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Dear Class of 1986, 

It is always a great honor and pleasure to have the 
opportunity to greet the graduating class and wish them 
Godspeed. Many long years of college and dental school are 
drawing to a close and it is hard to believe that so much has 
happened in that time. Each of you has grown in those years 
into a health care professional entrusted with the life and 
welfare of your fellow men and women. That is an enormous 
privilege and responsibility but you will handle it well because 
you have been fully prepared. 

Professionally you have taken just the first step. You still 
must attend to your continued education on a regular basis 
so that you will advance and grow. Dentistry is not static. 
Indeed it is changing with such rapidity that you will need to 
work at staying up to date right from the beginning. This need 
not involve expensive winter courses in Colorado or Florida. 
It does involve keeping in touch with your colleagues, 
attending local dental society meetings and at least one 
national meeting annually. It requires real participation in 
those meetings - not just registering and going off to see the 
local tourist attractions. 1 hope that you will also stay in touch 
with Loyola where the seeds of your professional success were 
sown and where there is still a vast repository of knowledge 
and skill available to you. 

Finally, you must look to your personal life, to your 
spouse, to your children, parents and friends. You have 
probably neglected them somewhat these last few years. You 
must make them a full part of your life and become a part of 
theirs. We all know that professional success matters little if 
you lost out personally. All the people in your life are important 
but above all your family and your patients. Treat them with 
care and consideration and you will be a success. 

I wish you joy in your work, peace in your heart and a few 
dollars at the end of the day. May the road rise with you and 
the wind be always at your back. S. M. D. 


/-\\t(*^. I Jffl^^7 

Aidan P. Stephens 

Table of Contents 

Loyola's V.I.P.'s 4 

Staff 6 

M.B.'s Sketch 9 

Fixed Prosthodontics 10 

Endodontics 12 

Periodontics 13 

Operative Dentistry 14 

Removable Prosthodontics 16 

Radiology 18 

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 19 

Oral Diagnosis 20 

D.A.U./Prev. Dent. & Comm. Health 21 

Pediatric Dentistry 22 

Biochemistry/ Microbiology 23 

Anatomy/Histology 24 

Dental Materials/Orthodontics 25 

Pharmacology/ Pathology 26 

Yearbook Staff 27 

General Pictures 28 

Class Composite 1982 34 

Seniors 36 

r^rfXr^rTrfrrfh f$r?fi|R) ft 




« "_*- 

Loyola University V.I.P.'s 

Father Raymond Baumhart, S.J., President 

Rev. James Maguire, S.J., 
Chancellor Emeritus 

Richard Matre, PH.D., Provost 

Rev. John Reinke, S.J., Chancellor 

James Whitehead, Dean of Students, MCC 

Michael Lambesis, Asst. Dean of Students, MCC 

Loyola University V.I.P.'s 

Dr. James J. Koelbl, Asst. Dean for Admissions 


Dr. Rolley C. Bateman, Director of Clinics 

Dr. Jerry 1. Hoffman, Assoc. Dean for Clinical Affairs 

Dr. Marie C. Jacobs, Associate Dean 

Fr. Gerald Grace, S.J., Chaplain 


Mrs. Shirley Hanko 

Joyce Casey, Joyce Qelardi 

Judy Stewart 

Katherine Kachigian, Mary Hudnal, 
Judy Qacek 

Bobbi Schaff 

Margaurite Peterson 

Norene March, Barbara Callahan, 
Alice Lemark 


Lynda Heal, Donna Movarro 

Katrina McDonald, Elaine Boksa 

Ann Rose Pechal 

Paula Griffin 

Sue Qerdzunas & Dr. Harris 

Qina Gore, Patty Schoonover, Fannie Reed, Marge 

Mary Jane Karsted, Diane Mood 


William Hanko 

Terry Sistak 

Oreg Blanford, Matt Brysch, Mike Piiec 

Delores Michael, Caroline Lloyd 


Martin Land (Chrm.) 

Boleslaw Mazur, (right) 

Marge Inzinga 

Xavier Lepe 


James Petrie, (right) 

Irene Kyras 

Raymond Henneman 

Paul Dinga 

Aloysius Kleszynski 

Julie Dulski, Kathy Lawson 

Hanne Sweetman, (center) 


Charles rieach 

franklin Wein, Marshall Smulson 

Raymond Munaretto 

Steven Sieraski, 
Keith Suchy, (background) 

Thomas Sama 

Marshall Smulson (Chrm. 

Mary Ann Falcowski, Alan Klein, Linda Mick 

Gary Taylor, Dean Politis 

David Crane 

James Janik 




Donald Wiesman, frank Maggio 

Kathy Brandstatter, Jessie Pumell 

Alphonse Qargiulo Jr. 


Constantine Folitis 

Joseph Keene (Chrm. 

Daniel Smulson 

tt>*L, .3 

Susan Kudron 

Timothy Walsh 

Peter Roberson 

Menita Qarcia 

Steven Sega 1 1 


Phyllis Suchocky 

Robert Lowe, Peter Hasiakos, Spencer Pullos 

Adalbert Vlazny 

Cindy Jordan. Alfred Harris, (Chrm.) 

Julia Wecrtman, Judee Marshall-Locke, Paul Lazazzera, James Nelson, 
Peter Hasiakos 

14 Ted Chrobak, Tom Miller 



Melvin Liskowski 

Vickyann Chrobak, William Stoffel 

Kathy Leyshon 

Stanley Kantor 


\ / 1 

John Frasco 

iloysius Meszynski, Paul Lazazzera, Barry Qiovaninc. 

Marjorie Miller 


William Qroetsema 

Ralph Mitchner 

Gene Pinta, Nicholas Umano Sr., Nicholas 
Umano Jr. 



James Faradowski 

Norman Eskoz 

David Amedo 



> J2v 

William Groetsema 

Robert Mroz 

Reinhold Fischer 

Arthur Larson, Alan Plidetz 


Angel Panelli, Mary Suranic 

Roland Barnes 

Roy McNitt, Dikran Leblebijian, Angel Panelli 


Theodore Quiltz 

Chris Qattuso, JoAnn Favia, Loise 

Paul Kuo (Chrm.) 

Lynda Hime, Chris Mrugala, Don Kalant, Jo 
seph Karpinski, Ted Quiltz 

Gregory Stevens 


Dennis Cullen 

Sylvia Yancy 

Norman Wood (Chrm.), Mark 

Michael Burns, Carla Orland, Sol 

Nicholas Choukas 

Edward Abromaitis 


Diane Kozik, Ann Farej, Florence Myerson, 
Sue Woods. 

Linda Vemon, (background) 

Prev. Dent. & Comm. Health 

Kirk Hoerman, Edwin Qasior 

Carol Cemy 

Gerald Quine 


Lynn Williams-Kruyger, Edward Rothman, 
Debbie Qagara 

American Society of Dentistry for Children 

Anthony Morelli 

Roger Noonan 






Doug Janis 

Joseph Zakarija 

William McElroy (Chrm.) 


loannis Scarpa (Chrm.), Mary Ellen Druyan 


i i 

Orange Payne 

.•■ .1 ^^H .•-■Jillii 

James Hagen 

Andrew Chludzinski (Chrm.) Fixing His 


Joe Hettema, Rick Balcerak, Michael Kiely, Adam Roszel, Joseph 
Qowgiel (Chrm.) Qeraldine Qaik, Nicholas Brescia. 


Charles Siraki (Chrm.) 

Hal McReynolds, Chris Casten. Emily Mercer, Eugene Qrandel 


Richard Lang 

Lewis Klappcr (Ch 

James Coglianese 


si! I 

Leon Laub. Joseph Solek, James Sandrik 

James Sandrik (Chrm.) 

,\ V 


Louis Blanchet, Douglas Bowman, Donald Doemling (Chrm.) Priscilla Bourgault, Molly 

Valerie Plerirys 

Joseph George 

Ruta Spurgis 

Patrick Toto (Chrm.) 


Co-Editor-in-Chief Steven J. nicorata 

Co-Editor-in-Chief Robert J. Cabay 

Layout Editor Anthony T. Chiodo 

Copy Editor Kimberley M. Young 

STAFF: Chris Baboulas, Ted Baer, Marguerite Barbagallo, Richard Brej, Kenneth Coffey. Maria Faklaris, Kim Gandhi, 
Rebecca Hausten, Barbara Horowitz, James Javorski, Katherine Karalekas-Baboulas, Raffi Leblebijian, Suzanne 
Schneegas, Maria Simon, Vesna Spasojcevic-Sutter, Douglas Tardugno. 
SPECIAL THANKS to: Kathy Jambrosek, 
James Cockerill, 
Sandy Cello. 







/ f ■' 


Hemuon aktiqiM 

@Jn TfakA'f 

Jnk.SJQOU S\J.jia)l(ju\ 

/ / 


ft n 











H * J 

f) ft 






(*% C% C* (^ 

* I 

ft? W*k. ' T * 




Pi es 

i« n 




l J 

#u , 


■IP. IT.- ?A 














4A^ 4- *«»J 


m k 





I* i A 1 

^■^ 1^^ ^T> ^ 





© f> © o 


^ M ^ 

'"^ ! 

» - 













i M 



i r; 


Thomas J. Adams 

eiXui vd EHOpdou Tiiv Euvvuuoauvn iiou ot6 6e6, tii unxep 
kl oXouq ai'jTous nou ue PoriSrioav vd nrayuaxonoinaoj t6 
po uou vd yivu Yiaipor. I' 6A_a xd ' EAAnvonou-Va nou tx 
pouoLd ovELpa, 'EYndptta lour cuxouai hoSe ijiixuxia x 

One down, one more to go. 
" II 


Tom, shut up and get in the car. 

Dawn M. Arnashus 

Thanks to my family and 
friends for helping me through 
the past four years. These 
years have gone by very quick- 
ly and I have a lot of memories 
to look back on. 1 wish every- 
one the best of luck in the 


Chris J. Baboulas 

I would like to thank my 
mother for instilling confidence 
in me for this long haul. I would 
like to dedicate graduation to 
my father, for he was my guid- 
ing light of strength through- 
out my years of schooling, I 
would like to thank my darling 
wife, Kathy, for helping me 
through some hard times. To 
Tom and Paul, my two part- 
ners, through thick and thin, all 
I have to say to you two, is don't 
ever change, and who s buying 
lunch today? And to the rest of 
the Class of 86, good luck in 
your future endeavors and may 
god bless you all 

Ted M. Baer 

Thanks to my parents and fiancee 
for all their love and support. Also, to 
the Class of 86. for your humor, your 
friendship, and for making this experi- 
ence bearable, my heartfelt thanks. 
Ferry Como popularized a song, the 
first words being, "The bluest skies 
you've ever seen are in Seattle.'' I'm 
warning you, it's a lie!! 

Gary P. Balas 

1 would first like to thank my parents and the Weiss - all gave 
me confidence for this endeavor. Mostly, 1 must thank my wife, Mary 
Beth; through all hard times, you've been responsible for the happy 
times and are most important in my life. I love you all. 

Charles E. Balek 

JH j 




Marguerite A. Barbagallo 

Uho dovlN THfci'M The. UfiAlti. 

GM£ Fitter of WKr/mi 
"C'K cove ANi THE/H. re/lil 
T " r 'i *°^ A»b C£l/O7-0*> 

w £«fc" Stltne OF the TtfrAJ&i- 
TMT HCl3>£& cc7 M£ THUjOJ&H 

Tmv'ee run si>£p.,al wac 

UHO u>e££ Hiuea jao Hoc} 


Jeffrey P. Bernier 

The best way to cure many of the ills of a partial denture 
rosthesis is to anticipate the troubles which may be encountered 
nd to change the conditions so that these difficulties never 
appen. There is no way more sure of accomplishing this than by 
ne intelligent use of the surveying instrument. 



AMANDA 2 years old, "what a doll 
Jan. 5th, 1986 

Type 3 Canal 

Michael H. Beto 

My years at Loyola have been filled with many good times and, of 
course, some bad. Overall I enjoyed my tenure here, met many good 
friends, and worked with many good people in achieveing a quality dental 

I hope to keep in contact with these friends and promise to invite them 
to come out to my cattle ranch in Montana, the one I keep talking about, 
right P.P? 

The four years at Loyola required lots of time and effort, and without 
the support and understanding of my wife, Diane, may not have happened. 
Thus, I wish to acknowledge her contribution to my achieving a dental 
degree from Loyola. 

To everyone in the class of 1986, I wish the best of luck in their future 
endeavors and good health. 

Suzanne M. Bielinski 

James E. Bishop 

Before I entered dental school, I was told, "these will 
be the best four years of your life, so enjoy them" and 
"you'll look back at these four years and wish you could 
start over again." 

In reflection on this, I tried to find some brief instant 
when this advice proved true. I could not. I couldn't even 
come close. What I do remember are some great road 
trips. So I'll rephrase these words of wisdom I was told: 
"These will be the best four years of road trips of your 
life." That sounds better to me. Ask me about these 
pictures at our ten year reunion. 

nancy O. Block 

Kevin L. Boyd 

"I wish to live deliberately to front only the essential facts oflife. I wish to leam what 
life has to teach, and not, when I come to die, discover that I have not lived." 
H, D. Thoreau 

Richard P. Boyle 

Jeep told me to stay out of his room. 

Dream House 

To be successful you must stay abreast ... of 

Mothin' gonna make me move 

Richard J. Brej 


Thanks to my patients 

Thank you everyone! Kathleen, Mom, Dad, 
Roman, Kasey, Alex, Angie, Joann, Phylis and 
Donald Olsen, Dr. Marshall Smulson, Dr. C. Siraki, 
Dr. R. Suriano, Dr. Quine, Dr. Dan Smulson, and 
Fr. Grace. 

Special thanks once again to my lovely wife 

Richard J. Brenner 

)ining with my fiancee 

Will the real Rich Brenner, please stand up! 

Robert J. Brenner 

The original cabbage patch 
twins, (I'm on the right) 

Kentucky Derby '84 - 1 don t remember 
being there (just kidding) 

Daytona Beach - Spring break '85, Where 
is everybody? 

Robert J. Bronski 

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part III" 

You were all great. If I could, Id buy each and everyone of you a can of Prarie Belt sausage. 
But I can t, for they closed the Metro, the only supplier. I did buy a can for Sluggo, and he might 
show it to you • if you ask real nice. He won't show you the contents (no one has seen that), 
but he will show you the serving suggestion. 

I offer a list of words and phrases. If one or more makes you grin, then good. If they leave 
you with feelings of disinterest and digust, then I succeeded as well. Hang on, here we go: What 
you mean I smell like can of corn, Dave?; It's a Dorsey; Mr. Brown, all clear; Cho-locks, Bad food 
and their variations; The Turkey Story; power calves and the flyin' Hawaiian; Fat spin, fat toss, 
and party mix; Pantomim Princess Margaret (scleorderma at its best); El Ferol; The House of 
Italian Shoes; Doc and Joe Pelfrey s (If you've never been Pelfreyed, you ve never been here); 
Are we going with you - OR WHAT -; That was a blast - let's do it again; Mrs. Klein - you wore 
green so you could hide; Electric jello; He was found to be literally "stoneman "; Your sister is 
a common bile duct; Tanks for de nothin!!; Moreltnies (They can kill you); Are we having fun 
yet?; Two schools - left, right; Sedagives; The look of Henle; Piggy -I can't see you; Com is the 
indicator; Ted's parrot; Did we get pyuned - OR WHAT? 

I think that's enough - it does remind me of a story, though: One day 1 was sitting at home, 
threatening the kids and I looked out the hole in the wall and 1 saw this tank drive up and one 
of Dinsdale's boys gets out and comes up all nice and friendly like and says Dinsdale wants to 
have a talk with me. So he chains me to the back of the tank and takes me for a scrape round 
to Dinsdale's place. And Dinsdale s there in the conversation pit with Doug and Charles Paisley 
the babycrusher, and a couple of film producers, and a man they called Kierkegaard who just 
stay there biting the heads of whippets. And Dinsdale says to me. "Oh, you've been a naughty 
boy, Clement and he splits my nostrils open, and saws my leg off and pulls my liver out. I said, 
My name's not Clement and then he loses his temper and then he nails my head to the floor. 

Oh, one more thing before I finish. How many cleidocranial dysostoses can you fit in a 
Volkswagen? Let me know. "Bye. 

David Q. Burros 

I want to practice dentistry bach in 
Arizona, where the winters are warm, 
there is room for outdoor activities, 
and there is a thriving population of 
denture patients. 

Robert J. Cabay 

Thrilled about being a possible anterior 
bridge patient. 

Very late one night 

Is that my hair? 

Minlan C. Chang 

Anthony T. Chiodo 

(above) Iron block and tackle is provided by Phil Sevehla, Rocco Dragonetti. and Tonv Chiodo; 

<7- %v " f'JI 

Kirk H. Christensen 

1 really can't think of much to say 
that I haven't already said, and every- 
thing else speaks for itself. Doesn't it? 
Oh, I remember now! Despite all the 
contradiction, inconsistency, ' JAGS", 
and sleepness nights I really had a great 
time here. Anyone who pays this much 
and doesn't say that; has a far greater 
grasp on reality than I. I intended to 
reflect on past moments, but no. I have 
a few unanswered questions: 
1) If there's an axial wall and a pupal 

floor, then what's a pupal wall (re; 

Board Question)? 

2) Isn't the statement, If you file 
don't fill and if you fill don't file, 

3) How big is the "orifice'' on polysulfide tubes? 

4) Why hasn't anyone brought the stinky janitor in the men's locker 
room as an entry in the bad food parties? 

5) Why isn't my patient here yet? 

6) What does Gene, the Dancin' machine, have for wax anyway? Gene, 
get a clue. 

Thanx to the instructors who did more for me than just getting me 
through here. You are few and far between. Your encouragement, 
recommendations, and times spent listening to me is greatly appreciated. 
You know who you are. Thanx again. 

Special thanx to Mark Rappleye for teaching me everything I know 
about lab stuff. Thanx to my father who provides spiritual and financial 
backing. Thanx to Mom for the roof and refrigerator. Thanx to Mana. Kim, 
and Annette who only want the best for me. 

Good luck to everyone. 

Douglas W. Coffelt 

Even though the past four years have been enjoyable and full of wonderful experiences we 
ouldn't trade for anything. We have all paid a high price for our D.D.S. degrees. We can only 
3pe that we use them wisely enough to make them worth the trouble. 

Moe, Larry and Curley 

Kenneth W. Coffey 

In the past few years we have been put 
through what could only be described as a 
"learning experience ". riot all the memories 
I take from here will be noteworthy, but that's 
life. Most of the time I was surrounded by 
laughter, support and encouragement by 
family and friends; for that 1 am grateful. I 
would like to wish good luck to the Class of 

Michael L. Connolly 

Thanks to my family and friends for their love and support. 

Scott W. Corry 

I would like to thank the students, faculty and 
aff of Loyola University School of Dentistry for the 
>ur fun-filled years of wonderful experiences. Also, 
would like to thank my family back in the wonderful 
estem state of Utah for all of their support. But 
bove all, a special thanks to Jill and McCall who 
ept me going these past four years. 

By the Way, what is a JAG? 

Robert J. Covek 

1 would just like to put down a few 
words tojog some of my friends memories: 
spectors. cafe du monde, beers at half Vail, 
springing a drunk from jail. Comer pock- 
et", prairie fires, lost in Iowa City, feather, 
gun point in Chicago. Quarter Beers, Lem- 
on Tree, ice tea party, watermelon seed 
spitting contest. Fantastic Fowls. What is a 
sun roof really used for at the Derby? These 
words start me thinking of the good times 
at Loyola. Best of Luck to All. 
Bob Covek 


Elizabeth J. Covino 

'I'm speechless! 

Michael A. Cozzi 

Our past four years have been 
exciting and challenging but, as 
we all hope, worth every penny. 
Good times and laughter have 
helped us through the many 
exams and lab work. I'd like to 
thank Zl PSI PHI fraternity for the 
closeness and brotherhood that 
we've all shared. Go for it! 

Brian C. Cross 

We finally made it, and I don't believe we could have 
done it without each other. I must also thank two other 
people whom I love very much, without their encour- 
agment and support I never could have made it. Thanks, 
Mom and Dad. 

Wayne W. Crutcher 

Man's youth is a wonderful thing; 
It is so full of anguish and of magic 
and he never comes to know it as it is, 
until it has gone from him forever. 
Thomas Wolfe 
Of Time and The River 

Ah, excuse me doctor 
a question! 

Casey W. Dankle 



^m*5* ^^W 

pf ^w 


wMk m 

Hi B*^^^ 

Joseph L. Daw 

Fred J. de la Cotera 

Michael L. del Rosario 

Michelle DeVaull-Pinkerton 

Hold fast to dreams 

for if dreams die 
Life is a broken winged bird 
that cannot fly. 

Langston Hughes 
It's hard to believe how quickly the past 
four years have gone. All of the friends, 
experiences, and memories have made it 
worthwhile. Good luck and much success to 
all of my classmates - I wish you the best. I'd 
like to extend a special thanks to my family 
and my husband - you re the greatest! Thanks 
for your patience, support, and driving force! 

Neil F. DiSpirito 

We have skied Rosignol, 
Now give us Head! Vail, March 85 

Jim Bishop and myself checking out the 
scenery along 1-55 en route to Mew 
Orleans Feb. 1984 

High times traveling around the country 
with Ed Kirsch Aug. 1983 

Mom and Dad, 

Thanks for making it all possible! 

Love, Meil 

Timothy B. Dotson 


ro my wife and parents who made 
his possible and bearable. Thanks 

My lovely wife, Sue 

|«r ^*j 




Casey, A dog without a 

Dominik B. Dubravec 

Dear Alicia, Mom and Dad, family and 

1 owe my success during these years of 
school to all of you. Thanks for all your 
support and prayers. May the talents God 
nas given me continue to develop and grow 
:he way my love for all of you has. 

Donald J. Dufour 

How can I express gratitude for four 
years of love and support from very 
special people without making it sound 
like an Academy Award acceptance 
speech? Perhaps the simplest way is the 
best. Thank you, with all my love, to 
Mom, Claudette (sis), and my darling 
Louise. Your encouragement, as well as 
that of my close friends, has helped me 
reach the final destination of this difficult 

fS) Illinois Bell 

l<i<* 2113 






U.S. TAX 14 

1 3 

- SEE 



; D 
: : 






t, I 5 

: i 











Maria Faklaris 

1 want to thank all my family members 
and friends for their patience and under- 
standing. But most of all 1 want to thank my 
fiance, Anthony, for his love and support 
throughout my four years of dental school 

Loren J. Feldner 

Thanks Mom and Dad. You have been so caring, 
patient, encouraging and loving from the very onset. 
Without my family's support, this opportunity would 
not have been possible. Words could never express 
my true feelings of how much you both mean to me. 

1 would like to wish the very best to my 
colleagues through those enduring times. We cer- 
tainly have been through alot together. Each and 
everyone of us are unique individuals and must not 
loose sight of who we are in our future role. 

Alec Ferradas 

Music plays so softly, 

a background of my life, 

and old friend close beside me, 

to lend a guiding light. 

But for the ones whose journeys ended, 

though they started so much the same, 

in the hearts of those befriended, 

bums a candle with a silver flame. 

Mary McCaslin 


Phillip J. Fijal 

1 could have never made it 
through these past four important 
years without the never ending sup- 
port of my wife, Jan, and my parents. 
The depth of my appreciation is equal- 
ly never ending. I wish all my good 
friends the best of luck in the practice 
of dentistry and I look forward to their 
long associations. 

Kim K. Gandhi 

Certainly the game is rigged 

Don't let that stop you; 

If you don't bet, you can't win. 

You never know how far you can 
go, until you go too far. 

Thanks to my family and friends 
whose support made winning 
this game possible. 

Thomas K. Gavin 

Dental school was a milestone 
in all our lives. We could not have 
made it without each other's help 
and the support of our families. 
Thank you all. Stay in touch and 
good luck. 

John M. Green 


John could be found during his four years always 
helping other classmates. He had a good sense of 
humor ... he needed one because Digger'' was the 
only "Domer" in the 1986 class. 

"Loyola has allowed me to grow as a person. In 
fact I put on 20 pounds over the last four years. 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Ronald W. Qroleau 

Brian R. Quldbek 

Brad J. Hair 


Teresa M. Hall 

Joan M. Haluska 

During the past four years I have made 
many new friendships which will last a ver 
long time. All the long hours we have spen 
here at the dental school, it was so nice t( 
look around and see someone you coulc 
laugh and sometimes cry with. I would liko 
to take the opportunity to thank all of mj 
new friends, the instructors who have pu 
in their time and effort, and most impor 
tantly my Mother, my Father, and my sister 
Julie, for all their support and understand 
ing. Without these important people in mj 
life, who 1 love and care about, I wouldn'i 
have made it. 

Rebecca S. Hausten 

Stephen M. Heaney 

Irish Blessing 
May the road rise to meet you 
May the wind be always at your back 
May the sun shine warmly upon your 

And the rain softly upon your fields 
And until we meet again may Qod 
Hold you in the palm of his hands 
May Qod bless everyone and be with 
you always. 

Jeff H. Hembrough 

5ears #1 - Bar none 


Gotta keep the alcohol pumping to his 53 
vital organs somehow 

Michael T. Higgins 

MaryAnn M. Hollis 

One of the clinic patients 

Barbara A. Horowitz 


9 58 

3E_ J&s.. 

t*lc Dentist ^ 

This is 

no ordinary 

.person youVe 

^ dealing 4 

Sheffield S. Hyde 

Loyola Dental School 
Friends . . . Hard Work 
Hours . . . Faux Pas . 
. . . Honors . . . Q.P.R. 

Thanks to my Mom, my Dad, 
and Sue for all of their support. 
Without you, none of this 
would have been possible. 

James H. Javorski 

With thanks to my parents, family and friends for their 
time patience and support throughout my four years here 
at Loyola. Mom and Dad you both have made many 
sacrifices allowing me to achieve the goals I have set and 
accomplished with my education - I love you both very 
much. A special thanks to my fiancee, Jean, who has been 
at my side throughout all this madness, both good and bad, 
and 1 will always cherish that. Finally I would like to wish only 
the best of what life has to offer to the Class of 86, 

^ i'& 

Lori K. Jurgens 

The long-awaited time has come. Less 
thanks to some, but heartfelt thanks to 
others. The unholy triumverate - Lee, 
Harris, Charlie, you preserved my sanity, 
held a shoulder always ready, and were first 
and loudest to reprimand where necessary. 
As the song says, "without you . . ." 

The parents. You gave me everything 
I needed. Inadequate, but - Thank you. I 
love you. 

The road less traveled 
The freedom of choice 

the option to succeed 
May the past give me the wisdom 
to revel in the future. 


Kenneth J. Kadziela 

Thanks to my parents 
Thanks to my friends 
I was able to see it through to the 

very end 
Glad to be done 
Glad to be out 
Please forward my mail via rural 




M eh rack Kajian 

Kathleen Kalagian-Minaghan 

Cathleen L. Kane 

Kathy Karalekas-Baboulas 



My four years at Loyola were filled with good times, unforgettable experiences, and special 
close friendships. I'd like to wish the Class of '86 success, health, and happiness. To my parents, 
who without their love and support, I would not have gotten through - THANKS, I LOVE YOU 

Mark Q. Kaschube 

Ti+a^Ks Mom ar/4 

Dacl ^or -vh£ 
Education, vv ,. 

RS. T^tJK& Mar/ Ann too. 

985 ADA convention - San Francisco, table 

"Mary Jane we're in Atlantic City, could you tell our 
9:00 AM patients that AH! . . ." 

Richard P. Kazan 

Marguerite H. Kelly 

Dorie& Papa, thank you for being "Parents Extraordi- 
naire" over these past demanding years and allowing me 
to clutter you minds and house with Dental Paraphenalia. 
Congratulations, it's over. 

Donald Q. Kipper 

Edward J. Kirsch 

I would like to give special thanks to my family for all 
the support that was given throughout school. I would 
so give thanks to Dr. Qowgiel and Dr. Smulson for the 
spiration and backing that they naturally give to us as 
udents. Finally, 1 hope that all of the special people that 
lave met here have good luck in the future and keep in 

ne Kirsh Family. They all helped me get through it. 

On you mark, get set, go for it!!! 

High times across the country 
with Neil D. 

Jenise J. Kirsten-Vicari 

Frank and Jenise at Open House before 
school starts. 

Jenise; "I'm scared. I don't want to go!" 
Frank; "Don't worry!" 

nancy E. Klein 

It was the opportunity of a lifetime 
and an experience I'll never for- 

Thanks for the memories! 
Best wishes to all - 

Mrs. Klein 

Helfried A. Kohlert 

John N. Kontos 

Once more you have shown your 
loving and generous sentiments. I'm 
exceedingly grateful, and hope you 
are as proud of me, as 1 am of you. 
Once again, thank you, Mom and Dad 

Louis M. Korompilas 

A night on the town with Mike and I. 

I would like to thank my 
family who supported and 
guided me through these 
four fun years of Dental 


S - 

Here's Buddy Hacket D.D.5. 

Dawn D. Kovac 

Chris E. Krueger 


If it wasn't for your obnoxious 
sense of humor, I'm sure that I would 
have dropped out of dental school a 
long time ago. Someday we will look 
back on some of the things that we 
have gone through and laugh. I will 
always remember, "I can't see!" in 
Anatomy, memorizing Neuro slides on 
your kitchen walls, waxing overlays 
and crowns via the Krueger method, 
xeroxing thousands of tests in the 
library, recapitulating'' for boards, 
and lunches at J.J. s. Thanks for being 
my bridge solderer and for the pa- 
tients. Remember: Don't ever move to 
Berwyn, never wear polyester, and 
always be tan. 


Elizabeth M. Krylow 

One of the most important things 
1 have learned in dental school is 
that no job is finished until the 
paperwork is done. 

David P. Lachajewski 

1 don't know if it's funny, good or bad, but 
the things I remember most about dental school 
have nothing to do with dentistry. 

Most obvious are the bands I've had the 
pleasure of being part of. Though neither lasted 

very long, they provided some of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. So, Joe B., Paul, 
Cathy, Don, Casey, Eric, Len and Shef, and of course Buzzy, thanks for those days, they will 
always be remembered. Less obvious to most are the things that happened to me and some 
of my closest friends. Joe married the love of his life, Lynn, Len asked Kathy to be the love of 
his life. I found the girl I want to be the love of my life, Pat. And finally Kurt, what can I say. 
Everthing seems to come to him in its due time and Kurt, as most know goes with the flow. And 
so, Kurt, good luck to you with your pedo residency and with talking Meredith Baxter Birney 
into dumping David and going with you. Farewell L.U. 

Kevin T. Ladesic 

"If you think you are beaten, you are. 
If you think you dare not, you don't, 
If you like to win, but you think you can't 
It is almost certain you won't. 
If you think you 11 lose, you re lost 
For out in the world we find, 
Success begins with a person's will- 
It s all in the state of mind. 
If you think you are outclassed, you are, 
You've got to think to rise. 
You ve got to be sure of yourself before 
You can ever win a prize. 
Life s battles don't always go 
To the stronger or faster man 
But soon or late the man who wins 
Is the man WHO THinfiS HE CAM! 

- poet unknown 

- napoleon Hill 
Think and Grow Rich 

Michelle Feldner Lancaster 

"To make a great dream come true, the first 
requirement is a great capacity to dream; the second is 
persistence - a faith in the dream. Selye 

Raffi K. Leblebijian 

It has been four years, and at last we have established a career, 
i profession. The main persons I can attribute this to are my parents, 
vho stuck with me through thick and thin. If it weren't for them I would 
not be here. There are not enough emotions or words to thank George 
and Zabelle. 

There are other people to thank as well, all my friends who I can 
xust. Like two spies breaking into a secret safe, looking out for each 
Dther, "don't be bitter, check for anesthesia, where are we going, ask 
i question ask a question, rear delivery.'' I cannot forget my mentor, 
check is in the mail'' and of course me "you look good, you feel 
jood, you do good.'' 
t behooves you to know this: 

fit doesn't work, who do you blame? The lab tech. Mitchner 
f it feels good in your hands use it. Henneman 
f you loose your ethics you lose everything. Land 
rhe tears of gratitude dry quickly. Hogan "eh?" Quilitz 
Know what I mean, know what I mean? Kiely 
ley the tissue will come back. Dinga 
A/hat you wax is what you cast. Lock 
Come on. Hasiakos 

"low do yuo get a 699 bur out of your eye? Morlio 
You better learn your anatomy buddy boy. Kuo 

William Q. Loutfy 

Up until a few years before dental school, 
I worked as a ranch hand on a worm farm. I then 
tried my luck as an impersonator of famous 
people. Here I am pictured after winning first 
prize in the Raffi Leblebijian look-a-like contest. 
I received several fabulous prizes including a 
four year scholarship to the dental school of my 
choice, complete wardrobe (e.g. cowboy outfit 

pictured here), and a Lambourghini Countach's sport car. After finishing dental school, I plan on 
making my way across the country performing in one handed rodeos. 

In closing I would like to thank my parents, relatives, and fiancee (seriously); and also Don King 
(aka thriller in manila"), Pee Wee Herman, Oscar Meyer (aka "my bologna has a first name"), Brooke 
Shields, Hulk Hogan, Colonel Hogan, Colonel Sanders, Jimmy Buffet, Sawa's Old Warsaw Buffet, Frank 
Clifford, Frank Necrosis, "Frankly my dear I don't give a damn (aka Clark Cable), Clark Gasoline, Clark 
Kent, Kent State University, State Illinois • Building, and the producers, directors, and all the members 
of motion picture academy for this award. Goodnight! 

Michael K. Martin 

A lot of people know that I'm not crazy 
about the Midwest, but it certainly isn't 
because of the people. It's open and 
friendly here; so amazing how easily peo- 
ple will welcome us into their homes. Mae 
and 1 appreciate that very much, and we'll 
definitely miss you. Take care, wherever 
you're going, and may God always be with 

Randall Matuszewski 

Memories of trying to get preliminary impressions on metal models, 
cavity preps on dentec teeth that turned out looking like bottomless pits 
after "just trying to fix it up a little ", and thejitters of meeting with patients 
for the first time. There were a lot of obstacles to overcome, and a lot to 
learn, but it got done - somehow. I never could have done it without the 
help and support of my family and my fiancee. I will always be grateful to 

Michael P. McCafferty 

It is very difficult for me to comment on four years of dental school in 
just a few short paragraphs, so maybe it would be better ifl didn't try. Instead, 
1 think I'll use this opportunity to say that I've met a lot of great people here 
at Loyola and have made a lot of friends, several of which have become very 
good friends. We've all been through quite a bit togther, but it's finally over 
(or is it just starting?), and I wish everyone the best of luck with their future. 

1 would also like to take this chance to thank my parents for all their 
support, both moral and financial, during these years. Finally, but never last, 
1 want to thank my wife Qeri. Without her, these last four years would have 
been tougher than they actually were. She was always there when I needed 
her and was very patient throughout. The diploma that 1 will receive is as 
much hers as it is mine. 


Thomas J. McDonough 

John P. McNamara 

1 am hopeful that long after the rigor and hardship 
of dental school has been forgotten the many friendships 
and great times are still a fond memory. I wish all of my 
friends, as we go our separate ways, the happiest of lives 
and greatest of success. 

Alta E. Mekaelian 

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for. 
the evidence of things not seen.'' 
St. Paul 

Marilyn Michet-Englander 

This is for my husband, family and friends for 
giving me all the support and encouragement that 
I needed to get through the tough times and for 
being there to share the good times. 

Anthony Q. Milazzo 



Memorable quotations: 

"The best way to get wax off denture teeth is not to get it on in the first place.'' - F.P. 

"Your days of wine and cookies are over!'' • l.S. 

"If you send slop away to a laboratory you'll get slop back.'' - R.S. 

"Steve, Marshall, I'm parched - get me some water." - F.W. 

"Impact it with a moment of inertia. " - M.L. 

"You're right, that certaintly wasn't the wisest thing to do." - J. M.L. 

"I like to visit dental conventions and talk to MEM about dentistry." - R.fl. 

Aw come on! Give me the slow speed." - P.M. 
"Listen, women don't have high blood pressure, they give it." - S.Q. 
"You do have Shem — fer!" - B.M. 

"Sure I'll sign off the wax pattern but I'll tell you right now that it is destined for failure. 
"1 know more about hydrogen peroxide than anyone else in the world." - A.Q. 
"Hey . . . Like, bring that hose over here." - T.Q. 
"I stopped bragging ten years ago." - Q.T. 

"After doing this case, I hope you have learned something about instructor selection.' 
"Get your hands out of your pockets. "- A.fl. 

We re all in this togther. - A. P. 
"This needs surgery." - M.G, 
"Hey guys it's Me!" - A.C. 

"I abhor that terminology - I think it's grossly unprofessional." - M.D. 
"If I go down, you're going with me." - W. G. 
"Marshall these people aren't stupid, they'll cheat if you give them a chance." - J.V.M. 

When you see thyroid . . . Ha-she-mo-tos Thy-roi-di-tis!" • P.T. 
"Doc, you'd be late to your own funeral." - P.D. 
"How was the build up today." - S.K. 
"Some dirt bags will come into your office, and you'll give them a syringe to irrigat with, and 

they'll give it to their kids to use as a squirt gun." - G.S. 
"I have no sympathy for you people. - L.K. 

"1 know a lot of PHDs who call themselves doctors at social functions." - K.B. 
"The purpose of the heart is to pump blood to the pulp. - M.S. 
"Rami" - M.K. 

These people have got to die somewhere. - S.S. 
"That's high school xxxx, knock it off." - W.M. 
"Just take off a hair . . . and I think we all know what kind of hair I'm talking about. - R.B. 

Christopher E. Mohler 

Brian T. Moore 

Janet L. Mullan 

I X 

Dean J. Murphy 


I would like to say a special thanks to my 
Mom and Dad who have made these last four 
years possible. I wish the best of luck to all my 
classmates . . . especially Digger because your 
going to need it if you think you can beat me in 

Dean P. Nicholas 

, ip^p^l 

HKKf'^- "**"" 

E J^P^ J 




1 would like to thank my family, especially 
my brother Jim, for their support throughout 
these last four years. I am grateful for the 
friendships I have made here, and I only wish 
that my parents were alive to see me graduate. 
I have learned a lot here, about people and 
myself, and 1 hope that 1 have become a better 
person for it. 

WwL- r m 



L % 



Dean Nichols 

Dental school was a trying, fulfill- 
ing experience. It gave me the 
opportunity to make new friends 
that were there to help through 
some rough times. Finally, 
Wine comes in a bottle, 
Beer comes in a can. 
If I can make it through 
dental school. 
Anybody can. 

Steven J. Nicorata 

It is truly impossible to personally thank everyone who has contributed to my personal and 
professional development. 1 therefore thank my colleagues, as a whole, who shared with me all of 
the experiences of dental school. You made the stressful times seem bearable, maybe because 1 
was able to reflect on the fact that we were all in this together. The support and encouragement we 
gave to one another often helped me to forget many of my own, often times insignificant, problems. 
Many of you made those long hours of studying seem much easier, and what seemed to be those 
brief moments of celebration more enjoyable. I am sure that we will never forget thejoy and the pain 
we endured to achieve our final goal. 

If there is one wish I have for all of us, it is that we never forget what it is like to be ignorant and 
unconfident and that we may try to ease the way for those who come behind us. I wish to extend 
to all of you my sincerest best wishes for success and happiness in all of your future endeavors, and 
of all of our memories of the past four years, may we especially remember the people - the ones 
who struggled with us and the ones who made us struggle. 

I cannot leave LUMC without giving a heartfelt thanks to the staff and faculty. To my instructors 
I must say that your knowledge, support and supervision are the main factors that put all of us where 
we are today. I truly admire your skill and dedication and hope that my colleagues and I may be 
able to utilize our knowledge to help others grow and learn the way you have helped us. 

To the staff at the medical center, I would like you to know that your unlimited service and assistance will not be forgotten. Each year 
a group of students graduates and moves on and a new group moves in. You are there every year assisting each class during what is probably 
the most difficult four years of their lives. As we move on to a new phase of our lives may I say that each of you will be remembered for 
your constant service, support and friendship. I can recollect several experiences over the past four years where my days would have ended 
in turmoil without your assistance, and for all of these times 1 express a deep gratitude. 

As my dental education at LUMC comes to an end, I can honestly say that the last four years may not have been the best years of 
my life, but they certainly were not the worst. The insurmountable tasks I faced at the beginning of each new quarter would never have 
been achieved without the support of my wonderful family. 1 owe an abundance to my parents who worked hard and sacrificed so much 
to give me this opportunity. 

My wife also sacrificed much during the past few years and both shared and endured the many ups and downs I encountered. She 
made the past four years not only bearable, but enjoyable. To you, Peggy, and to both our families, I wish to extend deep gratitude for 
your continual love, support, encouragement, understanding and prayers for which I will never be able to repay. 1 love all of you very much 
and I am as proud if not prouder of you as you are proud of me. 

I would like to give a final recognition of my thanks to God, who answered my prayers and was at my side every step of the way. 

Steven J. nicorata 


Dan J. Nykaza 

John R. O'Brien 


Patrick J. O'Malley 

You mean I can finally start charging for this? 

Richard D. Orenstein 



It's time to say my fond farewell to my 
friends, the doctors, and staff who have given 
me the most memorable years of my life. Most 
of all I would like to offer my thanks to my family 
who without their constant support 1 would not 
have been able to get through these times. 
Remember the Big O.' 

Paul S. Petrungaro 

At this time I would like to say congratulations to all 
those individuals who have been my friends for the last 
four years. During this educational experience, I have 
made many new acquaintances; and from some of these, 
life-long friendships. I am very grateful to these people 
because they have shown me now to be a better man. To 
my good friend Mark Kaschube, this ends a duration of 
our education that we have spent together; to Dean 
Nichols, just remember each time you hear "SHAME": to 
Dino. just a wink in the mirror: and to my close paisono 
Doug Tardugno, keep Rome warm, 1 am coming to visit: 
but most of all, to my best friends Tom Adams and Chris 
Baboulas, may all we anticipate come true, and God bless 
the both of you, you both have been and inspiration to 
me and my future dreams. 


David Phelps 

Thomas V. Powell 



SUNDAY 7:30 P.M 
JAN. 5, 1986 

I would like to start this by than- 
king my parents for thier support, 
understanding, and encouragement. 
Also, I would like to thank my family, 
friends, and my grandma Kate for 
putting up with me. Finally, I would 
like to thank my classmates, the 
faculty, and staff at Loyola for all their 

Fredrick W. Purcell 

«•..*. <*JsJZ^ 


I think my wife Ann Marie deserves this degree 
more than I do, having put up with all my different 
moods during finals and board exams. She gave 
me my graduation gift a year early; her name is 
Carly. My parent s 1 can t say enough about, they 
have been the best, very encouraging all through 
my schooling. All that money has been spent well. 
I thank you and love all of you. 

Alexander J. Rakos 

Mark F. Rappleye 


Well, we made it. Thanks for all of your 

understanding and support. I love 



Richard J. Rizzo 

I cant make it, I have to go to work! 

Paul J. Robbins 

Andre D. Rousseau 

Dental school for me has been so 
many things, a time to grow, a time to learn, 
and a time to develop my talents. Dental 
school was also a dream come true. Even 
though there have been a few nightmares 
and setbacks along the way one of my 
dreams has finally materialized. I have so 
many people to thank for helping me 
realize this goal, but the ones that gave the 
most of themselves to me was my family. 
I would like to thank them for their constant 
encouragement and most of all their under- 
standing. Without them I think many times 
I would have given up, but their positive 
attitudes brought me through more than 
they will ever realize. 

Les E. Russ 

Rosemary A. Santoro 

Somebody said that it couldn't be done 

But he with a chuckle replied 
That "maybe it couldn't ', but he would be one 

Who wouldn't say so till he'd tried. 
So he buckled right in with a trace of a grin 

on his face. If he worried he hid it. 
He started to sing as he tackled the thing 

That couldnt' be done, and he did it. 

Somebody scoffed: "Oh you II never do that; 

At least no one ever has done it"; 
But he took off his coat and he took off his hat, 
With a lift of his chin and a bit of a grin, 

Without any doubting or quiddit. 
He started to sing as he tackled the thing 

That couldn't be done, and he did it. 

There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done, 

There are thousands to prophesy failure; 
There are thousands to point out to you one by one, 

The danger that wait to assail you, 
But just buckle in with a bit of a grin, 

Just take off your coat and go to it- 
Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing 

That "cannot be done", and you'll do it. 
Edgar A. Quest 

Christopher A. Scalia 

Suzanne L. Schneegas 

Four years of dental school has caused a revision in my college 
motto of; 

"nothing academic is worth losing a nights sleep" 
I have now come to share the opinion of Woody Allan when 
he said; 

Summing up, life is full of great opportunities. It also has 
pitfalls. The trick will be to seize the opportunities, avoid the 
pitfalls, and be back home by six o'clock." 
Thanks Mom and Dad and the kids still at home for being 
there when six o'clock came. 

Eileen C. Seitz 

I'd like to thank my mother, 
brothers, and sisters for their 
encouragment and support. 
And thanks most of all to my 
husband Paul for his patience 
and understanding. I couldn't 
have made it without you. 


Aldric R. Serrano 

^ o od [ a c fi T o all of v 

-ytvau gll *j vur 

dreams COinc 

Maria Lucrecia Simon 

Thank you Mom and Dad, 

- for giving me the courage to be myself 

- for understanding me so I could learn to 
understand others 

- for encouraging me to be the best I can be 

- for your unending support and faith in me 

- for being there when I needed you most 

William H. Slavin 

Eric P. Smyth 

James M. Solofra 

Who says you cut better preps than I do? 

I think our patients are waiting. 

Times like these were made for The people who helped me make it! 

Taster's Choice. 

Scott L. Sommers 

Laughing the stormy, husky, brawl- 
ing laughter of Youth, half-naked, 
sweating, proud to be Hog Butcher, 
Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Play- 
er with Railroads and Freight Han- 
dler to the riation. 

Carl Sandburg 

Thomas C. Sonneveld 

A very special thank you to; 

Qeri, first and foremost, for her love, support and encouragement, 
Allison and Justin for helping keep all of this craziness in perspective, 
Our families and friends for all of their help in its many forms, and 
My friends here at Loyola. 

I would also like to share with my classmates "basic principles" which 
have guided my dental education. The instructors will remain anony- 
mous but should be easily recognizable: 

"The best way to get wax off denture teeth? Don't get it on in the first 
place. " 

"Don't quench in the vats." 

"Any operator who thinks he can spot grind in the mouth is only kidding 
"How long will it go on? As long as there's a gradient." 

When you're in the tube, you re outside the body." 
"The only thing money can't buy is poverty." 

If you can't see them, you can t fill them." 

You have to learn how to abuse soft tissues in a controlled kind of way. 

The best way to take a maxillary impression is to come from behind 
and spread the cheeks." 
"If it feels good in your hands use it." 

What you gotta do is take ten steps back and look at the whole picture. 
"You have to know where you are and where you've been to know where 
you're going." 

"People gotta die someplace." 
"It's your license, lotsa luck. 
Thank you, all 

Thomas D. Sotiropoulos 

I'd like to dedicate part of this page to my good friends who made getting through this place 
just a little bit easier. To Raffi "sure I'm a citizen Leblebijian, who taught me the pitfalls of having 
a "negative attitude". He s the only person I know that can clear a golf course when he steps 
up to the first tee. Hang on to your "Sure Grip" driver, you II need it. 

To John Kontos, Greece s answer to the energy crisis, best wishes to you and your lovely 
fiancee Francis. John's the only person 1 know who can keep up with Raffi at the dinner table. 

To Tom Sonneveld, who helped keep things in perspective while at school. Underneath that 
nonchalant, calm exterior is a nonchalant calm interior. Like I said, he keeps things in 
perspective. Good luck in the Air Force, sarge. 

To Kim Young, fire and spunk, and a deadly determination to get through sophomore 
operative lab. Take that, Dr. Martin. I'll never forget how funny it was when I made you cry when 
I found out about my surprise birthday party. 

And finally, to my Mom and Dad, who gave me nothing but praise and support from the time 
I was born. I know that I can never repay you for all you ve done for me. I can only hope that 
I ve made you half as proud of me as 1 am of you. Thank you, I love you both very much. 


Anthony M. Spagnuolo 

Good luck to all my classmates. 

Vesna Spasojcevic-Sutter 

I can't believe four years have already gone by. It seems just yesterday 
we were trying to figure out who was who and what oral morph. really was. 
I have experienced many good times and many bad times here at Loyola, 
but now none of them seem to matter. All that is important is the great 
friends we have made here and the challenges we have overcome to 

Thanks to my family and my husband for their support and 
encouragement and thanks to the "LUNCH BUNCH for some of the best 
lunches and breakfasts ever. 1 could not have made it without all of you. 
I can only hope our friendships will last forever. 

Qood luck to all of my fellow classmates. 
P.S. Thanks Kathy and Dr. "C" for a place to escape to. 

Joseph R. Sperlazzo 

These past four years have been 
a real experience good and bad. I 
know for a fact that I would not have 
made it without the support of my 
family and friends. 

I wish the best to all my class- 
mates in the years to come. 

John R. Striebel 

Glen A. Takenaga 

I'm sure you can imagine 
It's as simple as can be 
The place is very private 
The place is he and she 

She whispers "will it hurt' 
"of course not" He replied 
It's just a simple process 
Lay back and close your eyes 

She says "I'm very frightened 
I've never done this before 
He starts to convince her 
It won't hurt you anymore 

How calm yourself my darling 
As faith heals all your sins 
Open very wide 
So I can get in 

"Must end dental school on a good note. 

He and She 

It's really something painful 
As tears rolled down her eyes 
It hurt her something awful 
It must be quite a size 

Then suddenly with a jump 
She gave a little shout 
It's over thank goodness 
You finally got it out 

As you read this carefully 

He s a dentist as you find 

It's not what you been 


It sjust your dirty mind. 

From a friend long ago 

Douglas J. Tardugno 

Terri S. Tiersky 

Peter M. Tomaselli 

Patricia M. Vaitkus 

Dental school represents a diffi- 
cult four years, and without the 
support of my friends and family, it 
would have been an impossible 
task. A very special thanks to Carl 
for having the patience and under- 
standing to survive the" dental 
school experience with me. 

Frank VonWesternhagen 

Christ J. Vournazos 

Dear Mom, Carrie, and George, 

I have so many feelings that I would like to express that I'm not sure 
where to begin. I guess the one phrase that runs through my mind is Thank 
You, it doesn t seem adequate for all that you have done for me. 

Thank you for all of your sacrifices, and what you went without so that 
I might have all that I needed. 

Thank you for all of your support, not just financial support but the 
emotional and spiritual support as well. 

Thank you for your confidence in me. Knowing that you believed in me 
seemed to give me strength when I had my doubts. 

Most importantly, thank you for your love. It was knowing 1 had your love 
that made the bad times tolerable and the good times even more special. 
It's good to know that with all the worries and stress there was one thing I 
didn't have to worry about, losing your love. 

For many years Mom you have been telling people how proud you are 
of me. Well this is my opportunity to say how proud I am of you. Mom, Dad, 
Carrie, and George. 

With love, 

Kurt A. Wagner 

Bite into 
Quality at 

Margaret L. Wencel 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad for always saying, You 
can do it! To Patti and David for first encouraging me 
to pursue dentistry. To Courtney for making me see 
there's life outside of dental school. And to my 
husband Randy who never refused to lend a profession- 
al hand and made our meeting in dental school the best 
part of my four years at Loyola. 

Kimberley M. Young 

It's over, finished, done no more eight o clock classes, no more technique labs, no 
more blue coats, no more waiting in line to have work checked!!! SIQH! Oh, it really 
wasn't all that bad, now, with only an unimaginable future in front of me, bear with 
me as 1 acknowledge those who make all of this suddenly seem worthwhile. 
To My Mom and Dad: What can I say? You not only helped whenever you could, but 
your mouths were veritably Unit QOld mines. Seriously, Dad, I hope I find in dentistry 
the joy and fulfillment that you have, you've been GREAT!!! I love you both. 

Thank you so very much 
To My Grandparents: Who steadfastly insisted that and education was the greatest gift 
one could give onself. (Plana, we can cut back on the Mass cards now!!) 

Thank you 
To My brother and sisters: We've all changed a lot in the last four years, strangely- 
enough, 1 feel we've grown closer; Let's keep it that way. 

To Uncle Timmy: You have been an advisor and a friend. 

Many Thanks 
To My Friends: Who have kept in contact, and in turn kept me in touch with the "real 

Thanks you guys 
To the faculty and staff: Those of you, who gave the best of yourselves, in guiding me 
through these rigors, it was not in vain. 

Thank you all 
To Dr. Chludzinski: For everything. We came to visit four years ago and stayed. You've 
put up with our mess and our troubles. You and Kathy are the best. (Mow, aren't you 
going to miss us, just a little??) 

Thank you both 
To My classmates: Those of you who were there, everyday, witnessing the tears and 
frustrations, the miscasts, mispreps, and broken inlays!! More importantly, those who 
encouraged, helped and laughed (a lot). 

Thank you all 
Well, outside of the Pope and the President, I think I ve covered everyone!! 

Helen A. Zarczynski 

Hel, always rememer where you 
are, Blondie! People always felt you 
knew what was going on; who would 
believe the truth? Hours of memor- 
izing; Bulbo, "tremors ", certain- 
ly", "awight", "a potpourri", not to 
mention it would behoove you". 
Hel, maybe now you can purchase 
a car that fits your personality; a 
Chrysler, of course! Thanks for 
keeping me awake. 

Mark L. Zila 

I will never forget the four 
years 1 spent at Loyola. In some 
ways they were the best years 
of my life but in someways the 
worst. I met alot of really great 
people at Loyola and hope to 
keep in touch. 

The pictures that 1 selected 
show what I have been dream- 
ing about for the past four 
years. After living my entire life 
in California, these past four 
years have required a total 
change in lifestyle. Stop by and 
see us in Leucaulia if anyone 
gets out to San Diego. 

The Dental Alumni Relations Department sends its 
sincere congratulations to each member of the Class of 
1986. We recognize you for your tremendous accomplish- 
ments over the past four years as a dental student and 
wish you much success in your future endeavors in the 
Dental profession. 

It is our pleasure to provide partial funding for 
the publication of your Year Book as a graduation gift to 
you. We hope you enjoy the many memories of your dental 

We hope your Commencement will signify a new beginning 
for you in a lasting relationship with the Loyola University 
School of Dentistry. As an Alumnus you will contribute greatly 
to our strong tradition of excellence within Dentistry. 

We seek your participation in the many educational and 
social activities sponsored for Dental Alumni and we invite 
you to become involved in the various leadership positions 
available to Alumni. Help us grow, flourish and serve our 


Dental Alumni Relations Department 
Loyola University Medical Center 
2160 South First Avenue 
Maywood, Illinois 60153 




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