| 
Archibald, marquess of Argyll, relict of George, 6th eari of ^ 
Caithness, and by her had Colin, d. unm,, I7O6 ; and Sdhr, V' 

, by whom he had a da. Mary, m, Archibald Cow- ^| 

bum, of Langton. The earl d. March I7I6, and waf iiio- ^ 
ceeded by his son, ''i'i 

John, 2d earl, 6. 19 Nov., 1662 : at the contested electioa -^ 
for a representative of the Scots peerage, vice the marqueM of "^ 
Annandale, deceased 1721, his right to die peerage wm I^ 
opposed,^ '^ his eldest brother, who commonly went under the ^' 
designation of lord Ormerlie, being then alive ; and although ^ 
it might be true that he had a disposition or nomination ftmct ^ 
his father to the honours and dignity of earl of BreadaJhane, \ 
yet such disposition or nomination could not convey the ^ 
honours; nor could the crown effectually grant a peerage ^ 
to any person and such heir as he should name, such patent ^ 
being inconsistent with the nature of a peerage, and not ^ 
a^eeable to law, and also without precedent f these objeo- ^ 
tions, however, were overruled : m., 1st, Frances Cavendish, ' 
2d of the five das. of Henry, 2d duke of Newcastle, sister of * 
Elizabeth, dutchess of Albonarle and Montagu, Margaret, ' 
dutchess of Newcastle, Catherine, countess of Thanet, and 
Arabella, countess of Sunderland. Her ladyship was 6. 25 
June, 1660, and d, without issue, 4 Feb., 1690, during the 
lifetime of her father, who d. without issue mde, 26 July, 
1691, leaving great estates to his four das. The earl m., 2dly, 
23 May, 1695, Henrietta, 2d da. of sir Edward Villiers, knt., 
sister of the 1st earl of Jersey, and of Elizabeth, countess of 
Orkney, and by her (who d, 1 Feb., 1720,) had issue ; 1. 
John, 3d earl $ 2. Charlotte, d, unm, ; 3. Henrietta, ap« 
pointed, 1736, one of the ladies of the bedchamber to the 
princesses Amelia and Caroline, and d, wim, 27 Jan., 1766. 

JoHK, 3d earl, K.B., succeeded his father, 23 Feb., 1752, 
b. 1696, m., 1st, 1721, Amabella de Grey, eldest da. and co- 
heir of Henry, duke of Kent, K.G., and by her (who d» 
Mardi, 1727^) had issue ; Henry, d. an infant : and Jemimd, 
b. 9 Oct., 1723 ; succeeded her grandfather, the duke of 
Kent, as baroness Lucas, of Crudwell, and mardiioness de 
Grey, 6 June, 1740 ; i»., 22 May, 1740, Philip, 2d carl of 


EARLS. 707 

fiardwicke, and by him (who d. IG May, 1790,) had two 
das.; 1. AmabdLla, 6. 22 Jan., 1761, m., 10 July, 1772, Alex- 
inder Hume Campbdl, lord Polworth, and baron Hume, of 
Berwick, who d. in the lifetime of his father, Hu^, 3d earl 
of ilarchmont, 9 March, 1781, without issue ; she succeeded 
her mother as baroness Lucas, of CrudweU, 1707, and was, 
t«pc 1816, created countess de Grey; (Vide Cofinten de 
Gny, in ihe Peerage qf England;) 2. Mary. Jemima, 6. 9 
Feb., 1766, m., 17 Aug., 1780, Thomas, 2d lord Grantham, 
and has issue ; the marchioness de Grey d. 11 Jan., 1707, 
vhen the title of marchioness became extinct, beinff limited to 
the issue male ; but the barony of Lucas, of Crudwdl, devolved 
oo her da., Amabella^ countess de Grey. The earl of Bread- 
albaiie «., Sdly, 23 Jan., 1730, AraI)eUa, 3d, but 2d survi. 
Ting da. and heiress ci John Pershall, by Charlotte, da. of 
Thenas, lord Colepepper, and by her (who d, 1 Sep., 1762,) 
had issue; 1. George^ d, April 1744; 2. John^ lord Glen. 
OKfay, 6. 36 Sept., 1738, m,, 26 Sept., 17G1, Wilhehm'na, 2d 
and portlauDoas da. anid co-heir of William Maxwell, of 
hotoa, ft branch of the Nithesdale family, sister of Mar)% 
eoontess of Sutherland, and who d, 14 Nov., 1771, without 
lane. The earl d, 26 Jan., 1782, without surviving male 
ime, and with him the male descendants of the Ist earl 
l«eaiiie extinct ; but the titles being granted with remainder 
to heirs male general, devolved on his kinsman, 

JoHH, present and 4th carl, who is son of Colin Campbell, 
of Carwhin, esq., who d. 1772, and grandson of R()l>ert Camp- 
UU, of Boareland, who was third son (but only one who left 
iMue,) of Colin Campbell, of Mochaster, next brother of John, 
father of the 1st earl ; and was succeeded by his cousin, 

HeiT'ApparerU — John, Lord GLENoncnY, son of the 

Creations — Baronet of Nova Scotia, 30 May, 1625; earl 
(tf Breadalbane, vis^imt of Tay and Paintlaii<l, lord Glen- 
orchy, Benedoraloch, Ormerlie, and Weik, 18 Aug., 1681, 
with precedency from 28 June, 1677, to the 1st earl, and the 
heirs male of the lK>dy of the son by him designated to suc- 
ceed him, remainder to his issue male, remainder to his 
nearest legitimate heirs male whatsoever ; Scots honours ; 
Laron Br^dalbane, of Taymouth Castle, 13 Nov., 1806. 

Motto — Foliate me. 

Arms—See Plate 66. 


768 SCOTS p;e:erag£. 

BEEN, Viscount Formartine, Lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, 
and Kdliest; Viscount Goudon, of Aberdeen, county of 
Aberdeen, in the Peerage of England, and a Baronet of 
Nova Scotia, K.T., M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A., andF.H.S., Presi- 
dent of the Society of Antiquaries, London ; bom 28 Jan., 
1784 : succeeded his grandfather, George, the late Earl, 13 
Aug., 1801 ; created a Peer of the United Kingdom, by the 
title of Viscount Gordon, of Aberdeen, 1 June, 1814 : marriedy 
1st, 28 July, 1805, Catherine-Elizabeth Hamilton, eldest sur- 
viving daughter of John-James, 1st Marquess of Abercom, * 
K.G., and by her (who d, 29 Feb., 1812,) had issue ; 1. Jane, b, 
11 Feb., 1807, d, 21 July, 1824; 2. Carolirie-Catherine, b. 28 
March, 1808, d, 24 Julv, 1818 ; a. AlicCy b. 12 July, 1809 : 
the Earl m., 2dly, 8 July, 1815, Harriet, Viscountess Hamil- 
ton, relict of Viscount Hamilton, eldest son of the Marquess of 
Abercom, and da. of the Hon. John Douglas^ son of James, 
Idth Earl of Morton, and has issue George-Johk-James, 
Lord Haddo, b, 28 Sept., 1816 ; 2. Alexander, b, Dec 1817 ; 
Frances ; and 4. a son, b, March 1824. 

The origin of the illustrious house of Gordon will be found 
under the title of Duke of Gordon ; but it may be here ob- 
served, that the principal line terminated early in an heiress, 
who m. sir Alexander Seton, whose desicendants assumed the 
maternal name ; while the family represented by the earl of 
Aberdeen, has continued uninterruptedly in a male line of 
descent. A current tradition is, that his lordship derives his 
descent from the Bertrand de Goiirdon, who shot the fatal 
arrow at king Richard Coeur de Lion, and that the crest of 
the Aberdeen family, two arms, in the act of letting fly an 
arrow from a bow, and their motto, ^^fortuna seqtiatur," bear 
allusion to th% event. Crawfurd, on the other hand, in his 
lives of the officers of state, derives the earl from a sir William 
Gordon, a younger brother of the principal house living in the 
reign of king Edward I. of Enghmd. In consequence, how- 
ever, of the imperfect state of the Scotch records, and the 
destruction of the family papers during the civil wars, the 
exact descent of the Aberdeen family cannot be clearly ascer- 
tained higher than 

Patrick Gordon, of Methlic, slain at the battle of Ar- 
broath, 1445 : 'eighth in lineal descent from whom was 

Sir John, of Methlic and Haddo, created a banmet, 1642, 
but two years after beheaded at Edinburgh for his loyalty to 


EARLS. 709 

king Charles I., leaving issue, by Marv, da. of William Forbes, 
ti Tolquhoun, 2 sons ; sir John^ who d, 1605, leaving an 
only da. Jean, m. sir James Gordon, of Lesmoir, bart. ; 

Sir Oeob,oe Gobdov, who wa^, by Charles II., made one 
cf the judges of session, and president of the council, after, 
mds lord chancellor of Scotland, and 30 Nov., 1682, created 
cari of Aberdeen. He m. Anne, da. and heir to George Lock- 
Iksrt, of Porbreaks, and had, 1. George^ who d. unm, before 
his father ; 2. William, 2d earl ; 3. Anne^ was the second 
wife of Alexander Montgomery, 9th earl of Eglintoun ; 4. 
Martha^ m. John Udney, of that ilk; 5. Mary, m. Alexander 
Fnser, 12th lord Saltoun ; aud, 6. Margaret , d, unm. 

William, 2d earl, K.T., succeeded his father; «»., Ist, 

Mary Leslie, da. of David, earl of Leven and Melville, and 

had one da. Anne, m. to William, 4th earl of Dumfries ; by 

Ids 2d wife, Susan Murray, eldest da. of John, 1st duke of 

Athon, he had George, 3d earl ; and a da. Catherine, m., 

1st, Cosmo, 3d duke of Gordon; and, 2d]y, Staates-Long 

Morris, a general in the army, and d. 1 779. The earl m., 3dly, 

Anne; 3d da. of Alexander, 2d duke of Gordon, by whom he 

lisd William, a general in the army, d. unm,, 25 May, 1816 ; 

CoMRo, a colonel in the army ; Alexander, b, 1739 ; appointed 

a lord of session, 1 July, 1788, and assumed the title of lord 

Rockville ; to., 26 July, 1709, Anne, da. of William Duff, of 

Crcnnbie, advocate, relict of William, earl of Dumfries and 

Stair, and d. 13 March, 1792, leaving issue : 1. Charles ; 2. 

M'illiam, merchant in London, M.P. for Worcester, 1807; 3. 

Alexander, lieut.-col. 83d regiment of foot, severely wounded 

in the campaiprn in Holland, 1799, being then in the marquess 

of Huntley's regiment ; 4. Cosmo, late major 94th foot, d. 

March 18i3; 5. Anne, m., 17 June, 1795, John Cathcart, of 

Genoch, co. Wigtoim, and has issue; 6. Jane, m., 14 Jan., 

17SW, the hon. Hugh Lindsay, M.P. for Perth, 1821, 8th son 

"f James, 5th earl of Balcarras, and has issue ; 7* Catherine, 

«., 1 Oct., 1800, Robert Hepburn, of Clerkington, co. Edin- 

Inugh, and has issue; 8. Margaret, m., 12 July, 1802, B. A. 

Coutts Trotter, esq., partner in the house of T. Coutts and 

Co., liaukers in London, and has issue ; Charles, d. unm., 

13 Dec., 1771 ; Henrietta, m., 2 March, 1760, Robert 

Ciordon, of Halhead, co. Aberdeen, esq., who d, l^ A])ril, 


George, 3d earl, succeeded his father 174G, m. Catherine, 
da. of Oswald-Hanson, of Wakefield, co. York, esq., and by 
her (who died 15 March, 1817,) had issue ; 1. George, lord 

VOL. II. M lldddo. 


Haddo, 6. S8 Jan., 1764, and d. during the lifi^ii^e of hid 
father, 2 Oct., 1791, having m., 18 June, 1782, Charlotte, 
youngest da. of William Baird, of Newbyth, oo. Haddingtoii, 
esq., sister of gen. sir David Baird, hart., G. C. B. and K.C. ; 
and by her (who (L 8 Oct., 1796)) had issue ; 1. Gboage, 
4th earl ; 2. WiUiam, R.N ; 3. sir Alexander, K.C.B., lieut.- 
col. in the army, aide-de-camp to his unde, sir David Baird, 
hart., at the capture of the Cape of Good Hope, Buenos Ayres, 
Copenhagen, and in the Spanish expedition, 180iB,aide-de.«amp 
to the diDce of Wellington^ and was killed in the celebrated 
victory of Waterloo, 18 June, 1815 $ 4v Charles, in' the army ; 5« 
Alicia, to whom, 22 Jan., 1813, the prince r^;ent was pleased 
to grant the same precedence as if her father had survived his 
late father, George, earl of Aberdeen ; 6. Robert ; 7* John, 
R.N. ; 2. William^ of Ellon ; 3. Catherine^ d, unm,^ Sept. 
1784 ; 4. Arme^ m., 6 July, 1787* Edward Place, esq., of SkeL 
ton Grange, co. York, and d. 5 Feb., 1821 ; 5. Susan, d. unm»^ 
25 July, 1795 ; 6. Mary, m., 12 March, 1789, Thomas Hor« 
ton, of Howroyde-hall, co. York, esq., and has issue. The 
earl d, 13 Aug., 1801, aged 82, and was succeeded by his 

George Hahiltok, present and 4th earl, 1st viscount 

Heir'Apparent — ^Viscoitnt Formartixe, the earl's son. 

Creations — ^Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1638 ; earl of Aber« 
deen, viscount of Formartine, lord Haddo, Methlic, Tarves, 
and Kellie, by patent, 30 Nov., 1682 ; viscount Gordon^ in 
the Peerage of the United Eangdom, 1 June, 181 4. 

Motto-ZFor/una seqtuUur-^-liet fortune follow. 

Arms — See Plate 55. 

Fincastle, and Baron Murray, of Blair, Moulin, and Tille^ 
mott, bom 1762, succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, in 
Feb. 1809 : married, 4 Aug., 1803, his cousin-german, Susan 
Hamilton, 3d daughter of AjrchibaJd, 9th Duke of Hamilton 
and Brandon (by Henrietta Stewart, daughter of Alexander, 
7th Earl of Galloway, by Catherine, daughter of John, Earl 
of Dundonald,) and by her has issue ; 1. Alexander, Viim 
count Fincastle ; 2. Charles-Augustus. 

Lord Charles Murray (2d son of John, 1st marquess 
o£ Atholl^ and of Amelia Stanley, by whom the sovereignty of 


EARLS. 771 

the Iile of Man, and the barony of Strange, came into the 
AthoU famibr,) was created, 16 Aug., 1686, earl of Dunmore, 
Through hu father, he was eighth in descent from John 
Stewart, earl of AthoU, who was uterine brother to James II., 
king of Scotland, and son of queen Joanna, consort of king 
James L, and da. of John de Beaufort, earl of Somerset^ son 
of John of Gannt, duke of Lancaster, and grandson of king 
Edward III. By his mother he was 6th in descent, through 
the Stanleys, earls of Derby, and Cliffords, earls of Ciunberla^, 
from Mary, dutchess of Suffolk, and queen dowager of France, 
da. of kiii£^ Henry VIL ; and through her mother, Charlotte 
de la TremonaiHe, countess of Derby, he was nearly related to 
MTcnl of the crowned heads of Europe. The earl m. Catherine, 
da. of Robert Watts, of Hertford, esq., and had issue ; L 
Jmmu^ TiMXHint Fincastle, d, in his father^s lifetime, 24 July, 
ITOSy ffisM. ; 2. JoHV, 2d earl ; 3. William, 3d esirl ; three 
man tons, and three das. Tlie earl d, 1710, and was suc- 
ceeded hy his son, 

JoHV , 2d earl, one of the 16 representative peers for Scot- 
land in fire jiarliaments ; d. unm, 18 April, 1752, and was 
sooceeded by his brother, 

William, 3d earl, m. Catherine, da. of lord William 
Murray, his ande, who became lord Naime, by marrying 
Margaret, the heiress of that family, and had issue ; 1. Johk, 
4th earl ; 2. Charles ; 3. William^ capt. R.N., d, unm., 25 
Dec, 1786 ; 4. Catherine ^ m. John Drummond, esq. ; 5. Jane ; 
6. Elizabeth^ m, the rev. John Murray, unde to the duke of 
AthoU. His lordship being in the rebellion, 1745, was ar- 
raigned for the same at the court held at Southwark, and 
pleaded guilty, in 1746, but received his majesty's pardon. 
His lordship d, in Dec 1756, and was succeeded by his eldest 

Johk, 4th earl, w., 21 Feb., 1759, Charlotte Stewart, da. 
of Alexander, 7th earl of Galloway, (by Anne Keith, da. of 
William, 8th earl Marischal,) and by her (who d. l\ Nov., 
1818,) had issue ; 1. Oeoroe, present earl ; 2. William, d, 
young ; 3« Alexander^ lieut.-col. in the array, h. Oct. 1764, 
•I. in the Bahamas, 18 May, 1811, Deborah, da. of Richard 
Hunt, of the Island of Bermuda, esq., and has issue, Jack- 
Charles, 6. 17 Aug., 1813; Augustus-Charles, b, 16 Dec., 
1815 ; Virginius ; Augusta; and Virginia ; 4. John, R.N., d. 
July 1805; 6. Catherine^ m., 24 May, 17(0, the hon. Edward 
Boiiverie, brother to Jacob, earl of Radnor, and d. 7 July, 
lyjQ ; 6. Augusta^ (authorised by his majesty, 15 Oct., 1806, 
ciut of respect to her descent from the family of De Amdaud> 

x^ to 


to take and use the suniaine of De AmeUmd^ instead of her 

• paternal surname of Murray,) m., 1st., at Rome, 4 April, 
^ 1793, and 2dly, 5 Dec, 1793, at St. George's, Hanover- 

• square, London, his royal highness prince Augustus-Fre- 
derick, duke of Sussex, 6th son of king George III., by whom 
she has issue, Augustus Frederick, b. 13 Jan., 1794 : to dissolve 
this 2d marriage, a suit was instituted in the prerogative 
court, and the marriage was accordingly declared nuU and 
void in Aug. 1794 ; 7* Susan^ m., 1st, 7 ^"oly-, 1738, Joseph 
Thorpe, esq. ; 2dly, John Drew, esq. ; and 3dly, 23 Aug., 

' 1809, the rev. Aroiibald-Edward Douglas, rector of CamalU 
- way and Outreagh, in Ireland ; 8. Levison-Granvitte Keilh^ 
< civil servant in the service of the East India Company at 

• Madras, b, 16 Dec., 1770, w»., 1st, Wemyss Dalrymple, da. of 
' sir John Dalrymple, hart., and by her (who d, 14 Dec., 1804,) 
'had issue one son and one da., both deceased f and, ^dly, 16 

Jan., I8O7, the relict of Mr. Thursley, of the Madras dvil 
service, and has issue two das. and two sons ; viz. Wemyss- 

• Jane, b. 14th Oct., 1807 ; Augusta, b. 24 June, 1808 ; John- 
Henry, b. 26 July, 1810 ; and Alexander, d. at Paris, 25 
Feb., 1823 ; 9. Ftr^ma, 6. in that colony, and named after 

' it at the request of the council and assembly of Virginia, of 
which his lordship was then governor. The earl d. in March 
1809, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Geouge, present and 6th earl. - 

Heir-Apparent — Alexander, Viscount Fincastle, 
son of the present earl. 

Creations — Earl of Dunmore, viscount Fincastle, and 
baron Murray, of Blair, Moulin, and Tillemott, 16 Aug., 

Motto — Furth Fortune, 

Amis — See Plate 56. 

MARY O'BRYEN, Countess of ORKNEY, Viscountess 

Kirkwall, and Baroness Deghmont : bom 4 Sept., 17^5: 

succeeded her mother, Mary, the late Countess, 10 May, 

1790 : marriedy 21 Dec, 1777? the Honourable Thomas Fitz- 

■ maurice, of Llewenny Hall, co. Denbigh, 2d son of John, 

Earl of Shelbume, and only brother of William, 1st Marquess 

of Lansdowne, K.G., (who died 28 Oct., 1793,) and has issue, 

John^ Viscount Kirkwall, F.R., and S.A., b, 2 Oct., 1778, d. 

.23 Nov., 1820, having tn., 18 Aug., 1802, Anna-Maria Bla- 

. quiere, eldest da. of John, 1st Lord de Blaquiere, K.B., and 

Jeaving issue, Thomas-Joun-Hamilton Fitzmaurice, 


EARLS. 773 

Viseaani Kirkwatt; b. 8 Aug., 1803, and William EJwardy 
L 22 March, 1806. 

GsomGE Hahii^tok, Isl earl of Orkney, was 5th son of 
WiOiaiii, doke of Hamilum, 6. 1666, and created earl of (Mk- 
wf, yisoount KirkwaU^ and baron Dephmani^ 3 Jan., 1096; 
be was bred to arms, and distinguished himself by his bravery 
sad gaDant conduct at the battles of the Boyne, Aghrim, 
Steinkirk, Iianden, Oudenarde, Ramillies, Hochstet, &c., 
md in the sieges of Athlone, Limerick, and Namur r at the 
attack of the latter place he was appointed a brigadier by king 
William, I Mardi, 1689 ; 1702, he was made a major and 
heut.-geii.; 1710, sworn of the priFy-ooundl, and appointed 
feneral of foot in Flanders, where he served in 1712, under 
the duke of Ormond ; in 1714, appointed gentleman of the 
bedchamber to George I., and governor of Virginia ; and, in 
the oommenoement of the reign of George II., promoted to 
the rank of field-marshal, and governor of Edinburgh Castle. 
The earl wk, 169$, Elisabeth, eldest da. of sir Edward VilUers, 
knt., governor of TvnemouUi Castle, and knight-marshal of 
the king^s househcdo, niece of Geoi^ Villiers, 3d viscount 
Ormdison, and sister of Edward, 1st earl of Jersey ; and by 
her (who founded the English school at JVfiddletou, oo. Cork, 
and (L \9 Aprily 1733,) had issue three dae. ; viz. 1. Anne, 
countess of Orkney; 2*. Frances^ m. Thomas IiumU*y.!Saun- 
denon, 3d earl of Scarborough, K.B., and d, 27 Dec., 1 772 ; 
3. Harriet, «i., 9 May, 1728, John Boyle, 6th earl of Cork 
and Ossory, and J. 12 Aug., I7t{2. Tlie earl d, without issue 
mnlc, 29 Jan., 1737i and was succeeded, according to the 
limitation of the patent, by his eldest da., 

Lady Anne Hamilton, countess of Orkney in her own 
ri^rht, m., 2« March, 1720, William O'Bryeu, 4th earl of In- 
rhiquin, K.B., and a lord of tho bedchaml>er to Frederick, 
prince of Wales, and by him (who wi., 2dly, 12 Oct., 1701, the 
hon. Mary Moore, 2d da. of Stephen, viscount Mountcashel, 
and d. 18 July, 1777i) had, I. William, lord O'Brven, h. in 
1725, and rf. 4 April, 1727 ; 2. George, lord O'Bryen, d, 26 
April, 1728; 3. Augustus, d, an infant; 4. Murrough, vis- 
count Kirkwall, to whom the earl of Thomond bequeathed his 
estates, d. 20 Sept., 1741 ; 6. Mahy, who succeeded to tho 
title ; 6. Anne, d. 18 May, 1808, aged 87 ; 7* Frances, d, 21 
Au2., 1740 ; 8. Elizabeth, d. 5 Dec., 1741. The countess d. 
without issue male, 5 Dec, 1756, and was succeeded by her 
eldest da., 

Lady^MAAY O^Bryjsk, counteis of Orkney in her own 

M 3 right.) 


, right, m., in March 1753, her first cousin, Murrough 0*Bryeiit 
dth earl of Inchiquin, 1st marquess of Thmnond, and Ist 
baron Thomond, of Taplow in England, K.P. ; and by him 
' (who wi., 2dly, 25 July, 1792, Mary, da. of Jolui Palmer, of 
• Torrington, co. Devon, esq., by the da. of the rev. Mr. Rey- 
. nolds, sister to sir Joshua Reynolds, knt., and d, 10. Feb., 
1808,) had an only surviving da., Mart, the present countess. 
, The countess d, 10 May, 1700, and was succeeded by her 
only child, 
Mart, present countess of Orkney in her own right. 
Heir-Apparent — Thomas-John Hamilton, Viscount 
Kirkwall, grandson of the countess. 

Creations — ^Earl of Orkney, viscount Kirkwall, and baron 
Deghmont, 3 Jan., 1696. 
Arms^-^See Plate 61. 

SEAFIELD, Viscount of Reidhaven, Lord Ogilvie. of Desk, 
ford and Cullen ; succeeded his cousin, James, 7tn -Earl of 
Findlater, and 4th Earl of Seafield, 6 Oct., 1811, 

Sir Walter Ogilvie, of Deskford and Findlater, de- 
scended from a younger branch of the house of Ogilvie of 
Ayrly, was created lord Ogilvie^ of Deskford, 4 Oct., 1616; 
his son and heir, James, 2d lord, was further advanced to the 
title of earl of Findlater, 20 Feb., 1638, to him and the heirs 
male of his body ; but, having no male issue, obtained a new 
patent, 18 Oct., 1641, settling the titles, after his death, upon 
Sir Patrick Ogilvie, ofInchmartin,whohad married his eldest 
da. Elizabeth, and the heirs male of his body. Sir Patrick 
became 2d earl, and d, 1658, leaving an only son, James, 3d 
earl, who d, 1711) and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, 4th earl, K.T., who, during his father's lifetime, 
was created, 28 June, 1698, viscount Seafield, and 24 June, 
1701, earl of Seafield, viscount of Reidhaven, with remainder 
on failure of issue male of his body, to his other heirs of en- 
tail. He was a lawyer of high celebrity, and successively 
appointed solidtor-gen. and secretary of state for Scotland, 
lord chief baron of the exchequer, and high commissioner to 
the general assembly of the diurch, m* Anne, da. of sir Wil- 
.liam Dunbar, of Dum, and dying 1730, was succeeded by his 
son and heir, 

James, 5th carl of Findlater, and 2d earl of Seafield, one 
iof thc^ 16 representative peers for Scotland, 1734, 1741, 1747^ 


EARLS. . 775 

thd 17^9 <uid vice-admiral of Scotland, m. Elizabeth, da. of 
Thomas Hay, 6th earl of Kinnoul, and had issue ; 1. Jaues, 
.€thearl; 2. Margaret, in. sir Lodowick Grant, of Grant, 
bart., M.P., and d. 20 Feb., 1757, having had issue by him 
(who d, 18 March, 17730 a son and heir, sir James Grant, 
bart., m., 4 Jan., 1763, Jean, only child of Alexander Duff, 
«f HattoKL, mnd niece of the earl ot Fife, and had issue by her, 
• L Lewis-Alexaitder, present earl of Seafield ; 2. Francis. 
WiHiam, m., 1811, Mary^Anne, only da. of John Charles 
. Dane, esq., of Higham-House, and has issue ; 3. Anne-Afar- 
gaiet ; 4. Margaret, m. 10 June, 1706, Francis Stewart King, 
esq., of Liesmundy, co. Elgin; 5. Penuel. To the above- 
named three ladies, and their brother, his majesty was gra- 
dously pleased, -31 July, 1822, to grant the precedency of son 
and daa. of an earL 3. Anne, m, John, 2d earl of Hopetoun. 
The earl d, 9 July, 1764, and was succeeded by his only son, 

James, 6th earl, who d, 3 Nov., 1770, leaving an only 

Jamss, 7th earl, on whose death without issue, 5 Oct., 
1811, the earldom of Findlater, which was limited to the 
heirs male of the body of the 1st earl, became extinct ; but 
the earldom of Seafield, and the other titles created by the 
patent of 1701, devolved on his cousin, 

Lewis-Alexander Grant, present and 5th earl of 

Heir'Presumpiive — The Honourable Francis-William 
Graxt, the earl's brother. 

Creatian — ^24 June, 1701. 

Motto — Tout jour — Always. 

^rm«— See Plate 54. 

Viscount, and Baron of STAIR, Visconnt Dalrymple, 
Baron Dalrymple, of Newliston, Glenluce, 8tranrawer, and 
a Baronet ; bom 16 Nov., 1784 ; succeeded his cousin, John, 
the late Earl, 1 June, 1821. 

The name of Dalrymple (which is local, and assumed from 
the barony of Dalrymple, co. Ayr) occurs in Scotch records as 
early as the 14th century. William de Dalrymple^ ancestor 
of the earl, had a papal dispensation, in 1450, to marry his 
kinitwoman, Agnes Kennedy, with whom he acquired the 
lands of Stair-BIontgomery, co. Ayr. Eighth in descent from 
iiim was, 

James Dalrymple, of Stair, b. 1619; a lord of session, 


both during the usurpatfcm and after the restoratidii of king 
Charles II; ; president of the court of «ession, 1671 ; created, 
21 April, 1690, viscount of Stair^ and lord (Slenluce and 
Stranrawer, He d. 2d Nov., 1695, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

John, 2d viscount ; created 8 April, 1703, earl of Stair, 
viscount DtLlnfmpie, lord Newliston, Glenhice, and Stranrawer; 
m. Elizabeth, da. and heiress of sir John Diindas of Newlis- 
ton, CO. Linlithgow, and had issue 3 sons ; L John, 2d eatl ; 
2. WiUiam^ m, Penelope, countess of Dumfries, in her own 
right, and had issue, Williah, who succeeded to the title 
of earl of Dumfries, and became also 4th earl of Stair ; and 
James, 3d earl of Stair; 3. George^ m. Eupheme, da. of afar 
Andrew Myrton, of Oogar, and had issue, JoHir, 6th earl, 
and Willimn, a general in the army, «»•, 13 Sept., 1733, 
Marianne Dorothy, 2d da. of sir Robert Harland, of Sprough- 
ton-Hall, CO. Suffolk, bart., and d. 1807) leaving issue by her 
(whoc/. 28 Oct., 1785,) an only son, John-William-Hskat, 
present eaiL The earl d. VJQfJy and was suooDeded by his 
ddest son, 

JoHK, 2d eari, K.T., field-marshal, and sometime eom- 
mander^n-chief of the army ; he, in 1707f surrendered his 
titles to the crown, and obtained a new charter to the heirs 
male of his body, or, failing such, to the person or persons 
descended of the Ist viscount, as he should appoint, and, 
failing such nomination, to the 2d son of his next brother 
William, with other remainders. The earl m, Eleanor, 4th 
da. of James Campbell, earl of Loudoun, and widow of James, 
viscount Primrose, and having no issue by his lady, (who d, 
Dec. 1750,) he, in 1747) executed a deed, nominating John, 
son of his 2d brother Gteoi^, to succeed to his titles and 
estates. He d, 9 Mav, 1747) when the succession was con- 
tested by his two nephews ; John (claiming under the earl's 
nomination in 17470 and James, 2d son of the earPs next 
brother, William. Both the claimants voted, as earl of Stair, 
at the election of representative peers in 1747) but the house 
oi lords decided 4 May, 1748, in favour of James, and against 
the legality of the settlement made by the 2d earl, in 1747* 
' James, 3d earl, thus succeeding to the title, d, without 
issue, 1760, and was succeeded by his eldar broliier, 

William, earl of Dumfries, and 4th earl of Stair, who 
also dying without surviving issue, 1768, the titles at length 
devolved upon his cousin, 

John, 5th earl, the same who had been nominated heir 
to them by his unde, the 2d earl ; tn, the da. of George Mid- 


EARIig. 777 

tSleton, esq., banker, in London, and dying 13 Oct., 1701), wan 
lucoeeded by bis only son, 

' JoHK, 6ib earl ; one of the representative peers for Soot- 
land in several parliaments ; d, \ June, 1821, without issue, 
ind was succeeded by his cousin, 

Johk-Wh.liam-Henrt, present and 7th earl. 

Heir^ Presumptive — To the viscounty of Stair only, Sir Jo iik 
DAL&TMPI.E, of Oxenford, bart., descended from James 
Dafaymple, next brother of the Ist earl. , 

Creations — Baronet of Nova Scotia, 16C4 ; baron Glenluce 
and Stranrawer, viscount Stair, 20 April, 1G90 ; Jord New. 
iisum, visooont Dalrymple, and earl of Stair, 8 April, 1703. 

Motto— ^trm. 

Plate 56. 

BERRY, Viscount Roseberry and Inverkeithing, Lord Dal- 
meny. Primrose, and Castlefield, and a Baronet; D.C.L., 
one of the 16 Peers for Scotland in the present parliament ; 
6en» 14 Oct., 1783 ; succeeded his father, Neil, the late Earl, 
25 March, 1814; married^ Ist, 20 May, 1808, Henrietta, 2d 
da. of the bom. Bartholomew Bouverie, 3d son of William, 1st 
Eari of Radnor, (which marriage was dissolved by act of par. 
liament in 1815,) and has issue, 1. Archibald, Lord Dal- 
meny, b. 2 Oct., 1809 ; 2. Harriet, 6. 13 Oct., 1810 ; 3. a da. 
b. April 1812 ; and, 4. another son. The Earl m., 2dly, 12 
Aug., 1819, the hon. Anne-Margaret Anson, eldest sister of 
the present Viscount Anson, and has issue a da., b. 22 Aug., 
1820 ; and another da.,b.4. May, 1822. 

The surname of Primrose is local, and derived from the 
lands of Primrose, in Fife. Duncan Primrose, the immedi- 
ate ancestor of the earl of Roseberry, however, was seated at 
Colniss, CO. Perth, in the reign of queen Mary. He was 
fH'andfather of James Primrose, who was bred to the law, and 
fiUc»d the office of derk to the privy -council, from 1602 till his 
death, in 1641. He m. Sybilla Miller, and had issue, 19 
children, of whom his second, hut eldest surviving son. 

Sir ARcniBALD, succeeded his father in the office of derk 
*if the privy-council ; was created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 
1 Aug., IfJol ; in 1660, appointed lord register of Scotland ; 
and 1661, a h)rd of session, by tlie style of lord Carrington. 
IIv was twice m. ; 1st, to Elizabeth, eldest da. and coh. of 
sir James Keith, of Benholm^ 2d son oi George, 5th. earl 



Marischal, by whom he had issue (besides other children) ft 
son, sir William^ who m. Mary, 3d. da. of Patrick Soott, of 
Thirlestane, and d. 16&J^ leaving issue, a son, James^ who, in 
1703, was created vistount Primrose, lord Primrose, and Cas- 
tlefield, to him and the heirs male of his body, which fSuling 
to the heirs male of the body (as expressed in one clause of the 
patent, or, as set forth in another dause, to the heirs male) 
of sir William, his father. The viscount left two aons, Archi- 
bald and Hugh, successively viscounts Primrose, on the death 
of the latter of whom, wiUiout issue, in 1741, the baronetcy 
of Nova Scotia devolved on James, 2d earl of Roseberry, as 
heir malrof the body of sir Archibald, 1st baronet ; Imt it 
seems doubtful whether the title of viscount Primrose, vested 
also in the earl of Roseberry, or became extinct. Sir Archi. 
bald m., 2dly, Agnes, da. of sir William Gray, of Pittendmm, 
and <L 27 Nov., 1670, leaving issue by his 2d wife, 

Akchibald, 1st earl of RMeberry, b. 18 Dec, 1664, Cook 
a conspicuous part in the affairs of Scotland at the period ei 
the union : he was created, 1 April, 1700, viscount Bosebeny^ 
lord Primrose and Ddlmeny^ to him and his issue male, and 
was farther advanced, 10 ApriL 1703, to the digoitieB ^f earl 
of Roseberry^ viscount Inverxeithing, lord JDalmeny and 
Primrose, remainder to his issue male, whom failing, to his 1 
issue female ; nt., Feb. 1690, Dorothea, only child and heiress 1 
of EveringhamCressy, of Birkin, co. York, esq., representa- 
tive of the ancient families of Cressy, Everin^am, Bistan, 
Cause, and Normanville ; and by her had issue ; (besides 5 | 
sons and 3 das., who d, young,) 1. James, 2d earl ; 2. Mary^ 
m., 19 Nov., 1724, sir Ardiibald Primrose, of Dunipaoe, 
bart., and d. 17 Dec., 1746 ; 3. Margaret.^ m., 15 Mardi, 
1738, Alexander, 9th earl of Caithness ; 4. Dorothea^ d. umn., 
29 Oct., 1768. The earl d, 20 Oct., 1723, and wajs succeeded 
by his son, 

James, 2d earl, b. 1690, m. Mary, eldest da. of the hon. 
John Campbell, of Mamore, sister of John, 4th duke of Ar- 
gyll, and by her (who d. 8 May, 17^6,) had issue ; 1. ArchU 
haldy d. young; 2. John^ d, unm., 11 Aug., 17^5; 3. James^ 
d. young; 4. Neil, 3d earl; 5. Mary^ d, unm. ; and, 6, Doro^ 
ihea^ m., 22 Nov., 1766, sir Adam Inglis, of Crammond, oow 
Edinburgh, bart., and d. 3 Dec, 1783. The earl d, 26 Nov., 
1755, and was succeeded by his son, 

Neil, 3d earl, K.T., m., Ist, 19 May, 1764, Susan, youngest 
da. of sir Edward Wai'd, of Bixeley, co. Norfolk, bart., and by 
her (who d, 20 Aug., 17710 had no issue ; and, 2dly, 17 ^^uly, 
J77^f Maryy sole da. of sir Francis Vincent, bairt., by MaiTs 

£ARL0. 77fi 

h. of lieut— gen. Thomas Howard, nq^hcw of Francis, lord 
Hotrand, of Effingbam, Rlster to sir Oeorge Howard, K.B., 
■nd by her (who d. 9 Mardi, 1823,) had issue ; 1. Charlotte^ b* 
87 Aug., 177^9 ^"^^ ^ ^^Jy 1800, Kenneth-Alexander, lord 
Hoirard, of Effingham, K.C.B. and K.T.S. ; 2. Mary, b, 31 
1^9 I7779 *>^<i il April, 1808, Henry-John 8he])herd, of 
Uncoln*8-inxi, esq., son of the rij^ht hon. sir Samuel Shepherd, 
IciiL, lord (^ief baron <Mf the exchequer in Scotland, and has 
fane; 3. Doroihea-Arabelkt, 6. 31 Jan., 1779, m., 1 Sept., 
1801, William Hervey, of Bodvel, co. Caernarvon, esq. ; 
4. AmCHiBALD-JoHK, present earl ; 6. Francis Ward, bar- 
rister at law, of lancoLaVinn, b, 13 Feb., 1785 ; and, 0. Hes- 
Ur^nelia, d. 10 April, 1787. The eari cT. 25 March, 1814, 
md was suooeeded by his eldest son, 

AmcHiBAi.D-JoHir, present and 4th earl. 

^etr'^pparenU-ARcniBALH^hoiiB Dalmeky, the earrs 
ddeit Mm- 

C^Mili0fs«^-Baranet of Nova Scotia, 1 Aug., 1651 ; viscount 
ofRoseberry, lord Primrose, and Dalmeney, 1 April, I70O, 
ml of Roseberry, viscount Inverkeithing, lord Dahneny, and 
hmame, 10 April, 1703. 

MfAto^—JFide ei/iducia-^y faith and courage. 

GEORGE BOYLE, Eael of GLASGOW, Viscount Kel- 
bome, and Lord Boyle, of Kelbume, Stcwartoun, Cumbraes, 
Fenvjdc, Lazges, and Dairy ; Baron Ross, of Hawkstead, co. 
Renfrew, in tne Peerage of the United Kingdom, F.R.S. and 
F.S.A., Lord-Lieut., co. Ayr : succeeded his father, David, 
the late Earl, 12 March, 1775 ; created a Peer of the United 
Kingdom by the title of Baron Ross of Hawkstead, co. Ren^ 
frew, 1 1 Aug., 1816 ; 60m 26 March, 1766 ; married^ 4 March, 
1788, Augasta Hay, da. of James, 14th Earl of Errol, and by her 
(▼ho, in 1806, succeeded to her grandfather, sir William Carr's, 
estate, of Btal, co. Northumberland, and who d. 23 July, 
1822) has issue ; I. John, viscount Kelburne, b, Aiig. 1789, 
R.N., served on board the Gibraltcir, in the Mediterranean : 
that ship having taken a French vessel of war. Lord Boyle 
was directed to carry the prize to Gibraltar, and was steering 
for that port, July 1807, when he fell in with a French flotilla, 
«4^nst which he maintained a very gallant action, previous 
to his being overpowered and made prisoner, after losing 
scleral of his men ; rf. 6 March, 1818 ; 2. Isabella, b, 7 J"ly^» 
1790 ; 3. Jaues, Fiicount Kelbume, lieut. R.N., 6. 10 April, 


1792 ; m. 4 Aug., 1821, miss Hay Mackenzie, da. of the lat^ 
Edward Hay Mackenzie, of Newall and Cromarty, esq. ; 
4. Isctbella; 5. Augttata^ m., 19 May, 1821, Major Frederic 
Fitzclarenoe, 11th foot, brother of the Countess of Errol ; and, . 
6. William^ d. 7 Sept., 1819. The Earl m., 2dly, 13 Not., 
1824, Julia, da. of the right hon. sir John Sinclair, hart. 

In the reign of Alexander III., sir Richard Boyle^ of Kel- 
bume, marrying Margery, da. of sir Walter Cimmiing, had 
Robert^ his heir, who, 1296, was one of the barons of North 
Britain who swore allegiance to Edward I. of England ; and 
from him descended Hugo de Soyle^ who, 1399, gave his 
lands to the monks of Paisley, for the welfare of his souL 
From him descended John Boyle^ of Kelburne, who was killed 
at the battle of Bannockbum, with king James III., 1448 ; 
from him descended 

David Boyle, of Kelburne, 1st earl, who was, 31 Jan., 
1G99, created lord Boyle, of Kelburne, Stewartoun, Cumbraes, 
Larges, and Dairy; and, 12 April, 1703, earl of GlasgoWj 
viscount Kelburne, lord Boyle, of Stewartoun, Cumbraes, 
Fen wick, Larges, and Dairy ; m., 1st, Mai^aret, eldest da. 
of Patrick Crawford, of Kilburny, esq., sister of the Ist 
viscount Garnock, and had issue ; 1. John, 2d earl ; 2. Pa- 
tricky a lord of session, Dec. 1746, d, unm,, 31 March, I76I ; 
3. Charles, d, unm. ; 4. William, d, 1740. The earlwi., 2dly, 
Jane, da. and heiress of William Mure, of Rowallan, co. Ayr, 
esq., and by her (who d, 3 Sept., 1724,) had 2 das. ; viz. 1. Jane^ 
heiress of Kowallan, m. to sir James Campbell, K.B., killed 
at the battle of Fontenoy, 1746, and was mother of John, 
5th earl of Loudoun, and grandmother of Flora-Muir Raw- 
don, present countess of Loudoun and marchioness of Hast- 
ings ; and, 2. Anne, d. unm. The earl d, 1 Nov., 1733, and ^ 
was succeeded by his son, 

John, 2d earl, m. Helen, da. of William Morrison, of 
Preston Grange, co. Haddington, esq., sister of Catharine, 
lady Strathnaver, and Jane, viscountess Arbuthnot ; and by 
her (who d. 7 July, 1770,) had issue, 1. William, d, young; 
2. John, 3d earl ; 3. Patrick, m., 1st, Agnes, da. of William 
Mure, of Caldwell, esq., and by her (who d, 1758) had no 
issue; and, 2dly, Elizabeth, da. of Alexander Dunlop, pro-, 
fessor of Greek in the university of Glasgow, and by her had, 
1. William, in the army, d. March 1783 ; 2. John of Stew- 
artoun ; 3. Alexander, R.N., d. 30 April, 1786 ; 4. David, 
appointed a lord of session, 23 Feb., 1811 ; m., 24 Dec., 1804, 
Eli/abetl], eldest da. of Alexander Montgomery, of Annick, 


EARLS. 781 

«q., brother of Hugh, earl of Eprlintmin; and Iiam iMiie, 
Patridc, b, 29 Mardi, 1806; Elizabeth, b. 8 June, Xmi \ 
Hden, 6. 24 Oct., 1808; and Alexander, b. Mareli, 1»10; 
& Helen, m., 34liiiie, 179^9 Thomas Mure, of WarriHton, oo. 
Edmburgh, esq., son of eoL George Mure, brother of William 
JIure, of Caldwell ; and d. 7 Aug., 1805 ; G. Elizabeth m., 
10 No\'., 1800, John^mollet Bonet, ol Bonhill and Audiin- 
donan, esq., and has issue ; 7* Margaret ; and, 8. Agnes ; 
both dL young. The earl had also G das., wlio all d, u/mii., 
except ilelen^ the youngest, who m. sir James Douglas, of 
Springwood Pax^ oo. JBUtxlmrgh, liart, and (/. 17 Oct., 1704. 
The earl dL 17^0, and was succeeded 1)y his son, 

John, 3d earl, lord high commissioner to the general £s- 
aemhlv of the kirk of Scotland, 17G4 to 1772, m., 11 July, 
1755,'Eli^beth, 2d da. of Geoi^fe, 12th lord Ross, at length 
sole heiress (if her brother WiUiam, 13th lord Ross; and by 
her (who d, 10 Oct., 1791 9) had issue ; 1. John^ lord Boyle, tf. 
young ; 2. George, 4th earl ; 3. Elizabethy m., Oct. 1 780, sir 
George I>ongla8, of Springwood Park, hart., wlio d, 15 Feb., 
1801 ; 4. Jane, d, 30 Apri^ 1823. The earl (i. 7 March, 1778, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

George, present and 4th earL 

Heir-Appareni — James, Viscount Kelburne, the 
earPn son. 

Creations — Lord Boyle, of Kelbume, Stewartonn, Ciun. 
braes, I^arges, and Dairy, to his issue male, remainder to his 
nearest lieirn male wliatBoever, 31 Jan., HUM); earlofOlas- 
i^.-iw, ^-iscoiint Kelbume, lord Boyle of Siewartonn, (hinibracs, 
Fenwick, Larges, and Dairy, by patent, 12 April, 17(^3, 
liuron R0H8, of Hawkstead, co. Renfrew, in tlie peerage of 
t!ie L'nited Kingdom, 18 July, 1815. 

yioXXo^-Dominus providebU — The Lord will provide. 

Arms — See Plate 5G. 

^lOUPI, Viscount Milsington, Lord Portmore, Blackness, 
^nd Colycar, and a Baronet of England : smx^eeded liis father, 
Charles, the late Earl, 16 Nov., 1823; m., 20 May, 171)3, 
Mary.Elizabeth Bertie, «)nly child of Brownlow, iith Duke of 
.VncMster, and by her (who d, 10 Feb., \^0^^) had issue, 
Brotrnloir-Charies, b. 4 Aug., 17iW>, who, on tlie death 
i»f his grandfather, Brownlow, Duke of Aiicaster, 8 Feb., 
1800, suiuveiliMi to his vast personal jiroperty ; </. at Rome, 


9 Feb., 1819, in consequence of wounds received from a ban- 

Sir Alexander Robertson, of the 0imilf of Strowan, co* 
j^erth, was created a baronet of England, 20 Feb., 1677? and 
settled in fiolland, where he acquired a considerable fortune, 
and assutned the name of Cotyear, He had 2 stms ; sir David, 
Ist earl, and Waiier -Philip^ field-marshal in the army, go- 
vernor of Namur, 1718, and d, at Maestridit, Nov. 1747? aged 
90, leaving a da., Elizabeth, maid of honour to queen Anne, 
and lady of the bedchamber to queen Caroline, m., Jan. 1709, 
Lionel, 1st duke of Dorset, by whom iihe was mother of 
Charles, 2d duke of Dorset, and d.\2 June, 1768. 

David Colyear, K.T., the eldest son, went a volunteer 
from England to the army of WiBiam, prince of' Orange, 
1674; hfd the command of the Scots regiment in the service 
«tf the States of Holland ; came over with king William, at 
the revolution, and served with distinguished gallantry in 
Ireland, 1689 and 1690, and subsequently in Fluiders : was 
created a peer of Scotland, by the title of lord Porimore 
and Blackness, 1 June, 1699. His lordship had the rank €f£ 

feneral, and the command of the 2dregiment of foot, 27 Feb., 
703 ; commanded in Flanders, under the duke of Ormond, 
1712 : governor of Gibraltar, Aug. 1713. His lordship was 
further advanced to the dignities of earlof Portmore, viscount 
lililsington, and lord Colyear, 13 April, 1703 ; m. Catharine, 
tiountess of Ddfdiester, only child of Sir Charles Sedley, of 
Southfleet, co. Kent, hart., by Catharine Savage, da. of John, 
eail Rivers : she was created coantess of Dorchester, and ba- 
roness of Darlington, for life, 20 Jan., 1685 ; had by king 
James II., a son, who cU young ; and lady Catharine Darnley, 
6. 1683, m., 1st, March 1699, James, earl of Anglesea ; 2diy^ 
1 Mardi, 1705, John Sheffield, duke of Buckingham and 
Normanby. The countess of Dorchester and Portmore had 
a pension of 5,000/. per annum, on the Irish establishment, 
•and d. at Bath, 26 Oct., 1717? leaving, by the earl of Port- 
more, I. Davidy viscount Milsington, m., 1724, Bridget, da. 
of the hon. John Noel, of Walcot. co. Northampton, 3d son 
•of Baptist, viscount Campden ; all their children d, in infancy, 
and the viscount d, before his father, 10 March, 1729 ; 
2. Charles, 2d eaii. The eari d, 2 Jan., 1730, and was 
succeeded by his only surviving son, 

Charles, 2d earl, K. T., b. 27 Aug., I70O, w., 7 Oct., 
1732, Juliana, -da. cif Roger Hale, of Halewell, co. Devon, 
«sg.^ relia of Peregrinei 'Si duktt gf Iieeds ; and by her (who 


£ARL8. 7fl3 

d, 20 Scfv,^ 1794,) hmd issue ; 1. David, vitocmnt Mikington, 
f/. unm., IG Jan., 1756; 2. Williax-Charleb, 3d earl; X 
Caroline, b. Dec 1733, m., 27 Oct., 1751, sir Nathaniel Cur- 
am, of Kedlestone, co. Derby, bart., created baron Hoiradale in 
the peerage of £ngland, I7CI, and d, 2 Feb., 1812, leaving 
isnie ; 4. Juliana, h. 1735, m., 23 Nov., 1759, James Dawkins, 
of StiUidlinch, 00. Wilts, esq., who d, June 1814. The earl 
dL 5 July, 1785, and was succeeded by his only son, 

William-Cha&les, 3d earl, m. 5 Nov., 1770, Mary, 
2d da. of John Leslie, 9th earl of Rothes, and by her (who 
4. 21 March, 1799,) had issue ; 1. Thomas-€uarlb8, 4th 
eail ; %, William, Heat-coL in the army ; 3. Francis, d, 25 
^7) 1787 ; 4. JohtuDavid, lieut. 64th foot, d, 19 March, 
1801 ; 5. Marp, h. 1773; 6. Julia, b. 1774, both d II Aug., 
1800; 7- Caiberine^CaroUne, b. 5 Nov., I779, in., 9 Oct., 
1810, Joseph Brecknell, esq. The earl d. 15 Nov., 1823, and 
was foooeeded by his eldest son, 

THOMAa-CHASLEs, present and 4th earL 

Heir^PresumpUve'^The Hon. William Coltear, the 
carl*s brother* 

Creaiiaiu^Baroae^ of England, 20 Feb., 1677 * l<>rd Port- 
moie and Blad^ness, 1 June, 1699 ; earl of Portmore, viscount 
Mihingtoa, and lord Colyear, 13 April, 1703. 

Motto^—^vaiM;^^— Advance. 

^rou— £ee Plate 56. 

count Mountstuart and Kingarf, Lord Cumra, and Inch- 
mamock. Earl of Dumfries, Viscount Ayr, Baron Crichton, 
and Baron Cumnock, Marquess of Bute, Earl of AViudsor, 
Viscount Mountjoy, Baron Stuart and Cardiff, in the Peerage 
(if the United Kingdom, and a Baronet. 

Creatim — 14 April, 1703. 
(See Marquess of Bute, in the Peerage of Englaiid.) 

JOHN HOPE, Earl of IIOPETOUN, Viscount Aithrie, 
Lord Hope, Baron Hopetoim, of Hopetoun, and Bahok 
NiDDBY, CO. Linlithgow; b. 15 Nov., 1803; succeeded his 
father, John, late Earl, 27 Aug., 1823. 

The surname of Hope is of great antiquity in Scotland. 
John de Hope swore fealty to king Edward I. when he over- 

s 2 ran 


• ran Scotland, 1296. Another John de Hope had a protection 
•from king Henry IV. of England, 1405. John de Hope^ the 
- immediate ancestor of this family, is said to have come from 

France, in the reign of Magdalen, queen of Jame» V.^ 1537 ; 
settling in Scotland, he m, Elizabeth Gumming^ by whom he 
had Edwaed, who was one of the most considerable inha- 
bitants of Edinburgh in the reign of queen Mary ; and being 
a great promoter of the reformation, was chosen one of the 
< commissioners for that metropolis to that parliament, 1560 : 
'he was father of Henry Hope, a considerable, merchant, 
who, having frequent occasion to visit the continent, m., in 
'one' of these excursions, a French lady, Jaqueline de Tott, 

• and by her h^ 2 sons ; 1. Henry ^ ancestor of the great and 
( opulent branch of the Hope8\ long settled in Amsterdam ; 

• and, 2. Thomas, entering upon the study of the law, made 
so rapid a progress in judicial knowledge, that he was, at an 
early age, c^ed to the bar : his practice was, however, 
limited till 1606, when he undertook the defence of the 6 

' ministers tried for high treason, for denying that the king 
possessed authority in matters ecclesiastical : he acquitted 
'himself so much to the satisfaction of the Presbyterians at 
'this important trial, that they never afterwards undertook 
any business of importance without previously consulting him, 
and he immediately came into the first practice in the king- 
dom ; by this, in a few years, he acquired one of the most 
considerable fortunes ever made at the Scots bar, which 
enabled him to make great landed purchases, as between 1613 
and 1642 he had charters of the lands of Grantoun, Edmons. 

• toun, and Cauldcotts, co. Edinburgh ; Preston Grange, co. 
Haddington ; Kerse, co. Stirling ; Mertoun, co. Berwick ; 
Kinninmouth, Arnydie, Craighall, Ceres, Hilltawet, and 
others, in Fife. His reputation now advanced so high, that 
he was constituted king*s advocate, jointly with sir William 
Oliphant, of Newton, and was created a baronet, 11 Feb., 
1628. Sir WiUiam Oliphant dying 13 April, 1628, king 
Charles I. was pleased not only to appoint sir Thomas Hope 
his sole advocate, but likewise to grant him several honourable 
privileges not enjoyed by his predecessors : m, Elizabeth, da. 
of John Bennet, of Wallyford, co. Haddington, and by her 
had a numerous issue. 

Sir James Hope, of Hopetoun, his 6th son, h. 12 July, 
1614, lord of session, 1 June, 1649 ; m., 14 Jan., 1686, Anne, 
siole da. and heiress of Robert Foulis, of Leadhills, co. Lanark, 

• esq., and by her had a numerous issue; of whom, John 
■ Hope, of Hopetoun, 7th but eldest surviving son, succeeded 


EARLS. 789 

liixn : who fixed his residtooe at the cattle of Niddrv. Ha em. 
barked on board the Okmoester frigate with the duke oi York, 
and several persons of quality, May 1082, and was lost in that 
ship, when it was wredced, on the 6th of that month, in the 
32d year of his age; m. Margaret Hamilton, eldest da. of 
John, 4th earl of Haddington 4 and by her (who </. 31 Dec., 
1711,) had issue, EieanoTy m. Thomas, 6th earl of Hadding- 
ton, ^19 April, 1768, and an only son, 

Chakleb, E^T., 6. 1681 ; created a peer by the titles of 
carl of HopeUmn^ viscount Aithne^ and lord Hope^ by patent, 
6 April, 17089 to his issue male, remainder to the heirs female 
of his body. His lordship greatly increased the family estate 
by several advantageous piut^hases in various counties ; and 
the noble seat of Hopetoun House, which he caused to be 
erected under the direction of sir William Bruce, remains a 
oonspicuous sumtunent of the magnificence of his taste. He 
«., 31 Aug., 1699, Henrietta Johnstone, sole da. of William, 
1st nuurqnesa of Annandale, (by his 1st wife, Sophia, da. and 
heiress of John Fairholme, dl Cragie Hall, co. Liiditbgow, 
eiq.) ; and by her (who d. 25 Nov., 1760,) had issue, 13 chil- 
dren, of whom 2 sons and 3 das. d. infants : the others were, 
1. JoHV, 2d earl ; 2. Charles^ b. 8 May, 1710, who, on the 
iaxh of his unde, James, 2d marquess of Annandale, in 1730, 
succeeded to the estates of Cragie-Hall ; and on his marriage, 
1733, assumed the name and arms of FFetr, of Blackwood ; 
St., 1st, 26 July, 1733, Catharine, sole da. .and heiress of sir 
William Weir, of Blackwood, co. Lanark, bart., with whom 
he got that extensive prox)erty ; and by her (who d. 5 Dec., 
1743,) had issue; 1. Charles, d. young; 2. William Hope- 
Weir, 6. 17 May, 1736; d. Sept. 1811, having m., 5 Jan., 
1775, Sophia, da. of Joseph Corrie, of Dumfries, by whom 
he had, Mory ; James-Joseph, h» 3 June, 1785 ; Janc-Sopbiu, 
6. 15 Dec., 1700 ; Edward-Hamilton, b, 12 Jan., 17i>2 ; .3. 
Henrietta, b. 1737 ; d, unm.^ 1808 ; 4. John, b, 7 April, 1739, 
merchant in London ; m., 2 June, 17C)2, Mary, only da. of 
KUab Breton, of FortyhiU, Enfield, co. Middlesex, esq., by 
JUary, da. and co-heiress of sir William Wolsteiiholme, bart. ; 
and by her (who d» 25 June, 17670 had issue, 3 sons ; viz. 
Charles Hope, of Grantoun, b. 1763, appointed a lord of 
session, justice derk, 20 Nov., 1804; m., 8 Aug., 179^)« 
Charlotte Hope, 8th da. of John, 2d earl of Hq)etoun, and 
has issue; John, 6. 26 May, 1794; Elizabeth, 6. 11 Sept., 
1796; Charles, b. 12 April, 1798; Mary, b. 16 Dec., 1799; 
Sophia ; James, b, 28 May, 1803 ; Charlotte, 6. 20 Feb., 1805 ; 

K 3 Jane- 


.Jane.Melville, b, 22 May, 1806; William, 6. 11 Sept., 1807; 
. Margaret, 6. 7 Feb., 1810 ; and Anne-Wilhelmina, 6. 29 April, 
. 1811 ; 2. lieut.^n. sir John, G.C.H., m., 20 Sept., 1806, Mar- 
garet, sole da. and heiress of Robert Scott, of Logie, Forfar, 
.esq., and has 3 das. ; 3. sir William-Johnstone, G.C.B. and 
,ILT.S., admiral R.N., m. 8 July, 1792, Anne-Johnstone 
Hope, eldest da. of James, 3d earl of Hopetoun, and by her 
(who d. 28 Aug., 1819,) had issue, 6 children, of whom the 
eldest son, John Johnstone, m., 8 July, 1816, Alida-Anne, 
.eldest da. of George Gordon, of Halhead, esq. The hon. 
Charles-Hope Weir, m., 2dly, 20 March, 1746, Anne Vane, 
eldest da. of Henry, 1st earl of Darlington, by Grace Fitzroy, 
da. of Charles, duke of Cleveland and Southampton, (which 
mari'iage was dissolved by act of parliament, 17^79 and she m., 
. 2dly, the hon. brig.-gen. George-Monson, 3d son of John, Ist 
.lord Monson,) and by her (who d, Sept. 1776,) had 2 sons ; 
.4. Henry, brig.-gen. in the army, and lieut— governor of 
. Canada, d. at Quebec, 13 April, .1789, without issue by his 
, wife, Sarah, da. of the rev. Mr. Jones, prebendary of Ar- 
.magh ; 5. Charles, captain R.N., m. Susan ^nne, da. of ad- 
.miral Herbert Sawyer, and by her (who d. 10 July, 1802,) had 
issue. The hon. Charles-Hope Weir, m,, 3dly, 2 April, 1766, 
. Helen, da. of George Dunbar, of Leuchold, co. Linlith^w, 
. esq., and by her (who d. 18 Sept., 1794,) had issue ; 6. George, 
.b, 6 July, 1767, admiral R.N. ; m., 28 Jan., 1803; Jemima, 
dth da. of James^ 3d earl of Hopetoun ; and by her (who d. 
.5 Sept., 1808,) had issue; Helen, b, 10 April, 1807; and 
James, b, 3 March, 1808; 7* Helen.Charlotte, b. 7 Jan., 
1773, «»., 27 Nov., 1795, John Knight, of Lea Castle, co. 
. Worcester, esq., and d, 8 May, 1801 ; 8. Margaret, b, 1777; 
0. Elizabeth, m., 7 Aug., 1798, John, late earl; 3. So- 
phia, m. James, earl of Findlater and Seafield, and d. 25 
April, 1761; 4. Henrietta^ r». Francis, 6th lord Napier ; 6. 
Margaret^ m. John Dundas, of Duddingston, and d. 1778 i 
6. Helen^ b, 27 July, 1711, m., 13 Jan., 1737, James Watson, 
of Saughton, co. Edinburgh, esq., and d, 22 July, 1769 ; 7- 
.ChHstian, b. 31 March, 1714, m., 8 April, 1743, Thomas 
Graham, of Balgowan, co. Perth, esq., and d, 31 May, 1799, 
.{see Baron Lynedoch^ in the Peerage 6/ England) ; 8. Antie^ 
b. 21 June, iflS, d. 1727 ; 9. Charlotte, b, 4 March, 1720, m., 
.1 Oct., 1741, Thomas, lord Erskine, only surviving son of 
John, 11th earl of Mar, attainted 1715 ; her ladyship d. 24 
.Nov., 1788. The earl rf. 26 Feb., 1742, and was succeeded by 
.his eldest son, 


]SARL6. 787 

JoBK, 2d earl, 6. 7 Sept., 1704, m., 1st, 14 Sept., 1738, 

Aiine Ogilvie, 2d da. of James, 6th earl of FincUater and 

^eafidd, and by her (who d. 8 Feb., 1759,) had issue ; 1. Elu 

Mobeth, b, 1 March, 1736, m. Henry, earl of Dnimlanrijir, 

oddest son of Charles, 3d duke of Queensberry, and d, without 

issue, 7 April, 1756; 2. Henrietta^ d. young; 3. Charles, d, 

wmi., 6 June, 1786 ; 4. Jameb, 3d earl of Hopetoun ; 5. <S'o- 

pkit^ 6. 2 Feb., 1769, m., 30 April, 1777, Charles, 8th earl of 

Haddin^^ton. The earl m., 2dly, 30 Oct., 1762, Jane, da. 

of Robert Oliphant, of Rossie, co. Perth, esq., and by her 

.(who tL 16 March, 17670 had issue ; Q. Johk, late earl ; 

7. Jane, b, 12 Nov., 1766, m., 1st, 2 April, 1793, Henry 

Dundas, Ist visoount Melville, and, 2dly, 6 Feb., 1814, 

-the right hon. Thomas Wallace. The earl m,^ 3dly, 10 July, 

1767, Elisabeth Leslie, 2d da. of Alexander, 6th carl of 
Leven and Melville, and by her (who </. 10 April, 1788,) had 
issue; 8. Charles, of Waughton, co. Haddington, gen. in the 
anny, 6. 16 Oct., 1768, m., 30 April, 1807, the sole da. of 
Qeaarge Finch Hatton, of £a8twell Park, co. Kent, esq., 
inefhew and heir-prevaniptive to the earl of Winchelsea,) by 
klixabeth, eldest <Za. of David, earl of Mansfield, E.T., and 
has a da. Eliwbeth, b. 23 Jan., 1810 ; 9. Elizabeth, b, 16 Oct., 

1768, m,, 2 June, 1797, John Kemp, D. D., and d, without 
issuei ^S^t. 1801 ; 10. sir Alexander, G.C.B., a lieut.-gen. in 
.the array, and governor of the Royal Military College; m., 
23 Oct, 1805, Georgiana, youngest dsu of George Brown, of 
Ellistoun, (by Dorothea, eldest da. of col. James Dundas,) 
and has issue, John-Thomas, 6. 10 Jan., 1807 ; George, b, 
4 July, 1808; Louisa-Dorothea, b. 8 Feb., 1811; a son, b. 
14 July, 1812; 11. Charlotte, b. 4 May, 1771, m., 8 Aug., 
1793, the right hon. Charles Hope, of Grantoun, lord justice 
clerk, and has issue; 12. Margaret, b. 24 June, 1772, m., 10 
July, 1793, Alexander Maclean, of Ardgower, co. Inverness, 
esq., and has issue; and 13. Mary, b. 12 July, 1773, wi., 
1795, sir Patrick Murray, of Auchtertare, bart., king's re- 
membrancer of the court of exchequer in Scotland; John, 
2d earl of Hopetoun, d. 12 Feb., 1781, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

Jam£s, 3d earl, and 1st baron Hope, in the peerage of the 
United Kingdom : on the death of his grand-uncle, of the 
half-blood, George, 4th marquess of Annandale, 1792, his 
great estates in Scotland devolved on the earl of Hopetoun, 
with the titles of earl of Annandale and Hartfield, which, 
however, the earl has not assumed, adding only the name of 



Johnstone to t]^at of Hope ; hereditary keeper of Loohmaben, 
and lord-lieutenant, co. Linlithgow ; created a peer of th^ 
United Kingdom, by the title of baron HopetC4in, with re- 
mainder to the heirs male of the body of his iQather, John, 2d 
earl, 3 Feb., 1809 ; b. 23 Aug.^ 1741 ; m., IQ Aug., 1768, 
Elizabeth Carnegie, eldest da. of Qeoige, j^th earl of Northesk, 
and by her (who d. 19 Aug., 1793,). had issue, 1. Anne^ohn^ 
stone^ keeper of Lochmaben Castle, L 13 Jan., 1768, m.^ 8 
July, 1792, admiral sir William-Johnstone Hope, G.C.B. smd 
K.T.S., and has issue ; 2. Jane'EHxe^eth^ d, unm,^ 18 Aug., 
1786 ; 3. Jemimajd,3l Dec., 1773 ; 4. Georgtantt-Johnisione^ b. 
12 Ctot., 1773, m» the tion. Andrew-Cochrane Johnstone, 
brother to Archibald, present earl of ]>undona]d, and d, at 
Dominica, Sept. 1797 ; 6. Jemima^ m., 28 Jan., 1803, captain 
George Hope, R.N., and d, 5 Sept., IBOS ; and, 6. Ludnda^ 
d. unm.^ 8 Jan., 1800. The earl d, 29 May, 1816, and was 
succeeded by his half-brother, ' 

JoH^, 4Ul earL» 2d[ baron Hope, and Ist baron Niddry, oo« 
Linlithgow, G.C.B., gen. in the army, and col. of the 4M 
foot : b, 17 Aug., 1765, embraced a voUitary life, and serveid 
as adjutant-gen. to the forces u^dcir sir. Ralph Abercrcnnby, in 
the West Indies, in 1794, 6, 6, and 7; to the army under 
his royal highness the duke of York, in Holland, 1799 • and 
in the ezpecUtion to Egypt, 1800. At the battle of Ccrunna, 
16 Jan., 1799, in consequence of the death of sir John Moom 
and the dangerous wound of sir David Baird, the commaxia 
of the British army devolved on sir John Hope, whose ability 
and exertions secured the suo^^ of that day. He was subu. 
sequently appointed commander-in-chief <^ the forces in Ire« 
land, from whence he was called, in 1813, to share the glories 
, of the Peninsular war, and distinguished himself in the battles 
of Bayonne, Bourdeaux, and Toulouse. For these services 
he was created a peer of the United Kingdom, 17 May, 1814, 
by the title of baron Niddry, co. Linlithgow, and succeeded 
his brother as earl of Hopetoun, in 1816 ; m., 1st, 7 Aug., 
1798, Elizabeth, youngest da. of the hon. Charles Hope- Weir, 
but by her (who d. 20 March, 1801,) had no issue ; 2dly, 9 
Feb., 1803, liOuisa-Dorothea, 3d deuofsir John Wedderbum, 
of Ballindean, bart., by whom he had issue ; 1. JoHir, present 
earl ; 2. James, b, ^ June, 1807 ; 3. Charks, 6. 1 1 Sept., 
1808; 4. Alexander, b, 8 Nov., 1809; d. George, b, 12 April, 
1811 ; 6. a son, b. 6 Oct., 1812; 7- a son, b. 24 June, 1816; 
& a son, b, 29 Oct., 1817 ; 9. a son, b, 20 Oct., 1819 ; 10. a son, 
b. 3 March, 1821; and, II, a da, b, 18 June, 1822. The 


Unliibginr, ,17 H>y, 16U. 

II tptt nom fraebt — But laj hope is 

« Plate SO. 

I 790 J 


i t ^::t 1 ^ * 


^09*71 5 Nov., 1803 : succeeded his father, Charles-John, the 
late Viscount, 2 March, 1809. 

The viscount's ancestor, sir John Carey^ knt., of Cocking* 
ton, CO. Devon, was made a baron of the exchequer to Richard 
II., and d, 1404, leaving issue Robert, his heir ; and John 
Carey, elected bishop of Exeter, 1419 : from Robert, eldest 
son, descended sir William Carey, of Cockington, knt., who, 
siding with Henry VI. at the battle of Tewkesbury against 
Edward IV., was taken prisoner in the church, (whither he 
had fled for sanctuary,) and, notwithstanding a promise of 
pardon, was beheaded : his son, Thomas Carey, m. Margaret^ 
co-heir of sir Robert Spencer, knt., (by Eleanor, sister and 
co-heir of Edmund Beaufort, duke of Somerset,) and had 
issue 2 sons, 1. John, grandfather of the 1st viscount Falk- 
land ; and, 2. William, esquire of the body to Henry VIII., 
who m. Mary Bullen, da. and co-heir (with her sister queen 
Anne Bullen) of Thomas, earl of Wiltshire, and had issue, 
Henry Carey, who being so nearly allied in blood to queen 
Elizabeth, was created baron of Hunsdon : from him sprung 
the Careys, lords Hunsdon, and earls of Dover, and the 
Careys, earls of Monmouth, all which titles are now extinct. 

Sir HejUry Carey, 1st viscount Falkland, K.B. 1616, at 



t]ie creation of Charles,' prince of Wales, was created risconnt 
falkiand^ co. Fife,,i620: he was comptroUer of thchouoe- 
hold to James I., tfnd in the same reign appointed to the high 
office of lord-deputy (or rioeroy) of Ireland. The viscount 
m, Elizabeth, da. of sir Lourenee Tanfield, chief haron of the 
enhequer from lf07 to 1025, with whom he got the manor 
of Gr^t Tew, Burford, and other estates, co. Oxford, and by 
herhad^ 1. Hekrv, 8d riscount ; Laurence^ killed fightiiig 
under air Charles Coote, when he defeated the Irish reben 
«t Swords, 1642 < and, 8. Anne^ m» Jsmes, 2d earl of Home. 
The visoount d. 1633, and was sueoeeded by his son, 

Henrt, 2d viscount, who served in the army against the 
Sects, and was afterwards secretary of state to king Charies 
I., azid killed at the battle of Newbury. His lordship's mind 
was enriched with the stores of learning, and the principles 
of virtue and religion : he wrote several poems, and oUier 
pieces ; and his saying was, that '' he piHed unleamed gen^ 
ilewten on a rminy db^.** He m. Letitia, da. of Ridiard Mor- 
rison, of Tooley Park, co. Leicester, esq., by whom he had 
isoe a son and h^r, 

HsirmY, 3d viscount, m. Margaret, da. of Anthony Hun- 
gerford, esq., and d, 1663, leaving a son and heir, 

AvTHOHT, 4th viscount, who, in the latter end of Charles 
II., and the succeeding reign, was paymaster of the forces ; 
and in the reign of William III. was one of the privy-council, 
and twice a commissioner of the admiralty ; m, Rebecca, da. 
of sir Rowland Lytton, of Knebworth, co. Herts, and had 
issue; 1. LiUCius-Henrt, 5th viscount; 2. Frances^ m. 
John Villiers, Ist earl of Grandison, in Ireland. The viscount 
</. 1694, and was succeeded by his son, 

Lucius-Hevrt, 5th viscount, m., 1st, Dorothy, da. of 
Francis Alolineux, of the city of London, esq., and had, 1. 
Lrci US-Charles, 6th viscount; 2. George^ a general in 
the army, m, Isabella, only da. of Arthur Ingram, of Bar- 
raby, co. York, esq., by whom (who d, 12 April, 17JW,) he had 
iisue, Elizabeth, m. Jeffery, 1st lord Amherst ; and Catha- 
rine, m. sir John Russel, bart. ; 3. Mary^ m. tl\c rev. Joliii 
Law, D.D., archdeacon of Rochester, and rector of Westmill, 
00. Herts, and d, I Oct., 1783 ; the viscount m., 2dly, Laura, 
da. of Arthur Dillon, sister of Charles and Henry, viscounts 
Dillcm, and of Arthur, archbishop of Narbonne, and l)y her 
had an only da., m. lieut.-gen. comte de Rothe, col. -proprietor 
of the Irish regiment of his name, in the service of tlio king 
of France, and d, 9 Feb., 1804. The viscount rf. in Paris, 
31 Dec., 1730, and was succeeded by his son, 



Lucius-Charles, 6th viscount, m., Ist, 6 April, 1734, . 
Jane, da. and heiress of Richard Butler, esq., an eminent con- 
veyancer, of London, relict of James Fit^erald, viscount 
Villiers, son of Johii, earl. of Grandason, (who ti. before his. 
father, 1732,) and by her (who d, Dec. 17^1,) had issue, L^ 
Lucius-FerMnando, ool.-commandant =89th regiment of foot, . 
commander-in^hief of the British forces in Tobago, where . 
he d. 20 Aug., 1780 ; having m., March 17G0, Anne, da. of 
col. Charles Leith, and had issue, Henry-TholMas, 7th • 
viscount; Charles-John, 8th viscount; 3. Charlotte-. 
Maria, m, Samuel Charters, ^q., and has issue ; 4. Lucia, 
m., 10 Jan., 1783, major John Grattan, late of the 100th 
regiment, adjutant-gen. to his majesty^s forces in India ; 5. 
Lavinia-Matilda, b, 1770 ; 6. Almeria-Augusta, b, 1772, m*,. 
20 Aug., 1000, the rev. William Digby, and cf. 24 June, 1801 ; 
7. Almeria-Sophia, b. March l^Jb^m.^ 24 April^ 1798^^ 
Charles Grant, esq. ; 2. Jane^ d, 8 March, 1808 ; 3. Frances ; 
4. Mary ; 5. Charlotte, m, Anthony Chapman, esq. The vis- 
count »i., 2dly, 10 Oct., 1752, Sarah, da. of Henry Inwen, of 
Southwark, esq., relict of Henry, 10th earl of Suffolk, and by 
her (who d. 27 May, 1776?) had no issue. The viscount rf. 
27 Feb., 1785, and was succeeded by his grandson, 

Henry-Thomas, 7th viscount, d, unm,, 22 May, 1796, 
and was succeeded by his brother, 

Charles-John, 8th viscount, b, Nov. 1768, captain R.N., 
1803, m., 25 Aug., 1802, mis» Auton, and by her (who d. 25 
July, 1822,) had Charles-John, 9th viscount, and 2 other 
sens and 1 da. The viscount was mortally wounded -in a 
duel with Alexander Powell, esq., 28 Feb., 1809, and rf. two 
days afterwards. He was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Charles-John, present and 9th viscount. 
. Heir 'Presumptive — The viscount's brother. 

Creation — Viscount, 10 Nov., 1C20. 

Motto — In utroquefdelis — Faithful in both. 

Arms — See Plate 67. 

ron of Scone and Balvaird, and Eai-1 of Mansfield, in England; . 
Lord-Lieutenant co. Clackmannan, and Heritable Keeper of 
Scone ; bom 1777* 

(See Earl of Mansfield^ in the Peerage of England.) 
II eir- Apparent — William-David, Lord Murray, his 
lordship's son. 


« eOmDOH, TiMoim EENMUKB, muI LoH 

■r. HMwad to thMB title* br Ant of FwHunoit, 
■^nd tlM M;ml MMot 17 June, 1894. 

Bhnb «f Oeriaa, of Lodtiimr, U dMtendod fhrn 
kvax 60sDO]t,SdMDof.iir AumOordiML,af Oor- 
MMVofAadBkaof Oordn. TUs WOliui d« Oor. 
lAvl U7<k BnrMth ia tacant from Um wu dr 
ae*i>o«,o'I'MUii*ar, klllad at thebMtl* of Pinki^ 
, 1M7| iMviag iHoe, bf HarniM, hla wif^ ds. and 
■■1 of Kotart QntlitaD, of £^trl(^ leranl oliil. 
'lAom tir JoMW, alden aon, wu anoaMor of tbeln; 
■MKfOf Pam^iii>,9dnn, waa Bnoeatttf of tha pn. 

inqr OoBi>o>, tUeat icni, if. SS Aug., 16M(laBTing, 
wA^'imoB, idr Rosb*t, and JaaMti air KoiaKT 
Mr cf Joa* OdUiav, who waa oreated, 8 May, 1633, 
( KBomnia, and Jord lAdunrar, and d. IS S^it., ISM, 

I, 91 nicoanl, on whoae death, without ilrie, IQSS, 

a iniag Ifanited to the heiia male whataoerer of hie 


l' ddeat aon of Jamea abare named, nnde of the lit 

ft 4. *Maa. 1043, and waa mcoeeded by hfa brother, 

794 SCOTS tfcERAGE. 

1. Robert^ <L unm,, 1741 ; 2. Johk ; and, 3. JameSy d. iinm, i 
and one diEU, Harriety m, Jolin Dalzell, esq. 

Johk Gordoit, 2d son of the Gthyisoouiit^ m., 11 M^rch, 
1744, Frances, only da. of iVflliam Mackenzie, 5th earl of 
Seaforth, and d, 16 June, 1769, leaving issue l)y her, (who d. 
7 Jan., 1796,) 1. TTft/Ztam, in t&e ainny, -cf. unm., 1772; 2. 
Johk, present and 7tn viscount ; 3. Adam^ m, miss Davies, 
and d. 1806, leaving issue 5 sons and 1 cUu ; 4. tloberiy d. 
unm.y 1797 ; 5. Jamesy d, unm,^ 1781 ; 6. Frahc^f^ d. vnm,y 


Creation — ^Viscount Kbnmure, aiid knrd Ldchinvar, 8 May, 

Mqtto — Dread God. 

Arms— See Plate 57* 

and X^rd Inverbervie ; late Captain 4th Yrisli brigade : horh 
16 Jan., 1777 ; dT^Q of the 16 peers for I^^Umd in the preseijl; 
Parliament, and Lord^Lieuten^ht cb. Kincardine : suodeeded 
"hisi father, John, the late 'viscount, 2^ Pel)., I8OO: fitarfiedj 
25 June, 1805, Margaret, daughter of Wflter OgiMe, etf 
Clova, esq, and has is^e; 1. Jonir, b, 4 Jtine, 1806; 2. Janiy 
b. 7 Aug., 1807; .3. Waiter^ b. 21., Nov., 1808: 4. a cfa., b. 5 
June, 1811 ; 5. a da,^ b. 7 April, 1^15 ; and, 6. a son^ 6, 29 
Oct., 1821. 

the first of this family was Hughde Aburbothenoth^ who 
took his surname from the lands whidi he had in marriage 
with a da. of Osbert Olifard, sheriff of Meams, about 1105, 
which lands are still in the possession of the family, having 
descended through 22 generations to the present viscount. 
17th in descent from tKe above-nanied Hugh, was, -i 

Sir Robert Ahbuthnot, Is^ viscount, "w^ho, for Ws 
loyalty to king Charles I. was first knighted, and afterwards 
created viscount Arbuthnot^ and lord Inverherme.\'& Novi, 
1641 ; 971., 1st, Margery Carnegie, 4th da. of David, Ist earl 
of Southesk, and by her had, 1. RoBERi^, 2d viscount ; 2. 
Margaret^ m, sir John Forbes, of Monimusk; and, 2dly, 
Catharine, 3d da. of Hugh, 8th lord Lovat, relict of sir John 
Sinclair, of Duubeath, and by her (who m., Sdly, Andrew, Sd 
lord Fr^er,) had issue ; 1. Anne, m, William Forbes, pf 
Ludquhairn ; 2. Alexander, of Knox, m. Jean, da. of Patrick 
Scott, of Rossie, and left issue. 
Robert, 2d viscount, succeeded his father, 1655; m., Itft, 



JElizabetli Keith, 2d da. of William, 7th earl Marischal, by 

whom be had fuue ; 1. Robert^ Sd viHcount ; 2. Margaret^ 

«. sir Thomas Burnett, of Leys, co. Kincardine, l»art., and 

had 21 children, aiid d, July 1744 ; he m., 2dly, Catharine, 

da. of ^bert Gordon, of Pitlurg and Straloch, and by her 

(who m.\ 2^Qy, sfr David Came^e, of Pittaroxv, hart.) had 

usne ; 3. Jcmn^ of Fprdim, in., 11 June, 1095, Margaret, da. 

of James iPbldoxi^. of Phcesdo, a lord of session, and had 

issue; James, *banker, Sn Edinburgh, d,unm,; John, 6th 

Tiscount ; Thomas, of Montrose, M.D., «n., and left issue ; 

Mai^aret ; Jean ; and Anne, d. unm, ; Mary, m., 173(j^ 

John Douglas, of TilUwhiliy; and Catherine, m., James 

Moir, of Invemethy; 4. Alexander^ one of the barons of 

exch^iier M Soc^dand, 1707, &nd d. 1721, m. Jane, eldest 

da. of sir Charles Maitland, of Pitrickie, co. Aberdeen, heir 

to her brother, sir Charles, who d. 1704, and in consequence 

assumed the name and arms of Maitland^ and by her (who 

d, 22 Oct., 174^) had Charles Maitland, of Pitrickie, who d, 

10 Fd>., 1751 9 without 'issue; 5. Thomas^ d, 1745; 6. Catham 

Hhey fiUj Ist, Rol)ert Gordon, of Clunie ; 2dly, David Riccart, 

of Bi<Scartouh'; 7* AriTie; tn. John Horn, of Westhall, oo. 

Ahefdeen, advocate ; 8. Helen^ m., 1st, John Macfarlan, of 

Macfarlan ; 2dly, 1710, John Spottiswood, of Spottiswood, 

CD. Berwick, ei^, and d, 1741 ; and, 9. Jane^ d, unm, 

RoB£Rt', dd viscount, succeeded his father, 1681, and 9n. 
Anne Sutherland, da. of George, 1 4th earl of Sutherland, 
and by her hald 1. Robert, 4th v'iscount; 2. Joiix, 5th vis- 
count'; 3. Jean, m. capt. Crawfurd, of Canihirg ; 4. Anne ; 
5. Mary ; 6. Margaret ; and, 7» Helen, The viscouut rf. 
An^. 1694, and was succeeded l>y his son, 

Robert, 4th viscount, who d, unm., 1710: he was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, Joux, 5th viscount, who m, Jane, du. 
of William Morrison, of Preston Grange, esq., sister of Helen, 
QNUitess of Glasgow, and Catharine, lady Stratlmaven, and d, 
without issue. May 1756 : he was succeeded by his cousin, 

JoHK, of FordUn, 0th viscount, son of John, 2d son of 
Robert, 2d viscount, as al>ove ; »:?., 1st, Mary, da. and coheiress 
of Robert Douglas, of Bridgeford ; and, 2dly, Jane, da. of 
Alexander Arhuthnot, of Findourie, esq., and by her (who 
i. 15 31arcli, 1786,) had issue ; 1. Robert, in the army, </. 
tiiim., 178G; 2. John, 7th viscount; 3. Hugh, who was 
drowned 2 Oct., 1778, in a chaise which was overturned in 
(he river Southesk, at the ford of Auldbai* ; 4. Charlotte ; 5. 
Margaret^ tn, sir Alexander Dunbar, of Northficld, bart. The 
viscount d, 20 April, 1791, and was succeeded by his sou, 

o 2 3ows^ 


John, 7th viscount, m., 27 Dec., 177^, Isabella, 2cl da. of 
William Graham, of Morphie, co. Kincardine, esq., and by 
her (who </. 4 March, 1818,) had, 1. John, 8th viscount; 
2. Hugh^ C.B., lieut.-coL in the ariny ; 3. .Sod^W, d. March 
1801 ; 4. Francis^ in the army ; 5. Duncan ; 6. William^ 
capt. royal artillery; 7* Jfvmes^ R.N., d. 30 June, 1817; 8. 
Marfiatt; 9. Alexander; 10. Jane; 11. CalAann^, m., 19 
April, 1805, the rev. David-Lyell Carriston, youngest son of 
the late Stewart Lyell, of Eanneff. The viscount d, 27 Feb., 
1800, and was succeeded by his son. 

John, present and 8th viscount. 

Heir'Apparent-^onv, the viscount's eldest son, 

Creation» — ^Viscount, and baron Inverbervie, 16 Nov., 1641. 

Motto-^Laus Dea — Praise be to God. 

Arms — See Plate 57* 

count DUMBIiANE : his Lordship is also Puke of Leeds, 
Marquess of Caermarthen, Earl of Danby, Viscount Latimer,^ 
Baron Clonyers, and Baron Osborne, of Kiveton, in the Peer- 
age of England ; Lord-Lieutenant of the North Riding, co. 
York, Governor of the Islands of Scilly, Ranger of Richmond 
Forest, and Constable of Middleham Castle, bom 1775. 
CSee Duke of Leeds ^ tn the Peerage of England,) 

Heir-Apparent — Francis-Godolphin D'Arcy, Mar- 
quess of Caermarthen, his grace's son. 

Creations — Baronet of England, 13 July, 1620; viscount 
Dumblane, 2 July, 1673 ; and duke of Leeds, 4 May, 1694. 

Arms — See Plate 6. 

Brummond, and Maderty, b, 24 March, 1767: restored to the 
above titles by Act of Parliament, which received the royal 
assent 17 June, 1824': married^ 15 Jan., 1809, Amelia-Sophia, 
3d daughter of John, 4th duke of Atholl, and has issue ; 1. 
William-Henry, b, 5 March, 1810 ; 2. James-Robert^ b, 
15 Sept., 1812 ; 3. Edmond, b. 17 Jan., 1814 ; 4. Francis, b, 
9 Sept., 1815; 5. Robert-Andrew-John, b, 4 Aug., 1820; 6. 
Marianne-Jane, b, 6 July, 1811 ; 7* Emily, b. 10 June, 1818. 

The family of Drummond, according to the Scotch genea- 
legists, derives its origin from Maurice, an Hungarian, who 



icooooipBiiied Edgar AtheUng and hii sister Mai|;aret (ai'ter- 
witfds qinten of SootUmd) to Scotland, and was, liy king Mai- 
toohn m., made lenesfJiall, or steward, of Lennox : the first, 
however, of the kdmame of Dnimmond who apptiars on re. 
oord, waa air Malcolm Dnimmond, who flouriHhed in the 
ftSga of WHli&in I. Eleventh in descent from him was Mr 
John* IDrUxmou d, of Cargill and 8tobhall, who was (Teated 
before 1^71 larA Drummotid^ of Stohhall; and having sur- 
vived both his gon and grandson, was, on his death, 1519, 
socoeeded by his great-grandson, David, 2d lord Dnnnmimd, 
who, by Jjiiias ' his wi^, da. of William, lord Buthven, had 
2 sons ; 1. Patrick; loid Drummond, ancestor of the carls 
of Perth and Melfort, extinct ; and 2, 

Jakes, created, 31 Jan., 1G09, lord Maderty ; m. Jean, da. 
of sir' James 'Cli^holm, of Cromlix, and had isKue 2 sons, 
JoBsr, 2d lord ; and sir James^ of Madiany, ancestor of the 
preset viscount. He d, 18S3, and was succeeded by his 
ddi^st S0Q9' 

Jdi^, 2d lord ; m., 1622, Helen, da. of Patrick Lesley, 
eammeiidator of Lindcues, and IumI issue ; 1* David, 3d lord, 
wlSlo H. withoat male issue, 1684; 2. James; 3. John; 4. Lu' 
Aftick, all d!. 8. |i. ; and 5, 

WiLLTAX, 4th lord, created, 6 Sept., 16i86, viscoimt Strath- 
aflSnt, and baron Driimmond^t of Cromlix, 'to him and his heirs 
male whhtsoercr, and d. 1G88, leaving an only son, 

WiLLTAM, Sd viscount, who d, 7 July, 1702, leaving an 
only son, who d, a minor, and unm,^ 26 May, I7II9 when the 
titles of viscount Strathallau, baron Maderty, and baron 
Drummond of Cromlix, devolved on his kinsm;ui, 

WiLLiA3i, 4th viscoiuit, (son of sir John Drummond, of 
Machaiiy, son of sir James at)ovc named, 2d son of the 1st 
lord Maderty.) He engaged in the rebellion of 17-15, and 
was slain at Culloden, 14 April, 1746. His name was in. 
dnded in the act of attainder, 1746, but as his death took, 
place before the time limited for surrendering, it could not 
take effect against him. He m, ^Margaret, eldest da. of 
William Murray, "lord Nairn, and by her (who rf. 20 May, 
17739) bad issue ; 1. James, 5th viscount ; 2. Charles^ e/. 
young ; 3. William^ d. 25 May, 1772 ; m. Anne, 2d da. of 
major David Naime, of the French service, and by her (who 
d. 31 May, 1782,) had issue, William, a lieut.-col., rf. num. ; 
and James, present viscount; 4. John; 5. Andrew^ l»oth d, 
vnm. ; 6. Robert, of Cadlauds, Hants, and of Charing-<*T0S8, 
Itanker ; m. Winifred, da. of William Thompson, of Ipston, 
CO. Oxon, and d, 19 Jan., 1804, leaving I's^uc; 1. Audrew- 

o o Ikrkolov 


Berkeley, m., 2 April, 1781, Mary, eldest da. of John Pelf' 
oeval, earl of Egmont, by baroness Arden, his 2d wife, and 
has issue 4 children ; Andrew-Robert, m., Mareh 1822, Eliza- 
beth, 2d da. of John-Henry Manners, duke of Rutland; Wil- 
liam Charles, in the lOth hussars ; Mary ; and Catherine- 
Isabella ; 2. William ; 3. Robert, both d. young ; 4. Charles, 
m., 26 July, 1789, Frances, 2d da. of rev. Edward Lockwood, 
and has issue 4 sons s^nd 2 das., viz., Charles, ^. 4 Sept., 1790, 
9n., 15 July, 1819, Mary, 6th da. of William Eden, lord Auck- 
land, and nas issue ; Edward, b, 30 March, 1792 ; Berkeley, 
b, 27 May^, 1796 ; Arthur, b, 20 Aug., 1797 ; Charlotte ; and 
' Anne-Elizabeth ; 5. Henry-Rpger, in holy orders, m. Susan, 
da. of WiUiam Wells, of Bickley, co. Kent, esq., and <2., leav- 
ing issue, Andrew, Henry, and Catherin0; 6. Frederic, cf, 
young; 7* Richard, an officer in the 19th dragoons, d, in Dal- 
matia, 1796, unm^i 8. Edward, lieut.-col. 60th foot; 9. Char- 
lotte, m. Peregrin^ Townley, of Tdwnley, co. Lancaster, esq. ; 
7* Henry ^ of the Grange, Hants, and of Charing-cross, 
banker, m., 21 March, 1761, Elizabeth, da. of hon. Charles 
Compton, and sister of Charles and Spencer, earls. of Nor- 
thampton, and d, 1795, having issue by her (who d, 1819) 
one son, Henry,, who wi., 1786, Anne, 2d da. of Henry Dun- 
das, viscount Melville, and d, 4 July, 1794, leaving issue by 
her (who m., 2dly, James Strange, esq.) 3 sons and 1 da., viz., 
1. Henry, 6. 5 Dec., 178Q; m., 23 June, 1807, Harriet, da. 
of Robert Hay, earl of Kinnoul, and has issue, Henry, 6. 14 
March, 1811 ; Malcolm, 6. 15 Feb., 1821 ; Louisa, b, 22 Oct., 
1813; Adelaide, 6.* 13 May, 1818; 2. Spencer, m. miss Ca- 
roline Montagu; 3. Robert, R.N., d, 1811 ; 4. Elizabeth, m* 
1 Aug., 1815, John Portal, of Freefelk, Hants, esq. 

James, dth viscoimt, was attainted in the same act of par- 
liament with his father, by the description of James Dnun- 
mond, eldest son of William, viscount Strathallan, although 
at the time of passing the act, he was in fact viscount Strath- 
allan himself ; m, Euphemia, da. of Peter Gordon, of Aber- 
geldy, CO. Aberdeen, esq., and d, 22 June, 1765, leaving issue 
by her, (who d, 6 July, 1796,) besides several children who d, 
young, 1. James ^ of Machany, d, unm.^ 10 Dec, 177^; 2. 
Andreto~John, a gen. in the army, and governor of Dumbar- 
ton castle, who, in 1787, claimed the titles of viscount Strath- 
allan, &c., but the house of lords decided, on the unanimous 
opinion of the judges, that his father had been duly attainted 
by the act of 1746, and rejected his claim. He d. unm.^ 20 
Jan.,'18l7, when the representation of the family devolvtjd 
on hJfi £rst cousin, 



Jaites-Akdrew-Johk- Laurence -Charles, present 
and 6th viscount, having been restored to the titles and ho- 
nours of his famOy by an act of parliament, which received 
the royal assent, 17 June, 1824. 

Heir^Apparent — ^William-Heket, the viscount^s eldest 

CreaUofu — ^Baron Maderty, 31 Jan., 1609 ; baron Drum, 
mond, of Cromlix, and viscount Strathallan, 6 Sept., 1666. 

Motto — 

Plate 57. 


i m I 


.<'\.i » « »'H. . I 


in 1794: succeeded his half-brother, John, the late lord, 
5 Oct., 1819 ; Captain of the J^oyal Artillery. 

The first of this name on record, is sir Gauliier de SomeV'-r 
villCy lord of Wichnour, &c., co. Stafford, and Aston-Somer- 
ville, CO. Gloucester, who came into England with William 
the Conqueror. He was ancestor of all the Somervilles in 
Great Britain. It appears, from Rymer^s Pcedera^ vol. xi. 
p. 301, that Thomas 'de Somerville, baron of Camwath^ was 
one of the ambassadors who, 1423, were permitted to come 
to London to treat for the ransom of their sovereign, king 
James I. Thomas Dominus de Somerville, is also a warden 
of the border, 1424. Thomas de Somerville of that ilk, sat as 
one of the assize by whom Murdoch, duke of Albany, was 
attainted of high treason. His lordship, 1386, founded, and, 
1424, endowed with some lands the collegiate church of Cam- 
wath, the burial-place of this ancient family : he m. Jane 
Stewart, da. of sir Alexander Stewart, of Damlie ; and had 
issue, William, 2d lord; and Margaret^ m, Roger Kirk- 
Patrick, of Closeburn, esq. His lordship d» 1445, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

William, 2d lord, 13th from sir Gaultier de Somerville, 
lord of Whichnour, co. Stafford, m. Jane, da. of sir John 


BABONS. 801 

Mowatt, (of ^tannas. His lordship was present at the ooro- 
nadon of king James II. at Edinburgh, 10 Mardi, 1437, And 
was in great favour with that monairh ; 1449, he was ap. 
pointed one of the Soots conservators of the trace between 
England and Scotland, then concluded, (see Rymer's Feed., 
rcL xL p. 254) ; in 1451 he was one of the ambassadors of 
Scotland nominated in a royal safe conduct, and in the same 
year we find him once more a conservator of the peace, which 
he had moat probably a share in the establishing, ib. 28&-900. 
His lordship had issue, 1. Johk, 3d lord; and, 2. Mary, m., 
1447, Ralph Weir, esq. His lordship d. 20 Aug., 1456, and 
was succeeded by his son, 

JoHV, 3d lord SomerviUe, m., 1st, Helen Hepburn, da. 
of lord Hailes ; and, 2dly, 20 Feb., 1445, Mary, da. of Wil- 
liazn Bailzie, of Lammingtoun, esq., and had issue, sir John^ 
of Quathquan, b, 1 April, 1457, Ist baron of Cambusnethan, 
of Uie name of Somerviiley after it was separated from the 
house of Cowthally, and became a distinct family. His lord- 
diip distinguished himself by his gallantry at the battle of 
Sark, 1448, in which the great champion, Magnus, with the 
red beard, was killed; his lordship, in 1457 &nd 1459, appears 
£rotn Rymer to have been a conservator of the peace in those 
years ; 1460, he attended king James II. to the siege of Rox- 
barjg^ in which that monarch was killed, aged 30. His lord- 
ship d. 1486, and was succeeded by his grandson, John, 4th 
lord, €L 1491, and was succeeded by his brother, 

Hugh, 5th lord, m. Janet, da. of William Maitland, of Le- 
thington, esq., and had issue ; 1. James, 6th lord ; 2. John, 
d, unm, ; 3. Hugh, ancestor of the SomerviUes of Spital ; 4. 
Margaret, m. Charles Murray, of €k)ckpool, co. Annandale, 
esq. ; 5. Margery, m. James Twedie, of Drumelzir, esq. ; his 
lordship d. 1524, and was succeeded by his son, 

James, 6th lord, who was severely wounded at the battle 
of Langside, m. Agnes, da. of sir James Hamilton, of Finnart, 

and had issue ; 1. Hugh, 7th lord ; 2. , who acquired 

from his father part of the barony of Camwath, and whose 
posterity still inherit the property ; 3. Margaret, d, unm. ,* 

4. Agnes, m. SomerviUe, of Plain, esq. : his lordship dL 

1569, and was succeeded by his son, 

Hugh, 7th lord, who was attached to the party of queen 
Mary of Lorraine, as we find him employed as an active agent 
between the princess, when regent, and the duke of Chattel- 
herault, m. Eleanor, da. of George, lord Seton, and among 
other issue, had ; I. William, d. Wore his father ; 2. Robert, 
accidentally killed by his brother; 3. GiLBEKT, 8th lord; 

4. Hugh) 


4. Uiighi of Drum: bii tgrdsbip 4 ** Dnuni lS97i ^4 *» 
Buqu-'eded by bU Bon, 

QiLBEaT, 8tli lord, wlin fjilendicUT entert^ned Itvqg Ja^nei 
VL at CowthuUj', (htyled by tUij ting jocularly, Cimtjtoi^, 
from hU oliBemiig a aiw ajid ten she«p killed daiiy) ; lu» 
lordsiip's prodigality mmpelleii tiiio to soil the Woniea of 
Caniwath »iid Cambusiiolban ; «■ Mu^ret, d^ of -loha 
SomervUle, of Camliuenutliaii, fiH., and has isBuo ; 1. J/uast, 
d. an infant ; Q. JUary, m., 1st, JaineBjlard Xorphicben, ui3 
iuul qo uaue ; imd m-, i'iij, Williun poug^B, Of Pam- 

^11000, esq. ; 3. 'Hdargarei, m. sir' Humphry Colqulunui, id 
[re ; and, 4. -1— ^' m. Stewart, of Minto, d. withmi 

iMfie ; bis kpl^p li 1618, ajid wss Buccee4ed by his coiwin, 

J&KE8, Sth lord, 2d aoB t^ Hufch, of Drum, joangec ton 
of the 7th lord, m. Margcrel, da. nf Gtaiif HMPiaon, ^ Riqi- 
1a(;li, esq., ^nd )^d iss^^t 1. JahE3, llhh lord t SS. Gooin; 
3. Jean, m- Janus T^afit, of Calriia, esq. i lie was rath 
qafjde4 Vy ^i^ soil, 

JAifEs, ipth lord, m- Lillios, diu of sir James S<niiaiityiiei 
of New-hall, and had issue; James, lltji IihvIi bislordihip 
(1 3 Jan,, 1C77, and was ancceedeil \i\ his son, ' 

Pfizer and eminence, by a suixe^(uu of men of valour aai 
patriotism, then aiukipa i|itp obscurity', tluough iu.advi»ed 
prodigality and fatnil/ ^ssenqjons, and at lai^tli ag^ ele- 
v^ft^ 10 ^oiii foTFline by the prudence of an indlvidnal repre- 
ifaMix^z 'bi^ ItirdaW m. Elizubeih, in. of iGlearge Craham, 
W ^^^H^S^i W' i i''^ lordship declined assuming the' title, 
pcpaeiqjffd'bj' t)fe severe blow this lioble niid anqent family 
had'reieii'edfnjfiilord GilliBrt*B pro4igality. Uis lDr4s]ii[i O- 


...... • liirt^i 

-; — _j-. ^41, 1st esfl of yinto;) and hafl issue 8 
5W, pfWhon), 1. J*ifEB,'13thl(ffd, the restorer ofiij^ 

It family; '2. George^ tit. Hicfes, of HindW, cO. 

.--. ^ '760, leaving issue 2 das. ; ^ m. t]ie rer. 

-. , -jf Kitterby, co. Devon; and Maria, unp. i he 

y^M suiweedeo by his only son, ' 

jA,M|^a, IStli lord, whose claim to this andent barony was 

adi^tted ■>; tho bous^ of lords, 27 JJIay, 17^3, who resolve^ 

tftat hif laidBAip bad a nght to t^ 4'Si'''y "^ baron Somer. 


j!iJ«KS, lapjf IqiS, 6. 1^4, w. f liualMith, da. of — 

BARONS. (»9 

rille. and otight to be placed on the roll of the peers of Scot- 
land, in wlii£ bin ancestor, lord SamernDe, sat in parliament, 
15 Feb., 1524. His lordship enlarged the family estate con- 
Bdenddy upon the following occasion : WilRam de Somervitte, 
the fonnder of the Soots baronial family, was second son of 
sir Walter de Somerville, of Whidmour, co. Stafford : the 
&ect male liiie of this English branch of the Somervilles had 
bem long ea:tinct, having ended in a sole heiress, who m, 
Staffiord^nke of Biiddngham, executed temp. Henry VIII. ; 
bat a ▼ery anaent branch of this family of Whichnour con- 
tiiraed to'floiuish in the descendants of Hoger de Semervitte^ 
who having obtained from his fhther^ sir Wailter de Sqiner- 
T^, of WhichAoor, the barony of Aston, co. Oloncesfer, 
bestowed u^aa it the name o( SomervUle Astbn : from a long 
line of aaoestony this esta,te, and the represetltation of the 
Engliak house, desdended upon WilHam Somerville, esq., of 
Eadstofie, ob. Warwick, and of Somerville-Aston, co. Oloa- 
eester, tilie cdebrafedauthdr of ^' T'he Chase," and other 
poems. Sconomy is seldom the companion of the nnises, sind 
this amiable and ing^^oos man became, ere the close of his 
Kfe, tnVtdved in 'jfeciiniary difficulties, whidi, mOst probably, 
a more strict attention, to hip affairs might nave prevented. 
3Ir. Sdiherville had been introduced to his Idr^mp by the 
ciiromstanoe of their common ancestry, which had neen an- 
nounced to him by the celebrated Scots poet, Alan Ramsay, 
ia Verses addressed to Mr. Somerville : 

" You hoth from one great lineage spring, 

Both from Somerville, who came 
With William, England's conquered king. 

To win fair plains and lasting fame. 

*' Whichnour he left to 's eldest son, 
That first-bom chief you represent ; 

His second came to Caledon, 

From whom our Somer*le takes descent." 

Being himself without issue, and desirous to continue the 
ancient estate in the same family, the poet made, 1730, an ar- 
rangement with lord Somerville, by which, in consideration of 
i^rtain sums, applied to the relief of burdens, he settled upon 
his lordship the reversion of his estates at his death, which 
ha]ijKMied 1742, when the English estates passed to the baro- 
nial Iwnise of Somerville, in Scotland, with whom they still 
rnniain. By this arrangement, the representation and "the 
ff^idiie of the ])roperty of both English and Scots branches 
1)1 this ancient family became united with the Scots title^ 


after a separation of more than 600 years. His lordship m., 
l8t, 1724, Anne, uterine sister of William, earl oC Brooke 
and earl of Warwick, sole da. of Henry Bayntun^ of Spye 
Park, 00. Wilts, esq., (by Anne Wilmot, eldest da. of John, 
earl of Rochester,) and widow of Edwaid- Rolt, of Saoombe 
Park, 00. Herts: by this lady (who d. 1736) he had issue; 
1. James, 14th lord ; 2. Hugh^ b. 1729, m., 1st, Elizabeth, 
da. of O. Lethbridge, of Westaway, 00. Devon, esq., and had 
issue, John, 15th lord; m., 2dly, Mary, eldest da. of the 
hon. Wriothesley Digby, of Meriden, oo^ Warwick, and had 
issue, Hugh, (L 1807 ; Mary, m. the rev. C. Digby ; Frances ; 
Mark, present lord; Harriet, «i., 16 Oct., 1816, William- 
Hay Carr, earl of Errol ; Kenelxn, capt. R.N. ; William ; Julia- 
.Valenza, b. on the anniversary of the capture of Valenza d*Al- 
cantara by her father, m., 20 May, 1816, Francis-Bond Head, 
esq., royal^engineers ; 3. Anne^Whicfmaur^ b, 12 Sept., 1725, 
«!., Dec. 1748, George-Burgess, of Greslee, 00. Berks, esq.; 
.4. FraneeS'Afme^ 5. 1753, m., 1781, James-Roper JEIead, of 
Hermitage, 00. Kent, esq., d. Feb. 1809. His lordship m., 
2dly, I7&9 Frances, da. of John Rotherham, esq., and had 
issue 1 da., who d, an infant. His lordship d. 1796, and was 
succeeded by his nephew, 

, John, 15th lord Somerville, (son of col. Hugh Somerville, 
brother to James, 14th lord,) a lord of the king's bedchamber. 
His lordship published a spirited pamphlet, urging the yeo- 
manry to arms, and defend their property ; and he raised a 
corps of fencibles, of whidi he was elected their coloneL The 
state of his lordship's health rendering a change of climate 
necessary, 1799, he visited Lisbon, where he employed him. 
self in a national'- undertaking of the first importance, the 
obtaining a stock of the celebrated Merino sheep, for the pur- 
pose of introducing them into Great Britain, and thus render, 
ing our clothiiers independent of Spain for the indispensable 
article of their wool. This patriotic scheme his lordship ac- 
complished with considerable difficulty and no small risk. His 
lordship d. at Vevay, in Switzerland, 5 Oct., 1819, and was 
succeeded by his half-brother, 

Mark, present and I6th lord. 

Heir'PreswnpHve — Kenelat, capt. R.N., his lordship's 


Motto — Fear God in life. 

Arms^^ee Plate 68. 


BAR0N8. 805 

Bumiot ; a General in the Army, and Ck>kmel 2\H Re^nient 
of Foot, and one of the 16 Peers for North Britain in the 
present Parliammt ; succeeded his father, James, the late 
Lord, 29 July, 1804: bom 1785; married, 2 July, 1792, Eli- 
abeth, ^dest da. of Walter Hunter, of Polmood, co. Peebles, 
m^ (fay Caroline Mackenzie, 4th daughter of George, Earl 
«f Cromartie,) and has issue; 1. Caroline-Elizabeth, b. 1793; 
flk, 16 No^., 1819, Oeorge Fairholme, of Greenknow, oo. 
Benrid^ esq. ; 2. James, Capt. Coldstream Reg. of Foot 
Qturda, 6. 9 April, 1796 ; 3. Walter, Capt. Coldstream Guarda, 
A. 29 May, 1798; 4. Catharine, b. 1800, d. 1808; 6. Charlotte, 
h. 1801 ; 6. Frederick, Ensign 84th Foot, b. 1803; 7- WU- 
JioM, b. 1804; & John, b. 1806; 9. Robert, 6.1808; 10. Marp- 
Simmrtj b. 23 Aug., 1810. 

The name of Forbes, which is probably local, and derived 
ham the lands of Forbes, oo. Aberdeen, is at least as ancient 
in Sootland as the time of king William the Lion, when we 
Sad JoHir D'E FomBES possessed of those lands. Fifth in 
deieent from him was 

Sir Ai.EXAirDE& de Forbes, who was created a peer of 
psiliament sometime before the year 1444, m. Elizabeth, da. 
of Geoiige Douglas, earl of Angus, and granddaughter of king 
Robert II., and d, 1448, leaving issue by her a son and sue- 

James, 2d lord, m, Egidia, da. of William Keith, the Ist 
earl Marischal, had 2 sons, William, his heir; and Patrick, 
ancestor of the earls of Granard, in Ireland : and deceasing, 
was .succeeded by his son, 

William, 3(1 lord, w». Christian, da. of Alexander Gordon, 
the Ist earl of Huntley, (ancestor of the dukes of Gordon,) 
and by her had 3 sons, Alexander, Arthur, and John, 
successive barons, and deceasing, was succeeded by his eldest 
Mn, Alexander, 4th lord; who dying without issue, was 
succeeded by his next brother, Arthur, 5th lord; who also 
dring without issue, was succeeded by his only brother, 

John, 6th lord, who m. Christian, da. of sir John Lundy, 
of that ilk, and had a son, William, and 3 das. ; and dying, 
waA succeeded by his son, 

William, 7th lord, who m. a da. and co-heir of sir Wil- 
liam Keith, of Inverury, and by her had issue, 

John, 8th lord, m, Jane, da. of James Seton, of Touch, 
esq., by whom he had Arthur, his heir; and dying, was 
Micceeded by his son, 

VOL. II. ' P AxiTllV^, 



AitTRUx, IMi lord, irho tk., lat, Juie, do. o 
lord ElphinstonE, Bnd hy her had a son, 

Alexander, 10th lord, m. Anne, da. of sir John Forbeii 
of Pitsligo, and had issne, 

W11.I.IAH, 11th lurd, vfbo m. Janu, dtt. of Johii Cunphell, 
of Calder, esq., by whom he had 3 sons ; Williau, AHhar, 
and Archibald ; and 2 das. j of whom JIfarg, m. William 8u- 
therlAnd, son of Jameg, 2d lord Duffua; and deomaiiig, wu 
succeeded by his eldest too, 

WiXLiAM, 13th lord, who m., IsC, Afargarec, da. nf Alex. 
Bnder, earl of KeUy ; and, Sdly, Anno, da. Of .TimieB Brody, 
of that ilk, eaq., and had issue, 2 sons, William and Jamew, 
and 1 da. ; and dying in 1710, was succeeded by liis eldest 

William, 13th lord, n 
Dale, esq., liy whom he Lai _ , _ 

ing, was succeeded by his son, 

WiLtiAW, Uth lord ; who dying a minor, in 1734, was 
aucoeeded by his nnde, 

JanEb, IfiCh lord, tn. Mary Forbes, sister to Ale^andeir, 
lord Pitsligo, by whom he had 2 sons and 3 das. t (of whom 

Sophia, m Ciunming, of Kinninmount, esq.) and <ls- 

ccasing, was succeeded h; bis son, 

James, lOth lord, who m., let, Mary Forbes, sister to 
Alexander, lord Pitsligo, and relict of John Forbes,, esq., by 
whom he had issue ; I. James ; 2. Sophia, tn. Charies Conin 
ndng, esq. ; 3. Mary, m. James Gordon, esq. ; 4. A-ane, m. 
Thomas Erskine, esq. His lordship n., 2dly, ElJSHbeth, da. 
of sir James Gordon, and by her (who d. 5 Nov., 1777,) he 
had no issue; and deceasing in 1 763, was sacueeded by his 

James, ITth lord, m. Catharine, only dn. of air Bobert 
Innes, bart., by whom (who rf. JC April, IMS,) he had issuaj 
1. Margery^ m., 1st, in I786, John Mackenzie, commouly 
called lord Madeod, (eldest son of the earl of Cromartie, who 
Iiad forfeited bis title by joining in the rebelb'on of 174ii) t 
and, 3dly, II March, I7»4, John, 4th duke of AthoU; S. 
jAMES^OcHONCAa, present lord ; 3. RoberUAllaaUir-Cain^ 
capt.R.N.: i. Andrea, d.wm., 12 June, 1B08;5. WilUam, 
Iteut. R.N., d. unni., 1 Feb., 171)2: and, 6. Jtfarji-ffijtaietA, 
nu, 9 Jiity, 178a, sir John Hay, of SmithReld, and Haystoun, 
™. Peebles, bftrt., and d. 2 Nov., 1603. His kirdship dying, 
29 July, 1804, was succeeded hy bis eldest son, 

James-Ochokcah, present and 17th lord. 

Seir-AppareiU Jaues, bis lordship's eldest son. 


Cr0aHa»8 — 1440 ; and a baronet of Nova Scotia, 1628. 
Motto — Grace my guide. 
u4n»«-^See plaie 69* 

CART, Earl Cathcart, Yisoount Cathcart, and Baron Green- 
«ek. In the Peerage of the United Kingdom of Oreat Britain 
and Irdand, K.T., &c. : bom 1765. 

(See Barl Caihettrt^ in the Peerage of England,) 

HeiT'ApparetU — ^Charles Murray, Lord Oreekock, 
the earPs son. 

Creaiian — ^Baron Cathcart, 1445. 

Motto — I hope to speed. 

ATi«7CAlffl[>gB-fiEORaE FRASER, Lord SALTOUN, 
and a Baronet (^ Nova Sodtia ; oi|e of the 16 Peers in the 
Impciial P«r|ii^fnt for N<m-^ Britain, C.B., K.M.T., and 
KA0., Ifc l^^tfutenimtJOolonel in the Army, Captain C^rena- 
dier ^iard« : bom 22 April, 1785 : succeeded his father, Al^x- 
andtr, the l«t@ Lord, 13 S^t., 1793: married^ 6 March, 1815, 
Catharine, natural da* of JSdwapd, Lord Thurlow, Lord High 
ChaiMS^or of Oreat Britain. 

Lau&evce AbernethT) of Saltoun, v^ba created lord 
SrJioun, 28 June, H4$, and had issue 2 sons, William and 
«f AMES, suixressivdy jlprds Saltoun ; from the latter descendeii 
George, 7th lord, whp d. IQKH), leaving issiip, Joif n, 8th 
lord; and 2 das., Mfirgtiret, 99. sir Alexaiider Fra«pr, of Phi)- 
trth t tmd Jeim-, m. f^r John Linds.ay, oif Kinfai^ns. <^.o)in, 
8th lard, left an only son^ Ajle^a^td^iu 9^th lord, whp d. 
without issue 1669, when the title devolvea on his first cousin, 
sir Alexander Fraser, qf PhUorth. 

Th« name of Fras^er is of great antiquity ^i^ Scotland. Sir 
fiimoa Fraser enjoyed half the Ijfi^ritory of Keiih, in East 
Lothian, as early as the reign of David I. ; and Gilbert 
Fraser, the immediate ancestor of this fan^ily, was sheriff 
of Traquair in that of Alexander II. JSip grandson, sir 
Alexander, was one of the most faithful adherents of king 
Robert Bruce, and m, his sister, Mary, widow of sir Neil 
Campbell, of Lpchow. Elevenjth in descent from him was 

Al£xakd£», whp, w before inention^d, bec^e 10th lord 

p2 SalXouu^ 


Saltoun, and dying 1693, aged 90, was succeeded in that title 
by his grandson, 

William, 11th lord, m. Margaret, da., of Dr. James 
Sharpe archbishop of St. Andrew's, and had issue ; 1. Alex- 
ander, 12th lord ; 2. Wiliiam, of Fraserfield, m. Catharine 
Erskine, da. of David, 4th earl of Buchan, and had issue ; 

3. Jamea^ of Lonmay, m. Eleanor Lindsey, da. of Colin, 3d 
earl of Balcarras, and had 1 son, who d. unm. ; 4. Helen, m. 
sir John Gordon, of Park, bart. ; 5. Henrietta, m. John 
Gordon, of Kinnellar ; 6. Mary, m. William Dalmahoy ; and, 

7* Isabel, m. rev. Brown. His lordship d. 18 March, 

1715, and was succeeded by his son, 

Alexander, 12th lord, m. Mary Gordon, da. of George, 
Ist earl of Aberdeen, sometime chancellor of Scotland, and 
by her (who d. in Feb. 17^7) had issue, 1. Alexander, 13th 
lord ; 2. William, d, without issue ; 3. George, 14th lord ; 

4. Anne; and 5. Sophia, both d, unm. He d, 24 July, 1748, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

Alexander, 13th lord, who dying without issue, in 1751, 
was succeeded by his next surviving brother, 

George, 14lii lord, b. in 1720; m. in 1756, Ekanora, da. 
of John Gordon, esq., and dying in 1781, left issue; 1. Alex- 
ander, 15th lord; 2, George, capt. in the 59th foot, d,unm,, 
8 Jan., 1799; 3. Henrietta ; 4. Mary, d, unm*, 1809 ; 5. Elea* 
nora, m,, 1st, sir George Ramsay, of Banff, bart. ; and, 2dly, 
lieu t. -gen. Duncan Campbell, of Lochneil. His lordship d, 
30 Aug., 1781, and was succeeded by his son, 

Alexander, 15th lord, b, 1758; m., June 1784, Mar- 
gery, da. of Simon Eraser, esq., by whom he had, 1. Alex- 
ander-George, the present lord; 2. Simon, b, 31 July, 
1787, d. 10 Feb., 1811 ; 3. Margaret, b, 29 Aug., 1789, d. 
1809; 4. William, b. 12 Oct., 1791, m., 9 April, 1818, Eliza- 
beth-Graham, 2d da. of D. M. Grant, of AimdiUy, co. Banff, 
esq. His lordship d. 13 Sept., 1793, and was succeeded by 
his son, 

Alexander-George, present and 16th lord. 

Heir'Preeumptive — ^William, his lordship's brother. 

Creations — 28 June, 1445 ; and a baronet of Nova Scotia, 

Motto^/n God is all, 

Arms~.J8ee Plate 58. 

FRANCIS GRAY, Lord GRAY, of Gray, oo. Perth, 
F.IL8,, London and Edinburgh ; born 1 Sept., 1765 ; sue 



CMded Ilia brother, Wflliam^ohn, the hrte lord. Hi I>e&, 
1807: marrietl, 3 Feb., 1794, Mary-Aime, daughter of Major 
JuMB Johnstone, 61st Regiment of Foot, aiid has issue ; 

1. JoHK, «. 12 May, 1788; 2. Madalina, b. U Nov., 17U9; 

3. Wiiiiam^ 6. 10 April, 1801, d. March 1802; 4. Margareiy 
h, 12 Dec., 1802; in. 2 June, 1820, John Grant, of Kilgraston, 
NJB., esq. ; 5. Jam/e^nmey b, 24 July, 1816. 

This family bears the same arms, and is, according to tra- 
dition, descended from the same common ancestor with .the 
Greys of Wark and Ghillingham, in England. 

Sir Akdkew Gray was an adherent to Robert Bruce in 
his stmgglfiB for the crown .of Scotland, and was rewarded by 
a grant of the lands of sir £dmund de Hastings* Fifth ^ 
doieait itam him was .sir Axdrew Gray, of Brooanouth* 
iHio appears to have-been created a lord of parliament before 
90ct^ 1487- fie was succeeded -by his son Aitdrew, 2d 
loacd, who d. about 1469; and, having sundved his eldest son, 
PaMek^ master of 0ray, was succeeded by his grandson, A v- 
BREW, 3d lord, who had issue Patrick, ^ih. lord, who hav- 
iag no male issue, obtained anew grant of his title with 
ismainder to hiii pifflphew Patrick, (son of Eis half brother, 
Gilbert Gray, of Buttergask,) who, on his uodets death, 
becsme 5th lord, and d, 1582, leaving issue Patrick, 6th 
lord, father of Patrick, 7th lord, father of 

AvD&EW, 8th lord, who shaving no male issue, obtained* a 
new patent, 1639, by virtue of which, on his death in 1G63. 
the title descended to his gp*andson, (son of his only da., AnnCy 
liy sir William Gray, of Pittendnim,) Patrick, 9th lord, 
who also had no male issue, and obtained a new patent, 1707, 
in favor of John Gray, of Crichie, husband of his oiUy da., 
Mwrjorffy who, on his fatl^er-in-law's death, 171 1^ became 
lOth lord, and d, 1724, leaving issue, John, 11th lord, who 
d. 1738, and was succeeded by his son, 

John, 12th lord, who, in 1741, m. miss Blair, heiress of 
Kinfauns, near Perth, by whom (who d. 23 Jan., 1790,) he 
had issue ; 1. Andrew^ master of Gray, who d, 1767^ unm, ; 

2. Charles, 13th lord ; 3. William-John, 14th lord ; 

4. Francis, the present lord ; 6. Jane^ m. 28 June, 1763, 
Francis, earl of Moray; she rf. in 1787; 8. Helen^ 1765, m, 
William Stirling, of Keir, esq., and d. 1776, leaving issue ; 
7. Margaret^ d. unm,^ 12 July, 1806 ; 8. Barbara^ d, unm^ 
5 Oct., 1794; 9. Elizabeth, »n., in 1774, sir Philip Ainalie, of 
Pilton, and d, 1787, leaving issue ; 10. Anne, m. 30 Nov., 
1776, George Paterson, of Castle Huntlijy, esq. ; she d. 1802, 

p 3 \cav\tvg 


leaving issue.' His lordship d, in Aug. 1782, and was 8u&> 
•oeeded by his brother, 

CuABLES, 13th lord, who dying, 1786, unm., was succeeded 
by William-John, 14th lord, who dying unm.^ 12 Dec, 
1807, was succeeded by his brother, 

Francis, present and 15th lord. 

Jffeir-Apparent-'JoHiif, his lordship's son* 

Creation — ^Before 1437. 

Motto:— ^nc/W>r, fast anchor, 

Arms^-^See Plate 68. 

16 Peers fdr North Britain in the present Parliament ; bom 
1768 ; had the title adjudged to him by the House of Lords, 
in 1782: married, 1st, 13 Feb., 1802, Mary.Agnes, daughter 
of James Chishofane, of Chisholme, esq., uid by her (who d. 
1814) has issue ; 1. James, b. 1803; 2. Elizabeth, b, 1804, d. 

8 Oct., 1812; 3. Susan, b. 1806; 4. MaUhew, b. 1808; 6. 
Charles, b. 1809 ; and a son, b, 8 June, 1811 ; his Lordship 
m., 2dly, 18 Sept., 1810, Isabella, youngest daughter of Alex- 
ander Chatto, of Mainhouse, co. Roxburgh, esq., and has a 
son, b, 12 July, 1820. 

The descent of this family is the same with that of- the 
Sinclairs, earls of Caithness. William, earl of Orkney and 
Caithness, marrying to his 1st wife, Margaret, da. of Archi- 
. bald, earl of Douglas, and viscount of Turenne, in France, by 
her had a son and heir, William, father of the Ist lord Sin. 
dair ; and by his 2d wife, Margery, da. of Alexander Gordon, 
son of the 13th earl of Sutherland, he had another son, chris- 
tened also William, who, by spedal surrender of his father, 
inherited the earldom of Caithness. 

Henry, 1st lord Sinclair, was so created in the parliament 
of Edinburgh, 26 Jan., 1488, and was killed at Flodden, 

9 Sept., 1513. He was succeeded by his only son, William, 
2d lord, father of Henry, 3d lord, who d. 1601, having sur- 
vived his eldest son, James, master of Sinclair, and leaving 3 
grandsons, Henry, James, and Patrick, successively lords 
Sinclair : the two former d. unm. ; the latter was father of 
John, 7th lord, who d. 1676, leaving an only da., Catherine, 
m. John St. Clair, of Hermandstoun, whose eldest son, 

Henry, became, on the death of his grandfather, 8th lord 

Sinclair, and in 1677 obtained a new charter of the title, with 

remainder, on £Eulure of the male issue of himself and lus 


BARONS. 611 

father, to his nearest lawful male heir. He d. 1723, leaving 
5 sons and 5 das. ; Imt his eldest son, Jahn^ master of Sinclair, 
having been attainted in I7I69 the title remained under at- 
tainder till, on the death of the last survivor of those sons, 
(who all (L without issue) in 1766, it devolved on 

Charles St. Clair, of Hermandstoun, son of Matthew 
St. Clair, and first cousin of the 7th lord, who thereupon 
became 9th lord, but did not assume the title. He d, 1776> 
leaving an only surviving son, 

Akdkew, 10th lord, who, like his father, did not assume 
the tide ; fit., 28 Dec, 1763, Elizabeth, da. of John Ruther- 
ford, of £dzarstoun, 00. Roxburgh, esq., and by her had 
issue ; 1. Chahles, present lord ; 2. Matthew^ master and 
comniander R.N., appointed to the command of the Martin 
sloop of war, which sailed from Yarmouth to Heligoland, 
1800, and was never more seen ; 3. Eleanor, d, unm,, 12 Sept., 
1786L Andrew, 10th lord, dying Dec. 1776, was succeeded by 
]iis(nily son,, present and 11th lord, whose claim to the title 
was admitted by the house of lords, 25 April, 1782. 

ffeir~Apparent^-J AHESy eldest son of his lordship. 

Creo/ton— 26 Jan., 1488-9. 

Motto — Fight. 

Arms — See Plate 58. 

HUGH SEMPIL, Lord SEMPIL: horn 1758: succeeded 
hig father, John, the late Lord, in 1782 ; married^ 25 Jan., 
1787, Miss Mellish, da. of Charles Mellish, of Ragnal, co. 
Nottingham, esq., and by her (who d, 16 Sept., 1800,) has 
issue; i. Selkiek, 6. 12 Feb., 1788; 2. Francis ; 3. Maria' 
Janet ; and, 4. Sarah. 

The first of the family on record is Robert de Sempil, who 
was steward or chamberlain of Renfrew, in the reign of king 
Alexander III., from whom descended Thomas Sempil, sheriff 
of Renfrew, sat in parliament, 25 Feb., 1483-4; and was 
killed at the battle of Bannockbum, on the side of James III., 

11 June, 1488, leaving an only son, 

Sir John Sempil, created a peer by king James IV., before 

12 March, 1495, though the exact date is not ascertained. 
He was lulled at the battle of Flodden, 9 Sept., 1513; m., 
Ist, Margaret, da. of sir Robert Colville, of Ochiltree, and 
had issue; 1. William, 2d lord; 2. Gabriel^ ancestor of 


the Semiiils of Cathcart; and, 3dly, Margaret, ds. of Janm 
Cri^ton, nf RutliTeud^i^, -by whom be had no jsatie. 

WllliiH, 2d lord, was une «f those who nsseuted to tbg 
marruge lietweeu queen Mary and prince Edward of Bug- 
land, 25 Aoi;., 1313; m. MhTgajtel Mitatgmaay, da. uf Uugbi 
lit earl of £gliiitaun, and dying 1S48, Mc issue 

BoBiEXT, 3d lord, d. atiout 1673, and hariug EUrrivr^d bl* 
eldest eon, Eoiertf was succeeded by bis grandson, 

Robert, 4lh lord, ambassadar to Ijpaia ISOIS; m. Anuei 
da. of Hu);]] Jtlontgomery, &d esrl nf £glinlouQ, and dying 
26 March, IGll, was mccee<!ed by bis wiii, 

UoGn, 5tb lord ; m., 1st, Anne, (la. of Jamex Hamilton, • 
Ist earl of Aberooni, by whom he had a da., Mariaa, m. rir 
Oesrge Frestou, of Vulleyfield, bart. ; and, 3dly, Ii:iiaabeU^ 
da. of Francis Hay, Kth earl of Errol, by wbcni he bad, 
Fkancib, dth lord, if. without issue, 3 Nov., 1644 j RoB£nT, 
7th lord; 2 other sons, and 3 das. Hugh, 6th lord, d. 19 

RoBGBT, 7t)i lord, m. Anne, da. of James Douglas, 1st 
lordMordinglon, and d. ti Sept., IG75, leaving issue, Fbancib, 
8th lord ; Am'n'£, baroness Seznpil; and Jean^ m. Alexander 
Sinclair, of Rosshn. 

FbaNCjs, 8th lord,m. Grisel, da. of sir ArohlbBld Prim- 
rose, of CarrinKton, bart. ; but d. without issue, 1(1114, vhen 
the title devolved on his eldest sister. 

Ah he, baroness Sempil, n. Francis Aliercrambr, of Fet- 
temeir, who was in consequence created baron Olassford (aa 
ancient property of che Sempil family) for life, S July, IC86l 
In Ittfte a new charter passed, seltting the title of Sempil on 
the issue male or female of this lady by lord Ghuaford, or any 
future husband ; and failing such, to any person nominated 
hy lord Ulauford and baroness Sempil, jointly during thair 
lives, remainder to tbe heirs and assigns of lady J^n^ 
whatsoever. The issue of lord Glassford and lady Sempil 
were; 1. Fbahcib, 9th lord, who(f.u»m. about 1707; 2. SO- 
brrt, in the army, killed in the lifetime of his elder brother; 
3. John, succeeded bis brother Francis, and was IDth lord, 
i/.unnt, 1710 ; 4. Alexa/uier, d, young ; and S. 

HuoH, lllh lord, «>. Sarah, da. and rahoireis of Oas- 

coyne, of Manchester, e«q,, and by her (who d. 17 April, 
17-I9,J hiid issoe; 1. JoBn, lath lord; 2. George, w., IM, 
miss Cordon, of Wardhouie ; 3dly, I Dec, 1764, bis DausiD,niJ- 
Clive, da. of Bichard Clive, of Styche, by ilebooca Gascoyn , 
and sister to Robert, Ist lord Chve; and, 3dIy„lS.June, 177I>t1 
Um mlift <if Francis Joddrelt, of Yearsley, co.<Cbester,es^ti 
3. Am' ^ 

BARONS. 813 

Sb Hugh^ d, Jan. 1764; 4. Ralph, </. at sea; 5. Sarah, m., 
22 April, 17dO, Patrick Crawford, of Auchenames and Errol, 
and d, 25 Apnl, 1751 ; 6. Jane, d. uinm. ; 7* Eligabeth, d. 
young; 8. Anne^m., 16 S^t., 1754, Adam Austin, M.D., 
and (L 1793; 9. Marian, d, tmtn,. May 1796; and, 10. Rem 
beeca, d. unm., Sept. 1811. His lordcuiip <L 25 Nov., 1746, 
and was suoceeded by his son, 

JoHH, 12th lord, m., 10 March, 1755, Janet, sole da. and 
horen of Hngh Dunlop, of Bishoptoon, co. Biienfrew, esq., 
and by her (who dL 26 June, 18(MI) had issue; 1. Hugh, 
pEcwnt lord ; 2. George, b, Aug. 17^9 in the army, <L in the 
£art Indies, June 1782; 3. Patrick, d. Jan. 1774 ; 4. SaraK, 
Ml, 7 June, 1760, sir William Forbes, of Cragiever, co. Aber. 
deal, bart., and d, 8 Dec, 1799 ; 5. Janet ; and, 6. Johanna. 
His kxrdahip d, 15 Jan., 1782, and was suoceeded by his son, 

Hugh, present and 13th lord. 

i70ir-^j>par«nl-JSELKiKK, his lordship's eldest son. 

CreaHone — Previous to 12 March, 1494-5 ; when a charter 
was granted to John, Lord Sempil ; new patent of creati(», 
16 May, 168& 

HoUo— ^«0p tryste. 
Plate 58. 

23 June, 1807 ; succeeded his father, John, the late lord, 
21 May, 1813. 

John de Elphinstone is witness to a charter of Gilbert de 
Haya, to the abbacy of Coupar, 1250; and to a grant of 
Roger de Quincy, earl of Winchester, of a lot of land in 
Gladswood, to the monks of Dryburgh, 1252. Alexander de 
Elphinstone is witness to a donation of sir William Living. 
tton, of Gk>rgyn, to the abbacy of Holyrood-house, 12^. 
Alan de Elplunstone, Duncan de Elphinstone, and John de 
Elf^nstone, were among the barons of Scotland who swore 
fealty to Edward I., 1296. 

Alexakdeb Elphikstone, was raised to the dignity of 
a peer of parliament, 1509 ; he fell at the battle of Flodden, 
1513, leaving a son and heir, Alexander, 2d lord, who was 
killed at PiiUde, 1547, and was succeeded by his son, Ro- 
bert, 3d lord, who was father of 

Alexander, 4th lord, high treasurer of Scotland, m. 
Jean, da. oi William, 6th lord Livingstone, and had issue ; 



1. Alexanbea, 5th lord; and 2. James of Bams, fatlier of [ 
Alexander, 6tii lord. He <L 1648, and was succeeded by hi* 
eldest son, I 

Alexaviier, dth lord, who d. 1640, leaving hy Eliaabedi, \ 
his wife, sister of James Dnmmiond, lat eaii of ipecth, an 
only da. lAUias^ m. her cousin, 

Alexander, 6th lord, who d. Dec. 1654yleav]3ig> issue by 
her, 2 sons, 1. Alexahber, 7th lord, d, wiUiout issue, 1669; 
and 2. John, 8th lord, m. Isabel, da. of Charlfis Mattlaad, 
3d earl of Lauderdale, by wham he had issuei, 

Charles, 9th lord!, m. Elisabeth, da. of sir William Prim- 
rose, and sister to Archibald, 1st visommt Primrose, (ancestor 
to the present earl of Roseberry,) and had issue ; 1* John^ m. 
Margery, da. of sir Gilbert Fleming, x)f Bamton, hart., and 
by her left no issue; 2. JatneSy d. unm. ; 3. Charles, l(Mh 
lord ; 4. Archibald^ in the army, d» at Oarthai^ena, 1741 ; 
5. Grixeli m, capt. Oascoigne ; 6. Primrote^ m., 17&7) Alex- 
ander, 5th earl of Home* His lordship d, 15 Fc^ 1738) and 
was succeeded by his son, 

Charles, lOth lord, m. Clementina-Fleming, da, and sole 
heir of John, earl of Wigtoun, (by Mary Kiaith, sister to 
George, last earl Marischal, and of field-marshal Keith, in the 
service of Frederick III., king of Prussia,) and had issue ; 
1. John, 11th lord; 2. Charles^ R.N., lost in the Prince 
George, 1758 ; 3. William^ullartony a director of the Bast- 
India Company, 971. miss Fullarton, and by her has issue ; 
1. John ; 2. Charles, R.N., lost in the Blenheim, 1767 ; 3. WiJ- 
liam-George Keith, lieut.-col. C.B., K.L.W., and K.S.A. ; m. 
SO Sept., 1 820, Diana-Maria, da. of Charles Clavering, esq., first 
cousin of sir John Clavering; 4. James-Drummond, lieut.<fCQl. 
3d guards, m. 25 Feb., 1824, Anna-Maria, only child of »r 
Edward BuUer, bart., on which oocasi<m he took the surname 
of BuHor before Elphinstone ; 5. Clementina, m., 1808, rear- 
admir^ sir Pulteney Malcolm, K,C.B. ; 6. Aune ; 4. George- 
Keith^ admiral of the red, G.C.B., and K.C., created lord 
Keith, in Ireland, 1797* and viscount Keith, in the peerage 
of England, 1801. (See Peerages of England mid Ireland,) 
5. Marp f 6. JSleanora, m., 1777) the right hon. WiUiam 
Adam, of Blair Adam, co. Kinross, and Woodston, co. Kin- 
49U'dine, one of the barons of the court of exchequer in North 
Britain, and lord chief commissioner of the Scots jury court, 
and }»y her (who d. Feb. 1808) had issue ; 7» Primrose^ d, in 
1802; 8. Clementina^ m., 1785, James Drummond, created 
lord Perth, in England, in 1707) whom she survived, and 


B^UlONis 815 

d 31 Aug., 1822. His lordafaip d, in 1784, and was succeeded 
^Ub son, 

JoHK, lltli Vnd, lord-lieut. oo. Dumbarton, m. Anne, da. 
of JsBses, dd lord Ruthven, (by Anne, da. of James, 2d earl 
of Bute,) and had issue, 1. Johx, 12th lord ; 2. Charies, 
*ifp admiral of the blue, of Cumbernauld and Big];^; to 
irtiich estates of the Wigtoun family he succeeded in oonse- 
fsenoe of an entail executed by John, earl of Wifrtoun, 1741, 
tbe fussiiiinn of which estates was confirmed to him by a de- 
daoQ of tfaie house of lords, and has assumed the name of 
Fleming; 3. James-Ruthven, 2d judge of the court of appeal 
tt Pacna, in. Bengal ; 4. Mwmtsfueariy jMresident and goremor 
of Bombay; & Amne-Simrt ; 6. Clementina; 7* Elizabeth 
Maekengie; & Keithy m., 5 Sept., 1803, Darid Brskine, of 
Gudross, coLiPerih, es^, and has issue. His loidship dL 19 
A^^ 17^^ A^ ^^^ aacceeded bv his son, 

JoHir, 12th lofd, Keat.-gen. in ^e army, and coL 26th 
legiBMnt of loot, m., 31 -^oly, 1806, Janet-Hyiidford, youngest 
4^ of dometiaa EHiot, of wboUee, oo. RoaxNArgh, esq., rdiet 
of sir JoluwGaiMon Gaimichael, of Skirling, ]£urt., and had 
iaoe, Job v^ present iofd. HiBlordghipd.21 May, 18139and 
vas lucceeded by his only son, 

JoRV, ^tretmt aad ISth lord. 

Heir-J^retumptiw — The Hon. CHARLBS-ELPHiirsTOVi: 
FLEMfir&, hia krdship^s imcLe. 

CreatioH — 1509. 

Motto Cause caused iL 

Plate 58. 

West Liothian ; succeeded his cousin-merman, James, the late 
lord; 7 June, 1815 : his Lordship was late Commander of the 
East India Company's ship Rose : married^ in 1806, Margaret 
Dol^^a8, 2d da. of John Stirling, of Keppendavie, esq., and 
has issoe ; 1. Robert, h. 1807 ; 2. John ; 3. Mary ; and 
4. a aon^ b. 2 Oct., 1821. 

Sir James Sakdilavds, the immediate ancestor of this 
family, lived in the time of king David II., and m, Eleanor, 
only da. of Archibald Douglas, of Douglas, and widow of 
Alexander Bruce, earl of Carrick, with whom he acquired the 
barony of West Calder, still the seat of the family. Sir James 
Sandilands, of Calder, 8th in descent from James before- 


mentioned, had two sons, J^hn and James. Of these, the 
latter was a knight of Malta, and chief of that order in Scot- 
land, whose property there he resigned into the hand of 
queen Mary, and was created, 24 Jan., 1563-4, lord Torphi- 
chen, to him and his heirs and assigns whatsoever. He m., 
but died without issue, 29 Nov., 1596, and was succeeded by 
his great nephew. 

James, 2d lord, (grandson of John above named, elder 
brother of the 1st lord) who m. Elizabeth, da. of James Heriot 
of Trabrown, and had issue, James, 3d lord, who d, unm,y 
1622; and 

JoHir, 4th lord, succeeded his brother, m. Isabel, da. of sir 
Walter Dundas, of Dundas, and d. 1637, leaving issue, John, 
5th lord, who d. unm.^ 1649 ; and 

Waltek, 6th lord, m. 4 wives ; 1st, Jean, only child of 
Alexander Lindsay, the younger, of Edzell, (by Anne, 2d da. 
of John, 1st earl Wemyss) ; 2dly, Catharine, da. of William 
Alexander, viscount Canada, and sister of William, 2d earl of 
Stirling ; 3dly, Anne, da. of Alexander, 6th lord Elphinstone ; 
and, 4thly, Christiana, da. and heiress of James Primriose, 
esq. His lordship d, in May 1696, leaving (by his 4th wife) 
an only surviving son, 

James, 7th lord, m. Jane, da. of Patrick, 1st earl of 
Marchmont, high chancellor of Scotland, and had issue ; 
1. Jamesy d. unm,, 1749 ; 2. Walter, 8th lord ; 3. Patrick^ 
d, without issue; 4. Alexander ^ d. young; 5. Andrew^ d. 
unm,y June 1776; 6. George^ d, young; 7» Charles^ R.N., d. 
at Carthagena, 1741 ; 8. Robert ^ m. Grizel, da. of sir Thomas 
Kirkpatrick, of Closebum, bart., and had issue, James, pre- 
sent lord ; 9. Grizel^ d, unm, ; 10. Christian^ d. unm,^ 1762 ; 
and, 11. Wilhelminct'Caroliney d, unm,^ 1767* His lordship 
d. 1753, and was succeeded by his son, 

Walter, 8th lord, m., 9 June, 1757) Elizabeth, da. and 
sole heiress of Alexander Sandilands, M.D., and by her (who 
d. 27 Sept. 1779) had issue; 1. James, present lord; 2. 
Alexander y in the army, d, Nov. 1806 ; 3. Walter , d, young ; 
4. Hugh, Ueut. in the 76th foot, d. unm,y at Madras, 1782. 
His lordship d. 9 Nov., 1765, and was succeeded by his 

James, 9th lord, b, 1759, m., ^ April, 1795, Anne, only 
surviving, child of sir James Inglis, of Crammond, bart. His 
lordship d, 7 June, 1815, without issue male, and was suc- 
ceeded by his cousin-germaii, 

James, present and 10th lord. 
. Heir'Apparent — Robert, his lordship's eldest son. 


BARONS. 817 

Creation — To the Ist lord, and his hein and assigns what- 
soever, 24 Jan., 1503-4. 
JAotXa-Spero meliora~-~l hope for better times. 
Plate 68. 

00. Lanark ; bom 10 June, 1776 : succeeded his father, Alex- 
ander, the late Lord, 5 Nov., 1783; Major-Oen. in the- 
Army, and C.B. : married, 26 Feb., 1813, Frances, 2d da. 
of the Hon. John Rodney, son of AdmiraJ Sir George, 1st 
Lord Rodney, K.B., and has issue a da., 6. 22 Feb., 1815 ; a 
dis., b. 17 April, 1816; Charles, b, 21 Dec., 1818 ; and a son^ 
h, 3 March, 1824. His lordship served in Holland, 1799; in 
Egypt, as Aide-de-camp to General Stuart, 1801 ; in the ex- 
pedition to Pomerania and Zealand, 1807 ; and with the Duke 
flf WeOin^^toa in Spain and Portugal, 1809. 

Sir WrLLiAX Stewabt, of Dalswinton, ancestor of the 
enis of Galloway, had a younger son, Thomas, who got from 
kit ftther the lands of Minto, co. Roxburgh, and d. 1600. 
Fourth in descent from him was, 

Walter Stewart, who being commendator of Blantyre, 
and from his youth bred in the court of king James VI., by 
that king was made keeper of the privy seal, gentleman of 
ills bedchamber, lord treasurer of Scotland, and created a 
laron, 10 July 1606; and dying in 1616, left, by Nichola, 
his wife, da. of sir James Somerville, 2 sons, William, his 
successor, and Walter. William, 2d lord, succeeding, m, 
Helen, da. of sir William Scott, of Ardross, and, dying 1638, 
left 2 sons, Walter, 3d lord, who d. without issue, Oct. 
IMl, and Alexander, 4th lord, who succeeded his brother ; 
M. Margaret, da. of sir John Shaw, of Greenock, bart., and 
had a son, Alexander, dth lord, m. Anne, da. of sir Rol>ert 
Hamilton, of Presmenon, one o^ the judges of the court of 
session; and d, 1704, leaving issue, Walter, 6th Lord; 
Robert, 7th lord, 3 more sons, and 4 das. Walter, 6th 
lord, dying unm,, 1713, was succeeded by his brother, 

Robert, 7th lord Blantyre, m., Ist, Helen Lyon, d.% of 
John, 4th earl of Strathmore, but by her had no surviving 
issue ; 2dly, Margaret Hay, da. of William Hay, of Drumel- 
xier, esq., cousin to the 1st marquess of Tweedale, by whom 
(who d, 13 Dec, 1782) he had 1. Walter; 2. William; 
X Alexander; successively lords Blantyre; 4. John, d, 
unm, ; 5. James, lieut.-coL 1st ref^iment of foot-guards, wa& 
- VOL. I J. « k\\\ed 

81fi SCOT8 PI^;itAO£* 

kiUed at Gwldfbrd, North Ca^roHa^, 15 March, 1761 ; 6. 
Charles, a lieut..ool. in the army ; 7^ Margaret ; 8. H^len, 
m, Oliver Colt, e«q.; 9. Mevriantiey d» ^M., Nov. 17^ ; 10. 
Elizabeth^ m, William Colquhoun, esq., and 4, without issue. 
His lordship d, in Dec. 1743 : he was succeeded by his eldest 

Walter, ^h lerd, who d'at Paris, May Ijl^l, wun., and 
was succeeded by his brother, William, J9th lord, whe dL 
uwm,y 16. Jan«, 177^9 and was sucfseeded by his biother, 

Alexander,' 16*th lord, who m., 1773, Catharine, da. and^ 
heiress of Patrick lindsay, of £aglesccarne, esq., (by JMlar- 
garet, da. and heiress of Thomas HaUiburton, of ££^lescaixiie, 
an ancient branch cti til^e noUe family of Sa^burton, lords of 
Dirleton,) aa(d by W, who d, 29 I>ec., 18^12, ,had issue; 1. 
£oBEET-W ALTER, present lord; 2. P^truif^ ma>.^ea. in 
the army, b, 10 June, 1777) *»-9 &t Columbo, 20 July, 1810, 
Catharine-Henrietta, da. lof the hon. J<4uL^odRey; 3. IFt2- 
/tam, b. 29 Aug., 177B, major-gen. in the army ; late major 
Ist r^ri^iei^ of foi«t*gaaid8, served in the «iqpodition to Hel- 
land, 1709; severely wouoded at Waterloo, 18 June, 1815 $> 
4. dtarleS'Fratwis, barrister at law, of Xiincoin's Iim, b, 25 
Oct., 1780 ; 5. Margaret, b, 26 Dec, 1775, la., 5 Oct., 1809, 
the rey. Andrew Stewart, minister of Bolton. His lofdship 
d. 1783, and was succeeded by his s<m, 

BoB£RV«W ALTER, the pvesent and 11th lord. 

Jtreir-^ppa9!«7i/-— Charles, his lordship's son. 

Creadon— 10 July, 1606. 

Motto — Sola jtwat mrtvs — ^Virtue alone delights xQe. 

^mwr-See Plate 58. 

Rear.Admiral of the 'White, R.N., one of the Sixteen Peers 
for Scotland in - the present Parliament ; succeeded his 
father, John, the^ late Lord, 8 March, 1811; bom 1768; 
marriedy in Cict. 1790, KUzabeth, sister of Sir Francis Ford, 

The family of ColvtUe, in North Britain, sprang from that 
of the. Colvilles in £nghuid, who had accompanied William 
the Conqueror from Normandy. Philip de Colmlle settled in 
Scotland in the 12th century, and flourished in the reigns of 
Malcofan IV. and William the Lion; was one of the hostages 
for his sovereign's freedom, by a convention with Henry II. 
of England ; he was ancestor of sir Roberi Colville, who was 


BARON0. 819 

master of the hons^dld to James IV., and fell with hia royal 
master at the fatal battle of Floddeii -field, anno 1513 : he was 
Boooeeded by his son, shr Jmnes CohUle, director of the chan- 
cery te James V., and one of the senators of justice on it» 
first iiistitution : he was succeeded by his son, sir Jamew 
Colrille, of East Wemyss ; m. Mai^^aret, da. of sir Koliert 
Douglas, of Lodileven, (ancestor of the earls of3forton,) and 
by her had S sons, James, 1st lord Colville, and Alexander^ 
fiommendator of Cnlross, ancestor of the present lord. 

James, Ist lord, acquired great reputation as a military 
commander in the wars under Henry IV. of France ; on hm 
return, he was in great fitvour with his sovereign ; in 1009, 
he was 4veftted a baron by the title of lord Coivilie, oi Culross, 
SO Jan., 1009, to hfan and the heirs male of his body, re- 
mainder to his nearest lawful heirs male, hereditarily, lj«u*ing 
the name md arms of Colville ; he m. Isabel, da. oi Patrick, 
lord Rnthven, and had issue ; 1. James, who d, unm,, before 
Ids firther ; 2. Robert, who d. also before his father, leavinfc 
1 son, James, 2d lord ; 3. Jon^, m. sir James Campliell, of 
Lawm, by whom she had John, afterwards earl of Loudoun, 
lord hi^ chanodlor of Scotland. His lordship d. 1920, and 
was snooeeded by his grandson, 

James, 2d lord, who d, without issue, 1640. On his death, 
the title, according to the patent of creation, devolved on his 
cousin, John, eldest son of Alexander Colville, commendator 
of Culross, above named, brother of the 1st lord ; but neither 
this John, his son, grandson, or great-grandson, ever ansumed 
the title, whidi consequently does not appear upon the union 
n»lL In 1722, however, John Colville, 6th in descent from 
Alexander, claimed the barony, and was declared, by a reso- 
lution of the house of lords, 27 May, 1723, to have made good 
liis claim, and his name directed to be added to the roll of 
peers, according to the date of the patent of 1609. His line 
•»f descent we now proceed to trace. 

Alexander Colville, commendator of Culross, brother of 
the 1st lord, left a sou, John, who survived the 2d lord, and ou 
wham the title of right devolved; he was father of Alex- 
ander, father of John, father of another 

Alexander, who m. Mary, da. of sir Charles Erskine, of 
Camlio, hart., and had issue ; 1. John, 3d, or more properly, 
7th lord ; 2. Charles, who after many years' military service, 
during which he was engaged in most of the battles under the 
dukes of Marlborough and Cumberland, became colonel 60th 
regiment of foot, a lieut.-gen. in the army, and d, unm, 177^ ; 
3. Alexander ; 4. George ; and, 6. William, d. unm, ; and 6 

Q 2 to.^ 


das., all of whom d, without issue, except Margaret^ who m, 
Mr, Blair. 

John, 3d, or 7th lord, was colonel of a regiment at the siege 
of Carthagena, and d. there 17^1) leaving issue; 1. Alex- 
ANBER, 4th lord ; 2. George^ in the army, d. unm. ; 3. John, 
dth lord; 4. Charles^ in the army, d. unm, ; 5. James, capt. 
R.N., who perished with all the crew in the Sunderland, of 
70 guns, at Pondicherry, 1761, unm, ; 6. Margaret^ m, Paul 
Castleman, of Horseley, oo. Gloucester, esq. ; and, 7* Elixa^ 
beth^ m, Robert Petrie, esq. His lordship was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

Alexander, 4th lord, who was a distinguished naval of- 
Acer, and a vice^dmiral of the white, 1770 ; m. Elizabeth 
Erskine, da. of Alexander, 6th earl of KeUie, but having no 
issue, was succeeded by his brother, 

John, dth lord, b, 24 Jan., 1724. His lordship entered 
early into the army, and was engaged in almost all the active 
military service of those days ; m. miss Webber, and by her 
(who d. Aug. 1788) had a numerous issue, of which 2 sons and 
2 das. only survived him ; viz. 1. John, present lord ; 2. sir 
Charles^ G.G.B. G.C.H. and K.T.S., a lieut.-gen., col. 74th 
foot, severely wounded at Badajoz, in Spain, 1812, and who 
commanded, 24 June, 1815, at the taking of Cambray, which 
was captured in the most gallant style ; m., 16 Feb., 1818, 
Jane, eldest da. of W, Mure, of Caldwell, esq., and has a son, 
b, 23 Nov., 1818; a da., b. Aug. 1820; 3. Anne, m, James 
Forsyth, esq., capt. in the king's dragoon guards ; 4. Catha- 
rine^ m., June 1792, the rev. Roger Frankland, son of ad- 
miral sir Thomas Frankland, of Kirkkby, co. York, bart., 
and has issue : (See Debretf^s New Baronetage). His lord- 
ship d, 8 March, 1811, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

John, present and 9th lord. 

Heir-Preaumptive — Lieut.-Gen. Sir Charles, K.C. B., 
brother of the present lord. 

Creation — ^20 Jan., 1609. 

Motto — OvMUr ne pui» — 1 can never forget. 

Arms — See Plate 58. 


STOUN, of Creling, co. Roxburgh; bom 12 Aug., 1809; 
succeeded his father, James-Edward, the late Lord, 5 Sept., 

Sir William Cranstoun, of Morieston, was capt. of the 
guards to king James VI., and by him created 17 Nov., 1609, 


BARON& «21 

Baron Cransioun; m. Sarah, ddest da. and coheir of John 
Cranstoun, of Cranstoun, and had issue ; 1. Johk, 2d lord ; 
2. Jamety father (by. Elizabeth, da. of Francis Stewart, earl 
of Bothwell, his 2d wife,) of William, 8d lord. He d, 1027, 
and was saoceeded by his eldest son, 

Johk, 2d tod, who was twice «n., bat d. without issue, 
and the title devolved on his nephew, 

W1LI.IAM , 3d lord, who, attending king Charles II. to the 
battle of Worcester, 1651, was there taken prisoner, and sent 
to the Tower of London, where he remained several years, 
b's estates being sequestered, and himself excepted out of 
Cromwell's indemnity : he m. Mary Lesley, da. of Alexander, 
1st earl of Leven, and had a son, James, 4th lord ; m. Anne, 
da. of sir Alexander Don, of Newton, hart., by whom he had 

Wii.j:.iaii, 5th lord, m. Jane Ker, da. of William, 2d 
marmien of Lothian, by her had, 1. James, 6th lord; 2. 
Wwiamy m. Anne, sister of sir I>avid Murray, of Stanhope, 
btrt., and d, 17^21 3. Charlet, d, wtm. ; 4. Gewtge^ d, 1788, 
leaving issue 2 sons, Henry and Geoi^, and 3 das. ; Mar- 
nret m. William Cunningham, of I^nshaw, co. Argyll ; 
tWie-Anne, m» count Purgstall, a Styrian noble ; and Helen- 
D*Arcy, m. Dugald Stewart, of Catrine ; 5. Anncy m. Oabriel 
8dby, of Paston, co. Northumberland ; 6. Jean^ d, vnm., 
1790 ; 7- Mary^ m. Archibald Megget, esq. His lordship d, 
April 1768, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, 6th lord, m, Sophia, da. of Jeremiah Brown, esq., 
l)y whom (who m., 2dly, 10 Nov., 1773, Michael Lade, esq., 
and d. 26 Oct., 1790) he had issue ; 1. William, 7th lord ; 
2. Browfiy d, 1754 ; 3. James, 8th lord; 4. Charles^ m. Eliza- 
beth Turner, and by her (who d, 22 Feb., 1781) had issue, 
James-Edwakd, present lord ; 5. George^ col. in the army, 
<<• at Siirinam, 8 March, 1806, unm, ; 6. Elizabeth^ b, Sept. 
1751 ; ani, 7, Charlotte^ b, 31 March, 1764. His lordship d, 
4 July, 1775, and was succeeded by his son, 

William, 7th lord, b, 3 Sept., 1749, d, wnm., 1 Aug., 
1778, and was succeeded by his brother, 

James, 8th lord, governor of Grenada, capt. R.N. He 
coDunanded the Belliqueux, of 64 guns, in the engagement 
between sir Samuel Hood, 1st viscount Hood, G.C.B., and 
comte de Grasse, 25 and 26 Jan., 1782, and who received the 
thanks of both houses of parliament, for his distinguished 
jrallantr>', I7 June, 1795; m., 19 Aug., 1792, Elizabeth, 
Youngest da. of Lewis-Charles Montolieu, sister of lady Eli- 
iwuik and lady Burges, and by her (who d. 22 Feb., 1814) liad 

Q 3 wo 

622 SCOTS F££RAG£. 

no issue* His lordship d. 21 Sept., 1796, and was succeeded 
by his nephew, 

James-Edward, 9th lord, m. 25 Aug., 1807) the eldest 
da. of John Macnamara, of the island of St. Christopher, esq., 
and had issue, James-Edward, present lord ; and a da., b. 
15 Aug., 1808. His lordship d. 5 Sept., 1818, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

James-Edward, present and IQth lord. 

HeiT'Apparent — None. 

Creatum — 1609. 

Motto-^Thou shcUt want ere I want* 

Arms-JSee Plate 59. 

chistoun, CKnd a Baronet of Nova Scotia ; Capt. R.N. 6. 13 
Oct., 1786 ; succeeded his father, Francis, late lord, 1 Aug., 
1823; m., 28 March,. 1816, Elizabeth^ da. of the Hon. Andrew 
Cochrane- Johnstone, and has issue a son and a daughter. 

The origin of the family of Napier, is stated in a certificate 
under the hand and seal of sir Archibald Napier, of Merchistoun, 
dated 1 June, 1625, in the following words : — ^^ One of the 
ancient earles of Lenox, in Scotland, had issue three sonnes ; 
the eldest succeeded him in the earledom of Lenox ; the 
second, whose name was Donald, and the third was named 
Gillchrist ; the then king of Scotts having warres, &c., 
amongst some that were then commanded to serve the king 
in those warres, was the earle of Lenox, who keeping his 
eldest Sonne at home, sent his second sonne to serve for 
him ; this battell went hard with the Scotts, who were forced 
to loose grounde, and at last to runne away, which being 
perceived by Donald, he pulled his father's standard from 
the bearer thereof, and valiantly encountering the /oe, being 
well followed, repulsed the enemy, and changed the fortune 
of the day, whereby a greate victory was gott. After the 
battaile, the king said unto them : — Vov have all done va- 
liantly^ but there is one amongst you who hath na pier, — and 
calling Donald to his presence, in regarde of his worthy ser- 
vice, gave him in augmentacion of honor to change his name 
from Lenox to Napier, and gave him the lands of Gosfoord, 
&c., and made him his servant, which discourse is confirmed 
by sundry of my old evidences, wherein we are called Lenox, 
alias Napier." 

John Napier, " to whom," says Mr. Hume, the celebrated 


BARONS. . 823 

liMtorian, ^^ the title of Great Man is more justly due, than to 
any other whom his country ever produced,** was the inventor 
of the Logarithms and Robdologioe, commonly called ^^ Napier*8 
Bones.'* He was, likewise, author of a ^^ Treatise on the 
Reveladon of St. John.*' These works will remain lasting 
monuments of his sublime judgment, knowledge and pene- 
tration. He d. 1617, having hsen twice m. ; 1st, to Eliza- 
beth, da. of James Stirling, of Keir, by whom he had 1 son, 
AncHiBAiiD, afterwards lord Napier, and 1 da., Joane, By 
his. wife, Agnes, da. of James Chisholme, of Cromlix, he had 
5 sons and 5 das. ; viz. John^ of Easter Torrie ; Robert^ an- 
cestor of the Napiers of Culcreuch ; Alexander^ of Ginets ; 
WtUiamj of Ardmore, from whom the Napiers of Craigane^ 
are descended ; Adam^ progenitor of the Napiers of p***-**^" 
stone ; Margaret^ m, James Stewart, of Rosythe -• 'CS^f.' *"• 
James Hamilton, of Kilbrachmont ; El\zahe*b "»• William 
dmningfaam, of Craigends; Agnes^ ,» /:^rge Drummond, 
rf BaUodi ; and Hehm^ m. the rev.^V*tthew Brisbane. 

AKCHIBAI.D, Ist lord Napiep <;We8t son of John, wm, for 
many years, gentleman of ♦*** P"^ chamber to king James 
VL, and attended his -^^jesty when he went to England to 
t>t^ possession of t><*t Kingdom on the death of queen Eliza- 
beth. He wf^ made one of the privy council ; treasurer- 
depnte of ^^^tJand, 1622 ; lord justice derk, and one of the 
vQi^s^ *^ ^^ oourt of session, 1623. King Charles I. ap- 
M^ted him an extraordinary lord of session, 1626; and a 
r^ulation having taken place, that the officers of state should 
not sit as ordinary judges in that court, created him a baronet, 
2d March, and then advanced him to the title of lord Napier ^ 
to him and his heirs male, 4 May, 1627. He was a steady 
loyalist, and invariably attached to the interests of his sove- 
reign, which rendered him very obnoxious to the Covenanters, 
who threatened to forfeit him after his death, which happened 
in 1645 : their forfeiture was prevented by his family paying 
a considerable fine. He m. Margaret Graham, da. of John, 
4th earl of Montrose, and sister to the 1st marquess of Mon - 
trose, by whom he had issue 1 son, Archibald, 2d lord ; and 
2 das. ; Margaret^ m. sir George Stirling, of Keir ; and Lilias^ 
d, ufim. 

Archibald, 2d lord Napier, distinguished himself in the 
civil wars, under his uncle, the great marquess of Montrose. 
He was particularly excepted in Cromwell's Act of Indemnity, 
1654, and d. in Holland, where he had retired from the per- 
secution of his enemies, 1660, leaving issue by his wife, lady 
Elizabeth Erskine, da. of John, 8th earl of Mar, 2 sons and 


3 das. ; viz. Archibald, 3d lord ; John^ killed in a s^-fighc 
against the Dutch, 1G72 ; Jane^ m. sir Thomas Nicholson, of 
Gamoch (whose son succeeded to the barony of Napier); 
Margaret, who carried on the line of the family, as will be 
seen hereafter ; and Mary, 

Archibald, 3d lord, obtained a new patent from kiil^ 
Charles II., 7 Feb., 1677? confirming the original patent of 
the peerage of Napier to himself and his heirs male, farther 
granting the honours to his heirs female, and their heirs 
male and female, then to his sisters in sucoessioa, and their 
heirs whatsoever, with the precedency of the original patent 
granted to the 1st loi'd Napier. This lord dying a bachelor, 
T683, was succeeded by Las nephew, sir Thokas Nichol- 
2^^ .i o£ Gamodi, only child of his eldest sister, who became 
4th loru,^„^ dying under age, and «»»»., 1686, the title de- 
volved on Eii* ,^j^ 

Margaret, wL, i,ecame baroness of Napier. Her lady- 
ship m. John Brisbane, ^.^ resident from king Charles II. 
at the court of France, ai^ secretary to the admiralty, by 
whom she had 1 Bon, John, wu. ^^g i,red in the R.N., and 
who d. on board the Deptford man ^f ^ar, on the coast of 
Guinea, 1704 ; and 1 da., MUzaheth, ^\^q ^^ anno 16^, 
William Scott, (afterwards sir William) son t^j^^ heir of sir 
Francis Scott, of -Thirlestane, bart., by whom sn, i^^d 1 son 
Francis, Lord Napier ; and 2 das. ; Margaret ; A*^e-Isal 
bella-Eli^abeth. Margaret, lady Napier, dying anno 1706 
(her da., Elizabeth, having d, the year before,) was succeedea 
by her grandson, 

Francis, 6th lord, who assumed the surname of Napii^r, 
in consequence of a clause in the last-named patent : he m., 
1st, Heilrietta Hope, da. of Charles, 1st earl of Hopetoun, 
and by her he had issue ; 1. William, his heir ; 2. Charles, 
capt. R.N., m., 1st, Grizel, da. of sir John Warrender, of 
Lochend, bart. ; and, 2dly, Christian, da. of Gabriel Hamilton^ 
of Westburn, esq., and rf. 19 Dec., 1807, leaving issue.; 3. 
Francis, a lieu t. -col. of marines, wi. Elizabeth, da. of John 
Greenaway, esq., of Portsmouth, and d, 1770> s- P» ; 4. John, 
a lieut. of foot, d. in Germany, 1759 ; 5. Mark, a major.gen. 
in the army, m., Ist, Anne, da. of John Nelson, esq., of 
Craigcaffie ; and, 2dly, Margaret, da. of Alexander Simpson, 
of Concraig, esq., and d. \0 June, 1809, leaving issue; '6. 
Henrietta, d. an infant. His lordship m., 2dly, Henrietta- 
Mary, da. of George Johnson, of Dublin, esq., by whom (who 
d. 20 Sept., 1795,) he had issue ; 7- George, col. in the army, 
aiicf comptroller of army accounts in Ireland, wi., 1st, Eliza- 

BARONS. 825 

beCh, lUu of ctspU Rdtiert Pollock, 61it reg. of foot, and by her 
left an tmly surviving da., Louisa-Mary, 6. 7 May, 1770; 
and, Sdly, 27 Aug., 1781 1 Sarah Lennox, 7th da. of Charles, 
2d duke of Richmond and Lennox, and d, 13 Oct., 18<M, 
leaving by her 8 children; 1. Charles-James, C.B., 6. 10 Aug., 
1782, lieut.-coL in the army; 2. fimily-Louisa, 6. 11 July, 
1783 ; 3. Oeoige-Thomas, C.B. b. 30 June, 1784, lieut..a>l. 
in the army ; in., Oct. 1812, Margaret, da. of John Craig, 
of Glasgow, esq. ; 4. William. Frauds-Patrick, 6. 17 I>ec„ 
1785, C.B., lieut— ooL in the army; m., 11 March, 1812, 
Caroline, youngest da. of the late hon. gen. Edward-Henry 
Fox, son of Henrv, 1st lord Holland ; 5. Richard, b. 7 Aug., 
1787, fellow of All-Souls college, Oxford ; C. Henry-Edward, 
h, 5 March, 1789, lieut. R.N. ; 7. Caroline-Henrietta, 6. 1790, 
d. 9 Sept., 1810 ; 8. Cedlia-Mary-Margaret, b. 1791, d, 20 
Aug., 1808 ; 8. James, d, in 1760 ; 9. Patrick, capt. R.N., d, 
15 June, 1801 ; 10. James-John, a lieut. of marines, killed 
oa board the Fox frigate, in 1776 ; 11. Stewart, lieut. of ma- 
rines, d, 1778 ; 12. Elizabeth, d, an infant ; 13. Hester, m, 
Samuel Jdhxiflon, esq., and df. in 1819 ; 14. Mary, d, 1785. 
Hii lordship was one <^ the lords of police in Scotland, and d, 
11 April, 1773 : he was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William, 6th lord, m. Mainie-Anne, 4th da. of Charles, 
8th lord Cathcart, by whom he had 1 son, Francis, 7th 
lord ; and 4 das. ; Mainie-Schaw, m. the rev. Andrew Hun- 
ter, D.D.,</. Oct. 1806; Henrietta; Mary-Elizabeth, d. 1778; 
and Jane- Wilhelmina, d, 1779. His lordship was lieut.-col. 
in the army, and deputy-adjutant-gen. of the forces in North 
Britain, and d. 2 Jan., 177^ : he was succeeded by his son, 

Fraxcis, 7th lord, D.C.L., one of the 16 representative 
peers for Scotland, and lieut. of co. Selkirk ; b, 23 Feb., 1758 ; 
«., 13 April, 1784, Maria-Margaret, eldest da. of sir William 
Clavering, K.B., and by her (who d. 29 Dec, 1821,) had issue ; 

1. Maria-Margaret, b, 9 Sept., 1785, m., 29 Aug., 1816, the 
rev. Oscar- William Kilvington, vicar of Brignall, co. York ; 

2. Willi AM-JoHK, present lord; 3. Charlotte, d. an infant; 
4. Anne, 6. 11 Dec., 1789, m., June 1816, sir Thomas-Gibson 
Carmidiael, of Skirling, co. Peebles, bart. ; 5. Sophia, b.2l 
Oct., 1791 ; 6. Francis, R.N., b, 30 July, 1793, d. 1814 ; 
7. Charles, capt. 88th foot, b. 24 Oct., 1794 ; 8. Henry-Alfred, 
6. 20 June, 1797 ; 9. Caroline, b, 10 Dec, 1798. His lordship 
d. 1 Aug., 1823, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William-John, present and 8th lord. 



Heir-Apparent — ^William-Johk, eldest son of his lord^ 

Creations — Baron Napier, by patent, 4 May, 1627; new- 
patent, 17 Feb., 1677) to the 3d lord, to the heirs of his body, 
and in default, to his 3 sisters, Jtine, Margaret, and Mary, 
in Succession, and their issue male ; which failing, to the 
heirs male whatsoever of Archibald, lord Napiar ; which idl 
failing, to his heirs and assigns whatsoever. Baronet of Nova 
Scotia, 22 Aug., 1666. 

Mottx^^San8 taehe, without stain; and. Ready ^ a/ye" ready! 
the latter beingthe motto of his lordship's paternal ancestors, 
the Scotts of Thirlesttme, and given by king James V. to 
John Scott of Thirlestane, together with some honourable 
additions to his arms, in consideration of his being the only- 
leader who joined that prince with his vassals in an intended 
expedition to Eng^d in 1542. 

Arms — See Plate 59. 

BRYAN FAIRFAX^ Lord FAIRFAX, of Cameron, in 
Holy Orders: succeeded his cousin, Robert, 1793; married 
Elizabeth Carey, and has issue several sons. 

Sir Thomas Faiufax, of Denton, co. York, was created 
baron Fairfax^ of Cameron, in North Britain, 18 Oct., 1627, 
2 Car. I. : he m. Helen Aske, and d. 1649, leaving issue ; 
FehdinaNdo, eldest son, and 2d lord, m., 1st, lady Mary 
Sheffield ; and, 2dly, Rhoda Chapman, d, 1647, leaving issue, 
Thomas, 3d lord, gen. of the parliamentary forces in the 
civil wars, who m, Anne, da. of Horatio, lord Vere, of Til- 
bury, and d, 1671, without issue male; Heniy, of Oglethorpe, 
Co. York, 2d son of the 1st lord, m. Mary, da. of sir Henry 
Cholmley, and d, in April 1665, leaving Henry, 4th lord, 
who w. Frances, da. of sir Robert Barwick, of Tirfston, oo. 
York, and d, in 1688, leaving issue, Thomas and Henry. 
Thomas, the eldest, was 5th lord, m, Catharine, da. and 
heiress of Thomas, lord Colepepper, and left issue 3 sons; 
viz. Thomas, eldest son, and 6th lord, d. unm. in Virginia, 
1781 ; Henry-Colepepper, 2d son, d, in the lifetime of his 
elder brother, 1734, without issue ; Robert, 3d son, suc- 
ceeded his eldest brother, and was 7th lord ; was twice w., 
but d. without issue, in 1793 ; when the whole male issue of 
Thomas, lord Fairfax, the eldest son of Henrys lord Fairfax, 
became extinct. The title and dignity then vested in the rev. 


BARON8. 827 

B&TAK Fairfax, the pree«it lord, by the ft^owing course of 
<Ie9oeat :— Henry FairfaK, his granilfathcr, was the 2d son of 
Henry, 4th lord, succeeded to his maternal grandfather*! 
estate of Tolstoo ; he m. Anne Harrison, and on that occasion 
leried a fine and suffered a recovery on the Tolston estate ; 
he had issue, I* Henry, 6. 106d, d. without issue, 1759; 2. 
ThoDsas, tL without issue ; 3. Richard, d, an infant ; 4. Wil- 
liam, b» in 1691, resided long in Virginia with his cousin, 
Thomas, 6th lord, who possessed great property in that 
country, as the representative of the Colepei^r family. Wil- 
Uaia dn 17^79 having m., 1st, Sarah Wal]^ar ; and, 2dly, De- 
borah dvrke, And kft issue, Gtoorge- William, who succeeded 
as heir to his unele Henry*s estate of Tolston; m. Sarah 
Carey, and d, without issue in 1787 ; Thomas was a midship- 
man B.N. in 1743, and was killed in battle, 26 June, 174G ; 
Bet AX, in holy orders, 3d son, present and 8th lord, whose 
cjsim to this barony was admitted by the house of k^rds in 
May 1609, when his lordship returned to North America. 

HeirmApparetU — Tha eldest son of the present lord. 

Creation — 16 Oct., 1627. 

Kotto— ^ar«,/M^-*Speak, do. 

Amu — See Plate 59. 

ERIC J^IACKAY, Lord REAY, Co. Caithness, and a 
Baronet ; b<fm 1773 ; succeeded his cousin, Hugh, the late 
Lord, 1797. 

DovAT-H Mac KAY, of Far, (son of Hucheon, and grandson 
of Y Machay) was created a baronet of Nova Scotia, 18 March, 
1627, and advanced to the dignity of the peerage, by the title 
iif lord Retufy by patent, 20 June, 1628. Ills lordship had a 
warrant from king Charles I., 1G25, and carried over to Ger- 
many a regiment of 1600 men of his own name and followers, 
to the assistance of the king of Bohemia ; and afterwards en- 
tered into the service of the kings of Denmark and Sweden, 
where he served with great reputation. In the civil war he 
jfHned the royal party, was taken prisoner at the surrender of 
Newcastle to the Scots army, and sent to the castle of £din- 
liurgfa, in order to be tried ; but being relieved by the mar- 
qiiess of Montrose, he retired to Denmark, where lie d. : he 
m. Barl>ara 3Iackenzie, sister to Colin, 1st carl of Seaforth ; 
and left John, his successor, who was succeeded by his 

Geobge, 3d lord, m,, 1st, Margaret y da. of licut.-fi^OTv. 



Rngh Mackay, and by her had issue, Dokald, 4th toi^. He 
«n., 2dly, Janet, da. of John Sinclair, of Ulbster, oo; Cahh- 
liess, esq., by whom he had one son, Hugh, of Bighouse, col. 
in the army, d. 1770, leaving issue ; and Anne, m, John 
Watson, of Muirhouse. His lordship m., 3dly, Mary, da. of 
John Dowell, esq., by whom he had 2 sons, George, of Skibow ; 
and Alexander, lieut.-gen. and commander of the forces in 
Scotland, who d, without issue, 31 May, 1789. George 
Mackag, of Skibow, was M.P. for Sutherland, 17^9 and 
master of the mint, in Scotland ; m., 1766, Anne, 3d da. of 
Eric Sutherland, only son of the attainted lord Dufius, and d, 
25 June, 1782, leaving issue, 4 sons, and 2 das., viz. 1. 
George, d. 1790 ; 2. Eeic, present and 7th 1<»^ ; AlexSander, 
«n. 1809, the widow of t)avid Ross, esq., o( Calcutta ; 3. Do* 
nald, capt. R.N. ; 4. Mary; 5. Anne. His lordship d, il 
March, 1748, and was succeeded by his son, 
•' DoNALSf, 4th lord, m., Ist, Marianne, da. of sir Robert 
Dalrymple, and had issue, George, 5th lord; and, 2dly, 
Christian, da. of James Sutherland,4p^q., and by her had 
Hugh, 6th lord ; and Mary, m, major Edgar, d, March 
1813. His lordship d, 1761, aUd was succeeded by hi^ eldest 

George, 5th lord, m., Ist, Jan. 1758, Marian, da. of his 
uncle, the hon. Hugh Mackay, of Bighouse, but by her (who 
d, March 1759) had no issue ; and, 2dly, Oct. 1760, Elizabeth, 
da. of John Fairlie, and had issue ; I. Jane, d, unm. ; 2. ilfo- 
riamie, b. 6 Dec, 1763, m. William Fullarton, of- Fullarton, 
CO. Ayr, M.P. for that county, first commissioner of Trinidad, 
d. at London, 13 Feb., 1808 ; and, 3. Georgiana, b, 12 Feb., 
1768. His lordship d, 27 Feb., 1768, and was succeeded by 
his half-brother, 

Hugh, 6th lord, who d. unm,, and was succeeded by 
• Eric, present and 7th lord, son of the hon. George Mackay, 
of Skibow, 3d son of George, 3d lord Reay, as above stated. 

Heir ' Presumptive — Alexander, his lordship's next 

Creations — 20 June, 1628 ; and a baronet of Nova Scotia, 
28 March, 162?. 

Motto — Manu forte — With a brave hand. 

Arms — See Plate 59. 

of Forfar, co. Forfar, in Holy Orders, Rector of Hartfield, 
tM). Sussex: succeeded his father, Walter, the late lord, 29 



Jtilj, laaSi 6oml769; Marrisd^ 14 June, 1802, EUzabeth, 
tester of Nalban Haines, DJ>., by Susannah, liis wife, 
of the late sir John Ghudleigh, bart. 

Of this ancient fionily, which is of English extraction, was 
Bmlph de Attcn^ oo. Stafford ; to whose son, Robert, in the 
time of king Henry III., 1260, Roger de Morlaud, bishop of 
lidifidd and Coventry, gave the keeping of the game in 
Ganckwood, and a seatm the manor of Haywood, both in that 

To the aaid Robert, whose wife was Sibyl, da. of James de 
Landa, suooeeded sir John, their son, who, in the 7th of 
Edward III., was kni^t of the shire co. Stafford, as, in the 
18th and 32d, was Roger, his son, who was father of sir John, 
and he of air Thomas, the last of whom often served in par- 
liament for that county, and in the 10th of Henry IV. wn * 
sheriff thereof ; he m, Elisabeth, sister and heir to R^naitl 
de Leigh, son of Ridiard, son of Reginald, lord of Parkhall, 
with fniom he had a jpcat estate. Sir Roger, their son, iu 
the 12th of Henry iV., was one of the principal gentry 
retomed hy the commissioners for the county ; and he mar- 
rying Joice, sister and co-heir to Baldwin de Freville, whos • 
anoestors had been barons of parliament, and were hcii > 
general to the noble families of Marmion, and Montford (.:' 
Beandesert, by her had Roger, his heir, who marrying Isabc ? , 
da. of sir William Brereton, of the co. Chester, had a sov; 
JiAm, who, in the time of king Edward IV. and Richard Hi., 
was sheriff of Staffordshire ; and he marrying Elizabeth, C. . 
of John Delves, of Doddington, esq., by her was father of . ; • 
John Aston, who, at the marriage of prince Arthur, eMl< :. 
son of king Henry Vll., was created K.B. In the 4La or 
Henry VIII. he went in the expedition into Brittany, and 
assisted that king in the siege of Terouaine and Toumay, as 
abo at the battle of Spurs, 1513, when for his conduct and 
bravery, he was made a knight banneret in the open field ; 
and marrying Joan, da. of sir William Littleton, by Helen, 
his wife, da. and co-heir to Robert Welsh, lord of Wanlip, co. 
Leicester, he by that marriage possessed the said manor of 
M^anlip, and the lordship of Tixal, co. Stafford, the latter 
being purchased by the Littletons. He had two sons, sir 
JEdward, his heir, and Wiiliam. 

Sir Edward, who had been several times sheriff for his 

own county, dying in 1568, left by Joan his wife, da. of sir 

Thomas Bowles, baron of the exchequer, sir Walter, his 

heir, and three das. ; Katharine, m., 1st, to Stephen Slanlo^^ 

vol.. II. H euv\. ; 


esq. ; 2dly, to sir'William Ch'etwynd, of Ingestree, co. Staf^' 
forid ; and, 3dly, to sir Edward Cope, of Canon's-Ashby, oo« 
Northampton; Mary^ m. to Simon Harcourt, of Stanton^ 
Harcourt, in the co. Oxford, ancestoi^ to the earls of that 
name; and Frances^ m. to Robert Needham, of Shenton, 
CO. Leicester, ancestor to the visGoants Kihnorey, in Ire* 

Sir Walter, who succeeded his father, d. 1589, left by 
Elizabeth, his wife, da. of James Leveson, besides other issue^ 
sir Edward, his heir, father of the 1st lord ; and WilUamy 
of Milwich, CO. Stafford, ancestor of the present Imxl. 

Sir Edward was sheriff oo. Stafford, an office which all his 
ancestors had served from the time oi king Edward III. ; «n., 
1st, Mary, da. of sir John Spencer, ancestor d the dukes of 
Marlborough ; 2dly, Anne, da. of sir Thomas Lucy, knt., by 
whom he had issue, 

SirWAL T ER, Ist lord, who, at theooronation of king James I. 
of England, was made a K.B., and 161 1, created a baronet. In 
1622, being then in a public diaracter at the court of Madrid, 
he was commissioned, with John Digby, earl of Bristol, to 
conclude a marriage treaty between Charles, prince of Wales, 
and the eldest da. of that crown ; and to support the glory of 
his country, he spent there the greater part of his estate : but 
though that marriage was defeated, the said sir Walter, after 
his return, was, by Charles I., for his good services, created 
lord Aston^ baron of Forfar, with remainder to his heirs male 
for ever, bearing the name and arms of Aston. He m, Ger- 
trude, da. of sir Ralph Sadler, of Standon, co. Hertford ; and 
d. 1639, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Walter, 2d lord, who, during the civil war, living in the 
garrisons of the king, and at the siege of Lichfield, being 
joined in commission with sir Thomas Tildesley, the governor, 
they S3nt a trusty servaijt with a letter to the king at New- 
castle, which being delivered safe, he returned with the 
following answer : — 

" Newcastle^ June 6, 1646. 
" My Lord Aston and Tildesley, 

" The greatest of my misfortunes is, that I cannot reward 
such gallant and loyal subjects as you are, as I ought or would. 
For the present I must deal freely with you, which is, that I 
can give you no relief; but I desire you to hold out till Oxford 
be surrendered, which will be ranked among the rest of the 
good services done by you to 

" Your assured friend, 


BARONS. 831 

Oxford being tnrreudered in June, and no conditions «iade 
for thfem, they made the best they could for themselves, which 
was only a permission to go home and compound for their 

Tildetley and lord Widrington were killed in the fight with 
cobnd liilbum, 1651, when he routed the earl of Derby, in 
Wigan liane ; but the lord Aston lived in retirement till the 
king'a restoration : m, Mary Weston, da. of Richard, earl of 
Fbrtland, lord treasurer of England, by whom he liatl Wal- 
TEK, Sd lord, and several das., whereof, Frances was 2d wife 
of sir Edwmrd €kige, of Hengrave, co. Suffolk, bart. 

Waltek, 3d lord, d. Nov. 1714, and left issue by Eleanor, 
his wife, da. of sir Walter Blount, of Soddiugtou, co. Wor- 
cester, bart., widow of Robert Elni^tley, of Off-church, co. 
Warwick, esq., Waltek, 4th lord, who m. Mary Howard, 
the only sister to Thonuis, duke of Norfolk, and by her (who 
i. in 1723,) had several children. His lordship dying 1746, 
was soooeeded by his son, 

Jaxes, 5th lord, who im, Barbara Talbot, da. of George, 
14tli earl of Shrewsbury ; and d. Aug. 1751, leaving only two 
das. ; Bifaryy «. to sir Walter Blount ; and Barbara^ m, to 
the lum. Thomas Clifford : the title devolved, agreeably to the 
patent, upon the descendant of William Aston, of Milwich, 
unde to 1^ 1st lord. The said William m. Elizabeth, da. of 
Waldive Willington, of Hurley, and d. 1628, leaving a son, 
Edward, who, by Dorothy, da. of Richard Eld, of Seighford, 
haul four sons ; Walter, William, Edwai-d, Richard : Walter 
m. 3Iary, da. of John Chetwynd, of Rudge, and d. 1691, 
leavings one da., m. John Dive, esq. ; William and Richard d, 
without issue ; Edward m. Prudence King,, and d, 1705, 
leaving issue two sons, Walter and Edward. Walter m. 
Penelope, da. of John Whitfield, esq., and d* 1722, leaving 
two sons, Philip and Walter ; of whom, 

Philip, 6th lord, the eldest, being the heir male of this 
branch of the family, became heir ; he £^ itnm.^ 1755 ; the 
honour devolved upon his brother, 

Wai.ter, 7th lord, who d. also ^vithout male heirs, 1763 ; 
the title devolved ujxon the son of Edward, uncle to the two 
last lords, 

Walter, fith lord, m. miss Ann Hutchinson, by whom he 
had isHue; 1. Elizabeth-Jaiie^ who d, young ; 2. Walteh- 
HuTCHiNSON, present lord; 3. Wxlliam^Bailcy, who was 
htst at sea, on board the Foulis, East Indiainan. His lord- 
ship d . 29 July, 1805, a^d was succeeded by his eldest 


r2 WaliI-U- 


Walter-Hutchiksoit, present and 9di lord. 

HeiT'ApparefU — None. 

CreaHoh — Lord Aston, of Forfar, co. Forfar, 28 Nor.. 

Motto — Nvmini et patria asto-^l stand to ray God and iny 

Arms— See Plate 59. 


of Corstorphin, succeeded to the title on the death of Anna- 
Maria, the late Baroness, 3 D6c., 1808; horn Sept. 177^,; 
ViscouKT GRIMSTON, in the Peerage of Ireland ; and 
Earl VERULAM, in the Peerage of England. 

(See Earl VeriUam, in the Peerage qf England.) 

Creations — Baron Forrester, of Corstorphin, 1633, to the 
1st lord, and his heirs-genetal ; new patent, with the former 
precedency, 13 Aug., 1^0, to Johanna and Lillias, das. of the 
Ist lord, and their issue male ; and, in default, to their hem 

BRIGHT ; bom 15 Aug., 1771 : succeeded his father, John, 
the late Lord, 24 Dec. 1801 : married^ 28 Mardi, 1820, Misis 

According to history, this family was anciently of great 
power, and heritahle sheriffs of all Galloway, till the period of 
James II. David M^Lellan is mentioned in a charter of 
king Alexander II., anno 1217) the 3d of his reign; and 
according to Crawfurd, its branches were so numerous, that 
there were in Galloway, 12 knights of the name of M'Clellan, 
of whom sir Patrick M^Clellan, tutor, of Bombie, was the 
chief. He was grandfather of 

Thomas M'Clellan, of Bombie, who d, about 1604, leaving 
issue, by Agnes, da. of Jam^ Dunbar, of Mochrum, thrcte 
sons ; 1. William, ancestor of the 1st lord Kircudbright ; 
2. Gilbert, ancestor of the present lord; and, 3. John^oi Auch- 
lane, whose issue male is extinct. 

Sir Thomas M'Clellan, of Bombie, 4th in descent from 
Thomas above named, d. 1697, leaving issue by Grizel, da. of 
John Maxwell, lord Herries, three sons; 1. Robert, 1st 
lord ; 2, William, father of the 2d lord ; 3. John, of Bourg, 



Srolto-Hcket, present lord; Camden-Grey; txk^ EUxttf 
beth, b, 18 April, 1769 ; m., 21 May, 1795, Finlay Fergu80fn> 
et«\0 His loi^ship d. 24 Dec., 1801, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Sholto-Hekry, present and 8th lord. 

Heir'Presumptive — Gahdex-GreIT, the present lord** 

Creatum^2b May, 1633. 

Motto — Think on. 

Arms — See Plate 59. 

kirk, and a Baronet : succeeded his father, Alexander, the late 
liord, 24 Sept., 1820 ; married^ 8 March, 1803, Jane Oli- 
phant, daughter of James Hamilton, of Bachilton, esq., and 
has issue, 1. Alexander, b. 25 May^ 1804 % 2. Clara-Mary, 
b. 24 July, 1806 ; 3. Maria^ b, 3 July 1807 ; 4. John^ 5* 
3 July, 1808 ; 5. Charlotte^ b. 20 Sept. 1809. 

Among those Scots who Bwore fealty to king Edward I., in 
1296, was John de Moreff, who is supposed to have been 
ancestor of the Murrays of Blackbarony, who claim ai| 
ancient descent, independent of all other families of that 

Andrew Murray^ of Blackbarony, was served heir to hia 
father, John Murray, 14 Feb., 1513-14, who was killed at the 
battle of Flodden ; and by his 2d wife, Grizelda, da. of Johu 
Beauton, of Creich, co. Fife, relict of William Scott, of Brox- 
holme, ancestor of the dukes of Buccleuch, he had issue, 1. 
sir John Murray, of Blackbarony ; from him descended the 
Murrays of Bladcbarony, baronets of Ravelrig, Murray 's-hall; 
Cringeltie, Hend^land, &c. ; 2. Andrew ; 3. Gideon, father 
of the 1st lord EHbai^ ; 4. sir William Murray, co. Fife, 
whose son, sir William Murray, of Clermont, was created a 
baronet of Nova Scotia, 1 July, 1626, ancestor of the late 
right hon. general sir^JameS Murray-Pulteney, hart., M.P., 
and of sir John Murray, lieut.-gen. in the army^ and colonel 
3d West India regiment of foot ; 6. Elizabeth^ m. James 
Borthwick, of Glengelt, esq. ; 6. Agnes^ m, Patrick Murray, 
of Falfahill, and Phiiiphaugh ; and, 7- Mariote^ m, J«aie^ 
Pringle, of Wliitebank, esq. 

8iT Gideon Murray, 3d son, wm kxiighted 1605, appointed 

* treasurer 

Maiupflr delate of (Sootland, 1611, and a lord of feuUn, 1613; 
be tL 1621, leaving a son, 

Patrick Murray, created a baronet, 16 May^ 1628, and 
advanced to the dignity of the peerage, by the title of lord 
EUbank^ by patent, at Oxford, 18 March, 1643, to him and 
hit heirs male whatsoever ; m., Ist, Elizabeth, da. of sir Jamea 
l>undas, of Amiston, and by her had Patrick, 2d lord, and 
several das. His lordship m., 2dly, Helen, da. of sir James 
Lindsay, and had issue, lH^cUter^ of Rathvilly, near Carlow, in 
Ireland, who m. Jane, sister ci Edward Butler, 2d lord vis^ 
count Galmoy, and deceasing in 1695, was succeeded there by 
his son, WiUiam, who m. Mary, 3d. da. of Oliver Grace, or 
Shanganagh, now Oraoefield, in the Queen's co. ; but dying in 
1696, wiuunit issue, his sister, ElizabeA, m. to Thomas 
Clailce, of Sesking, became' his heir. His lordship d, 1650^ 
and was suooeeded by his eldest son, 

Patrick, 2d lord, m. Elizabeth Stevrart, da. of John, 1st 
earl of Traquair, (by Catherine, da. of David Carnegie, 1st 
earl of Southesk,) and deceasing 1-661, was succeeded by his 

Alexaitder, 3d lord, m. Anne, da. of Alexander Burnet, 
archbishop of Glasgow, and had Patrick, 4th lord, and two 
das., of whom, Anne in* John Mackenzie, 2d earl of Cro^ 
marty. His lordship d* 1687) aiid was succeeded by his son, 

Ai,EXAifD£R, 4th lord, m. Elizabeth, da. of Mr. George 
Stirling, of Edinburgh, and by her had, 1. Patrick, 5th lord ; 
2. Geo ROE, 6th lord; 3. Gideon, D.D., prebendary of Dur. 
ham and Linooln ; m., 30 June, 1746, Elizabeth, only da. of 
David Montolieu,. baron de St. Hypolite, a gen. in the British 
service, baron of the holy Roman empire, who quitted France 
on the revocation of the edict of Nantz ; and came over 
with William, prince of Orange, 1688 : by her (who d. 1796,) 
had issue, Alexander, 7th lord ; 2. David, d. 8 May, 
1794, having m., 8 Oct., 1783, Elizabeth, 5th da. of the late 
right hon. Thomas Harley, youngest son of Edward, 3d 
€arl of Oxford, and earl Mortimer, sister of the countess of 
Kinnoul, and had issue, Elizabeth, m., 29 June, 1810, capt. 
Sheriff, R.N., son of the late general Sheriff; Maria-Clara, 
m., 22 June, 1819, Edmund -Hungerford Lechmere, esq., eldest 
son of sir Anthony Lechmere, of the Rhydd, co. Worcester, 
bart. ; Louisa, fTi., 6 Jan., 1814, sir John Reade, of Shipston- 
court, CO. Oxford, hart. ; and David ; 4. Alexander, d, unm.^ 
^ni ; 5. James, a gen. in tlie army, governor of Quebec and 
of Minorca, d. in June 1794, leaving a son, James-Patrick, b, 
1781, a cobniel in the anny, m,, in Jan. 1803, Elizabeth, 


^a. of Edward Rushworth, of Freshwater, in the Isle of M 
.esq., and has issue ; 6. Barbara^ m. sir James Johnstone, 
7. Elizabeth^ d. unm, ; 8. Anne^ m. James Ferguson, 
one of the lords of session in North Britain, and d, in 
1793; 9. Janet^ m. sir Robert Murray, bart., father < 
late right hon. sir James Murray-Fulteney, bart. ; 10. ili 
11. Heleuy m. sir John Stewart, of Orandtully, bart., s 
29 Dec., 1809. His lordship d. 1735, and was succeed* 
his eldest son, 

Patrick, 5th lord, m. Maria-Margaretta, lady do^ 
North, widow of William, lord North and Grey, and 1 
Cornelius de Yong, lord of Elmeet, of the celebrated 1 
of La Mark, receiver ^^^eneral of the United Provinces ; 
dying 3 Aug., 1778) without issue, he was succeeded I 
next brother, 

George, 6th lord, an admiral R.N., who attended 
Anson in his voyage round the world ; m. Isabdla Mack( 
da. of George, 23d earl of Cromartie, (attainted 1746) an< 
issue 2 das. ; Maria, «»., 3 May, I7OO, Edward Hay, of ] 
hall, esq., brother to George, 8th marquess of Tweedale ; 
Isabella: his lordship dying without issue male, 12 '. 
1785, was succeeded by his nephew, 

Alexander, 7th lord, m., Ist, 26 April, 1776, "^ 
Clara, da. of Lewis-Charles Montolieu, baron de St. Hyp 
and by her, (who d. 19 Jan., 1802,) had issue; 1. Ale; 
DER, present lord ; 2. Gideon, d, 25 Feb., 1784 ; 3. Ge 
b. 10 Oct., 1787 ; 4. Elizabeth, w., 1803, William Bucht 
of Ardoch, co. Dumbarton, esq. ; and, 5. Mary, His Ion 
m,, 2dly, miss Stewart, and by her had no issue. His lor< 
d, 24 Sept., 1820, and was succeeded by his son, 

Alexakber, present and 8th lord. 

Creations — Baronet, 1628; baron, 1643. 

Motto — Virtute fideque — By virtue and faith. 

Arms — See Plate 59. 

JOHN ROLLO, Lord ROLLO, of Duncrub, co. Pc 
bom 23 April, 1773 : succeeded his father, James, the late I 
in 1783 : married^ U June, 1806, Agnes, daughter of Wil 
Greigh, of Gayfield Place, esq., and has issue, 1. Willi 
2. John ; 3. Robert ; 4. Mary ; and, 5. Martha.- 

Sir Andrew Rollo, of Duncrub, (descended from « 
de RoUo, who lived in the reigu of king David II.,) 


MMxm. m 

TI^ tad <nM«d ft ipear by Ids gMMioA. 
H^ MJuL,l«(,bythetidftorJMriiiab,«r 
jtDlifaftaBiUiUn^Md0wbatMevwi MkCftAiriM, 
ifJSMMft PiiMIM B ii i, l0v| Miiatjr, brwhomlwluidiHuft* 
iiftni md finr dM*. jBedL 160llyiiidwMfuooead6dbyliJb 

r4n% M l«t< fli», lit, Dorathftft, dm. oT Jofan CMblun, 
flid «|r]|apt9«i kyviflnkthtdMltsnei aaiSdlj, 

brmsw, Nloid, flk Maigaret, dft. ciJatm. Bftlfoor, lovi 
rirfi^ ftBd iL 1 HftTC^ 1700, kftyijw iMiie« 
loaxmT, ddk loH, «• Mftnr, da. or sir Heniy RoUo, of 
Mirida, and br liflr liftd. I. AM&ew, 6th lord ; S. Henry^ 
AaM^dft.€f Ilftvid, Sd kfdRathyen, and dL witlioat isiue ; 
VhBM^Mikrtf 4.C1nMftl,flR.HaTift,da.o(rJolinIrv{iie, 
ji^itaftiA l|tt|1eKriftgiftRK6; & Jfar|S fli. DftTid DniOh 
ML «i«.| & j;iii»,«.B0beet JohnttoniBy m^; 7. imii^ 
Mm WlitnOf "it- Bblocdddp joiBftdi&tiie«0b«UiM 
Ami king CMofge> L, in wlikli iMaiig diH^ypointed, he, 
fe<tt* iBBifiMMivf Bbtelej, (aaaestorortbednkftof Oor- 
^ipamitefd ifafltauilfei in April 171i, «ttd w«ie odm*. 
ifiitoSdlnliiiigliGaitlis the mftnpwiiwnt y tdgn e d, and 
d BoDd «•■ diftzed by hit nuijerty^i ftct of grftoe, in I717. 
I loniafa^ d, 1761, and was tnoofteded hy his too, 
ivftmxw, 6di lord, Heot-ool. in the anny, who distin- 
iAed Mnwrif in the reducdon of Canada, under general 
imy, Avg. I7M, and in ^ captore of the island of Mar^ 
ifftft, 4 9eb., 1703, when the non. gen. Mockton, in hift 
paft^ei laid, ^^ that lord Rollo,and aU ^e officers^ deserve 
I hi^fatfit approbation for their animated and soldier-like 
idnGt." His lordship was twice married, but <f., 2 June, 
16, wiUumt Bunriying issue, and was succeeded by his 

JoHir, 6th lord, m. Cecilia, da. of Mr. Johnston, d£ 
Inibiiigh, merchant, and d, 26 March, 1783, leaving issue, 
Jaikss, 7th lord, an officer in the royal marines, served at 
B vadnction of Pondiciherry, and Manilla ; m., 4 1^* 176i^ 
I ooosin-ffimnan, Mary, ddest da. of John Aytoun, of Inch* 
mift, 00. Fife, esq., and by her (who d, 24 April, 1817,) had, 
JoHv, 8th lord ; 2. Hoffefr^ collector of <^e customs of Air, 
, 94 Feb., 1801, Eliabeth-B. Hunt, da. of oapt. Hunt, and 
s issuft, James; John Ballantyne; Miller-Hill, d, 1808; 
nsr; MiIler.Anne; and Mary-IsabeUa ; 3. James^ lieut. 
N., d. «f llie yeUow. fiever, in Jsmidf*, Nov. I8O85 

4. liobeUft ; 



4. Isabella; IS.Jane^ fit., 31 March, 1795, capt Patrick Hunter, 
of the Behgml infantry ; 6. Mary ; 7. EHzabeth-CeeiliOy m., 
14 Nov., 1799, James-Carstairs Bruce, of Balchrittie, esq. ; 
8. Margaret^ tL young ; and, 9. Barbara. His lordship, d, 14 
April, 1783, and was succeeded by his son, 

John, present and 8th lord. 

Heir^ApparerU — ^William, ddest son of his lordship. 

CrMt/ton— Baron Rollo, of Duncrub, to the 1st lord, and 
his heirs male whatsoever, 10 Jan., 1861. 

Motto — La fortune passe partoui — The vicissitudes of for* 
tune are common to aU. 

Amts—See Plate 59. 

JAMES RUTHVEN, Lord RUTHVEN, of Freeland, 
.00. Perth ; bom 16 Oct., 1777 ; succeeded his father, James, 
the late Lord, 27 Dec., 1789 ; married^ 20 Dec, 1815, Mary, 
daughter of Walter Csmapbell, of Shawfield, N.B., esq. 

Thomas Ruthvex was created baron Ruthven, 1651 ; he 
left, by Isabella, da. of lord Burleigh, David, his h^r ; Annej 
who d, without issue ; and Elizabeth, 

David, 2d lord, d, without issue ; but his sister, Elizabeth^ 
m. sir Frauds Ruthven, and left an only daughter, 

Isabella, who being grand-daughter of Thomas, 1st lord 
Ruthven, upon the decease of her uncle, DaWd, 2d lord, and his 
eldest sister, Anne, without issue, became representative of 
the family, and succeeded to the title, and had summons as a 
baroness to the coronations of Oeoige I. and II. ; m. ooL 
James Johnston, by whom she had James, 3d lord ; Anne^ 
tn.y Ist, Henry RoUo, esq.; and, 2dly, Frederick Bruce, 

James, 3d lord, succeeded, on the death of his mother, 
Isabella, 1732 ; m. Janet, da. of William Nisbit, of Dirleton, 
esq., sister to the countess of Leven and Melville, and the 
baroness Banff, by whom he had two sons ; James, 4th lord ; 
William^ who (L unm, ; he *»., 2dly, Anne, sister to John, 3d 
earl of Bute, by whom (who d, 28 Nov., 1786,) he had nine 
children ; Stewart, who d, young ; John, capt. R. N., who (L 
1778; Anne, m. John, 11th lord Elphinstone, and had issue ; 
Isabella, m. John M^Dougal, esq. ; had isijue, and d. 1775 ; 
Wortley-Montague d, unm, in 177^ ; Mary-Elizabeth, m. sir 
Robert Lawrie, bart. ; Jane, d, young; Grace, d. young; 
•lanel, m. Wade-Toby Caulfield, esq., capt. 3d dragoon guards, 


BABONS. 810 

Aug. 1765, and d. 178». His lordship dL 3 July, 1783, and 
was soooeedad by his son, 

James, 4th lord, m., 8 Nov., 177^9 Mary-Elizabeth Lesley, 
hu of David, 6th earl oi Leven, and by her (who d, 7 Oct., 
IS20,) had issue ; 1. Jah es, present lord ; 2. David^ b. 12 
I>ec., 1781, d. young ; 3. David^ b. 1787, d. 1808 ; 4. WilheU 
■mo, 6. 18 Nov., 1778; 5. JaneUAwMy b, 25 April, 1780; 
CJontf, <i..]804; 7* CharloUe ; & Rebecca; and, 9. Jlfary- 
Blhtabeth^ThornUniy m., 13 Oct., 1806, Walter Hore, esq., of 
Hsrperstown, co. Wexford. His lordship d, 27 Dec., 1789, 
vhoi he was succeeded by his .sou, 

James, present and 5th lord. 

Heir-Premmpthe — ^David, his lordship^s brother. 

Creation — 1651. 

Motto — Deedethaw, 
Plate 59. 

WILLIAM NAIRNE, Lord NAXRNE, restored to that 
title by act of pariiament, which received the royal assent, 17 
June, 1824 ; married^ June 1806, Caroline, 3d daughter of 
Laurence OUphant, of Cask, esq., and has issue ; William, 

Robert Nairxe, of Strathord, a member of the faculty 
of advocates, having been a strenuous adherent to king Charles 
II., during the civil wars, and suffered ten years' imprison- 
ment in the Tower of London, for his loyalty, was, on the 
restoration of that monarch, appointed a lord of session, and 
one of the judges of justiciary; and 27 Jan., 1081, created 
L*>rd N'aime^ with remainder to his son-in-law, lord William 
3Iurray, 4th son of John, marquess of AthoU, by lady Amelia 
Stanley. He d, 1683, leaving an only da., Margaret^ m, to 
the alMve named 

Lord William Murray, who succeeded to his father-in- 
law's title, and became 2d lord, but never took the oaths to 
gmremment, or his seat in parliament after the revolution. 
He engaged in the rebellion of 1715, and was sentenced to 
death, but pardoned, although his title was forfeited. He d. 
1725, leaving issue by Margaret Naime, (who survived him, 
and d. 14 Nov., 1747,) 1. John ; 2. Robert, killed at Cullo- 
den, 16 April, 1746 : m. Jean Mercer, heiress of the family of 
Mercer, of Aldie, co. Perth, and had issue col. William fier- 


oer, of Aldie and Meikleonr, who 4i»., 3 April^ 1703, Mavgaret 
Murray, heiress of Pitkerthly, and d, 19 Jan., 1790, leat^zng 
three das., his oc^eirs ; of whom, Jane, the eldest, m. the late 
visoonnt Keith 9 CSee Banmess Xeith^ m the Peerage 0/ 
M%gland^) 3. WUUam^ ciwt. of an Indiunan, J. 1743 ; 
4. James^ an offieer in the British service ; 5. Mturgceret^ m. 
Williaim, 4th viscount Straihallan ; 6. AmeliO'Anne'-Sophiay 
m. Laurence Otiphant, of Oask, esq. ; 7* Caiherine, m, Wil« 
liara, 4th earl of Dunmore ; 8. Matjery, m. Duncan Robin- 
son, of Dramaquhain, esq., and d. l^93; 9. Charlotte^ m, 
John Robertson, of Lude, esq., and d, 1787 ; 10. Mary^ d» 
unm.y 1774; 11. Louisa^ m, David Ck>aham o( Orchil, esq., 
and d. 1782 ; 12. Henrietta, d, tmm., 180S. 

John Nairne, eldest son of the 2d lord, was engaged, as 
well as his father, in the rebellion of 171^9 and in that of 
1745 ; m. Catherine, 3d da. of Charles Murray, 1st earl of 
Ihinmore, and d, in France, 1770, having had issue by her 
(who d. 9 May, 17^4,) eight sons and five das., of whom, 
only five son^ and one da. survived their infancy. His eldest 

John, m, Brabazon, da. of James Wheeler, of Lyrath, in 
Ireland, and had issue by her, John, who d, unm* ; a da., 
Brabasfon, d, unm. ; and a 2d son, 

William, present lord. 

HeiT'Apparent — The Hon. William Nairne, the earl's 

Creation — 11 Jan., 1671. 

^rmj— See Plate 60. 

BELHAVEN and STENTON, a Captain in the Army, bom 
1793 ; succeeded his father, William the late Lord, 29 Oct., 
1814 ; married, in 1816, Hamilton, daughter of Walter 
Campbell, of Shawfield, esq. 

Sir John Hamilton, of Broomhill, created lord Belha« 
yen and Stenton, 1647, but having no male heirs, made a sur- 
render of his barony to the king, and obtained a new patent, 
limiting the honors to sir John Hamilton, of Beil, hart., (who 
had m. his eldest grand-daughter, Margaret,) and his heirs 
male whatsoever. The 1st lord d, 1679, and was succeeded 



Vfbl8gti]ld«Mi4ii-]air, abor* named, who tL 1708, IcAYing 

JoHV, 3d loord, a{i|iaated garernor of BwiNMloes, 1721, but 
^roiroad on hit parage out, 17 Nov., that year. He had four 
ma; 1. Johii, 4th lord, tL ufiM., 1764 ; 2. Andrew, d. frnta., 
1)96 ; 3. Jamkb, 5th lond, d, uniik, 1777 ; 4. Moberiy d. unm,^ 
1743. On the death of the 6th lord, the title devolved on 
Eabert HamiltiHi, of Whiahaw, eaq., (descended from WiUiaxn, 
nnger brother of Jamea Hamilton, grandfather of the 9d 
lovd,) bnt he never assumed the title, which was, however, 
dahned by, and allowed by a resolution of the house of lords, 
96 Apdl, nua, to his son, 

W11.1.IAM, 7th lord, b. 1766 ; m. 3 March, 1789, Penelope, 
yoangeat da. of Ronald Maodonald, of Clanronald, 00. Inyer- 
■esa, eaq^ and by her (who d 6 May, 1816,) had issue, 1. Ro« 
BSMT MoNTGOMEMT, present UnkI; 2. William, b, 1797; 
S. Penelopt ; 4. SuaoM^Marf/^ m, Nov. 1820, P. Ramsay, 
hanker in E^nburgh, esq. ; 5. Flora ; 6. Jane, «n., 14 Feb., 
lOft, CKpt, Chailea Sotheby, R.N., eldest son of William 
Sotheby, esq., F.R.S., of Fairmead liodge, in Sewardstone, co. 
Imx, d: 18 Sept., 1820 ; and, 7. Betkia. His lordship d. 
29 Oct., 1814, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

RoBsnT-MovTOOMERT, present and 8th lord. 

Heir'Presumptive —^W 11.1^1 AM, his lordship^s next bro- 

CreaHons — Baron Belhaven and Stenton, 15 Dec, 1647 : 
and by a new patent, 10 Feb., 1676, to the 1st lord for life, 
and after his death to John Hamilton, the husband of his 
grand-daughter, and his male issue ; remainder to the nearest 
male heirs whatsoever, of the said John Hamilton. 

Motto — Ride through, 

^ni»#-JSee Plate 69. 

eo. Perth ; a Councillor of State to the King in Scotland, F.R. 
and A.S. : bom 7 April, 1780 ; succeeded his father, George, 
the late Lord, 21 Oct., 1806 : married, 8 May, 1806, OUvia- 
LetitiaXatherine Fitzgerald, youngest daughter of William- 
Robert, 2d Dnkeof Leinster, K.P., and has issue, I. Oeoroe- 
WiLLiAM-Fox ; 2. Olivia-Cedlia-Laura ; 3. Frederica* 
Elima ; 4. Graham^Hay'SL Vinoeni'de Ross ; and, 6. a son, 
6. 8 Jidy, 1814. 
VOL. II. s RadulpVvw*, 


^ - - . • 

Radnlphus, Mimamed Rufas, hsd a duuterfroni kioff 
William the lion, of the barony of Kinnaird^ in Pertbihiie, 
firam whence this family asmimed their mroanie. Seventeenth 
in deseent from RadolphoSyWas 

Oeoeob KiraAiBD, of Inofatnre, who, having evinced 
his loyalty to king Charles IL, during the usorpationL, waa 
knighted in 1061, made (me of that monarch's pnvy councfl,. 
and, 28 Dec, 1602, created baron KmnaM^ of Inchture ; m.'. 
Margaret, da. of James Criditon, of Rothyen, esq., and had 
issue six sons, vis., Pateick, 8d lord; Jokt^ Jaimet^ Alexan^ 
der^ and Ch&rie$^ all d. s.p. ; and Georff$y who left issue a scm, 
George, father of the 6th lord. .His lordship <L 29 Dec., 1680,. 
and was succeeded by his ddest son, 

Patrick, 2d lord, m. Anne, da. of Hugh Fraser, dth lord 
Lovat, and dying 18 Feb., 1701, left issue two sons ; Pa«- 
TRICK, 3d hud ; and Charlks, 6th lord, 

Patrick, 3d lord, dL 1716, and was luoceeded by his <mly 

Charlxs, 4th lord, who d. without issue, 1728, when the! 
title devolved on his undo, 

Charles, 6th lord, who also dL without issue, 16 July, 
1758, and was succeeded by his kinsman, 

Charles, 6th lord, (son of George, and grandson of George, 
2d son of the Ist lord, as above stated,) m. Barbara, da. of sir 
James Johnstone, bart., sister to the late sir William Pul- 
teney, father of Henrietta-Laura Pulteney, countess of Bath, 
by whom he had issue, George, 7th lord ; Patrick^ who was 
unfortunately killed by a tiger, on the coast of Coromandel ; 
Eliziibeth^ d, unm.^ \^^9 ; Margaret^ m. July 1779) Thomas 
Wiggens, esq., and d. in 1800. His lordship d, 1 Aug., 1767, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

George, 7th lord, m., 23 July, 1777) Elizabeth, da. and 
sole heir of Griffin Ransom, of New Palace- Yard, Westmin- 
ster, esq., and by her (who d,2\ Oct., 1805,) had issue ; 
1. George'William-Ransomf d, 12 Feb., 1770; 2. Charles, 
present lord ; 3. EHza^ b, 13 May, 1781 ; 4. Henry^ d, 21 
July, 1784; 5. Edward-Griffin^ d. in Feb. 1803; 6. Georgia 
ana^Mary^Anney b. 26 Oct., 1786, m., 1. Dec., 1814, admiral 
sir George-Johnstone Hope, K.C.B. ; 7* Douglas^James^ 
WiUiam^ b, 26 Feb., 1788; & Frederick-John-Hag^ b. 30 
May, 1789, d, 23 Dec., 1814; 9. Laura-Margaretta^ 6. 6 
Oct., 1791, d, 29 March, 1810 ; and, 10. Amelia-Barbara^ d, 
9 Jan., 1795. His lordship <i. 11 Oct., 1805, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 


BARONS. 843 

Chaelzb, preMnt and 8th lord. 
Heir'ApparetU — His lordship's son. 
Creation — 1682. 

Sf otto — Patiiur gtU tfineU — He who conquers, suffers. 
Plate 60. 



t aa 1 



MINSTER, Marquess and Earl of Kildare, Eari and Baron 
f Qffiidev, originally by tenure, Premier Marquess, Earl, and 
taran or Ireland, and Viscount Leinster, of Taplow, oo. 
Indu: bam 21 Aug., 1791 s succeeded his father, William* 
iobert, the late Duke, 20 Oct., 1804 ; married^ 16 June, 
.818, Charlotte-Augusta Stanhope, youngest daughter of 
Varies, llarl of Harrington, and has. issue : 1. Charles* 
KTiLLiAX, Marquess of Kildare, b. 80 March, 1819 ; 2. 

33 GenOd, 


Gerald, b. 6 Jan., 1821 ; 3. Olivia, b. 15 Mardi, 1823, d. an ti 
infant ; 4. Jane^Seynumr, b, 6 Feb., 1824. | 


The family of Fitzgerald derives its origin fix)m Otho, Mf | 
Other, a powerful English baron, in the time of king Edwmrd \ 
the Confessor, whose son, Walter Fitz Other, was at the \ 
general survey of England, 1078, castellan of Windsor. From , 
the same Walter also descended the families of Windsor, | 
Carew, Fhz-Maurloe, Oerard, and uomj others. The ^desC 
title of honour used by this family, was that of barons oi Of&u 
ley) by whiidi Cterald Fitz-Maunce, great-grandson of Walter 
Fitz Other, was designated as early as 1205; and his de' 
scendant in the sixth d^pree, 

JoHK FiTK TdoMAS, was created earl of KUdare, 14 May, 
1316, 10th Edward II., and d. the same year ; (mm him the 
title descended as follows :— 

Thomas Fitz Johk, 2d eaii, son of the 1st, iL 1328. 

Richard Fits Tsoicab, 3d earl, son of thfe 2d, <i. 1329, 
and was succeeded by his brodier, / ' . 

Maurice Fitz Thomas, 4ljh eari^ d, 1380, 

Gerald Fitz Maurice, 5th earl, son of the 4th, dm 
1410, and was succeeded by hu son, 

John Fitz Oerald, 6th earl, whose son, 

Thomas Fitz Oerald, 7th earl, was attainted 1467, but 
restored again by act of parliament, and d» 1477) leaving, 
besides other issue, a son, 

Gerald, 8th earl, K.G., father of 

Gerald, 9th earl, father of 

Thomas, 10th earl, who, together with five of his uncles, 
was executed for high treason, 2 Feb., 1535. 

Sir Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th earl, was half-brother of the 
10th earl, restored in blood by queen Mary, and was father of 
Henry and William, 12tDL and 13th earls ; on the death 
of the latter of whom, unm., 1599, the title devolved on his 

Gerald, 14th earl, father oif 

Gerald, 15th earl, who d, urnn., 1620, and was succeeded 
by his first-cousin, 

George, 16th earl, m. Joan, da. of Richard Boyle, eari of 
Cork, and d, 1660, having had issue Went worth, 17th 
earl, and Robert, father of the 19th earL 

Wektworth, 17th earl, m. Elizabeth, da. of John Holies, 
earl of dare, and dying 1663^ was suooeeded by his only 


DUKfi. 647 

JoBir, 18di earl, twiot married, but d, withoat aunrhrinf 
one, VJ(rt, when the title devolred on hii fint-ooiuin, 

RoBsmT, 19th earl ; m. Mary, da. of William 0*Dry«n, 
8d eail of Inchiquin, by whom (who d. Feb. 1780,) he had 
■any diildveii, bat only two mnriTed their infancy, viz., 
Jamxs, 90th earl, and 1st duke ; and Margaret, m. Wilb 
ffin, lat marqaeu of Downahin. The earl d. 1743, and waa 
iowwfwted by nia only ton, 

Jamxs, lit dnke, a lieat.<gen. in the army, and master* 
gm. of this ofdnanoe in Ireland ; b, 29 May, 1722, and suc- 
ceeded hia father as earl of Ealdare, 20 Feb., 1744, was cre« 
ated a peer of Great Britain, 21 Feb., 1747, bv the title of 
▼isooont Leitutery of Taplow ; on 3 March, 1761, was raised 
to Ae dignity of marquess of KUdare ; and on 16 Nov., 1766, 
was adrmnced te the farther dignity of duke of Lexntier ; m., 
7 Feb., 17479 Amelia.Mary Lennox, da. of Charles, 2d duke 
of Bidbnumd and Lennox, and by her (who after his grace's 
death, m., 2dly, William Ogilvy, esq., and d. 27 March, 
1814,) had issue; 1. George, earl of Offaley, b, 15 Jan., 
1748, and d. 26 Sept., 1765; 2. William-Robert, 2d 
duke ; 3b CharleeJames, b. 30 June, 1756, created, 20 Oct., 
1800, baron Legale, of Ardglass, but d. 8.p. 17 Feb., 1810, 
when that title became extinct ; 4. Henry, b, 30 July, 1761, 
M., 4 Aug., 1791, Charlotte, now baroness de Ross; (See 
Baronets de Rats, in the Peerage of England ;) 5. Edward, 
b, 15 Oct., 1763, m., in Dec., 1792, Pamela, natural da. of 
the duke of Orleans : he d. 4 June, 1798, falling a victim to 
his unfortunate resistance, on being apprehended upon a 
chaige of high treason, (for which he was attainted, but the 
attainder was reversed in 1819,) leaving issue, Edward-Fox 
Fitzgerald, b. 1794 ; Pamela, 6. 1795, m., Nov. 1820, sir Guy 
Campbell, bart., C.B., son of gen. Campbell ; and Lucy, 6. 
I798 ; 6. Robert-Stephen, b, 15 Jan., 1765, late ambasRudor 
to the court of Lisbon ; m., 22 July, 1792, Sophia, da. of 
Charles Fielding, esq., by Sophia, sister of Oeorge, earl of 
Winchilsea and Nottingham, and has issue, Matilda, 6. 31 
May, 1793; m,, at f*aris, 24 Dec., 1817) chevalier Victor de 
Marion Ofg'a, of Languedoc, cadet of that noble family; 
Emily, b. 21 July, 1794, d, June 1816; and Louisa, d. at 
Brussels, 17 Oct., 1816 ; Robert-Oeorge b, 30 Sept., 1795, d, 
81 July, 1812; Charles-Fielding, b, 21 Dec., 1796, drowned 
accidentally, 8 Oct., 1818 ; Sophia-Charlotte, and Geraldine 
Augusta, twins, b, \A March, 1799 ; 7* Gerald, lost at sea, 
in 1768; & Augustus-Joseph, b. 8 Dec., 1767, d, 1771; 9, 
EmUa-Maria^Margaret, b. 15 March, 1752, fn., 20 Aug., 



1774, Charles Coote, earl of Betlaxnont, vho dL Kor. tSO&f 
when the earldom of Bellamont became es^tiiict ; and by hef 
(who d.'S April, 1818,) had issue four das. and co-heiresses, 
Mary, Prudentia, £muy, and Louisa ; 10. Charlotie-Marp-* 
Gertrude^ b, 29 May, 1758, 9n., 23 Feb., 1789, Josephs 
Holden Strutt, of Terling^lade, co. Essex, esq., M.P. foi' 
Maiden, created baroness Ratleigh ; (see that title ;) 
11. Sophia'Sarah'Marp^ b. 26 Sept., 1762 ; 12. Fanny^Char^ 
lotte-Elizabethy b, 28 Jan., 1770, d, 1775; 13. Lucy-Anne^ 
b. 6 Feb., 1771, *»., 31 July, 1802, sir Thomas Foley, K.C.B., 
of Albemarlis, co. Gaermarthen, adm. R.N. ; 14. Henrietta^ 
Catherine; 15* Caroline-Elizabeth'Mabel ; 16. Louisa; and, 
17* Caroline^ who d, young. 'His grace d, 19 Nov., 1773, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William-Robert, 2d duke, K.P. ; b, 13 March, 1749; 
m., 4 Nov., 1775, Emilia-Olivia St. Oeorge, only da. and sole 
heir of Usher, lord St. George, baron of Hatley St. G^rge, 
and by her (who d. 23 June, 1798,) had issue ; 1. George^ 
marquess of Kildare, b, 20 June, 1783, to whom his majesty 
George III. stood sponsor ; d, 10 Feb., 1784 ; 2. AtrousTus- 
Frederick, the present duke, to whom his majesty stood 
sponsor; 3. Vniliani'CharleS'O^Brien, h, 4 Jan., 1793; 4. Si. 
George-Richard^ b, 14 Aug., 1794, d. young ; 5. Henry ^ 
Wentworth^ b. 31 March, 1796, d. an infant ; 6. Mary^ 
Rebecca^ b. 6 May, 1777? wi., 15 April, 1799, lieut.-gen. sir 
Charles Ross, bart., col. 86th regiment of foot ; 7» Emily ^ 
Elizabeth, b. 13 May, 1778, w., 13 March, 1801, John-Joseph 
Henry, of Straffan, co. Kildare, esq., nephew of Francis, 
marquess of Hastings; 8. Geraldine-Mabely b, 27 Aug., 

1779, d, 22 March, 1790 ; 9. Elizabeth-Mary, b. 20 Oct., 

1780, wi., 22 July, 1805, sir Edward Baker, of Ashcombe, 
CO. Sussex, bart. ; 10. Isabella-Charlotte y b. \6 July, 1784, 
w., 1 June, 1809, Vicomte de Chabot; 11. Cecilia-Oliviay 
b. 3 March, 1786, m., 18 Aug., 1806, Thomas, 3d and pre- 
sent lord Foley ; 12. Olivia-Letitia-Catherine, b, 9 Sept., 
1787, m., 8 May, 1806, Charles, 8th lord Kinnaird; 13. 
Augusttis-Octavius^ b. 27 July, 1789, d. fpung. His grace df. 
20 Oct., 1805, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Augustus-Frederick, 22d earl of Kildare, present and 
3d duke. 

Heir-Apparent — Charles-William, Marquess of 
Kildare, the duke*s son. 

Creations — ^Baron Offaley, in King's County, originally by 
tenure $ earl of the Town of Kildare, 14 May, 1316 : mar. 




Motto—Cram « ^•J--*^'^ ^^ •^^• 
- Plate 63. 


[ 850 ] 


Henry DE la POER BERESFORD, Marquess of 
WATERFORD, Earl of Tyrone, Viscount Tyrone, Banm 
de la Poer, of Curraghmore, co. Waterford, Baron Beresford, 
CO. Cavan, in Ireland, Baron Tyrone, of Haverfordwest, in 
the Peerage of the United Kingdom, a Baronet, K.P., a Privy- 
councillor in Ireland, Colonel of the Waterford Militia, (Go- 
vernor CO. Waterford ; a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture : 
horn 23 May, 1772 : succeeded his father, Oeorge, the late 
Marquess, 3 Dec., 1800: married^ 29 Aug., 1805, Susan- 
Hussey Carpenter, only daughter and heiress of Oeorge, 2d 
Earl of Tyrconnel, (by Sarah, youngest daughter of John, 
Lord Delaval,) and has a daughter^ b, 8 Nov., 1807 ; & da.^ 
i. 26 April, 1811; George, b. 27 April, 1814; d, 8 July, 1|^4; 
the Earl of Tyrone, b, 20 June, 1815; another son, b. 6 Uct., 
1816 ; and a da., b, 21 July, 1818. 

RiCHA&D, Lord de la Poer, the representative of a long 
line of ancient barons, was created, 9 Oct., 1673,viscount Decies, 
and earl of Tyrone, and was ancestor of James, 3d earl, who 
d, 19 Aug., 1704, without issue male : the earldom became 
extinct, but the ancient barony devolved upon his only da. 
and heiress, 

Catherine, baroness de la Poer, who nu, 16 July, 1717» 
sir Marcus Beresford, bart., whose ancestor was so 
created in 1673, (lineally descended from John de Beresford^ 



lord of BeresfML, co. Stafford, 10870 <"^^ ^^^ ^^ created, 
4 Nov., 1720, baron Beresford, of Beresford, and viscount 
€i Tyrone^ and earl of Tyrone^ 18 July, 174G. By Catha« 
rine, baroness de la Poer, the earl had issue; 1. George 
BE LA Po£R, Ist marquess; 2. John^ b. 14 March, 1737^ 
a privy councillor, Ist commissioner of the revenue b(wrd, 
and a knight oi the shire for Waterford, and d, in Nov. 
1805, having m., 1st, 12 Nov., 1760, Anne-Constantia Li- 
gondes, grand-daughter of the Count de Ligondes, (a gene- 
ral in Uie French army, who was taken prisoner at the battle 
of Blenheim,) and had issue by her, (who d. 20 Oct., 1772,) 
1. Marcus, b, 14 Feb., 1764; m., 25 Feb., 1791, Francis-Ara- 
bella Lieeson, youngest da. of Joseph, earl of Miltown, by 
whom he had issue, and d, Nov. l^^ ; 2. Oeorge de la Poer, 
lord bishop of Kihnore, b, 19 July, 1765 ; m. Frances, da. of 
Jervis-Parker Bushe, of Kilfane, esq., and has issue ; 3. John- 
Oaudins, 6. 23 Oct., 1766; m., 3 March, 1795, Elizabeth 
Mcnzies, only child of Archibald Menzies, of Culdares, oo^ 
Peebles, esq. ; 4. Charles-Cobbe, in holy orders, b» 22 Oct., 
1770 ; 5. Catharine, b, 28 Sept., 1761 ; m. Henry-Theophihis 
Clemens, a lient.-ool. in the army, brother to the earl of Lei- 
tzim, and has issue ; 6. Elizabeth, b, 24 Nov., 1762, d. 15 
Aug., 1788 ; 7. Anne-Constantia, b, 16 April, 1768 ; m., 7 
Jan., 1790, to Robert Uniacke, of Woodhouse, co. Waterford, 
esq. ; 8. Jane, b. 13 June, 1769, m., in Oct. 1788, to George, 
eldest son of sir Hugh Hill, of Londonderry, bart. ; 9. Ara- 
minta. He fn., 2dly, 4 June, 1744, Barbara, 2d da. of sir 
William Montgomery, bart., and sister to Anne, marchioness 
Townshend, by whom (who d, 1788,) he had issue ; 10. Wil- 
liam-Barre, b. 12 May, 1780, and d, 29 May, 1782; 11. James- 
Hamilton, b. 18 Feb., 1782, d. 7 Nov., 1806; 12. Henry- 
Btrre, b. 25 Sept., 1784 ; 13. Hannah, b, 16 May, 1775 ; 14. 
Earbara, b. 8 July, 1776, d, 8 May, 1786 ; 15. Frances-Ho- 
noria, b, 3 Sept., 1777 ; 16. Anna-Maria, 6. 30 Oct., 1778, 
and rf. 11 Oct., 1779; 17- Ebzabeth, 6. 27 Jan., I786 ; 18. 
Clara, tn., 10 Sept., 1813, the rev. James Spencer Knox, eldest 
wn of the lord bishop of Derry ; 3. William^ D.D., arch- 
bishop of Tuam, created lord Decies, 24 Dec, 1812; {see 
Baron Decies;) 4. Anne^ m., 16 Aug., 1738,jWilliam Annes- 
ley, viscount Glerawley; 5. Jane^ m., 10 Aug., 1743, the 
right hon. Edward Carey, of Dungiven, co. Derry, and rf. I7 
Dec., 1792 ; 6. Elizabeth^ rf. young ; 7* Catharine^ m., Ist, 8 
Dec., 1748, Thomas Christmas, esq., of Whitfield, in Water- 
ford; he d, witliout issue, 28 March, 1749 ; and she m., 2dly, 
on 29 March, 1764, the right hon, Theophilus Jones, aivA d, 

2a ^UTt\i, 


28 Marck, 1763; & Sophia^ cL in Sept. 1740$ 9. 4ramkUa^ 
b. 17 Sept., 1730, m., 24 April, 1765, Oeorge-Panl MondK, 
esq., and d. 20 Dec., 1818 ; 10. FraneeB^MaHa^ h* 9 Oct, 
1731 , m., 13 April, 1762, the right hon. Henry Flood, and 
d, April 1815; 11. Elixdbethy 6. 8 Aug., 1736, m., 1 Mar, 
1755, Thomas Cohbe, esq., only son of Charles Cohbe, aim* 
hishop of Dublin, and has issue. His lordship cL 4 April, 
1763, and was succeeded by his son, 

Geo&gi: de la Poea, Ist marquess, who was created a 
British^peer by the title of baron Tyrone^ of Haverfordwest % 
he succeeded his father^ Marcus, the Ist eari, 4 April, 176S, 
and his mother, as baroness de la Poer, 27 July, 1769 ; and 
on 19 Aug., 1789, was created marquoss of Waierford; b» 
8 Jan., 1735 ; m., 18 April, 1769, Elisabeth, only da. and 
heiress of Henry Monk, esq., of Charleville, (by Isabdla, 2d 
da. of Henry, 1st duke of Portland,) and by her (who <L 16 
Jan., 1816,) had issue; 1. Marcus, lord de la Poer, 6. in 
Inarch 1771r {tnd d. 8 Aug., 1783; 2. Hen&t, present mar. 
quess ; 3. John^George ds la Poer^ D.D., lord ardibishop of 
Armagh, 6. 22 Nor., 1773; 4 Georges-Thomas^ b, 12 F^., Yi^Xy 
a major-gen., privy councillor, and oomptijoller of the king*a 
household, M.P. co. Waterford, «»., 22 Nov., 1808, Henrietta 
Schutz, and has issue 3 das. ; 5. Isabelkt-Anne, b. 28 May, 
1776, m., 14 April, 1812, col. Samuel^ohn-Head Brydges, of 
Wootton Court, co. Kent, only brother to sir Egcrton Brydges^ 
bart., K.I. ; 6. Catharine^ b, II Sept., 1777; 7- Anne^ b» 28 
July, 1779; 8. Elizabeth-Louisa, b. 2 Feb., 1783 ; wi., 11 July, 
1816, major-gen. sir Dennis Pack, K.C.B., K.M.T., T.S., 
and K.S.W. The marquess d, 3 Dec., 1800, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

Henrt, 3d earl of Tyrone, present and 2d marquess. 

Heir-Apparent — The Earl of Tyrone, son of the mar* 

Creations — Baron de la Poer, originally by tenure and 
by writ of summons ; baron Beresford 'and viscount co. Ty* 
rone, 4 Nov., 1720 ; and earl of the same co., 18 July, 1746 ; 
marquess of Waterford, Aug. 1789 ; baron Tyrone in Eng- 
land, 21 Aug., 1786 ; and a baronet of Irdand, 5 May, 16&. 

Motto — Nil nisi cruce — There is no depend^ce but in the 

^nn«— See Plate 63. 

HILL, Marquess of DOWNSHIRE, Earl of Hillsborongh, 



Vigoount Kilwarlin, Visooimt Hillsbozough, Baron Hill, of 
Kilwarlin, in Ireland, Earl of Hilliborougfa, Viticount Fair- 
ftrd. Baron Hanrich, in England ; Hereditary Constable of 
Hillaborough Fort, D.C.L.: bom 8 Oct., 1788: succeeded 
Ids father, Arthnr, the late Marquess, 7 Sept., 1801 ; niar- 
riedj 26 C>ct., 1811, Maria Windsor, eldest daii^^ter of Other 
Hidunan, 5tih, Earl of Plynumth, and has issue; 1. Aethue- 
Wii.i.B-BLnK]>ELL.TRUMBULL.WiKDso]i, Earl ofHilU* 
borough, h. 6 Aug., 1812; 2. Charlotte^Augusttu^ b, 80 June, 
1816, hier R. H. Princess Charlotte of Saxe-Coboiirg, his 
R. H. Augustus-Frederick, Duke of Sussex, and Lady Am- 
hcmt, being sponsors; 3. William-Frederick-Arihur-Mon~ 
tagu, b. 10 July, 1816, H. R. H. William.Frederick, Duke of 
Gloucester, the Mardiioness of Salisbury, and Arthur, Duke 
of WdUiiigtoa, being sponsors ; 4. a dlo., 6. 3 Sept., 1817; and, 
6. a jofft, 6. 4 No¥., 1819. 

Sir M OT8S8 Hill, knt., a younger son of a family which 
hshd been long seated in Devonshire, was governor of Older. 
fleet caatle in Irdand, temp, Eliz. ; and great-grandfather of 
MxcHASi. Hill, who was a privy .councillor in the reign of 
WHliam III., and M.P., both in England and Ireland ; m. 
Anne, da. and heiress of sir John Trevor, of Brynkynalt, oo. 
Denbigh, knt., and had issue 2 sons ; 1. Trevor, created 
viscount Hillsborough ; 2. Arthur, viscount Dungannon {see 
that title). 

Trevor, eldest son of IVIichael, was created, 21 Aug., 
1717<) baron HUl^ of Kilwarlin, and viscount Jlillsborough, 
in Ireland ; m. Mary, eldest da. and co-heiress of Anthony 
Rowe, of Hackney, co. Middlesex, esq., and by her (who d» 
22 Aug., 1742,) had issue, Wills, his successor ; and Artne, 
m. John, earl Moira. His lordship d. 6 May, 1742, and was 
miccecded by his only son, 

Wills, 2d viscoiint; b. 30 May, I7I8 ; created viscount 
Kilwarlin, and earl of Hillsborough, 3 Oct., 17^1 ; a peer of 
Eiif^and, 17 Nov., 1766, by the title of lord Harwich ; and 
further aidvanced to the dignities of earl of Hillsborough and 
viscount Fairford, in England, 28 Aug., 1772 ; and marquess 
of Downshire, in Ireland, 19 Aug., 1789. The marquess wi., 
1 March, 1747, Margaretta Fitzgerald, sister of James, 1st, 
duke of Ldnster, and only da. of Robert, 19th earl of Kildare 
(by Mary 0*Bryen, eldest da. of William, 3d earl of Inchi- 
qoin,) and had issue by her, (who rf. 16 Jan., 1766,) 1. Jlfar- 
eiw, lord Kilwarlin, b, 21 Feb., 1762, d, 18 April, 1766; 
2. Arthur, 2d marquess ; 3. Mary- Anne, b. 29 May, 1749, 
vol. II. T wvd 


and d Dec. following ; A, Mary 'Amelia^ 5. 16 Aug., 1750, 
m., 2 I^c, 1773) James Cecil, marquess of Salisbury, K.G. ; 
6. Charlotte^ 6. 18 March j 1754, m., ^ May, 1776, John Chet- 
wynd, earl Talbot, of Hensol, and d, 7 Jan., 1^4. The mar- 
quess m., 2dly, .14 Oct., 17^8, Mary, baroness Stawell, da. 
and heiress of lord Stawell, and widow of the right hon. 
Henry-Bihon Legge, son of William, 1st earl of Dartmouth, 
and by her (who d. 29 July, 1780,) had no issue. His lord- 
ship d. in Oct. 1793, and was succeeded by his son, 

Arthuii, 2d marquess, b. 3 March, 1753 ; m., 29 June, 
1786, Mary, lady Sandys, baroness of Ombersley, co. Wor- 
cester, niece and heiress of Edwin, the last lord Sandys, and 
only da. of the hon. Martin Sandys, — {See Baroness Sakdts, 
in England^) and had issue; 1. Arthur-Bluvdell-San- 
dys-Trumbull, present marquess ; 2. Artkur-Moyses-WU' 
iiam, lieut.-col. in the army, and capt. 2d dragoons, b. 10 Jan., 
1792; 3. Arthur.MarcuS'Cecil, b, 28 Jan., 1798; 4. Arthur- 
AuffustuS'Edufin, 6. 13 Aug., 1800 ; 5. George-AugiLsta^ b, 
9 Dec, 1801, to whom his majesty, George III. and £he 
princess Augusta stood sponsors; 6. Charlotte^ 6. 15 July, 
1794 ; 7* Mary, b, 8 July, 1796. The marquess d. 7 Sept., 
180}, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Arthur, 3d marquess. 

Heir-Apparent — Arthur-Wills-Blundell-Sandys- 
Tritmbull-Windsor, Earl of Hillsborough. 

Creations — Baron of Kilwarlin, and visix)unt Hillsborough, 
21 Aug., 1717 ; viscount Kilwarlin and earl of Hillsborough, 
3 Oct., 1751, in Ireland ; and marquess of Downshire, in the 
peerage of Ireland, 19 Aug., 1789 ; and a Peer of Great Bri- 
tain, by the titles of baron Harwich, 17 Nov., 1756; vis- 
count Fairford and earl of Hillsborough, 28 Aug., 1772. 

Motto — Per Deum et ferrum obtinui — By God and my 
sword I have obtained. 

Arms — See Plate 63. 

Earl of DONEGAL, Earl of Belfast, Viscount Chichester, 
and Baron of Belfast, in Ireland, Baron Fisherwick, of 
Fisherwick, in England, K. P. ; Governor of Antrim, and 
President for life of the Belfast Academical Institution : bom 
13 Aug., 1769: succeeded his father, Arthur, the late Mar. 
quess, 5 Jan., 1799: married, 8 Aug., 1795, Anna, da. of the 
iite Sir Edward May, of May field, co. Waterford, bart., and 



IS issue ; 1. Gbokox Hamilton, Earl qf Beifati, b. 10 
riK, 17f^; m.B Dec., 1822, Harriet eldest da. of Richard 
Sutler, late Eari of Olengall ; 2. Edward^ b, 1 1 June, 1799 ; 
u Sept. 1821, Amelia Diana, da. of Henry Dean Orady, of 
>iililm, £8q., and has a son, b, 27 June, 1822; 3. Spencer^ 
UiguMius^ b, 27 Nov., 1805; 4. Arthur^ b. 30 Sept., 1808; 
K JlamiUtm-JPrancis, b. 9 March, 1810; 6. John; and, 
r. Siephen^lgemon^ b. 26 Dec., 1814. 

The family of Chichester was one of the most eminent in 
tbe county of Devon for its antiquity, estate, employments 
■nd alliances. Sir John Chichester, of Raleigh, co. Devon, 
was knighted by queen Elizabeth, 1580, m. Gertrude, da. of 
air WilKam Coortenay, of Powderham, and had issue 5 sons, 
of whom Johuy the eldest, was ancestor to the present sir 
Aithiir Chidiester, of Raleigh, bart. ; Arthury the 2d, was 
lord deputy oi Ireland, and created, 1612, baron Chichester, 
flf Belfiist, but d. s. p. 1624; and the 3d 

EowAKD, was by king Charles I. created, immediately after 
Ilia brotlier's death, barcm Belfast and viscount Chiehetter ; d, 
1648, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Arthur, 2d viscount, created during his father^s lifetime, 
90 March, 1647, earl of Donegal, with limitation to tlie ibsue 
male of his father, and d. s. p. 1697) was succeeded by the 
eldest son of his brother John, 

Arthur, 2d earl, m. Jane, da. of John Itchingham, of 
Dunbrody, oo. Wexford, esq., and by her (who m., 2dly, to 
Richard Rooth, esq.,) had issue, besides other children, 

Arthur, 3d earl, he was a major-geu. of the Spanish 
army, and killed at Fort Monjuich, near Barcelona, 10 April, 
I7O6, leaving issue ; 1. Arthur, 4th earl ; 2. John^ b, 1700, 
«. Elizabeth, eldest da. of sir Richard Newdigate, of Arbiir}', 
w. Warwick, bart., and d, 1746, leaving issue by her (who 
</. 1747,) ; 1. Arthur^ 5th earl, and Ist marquess ; 2. John, 
b. 1740, d. unm.y 1783 ; and, 3. Catharine, d, unm,, 1780. 

Arthur, 4th earl, dying s. p. 1756, was succeeded by his 

Arthur, 5th earl, 5. 13 June, 1739; created 3 July, 
1790, a peer of Great Britain, by the title of baron Fisher- 
wick ; and 27 June, I7OI, advanced to the dignity of earl of 
Belfast., and marquess of Donegal, in Ireland; m., 1st, 16 
Nov., I76I, Anne, eldest da. of James, 5th duke of Hamilton, 
by whom (wlio rf. Nov. 1780,) he had 4 das., Charlotte-Anne, 
Henrietta, Elizabeih-Amelia, and Emilia, who all d. young, 
nd 3 sons; 1. Gzorge-Auoustus, present marquess; 2. 

T 2 Arthur,^ 


Arthur^ h. I77I9 4> ^itm.^ 1788; & Speneer-SiUnley, b. 20 
April, 1776 ; d, at Paris, 23 Feb., 1819, having m., 8 Aug., 
1796, Harriet Stewart, da. of John, 8tii eari of Galloway, 
K.T., and leaving issue, Arthur, m., 27 July, 1820, Augusta 
Paget, da. of the marqubst of Anghney ; and other children. 
The marquess m., 2dly, 24 Oct., 1788, Charlotte, relict of 
Thomas Moore, of Barn, op. Tiiq>erary, and da. of Conway 
Spencer, of Tremary, do. Down, esq., and sister of general sit 
Brent Spencer, G.C.B. (who d. 18 Sept., 1790,) ; 3dly, 12 
Oct., 1790, Barbara, da. of Luke Godfrey, D,D,^ unde of sir 
William Gt>dfrey, bart., and by her had no issue. The mart, 
quess d, 6 Jan., 1799, and was succeeded by 

Geoage, 6th earl, present and 2d marquess. 

Heir-Apparent — GEo&ofi-HAHiLTOir, Ea&l of Bel. 
FAST, son of the marquess. 

CreaHons — Lord Chichester, baron of Belftsst, in the county 
of Antrim ; viscount Chichester, 1 April, 1626 : eari of Don- 
egal, 30 March, 1647 * marquess of Donegal, in Irdand^ 
1791 ; and baron Fisherwick, in England, 3 July, 1790. 

Motto "^Invitum eequitur honor .^"HjatiauT follows against 
his wilL 

Armt See Plate 63. 


Earl of Drogheda, Yisooimt Moore, Baron of Mellefout, in 
Ireland, Baron Moore, of Moore Place, co. Kent, succeeded 
his father, Charles, late Marquess, 22 Dec., 1821. 

In the reign of queen Elizabeth, sir Edward and sir 
Thomas Moore, brothers, descended from an ancient family 
of that name in Kent, went over to Ireland : the latter was 
ancestor to the late earl of Charleville ; and from the former 
the marquess of Drogheda is descended. 

Sir Gerald, or Garrett Moore, son of sir Edward, was 
created 20 July, 1616, baron Moore^ of Mellefont, and ^ Feb., 
1621, viscount Moore, of Drogheda; m. Mary, da. of sir 
Henry CoUey, of Castle Carberry, and rf. 1627, was succeeded 
by his eldest siurviving son, 

Charles, 2d viscount, killed at Portlester, co. Meath, 
7 Aug., 1643, in the service of king Charies I., and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

Henry, 3d viscount, created 14 June, 1661, earl of 
Drogheda ; m. Alice, da. of William lord Spencer, and sister 
of the 1st earl of Sunderland, by w^iom he had issue, Charles 



taid HsuRir, sn^SoOMive enris, and other chUdren. The earl 
iL I675i ttnd '^^^^'ui suooeeded by his eldest son, 

Charlzb, 2d earl, m. 1069, Letitia-Isabella Rolmrtos, da. 
oC John, earl of Radnor, then lord.lieut. of Ireland ; hut 
leafing no imnie by her (who m., 2dly, the celebrated William 
Wvcherly, esq.,) he was succeeded by his lirother, 

bsvB.Y, Sd earl, m. Mary, sister of Arthur Cole, baron 
Randagh, and had issue, Charles^ lord Moore, m. Jane 
Loftua, heiress to Arthur, viscount Ely, and djing before his 
lather, left issue, Hekrt and Edwaud, successive earls; 
Arthur^ d, without issue; Henry ^ rector of Alalpas and 
Mllmalow, oo. Chester, m. Catharine, only da. of sir Thomas 
Knatchbull, bart., of Menham Hatch, oo. Kent, and widow 
of admiral sir George Rooke, and had issue ; 1. Thomas, 
D.D., m. Elizabeth, da. and oo-heiress (with her sister, lady 
Harris,) of sir Thomas Hare, bart., d. without issue ; 2. 
Henry, cf. an infant ; 3. sir John, bart., K.B., and admiral of 
the red, m. Pendope, da. of general Mathew, governor of the 
Iieewai^ Islands, and had issue 4 das.; Catharine, m. sir 
Charles-Warmel Bampfylde, of Poltimore, co. Devon, bart. ; 
Penelope, m. Ralph, 2d son of Ralph Sneyd, of Keel, oo. Staf- 
ford, esq. ; Anne ; and Selina-Maria ; 4. Mary, m. Poulter 
Forrester, D.D., prebendary of St. Paul's, and archdeacon of 
Lincoln, and d, 1799, without issue ; John^ in holy orders, tti., 
Jan. 1708, Elizal)eth, youngest da. of sir Charles Porter, lord 
chancellor of Ir(>land, and widow of Edward Dcvenish, esq., 
and d. \ June, 1716; William^ of Moore Hall, co. Louth, d, 

1 Ajiril, 1732, having wi. , sister of Stephen Casi5an, of 

the Queen *8 County, esq. ; Robert^ m, Anne lieiinard, ba- 
nmexs Dacre, heiress of Thomas Yelverton, earl of Sussex, 
and baron Dacre, and relict of Richard Barret, esq., of Bell 
iimise, CO. Essex, and of Henry, 8th lord Teynhara ; Capel^ 
w. Mary Poulet, da. of Charles, 2d duke of Bolton, and relict 
<»f Hi'iiT^' O'Neill, esq., of Shanes Castle, (ancestor of the earls 
O'Neill,) and had issue, Alice, m., 1697, sir Gustavus Hume, 
l»art., of Castle-Hume, descended from the barons of Pol- 
warth ; Elizabeth, wi., 1704, George Rochfort, esq. The earl 
d. 7 June, 1714, and was succeeded by his grandson, 

Henry, 4th earl, m. Charlotte Boscawen, da. of Hugh, 
Irt viscount Falmouth ; and dying 4 April, 1745, was suc- 
ceeded by his only brother, 

Edward, 5th earl, m., 1st, Sarah Ponsonby, da. of Bra- 
bazon, iKt earl of Besljorough, and had issue ; i. Henry ^ lord 
31oore, who d, at Thoulouse, in France ; 2. Charles, 1st 
«noryw« o/Droyhedaf 3. Ponsonby, m., Nov. 1768, the hon. 

J 3 EUwibctU 


Elizabetk Moora, da. of Stqihen, lit viiooiuU Mountcolicll | 
and, 2dly, in 1781, Catluuine, dster of Frederick, lord Ash- 
towiLf (L 9 Aug., 1819 ; 4. Edward^ in holy orders ; 6. Sairah^ 
m., 13 Auff., 1748, William Pole, esq., of Ballyfin, descended 
from the PoleB, co. Devon. The earl m., 2dly, Bridget South- 
well, niece of Thomas, lord Southwell, and had issue by her, 
(who d. 27 Joly> 1761,) «. WUliam^ 6. 11 Dec., 1742, d. 8 
Aug., 1762 ; 7* jRofttfW, b. 12 Dec., 1743, m., 1st, MaigareC, 
da. of James Stephenson, esq., and had issue, Sarah-Hen- 
rietta, in., in 1798, William Trench, esq., brother of Frederick, 
lord Ashtown ; Frances ; and ElizabeUi-Jfticharda ; and, 2dly,' 
in 1791, Maria-Josepha, da. of Daniel Falconer, of Abbots- 
town, CO. Dublin, esq. The earl, together with his son Ed- 
ward, were lost in their passage to DubUn, 28 Oct., 1768, and 
he was succeeded by his eldest surviving son, 

Charles, 6th eari, K.P., created 27 June, 1791, marquess 
of Drogheda^ivi Ireland, and 17 Jan., 1801, Baron Moorsy of 
the United Kingdom ; wi., 16 Feb., 1766, Anne, da. of Francis 
Seymour, 1st marquess of Hertford, K.O., and by her (who 
d, 4 Nov., 1787)) had issue ; 1. Charles, present marquess 9 
2. Henry Seymour^ joint muster-master general in Irdand ; 
m., 28 Sept., 1^4, Hary, 2d da. of Sir Henry Pamell, bart., 
M.P. for Queen's County; 3. Isabella^ b. 22 Nov., 1766, d, 
22 June, 1787 ; 4. EHzabeth-Emily, b. 14 March, I77I, m., 
2 Feb., 1797) George-Frederick, late earl of Westmeath ; 
6. Mary^ b. 27 Aug., 1772, «»., 2 Oct., 1791, Alexander 
Stewart, esq., only brother of Robert, Ist marquess of Lon- 
donderry ; 6. Gertrude ; 7* Alice^ b, 1776, d, 1789 ; 8. Anne, 
d. Feb. 1788 ; 9. Frances^ m., 1800, the right hon. John. 
Ormsby Vandeleur. The marquess d, 22 Dec, 1821, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

Charles, present and 2d marquess. 

Heir'Presutnptive — Lord Hexry-Seymour Moore, 
the marquess's brother. 

Creations — Lord Moore, baron of Mellfont, 21 July, 1616 ; 
viscoimt Moore, 7 Feb., 1621 ; earl of Drogheda, 14 June, 
1661 ; marquess, 27 June, 1791 ; and baron Moore, in Eng- 
land, 17 Jan., 1801. 

Motto — Fortis cctdere^ cedere non potest -^ The brave man 
may fall, but cannot yield. 

Amu — See Plate 63. 

WELLES LEY, of Norragh, Earl of Mornington, Viscount 


liAaQUESSEa 869 

WcUMey, pf DunfMn Cattle, and Baron Momingtou, id Ire- 
land, and Banm Welleslet, of Wellesley, oo. Somenet^m 
KnglaTiii, E1.6., K.G., &.S.L., and D.CL., Lord-Lieutenant, 
and Goiremor-General of Ir^and, and Grand Master of the 
Older of St. Patridti bom 21 June, 1760; succeeded his 
&tliflr Garrett, 1st Earl of Momingtou, 22 May, 1784; 
created a Peer of Great Britain, by &e title of Baron W^- 
lesky, of WeDedefr, oo. Somerset, 20 Oct., 1797, and ad- 
Taneed to the dignity of Marquess Wellesley, 2 Dec, 1709» 
in reward of his signal servioes as Govemor-Genioral of India, 
in the defeat of Tippoo Sultaun, and the destruction of the 
Mysore Empire : on which occasion he received also a roval 
grant of the following augmentations to the bearings of Lis 
fiunily ; vis., to the aims, '* an esoocheon purpure, choiged 
with an estoUe vert, bordered and radiated or, between 8 stripes 
or spots of the royal tiger, in pairs, salten^'ise gold ;" and to 
the desfter supporter, (being a lion, g^ules odlared and chained 
or,) *' in the paw the French republican tri-4»bured Bag 
depreswd, and the staff broken ;" the sinister supporter al- 
terad firam a lien to '^ the royal tiger of -Tippoo Smtaun, vert 
striped, ducally ooUared and chained or, holding in the paw 
the standard of Tippoo expressed, and the staff broken." To 
the crast of Welleslay, below the pendant charged with the 
cnns of 8t. George, ^' the standard of Tippoo Sultaun ;** and 
to the crest of Cowley, being a man's arm grasping a sword ; 
instead of the sword, *"*• a flag-staff with the union standard 
of QreBt Britain surmounting the tri-coloured flag of France, 
and the standard of Tippoo." The Marquess entered early 
into public life, and was returned to the Britisli Parliament 
for Beerakton, Saltash, and Windsor ; in 1787, he was ap- 
pointefd a Lord o( the Treasury, and in 1797^ Governor- 
General of Bengal, which situation he held till 1805, sig- 
nalising his administration by the destruction of the power of 
Tippoo Saib, the eradication of the French interest in India, 
the subjugation of the Mahratta confederacy, and the conquest 
of the whole tract of country between the Jumna and the 
Ganges. In 1809, the Marquess was appointed Ambassador 
to the centra] junta of Spain, then assembled at Cadiz, and 
on his return from that embassy received the seals of Cliief 
Secretary of State for the Foreign Department ; in 1810, he 
was el<>cted K.G., and in 1821, his present Majesty was 
pleased to confer on him the elevated and highly important 
office of Lord.Lieutenant of Ireland, which he still holds. 
The ililarqucBs married, 29 Nov., 1794, Hyacinthe-Gabriellp, 


(m IltlSH FE£RAO£. 

only da. of Pierre Roland^ by whom (who d 5 Nov., 1816,) 
he had no issue. 

The original name of this noble family was Cowley, or 
CoUey, that of Wellesley having been assumed, as will be- 
hereafter noticed, early in the 18th century. Walter Cowley, 
or CoUey, was solicitor-gen. of Ireland, in 1537; he was 
father oi sir Henry Colley, of Carberry and Edenderry, who 
was knighted 1659, and, by Katharine, eldest da. of sir 
Thomas Cusadce, knt., lord chancellor of Ireland, had issue, 
sir George Colley, of Edenderry, his eldest son, (whose grand, 
da. and heir, Sarah, m, sir G^i^ Blunddl, knt., ancestor oi 
the viscounts Blundell,) and a 2d son, sir Henry Odley, of 
Castle Carberry, oo. Kildare, whose son and h^, sir Henry 
Colley, of Castle Carberry, was father of Dudley Colley, of 
the same place, who, by his 2d wife, Anne, da. of Henry 
-Warren, of Grangebeg, co. Kildare, had issue (besides other 
children,) Henry, his son and heir, and EHzabeth, i». Garrett 
Wellesley, of Dangan, eo. Meath, esq., by whom she was 
mother of Garrett Wellesley, of Dangan, member in several 
parliaments for the co. of Mebth, who d, 23 Sept., 1728, 
leaving all his estates to his cousin, Richard Colley, 2d son 
of Henry, above named, on the condition o£ his taking the 
name and arms of Wellesley. 

Richard Colley, 2d son of Henry, and grandson of Dudley, 
on succeeding to the estates of his cousin Garrett Wellesley, 
assumed that surname, and was created 9 July, 174G, baron 
Momington, of Mornington, co. Meath, m. Elizabeth, da. of 
John Sale, LL.D., r^strar of the diocese of Dublin, and 
M.P. for Carysfort, by whom he had issue; 1. Garrett, 
2d lord ; 2. EHzabeth, b. 1720, »»., 9 April, 1743, to Chiches- 
ter Fortescue, of Dromisken, co. Louth, esq., and rf. 10 Oct., 
1752 ; 3. Frances, b. 1727, m., 6 Aug., 1750, M'illiam-Fran- 
cis Crosbie, of Ballyhuge, co. Kerry, esq., and d. 7 Sept., 
1760. His lordship d. 31 Jan., 1758, and was succeeded by 
his only son, 

Garrett Colley-Wellesley, 2d lord Momin^on, b, 19 
July, 1735, created 20 Oct., 1760, viscount Wellesley, of 
Dangan, and earl of Mornington, m., 6 Feb., 1759, Anne, da. 
of Arthur Hill, viscount Dungannon, by whom (who still 
survives enjoying the multiplied glories and well-earned ho- 
nours of her children,) he had issue ; 1. Richard, 2d earl of 
Mornington, and 1st marquess Wellesley ; 2. William, baron 
3Iaryborough (see that title),; 3. Arthur, duke of WeUington, 




K.O., Ajc &c {ie€ that title); 4. Geruld-Valerian, D.D.^ 

rector of CheUea, and canon residentiary of St. PaurH, b. 

7 Dec, I77I9 *^9 2 June, 1802, Emily, da, of Charles, eari. 

(^fAiig^n^ aiid lias issue ; 5. sir Henry^ O.C.B., b. 20 June, 

1773, us., Ist, Charlotte, da. of Charles, eaii Cadogan, and by 

her (from whom he was divorced by ac^ of parliament in 

1810, when she m., 2dly, the marquess of Auglesea,) he liad 

issue one son, Henry, 6. 17 July, 1804 ; he m., 2dly, 27 Feb., 

1816, Georgiana-Charlotte-Augusta, eldest da. of James Cecil, 

BarquesB of Salisbury ; 5. Anne^ b. 13 March, IT^B^ n., 1st, 

4 Jan., 1790, Henry Fitzroy, son of Charles, lord Soutliamp-. 

too, and, 2dly, 9 Aug., 1709, to Culling-Charles Smith, esq. ;. 

8. Mar§^luuAeth^ b, 1 Jan., 1772, d. unm,^ 3 March, 1794. 

The cari d, 22 May, 1781, and was succeeded in his honours 

by his eldest son, 

RiCHA&i>, 9d earl of Momington, and present marquess 

Heir»Prs8umptive -^ To the titles of baron Momington, 
Tjsoount Welledey, and eari of Momington, in Ireland, the 
Right Hon. William Baron Maryborough, next brother 
to the marquess. 

Cfwrf igm.— Baron, 9 July, 1746 ; viscount and earl, 29 
Oct., 1760 ; marquess Wellesley, 2 Dec, 1799 ; baron Wel- 
lesley, in England, 20 Oct., 1797* 

Motto— • Porro unum est tiecessarium-^ Moreover^ one 
thing is needful, 
^mw— See Plate 63. 

Earl of Inchiquin, Baron of Inchiquin, and Burren, co. Clare, 
K.P., a Pri%ry CoiindUor of Ireland, one of the representative 
Peers for Ireland, Governor co. Cork, and a Trustee of the 
Linen Manufacture : succeeded his unde, Murrough, the late 
Marquess, 10 Feb., 1808: married^ 16 Sept., 1799, Elizabeth, 
only da. and heiress of Thomas Trotter, of Diileck, esq., and 
has issue ; 1. Susan ; 2. Sarah ; 3. Mary ; 4. Elizabeth, 

This illustrious family is descended from the ancient mo.> 
narchs of Ireland, and so late as the time of Henry VIII. 
were kings of lliomond. 

MuRROUGU 0*Brtek, the Inst prince of Thomond, 
having submitted to king Henry VI IL, was by that prince 
i-reat^ earl of Thomond, with remainder to his nephew I>o- 
no^h, son of his elder brother, and baron Incliiquln, to him 



jind the heiri male of his body. He d, 1551, whe^ tbe eatt* ^ 
dom devdlved on his nephew, (and became extinct on th^ ^ 
death of Henrv, the 8th earl, also riscount Tadeaster, i» ^ 
England, I74I,) and the barony descended to his son and ^ 
heir, Dermob, 2d baron. ^ 

MuRROuoH, 6th baron and great-great-grandson of Der-* ^ 
mod, was created 21 Oct., 1654, earl & Inchiquin, m. Eliza* . 
beth, da. of sir William St. Leger, jH'esident of Mxinster, and ^ 
dying 9 Sept., 167^* ^^^ succeeded by his son and heir, 

William, 2d earl, in 1674, was, by Charles II., made 
€apt.-gen. of his majesty's forces in Africa, governor and ▼ioe<« 
adbniral of Tangier, and of the parts adjacent ; he was ap^ 
pointed by king WilKam III. governor of Jamaica, m., Ist^ 
Alargaret, da. 5l Roger, earl of Orrery, and by her had Wii.>» 
LI AM, 3d earl ; and, 2dly, Elizabeth, youngest da. and co^ 
heiress of G^eorge, lorA Qiandos, and relict of Edward, lorcl 
Herbert, of Cherbury ; but by her, who re^m, with Charier^ 
lord Howard, of Escridc, and d, Feb. I?!?) ^^ had bo issneu 
The earl d. in Jamaica, Jan. 1692, fuxd was succeeded by 
his son, 

William, 3d earl, m. Mary Villiers, youngest sister to 
the Ist earl of Jersey, (who d. 17 April, 1763,) by whom he 
had, 1. William, 4th earl ; 2. Charles^ d, unm, ; 3. Jamesy 
m, ]\Iary, da. of William Jephson, dean of Kilmore, by whonr 
(who <f. in 1766,) he had issue ; 1. MuRnotrGH, 6th eari of 
Inchiquin, and 1st marquess of Thomond ; 2. John, R.N., aT. 
without issue; 3. Edward, m. Mary Carrick, and rf. 1801^ 
leaving issue; 1. William, present marquess; 2. James, 
capt. R.N., m., 1st, miss Bridgeman ; and, 2dly, Jane, da. of 
Thomas Ottley, esq., and relict of Valentine Horsford, of the 
island of Antigua; 3. Edward, capt. R.N., m., 1st, 14 Feb., 
1805, Diana, eldest da. of gen. George Hotham, and niece of 
William, lord Hotham, who d. without issue, 26 Nov., 1810 $ 
2dly, 11 April, 1815, Gertrude-Grace, youngest da. of Paul- 
Cobb Methuen, of Corsham House, co. Wilts, esq., and by 
her (who d. 1 May, 1817,) had Gertrude-Matilda, L 31 July, 
1816, and Mary-Catharine, b, 16 April, 1817 ; he »i., 3dly, 
16 April, 1822, Elizabeth, da. of Hemy-Charles Somerset, 
duke of Beaufort, and d. 9 March, 1824, leaving issue by her 
a son and heir, Henry-William, b. 28 Dec, 1822 ; 4. John, 
eapt. 67th regiment, d. at Guernsey, unm, ; 5. Murrougb, 
in the army, d, unm, ; 6. Mary, w., 1st, sir Richard CJox, of 
Dunmanway, co. Cork, bart. ; and, , 2dly, the right hon. 
William Saurin, attorney-gen. of Ireland ; 5. Mary ; 6. Anne^ 
m., 23 March, 1744, Micl^el Cox, archbishop of Cashel, 2d 



: ^r P.ichard Coz, but., lord chancellor of Ireland, and 

Jan., 1745; 7* Henrietta, m., let, Terrenre O'l^iOff^lin, 

i and, 2dly, Oct. 1769, sir Wiiliam- Vigors Burdett, bart. ; 

[enrietia^ m., 22 Aug., 17 17) Robert Saudford, of Castle. 

esq., (ancestor of lord Mount Sandford,) by whom she 

1 iaaue, and d, in 1730 ; 5. Mary^ m., 7 March, 1708, Ro. 

t, I9th earl of Kildare. The earl if. 24 Oct., 1719, and 

m ■a c c eciio d by his son, 

Wii-i-iAM, 4tn earl, K.B., and lord of the bedchamber to 
rederidt, prince of Wales, m., 28 March, 1720, Anne, coun- 
an of Orimey, ddest da. and heir to Oeorge, earl of Orkney, 
Hm auooeeded her father, as countess of Orkney, 1737) and 
L 6 DfMb, 176^ having had 4 sons and 4 das., all of whom <L 
befinre their motJier, except Mary, who m. Murrough 0*Brven, 
tbe 1st mBrtfomB of Thomond. The earl m., Sdly, 12 Oct., 
1761, Mar^ da. of Stephen Moore, viscount Mountcashel, 
and by her had no issue. He <L 18 July, 1777) <ui<l was suc- 
ceeded fay 

Jf ummotrGH, 6th earl of Inehiquin, eldest son of James, 
Sd Km of William, the 3d earl, who was, in 1800, created, by 
patent, marquess of Thomond, and, 2 Oct., 1801, baron Thom 
mond^ of Taplow, in the peerage of England, K.P. ; m., 1st, 
3Iarch 1763, his cousin, Mary 0*Bryen, countess o£ Orkney 
in her own right, (only da. and heir of William, 4th earl cir 
Inehiquin, by Anne Hamilton, countess of Orkney,) and by 
faifT (who d. 10 May, 1700,) had several children, who d, 
young ; and Mary^ b. 4 Sept., I7t55, the present countess of 
Orkney, who in., 21 Dec., 1777) the late hon. Thomas Fitz- 
maurice, uncle to the present marquess of Landsdowne, and 
had issue ; {^see Countess of Orhiey^ in tlhe Peerage of ScoU 
innd{) the marquess «n., 2dly, 25 July, 17^9 Mary, da. of 
John Palmer, of Torrington, co. Devon, esq., and niece of 
■ir Joshua Reynolds, knt., by whom (who d, Sept. 1820,) he 
W no issue, and ri. by a fall from his horse in Orovesnor. 
<quare, 10 Feb., 1808, when he was succeeded in the mar- 
quesate, earldcnu, &c. by his nephew, William O^Bryex, 
the present and 6th earl, and 2d marquess of Thomond ; but 
the English barony of Thomond, of Taplow, of 1801, becaipe 
extinct. His Majesty was pleased, 20 Nov., 1809, to grant 
the marquesses brothers and sisters the same precedency as if 
their father had survived his brother Murrough, the late mar- 
quess of Thomond. 

IIeir-Presumptive~mmljOB.D Jahes O^Bryen, next bro- 
ther to the marquess. 


864 llBLIBH P££RA6E. 

CreaHons — Baron Inchiqnin, 1536; earl of Inchiqiun, 
-1664 ; marquess of Thomond, IfiMMK 
. Mott6 — Vigueur de dS^MUft-JStFength is from above. 

^rfiw—See Plate 63. 


Earl of Bective, of Bective Castle, Viscount Headfort, Baron 

of Headfort, and a Baronet of Ireland, K.P., a Lord of the 

Bedchamber, and one of the representative Peers for Ireland : 

bom 18 Nov», 1757 : succeeded his father, Thomas, the late 

Earl, 14 Feb., 1796 : married^ 4 Dec., 1778, Marf, coif da. 

and heiress of Qeot^Q Quin, of Queensborough, co. Chre, 

esq., and has issue; 1. Thomas, Earl of^ BeeHiye^ b. 4 May, 

1787, m.^ 29 Jan., 1822, Olivia, da. of sir Jolm Stevenson, 

And widow of Edward Tuite Dalton, esq., and has issue a da., 

■b, 6 Feb., 1824 ; 2. Mary, b. 20 Jan., 1782^ a EHxabeth* 

Jane, b, 20 Aug., 1790; 4. George, b. 10 March, 1792, m., 

14 April, 1814, Georgiana-Charlotte, 2d da. ^ Oeorge, earl 

Spencer, K.G., and by her (who cL 21 Feb., 1823,) had issue 

•a da., Mary, b. 21 March, 1816. 

This noble family was seated co. Sussex prior to their set- 
tlement in Ireland. Thomas Taylour, of Ringmer, went 
over to Ireland with the celebrated Dr. William Petty, about 
1652, and was father of sir Thomas, who was created a ba- 
ronet of Ireland, 1704, m. Anne, da. of sir Robert Cotton, of 
Combermere, co. Chester, bart., and d. 8 Aug., 1736, leaving 
•issue, sir Thomas, 2d bart. ; Robert, dean of Clonfert, d. 
unm., and other children. Sir Thomas, 2d bart., m. Mary, 
da. of John Graham, of Flatten, by whom he had issue. 

Sir Thomas, 3d baronet and Isl earl, b, 20 Oct., 1724, and 
created baron Headfort, 6 Sept., 1760; viscount Headfort, 
■12 April, 1762 ; and was farther advanced to the dignity of 
•earl of Bective, of Bective Castle, 24 Oct., 1766 ; installed in 
March 1783, K.P. : the earl m., 4 July, 1764, Jane, eldest 
da. of Elizabeth, viscountess Langford, by the right hon. Her. 
cules-Rowley, and by her (who d. July 1818,) had issue; 
1. Thomas, 2d earl ; 2. Hercules-Langford, b. 9 Sept., 17^9, 
d, 20 May, I79O ; 3. Robert, b. 5 Oct., 1760, general in the 
army, and lieut.-col. 6th regiment of dragoon guards ; 4. 
Clotworthy, b, 31 Oct., 1763, created, 30 July, 1800, baron 
Langford, of Somerhill; {^See baron Langford;) 6. Edward, 
in holy orders, b, 13 Nov., 1768, m^ 10 May, 1807, Marianne 
St. Leger, eldest da. of the hon. Ri<;hard St. Leger, ^d son of 
viscount Doneraile, and has, among other issue, a da. 6. 16 



July, 1815 ; 6. Henrietta^ b, 15 April, 17^i *»•) Chambre- 
Brabazan Ponsoxiby, esq., of the Besborough family ; 7* Co- 
iJkartntf, 6. 11 Aug., 1773. The earl d. 14 Feb., 1794, and was 
mooeeded by hit eldest son, 

Thomas, 2d earl of Bective ; created, 29 Dec., 1800, mar*. 
^uflss of Headfort. 

HHT'^pporenl^^TaoMAaj Eaiil of Bective, son of the 

CremHaiu — Baronet of Ireland, 1704; baron, 6 Sept., 1760; 
Tiaomint, 12 April, 1762; earl, 24 Oct., 1766; marquess, 

, laoo. 

llfltto— CunHquUur quodounque peHi-^He attains what- 

he pursues, 
^raw— See Plate 64. 

Eari flf Altamont, Visoount Westport, Lord Monteagle, also 
• Pmt of the United Kingdom, by the title of Baron Mont- 
XA^LX, of Westport, co. Mayo, K.P., and Governor co. 
If sfo: bam 18 May, 1788 : succeeded his father, John-Denis, 
the kle Marquess, 2 Jan., 1809 : married, Feb. 1816, Hester- 
r^tharine De Burgh, eldest da. of John Thomas, 13th Earl 
of Oanricaide, and has issue ; 1. Louisa'Catharine, b, 2 Dec., 
1816; 2. theEA&L of Altamont, b, 31 Jan., 1820; 3. Howey 
h. Jan. 1821, d. 1 Feb., 1822 ; 4. a son, 6. 21 Jan., 1822. 

The marques8*s ancestor, sir John Browne, of the Neale, 
CO. Mayo, was created a baronet 17 June, 1636, m., 1626, 
Mary, da. of sir Dominick Browne, knt., of Galway, and had 
iisue, ur (}eorge, 2d baronet, whose descendants, sir John, 
7th baronet, was ennobled bv the title of lord Kilmaine; 
JoHV, ancestor of the earls of Altamont ; Dominick; John, 
the 2d son of the 1st baronet, m. Anne Hamilton, eldest da. 
of George, 4th lord Strabane, who deceasing without issue, he 
«., 2dly, Maud, da. of Theobald, viscount Mayo, and had 
inoe, Peter ; Valentine, m. Bridget, da. of James Talbot, 
oq., of Mount Talbot ; Bridget, m, Edward Birmingham, 
SSch lord Athenry ; Elizabeth, m. John Birmingham, esq. ; 
Mary, m., 8 July, 170^, Theobald, 6th viscount Mayo ; Peter, 
the eldest wm, left issue, by Mary, da. of Denis Daly, esq., 
one of the judges of the court of common pleas, 

John, 1st earl, who was created baron of Monteitgle, co. 
Mayo, 10 Sept., 1760, viscount Westport, 24 Aug., 1768, and 
furUier advanced to the dignity of earl of Altamont ^ 4 Dee., 

vol. II. V \11\ ; 


1771 ; m*) Dec. 1729, Anne Oore, sister of Arthur^ ea|4 of 
Arran, and had issue by her (who d. 7 March, 177 19)'; I*. 
Peter, 2d earl; 2. Arthur^ col. in the army, m, Atme, da. 
of John Gardiner, M.D., (who d, in July 1807,) ^nd d. 21 
July, I77d, leaving issue, John ; George ; Henry ; Anne, 
m. major Lindsay, of Turin Castle, co. Mayo ; and Louisa, J 
-m., 26 July, 1803, lieut.-col. Browne, of Browne Hall, co. . 
Mayo ; 3. George, m, Dorcas, co-heiress of James Moore, esq., 
of Newport, and d. leaving issue, Margaret, m.. May 1785, 
Dominick Browne, of Castle Mountgarret, co. Mayo, esq. ; 

4. James, prime serjeant-at-law in Ireland, whidi he resigned 
in July 1787, and d. U7im., Nov. 1790; .5. Henrff, m, miss 
Lynch, da. of sir Henry Lynch, hart., d, March 1812, with- 
out issue; 0. John, d. 4 Aug., 1798; m., 1st, Mary Cocks, 
and by her had issue, EmUy, m., Jan. 1788, I)ominick 
Browne, of Ashford, co. Galway, esq. ; and Mary, m. Peter 
Blake, of Corbally Castle, co. Galway,. esq. ; and, 2dly, Rosa- 
linda, da. of Eneas Gilker, esq., by whom (who d, 30 April,. 
1812,) he left issue, Eliza, d. 18 Oct., 1804; Louisa, m., 26 
Aug., 1807) George Moore, of Moore Hall, go. Mayo, esq. ; 
Anne ; and Henry. The earl d, 4 July, 177^9 <^^ '^^s «ae- 
ceeded by his son, 

Peter, 2d earl, m., 16 April, 1752, Elizabeth, only da. 
and heiress of Deuis Kelly, esq., chief justice of Jamaica, and 
,had issue by her (who (2. 1 Aug., 1765,) ; 1. John-Denis, 3d 
earl ; 2. the right hon. Denis, a privy councillor in Ireland, b, 
Oct. 1763 ; m., 1790, Anne, da. of Ross Mahon, esq., and 
has issue ; 1. James ; 2. Peter, M.P. for Rye, m., 4 July, 1822, 
Catharine-Esther, da. of J. Paget, esq. ; 3. Denis ; 4. John ; 

5. George ; 6. Anne ; 7- Elizabeth ; 8. Jane ; 9. Charlotte ; 
3. Anne, m,, 18 Aug., 1785, Otway-Cuffe, 1st earl of Desart ; 
,4. Mary, d. 10 June, 1776 ; 5. Elizabeth, m,, Aug. 1786, Ross 
Mahon, esq., of Castle-bar ; and, 6. Charlotte, m, John Mahon, 
esq. His lordship d, 28 Dec, 1 780, and was succeeded by his son, 

John Dents, 3d earl, created, 29 Dec., 1800, marquess of 
Sliffo, and, 20 Feb., 1806, baron Monteagle, in the peerage of 
the United Kingdom, K.P. ; 6» 11 June, 1756 ; m., 21 May, 
1787) Louisa-Catharine Howe, youngest da. and co-heir of 
.admiral Richard, earl Howe, K.G., and by her (who m., 2dly, 
.16 April, 1813, ihe right hon. sir William Scott, knt., brother 
,of John, lord Eldon, and d. at Amsterdam, 20 Aug., 1817,) 
had issue, Howe-Peter, the present marquess. The mar- 
quess d. 2 Jan., 1809, and was succeeded by his only son, 

Howe-Peter, 4th earl of Altamont, and present and 2d 
^marquess. . 



Heit^Appareni — The Earl of Altamont, the maniuoss"* 
«blBst son. 

Cnaiians — Baron, 19 Sept., 1760; visooiint, iu 1768; 
mA, 4 ]>eo^ 1771 « marquess of Sligo, 29 Dec., 1800 ; baron 
Moatesgle, of Westport, in Mayo, in the United Kingdom, 
» Feb., ISOfi. 

Motto — StUvex la rairon— Follow reason. 
Plate 64. 

JOHN LiOFTUS, Mahquesb of ELY, Earl of Ely, co. 
Wkklow, Vucoont Loftus, of Ely, Baron Loftus, of Loftus 
Hall, 00. Wexford, Baron Loftus, of Long Loftus, oo. 
York, in the Peerage of England, and a Baronet ; a Privy 
Councillor in Ireland, Governor of Fermanagh, and Colonel 
of the Wexford Militia, K.P. and D.C.L. ; bom 16 Feb., 
1770 ; boeoeeded his father, Charles, the late Marquess, 22 
Manh, 1806; married^ 22 May, 1810, Anna-Maria, eldest 
da. of sir Henrv-Watkin Dashwood,- of Kirtlington, co. Ox- 
fiord, Bart., and has issue; 1. Charlotte'EUzabeth^ b, 22 April, 
1811, to whom the Queen, Princess Elizabeth, and the Duke 
of Cambridge, stood sponsors; 2. Johk-Heney, Viscount 
LofhUy b, 19 Jan., 1814; 3. George-William, b. U May, 
1815; '4. Adam, b. 13 May, 1816; 5. Auguatus-Frederick, b, 
A Oct., I8I7 ; 0. Anna-Maria, b, 8 March, 1819 ; 7* & <on, 
L 7 April, 1822 ; 8. a da,, b. 23 March, 1824. 

The family of Loftus, or, as it was anciently spelt, Loft- 
hoose, appears, from the archives of York Minster, to have 
flooririied in Yorkshire as early as the reign of Alfred; 
and the same records shew that Christopher Lofthouse was 
prior of Helagh, co. York, 1460. Edward Loftus, of 
'Swineshead, co. York, esq., whose descendants have been, in 
different branches, thrice elevated to the peerage of Ireland, 
had 2 sons ; 1. Robert (father of sir Adam, lord chancellor of 
Irriand, 1C19 ; created viscount of Ely, 1622, which title be- 
came extinct, 1725, on the death of his grandson, Arthur, 3d 
visoount, whose only da. and heir, Jane, m. Charles, lord 
Moore, son of the 3d earl of Drogheda,) ; and, 2. Adam, con- 
secrateid archbishop of Dublin, 1567, and lord chancellor of 
Ireland from 1578 to 1605, when he d., leaving a numerous 

Sir Dudley Ivoftus, of Rathfamam, eldest son of the 
archbishop, d, 1616, leaving 2 sons ; L sir Adam, whose 
grandsim, Adam, was created viscount Lisbume, 1685, but 

u 2 B\am 


slain at the siege of Limerick, 1691, without issue; 3. NicHo^ 
las^ of Fethard, whose grandson, 

Nicholas, b. 1687, ^as created baron Lofkis, of Loftus 
Hall, 5 Oct., 1751, and advanced to the dignity of viscount 
Loftu8^ of Ely, 19 July, 1756, which honours had become 
extinct in the elder branch. The viscount m,, 1st, Anne 
Ponsonby, 2d da. of William, viscount Duncannon, and sister 
to Brabazon, earl of Besborough, by whom he had issue; 
1. Nicholas, 1st earl of Ely; 2. Hekrt, 3d earl; 3. Mcvry^ 
m, William Aicock, of Wilton, co. Wexford, esq. ; 4. Anne^ 
m. Charles Tottenham, esq. ; 5. Elixaheth^ m. 31 Dec, 1736, 
sir John Tottenham, bart. The viscount m., 2dly, Letitia, 
da. of sir John Rowley, knt., (ancestor of viscount Langford) 
and widow of his kinsman^ Arthur, viscount Ely, who a, 
1725, by whom he had no issue, fie d, 31 Dec, 1763, and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Nicholas, 2d viscount, created, 25 Oct., 1766, earl of 
Ely ; m., 18 Aug., 1736, Mary, eldest da. and heiress, of sir 
Gustavus Hume, bart., of Castle Hume, 00. Fermanagh, and 
d, 31 Oct., 1766, leaving issue by her (who d. Oct. 1740,) an 
only son, Nicholas, 2d earl, 6. 11 Sept., 1738, and d. tinm., 
12 Nov., 1769, when the earldom became extinct, but the 
title of discount devolved to his unde, 

Henry, 4th viscount, *. 11 Nov., 1709, created earl of 
Ely, Nov. 1771 ; K.P., 1783. His lordship «i., 1st, 1746, 
Frances, da. of Henry Munroe, of Roe's Hall, co. Down, esq., 
who d. without issue, Aug. 1774 ; m., 2dly, 1775, Anne, da. 
of Hugh Bonfoy, esq., (by Anne, sister of Edward, Ist lord 
Elliot.) lady of the bedchamber to the princesses. The earl 
d. without issue, 8 May, 1783,' when the titles of earl of Ely 
and viscount Loftus became extinct; but the estates devolved, 
pursuant to the will, to his nephew, sir Charles Tottenham, 
bart., son of the hon. Elizabeth Loftus, by sir John Totten- 
ham, bart. 

Charles, 1st marquess, h. 23 Jan., 1738, on succeeding to 
the estate of his uncle, earl Henry, assumed the name and 
arms of Loftus. and was created baron Loftus^ of Loftus Hall, 
28 Jiine, 17C5 ; viscount Lofttis^ of Ely, 22 Dec, 1800 ; earl 
of iE/y, 15 Feb., 1794 ; advanced to the dignity of marquess 
of /?/y, 29 Dec, 1800 ; and created a peer of Great Britain, 
19 Jan., 1801, by the title of baron Loftus^ of Long Loftus, 
CO. York. His lordship was postmaster-general in Ireland in 
1789, a privy councillor, K.P., and governor of Wexford ; 
m., 23 June, 1766, Jane, eldest da. and co-heiress of Robert 
MyhiU, esq., and by her (who flf. 21 Feb., 1807,) had issue ; 

1. JoHir, 


I. JoHir, 3d marqiiess; 2. Robert^Fonsot^^t late bishop of 
LagfaHn, and now of Clogher, b. 5 Sept., 1773, m., 21 May, 
1807, Alida, 3d da. of ComwaUis Maude, visoount Hawarden, 
(by his 2d wife, Anne-Elizabeth Monde, sister of Charles, vis- 
anint Monck,) and has a son, 6. May 1808; and a da., b. feh. 
1817. The marquess <L 22 March, 1806, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 
JoHir, present and 2d marquess. 

Hekr^Appmrent — John-Hek&t, Viscoukt Loftus, 
ddest Mm of the marquess. 

Crmtiaiu — Baron, 28 June, 1785 ; viscount, Dec. 1789 ; 
marquen, 29 Dec., 1800; baron Loftus, in England, 19 
^an^ 1801. 

Mjo^to~~Prend mot tel que je 9uU — Take me such as I am* 
Bioaad the creat-JLoyal k la mort — Loyal to death. 
Plate 64. 

Quna and Earl of LONDONDERRY, Viscount Castle- 
resgli, and Baron of Londonderry, in Ir^and ; Earl Vane, 
Viscount Seaham, and Baron Stewart, of the United King- 
dom; a Lieut.-Gen. in the Army, and Colonel of the 
lOth Dragoons, a Lord of the Bedchamber, Governor and 
Custoe Botulorum of the counties of Londonderry and Down, 
late Amiiessadotr at Vienna; G.C.B. G.C.H. K.T.S. K.S.G. 
K.R.E. K.B.E. and K.S. : bom 18 May, 1778 ; succeeded 
Iiit half brother, Robert, late marquess, 12 Aug., 1822 ; created, 
1 July, 1814, Baron Stewart, and, 28 March, 182^, Earl 
Vane and Viscount Seaham, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom: marriedy 1st, 4 Aug., 1804, Catherine, 4th da. 
of John, 3d earl of Damley, by whom (who d, 1] Fel)., 1812,) 
he had issue, Frederick, Viscount Castlereagh, b. 7 July> 
1805. The marquess m., 2dly, Lady Frances. Anne, only da. 
of sir Harry Vane-Tempest, bart., by Anne Catherine, 
Countess of Antrim, in her own right, (on which occasion 
he took the surname and arms of Vane in addition to those 
uf Stewart,) and has issue, a daughter, b. 16 April, 1821 ;. 
and another do., b. 29 July, 1823. 

This branch of the noble house of Stewart descends fnxn. 
Hir Thomas Stewart, of Minto, 2d son of sir William Stewart, 
of Garlies, ancestor to the earls of Galloway. 

Wiiliam Stewart^ of Ballylawn-castle, oo. Donegal, esq., 
(great grandson of John Stewart, esq., who had a grunt from 

17 3 CYvArYw \. 


Charles I. of the manor of Stewart's Ck)urt, where he erected 
the castle of Ballylawn,) took ah active part in the transac* 
tions in the north, to prevent the subversion of the constitu- 
tion, which Jaihes II., and his chief governor, lord Tyrcon- 
nel, were attempting to effect : he raised a troop of horse at 
his own expense when the city of Londonderry was invested, 
and did essential service to the protestant interest in that 
part, by protecting those who were well affected to king Wil- 
liam III., and was appointed lieut—col. in~the r^ment com- 
manded by sir William Stewart, viscount Mountjoy : he m, 
the da. of William Stewart, of Fort Stewart, co. Don^al, 
(grandson of sir William Stewart, hart., privy councillor to 
James I., whose descendant, sir William Stewart, hart., was 
created baron of Ramalton and viscount Mountjoy, 19 March, 
1682,) and d. leaving issue; 1. Thomas, his heir; 2. Alejt^ 
ander ; 3. Martha^ m. John Kennedy, esq., of Cahra, oo. 
Down. Thomas, the eldest, succeeded at Ballylawn castle, 
and served as a captain in lord Mpuntjoy's r^ment ; m. Mary, 
2d da. of Bernard Ward, esq., (ancestor <^ the visoounts 
Bangor,) by Mary, sister of Michael Ward, bishop of Derry^ 
and deceasing without issue, 17^^ was succeeded by his only 

Alexander, b. 1700, who represented the city of Lon- 
donderry in parliament, and purchased the estate of Mount 
Stuart, CO. Down, from the Colville family : he m., 30 June, 
1737, his cousin Mary, only da. of John Cowan, of London- 
derry, esq., (by Anne Stewart, 2d da. of Alexander Stewart, 
of Ballylawn Castle, esq., and sister and sole heiress of sir 
Kobert Cowan, governor of Bombay,) and d. 2 April, 1781, 
leaving issue by her (who rf. 8 April, 1788,); 1. Robert, 
first marquess; 2. William^ 6. 11 April, 1741, d, in 1742; 
3. John, b, 3 July, 1744, d. 1762; 4. Alexander^ b, 26 March, 
1746, m., 2 Oct., 1791, Mary Moore, 3d da. of Charles, mar- 
quess of Drogheda, (by Anne, eldest da. of Francis Seymour, 
1st marquess of Hertford,) and has issue, Alexander-Robert, 
M.P. CO. Londonderry, 6. 12 Feb., 1795; Charles-Moore, 6. 
b March, 1799; John Vandeleur, b, 8 Oct., 1804; Maria- 
Frances, b, 22 Sept., 1792; Anne-Elizabeth, b. 12 Jan., 1794; 
Gertrude-Isabella, b. 18 Oct., 1796; Frances-Anne, b, 29 Oct., 
1797, d. March, 1800 ; Frances-Gertrude, b, 14 Oct., 1800, 
d, 4 Feb., 1804 ; 6. Anne, b, 27 Sept., 1738, rf. 21 April, 1781 ; 
6. Francis, b. 26 Oct., 1742 5 7. Mary, b. 15 April, 1747, d. 

Robert, eldest son, was created baron Stewart, 1789 ; 
discount Castlereaffh, 1795; earl of I^ndonderry, 1796; and 



marquflu of Londonderry^ 1816. The marquess m., 1st, 
3 June, 1766, Sarah-Franoes Seymour, 2d da. of Frauds, 1st 
marquess of Hertford, K.O., and by her (who d, VJ July, 
1770,) had issue; \, Alexander 'Franci8^d,\i^\ 2. Robert, 
2d marqueM. The marquess m., 2dly, 7 June, 177^9 Frances, 
eldest da. of Charles ^Pratt, 1st earl Camden, sjid sister to 
the preeent marquess Camden, and had issue ; 1. Charles- 
W11.1.1AX, G.CB., present and 3d marquess ; 2. Alejtander- 
Jokn^ d. 1800; 8. Frances^Anne^ m., 10 March, 1799, lord 
Charles Fitzroy, 2d son of Augustus, 3d duke of Grafton, d. 
1810; 4. Thomas^Hemryyd. 1810; 5,Elizabeth~Mary,(Ln98; 
6b CmroUne,, b. 1781, nu Thomas Wood, of Oevemet, 00. Bre- 
con, esq. ; 7- Georgianay ta. George Canning, of Garvagh, cre- 
ated banrn Ghuragfa, d. 1814 ; 8. Selina-Sarah^uliana^ m., 
1816, DaTid Kerr, of Portavo and Montalto, co. Down, esq. ; 
9. MaHlda^Charioitey m., 1815, Edward-Michael, eldest son of 
the hon. Robert Wud, c^ Bangor Castle ; 10. EmUy^Janey m., 
1st, 1814, John James, esq., only son of sir Walter James, bart., 
who dL 1820; and, 2dty, 1821, lieut.-€dL sir Henry Hardinge, 
K.aB.; 11. CalAonntf-Ootevta, m., 1813, Edward, second 
lord EDenborough. The marquess d, 8 April, 1821, and was 
neoeeded by his eldest son, 

Robert, 2d marquess of Londonderry, K.G., F.R.S., 
U.R.I.A., governor of Londonderry ; the marquess was ap- 
pointed a lord of the treasury in Ireland in 1797^ chief 
ncretary to the lord-lieutenant of Ireland, and a privy coun- 
cillor, March 1798 ; president of the Board of Commissioners 
for the affairs of India, and called to a seat in the cabinet in 
1802 ; principal secretary of state for the War Department 
in 1805, which he resigned in Nov. 1806, and, 1812, again 
appointed to the same office ; m., 9 Jan., 1794, Amelia Hobart, 
youngest da. and oo-heiress, with her sister, of John, 2d earl 
of Budcinghamshire, and by her had no issue. The marquess 
died at his seat at North Cray, in Kent, 12 Aug., 1822, and 
was succeeded by his brother, 

Charles.William Vane, present and 3d marquess of 
Londonderry, aad 1st baron Stewart, and earl Vane, in the 
Peerage of the United Kingdom. 

Hetr^Apparenl — ^Frederick, Viscount Castlereaoh, 
the marquess's eldest son. 

Crea^tofw—Baron, 18 Nov., 1789 ; visoou^t, 6 Oct., 1795 ; 
eari, 10 Aug., 1796 ; and marquess of Londonderry, 22 Jan., 
1816 ; baron Stewart, 1 July, 1814 ; earl Vane, and viscount 
Seaham, 28 March, 1823. 

Motto — 


Motto — Meiuenda corolla (froconu— The dragon's crest 
is to be feared. 
^rm««-See Plate 64. 

NYNGHAM, Earl of Conyngham, Eaii of Mount Charles, 
Viscount Slane, Gonyngham, and Mount Charies, Baron 
Gonyngfaam, in Ireland; Baron Mikster, of Minster, oo. 
Kent, in England, K.P., a (General in the Army, Gustos 
Rotulonim, oo. Glaro, a Governor oo. Donegal: bom 26 
Dec, 1766 : succeeded his father, Francis Pierpoint, the late 
Lcnrd, ^ May, 1787 $ created visooant Gonyngham, 6 Dec., 
1789, Earl Gmiyngham and Visooant Mount Charles, 5 Nov., 
1797) and advanced to the dignity of Marquess Gonyngham, 
Earl of Mount Charles, and Visooant Slane, 22 Jan., 1816 ; 
created a Peer of the United Kingdom, by ibe title of Baron 
Minster, of Minster, oo. -Kent, 17 July, 1621 ; mutrrUtL, 6 
July, 1794, Elizabeth, ddest da. of Joseph Dennison, of Den. 
hies, 00. Snrrey, esq., and has issue ; 1. Heitjly-Joseph, 
Earl of Mount Charles, M.P. co. Donegal, & 6 April, 1795 ; 
2. FranciS'Nathaniel, 6. 11 June, 1797, first Groom of the 
King's Bedchamber, and Af aster of the Robes to his Majesty ; 
m., 23 April, 1824, Lady Jane Paget, da. of the Marquess of 
Anglesea; 3. EHzabelh-Henrietta^b, 20 ¥eh., 1800; 4. Albert- 
Denison, b. 21 Oct., 1805; 5. Harriet-Maria, b. 2 July, 1811; 
and, 6. Charlotte. 

Sir Albert Conyngham, of Mount Charles, (great-grandson 
of William Gonyngham, bishop of Argyll, 1539, youngest 
son of William, 4th earl of Glencaime,) raised a regiment of 
dragoons at his own expense, with which he joined king 
WiUjam at the Boyne; m. Mary, da. of Robert Leslie, bishop 
of Raphe, and was slain in an engagement near Colooney^ 
5 Sept., 1691, leaving issue, Henrt, a major-gen. in the 
army, knight of the shire for Donegal, 1695, governor of 
Lerida, and lieut.-gen. of the king of Spain^s army in 1705 ; 
he defeated the French at the battle of St. Estevan's, but re- 
ceived a wound, of which he d, 10 Jan., 1705 ; he m. Mary, 
da. of sir John Williams, of Minster Court, co. Kent, hart., 
and widow of Charles, lord Shelburne, and had issue, Albert, 
d, young; William, Henry, Susan, Margaret, d. young; 
and Mary, m. Francis Burton, esq. William, the eldest 
son, of Slane Castle and Mount Charles, m. Constance, da. 



mbd oo-liareM of ThAmai Middleum, esq., of Stanstead, 

M ountfitdiet, oob Eimr, and deoeatiiig without inue, 26 

Oct., 1738, was nicoeeded by his brother, 

HsiTBT, Ist earl Conyngliain, representative for Bandwich 

in the £ngtish parliament, vice-adm. of Ulster, governor co. 

DoDtegal and Londonderry, and a xnivy coandl&r : created 
bftnm Conyn^iAani, of Mount Charles, 3 Oct., 1763 ; viscount 
CoHyn^Aaaa, 20 July, 1756 ; and advanced, 14 Jan., 1781, to 
the dignities of ean and baron Con^fngham^ with remainder 
of the haiYiny, in definilt of issue male, to his nephew, Frauds- 
Piopoint Burton, eldest son of Mary Conyngham. The earl 
SB., Ue& 1744, JEDen, only da. and horess of Solomon Merret, 
es^ and denwudng without issue, 3 April, 1781, the earidom 
lienane ertinct, but the barony devolveid to his nephew, 
Fnmeis-Pierpaint Burton, 2d lonl Conyngham. 

The very ancient family of Burton was seated (as by some 
tndiCioBs), lor many generations prior to 1460, at Richmond, 
eoi Yoric Sir Edward Burton, fcr his services and unshaken 
lofahy to the house of York, had the singular honour of a 
kaif^ baimeret conferred upon him by Edward IV. after 
the batde of St. Alban's, 1460; he afterwards settled at 
Longnor, 00. Salop, and his son, sir Robert Burton, knt., 
had the first gtfant of arms, 22 May, 1478; he m, Christa 
Stapleton, da. of sir John Stapleton, knt., and relict of 
Robert Gressett, of Upton Cressett, co. Salop : his son, Ed- 
ward, fli., 1st, Joyce, da. of Henry Griffin, and, 2dly, Jacosa 
Coyney, of Weston Coyney, co. Stafford, in 1524 ; his eldest 
son, John, m, Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Payne, of Beslow, 
00. Snnex, esq„ d. 1543 ; his eldest son, Edward, m, Anne, 
da. and co-heir of Nicholas Maddocks, d, 1550 ; he narrowly 
CK^ied during the persecution of the protestants, temp, queen 
Mary ; d3ring of excessive joy at the death of the queen, and 
being refused interment in his parish church of St. Shad, 
Shrewsbury, was buried in the garden at Longnor, where the 
tomb still remains: his eldest son, Thomas, m, Catharine, 
da. and co-heir of William Biest, of Atcham Orange, co. 
Salop, dL 1619; his eldest son, Edward,*m. Elizabeth Newton, 
i* 1642. His descendants, in the elder branch, resided at 
Longnor until 1735, when it was carried into the family of 
Lingen, by an heir female; but their eldest son, Robert 
Idngen, took the name of Burton, (by act of parliament, 
1748,) pursuant to the will of his maternal great imde. The 
above-named Thomas and Catharine had a second son, Wil- 
liam, who, by his wife, Susan Lee, was father of William 
Burton, author of ^ Comments on Antoninus,** &c ; and the 


said Thomas and Catharine had also a 4th son, Francis ; and 
a dth son, Thomas ; both of whom went into Ireland, 1610 : 
from this last Thomas Burton the present marqness is lineally 
descended'; he m. Anne, da. of Thomas Shippard, of Balcot, 

CO. Salop, esq., whose son, Samuel, m. Margery, da. of 

Harres, esq., (from their 2d son, Benjamin, the Burtons of 
Dublin and Burton Hall, in Ireland, are descended) ; his 
eldest son, Francis, m. Alice, da. of Thomas Tilson, esq. ; 
their son, 

Fraxcib Burton, esq., b. 1 Dec., 1696, M.P. for Cole- 
raine and the oo# Clare, and a privy councillor, m. Mary, 
3d da. of lieut.-gen. Henry Conyngham, of Slane Castle, and 
sister of Henry, earl Conyngham, and d. 20 March, 1743, 
leaving issue by her (who d. in 1737) ; 1* Fram-cis-Pier- 
POINT, 2d lord; 2. WUliam^ of Slane Castle, b, 1733, teller 
of the exchequer, vioe-adm. of Ulster, governor of Donegal, a 
privy councUlor, and sometime a lieut.-ooL 12th reg. of 
dragoonu, d, tinm., 81 May, 1796; 3. Marp, d. unm, ; 4. Alice^ 
in., 22 Sept., 1743, sir George Gore, bart., and dL 23 April, 

Frakcis-Pierpoikt, the eldest son, succeeded as the 2d 
lord Conyngham, 3 April, I76I9 andm., 19 March, 17^0, Eli- 
zabeth, eldest da. of the right hon. Nathaniel Clements, and 
sister of Robert, earl of Leitrim, and by her (who d,\b June, 
1816,) had issue ; 1. Henry, 3d lord; 2. Francis-Nathaniel^ of the earl, b. 26 Dec. 1766, col. of the Clare 
militia ; m., 4 June, 1801, Valentine-Alicia, 2d da. of Nicholas, 
lord Cloncurry ; 3. Catharine, m., 26 March, 1785, the rev. 
John-Shirly Fermor, of Sevenoaks, co. Kent; 4. Ellena^ «i., 
11 Dec., 1777'. Stuart Weldon, esq.; 5. Henrietta, His 
lordship d. 22 May, 1787) and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Henry, 3d baron and 1st marquess. 

Heir-Apparent — Henry, Earl of Mountcharles, the 
marquess's eldest son. 

Creations — Baron, 19 Dec, I78O; viscount, 6 Dec, 1789; 
earl Conyngham, 6 Nov., 1797 ; marquess Conyngham, earl 
of Mount Charles, and viscount Slane, 22 Jan., 1810 ; baron 
Minster, of Minster, co. Kent, I7 June, 1821. 

3Iotto — Over fork over. 

Arms — See Plate 04. 

Earl of WESTMEATH, Baron Delvin, Governor co. West- 
meath, and Colonel of the Westmeath Regiment of Militia ; 



lorn 17 July, 1786 ; suoeeeded his father, Oeorjirc-Froderick, 
the late Eazi, 90 Dec, 1814 ; created Marquees of Westmeath, 
by patent of- 12 Jan., 1822 c married^ 20 May, 1812, Emily, 
2d daughter of James, Marquess of SiBlisbury, K.O., and has 
inoe a da., Bota ; and a souy b, 25 Nov., 1818, d. 16 Nov., 

O11.BERT DE NuoEiTT, the first of this family who set. 
ded in Ireland, was one of those English nobles who acoom- 
panied Hugh de Lacy in his expedition to Ireland, temp. 
Henry H. He fa. Rosa, da. of the said Hu^ de Laoy, and 
acqairod by that marriage the lordship of JDelvin. From 
Christapber. Nugent, a brother of Gilbert, descended Wil- 
liam, 1st hMrd Ddvin, temp, Richard 11^, and from him 

RiCHAMD, 10th lord, created, 4 Sept., 1621, earl of West- 
meath, d, 1641 , and was succeeded by his grandson, Richard, 
Sd earl, who d. 1684, and was succeeded by his grandson, 
RiCHAAD, 3d earl, who dying without issue 1714, was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

Thomas, 4th earl, and 13th baron, m. Margaret, only da. 
of John, knrd Bellew, but d, without male issue, 30 June, 
175s, and was succeeded by his next brother, 

JoHV, 5th earl, m. Margaret, da. of count Molza, of the 
datchy df Modena, in Italy ; by whom (who tL Feb. 1776) he 
had issue ; 1. Thomas, Oth earl ; 2. Edward-Charles^ who d. 
tifim. 1775 ; 3. Francis. He d 3 July, 1754, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

Thomas, 6th earl, K.P., m., 1st, 1742, Mary Durand, da. 
and heiress of Walter-Durand Stapleton, of the island of 
Hispaniola, esq., by whom (wjio d. 1752,) he had 1 son, 
Richard, lord Delvin, b. 1742, kiUed in a duel, 1761. He 
m., 2dly, Aug. 1756, Catharine, da. and co-heiress of Henry 
White, ftf Pichfordstown, co. Kildare, esq., and by her (who 
d. 6 Aug., 1772,) had issue ; 1. Thomas^ d. an infant ; 2. 
George-Frederick, 7th earl; 3. Henry, b. Nov. 1762, 
and d. I77O; 4. Catharine, b. 6 April, 1766, wi., 26 July, 
1784, the hon. John Rodney, brother of George, 2d lord 
Rodney, and rf. Feb. 1794. The earl d. 7 Sept., 1791, and 
was succeeded by his eldest surviying son, 

Georoe-Frederick, 7th earl, b. 18 Nov., 1760, m., 1st, 
27 April, 1784, Marianna, eldest da. of sir John JeflFereys, of 
Blarney Castle, co. Cork, esq., by Arabella, eldest sister of 
John, 1st earl of Clare, (which marriage was dissolved by act 
of pariiamenc, 1796,) and by her had issue ; 1. Georoe- 
Thomas-John, 8th earl ; 2. Louisa-Maria, d. young; 3. a 



da,j b, Oct. 1788; 4^ Fredericky d, March 1803 : the earl m., 
2dly, 2 Fdi)., 1797, Elizabeth-Emily Moore, eldest da. of 
Charles, marquess of Drogheda, K.P., and had issue ; 1. Eiu 
vabeth^Emiipy b. 21 Dec, 1798, m., 15 Sept., 1820, hon. 
Charies Lioiud Dawson, 5th son of John, earl of Portarlington; 
2. Catharine'Anney b. 10 May, 1801, m., July 1823, Francis 
Bruen, esq. ; 3. Henry-Edmund^ d, 3 March, 1811 $ 4. Robert- 
Seymour^ b, 2 June, 1808. The earl d. 30 Dec., 1814, and 
;was succeeded Vy his eldest son, 

GsoiiaE-THOMAS-JoHir, Sth earl, and 1st marquess. 

HeW-PreeumpHwe—JlJSo tike earldom and harony only,) the 
marquess's brother, the Hoir. Robxht Seymour Nuoekt. 

CreaiUmt — ^Baron by tenure, temp. Henry II. ; earl, 1621 ; 
marquess, 12 Jan., 1821. 

MdttOL-J[>tforevi--I have resolved. 

^rmsuJSee Plate 44. 


MONDE imd OSSORY, Viwount Thtirlea, to. Tippersryul 
and Banm Aiklow, in Ireland, and Baron OaiiOHDE, df 
Ihe Uiutrd KingdtHn, hereditary Chiel Butler in IreknAt 
K.P,, Colonel of the Kilkenny Militia, and a Trustee of tba ^ 
Linen Manufoclura : succeeded his brother Walter, the iM* ' 
HmrquMt of Ormonde, 10 Aug., 1020 ( treated a Peer of th* J 
I'nited Kingdom, by the title of Baron Ormonde, 17 July, M 
lail i bom 1773 ( married^ 12 Oct., 1807, Orace-Louisat \ 
daughter of the Right Hon. John Staples, of the county )i ]J 
Tyrone, Ireland, {by Harriet, da. and co-heiresa of Rowland 1 
HDletworth, viscount Moleavorth,) and has iuue; 1. JoBlr, j 
Vinount Tkurlei, b. 34 Aug., 1808; 2. Harriot-Eleanor^ \ 
IFaade^ortL, 6. 11 Dec, 1810; 3. Anui-fFamleifonl, 6. 1 
SO Dec, IBlSj i. tValler-fPandetford, b. U Jan., I8U; ' 
S. Jaaei-Wandeiford. b. 16 May, 1815; C. Loaua-Graaa. ' 
IFandM/sn/, b. 18 July, 1816; 7- Richard-MoUtaorA. 
tVatukt/ard, b. 30 Jan., 1818; 8. Charles- IVandeifard, 6, 
7Peb.,lB20: 9.aiJa«$A<fr, i.4Mardi, 1823; and, 10. a di^ 
«. IS July, 1823. 

The original descent of this illuBtrioiu family is rariouidy 
deduced. Sir Jamea Ware and William Roberta, esq., Ulstec 
king of amu in th« reign, of Charles I., aSlnn one Uerveiaa, 

VOf.- XI, X A com^aniott 


a companion of William the Conqueror, to have been its ori* 
ginal ancestor ; others derive it from a younger son of the 
house of Clare, earls of Gloucester and Hertford ; and others, 
again, assert that a Walter Fitz-Gilbert, son of Gilbert 
Becket, a wealthy citizen of London, and brother of Thomas 
h Becket, archbif^op of Canterbury, was its founder. It is 
certain, however, that the family name was derived from the 
office of chief butler of Ireland ; we commence our account, 
therefore, with 

Theobald le BotxcIsb, on whom that office was con- 
ferred by king Henry lT.y anno 1177) ^^^ he and his succes- 
sors were bound to attend the kings of England at their coro- 
nation, and that day present them with the first cup of wine, 
for which they were to have certain pieces of the king's plate. 
Some time after, that king granted him the prisage and but- 
lerage of wines, to enable him and his heirs the better to sup- 
port the dignity of their office.* 

From this Theobald the office descended, through four 
generations, all of the same Christian name, to Theobald, 
5th butler, who dying unm^ 1290, was succeeded by his 

Edmokd d^ BotELCR, who sat in parlioibent a« a baron, 
1302, and-in 1315 was created earl of Carrickw He d, 1321, 
leaving^ besides other issue, 2 sons ; 1. James, his successor ; 
and^ 2. John, ancestor of the present earl of Carrick (see 
that Title). 

James, 2d earl of Carrick, was created, 2 Nov., 1328, 
earl of Ormond ; m. Eleanol', da. of Humphry de Bohun, earl 
<^ Hereford and Essex, and constable of England, (by the 
princess Elizabeth, da. of king Edward L,) and dying 1337, 
waQ succeeded by his son, 

James, 2d earl of Ormond, and 3d earl of Carrick; d. 
1383, leavmg a son, James, 3d earl of Ormond, who d. 1405, 
leaving 2 sons ; 1. James, 4th earl of Ormond ; and, 2. sir 
Richard^ ancestor of the present earl. 

James, 4th earl oi Ormond, d, 1452, leaving 3 sons ; 1. 
James, 5th earl, who was created earl of Wiltshire, 1440, 
taken prisoner at the battle of Towton, 1461, and beheaded, 

. * Under a decree of 12 Feb., 1584, the earl claimed to be entitled to the 
prisage and butlerage of all wines brought into aby of the ports, havensj &c. 
in Ireland ; but this claim having been foimd troublesome and vexations td 
trade, an act passed, 20 June, 1810, for the purchase of this right, and the 
sum of two hundred and sbcteoi thousand pounds was accordi^ly granted 
for the surrender of this claim, and revesting it in the crown for the public 
service ; and, 31 May, 1811, an act received the royal assent for abolishing 
the duties of the yriaage and butlerage of wines in Ireland. 


EARLS. 879 

vitlumt iflme ; 2. JoHir, Sth'earl, d. unm.^ 1478 ; and S. Tho- 
mas, 8th eail, wlio d, 1515^ leaving 2 das., his oo-hein, of 
whom Margaret m. sir William Bullen, and was grandmo^ier 
of qaem Anno BoUen. 

On the death of the 8th earl, the title was assumed by sir 
PiBBCE B1TTLI&, great grandson of sb Richard, 2d son of 
the 3d earl, hut he was created by king Henry VIIL, 1627, 
cu4 of Ossory, and the title of Ormonde, by the same king, 
conferred on his qneen*s father, Thomas Bullen, yisoonnt 
Rochfort, son of Margaret abore-named. He d. 1530, Icav- 
ing, besides other issue, 2 sops; 1. James, 2d earl of Ossory ; 
and, 8. Richard^ ancestor of the earl of Kilkenny (see that 

James, 9d earl of Ossory, was created viscount Thurles in 
his fiither'i lifetime, 1535; and in the last parliament of 
Henry VIIL obtained an act of restitution of the earldom 
of Ormonde. He dL 1585, leaving issue, Thomas, earl of 
Onnoofd and Ossory, who d, without male issue, 1G14 ; and 
JektL, of KilcBsh, whose son, 

WAi»TXm, Buooeeded his uncle, Thomas, and became 11th 
enl of Onnond, and 8d eaii of Ossory ; m. Eleanor, da. of 
Bimond; 2d'visooimt Mountg^arret, and had issue, Thomas^ 
yisooont Thnrles, idio <2. in his father's lifetime, leaving 
ime, by EUzabeth, da. of John Poyntz, of Acton, co. Olou- 
earter, esq., 2 sons; James, 12th eaii; and Richard, of 
Kikash, of whom hereafter. The earl d. 1632, and was suc- 
ceeded by his grandson, 

James, 12th earl, K.G., created marquess of Ormonde, 
1642 ; and on the restoration of Charles II. advanced, in re- 
Tard of his unshaken loyalty to that king and his father, to 
the dignity of duke of Ormonde in Ireland, and created baron 
Butler, of Limthony, and earl of Brecknock in England. His 
grace nu hia cousin, Elizabeth, only child and heir of Ridiard, 
viscount Dingwall, and earl of Desmond, by Elizabeth, only 
da. and heir of Thomas, 10th earl of Onnonde ; and by her 
had, besides other issue, 3 sons ; 1. Thomas^ who d. in his 
father's lifetime, leaving issue 2 sons; Ja^ies, 2d duke; and 
Charles, created earlof Arran, but d. without issue, 1758; 
and 2 das. ; Elizabeth, m. William-Richard-George, earl of 
Derby; and Henrietta, m, Henry Dauverquerque, earl of 
Grantham ; 2. Richard^ created earl of Arran, 16G2, d. 1C85, 
leaving an only da., Charlotte, m. Charles, lord Comwallis, 
ancestor of the present earl ; 3. John^ created, lfi^C^ earl of 
Oowran, and d. 1677, without issue. The duke d. 21 July, 1688, 
and was succeeded by his grandson, 

X 2 J A^lT.%^ 


James, 2d duke, taid 13th earl, K.O., who, on the reaovti 
of the duke of Marlborough and the Whig administration 
from the councils of queen Anne, was appointed commander- 
in-chief of the forces, warden of the cinque ports, and oon» 
stable of Dover castle. On the accession of king George I. 
he was impeadied, and retiring into France, was attainted^ 
and all his honours forfeited. He d. without surviving issue, 
1746, and his tiUes remained under attainder till those of eai^ 
of Ormonde and viscount Thurles were restored to the heir 
male of the family, John Butler, of Kilcash, esq., whose 
descent we now proceed to trace. 

RiCHABD Butler, of Kilcash, e8q.,2d8on of Thomas, lord 
Thurles, and brother of the 1st duke, m. Frances, da. of Mer- 
vin Tuchet, 2d earl of Gastlehaven, and d. 1701, having had, 
besides other issue, a son, Walter, who d. in his father's life- 
time, leaving issue by Mary, only da. of ChzisU^her Phmkett, 
2d earl of Fingal, 2 sons ; Thomas, who succeeded his grand.^ 
father at Kilcash ; and John, of Gall^dcen. Thomas, of 
Kilcash, m. Marg^iret, eldest da. of William, earl of Clan- 
rickarde, and widow of Bryan Magennis, viscount Iveagh, 
and d» 1738, leaving an only son, John, who, on the death of 
Charles, earl of Arnm, brother of the last duke, in 1758, suc- 
ceeded to the estates of the family, which had been purchased 
by the earl on his brother's attainder. This John m., but eL 
without issue, and was succeeded in the said estates by his 
first cousin, Walter, only son of John, of Gallyricken, above- 
named, which Walter was father of 

JoHK Butler, who was restored to the title of earl of 
Ormonde, (of which he would have been the 16th earl, but 
for the attainder,) fit., 26 Feb., 1769, Amie, da. and sole 
heiress of John, earl of Wandesford, and then represented the 
several families of Ormonde, Kilcash, and Garryricken ; by 
whom he had issue, 1. Walter, Ist marquess of Ormonde ; 
2. John Wandesford, b, 1772, d. 1796 ; 3. James Wandes- 
ford, present earl ; 4. Elixdbeth, b, 1777, m* her cousin, 

Cavannagh, esq. ; 6. CharleS'Harward, who, in 1820, 

by royal sign manual, assumed the name of Clarke, in addi- 
tion to that of Butler, M.P. co. Wicklow, b. 1781 ; «., 12 
Oct., 1812, Sarah Butler, youngest da. of Henry Thomas, 
earl of Carrick, and has issue, John, Sarah, and Henry ; 6. 
Eleanor, b. 1788, m., 11 Aug., 1808, Cornelius O'Callaghan, 
viscount Lismore, and has issue. The earl d, 25 Dec., 1795, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

Walter, 17th earl of Ormonde, 1st marquess, and 1st 
baron Butler, of Llanthony, co. Monmouth, b. in 1770, K.P., 

m., 17 

EARLS. 881 

«., 17 Ibundi, 1806. Anne da. and sole hein»s of Joseph. 
Pryoe Clarke, esq., (by Anne, sole heiress of Oodfray Clarke, 
of Satton HaU, 00. Derby, esq.,) and by her (who d, 19 Dec., 
1817^) Itad no issue. The marquess d, 10 Aug., 1820, with. 
oat Maue^ when the marqnesate and the English l)arony of 
TJanthopy became extinct; but was succeeded in the earl, 
dom of Ormonde, visoount of Thorles, and the barony of 
AiUow, by his next brother, 

James, present and 18th eail of Ormonde, and yisoount 

Hmr^ppareuU-JoHiSy Viscouitt Thurles, the earPs 

CtmUioiu — Earl of Ormonde and Ossory, viscount Thurles, 
sad baran Arkkw, Edward IV., 2 Nov., 1327 ; baron Or. 
monde, of the United Kingdom, 17 July, 1821. 

Madio-^omms Jfi trauvC'^Ag I find. 
- P]ate06. 

CABDE, and Baron of DunkeUin : bom 20 Dec, 1802: 
wcceeded his father, John-Thomas, the late Earl, 27 July, 

The family of De Burgh ranks among the most ancient in 
the united kingdoms. Hubert de Burgh, earl of Kent, was 
one of the greatest subjects in Europe, in the reigns of king 
John, and Henry III. His unde, Adelm de Burgh, settled 
in Ireland, and was ancestor of Richard de Burgh, lord of 
Connaught and Trim, who d. 1243, leaving two sons, Walter, 
eari of Ulster, and William, ancestor of the earls of Clan- 

Ujlick, 1st earl of Clanricarde, was so created, 1 July, 
1543. From him the title descended in a direct line to 

U1.ICK, 5th earl, who was created, 21 Feb., 1644, mar- 
quess of Clanricarde, and earl of St. Albans, in England ; 
but dying without issue, 1G57, those titles became extinct, 
and the earldom of Clanricarde devolved on his first cousin, 

Richard, 6th earl, who also d, without issue, and was 
succeeded by his brother, William, 7th earl, father of 
RiCHA&D, 8th earl, who d. without issue, and of John, 9th 
earl, who d, l^ Oct., 1722, leaving issue, 

3I1CUAEL, 10th earl, to., 19 Sept., 1714, Anne, eldest da. 
and co-heir of John Smith, of Tudworth, co. Hants, esq., 

X 3 »veaker 


rftker of the house of commons in England, and afterwards 
ncellor of Uie exchequer, and widow of Hugh Parker, esq., 
eldest son of sir Henry Parker, of Henington, oo. Warwidk, 
bart., und had issue by her (who d. 1. Jan., 1732,) ; 1. Joftn, 
who d. an infant ; 2. Johk-Smtth, llth earl ; 3. AnnSy m. 
Dennis Daley, esq., of Rafford, &>, Chdway, and (L 23 Jan., 
1794; 4. Marp^ m., 1 May, 1741, Geoi^ Jenni^, esq., 
only son of a<hn. sir John Jennings, of Newsell*s Park, oo« 
Herts, bart., and d. 12 Feb., 1760. The earl d, 29 Nov., 1726, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

JoHK^MTTH, llth earl, b, II Nov., 1720, m. Hester, 
youngest da. df sir Henry Vincent, of Stoke Dabemon, 
00. Surrey, bart., and had issue by her (who (L 29 Dec., 
1804,); 1. Henry, 12th earl; 2. Johk-Thomas, 13th earl; 
3. Hester^AmeHa^ m., 7 Aug., 1790, William Trencliard, 
esq. ; 4. MargareUAugtutay m., 17 Feb., 1735, Luke Dillon, 
esq., brother of Robert, lord Clonlnrock. The earl d. 21 April, 
1782, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Hek&t, 12th earl, b, 8 Jan., 1743, a privy oounollor, 
K.P., and governor of Oalway ; advanced to the digmty of 
marquess of Clanricarde, 18 Aug., 1785. The marquess m., 
17 March, 1785, Urania^nne, only da. of George Paulett, 
12th marquess of Winchester, and by her (who m., 2dly, col. 
Peter Kingston, who was killed at the attack of Buenos 
Ayres, 22 May, 1807 ; and, 3dly, 22 May, 1813, adm. sir 
Joseph Sydney Yorke, knt., and K.C.B., half-brother of 
Philip, earl of Hardwicke, K.G.,) had no issue. The mar- 
quess d. 8 Dec, 1797) when the marquesate became extinct, 
and was succeeded in the earldom by his only brother, 

John-Thomas, 13th earl, b, 22 Sept., 1744, a gen. in the 
army, col. 66Qi foot, governor of Hull, and gov. co. Galway ; 
m., 17 March, 1799, Eliza, da. of sir Thomas Burke, of Mar- 
ble Hill, CO. Galway, bart., and had issue, Ulick-John, pre- 
sent earl ; Hester-Catherine^ b. Jan. 1800 ; «»., Feb. 1816, 
Howe Peter, marquess of Sligo; and a da, b, Aug. 1807. 
His majesty was pleased, 29 Dec, 1800, to grant (in default 
of issue maJe of the earl,) the dignity of countess Clanricarde, 
CO. Galway, to the first and every other da. of the body of the 
said John-Thomas, earl of Clanricarde, as they shall be in pri- 
ority erf" birth and seniority of age ; and the dignity of earl of 
Clanricarde, to the heirs male of the body of such first, and 
every other da. lawfully bom in the like succession, according 
to the priority of birth and seniority of age. The earl d. 27 
July, 1808, and was succeeded by his only son, 

Ulick-Johi^, present and 14th carl. 



^<Mr«ct-/V«nimpliM— -Hestkr-Gatueriwe, the earrt 
eldest sister, to the eeridom of 1800 only. 

Cr0O<Jon-lBanm and earl, 1 July, 1543; and again in 
1800, with remainder to the daughters of the 13th eari. 

Motto— <7n roij unefoi, une hi — One king, one faith, one 

Plate 86. 

Viscount Dungar^an and Kynahneakey, Baron Boyle, of 
Yongfaall, Baron of Bandon Bridge, and Baron Broghill, oo. 
Cork, Baron Boyle, of Marston, co. Somerset ; a Lieutenant- 
Genml in the Army: bom 21 Oct., 1767: succeeded his 
father, Edmund, the hite Earl, in Oct. 1789 : married, 9 
Oct., 1795, Isabella-Henrietta, 3d daughter of the late Wil- 
fiam Poynte, esq., of Midgham House, oo. Berks, and has 
iMie; 1» Edmund-William, Viscount Dungarvan, b, % 
April, 1798 ; 2. laaheUa ; 3. EUaabethy b. 4 Feb., 1797 ; 
1 George^khardy 6. '22 Sept., 1799, d. 9 Sept., 1810; 
5. dofte, 5. 6 Dec, 1800; 6. John, b. 13 March, 1803; 
7. Ltu^Geargianaj b. 19 March, 1804 ; 8. a daughter, b. 16 
Sept., 1806 ; 0. a wn, b. March 1809 ; and, 10. a «on, d. 
28 Feb., 1812. 

Sir RiCHABD Boyle ^son of Roger Boyle, of Preston, co. 
Kent,) was a privy councillor in Ireland ; created, 16 Sept., 
1616, baron Boyle, of Youghall, and 16 Oct., 1620, viscount 
Dungarvan, and earl of Cork, He d, 1643, leaving four sons, 
who were all elevated to the peerage, viz., 1. Richard, suc- 
ceeded his father as earl of Cork ; was created, 1644, baron 
Clifford, of Lanesborough, and, 1663, earl of Burlington, in 
England; d. 1697, and was succeeded by his grandson, 
Charles, earl of Cork ancL Burlington, father of Ridiard, 4th 
earl of Cork, &c, on whose death, without male issue, 17^3, 
the English honours became extinct, and the Irish devolved 
on his kinsman, John, 5th earl of Orrery ; 2. Lewis, created 
baron Bandon, and viscount Boyle, slain at the battle of 
Liscarrol, 1642, s.p. ; 3. Roger, created earl of Orrery, of 
whom hereafter ; and, 4. Francis, created viscount Shan, 
non, which title became extinct on the death of his grandson 
and heir, Richard, 2d viscount. Robert Boyle, the celebrated 
philosopher, was also a son of the Ist earl of Cork. 

Roger, 3d son of the earl of Cork, was created, 28 Feb., 
1628, baron of Broghill, and, 5 Sept., 1660, earl of Orrery ; 

m. Mvk^\|^fltet^ 


m. Margaret, da. of TheopHlus Howard, earl of Suffolk, and 
had issuQ by her, Roger, 2d earl ; and Henrp^ ancestor of 
the earls of Shannon (see thai title J. He d. 1679, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

RoGEn, 2d earl, d. 1698, leaving issue^ Lionel, 3d earl, 
who d. s. p., 1703, and 

Charles, 4th earl, K.T., who was created a peer of Great. 
Britain, by the title of baron Boyle, of Marston, 5 Sept., 171 19 
m. Elizabeth, da. of John Cecil, earl of Exeter, and d. 20 
Aug., 1730, leaving issue by her (who d. 12 Aug., 1722,) an 
only son, 

JoHK, 6th earl of Orrery, became also,, on the death of his 
kinsman, Richard, 4th earl of Cork, in 1753, 6th earl of 
Cork, III., 9 May, 1723, Henrietta, youngest 6xu of George 
Hamilton, 1st earl of Orkney, and by her (who d,_ 12 Aug., 
1732,) had issue; 1. Charles, lord Dunparvan, b. 27 Jan., 
1729, m. Susanna, da. of Henry Hoare, of Stourhead, 00. Wilts, 
esq;, and bv her (who m., 2dly, Feb. 1761, Thmnas, ' lord 
Bruce, of Tottenham, created, 10 June, 1776) earl of Ayles.* 
bury,) he had issue. Hairy, d. 1756; 'and Henrietta, m., 18 
Oct., 1777) John, viscount O'Neill; 2. Hamilton, 6th earl ; 
3. EKzt^th, b, 7 May, 1731, m. sir Thomas Worsley, bart. 
The earl m., 2^y, 30 Jime, 1738, Margaret, da. and sole 
heiress of John Hamilton, esq., and by her (who d, Oct. 1756,) 
had issue ; 4. Edmund, 7th earl ; 5. Lucy, b. 27 May, 1744, 
m., 1765, G«orge, 5th viscount Torrington ; 6. Catharine-* 
Agnes, deceased. The earl d. 22 Nov., 1762, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

Hamilton, 6th earl, who d. unm,, \^ Jan., 1764, and was 
succeeded by his brother, 

Edmund, 7th earl, 6. Nov. 1742 ; m,, 25 Aug., 1764, Anne, 
da. of Kelland Courtenay, esq., niece to John, 4th earl of 
Sandwich (which marriage was dissolved in 1782,) and had 
issue; 1. Richard, viscount Dungarvan, b. 1765, d. young; 
2. Lucy 'Isabella, b, 10 Aug., 1766, and d. ^ Sept., 1801, hav- 
ing m., 28 July, 1792, the hon. and rev. George Bridgeman, 
brother to Orlando, earl of Bradford ; 3. Edmund, present 
earl ; 4. Courtenay, F.R.S., 6. 3 Sept., 1769, m., 1799, Caro- 
line-Amelia, da. of the late William Poyntz, of Midgham 
House, CO. Berks, esq., and has issue 1 son and 1 da. ; 5. 
Charles, b, Oct. 1775, d, unm,, Nov. 1800. Her ladyship d, 
10 Decj, 1785, and his lordship re-m,, 17 June, 1786, Mary 
Monckton, youngest da. of John, Ist viscount Galway. The 
earl d. Oct. 1798, and was succeeded by his son, 

Edmund, present and 8th earl. 


Brwhill, BB Feb., 
BuylB, of Marsutn, 


lleiT.Apparent — Viaoount Diihoabi 

CrrodDfu —Baron, 16 Sept., 1C16; 

and e»rl of Cork, 16 Oct., 1620; ban 

IU2S : earl of Orrory, 5 Sept., 16G0 j bai 

ro. Somerset, 5 Sept.. 1711. 

Motio — Honor virfufu pramiam — Uouuur 

of rinue. 
Amu— See Plate 66. 

DILLON, Eakl of ROSCOMMON, Baran <i| 

KilktHiny West. 

itr#fe. — This title ia at present tlie lubject of 2 daima 
al the bar of the House of Lords. 

This Doble fanuly in descended from Hewhy Dillou, who 
obt^ned &om kin^ Johu, while earl of lUortaigne, a grant 
ef >lw^ tract of country in L'eland, afterwarda distin^iahed 
by the appellation of Dilhn'i country. 

Oesald Dillon, of DnunrBDy, chief of the family of 
Dman, towards the end of the 14th century, IrfC two sons, 
the elder of whom, Mauriei, was ancestor of iba viscounla 
KOon (it that litlej ; and the 2d, sir James, was pro. 
gBiitor of the earls of Roscommon. 

JaHZs DtLLoH, 1st earl of Roscommon, was created, 24 
Jnu, 1619, lord Dillmi, baron of Kilkenny FFeit, and, 5 
Au^.f 1022, advanced to the dignity of earl of Rogrnymmon ; 
he m. Eleanor, da. of sir Christopher Bameivall, of Turvey, 
and d. 1641, leaving issue 7 sons ; 1. Robebt, 2d earl ; 2. 
Lueoi, of Twomere, ancestor of the 9th, 10th, and UlhearlBt 
3. Thomiu, said to lie the ancestor of the present claimant, 
Fomas-Stephen Dillon., esq.; 4. Chnstopher ; &. George t 
S. John ; 7- Palrkk, said u) be ancestor of the present daim- 
ant, Uichael-Jamse- Robert Dillon, ewg. 

The earldom remained in the isane of the 2d carl, tlirnugh 
• fUficasion of 6 earls, till the year 1746, when, on the death 
tt Jamea, Sth earl, that branch became extinct in die male 
UoB. and the title devolved on 

EoBEKT Dillon, great grandson of Lucas, 2d ion of the 
In tarL He was u marshal in the French army, and dying 
ITTOiVai succeeded by his brother, John, lOth earl, who il. 
1783, leaving an only son, Patrick, 11th and last earl, who 
d. wltlunit issue, 17 Nov., 1316. Since his death, the titles 
have been claimed by Michael-Jameii-Rtdiert Dillon, esq,, as 
liimJ deicendaut and heir mUe oF PslHck, 7th son of the Ist 
nrl, and counier^aim»d Iiy Francis^iephen Dillon, esq., as 

886 IRISH P££RAO£. 

lineal descendant and heir male of Thomafi, Sdaon of the' same 

Creaiions-^Baran, 1619 ; earl, 1622. . : , . 

Motto — Atunlium ab alio*--Help from above* 

Arms—See Plate 66. 

Viscount Callan, and Baron Fielding, of Lecaghe, in Ireland ; 
also Earl of Denbigh, Viscount Fielding, Baron fielding, of 
Newnham Paddox, and St. Liz, in England,. and a Oouitt of 
the Roman Empire ; bom 25 March, 1796. 

Heir'ApparerU — None. 

Creation?^ — ^Earl, viscount, and baron, 22 Nov., 1622. 
(See Earl of Denbigh, in the Peerage qf England.) 
Amu — See Plate 15. 

JOHN BRABAZON, Easl of MEATH, and Lord Bra- 
liazon, Baron Ardee, K.P., Gustos Rotulorum, oo. Wicklow : 
horn 9 April, 1772: succeeded his brother, William,- the late. 
Earl, 26 May, 1797 : married^ 31 Dec, 1801, Melesina-Ade- 
laide, 4th da. of John, Earl of Clanwilliam, and has issue ; • 
1. Anthony, Lord Ardee^ b» 10 Nov., 1802 ; 2. a son, b. 29 . 
May, 1805 ; and, 3. a daughter, b. June 1808. 

The family of Brabazon was seated at Mosely and East, 
well, CO. Leicester, as early as the time of Henry III. John 
Brabazon, 3d son of John of Eastwell, was father of sir Wn.- . 
I.IAM, who was treasurer of Ireland 23 years, and d. 1548, 
leaving issue, 

Edward, created, 19 July, 1616, baron Brabazon, of Ar- 
dee, d, 7 Aug., 1025, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William, 2d lord, created, 16 April, 1627, earl of Meath, 
d. 1651, leaving an only son, Edward, 2d earl, d, 1675, 
leaving 3 sons, successively earls of Meath, viz., William, 
3d earl, d. 1684; Edward, 4th earl, d. 1707; and Chambre, 
5th earl, d, 1715, and was succeeded by his eldest son, Cha- 
woRTH, 6th earl, who dying without issue, 12 Dec., 1758, 
was succeeded by his brother, 

Edward, 7th earl, m. Martha, da. of the rev. William 
C!ollins, of Warwick, and had issue; Anthony, 8th earl; 
and IVUliamj b: Aug. 1723, m., 10 May, 1764, Catharine, 

da. and 

EARLS. mj 

dm. uid sole heiren of Arthur CHfFord, esq., of Atlieme, aud 
A -SO Novi, 1190, leaving issue; 1. Edwanl, m. miss Tuke, 
and A. -without issue ; 2. Arthur-Gifford, b. lA June, 1768, 
flk, 20 Jau., 1788, Maivaret, eldest da. of John Haig, M.D. ; 
S« M vrtba, b. 1765; 4. Barbara, b. 24 July, 1709, m., 22 May, 
1788, John Moore, esq., of Berkhamstead, cx). Herts. The 
maA tL 94 "Nor., 1772, and -vras succeeded by his son, 

AvTHONT, 8th earl, b. 1721, m., 20 May, J768, Grace, 
4a^ of J(dm Logh, of Rossgarland, esq., and had issue; 
I. Jfovy, 6. 18 Mwch, 1769, m., 23 June, 1781, Arthur Knox, 
csq^ and baa issue; 2. Chaworthy lord Brabazon^ d. 1779, 
umm . ; 8. Maiiha^f b, 20 Nov,, 1761, m. Maurioe-St.-Leger 
Veattng, esq. ; 4. Grace, b. 15 Jan., 1764, d, ; 5. Juliana, 
1, 7 A^il, 1766: 6. CeciRa, b, 18 Aug., 1767 ; 7. Edward, 
h. 1768, d.; 8.. WILLIAM, 9th ^arl; 9. Catharine, b. 19 Aug., 
1770, «.} 6 Aug., 1790, Frauds Brownlow, esq. ; 10. JoHsr, 
16th ean; and, 11. Arabella-Barbara, b. 15 Nov., 1774, m.,- 
21 Marcii, 1803, John M. Scott^ of Ballygannon, esq. The 
earl d, 4 Jan., 1790, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

WiLLiAX, 9th earl, b. 6 July, 1760, who was killed in a 
'duel, 26 May, 1797^ and was succeeded by his only brother, 
JoHir, present and 10th earl. 

Heir-Apparent'^AjnTHOiifY, Lord Ardee, son of the 
Creatians-^Baion, 16 July, 1618; and earl, 16 April, 1627. 
Motto — Vota vitafnea — My life is devoted. 
ArmgSee Plate 66. 

Baron Killeen, of Killeen Castle, co. Meath, K.P., a Visitor 
■nd Trustee of the Royal CoUege of St. Patrick^s, Maynooth: 
bom 9 Sept., 1759 : succeeded his father, Artliur-James, the 
late Earl, 21 Aug., 1793 : married, 18 Dec, 1786, Frances, 
only daughter of John Donnellan, esq., of Bally Donnellan, 
CO. Galway, and had issue; I. Arthur-James, Lord Killeen, 
ft. at Geneva, 29 March, 1791, m., 11 Dec, 1817, Louisa, 
<mly da. of E. Corbally, esq. ; 2. Harriet, b. 12 Aug., 1792, 
»!., 11 Sept., I8I7, John Jones, jun., of Llamarth Court, co. 
^lonmouth, esq. 

The family of Plunkett, supposed to be of Danish origin, 
was certainly settled in Ireland as early as the reign of Henry 
111. John Plunkett, of Bewley, co. Louth, living 1322, had 



issue 2 sons ; John^ ancestor of the barons Louth (see thai 
HtleJ ; and Riehardy of Rathr^«ui, oo. Meath, whose grand- 
son, sir Christopher Plunkett, hved in the reigns of Henry 
VL, and Edward IV., and had issue, by Joan his wife, only 
da. and heir of sir Lucas Cusac, lord of KUleen and Dunsany, 
2 sons, JoHK, Lord of KiUeetiy ancestor of the present eari ;^ 
and Christopher^ ancestor of the lords Dunsany (see thai 

Lucas, 10th lord KiUeen, (7th in descent £rom John 
above-named,) was created, 26 Sept., 1828, earl of Fingail, 
and d. 29 March, 16379 leaving, besides, other issue, CHmis- 
TOPHEB, 2d earl ; and George^ grandfather of the 6th eaiL 

Chhistopheh, 2d earl, d. 1649, and was succeeded by his 
son, Luke, 3d earl, father of Peteh, 4th earl, who was 
outlawed 1691, (by the name of Luke) for his attadbment to 
king James IL, but his outlawry was taken off 1697) and he 
d. 17179 leaving an only son, Justik, 6th earl, who dying 
without issue, 24 March, 1734, the title devdved on his 

RoBEBT, 6th earl, (grandson of George, younger son of 
the 1st earl,) m. Mary, da. of Roger Magenis, esq., and d. In 
Paris, 1758, leaving issue, Abthub-James, 7th earl; Luke ; 
Anne^ m> William Saltmarsh, esq., co. York, and dL Feb. 
1802 : he d. 1738, and was succeeded by his son, 

Art HUB-J AMES, 7th earl of Fingall, and 16th lord of 
Killeen, b. July 1731, m., 18 March, 1755, Henrietta-Maria, 
only da. and heiress of William Woolascot, of Woolhampton, 
GO. Berks, esq., and by her (who d. in March 1809,) had issue ; 
1. Abthub-James, the present earl ; 2. Ltike, b, 10 June, 
I76I, a capt. in the Austrian service, was killed near Alex, 
andria, in Italy, 23 Sept., 1794; 3. Robert, b. 15 Sept., 1765; 
4. William, b. 10 May, 1770, a coL in the Austrian service, 
d. 24 March, 1806 ; 5. Theresa, b. 19 Feb., 1763, m. James 
Dease, of Westmeath, esq. The earl d. 21 Aug., 1793, and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Abthub-James, present and 8th earl. 

^inr-^jopar^n/^— Abthub-James, LoBD Killeen, only 
son of the earl. 

Creations — ^Baron, 1181 ; and earl, 1628. 

Motto^-J^estina /en^e— Quick, without impetuosity. 

Arms-^See Plate 66. 

Baron of CAVAN, Viscount Kilooursie and Lord Lambart, 


EARLS. 889 

K.CL9 a GfltienI in the Army, Governor of CaUhot Castle^ 
and ColoDfll 48th Begiment of Foot; suooeeded his father, 
Bkiiani, the hUeEar^ 2 Nov., 1778, bom 10 Sept., 1783; 
■■ I l i rf, 1ft, 8 Jnly, 1782, Honora, youngest da. and co- 
hflinM of Sir Henry Gould, Knt., one of the Judges of the 
CoBTt of Common Pbes in England, and by her (who d. lOct., 
181S,) had issue ; 1. Riehard-Heniry^RobertMuberi^ b. 24 
Mar^ 1783, and <«. 19 Feb., 1785; 2. Honora^EHMobeth- 
HmUr^ b. 26 April, 1784, m., Ist, 9 June, i806,'Captain Wood- 
gste, who d, in Nov. 1806, and, 2dly, 2 April, 1809, Captain 
G. F. Harvey, of the 18th Regiment of Dragoons, (which m. was 
dissolved by Aet of Parliament, 1816) ; 3. AHoia^MargareUa* 
JVsrOflMfV, &. 1 Aug., 1785, m., 5 Jan., 1813, Charles Paunce. 
Art Dnncombe of Briddiill, 00. Budcs, esq., d. 3 April, 1818 ; 
4. ftjaJMa ^arfntor, b. 12 March, 1787, d. 15 May, 1798 ; 
Si Gxomfts-FftXDEmiCK^UGHSTus, Viteount Kildourtiey b. 
81Uld^l7aO, flN^ 14 May, 1811, Sarah, only da. of J. P. Cop. 
piB,of Omley, near Qafiird, esq., by whom (who dL 30 Dec, 
Ifltt,) he had 5 children ; 7. Edward-JIenrp- WerUwarth- VUm 
Jifra, &. 4 May, 1791, dL 13 June, 1812; the £ariiii.,2dly, 11 
Ang^ 1814, Lydia, 2d da. of William Arnold,' of Sktwood, hi 
the Isle of Wight, esq., and has issue ason, b, 9 Dec, 1815 ; 
soother son, b, 2 March, 1818 ; and a da. 6. 4 March, 1821. 

Olxtsb. Laxbakt (descended from an ancient family of 
that name settled in Yorkshire and Northumberland,) was 
appointed governor of Connaught 1601, and 17 Feb., 1607, cre- 
irted baron of Cavan. He d, 1618, leaving a son Charles, 
2d lord, who, in April }647, was created viscount Kilcoursie 
and eari of Cavany m, Jane, da. of Richard, lord Robartes, 
of Truro, and sister of the Ist earl of Radnor, and had issue, 
RiCHAKD, 2d earl, who, by Rose, da. of sir James Ware, 
knt. had issae, Charles, 3d eui. He m. Castellina, sister of 
St. Lqper Gilbert, esq., and had issue Richard, 4th earl ; and 
Henry, whose son Richard becan^e6th earl. Richard, 4th 
earl, m. Margaret, sister of sir Patrick Trant, and had issue. 
Ford, 5th earl, m., 24th March, 1741, Elizabeth, da. of James 
Wale, esq., and haid issue 2 daughters, Sophia, d. May 177^ * 
and Gertrude, m. sir Michael Cromie, bart., d, 21 May, 1808. 
The earl d. 29 Sept., 1772, and was succeeded by 

Richard, 6th eari, sonofthehon. Henry Lambert, 2d son 
ofthe3dearl, m., 1st, Sophia, heiress of thehon. Oliver Lam- 
bert, 4th son of Charies, 3d earl of Cavan, by whom he had no 
issue ; and, 2dly, 13 Nov., 1762, Elizabeth, eldest da. of George 
Davis, esq., a commissioner of the navy, and by her (who d, 

VOL ir. r il ¥«\>., 


27 Feb., l-811,)had issue; 1. Richard, present earl ; 2. EliaOm 
beth-Jaw, b\ 16 April, 1775, *»., 9 Nov., 1793, William-Henry 
fticketts^ esq^, R.N., nephew and heir- of John, earl St. Vin- 
«nt, G.C.B. (whidi marriage was dissolved by act of parlia- 
ment in April 1799,) and she re^m,^ March 1800, the rev. Mr. 
firickenden. His Icnrdship d. 2 Nov., 1778) ax^d was succeeded 
by his only son, 

• RiCHA&D, present and 7th earl. 

-; Htir^pparerU — George-Frederick-Augustus, Vis- 
cotJXT KiLCOURBiE, the earPs son. 

CreaHon» — Baron, 11 Feb., 1618 ; viscount and earl, 1647. 

Mottou—CTif quocumqtie pa/raiiM — Prepared on every side. 

^mu-JSee Plate 66. 

WATERFORD, in Ireland, and Baron TaHx>t ; also Emrl of 
Shrewsbury, in England, F.S.A., bom 3 March, 1753. 
. {See Earlof Shrewibury^ In (he Peerage of Ef^land,) 

Heir^Presumptive — John Talbot, nephew to the present 

Creation — 1661. 

Arnu — See Plate 15 — as Earl of Shrewsbury. 

Forbes, Baron of Clanehugh, a Peer of the United Eangdom, 
by the title of Baron Graxard, of Castle Donnington, co. 
Leicester; Lieutenant-General in the Army ; sole Governor 
and Custos Rotulorum co. Longford, and Colonel of the Long, 
ford Regiment of Militia ; Clerk of the Crown, and Hanaper 
in the Court of Chancery ; and a Privy CounciUor in Ireland : 
60m. 14 June, 1 760: succeeded his father, George, the late 
Earl, 10 April, 1780: married^ 10 May, 1779, Selina-Franc«», 
4th da. of John Rawdon, Earl of IMoira, (by Elizabeth Hast- 
ings, Barone3sHungerford, sister and heiress of the 10th Earl 
of Huntingdon,) by whom he has issue ; 1. George-Johk, 
Viscount Forbesy b. 3 May, 1785, a Colonel in the Army, and 
Aide-de-Camp to the King ; 2. EUzaheth-Mary^ b. 3 Dec., 
1786, m., 15 Oct., 1808, George, Lord Rancliffe ; 3. Hastings. 
Brvdenell, Captain 3d Foot-Guards, killed at Waterloo, 18 
June, 1815 ; 4. Selina-Frances, b. 20 July, 1788, and d, in 
1791 ; 5. Adelaide-Dorothea^ b, 13 Aug., 1789 ; 6. Francis- 
Reginald, b. 17 Sept., 1791; 7- Ferdinand, b. Dec. 1793, rf.. 

)3 April, 

EARIiS. 801 

U April, 1802 ; 8. Anffouieme^Moiray b. July 1790, c/. & April, 
1810; and, 9. CaroHneSeiinay b. 12 Dec, 1799. 

Jam ss Fosbeb, 2d lord Forbes of Scotland Csee thai iitle)^ 
left a younger son Patrick^ of Gorsse, from whom descended 
Sir Arthur Forbes, of Castle Forbeti, oo. Longford, bom in 
Scotland, but made a free denizen of Ireland 1022, created a 
bart. of Nova Scotia, 1G28, saidd, 1632, leaving a son and heir, 

Arthur, created 23 Sept., 1676, baron Clanehugh and 
visGount Granardy and 20 Dec, 1684 advanced to the dig- 
nity of earl of Granard^ and dying 1696, was succeeded 1^ 
his eldest son, 

Arthur, 2d earl, m. Oct. 1678, Mary, eldest da. of Sir 
George Rawdon, of Moira, bart., and by her (who d. 1 April, 
1724,) had issue, George, 3d earl, 3 other sons, and 2 das. 
The earl dL 24 Aug., 1737* and was succeeded by his son, 

George-Forbes, 3d earl, 6. 1686, senior admiral of the red, 
vas summoned by writ to the house of peers during the life- 
time of hia father, and placed in his barony of Forbes, 1676 ; 
ra appointed governor of the Carribbee Islands, 1729, and 
ambanador to the court of Muscovy, 1733 ; in. Mary, eldest 
dt. of William Stewart, viscount Mountjoy, and widow of 
John Preston, of Ardsall, go. Meath, esq., and had issue by 
her(wlio dL 4 Oct., 1786,) ; 1. George, 4th earl ; 2. John^ ad. 
miral of the fleet, and general of the marine forces, who sig- 
nalised himself, in 1743, in the engagement with the unit»l 
fleets of France and Spain, near Toulon ; m., 26 Aug., 1768, 
ladv Mary Capel, 4th da. of William, 3d earl of Essex, and d. 
10 March, 1796, leaving issue by her (who rf. 9 April, 1782,) 
2 das., twins, viz., Catherine-EUzabeth, 6. 1760, m., 17 May, 
1784, William, present lord Marylwrough ; and Maria- 
illeanor, m., 5 Jan., 1791, the right hou. John -Charles 
Villiers, next brother of Thomas, earl of Clarendon; 3. Mary^ 
m. Mr. Irvine, of Edinburgh. The earl d. 29 Oct., 1765, and 
waii succeeded by his eldest son, 

George, 4th earl, lieut.-gen. in the army, and colonel 29th 
re-^ment of foot, m. Mary, eldest da. of Arthur Davys, esq., 
1»)' Catherine, 2d da. of William Stewart, viscount Mountjoy, 
and by her (who d. 19 May, 1778.) had issue 1 son, 

George, 5th earl, 6. 2 April, 1740, succeeded his father, 
16 Oct., 1779, m., 1st, 1759, Dorothy, sister of Henry 
Paget, Ist earl of Uxbridge, and 2d da. of sir Nidiolas Bayley, 
of Plass Newyth, in the Isle of Anglesey, bart., (by Caroline 
Paget, grand-daughter of William, 6th lord Paget,) and had 
iMue bvher (whorf. 24 Feb., 1764,) 1 son, George, 6th earL 

Y 2 The 


The earl m., 2dly, 20 April, 1760, Oeorgiana-Augiuta, eldest 
da. of Augustus, 4th earl of Berkeley, and had issue by her (who 
m., 2dly, Samuel Little, D.D., d. 24 Jan., 1820,) ; 1. Henry^ 
b. 22 Sept., 1769, m., 29 Dec., 1794, Elizabeth Preston, 2d 
sister of John, lord Tara; 2. Frederick^ 3. Anne^Georgianay 
b. 7 July, 1772, m., in 1797, colonel Archibald M'NeU } 
4. Augusta^ b. 4 Oct., 1773, ***•, i^ 1798, lieut-gen. sir James 
Leith, G.C.B., governor of Barbadoes (where he d, of the 
yellow fever, 16 Oct., 1818); 5. Georgktna-Auffiutay b, Dec. 
1779, f»., 19 June, 1806, sir William Call of Whiteford, co. 
Cornwall, bart. ; 6. Elixabethy b, Dec. I78O. The earl d. 16 
April, 1770, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

George, present and 6th earl, and 1st baron Granard^ of 
Castle Donnington, co. Leicester. 

Heir'.ApparefU'---Q'EoiLQ'E-Jou-sr^ Viscount Forbes. 

CreaHont — Baron and viscount, 22 Nov., 1675 ; earl, 30 
Dec., 1684 ; baron Granard, of the United Kingdom, 24 Feb., 

Motto — Fa» menHs incendium gUmm — > The torch of the 
nund is the flame of glory. 

^rm»_See Plate 66. 


Baron of Aghrim, co. Galway, Baron de Reede and Ginkell, 
Baron of Amerongen Middachier, Livendale, Elst Stervelt, and 
Ronenberg, in the Netherlands ; bom 21 Nov., 1820, succeeded 
his father, Reinhardt-Diederick-Jaoob, late Earl, 31 Oct., 1823. 

The 1st earl of Athlone was Godart de Ginkell, baron de 
Reede, lieut-gen. of the forces in Ireland under William III., 
who evinced signal courage and skill in the reduction of that 
kingdom to his Majesty^s obedience. He besieged and took 
Athlone, 30 June, 1691, of which the celebrated colonel 
Richard Grace was governor, and had successfully defended 
against the assault and blockade of the whole army of general 
Douglas the preceding year. On the 12th of July he also 
gained the decisive battle of Aghrim, over general St. Ruth. 
For these brilliant services he was most deservedly rewarded 
with the earldom of Athlone and barony of Aghrim. He like- 
wise received the thanks of the British house of commons; and, 
in 1693, had the grant of the forfeited estates of William Don- 
gan, earl of Limerick, amounting to 26,480 acres, confirmed in 
1695 ; and, 1692, was created earl of Athlone, and baron of 
Aghrim. The grant of the lands being reversed by parlia- 
ment, 15 Dec, 1695, and appropriated to the payment of the 


EARLS. 808 

public dflbu, the (amily retired to Holland; And iio eui 
of Athloue Mt in the house of peers of Ireland until 10 
Bfarch, 1795. The Ist earl m. Unmla-Philpota de Raait. 
feldt, and by her had issue, Godert, 2d earl, and Fredericks 
CkriaHan Heer-Harvelt, one of the nobles of Gtielderland, 
who m. Henrietta, countess de Nassau. The earl d. 1720, and 
vas succeeded by his son, Godert, 2d earl, m. Henrietta, da. 
of William, 1st earl of Roehford, and had issue, Godert- 
AsRiAN, 3d earl, and Godert, 4thearL His lordship deceas- 
ing, was succeeded by Godert -Adrian, 3d earl, vfho dying 
8 Oct., 1736, was succeeded by his brother, Godert, 4th eari, i 
who d^ng unm,^ in Nov. 1747) was sucoeeded by his cousin, 

FsKDE rick-William, 5th earl, who m. Louisa, baroness 
de Wasenax, and had issue, Frederick, 6th earl ; fTiiZ/tam, 
baron of Keede, several years ambassador from the United 
States, to the court of Berlin, d, 7 June, 1815 ; and Maria^ 
Frederique. The earl d. in 1748, and was succeeded by 

Frederick, 6th earl of Athlone, m. Anna-£liEabeth-C'hris- 
tienne, baroness de Tuill de Seero^erkin, and by her (who dL 
at the Hague, 16 Jan., 1819,) had issue, 1. Frederick, 7th 
carl ; 2. Charlet'WiUiam^Lows^ b. 27 March, 1772, lieut. in 
tiie horse artillery, d. 2 Dec., 1703 ; 3. Renaud-Diederick- 
Jacob, 8th earl; 4. John-.Geraird'Rheinhard, b, 21 Dec., 
1774, i<. at the Hague, 13 March, 1818 ; 5. William-Guttauf^ 
Fredgriek^ b. 21 July, 1780, count of the Roman empire, a 
lord of the bedchamber to the king of the Netherlands, m., 
7 Sept., 1814, Wendela-Eleanor, eldest da. of monsieur 
Burvel, member of the college of nobility of the province of 
Holland ; 6. Jemima-Helena, m., 21 Dec, 17^7^ John-Charles, 
^ umnt Bentinck ; T. Maria- Wilhelmina, 6. 2 Jan., 17G9; 
8. Igabella-Christiana-Mary-Henrietta^ b. 2(>April, 1770, m.. 
May I793i» baron William-Frcdericke de Reede, and d, l(i Jan., 
18W-. and, 9. Christiana-Iieniera, b, 14 Aug., 1776. The earl 
d. 13 Iifce., 1808, and was suci*eeded by his eldest son, 

Frederick, 7th earl, 6. 21 Oct., 1706, m., Ist, March 1789, 
miss Munter, \h\\o d, Sept. 1793, without issue; and, 2dly, 
11 Nov., 1800, Maria, sei*ondda. of John Eden, of Windleston, 
CO. Durham, bart., and niece of William Eden, 1st lord 
Auckland : she m., 2dly, t^ir William Johnstone Hope,K.C.B., 
lord of the admiralty. The earl d, 5 Dec., 1810, without issue, 
and was succeeded by his next brother, 

REyAUD-DiEDERiCK-JACOB-DE-REEDE, 8th earl, m., 19 
March, 1818, miss Hope, da. of John- William Hope, of Amster- 
dam and of Cavendish Square, esq., and had issue, I. a daughter^ 
b, 2 Dec., 1819 ; 2. George^V^'^^^^ ^^1 ; 3. a son, b. 18 Dec., 

Y 3 1821 


1821. The earl d. 31 Oct., 1823, and was suoceedecl by his 
eldest son, George, present and 9th earl. 

Heir'PresumpHve — The earPs brother. 

Creathn» — Baron, viscount, and earl, 4 March, 1691-2. 

Motto — Malo fnori quamfeedari — Death rather than dis- 

Arms—See Plate 67- 

FITZ-WILLIAM, Viscount Milton, and Baron Fitz-Wil- 
liam, of lifford, in Ireland ; also Earl Fitz- William, Viscount 
Milton, Lord Fitz- William, and Baron of Milton, in England, 
D.C.L., bom 30 May, 1748. 

{See Eari Fitx-William, in the Peerage of England.) 

^etr.^|)p<trtfn/L.-CHARLEs-WiLLiAM, Viscoukt Mil- 
TOK, the earPs only ton. 

Crea/f4m«^-Baron, Dec 1620 ; and visootint and earl, 21 
July, 1717. 

^ffn«.-See PUte 19. 

and SHELBURNE, Viscount Clanmaurice, and Fitzmaurice, 
Baron Kerry and Lixnaw, F.R.S., Marquess of Lansdowne, 
in Great Britain, bom 2 July, 1780. 
{See Marquess of Lansdowne^ in the Peerage of England,) 

Creations — Baron Kerry and Lixnaw, 1181 ; earl of Kerry 
and viscount Clanmaurice, 17 Jan., 1722 ; viscount Fitzmau- 
rice, and baron of Dunkerron, 7 Oct., 1751 ; and earl of Shel- 
bume, 26 June, 1753. 

Heir-Apparent — Earl of Wycombe, the marquess*' 
eldest son. 

Arms — See Plate 10. 

JOHN BLIGH, Earl of DARNLEY, Viscount DARN- 
LEY, of Athboy, Baron Clifton, of Bathmore, co. Meath, 
and Lord Clifton, of Leighton Bromswold, F.R.S., D.C.L. ; 
Hereditary High Steward of Gravesend and Milton : bom 

30 June, 1767 : succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, 

31 July, 1781 : married, 19 Sept., 1791, EUzabeth, 3d da. 
of the late Right Hon. William Brownlow, of Lurgan, in 
Ireland, by whom he has issue ; John, Lord Clifton, M.P. 
for Canterbury, M.A., ft. 18 June, 1792; 2. Catharine 


EARLS. 9§$ 

d. 10 Jan.) 1802; 3. Mary, m., 1 Juue, 1822, to Charles 
Brownlow, esq., M. P., and cL 20 June, 1823 ; 4. William, d, 
16 Oct., 1807 ; 5. James ; and, 6. Elizabeth. 

The £Eunily of Bligh was originally seated in the counties 
of Devon and Cornwall ; Johk Bligh (son of William Bligh, 
«f Plymofuth,) went to Ireland, and was of Rathmore, oo. 
MeatL He d. 1666, leaving a son and heir, Thomas, who 
was one of the privy oouncu for Ireland to queen Anne; m. 
laiiabeth, youngest da. of col. James Napier of Loughcrew, 

00. Mesth, and d. 1710, leaving a numerous issue, of whom 
the eldest son, 

Johk, m., 24 Aug., 1713, Theodosia, only surviving child 
and heir of Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon, and in her own 
rig^t, tMurmess Clifton.* He was created 14 Sept., 1721, 
baron Clifton, of Athhoy, in Ireland; 17 March, 1722, 
viscount Datniey ; and 29 June, 1725, earl of Damiey. By 
the above lady (who d. 30 July, 1722,) he had issue ; 1. Ed- 
ward, 2d earl ; 2. Johk, 3d earl ; 3. Mary, f»., March 1736, 
William Tighe, esq. ; 4. Anne, m., Ist, 17 Sept., 1742, Ro- 
bert Hawkins Macgill^ of Gill Hall, co. Down, esq., and, 2dly, 
Dec. 1748, Bema^ Ward, viscount Bangor ; 5. Theodosia, 
«., 1745, William Crosbie, Ist earl of Olandore. The earl d. 
12 Sept., ir28, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Edward, 2d earl, who inherited also the English barony 
of Olifton, in right of his mother, and took his seat in the 
English house of peers by that title, 1 Feb., 1737- He rf. 
tiftfn., 22 July, 1747> and was succeeded by his brother, 

Johk, 3d earl, 6. 1 Oct., I719, m,, 11 Sept., 1766, Mary^ 
da. and heiress of John Stoyte, of Street, co. Westmeath, esq.' 

• Sir Gervase Clifton (descended from a younffer brother of the Cliftong, 
of Clifton, w)Mxe eldest branch is representea by Uie present sir Rob. Clifton, 
bart.,) was aummoned to parliament by writ, 9 July, 1608. He d, 1618, 
.eavin^ an only da., Catharine, m., 1st, Esme Stuart, lord Aubigny, 2d son 
of Esme, duke of Lennox, and, 2dly, James, earl of Abercom. This lady's 
Ist husband was created baron Leignton and earl of March, and on the death 
of hk dder toother, 1623, became duke of Lennox. They had issue, 

1. James, duke of Richmond and Lennox, who d. 1655, leaving an only son, 
Esme, duke of Richmond and Lennox, who d, unm,, 1660, and a da., Mary, 
tm. Ridiard, earl of Arran, but d. s. p. 1667; 2. George Stewart, lord Au- 
bigny, who was slain at Kineton, 1642, leaving issue one son, Charles, who, 
oo the death of his cousin Esme, tn I6G(), became duke of Richmond, &c., 
bat <!. s. p. 1672, and one da., Catharine, who on her brother's death 
flaiinf<d and was allowed (as sole heir of the body of her grandmother Ca- 
tharine,) the barony of Clifton. She m. Henry O'Brien, lord Ibrackin, 
ddest son of Henry, earl of Thomond, and had issue one son, Donatus, who 
d. in his mother's lifetime, and one da., Catharine, who inherited the barony 
of Clifton, as heir of her mother, and, marrying the eaxl of Clarendon, had 
isMie Theodosia banmeM Clifton, above-mentioned, her only surviving child 
and heir. 



by whom (who d, 27 March, 1803,) he had issue ; 1. JoHK, 
present earl ; 2. Edward^ b. 19 Sept., 1769, a Ueut.^n. in 
the army ; 3. William^ b, 25 Sept., 1775, m., 2 July, 1806, 
Sophia Stewart, youngest da. of John, 8th earl of Galloway, 
]^.T., and by her (who d. 25 July, 1809,) had issue a son, b, 
in May 1808; 4. Mary^ b. 20 July, 1768, i»., 6 Aug., 1789, 
sir Lawrence Palk, of Halden House, co. Devtm, bart., and 
d. 5 March, 1791 ; 6. Theodosia, b. 29 Feb., 1771, «»., 3Nov., 
1790, Thomas-Cherburgh Bligh, esq. ; 6. Sarah, b. 10 Feb., 
1772, d. unm. ; 7* Catharine, b, 6 May, 177^9 ^'^i 8 Aug., 
1 804, Charles- William, present marquess of Iiondondjerry,and 
d.\\ Feb., 1812. The earl d. 30 July, 1781, and was suc- 
ceeded by his son, 

John, present and 4th earl. 

Heir^Apparent'^Jows Lord Cliftok, son of the pre- 
sent earL 

Creations — Baron, 14 Sept., 1721; viscount, 7 March, 
1723; earl, 21 June, 1725; baron Clifton, in England, by 
writ of summons, 1608. 

Motto — Finem respice — Look to the end. 

Arms—^ee Plate 67. 

JOHN PERCEVAL, Earl of EGMONT, Viscou..t. Per- 
ceval, of Kanturk, Baron Perceval, of Burton, and a Baroiu^t 
of Ireland, Lord Lovell and Holland, of Enmore, co. Somer- 
set : bom, 13 Aug., 1767, succeeded his father, John-James, 
late earl, 25 Feb., 1822; married, 10 March, 1792, Bridget 
Wynn, niece of Thomas, 1st Lord Newborough, and has 
issue, John-James, Lord Perceval. 

Sir John Perceval, 1st earl of Egmont, b, 22 July, 1683, 
was created baron Perceval, of Burton, 21 April, 1751 ; 1772, 
viscount Perceval, of Kanturk ; and, 1733, advanced to the 
dignity of earl Egmont. 20 June, 1710, his lordship m. Ca- 
tharine, eldest da. of sir Philip Parker a Morley, bart., and 
sister to sir Philip Parker h. Morley Long, bart., who d. 20 
Jan., 1740, and was the last heir male of the lords Morley. 
This barony of Morley came to the family by the marriage of 
sir William Parker, knt., (standard-bearer to king Richard 
III.,) with Alice LoveU, baroness of Morley, da. of William 
Lovell, lord Morley, 2d son of William, lord Lovell, of Tich- 
march, baron of Lovell and Holland, &c., all which centred in 
the family of Parker, by this alliance, but could not be 


EARLS. 097 

fsbimed, by re&Mn of the attainder of Francif , viioount Lovell, 
on aooonnt of his adherenee to king Richard III. (that at- 
tainder DBTer having been reversed.) His lordship had issue 
by hia wife (who d. 22 Aug., 1749,) ; 1. John, 2d earl ; 2. Ca^ 
Ukanmej b. 11 Jan., 1712, and m., 14 April, 1733, Thomas 
Hammer, of Fenns, oo. Flint, esq., who d, without issue, 

I April, 1737, and she (2. 16 Feb., 1748; 3. Helena^ b, 14 
Feb!, 1717, m., 3 Nor., 1741, John Rawdon, 1st earl of 
Ifauna, and d. 11 June, 1746. The earl d. 1 May, 1748, and 
wai snoeeeded by his son, 

JoHX, 2d earl of Egmont, appointed 1st lord of the admi- 
alty, 10 Sept., 1763, and again in Aug. 1764 ; b. 24 Feb., 
1710.11 ; m., 16 Feb., 1736, Catharine Cedl, 2d da. of 
James, 6th earl of SaUsbuiy, and by her (who d, 16 Aug., 
1762,) had issue ; 1. John-James, Sd earl ; 2. CecU^Parkerj 
i. 10 Oct., 1739, andd. 4 March, 1753; 3. Philip-Tt^ony 
k 10 Mansh, 1742, capt. R.N., and d. 12 April, 1795; 4. 
Mdward, b, 19 April, 1744, in die army, m., 27 July, 177^9 
Strah, dia. of John Howarth, of Manchester, esq., and d. in 
May 1808, leaving issue 4 das. ; 6. Frederick-Augustus^ b» 

II Feb., 1749, and d. 21 Jan., 1757 ; 6. Catharine^ b, 20 Feb., 
1746, m^ 13 Sept., 1766, Thcnnas Wynn, 1st lord Newbo- 
xouglL, and d. in June 1782; 7* Margaret, b, 10 Oct., 1748, 
d, 23 Jan., 1750. His lordship m., 2dly, 26 Jan., 1766, Ca- 
tharine, did da. of the hon. Charles Compton, (4th son of 
Geoi^ge, 4th earl of Northampton,) by Mary, only da. and 
heiress of sir Berkeley Lucy, of Broxbume, co. Herts, bart., 
and had issue by her, (who was created a peeress in her own 
right, by the title of baroness Arden, of Lohort Castle, 19 
May, 1770, and d, 11 June, 1784,) 8. Charles-George, 
b. 1 Oct., 1766, succeeded to the title of lord Arden, of ho- 
hart Castle, on the decease of his mother, Catharine, and was 
created a peer of England, 20 July, 1802, by the title of baron 
Arden, of Arden, co. Warwick ; (see Baron Arden, in the 
Peerages of England and Ireland i) 9. The right hon. Spen- 
eer, b, 1 Nov., 1762, chancellor of the exchequer and of the 
dutcfay of Lancaster ; and, in 1809, 1st lord of the treasury ; 
»., 20 Aug., 1790, Jane, 2d da. of sir Thomas Wilson, of 
Charlton, co. Kent, bart. (whom., 2dly, 12 Jan., 1815,lieut.. 
ooL sir Henry. William Carr, K.C.B.) Mr. Perceval was 
basely assassinated in the lobby of the house of commons, by 
John Bellingham, of Liverpool, 1 1 May, who was executed 
for the same, 18 May, 1812, leaving Spencer, eldest son, one 
of the tellers of the exdiequer, M.P. for the borough of Ennis, 
lfll8, and other issue ; 10. Henry, b. 26 June, 1766, d, 27 



July, 1772; U. Mary^ h. 15 July, 1768, «i., 2 April, 1781, 
Andrew .Berkeley Drummond, of Ca<Uands, co. Hants, esq. ; 
12. Anne^ b. 15 Dec, 1755, d, 1 Aug., 1772 ; 13. Charlotte, d, 
19 Feb., 1761 ; 14. Elizabeth, b, 12 Dec, 1763 ; 15. Frances, b. 
4 Dec, 1767, m., 6 June, 18G3, John Mitford, lord Redesdale, 
d, 22 Aug., 18179 leaving issue ; 16. Margaret, b. 17 May, 
1769, m., 6 Dec, 1803, Thomas Walpole, esq., nephew of 
Horatio, Ist earl of Orford. His lordship was created a peer 
of Great Britain, by the title of lord Lovell and Holland, 
baron of Entnore, co. Somerset, 6 May, 1762, (both which 
titles were forfeited by his ancestor, Francis, viscount Lovell 
and Holland, 1485,) and dying 13 Dec, 1770, was succeeded 
by his son, 

John^James, 3d earl, b, 23 Jan., 1798, m., 4 June, 1765, 
Isabella, only da. and heiress of lord Nassau Paulett, 3d son 
of Charles, 2d duke of Bolton, and had issue ; 1. John, 4th 
earl, and 2. Isabella, b. 1769, d. 1776. The earl d. 25 Feb., 
1822, and was succeeded by his only son, 

John, present and 4th earl. 

Heir-Apparent — John, Viscount Perceval, son of 
the earl. 

Creations — Baronet of Ireland, 19 Sept., 1661; baron, 
21 April, 1715; viscount, 25 Feb., 1722; earl, 6 Nov., 
1733 ; baron Lovell and Holland, 6 May, 1762. 

Motto — Sub cruce Candida — Under the fair cross. 

Arms — See Plate 67. 


Viscount Duneannon, Baron of Besborough, in Ireland ; Lord 
Pousouby, Baron Ponsonby, of Sysonby, in England ; and 
Vice- Admiral of Munster : born 24 Jan., 1758 : succeeded 
his. father, William, the late Earl, 11 Mardi, 1793 : married, 
27 Nov., 17^0, Heiu*ietta-Frances Spencer, 2d da. of John, 
1st Earl Spencer, by whom he has issue; I. John-Wil- 
liam, Viscomil Duneannon, b, 31 Aug., 1781, m,, 16 Nov., 
1805, Maria Fane, 3d da. of John, Earl of Westmorland, 
K.G., and has issue a son, 6. 6 Oct., 1809 ; another son, b. 
Aug. 1815 ; a da., b, 17 Feb., 1817 ; a da., b. March 1819, 
and a son, b. 17 May, 1820 ; 2. Frederick-Cavendish, C.B., 
K.M.T., and K.S.G., Col. in the Army, b, 6 July, 1783 ; 
3. William-Francis-Spencer, b. Feb. 1787, w., 8 Aug., 1814, 
Barbara-Ashley Cooper, only da. and sole heir of Anthony, 
6th Earl of Shaftesbury, and has a son and heir, 6. 12 Sept., 
1815 ; and a da., b, 24 July, 1817 ; and, 4. Caroline, b. 13 


EARLS. 899 

Kor., 1785, m^ 3 June, 1806, the Hon. William Lamb, eldest 
•on of Penisttm, Viscount Melbourne. 

Sir William Ponsonbt, descended from an ancient fa- 
mily of that name in Cumberland, was created baron Besm 
bmiugh^ 11 Seii^., 1721, and, 22 Feb., 1723, advanced to the 
^Hgidty of riioaimt Duncannon. He m. Mary, sister of Bra- 
hmmk Moore, of Aidee, oo. Louth, esq., and dying 1726, was 
icceeded. by his eldest son, 

BsABAZOK, 2d viscount, who was created G Oct., 1739, 
oul of Besborauffh ; and an English peer, 12 June, 1749, by 
tiie title of baron Poksonby, of Sysonby: h, 1679, m., 1st, 
Sanh Maigetson, grand-daughter of James Margetson, arch- 
biAop of Armagh, and relict of Hugh Colville, esq., son of sir 
Bokert Colville, of Newton, co. Down, by whom (who d. 20 
May, 1-733,) he had issue ; I. .William, 2d earl ; 2. John, 
A. 89 lianai, ,1713 ; {fw his issue, see Lord Ponsonby, of 
/aoU/^, tn the Peerage of England) ; 3. Richard, b, 2 July, 
1729; 4. JSforah, 6. 4 March, I71I, m., 22 April, 1727, Ed. 
ward, 6th earl of Drogheda, and d, 19 Jan., 1736 ; 5. Anne, 
b, 15 May, 1716, m,, 9 Dec., 1734, Benjamin Burton, of 
Burton Hall, Carlow, esq.; 6. Elizabeth, b, Sept. 1719, f»., 
SS l>e&, 17^9 the right hon. sir William Fownes, of Wood- 
stodc, CO. Kilkenny, bart.; 7* Letitia, m,, 3 Nov., 1742, Her. 
vey, let viscount Mountmorres, and d, 9 Feb., 1754. The 
earl m., 2dly, 28 Nov., 1733, Elizabeth, eldest da. and 00. 
heiress of John Sankey, of Tenelick, co. Longford, esq., Avidow 
of sir John King, bart., and of John, lord Tiillamore, by 
whom (who d.\^ July, 1738,) he had no issue. He d, 4 Feb., 
1758, and was succeeded by faiis son, 

William, 2d earl, m., 5 July, 1739, Caroline Cavendish, 
eldest da. of William, 3d duke of Devonshire, and by her 
(who d. 20 Jan., 1760,) had issue ; 1. Frederick, 3d ea^l ; 
2. Catharine, b. 26 Oct., 1742, m,, 4 May, 1763, Aubrey 
Beanfilark, 4th duke of St. Alban's, and d. 3 Sept., 1789, 
leaving issue ; 3. Charlotte, b, 10 Dec., 1747i *»•? 12 July, 
1770, William, the present earl FitzwiUiam, and d. l^ May, 
1822; and 6 other childreil, who all d. in their infancy. The 
earl <2. 1 1 March, 1793, and was succeeded by his eldest son, . 

Frederick, present and 3d earl. 

Heir-'Apparent — John-William, Viscount Duncan- 

Creations— Baron, 11 Sept., 1721; viscount, 22 Feb., 
1723; earl, 6 Oct., 1739; baron Ponsonby, in England, 12 
June, 1749. 



Motto — Pro rege^ leg9^ grege — For the king, the llkw, snd 
the people. 

Arms — See Plate 67- 

IRICK, 00. Tipperary, and Viscount •Ikerrin, a Trustee of the 
Xiinen Manufacture : Ixnn 28 Sept., 1779 : mioceeded his fa- 
lser, Henry-Thomas, the late Earl, 20 July? 1813 : marriedy 
1 Sept., 1811, Anne, eldest da. of Owen Wynne, of Hasle- 
wood, 00. Sligo, esq., and niece of John Willoughby, Earl of 
EnniskiUen, and has issue a daughter^ 6. July 1812. 

. It has already been stated, under the article Ormonde, that 
Edmund le Boteler, earl of Carrick, had 2 sons, James, who 
was created earl of Ormonde, and whose descendants were 
earls of Ormonde and Carrick, till the death of Thomas, 7th 
earl of Ormonde, and 8th of Carrick, without issue male, 
1515 ; and John, ancestor of the present earl. Eighth in de- 
icent from John, was 

Sir PiE&CE Butler, of Lismallen and Clonamilchon, 
who was created 12 Mav, 1629, viscount Ikerrin^ m. Ellen, 
da. of Walter, 11th earl of Ormonde, and, haying survived 
his eldest son, was succeeded by his grandson. 

Pierce, 2d viscount, m, Ellen, da. of John Bryan, of 
Bawnmore, and had issue, James, 3d viscount, m. Eleanor, 
eldest da. and co-heiress of oxA, Daniel Redman, of Ballyllndi, 
to whom that castle and a considerable portion of the estates 
belonging to it were confirmed by act of settlement, temp, 
Chiju'les II., and descended by this marriage to his son. 
Pierce, 4th viscount, who, by Alicia, eldest da. of Mur. 
rough, viscount Blesington, had an only son, James, 5th 
viscount, who dying without issue, in 1712, was succeeded by 
his' uncle, Thomas, iBth viscount, (youngest son of James, 
the 3d viscount,) who m, Margaret, co-heiress of James 
Hamilton, of Bangor, esq., by Sophia, 3d da. of John Mor- 
daunt, discount Avalon, father of Charles, 3d earl of Peter- 
trough; and by her (who d. in May 1743,) had issue, 
James, 7th, and Somerset-Hamilton, 8th viscount, and 
d, 7 March, 1719, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, 7th viscount, who d. 20 Oct., 1721, and was suc- 
ceeded by his brother, 

Som^rset-Hamilton, 8th viscount, created earl of Car^ 
rick^ lO.Jui^e, Ji748, ajod m., 18 May, 1745, Juliana Boyle, 



ddett da. of Henry^ 1st earl of Shannon, and l)y her (who A 
2S Feb., 1804,) had issne ; 1. Hevry-Thomas, 2d eari ; 9. 
James^ 6. 5 Aug., 1747) tf» in December foUowiiig ; 3. Pietm^ 
6. 15 Aug., 1760, m., 24 Dec., 1774, Catharine, eldest da. or 
Bicfaard Roth, esq. ; 4. Marffturet^ twin with her brother 
Pierce, m., 7 Oct., 1768, Edmund Butler, 11th viseouot 
Hountgarret; 5. Henrietta^ b» 30 Jan., 1748, m., 3 Oct., 
177s, Annar-Gony, earl of Behnore, and d, Jan. 1774. The 
earl d^ 15 Api^lf ^774, and was suooMded by his eldest son, 

HsiTKt'-THOMAS, 9th viscount and 2d earl, 6. 19 May, 
1748, flk, 7 Aug., 177^4^ Sarah, 2d da. and co-heiress (with 
her titter Catharine, baroness Massey) of Edward Taylor, of 
Adceaton, esq*, and had issue; 1. Somerset-Richard, 3d 
Mrl ; 9. Netwy^diffardy lieut.-o(d. in the army, 6. 3 Dec, 
1719, «»M 9 Jan., 1812, Jane, da. of the late Clotworthy 
OoiraiL, esq. ; 3. Pierce,, in holy orders, ft. 15 Aug., 1750, and 
dL 81 Mar, 1803, having m., 24 Dec, 1774, Maria-Sophia, Sd 
4a. of John Vernon, of Clontarf Castle, esq. ; 4. James^ b, 
» April, 1791 1 6. Anne, b, 3 Aug., 1776, m., 5 Sept., 1796, 
Che revm Henry MsKwell, 8d son of the hon. Henry Maxwell, 
kfea bishop €i( Meath, nephew to the earl of Famham \ 6. Ju» 
Rmaj A. 90 Sept., 1783, m., 20 Oct., 1800, Somerset-Lowry 
Cony, present earl of Behnore ; 7* Harriet, 6. 11 Dec, 1784, 
flk, 19 D«s., 180G, Francis Savage, of Kircubin and Holywood, 
ei^, M.P. 00. Down, 1807 ; and, 8. Sarah, b. 31 July, 1787, 
■k, IS Oct., 1812, the hon. Charles-Harward*.Butler Clarke, 
2d bitither of James, earl of Ormonde. The earl d, 20 July, 
1813, and was succeeded by his son, 

SoaiERSET-RiCHARD, 10th viscount Ikerriu, and present 
and 3d earl of Carrick. 

Heir^PresumpHve — The Hon. Henrt-Edward But« 
LER, next brother to the earl. 

Creations — Viscount Ikerrin, co. Tipperary, 12 May, 
1829; earl of Carrick, 10 June, 1748. 

Hot to — Soyexferme — Be stedfast. 

^niM_See Plate 67- 

HENRY BOYLE, Earl of SHANNON, Viscount Boyle, 
Baron of Castle Martyr, in Ireland; Baron Carltok, of 
Carlton, co. York, K.P. ; Custos Rotulorum co. Cwk, Clerk 
uf the Pells, and a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; bttm 
8 Aug., 1771 : succeeded his father, Richard, the late Eari, 
20 May, 1807 : fnarried, 9 June, 1798, Sarah, 4th da. of 
John Hyde, of Castle.'Hyde, esq., (descended .from n branch 

vol.. II. e «l 


o^Uie Earls of Clarendon,) and by her (who d. Sept. 1899,)' 
has issue a da., b. 25 Jan., 1803 ; another da., 6. 14 S^t.v 
1007; VxscpuiTT Boyle, 6. 5 May, 1809; a da., ^. Oct.. 
tai2; ada.^5. 13 July, 1814; a son, b. 13 Nov., 1815; a 
da,, b. Feb. 1817 ; a son, 6. 19 Oct,, 1818 ; and Franoes, b. 
July 1820, d. 17 July, 1824. 

For the origin of this noble family, see the title earl of 
Cork and Orrery. Henry Botle, of Castle Martyr, 2d. 
son of Roger, 1st earl of Orrery, m. Mary, 3d da. of Munough 
O'Bryen, earl of Inchiquin, and d* 1691, leaving issue, 

Heh&t, who was appointed a privy conndlfor, 13 April, 
1733, elected speaker (St the house of ocmmions, 4 Oct., and 
chaneellor of the exchequer, 19 Nov., in the same year ^ a 
ocnnmissioner of the revenue, 6 Nov., 1735 ; again aj^nted 
chancellor of the exdiequer, 11 April, 1799; sworn one of 
the lords justices of Ireland, 3 May, 1734, wldeh high office 
he filled 15 times ; and created, I7 April, 1756, baron of Cos- 
Ut^Martyr, viscount Boyle, and earl A Shannon : the eaii m-^ 
1st, Catharine, 2d da. of Chidley Coote, esq., of KiDester, 
nephew of Charles, earl of Mountrath, who (£ without imam^ 
6 May, 1725 ; «»., 2dly, Sept. 1726, Henrietta Boyle, young- 
est da. of Charles, 3d earl of Cork, lord high treasurer of Ire- 
land, (by Juliana, da* and heiress of the hon. Henry Noel, of 
lAiffenham, co. Lincoln, 2d son of Edward, viscount Camden,) 
and had issue by her (who d, 13 Dec., 1746); 1. RiCHAfiB, . 
2d earl ; 2. Henry, who assumed the name and arms of Waim 
eingham, m. liiicy, eldest da. of John Martin, esq., and d, 
27 March, 1756, leaving issue by her, (who f»., 2dly, 20 
March, 1760, James-Agar, viscoimt Clifden, and d, 26 July, 
1802,) Henry, b, 12 June, 1753, d, June 1757 ; 3. William, 
d. 13 April, 1740 ; 4. Charles, b. May 1734, d. 6 June, 1758 ; 
5. Robert, who assumed the name of Wahingham, on the 
death of his brother Henry, represented the borough of 
Knaresborough in the JEIngush parliament, and was lost cm 
board the Thunderer man of war, of which he was commander, 
in a violent hurricane in the West Indies, in Oct. 1779 ; m., 
17 July, 1759, Charlotte, 2d da. and co-heiress of sir Charles- 
Hanbury Williams, K.B., (bv Frances, 2d da. and co-heiress 
of Thomas, earl Conyngsby,) and had issue by her (who d» 
in 1790,) Richard, b, in 1762, d, 13 Oct., 1788 ; and Chariotte, 
baroness de Ross, in her own right, m., 4 Aug,, 1791, lord 
Henry Fitzgerald, 3d son of James, Ist duke of Leinster ; 
{se^ iaroness de Ross, in the Peerage of England ;) 6. JuH» 
j»na, fiuy 18 tlscy, 1745, Somerset- Hamilton Butler, earl of 


BAEL8. m 

Cbniflk, and dL IS FM»., 1804. Theearl <!. 27 Sept., I7649 
and wu su o ceedcd br liit eldest Mm, 

^ RiCHAmD, 2d aen, 6. 90 Jan., 1727^ representatiTe in par- 
fianunt 00. Cork, 1761, maiter-general of the ordnance, and 
« privy ommoiUor, 1766 ; a lord m the treasury, 1781, K.P. in 
170, and created a peer of Great Britain, 21 Aug., 1786, br 
die title of baron Carhton. Hie eari m., 15 Dec., 1768, 
Catiiariiie, eldest da. of the right hon. John Ponsonby, 
spfialrer o£ the house of commons in Ireland, and brother of 
wHUam, 2d earl of Besborough, (by Elizabeth Cavendish, 2d 
da. of Williami, 3d duke of Devonshiro,) and had issue, 
Hsir&T, present earl, and Catharine'Henrietia^ b. 12 Jan., 
I768L «k, 12 Feb., 1784, Francis Bernard, earl of Bandon, d. 
• Jolj, 1816. The earl d, 20 May, 1807, and was suooeeded 
by bia only son, 

HEvmTy present and 8d esrL 

iMr.w^j)|MNWii<.-. ViscouKT BoTLE, the earPs son. 

Cr^Hont Baron, viscount, and earl, 20 March, 17Mr; 
hvm Carieton, 00. Yoik, 21 Aug., 1786. 

Uattm — VivU pati fimera oirlitf— Virtue lives after tha 

Plate 67. 

VieomuU Lanesboroug^, Baron of Newtown Butler, 00. Fer- 
jsanagh : bom 21 Oct., 1788: succeeded his father, Robert 
H«<iert, the late Earl, 17 April, 1806. 

Thif family was originally seated in the county of Hun- 
tingdon. George BuUer, of Fenny Drayton, near St. Ives, 
01. Cambridge, 1575, had 6 sons, of whom the 2d, sir Stephen, 
settled at Bdturbet, 00. Cavan, and was grandfather of 

Thxophilus, who was created 21 Oct., 1715, baron of 
J^fmvtaun Butler^ with remainder to the heirs male of his father 
FrMMis. He d. without issue, 11 Miurch, 1723, and was 
SBC oeeded by his brother, 

BanrsLEY, 2d lord, created viscount Lanesborough^ 12 
Aug., 1728, m. Catharine, da. and co-h. of Neville Pooley, of 
Dublin, (3d son of Thomas Pooley, of Hartest, co. Suffolk, 
esq., by Mary, da. of Edward NeviUe, 2d son of lord Aber. 
gavenny,') by whom he had 23 children, of whom only 4 sons 
and 1 da. survived their infancy; viz. 1. Humphrey, 2d 
rifloount ; 2. Thomas, adj.-gen. of the army, and governor of 
limnid^ dL 1753, leaving an only da., Mary, mr, 1754, John 

z 2 St. Leger, 

mi IRISH P£^Ae^£. 

9i. lieger, of Gningemelkn, oa. Kildare, e«q. ; 3. Bo^etri^ nu 
Mary Howard, sister of the Ist viscount WicUow ; 4. J9hny 
m,, and left issue a son Humphrey, m. Alida, da. of Michael 
White, governor of M(mt«errat, and 3 das. ; 1. Catharine, «• 
Thomas Carter, of Castte Martin, co. Kildaro, esq* ; 2. Har- 
net, m. Henry Prook, of Colesfarook, oo. Fermanagh, esq.; 
and, 3. Mary, d, unm, ; 5. Judith, «»., 23 April, 1725, BaK 
|haBar.J^oihn Cramer, esq. The viscount d, 6 Maidi, 173&, 
■od was suooeeded by his eldest son, 

HuxpHftET, 2d viscount, who was created earl of ikmdv* 
boroUigh, 1766 ; m., May 1726, Mary, heiress <^ Bichaiid 
Berry, of Wardenstown, co. Westmeath, esq,, by whom he 
had issue, 

BaiKSLsr, 2d earl, b, 4 March, 1728, fn., 26 June, 1754» 
Jane Rochfort, only da. of Robert, Ist earl of Belvedere, and 
by her (who re-m» John King; esa.,1 had issue ; 1. Robxiit, 
3d earl i 2. AuffiutttS'Iiiehard, (who assumed the name of 
lUtnvers ;) m,, l^t, 8 Mardh, 1792, miss Danver8,flole heiress 
of sir John Danvers, of Swit^dand-hall, co, Leicester, bart.', 
Ipho tf, 10 May, 1802,) and 2dly, May 1802, EHza. 
Bizarre, da. of Humphrey Sturt, of Critoihill House, co. 
Dorset, esq., (who d. 18 April, 1811,) ^d 4. 25 April, 1820, 
leaving issue, by his Ist wife, George-John Danvers, 
b. Dec. 1793, sn., 29 Aug., 1815, Frances-Arabella, 3d da. of 
the late coL Stephen Freemantle, and niece to WilUiun- 
Henry Freemantle, esq., and the l$tte admiral sir Thomas- 
Francis Freemantle, G.C.3. and K.M,T. ; 3. Marp, m, Gecvrge 
Ponsonby, esq., son of the right hon. John Ponsonby, (fay 
Elizabeth Cavendish, da. of William, 3d duke of Devonshire) ; 
4. ^tharine, m, George Marley, esq. ; 5. Charlotte, m., Feb. 
1606, d^nent Debbieg, esq., son of gen. Hugh Debbieg, and 
d. 19 May, 1808 ; 6. Louisa ; 7* Carolina ; 8. Sophia^ m., 11 
Aug., 1787, at Milan, the marquess Maresooti. The eari d» 
24 Jan., 1779, and was succeeded by 

Robert Herbert, 3d earl, 6. 1 Aug., 1759, 9»., 5 Jan., 
1781, Elizabeth, eldest da. of the right hon. David Latoudie, 
one of his majesty's privy councillors, and by her (who d» 
22 Sept., 1788,) had issue, Brinsle y, present earl ; David, 
b, April 1785, d. The earl d, April 1806, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Brikslet, present and 4th earl. 

Heir-PresumpUve — George- Johk Dakvers, nephew 
to the earl. 

CreaHons — Baron, 21 Oct., 1715; viscount,. 12 Au^., 
1728; earV^July, 1756. 

Motto — 


~ Libera UmiB erMre-^ Xiiberty entire. 
.8m Plate 67. 

A DUFF, Eakl of FIFE, Viaoount Macduff, Ba. 
90, of Kilbryde, oo. Cavan, Lord-Ideutenant oo. 
ind MJP, for the oo. a! Bamff, Knight of the Spaniiih 
San Fenumdo ; succeeded his father, Alexander, the 
,'16 April, 1811 ; married Mary-Caroline, 2d da. of 
uOODteM of Dysart, and sister to Lord Huntingtower, 
ninater Paris, co. Leicester; and by her (who d, Dec 
id no issue. The Earl is a LieuL-CoL of the Inver- 
e Militia, and served as a Maj.-Gen. in the Army of 
lUi Patriots. His Lordship was wounded at th# 
Talavera, 1809y and again, severely, at the storming 
fatagorda, near Cadis, in which he volunteered his 


iflUe fbmihr is derived from F$fe Maed^ff^ who was 
great wealth and power tempi king Kenneth IL of 
I and gave that prince great assistance in his wars 
Plets, about the year 834. On their reduction, 840, 
meth gave to this Macduff, in reward of his services, 
ads then called Othelinia, which he himself had oon- 
!mn the Plets, and which extended from Fifeness to 
unto, from east to west, and from the river Furth on 
I, to the rivers Tay and Erne on the north. Of this 
Kid, which he called Fife, he was appointed heredi- 
16, or baron ; and this dignity was enjoyed by his 
' fai a direct line to Macduff, the 8th thane, who 
;reatly contributed to the restoration of king Mal» 
unore, that king confirmed to him his county of Fife, 
ted him eari thereof in 1057, or 1061. The title of 
me extinct in 1353, on the death of Duncan, the 13th 
bout issue male. From the same ancestor descended 
nff, ancestor of the present earl ; to whom Robert III., 
inted considerable lands, and the barony of Muldavit, 
ntinued to be one of the chief titles of the family, until 
I in the beginning of the reign of Charles I. 
.lAM Duff, of Dipple and Braco, 1727, represented 
f, in parliament, and steadily adhered to the interests 
nntry, but preferring a private to a public life, de- 
ing returned to the next iiarliament. He was createil 
00, of Kilboyde, by tlie privy seal of queen Carolina;, 
3;ent, bearing date at Kensington, 17 June, and by 

z 3 \^\]vdX 


patent at Dublin, 28 July, 1795; and was further creaited 
viscount Macduff and earl of Fife^ 26 April, 1759. His lord, 
ship, during the rebellion in Scotland, joined the duke of 
Cumberland, at Aberdeen, in March 17^, &nd made a free 
offer of his services to the government in any way bis majesty 
should require. He m., 1st, Janet Ogilvie, da. of James, earl 
of Findlater and Seafidd, aiid chancellor of Scotland : but by 
her (who d, 1722,) had no issue ; he m., 2dly, Jean, da. of 
sir James Orant, of €krant, hart., and d, 30 Sc^t,, 17^) hav- 
ing had issue by her (who survived him, and d, 16 Jan., 1768,) 
7 sons and 7 das. ; viz. 1. William^ d, tilhtn,^ Marth 1753 ; 
2. James, 2d earl ; 3. Ale:(akdeb, 3d earl ; 4. George^ m. 
Frances, da. of gen. Dalzell, and d, 23 Nov., 1818 ; 5. Patrick, 
d, an infant ; 6. Lewis, m. Deborah, da. of Griffith Davis, of 
Harwich, oo. Essex, iesq., and d. 14 Oct., 1811, leaving no 
issue ; 7* Ar^ur, an advocate, d. unm,, 25 April^ 1805 ; the 
das. were, 1. Anne, m. Alexander Duff, of Hatton, esq. ; 
8. Janet, m., 1st, to sir William Gordon, of Park, bart., and, 
2d)y, George Hay, of Montblairy,. esq. ; 3. Jea»^ 9>. Keith 
Urquhart, of Meldruih, esq., advocate, and kis m^e8ty*9 
theriff of Bamffshire ; 4. Helen, m. Rob^ Duff, oTLogpe, 
esq., vice-admiral of the red, who commanded at Gibraltar, in 
1779 • ^' SophiU'flenHetta^ m, Thomas 'VTarton, esq^ a com- 
missioner of his majesty's excii^ in Scotland ; 6. CaroKne. 
d. unnu, 23 April, 1705 ; ^. Margaret, (burnt to death, 1786,) 
m. James Brodie, of Brodie, esq. His lordship d» 30 Sept., 
1763, ^nd was succeeded by his son, 

3axle,s, 2d earl, who was, 10 Feb., 1790, created baron 
Fife, in the Peerage of England; lord-lieut. co. Bamff; fit., 
1766, Dorothea Sinclair, sole heiress of Alexander, 9th earl 
of Caithness (by Maivaret Primrose, da. of Archibald, 4th 
earl of Roseberry). The earl d» without issue male, 24 Jan., 
1809, when the English barony became extinct, and was suc- 
ceeded in the earldom and viscounty by 

Ale:xaxD£B., his brother, 3d earl. His lordship m. Mary, 
da. of George Skene, of Skene, esq., and had issue ; 1. James, 
present earl; 2. Ale^^ander, lieut.-gen. in the army, m., 
16 Mardi, 1812, Anne, youngest da. of James Stein, of Kil- 
bagie, esq.; 3. Jane; 4. Anne, m., 16 Oct., 1809, Richard. 
"VTharton Duff, of Orton, esq. ; 5. Sarah, m., 20 June, 1807, 
Daniel Collier, of Gray's Inn, esq.; 6, Mary, d. The earl d. 
16 April, 1811, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

James, present and 3d earl. 

Heir-Presumptive — Iiient.-Gen. the Hon. Albxakoer 
"^trrr, only brother to tke earl. 

Creation s^^ 

^ELS. 90/1 

CrmUttma — Baron, 28 Jvly^ 1736; visoount and earl, 
26April« 1769. 
Motto— Viriu$p ei ofwril— By virtue and worlu. 

Plate «7. 

emmt PrcrtoB, and Baren uf Ardsalla. 6.C.B. : a Geneml 
in the Army, Colonel 38tli Regiment of Foot, and Lieutenant* 
Govemor of Berwick; bam 12 Deo., 1758: succeeded his 
IwDther, AD|putns, the late Earl, 7 Nav.^ 1811. The Earl 
last an vm in action^ in Flanders, 1794. 

Thia brandi of the family of Ludlow (who, according to 
PrnmAgm^ 88Bnmed their name from the town of Ludlow, 00. 
8dap) settled 00. Wilts, in the middle of the 14th century. 
Sir .aWirv Ludiow^ knt., of Maiden Bradley, 00. Wilts, (whose 
&ther, ar Edmund, m., 2dly, Margaret, rdlct of viscount 
Bindon, 8d son of Thomas Howard, duhe of Norfolk,) m. 
Letltiay da. of Thomas West, 6th U»d Dc^warr, was repre- 
sentative inparliantent ee. Wilts, and d, 1641), leaving issue 
JSimumdj r^resentative co. Wilts, and the celebrated gener^ 
ef tha parliament army, d» 1699) ^^ exile, at Vevay, in Switaer. 
land, where a monument is erected to his memory { an4 

Henry, «. , da. of William Webster, of '• — , 

in EngHnnd, esq., and of Newtown-Drangan, 00. Tipperary, 
by Jane, da. of Ralph, and granddaughter to Ralph Rolleston, 
of Belleaton, 00. Nottinfham, esq*) And of Mai^garet, 2d da. 
and eo-heir of sir Richard Bingham, o^ Watnow, co. Notting^ 

Stbpben Ludlow, esq., Henry's only son, settled in 
Irdand ; he studied the law, was named one of the six derks 
of the court of chancery, and <L 21 Oct., 1721, leaving issue, 
by Lachard, a Welsh heiress of large fortune, 1. Petsb; 

2. WiUUim^ m. Catherine Stopford, sister of James, Ist earl of 
Courtown, KP., by whom he had issue ; 3. Alice^ m., 28 Feb., 
1693, Francis Bernard, of Castle Bernard, esq., great grand- 
father of Francis, 1st earl of Bandon, and d. May 1741 ; 
4. Arabella^ m. David Nixon, earq., of Ravensdale, co. fclldare ; 
6. Ekxttbeihy m, John Rogerson, esq., chief justice of the court 
of king's bench; 6. Frances^ tn. Robert Leslie, esq. 

Peter, the eldest son, m. Mary, da. and heiress of Jolu^ 
Preston, of A rdsalla, esq., and had issue by her (who was 
descended from the noble family of Gormanstown, and dL 
23 June, 1742,) ; 1. Peter, 1st earl ; 2. Alioey m. John Preaton 



iq., and it. 7 Jan., I788 ; 3. JVofy, m, ki Hi 
RIdi, of Waverley, CO. Warwick, bare, and rf. 6 Sept., 17aA. ' 
Fetek Lcdlow, let eiirl, b. 21 April, 1730, represenled 

CO. Huntiugdon in parliamEnt, Bwom of (ho prtvy council ilV 

England, and appuiDted, 30 Morcli, 1782, comptroller of hl^ 

majealy's housciiold ; created baron of Ardtalii, 17S5, antf 

advanced lu (he title of vismiuit Pmlon, and earl LudbncJ. 

I76O, m., 20 June, 1753, Frances Lumley, etdeit da. of Thai 

mas, 4th earl of Scarborough, (by Frances, 3d da. of GenrgB* 

Hamilton, esrl of Orkney, and hneally descended from Anns ' 

dulcliBSs of ExoKr, sister of king Ednard IV.) and had innii 

by her (who li. 20 Marah, 1796,); 1. AuovsTua, 2d eoiiti 

3. air Geobqe-JamRs, G.C.B., present earl; 3. Franeii-^' 

Maria,d.20Seft.,lBMii.AnrK! b.Sarbarai 6. Harriel f' 

7, Charlotte. His lordship ii360ct., 1603, and wasnuoceedod' 

by his eldest son, ' 

AuouBXus, 2d earl, b. 1 Jan., 175S, d. unm., 7 Kov^ : 

1811, was succeeded by his only brother, 

Bir OeoHoE-JAHeB, 6.C.B., present and 3d eorL ■ 

Heir~Apparetil — None. ' 

Creafiotu—BaroD, 19 Dec, 1765; viscount and eoil, SI 

Oct., 1760. -■ 

lAono—JSpero infeilia, taeluo teeundU — I hope in adven 
and fear in prosperity. 
Arms— See Plate 67. 

CONNEL. Viscount Carlingford, Barun Carpenter, of KiL' 
laghy, CO. Kilkenny; ioml6Deo.,'1700i succeededhisbrother,' 
George, the late Earl, 20 Dec, 1812; married, Oct. I8I7, ' 
Saroh, only child of Robert Crowe, of Kiplin, co. York, esq. 

Oedhqe Casfeh TEs, 1st lord Carpenter, i. 10 Feb., 16SJ,' 
lieut.-gen. in the army, and governor of the island of Hininija, . 
was created baron Carpenter, of Sillagijr, 211 May. 1719 1 — 
1693, Alice, da. of William, Ist viscount Cha^onl, ant ._ 
10 Feb., 1731, leaving issue by her (who li. 7 Oct., 1 731,} an 

REORQE, 2dlord,m.,26Aug., 1722, Elisabetli, only da. of 
David Petty, of Wanst^, en. Essex, esq., son of John Petty, 
of Otford, co.Eenl, esq., and had issue; 1. GcnBCE, 3d baniu \ 
and In earl; and, 2. AlmerUi, b. 4 Dec, 1729, m., 1st, 13 
Mardi, I76O, Charfes Wyndham, 2d earl of Bgremont ; and, ' 
Sdly, 8 July, 1787, count Bruhl, £nvoy extraordinary from 

JBABL8. 000 

di^MUtof Suimy,aiiddLl JFiiae.1794. HIikv^UJpdL 12 
JoWy 17401 sad wat focoeeded bv his only Mm, 
' moKOX, Sdloiid Caipenter, 6. 26 Aug., 1723, advanoed to 
dM dignities of Tiiooimt Ca/rliigfwrd^ and eaii of TyrwmUl, 
\ Majj 1761, «., Mardh 1748, Franoes, lole da. and heir of sir 
Ilobert ClifUm, of Clifton, oo. Nottingham, hart., K.B. (by 
Fmoon OooCe, only da. and helreii of Nanfan Goote, 2d aarl 
cf BuBamoPt, by Fnpoes, yoongett niter of Henry, earl of 
Onuntham,) by whom he had ifln&e; 1. Gso&es, 2a eari ; 2. 
CbMiit, A. 3 Jail., 1707* captain R.N., ak, 10 May, 1785, 
Kliiahethj only da. of Thomas Madcensie, esq., by Martha 
Whitaker, niece of admiral sir Edward Whitalcer, and d. 5 
Sept., 1803, leaving issue Geo&ge and JoHir-DELAyAL, 
3d and 4th earls; 3. Henry y d,; 4. Frances^ b, 1 April, 
1740, d. 15 May, 1750 ; 5. Almeria, 6. 20 March, 1652, d. 
iOot., 1809; 9.£HMaheaky b. 15 Aug., 1753; 7* Carohne^ 
A. 20 Feb., 1765, ak, 28 April, 1774, Uredale Price, of Foaley, 

00. Herefioard, esq. The earl d* Maroih, 1762, and was 
iBcceedfld by his eldest son, 

Okokox, 2d earl, i. 30 June, 1750, m., 1st, 9 July, 1772, 
Franoes Manners, eldest da. of John, marauess of ursnby, 
ddert son of Jolm, 3d duke of Rutland ; (which marriage 
was dissolved by act of pariiameot, in Oct, 1777)« The earl 
n^ 2dly, 3 July, 1780, Sarah, youngest da. of John Husaey, 
lord Delaval ; aad by her (who d. 7 Oct., 1800,) had issue ; 

1. G4oraey d. July 1789 ; 2. Suamn^wsetf^ b. 15 June, 1784, 
flk, 29 Aug., 1805, Henry de la Poer Beresford, marquess of 
Waterfturd. The earl d, 15 April, 1805, without surviving 
male issue, aqd was succeeded by his nephew, 

OxoBex, 8d earl, (son of his brother Charles, captain 
&.N.) captain in the army, and lieutenant Ist reg^iment of 
foot ^uanls, b, 10 Oot., 178& His lordship entered into the 
Russiaa army as a vohmteer, and d, at Wilna, at Lithuania, 
of caoesaive fatigue, 20 Deo., 1812, and was buried with 
miUtary honours in the reformed church, where a monument 
has been erected to his memory, by order of the Russian 
conunander-in-diief, prince Kutusoff Smolensfcoi, and was 
suooeeded by his only brotiier, 

Johv-Delaval, present and 4th eari. 

HeiT'Apparent — None. 

CrM<»Mi«— Baron, 29 May, 1719; visoountCaittngfordaiid 
sari of Tynxmnd, 1 May, 1761. 

Mottau.Per aewla beUa^^y the stratagems of war. 
Plate 67. 



Baron Rawdon, ol Moira, co. Down, K.O., O.C.B., Mbt. 
i]UMa of Hastings, Earl of Rawdan, VUcount Londoun, BanBb 
Hongerford, Hurinpi, Sec., and Baron Rawdon, in the PeeTJ 
age of the United Kingdom ; bom 7 Dec, 1794. 

fStt Marguesi of Haatings, in the Peerage of England. J 

/ielr-Appartnl—JiEoiiaE-A\iooi-roa-Faji.KCia, earl of 
Bavdon, son of the nmrquen. 

Cteationt — Baronet, SO May, 1665; baron Rawdan, 
April, 1760; earl of Moira, 30 Jan., 1762 4 
Hsatinga, 7 Dec, 1816. 

Jrms — See Flute 11. 

Vitcount Sudley, of Castle Oore, Lord Sannden, of Deep*, 
and a Baronet of Ireland : born 20 Jnly. I76I ; lunveded hta 
father, Arlhiir-Saunders, the late Earl, R Oct., IfflW; manieilv 
20 Dec., 17B7, Mary, eldest da. and heiieo of sir John Tyrrd; 
of HeroD Hall, co. liWx, ban. 

8ir Paul Gore (bod of Gerard Gore, dtixen of London, u 
brother of air John, who waa lord maTor of (hat city, 162l,|F 
lettled in Irotand ; m. Isabella, da. of Francis WicUiffe, eai^ 
and niece of Thomas Wentivorth, earl of Strafford, by wheM 
he had !uue 2 boob ; 1. air Ratph, ancenor of the earit 90' 
Ross (eniaet) ; and, 2. air Arthur, ancestor of theearlsflf 
Arran. Sir Arthur was created s baronet, 1662, and iiti. 
ione, Paul, and a yonnger son, George, atlomey-general at 
Ireland, and judge of the court of common pteas, was fath^ 
of John Gore, created lord Annaly, lord chief jiutlce of Ira* 
land, whose title became extinct 1783, but was renewed ta 
Henry Oore, lord Annaly, who also 4, without issue matof 
Paul, the eldest son of sir Arlhar, deceased in his fatherfi 1 
lifetime, leaving issue by Anne, eldest da. ,of sir John GoH^ ' 
of Sacomb, co. Herts, sir Arthur, 2d bart., auccessor u ' ' 
grandfather, whose son. 

Sir AitTBUR,3d hart., wasadranced, 17SS, to thedignlties 
of viscount 5i»j/ey, of Castle Oare,Bud baron Saunders ; and, U 
April, 1762, created earl of the islands of .^rran, co. Oatwa^. 
His lordship ni., 1 6 March, 1 730, Jane, heiress of Richard Sautifc 
ders, esq., of Saunders Court, aud widow of William Wortb, 
esq., of Rathfamham, andhadisaua ; 1. ABTutiB>SAtiNIiEn% 
3d earl ; 2. Siehartl, d. 26 Dec, 1807 i 3. Paulel, m. Anne, da. - 

BA8L8. ' 911 

o^'OUwr liMnard, oo. KUkenny, mq,^ Bud hu iMme^ AHhnr, 
«. , and hM iasiie 2 children; Annesley, daccoaed;- 

Biduffd; ElinbeUuChariotte, m. Chariei SheU, esq.; and 
Jane ; 4. J ehmmm^ m., 29 Aug., 1769, Philip Doyne, esq. ; 
and, adly,Michael Daly, esq..; 5. EliMobeik. The earl d, 17 
Apnl, 1773, and was suooeeded by his son, 

AmTHOK-SAUirBXiis, 2d earl, K.P., b. 25 July, 1734; ak, 
94 July, 1760, Catharine Annesley, only da. of William, vis- 
eoont Olerawky ; and by her (who d. 23 Nov., 1770,) had 
isBoa ; 1. Akthvk-Sauitdx&s, present earl ; 2. WUHamm 
J^km^ &. 20 NoF., 1707» A ooL in uie army, and assistant de- 
puty barradc-master-ginieral, at., SO May, 1798, Caroline, 
youngest da. of sir Thomas-Pym Hales, of Howletts, 00. 
Kent, bart., and has issue,. Philip-York ; John- William ; and 
Mary; Sb AfmtJaiM^b. ^lil 1703^ m., Ist, Oct. 1783, Henry 
Hanoo, of Cilonard, 00. Wezficnrd, esq. ; and, 2dly, 8 April, 
IMO^/olm, 1st marquess of AberocMn, K.6. ; 4. JBHMobM^ 
.4mmimkiy A. April 1764, m., 6 Aug., 1783, Henry Monk, 
es^; «b C Mm ine ^ChaHUIe^ b. in Sept. 1766, m., 25 Jan., 
1 W» Jobn-Erans-Freke, 6th lord Carbery ; 6. Joim, b. Nor. 
1770, flk, 6 July, 1793, Dudtey Loftus, of Killytm, 00. West, 
mesth, eaq. x the earl in., 2dly, Anne, da. of the rev. Boleyn 
lU^Vf of Ottley, 00. Yori^ and by her (who d. 1778,) has 
Sbbos I 7. Oeorff§y b. in Feb. 1774, dean of KillQla, m., Isfc, 
Sophia, da. of sirOeoigeRibton, bart. ; and, 2d^, July 1823, 
Maria, widow of Thomas Bunbury Isaac, of Hmywood Houses, 
SOL Deron, esq. ; 8. Maria^Louisa^ b, June i775, «n. James 
Knox, 00. Westmeath, esq.; 9. Eleanor^ b. Sept. 1776, m. 
May 1801, the hon. sir Frederick CavendiBli, but. ; the earl 
«., Sdly, in Jan. 1781, Elizabeth, da. of Richard Underwood, 
aiq., and had issue ; 10. Saunders^ b, Aug. 1783 ; 11. John^ 
k Feb. 1787 ; 12. Caroline^ b. Nov. 1784, d, finm., Sept. 
1808; 18. Cecilia^ m., 14 May, 1815, sir George Buggin, of 
Gisat Cnmberland Place, knt. ; and, 14. Isabella^ m., 2 March, 
1816, Charles, 2d son of the iion. John Douglas, son of James, 
15th earl of Morton. The earl d. 8 Oct., 1809, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

Akthuk-Sauxders, present and 3d earL 

Heir-'Pruumpthe — Hon. Colonel William-Johk-Goke, 
next brother to the earL 

CreaHont — Baronet of Ireland, 1662 ; viscount and baron, 
15 Aug., 1758 ; eari, 12 April, 1762. 

Motto— /» hoe Hgno vinces — In this sign thou shalt con* 

Plate 68. 



Viscount Stopford, Baron Gotinowit, 66. Weadmfd^ Baron 
Saltiksporb, of SaitersfOTd, ixK Gbester, K.P., Ca^rtain of 
the Band of Gontlemen Pensioners, a Gotemor co. Weadbrds 
b9m 15 Aug;, 1766: succeeded Ms father, James, the late 
Earl, 30 March, 1810: married, 29 Jan., 1791, Elizabetli 
Soott, eldest daogliter of Henry, 8d Diike c^nedench, K.O., 
rby EHsabMihi-Bruden^ Montagu, daughter and sole heir of 
George, 4^ Sarl^ and 1st Duke of M(mtagu, K;G.,) and by 
her (who d, 21 April, 1823,) has issued 1. JAMES-THOstAS, 
VUeaunt Stopford, b. 27 March, 1794 j «!., 4 Jiily, 1824, liady 
Anne Montague Sioott, d^ of the late and sister to the present 
Duke of Buoeleugh ; 2* MdnH&d, ^.11 June, 1795 i 3. ffentif* 
Seott, b. 21 Oct., 1797 ; 4. MonkMUi 6. 11 Nor., 1798; 5. Marf- 
EWmheth^ b. 21 April, 1801 ; 6. R6beH,b,2!^ Nor., 1802; 7* SH^ 
zdbe^Anha, 6.t0 Jan*, I8O&9 8« Jane^b, 35 Feb., 1806;9. CAorw 
l&tU^ d. 7 Sept., 1007; and^ 10. Ademffhter^ b, 17 Sept., 1811. 

Jambs Stopford, Ist earl of Gourtown, (whose aiioestcnr, 
James Stopford^ of Saltersford, 00. Chiester, lineally descended 
from Kiehokis de Steckpori, one of the eight barons co. Ghes* 
ter, settled in Ireland 1641 ^> was created, 19 Sept., 1758, 
baron of Courfown, co. Wexford ; and, 12 April, 1702, was 
further advanced to the dignities of viscount Stopford, and 
earl of Couriown^ The earl m., 24 Feb., 1726, Elizabeth, 
only da. of Edward Smyth, bishop of Down and Connor, by 
whom he had issue ; 1. JXmes, 2d earl; 2. Edward, b. 1732, 
a lieut.-gen. in the army, o»., 1 Oct., 1783i Letitia, da. of 
William Blacker, esq., by whom he had issue ; 1. Edward ; 
2. James ; 3. William-Henry ; 4. Jane; 6. Elizabeth.Cathe- 
rine, wi., 27 Dec, 1815, James Blair, esq. ; 3. Thomas, D.D., 
lord bishop of Cork and Ross, d. 24 Jan., 1805 ; 4. Joseph, 
b, in 1741, in the army, and rf. 29 June, 1786 ; 6. Philip, 
b* 17 Feb., 1743, R.N. ; 6. Elizabeth, d, young : j, Frances ; 
8* Mary ; 9. Anne, b, in 1734, and d, March 1808, having 
tn., 28 May, 1758, Walter Hoare, esq. ; 10. Catharine ,* 
11. Charlotte, b, 1745, m., June 1774, Stephen Ram, esq. 
His lordship d, 12 Jan., 1770, and was succeeded by his son, 

James, 2d earl, K.P., created, 7 June, 1796, baron Salters- 
ford, of Saltersford, co. Chester, b, 28 May, 172^1 1 «»•» 16 
April, 1762, Mary, da. and co-heircss of Richard Powis, of 
Hintlesham Hall, co. Suffolk, esq., (by Mary-Bnidenell Mon- 
ta^, sister to George, late duke of Montagu,) and by her 
(whorf. 3 Jan., 1810,) had issue; 1. James-George, pre- 
sent earl ; 2. sir Edward, E.C.B. and K.T.S., lieut..gen. in 


EARLS. tfl8 

tfia wrmy, and coL of the 4l8t reg. of foot, and who received 
fD KooooraUe dhtinction for his gsUant services at l^tUavera, 
Vittiori*, and Nive, h. 28 Sept., 1766 ; 3. Roberi^ adtn. R.N., 
K.&B. ; ft. 5 Feb., 1768, m., 29 June, 1809, Mary, da. of 
Robert Faaihaw, Mq., oommissioner of his majesty^ dock. 
jard at Flymoaih ; 4. Richard^rttee, in holy orders, chap. 
Ldn in ordinary to his majesty, canon tk Windsor, prebendary 
of Hereford, and rector of Barton Seamve, oo. Nmhampton, 
h. 4 MaEnb, 1774, m.. Id Nov., 1800, Helena Powis, sister to 
Thonaaa, kvd LOford. The earl d. SO Mardi, 1810, and was 
sn c c e eded by his eldest son, 

JAUKa-OxoiiaE, present and 2d earl. 

H0br^ppafmU~^AVE9'TvoitAayViscoVTf'T Stofford, 
Aa eatl*i ddeet son. 

CfwaihHM.^'BajNm^ 19 Sept., 1768; visoonntand earl, 12 
April, 176B: banm Saltersford in England, 7 July, 1796. 

MiMa^^Patrim infHiei fldelU^ftaMtd to an unhappy 

Afwu — See Plate 68. 

JOSEPH LEESON, Earl of MILtOWN, Viscount 
Rusflbcttough, and Baron Russborough, co. Widdow: bom 
9 Feb., I'W i succeeded his grandfather, Brice, the late 
Eari, 10 Jan., 1807. 

Joseph Leesov, Ist earl of Miltown, 5. 11 March, 17II9 
was created, 5 May, 1746, baron Rtissborbugh, 8 Sept., 1760, 
viscount Rustbonmgh, and, 10 May, 1763, earl of Miltown ; 
m., 1st, 20 Jan., 1729, Cecilia, eldest da. of Francis Leigh, 
esq., and by her (who d, 29 Nov., 1731,) had isstie; 1. Joseph, 
2d earl ; 2. Brice, 3d earl ; 3. Mary^ m., Feb. 1764, John, 
2d earl of Mayo : the earl m., 2dly, 20 Oct., 1738, Anne, 
da. of Nathaniel Preston, esq., descended from the viscounts 
Gormanston, and had issue by her (who d,\^ Jan., 1766) ; 
4. Anne^ b. 20 April, 1750, «., in 1770, Hugh Henry, of 
Lodge Park, esq. : the earl m., 3dly, 10 Feb., 1768, Eliza- 
beth, 4th da. of William French, of Oakport, dean of Armagh, 
youngest son of John French, of French Park, co. Roscom- 
mon, esq., and had issue ; 5. William^ b. 5 March, 1770, m., 
24 June, 1796, miss Buchanan, and d. 7 Oct., 1819, leaving 
an only da., Elizabeth, m., 1 Feb., 1815, William Hale, Jun., 
of King^s Walden, co. Herts, esq. ; 6. Robert^ 6., 18 May, 
1773, wi., 17 Aug., 1795, Grace Head ; 7- Cecilia, b. 28 Dec, 
1768, m-, 29 Dec., 1789, David Latouche, esq., eldest son of 

VOt. II. A A XVifc 


tha rigbt hon. David Latoudie; 8. Frmuei^rnbMt^ 4 
3 June, I77I9 m-9 25 July, 1790, MarcuB Berwfbrd, e&^ 
eldest mm of the right hon. John Bereaford, and nq^ew o| 
the 1st marquess of Waterford. The earl tL 2 Oct., 1783» 
and was suooeeded by his eldest son, 

Joseph, 2d earl, 6. 1730, who d. imm., 27 Nov., 1801, 
and was suooseded by his brother, 

Beics, 3d earl, b. 20 Dec., 1735, m., 25 Oct., 1765, Maria^ 
da. of John Oraydon, esq., and by her (who d. 25 July« 1772,} 
had issne; 1. Joseph^ b, YJ July, 1766, m., 28 Apnl, 1798, 
Emily, 3d da. of Archibald Douglas, esq., eldest son of lieuU- 
gen. Archibald Douglas, M.P. 00. Dumfries, and d, 1800, in 
his father's lifSetime, having had issue by her (who m., 2dhr, 
30 June, 1811, ViUentine, lord Cloncurry,) Joseph, who 
succeeded his grandfather in the earldom ; Henry.Talbot, hm 
20 Feb., 1800, comet 1st life guards ; and Cecilia-Char]btt»^ 
5. 30 llarch, 1801, to whom, 14 Aug., 1818, the prince re. 
gent, by roval sign manual, granted die same nmk and ]»«« 
cadency as if her father had l^ed to have inherited the earl*, 
dom of Miltown, and d, 23 Aug., 1819 ; 2. JioAn, &. Aug. 
1767, m., 12 Jan., 1793, Martha, da. of the rev. John B^ey^ 
and has issue ; of whom Elizabeth, 2d da., nu. 4 Feb., 1817^ 
David-Nizon Donndlan, of Ravensdale Park, co. Kildare^ 
esq. ; and Joseph, eldest son, lieut. 21st light dragoons, at., 
26 Nov., 181 7, Anne, eldest da. of Anthony 0*Rei^, eaq., 
capt. in the same reg., and granddaughter of the late Thomaa 
O'Reilly, of Baltrasna, co. Meath, esq. ; 3. Brice^ 6. June 
1769, d, young ; 4. Robert^ b. March I772, m., 20 Oct., 1810, 
Phillipa-Juliana, youngest da. of the rev. Dr. J. Neeve, pre- 
bendary of Worcester. The earl d, 10 Jan., 1807, and was 
succeeded by his grandson, 

Joseph, the present and 4th earL 

Heir-Presumptive — Henry-Talbot, only brother of the 

Creations — ^Baron, 4 May, 1756; viscount, 8 Sept., 1760 ; 
and earl, 10 May, 1763. 

Motto— C/artor ^ tenebris — Brighter from the darkness. 

^mw-.See Plate 68. 

LEMONT, Viscount Caulfield, Baron of Charlemont, a 
Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; bom 3 Jan., 1775 : suc- 
ceeded his father, James, the late Earl, 4 Aug., 1799 : mor- 
ried, 9 Feb., 1802, the youngest daughter and a)-heijre8S of 


BARL8. 015 

Wmiiaii Bormiiigliaiii, of Bom HIU, oo. Oalwav, esq., of tlie 
Wme of Athcnry, (dtter to the Coonteis of Leitnm), and 
hasiMoe; JameM-WUUamy d. at Abbeville, 13 Jan., 1823; 
aad Wii.i.iAM-F&A]rciB, VUcomU Cm^fi^UL 

Sir ToBT Caulfisld, having servod many offices of high 
trntt in Ireland during the reigni of cjueen Elisabeth and 
king James L, was, by the latter monarch, 22 Dec., 1620, 
«nKted baron Charlemaniy with remainder to his nephew, 
dr WiLiiiAM, who became on his uncle's death, 1627, 2d 
bann, and dL 1640, leaving, besides other issue, 3 sons, suc- 
wssimly barons CAorfomon/, viz. Tobt, 3d baron, mur^lered 
1041 ; RoBxmT, 4th baron, also tL 1641 ; and 

WiLLZAM Cavlfield, fith baron of Charlemont, was 
cnttad Tiaoonnt Charltmoni^ 1665, and had issue by Sarah, 
dk of Chariei Moore, 2d viscount Drogheda, 

WiiAiAX, 9d viwxmnt, m., 11 Jmy, 1678, Anne Mar. 
gwauu, onfy da. of James, archbishop of Armagh; and 
linnailiig' SI Ji^, 1728, was succeeded by his son, 

Jaxxs, Sd vlsooant, m. Elisabeth, only da. of Frandi 
Bmuid, of Castle Bernard, esq., Ju^ of the court of com. 
■oA pleas, (anontor of the earls of Bandon,) and had issue 
by Mr (who «., 2dlv, 9 Oct., 1740, Thomas Adderley, of 
Ushannon, oo. Con, esq.,) James, 4th visooniit; and 
FnmcUj mL Oct. 1769, Maxr Eyre, <mly da. of John, lord 
Bjrre; leavmg London, 9 Nov., 1775* accompanied by his 
lady, eldest da., and a female infant, to attend his place in 
die senate, as representative for Charlemont, he was lost in a 
tiCBendons storm in their passage to Ireland ; he left issue 
an only son, James, a major m the army ; and a da., Eleanor, 
«., 31 March, 1787, William-Forward Howard, 3d earl of 
Wkklow. The viscount d, 21 April, 1734, and was sue 
seeded by his son, 

James, 4th viscount, K.B., h. 18 Aug., ,1728, created 
sari of Charlemont^ 23 Dec., 1763, it appearing from the 
roDs of the court of Chancery, that James I., by letters 
nnder his sign manual, dated at Westminster, 16 July, 
1622, directed the chief governor of Ireland to cause letters 
patent to pass under the great seal, containing a grant of 
the dignity of an earl to the then lord Chanemont, but 
wiiidi was never put in execution; m., 2 July, 1768, 
Mary, da. of Thomas Hickman, co. Clare, esq., descended 
fnom the noble family of Windsor, viscounts Windsor, 
wUflh title became extinct 1728, (who d, April 1807,) 
■id had inne; U Fbabcib-William, present earl; 

aa2 ^*JaiiMi* 


I • 


Z.JamB3-Thomaa, b. 1 Aug., 177G, li. Sept., 1703). 3. Hturn, 
of Hftckly Loilge, co. Aimagli, b. 29 Jul;, 1779, m., 30 Auj^, 
1819, to Elizabelli-Mntgarec, 3d da. of DadweU Bruwiu;, rf 
Ralinea, co. Mayo, esq. ( 4. BlisabelA, 6. 13 Dec, 1773. Tb^ 
eart li. 4 Aug., 1793, and woa succeeded by his son, 

FBANCia-WiLblAM, presenc and 3d earl. 

^eir-Apparent — WnilAM-Faiscia, ViacouKT CAVlr 
riSLD, BOD of Che earL 

Craariofw— Baron, 22 Dec., 1B20) viscount, 8 Oct., lOGSj 
earl, 23 Dec, 1763. 

Motto — Deo duce, ferro camilants — Gud my leader, an^ 
my sword my mmpanioQ. 

Arvu—See Plate 60. 

PoUinfton, Barou PolUngtnn, of Longford, AI.K.I.A.i Aom 
8 April, 17(11: succeeded \a father, John, the late Earl, Ijt 
Feb., 1778: married, 25 Sept., 1783, EUiabelh, daiighler 
{■□d Bole heir of John Stephenson, of East Biirnham, co. 
Bucks, esq., and has issue; JoaM, Viacount Pollingi 
3 July, 1783, fa., 29 Adk., le07, Anne, eldest da. of ' 
Earl 1^ Bardwicke, K.G., and baa a boo, 6, 12 Dec. 
adu., i, 23 Feb., 1S13; a sun, b. 23 Aug., 1614; s soil «. 
24 Feb., 1816; another hid, b. 1? March, 1817; anda dC 
t. 20 Dec, 1819 ; 2. Sarah, b. 4 Feb., I78O, m., 30 Ort., IBUf, 
Jobn, LardHonwniBnd,Sdly,310ct.,lS16,ne]UT-]UcluiraL 

e'esent Earl of Wacnrick; 3. Eliia, b- SO June, 1789, i'- StP 
eft, 1794. 

Tbe family of SaviUe appeara to have been seated in Vor)b 
■bire as early as the 12lh centurf ; and tno branches oF^ 
were, at difierfnit periods, elevated to the peerage of En^mi 
by the titles of earl of Sussex and marquess of Hallux, a 
which tbe former liecame estinct on the death of John, 33 
earl, 1672, and the latter on the death of Qeorv^, 2d m^L 
quess, in 1300. I 

A tbird brancb of the family was seated at Metbley, uf. 
York, of whi^di was sir JoHM Savile, one of tbe lianuw qf 
(be excheqiter In the reigna of Elixahecb and Jaiaei I. HJ^ 
•UuF •»» air Hesry, was created a hart., 1611, but dyujf 
rvlving issue, the title became extinct, but tlM 
devolved to his brother, John SiiviLi, whow graiw 
, . riAB.L£s Savile, eu.^ of Metbley, b. I670, |n. Jii^ 


EARLS. 917 

a. NoCtfnghtnij and d. 6 Jmie, 1741, leaving ianie by W 
Wlio dm'^i June, 1700,) an only son, 

JToHsr, installed K.B., 83 June, 1749, created baron Po/. 
iMftMa, of Longford, 8 Nov., 1753, and advanced to the dig- 
aittea of viaooont PMngUm and earl of Meatboraugh^ 11 Feb., 
1708- His lordship m., 30 Jan., 1700, Sarah, sigter of Jolm, 
lonl IMaval, and had inne by her (who m., 2dly, the rev. 
Sandfovd Hardcastle,) ; 1. Johv, i»«8ent earl ; 2. Henrf^ 

ft. 17 Sept., 1763; 3. Charlety b. 27 April, 1774, m., 

A withoat iasoe, 1807. The earl <{. 27 Feb., 1778, and was 

JoHV, present and 2d earL 

ff0lr*Appar«ni^^ovLJty Vibcouitt Pollixotov, only 
■onof theeari. 

CrsHfiefit — Bavon, 8 Nov., 1753; vlseocmt and earl, 11 
Hk., 1708. 

M ulto t M €fatU 

» Plate 08. 

TON, Viseoimt Tomoor, Baron Winterton, of Gort, co. 
Oal w ay : 5orfi 11 May, 1758 : succeeded hig fkther, Edward, 
Ae late Eari, 10 Aug., 1788: married^ 6 Nov., 1781. Jane, 
da. of Bichaid Chapman, of London, esq., by whom (who d, 
18 June, 1792,) he had issue ; 1. Jane^ b. 22 Nov., 1782 ; 
2. EbwAmD, ViaoourU Tumour^ b, 13 June, 1784, m., 28 
Mar, 1809, Luc^^Louisa Heys, da. of John Heys, eso., and by 
herhaaissiie, Edward, b. 18 May, 1810, Chariotte-Emily, Lucy. 
Umba, and Heys ; 3. Anne, b, 6 Dec, 1785, m., 14 June, 
1810, sir Charles Chad, bart. ; 4. Arthur^Richardy b, 14 Jan., 
1787 ; 5. Itabella-Elixabeihy b. 19 April, 1788 ; 0. Adolphus, 
A. 3 Aug., 1789, m., 9 Nov., 1812, Jessie, 2d da. of F. Dewar, 
eM|. ; 7. JofMuJotiahy b. 4 Feb., 1792, d. 19 July, 1798. The 
Eul, M., 2dly, 30 May, 1795, Harriet, eldest da. of William 
Board, of Paj^iill Park, co. Sussex, esq., and widow of the 
Rev. John Bodicote. 

Sir Edward TwmoWy speaker of the house of commons in 
1081, and lord chief baron of the exchequer 1671, was father 
of sir Edward Tumour, knt., m. IsalHBlla, da. of William 
Keith, earl Marischal ; on the failure of whose issue male, the 
Tumour estates devolved on the representatives of his da., 
Sarah Tumour, who m. Francis Gee, esq., and had issue, 
Sanh, who surviving all the male line of the Tumours, be- 

aa3 cssne 



caipe *ole heiress of the foniUy: ulie ni. Joseph Qanbi es^., 
aud d. 22 Sept., 1741, leaving issue, Edwaos, let earl ; mi 
Smok, KU, July 1757, John-WJlliam-BaCOQ Foster, of Hew. 
ton Cay, DO. Durham, etq. 

Bii)VAaD, lit eari, sole repreiealstii-e of bU nuternal lo. 
cesMra, waa created bttron Wiiitertnn, of Qort, 10 Ap"l> 
I7GI, and advanced to the dignity of visnniiit Tumour ani 
earl of Wivlerlon, 12 Fell., 17661 the earl «., 13 Marc^ 
I7&6, Antte, da, of Thomai, lord An;her, and had iunc by 
her (who d. 80 June, 1775,); 1. £dwaklx, the pnsest a«rl; 
2. Arthur, b. in 1762, d. 15 May, 1794 ; 3. Gatrtwi, B-N, 
b. 3 Oct., 1765, d. 21 June, 1824; i. Gawge,b. 4 Feb., 1768, 
i. in Ceylon, Ami 1813, leaving issue, Franceii, ta~V CtTion, 
6 July, 1820, William GraiiTille, esq., seoretary to f^Bverib. 
BKn^i a. HejtTg, b. 24 April, USD, BJM., d. Sept. 1806; 
6. Charles, b. SO June, 177a, lieuc 60th foot, d. 93 Feh, 
1816; 7- ,<4nn£, b. 12 March, 1757, fli., Ut, Gaii^;e-aordon 
Brown, esq. ; 2dly, in 160G, F. RemiogtoD, lUJ)., uid <i. 23 
Oct., 1824; 8. Calliarine, 6. 1 July, 1759, m., 2 July, 1778, 
William-Bacon Fosler, esq. ; 9. Sarah, d. young ; 10. Isabella, 
b. 1 April, 17S3; 11. Maria, d. young; 13. S'rmoeM, b. 1? 
Dec, 17«!, m., 23 Oct., 1806, John Alkn, era. ; 13. St/Mfit. 
b. 5 A««., 1770 ; 14. Lfdia, b. 5 Nov., I77I, l 20 Feb., 182* 
The earl m., 2dly, 18 Feb., 1778, Elizubetb, da. of John 
Armstrong, of QodaluunK, Co. Eurrey, e&^, and by her (who 
01., 2dly, June 1791, Wiiliam fiichardioii, esq., occountaa^ 
general to tbe bgiL Bast imiia Cumpuiy,) l^ud iisue ; 19. 
Edtoatd-Jaha, ia holy orders, b. S Nov., I77Q, m„ 10 NoTi« 
1790, £lixabeth, da. of Uie above William Biehur^on, ei^ 
by whom (wlio iJ. 6 April, 1624,) he bad issue ; ISL £fiiaM^ 
b. as Maruh, 1780, n. Frands RiidiBrdsuu, fs^., of tJw 
Madras civil sBrvioe, son of the atujTe Wilham Bir^antank 
esq., and it 6 July, 1818; 17. Maria 1 18. PhUip-Jti^»r4, 
both d. jnniiig. The earl d. II Aug., I7S8, and was nifir 
ceeded liy his eldest son, 

EiiWABD, present and 2d BBrl. 

Heir.Appatenl — Edwabd, Viscount TcBtJOVB, son ff 

CmoHoju— Baron, 10 April, 1761 ; viawiunt aud earl, 19 
F^.. 1766L 
tHavm^^ase quam videri — To be, rather than seem to h^ 
flrm*_Sea Plate 68. 

'^t^^^r^^^^ IPEW 

Vjppfont g>, Lmwt^aah yanwgf Hcwrtht ^om Augmt IsaSt 
TOOftijnd hit £Mh0r, Willum, tlii^ lute £arl, 4 AfHril, 1 883. 

Xkm fuoSkf oi fit. UKwnm» cbUm to h^ye faeen banma of 
Ha«^ by tpmra, liaoe tl|0 £m( «iB4ii0«t of Jrelmnd, /rafk 

Sway ft 

7#xnM# &r3>. I^rmAircPt IHKti twon, 6. 1669, m., SS 
Birtlna Wl» HWi «Mm( dfi. of H«nry BuoewaU, Tifoount 
KiSplW"^ iM MiA ^mm kf b«r <wb9 </. 16 Oct., I71ft0i 
1. WILLIAM, 96th lord ; 2. ChmifU»^4. u isftni; S. i7#nr|f, 
dL 7 Jhu, 1736; 4. 3ricAofo<, jti. JVl Owt., 1747s 6. OHmt, d.f 
6. Mmrk^ «. Marv Traven; 7. ElixahEth^ k. S6 Oct., lODO, 
fli^ 1K9B W^ Ul»» £4«aird »ioa, es«., tddeat mbi of sir 
Biitim^BS(9l^mtilmBm9(^ Mid,fid]f, 

i^lSn, DiPvniBkk Qbln, «f QiiioJknHi|^^, oa. Kiltoe, am., 
and dL Aug. 1787 ; & Jfofy ; 9. ^0^2. PU krddtiip d. M 
IfaiT, 1787, and wu niooetdid liy liif ddMl wa, 

WILLIAM, 86th lord, 6. 11 Jan., 160«, ti,, 8 Aug., If28, 
Loof, youngnt da. of Ueut.<«eii. Richard Oeorges, and had 
fane hf hear (who m., 8dly, Nkiholaa Weldon, esq.) ; 1. Tho- 
mas, a7tli lord ; 8. fTt/Zuim, b. I June, 1732, d. 10 April, 
1740; aU .l^tftfy 6, 1(7 Way* W9« 9^ 16 Avg^ 1760, Blolurd, 
dUflPt iipL of lir Biiha>4 0^W% bmn.* an4 d. 4 Oct^, 1787. 
Hia VoMtif d. 4 Af^A ^1746^ vod waa 9UDce(i^«a hy his 

TqoacAft) ^th lpron« i6. V) Itfay, 1780t, fcroated Kriatoiwt 
«L.C#Mw^,9»dearlof Z^iExai^i^, aSepu, 17«7, «v« 17N(nr., 
)|60, XnMa SJW9«Bld««<fc«8tor «f fi^wardl, e«rl gf JSongMiW, 
•ad iii4 ifltue by hor (vbo d. 90 Oo|i., 1794,); 1. William, 
pmont flpri ; ^. TA^mix, p.D., bii^or of Corl^ «o4 Koai, m, 
FkwMT^ 4ldwl da. «^ oo-hpire6s of Henry CogUan, IXD., 
an4 W ^MjDp^ Thomaa, in holy orders, inu^ 80 Feb^ 1816, 
Harriet, only da. of col. John Ore^; Edward; KoiMrt; 
Emma, m., 21 Feb., 1805, the rev. William-Lewis Beaufort ; 
isaUUa, ou, I Ai^, 1808, the r^. J<^ JUsUe, D.S., lord 
faijihop •f ]^h2ni L«tkia; Cvo^es d.:98 May, 1812; and 
Vrmea; 3. jf^My, uptthie army, d, 7 Aug., 1787; i-Isab^lkk, 
6. 30 Avg.3 1761, m,, 16 Nov., 1773, Dudley, lord Sidney, 
idiidi baBQoy of Sidney became fsx^^ust in 1774 ; 6. EUmQ" 
bgtky m^ 7 Feb., 1786, gen. sir P«ul Emilius Irving, bart., 
of Woodhouse, and Bc4)gil Tower, co. Pumfries, and d. 6 
Jan., 1700, leaving is^ie; 6. Frgm^Sy «., 16 Oct., 1808, 





James PhiQott, ardideaajn of Bath. The earl d, 20 SepU, 
IflOl, and was EunMitMled by bin eldest aoii, 

W1J.1.IAH, 2d Bttrl, b. i Oct., i7Bl, m., I June, 1777, 
Mary, 2d da. and co-heir of ThomBs Birmingham, earl of 
I,uwlb, and had issue' by her (who d. 20 Jnly, 1 733,) ; V- Har- 
tielt, w., 22 Jan., IBOl, Arthur.French St. Guorge, of Tyrono, 
to. Galway, e«q. ; 2. Uabella, i»., 19 May, 1803, WUliain, 
TiMOiincGleraa'Iey;3.Afo(iida,-4.JWars. The earl m., 2dly, 
Margaret, eldeat da. of William Buike, of Olinsk, on. Galvay, 
by trtumi he bad issue, Thohas, present esrl ; and William, 
d. SS April, 1820. The earl d. 4 April, 1822, and vas sue 
Deeded by hii only surviving iion, 

Thoius, preasnt and 3d earl. 

Bar-Prerumplive — 

CreofiOTM — Baron, originiiUy by tenure, iemp, Henry II., 
by king John'B patent of conftrmation j and a^n, 4 March, 
1482, i Henry VII. ; viscount St. liawianue and carl oT 
Howth, 3 Sept., 1787. 

Motto — Qui penat — Who thinks. 

^njw — See Plate 68. 

GEORGE KING, Eabl of KINGSTON. Viscount Eingi. 
borough, Baron Kingston, of Rockinghum, in Ireland; Bannl 
EiNGaTON, of the United Kingdom; and a GotnmiBBioner 
1^ the Irish Fisheries : bom 9 April, 1771 ' aaoceeded hi* 
father, Robert, the late Earl, 17 April, 1799 ; created a Pew 
oftheUnil«d Kingdom, by the title of Baron KinbsTOn, 17 
July, IS31 ; married, S May, 1794, Helena Moore, onljr 
daughter of Stephen, IM Earl of Mount Caahel, (by Ladj 
Helena Rawdon, siater to Francis, Marquess uf Hastingtf 
K.G., G.C.B.) and baa issue ; 1. EdwaBd, VUcount Singi- 
borDagh^ b. 25 Sept., 179G ; 2. Robert, L 1797 ; 3. George, 
b. 1709. 

Sir John Kino, I860, wax created baron Kingston; bii( 
the title became extinct nn the decease of James, last lorS 
Kinnton, without issue male, iu lyCI. Sir Robert King^ 
brother of the 1st lord, was created a baronet 1G82, and from 
him descended sir Robert King, crpjtted, 1748, baron King«- 
borougfa ; who deceasinK uiim., the title became extinct I7SB, 
but the harnnewy devolved to his brother. 

Sir EnwABD, 6lh bart., and Ist earl of Kingston, b. 29 

EA RUS, m 

day, 17269 and m^ 8 Jan., 1752, Jane, da. of Thomas Gaul- 
icM, esq^ of thA Cnarlemont family, and had issue ; 1. Ro- 
iz^T, 2d eari; 2. /Tmfy, (f. 6 April, 1785; 3. William^ d. 
LI June, 1702 ; 4. Jane^ m., 11 June, 1772, Lawrence, earl of 
Bom; h,Bleanor^EUMdbeth^d. 1822, unm.; Q.l8abeUa^LeHHas 
f . FrinneeB^ m^ 6 Ma7,'1803, Thomas Tennison, of Castle Ten- 
niion, eo. Boiooipmm, esq., d. in 1812. The iearl d, 8 Nov., 
IWTy vndwia snoceeded by his son, 

BLOBKKT, 2d eari, 6. 1754, m., 5 Dec., 1789, CaroUne, only 
db. of Siduffd FitEfferald, of Mount Ophaly, 00. Kildare, 
«i^., of die hmue of Leinster, by his Ist wife, the hon. Miu*r 
gafet King, only child and sole heir of James, 4th and last 
lord Kingfton, and by her (who d, 182S) had issue ; 1. Oeorge, 
proMBt earl; 2. Robert-Edward^ b. 12 Aug., 1773, cre- 
ated Tiaoount Lorton, (tee Viecouni Lorion); 3. Edward^ 
cnt. ILN., d, ttflfn. ; 4. Henry^ C.B., severely wounded in 
Hoilandy 1799, coL in the army, and a groom of the bed. 
dumber, «, Mary, eldest da. of the hon. John Hewett, dean 
of Oovne, 4th son of James, viscount lofford, chancellor of 
beland, 4. 1^ Feb., 1821 ; 5. Rit^kar^ In holy wders, m., 
6 Jnne, 1800, the eldest da- of WilHan^ Ross, of Sandwick, 
N A ; 0. jAn^ appointed secretary of the embassy to the 
ekctor of IVIrtemberg, 2 March, 1805 ; 7- James-WUhamy 
ttpL R.N., m^ 28 Nov., 1815, Candine 2d da. of Shel^en, 
|Bc|iliiBhop of Dublin, and has issue 2 sons ; 8. Margaret^ m., 
12 8fpt^ 1792, Stephen Moore, 2d earl of Mountcashel ; 
9. Coroffa^, m^ 16 Aug., 180O, major.gen. Edmund Morrison ; 
19. Moiryy ei. George G. Meares, of Richmond Place, CUffin, 
m. CQcncester, esq. ; 11. Jane-Diana, m. the count Wintzen- 
nrode ; and, 2dly^ Mons. Riod ; and, 12. LotUsa^ m. the 
■aron ie Spain, late ambassador from the Hi^e to the court 
fi Statgard. The earl d.\^ April, 1799, and was succeeded 
by his oldest son, 
GxoBOE, present and 3d earL 

Beh-Apparent-^YijiWAjiD^ Viscount Eivosborouoh, 
l!he earl's son, 

CffMi/uMw-^ Baronet of Ireland, 27 Sept., 1682; baron 

Kfaigston, 13 July, 1764 ; viscount Kingston, 15 Nov., 1766; 

fail of Kixigston, 25 Aug., 1768 ; baron Kingston, of the 

ITnited Kingdom, 17 July, 1821. 

Motto — Spes tutiseima cwlU — The safest hope is ii\ Ijieaven. 

^fflM--Se9 Plate 




Molyneui, of Maryborough, a Baronet of England, and Vico. 
Admiral of Connaiy;ht, M.P. for Droitwicb, horn 18 Sept., 
1773: succeeded Ub father, Charles- William, the late Earl, 
31 Jan., 1795: narrieil, 1 Jan., 1792, Maria, 2d dat:4;bter o^ 
William, 6th Lord Craven, and has issue ; 1. Georgiana-lta- 
iaOa-FTunets, b.\5Dee., 1792, itk, 22Juiie, 1819, Cbarka. 
Paaiioe Grenfdl, eaq., aoo of Pascoe Grenfell, e»q. ; 3. Maria^ 
fi.32FGti., 1796; 3. Chableb- William, ViacaunI Molyntut, 
i.lDJu)y, 1796; 4. LBuisa.Aafle-MaHa,b.22 0et.,\^9^;K. 
Gtorge-Berkeley, Ca[>t.7tli Light Dragoooa, b. 16 July, 17S9 ; t, 
atDn,i. 27Aug., 18(H); and, 7. another mn, £.5 March, 180S, 

Thia noble family (races an unbroken male dntcmc from 
William de Molines, lord of Seftnn, one uf the foUnwen uf 
king' William the Conqueror. Sir William MoLTMEitK* 
of Sefton, took with his own hands two standards at (he 
battle of Flodden field. Sir RicnAED Molybeui, of Sefton, ' 
bart., was created, 32 Dec, 1626, viscount Moltpieux, of 
Maryborough, m. Mary, da. and co-heiress of sir Thomu 
Caryll, and d. 1632, leaving issue 2 sons, Richard, Sd vit'J 
count, who d. without issue; and CaRYlL, 3d viscount, wli4"_' 
•d. I6g9i and was succeeded by his only surviving son, ' 

William, 4[h viscount, tn. Bridget, da, and heir of Robeit 
Lucy, of Charlecote, co. Warwick, esq., and d. 8 Much,* 
i;i7, leaving issue by her, (who A 23 April, 1713,) RlCBABD^' 
5th viscount, who d. without issue male, 12 Dec, 1738}, 
CiETLL, 6th viscount, d. «nm., 17*6 ; WiLttAU, Tth vto- 
eount, who also d. unm., 30 March, 17S9; and Thomai, wllv'l 
m. Mary, da. of James Levery, of London, and it. 3 Si 
1J6S, leaving an only ion, , 

CUABLTia-WiLLiAii, who Succeeded on the dcatH of hfit! 
nude William, and became 8th viacnunt Molyneux; (reatctf' 
30 Nov., 1771, earl of Seftoa, w,, 27 Nov., 1768, InbellK'' 
Stanhope, da. of William, 2d earl of Harrington, (by Card-' 
line, eldest da. of Charles Fitzmy, 2d duke of (Grafton, K.Q.y 
by whom (who 29 Jan., 1819,) he had iiiue, William, pr«- " 
sent earL The earl d. 31 Jan., 179S, and was succeeded by 

WiLLiAH, 10th viscount, present and 2d earl. 
Hrir-ApparenC — CHARLE9.WiLLlAii,ViaconKT HoLri/' 

t, 32 Dec^' 


Motto — Floefif Mol ffinoere — To ooiMpiflr ii to live 
Plate 68. 

Jaedjn, Baron of Newport, in Ireland ; Baron Clavb&as* 
BI1.1.9 ^ ^ United Kingdom, K.P., and an Engliiih Baronet, 
Auditor jQenenl of the Ezchequer, and a Privy Councillor ; 
5orm 87 Oct, 1788; loooeeded his father, Robert, the hite 
Eaili 90 June, 1820; created a Peer of the United Kingdom, 
by the title of Baron Clanbrasaill, 17 July, 1821 ; marrUd, 
9 Jaa^ 18ia, Haria-FirBncei, daughter of Thomas, Lord le 
DeqioiMr, and has issue; a «of», Viioouni Joeelpn^ b, 20 Feb., 
1816; % ThomtUj b. 10 April, 1818, d. May 1820. 

EoxDZiTi JocXLTV, a nobleman of Brittany, passed into 
KiMJanii in the time of Edward the Confiessor, and wasfirther 
of fir Giib§ri Joetlift^ who returned into Normandy, and ao* 
enmpanind the Conqueror in his eiqpedition against England, 
ficm wliom he obtained the manors of Sonpringham, left 
isme % sons, Gilbert and Geoffiwy. The eldest was b. at 
8«ipiringham, andfounded the Cistercian monastery of monks 
at that piaoe, who were from him called G^bertines ; he dL 
1188, imd was canonised by Pope Innocent III., 1208 s 
Ce^fMf de Joeelyn^ 2d son, on his brother embracinffa reli* 
fAaoM Um, inherited the estate, from whom descended Thomas 
Joodyn, who m., 1229, Maud, da. and co-heiress of sir John 
Hyde, of Hyde Hall, co. Herts, (by Elisabeth, da. of J<^ 
krd Sudelej^ by which marriage the earls of Roden became 
possessed of Hyde HaU, and wluch has remained ever since in 
tlieir possession. Sir Robert Joceltk, of Hyde HaU, 
lineal descendant of Thomas, was created a biaronet 1605, and 
bad issue by Jane, co-heiress of Robert Strange, of Someiford, 
CD. Wilts, esq., sir Strange, 2d bart., (ancestor of sir Conyers, 
who dying without issue, the title devolved to the earl of 
Roden,) ; and Thomas, 5th son, who, by Agnes, da. of Tho- 
mas Bray, esq., had issue an only son, 

Robert Jocelyk, lord chancellor of Ireland, and 12 
times lord justice of tiie kingdom, who was created baron 
Newport 1743, and advanced to the dignity of viscount Jioce- 
/jm 17A8* The viscount m., 1st, Charlotte, co-heiress of 
Charles Anderson, of Worcester, esq., who </. 23 Feb., 1747 ; 
he mu^ 2dly, 15 Nov., 1754, Frances, da. of Thomas Claxton, of 
Dublin, esq., dowager of Richard, earl of Ross, who (f. 25 May, 


and hiB lolrdship deoeasing 3 Deo., 1756, wm JBUcoeededlyy 
his son, 

Robert, 2d visoount, who was advanced to the dignity of 
earl of Roden^ 1 Dec., 1771* The earl m., 11 Dec, 1752, 
Anne Hamilton, eldest da. of James, earl of ClanhniMiL (hy 
Henrietta Bentlnck, da. of WHUam, 1st earl of Peitland,! and 
heireto of her brother James, last eail of Clanbtaadl, ana had 
issoe; 1. Robs&t, 2d earl; 2. GwrffejJ^ 7 Dee., 1764 { 
5. Percy y D.D. ; 4. John; 6. Hatfiet^ m. Chiciiester Skeffing* 
ton, earl of Massereene; 6. Caroline; 7* ChaHrhtieg 6. Sophim^ 
«., 8 April, 1798, James Arfoudde, esq. ; 0. LouUa^ m^ 27 
May, 1800, major^^reh. Orde, oif Westwood douse, oo. Nor. 
ihumberhmd,aiid£l Sept., 1807; 10. AmeHiu TUbmtitL 
22 Jutie, 171979 And was sucdJBeded by his son, 

RoBE&if, 2d earl, b. 26 Oct;, 1756, K.P. ; auditar.gto«ral 
of the exchequer, and custos rotulorum of co. Lentb, iii|;, lit, 
^Feb., 1788. Frances Theododa, eldest da. of Robert w^ 
dean if Elphln, broiher of Jolm, earl of Damknr, and nad 
iAue; 1. Robert, present earl; 2. Jamei-BUfih^UeuiL B.N., 
d iinm., July 1812 ; 3. T^oomm, capi. 23d Boot, A Feb. 1616 1 
4. George ; 5. Franees*Theodoaia^ b, Aug. 1795, «• 7 P^^ 
1813, Richard, QthviscouUtPowerscourt, and d, 10 May, 1820 1 
and, 6. Anne, d. 13 Oct., 1822. The earl m., 2dly, 1804, 
Juliana-Anne, da. of John Orde, of Westwood, oo. Northum- 
berland, esq., and had issue ; 7- John ; 8. Augustus-George^ 
Fredericfc, The earl d. 29 June, 1820, and was suooeeded by 
his eldest son, 

Robert, present and 3d earl. 

Heir-Apparent — ^Viscount Jocelyk, son of the earl. 

Creations — English baronet, 1665 ; baron Newport, 1744 { 
discount Jocelyn, 1755 ; and earl of Roden, 1771 ; Inth ho* 
nours ; baron ulanbrassill, of the United Kingdom, 17 July, 

Motto — Faire man devoir-— To do my duty. 

Arms — See Plate 68. 

Lisbume, Lord Vaughan, Baron of Fethers : bom 3 Mardi, 
1769 ; succeeded his brother, Wilmot, the late Earl, 6 May, 
1820; Colonel in the Army; married^ 2 Aug., 1798, Lucy, 
daughter of William, Viscount Courtenay, and has issue; 
I, John-Wilmot, b. 1799, d. 1817; 2. Lord Vaughan, b. 30 
Sept,, 1803; 3. George; 4. John; and, 5. Mary, 


EARLS. 026 

- JoHV Vavghait, Itt visoount Uifnime, (j^ncUon of 

Joihn Vaugfaan, lord diief justice of the court of oomxnon 

vlflM, 1063,) WBs created, by WiUiam III., 25 June, 1095, 

Vanm Fetkiny and viicount LUbume. His lordaliip m. Malet 

Wilmofe, Sd da. of John, earl of Rochester, (by Elizabeth, onlv 

dk and lieiveis of John Malet, of Enmore, 00. Somerset, esq.,) 

and aiiter and eo-heiress of her brother, Charles, earl of Ro- 

dieater, and had issue by her, (who d, I7IO9) 1* Jouir ; 

8. WiLMOT, successive viscounts; 3. Henry^ d. unm.i 

4. AnnCy m. sir John Prideauz, of Netherton, co. Devon, 

hart.; 5. EKMobeth; 0. Letitia. The viscount d, 1720, and 

waa mooeeded by his eldest son, 

JoHV, 2d viscount, m., Ist, the daughter of sir John Ren- 
net, knt., leigeant-at-law, who d, without issue, 13 July, 
1723: flk, 2dly, 1725, Dorothy, da. of Richard Hill, of Hen- 
faluf oou MontgoouBry, esq., and had issue by her (who d, 20 
Nor., 1700,) itfoM, b. 1727, d, unm. His lordship cf. 15 Jan., 
1741, without issue mala, and was succeeded by his brother, 

WiLVOT, 3d viscount, m. 1727, Elizabeth, eldest da. of 
Thomas Watson, esq., and had issue; 1. Wilmot, 4th 
viseoimt ; 9. sir t/ioAn, K.B., a major-gen. in ihe army, col. 
4th regiment, and gcrremor of Barwid^, d, 30 June, 1795 ; 
S. EHgabeth^ m. Thomas Lloyd, of Abertrinant, co. Cardigan, 
esq., and d, Jan. I8I7. The viscount d. 19 Jan., I7O6, and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

WiLMOT, 4th viscount, advanced to the dignity oi earl of 
LUbume^ 18 July, 1776, m., Ist, July 1754, Elizabeth, only 
da. of JosCTh-Oasooyne Nightingale, d£ Mamhead, co. Devon, 
esq., (by Eaizabeth, eldest da. and co-heiress of Washington, 
carl Ferrers,) and sole heiress of her brother, Washington 
Nightingale, esq., and by her (who d. 19 May, 1755,) had 
inue, 1. WiLMOT, 2d earl. Tlie earl m., 2dly, 19 April, 1763, 
Dorothy, eldest da. of John Shafto, of MHiitworth, co. Dur. 
ham, esq., and had issue by her (who d.\2 Sept., 1805,); 
2. JoHX, present earl; 3. Dorothy-Elizabeth^ b. 13 May, 
1764, «., 14 May, 1792, sir Lawrence Palk, of Halden House, 
CO. Devon, bart. ; and, 4. Malet, L 30 July, 1765. The eari 
</. 6 Jan., 1800, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

W1LMOT, 9th viscount, and 2d earl, b. 9 May, 1755, d, 
unm.^ 6 3Iay, 1820, and was succeeded by his only brother, 
JoHir, present and 3d earl. 

HeiT'Appareni — Lobd Vauohan, the earl's only son. 
CreaHons — Viscount and baron, 25 June, 1695; earl, 
16 July, 1776. 

VOL.11. BB 'MotrlQ — 


Motto .^ Nan revertar imtltus — I will not return iinr^- 
^niM— See Plate 69. 

count Clanwilliam, oo. Tipperary, Baron Gilford, co. Down, 
and a Baronet of Ireland, bom 15 Aug., 1795 : succeeded his 
fiither, Richard, the late Earl, 3 Sept., 1805. Envoy Ejttra- 
ordinary and Ambassador Plenipotentiary at Berlin. 

The family of Meade, anciently written Meagh, has been 
seated for many centuries oo. Cork. Smith, in his history of 
that county, mentions, that at Meadestown was formerly a 
casUe built by the Meades, that they had the patronage of 
the prebend of Lisleary, and that many of this ancient family 
were interred in the abbey of Buttevant. A descendant of 
this h^use was William Meagh, alias Meade, consecrated 
bishop of KUdare in 1540, saA a privy councillor to king 
Henry VIH. 

Sir JoHX Meade, knt., eldest son and heir of John Meade^ 
of Ballintobber, esq., m, Catharine, da. of sir Dominick Sara- 
field, viscount Kilmallock, and premier baronet of Ireland, 
and d. 1626, leaving issue, 

William, who m. Elizabeth, da. of sir Robert Travers, 
knt., and had issue ; 1. sir John, Ist baronet ; 2. Patrick^ 
appointed a brig.^n. in the army, 12 Feb., 1711 ; 3. Robert^ 
m, Frances, da. of sir Peter CourlJiorpe, knt., and had issue 
I son, William Meade, dean of Cork, who m. Helena, da. of 
Bryen Townsend, of Castle Townsend, co. Cork, esq., and 
was ancestor of the Meades^ of Ballymartle ; 4. DomtntcAr, in 
holy orders, who left issue the rev. Percy Meade, who m. 
EHzabeth, da. of Henry Tonson, of Spanish Island, co. Cork, 
esq., (grandfather of William, 1st lord Riversdale); 5. «/oc«- 
Ijfn, d, unm. ; 6. Elizabeth^ m. John Galway, of Lota, oo. 
Cork, esq. ; 7* Eleanor^ m. Godwin Swift, esq., of Gray^s 
Inn, attorney-gen. of the palatinate court of Tipperary, eldest 
son of the rev. Thomas Swift, of Goodrich, co. Hereford, 
(only son of William Swift, prebendary of Canterbury in the 
reign of queen Elizabeth,) and unde of the celebrated Jona- 
than Swift, dean of St. Patrick *s. 

Sir John, Ist baronet, wfis appointed attorney-gen. to 
James, duke of York, judge of the co. Tipperary, member for 
the university of Dublin, 1689, knt. of the shire for Tip- 
perary, 1692, and created a bart., 29 May, 1703 ; m., 1st, 


BARL8. m 

Mbtj^ da. and hcireis of Jamet Copj^iiger, eiq.. wlio iL idtlu 

out (flBue ; M., Mjj Elisabeth or Elinnor, 2a da. f and co- 

lieireaa with her diter, who m. James, 3d visooimt Ikexrin,) 

of ooL Daniel Redman, to whom the castle of Ballylinch, with 

its eztensiTe ertates, acquired under the commonwealth, were 

oonfirmed by the act of settlement, on the restoration of king 

Charifls II., and had issue an only da., EliMobeth^ m., 1st, 

A Msffch, 1090, sir Balph Freke, of Castle Freke, bart. ; and, 

adly, James, 4th baron Kingston, and d, 6 Oct., 1750. Sir 

John «., Sdly, 14 June, 1688, Elisabeth, 4th da. of Pierae 

Butler, yiseount Ikerrin, and had issue by her, (who d. Dec. 

I7&79) 1- WWkmiy d, young; 2. Jamea^ d. young; 3. sir 

Pixmcz ; and, 4. sir Richabd, sucoessiye baits. ; 6. Helen^ 

M., 171 19 Ridiard Ponsonby, of Crotto, esq., M.P. for Kinsale, 

and A without issue, 28 March, 1743 ; 6. Catharine^ m., Ist, 

28 June, I7I69 Thomas Jones, of Osbertstown, 00. Kildare, 

esq^ fmndflon of sir Theoi^iilus Jones, of Osbertstown, privy 

wnpnltor to Chailes II., 2d son of Lewis Jones, bishop oi 

KfWaloe, and brother of Henry Jones, bishop of Meath, and 

of Aadiroae Jones, bishop of Aildare); and, 2dly, Nehemiah 

DoiMllaii, ew|., knt. of the shire 00. Tipperary ; 7* -Afafy, m., 

28 Feb., 1727* Denis Macarty, esq. ; 8. Jane, d, unm. Sir 

John d. 12 Jan., I7II9 and was succeeded by his eldest son. 

Sir PiE&cx, who deceasing, was succeeded by his only 


Sir RiCHAXD, 8d bart., m., 1 April, 1736, Catharine, 2d 
da. of Henry Prettie, esq., grandnther o( Henry, 1st lord 
DonaDey, and had issue by her Twho m., 2dly, 6 Oct., 1748, 
die right non. sir Henry Cayendish, of Doyeridge Hall, oo. 
Berby. bart., and d, 21 March, 1779^) an only son, sir JoHir. 
litevn; and Elhtabeth^ m., 176O, Joseph-Dean Bourke, 3d 
sail of Mayo, and archbishop of Tuam, and d, 13 March, 
1807* Sir Richard d. 27 April, 1744, and was succeeded by 
his only son, 

JoHir Meade, 1st earl of Clanwilliam, and 4th bart., 6. 
21 April, 1744, created, 17 Nov., 1766, yiseount Clanwilliam^ 
and baron of GUford^ and advanced to the dignityof earl of 
Clmnwilliamy 20 July, 1776 ; m., 29 Aug., 1765, Theodosia, 
only da. and heiress oi Robert-Hawkins Magill, esq. (nephew 
and heir of sir John Magill, bart.,) by his id wife, Anne, 2d 
da. of John, earl of Damley, and by her (who d, 2 March, 
18170 had issue ; 1. Richard, 2d earl ; 2. Robert^ d. young; 
3. Boberi^ b, 29 Feb., 1772, lieut.-gen« coL 12th foot, late 
lient.-goy. of the Cape of Oood Hope, m., 20 June, 1807, 
Anne^Louisa, da. of gen. sir John Dalling, of Burwood Park, 

bb2 tXk 

928 IRISH P££RA6£. 

00. Suirey, bart., and haa a da. 6. 27 Jan., 1811 { another da.^ 
b. 23 March, 1812; 4. John^ b, 177^, major-gen. in the army, 
and G.B., ocmsal-gen. in Spain, who receiv^ an honourable 
diatinetion for his gallant servioes atBusaco, m., 2 Oct., 1816, 
Urania-Caroline, da. of the hon. Edward Ward, and has issue 
a da., b. Oct. 1817; & Pierce^ b, 21 Nov., 1776, in holy 
orders, hi., 6 April, 1801, Elizabeth Percy, 2d da. of Thomas 
Percy, late bishop of Dromore, and by her (who d, 26 Sept., 
1823,) has issue^ John Fierce, 6. 12 Jan., 1802; Thomas- 
Percy, b. 22 Dec., 1802; Theodosia.Barbara, b. 24 March, 
1804 ; Edward-Bichard, b. 90 Nov., 1805 ; and Henry.Hugh, 
b, 19 Feb., 1807; d- 29 March, 1824; 6. £dwardy in the 
army, killed in %ypt, 8 March, 1801 ; 7* Anne^ b. 24 April, 
1768, m., 7 Apru, 1788, William Whaley, esq., 2d son of 
Sichard-Chapel Whaley, of Whaley Abbey, co. Widdow, 
esq.; 8. Catharine^ b, 7 Oct., 1769, m., 30 June, 1789, 
Biohard Wingfield, 4th visoount Powersoourt, and d, 17 Feb., 
^93; 9. TheodosiaSarak-Franceg^ m., 6 March, 1799, gen. 
knrd Howdon, Q.G.B., and K.G. ; 10. MeleHna-AdelaidSy «i., 
31 Dec, 1801, John Brabaaon, 10th earl of Meath ; 11. Eose^ 
MariOfArabelituSarah. The earl d. 19 Oct., 1^, and was 
iueoeed^ by his eldest son, 

BiCHABD, 2d earl, b, 10 May, 1766, m., Ist, at Ichuschitz,. 
in Bohemia, 6 Oct., 1793, Caroline, countess of Thunn, 3d 
da. of Joseph, count of Thunn, by Wilhelmina, countess of 
Vlfeld, both of the most ancient nobility in Germany, and 
related to many of the reigning princes, and had issue by her, 
(who (L 8 Aug., 1800,) 1. Richard, present earl ; 2. Robert^ 
d. young; 3. Caroline^ b, 26 Aug., 1794, m., 1811, count 
Paul Szdieny, chambi^laiQ to the emperor of Oermany, son of 
qount Szcheny, magnate of Hungary, and cL 29 Aug., 1820 ; 
4. SeHna, b. 2 May, 1797, m., 14 June, 1821, Charles-Gabriel. 
John-Francis, count Clam-Martinitz, chamberlain to the em- 
peror of C^ermany ; 5. Emma, d. 2 March, 1 802. The earl 
n|., 2dly, 6 July, 1805, Margaret-Irene, widow of Molyneux, 
lord Shnldham, a^d d, 3 Sept. following, and was succeeded by 
his pAjy son, 

JBLicharb, ^wsent and 3d earL 

HeirrPresumptive -^The HoK. MAJoa-Gsif. Robert 
^BADVi u^iie of the earl. 

Cr0mti$ns r—Bsrouet of Ireland, 1703 ; viscount and baron, 
17 Nov., 1766; earf, 20 July, 1776. 

Motjtp*^ T^ujours pret~>^AXwKy% ready* 

Arms.^r^S^ Plate 69. 


EARLS. 980 

CHANDOS TEMPLE, Eabl NUGENT, in the Peerage 
of Irdand; Duke of Buckingham and Chandoi; Marqueia 
df Chandos ; Bfarquen of Budingham, and Earl Temple, in 
Um Peerage of England, K.G., D.C.L. 

(Am Ovke qf Budnngham^ in the Peerage of England,) 

CfwIioA— Earl Nugent, 21 July, 1776. 

^mt^See Plate 7* 

BOROUGH, VlMount Amieni, Viscount Aldborough, of 
Bdaa, and Baron of Baltinglass, succeeded his brother, John, 
SdEai],18S3; flR4ifT|«cf Martha, only child of John Burton, 

The ftmilir of Stratford is traced beyond the Conquest. 
Sobert Stratford, a younger branch of the house of Mererale, 
letded in Irdand, 1660, and was ancestor of 

JoHV, lit eari, who was created baron of BaMnaUue^ 21 
Maj, 176S;fiurtheradyancedtothetitleofTi8Oount^M6or0t4A, 
» July, 1776, and 9 Feb., 1777, to the dignities of viscount 
AmigHij and earl of Aldborough; «i. Martha, co-heirets 
of the tev, Beinamin O'Ndl, archdeacon of Lrighlin, and 
bad isiiie; 1. Edward, 2d earl, and, 2. Johk, 8d earl; 
S. /"fofMit-Pau/, i|i holy orders, d 22 Jan., 1820 ; 4. Bek- 
JAMiv 0*NxiL, present earl ; 5. Robert^ <i. 1778 ; 6. Wmam^ 
d f 7. JETafNuiA, d 24 Nov., 1801 ; 8. Elixabeihj m. Robert 
Tynte, of Dunlavan, esq., and d 12 June, 1816; 9. Martha^ 
n. Moriey Saunders, of Saunders Grove, esq., and d 28 Sept., 
1816 ; 10; Anne^ m. George Powell, esq., and d July 1800 ; 

11. Crraee^ m., the rev. Hayes Queade, and d May 1803 ; 

12. AwteUa^ m, Sept. 1760, Richard, visooimt Powerscourt ; 

13. Harriet^ m, Robert Hartpole, esq. ; 14. Maria ; 15. LO' 
<>A«> d. ; 16. Frances, m. William Holt, of Season Park, esq., 
and d May 1792. The earl d. 24 July, 1777, and was suc- 
ceeded by m* son, 

Edward, 2d earl, m., Ist, Barbara, da. and heiress of the 
hon. Nidiolas Herbert, of Great Glenham, co. Suffolk, undo 
of the earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, (by Anne, da. of 
Dudley North, of Glenham Hall, esq.,) but had no issue by 
her, (who d 14 April, 1785) ; and his lordship m., 2dly, 
24 March, 1788, Anne-Elizabeth Henniker, only da. of John, 
lit lord Henniker, and niece to the late dutchess of Chandos, 
but had no Issue by her (who ni., 2dly, Dec 1801, GeorM 

B B 3 YonvSV. 

:m IRISH p^i;^G£. 

?0fmU, eiq,^ and 4. H ^»ify, 18Q2). The^arl d, ^ Jan., laoi , 
«pd WM suoieeded by liif b]x>tker. 

Joj^y, iBdearl, «9»; in A^ril 17779 l^zabeth, da. of the 
han* ajq4 B<e¥r. Frfdenc Hamihcuu eldest son of lord Archibald 
Hamilton, 7th son o^ Wiiliaiii, S|d duke of Hamilton, and had' 
issue 3 d«s. ; 1. Ei^zaUihy m*^ 23 July, 1797, John Richard- 
Delap Halliday, rear-adxniral, who took the name of T<^e- 
mache only, by royal sign manual, 18^1 ; % Louisa^ m., 
6 Oct., 1799, the hon. John Rodney, and d, 2 Dec., 1814; 
3. EmUy^ m., 25 Dec., 1804, Thomas Best, esq. The earl d. 
)8fi^, and ^V9» suisceedtd by hia brother, 

Bbkjaxiw 0*N«ai.x« present and 4th earL 

Meirmj^ppareni-^ None. 

Cr^oKoiw-f- Baron, 21 May, 17€g; viscount, 22 July, 
1776 ; viscount Amiens, and earl, 9 Feb., 1777* 

Motto— VirtuH nihil obstat et armis — Nothing can resist 

vakl^r «n4 "v^ 

4m«rJ3i|a VUxp 6a. 


Viwxmnt Mountcashell, ee. Tipperary, Baton Kilwovth, of 
Moore Park, 00. Cork: bom^ 20 Aug., 1792; succeeded his 
father, Stephen, the late Earl, 27 Oct., 1622. 

TMf 9oble family is descended from Thomas de Mooee, 
who caipe fnNDa Normandy with William the Conqueror, in 
thtf y^ar 1066, an4 whose name is eni^oUed in the ancient list 
talfen at theix ambarkation at St. VaUsry, and also in the list 
of ^hose who Burviiced the memorable battle of Hastings, 
fought on Saturday, t^ i4th of October, in the above year, 
in which he had a considerable command. 

Richard Moore, descended from the Moores, co. Salop, 
settled in Ireland temp, James I., and had issue Thomas, of 
Bam« CO. Tippcrary, ancestor of the family seated there, and 
Stephen, his hey:, uprho m. the granddaughter of sir Oeoxge 
Crooke,^ hart., lord chief jiutice of the king*s bench, in Eng- 
land, and had issue, Richard, m., 1692, the hon. Elizabeth 
Ponsonby, eldest da. of William, viscoimt Duncannon, and 
sister of the 1st earl of Besborou^, and d, 1701, left issue an 
pnly son, 

Stephen, created baron Kilworih^ of Moore Park, co. 

Cork, 1764, and further advanced, 1766, to the dignity of 

viscount MaurUcasheU, of Mountcashell, co. Tipperary. His 

lordship fra. Alicia ColviUe, grandda. of the right hon. Robert 

CpJyiUe, ^Newtown^ oq. Pawn, (by l^arah, grandda. of James 


I&ABIA. 9S1 

MaijgetMOf aichbiahop cf Armagh,) and heiress of her bro« 

iher, Robert Colville, esq., and by her (who d, 10 Aug., 17030 

had isMie; 1. Richard, b. 16 Dec, 1726, d. 29 Sept., 1761 ; 

3. Stspheit, 8d viscount; 3. CoiviOe^ d.; 4. William^ of 

SnertoQ, «. Anne, da. and co-heiress of Digby Fowkes, esq., 

and had issue, Stephen; William; EliziS)eth; 5. RoberL 

&. I>eG. 1738, in holy orders, m. Isabella, only da. of Richard 

Odcill, of Odell Lodge, co. Waterford, esq., and had 

issue, Alida ; Bobert ; IsabeDa ; Richard ; Helena; William, 

all dL; Harriett; Mary; Louisa; 6. Sarah, tn., 21 Sept., 

1750, Henry Sandfoid, of Castlerea, esq., and d. 1764« 

leaving issue, Henry-Moore Sandford, created baron Mount 

San4ford; 'J. Marf, m., 12 Oct., 1761, William O'Bnren, 

4th earl of IQchiquiI^ K.P.; 8. Elizabeth, m., 24 Nov., 

17689 the hon. l^onsonby Moore,' brother of Charies Moore, 

marqoflii of Dreg^ieda, K.P.; 9. Catharine, m,, 1 Julv, 

1766, Maurice, lat lord Hartland. The viscount d, 1 March, 

1766, and was suooeeded by his son, 

SrypHXV, 2d visQOunt, who was advanced, 1781, to the 
digni^of eariof JfaicnlcafAe//; and m., 3 June, 1769, He- 
lasa JEwwdon, da. of John, 2d earl of Moira, by Helena Per« 
eefid, dl^ of Jolu^, earl of Egmont, and by her (who d, 27 May, 
IW,) had Sasue; 1. Stephen, present ean; 2. John, b, 
19 June, 1772, d. unm. ; 3. JVittiam, b. 7 April, 1775 ; 
4 B^eiiafb. 20 Mav, 1778) m,, 6 May, 1794, Geoige, 3d earl 
ofKbigatoiL His lordship </. 14 May, 1790, and was suo- 
oeeded by his son, 

Stspheit, 2d earl, b, 19 March, 1770, m., 12 Sept., 1791. 
Haiipffet, eldest da. of Robert, 2d earl of Kingston, and had 
iisoe ; 1. Stepubv, present and 3d earl ; 2. Robert, captain 
Coldstream guards; 3. Edward; 4. Richard; 5. Helen-' 
Eleanor, m,, 9 Feb., 1813, Richard Robinson, esq., grand- 
oephew of Richard, lord Rokeby, archbishop of Armagh, and 
primate of Ireland ; 6. Jane-Elixabeth, m,, July 1819, Wil- 
liam-Yates Peel, esq., M.P. for Tamworth, 2d son o£ sir Ro- 
bert Pc«l, hart. The earl d. 27 Oct., 1822, and was succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

Stephen, present and 3d earl. 

Heir-Apparent^ST^VHEV, Lord Kil worth, son of the 

Cftfo/tofw— Baron, 14 July, 1764 ; viscount, 22 Jan., 1766 ; 
eari, 5 Jan., 1781. 

Motto — Vis unita /or/tor — Force united becomes more 

Artne — See Plate 48. 


ANTRIM, Viscountess Dunluce: bom 11 Feb., 1778: 8iic« 
oeeded her father, Randal-M^iam, the late Marquess, in the 
Earldom and Viscounty, when the Marquesate became ex- 
tinct, as did also the Baronetage, 28 July, 1791 : married^ 
1st, 28 April, 1799, to Sir Henry-Tempest Vane, of Win- 
yard, 00. Durham, bart., and by him (who d. I Aug., 1813,) 
the Countess had issue, Frances^Anne Vane Tempest, b. 16 
Jan., 1800, m., 3 April, 1819, the present Marquess of Lon- 
donderry. The Coimtess m., 2dly, 24 May, 1817, Edmund 
Phelps, esq., who has assumed, by royal permission, the name 
of Mac Donnell only, 27 June, 1817* 

Randal Jif acdokell, of Dunluoe, descended from the 
. Maodonalds, lords of the isles, was created eaii of Antrim, 
12 Dee., 1^, and d. 1636, leaving two sons. Rakdai., 
2d earl, who was advanced to the digni^ of marquess 
of Antrun, on account of his loyiilty to king Charles I., 1644, 
was twice married, but d, without issue, 3 Feb., 1682; 
and Albxavdeb, 3d earl, who d. 1699, leaving issue, 
JKaitdal, 4th earl, who m. Rachel, sister of Clotworthy, 2d 
viscount Massereene, and d, 19 Oct., 1721, leaving issue, 

Alexander, 5th earl, b. 15 July, 1713 : he m., 1st, 10 
April, 1735, Elizabeth, da. of Matthew Pennefather, esq., 
which lady d, March 1737^ leaving no issue ; he m., 2dly, 
Anne, eldest da. aind heiress of Charles-Patrick Plunkett, 
esq., son of Matthew, 7th lord Louth, by which lady (who (L 
15 Jan., 1755,) he had issue ; 1. Rachel, b, 4 May, 1741, m., 
20 Aug., 1777<» Joseph Sandford, of Ninehead, co. Somerset, 
esq., and d. Jan. 1811; 2. Elizaheth^Helenay b, 26 June, 
1747, mi, 1 Sept., 1777^ ool. James Calandar, and d, Oct. 
1797; 3. Randal-William, the late marquess. The earl 
fli., 3dly, 5 July, 1755, Catharine, youngest da. of Thomas 
MeredyUi, of Newtown, esq., and relict of James Taylor, 
esq., brother of Thomas, earl of Bective, who d» without 
issue. The earl d, 13 Oct., 1775, and was succeeded by his 
only son, 

Randal-William, 6th earl, b, 4 Nov., 1749, created 
marquess of Antrim, Aug. 1789, and earl of Antrim, 2 May, 
1785, with remainder to his female Issue, and their issue 
male ; «>., 3 July, 1774, Letitia Morres, eldest da. of Hervey, 
Ist viscoimt IVIountmorres, and relict of the hon. Arthur 
Trevor, only son of Arthur, viscount Dungannon, and had 
issue by her (who d, Dec. 1801,) Anne-Catharine, the 
present cotmtess; Letitia-Mary^ %win with her sister, 5. 11 



Peb., 1778, it. ; and ChorioitSj h. 1779, m. lord IVIark-Robert 
Kerr, 9d son of l^Hillittn, 5th marquesi of Lothian, K.T. 
The marquees dL 28 July, 1791, when the marquesate became 
fortinet, wid the earidom descended to his eldest daughter, 

Avirx-CATHA&iirE, the present countess of Antrim. 

Hghett'Pretuwpiwe — Ladt Ghablotte, only sister of 
the eoimtesB. 

CfMliofu— Visooont and earl, 2 May, 1786. 
PUite 91. 

Fskenham, K.P., Gustos Rotulorum, co. Longford and 
Wertineath, and a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; bom 
14 Msy, 177^ s succeeded his father, Edward-Michael, the 
lite Lord, 3 June, 1792, in the Barony; and to the Earldom, 
27 Jnu, 1794, on the death of his grandmother, Elizabeth, 
tke late Counten; mofrted^ 23 Jan., 1817, Georgiana 
I^ygoo, d«. of the late and sister to the present Bail 
mwnriiamp, and has issue ; 1. Edwabd-Michael, Lord 
<9iUMter, ft. 80 Oct., 1817; 2. fVUliam^Lpgany b. 31 Jan., 
1819; X Thomat-Alexandery b, 3 March, 1820; 4. Charles^ 
Beginmidj b. 21 S^t., 1821 ; 6. Frederiek-Bequehamp, b. 25 
QcpL, 1883* 

WiLLiAK DE Pakenham was resident at Pakenham, 00. 
Suffolk, iemp. Edward I. ; his eldest son, sir Edmund Paken- 
ham, M., iemp, Edward XL, Rose, da. and co-heir of Robert 
de Valines, ^m whom descended sir Hugh Pakenham, who 
(L Ifwp. Hepry VII., leaving issue ; 1. sir John PakeiJiam, 
whoee only da. and sole heir, Constance, carried the estate of 
LordiDgton, co. Sussex, to her husband, sir Oeoffry de la 
Pole, knt., 2d son of sir Richard de la Pole, K.O., by Mar. 
niet Plantagenet, countess of Salisbury, only da. of George, 
duke of daronce, brother to Edward IV.; 2. Nicholas, 
anoertor of the earls of Longford ; 3. Anne, m. sir William 
Sidney, knight banneret, by whom she was mother of sir 
Henry Sidney, K.G., lord deputy of Ireland. Sir Edward 
PakesiluDi, knt«, grandson of Nicholas, accompanied his 
cousin, sir Henry Sydney, to Ireland, 1576, whose grandson, 
Henry Pakenham, was seated at Pakenham Hall, co. West- 
veaih, temp, Chalrles II., and was father of sir Thomas Pa- 
kenhaiB, knt., of Pakenham Hall, prime sergeant at law, 



1695, whose son and heir, Edward Pakenham, of Pakenliata 
Han, knight of the shire, co. Westmeath, 1713, was fa- 
ther of 

Thomas Pakekham, Ist lord, b. May 1713, m., 5 March 
1739, Elizabeth, sole heiress of Michael Cuffee, esq., nephew 
and heir of Ambrose Aungier, second and last earl of Long- 
ford, of that family, was created, 1756, baron of Longford^ 
«nd had issue by her (who was created, 5 Jnly, 1785, countess 
of Longfwdy and d, Jan. 1794,) 1. Edward-Michael, 
2d lord ; 2. Robert, in the army, who d, tcnm., 1775 ; 3. fVil^ 
Ham, d. young ; 4. sir Thomas, O.C B., 5.* 1757? an admiral 
of the x^ m., 1785, Louisa, da. of the right hon. John 
Staples, and has issue, 6 sons, and 4 das..; 5. Elixaheth, b, 
17^ ; 6. Frances, m., June 1778) John-Ormsby Vanddeur, 
esq., and d. 1779 ; 7* Helena, m,, Jime 1768, William Sher- 
I0&., of Sherlockstown, esq., and d. 1774. His lordship d. 
20 April, 1776, and was succeeded by his son, - 

Edwaed-Michael, 2d lord, b, 1 April, 1743, fit., 25 June, 
1768, Catharine, 2d da. of the right hon. Hercules-Langford 
Rowley, by Elizabeth, viscountess Langford, and by her (wh» 
d, 12 Miffch, 1816,) had issue; I. Thomas, present e^rl; 
2. sir Edward'Michdel, O.C.B., major-gen. in the army, and 
col. 6th West India regiment, who, 8 Nov., 1813, received! 
the unanimous thanks of both houses of parliament for the 
valour, steadiness, and exertion, so successfully displayed by 
him, in repelling the repeated attacks made on the positions 
of the allied army by the whole of the French force under the 
command of Marshal Soult, between the 25th of July and Ist 
of August ; 6. 19 March, 1778, killed in action near New 
Orleans, in America, 8 Jan., 1815, to whose memory a monu- 
ment is erected in the Cathedral of Saint Paul, at the public 
expense ; 3. Hercules- Robert, C.B., b. 29 Sept., 1781, Ueut.* 
col. in the army, severely wounded at Badajoz 1812, and who 
received an honourable distinction for his gallant services at 
Busaco, Fuentes d^Onor, Ciudad Rodrigo, and Badajoz, m., 
Dec 1817) Emily Stapleton, da. of Thomas, lord Le De- 
spencer; 4. William, b, 20 Sept., 1782, capt. R.N., who was 
unfortunately drowned in his majesty's frigate Saldana, near 
Lough Swilly, Ireland, 4 Dec, 1811 ; 5. Henry, in holy 
orders, b. 23 Aug., 1787 ; 6. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 1769, m. 
Henry Stewart, esq. ; 7* Mary, d. 1787 ; 8. Catfiarine, m., 
10 April, 1806, Arthur, d«dce of Wellington, K.O., K.T.S., 
and K.F., (see Duke of WellingUm, in the Peerage of Eng~ 
tand^ and Marquess Wellesley, in the Peerage of Ireland); 

9. Helen ; 


9l RsUn f 10. CaroiiM'Penehpe. His lordihlp d. 3 June, 
17989 when hit BOB, 

T11QMA8, sacoeeded to the barony ; and on the death of 
his grandmother, Jan. 1794, he succeeded to the earldom, 
and IS the present eaii. 

ffeir-^ppareni — Load Pakenham, tlie earPs only son. 

Cfvaliofw^ Baron Pakenham, 1756 ; earl, 20 June, 1785. 

Motto — Ghrim viriuiU umbra — Glory is the shadow of 

^raw^See PUte 69. 

ViscooBt Cariow, Baron Dawson, of Dawson Court ; Col. in 
the Anny < bom 26 Feb., 1781 : succeeded his father, John, 
the late £ari, 25 Nov., 1798. 

RiCHABB Dawsok, of Spaldiqgton, co. York, esq., «. 
Anne, da. of sir Henry Lowther, co. Westmorland, knt., and 
ksd iieiie4M>naand2 das. : from his eldest son descended Alex- 
iWDtn Dawson, of Spaldington, living 1563, m. Margaret, 
iM. of Rowland Herbert, of Skipworth, co. York, esq., and 
was great-grandfather of William Dawsok, who settled in 
heboid temp. Charles II. ; he m. Elizabeth, da. of Alexander 
Jaidine, of the family of Applegirth, (by the da. of Alexander 
Johnston, of Lockerby, younger brother of James, 1st earl of 
Hartfield, grandfather of William, 1st marquess of Annan- 
dale,) by whom he had issue, Ephraim, who was father of 

William-Hev&y Dawson, created, 29 May, 1770, bu^n 
AiWfOfs, of Dawson^s Court, Queen's county, and, 24 July, 
1778, viscount Carlow, m., 8 Sept., 1737^ Mary Damer, sister 
to Joseph, 1st earl of Dorchester, and eldest da. of Joseph 
Damer, of Came, co. Dorset, esq., by Mary, da. of John 
Omrchill, of Henbury, 00. Dorset, esq., and by her (who d, 
2 June, 1769,) had issue ; 1. John, 2d viscount and Ist earl; 
2. Joi^, b, 6 Oct., 1751 ; 3. WUiiam, b, 11 Nov., 1753, in 
holy orders ; 4. Samuel, b. 21 Feb., 1755, d 3 April, I77I ; 
5. Ephraim, b, 5 April, 1757, d. 27 June, 177^ ; 8. Mary, b, 
12 Aug., 1738, m. Mervyn Archdall, of Castle Archdall, esq. ; 
7. Mariha, b. 25 Sept., 1745, d, 24 June, 1766 ; 8. Anne^ 
h. \\ May, 1748, m. major-^en. Frederick Metzner. The 
viicount d, 22 Aug., 1779, and was succeeded by his eldest son. 

Jobs', 2d visoonnt, who was created earl of Port- Arlington^ 
6 July, 1785, 5. 23 Aug., 1744, m., 1 Jan., 1778, Caroline 



Stuart, 5th da. of John, 3d earl of Bute, K.O., by Mary, only 
jda. of Edtirard-Wortley Montague, esq., (by Mary Pierre- 
pont, eldest da. of Evelyn, duke of Kingston,) and by her 
(who d, 20 Jan., 1813,) had issue ; 1. JoHK, present earl ; 
2. William-Henrp^ post-captain, R.N., b, 19 July^ 1736, m., 
20 May, 1813, Ehza, (who had taken the name of Luttrell,) 
da. of Edmond-Joshua Moriarty, esq., (by lady Lucy, da. of 
Simon, Ist earl of Carhampton); 3. GeorgC'Lionel^ C.B., 
lieut.-coL in the army, acting quarter-master-gen. to the duke 
of Wellington, wounded at Waterloo, 18 June, 1815, b, 
28 Oct., 1788 ; 4. William^ m. at Rome, March 1820, Pa- 
tience, youngest da. of lieut.-gen. Scott, and grandda. of sir 
Edward Blakett, bart.; 5. Lionel-Charles^ late 26th foot, m., 
15 Sept., 1820, Elizabeth-Emily Nugent, da. of George-Fre- 
derick, earl of Westmeath; 6. Caroline-Elizabeth^ 6. 21 
March, 1782, m., 4 Feb., 1801, sir Henry ParneD, bart. ; 
7* Louisa-Mary^ l» . 7 Sept., 1783 ; 8. Harriet, b, 9 Oct., 
1784, m., 4 May, 1813, the hon. and rev. Henry-David Ers- 
kine, son of Thomas, lord Erskine, K.T. ; 9. Anne-Maria, 
His lordship d, 25 Nov., 1798, and was succeeded by his son, 

John, present and 2d earL 

Heir-Presumptive — William-Henry, next brother of 
the earl. 

Cr^a/t<m*— Baron, 30 April, 1770; viscount 28 June,- 
1776; earl, 21 June, 1785. 

Motto — Vita via virtus — Virtue is the way of life. 

^rm«— See Plate 69. 

JOHN LUTTRELL-OLMIUS, Earl and Viscount of 
CARHAMPTON, of Castlehaven, and Baron Imham, of 
Luttrelstown, co. Dublin, one of the Commissioners of Excise, 
in England ; succeeded his only brother, General Heatf 
Hawes, the late Earl, 25 April, 1821 ; married, IsC^tt'tfuly, 
1766, Elizabeth Olmius, only da. of John, Lord Waltham, 
f^nd sole heiress of her brother, Drigue Billers, the last Lord 
Waltham, and by her (who rf. 14 June, 1797>) had issue; 
1. John, d, April 1769; 2. Frances-Maria, L Sept. 1768, 1789, Sir Simeon Stuart, of Hartley Maudit, co. Hants, 
bart.; 3. James, d, 1772. The Earl m., 2dly, July 1798, 
Maria, eldest da. of Jolm Morgan, of the Inner Temple, esq., 
and has issue; 4. Maria-Anne, b. May 1799, m., Feb. 1821, 
Hardress -Roberts, son of Francis Saunderson, of Castle Saun- 
dersan, in Ireland, esq. 


fiARLS. 937 

Th» mAf by royal sign numoal, 17879 todc the name and 
anns of Olkiub. 

The family of Lattrell was originally seated at Imham) oo. 
liinooln, and Robert dx Luttrell, of Imham, had som- 
moDs to parliament, 23 and 24 Edward I. The elder line of 
the fiuoily ended in an heiress in the reign of Henry V., but 
a yoonffer hraneh settled at Dunster, oo. Somerset. Sir 
Hugh liUTifliBLL, oCDonster, m. {temp, Henry V.,) Ka- 
tharine, da. of sir Jotm Beaumont, and had issue, sir John^ 
who carried on the line of Luttrell, of Dnnster, and Robert, 
to wlioia he left the eastle and estate of Luttrelstown, in Ire- 
land, (which his ancestor, sir QregqarY Luttrell, had obtained 
by the grant of king John, on attending him to Ireland,) and 
man him, in the 9ui degree, descended Hekry Luttrell, 
siq., of lAttielstown, who m., Oct. 1704, Elizabeth, da. of 
Chsriea Josies, of Halkin, oo. FUnt, esq., (by Elizabeth, da. 
sf fir 8imoa Clarke, co. Warwick, hart.,) and had issue by 
ber 9 aons ; Robert^ who dL on his travels; and 

Sixov Luttrell, 1st earl of Garhampton, (. 1713, who 

vu created baron Irriham^ of Luttrelstown, 13 Oct., 1768 ; 

Tiioonnt CarhampiaiL, of Castlehaven, 9 Jan., 1781 ; and 

•draaeed to the dignity of earl of Carhampton^ 23 June, 1786. 

Hit lordship m., 1737) Maria, only da. and heiress of sir 

Midiolas Liiwes, and had.iasue ; 1. Hekrt-Lawes, 8d eari; 

1 TeMfpieSimon^ m., 26 April, 1778, Elizabeth, eldest da. of 

■ir Henry Gould, one of the justices of the court of common 

pleas in England, and co-heiress with her sister, Honora, 

Qvonteas of Cavan, and d. 14 Feb., 1803, without issue ; 

3. Johk-Olmius, present earl; 4. James, capt. R.N., (L 

«am., 23 Dec, 1788 ; 5. Thomas^ d. 1766, unfit. ; 6. Anne^ 

a., Ist, Christopher Horton, of Catton-hall, co. Derby, esq., 

md, 2dly, 2 October, 1771) l^is i*oyal highness Henry-Fre- 

der^c, doke of Cumberland, brother to king Geoige III., d, 

in 1809, without issue by either marriage ; 7* Eliiabeth, d, 

1790; 8. Lucy, m. capt. Edmund-Joseph Moriarty, R.N. 

Thd earl d. 14 Jan., 1787) and was succeeded by his eldest 


Hevrt-Lawes, 2d earl, 5. 7 Aug., 1743, gen. in the army, 
and coL in the 6th dragoon guards, and custos rotulomm, co. 
Dublin, fa., 25 June, 1776, Jane, da. of George Boyd, esq. 
The earl d, 25 April, 1821, without issue, and was succeeded 
by his only brother, 

Johv-Luttrell-Olmius, present and 3d earl. 

Heir' Apparent -m^^one, 

TOL. II. re CreaUons-m, 


Crea/tan«.-» Baron, 13 Oct., 1768; Tisoount, 9 Jan. 
earl, 23 June, 1785. 
Motto — En Dieu est ma conficmce-^In €rod is my 
Arms^&ee Plate 69. 

. JOHN BOURK35, Earl of MAYO, Viscount AJ 
Monecruer, Baron of Naas, co. IpUldare, Knight of th 
tianoyeriaA Gkielphic Order, D.CL. ; barn 18 June 
succeeded his father, Joseph-DeaAO, the ]^te Earl, 2< 
1794 : married, 2A Ma^, 1792, Arah^la, 4th da. of M 
Macworth Pjraed, of Bitton House, co. Devon, esq. 

His lordship is descended from an elder branch 
Bpurkes, viscounts Mayo, (which title, conferred IC 
lain dormant since the death of John, 8th viscount, 1 
1787)) and from the same ancestor as the de fiu 
Bourkes, earls of Clanricarde, and of Ulster, whicl 
^Idom was carried from the family by the marriagi 
of E^ssdbeA de Burgh, sole heiress of William, earl of 
(by Maude, 3d da, of HoQry Plantagenet, earl of I^ai 
Leicester, and Derby, grandson of Henry III.,) with 
of Antwerp, duke of Clarence, 3d son of Edward III. 

John Bourke, 1st ear^ of Mayo, was created \ 
Naas, 1 Aug., 1776, viscount Mayo, of Monecruer, 1 
yjSi, and advanced to the dignity of earl of Mayo, 2< 
1785. The earl m., 1725, Mary, 3d da. and co-heires 
right hon. Joseph Deane, lord chief baron of the ezc 
by Elizabeth, da^ of John Parker, archbishop of Dub] 
had issue by her, (who cL 21 July, 1774,) 1. Theol 
young; 2. John, 2d earl; 3. Josefh-Deane, archb; 
I'uam, and 3d earl; 4. Theobald, d, young; 5. R\ 
6. Thomas, d, 19 March, 1774; 7» Anne, d, young ; 8. 
6(. young; 9. Catha^ne ; 10. Elizabeth, both cf. ; 11 
ga/ret, m, sir Thomas Newcomen, of Mosstown, 
12. Eleaaior ; 13. Jan^, d, young. The earl d, 2 Dec 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

JoQN, 2d earl, m., Feb. 1764, Margaret, eldest 
Joseph Leeson, earl of Mill town, (who d. April 1809,] 
witl^out issue, was succeeded by his brother, 

Jos]|:p£[-D£ ANE, 3d earl of Mayo, and ai-cliljishop oi 
m., 1760, Elizabeth Meade, only sister of .John, earl o 
William, a^ had issue by her, (wlio d. \3 March, 
1. John, 4th earl; 2. Richard, lord bishop of Watei 


EARLa 939 

22 April, 1787, M., 20 March, 1705, ^nuioet, 2d da. of Ro- 
bert Fowler, arehUshmi of t>Bbl]n, and has iftsue, Robert, b. 
12 Jan., 17079 <**9 8 Aug., 1820, Ann^-Charlotte, only da. 
of the luiti. John Jooelyn, of Fair l!ill, 00. Louth ; Aiidred, 
6. 18 Dec, 1700 ; Frances, 6. 10 Dec, 1700 ^ and Catharine, 
b. 19 July^ 1804; 8. Jateph, dean of Ossory, b, 24 l>ec.y 
177 19 M-) ^ April, 1700, Mary, feldest da. and oo-heiress of 
SadcyiUe Gardiner, esq., unda of the 1st visoount Alountjoy, 
and has issue, Joseph-Deane, b. March 1000; Sackviile; 
SUubeth ; Charlotte ; and Henrietta^Margaret ; 4. George^ 
Th€9btM, b, 16 April, 1778, in holy orders, in., 1808, miss 
Webster, 2d da. of Thomas Webster, esq., and has issue, 
Ridard, 6. 92 Feb., 1811 ; John, b. 16 Aug., 1812; Thomas. 
JoM|ili-I>eaiie, b, 7 March, 1816; and Margaret-Louisa. 
EBa, b, 4 Oct., 1818 ; 6. Catharine ; 8. Mary^BHxabeth^ m., 
19 F^, 1780, Edward Southwell, lord de Clifibrd ; 7. EHmo^ 
|0<I| K Mmf'Anne^ m., Mardi 1806, Thomas Sotheby, 
fli|^ admiral R.N. ; 0. CharhUe^ m., 1794, William Browne, 
cf ]lrofnM*t Hin, Cariow, ^., d. 16 June, 1808 ; 10. Hot- 
fiK, A OOd., 178t; 11. Louita; 12. Theotbsia^Eleanor^ 
sk, I8O79 Robert Haw, eldest son oi Blagden Hale, of Alder- 
tty, ttK Gfcnieester, esq. The earl dl 20 Aug., 1704, and was 
■Mceeded by his eldest son, 
JdHV, present and 4th earL 

Hwh^ P rBtumpUve-^ The Hoh. Richard Bourks, lord 
Uhop of WateeforD and Lismo&e, next brother to 
CfMfJonj— BarOn, 1776; viscount, 1781; earl, 1786. 
Motto-.- ^ cruce talus — Salvation from the cross. 
Anu^-^&ee Plate GO. 

LEY, Visfxmnt Glerawley, Baron of Castle- Wellan, a Privy 
Coundllor, and a Trustee of the Lineu Manufacture ; born 
16 July, 1772; succeeded his father Richard, the late Earl, 
9 Nov., 1624 ; m., 10 3lay, 1803, Isabella St. Lawrence, 2d 
da. of William, Earl of Howth, and has issue, Mary, b, 
March 1804. 

His lordship^s immediate ancestor, the hon. Francis An- 
yESLET, of CaKtle-Wellaii, was the eldest son of Francis, 1st 
'i^oiwmt Valontia, I)y his 2d wife, Jane Stanhope, niece of 
Philip, earl of ChesU^riield, and half brother of Arthur, 2d 
vi^uunt Valvntia, and Ist carl of Anglesey ; he m. Deborah, 

c c 2 da. 


jda. of Henry Jones,* bishop of Meath, (eldest ton of Lewis 
Jones, bishop of KiUaloe, and brother of Ambrose Jones, 
bishop of Kildare,) and had issue by her, (who <L 4 Sept^ 
1672,) 1. Francis ; 2. Arthur^ tL without issue ;^3. Henry, d, 
without issue ; 4. Janey b, 1661, m. James Bailey, of Inish* 
argie, go. Down, esq. ; 5. Deborah, m. the rev. Charles Ward, 
3d son of Nidiolas Ward, esq., member for Down, 1661, an. 
cestor of the viscounts Bangor ; 6. Arme, m, Henry, only son 
of sir Edward Wood. 

. F&ANCis, the eldest son of the hon. Francis Annedey, was 
representative in the English parliament for the borough of 
Preston, 1705, and for Westbury, in the six succeeding par- 
liaments, and was also member for Downpatrick, in the 
parliament of Ireland: hem., Ist, 5 July, 1695, Elisabeth, 
da. of sir Joseph Martin, knt. ; and, 2dly, July 1732, Eliza* 
both, da. of J^ohn Cropley, of Rochester, esq., and widow of 
William Gomeldon, oif Somerfield Hall, co. Kent, esq., who 
d, without issue ; and, 3dly, 31 Aug., 1737) Sarah, only da. 
of William Sloane, esq., brother S sir Hans Sloane, hart., 
and widow of sir Richard Fowler, of Hamage Grange, co. 
Salop, by whom he had no issue. He d, 7 Aug., 1750, leav« 
ing issue by his Ist lady ; 1. Francis, D.C.L., rector of Win* 
wick, CO. Lancaster, m., 1st, Elizabeth Sutton, (which mar. 
riage was dissolved by act of parliament in May 1725,) and, 
2dly, Anne, da. of sir Robert Gayer, K.B., by Elizabeth, da, 
of James, 2d earl of Anglesey ; 2. Henry, capt. of the Dia* 
mond man of war, d, in the West Indies, 1728; 3. Martin, 
b. Oct. 1701, in holy orders, m, 12 Dec, 1732, Mary, da. 
of William Hanbury, esq., of Little Martle, eo. Hereford, 
and d. June 1749 ; 4. John ; and, 5. James, both d, unm., 
Jan. 1786; 6. William, Ist viscount Glerawley; 7» Ar^ 
ihur, d, unm,,JBxi, 1786; i, Elizabeth, m, William Macguire, 
esq. ; 9. Deborah, d. unm, 

William, 1st viscount Glerawley, 6th son of Francis 
Annesley, of Castle Wellan, b. 1709, was created baron 
Annesley, of Castle Wellan, 20 Sept., 1758, and advanced to 
the dignity of viscount Glerawley, 14 Nov., 1766 : the vis. 
count m., 16 Aug., 1738, Anne Beresford, eldest da. of Mar- 
cus, earl of Tyrone, and sister of the 1st marquess of Water- 
ford, and had issue by her, (who d, 12 May, 1770,) 1. Fran- 
cis-Charles, 1st earl; 2. Marcus, b. 17 April, 1743, d. 
unm, ; 3. Richard, 2d earl ; 4. William, dean of Down, 
b, 3 March, 1747, d. II June, 1817) having m. miss Digby, 
only da. of John Digby, of Landestown, co. Kildare, esq., 
descended from Essex Digby, bishop of Dromore, brother of 


EARLS. 04 i 

Robert, 1st lord t)ittby, and hai issue, Marciis, capt. in tho 
vmy, fR., in lOOS, Caroline, da. of Ferdinando Smith, of the 
Orange, oo. Salop, esq.; 6. CtUhaHM^ m., 14 July, 1700, 
Arthnr, 8d earl of Arren, and d, 21 Nov., 1770. The vis- 
OMint A 13 Sept., 1770, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 
Faavcis-Charleb, 2d viscount, created earl of Annesley, 
18 Aug., 1709) with remainder to his brother Ridiard ; m., 
8 FdK, I7O8, Manr, da. and co-heiress of Richard Grove, 
esq., and dying without issue, 19 Dec., 1802, was succeeded 
by his brother, 

Richard, 2d earl, b, 14 April, 1745, m., 25 Sept., 1771» 

Anne, only child and sole heir df Robert Lambert, of Dun- 

Icddy, eo. Do?m, esq., and by her (who <L 30 June, 1822,) 

lisd issue; 1. Williau-Richabd, present and 3d earl; 

2. Robert^ b. 1 June, 1773, a eapt. in the army ; 3. Arthur, b. 

fil Nov., 177^9 9^ majpr-geA. in the army, «n., 1st, 25 July, 

1S18, Mary, da. of William Raddiffe, of iXiblin, esq. ; and, 

Sily, 30 Jan., 1815, Elizabeth, sole da. of John Mahon, of 

Besboroagh, co. Tipperary, esq. ; 4. Catharine, «n., Jan. 1801, 

Neil 0*IMnel, esq., eldest son of sir Neil O'Donel, of New- 

Ittrt, 00. Mayo, but. $ and, 5. Anne-Maria, The earl d. 

8 Nov., 1824, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

M'lLi.iAii-RicHARD, present and 3d earl. 

HHr ^ Pretwnptwe — Major.-Gen. the Hoif. Arthur 

AvKEBLEY, the earPs brother. 

CrvolfOfM —* Baron, 20 Sept., 1758; viscount, 14 Nov., 
I7O6; earl, 18 Aug., 1789. 
Motto — Virtutis amore — From the love of virtue. 
Arms — See Plate 09. 

LEN, Viscount Enniskillen, Baron Mountflorence, and Baron 
OtivsTEAD, of Grinstead, co. Wilts, in the Peerage of the 
United Kingdom, K.P., Gustos Rotulorum, a Governor of co.' 
Fennanagh, and a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; bom 
28 March, 1768 ; succeeded his father, William- Willoughby, 
the hite Earl, 22 May, 1803; married, 15 Oct., 1806, Char, 
lotte Paget, 4th da. of Henry, Ist Earl of Uxbridge, and sister 
to Henry, Marquess of Anglesey, E.G., G.C.B., and by her 
(who </. 20 Jan., 1817,) had issue; 1. Lord Mountflo- 
ttEKCE, b. 24 Jan., 18t07; 2. a 5011, A. 14 Feb., 1809; 3. a 
da., ft. 27 July, 1811; 4. a son, b, 8 May, 1813; and, 6. a 
son, b, June, 1815. 

c t 3 Sir 


Sir Michael Cole, (grandson of sir William Cde, of 
Bnniskillen, knt.) m., 20 Feb., 1671, bis cousin Elizabeth, 
da. of sir John Cole, bart., (by Elizabeth Chichester, niece of 
Arthur, earl of Donegall,) and sister of sir Arthur Cole, lord 
Ranelagh (which title became extinct in 1754,) and had issue, 

JoHK, of Florence Court, b. in 1680, m., 1st, July 1707, 
Florence, only da. of sir Bouchier Wray, bart., E.B., of Tre* 
bitch, CO. Cornwall, (by Florence, da. of sir John Rolle, of 
Stevenstone, co. Devon, K.B.); and, 2dly, Mary, da. of 
Robert Saunderson of Castle Saunderson, ^., and d, July 
1726, leaving issue by his Ist wife, 
^ . JoHK Cole, Ist lord Mountfiorence, b. 13 Oct., 1709 ; 
' created, 8 Sept., 1760, baron Mountilorenoe ; m., Oct., 1728, 
Elizabeth, eldest da. of Hugh-Willoughby Montgomery, c^ 
Carrow, CO. Fermanagh, esq., and had issue by her (who tL 
April I77I)); 1* William Willoughbt, 1st earl; 2.^f>- 
ihuTy b, 8 Aug., 1750, m., 1780, Letitia, da. and heiress of 
"Claudius Hamilton, esq., and has issue ; 3. Mctry^Anne^ tU 
90 June, 1793 ; 4. Fhra-CdroHna^ m., 13 Dec., 1765, Wil- 
liam Irvine, of Castle Irvine, co. Fermanagh, esq., and d, 20 
Oct., 1757 ; 5. Catharine^ «7»*, 6 Oct., 1770, Richard Brown, 
esq. ; 6. Mary, d, 4 April, 1755 ; 7* Elixaheih. His lordship 
d. 30 Nov., 1767, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William-Will ouGHBY, 2d lord, b. 1736, created vis- 
count Enniskillen, 20 July, 1766, and advanced to the dig- 
nity o£ earl of Enniskillen, 18 Aug., 1789. The earl fn., 3 
Nov., 1763, Anne, only sister of Armar, earl of Belmore, and 
had issue ; 1. John-Willoughby, present earl ; 2. sir Gal- 
braith-Lowry^ G.C.B., and K.T.S., lieut.-gen. in the army, 
col. 34th regiment of foot, gov. of Gravesend and Tilbury 
Fort, who received, 21 May, 1815, the unanimous thanks 
of the house of commons for his distinguished exertions at 
the battle of Salamanca, 22 July, 1812 ; for his great exer- 
tions on the 21 June, 1813, when the French army were com- 
pletely defeated by the allied forces under the command of 
the duke of Wellington, near Vittoria ; for the valour, stea- 
diness, and exertion, so successfully displayed in repelling the 
repeated attacks of the whole French force, under marshal 
Soult, between 25 July and 1 Aug., 1813 ; and, lastly, fior 
his able and distinguished conduct throughout those opera- 
tions, which concluded with the entire defeat of the enemy at 
Orthes, 27 Feb., 1814, and the occupation of Bourdeaux by 
the allied, forces; d. 1 May, 177^, m., 15 June, 1815, Frances 
Harris, yoongevt da. of Jaines, 1st earl of Malmesbury, G.C.B., 


EARLS. 943 

•ndliM itne, a da., &. S June, 1818; S. WUlkm^Mont^ 
gu m e r pj in holy orden, dean of Waterford, 6. 14 Oct., 1773, 
dL S Siqit., 1804; 4. Artkwr^Hmury^ b. 28 June, 1780, lesi. 
dent in Myiore, on the Madras establiahment ; 5. Henry g 
6. Smrmh^ b. 1 Sept;, 1784, m.^ 23 Jan., 1790, Owen Wynne, 
eM|. ; 7. EUMobetK^AniM^ 6. 8 Aug., 1785, m., Sept. 1788, 
CHpt. Magennia, ion of Richard MagenniB, eiq., and d, 28 
May, 1807; 8. Anme^ b. 14 Sept., 1769 ; 9. Florence^ 6. 14 
May, 1778, «., Nof. 1797) BUyney-Townley Balfour, of 
TownleyJiall, co. Louth, esq.; 10. Henrieita'FraneeSj b. 
Jane 1784, m., 20 Jnly, 1805, Thomas, 3d lord Grantham. 
The eari tL 22 May, 1803, and was succeeded by his eldest 

JoRV-WiLLOUOHBY, present and 2d earL 

HdT'ApparmU'^hoKD MouiTTFLoaENCE, son of the 

CntOhmt — Baron, 8 Sept., 1780, viscount, 20 July, 
1778; eari, 1789; and baron Grinstead, of Grinstead, co. 
wots, in the peeragip of the United Kingdom, 11 Aug., 1818. 

Motto-— Dmmi ooie^ regem Mroa — Wordiip G^ serve 

ilnat... See Plate 70. 

JOHN CREIGHTON, Eaul of ERNE, Viscount and 

finon Erne, of Grum Castle, Governor of Fermanagh, and 

s Trustee of the Linen Manufacture : succeeded bis father, 

Ahrsham, the late Lord, 10 June, 1773 : created Viscount 

Erne, 8 Jan., 1781 ; and advanced to the dignity of Earl of 

Erne, 18 Aug., 17^ : married^ 1st, Feb. 1761, Catharine, 

M da. of Robert Howard, Biidiop of Elphin, and sister of 

Uph, Viscount Wicklow, and had issue by her (who d. 15 

Jane, 1785,^; 1. Abraham, Lord Creighton; 2. John^ a 

Lieut— CoL m the Army, and Gov. of Hurst Castle ; m., in 

1797, Jane, 2d da. of Walter Weldon, esq., (by Anne, only 

da. and heiress of sir Samuel Cooke, of St. Catharine's, Dub- 

lin, bart.,); 3. Elizabeih^ b. 21 Jan., 1762, m., 20 May, 

1733, James King, esq., and d. 28 Jan., 1794 ; 4. Patience, d. ; 

5. Caiharine ; and, 6. Meliora, d. 1784. The Earl m., 2dly, 

22 July, 1778, Mary, eldest da. of Frederick Hervey, 4th Earl 

of Bristol, and Bishop of Derry, and has issue, 7* Elizabeths 

Catotine-Mary^m,^ 30 March, 1799, L|eut..Col. James- Archi- 

bald-Stuart Wortley, son of the Hon. James-Stuart Wortley, 

aikd nephew of John, 1st Marquess of Bute. 



Thisi^unil^ is descended from a branch of th^ visoounts Fren^ 
draught, in Scotland. Johk Crbightok, of Grum Castle, oo. 
Fermanagh, esq., m. Mary, da. of sir Gerard Irvine^ of Castle- 
Irvine, and had issue, Abraham, who entered into the military 
service, and rose to the command of a regiment of foot, at the 
head of which he distinguished himself at the battle of 
Aghrim, in 1092; he represented po. Fermanagh in par- 
liament, and d, March 170d, leaving issue by his inofe, Mary, 
(da. of James Spotiswood, bishop of Clogher,) an only son, 

David, b. 1671, who distinguished himself, 1689, at the age 
of 18, by his gallant defence of the family seat of Crum Castle, 
against an army of 6,000 olioeea men of James II. ; he was 
returned to parliament for Enniskillen, 1692, promoted to the 
' command of a regiment of foot^ in the reign of Qeotge I., amd 
was afterwards a major-gen. in the army, and gov. of Kil- 
mainham. He m., 1700, Catharine, 2d da. of Richard Souths 
wdl, (only son of sir Thomas' Southwell, bart., and father of 
Thomas, 1st lord Southwell, by Elizabeth, eldest da. of Miir- 
rough O'Bryen, 6th baron and 1st earl (^ Inchiquin^) and d, 
1 June, 1728, leaving issue by her (who d, 5 April, 17^0 ; 
I. Abraham, 1st lord Erne; 2. Meliora^ f.v., March 1741^ 
Nicholas Ward, esq., of the Bangor family ; 3. EHxabeih ; 
and, 4. Mary, 

Abraham, Ist lord, created baron Erne, of Crum Castle, 
CO. Fermanagh, 15 July, 17C8, m., 1st, July 1729, Elizabeth, 
eldest da. of John Rogerson, lord-chief-justice of the court of 
king^s bench, (by Elizabeth, 3d da. of Stephen Ludlow, esq., 
ancestor of the earls of Ludlow,) and had issue by her (who 
d. 6 Aug., 1760,) ; 1. David, d. young; 2. John, 2d lord ; 

3. Abraham, register of forfeitures, m* Mrs. Askinhurst; 

4. Meliora, m. Blayney Balfour, esq. ; 5. Charlotte ; 6. Mary^ 
d, young. His lordship m,, 2dly, 7 Sept., 1762, Jane, only 
da. of John King, of Charlestown, co. Roscommon, esq., and 
widow of Arthur Acheson, esq., 2d son of sir Arthur A^heson, 
bart., by whom he had no issue. His lordship d, June 1772, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

John, 2d lord, and present and 1st earl. 

Heir-Apparent — Abraham, Lord Creighton, eldest 
son of the earl. 

Creations — Baron, 16 July, 1768 ; viscount, 6 Jan., 1781 ; 
earl, 18 Aug., 1780. 

Motto — Gorf aend ffraoe. 

Arn^^Sw Plate 70. 



Bnon of dryilbrt, oo. Wlddow, Baron CAEYSFomT of Nor. 
num GroM, oo^ HuntingdoD : born 12 Aug., 1751 : fuooeeded 
his fatlier, Jdm, the late Lord, 18 Oct., 1772 ; K.P., F.R.S., 
and F.8.A. ; a Privy Cotmcfllor, and Joint Ouardian of the 
BoOa, in Irdand, 1789 ; appointed hiH Majesty's Ambassador 
to the Court of Berlin, 24 May, 1800 ; and Ambassador to 
the Court of St. Petersbuigfa, 1801 : married^ Ist, 19 March, 
1774, Elixabeth Osborne, only da. of the Right Hon. Sir 
Williua Osborne, of Newtown, 00. Tipperary, hart., by 
whom (who tL in 1783,) he had issue ; 1. William^Allen^ Lord 
Proby, a Capt. R.N., d. at Surinam, Aug., 1804; 2. John, 
Isrtf Probjfy Major^jheneral in the Army ; 3. Granvilk* 
Lnnon, Post-C^ R.N., 1806, m., 5 May, 1818, Isabella, 
ds. of the Hon. Hugh Howard, of Busby Park, 00. Wicklow, 
Ml of -Hugh, Viscount Widdow, and niece to the Eari of 
inddow; 4. Emma^Hzabeth^ d. 24 May, 1791 ; 5. Gertrude. 
The EsrlM., 9dly, 12 April, 1787, Elizabeth Orenville, sister 
to Oeoige, 1st Marquess of Buddngham, K.O., by whom he 
bs isBiw, 6. Charhttey b. 10 Feb., 1788 ; 7* Frances, b. in 
1789 ; & EUmbeOhy b. 19 April, 1792, m., 2 Feb.,1816, Capt. 
WilKam Wells, RJ^., of Holme House, co. Huntingdon, 

Rajtdolph Pbobt, of the city of Chester, settled at 
Bnaqiton, eo. Huntingdon, at the dose of the 15th century, 
md by his wife, da. of —-^ Bernard, had 2 sons, 1. Ralph, of 
Rraiiqiton, liying 1580, d, 1605, without issue ; 2. sir Peter, 
of Brampton, served the office of lord mayor of London, 1622, 
d. 1624, leaThig, by Elizabeth, da. of Jolin Thoroughgood, of 
CIuTers, 00. Euez, esq., 5 sons and 1 da. ; 1. sir Heneaoe ; 
2. Edmund, D.D., a considerable benefactor to Jesus College, 
Csmbridge; 3. Charles; 4. Henry; 5. Emanuel; 6. Walm 
tingham, m, William Downtall, esq. 

Sir Heveaoe, the eldest son, 6. 1600, sheriff of Bucks, m., 
1661, Hden, da. of Edward Allen, of Finchley, co. Middlesex, 
eiq., and by her had sir Thonuis, Ist bart., and John. Sir 
Thomae Proby was created a bart., 1662, and m. Frances, 
da. of sir Thomas Cotton, of Connir^^n, bart., by whom he 
had issue, Thomas, d, unm. ; Alice, m. Thomas Wentworth, 
of Harrowden, co. Northampton, esq., by whom she was 
mother of Thomas, Ist marquess of Roddngham. Sir Thomas 
represented co. Huntingdon, in several parliaments, and de- 
ceasing without issue male, 1689, the title became extinct ; 
but the estates descended to his brother Johk, who m. Jane, 
da. of sir Richard Cust, bart., (ancestor of the earls Brown- 
low,) and had issue, Frances, d, unm, ; but deceasing 1716, 



his estates devolved to his male heir, tViUiam Proby, esq.., 
gov. of Fort St. George, Madras ; fn* Henrietta, da. .of Robert 
Ck)mwaU of Borringtoii) oo. Hereford, esq., And had issue, 
Editha^ m. sir Jc^n Osborne, of Newtown, co. Tipperary, 
bart. ; and an only son, 

JoHK) represented oo. Huntingdon, in parliament, m. 
the hon. Jane-Lereson Gower, eldest da. of John, lord 
Gower, (by Catharine Russell, da. of John, duke of Bed- 
ford,) and had issue by her (who d. 10 June, 1726,); 1.. 
JouK, 1st lord; 2. William^ d, unm, ; 3. Thothaa, killed 
at the attack of Tyoonderoga, 1756 ; 4 Charles^ capt. R.N., 
commissioner of Chatham dockyard, m, miss Pownall, and 
had issue^ Charles, rector of Stanwick, co. Northampton, m., 
1st, Susan, da. of €^rge Cherry, esq», chairmaii of the vie- 
tuailing board ; and, 2dly, his oousin, Catharine, 2d da.* of 
the dean of Lichfidd; Baptist-Lereson^ d, an infant ; Sarah, 
m. admiral Pfgott ; Henry-Francis, tmM. ; Chariotte, m., 1st, 
to 0(^ Thcmias Pitcaime ; and, 2dly, to the Te(t% John Ferren, 
rector of Beddington, co. Surrey ; Beatrice^ m, conimissioner 
Charles Cunnii^ham, ef Woolwich dockyard ; Elizabeth, m. 
admiral Titdiichogoff, of the Russian tiary^ deceased ; 5. Bap~ 
/t«^, dean <^ Lichfield^ D»D. (who d. 16 Jan., 1807,) having 
in. Mary, d^ of the rev. John Russell, and had issue, Baptist- 
John, in holy orders, vicar of St. Mary's, in Lichfield, m. 
Mary-Susannah, youngest da. of sir Nigil-Bowyer (Jresley, 
bart. ; (see DebreWs Nevo Bartmetape ;) Charles, in holy 
orders, vicar of Tashbrooke, and rector of Wadzden, co. 
Buckingham ; Joshua- John Brownlow, in the service of the 
East India Compahy in Bengal ; Mary, m, Francis Hum- 
berstone M'Kenzie, lord Seaforth ; Catharine, m, her cousin, 
the rev. Charles Proby, of Chatham, rector of Stanwick, co. 
Northamptou, eldest son of commissioner ProLy ; Caroline, 
wi. Edward Grove, of Shenstone Park, co. Stafford, esq., since 
d, ; Susan, d, ,* and Anne ; 6. Caroline^ d, unm» 

Sir John Proby, the eldest son, represented co. of Him- 
tingdon in three successive parliaments, was h. 25 Nov., 1720, 
K. B., a lord of the admiralty, 1757, sworn a privy councillor, 
and created baron Carysfort^ of Carysfort, co. Wicklow, 1752 : 
his lordship ?»., 27 Aug., 1750, the hon. Elizabeth Allen, 
sister and co-heiress with her sister, Frances, baroness New- 
haven, (who d. 17810 of John, Hd viscount Allen, by whom 
(who d. March 1783,) he had issue; 1. John-Josiiua, pre- 
sent earl; 2. EHxabeih^ b, 14 Nov., 1752, rf. 19 March, 1808, 
liaving m. Thomas- James Storer, esq., who d. 10 Nov., 1792. 
His lordship d. 18 Oct.j 1772, and was succeeded by his only son, 


£ARI^. 947 

JoHir-JosHUA, present and 2d lord, who was adranced to 
tliedignity of earl o£ Cary^fort^ 17^9, and created a peer of 
Engluid, 13 Jan., 1781) by the title of barou Carytforty of 
Norman Cross, oo. Huntingdon. 

J?iiM^4f>|Nirtfn/^-JoHN, Lord Pao^Y, eldest sonof tlie 

Crw/lofu— Banrn, 2S Jan., 1752; earl, 18 Aug., 1789; 
bsnm Caiysfort, of Norman Gross, oo. Huntingdon, 13 Jan., 

Motto*- Maniiut hoc imimica tprannis^^ This hand is hos- 
tile to tyrants. 

Amu — See Plate 70. 

connt MomUgarret : bovu 6 Jan., 1771 : succeeded his fatlu«r, 
Mmiind, th« late Viscount, 17 July, 1793; created Earl of 
Pkenny, 20 Dec, 1793: married, 20 June, 1793, Mildred, 
eldest daughter of Aobert Fowler, late Archbishop of Dublin. 

EiCHABD Butler, 2d son of Pierce, 8th earl of Ormonde, 
(see that title,) was create viscoimt Mountgarret, 23 Oct., 
1A50, and tU 1571' From him the title descended in a right 
line from iatheir to son, to Edhund, 6th viscount, who d. 
1736, leaving three sons, successive viscounts, viz., 1. Rich« 
ABB, 7th viscount, d* without issue, 14 May, 1736 ; 2. James, 
Sit viaoount, also d, without issue, 13 May, 1749 ; and, 3, 

EOMVND, 9th viscount, m, Aime, da« of Toby Purcell, of 
Ballynuirtin, esq., and dying 6 March, 1750, was succeeded 
by lus only son, 

Edmukb, 10th viscount, m., 177"^ Charlotte, 2d da. of 
air Simon Bradstreet, bart., and had issue by her (who d. 27 
March, 1778,); 1. Edmund, 11th viscount; 2. Richard, in 
holy orders, d, Aug. 1795 ; 3. Simon, m,, 18 Jan., 1795, Eliza, 
2d da. of Edward Lynch, of Hampsteud, co. Dublin, esq., and 
€L 19 May, 1797) leaving issue, one son, Edward-Lynch; 
4. Eieanor, d. 28 April, 17G2 ; and, 5. Anne-Amelia, The 
viaooont d, 9 Feb., 1779, and w»s succeeded by his eldest son, 

Edmund, 11th viscount, b, 27 July, 1745: m., 7 Oct., 
17^^ Henrietta, 2d da. of Somerset-Hamilton Butler, 8th 
earl of Carrick, and had issue by her (who d. 20 June, 1785,) ; 
I.Edmund, 1st earl of Kilkenuv ; 2. Somerset-Richard, b. 
I>ec. 1771 » m. Mrs. Kelly; 3. Henri/, b. 16 Feb., 1773, w., 
3 Sept., 1811, Anne, youngest da. and co-heiress of John 
Harrison, of Newton-house, co. York, esq., and has a da. b, 



Oct. 1813 ; 4. Piercey h, 6 Hay, 1774 ; 5. Charhtte-Juliana^ 
h, 6 Aug., 1778, f»., 7 Aug., 1*799, John-Cairington Smith, 
etq. The yiscount dL 17 July, 1792, and was succeeded by 
his eldest son, 

Edmukd, 12th Yiscoont, and present and 1st earl of 

Heir'PresumpHve — Somerset-Rich a&b, next brother 
of the earl, to the viscounty of Mountgarret only. 

Cr«a^ton«— .Viscount, 23 Oct., 1650 ; earl, 20 Dec., 1793. 

MoitO'-^Depretsus, extoUof'^l was humbled, I am ex- 

^rfii«— 43ee Plate 70. 

Viscount Valentia, Baron Monntnorris, of Mountnorris Gas- 
tie, CO. Armagh, Baron Altham, of Altham, co. Cork, and a 
Baronet, F.£ and S.A., F.L.S. : bom 2 Nov., 1769: suc- 
eeeded Ms father, Arthur, the late Earl, 4 July, 1816 : mar" 
Tied, 3 S^t., 1790, Anne Courtenay, 8th da. of William, 2d 
Viscount Courtenay, and has issue, GEOmoE^&THUB, 
ViteoufU ValenHa, b, 2 Oct., 1793. 

Robert Aknesley, of Newport Pagnell, co. Budcs, 
descended from an ancient family of that name, seated 
in the cos. of Gloucester and Nottingham, was one of the 
imdertakers for the settling of the province of Mimster, in 
Ireland, temp, Elizabeth : he m. Beatrix, da. of John Corn- 
wall, of Moor Park, co. Herts, esq., and had issue, a son, 

Fraxcis, who was 1st made aknt., and, 1620, a bart. of the 
kingdom of Ireland, and was principal secretary of state in that 
kingdom ; and on 11 March, 19 Jac. I., created viscount Fa- 
lentia^co, Kerry, in Ireland, to him and the heirs male of his 
body, to hold immediately after the death of Henry Power, 
viscount Valentia, witliout heirs male of his body ; and was 
also, by king James I., created baron Mountnorrig^ of Mount- 
norris, CO. Armagh, in Ireland, m., Ist, Dorothy, da. of sir 
John Phillips, of Picton Castle, co. Pembroke, bsirt., by whom 
he had issue, Arthur, 2d viscount, and other children; and, 
2dly, Jane, da. of sir John Stanhope, by whom he had a son. 
Frauds^ ancestor of the earl of Annesley; (see that title). 
He d, 1660, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Arthur, 2d viscount, created 20 April, 1661, a peer of 
England, by the titles of baron Annesley and eu'l of Angle- 
sey; he was also treasurer of the Navy, 1667, and lord- 


SABL& 949 

phrf wml^ 1073y «. EUnbetli, 4a. and oo-heir of nr Jamea 
Aldiam, of Ony, ooi Herts, and by her, who survived him, 
and d, 1098, had issue (besides other children who d, young,) 
6 das^ who all married, and 3 sons ; 1. James, 2d earl ; 
S. AUhmm^ created 14 Feb., 1680, Baron Altham, in Irdand, 
with limitation to his younger brothers, and d. 1701, leaving 
an only son, who dL the same year an infant, when the title 
d sive l Ted on hb unde Richard ; 3. ^ohard^ who succeeded 
Us neipliew as baron Altham, and is ancestor of the present 
sail, (of whom hereafter). The earl d, 10 May, 1686, and 
was tnooeeded by his eldest son, 

Jamsb, 9d earl, m. Elizabeth, da. of John Manners, eail 
of Rutland, and d. 1690, leaving 3 sons, sucoessivelyearls of 
AngkMy ; Tia. 1. James, 3d earl, m. Catharine JDamlev, 
nataial da. of king James IL, and d. 1702, leaving an only 
da. and heir, Gailmrine, m. William Fhipps, esq., ancestor of 
the eail of Mulgrave Uee ihai Htk) ; 2. John, 4th eaii, m. 
flenitotta, da. and cO'Jieir of WiUiam, 9th earl of Derby, but 
dL 1719, without surviving issue ; 3. A&thuk, 5th earl, m. 
Ifajy, da. of Jchn Thompson, lord Haversham, but d, with* 
oat usiie, 1 April, 1737, whe% the title devolved on his l«t 
cousin Bicihard, 6th lord Altham, whose descent we new 
proceed to trace. 

Richard, 3d son of the Ist earl of Anglesey, D.D., and 
dean of Exeter, became, as above stated, 3d baron Altham, 
on the death of his infant nephew, in 1701, m. Dorothy, da. 

of Davy, of Devonshire, and d., as well as his brother 

and nephew, in 1701, leaving issue, 2 sons; 1. Arthur, 
who became 4th lord, m. Mary, natural da. of John Sheffield, 
duke of Buckingham and Normanby, but dying s. p. 17 Nov., 
1727, was succeeded by his brother, 

Richard, 5th baron, and after the death of his cousin 
Arthur, 6th earl of Anglesea, m., 1st, 24 Jan., 1715, Anne, 
da. and heiress of capt. John Prust, of Monkley, 00. Devon, 
by whom (who d, 13 Aug., 1741,) he had no issue; the 
earl m., 2dly, 15 Sept., 1741, Juliana Donovan, by whom 
(who survived him, and re-m. to Matthew Talbot, esq., and d, 
20 Nov., 1776,) he had issue; 1. Arthur, his successor; 
2. Rieharda, m. July 1761, Robert Phairo, of Temple Shan- 
non, CO. Wexford, esq., and d. 1807; 3. Juliana^ m. sir Fro- 
deridL Flood, of Newtown Ormond, co. Kilkenny, bart. ; 
4. Catharine^ m. John Toole, esq. The earl d. 4 Feb., 1761, 
and on his death, the succession to his Irish honours was con- 
tested between his son and John Annesley, of Ballisack, esq., 
wlui denied Uie validity of the late earPs marriage with 

VOL. II. D D miss 


mitt Dooovan, Hut after an investigation wbieh lasted near 
4 years, the question was decided in favour of the earPs soil, 

Arthur, who, on coming of age in 1765) took his seat in 
the Irish house of peers as viscount Valentia, and immediately 
petitioned for his writ to the English parliament as earl <Mf 
Anglesey. Here, however, the judgement was different, the 
En^sh house of lords deciding against the petitioner. His 
oause was again argued before the Irish house of lords, who 
affirmed the contested marriage, and his lordship continued to 
sit as viscount Valentia, in Ireland. Some details of this case, 
one of the most curious in the history of the peomge, are 
given in the note. * His lordship was created, 20 Dec., 1793, 

* His lordship having been sspvratsd from his lady sereBsl ymn before 
her death, and at the tume of her death meeting an express in Wales, on his 
way to Ireland, giving him an account of that event, immediately I^ 
Wales, and returned to Ireland, accompanied by the rev. L. Neil, his lord- 
ship's chaplain, and on the 15th Sept., 1741, he was m. to Juliami Dooovan, 
by the said L. Neil, at hi« lordship's pindpal seat, at Camolin Park, oo. 
Wexford ; she was then about the i^ of 17, extremdy beautiful, and Mshly 
accompUshedf and a lady of an ancient and respectaote fismily, and haa re- 
sided with her mother in the town of Camolui, near his lordship's teat. 
Her motJiePs maiden name was Nixon, a very respectable ^Eimily, who 
possessed consideralde estates in tha^county. In 17q8, after the oieatfa of 
earl Richard, Mr. Jdbn Annesley, of Ballisack, preaentsd a petition to the 
then lord-lieut of Ireland, claiming the titles of viscount Valentia, and 
baron Mountnorris, as next in succession to those honours, In case Richard, 
the late earl of Anglesey, had died without issue male, lawfully b^otten. 
The said Arthur, the only son of the aforesaid Richard, earl of Anglesey, 
and viscount Valentia, presented a counter petition by his mother and guar- 
dian, Juliana, countess of Anglesey. The matter was referred to the at- 
torney and solicitor-gen. of Ireland, who heard counsel, and received evi- 
dence on both sides. After the fullest investigation, on examination of 
evidence, (which lasted near 4 years,) they reported, 21 Sept., 17G5, that the 
marriage of Richard, earl of Anglesey, with Juliana Donovan was duly 
solemnized, and that the titles of viscount Valentia, baron Mcuntnorris, 
and baron Altham, were legally vested in the said Arthur, the only son of 
the aforesaid Richard, earl of Anglesey, and viscount Valentia. 

In 1765, the said Arthur, having attained his age of 21 yearp, was calletl 
to parliament in Ireland by a writ of summons, and took his scat in the 
house of peers as Aiscount Valentia, baron Mountnorris, and baron Altham. 
In the same year, 1766, lord Valentia, towards the end of the session of par- 
liament, petitioned his majesty for his writ of siunmons to the parliament 
of Great Britain, as earl of Anglesey and baron Annesley, of Newport Pag- 
nell. This petition was referred by his majesty' to the then attorney -gen. of 
England, sir William de Grey, who reported, in the strongest terras, in 
favour of issuing the writ. Sir William was afterwards directed to re-con- 
sider his former report, and to give his opinion upon such new evidence as 
should be laid before him. After considering the whole of the evidence that 

was laid before hun on all sides, sir William dc Grey made a 2d report, re- 

■ Vale 
fe reported that Arthur, then lord Valentia, was the legitimate 

fkvour. He 

the evidence, and deciding u|)on every point in lord Valentia's 

son of the late earl of Anglesey, and, as such, entitled to the honours of the 
carl of Anglesey and baron Aimesley, of Newport Pagnell. Not withstanding 
these several proceedings and reports, his majestv was pleased to refer the 
matter to the house of lords of Great Britain. The question m this case 
was. Whether lord Valentia was the legitimate son or the late earl of An- 

glcst'y ? 

EARLS. 051 

Mrl of Mniuminorrii^ «., lit, 10 Alay, I767i Imcv Foitetqii«, 
aalj dtu. of Omnrgey lord Lyttdton, and sole Wir o£ her 

tftmj ? aaA thif quertkm depended upon the truth of the fact alleged bjr 
the daimant. namely, the marrlace or his father whh his mother on the 
18 Sept., 1741, and of flie authentidty of «he certificate written at the thne 
bv tte Mid hmUEOOB NeU, and -of the atiMtation of the witnesKCS thereto, 
"nae taatfanony of one of the witneues, Elizabeth Klt<Hi, otherwise Snudley, 
produced agannt l(»d Valentia, (though severely animadvortod uiton by 
ntttt ot the kunda,) nbed a nmudon of forftery In what related to tho 
HtaaolptlaB of Charifli Karabnagh, one of the witncsaes to the certificate. 
This ■mplcion. In the issue, depended entirely upon the coinpnris(ni of the 
llllid-«TRln£* by the tert of the eye, to the certUlcate, with other writings 
md aiibscrllpaeaa pmved by the witnesKs, who deposed the subscription to 
the evtifioite to be the hand-writing of the said Charles Ka^-annagh. 

Wkh ngard to ocMiqiarison of hands, it was argued by a noUe and learned 
lori, tte iat» call of Mansfidd, lord chief ixuQce, that when there b clear 
aaalMatfaralttMttooinrof the ftct, as uiere had been in this case. It 
wooid be %oo mudi to sufer a mere suapidan of forgery to overturn tlie 
dfaieC«aipodtive evidence of witnesses, who had depoMd In sut^wrt of the 
'we and die re^ty of the certificate. The Impressions made by 
ranaty, and the mference drawn ftom the comnarlaon of hands, 
tte dlnct and positive testimony ; and the chum to tte Angle* 
I waa therefore dtellowed, although earl Mansfidd, and several 
iloffdlf adtoaly spok^, but voted fa favour of tte dalm. 

*of hvds. in England, teving dedded against lord ValentlaTa 

ddnai to tte Kni^Ush honours In a thin hduse and by a v^ small majority 
hwWwl, tte aame question as before tte house of lords In Ehigfamd, namely, 
a qaaiUpB of iUiiloat dapeading entirely upon tte truth or falsdiood of 
llwmaiHigaiMi tte Iftth of Sept., 1741, afterwards came on to te heard be- 
ilale Qie oommittee of the house of lords in Ireland, which committee was 
very fuUy attended by the peers of Irdand : and after the examination of a 
~ ' ' and a patient and dignified hearing during 81 days fol- 

iOwimb (notwithstanding tte prior decision of the house of lords of Great 
BrlfaA), ft Wa« finally mtermined, on the 2d of June, in the same year, 
upon a very full attendance of tte lords spiritual and temporal, ttet the latb 
lord viscount Valentia in Ireland, tte earl of Anglesey in England, was mar- 
ried, 15 Sept., 1741, to the said Juliana Donovan, the then countess dowager 
of Angleaey, tte mother of the sitting lord. This determination, it is ob- 
servable, was in the country wtere the facts allied by lord Valentia may bo 
supposed to be best known, and were liable to the strictest scrutiny, where 
tliey cottM te easily investigated, and where the characters of the several 
wi tut a uM were thoroughly known. IxMd AnnaW, the then chief iustice of 
tte klng'a bench in Ireland, spoke and argued very strongly in fkvour of 
Loid Valctltia*fe claim, and ^'oted for it The consequence was, ttet lord 
Valentia being acknowledged and declared by the house of peers in Ireland 
tote the iGgitlraate son of his father, Richard, the late earl of Anglesey, 
and viscount Valentia, was ever after duly summoned to parliament m 
that kingdom, and attended his duty there, and ei^oycd all the estates 
In GrcatBritaln and Ireland of which his said father, Richard, tte late carl 
of Anglesey, died seised. The said Arthur, viscount Valentia, onlv son of 
tte said Richard, earl of Anglesey, and viscount Valentia, was, in the vear 
1793, created an earl of the kingdom of Ireland, by the title of earl of 
Mountnorris, of Mountnorris Castle, co. Armof^h, to him and the liclrs male 
of hiA bc^y ; and his lonUliin was nLso made a privy aiunciUor of the 
khwdom of Ireland. The circumst;in(cs which npjwarcd in tlie course 
of then two great and imimrtant causes, as reported in the printed 
statement of tte trials, and the evidences and the diffinrciit fates ttet at- 
tended dicm, are extremely fihi«^il:ir, leaving uinm record two contra- 
dktnry decisions on the same hknUcal qucalion, ottwdoiicd chiefly by tte 
suspicion of forgery of tte certificate of 1741, u^iou the testimony before tte 


brother, Thomas, 2d lord Lyttelton, and by her (who dL 8f 
May, 1783,) had issue ; 1. George, present earl ; 2. Thomas^ 
Lffttelton; 3. CharlesmHenryy <L; A. JuHana^Luey^ b, 1772, 
■«., June 1789, James-Maxwell Barry, of Newtown-Boirryy 
esq., eldest son of Henry, bishop of Meaui; d. Hester'Arabella^ 
b. 1778) m- Norman Madeod, esq., ooL in the Ist royal Seota 
reffiment of foot ; and, 8. MattheW'Sumuel* The earl m.^ 
2£y, 20 Dec., 1783, Sarah Cavendish, 3d da. of the right 
hon. sir Henry Cavendish, bart., (by Sarah, baroness of 
,Waterpark,) and had issue, 7* Henrys who was drowned 
8 Aug., 1819, while bathing, having m., 17 Aug., 1818, Sarah, 
eldest daughter of R. Ainsworth, of Hallowell, oo. Lancaster, 
esq. ; 8. Richard^ d, Feb. 1807 ; 9. Caihariney b. 18 July, 
1790, m., 4 Dec., 1814, lord John-Thomas-Henry Somerset, 
eon of Henry, duke of Beaufort, K.G. ; 10. Frances-Caroline^ 
6. 28 May, 1793, m., 10 Oct., 1810, sir James Webster. 
Wedderbum, knt., son of David W. Webster, of Shenlej 
Hill, 00. Herts, esq., and grandson of sir Alexander Wedder- 
bum, of Blackness, N.B., bart.; 11. Jiu/iofia, 6. 21 Nov., 
1797. The earl d, 4 July, 1816, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 
' Georoe, present and 2d earl, and 9th viscount Valentia. 

Heir-Apparent — George-Arthur, Viscount Valek- 
TIA, only son of the earL 

Creations — Baronet, 1620; viscount Valentia, co. Kerry, 
1621 ; baron Mountnorris, 1628 ; lord Altham, 1680 ; earl 
of Mountnorris, 20 Dec., 1793. 

Motto — Virtutis amore ^^Yjom the love of virtue. 

Arms^-^eQ Plate 70. 

iords of Great Britain, of Elizabeth Eltcm, alias Smallev, &c., a dioonaker's 
wife, and who had been married to her 4th husband, she havine sworn, 
first before the lords of Great Britain, upon the certificates of 1741 being 
produced to her, that she was acquainted with the hand-writing of the 
witnesses thereto, Nixon, Donovan, and Charles Kavannagh, and that she 
did not believe it to be their hand-writings ; afterwards, upon the very same 
certificate being produced to her before the lords of Ireland, she swore that 
It was not the same certificate she had seen in England, but a difiSftent one ; 
and, she added, she did know whose hand-writing the names of the witnesses 
was, which (as was observed by lord Annaly, the chief Justice of the king's 
bench <in Ireland, in his speech as a law lord who attended the whole of the 
trial), was directly contrary to what she had sworn in England ; his lordship 
iiirther added, that the certificate had been fully proved by witnesses 
acquainted with the hand-writings of the clergyman and of the subscribing 
witnesses, besides by direct and positive proof of the actual marriage ItselK 
Since the final decision of the Irish house of lords, lord Valentia has enjoyed 
his honours in that kingdom, as the legitimate son of the late Richard, earl 
of Anglesey ; but the decision of his claim to the English honours (although 
both turn on the same hinges) has rested and remained witliout any revision 
of the English dedsicn, notwithstanding the peculiar circumstances of th« 


XARLa 95S 

SART, Visoount Castle Gufle, Visootint and Baron of Desart^ 
ou. Kilkenny ; succeeded his father, John Otway, the late 
Ettri, S3 Ncrr., 1880 ; bom 12 Oct., 1818. 

The ftokiily of Cuffe^ originally English, settled in Ireland, 
in the reign of queen Elizabeth, when Hugh CuiFe, estj., fur 
hh sa-vioes to the crown, had a grant of (j,000 acres of land, 
fai 00. Cork { from him descended 

JoHir CuFFE, created 10 Dec, 1733, baron Dcsart^ m.^ 
lit, t Sept., 17079 Margaret Hamilton, only da. and heiress 
of Jamei Hamilton, of Camesure, co. Down, esq., (descended 
from a branch of the Hamiltons, earls of Clanbrassil,) by 
whom he had no issue ; and, 2dly, 12 Feb., 1726, Dorothea, 
ddert da. of gen. Richard Georges, and had issue ; 1. Joseph, 
b, 27 Nov., 1727, d, 13 Dec, 1730; 2. Agfnondesham, <L 
7 Nor., I7M I 8. John ; and, 4« Otway, successive Imrons 
Desart ; 5. Gorges, d, 27 Aug., 1738 ; 6. Hamilton, in holy 
orders, d. July 1811, having m., 5 June, 17^6, Esther, only 
da. and heiress of Willitun Williams, of Williamstown, co. 
Westmeath, esq., and by her (who d, March 1813,) had issue, 
J<dm Otway, Nichola-Sophia, Lucy-Susanna, Dorothea, and 
Isabella, d* young; 7* William, a lieut.-col. in the army, 
and member for the city of Kilkenny, d. unm., 1 Oct., 17!)2 ; 
8. Nichola^Sophia, m., 21 July, 1759, Edward Herbert, esq., 
and <L July 1811 ; 9. Liicy -Susannah, m., 25 Feb., 1755, sir 
John Btunden, of Castle Blunden, bavt. ; 10. Martha, m., 
8April,170G, the rev. Nicholas Herl)fert; W. Murgaretta, 
d. Nov. 1742 ; 12. Catharine, His lordship d, 2G June, 1749, 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

JoHX, 2d lord, 6. 16 Nov., 17:M), m. 2 Sept., 1752, Sophia, 
only da. and heiress of Brettridge Badham, of Hockfield, co. 
Cork, esq., (by Sophia, 2d da. of John, 3(1 lord Kingston,) 
and widow of Ridiard-Thornhill Lawn, esq., and hiui issue 
by her (who d, 2 Aug., 1768,); 1. Sophia, b, Nov. 1753; 
2. Xrikjy, b. 13 Jan., 1757, m., 28 May, 1792, William Wei- 
don, esq. ; 3. Catharine, m, sir Charles Buxton, of PoIIerton, 
bart. His lordship d, 26 Nov., 1767, without issue male, and 
was succeeded by his brother, 

Otway, 3d lord, created viscount Desart, 6 Jan., 1781, 
and advanced to the dignity of earl of Desart, 20 Dec, 1793, 
m., 18 Aug., 17^J5, Anno Browne, eldest da. of John, 2d earl 
of Altamoiit, and sister of John, niar(pu»ss of Sligo, and by 
her (who d, 15 Au«^., 1814,) had itsue, Johk-Otway,- 

D D 3 late 


late earl, Elizabeth^ and LauUa-Doroiheaf fit., 18 Maneb^ 
1817, colonel James Campbell, 94th infantry. The earl (L 
9 Aug., 1804, and was succeeded by his only son, 

John-Otwat, 2d earl, b. 20 Feb., 1788, am., 7 Oct., 1817, 
Catharine, eldest da. of Maurice N. O'Connor, esq., and by 
her (who re^m, 26 Jan., 1824, Rose, eldest son of sir Rose 
Price, bart.,) had issue, Johk-Otwat O'Conkor, present 
and id. earL The earl d. 23 Nov., 1820, and was succeeded 
by his only son, 

Johk-Otway O'Connor, present and 3d earl, and 5th 

Heir^Presumptive — To the earldom and viscounty, none ; 
to the barony of Desart, Johk-Otwat Cuffe, esq., of WiL* 
liamstown House, co. Meath, son of the late rev. Hamilton 
Cuffe, son of the Ist baron. 

Creations — ^Baron, 10 Nov., 1733; viscount, 6 Jan., 1781 a 
earl, 20 Dec., 1793. 

Motto — Virtus repuUa n««oia^ordcdW— Virtue ignorant 
of mean repulse. 

Arms.-^See Plate 70. 

Wicklow, Baron Clonmore, of Clonmore Castle, Governor 
CO. Wicklow, and Colonel of the Militia of that co. ; succeeded 
his father, William, the late Earl, 27 Sept., 1818; married^ 16 
Feb., 1816, Cecil-Frances Hamilton, daughter of John, 1st 
Marquess of Abercom, K. G., and has issue a daughter, b, 26 
April, 1817 ; another tto., b, 16 Feb., 1820 ; and another da,, 
b, 10 Dec, 1824. 

This branch of the family of Howard has been long 
seated at Shelton, co. Wicklow. Robert Howard, bishop 
of Elphin, b. 24 Sept., 1683, succeeded to the family estate, 
1728, on the death of his elder brother, Hugh Howard, esq., 
of Shelton, and m., 1724, Patience, da. and sole heiress of 
Godfrey Boleyne, of Fenner, esq., (descended from the 
Boleynes, co. Suffolk,) by Mary, sister of the right hon. Henry 
Singleton, lord chief justice of the common pleas, and d. 3 
April, 1740, leaving issue by her (who d. 6 June, 1764) ; 
1. Ralph, Ist viscount; 2. Hugh, D.C.L., d. unm,; 
3. Robert, m. Sarah, sole heiress of Montague Lambert, 
esq., and had issue Robert and Sarah ; 4. Mary, m., 1st, 
John Stoyte, of Street, co. Westmeath, esq. ; and, 2dly, the 
hon. Robert Butler, brother to Humphrey, earl of Lanes- 
borough ; 

SARLS. 9ft6 

kRMigii$ ft. CoAoHm, «., July 1761, John Creightoii,earl 

RAI.PH HowA&i>, the eldest son of Robert, bishop of 
~ in, represented eo. Widdow in parliament ; sworn of the 

council in 1770 ; created baron Clonmore, of Clonmore 
CO. Cariow, 21 July, 1778 ; and advanced, 23 June, 
1786, to the digni^ of viscount Wicklow. His lordship m., 
11 AxiA,, 1755, AUoe, sole heiress of William Forward, of 
Gistle Forward, go. Donegal, esq., by Isabella Stewart, grand- 
daughter of sir William Stewart, bart., laird of Dundaff, 
North Britain, and by her (who was, 20 Dec. 1793, created in 
her own right countess of Wicklow^ with remainder to her 
iMMmale,) had issue, 1. Robert ; 2. William, successive 
«ttls; S. Je&fi, dU 1778; 4. Hugh^ sovemor co. Wicklow, and 
a commissioner of the stamp office, late colonel of the Widdow 
JBiHtia, M., 20 Dec., 1792, Catharine, 2d daughter of 
Robert Bligfa, dean of Elphin, and niece of John BBgh, 1st 
eail of Darnley,and has issue, 1. Ralph ; 2. Frances, m., 1 Oct., 
1810, William-Pamell Hayes, of Avondale, co. Wicklow, 
esq., 2d ton of the right hon. sir John Pamell, bart., some 
time chancellor of the exchequer in Ireland ; 3. Isabella, m., 
6 May, 1818, the hon. Oranville-Leveson Proby, son of the 
•ill Of Caryfifort, K.P. ; and 4. Theodosia ; 5. Ralph, d, young ; 
6. Boiopne^ inr holy orders ; 7> Henry, killed in an engagement 
with the French in Flanders ; 8. Stuarta, d, unm., 13 Dec, 
1823; 9. Isabella, d, 1784; 10. Catharine; and, 11. Mary, 
m, the rev. Thomas Hoare, 3d son of Walter Hoare, of 
Harpers-town, co. Wexford, (by Anne Stopford, daughter of 
James, 1st earl of Courtown,) d. 25 July, 1793. The viscount 
d. 26 June, 1786, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Robert, 2d viscount, who also succeeded his mother, 
Alice, in the earldom of Wicklow, 7 March, 1807 : he d, unm. 
23 Oct., 1815, and was succeeded by his next brother, 

William, 3d earl of Wicklow, who assumed the name 
and arms of Forward on succeeding to the estates of his 
maternal ancestors, but, since his accession to the earldom, 
has obtained his majesty^s license to resume the name of 
Howard; m., 31 March, 1787) Eleanor, only da. of the hon. 
Fnmds Gaulfield, (by Mary, only da. of John, lord Eyre,) 
and niece of James, 1st earl of Charlemont, K. P., and by her 
(who d, 2 April, 1807,) had issue ; 1. William, present earl ; 
2. Francie; 3. Robert; 4. Isabella, m. 1815, WiUiam-M. 
Smythe, of Barbaville, co. Westmeath, esq. : 5. Eleanor, m. 
18 Dec., 1816, J. F. Featherstone, of Bracklyn Castle, co. 
Westmeath, esq.; 6. Caroline^ d, an infant; 7* Mary, m. 

a July, 


9 July^ 1822, the reV. JamesbWiUiam Arbold ; amd, 8* AUtfiti, 
The earl d, 27 Sept., 1818, and wa8 succeeded by his eldest 

William, present and 4th earl* 

Heir'^PresumpHve.'-^The HoK. FrakcIB Howa&d, the 
earPs next brother. 

Creations — Baron, 21 July, 1778 4 viscount, 23 June, 
1785; earl, 20 Dec, 1793. 

Motto-^nservi Deo et laiare-^To serve God and rejoice. 

^rmfti— See Plate 70. 

THOMAS SCOTT, Earl of CLONMEL, Viscount 
Clonmel, and Baron Earlsfort; bom Id Aug., 17^; sua. 
oeeded his father, John, the late Earl, 23 May, 1798 ; married^ 
9 Feb., 1806, Henrietta GreviUe, 2d daughter of George, 2d 
earl of Warwick, and has issue ; 1. a daughter^ b, 3 Dec, 
» 1806 ; 2. a cfo., b, 12 June, 1808$ 3. a <2a., b. 8 Feb., 1810 % 
4. a (to., b, 6 Nov., 1812 ; 5. a da.^ b. 15 Nov., 1814; 6. IjorA 
Earlsfobt, 6. 4 Jan., 1816; 7* & 'o^^^ b, 1 March, 1818$ 
and 8 and 9 twin daughters, 6. 9 Feb.,. 1820. 

His lordship's ancestor, Tito Mas ScotT, esq., ft captain 
in the army of king William III., fell in the field, charging 
the enemy at the head of his troops, w». Margaret, da. and 
heiress of Henry Orms!)y, of Tubbervaddy^ co. Roscommon, 
and had issue 1 son, Michael, who m. Miss Purcel, of the 
ancient family of Purcel, titular barons of lioughmoe, and 
had issue, Thomas, of Mahobber, rf., and 

John Scott, 1st earl of Clonmel, b, 8 June, 1739, ap- 
pointed solicitor-general of Ireland, 15 Dec, 1774 ; attorney- 
general, 3 Nov., 1777 ; prime serjeant at law, Dec 1783 ; lord 
chief justice of the king's bench, in 1784 ; advanced to the 
dignity of baron Earlsfort^ 10 May, 1784 ; viscount Clonmel^ 
18 Aug., 1789 ; and earl of Clonrnel, 20 Dec, 1793. The 
earlm., 1st, 1 768, Catharine-Anne-Maria, daughter of Thomas 
Matthew, of Thomastown House, and sister of Francis, earl 
of Llandaff, and had issue by her (who d. 1771)) ^^ only son, 
who d, an infant. The earl m., 2dly, 23 June, 1779, Mar- 
garet, only daughter and heiress of Patrick Lawless, of 
Dublin, esq. (by Mary, sister (rf the Ist lord Cloncurry,) and 
had issue, Thomas, present earl, and Charlotte^ b. II May, 
1787, TO., 14 March, 1814, John-Reginald, present earl of 
Beauchamp. The earl d. 23 May, 1798, and was succeeded 
by his only son^ 


£ABLS. M7 

Thomas, prasent and 9d eaii 

JSr«ir-C^jB9MMViit.-JU>KD Earlsfobt, the earPs only ton. 
CreaiUms — Baron, May 1784; viscount, 18 Aug., 1789; 
■Bd earl, 20 Dec., 1793. 
MottflL^eor to tfuntgreM* 
~ Hate 70. 

rHsgibbon, Baron Fitsgibbon, of Lower Comeno, oo. Limerick, 
Lara Fitipbbon, of Sidbury, oo. Devon, in the Peerage of iho 
United Kingdom : bom 2 June, 1792 ; succeeded his father, 
John, tiie late Earl, 28 Jan., 1802. 

The ftmily of FitMffihbon^ the diief of which was styled 
the White Knight, otherwise ClangUfbon^ is descended 
from tiie Fitageruds, barons Offaley, progenitors of the great 
ha me i ef KUdaro and Desmond; from the same origin 
are d esc e nd e d the Ejughts of G/ifi, and the Valley, and the 
KnjiKhta of JT^rry, otherwise the BUu^ Knights. These 
titles were conferred by the earl of Desmond, as a count 
Filatfaie, <m junior branches of the house of Fitzgerald ; in 
the Bke manner as Hugh Lupus, the earl of Chester, created 
his infoior barons. 

The elder branch of the Fitzgibbons terminated in an 
heiresB, who carried the estate to the Kingston family, as thus 
described by 8mith, in his History of Cork, voL i. p. 45 ; viz. 
^ The White Knight, otherwise styled Clan'(xibbony was 
desc e nded from (Hslebert, or Gilbert, called by the Irish 
Oibbon, the eldest son, by a 2d wife, of John Fitz-Gerald, 
ancestor of the houses of Kildare and Desmond : they had 
laige po ssess ions in this territory, a part of which is now the 
estate of the right hon. the lord baron of Kingston, whose 
grandfather, sir John King, was, 4 Sept., 1660, so created by 
king Gharies IL The Ist lord m. Catharine, daughter of sir 
WnSiam Fenton, knt., and dame Mar^ret Fitz-Oibbon, his 
wife, sole heiress to the family of the White Knights.*' 

Thomas Fitzgibbok, of Ballylander, co. Kerry, esq., 
anoestor of the earls of Clare, representative of the collateral 
m^ line of the White Knights, assigned his estate to lord 
Kingston, for its better protection from the forfeitures then 
dire^ed against the families of Roman catholics ; but his 
leidship and Mr. Fitzgibbon shortly after deceased, leaving 
infsnt families ; and as no legal re-assignment of the estate 
perfiscted, it was never recovered. His son, John Fitz. 


gibbon, M. D., was father of T^OsUs- Fit^bbon, of Bftlly. 
seeda, oo» Limerick, who left iftsae 4 sons | riz. U Jobk ; 

Jons FiTzoiBBON, of Mount Shannon^ o». Limerick, 
esq., eldest son, b. 1708, was called to tb6 bar 17B1, at which 
he practised with eminent success ; on his efttcring the pro- 
fession of the law, he published '^ Notes of Cases determined 
at Westminster ;" the accuracy of which was admitted by lord 
ohanodlor Hardwicke; 17779 ^^ published. *^ An . EMay. on 
Commerce ;" 1768, he was returned to paiiiament for James- 
town, and afterwards for Newcastle, co. Limerick ; he <i* 11 
April, . 1780, universally tespected for his independence aa a 
senator ; m. Ellinor, da. (tf John Grove, of BaUyhimock^ to. 
Cork, esq., sister of Richard Grove, esq., whose da. and sole 
heir, M«»ry, Hk FrdtM}ift«ChBrles, (Ist Mrl of Anneftley) .and 
had isstbe; 1. Johi^y </» v,nm*; 2* Johw^ Ist earl of CUuM; 
3. Arabella^ m. James St. John Jeffsfyefl, of Bkmey Castle, 
00. Cork^ esq.( 4* EHstabeth^ in., IS June, 1763, Willudn 
Bieresford, lord Dedca^ ardi^ahop of Tiiam, d* 24 Aug^, 
1807; &* EUimrf m. Dotninidc Tfant^ of Jhiakettle^ 4k>. 
Cork, esq* 

Jobk FiTKOibbon^ Ut earl of Olarfe, krd high dutffcedlor 
of Ireland, b. 1740, wa« educated at Oxford, and thenoft pro- 
ceeded to the Irish bar, where ^le soon became conspicuous ; 
1784, he was appointed attorney-general; 1789, lord high 
(^ncellor, and created lord FiixgSthoti^ of Lower Connello, 
CO. Limerick; 1793, created viscount FUzgibbon, of Limerick, 
CO. Limeridc ; 1705, advanced to the dlffnity of earl of Clare; 
and 1799, created a peer of the United Kingdom, by the title 
of baron Fitxgibbon^ of Sidbury, co. Devon. He was a 
nobleman of a vigorous mind, superior talents, and un- 
daunted loyalty, who stemmed the torrent c^ rebellion in 
Ireland, unawed by threats, and undismayed by the dreadfU 
difficulties of the crisis. The earl m., 1 July, 1786, Anne, 
eldest da. of Richard-Chapel Whaley, of Whaley Abbey, 00. 
Wicklow, esq., and by her (who d. Nov. 1815,) had issue ; 1. 
John, 2d earl; 2. Rickard-IIobart, b. 2 Oct., 1793, usher of 
the court of chancery, J\I.P., co. Limerick, colonel of the 
Limerick Militia, and a governor of the county ; 3. Isabella^ 
Anne, d, young ; 4. Louisa, d, young ; 5. Isabella-Anne, b. 
10 Jan., 1796. The earl d, 28 Jan., 1802, and wus succeeded 
by his eldest son, 

John, 2d earl of Clare, and baron Fitzgibbon, of Sidbury, 
00. Devon. 


EARL8. U9 

iir-,Prmwnpik>&^Th0 Hov. Richard-Hobart, «nly 
brother of the «firi. 

Creaiiamt .Lord Fiti|ifihKoii, of Loirer Connello, 17^0; 
Tooaant Fitsgibboo, of Limerick, 20 Dec., 17113; onrl of 
Qu% 10 Jiine, 1705 ; kml Fitst^hlioii, of Sidbiiry, in the 
Ptenga of Eiif^iuid, S4 Sept., 1709. 
MaUtu^^JVii admirari — To be attoninhed at nothing. 
Pkte 70. 

Viioovnt and Baron Leitrim, of Manor Hamilton, (Governor 
vA a Cufltos Rotulonim oo. Leitrim and Uonegal, CoJoiiel of 
dMUiHiagal Reffimeiit of Militia, and a Trustee of tlie Linen 
ManaJhctaw; b^m May, liOH: suooeetlod his father, 
Babert, the late Earl, 27 July, 1»04 : married Miss Ber- 
UHBgfaaBi, ' eldest daug^hter and co-heiress of William Uer- 
wilngham^ of Ross Hiil, co. Galway, esq., of the Ilmisp of 
Athouyik (sister to the Conntess of Claiiwilliam,) and has 
issue; 1. Robert, Lord Clements; 2. William-Sydneff ; 
3. Maria ; 4. Elizabeth ; and, 5. Caroline, 

His lordship^s ancestor, Robert Clements, esq., 
lanotbar of Henry Clements, of the Strade, esq., member fot 
Carrickfeiqfnis in 1692, wa» attainted, 1G89, by tlie parliament 
cX James II., but mi the accession of king William was 
restored to his estate in Cavan, and apiminted deputy vioO'* 
treasurer of Ireland: he m. miss Sandfurd, of the Custlereagh 
family, and had issue ; 1. Theophilus a teller of the exche- 
ouer, privy cmmcillor, and member for Cavan, 1729 ; 2. 
kobert^ representative in parliament for Newry, 1715, d, 
1723, (leaving issue Henry, meml)er for Cavan m 1746, d. 
17470 and, 3. 

Nathaxiel, meml)er for Dulcek 1777^ &ud for Cavan 
from 1701 until his decease ; a teller of tlie exchequer, privy- 
councillor, and deputy vice-treasurer of Ireland, m., 31 Jan., 
1729, Hannah, eldest datighter of WilHam Gore, dean of 
Down, 2d son of sir William Gore, bart., privy .cmmcillor to 
Charies II., and, deceasing, left issue ; 1. Robert, 1st earl ; 
2. William, ri. June 4, 1770; 3. IJcnry.Theojyhilns, lieut.- 
col. 60th regiment of foot, member for Cavan, a privy-eoun- 
cillor, and deputy vice-treasurer, m. Ist, 1770^ Marv, da. and 
heiress of general Webb; and, 2dly, Aug. 1773, Catharine, 
eldest da. of the right hon. John Beresford, brother of the 1st 
marquess of Waterford, and d. 20 Oct., 1795, leaving isHue a 



daughter, m. 1803, sir William Milner, df Nan AppIaiiOft 
Hall, 00. York, bart., and d. 23 May, 1806 ; 4. Elixabeth^ b* 
18 Aug., 1731, m. 19 Mardi, 1760,Franci8-PierpointBurUm, 
2d lord C<myngham; 5. Hannah^ h. Jan. 1736, m. Geofge 
Montgomery, esq^ and d. Jan. 1786 ; 6. CtUharine^ m.- 27 
Dec, 1767) £yre Massey, lord Clarina ; 7. Alicia^ m., 22 Oct.,. 
1773, Ralph Ctore, earl of Rosse, which title became extinct 

Robert Clements, .Ist earl of Leitrim, b. 25 Nor., 
1732, was created baron Leitrim^ of Manor Hamilton, 11 
Oct. 1783 ; viscount, 20 Dec., 1793 ; and advanced to the 
dignity of earl of Leitrim^ 6 Oct., 1795. The earl m., 31 
May, 1765, EUzabeth, eldest da. of Clotworthy Skeffington, 
1st earl of Massereene, and by her (who d, 29 May, 1817f) 
had issue ; 1. Nathaniel, present earl ; 2. RfHsri^cUu 
worthy y seardier, packer, and ganger, at the port of Dublin ; 
3. Anng'ElUiabeih^ d, unm. May 1816 ; 4. liuita; 5. Camr 
iins^ m. 27 May, 1802, John-Thomas Townahend, present 
viscount Sydney, and d, 9 Aug., 1805. The earl d, 27 July, 
1804, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Nathaniel, present and 2d earL 

Heir^Apparent — Robert, Lord Clements, eldest son 
of the earl. 

Creations^Baron, 20 Sept., 1783 ; viscount, 20 Dec., 1793; 
earl, 6 Oct., 1795. 

Motto — Patriis virtutibtis — By patriotic virtues. 

Arms-^See Plate 70. 

RICHARD BINGHAM, Earl of LUCAN and Baron of 
CASTLEBAR, and a Baronet of Nova Scotia, borrt 6 Dec., 
1764 ; succeeded his father, Charles, the late Earl, 29 March, 
1799 ; married, 26 May, 1794, Elizabeth Belasyse, da. and 
co-heiress of Henry, last Earl of Fauconberg, (whose marriage 
with Bernard-Edward, present Duke of Norfolk, had been 
dissolved by Act of Parliament the same year,) and by her, 
(who d. at Paris, 24 March, 1819,) had issue, 1. Elizabeth^ 
f»., 27 March, 1815, GranviUe-Venables Vernon, esq., eldest 
son of the Archbishop of York ; 2. Charlotte, d, 20 March, 
1805 ; 3. Anne, m,, 18 July, 1816, Alexander Murray, of 
Broughton, esq.; 4- Alexander, Lord Bingham, b. 2 
June, 1801 ; 5. Louisa, m., in France, 1817, Francis, Lord 
Elcho, eldest son of Francis, Earl of Wemyss, d, Aug. 1818 ; 
and, 6. Georgina, 


EARL6. 961 

The fiunily of Bingfaam is of great antiquity, having been 
mtiod. in the ooonties of Dorset and Somerset, as early as the 
nign. oi Henry L Robert Bingham, of Bingham, Mel- 
ambe, temp. Hen. VIII., m. Alice, da. of Thomas Cdker, 
of Maypowder, oo. Dorset, and had a numerous issue, of 
whom, Robert, his eldest son, continued the line at Malcomb ; 
ta Rieksurdj 3d son, was a most distinguished commander in 
the Irish wan, and was appointed, 1^8, marshal of Ireland 
sod governor of Leinster ; and GiomoE, the 4th son, also 
tettUnff in Ireland, was father of 

Sir HcirmT, of Castlebar, co. Mayo, created, 1632, a hart, of 
Nova Seoda, and had issue, sir George, 2d bart., who was 
taihiBt of sir Hekry and sir George, suocessiye harts., 
whadi latter was father of 

8b JoBW, 6th bart., m. Anne, da. of Agmondesham Vesey, 
m^ by Charlotte, only da. of William Sarsfield, esq. (brother 
of Famck Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, a general in the army of 
James II., killed at the battle of Landen, in Flanders,) by 
Mary, jaatural dans^ter of Charies IT., and sister of James, 
dnke of Monmouth. He d. 21 July, 1749, having had. by 
the above lady, besides other issue, sir Johk, 6th bart., wh» 
<L mMi., 1762, and 

Sir Charles, 7th bart., and 1st earl of Lucan ; created 
haron Luean, of Castlebar, 24 July, 1776, and advanced to 
the dignity of earl of Lucan, 6 Oct., 1795 ; m., 1760, Margaret, 
da. and co-heiress of James Smith, of Cannons Leigh, oo. 
IXevon, esq., and by her (who d. 27 Feb., 1816,) had issue ; 1. 
Richard, present earl ; 2. Lavinia^ m., 6 March, 1781, 
George-John, present earl Spencer, K.6. ; 3. Louisa, d. ; 
4. Margaret, m, Thomas Lindsay, of Hallymurt, esq. ; and 
6. Anne, The earl d. 29 March, 1799, and was succeeded by 
hit only son, 

Richard, present and 2d earl. 

HeiT'Apparent — Alexander, Lord Bingham, son of 

Creations — Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1634 ; baron, 24 July, 
1776 ; earl, 6 Oct., 1796. 

Motto — Spes mea Christtu — Christ is my hope. 

Amu—See Plate 7L 

Viscount and Baron Belmore, of Castle-Coole, a Ctovemor co. 
Tyrone ; and a Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; bom 11 
July, 1774 ; succeeded his father, Armar, the late Earl, 

VOL. II. E E ^¥*V^ 

962 IRISH P££RAO£. 

2 Feb., 1803; matrix, 20 Oct., 1800, Juliana Butler, 2d 
daughter of Hemy-Thomas, Earl of Carrick, and has issue, 
Armak-Lowry, Viscount Corry^ M. P., co. Fermanagh, 
b, 23 Dec., 1801 ; Henrp-Thomas, b. 9 March, 1803 ; and 
a daughter^ b. in July, 1806. 

His lordship^s great-grandfather, RoBSnT Lowry, of 
Ahenis, esq., succeeding his father in the estate, m. Anne, 
da. of the rev. James Sinclair, (2d son of sir James Sinclair, 
of Caithness,) by Anne, daughter of James Oalbraith, esq., 
M.P. for John's Town 1661. and had issue; 1. Robert^ 
seated at Melbury, oo. Donegal, m. Margaret Hamilton, and 
d, without issue ; 2. OAtBRiaTfi''; 3* James^ in holy orders, 
m. Esther, da. of John Richardson, of Rich Hill, co. Armagh, 
esq. Oalbraith succeeded at Ahenis, and sat in 3 parliaments 
op. Tyrone, m. Sarah, 2d da. and co-heiress of John Corry, 
esq., and had issue, Armar, 1st earl ; and Anne, m., 3 Nov., 
1763, Wxffiam-Willoughby Cole, earl of EnniskiUen. 

Armar Corrt, 1st earl, sat in several parliaments, co. 
Tyrone, and was created baron Belmore, of Castle Coole, 6 
Jan., 1781 ; viscount Belmore, G Dec., 1789 ; and advanced 
tQ the dignity of earl oiBelmore, 6 Nov., 1797* The earl m., 

3 Oct., 1772, Margaret Butler, eldest da. of Somerset, earl of 
Carrick, (by Juliana Boyle, eldest da. of Henry, earl of 
Shannon,) and had issue by her, (whod Jan. 1777) Galbraithy 
b, Sept. 1773, rf. an infant; Somerset Lowry, present 
earl ; and JuUana^ d. young. The earl m., 2dly, March 
I78O, Henrietta Hobart, eldest da. and co-heiress of John, 
2d earl of Buckinghamshire (which marrias^ was dissolved by 
act of parliament ; and the countess r^-w., 14 April, I7i)3, 
William, marquess of Lothian, K.T.), and had issue 1 da., 
Marian-Juliana-Louisa, b, 3 April, 1781, m., 9 July, 1804, 
Oeorge-John Montagu, Gth earl of Sandwich. The earl «i., 
3dly, 1 March, 1794, Mary-Anne, eldest da. of sir James 
Caldwell, of Castle Caldwell, co. Fermanagh, bart., by whom 
he had no issue. His lordship d. 2 Feb., 1802, and was 
succeeded by his only son, 

Somerset, present and 2d earl. 

Heir-Apparent — Armar, Viscount Corry, eldest son 
of the earl. 

Creations — Baron, G Jan., 1781 ; viscount, 6 Dec., 1789; 
earl, 17 Nov., I797. 

Motto — Virtus semper viric/i^— Virtue flourishes for ever. 

Arms — See Plate 71. 



Viacount and Banm Laodaff, of Thomastowu ; bam 20 Jaik, 
1768; auooeeded bu father, Francii, the late Earl, 30 July, 
1806; marriedj 10 July, 17979 Gertrude, 2d daughter of 
Jthn Latoudie, of Uarristown, co» Kildare, esq. 

This xioble family is deioended from David Mat hew, the 
f[reat standard-bearer of king Edward IV., whose monument 
IS still to be seen in the cathedral of Landaff. 

Edward Mathew, of Rader, co. Glamorgan, esq., was 
pnssoBiod of the town o£ Landaff, and other estates, which his 
a n ces t ors had enjoyed for time immemoriaL He left issue, 
OxoR»x Mathew, esq., the first of the family in Ireland, 
who fk Eliiabeth, da. of sir John P<»nts, of Acton, oo. 
Gknomur^ (and widow of Thonas Butlo-, Tisooimt Thurles, 
ddest son of Walter, 11th earl of Ormonde,) and was great- 
grandfather of George Mathew, of Tbomastown, who had 
the degree of LItJO. conferred upon him, 6 Aug., 16779 ^7 ^i' 
rdation, James, duke of Ormonde, chancellor of the tmlTersily 
ef Oxford, m.f 1st, Catharine, 8d daughter of sir John 
Shdley, bsiit., by Mary^ eldest da. and oo-heireM of sir John 
Gage, of fitU^ oo. SnsBex, bart«| (tfkig DibreiVt I^ew 
Banmetage;) and, 2dly, July 1716, Anne^ widow of James 
de la Poer, 3d earl of Tyrone, who d. without issue, 26 Sept., 
1729. He had issue by his 1st lady, 1 son, George, whom. 
his cousin, Mary-Anne Mathew, and d. before his father, 
leaying issue by her (who m., 2dlT, Charles O'Hara, esq., 
17 Aug., 1739,) George, b, 28 April, 1783, d. 1738, and 
Elizabeth* On the failure of male issue in this branch, the 
estates devolved to George Mathew, of Thomastown, esq., 
who m., 1st, Margaret, 4th da. of Thomas Butler, esq., 
(grandson of the hon. Richard Butler, son of James, the Ist 
duke of Ormonde,) by lady Margaret, eldest da. of William, 
7th earl of Clanricarde, and widow of Bryan MagenniK, 
viscount Iveagh, and by her (who d, 30 July, 1743,) had is^ue 
a da., who d. 1752 ; and, 2dly, Isabella, 4th da. of William 
Browidow, of Lurgan, (by Elizal>eth Hamilton, eldest da. of 
James, Gth earl of Aberconi,) and had issue by her (who m., 
2dly, Sept. 1761, major Ford,) 1 sou, who d, an infant, when 
the estate dp\'oIved to the male heir, 

Thouas Matuew, esq., who m., 6 July, 1736, miss 
Mathew, and had issue, Francis, his heir; and Cailkarxne- 
AnnB'Marie^ who m., Ist, Philip Roe, esq., and, 2dly, 1763, 
John Scott, Ist earl of Clonmel, lord chief justice of the court 
of king's bench, and d, 1771> 

E E 2 YlLX^Cl^^ 


Fbakcib, Ut earl, b. 1738, represented co. Tipperary in 
several parliaments, created, 12 Oct., 1783, baron Landaff; 
ndvanced to the dignity of viscount Landaff^ 20 Dec, 1793, and 
to that of earl oiLandaff^ Nov. 1797, m., 6 Sept., 1764, Ellis, 
2d da. of James Smyth, esq., (2d son of Edward Smyth, bishop 
of Down and Connor, by Mary, 5th da. of Clotworthy Skef- 
fington, 2d viscount Massareene,^ and sister of sir Edward 
Skeffington Smyth, hart., andhadissue^y her {whod, 9 Aug., 
1781,) ; 1. Fravcis-James, present earl ; 2. Montagu^ b. 16 
Aug., 1773, a lieut.-gen. in the army, and col. 99th raiment of 
foot, d. 20 March, 1819 ; 3. George, b. July 1779, late major 
in the army, and a capt. 17th regiment of foot ; 4. Elizabeth* 
The earl in., 2dly, June 1784, Elizabeth, 2d da. of Clotworthy 
•Skeffington, 1st earl of Massareene, who d. without issue, 
9 Feb., 1796. The earl d. 30 July, 1806, and was succeeded 
• by his eldest son, 

Fbakcis-James, present and 2d eail. 

HeirmPreeumptwe^^B.ov. George Matthew, next bro- 
ther of the earL 

Creoliofu-^Baron, 12 Oct., 1783 ; viscount, 20 Dec., 1793 ; 
-earl, Nov. 1797. 

Motto— ITytmo Dwg gfydd^What God willeth, will be. 

Arms' — See Plate 71* 

O'NEILL, of Shanes Castle, Viscount Raymond, Viscount 
and Baron O'Neill, of Shanes Castle, K.P., Colonel of the 
Antrim Militia, Joint Postmaster-General in Ireland, a Go- 
vernor CO. Antrim, and Trustee of the Linen Manufacture ; 
bom 22d Jan., 1779 ; succeeded his father, John, the late 
Viscount, 17 June, 1798; created Viscount Raymond and 
Earl O'NeiU, Aug. 1800. 

His lordship is descended from the ancient princes of Ire- 
land, whose representative, in 1642, was created earl of Ty- 
rone, by Henry VIII., on disclaiming the title of prince, and 
submitting to the English crown. 

Sir Henry O'Neill, of Shanes Castle, knt., m, Martha, 
da. of sir Francis Stafford, gov. of Ulster, and had issue, Rose, 
who m. Randall Macdonald, marquess of Antrim. Sir Henry 
was ancestor of, 

John O'Neill, of Shanes Castle, (whose younger bro- 
ther, Charles, m. Mary Poulett, eldest da. of Charles, 
duke of Bolton, and d, 1716,) who d, 1739, leaving issue ; 

1. Charles, 

EARL5. 906 

I.GHABLXfl, his toooMsor; 9. Chiwwthy; 3. Catharine^ 
wUy 19 Oct.^ 171 19 Richard, 7th Tifii*o»iit Mountgarret, and d. 
1ft April, 1738; 4. Rachael; 6. Eleatior; 6. llotcf 7- Annef 
8. Marjfj m. Robert Burrow es, esq., seoond son of sir Wiliium 
flurmwss, bart. 

Cbables, the ddest son, succeeded at Shanes Castle, in., 
1737) Catharine, 3d da. and co-heiress of the hon. sir John 
Brodarick, (ddest Son of Allan, viscount Middleton, kird.^ 
chmncrllnrof Irdand,) by Anne, only sister of Trevor^ viscount 
HillibafroQgh, father of the 1st marquess of Downshire, and 
dL 16 Aug., 1709) leaving issue by her (who d. 31 July, 1742) ; 
1. JoKK, 1st vifloount; 2. Si. John^ b, 16 March, 174G, m. 
misi BuROwes, and d. May 1790 ; 3. Anne^ m. Richard 
JmAmaa^ esq., secretary to viscount Townshend, viceroy of 

JoHK, 1st viscount, represented co. Antrim in several par^ 
lisumnta, was sworn of the privy council, advanced to tlie 
ai^nlty of baron O'Neill^ of Shanes Castle, 80 Nov., 1793, 
and viscount G*Neill^ 6 Oct., 1795. The viscount m., 1 1 Dec.^ 
I777i Henrietta Boyle, only child of Charles, lord Dungarvan, 
■on of John, 5th earl of Cork and Orrery, and had issue by 
her (who d. 3 Sept., 1793); 1. CHARLES-HE]rRT-ST.-.JouK» 
present earl ; 2. John-3ruce»Riehardj h, 30 Dec., 1780, col. 
in the army, and capt. in the Coldstream regiment of foot« 
guards, constable of the castle of Dublin, and representative 
OOL Antrim. The viscount d. \^ June, 1798, of the wounds 
he received in an action with the rebels at Antrim, and was 
aooceedfld by his eldest son, 

CHAHLES-HxN&Y-ST.-JoHir, 2d viscouut, and present 
sond Ist earL 

ffeir^Presumpiive-^ onV'BnvcE'RicTiAmy^ only brother 
ef the ««arl, to the viscounty of O'Neill and barony only. 

CreaHonn — Baron, Nov. 1793; viscount, 6 Oct., 1795; 
nsooant Raymond and earl, 1800. 

Motto — Tan seaps Emptom — The red hand of Ireland. 
Plate 71. 

Kemard, Viscount Bandon, and Baron Bandoii; bom 26 
Roir., 1755 ; married^ 12 Feb., 1784, Catharine-Henrietta 
Boyle, who founded the General Female School at Bandon, 
only daughter of liichard, Kiirl of Shannon, by Catharine^ 
ddcst da. of the Right Honoiir^ilde John Ponsonby, Speaker 

£ £ 4^ ol 


of the House of Commons in Ireland, and by her (who d. 9 
July, 1816,) had issue; I. James, Viscount Bernard^ b. 
14 June, 1785, m., 13 March, 1809, MaryJSusan-Albinia 
Brodrick, eldest da. of the HonouraJ[>le Charles Brodrick, 
Archbishop of Cashell, next brother to George, 4th Viscount 
Middleton; and by her has issue, Francis, b. 3 Jan., 1810 ; 
Charlds-Brodrick, b, 4 Jan., 1811 ; Henry-Boyle, b. 6 Feb., 
1812; and Catharine-Henrietta, b, 11 Nov., 1813; 2. 
Richard'Boyle^ b. 4 Sept., 1787> D.D., rector of Glankeen, 
00. Cashell ; 3. Francis^ b. 27 Feb., 1739, Lieut^ Light Dra- 
goons, d, in Portugal, 24 Jan., 1813; 4. WiHiam^Smyth^ 
b, 13 Nov., 1792, late Capt. Ist Drag. Guards ; 6. Henry ^ 
Boyle^ b. 6 Dec., 1797^ Comet 1st Dragoon Guards, slain at 
Waterloo, 18 June, 1815 ; 6. Charles^ d. young ; 7* Charles- 
Ludlow, b, 18 April, 1SM)5; 8. HenrietUt'Catharine, b, 7 
July, 1790 ; 9. CharloUe'Esther, b, 20 Feb., 1794, m., 14 
June, 1816, Uie Honourable Hayes St. Leger, only son of 
Hayes, Viscount Doneraile; 10. LotUsa'Anne^ b, 24 Dec., 
1795 ; and, 11. Elizabeth^ d. young. 

His lordship's ancestor, Fkakcis Bernard, of Castle 
Mahon, b. 1663, was descended from an ancient family of 
English origin ; he was appointed solicitor-general of Ireland, 
by queen Anne, 3 July, 1711 ; prime serjeant, 26 Jan., 1724 ; 
and a judge of the court of common pleas, 20 June, 1728. 
He sat in the 1st parliament of William and Mary, 5 Oct., 
1692, for Cloghnakilty, and was elected representative for 
Bandon, 27 Aug., 1695 ; he m., 28 Feb., 1693, Alice, eldest 
da. of Stephen Ludlow, esq., ancestor of the earls of Ludlow, 
(and grandson of sir Henry Ludlow, of Maiden Bradley, co. 
Wilts, by Letitia, da. of Thomas West, 6th lord Delawar, 
whose eldest son, Edmund Ludlow, was the celebrated repub- 
lican general,) and rf. 29 June, 1721, leaving issue by her 
(who d. May 1741,); 1. Francis, of Basingbourne Hall, co. 
Essex, his heir; 2. Stej^n, b. 17 July, 1701, of Prospect 
Hall, CO. Waterford, d, at Tarbes, in .France, Oct. 1757 ; 3. 
JN'orth'Ludlow, b, 15 April, 1705, a major in the army, «n. 
Rose, da. of John Echlin, of Echlinville, co. Down, esq., and 
d, leaving issue; Charles, d. Feb. 1763; James, of whom 
hereafter ; and 3 daughters ; 4. Arthur, b. 1 Sept. 1706, d. 
May 1757; 5. William, d, 2 Dec., 1774; 6. John, rf.; 7. 
Elizabeth, b, 21 Feb., 1703, m,, 1st, James Caulfield, 3d vis- 
count Charlemont ; and, 2dly, 9 Oct., 1740, Thomas Adderley, 
of luuishannon, esq., and d, 30 May, 1743. 


EARL8. 967 

FmAircis, the ddott mm^ was seated at Basingboiime Hall, 
«o. Bsacr, and Castle Bernard, in Ireland, b. 28 Sept., 1098, 
m. 96 MarciLf 1722, Anne Petty, only da. of Henry, earl of 
Shdbame, by Arabella Boyle, youngest da. of Charles, lord 
Cliiibid^ of liBunsbonmgh, (eldest son of Richard, earl of Cork 
ind BorlingUm, by Jane Seymour, youngest da. of William, 
dnke of Somerset,) and had no issue by her, who d, Jan. 
1727* before her father, earl Henry, who d, 1730, leaving his 
lune estates in England and Ireluid to his nephew, the hon. 
JoHV FiTSMAumiCE, Created earl of Shelbume, and fa- 
ther of William, 1st marquess of Lansdowne, K.G. : he d. 19 
BlaidL, 1783) Bnd was succeeded in his estates by his nephew, 

Jamcs Bebkard, esq., knt. of the shire for Cork in three 
pBi&unents, m, Esther, youngest da. of Percy Smyth, esq., 
Bster and 00-heireBs of Wilham Smyth, of Headborough, 
CM., and widow of Oookin, of Court-Macsherry, esq., and d. 
7 July, 1796, leaving issue ; 1. F«akcis, 1st earl of Bandon ; 
2. Charies^ b. 19 Aug., 1760, «^ 1783; 3. EHxabeth, rf. young; 
1 iiow, 6. 8 March, 17W* ^ 29 Nov., 1773, William, lord 
Riversdsle; and, 2dly, 18 Oct., 1792, James Millerd, esq., 
ctpL 66th foot : ^ Esther^ b. 17 March, 1759, m. 2 Dec, 
1775, SampnUi Stawell, of Kilbrittain, esq. ; 6. Mary, m. 
AngustiMf eldest son of sir Robert Warren, of Warren Court, 
biHw ; 7* Charlottey b, 1764, m. 1785, Hayes St. Leger, vis. 
oount Dioneraile ; 8. EHxabeth, m. 1785, Richard AcUom, of 
Wiseton Hall, 00. Nottingham, esq. 

FmAVCis, 1st earl, was created baron Bandon, 30 Nov., 
1793; viscount Bandon, 6 Oct., 1795; and further ad- 
vinoed, 6 Aug., 1800, to the dignity of viscount Bernard, and 
eari of Bandon, 

Heiir-Apparent — James, Viscount Bernard. 

CrtatioM — Baron, 30 Nov., 1793 ; viscount, 6 Oct., 1795; 
viscount and earl, Aug. 1800. 

Motto — Virtus probata florehit — "Well proved virtue will 
eirer flourish. 

Arms — See Plate 71. 

Viscount Stewart, Baron Castle Stewart in Ireland, and a 
Baronet : succeeded his father, Andrew-Thomas, the late 
Eari, 26 Aug., 1809: married, 23 April, 1806, Jemima^ sole 
dauj^ter of Col. Robinson, of the Royal Artillery,' and has 
issue, 1. Edward, Viscount Stewart, b, 10 Sept., 1807 ; 2. 
Charla^KnoXy b, 23 April, 1810 ; 3. a daughter, b, 28 Nov., 



1815; 4, Ada., b. II Sept., 1818; and, 5. a da., k 8 July, 

This branch of the royal house of Stewart is descended from^ 
RoBB&T, duke of Albany, and regent of Scotland, 3d Inti- 
mate son of king Robert II. Murdoch, 2d duke of Albany, 
succeeded his father, Robert, as regent of the kingdom^ but 
was beheaded, with his two eldest sons, 1425. His 3d son, 
sir Jakei^ (sumamed the Gross), fled to Ireland, and was 
father of Axd&ew, created by king James III. lord Avan- 
dskle, but d, without issue, 1488 ; and of Walteil, whose 
ton, Andrew, succeeded to the titles and estates of his unde, 
and became 2d lord Arandale. His son and heir, Akdhew^ 
3d lord Avandaki«^ exchanged his bwtmy of Avandale for that 
of Ochiltree, and was thereafter stiled, by consent of the 
T^nt and parliament of Scotland, lord Ochiltree^ From 
him descended, in the 4th d^vee, 

Andrew, Sd kHrd Ochiltree, wl^o sold that barony to his 
cousin, James Stewart, of KiUeith^ sou of James, earl of Anan, 
a younger s(m of Andrew, 1st lord OcSLiltr^e, and was cre- 
ated, 1619, baron of Castlesiewarty in Ireland. He d. 1832, 
leaving issue 3 sons ; 1. Andrew, 2d lord ; 2. Josias, 5th 
lord ; and, 3. Robert^ of Irry, co. Tyrone, great-greav^grand- 
father of the 1st earl. 

Andrew, 2d lord Castlestewart, d, 1639, leaving issue, 
Andrew, 3d lord, who d. 1650, leaving an only da., Mary^ 
m. Henry Howard, 4th earl of Sujffblk ; and Josias, 4th lord, 
who d» without issue, 1 662, when the title devolved on his uncle, 

John, 5th lord, who d, unm. about 1678, and the title 
remained dormant, till in 1774 it was claimed by, and allowed 
to Andrew-Thomas Stewart, esq., as heir-male of Robert of 
Irry, 3d son of the 1st lord. 

Andrew-Thomas, who thus became 6th lord Castle 
Stewart, was created viscount Castle Stewart, 20 Dec., 1793; 
and advanced, 29 Dec, 1800, to the dignity of earl of Castle 
Stewart, m,, 25 July, 1781, Sarah, da. and co-heir of the 
hon. Godfrey Lill, judge of the Court of common pleas in 
Ireland, and had issue; 1. Robert, present earl; 2. Andrew, 
fji; 10 Jan., 1814, Sophia. Isabella, eldest da. of George-Len- 
nox Conyngham, of Spring HaU, co. Londonderry, esq. ; 
3. Caroline, m., 16 Jan., 1815, gen. J. Bathnrst, 2d son of 
Henry, lord bishop of Nor\Wch ; 4. Harriet, d. ; 6. Sarah : 
6. Anne, d. 3 Jime, 1793. The earl d. 21 Aug., 1809, and 
was succeeded by hk son, 



^BK&T, prewnt and 9d earl. 

Heir-Jppareni — Edward, Viscouvt Stewart, eldest 
lob of the earL 

CrtaOmu — Baron, N07. 1619; baronet of Nova Sootia, 
107; ▼iwoont, 90 l>ec, 1703 ; earl, 29 Dec., 1800. 

Motto — • Forpfttfd, 

ilmt.See Plate 71* 

NOU6HMORE, Viscount Suirdale, Baron Donoughmore, 
ti^Knoddofty, Lientenant-Oeneral in the Army, Governor of 
cou Tfopenuy, Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer in the Court 
ef Ki c K w iu er, Irdand ; bom 29 Jan., 1766 : succeeded his mo- 
tlier, Chnsdana, the late Baroness, 24 June, 1788 ; created 
» Viaooiint, 7 Nor., 1797 ; and further advanced to the dig. 
nity of Earl of Donoiiigfainore, 29 Dec., 1800, with specuJ 
Temaindflr to the heirs-male of Christiana Hely, Baroness 
Hn^MHighiTffT, by Ihe Riffht Honourable John-Heiy Hutchin- 
son t, created a Feer of tne United Kingdom, by the tide of 
¥iieoiint Hutddnson, with like limitation, 14 July, 1821. 

His krdahip^s grandfather, Fravcis Hely, esq., m. miss 
Earbniy, and had issue 3 das., who intermarried into the 
families of Forward^ Duquery, and Spraighty and an only 
SOD, the right hon. John*Helt Hutchiksok, who was 
called to the bar, 1748, returned to parliament for Lanes, 
borough in 1759, and for the city of Cork in 1761 , which he 
continued to represent until his death ; appointed prime Ser- 
jeant at law in 1762, provost of Trinity College, Dublin, in 
1774, and secretary of state for Ireland in 1777 ; he m., 8 June, 
1751, Christiana, created baroness Donoughmore^ 16 Oct., 
1783, da. of Lorenzo Nixon, of Mumy, co. WicJdow, esq., 
aad niece and heir of Richard Hutchinson, of Knock, 
lofty, 00. Tipperary, esq., descended from an ancient family of 
English origin, (of whom Christopher Hutchinson, esq., 
the first of the family in Ireland, had a fFant, 24 July, 
1577) from queen Elizabeth, of the priory of Cahir and its 
possessions,) and d* 1795, leaving issue by the baroness; 
1. Richard, present earl; 2. sirt/oAn, b. 16 May, 1757? a 
gen. in the army, O.C.B., K.C., and created a peer of Oreat 
Britain, 6 Dec., 1801, by the title of lord Hutchinson, baron 
of Alexandria ; {see Lord Htttchiruon, in the Peerage qfEng-- 
land ;) 3. Francis Hely^ collector of the customs in the port 
•f Dublin, b. 26 Oct., 1769, m. miss Nixon, and has issue, 


9'JO IRISH P££RA0£. 

John Hely, late capt. grenadier guards, m,^ 16 June, 162?^ 
Margaret Gardener, tister of the earl of Blessington; Anne^ 
m., 18 April, 1811, the rer. John Burgh ; Henrietta, 2d da., 
fl}i., 20 July, 1814, Thomas Bernard, jun., of Castle Bernard, 
esq., and I otjier issue ; 4. Abraham Hely^ oommission«r tii 
the customs in Ireland, b» 20 March, 1766, in. Catherine- 
Maria, relict of Holmes, esq., and by her (who <2. 4 Nov., 

1824,) had issue ; 5. Christopher Help, M.P. for Coric, b. 5 
April, 1767, m., 1st, 24 Dec., 1792, miss Bond, da. of sir James 
Bond, hart., and by her (who d. 30 March^ 1706,) had issue 
a son, John, 6. March 179d. He m., 2dly, Anne, rdiot of 
John Brydges Woodcock, esq., and da. of the late hon. and 
rev. Maurice Crosbie, dean of Limerick ; sister to the present 
lord Brandtm, and great-grandda. of Thomas Fitzmanriop, 
1st earl of Kerry, and by 1^ had issue ; 6. Lorenxo^ in holy 
orders, b, 20 Oct., 1768, m. miss Blake, and d. 28 Nov., 1822 ; 
7* Christina f 8. Mary ; 9^ Prudence^ d. nnm,y Oct. 18S0 ; 
10. Margaretta^ d, March 1818. The banmess d, 24 June, 
1788, and was succeeded by her ddest son, 

RiCHAED-H^LY, jH^sent earl. 

Heir 'Presumptive.^ J OH^^ Load Hvtchiksok, of A1^- 
andria, brother of the earL 

Creations '■^"Baron^ 16 Oct., 1783 ? viscount, 7 Nov., 1797; 
earl, 29 Dec, 1800; viscount Hutchinson, in the Peerage of 
the United Kingdom, 14 July, 1821. 

Motto-— Fortiter gerii cmcem'^He bravely supports the 

Arms-^ See Plate 7l> 

Alexander, and Baron Caledon, K.P., a Trustee of the liinen 
Manufacture, and a Governor, and Colonel of the Tyrone 
Militia ; bom 14 Dec, 1777 ; succeeded his father, James, 
the late Earl, 22 March, 1802; married, 16 Oct,, 1811, Ca- 
tharine Yorice, 2d daughter of Philip, Earl of Jlardwicke, 
K.G. ; and has issue. Viscount Alexander, b, July 1813. 

The elder branch of this family was ennobled in 1663, by 
the title o( earl of Stirling, in the person of William Alex- 
ander, of Menstrie, secretary of state for Scotland temp. 
Charles I. 

The earl's ancestor, Andrew Alexander, of London, 
derry, esq., was attainted, in 1089, by the parliament of 
Dublin, by James II., after his abdication ; from whom de- 


EARL6. 971 

wfliided Natravisx. Alexander, eiq., who m. Elizabeth, da. 
of M^UKam M'Clintick, of Danmore, 00. Donegal, esq., and 
had iwue; I. WiUiamy d. 1774, leaving issue, 4 sons, Mansey, 
who tL 1790, leaving one da. ; William and John, who both 
tU ummmy and Robert, many years in the dvil service of the 
JBaot India Company, and one of the council at Madras, who 
Imd iasue, 2 sons and 2 das. ; 2. Robert^ d. I7OO, leaving issue, 
h MfiB, Nathanid, D.D., lord bi^opof Meath; Henry, some- 
time cliaimuui of the oonunittee of wavs and means ; Wil- 
Uhb, m mi^<«sn. ; James, M.P. for Old Sarum ; and Josias 
Dapre, M.P. ror Old Sarum, and a director of the East India 
Oomputy ; 9. James, Ist earl ; 4. Eliza^ m. Josias Dupre, 
of Wihon f^ok. Bocks, esq. 

Jamxb, 1st eari of €aledon, h. 1730, filled several hiffh 

wtwations in the East Indies, and was advtuiced to the dignity 

of baniii Caiedon^ 6 June, 1790 ; viscount, Nov. 1797 ; and 

eail of Caledtniy 29 Dec, 1800. The eari m., 28 Nov., 1774, 

Anne, 2d da. of James Grawfurd, of Crawfurdsbum, co. 

Down, esq., and by her (who d, 21 Dec, 1777)) had issue, 

1. Dupmx^ present eari ; 2. MabeUa^ h, 7 Aug., 177^9 *'!•» 

SrJuly, 1790, Andrew-Thomas, 11th lord Blaney ; 3. EHza^ 

heO^ h. 81 June, 1776. The earl d, 22 Mardi, 1802, and 

tnooeeded by his only son, 

DupsE, present and M earl. 

HmT' A fparent -^ViscowT Alexakder, the earl's 

Ci«aft'on« — Baron, 6 June, 1789; viscoxmt, Nov. 1797; 
ear], 29 Dec, 1800. 
Motto — Per mare per terras — By sea and by land. 
i<niif_ See Plate 71* 

CBont Castleroese and Kenmare, Baron of Castlerosse, a Ba- 
ronet of Irehmd, and a Trustee of the Royal College of May- 
dooth : bom 15 Jan., 1788 ; succeeded his father, Valentine, 
Uw late Earl, 3 Oct., 1812 ; married, I July, 1816, Augusta, 
Sd dao^ter of Sir Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, co. Derby, 

• Sir Valentine Beowne, of Crofts, co. Lincoln, was 
treasurer of the town of Berwick, auditor of the exchequer 
m England, and auditor-gen. of Ireland, in the reigns of Ed- 
ward VI. and queen Mary; he left issue, sir Valentine 
Browne, knt., a privy councillor to queen Elizabeth, who 


972 IRISH P££RAG£. 

purchased large estates in Ireland, in, Thomasine, -sister of 
sir Nicholas Bacon, knt., lord-keeper of the gre&t seal to 
queen Elizabeth, and aunt of the celebrated Francis, lord . 
Verulam, viscount St. Albans, lord chancellor of England, from 
whom descended sir Valentine Browne, of Castlerosse, 
who .was created a bart. of Ireland, 16 Feb., 1621, and m. 
Elizabeth, 5th da. of Gerald, 10th earl of Eildare ; he was 
ancestor of 

Valentine, 5. 1638, a privy councillor to James II., 
and a coL of foot in his army, created after that unfortunate 
monarch's abdication, by patent, dated at Dublin, 20 May, 
1689, viscount Kenmare ; he m. Jane, only da. and heiress of 
sir Nicholas Plunket, brother of Lucas, earl 'of Fingal, and 
had issue, Nicholas, (called) 2d viscount Kenmare, who was 
a coL in king James's army, and was attainted for his ad- 
herence to that prince. His lordship m., 1684, his cousin 
Helen, eldest da. and co-heiress of Thomas Browne, esq., 2d 
son of sir Valentine, the 1st bart., and d, at Brussels, April 
1720,' leaving issue, 

Valentine, (oJled) 3d viscount, b. 1695, m.. Nov. 
1720, Honoria, 2d da. of Thomas Butler, esq., (grand- 
son of the hon. Richard Butler, only brother of James, duke 
of Oitaonde,) by Margaret, eldest da. of William, earl of 
Clanricarde, and widow of Bryan Magenis, viscounit Iveagh : 
and had issue by her (who d. 1730,) ; 1. Valentine, who d. 
young; 2. Thomas, (called) 4th viscount ; 3. Helen, wi,, 1739, 
JohnWogan, esq.; 4. Catharine. He wi., 2dly, Oct. 1735, 
Mary, only da. of Maurice Fitzgerald, of Castle Ishin, and 
widow of Justin, 6th earl of Fingal, and left her (who «»., 
3dly, John, lord Bellew,) enceinte of a da., Mary-Frances. 
The viscount d. 30 June, 1736, and was succeeded by his son, 

Thomas, (called) 4th viscount, ft. 1726, wi., Dec. 1750, Anne, 
only^a. of Thomas Coke, of Painstown, co. Carlow, esq., son 
and heir of William Coke, esq., gov. of Carlow under James II., 
by Anne, only da. of the hon. Thomas Butler, 2d son of 
sir Edward Butler, viscount Calmoye, and had issue, Valen- 
tine, (called) 5th viscount and Catharine, b. Feb. 1752, w., 
1772, count Durfort Civrac. The viscount d. 9 Sept., 1795, 
and was succeeded by his only son, 

Valentine, (called) 5th viscount Kenmare, who was cre- 
ated 12 Feb., 1798, baron of Castlerosse, and viscount Ken^ 
mare, and advanced to the dignities of earl of Kenmare and 
viscount Castlerosse, 29 Dec., 1800; b. Jan. 1754; m., 1st, 
7 July, 1777, Charlotte Dillon, da. of Henry, 11th viscount 
Dillon, (by Charlotte Lee, eldest da. and heiress of Gr^rge- 


EARLS. 979 

ttflttiy, Sdlnd Ittt cmI of LldiMd,) and by her (who d. 15 
Auff., 1812,) bad imie an only da., Charlotte^ b. 15 June, 
1780, «k, 15 May, 1802, lir George Goold, of Old Court, co. 
Goik, bart. ; the earl m., 2dly, 24 Aug., 1785, Mary, eldest da. 
of Midiad Ayfanw, of Lyons, oo. Kildare, esq. descended from 
tB flIi Mw branch of the barons Aylmer, and by her (who d, 
4 Sept., 1808,) had issue; 1. Valektike, present earl; 2. 
TioMOff, 5. 15 Jan., 1789, m., 26 Nov., 1822, Catharine, da. 
and co4ieir of Edoiond O'Callaghan, of Kilgory, co. Clare, 
esq.; 3. Wmam^ b. 1 Nov., 1791; 4. Michael, b. 18 May, 
1798, Heat. 40th foot, severely wounded at Waterloo, 18 
Jsna, 1815 ; S. Mmrianne, b. 15 Dec, 1786, m., 9 Jan., 1809, 
rir nonMt Ckige, of Hengrave, oo. Suffolk, bart. ; 6. Mar., 
fmnL A. 9 Jnfyj 1790, d, an infant; and, 7- Frances, b. ]3 
May, 1794, d. 16 May, 1817- The earl d. 3 Oct., 1812, and 
vai MMeBeded by his ^dest son, 

VALXVTiinB, present and 2d earL 

HthrmPreMumpiive^^ The HoK. Thomas Beowve, next 
toothar to the eari. 

Crmiima Bamnnt of Ireland, 1621 ; baron, 12 Feb., 
17M| Tiaooant and earl, 29 Dec, 1800. 

Motto— Le0al en loul —Loyal throughout. 

dfm$^8ea Plate 71. 

count Umerick, and Baron Olentworth; Baron Foxford, 
of Sta^pole Court, co. Clare, in the Peerage of the United 
Kingdom ; bom 8 Jan., 1758 ; succeeded his father, William 
Gem, late Lord Olentworth, 4 July, 1794; created Viscount 
•nd Eail of Limerick, 11 Feb., 1803, and Baron Foxford, 11 
Aug., 1815 ; married, 29 Jan., 1783, Alice-Mary, only daughter 
lod heiress of Henry Ormsby, of Cloghan, co. Mayo, esq., (by 
Hary, ddest sister of Sir Henry Hartstonge, bart.,) and by her 
Wissne; 1. Edmund'Cecil,b,22Vov,,liS5,d. 10 May, 1793; 
t HsvmT-HAETSTOKOE, Lord Olentworth, 6. 26 May,1789, 
«., 11 May, 1808, Anabella, 2d da. of Tennison Edwards, 
of Old Coiut, 00. Wicklow, esq., and has issue, Edmund- 
Henry, b. 3 March, 1809 ; a da., b. 24 April, 1810 ; a da., 

6. Nov. 1811 ; and a son, b. 28 Aug., 1813; 3. William^ 
Veeii, b, 16 Feb., 1791 ; 4. Edmund-Sexton, Lieut. 6th Regi« 
nent of Dragoons, b. 7 Feb., 1797 ; 5. Mary, b, 31 Oct., 
17^ d. 26 Jan., 1817 ; 6. Theodosia, b, 15 Jaiu, 1787, m., 
11 July, 1811, Thomas-Spring Rice, esq., M.P. co. Limerick; 

7. Liiqr, b. 13 March, 1788, m., 16 March, 1816, Rowland 
VOL. IT. F F inephenson 




Stephenson, of Farley Hill, co. Berks, esq. ; 8. FramceS'- 
Selintty b, 30 July, 1795, w., 8 Aug., 1819, Sir Henry-Ro- 
bert Calder, of Park House, co. Kent, bart. ; 9. Louisa, b. 
2 April, 1798 ; 10. Cecil-Jane, b, 28 Sept., 1801. 

The family of Pery came originally from Lower Brittany t 
Edmund Pery, of Stackpole Court, co. Clare, esq., ancestor 
of the earls of Limerick, was a col. in the army, and d^ 1721, 
leaving issue ; 1. Sexton, of Stackpole Court, </. without issue 
in 1730 ; 2^ Stackpole, in holy orders; and 4 das. 

Stackpole, the 2d son, was b, 1646, entered into holy 
orders, and m., 2 April, 1716, Jane, da. of William Twigg, 
archdeacon of Limerick, (by I>iaffa,da. of sir Drury Ray, bart.,) 
and d. 8 June, 1739, leaving issue by her (who d. 31 Aug., 
1767,); I.Edmukd-Sexton, viscount Pery, 6. 8 April, 1719, 
speaker of the house of commons in 3 successive parliaments, 
viz. 7 March, 1771, 8 June, 1776, and 14 Oct., 1783, which 
high office he resigned 4 Slept., 1785, received the thanks of 
the house of commons, and was created viscount Pery, of 
Newtown Pery, co. Limerick, 30 Dec., 1785, m., 1st, 11 
June, 1756, Patty, youngest da. of John. Martin, esq., who d, 
without issue in 1757 ; and, 2dly, 27 Oct., 17C2, Elizabeth, 
eldest da. of John, lord Knapton, (by Elizabeth, eldest da. of 
WiJliam Brownlow, esq., by Elizabeth, da. of James Hamil- 
ton, 6th earl of Abercorn,) and by her (who d. 4 April, 1821, 
aged 89,) had issue, Diana, b. 27 Oct., 1764, m., 2 June, 
1784, Thomas, viscount Northland; and Frances^ m., 3 Jan., 
1789, Nicholas Calvert, of Hunsdon House, co. Herts, esq., 
M.P. for Hertford. The viscount d. without male issue, in 
1806, when the title of viscount Pery became extinct; 2. 
William-Cecil, 1st lord Glentworth; 3. Stackpole, b. 
April 1723, d. 1726; 4. Wray, b. I727, d. an infant; 6. Sex- 
ton, b. 1731, </. young ; 6. Diana,b.}jlT, m,, 8 Oct., 1733, 
the rev. Henry Smith, who d. 1764, without issue; 7- 
Dymphna, b. 1718, m., June 1751, William Mansell, of 
Tirval, co. Limerick, esq.; 8. Anne, b. 1720, d, an infant; 
9. Frances, b, 1722 ; 10. Lucy, b. 1725, m., 23 Dec., 1751, 
sir Henry Hartstonge, of Bniife, bart.; 11. Mary, b. 1726; 
12. Jane, b. 1733, m., June 1774, Launcelot Hill, esq., and 
d. without issue. 

William-Cecil, 1st lord Glentworth, next brother of 
Edward, viscount Per)'^, b, 26 July, 1721, was consecrated 
bishop of Killaloe, 18 Feb., I78I ; bishop of Limerick, 1784 ; 
and created baron Glenlworth, of Mallow, 31 May, 1790 ; 
in., 2 April, 1755, Jane, eldest da. of John-Minchcn Walcot, 


EARLS. 975 

of GroBffh, edq., and, had issue by her (who was h, 15 May, 
1740,) Edmuvd-JI EN BY, present earl; aiid FAeanor^ b. 29 
Nor., 1769, m., 5 March, 1784, sir Vere Hunt, Imrt., d, 21 
Jan., 1821. His lordship m,^ 2dly, 4 Oct., 1792, Dorodiea, 
widow of gen. Crump, d, 4 July, 1794, and was succeeded by 
his only son, 

EoimyD-HENKT, 2d lord Glentworth, aud present and 
1st earl of Limerick, and baron Fozford. 

Heir^AppareiU — HENaT.IlARTSTONGE, Loed Glent- 
WORTH, eldest son of the earl. 

CreoHom — Baron, 21 May, 1790; viscount and earl, 11 
Feb., 1803; baron Foitford, of Stackpole Court, co. Clare, in 
the peerage of the United Kingdom, 11 Aug., 1815. 

Motto — Vifiuie, non aaiuHa — By courage, not by craft. 

ilnw _ See Hate 7L 

CARTY, Viscount Dunlo, of Dunlo and Ballinasloe ; Baron 
yilnepael, of Garbally, 60. Oalway; Viscoukt Clan- 
CAlTT aad Baron Trench, of Garbally, in the Peerage of the 
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, (Marquess of 
Heneden, in the Netherlands,) G.C.B., Governor and Cutttos 
Kotukiram 00. Galway, and Colonel of the Galway Militia. 
His Loi^dship was M.F. for the co. of Galway till his accession 
to the title ; appointed a Commissioner of the affairs of India 
1804. On the restoration of the Prince of Orange to the 
sorerelgnty of the Netherlands in 1813, he was appointed 
Ambassador to the Hague ; and was, in 1818, created by the 
King of the Netherlands, Marquess of Heusden, whirh title 
His Majesty was graSously pleased (by sign manual, dated 10 
Aog., 1824,) to allow him to accept. Born 18 May, 17^7 ; 
luooBeded his father, William-Power-Keating, the late Earl, 
27 April, 1806 ; created Baron Trench, in the Peerage of the 
United Kingdom, 4 Aug., 1815, and Viscount Clancarty, 1824 ; 
«arrt«</, 9 Feb., 1796, Henrietta-Margaret, 2d daughter of the 
Right Hon. John Staples, and has issue; I.William-Tuomas, 
Viteouni Dunlo, b. 21 Sept., 18<)3 ; 2. Richard-Jo/in^ b. 22 
Uareh, 1805 ; 3. Louisa-Augitsta-Aniic, b, 23 Dec., 1796; 4. 
Henrietta-Margaret, b, 13 Oct., 1799 ; 5. Emily -Florinda^ b. 7 
Nov., 1800; 6. Franoes-Power, 6. 22 Jan., 1802, d. 28 Dec, 
1804 ; 7. Frederick, d, 27 April, 1813. 

This family, which has been ennobled in two branches, 
usumed the name from the town of La Tranche, in the 

r F 2 province 


yrcfvhace of PoitQU, of whicb they were formerly possessed. 
The first of the family in England was Fbede&ick de la 
Tranche^ or Trmuihe^ a protestant nobleman, who fled from 
France i^fter the massacre of St. Bartholomew, and settled in 
the CO. Northumberland, in 1574 ; he m., 1576, Margaret, 
da. of Thomas Sutton, esq., and had issue ; 1. Thomas, his 
heir; 2. James^ rector of Qongell, in Ireland, and possessed 
of estates in Gavan, m., 1605, Margaret, da. of Hugh, vis- 
count Montgomery, of Ards, and had issue an only da., 
Anne ; 3. Adam^Thonma, 

Thomas, the eldest son, m., 1610, Catharine, da. of 
Richard Brooke, of Pontefract, co. York, esq., and had issue, 
Fbederick, who settled at Garbally, in Ireland ; m., 1632, 
his cousin, Anna, only child and heiress of the rev. James 
Trench, and d, in 1669, leaving issue, Frederick, ancestor of 
the earls of Clancarty ; and JoAn, dean of Raphoe, ancestor of 
lord Ashtown. Frederick, the eldest son, b. in 1663, sue- 
cdeded at Ctobally; from whom descended his lordship's 

Richard Trekch, of Garbally, esq., b, 1710, was re* 
turned to parliament for the oo. Ghilway, which situation his 
father had held for 37 years. He m., 13 March, 17^ 
Frances, only da. and heiress of David Power, esq., (descended 
from the barons de la Poer, and, in the femide line, from the 
lords Muskerry, afterwards earls of Clancarty, by the marriage 
of John Power, esq., with Elena, da. of Cormac, lord Mus- 
kerry,) and d. 1768, having had issue by her (who d, in 1793,) ; 
1. Frederick^ d. an infant ; 2. David^ d, an infant; 3. Wil- 
liam-Power-Keatino, 1st earl: 4. JohiuPowery a major in 
the army; 6. Eyre-Power^ a the army, and late 
col. 5th garrison battalion, m., 1797) Ctilu*lotte, eldest da. of 
gen. Jolmson, of Overstone, co. Northampton, and widow of sir 
John Burgoyne, of Sutton, co. Bedford, bart. ; 6. Nicholas^ 
Power ^ m. Jane, da. of sir Richard Butler, bart., and d. 31 
Aug., 1824; 7« Elizabeth-Power^ m. John Nugent, of Clon- 
lost, CO. Westmeath, esq. ; 8. Hester-Power^ m, Walter 
Taylor, of Castle Taylor, co. Galway, esq. ; 9. Rose-Power^ 
m, James Galbraith, esq.; 10. Jane-Power^ d,; \\, Anne" 
Power, m, Charles Cobbe, of Newbridge, co. Dublin, esq., 
grrandson of Charles Cobbe, archbishop of Dublin. 

William-Power-Keatino, 1st earl of Clancar^, b, 
1741, succeeded his father as knight of the shire for Galway, 
1768, which situation he continued to fill until 25. Nov., 1797, 
when he was advanced to the dignity of baron Kilconnel; 
created viscount Dunio, 3 Jan., 1801, and earl of Clancarty, 


EARLS. 977 

11 Feb., 1803. The earl m., 30 Oct., 1762, Anne, eldest da. 
of the right hon. Charles Gardiner, and sister of Lnke, vis- 
oount Monntjoy, and had issue ; 1. FrancU^ d. an infant ; 

5. Richard, present earl ; 3. Charles, d, an infant ; 4. Power, 
D.D., archbishop of Tuam, 6. 11 June, 1770, m., 29 Jan., 
1796, Anne, da. of Walter Taybr, esq., of Castle Taylor, by 
Haster-Power Trendi, and d. 1821, leaving issue, Hester, b, 
15 Nov., 1796 ; Anne, b, 8 April, 17»7 ; Florinda, 6. 1790 ; 
and EHubeth, 6. Sept. 1800 ; 6. WilHam, secretary to the 
oommiiiionen of customs in Ireland, b. July 1771? capt. R.N., 
ts., 1800, Sarah, da. of John Cuppage, esq. ; G. Charles, b, 
Dec 1772, in hdy orders; 7- Thomas, b, 1774, d, 10 July, 
1795; 8. LtAe^Henrff, b. Nov. 1775, d, 1709; 9. FretleHck, 
*. NoF. 1778, d, 16 June, 1800 ; 10. sir Robert le Poer Trench, 
K.C.B., K.T.S., ooL in the army, and lieut..col. 74th foot, 6. 
July 178S, m., 21 Nov., 1805, Letitia-Susanna, 2d da. of IXo- 
bert IMllon, lord Clonbrock, and d. March 1824 ; 1 1. Fhrinda, 

6. I7<M, m., 22 March, 1782, WiUiam Handcock, lordCasUe. 
nuune; IS. Anne, b. 1766, m., 1 Oct., 1789, William Ore- 
Ruy, of Goole, co. Oalway, esq. ; 13. Louisa, d, 1785 ; 
14. EliMobeih, b. June 1784, m., 15 April, 18G5, John M'Clin. 
loch, of 0ruincar, oo. Louth, esq. ; 15. Harriet, b. Sept. 1785, 
*>., Jan. 1805, Dauiel-Toler Osborne, of Beechwood, co. Tip. 
periry,' esq., gr&ndson of sir' William Osborne, hart.; 
Ijt Frtmces, ft. Oct. 1787, m., 28 July, 1806, Henry Stanley, 
^^iwoimt Monck; 17. Louisa, b. March 1789; 18. Emily, b. 
Sept. 1790, m,, 14 April, 1810, Robert Latouche, esq., M.P. 
CO. Kildare, d, 3 April, 1816. The earl d. 27 April, 1805, 
ud was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Richard,- 2d and present earl. 

Heir^Apparent — WiLLiAM-TnoMAS,ViscoCNTDuNLO. 

Creations — ^Baron Kilconnel, ofGarbally, 25 Nov., 1797; 
discount Dunlo, of Dunlo and Ballinasloe, 3 Jan., 1801 ; carl 
oTCIancarty, go. Cork, 11 Feb., 1803; baron Trench, in the 
peerage of the United Kingdom, 4 Aug., 1815, viscount (Uaki- 
carty, 1824 ; and marquess of Heusdon, by the king of the 
Netherlands, 18 July, 1815. 

Motto — Virtutis foi'tuna comes — Fortune the companion 
of virtue. 

Arms — See Plate 72. 

wunt and Baron Cosford, of Market Hill, co. Armagh, and 
A Bironet ; sole Governor and Custos Uotulorum of Armagh, 

F r 3 and 


and Colonel of the Armagh Militia, and a Trustee of the 
Linen Manufacture; succeeded his father, Arthur, the late 
Earl, 14 Jan., 1807 ; married^ 20 July, 1805, Mary, only da. 
of Robert Sparrow, esq., of Worlingham Hall, go. Suffolk^ 
(by Mary, eldest da. of sir John Beiutrd, of Brampton Park^ 
00. Northampton, hurt.,) and has issue; 1. Aiichibai.d, 
LardAehssonj b. 29 Aug., 1806; 2, Mary; 3. MUHeenif 
4. Olivia; and, 5. Annabella. 

Sir Archibald Acheson, of GKisford, secretary of state 
for Scotland, was created a hart. Sept. 1628, from whom, de- 

Sir Akthub, 5th hart., b. 26 Jan., 1668, m., 1715, Anne, 
da. of the right hon. PhiUp Savage, chancellor of the ex- 
chequer in Ireland, and had issue ; 1. sir Archibald, Ist 
viscount Gosford ; 2. Arthur^ a capt. In the anny, m., 1753, 
Jane, da. of John King, esq., of Charlestown, oo. Rosonnmon, 
and d. 23 June, 1758, leaving no issue hy her, who tn., 2dly, 
9 Sept., 1763, Abraham Creighton, lord Erne ; 3. Afme^ «., 
1742, Widter Cope, bishop of LeigfaHn and Ferns, and d. 
without issue, 11 Mareh, 1785 ; 4. Nithda^ m., 1746, Robert 
Trench, esq., of Moniava Castle, co. Galway, and d. In 1761. 
Sir Arthur d, 19 Feb., 1748, and was succeeded by bis 
eldest son, 

Archibald, Ist viscount Gt)Sford, and Gth bart., b, Sept. 
1718, was advanced to the dignity of baron Gosford, 20 July, 
1776, and created a viscount, 28 June, 1785. His lordship 
m., 1740, Mary, youngest da. of John Richardson, esq., of 
Rich Hill, 00. Armagh, and has issue by her (who d. May 
1792,); 1. Arthur, 2d viscount ; 2. JoAn, cf. young; 3. ^r- 
chibald^ d. young ; 4. George^ d. 16 March, 1778 ; 5. Anne- 
Maria^ m., Ist, 1758, Alexander Boyd, esq., of Ballycastle; 
and, 2dly, 1772, the rev. Henry Maxwell, nephew of John, 
lord Farnham ; 6. Nichola^ m., 1763, Michael Macauley, esq., 
of Portadown, co. Antrim; 7< Julia-Henrietta,, m., 1766, 
Alexander.Macauley, of Glenvil, esq. ; 8. Lucinda^ m., 1st, 
1776, Thomas St. George, esq., 2d son of Dean St. George ; 
and, 2dly, Jeremiah French, esq. ; 9. Mary^ m., 1778, Hugh 
Montgomery, of Castle Hume, co. Fermanagh, esq., and d, in 
1799 ; 10. Sophia. The viscount d. 5 Sept., 1790, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

Arthur, 2d viscount, who was advanced to the dignity of 
earl of Gosford, Feb. 1806; m., 1774, Milicent, da. of 
liciit.-gen. Edward Pole, descended from the ancient family 
of Pole, of Radbourne, co. Derby, aud had issue ; 1. Archi- 
j}AL J>9 present earl ; 2. ArtliAir ; 3. Arihur-Fole, who both </. 


£AKL5. 070 

yoatig ; 4. Edward^ C.B., lieat.-ooL in the army, capt. in the 
Coldstream guards, and customer and collector at the port of 
DnbHn ; 5. OHvia^ im, 14 March, 1797, gen. Robert-Bernard 
Spantnr, of Brampton Park, co. Northampton ; G. JIfary, 
fk, 19 Febb, 1803, Heut-gen. lord William-Henry-Cavendish 
Bentindi;, O.C.B., 8d son of William, Sd duke of Portland, 
K.O. ; 7. MUMenL The earl d. 14 Jan., 1807, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

ARCHiBJkLDt, present and 2d earL 

lr«fa^^f»|Mr«lU—i Archibald, Lord Achesok. 

CrMlieM— Baronet, Sept. 1628; baron Oosford, 20 July, 
1776| Tiaooimt,20 June, 1785; earl, Feb. 1806. 

Motto— Vigikmiibut^ To the watchful. 

.<lnw— See Plate 72. 

ntntofwn, r Banmet, a Privy Councillor, and Governor of 
the Kins^ County, and j<^t Postmaster General in Irdand, 
BULLA. I hwn 21 May, 1768 ; succeeded his unde, Lau- 
moe, the late Eari, 20 May, 1807 : mmrried^ 6 April, 1797, 
Alice, da. of John Lloyd, of GHoster, King's County, esq., and 
Ins SsBue; 1. William, Lord OxmarUwm^ h. 17 June, 
inO; 2. John-Ckre^ b. 17 Aug., 1802; 8. Laurwce^ b. 
2Nor., 1805; and, 4. a daughter^ b. Oct. 1813. 

& Richard Farsoks, Ist Tiaoount Rosse, (great-grand- 
ion of sir William Parsons, lord justice of Irdand, who was 
created a hart., 10 Nov., 1620, and constituted lord justice, 
30 Dec., 1641, with sir John Borlase, and continued in the 
government of Ireland until 23 April, 1643,) was created 
baron OjematUoufn and viscount Rosse^ 2 July, 1681, with 
remainder to the heirs male of his great-grandfather, sir 
M^lliam, lord justice of Ireland. The viscount m., Ist, Anne 
Walsingham ; 2dly, 1682, Catharine Brydges, da. of George 
lord Cbandos (by Jane, da. of John, earl Rivers) ; and, 3dly, 
1685, Elizabeth, eldest da. of sir George Hamilton, count 
Hamilton, (puidson of James, earl of AWcom,) by Frances, 
da. and co-neireM of Richard Jennings, of Sandridge, co. 
Hertford, esq., and sister of Sarah, dutchess of Marlborough, 
and had issue by her (wbo d, June 1724,) ; 1. Richard, 2d 
discount ; 2. George, d, ; 3. Elixaheth, d. ; 4. Frances, m., 
30 May, 1764, John, 4th viscoxmt Netterville ; 6. Catharine^ 
m. James Ilussey, of WeKtowii, co. Dublin, esq., and d. 
\ March, 1766, leaving isbue, Edward, u'euted eui-l Beau. 



lieu, in England, and K.B. His lordship d, 30 Jan., 1702; 
and was succeeded by his son, 

Richard, 2d viscount, who, 10 Feb., 1806, was created 
earl of Rosse, m., 171^9 Maty, eldest da. of lord William 
Paulet, brother of Charles, 2d duke of Bolton, (by Louisa, da. 
of the marquess of Monpouillan, younger son of the duke de 
la Force, in Franqe,) and had issue by her (who d, 1718,) ; 
1. Richard, 2d earl ; 2. James ; and, 3. Elizabeth^ d, unm. 
The earl d, 1741, and was succeeded by his son, 

Richard, 2d eari of Rosse, d, 27 Aug., 1764, having m.^ 
17^4, Oliria, da. of Hugh Edwards, esq., and by her (who d. 
11 April, 1820,) had no issue, when the titles of earl of 
Rosse and baron Ozmantown became extinct. 

Sir Lawrekce, the younger brother of sir William Par- 
sons, lord chief justice of Ireland, was seated at Birr Castle, 
and was apiM)inted attorney-gen. and vice-admiral of Munster, 
and 2d baron of the exchequer, whose grandson, sir Lau re srcE 
Parsons, of Birr Castle, was created a baronet, 15 Dec, 1677/ 
and fft. Frances, youngest da. and co-heiress of William Sa- 
vage, esq., son of sir Arthur Savage, privycouncillor to James 
I., and d, in 1698, leaving issue, 

Sir William, 2dbart., who m., 1st, Elizabeth, da. of sir 
George Preston, hart., of Craigmiller, in Scotland ; and, 2dly, 
Elizabeth, eldest da. and co-heiress of sir George St. George, 
knt., of Dunmore ; he had issue by his first lady, William^ 
who w. Martha, da. of Thomas Pigott, of Chetwynd, co. Cork, 
esq., and rf. before his father, leaving issue, Laurence, 3d 
bart. ; William ; Pigott ; George ; Thomas ; Elizabeth, m, 
Robert Perse, of Roxborough, co. Galway ; and Jane, m. Wil- 
liam Acton, of West Acton, esq. Sir William rf. 17 March, 
1740, and was succeeded by his grandson, sir Laurence, 3d 
bart., who m., 1st, 3 Sept., 1730, Blary, eldest da. and co- 
heiress of William Sprigge, esq., and had issue, William, his 
successor, 6. July 1731. Sir Laurence m., 2dly, 20 Oct., 1740, 
Anne, only da. of Wentworth Harman, esq., of Moyle, and 
heiress of her brother, Cutts Harman, dean of Waterford, and 
had issue; 1. Wentworth, b 25 Oct., l^ 45, m,ChaTlotte Winter, 
3d da. of Paul Winter, of Dublin, esq., and </., leaving issue 
an only da., Anne, m. R. B. Deverell, esq. ; and, 2. Laurence, 
b. 26 July, 1742, and created baron OcVm(intown,2!jSeY>t., 1792, 
with remainder to his nephew, sir Laurence Pearsons, bart., 
viscount Oxmantown, 6 Oct., 1795, and advanced to the dig- 
nity of earl of /?055e, Feb. 180(>. His lordship w., 11 June, 
1 772, Jane, eldest da. of Edward, earl of Kingston, and liad issue 
an only child, Frances, b. 31 March, 1775, wt., 9 Dec., 1700, 


EARLS. 081 

Sobflft King, Tiiooiiiit Lorton. The earl dL witlumt iitne 
anle, 90 AiHril, 1807, and was niooeeded by his nephew, 

liAunXKCE, 9d earl, in the titles of earl Rosse and baron 
of Onnantofwn, but the visooimty became extinct. Sir Lau- 
renoe, 3d bart., dL'1749, and was snooeeded by his eldest son, 
sir WilBam, 4th hart., who m., 28 June, 1764. Mary, only da. 
and heiresa of John Clere, of Kilbnry, esq., (descended from 
the Cterea, of Onnsby and Blidding, co. Norfolk, whose an- 
osstor, Sdtward dere, of Clermont, in Normandy, came to 
IBnriand with William the Conqueror, and whose descendant, 
sir Robert Gleie, of Onnsby, m. Alice, da. of sir William 
BaBen, of BUckling, and aunt of queen Anne Bullen,) and 
had iaaae ; 1. sir Lulitbekce, 5th bart., b. 21 May, 1753 ; 
2. Jdhn-Caera, b. 1700 ; 3. William, b. 1764, in holy orders ; 
4. Thwnat-Clere, 5. 1766. Sir William d. 1 May, 1791, and 
was njneeedod by his eldest son. 

Sir IiAvmsvcE, 5th bart., who also snooeeded as 2d earl of 
i ossB , 87 May, 1807, on the decease of his undo, Laukekce, 
sul ef ]l4Mie, without issue male. 

HHrmAppirmU .^WiJsisiAUy Lobd Oxmaktowk, the 

CrMilOMff— Baron, 1702; earl, Feb. 1806. 

Motto-- /Va Deo et JUffe^Tor God and the King. 
Plate 72. 

Vbooont Somerton, Baron of Somerton, oo. Kilkenny ; bom 
12 Nov., 1773 ; succeeded his father, Charles, the late Earl, 
14 Jnhr, 1809; married, 17 May, 1816, Diana Herbert, 
ddest Oi. of George^ugustus, present Earl of Pembroke and 
Ifontgomery, K.G., and has issue Viscoukt Somertok,6. 
17 Sept., 1818 ; a da., b, 26 May, 1822 ; a son, b. 19 Sept., 
1823; and a«on, b, 12 Nov., 1824. 

The earl*s father, Cha&les Aoab, Ist earl of Normanton, 
lad archbishop of Dublin, was brother of James, Ist viscount 
CKfden, and son of Henry Agar, of Gtowran Castle, by Anne- 
SUis, (mly da. of sir John Briscoe, of Amberley Castle, co. 
Sussex, and sister of Welbore Ellis, Ist lord Mendip, who 
was so created 13 Aug., 1794, with special remainder to 
Henry, viscount Clifden, and his brothers, and to Charles, 
earl of Normanton. His lordship was b, 22 Dec, 1736, edu-> 
cated at Westminster school, and afterwards a student at 
Christ-church, in the university of Oxford; in the hall of 



which college is his portrait, as also the portraits of his grand- ' 
father, W^hore-Elhs, bisht^ of Meath, and of his unde, 
Welbore-EIlis, lord Mendip ; entered into holy orders, and 
was appointed chaplain to Hugh, duke of Northumberland, 
K.G., whilst lord-Ueut. of Irel^d, in 1763 ; from whence he 
was promoted to the deanery of Kilmore; consecrated, 20 
March, 1768, bishop of Gloyne ; consecrated archbiahop 
of CasheU, 1771; and, in 1801, archbishop of Dublin, 
bishop of Glandelagh, and primate of Ireland ; m., 22 Nov., 
1776, Jane, eldest da. of William Benson, co. Down, esq., 
(by Frances, da. of George-Macartney Portis, esq.,) and had 
issue; 1. Welbore Ellis, present earl ; 2. Gewge^ClMrles^ 
F.R.S., b, 1 Aug., 1780 ; James^ in holy orders, b, 10 July, 
1781; 3. Henrtf-William^ b, 5 July, 1784, (2. an infant; 
4. Franees-Atmey «»., 14 Dec., 1798, Thomas-Ralph, 2d vis- 
count Hawarden. His lordship was advanced to the dignity 
of the peerage, 12 June, 1705, by the title of baron SomerUmy 
CO. B^ildare ; viscount Somerton, 12 Dec., 1800; and earl of 
NormantonyOo, Kilkenny, 7 Feb., 1806. The earl d. 14 July, 
1809, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Welbore-Ellis, present and 2d earl. 

Heir-Apparent — Viscount Somerton, the earPs son. 

Creations — Baron, 12 June, 1795; viscount, 12 Dec., 
1800; earl, 7 Feb. 1806. 

Motto — Via trita via tuta — The beaten path is the best. 

Arms — See Plate 72. 

VILLE, Viscount Charleville, Baron Tullamore, F.R.S.,and 
M.R.I. A.; bom 30 June, 1764; married^ 4 June, 1798, 
Catharine-Maria, da. and sole heiress of Thomas-Townley 
Dawson, esq., of the Cremome family, and has issue, 
Charles-William, Lord Tullamore, b. 28 April, IROl ; 
«!., at Florence, 2G Feb., 1821, Beaujolio, 3d da. of the late 
Col. Campbell, of Sliawford, and niece of the Duke of Ar^lJ,- 
and has issue; 1. a son, b. 8 JMarcli, 1822 ; a son, b. 7 May, 
1823 ; and a daughter, b. 12 Nov., 1824. 

John Moore, (descended from sir Thomas Moore, of 
Croghan, knt. temp, queen Elizabeth, younger brother of 
sir Edward Moore, knt., ancestor of the marquess of Drogheda,) 
rcpi*esented King^s County in parliament, was called to the 
privy council by (jreorge I., 1714, and by the same monarch 


£ARLS« 083 

created banm TuUamore^ 22 Oct., 1715 ; d. 8 Sept., 1752, 
•Bd was snoeeeded by his only son, 

Ghables Moore, 2d lord Tullamore, 6. April 1712 ; was 
appointed a privy councillor, gov. of King*s co., and muster. 
]iiaateri.gen. in Ireland; and advanced to the dignity of earl 
of CAor/m^, 16 Sept., 1758. The earl m., 13 Oct., 1737, 
Hfltler, only da. and heiress of James Coghill, esq., descended 
fifom the Cogfaills, of Coghill, co. York, and d, without issue, 
17 Feb., 1764, when the earldom became extinct, but the 
mtaJtm devolved to the eldest son of his sister, the hon. Jane 
Mooire, who «., 27 Jan., 1724, William Bury, esq., of Shan- 
non GiOFe, CO. Limerick, and d,\\ Dec., 1787) leaving issue; 
L Jehn^ 2. Charles, b. 7 Dec^ 1728; 3. WiUiam ; 4. Rich. 
ard ; ft. .Thomas ; 6. Jane ; 7* Oeorgiana, m. Richard Ha- 
■uhon, 4th viscount Boyne ; 8. Mary ; 9. Elizabeth. 

JoHjr Bust; the eldest son, b. 1 l^ov.^ 1725, succeeded to 
Ae etttttet of his uncle, Ghu-les, earl of CharleviUe, m. Catha- 
rine, 9d da. and ooJieiress of Francis Sadlier, of Sopwell Hall, 
tti Tipperary, ew)., and d, 4 Aug., 1784, leaving issue by her 
(vho »., 9dly, 6 Jan., 1766, Henry-Prittie, lord Dunnalley,) 
aa oolyaoii, 

Charles-William, 6. 30 June, 1784, who being heir- 
general and representative of the noble family of Moore, carl 
ofChaiieville, was created baron Tzillctmore, 7 Nov., 1797; 
viaooont CharleviUe^ 29 Dec., 1800; and farther advanced to 
the dignity of earl of Charieville, 16 Feb., 1806. 
Heir-Apparent — Chakles-William, Lord Tulla- 


Creations — Baron, 7 Nov., 1797; viscount, 29 Dec, 1800; 
and earl, 16 Feb., 1«06. 

^otto —Virtus sub cruce crescit — ^Virtue increases under 
tlie cross. 

AmuSee Plate 72. 

lt)N, CO. Wicklow ; Viscount and Baron Mountjoy, co. Ty- 
rone; Governor co. Tyrone; bom 19 July, 1782; succeeded 
hi« father, Luke, the late Viscount, 6 June, 1798 ; created 
dJsn., 1816, Earl of Blessington ; married^ 1st, 11 July, 
1812, Mrs. Browne, relict of Major William Browne, and had 
"weiby her (who d. at St. Germains, in France, 19 Sept., 
1814,) Luke Wellington^ Viscount Mountjoy^ 6. 11 Sept., 1813, 
i26 March, 1823. His lordship wi., 2dly, 16 Feb., 1818, Mrs. 
'Miner, relict of M. St. Leger Farmer, esq., eldest son of 


Fanner, of Poplar Hall and ,Lanrel Orove, oo. Kildare, esq.^ 
formerly Capt. 47th Reg., and da. of Sdmond Power, of 
. Cnrragneen, oo. Waterfbrd, esq. 

The eazl*8 ancestor, the right hon. LuKfi Gabdikeb., was 
snooessively representative hi parliament for the boroughs of 
TnJee and Thomastown ; appointed deputy vioe^treesiirer of 
Ireland, and sworn of the privy council. He is mentioned by 
lord primate Boulter, in his state letters, as very eminent for 
his abilities in the service of his country, where be possessed 
great weight and influence; m., VJll, Anne Stewart j only 
da. and sole heiress of the hon. Alexander -Stewart, 2d son of 
William, 1st viscount Mountjoy, (whose male line terminated, 
1769, in the person of William Stewart, 3d viscount Mounts 
joy, and 1st earl of Blessington,) dL 11 July, 17^9 leaviag 
issue ; 1. Ch a&les, his successor ; S. SadBtUIe, m. Kliwibeth, 
s(de dA. of Edmond Kelly, of Isidane, oo. Galway, esq., d» 
1 June, 17969 leaving issue, Luke, JL «im».; Harriet, A; 
Mary, im, 83 April, 1799, tlie hon. Joseph Bonrke, dean of 
Osscnry, 3d ton ^ Joseph, Sd eari of Mayo, and ardiMshop of 
Tuam; Elizabeth, m., 11 Oct., 1798, Edward Lee, esq., lale 
knight of the shire co. Waterford; and Anne-Frances, «., 
23 April, 1798, sir Frederick^ohn Falkiner, hart. ; 3. Hen^ 
fieUa^ m., 17 Sept., 1748, Francis Macartney, esq., eldest son 
of James Macartney, judge of the court of common pleas temp, 
queen Anne, Ist cousin of George, earl Macartney, K.B., iy 
whom she was left a widow, wiUiout issue, 28 Jan., 1759 ; 
4. Mary^ d, unm. 

^ The right hon. Charles Gardiner was elected to par* 
liament for Taghmon, appointed surveyor-gen. of the customs, 
and a ranger of the Phcenix Park, and sworn of the privy 
council, and on the death of William Stewart, earl of 
Blessington, viscount Mountjoy, and baron of Ramalton, 
succeeded to the estates of that noble family; m., 20 
March, 1741, Florinde, sole da.of Robert Norman, of Lagore, 
CO. Meath, esq., (by Sarah, da. of John Bolton, dean of Deny,) 
d, 15 Nov., 1769, leaving issue by her (who d, 27 Oct., 1812,); 
1. Luke, 1st viscount Mountjoy; 2. William^ b. 23 Oct., 
1748, lieut.-gen. in the army, col. 60th foot, governor of 
Einrale fort, minister-plen^)Otentiary at Brussels, 1791, at 
Warsaw, 1793, and commander-in-chief of the forces in Notb 
Scotia and New Brunswick ; m., 1777) Harriet, 5th da. of 
the rev, sir Richard Wrottesley, of Wrottesley, co. Stafford, 
bart., (by Mary Gower, 2d sister of Granville, 1st marquess of 
Stafford, K.G.,) d, 7 Feb., 1806, leaving issue, Charles, 6. 



19 Nov., I78O9 major 00th foot ; Oertrude-Florinda, b. 80 
Oct^ 1779, M., lit, 19 Sept., 1798, Charies^ohn Clariie, of 
Hitddn Priory, 00. Herts, esq. ; 2dly, Aug. 1803, the hon. 
Charles ToUemaohe, Sd son of Louisa, countess of Dysart ; 
Harriet, k. 39 No¥., 1781, m., 6 April, 1806, Robert Patrick, 
MJI., of Treame House, 00. Ayr 1 Franoes, b. 24 May, 1783, 
m, 1808, Charies iHdland Hastings, lieut.-ooL in the army ; 
and Ibry, b. 11 Aug., 1786 1 8. Roberi, b. 13 Mardi, I7&, 
A «Ma^ S8 Not., 1808 ; 4. Atme, b. 30 May, 1746, m., 30 
C^ 1780, WiDiam Trendi, 1st earl of dancarty, G.G.B. ; 
i. FiwHmia. b. 18 Jan., 1760; m., 13 April, 1784, Thomas 
Bbi|^ of CHdtown House, co. Kildare, esq., late M.P. for 

huEX Oaedivxr, 1st viscount Mountjoy, 6. 7 Feb., 
174i, aieaieJ knt. of the shire co. Dublin, a pnvy councillor, 
•ai ooIoimI of the DuUin miHtia, and being sole represent 
titifv of his maternal ancestors, the Stewarts, earls of 
TWwIngliai, and risoounts Mountjoy, was advanced to the 
%iiity of baron Mauntfogj 18 Oct., 1789, and viscount 
Ifeww yOby, 8 Nor., 1796 ; m., 1st, 3 July, 1773, Elisabeth, 
iliett da. of sir WiUiam Montgomery, of Magbiehill, eo. 
Mile^ bart., and sister of Anne, late marchioness of 
Toanuaid, and had issue by her (wlu> d. 7 Nov., 1783), 1. 
iaJb*, 6. a Sept., 1780, d. 16 Sept., 1781 ; 3. Chasles^ohk, 
Istearl of lOesBington; 3. Flormda^ d. 8 March, 1786; 
i. LmUa, b. 87 Jane, 1773 ; 6. Harriet; 6. Emiiy^ d. 12 
Sept, 1788; 7. Caroline^ d. 6 Nov., 1782; 8. Elizabeth, d. 
31 Jan., 1790 : the viscount m., 2dly, 20 Oct., 1793, Margaret, 
eldest da. of Hector Wallis, esq., and had issue ; 9. Luke, d, 24 
April, 1810; and 10. Margaret, b. 4 Feb., 1796, m. 1822, J. 
Heiy Hutdiinson, nephew of the earl of Donoughmore. The 
viscount was killed at the head of his regiment, in an engage- 
neat with the rebels, at Ross, in Ireland, 5 June, 1798, and 
a monument was directed by parliament to be erected to his 
me mor y. He was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Chaklxs.John, 2d viscount Mountjoy, and Ist and pre- 
sent earl of Blcnsington. 

JSr«{r->4fi|Nirtfn<— ViscouKT Mouktjot, only son o( the 

Creaihne — Baron Mountjoy, co. Tyrone, 18 Oct., 1789 ; 
visoonnt Mountjoy, 6 Nov., 1796; earl of Blessington, 22 
Jtn., 1816. 

Motto — Nil desperandutn-^yever despair. 

Arfnt^See Plate 72. 



RICHARD WHITE, Earl of BANTRY, Viscoant 
Bearhaven, Vincount and Baron Ban try, of Bantry, co. Cork; 
bom G Au^., ] ^^TJ ; was presented with a gold m^al, by the 
dty of Cork, for his spirited exertions on the arrival of the 
French forces in Bantry Bay, 27 Jan., 1707; was created 
baron of Bantry, 31 March, 1797 ; viscount Bantry, 29 Dee., 
1800; earl of Bantry, and viscount Bearhaven, 22 Jan., 1816; 
married^ 3 Nov., 1799, Margaret-Anne Hare, daughter of 
William, Earl of Listowel, and has issue; 1. Richard, 
Viwount Bearhaven^ 5. 16 Nov., 1800; 2. William^ b. Nov. 
1801 : 3. a mm, b. 31 March, 1810 ; and, 4. M<may d. June 

The -earl derives his descent from sir Thomas Whitk, of 
Rickmansworth, co.- Herts, the founder of St. John's College, 
Oxford, and brother of John White, lord bishop of Win- 
chester, 1557* The ancestor of this noble ffttnily came to 
Ireland during the civil wars, which commenced 1641, His 
descendant, in the 4th degree, 

Richard Whitc, of Bantry, (who was materfially 
descended from the Hamiltons of Armagh), m. Martha, da. 
of the rev. dean Davies, of Dawston, co. Cork, and had issue ; 
I.Simon; 2. Hamilton^ d. unm,; 3. Margaret^ »»., 8 Nov., 
1756, Richard Longfield, viscount Longueville. 

Simon, eldest son, wi., 1760, Frances-Jane Eyre, da. of 
Richard-Hedges Eyre, at Mount Hedges, esq., (by Helena, 
da. of Thomas Herbert, of Muckruss, esq.,) and d, before his 
father, leaving issue ; 1. Richard, present earl ; 2. Simon^ 
«i., 1801, Sarah, youngest da. of John Newenham, esq., and 
has issue ; 3. Hamilton^ m., 1800, miss Heaphy, and d. Dec 
1804, leaving issue a son, b. 23 Nov., 1804 ; 4. Edward^Eyre^ 
d. 1790; 6. Ileien^ m, Richard Devonshire Newenham, oi 
Maryborough, co. Cork, esq. ; 6. Martha^ m., 1800, Michael- 
Goold Adams, of Jamesbrook, esq. ; 7« Frances, w. major-gen. 
Edward Dunn. 

Richard, present earl of Bantry*. 

Heir-Apparent — Richard, Viscount Bearhaven, the 
earl's eldest son. 

Creations — Baron, 31 March, 1797; viscount, 29 Dec, 
1800; earl of Bantry, and viscount Bearhaven, 22 Jan., 

]\Iotto — The noblest motive is the jmblic good. 

Arms — See Plate 72. 


EARLS. 087 

■nd Baron Gaher, co. Tipperary, 6. 1704; Hucceeded his 
&ther, Richard, the late Earl, 30 Jan., 181 i). 

This branch of the house of Butler is derived from James 
LI BoTiLLER, otherwise called Galdie or the Englishman, 
ton (by Catherme, da. of Gerald, earl of Desmond,) of James^ 
Sdeanof Onnond, whose descendants were, by the settlements 
cf IT&amas, 10th earl of Ormox^e, named next in remainder 
to the estates of the house of Ormonde, on failure of the 
barons Dimhoyne. 

Thoicas Butler, of Caher, or Cahierdown, the great*^ 
psndaoni of James le Botiller, m. EUice, da. of the earl of 
Dagnond, and had issue, Edmund, who, by Catharine, da. 
of sir Pierce Poer, had, Thomas, who was created baron 
Csh^ 1543, tn., Eleanor, da. tk Pierce, earl of Ormonde, 
•ad by hfer had issue, Edmukd, 2d lord, who d, without 
Imie malfty when the title beoune extinct ; but queen Elizabeth 
onewted it 1683, by a new creation, in favour of sir Theo- 
ULD BuTLEji, son of Pierce, youngest brotho? to Thomas, 
lit lord Caher, by a da. of Mac Pierce, lord Dunboyne. Prom 
Um descended, through a long line of ancestry, Piebce, 
10th lord, who <L at Paris, 10 June, 1788, tmm^ when 
tills branch of the family became extinct in the male line. 
^ estates, pursuant to his lordship^s will, devolved upon 
AiCBARD, grandson of Richard ButW, of Ballynahinch, co» 
Tipperary, Ikther of 

James Butler, of Fethard, who m. Sarah Nicholls, and 
(L in the East Indies, as is presumed, July 1788, leaving 
itne; 1. Richard, Uth baron, and Ist earl of Glengall, and 
viicoant Caher; 2. Jameg^ d. young; and 3. Jane^ b, 1 
^H't 1776, m., 28 Oct., 1815, Thomas, lord Manners, lord 
%n chwodlor of Ireland. 

ki chard, 11th baron Caher, was, 22 Jan., 181G, ad- 
vaaoed to the dignities of earl of Gknyall, and viswunt 
CoiWr, CO. Tipperary; b* 13 Nov., 1775; *»., 15 Aug., 1703, 
tdnilia, youngest da. of Jam(^-8t.-J()iin JeiTreys, of Blanu^y 
Castle, CO. Cork, esq., (by Arabella, eldest sister of John, Ist 
^1 of Clare,) and liad issue ; 1. Richard, present earl ; 2. 
Henrietta^ m., 8 Dec, 1822, George Hamilton, earl of Belfast, 
^est son of the marquess of Donegal ; 3. Charlotte ; 4. Emilj/, 
The earl d. 20 Jan., 1819, and was succeeded by his only son, 

Richard, present and 2d earl. 

HeirmApparent —None. 

G G a Crearton* — 

988 IRISH P££RA6£. 

Creaiioru^^lRBTOD. Caher, 6 May, 1583 ; carl of OlengaU, 
and viscount Caher, 22 Jan., 1816. 
Motto— .Goc/ be my guide. 
^niM— See Plate 72. 

HOLROYD, Ea&l.^ SHEFFIELD, Vitooont Pevensey, 
Biuvn Sheffield, of Donamore, oo. Meath, and Baron Shef- 
field, 00. York, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom \'bom 
16 March, 1802 ; succeeded his father, John, the late Earl, 90 
May, 1821. 

This family is of great antiquity in the West Riding of 
Yorkshire; and it appears frma ancient flrants, ftc, that 
Wmiam DE HowROTDE, er Holrotd, (for tbs name has 
been yariously spelt) possessed the lands of diat name in the 
reign of Edward L From him was descended Isaac Holroyd, 
esq., who settled in Ireland, temp. Car. II., and acquired con- 
siderable possessions in that kingdom, and was grandfather of 
Isaac Holroyd, esq., b. July 1708 ; m. Dorothy, the youngest 
da. of Danid Baker, of Penn, co. Bucks, esq., by Martha his 
wife, da. of Samuel Mellish, of Blythe, co. Nottingham, esq., 
by whom (who d, 29 Aug., 17779) ^^ ^^ iaiexie four sons and 
four daughters, of whom, the only survivor, 

John, succeeded, on failure of male issue, to the estates of 
his mother's family, and thereupon, in pursuance of the will of 
his maternal unde, took the name of Baker ^ in addition to, and 
before that of, Holroyd. Created 9 Jan., 1781 , baron Sh^ffield^ 
of Dunamore, co. Meath ; 19 Oct., 1783, baron Sheffield^ of Ros- 
common, with limitation, on failure of issue male, to die male 
issue of his two daughters, Maria and Louisa. Created a 
peer of Great Britain by the title of baron Sheffield^ of Shef- 
field, CO. York, 29 July, 1802, and advanced to the dignity of 
earl of Shejffieldy and viscount Pevensey, in Ireland, 2!2 Jan., 
1816. The earl was president of the board of agriculture, 
1803 ; and, in 1809, appointed a member of the board of 
trade, and sworn of his majesty's most hon. privy council ; he 
was also F.R.S. and F.S.A. The earl m., 1st, 1767, Abigail, 
only da. of Lewis Way, of Richmond, co. Surrey, esq., (by 
Abigail, his 3d wife, sole heir of Jolm Lockay, esq., by 
Abigail, da. and sole heir of sir Roger Hill, of Denham, co. 
Buckingham) and by her (who d. 3 April, 1793,) had issue; 
1. John- William^ d. young; 2. Marict^osepha^ *»., 11 Oct., 
1796, sir John*Thomas Stanley, of Adderly Park, co. Chester, 

bart. ; 

EARLS. 080 

but.; S» £<lliiMkJ9or«MM, m., Mardi 1797) li«ut.-gun. sir 

William-Henry dinton, O.C.B., ooL of the 65th foot, eldest 

Ma of the late gen. rir Henry Clinton, K.B., commander .in. 

chief in North America, governor, of Gibraltar, and Gn*Bn(l8<m 

of Frands, 6th earl of Lincoln, the earl m., 2dly, 26 Dec., 

1791, I^cy Pelham, 3d da. of Thomas, Ist earl of Chichester, 

and by her (who d. 18 Jan., 17970 had a still 6. son; the earl 

«^ Sdly, 20 Jan., 1798, lady Anne North, 2d da. of Frederick, 

Sdeariof Guilford, K.O., and had issue an only son, Georoe- 

Aitovstub-FkedericChables, present earl, to whom his 

pnsent majeity and the queen stood sjMinsors; and Anne* 

FftderiMy b. 25 Dec, 1804. The earl d. 30 May, 1821, aged 

K) and was sueoeeded by his only son, 

6xoRex-AnGn8TU8.JPREDERic.CHARLE8, present and 

HtiTmApparent — None. 

CnoA^iu — Baron Sheffield, of Dunamore, co. Meath, 9 
Jn.,1781 ; baron Sheffield, of Roscommon, 19 Oct., 1783^ 
lad, in dfllisnilt of issue male, remainder of this barony to the 
iBile issue of his two das., Maria and Louisa; baron Sheffield, 
«r Sheffield, oo. York, 29 July, 1802; earl of Sheffield and 
viMmint Pevensey, in Ireland, 22 Jan., 1810«. 

Motto — Q^em te Deus esse jtissii — ^What God commands 

if riM-JSee Pkte 72. 

FRANCIS NEEDHAM, Earl and Viscount KIL- 

MOREY, Viscount Newry and IMome, bom 6 April, 1748 ; 

•oooeaded his brother Robert, the late Viscount, 14 Dec, 

1818; General in the Army, and Colonel of the 86th R^- 

ment of Foot, and a Trustee of the liinen Manufacture, 

created, 12 Jan., 1822, Earl of Kilmorey, Viscount Newry and 

Mome, 00. Downe ; married^ 20 Feb. 1787) Anne, 2d daughter 

of Thonuis Fisher, of Acton, co. Middlesex, esq. , and by her (who 

d. 29 Oct., 1816,) had issue ; 1. Frakcis-Jack, Visconnt 

Nevory^ M.P. for Newry, b, 13 Dec, 1787? w>*9 7 Jan., 1814, 

Jane, 5th da. of George Gunn, of Mount Kennedy, co. Wicklow, 

and Kilmoina, co. Kerry, esq., and has issue, Frnnci8-.Jaok, 

b. 2 Feb., 1815; Robert, b, 10 May, 1816: Jane.Selina* 

Elizabeth, b, 5 July, 1817; Francis-Henry.Needham, b. 3 

Aug., 1819; 2. Francis-IIenry. William^ b, 15 March, 1707; 

3. Margaret^ d. ; 4. Annc-Maria-Elixabeth^ b. 23 March, 

1700, «n., 20 June, 1816, the Il(m. and Rev. llunry.Cocknyne 

o G 3 Cust, 


Cost, brother to Earl Brownlow ; 5. Amelia ; 6. Ffunce$» 
JBlixabeih^ b. 2 July, 1702 ; 7* Selhna^ b, 2 July, 1704, m., 
6 July, 1817) the Hon. Orlando Bridgeman, 3d fM>n of the 
Earl of Bradford ; 8. Geargiana, b. 6 Sept., 1706 ; 0. AkeiU' 
Mairy^ b, 2 Dec., 1706 ; 10. MabeUa^osefkine^ b, 22 Nov., 
1801, m. Feb. 1822, the Hon. John-Henry Knox, 3d boh of 
Visooimt Northland. 

The family of Needham was seated at Needham, co. Derby, 
as early as the reign of Edward III., and afterwards at 
Shenton, oo. Salop. Robert Needham, of Shenton, was 
created viscount Kilmorey^ 18 April, 1625, and d. 1627, 
leaving a son, Robert, 2d viscount, twice m., and d, 1653, 
leaving by his 1st wife. Robert, 8d viscount, who d. without 
issue, 1657 ; and by his 2d, Charles, 4th viscount, who was 
father of Robert, 5th viscount, father of 

Thomas, 6th viscount, succeeded his father, 20 Hay, 1668 ; 
m. Frances, da. and heiress of Franoes-Leveson Fowler, of 
Hamage Grange, co. Salop, esq., and by her (who m«, 2dl7, 2 
May, 1600, Theophilus Hastinss, 7th eari of Huntingdon ; 
and, 3dly, the dievaUer M ichad de Ligondes, of the lurase of 
Auvergne, a coL in the French service, and d, 27 Dec, 1723,) 
had issue, 

Robert, 7th viscount, m. Mary, da. of John Offley, of 
Crew, CO. Chester, esq., and d, 2 Oct., 1710, leaving issue 
by her (who c^. May 1765,); 1. Robert ; 2. Thomas, succes- 
sive viscounts ; 3. Francis ; 4. John, 10th viscount ; 5. AnnCy 
d. March, 1701; 6. Mary, d, 1784; 7. Elizabeth ; 8. Hen- 
rietta, d, 1777* The viscount d. 2 Oct., 1710, and was suc- 
ceeded by his eldest son, 

Robert, 8th viscount, who <i. an infant, March 1717) and 
was succeeded by his next brother, 

Thomas, 0th viscount, m., 20 June, 1730, lady Mary, 3d 
da. and co-heiress of Washington Shirley, 2d earl Ferrers, 
who «*. 12 Aug., 1784. The viscount d. 3 Feb., 1768, with- 
out issue, and was succeeded by his brother, 

John, 10th viscount, a col. in the army, m., 11 Jan., 1738, 
Anne, da. and co-heir of John Hurleston, of Newton, co. 
Chester, and widow of Peter Shakerly, of Chester, esq., and 
had issue by her (who d. 9 Aug., 1786,) ; 1. Thomas, d. 10 
April, 1773; 2. Robert, 11th viscount ; and, 3. Francis, 
present earl. The viscount d. 27 May, 1791, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

Robert, 11 viscount, m,, 10 Jan. 1792, Frances, eldest 
da. of sir Robert-Salusbury Cotton, bart., and sister to lord 


£AEL8. 001 

Gomberni0re,O.C3.aiidK.TJ3^and by her, who cK. 26 Nov., 
1818, had no lame. The Tiaooiint d, 14 Dec., 1818, and ww 
meceeded by his hrother, 

FaAVCiB, 12thvifcoimt, and 1st earL 

£Rrir.^mMW«ii<— .The Hok. Frakcib-Jack Needbam, 
Tiaeoiint Newry and Home, the earPs eldest son. 

Cf wrtow ■ Visconnt, 18 April, 1625 ; earl, 12 Jan., 1822. 

Motto-^i^tmo omU ntm^tiam— Now or never. 
Plate 73. 

ViBomuit McnudL, Bamm Monck, of Ballytrammon, oo. Wez- 
fi»d; kofn 26 July, 1785 ; succeeded his father, Charles- 
Stsnley, the late Visoount, 8 June, 1802 ; created, 12 Jan., 
lass, £arl of Bathdown ; married^ 28 July, 1806, Frances le 
Peer Trench, 5th daughter of William-Power-Koating, Ist 
till of CSanoarty, and luis issue, Viscoukt Mokck, 6. Feb., 
1816{ andSikv. 

. ffii lordahip is descended from the ancient family of 
Moves, 00. JDefim, from which proceeded the dukes of 

Chaeues Monck, esq., m., 1673, Sarah, da. of sir Thomas 
Stanley, of Orange Gorman, and had issue 7 sons, the eldest 
of whom was ancestor of 

Oeoroe-Paul Monck, esq., who m., 24 April, 1755, 
Araminta-Beresford, sister of George de la Poor, 1st marquess 
of Watoford, and had issue ; 1. Henry, *»., 3 Nov., 1739, Isa- 
beOa Bentind^ 2d da. of Henry, 1st duke of Portland, (by £li. 
labeth Noel, cddest da. and co-heiress of the earl of Gains- 
borooffh,) and d. 1787) leaving issue by her (who d. Feb. 1783) 
an onfy ojel, Elizabeth, m., 13 April, 1769, George de la Peer 
Beresford, 1st marquess of Waterford ; 2. Thomas, m., 13 Oct., 
1753, Judith Mason, and d, 1772, leaving issue; 1. Charles- 
Stanlet, 1st viscount; 2. Henry .Stanley; 3. Thomas- 
Stanley, in hdy orders; 4. William-DomviUe-Stanley ; 5. 
Anne-Isabella, m., 3 June, 1777) Comwallis Maude, 1st 
▼isooant Hawarden. 

Charles-Stanley, Ist viscount, succeeded to the family 
estates in 1787) on the death of his undo, Henry Monck, 
esq., without issue male, and was created baron Moncky 
7 Nov., 1797, and viscount Monck, 21 Dec., 1800. His 
lordship m., 1785, Aime, sister of Henry Quin, esq., and by 
her (who d. 20 Dec, 1823,) had issue; 1. Henry-Stanley, 



present earl ; 2. Charlet-JMepfh^Kelly^ h. 13 July, 1791, flf., 
29 Nov., 1817, miss B. Willington, youngest da. of the late 
J. Willington, of Kiloschar, co. Tipperary, esq. ; 3. Georg^y 
b. Oct. 1800, d. an infant ; 4. Anne-Wilheknina, b, 22 Sept., 
1786^ m., Oct. 1812, Daniel«James Webb, esq. ; 5. Isabella^ b. 
3 May, 1790, m., 6 S^t., 1805, Thomas Maunsell Wilson, of 
00. Tipperary, esq. The viscount d. 9 June, 1802, and was 
succeeded by his eldest son, 

H£KiiY<^TAKLEY, 2d viscount, and 1st earl of Rathdown. 

Heir'Apparent — Viscount Mokck, the earl's son. 

Creations — Baron, 7 Nov., 1797 • viscount, 21 Dec., 1800; 
earl of Rathdown, 12 Jan., 1822. 

Motto _For^/<;r, fideliter^ /e/ioi/er.— Boldly, faithfully, 

^rnM— See Plate 73. 

Ennismore and Listowel, Baron Ennismore, co. Kerry ; bom 
1750 ; M.P. for Cork, 179B, and for Athy, 1799, (the last Par- 
liament of Ireland ;) created Baron Ennismore, 30 July, 1800, 
Viscount Ennismore and Listowel, 22 Jan., 1816, and Earl of 
Listowel, 12 Jan., 1822 ; married^ 1st, 30 May, 1772, Mary, 
only da. of Henry Wrixton, of Ballygiblin, co. Cork, esq., 
and has issue by her (who d. 5 Aug., 1810,) ; 1. Richabd, 
Viscount Ennismore^ b. 20 March, 1773, M.P. for Athenry, 
1798, Knight of the Shire co. Cork, 1812, w., 10 June, 1797, 
the Hon. Catharine Bridget Dillon, eldest da. of Robert Lord 
Clonbrock, and by her (who d.ll Sept., 1823,) has issue, Wil- 
liam, Richard, Robert, Henry; Letitia, w., 22 Jan., 1824, 
Richard-Oliver Aid worth, esq., and Mary; 2. William-Henry^ 
b, 1 July, 1782, m., 17 July, 1806, Charlotte, only da. of Isaac 
Baugh, esq., and has issue, William, b. 18 June, 1808; 3. 
Mar garet' Anne ^ w., 25 Nov., 1799, Richard White, Earl of 
Bantry; 4. Mary^ m., 15 Jan., 1803, Charles-Morley Balders, 
of Barsham Hall, co. Norfolk, esq. ; 5. Louisa^ wi., 16 March, 
1817, John Bushe, esq., eldest son of the Solicitor-Gen. for 
Ireland; and, 6. Catharine^ w., 10 Jan., 1808, Richard, son 
of George Maunsell, D.D., Dean of Leighhn. The Viscount 
«»., 2dly, 5 March, 1812, Anne, 2d da. of John Latham, of 
Meldrum, co. Tipperary, esq. 

Tlie earPs grandfather, John Hare, co. Norfolk, after- 
wards of the city of Cork, m. Mary, da. of WiUiam Russell, 


EARLS. 993 

«f TMmton, CO. Somenet, esq., and had issue; 1. WUnam; 
S. John ; 3. Richakd ; 4. Jtwtett; 5. Jane^ m. WUUam 
flare, esq. ; and, 6. Marp. 

RiCBAKD Hasx, 8d son, m. Mai^garet, da. of Samuel 
MayVxr, esq., and had issue; 1. William, 1st earl; 2.Johnj 
d. 1774, tmM. ; 3. JIfary, m., 4 Feb., 1774, John Bagwell, of 
Mariefieid, late knt. of the shire 00. Tipperarv, esq. ; and, 
4. MmrgmnUAnne^ m. Edward CixdLer, <^ Ballynegard, oo. 
limerid^ esq. Richard Hare, esq., d, 1792, and was suc- 
tssdedby his son, 

WiLLiAX,' prawnt and 1st earl. 

Welr^ppainni^^ The Hoir. Richard Habe, Viscouitt 
BnnsMORX, M.P., the eail*s ddest son. 

Crmiumt — Baron Ennismore, 30 July, 1800; viscount 
Rmismore and Listowel, 28 Jan., 1816 ; earl of Listowd, 
12 Jan., 1822. 

]fotto.i— Odi prqfanvm-^ I hate whatever is profane. 

Arm — See Plate 73. 

BninKren, Visoount Mounteurl, Baron Adiure, co. Limeridc, 
mA a Baronet of Great Britain, horn 24 Sept., 1782, suc- 
eeeded his father, Valentine-Richard, Ist Earl, 24 Aug., 1824 ; 
took the name of Wyndham^ in addition to, and before that 
of Qoin, by Royal Sign Manual, 7 April, 1815; married^ 27 
Be&, 1810, Caroline, da. and sole heiress of Thomas Wynd- 
ham, of Dunraven Castle, 00. Glamorgan, and of Clearwell 
Court, CO. Gloucester, esq., and has issue, 1. Edwik-Rich- 
AmD-WTNDHAM, Viscoutit Mounteorl, b, 19 May, 1812 ; and, 
2. AtmO'Maria, b. Nov. 1814. 

The family of Qutn, according to the andent Irish gene- 
alogista, derive their surname from Con Cead Caha, or Con 
of the hundred battles, monarch of Ireland, in the 2d cen- 
tury ; his grandson, Cormac, was the first who bore the name 
of QttWi, I. e. the descendant of Con ; he is said to have been 
monarch of Ireland, in 254. At the first arrival of the Eng- 
liah, temp. Henry II., the family of Quin certainly possessed 
large territories, over which they governed as hereditary 
diieftains ; many places still retain their name, as Inchiquin, 
Tyquin, &c, though now conveyed to other proprietors. 
Camden mentions 0*Quin, of Dunderlus, among the Ulster 
chieftains, temp, queen Elizabeth ; he m. the sister of the 
famous 0*NeiL 


The immediate descent of the earl is from the anden^ 
bnmuch of Inchiquin, co. Clare, where his aiiioestors possessed 
Corofin, Inchiquin, and Glanquin, with the castles of Inchi- 
quin, Stomehouse, and Balleyportrey, and a|M>ear to have had 
great feudal power for many centuries. The family docu- 
ments detail a number of marriages with considerable fiamiliea 
during this period, and describe their feuds and final ezpulaioa 
from Clare by the more powerfid sept of the O'Briens, an4 
bring the pedigree down to 

John Quik, bishop of Limerick, 1621, which see he re- 
signed 1551, in consequence of his infirmities ; his brother, 
James Quiv, of KilmaUock, oo. J^imerick, (in which county 
their ancestor settled, on being deprived of his ancient 
patrimony in Clare,) was faUier of Donouoh Quiv, who 
m, Judidi, da. and sole heiress of O'Riordan, an Irish 
chieftain, d, 1671, and was interred in the abbey of Adare; 
he left issue^ 

Thady Qvin, of Adare, co. Limerick^ b. 1645, who pfur- 
chased a considerable estate, co. Limerick, and had a grant 
from Charles II., 13 Mardi, 1684, confirming to him the 
estate of Adare ; his descent fi^mi the andent princes of Ire- 
land is recognized by sir Richard Oamey, knt., Ulster king 
at arms, in a record entered in Ulster's office, in 1688 ; he m., 
1st, Bridget, da. and sole heiress of Andrew Rice, of Dingle, 
CO. Kerry, esq., (eldest brother of sir Stephen Rice, knt., lord- 
chief-baron of the exchequer, 1687,); 2dly, Frances, da. of 
major Boyle Hull, son of sir WiUiam Hull, of Leamdon, 
CO. Cork, knt. ; and, 3dly, Catharine, da. of Piers Morony, 
esq.; he d, 26 Oct., 1726, leaving issue by his 8d wife; 
1. VALEKtiNE, his successor, at Adare ; 2. Johti^ b. 1692, who 
succeeded to the estate of Ros-Brien, m., 4 March, 1714, 
Mary, da. of sir Walter Blake, of Brealogh Castle, co. Gal- 
way, bart., d, 3 Nov., 1729, leaving issue, Valentine, Con- 
stantine, Thomas, and Thady ; 3. James^ d. unm, ; 4. Cathor 
rine^ m. John O'Grady, of Kilbally Owen, co. Limerick, esq. ; 

5. Eleanor^ m. Standish Barry, of Lemlara, co. Limerick ; 

6. Judith^ m. Jeffery Keating, esq. 

Valentine Quin, of Adare, conformed to the established 
religion, w., 14 Oct., 1707? Mary, eldest da. and co-heiress of 
Henry Widenham, of the Court, co. Limerick, esq,, d, 29 July, 
1744, having had issue; 1. Henry ^ d. young; 2. Wyndham, 
who succeeded; 3. George, It. 23 Feb., 1729, to whom his 
father bequeathed large estates in co. Clare and Limerick, 
m, Caroline Cavendish, 4th da. of the right hon. sir Henry 
Cavendish, of Doveridge Hall, co. Derby, (grandfather of 


EARLS. 995 

Bkluurd, lord Waterpark.) d. IS Sept., 1791, leaving issue by 
Wr (who d, 2 Jan., 1801,) an only da. and sole heiress, Mary, 
*. 10 Sept., 1759, «. Thomas, marquess of Headfort, K.P., 
whose 2d son, lord George, has a8sume<i the name of Qitin ; 
4. Jfary, m. sir William Barker, of Kilcooley Ahl)ey, co. 
Kilkenny, hart. ; 5. Margaret ; 6. Alice ; 7* Catharine ; and,«iji#. 

Wtkoham Quin, of Adare, esq., b, 1717) elected to par- 

liammt for Kibnallock, 1768, m., July 1748, Frances, only da. 

of Ridiard Dawson, of Dawson Grove, co. Monaghan, esq., 

(by EUiabeth, da. of John Vesey, archbishop of Tuam, an. 

nstor of viscount de Vesci,) and sister of Thomas, viscount 

Cremome, and d. April 1789, leaving issue ; 1. Valentine- 

RiCHAKD, 1st earl, b, 30 July, 1752; 2. Wyndham^ lieut.. 

coL in the army, m., 1783, Mary-Anne, eldest da. of Richard 

Dawson, of Ardee, esq., (by Anne, 2d da. of sir Edward 

O'Brien, of Dromoland, co. Clare, bart.,) younger brother of 

Tiianaa, viscount Cremome ; 3. John, in holy orders, m., 

1784, Catharine, da. of Standish Grady, of CappercuUen, co. 

limeridc, esq., and sister of Mary Teresa, countess of II. 

cbester, and d. 1789, without issue by her (who m., 2dly, 

Oeorge Gnmbleton, esq.) ; 4. Elizabeth, m., 1st, Gamaliel 

Hagrath; and, 2dly, George Parkin, esq.; 5. Mary, m, 

Harcns Paterson, esq., nephew and heir of Marcus Paterson, 

lord chirf justice of the common-pleas; 6. Catlutriiie, m., 

Mardi 1780, the rev. Thomas Grady, 2d son of Standish 

Grady, esq. ; 7» Frances, d, unm. 

Sir Valektine.Richard Quin, Ist earl of Rathdown, 
was created a baronet of Great Britain, 24 March, 1781, 
baron Adare, 30 July, 1800, advanced to the further dignity 
of viscount Mountearl, 22 Jan., 181G, and to the title of earl 
of Dunraven, 12 Jan, 1822, m,, 22 Aug., 1777? Frances-Mu. 
riel, Gth da. of Stephen Strangways, 1st earl of Ilchester, and 
by her (who d. May 1814,) had issue ; I.Wyndham-Henry, 
present earl; 2. Richard-George, b. 20 April, 1789, m,, 
7 Sep., 1813, Emily, 2d da. of sir John Smith, of Sydling, co. 
Dorset, bart. ; 3. Elisabeth, d, Aug. 1 795 ; 4. Harriett, b, 
21 Dec, 1784, *n., 24 Nov., 1804, sir M^'illiam-Payne Gall. 
wey, bart. The earl m,, 2dly, 28 Feb., 1816, Mrs. Blenner- 
hasset, widow of col. Blennerhasset, and dying 24 Aug., 1824, 
was succeeded by his eldest sou, 
Windham-Henry, present and 2d earl. 
Heir-Apparent — Richard -Windham, Viscount 
Mountearl, the earl's sou. 

Creations — . 

906 IRISH P££RAO£. 

CrMiliofif— Baronet of Great Britain, 24 March, I78I ; 
banm A4are, SO July, lOQp ; viaoQimt Hountearl, 22 Jan., 
1816 ; earl of Dunraven and Moimtearl, and Tisoount Adare^ 
12 Jan., 1822. 

Motto— (hM* iuraumvoio videre~^l wish to see those 
things which are ahove. 

Armi^8ee Plate 73. 


I »7 J 



I^Qblin, a Trustee of the Royal College of St. Patrick, May- 
^looth: bom 4 Jan., 177^ : succeeded his father, Anthony, the 
late Viscount, 15 Dec, 178G: married^ 27 Dec, 1794, Mar- 
pt^ Southwell, eldest da. of Thomas-Arthur, Viscount 
^thwdl, and by her (who d, 26 Jan., 1820,) had issue; 
'• Eoward-Anthony-Johk, 6. 8 June, 1796 ; 2. Arthur^ 
^nihonp^ b. 2 June, 1798 ; 3. Jenieo-Charlet, b, 24 Sept., 
180O; 4. Robert^ b. 23 Jan., 1802; 5. Charles, b, 28 April, 
1803; 6. Edmundy b. 16 Feb., 1808; 7* Henrietta; and, 

Sir Robert de Prestok, of Oormanston, in Ireland, 
^ appointed deputy to Richard, duke of York, lord deputy 
of Irdand, younger son of king Edward IV., 1478, and the 
*^ine year created viscount Gormanston. From him the title 
<leMended in regular succession of son to father, to 

Nicholas, 6th viscount, m. Mary, da. of Nicholas, 1st 
discount Kingsland, and had issue by her ; 1. Jenico, 7th 
^soount ; 2. Nicholas, m. his 2d cousin, Elizabeth, da. of 

VOL. II. H H Anthony 


Anthony Preston, 2d viscount Taragh, and had issue by her, 
James and Anthony, 8th and 9th viscounts. The viscount 
d. 1643, and was succeeded by his son, 

Jenico, 7th viscount, who attaching himself to the party 
of king James II., was outlawed in 1^1, from which time, 
although the title was regularly assumed by his successors, 
they enjoyed no seat in the house of lords, nor any other pri- 
vilege of the peerage till the present viscount claimed, and by 
a solemn decision of the house of lords of Ireland, 25 July, 
1800, was restored tbg tiie dignity of his ancestors. The 7th 
viscount d. without iMme nule, nod was succeeded by his 

Jenico, 8th viscouiit, upon whose death the title devolved 
to his brother, Anthont, 9th vlsoount, who m., 1700, Mary 
Preston, only child of his uncle Jenico, 7th viscount, and d, 
25 Sept., I7I6, leaving issue an only son, 

Jenico, 10th viscount, b. I707, wi., 9 Feb., 1729, Tho- 
masine, eldest da. of Jolm BarnBW^ 11th lord Trimlestown, 
and by her (who d, 16 Jan., 1788,) had issue ; 1. Anthont, 
1 1th viscount ; 2. James^ m, Purefoy, 2d da* of sir Willoughby 
Aston, of Aston, 00. Chester, bart., aftd by her (who d. at 
Liege, 1792,) had issue, Jenico and John, dec.^ Edward, 
Philip, Catharine, Mary, Sydney, and Frances ; 3. Jenico ; 
4. John ; 5. Catharine^ m, Anthony, count Doria; 6. Frances ; 
7. Bridget ; 8. Elizabeth ; and, 9. Margaret. The viscount d. 
31 Oct., 1757, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Anthony, 11th viscount, m, Honnetta, da. of lieut.-gen. 
John Robinson, of Denston Hall, co. Suffolk, and d. 15 Dec., 
1786, leaving issue by her (who »«., 2dly, major-gen. Chris- 
topher JeafFreson, of Dalingham House, co. Cambridge,) an 
only son, 

Jenico, present and 12th viscount. 

Heir-Apparent — Edward-Anthony-John, eldest son 
of the viscount. 

Creation — 1478. 

Motto — Sans tache — Without stain. 

Arms — See Plate 76. 

SON, of Limerick, co. Leitrim ; also Earl of Jersey, Viscount 
Villiers, of Dartford, and Baron of Hoo, in England, born 
19 Aug., 1773. 

(See Earl of Jersey, in tlie Peerage of England.) 



H«tr.^|}par0fi/— Viscount Villis&s, son of the earL 
CfM/Jon^S Jan., 1620. 
^rM«_See Plate 17. 

LON, of Goatdlo OaUen, 00. Sligo, Colonel in the Army : bom 
98 Od., 17771 succeeded his faUier, Charles Dillon, the late 
Visoonnt, 9 Nov., 1813; nutrriedy Feb. 1807, the eldest da. 
of D. G. Browne, esq., M.P. for Mayo, and has issue a son, 
h. ao April, 1810 ; and another son, 6. Oct. 1813. 

Viseonnt Dillon is the representative of the elder branch of 
the ancieat fsmily of Dillon, 'whose ancestor, Henrt Dil- 
LOiTy obtained from king John, while earl of Mortaigne, a 
grant of a large tract of country in Ireland, afterwards dii- 
ringnishpd by the i^peUation of *' DiUon's Counir^^* 

OxRALD DiLLOK, of Dnunrauy, chief of the fSsmily of 
Dinon towards the end of the 14th century, left two sons, the 
«Uer of whom, sir Maurice, was ancestor of the viscounts 
DiDoiu and the younger, sir Jamgs, of the earis of Rosoonu 
moBL (SM that title.) Sixth in descent from sir Maurice was 
sir Theobald, of Costello-Gallen, co. M&yo, knt., created 
16 March, 1621-2, viscount 2>i/fon, and d. 15 March, 1624, 
at so advanced an age, that he was enabled to collect in his 
house, at one time, above one hundred descendants. He had 
issue 8 sons and 11 das. ; of the sons, Christopher^ the eldest, 
who di. in his father ^s lifetime, was ancestor of the 2d, 3d, 4th, 
6th, and 6th viscounts, and Lucas^ the 2d, was ancestor of the 
present viscount. 

Theobald, 7th viscount, was grandson of Lucas, above- 
named, and succeeded to the title, 1682, on the death of his 
kinsman, Lucas, 6th viscount. He served in the army of king 
James IL, and was outlawed 1690 ; and, although his out- 
lawry was reversed by his son and successor, his descendants 
were for many years prevented by their religious scruples from 
taking their seat in the house of peers ; and some of them, as 
well as the jimior branches of the family, were distinguished 
officers in the French, and other foreign services. Hed. 1691, 
leaving issue, IIexuy, f>th viscount, (whose only son, Rich- 
ard, 9th viscount, d, without male issue, 1737 ;) and Arthur^ 
a ]ieut.-gen. in the French service, father of Charles, 10th 
viscount, who m. Fi'onces, only child and heir of the 9th 
viscount, and d. without surviving issue, 1741 ; and of 

H H 2 Henry, 


HEifliT, 11th visooailt, who served in the French army as 
col. of Diuon^s regiment, which command he resigned before 
the act for preventing British subjects from entering into 
foreign service, m., 26 Oct., 1744, Charlotte Lee, ddest da. 
of George-Henry, 2d earl of Lichfidd, and at length sole 
heiress to the estates of the earls of Lichfield, and had issue 
by her (who d,ll June, 1794,) ; 1. Gha&les, 12th visoount; 
2. Arthur^ b. 3 Sept., 1730, a major.f;en. in ike Frendi ser- 
vice, governor of Tobago, and coL propriet<»r of Dillon's regi- 
ment, m., 1st, 176^9 Lucy, da. of the count de Rothe, a lieut.- 
gen. in the French service, and coL proprietor of Rothe's 
r^ment, and had issue by her (who d. Sept. 1782,) a da., m., 
,1786, count de la Tour du Pin Gouvemet, a French noUe^ 
man. He m., 2dly, 1784, the widow of the count de la Touc^e, 
and was guillotined at Paris, 13 April, 1794, leaving issue, 
1 da., who m. general Bertrand ; 3. Henrpy b, 28 June, 1759, 
coL in ^le army, m., 27 April, 1790, Frances, eldest da. of 
Doniinic-HeniY Trant, of Easingwold, co. Yoik, esq., and 
has issue, Maria, b. 10 March, 1796 ; Charlotte, 5. 1 Aug., 
1797; and FrederidL, b, 28 Aug., 1798, to wlunn Ms royal 
highness, the duke of York stood spdnsor ; 4. Frances^ b. 
6 Oct., 1747) ff^y June 1787) sir William Jemingham, of 
Cossey, co. NorfoUc, hart. ; 5. Catharine, b. 4 June, 1762, d. 
24 May, 1797 ; 6. Laura, 6.21 April, 1764 ; 7- Charlotte, b. 11 
Sept. 1755, m., 7 July, 1777, Valentine Browne, earl of Ken. 
mare, and d, 15 Aug., 1792. The viscount d, 3 Nov., 17879 
and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Charles, I2th viscount, whose claim to the viscounty was 
established by the house of lords in Ireland, after a solemn 
hearing, 18 March, 1788, b, 6 Nov., 1746 ; m., 19 Aug., 1776, 
Henrietta-Maria Phipps, only da. of Constantine, lord Mul- 
grave, (by Lepel, eldest da. of John, lord Hervey, of Ickworth, 
eldest son of John, earl of Bristol,) and by her (who rf. 1 Dec, 
1782,) had issue ; 1. Henby-Augustus, present viscount; 
and, 2. Frances-Charlotte, b. \^ Feb., 1780, m., 14 March, 
1799, sir ThcHuas Webb, of Odstock, co. Wilts, bart., and rf. 
27 April, 1819. The viscount d, 9 Nov., 1813, and was suc- 
ceeded by his only son, 

Henry-Augustus, present and 13th viscount. 

Heir-Apparent — The viscount's son. 

Crea/ion— -1621. 

Motto — Dum spiro spero — While I breathe I hope. 

Arms — See Plate 76. 



ef I>oatlL| 00. Meath ; bom 1744 ; succeeded his father, Ni- 
diolaa, the late Visoount, 19 March, 1760. 

Sir FOHMAL DB Netterville, an Anglo-Normmn knt., 
iBtdad in Irdand in the reign of Henry II. ; m. Philadelphia, 
4a. of William de Vesey, by Isabd, da. of William, earl of 
UislMuy, ton of Henry U., by Rosamond, da. of Walter, lord 
GUifiHdf and was ancestor of Nicholas, created viscount 
NetterriUe, of Douth, 1622. John, 2d viscount, m., 1623, 
Elinbeth Weston, eldest da. of Richard, earl of Portland, 
load liig^ Uoasm ei of England, and K.O., whose son, Nicholas, 
WM&diflr of John, 4th viscoont, who m., 30 May, 1704, 
haniMy eltet da. of Richard, viscount Ross, and <L 12 Bee, 
I7i7i mving issue, 

NiCHOiofl, 6th visoount, m., 28 Feb., 1731, Catharine, 
eaiy dm, of Samuel Burton, of Burton Hall, co. Garlow, esq., 
■od had isBua by her (who d, 24 May, 1784,) | 1. John, 
mont viaopnnt ; 2. Frtmeesy b. 5 SeiHu, 1733, m. William 
Bhktty oiqu, «nd& at Marseilles, May 1764 ; 3. Anne, b. 1738, 
dL I71MI. His lordship d, 19 March, 1760, and was succeeded 
bf his only Son, 

John, present and 6di visoount. 


CremUm^ 1622. 

Motto— Cruog (htm spiro <p0ro. — While I live I put my 
trust in the cross. 

Amu — 6ee Plate 78. 

LUMLEY, of Waterford, in Ireland; also Earl of Scarbo- 
rough. Viscount and Baron Lumley, of Lumley Castle, in 
Engbwid; bom 16 April, 17S7* 

{See Earl of Searborough, in the Peerage of England,) 
Heir^PrestimpHve — The Hon. John Saville, in holy 
orders, next brother to the earl. 
Creation — Viscount Lumley, 12 July, 1620. 
Arms — See Plate I7. 

. « 

STRANGFORD, co. Down, in Ireland, Baron Pens- 
uuRST, in the United Kingdom, a Privy Councillor in Eiig;- 

il U 3 \QXi<^ 

,1002 IRISH P££KAG£. 

land, G.C.B. and K.T.S., appointed Ambassador to tlie Court 
of Lisbon, 7 Oct., 1806; 14 June, 1817, to the Ckmrt of 
Sweden ; and 1820, to the Sublime Porte : created 26 Jan., 
1825, a Peer of the United Kingdom, by the title of Baron 
Penshurst, of Penshurst, co. Kent : born 31 Aug., 1780 ; suc- 
ceeded his father, Lionel, the late Viscount, 1 Oct., 1810 : 
marriedy 17 July, 1817) £Uen, youngest da. of the late Sir 
John Bourice, baot., and relict of ~-» Browne, esq., and has 
issue, a son and heir, bom at Stockholm, 16 April, 1818, and 
a son, b.lS July, 1819. 

Sir Thomas Smtthe, K.B., was created viscount Strang- 
ford, 17 July, 1628, m., 30 June, 1636, Barbara Sydney, do. 
of Robert, 1st earl of Leicester, and niece of th6 celebrated 
sir Philip Sydney. The viscount d. 1635, leaving issue, 
Thomas, 2d viscount, m., 22 Aug., 1630, his cousin, Isabella 
^dney, da. of Robert, 2d earl of Leicester, and had issue, 
Thomas, 3d viscount, who d. Aug. 1708. His son, 

Philip, 4th viscount, m. Mary, da. of Ge(»ge Porter, esq., 
fddest son of Endymion Porter, groom of the beddiamber to 
Charles I., by Olivia, da. of John, lord Butler, of Brantfidd,) 
and d. Sept. 1715, leaving issue ; 1. Endtmiok, 5th viscount ; 

2. Catharine, tn. Henry Roper, 8th lord Teynham, d. 16 
April, 1711 ; 3. Elizabeth, m. Henry Audley, of Bearchurch, 
CO. Essex, esq., d, 25 Jan., 1732 ; and, 4. Olivia, m, John 
Darell, of Calehill, 00. Kent, esq., d. 25 Jan., 1753. 

Endymion, 5th viscount, m. Elizabeth le Larget, of St. 
Martin's, London \ d,% Sept., 1724, leaving issue, 

Philip, 6th viscount, in holy orders, dean of Derry, wi., 
1741, Mary, da. of Anthony Jephson, of Mallow Castle, 
and had issue; 1. Lionel, 7th viscount; 2. Mary; and, 

3. Anne. The viscount d, 29 April, 1787, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Lionel, 7th viscount, b. 19 May, 1753, entered early into 
the army, and served many campaigns in North America ; he 
afterwards entered into holy orders : m., 6 Sept., 1779, Maria- 
Eliza, eldest da. of Frederick Phillips, of New York, esq., and 
had issue; 1. Percy-Clinton-Sydney, present viscount; 
2. LioneUCharleS'Hewitt, rf. 25 Nov., 1807 ; 3. Eliza-MariU' 
Sydney, b. 5 Sept., 1781 ; 4. Louisa-Sarah'Sydney, i. 2 March, 
1785, m., 17 Nov., I8O7, John Eld, of Seighford, co. Stafford. 
The viscount d. 1 Oct., 1807, aud was succeeded by his 
only son, 
. Percy-Clinton-Sydney, present and 8th viscount. 

Heir-Appai'eiU-^ The vhamnVs son. 



CretUions — Visooimt, 17 July, 1628; baron Pensfaunt, 86 
Jan., 1825. 

Motto—. Virtus ineendii vtref— -Virtue inspires strength. 
Plate 76. 


€omn, and Baron of Ballymote, oo. Sligo, a Count of the 

' Holy Roman Empire : succeeded his grandfather, Nicholas, 

the late Viscount, 30 Dec, 1769. The Viscount is tnarriedy 

and has issue 2 sons. 

Sir JoBir Taaffe, knt., descended from a family of great 
«ati^[iiity In the counties of Louth and SUgo, was created, 
• I Aug., I0S8, haron BdUymoie and viscount Taaffe^ andtf. 
I64S, teftTing 14 sons and 3 das. Theobald, 2d viscount, 
tlM flUeat son, was created earl of Carlingford, 1662. The 
earidom of Cariiugford became extinct in 17579 on the death, 
viduNit iiiae, of Theobald, 4th earl, but the viscounty and 
barnqp: defv<olved on his cousin, 

Nicholas, (only son of Frands Taaffe, and grandson of 
William, 8th son of the 1st viscount,) who becuse 6th vis- 
eoont. He was a count of the holy Roman empire, chancellor 
to Leopold, father to the emperor Francis, a lieut..gtt[i. in the 
Austrian service, and col. of a regiment of fusileers, was pos'- 
sessed of a considerable estate in Silesia. His lordship oh. 
tained the golden key from the emperor Charles VI., as he 
did from his successor; and distinguished himself by the 
name of count Taaffe, during the war in 1738, with the 
Turka. His lordship m. Mary-Anne, countess de Spendler, 
da. and heiress of count Spendler, of Lintz, in Upper Austria, 
•of an ancient and illustrious family of the empire, and a lady 
of the bedchamber to her imperial and Hungarian majesty ; 
and had issue by her (who d, 21 Nov., 1769, at the castle of 
Hisehaw, in Bohemia,); 1. John^ b, 1 Jan., 1740, a coun- 
cillor imperial aulick, and diamberlain to their imperial ma- 
jestiea, m, Maria, countess Choteck, and d, before his father, 
10 Dec., 1768, leaving issue, Rodolphus, present viscount, 
and a da. ; 2. F.rancia^ chamberlain to their imperial majesties, 
a gen. in the Austrian service, and a count of the holy Roman 
empire, m., at Brussels, 1772, the eldest da. of J^n, k>rd 
Bolew, and had ho issue by her, who d, 7 Feb., 1702% The 
viscount d. 30 Dec, l?^^)^ at tlie castle of EUscUrw, in Bo<* 
hemia, and was succeeded by his grandson, 
Rodolphus, present and 7th viscount. 


HeirnApparent — The viscount^s 8<m. 

Creation — 1628. 

Motto — In hoc signo spes mea .^ In this sign is my hope. 

Arme — See Plate 76. 

CO. Wicklow, Baron of Navan : succeeded his father, Thomas, 
the Ute Viaeount, 4 July, 1820. 

Thomas Jones (son of sir Roger Jones, alderman of 
London,) was consecrated archbishop of Dublin, 1605, and d. 
1619, living an only son, Rooer, who, 25 Aug., 1628, was 
coreated baron Jones and viscount Ranelagh, a^ had issue 
2 sons; 1. Arthur, 2d risconnt ; and, 2. Thomas^ who m, 
Elizabeth, da. of Joka Harris, of Winchester, and had issue, 
Roger, M.P. for Win^ester, who, by Margaret, da. of Jos^h 
Gulston, D.D., dean of Cliidiester, was father of Charles, a 
comet (k dragoons, who m. Elizabeth, da. of James Douglas, 
of Haddington, in Scotland, esq., and had issue by her, 
Charles, 4tfa viscount. 

Arthur, 2d viscounty m. Catharine, da. of Richard, Ist 
earl of Cork, and dying 1669, was succeeded by his only son, 

Richard, 3d viscount, created, 17 June, 1674, earl of 
Ranelagh, and d. without male issue, 171 19 when the earldom 
bec^ne extinct, and the other titles remained dormant till 
1759, when they were claimed by and allowed to his cousin, 

Charles, 4th viscount, great grandson, as above redted, 
to Thomas, 2d son of the 1st viscount. He was appointed 
chairman <rf committees to the house of lords in Ireland, m. 
Sarah, only da. of Thomas Montgomery, esq., M.P. for Lif- 
ford, and had issue; 1. Charles; and, 2. Thomas, suc- 
cessive viscounts ; 3. Richard^ b, 23 March, 1764, m., 13 Sept., 
1785, Sophia, only da. and sole heir of John Gildart, of 
Blackley Hurst, co. Lancaster, esq., and d, 27 Nov., 1803, 
without issue ; 4. John^ ft. 15 Jan., 1768, d. young ; 6. Ben^ 
jamin^ b. 8 Sept., 1770 ; 6. John^ b, 1 June, 1772, lieut. royal 
artillery, d. unm. ; 7» Roger ^ d. young ; 8. William-Richard^. 
Montgomery^ b. 13 Sept., 1776, d, unm, ; 9. Alexander, b, 

9 March, 1778, captain R.N. ; m. , and has issue, 

a da., b, 3 Aug., 1817 ; 10. Roger, b. 30 March, I78O, d. 
yoiiTi'T; 11. Marp, b. 16 June, 1766, w., 27 Sept., 1793, Ro- 
bert, 5th viscount Molesworth ; 12. Sarah, b. 7 Sept., 1767 ; 
13. Margaret, b. 9 May, 1769, d, young. The viscount d, 
20 April, 1798, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 


VISG0UNT8. 1005 

Charles, 5th viscount, b. 29 Oct., I75I9 post captain 
K. N., (L unm, 24 Dec, 1800, and was succeeded by his 
next brother, 

Thomas, 6th yisconnt, b, 2 Feb., 1703, m., Ist, 21 Aug., 
1804, £lizid)eth.Garoline, only da. and sole heir of sir PhiUp 
Stephens, hart., and by her (who cL 17 June, 1805,^ had no 
Bsoe; thevisoount m., 2dly, 15 Sept., 1811, Caroline, sole 
da. of the late coL Lee, co. York, and had issue ; 1. Thomas- 
Hsmoir, juresent viscount; 2. Arthur^ cL 28 June, 1820; 
3. Batrbmra ; 4. Mary ; and, 5. Hemrietta. The viscount d. 
4 July, 1820, and was succeeded by his son, 

Thomas-Herom, present and 7th viscount. 

Hgh-JWetumpHve — ^The viscount*s brother, Bekjamiit. 

CvetUioHt — Viscount and baron, 28 Aug., 1628. 

Motto— Cmlittu mtAI mre8 — My strength is from heaven. 
Plate 76. 

^^Iferyon; Baron FitzwiUiam, of Thomcastle, co. Dublin, 
FJLS. ; succeeded his brother, Richard, the late Viscount, 
4 Feb., 1816. 

This family is supposed to be a younger branch of the very 
uuaent house of Fitzwilliam, in England, whose represen- 
-tativie is the earl Fitzwilliam {see that title)^ although the 
SKact name of their original ancestor, who settled in Ireland, 
temp, king John, is now lost. 8ir Thomas Fitzwilliam, 
of Meryon, co. Dublin, was created, 5 Aug., 1629, viscount 
sad baron Fitzwilliam ; and left, besides other issue, 2 sons, 
Oliver, 2d viscount, created by king Charles II. earl of 
Tynxmnd, but d, without issue, 1667 ; and William, 3d 
viseoont, who dying about 1681, was succeeded by his only 


Thomas, 4th viscount, a privy councillor of king Jaines 
IL, and outlawed for his attachment to that monai^ch, but 
got his outlawry reversed, though, being a Catholic, he never 
sat afterwards in the house of lords. He <^ 20 Feb., 1704, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

Richard, 5th viscount, who conformed to the established 
rdigion, and took his seat in the house of peers, 1710; m* 
Frances, eldest da. of sir John Shelley, of Michelgrove, co. 
Sussex, bart., and by her (who d,\\ Dec., 1771)) had issue ; 
1. Richard, 6th viscount ; 2. Wilkam, m., but died without 



»arviving iflfiue ; 3. JoAn, a lieat.'gen«, ooL of the 3d foot, d. 
1789 ; 4. Marpy 911., 1st, Henry, 9th farl of Pembroke and 
Monl^mery ; and, 2dly, Nortn-lAidlow Bernard, esq. ; $. 
Frances^ m,y George, 2d lord Carbery. The visomnt d* 6 
June, 1743, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

RiCHABD, 6th viscount, 6. July 1711, K.B., F.R.S,, privy 
councillor, and vice-admiral of Leinster, m., 3 May, 1744, 
Catharine, da. of sir Matthew Decker, baurt,, and had issue by 
her (who d, 8 March, 1780,); 1. Richard, 7th viscount; 2. 
9Ft//ffam, III., 25 Aug., 1782, the only da. and heiress of John 
£ames, esq., a master in chancery, d, 18 July, 1810; 3. 
John, present viscount ; 4. Thomas^ m., July 1780, Agnes, 
da. and oo-helress of Thomas Macclesfield, of Chesterton, 00. 
Derby, esq., d 16 Jan., 1817- The viscount d. 25 May, 
1776, and was snoceeded by his eldest son, 

Richard, 7th viscount, h. 4 Aug., 1745, who d» unm. 4 
Feb., 1816, was succeeded by his brother, 

JoHK, present and dth viscount. 

CretUim.^ Aug., 1629. 

HotUio-'^Dgo at^uvanie, rum KmeiMftfni— God being my aid, 
nothing is to be feared. 
^rw«— See Plate 76. 

LAND, and Baron of Turvey, co. Dublin ; married, 1st, 
, and had issue, 1 son, John ; m., 2dly, Dec. 
1819, Mary-Anne, eldest daughter of the late John Brad- 
shaw, of the city of Cork, esq., by Elizabeth, da. of Sir 
Robert Warren, of Warren's Court, co. Cork, bart., and by 
her had no issue; and, 3dly, 2d Jan., 1820, Julia, da. of 
John Willis, of Walcot Terrace, Lambeth, esq. 

The family of Bamewall, anciently spelt de Bemeval, or 
Bemevale, came originally from Lower Brittany in France, 
and was allied, aS is proved by an old chronicle, to the dukes 
of that province. Passing into England with the Conqueror, 
they remained in this till the reign of Henry II., when they 
removed into Ireland, and acquired large possessions at Beer- 
haven, CO. Cork, and subsequently settled in the counties of 
Meaih and Dublin. Sir Christopher Barnewall, of 
Crickstown, co. Meath, Uved in the 15th century, and was 
father of two sons, of whom Chrxstopher, the eldest, was an- 



oestor of tsbe baraus TrimleBton {see that title); and from 
JoHir, the younger, deaoendad the viscounts Eingsland. 

Nicholas Barkewall, of Turvey, oo. Dublin, was, 
SO June, 1646, created viscount Barrtewall, of Kingsland, 
and haron of Turvey^ in Ireland, m. Bridget Fitzgerald, 
ddest da. and .co-heir of Henry, 12th earl of Kildare, and 
and relict of Rory 0*Donnel, earl of Tyrconnel, (which title 
was forfeited in 1613,) and by her had, besides other issue, 
JBkv&T, 8d yisooimt; and Frands, of B^pf^*8-town, co. 
Heath, M. Jane, da. of Philip Fitzgerald, esq., and had issue, 
NkUaa, of B^* and Wood Pai^ d. 1735, leaving 
iiie, Matthew Bamewall, who sold Dromzera Wood to 
ThoQias Kelly, <Bsq., and who, by his 2d marriage, 1760, with 
Anne, da. of Thomas M^Cann, had issue, Nicholas and John, 
both d, infants ; and Matthew, only surviving son, whose 
daim to the titles was admitted by the house of lords, which 
Matthsw is present and 6th viscount Bamewall, of Kings- 
land, and baron of Turvey. The viscount €L 20 Aug., 1663, 
and was suooeeded by his son, 

HjBiniT, 2d viscount, m., 1st, Mar^, da. of John, 2d vis- 
eount Netterville, (by Mary, da. of Ridiard Weston, earl of 
Portland,) and by her had, Marianna^ m, Thomas Nugent, 
lord Biverston ; m., 2dly, Mary Nugent, da. of Richard, 2d 
earlof Westmeath, and had issue ; 1. Nicholas, 3d viscount ; 
2. Siebard^ <L leaving issue a da. ; 3. Josefih^ d. a minor, 
4. Maryy tn. Thomas St. Lawrence, lord Howth ; 5. Bridget^ 
«. ...-. Mac Mahon, esq. ; 6. Mabel^ m. the 8th lord Lowth. 
The vlacoant d, 1688, and was succeeded by his son, 

Nicholas, 3d viscount, m., 1688, Mary, da. of Frances, 
dutdiflss of Tyrconnel, (sister to the dutchess dowager of 
Marlborough,) by her first husband, George, count Hamilton, 
and had issue; 1. HENnT-BEKEDiCT, 4th viscount; 2. 
George^ m., 1752, Barbara Belasyse, da. of Thomas, 1st earl 
of Fauconberg, and d, 1771? leaving issue George, 5th vis« 
count ; and 4 das., 3 of whom d, infants ; and Frances^ tho 
ddest, m. Richard Bamewall, 3d son of John, lord Trimleston. 
The viaoount J. 14 June, 1725, and was succeeded by his son, 

HKvmr-BEKEDiCT, 4th viscount, m. Honora, da. of Peter 
Daly, of Qoeensberry, co. Galway, and by her had no issue. 
The viiCDunt d, 1740, and was succeeded by his nephew, 

0xoaoE, 5th viscount, who having early in life embraced 
the protestant religion, took his seat in the house of lords in 
or about 1721, d, unm., at Pontoise, in France, 5 April, 1800. 
and was sueceeded by his kinsman, 

Matthew, present and 6th viscount. 



Hdr^Apparent—JonVy the viscoimt'&oiily son. 

Creaium* — ^Viscount Biunewall, of Kingsumd, and baroa 
Turvey, 29 June, 1646. 

Motto— Jlfofo mort guankfoBdari — Death rather than dis- 

^rfiM-JSee Plate 76. 

REENE, and Baroness Loughneagh ; succeeded her fether, 
Chichester, the late Earl of Massareene, 25 Feb., 1816, when 
the Earldom became extinct; married^ 20 Nov., 1810, the 
Right Hon. Thomas-Henry Foster, now Viscount Ferrand, 
who took the name of Skeffington, 1817) And has issue a «<wi, 
b. 30 Nov., 1812 ; and a daughter^ d, 11 April, 1816. 

Sir JoHK Clotwortht was a very emin^it person in 
the reign of king Charles I., and so instrumental in forward- 
ing the restoration of king Charles II., that he was, imme- 
diately, on the restoration, '21 Nov., 1660, created baron of 
Loughneagh^ and viscount Mcissareeney with remainder, on 
failure of issue male of his body, to his son-in-law, sir John 
Skeffington, husband of his only da. Mary, and his issue male 
by the said Mary, and failing such, to the heirs general of 
sir John Clotworthy. He d, 1665, and was succeeded by his 

Sir John Skeffington, 2d viscount, descended from a 
family of that name, who had been seated at the village of 
Skeffington, co. Lancaster, (from which they derived their 
name,) since the reign of Edward I. He d, 21 June, 1695, 
and was succeeded by his son, 

Clotworthy, 3d viscount, m., March 1684, Rachael, da. 
of sir Edward Hungerford, of Farley Castle, co. Somerset, 
K.B., and had issue; 1. Clotworthy, 3d viscount; 2,Jane^ 
m. sir Hans Hamilton, bart. ; 3. Rachaely m., 1st, Randall, 
4th earl of Antrim ; and, 2dly, Robert-Hawkins MagiU, and 
d. 1739; 4. Mary, m. Dr. Edward Smyth, bishop of Down 
and Conner. The viscount d, March 1713, and was succeeded 
by his son, 

Clotworthy, 4th viscount, m., 9 Sept., 1713, Catharine 
Chichester, eldest da. of Arthur, 4th earl of Donegal, ancestor 
to the marquess of Donegal, and by her (who d. 1 July, 1749,) 
had issue ; 1. Clotworthy, 4th viscount ; 2. Arthur, M.P. 
CO. Antrim, d, S April, 1747 ; 3. John, in holy erders, d, 26 
Dec, 1753, having m. the 2d da. of Henry Thornton, of 



Ituife, ciq.; 4. Hwngeffwd^ d. 1768 ; 6. Hughy in the army; 
tt. CtUhaiHne^ in., S Jan., 1739, Arthur-Mohan St. L^ger, 
riaooont Doneraile, d, 3 AprU, 17&1 ; and, 7* Rachel^ d, unm. 
The visoonnt <i. 11 Feb., 1738, and was succeeded by his son, 
Clot WORTHY, 6th viscount, who was, 3 July, 1756, 
created earl of Massareene, m., 10 March, 1738, Anne, eldest 
& of- Richard Daniel, dean of Down, and by her (who d. 
87;Maiich, 1740,) had no issue; and, 2dly, 25 Nov., 1741, 
Binbeth, only da. of Henry Eyre, co. Derby, esq., and had 
iMie ; I. Clotwortht, 2d earl ; 2. Henrt, 3d earl ; 

5. WiBkanj constable of the castle of Dublin, d, 10 Jan., 
1814; 4. Johuy d, without issue; 6. Cuichestek, 4th earl ; 

6. AUxandety d, ; 7* Elizabeth^ m., 31 May, 1785, Robert, 
lit eud of Leitrim ; 8. Catharine^ m., 7 June, 1784, Francis, 
late earl of Landaff. The earl dL 11 Sept., 1757, and was 
meoeeded by his son, 

CX.OTWORTHT, 2d earl, 5. 28 Jan., 1742, m., 1st, 1 Aug., 
17899 mademoiselle Mary-Anne Harder, and by her (who d, 
Oet. 180O,) had no issue ; and, 2dly, Elizabeth Lane, and 
iMd no iMae by her (who m., 2dly, Ckiorge Doran). The earl 
<L S8 Feb., 1805, and was succeeded by Us next brother, 

Hkitbt, 3d earl, gov. of the city of Cork, who d» unnuy 
IS J^ney 1811, was succeeded by his only brother, 

Chichester, 4th earl, m. Harriet Jocelyn, eldest da. of 
Robert, Ist earl of Roden, and had issue, Harriet, vis- 
eounten Massareene. The earl d. 25 Feb., 1816, when the 
earldom became extinct, but the viscounty of Massareene and 
barony of Loughneagh devolved on his only da. and sole heir, 

Harriet, present viscountess, and baroness of Loiigh- 

HeirmApparent — The viscmmtess^s son. 
CreaUons — Viscount and baron, 21 Nov., 1660. 
^rfM— See Plate 91. 

CHOLMONDELEY, of Kells, co. Eastmeath, Baron Choi. 
mondeley, of Newbiu'gh ; Marquess of Cholmondeley, and 
Eari of Rocksavage, v iscount Malpas, and a Baronet in 
EnglRnd; 6om 30 April, 1749. 

{See Marqtiess of Cholmondeley^ in the Peerage of England,) 

• Heir-Apparent — George -James -Hdratio, Eabl of 
RocKSAVAOE, the marquess's eldest son. 

♦ Toi.. ri. 1 1 Creations^* 

]010 IR18H PEERAGE. 

Creationfi^^ Vi«cmmt and baron Cholmondeley, 29 Mardi^ 
^rm^-JSee Plate Ih 

COUNT XK)WN, CO. Down, Baron PAWNAY, of Cowick^ 
GO. York, and a Baronet of England ; bom 15 ^ov., 17jS4 ; 
succeeded his father, John, the late yisoo^nt, 21 iDep., 1780 ; 
fnaniedL 31' Dec,. 1815, Louisa-Maria, da. of. George Weir 
stead, ot Apsley, esq. 

Sir Paiite Dawkat, of Dawnay Castle, in Normandy^ 
from whom this family is descended, came to England ynih. 
William the Conqueror, and from him descended sir WilliaiQ 
Dawnay, who was made a general in the 4tb year ofRjchard 
I., anno 1192, at Aeon, (now called St. Jean d'Ac^,) in 
Svria, where, having killed a ehi#f prince of thft Saiaoe(i9,.and 
afterwards slaying a lion, he cut off a paw, and presented it to 
the king ; who, as a mark of his aj^prolKfttioO) immediiMbet): 
took a ring off his finger, and giving it to sir WilHam, ordered 
in perpetuam rei memoriam^ l^at his crest should be. a dc^i^ 
Saracen, with a lion's paw in one hand, and a ring in the 
other, which is the family cognizance to this day ; and the 
ring is still in the possession of viscount Down. In n direct 
line from the above, descended sir Nicholas Dawkay, who, 
in the reign of Edward II., obtained the king's charter for a 
market every week at his manor, and a fair every year at 
Shunnock, co. Cornwall. In the 1st of Edward III., he had 
a summons to parliament amongst the barons ; and afterwards 
serving in the wars in the Holy Land, against the Infidels, he 
brought from thence some rich and cui'ious medals. 

Sir John Dawnay, of Cowick, bart., was created viscount 
Down, 19 Feb., 1680, and </. 1695, leaving an only son, 

Henry, 2d viscount, m. Mildred, da. of William Godfrey, 
of Thunick, co. Lincoln, esq., and had issue by her (who rf. 
Sept. 1725,); l.t/oAn, m., 10 Aug., 1724, Charlotte-Louisa, da. 
of Robert Pleydell, of Ampney Crucis, co. Gloucester, esq., 
and d. in his father's lifetime, leaving issue 2 sons, Henry- 
Ple YDELL, and John; 3d and 4th viscounts ; 2. William ; 
3. Henry ^ D.D., a prebendary of Canterbury, w., 13 May, 
1740, Elizabeth, eldest da. of sir Thomas D'Aeth, of KnowL 
ton, CO. Kent, bart., (by Elizabeth, da. of admiral sir John 
Narborough, knt., and heiress of her brother, sir John Nar- 



borougli, of K]iow!toii,lmn,,}aiid d.Jjafyl'JM ; 4. Chritiopherj 
flii.,26 Aug., I749,mi8s Rundall, of Maeston, co. York, wno.dL 
9 Jan., 1769 ; 5. George, appointed a capt. R.N., 8 Jan., 
1741 ; 6. Godjfretf; J. MUdredyfn., 1721, nr William FowUs, 
bait., of Ing^^jy Manor, co. York ; 8. Dorothy, m., Ist, Ro- 
bert Shaftoe, of Whitworth, oo. Durham, esq., and, 2dl^, 
TlumuM Edim, D.D., prebendary of Durham, 4th son of va 
Robert Eden, of West Auddand, bart., and d, without issue, 
S6 Nor., 1784. The viscount d. May 1741, and was suc« 
oeeded by his grandson, 

HsmiT-PLEYDELL, 3d viscouut, b. 8 April, 1727, first 
lord of the beddiamber to Oeorge, prince of Wales, knt. of 
die ddre for York, a ool. in the army, and lieut.-ool. 25U& 
fCgtaMAt of foot, \i^cih he commanded at the battle of Min- 
taiy 17IMI* The viscount d, 9 Dec., 1780, of a wound he re- 
eibvd -at ibe battle of Campen, near Wesel, and was suc- 
eeeded fay his only brother, 

. JoHir, 4th viscount, b. 9 April. 1728, m., 20 May, 1763, 
Itfom, bnly da. and hdress of William Burton, esq., of Luf- 
ftahaoBiij oow Rutland, (by EHsabeth, da. of George Pitt, of 
OliBtMJiiy, cOb Hants, esq., ancestor of the baron Rivers,) 
aad'lkad issue; 1. Johk-Ghristopher, present viscount ; 
1 WWtmuHmrjf, in holy orders, b, 20 Aug., 1772, m., 7 
htom^ 1611, Lydia, only da. of the late John Heathcote, of 
CoDmngton Ciwtle, co. Huntingdon, esq., and has issue a son, 
& 15 May, 1812 ; a da., 6. Oct. 1813 ; and another son, b. 
Deck 1816 ; 3. Marmaduke, b, 27 July, ^^^^, in holy orders, 
took tiie name and arms of Langley, by royal sign manual, 
1884 ; 4. Thomae, b, 30 May, 1779 ; 5* Catharine, b. 23 Aug., 
1768 ; 6. Lora, b. 17 June, 1774, d, young. The viscount d, 
t\ Dec, 1780, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Johit-Christopher, present and dth viscount, who has 
assumed his mother's name of Burton, and was created an 
Eni^Ssh baron, by the title of baron Daumay, 28 May, 

Heir'PretumpHve — To the Irish honours only, William- 
Heitrt, next brother of the viscount. 

Cfvoliofi— .Viscount, 19 Feb., 1680. 

Motto — Timet pudorem — He fears shame. 

^rfii»— See Plate 76. 

JAMES HAMILTON, Viscount and Barou STRA. 
BANE, and Baron MOUNTGASTLE, co. Tyrone, Earl 

I I 2 and 


and Baron Aberoom, and Baron of Paisley, Baron HamUtoxt 
and Kirkpatrid^, in Scotland, and a Baronet ; Marqueis of 
Abercom, and Viscount Hamilton, of Hamilton, oo. Leices- 
ter ; bom Jan. 1811. 

CSee Marquess of Abercom, in the Peerage of England. J 

Jffeir-PresumpHve^^Cj.AVD'E^ only brother of the mar- 

Creation — ^Viscount, 2 Dec, 1710. 

^rmff..-See Plate 10. 

MOLESWORTH, of Swords, oo. Dublin, and Baron of 
Fhilipstown, King's Ckmnty ; bom 23 July, 1786 ; succeeded 
his &:vt cousin, William-John, the late Viscount, 26 May^ 

Of this noble family, who, temp, Edward I., were seated 
CO. Northampton, was sir Walter de MoLESwoaTH, who 
accompanied that prince in his expedition to Palestine, to 
which his coat armour alludes. To this sir Walter succeeded 
Hugh, his son, and to him succeeded sir Walter, his heir, 
whose son, Richard, is mentioned in the piperol^, (X). 
Northampton, in 1339 ; from whom descended 

Robert Molesworth, who was, 16 July, 1716, cre- 
ated baron of Philipstown and viscount Molesworth, of 
Swords ; envoy extraordinary to the court of Denmark, in 
which station he resided several years, m., Letitia, 3d da. 
of Richard Coote, baron of Colloony, and sister to Richard, 
1st earl of Bellamont ; and by her (who d, 18 March, 1729,) 
had issue ; John, 2d viscount ; William, 3d son, capt. in the 
wars with Spain, sat in parliament for the borough of Pliilips- 
town, and was, in 1714, appointed a commissioner of trade 
and plantations, and d. 6 March, 1770, having tw., 25 July, 
1726, Anne, eldest da. of Robert Adair, of Holybrook, co. 
Wicklow, esq., and by her (who d, June 1767,) had issue ; 
1. Robert, 5th viscount; 2. John; 3. Richard, b. June 
1737, w., Catharine, da. of Francis Cobb, of Twickenham, esq., 
and had Richard-Pigott, present and 7th viscount, and 
other male issue ; 4. Letitia, m. capt. George Johnston, and 
d. 15 Feb. 1764 ; 5. Elizabeth, m, 31 Aug., 1756, Richard 
Holmes, gent. ; 6. Juliana ; 7* Jnne ; and, 8. Isabella, m., 
20 Aug., 1770, Knight Mitchell, of Shute Lodge, co. Devon, 
«sq. ; the viscount had five other sons, and 4 das. The vi»i. 



cmmt died 22 May, 1725, and was succeeded by liis ddest 

JoHK, 2d viscount, b. Nov. IGTd? in 1710 envoy to the 
duke of Tuscany, in 1720 to the king of Sardinia; m. Mary- 
Jenny, da. and co-heiress of Thomas Middleton, of Stansted, 
tfont Fichet, co. Essex, esq., by Eliasabeth, eldest da. cf 
Bichard, 1st lord Onslow, and by her (who d» 12 Aug., 1766,) 
had a posthumous da., Mary, b, 8 May, 1725, m., 1751, 
tndenck Ghffe, es^. The viscount d, 18 Feb., 1725, and 
waa socoeeded by his next brother, 

RiCHASD, 8d viscount, aide-de-camp to the duke of Marl- 

Iwroagh at the battle of Ramillies, a ueut-geu. in the army, 

keeper of the great seal in Ireland, master-gen. of the ord- 

nanoe, commander-in-chief of his majesty*s forces in Ireland^ 

gQ¥. of Kihnainham, and field-marshal of his majesty's 

Ibieei : fa., 1st, Jane Lucas, and had issue by her (who a, 1 

April, 1742,); 1. Mary, m., 1 Aug., 1736, Robert Rochfort, 1st 

e^of JMvedere; 2. LeiUia, tn., 2 Oct*, 1753, coL James Moles- 

wwdi, and d, 16 June, 1787; and, 3, Amelia, d. 30 Jan., 1758. 

The vlnoiint m., 2dly, 7 Feb., 1743, Mar}', da. of William 

Udier, ardideaoon of Clonfert, and had issue by her (who d, 

61fa7, 17^»)* ^* Richard-Nassau, 4th viscount; 5. Mary, 

b, 24 SeiML, 1744, d, an infant ; 6. Henrietta, b. July 1745 ; 

7. Meiorina, h. 27 I>ec., 1746 ; 8. Mary, b. 30 Nov., 1747 ; 

the two latter, with their mother Mary, viscountess Moles- 

worth, were burnt at their house in Londcm, 6 May, 1763 ; 

d. Louisa^ b. 23 Oct., 1749, m., 1st, 26 Dec., 17G9, William.. 

Brabason Ponsonby, Ist lord Ponsonby, of Imokilly, and, 

affly, 21 July, 1823, William, earl Fitzwilliam, andd. 1 Sept., 

1824 ; lO.Elusabeth, b, 17 Sept., 1751 ; 11. Charlotte, b. 2 Oct., 

1755. The viscount d, 12 Oct., 1758, and was succeeded by 

hk only son, 

Richard-Nassau, 4th viscount, b, 4 Nov., 1748, d, unm,, 
23 June, 1793, and was succeeded by his cousin, 

Robert, 5th viscount, (eldest son of the hon. William 
Uoleaworth, 3d son of Robert, Ist viscount,) 6. Dec. 1729, m., 
18 Aiig., 1761, Mary-Anne, da. of Israel Alleyne, esq., and 
by her (who d, 2 Aug., 1819,) had issue ; 1. William- 
Thomas, 6th viscount ; 2. Walter, d, ; 3. Robert, m,, 29 
Oct., 17959 Marv Jones, eldest da. of Charles, 4th viscount 
Randagh, d, wimout issue ; 4. Richard, d, 19 Sept., 1793 ; 
A. Henrietta-Maria, d. 22 Nov., 1785 ; 6. Eleanor, d. 8 Oct., 
1786; 7. Anne, m., 27 Dec., 1792, John-Foster Hill, of For- 
rest, 00. Dublin, esq. ; 8. Jaiie, m,, 13 Sept., 1792, John 
Stephenson, esq. ; and, 9. CharlottC'Eliza^ d. young. The 

I J 3 yviKfyxiW. 


▼iscount d* 29 Jan., 1813, and was succeeded by his only, 
surviving sod, 

WiLLiAM-JoHK, 6th viscount, b. 18 Aug., 1768, major. 

gen., and fa'eut.-col. 9th foot ; m. . The viscount and 

his lady were both unfortunately lost on board the Amiston' 
transport, on Lagullas Reef, near the Cape of GkK)d Hope, on' 
his passage from Ceylon, 31 May, 1815, when the titles: 
devolved to his 1st cousin, 

RiCHARD-PiGOTT, present and 7th viscount, son of Rich- 
ard Molesworth, brother of the 5th viscount, and younger 
son of William, 3d son of the 1st viscount. 

Heir-PretumpHve — The viscount's next brother. 

Cr^a«o»— 16 July, 1716. 

Motto^— FtTi^^ amor patruR — The love of my country pre- 

Arm8^-8ee Plate 77* 

CHETWYND, of Bearhaven, co. Cork, and Baron of 
Rathdowne, co. Dublin ; succeeded his father Richard, the 
late Viscount, 27 Feb., 18^1 ; bom 14 Dec, 1800, married^ 
30 Aug., 1822, Mary, only surviving da. of tbe late Robert 
Moss, esq., and has issue a son^ b. 26 July, 1823, and another 
*07i, 6. Aug. 1824. 

This family hath been of great antiquity co. Salop 
(assuming their surnam2 from Clietwynd, in that county,). 
Adam de Chetwynd, w., Agnes, da. of John, lord Lovel, 
lord of Minster Lovel, co. Oxford, and by her had issue, sir 
John de Chetwynd, living 1252, «i., Isabella, da. and 
heiress of Philip de INIilton, with whom he had the lordships 
of Ingestree, Salte, and Gretwyche, co. Stafford, and to him 
succeeded William, his son, of Oddeston, co. Leicester. He 
had issue, two sons, sir Roger, m. Joan, the eldest da. of sir 
Ralph de Grendon ; he had with her the lordship of Grendon, 
CO. Warwick, and had issue, sir William Chetwynd, of 
Ingestree, who, by Olivia, had 2 sons, Hichakd and John; 
and a da., Margaret, m. William Purefoy, esq., of Shireford, 
CO. Warwick; Richard, the elder son, m, Thomasine, da. 
of William Frodsham, esq., and by her had sir Philip 
Chetwynd, who m. Eleanor, relict of Edmund, lord Ferrars, 
of Chartley, (ancestor of the marquess Townshend,) da. and 
heiress of sir Thomas de la Roche, and by her had issue, 
WUUam^ his heir, who, dying before his father, left a sor:, 



William^ ^^^ 1475, suooeeded his grandfather, and wat 
ananinated on Texhall Heath ; from him descended 

JoHX CnETWTKD, of Ridge, near Bloreheath, co. Staf- 
ford, esq. A.M., 17 Oct., 1648, and by his lady, who d, 28 
Feb., 1738, had issue ; 1. Walter, 1st viscount Chetwynd ; 
2. John, 2d viscount ; 3. William-Richard, 3d viscount ; 
and, 4. liucy, m, Edward Yonge, esq., Bath king at arms. 

Walter Chetwynd, created viscount Cfietwytid^ of 
Bearhaven,' oo. Cork, and baron of Raihdowne^ co. Dublin, 
29 June, 1717* with limitation to the heirs male of his father. 
He m. Mary, da. and co-heir to John Berkeley, viscount Fitz- 
Harding, who d, 3 June, 1741 ; his lordsliip d. without issue, 
21 Feb., 1735, and was succeeded by his brother, 

JoBir, 2d viscount, in 17 17^ ambassador to the court of 
Spain, who had 2 sons, the ddest of whom d, 1741 ; and 
WUliam^Richard, the youngest, in 1765, leaving 1 da., who 
SI. John Parsons, esq. ; and also 2 das., Catfuirine, m., 1 Aug.,' 
1742, John Talbot, esq., brother to William, lord Talbot, to 
vhom she was 2d wife; and Frances^ d, unm., 30 Jan., 
1806 ; the viscount, d, 21 Jime, 1767> and was succeeded by 
his brother, 

William-Richard, 3d viscount, resident at the court of 
Genoa, 1714, who m. Honora, da. of William Baker, esq., 
eonsul at Algiers, by Deborah, da. of sir Leonard Robinson, 
knt. (ancestor to baron Rokeby), by whom (who d, 172C,) he 
hd isfue ; Willia3I, 4th viscount ; Mary^ m. the hon. and 
rev. Henry Roper, son of Hienry, 8th lord Teynham, and d. 
1758 ; Deborah^ d. 1788 ; Lucy^ d, 1784 ; Esther^ d. 1 March, 
1808 ; Thomas, d. at sea ; John, in holy orders., fit. Judith 
Pigott, by whom he has issue 2 das. and a son William, m. 
Penela|>e Carlton, by whom he had issue, and was killed in an 
artion with the rel>els, at Saiutfield, in Ireland, June 1798. 
His lordsliip d, 3 April, 1770, and M-as succeeded by his eldest 

William, 4th viscount, b. 2o Nov., 1721, m, Susannah, 
youngest da. of sir Jonathan Cope, bai'C, by whom (who 
d, 3 March, 1780,) he had issue ; 1. William, b. 26 Jan., 
1753, d. 1770 ; 2. John Whitmore, b. 10 Feb., 1754, d. 
1788; 3. Ri(^HARb, present %'iscount; 4. Granville-Anson^ 
L 25 Sept., 1758, m., 21) July, 17JJ3, Martha, only da. 
of the late Henry Stapylton, of Wighill, co. York, esq., 
and, by royal sign manual, took the name of Stapyllon^ 
by her (who d, 20 Nov., 1822,) he had issue; 1. llenrj--' 
Richard, b, 23 Jan., 1789; 2. Harriet-Houora, 6. June 
1784 ; 3. Charlotte, d, an infant ; 4. Ksther-Susannah, d, 

1 March^ 



1 March, 1806 ; 5. Margaret ; 6. Diana-Clarissa, m., Sept. 
1624, P. Mere Latham, M.D. ; 7. Granville-Williflan, b. Aug. 
1800 ; 5. Susannah, b, 26 May, 1762, m., 1782, Munbee Ooul- 
hum, of Jamaica, esq. ; 6. AnderiechHO'Clarissay b. at Brus- 
sels, 7 April, 1765, 971., May 1806, lord Robert Seymour, 3d 
son of Frauds, 1st marquess of Hertford, K.G. His lordship 
d, 12 Nov., 1791, and was succeeded by his son, 

Richard, 5th viscount, b, 29 Sept., 1757* <>»*9 SO July, 
1791, Charlotte Cartwright, sister to Ralph Cartwri^t, of 
Aynho, 00. Northampton, esq., and M.P. for that 00., and had 
issue; 1. Charlotte, b, 14 Sept., 1793 ; 2. Esther, b. 22 Sept., 
1797; 3. Mary~CtUhar%ne ; and, 4. Susannah, twins, b. 8 
Sept., 1798, d* an infant ; 5. Richard-Walter, present 
viscount ; 6. Mary^Anne, b. 27 April, 1802 ; and, 7. WiUiam^ 
Jatia, d, Jan. 1805. The viscount €L 27 Feb., 1821, and was 
succeeded by his only son, 

Richard- Walter, present and 6th viscount. 

Heir'Presumptive — The Hon. Oraxville-Akson Sta- 
PYLToir, the viscount's und^. 

Creo^jon— 29 June, 1717* 

Motto-— Probitas verus honos — Probity is true honour. 

^mw— See Phite 77* 

Baron Brodrick, of Midleton, co. Cork, and Baron Brodrick, 
of Pepper Harrow, in England, Lord Lieutenant co. Surrey ; 
born 1 Nov., 1754 ; succeeded his father, George, the late 
Viscount, 22 Sept., 1766 ; married, 1st, 4 Dec, 1778, Frances 
Pelham, 2d da. of Thomas, 1st Earl of Chichester, and had 
issue by her (who d, 26 June, 1783,) ; I. Frances-Anne, m,, 
24 Aug., 1803, Imyo-Freeman Thomas, of Ratten, co. Sussex, 
esq. The Viscount m., 2dly, 15 June, 1797^ Maria, da. of 
Richard Benyon, of Gideahall, co. Essex, (by Hannah, eldest 
da. of Sir Edward Hulse, bart.,) and has issue ; 2. Maria, b, 
28 March, 1799 ; 3. Charlotte, b. 18 Feb., 1801 ; 4. Harriet, 
b, 10 Aug., 1804; 5. George-Alan, b, 10 June, 1806; 
6. Emma, b. 13 Aug., 1807* 

The family of Brodrick came from Normandy into England 
temp,W. Rufus, and settled in the county of York. 

Alan Brodrick, lord high chancellor of Ireland, was 
created baron Midleton, 1715, and viscount Midleton, 1717? 
and d, 29 Aug., 1728, leaving issue, 


VISCOUNTS. • 1017 

■ Ajlax, ^ viteoimt^ 6. Jan. I70I, m.,- 7 May^ 1729, Mary, 
yaoagwt da. of Algernon CapeU, 2d earl of Essex, and had 
iwiin by her (who d. 12 March, 1762,) an only son, 

Geokoe, 3d viscount, b. 3 Oct., 1730, m., I May, 1752, 
Albiniii, didest da. of the hon. Thomas Townshend, and sister 
flf ThoinuM, Ist yisoount Sydney, and had issue by her, 
1. OEomoE, present viscount ; 2. Thomas^ b. 10 Dec, 1756, 
d, 13 Jan., 1796 ; 3. Henry^ a col. in the army, d, at Lisbon, 
1785 ; 4. right hon. Charles^ D.D., archbishop of CasheU, and 
primate of Munster, m., 8 Dec, 1786, Mary, da. of Richard 
woodward, bishop of Gloyne, and d, 6 May, 1822, leaving 
iwue, Chanes ; George- William^ohn, in holy orders, m. 16 
Maindi, 1824, £lizabBth..Anne, da. of the earl of Cardigan, 
and widow of the hon. John Perceval, son of lord Arden, 
whidi kdy d. 21 Nov., 1824 ; Mary, m., 13 March, 1809, 
James, viiooant Bernard, eldest son of Francis, earl of Ban- 
don ; Albinia, m., 18 Oct., 1817? hon. James-Ashley Maude, 
lUN., 2d son of Comwallis, viscount Hawarden, by his 3d 
marriage; Louisa; and Frances; 5. WiUiam^ F.A.S., <i. at 
Nice, 29 April, 1819; 6. John^ a lieut.-gen., m., 6 Sept., 
IQOQii Anne, da. of Robert Oraham, of Fintry, 00. Kent, esq., 
and has a da., b, Dec. 1812 ; and another, 6. April 1819 ; 
7* Albinia^ d. young ; 8. Mary ; 9. Harriet^ d. an infant. 
The viscount tL 22 Sept., 1765, and was succeeded by his 
ddest son, 
Georo-e, present and 4th viscount. 
Heir^Apparent — Georoe-Alan, only son of the vis- 
Creaiums — Baron, 13 April, 1715; viscount, 15 Aug., 

Motto — A euspide corona — From a lance comes the crown. 

Armt — See Plate 77. 

Baron Hamilton, of Stackallen, co. Meath ; bom 12 April, 
1777 ; succeeded his father, Gustavus, the late Viscount, 29 
Feb., 1810 ; married^ 4 Aug., 17i>C, Harriet, sole da. of Ben- 
jamin Baugli, of Bnrwarton House, co. Salop, esq., and has 
idsue; 1. Gustavus-Frederick- Johk-James, b, 11 May, 
1797) attadied to the embassy ut Turin ; 2. Claude-Edward^ 
h. 2 April, 1799, d. 

This branch of the noblu house of Hamilton is descended 



froiB iIf Vndffiwlu (Nil tta yoniijMtt lOQ w%9RUM|'yk 
Pliiiii8T^Hi0eMorortlieiiiiraiM««Abe^^ IHI 
8ir Fradoick WM firtlMr of ' ' 

OviTATVS, who WM of iSw nfry eomidl to Idiijfcjj 
"II*) bm vBdnwod tiw pttrty of ue wfohttittif uH' iwM 
^HMfaigvMM litinifllf «t th« Ditdft of 1]» Blq^ 
he«0Mrwwi0 took Us tMe), st A« dtfam of LudaiD 
•nd the iloniiiig of Athlone. He irtdbed iib dm <l 
iiii^of>i^pn«f sod wM nnoiittBd Tifio^nonnttOKllMipiMNfl 
Vlrtor. GfMked, 90 Oist, 171ft, IwonJ^awllteiiy tf 1 
tdl«B ; cod, iO Aiqr-» 1717» ▼ttoomik Bap^rm, tDMbeC 
o^rfr Bmry Braktfy of BnMlDe^i bonwi* oo. Tenm 
knt., nA 1^ hOr (^^rlib dl 96 Bm., iTilj iiid Ihu 
#MMc*, fli» 1707, 8onliift» rinfa^ of ftaaom. ^ 
liiiiMrkk, atfd dL ITIil JevrngMw, Oihlt itirs, M lr^ 
1. OM iiw w f, IR.9 17179 Ddmbtts tmlf ds. of Bkbttd 
Bflllfl#, mad dL, 1^» IwviMv boridoi oAct Ume, f 
FHAiisftiok and Ricraxd. M wtid^i^ vtaooilictt$ S.vfl 
4U^^ oow Bonigil, i*., sod Irfk teibft. Ueirisoimut;' 
8<iitt^ ITHy *pd WM wpoftodBd.ty Mi gwuWIooftj 

OirsTATVS, M yUtoottnty A. 1710» dL iiMs 10 April; 
•ad wfM fiteoeeded by Ui ooiuih, 

F&EDXRiCK, 8d yisocmnt, m., 8 Jtme, 1797, EUcabel 
of Benjamin Hadley, esq., andcf. 2 Jan., 1772, withoat 
when the honours devolved on his brother, 

RiCHAUD, 4th viscount, h. 24 March, 1724, m. Oeoi) 
2d da. of WilHam Bury, esq., (by the hon. Jane Moore, 
Charles, lord Tullamore, and sister and heiress ce 
brother, Gharies Moore, earl of GharleviUe, and baron ' 
more, whose titles became extinct, 17 Feb., 17^0 by ' 
he had issue, 1. CKtbtavus, 5th viscount ; 2. Chained 
Oct., 1750, captain 12th regiment of dragoons, m., 8 
1785, miss Lyster, da. of Christopher-Kirwan Lyster, 
and d. without issue male 1794 ; 3. John^ b. 1 Aug., 17 
young ; 4. Riohardy b, 27 Jan., 1758, d. young ; 5. Wi 
6. 17 Oct., 1763, d. 18 Oct., 1779 ; 6. Richard, b. 18 
1764, d. ymmg; 7. Richard, b. 21 July, 1774 ; 8. Jane 
Sept., 1751, d. young ; 9. Dorothea, b. 22 Sept., lli 
young ; 10. Catharine, b. 28 Aug., 1754, m., 3 Feb., 
Hugh-Montgomery Lyons, esq. ; 11. Elizabeth, b, 21 
1755, dL young; 12. Georgiana, 5. 16 Oct., 1756, d, yi 
13. Marp'Afme, d, youtig; 14. Mary, b, 1 May, 17< 
young ; 15. Barbara, b, 9 Dec, 1766 ; 16. Sophia, b, 8 
1769 ; 17. Anne, b. 2 March, 1771- The yiscount d. 30 
IWf and was snooeeded by his son. 



QtriTi^yvs, 6th TiMOont, A. 20 Dec, 1749, m., 1 April, 

1779^ MythfuMadlda, only da. of sir Qaaile Somenrille, of 

SomarrOle, 00. Meath, bart., and by her (who m., 2dly, sir 

lOnaum Webb, bart.,) had iamie ; 1. Sarah^ b. 23 Feb., 1775, 

•i, 19^ April, 1809, the rev. George Monck, son of Jolm 

Mflndc, ei%» ; S. Geirgiana^ b. 14 Feb., 1776 ; 3. Oustav us, 

Mttt Wsooont; aid, 4. Richard SomervUk^ R.N., b. 1 

Aiiie, I79& The viscount d, 29 Fdi>., 1816, and was sue- 

cwdod by his son, 

OvsTAVUS, present and 6th viscount. 

J7«ir-4f)fMireft<— jQusT AVU8 - FiiEDEaiCK -John-James, 
the viscount's onlyaoii. 

CrMlieM— £anm, 20 Oct., I715 ; viscount, 20 Aug., 

Mot t o jyisc iimeo ne$ xpfrfio— J neither fear nor despise, 
^rau i-JSee Plate 77. 

Bazon Allen, of StiUorgan, co. Dublin ; succeeded his father, 
Joihna, the late Viscount, 1 Feb., 1816. 

John Allen, created viscount AHen, and baron of SHIU 
emm, m., 1684, Mary, eldest da. of the right hon. Robert 
fita^^ierald, and sister of Robert, 19th earl 5 Kildare, and 
had issue by her (who d. liS92) ; 1. Joshua, 2d viscount ; 2. 
RioUrt, b. May 1687, ^9 16 Jan., I707, Frances, da. of 
Robert Johnson, baron of the exchequer, and €L 16- Dec, 
1741, having issue ; Robert, d. May 1736 ; Francis, d. young; 
Mary, m., 1732, Robert Boswell, esq.; Margaret, dL; 
Fhmoea, m., 8 April, 1738, William-Paul Warren, esq. ; 3. 
Riekordy b. 16 July, 1696, M.P. co. Kildare, 1727, »• Dono- 
thea, da. and co-heiress of major Greeii, of Killaghy, 00. 
Tipperary, and d, 14 April, 1745, and by her (who d. 4 May, 
17679) had issue; I.John, 4th viscount; 2. Joshua, 5th 
viscount; 3. Richard ; 4. Samuel ; 5. Mary ; and, 6. Dorothy, 
an <£.; 7* Joshua; 8. Richard ; 9. Jane ; and, 10. Elizabetn, 
ffb, 18 Dec., 1767, captain Browne. The viscount d. 8 Nov., 
1726, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

JoiHUA, 2d viscount, b. Sept. 1685, tn., 18 Oct., 1707, 
Marsant, da, of Samuel du Pass, of Epsom, co. Surrey, esq., 
and had issue by her (who d. 4 March, 17^0 ; L John, 3d 
viscount; 2» Joshua^ b, June 1717) d. young; 3. ilfaty, d» 
young; 4. Marfforety d. ; 5. Catharine^ d. young ; 6. EliztU^eth^ 
m., 27 Aug., 1750, John Proby, 1st lord Carysfort, d. March. 

9 f ^ M ^ S 

luooeeded by bin first ooiuin, 

John, 4th viscount, eldest son of the hon. Ridiard 
3d son of John, 1st viscount, who d* without issue, 1( 
1763, and was succeeded by his next brother, 

Joshua, 5th viscount, h, 26 April, 1728, tn., 5 
1731, Frances, eldest daughter of Gaynor Barry, of ] 
town, 00. Meath, esq., and had issue; 1. Joshua- Wii 
present viscount ; 2. Frances^Elizabeth ; 3. Letitia'Db 
•»., 17 May, 1806, the hon. William Herbert, 3d 
Henry, 1st earl of Carnarvon. The viscount d, 1 Feb. 
and was succeeded by his only son, 

Joshua-William, present and 6th viscount. 
. HeiT'Apparent — None. 

Creation — ^27 Aug., 1717* 

Motto —^Triumpho morte tarn vit& — I triumph in d* 
in life. 

Arms^See Plate 77* 

STON, and Baron Dumboyne, oo. Meath, Baron an 
Verulam, of the.United Kingdom, and Baron Forres 
the Peerage of Scotland, bom 26 Sept., 1775. 

• CSee Earl of Verulam^ in the Peerage of England 
• Creation-^IS May, 1719. 

TON, of Ardglass, co. Down, and Baron Barringl 
Newcastle, co. Dublin, in Holy Orders, D.D., Preben 


Cmrgey b; 30 Nov., 1704 1 3. SamwUShute-Pereeval^ b, 10 
FMs 1796 ; 4. John-Robert^ b, 12 Feb., 1797 ; 5. Russell^ 
^ S4'- Jidy, 1801; 6. Lowiher-John ; 7* FranciS'Daines^ 
k 90 Oct., 1802; 8. Augustus^ b, 19 July, 1806; 9. Ca- 
fMsSUxdbeih^ 6. 8 Oct., 1799; and, 10. Charloite-Belasyse^ 
i. 90 Man^ 1804. 

JoHir Shvte-Ba&rikgtov, Ist viscount Bamngton, b, 
1088, anomed the name and arms of Babrinoton, on snc- 
eeeting' to the estate of Francis Barrington, of Tofts, co. 
F<acr, grandson of sir Thomas Barrington, of Barrington 
HUl^ iMfft. (descended from the Plantagenets, by the marriage 
of dr TluHKias Barrington, knt., with Winifred, 2d- da. and 
ooJieiress of Henry Pole, lord Montagu, son of sir Richard 
Pd«,'K.O., by Margaret Plantagenet, countess of Salisbury , 
lister and heiress of Edward, earl of Warwick, and da. of 
Oeiotge duke 'of Clarence, brother of Edward IV. and 
Bidiard III.,) and was created, 20 June, 1720, viscount 
BarHngUm^ m Ardglass, co. Down. The viscount m. Anne, 
4a. and co-heiress of sir William Daines, knt., and had issue; 
1. William ; 2. Francis^ d, young ; 3. Johri^ a major ^en. in 
the army, col. 8th regiment cf foot, and governor of Berwick ; 
Mnred several campaigns in Flanders, and commanded his 
majesty's forces at the taking of GKiadaloupe 1758; m. 
Qiabeth, da. of Florentius Vassal, esq., and d, 2 April, 
1764, leaving issue; William-Wildman, 3d viscount; 
RiCHABD, 4th viscount; George, present viscount; and 
Unu'sa, w., 12 April, 1787, the rev. Mr. Tristram, who d, 
4 April, 1-796 ; 4. Daines, successively marshal of the high 
f«>urt of admiralty, secretary for the affairs of Greenwich 
Hospital, a Welch judge, and second judge of Chester, distin- 
fnuihed himself by many learned works, d, unm, ; 5. Samuel^ 
appointed a post^captain 1747? a col. of marines in Oct. 1770, 
a reari.admiral 1778, a vice-admiral 1782, lieut.-gen. of 
Qiirines 1786, admiral of the blue squadron 1787) and admiral 
<tf the white in 1794 ; he captured, in the course of his emi- 
nent aerricee, many French ships of war, in single engage- 
nienta, and among them the St. Florentin, of sixty guns, he 
commanding the Achilles, of the same number, but with an 
inferior complement of men, after a long and severe action ; 
but his country stands chiefly indebted to him for havings 
saved the West-India Islands in 1778, when threatened by 
the" viery superior force of the French fleet, under M. 
D*£Btaing. To this fleet, consisting of thirteen ships of the 
line, and sereral frigates, admiral Barrington had to oppose 
- TOl.". II. K K only 


only fimr lUpi of the Uno^ three of fUtfgmm^ mA 
ia jt mi Kad yet the. WobdA o wnmn d ir , aftirhe^A^ 
ia wioTupiewMifii] •ttmkMy.jf&AmAymOxuie-m thMj kv 
iMHiingniihrf MaMf at the liiJaf of qibraltir^ bqjiag ■ 
in eoaniMiaA iM4flr evl HlQpFe^ HeiAtMMu 16A»^] 
6L iWkrite, coniflBrated hiiJiopcf liandaff l70ll»Mahcyeif 
hunria 17829 and faiahop orDtirliam in 1791 ; m^ lafc, f 
Wh I>i«M BeavMleil^ aatv d^ ai CbmkB, M Mai 
.^Ibeni, who dL in 17i8, without iaaoei m^Mf^ Sft 
1770, Jans, oafy da. of air BeriMl03r-Wi]Uain.Oii&e»^: 
comlMv eob 61oneepter,.bart., andli^ hee (wbotL An ] 
had no laaoe i 7» Smmk^ m,^ Jwie 174%. Bober| Ad 
IVndejr, o(fc Haiaj^ eaqh MiA ^ n lf«m>4^I7W » & . 
«^JaKl747« tirllM)aiaaCbf9ea,bai!t.t lkJr«i|vA 
174S» TbffvwoMitiEiUBaa^liaMy and.waa.aiuBMH 

Wii«tA».WiiJ>iU]r, Sd viaopvat^ A, 17179 avpofa 
kvd.ff tibft edi^inai)Fin 174Cl nwatat jef 1iia<gre«t.«fei 
in. 17*d»* privy eaiyMfllar.iallfi?* tmd^n m et im jmm 
dwMallovoftha«iaha9MrlaUSBl, traainirir.erthaji 
170i».a aieoo4 tima a e a w t ai y .-alL war in. 17M^.iril 
reaigiied in 1778» after aarHng the cmwa thirty-ifiaw.. 
and enjoying the oonfidsDoe of twoauoeeaiiTekinga^ Gee 
and XL; m., 16S<q»t.« 1740, Mtay^ onlf 6sl, nid.hgAi 
Henry LoYeU« youngest son of sir SalaUuel Lovell, tw 
the endie^er, and widow of the hon. 8amud Giii 
eldeat son of William, viaoount Grimston, and had ia 
her (who d. 24 Sept., 1764,) a «on, b, Feb. 1743, and Boi 
Atme^ b, 8 Aug., 1741, ooth d. The viscount 4, 1 
1793, and was succeeded by his nqihew, 

WiLLiAM-WiLDMAK, 3d visoount, ffi. ttuss Mun 
Thetfbrd, 00. Norfolk, (who m., 2dly, 2 Feb., 1812, £ 
Thomyeroft, esq.,) and deceasing without issue, 31 
1801, was succeeded by his next brother, 

Richard, 4th viscount, m., in 1783, Susan, da. of B 
Budder, of Phikdelphia, esq., d. A]^ 1816. The vi 
dying idthout issue, at Valenciennes, in 1813, was sac 
by his brptheri- 

GsoBGE, in holy <Mrders, present and 5th viscount. 

HeirmAppmretU-^WiLi*iAM''K:EVFELj the visoount^a 

Creaimn^ll Jan., 1720. 

Motto— JJofiMfo quam splendida f-^'Roiw splendi 
things hoaourably obtained ! 

^rma^JSee. Plate 77. 


HENRY-UALL OAOE, VraconsT GAGE, of Cwtle 
tilaud, (o. KiMTy. Boran iif Caitlebar, to. Alnyo, and Bsroti 
Oaug, nf High Meadow, in EnglRiid ; Aora 14 Dec., 1791 ; 
•OTMeded his fachn-. Henrv, thu late Viacuunt, 2S Jan., 
ISOa; married, 8 Maroh, 181!!, BlizalHiCli.MariB, ddvat da. 
of the bon. Griwnrd Fnley, 3d Min nf Thomu, hmi Fidey, 
Wdlas iuue; 1. HghRV ; 2. Etitabelh; Z. Anna-Maria ; 
ind, 4. Wi^atA. 

The family of Gage has been aented K Firle, In Siiiux, 
•iiice Itnp. Henry VI., when they ncquirod that property by 
marriaKe with an helms of St. Were. Among them are 
«WJiigui»hed Mt John Gage, K.G., temp: Hen. VIII. ; sir 
Edward Ga^c, knt. of the Bath, temp, queen Mary, and air 
Henry Gage, pfovemor of Oiford, temp. Charles I. 

Sir JouH Gacie, of Firle, great grandaon and heir of air 
John Gage, K.G., waa created a hart. 39 Marvh, 1G22, m., 
Fmdope, da. and co.heims of Thomas Dsrcy, earl Rivera, 
ud had iaaue, air TnoicAa, hia Buocesaor, and air Edward^ at 
HcDgrare, co. Suffolk, anceator of the present air Thotnai 
Qage, of Hengrare, hart. 

Six TuoHAa Oabe, 2d bart., m., Mary, da. andco-heims 
<( John Chamberlayne, of Sherborne Castle, co. Oxford, and 
liad iAQe, air THonAS, 3d bart., d. unn>.{ sir John, 4ch 
Ivt., who was father of sir JoHH, sir Thomas, and air 
T'ru.iAM, filh, 6th, and 7th barta., who aU d. young or 
Ml. t and Jauph, who was father of 
Sir THOiua, 8^ bart., created viscount Gage, and baron 
'■uge, of CaMlebar, co. Mayu, 14 fUept., 1730; m., lit, 
iMWdteta-Maria-Thenga, sole da. and heireaa of Benedict 
Ian, of Hi|^ Headcw, w. Gloucester, esq,, and by her (who 
.3& July, I749,)hadiBBue; I. William-Hall, 2d viscount 
Vagv; 3. TAdhhu, a general, and couuDander'in-chiHf ofhia 
— ijeaty'a forceti in North America, who d. 2 April, 1788, 

^r- ving n-i 8 Dec, 17G8, Margaret, da. of Peter Kemhle, esq., 

^^nddent ofihecouncilof New Jeraey, and<{. 2 April, 1708, 
leavliig ii«iiB by her (who d. 9 Feb., 1824, afted 90,) j 
1. Uehxt, 8d vi»«mnt t 3. John, 6. 23 Dec, 1767, m., 20 
Uay, 1793, Mary, only da. and huir of John Milbanke, esq., 
and niece to Charies-Watson Wentwurth, 2d and laat tnar- 
^now of Rocking^Bin, and haa, ammig other issue, Mary, 
ridaw da., m., 38 April, 1820, Henry.Poter Uelmi, uf Cams 
Hall, 00. Hants, e«|. ; 3. William-Hall, b. a Oct., 1777 : 4. 
Haria-Thereaa, b. 4 April, 17(J2, m., 2 March, \JV3< dr 
K K B James 


Jmoam Cnmlord, htaeUt 6. LoniiiwFiliiaihuth, bi 11 ] 
17«ft, «!., 13 Feb., 17M, toJf.U. Btte; m|^ 8d«o6;u 
lata Jir ^Patrick IM^ bart.; 6. Harriet^ twin with Ji 
7* CBbariotte^liaigant^ 6. 19 Aog,, 17^ m. diaiks < 
«iq.» tMicli Sapt. 1814 ; and, & iSmUvv^ S6 April, 177V 
St7Aiig^lW7, MciiitBgiiA,6tha|urlo/Ald«gdon^a. n$ 
m^.9 Miritk^ 177(^ O^tMroe Taibqiifi^ of Badn^, eo. Noi 
«a%^ . and . dL .without niae, Aiig.- 177& Thomjji^ 
QigBy m^ Sdly, 26 Dec, 1750, Jane Godfiwy* .widfl 
Httry-Jernmi Bond, eiq., who d. withoat inoe, 8 i 
17A7*. mM kcdsMp ^ Deo. 17M, and vai iiweededh 
«ldflation, ! 

.Wii4iAX<AigLi., 8d TifljBOimtGagey A. 1 Jan., 1718» 
97Qek^.l780, waaci;eatedba]nn<3a(n,iiCFirl«, oo.Sii|l 
i^jp 1790, baton Cj^pf^ of.OlghiMMbw, flfkCUoiMi 
with jwriaiitdiir, in di^iwlt of i9ii# mate,, .to.'hitjwp 
MmefQmm,Bui,y m., 3 iPeb.,. IW7, fiteMh, j^aH 
teipMw, kfd JBardlej, by whom(who d;.l./|ily,.130| 
had %M»f A Jfanah 1770« wko A«n infimt. ; 9it teiddi 
U>Qqt<« 1791, and waa ■nccMad l&.hia titl^by hia |ii^ 

qftuBV, ^ Bu^-ga^ m ihcijnnT, ft. ,4 Maish,^ 17fli9 
12 Jan., 1782, Susanna-Maria, only da. and h^ir^of .tlw 
WilUamSkinnar, (granddaughter of the late admiral sir J 
Wanen, K^B..,) and by her (who d, April 1821) had ii 
HEKRYiJlALL,. present yisoount, and Thomas^WiUum' 
12 June, 1824, Arabella Cedl, da. of Thoma^-WiUiiVi 
Quintin, of Soanpton Hall, oo. York. The viscount < 
Jan., 1808, and was sucoeeded by his son, 

HENR.Y Hall, present visGount.. 

JIeir,-Apparenl — H£Na.Y, the viscount's eldest son. , 

Crffo/io/^^Viscouut, II June, 1721. 

Motto — Courage sans peur — Courage without fear. 

Jrm^ — See Plate 77* 

Baron Temple, Secretary at War in England, and M«I 
the University of Capibridge : ^or» 20 Oct., 1784 ; suooe 
his father, Henry, the late Viscount, 17 Api-il, 1802. 

Peter Temple, of Stowe, co. Bucks, esq., d. and 
buried at Stowe, 27 May, 1577* John, his eldest son, 
ancestor of the Temples of Stowe (represented by the prf 
duke of Buckingham and.Chaudos,; and Anthony the 2d9 
auceator of. 

VI8001JNT8. 10S6 

^ JoBir ITSMPIX, knt. master of the rolls in Maud, tL 
iifTi whow 9d son, sir John^ attorney g^eral of Ireluid, 

HnraTTxMPLE, 1st yisooimt Palmerston, 5. 1073, was 
OMtad, 13 Mardi, 1722, baron Temf^^ and viscount 
J V rt fr i ioi t, M., Ist, Anne, da. of Abraham Houblon, es^., 
ind hiid issue by her (who d, 8 Dec, 1735,) ; 1. Henry^ tL m 
Usfiidier's Kfeume, 18 Aug., 1740, m., 1st, Elizabeth, sister 
tf GeofgeJiemry Lee, earl of Litdifidd, by whom, who d. 
ITH^ A0 had no issue; and, 2dly, Jane, da. of sir John 
lliiiini,by whm he had an only son, Hekrt, 2d viscount ; 
t, Mk k m r d ^ nMnkerforDownton, m., 18 May, 1748, Hen- 
riscta, only da. of Thomai Pelham, of Stanmer, oo. Sussex, 
CMh ilBd sister of Thomas, 1st «ari of Chichester, and tL 8 
A^ 1749, learing issue by her (who m., 2dly, 5 Feb., 17A3. 
€w(geNeHfie, 1st earl of Abe r g a v e nny, and d, Sept. 1708,; 
«» MH, A. 18 Feb., 1749, d, an infant. The viscount m., 
M^, 11 Mar, 1788, Isabella, da. of sir Frauds Gerard, of 
Ufoir^Ai-the-hill, oo. Mid^esex, bart., said widow of sir 
Mil Fkyer, bart., who d. without issue, 11 Aug., 17^ 
JV viaooont d. 10 June, 1757) aged 84, and was succeeded 
% kia gnrndson, 

^EVET, 2d viscount, 6. 4 Dec, 1739 m., Ist, Oct., 1707, 

^«BM0s, only da. of sir Francis Po(de, of Poole, co. Chester, 

|^>t.,and had issue by her,(who d. 2 June, 1709,); 1. EliMobeth^ 

•^10 May, 1709, «., Dec, 1811, Lawrence, son of Stephen 

*^van, of Ponsbome Park, co. Herts, esq. The viscount 

^^^ 2dly, 5 Jan., 1783, Mary, da. of Benjamin Mee, esq., and 

^^ issue by her (who <f. 8 Feb., 1805,) ; 2. HeNRY^OHir, 3d 

^^count I 3. William^ b. 19 Jan., 1788, envoy extraordinary 

^^d minuter plenipotentiary to the Swiss Cantons ; and, 4. 

^^tmtei^ «., 9 Auff., 1820, William Bowles, capt., R.N. The 

^^ceunt d, 17 April, 1802, and was succeeded by his son, 

IIekey-Johk, present and 3d viscount. 
^ Heir»Prentmptiw — The Hon, William Temple, the 
~ soount*s only brother. 
Cremiion^l2 March, 1722. 
MoCtou.F/M/1, nonfrangi — To bend, not to break. 
Plate 77. 


^ouxT Ckdway, and Baron of Killard, co. Clare ; horn 28 
^ardi, 1782 : succeeded his father, Robert, the late Visooimt, 
U8 July, 1810 ; marrwdy 4 June, 1804, Catharine-EUsabeth, 

kk3 da. 

1. OmoM^w-XawiMaJLwawitKL, i. 1 Manftt -iWii''4^ 

i.aA;iil, ISdflt *■ J*wrf C— Htr, *. SI l>M.i !»» 1 4. 

i. 98 Sept., 1418.. .' ' ,..: 

TUi tenir U irf not Bnivw^bi^«o.«f YcA, ■*! 
4«riw iu. ittuftii mpi SiMox Iioxcktox, of li|KMlt|M 
■MrBoEMU^ihridge, i4udtIo(4>up^Mttgrlt7«njC7al HJ 
jt WM uhA • nnpMry, fflsfl; and MlbdWiui Wiwitiwi 
fron Um dMOfuA^ < ' . ' - ' >N}< 

y^m » jfam tTO M. wlio f?i. Elinor, eldeil da. and co- 
WlM.At ^^EiMdalun, of HunnMte, cu. M'^arwirk, (b; 
~ ' "^^^TT Anthony BoivilH, and CatharinB liis wife, 

ir Jnliu CB.vil,) bv whiufa mtirriage the 
rf the Inrdahip of Cavil.Vhii^li, aftur a lapse ol 
poBsew, He hod iiiue a da., Jane, and 
}r of the Menoktons, el' Lincolnshire and 

..__„__ Win and heir, m. Janet, da. and heir ol 

Robert Iiiicai,'«aq., and waa (ktber of . . 

WiLLJAK, who, in Aug. 1646, received from the earl (t 
Hertford, a letter, itill extant, conunanding him in the kiag*! 
name, (the kingdom being then threatened with an invaaioti 
from the French and Scot!,) to repair in person to Newcaalla 
irich hi» >ervan(s, tenants, and otbera, making a« many of hji 
number as he could to be honemen armed with speaia, a 
archers ou borseback, that they mi^t be able to do Hervii> 
when they arrived on the borders of Scotland. He m. Anne 
da. of sir Koberc Aske, knt., (by Elizabeth, da. of John, lar 
Clifford, and aunt of Henry, 1st eaii of Cumberland,} b 
whom he had issue, 

CuKlBTOFHEB, who, by Praucsc, da, of George Husee, c 
J>uffield, esq., was father of 

MaBUaduie, of Cavil, in. / Elizabeth, do. of Matl|e 
Wentwinth, and had issue; sir Fhilif, his successor, wm 
John, at Garton and Bnrland, co. York, ni. Susanna, d^ _ 
William Berry, of Walesby, co. lancolh, esq., and d. 182 
leaving issue; 1. WiUiam, d. uniii.; 2. John, of Melt:' 
super Hontem, co. York, a major of infantry in the army- 
Charles I., m. Mary, da. of Samuel OldBeld, of Oldfield, •• 


Rfipdoioa, WM mother of the 1st viicoimt Galway ; 3. sir 

Wwond, in the army, m. Anne, da. of Hamerton, of oo. 

Fork, esq.; 4. Marmadnke, of Holroyd, oo. York, a capt. of 
infimtryin the sernce of Charles I.,fn. Mary, da. and heiress 
ff the reF. Richard Berry, of Walesby, co. Lincoln, D.D., 
ad by special covenant on his marriage, assumed the surname 
•f Berry, but d. s. p. 

- Sir Philip Monckton, of Cavil (eldest son of the above 
Mmnaduke), m. Margaret, da. and co-heir of F^;ancis Sutton, 
1^., and had issue, 

SrFnAKCiB, who was knighted at York, 21 Jan., 1641, 
Ik Ifamret, da. and co-heiress of Thomas Savile, esq., (and 
ter of Elizabeth, grandmother of Thomas Wentworth, 5th 
ndlast earl Straffoid,) and had issue. 

Sir PniLiP, who was knighted at Newcastle, 1643, served 

MiHtime in parliament for Scarborough, and was most honour- 

Mf diitingiiished for his loyedty to kings Charles I. and II. 

Bswia leveral times imprisoned, and twice banished during 

^flMl war ; and at one time his grandfather, his father, and 

linnielf, were all sequestered by Cromwell ; during the usur- 

l>tian also, he had the good fortune to be the means of saving 

Wth the king and the duke of York from assassination. In 

<>iiaideration of these siifferings and services, king Charles II., 

^ 1666, wrote him a letter with his own hand, promising 

^t if God restored him, sir Philip should share with him. 

^ 1660, he was high sheriff of Yorkshire, when he received 

'^ thanks of the mayor and aldermen of York, for the great 

"^t^oes he had performed some years before, in leading and 

^^couraging the citizens against the parliamentaiy com- 

J^^nders, colonel Lilbume, and lord Fairfax. He m., 1638, 

^^me, ddest da. of Robert Eyre, of Highlow, co. Derby, esq., 

g^HoeBtor of the present earl of Newburgh,) and by her had 

S^nie, two sons, of whom, William, the youngest, was a lieut. 

^-•N., and killed at Barcelona, in Spain, 1706 : and, the eldest, 

^ Robert, succeeded his father, was one of those who went 

to Holland to king William III., and returned to this 

with him at the revolution in 1688 ; he was after. 

Is one of the commissioners of trade, and served in several 

_^liament8 for Pontefract and Aldborough, co. York, m. 

2^heodosta, eldest da. and co-heiress of John Fountayne, of 

f^^elton super Montem, co. York (above-named), and by her 

^ad 2 sons, Robert, who d, tinm. ; and, 

^ JoHK, the eldest, who was advanced to the dignity of the 

in 1727, by the titles of baron of Killard, co. Clare, 

viscount Galvoay, succeeded to the family estate in 1722, 



and BorcbMed the present finnily rosidoiee of 8^^ 
be, m 1734, wan lepresentathre in parliament for Qitlieg 
LdUioaiiter, and afterwards for Pontefract, 00. York, am 
in Jklay 1734) appointed a oommissioner of his mq 
revenue in Iieland, which office he resigned in 174^ 
Oct. 1748, hiB lord^liq^ was app(»nted 8urve7or.fpeneral 
majesty's honours, woods, forests, &o., in Englan 
Wales ; and in July 1749, was appointed LL J), at the i 
latioa of the dnke of Newcastle, chanoellor of the univ 
of Cambridge. The viscount m., Ist, Elizabeth, da. of 
2d duke of Rutbmd, by whom (whb d. 22 March, 1730. 
21), he had issue ; L William, 2d viaooiint ; 2. Rob 
Ueot.-gen., governor and commander-in-chief of New 
and governor of Berwick and Holy Island, d, 3 May, 
3. John; 4. SUMttbeHi, both d. in&nts. The viaoaiB 
2dly, 1734, Jane, 4th da. to Henry-Warner Westei 
Queen's oo., esq.^ (ancestor of lord RossnuMre,) by £1 
sister of Jolui, the 1st viscount Allen, by whom (whed 
1788,) he had; & Jehm, b. 2 Aug., 1739, m. mias Adas 
whom he had three daa., 1. Eleanor, m. Philip, 6th « 
Harborough; 2. Mary^Anne, m. sir George Pigot, 
nephew to lord Pigot ; 3. Jane, d, unm, ; S* Henrp^ 
Feb.,. 1740, killed in America ; 7* Edward, b. 3 Nov., 
m., 1778, Sophia Pigot, da. of George, lord Pigot^ govei 
if Fort St. George, in the East Indies, who d. in 1783, 

8 j j the title became extinct, and has issue ; 1. Edward ; 2. G 

^^^ 3. John; 4. Henry; 5. Sophia; 6. Mary,*/.; j. Lei 

8. Philip, judge and magistrate at Goruckpore, in th 
t^ \ Indies, d, 6 January, 1820, unm. ; 9. Claude, d, ; 10. R 

11. Hugh, in holy orders, rector of Seaton, co. Rutland 
Anna-Maria; 13. William; and, 14. Emma. 8. Mi 
21 May, 1748, m., June 1786, Edmund Boyle, 7th . 
Cork and Orrery. The viscount d, 16 July, 1751, ai 
succeeded by his eldest son, 
William, 2d viscount, appointed, Dec 1748, re< 

1% general of his majesty ^s crown and fee-farm rents : 

: counties of Yoik, Westmoreland, Durham, Northimibi 

Viscounts. 1029 

IHOL The YiMOunt «L 10 Not., 1772, and was siiccueded by 

Heitrt-Williak, 3d riscount, ft. 15 May, 1749, d. unm. 
SMardi, 177^) And was succeeded by his brother, 

Robert Mokcktov-Arundel, 4th viscount, K.B., and 
•e of hia majesty^ privy councillors, b. 4 July, 17^^ ^"t 
Itt, Hudi 1779, Elisabeth, da. of Daniel Mathew, of Felix 
Hdyflo. Eiseac, esq., by whom (who d. 19 Nov., 1801,) he had 
ine; I. JElizabeih'Mwry^ b, 1. Jan., 1780; 2. Henrietta- 
Ifflrifl, h, 4 Dec, 1780, m., 21 Sm>t., 1808, Robert-Penibertou 
Mibei) of Fiyiton Hall, oo. York, esq. ; 3. William- 
teoisE, present viscount ; 4. Robert'Henry^ b, 4 May, 
17Q, R.N., d, 4 Aug., 1813 ; 5. Charlotte-Penelope, b, 22 
Nor., 1784, dL S6 April, 1806; 6. Frances^atie, b. 18 June, 
1788; 7. Charies-Frederick, b. 16 Aujif., 1787, d, 4 Sept., 
1716; H,Avgwtu8~Phmp, b. 2 July, 1789, cT. 20 Aug., 1802; 
t. Cirfefefu7AofiMw, 6. 9 Jan., 1797, in the army. The vis- 
^omt «., Sdly, Bridget, only child of Pemberton Milnes, of 
WikeAdd, CO. York, esq., and relict of Peter-Auriol-Hay 
^^naamond, esq., son of the archbishop of York, and brother 
«f Robert, 9th eari of KinnouL His lordship d. 23 July, 1810, 
^ms iuooeeded by his eldest son, 

William-Oeoroe, present and 5th viscount. 

SdrmApparent — Oeoroe-Edwaiid Arukdel, the vis- 
^i^fft eldest son. 

^w/Jo»— 27 July, 1727. 
^MoUo—'Cruce dum spiro fido~—A% long as I breathe, I 
^^ my dependence in ihe cross. 
Plate 77. 

«^^URT, of Powerscourt, co. Wicklow, and Baron of Wing- 
S^ld, CO. Wexford ; bom 3 Dec, 1816; succeeded his father, 
"^idiard, the late Viscount, 9 Aiij?., 1823. 

^ This noble family was seated at Wingfield Castle, co. 

^Xiifolk, prior to the conquest. Sir Richard Wixgfield, 

^^^ Ist viscount Powerscourt, for his eminent services was 

^^Ud* marrscbal of Ireland by queen Elizabeth ; and by king 

^^ ames I., for his sulrsoquent achievements, twice joined in the 

'^yverument of Ireland, and created viscount Powersfourt, 19 

^eb., 1618, in that country, where the feniily have ever since 

^^ontinued. The title liccame extinct in 1 034, on the viscount's 



•dflniae without iMDa: hot wn gonfcnwd, fai IWBy fln*liiinftlit 
heir, Foliot Wlngfidd, the fid lord, who abo dL -withMt 
iMoe male, in I7179 when ihe title igidB lieema'€BrtfaMt|'hlU 
the estates descended to Edward WingfieU, esq. 

RicsAXD Wiv«FiEU>, A. 1607^ eiuyesn or Bhnnd,%«i^ 
in 1743, elenited to the £nailT honeon bf the tMia of iNvsil 
Whisfieidf oTWingikdd, and viscomrt . rti iw ri apwr l # he iw^ 
1st, 30 Aog^ 17S1, Anne, da. of COiriitofhar Usher, '«^., 
who dLwithoat issue; and, 9dly, IS April, 19S7, Boiollif. 
Beresfoid, only da. of Heraoles Kowley, esa., granJfa|lie»ef 
viscount lian^ford, and had isnie by her (who dL 31 JU^, 
i78ft,) ; 1. E]>wiju>, his snoeessor t & RicHAftBt^fisoeiait ; 
3. Frame§ij A. ft^M, 17S8> m^ ftTNor., 1747, John CMre, 
lordAnnalY, and dL withoat isme, Ajog, IjtN; 4, Jm b d 9af 
ss.,71i«R»i, 1770, sirCbailesfiMevOlWatsringlmry, oe. 
.Kent, hart., and dL 84 SepC, 1808, leatring issue. fSte 
JMntfs Hem Bmrmt€tati$0 The viseouift dL SI Oel., I75I, 
and waa sueoeeded by his cUest eon, 

JBswjAD, Id visoout, b, 1731^ who dL «mms 17«4, rind 
was soeoeeded by his faroAer, 

RicBABO, adYiaepant^fn., fiepi. IWk, SnilyfifemftM^* 
da. of John, earl of AldboraQgi^ and had iam^ 1. Biofluato^- 
4th yisoount ; S. JipAn, a]ieat.MeoL in the army, took the name 
and annsof Stratford, by lapl sign mamial, 1808, St., 2§ Apil, 
1797) Frances, only child ol Leonard Barthokniew, of Adtefgu 
ton-place, 00. Kent, esq., and d. at Coimbra, in Portngal, 14 
May, 1811 ; 3. Edimrd^ alieuL-coL in the aimy^ m., 17 April, 
1797) Hester-Harriet Westenra, ad sister of Warner. Wiflnan^ 
lord Rosamore, and has issue, Harriet, «., Oct. 1810, lieat.« 
ooL Vemar, of Churdi-HiU, 00. Armagh; 4. Mmika; & 
EnUiioy m., 10 April, 1817, Robert-Deane Spread, esq., e^t. 
16th regiment of foot, 9d son of the late Wilson Spraad, of 
Ballycannon, co. Cork, esq. ; 6. Harriet^ d, 31 Aug., 1800. 
The viscount d. 8 Ai^., 1788, and was succeeded by hto 
eldest son, 

Richard, 4th viscount, b. 29 Oct., 1762, m., 1st, 30 Jane, 
1789, Catharine Meade, 2d da. of John, Ist earl of dan. 
William, and had issue by her (who d» 17 Feb., 179S)$ 
RiCHAED, present viscount ; JoAn, b» 4 Sq»t., 1791 ; EdtBOPd^ 
in holy orders, b. 20 Nov., 1792, m., 12 April, 1819, Louisa^ 
Joan, 3d da. of the late hon. George Jooelyn, and niece of 
the earl of Roden. The viscount m,^ 2dly, 9 Feb., 1790, 
Isabella, 2d da. of the right hon. William Brownlow, (siatilsr 
to the countess of Dandey, and viscountess De Vesci,} and 



Ui-JMM; IFilKoM, A. SI May, 1709 ; Jtmet, b, 5 Sept., 
IM| . Caihmine ; and Bmilp. The vilocmnt d. 19 July, 
IM,aiidw«B suooeeded by his eldest son, 

RiCHAmiK, 6Ch viscount, 6. 11 Sept., 1790, fn., 6 Feb., 
Uia, S^eaoMs-Theodotia, da. of Robert Jooelyn, 2d earl of 
BadHi, and by her (who d. 10 May, 1820,) had issue, 
Bwa»ii, pnse&t Tiacoont. His lordship d, 9 Aug., 1828, 
anjjwmifli eo ded by his only son, 

EaoHAKD, present and 6th visoount. 

Mttn ^pp rn ttni T he Hov. Johv Wikofield, the ris- 
0WBfe^ vnfliki* 

CfaMliw tTib, 174S. 

Uama^J'idaiU ui de MHeu^Ttnth is of God. 
Plate 77. 


mui Baran of Castle Darrow, oo. Kilkenny ; bom 6 Nov., 

19XS; apflcaedad his brother, WiUiam, the late Visooimt, 

6 Jaib, 180B t moitM, 1st, 26 May, 1802, Deborah-Susanna, 

aaly da. and heiress of the Rev. WillianuMaiimilian Friend, 

MaoBof UnUiam Friend, Dean of Canterbury, fby Grace, 

jmngiBSt sister of Richard, Lord Rokeby, Ar^biuiop of Ar. 

■a|^) and by her (who d. 29 Marcb, 1810,) has issue ; 

k AuMiNSfinita, b. 5 July, 18(», m., 21 May, 1824, 

tha Bvr. WiuiBm Robinson, son of sir John Robinson, bart. ; 

1 HsvKT, *. 17 June, 1806; 3. dxroHne^ b. 90 July, 1807; 

4. WUBmmy b. 14 Aug., 1808, d. Oct., 1818; and, 5. a 

diiipUn^ A. 15 Dec, 1809. The viscount «!», 2dhr, 22 June, 

ini, &Bily.Theophibi, eldest da. of sir Theophilus Metealf, 

tf FasB Hiil, CO* Berks, bart., and had a still-bom son^ b, Jan. 

1818; A^ifftuki-Amelia^ b* 4 June, 1817 : a da,^ b, 26 Nov., 

inSf tk£»^ b.7 Nov., 1820. 

WiLKXAX Flower, of Durrow, co. Kilkenny, esq., was 
tmtad 97 Oct., 17SS, baron Castle Durrow^ and d, 26 April, 
IM, ha v in g an only surviving son, 

HxvmT, Sd lord, created 90 Sept., \7b\^ viscount Ashbrook^ 
m^ 25 Mardi, 1740, Elizabeth, da. of lieut.-gen. William 
Dttloo, and had issue by her (who d. 10 Feb., 1759,); 1. Wil- 
LtMUj 2d viscount ; 2. Eligabeth, b. 26 Jan., 1747? d. unm. 
8 Marsh, 1818 ; and, 3. ilfaty, b. 12 Feb., 1748,- m., 8 Jan., 
1788, the rev. John Nicholl, and d, in Aug. 1809. The vis- 
count d, 27 June, 1752, and was succeeded by his only son, 



o. d XNOv., ivvi) m., 18C, 1 marcn, ivu^s, tne non. f 
John-ElliB-Agar, next brother of Henry, vifiMX>unt i 
igid, 2dly, 20 July, 1798, Pryse-Loveden Pryse, esc 
Jan., 1813; 7- Caroline^ b, 22 Aug., 1773; 8. Soph\ 
Sept., 1774, d. 28 Feb., 1794. The viscount d. 3i 
1780, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

William, 3d viscount, b, 19 Oct., 1767? who d^ 
Jan., 1802, and was succeeded by his only brother, 

Henry-Jeffry, present and 4th viscount. 

Heir'Apparent — Henry, son of the viscount. 

Creations — Baron, 27 Oct., 1733; and viscounty S 

M-otto-^Mens conscia recti -^ A mind consdoui i 

Arme — See Plate 78. 

COUNT and Baron MOUNTMORRES, of Castlemo 
Kilkenny, and a Baronet : bom 1 Sept., 1756 ; succc 
half-brother, Hervey-Redmond, the late Viscount, 1 
1797 ; married^ 24 April, 1794, Anne, da. of Josepl 
of Castle-Hoyle, co. Kilkenny, esq., and by her (w 
April, 1823,) had issue; 1. Hervey, b, 20 Aug. 
2. Anne ; 3. Mary ; and, 4. JiUiana, 

The family de Montmorency, de Montemarisco, de '. 


~ Oeoff&et de Mont more ycT, styled sometimes the 

''vwi^-wlumi Mr. Duchesne, author of an History of the Mont- 

'^kioraicys, in one voL folio, printed at Paris in 1G24, proves 

"^oliave been the 2d son of Her\-e dc Montnioreniy, grand 

^Mder of France, came into Enf^land temp, \rilliam the Con- 

^]U(Bror ; which monarch, together witli the office of chamber- 

^Ai'n to his daughter-in-law, 31atilda, queen of Henr)* I., 

S'^nted to Oeoifrey the lordsliip of Thomey, and otlier 

snaoon. From Herv^, his brother, 1st constituted bishop of 

^^angor, in TVales, and afterwards named 1st bishop of Ely, 

^ 1108, Geoffrey obtained the great lordship of Marisco, m 

Norfolk and Cambridgeshire, along with the hereditary gover- 

^Bonhip of the Isle of Ely, which last dii/nity his descendants 

1^ till the 14th century : and from tuat period until tlie 

l5th century, bore the title or name of de Marisco. The sire 

^Marisoo ranked in England like his forefather in France, 

VQong the barons of the realm ; by Richilde, his wife, da. to 

filter, castellan or earl of Douay, in Flanders, a sovereign 

^optrch, and one of the Conqueror's favourite captains, he iu- 

''^ted the lordships of Huntspill, and other places, in Somer. 

'Bt and Devonshire, and had ^ sons ; viz. Herv^, the eldest, 

j^Iio, by 2 wives, Agnes, countess d*Eu, and Adelaide de 

^pennont-Beauvoisis, countess dowager of Clare, (not Agnes 

^ Meulant, as some have erroneously pretended,) had 2 sons ; 

. * \l*^illiam Fitz-Agnes, lord de Mansco and lord of Boxtead, 

U^ whose grandda.. Amy, that line ended; and, 2. Hervd 

{tz-Herve, his son, by the countess Adelaide, who d. 1188, 

. ithout issue ; 2. Boudiard de Montmorency, lord of Hamton, 

"'^int lord of Marisco; whose only son, William Fitz-Boii- 

^^ard, d. unm,^ and bequeathed his estates to the church; 

!^ Robert Fitz-Geoff'rey, lord de Marisco, the continuator of 

tHis Une ; 4. Thibaidt-Fayen, from whom the counts of Gisors 

IJ^*scended ; 6. Piers, or J^eter, whose youngest son, Geoffrey 

'^^itz-Piers, viceroy of England and earl of Essex, was in his 

^Siy the greatest man of the British empire; which line 

^Jtunrged into the royal family, and from whom the reuoiitiied 

j^enry V. sprung maternally ; 6*. Baldwin, lord of Dynas, d, 

^tk Palestine; and, 7* Geoffi'ey. 

Robert-Fitz-Geoffrey Fitz-Herve, lord de Ma- 
risco, after his father's decease, in 1118, succeeded to the 
Office of lord-chamlierlain to queen Matilda and to the king. 
^)uring Geoffrey's lifetime he had been ostiarius^ or groom of 
^he stole to Henrv I., and paid a fine of 1 marc oi gold and 
^ ounces to have livery of the chaniberlainship. He m. Lucia, 
^a. Af Alexander de Alneto, or d'Anet, lord of Camlcy, a near 
VOL. II. LI. Vvwsxftfica. 


kinsman of the Conqueror, and of one of the most powerful 
familiefi in Normandy ; which Luda hecame sole heir to her 
brother, knrd Fulco, of whom contemporary historians make 
honourable mention. Lord Robert de Marisoo is supposed to 
have died in the Holy Land, and to have been buried at liucca, 
in Italy ; his issue were ; 1. Stephen, constable of Cardigan, and 
earl of Pembroke, (the first who exercised that dignity,) slain 
by the Welsh, 1136. He had issue by his concubinie, Nesta, 
princess of Wales, the widow of Gerald, seneschal of Pem- 
brokeshire, youngest brother of WiltLam Fitzwalter de Wind- 
sor, ancestor to the Windsor ftmilv: as also, Gerald was 
himself progenitor of the illustrious nouses of Carew, Grace, 
Fitsmaurice, Gerald Fitzgerald, 5bkenzie, and FitK-Gibboa. 
Nesta had also bom out m wedlock to king Henry I., beside 
other diildren, a da.. Aline, whom the Montmorencys of 
En^hoid hadfirocnred in marriage for the chie^ of their house 
in France, Matthew, sire de Montmorency. Stephen, we say, 
had issue by this Nesta, besides several das. inarried to the 
lords de Biury, de Carew, de Cogan, and others, 1. Ro- 
bert Fits-Stephen, the renowned ooUeajgue and precursor in 
the conquest of Ireland, 1169, of earl Strongbow ; whicb 
Robert was created duke of Coric bv king Henry II., and ia 
the 1st Montmorency in France or England, who, by creation, 
ever bore the ducal title ; he left no surviving issue ; 2. lord 
Jordan, of whom hereafter ; 3. Walter, lord of Stow.Maryes, 
in Essex, whose posterity became extinct, 1350 ; 4. sir Regi- 
nald, founder of the priory of St. John of Jerusalem, at St. 
Clair, in Cornwall ; 5. lord Herv^ de Montmorency, Ist con- 
stable of Ireland for king Henry II., anno 1172, d, a monk, 
without issue; 6. Josselyn de Montmorency-Marisoo, joint 
lord of Marisco, of Neufield, otherwise Mareysfield, in Sussex, 
of Marton, or Marshton, and of St. Mary-Cray and Ufton, 
in Kent ; who with his son, Thomas, followed Richard I. to 
the Holy Land, was one of the most valiant heroes of that 
day, and slain at the siege of Acre, in Palestine, 1191. His 
issue ; Reginald Fitz-Josselyn, d, archbishop of Canterbury, 
25 Dec., 1191; 2. the aforesaid Thomas, whose last heir» 
male, William de Mareys, of Ufton, esq. of the body to 
Henry V., and after to cardinal Kemp ; and William, his 
son, sheriff of Kent, the 2l8t Hen, VI. (1447,) in whom 
this line ended ; 7« Geoffrey Fitz-Robert de Marisco, baron 
of Kells, and lord of Kilry, co. Kilkenny, seneschal of Ireland, 
who d, 1211, leaving no issue by his 1st wife, Basilea de Clare, 
the sister of earl Strongbow, and widow of RejTuond le Gros, 
viceroy of Ireland, 1177» (direct ancestor to the families of 


JamSitM J; lire and baion de Usiuco, lord of UariKo, of 
Cvnler, at Buiutpill, Ac, 2d >an of Robert, kIiooi ha ibi. 
IbnSmlbaoAw of krd chamberlain to tliskiiig, obtained 
fain U« broUtei 0«affi«r, boron of Kelli, the manor of Kilif, 
yUA h» nve to ibe amrdi, and titbea to th« priory of 
Iieiiica, in Kent. Ub lira buHod with bii mollier, Luda de 
Aloelo und her famiVi *^ hii un William, in die iduirdi 
of the monoatery, at Bath, in Somanetihin. Bii Jkuc, 
1 . Wjlliam, left no mala Unis i % QenSiej, who contiQiied 
thii line ; 3. Richard, chancellor iJ England, and prince- 
Inihop of Durham, d. 1SS6; 4. AloiaadBT; 6. Herlewin, 
biihop of Lcighlin, !□ Ireland, d,121S( 6. Jordan Fita-Jbrdan, 
a prieit; 7. a dn., Alira, Luda, or Iiabella, lat wife of arl 
Stroogbow, by whom a da., AUva, or Oliria, w, to William 
Fitimauriue FEtzgerald, lord of Naai, whoae only child, 
Eouna, conveyed tha bsnmy of Naai to bar bnibaiid, De 
IxmilMi, from whidi hut it piMod by a marriage to dr Chii»- 
t4i|iher PreaUin, aucenor of riaconnt OonnaniBwi, and banm 


Sir Qeoffsev II. de Hontmoreocy, lord d« Uariico, 
buna de Ucutemariaoo, viceroy of Ireland, founder and lay 
DROr of llie pdoriei of Any and Adair, of the order of St. 
Jahii of JaruialOD, and of the AuffuitlnianpriorTOfKlllagli, 
*'■'"' ■' '" ' of the baromea of Forth and 

BaiSyt of Edk, Br^, Caatledermott, &c In 1206, he 
■■iiiiwal ihii dignity of an Iriah andant dynaily. He wailn 
Lib day the oreMeat and moat pomifdl lord at the name of 

■a* <_I T ;^l -D El 1 J . — ^ V^ 1...J •!._ 

^r. In nther Ftsnce or E^igland ; ret he bad the 
mlafoniiiie to end hii daya, anno 1246, in exile, in FWiee. 
hati Oaeflny had two wivee, Ut, Eva de Bermingham, lady 
offMaly; and, 2dly, Christiana de RtddeUford, da. and co- 
LcireM of Walter, baron of Bray, and aitter to Emdlne de 
RiddeUbrd, counteaa of Ulster, wife of earl Hngh de Laey. 
Hit body hBTing been conveyed to Ireland, wai Iniried in the 
chtiTcb of the Knigbt< Hospitnllen, of Any, Co. limerick, 
where hi* Uimb, with his itstue in alto rtlievo, atill eiiata, re. 
preanUlng a crou-l^ed knight, to denote hii having made a 
cruaade to the Holy Land Hd 1220). Hiaiuue; 1, GeofiVey, 
d. without isnie { 2. William, lora of Lundy, executed {et 
rd)ellion, 1242 ; 3. Jordan II., his socceaaor ; 4. John Fjti. 
Geoffrey, viceroyof Ireland, 1206; a different peraun finim his 
wuain, who ffiOcd that (Occ in 1246, and d. ISiS. He m., 
L l2 In, 


1ft, Christiana, da. of Hugh 0*Conor, king of Connanght, 
by whom he had Dipnysius, or Donou^, father of GFeoffrey, 
i^ather of William and John, who d, without issue, the last 
being a priest ; and, 2dly, Mabil, da. to Hamon de Valois, 
viceroy of Ireland, by whom he had Robert, father of Adam, 
lord of Caher, co. Tipperary, one of whose female descendants 
(by Adam Fitz-Adam, his son,) brought that barony into the 
ramily of Butler ; afterwards lords Caher, now earl of GlengaU. 
The 2d son of this John was Philip Fitz-John, of Moenagh, 
lord of Moenagh Cloghonan-ny-menagh, (now Castle Qtway,) 
and co-proprietor of Nenagh. He founded a cell for monKs, 
at Cluanin-ny-menagh, in liower Ormonde fa different place 
from Cloghonan-ny-meni^h). By Alicia, his wifie, he had 
issue, Fuloo of Ormonde, father of William and of Alexander, 
who having no children themselves, bequeathed their estates 
to Stephen, lord of Lateragh, and to William, his brother 
and successor. The 5th son of lord Geoffrey, the viceroy, 
was Walter, constable of the castle of Rodies, co. Louth, ms 
6th son, Thomas, father of William, d. unm. ; 7* i^ Richard 
de Marisco, who by Desiderata de Carew, his wife, left issue, 
John, whose posterity became extinct ; 8. sir Stephen de Ma- 
risco, to whom his father granted the manor of Marisoo, in 
Norfolk and Cambridgeshire; whose son, Geoffrey, dying 
without issue, Desiderata de Marisco, Stephen's da., became 
heir to her brother, and marrying sir Roger de Colville, of 
Caxton, in Cambridgeshire, carried into her husband's family 
that portion of the lordship of Marisco ; 9. a da., Emmeline 
de Marisco, wife of Maurice Fitz-Gerald, to whom she brought 
the lordships of Castledermott, co. Kildare, and of Castle 
Island, with the whole island of Kerry, in co. of that name, 
and is the progenitrix of the ducal house of Leinster, the earls 
of Kildare and Desmond, the viscounts and barons of Dedes, 
the knights of Kerry, of the Glyn, the White-Knight, or 
Fitz-Gibhon, (from whom the present carl of Clare,) the se- 
neschal of Imokilly, and the barons of Brownsford and 
BiUTitchurch, and contributed principally, by her great wealth 
and possessions, to lay the foundation of the subsequent 
greatness of those potent families. 

Jordan II., lord de Marisco, baron de Montemarisco, (or 
Montmorency,) lord of Huntspill-maroys in Some:*setshire, 
of Lateragh, of Vado-petrosa, or Thomey-l>rid<]^e, &c., in vo» 
Tipperary, 7w., N., da. and heir of Martin, lord of Lateragh, 
with whom he obtained that great territory, wliich his jio- 
sttirity after him have held six hundred years. He built the 
castle and church of Lateragli, and left issue 2 sons, named 



WiUiaiii, and pOisiUy Hereward, or Heryey, de Mariaoo, 
htanm of Emelden in England, who d, without issue. 

'W11.1.IAX, lord de Marisoo, the elder, suooeeded to the 
eifte e of his fiither in England, and to his own pro|N>rticai 
uC than in Ireland: by the death of Hugh, son of William, 
the jounger, without issue, the whole of the de Marisoo pos* 
■fwinin ooooentrated in this line. WiUiam, the elder, left 
imie 1 Mm, John, and 1 da., Joan, who carried to her hus* 
band, TheiMld, lord Butler, of Arklow, (and afterwards to her 
giwi giaiMlsuii, James, Ut earl of Ormonde, who inherited, 
ui kflr ri|^t,) vast estates in England and Irdand. 

JoBjr, lord de Marisco, styled ^ OptthnUiwrnis ioHua Hu 
im Bmn,* (see Carte's History of the Earls of Ormonde,) 
fttherof; 1. Herbert; a. Jordan, the father of Nicholas, 
■e ^ daa», his heirs, «••, the 4 first, into the fnnilies of 
TimrtaB, Cariet<m,Brockholes,andPrsston, aodtheSkhbe- 

HBSBxmT, lord de Marisoo, baron de Montemariseo, lord 
of HiinlspilL4naim,of Lateragh, &c &o., «••, Ist, (by wbam 
ha had 1 son, Stepoen,) N., da. of the castdlan of Bonrboiarg, 
ii Vlaaders, widow of lord de la Peer ; his 2d wife, by whom 
lie had a son, William, (who sucoeeded to his brother Ste. 
^en,).SibiIU, da. to Walter de la Haye, escheator of Ireland. 
U«iwcC dL 1386L 

Stspheit, lord de Marisco, baron de M<mtemarisoo, lord 

of Lateragh, of Camley, of HuntspiU-mareys, of Moen^h, 00- 

Pivprietor of Nenagh, &c &c., was summoned to the British 

Ihiuw of peers, 15 March, 1360, the 35th Edward III. 

H9 left no issue by lady Letitia, his wife ; the settled estates 

'ti Ireland passed to his h^-brother William, but all the un« 

"Settled estates in Irdand and England, to the next of kin of 

^e full blood, viz. to James, earl of Ormonde. He d, 1374. 

WiLJLiAM II., lord de Marisco, succeeded as above, on his 

^wother's decease. He was lord of Lateragh, of Knockagh, of 

^homey-bridge, of Famey-bridge, of Cloghonan-ny.meaagfa, 

^jr Cluanin-ny-menagh, &c &c In 1379, he and his wife, 

^tfary, sold the last portion of the manor of Marisco (which 

ynm all that remained of that primitive lordship in the pos* 

session of this family, in England,) to Thomas de Cockfield 

^uid to Henry de Lezignon, or Lusignan. He had issue, 

^unong other children, Sylvester, his successor, and Ridiard, 

who built the castle called after him, in Ormonde, of Baly. 

rickard-morres, long a favourite family residence, and <2. with* 

<7Ut surviving issue. 

Stlvjsstjea as Majusco, lord of Lateragh, baron de 

I. L 3 Monte- 

gagged in the political irregularities of that period. 
1405, and was buried in the abbatial church of Innis! 
uagh, near Thoriiey-bridge, to wlik'h house he grant! 
manor of Graiige-hervey, By his wife, Ownya 0*Me 
da. to the dynast of Ikerrin, and sister to Tibinia, '^ 
lord Alniaric le Gros, baron of TuUngrohaii, (or accord 
modern orthography) Tullaroan, a considerable chii 
with which Ownya he obtained the manor and caij 
Castleliny, that he transmitted to his posterity, he 
among other children, James, that follows. 

Sir James AIorres, (the first person of the fan 
An^cise the name of Alarisco,) kiu'ght banneret, lord i 
tcragh, &c, baron de Montemarisco, under tlie fori 
of Baltimore. He m, Lucia of Arundel, of the Strand ( 
CO. Cork, (of the house of Trerice and Wardoiir, in Eng 
by whom he had sir John, his successor, and 3 daa, 
wife of JMandeville, of Barnshely, co. Cork : N., w 
O'Shee, of Cloghran and Drangan : and Alicia Morrei 
of Auselm Grace, baron of Tullagi'ohan, co. Kilkenny, « 
a commission, dated 23 June, 9th of Henry V. (1421), i 
of the said co. Kilkenny during the king*s pleasure, by 
she was the mother of baron Oliver Grace (nyfesoig, i. 
bearded), a distinguished chieftain of his time. 

Sir Jonm MomtEs, knt., representative of the do 
baronies de 3Iarisco and de Montemarisco, lord of Lat 
of Thoniey, of IMoenagh, of Knockagli, of Balyrickard 
res, of Cluany-ny-menagh, of Faniey-bridiife, &c. &i 
Anne, eldest da. of sir Robert Dillon, of Proudson ( 
an(«Ktor ol'tlio earls of llosroinnion and of lord Clonbroc 
sititer to Elinor, wife of O'More, i>rince of Leix; by 


Rti-Oerald, Sd lord Decies, by whom sLc was mother of 
Maurice, created viscount Decies by queen Elizabeth in 1509. 
1^ OHver had with this lady a ^eat estate in the Qiieen*s 
iDounty, where he erected the castle and tower of Orantstown, 
bwh a;ft6r the model and plan of the castles of Lateragh and 
Knnckagfa. He left iiitsue, 1. Oliver-oge, his successor ; and, 2. 
lEdmond Morrea, esq. ; the latter m, Anne, da. of Connor 
Mae 0*Brien, of Carrigogonel Castle, lord of Pobble O'Brien, 
bv whom he had 1 son, William, who d, i/nm., and 1 da., 
EiDane Ny Jif orres, who m. Walter Butler, of Nodstown, 4th 
■on of James, 9th earl of Ormonde, by whom he had a son, 
Picsroe, styled after his mother Mac EiUane Butler^ who con. 
tinned that line. 

'■ Olit£r-k>gi: Morres sold to his uncle John, the manor 

of Knodcagfa and other lands ; and retiring to France, </• 

tiiere. 1599, and was buried at Holycross, with his father. 

By Hannali, his first wife, da. to John 0*Maolryan, lord of 

W6clieny-0*Maolryan, he left two sons ; 1. John, his succes- 

■or; and, 2. Oeoffrey, to whom he assigned the Grantstown 

tttates, who d. 1689, at the amazing age of 110 years, at 

Conrohein, near Rathlanin, in Ormonde, and was followed in 

^ Orantstown property l)y his grandson, Edmond, son of 

Bjward, who d, long before his father ; which Edmond, col. 

^ an irr^i^ar cavalry regiment, which he and his cousiu 

•fames, of Balyrickard-morres, had commanded at the battle 

^ Aughrim, being slain in that engagement, his estates wore 

J^t^scated, and granted by king M'^illiam to Fitz-Patrick, 


Sir John Morres, chevalier, styled baron de Morres^ 
^Ji France ; to which country he had emigrated in 1G05, 6, or 
7, and obtained the rank of a marechal-de-camp, served against 
^Jlie Protestants in Laiigucdoc, under Henry II., duke of 
:^Wontmorency, who had acknowledged him for his kinsman. 
■^^eing mortally wounded, the 7th March, 1621, before the 
^^astle of Vals, in Vivarais, he was carried to his tent on the 
^boulders of duke Henry, who received his last breath in his 
^um, and lamented his loss so greatly, that contemporary 
^liitorians, and even the pencil has been called forth, to de- 
scribe the unexampled, and to them inexplicable poignancy of 
"that nobleman *8 grief. He left issue by his first wife, Onora, 
^a. to Rory-oge O'More, the renowned dynast of Leix, (which 
hRly had been nursed and brought up under one roof with 
himself, by O'Kcnnedy of Balyagh), 1 son, John-oge, and 
6 das. ; of whom, Honora m, Daniel O'AIeara, of Liniskea, 
CO. Tipperaiy, chief of the name ; Joan, wif« of David P'ttz- 






isaiycappeL, iSalyrickard-morres, CJluany-ny-menagli 
served with his cousin Edmond, of Grantstown, at Uu 
of Aughrim, as col. of an independent cavalry leg 
raised among the followers of these two IcinsinCTfi. 
1704, and lies buried in the church of Latera^ 1 
issue by Mary his wife, da. to Thomas Purcell, of Borriai 
esq. (of the barons of Loughmoe) and Mary, his 2d wi 
to Owen 0*Sullevan-More ; 1. Richard, capt. of horse 
the duke of Ormonde, d. of the wounds he received durJ 
siege of Limerick by king William, 1690 ; 2. Hervey. 
at Aughrira ; 3. Mathew, his successor ; 4. Reymou 
lowed king James to France, and there d, unm, 

Mathew Morres, of Balyrickard-morres, Baly 
&c., esq., capt. in his father *s regiment, d. 1717) ^^^ u 
at Lateragh. He m. Catharine, da. of Richard Foresi 
Forestallstown, and of Olpgan, 00. Kilkenny, esq., b) 
he had Reymond, his successor, and James, eldest son, 

Re YHOND Morres, ofCluany-ny-menagh, and II 
line, esq., m. Jane, da. to Robert D'Oyley, esq., (son 
Cope D'Oyley, and one of Cromwell's commissioners : 
land) by Jane Webster, sister to the lady of Henry 1 
esq., progenitor of earls Ludlow, and the da. of Wilhan 
ster, esq., of Dranganmore, co. Tipperary, by whom h€ 
sons; I.John, M.D., who left no male issue; 2. M 
his successor ; and, 3. and 4. Hervey and Reymond, d. 
Re\nnond Morres d, 1744, aged 61. 

Mathew Morres, of Kathnaline, esq., b. at Clua 
nienagh (Clonan) 10 Aug., 1726, d. 19 June, 1795, aj 
w., 4 Feb., 1766, Margai-et, 2d da. of Francis Magan, oi 
CO. Westmeath, esq., by Mary Esmond, his wife, da. t 

VISC6UNTS. 1041 

French service, knt of St. Louis, &c. : b. 8 March, 1767, m. 
I«t, lady Louisa, da. and co-heir of Wolfgang, sovereign baron 
oTHehnstatt, and lord of Bischoffsheim, in Swabia, by whom 
iMhad, 1. Hervey-Mathew, d. 1797, at a year old, and biirie<l 
at Lateragh : 2. Louise-Josephine, b, at Knockaltoii, co. Tip. 
pemv, 22 Sept., 179d, is attached to the royal family of Buva- 
ria; 9. Josephine-Margaret, b. at Knockalton, Sept. 1797, d, 
at Paris, 25 May, 1817* He m., 2dly, Mrs. Helen Esmond, 
of Osberstown and Balynastra, da. and co-heir of B. O^Callan, 
of Osberstown, oo. Kiidare, esq., by whom he had Hervey, 
GisafR^, Mathew, Bouchard, and I da., Jourdaine ; and 
ItevmoDd, and Rcymond-OUver, both d, young. The che- 
T^ier is author of a genealo^cal history of his family, lately 
pttblnhfid at Paris. 

'We'now return to John Morres, esq., 2d son of sir John 
M orrei, lord of Lateragh, and of Anne DiUon, of Proudston ; 
ivUdi John porchased from his nephew, Oliver, considerable 
estates, befoi^ Oliver's emig^tion to France ; among others, 
the caMle and manor of Knockagh, part of Lateragh, &c. He 
removed his residence from Cloghbalyshane to Templemore, 
built the family ehapel at Drom, in which he was buried, 16G2, 
•Md 72. By Anastada, his wife, sister to Hannah, the wife 
Qv OKrer, his nephew, uso the sister of Honora, the wife of 
the eelefcarated James Fitzmaurice, of Desmond, ' and all of 
them das. to the dynast of Wotheny-O'Maolryan, a powerful 

chieftain, John left issue 1 son, Re}*mond, and 1 da., , m, 

(<> Edward Sweetman, of Hoodsgrove, esq. 

Reymond Morres, of Tcmplemore and Knockagh Castles, 

'x]., "had issue, by Elinor Cantwell, his wife, 1. sir John, his 

'Uoixssor; 2. Nicholas; 3. James; 4. Edmoiid; 0. Thomas, 

*hose only da., Catharine, m. John-Morres, of Balyrickard- 

''Jorres ; 6. a da., Joan, the 2d wife of sir Morgan-Mac- 

"'^ryan Kavenagh, of Borri8,knt. ; 7« Margaret, wife of .lames 

^'Kennedy, of Balyagh, &c. ; 8. Ana^itacia, m. to Theobald 

^^Irke-Mac-^^altor, lord of Illeagh ; 9. Eleanor Morres, 1st 

^fe of Thoman Purcell, of Borris-Illeagh, aforesaid. 

Air John Morres, eldest son of Reymond, was created 
'^ hart., 28 March, 1631. He d. at Knockagh Castle, 1618, and 
^ies buried at Drom. He m. Catharine, da. to sir Edmond 
^Valsh, o{ Abingdon, and was succeeded by his eldest son. 

Sir RcYSiovD Morres, 2d bart. He left issue by Ellis, 
'\a. of Garret Wall, of C'oolnamucky Castle, co. Waterford, 
**Hq., l>esides other children, I. sir John, his successor : and, 2. 
Ifervey, of whom hereafter. Sir Rejinond d, 1650, and is 
Xiiiried at Drom. 



oountew ot urmonde, tne graiMUnot&er ot tiie presi 
qufiM of Omumde, axid Frances Morres, wlfie of Hob 
Gwiro, of Tempo Castle, oo. Fermanagh, chief at th 
4. J^mes Morres, of Rossestown, esa., whoM das., i^ 
Marraret, m., the 1st, Charles Matnew, of Annefic 
(undo to the late lord Landaff,) by whom an only d 
sir Hugh O'ReiUy-Nugent, of Balynlough and Tu 
^ bort. ; and the 2d to James Baker, of Balymorin, 
II ' Anthony, <2. unm ; and 4 das. 

Sir John Morres, 4th bart., eldest son of opl. I 
Morres, and grandson to sir John, 3d bart. He d. 1 
was succeeded by his eldest son, by Margaret, l<^y 
his wife, da. to Edmund 0*Shee, esq., of Qoghran. 

Sir Retmond, 5th bart., dU imm., U Oct., 1740, 
queathed his estates to his kinsman, the 1st viscoonl 
morres, disinheriting thereby his unde and presumpi 
sir Simon. 

Sir Simon Morres, 6th bart. He was second lo 
Reymond, and brother to sir John Morres, 4th barfe 
da. of the rev. Mr. Gregory, of Tentour, Queen's ooai 
Morres t he left one son to succeed to the title. 

Sir George Morres, 7th bart., d. unm. in thi 

Sir Nicholas Morres, 8th bart., eldest son of 
Morres, esq., and Susanna Talbot, of Malhahide, befc 
tioned, succeeded to the baronetcy. He was coL of t 
ment of Bulkeley, in the Freniui service, and a kn 
Ix)uis, but dying without issue at Amboire, in T( 
1704 or 1795, the title devolved on the late viscount 
morres, as next akin of this branch of the Morres fam 

Tt now comes to our turn to speak of the viscount 


GMlftHbvfe, or the Walsh Moantains, mq., by whom he had 

4 aokift;-inio d, fmm., and a. da., Ijetitia, wife of De\'e- 

vMi, liftq. ; 9Al7, (who d. iu diildbcd along with her child,) 
Gkdiiriiifir Buderi and, 3dly, (by whom he had 1 son, 
Asaeb, Ids suooessor, and I da., m. to John Kavenagfa, esq., 
ofthehooie of Bonis) Frances Butler, grandda. to Edward, 
fteomit OfJmoy. 

WmMKon MoRKEs, esq., succeeded at Castlemorres ; m., 
I]p06ly GallMrine, da. and heir of sir William Evans, of Kil- 
cfite,€OL Kilkenny, bart., by Jane Coote, grandda. to Charles, 
lit eioA ef Mimtrsth, and the da. of col. Richard Coote and of 
AfltoJtedope Bill, da. to Arthur Hill, of Hillsborough, pro- 
ghiUei ef the marqaess of Downdiire and viscount Dungan- 
ittll ' By U^tlady, who brought a considerable accession of 
fiiUpertji «» Mi flunily, Francis Morres had 3 sons ; 1. Her. 
Tiqr, hu goc ccM or, and 1st viscount ; 2. sir William-Evans ' 
miMMyOi Kikreen, created abart., 24 April, 1758, M.P. for 
tti Ajof Kilkenny, m., 1st, Margaret, da. and heir of Jo- 
4A HevdodL, of Beaulidc, esq., by whom he had 1 son, sir 
BrndoaLmErvDM Morres, hart., who d. without issue 177^9 
iHliie widow, Franoes-Gkirges Gore, of Banrowmount, re-m, 
^M&liBreoarin, William G^, esq., and has issue, sir Wil- 
llMI Bnuis ; lie m. 2dly, Mary^uliana, da. and co-heiress of 
inniam Byes, of Upperwood, co. Kilkenny, by whom he had 
Aft ilnMnt sir William de Montmorency, ba^ Sir William- 
Bwe Morres had by his first lady also a da., Mary, m. Clay, 
tia Bsyiy, of Gewran, esq., sprung from a branch of the mar. 
fpkom of An|fl^esey*s family; 3. Pieymond Morres. (See Vi3~ 
mmmi FtmU^fort de MorUmorenev.j 

HsmvBT Morres, of CasUemorres. He was created 
Imai Moontmorres, (k Castlemorres, 17^^) uid a viscount 
1798 ; Inherited the oo. Tipperary estates 1740, by the gift of 
A* Beymond Morres, hart. ; m., 1st, 1742, lady Letitia Pon. 
Mnly, 4di da. of Brabazon, earl of Besborough, by whom, 1. 
Hnrey-Bedmond, his successor ; 2. Letitia Morres, m. 1st, 
Artfaar-Hin Trevor, only son of Arthur, viscount Dungannon, 
and bcother to Anne, countess of Momington, the mother of 
liw nuprctoess Wellesley, and of the duke of WeUiuffton, by 
wtunaue had Arthur, present viscount : she in., 2dly, Ran- 
dal-William, marquess of Antrim, and had issue 2 das. ; 1. 
Anne-Catherine, countess of Antrim, who ei. the late sir 
Henrr-Tempest Vane, of Wynyard, bart., by whom she had 
an ooiy da., lady Emily-Frances Tempest Vane, heir to these 
diitiiufiiitbed houses, m. Charles, lord Stewart ; 2. lady Char- 
loMaUt DoneH, m, to lord Mark Ker, l)rother to the mar- 

1044 IRISH P££RA6£. 

quess of Lothian. The marchionesa d. Dec. 1801. 2. Sarah 
Morres, m, rev. Joseph Pratt, of Cahrah Castle, oo. Cavan, 
and has issue. His lordship m., 2dly, Mary, eldest da. to 
WiUiam Wall, of Coolnamucky Castle, co. . Waterford, esq., 
hy Mar}' Ponsonby, 3d da. of William Ponsonby, viscouut 
Dungannon, by whom he had, 1. Frands-Hervey, 3d vis- 
count ; and, 2. William-Mary Morres, drowned near Dublin 
1809 ; leaving by Anne Clarke, his wife, 1 da. The viscount 
d, 1766. 

' IIervet-Redmond, 2d viscount, and on the death of sir 
Nicholas Morres in France, 9th bart., d, in London 17 Aug., 
1797) after having alienated the paternal estates from the 
next heirs male to his sisters. He d, unm. 

' Francis-Hervey, 3d and present viscount, and 10th bart. 
His lordship, by royal Ucense, has resumed the primitive 
f Simily name of Montmorency, 

' Ileir^pparent — Hervey, only son of the viscount. 

Creation* — Baronet, 28 March, 1G31 : baron, 27 April, 
17^6; viscount Moiintmorres, 29 June, 1763. 
Motto — Dieu ayde^^God aids. 
-4m*— See Plate 78. 

NON, CO. Tyrone ; Baron Hill, of Olderfleet, co. Anti-ina ; 
bom 2 Oct., 1763; succeeded his grandfather, Arthur, the 
late Viscount, 30 Jan., 1771 ; married^ 30 July, 1795, Char- 
lotte Fitzroy, eldest surviving daughter of Charles, 1st Lord 
Southampton, (by Anne, co-heiress of Admiral Sir Peter 
M^arren, K.B.,) and has issue, Arthur-Hill, b. 9 Nov., 
1798 ; and Charles-Henri/, b, Sept. 1801, d, 18 Sept., 1823. 

Ilis lordship's grandfather, Arthur-Hill, 1st viscount, 
was only brother of Trevor, viscount Hillsborougli, ancestor 
of the marquess of Downshire, and grandson of M^illiam Hill, 
who «w., 2dly, Mary, eldest da. of sir Marcus Trevor, viscount 
Dungannon; so created, 1662, for his signal gallantry in 
wounding Oliver Cromwell at the battle of Marston Moor. 
Succeeding, 1762, to the estates of his maternal grandfather, 
sir John Trevor, of Brinkinalt, speaker of the house of com^ 
mous iu England, and 1st lord commissioner of the great seal, 
he assumed the name and arms of Trevor, and was created, 
27 April, 1760, viscount Dungannon ; he w., 1st, Aime, 3d 
fla. of Joseph Deane, esq., chief baron of the exchequer in 



. liniiaiid, bat by ber bad no tundTing JMue. He *»., Sdlf , 
49 Jui«, 1737) Anne, da. of Edmund-Franois Stafford, eiq., 
. «Imi dL IS Jaki., 1799, and by her had issne ; 1. Arthur j b. 24 
Dto&y 17389 but il before his father, 21 June, I77O, having 
«. Lefeitia, da. of Henry, Ist visoount Mount-Morres, by 
n^MMn (who, after -his deoeiwe, re^m, with Randal-William, lit 
BMHrquasf of Antrim) he had ; 1. Arthub, present viscount ; 
1. jjiw, A. 1740 : «., Feb. 1709, Garret, 1st earl of Morning. 
talk I 9b Prudence^ h. 1742, m., 1765, Charles.PoweU Les^ 
lit, m^ ; 4U Jane^ 4m vnm. His lordsliip, d. Feb. 1771) and 
■oooeeded by his grandson, 
AftTtf UB, present and 2d viseoont. 
iif«ir-«i<jqMwvi»<— A&TnuR-HiLL, the visoount*s eldrtt 


CrmMm^M Feb., 1766. 

Blotto.— QvlilMrttin atque-^VHaX is just and honour* 


.irMf.fiee Plate 78. 

SOUTHWELL, Baron Southwell, of Castle Mattress, co. 
Limflrid^ and a Baronet of Ireland ; bom 25 Feb. 1777 ; 
■ncpegded his father, Thomas^rthur, the late Viscount, 12 
Fri»., 1796; marrM,7 May, 1799, Jane Berkeley, 2d daugh- 
tar of John Berkeley, of Hindlip, co. Worcester, eso. (by 
Jane, da. and heiress of Sir WilUam Compton, bart.) and 
Imb iMoe ; 1. Thomas^rthur, 6. 22 Oct., 1801 ; 2. Sa^ 
pkia~Caiharine^ b. 9 Feb., 1803 ; 3. Laura-Marta-Helenm^ 
i. 17 Nov., 1805. 

The family of Southwell is of great antiquity in the 00. of 
Wbtthirfuun, where they were lords of Southwell till temp. 
Henry vL, and afterwurds settled in Norfc^ and Suffolk. 
JoHV Southwell, of Barham, 00. Suffolk, esq., removed to 
Iwlimli temp, James I. His grandson, sir Thomas, waa 
onwtid • iiart. of Inland 1662, and was father of 

tSSr Thomjls, 8d bart., created, 4th Sept., 1717) baroa 
MtmAweK ; m. Meliora, eldest da. of Thomas, earl Coningsby, 
and dying, 4 Aug., 1720, was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Thomas, 2d tord, b, 1698, m., March I719, Mary, eldest 
da. of Thomas Coke, of Melbourne, 00. Derby, esq. (grand- 
•an of sir John Coke, principal secretary of state to ki^g 
Charies IL,) by Mary Stanhope, da. of PhUip, 2d earl of 

roL. II. M M Chaster. 


Chesterfield ; his lordship (f. 17 Ati^., 1760, and wag sac- 
oeeded by his son, 

Thomas-George, 3d lord, b, 4 May, 1721, created vis- 
count SmUhwelly 15 July, 1776, m., 18 June, 1741, Margaret, 
da. and ooJieiress of Arthur-CecU HanulUm, of Castle Hamil- 
ton, son of Ae hon. Philip Cecil, grandson of William, earl 
of Salisbury, (by lady Catharine Howard, da. of Thomas, eail 
of Suffi^) and 2d son of Thomas, viscount Cranboume, who 
d. before his father, by Jane Maxwell, oo-hdress of James, 
earl of Diileton. The viscount d, 29 Aug., 1780, and was 
succeeded by his son, 

Thomas-Arthur, 2d viscount, 5. 16 April, 1742 ; m., 
7 Nov., 1774, Sophia-Maria.Josepha, 3d da. of f rands-Joseph 
Walsh, count of Serrant, in France, and had issue by her 
(who d, 6 Jan., 1796); I. Thomas^ntroxt, present vis- 
. count; 2. Charles^ b, 17 March, 1779, capt. in the 4th gar- 
rison battalion ; 3. Arthur^ b, 6 Feb., 1789 ; 4. Franeit^ d. 
an infant ; 5. Margaret^ b, 1 Sept., 177^9 *'*-9 ^0 Dec., 1794, 
Jenioo-Preston, 12th viscoimt Gormanston ; 6. Frances^ d, 
young; 7* Paulina^ b, 6 Sept., 1785, m., 19 Aug., 1806, 
Richard Cadeli, of Harbourstown, co. Meath, esq. ; 8. Luey^ 
■ d* The viscount d. 12 Feb., 1796, and Fas succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Thomas-Anthony, present and 3d viscount, and 5th 

Heir-Apparent — Thomas-Arthur, son of the viscount. 

Creations — Baronet of Ireland, 1662 ; baron, 4 Sept., 1717 ; 
viscount, July 1776' 

Motto — Nee male nolus eques — A knight or patrician well 

Arms — See Plate 78. 

JOHN VESEY, Viscount DE VESCI, of Abbey Leix, 
Queen's County, Baron Knapton, and a Baronet of 
Ireland ; born 15 Feb., 1771 ; succeeded his father, Thomas, 
the late Viscount, 13 Oct., 1804 ; married^ 25 Aug., 1800, 
Frances-Letitia Brownlow, 5th da. of the late Right Hon. 
William Brownlow, (sister to the Countess of Darnley, and 
the Viscountess Powerscourt, and the wife of M. Ford, esq., 
nephew to Colonel Ford), and has issue, Thomas, 6. 20 Sept., 
1803 ; and Catharine, b. 19 June, 1802. 

John-Dene Y Vesey, 1st lord Knapton, was the onlysoia- 
of the right rev. sir Thomas Vesey, bart., of Abbey Leix^ 



Ushop of Onory, (by Mary, da. and heir of Deney Musdiamp , 
of Hmley, oo. Surrey, esq.,) and grandson of John Vesey, 
arehbishop of Tuam : his lordship succeeded his father in the 
title of hart., 6 Aug., 1730, and was created lord Knapion^ 
10 April, 17dO ; fli., 16 May, 1732, Elizabeth, eldest da. of 
WinUun Brownlow, esq., (by lady Elizabeth Hamilton, da. of • 
Jamea, Oth eari of Aberoom,) and had issue ; 1. Thomas, Ist 
Tisoount de Vesci; 2. Elizabeth, b. 1733, *»., 1st, 4 July, 
1761, Robert Hancock, of Watherstown, co.Westmeath, esq. ; 
aad, 9d|y, 27 Oct., 1762, Edmund, viscount Pery; 3. Anne^ 
«., 26 Aug., 1763, Thomas, viscount Northland, and d. 21 
Oou, 1803 ; 4. Jane^ m., 1776, sir fiobert Staples, hart. 
His lordship d, 26 June, 1761, and wai succeeded by his only 


Thoilas, 2d lord, who was created viscount de Vesei, of. 
Abbey Ifixy 22 June, 1776, and m., 24 Sept., 1769, Eliza- 
faeth A iina, eldest da. and co-heiress of the right hon. sir 
Ardiiir Braioke, bart«, and had issue; 1. John, present vis- 
QDant; 8. ArAur^ b, 3 March, 1773, in holy orders; 3.- 
CAcrfor, 6. July 1784; 4. Elizabeth, b. 30 Jan., 1772; 6. 
SeUmOj h, 24 Jan., 1776. The viscount d, 13 Oct., 1804, and 
WM suoseeded by his eldest son, 

John, present and 2d viscount De Vesci. 

Hetr-Apparenl — Thomas, only son of the viscount. 

Cfva/iofw— Baronet, 28 Sept., 1G98; baron, 10 April, 1760; 
visooont, 27 June, 1776. 

Motto^-^tt6 Aoc fi^no vtnoe^^-Under this sign thou shalt 

Plate 78. 

CLERMONT, and Baron Clermont, of Clermont, co. Louth, 
a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, and a Trustee of the 
linen Manufacture: succeeded his undo, William-Henry, in 
the above honours, 20 Sept., 1806, when the earldom of Cler« 
mont became extinct. 

The viscount is descended from the same ancestor as the 
earls Fortescue. William Fortescue, of Newragfa, m., 
3 May, 1681, Margaret, only da. of Nicholas Oernon, of 
^filtown, GO. Louth, esq., and deceasing in 1733, left issue ; 
Thomas, his heir; Chichester f Matthew, R.N. ; Faith' 
^tUj of Cordery, oo. Louth, recorder of Deny, m, Elizabeth, 

M M 2 da. 

S i 

Dunleer, eiq. 

- Thomab, the ddeit son, m. Elisabeth Hamfltan, s 
the earl of Clanhrauil, and d, 2 Feb., 1769) leaving ii 
her (who d, 12 Aug., 1756,) ; I. William-Hekbt, 1 
of Glennoat, K.P.; 2. the right hon. JameWy b. 15 Muj 
of Ravexuidale Park and barony, (on whom the viscoin 
in remainder.,) who d. in 1782, leaving iasae by miss 1 
and hy her (who iL 24 Dec, 1814) had, 1. Thomi 
d, 24 Julyi 1795 ; and, 2: WiLX.iAif-CHASi.Ks, preM 
count ; Oeovge d, ; William ; Maria, m., 1781, capC 
Charlotte, m., 30 Nov., 1798, nr Henry Ooodrldce, t 
ston, 00. York, hart. Ctee Debretft New Baronstaff€ 
Emily, m., 25 July, 1811, capt. Charles Grantham, 
^MaUhew^ b. 7 Nov., 1726; 4. John^ b. 28 Feb., 
5. Margaret^ b, 27 March, 1728, m., 6 Aug., 1751, sir 
Brooke, hart. 

William, eldest son, was created lord Clermont^ v 
Clermont, of Clermont, .oo. Louth, with the remaindeoi 
brother, the right hon. James Fortescne, of Ravenidali 
in 1776; and l777i earl Clermont; b. 5 Ang., 1722 
and governor of Monaghan, m., 29 Feb., 1752, Fran 
of col. John Murray, (by Mary Blayney, da. of Cadw 
lord Blayney,) who d. 3 Dec., 1820. The earl d, 29 Sept 
without issue, when the earldom became extinct, I 
viscounty and barony devolved on his nephew, 

William-Charles, present viscount. 

Heir-Apparent — None. 

Creation — Viscount and bnron, 25 July, 1776. 

]\f otto — Forte scutum saius ducum — A strong shield 
yafety of commanders. 

Arms See Plate 78. 


Biitofeon, and by her (who d. 22 April, 177^,) had no issue. 

The viaooant ar., Sdly, 23 Dec, 1781, Alicia, eldest da. of 
Ua Olnrer, Arehdeacon of Ardagh, and has issue, James, 
L 29 Aug., 1783; and John^Praii, b. 26 May, 1796. 

jAma-HxwiYT, In viscount Lifford, lord chancellor of 
Maud, waa created banm lAffitrd 1768, and advanced to the 
dignity of vkconnt JJgMi 1781, h. 1709, m., Ist, the only 
da. of Bice Williams, D J>., rector of Stapleford^bbot, co. 
Smbk, hy whom (who d* 1765) he had issue ; 1. James, pre- 
«Dft viMsoimt; 2. Wmmrn-Wm^mM^ ar., 16 Dec., 1774^ 
Anne, dn. of Thomaa Strettdl, of Cork, esq., and d* in April 
ITMyleaving iane 2 sons and 8 das., viz. William-Williams, 
vho A 90 July, 1804; Thomas; Mary; Anne; Elizabeth. 
Atid>.Hainuih, ar., 6 Aug., 1808, O. H. Holden, of Comey 
Honas, eo. Okmoeater, esq. ; 3. Joseph^ one of the judges of 
the court of ldng*s bench in Ireland, d, 1 April, 1794 ; 4. 
4^km^ dean of Ooyne, d, 14 May, 1804, havinp^ m., Ist, 1799, 
linei, da. of Dr. Moore, by whom he had issue Mary and 
JaiM:| andf Idly, Amhroaia, da. of the rev. Charles Baylev, oA 
Knsrcatock, oo. Ester, by whom (who d, March 1807«) he 
kad ivae, George; Ambrosia; and EUzabeth, who all d,. 
anal. Hie viscmmt d. 28 April, 1782, when he was suc- 
ceeded hy hia son, 

Jakss, present and 2d visoount. 

lfeJr«^|)|Nirmi— James, the visoount*s eldest son. 

CfWiHona— Baron, 9 Jan., 1763; viscount, 4 Jan., 1787- 

Motto— wBe juaty and fear not. 

NICHOLAS WARD, Viscoukt BANGOR, Baron of 
Castle Ward, co. Downe; bom 1750; succeeded his father, 
Bernard, the kte Viscount, 20 May, 1781. 

The family of Ward is of Norman origin, and was seated 
at Capesthom, co. Chester, which King, in his Vale-Royal, 
fally ^^ a great lordship and demesne giving name to the an- 
cient seat of the Wards." Bernard Wabd settled in Ireland 
in I68O4 whose second son, Robert^ was created a bart., but d» 
withont surviving issue ; and Bervaud, the eldest son, was 
anoeator of 

Michael Ward, member for Downshire, 1715, who suc- 
oeedcd to the family estate, and was appointed one of the 
justices of the king's b«adi in Ireland, m., 1709, Aiin%.Caihe- 

mm3 riiie. 


rine, co-lieiress of James Hamilton, of Bangor, oo. "Dawne^ 
cwq., ( by Sophia Mordaunt, da. of Jotm MonSaunt, Tiaoofmt 
AviJon,) and had issue, Berhaad; Sophia^ m. Arthur 
Upton, brother of Glotworthy, 1st lord Templeton ; Arme^ m* 
sir John Pamell, bart. 

Berkakd Ward, eldest son of Michsd, b, Aug. I7IO1 
was created baron Bangor^ of Castle Ward, 00. Dc^me, 7S 
May, 1770, and advanced to the dignity of visconnt Bangor^ 
13 Jan., 1781 ; m. Doc 1747, Anne Bhgfa, da. of John, Ist 
earl of Damley, (widow of Robert-Hawkins Macgill, of Oil- 
ford, CO. Downe, esq., and mother of Theodosia, oonntess of 
Clanwilliam,) and d. 7 Feb., I78O9 baring had issae; I. 
Nicholas, present viscoont ; 2. John^ b. March 1752, A 
young ; 3. Edward, b, April Vl^ fn., 1783» AMfidis, Toung- 
est da. of William, late earl of Olai Mh— ^ liy^wlhiBi ne haa 
issue ; 1. Bernard, b. April 1785, d. unm* ; % "f^Hiam-Croa* 
bie, b. 1786, d, urm, ; 3. EdwardJSouthwdl, h, March 1790; 
4. John-Petty, b. 1791, fli., at Caletttta,.18 Aug., I8I79 
Eleanor, da. of John'Enkine, esq., of Yoric; 0. Henry, b, 
Dec. 1795; 6. Theodosia, b. July 1784, m., 16 Feb., 1805, 
Kean Osborne, esq. ; 7- Arabella-Catherine, b. Aug. 1787 ; 
8. Diana, b, Sept. 1788, and d, an infant ; 9. Sanm-Cathe- 
rine, b, March 1793; 10. Urania-Caroline, b. May 1794, m., 
2 Oct., 1816, the hon. col. John Meade, C.B., uncle of the 
earl of Clanwilliam ; 11. a da., A. 18 April, 1800 ; 4. Robert^ 
tn., Ist, Sophia, 3d da. of the late Chaple Whaley, esq., and 
by her (who d. 1796,) had issue ; 1. Michael-Edward, m., 15 
Sept., 1815, Matilda -Charlotte, da. of Ro1)ert, Ist marquess 
of liondonderry ; 2. John-Richard, lieut.-col. in the army ; 
3. Robert, died in India 1816 ; 4. Sophia-Anne, m., 9 Sept., 
1824, John Bayley, esq., F. R. and A. S., deputy keeper of 
the records in the tower (^London ; the hon. Robert Ward, f»., 
2dly, May 1797) Louisa, 2d da. and co-heir to the rev. Dr. 
Abraham Symes, oi HUlbrook, in the co. of Wicklow, and by. 
her (who rf. 18 Feb., 1811,) had issue; 6. Bernard-John, b. 
May 1798, in holy orders, m., 31 Aug., 1824, Isabella-Frances, 
da. of the late Robert Phillips, of lionp^^orth, co. Hereford, 
esq. ; 6. Thomas-Lawrence, b. May 1799 ; 7« Anne-Cathe- 
rine, m., 1821, John-Goddard Richards, of Roehuck, in the 
CO. of Dublin, esq. ; 8. James Hamilton, in the navy; 9. 
Louisa-Hill ; 10. William-Robert ; 6. Anne 'Catherine ; 
6. Sophia ; 7* Amelia, m. the rev. Hugh Montgomery ; and, 
8. Harriet, The viscount d. 21 May, 1781, when he was 
succeeded by his son, 

Nicholas, present and 2d viscount. 


VIgC0UNT8. lOAl 

' /Wrk/VMiimpllw.-. Edward-Southwell WABDjCsq., 
>9hew of the visommt. 

CrvollMU— Baron, 90 May, 1770; viscount, 13 Jan., 

Kotto-.5M eruce talus — Salvation by the croM. 

^mf^See Plate 78^ 

Meiboimie, Baron of Kihnore, co. Gavan, BaixmMELBOURNC, 
flf M^bounie, oo. Derby, in the Peerage of the United King* 
ten, and a Baronet, a Lord of the King's Beddiamber; 
mmri^ 18 April, 1769, EUzabeth, only da. of sir Ra^ 
llUbank, of Halnaby, oo. York, bait., and by her (who d, 
6 April, 18ia,)had ; 1. PenUton, b. 3 May, 1770, Knight of 
the Gbire, co. Hertford, d. unm. 24 Jan., 1805 ; 2. William, 
li 1ft Mardi, 1779, M.P.'CO. Herts, in., 3 June, 1805, Cardine 
nmonfay, only da. of Frederidc, Sd Eari of Besborougfa, (by 
Hairietta-Frances, 2d da. of John, 1st Sail Spencer,) and 
hu lane, Oeorge'Jlngustus.Frederick, 6. 11 Aug., I8O79 to 
vfaom hie MaJMty stoiDd sponsor; 3. Frederiek^mmeM, & 17 
April, 1782, Capt. in the Army, late Envoy Extraordinary to 
ikeGoart of Munich, and now(1825,) Minister Plenipotentiary 
It Madrid; 4. George, b. II July, 1784, Barrister^t-Law, 
«., 15 April, 1809, Mademoiselle Caroline-Rosalie.Adelaide 
St. Jules t 6. Emily^Mary, b. 21 April, 1787, m., 21 July, 
1805, Peter-Leqwld-Louis-Frands, 5th Earl Gowper ; and, 
1 Hi»rri€t'Anne^ b, 27 July, 1789, di, 9 June, 1803, 

Pekistok Lamb, of Lincoln's Inn, esq., was grrand-unde 
of the prteent viscount, b, at Southwell, co. Nottingham, d, 
31 Jan., 1734, without issue, bequeathing his pr(q>erty by 
will^ dated 27 Jan., preceding, to the issue of his brothers, 
who were, 1. Robert, consecrated bishop of Peterborough, 
1784, d, 1769, without issue; 2. sir Matthew, 1st baronet; 
3. Elisabeth, m. the rev. Henry Middleditch. 

Sir Matthew Lamb, of Brocket Hall, co. Herts, Ist bart.; 
r e p rese nted the dty of Peterborough, in three parliaments, 
appointed one of his majesty's council for the board of trade 
and plantations, and custos rotulorum of the liberty of Peter* 
borough, created a bart. of Great Britain, I7 Jan., 1755, m. 
Charlotte Coke, da. of the right hon. Thomas Cdce, of Mel- 
iNNime, CO. Derby, teller of the exchequer, and vice-chamber, 
lain to queen Anne, and sister and sole heir of George-Lewia 



Coke, of Mdbotinie, eiq., and had issue ; 1. sir PnriSTOK, 
l8t idsooont; 2. Anne, (L young; 3. CharhUe, m., 1760,- 
Henry Belasyse, 2d earl of Fanoonbei^, tU 2 April, 1790 ; 
and, 4. Anne, m., 19 July, 1791, sir Oeofge WombweU, of 
Wombwell-haU, oo. York, bart. Sir MaUhew d. 6 Nov., 
1768, and was succeeded by his only son. 

Sir Peniston Lamb, 1st viscount Melbourne, represented 
the borough of Malmesbury in pariiament, appointed gentle- 
man of the bedchamber to Oeorge, prince of Wales, advanced 
to the dignity of lord Melbourne, banm of Kilmoie, 8 June, 
1770, viscount Melbourne, 11 Jan., 1781, and a peer of the 
United Kingdom, 18 July, 1815, by the title of baron Mei» 
bourne, co. Derby; aj^inted a lord of the king's bed^ 
diamber, 1812. 

Heir'Apparent — The HoK. W11.LIAH Lamb, eldest tan 
of the viscount. 

CreatkmB — Baronet of England, 17 Jan., 1755; lord JM* 
bourne, baron of Kihnore, co. Cavan, 8 June^ 1770 ; viscoont 
Melbourne, of E[ilmore, 11 Jan., 1781 ; baron Melbourne, of 
Melbourne, 00. Derby, in the Peerage <tf the United Kingdom, 
18 July, 1815. 

Motto-. Viriuie eiflde^By virtue and faith. 

Arms — See Plate 78. 

DEN, Lord Clifden, Baron of Gowran, co. Kilkenny, and a 
Peer of Great Britain by the title of Lord Mendip, Baron 
Mendip, in the co. Somerset, Clerk of the Privy Council, in 
Ireland, and Recorder of Gowran, F.S.A. ; bom 22 Jan., I76I ; 
succeeded his father, James, the late Viscount, 1 Jan., 1789 ; 
and his great-uncle, Weibore, Lord Mendip, in the English 
Barony, 2 Feb., 1802 ; married, 10 March, 1792, Caroline 
Spencer, eldest da. of George, 3d Duke of Marlborough, K.G., 
(by Caroline Russell, only da. of John, 4th Duke of Bedford,) 
and by her (who d, 23 Nov., 1813,) had issue ; 1. Caroline' 
Anne, b, 26 Oct., 1794, d, 12 May, 1814 ; and, 2. George- 
James-Welbore, b. 14 Jan., 1797, M.P. for Seaford, 
F.R.S., F.S.A., m., 7 March, 1822, Georgiana Howard, da. of 
Viscount Morpeth. 

His lordship^s paternal ancestors originally came from 
France; of these, Charles Agar, esq., co. York, m, Ellis, 
da. of Peter BlancheviUe, esq., of the co. Kilkenny, and settled 



ia Ireland. His ion, JaIieb Aoaa, of Gownui Caitle, 
COL Kilkennyi^ esq., (member for many yean of the Iriih 
pariiament, in which he lat for the borough of LeighHs, 
and tobaequently for that of Gowran, and d, 30 Nov., 1733,) 
flkf 1ft, 10 Jan., 1692, Susanna, da. of John Alexander^ 
esq., who tL without issue. He m., 2dly, Mary, eldest 
da. of dr Henry Wemyss, of Banesfort, knt., and by her 
(who d, 18 April, 1771, aged 106,) had issue ; 1. Hen&t, 
ilahflir; 2. Jamdt, m., 6 July, 1741, Rebecca, onl^rda. of 
Wmiam, lord Castle Durrow, and sister of Henry, viscount 
Aahbrook, tL 1769, living issue, Oeoi^, b, 18 April, 1754, 
created, 6 June, 1790, lord CaUan, and elected, in 1800, one 
of the twentv-eight representative Irish peera, d, Oct. 1815, 
when his titie became extinct ; Charles, 6. 28 May, 1755, in 
holy orders, arehdeaoon of Emly ; and Mary, b, 3 July, 1743, 
«., SO Aug., 1760, Philip Savage, esq. ; 3. £UU, created 
co iinte sB of Brandon, in her own right, 1 Aug^, 1758, fa., 1st, 
4 Mardb, 1726, Theobald, 7th viscount Mayo ; and, Sdly, 17 
Aag^ 1745, Francis, 21st lord Athenry, and d, witfamtMiiM^ 
1780, when the earldom of Brandon became extinct ; 4. Afaty, 
■k, 1742, James Smith, of Tinny, 00. Wicklow, eaq., (son o£ 
Edward Smyth, bishop of Down and Connor^ 

Hevrt Agar sat in the parliament wmdi assembled at 
the accession (^ George II., in 1727, for the borough of (Gkiw^ 
nm ; m., 29 3Iay, 1733, Anne Ellis, only da. of Wdbore Ellis, 
Usbop of Meath, and sister of Welbore Ellis, 1st lord Mendipy 
hi England, d, 18 Nov., 1746, leaving issue by her ; 1. James, 
1st viscount CHifden ; 2. Welbore-Eliis^ b. 1735, one of his 
Biajesty*s conunissioners of the cusUmis, and deputy muster- 
master^general of England, m., 21 Oct., 1762, Gertrude Ho- 
tham, 3d da. of sir Charles Hotham, harU^ (by Gertrude 
Stanhope, eldest da. of Philip, 3d earl of Chesterfield,) d, 
without issue, 1805 ; 3. Charles, archbishop of Dublin, created 
earl of Normanton (tee that iiile); 4. Henry, in holy or. 
ders, rector of Iniscarra, co. Cork, m. Mary, da. of Ben- 
jamin Tyrrell, of Oxford, and d. 14 May, 1798, leaving 
isnie, Charles-Welbore, in holy orders, d, 1810; Henry, 
of Bombay, m., and has issue ; and Gertrude ; 5. Diana, dm 
July 1814. 

James Agar, 1st baron and viscount Clifden, was a privy 
councillor in Ireland, one of his majesty*s commissioners of 
the customs, and postmaster'gen. in that kingdom, b, 25 
March, 1734. Previous to his elevation to the peerage, he 
represented for many years the county of Kilkenny, in par* 
iiament. He m., 20 March, 1760, Lucia, eldest da. of John 




Martin, eeq., and widow of the hon. Henry-Boyle Walsing- 
ham, 2d soei of Henry, earl of Shannon, and had issue by her 
(who d, 126 July, 1802,) ; 1. Hxkrt-Welbobs, present 
▼isoount ; 2. John^ElHs^ in holy orders; b, 31 Dec., 17^ m*9 
11 March, 1792, Harriet-Flower, 2d da. of WiDiain, viscount 
Ashbrook, d. without issue, 3 Jan., 1797* >uid his lady, 12 
Jan., 1813; 3. Charles-BagnaU^ barrister-at-law, b. IS Aug., 
1765, m., 15 Nov., 1804, Anna-Maria Hunt, only da. of 
Thomas Hunt, of Llanhydroch, co. CSomwall, esq., and sole 
heiress of her great-unde, Henry Robartes, 3d earl of Rad- 
nor, <i. 11 June, 1811, leaving issue, Thomas, b. 1808; 
Edward, b. 1811, d. 1818; 4. Anne-EmUiOj b. 6 Dec., 1765. 
The viscount d, 1 Jan., 1780, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

Hekbt-Welbobe, present and 2d viscount, (who till his 
fiither's death represented the county of Kilkenny, in the 
Irish pariiament ; and subsequently, till the death of his 
uncle, lord Mendip, the borough of Heytesbury, in the En- 
glish parliament). 

The ftaaaSty o£ Biiia was settled from the time of the con- 
quwt, at Kiddall Hall, oo. York. Of these, Sir William 
Ellis, knt., went to Ireland as secretary to James Talbot, eail 
of Tyrconnel, lord-lieut. in the reign of James II., and ac- 
quired estates there. His brother and heir, Welbore Ellis, 
successively bishop of Kildare and of Meath, m, Diana, da. 
of sir John Briscoe, of Amberley Castle, co. Sussex, and 
Broughton, co. Northampton, (by Anne Knollys, only da. of 
Nicholas, earl of Banbury, by his 1st wife, Anne, da. of 
Mountjoy, earl of Newport,) and by her left issue 2 children ; 
1. Anne, 6. 26 Aug., 1707) m., 1st, to the before-mentioned 
Henry Agar, esq., and, 2dly, to George Dunbar, esq., and d. 
14 April, 1765; 2. Welbore, 6. 1713, appointed in 1749 a 
lord of the admiralty, in 1755 vice-treasurer of Ireland, in 
1763 secretary at war, in 1765 and 1770 again vice-treasurer 
of Ireland, and in 1782 secretary of state. The 13th of 
August, 1704, he was created a peer by the title of lord Men. 
dip, of Mendip, co. Somerset, with remainder to the issue 
male of his sister. He m., Ist, Elizabeth, da. of the hon. 
sir William Stanhope, K.B., who d, 1 Aug., 1761, without 
issue ; and, 2dly, Anne, sister and heir of the late right hon. 
Hans Stanley, governor of the Isle of Wight, who d. without 
issue, Dec 1803. His lordship d, 2 Feb., 1802, and was sue- 
ceeiled by his great-nephew, Henry-Welbore, viscount Clif- 
den, the present lord Mendip, who, pursuant to his nucleus 
will, assumed the name and arms of Ellis. 



Hikt^ppafmi^-^ThB Hov. Oeoboe-Jameb-Welboke 
AaAK-ELLiB, the viiooiint's only son. 

CrwBlioiM— Baron, 27 July, 1776; viiooant, 10 Dec, 
17INI» Imh hfOnoiin ; bKroa Mendip, in England, 13 Aug., 

Miotto— Nm^ hmo sme Numme^-~ These things have not 
happened without God. 


Booeraile; bwn 9 May, 1786 : Ghyvemor oo. Cork ; suoeeeded 
Uafkther, Hayes, the late Viscount, 8 Nov., 1819; married^ 
14 Jmiey 1816, his first-oonsin, Charlotte-Esther, 2d da. of 
Ktmeia, Earl oif Bandon, by Catharine-Henrietta, only da. 
of Riohazd Bof]^, 9d Eari of Shannon. 

There is a tradition in this noble family, that sir Robebt 
8t. Leoeb, knt., who was present in 1066, at the battle of 
Hairings, supported the Conqueror with his hand, when 
fitting the uiip to land in Sussex. Sir Robert was of an 
tDoent house in Normandy, «nd settled at Uloombe, oo. Kent, 
^un his descendants were of great eminence, attended 
Bidiard L to the siege of Acre, in the Holy Land, (as appears 
from an inscription on the coffin of Ralph de St. lieger, in the 
vhunih of Uloombe,) and intermarried with the royal family 
in the person of sir Thomas St. Leger, knt., who m. Anne of 
Yak, dutcfaess of Exeter, sister of king Edward IV. ; and 
ddast da. of Richard Plantagenet, duke of York. Sir Ax- 
THOVT St. Leger^ of Uloombe, served under three successive 
princes as lord-lieutenant of Ireland, and was created by 
Henry VIII. knt. of the g^arter, for his eminent services 
dnrinff his government in Ireland, where his descendants 
settled. Sir Anthony, E.G., left issue, sir Wabham St. 
Lager^ k»rd president of Munster, who m. Ursula, da. of 
Geoige Nevill, lord Abergavenny, (bv lady 3fary, da. of 
Edwmrd Stafford, duke of Buckingham,) and was ancestor of 

AbthubSt. LsGEBfOf I>oneraile, in Ireland, and of Egges- 
£prd, CO. Devon, who was created by queen Anne, 1703, baron 
of Kihnadow, and viscount Doneraole. His lordship m., 24 
Jan., 1699, Eliaabeth, heiress of J(dm Hayes, esq., of Win- 
dielsea, oo. Sussex, M.P. for that port, and niece of sir James 
Hayes, of Bedgebury, co. Kent, and had issue, 

Abthub, 2d viscount, tn., June 1717, Mary, only da. of 



:Cluitle«, lord Mohun, who was killed in a durt wttlt dMikUce 
of Hamilton, and had issue, 

ARTHUiuMouuif, 3d visoount, b. 7 Aug., 1716$ Mmrad 
■ in the English parliament for Winohelsea, aiul was appofaited, 
1747) ft lord of the bedchamber to Frederidt, prince of WbIm-; 
IN., 1st, a April, 1738, Mluy, haress of Anthony Bhiqpherd, 
of Newcastle, oo. Longford, esq. ; and, ddly, 8 Jan., 19Si> 
Catharine Skeffington, eldest da. of visooont Bia8saf«elie,4Hit 
iL without issue, at Lisbon, Aug. 1749, when the title ih. 
Yolved to his unde, Hates, 4th viscount, «., 1732, Kliaabeth, 
eldest da. and co-heiress of Joseph Deane, lord chief bavdn of 
'the exchequer, and d. without issue, 26 April, 1707^ wbea 
the titles became extinct. The estates descended to the Imb 
of the viscount's sister, the hon. Elisabeth St. Leger, who ei. 
Ridiard Aldworth, ofNewniaiket,4x>.Gork,esq.,gnuutooaef 
■eir Ridiard Aldworth, provost-marshal and vice-prendent'of 
Munster, (descended fimn the ancient famibr of Aldworth, of 
Stanlakes, co. Berks, the representative of which, Ri^aid 
Aldworth, kud Braybrooke, has iMSumed the name of Gfifbty) 
and had issue, 

St. Lbgeb Aldwobth, who succeeded to the estates of 
his unde, the 4th viscount I>oneraile, and had the peeregc 
revived in his person, 1776) under the title of a baron, hmn 
which dignity he was advanced, in \^85^ to that of viscount 
Doneraile, His lordship m. Mary, eldest da. of Redmond 
Barry, of Ballyclogh, co. Cork, esq., descended from a brandi 
of the earls of Barrymore, and had issue by her (who </. 
3 March, 17780* L Hates, 2d viscount; 2. Richind^ b, 12 
July, 1766, late lieutenant of the South Cork militia, m., 20 
July, 1779, Anne, eldest da. of Charles Blakeney, (k Holy- 
well, CO. Roscommon, esq., and by her (who (^ 19 July, 1809,) 
had issue, Richard, in holy orders ; Barry-Boyle ; Marianne, 
m., 10 Feb., 1807) the hon. and rev. Edward Taylour, brother 
of Thomas, marquess of Headfort, E.P. ; and Harriet; 
3. James^ b, 4 Oct., 1767^ in holy orders, chaplain to the 
king, m., 2 March, 1809, Catharine, youngest da. of Thomas 
Williams, oi Epsom, co. Surrey, esq., and by her (who i^ 
March 1821,) has issue ; 4. Arthwr^ b. 6 Sept., 1761, mi^- 
gen. in the service of the East India company ; 6* Barrff" 
Boyle ^ 6. 23 Nov., 1768, barrister-at-law, and member in .the 
Irish parliament, d, Nov. 1799 ; 6. Jofm^ d* yoimg; 7* /f<M- 
rietta^ b, 14 Feb., 1754, in., 1st, John Godsell, esq. ; and, 
2dly, 3 June, 1795, the hon. Joseph Lysaght, 2d son of John, 
lord Lisle, and cT. 1822 ; 8. Elizabeth^ b. 4 March, 1760, »i. 
WiUiam^Qnesley Baillie, esq. ; 9. Marp, b. 16 Diec, 1764, 

m. John 


IM. Jtta-Wkkkim, vf (M Court, go. Cork, Mq. ; 10. LouiM- 

'Amtg; L 90 Oct., 1772* «*, 6 July, 1806, Frands-Knyvett 

U^tflB, of Ford, 00. Salop, esq. ; 11. CttroHne'CeUhorine' 

iwHUiiih. 1779; m., 26 July, 1802, ool. Thonuw Aloock, of 

■Marwood Hduae, oo. fiunvy; 12. Charloiie^TheodoHa^ b. 

^tmh-m^ ^, SI Oct., 1799, WilliBm Tonion, lord Kiven- 

!W»f Mb GMryMMA, 6. April 1776, m.^ 16 Jan., 1798, Pm- 

«a Onnftll, of Taplow Houm, oo. Budcs, esq., M.P. for 

'•naCMariow, dL 12 May, 1818. The visoount d. 16 May, 

•Wfk^ aad wlu soooeeded by hia eldest son, 

• Oatsi, Sd TiMonnt, b. 9 March, 1766, m., 3 Nor., 1786, 

.Ofatelotta, 4th da. of James Bernard, of Castle Bernard, esq., 

jBd auiar of Frands, 1st earl of Bandon, and had issue ; 

L Hatxi, p r e se nt risooiuit; 2. JiouMf, <L young ; 3. Bithery 

dLyomg; 4. ChafioUe^ b. 10 Feb., 1791, m., 8 July, 1816, 

: JtaH 8iai#ell, of Kilfarittain, oo. Cork, esq. ; 6. HarrieL, 6. 

.M Jlinfa, 1796, m., 31 Oct., 1821, Richard SmyU^ of Bal- 

Jyaatnrfi co. Watetfiord, esq. The viscount tL 8 Nov., 1819, 

mi WMWflpeeded by his only son, 

Hatsa,' present and Sd Tiscount. 
: JWrv firiiMiwj i li w — Hoy . Richard St. Lxgee, und^ 
.(• Iha viaeDimt. 

'CrwtUhm» — Baron, 1776; and yiaoount, 1785. 

Motto-.-. Saui ei 6oft-^ Oreat and good. 
Plate 79. 

WaDea, of Dongannon, oo. Tyrone, a Trustee of the Linen 
Mannftctnre; bam 6 Aug., 1764; succeeded his father, 
. Thomas, the late Viscount, 6 Nov., 1818 ; married^ 2 June, 
1764, INana«Jane, eldest da. and co-heiress of Edmund Vis- 
aunt Pon^<) ^nd has issue; 1. TnouAS, b. 19 April, 1786, 
M.P. fiir Dongannon, m., 28 Feb., 1816, Mary-Juliana, da. 
efdM Right Hon. William Stuart, Archbishop of Armagh ; 
t. gdmutuUSejfUm-Peryy R.N., m., 3 July, 1813, Miss Hope, 
dMor of James Hope, of Cragie Hdl, West Lothian, N.B., 
«^ { S. Johin^Htnrfy b. 26 July, 1788 ; m., 2 Feb., 1822, 
hitf Mabella Josephiiie Needham, da. of the Earl of Killmo- 
nj I 4. Jahn^ameiy b, 3 April, 1790 ; 6. WUliam'BroumloWy 
k Jan. 1794 ; and, 6. Franoet, 

This noUo family assumed their name from the estate of 

ITfMur, la th« barony of Renfrew, in Scothind, where they 

»■ •ton.. II. ' KM were 

onntimied to represent till his death, wUdi hi^menet 
He was, upon the aooession of the present royal^faii 
whose interest he was greatly attached, made a priry 
dllor, and declined the honour of the peeragie, having i 
issue : Johk, his brother, ar, Elisabeui, oiuy- da. and 
of Hugh Keith, oo. Down, esq., who descended from 
eail Marischalin the peerage of Scotland. Heel. 1722,: 
issue several das. and a son, 

Thomas, father of the 1st viscount Northland, sui 
to the family estate on the deaths of his cousins, 1 
G^rge, and Mrs. Elchin, and was M.P. for I>iing 
from 1733, till his death in 1769, m., 29 June, 1722, i 
da. of John Echlin, co. Down, esq., and hadissne ; 1. , 
b, 26 April, 1723, fin. James Moutray, co. Tyrone 
2. Elizaheth^ b. July 1724, m. Matthew Ford, of Seaf 
Down, esq. ; 3. William^ b. 20 Sept., 1726, iL young ; 4 
b, 28 March, 1727 ; 5. Thomas, 1st viscount Non 
6. Anne^ b. 14 June, 1730, d, ; 7- Margery^ b. 19 Feb. 
d.;S. Helen, b. 16 Feb., 1735, d. ; 9. Dorothy, b. 6Apri 
d. ; and, 10. John, 6. 19 Feb., 1740, d, — ; having m. 
only da. of Henry Warring, of Warringsford, 00. Dow 
and leaving issue two sons ; Henry ; and Thomas, a Uc 
in the guards, m. miss Williams, da. of Thomas Willi 
Great Marlow, co. Bucks, esq., and has issue, 

Thomas, 1st viscount, was created baron WeUesj 1 

1781, and viscount Northland, b July, 1791; b. 2! 

f 1729, m., 25 Aug., 1753, Anne Vesey, 2d da. of J(A 


bnhop of Deny, m,y 18 Oct., 1805, Anne, da. of Jamev 
Spencer, eiq., and has isiue, besides other children who d, 
jmatgi 1. James-Spencer, b» 1789; 2. William, b. 1780; 
9L Geoi^ b. 1799 ; 4. Jane ; 6. Anne-Elizabeth ; 6. Isabella- 
Chariocte, «•., 24Maroh, 1824, Octavius Wignan^ esq., son of 
dr Bobert W^inm, bart. ; 7* SeUna-Elisabeth ; 8. Looisa- 
Onoliaa ; 9i Mnoes-Letitia ; 10. Henrietta-Mary Octavia ; 
A. ri|^ hoD. George, D.C.L., m., 1st, 27 Jan., 1805, Anne, 
9ida.of sir Bobert Staples, bart., by Jane, youngest sister 
of Tliomas, Tiscoimt de Veed, and by her (who d. 1 May, 
1611,) had isne, Thomas-Pery, b. 1805; Robert-Staples, b. 
1806; and Henry-Bany, & 1807 ; he m., 2dly, Nov. 1812, 
Harriet, youngest da. of Thomas Fortescne, esq., and by her 
(who d, 20 Jan., 18160 luul no issue ; 6. Charles^ in holy 
orden, m., 20 I>ee., 1804, Hannah, da. of Robert Bent, late 
3LPm to Aylesbury, widow of James Fletcher, esq., and has 
Isnie, Tboinas, b. 1807 ; 7* Edmund^ in holy orders, dean of 
Doim, flk, 20 Feb.9 1796, CSiariotte, sister of sir Thomas 
Heakarhj of Bnffoird HaU, eo. Lancaster, bart. (tee Debreti^e 
Nme BafWMAsfv); and has issue, Edmund-Dalrymple, 6. 
1661 ; Charies, 6. 1807 ; Jesse-Diana-Jane; Harriett-CA.nne, 
«k, 91 Oct., 1819, David-Robert Ross, of Rosstrevor, esq. ; 
aid Fmnv. The viscount d, 5 Nov., 1818, and was suc- 
eaeded by nis eldest son, 

Tboiias, present and 2d viscount. 

Hetr-^pparefU — The Hon. Thomas Knox, the visoount*s 

C rtaHime B aron Welles, 16 Jan., 1781 ; viscount North. 
land, 5 July, 1791. 

Motto— Maoeo et propitiar — I proceed, and am more pros, 

Plate 79. 

HENRY POMEROY, Viscount and Baron HARBER- 
TON, of Carbery, oo. Kildare, F.S.A. ; b&m 8 Dec., 1749 : 
aooeeeded his father, Arthur, the late Viscount, 9 April, 
I7tW ; married^ 20 Jan., 1788, Mary, da. of Nicholas Orady, 
of Ghrenge, oo. Limerick, esq., by whom he had a son, Henry^ 
A. 28 Nov., 1788, d. 10 March, 1804. 

The family of Pomeray is of Norman origin. Ralph de 
Pomeroy had a grant from the Conqueror of fifty-eight lord, 
shipe in Devon, and oUiers in Somerset. His descendants 

w w2 ^w» 


were summoiied to piirlitoient.aB bftroosy and were. pbuMsedv 
for oenturies, of Berry Pomeroy, co. Deyon. A branch of 
iAdn family was seated at Engesdon, oo. Devon, which :settled 
in Ireland. 

Arthur Pomerot, b, 1723, who todc the degree of A.M.« 
at Cambridge, in 1664, entered into holy orders, and <L dean 
f¥( Cork, m. Elizabeth, sister of sir John Osborne, hart., and 
had issue, Johk ; Riehard, d. ; Elizabeth^ d, ; Marp^ m. 
Richard, eldest son of sir Richard Cox, bart., lord chanodlor 
of Ireland. 

. John, the eldest son, «n., 1716, Elizabeth, da. of Edmund 
Bonollan, esq., and had issue, Arthur ; John^ a lieut.-gen. 
in the army, and ooL 64th regiment of foot, and sworn of the 
privy oouncU, 17779 ^' 10 June, 1790. 

Arthur Pomerot was created lord Harberion^ of Car. 
bery, 20 S^t., 1783, and viscount Harbertun^ 6 July, 1791 ; 
fl^y 24 Oct., 1747) the da. and co-heiress of Henry CoUey, of 
Castle Carbery, esq., brother of the Ist lord Momington, (by 
Mary Hamilton, da. of James, 6th earl of Abercom,) and by 
her (who d, 7 April, 1794,) had issue; 1. Henrt, 2d vis. 
count ; 2. Arikur^amet^ b. 3 March, 17^3, m., O^ot. 1800, 
miss Kinsley, da. of Thomas Kinsley, esq. ; 3. John^ in holy 
orders, b, 19 Dec., 1758, m., 31 Oct., 1785, Hester, ddest dL 
of James Spencer, esq., and has issue, John- James, 6.. 20 
Sept., 1790 ; Arthur, L 1796 ; James ; Mary, d. young; 
4. George, b, 1 March, 1764; 5. Elizabeth^ d,; 6. Henrietta^ 
Judith, 6. 18 Jan., 1754, fn., 25 July, 1776, James, viscount 
Lifford, and d 22 April, 1778; 7- Mary^ b, 19 March, 1767, 
m., 23 Jan., 1776, sir John-Craven Carden, of Templemore, 
CO. Tipperary, hart., and d, 29 Sept., 1788. The viscount d, 
9 April, 1798, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

IIekry, present and 2d viscount. 

Heir- Apparent — None. 

Creations — Baron, 10 Oct., 1783; viscount, 1791. 

Motto — Virtuiis fortuna comes — Fortune is the companion 
of courage. 

Arms^Sce Plate 79. 

of Hawarden, co. Tipperary, Baron de Montalt, and a Baronet 
of Ireland; bom 28 March, 1780: succeeded his brother, 
Thomas.Ralph, the late Viscount, 26 Feb., 1807; married, 
8 July, 1811, Jane, youngest da. of Patrick -Craufurd Bruce, 



ni. Gkndlg, and of Taplqw Lodge, oOk Buokf , esq., and haa 
ianio a dmighUr^ L Nov. 1812; Itabeila, b, 4 Dea, 1813; 
6. 4 April, 1817. 

■GHBiaTOVHKft MAtrox emitted from Yorkshire to Ire- 
land, and |«i«li88ed etUtes oo. Kilkenny and Tipperary, and 

injafBament for Innistiogue, 1639 ; his son, Arthvb, 

[.P.finrKuocktopher, 1692, andGasheU,1695: and his 
iOB, BoxXR'r Mafde, was created a hart. 1706, and, I7I8, 
M. SiinbeUi, da. and heir of Francis CkxmwalUs, (^ Acton, 
oot; Middlesex, and of Abbennarles, co. Gaermarthen, esq., 
and d, 4 Aug., 17^0, leaving issue, sir Thomas^ his heir ; 
CoMTWALLis, 1st visoount ; £mmay m., 22 Oct., 1761, sir 
C3iar]etim IjeigfaUm, of Wattlesborougfa, 00. Salop, hart. ; 
(mt Dtbrgttt New Baronetage ;) JUee^ b. 1724, m. Stephen 
Mbore» esq., sob of Thomas Moore, of MarlefiiM, co. Tip- 
pvarj% esq. 

Sir Thoicas, 2d hart., was created, 18 July, 1776, baron 
de Montalt, and dying tmm., 17 March, 1777i the title of 
baroQ became extinct, but that of baronet devolved upon 

CoBJrwALi.18 Maude, 1st viscount, was, 29 June, 1786» 
ciiwlial baron de Montalit ofHawarden, 00. Tipperary, and 
«M ftirther advanced to the dignity of viscount Hawofden^ 
tiBmwudea^ 23 Dec., 1792, b, 1729, m., Ist, 6 Aug., 1766, 
jLetitin, da. of Thomas Vernon, of Hanbury Hall, co. Wot* 
oester, esq., and by her (who d* 1767^) had 1. Elixabethm 
Le HH a J anej ar. John Vaughan, of Golden Grove, co. Caer« 
marthen, esq. ; the visoount m., 2dly, 10 June, 17^6, Mary, 
niece of Balph Allen, of Prior Park, co. Somerset, esq. ; and 
by her Twho d, 1776,) had 2. ThomaS', 2d viscount, 
and 3 das. : 3. Manay d, young ; 4. Sophia, m., 26 Jan., 

1807, George-Hay-Dawkins Pennant, esq., and d. 23 Jan., 
1812 ; 6. J^mmo, m., 12 April, 1794, William-Ralph Cartwright, 
of Aynho, M.P. co. Northampton, esq., and d. 14 March, 

1808. The viscount tn., 3dly, June 1777, Anne-Elizabeth, 
sister of Charles Stanley, viscount Monde, and had issue; 
6. Co&KWALLis, present viscount; 7. RoberUWUUam* 
Henry y b. 21 Aug., 1784; 8. Jamei-AsUey, b. 6 Nov., 1786, 
B.N., M., 18 Oct., 1807, Albina Broderiek, 2d da. of the arch. 
bUiop of Cashell ; 9. John-Charles, b. 16 Sept., 1792, in holy 
orders, m., 19 Dec, 1815, Mary-Ceely, eldest da. of William. 

nTrevillian, of Middleney, co.. Somerset, esq. ; 10. jPran* 
Nov. 1798; 11. Isabella^JSlifobeih ; 12. Georgtana, m., 
June 1896, hnrd William Stuart, son of John, lit marquess 

N k3 of 



of Bum ; 13. AHeia^ m., June 1807, lord Rdbett PoiMi6hl>y 
Tonenham, lord bishop of Killaloe, brother to John; mar^ 
«Iiie88 of Ely, K.P. ; 14. CharMte^ m.,- 6 Sqrt., 1806, P. La;; 
touche, jun., esq. ; 16. Mary-Anne; 16. jDurno, d, young; 
17. SHMobeth^ d. young; 18. EmUyf 19. CaOkaHm. His 
lordship d!. 23 Aug., 18QK3, and was succeeded by his son, 

Thomas-Ralph, 2d viscount, 6. 16 April, 1767, «»., 14 
Dec., 1798, Frances-Anne Agar, only da. of Charles, Ist earl 
of Nonnanton, lord archbishop of Dublin, and primate of Ire* 
land, d. irithout issue male, 26 Feb., 1807, uu^ was soooeoded 
by his half-brother, 

doRNWALLis, present and 3d viscount. 

Heir-Appareni — The viscount*s son. 

* CreaUong — Baronet of Ireland, 1705; baron, 29 June,' 
1785; viscount, 23 Dec., 1793. 

• Motto — Fifittltf M0tiru«—4Safe in virtue. 
^rMML-JSee Plate 79. 

dare, Baron Carleton, of Annet, oo. Tipperary,- a Trustee 
of the Linen Manufacture, D.C.L. ; born 1 1 Sept., 1739 1 
appointed Solicitor-Oeneral of Ireland, 1779; and Lord 
Chief Justice of the €k)mmon Pleas, 1787 ; created Barotf 
€arleton, of Annet, Nov. 1789; and advanced to the dig. 
nity of Viscount Carleton, of Clare, co. Tipperary, 7 Nov., 
1797; fnarried^ 2 Aug., 1766, Elizabeth, only da. of Ridiard 
Mercer, esq., and by her (who d. 27 May, 1794,) had no issue. 
The Viscount m., 2dly, 15 July, 1796, Mary Buckley, 2d da. 
of Abednego Matthew, esq., and by her (who d, 13 March, 
1810,) had no issue. 

His lordship^s father, Francis Carleton, esq., b. 1713, 
m. Rebecca, da. of John I^wton^ esq., sudd, in 1791, leaving 
issue; 1. Richard^ d, an infant; 2. Hugh, 1st viscount 
Carleton ; 3. Frances; 4. John^ d, 1781 ; 6. Mart/, d, 1769 ; 
6, Isahella, d, X'J'JX ^ 7» Rebecca, d, young; 8. Rebecca, m, 
Hugh Millerd, esq., and d, without issue, July 1804 ; 9. Anne ; 
10. Sarah, d, 1766; 11. Grace, m. Sampson Jervois, esq., 
and d. without issue. 

• Heir-Apparent — None. 

• Creations — Baron, Nov. 1789; viscount, 7 Nov., 1797. 
Motto — Quwrere ven/m— Seek out the truth. 
w4rm«— -See Plate 79. 



.: VUSCOUNTS. 1063 

ffaOMA83BNRY 8KEFFIN6TON, Visco vkt F£R. 
ID, Banm Oriel, oo. Loath, succeeded his mother, Marw 
l^ntta, late Viaooimtess, 20 Jan., 1824 ; married, Dec. 1810, 
Harriet Skeffington, Viscountess Massareene in her own 
liAfat, only daughter and heir of Ghidiester, 4th Viscount 
l m i i s afeep e,.by .which, lady .he has issue a son, 6. 30 Nov., 
K12, and a daughter^ 6. 11 April, 1816. 
.■ . ; - ■ . 

Hia lordship is eldest son and heir^pparent of John Foster, 
Orid, (see that title in the Peerage of England,) and 
took the surname and arms of Skeffikoton, 1817- 
- . The late viscountess derived her descent from a brandi of 
the house of De. Burgh, from which proceeded the ancient 
^•rii of Ulster, whidi honour was carried from this family by 
|he marriage of Elizabeth De Burgh, heiress of William, eari 
of. Ulster, with Lionel, duke of Clarence, 3d son of king £d. 
w|tfd IIL From the same house descended the earls of Clan- 
rieaideand St. Albans, and the viscounts and earls of Mayo. 
. THOMAS 3ij]iaH, esq., of Birt, oo. Kildare, left issue, 
JFilNoM, LLJ>., fa. miss Warburton ; Thomas, m., 1784, 
nociada, sister of viscount Mountjoy, and, 
. MaEGlMLXTTa, who .was created baroness .Orielt of GoUoa, 
00. liouth, 6 June, 1790, Aid advanced, 7 Nov., 1797, to the 
AgQ^of viscountess Ferrard, with remainder to the issue 
psale of her body by the right hon. John Foster, now baroa 
Driel, to whom she was is. 14 Dec., 1764, and by whom she 
had iisae, Anthony, WiUiam, Anthony, and John, all d, in- 
fants; Thomas-Heitby, present viscount; and Anne-Do^ 
t^lkem, M., 15 Nov., 1801, James lord Dufferin and Claneboy. 
The viscountess d. 20 Jan., 1824, and was succeeded by her 
only surviving son, 
f THOMAS-HEKaY, present viscount. 

Heir^Apparent — The viscount^s son. 

Cfvoliont— Baron, 6 June, 1790 ; viscount, 7 Nov., 1797- 
Plate 80. 

MORE, Lord Yelverton, Baron of Avonmore, Registrar of 
the High Ckmrt of Chancery, in Ireland ; bom 21 Feb., 1790 : 
succeeded his father, William-Charles, the late Viscount, 
28 Nov., 1814. 

The visoount*s great-grandfather, Francis Yxlveaton, 
. .. 6. in 


b. in 1705, m., 10 Aug., 1733, Eliiabetili, da. of J&atA hvrfj 
etq^ and d, 27 March, 1746, leaving ussae by her (who wat ^ 
16 Nov., 17179 and ct. in 1804,); 1. Bakrt, UtvuNxxuit 
Avonmore; 2. Walter^ m, Elisabeth, da. of Robert GcnUe* 
man, of Kamturk, esq., and d. in 1768, leaving inae an only 
son, Frandfl, b. 6 May, 1767; 3. Marp; 4. EiiMobeih; 
6. Charity. 

Babry YELVEaTON, Ist viscount, b, 28 May, 1736, was 
appointed attorney-gen. of Ireland 1782, and one of hit ma- 
jesty's most honourable privy councillors, lord chief banm of 
the court of exchequer in 1804, created lord Ydvertony baron 
of Avonmore, 16 June, 1785, and advanced to the dignity 
of viscount Avon/more^ 1800, in., 2 July, 1761, Mary jNo* 
gent, da. of William Nugent, of Cknlost, 00. Westmeath^ 
esq., and had issue ; 1. Williax •jGHAftLEs, 2d viscosBti 
2. Barry^ b. 22 Nov., 1763; 3. WaUer^Affliimbif^b,S6JaiLj 
1772, m., 28 Nov., 1791, Cedlia Yelverton, da. of Geofgs 
YdvertoQ, of Bellisle, 00. Tipperary, esq., and has issue, 
Bentindc, b. 29 Nov., 1792; George, 6. 14 Nov., 1793; 
Mary-Letitia, b, 6 Nov., 1794 ; 4. Anna-Maria, b. 28 Sept.) 
1775^ *»., 21 May, 1791, Jdm Bingham, lord danmonis^ 
The viscount d, 19 Aug., 1805, and was succeeded by his 
eldest son, 

William-Charles, 2d viscount, b, 5 April, 1762, m., 
1 Sept., 1787) Mary, eldest da. of John Reade, of East Cams, 
CO. Hants, esq., and had issue ; I. Barry-Johk, present 
viscount ; 2. William^Henry^ b, 5 Dec., 1791 ; 3. AugusiuSj 
b. 29 July, 1802; 4. Mary^ b. 28 Nov., I788; and, 5. Lwiita^ 
Sarah, b. 16 Aug., 1795. The viscount d, 28 Nov., 1814, and 
was succeeded by his eldest son, 

Barry^ohk, present and 3d viscount. 

Heir-Presumptive — William-Henry, next brother to 
the viscount. 

Creations — Baron, 1795; viscount, Dec. 1800. 

Motto — Renascentur — They will rise again. 

^rm«— See Plate ^9. 

K'lwarden, of Newlands, co. Dublin, and Lord Kilwarden, 
Baron of Kilteel, co. Kildare, Registrar of Deeds in the Court 
of Admiralty in Ireland ; 6, ] 1 Nov., 1709 ; succeeded his 
father, Arthur, the late Viscount, 23 July, 1803, and his 
mother, as Baron of Kilwarden, of Kilteel, 23 Aug., 1804. 



. Hii lordship^ fotlwr, Arthur Wolfe, <he lit Viwount 
Kilwarden, was the eldest ton of John Wolfe, of Forenagfats^ 
OH Kikbure, eeq. His lordship was b. 30 Jim., 1799, ap- 
pointed sdidtor-general of Irdand in 1787, attomey-generel 
in 1789, krd-chief-jnstioe of Ireland in. 1798, yioe-dianoeUor 
of the university of Dublin in 1602 ; created baron Kilwarden^ 
of Newlands, co. Dublin, 3 July, 1786 ; and advanced to the 
ffrai^ of viscount KUwarden^ of Kilwarden, 29 Dec, 1800. 
He vuoonnt wis assassinated by a body of insurgents while 
pnpvlug to attend the privy ooimcil at the castle of Dublin, 
M July, 1608. The foUowinff just tribute to his memory is 
wrtra cted from' the diarge of Barry, lord viscount Avonmore, 
29 Oct., 1808, to the gimnd juries of the county and city of 
Dnblittt ^ It was the dying advice of the great and good Kil- 
midaHf ^thatno man should suffer on any account, not even on 
MBoanftofhisownnmrder, without a fair trial.' Wordswhich 
floglift €o be eDgraven on his tombi^tone in letters of gold, 
■ai wliich desvre to be transmitted to posterity as the motto 
of die^finnUy towhich he was so great an honour, and so 
Wriit an ornament. When arrested by ruffiaps, ^dA ex- 
vm^ under the repeated wounds of assassins, he raised the 
mUL cAwts of exhausted .nature to bequeath to his countrv a 
legacy which will ever be remembered with gratitude. Who 
bean the iiamOy but must lament tibuit the star which shone 
oonqriaiOBS in the legal hemisphere, and the dawn of whose 
only ooniscation promised a full blaze of meridian splendour, 
is, ana ! set for ever ! And if I may be allowed to mix my 
private grieA with the public sorrow, suffer me to lament that 
I havo loot the friend of my youth, the companion of my 
natnrer years, my fellow-labourer in the fields of science, and 
my ooB4iutor in the administration of justice." 

Re «., 8 Jan., 1769, Anne, da. of WilHam Buxton, of Ardee, 
00. Ijouth, esq., by Mary, da. of Samuel Gibbons, esq., by which 
lady (who was b. 24 April, 1746, created lady Kilwardeni 
baroness of Kilteel, 80 Sept., 1795, and d. 23 Aug., 1804,) he 
had issue ; 1. John, present viscount ; 2. Arthur^ b, 10 June^ 
1778, late coL in the army, d, 29 June, 1805 ; 3. Mtmanruiy 
b. 10 Sept., 1777, m*9 June 1809, Hardwicke Shute, M.D., d. 
Apsil 1814; 4. SliMobeth, b, 31 Aug., 1778, d. 24 May, 
. The viscount was succeeded by his only surviving son, 

JoHV, present and 2d viscount. 
. ffeir-Appareni'^None. 


CrM/JofW— -Baron Kflwarden, of Kilted, 1796; baron 
Kilwarden, of Nenrlands, 1798 ; and viflcoimt, 1800. 

Motto — Pro paMm amore — For the love I bear my 

^rm#-.See Plate 79. 

Lord Templetown, Baron of Templetown, oo. Antrim, F.8.A. ; 
bam 8 Nov., 1771 ; suooeeded his father, Clotworthy, the 
late Lord, 1ft April, 1785; advanced to the dignity of Vis- 
oount Templetown, March 1806; matriedf 7 Aug., 1796, 
Mary Montague, <mly daughter of Jdm, 5& Earl of Sand- 
widi, (by Mary-Henrietta, eldest da. of Harry Paulet, 6th 
and last Duke of Bolton,) and by her (who dL 4 Oct., 1824,) 
had issue; 1. CtUhariM-EHxabeih^ b, 1798, d. an infimt; 
3. Henrt-Movtaou, 6. 11 Nov., 1790; ^ Mary^WUhd' 
mifia, b, June 1800 ; 4. George^Frederkik^ b. 6 Aug., 180i| 
5. Arthur, b. 16 Jan., 1807; And, 6. Bdwar(UJ€in^ b, 18 
Sept., 1816. 

The family of Upian was seated at Upton, oo. Cornwall, 
as early as the Conquest. 

Henry Uptok, 2d son of Arthur Upton, of Luckton, oo. 
Devon, went over to Ireland a capt. in the army, under the 
earl of Essex, 1698, and settled at Castle Upton, co. Tippe- 
rary. The several heads of the Upton family in Ireland have 
served near 140 years in parliament, without intermission. 
They were leaders of the dissenting interest ; had a very ez^ 
tensive influence in the north of Ireland ; and being firmly 
attached to the illustrious house of Hanover, as the strenuous 
supporters of the civil and religious liberties of the nation, 
they constantly exerted themselves in those northern counties 
witn the greatest zeal, activity, and spirit, in that cause. 

Arthur Upton, son and heir of Henry above named, 
left, besides other issue, two sons; 1. Clotworthjf, whose only 
da. and heir was created, 1766, viscountess Langford (see 
Baron Langford) ; and, 

2. John Upton, b. 1671, a colonel in king William's 
army, was engaged as lieutonant-colonel of dragoons at the 
memorable battle of AJmanza, in Spain, under lord Gral- 
way, who, for his spirited conduct on that day, gave him 
the command of the r^ment, upon the death of coL Kille- 
grew, who was killed at the beginning of the action. He m., 



Jo Mardi, 17 11, Mary, only da. of Ffands Upton, by whom 
lie had 3 fMnu and 5 das. : of the sons, Arthur j of Upton 
Cattle^ eldest son and heir, b. 9 Jan., 1715, •»•, l>t, Sophia, 
da. of Micfaad Ward, of Castle Ward, co. Down, and one of 
the judges of the court of king's bench in Ireland, by whom 
he had no issue t he m., 2dly, Sarah, da. of Pole Crosby, of 
Lix, in Queen's County, esq., and had no issue, and d* Oct. 
1768 ; Franeisy 2d son, 6. 3 Jan., 1720, commander R.N., 
and was in several engagements ; among: others, in that with 
locd Hftwke, off Cape ^nisterre : he commanded the Ferret 
doop of war at the blockade of Louisbuigh, and perished wiUi 
ids ship and crew in the dreadful storm which dispersed the 
Britiah fleet off that port. He d, tmm., and the estate de- 
▼olvied <ni 

CiOTWOR^HT, 3d and last son, and 1st lord, b, 14 Maidi, 
. ITlly who was created baron of TempieUnvny co. Antrim, 
9 Aug., 1776. His lordsiiip was, 1761, appcnnted derk- 
co mptr oller of the household to her late roy^l highness the 
prinOBBs dowvger of Wales ; m, Elizabeth, sister of sir Ed.. 
ward Bonghton, of Lawfind Hall, hart., 8th bart. of the 
ftmily, and Sd da. of Shuddmrgh Boughton, of Poston Court, 
00. Hereford, esq., (eldest son of sir William, 4th bart., by 
'Ui 9d wife, Catharine, da. of sir Charles Shuekburgh, baru, 
by Mary, da. of the hon. Algernon Greville, by Blary, 
da. and oo-heiress of lord Arthur Somerset,) by ^om (who 
it Sept. 1623,) he had issue; 1. Johk-Hekry, present 
vlMOont; 2. Ftilke-GrevUlej F.R. and S.A., who has as* 
Muned the name of Howard^ M. P. for Castle Rising, b. 3 
Anil, 1773) colonel in the army, m., 9 July, 1807, Mary, 
lose da. of Richard Howard, of Castle Rising, co. Norfdik, 
«iq. I 3. Arikur-Percyy b. 13 June, 1777) C.B. and K.MmI., 
«Bij..f(en. in the army, and late major grenadier regiment of 
Ibot-^iards ; 4. AugtutOy d, young ; & Elixabeth'AlbafMy b. 
16 Aug., 1776, m., 20 Feb., 1798, Frederick-William Hervey, 
6tk eail of Bristol; 6. Caroline^ b. 19 Oct., 1778, m., 21 
Aug., 1804, James Singleton, esq. ; 7* Sophia^ b, Sept. 1780. 
Hit loidship d, 16 April, 1786, and was succeeded by his 

Johk-Hkkrt, 2d lord and Ist viscount. 

Heir-Apparent — Henry - Montagu, the viscount's 

Creations — 3 Aug., 1776 ; viscount, March 180G. 

Motto— Virtutis avorttm pramiuin>^ The reward of the 
'Virtue of my ancestors. 

^rNM— See;nate79. 


•^ J — » <■ ■ ■■■i» •« wnmmrjfwtnnfm j <r« a^ «v 


The family is descended from Cealladian, or Callaj 
prince of Aiunster, renown d for his exploits. ag«i 
Danes. His descendants founded a monastery of 
Friars at Clonmene, and the castle of Drumaneen, wh 
■their chief seat. Smyth, in his history of Cork, (toL 
I 303,) says, *•*• The castle of Dnimancen stands boldh 

I Bhck Water ; it was the chief seat of the 0*CaU 

About the time of James I. they erected a very statd 
on the foundation of the castle, which was ruined in 
wars : the castle lawn is large, and well enclosed witl 
stone wall, flanked with round towers ; and the whole, 
in ruins, from the opposite side of the river, by its loft 
tion, has still an august appearance.*' CoBHELiirfl 
iaghan was lord and chieftain of Poble Callaghan, an 
of several large territories in 1594, as appears by an. 
tion taken by sir Thomas Norris, yice>^president of M 
25 Oct., 1594. From him descended 
Cornelius O'Callaghait, representative for Fei 

8 the Sd paiiiament of queen Aime, and conspicuous 

great abilities at the har ; he m. Maria, da. of Robesi 
esq., and was interred with her (who d. 6 June, 1757) 
family vault at Shanbally, where a monument is en 
his memory : he left issue ; 1. Robert, member for i 
in 1757, m., 24 April, 1735, Alicia, coJieiress of '. 
Worth, of Rathfarnham, esq., (by Jane, heiress of ] 
J{ Saunders, of Saunders Court, esq.) and d. without i 

'* 1761 ; 2. Cornelius^ a master of the court of chance 

representative for Fethard in 1761, d, without issue ii 
3. Thomas, w., 7 April, 1740, Sarah, da. of John Dav 
and by her (who d, 13 Aug., 1745,) had issue, Cobm 
t Ist lord ; and a da., m, Robert Longfield, of Castle j 


Cornelius, 1st lord, was, 25 June, 1785, creates 

i. Lismore, of Shanbally, co. Tipperary, b, 1732, *»., ] 

j 1774, Frances Ponsonby, 2d da. of the right hon. Jol 

< .sonhy, speaker of the house of commons in Ireland, 

of M^'iUiam, earl of Bfesborough, (by Elizabeth Cavem 


da. of William, 3d duke of Devonshire,) and had issue, 
L CoRirEi.iUB, Ist viscount ; 2. sir Robert-WiUiam^ K.C.B., 
SM^-gen. in the army, b, Oct. 1777 ; 3. George, b. Sept. 
1787 ; 4. Louisa, b. 5 Aug., 1779, «»., 18 July, 1807, Wil- 
tJMiii CavendiBh, e^q., M.P. for Derby, eldest son of lord 
Oeorge-Auffustus-Henry Cavendish, son of William, 4th duke 
of D^onshire ; 5. Elizabeth, d. Dec 1783, m. John Hyde, of 
CaatleHyde in Ireland, esq., descended fnnn a branch of the 
Chrendon femily ; 6. Mary, b, 31 Dec., 1797* His lordship 
dL 19 July, 1797) uid was succeeded by his eldest son, 

CoavELiUB, Sd lord and present viscount. 

H^'PrenrnpHne — Sir Robert -William, K.C.B., the 
Tfaeoont's brother. 

CrmMmM — Baron, 25 June, 1785; viscount, 30 May, 

MaUo^^Fideeeiawkuf — Faithful and courageous. 

Arwu~» See Plate 79. 

Bnvb Srris, of Boyle, oo. Rosconmum, Governor and Custos 
lotnlorum, oo. Roaoommon, a Lieutenant-General in the 
Afmy, and a Colonel in the Militia, co. Roscommon t bom 
IS Aug,, 1778 ; married, 9 Dec., 1799, Frances, only daugh. 
Mr ABd heiress of Lawrence, Earl of Rosse, (by Jane King, 
^Bgliter of Edward, Earl of KingstcHi,) and has issue ; I. 
J«M, b, Nov. 1800; 2. Eleanor, b, July 1802 ; and, 3. Ro- 
IIBT, 6. July 1804. 

Bis lordship is 2d son of Robert Kikg, earl of Kingston, 
kf Oir«^ne, da. of R. Fitzgerald, esq., by his Ist wife, the 
Wn. iCarffaret King, and brother to George, the present earL 
Hb lordi^p entered the army in 1791, and served in the 
httalion of grenadiers, at the taking of the French West 
hUm Islands in 1794, under the command of lieut.-gen. 
» Charles Grey, K.B., (late earl Grey^ He, in 1799, sue- 
Mlad to the family estates in the cos. Roscommon and Sligo, 
vUeh were left to nim by his father. His lordMhip was cre- 
•tad baron Erris, 1800, and advanced to the dignity of a vis- 
count, W May, 1806. 

HHr-Appareni — Robert, only son of the viscount. 

CreaHont — Baron, 1809 ; viscount, 1806. 

Mdtto— S]p0« tutissima CcslU — Heaven is the safest hope. 

.Jf«w-*8ee Plate 30. 
VOL. If. 00 LODGE- 


For. the former part of the viscount^s genealogy, 
to that of Herrey, yiscount Mountmorres, oommencJ 
ihe founder of the junior branch of this ancient a 
trious house. CSee Viscount MoufUmorres.) 

Reymokd, or Redmond Morbes, esq., 3d son 

ds, and brother of Hervey, 1st viscount Mountmoi 

bred to the law, and was one of his majesty's most 

able privy council ; he came early into parliament, 

one of the most useful and respected members that ev 

the house of commons ; he represented the dty of B 

parliament, and d, 1784, universally beloved, esteeu 

regretted ; m. Elizabeth, da. and sole heir t>f Franci 

of the dty of Dublin, esq., and had issue 3 das., Eleii 

27 Mardi, 1762, Robert Browne, of Bro^vne's Hill, 

low, esq., d. 1819 ; Frances^ m. Andrew Prior, c 

downy, Queen's County, esq. ^ and Elizabeth^ m. \ 

Hutchinson, of Dublin, esq.; and 2 sons; 1. 

EvAKS, viscount Frankfort de Montmorency ; and, 

mond, in holy orders, m. Mary Eyre, da. and sole 

Edward d*Alton, of Deer Park, co. Clare, esq., and 

lord Eyre, of Eyre Court, by whom he had issue ; 

mond Hervey, lieut.-ool. duke of York's hussars, ek 

Dingle, upon his unde's promotion to the peerage ; 

I titia, da. of the rev. Nardssus-Charles Proby, of B( 

^ CO. Chester, of the family of the earls of Carysfort, di 

by her grandmother, Catharine -Elizabeth Howar( 

tr Thomas Howard, earl of Berkshire, brother of The 

*fii-,'i- earl of Suffolk, grandson of Thomas, 4th duke of Noj 

"' . . whom he has 4 sons, viz. Hervey-Frands, b. 20 Jul] 


India ; 4. Elizabeth, m. capt. Molesxvorth, 20th regiment of 
dragoons, of the family of viscount Molesworth. 

LoDOE-EvANS DE MoNTMORENCY, Ist visoount Frank- 
fort de Montmorency, was returned to parliament 1768, and 
was 8 most zealous supporter of the rights and freedom of his 
ooontrj^; he assisted during the greatest part (tf five parlia- 
ments in all the measures then carried on for the establishing 
a free trade, and liberation of the constitution of Ireland ; he 
oontinued in parliament till he was called to the peerage in 
1800; tometunes in office, and frequently sacrifiosd to the 
politics of the day, he concurred in the legislative union of 
Oreat Britain and Ireland, upon the principle of its being the 
only measure likely to give quiet and repose to his country, 
long torn by civil and religious dissensions, by frequent in- 
surrections, and at length by actual rebellion ; whi<^ dissen- 
sioiu were fomented and encouraged by ambitious and disap- 
pointed men, who found, too late, that the/ were unable to 
preaerve their country from a baneful and horrible rebellion; 
and who, though certainly not intentionally accessory to the 
same, laid the foundation by their conduct for a legislative 
nnion, whidi at length became necessary for the purpose of 
oonaolidating the strength of the empire, and estabUshingand 
■ecnring the like constitution in church and state that Eng- 
land ei^oyed; amongst other offices, he was appointed re- 
erirer-general of the post-office, and master of the permit- 
ofBee, which offices he resigned 1789; in 1708, on the ap- 
pointment of earl Fitzwilliam to the government of Ireland, 
he was nominated his second secretary ; on the recall of the 
earl, he resigned his office, and went out of parliament ; 1707) 
he came into parliament, and was appointed a lord of the 
treasury and of the privy coimcil ; but it is not in this ele- 
vated sphere of b'fe that the real value of hian consists ; he 
was a useAil member of society in all the diiferent branches of 
public economy ; high sheriff of his own county of Kilkenny, 
vice-president of the society for the encouragement of arts, 
manufiictnres, and commerce in Ireland ; a trustee of the 
linen and hempen manufacture ; a commissioner for the im- 
nrovements of the port and harbour of Dublin, and the 
nridgea, quays, and docks thereof; president of the harmonic 
society, and foremost in every plan which had for its object 
social pleasures, or public utility ; in 1800 he was called to 
tha house of peers, by the title of baron Frankfort, of Gal- 
moye; and, 1815, his lordship was raised to the dignity of 
a viscount, by the title of viscount Frarikfort de Montmorency. 
With the strictest justice may be said of this noble family, 

o o 2 that 


that their ancient alliances in France, England, and Ireland, 
are of a superior kind ; nor have the descendant of those 
illustrious progenitors degenerated in any respect; for, in 
I773, no less than five members of t]bis distinguished family 
were, all at one time, seated in the parliament of Ireland, viz. 
lord Mountmorres, sir William Evans, and sir Heydock, for 
the dty of Kilkenny, Reymond for the city of Dublin, and 
Lodge-Evans, the present viscount, for the borough of Ban- 
don. In 1816, after a laborious investigation, as appears 
from the most unquestionable evidence, the royal Hoence was 
obtained for the re-assumption of the ancient surname of de 
Monimorenep orUy^ which had been delayed until then, occa- 
sioned by the present branch of the family having but re- 
cently iiUierited the title of baronet, which had succeeded to 
the ancient title of de Montemarisco, The late succession to 
the ancient family estate contributed materially to dear up 
many difficulties ; to which causes of delay may be added the 
time, labour, an^ expense, attendant upon an extensive and 
minute research through the records and chronicles of Eng- 
land, Ireland, and France. The viscount' m., 1st, 1 Jan., 
1777) Mary, da. and sole heiress yf Joseph Fade, of Dublin, 
esq., by whom he had no issue ; and, 2dly, Catherine, da« of 
George White, of Castle BeUingham, esq., by whom he had 
issue; 1. Lodge-Reymokd, present viscount; 2. CathC' 
rine-Penelope^ m. the hon. Henry Browne, 2d son of lord 
^ilmaine; 3. Emilia-Elinor; 4. Mary Elizabeth. The vis- 
count d, 21 Sept., 1822, and was succeeded by his only son, 

Lodge-Reymond, present and 2d viscount. 

Creations — Baron, July 1800; viscount, 22 Jan., 1815. 

Motto — Dieu ayde — God helps. 

Arms — See Plate 80. 

JKiltarton, co. Gtdway, a Privy Councillor in Ireland, Go- 
vernor of the CO. Galway, Constable of the Castle of Limerick; 
horn in I768 ; Colonel of the Limerick City Militia ; suc- 
ceeded his maternal uncle, John Prendergast Smyth, the late 
Viscount, pursuant to the limitation of the patent, 23 May, 
,1817. The Viscount highly distinguished himself l>y his 
gallant conduct on the 5th of September, 17^8) in opposing 
the progress of the French Invaders at Coloony ; for which 
brilliant service his Majesty was pleased to grant him an 
honourable augmentation to the Aims of Vereker, with the 



Motto of Coioonp; married^ let, 1790, Jane, daughter of 
lUlph Westropp, of Attyfenn, co. Limerick, esq., relict of 
WiUiam Stamer, of Comelly, co. Clare, esq., and ty her had 
isne, JoHir Pakitderoast, b, 21 April, 1790, m., 13 Dec., 
18] ft, Maria, eldest da. of the Right Hon. Standish O'Orady, 
Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, and has a son, 
b, 28 June, 1817 ; 2. Juiianay m., 31 Aug., 1819, Colond 
Thomas White, of Woodlands, oo. Dublin ; 3. Georgianoy 
«., 2 Aug., 1817) John-W. Hamilton, esq. ; and has a son, b, 
21 April, 1818. The Viscount m., 2dly, 6 March, 1810, 
Hinbethf eldest da. of John Pallister, of Derryluskan, co. 
Tipperary, esq., and has issue a son, b. 21 April, 1818. 

The finnily of Smtth was formerly seated at Rossdale, co» 

William Smtth, of Rossdale, oo. York, Ump, Charles L, 
aftanrards of Dundrum, oo. Downe, in Irdmd, esq., left 
isnie, William, his successor; and Ralph, father of William 
Snytlif hishop (k Killala 1881, translated to Raphoe in the 
«me year, consecrated bishop of Kifanore 1893, tL 1099. 

WiLuiAM Smtth, of Dtindrum, esq., fii. Mary, da. of 
Thomas Dewdall, of Glasspistol, oo. Louth, esq;, and had 
iisae hy her (who d, 7 Sept., 1704) 2 sons, viz. 1. Thomas, 
bishop of Limerick, ancestor of viscount Gknrt ; and, 2. James^ 
of Moontoun, oo. Dublin, father of Edward &nyth, bishop of 
Down and Connor, who m., Ist, and had issue, Edward, tL 
vmm. f Frances, m., 27 Aug., 1724, Robert King, 4th son of 
sir Robert King, bart., nephew of John, lord Kingston ; and 
filizabeth, m., 24 Feb., 172G, James Stopford, 1st earl of 
Oourtown, K.P. ; the bishop m., 2dly, April 1710, Mary, 6th 
da. of Clotworthy Skeffington, 3d viscount Massereene, (by 
Radiel, da. of sir Edward Hungerford, K.B., of Fariey, 
Hungerford Castle, co. Somerset,) and had issue ; 1. Skeffing. 
ton Randal, m., 21 Aug., 1735, Mary, only da. of the hon. 
John Aloore, D.D., (4th son of Henry, 3d earl of Drogheda,) 
by Elizabeth, da. of sir Charles Porter, knt., lord chancellor 
of Ireland, and d, 23 Oct., 1748, leaving issue, Edward, b, 15 
Sept., 1746; and Mary, m., 4 Aug., 1764, Henry Gore, lord 
Annaly, and d. 29 Feb., 1812 ; 2. James ; 3. Rachel, m., 14 
Dec, 1738, Francis Burton, esq. ; 4. Jane Hall, d. young. 
James Smyth, 2d son of Edward, bishop of Downe, (by the 
hon. Mary Skeffington,) b, 1716, represented the borough of 
Antrim, m., 1742, Mary, 2d da. of James Agar, of Gowran 
Castle, CO. Kilkenny, esq., grandfather of Jamen, viscount 
Oifden, and had issue, Edward Skeffington ) Mary, m., 25 

o o 3 April, 


April, I7A!I, John Pretttn, «f BdUnlw, .«iMli,'by 
wM mother of John, lit lordTuft, apd SkA, flid^ ^upA^ 
.1764, Fnmoii Mfttheir, Irt Mri of LsndqIL Thaxu^hoo. 
phr Edwaid-Skeffington Smyth, of Tiimy Fuk, 09. WmUmt^ 
the only ton, was Bwom of the privy coimdl la Irdmdf «ad 
orBBtod m butmet, S7 June, 177^- hat dwmring mtktkX 
iitiienuJe, the title beowtne cactiiict. . 

Thomas Sjcttb, Mdiop of limeridc 16INK gnvv^lhliher if 
John, lit Tiieoont Oort, & at Dundrum, 1680, and edoontei 
in the uniTOvrity of Dublin, where he inM oboMon^^ 
J606, and enthroned in Idmeriflk, 80 April, 1696| he wm 
deoted vIee-dianoeUor of. Trinity. oollMe 1714; he vpe iof 
lome time rector of St. Martin's in the Fielda, London, and, 
q> acconnt of hit great piety and learning, was raoocnmanded 
by TenniaoQ, aidibithop of Canterimrv, to queen HHtT, whe 

proBDMrtedhim to i^see of Limerick ;_iie dL 4 Mar^ ITM^Mid 

interred in the family Tank of St. Minchln*s ehnnh* 
The bUiop w. Dorothea, da. of JJlnun Bia]§^ .hidiop ef 
AedMfa, by Mary, da. of ^l^lHaa Kingsmill, es^.^ and M 
issue by her (who d. 6 Aug., 17IIO 16 sons and 8 das^ yrim 
1< mdfann, dean of Ardftrt,ni. the da. of Bal^ Lanobart, 
Ushop of Meath, d. without issoei S. CBAMLBMf fmOmt ^ 
tfUc&wti Gorif 8. Je^ chanoeflor of the diocese of doyne, 
d, 1781 ; 4. Michael, captain Ist regiment of foot ; 6. Henry, 
archdeacon of Glendalocu, m., 8 Oct., 1738, Diana, eldest da. 
of the rev. Stackpole Pery, and sister of Edmund, viseount 
Pery, and d. 1765 ; 6. Thomas, <2. at the Temple ; 7* Geotye, 
appointed a baron of the exchequer 1769, and recorder of 
Limeridc, d, 1772) leaving issue ; 8. Arthur, archbishop of 
DubKn, and primate of Ireland, consecrated bishop of Clon- 
fert 1752, bishop of Down and Connor 1765, bishop of Meath 
same year, archbishop of Dublin 1766, cL 1772, without issue, 
and was interred at St. Patrick's, where a monument has 
been erected to bis memory, with an inscription from the pen 
of the celebrated Robert Lc^^, bishop of London ; 9. Edward, 
M.D., d. 1778 ; 10. James, d. 1766, leaving issue ; 11. Jlfoyy, 
St., 1st, sir Nicholas Osborne, hart. ; and, 2dly, oolong Jolm 
Ramsay, <f. 9 Feb., 1762; 12. Dorothea; 13. Elhtabe^ d, 
■• Charles Smtth, esq., 2d son of the bishop of Limerick, 
succeeded to the family estate on the death of his eldest 
brother, and was elected for the city of Limerick 1731, whidi 
situation he held for 45 years ; m. Elizabeth Prendergast, da. 
of sir Thomas Prendergast, of Grort, co. Galway, bart., and 
sister and sole heir of sir Thomas, the last bart., (descended 
from brigadieTifien. sir Thomas Prendergast, bart., killed 


• VISCOUNTS. :1026 

MteliMtle 9£ Maliilaqaet, 31 Aug., 1709;) relict of John- 
fihmk. Hamaa, esq., and d. 1784, haviog had issue, 1. Thonuu^ 
mmabmr for the dty of liimerick from 1776 to 1785, d. at 
JBocdeKiix, 16 Jan., 1783, unm.; 3. John pRENDEaoAST, 
.Itt viaeount Gorii 3. Charles LennoXy d, ; 4. Juliana^ m. 
.ThoBoaa Venker, of Roxborough, oo. Limerick, esq., 
(dflnended from a £unily of the name of Vereker or Verreycker, 
m BnlMnt,) and d, 13 July, 181 1, leaving issue ; 1. Chables, 
praient and 2d yiacount Gort ; 2. John, m. Elizabeth, da. of 
OaoKgo Black; 3. Elizabeth, m. Henry ]>*£sterre, of Castle 
Henry, oo. Clare ; 4. Maria, m. Arthur Ormsby, of Bally, 
gnnaii, co. Limerick, esq. ; 6, Harriett, m. Ralpn Westropp, 
•f Attyfyn, 00. Limerick, esq. ; 6. Julia, m. Frederick Lloyd, 
•f Graiina, oo. Tipperary, esq. 

JoHV Pbxkderoaiit Smyth, Ist viscount Gort, a 
^snemor of the oo. Galway, and chamberlain of Limerick, 6. 
la 17^ ic p i e som ted the city of Limeridc in parliament, 
ed baron JTt/torton, 16 May, 1810, with remainder to his 
r, the right hon. Charles Vereker, present viscount, 
ftutlnr advanced, 22 Jan., 1816, to the dignity of via- 
G^ri^ with the same limitation. His lordship d, unnu^ 
9 May, 1817, aged 76, and was succeeded, agreeable to the 
&aita»oa of the patent, by his nephew, 

Charles Vereker, second and present viscount. 

Heir^ppareni — ^The Hok. John Prekderoast Vs. 
RIKXR, ddett son of the viscount. 

CfwaHont — Baron Kiltarton, 16 May, 1810 ; viscount 
Gort, 22 Jan., 181& 

Motto— 'Vincit veritiu — Truth conquers. 
Phite 80. 

Maine, Baron Castlemaine, of Moydrum, co. Westmeath, 
Privy Councillor in Ireland, Constable of the Castle, Forts, 
and a Governor co. Westmeath ; bom 28 Aug., 1761 ; 
married, 20 March, 1782, Florinda de la Poer Trench, eldest 
daughter of William, 1st Earl of Clancarty, by Aime 
Gardiner, sister of Luke, Viscount Mouutjoy. 

WiLLiAJC Haxdcock, of Twyford, co. Westmeath, esq., 
(desce n ded from a family of considerable antiquity in the co. 
of Lancaster,) was elected, 1661, kiit. of the shire co. Wesu 
meath, in the 1st parliament after the rcstoraliun of Charles 



II., and appointed one of tlie councQ of Comungliti tolditf % 
matt IS Feb., 1980, of a patent, erecting Us eBtstHT'ln 
Westmeath into a manor, by the name of the manor of Twy- 
faed^ with ample privUeges; m., 26 Jnly, 1068, Abigail Stan- 
ley, slater of sir Thomas Stanley, knt., and had issoe, 1. 
THOMAS, who succeeded; 2. sir WUKam Handi^odc, Imt^ 
recorder of DaUin, M.P., ftir Aihione 1692, h. 10 Sept^ 
1066, fN., 81 May, 1686, EUsabisth, da. of Niohohs Ood«Sig. 
Ion, esq., d* Sept. 1701; S. Hiehael; 4. Sftepkmy dmn of 
Clanmacnois. b, 8 Sept., 1667; attidnted, 1689, by fc jng 
James's parliament, but restored on the aobeision of williBm 
and Mary. He was father ofGnstsmsHandeodc, of Waters-