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The Decendants or|929.2 


Isrom and Mary Hutcnmgs 

Compiled by 

Esq. Wm. H. Hutchings 

Dolson Township, Clark Coanty, Illinois 

P. 0. Address Martinsville, 111., r r 4 

Herald Print, Mar«han. lU.. December 2. 1907 

Allen County Public Library 
900 Webster Street 
PO Box 2270 ^ 

Fort Wayne, IN 46801-2270 

and their descendants 


John Hatchings was a native of Virginia and ha married 
Mary Loid. To this union were born 4 children, Lena, Polly, 
Sally and Stephen. The firi-t wife died and he married 
Miss Davis. To this union were born 7 children as follows, 
Frank, Esrom, Nellie, Margaret, John, Joseph and Aquilla. 
Some time in the latter part of the year of 1812, the family 
started down the Ohio River, and on the journey, the father 
was taken sick and died and was buried at Utica, Indiana, 
a few miles up the river from Louisville, Kentucky. 

I, Wiliam H. Hutchings, the 9th child, of Esrom and Mary 
Hutchings, will try and give as correct a statement as can 
be gathered from the records and otherwise, of the dates of 
birth, death, marriages and names of alll the descendants 
of Esrom and Mary Hutchings. 

Esrom Hutchings was born February 10, 1792, and died 
February 16, 1866. Some time in 1816, he married Mary 
Fifer, who was born May 15, 1797, and died December 20, 
1865. To this union were born 11 children as follows, 
George, Malinda, Nancy, Stephen, Lee, Elizabeth, Emily, 
Sarah Ann, William Harrison, Martha Jane and Mary 
Catherine. George was born January 9, 1817. and died 
April 16, 1858. On February 7, 1839, he m:irrie<l Sarah 
Miller, who was born November 11, 1S21. To this union 
were born 4 children. William Martin, Thomas, Catherine 
and Lucinda Jane. William M. was born June 14, 1844, 
and died April 19, 1879. On May 24, 1868, he married Nancy 
Claypool who was born May 15, 1850. To this union were 
born four children, John Wesle/, Martin, Eiiza and Julia. 
John Wesley wa.s born March 6, 1869. On November 24. 
1889, he married Lizzie Murphy, who was born Setemoer 14, 
1873. To this union were born 2 children as follows, Grace 

Ladosca was born June 1, 1892, and Christian Victor was 
born August 6, 1895. Martin was born October 20, 1812. 
On December 26, 1897, he married Iva Housman, who was 
born December 2, 1873. To this union were born 3 children, 
William Hobert was born July 10, 1900. Ruth Irene was 
born October 25, 1901. Forest Riley was born August 11, 
1903. Eliza was born October 22, 1870. On January 31, 
1889, she married Robert Meloy, who was born June 4, 
1867. To this union one child William Arthur was born 
August 28, 1889. Julia was born October 26, 1876. On 
Februry 14, 1894, she married Charles F. Meloy, who was 
born November 6, 1873. To this union were born 2 children, 
Lura Mable was born May 22, 1896, and Fern Ellis was 
born December 13, 1899. Thomas was born September 18. 
1841, and died January 5. 1843. Catherine was born Octo- 
ber 19, 1847, and died August 13. 1900. She married Hamil- 
ton Rowe. To this union^were born 8 children as follows, 
Emma Jane was born Sitebmer 9, 1S63, and died January 
23. She married Joshua Montgomery, December 27, 
1887. To this union were b:)rn 3 children, Don, Clay and 
Pearl. Pearl is dead. Not got dates of birth or d^ath. 
The names of the remainder of the Rowe chidren are Ella, 
Mae, Frank, Lafayette, Maude, Neosha and Halleck. They 
are all dead except Maude. Can't get dates of birth or 
death, Lucinda Jane was born May 27, 1852, and died Feb- 
ruary 27, 1886. On September 29, 1872. she married Tarlton 
A. Hughes, who was born March 14, 1849. To this union 
were born 7 children as follows, Cora Anna Bell, was born 
June 22, 1873, and died August 25. 1897. She married 
Charles P. Kester. To this union was born 2 children, 
Mable was born October 23, 1892, Ernest was born October 
19, 1893, and died January 11, 1897. George A. Hughes was 
born January 5, 1875. Jacob E. was born October 15, 1876. 
On December 28. 1903. he married Alice Jones, who was 
born April 3, 1878. To this union were born 2 children. Ray 
A'as born September 29, 1904, Mabel was born March 13, 
1906. Blan Wesley Hughes was born Febuary 2, 1879. 
Christopher D. was born September 29. 1880. Clarence H. 
was b )rn September 9, 1884. On March 2, 1907, he married 
Clara Hornbrook, who was born May 11, 1889. 

Malinda, 2nd child of Esrom and Mary Hatchings, was 
born June 15, 1819, and died October 7, 1895. Sonfie time 
in the year 1837, she married Samuel Applegate, who was 
born June 11, 1812. and died August 19, 1891. To this union 
was born 10 children, Stephen, Esrom, Amanda, Mary, 
Sarah, Infant, Hannah, Martha, Eliza, Aquilla. Stephen 
was born September 20, 1838. On September 5, 1867, he 
married Mary Jane Nicholson, who was born June 2, 1841. 
No children from this union. Esrom was born sometime in 
the year of 1840 and lived about one year. Amanda was 
born November 30, 1842. On March 29, 1885, she married 
Frank M. Taylor, who was born July 25, 1846. To this union 
were born 7 children. Samuel, Ellis. Charles Edward, Homer 
Elmer, Sarah Elizabeth, Eliza Ellen, Robert Elbrage and 
Martha Eva. Samuel Ellis was born January 20, 1867. 
On March 29, 1900, he married (don't know her name.) 
To this union one child Mabel was born March 30, 1902. 
Charles Edv^ard was born Januray 16, 1869. Homer Elmer 
was born December 26, 1870, and was killed on the railroad, 
at Clinton, Iowa. August 5, 1894. Sarah Elizabeth was born 
August 20, 1875. She married Enoch Baker, August 20, 
1892. To this union were born 4 children, Scott, Arthur, 
Glen H., Everett and Viola Gene, (not got dates of birth.) 
Eliza Ellen was born October 6, 1877. She married David 
Cook, November 10, 1895. To this union were born 4 chil- 
dren, Oera A. and Charles W. are living, two died in in- 
fancy. Robert Elbrage, was born November 10, 1879. He 
married Nettie Baker, December 12, 1901. To this union 
one child. Dale Whitney was born. May 1904. Martha Eva 
was born March 31, 1882, and married S. N. Kirkpatrick 
January 23, 1899. To this union was born one child. Lloyd. 
The 4th child, Mary, was born January 7, 1845. On April 
13, 1884, she married John P. Heath, who was born July 
21, 1845. No children to this union. The 5th child, Sarah, 
was born March 14, 1848. Sometime in the fall of 1873, 
she married William Crouse, who was born May 7, 1848, 
and died September 23, 1883. To this union was born 5 
children, Lucy, Thomas Ora, Rosa Bell, Emma and William 
Henry. Lucy was born July 11, 1874, and died July 4, 1885. 
Thomas Ora was born April 23, 1876, and married Miss 

— November 6, 1898. To this union were born 2 chil- 
dren, Irene May was born September 20, 1899. Samuel 
Eugene was born March 8, 1904. Rosa Bell was born 
December 17, 1878, and married Mr. Forbis, May 1901. To 
this union was born 2 children, Rosella Grace, was born 
October 9, 1902. Retta Ceola was b^rn October 29. 1904. 
Emma was born July 12, 1881. She ma»'ried Evan Reese, 
January 28, 1906. William Henry was born October 10, 
1883. Sarah's second marriage was with Arthur Truman, 
January 19, 1888. To this union was born 2 children, Joseph 
R. was born November 18, 1889. Ida Ruth was born No- 
vember 15, 1892. The 6th child, the infant rot named, 
born and died 1852. The 7th child. Hannah, was born 
July 23, 1852. and died January 13, 1870. The 8Lh child, 
Martha Applegate. was born July 1, 1855. On August 19. 
1879, she married William Smith. Shortly after their mar- 
riae, they moved to Montana. I cannot give a correct 
record of the family as to dates. To their union were born 
4 children, as follows, Edna, Jessie. Oilie and Ada. Edna 
is not married. Jessie married George A. Kenney, no chil- 
dren to this union. Ollie married Frank P. Lacox, they 
have 2 children, Olive Edith Francis, born November 28, 
1903. and Lillian Ruth, born Noveixber 27. 1905. Ada was 
born April 2C, 1882. On June 30, 1901, she married William 
Wesley Ilotop, they have 2 children. Wesley Carlyle Francis, 
born April 20, 1902, and Roy Alvin Perl, born December 1, 

1905. Mr. William Smith died several years ago. and a 
short time ago. Martha Smith (his widow) married Mr. 
Charles Houck. 

The 9th child, Eliza, was born January 5, 1S59, in Clark 
county, Illinois. On Setebmar 6. 1883, she married Joseph 
A. True, who was born April 28, 1859. and died July SO, 

1906. To this union were born 6 children. Louella. Orpha 
A.. Lavena, Samuel R.. Virgie V., and Joseph Leon. Lou- 
ella was born January 26. 1885. On October 5. 1903, she 
married Clarence L. Sears, who was born in New York, 
October 5, 1805. To this union, 1 child, Ruth, was born 
November 15, 1905. Orpha A., was born January 2. 1887. 
On February 4, 1905, she married James F. Greathouse, 

at Julesburg, who was born October 7. 1884. Lavena was 
born March 10. 1890. Samuel R. was born December 21, 
1891. Virgie V. was born December 10, 1893. Joseph Leon 
was born at Holyoke, Colorado, October 4. 1903. The lOlh 
child, Aquilla, was born July 16. 1861. On July 9, 1885. He 
married Hattie Elmira Brossman, who was born October 
12. 1865. To this union were born 10 children as follows, 
Sarah Elizabeth, was born September 17, 1885, and died 
March 27, 1901. Samuel Ellis was born October 4, 183?. 
Malinda Ellen was born November 23, 1839. Stephen 
Christopher was born January 28, 1892. Albert Henry was 
born July 1, 1894. Mary Jane was born October 27, 1895. 
Alice was born June 28. 1893; Mintie was born July 13, 
1900, and died January 20. 1901. Elmer was born January 
9, 1902. Willis Allen Wade was born May 1, 1904. 

Nancy, 3rd child of Esrom and Mary Hutching^, was 
born August 9, 18^1, and died January 15, 1887. On August 
2, 1838, she married Emanuel Miller, who was born Febru- 
ary 9, 1818. To this union was born 5 children, William 
Allen, Mary Ellen, Sarah Elizabeth, John Hamilton and 
Stephen Asberry. William Allen was born October 30, 1841, 
and was killed at the battle of Perryville, Ky., October 
8, 1862. On December 19, 1830, he married Eliza Harbolt- 
To this union, one child, George Emanuel, was born March 
19, 1862. On January 23, 1333, he married Sarah Emma- 
line Anderson, who was born March 13, 1855. To this union 
were born 6 children, Jessie Myrtle, Clara Elvina, Bertha 
Ellen, William Allen, Ola Catherine and Otho Clayton. 
Bessie Myrtle was born October 7, 1887. On September 
19, 1904, she married Clarence Kemper. Clara Elvina was 
born July 12, 189^ and married Charles E. Pinnell, October 
12, 1904. Bertha Ellen was born July 12. 1882. William 
Allen was born July 11, 1895. Ola Catherine wag born 
June 11, 1893. Otho Clayton was born July 12, 1902. 
Mary Ellen was born November 2, 1813, and died June 20, 
1866. On December 20. 1860, she married Isaac Claypooi 
who was born May 19, 1833. To this union was born 2 chil- 
dren, Emanuel and Nancy Elizabeth. Emanuel was born 
February 3, 1862. September 9, 1883 he married Julia 

Kelley, who was born October 19, 1861. To this union were 
born 2 children, Roy and Charley. Roy was born July 30, 
1886. Charley was born July 4, 1892. Nancy Elizabeth was 
born August 16, 1864. On April 19, 1882, she married Enos 
Miles Perisho, who was born September 18, 1^57. To this 
union were born 3 children, Anna Myrtle, Grace Luellen 
and Golda Edith. Anna Myrtle was born February 5, 1883. 
On March 26, 1904, she married Elmer Nay who was born 
July 21, 1880. To this union one child Enos Perisho Nay 
was born August 12, 1906. (The only child of the 6th gen- 
eration.) Grace Luellen was born July 21, 1889. Golda 
Edith was born August 3, 1892. Sarah Elizabeth was born 
September 23, 1846. On November 11, 1866, she married 
Isaac Claypool (former husband of her sister.) To this 
union was born 2 children, Mary and Anna. Mary was 
born September 11, 1869. On Decebmer 25, 1893, she 
married William Rector. To this union was 1 child, John, 
born September 24, 1894. Anna was born November 4, 
1872. On October 25, 1893, she married Roily Hanks. John 
Hamilton was born January 24, 1852, and married Sarah 
Lycan Oct. 5, 1876. To this union were born 3 children. 
Walter Arthur was born September 15, 1877. Milo Ralph 
was born November 20, 1880, and died April 4, 1889. Lola 
Mabel was born March 13, 1885, and died February i, 1893. 
Stephen Asberry was born November 26, 1854 and died 
November 3, 1586. 

Stephen, the 4th child of Esrom and Mary Hutchings, 
was born January 10, 1824, and died November 8, 1897. On 
January 22, 1846, he married Elizabeth Jemimah Conn, 
who was born February 21, 1824. To this union 1 child, 
Eliza /\nn was born February 10. 1847, and died May 8, 
1896. On November 1, 1866, she married William A. 
Combs, to this union were born 11 children as follows, Dora 
A. and Nora B. (twins), Clarence E., William W,, MiloC, 
Alma E., Lola M., Myrtle A., Claris E., Fayette and 
Floyd B. 

Dora A. was born January 28, 1868. On June 12, 1887, she 
married Ulysses P. Clapp, who was born April 14, 1865. 
To this union were born 6 children as follows, Clinton E. 

Was born Januan^ 13, 1889. Leslie was born October 3, 
1892, and died July 24, 1894. Hugh was born December 10, 
1895, and died October 21, 1898. Ruby Mildred was born 
July 9, 1898. Lloyd was born February 15, 1901, and died 
August 27, 1901. Kennith H. was born February 3, 1908. 
Nora B. Combs was born January 28, 1858. On September 
12, 1898, she married Syerry Claypool, who was born Feb- 
ruary 20, 1868. To this union were born 3 children as fol- 
lows. Ophir was born September 25, 1899. Lolita E. was 
born October 13, 1903, and died August 7, 1904. Osby D. 
was born October 20, 1905. Clarence Edward Combs was 
born July 25, 1886. On October 29, 1902, he married Grace 
Evaline Francis Jolley, who was born February 7, 1882. 
No children born to this union. William W. Combs was 
born February 6, 1873. On December 31, 1894, he married 
Elsie Clapp, who was born November 11, 1875. To this 
union were born 5 children as follows. Bernice was born 
March 5, 1896. Infant (not named) b'^rn September 28, 
1898, and died October >5, 1897. Bertha was born Septem- 
ber 1, 1898. Irene was born October 9, 1900. Pearl was 
born October 5, 1903. Johnie was born March 6, 1906. 
Milo C. Combs was born August 4, 1875^ On September 
27, 1899, he married Rosa Belle Lycan, who was born Feb- 
ruary 13, 1879. To this union was born 3 children as fol- 
lows. Royce B. was born August 14, 1900. Mark Twain 
was born November 28, 1901. Mary was born January 19, 
1904. Anna K. Combs was born September 19, 1878, and 
died November 12, 1881. Lola M. Combs was born March 
27, 1881. On December 27, 1899, she married Edward 
Stier, who w:s born February 20, 1879. To this union were 
born 2 children as follows, Vernet Royse was^born April 24, 
1900. Paul Edward was burn February 23, 1902. Myrtle 
A. Combs was born February 10, 1884. Claris E. Combs 
was born July 25, 1886. On August 18, 1904, she married 
Sperry Lefler, who was born in the year of 1883. No 
children to this union. Fayette Combs was born September 
18, 1889, and died December 3, 189L Floyd H. Combs was 
born October 14, 1892, and died July 23, 1895. 

Lee Hutchings, the 5th child of Esrom and Mary Hatch- 
ings, was born March 3, 1826. 

Elizabeth Hutchings, the 6th child of Esrom and Mary 
Hutchings was born August 30, 1828, and died May 
27,1886. She married Ellis O. Whiteman, who died Decem- 
ber 20, 1891. To this union was born one child, which died 
in infancy. 

Emily Hutchings, the 7th child of Esrom and Mary 
Hutchings, was born August 30, 1830, and died in early 

Sarah A. Hutchings, the 8th child of Esrom and Mary 
Hutchings was born August 8, 1833, and died October 25, 
1903. On September 9, 1851, she married James T. Turner, 
who was bom April 29, 1831, and died January 20, 1905. 
To this union were bom 6 children as folows, William Win- 
Held, Manervia Jane, Harriett Elizabeth, Emanuel, Viola 
Florence and Charles Wesley. William Winfield was born 
July 18, 1852. On July 29, 1885, he married Sarah M, 
Carlysle, who was born August 18, 1869. To this union were 
born 4 children as followss, Hylma D. was born August 
6, 1869. Robert C. was burn April 30, 1888. Harold was 
bom February 10, 1896. Louise was born April 25. 1898. 
Manervia Jane was born November 24, 1853, and died Sep- 
tember 18, 1854. Harriet Elizabeth was born May 7. 1857. 
On November 12, 1874, she married Sylvester Evens, who 
was born January 15, 1854, To this union were born 13 
children as follows, James Wesley, Charles Lemon, Sarah 
Ellen, Stephen Nathan, John Lyman, Ira Cyrus, Nora 
Retta, Daisy Dellia, Henry Birda, Clara Viola, Allie Anna, 
Ernest Franklin and an infant not named. James Wesley 
was born December 2G, 1875. On November 5, 1900, he 
nrarried Ora Murphey, who was born March 11, 1879. To 
this union were born 2 children as follows, Hortence was 
born November 10, 1901. Eolin was born February 15, 
1903. 2nd child, Charles Lemon, was born September 10, 
1877. On January 19. 19^5, he married Myrtle Wilmoth, 
who was born September 17, 1887. crd child, Sarah Ellen 
was born October 1, 1878, and died Ferbuary 2, 1895. 4lh 
child, Stephen Nathan, was born October 20, 1880. Cn 

September 7, 1905, he married Blanch Taylor, who was 
born February 13, 1886. 5th child John Lyman, was born 
November 7, 1886, and died September 13, 1887. The 6th 
child, Ira Cyris, was born December 6, 1882, and died Octo- 
ber 8, 1906, at Oakland, Illinois, from the effect of a gun 
shot wound. The 7lh child, Nora Retta, was born Sep- 
tember 7, 1884. On March 1, 1904, she married Samuel 
Dunevan, who was born October 28, 1878. To this union 
were born 2 children. Herly was born October 15, 1904. 
Lizzie Rebecca was born December 11, 1905. The 8th 
child, Daisy Dellia, was born February 5, 1888. She 
married Melvin Richey Feb. 5, '07, and died Sept. 13, '07. 
The 9th child, Birda, was born August 29, 1889, and died 
October 11, 1889. The 10th child, Clara Viola, was born 
October 25, 1890. The 11th child, Allie Anna, was born 
October 13, 1892, and died October 10, 1907. The 12th 
child, Ernest Franklin, was born September 1, 1894, and 
died October 16, 1894. The 13th child, infant not named, 
was bDrn July 25, 1897, and died July 30, 1897. Emanuel, 
4th child of Sarah A. Turner, was born September 24, 1858, 
and died January 22, 1876. Viola Florence, 5th child of 
Sarah A. Turner, was born May 20, 1860. On February 15, 
1877, she married Jacob S. Hughes, who died April 14, 
1879. To this ^union was born one child (not named) born 
June 30, 1879, and died July 15, 1879. On December 21, 
1882, (the widow) Florence Hughes married William J. 
Paul. To this union were born 5 children as follows, Cora 
Ethel, Rilla Eunice, Clarence Emel, Curtis Lee and Etta 
Irene. Cora Ethel was born October 6, 1883. On July 2, 
1900, she married John Garver. To this union was born 2 
children, Emel Lee was born June 12, 1901. Vern Jefferson 
were born January 19, 1903. Killa Eunice was born July 22, 
1886. On August 16, 1903, she married Jessie K. Osborne. 
To this union was born 2 children, Ita Gertrude was born 
Jan. 7, '06. Clarence Emel was born Feb. 8, '88, and died 
Aug. 11, '88. Curtis Lee was born April 18, '98. Etta Irene 
was born Jan. 9, '01. Chas. Wesley Turner, the 6th child, 
of Sarah A. Turner, was born Sept. 13, '62. May 14, '85, 
he married Lutitia Claypool, who was born April 3, *67. To 
this union were born 10 children as follows. Iva E. was born 

Feb. 19, '87. In January, '06, she married Chester E' 
Slepleton, who was born August 8, 1881. To this union 
was one child, born 1906. America I. was horn July 4, 
1888. On August 11, 1906, she married Hurley Johnson. 
Hershel, was born August 29, 1890. Charles C. was born 
February 1, 1893. Precilla L. was born April 4, 1894. 
Dillie C. was born January 6, 1896. William McKinley was 
born November 6, 1898. Emmos F. whs born April 5, 1900. 
Carrol V. was born July 15, '01. Quinter E. was born April 
11, '06. 

William Harrison Hutchings, the 9th child of Es- 
rom and Mary Hutchings. was born in Clark county, 
Indiana, June 22, 1836. Moved with his parents to Clark 
county. Illinois, November, 1856. On August 17, 1857, he 
married Mary Ann Hall of Jefferson county, Kentucky, 
who was born February 8, 1834, and died December 23, 

1904. To this union was born 7 chil Iren, as follows, Willis 
Esrom, John Wv.sley Benton, Palina Elizabeth, Virginia 
Bell, Sabina Ruth, Stephen, Ellis and Gaorge Christopher. 
Willis E=;rom was born June 4, 1858. Oa August 24, 1879, 
he married Louiza Maxwell, who was born July 20, 1858, 
and dieH July 23, 1903. To this union were born 4 children, 
as follows. William Franklin was born August 2, 1880. 
On April 10, 1907, he married Bertha May 2nnis. who was 
born December 31, 1886. Christopher Columbus and Clar- 
ence Esrom (twins) were born January 1, 1884. On Janu- 
ary 24, 1903, Clarence Esrom married Miss Emilie Themer, 
of Minnesota, who was born November 20, 1886. To this 
union was one child, Lawrence Esrom, born December 25, 
1906. On June 6, 1907, Christopher Columbus married 
Anna Christena Miller of Minnesota who was born March 7, 
1890. Mary Elizabeth was born July 21, 1887, on May 28, 

1905, she married Edward Flenner who was born No- 
vember 20, 1883. (Mary is the first grandchild of Wm. H. 
Hutchings to marry.) John Wesley Benton was born May 2, 
'61. On Dec. 20, '83, he married Nancy Ellen Kester, who 
was born July 25, 1864. To this union were born 8 chil- 
dren, Charles Arterburn was born September 26,^1884. On 
January 27, 1906. he married Ida Pearl Fitzjarraid, who 


was born November, 1335. To this union, one child, Hu- 
ert, born October 11, 1935. This is the first great-grand- 
child of Wm. H. Hatchings. Bertha Belle wss born August 
7, 1887. On September 16, 1906, she married Charley 
Fitzjarrald, who was born March 25, 1884. To this union, 
one child Irene Fitzjarrald was born August 7, 1907. This 
is the first great-granddaughter of Wm. H. Hutchings. 
Ray Olive was born February 23, 1889. Etta Francis was 
born April 2, 1891. Lola Ethel was born October 5, 1893, 
and died December 17, 1895. Harvey Harrison was born 
December 20, 1895, and died D:icember 3, 1896. John 
Mathias was born 03tober 3, 1)03. Rjssel Roosevelt was 
born October 18, 1902. Palina Elizabeth was born January 
30, 1864. On October 18, 1885, she married William F. 
Clapp, who was born March 1, 1857. To this union were 
born 3 children, as follows. Virgil Glen was born January 
30, 1887. Ernie Emel was born March 9, 1892. Homer Lee 
was born April 7, 1898. Virginia Bell was born December 
22, 1856, and died January 18, 1902. On December 22, 1886, 
she married John W. Mcllrath. To this union were born 
2 children. Jessie Francis was born October 16, 1887. 
Anna Pearl was born January 6, 1890, and died March 13, 
'91. Sabina Ruth was born May 31, '70. On Aug. 20, '93, 
she married Lyman Beabout, who was born September 16, 
'57. To this union were born 2 children. Beulah Irene 
was born April 12, '97. Sylva Kathleen was born October 
18, '05, (the" youngest grandchild.) Stephen Ellis was 
born December 12, '72. On November 1, '93, he married 
Amanda Jane Eester, who was born June 6, '76. To this 
union were born 9 children, as follows. Tille Alma was 
born February 19, '94. Elmer Otho was born August 19, 
'95. Dora Cecil was born [January 27, 1897. Beatres 
Ester was born November 5. 98. Edna Edith was born 
December 15, '00. Mattie Jane was born April 11, '02. 
Ollie Leo and Zollie Cleo (twins) were born February 26, 
'05. Grace Mildred was born Oct. 5, '07. George Chris- 
topher was born August 4, '75. On December 20, '99, he 
married Rachel Arminta Hanna, who was born November 
17, '83. To this union were born 4 children, as follows. 
Clara Arminta was born February 19, '01. Iven Roe was 

born June 22, '03. Roy Lester was born August 16, '05. 
Aaron Everett was born March 18, '07. 

Martha Jane Hatchings, the 10th child of Esrom and Mary 
Hatchings, was born Nov. 19, '33. On March 15. '55, she 
married Blan Wesley Hall, who was born June 27, '31, and 
died October 8, '07. No children to this union. 

Mary Catharine Hutchings the 11th child of Esrom and 
Mary Hutchings, was born March 13, '42, and died Sep- 
tember 6, '06. On October 13, '64, she married Daniel 
B. Heath, who was born May 23, '41, and died May 10, 
'81. To this union were born 7 children as follows, 
George, the first child was born July 13, '65, and died 
August 13, '65. Charles William, the 2nd c'.jild was born 
November 12, '65. On January 6, '00, he married Clara 
Gertrude Kelley, who was born January 6, '79. To this 
union were born 4 children as follows. Alberta Francis 
was born February 17, ,01, and died August 2, '02. Mary 
Catharine was born January 14, '03. Walter Edward was 
born June 14, '04. Arthur William was born July 8, '06, 
and died August 26, '06. Alice, the 3rd child was 
born May 25, '68. On May 25, '87, she married Harmon 
Kennelly, who was born April 28, '64. To this union were 
born 4 children as follows, Harmon C. was born April 2, 
'88, and died July 22, '88. lola A. was born December 
29, '91, and died May 2, '93. Clarence E. H. was born 
August 15, '95. Clara A. was born August 8, '02. John 
Emery, the 4th child was born January 6, '71. On Febru- 
ary 8, '92, he married Ella Wagner, who was born Sep- 
tember 28, '76. To this union were born 6 children, as fol- 
lows : John was born January 24, '93. Mabel was born 
August 9, '94, and died March 6, '01. Maude was born 
September 10, '96. Emma was born June 4, '98, and 
died March 12, '01. Alice was born September 27, '04. 
Clarence Edward, the 5th child, was born October 13, '72. 
On December 22, '04, he married Rose Cozine, who was 
born July 24, '83. To this union was 1 child, Alice 
Amelia, born November 27, '05. Minnie Daisy, the 6th 
child was born February 27, '75. On April 17, '95, she 
married Thomas Kelley who was born November 18, '71. 

To this union were born 4 children as follows. May Belle 
was born April 22, '93. Thomas Daniel was born Novem- 
ber 14, '97. Andy Mc. G. Palmer was bcrn August 30, 
'99. Julia Minnie was born June 11, '01. Annie Bell- 
7onia, the 7th child, was born January 18, *78, and died 
June 11, '80. 

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"oQ 9 .t: ^ '5 ,2 -r rt 
.« aj -^ o ."::: o .;^ o 
'.^ m b^ U^ ta b^ ^ Q 

George Hut chin gs i 4 iS 15 38 23 1 5 

Malinda Hutch ings 1 10 35 20 66 56 10 

Nancy Hutchings 1 5 7 13 1 27 22 5 

>^tephen Hutchings i i ro 21 33 24 9 

Lee Hutciiiiii^s i i i 

Elizabeth Hutchings.... 11 22 

Emily Hutchings i 1 i 

wSarah A Hutchings i 6 33 lo 50 38 12 

Wm H. Hutcliings i 7 3: 4 43 3S 4 

Martha J. Hutchings i 11 

Mary C Hutchini^s i 7 iS 26 17 9 

Total II 41 152 S3 I 28S 220 67 

I, Wm. H. Hutchings, will give a few items of the past 
50 years. The last days of October 855, my father, 
mother, sister Mary and myself, started from Clark county, 
Indiana, and moved to Clark county, Illinois, (the balance 
of the children then residing in Illinois.) We came 
through in wagons and camped out at night. I drove one 
team part of the time and part of the time assisted my 
brother Stephen drive the catlle. The other teams were 
driven by Ellis O. Whiteman and wife, Blan W. Hall and 
wife, Samuel Applegate and Emanuel Miller. Henry G. 
Hall and Sarah Kester came with us in a buggy. We ar- 
rived at the end of our journey the first Sunday in November. 
We went to keeping house in little one room one story log 
hut, with dirt jams and back wall and clay stick chimney. 
My father soon had a good house built. I. James Ganer, 

and Samuel Phillips doing the work. After building the 
house, 1 and Garner built him a good barn, I and my 
sister, Martha J. Hall, received some money from the 
estate of our grandmother and we purchased of Andrew 
Gray, 160 acres of land, paying him sixteen hundred dollars. 
I borrowed $100 to complete payment. August, 1857, I went 
to Jefferson county, Kentucky. The 17th of said month I 
and Mary A. Hall were married. In a few days thereafter 
we came to Illinois. I rented a house the first year. The 
next year 1 and my sister divided our land , she getting the 
west 80 with all the improvements, I getting the east 80 
with no impovements and all timber and brush. The next 
thing to dj was to build a more stylish house than any of 
the brothers or sisters did when they first settled here. 
My house was 16x18, 1^ story, with plates and rafters, dirt 
jams, dirt and stick chimney. I and Henry Grouse scored 
and Nimrod Walls hewed the logs in one day. I hauled po- 
tatoes to Terre Haute and sold them and bought lumber for 
the doors and door and window frames and made them, I 
got the house about finished, had but three plank in center 
of the upper floor, not able to get any more. We concluded 
the house good enough to winter in. i yoked up Logan and 
Berry and hitched them to the wagon and Mollie and I load- 
ed the wagon and moved in our new home. While we were 
unloading we happened to look out in the brush and about 
fifty yards off was a big buck standing looking at us, but 
we had no gun and we didn't get the buck. John Bennett, 
the school teacher, boarded with us the first winter. We 
owned one horse and a yoke of oxen. Sometimes Mollie and 
I would walk to church and other times she would ride the 
horse and carry ihe baby and I would walk. I taught school 
the first winter after we were married, at $25 per month. 
I taught the first school in the new house. The old house 
was a little round-log shanty, but the new house was a great 
deal more stylish, I think it was 18x22 feet, with good clap- 
board roof. There were two 12-light windows in each side 
of the house. The windows were put in lengthwise instead 
of perpendicular; the writing desks were made by boring 
holes in the walls and driving wood pins therein and nailing 
plank thereon ; the seats were made of split logs with two 

holes in each end and wood legs put in. What would the 
teachers and pupils of today think of such grand accommo- 
dations? I had 61 pnpiis on roll and they were divided into 
about 30 classes ; the arithmetic scholars would read two les- 
sons each day and nearly all of them had a different book. 
The other scholars would recite four lessons each day. We 
didn't know anything about blackboards at that time. 
George E Allhands, Thomas A. Nicholson, Jamps J. Nicholsoni 
John W. Nicholson, Lucinda E. Nicholson, Eliza A. Hutchings, Geo. 
A. Osborne, Sarih E. Osborne. Nancy 0. Osborne, Willlara G, Walls, 
Andrew I Walls, Daniel A Giimes. Almaretta V. Coons, Elicabeth 
Coons. John W. Coons, rank A. Nicholson, Sarah A. Nicholson, Mary 
AppelgHte. Stephen Appelate. Amanda Appellate, James L. Nicliol- 
son, John Workman, Stephen S. Grimes. Robt. H. Nicholson, Julia E. 
Nicholson, Hiram Cox. Emanuel W. ( lapp, William H. ('lapp, Eliza J. 
Clapp, James E. Taylor, Mary C. Coons. Harriet I. Taylor, Jolin L. 
Murray, Peletr Ke nedy, Thomas I. Coons. Sinderrilla J. Taylor, Joh i 
E. Allhands. Mary E. Bartmess, Nancy M, Shobe, Henry S. Shobe, John 
W. Shob'^ Joseph L. Nicholson, Marrietta Osborn, F. M. Bartmess, 
Geo. W. Birtmess. Wm A. Comics, ' has. H. Fltzjanald, Eliza Murray 
HanuHh I. Osborne, Mary E. Fitzjarrald. Lucinda J, Fitzjairald, 
Francii A. Combs. Sarah A. Murray, Nancy Murray, John Gray and 
Rachel Gray. 

About those times ('57 and '58) new beginners had to 
hustle to make a living. Booth & Greenough were running 
a store in Marshall; they would sell dry goods and groceries 
to the people on time, and Christmas was a day of settle- 
ment. Persons not able to pay their store bill gave notes. 
The first Christmas after we traded with them I went to 
town to settle; I paid about half of the account and gave 
my note for the remainder. Times under the present ad- 
ministration are some better than they were then. The next 
spring after we moved to our new house I hired Henry 
Grouse to work a few months to help me grub, make rails 
and get some ground prepared for cultivation. I paid him 
sixteen dollars per month. Ten or twelve dollars per month 
was the common price for farm hands at that time. The 
next spring he boarded v/ith us asid was with us about three 
years (except a part of the winters) and cultivated a farm 
joining mine. After the crop was cultivated he worked for 
me to pay his board bill. I charged him six cents per meal. 
At this writing (1907) board is somewhat higher. 

Sept. 17, 1860, I and James M. Garner commenced building 
a big two-story house for Samuel Appelgate, We went to 
the woods and scored and hewed the sills, corner posts and 

plates, sawed the timber and made the shingles. The lum- 
ber was ail hauled to the place of building, not one foot of 
it seasoned or dressed. We made a kiln, seasoned the lum- 
ber and went to work on it. We finished framing the house 
Oct. 31, then v.'e commenced making the shingles ; we raised 
the house Nov. 19: we dressed all the lumber, made the 
door frames, doors and window sash. 

We finished the house early in the spring, and each re- 
ceived $1.25 per day for the work. I resided about one and 
three-quarter miles from my work and I would start from 
home in time to get to work by daylight, and would work 
until nearly dark, t'litn eat supper and start home. I had 
to come through a half mile of very thick timber and brush, 
and some nights it was very dark, but I never saw any 

Our house at that time was nearly surrounded by timber 
and rather a lonesome place for a woman with a child just 
a little over two years old, to stay after dark. She was a 
pretty good singer and many times I would hear her singing 
before I would get near home. Of nice nights she would be 
sitting in the yard waiting to meet me. We had to work 
those times to make a little money to supply our wants, but 
you may bet your dear life that we enjoyed ourselves ana 
lived a very happy life. 

I was in the Civil War nearly one year ; was with Sherman 
on the march to the sea ; went from Savannah, Georgia, to 
Beaufort, South Carolina, on a coaster, and marched from 
there to Washington, D. C, where we witnessed the Grand 
Review. We ware then transferred to Springfield and dis- 
charged We received $16 per month for services rendered 
and if we wanted a gold dollar we paid $2.80 in greenbacks 
to get it. And yet there are persons who say that the gov- 
ernment paid the soldiers and that they should not draw 
pensions. I would very much like to know the amount those 
pel sons would demand to go out and be shot at, even one 

I was elected justice of the peace in April, '74, and again 
in April, '78; was a candidate in '82 but was defeated; was 
elected again in '86 and served four years. Was appointed 
notary public in April, '82, and continue to hold said ofHce. 

Was appointed school treasurer in October, '77, and yet 
hold said office. Have paid 201 different school teachers. 
Total amount paid, $63,217.30.