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Denton Family 


FOLKESTONE, ana .-. 

Reprinted from "Yorkshire Notes and Queries," August, 1908, Bradford, 

Yorkshire, England. 

(Beverley, London, Folkestone, and Chicago). 


" Some be'ieve that the family of Donton 
oame into Britaiin with the Romane ; first, 
because it is a Roman name, as appears in two 
cpigrama in Martial ' In Dontone;n ;' secondly, 
from Julius Dentatua. a consul in Rom'P, who. 
niter his consulship, camo into England witn 
Julius Ag^ricola, and built a tower iiipon the 
Pict's ■vva'.J, and called it Denton, supposed to 
bo, and whicJi, in ali probabjlicy, )nay be that 
old tower at Danton Hall ('Oumboriandshiire) 
'vliich stands very nigh that old wall, and thcio 
never was any other kno\vn of that name. Tho 
first inhabitant we read of here was one Bu'Oth. 
:•' ^" era jOiTis ilK-rL.''.--' 

" Others believe Denton to be a Saxon family, 
because of the termination of the word in 
'on.'" (Cf. Burke's ' Land'3d Gentry,' far 
185C, vol ii., Supplement, pp. 100-101 ; Loiidcn. 

Concerning- tho ancient hiistory of the family 
oif Denton, we shall, for tho present, rest con- 
tent with the quotation of the forej^oing 
remarks on the origin of that surname. Tho 
noios following relate chiefly to a branch ji 
the family formerly residing at Beverley, in 
Yorkshire, and to which belonged, it appears, 
one William (?) Denton, who flourished circa 
180G-1S25. Pie became a Government contractoi- 
and, according ro tradition, erected several 
fortifioations along the Britisih coast ^1). His 
kinsman, John Denton No. 1, was born in York- 
shire, circa, 1791, and died in South Norrt^od, ' 
Loiidon, circa 13'J7-8, aged about 76 vea-s (2) • 
having married Mary Wad'dingham ;3). 27 May, 
1819 (in Ilotham Chu.-ch, i>ari5h of St. Oswad'.s, 
Hofcham, Y''crkstiiro), by whom h^ l^ad issue, 
as follows :—Wdliam, born 28 March, 1820; 
John, born 6 April, 1322; &;unuel, oorn circu, 
1834 ; Jo&eph. 

William Denton (eldest surviving child of 
John Denton, No. 1, and Mary his wife) was 
born in Beverley, YcHcshire, 28 Maich, 1820 
(4), and was bapti&ed on the following day m 
the United Parish?'! of St. Mary and St. 
Nicholas, of the same p'lace ['5). His parents 
then resided at Lair Gate, Beverley. He 
removed to London, engaged in the building 
biifciness, and subsequently took uip his rcsiidence 
at Folkestone, in Kent, where he cortnued in 
the same ocouipation until he retired shortly 
before his decease at Folkestone, 20 July, 1905. 
He was thrke married but died without issue 
•'•!■■'-■ dow, Mr*. Harr • 

I )<:ii •.;•!, ,-cd U- ' ■ 

^.oiatLery at Jb'olkestone a handsome monument 
to his memory. His will, dated 13 .->.ugust, 
19C4, was proved at Londou, 6 September, 1905. 

John Denton No. 2 (second surviving child 
of John Denton No. 1, and Mary his -vife) was 
borin in Beverley, 6 April, 1822 (4). and was 
baptised on the 12th of the same month, in the 
United Parishes of St. John and St. Martin, 
in Beverley (3). His parents' abode at ihat 
time is given as " Keld Gate" (3). He 
settlcjd in London and became a, partner of his 
elder brother, WiUiam, in the buildinig busi- 
ness During the latter part of the year 1870 
he removed to the city of Chicago, U.S , where 
he died intestate, ■'3th March, 1904. His 
remains were interred by those of his second 
wife, in Oakwoods Cemetery, Ohioago. 
He married first, circa 1846, in Yorkshire, Mary 
Ihwv/ton (who died circa 1857, a,t No. 31, Mar- 
^rgaretta Terrace, Chelsea, London), and by that 
marriage had surviving issue, as follows:— 
Robert Watson, born 8 August, 1847; John, 
born 8 August, 1849; Joseph, born 28 October, 

John Denton No. 2 married, eecondly, at 
Chelsea, 3rd May, 1859 (3), his own cousin, 


Elizabeth Waddingham (daughter of Joseph and 
Elizabeth Waddingham ; born at Hotham, 
Yorkshire, 7 March, 1835; baptised 19 March, 
1835 ; died in Chicago, 24 March, 1900), and by 
that second marriage had ag surviving issue 
one only child, to wit:— Ada Florence, born 8 
February, 1870. 

Samuel Denten (third surviving child of Jolm 
Denton No. 1, and Mary, his wife), was born 
circa 1834; married Sophia. . . . ,and died 
25 August, 1877, aged' forty-three years, with- 
out issue. As there is no record of his will at 
Somerset House, London, it appears that he 
died intestate. He was for some years manager 
for the firm of Merry and Nutter, in White 
Chapel, Loudon. 

Joseph Denton (fourth surviving cliild of John 
Denton No. 1, and Mary, his wife), married, 
and now (1908) resides in Folkestone, Kent, 

without issue. 

Robert Wateon Denton, builder, of FJolke- 
stonc, Kent (oldest surviving child of John 
Denton No. 2, and Mary, his first wife) was 
boKK- ill-Yorkshire, 8 August, 1847; married and 
h;!>; ir..f«c. 

The eight ohildrea last named now (1908) 
reside with their parents at No. 3564, Cottage 
Grove Avonue, Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 

Josep.h Denton (third surviving child oi John 
Denton No. 2, and Mary hie first wife) was 
bom at No. 31, Margaretta Terrace, Chelsea, 
London, 28th October, 1853; married 14 
Deeember, 1880, May O. Willson; no issue. 
Residence: No. 3564, Cottage Grove Avenue, 
Chicago, Illinois, U-S'. 

Ada Florence Denton (only survivinig child of 
John Denton No. 2 by Elizabeth, his second 
wife) was born at No. 1. Maitland VillaB, 
Canning Road, Croydon, London, 8 February, 
1870 (3) ; married at Chicago, 2 September, 1895, 
Eugene Fairfield McPike (son of Hon. Henry 
Guest McPike and Nannie Louise Lyon, his 
second wife) (5) ; now resides at No. 290, East 
Forty -second Street, Chicago, U.S., and has 
issue : — 

Elizabeth McPiku, born at Chicago, 11 June, 

Helen McPike, b. ibid., 19 October, 1905. 

Thirza Agues Denton (eldest daughter of 
John Denton No. ?> nn.r! T^^,« !-■- C--L ',vife) wa« 
;.. , :■ ' ■ ■ ■■■■■•. lii^'' 

surviving child of John Denton No. 2 and Mary 
his first wife) was born at Market Weighton in 
Yorkshire, 8 August, 1849 (3). He removed to 
America, circa 1871, his present residence being 
at No. 3564, Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, 
Illinois. He married, first at Burlington, Iowa, 
Jane Wright (born in Cambridge, England, 
6 July, 1849; died in Hobart, Indiana, U.S., 25 
March, 1876) and by her had issue— Thirza 
Agnes, born in Burlington, Iowa, 29 Septem- 
ber, 1871 ; Edmund James, born in Hobart, 
Indiana, 7 August, 1874. 

John Denton No. 3 married, secondly, in 

Chicago, 7 March, 1881, Emma — (born 6 

February, 1855), and by this second marriage 
has issue as follows : — Olive Edna, born in 
Chicago 12 March, 1882; Esther Emma, b. 
ibid., 11 October, 1883; Bessie Ada, b. ibid., 6 
September, 1835; Valentina Jennie, b. ibid., 
14 February, 1888; Robert Joseph, b. ibid., 6 
February, 1890; John Edgar, b. ibid., 16 
January, 1892; Ruth Helen, b. ibid., 14 Sep- 
tember, 1863; Mary Elizabeth, b. ibid., 27 
August, 1895. 

Ebenezer Read, who died 4 February. 1902, 
without issue. The latter's widow married, 
secondly, Henry Chapman Perdue, 22 April, 
1904, a.iid has issue : — 

James Denton Perdue, born 25 January, 1907. 

Edmund James Denton (eldest son of John 
Denton No. 3, gnd Jane hie first wife) was 
born at Hobart, Indiana, 7 August, 1874; 

married, 2 June. 1893, Mrs. Siisie , born 

Jackson, and has issue : — 

Eleanor Elizabeth, born 13 November, 1905. 


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Vol. v., page 209, et passim. 

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Record " (U.S.), Vol. xxix., page 240. 

(3) Certified extract from official records. 

(4) Manuscript letter from the late Mr. William 
Denton, dated at Folkestone, lOtli April, 1904. 

(5) The ' Old North-west ' Genealogical Quarterly 
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and Magazine of History (New York), Vol vii., p. 
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230, East Forty-scccnd Street, 
Chicago, lllin<'is, U.S.A. 



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