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T H K 




1 635-9- 

Compiled by HENRY PORTKR AXDRi:.\yS. 





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V.5 ; 


[Sl^BS.] JK'\*nxh Tmncr, k\\\v^\\wx of I\i::.i i'unur aiul 
Khoda Porter, (93 ^ iiiarried. iSoi, Fwiinan Jcsithn^ of LyiiK-, 
^ X. II. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
-i'»l-*. Freeman Joscelyn, boru August 29. iSoj, inarne»i Abi^^ail Bowman. 
-Si'l*. Deborah Joscelyn, born ScpiemWr iS, 1S05, dicvl 11:1 married. 

[22S7.] Nancy Turner, daughter of David Turner and 
Khcda Porter, (931) married, October 4, 1S09, Asa Carpenter, 

[\Vii.i,i.\M Cakpenter, born in Horwell. county Buck*, England, cauie 
to New England in the ship ** Bcvis," 163S; Weymoudi, Mass. ; died 1C60. 

Second Generation, ll'iliiam Carper. Ur, boru in EnL;'..uid, 1605. married 

\ in England, Abi^aii . He lived in Rahoboth. M.i>s. 

« Thiid Generation, Wtlliam Carpenter, born 1631. iiiarritd , PnseiHa 

Pouelt. He died , 1703. She died October — , iC-^^. 

Potirth Generation, Xoah Carpeuter, bora ^larcli 2S, 1672, married, De- 
cember 3, 1700, Sarah Johnson. 

^ICuwARD Johnson, born at Hernehi'J, near Canlerbur)', county Kent, 
came in the fleet with Winthrop, 1630. He relurncil to ICnvjland and came 
back with his ^ife Susan, and settled at Woburn, Mas-!. He w»is author of 
the book entitled "Wonderworking Pros-ideuces.'* Representative 1643-71. 
Speaker, and died 1672. 

Second Generation, Matfhezvjoknsou, born in England, married Novem- 
ber 2, 1656, Hannah Palj'rey, daughter of Peter Palfrev, from England 
to Salem, Mass., with his wife Edith, in 1636. 

Third Generation, Sarah Johnson, born April 4, 1677, married Soah 
Carpenter. She died September 29, 1736. He died in Attleboro, Mass. 
June 7. 1753. 

FiJ'th Generation, /saiah Carpenter, bom February 7, 17 13, married 
February — , 1734, Alihea Titns, 

Si.vtn Gpieration^ Jonah Carpenter, born November 22, 1769, married 
Serepia Givn: 

Seventh Generation, Asa Carpenter, born , married Nancy Turner, 

Resiileoce Manchester, N. H. She died ^lay 23, 1843. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
.4014. Rhoda Carpenter, bom Januar)* S, iSii, married John W. Andrews. 
4015. Calvin P. Carpenter, bom Scpteml>er 29, 1812. 
4»HC. Asa Carpenter, bom August r, iSf4. 
4017. Eliza A. Carpenter, boru August 29, i8i6, married Ezra Franklin. 


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433 i)i sci:m>ants ui* juiin rouri-i:. 

■I»HS. Maiy Carji'.MiUr li'irii March J, iS.m, iii:irricil Nchti'ii.ih Willi.uns. 
4hI0. Sarali P. Caqxiucr, l»oni April 3, 1S23, inarriol Ausuii Hrooks. 
■1«C»0. Miriam Cai-pcr»ter, born April 6, iS»5. 

[22BS.] David Turner, son of David Turner and Rhoda 
Porter, (931) married Dcccnd)cr 9, 1S13, Lavinia Jenks, daughter 
of Zeehariah Jeuhs, of Lyme, N. H., and Sarah Tyler, Zecha- 
riah Jcnks was a descendant of Josi:i*n JiiNKtr, who came from 
Hammersmith, luii^land, 10 Lynn, Mass., in 1645. ^^^ ^^'^s en- 
gaged in the iron works at that place, and he cut the dies for the 
colonial coinage. (The '* Pine Tree Shillings.'*) He died 16S3. 
Mr.^. Lavinia Turner died iS^o. He married, (second wife) iS22» 
Phcbc K, A mi rexes, sister of y. IF. Andrr<es, who married Rhoda 
Carpenter, (4014.) Residence Lyme, N. H. 

Their cliiltlrcn were [bein;;; of the seventh generation :] 
•l«i21. Daviil Turner, born I)eccin!»er 9, 1S15, she died i:i Uicliinoud, Va. 
4^»*-'?. Louisa Turner, boni Soplcinbcr iS, 1S16, niarrictl Sitliicy S. Grant. 
4i»i?C». Maria A. Turner, born June 19, iSrS, married Mosts \Voo<l. 
4024. Georjce Turner, bpru June 20, 1S20. 

402>. RboJa A. Turner, born October 15, 1S23, married V. J. Blooil. 
402C. Janette M. Turner, born September S, 1S33. 
4027. riiebc L. Turner, born August iS, 1S3S. 
4M2S. Julia A. Turner, bom October 22, 1S42. 

[22 7 D.] Phiiip Turner, son of David Turner and Rhoda 
Porter, (931) married November 2, 1S17, Sarah Steele, daughter 
oi Daniel Steele, (1857.) Re.'>idence, Lyme, N. H. 

Their cliildren were [being of the seventh generation :] 
402l». Orlando K. Turner, born October 17, 1S21, marrie*! T. L. Dimick. 
4KjO. Emeline R. Turner, born March 19, 1S25. 
4o:5l. Phebc L. Turner, born Au^ist 24, 1S37. 

[2271.] Thomas Porter Turner, son oi David Turner and 
Rhoda Porter, (931) married December 2, 1S19, Lydia Gilbert, 
daughter of Thomas Gilbert, of Hebron, Conn., .son of Col. Sam- 
uel Gilbert, who was son of Thomas Gilbert, of Boston, ^Liss., 
sou of Jonathan Giluert, from England to Hartford, Conn. 
T. P. Turner removed to Oberlin, O. 

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lii:.iCKNl)ANT.S OK JOHN rORTICk. 439 

Their cliiUlivu were [bciii^^ of tlie seventh generation :] 
4«U2. LyiUa L. Tunicr» boni July 26, 1S21, marricil Kdwiii T. Dranch. 
4003. Mar>- J. Turner, bom Xovcnihor S, 1823, married C. H. Churchill. 

• 4'CW. Benjamin V. Tunier, l>jrn October 16, 1S29. of Ciiiciimaii, O. 

\ 4«X>>. Sarah G. Turuer, bom Xoveuiher 15, 1S31. 

t 4i'oG. Martha M. Turner, bom June 8. 1S3.S. 

; 4u37. Frances D. Turner, born February liS, 1841, 

! 40r»S Henry L. Turner, bora August 26, 1S44, of Obcrlin, O. 

I [2272.] Joshua Turner^ son of David Turner and Rhoda 

Porter, (931) married May i, 1822, Phcbc Porter, (2303.) Resi- 
dence, Boston, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4t'>30. Phebe P. Turner, born June 4, 1823. 
40 in. Mary Turner, born May 9, 1S29. 
4fMl. Louisa Turner, born October ?, 1S31. 
40 ti. George W. Turner, born September 27, 1S34. 

[2273ij Benjamin Turner, son oi fJavid Turner and P/ioJa 
Porter, (931) married January 26, 1832, Charlotte Hamilton, 
Lived in North Danvers, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4043. LaPrelate Turner, born September 22, 1S33. 
40-14. Newton L. Turner, bom September 25, 1S35. 
404i>. Charles H. Turner, bora July 28, 1S38. 
4f^4C. Horatio B. Turner, bora Febmary 28, 1840. 
4017. Erdix T. Turner, bom September 19, 1S43. 

[2279.] John Porter, son of William Porter (932) and Mary 
Hodges, married May 30, 1S31. Jane Frances Foster, daughter of 
Fordyce Foster and Elizabeth Wolcott. 
[Hknrv Wolcott, from En^jland. 

Second Ceneraiion, Henry Wolcott married Sarah Xeu'berry, 
Third Generation, John Wolcott married Mary HaiL-tey, 
Fourth Geturation, Benjamin Wolcott married Abi^^ail Pinney, 
Fifth Ceneration^ James 11 'olco/t maniQil Elizahcdi /iraJ/ord. 
(WiujAM Bradi'Okd, fpjm Etiglaml^ in the ship " Mayflower." 
Second Generation, William Dmd/ord, bora June X7, 1624, married 
Alice Richards, ilautihter of Thomas Richards, of Weymouth, 

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ThivJ 0\ni'taiik>u^ S^nfiur/ /!/ttt//b/J, borii 1663, iiiurricil July — , loSc^, 
Hannah Ait^^-^trs, daugliier of Jo/t'i /v\>i.'«v.c, of Duxhury, Mass. He Uicti 
April XI, 1 7 14. 

. Fourth Ctficration, Perez /*rad/orJ, born December iS, 1694, married 
Abigail Lalch. 

(JoiJX Baixhk came from Plnglaiul to Salcni, iMass., iu 1629; Beverly, 
Mass., ami died X64S, 

Second Gtncraiiofi, Dtfijamifi Ba!th, born in England, married, 1650, 
Sarah Gardner^ daughter of Thomas Gardxkk, of Salem, from lingland. 

Third CiHcraiijn, Frctbon: Malch^ born Augvist 9, 1660, married Eliza- 
beth Fairfield, daughter of iJAXir.i. Fairi-ifi.h, of Boston, Mass. 

Fourth Gifteralijfit .itijzail /laUh, born , married /tVeT J7rad/ord. 

Fifth Generation^ Perez Pradford, born , married .Vary Jackson. 

Sixth Generation, Elizabeth Bradford, born , married Doct. fames 


Sixth Generation, Elizabeth U'oleolt, born , married Fordyec Foster, 

Seventh Generation, fane Frances Foster, born , iSii, married fohn 


Their children were [Inking of the seventh generation :] 
41MS. John V. Porter, born May — , 1S32, married Mary A. Blair. 
AWX Jane F. Porter, born April 6, 1S34, married Charles T. Smith. 
4'JoO. Louisa A. Porter, born September 21, 1S36, married J. II. Dcnison. 
4051. Henry V»*. Porter, bom August 5, 1S41, died in childhood. 
Mio'Z. Mar)- E. Porter, bom Augiist 21, 1S43. 
40'>*. Charles W. Porter, born July i, 1S49, married Florence Bailey. 

[22B1.] Eliot Porter, son of Eliot Porter (936) and Tamar 
Dimmick, married October 8, 1812, Sidna lizard, 

[William Ward, from Kuglaud to Sudbury, Mass., 1639 ; removed to 
Marlboro', Mass., 1666, and dieil .Vuj^ust to, 16S7. Mrs. Elizabeth Ward 
died December 9, 1700, aged eighty-seven. 

Second Generation, William JCard, born January 22, 1640, married Sep- 
tember 4, 1679. Hannah fohnson, bom April 27, 1656, daughter of Solomon 
Johnson, from England, with his wife Hannah, Sudbury, ^lass. William 
Ward died November 27, 1697. Mrs. II:uinah Ward died Deceml)er S, 1720. 

Third Generation, William Ward,\iOi\\ March 27, 16S0; he was a sur- 
veyor at Southboro*, Mass. He married , r7.»i, J me K. CleveLiti, 

. (Mo.sts Clkvi.lanI) came from England to Wob;irn, Mass., married .Sep- 
tcml>er 25, 16 jS, Anna Winn, boru in England, daughter of P^uward Winn, 
who came from iCnglaod with his \\\U-foanna, to Woburn. Mass., 164 1. 

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Si'ionJ (Mt'iitfu/io/i, Sat/au'i L'!i'r<'.'ttuJ, Lorn Jaue 9. 1657, nuirrioil May 
17, 16S0, /<!«<• A'cT.'J. born Oclobcr 5, i6dv>, <l.iii;^htcr of Solomon Kkyi.s, 
from Uugland to Chclm<furil. Mass., wliu lu.irricd at Xcwbury, Mass.^ Octo- 
ber 2, 1633, /'Vafiivs Crant. Samuel Clcvcl.iiul die»l in CantcTbury, Mass., 
March 12, 1736. She tlied Xovenil>er 4, i6.Sr 

Third Gciu*raiioii,Jsinc Kcycs CicicLinJ, boru April iS, 16S1, married 
Wiliiam l^ard. He died in Southboro', Mass., January S, 1767, She died 
April 12. 1745. 

Fourth Generation^ Charles Ward, born October 27, 1722, married August 
as. 1752, Abigail Pikt\ 

(James Pike came from En^jland to Charlc:>town, Mass., in 1647, with 
his wife yaomi. He died , 1699. 

St'COftd Generation, Jeremiah Pihe, born in England, married . He 

died January 7, 1 71 1. 

Third Generation, iniliam Pike, boni March 14, 16S7, married . 

Fourth Generation, Ahigail Pike, born May 20, 1724, married Charles 
Ward. Residence, Siurbridge, Mass. lie scr\"ed in the expedition against 
Loukburg. Died 17.15. 

Fourth Generation, ll'iUiain Ward, born September 12, 1743, marriol 
December 11, 1763, Luey Church, daughter of -Vc'<7/i Church, of Marlboro', 
Mass. Removed to Poultuey, Vt, as one of the first settlers. In 1777 he 
participated in the battles of Bennington and Saratoga. He died in Poult- 
ney, Vt., August 3, 1819. Mrs. Lucy Ward died January 6, 1S46, aged 

Sixth Generation, Sidna IVard, bom May 20, 17S9, married Eliot Por- 
I ter. Residence, Faystou, Vu 

I Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

\ 4054. William E. Porter, born February 5, 1S15, married Maria Smith. 

, 40->5. Willard B. Porter, bom March t, 1S17, married Marj* M. IngalU. 

40.>(5. Tamar Porter, born March 19. 1822, died unmarried. 
I 4iV>7. Warren C. Porter, bom November 15, 1S24, married Amanda C. Eliot 

4f>VS. Wilfred W*. Porter, boru Tebruar^- 20, 1S26. M. D. in Syracuse, N. Y. 
4050. Walter D. Porter, bora October 20, 1S2S, married Clarissa Boyce. 

[2 2 84.] Bcnjainin Porter, son of Eliot Porter (936) and 

Amelia Wright, married , 1S22, Rachel Guild, She died 

April 9. 1S68. Residence. Hartford, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
40iii). Delia A. Porter, bom Au^^ a^, 1S24, died May 9, 1S69. 
4*K»1. Amelia M. Porter, bom November 20, 1S26, married — — Trescott. 

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•Iliey. Gcor^^e F. Porter, bom J)cc. 17, iSiS. Rcsiilcuce, Danville, h. 1. 
4(H\o. Benjamin F. Porter, bom November 17, iS^o. Dieii July 2S, 1S66. 
4O1VI. Henry A. Porier, born Dec. iS, iS^i, Residence, WooiUlock, Vt. 
4(Ki5. Cornelia A. Porier, born Januar)' 2S, 1S35. Died August 2S, 1S55. 
-KAk). Ebm Porter, born April 21, aSj7, killed December iS, 1S67. 
4007. Sarah J. Porter, born Aii^iust 26» 1S39, married H. M. Miller. 
40t>S. James G. Porter, boni October 2, 1S41. Residence, Wooilstock, Vt. 
4Ut)9. Edward M. Porter, bora June 3, 1S46. Died November 26, 1S72. 

IZ2BB^ /osrfih talcott, saw oi Jaseph Talcott and Rebecca 

Porter^ (937) married , 180S, Mercy Eds, who died April 3, 

1844. Residence, Coven tr>', Conn. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
407U. Josej)h A. Talcott, born May 12, iSio, married Marj^ Loomis. 

4071. Nathaniel F. Talcott, bom December 13, iSn, married Sarah Fragett. 

4072. Mercy R. Talcott, born January 9, 1S14. 

4073. John XI. Talcott, born Sept. 7, 1S16, married Mary F. Chamberlain. 

[22BS.] Arad Talcott, son oi Joseph Talcott and Rebecca For- 

; ier^ (937) married October 15, 1806, Elizabeth Tracy, 

[Thom.\s Tracy, born at Tewkesbury, Eui^'hind, son of Xnthafttei 

I Tracy, and grandson of Kichani Tracy, of Siauway, Gloucestershire, and 

\ his wife Barbara Lucy, daughter of Sir U^iliiam Lncy^ of Charlecote, War- 

j wickshire, England, (sec Shakespeare's *• Justice Shallow*'; came to New 

• England, Salem, Mass., 1636, and removed to NorN^ich, Conn. 

Second Generation, John Tracy^ bom , 1642, married , 1670, 

Maty Winsloiv, 

(JosiAix WixsLOW, bora Februar>- — , 1605, at Droiiwich, Worcestershire, 

England, son of Edward Winslow, came to New F.n«;land, 1630-31. He 

married , 1636, JAir^a/v/ Bourne, daughter of Thomas Bol'Rne, of 

Marsh Aeld, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, Mary W'insloiu, bora — , 1640, married /t;/i/i Tracy, 

Third Generation, U'ins/oz*; Tracy, bom , married Rachel Ripley, 

Fourth Generation, Josiah Tracy, bora — — , married Rachel Allen, 

Fifth Generation^ Calvin Tracy, bora June 7, 1759, married December 

13, 17S1, Elisabeth Hunivi:;ton, bora July 17, 1763, daughter of Barnabas 

Huntington^ of Franklin, Conn., son of Christopher Iluniinglon and .Ibi- 

gait Abet. Arad Talcott lived in Huron, N. Y., where he died November 

20. 1845. 

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Their children were [heiiiij of the seventh i^eneralio'.i : | 
^ -1074. George II. Talcoti, l)orn Nt>v. ji, 1S07, iiiarriril I.iiorcti.i CoUiiian. 


■I07'>. Charles T. Talcott, boru June 16, l^09, in.irricJ Jcrusha Gaj^cr. 
•In7(5. Juliana Talcott, bom September 6, 1.S12, never nmrrieJ. 
' 4077. Joseph Talcott, boru May 7, 1S21, uiarried CelcTitia Chapin. 

[2 2 3D.] £n?iitv Taicotf, daughter oi Joseph Talcott and AV- 

, bccca Porter, (937) married , iSoi, jVaf/um Ilalc Rose. 

I [Robert Rosk cauie from Ipswich, county rfuflfolk, Kngland, >viih his 

wife Margery, to Dorchcster» Mass., 1634; representative 1640 to 1647; 
f removed to Stratford, Conn., and died at Brauford, Couu., 1665. 

Second Gvncratiofi^ Daniel A'osc\ born in Kngland. 163 1, married, i66.|. 
; Elizabeth Goodrich, daughter of John Goodrich, of Weathersfield, Conn., 

J frooi England, aud died , 1695. 

» Third Generation, Jonathan Rose^ boru September 30, 1679, married 

» Februarj- 26, 1707, Abigail Hale, 

• Fourth Generation, Doct. Samuel Rose, boni , 1717, married June 

5, 1 74 1, Martha Delding, horn September 24, 1721, daugliter of lif-'nczcr 
Belding, who married Decemljcr 7, 1720, Mary Talcott^ born 1700, dau-^litcr 
o£ Samuel Talcott, sou oCSamuii Tauott, who niarritd Novemljcr 7. io'ji, 
Hannah Holyoke, born June 9, 1644, daughter of /:7/r,v7//j/jv/v, who mar- 
ried , 1643, Mary Pynchon, daughter of \Vii.i.i.vm I'vnchon, of Sprin..;- 

ficld, Mass., from Hngland. Eli/ur Holyoke, bom in Kngland, was son of 
Edward Holyoke, and his wife Pntdence, of Springfield, who came fiom 
Tamworth» Staffordshire, England, to Lynn, Mass., 1636-37, and died May 
4, 1660. 

Fifth Generation, Doct. Samuel Rose, bora , 1743, married Eliza- 
beth Hate, she was sister of Capt. Nathan Hale, '* the martyr spy of the 

Sixth Generation, ^Vathan Hale Rose, born , married , iSoi, 

Eunice Talcott. 

Their children were [licinjj of the seventh generation :] 
407S. Eunice H. Rose, lK>m August 16, XS03. 
4079. Nathan H. Rose, boru April iS. 1S06. 

[2292.] Rev. //enrj' Talcott, son ol Joseph Talcott and Re- 
becca Porter, (937) married August 26, 1817, Cynthia Osborne. 

[JOHX OSBORNK, from England to Windsor, Conn., where he marricil 
May 19, X645. Anne, daughter of Richard Oi,dack, of Windsor. John 
C)sl>ornc died Octolier 27, 16S6. She died August 28, 16S9. 

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S\OK\/ L>t'i:{'i*i!iou^ Jcfnt ( ^v/'.'^ /;/, lic«rii Jamiiiry lo, KMot in.uric*! iV'U- 
l)cr 14, 1669, Alii:aU J\^,i^it'Si*ott, born June 12, 164S, daughlcr of lUoon 
Hggi*kstox of WUulsor, from liiii;laiul. 

Third Gcnc'ratioHy John Osbonu\ l>oru , 1677, married December 7, 

1696, Elizabtt/i Gibbcs^ boni Scpicinber 30, 1679, dauvy'luer oi Jacob Cibtcs^ 
of Kair£cK1, Comi., vho married December 4i 1657, Elizabeth Amirczjs^ 
daugUlcr of Traxcis Andrkws, of HariforJ, Conu., from Kiiglaud. 

Fourth Ci.:t ratio/if Ezt'kitrl Oibonu\ born May iS, 1710, married April 
13, 174.1, Abi^^aii Watson, bcrn October 30, 17 15, daughter of Ebcnczcr 
WatsoH, of Windsor. 

Eifih Ccncration, Ebcnczcr Osborne, bora , 1752, married . 

Si.vih CcmralioH^ Cynthia Osborne , boru , 1790, married Jlancy 


Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4«)S0. Susan TalcotL, bora June 15, iSiS, married Jared W. Post 
•iOSl. Jane Talcott, bora Ji:ne 1, iS:>o, married Rev. A. C. Beach. 
40J>2. Harriett Talcott, bora June 15, 1S23, married Doct. C. C. Gilbert. 

[22SB.] William Porter, son of William Porter (93S) and 

Phebc Kinosbury, married , iSii, Keziah Washburn, He 

died in I^yme, X. H., 1S46. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4*VS3. HarrLsou Porter, born April i, 1813. 
4«)S-L George Porter, bora January 3, 1S16. 

[2299.] Oliver Kingsbury Porter, son of William Porter (938) 

and Phebe A'ingsbury, married , 1S12, Elizabeth Franklin, 

daughitr of Jonathan FyanAiin, She died , 1874. He died 

, 1866. Residence, Lyme, X. H. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4(^\ Francis Porter, born December 29, 1S15, marrie^l Julia H. Kent. 
4(»bG. Isaac N. Porter, boni November 2, 1817. 
4087. Ephraim K. Porter, born July 25, jSio, married Emily Kent. 
4r«S.S. Nancy P. Porter, boru November 12, 1822, marric<l D. B. Russell. 
4OSII. Joseph Porter, born January 26, 1S25, married Almeda Wilcox. 
40lH\ Betsey J. I*orter, bora August 13, 1S27, married George Underwood. 
40*Jl. Julia A. Porter, born July 2, 1829. 
4CM>2. Rosctta Porter born June 1, 1834. 

[2309.1 Bun el/ Porter, .son of Asahel C Porter (941) and 
Alehttabel Bail, married Ai)ril 19, 1831, Susan Garfield. 

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[Edwari* Gaki'IKI.D caiiit from lui^laml lo \ViilirU»wii, ilass., lOju. 

SirofiJ CcniTratiou^ Lduciii duftr/tf, born in Kn^t^Lind, uianicd in Eng- 
land, /Rebecca — . He settled in Watertown, and died June M, 1672. 
Mra. Rebecca Garfield died April 16, 166 1. 

Third Gcficrathn^ Bt'njamin Gcf'Jicld^ born , 1643, lived in Walt- 
bam, ]Mass. He married January 19, 167S, lilizahcth Jlrid^^e. 

(JOHV RridGK caine from England lo Cainbridt^e, Mass., , 1620. 

Died , 1667. 

Second Generation^ Mattheiv Bridi^Cy born in England, 1620, married, 
1644, Anne Dan/orih, daughter of Xicholas DANKORXir, from I'ramling- 
ham, county Suffolk, England, to Cambridge, M;^.si. Matthew Bridge died 
April 28, 1700. 

Third Generation ^ Eli::cbcth Bridge, born August 17, 1659, married Ben- 
jamin Garfield, He died November 2S, 1717. 

Fourth Generation, Thomas Garfield ^ boru December 12, 16S0, married 
January a, 1707, Mercy Bigelow, 

(Joiix BiCELOW, son of Randal Bigelow, came from Wrentham, county 
Suffolk, England, to Watertown, Mafs., 1630. He married October 30, 
1642, Afary Warren, bora in Euglaud, daughter of Joux Warrex, born 
15S5, \rho came Wth bis wife Margaret, in 1630, to New England, settling 
at Watertown, -where he died December 13, 1667. ^Irs. Margaret Warren 
died November 6, 1662. John Bigelow died July 14, 1703. Mrs. Mary Bige- 
low died October 19, 1691. 

Second Generation, Samuel Bigelow, bom October 25, 1653, married 
June 3, 1674, Afary Flaggy daughter of Thomas Pi.agg, of Watertown, from 
England. He died February 6, 169S. Mrs. Mary Bigelow died — , 1763, 
aged eighty-four. 

Third Generation, Mercy Bigelow, born April 4, 16S6, married Thomas 
Garfield, Residence, Weston, Mass. He died February 4, 1752. 

Fifth Generation, Samuel Garfield, born April 11, 1720, married May 
27, 17^6, A digai/ Peine, 

(Thomas Peirck, came from England to Chariest own, Mass., 1634, with 
his wife Elizabeth, He died October 7, 1666, aged eighty-three. 

Second Generation, Thomas Peirce, boru in England, lived in Woburu, 
Mass. He married May 6, 1635, Elizabeth Cole, daughter of RicE Cole, 
and his wife Arrold, from England to Charleston, Mass., 1630. Thomas 
Peirce died November 6, 16S3. Mrs. Elizabeth IVirce died March 5, 16SS. 

Third Generation, Savittel Peine, born April 7, 1756, married Novem- 
ber — , i68»3, Lydia Bacon, born March 6, 1656, d luglitcr oi David and Mary 

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(Rectli J\uou, %\hocainc wiih his father MieiivKi. T.acon, lo Woburu. from 
ICnglatiil, 1640. 

Fourth Ctucfatiim^ Sttwut'l IVint^ horn NovcMnhcr 25, 16S1, married 
June 14, 1705, .Ihii^ai/ yo/htson, horn October 4, 1674, cUiii^i^hlcr of M:ijor 
U'UiiamJohfison^ of Woburn, who uiarricd M:iy 16, 1655, Esther iriswi!!^ 
daughter of Thomas Wiswai.l, froin Knt^'land. William Johnson was sou 
of Capt. Ki>WARU Johnson, from Kent, Kn^jlaud, author of the work enti- 
tled •* Woudcr-workini^ Providences." 

Fifth Can rat ion, Samuel Pvirce, bora June 3, 1706, married ■., 

Abi^^aii . 

Sixth Generation, Abigail Pierce, born September 22, 1735, married - 
Samuel GarjielJ. Residence Spencer, Mass. He died Juue 22, 1792. She 
died January 22, 1S16, ^ 

Sixth Generation, John Garfield, bom July 26, 177 1, uiarried February 
16, iSoo, Susan A*o.;ers. He died July 5, 1S42. She died Juue I, 1S37. 

Seventh Generation, S:tsafi Garfielif, born October 10, 1S03, uiarried 
Burrell Porter. Lived in Lan^^don, X. H. Pic died April 26, iSSi. She 
died February 27, 1SS4- ** 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation i^- ^ 

4(i*.*:i. Uurrell Porter, born February 22, 1832, married Harriett Carpenter. 
40IM. Kleaztr I*orier, Ijoni June 16, 1S33. 
4i«).j, Anna M, Porter, born February 25, 1835. 
4U>G. Aaron Porter, bom July 14, 1S37, married Augeline Dickie. 
4*>j7. Emily Porter, born May 27, 1840. 

409S. Atthel C. Porter, bora February i, 1S42. married Anno C. Brickwell. 
4t)i*9. George Porter, bom January 17, 1844, married Jannette Woodside. 
410«>. Harrison Porter, Lorn January i, 1S46, marrie<l Caroline A. Smith. 
4101. Sarah Porter, bom ^klay 12, 1848. 

[2323.] Benjamin Porter, son of Elcazer Porter (945) and 
Sarah Sthnson, married 1S20, Lydla Abbot, Residence Troy, Vt. 

[Gkorok AiiuoT, from Cngland to An^|ovcr, Mass., in 1643. His house 
was usc«l as the ;;arrisou many years. He married 1647, Annis Chandler, 
bora in EnglantI, daughter of Wii.u am Ciianulkk, from England, with his 
wife Ann is, iu 1637, to Roxbury, Mass. He died January 19, 1642. Mrs. 
Annis Chandler married Rev. Francis Dane, and died June 11, 1711, aged 
eighty-two. George Abbot died iKocmbcr 24, 16S1. 

SeiO,id General ion, Hitliunt A ('hot, born Manh 10, 1647, piarried June 
2, 1682, Pfiza tilth Gray, born February 11, 1655, daughter of Edward 
GuAY, from En;^land to Plymouth, Mass., in 1643, who married January 6, 

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1651, .Vi//T irif/s/ou\ born 1630, ilauL^btcr of John Winsiaiw, who \\a> born 
at Droilwich, \Vorcesien>bire» I;ng., April — , 151)7,5011 of /:'«/:*•//./ H'iK'^/ow, 
John Winslow came to New Kn^jbind in the ship "I'oriuiic," 1623, ami mar- 
ried Jftiry Oiiiton^ born in Enj^land daughter of James CmLTON, from 
Kn};land, with his wife J/arj\ iu the sliip ** Mayflower." William Abbot 
died October 21, 1 7 13. Mrs. Kli/abeth died December -,1712. 

Third Cencration^ James Abbots born I'cbruarN' 12 1695; removed to 
Concord, Mass. He married Jjuuary — , 1714. Abi\^aU Farnham. 

(Ralph Farnm.\m, from England to Andover, ^lass., married October 
26. 165S, Elizabeth Holt, born March 20, 1636, daughter of Nicholas Holt, 
from Romscy, county Hants, Kugland, with his wife Elizabeth^ in the ship 
"James," 1635. Settled in Andover, Mass., aud died Januarv* 30, 16S5, aged 
cighty-tbrce. Ralph Farnham died January S, 1692. 

Second Generation, Thomas Farnhavi^ Xioru 1670, married May 14, 1693, 
Hannah Hutchinson, 

[William Hutchinson came with his wife Anne from Alford, Lincoln- 
shire, Kngland. She was daughter of Rev. Kdward ^Iarbur>', of London, 

Seconjf Generation, Edward Hutchinson, born iu England, married , 

Catharine Hanbury, daughter of William Hanbi-ry, of Boston, from Eng- 
land. Hutchinson was a captain in King Philip's war. Killed August, 1675. 

Third Generation, Elisha Hutchinson, born November 26, 1641, mer- 
chant in Boston ; captain of Ancient aud Houorable Artillery Compauy, 
married 1666, Hannah Hawkins, bom November 10, 1644, daughter of 
Thomas Hawkins, of Boston, from England. 

Fourth Generation^ Hannah Hutchinson^ born January 22, 1675, married 
Thomas Farnham. 

Third Gefteration, Abigail Farnham, born 1695, married James Abbot, 

Fourth Generation, Reuben Abbot, bom April 4, 1723, married , 1751, 

Rhoda IVhitlemore, She died January 27, 1805. He died 1S09-10. 

Fijth Generation, Lydia Abbot, bom August 9, 1790, at Westminster, Vt. 
married Benjamin I\)rter, 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4102. Marshall Porter, bom August 11, 1S22, died unmarried 1S57. 

4103. Catherine P. Porter, born Septembers, 1S24, married John Wheeler. 
4l(M. ?;sther Porter, born September 10, 1827, married Darid V. Heath. 
4I0or. Lydia Porter, l>om December 11, 1S29. 

41W. Emily^ Porter, born November 22, 1832, married C. D. Parremont. 
4107. Marcellus Porter, born October 29, 1S39. 

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448 inrscicxDANTs of joiin ruirriCK. 

[2324.] //i'niu' /\»;7<7-, son of /:.7ni::ir Potter i,v45) *^"^^ 
Surah Stimson, inarrieil in Troy, \'t., Dcceinl>or 5, 1S22, Kviily 
. Residence, North Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
410.S. Mari;i Porier, bom April 29. 1S24, niarried Willi.ini Leach. 
41'ftl. Sophia roru-r, bom Fcbmary 26, 1S26, married Austin Flint. 

4110. Geor^'e S. Porter, Itom April 16, 1S2S, married Mary F. Mason. 

4111. Mary .\. IVirter, born March 21, 1S30, married II. C. WiUon. 

4112. Lucrelia Porter, bom June 22, 1S32, niarried G. K. Kinsley. 

4113. Daniel W. Porter, bom January 2, 1S35, married Mary E. Brown. 

4114. Jane A. Porter, bom April 16, 1S3S, married H. K. Peitengili. 

4115. i:mcline L. Porter, born April 3, 1S41, married J. K. B. Hunt. 
411(>. Henrietta Porter, bom August 13, 1S43, married Mitchell Hunt. 
4117. Ida E. Porter, born Novembers, 1S45, married H. B. Pciteugill. 

4 1 IS. Horace A. Porter, born ^lay 15, 1S4S, married ICUeu \V. Burbank. 

[2 3 2 B.] Francis Porter, son oi Elca::cr Porter {<:)\^) and Sarah 
Sthuson, married Anne Culver, Residence, Manchester, N. H. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
•llli). Ruth A. Porter, born 1S34, manicd Edward Custer. 
412»>. Mary E. Porter, bora XS36. 

[2327.] Loiina Porter, daughter of Eteazer Porter (945) 
and Sarah Stimson, married , 1835, John Gregory. Resi- 
dence, Patten, Maine. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4121. l«:d\vaTd S. Gregory, born October 4, 1S36, married Jane Lexfonl. 
41 'J:?. Eli/abeth Grej^orj', born Febmary, 20, 1S3S. 
41:io. Henry P. Gregorj-, born March f2, 1S40, married Sarah Abbot. 
4124. Francis J. Gregory, bom .April 10, 1S42, died unmarried. 
AVl'i. Joseph Gregory, born January 27, 1S45, married Sarah Rogers. 
4l2r». I«ovina E. Gregory, born .\ugiibt 19, 1S47, mrirricl II. H. Adams. 

[232B.] Charles Porter, son of Eleazcr Porter (945) and 
Sarah Stimson, married September 3, 1836, Electa Hand, Resi- 
dence, Troy. Yt. He died , 1848. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4127. William Porter, bom Jiine 22, 1S37, married Klizabelh Stiuison. 

4128. Orreu Porter, bom November ir. 1S3S, married Sarah W. Genre. 


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4lL*l>. Cliarlcs II. Porter, born January i, 1S4?, marrictl Alice Cieare. 
4i:{0. Harvey E. Porter, bom August 5, 1S43. Resiilence, Idaho. 

4131. Flora A. Porter, bom March 24, 1S45, uuirricil II. \V. Brown. 

[2323i] Eieazcr Porter, son of Elcazcr Porter (945) and 

Sarah Stimson, married , 1S42. Ainic Cuhcr, He married 

(second wife) Caroline Eikifis, Residence, Tioy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4132. Erviu K. Porter, born March 1, 1S41, married .\bby Page. 

4133. Abby Porter, l>orn July 24, 1S44, married j. K. ^lunsell. 

4134. Clara Porter, bom May 12, 1S46, married Henry Peitengill. 

4135. Mary L. Porter, bom March 26, 1S50, married Kli Chamberlain. 
4I0G. Adino Porter, born July 16, 1S52, married Julia Page. 

4137. Ktta L. Porter, born December 25, 1S54, married M. T. Ilamiltou. 
41 3S. Charles Porter, bora Xovember 3. 1S57. Rc-^idcuce, Dacolah. 

[2334.] Samuel P. Webster, son of Samuel Webster and 

Anna Porter, (946) married , Adeline Haskell, Residence, 

Thetford, Vt. He died November 24, iSSo. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4139. Mary Webster, born 1S43. 

4140. Samuel Webster, born 1S45. 

4141. George Webster, born 1S47. 

4142. Newton Webster, bora 1850. 

[2333.] George Webster, son ol Sainuel Webster and Anna 
Porter, (946) married April 14, 1846, Elizabeth Converse, Resi- 
dence, L>Tiie, N. H. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 

4143. Ella A. Webster, bora 1S47. married L. W. Warren. 

[2341.] tToah Grayit, sou oi Noah Grant (g^2) and Susannah 

Delano, married , Anna BuelL (See Col. Joshua Porter, 

913.) She died 1790. He removed to Westmoreland county-, 
Pa., where he married (second wife) March 4, 1792, Raehel Kelly, 
Noah Grant marched from Coventr>', Conn., to Boston, Mass., on 
receipt of the news of the battle of Lexington. He become cap- 
tain, and ser\-ed to the close of the war of the Revolution. 

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Tlieir chiKlrv:n were [iK'ing of the eighth generation :] 
■I1-I4. Solomon Grant, boni 1778, ''went to the Soulli." 
414-'i. Tcter Grant, bom 17S1, **\vent to the South." 
4140. Susannah Gram, born 1793. 

4147. Jesse R. Grant, boni January 2S, 1794, uiarrietl Hannah Simpson. 
414S. Murgaret Grant, boru November, 1797. 

[2443i] Hannah Root, daughter of FJisha Root and Lucy 
Curtis, (1028) married September 3, 1787, Asahcl Gridley, born 
February 23, 1759, son oi Joseph Gridlcy, of Southington, Conn., 
who was great-great grand.son of Thomas Grim.i:y, of Hartford, 
Conn., from Knghind, and his wife Mary Seymour, daughter of 
Richard Skymour, of Hartford, Conn. Residence, Southing- 
ton, Conn. 

Tlieir chiUlren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
414!». Root Gridlcy, born September 27, 17SS, married Sarah Moss. 
4150. Joseph ^.ridley, bom I'tbmary 26, 179}, died unmarried. 

[2444.] Lucy Root, daughter oi Elisha Root and Lucy Cur- 
tis, (102S) married December 4, 17S7, Amos Ncivell, bom 1762, 
son oi Josiah jVtu'c//, of F'annington, Conn., and J/ary Upson, 
daughter of Stephen Upson, and J/ary Lee, daughter of John 
Lke, and Mary Hart, daughter of Sthphkn Hart, of Hartford, 
from Kngland. Stejdien Up.son was son of Thomas Upson, of 
Hartford, from Kngland. Mrs. Lucy Newell died Jan. 6, 1806. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
41-'>l. Olive Newell, bora July 20, 1788, married Stephen Walkeley. 
4152. Cromwell Newell, boru March iS, 1790, married Lavinia Moore. 
415:j. Alvali Newell, born April 27, 1792, died unmarried 1S29. 
41M. I.ucy R. Newell, boru Tebmarj' i, 1794, married Rev. ^I. Ordway. 
41iM. Amos Newell, bora July 31, 1796, died unmarried, 1S40. 
4l,Vj. Josiah Newell, bom October 6, 179S, married A. M. Huugerford. 
41o7. Mar>' Newell, boru Deceml>er 7, iSoi, married Joshua Katon. 
4158. Emeline Newell, bora October 25, 1803, married J. M. Stocking. 
4lo(». Rho«la A. Newell, born August 24, 1S07. 

[2445.] /•;*/ Root, sou of Etisha Root^iwCi Lucy Curtis, (1028) 
married . 17S7, Eteanor 5'/>v?^'^^ born April 17, 177 1, daugh- 
ter of Col. John Strong, of Torringford, Conn., an officer of the 

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war of Rcvuhilion, and his wife A\?r//t7 Pomcrow Joel Root was 
a merchant in Xe'.v Haven, Conn. He died Janiiaiy 12, 1S47. 
Mrs. ICleanor Root died July 5, 1853. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
■IIOX Olivia A. Root, lx)ru October 10, 17SS, married Samuel lUdv^er. 
4101. l,ucy C. Root, boru ^lay 7, 1790, niarricJ Charles Atwater. 
4ir>*2. VM?A M. Root, boni April S, 1792, luarricil S. II. WootlrufF. 
41(i.'5. Eleanor P. Root, Iwrn January 9, 1794, married Reuben Rice. 
41G4. Jeanneltc F. Root, born March 2, 1796, married Rev. Scih Bliss. 
4105. Charlotte A. Root, boru February 9, 179S, married W. J. Forbes. 
41(kj. Susan A. Root, born January 2S, iSoo, married Dr. E. T. Fitch. 

[2471.] David J. Porter, sow oi Joseph Porter (1055) and 

Eunice IVitham^ married , Sarah IL Phinncy, Residence, 

Frankfort, Maine. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4107. Catharine Porter, boru 1S37, married Andrew J. Fiaker. 
41GS. Hannah Porter, boru 1S39, married John Bowdoiu. 
4101). David V. Porter, bom 1S41, married Celia F. Wood. 

4170. Louisa \V. Porter, bom 1S44, married O. P. Edgcomb. 

4171. Gershom P. Porter, bom 1846. 

4172. Cassandra Porter, born 1S4S. 

[2472.] Ajina M. Porter, daughter oi Joseph Porter (1055) 

and Eunice Witham, married , 1813, Silas Lane, Residence, 

Frankfort, Maine. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4173. Alexander R. Lane, bora 1S14. 

4174. Lidoriana Lane, bom 1S18. 

4175. Olive T. Lane, liom 1S20. 
4170. Orra D. Lane, bom 1S22. 

4177. Silas IL Lane, bom 1S24. 

4178. Lucy L. Lane, bom 1S27. 

4179. Clement \V. Lane, bom 1S30. 

[2475.] Joseph Porter, son oi Joseph Porter (1055) and Eu- 
nice Witham, married , Azubah Littlcfield. He marri(^d (sec- 
ond wife) Esther Spalding, Residence, Frankfort, Maine. 

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Their childien were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4^S^l Jane Porter, born 1S20, uiarrietl l,cbl>ciis Curtis. 
4 LSI. Abigail Porter, born 1S22, married Sullivan Ilurd. 

41S2. ICunice Porter, l>oni 1S25, r.iarrieil Babba;{e. 

4183. Klcaiior I*ortcr, born 1S27, married John Shuniway. 

4154. David Porter, born 1S30. 

[24 7 B.] Nathaniel Porter, son oi Joseph Porter (1055) and 

Euniec Witham, married , 1S22, Sarah Hopkins, born in 

Unity, ^^aine, , I79^> daughter oi Josiah Hopkins, Resi- 
dence, Frankfort, Maine. Removed to St. Albans, Maine. 

Tlieir children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4155. Juliana Porter, bom March 22, 182.1. 

•IISG. Lewis 11. Porter, born April 2S, 1S26, married A. M. Philbrick. 
•IIS7. J pU R. Porter, bom November iS, 1S27. 

41S8. A*. • S. Porter, born Septeml)cr 4, 1829, married T. R. Waterman. 
■11S1». Reuel W. Porter, born October 13, 1831, married Lauriuda Walker. 

4100. I.avinia S. Porter, bom August 15, 1S34. 

4101. Ilowman II. Porter, bora February 7, 1S37. 
41'.»2. Chandler A. Porter, bom July 5, 1S40. 
410.'*. Rebecca S. Porter, bom February 9, 1842. 
4im. Kvelinc O. Porter, bom March 26, 1S46. 

[2436.] Abigail Belden, daughter of Ezekiel P, Delden 
(1075) and Elizabeth Williams, married March i, 1809, Justin 
FJ\\ Merchant in Springfield, Mass. 

Tlr •»• children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
410.>, Jusua Ely, bom December 19, 1813, married Nancy H. Lathrop. 
411»C. KlizalxrlU W. Ely, bom November 18, 1815, died Octobers, 1837. 

[2433.] Elizabeth P. Delden, daughter of /T.v/'/V/ 7^. Delden 
(1075) and Elizabeth Williams, married June 30, 1812, Daniel 

[Hmanikl Bcck came from England, with his wife Stint/i, to Weatbers- 
ficld. Conn. 

Sreond Generation, Daniel fluek, bom April 12, 1677. married January 
14, 1690, Elizabeth Hubbard, born January 9, 1679, daui^liicr of l.\uiicl 
Hubbard, of Guillbrd. Conn., (son of Ckorck Iltiin.vRD from ICiigland,) 
who married Novcuiber 17, 1664, Elizabeth Jordan, daughter of John JOR- 
HAX, of Guilford, from l\uj;land. 

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i)i>:ci:ndants or john ioktkk. 453 

Third iScHtuatiou ^ Joniah liuck^ Iktu January 26, 17^3, tiiurricil May 27, 
1 731, Anne Dcviiv^r^ \yox\\ May 2S, 1712, d:ui.:<hter i,t( C/iiries Dcmiu^, who 

married Seplcnibcr 5, 1706, Anne U'^ Ijoni , 1690, dauijUicr of 

Thomas /r/V^t^ii;;!, of Weaibersficld, Coiiii.» and his wife SiiruA Standish, 
daughter of TiiOM AS SXANDISH, and wife Susannah, of Weathers field, from 
Ktiglaiid. Jostah Buck died February S, 1793. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Buck, boru June 13, 1744, married December 
3i 1775» Sarah Sat tons tat/. 

(Richard Saltonstall came from Halifax, Yorkshire, * England ; 
named iu the charter of 1620, as au assistant. His wife Grace, was daugh- 
t^ioi Robert Kaye, of Yorkshire, England. He died , 165S. 

Second Generation, Richard Sat/onstalt, born in Iviigland ; graduate of 

Hmamiel College. He married , 1633, Jfun'et G.trdon, daughter of 

Bramptox Gurdox, of Assingtou, county SulTolk, Eii;^land. Richard Salt- 
eustall • s au assistant 1637-41 ; governor of Connecticut ; returned to Eng- 
land, a: ''ied 1694. 

Third Generation, Nathaniel Saltousiatl, born in England ; representa- 
tive 1666-67; assistant 1679; judge of Supreme Court; married December 
28, X665, Elizabeth Ward, 

(NATHANiEt, Ward, from Haverhill, county Suffolk, England. He grad- 
uated at Emanuel College, Oxford, England ; A. M. 16*36. New England. 
He was known by the title of his book, **Thc Simple Cobbler of Agawam." 
.He died 1653. 

Second Generation, John Ward, bom in England 1606, was minister at 
Kitlcry, Me. 

Third Generation, Elizabeth Ward, boru April 7, 1647, married Nathan- 
iel Sallonstall. He died May 21, 1707. She died April 29, 17 14. 

Founu-^ueneration, Gurdon Sallonstall, born March 27, 1666 ; Harvard 
College 1684 ; minister at New London, Conn. ; Governor of Connecticut 
1707-24; married 1700 Elizabeth Rosewelt, born October i, 1679, daughter 
of W11J.IAM RosEWEW,, of Branford, Conn., from England, who married 
NovcQiber 29, 1664, Catherine Ruseell, daughter of Richard Rl'S.sei.1., who 
came from Hartford, England, with his wife Maude, in 1640, to Charles- 
town, Mass. Gurdon Sallonstall died September 20, 1724. 

Fifth Generation , Gurdon Saltonstall, born December 22, 170S; Yale 
College 1725; married 1733, Rebecca Winthrof*. 

(Joiix WiXTiiROP, boru at Edwardstone, county Sufluld, ICngland, 15S3, 
came to New England iu the ship "Arbella," August—, X630; assistant, 
governor, &c. He married April 7, 1605, Mary Forth, daughter of John 

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Di:sci:xr)ANTs ov juiin rouTi-K. 

l«oMTll, <)f Crcal Suuiibriilj^c, county K^^o\^ Ijii-laiiJ. i^ho dictl June — , 
1615. He liica May 26, lojy. 

SiYomf Cciiifaliofi, Johit Winihrop, hon\ February 12, 1606, graduated 
at the University of Dublin, Ireland, 1622. He married ^second wife) 1635, 
IClizabcih Ri'tJ, He was governor of Connecticut from 1657 to liis death, 
April 5, 1676. 

mtii Generation, U'ailsfill ll'i^ilhrop, born Febnzary 27, 1642, married 
1678, Catherine I>rattley bom September 26, 1664, dau-;iter of THo>rA3 
IlkATTU:, of Charltstown, Ma*s., from England, who married 1655-6, /iV/r- 
abeth Tyni^, liorn l-'ebruary 6, 163S, daughter of William Tvng, of Boston, 
from Kngland. Wuitstill Wiuthrop died November 7, 1717. ilrs. Catherine 
Winthrop died Au;^ust 5, 172S. 

Fourth Generaiioft^ Rebecca Winthrop, bom , married 1733 Gurdon 


Sixth Generation, Sarah Sattonsfa/i, born 175O, marned Daniel Buck. 

Fifth Generation, Daniel JJuc/:, born Octoher 27, 1779, niarried FJiza- 
belh P. L'elJen. Residence Wcathersficld, Conn. He was a merchant in 
Hartford, Conn. 

Their childreu were [being of the seventh generation :] 
41t»7. Daniel Buck, bom February 26, 1S14, married Mary E. Imlay. 
41I»S, Kzekiel Buck, born Jaimary 31, 1S16. 

411>'.). Charles Buck, born December 2f, 1S17, married Catherine Bradford. 
4JiX). Julia S. Buck, bom July iS, 1S20. 
42(d. John \V. Buck, born December 16, 1S22. 
4202. Susan Buck, bom March 3, 1825. 

[25D4.] Cecelia Beldcn, daughter of i?irt>e-/V//». Bcldcn (1075) 
and Elizabeth Williams, married October 9, iSiS, Heman Ely, or 
I'Uyria, O. He was judge of Supreme Cotirt, and died Februar>- 
2, 1S52, aged seventy-six. 

Their cliildren were [being of the seventh generation :] 
42»»:*. Ilemau Ely, born October 30, 1S20. 
42'M. .\lbert Ely, bom January 7, 1S25. 

[2513.] Savtuel Churchy son of Samuel Church (10S6) and 
Mary Jones, married May 6, 179S, Esther Parmalee, who died 
1814. He married Gsecond wife) Polly Fouler, 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
IJ«»5. William J. Church, Loru March 21, 1799. 
42(>». Sheldon P. Church, born August 27, iSoo, married Lydia Emnghaoi. 

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4*3»7. Juhu R. Church, bom Dtcciiiboi 21. iSji, marrictl Aiistis UowanL 
4'20S. ConicHn Church, born October 13, 1S03. died 1S71, nniiiarried. 

4209. Samuct A. Church, bom Xovcuiber 27, iJxx), married Sarah Nixon. 

4210. ICsthcr Cliurch, bom April 15, 1S13, niarrieU T. J. Conaut 

4211. Robert Church, bom March 12, 1S17. 

4212. Mary Church, born November 2, 1S20. 

[2513i] Jo/m C Church, sou of Samuel Church (10S6) and 
Mary Jones^ married March 27, iSoo, Elizabeth Andrexvs, 

[JOHX Andrews, with his %rifc MkH'}\ from couuiy Essex, England, to 
Fanniugtou» Conn., 165S. He died 16S1. She died May — , 1694. 

Second Generation^ Benjamin Andreics^ bom June — , 1659, married 
May 26, 1682, Mary Smith, daughter of Wittiam Sntitii, of Farmington, 
and wife Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of Thomas St.vxlky, from England. 

Third Generation^ Sim net Andrews, bora November 20, 1695, married 
Novembers, 1721, Ma rj' Scott. 

(Edmund Scott came from England to Walerbury, Coun., 1649. 

S'cond Generation, Samuel Scott, born April — , i66o, married l-'ebniary, 
16S7, Mapy Or: is, bom June i, 1663, daughter of Gkoroe Orvis, from Eng- 
land, to Farmington, Conn« 

Third Generation, Mary Scott, bora March i, 1700, married Samuel 

Fourth Generation, Amos Andrews, bora May 28, 1722, married Mary 

(Andrew Warner, from England, Hadley, Mass., 1659. 
. Second Generation, Robert irarner, bom in England married February 
I, 1654, Elisabeth Grant, 

Third Generation, Robert U^arner, bora , 1687, married June, 24^ 

1 7 14, Isabel IVeimore, born , 1693-94, daughter of Izraiah ll^etmore, of 

Middletown, Conn., who married May 13, 1692, Rachel Siowe, bora March 
12, 1667, daughter of Rev. Samuel Stowe, of Middletown, and his wife //ope 
Fletcher^ daughter of William Flktcher, from England. 

Fifth Generation, Samuel Andrews, bom October 25. 1753, married Xo- 

Tcmbcr iS, 1778, Elizabeth Dames, bom , 1760, daughter of Samuel 

Barnes and Temperance BushnelL 

Sixth Generation, Elizabeth Andrews, bora August 6, 1781, married 
John C Church. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4213. John Church, bom April 30, iSoi, married Steadman. 

4214. Henry Church, bora March 12, 1S03. 

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-4 so 


-Illlo. Sylvia Church, l>orn March 12, 1S05, dicvl uimiiirricil 1S24. 
4lM<», llarricU Cluirch, horn March 21, iS.»7, ilicil miniarricd 1S26. 
-t--*17. Adeline Church, bom March i, 1S09, married AU-ia Tyler. 
-I31S. Charles S. Church, boru April 26, iSii, niarriod CharloUe Taylor. 
-%tilO. Mary Church, boru January 7, 1S16, married B. R. Agard. 

-4:220. Susan Churcli, boru Jauuary iS, iSiS, married Aaron Cliue. 

•4221. George Church, boni June 20, 1S22, married EvcHue Lathrop. 

-4222- EUziibeth A. Church, boru April iS, 1S25. 

£2622.] Harvey Church, son of Samuel Church (10S6) and 

JiTaty Jones, married , Catherine Freeman. Residence, Og- 

dcnsburgh, N. Y. He died November 10, 1S67. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4223. James F. Church, bom September 5, 1S14. 
4J"J4. Richard E. Church, born September 18, 1S16. 
42J5. Henry R Church, born Jime 24, 1824. 
42*Jl>. Sarah E. Church, bom April 13, i3^o. 

[2SZB.] Ensign Church, son ol Nathaniel Church (loSS) and 
Lois Ensign, married in Salisbury'i Conn., Jerusha Wright, 

[Abkl Wright, from England to Springi'eld, Mass. 

Second Generation, Abel Wright^ born September 25, 1664, married Sep- 
tember 16, 1691, Rebecca Terry, daughter of Samuei, Terry, and died 
June 2, 1745. 

Third Generation, Ebenezer Wright, bom >Iay 25, 1705, married March 
23, \12%, Sarah Huntington, daughter o( Joseph Huntington, of Xonvich, 
Conn., and died April 22, 17S6. 

Fourth Generation, Amaziah lyright, bom Febmary 11, 1739, married 
April I, 1762, Zeri'iah Fiteh, daughter of Eleazer Fiic/i aud Amy Bozi'en. 

Fleazer Fitch, boru Angur>t 29, 1726, was son oi Joseph Fitch, of Stouing- 
toa. Conn., and Sarah Mason, daughter of Samuel J/asoM, who was sou of 
Major JoitK Mason, of Pequot fame. 

Joseph Fitch, bom November—, 16S1, at Norwich, Conn., was son oi 
Rev. J.vMKS FiTCir, from Enj^land to Saybrook, Conn., who married October 
2, 1664, Pt in ilia Mason, born October—, 1641, dau-htcr of Major John 
MAbi>N. of Windsor, Conn., before named. 

Fifth Generation, Jeru^iha Wright, born August 29, 17S4, married En- 
sign Church. He died April — . 1S13. She died in Canfield, O., 1S70. 

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Their chiKlrcn were [hcin*^ of the scvciUh ^vncKilioii :] 
42*-*0-l. Mary S. Church, 1 orn rcbruary 20, iS >;, married JChcii Newton. 
♦ • ♦ Lois K. Church, born June i, iSii, ilicil January 23, iSiS. 

[252 5i] Savuicl Chmch, son oi Nathaniel Church (loSS) and 
Lois Ensign, married November i, 1806, Cynthia Ncivdl, daugh- 
ter of Scth Ne-xell, of Farmington, Conn. Samuel Church was 
Chief Justice of Connecticut. He died September 13, 1S54. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4227. Caroline E. Church, born Jan. 6, iSio, married G. W. HoUey. (3922.) 
422S. Albert E. Church, boru iSj2, Prof. W. P. Military Academy. 

[2652.] Mills Olcoit, sou of Pdcr Olcott and Sarah Mills, 
(1138) married , iSoo, Sarah Porter, 

[John Porti;r, with his wife Miiry\ from England to IX)rchester, Mass., 
1635; Hiughani and Salcni, Mass. lie dijd 1672. 

He is believed to have been a cousin of John Porter (i) of Windsor. 

Second Generation y Sauiuel Porter, boru , 1632, manied , Han- 
nah Doif^e,hon\ July 24, 1642, daughter of William Dodc.i:, of Salem, 
Mass., from England, 1629. 

Third Generation, John Porter, boru — , 165S, married — , x6So, Lydia 

(IlENRY Herrick, from England, to Salem, Mass., married, 1635, Edith 
Laskeu, daughter of Hcgh Laskkn, of Salem, from England. 

Second Generation, Henry Herrick, born January 16, 1640, married , 

1664, Lydia — . He died June — , 1702. 

Third Generation, Lydia Herrick, bora December — , 1664, married 
John Porter, 

Fourth Generation, Benjamin Porter, born , 1692, married January 

13, 1 7 16, Samh Tyler. 

( Job T\*ler, in-ilh wife Mary, from England, to Roxbur>-, Mass. 

Second Generation, Jfoses Tyler, bom , married July 6, 1666, Pru- 
dence Blake, bom April 15, 1647, daughter of George Blake, of Glouces- 
ter, Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, Sarah Tyler, bom , 1696, married Benjamin Por» 

ter. Residence, Boxlbrd, Mass. He died June 3, 1778. She died January 
27, 1767. 

Fifth Generation, Moiet Porter, boru November iS, 17 19, married De- 
cember 3, 1740, Mary Chad wick, ^f^ dKM March 7, 17S1, aged sixty-one. 
He died November — , 1781. 

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458 DicscKNOAN'i^ OK JOHN rouri-K. 

Si.iiJi iiiiutation, ^-tsa /\)rii'f\ bom May 26, 1742; ^raihulc oi' llar\ai\l 
Collcijc, 1762; was a lucroliaiU U\ Xcwburypori, M.iss. He \va.s a lovalist 
(Tory) in the war of Rcvoluiiou, ami died in Haverhill, N. H., iSiS. 

Sci'CKih Ccfuruiion^ S.irah Porter^ boru , married Miils Oicott. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

4229. Catharine Olcott, born October 51, iSoi, married Joseph RcU. 

4230. Helen M. Olcott, bom March 29, 1S03, married Rufus Choate. 

4231. Charles H. Olcott. born May 18, 1S04, M. D. 

42:32. Jane Olcott, 1 , . of tnarried \V. P. Haddock. 

V bom August 15, 1S05, I 
42.J3. Edward Olcott, ) ** ( married Charlotte Bums. 

4234. William Olcott, born September 9, 1S06, married H. A. Hinsdale. 

42:>). Sarah ^I. Olcott, born May 20, iSio, married W. H. Duncan. 

4:^3o. Mary P. Olcott, born May lo, 1S14. married C. E. Thompson. 

[257H.] Jane M. Banhvcll, daughter of R^v, Joel Dardivch 
2ii\^Jafte Mills, (1156) married July 7, 179S, Rev. Mai thy GcUton. 

[Hi'GU Ghlston, born in Belfast, Ireland, 1697, came to Soutliampton. 

N. Y,, (Long Island.) He was jud^je, and married , 17 17, ^fdry Maliby, 

bom -^— , ^693, daujjhier oi John Mal!b}\ of SoutUold, Long Island, who 

married , 1671, Mary Dryan, daughter oi Richard , aud grand-daughter 

of Alkxandkr Brv.vx, of Milford, Conn., from England. 

Second Generation , Ilii^h Gehton, born September 13, 1735, married 
November — , 1763, Phebe HoilcH, daughter of David Houell, and died De- 
cember X, 1S15. 

Third Generation , Rev. Maltby Gelsion, bom July 17, 1776, married 
July I7» ij^f/ane M, LardzvelL He was minister at Ro^bury, Conn., and 
died December 15, 1S56. She died April 26, 1S50. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4237. Hugh Gchtott, bom December 17, 1799. 
433$. Betsey Gclston, bom ^larch 7, iSoi, married H. Fairchild. 

4239. Phebc Gelstou, born September 15, iS33, married J. A. Potter. 

4240. Maltby Gcl:>tou, bora April 30, 1S05, married Harriett A. ^lerwin.. 
43^11.. Jane Gelston, born Febmary 7, iSoS, married D,. W. Northmp. 

[2S37i] John Bro'u.n^ son of Ozi^eyi Bron^n and Rutk Mills, 

(1178) married December 2, 18 19, Diantha Lusk, who died , 

1S32. He married (second wife) Januarj- — , 1833, "* Meadville, 
Pa., tVary A, Day. Residence, Torrington, Conn., removing to 
Hudson, Ohio, with his paiviits iti 1805, This is he, who with a 
handful of followers, made the mad foray into Virginia, at Har- 

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pcr'i Ferry, I)LCcinl)cr 2, 1S59, i;ivini;;up liislifc, aiul [ircoipilaliiii; 
the war of the rebellion. 

Their children were [beiiii; of the seventh generation :] 
4242. John Brown, boru Vebruary 25, 1S21, iiuimc.l W. Holchkiss. 
4i243. Jasoii Brown, bona July 19, 1S23, married Klleii Shcrbody. 
4244. Owen lirowu, boru Noveuiber 4, 1S25. 

424-3. Ruth Brown, boru February, iS, 1S27, married llcnr>' Tbor.ipsou. 
424^1. Frciicrick Riown, boru January 31, 1S30, killed in Kansas. 

4247. WaLson Brown, born October 7, 1S34, niarricvl Isabella Thompson. 

4248. Salmon Browu, boru October 2, 1S36, married Abby C. Hinckley. 
424l>. Oliver Brown, boru Xovember 9, 1S39, killed al Harper's Ferr>\ 

[SBDD.] AW/;// 5*. Robinson, daughter of Rev. William Rob- 
inson and Anne Milh, (iiSo) married March 24, 181 1, James 

Woodruff, born , 17S4, son of Judge Sum ml Woodruff, of 

Southington, Conn. She died in Brooklyn, X. Y., Xovemlx^r 21, 
1849. He died April 29, 1855. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
42o0. Anne Mills Woodruff, bom April 16, 1812, married Theodore Rouieyn. 

4251. Helen E. Woodruff, bom September S, 1S16, married Geo. H. Tracy. 

[2BDli] Anna Lcu'is^ daughter of Rev. Thomas Lewis and 

Joanna Boolh, (iiSi) married , ii(>\,John Phillipps. 

Their onlj' child [being of the seventh generation :] 

4252. Anna L. Phillipps, boru October S, 1765, married Daniel Phceuix. 

[2BD7i] Lois Drake^ daughter oi Aaron Drake (1207) and 

Cloliide Gillette^ married , 1789, John Si, John^ of Canaan, 

N. Y., a descendant of Mark Si. John, of Noiwalk, Conn., who 
married Elizabeth Stanley, daughter of Thomas Stanley, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. He was son of ^^A•l^llEW St, Johx, from England, 
to Dorche.ster, Mass., 1634; Hartford, Conn., 1636; Norwalk, 

Conn., and died , 1669. John St. John removed to Canajo- 

haric, N. Y. He was a captain in the war of 1S12, and died 1814. 
Mrs. Lois St. John died March 11, 1S54. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
42.Ki. Sylvanus St. John, boru October S, 1791J, married Chloc Starke. 
42.>l. Sylvester St. John, bom January 31, 1792, died unmarried. 

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•l*i.Vi. John I,. St. John, l)oni July 7, 1796, Jieil uiiiiiarrioil. 

V2oii. llaney Sl Jehu, bon. March 11, 1S02, uiarricd Mary VauAlstyne. 

42o7. Louisiana St. John, born June 5, 1S05, died unmarried 1S79. 

[2B1B.] Snra/i Maria Porter, daushter oiEUhu Poricr {i2^z) 
and Mary GUlette, married March 17, 1807, Eben Strong. 

[Elder John Strong, from England. 

Second Generation, J Cited iah Strong, married Freedom Woodzeard. 

Tliird Generation, Jed ediiih Strong, married Abiah Ingersolf, daughter 
o{ Jokn Ingersott, of Hanford, Conn. Strong was killed at Wood Creek, 
N. Y., October 12, 1709, (see Nathaniel Porter.) Mrs. Abiah Strong died 

. 1732. 

Fourth Generation^ Ezra Strong, born March 12, 1701-2, lived in Leba- 
non, Conn. He married Januar>' 2. i^io, Abigail Carr//)',' daughter of 
Philip Caverty, of Lebanon, and died May 7, 17S5. She died July 3, 17SS. 

Fifth Generation, Eben Strong, born March 29, 173S, married Sarah M, 
Porter. He died in Marlboro*, Mass., June 29, 1S60. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
420S. Sarah ^L Strong, born December 16, 1S07. 
42oD. Giles P. Strong, bom January 29, iSio. 
42ii0. Kbeu R. Strong, bom September 4, 181 2. 

42t»l. Jemsha A. Strong, bora December 20, 1S17, married William Adams. 
42C2, ilary A. Strong, bora January 19, 1S20. 

[2B17il Mary Porter^ daughter of EUhu Porter (1233) and 
Mary Gillette, married July 15, 1^06, John BuelL 

[WiixiAM BCKr.L, from England. 

Second Generation, Samuel Bucll, married Deborah Griszcold, 

Third Generation, William Buelt, born October iS, 1676, married, 1705, 
Elizabeth Collins, daughter of y^^^f/A Collins, and grand-daughter of John* 
Collins, of Guilford, Conn., from ICngLind. William Buell died in Leb- 
anon, Conn., April 7, 1763. Mrs. Elizabeth Collins died December 7, 1729, 
aged eighty-four. 

Fourth Generation, IVilliam Buell, bom September 5, 1706-7, married 
in Hebron, Conn., January 2, 1737, Elizabeth Hot lister, 

(John Hollister, from England, to Weymoutii, Mass., 1642; Weathers- 
field, Conn., tlieuce to Hadley, ?.Tas:?., and died , 1663. He married 

Joanna Treat, daughter of Rich ARi>TkKAT, of Weathersncld. 

Second Generation, John Hollister, born , 1646, married November 

20, 1667, Sarah^ daughter of William Goodkicu, of Weathersfield, who 


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tiiarricil Sitfii/i Man^yn^ dau^tjbtcr of M.VTTiiHw Marvyn, from luighiiul, to 
Hartford, Coun. 

Third Generation ^ Thomas HoUislcr^ born January 14, 1672, married, 
1696, Dorothy HilL 

(JosKPU lIiLL, aud wife Rosc^ from ^laldeu, comity Essex, Knglaud, to 

Charlestowu, Mass., 163s. Died iu Newbury port, Mass., , 16S5, aged 


Second Generation^ Joseph Iliil^ born iu Euglaud, manied November — , 
1653. Hannah Smith. 

Third Generation, Dorothy Hill^ boru April 13, 1667, married Thomas 
Iloltister. He died October 12, 1741. Slie died October 5, 1741. 

Fourth Generation, Elizabeth Hollister, boru December 17, 1703, mar- 
ried ihltiam Duell. 

Fifth Generation^ William Buell, born April 17, 1746, married May 11, 

1766, Abis^ail Nos/ord, born , 1749, daughter of Timothy Ilosjord, of 

Windsor, Conn. lie died March 6, 1S19. 2ilrs. Abigail Duell died April 
I, 1819. 

Sixth Generation, John Dnell, born June 10, 17S3, married I^lary Porter, 
Residence, Hebron, Conn. He died October 5. 1853. She died Oct. 9, 1851. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
42tKS. Klihu P. Buell, bom December 2S, i8o3, married Lucy Kellogg. 
42G4. Mary £. Buell, bom March 9, iSio, married B. T. Sumner. 
42&5. John \V. Buell, bora November 4, 1812, married Mary A. Post. 
42(X>. Abigail E. Buell, born January 21, 1815, married Nathan Gillette. 
4267. Da\-id M. Buell, bom July 5, i8i8, married Louise Robertson. 
42(>vS. Josiah M. Buell, born March 4, 1821, married Susan Burnham. 
4209. Charles G. Buell, born April 6, 1S24. 

[2 BIS.] Lucy Porter, daughter ol Increase Porter {x^'^^) and 
Lydia Wooduorth, mamed November 22, 179S, Thomas Tarbox. 

[JouN T.VRBOX came from England to Lynn, Mass., 1639. He was en- 
gaged in the first works for making iron from the ore at Lynn, aud he died 
May 26, 1674. 

Second Generation, Samuel Tarbox, bom about 164S, married May 26, 

1674, Hebecca Armilage, bora , 1649, daughter of Joseph Armitace, 

from England, with his wife Jane, to Lynu, Mass., 1630. Samuel Tarbox 
tlitd , 1715. Mrs. Rebecca Tarbo.K died I^Iarch — , 1677. 

Third Generation, Godfrey Tardox, born August 6, 1670, married . 

Fourth Generation, Godfrey Tarbox, <>orn , 1695, married March 

*<*. 1722, Sarah Lai^rhton, daughter of Thomas Lai^hlun, of Lynu, who 

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tiiarried December 2. i6Sc>, /Linmih Sil<\\\ il.\uj^htcr of Ui.nkv'Sii.m 
of Lynn, from ICn^'l.ind. Goilfrcy Tarhox r^iuovod in X7o9i ^^ ^^^^^ 
Conn., ami died , 176S. 

Fi/lh Cntcratitft, JoncJiuin Tdrbi}.\\ born April 3, 1726, married .\ 
»7. '755. I^yJid f^iff, of Lebanon, CoTin. She died August 7, 1S20. 
dietl in Coveniry, Conn., Januar>- 29, 1837. 

Si.i'fh Gcftcniiion^ Thontas Tarbo.v, born February i6, 1776, married 
vcml)cr 22, 179S, Lucy Porter, Removed 10 Hast Wiudsor, Conn., Sc3 
Parish. lie died April i, 1S24. She died May 4, 1S16. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
427d. Octavia Tarbov, born Januar>' 31, iSoi, died January 1, 1S04. 
-1271. Benjamin P. Tarbox, born May 20, 1S04, married Losaiia Westcoit 
427?. Thomas B. Tarbox, born FebruLr>- 5, iS^6. died Febniurj* 16, 1S16. 
4170. Lucy W. Tarbox, born April 7, iSio, married Daniel Haiues. 
4271. Lydia H. Tarbox, born ^lay .>6, 1S12, married Christophtr Drown. 
427o. Increase X. Tarbox, born February 11, 1S15, married Delia A. Wa 

[2523.] Bch Porkr^ son oi Increase Porter (1234) and L\ 
Woodx^'orih^ ninrricd , 1S05, Mary (Polly) S/re?:j. 

[Elder JOHX Sykonc, from Fngland. 

'Seeoiui Generation^ Jedediah Strofsj, bom -. married Freedom JVoodu' 

Third Generation, Jedediah Strong, born August 7, 1677, married 
Tembcr 8, i6S3, ^diah Ingcrsotl, He was killed at Wood Creek, Sara 
county, X. Y., October 12, 1709. She died Xovember 20, 1732. 

Fourth Generation^ Eleaser Strong, bom September 7, 1695, mai 
February 23, i-jio, /eniifna Stites, He died , 1779. 

Fi/th Generation, Eleazer Stron^^, bora December 27, 1729, mar 
1747, Abi:rail Chappett, daughter o{ .\oak Chafipell ^u^ Abigail Ho'^ 
Residence, Hebron, Conn, He died , iSii. 

Sixth Generation, David Strong, bom July 27, 174S, married Decei 
29, 1776, Leah Dissell. He died April i, 1821. She died August — , iS^ 

Seienth Generation, Mary Strons:, bora , 17S6, married L\'!a I\- 

He died Xovember 11, iSiS. His widow married /<?///! S, Porter, {364S. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
427C. Kmily Porter, bom June, 1S07, married Xe!sca Beach. 
4277. Mar)- Porter, l)orn July, 1.SJ9, married William Gray. 
427S. William Porier, born September, iSii, married Lauriada Kimball. 
4270. Beujimtn Porter, born I-'ebruarj-, 1513, married Jaiic Gray. 
42Sil. Cepha* X. Porter, bom March 6. 1S13, married Olive Aiiustrong. 
42.Nl. IJcla Porter, born Xoyemlier, i.SiS, died unmarried in California. 

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[i5325.] Chiyhida Porftr, dauijhtcr oi I iurcasc Po tier (^122,^) 
n^iitl LjJia IVoodwori/i, married M:iy 20, 1S05, Ajfus Bill, 

f JuiiN" Bin., with wife I)orolh\\ixovi\ }Cn:^l.uul, to Kosioii, Mass., 1635. 
-S'cY«»'it/ CiMcnt/ioft, Philip Ptill, born in E'r^iUnJ, 1620; removed to New 

S.4^iitluii, Conu., 1667, witJi bis \\ife Hanujih^ who died , 1709. lie died 

July S, 16S7. 

'JliirJ Generation^ John Bill, born , 1667, inarriod ."^fercy J'OZc'ler. 

(AMitKOSE Fowler, of Windsor, Conn., from Knglaml, niarrieil, 1646, 
y.uirina Aliord, daughter of Alkxandur Ai^vokh, of Windsor, from Eug- 
l.tti«1. He removed to Westfield, Mass., and died October iS, 1704. 

S«rcond Generation, John Fozclcr, born November 19, 164S, married , 

i€>'S7, Mary Miller, boru February iS, 1662, daii-Iiter of William Millkr, 
of NoTthamptou, Mass., and wife Patience. 

Third Generation, Mercy Fouler, born , 1671, married /<?///* Dili. 

/•'ourth Generation, James Bill, born Sepiembcr 3, 1703, married , 

Akr€-ziah French, 

(John French, from En;^land, with his wife Grace, to Braintree, ^fass., 
A 11 J died August 6, 1692, aged eighty. Mrs. Grace French died February 
IS. 16S1. 

Second General ion^ Thomas French, born March 10, 165S, lived in Xorth- 
Aniptou, Mass. He married — , 16S3, Mary Ccllin, boru — , 1666, daughter 
€>€ y^hn Catlin, of Hartford, Conu., and his v^ife Mary, daughter of Thomjs 
Jlft^rshalL They settled in Deerfield, Mass. Z^Irs. Mary French was killed 
in the attack on that place, February 29, 1704. He with tliree children were 
taUeti captive to Canada. He died 1733. 

Third Generation, Keziah French, bom , 1703, married , James 

I7ilU He died November 9, 1730. She died Feb. 2, 17S6, aged eighty -three. 
Fifth Generation, Oliver Bill, born October 27, 1737, married Septem- 
^x^r 3. ^76S, Sarah Skinner, Residence, Lebanon, Conu. He died ^larch 
^3, 1S2S, aged utuetyooe. 

Sixth Generation, Amos Bili^ boru June 10, 1779, married May 20, 1S05, 
CTlarinda Porter, She died January 7, 1871. He died March 4, 1S61. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4'JSJ. Lucius C. Bill, born August 16, 1810. 

<1*>-'J. Harriett P. Bill, bom November 20, i3i2, married J ar\is P. Lord. 
t'J-l. Marcius E. Kill, born December 12, iSn, married Harriett A. Card. 
4J^'». Oliver A. Bill, born December i, 1S16, married Julia A. Abell. 
^-"'». Caroline M. Bill, boni June 10, 1S21, married E. L. Williams. 
■*'->r. George R. Bill, boru Septeml^er 12, i»S23, married Lois A. Robinson. 

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di:sci:ndants op jonx portkr. 

[2B25.^'] .Iniciia Pokier, daughter of Increase J\)rfcr{\ 2 
and Ljdia WooiUcorih, married May 23, iSii, Daniel Haines 
Xrcbanon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
•I'JSS. riiilo Haines, born Aiijjust 5, 1S13, removed to Iowa. 
42Si». Newton Haines, born December 29, 1S20, married KeziaU Andersoi 
-12v»0. Jane Haines, born l^ebruary 14, 1S23, unmarried. 
42U1. David Haines, born May 25, 1S25, married Amanda A. Taylor. 
42v»-. James W. Haines, bom January 11, 1S2S, unmarried. 

^Irs. Amanda Haines died June 6, 1S23, and he married November 
1S29, Lucy U'oodu'orlh Tarbox^ (4273-) 

[2B2S.**] Han kit Porter, daughter o{ Increase Po. 
(1234) a»J Lucy Woodicorlhy married Oct. 14, 1S17, Alvah BloJo 

[Tjiomas Bi^onoKTT came from ICnjjl.ind, with his wife Susannah 
Woburu, Mass. He died , 1641. 

SecOHtt Genera/iofiy Samue/ B/oJjetff bom in England, married Dec 
bcr 13, 1655, A*/.'//f fg-i^/rJen, daughter of Ricuard Icglkdkn, from I 
laud, to Boston, Mass. 

lytint Cencration, Thomas Blod^cll, bora Februar>' 6, i66t, mar 
Kovember 11, 16S5, /icbecca Tcad, daughter of John Tead, (or Tidd 
Woburu, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Benjamin Blodgett^ born , i694i removec 

Windsor, Conn., and married , 1723, Abigail Booth, who died Juu 

1776. He died Febmar>- 4, 1773. 

Fifth Generation, Josiah Blodgett, born , 17241 married January 

1746, Abigail Rood, Lived in EUinglon, Conn., and died April 25, 176: 

Sixth Generation, Phinehas Blodj^ett, born , 1756, married, i 

jyamaris Loom is, boru February 25, 1763, daughter oi John Loom is, 
J^edexalena Wolcott. He died at Windsor, Coun., August 29, iSio. 
Damans Bloilgett died 1S24. 

Seventh Generation, Alzah Btodj^ett, bora F«braary 2S, 1792, mai 
Hannah Porter, Residence, Windsor, Conn. He died August 6, 1 
Sbedic<l February 19, 1S71. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
420.3. Harriett P. HlodgeU, bora September 2, iSiS. 
421)4. John R. Blchlgelt, boru March 29, iSir, married Jane Woodworth. 
4'5>5. Alvah R. llloil^-ctt, born April 23. 1823, married Laura A. Chapin. 
42'.M». Huldah A. lUodgett, born July iS, 1^525, died April 10, 1840. 

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[2B2 3.^'] A/nciia Pokier, daui;lUcr of Ificrcasc PorUr{\2y\\ 
and Lydia IWwd'worih, married May 23, iSii, Daniel Haines, oi 
Lebanon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
•Il'SS. riiilo Haines, born August 5, 1S13, removed to Iowa. 
42S'.». Newloii Haines, born December 29, 1S20, married Keziali Anderson. 
42in). Jane Haines, born February 14, 1S23, unmarried. 
421)1. David Haines, boru May 25, 1S25, married Amanda A. Taylor. 
■I2*J2. James \V. Haines, bom January 11, 1S2S, unmairied. 

Mrs. Amanda Haines died June 6, 1S23, and he married November 29 
1S29, Lucy U'ooduvrih Turdox, (4273-) 

[2B2S.**] Jlarrielt Porter, daughter oi Increase Portei 
(1234) and Z.7/n' II t?t>(/:cw///, married Oct. 14, i^x-j, Alvah Dlod^ett, 

[Thomas Bi^oncinT came from ICuijland, wiih his wife Snsantiah^ tc 
► Woburu, Mass. He died , 1641. 

Second Ceucmiion, Siimue/ DloJ^eit, boru in England, married Decern 
bcr 13, 1655, Kiiih f^j^/i'de/i, daughter of Richard Iggledkn, from Kng 
laud, to Boston, Mass. 

77i/>«/ CeHcration, Thomas DiodscU, bom Febmarj' 6, 1661, niarriec 
November ii, 16S5, Rebecca Tcad, daughter of John Tead, (or Tidd^ o 
Woburu, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Benjamin Blodgett, born , 1694, removed t< 

Windsor, Conn., and married , 1723, Abigail Booth, who died June 6 

1776. He died Febmar>- 4, 1773. 

Fifth Generation, Josiah Blodgett, born , 1724, married Jaimary 15 

1746, Abigail Rood. Lived in Ellington, Conn., and died April 25, 176S. 

Sixth Generation, Phinehas Blodgett, bora , 1756, married, 17S5 

Damaris Loomis, boru February 25, 1765, daughter oi John Loom is, am 
Redexatena Jl'otcott, He died at Windsor, Coun., August 29, iSio. Mrs 
Damans Bloilgett died 1824. 

Se'venth Generation, Alzah Blodgett, bom Febmar>' 2S, 1792, marrie< 
Hannah Porter. Residence, Windsor, Coun. He died August 6, 1S50 
She died Febmary 19, 1S71, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4203. Harriett P. nio<lKtU, bora September 2, iSiS. 
421)1. John R. Blchli^eit, bora March 29, ivSir, married Jane Wood worth. 
4J1»5. Alvah R. Ulod;;ctt, boru April 23. \^ll, married Laura A. Chapin. 
42^hi. Huldab A. lUodgctl, born July iS, 1625, died April 10, 1S40. 

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4 --.♦7. Amelia lUcnlgclt, l>oni April iS, 1S27. 

4'**JS, Kmcline D. BloUgett, born Novcuibcr 23, 1S29, married Geo. K. IJiU. 

4*yi^X Ros\rcll Blodgett, born 1S31, married Frances Church. 

4:;0<). CaroHuc Blodgett, born July 26, 1S33, married W. H. Dawson. 

4001. Increase P. Blodgett, born April 24, 1S36, married Saiuautlia Norton. 

[2B2Bi] Lj'dia Porter, daughter of Increase Porter (1234) 
and Lj'dia U^oodn-orth, nuirried January i, 179S, John Beach. 
Removed to Central New York. 

Their children were Maty, Laura and Nelson, the latter for 
many years canal commissioner. 

[2B34i"| yi/^// Ward Curtey, son of Rev. Johti Curlcy and 
Mary Porter, (1237) married iSoo, Grace Stackpok\oil^o?>X.ow, Mass. 
In 1S03, he removed to New Orkans, T,a.; appointed U. S. Dis- 
trict-Attorney . Mrs. Grace Gurley died 1S04. He was killed in 
a duel March 3, iSoS. 

His only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
43Ci2. Auue M. Gurley, born iSox, married Joseph Grafton. 

[2 B 3 B .] Henry Hosford Gurley, sou of Rev. John Gurley and 
Mary Porter, (1237) married July i, 18 10, Lucy Goodrcin, of Port- 
laud, Me., bom March 19, 1793. He removed to Baton Rouge, 
La.; member of Congress from Louisiana, 1823 to 1830; la\Nyer, 
&c. He died January 8, 1S30. She died at Baton Rouge, March 
16, 1832. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4n03. Mary E. Gurley, born Nov. 3, rSii, married Rev. J. R. Hutchinson. 
\M. Harriett M. K. Gurley, born Nov. 21, 1S17, married B. F. Whittier. 
43CO. John \V. Gurley, born April 29, 1S19, married P.osa Richards. 
■I3fx5. Henry H. Gurley, bom January 11, 1S21, died 1839. 
•I^***?. Fran CIS L. B. Gurley, born January 14, 1823, died 1S63. 

■iriUS. ScUa R. Gurley, born May 4, 1S25, married Bogan. 

4*V0. Revere W. Gurley, born Feb. 4, 1S2S, married Mary C. Gurley, (4312.) 
4310, Lucy K. Gurley, bom Januar>' 30, 1S30, married E. G. Stewart 

[2B3Bi] Ralph Randolph Gurley, son of Rev. Jolm Gurley 
and Mary Porter, (1237); graduate of Yale College, iSiS; Pres- 
^tcrian clergyman; chaplain of U. S. senate. He married 1827, 

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I^/isn .1/. Gurhj, dauglitcr oi Koyul Gurhy, of PortLiiul Maine. 
He died July 30, 1S72. She died April 27, 1S72. They had a 
large family of children, most of wliom died young. 

Among them [being of the eighth generation :] 

4311. Ralph U. Giirlcy, boru . 

4312. Mar>- Custis Giirley, boru , Jiiarricd R. \V. Gurley, (4309) 

[2640.] Abby Pork} Giirlcy, daughter of )k<i\\ John Gurley 
and Mary Porter^ (1237) married October 4, 1S24, Rev. Oramcl 
Strong I Ihickhy, bom September 13, 1790. son oi Oramcl Hinck- 

ley, of Lebanon, Conn., bom , 1767, who married , Lydia 

Slrofii^, born November 14, 1768, daughter oi Daiid Slrong, and 
Eslher Chappcll. 

Daniel Strong, born September 7, 17 19, was son of Stephen 
Strong, who married January 16, 17 iS, Abigail Duell, daughter 
oijohn Buell, of Litclifield, Conn. 

O. S. Hinckley was professor of languages in Oakland College, 
Mississippi. He died in Natchez, Miss. His wife died in Natchez, 
1877. ^^^ children. 

[2B41.] Addison Porter, son of Rev. />tfi7<//V;Ar (1240) and 
Sarah Collins^ was born in Spencertown, N. Y.; graduate of Co- 
lumbia College. He married October 11, 1820, Aniie Hogeboom, 
daughter oijohn C. Hogeboom, of Ghent, Columbia county, N. Y. 
He died in New York ctiy, July 20, 1847. Mrs. Anne Porter 
died April 9, 1S49. 

Their children were [being of the eightli generation :] 

4313. John A. Porter, born May 15. 1822, married J. E. Shefificld. 
4:114. Sarah A. Porter, boru November 7, 1S23, married J. Van Dyke. 
AMo. William A. Porter, boru April 15, 1S27, married Abby H. Boies. 
4316. Edward C. Porter, boru .August 7, 1S29, died Deceuiber 13, 1S32. 
4?il7. Catherine V. B. Porter, born Auj^iist x6, 1S31, married Geo. W. Greene. 
431*^. Henry C. Porter, born March 5, 1S33, died October 2S, 1.S75, 

4310. Charles 11. Porter, born Noveuibef n, 1.S34, M. D., in Al!>any, X. Y. 
432t». Jane K. Porter, boru Oclo)n;r 15, 1836, married Ivlwanl D. Grant. 
4321. Mar>- Porter, born Pebruary 2, 1842, marric<l J. \V, Hyde. 

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[284^.] /.aum Porlcr, dauj^hler i)f Ucv. Dux id Pcrtcr ( 1 240) 
ami Sarah Collins, married ia Cp.tskill, X. V., July 30, 1S21, 
Jlauy Hill, She died in Roxbury, Ma:is., Xoveuiber 20, JS53. 

Their children were [being of tlic eighth generation :] 
-|.'i2iJ. Ilcury r^Iartyu Hill, bom June 17, 1S22. 
-132a. David Porter Hill, boru July 17, JS23. 
4:524. George E. Hill, born November 3, 1824. 
4325. Sarah E. Jlill, boru April 19, 1S27. 
432G. Richard B. Hill, bom March 23, 1S29. 

4327. Mary Porter Hill, boru Februar>- 20, 1S31. 

[2643.] William Auguslus Porter, son of Rev. David Por- 
ter {12^6) and Sarah Collins^ married August 15, 1S26, Mary Abi- 
gail Noble ^ bom December 22, 1S03, daughter of A?;/ /V/i\'!^3/e^, of 
Williamstown, Mass.; state senator, Sec, who married Estha 
Dcldcn Wolcott^ daughter of 5t»/iv;/t);/ If t?/«v//, of Colchester, Conn. 
W. A. Porter, graduate of Williams College, iSiS; professor in 
Williams College, where lie died April 2, 1S30. ' 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 

4328. Ellen Porter, boru ^lay 4, 1S29, married George F. Eetts. 

[26 91.] /////a A. /V;-/^r,daughter of Lebbeus Porter (1370) 
and Mary A. Adams, married , 1823, Martin Luther, Resi- 
dence,, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
432i). John 31. Luther, bom 1S26, married Jane Henderson. 
4o3<). Edward P. Luther, bora 1S2S, married Emma Van Slyke. 
43.51. William A. Luther, bora 1830, married Anne Thorubury. 

[2862.] >//« F. Porter, son of Lebbeus Porter (1370) and 

Mary A, Adavis, married , Eliza Parsons, He was the first 

while child born in Syracuse. Residence, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
43:i2. Harriett Porter, boru 1S29, married Dr. Elijah Devoe. 

43.^3. Mary Porter, born , 1831, married S. M. Raymond. 

4:;:; I. John W. Porter, born May 29, 1S33, married H. M. Stoddard, (3767.) 
4:Vw. James R. Porter, born August 24, 1834, married .Vnua Stevens. 
•l-M'J. Carohnc A. Porter, boru March 24, 1S36, married A. L. Palmer. 

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468 i>i;SCi:ndants or john roRTicR. 

[2BH 3.] W'i'lihffi A. JW/rr, son of AMcks Por/i/^i^-jo) ami 

Marj' A, Adams, inanied , 1S31-32, Marian C, Parkhurst. 

Residence, Syracnse, X. Y. 

Their childrLii were [being of the eighth generation :] 
■IW. Lehl^us l^orttrr, born 1S33, died iu youth. 
433S. Jane rorter, boru 1S35, married G. J. Robinson. 

43o*J. Ellcu Porter, bom 1S37, luairied Forrester. 

4340. Annette Porter, bom 1839. 

[2634.] Timothy Rupert Porter, son oi Lcbbeus Port€r{\y;6) 
TiXiAMary A, Aiia?HS, married October 18, 1337, Clari?ida Pimnb, 
Residence, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Their thildren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
AM\. Sarah M. Porter, boni 1S43, uiarried O. t,. F. Rrowu. 
■134'i. Ccorp;c A. I*orter, horn 1S45, married Flora A. Dickson. 

4343. Mary Porter, born 1S4S. 

4344. Clarinda Porter, bom 1S50. 
4343. Kiuma J. Porter, born 1S52. 

[2B95.] Warren IL Potier, son of Lcbbeus Porter (1370) 

and Mary A. Adams, married , 1840, Martha A. Maynard. 

Residence, Syracuse, N. Y. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
4^6. Alice M. Porter, born April iS, 1848, married J. C. Durgin. 

[2697.] Mervin Porter, son oi John W, Poster (1371) and 
Elizabeth Flint, married April 21, 1841, Rebecca Fourier, Resi- 
dence, East Windsor, Conu. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4347. Samuel F. Porter, bora August 21, 1S17, died February 24, 1S19. 

434 5. Jane E. Porter, bom March 7, 1S20, married Ransom V. Risingh. 
4349. Mary A. Porter, bom ^larch 6, 1S22, married William Wood. 
43*30. Maria T. Porter, bom July 4, 1S24, married James S. Clark. 

4351. Sarah A. Porter, boru November 29, 1826, married Henry S. Barnes. 

[2B33.] Elijah Porter, son oi John W, Porter (137 1) and 
Elizabeth Flint, married , 18 19, Olive Dickinson, 

[Nathamki. UiCKiNSON, from Kni;l.ind to Hailley, Ma.-^ri. 

Second Ccna'dtion, Xehemiah Dickinson, boru , 164 1, married , 

Afary Coles. 

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y/iit'J i'tfii'nt/ion, iri/Ziijui /Jitl/fisofi, born May iS, 1675, luarriol , 

1703, A/itry Marsh, 

Fourth Generation ^Josiah Dickinson^ bom Aujjiist S, 1724, mariied , 

Sybil Portrid^i^e. 

(William Partridgk, from England to Iladley Mass. 

Second Generation^ S.imuel Partridj^e^ born Oolol)cr 15, 1645 ; judge, &c.; 
sctticd iu Hatfield, 5Iass., married Mary Cotton. 

(Rev. John Cotton, boru in Derby, Kuglaud, 15S5. son of Roland Cot- 
ion; graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, England; A. M., 1606; was 
minister at Boston, Lincolnshire, England, 161 2 to 1633. He came that year 
to New England, iu the ship "GriHin," and died December 23, 1652. 

Second Generation, Seaborn Cotton, born August 12, 1633, on the voyage ; 
graduate of Harvard College, 1651. He married Juue 14, 1654, Dorothy 
liradstrcett daughter of Simon Bradstuicict, wlio was boru at Horbling, 
Lincolnshire, Eugland, who graduated at Cambridge, ICngland, 161S ; A. M., 
1624, who came in the fleet with Winthrop, 1630 ; was governor, S:c. His 
wife was Anne Dudley ^ daughter of Thomas Di'DLUY, governor of Massa- 
chusetts, who came in the ship " Arbclla," iu 1630. 

Third Generation, Mary Cotton, bom April 22, 1670, married Samuel 

Third Generation, Cotton Partridge, born October 13, 1705, married — , 
1729, Margaret Cooke. 

(Aaron Cooke, of Hadley, married May 30, i66i, Sarah JVestufood. 

Second Generation, Moses Cooke, boru May 5, 1675, married July 4, 1693, 
Afary Barnard, 

(Francis Barnard, of Hadley, irom Englaud, to Hartford, Conn., 1644, 
married August 15, 1644, Hannah Marvyn, bom in Eugland, daughter of 
Reginald Marv\n, of Hartford, from Eugland. 

Second Generation, Samuel Barnard, boru , 1656, married , 1677, 

Mary Cotton, bom September 22, 1649, daughter of Geqrce Colton, of 
Springfield, ]^Iass., from England. Samuel Barnard died October 17, 172S. 
She died March 5, 1709. 

Third Generation, Mary Barnard, boru August 11, i68f, married Moses 

Fourth Generation, Margaret Cooke, bom March 18, 171 1, married Cot- 
ton Partridge, 

Fourth Generation, Sybil Partridge, bom October 7, 1732, married Jo- 
siah Dickinson. 

Fifth Generation, Cotton Dickinson, born November — , 1754, married, 
'77S-79, Oliie Field, daughter oi Seth Field, of Hadley. Mass. 

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►SV.i7/i Ct-ncratiou, Oliic Pii^inson, !»orii July 2j;. 17S2, iiiiirricil, Elijdh 
Porter, He rcmovcwl from WiiuUur, Conn., to Toledo, Ohio. 
Their children were Lbeiiig of the seventh generation :] 
4352. Tbonins K. Porlcr, borii October I, 1S21. 
4.'J.'k>. Jcficrson rorltr, born Dccoiubcr 25, 1823. 
4ii54. Olive 1'. Porter, bom December i, 1S25. 
4355. Cotton D. Porter, bom Xoveuiber 27, 1S27. 

[27DD.] Abit-ar Poricr, son oi John W. Porter (1371) and 
Elizabclh Flint, married September 9, 1S20, Sophia Wood, She 
died in Windsor, Conn., 1S53. He died in California, 1S63. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
435G. KHzabcth S. Porter, born 1S21, married II. S. Anderson. 
4357. Kdwin A. Porter, born 1823, married Lydia A. Bundy. 
435S. Frederick A. Porter, born 1S2S, died uiimarricil 1S52. 
4359. Henry K. Porter, bom 1S31, died unmarried 1S50. 
43<iO. Martin V. Poiter, bom 1S33. married Lydia A. Meek. 
43G1. Charlotte M. Porter, born 1S36, died unmarried 1S62. 
43C2. Leroy L. Porter, born 1839, died unmarried 1S72. 

[27D1.] Elizabeth Porter, daughter of >//« W. Porter {\y,i) 
and Elizabeth Flint, married , 1820-21, John Moore. 

[John Moork, deacon in the church gathered in Kngland ; came to 
Windsor, Conn., with Rev. John Warham, 1656. Died September iS, 1677. 

Second Generation, John Moore, born December 5, 1645, married Sep- 
tember 21, 1664, Mabel Coffe, born March 23, 1644, daughter of Edward 
GOFPE, from Ii>s\vich, England, in the ship ** Great Hope," 1635, to Water- 
towu, Mass. He married 163S, Mari^aret, daughter of **widow" /iuit/ 
Wilkimon, and died December 25. 165S. 

Third Generation, Santnel Moore, born January 24, 1669, married 1702, 
Damaris Strongs daughter of Rciiini Strong, of Windsor. 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Moore, born May 25, 17 15, married 1744, 
Elizabeth Ft more, who died February 22, 179S, aged eighty. He died June 
26, 1774. 

Fifth Generation, Eli Moore, born October 14, 1753, married , Anne 


Sixth Generation, John Moore, bora 1792, married Elizabeth Porter, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
A:MV^ Sarah W. Mooro, born February ix, 1S22. 
\?jkW. Anne E. Moore, born October i, 1S23, married Alfred Tuttle. 

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[27D2.] Frtdi rick Pork r, sl^w o{ /o/in \V, /V/A7-(i37i) and 
lUizabctk Flinty married , 1S27, Elizabeth Latimer^ a descend- 
ant of i?^;?rt/ft'/ Z,rt///;/t'r, who married No.vember 18, 17 iS, Sarah- 
Goodrich, daughter of John Goodrich, of Weathenifield, Conn. 
Ik'zaleel Latimer, born October 2S, 16S9, was son oi Bczalccl Lati- 
mer, who married November 18, 17 iS, Saint Robinson, daughter 
of Thomas Robixsox, from England, to Weathersfield, and Beza- 
leel Latimer Sr., born July 26, 1667, was son of Johx Latimer, 
of Weathersfield, and ^KixtAnna, from England. 1640. Frederick 
Porter was a builder in Hartford, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
4PfG5. Frances Porter, bom 1829. 
4:Miri. Frederick Porter, born 1S31. 

[2703.] Warham Porter, son oi John IV. Porter (^i^'ji) and 
Elizabeth Flint, married June 30, 1831, Olive Aurelia Hills. Resi- 
dence, South Windsor, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
43C7. Olive A. Porter, boru April 16, 1S35. niarricil \V. II. Clark. 
43r»S. Lucy A. Porter, born August 28, 1S40, married J. ^I. Bissell. 
4309» Samuel W. Porter, bom Januarj* 7, 1843, merchant in Hartford. 

[27 D Bt'] Joh7t Durkee, son of Natha^i Durkee and Phebc 

Bliss, (1374) married , 1813, Lydia Hebard, daughter oi James 

Ilebard, of Lebanon, Conn. He died September 5, 1875. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4370. llirain H. Durkee, bom November 14, 1S14. 

4371. Benjamin Durkee, boru January 31, 1S16. 

4372. Julius A. Durkee, born February 4, 1820, married D. W. Champlin. 

4373. Laura Durkee, born September 5, 1S23. 

[27D7,] Nathan Durkee, son of Nathan Durkee ^nA Phebe 
Bliss, (1374) married Fcbruarj' 20, 1S25, Lticy Sinwi07is, daughter 
o{ Arad Sinnnons, of I^ebanon, Conn. He died April 13, 1847. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4374. Alonzo Durkee, bora 1S26. 

4375. Mary Durkee, born iSiS, marricA Abr^liaai Allen. 


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[2752.] Saf/nit/ Drummond Porter^ .sou oi Samud J^ruf 
(1405) and Mai J Drummotid^ married August 5, 1.S34, Su.u:/i 
Farley^ born November 17, 181 1, daughter oi Josef* h FarUy, of 
Newcastle, Me,, who mamed , 1S07, Betsey Thomas. 

[William Thomas, from l-jiglaiul to MarslulcUl, Mass. 

Second Cctwt'iifioft^ Stiwucl 'J'hoDiiis^ boru , married May 27, iCSo, 

Mercy Ford, daiv^hier of William FoiiD, of ^larsJifitld. 

Third Gencrotiou , John Thomas, bom — , 16S1, married Lydia WatermiVi. 

(Robert Watkkmax, from EnglanJ to Plymouth, Mass., 1636, iiurricJ 
December — , 163S, Elizabeth Bourne, daughter of Thomas Bourne, froiii 

Second Generation, John Watennan, boru , 1642, married December 

7, 1665, Anne Sturtevant, boru June 4, 1647, daughter of Saml'KL Sil'kvi-- 
VANT, from Kuglaud, to Plymouth, ^Ia<s. 

Third Generation, Lydia Waterman, boru 16S9, married y^;//// ThoiKas. 

Fourth Generation, Anthony Thomas, boru , 171S, married -r/^/^'-.z// 


(John Aldex, bom , 1599, came in the ship *' Mayflower," 1620. 

He married , 162 1, Priscilta Mutiins, daughter of William Mullin*?, 

from Eugland, iu the ship "Mayflower." Johu AlJcu was an assistant. 
Died September 12, 16S7. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Alden, boru — -, 1637, married December 
10, 1672. Abijiail Ilattett, daughter of Andrew Hallett, of Barnstable, 
Mass., from F.ugland. Jonathan Alden died Febmary — , 1698. Sirs. Abi- 
gail Alden died August 17, 1725, aged eighty-one. 

Third Generation, John Alden, boru , 16S0, married 1709, Abigail 


(Walter Brigcs, with his wife Frances, from England, to Scituate, 
Mass. ... 

Second Generation, James Bri^^f^s, born , 1650, married , 167S, 

Rebecca Tildeu. 

(X.vTHANiEL TiLDEN, With his wife Lydia, from Teutcrdea, county Kent, 
England, to Scituate, Mass., 1635 ; Ruling elder. He died , 1641. 

Second Generation, Joseph Tilden, boru in England, married November 
20, 1649, Alice Tzi'isden, daughter of John Tsvisden, of county Kent, Eng- 
land, to Scituate, Mass., 1639. 

Third Cent ration, Pebecea Tilden, boru , married yj;«rj Bn^!:^s. 

Third Generation, Abi,^ait Bri^j^s, boru — , 16*^01 married /(;//// .11 Jen. 

Fourth Generation, Abi^^ait .rlhlen, born 1727, married -/////ttP/O' Thomas. 

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Fijih Ccfit: ration^ W^tcnnan Thorn as^ bom , 1754, luamoU, 17S0, 

ilanuch Dtwtcr, 

Sixth Gt^ncratioH^ Detscy Thomas, boru , 17S5, xuarricd , 1S07, 

Joseph FdtUy, 

Si'i'i:>tth Gcncraiion^ Susan Fathy, boni November 17, iSii, married 
Samuel D. Porter, Residence, Rochester, N. Y. 

Tlieir cbildren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4376. Mar>' E- Porter, bom August —, 1S41, married C. V. Pond. 
4^77. Samuel Porter, bora August — , 1S43, uirirried Mary S. UusU. 
437S. I'arley Porter, born November — , 1S45. 
4379. Maria O. Porter, boru June — , 1S4S. 
43S0. Martha P. Porter, born April — , 1S50. 

[27S9i] Laura Barnes, daughter ol Dlakcsuv Barnes and 
Almira Porter, (1408) married Xov. 6, x^ic^y John Dziu'^hi IViilard, 

[Sniox WiLLAKD, bom April — , 1605, son o( Kichard ll'iilant, of Hors- 
mondcn, county Kent, England, came to New England ; Cambridge, Mass., 
'63.; ; Concord, Mass., 1635. His wife Klizobeth^ sister of Henry 
Dl'NSTKR, president of Harvard Collej^'e, who was from Lanc.ishire, Eng- 
land. Simon Willard was major and assistant, and died April 24, 1676. 

Seeond Generation, John Willard, bom Febriuir>* 12, 1657, married Octo- 
ber 31, 169S, Mary Ilayaard, boru May 13, 167 1, daughter oi John Hay- 
ward, of Plymouth, Mass., who married June 2, 167 1, Maiy White, bom 
June 4, 1643, daughter of William Wiutk, of Plymouth, from England, in 
the ship " Mayflower." 

Third Generation, Samuel Willard, born , 1700, married , 1728, 

Abigail Wright, daughter oi Samuel Wright, of Sudbury, Mass., who mar- 
ried , 1703, Mary Steiens, daughter of CYpRiiix Silvi'.ns, of Chelsea, 

Mass. Samuel Willard died January 15, 1740. 

Fourth Generation, John Willard, horn , 1730, married November 

24» 175S, Lydia Dz^ight, Ijoru January 3, 1731, daughter of General Joseph 
DiL'ight and Maty Pynehon, (see elsewhere.) This Rev. John Willard, D. D., 
miuister at Stafford, Vt, died Pebmary, 16, 1807. :Mrs. Lydia Willard died 
January 23, 177S. 

Fijth Generation, Rev. Joseph Willard, born May 21, 1761 ; IIar\'ard 

College, 17S4, married , 1827, Olize Ilavcn, daughter atjohn Haven, of 

Portsmouth, N. H. 

Sixth Generation, John Dwigkt Willard, born November 24, 1799; 
Dartmouth College, 1S19; lawyer \\\ Troy, N. Y., married Laura Barnes. 
He died October 9, 1S64. 

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Tlicir chiUlrtn were [lK*iiig of the eighth generation :] 
4381. llcnr>' Willanl, boni Scptcml)cr ii, 1S30. 

4352. Edward Willard, bom Z^farch 21, 1S32. 

4353. Clarence Willard, bom August 30, 1S41, luarricd S. F. McDonnell. 

[27BDi] Almira Barnes, daughter of BlakcsUy Barnes and 

Almira Porter, (140S) married , 1S30, Thomas G. Fletcher. 

She died , 1835. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4334. Trank H. Fletcher, boni May 31, 1S31, married Helen Clapp. 
4385. Charles S. Fletcher, born April i, 1S33. 

[27BB.] Theodore Riley y son o{ John Riley and Hiildah For- 
ier^ (14 1 5) man'ied , iSio, Mehitabel Fuller, daughter oi Am- 
brose Fuller, of Berlin, Conn. Theodore Riley was a commercial 
traveler. He died Ma^* 27, 1S55. Mrs. Mehitabel Riley died 
February 26, 1S24. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
43SG. Aurora Riley, bom May 19, 1S12, unmarried. 
4387. Electa Kiley, born April 12, 1S15, married L. T. Cadwell. 
4383. Chloe Riley, born Januar>- 25, iSiS. 
43SU. Theodore Riley, born October 16, 1S20. 

[2767.] Electa Riley, daughter oi John Riley and Huldah 
Porter, (1415) married October 10, 1797, Thomas Lee, 

[John Lkk, from England, to Hartford, Conn., 1633, married , 1641, 

Mary Hart, daughter of Sticphen* Hart, of Hartford, from England. John 
Lee died August 8, 1690. Mrs. Mary Lee married (second husband) Jede- 
diah Strong, and died October 10, 1710. 

Second Generation, Sicphen Lee, bom April — , 1659 ; physician in New 
Britain, Conn.; married October 7, 1690, Elizabeth Royce, 

(Robert Rovce, with wife Elizabeth, from England, to Boston, Mass.; 
New London, Conn. Died , 1676. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Royce, bom in England, married June — , 
1660, Deborah Caulkins, bora March x8, 1645, daughter of Ht'cu C.\L'I.k- 
INS, of Norwich, Conn., from England. 

Third Generation, Elizabeth Royce, born June — , 1662, married Stephen 
Lee, He died June 7, 1753. 

Third Generation, Isaac Lee, M. I)., bora Septembers, 169 1, married at 
Middlelown, Conn., December 13, 1713, Mary Hubbard, 

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(OKoKGt; HtuiiAKD, with NN-ifo Mary, from JjiLjl.uid. Dicil iu Guilford, 
Coiiii., Ja"Wft''y — > ^^3- ^^^« ^lary Hubbard died Scpicniber 14, 1676. 

Second Cenaaiion^ Samuel Hubbard, boru ^lay. i6.;S, married August 
9. 1673, Sarah A'irby, daughter of John Kikuy, of We^tticld, ^lass., from 
Kn);Iand. Samuel Hubbard died , 1732. 

71kird CcMcraii'ofit Mary Hubbard, bom , married Doct Isaac Lee, 

He died August 6, xySo. 

Fourth CeneratioM^ Isaac Lee, born January 17, 1716, married , 1740, 

Tabitha xVorlON, bom December 20, 17S0, daughter of Isaac Xorton, of 
Stratford, Conn. 

Fifth Ceueration^ Isaac Lee^ bom March 29, 1752, married May 25, 1773, 
Abigail Goodrich, 

(William Goodricu, from England, (see 233.) 

Second Generation^ John Goodrich, bom May 20, 1653, married May 2S, 
1678, Rebecca Allen, daughter of Capt. John Allen, of Charlcstown, ^lass., 
from England. 

Third Generation, Allen Goodrich, boru November 13, 16S0, married 
December 20, 1709, Elizabeth Goodrich, boru Xoveuiber 19, 1691, daughter 
of Coi. David Goodrich, of \yealhcrsiield, who was boru May 4, 1677, sou of 
H'itliam Goodrich and Sarah Manyn, son of William Goodkich, from 
England. Col. David Goodrich married Hannah Wright, daughter of 
Thomas Wright and Elizabeth Chittenden, 

Fourth Generation, Jedediah Goodrich, bom July 24, 1717, married , 

1750, Mercy Hooker, born Oct. 19, 17 19, daughter of Doct. Samuel Hooker 
tud dVercy Leete, daughter of Andrew Leete, sou of Gov. William Leete, 
of New Haven, Conn., from England. Dr. Samuel Hooker was son oi Sam- 
uel, and grand-son of Rev. Thomas Hooker, from Kugland. 

Fifth Generation, Abigail Goodrich, born October 30, 1754, married 
lutac Lee, Residence, New Britain, Conn. He died April 11, 182S. She 
died April 9, 181 1. 

Sixth Generation, TJtomas Lee, bom November 2S, 1776, married Electa 
J^iley. She died December 8, 1S36. Residence, New Britain, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4^yO. Minerva Lee, bom April 22, 179S, married Norman Hart. 
•I'JOl.^ Lorenzo P. Lee, born April 12, iSoo, married Januette Hills. 
4^1>2. Thyrra Lee, bom November 19, iSoi, married Rev. David Tilton. 
■l-5''3. John R. Lee, born April 22, 1804, M. D. 
■••101. Electa I^e, bom March 24, 1S06, married Welles Hubbard. 
•<•»•»•*>. Thomas G. Lee, boru September i, iSoS, married Susan Clark. 
•••JiM*. Caroline Lee, bom November S, iSio, married Rev. John Phelps. 

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nr-rsciCNDANTs or joaN portkr. 

-1C5!>7, Almiru S. Lee, boni Aui^usl 9, iSi2, married An.lrow K. II mil. 
-4C\tS. William II. Lee, boru May 19, 1S18, married Louisa Norlliain. 
439U. Angeline I-cc, boru January *j, 1S24, married Mark Howard. 

[2771i] Siff:con Lincoln, son oi Sin: con Lincoln 2i\d Ilnldah 
J\frtcr, (1415) married October 5, 1817, Almira Hart, 

[Stkphkn H.\RT, of Hartford, Coiiii., from Knglami. 

Second Generation^ John Hxri^ boni , married Sarah . 

Third Generation, John Hart, born 1655, married i^fary Moore, 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Hart, boru 1692, marritd December 25, 1723, 
Mary Hooker, daughter o^Jjhn Hooker and Abtj^ail Stanley, 

Fijth Generation, Samuel Hart, born January 21, 173S, married Lydia 

(RoiiKRT H1XSDAT.E, wilU his wife Anne, from England, to Dedham, 
Mass., 1636; Ancient and Honorable Artillery' Compan}*; removed to Had- 
ley, Mass., and was killed by Indians at Pdoody Brook, September iS, 1675. 

Second Generation, Barnabas Hinsdale, born November 13. 1637, mar- 
ried , 1666, Sarah While, daughter of Elder John Whitk, of lladlcy. 

lie was killed with his father and two brothers at Bloody Brook. 

Third Generation, Barnabas Hinsdale, born , 166S, married, 1693. 

Martha Smith, daughter oi Joseph Smith and Lydia Huet, daughter of Rev. 
£PHKAIM llL'iiT, of \Vindsor, Conn., from Kugland. 

Fourth Generation, John Hinsdale, bom August 13, 1706, married No- 
vember S, 1733, Elizabeth Cole. 

(John Cole, from England, to Hartford, Conn. Died , 16S5. 

Second Generation, Xathaniet Cole, boru , married November, 1676, 

Lydia Davis, daughter of Phiup Davis, of Hartford. She died January 25, 
1684. He died April 20, 170S. 

Third Generation, Nathaniel Cole, bom November 6, 16S2, married — , 
Elizabeth K'night. 

Fourth Generation, Eli::abeth Cole, bora March xS, 1710, married, 1733, 
John Hinsdale, Residence, New Britain, Conn. She died July i, 17S2. 

FiJth Generation, Lydia Hinsdale, boru August 11, 1747, married Octo- 
ber 4, 1770, Samuel Hart. He died August 21, 1S13. She died Januarj 
18, 1831. 

Sixth Generation, Almira Hart, bom July 13, 1793, married Simeon 
Lincoln. He was an editor in Hartford, Conn., and died October 4, 1S23. 
She w*as principal of a female seminar}* tX S.^iidy Hill, N. Y., and teacher in 
Mrs. Willard's Seminary in Troy, N. Y. 

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Their children were [l)eiiig of ihc ciglith gcuuration :] 
•lliNX Jane P. Lincolii, bom iSiS, killed on R. R., 1S55. 
4 lit]. James H. Lincoln, bom 1S30, died in youth. 
•1402. Emma W. Lincoln, bom 1S22, uiarried h. W. Evans. 

[2774i] /o/in Porter, son oi James Porter (M19) ^iwi Jeruska 
Lucas, married , Eliza Babeoek. 

Their only child [being of the eiglith generation :] 
4|i)3. Edwin W. Porter, born April 21, 1817, married Phcbe Bliss. 

[27751] Electa Porter, daughter oi James Porter (^i^i^) and 

Jenisha Lucas, married , 1S26, fJaniel Moore, Residence, 

Newark Valley, Tioga, county, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 

4404. Anne J. Moore, born January 2S, 1S27, married George Sabin. 

4405. Sophronia Sloore, bora Auguat 12, 1S2S, married >L 15. Sears. 
440C. Frances A. Moore, born June 20, 1S32, married George Earle. 

4407. Henry P. Moore, bom ^lay 7, 1S35, married Ivlvira M. Clinton. 

[277Bi] Rhoda Poster, daughtQv o{ Ja/ftes Porter (i^ig) and 

Jenisha Lucas, married , 1821, Richard Miles. Residence, 

Lenox, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4408. Caroline Miles, bom November 26, 1822, married George C. Wilson. 

440U. Elizabeth Miles, bom February 14, 1S24, married Henry Crittenden. 

4410. John Miles, ) . , , « ( married Anne Bradley. 

^•11 T xT-1 \ bora Fcbmary 25, 1S27. \ 

4 tU. James Miles, ) I 

4412. Sarah P. Miles, bom July 20, 1834. 

[2777i] James Porter, son o( James Porter (i^ig) and Jerusha 
Lucas, married 1830, Marj^ IValzc/orth. 

[WiM.lAM Walworth came from England about 16S9. He married 
Mary Seatoti, who came in the same ship. They settled upon Fisheri* 
Island in Long Island Sound. He died in Grotou, Conn., 1703. She died 
January 4, 1752, aged eighty-four. 

Second Generation^ IVilliam l^a/worth, born i6Sf, married Mary Aiery. 

(Christopher Avery, from England to New London, Conn., >666. 

Second Generation ^ James Avery ^ born in luiglaud, 1620, married No- 
Tcniber 10, 1643, Jane Greenstadc, daughter of Thomas Giu:r.NSi.ADK, of 
Jtostou, M.1S3. He was captain in King I'hilip's war, and died 1694. 

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Third OiNcration^ Mary .Ivcn\ Ijoru Tcbruary 19, 164S, luarricd //':/- 
Haw Walworth, 

Third CcHcralioft^ Amos ira/zcorfh, boni , married . 

Fourth Ccncraiiun, Mary Ha/zior/h, born , married J^i/fics Porter, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4413. George \V. Porter, born December iS, 1S30, married Kli/abe:h CusUing. 
4114. William II. Porler, born Sept. 21, 1S33, nj.irnod KUzaliciii Thompson. 
4415. Mary J. Porter, born November 7, 1S37, married Daniel I*ike. 
441l». Klizabeth A. Porter, born September 23, 1S43, unmarrietl 1SS5. 

[27BS.] Elha /. Porter, daughter of Timothy Pcticr (1424) 

and , married December 15, 1S30, Benjamin Riddick, sou of 

Col. Afckibald Riddick, of Suflfolk, Va., a colonel in the Virginia 
line iu war of the Revolution, who was son of Daniel Riddick, of 
Nausemond county, Va. Residence, Suffolk, Va. 

Their children were [l>cing of the eighth generation :] 
4417. Jcrusha P. Riddick, born 2S31. 
44 J S. Kudora P. Riddick, born 1S33, married K. t*. RritL 
4410. Francis M. Riddick, bom 1S35. 

4420. Eliza P. Riddick, born 1837, married Richard S. Ely. 

4421. Louisa S. Riddick, born 1839. 

4422. Ellen C. Riddick, boru 1842, married E. P. Butts. 

4423. Archibald A. Riddick, boru 1844. 

[2BlDi] Ann Eliza Porter, daughter of 5^?^;//^;/ Porter {j.^^^ 
^\A Rebecca Dodd, married 1836, William A. Ward, Residence, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4124. William P. Ward, born 1843. 
4425. Henry S. Ward, born 1S45. 

[2 Bill] Sarah Porter, daughter of 5c?A7;;/t?« /Vr/c*r (1438) and 
Rebecca Dodd, married , 1S42, James D. Breuer, of Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
442i». Edward S. Brewer, born 1843. 

4427. Sarah S. Brewer, born 1845, married Dr. I.uke Corcoran. 
4128. Solomon P. Brewer, boru 1S48. 

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[2 a as.] Frederick Whittlesey, son of Dc(,vid Whittlesey and 
Abi(^ail Judson, (1514) married September 12, 1825, Atnic Hins- 
dale,. Lived in Rochester, N. Y. lie died Sept. 19, 1S51. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
-IIA). Frederick A. WTiitUesey, boru August i, 1S27. 
AVM\ Mary M. Wbitllesey, boru July 4, 1S31. 
4431. Theodore H. Whittlesey, boru December 17, 1S33. 
4132. Tburlow W. Whittlesey, born December 16, 1S35. 
4433. Frances C. Whittlesey, boni July 14, 1S37. 
A\Z\. William S. Whittlesey, boru July 3, 1S40. 

[2838.] David C. Whittlesey, son oi David Whittlesey and 
Abigail JiidsoJi, (1514) married October 3, 1S23, Mary CoggswelL 
Residence, New Preston, Conn. He died September 11, 1S49. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4435. Martha P. Whittlesey, born August 11, 1S27. 
4i:U5. John E. AVhittlesey. boru May 29, 1S30, 
4437. Frederick Whittlesey, born September 25, 1S33. 
443S. Fanny P. Whittlesey, born October 14. 1835. 

[2BD2il Joseph Root^ son of Thamas Root and Eunice Minor, 
(1526) married in \Voodbur>', Conn., April, 178S, Abigail Hard, 
bom October 24, 1763, daughter of Gideon Hard, who married 
May 20, 1752, Sarah Graham, daughter of Rev. John Graham^ 
of Woodbur>% and wife Abigail Chaunccy (see 2921.) Residence, 
Woodbur>'. Joseph Root died August 25, 1823. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
44.39. Rosetta Root, born September 5, 17S9, married Isaac Sherman. - 
4410. Thomas Root, bom May 9, 1791, married Welthca Allen. 
44(1. Andrew Root, bom Xovenil)«r i, 1793, died uuuianried 1S61. 
4112. Sally Root, born September 30, J 796, married R. H. Hotchkiss. 

[2aD3i] Ruth E. Root^ daughter of Thomas Root and Eunice 
Minor^ (1526) married in Woodbury, Conn., January 28, 1784, 
Abijah Mitehell. 

[Matthew ^Iitchecl. from England to Charlestown, Mass., 1635 ; re- 
moved in 1636 to Springfield, Mass. ; was representative, assistant, and died 
in Stamford 1645. 

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Scc'om/ (7r/:rriifiiV,\ pji id Mitihrll^ bom in Ivii:<laml, uiarried . 

Third Ccncration D.xvU MitchcU, born , nurried , 171S, S.xrah 

Calpin^ boru February — , 1696, dauijlilcr of Dai jam in Galpiu, of \\\x)d- 

Fourth Generation, Timothy Mitchell^ boni April 9, 1725, married ^lay 
I, 1760, Etizdlclh Stoddard ^ born Sfplenibcr i j. 1 -.;:>, daughter of Abijah 
Stoddard, son of Rev. Anthony SJjddard, of Weatlicrshcld. 

fi/th Generation, Abijah Mite/iell, born I^ebruary 24, 1761, married Ruth 
E. Root. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4413. Jcruslia Miicbell, born August 4, 17S5. 

4444. Elizabelli Miicbell, born May 20, 17SS. 

4445. Timolliy Mitchell, born October 4, 1791. 
44 40. l^c Mitchell, bom September 3, 1793. 

[2S12i] Benjamin Hinman, sou oi Aaron Hinman and Ruth 
Ifinman, (1543) married March — , 1S06, Lydia Dean. Residence, 
Derby, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4447. Aaron Ilinman, bom February 24, 1S08, innrried Xaucy Stewart 
444.S. Kuih K. Iliuman, born October 9, iSio, married Dr. Lem. Richmond. 
4440. Mary Hinman, bom August 14, 1S12, married S. Steele. (33S0.) 
44")0. llarr>' Hinman, boru ilay 26, i8i8, married Urania Hinman. 

[2S21.] Johfi Moscley, son of Col. Increase Moseley and Pa- 
Hence Hinman, (1544) inanicd Octol^er — , 179S, Molly Matilda 

[John Grah.^m, bom in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1694, second son of the 
Earl of ^lontro^e ; graduate of the University of Glasgow. He came to 
New England in 1718, Woodbury-, Conn. He married September 14, 1726, 
Abigail Chauncey. 

(Rev. Charles Ciiacn-cey, bom at Yardley, county Herts, England, in 
1592, came to New England in 1637, with his wife Catherine, daughter of 
Robert Eyre, of Wiltshire, England, and his wife Anne, daughter of /<;//« 
Stills, biihop of Bath and Wells. Rev. Charles Chauncey was minister at 
Plymouth, Mass., and president of Harvard CoUe;^'e to bis death, Feb., 1672. 

Second Generation, Israet CfiaiinceVt born 164 1 ; Harvard College 1666; 
minister at Stratford, Conn., married January S, 1667, Mary Xiehols, bom 
Febmary 8, 1O4S, daughter of Isaac Nicnoi.s and wife Marj^aret, froui Eng- 
laud to Stratford, 1639. 

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'J'r.irJ CiHt'tttttoii^ Isli^ii Chjufi{Y\\ honx Oclobcr 5, 1670; llarvarJ Col- 
lej*c 1693; ordained niiiiister at lladley, ^lass., married January 29, 1700, 
Sdiah , who died 1701. He died May 2, 1745, 

Fourth Generation^ ^'lt)r^Lt:7 C/iiu'icc\\ born Xovembcr 13, 1701, married 
^QX.John Graham, He was minister at Kxcler, X. H., at Woodbury, Coun., 
and died December — , 1774. 

Fifth Gefwratio/i, .liufrezv Graham, M. I)., born 172S, married Junes, 
1753, Martha Curtis, daugljter of Nathan Curtis, of Stratford, Conn., who 
married May — , 1732, Martha Preston. (593.) 

I>oet Graham was a member of the **commiiiee of safety" in the war of 
Revolution ; surgeou iu Continental army ; taken prisoner and condued iu 
the "old Dutch church," Xew York city, and afterwards the post-otnce, and 
his graudsou, John Lortmer Graham, post-master. He died 17S5. 

Sixth Generation, Molly M. Graham, born October i, 1775, married /{7A« 
MoscUy. She died January 30, iSio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
•Mil. William G. Moseley, born August 6, 1799, married Maria Curtis. 
A\'^'l. John Moseley, born June iS, iSo3, died young. 
44')3. Polly M. Moseley, boru January 30, i&os, married Thomas Johnston. 
4454. Mar)' A. Moseley, boru May 26, 1S09, married Walter Johns-ton. 

[2a42i] Elizur Goodrich, son of Rev. Elizitr Goodrich and 
Catherine Chauncey, (1616) He was representative 1792, speaker, 
member of Congress, and chief justice of Connecticut. He mar- 
ried September i, 17S5, Anne Willurd Allen, daughter of Daniel 
Allen^ of Great Barrington, Mass., and Esther Colton, E. Good- 
rich, L.L. D., died November i, 1849, Mrs. A. \V. Goodrich died 
November 17, 1818. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
41 v>. Eli7.ur Goodrich, boru October 3, 17S7, married Kliza Champion. 
W'A, Chauuccy A. Goodrich, born Oct. 23, 1790, married Frances J. Webster. 
4r»7. Xancy Goodrich, boru January i, 1793, uiarried H. L. Ellsworth. 

[2944i] Samuel Goodrich, son of Rev. Elizur Goodrich and 
Catherine Chauncey, (1616) minister at Berlin, Conn., iSii, married 
Jwb' 29. 1784. Elizabeth Ely. 

[Natiianiki^ Ely aud his wife Martha, of Springfield, Mass., from 

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St'iOfiii (JtficivfioUt SiUiiticl El\\ born in Kiii^land, uiairiod Aujjust 2S, 
1659, J/j/j ^*^y* daii-lilcrof Ror.iCRT Day, of Hariford, Coim., from Eng- 
laud, \^lio married EJitha Slcbbins, 

Third GcncntiioM^ John ZT/v, born Jaimarj* iS, 1679, married December 
30, 1703, Mercy Jj/iss, 

(Thomas Btiss and wife MKir^^arct to Hartford, Coun., from England. 

Second Ccntrra':\vi, Santuc! IJUss^ born in England, married November 
10, 1665, Mary Leonard, boru July 14, 1647, daughter of Joiix I^eonard, ox 
Springfield, Mass. 

Third Ccncrcit ion, Mercy Bliss, born July iS, 16S0, married /i?//;/ Ely, 

Fourth Cenerdt ion, John Ely, born December 4, 1707, married November 
5, 1733. Eunice Col ton, 

(GKOKCii: CoLlON, from England to Long Meadow, Mass., married Deb- 
orah Gardner, 

Second Generation, John Colfon, born April S, 1659, married September 
*i '69a, Joanna H'oleott, born June 30, j66S, daughter of Siftton li'olcoU, of 
Windsor, Conn., and his >rife Martha ntkin, John Colton died February' 

3, 1727. ^Irs. Joanun Colton died January xo, 1755. 

Tfiird Generation, Eunice Colton, born February 22, 1705, married /»;//;* 
Ely, lie died ^lay 22, 1754. She died March 30, 1778. 

Fijth Generation, Col. John Ely, bom April 6, 1735, married June 12, 
1759, Sarah Worthing ton, 

(Nicholas WoRTHiXGTOX, from England, to Hatfield, Mass.; married, 
166S, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Bunck, of Hartford, from England, who 
married Sarah Dull, daughter of Capt. Thomas Elxl, of Hartford, from 

Second Generation, William Worthington, bom , 1670, married , 

1694, Mehitahel, daughter of Isaac Graves, of Hatfield, Mass., and his wife 
Mary, daughter of Richard Chitich, from England. 

Third Generation, Rev. William Worthington, born Decembers, r695 ; 
pastor of church at Say brook, Conn.; married September 20, 1726, Temper- 
ance Galtupp, 

(John GAi.trpP, from England, to Boston, Mass., 1637 ; married, 1643, 
Margaret Lake ; removed to Stonington, Conn., 1643; representative. He 
was one of the six captains killed in the ** great swamp light,*' December 
I9» '675. 

Second Generation, William Gallupp, bom , 165S, married January 

4, 16S7, Sarah Chesebrough. 

(WiU.iAM ChioK^iro-jgh, (or Chcsbrook) from Boston, England, with 
wife ^Inne, to Boston, Mass., 1630. died June 9, 1667. 

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StiOfttf G<^ficrathtt^ Xathani<:i Chcscbrouirh^ bom in luiglaud, married, 
1659, I/auHah Dcuison. 

(\Vii<UA.M Dknison, with \nfe Mar^atrt, from ICnglaud, to Roxbury, 
Mass., 1631. lie died Jamiarj- 25, 1654. She died rebruar>' 4, 1646. 

Second Ccncraliofit Ceorgt' Dcnisofi^ boru iu Kiiglaud ; served in the 
Isirlianiciitary arniv, iu Ireland, -vvhcre he married Anne Dorociah\ daugh- 
ter ot John IJorodaU\ of Cork. lie came to New ICnglaud ; was a captain 
in King Philip's war, and died in Hartford, Conn., October 23, 1694. Mrs. 
Anne Denison died September 26, 17 12, aged uinetY-sevcu. 

Third Generation, Hannah Venison , born May 20, 1643, married Na- 
ihanici Chesebrou^h, He died November 22, 167S. 

77*/Vt/ Genet-ation^ Sarah Chcsebrough^ born January 30, 1662, married 
William Gallupp, 

Fourth Generation^ Temperance Gallupp^ born May 25, 1701, married 
WtHiam Worthington, He died March 16, 1756. She died March — , 1778. 

Fifth Generation, Sarah Worthing/on, boru ^lay 19, 1734, married Col. 
John Ely, 

Sixth Generation, Elizabeth Ely\ bom 1765, married Samuel Goodrich, 
He died in Berlin, Conn., April 19, 1S35. She died March 3, 1837. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation:] 
4l-'>S. Sarah \i. Goodrich, bora August 7, 17S5, married twice. 
41.VJ. Elixabelh Goodrich, boru April 26, 17S7, married Rev. Noah Coe. 
441IO, Abigail Goodrich, boru November 29, 17SS, married Rev. S. Whittlesey. 
4ltil, Charles A. Goodrich, born August 19, 1790, married Susan Upson. 
4I»J2. Catherine Goodrich, bora December 4, 1791, married Daniel Dunbar. 
4I'^J. Samuel G. Goodrich, born August 19, 1793, niarried Adeline Bradley. 
4l»'fl. Elihu C. Goodrich, boru November 18, 1795, died in youth. 
4I»».5. Mary A. Goodrich, born May 29, 1799, married N. B. Smith. 
4J«>>. Kmily C. Goodrich, born November 13, 1S05, married Rev. D. Meade. 

[234Bi] Catherine Chauncey Goodrich, daughter of Eliziir 

Goodrich and Catherine Chauncey, (1616) married , Rev. David 

Sfnith; Yale College 1795 ; minister at Durham, Conn., who died 
in Fairhaveu, Conn., March 5, 1862. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4107. Catherine C. Smith, born August 27, iSoo, marrit.*d Henry L. Kllsworth. 
4»'.^. Kliatut G. Smith, boru May 30, 1802, married Susan Wadsworth. 
<«'A)/i:H7abctb M. Smith, bora May 20, 1S06. 
4i:<i. Simeon P, Smith, bom July 31, 1S09, married I- lien V. N. Lyle. 

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[294Bi] Elihu ChiUinct\\ souo[ C/uir/is C/iiJnuct'v{i6iS) and 
Abigail Darlifi^a: ; graduate Vale College 179S; editor of Uniicd 
SiaUs Gazette, Philadelphia, Pa. He married Henrietta, daughter 
ol John Teackle, of Richmond, Va., and died 1S17. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4471. llcnriclU Chauncey, bora iSiS. 

4472. Sarah Chauncey, born 1S20, married William L. Savage. 

[2361.] Abraham J. Whitney, son oi James Whitney (1634) 
and Enniee Johnson, married November 22, 1797, Phitena Adams, 
of Goshen, Conn. Residence, Stamford, Conn. ; died in Caton, 
Steuben county, N. Y., 1862. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4473. Alonzo A. Whitney, born May 6, 1801, married Faimy Pitts. 

4474. CUloc II. Whitney, boru Februarj* 27, 1S03, married C. Deyoe. 

4475. Eloisc G. Whituey, bora October 2S, 1S05, married O. Wilkiusou. 
4-170. James L. Whitney, boni May 21, iSoS, married Lucy M. Hall. 
4477. Eunice J. Whitney, born July 26, 1S16, married Isaac Creamer. 
447S. Amelia A. Whituey, boru Nov. 4, iSiS, married Nelsou Creamer. 

[2963.] Zerah Whitney, son oi James Whitney (1634) and 
Euniee Johnson, married Jane Demand, He was a soldier of the 
warof 1S12. Residence, Black Rock, (Buffalo,) N. Y., till 1S32; 
Alleghany, Pa,, 1873. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4479. Ruth A. Whitney, bora October 2S, iSoS, married John Mizner. 
41S0. Peter I. Whitney, boru October 5, iSio. married lictsey Porter. 
4481. Oscar K. Whitney, born Au^just 2, 1S12, married lUccta .\. Bryant 
44S:?. Ezra Whitney, bora July 9, 1S15, married Huldah H. Depuy. 
44&3. Abram J. Whitney, born April 21, 1S21, married Julia A. Morse. 

4454. Chester C. Whitney, bora Sept. S, 1S22, married Aujauda M. Depuy. 

4455. Marliu V. Whitney, bora November 22, 1S30, married Hannah White. 

[2367.] Philo Whitney, son oi James Whitney (1634) and 
Euniee Johnson, married October i, 1S15, at Newtown, Conn., 
Jerusha Wheeler. She died , 1829. He died , 1830. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
44Srj. Harriett Whitney, bora July 14, 1S16, married Edmund Fairchild. 
44S7. Joseph B. Whitney, born May 4, iSiS. 

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1|ns. James W. Wliitncy, born November 27, 1SJ9, iiuirried Anna M. Lewis. 
k\<K Kmily Whitney, born October 11, iS2r, marrio»l LeGrand FaircbiUl. 
AVM). Amelia Whitney, born October 26, iSjj, ui.irriod Oliver W. Moore. 
4VA. Ruth A. Whitney, born May 27, 1S26, married Truman Huhbell. 
A\\i'2, Abrani J. Whitney, born October 3, 1S2S, married Welthea Parmalee. 

[2970.] £iAh'/ IVhiincy, son oi James Whihicy (1634) and 
Hannah Johnson^ married , 1823, Elizabeth Leonard. Resi- 
dence, Covert and Geneva, N. Y., and Bloomfield, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
41l»3. Mindros H. Whitney, bom June i, 1S24, married Hannah A. Watson. 
4l«)t. Zerah Whitney, bom March i, 1S26, married Ellen J. Maffit. 
4W5. Heraian E. Whitney, born December 7, 1S30, married Lydia A. Maifit 
410(i. Enieliue Whitney, bom September 11, 1S3S, married Roswcll lline. 

[2371.] Abel Whitney, son oi James Whitney (1634) and 
Hannah Johnson, married 1823, Eliira T. Deeeher. Residence, 
Newtown, Conn. 

Their clnldren were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4407. Eunice O. Whitney, born ^lay 7, 1S24, married C. R. Shelton. 

4408. Rugglcs N. Whitney, born April 6, 1S26, married Jane Slwraian. 
441K). Harriett M. Whitney, born July 30, 1S31, married L. B. Hill. 

4500. Charles P. Whitney, born May 25, 1S34, married Celinda F. DeWitt. 
4'VOI. Frederick A. Whitney, born Jan. 2^^ 1S37, married Fanny M. SchafF. 
4.V12. Theodore B. Whitney, bom April 24, 1S40, married Mary E. Parker. 
4'y03. Jane A. Wliitney, born May 12, 1S42, married W. A. Canfield. 

[2376.] Sally White, daughter of David White (1638) and 
Mary A, Sloekifig, married May 17, 1801, Edmund Ward, He 
was aship builder at Chatham, Conn., and died in Fairfield, N. Y., 
January 12, 1824. She died December 18, ii>24. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4'i04. Henrietta Ward, born September 3, 1803, married E. B. White. 
4'Wv'). S«illy G. Ward, born December 24. 1S04, married A. B. Cooper. 
41* C. Sidney D. Ward, born July 28, 1S07, married Xancy M. Priest. 
4."i<i7. William F. Ward, born October ir, 1S09, died 1S31. 
4.'i«*8. Mortimer Ward, born June 26, 1812, settled in Texas. 

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[2977.] David n'/iiU\ son o{ David IV/iik (163S) and Mufy 
A. Slocking^ nianicd May 17, iSoi, Abi^^uil Ames, Residence, 
Portland, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
45C9. Harriett WTiile, bom December 27, iSoi, married Hdward Savage. 
4oh). Maria White, boru :^Iaioh 10, 1804. 
■1511. Evclyu White, boru July 15, 1S06, married l-Vances Penfield. 

4512. Theodosia White, boru February 11, 1S09, married P. H. Sellew. 

[2979.] Jatncs Welles While, son oi David While (163S) and 
A/arj'A, Slc>ei'i/i^, married December 24, 1S27, Margarel B. Leii^'is. 
Residence, Portland, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4513. Fauny H. White, boru December S, 1S2S, married A. B. Reyuolds. 

4514. Alfred White, boru Dcceuiber 24, 1S30. 

4515. Cornelia White, boni May 26, 1S33, married J. L. Paterson. 

[2ESDi] Elnalhan Slrong^ son of Rev. Cyprian Slrong and 
Abigail While, (1637) married October 17, 1820, Jaue Chamber- 
lain, datighter of William Chamberlain, of Peacham, Vt. Resi- 
dence, Ilardwick, \'t. He died 1843. She died 1853. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4516. Harriett E. Strong, boru September 21, 1S21, married , (3218.) 

4517. William C. Strong, boru August 18, 1S23, married Margaret Breck. 

4518. Jane C. Strong, born December i, 1829, married J. O. ^leaus. 

4519. Eluathan E. Strong, boru March 2, 1832, married Elizabeth G. Mitchell. 

[239 Bi] Ltiey Malher, daughter of Doct. Zechariah Mather 
and Luey Gaylord, (1679) married 1787, John F. Fileh, 

[Rev. James Fitch. (See 2125.) 

Second Generation, John Fitch, bom January — , 1668, married July 10, 
1695, Elizabeth Waterman, 

(Thomas Wat?:rmax, from England to Roxbur}-, Mass., 1637, married 
December 11, 1638, Elizabeth Bourne, daughter of Thomas Bourne, of 
Marshfjeld, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, Thomas Waterman, born 1644; removed to Say- 
brook, Conn., and mairied i6()»v09, Miriam Tracy, daughler of Thomas 
Tracy, of Norwich, Conn., from En^laud. 

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7'Ain/ CJaieraiioH^ JilizaMh Wa/enjui/t^ l)oru Aiigusi — , 1675, uiarricil 
John Fitch; removed to Wiiullmiii, Conn. He died May 24, 1743. She 
diedjuueas, 1751. 

Third Generation, John Fitch, born March iS, 1705, married January 25, 
1731, Alice Fitch. He died in Windham, Conn., rebmary 19, 1760. 

Fourth Generation, John F. Fitch, born January- u, 1756, married Lucy 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4.>20. Electa Fitch, born December 2$, 17SS, married John Smith. 
4521. John Filch, born December 26, 1790, died unmarried. 
4o2"2. Julia Filch, boni April 7, 1793, niarried Thnddeus Hosmer. 

4523. Augustus Fitch, born October 30, 1795. 

4524. Aurelia Fitch, bom January 9, 179S. 

4525. Mary M. Fitch, bom September 3, 1S02, married Joseph Terry. 

[3 D D D .] Luanda Mather, daughter of Doct. Zcchariah Mathe} 
and Lucy Gaylord, (1679) married January 16, 1794, David Lcav- 

[Thomas Lkavexwortii, wlh his wife Grace, from England to Wood- 
bury, Conn. He died August 8, 16S3. She died about 1715-17- 

Second Generation, Thomas Leavenworth, born 1677, married about 169S 
Mary Jenkins, daughter ol David Jenkins, of Stratford, Conn., and wife 
Grace. Thomas Leavenworth died at Huntington, Conn., August 4, 1754. 
Mrs. Mary Leavenworth, died June — , 176S, aged eighty-nine. 

Third Generation, ThomasJ.eavenivorth, born 1714 ; Yale College 1737 ; 
married August 4, 1743, Betty Davis, who died April 24, 175S. He died 
May I, 1794. 

Fourth Generation, Asa Leavenworth, bora 1744, married June 6, 176S, 
Submit Scott, danghter of David Scott, of Watcrtown, Conn. Asa Leaven- 
worth died in Binghamton, N. Y., November 19, 1S2S. She died in Great 
Barrington, ^lass., Fcbmar>- 14, 1S14. 

Fifth Generation, David Leavenworth, born September 12, 1769, married 
January 16, 1794, in Torringford, Conn., Lucinda Mather. She died in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y., February 3, 1866, aged ninety. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
452G. Charles Leavenworth, bom January 16, 1796, married F. Kelscy. 
4327. William Leavenworth, bom November 10, 1799, Quarried Mary DeBow. 
4028. Elias Leavenworth, bom Dcceni. 10, 1S03, married Elizabeth Forman. 

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[3DDS.] Lucius Mather, son of Doct. /trhariah JAi/f/cr iind 
Lucy Gaylord^ (1^79) niarricd January i, 1S17, Jane Ackennan, 
lie died May 18, 1S79. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
452*.^. John A. ^lalUcr, born October 21, 1817, married Polly Slayion. 
4.'>3>\ Zcchariab Maihcr, born November 20, 1S19, married T. Adams. 
4'VJl. Abrabaiu A. Matber, born September 23, 1S22, married Eliza A. Low. 
4.Vi'2. George C. Malber, born January 17, 1S25, married ^[alvina Adams. 
4533. Lucinda A. ^latlier, bom October 11, 1S2S, removed to Riisbvillc, N. Y. 

[3DnBi] Ezekiel Day, son of E'^ekiel Day and Catherine Gay- 
lord^ (1698) married in West Springfield, Mass., Januar>' 21, 1797, 
CUmena Chapin, of South lladley, Mass. Residence, Springfield, 
Mass. lie died 1S42. Siie died 1S43. 

Their children were [l>eing of the eighth generation :] 
45J)4. Almon Day, boru June 3, 179S, married Elizabeth Ashley. 
4*>3'3. Elihu Day, l>orn September 4, iSoi, married Harriett E. Doud. 
4j:>t>. Entiicc Day, boru August 4, 1S03, married Hiram Carter. 
4J37. Cliuicua Day, bom September 3, 1S07. 
4538. Harriett Day, boru December 7, iSoS. 
453t>. Hzekiel Day, bom November 20, iSii. 

[3D1D0 Justin Day, son of Ezekiel Day and Catherine Gay- 
lord, (169S) married November 2S, iSoi, I^ydia Noble, 

[Thomas Noble, from England to Westfield, Mass., married November 
I, 16O0, Hannah Warriner, born August 17, 1643^ daughter of \Vii.i.iam 
Warkinkr aud v^iCc/onnna. He died Jauuaiy 20, 1704. 

Second Generation , James Xodte, bom October i, 1677, married Febmary 
24, 1704, Catherine His^tey, boru August 7, 1679, daughter of /j/f« Ilij^ley\ 
who married November 9, 1671, Catherine, daughter oi John Drake. James 
Noble dictl April 22, 1712. 

Tiiird Generation, Daniel Xobfe, bom November 25, 1700, married June 
I5i '73^ A'etnrca Stedbins, who died Janu:\r}* 16, 1760. He died July 2, 1799. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Xobte, born March 5, 1734, married May 10, 
1769, --/////(I Xortou, horn 1745, daughter ot Freej^raee Xopion and Mar^atel 
Trumbutt. Daniel Noble died in Westfield, ^lass.. May 2S. 1S18. Mrs. Mar- 
garet Noble died May 7, ibi3. 

Fifth Generation, l.ydia Xot/te, born February 16, 17S2. married Novem- 
ber 21, iScn, Justin Day. They rcmo>ed to Martinsburgh, N. Y., 1S27. He 
died August 25, 1S52. 

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Their chilJrcii were [iK-int? of the ei.i;iitli *;enerati<Mi :] 
4'M. I.ytlia A. Day, born Dcccniticr 15, iSt^j, !Ti:irrio<l Allen Haljcock. 
•i.Vll. Charles N. Day, born Jauuar>- 7, 1S06, uiairieJ Hctscy Carter. 
4'A'2. Lyman Day, bom March S, iSv»S, married ICmelinc KimbiU. 
4ol3. Sylvester Day, born June 9, iSio. n:arficd ?.Iabcl Hahcock. 
4jM. Justin N. Day, born June 30, 1S12, manicd Abbio Rrii(i;s. 
4'A'}. Har\'ey Day, born May 3, 1S14, married Dorothy Markhaui. 
45 IC. Mary Day, bom October 22, 1S21, married James Allen. 

[3D44.] Elhha Hubbard, son oi Juiaiund Hubbuni^yxd Mar- 
garci Gay la yd, (17 13) married February* 9, 1797, Lucinda Noble. 

[Thomas Nouix, of Springfield, Mass., from Kugland. 

Second CeHcraiion, Thomas Xobie, boiu January i.|, 1666, lived in West- 
field, Mass. He married December 19, 1695, Elizubcth DczkCv, bom Janu- 
ary 10, 1676, daughter of Thomas Dcucy and Constance Ifazies. lie died 
July 29, 1700. 

Third Generation, Thomas Noble, born September 10, 1696, married 
September i, 1722, Sarah Koot, born March 9, 1702, daughter oijohn Root 
and Sarah Stebbins, daughter of Thomas Stebbins, of Springfield, Iklass. 
Residence, Westfield, Mass. He died Tcbmary S, 1775. She died July 
19, 176a 

Fourth Generation t Stephen Noble, bom April 16, 1727, married March 
7i 1753. Rtith Church, born July 11, 1733, daughter of /<>;/£/ //rj// Church, of 
Springfield, and £uth Hitchcock. He was a lieuicnant iu the war of Revo- 
lution, and died in Westfield, April 2, 1791. She died July 4, 1794. 

Fifth Generatlou, Lucinda Noble, born January 27, 1774, married Elisha 
Hubbard. Residence, Iladley, Mass. He died February 24, 1827. She 
died October 29, 1857. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4547. 5laria Hubbard, born February 7, 179$, unmarried, Northampton. 
404S. Harriett Hubbard, born June 7, 1799, unmarried, Northampton. 
4^9. Lucinda Hubbard, bom April 4, iSoi, married Lyman Shelby. 
4'>iO. Margaret Hubbard, bora June 13, 1804, marrieji Seth Barlow. 
4oOL Elizabeth Hubbard, born November 24, 1807, married Krastus Hall. 
4052. Eunice N. Hubbard, born October 30, 2S09, married Theodore Bartlctt 
io^V). Susan Hubfiard, born December 19, 1S12, married Erastu's Nash. 

[3063.] FMzabcth Whiting Phelps, daughter of Charles 
Phelps and Elizabeth Porte?', (1728) married January i, iSoi, Rev. 
Dan Huntington. 

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[Simon IU*NTiXGTO?i, from Kiii;l:uul. 

Second Generation^ Simon IIuhtingloHy bom in ICiiglaiui, married Octo- 
ber — , 1653, Sarah dark, daughter of Josiani Clark, of Saybrook, Conn., 

ami died Juue 27, 1706. Mrs. Sarah Iluutiiigton died , 1721, aged 


Third Generation, Samuel Huntington, born March i, 1665, married 
OctolM^r 29, 16S6, Mary Clark, bom June iS, 1669, daughter of William 
Clark, of Weatliersficld, and his wife Susannah. Residence, Lebanon, Conn. 
He died May 10, 17 17. She died October 5, 1743. 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Huntington, bom August 2S, 1691, married 
I>cceniber 4, 1722, Hannah Me tea If. 

(MiCHAKL Mktcalf, bom in Tatterford, county Norfolk, England, 15S6, 
came with his wife Sarah, to New England, in the ship ** Rose," in 1637, 
settling at Dedhani, Mass., and died December 27, 1664. 

Second Generation, Michael Metcalj, born August 29. 1620, married April 
a, 1664, Mary Fairbanks, daughter of John Fairbanks, of Dedham, from 

Thi9'd Generation, Jonathan Metcalf, bom September 21, 1650, married 
April 10, 1674, Hannah A'cnnck, bom March 20, 1652, daughter of Johx 
Kknrick, who came \vith wife Antic, from England, in the ship "James,*' 
to Boston, Mass., 2635. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Metcalf, bom , married , Savtuel 


Fifth Generation, William Huntington, bom August 20, 1732, married 
October 27, 1757, Bcthiah Throop, bom December iS, 173S, daughter of 
Dan Throop, of Lebanon, Conn., and his wife Susannah Careu\ daughter 
o{John Ca/ru', of Windham, Conn. 

Sixth Generation, Rev. Dan Huntington, born October 11. 1774; Yale 
College, 1794 ; pastor of Congregational church at Litchfield and Middletown, 
Conn.; married January i, 1801, Elizabeth W. Phelps, 

Their cbildreu were [being of the eighth generation:] 
4554. Charles P. Huntington, bora ^lay 24, 1S02, married Helen S. Mills. 
4>>5. Elizabeth P. Huntington, born May 8, 1803, married George Fisher. 
455G. William P. Huntington, born July 16, 1804, married Lucy Edwards. 
4557. Bethiah T. Huntington, bora October 17, 1805. 

4658. Edward P. Huntington, born April 25, 1S07, married Helen M. Willi.^ms. 
4559. John W. Huntington, bom May 2S, 1S09. 

43C0. Thcophilus P. Hunlingion, born July 11, i8n, married Eliza Lyon. 
4561. Theodore G. Huntington, born Mar. 18, 1813, married Elizabeth Sumner. 
45G2. Mary D. Huntington, born April 8, 1815, died 1833. 

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iVfcJ. Catharine G. lluulington, boru May JS» 1.S17, tlicd 1S30. 

iVti. Fred. D. Iluotiu^tou, born ^Uy 2S, JS19, married II. I). Sargeut. 

[3D 7D.] P/ic/>e Ely, daughter of Elijah Ely (1735) and Cathe- 
rine Lee ^ married September 20, 1790, Calvin SclJen. 

[Thomas Sklden, with >Yifc Esther, from Knglaud, to llanford, Conn., 
1636. He died , 1655. She married Andrew Warner, and died 1693. 

Second Generation, Joseph Setdcn, boru November 2. 1651, married Feb- 
ruary n, 1677, Rebecca Church, daughter of Ednard Church, of Hadley, 
and graud-daughter of Richarij Church, from Kugland. Joseph Seldea 
died in Lyme, Conn., July 14, 1724. She died June 9, 1726. 

77/ /n/ Generation, Capt. Samuel Sc!d en, born May 17, 1695, married — , 
1722, Deborah Dudley, boni November 15, 1701, dauglitcr ot'Joseph Dudley, 

of Saybrook, Couu., born , 1671, sou ol Joseph Dudley, born , 1643, 

son of WiU.iAM DuBur.Y, who came from county Surrey, England, to Guil- 
ford, Conn., 1639. CapL Samuel Seidell died Vcbruar)* 2S, 1748. Mrs. 
iXborali Seldcn died March S, iSoo. 

Fourth Generation, Ezra Seldcn, born October — , 1727, in Lyme, Conn., 
married in Norwich, Conn., ^Liy 6, 1751, Elizabeth Ro^^crs. 

(Rev. Nathanikl Rogkus, son of Rev. /j//;/ AV^vrj, of Dedham, county 
Essex, England ; graduate of Emanuel College; A. B., 1717; A. M., 1721 ; 
came with his wife Margaret, to Boston, Mass., 1636; minister at Newton, 
Mass. Died July 3, 1665. 

Second Generation, Esekiel Rogers, bom , 1640; Harvard College, 

1659; married . Margaret Hubbard, daughter of Wiujam Hubbard, 

of Ipswich, Mass, and his -^-ii^ Judith, from England. He died July 5, 1674, 

Third Generation, Ezekiel Rogers, born June 4, 1667, married Septem- 
ber 20, 1694, Lois Ivory, daughter of Thomas Iiory, of Lynn, Mass. Eze- 
kiel Rogers died Februarj' 24, 1707-^. 

Fourth Generation, Theophitus Rogers, M. D., born October 4, 1699; 

removed to Lyme, Conn. He married , Elizabeth, daughter of William 

Hyde, of Norwich, Conn. He died September 29, 1753. 

Fifth Generation, Elizabeth Rogers, boru April 17, 1729, married £'x-ra 

Sixth Generation, Calvin Selden, born , married Phebe Ely, Resi- 
dence, Lyme, Conn. He died October 2S, 1820. She died Oct, 15, 1853. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation:] 
4.'iG>>. Roxana Selden, born May 29, 1791, married Morisou Jack. 
45CG. Kzra Selden, l>oni August 19, ir93» killed in war of 1S12. 
•I-367. Elizabeth Selden, bom April 18, 1796, married Joseph Spencer. 


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4.'i4i.S. Sauuiel L. ScUlen, born October 12, iSfxi, iiiarricvl Susaii.ih M. Waril. 
4-'5(ii>. Ahuira i^clJcn. born Scj)tciii)>cr io, 1S03, married Nalhauicl A. ]>acou. 

4570. Ilenr)' K. Scldcn, boru October 14, ii)05, married Laura A. Baldwin. 

[3112i] George Cki'ciiXJid, son of Aaron Cleveland (^i'],\6) and 
Abiah Hyde, married , 1791, Caty Caldi^'ell, 

[Joiix Caldweli., from Xoitiugbamsbire, England, to Ips\rich, as early 

as 1643. JIc married , 1654-55, Sarah Diliifis^'iam, daughter of Joiix 

Dillingham, who came from England with Wintlirop, in 16S0, with wife 
Sarah ; settled ai Ipswich, Mass. He died September 2S, 1692. Mrs. Sarah 
Caldwell died January- 26, 1722, aged eighty-bix. 

Second Generation, John Caldicell, born , married , 16S6, Sarah 


(Regixai.d Foster came from Devonshire, England, with y^i^Judith^ 
iu 1638, to Ipswich, Mass. She died 1644. He died 16S1. 

Second Generation , Jacob Foster^ born , 1635, married Jan uar>* 12, 

1659, Martha A'insnian, daughter of Rohi:rt Kinsman, of Ipswich, from 
England. Jacob Foster died , 1710. 

Third Generation, Si rah Foster, born August 3, 1665, married John 

Third Generation, Jacob Ca/dwetl, born February 2, 1693, married Octo- 
ber — , 17 18, Kebekah Lull, He was killed by Indians in 1724, who captured 
bis vessel. 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Caldwell, bom April 6, 1729; settled in 
Guilford, Conn. He married . 

Fijlh Generation, Caty Cald:vell, born , married George Cleveland, 

Residence, Middlebury, Vt. He died February i, 1S51. She died ^lay 
8, 1853. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4571. Catherine A. Cleveland, bom Sept. 14, 1792, married Simeon Hyde, 

4572. Marietta Cleveland, born January 15, 1796, married Reutl Keitli. 

4573. Sarah Cleveland, born February 9, 1799. 

4574. Samuel C. Cleveland, bom March Z2, iSoi. 

4575. George Cleveland, bora 1S04. 

4576. William Cleveland, born December 27, 1S07. 

4577. Aaron P. Cleveland, bom September 10, 1S09. 

4578. Edward H. Cleveland, born October 14, 1S13. 

[3113i] William Cleveland^ son of Aaron Cleveland (1746) 
and Abiah Hyde, married December 19, 1793, Margaret Falley, 

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. Uirii November 15, 17(16, dan v^hter of AVi//<r; <//«?/// j', Jr.. he was 
born January i, 1740, wa^ison oi J\i'cJiarif ralicy and Atnui Lamb, 
Richard Falley, Jr., married in Wcstfield, Mass., December 24, 
1761, Margarei Ilitchccck. 

[Li*KK Hitchcock came from KnglanJ, to New Havcu, Conn., 1639; 
Wcalbersricld, Coiiu., 1644. Died November 1, 1659. 

Second C7t'/Uf\i/iofi, John IJitchcock, born , married September 27, 

\(^^ Ilauuah Chapin^ born December 4, 1641, (Uiu;^hter of Samcjx Ciia- 
PIX, and i\nfe Cicl€}\ who came from Engl and to Roxbnry, Mass., 163S ; 
removed to Si>ringiield, Mass., 1642, and died November ii, 1675. John 
Hitchcock died February 9, 171 2. 

Thu-d Generation^ John Hitchcock^ born April 13, 1670, married — r-, 
1 69 1, Mary DalL 

(Francis Baij., from England to Dorchester, Mass. ; removed to Spring- 
field, Mass., where he married , 1644, Abiiiai! Hurt, dan^diter of IIiinry 

Burt and wife L'lalic^ of Springneld, from Ivngland. Francis IJall was 
drowned in the Connecticut river October — , 164S. 

Second Generation^ Sainuel Dall^ born 1647, married Mary , who 

died May 21, 1727. He died 16^9. 

Third Generation t Mary Dall^ bom , married /<;//« Hitchcock, 

Fourth Generation^ Samuel Hitchcock ^ bom June 9, 1717, married Ruth 

Fifth Generation, Margaret Hitchcock, bom May 25, 1741, married 
Richard Fatlcy, He was a captain in war of Revolution, Bunker Hill, etc. 

Sixth Generation, Margaret Falley, born November 15, 1766, married 
Witliam Cleveland, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4570. Francis Cleveland, born December 25, 1796, married Harriett Stewart. 
4->S0. Richard Cleveland, born January 9, 1799, married Anna Neale. 
45S1. I^Iargaret Cleveland, born January 19, iSoi, ma.Tied Lewis F. Allen. 
4.>S2. Susan S. Cleveland, born May 7, 1S09, married Geo. D. Fuller. 

[3114.] Rev. Charles Cleveland, son of Rev. Aaron Cleveland 
(1746) and Abiah Hyde, married Dec. 17, 1797, Mchitabel TrcadicclL 

[Thomas Trkadwi;!.!., from Kngland, with his wife Mary, in the ship 
"Hercules," to Ipswich, ^fass., 1636. He died 171S. She died i65^5. 

Second Generation, Thomas Trcadzccil, born in Kn'^l-md, married ^larch 
16, 1C65, Sarah Titcomb, born June 22, 1640, daughter of William Titcomb, 
from FUigland, in the ship **I[erculcs,'* with \\\{q Joanna. 

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Third Cc'ncyation, John J'lWuizKtti, boru November 2S, 167S, luamcd 
Hannah I^oarJman. 

Fourth Generation ^ Kcw/ohn 7;vji/.\t*//, born Septcuiber 20, 173S, mar- 
ried MehHuUl Dexter, 

(Richard Dexter, from Kngland, %nUi wife ItnJgety to Cbarlestown, 
Mass., 1641-43. He died , 16S0. 

Second Generation^ John Dexter, boru , 1639, married Sarah . 

He died December S, 1677. 

Third Generation, John Dexter, boru August 21, 1671, at Topsfield, 
Mass., married // 'inifred Sprague. 

(Ralph Spracl'E, from Englaud to, Mass., 1639, with wife 
Joan. He was sou of Educird Sprag^ue, of Upway, Dorsetshire, England ; 
reprcseutative ; captain of Aucient aud Honorable Artillery Company, aud 
died November — , 1650. 

Second Generation, Samuei Sprague, boru in England, married Decem- 
ber 15, 1653, Kebeeea Crau/ord. 

Third Generation, U'inijred Sprague, born December 31, 1673, niarrie«.i 
John Dexter. John Dexter died in Maiden, Mass., November 14, 1722. 

Fourth Generation, A'iihard Dexter, born June 15, 1713, married June 
18, 1741, Mehitabet Putnam. 

(JOUK Pl'TNam, with wife Priseilla, came from Aston-Abbotts, county 
Bucks, England, to Salem, Mass., 1640. He died December 30, 1662. 

Second Generation, Thomas Putnam, born in England, 161S, married 
October 17, 1643, -inne Ilotyoke, born in England, daughter of Edward 
IIoi,YOKK, from Tauiworth, Staffordshire, England, whose wife Prudence, 
was daughter of Rev. /c?//;/ Stockton, of Kinnoulton, Nottinghamshire, Eng- 
land. Mrs. -Aune rulnam died September i, 1665. He married (secoud 
wife) November 14, 1666, Mary Veren, bom Febniar>' 15, 1642, daughter of 
Hii«i«YARD Verkn, who came from Salisbury, England, to Salem. ^lass., in 
1635, who married April 12, 1641, Maiy Conant, daughtex' of Christopher 
CoNANT, who came from England, in the ship ** Ann," to Plymouth, Mass., 
1623. Thomas Putnam died May 5, 1686. 

Third Generation, Joseph Putnam, born September 14, 1669, married 
April 21, 1690, Elizabeth Porter. 

(John Porter, with his wife Mary, came from Dorsetshire, England, to 
Hingham, Mass., in 1635; Salem, ^lass., and died Septembers, 16S6, aged 
oighty. He is said to have been a cousin of Joiix Puktkr. (i.) 

Second Generation, Israel Porter, born 164 1, married November 20, 1672, 
Elizabeth I/athorne, born July 22, 1649, daughter of Wiujam Hathornjc, 

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fcuiti l-ji2;laiuU iu Uie ship **Arl>clla/' to S.ilciii, Mass., 1636; ^op|•c^LMlla- 
li%*c; assistant; major, and died 16S1, aged scvciuy-four. 

77/ //t/ CcKcralion^ Elizabeth Potter^ Lorn October 2, 1673, married 
JvSt'fh PiUnatH, 

Fourth Gawration^ MehiU\bcl Putnitniy born Jaiiup.rv 13, 1720, married 
Dr. Richard DcxUr, of Topstield, (Gen. Israel riitnam of the Revo- 
lution was her brother.) 

Fifth Ccneratioti, MchilaM Dexter^ boni , married Rev. John 

Tread wet I. 

Sixth Generation^ Mehitabel Treadueil^ bom , married Rev. Charles 

Clrecland, He died iu IJostou, 2^Iass., Juue 15, iS7>, "aged cue hundred 
yean, less sixteen days." 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4.>s:{. Jolm T. Cleveland, born Octoficr i, 179S. 

4'»S4. Charles D. Cleveland, born Decern. 3, 1.S02, ninrricd A. N. McCoskrey. 
4";^-). George P. Cleveland, born February 7, iSoS. 

[3IIB1] Sarah C/ez'c/cnid, dvAightcr of^larcn C/ezr/afid {ly^G) 
and Abiah Hj'dc, married July 7, 179S, David Lou; Dodge, 

[David Dodck, from England to P.everley, Mass. 

Second Generation^ David Dodj;^e, lx)rn , married , Anna Low, 

daughter of John Low and wife Mary, of Salem, Mass. 

Third Generation, David Dodge, bom , married , Mary Stezi'art. 

Fourth Generation, David A. Dod^e, bom Juue 14, 1774, iu Brooklyn, 
Couu., married July 7, 179S, Sarah Clez\land, He was a merchant iu New 
York city, and died 1S52. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
•l>SGu Julia S, Dodge, born March 2S, 1799, married J. C. Huntington. 
4-VS7. Sarah C. Dovlge, born March 10, ivji, m.irrica H. C. Porter. (3S96.) 
4*»SS. David S. Dodge, boru July 14, 1S03, married Caroline Hyde. 
4.VSD. William K. Dodge, born September 4, 1S05, married ilelissa Phelps. 
4jlX». Mary A, Dodge, born September 1, i&dS, married Norman White. 
45'.H. ElizabeUi C. Dodge, boru Decern. 22, iSio, niarricd GriiBn Sieadmau. 
4502. Susan P. Dodge, born July 3, 1S13. married Uzal Corey. 

[3118.] Susan C/ciela?td, dau^hXcv of Aaron C/czr/and (^ijj^S) 
and Abiak Hyde, married May 11. 1S04, Harvey Pratt, 

[Joiix pR.xTT, with his wife Eliz.ihcth, from England to Cambridge, 
Majw., and Hartford, Conn. He died July \i, 1655. 

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Seco9id Genera lion, John I'tat/^ born in Jvnglaud, lunrried 1657, IhpziUxh 
— , who dtcil 1712. He dieil 1667-88. 

Third Gcncrdtion^Jokn Prafi, born May 17, x66i, married 16S5, IfannaH 
Sanford^ daughter oi Atidrciv Sdfi/orJ^ of Hartford, Coun. 

Fourth Cc/ii'ratiofif William Pratt, bom about 16S9, married , 17 15, 

Mary lynnty. 

(Humphrey P\'nnev came from Somersetshire, England, to Dorchester, 

Mass., where he married , 1640, Mary Hitii, daughter of Georgi: Hlxi., 

from England, who removed to Windsor, Coun. 

Second General ion, Isaac Pynney, bom Fcbruar>' 24, 1664. married , 

16S5, Sarah Clark, born August 3. 16^3, daughter of Daxiix Clark, of 
Windsor, from England, who married June 13, 1644, Maty Xenbeny^ 
daughter of Thomas Nkwbkrry, from England. 

Third Gereralion, Mary Pynney, born March 4, 1690, married William 

Fifth Generation^ Zechariah Pratt ^ bom , 1720, married , 174S, 

Abigail Clark, 

Sixth Generation, James Pratt, bora , 1753, married , 1775, 

Mafy Burr, 

Seventh Generation, Hanry Pratt, bom June 9, 1778, married Susan 
Cleveland, Residonce, Hartford, Conn., Bloomficld, N. Y., Rochester, N. Y. 

. Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4j03. George W. Pratt, born July 2S, 1805, married Mary Boyutou. 
4594. Mar>- B. Pratt, born September 8, 1S07, married P. B. Cooke. 
4.VJ5. Susan C. Pratt, born August 16, 1S09, married Elijah Webster. 
***. Julia D. Pratt, born May 17, iSii, married \. J. Burr. 
4oiXj. Henry Z. Pratt, born ^lay 6, 1S13, married Lucy E. Brace. 
45U7. James H. Pratt, born November i3, 1816, married M. F. Broughtou. 
4508. Abigail C. Pratt, born November 24, 1814, married L. P. Judson. 
451)0. Lucy C. Pratt, born October 7. 1818, married H. D. Wade. 
4(jOr). Sarah E. Pratt, born August 3, 1820, marritMl W. \, Herrick. 
4G01. John M. Pratt, born March 20, 1822, married ^Liry Tudor. 

[311 S.] Lucy Cleveland, daughter of Aaron Cleveland (1746) 
and Abiah Hyde, married December 11, iSoSf/o/in Calvin Smithy 
of New York city, who died , 1S34. She died , 1846. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4G02. Margaret L. Smith, born May 6, iSn, married A. J. Burr. 
4(103. Lucy C. Smitli, born ^lay 19, 1813, married G. Mc. K. Mulligan. 

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4'XM, Susaa S. Smith, bom May 4, 1S16, married II. C. Torlcr. (ji'^S.) 
4iJl>5. Mary II. Smith, bom Scjaeuiber i*|, 1S21, inarriod il. h, Kni^jht. 

[3123.] A6ia/i //. CUz'daud, dai:ghter oi Aaron Cleveland 
(1746) and Abiah Hydc^ married April 7, 1817, Rev. Samuel Han- 
son Coxc^ D. D. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4C0G. Arthur C. Cose, bora May 10, iSiS, Bishop of Westeru Xcw York. 
4007. Samuel H. Coxe, bom November 13, 1619. 
460S. James R. Coxe, bom Jauuary 15, 1S22. 
4C09. William C. Coxe, bom April 19, 1S24. 

4010. Elizabeth R. Coxe, bora August 25, 1325. 

4011. Frances A. Coxe, boru January 19, 1S33. 

4012. Susau R. Coxe, born NovL-mber 13, 1S34. 

4013. Anne M. Coxe, bom April iS, 1S39. 

4014. Mary L. Coxe, bom October i, 1S42. 

[3124.] Elhan Delding Porlcr, son of Luther Porter (1756) 
and Lydia Belding, married November 30, 1S20, Julia Griswold, 

[MiciiAKL Gkiswold, with his wife Anna^ from Hnglaud to Weathers- 
field, Couu., 1640. 

Second Generation ^ Jacob Griswold^ boru , 1660, married December 

10^ 1685, Mary . He died July 2i, 1737. She died April 2, 1735. 

Third Generation^ Josiah Griswold^ bora Jauuary 4, 1701, married Xw- 
P»t 7, 1727, Mabel B elding. 

(Richard Bkldinc, (or Belden) from England. 

Second Generation^ /osefi/i Belditig, bora in England, married Lydia — . 

Third Generation, John Belding^ boru June 12, 165S, married June 15, 
16S2, Dorothy H'ittard, 

(Simon Willard, from England. (See 2759.) 

Second Generation, Josiah Willard, born , married at Concord, Mass., 

November 27, 1657, Hannah Hosmer^ bora 1639, daughter of Thomas Hos- 
MKR, from England. Josiah Willard settlexl in Weathcrsfiold, Conn., and 
died , 1674. 

Third Generation, Dorothy Wit lard, born , 1663, married ,John 

Belding, He died January 10, 17 14. She died l*eb. 2S, 1754, aged ninety-one. 

Fourth Generation^ Mabet Belding, born , 1707, marricdyi^i/tzA ^m- 

wotd; major in war of 1755. He died May 9, 1769. 

Fifth Generation, Ozias Grisuold, boru January 26, 1736, married De- 
cember II, 1760, Anna Stanley. 

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►SV.1//1 0\'ftira/i\f).\ Sitwut'/ CV/o I'A/, Uorii Jan, 17, 1770, iiKiriicil . 

S*:r«/A Cettcraiion^ Jttfia Cnsz^vfiff boru January 12, 1797, married 
/T/Aii;/ /;. Por/c-r. She ilieil July 14, 1S67. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4til5. Abigail \V. Porter, born April 22, 1821, died unmarried Nov. 9, 1S49. 
4(510. Lydia I). Porter, born November 21, 1S23, died January 10, 1S42. 
4til7. Luther S. Porter, bom Noveuibcr 21, 1S26, married Mar\- A. Goodwin. 
■ItjlS. Thomas G. Porter, boru ^lay 30, 1S29, married Mahala Smith. 
4010. Leonard D. Porter, boru October i, 1S31, married Sarah Stevens. 
4Ci«X ^lartUa A. Porter, born April 21, 1S34, married C. K. Grisvvold. 
4021. Jauc K. Porter, born May 6, 1S37, married S. E. Stcbbins. 

[312 Bi] Lo/an Porter^ son of Moses PorUr {i-j^c^ and , 

married , i797i Clarissa B, BvckUy. He was a land sur\eyor. 

Residence, Berlin, Conn. 

Their children were [Ixing of the eighth generation :] 
4C22. Frederick Porter, born December 25, 1799. 

4023. Edward Porter, born July 4, 1S02. 

4024. I.yuas Porter, born September 10, iSo}. 
4G25. Emily Porter, bom September 30, 1S06. 
4C2C. Caroline Porter, born December 4, iSoS. 
4027. llenr)' Porter, born January 3, iSii. 

4025. Clarissa Porter, bom April iS, 1S13. 

[313 B.] Grace Grani White, daughter of Daniel While and 
Sarah Goodrich, (1765) married November 28, 1802, Stephen 

(Richard Montaguk, born iu Burahatn, county Bucks, England, mar- 
ried Ati^aii Downing, of Norwich, England. They came to Dostou, Mass., 
1645; removed to Wealhersficld, 165 1 ; Hadley, Mass,, 1659, and died De- 
cember 14, 16S1. Mrs. Abigail Montague died November S, 1694. 

Second Generation, John Montague, born -— — . 1660, married March 23, 
1681, Hannah Smith, bom July 7, 1662, daughter ot Chilcab Smith, of Had- 
ley, vrbo married October 3. 1661. Hannah Hitch.ock, daughter of LVKE 
Hitchcock. Chilcab Smith bora 1635. was son of William Smith, from 

Third Generation, Xathaniel Montague, born October 6, 1704, married 
May iS, 1743, Hannah Ingraham, 

(John- Ingraham, from England to lladlcy, Mass., married , 1664, 

Elizabeth Gardner, daughter of Samuki. Gardner, of Hartford, from Eng- 

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land. He died , 17 Ji, ai^ed eighty. ^Irs. i:iiy.a!>oth Iiii,aali;ixii died No- 
vember 24, 16S4. 

Si'cottd Gtuet-aiioUy Xathauicl Iri^raha})!^ bom October S, 1674, married 
, 1696, Hisfvr Smiih, born March 31, 1674, sister ot IIant:ah, who mar- 
ried John Montague. 

Third Generation^ Hannah Ingraham^ born April 14, 17 11, married 
Nathaniel Montague, 

Fourth Generation^ .V^thaniel Monla^ue^ boru July 26, I745i married 
October 21, 1773, Sarah Goodrich, boru Juno 20, 1747, daughter of Daiid 
Goodrich and itiife Sarah Edu.'ards, 

Fifth Generation^ Ste/'iwn Montaj^ue, born September 4, 1779, married 
Grace G, IVhite. He died in Hadley, 1S5X. 

Their children were [being of the eighth geueration :] 

4029. Sarah G. Monta^^e, born September S, 1S03, died unmarried 1839. 
•1G30. Sophronia Montague, born May 15, 1S07, died unmarried 1S27. 
4C31. Mary Montague, bom Febmar>- 22, 1S09. 

4632. Daniel Montague, born January 11, iStr, married Mary Peirce. 
4<i33. Henry ^lontague, bom July 13, 1S13, married Abigail Kingsley. 
4fw4. Susan Montague, bom February 12, 1S17, married Flijah Ayres. 
4G35. Stephen S. Montague, bom Dec. 12, iSiS, married Mary C. Kellogg. 
4G30. Harriett M. Montague, bom Nov. 20, 1820, married Edward Bartlett 
4G37. Sabra \V. Montague, born May 9, 1S25. 

[31^U^'] Joseph Marsh, son of Doct. Job Marsh (1782) and 

Elizabeth Smith, married , 1813, Roxa Johnson, who died 

, 1828. He married (second wife) 1829, Roxana Wright. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4C38. Elvira M. Marsh, bom September 15, 1S14, married \V. M. Kellogg. 

4030. Mary L. Marsh, bom Febmary 8, iSiS, married W. \V. Dickinson. 

4640. Margaret Marsh, born July 20, 1S20, married Lucius Nash. 

4641. Henry M. Marsh, born December 21, 1S27, married Almira Morton. 
4C42. Charles P. Marsh, born November 24, 1S35. 

[3145il Samuel Dickinson, son oi Defioni Dickinson and Phebe 

Marsh, (17S4) married , 1808, Susa?inah Barton. Residence, 

Northfield, Mass. He died May 9, 1837. She died Dec. 13, 1S27. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4043. Roswell Dickinson, bom May 11, 1S09. 

4&I1. Lucrctia Dickinson, bom April iS, 1S12, married Jarvis Root 
4015. Mary Dickinson, born May 29, 1S14, died unmarried. 

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AVtUt. Susaunali Uickiiison, horn .\])ril 4, 1S16, iiinrrictl V». A. I>uriiiii;. 
4t>l7, Mary W. Dickinson, l>oru June 24, 1S22, mariicd D. RicbarJsou. 

[314 7i] /V//r Dickinson, daughter of Bcnoni Dickinsoyi and 
P/ubc P. Afarsh (1784) married Februaiy 7, 1S03, Horace Helton, 

[WiU-iAM liOLTOX, from Knglnnd, with his wife Aiii\\ to Hartford, 
Coun., 1634 ; removed to Northampton, INIa^s., 1655 ; died Aug. 12, 1691. 

Second Generation^ John Helton^ boru , 1644, married . Pie 

died April 4, 1712. 

Third Generation, William Holton, born , 167S-79, married Decem- 
ber 5, 1706, Abigail Ed'^ards, 

(Alkxandkr Kdwards came from Wales, 1640, to Springfield, Mass. 
He married April 2.S, 1642, Surah Searle, dauj^bter of Joiix Searlk, from 
Kiiglaod, and removed to Northampton. 

Second Generation, Joseph Edwards, born , married — — -. 

Third Generation, Abigail Edicards, born , 16S4, married inttiani 

Holton. He died November 15, 1755. 

Fourth Generation, Doct. /<?//;; Ho! ion, boru August 24, 1707 ; was a sur- 
geon in tlie war of 1755. He married October 7, 173 1, MJiitabel Alexander. 

(George Ai,£Xanj>kr came from Kngland, to Windsor, Conn. He mar- 
ried , 1667, Susannah Sa^e : removed to Northampton, 3Iass., and died 

May 5. 1703. 

Second Generaiioft, Nathaniel Alexander, born December 29, 1652, 
married Januar>' 20, 16S0, Hannah Alien. 

(Sami^x Ai.i,i:n came from Braiutrec, coanty Essex, England, Windsor, 
Conn., about 1636, and died April 26, 164S. Mrs. Anne Allen died Novem- 
ber 13, 1687. 

Second Generation, Samuel Allen, bom , 1634, married November 

29, 1659, Hannah ll'ood/ord, daughter of TnoM.\s Woodiokd, of Noriham- 
tou, from England. 

Third Generation, Hannah Allen, bom , married , Nathaniel 


Fourth Generation, Mehitabel Alexander, bom , 1710, married /^/f« 

Holton. He died October 25, 1793. 

Fifth Generation, John Ho! ton, born , 1747 ; lieutenant in war of 

Revolution ; married , 177S, Hannah, danshter of Amasa Sheldon. 

Sixth Generation, Horace Holton, bora , 17S0, married , Potly 


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Their children were [being of the eighth gcucralion :] 
46IJ^. George Holtoii, born May lo, iJioj, married Anue Hubbard. 
•lOIO. Louisa Holton, born October 9, 1S06, married N. W. I'urple. 
•I«)o0. Mary Iloltoii, boru August 9, 1S08, married Waller Field. 
•ICol. Lucretia Ilolton, boru July 20, iSio. 

4G32. Horace Holton, boru July 31, 1S12, married Sarah A. I'ield. 
•IG53. Kobwelt Uolton, boru August 31, 1S14, married Marj* A. Sheldon. 
4tiM. Fidelia Holtou, boru August xS, 1S16. 
44>>5. William Ilolton, bom July 11, iSiS, uiarried Ediiha Clark. 
4Cofl. Isabella E. HoUoii, born March 23, 1820, married P. P. Purple. 
4057. RufusHolton, born April 13, 1S22, uiarried Harriett Snow. 
4G3S. Kzra L. Holton, t>om January 17, 1S26, married Martha A. Chapin. 

[31481] Job Dickinson, son of Dcnoni Dickinson and Phcbe P. 
Marsh, (17S4) married January S, iSio, Rhoda Ilolion, Residence, 
Northfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4659. Lydia S. Dickinson, bom April 18, iSii, married Joel Brigham. 
4GC0. Electa R. Dickinson, born January 27, 1S13. 

4GC1. Elijah M. Dickinson, born April i, 1S16, married Maria A. Belding. 
4CC2. Henry W. Dickinson, born December 17, iSiS, married Susan Wilsou. 

[315Di] Nathaniel Porter Dickinson, son of Benoni Dickin- 
ton and Phebe P. Marsh, (1784) married December 18, 1831, Ar- 
delta T. Williapns. Residence, Northfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4GC3. William Dickinson, bom December 3, 1S33. 
4004. Phebe M. Dickinson, boru June i, 1S35, married Francis Webb. 
4GG5. Ardelia W. Dickinson, bora December 1, 1836, married J. M. Bartelow. 
4(iOG. Abby J. Dickinson, born March i, 183S, married Leuiuel Hyatt. 
40G7. Nathaniel P. Dickinson, bora April iS, 1S40, married Harriett Gleason. 
4(iGS. Koswell Dickinson, bora February 17, 1847, married Sarah J. Stone. 

[31B2,] Peggy IVilliapns, daughter of Rev. Nchemiah Wil- 
liavis (1801) and Pepcy Keyes, married July 25, 1796, John 

[Katuaniel Baldwin, from B«ngland, to Milford, Coun., 1639, married 
Abigail Camp, daughter (probably) of Natixaniki. Camp, of Milford. 

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502 1)1 :sci:nd ANTS ok joun tortku. 

Sc'ivut/ ift')ii't\i(Ly:i^ John /»it/J:.'i':/, born , i6^2. married Xoveiiibcr 

9, 1663, Ilatniah Osloni^ daughter of IvICIIard Osdorn, of Tairfiold, Coun., 
from Kuglaiid. 

Third Generation, Jokn Daldii'in^ bom , 16S5 ; removed to Newark, 

N. J. He inanicd , L\dia Ilanison, aud died December 21, 1732. 

Fourth Ce/wrathn.Kcw .Vosrs A\7A/.\;//, bor:iXoYember5, 1732; gradu- 
ate of Princeton CoUo^e ; ui.imed August 7, 1765, /Mecea Lee ; was minis- 
ter at Pahuer, lilass., and died November 2, 1S13. 

Fifth Generation , John Pnitdiein^ born Fcbruarj* 13, 1770, married Pe^^y 
Williams. Residence, Pawtuckct, R. I. He died October 16, 1S26. She 
died November 22, iSiS. 

Their children were [being of the eighth gcneratiou :] 
4(i00. Percy K. Baldwin, born May 16, 1797, died unmarried 1S35. 
4C70. Mary A. Baldwin, born November 20, 179S, married D. I.eFavor. 
4671. John C. Baldwin, born ^[arch 29, iSoo, married Louise Norton. 
4072. Nebemiah \V. Baldwin, born December 10, iSoi, died unmarried. 
4C73. Charles P. Baldwin, bom November iS, 1S02, married Mary A. Sibley. 

4074. Rebecca L. Baldwin, born November 20, 1S04. 

4075. Kliza ^I. Baldwin, born June 24, iSc'6, married George Tafft. 
4070. Martha E. Baldwin, born January 6, iSoS, married Emorj* Taunt. 
4077. Samuel H. Baldwin, bora Dec. lo, 1S09, married Sarah B. Wheeler. 
4C7S. Moses H. Baldwin, born January 7, iSii, married Martha Whittlesey. 

4079. Henry P. Baldwin, born September 22, 1S14, married Harriett C. Day. 
4CS0. James A. Baldwin, born May 31, 1S16, married Elizabeth Bliss. 

4CS1. Harriett R. Baldwin, born September 12, iSiS, married Joseph Walton, 

[31B3.] Ebcnczcr Williams, son of Rev. Nehcmiah Williams 

(1801) and Percy Keyes, married , 1808, Eliza WhituclL 

He married (.second wife) Grace Denny, He died Jan. 20, 1S5S. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4CS2. Lucy T. Williams, born May 20, 1S09, married Virgil B. Bcgue. 
408:3. Mary E. Williams, bom April i3, iSii, married H. Wales. (See 3964.) 
4G81. Chester R. Williams, born October i, 1S13, married M. P. Anthony. 
4085. Percy K. Williams, bom November i, 1S15, married C. L. Shepherd. 

4080. Charlotte Wiltiams, bom June 13, 1817, married W. E. Mason. 
40S7. Frances M. Williams, born April iS, 1S22, married John Woodruff. 
4CS3. Elizabeth Williams, born July 4, ii>24, married Daniel Walerbury. 

[31BBi] Samuel Hopkins Williams, son qX i^ehnniah Wil- 
liams, (1801) and Percy Key cs, married , 1S12, Sarah Stebbins ; 

second wife, November 18, iSivS, Liicrctia May Noble. 

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[Thomas Nokle, of WestfieUl, Mass., from Knglaiid. 

Second Gcucraiion, James XobU\ bom October i, 1677, married Febru- 
ary 24, 1701, Catherine Higlcy, boru August 7, 1677, daughter oijohn Hig- 
Uy^ and Hannah Drake^ of Wiudsor, Coun. 

Third Generation, David yobU\ born March 3, 1709 ; removed to Hebron, 
Conu. He married May 17, 1731, Abigail Looviis, bom April 30, 171 1, 
daughter of /V;///^ Loomis, She died , 1S02. He died Feb. iS, 1761. 

Fourth Generation^ James Kobte, born July 9, 1736 ; was a captaiu in the 
war of Revolution, Ticouderoga, Crowu Point, Saratoga, S:c., lived in Or- 
vell, Vt He married November 29, 175S, Anna Cad well. 

(Thomas Cadwell, from England, to Hartford, Coun., married, 1658, 
Elizabeth Stedbins, daughter of Edward Stebbins, from England. 

Second Generation, Matthew Cadwell, boru October 5, 1668, married 
March 25, 1695, Abigail Becklcy, daughter oljohn Beckley, of Hartford. 

Third Generation, Abel Cadzvell, bom November 27, 1703, mamed , ' 

Anna Dwight, boru July 2, 17 10, daughter oi Nathaniel Dwight, 

Fourth Generation, Anna Cadiuetl, boriT^^^^ — , 173S-39, married James 
NobU. He died Febmar>' 28, 1S17. She died July 11, 1S03. 

Fifth Generation, John Noble, bora October 25, 1762, married January 
16, 1789. Lydia IVilcox, daughter q( Elijah inicox aud wife Silence, He 
died April 29, 1S42. She died January i, 1S07. 

Sixth Generation, Lucre tia May Noble, bom March 4, 1797, married 
5.//. Williams, He was a merchant in Sherburne, Chenango county, N. Y., 
and died August 8, 1S3S. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4089. Lucretia G. Williams, bora Sept. i, 1S13, married William Baldwin. 
4G90. Eleanor O. Williams, born April i, 18 iS, died unmarried. 
4601. Margaret S. Williams, born April, 1S22, married Palmer Gardner. 
4692. Charles L. Williams, born Oct. 20, 1S2S, married Mary A. Fleming. 

[31B7i] Lewis Williams, son oi Nehcmiah Williams (1801) 

Bnii Percy Kejes, married , i2>i^-is^ Jcrusha Keyes, daughter 

of Col. Aviasa Keyes ^vA Penelope Williams. She died October 
3, 1817. He married (second wife) June 20, 1820, Lydia Carter^ 
(widow Poindexter) and he died August 19, 1850. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4C93. Harriett Williams, bom October ir, 1816, died in youth. 
4C94. Lewis Williams, born 1827, married Henrietta Nye. 

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[3171.] Sixrah Porhr Williams, daughter o^ iWhcmiah Wii- 
Hams (iSoi) and Percy A'q'vs, married June 22, iSiS, James 

£jOHN Anthony came from Haiupstcad, county !SIiiUlle<ex, Kngland, 
to Portsiiioiiih, R. I., 1634. He died July 2S, 1675. Mrs. Frances Anthony 
divd October 12, 1692. 

Second Ceuaation^ Abraham Anthony^ bom , married December 

26, 1671, Alice ll'addeli, born Fcbruar)- 10, 1650, dau^jbter of William 
Waddf.ll, of Warwick, R. I., from Hiigland. 

Third Ceneralion, William Anthony, bom October 31, 1675, married 
1694. I^Tary Cogja^cskall. 

(John Cocci:shai.l came from county Essex, England, to Roxbury, 
Mass.; representative, 1634; removed to Rhode Island. Died , 16S9. 

Second Generation, John Coi^gesh.ill, born in E'.iglaud, married Decem- 
ber — , 1655, Patience, daughter of John Throckmorton, who came hi the 
ship "Lion," wiih Roger Williams in 1630, and settled at Providence, R. I. 

Thiid Cencralion,John Cogf^eshall, born February 2, 1650, married De- 
cember 24, 1670, Elizabeth, daughter of IIlnry Timrkrlake, of Newport, 
R. I., from England. 

Fourth Generation, Maty Cojgeshall, born September iS, 1675, married 
Wiilia m A n thony. 

Fourth Generation, James Anthony, bora , married Alice Chase. 

Fijth Generation, Daniel Anthony, born , married Mary lioucn. 

Sixth Generation, /Richard Anthony, bora , married Abigail Eddy. 

Sei*cnih Generation, James Anthony^ bora — ^, married Sarah P. Wit- 
Hams. Residence, Providence, R. I. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4C0b. Catuline S. Anthony, born May 19, 1S19, married J. N. Sykes. 
4C0ri. Charles J. Anthony, born March 26, 1S21, married A. R. Balcom. 
4C*./7. Frank W. Anthony, born October 16, 1S22, married S. J. Harris. 
4003. Lydia C. Anthony, born May 13, 1S24, married S. B. Nichols. 
4G09. Lewis W. Anthony, bom September 10, 1S25, married B. F. Waterman. 
4700. Catherine P. Anthony, born June 25. 1828, married J. N. Sykes. 
470L Abbie E. Anthony, born February 6, 1830. 
4702. Jessie K. Anthony, born July 19, 1S31, married C. F. Jackson. • 

[3172.] A/a/y Emmons, daughter of Rev. Nathaniel Em- 
mans and Martha Williams, (1S03,) married July 28, 1814, Wil- 
lard Gay. 

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[John Gay, from liiiglaiitl, with wife /.».:;;//.», to Dedliani, Mass. Died 
March 4, 16SS. She died August xi, 1691. 

St'comi Generation, XathiiuiclCay, born January 11, 1643, married , 

I.ydia Lushcfy daughter of I;i,kazi:r Ij shkr. of Dedhaui, from England. 
lie died Fel>niar>' 20, 1713. She died August 6, 1744, aged ninety-two. 

Thit-J Cefierd/ioN, Lusher Gay\ bom Scpicnibcr 26, 16S5, married , 

1714, Mary ElUs, daughter of :M.VTXinAS l;, of Sandwich, 3Iass. Resi- 
dence, Dedhani, ^lass. He died October iS, 1769. She died October 7, 
17S0, aged ninety. 

Foioih Generation^ Lusher Gay, born December 15, 1715, married , 

Mary Colburn, daughter oi Joseph Colburn, 01 Dedhani. He died February 
9, 1803. She died October 10, iSio. 

Fifth Generation, Lusher Gay, bom March 24, 1740. married April 30, 
1760, /utia Grates, 

Sixth Generation, IHiiard Gay, bom April 30, 1761, in Killingly, Conn., 
married . 

Seventh Generation, JHttarJ Gay, born , 17S4, married Martha 


Their cliildreu were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4708. Nathaniel E. Gay, born Januar>' 15, 1S16. 

4704. Borodel M. Gay, bom January 13, 1817. 

4705. Martha W. Gay, born August 5, iSiS. 
470G. Erastus E. Gay, born May 9, 1S20. 

[3ia2i] Harriett Hopkins, daughter of Stephen Hopkins 
(1809) ^^^ Nancy Turner, married December 8, 1806, Jonathan 
B. Paine, of Brookfield, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4707. Lucy M. Paine, bom September 6, 1S07, married A. B. Paine. 
470S. Samuel P. Paine, born December 19, 1S09. 

4709. Elizabeth Paine, bom April 29, iSii, married Doct. Keith. 

[313 3 »] Stephen G. Hopkins, son oi Stephen Hapkins (1809) 
and Nancy Turnet, married Januarj' 13, 18 13, Mary Strong, 
daughter of William Strong, of Williamstown, Mass. She died 
January 14, i3i8. He married (second wife) September 10, 1818, 
Fanny Dodman, who died August 12, 1864, lie died November 
>5. 1855. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4710. Mar>' £. Hopkins, born August 9, 1S15, luarried Charles S. Strong. 

4711. CUarles F. Hopkins, born July 3, 1S17, killed in Mexican ^var. 

4712. Stepben W. Hopkins, bora Sept. 29, 1820, uiamed Catherine West. 

4713. Lucretia S. Hopkins, bora Sept. i, 1S22, married W. E. Bardwell. 

4714. George L. Hopkins, born Jnne 23, 1S30. 

4715. Harriett R. Hopkins, bora September 29, 1S41, married H. L. Nilcs. 

[3ia4i] Samuel P. Hopkins, son oi Sicphcn Hopkins (1S09) 
and Nancy Turner^ married February' iS, 18 19. Mary C. Bridg- 
ffian. She died September 10, 1866. He died Dec. 15, 1S54. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4716. Austin B. Hopkins, born June 14, 1S20. 

4717. Mary T. Hopkii:s, born August 6, 1S22, married Henry J. Chandler. 

4718. Kdward S. Hopkins, born Jan. 15, 1S33, married Maria P. Stockwell. 

[3196.1 Electa Hopkins, daughter oi Slcphc7i Hopkins (1S09) 

and Nancy Tunicr, married , 1823, Rev. William Holland, 

missionary to the Cherokees. She died in Jacksonville, Florida, 
November 14, 1847. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4719. William H. Holland, born Aug. 29, 1S24, married Hannah G. Thayer. 

4720. Jonas W. Holland, born September 28, 1S27, died unmarried. 

4721. Electa M. Holland, born August 2S, 1S29, married N. P. Coltrine. 

4722. Susan A. Holland, born December 2S, 1831, married M. M. Hootan. 

4723. Laura A. Holland, born July iS, 1S34, married \V. F. Botts. 

[3136.] Nancy Hopkins, daughter ol Stephen Hopkins {i^oc)) 
woA Nancy Turner, married September 27, \Z\Z,John T, Hutch- 
ins. She died , 1S41. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4724. Anne M. Hutchins, born June i, 1819. 

4725. Frank P. Hutchins, born April 2, 1S21. 
472G. Electa A. Hutchins, born April iS, 1824. 
4727. John T. Hutchins, bom 1826. 

{3137.] John Turner Hopkins, son oi Stephen Hopkins (1S09) 
and Nancy Turner, married in Peachara, Vt., Februar>' 23, 1826, 
AfatUda Hall. 

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Their cliiUlrcii were [King of the eighth j^eneration :] 
4728. Heur>* B. Hopkins, born October 4, 1S26, iiinrrictl Kmily A. Hougli. 
47*J9, Stephen W. Hopkins, born Jan. 24, 1S29, mamcd Adiua M. Walling. 

4730. Sauiantlia L. Hopkins, boni May 14, 1^31, married \V. McLaugUliu. 

4731, Harriett E. Hopkins, born June 23, 1S34. 
473i'. John L. Hopkins, born April 16, 1S36. 
47i>3. George L. Hopkins, born April 29, 1S38. 
47:M. Edward W. Hopkins, bom April 6, 1S42. 
4735, Julius H. Hopkins, born March 30, 1S45. 
473C. Electa H. Hopkins, born December 12, 1S47. 

[3207,] Sarah A. IV, Hopkins, daughter oi John Hopkins 
(1812) and Lydia Thompson, married September 23, 1822, Rev. 
John Whi'cler, D. D.; president of University of Vermont, Bur- 
lington, Vermont. 

[Thomas WmctXER came from England with wife Anne, to Concord, 
Mass., 1636. He died , 1653. She died , 1659. 

Second Generation, John Wheeler, born in England, married November 
5, 1662, Sarah Sheruood, daughter of Thomas Sherwood, and wife Alice, 
from England, 1634. 

Tliird Generation, John Wheeler, bom May S, 16S4, married November 
4, 1704, Ruth Stiles, born , 16S7, daughter of Benjamin Stiles, of Wood- 
bury, Conn.-, who married , 16S2, Elizabeth Rogers, daughter of James 

Rogers from England, 1635, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Samuez, 
Rowland, of Stratford, Conn,, from England. 

Fourth Generation, John Wheeler, born March 5, 1720, married January 
3, 1752, Delilah San/or J, who died February 6, 1S02. He died May 22, iSil. 

Fijth Generation, John Wheeler, bom 1774, married Thankjul Deecher. 

Sixth Generation, John Wheeler, bom , 1S03, married S, A, W, 

Hopkins. She died November i, 1S47. 

Their children were [Ix-ing of the eighth generation :] 

4737, Ellen L. Wheeler, born October 1 1, 1S23, married Rev. J. H. Myers. 

4738. John B. Wheeler, bom September 2S, 1S24, married Jane E. Hunt 
4730. Lucia T. Wheeler, bom January 4, 1826, died 1S71. 

4740. Mary C. Wheeler, bom April 8, 1S2S, died 1S58. 

4741. Frances C. Wheeler, born September 2, 1S30, died 1S4S. 

4742. Lewis H. Wheeler, bom March 7, 1S33, niarritrd Mary Tomcroy. ^ 
4713. Edward K. Wheeler, born May 30, 1S35, dieil 1S56. 

4741. Sarah H. Wheeler, Ijorn July 17, 1S37, married Rev. Spencer Marsh. 

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4743. George H. Wheeler, born July iS, 1740, lUArried Lois II. McUweu. 
474i». RebckaU Wbcclcr, born June 29, 1S42, married Rev. F. II. Griffin. 

[32DB.] Rev. Sd)nucl Hopkins, son oi John Hopkins (1812) 
and Lydia Thompson, married May 29, 1S32, Caroline W, Dwighi. 

[JOHX DwiGHT from England. 

Second CcH£ratwHt Timothy Dnijhl, born in England, married January 
9, 1664, Anna Flynt, daiiglUcr of Rev. IIknkv Klynt, from England. She 
died January 29, 16S5. He died January 31, 1717. 

Third Generation^ Henry Dzci^hi^ bom December 19, 1675 I lived in 
Hatfield, Mass. He married August 27, 1702, Lydia Hawley, 

(Thomas Hawxev came from England 10 Roxbury, Mass.; was killed 
by Indians, April — , 1675. Mrs. Dorothy Ilawlcy died Januarv* 28, 1699. 

Second Generation, Joseph Hanhy^ born June 7, 1654 ; removed to North- 
ampton, Mass., and married September 24, 1676, Lydia Marsiiall^ born Feb- 
ruary 13, 1656, daughter of Capt. Samuel Marsitaii, who married *Vary 
Wilton, and was killed in tlie ** swamp fight," December 19, 1675. Joseph 
Hawley died May 19, 1711. 

Third Generation^ Lydia Haxiley, born , 16S0, married Henry 

Dwight, He was captain ; judge of Hampshire county ; lived in HatEeld, 
and died March 26, 1732. 

Fourth Generation, Cot. Josiah Dtvight, bom October 23, 1715 ; Yale 
College, 1736; married October 17, 1757, Elizabeth BucJ^minster, He died 
September 28, 176S. 

Fifth Generation, Josiah Dwight, born September 17, 1767 ; Harvard 
College, 17S6 ; lived in Stockbridge, Mass. He married March i, 179S, Rhoda 

(WiLWAM Edwards, of Hartford, Conn., from England. 

Second Generation, Richard Edwards, bom in England, married Eliza- 
belh Tuttle. 

Third Generation, Rev. Timothy Edwards, married Esther Stoddard, 

Fourth Generation, Rev. Jonathan Edwards, married Sarah Pierpont, 
(See 3293.) 

Fifth Generation, Timothy Edwards, born July 25, 173S, married Sep- 
tember 25, 1760, Rhoda Ogden, 

(JOHX Ogdek came from England to Stamford, Conn., 1641 ; removed 
to Elizabethtown, N. J., 1663-64. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Ogden, born , 1646, married , Re- 
becca . 

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/*//// 1/ Ct'naaiiOfi, Ko'ni Oi^dtft^ born , lo^'G, iiiarricJ JLtnnah 

Cranc^ ilaughlcr of />»•///<•/ Cm/ie\ of l-.Iizabcihiown. 

Fourih Generation t A'/iOt/a i\i/rM^ born , 1742, uiirricd 71moihy 

/-SJuari/s, He died Oclolor 27, 1S13. She died Xovt;inbcr 21, 1S22. 

Si.v/A Cenenttion] KlioJa Eifw.rJs, horn ^lay 7, 177S, luarricd y<75/tfA 
ihi'i^ht> He died March 2S, 1S21. Sh.c died Novtuibcr 13, 1S64. 

Seventh Generation, Caroline \\\ Dzcl;:ht^ born November 7, 1S13, niar- 
HcJ Kev. Samuel Hopkir.s, He %vas a graJiialc of Dartmouth College ; 
** niinisler at ^loutpeh'er, Vl. 

Thfir children were [being of the ci^lUh generation :] 
•I7-I7. Klizabeth Hopkins, born December i, 1S3.;, married Rev. J. H. Myers. 
47-18. George H. Hopkins, born March 13, 1S37, married I,ucy rornachou. 
4H0. Isabella T. Hopkins, born December 4, 1S3S. 

•I7y». Margaret D. Hopkins, born Dec. iS, i&jo, married Jam e^; C. Ward. 
47ol. John Hopkins, born June i, 1S43. 

[3203.] Rev. Jirasins Ifop/cins, son oi John Hopkins (1S12) 
and Lydia Thompson, married Js;niiar>' 25, 1S35, Sarah //. Ben- 
neli of Charleston, S. C. He married (second wife) November 
l8| 1S41, Charlotte FrcUnghuysen Allen. 

[Samcfx Ali.i:x came from Craiutrce, county Essex, England, to Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1632 ; Windsor, Conn., 1635. Died , 164S, 

Second Generation, SatJiret Allen, born , 1634, married January 29, 

1659, Hannah Woodford, daughter of Thomas Woodford, from England. 
He died October iS, i7iS>i9. 

Third Generation, Stimnel Allen, born July 6, 1675, married , 1699, 

Saiah Kiist, daughter o( Israel Knst, of NorJiauipton, ?.Iass., who married 
Dec. 9, 1699, J^ebecea Clark, daughter of William Clark, from ICngland. 

Fourth Generation, Joseph Allen, boni April 11 1712, married Novem- 
ber 21, 1733, Elizabeth Parsons bom March 25, 17 16, daughter of Xoah 
Parsons, who married Januar>' 17, 1712, Mirtlucll E l:.ards, born January 
II, 1694, daughter ot Denjamin Ednards and Thankful Sheldon, daughter 
of Isaac Shicldok, of Windsor, from England. Benjamin was son of .Alkx- 
ANDER Edwards, fiom England. Joseph Allen died December 30, 1779. 
She died January 9, iSoo. 

Fifth Generation, Thomas Allen, boni January 17, 1743, married Feb- 
niaty 12, 176S, EliziWth L.w 

(John L):E came from ICngUind in llic ship** rraritis,'* 163 j, to Hartford, 

Conn., where he married , 165S. Mary /fart, dai'ijl.tcr of Stephen 

Hart, of Hartford, and died . 1689. She died October 10, i7«ju. 

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Siroftd Gt'ftcritiion, DaiiJ /.ri\ born , 1674, iiiarricil Scplcin^cr 5, 

1695, Lydia Slrotii^^ dau^jhler o{ JcJcdiah Siroui^ ami Ftrcdtun !l'ooJ:i\trd. 
VvLvid Lee dieil in Lebanon, Conn., 1759. She died July 16, 171S. 

T/tird Cciiciation^ Rev. Jonathan Lee, born July 10, 17 1 S, married Sep- 
tember 3, i7.J4i Eii::*Jbcth Mtti\ilj\ daughter of Kcv. JosepA McUalf. She 
died February 22, 1762. lie died October S, 17SS. 

Fourth Geucraiion, Elizabclh Lcc^ born September 4, 1747, married Rev. 
nomas Allen, lie was minister at Piltsfichl, ^Liss., for forty-sis years, 
and died Februar>- 11, iSio. 

Sixth CcKcmtioK, Rev. William Allen, D. D., bora January 2, 17S4, 
married January 2S, 1S13, Maria M. ir/ici'lock, daughter of Rev. /j//;/ Whce- 
lock, president of Dartmouth Collc^je, and his >vife C/tn's'inr Snlim, daughter 
of Chnsliitfi Suhm, governor of the island of St. niomas, \V. L Rev. Wil- 
I liam Allen was also president of Fiowdoin College, iS 19, and die J July 16, 1S6S. 

Sei'itnth Generation, Charlotte F. Allen, born November 17, 1S19, mar- 
ried November iS, 1S32, Rev. Erastus Hopkins, minister at Troy, New York, 
1S37 to 1S44. Residence in Northampton, i&Iass., 1S51. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4752. William S. B. Hopkins, born ^larch 2, 1S36, married lili/abclhS. Peck. 
4733. Sarah A. Hopkins, bom September 24, 1S42, died unmarried. 
47>>l. Maria M. Hopkins, born August 2S, 1S44, died unmarried. 
475->. Caroline D. Hopkins, born June 29, 1S46, died unmarried. 

4756. Mary A. Hopkins, bom April 2, 1S43, married B. K. Emerson. 

4757. Charlotte F. Hopkins, born December i, 1S49, died unmarried. 

[321Di] Lewis Spring Hopkins, son oi John Hopkins {iSii) 
and Lj'dia Thompson, married October 14, 1S46, Fanny J, Wash- 
hum. Residence, Bridgewater, Mass. She was daughter of 
Abiel Washburn, of Boston, Mass., and sister of Rev. Edward 
A. Washbuni, D. D., of Calvary church, New York city. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
475S. Lewis S. Hopkins, born Nov. 2S, 1S49, married Julia A. Kingsley. 

4759. Edward \V. Hopkins, ) ^ ._ f prof. Ilrjn-Mawr Coll. 
.-«^ ,, . ^ ,r , . \ horn April 8. 1S57, \ ^ ^ 

4760. Francis T. Hopkins, ) f . o/» ^^ ^^ ^ 

47G1. Arthur J. Hopkins, bora September 20, 1864. 
47U:i. Fanny P. Hopkins, l»ru ]klay 24, 1S66. 

[3211.] Rev. Samuel Austin Worcester, son of Rev Leonard 
Worcester and Elizabeth Hopkins, (1813) married , 1S25, Anne 

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Orr. daughter uf /'/v/ On\ of IkclfoKl, X. II. S. A. Worcester 
was graduate of University of Vciiuont, and Aiuiovcr Tiieological 
Scmitiary. He was missionary to the Cherokees. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
47tJ3. Auiie E. Worcester, born November 7. iS^o. married \V. S. Robertson. 
47*>l. Sarah Worcester, born September 30, 1S2S, married D. D. Iliiclicock. 
•I7C.*. Ilauiiali Worcester, bom Ji;nuary 29, 1S34, married Abijah Hicks. 
•I7(*6. Leonard Worcester, born March S, 1S36. 
47G7. Jobu O. Worcester, born March 13, 1838. 

[321Bi] Rev. Isaac Rcdin^fon IVonrs'er, son of Rev. Leo?:- 
arJ irorccsfer and EUzabcik Hopkins, (1S13) graduate Dartmouth 
College; M. D., 1S31 ; Andover Theological Seminary; pastor of 
church at Littleton, N. H. He married November 16, 1S35, Mary 
Sophia Sargent. 

(WlLtlAM S.vnGK^■T, from Englaud with wife -Vj;j, from Exeter. Eng- 
laud to Barbadoes, thence to Gloucester, Mass. Pie married ixi England, 
Nary Rpcs. 

Second Generation^ William Sargent, born iu Barbadoes, married Jauti- 
ary ai, 1678, Mary, daughter of pF.TF.a Duncan. 

Third Generation, Epes Sargent, boru July i, 1690, married April i, 
lyao, Esther, daughter ol Fi.orexce Maccartv of Salem, ^lass., and wfe 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Sargent, bom March iS, 1731, married Feb- 
ruary 3, 1763, Mary, daughter oijokn Turner, of Salem, ^lass. 

Fifth Generation, Henry Sargent, born , 1770, married . 

Sixth Genera I ion, Mary S. Sargent, boru , married L. R. Worcester. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
47G8. Elizabeth Worcester, born Sept. 6, 1S36, married Rev. N. G. Clark. 
4700. Samuel A. Worcester, born October 13, 1S42. 

4770. Henry L. Worcester, boru November ir, 1S46. 

4771. Mary Worcester, born March 3, 1S49. 

[321Bi] Rev. John Hopkins Worcester^ sou of Rev. Leonard 
Worcester and Elizateih Hopkins, (1813) ; graduate of Dartmouth 
College, 1836 ; pastor of church at St. Johnsbur>', Vt., 1839, mar- 
ried August 16, 1836, Sarah 7"., daughter of William Wheeler 
of Peacham, Vt. Second wife November 30, 1840, Hannah 
Strong, (4516.) 

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Their children wore [being of the tivjl:th generation :] 
477:?. Leonard Worcester, boru May i8, 1S37. 
4773. John H. Worcester, boru April 2, 1S45. 

[3229.1 John Porter, son of Doct. WUUam Porter (iSiS) and 
Lois Eastman, married , 1S24, Abby Martha Phittips, 

[Rev. Ckougk Phiu.ips cauie from Engl^wd iu the ship "Arbella," 
witli John Wintbrop, 5cc., to Waieriowu, Mass., 1639. Me was son of Ct:ris- 
iophcr Ptiiltips, of Ravnhani-St. Mariiiis, county Xorfolk, Kn«jlaud, and 

bom , 1593. He was a graduate of Caius College, Canibridi;c, England ; 

A. B., 1613; A. M., 1617. His wife was r.tizabctL^ daughter of Captain 
WiHiam W'aldcn, George Phillips died July i, 1644. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Pliillips dicJ January 7, 1681. 

Sctond Generation , Samuel Pt:illips^ born in England, 1625; Harvard 
College, 1651 ; ordained June r, 1652, colleaj;ue of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers at 

Kowley, Mass.; married October — , 1652, Surj/i AppU'ioit^ born , 1627, 

daughter of S.vmuj-.l Ai'Pl.tvoN*, who was born at Little Waklingfieid, county 
Suffolk, England, 15S6, who came to Xew England iu 1635 ; Rowley, and 
died 1670. His wife was M:iry Pvtf\:rJ. Samuel Phillips died April 22, 
1693. Mrs. Sarah Phillips died July 15, 1713. aged eighty-five. 

T/iirJ Ccneralion, Ceorje PhUlips, boru June 3, 1664 ; Harvard College, 
16S6 ; was minister at Drookhaveu, Long Island, X. Y. He married Sayah 
liallclly daughter of William IIallutx of Plushing, L. L, and died April 

3. "739- 

Fourth Generation, George Phillips, born , married February 29, 

1707, Hope Stoio 

(John Stow came from Hawkeliurst, county Kent, England, with wife 
Etizabet/i, 1634, to Roxbury, ^lass. Died October 26, 1643. 

Second GencralioK, Sawuel Sto:^\ boru in England ; Harvard College, 
1645; minister at Concord,; removed to Middletown, Coun., 1652. 
lie nmrticd May S, 1649, //ope Phfi/wr, daughter ofWiLLLXM Flkxchku, 
from England. Samuel Stow died May S, 1704. 

T/iirJ Ceneration, John Slow, born June 16, 1650, married , 167S, 

Estlter Cornu'ctl, daughter of Jonx Cornwkll and vi'ii^Joan, of Middle- 
town, from England. Capt John Stow died June 30, 1733. Mrs. Esiher 
Stow died May 2, 1733. 

Fourth Generation, Hope Stow, born September 10, 1679, married Scp- 
tcmfHrr 29, 1707, George Phillips, He died February 26, i77ii. She died 
Octol>erS, 1747. 

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Fijth Cciioaikny CtOt^^c' J\':i':ipi, burn Au.mj^t 2;, 1717, iiKirricil, 1750, 
Hannah P/iUlipSt tlaugb.lcr of 'JJ:jJuf^s^^u J'hi'iiM niul wife Jfauncih Cofloii, 

(Rev. JOIIN" COVION', boni at Derby, lui^jlniul, IHcciiibcr 5, 15S5 ; graduate 
Cauitridgc, I:ii.:;hiii<l, B. L).; minister al Prt.noii. lie came to New Kiiglaud 
uilh wife SJtnzh^ in ship *'Grirriii,'* 1633 ; ordained Oolo]»cr 10, 1633, teacher 
ill the church at Boston, Mass. He died December 23, 1652. 

Second Ccftcmlion, Rev. JoJr. CvHoti, born March 15, 16 jo; Harvard 

Colleije, 1657; married Xovembor 7, i6s';,/0(j':/:ii /w^iu •/<•;*, born , 1642, 

daughter of Doct. Kuv.\n Ro^S! yt:i{, of Guilford, Conn. He was miuister 
at Guilford, and died in Charleston. S. C, Sc picniber iS, 1699. 

T/iird Generation y Jcs:a/i Cc'/cn, born June S, i6Su; Harvard College, 

169S; married , 1708, Ha::rcJi St:trievcn.\ dair^bter of John Stikte- 

VANT of Plymouth, Mass., and wife Hannah Wuislon*, boru , 1644, 

daughter of Josi AH \Vin"SI.O\v, who came from Kn^land in the ship ** White 
Angel," 163T, riyir.ouih, Mas>3.; Soiluate, Mas.?., 1643. The wife of Josiah 
Wiuslow was Mav^^aret^ daughter of TnoMAs Doukni:, from Kngland. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Cotton ^ born April, 1 709, married Thompson 

Fifth GencraiicH, Hannah Phittips, born July 20, 172S, married George 

Sixth Generation, Gcorg^e Phittips, born April 4, 1750, married Decem- 
ber 9, 1770, Marttia Wet more, daughter of /(j^/trA Wet more, of ^liddletowu, 

Seventh Generation, Abi^^ait .V, Phittips, born , married /i;//// Por^ 

ter. Residence, Auburn, X. Y. He died February 3, 1S74. 

Their children wore [bciiii; of the eighth rj^^iiCTation :] 
477-1. Charles T. Porter; born January 18, 1826, married Harriett Morgan. 
■1775. Anne P. Poncr, boru June i, 1S2S, marrietl A. G. B^ardslcy. 
4770. John J. Porter, bom 1S34, died 1S48. 
4777. Caroline L. Porter, boru rS3S. 

[3230.] V/iNiam Porter, sou of Doct. U'iliiam Porter (iSiS) 
and Lois £astfuan ; graduate of Ilan'artl College, 1S13 ; he mar- 
ried, 1819, Meiry A Quhicy, who died December 3, 1S35. He was 
a lawyer in Lee, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
477o. AVilliani Porter, born January 13, 1820, minister in Tlorida. 
477t>. Sanniel Q. loner, born May 31, I021, married Maria Hulbert. 
47iO. Caroline W. Porter, bora January 23, 1S23, dicvl 1S3S. 
4731. Mary \V. Porter, born May 23, 1S24, married 1*. Chamberlain. 

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[3234i] Lois Easfftian Porter, daughter of Duct. WiHiam 
Porter (iSiS) and Lois JSastman, married Rev. Joseph W, Curtis, 
He died , 1857. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4782. Cbarlolte T. Curtis, horn March 2S, 1S3S. 
4760, James E. Curtis, born March 2, 1S44. 
47S-1. William P. Curtis, born March 2S, 1S4S. 

[3235.] Ja?nes Bajard Porter, sen of Doct. William Portcf 
(1818) and Charlotte WiUiams, married January' 6, 1S56, Susannah 

[Josia»H Parsons came from Torringtou, Devonshire, England, to 
Springfield, Mass,, 1636. lie married Xoveuiber 26, 1646, Mary Bliss, 
daughter of Thomas Bliss, from England. She died January 29, 1712, aged 
ninety-two. He was coniet of the troop of liorse, and died October 9, 16S3. 

Second Ccncraiiou, Joseph Pcirzous, born November i, 1647, married 
Blarch 17, 1669, Elizabeth Strong, dauglitcr oi John S/roaj, of Windsor, 
Conu. He died Xovember 29, 1729. She died May 12, 1736. 

JViird Gefteraiion, Ebenezer Parcons, born December 31, 1675, married 
December 15, 1703, Mary Slebbins, 

(Roland Stekbins came from Ipswich, England, with wife Sxrah, to 
Jpswicb, Mass., 1634 ; Xorthampton, Mass. Died December 14, 1671. 

Second Ceneraiion, John S/edb ins, horn in England, 1626, married De- 
cember 17, 1657, Abigail I\^rtlett, daujjhtcr of RoBrRT Eautlktt, of Hart- 
ford, Conu., from England. He died blarch 7, 1679. Mrs. Abigail Stebbins 
died July 15, 16S9. 

Third Generation, Scmitel Siebbins, born January' 21. 1659, married 
March 4, 167S, Mary French, daughter o{ John French, of Northampton, 
Ma.«s. She died January 26, 1697. He died Stpicniber 3, 1732. 

Fourth Generation, Mercy Stebbins, bom rcbruar>- 12, 16S3, married 
Ebenczer Parsons, She died November i, 1759. He died July 4, 1744. 

Fourth Generation, Benjarnin Parsons, born October 12, 1723, married 
December, 1749. Rebecca Sheldon, 

(Isaac Siihldon, from England to Windsor, Conn., 1640, married Mary 

Second Generation, Thomas Sheldon, born , married, 16S5, Mary 


Third Generation, Benjamin Sheldon, born , 1697, married June 12, 

1723, Mary Stronpr^ daughter of Strong. 

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Fourth Generation^ Rcbcaa Sheldon^ boru , 1730, married Denjamin 


Fifth Generation t Ebcnezcr Parsons, boru December 26, 1751, married 
Eunice Ciark^ daughter oi Sinnu^t Clarl:, of NorlhaiujAoti, Mass. 

Sixth Generation^ Susannah J^arsons, born Sci>Uinber 17, 1S06, married 
/. If. Porter. He was a merchaul iu lladlcy, Ma.-*^. She dic*l May 27, 1S74, 

Their children were [being of the ci:;hlh generation :] 
47So. Edward C. Porter, boru December 3, 1S36, married Julia Foster. 
47SC. Charlotte \V. Porter, boru October 6, 1S40. 
4787. William P. Porter, boru March 9, iS^j |, married Mary Bartlctt. 

[32 3 B.] Rev. Jeremiah Porter, son of Doct. William Portcf 
(181S) and Charlotte WilUams ; graduate of Williams College, and 
Audover Theological Seminary, and Princeton Seminar}'. He 
married in Rochester, N. Y., 1S35, Eli'ja Cluippell. He was pas- 
tor of Congregational church in Chicago, 111. and Sault St. Marie 
and chaplain in U. 3. Army. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4783. James W. Porter, bora 1S37. 

4780. Edward W. Porter, boru iS4i, married Nelly Brown. 
4700, Cliarlolte \V. Porter, born 1S43, ^^^ »86i. 
4791. Henry D. Porter, boru 1S45, missiouary iu China. 

4702. Mary H. Porter, bom 1S47, missionary iu Chiua. 

[3242i] Benjamin Porter^ son of Moses Porter (1820) and 
Amy Colt, married Clementina Lamb, who died 1S37. Second 
wife Caroline Smith, who died in Cliicago, 111., Deceml:)er 30, 
1878. He died in Maiden, 111., August 20, 1878. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4703. George Ives Porter, boru Pebruary 15, 1S23, married IClien I'omeroy. 

4704. Emily Porter, boru September 14, 1S26, man led Ziba Nichols. 

4705. Edward Porter, boru ^lay 6, 1S2S, died 1S32. 

4700. Mary F. Porter, ) ^ f married J. F. Iloyt 

\ born Dec. — '<>-- J -' ^ 

4707. Susan M. Porter, ) 

* 1 married J. Hastes. 

[3244t] Moses Porter^ son oi Moses Porter {1^20) and Amy 
Coli, married May 27, 1S27, Martha A. Snell. 

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[Thomas Snixl came from Kn»^l:«ul to nridii^cwater, Mass., 1665, inar- 
fk<l Martha J fan-is^ daughter of Arthuu Harris, from Kuglaud to Dux- 
lmr>'» Mnss., 164a 

Stroud Gatcraiion, Josiah Sneil, boni , 1674, married, 1699, Anna 

r!/Jrfi, daughter of i?^tri'.0j;7ti A --//t/tv/, of Duxbury, Mass., aud graiid-daughior 
of JOHX Ar.Di-x, of the *' Mayflower.'* 

7'hirJ Genera tioK, Zcchariah Sncll^ born 1704, married March ii, 1731, 
Abigail J/ayzi-ard. 

(Thomas Hayward, from Aylesford, county Kent, England, with wife 
SHsaunah^ to Bridgcwaicr, Mass., 1651. 

Second Generation^ Joseph Ilay.jard^ born in England, married , 

^ Abigail Brett ^ daughter of William I;r::tt, of Brid^ewater, from England. 

Third Generation^ Abigail //aj'u.ard, born March 11, 1731, married 
Zacchens Snell. 

Fourth Generation, Ebenezcr Snell , boru October i, 1738, married April 
5, 1764, Sarah Paekard. 

(Samuel P.^ckard, from Wyndmonham, county Norfolk, England, to 
Bridge water, Ma.s3., 1664. 

Second Generation , Zaccheus Packard, born , 1649, married, i6;S, 

Sarah Hozcard, daugliter of John IIow.vrd, wlio came from England, w\\\i 
Copt. Miles Stan«lish, and whose wife was S.irah, dr.nglitcr of Thomas Hay- 
ward, before named. Zaccheus Packard died , 1723. 

Third Generation^ .Ibiel Packard, born April 20, 1699, married January 
II, 1723, Sarah Ames, 

(John Amks, son of Richard Ames of Bruton, Somersetshire, England, 
came to Duxbury, Mass., and married October 5, 1645, Elizabeth //jjicard ; 
removed to Bridge water, and died 169S. 

Second Generation, John Ames, born March 23, 1647, married , 167 1, 

Sarah ll^itlis, daughter of John Willis, of Hridijcwaier, from England. 

Third Generation, Sarah Awes, born January 23, 1702, married Abiel 

Fourth Generation, Sarah Packard, boru September 30, 1737, married 
, Ebcnezer Snell. 

Fifth Generation, Rev. Thotnas Snell, D. D., born November 24, 1774 ; 
Dartmouth College, 1795; pastor of Congregational church North Drook- 
ficld, Mass., married Scpiember 11, iSoo, Tirzah Stron^^, boru April 22, 
lySo, daughter oiJuJah Strong, Thomas Snell died ^lay 4, 1S62. 

Sixth Generation, Martha A. Snell, born March 5, 1S06, married Moses 

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. Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
470S. Martlia S. Porter, born April 17, 1S2S, died July 24, 1S51. 
47IW. Sophia H. Porter, bom December 6, 1S29, died Jauuar>' 7, 1S54. 

4500. »Sarah S. Porter, boru October 6, 1S31, married John Siinpsou. 

4501. Eleazcr W. Porter, bom September 13, 1S35. died March 3, 1S45. 

[3245.] A??ij* Poficr, daughter of Moses Porlcf (1820) and 
Amy Colt, married May 26, 1S23, R^w Joseph D, Wickham. He 
.was a graduate of Yale College, 1S15. Ordained, Oxford, N. Y. 
Minister at New Rochelle, N. Y. Principal of Washington Insti- 
tute, New York citj-, and Burr Seminary, Manchester, Vermont. 
Mrs. Amy Wickham died October 29, 1S32, His first wife was 
Julia A. Porter^ (3238) who died December 28, 182 1. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4502. Mary L. Wickham, bom November 7, 1S27, died 1828. 

4503. Emma Wickham, bom October 21, 183^, married Alfred C. Roe. 

[3 2 Sli] Jenisha Wiggins Porter, daughter of Picrpont Porter 
(1822) and Hannah Wiggins, married, iSiS, Benjamin Coiion, 

[George Colton came from Suttou-Coldficld, Warwickshire, England, 
to Spriag6e]d, Mass., 1644, married Deborah Gardner, Representative. 
Died December 17, 1699. 

Second Generation, Ephraim Col ton, bom , 1648, married starch 26, 

1685, Esther Marshjield, 

(Thomas Marshfield, from England to Windsor, Conn. 

Second Generation, Samuel Marshjicid, boru in England, married Feb- 
ruary 18, i6s2, Esther IVright, bom La England, danghter of Samuiu* 
Wkigut of Springfield, from England. 

Third Generation, Esther Marshfield, bora September 6, 1667, married 
Ephraim Cotton, 

Third Generation, Benjamin Cotton, bora , 1690 ; graduate of Yale 

College, 1710; minister in Hartford, Conn.; married Decembers, 17 13, Ruth 
Taylor, bora , 1693, daughter of Rev. Edward Taylor, bora in Leices- 
tershire, England, who came to New P;ngland, 166S ; Yale College, 1671 ; 
minister in Westfield, Mass., who married June 2, 1692, Ruth IVyllys, bom 

i666i daughter of Samuel liyilys, who married , 1655, Ruth Ilaynes, 

daughter of John Hayxks, of Hartford, Conn., from England, 1633, who 

married , 1664, Mabel I/arlakenden, from England with her brother 

RoGF.K Ha.ri,aki;ndi:.\, to Hartford, Conn. Samuel Wyllys died May 30, 

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mcsci:ndants ov joiix rouTKu. 

1709. Samuel Wyllys born in Kn^clauU, was son of Guokok Wvli.vs, of 
lltirtford, Conn., from Warwickshire, l\n^laiul; assi.stant, 1639; dcputy- 
govcnior, 1641 ; governor, 1645. and died March 9, 1645. Samuel Wyllys 
dictl May 30, 1709, Rev. Kdward Taylor died June 29, 1729. Mrs. Ruth 
Taylor died January — ,1730- 

Fourih Generation ^ IJcnjamin Col ton, born June 17, 1724, married Octo- 
ber 27, 1746, Anne llliitin^, 

(WiLUAM Whiting, from England, to Canibrid»ie, Mass.; Hartford, 
Couu.. 1635. 

Second Generation, Joseph ir/titinj^, bom October 2, 1645, luarried , 

1676, Anna Allyn, 

(MaTTHKW Allyx, from England, to Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; Hartford, 
Conu., 1637; reprcsentaiive ; assistant. Died , 1671. 

Second Generation t John Allyn, born in England, married November 19, 
1651, Ann^ Smithy daughter of Hknry Smith, of Springfield, Mass., 1636, 
from England, who niarried Anne Pynchon^ daughter of Wii.i.iam Pynchon", 
of Springfield, from England. 

Third Generation, John Whiting, born December 15, 1693, married — , 
Jernsha Lord, 

(Thomas Lord and wife Dorothy, from England, 1636, to Hartford, Conn. 

Second Generation, Kichard Lord, born iu England, 161 1, married , 

1636, Sarah . 

Third Generation, /Richard Lord, born ^ 1637, married April 25, 1665, 

Mary Smith, daughter oi Ilenfy Smith, above named. 

Fourth Generation, Richard Lord, bom Febmary i, 1669, married Janu- 
ary 14, 1692, Abigail Warren, daughter of Wii^liam Warrkn, of Hartford, 
from England. 

Fifth Generation, Jentsha Lord, horn February 25, 1699, mamed John 

Fourth Generation, Anna Whiting, bom - 

Fifth Generation, Joseph Cotton, born — 

Sixth Generation, Benjamin, Cotton, bora 
W. Porter. 

Their children were [l)eing of the eighth generation :] 
4S04. Julia M. Colloa, born March 2, 1S19, married Theodore Judson. 
4SU>. Harriett M. CoUon, born March 5, 1S20, married H. ^f. Lambert. 
4SfM;. Uenjamiu ,\, CoUon, born April 2, 1S21, married Caroline Williams. 
A^\'t. Frederick V, Coliun, born .\pril 20, 1S23, married Anne M. Austin. 

-, 1728, married lienjamin 

1753, married , Esther 

— , 1785. married /fc'r«i//a 


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[32Ba.] S(ira/t PorUr HiUho:ac, daughter of David Hill' 
house and Sanili Porter, (1S23) married Felix II, Gilbert, She 
died , iSoS. lie died , 1S13. Residence, Augusta, Ga. 

Their only chiUl [being of the eighth generation :] 
•ISOS. Sarah II. Gilbert, born iSd^, niarried A. L* Alexander. 

[32 70.] Mary Ilillhouse, daughter oi David Hillhouse and 
Sarah Porter^ (1S23) married April 20, 1S07, Andren' Shepherd, 

planter of Wilkes county, Ga. He died , 1S30. She died 

April 26, 1856. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4«(h). Albert H. Shepherd, born May 2S, iSoS, married Anne E. Smith. 
4310. Edward T. Shepherd, bom April, iSio, married Eliza T. Winn. 

4511. Mary F. Shepherd, born 1S12, married Locke Woems. 

4512, Charlotte W. ShepherJ, born 1815, married John W. Baker. 
4813. Alexander Shepherd, bom iSiS. 

4514. Caroline Shepherd, boni 1S20, married A. J. Hausell. 

[3 21? 2.] David Porter Hillhouse, son oi David Hillhouse and 
Sarah Porter, (1S23) married Charlotte Starke, She died Febru- 
ary 15, 1815. He married (second wife) Lucy Lipham, Residence, 
Augusta, Ga. He died July 8, 1S51. She died July 11, 1S37. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation:] 

4515, Lawrence P. Hillhouse, born iSio. 
4SIG. Martha S. Hillhouse, born 1S12. 
4817. David A. Hillhouse, born 18 14. 

[327a.] Pamela Porter, daughter of Gen. Samuel Porter, 
(1834) tnarried December 5, 1822, Dudley Smith, 

S.\MU£]: Smith and wife Elizabeth, of Hadley, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, Pkitip Smith, born , 1633, married — — , Rebecca 


Tliird Generation, John Smith, born December iS, 1661, married Novem- 
ber 29, 1683, Joanna KeUoss% daughter oi Joseph Kelto^g of Hadley. He 
died April 16, 1727. 

Fourth Generation, John Smith, bom December 3, 16S4, married, 17 11, 
Esther Cotton, 

(George Colto.m of SpringficUl, Mass., from England. 

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SLYOftJ CcncraiiMt^ Kphraim CcUon, born , 164S, married F.sthcr 

Afanhjicld. ^See325i.) He died May i.|, 1713. 

nii'd Ccncraiioti^ Esther Col ton ^ bom October 23, 16S7, uiarried /t^/;;/ 
Smith. He died December 25, 1761. Sbc died , 1771. 

Fifth Ccnctiition^ John Smithy boru January 20, 171 7, married , 

1746, Elizabeth Eiiwarsls, daughter o{ Xiithanii! EifwarJs, of Xorthamp- 
toii, Mass. Sbc died March 12, 1795, aged seveuty-lwo. He died iMarcU 

«4, 1795. 

Sixth Generation^ John Smithy boni , I75i» married May 10, 17S7, 

Maria Diekinson^ daughter oijosiah DieAinson and Sjitil Partridge, She 
died May 21, iSoS. He died August 9, iS.|c. 

Seventh Generation, DuJtey Sniii/i, boru November 4, 1793, married 
Pawela Poiier, Kesideuce, Hadlcy, 3Iass. 

Their cliiklrea were [being of the eighth gencratiou :] 
4S1S. John P. Smith, l)oni Oct. 11, 1S29, Amherst College 1S49. 
4819. Sarah H. Smith, boru August 7, 1S31. 
4S20. Abby P. Smith, born August 26, 1S33. 
4S:?1. Clarissa Smith, boru January 11, 1S36. 
4S22. Lucy Smith, born May S, 1S39. 
* * * Samuel D. Smith, bom May 3, 1S43. 

[32BDi] Jonathan Edziards, sou oi Jonathan W, Ednards 
(1839) and Elizabeth Tryon, graduate Yale College 1819, married 
March i, 1837, Maria Champion^ daughter of Henry Champion, 
of Hartford, Conn. Jonathan IJdwards was a lawyer ; mayor of 
Troy, N. Y. ; meml>er of legislature, &c. ; died August 23, 1S75. 

Their only child was [being of the eighth generation :] 
4823. Jonathan Edwards, boru October 5, 1S41, M. D., New York city. 

[3282.] Waller Edicards, son oi Jonathan IV, Edicards 
(1839) and Elizabeth Tryon, married September, 28, 1830, Sarah 

[I$AAC DeForkst, a Huguenot, came to New York. He died 1721. 

Second Generation, David De Forest, born , married about 1700, in 

Stratford, Coiiu., . 

Third Generation, Suiinel DeForest, born , 1704, married . 

Fourth Generation, A'ehemiah DeForest, born 1743, married Mary Loek- 
, wood, daughter of Peter Loekwood, of Norwalk, Conn. 

Fifth Generation, /.oekwod DeForest, born March 5, 1775, married 
July 12, 1793, Mehitabel Wheeler, daughter of .V»i//)ii;//V/ H'heeler, of Ihrit- 

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iugton, Conu. He was a merchniit in Xew York city. She dicil Januiiry 
23, 1S64. He dievl November 28, 1S48. 

SLr/h Generation, S^wah DcForcsi, born , married , IVallcp 


Their children were [l)eing of the eighth geueratiou :] 

4524. Edward \V. I-Mwards, born May 20, 1S32. 

4S2>. Walter Edwards, born February 5, 1S34, married Camille I*eouard. 
•1S20. Mary P. Edwards, born Xov. 29, 1I53S, married T. S. VauValkeuberg. 
4S27, Susan L. Edwards, bora ^lay 20, iSn, died 1S49. 

4525. Charles A. Edwards, born May 22, 1S44. 
4329. WTiecler D. Edwards, born No ve tuber 9, 1S51. 

[32B4i] John Erskine Edicards^ sow oi Jonathan W, Edicards 
(1839) and Elizabeth Trvon, married Annette Hammond, of New- 
port, R. I. ' He was pastor of Congregational Church in Stoning- 
lon, Conn., and died 1873. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4S30. Aguc3 Edwards, born October r, 1S45, 
4Sril. Phebe Edwards, born August S, 1850. 

[32B5i] Tryon Edwards, son oi Jonathan IV, Edwards (1S39) 
and Elizabeth Tryon \ graduated at Yale College 182S ; pastor of 
church at Rochester, N. Y., and New Loudon, Conn. ; president 
of Wabash College. He married Catherine B., daugter of Thomas 
Hughes^ of Baltimore, Md, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4832. Tryon Edwards, born February 24, 1S46. 

4833. Fitz-IIugh Edwards, bora 1850. 

[32BB.] George W, Edwards, sow oi Jonathan IV. Edwards 

(1839) and Elizabeth Tryon, married , Dorinda Cheney, who 

died 1842. Second wife August — , 1850, Hannah L. Abbot. 
Residence, New York city. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4834. Sarah P. Edwards, born ^lay 8, 1S46, married J. G. Houghton. 
4S3o. George B. Edwards, born July 11, 1S4S, married Hannah J. Muri)hy. 

[32B9i] Eugene Edwards, son oi Jonathan tV. Edwards 
(1839) and Elizabeth 7>jo;/, married 1849, Martha E. Phelps. 

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Their children were [Ixjing of the eighth generation :] 
-^^vliJ. KlizabcUi T. IMwauls, bom September 19, 1S57. 
-*S37. Eugeue P. Kthvartls, bom Noveuiber aS, 1S62. 

t329D.] Jonathan E. Haioht, son oi James J. Haigh 
Jifary Edicards, (1840)^ married 1824, Martha Bass, of Colcl 
Conn. He died July 16, 1S55. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4S3S. Mary K. Haigbt, bora April 16, 1S26. 
4S:>3. Auuc M. Haight, born Februarj- 6, 1S2S. 

4540. EHsuibeth Haight, boru March 4, 1S30, married Charics A. Willi 

4541. Frances P. IlaigUt, bom Nov. 26, 1S36, married Charles H. Johr 

[3233.] William S. Haight, son oi James Jauncy h 

and Mary Edwards, (1S40) married March 2, 1S36, Frances ( 


[WiLUAM Edwards, from England. (See No. 755.) 
Second Generation, Rev. J\ichard EJuatds, (See No. 755.) 
Third Ceucration, Rev. Timothy Kdicards. (See No. 755.) 
Fourth Generation, V^qs, Jonathan Ed^'ards. (See No, 755.) 
Fifth Generation, Picrpont Edn'ards, bora April 8, 1750, marrier 

1769, Frances Ogden, 

(JoilX OoDKX, boru ia England, 1610. toStatnfjrd, Couu., 1641 ; re 

to New Jersey, 1664 ; Elizabctbtown, as one of the £rst proprietors ; 

sentative, 166S. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Ogden, born 1646, married Rebecca ■ 

He died—, 1732. 

Third Generation, Robert Ogden, bora , 16S6, married li 


Fourth Generation, Moses Ogden, bora , married Mary Cozzi 

Fifth Generation, Frances Ogdcn^ bom , 1750, married Pi 

EduKirds, She died iu New Haven, Conn., July 7, iSoo. He died in 1 

port, Cotia., April 5, 182S. 

Sixth Generation, Henry W. Ednjards, bora October, 1779; gi 

of Princeton College, 1797 ; member of Co!igress, 1819 to 1823 ; U. S 

tor, 1828 to 1837 ; governor of Connecticut, 1833-34. He married C 

4, 1801, Lydia Milter, bora August 16, 1778, daughter oi John Mill 

Lydia Trowbridge, He died July 22, 1S47. 

Seventh Generation, Frances Ogden Edwards, boru October 12 

married \V, S. Haigh t. 

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Tlicir children were [l)eiiig of the cii^hlh generation :] 
4W2. Henrietta E. Haight, Ixjrn January 5, 1S3S, married II. \V. Shclton. 
4S13. James J. HaigUt, born September 12, 1S40. 
4SM. Eugene E. HaigUt, born April iS, 1S43. 
4845. William B. Haight, bom October a, 1S4S. 

[33D3.] Aaron SfccU, sou oi Pen:: Skcle (1855) and Hannah 
Siimson^ married October 30, 1S02, Elizabeth Ives, of Windham, 
Conn. He died October 14, 1S41. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4W6. Albert Steele, born September 15, 1S03, married Bede Hitchcock. 

4847. Perez Steele, born April 14, iSoS. 

4848. Aaron B. Steele, borri .\pril 20, iSio, married Mahala Tuttle. 
4819. John Steele, born April 12, 1S12. 

4S50. George Steele, born April 12, 1S15, married Sarah Mathews. 

4851. Julia A. Steele, born September 5, 1S20. 

[33D4.] Luceila Steele, daughter of /Vrr^r Steele (1855) and 
Hannah Stinison, married October 3, 1S02, IViliiam Tuttle, (see 
No. 3306,) son oi John Tuttle and Lois Austin, William Tuttle 
died at Big-flats, III., November 15, 1858. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4852. Lauren A. Tuttle, t>orn December i, 1S03, married Mary A. Butler. 

4853. Caltsta Tuttle, bom January 9, i3o6, married Dr. Hervey Camp. 
4834. Percy S. Tuttle, born February 22, 180S, married Emily Holtister. 

4855. William A. Tuttle, born September 11, iSio, married Mary Rose. 

4856. Loly A. Tuttle, bora April 29, 1813. 

4857. Minerva Tuttle, born September 22, 18 15, married Rev. Geo. Lewis. 

4858. Henry Tuttle, bora January 29, 1S18, married Laura Penrose. 

4859. Edgar Tuttle, bora July iS, 1820, died unmarried in California. 
4800. Ogden Tuttle, born November 5, 1S22, married Julia A. Camp. 
48C1. Lucius Tuttle, born May 19, 1S25, married Sarah E. Burt 

[3 3D Si] Perez Steele, son of Perez Steele (1855) and Haymah 
Siimson, married , 1822, Clarissa BrainanL 

[Danicl Braxnard came from England to Hartford, Conn.; Haddam, 
Conn., 1662 ; married Ilanttak S^Hcer, daughter of Gkrard Spenccr of 
Iladdam, from England. 

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Second Generation, James Brainard^ born January 20, 1669, married 

April I, 1696, Deborah , wUo died Jul}' 22, 1709. He died February 

10, 1742. 

Third Generation, Gideon Firainard, boru March 4, 1699, tnarried , 

1726, Sarah Sdden. 

Fourth Generation, Gideon Brainard, born , 1730, married June 7, 

1753. Sarah Kichardson. 

Fifth Generation, Heber Drainard, bora October 4, 1769, married No- 
vember — , 1796, Martha Tyler. 

Sixth Generation, Clarissa Brainard, bora October — , iSoo, married 
Perez Steele, Residence, Windham, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4862. Jcrusha Steele, boru February 23, iSii, married James Sturges. 
4SC3. Ezra B. Steele, born August 23, 1S13, died unmarried. 
4i>6l. David Steele, born October 11, 1S15, died uumarried. 
<4S(>J. Russell Steele, born October 13, 1S21, married FJi/abeth Hall. 
4SG0. Hanniih S. Steele, born ^larch 21, 1S23, married C. P. Manning. 
4S67, I>aniel Steele, bora October 5, 1S24, married Harnett Binney. 
'ISCS. Clarissa A. Steele, born April 15, 1S30. 

[3308.] Clarissa Steele, daughter of /V/^-sr Steele (1S55) and 
Hannah Stimson, married April 21, 1803, Sidney Tuttle, 

[WiLUAM Tuttle, with wife Elizabeth, from England, to Boston, Mass. 
New Haven, Conn., 163S. 

Second Generation, Simon Tuttle, bora ^larch 28, 1647, married 

Abigail . 

Third Generation, Daniel Tuttle, bora November 11, 1680, marriec 
October 18, 1716, Ruth Howe, 

' Fourth Generation, Jehiel Tuttle, born August 17, 1717, married Angus 
3'i '732, Hannah Hull, daughter oi Jeremiah Hull, of Wallingford, Coim 
He was a lieutenant in war of 1755. Died of wounds at Ticonderoga, 1759 
His widow married Capt. Stephen Andrews, and their daughter Abi^^ai 
Andrews was mother of Gen. John Scdg^rick, killed at Spottsylvania, Va. 

Fifth Generation, John Tuttle, born April 30, 1746, married January 20 
W^> y*'"^ Austin, Removed to Greene county, X. Y., and died Augus 
13. 1825. 

Sixth Generation, Sidney Tuttle, bom December 12, 17S6, marriec 
Clarissa Steele. He died September 25, 1S5S. She died January 14, 1S55. 

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Their children were [being of the eighlli generation :] 
4S&X John S. Tuitle, boru May 21, iSn, uiarriod I{ilcn lillersoii. 
4870. Austin S. Tuttle, boni May 2, 1315, married Aime Perrin. 
4S71. George \V. Tuttle, born ^larcli 24, 1S17, luarried Ruth Croswcll. 

4872. Harriett S. Tuitle, boru April 9, 1S19, married Kgbert A. Clark. 

4873. Eunice t,. Tuttle, born April 10. 1823, married S. W. Jacksou. 
4S74. Hcleu C. Tuttle, boru October 22, 1S27, married F. L. Bogardus. 

[3303.] Stephen Steele, son oi Perez Steele (1855) and Han- 
nah Stimson, married September 30, 1S22, Luey Duell, 

[Wii,l.iAM BuELt, from England. 

Second Generation ^ Sam net Itnell^ married Deborah Griswold. 

Third Ccneraiion^Jokn Biielly married Mary Loomis. 

Fourth Generation , Jonathan Duell ^ born December 13, 1717, married 

iu Litchffeld, Couu., December 10, 1741, Lydla LanJon, bom , 1722, 

daughter of ATr/Z/ii/i Landon^ of Southold, h- I., and Dethiah Tiilile. Jona- 
than Buell died iu Goshen, Conn., August 20, 1796. She died in Litchfield, 
Cod Q., January 12, 1S12. 

Fifth Generation, Jesse Buell ^ boru April 10, 174S, married January 4, 
1770, Lydia Beach, daughter oi Jonathan Beach of East Goshen, Coun. 
Jesse Buell died in Salisbur>', Conn., May — , 1S16. 

Sixth Generation, Isaac Buetl, born May 31, 1772; removed to Jcwett, 
Greene county, N. Y. He married iu Woodstock, Ulster county, N. Y., 
Susan Andrews, daughter of Laban Andrews and Prudence Stanley^ who 
died November 7, I S53. He died January 12, 1S5S. 

Sroenth Generation, Luey Buell, born September 22, 179S, at Windham, 
N. Y., married iu Lexington, X. Y., Stephen Steele, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

4875. Isaac B. Steele, born December 12, 1S23, married ^lar>' E. Huut. 

4876. Lucina T. Steele, born February 27, 1S26, married Edwiu Hunt. 

4877. Marion Steele, bom February 15, 182S. 

4878. Emcretta Steele, born January i8, 1830. 

4879. Norton S. Steele, boru June 2, 1S34, married Anne D. Austin. 

4880. William H. Steele, boru November i. 1S3S. 

[3354i] fuiia A. Huntington, daughter of Hezekiah Hunt- 
ingtati (1874) and Susan Kent, married October 12, 1S14, Leicestet 
King, of Wcstfield, Mass. and Bloomfield, Ohio. 

[James King came from England to Suftleld, Conn., 1678, married , 

Etizat)€th Fuller, of Ipswich, Mass., and died ^lay 13, 1717. 

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mcscivNUAXTS or john portkr. 

SiYtymi Gena'atiott^ James A7//^, bom ^larcli 14, 1675, uian-ied, 169S, 

I\liznMh IIuxlt*}\ bom , 167S, duuLjhter of Thomas IIuxlcy\ of llart- 

fonl, Conii., who married , 1677, San:/: SpauYr, daughter of Thomas 

SrKNCKK of Hartford, frojii England. James King died July 15, 1757. 

7'AirJ Gnteraiioft, JCbmczcr A'iftjr, bom December S, 1706, married 
March 30, 1727, Ab^^aii Seymour, daughter oi Zcckariah Seymour^ sou of 
Richard Skymour, of Hartford, from Kngland. 

Fourth CcMcratiott, Ebcuezcr King, born Fcbniary 22, 1727, married 
December 11, 1751, Chloe Kent. 

(Samukl Kent, from England with wife Frances, to Gloucester, Mass.; 
removed to SufTicld, Conn. He died Fcbmary 2, 1691. She died August 
10, 16S3. 

Second Generations John Kent, born April 24, 1664, married (second wife) 
170S, Adi[zait lyinchell. 

(RonivKT WlN'CHiiix came from England to Windsor, Conn., 1638. He 
died January 21, 166S. His wife died July 10, 1655. 

Second Generation, Jonathan U'inche/t, boru in England, married May 
16, 1666, Abiz^zil Dronson, daughter of Richard Buonsox of Farmington, 
Conn., from ICngland. 

Third Generation, Abigail IVinchelt, bora June 18, 1679, married John 

Third Generation, Joseph Kent, born July 19, 1709-10, married Febm- 
ary 26, 172S, Hannah Gillette, bom 1709, daughter of Sun net Gillette, of 
Windsor, who married September 23, 166S, Hannah Dickinson, bora Decem- 
ber 6, 164S, daughter o{ John Dickinson, of Hadley, Mass., who married 
January, 164S, Frances Foote, daughter of Nathaniel Footk of Weathers- 
field, from England. John Dickinson, born in England, was son of 
Nathaniel Dickin-SOX, from England to Weathersfield, 1637. 

Fourth Generation, Chloe Kent, bom Febmary 7, 1732, married Ebenezer 

Fijth Generation, Daiid King, bora September 16, 1758, married , 

17S0, Hannah Holly, bom June 14, 175S, daughter of Israel Holly of 
Suilield, Conn. He died May 4, 1S32. Mrs. Hannah King died July 
14, 1S31. 

Sixth Generation, Leicester King, bom May i, 1789, married Julia A. 
Huntington. He was president of convention of the "Liberty Party,'* in 
Buffalo, N. Y., iS44- In 1S42 nominated for governor of Ohio, and in 1S47 
for Vice-President by the same party, declining the latter in favor of Charles 
Francis Adams. He died in Bloomficld, Ohio, September 9, 1856. Mrs. 
Julia King died Januarj* 24, 1849. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
48S1» Heinry W. King, born September 24, 1S15, iiiarricil Mary Crosby. 
4HS2. Julia A. King, born November 4, iSty, married Charles Brown. 
4$S3. Susan H. King, born July 6, 1S20, died June 7, 1S39. 
4SS|. Leicester King, born July 26, 1S23, married I£lua Puriiitou. 
iSSo. David L. King, born December 24, 1S25, married Betty W. Steele. 
4SS0. Ilcleu D. King, born November 19, 1S27, married James Atkins. 
4SS7. HezekiaU H. King, bom August 3, 1S29. 
4SSS. Catherine B. King, born July S, 1832, married W. K. Peudleton. 

[336Bi] Samuel Houard Hnniifij^hH,sonQiHc::c'kiah Hunt- 
ingion (1S74) and /ii//a Kent: graduate of Yale College, 181S; 
lawyer in Hartford, Conn. He married October 15, 1S25, Cathe- 
rine Brinley, Second wife October 29, 1S35, Sarah I), IVatkin- 
son, daughter o{ Robert ]\^atkhison and Maria Champion, daughter 
of Gen. Henry Champion, of Colchester, Conn, and Ruth Robbins. 

[John Roobixs came from England with his ^vife Mar}\ to Weathersfield, 
Conn.; representative, 1656 to 1659. Died June 27, 1660. 

Second Generation, Joshua Robbins, born April 29, 1649, manied Decem- 
ber 24, 1680, Elisabeth , who died April 20, 1736. He died December 

15. 1738. 

Third Generation, Jonathan Robbins, born December 28, 1694, married 
November 21, 1728, Sarah Welles. 

(Thomas \VEti«ES came from England to WeaUiersfield, Conn. Gover- 
nor. Died January 4, 1659. 

Second Generation, John Welles, bom in England, married 1 1647, 

Elizabeth Curtis, daughter of John Curtis of Stratford, Conn., from 

Third Generation, Robert Welles, born , 1651, married June 9, 1675, 

Elizabeth Goodrich, born , 165S, daughter of Wiluam Goodrich of 

WeathersAeld, from England, who married October 4, 164S, Sarah Marvin, 
daughter of Mattiikw Marvin of Hartford, from Kuglaud. Robert Welles 
died January 22, 1714. Mrs. Elizabeth Welles died February 17, 1698. 

Fourth Generation, Robert Welles, born , 1684, married December 

12, 1706, Sarah WoUott, 

(Henry Wolcott, with wife Elizabeth, from England to Windsor, 
Conn., 1635. 

Second Generation^ Henry Wolcoit, bom in England, married Sarah 

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Third Gaivratiotty Samuel ll'o/co//, born April i6, 1656, married, 167S, 
Jut/i/h Applt'iott. 

(SAMrKi* ArPLKTON came from county SuQblk, England, to Ipswich, 
Mass., 1635, with wife Mary Evcrard ; reprcsentaiive. Died 1670. 

Sccoftd Cawraliofty Sa$nucl Applctou^ born , 1624, married Hannah 

i\ihu% dauifliter of William Paink of lp»wich, from England. Samuel 
Appleton was in command of ^lassachusctts forces in Narragausett war at 
•* Swamp fight," December 19, 1675. AsaislanL Died May 15, 1696. 

Third Generation, Judith Appkton^ born , married Samuel Wot- 

€ott. He died 1695. 

Fourth Generation^ Sarah Wolcott, born August 14, 16S6, married 
Robert Welles. Residence, Weathcrsfield, Conn. 

Fi/lh Generation , Sarah Welles, born February i, 170S-9, married 
Jonathan /bobbins. 

Fourth and Sixth Generations, Robert Rabbins, bom May 23, 1741, 
married JeruJia Eastabrook, daughter of Rev. Hobari Easiabrook aud 
Jerusha Chaunccy, daughter of Rev. Isaac Chauucey. 

Fijth Generation, Ruth Robbins, born October 5, 17S2, married Henry 

Sixth Generation, Maria Champion, bom , married Robert Watkin- 

son, S. A. Huntington, residence, Hartford, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4»vSl). Catherine B. Huntington, born June i, 1S37. 
4S0i). Maria C. Huntington, born December 31, 183S. 

4S91. Robert W. Huntington, born Dec. 3, 1840, married Jane L. Trambull. 
4Sfi2. Samuel Huntington, born December 17, 1S42. 
4SU3. Henry K. Huntington, born ^larch 27, 1S44. 
4.SiM. Sarah B. Huntington, born November 30, 1S47. 

[33S7i] Hczekiah Hunthi(rton, son oi Hezckiah Huntington 
(1874) and Julia Kent, married September 25, 1S56, Catherine /?. 
Sumner, daughter o{ George Sumner, M. D., of Hartford, Conn. 
Residence, Hartford. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4S9o. Catherine S. Huntington, born April 19, 1S59. 
4SyO. George S. Huntington, born March 2o> 1S61. 

[3353.] Francis J. Huntington, son o{ Hezekiah Hunting- 
ton (1S74) and Julia Kent, m.irricd September i, 1833, Stella 
Bradley Bull, 

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[Thomas liri.l. came from i:iij;la«d in ihe ship ** IIopcwcU,*' 1635, to 
Ciimbriilge, Mass.; removed to Ilanfortl, Conn., 1636, with wife Susannah ; 
captain in Peqiiot war, and in 1675, was in command of fort at Say brook, 
when Andros attempted to gain the place for the Duke of York, lie died 
1684, aged seven ty-cijiht. His wife died 16S0, aged seventy. 

SccQfid Ccncraiion, Josiph IjuII, horn , 1641, married April 11, 1671, 

Sarah J/aft/ti'n^.bortx January 20, 1646, dau^jlitcr ofWiLiJAM Manning, 
of Cambridge, Mass., and wife Dorothy, 

Third Caicralion^ Caleb BuU^ born rcbmary 1, 16S0, married , 

Fomih Gcntraiion^ Caleb iiitll^ born , 17 15, married April 11, 1745, 

Martha Cadwcll^ born July 15, 17J4, daughter of Sntiuel CaJiKcll of Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Fifth Generation, Michael I>uL\ bom ^larch 4, 1763, married December 
15, 1795, Anne Whet ten, daughter of Capt. William Whetten of New York. 
Michael Bull died December 7, 1S31. 

Sixth Generation, Stella D, Bull, born Tebruary 13, iSio, married F, J, 
Huntington, Publisher in Xcw York city. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4S07. William \V. Huntington, born December 9, 1841. 
48l)S. Kdward B. Huniingtou, born Febniary 5, 1S44, 
4S00. Margaret K. Huntington, born January 5, 1S46. 
4D00. Archibald D. Huntington, born Xovembcr 26, 1S51. 

[33Bli] Delia Kent, daughter of Gamaliel Kent and Deborah 
Huntington^ (1S75) married March 23, 1820, Russell Gates 
AfeCartey, son oi Lankford McCarley, of Colchester, Conn. Resi- 
dence, Bainbridge, Ohio. He died Febniar>' 6, 1859. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4901. Henry H. ^IcCartey, born September 20, 1S22. 
4JX)2. Deborah I. McCartey, born February 15, 1S26. 
49(*3. Delia E. 3kIcCartey, bom January 7, 1828. 

4904. Minerva C. McCartey, born Januar>' 11, 1835. 

4905. Edson K. McCartey, boru January 4, 1839. 

[33B4.] Alexander Edson Kent, son of Gamaliel Kent and 
DelH>rah Huntington, (1875) married Lucy Matilda Dull, danghter 
ol Benjamin S. Bull of New Lebanon, N. Y. She died September 
14, 1841. He married (second wife) Oct. 20, 1S42, Hannah, daughter 
of William Morford, of Salem, Ohio. Residence, Bainbridge, Ohio. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
L> man E. Kent, born August 23, 1S27, married Kmily Egglcstou. 
[mill. Rebecca M. Kent, boru April 24, 1S29. married T. W. Briggs. 
[|'»»S. Elizabeth B. Kent, born Febniary 9, 1S31. 
\4SkV, Delia K. Kent, born March 23, 1S33, married Henr}- C. Ely. 

lUlll. LAur4 A. Kent, l»orn March 5, 1835, married Austin Z. Mason. 

4'Jll. Lucy C. Kent, boni June 15, 1837. 

4U12. Hampton II. Kent, born March 13, 1S40. 

4^113. Abiah A. Kent, born September 27, 1S43. 

4UU. Alexander G. Kent, born .\pril 13, 1S45. 

4til.l Alice C. Kent, born November 6, 1S46. 

4010. Henry M. Kent, born Septembers, 1S4S. 

[3373.] //tyam Siccle, son olZadock Steele (1882) and Han- 

nak Shnrtleff, married . 1S12, Abigail Kennan^ of \Vaterbur>', 

Vl, lie died at Mauinee, Ohio, January 25, 1S65. 

Their children were [l^eing of the eightli generation :] 
49IS. Hiram K. Steele, boru Dec. 1, 1S13, married Lucy M. Williams. 
4UIII. Zadock D. Steele, born August iS, 1S15, married Hetty R. Coles. 
4U20. Mary A. Steele, bom October 19, 181 7, married Samuel A. Sargeant. 
40JL Julia £. Steele, bom October 19, 1S19, married John H. Sargeant. 
4^K^i. George W. Steele, born October 20, 1822, married Cynthia Glasford^ 
49£I. Abigail S. Steele, bom November 28, 1824, married J. D. Whitney. 
4U21. Cornelia P. Steele, boru August 24, 1827. 
4925. Henry L. Steele, born August 12, 1S29, married Mary North. 

[3374.] Horace Sieele, son oi Zadock Steele (18S2) and Han- 
nah Shurtlefft married July 9, 18 18, Mehitahel Clark, of Barre, 
Vt. She died 1820. Second wife September 23, 1S23, Hannah 
Clark, who died December 3, 1832. Third wife 1833, Lavinia F. 
Spencer. Residence, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4026. Horace C. Steele, boru May 14, 1S20, married Lydia Blish. 
4U27. George W. Steele, bora June 2, 1824, married Sarah A. Talmer. 
41123, Mary M. Steele, bora January 11, 1826, married A. F. Tripp. 
4020. Henry C. Steele, born May 31, 1S29. 

4030. William Steele, boru December i^ 1834. 

4031. Martha L. Steele, born July 26, 1837. 

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[3389.] Willidm SUyU\ sou of Samiui Steele, (18S4) and 
Sarah Shurtlejf, married ^Y'bruao' 12, 17S7, Lydla Cleason. lie 
was judge, &c. Residence, Sharon, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eigluh generation :] 
4Un2. William II. Steele, boru August 19, 1S14, died 1S33. 
41KU. Samuel G. Steele, boru January 24, iSi;, mairied Abigail Delano. 
4031. Lydia M. Steele, bora September 21, 1S19. 
4035. Lam-a Steele, born February- 19, 1S22. 
4U3U. Sarah A. Steele, born September 2, 1S23. 

[3392.] Sarah A. Siceic, daughter of Satniiel Steele (1SS4) 

and Sarah Shurtleff, married , 1848, W, C French of Wood- 

»tock, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
41KJ7. Mary S. French, born June 9, 1S50. 
4d33. Sarah A. French, boru April 2S, 1S54. 
4039. Lydia M. French, born Januan- 7, 1S56. 

4910. Warren C. French, born January 6, 1S5S. 

4911. William S. French, born November 27, 1S60. 

[34D4i] Abigail Gurley, daughter of Artemas Giirley and 
Sarah Steele^ (189O married September 18, 1823, Doct. Isaac 
/iaveyy bom October i, 1782, son of Isaac Hovey and Penelope 
TillinghasL Residence, Mansfield, Conn. Dr. Hovey died Octo- 
ber 24, 1855. She died April 28, 1877. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
41M2. Janet Hovey, bora July 20, 1S24, married Mark C. Hotchkiss. 

4943. Emily Hovey, born April 5, 1826. 

4944. John G. Hovey, boru Januan- 11, 1S28. 
4915. Joseph Hovey, born November 20, 1S29. 

4WC, Marion Hovey, born October 11, 1S31, married L. J. Stillman. 
4917. Charles A. Hovey, born September 10, 1S33. 

[340 S.] Uriah B. Gurley, son oi Artemas GurleyzxA Sarah 
Steele^ (1891) married Januar>' 15, 1826, P/nla Porter Barrows, 
born November 11, iSoi, daughter of Robert Barron's, of Mans- 
field, Conn., who married November 28, 1799, Clara Wright. 
He was boru December 8, 1772, son of Capt. Robert Barro-U's, who 

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married April 4, 1765, Porter, (859.) Mrs. Pliila Gurlcy 
died in Dansville, N. Y., May 3, 1S63. He died in Missouri, 1873. 

Their children were [being of the ei|;jhth generation:] 
4918. Sarah S. Gurley, born April 2.|, 1S27, died umiiarriod 1S73. 
40 H>. Clarissa A. Guricy, born May 9, 1S29, married Jabez F. Ruell. 
40^1. Mar>' Gurjcy, bom June 23, 1S31. 

4U-3L Henry Gurley, bom June 11, 1S37, married Amy P. Ilurd. 
41lo2. George Gurley, born December 6, 1S39, married Sarah Raynor. 
40.'Vi. KUen Gurley, bom October 28, 1S42, married Frank Vrooman. 
4064. Auue C Gurley, bom August 5, 1S46, married Benedict Salzmati. 

[34 DB.] Flonlla Woodivard, daughter of Dilla IVood'warJ 

and A/arj^ Steele, (1S92) uian*ied , 1828, David Wellington, a 

descendant of Rogkr Weij.ixgtox, who came from England to 
Watertown, Mass., 1636, and married Mary Palgraie, daughter 
of Dr. Richard Pai.gravk of Charlcstown, Mass., from England. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4955. Lauren Wellington, born October 19, 1S2S. 
405(3. Flonlla Wellington, born I^Iarch 3, 1S30. 

[34D7i] Elizur IVoodnard, sow oi B ilia Woodward ^lhA Mary 
Steele^ (1S92) married , 1827, Amelia Flint, He died Decem- 
ber 9, 1840. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4057. Laura Woodward, bora April i, 1S2S. 

41«58. Charies F. Woodward, born March 15, 1834, married Mary E. Flint. 
4059. Sarah l\. Woodward, born Xovember 20, 1836. 
40C0, Mary M. Woodward, bora June 11, 1S38. 
4001. Esther A. Woodward, bora Xovember 25, 1839. 

[341 6i] Mary K, Stoddard, daughter ol James Stoddard and 
Luey Steele, (1897) married March 23, 1S25, Seth Dewey. 

[Thomas Dewey, from Sandwich, county Kent, England, to Dorchester, 
Mass., 1633 ; removed to Windsor, Conn., where he married March 22, 163S, 
"widow" Frances Clark, He was cornet of tlie Uoop of horse, and died 
April 27, 1648. 

Second Generation, Jcdediak Pewey, bora December 15, 1647, married 
Sarah Or ton, bora August 22, 165*, daughter of Thomas Ortox, of Wind- 
sor, from England. 

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TinrJ iicmraiioit^ /'>'iji::us />/:».•;•, born }a\w :o. loSi. in.trriod Novcm- 
l»i*r 7, 1706, - /^/;''u'.'/ . y.w'/cj', Ijoru April 27, kSi, iIauvjIiut lh JK:::i/ ^Is/./rx 
ami //itfuij/: C7o:vf\ d.iir^hlcr of IIi.nrv Gr.nvr.n, of Springfield, Mjs>., 
from ]{ upland. 

Fourth GcnviMHoit^ Isratl Pz\c\\ born March 3, 1 71 2- 13, rcmovcsl to 
SUelTicld, Mass., and iuarnc«l Strp'.cuibor 19, I7.;4, L}Ji.i Mt.\^t'I'.\\ born Kcb- 
riury 19. 17 13, dauj^liicr of C\*::::'.u'f' .lA)Si.':V and Ii:i:.iK\'Jt L'afi^ny'f, 
dau;<hier of A'i/.'/';.»^/;V/ nafu'ro/.\ of Windsor, Conn. Israel Dewey died in 
SlieiTield, ^lay 2S, 1773, 

Fi/fh Caia\it:o'.\ Isnicl DciJ.\\\ born 1734, married November, 1761, 
Mary Pi.vti'\\ daui^hicr ot' iMzii/ /V.rAT. Israel died in C:'.>ilcton, Vt. 

.V/.i//; Gcncraiion, FAIjaIi JX'i.c\\ born January ti, 1762, married Novem- 
ber 23, 17S5, Hannah Sio.sson, dauvjhter of S.\\<sou. of Oreai Karrinij- 

ton. and Hannah Sptnccr. Eiijiili Dewey dicti in Oswego, N. Y., Oetobcr 
15, 1S40. She died Sc-plenibcr 29, 1S54, aged ei^hiy-ci^^ht. 

Svi'Oiih Ccncraiiottf Scih D^'z^cr^ born Juiie 9, 1S02, married Mary A'. 

Their cliildrea were [being of the eighth generation :] 
40d2. Caroline Dewey, boni April 1$. ih26. 
4003. Harriett Dewey, born May 7, 1S2S. 
41KU. James S. Dewey, born August 5, 1S30. 
49(15. Stoddard Dewey, bom September 7, 1S32. 
•I*M]Q. Elijah P. Dexve}-, born October 7, 1.S35. 

[3417.] Ora?io^e N. SiodJard, L. L. D., son o( James Siod- 
dard SLud Litcj' S/ct/c\ (1S97) inaniecl December 21, 1S37, Almira 
C, Clarke^ boni in Conway, MajiS., Jantiary 15, 1S13. She died 
in Washington, D. C, 1839. He married (second wife) Januar>- 
6, 1840, Eiisa Wheeler. lie was profei.sor in Miami Uuiversitj-. 
Residence, Wooster, O. 

Their children were [being of the eiglith generation :] 
4*J(i7. Lucy F. Stoddard, boru February 6, 1842, married Edgar C. Hamilton. 
41m;s. Alice M. Stoddard, born March jS, 1846, married All>ert Aakeuey. 
40C0. Louisa W. Stoddard, bom February 12, 1S43. 
4970. Mary F. Stoddard, boru May 3, iS53, 

[3422.] EUphalct Williams, son of Rev. Solomon Williams 
(1901) and Mary Hooker, marritxl January 19, 1S09, Rebecca 
Phujuix, daughter of Daniel Phwnix, of New York city. 

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Di-sciCNiiANTs ov JOHN 1'Oi;ti:r. 

Their only cliild was [being of the eiuMith generation :]* 
rivri, Mary H. Williams, bom January i, 1S12, married J. V. Tyler. 

[3423i] SoIoffioH Waiiams, son of Kcv. Solomon Williafns 
(1901) and Mary Ifoolccr^ married iSo6» Cynthia House, daughter 
oT Stephen House, of Middlebury, Vt. 

Their children were [Ixring of the eighth generation :] 
4i>i2. Stephen \\. Williams, boni November 4, iS.);. 
|UM. Mary H. Williams, bora September 2S, iSoS. 
4111-1. John H. Williams, bora October 19, iSio. 
4t»7o. Julia R. Williams, bora r^Iay 6, 1S14. 
41170. Frances Williams, born February- 5, 1S16. 
4U77. IClil)halct Williams, bora December 22, 1S17. 

[34 2 S.] Sarah Williams, daughter of Rev, Solomon IVil- 
liams{i^i) and Mary Hooker, maiTied November i, 1S20, Rev. 
Joshua Leavitt, 

[Joirx Lk.\viti% from England, with his %vife Sarah, Dorchester, Mass., 
1634; Iliugham, Mass.; representative 1656-64, died Novcuiber 23, 169 r, 
•gcil eighty-three. 

Second Generation, Josiah Leavitt, born May 4, 1653, married October 
ao^ 1676, Margery Johnson, 

(John Johnson, with his wife Mar^^ery, came from England in 1620 to 
Roxbury, Mass. ; representative in first general court ; Ancient and Honor- 
Mt Arliller)' Company, died September 30, 1659. 

Second Generation, hlumphrcy Johnson, born in England, married No- 
vember 20, 1643, Ellen Clicney, daughter of William Cuknkv, of Roxbur>'. 

Third Generation, Margery Johnson, born December — , 1659, married 
Josiah Leaz'itt, He died September 14, 170S. She died June 12, 1739. 
• Third Generation, Joshua Leavitt, born August i, 16S7, married Abiah 
Burbant;, daughter of Abraltam Burbank, of SuHlcld, Conn. Rev. Joshua 
Learitt was minister at Somers, Conn., and died October 9, 1761. 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan Leavitt, bom 1731; Yale College 175S; 
mtuistcrat Heath, Mass., married December 10, 1761, Sarah Hooker, sister 
of Mary Hooker, who married Rev. Soloujoa Williams, (1901.) Rev. Jona- 
than Leavitt died ScpL 9. 1S02. Mrs. Sarah I.ea\itt died October li, 1791. 

Fijth Generation, Ro^j^er Leavitt, born January 12, 1771, married June 
^7i I793t Chtoe J/j.iitv//, daughter of Col. Hugh Maxxvett, of Htrath, Ma.-s., 
of the war of Revolution. Roger Leavitt died at Sarauac Lake, N. Y., 1S40. 
She died March 9, JS51. 

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I)i:sci:ni)ants ov joiin rokricK. 


SiA//t iwCttt'9\itioft, Jos'iua /.t\i:'!f/, born SvplciuScr S, 1794 ; Vale Coilov^e, 
1814; married November i, 1S20, Sani/i //V//.\i/y/i. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 
^U7S. William S. Lcaviti, born January 26, iS^r, married M.iry h. Grover. 
A*J7\K John H. Leaviit, bora Scpicmber 26, ii>24. 
4t#S0. Thomas R. Lea\-iit, born July 19. 1S2S, married Mary Latou. 
•lOSI. James T. Leavitt. born July ^o, 1S33, married Sarah B. roster. 
' -I'JS*.*. Samuel C. Leavitt, born Sopiembcr 26, 1S35. 
■JUH.*?. Joshua Leavitt, born November 12, 1S39, merchant in New York city. 

[3466i] Ezekicl W, Parsons, son of Rev. David Parsons and 
Harriet Williams, (1910) married in Colchester, Conn., January 
17, 1822, Sarah Clarke, 

[D.\N1EL Clarke came from England to Windsr. Conn., 1639. and married 
June 13, 164.4, -VtfO' .NV:«:'<5iV7T, daughter of Thomas Xewhiirry, from 
Knglaud. Clarke was representaiive, 1657 to 1661 ; secreiar>- of the colony ; 
assistant; captain of troop, aud died Aui^ust 12, 1710, aged eighty-seven. 

Second Cen^raiion, Datiid Clarke, y >rn April 5. 1654, married, 1678, 
HauHah Prait^ daughter of Daxxi:i. Pratt, of Hartford; removed to Col- 
chester, Con a. 

Third Generation, Noah Clarke, born .\pril 25, 1697, married June 10, 
1719, Sarah Tain lor, 

(CiJARLES Taintor came from Wales, Great Briiain, to Brauford, Conn., 
1643; lost at sea 1654. 

Second Generation, Michael Taintor, born in Hngland, married 1649, 
Ethabeth . He died 1672-73. 

nird Generation, Michael Tain lor, bor.i Octo!)er — , 1632, married 
(second wife) 1696, Mabel Olmi'e.iJ, daughter of Nicholas OL^fiTEAD, of 
Hartford ; removed to Colchceter, Conn., and died February — , 1730. 

Fourth Generalion, Sarah Taintor, born November 19, 169S, married 
Noah Clarke. He died June 1. 1749. 

Fifth Ceneralion, Ezra Clarke, born Novembers, 1725, married . 

Sixth Generation, Ezra Clarke, born 1761, married , 

Seventli Genera lion, Sarah Clarke, born May 1, 1796, married June 17, 
1822, £, /K. Parsons. Residence, Colchester. He died November 19, 1S6S. 

Their children were [bcinif of tlie ci^jhtii generation :J 
41>&L Mary S. Parsons, born Noveuiljvr t^ tS30. 
4035. Harriett W. P^rhons, born ilay 3, I049, miirricJ Jo^tpL O. Brown. 

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[344 B.] David Parsons, sou of Rev. David J\trsoJis and Jfar- 
^$1fil Wiliiams, (1910) married in Xorlluiuiptoii,, Jaiuiaiy 
31, \^\?», lilhabcih IViliiams. (3441.) Residence, Harlford, Conn. 
She «licd October 5, 1S44. 

Their children were [hcin^^ of tlie eiglUh generation :] 
• 4'»"». Kdward W. Parsons, born Dec. 26, 1S16, lunrriod C:»roline II. Stcbbins. 
4'«>7. Caroline X. Parsons, bom Feb. 6, 1S19, iiiarricd William P. Chiircli. 
|l«S.H. diaries M. Parsons, born December 21, 1S2T, married Sarah Rice. 
4!»y». K/ekicl \V. Parsons, born May iS, 1S25, married Sarah Clarke. 
-IffK). Uli/^alKtb B. Parsons, born Dijceinbcr 14, iSsj, married Charles ^loore. 
4«WI, Nancy P. Parsons, born ^lay 9, 1S35, married WiP.iam Fi.^Ue. 
AW2, Harrietts. Parsons, born October 31, 1S40. 

[3447.] Prudence S. Parsous, daughter of Rev. David Pa?- 
Wis ntid l/anie// Wiiiiajns, (1910) married October 7, 1S23, Rev. 
Marcus Smith, of Ren.sselaer\*ille, X. Y. Middlebur>' College and 
Aiidovcr Theological Seniinar>'. Minister at Dunkirk, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
A'M. David P. Smith, bom Februar)' 9, 1S24. 

A\f,H. Samuel ^I. Smith, born February 9, 1S26, married Sarah C. Carlisle. 
4i»'J5. Marcus W. Smith, born January 23, 1S2S, married Panny C. Hitchcock. 

[344 B.] Tliomas Parsons, son of Rev. David Parsons and 
Harriett Williams, (19 10) married in Xew London, Conn., March 
iS, 1822, Frances C, ChappcU, daughter of Richard Chappcll and 
Catherine Colt, Merchant in New London. He died Aug. 1S65. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
401)0. Harriett W. Parsons, born Januar>' S, 1815, died January 4, 1S56. 
4097. Richard C. Parsons, born October 9, 1S26, married Sarah Starkweather. 
4^)y6. Marian L. Parsons, born September 10, 1S29, married G. H. Burritt. 
4000. William W. Parsons, born ^lay 31, 1S34, died 1S53. 

[3450.] Francis Parsons, son of Rev. David Parsons and 
Harriett Williams, (1910) married in Hartford, Conn., December 
19, 1829, Clarissa Brown, daughter of William //. Broun, of 
Middletowu, Conn. Francis Parsons graduated at Yale College 
1816; judge, etc. 

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Their children were [bcinij of the eii;hth generation :] 
WiKK John C. Pardons, bora June 3, 1S32, niarrieil ^klary McClclUiu. 
SiK'l. Man' H. Parsons, born IVbrur.ry 2, 1S35, man led Watson Webb. 
o'Ay2, Jane C. Parsons, born Oclober 4, 1S3S. 
'rt.tXJ. Klixabcth S. Parsons, born June 14, 1S40, married Jolm W. Newton. 

[3451. [J/ary PtirsoHS, daughter of Rev. IXiv Id Parsons and 
Ifarrut Williams, {i<)iO) married September 4, 1821, Rev. Wil-, 
Ham U'iiliams, 

[RouHKT Williams, of Roxburj*. :Mass., from ICn^i^land. 

Second GcncraHof:, Rev. Isaac U'iUixtnis, born 1638, married .Var/Aa 
Parke, (See 77') 

Ttiird Generation^ Rev. U'iHiam U'illia;ns, born February 2, 1665, mar- 
ried Dorothy Cotton, born November 11, 1666, dau^jhlcr of Rev. Seaborn 
Cotton, who married June 14, 1654, Dorothy IJ rod street, daughter of Simon 
liK.XDSTREKT, froui England, governor, etc. 

Seaborn Cotton, born at sea, was son of Rev. John Cuttox, from England. 

Simon Bradstrcct, graduated at Emanuel CoUej^e 161 S; A. M. 1624. He 
married in England Anne Dudley, dani^httr of Thomas, governor 
of Massachusetts. He was born in Northampton, England, 1576; was a cap- 
tain at the siege of Amiens, in France, and came to New England in the 
ship "Arbella," 1630, as deputy -governor, with his wife Dorothy, who died 
I)ccembcr 17, 1643. He died July 31, 1653. 

Fourth Generation, Rev. Eiisha Wilt tains, born August 24, 16S4, married 
February 23, 1713-14, Eunice Chester, born November 22, 16S5, daughter of 
IViomas Chester and Mary, son of John Chester, and grandsijn of 
LEONARD Chestkr. from England. Rev. FClisha Williams was president 
of Yale College ; judge of Supreme Court. Died July 15, 1755. Mrs. Eunice 
Williams died May 31, 1750. 

Fi/th Generation, Eiizha Williams, born January 31, 171S, married 
Iklarch 25, 1742, Prude?: ce /bobbins. 

(John Roslins, with wife Mary, came from England to Weathersficld, 

Secoftd Generation, John /bobbins, boru April 20, 1649, married April 24, 

1675. -J/«^0' . 

Third Generation, Joshua /bobbins, born October 24, 16S1, married Feb- 
ruary 10, 1704, .Ibfjdit ll'arner, boru 16S5, daughter of H'Uliam U'amtr, 

Fourth Generation, Prudence bobbins, l>oru Ooiobcr aS, 1 7 23, ciurried 
Jitisha Wit Hams. 

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Sixth CtCticraiion^ Sdiu/:ci U\ U'i//iinj:s, born January 29, 1752, married 
ilMi/y Wiiliams, (190S.) 

Si'i'Cfilh Genera! ion ^ Rev. U'iiiiam irHIiams^ born October 2, 1797 ; 
l^aiUiatc of Yale Colleire, 1616; pxsior of cburrh at Salem, Mas.<.; married 
Mary Parsons, lie died June 17, iSoo. 

Their cliildrcn were [being of the eighth generation :] 
60!>l. Harritlt T. Williams, born December 17, 1S3U. 
5.A)>. Mary V. Williams, born January* S, 1S33. 
dlKMi. William O. Williams, born IVIay 17, 1S37, minister in Boston, Mass. 

[3456.]/^?//^/ Howard, *?on of Rev. Bczakcl I/ou-ard and 
Prudence Williams, (19 12) married December 18, iSiS, Mary 
Stoddard Dwi^Jit, born Jnnuar}- 26, 1792, daughter of Thomas 
Dwight, of Springfield, Mass., and Hannah Worthing ton. 

[NlCH0l,A.S WoiiTiii.NOTON Came from Kn^laud to Hartford, Conn., 
married Sarah^ daugluer of Thomas Blnck, of Hartford, and his wife Sarah, 
daughter of Capt. Thomas Blu,, of Hartford. He died September 6, 1683- 
She married Jonathan Ball, and died March 9, 1727. 

Second Generation, John Worth ing ton ^ born August 17, 1679, married 
May 22, 17 13, Mary Pratt, daughter oi John Pratt, of Saybrook, Couu. She 
died October 29, 1 759. He died December 30, 1 744. 

Third Ceneralion, John Worthington, born November 24, 17 19, mafricd 
Jauuary 10, 1759, Hannah Hopkins^ born January 29, 1731, daughter of Rev. 
Samuel Hopkins, of West Springfield, Mass., and Esther Edzeards, daugh- 
ter of Rev. Timothy Eduards and Esther Stoddard, daughter of Rev. 
Solomon Stoddard, of Xorlhampton, Mass. ^Irs. Hannah Worthingtou 
died November 27, 1766. Hon. John Worthingtou died April 25, iSoo. 

Fourth Generation, Hanacih U'orthington, born June 17, 1761, married, 
1791, TJwmas Duight, who died January 2, 1S19. She died July 10, 1833. 

Fijth Generation, Mary Stoddard Dwight, boru Jauuary 2, 1792, married 
John Houard. She died July 20, 1S36. He died October 23, 1S46. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
[>007. Hannah W. Howard, born August 12, 1S21, married W. H. Swift. 

5008. Margaret Howard, bora May li, 1S23, married C. W. Switl. 

5009. Frances A. Howard, bom April 20, 1S25. 

5010. Eliza W. Howard, born May 3, i826» married Edward de Slrecke, Pru- 

sian Minister at Washington, D. C. 

[3457i] Charles Howard^ son of Rev. Bezalecl Hoivard and 
Prudence Williams, (1912) married June 21, 1824, Elizabeth B. 

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Diviffkt, born February' iS, iSoi ; sister of Mary, who married 

[John Dwight, from Kngland. 

Second Gt'ticrathHy Timjthy Dwr^h!, born , 1629, married January* 

9, 1664-65, Ann.i Flynt^ daugbler of Rev. Hknkv ri,VNr, of Braiutree, 
Mass., from En^laud. 

Third Geucnition^ Capt. Ilcnry Duit^hi, boni December 19, 1676, mar- 
ried August 17, 1702, LyJia IJazdiy, born July 7, 16S.), daughter o( Joseph 
llawley, of Northampton, Mass., and his wife LyJia Marshall, daughier of 
Capt. Samiu'i Marshall^ who was killed in the Narra;^jiusett fight. Captain 
Henr}- Dwigbt died March 26, 1732. Mrs. Lydia I) wight died April 27, 1735. 

Fourth Gcneraiiou, Col. Jos I'ah Dwij^h/, born October 23, 1716; Yale 
College, 1736; married October 17, 1757, /S/haocih Jjutk minster. 

(Thomas Bl'CKminstkr, wiiJi wife Joan, came from Kuglaiid to Scituale, 
Mass. Died in Brookline, Mass., September 28, 1656. 

Second Generation, Joseph L'nc.i' minster, born iu England, married , 

1665, Elizabeth Clark, born January 31, 1648, daughter of Hugh Cl.\rk, of 
Watertowu, Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, Joseph litirkwinster, born July 31, 1666, married !\Iay 
la, 16S6. Martha Sharpe. 

(ROBKRT SiiARPE, witli wife Abij^ail, came from England to Braintree, 
Mass., 1656. 

Second Generation, Johti Sharpc, born in England, married , 1643, 

Martha . He was a lieutenant in Capt. \Vadsworth*s company, all 

killed at Sudbury, Mass.. April — , 1676. 

Third Generation, Martha Sharpe, born , 166S, married Col. Joseph 

Buckminster ; lived in Framingham, Mass. He died 1747, aged eighty -one. 

Fourth Generation, Joseph Uiakminster, hovw ^larch i, 1720; Harvard 

College, 1739; ordained minister at Rutland, 1742; married , Lucy 


(RODERT Williams, and his wife Elizabeth, came from England to 
Roxbury, Mass. 

Second Genemtion, Rev. Isaac ll'ii'liams, born in England, married — , 
1660, Martha Parke, horn March 2, 1642, daughter of koi;i:RT Parkk, of 
Rozbnr^', ]klass., from England. 

Third Generation, Rev. William Williams, born February 2, 1665, 

married , X6S7, Dorothy Cl\'.'jn, daughter of Rev. S.\:tor;t Cotton and 

Dorothy, daughter of Simon BRAb!«Tkt;i:T, rroiii ICii.<!aud, and bis wife 
Anne, daughter of Gov. Tuo::».s I)i*i>Li.v, from En;:l;i!u\. 

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Fourih {^vncmiiOft, Rev. M'iUiam U':/.i\:ff:s, 1). D., Iwrii May ii, lOSS; 
Ynle College, 1705 ; onl.tint'J at Weston, Mass., 1709; married OVr/V/;;;c* 

(Anthonv Stodiwi:!) came from Knt'land to F^ostoii. Mass., 1639, with 
Viidi JA;/j, dauglitcrof JCm-vnukl 1)sJ\v.\!N\;, of Sakiu, Ma.-is., a lawyer from 
I.0U5I011, Eiiijlanil, who came if\vS. will) wife L.'ity, daucjhler of A.L:iit 
U'tuf/nvp, of Grolon, county SutTolk, Knglaml, ami sister of Gov. John 
Winthrop, of r.o^ton, Ma£--». 

Second Cencrulioti, Rev. Souwioft SioJJxirJ, boni October 4, 1643 ; 
graduate of Harvard Co!!v^e, 1662; ministtr at Northampton, Mass.; mar- 
ried March S, 1670, ICsilicr Wartiuni, born August 9, 1640, daughter of Rev. 
JOHX War HAM, of Windsor, from Er. inland. 

Third Ccncniiio:tt OirisL-Kc S'Oifdjnf, born August 27, 1676, marricil 
Rev. iraiiam U'iHuiins, of Hatfield, Z^I.iss. He died ^larch 6, 1760. 

Fi/ih Cntcratijn, Lii:y WUtiams, bom , mamed , Joscf^h 


Fifth Ccun-aiioti, Fiizabcih lUtck minster, born 1731, married Jos:.\/t 
Dxcigh!. He was a colonel in the war of 1755 ; judge of Hampshire county 
Mass., and died Septemi^er 2S, 176S. Mrs Elizabeth Uwight died March 10, 
179S, aged si.xty-sevcn. 

Sixth Generation, Col. Thomas DiLi^ht, born October 29, 1758; fj^radu- 
ate of Harvard College, 177S, married April 14, 1791, ///////;<?// U'orthini^ton, 
born June 17, 1761, dau;.;hter oi John U'orthini^ton, of Springfield, Ma>s., 
and bis wife Hannah //o/thins, daughter of Rev. Stimnet Ifnphins and 
Esther FdzL'drds, daughicr of Rev. Timothy FdiK^irds, of East Windsor, 

Seventh Generation, Elizabeth /?. Dicight, born Februarj- iS, iSoi, 
married Charles Howard, She died in Springfield, ilass., Oct. 7, 1855. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation:] 
60n. Luciuda O. Howard, born ^larcli S, 1S25. 

0OI2. Thomas D. Howard, born Dec. 25, 1S26, married Sarah A. Eaton. 
50ir.. Elizabeth B. Howard, born December 17, 1S28, married W. S. Tifliiny. 

5014. Sophia W. Hov.ard, born January 31, 1S31. 

5015. Catherine L. Howard, boni February 24, 1S33. 

501C. Mary D. Howard, boni October 12, 1S36, married Edward Andrews. 
5<)17. Sarah B. Howard, born September 13, 1S33, married J. W. Hayward. 
501S. Emily W. Hov.ard, born December 2, iSp. 

[3479.] Doct. Samxtd PcrUr, son of Doct. Samncl Porter 
(1928) and Lucy /iduards, married Januarj — , 1799, Hcinnah 

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Johnson, Removed from Williamslown, Mass., to Skancateles, 
N. Y. He died March, 1S43. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5019. livelyn H. Porter, born July 11, iSoi, married llaiiuah Gardner. 
5OJO. Samuel A. Porter, born August 4, iSoj, uirirricd Isabella ^larshall, 
•j()2l. James G. Porter, born January 4, iSo5, married Sarah Grosvenor. 
60J2. Hannah M. Porter, bora Jaimary 30, iSio, marricil George Geddcs. 
502:1. Mortimer Porter, born August 15, 1S12, married Anne WoodnifF. 
6l»2l. Anne E. Porter, born November 19, i3i4, married James Sanford. 
50*2"). Sydeubaui Porter, bora December 4, 1S16, married Amanda Blakelcy. 

5020. Henry W. Porter, M. D., born August 16, 1S22, died January ar, 1S47. 

*• [34BDi] Doct. Alanson Porter, son of Doct. Samuel Porfet 

(1928) and Luey Edivards, married , 1S01-2, Mabel Northrop, 

bom March 22, 17S1, daughter of Isaiah Northrop, of Monroe 
county, N. Y., and Abiah HubbclL He married (second wife) 
Miriam Bulkeley, He was a physician at Willianistown, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5027. I<ucy E. Porter, bom Februar>' 17, 1S03. 
6028. Julius Porter, bora September 17. 1804, married Anne Woodcock. 

5029. Laura Porter, born February 19, 1S06, manicd Lewis IL Sanford. 

5030. Maria A. Porter, bom March 9, iSoS^ 

5031. Alautoo K. Porter, born July 20, i8ia 

5032. Delia A. Porter, born February 7, 1812. 

[3481.] Lticy Porter, daughter of Doct, Samuel Porter (1928) 

and Lucy Edwards, married , iSoo, Samuel Rhodes, of Seneca 

Castle, N. Y. 

[Zachary Rhodes came from England and settled at Scekonk, or Paw- 
tucket, R. L, about 1635-36. He was representative, &c., and was drowned 
between October zi, 1665 and April 10, r666. Residence, Warwick, R. L 
He married about March 7, 1646, Joanna Arnold, daughter of William 
Arkold from England, to Ilingham, Mass., who removed with Roger Wil- 
liams to Rhode Island, and was one of the fouuders of the Baptist Church 
in America. 

Second Generation, John Rhodes, born , 165S ; was attorney-general 

of Rhode Island. Residence, Warwick. H« OMfried February la, 1684-S5, 
Wait ll^atennan, and died Au^iist 14, 1718. 

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(RlCtiAUn Wavi'.rmax came from Ku^jjlatul, ir>2vj, to Salciii, Mass. In 
March, 163S, rcuioved to l*roviiluiKV, R. I.; iIkm:cc lo Warwick, ami ilicil 
October 2S, 1673. His willow, /»*<•////.///, «licd IVccuibcr 3, 16S0. 

SciOnJ Gcticui!:on, /CcSo/ztJ Jl\ift*nfij;i, horn , married , JAvvr 

U'ifiiatnSf boni July 15, 1640, ilaughicr of Roc.KR Williams, who came 
from Knglaiid, in the ship **I/!ou," lo 15osio:i. Mass., 1630; banislied from 
tbe colony, (for refiwiay; lo briiit; his children 10 bi'^iUm ; ) be removed lo 
Khodc Island, calling his place •',** and died April, 16S3. 

TTiIrd Cciierdiioi:^ U'aiiir.^ Watcmtnti, born , married % John 


Fourth Generation^ John Rhodes ^ bom , married Catherine Holden. 

(Randall Hold::n, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, ICn^land, to Warwick, 

R. I.; assistant; married , 164S, Frdnces dark, daui^hter of Jeki£Mlvh 

' Clark, of NewT^ort, R. I., from ICngland. 

Second GeneriitioJt, C'tartes Ifoi.icn, born Marc!i 22, 1665, married , 

1694, Catherine 

(JOHX Greene, from Salisbury, England, with wife /{>./ •/;/.?, 1635; 
Prorldencc, R. I., 1636. 

Second Cenrratioft^ John Greene^ born in Kngland, married , .-Inne 

/limy, daughter of WiLiJAM Almy and wife .-Ltdny, of Portsmouth, R. I., 
from England. John Greene was a proprietor at Westerly, R. I., 1661 ; 
deputy governor 1690 to 1700, and died , 170S. 

Third Generation, Catherine Greene, bom , married Charles Holden. 

Third and Fourth Generations, Catherine //olden, boru , married 

John /Rhodes. 

Fijth Generation, Joh't Rhodes, born , married Sjrah Greene, 

( Joiix GRiir.Ni: before named. 

Second Generation, John Greene, married Anne Atniy. 

Third Generation, Peter Greene, born , married December 16, 16S0, 

Elizabeth Arnold, 

(William Arnold, from England, before named. 

Second Generation, Stephen Arnold, boni in England, married Novem- 
ber 24, 1646, Sarah Smith, dau^jhter of /Sdzcard Smiih, of Rchoboth. 

Third Generation, /:lizat>eth Arnold, born November 2, 1659, married 
Peter Greene, 

Fourth Generatiji, IVilliam Greene, l>oru , 16S2, married Sarah 


FiJth Generation, Sarth Greene, l>orn , married John Rhodes, 

Sixth Generation, John A'hodzs, born , married Ro.iana L.tiltono'. 

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Svvcnth Gi'fu'ratioft^ S.intuc! Rhodes, bom , 1773, luarricJ, iSck>, 

Lucy Porter, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
50.'i3. JuHus Rhodes, boru iSoi, married Elizabeth Craig. 
5034. Samuel P. Rhodes, boni 1S05, married Lucy A. Beach. 
6*XJ5. Minerva P. Rhodes, bom 1804. 
Sftjii. Sarah F. Rhodes, boru 1S06, married Ansel Squicr. 
5037. Lucy Rhodes^ boru iSoS, married Rev. J. ^^. Closer. 
603S. Kordyce S. Rhodes, born iSri, married Margaret Nutting. 

[34B2i] Minef^-a Porter, daughter of Doct. Samuel Porte» 
(1928) and Litcy Edzvards, married , 1S22, Thomas Graves, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
Ii039. Evelina Graves, born 1S23, mnrried Rev. Calviu Clarke. 
5040. Jane S. Graves, boru 1S25. 
504L John P. Graves, boru 1S27. 

5042. Samuel P. Graves, born 1839, of Baton Rouge, La. 
6043. James G. Graves, born 1S32. 
3044. Miueria P. Graves, born 1S36. 
fiCM*"). Augusta P. Graves, born 1S3S. 

[3483.] James Porter, sou of Doct. Samuel Porter (ig2S) and 
Luey Edwards, married , 1S26, Elizal/eth Vredenbergh./' 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5040. Elizabeth V. Porter, boru 1827. 
5W7. WSllium A. Porter, boru 1S29. 

5048. James £. Porter, born 1S31. 

5049. Frances Porter, boru 1833. 

[34B4.] Nancy Porter, daughter of Doct. Samuel Porter 
(1928) and Lucy Edwards, married , 1S26, Gurdon Bulkeley, 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 

5050. Lucius E. Bulkeley, boru 1S27, judge in California. 

[34 BB.] William Porter White, son of Ebenezer White and 
Abigail Porter, (1932) married , 179^1 Elizabeth Allen. 

[Sauuki. A1.1.KN, from Braintree, county Essex, England, to Wiudsor, 
Couu., 1635. He died .April — , 164S. Mrs. Aunc Allen died November 
13, 1687. 

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SiXOJid Ccneraiiof!^ S.n/titt'/ .•///<•//, bom , 1634. iiiarricil Novciiihcr 

99, 1659, I/afuuih H'oo.f/on/, ilnui;hter of Thomas Woodiokd. He tlictl 
ill Norihanipton, Mass., October iS, 171$. 

yikirJ Ci'fwra/ijn, Sanmcl -■///«;/, bom July 6, 1675, married , 1699, 

SiXiiih kttsl, daughter of Israc! J^tisi, Samuel Allen died Z^Iarch 29, 1739. 

Fout'ih Generation^ Joseph AUcu^ born April 5, 1712, married Xoveriibcr 
92, 1732, Elizabeth /\irsons, born ^larcU 25, 1716, daughter of Noah Par- 
iONS oud Miudwell liJ:jJirJs. Joseph Allen died December 30. 1779. 

Fifth Generation^ Rev. Tiiotnas Alten^ born January 17, 1743, married 
I'cbruary iS. X76S, Elizabeth Lee. 

(John Lkk, from Kngland, to Hartford, Conn,, married Mary Hart, 
daughter of Stkimihx Hart, of Hartford, from Ivni^land. John I.ce died 
Augusts, 1690. She died October 10, 1710. 

f Second Generation, David Lee, born , 1674, married September 5, 

1695, Lydia Strong, daui^hlcT of /edediah Slro.ig, She died July 16, 17 iS. 
He died in Lebanon, Conn., 1759. 

Third Generation, Rev. Jonalhan Lee, born July 10, 171S, married Sep- 
tcuiber 4, 1744, Elizabeth Metealf, daughter of Rev. Joseph Mclcalf, and he 
died in Salisbury, Conn., October S, I7{^S. 

Fourth Generation, Elizabeth Lee, born September 4, 1747, married Rev. 
Thomas Alien. He died in Pittf^field, Mass., Tebmary ro, iSio. She died 
iu PittsOeld, ^larch 31, 1S30. 

Fifth and Si.vth Generations, Elizaocth Allen, born , married , 

1796, William P. ll^hitc. He was a mcrcliaut in Beuiios Ayres, S. A., where 
he died 1842. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SUM. Allen White, born 1797. Residence, Buenos Ayres. 
5052. William P. White, born iSoi. Residence, P.ucnos Ayres. 

[34 B 3.] Lydia White, daughter of Ebnie=er White and 
Abigail Porter, (1932) married , 1792, Butler Goodrich, 

[WnUAM Goodrich. i^Sec No. 1616.) 

Second Generation, David Goodrich, born May 4, 1667, (see f6i6.) 

Third Generation, David Goodrieh, born Decembers, 1694, (see 16 16.) 

Fourth Generation, ILezekiah Goodrich, born April 9, 1733, married 
'759. ferusha Butler. 

(Richard BrnjCR, from Kn;.;land, to Hartford, Conn. 

Second Generation, foseph Butler, born , 1O40, married , 1667, 

Mary Goodrich, daughter of William Goodrich, before named. He died 
December 10, 1732. She died June i, 1735. 

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Third General to ft, Cfuries Du!lep\ born , 167S, married ^lay 17, 

1704, Susannah If':// taws, 

(Matthkw Williams came from Knglaml, to WealhersfielJ, Conn., 
wiOi his \^^fe S^tsj/n:a/i, in 1640. Died , 1664. 

SironJ Cenera/tO't, .Imos ll'i//t\iws^ born , 1615, married June 29, 

1670, IC/izabeih . 

Third Genera/ion, Swia/ntah U'i'//i.ii.'is, born July 22, 16S0, married May 
17, 1704, Charles PuHer. He died Scpcembcr 25, 17 11, in the army in the 
war of 1709-12. 

Fourth Generation^ Charles Iiit//er, born March 12, 1712, married No- 
vtniber 19, 1740, Jcrusha Gcodrich, 

Fifth Generation^ Jentsha Dut/er^ bom January 31, 1742, married, 1759, 
llezekiah Goodrich. 

' Sixth General ion ^ Butler Goodrich, born , 1763, married , 1792, 

Lydia White, Residence, Piitsfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6(I5.'J. Ebeuezcr W. Goodricli, born May 24, 1793. 
6(01. Caleb Goodrich, bora .\ugust 27, 1795. 
0<».V>. Edward Goodrich, born January 19, 1797. 
.WO. William Goodrich, born February 14, 1799. 
60J7. Elizabeth Goodrich, boru December 11, iSoi. 
ACjS. David Goodrich, bom January 12, 1S04. 
5051). Huldah Goodrich, bom February 10, 1S06. 
6U00. Butler Goodrich, born June 2S, iSoS. 
61X11. George W. Goodrich, boru January 20, 18 10. 
6002. Abigail P. Goodrich, boru November 23, 1S12. 
MiZ, Lydia M. Goodrich, boro Jauuar>' 3, 1S16. 

[3490.] Enoch ]Vhife, son of Ebenezcr While and Abigail 

Porter, (1932) married , 1S02, Sarah l^ancldon. Removed to 

Quiucy, III. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
oOOl. Ebenezcr While, boru Nov, 2, 1803, married Cynthia B. Clarke. 
60(J5. Abigail P. While, boru August 27, 1805, died unmarried. 
fiiiOG. Sarah J. White, born March 27, 1S15, married Allen Comsiock. 
Mu, Henry S. Wliiie, born August 17, 1S19, marrioil Su-aii Meade. 
WitJS. David White, born May 13, 1S07, marrictl Helen M. Welles. 
o< ;<;•;. James P. White, born Januarj- 23, iSii, married Helen M. Dupiue. 
'i<>10. John W. White, born February 23, 1S13, married M. D. Van Hise. 

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[348 3i] Oliver DucU^ son of Janns DhcU and Susaniiah For- 
ttr^ (1937) married May i^, 1S05, PoUy Wikow Residence, Clin- 
ton, Conn. lie died April 22, 1S61. She died November 15. 
1S5S, aged seventy-three. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
r»071. William A. Hucll, bom April 20, 1S06. 

5i»72. Margaret BucU, boru March 29, iSio, married Leaiider Norton. 
6*)73. Mary F. Buell, bom Xovember 27, iSii. 

607-1. Elizabeth Buell, bom Januarj*, iS, 1S14, married George Stauiiard. 
5075. Oliver Buell, boru July 14, 1S15, niarried Hannah A Watrous. 
507C. Eliza Buell, born August 6, 1S17, married \V. A. Bushuell. 
6077. Caroline Buell, born March 17, 1S19, died 1S2S. 
^6078. Adeline Buell, born Aujjust 22, 1S22, married Martin Lawrence. 
6(t79. James II. Ihiell, bom March iS, 1S25. 
iiOSO. Charles O. Buell, born February 3, 1S2S. 
WSl. Sarah M. Buell, born Febmarj- i, 1S32, marrieJ Frank 1 1 incline. 

[349 5 1] Ezekid Porter, sou oi Isaac Porter {ic^j^o) and Ruth 

Porter, (1978) married , 1S09, Merey Day. (3009) Residence, 

Westfield. Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation ;] 

5052. Sarah Porter, born 3klay 4, iSio. 

5053. Lucetta Porter, born May i, 1S12, married James Russell. 

5054. Ruth Porter, boru May 13, 1S14, never married. 

5OS0. Isaac D. Porter, boru ^larch 17, 1817, married Sarah .V. Drake. 

[36Dli] Lyman Porter, son of Isaac Porter (1940) and Ruth 

Porter, (1978) married , 1S24, Cliloe Pomeroy, Residence, 

Westfield. Mass. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
50S0. Henry P. Porter, born 1825. 

[3SlDi] Aiignstin Porter, .son of William Porter (1952) and 

Elizabeth Miles, married , iSoi, Charlotte Deivey. Residence, 

Hatfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
dOS7. Kltzabeth Poner, born SeptemY)er 25, t8s>i, toiarrtcd Philip Ripley. 
5U8S. Julia D. Porter, boru .April iS, iS»9, died unmarricil, 1825. 

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5J33. Pamela P. Porli.*r, bora Xovciubor 12, iSri, niarricNl Chester Hills. 
5*W, Charlotte Porter, born Deccui^jcr 13, 1813, tlic«l uniiiarrieJ, 1S26. 

[3513,] Ehwzer Porta; son of lUcazcr Af. Porter (1953) 

and , married May 2S, 1795, Jcrusha Roberts, daughter of 

Benjamin Roberts, of East Hartford, Conn. He died 1S25. 

Their children were [being of the eit;hth generation :] 
5iWl. Dolly M. Porter, boru January 10, ijyS, marricl Oliver Treat. 
jy*)9i. Fauny Porter, boru March 20, 179S, married Harry Lesier. 
50[)?). Jcrusha Porter, born June 4, iSoo, married Russell HolUster. 
6i>W. Rosauiia Porter, born Seplembvr 2, 1805, marrit J William Talcott. 
MU5. Sally Poncr, born December 27, 1S06, married Lucius Talcolt. 

[3617.] Hcpzibah Porter, son of Elijah Porter (1954) and 
Elizabeth Dexcey, married Xo\ember 18, i^i^, ^Daniel Sibley, of 
Westfield, Mass., born Marcli 6, 1792, son oi Moses Sibley. Resi- 
dence, Meriden, Conn. He died , 1S48-49. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
603ti. Caroline Sibley, born August 24, 1S14, married Solomon Veu:aans. 
5097, Amauda Sibley, boru May 10. 1S16, married J. P. Wilkinson. 
5(0S. Pamela Sibley, boru April S, iSiS, uiarried O. Whiltemore. 
6(>J0. Aurelia Sibley, boru February 22, 1820, married J. A. Bartlett. 
5100. Porter D. Sibley, born August 12, 1S22, married Jane Cooley. 
6102. William H. Sibley, born May 26, 1S25, died young. 
5103. George W. Sibley, born May 7, 1830, married Julia ^larsb. 
6104. Dwight P. Sibley, born July 27, 1S32, married Sarah Jaycox. 
5ia3. Mary E. Sibley, born March 23, 1S34, died 1S51. 
510G. Addison P. Sibley, boru July i, 1836. 

[3619i] Aurelia Porter, daughter of Elijah Porter (1954) and 
Elisabeth Deiucy, married January 28, 1S23, William Wilson, 
Residence, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5107. Harriett M. Wilson, boru .\pril 12, 1824. 

5108. Mar>' E. Wilson, boru February 7, 1826. 
510i). Milton E. Wilson, born January 15, 1S2S. 

5U0, Pamela P. WiUou, boru April 2, iS3'>, married J. L. Wilcox. 

5111. Julius J. WiUon, born March I, 1S33. 

5112. Aurelia J. Wilson, born January 15, 1835. 

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A113. Kpliraim A. Wilson, borti October i6, 1S37. 
611-1. Clarence l\ Wilson, boni September iS, 1S39. 

[3S21i] Shubad Poficr, son of Elijah Porter (1954) and 
Elizabeth Dcivcy, married , iSiS, Mary Youug Hosmcr, 

[Thomas IIosmkr came froui Hawkluirst, county Kent, England, to 
Cambridge, Mass., 1632; Hartford, Conn., 1636; representative. Died April 
la, ifSy, aged eighty-three. Mrs. Frances Hosmer ilied February 16, 1675, 
aged seven ty-tliree. 

Second Ccneration^ Stephen Hovnct\ born , 1645, married, 1673-74, 

Hannah Jiushneli, daughter of Francis Jiushiiell, of Saybrook, Coiin., and 
died November 4, 1693. 

Third Generation, Thomas Jlosmcr^ born , 1675, married December 

94, 1700, Anna Prentice. 

(V.^i^ENTiNE rRENTiCK, "ttith wife Alice, from England, to Ro.\bury, 
Mass., 163 1. He died , 16S3. 

Second Generation, John Prentice, born in Kui^land ; removod to New 
I/>ttdou, Conn., , X652. He married Esther , and died 1691. 

Third Generation, John Prentice, born August 6, 1652, married, 1677, . 
Sarah Jones, bora 1659, daughter of MAiTiiKW Jones, of New Loudon, 
from England. John Prentice died Marcli 31, 1715. 

Fourth Generation, Anna Prentice, born , married Thomas IIos- 

tHcr. He died March 9, 1732. 

Fijth Generation, Joseph Hosmer, born November 2S, 1705, married 
January 17, 1745, Sabra Mya^att, 

(JosKPli Mycatt came from FCngland, in the ship '^GrifTm,*' in 1633, to 
Charlestown, Mass.; Hartford, Conn.; representative, 1655. Died December 
7, 1680. Mrs. Anne Mygatt died , 16SS, aged eighty-three. 

Second Generation, Jacob Mv^att, born in England, married , 1654, 

Sarah Whitinjr^ daughter of Wiluam WiiiTixG, from England, to Hart- 
ford, Conn. Jacob Mygatt died , 1680. Mrs. Sarah Mygatt died 1706. 

Third Generation, Joseph My-ratt, bora February 10, 1655, married No- 
vember 5, i6tj, Sarah Webster. 

( Joiix Webster came from England, to Hartford, Conn., 1636 ; repre- 
sentative, 1637; magistrate, 1639 to 1655; governor, 1666. Died April 5, 
i6Si. Mrs. Agnes Webster died , 1670-71. 

Second Generation, k'obcrt Webster^ born in England, married — , 1652, 
Sarah Treat, daughter of Kichakd Treat, from England. She died 1705. 
He died , 167S. 

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Third Ccfteration,Sa»\ih //V.W<v*, born Juno 30, 1665, \\\:ixr\<:^\ Jcst'ph 

Fourth CcHcratioH^ Joseph Mvi^atl, born October 27, 169S, utarricd . 

fifth Ci'/wration, Siti^ra Myzutt, born 1727, married Joseph Ilosmer, 
He died June 27, 1777. She died June 6, 17S9. 

Sixth GcHcraiion, U'lliiam Hostttcr^ born I)coeinl)cr 15, 1745, married 
Jttly 15, 1778, Elizabeth Barker. He died July iS, 1S39. 

Seventh Generation^ Mary >'. Hosmer^ lx>rn — , married S.'utbael Porter. 
Tbcy removed to Medina county, Ohio. 

Their children were [btriug of the eighth generation :] 
5115. Langdou C. Porter, born September 26, 1819. 
5110. Mary h. Porter, born J.iuunry 22, 1S22, m-irricd Miltou Stiles. 
5117. Lydia M. Porter, born February 11, 1S26. 
/5II8. Edwin H. Porter, bora March 7, 1S2.S. Died in California, unmarried. 
5110. EHcn K. Porter, born June 30, 1830, married B. D. Kastmau. 
5120. WUliatu L. Poncr, born May S, 1837, married K!i/abcth ^I. Norton. 
ul'il. George V, Poner, born August 25, 1841, killed in war of Rcbelliou. 

[3622i] Elijah Porter, son of Elijah Porter (1954) and Eli::a' 
beth Dewey, married August 25, 1S34, Mary Loomis, born June 
14, 1808, daughter oi Joshua Loomis, of Westficld, Mass., who 
niarried February' 9, 1804, Sarah Noble, 

[Thomas X021.E, from England. (See elsewhere.) 

Second Generation, Matthezo Xobte, born , 166S; lived in Wcstfield, 

Ma».; removed to Sheffield, Mass. He married December 10, 1690, Hannah 
Dewey, born February 21, 1672, danghter of Thomas Dewey and Constance 
//awes. He died , 1744. 

Third Generation, Matttieza Noble, born September 19, 169S, married 
May 31, 1720, Joanna Stebbins, daughter of Samuel S/ebbins. He died in 
Westfield, August 8, 1771. She died Xovember i, 1763. 

Fourth Generation, Matlhezv Xoble, born July 27, 1736, married September 
'3» '7581 Lydia Ea^er, daughter of Capt. Benjamin Ea*;er, of Marlborouijh, 
Mass. Mrs. Lydia Xoble died September 28, iSii. He died August 

Fifth Generation, Eager Noble, horix May 15, 1760, married ^lay 24, 
17S1, Mary Phelps, bom December 9, 1763, daughter of Aaron /'helps. 
She died Februarj- 5, 1836. He died April 29, 1S39. 

Sixth Generation, Sarah JVoble, born December 10, 1785, married Feb- 
ruary 9, 17S4, Joshua Loomis. He died February 26, 1861. She died March 
39i 1865. 

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SrtVNfA OcNcrafion, Mary y.«v/>i/jf, born June 14, 1S08, uianicvl Elij\ih 
PorUr, Kcsulencc, Westfielvl, Mass. 

Their diiUlren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
hVll, Henry U. Porter, born August 7, 1S35. 

M'2:<. Mary K. Porter, boni Jauuary 15, 1S3S, married Herbert L. Stiles. 
5124. Kllen J. Porter, born September 23, 1S40. 
61 2.). Maria L. Porter, bom April 27, 1S44. 
6l2iJ. Ituogene G. Porter, born June 29, 1S4S. 

6P27. Liun BojU Porter, boru December 30, 1S51, married Mar>' ^loorc. 
The last, (1SS7,) Editor of Cambrivlgport, (IMass..) Chronicle. 

[3 52 El] Aaron Porter, son oi Aaron Porter {yt^'^ and Lois 
Kehey^ married , 1S16, Miriam BcckUy, 

[RiCH.VKD BECKtEY canie from England, to Weaihersfield, Conn. Died 
Augusts, 1690. 

Second Ge/tenifi'oH, Xat/iafiie' Beci-/i'}\ born October 13, 1652, married 
May iS, 1693, Comfort Dcminir. 

(John Deming came from Kngl.ind, to Weathers field, Conn., married, 
1636, Honor Treat, daughter of Richard Treat, from England. 

Second Genet a* ion, Jonathan Deinin^, born Pebruary 12, 1639, i»arricd 
November 21, 1660, Sarah . 

Tkird Gcficration, Comfort Deming, born June 5, i663, married Na- 
; thauiel Deck ley. 

Tkird Generation, Joseph Deckley^ bom September 19, 1695, married 
October 3, 1723, Mary Judd, 

(T11OMA.S JUDD came from England, to Cambridge, ^tass., 1634 ; Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1637-3S ; representative ; deacon. Died in Northampton, Mass., 
November 12, 16SS. 

Second Generation, Benjamin Judd, born , 1642, married , 1667, 

Mary Leivii. 

(WiULiAM Lewis, with wife Felix, came from Ptnglaud, in the ship 
"Lion," to Cambridge, Mass., 1632; removed to Hartford, Conn., 1636; 
tbence to Hadley,, 1659. l)>^d 16S3. Mrs. Felix Lewis died 167 1. 

Second Generation, William Lewis, born in England, married, 1644, 
Mary Hopkins, daughter of Wilijam Hopkins, of Stratford, Conn., 1640, 
from England. Lewis died , 1690, 

Third Generation, Mary Aetiis, born May 6, 1645, married Benjamin 
Judd. He died , 16S9. 

Thit'd Generation, Benjttmift Jndd, born , 167 1, married . 

Fourth Generation, Mary Judd, boru 1704, married /t^iV^/i Beck ley. 

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Fourth Generation^ Xcbt\(t\' J^ciiicy, born March 3, 1734, married . 

Fifth Generation^ Solomon Bcc^iey, boru September 12, 1756, married 
July II, 1776, Chloe Kirkham. 

Sixth Generation^ Miriam Peck ley, born April i6» 17S9, married Aarcn 
I\frter. Residence^ Berlin, Coun. 

Their children were [being of the ciqhth generation :] 
612S. Auren B. Porter, boru July 4, iSr7, inairicdjanc Suiiili. 
612l>. William H. Porter, boru September 10, 1S19, married Martha Bcldiug. 

6130. James R. l?orler, bom October S, 1S21, married Lucy Cohin. 

6131. Andrew Porter, bom January 9, 1824. 

6l3*i. Kmily Porter, boru November 5, 1S25, married Kdwin Sanford. 
Cinn. Fidelia Porter, born April iS, 1828. 
6134. Maria Porter, born May 5, 1831. 

[3527i] Lcman Porter, son cS. Aaron Porter (1963) and Lois 

Kelscy, married , iSio, Hannah Steele, born 1791, daughter 

oi Daniel Steele, of \Verther5field and Berlin, Conn., a descend- 
%n\,o{ John Steele, of Hartford, from Kngland. Residence, Berlin, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
h\%\ I'*lorinda Porter, born October 10, 1S12, married Edward Knapp. 
6180. Mary Porter, boru August y>, 1814, married Andrew Holmes. 

[3G2Bi] Horaee Porter, son cX Aaron Porter (^i()6^) and Lois 
Ktlsey^ married , 18 16, Mabel Webster, 

[John Webster, from England. (Sec 3521.) 

Second Generation, Richard' Webster, married 5<i/'aA Treat, 

Third Generation, John U'ebsfer, born November 10, 1653, married , 

1686, Sarah J/y^att. 

(Joseph Mycatt, from P^ngland. (See 3521.) 

Second Generation, Jacob Mycatt, married Sarah irhiting. 

Third Generation, Sarah Mycatt, Ixjrn , married John Webster, 

Residence. Hartford, Coun. He died December 6, 1695. She married (sec- 
ond husband) November 2, 169S, Benjamin Graham, of Hartford. 

Fourth Generation, flbenezer Wedster, born , 16S9, married, 17 19, 

Hannah Webster, 

(JouN Wei'.stkr, before named. 

Second Generation, Robirt \{ 'cbster, married Sarah Treat, 

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Third GcMtTii/iott, kobni U't'ds/rr, boru , 1662, niarncd SepU-iiiher 

M^ 1689, IfaHtiah Htxklty^ dau^hlor of John DttkUy, of WeathersfieUl. 
fUic died , X715. He died FebriKiry •— , 1744. 

fifth Generation, Hannah ll'ibsicr, bom Xoveiiiber 7, 1695, iiKirried 
Htiticzer Webster. She died November 11, 1775. He die<l Feb. 12, 1776. 

Fifth and Sixth Generations, Mat the:*,' Webster, boru February 14, 1720, 
ourried Mabel Pratt. 

Sixth Generation , Henjamin Webster, boru , 175I1 married . 

Sexrnth Gener^ition, Mabel Webster, boru , 17S7, married Iloraee 


Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 
ftl37. Louisa Porter, boni Septenilier 16, 1S17. 
513^1 Sarah Porter, born October 19, iSiS. 
5139. Joseph B. Porter, born November 20, 1821. 
4140. Jane S. Porter, born April S, 1S25. 

[3630.] Russell Porfer, son oi Isaac Potier (^i()6^) and /ftp- 

Mibah Nt>rlh, married , 1S04, Matilda IViicox. Residence, 

Hcrlin, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5141. Melissa H. Porter, bom April i, 1S05, married Isaac Botsford. 

5142. Mary Porter, bom September 10, iSio. 

5143. Selah A. Porter, bom November S, 1S12. 

5144. Louisa Porter, bom November 13, 1S14. 

5145. Frederick R. Porter, bora December i, 1S16. 

[363Bi] Anson Porlcr, son oiAbijah Porter (ic^S^) and //a«- 
McA Deming, married Febrnar>' 3, iSii, Mehilabd Myzatl, 
daughter q{ Jonathan Mygatt, who married Prudence Noble. 

[Thomas Noulk came from England, to Springfield, Mass. 

Second Generation, John Xob'e, bom March 5, 1662 ; removed to West- 
field, Mass.; thence in 1707, to New Mil ford, Conn. He married — , 16S4, 
Mary Good/nan, l>orn November 5, 1665, daughter of Richard Goodman, 
from England, to Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; Hartford, Conn., 1636-37. who 
married December 8, 1659, Mary Terry, born December 31, 1635, daughter 
of SraPHiiN Tr.RKY, from England , 1630, who settled at Windsor, Conn., 
1637, and died , 1657-5S. John Noble died August 17, 1714. 

Tlhird Gtvieration, Stephen Xobie, boru xVugust 15, 16S6, married , 

1708-9, Abigail Morgan. 

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(Miles Morgan, with wife PruJeNCt\ from I'*nglaii(l, 1636, to Spri:-..;. 
Held, Mass. 

Stcouii Generation^ Isaac Morgan, born , 1652, raarried . Died 

in Kit field, Coiiii., , 1706. 

Third Generation, yldij^ait Morgan ^ boru , 16S7, married Sic-phin 

XoMe. He died December 10. 1755. She died 1758. 

fourth Generation ^ GiJeon Xol>!e, born March 10, 1726, married ^larch 
IJ, 1747, jyj/*M*i Prime. He was a sargeant in the war of Revolmioii ; 
rciuoved to Cairp, Greene county, N. Y., and died 17S5-S9. 

Fifth Generation^ Prudence Xobie^ boru , 1763, married Jonathan 

Mygatt^ son oi Austin J/\j^att, of Berlin, Conn. She died January 15, 1S40. 
He was at battle of Dnuker Hill, and died in New Milfurd, Conn., Septem- 
ber iS. 1S22. 

Sixth Generation, Mehitabei J/r^att, boru , married Anson Porter. 

Residence, Berlin, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5U0. Julia Porter, born March 6, 1S12, married Frederick Dunham. 
6147. James H. Porter, born ^lay 8, 1S14, married Phcbc Pendleton. 

[353 7i] Abijah Porter, son of Abijah Porter (1965) and 

Hannah Dcming, married , 1811-12, Elizabeth Wilcox. 

dcuce, Berlin, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
ftl48. Lucetta Porter, born April iS, 1S14, married H. B. Smith. 
M4U. Elizabeth Porter, boru September 10, 1S16. 

[354Di] Selah Andrews, son of Hezekiah Andrcii'S and 
Rhoda Porter, (1966) married September 5, 1822, Mary Bacon, 
daughter oi Joel Bacon, of Middletown, Conn., and Lydia Hub- 
bard. Residence, New Britain, Conn. He died May 11, 1S65. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6150. Rhoda P. Andrews, born March 20, 1S25, died unmarried. 

6151. Sylvanus Andrews, born September iS, 1S26. 

5152. MarietU Andrews, born March 11, 183 1, married Butler Warren. 

[364B.] IClhan B, Porter, son of Luther Porter (1969) and 
Lydia Bclding, married November 30, 1^20, Julia Gris'wohL 

[MiCHAEU Griswold, with wife Anne, from England, to Weaihersficld, 
Conn., 1640-45. 

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Second Ot'ttcrtiiion^ Jacob Gns:coU, born , 1660, married December 

10, 16S5. Miio . 

Third Gi'ticra/iofi, Josiah Grisuv/d, born Januarj- 4, 1701, married 
August 17, 1727, JA/tVV U\ J/c/difnj^. 

(Richard Hklding, from Kni;laud. 

Second Gcucratiou, John fUldin^^ born in England, married Lydia . 

Third Genera lio*i, John DelJifi'^, born June 12, 165S, married June 15, 
16S2, Dorothy IVillard. 

(Simon Wiu.a»RD, from England. (See elsewhere.) 

Second Generation^ Josiah IViiiard, born in England, married iu Con- 
cord, Mass., March 20, 1657, Hannah I/osiner, \yon\ , 1639, daughter of 

TuOM.\S HosMKU. Josiah Willard removed to Wcathersfield, Conn., and 
died 1674. 

Tfiird Generation, Djtvthy Wiltard, born , 1663, married John 

fiefdinff. She died February 2S, X754. He died Januar>- 10, 17 14. 

Fourth Generation, Mabei li'iHard He! den, born , 1707, married 

Josiah Grim'oid, He died March 9, 1769. 

Fijih Generation, Ozias Gn'su^otd, born January 16, 1736, married De- 
cember II, 176a, .'inna Stantey. 

Sixth Generation, Samnei Grisxcold, born Jan. 26, 1770, married — . 

Seventh Generation, Julia Griswold, bom January 29, 1797, married 
K, B, Pofier, Residence, Weathersficld, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
51*)3. Abigail W. Porter, boni August 22, 1821, die<l 1S49. 
6!M. Lydia D. Porter, born November 20, 1S23, died 1S49. 
5155. Luther S. Porter, born November 20, 1S26, married Mary A. Goodwin. 
5150. Thomas G. Porter, born March 30, 1S29, married ^lahala Smith. 
6157. Leonard D. Porter, bom October 30, 1S31, married Sarah Stevens. 
5158. Martha A. Porter, born April 21, 1S34, marricil C. K. Griswold. 
6159. Jane E. Porter, born May 6, 1S37, married S. E. Stebbius. 

[3473tl Timothy Stone Pinneo, sou of Rev. Dczakel Pinneo 
9CfxA Mary P. Stone, (1926); Yale College, 1S24; professor in 
Marietta College ; married June i, 1S4S, Jcanette Linsley, daugh- 
ter of Rev. /. //. Linshy, of Marietta, O. President of College. 

Their children were [Ixing of the eighth generation :] 
5160. Jeanette L. Pinneo, born May 12, 1S52. 
51C1. Mary S. Pinneo, bom January 23, 1S56. 
51G2. James A. Pinneo, bom Jatiuary 2, 1861. 

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[347 4 i'\ /itMCS B, Pivnco, sou of Rev. DizaUcl Pinnco and 
Mary P. Siont\ (1926) married Novombcr 17, 1S32, Iiliza Lyman, 
d^ugliiCT o{ SaM lid Ly Ma ?iy of Goshen, Conn., and Sara/i Webster, 
Banker in Newark, X. J. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 
A163. Sauiuel L. Pi unco, born September 21, 1S35. 
5I(M. Mary K. Piuneo, bom August 6, 1S37. 
6IG5. James C. Pinneo, boru Jul)- 17, 1839, married Mary A. Gray. 

[3475.] William W, Pinneo, son of Rev. IJc=alcel Pimteo 

and Mary P. Stofu\ (1926) married . 1S35, Sophia Miller, 

Merchant in New York city. 

Their children were [being of the eiglith generation :] 
(106. William W. Piuneo, born Apr. iS, 1S36, marrieJ Margaret Montgomer>'. 
5107. Joseph O. Piuneo, born October 3, 1838, married Henrietta Halsey. 
510S. Eiiward F. Pinneo, born May 6, 1S41. 
' 5169. James B. Pinneo, born July 4, 18.43. 

5170. Frederick S. Piuneo, born August 7, 1845. 

5171. Koswell L. Piuneo, born September 7, 1S47. 

[3541.] Rhoda Porter Andrews, daughter of Hc::ekiah An- 
drcufS^Liid P/ioda Porter, {ig66) married April 23, 1S17, Asakel 
Hamlin. Residence, Fanuington, Conn. He died January 8, 
1854. She died , 1871. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5172. Asahel A. Hamlin, boru Jan. 21, 1821, died uumarried Aug. to, 1848. 

5173. Hezckiah \V. Hamlin, born Jan. 5, 1824, married Catherine Cowles. 

5174. Laura P. Hamlin, born July 8, 1826, married William Cowles. 

5175. Martha S. Hamlin, boru July 3, 1830, married S. H. Eusigu. 

[3645.] Martin Sage, sou oi Calvin Sage and Jerusha Por- 
ter^ (19SS) married , 1823, Iluldah San/ord, Residence, 

Torrington, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5170. Luther Sage, born 1825. 

5177. Calvin Sage, boru 1827. 

5178. Orrin Sage, bom 1830. 
5J70. Ellen Sage, boru 1S32. 

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(35SD.] Lo/au Porhr, son o{ Moms J^orlcr C1971) aiul Rhoda 
Smith, married October 28, 1S22, Clarissa /?. BtcJdcy. 

(KicilARU BrCKLEY cauie from Eiiglaml, 1639, lo Xcw Ilavcu, Conu.; 
ftioovc'l to WcallicrsficUl, aiul ilit«l August 5. 16^. 

Sfi'ond Ccncratioit, Dcnjamin Bccklev, boru January 27, 1650, married 
October 7, 16S5, AU'^ctca . 

TJfh'ti Orfterafioff, John Iiciklcy\ bora October 16, 1695, married March 
•^ t7^7i i^fary Woodrutf. 

(Matthew WooDRUFi', with wife Hav.nah^ from Kiiglaiid, to FarmiDg- 
lon, Conn. Died , i6$2. 

Second Generation, MaUhcic Woodntff, boni , 1645, married June 

\i^\(i(>^, Mary Ptninbt\ born , 1645, daughter of Ror.i:RT PLrMBE, of 

Uttroril. Conn., who married, 1644. Mary ItaiJwrd^ boru in England, daugh- 
ter of Sylvksticr BALinvix, of ^lilfonl, from Wendover, courity Bucks, 
Kngland. Matthew WooilrulT died November, 1691. ^Irs. Mary Woodruff 
died November, 1692. 

Third Generation, John JloodneJ^, boru April, 1673, married . 

Fourth Generation, Mary WooJntjj, born , I705i manied John 


Fourth Generation, Ftias Beck/ey, born February 27, 1735, married 
Lois Parsons. 

Fifth Generation, Etias Deckley, bom February 13, 1760, married 
Raehet . 

Sixth Generation, Clarissa D, Deckley, born December 9, 1799, married 
Lotan Porter. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5180. Edwin A. Porter, boru September 27, 1S27. 
6IS1. Lyuas A. Forter, bom April 9, 1S30, married Louisa L. Beckley. 
6182. Emily F. Porter, born May 3, 1S32. 

5183. Caroline E. Porter, boru July iS, 1S34, married Charles F. Steele. 
5134 Frederick A. Porter, born June 16, 1S36. 
'>518o. Henry L. Porter, bora January 4, 1S40, married ^Iar>' F. Wilson. 

[3661.] Lynas Porter^ son oi Moses Porter (1971) and Rhoda 
Smith, married . Residence, Berlin, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SlWJi Fidelia Porter, bom 1S33. 
51 S7. Mosc3 Porter, born 1S36. 

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. [3663i] Asahd Porter, son o^ Jixmcs Porfcr{\c)']2) ami Sarali 
Airier, married , 1796, Lfur Ktlscy, 

[Wll.l.lAM Kki«SEV came from Eiii^laiiJ to Hartford, Conn., 1635 ; removed 
to Killiugwortb, Couii. 

Second Generation^ Stephen fCe!se\\ born November 7, 1647, married 

November 15, 1672, Hannah /nt^erso/f, born , 1652, daughter of John 

IXOEkSOLL, of ilartford, from };ngland, who married , 165 1, Dorothy 

Lord, bom 1631, daughter of Thomas Lord, of Hartford, and wife Eliza- 
Mh, from Engttiud. Stephen Kelsey died November 30, 17 10. 

. Thini Ceneralion, Stephen A\'fsej\ boru September 20, 1677, married 
jAQuary 11, 1700, Dorothy Dronson. 

FoHfih Generation, Enoch Ketsey, boru August 27, 1717, married August 
y^ 1744, Mabel Bid welt. 

(Richard Bidwf.ll, from England to Windsor, Conn. Died December 

Second Generation, John Bidicell, bom in England, married , 1640, 

Sarah M'Heox, daughter of John* Wiucox, of Hartford, Conn., from 

Third Generation, John Didwell, born , 1641, married November 7, 

1678, Sarah Welles, 

(Thomas Welles, from England. Governor of Connecticut, &c. 

Second Generation, Thomas ll'eHes, bom in England, married June 23, 
1654* Hannah Tuttle, daughter of Wilijam Tuttlk, of New Haven Conn., 
from England. 

mrd Generation, Sarah Welles, born 1659, married John Bidxvell. 

Fourth Generation, David IJ id welt, born , 16S7, married July S, 

1714. Mabel Webster, 

(John Wkbstkr, from England, to Hartford. Governor of Conn., &c. 

Second Generation, Robert Webster, born in England, married, 1652, 
Susannah Treat, daughter of Richard Treat, of Hartford, from England. 

Third Gefteralion, Jonathan Webster, born January 9. 1657, married 
May II, 16S1, Dorcas Hopkins, daughter of Stephen Hopkins, of Hartford, 
and Dorcas, daughter oi John Bronson, of Hartford. 

Fourth Generation, Mabel Webster, boru March S. 1691, married David 

Fifth Generation, Mabel Bidwelt, born August iS, 17 iS, married Enoch 

Fifth Generation, William Kelsey, !)orn Feb. i, 174S, married . 

Sixth Generation, Lucy k'elscy^ born 1772, married .hah el Porter. 

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Tlicir children were [l>eiiij^ of the eii;htU geiioiMtioii ;] 
Mm. HJwtti I'orter, bom July 50, 1797, inarricil Kalliariiic llubUirJ. 
iliO. Pamela Porter, born April iS, iSuo, married Soloiuoir Pratt. 
I|ti>. Ou< IVirler, bom Jaunnry 17, 1S04, tii.iriicd Maria Stoddard. 
1191. I.iicy Porter, born Septeiul)cr 4, iSj6, married Anson Forbes. 
•Ik?. James Porter, born January 11, iSoS, married Hannah Hubbard. 
MOi. Kmelttie Porter, born February 32, iSil, married Orson Spencer. 
Ilt^l. Kstbcr Porter, Ijorn Sejitenibor 17, 1S13, married S. F. Tichiior. 
Iltti. Afabel Porter, born April 3, 1817, died 1845, in PiUsbur^jh, Pa. 

[36S4i] Daniel PoHcr, son oi James Por/er (i^-j 2) and Sarah 
l^rUr, married, 1800, Polly Badger. Residence, Salem, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
lltlU. Royal L., born iSoi, matriod Sarah A. Piatt. 
IIUi. Alcjiicna Porter, boru 1S03, married Rev. Charles Peabody. 

[35SBi] Lovina PorUr^ daughter oi James Porter (1972) and 
Sdrah Porter^ married, 1797, Stephen AndreK's. 

[John Andrews, wiih his wife Marvt from England, among the tirst 
Kttlers of Farmington, Conn., about 163S, died 16S1. Mrs. Mary Andrews 
4ied >Iay i, 1694. 

Second Cefierdthn, John A/tdreu'S, born 1645, married . Lived 

in Hartford, Conn. He dieil ,1710. 

Third Generation t Stephen Andrews^ born April, 1670, married April 
•3t '70'. Sarah Gillette, 

(JoxATii.vx Gillette came from England to Windsor, Conn., 1635. 
Died , 1677. 

Second Generation, Cornelius Gillette, born in England, married . 

Third Generation, Sarah Giltette, born January 3, 1674, married Stephen 
Andrews. He was a school teacher, town clerk, &c. Resi.lenre, Hartford, 

Fourth Generation, Etisha Andrezi^s, born July 10, 1706. married 

February 9, 1726, Ruth . Residence, Eastbury, Conn. Town clerk, 

1743 to 1749. Died January 19, 1750. 

Fifth Generation, Etisha Andreu'S, born May 4, 1730, married, 1751, 
Jerusha Keener, daughter of Alexander Keene\\ of East Hartford. He 
Uied March 13, 1S13. She died March 13, 1S25. 

Sixth Generation, Stephen Andrczos, born June 25, 1765, married, 1797, 
tjreina I\}rter. Residence, East Winds^or, Conn. He died June 28, 1833. 
She died , 185^. 

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.•: J 

Their chiUlreii wore [being of the eighth generation :] 
510S. Walter AmUcws, bom June lo. 179^, married ICli/ahclh S. Cameron. 
bVJ.K Cmeline Autirews» boru March 7, iSco, uiarrietl Horace WalbriiV^c. 
5",H«0. I/0\nna Andrews, born December 13, 1S03, married Ambrose Pelap. 
5-M!. Ivliza Andrews, born August ii, 1S09, married S.imuel King. 
5-*i>2. Stephen P. Andrews, boru Dec. i, 1S12, married Lucy Rounds. 
0-03. Cornelki An<lrews, born January 10, 1S15. 
6'.\U. WiUiam Andrews, born March 3, iSiS, married Lvicinda V. Pulver. 

f355B.^ A^athanicl Po^rUr, hon of i\\}ihauu'l Porter (1974) 

and Susan Arnold, ninrricd , 1S02, Mary ShirkiKr'aihcr. 

, Residence, East Hartford. Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6205. Nathaniel Porter, born April iS, 1S03, mariicd Almira Churchill. 
52(16. James Porter, born July i, 1S04. 

6*Jn7. Clarissa Porter, boru September i, 1S06, married T. L. r»ancroft. 
.VJU.S. Kmily Porter, born November 5, 1S09, married Stephen Taylor. 

[3663.]/'^ Pt^rier, son oi Job PorUf (1976) and Mar^rartt 
Porter, (1939) married , iSg6, Lydla Keiscy. • 

[WittiAM Kklsev caine from Kngland to Cambridge. Mass., 1632 ; 
Hartford, Conn., 1636; Killingworth, Conn., 1663, where he died. 

Second Generation^ Stephen A'etsty, Ijoni November 7, 1647, uiarrit-l 

Novemt)er 15, 1672, Hannah Inj^crsolt, born , 1652, daughter of Ji^iin 

Ingersoll, of Hartford, from England, 1650, who married , 1651, /A'/i-- 

thy Lord, born in Kngland, 1631, daughter of Tko!I.\s Lord, of Hartford. 
from England. Stephen Kclsey died November 30, 1710. 

Third Cenci at ion, John Kelsey, born January 20. 16^5, married Novtuitx-r 
23, 1704, Mary Buck, 

(Emanuel Bcck, with his wife Sarah, from England, to Wcathcrs.^icld, 

Second Generation, Ezckiel Duel:, born January 15, 1650, married .M.»rc!i 
J8, 1675, f^achel -. . He died March 3, 17 13. 

Third Generation, Mary Buck, born 16S7, married John A'e/sey. 

Fourth Generation, Enoch A'e/sey, born Augjust 27, 1717, married August 
30, 174-I. Mary Bidt.eH. 

Fijth Generation, Stephen A'e/sey, born May 2S, 1764, married -r . 

Sixth Generation, Lydia A'e/sey, boru , married Job Porter, Resi- 
dence, East Hartford, Conn. 

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Their cliildrcn were Lhc-iiig of the eiglilh gciuralion :] 
52ll!). Caroline Porter, boni Dcceiul^er 25, iS<.S. 
h'2\i\ Miraiiila Porter, boru Jatiiiar)' 31, 1811, iiiaiTied Horace H. Hill. 

[35B4.] /ilhabtt/i Porier, daui^htcr of >^ /W/cr Cuj-jS) and 
Margaret Poricr, (1939) married February 13, 1S09, Josiah While. 

[I^lder John Whitk, of Mkldletowii, Conn., from Kuijlanil. 

Sctond CcHcratiou, /Xi;tu\' U'tiiic, born February 2S, i(:62, marrie<l 
Sus<innah MouU^ dauvjhter of Hlv,}i Moim». a sliipbuiUler of New London, 
Conn., whose v.'ife was Marl/ui Coif, daughter of John' Con*, from En«;land, 
Daniel White died December S, 1739. She died September 1, 17S4, aged 

Third Ocfieraiion, Joseph U'hife, boru October 1, 16SS, married January 
30, 1726, Abigail Bufur. 

(Richard Bl'TLKk, from England, to Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; Hartford, 
Coiiu., 1636; representative, and died August 6, 16S4. 

Seeond Cefier^iiity'i, Butler, born in ICugland, married Siirah 
Stottc, daughter of Rev. S.vmikl Stonk, who came from England, to Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1636. 

Third Generation, Abigail Butler, boru , 1690, married Joseph 

White, She died December 8, 1751. He died , 1770. Residence, 

Middlctown, Conn. 

Foiitih Generation t Stephen White, born January 17, 1731, married 
February 10, 1757, Ifannah Hubbard. He died in Middlctown, November 
a8, 1774. 

Fifth Generation, Jouph White, boru September 5, 177 r, married Feb- 
ruary 13, 1S09, Elizabeth Porter. He died September 13. 1S31. She died 
in Selttia, Ala., at the residence of her daughter Haniet. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5:?ll. Harriett P. While, boru January 10, iJSio, married Edward Fay. 
6*il2 Oliver H. White, born ^lay 6, 1S12, married J. M. McKee. 
5213. Elizabeth .\. White, lx>ra November 2;, 1S14. 

[35B3.] Charity Porter, daughter oi John Porter (1977) and 
Hannah Pitkin, married , 18 10, Abiei Wiliiains. 

[Wn.UAM Williams, from lin'^land to Hartford, Conn., mamed Novem- 
ber 25, 1647, Jant* Westoier, druighic-r of Jonas Wi;hTOVi:R, from England. 
He died December 17, i6>9. She died December 25, 1659. 

Sieeond Genera Hon, John WitHams, boru , 165S, inarritd . 

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Thini Generation, Jacob U'iiliaws^ bom Jauiian- 29, 1698, oiarrried , 

tiebfcca HubbarJ. 

(CfKOKCK Hubbard came from England to Watertowu, Mass., 1636; 
rtprcsenUlive, 163S ; removed to Xew Haven, Conn. He died January — , 
l6Sj. Mrs. Mary Hubbard died September 14, 1676. 

Second Cencrai ton ^ John Wiliianis, born in Kn^^land, married — , 1650, 
Mary j/crinfn ; removed to HalfieM, Maas., and died 1705-6. 

77tinf Genera/ ion t Dan id //nbbanf, boru March 9, i66r, married Novem- 
ber I, 16S3, Esther Rice. 

(Kdmund Rick came from liarkhamstead, county Herts, England, to 
Sudbury, Mass., with wife Tatnaain^ 1639, died in Marlboro, Mass., May 


I-I / Second Generation^ Samuel Rice^ boru in England, married November 
8, 1655. Elizabeth A'in^, daughter of Pktkx, of Sudbury. He 
died , 16S4-S5. 

7^hird Generation, Esther Rice, boru , 1670, married Daniel //ub- 

bard. He died February 11, 1737. 

Fourth Generation, Rebecca //nbbanf, born September 19, 1706, married 
Jacob Williams, He died May 13, 17S7. 

Fijth Generation, John Williams, born r, 1736, married , 17S0, 

Jemima Gilman. 

Sixth Generation, Abiel Williams, bom June 8, 1783, married Charity 
Porter. Residence, East Hartford, Conn. He died Fcbmary 24, 1840. 
She died December 19. 1S23. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
•)214. Maria Williams, born Februan.-, iSiS. 
521.'). Henry H. Williams, born September 25, 1819. 
52iri. I/>uisa W. Williams, born February 2, 1S22, married S. W. Nelson. 
.V.M7. Marcus P. Williams, born .April iS, 1S24. 

•5218. Julia Williams, born April iS, 1S26, married Hervcy E. Frost, a Union 
soldier, killed at Pittsburg Landing. 

[3B7 3 *} John Nelson Porter, son oi John Porter (1977) ^i"^ 
Hannah Pitkin, married Octol)cr 21, 1838, Harriett L, Hastings, 
daiigliter of Malcolm Hastings, who wr.s born in Inverness, Scot- 
laud, March 26, 1760, who came to Xcw Kngland, and married 
November 27, 17S5, .Uarjf Willis, daughter oi Jaiuthan llWis, 
of Hartford, Conn. 

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Their chiUlien were [bciii,:? of the eitjluh generation :] 
b'2\d. Mary Tercbri Porlcr, bom Aniciist 4, 1S39, died Septeinhor j-o, 1^54. 
^-••JCK Aurelia J. Porter, bora Au;^ust 24, 1S41, uiarried Ileury f.. Arnold. 
bT2\. Adelaide li. Porter, burn July 12, 1843, nii.rricd Ileury F. Tracy. 
5«*-. Nelson L. Porter, born Sciitenibcr 24, \^\s* married Lucy T. ^latlhews. 
5'Jtfo. Ilenian B. Porter, bom Au;^ust 1 1, 1S47, married Libbie Vergasen. 
5JlM. Gcori^c K. Porier, born iJccenibcr 19, iS^% died September 2S, 1S50. 
b'J2'}. Kllcn F. Porter, born November 24, 1S51, died February 22, 1853. 

[3575. J Hinry Catlin Porter, sou oi John Porter (^ic^-^-f) and 
Hannah Pitkin, married M?.y i, 183S, Pamcta GodJanL Second 
wife, 1841, Nancy If. Lathrop, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5'J2U. Pamela Porlcr, born April iS, 1839. 
62-7. Melissa A. Porter, V>orn April 30, 1S43. 

[3 5 7B»] Charlotte Brainard, danghter of Ezra Brainard and 
Hahcl Porier, (19S0) married, 1810, Auren Brooks. Residence, 
Biicyrus, O. He died , 1S49. 

Their children were -.being of the eighth generation :] 
ht2&. Ezra Brooks, born iSir. 
htl'd. Clement Brooks, born 1S13. 

OlSSO. Ahuira U. Brooks, boru iSrj, married Cbadwick. 

f£SM. Otis B. Brooks, boru xSiS, married Mary A. Savage. 

[3577i3 Kzra Brainard, son of Iizra Brainard and Mabel 
Porter, (19S0) married May 11, 180S, Louisa Robbins. 

[JoilN" ROBDINS came from England, to Wealhersfield, Couu. Died 
January 27, 1660. 

Seeond Generation, Joshua Robblns, bom , 1651, niarricd December 

a I, l6So, Elizabeth . lie died , 1738. 

Third Generation, Joshua Robbins, born October 21, 16S1, married 
Sarah Did wet I, daughter of yc^//// /J id welt. 

Fourth Generation, Zehitlon i<obbins, born August 2, 17 10, married 
Januan.' 6, 1737, Saroh Morton. 

(Richard Morton can>c from England, to Iladley, Mass. Died April 
3. «7io. 

Second Generation, Abraham Morion, born May — , 1676, married May 
8, 1 701, SArah Kellorj^. 

(JOSEi»H KKi.r.ooG Came from England, to Iladley, MaFS. Died 1707. 

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Sfcond Generation^ John K^elio^ff^ borti December 20, 1656, married 
[ Pcctmb^r aj, 17S0, Sa9ah .VooJy, 

(John Moodv, from Moulton, county Suffolk, Euglaiul, to Hartford, 

Second Ccncniiiont Samuel Jfootfy, bom in England, removed to Had- 

ley, Mass., married , 167S, SarjJi Danini^^ daughter of Jonx Df.ming, 

ftoiu England, and Honor Tn-at, daughter of Richaru Treat, from 
Rttglaud. Samuel Moody died September 22, 16S9. Mrs. Sarah Moody 
4icd September 29,^717. 

71th J Generation, Sarah Kellogjj^, born May 2, 16S2, married ^lay S, 1701, 
Abrahane Morton, 

Third and Fourth Generations, Sarah Morton, born , married 

I fannftry 6, 1737, Zebulon Robbins, 

Fifth Generation, Zebulon Robbins, born October 9, 1744, married , 

•r Rocky Hill, Conn. 

Sixth Generation, Louisa Robbins, born 1783, married Ezra Drainard. 
He died in Martinsburgh, X. Y., August 8, 1S32. She died Xov. 22, 1839. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
hVKi. Louisa R. Brainard, born Octobers, 1809. 
('J:U. Mary A. Brainard, born February 28, 1813, married E. Savage. 
5'.*34. Alniira Brainard, boru November 14, 18 17, married Allen Bliss. 
VJ^j Lawrence Bratuard, boru October 20, 1S19, married Catherine Wood. 
623U. Fidelia Braiuard, boru August 3, 1S21. 
5237, Mabel P. Brainard, born April i, 1S23. 

{Allen Bliss, bom March 26, iSio, was sou oi John Bliss, of Turin, N. Y., 
and Sarah Foster, son oi! Gad Bliss, son of Will tarn, sou of William, sou 
of nomas, son of Thomas, from England. Allen Bliss removed to Plain- 
field, 111., 1844. ^Irs. Almira Bliss died in Peru, 111., October 28, 1S6S. 

Their children were 

Ela Lawrence Bliss, bom October iS, 1839, in Marliubbnrgh, N. Y., was 
« 8ai;geon iu army of the Poiomac, August, 1S63 to April, 1S64, then in 
charge of Lincoln Hospital, Washington, D. C. Died August 23, 1S65, in 
New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Emma Braiuard Blisd, bora Febmary 14, 1849, married, 1867, Samuel G. 
Mbyer of Vinton, Iowa. 

[3G7Bi] Emily Brainard, daughter of ]\zra Drainard and 
Mabel Porter^ (i9^^o) married January 28, 1817, Adoniram Foole, 
Residence, ^L'lrtinshuri;h, X. Y. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
62:»S. Kmily l\. I'ooto, bom October i, iSiS, uiarricd Saniuol Mills. 
b'TM^. Nonnaii R. Foote, born December 2, iSjo, ninrrieJ Maria MiHs. 
6240. Puaiie D. Foote, boni May 13, 1S22, married Virginia A. Evans. 
62-11. Nancy M. Foote, boru May 27, 1S24. 

[SBBDi] Lawrmcc Brainupci^ son of /i.7ra Brainard and 
Mabel Porter, (19S0) lived in St. Albans, Vt. He married Januar>- 
16, 1S19, FidtUa B, GiidcombCy daughter o( Edward Gadcombv, ot 
Rhode Island. Site died October iS, 1852. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6242. Anue E. Brainard, born October 7, 1S19, married J. G. Smitb. 

5213. Laura A. Brainard, born January 4, 1821. 

5214. Lawrence Brainard, boru May 27, 1S22, married Louisa T. Smith. 
624-3. Alclice O. Brainard, born February 27, 1S24, married Eliza French* 
524«. Fred P. Brainard, boru December 27, 1S27. 

6247. Krastus P. Brainard, boru December 31, 1S30. 
5248. Herbert Brainard, born December 25, 1S37. 
5240. Miranda A. Brainard, born December 12, 1S40. 

[36B1.] Lyman Brainard, son of Col. Ezra Brainard and 
Mabel Porter, (1980) married November 22, 1820, Sally Hall, 
daughter of Doct. Timothy Hall, of Hartford, Conn. Residence, 
St. Albans, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5250. Lywian O. Brainard, bom December 19, 1S21, married Sarah A. Griggs. 
52.31. Htnuia S. lirainard, born October 16, 1823. 
52.)2. Eliza A. Brainard, born September 15, 1S26. 
52'>3. Joseph A. Brainard, boru August 26, 1S29. 
62.>4. Henry IL Brainard, boru June 13, 183a. 
52o5. Mary A. Brainard, born Januarj' 18, 1835. 
525C. Caroluic S. Brainard, born October 28, 1S40. 

[36B2i] Norman Brai7iard, son of Col. Ezra Brainard, and 

Mabel Porter, (19S0) married in Carthage, N. Y., , 1823, 

Grau . He was, with his father, a bridge builder. He 

died in Hartland, Mich., Septeniljer 13. 1852. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
52i7. Norman P. Brainard, born 1S24. 
62o3. Edwin E. Brainard, boni 1S26. 
62uO. Julia P. Brainard, bom 1S29. 
5200. Lorenzo Brainard, born 1S32. 
52U1. Mabel P. Brainard, born 1S34. 

5202. Elvira Brainard, boni 1S36. 

5203. Emily Brainard, bom 1S3S. 
b'2M. 5Iaurice/l). Brainard, bom 1S40. 

[3 6 B 3 .] O^/s Brainard, son of Col. Ezra Brainard and Mabel 
Porter^ (19S0) married 1S40, Clarissa Baker, of Sheldon, Vt. He 
died April 5, 1S47, in Scranton, Vt. 

Their children were [bein<j of the eighth generation :] 
52Go. Fidelia Brainard, bora 1S41. 
5206. Porter Braiua: J, born 1S43. 
52G7. Emily Brainard, born 1S45. 

[35BB.] Almira Z?rj/;m;-</, daughter of Col. Ezra Brainard 
and Mabel Porter, (19S0) married February 24, 1827, Luthe> 
Loomis Dutchcr, born July 31. 1S02, son of Daniel Dutchcr and 
Nancy Billings, son of Christopher Dutcher. Luther Loomis 
Dutcher was a druggist in St. Albans, Vt., and died September 
16, 1878, Mrs. Almira Dutcher died August 14, 1841. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5268. Frederick Dutchcr, born April 16, 1S2S, married ^linerva Huntington. 
52G9. Almira B. Dutcher, born January 21, 1S32, married F. R. Carpenter. 

5270. Daniel D. Dutcher, born July 7, 1834, married Emily Safibrd. 

5271. Mary E. Dutcher, bom April 13, 1837, died April 17, 1S57. 

♦ * ♦ Edward Dutcher, born June 15, 1839, died I^Iarch 5, 1S51. 

* • ♦ Anne E. Dutcher, bora May 17, 1841, died September, 1S41. 

[3BD2i] George Epaphras Porter, son of Epaphras Porter 
(1991) Txn^ Liicretia Huntington, married Aug. 31, 1840, Eleanor 
Morn's, on:iica, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :]• 

5272. Susan L. Porter, born 1841, died 1S63. 

5273. Cornelia M. Porter, born 1S44, died 1S66. 

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I 4274. Charles U. Porter, boru 1S46, died 1S67.. 

I fcf75. Ceorjjc S. rorler, born iS.^S. 

■ 6270. Jaue S. Porter, born 1S50, married George A. Riidd. 

[3BD3.] .-/Wy Huntinoion Porter, daughter of Epctphras 

Porter {\<)<^\) and Lucrctia Huntington, married , George T, 


[T110.MAS Stedman came from Eiiglaud, to Xew London, Coun., 16 — . 

Second Generation ^ Thomas Stedman, born , married . 

Third Generation, Thomas Stedman, born , 169S, married April 9, 

I7J4, Anna Seaver, 

(Ronr.RT Se.wkr came from England, to Roxbnry, Mass., 1633, married 
December 10, 1634, Elizabeth Ballard, daughter of William Ballard and 
%ife Elizabeth, of Lynn, ^lasa. Robert Scavcr was captain of trained band, 
and died May 13, 16S3, aged seventy-five years. 2klrs. Elizabeth Scaver died 
June 13, 1657. 

Second Generation, iVathaniel Seaver, boru January 8, 16.15, niarried 
Sarah . He was killed by Indians at Sudbury, ^lass., April 21, 1676. 

Third Generation, John Seaver, born August iS, 1671, married , 

Sarah . 

Fourth Generation, Anna Seazer, bom , 1699, married Thomas 

Stedmau; removed to Windham, Conn. He died April 9, 1773. She died 
April 20, 17S7. 

Fourth Generation, Thomas Stedman, bom , 1732, married Septem- 
ber 23, 1760, Mehitabel Grijfin. 

(KiiF.NKZHR Griffin came from England to Cambridge, ^lass., thence 

toFomfret, Conn., and theuce to Windham, Conn. He married , 1731, 

Hannah Chandler, 

(WiLLL\M Chaxdlkr came from England with his wife Annis, to 
Roxbury, ^lass., 1637. He died Jauuarj- 19, 1642. She died March 15, 16S2, 

Second Generation, William Chamtler, born , 1636, married August 

14, 1658, Mary Dane, born , 1639. daughter of John' Dane, of Ipswich, 

Mass., 1636. This John Dane was a surgeon, and died September 29, 16S4. 

Third Generation, Philemon Chamtler, born September 4, 1671, married, 
1702, Hannah Clary ; removed to Pom fret, Conn., and died ^lay 7, 1757. 
^Irs. Hannah Chandler died January 24, 1735. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Chandler, bom January 20, 17 13, married 
Ebenezer Griffin. 

Fifth Generation, J/ehitabel Griffiit^Xyatn Nov. 99, 174 r, married Thomas 
Stedman, Residence, Hampton, Conn. Roprcbeutaiive, 1787 to 1793. 

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Sixth Generation^ James Sfedmau, boni October 6, 1779 ; Harvard 
GoUcge, 1801 ; uiarricd November i3, iSio, Eunice II. Ct2rc:c\ daughter of 
Rbenezer Careu\ of Norwich, Con a., wlio married March 2, 1771, Eunice 

(SiMOX HuxTixOTOx and ^-ifc Margaret ^ from Ivnglaiid. 

Second Generation. Simon Hnntinston, boru in England, 1629, married 

October — , 1653, Sarali Ctark, born , 1633, daughter of Joseph Clark, 

of Windsor, Conn., from England. 

Hiird Generation, Daniet Huntington, boru ^larch 13, 1675, married 
January 31, 1705, Abigait Bingham, bom November 4, 1679, daughter of 
TliOMAS BIXCHAM, 6f Norwich, who married December 12, 1666, Mary 
Rudd, daughter of Jonathan Rudd, of New Haven, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan Huntington, born November 4, 1719, 
married November 17, 1746, Eunice Lathrop, Residence, Norwich. He 
died August 9, iSoi. She died ^lay, 1803, aged seventy-eight. 

Fifth Generation, Eunice Huntington, born October 16, 1747, married 
Rbenezer Carew, Residence, Norwich. She died August 14, 1785. 

Sixth Generation, Eunice H. Carezc, born May 31, 1787, married James 
Siedtnan. He was a lawyer in Norwich, and died May iS, 1S56. 

SeZTnth Generation, George T. Stcdman, born June 5, 18 16, married 
Abby H. Porter, She died 1856. Residence, Cincinnatti, O. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6277. Charles J. Stedman, born May 31, 1S46. 
6^8. Frank P. Stedman, bom October 13, 1S47, died in youth. 
6279. George H. Stedman, born Febmary 24, 1S49, died April 17, 187 1. 
52S(). Thomas L. Stedman, born October 11, 1853, M. D., New York city. 

[3BD4.]/tf«^ Sttiart Porter, daughter of Ilpaphras Porter 

(1991) and Litcretia Himtingion, married , 1844, William 

Oihome Thomas, of Norwich, Conn. She died in New Orleans, 
La., August 3, 1853. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6281. Edward S. Thomas, bom 1846. 

6282. William P. Thomas, born 1S49. 

[3B15i] Enos Porter, son oi Joel Porter (2007) and Olinda 
Fox, married October 2, 1832, Abigail H, Whaples, 

[Bphraim Wb.iplivS, of Kensington, Conn., 1700-12. 

Second Generation, Satnuet Whaptcs, born , married , Huldah 


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(Gkorck IvANC.noN, Iroiii Knj;laiul, ta Wctilher^utUi, Conn., 1646. DieJ 
[ h Korthatupton,, 1676. 

Sffond Caterathn^ John Lau^don^ born iu Kngland, lived in Farming- 
loo, Conn. He married — — . 

Third GcnaaiioM^ John Liinq^don, lioru — , married, 1725, Sarali Lee, 

(John LKKcame from Hnv(laiid, to Hartford, Cuiiti., 1636, married , 

|6|59, Sctrah Hart, daughter of STKPiit.x Hart, of Hartford, Couu., from 

Second Generatipn, Stephen Lee, M. D., born 1662, lived in New Britain, 
Conn. He married — , 1690, Ethabcth Royce, 

(RoiiKKT ROYCK, from Eughiud to Boston, Mass., 163 1-2, Nvith his wife 
Elizabeth ; removed to New London, Conn, 1656-7 ; died , 1676. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Roxre, boni about 1635, lived in Norwich, 
^Toun. He married June — , 1660, Deborah Can'.^ins, born March i&, 1645, 
d«ugbter of U\:iiii C.vri.Kixs, of Norwich, from England. 

71/iird Generation, Etizabeth Koyce, born January — , 1665, married 
Stephen Lee, 

Third Generation, Sarah Lee, born November 8, 1696, married John 

Fourth Generation, John Lan^don, born , 1729, married December 

\h >754i ^Lercy Eno. 

(Jamks Eno, from England to Windsor, Conn., with his wife Anne, She 
died , 1657. He died June 11, 16S2. 

Second Generation, James Eno, bom October 30, 1651, married Decem- 
ber 26, 167S, Abij^ail IJissell. 

(John BiSSFXt, from England to Windsor, Conn., 1639, died Aug. i, 1694. 

Second Generation, Samiiet Dissell, bom in England, married June 11, 
1658, Abi^ait llolcomb, born January- 6, 1639, daughter of TuoMiis HoL- 
COMB, of Windsor, from England. 

Third Generation, Abigail Bissetl, born July 6, 166 1, married yji//«»5 Eno. 

Third Generation, David Eno, born , 1702, married , ijyy, Mary 


(JoxATHAX GinurrTK, from England to Windsor, Conn. 

Second Generation, Josiah Gillette, born July 14. 1650, married June 30, 
l^^, Joanna Taintor, bom .\pril — , 1637, daughter of Michael Taintor, 
of Ilranford, Conn., from England. 

Third Generation, Mary Gillette, born 1707, married Daiid Eno, Resi- 
dence, Simsbury, Conn. 

Fourth Generation, Mercy Eno, tom — , 1734, married John Langdon. 
She died November 3, 1S06. 

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/y/A CcMcraiion^ HulJah I.nn*;djn^ bom NovciuIkt — , 1773, inarrictl 
S^mui'l H'haplt'S, Resulcnce, Ncwiiii^toii, Conn. 

Sixlh Ccnvration^ Abigail II. U'hapUs, boru , married Enos Porter, 

KcfiJcttce, New Britain, Conu. She died August 7, 1S40. 

Their children were- [being of the eightli generation :] 
5'JS3. ICdwin Sw Porter, bom December 2, 1S33, married ^I;iry II. Jackson. 
5:ftM. Charles R. Porter, born March 21, 1S36, married FJiza J. Ga/cley. 
A3Sj, Mar}' A. Porter, born October 23, 1S3S, married II. A. Waldo. 
62Si]. Jaue E. Pprter, bom August 7, 1S40, married George Mofiltt. 
6:257. Ellen M. Porter, born ^lay 22, 1S43, tuurried William PricketL 

[3B4D.] Jndah Porter, son of Timothy Porter (:?oi5) and 
Abigail West, married , 1799, Anna Mann, 

[William Mann, from England, \^-ith his wife JAi/t/ Cambridge, Mass. 
1634 ; died May 27, 1662. 

Second Generation, Rev. Samtict Maun, bora July 6, 1647 ; graduated at 
Harvard College 1665 ; ordained 1692, minister at Dedliam, Mass. ; married 
May 19, 1673, Esther Ware, born September 2S. 1655, daughter of Rohkrt 

Wakk, of Dedbaui, from England, who married , 1646, Marffarci Iliiut- 

iii(/f, daughter of John HrNTiNC, of Dedhani, and wife Sarah, from Eng- 
land. Samuel Mann died May 22, 1719. 

nird Generation, Nathaniel Mann, bom , 167S, married December 

\% 1704, Elisabeth George, born , 167S, daughter of Richard Gi:orge, 

of Boston, Mass., from England, who married November i, 1655, Mary Pell, 
bom June 30, 1634. daughter of Wilt.iam Pi-li., of Boston, from England. 

Fourth Generation, John Mann, born , married Margaret Peters, 

daughter of /c^// /I, and grand-daughter of William Pkti^iks, of Boston, from 

Fifth GeHcration, Andreu Mann, bom , lived in Hebron, Conn. 

He married . 

Sixth Generation, Anna Mann, bom , married Judah Porter. 

Residence, Hebron, Conn., where he died January 7, 1S59. 

Their ehildrcn were [being of the eighth generation :] 
528S. Flavel M. Porter, born March 10, 1S06, nmrried Hli^a Clark. 
6280. Timothy Porter, bom July 15, 1S02. 

5200. Epephrodiius Porter, born January 23, 1S04, married Adeline Fuller. 
«5*iUl. John R. Porter, bom 'December 9, iS.:)5, died unmarried, 1867. 
6302. Charles Porter, born I-'cbruary 14, jSoS, died unmarried, 1841. 
5'.".):). Mary A. Porter, born May 27, iMo, murricd John F. Bliss. 
62!H. Samuel A. Porter, born Juue 14, 1S12, married Clarissa Fitch. 

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6&i^\ Fraucis A. Porter, boru Sept. 12, 1S15, iimrricd Julia A. Ilciidec. 
5lW. Abigail S. Porter, boru June, 30, liJiS. 

52l»7. Nfltbanicl Porter, born March 31, ii>2o, died uiiiuarricd, 1S73. 
52'.»S. George M. Porter, born May 26, 1822. 

[3B41i] Lj'dia Porter, daughter of Timothy Porter (2015) and 

Abigail I Vest, married , iSoo, Elisha Tarbox, Residence, 

Hebroti, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6209. Socrates Tarbox, bom June 1, 1S02. 

5300. George W. Tarbox, boru August 7, 1S05. 

5301. Ralph R. Tarbox, boru September 10, iSoS. 

[3B44.] Abigail Porter, A2i\\^\X.^x oi Nehemiah Porte? (2016) 

and Abigail Strong, married , 179S, Samuel Wright, of 

Hebron, Conn. Removed to Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5302. Diana Wright, boru April f , iSoo. 
o303. Abigail Wright, born I^Iay 3. 1S02. 

5304. Walter Wright, born January 7, 1S04. 
530}. Porter Wright, boru September i, 1S06. 
530C. Melissa Wright, born August 3, 1S09. 
5307. Madison Wright, born October 30, iSii. 

5305. Rachel Wright, bom August 7, 1813. 

[3B45i] Thaddtns Porter^ son of Nehemiah Porter (2016) 
and Abigail Strong , married , 1804, Sarah Standish, 

[Milks Standish, bom in Lancashire, England, came in 1620, in the 
fthip " Mayflower,*' to Plymouth and Duxbury, Mass., with his wife Rose, 

who died January' 29, 162 1. He married (second wife) Varbara , who 

came in the ship ** Ann,** 1623. Captain Standish died October 3, 1656. 

Second Generation, Aiexander Slaptdish, born , married , 1670, 

Sarah v//</<v/, daughter of John Aldicn, who came in ship "Mayflower," 
iu 1620, and who married, 1623, Prisdlla MitUhis, daughter of William 
Mtn.LiNS, of Plymouth, from England. He died 1702-3. 

Third Generation, Ebenezer Standish, boru , 1672, married, 1697, 

Hannah Sturttvant, 

(Samckl Stcrtkvaxt, with his wife Anne, came from England to 
Plymouth, Mass. 

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Second Cencrai ion ^ Samuel Siurfciani^ born April 19, 1654, married — , 
Hiizabeih . 

Third Generation^ Hannah Stitrtevant^ boni 1677, married Ebenezer 

Fourth Cenefxition^ Zechariah St audi sh^ boru 1693, married , 1720, 

mWigail Whitman, 

(Thomas Whitman came from Kagland to Weymouth, Mass.; married 
November 22, 1656, Abigail Dyram^ daughter of Doci. Nicholas Bvram, 
of Weyuioutli, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation ^ Ebenezer II '/: it tnan^ horn 1.1660, married, 1699, 

Abigail Buniham, 

Third Generation , Abigail Whitman, born 1702, married Zeehariah 
, / Fi/th Generation, Zeehariah StanJish, boru 1739, married Olive . 

Sixth Generation, Siiadrach StaaJish, boru 1763, married, 17S6, Mary 
Churchill, born 176S, daugbtcr o( /saae Chnrehilf, of Plymptou, ^ 

Seventh Generation, Sirah Standis/i, boru , 17SS, married , iSo|, 

Thaddens Porter, Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being oi the eighth generation :] 
MOD. John E. Porter, born 1S05. 

5310. Selden Porter, bom 1807. 

[3B4Bi] John Slro7ig Porter, son ot jVehemia/i Porter (2016) 

wtiii Abigail Strong, married , 1323, Mary Strong, widow of 

Hela Porter, (2623.) Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5311. John Porter, born 1S25. 
5:n2. Bela S. Porter, bom iS2S. 

[3BSa.] Mary Porter, danghter oi Laton Porter, (2017) and 
Ktziah Bliss^ married Russell Lord, of MarlU^ro, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5313. Jar\-is P. Lord, boru 1S04, married Harriett P. BiH, (42S3.) 

5314. Ogden Lord, bora 1S06. 

[3B52.] Rev. Amasa Porter, son of Gaylord Porter (201S) 
^xA Miriam Broun ; graduate of Yale College, 1793; minister at 
Derby, Conn., 1797. He marriod , *795» Sarah Bliss. 

[Thomas Bmss came from Uujiland, lo Spriuj^neld, ]ilass. 

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SiWond <7cttcrafioHt John JJ/iss^ born , 1610, inarricil October 7, 167;*, 

i\itiencg JJurt^ daughter of Hi.nky Hurt, of Spriiigfielil, Mass., from 

nirj Generation, Xathanul Filiss, born January 26, 167 1, married 
Fcbruar}' 3, 1697, Mary U'rii^ht, born March 9, 16; 5, daughter of Ai;ki. 
Wkiciit, of Springfield, Mass., who married December i, 1659, Martha 
Kiti'hcrt't, daughter of Samuel Kitchkkki,, of Hariford, Conu., from Eng- 
Uiid. Abel Wright died October 29, 1725, aged ninety-four. Nathaniel 
Bliss died iu I«cbanon, Conn., 1751. 

Fotnih Generation, Henry J^/iss, born October 25, 1701, married, 1724, 
Bdhidh SfiafforJ, daughter of Thomas SpafforJ and A'ethia //azetton, (see 
j6S6.) Ilcnry Bliss died 1761. 

Fi/th Generation, Henry Bliss, born October 7, 1741, married. 1766, 
' Sarah Woodziard. 

(Hkxry Woodward, with hia wife Elizabeth, from England, to Dor- 
chester, Mass., 1639; removed to Northampton, Mass., and died April 7, 
1685. She died , 1690. 

Second Generation, John IVood'ward, born , 1642, married May iS, 

1671, Anna Dewey, born October 15, 1643, daughter of Thomas Dkwey, of 
Windsor, Conu. Removed to Lebanon, Conn. 

Third Generation, Henry II 'ooJioard, born Marcli iS, 16S0, married — , 
1702, Hannah /jurrows, bom October 9, 16S4, daughter of John Bnrrozi;s, 
of New London, Coon., who married December 14, 1670, ^fary Culver^ 
daughter of /t^^// Culi-cf, of New London, Conu. 

^^ Fourth Generation, Israel Hoodzi-ard, born May 30, 170S, married Janu- 
ary 24, 1733, Siirah Sims. 

Fifth Generation^ Sarah Woodivard, born August 2, 1741, married , 

HiHty Bliss. 

Sixth Generation, Sarah Bliss, born 1775, married Rev. Amasa Porter. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5315. Hear}* B. Porter, born October 4, 1799, married Caroline IL Collins. 
5310. Amasa G. Porter, born Sept. 13, iSoi, lawyer in New Haven, Vale Col. 
6317. Sarah ^L Porter, born August i, 1803, married J. G. Knight. 
5318. Emeliue A. Porter, born January i, 1S06, unmarried. 

[3357.] David Porter, son of Gaylord Porter (2018) and 
Miriam Droum, married at Gilead parish, lI^l)ron, Conn., March 
20, 18 19, Jerusha Sumner, 

[WiU.I.VM SCMNKR, born , 1605, sou of Ro\;cr Sumner, of Bicester, 

Oxfoidshire, luigland, came to New Kngland; Dorchester, Mass., 1636; 

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representative. He mnmed in Kiiglaiul, Miiry IVt'st, who Jicil June 7, 1676. 
He died October 22» 1692. 

Second Generation, U'i/i:a/H Sumner, horn in Eiii<laiul, married , 

iilhabei/i C/emenf, boru in KuglauJ, daughter of Auolstin Ci.kmknt, of 
Dorchester, from England. 

T/iird Generation, Clement Sumner, born October 6, 1671, married May 

iS, 1698, Margaret //arris, born , 16S:), dnughtcr of //arris, of 

Iiwwich, son of Tiio>rAS Harris, from luigland, and his wife .Var:i;^aret 
lake. ' 

Fourth Generation, Doct. U'ittiam Snmncr, boru March iS, 1699, married 
October 10, 1720, //annah Hunt, 

(Jonathan IIlnt came from Enghiud, to Norihainpton, ^lass., married 

September 3, 1662, Ctcmence //osmer, born , 1643, daughter of Thomas 

IIOSMHR, of Hartford, Coui;., from England. 

Second Generation, Tliomas //unt, born June 23, 1663, married, 16S7, 
Lucy . 

Third Generation, //annah //unt, born October 3, 1702, married U'i/tiam 
Sumner, Doctor Sumuer was pastor of the second church in fioston, ^lass. 
He removed to Hebron, Conn., 1732; became a physician, and died in 
Claremont, X. H., March 4, 177S. Mrs. Hannah Sumner died April 3, 17S1. 

Fifth Generation, Reuben Sumner, born May 29, 1727, married March 
6b 1754, Elizabeth J/acJt, daughter o( Flisha J/ack, of Hebron, Conn., son 
oi JosiahH/ack, and grand-sou of Josiah Mack, from Scotland, to Lyme, 
CouD. Reuben Sumuer died in Hebron, Conu., April 2, 1S07. Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Sumner died July 10, 1S05. 

Sixth Generation, Rev. //enry P. Sumner, born June 10, 1773, married 
October 11, 1796, Jerusha Perrin, daughter of .Si;/c?/v/»;;/ Pcrrin, of Hebron. 

Seventh Generation, Jerusha Sumner, born January 22, 179S, married 
David Porter, Residence, Hebron, Coventry and Columbia, Conn. He 
died May 24, 1869. Mrs. Jenisha Porter died September 29, 1S65. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5319. David P. Porter, born March 6, 1S20, married Mary Robbins. 
5321). Theodore B. Porter, boru April 2S, 1S22, married S. A. Chapman. 

5321. Marian J. Porter, bora September 6, i$24, married Joseph Treat. 

5322. Martha A. Porter, boru January 12, 1S26, died 1S36. 

53;*3. William T. Porter, boru October 10, 1S2S, married .Vnnis E. Collins. 
5324. Henry C. Porter, born Sept. 4, 1831, married J. E. Porter, (5339.) 
5.'J2o. John S. Porter, born January 12, 1833, married K. A. Browu. 

5320, Mary D. Porter, born December 29, 1S34, died October 5, 1S55. 
5327. Francis H. Porter, born May 17, IVS37, married Sarah M. Skinner. 

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[3BBD.] /o/i?t Porter, son of Gayiord Porter (201 S) and 

Minatn Brozvn, married , 1823, Fanny Scoiiii, daughter of 

llczckiah ScoviU, of Iladdam, Conn., horn Januarj' 29, 17SS, mar- 
ried Hannah Burr, She died 1837. He married (second wife) 
1838, Sarah Stocking. He was a manufacturer at Middletown, 
Coniu, and died August 9. i860. 

[Dkxjamix Bcrr came from Englaiul, with bis wife Anne^ to Hartford, 
Conn., 1639, who died August 31, 16S3. lie died 16S1. 

Second Generation^ Si mud Burr, boni , 1636-37, married Mary 

Jiasey, daughter of John' Hasky, of Hartford, Coim. Samuel Burr died 
September 29, 16S2. 

Third Generation, Jonathan Burr, boru 1679, married --/^/jj-ti/V Hubbard, 

born 16S6, daughter of Xattianict Hubbard, who married , 16S2-S3, 

Mary Earte. 

Fourth Generation, Xalhaniet Burr, born March 23, 1717, married 
August 19, 1743, Sirrah Porter, (7i>2) Removed to Iladdam, Conn. He 
died September 12,«I7S2. Sbe died May 21, 1799. 

Fifth Generation, Jonathan Burr, born April 11, 1756, married Lydia 
Daiiey, of Haddani. He \vas a captain in the continental army, in war of 
Revolution, and died in Haddam, February 10, 1S04. 

Sixth Generation, Hannah Burr, born , married Hezekiah ScoiHl, 

ion oi Joseph Scovitt, boru in Iladdam, March 31, 1757, a soldier of the 
Revolotiou, son of ll'illiam Scoiiii, boru June 13, 1706, son of John 
SCOMLL, (or Scofield) from England. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
532S. John S, Porter, born November 16, i^i^, died February iS, 1SS2. 
5320. Jane Porter, born March 30, 1837, died September 5. 1S37. 

6330. Joseph Porter, born August 30, 1S39, married Harriett K. Stevens. 

6331. Edward Porter, born Januar>' 13, 1S41, married Kate L. Stevens. 

6332. Alice Portejr, born June 15. 1S43. 

6333. Fanny Porter, born February 4, 1S48, died Zklarch 24, 1849. 

63(H. Wallace Porter, bom December 25, 1S50. married Florence G. Welles. 

[3BB1.] Royal Porter^ son of Gaylord Porter {201^) and An7ia 
Drwm^ married August 11, 1835, Frances Mann. She died in 
Hebron, Conn., February 18. 1S74. He died March 15, 1869. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6335. Royal K. Porter, born April iS, i%i%. 
5330. Marshall Porter, born October 16, i8p, married Mary K. Buell. 

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;tMUi. Auna M. Porter, boru December i, 1S42. 
^. Wii. Trances A. Porter, boru Ociober i, 1S45. 

IW> JosepUiue E. Porter, boru Nov. i, 1S47, uiarricd II. G. Porter, (5324.) 

[3BB2.] BarziUai H, Porter, son of Gaylord Porter (201 S) 
•nd Anna Brazen, married in Haiuiltou, N. Y., RhoJa Clarke, 
\t fcuioved to Columbus, O. He died necciubtr i, 1S56. 
Their children wore [being of the ci^^hth generation :] 
A9W. OU\*ia A. IV>rter, boru April iS, 1S36, married Cyrus Mackay. 
t)IK Orleans B. Porter, boru May i, 1S3S, uiarried Barbara Vamboe. 

[3BB2.] Orleans B. Porter, son of Gaylord Porter (2018) and 
Anna Broion, married February- 21, 1841, Sarah BisselL Resi- 
dence, Hebron, Conn. He died Septenilxr 25, 1S79. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
Wl.*. BarziUai H. Porter, born January i, 1S42, died December 14, 1865. 
IA\X Sarah A. Porter, boru April 7, 1S44, uiarried Daniel Ilolbrook. 
&U1. Albert J. Porter, boru July 4, 1S47. 

[3BBB.] Hannah Porter, daughter of Daniel Porter (2019) 
uxxA Ilarrieii Denslozc, married , 1796, George BeUen. 

[\Vij«UAM BEI.DKN, (or Beldiug) from ICugland, with wife Tamasin, to 
Wcalhersfield, Coau., 1646. 

Second Generation, Samuel Beldin^, born April 6, 1657, married January 
Ml 16S5, Hannah . 

Third Generation, Samuel Betding, boru July 25, 16S9, married April 
10, 11X2^ Mary Spencer, 

( J.\RED Spkxcer came from Englaud, to Cambridge, Mass., , 1634; 

removed to Haddam, Mass., 165S; represeutative, 1674-75, aud died 1685. 

Second Generation, Xathaniel Spencer, boru , married , i68r, 

Lydia Smith, daughter of Thom.\s Smith, of Iladdam, Couu., from Ku^laud. 

Third Generation^ Mary Spencer, boru 1693-94, married Samuet Belding. 
He died July 31, 1771. She died October 2S, 1751. 

Fourth Generation, Xathaniet JJeldini^, boru Juue 24, 1716, married 
February 28, 175:, Lois Deming, born June i, 1722, dauj^hter o( Xathanief 
Detning, who uiarried January 25, 1721, Miirv H't'h't. 

Fifth Generation, George Belding, boru Novtui!)er 24, 1770, married, 
1796^ Hannah Porter ; removed to Bloomilcld, Oulario, county, X. Y. She 
died January 2, 1.S34. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
Wl-K Harriett P. BcUling, boru April 13, 1797, married Julius Steele. 
6.*W<). Geoi^e BcUliug. born July 7, 1S03, married Mar^- Putnam. 
61)17. Sarah A. Holding, born November 2S, 1S06, married Oliver S. Gillette. 

[3B7D.] Wiih'ii/fi Porter, son of Daniel Porter (2019) and 
Haniett Densloii\ married January- 24, 1S05, Mary Burt, born 
August, 1784, daughter of Elijah Burt, who niarritrd December 
3i 1767, Deborah Cotton, daughter of Ebmezer Cotton, of Long- 
meadow, Mass., and Deborah Chandler. 

[William Chaxdlkr, with wife Annis, from Haglaud, to Roxbury, 
Mass., 1637. 

Second Generation, Ttionuu Chandler, boni in England, married, i650» 
Anna Brewer, daughter of Daxu-^l Brkwer, of Roxbury, from England. 

nird Generation, Henry Chandler, born May 2S, 1667, married Novem- 
ber aS, 1695, Lvdia Abbot. 

(GKORGK Abhot, from England, to Roxbury*, Mass.; Audover, Mass., 1643. 

Second Generation, George Abbot, bom in England, married April 26, 
1658, Sarah, daughter of RALrir Farnham, from England. 

Third Generation, Lydia Abbot, boni September 29, 1675, married , 

Henry Chandler. 

Fourth Generation, Deborah C/iandler, bom , 1710, married October 

25, 1733, Ebenezer Cotton. 

Fifth Generation, Deborah Cotton, born May 20, 1745, married Decem- 
ber 3, 1767, Elijah Butt. 

Sixth Generation, Mary Burt, bom August iS, 1784, married January 
24, 1805, U^iltiam Porter, They removed to Ohio, and nothing further cau 
be learned. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6W8. Mary Porter, born December 16, 1S05. 
6:110. William Porter, born February 21, 1S07. 
5350. Elizabeth R. Porter, born ^larch 10, 1809. 
6351. Hannah Porter, bom December 27, iSii. 
5352. Jane Porter, bom April 18, 1S13. 
5:).53. Daniel Porter, born July 8, 1S15. 

5354. Sarah Porter, bom April 17, 1S17. 

5355. Harriett Porter, boru October, 1S19. 
5:^. John E. Porter, born August ti, i$2i. 
5357. Lucy Porter, born 1S27. 

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[3B73.] Polly Porter, dausjlUcr of Eltwzcr Porter (2020) ami 
Sutanuah Roidey, married April iS, iSo2, Levi Andrews. 

[John Andrews came with wife .V^rr\\ to Fannin j»lou, Conn. 

Second Generaiiofi, Abra^uim Andrews, bom October 31, 164S, married, 
ifrSi, Sarah Porter, born December 20, 1657, ilaughtcr of Rt>Bi:RT Poktkr, 
i{ FAruiin^tou, from ICnglaud, who uiarritd, 1644, .^fary Scott, daiij^htcr of 
TlluMAi Scott, of Hartford, Conn., from Kngland. Abraham Andrews 
ftmoved to Waterbury, Conn., and died May 3, 1693. 

Ttiird dcneration, /^o'wrt Andrews, born 1693, married — , 1720, Antta 

(RlCH.\RD Olmstk.vd came from England, to Hartford, Conn., 1639. 

Second Generation, John 01 tn stead, born December 30, 1649, married 
July 17, 1673, ^'/«?0' /Benedict, daughter of Thom\s Bkntuict, of Nonvalk, 
Conu., and wife .Vary, from England. 

Third Generation, Anna Otmstead, lx)rn , 1695, married Robert 

t|» Andrews. Residence, Danbury, Conn. ,• >. ^- * ^, r-* ..' /• v . • , .v .. 

Fonfih Generation, Abrahatn Anitn^cs, born , 1721, married, 1748, 

Sarah Taytor, daughter of Thomas Taylor, of Danbury. Abraham Andrews 
icrved in the war of Revolution, and died in Winchester, Conn., October 

19. »8o5. 

Fifth Generation, Abraham Andrezvs, bora , 1751-52, married April 

35i I773» Salty Vonn^s ; removed to Paris, X. Y., where he died. 

Sixth Generation^ Levi Afidre:i's^ born January 21, 1777, married April 
|8| 1802, Polly Porter. Removed to Coudersport, Pa. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 
^)8. Cbloe Andrews, born April iS, 1S03, married Jireb Bixbee. 
ft3o9. Alvah Andrews, born October i, 1S06. 
^301). Mary P. Andrews, born December i, 1S09, married Ives. 

[3B74i] Sally Porter, daughter oi Eleazer Porter {2026) and 
Stisafinah Rowley, married March 22, 1S04, Israel Dwight. 

[Joux DwicuT and wife Hannah, from England. 

Second Generation, Timothy Dwi^ht, born , 1629, married January 

9, 1664-5, Anna Flynt, boru September 11, 1643, daughter of Henry Flynt 
tud yni^ Joanna, front England. Captain Timothy Dwight died January 
31, 1717. She died January 29, 16S5. 

Third Generation, Henry Divight, boru December 19, 1675, married 
August 27, 1702, Lydia Hawley. He died March 26, 1732. She died April 
27, 1748. 

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Fourth Generation ^ Joseph Duii^ht^ born Ociobcr 26, 1703; llananl 
College, 1722; juilge. He was in tbe expciJilion against 
I«ouisburg, 1745, TiconJcroga, 1756. He marrioJ Aujjust 11, 1726, MiXry 

(Wil.UAM PvxciiON", frojn Kngland, to SpringfieUl, Mass. 

SeeoHit Genera tion, John Pynchon, married October ^o, 1645, Amy 
Wylhi, daugbter of Gkorci: Wyllvs. 

Thhxl Generation, John Pynehon^ boni Ociobcr 15, 1647, married , 

1672, Marge rri Hubbard. 

(WlLUAM Huiiii.\RD, with >K\{^ Judith, to Ipswich, Mass., 1633. 

Seeond Generation, Rev. William Hubbard, boru in England, married 
• Margaret Rogers, born in Hnglaiid, daughter of Rev. Nath.\nikl Rogkrs, 
of Ipswich, Mass., from Euglaud. 

Thi}^ Generation, Margaret Hubbard, born , 1652, married John 

Pynchon, Col. Pyuchou died April 25, 1721. She died Nov. 11, 1716. 

Fourth Generation, Col. John Pynehon, bora 1674, married February iS, 
1102^ Bathshua Taylor, born January 11, 16S3, daughter of Edward Taylor, 
from Leice.sterbhire, England, to Westfield, Mass., who married September 
5, 1674, Elizabeth Fitch, bom January 2, 1652, daughter of Rev. Jam us 

Fitch, from England, to Hartford, Conn., 1636, who marrie;! , x6tS, 

Abigail Whitfield, daughter of Rev. Hkxrv Whitfield, who was born at 
Ockley, county Surrey, England, and came to New England, 1639. Colonel 
John Pyuchon died July 12. 1742. 

Fijth Generation, Mary Pynehon, bora October 10, 1706. married , 

*Genl. Joseph Dwight, He died June 19, 1765. She died March 29, 1751. 

Fijtk Generation, Joseph Dzvight, born January 23, 1744, married , 

Lydia Dairy. 

(Thomas Dewey, from Sandwich, county Kent, England, to Windsor, 
Conn., 1635, married March 22, 163S, Franees, wndow oi Joseph Clark, from 
Knglftud. He died April 2, 164S. 

Seeond Generation, Jedediah Dewey, born December 15, 1647, married 
1671, Sarah Orion, born August 22, 1652, daughter of Thomas Orton, of 

Windsor, Conn., who married June 16, 164 1, Marj;aret Paul. He died , 

1718. She died November 20, 17x1. 

Thi*d Generation, Thomas Dewey, born Juue 29, 1682, married Novem- 
ber 7, 1706, Abigail Ashley, 

(ROBKRT ASHLKY, from England, to Spriugf; eld, Mass. 

Seeond Generation, David Ashley, botn June S. 1642, married November 
«4t 1663, Hannah Glover, dauj»hlcrof MknrV Ol.ovi:R, from England. 

Third Generation, Abigail Ashley, born , married Thomas Dewey. 

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Fourth Catcralion, /sf\u'/ /^.':ct'j', born Marc!i 3. 1712-13, marricil Sop- 
letttbcr 19, 1734. /-.r*'^.'*'? .VoscUy. 

(John Maui)KSUF.v, from Knglaiul, %vith wife Cicc!\\ to Dorcbe^ler, , 

1636-37. He died , 166 r. She died December 3, 1663. 

Second Gcneratioft, John MoscUy, born in HtigKand, married December 
14, 1664, Maty Neu'bt'ny, 

(Thomas Nkwbkrrv came from England, to Dorchester, Mass.. 1630. 

Second Gcnerafion^ Dcujamin Xewbcrry, born in England, married 
January 11, 1646, Mary AUyn, daugbter of MATTiii-:w Au.YX, of Windsor, 
Conn., from England. 

Third Generation^ Mary Xexiberry^ bom Marcb 10, 164S, married John 
Afoseiey. He was a lieutenant in King Philip's war ; removed to Westfield, 
Matt., 1677, died in Windsor, Conn., August iS, 1690. 

Third Generation, Consider Mose/ty, born November 21, 1675, married 
FJizabeth Bancroft, daughter o{ Xathani^l Uancro/t, of Westfield. 

Fourth Generation, Lydia Mosefty, ^<^f" l-ebruary 19, 17 13, married 
/sruet Dewey, He died in Great Harringion, Mass., 1757. She died Novem- 
ber 23, 1773. 

Fifth Generation, Lydia Dcnuy, born October X2, 1747, married, 1767, 
Joseph D:i'ijht. Removed to Cinciuatus, N. Y., and died July, 1826. 

Sixth Generation, Israel Divight, born November 11, 1770, married 
Sally Porter, Residence, Windsor, Broome county, N. Y. He died March 
8, i860. She died June 6, 1S60. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5>*)0l. Elizabeth Dwight, born December 25, 1S04. 
6362. Horace D. Dwight, born ^lay 23, 1S06. married Laura Hoadley. 
5IKW. Alonzo Dwight, born April 2, iSoS, married Betsey Hoadley. 
5304. Lydia Dwight, born May 21, iSio, married G. W. Judd. 
5:i<io. Clarissa Dwight, born June 8, xSi2, married Lyman WilmoL 
53I16. Sylvester Dwight, born November 26, 18x4, married Elizabeth Stevens. 
SMT. Mary Dwight, born July 14, 1817. 

6308. Norman Dwight, born May 5, 1S19, married Harriett Chamberlain. 
6300. Chester Dwight, bom Sept. 21, 1821, married Marietta Langdou. 
5370. Orson Dwight, bom August 11, 1S24, married Chloe O. Rolfe. 

[3B76.] Elijah Porter^ son of FJeazer Porter (2020) and 
Susannah Rowley, married — ^ Anna Sharpstcen, Residence, 
Dresden, Ohio. 

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Their chiklreu were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5371. CaroUuc Pcrlcr, born April iS, XS15, iiiarricd Dr. St. Johu. 

W72. Klijah Porter, boni February 10, iSiS. 

[3B7B.] Rosii'cll Poricr, son of Ehuj-cr Porter (2020) and 
Suiannah Ro\vlc}\ married April 26, iSo;, Xa?uy Shaffuck, He 
was a lieutenant in war of 1S12, at Lund\ ^ Lane, Queenstovvu, &c. 
Residence, IlauiiltQii, X. Y. He died April 7, 1853. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6373. Abby A. Porter, born October 20, iSio, niarried William Chaniplin. 

6374. Lovisa I^. Porter, born October 2S, 1S13, married Preston H. Smith. 

6375. Nancy M. Porter, born March 4, 1S16. married Daniel II. Dunham. 

6376. Esther E. Porter, born October 22, iSiS, married Monson Nash. 

6377. Orlando Porter, born April 19, 1S22, married Leihea Cross. 

6378. Mcnzo W. Porter, born I'ebniary 26, 1S27, niarried Maria Muir. 

637J). William S. Porter, born January 2, 1832, married Theresa Shepardson. 

[3B7B.] Aftna Porter, daughter oi Etcazcr Porter {2026) and 
Susayinah Roivley, married, 1809, Nathaniel Beebe. Residence, 
Cazenovia, N. Y. He died May 29, 1S50. She died . Februar>' 
37, i860. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5380. UarUy C. Beebe, bora August 27, iSio, married Dolly Hall. 

6351. Elijah P. Beebe, born April 17, 1814, married Marcia Spragiie. 

6352. Rasselas O. Beebe, born July 4, 1S15, married Maria Ten Rroeck. 
6383. Sophia C. Beebe, born December 19, 1S22, unmarried, iSSo. 
63S4. Jeaonette Beebe, born January 5, 1S25, married D. W. C. Ingalls, 

[3 B B 2 .] EUsha Pratt Porter, son of Asahel Porter (2027) and 
Mary Pratt, niarried Januar>' 8, 1S29, Mary C. Porter, (36S8.) 
Residence, I^ebanou, Coun. She died 1S30. He died January 
8, 1829. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
6385. Mar)' E. Porter, born May 24, 1S30, married H. A. Spafford. (5389.) 

[SBBSi] Henry Porter^ son of Amos Porter (2028) and Sarah 
Webster, married in Hebron, Conn., October 27, 1824, Mary 

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[Hdward SiiKPAKD catiic froni l-jiglaiul. with wife I'ioUi, to C;im- 
bridge, Mass., 1640-42. He ilied 1674. She ilioil January 9, uSj9. 

Second CencratioNt John Shcpard, born in Ivngland, about 1627, married 
October i, 1649, -^V^'ViV GrctukiU^ daui^hlor of Saml^ki. GkKrNiiim. and 
wife Rebecca^ of Cambridge, from Kugland ; removed to Hartford, Conn. 
Mrs. Rebecca Shepard died December 22, 16S9. He died June 12, 1707. 

Third Generation^ John S/icpard^ born January 22, 1653, married May 
12, 16S0, Hannah Peck, boru , 1656, daughter of Pavl Pi:ck, of Hart- 
ford, from England. He died , i7i5-6. 

Fourth Generation, John Shepard, born November i, 16S1, married 

October 9, 1707, Abisioit Allen, born , I6.'^9, daughter of Gideon Allen, 

of Swauzey,, and Milford, Conn. Residence, Milford. John Shepard 
died 17 19- She died December 19, 1755. 

Fijth Generation, Timothy Shepard, boru March 22, 17 iS, married , 

1744, Rebecca Stilson. He was a lieutenant in the war of Revolution, and 
died , 1776. 

Sijclh Generation, Amos Shcpard.XiOxw August 26, 1759, married, 17S1, 
Anna . HedicdiS4i. She died June 17, 1S24. 

Seventh Generation, Mary Shepard, born , 1S04, married Henry 

Porter. Residence, Hebron, Conn. Removed to Pennsylvania. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
l>386. Henr>- Porter, bom August iS, 1S26, lieutenant Pa. Vols., killed 1S63. 
5387. Lydia Porter, born July 4, 182S. 

t3BBBr] Esther Porter, daughter oi Amos Porte f (2028) and 
Sarah Webster, married April 10, 1724, Augustus Spajford, 

[ Jofix Spafforo, with wife Elizabeth, came from England, to Rowley, 
Mass., 1643. He died October, 1678. 

Second Generation, Samuel Spafford, born January 30, 1653, married 
December 5, 1676, Sarah liirhbee, daughter of Thomas Birkijick, of Row- 
ley, Mass., from England. She died November iS, 1729. He died January 


Third Generation, Thomas Spafford, born June 16, 167S, married Decem- 
ber I, 1701, Pethiah Hazetton, 

(Robi:kt H.\y-m.TON and wife Anna, from Bideford, Devonshire, Eng- 
land, to Rowley, Mass. He died August 27, 1674. 

Second Generation, Robert Hazetton, born November 7, 1657, married 
July 21, 16S0, Elizabeth Jeu'ett, daughter of Maximiman and wife 
Elinor Doynton, of Rowley, wlio came from England, 1639, and died in 
Rowley, 16S4. 

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Third Generation ^ Beihiah Hazel ton, born , married — -, Thomas 


Fourth Generation^ Thomas Spafford, born March 2S, 17 13, married 
November 27, 1735, ^//'*i/i West, 

Fifth Generation, .Vathan Stafford, boru January 31, 1744, married 
August 29, 1771, j^nna Cote. 

Sivth Generation, Ebenezcr Spafford, born August 26, 1774, married 
October 12, 1798, Lydia Welles, 

Seventh Gene-Cation, ^-Ingustus Spafford, boru September 9, 1S02, married 
Esther Porter, Residence, Lebanon, Couu. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
53S8. Albert Spafford, bom April, 1S29. 
MSO. llcno* A. Spafford, born June 5, 1S31, married M. E. Porter, (55S5.) 

[3BB3.] Rachel Porter Kellogg, daughter of Avios Kellogg 
and Rachel Porter^ (2030) married April 14, 1S21, Rev. Salmon 

[Elder John Strong, from England. 

Second Generation, Thomas Strong, married Mary Hezvett. 

Third Generation, Thomas Strong, married Jlary Stebbins, 

Fourth Generation, Etiakim Strong, born September 26, 16SS, married 
Mehitabel King. 

Ftfth Generation, Etiakim Strong, born March 7, 1720, married June 4, 
1751, Hannah Seicard. 

(WiLWAM Si:\VAKD came from England, to Tauutou, Mass., 1643; New 
Haven, Conn., 1651, married April 2, 165 1, Grace Xorton, daughter of 
Thomas Norton, of Guilford, Conn., from England. 

Second Generation, Joseph Seicard, born , 1655, married February 5, 

l6Sx, Judith Bushnett, daughter of William Bushnell, of Saybrook, Conn.. 
from England. Joseph Seward was a physician at Durham, Conn. Died 
February 14, 1731. 

Third Generation, Joseph Seuard, bom , 1687, married .April 20, 

1720, Hannah Crane, 

(Brxjamin Ckane came from England, to Medfield, Mass., 1649, mar- 
ried — , 1656, Elinor Dreck, daughter of Edward Breck and wife Isabel, 
of Dorchester, from England. 

Second Generation, Joseph Crane, born , 1654 ; removed to Weathers- 

iield, Conn.; married Decemljer 16, 16S4, Saralk Kilbourne, 

(Thomas Kii.uotKM:, with \vift Ft-^aces, (K>iii England, in the ship 
••Increase,*' to Boston, Mass., 1635. He died , 1645. 

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SCi'ond Generation^ John JCilboun:t\ born in Kuglauil, married, 1654, 
S*irah Jjronson, daughter of John Bronson, of Hartford, from England. 
Kcuiovcd to Glastonbury, Conn. 

y/iirJ Generation, Sarah Kilbourne, born 1667, married Joseph Crane, 

Thitxi Genera/ion^ Hannah Ctane^ born August 4, 1689; married — ■ , 
Joseph Seward. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Seward, born , 1731, married Eliakim 

Stron/n: Settled in Durham, Conn. He died , iSoo. 

Sixth Ge^ieration, Setah Strong, born January 6, 1759, tnarried Novem- 
ber 10, 17S2, Euniee fjalJwin, born Angust 2, 1760, daughter of Abiel 
Baldwin, of Durham, Coun.; removed to Durham, X. Y. He died March 
II, 1837. Mrs. Eunice Strong died Septembers, 1827. 

Snrnth Generation, Rtw Si 'fnon Stronj^, horn March 23, 1790; graduate 
of Williams College, 1S13; Princeton Theological Seminary, iSiS; settled 
In Clinton, N. Y. 

Their cliiklren were [being of the eighth geiieralioii :] 
63i)0. Addison K. Strong, born March 27, 1S23, married Matilda Clarke. 
5301. Edmund R. Strong, bom January* 5, 1S26, married Elizabeth Fine. 
53i)2. Theodore B. Strong, born March 23, 1S29, died February 8, 1S32. 

[SBSDi] Lncretia Kellogg, daughter of Amos Kellogg and 
Rachel Porter, (2030) married iu Lyme, Conn., iSio, Rev. John 
Denison, bom May 3, 1785, son of Samuel Denison, and a 
descendant of George Denison, of New Loudon, Conn., who mar- 
ried An7te Borodale. He was son of William Dknison and wife 
Margaret^ from England, 1631. Rev. John Denison was pastor 
of church in Jericho, Vt. 

Tlieir only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
d:)03. John N. Denison, bom June 22, 181 1, married Mary F. Dean. 

[SBBBi] Rachel Porter, daughter of /Avz/7 /><;/7e'r (2043) and 
Rachel Phelps, married, 1833, Charles Trusscll, of Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5394. Asahel Trussell, bom 1S34. 
6:595. Jcannette Trussell, born 1836. 

[3Ba 7.] Clarissa K. Porter, daughter zA Henry Porter (2043) 
and Rachel Phelps, married. 1834, John C. Collins, Residence, 
Hebron, Conn. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
531H). Henry P. Collins, born 1S3.S, inarricd Geucvieve LaTourctte. 
53^J7. Harriett L. Collius, boru 1S40. 

[3700.] IVelihta Porter, daughter oi Henry Porter (2043) 
and Rachel Phelps, married May 6, 1S32, A polios Perkins, Resi- 
dence, Lowell, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation ;] 
630S. Hcar>' P. Perkins, boru Dec. 23, 1S32, capt., killed at Port Hudson, 1S63. 
531K). Solon A. Perkins, boru December 6, 1S36, married Stella Rurubam. 
MOO. Susan J. Perkins, boru December 19, 1S45, died 1S79. 

[3723.] Susan K, Porter, daughter of Amos Porter (2050) 
^vA Elizabeth Pickett, married November 12, 1845, Alleii Wilson, 
Residence, Lawrence, Mass. He died Februar\- 25, 1S84. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
MOl. Susan K. Wilhou, born 1S46, married L. A. Quiniby. 

5402. Da\'id A. Wilson, boru December 26, 1S49, married Adeliue Orr. 

5403. Amos P. Wilsou, born August 1S52. 

5*04. Albert B. Wilson, born December 3, 1850, married Ella Dow. 
5405. Marietta Wilson, bom August 5, 1S62. 

[3 7 2 Si] John Welles Porter, son of Ajhos Porter (2050) and 
Elizabeth Pickett, mairied August 17, 1858, Adeline A. Moore, 
daughter of Milton Moore, of Andover, Mass. Residence, Law- 
rence, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5400. John Starke Porter, boni January 17, 1S55, married E. J. Severance. 
5407. Willard Porter, bom July 3, 1862. 

[372B.] William k\ Porter, son of Amos Porter (2050) and 
Elizabeth Pickett, married February 14, 1864, Arline F, Pickett, 
daughter of /«p//4 ]y^, and Sjhia Pickett, of Boston, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
540s. Jennie If. Porter, bora August 17, 1S65. 
540^. Arline C. Porter, boru December 14, 1667. 

5410. William F. Porter, born Tebmary 23, 1S70. 

5411. Frank R. Porter, born January 24, 1.S72. 

5412. Ilelcu L. Porter, born April 30, 1877. 

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[3731i] Daniel Coodwin, sou of Daniel Goodxcin (2081) and 
Lncreiia Collins; graduate Union College 18 19; Judge of Supreme 
Court. Residence, Detroit, Mich. He married July 10, 1845, 
Julia Merrill^ born December 15. 1813, daughter oi Joshua Mer- 
rill ^ of Portland, Me., and Elizabclh Bradjord. 

[WiLMAM Bradford, from England. 

Second Cenemtiott^ William Bradford^ bora in England; deputy-gov- 
ernor; married , 1652, Alice Richards^ daughter of Thomas Richards. 

Bradford was wounded iu the " Narraganseu fight," December 19, 1675. 
He died February- 20, 1704. She died December X2, 1671. 

Third GetieralioH, Thomas Dradford^ born , 165S-60, lived in Xor- 

vich. Conn., married Hannah Fitch. 

(Rev. James Fitch, born in Becking, county Essex, England, came to 
New England, Say brook, Conn., \A\)i his wife Abigail , daughter of Rev. 
Henry Whitfield, of Guilford, Conn., from Ockley, county Surrey, 

Second Generation ^ Hannah Fitch ^ born December 17, 1653, married 
Tkofuas Bradford. , 

Fourth Generation, James Bradford^ bom , 1684-S5, married , 

Edith . 

Fifth Generation^ William Bradford^ bora July i, 1718, married, 1739, 
Zerviah Lathrop, 

Sixth Generation^ Josiah Bradford^ born November 25, 1757, married 
Elizabeth Merritt. 

Seventh Generation^ Elizabeth Bradford, born June 7, 178S, married 
Joshua Merrill, 

Eighth Generation, Julia Merrill, born December 15, 1813, married 
Daniel Goodwin, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
&I13. Lncretia C. Goodwin, born August 8, 1S46. 
5414. Joshua M. Goodwin, born January 19, 1S4S. 

[3732.] A7ine Goodwin, daughter oi Daniel Goodnjin (2081) 
zxALttcrctia Collins ^ married Aug. 21, 1S34, Doc. Ira H, Smithy 
of Auburn, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6415. Anne G. Smith, born DcccmWr 5» 1826, married C. 3kl. Waring. 
5110. Cbarlcs II. Smith, born August 2S, 1829. 

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[3 73 Si] Sicpheu A. Gooifuht, son o[ Daniel Goodwin (2081) 
and Lturetia Collins, He graduated at Union College ; lawyer in 
Auburn, N. Y.; removed to Detroit, Mich. He married July 9, 
1855, Frafues J/. Dibble, boni September 10, 180S, daughter of 
Ckarles Dibble, of Aiibuni, and Sarah Hamilton, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W17. FrcJerick C. Goodwin, born March 9, 1S36. 
6418. Fences L. Goodwin, born November 8, 1S39. 
MIO. Stephen A. GoodT\*iD, bom October 20, 1S42. 
W20. Sarah H. Goodwin, bora November 27, I^44. 

[37 7 Si] Dorastus Fitch, son of Ephraim Fitch and Sarah 
Porter, (2125) married, \%\^, Julia Bright, of Granville, Washing- 
ton county, N. Y. Residence, Pawlet, \''t. She died 1823. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W21. Betsey S. Fitch, born October 11, 1S15. married Martin D. Strong. 
5422. Mary Fitch, born April i, 1S17, married Adams Bromley. 

6423. Fayette Fitch, bom November 30,» 1S19, m.irried Letitia Anstel. 

6424. Helen Fitch, born April iS, 1S22, married W. Rothbrook. 

6425. Lucy Fitch, born June i, 1S25, died unmarried. 

[3777.] Sarah Porter Fitch, daughter oi Ephraim Fitch and 
Sarah Porter, (2125) married , 1809, Joel Dooliitle, 

[Abraham Doolittle, from England, to New Haven, Conn., 1640. In 
King Philip^s war his house was fortified for the public defence. He was a 
representative, and died August 11, 1690, aged seventy. 

Second Generation, Abraham Doolitttc, born February 12, 1649, marrried 

November 9, 16S0, Mary Holt, bom , 1649. daughter of \Vnj.XAM H01.T, 

of New Haven, from England. He died November 12, 1737. 

Third Generation, John Dooliitle, born February 13, 1681, married Feb- 
niary 28, 1705, Mary Fredericks, born July 23, 16S5, daughter of iniliam 
Fredericks, of Walliugford, Conn., who married, 16S3-S4, Mary Tuttle, 

(WnxiAM TuTTLK Came from England, with wife Elizabeth, in the ship 
••Planter," in 1635; New Haven, Conn., 1639. He died June — , 1673. 
Mrs. Elizabeth Tuttle died December 30, 16S4, aged seventy-two. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Tuttle, born , 1637, married , 1663, 

Rebecca Hell, bom August, 1643, daughter of Francis Bell, of Sumford, 
Conn., from England. He died 1705. S,he died 1676. 

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Third Gcncraiion^ Jfary Tnttit\ born l*cljruary 7, 1666, tiuirticd , 

William Fn-Jcricks, S!icdied 169S-99. 

Fourth Ccncp'ation^ Mary Fri\h'Hcks, boru July 22, 16S5, married John 
Doolillle. He died November, 1 745. 

Fourth Generation ^ John Doolillle, boru February 6, 17 12, married , 

1734, Hannah . He died in Wallingford, Conn., Noveiuber, 1747. 

Fifth Generation, Titus Doolillle, boru June 12, 1745, married Novem- 
ber 20, 1764, Mary Lewis, of Wallingford; removed to Westfield, Mass., and 
died November 23, iSiS. 

SiA'th Generation, Joel Doolillle, born , 1774 ; graduate of Yale 

College, 1799; removed to MidJlebury, Vt.; lawyer, judge of Supreme 
Court, &c He married S^irah P. Fitch. He died in Middlebury, Vt., March 
9, 1841. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W2C. John T. Doolitile, born November, 181 1, married Anne M. Marshall. 
6427. Charles H. Doolittle, boru October i, 18 14, married Elizabeth Kemp. 
5428. Mary L. Doolittle, born April iS, 1817, died 1839. 

6429. Sarah P. Doolittle, born February, 1S19, married J. S. Alvord. 

6430. Elizabeth B. Doolittle, b'om January, 182 1, married H. C. Gray. 

6431. Mark R. Doolittle, bom April, 1824, married Alba P. Briggs. 

[3776.] Mary Porter, daughter oi Elijah Porter {2126) and 
Mary Lawrence, married April 13, 1825, John Sirachan, born in 
Campfield, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, August 6, 1799, son ol John 
Sirachan, of Kincardine, Scotland. She died May 30, 1831. 
Residence, Waterford, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation ;] 
6132. John Strachau, born Tehniary 15, 1S26, died June 8, 1846. 
6433. Mary P. Stracban, born November 26, 1827, died February 11, 1838. 
5434. Lawrence P. Strachan, born May 9, 1830, died September i, 1S31. 

[3779.] Laura Porter, daughter oi Elijah Porter (2126) and 
Mary Laxcrcnce, married April 19, 1826, William Scott, born Feb- 
ruary 10, 1794, son oilra Scott, who was born in Wilton, Fairfield 
county, Conn., November 3, 1762, who married November 29, 
1789, Elizabeth Drummond, born in Lambert ville, N. J., daughter 
of Peter Drummond, and his wife Patience Potts, daughter of 

Lieut. Potts, who was killed at QulIk^c, in the war of 1755. 

Mrs. Laura Scott died in Waterford, N. Y., April 3, 1879. 

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Their clnlJrcn were [beinii* of the eii^hlh gcucration :] 
tAlV). Ira Scotl, born December 25, 1S26, iiKirricd I'sihcr Kennedy. 
'ti'M. Klijah P. Scott, born December 23, 1S28, married Anne Syms. 
5i;{7. lilizabclh ScoU, born July 20, 1S31, married Kev. B. Roberts. 
,54:>S. Mary S. Scott, born October 20, 1S35. 

[3783.] .*/^*)' ^- Porter, daugliter of Elijah Porter (2126) 
and Mary Lan'nnce, married Novcinber 2, 1843, Ziba A, Leiaud, 

[IIorKSTn.L Lklaxd, from England, to \Veyniouth» Mass. and Medfield, 
Mass., and died 1655, ajjcd seventy-five. 

Second Ccncratioit, Henry Leland, bom iu England, married Margaret 
Habcockf sister of Rouiirt Bamcock, from England, and died i6So. 

Third Generation, Ebenc::er Leland, born January 25, 165S, married, 
167S, Deborah , who died 1692. lie died 1741. 

Fourth Generation, James Leland, bora September 22, 16S7, married,. 
170S, Hannah Lamed. 

(WiLijAM J,arm;d, from England, to Charlestown, Mass., with wife 
Codiiat 1632 ; removed 10 Woburu. He died April 5, 1646. She died Jan- 
uaiy 24, 1661. • 

Seeond Generation^ Isaae Lamed, born in England, maiTied July 9, 1646, 
^fary Steames^ born in England, dau^jhtcr of Isaac Stearnks, of Water- 
town, Mass., from Naylautl, county Suffolk. England. 

Third Generation, Denoni Leiand, born December 6, 1656, married 
January 10, 16S0, Mary Fanning, born October 2S, 1662, daughter of Thoma.s 
Fannixc, of Watcrtowu, from. England, who married May 17, 1653, Ftiza- 
beth Daniell, daughter of Roukrt Danikli., of Watertown, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Lamed, born September 10, 1690, married 
James Leiand, 

Fifth Generation ^ Phinehas Leiand ^ bom , married Sarah IVarreu, 

Sixth Generation, Joshua Leiand, bora — , married Thankjut Sherman, 

Seventh, Generation, Ziba A. Leiand, born , 1791 ; graduated at 

Middlcbury College; removed to Auburn, N. Y.; married Abby E, Porter, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5439. Cornelia P. Leiand, bom November 11, 1844. 

5440. John P. Leiand, born .\ugust 29, 1817. 

[37B5.]/t7//;i Kit ham Porter, son of Doct. Elijah Porter 
(2126) and Marj' Lai^^rence ; graduate of Vale College, 1S37. He 
married May 27, 1847, Sophie R, Todd, daughter of i^// J/. Todd, 
of Waterford, N. Y. She died in Albany, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1858. 

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He married (second wife) Novcin!)er iS, 1861, Hanictt Tibbetls 
Cramer^ daughter of /i'//// Ov^///rr,of W'alcrford. Judge J. K. Por- 
ter resides in New York City. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5441. ^Iar>' A. Porter, bora March 16, 1S4S, married C. C. Fitzgerald. 

5442. Julia S. Porter, bora August 14, 1S49, die J August 15, 1S50. 
5413. William L. Porter, boru November 2, 1S53. 

Cyrenus p. Fitzgerald, was boru iu Ilalfinooii, Saratoga county, N. Y., 
ton of y«i///i Fitzgerald and Frances Child, Mrs. Mary l-'itzj^^erald died in 
Leon, Central America, Jaiaiary 15, 1S6S. 

[37BBi] Cornelia Frances Porter, daughter of Doct. Elijah 
Porter (2126) and Mary Lau^rence, married November 10, 1847, 
Johi LawfcncCy of Waterford, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5444 John S. Latirence, boru April 15, JS49. 
5445. Eva Lawrence, boru September 9, 1S51. 
6446. John P. Lawrence, bom :March 26, 1S54. 
5147. Maiy P. Lawrence, born May 2S, 1S56. 

[3787.] Deborah Morgan Porter, daughter oi Joseph Porter 
(2127) and Lneretia Bushneil, married March 21, 1821, Dorastus 

[Edward Wooster, came from England, to Mil ford, Conn., 1652, mar- 
ried about 1653, Tabilha Tomlinson, daughter of Henry Tomlinson and 
ynit Alice y of Stratford, Conn., from England. Removed to Derby, Conn. 
Edward Wooster died July S, 16S9. 

Second Generation^ Abraham Woosler, born 1657-58, married November 
»7, 1697, Mary Walker. 

(RoDKRT W.\i.KivK canie from ^lanclicster, England, with his wife Sarah^ 
to Boston, Mass., 1632, wa:> one of the founders of the *'01d Soutii Church." 
He died May 29, 1697. 

Second Generation^ Joseph Walker ^ born July 19, 1645 I removed to 
Stratford, Conn., \^here he married November 14, 1667, Abigail Prudden^ 

bom , 1647, daughter of Rev. Peter Pri'Ddex, of Milford, Conn., from 

Edgton, Yorkshire, Knglaud, with wife Joanna, to New Haveu, Conn., 1637. 

Third Generation^ Mary Walker, born December iS, 16S0, married , 

Abraham WoosUr. 

Third Generation , Abraham Wooster, boru , 1712, married . 

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FoHf'th Generation^ Wait Woofer ^ born April 22, 1732, uiairied , 

Phebe Warner, 

Fifth Generation^ Jfoses Wooster, born December 4, 175S, married . 

StA'tA Generation, Dorasius Wooster, born May 24, iSoi, in Pawlet, Vt., 
m«irricd Deborah M. Porter, Residence, Pawlel, Vt,, and Middlebury, Vt. 
He died 1S55. She died 1S79. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6443. Orlando Wooster, born May 13, 1S22, married A\4s Spalding. 
W49. Lucrclij^ Wooster. born October 4. 1824. 
HV). Herbert Wooster, born July 7. 1S26. 
M^l. Mftrtba Wooster, born March 7, 1S29. 
W52. Maty Wooster, bom Xovember 19, 1831. 

[3791i] Sarah Porter, daughter oi Joseph Porter (2127) and 
Lucretia Bushncll^ married November 21, 1S33, Joel Chapin. 

[Samuki, Ciiapin came from England, with wife Cictey, to Roxbury, 
Mass., 163S; Springfield, Mass., 1642. Died November 11, 1675. 

Second Generation^ Joseph Chapin, born October 15, 1642, married July 

aj, 1664, Abitene Cotey, born , 1643, daughter of Samuhl Colky, of 

Milford, Conn., from England, 1639, who married , 1640, Anne Prudden, 

daughter of James Prudpen, of Milford, from England. 

Third Generation^ Ebeneser Chapin, boru June 26, 1677, married Decem- 
ber 1, 1702, Uttth Ja7tes, 

(WiLtiAM Janes, with wife .^fary, came from England, New Haven, 
Conu., 1643 ; Northampton, Mass., 1647. She died August 4. 1662. He died 
September 20, 1690. 

Second Generation, Abel Janes, born , 1644, married November 4, 

1679, Mary Jttdd^ born , 1656, daughter of William Jiidd, of Farming- 
ton, Conn., who married , 165S, Mary Steele, daughter of John Steele, 

of Hartford, from England. 

nird Generation, Ruth Janes, born June 5, 1682, married Ebenezer 
Chapin, of Springfield, Mass. 

Fourth Generation^ Phinehas Chapin, born June 26, 1726, married . 

Fifth Generation, Jacob Chapin, bom about 1760, married . 

^xth Generation, Joel Chapin, born 1800, married Sarah Porter. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6453. Welles Chapin, born December ij, 1834. 
Mr34. Anne S. Chapin. born March 7, 1837. 
6455. Charles P. Chapin, born Dcccuiber 2, 1848. 

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ftl^. Lucretia Ctiapin, boru January 2S, 1S51. 
M7, Ruth A. Chapiu, born January 4, 1S54. 
6158. Jolm O. Cbapiu, bom Jaauan- 26, 1S56. 

[3793.] Doct. J/oses Porter, sou oi Joseph Porter, {2\2i) and 
Lucretia Dnshncli, married Feb. 20, 1S54, Helen Sophia Strong. 

[Elder John Strong, from Enj»laud. 

Second Generation^ Return Strong, born , 1640-41, married May 11, 

1664, Sarah WarAam, 

Third Generation, Samuel Strofij^, bom December 5, 1675, married 
KovemT>er9, 1699, .Vurttia I>:icklaf:J. 

FonHh Generation , Samuel Siror:^, bom July 16, 1705, married Decern- 
ber 12, 1733, Martha St ugh ton. 

Fifth Generation, Return Strong, boro December 30, 1755, married — 
1776, Hannah Harm an. 

(John Harman, with ^vife Elizabeth, from Knglaud, to Springfield 
Mass., 1644. 

Second Generation, Joseph Hai man, bom January 4, 1647, married — 
Sarah . lie died , 1729. 

Third Generation, Xathaniel ffarman, born 1693, married Sarah . 

He died 1774. 

Fourth Generation, Phinehas Harman, born 1720, married Doreas , 

He died 1802. 

Fifth Generation, Hannah Harman, born June 25, 1758, married Return 
Strong, Residence, Pawlct, Vt. She died June 12, i3x3. He died March 
I. 1807. 

Sixth Generation, Phinehas Strong, born October 14, 1781, married 
January 30, 1805, ^nne Fietd, daughter oi Asa Field, of Pawlet, Vemiont. 
Residence, Pawlet, Vt. He died May 7, 1S39. Mrs. Anne Strong died 
October, 1851. 

Seventh Generation, Helen S. Strong, born February 2, 1S24, married 
February 21, 1S54, Doct. ^foses Porter, Residence, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5459. Arthur H. Porter, bora January 27, 1S57. 
MGO. Sophia S. Porter, born April 18, 1859. 

[37B4.] Altamont IV. Potter, son of Doct. Moses Porter 
(2129) and Lydia Wilson, married in Washington, Ohio, Jnly 7, 
1833, Mary J, Durson, born in Loudon county, Va., August 14, 
1812. Residence, Fowler, Ohio. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
1161. Mary A. Porter, born March 5, 1S35. 
||d$. Hcrvey B. Porter, born Januan* 6, iSj;;. 
IKCI. Martha R. Porter, born September S, 1S33. 
llOl. IMilh G. Porter, born Novembt r 25, 1S40. 
MS Nancy Porter, born September 6, 1S42. 
M60. Susan L. Porter, boru M:iy 16, 1S47. 
^7. Sarah W. porter, boru Au^^'ust 25, 1S49. 

[379B.] Milton Porter, son of Doct. J/oses Poftrr (21 2g) and 
l^ydia Wilson, married in Fowler, Ohio, Janiiar>- 27, 1851, Electa 
Rhoadcs. Residence, Fowler, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W&. Myron \V. Porter, boru April 16, 1855. 
^9. Lily A. Porter, born April 23, 1S6S. 
W70. OltcUa K. Porter, born ^lay 4, 1S72. 

[3737i] Iliram Porter, son of Doct. Moses Porter (2129) and 
Lydia Wilson^ married in Hartford, Ohio, November 2, 1S37, 
Nancy A, Chapman. 

[Robert Chapman, from Hull, England, to Saybrook, married April 
991 1642, Anne Bliss, dangUier of Thomas Duss, of Hartford, Conn., from 

Second Generation, John Chapman, born July, 1644, "larried June 7, 
1670, Elizabeth //awley, born December 17, 165 1, daughter of Joseph 
Ha\vi.hy aud wife Catherine, of Slraiford, Conn., from England. 

Third Generation, Joseph Chapman, bom July 6, 1673, married , 

Sarah . 

Fourth Generation, Leii Chapman, born March 19, 170S, married Janu- 
ary 16, 1735, Lydia Chalker. 

(Alexander Chalker, from England, to Say brook, Conn., married 
September 29, 1640^ Catherine Post, daughter of Stephen Post, of Hartford, 
from England. 

Second Generation, Samuel. -Chalker, bom , 1652, married Ociolier 

50, 1676, Phebe Dull, born August, 1655, daughter of R».ihERT Bull, of Say- 
brook, CoQO., from England. 

^Third Generation, Stephen Chalker, born .September li, 1677, married 
Lydia . {'■ V.C^^o.,11^" 

Fourth Generation, Lydia Chalker hem I7i6(. married Le:i Chapman, 

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Fifih Generation^ Levi Chapman^ Lorn October 9, 1740, married Septem- 
Wt I5» *767, Elizabeth Hult. He removed in 1794, to Marietta, O., where 
kidied . 

Sixth Generation, Levi Chapman, born February 23, 1772, married 
April iS, 1794, Lois Acklcy, who died Jan. 7, 1S3S. Residence. Putnam, O. 

Seventh Generation, Ruj'tts Chapman^ born December iS, 1795, married 
Jttly7, 1S17, Harriett Haiviey, of Victor, X. Y. Residence, Prowler, Ohio. 

Eighth Generation, Xancy A, Chapmdn, boru June 2, iSiS, married 
Hiram Porter. Residence, Fowler, Ohio. 

Their childreu were [being of the eighth generation :] 
hO\, Miltou Porter, born September 25, 1S3S. 
Mi* James S. Porter, born May 5, 1843, married Phebe A. Meek. 
[/ M79. George H. Porter, born October 13, 1S54, married Clara A. Irwin. 

[a ana.] Elvim Porter, daughter oi Reuben Porter {2166) and 
Anna Root, married November 4, 1S34, John Randolph Lee. 

[JOUX Lek, from county Essex, England, Hartford, Conn., 1634-35, 

married , 165S, Mary Hart, daughter of Stkphen Hart, of Hartford, 

from England. Sbe died August S, 1690. He died in Pladley, Mass. 

, Seeond Generation, David Lee, boru , 1674, married September 5, 

1698, Lydia Strong, daughter oi Jedediah Strong, and died in Lebanon, 
Conn., 1759. 

Third Generation, Ktw Jonathan Lee, born July 14, 1718; Yale College, 
174a; married September 3, 1744, Elizabeth Metcalf. 

(MiCHAKL Mkicalf, born in Tatterford, county Norfolk, England, came 
with wife Sarah, in 1637, to Dedham, Mass. She died November 30, 1644. 
He died December 27, 1664. 

Second Generation, Michael Metcalf, born August 29, 1629, married April 
a, 1644, Mary Fairbanks, daughter of John P'airuanks, of Dedham, from 

Third Generation, Jonathan Metcalf, born Septei::ber 21, 1650, married 
April 10, 1674, Hannah Kenrick, boru May 2, 1652, daughter of John Kex- 
UCK, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Rev. Joseph Metcalf, born April x i*, 1682 ; Harvard 
College, 1703; minister at Falmouth, Mas'}.; married Abial Adams. 

(WII.UAM Adams, from Kn;^'land, to Boston, Mass., 1635. 

Second Generation, Rev. William Adams, born May 27, 1650; Harvard 
College, 1671 ; minister at Dedham, Mass.; married ^larch 29, 16S0, Alice 

(WxLUAM Bradford came from England, in the ship *' Mayflower." 

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Second Generation f U'iiiiam /jniJ/jrJt boru June 17, 1624, uinrricd 
Atkf Richai'ds. 

Third Ccneratiortf Alice Bradford, born , married Rev. WiUiam 


Fourth Generation^ Abial Adams, bom April 15, 16S5, married Rev. 
Joseph Metcatf. 

Fifth Generation, Elizabeth Metealf born , married Rev. Jonathan 

Lee, He died October, 17SS. 

Fourth Generation, Doct. Jonathan Lee, born October 26, 1745, married 
Mabel Little, daii:4hter of Xathaniel Little, of Lebanon, Conn., son of 
Isaac Little, and grand-sou of Thomas LiTTtK, from England, to Plymoutli, 
Mass., 1630, who married April 19, 1633, Anne Warren, daughter of Rich- 
ard Warren, of Plymouih, Mass., who came from England, with his wife 
Elizabeth, in the ship *' Mayflower,*' 1620. Doctor Jonathan Lee died in 
Torringford, Conn., February i, 1814. Mrs. Mabel Lee died in Sheffield, 
Mass., July iS, 1S04. 

Fifth Generation, fonathan f^ee, bom July 13, 17S1, married September 
7, 1806, Lucy lesion, daughter of Xathaniel I\:^^ lesion^ of Sheffteld. 
He died February 15, 1S52. She died February' 26, 1S31. 

Sixth Generation, John Randolph Lee, born July 6, 1S09, married Elvira 
Porter, Residence, BuiTalo, N. Y. Ranker. 

Their children were [being of the eightli generation :] 
5474. Edward L. Lee, bora June 5, 183$, Major, 21st. N. Y., Vols. 
W75. Amelia R. Lee, born October 7, 1S41. 
M76. Reuben P. Lee, bom March 31, 1S50, married Jennie Blanchard. 

[3 BID.] Rev. Lansing PorUr, son ol Reuben Porter (2166) 
and A7ina Root^ married September 9, 1844, Elizabeth Curtis. 

[Thomas Curtis came from Knglaud, to Weathersfield, Conn., 1636-37. 

Second Generation ^ John Curtis, bora 1639, married November 20, 1666, 
Lydia . 

Third Generation, Thomas Curtis, born December 4, 16S0, married 
December 30, 1703, Mary Goodrieh. 

(WiLLL\M Goodrich came from England, to Weathersfield, Conn.; 
married October 4, 164S, Sarah Manyn, born in England, daughter of 
Matthew Mak\'\n, of Hartford, from England. 

Second Generation, John Goodrieh, born May 20, 1653. married March 
jS, 1678, Rebecca Allen, born IVbruary, 1654, daughter of Captain 
John Aixkx, of Charlestown, Mass., and wife --/////^, from Kngland, 1635; 

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CtptAin of Ancient and Houonible Artillery Company, and died March 

•;• 1675. 

Fourth GcHeratioti^ Mary Goodrich^ born September 4, 16S2, married 
December 30, 1703, Thouias Curiis, 

Fourth Gencrat ion ^ James Curtis^ born September ix, 171S, married 
May 18, 1749, Elizabeth Kilbourne. 

(John Kilbourne came from England, with wife Xaow:, to Weathers- 
ficldi Conn. She died October i, 1659. Ho married (second \^'ife) 1664, 
Saiiih Broftson^ daughter of John Bronsox, of Hartford, Conn. 

Second Generatiofi, George Kil bourne ^ born 166S, married May 16, 16S9, 
Ahigait Atwood, born September 30, 166S, daui^'hter of Doctor Thomas 
ATWOOD, of Hartford, and wife A'ji^ailt from Hnglaud. 

Third Generation, Hezekiah Kilbourne^ born June 24, 1700; Harvard 
College, 1720; married December 19, 1722, Elizabeth Allen, 

Fourth Generation, Elizabeth Kilbourne, born , 1727, married , 

J^mes Cufiis. 

Fifth Generation, Jatnes Curtis, bom 175S, married April 6, X7SS, Sarah 
Fosdick, bom May 16, 1766, daughter oi Esekiet Fosdick, of Weathersfield. 

Sixth Generation, Rosu'ell Curtis, born August 20, 1796, married , 

Elizabeth Welles, 

Seventh Generation, Elizabeth Curtis, born , married Rev. Lansing 

Porter, Presbyterian minister in Auburn, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6477. Lee C. Porter, born Januar>' 9, 1845. 

M78. Elizabeth A. Porter, born April 15, 1S47, married Rev. H. N. Payne. 
M79. Anna R. Porter, bom Febmary 14, 1S50, married R. H. Bloom. 
MSO. Lansing Lee Porter, bora November i, 1S51, married Mary Carter. 

[3BlSi] Barnabas S, Porter, son oi Reuben Porter {ii^i) and 
Sally Sabi/i, married , 1S29, Pamela W, Davenport. 

[Thomas Davenport came from England, to Dorchester, Mass. Died 
November 9, 16S5. ^Irs. Mary Davenport died October 4, 1691. 

Second Generation, Ebenezer Davenport, born .\pril 26, 1661, married, 
1682, Dorcas Andreics, 

(Samuki* Andrews, iiith ^-xh Jane, from England, to Boston, Mass., 
1635. He died in Saco, Me., 1640. 

Second Generation, James Andrews, born in England, settled in Fal- 
mouth, Mass., and married Sarah Mytion, daughter of Miciiakl ^Iytton, 
from England, and his wife Elizabeth Cleves, daughter of Guorgi^ Cleves, 
of Falmouth, from England. 

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jTv Third Generation^ Dorcas AndrezcSt boru 1663, inarricil , Ebcnczer 


Third Ccncmtion^ Ebenczer Davcnpori, bom October 23, 1706, married 
April 23, 172^, Sitbtn it //owe. He died March 7, 17S5. She died January 
ij. 1783. 

Fourth Getteration^ Joseph Davenport^ born August 10, 1747, married 
Decembers, 1770, J/ary White, 

Fifth Generation^ Stephen Daienport, boru Jauuary 5, 177S, married 
April 18, 1S05, //uldah Maxam^ who died August 2, 1837. He died March 
tj. 185a. 

Sixth Generation^ Pamela JF. Davenport, boru July 28, iSoS, married, 
l8a9, Barnabas S, /'orter. Resideuce, Coleraine, Mass. He died January 
h 1877. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
MHI. Sarah S. Porter, born October 2, XS30, married A. D. Bates. 
W82. Hcnr>' D. Porter, boru March 5, 1S33, married Ella Parkinson. 
WS3, Lydia W. Porter, boru May 15, itS37, married Henry Dewey. 
518-1. RufttsC. Porter, boru November 14, 1S40, married L. A. Fairchild. 
6483. Esther Porter, born April 18, 1S42. 
M5U. Httldah P. Porter, boru February 27, 1844, married Da\*id Dewey. 

[3 BIB.] Sarah A. Porter, daughter of Reuben Porter (217 1) 
and Elizabeth A/aynard, married March 11, 1824, Calvin S, Coaies^ 
of Heath, Mass. He died March 10, 1824. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
WS7. Mary E. Coates, bom November 10, 1824, married J. L. Becmau. 
W88. Charles P. Coates, born April 16, 1S27, married Cordelia Prescott. 
6489. Sarah M. Coates, boru July 7, 1829, married J, L. Hawkes. 
WJiO. Martha G. Coates, boru July 14, 1S31, married John Alexander. 
5491, Samuel E. Coates, born February 8, 1S33, married Jane A. Decker. 
6-192. Dwight T. Coates, born May 26, 1835, married Naucy E. Wilcox. 
549.0. Reuben P. Coates, bom July 9, 1S37, married Sireua King. 
6494. Almira H. Coates, bom ^lay 20, 1S39, married Samuel D. Porter. 
5495. George E. Coates, boru November 11, 1842, married ^larj- L. Porter. 

[3B17.] Lydia H/aynard Porter, daughter of Reuben Porter 
(2171) and Elizabeth .'l/ay?iard, married Augtist I2, 1833, Joel 
Shaw Wood, of Westerly, R. I. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
WOO. Henry P. Wood, boru January iS, 1S35. 
5197. Kliza A. Wood, born December 22, 1837. 
6IUS. Rhoda A. Wood, born August 3, iSjo. 
5IU1). Francelia P. Wood, boru January 20, 1S43. 
5j(W. Joel S. Wood, bom March 6. 1S45. 
ftjOl. x\sbmau II. Wood, bom August 14, 1S46. 
4.V)2. Julia S. Wood, born June 13. 1S4S. 
65u3. Adeline ^I. Wood, boru ^ilarch 2S. 1852. 

[aaSD.] Luciuda Porter, daughter of Reuben Porter (2171) 
and Elisabeth May nurd, married March 31, 183S, Alfnon Ilawkes, 
of Bucklaud, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
65(>l. Frances R. Hawkes, born ^lay iS, 1S39, uiarricd Thomas F. Scott. 
SV)!). Wesley O. Hawkes, bom July 7, 1S42. 
53O6. Kmnia S. Hawkes, bora February 4, 1S45. 
6507, Mary A. Hawkes, boru September 6, 1849. 
M08. Newton R. Hawkes, born May 3, 1S53. 
6509. Myrtie E. Hawkes, born August 26. 1862. 

[3B21i] Samitcl Dzi'i^/it Graves, sou ol John Graves and 
Eunice Porter^ (2172) married October, 1831, Rizpah K^iight, 
daughter of Samuel Knight^ of Huntiugton, Mass. He died 
December 8, 1857. Residence, Williamsburg, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6310. Elizabeth I). Graves, born Nov. 6, 1832, married Sercuo D. Hawkes. 
6511. Lemuel C. Graves, born October 6, 183S. 

[3B22.] Mary Dicki?ison Graves^ daughter oi John Graves 
and Eunice Porter, (2172) married October 7, 1830, Doctor John 

[Kjceiarp MonTacce, bora in Burnham, county Essex, England, came 
with wife Abigail, to Dorchester, Mass., 1640 ; Hadlcy, Mass., 1659, and died 
December 14, 1681. She died November 8, 1694. 

Second C cue rat ion, John Montague, born 1649, married March 23, 168 1, 
Hannah Smith. 

(Samuel Smith, with wife Elizabeth, fniiti England, to Hadley, Mass. 

Second Generation, Chiieab Smith, boni 1636, married October 2, 1661, 
Hannah Hitchcock, born 1645, daughter of Lukk Hitchcock, of Weathers- 

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field, and wife Elizabcift, from ICnj^liiiul. Mrs. IlAiiiinh Smiili died 
3Ji I73s^» ag<^^ eii;bly-eight. Cliilcab Suiilli died Mar. 7, 1731, aged uiuety-fivc. 

Third Generation^ Hannah Smitk^ bom July 7, 1662. married March 23, 
16S1, John Montague. 

Third Generation, John Montague, boru Deceiiiher 3» i6Sx, married 
January 7, 1712, MinJu-etl Lyman, 

(Richard LVMAN, from Kngland. (See elsewhere.) 

Second Generatio*!, John Lyman, born in England, married Dorcas 
Plumbe, > 

Third General ion , John Lyman^ born 1660, married April 19, 16S7, 
Mindicelt Sheldon t V>oru February 24, i665, daughter of Isaac Skf.ldox, of 

Windsor, from England, who married , 1653. M.:ry U'twi/ord, daughur 

of TiiOM.\s WooDFOKD, of liartford, from Hnglaud. John Lyman died 
September 2S, 1723. 

Fourth Generation, Doct. John Moi:la\^ue, bom January 5, 17 16, married 
August 2S, 175S, A'ho.fa SeU/en. 

(Thomas Sixdex, with wife Esther, from England, to Hartford, Conn.; 
removed to Hadley, JI.ibS. He died 1655. She married Andrew Warner, 
and died 1693. 

Second Generation, Thomas Setden, born August 31, 1645, married 
August, 1674, Fe'iv Leieis, daughter of William Lewis, of Hartford, from 
England. Thomas Selden died 1 734. 

Thii-d Generation, John Selden, born June 16, 1675. married March 24, 

1698, Sirah Harrison, bom , 1675, daughter of Isaac Harrison, of 

Hadley, "who married December i, 1671, Martha Montague, boru June [6, 
1647, daughter of Richard Montagi-k, first named. Isaac Harrison was 
killed by Indians, May 19, 1772, after the "Falls fight." 

Fourth Generation, Isaac Selden, boru July 14, 1701, married October 
14, 1725, Hester Ingraham, 

(John Ixgraham, from Hnglaud, to Hadley, Mass., married , 1664, 

Elizabeth Gardner, born , 1644, daughter of Samuel Gardnkr, of 

Hadley, from England. He died June 27, 1722. Mrs. Elizabeth Ingraham 
died Xovember 29, 16S4. 

Second Generation, Xathaniel Ingraham, bora October 8, 1674, married 
October 20, 1696, Hester Smith, bora March 31, 1674, daughter of Chileab 
Smith, before named. 

Third Generation, Hester Ingrahatn, born July 23, 1697, married Isjae 
Sttden. She died June 24, 1766. He died May 27, 176.^. 

/♦///// Generation, Rhoda Selden, boru IVbruary 3, 1735, married Doct. 
John Montague. He died April iS, 17S3. 

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Sixlh Gcftaation^ JcJciUah MoniJi*ut\ bom July 24, 1766, niarhcil 
Deccml)cr 26, 17S7, Donas Grovet\ daughter oi Josiah Croi'cr^ of UUiug- 
lon, Coiiu. He died August 29, 1S24. 

Seienlh General ion ^ Joint Montague^ born June 5, 1799, married Mary 
A Graves, Residence, Sunderland, Mass. 

Their children were [beiiiff of the eighth generation :] 

5512. Kdwin D. Montague, born October 31, 1S31. 

5513. Mary D. Montague, born January* 20, XS33, married Wylic Russell, 

killed in war of Rebellion. 

5514. Martha A. Montague, born November 20, 1S37. , 

5515. John G. Monugue, born June a, 1840. 

[3B23i] Erustus Graves^ son oi John Graves and Eunice 
Porter^ (2172) married September 18, 1844, Elizabeth R, Strong, 
bom April 17, 1816, daughter oi Joseph Strong, of Granby, Conn., 
and Rhoda C. Gates, daughter of Jesse Gates, of Simsbur}', Conn., 
who married, 1785, Rhoda Rood, born 1767, daughter of William 
Rood, of Weaihersfield, who married Sept. 19, 1764, Rhoda Dix, 

[Leonard Dix, ^nth wife Sarah, came from England to Wcathersfield, 
Coun., 1645. 

Second Generation, John Dix, bom , 1657, married , 16S3-S4, 

Rettecca . She died November 7, 1711. He died December 2, 17 11. 

Third Generation, John Dix, born February 20, 16S5, married June 9, 
xio^, Sarah Wadhams, bom April 5, 16S7, daughter oi John Wadhams, of 

Fourth Generation, Moses Dix, bom March 15, 1724, married Septem- 
ber I, 1744, Hannah Dickinson, bom February 28, 1727, daughter oi Eliiiu 
Dickinson, who married April 2, 1724, Lucy Deming, bom March 9, 1699, 
daughter of Thomas Deming, of Weathersfield. 

Fijth Generation, Rhoda Dix, bom August 13, 1746, married William 

Sixth Generation, Rhoda Rood, bora 1767, married Jesse Gales, 

Seventh Generation, Rhoda C. Gates, bom 17SS, married , Joseph 


Eighth Generation, Elizabeth R. Strong, bom April 17, 1816, married 
Erastus Graves, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5510. Joseph S. Graves, born October 6, 1S53. 
5517. Eunice E. Graves, bom February 20, 1857. 

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[3B24i] Martha Graves, daughter of John Graves and 
Eunice PorUr, (2172) married May 19, 1S41, David Miller, of 
Williamstown, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5518. Henry D. Miller, bom November 20, 1S42. 
5oU). John G. Miller, born September 27, 1S45. 
6520. David \Y. Miller, "bora December 14, 1S50. 

[3B2Si] Eunice B. Graves, daughter oi John Graves and 

Eunice Porter^ (2172) married Supteniber 18, 1S44, Elam Graves, 

of Haydeunlle, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6321. Charles H. Graves, born Scpiember iS, 1S45. 
6522. Anue E. Graves, born May 10, iS^S, 

5523. John P. Graves, bom April iS, 1S52. 

5524. Martha A. Graves, born April 18, 1856. 

[3B2Bil i'A^^ri Chapin Porter, sow oi Jonathan Porter (^21 js) 
and Electa Aliis, married December 17, 1846, Emily Porter (3249.) 
She died January" 19, 1856. He married (second wife) April 14, 
1857, Eouise, daughter oi Jonathan Drid^man, of Hadley, Mass. 
Residence, Hatfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5325. Augusta A. Porter, boru December 13, 1847. 
552G. Jonathan E. Porter, born November 22, 1849. 

5527. Moses Porter, born September 9, 1S54. 

[3B27i] Henry S, Porter, son oi Jonathan Porter (iij^) and 
Electa Allis, married November 14, 1S49, Matilda Gra?iger, born 
December, 1827, daughter of Silas Granger, of Hadley, Mass., 
bom in Southwick, Mass., Dcceml^er, 1779, who married, 1810, 
Nancy Sheldon, daughter of Oliver Sheldon and Michal Harmon. 
Silas Granger was son of George Granger and Lucy Lee, Resi- 
dence, Hatfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5528. Sauiucl D. Porter, boru January i. 1S51, married Jane F. Brown. 
552<J. William II. Porter, boru May 8, 1856, married Caroline M. Harris. 

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[3B23i] /iP//j///<i// L>. /\^//«v\ son oi Jivuithati /l?//c'r (2175) 
•lid Hlccta Allis, married April 6, 1S52, Phi'la E. Morion. 

[KiciiAKD Morton came from Hui^laiul to Hartfonl, Conn.; removed in 
1670, to Hat&eld, Mass., and died April 3, 1710. Ruth Morton died Decem- 
ber 31, 17 M- 

Second Generation^ Jonathan Morton^ born November 2, 16S4, married, 

1710, Sarah Smith, boru April 26, i6S3, dauvjbter of Chi/c'ad Smith and 

ihHuah Hitchcoek, He died April 23, 1767. She died October 5, 1760. 
Third Generation, Jonathan Morton, born July 12, 1716, married , 

Eleanor Smith. 

(Samcei, Smitu and wife Elizabeth, of Hadley, Mass., from Kugland. 

Second Generation, John Smith, born 1637, married November 12, 1663, 
Mary Partridge, daughter of William Partkiugk, of Hadley, from 

Second Generation, Joseph Smith, boni November 16, 1670, married 
December 15, 1696, Canada U'aite. 

(Ue^jAMiN Waith, of Hatfield, Mass., 1660, married June S, 1670, 
Martha Leonard, born February 15, 1649, daughter of JoirN Lj:onard, of 
Springfield, Mass., who married September 4, 1640, Sarah Ilea Id, daughter 
of John' IIeald, of Concord, Mass., from England. Benjamin Waite was 
llaia by Indians at Decrfield, Mass., Tebniary 29, 1704. In a previous 
ladioo raid, September 19. 1677, the mother and children were carried cap- 
tive to Canada, all being ransomed 1679. 

Second Generation, Canada U^aite, born January 22, 1678, married , 

Joseph Smith, She died May 5, 1749. He died February 6, 1752. 

Fourlli Generation, Eleanor Smith, born December 9, 1717, married 
Jonathan Morton, He died September iS, 17SS. She died 17S3. 

Fourth Generation, Peres Morton, born September 19, 1761, married 
August II, 17S5, Dorothy Morion. He died September 11, 1839. She died 
January 25, 1840. 

Fijih Generation, Jeremy Morion, born December 12, 17S8, married 
April j2, 181 2, Phila Abbot. 

(Robert Abbot came from England to Weathersfield, Conn., 1640, died 
September, 1658. 

Second Generation, Daniel Abbot, born February 12, 1655, married . 

Residence, Bran ford, Conn. 

Third Generation, Stephen Abbot, born , i69vS, married January 6, 

1725, Hannah Erisbie. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Abba/, born January 4, 1726, married March 
i, 1763, Lois Smith, daughter of Joseph Smith, of Wallingford, Conn. 

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F\fth Cetifraiio?!, Daniel Abbot, boru July 25, 1764, married Naomi 
Craves, bom November 4, 1769, daughter of J/oses Grd:es,o( Leverett, 
Mass., and Experience Oakes. 

Sixth Generation, Phila Abbot, born April i6, 1791, married Jeremy 
Morton, He died July 29, 1S55. She died June 7, 1S27. 

Seventh Generation, Phila E. Morton, boru May 21, 1827, married , 

Jonathan I). Porter, Residence, Hait'ield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5530. Charles A. Porter, bora July 27, 1S53, died April 19, 1S56. 
5&31. Franklin KL Porter, born April 3, 1S57. 
6532. Maria I^. Porter, boni January 26, 1S60. 

[3B34.] EmcHne Electa Porter, daughter of Doctor David 
Porter (2179) and Electa Skijfe, married November 2^, 1S43, 
Stephen Ithamar Noble, 

[Thomas Nobi.e came from England to Wesifield, Mass. Died January 

»» 1704. 

Second Generation, Luke Noble, born July 15, 1675, married May 5, 170S, 
Jiuth Wright. 

(Samuel Wright came from England to Springfield, Mass., 1641 ; 
Korthamptoo, 1656. 

Second Generation, Samuel Wright, born in England, married Novem- 
ber 24, 1652, Elizabeth lUirt, daughter of Hexry Bcrt. Saumel Wright 
was a soldier and was killed by Indians at Northfield, September 21, 1675. 

Third Generation, Joseph Wright, born June 2, 1657, married Novem- 
ber 6, 1679, Ruth Sheldon, boru August 27, 1663, daughter of Isaac Shel- 
DOX, of Windsor, Conn., from Itn^laud, and his wife Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Woodford, of Hartford, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Ruth Wright, born April 26, 16S7, married Luke 
Noble, He died March 21, 1744. 

Third Generation, Asa Noble, born January 16, 1718, married November 
30, 1738, Dethia Noble, born April 20, 1721, daughter of Matthew Noble and 
Mary Ashley, Asa Noble was a lieutenant in the war of 1755, and at battle 
at Lake George, September 5, 1755, and captain in war of Revolution. lie 
died March 25, 1797. Mrs. Bcthia Noble died July 2, 17S7. 

Fourth Generation, Ithamar Nchtc, born February S, 1763, married , 

1784, Submit Crojfut, born , daughter of Stephen Crotfut, of Iladley, 

Mass. Ithamar Noble, died June. 1S02. She died May, iSoo. 

Fijth Generation, Darius Noble, born October 2, 17S9, married in Ben- 
soo, Vt, December 29. 1814, Anna Meaeiiam, boru April 6, 1794, daughter 

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§iJoicph Mvac/iiUfi, He died in rrcciloui, Ohio, June 4, 1S70. She died 
Au.riut 7, 1837. 

5/1'/// Ci'iicra/wfi, .SVr//;cvi /. \odfi\ boru Novcuibcr 6, 18 17, married 
November 23, 1S43, ^. /S. PcrUr. He was a lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio, and 
4k<1 April 13, 1S57. Slic died in San Francisco, Cal., February 5, 1S64. 

Their cliiklreii were [being of ihc L-ighth gencralioii :] 
ywVl, Iihaniar D. Noblo, boru December 11, iS4^ Residence, San Krancisco. 
&&:!(. William S. Noble, born January 2S, iS;S, married Loriuda A. Wygaut. 
yCV Charles^R. Noble, born November iS, 1S49. 

[3842.] Charlotte N. Porter, daughter oi James B. Poficr 
(2182) and Lauriuda Bridqman, iiianicd November 11, 1832, 
Jdfnes IVilber/onc Seytnour, 

[Richard Sf.ymour came from En^^land to Hartford, Conu., 1639; 
Norv^alk, Conn. Died November 25, 1655. 

Second Generation^ John Scymonr^ boru , married , 1665, Mary 

U^atson, daughier of John Watsox, of Hartford, and wife Margaret. 

Third Cetwraliou, l^hoinas Seymour^ boru March 12, 166S, married 
February 19, 1700, Riifh Xorton, 

(Thomas Norton, with wife Grace, came from Knglaud to Guilford, 
Conn., 1639. 

Secottd Generation ^ Thomas Xorton , born April iS, 1646, married May 
S, 1671, Etizabeth J/ason, boru August, 1654. daughier of Captain John 

Mason, frotn Kngland, of Pequot fume. Thomas Norton died , 1712. 

Mn. Elizabeth Nortou died January 31, 1699. 

Third Generation, Rutk Xorton, born May i, 1675, married Thomas 
Seymour. He died July 10, 1730. 

Fourth Generation, Beauvilte Seymour, born April 18, 17 13, married 
April 23. 1740, Thankful Merrill. 

Fifth Generation, Ashbet Seymour, born June 25, 1748, married Honor 

(Simon Willard came from county Kent, England, with wife Mary to 
Concord, Mass., 1634; major in Pequot\var; removed to Lancaster, Mass. 
Died April 24, 1676. 

Second Generation, fosiah Wit lard, born in England, married March 
•20, 1657, Hannah, daughter of Thomas Hosmi:r, from England to Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1632. Josiah Willard died , 1674. 

Third Gineration, Simon H^itlard, bom , 1662-63, married , 

16S9-90, Mary Gilbert, born November iS, 1670, daughter ot Josiah Gilbert, 

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of Weathcrsdeld, Codu. He died in Weathers field, January S, 1726. She 
died December i, 17 12. 

Fouiih Generation^ Daniel WiHard^ born July 13, 17 10, married Dorothy 
Denting^ boni October 21, 1716, daughter ot JCj>/iraim Detning of Weathers- 
field, aud Hannah Belding, 

Fifth Generation ^ Honor IVillard, born November 5, 1746, married 
Aihbcl Seymour. 

SiA'th Generation, Frastus Seytnour, born 1774, married , Clarissa 

Welles. Kcinoved to Ohio. 

Seventh Centration^ James IV. Seymonr, born September 22, 1S13, mar- 
ried Charlotte .V. Porter. 

Their childreu were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5530. Erastus Seymour, born August 20, 1S53, married Lauriuda B. Carl. 
5537. Dotha C. Seymour, born September 5, 1S56. 
6538. Walter H. Seymour, born August 17, 1S59, married Gertrude Sheldon. 

[3B4Bili /a?Hcs Hinsdale Porter, son oi James Porter (21 82) 
aud Lauriuda Bridgman, married October 5, 1857, Mary Boyd, 
Residence, Freedom, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5539. Cordelia M. Porter, bom June 29, 1S59. 

5540. Eva Porter, born September 15, 1S62. 

5541. Adele B. Porter, born June 18, 1S65. 

5542. Martha L. Porter, born April 20, 1S67. 

5543. Abbie B. Porter, born September 3, 1869. 
5S14. Myrtie M. Porter, lx)rn August 22, 1872. 
6545. Roy E. Porter, bom July i, 1874. 

[3BB7i] Susannah P. Putnam, daughter oi John Putnam 

and Susannah Porter, (2188) married , Horace Spnng, born 

December 8, 1809, in Washington, Conn., son of Cyril Spring, 
who married November 24, 1799, Rosetta Dibble. Cyril Spring 
born September 11, 1776, was son of Thomas Spring, of Granby, 
Conn., and Mary Goddard, and he was son of Ephraim Spring, 
fipom England. Cyril Spring died August 28, 1S7.2, aged uinety- 
fit-e or ninety-six. Mrs. Rosetta Spring died April 17, 1S43. 
Residence, Hinsdale, Mass. 

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Their children were [being of the eiglith generation :] 
' 6^0. Cliarles E. Spring, boru Sept. 2, 1S33, uiarrietl Mary IC. ChampHu. 
bM7» George Spring, born October 5, 1S35, died February 24, 1S64. 
V»H. Maria Spring, born July 7, 1S37, married F. \V. Ganlner. 
^>rj. Milo Spring, torn March 2}, 1S42, died Dwceuibcr 16, 1S67. 
&a')0. Lottie M. Spring, born 1S44. 

[3B7Di] Roszicll Diiighi, son ^i Ebcnezer Ditlght and Sarah 
Porter (2190) married Jnne 4, 1S37, at Sandgate, Yt., Eloisa Skid- 
Morf, daughter of P/u'/o Skidmore. Residence, Castalia, Erie 
county, N. Y. , 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4WI. Oscar DwigUt, born May 4, 1S3S, married Harriett S. Jones. 
^V)2. Eveline Dwi^jht, bom Xovcmber 10, 1S39, married I'eter Bardshaw. 
6V)3. Marj- L. Dwight, born December 3r, 1S42, married John A. Wilson. 
W51. Henry E. Dwight, born March 21, 1S45, married Sarah McCarthy. 
&y>3. Emily A. Dwight, born April 13, 1847. 
ft33<l. Albert Dwight, born June 17, 1S49. 
5^1?. Frederick Dwight, born July 16, 1851. 
^ • • • Francis Dwight, born April 24, 1S54. 

[3BB7.] Abel BhcU, son of Capt. Josiah Buctl and Litereiia 
Ilyde^ (2200) married November i, 1792, Welthea Bailey, 

[Richard B.\ilky came from England to Lynn, Mass., , 1638. 

He married Edti:i Lambert ^ daughter of Frakcis Lambkrt, of Rowley, 
Mass., from England. 

Second Geueratiofi, Joseph Daile\\ born December 6, 1644, married , 

1670, Abigail . 

TTiird Generation, Joseph Bailey, born 1692, married May 24, 1724, 
Abigail Ingraham, 

(John Incraiiam, from England to Hadley, ^lass. (See 3S22.) 

Second Generation, Xaihanic! lugra/iam, born October S, 1674, married 
Hester Smith. 

Third Generation, Abigail Ingraham, born August 24, 1700, married 
Joseph Bailey, 

Fourth Generation, James Bailey, born August 22, 1735, married , 

Lucy Cay. 

(John Gay, with \\\i^ Joanna, cKvm from England to Dcdbam, Ma.^t., 
1636. He died ^larcU 4, 16S6. Mrs. Joanna Gay died August 14, 169 1. 


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Second Gntcnifiofi, Safnitcl Gay, honi March lo, 1639, married Xovcni- 
bcr 23, 1661, Mary /7n'J^c\ boru November iS, 1737, dau-^htcr of Kdwaki* 
Bftll>Gi:, of Roxbury, from England. lie died April 15, 171S. 

T/tiftf Ccftcration, John Cay, born June 25, 166S, married May 24, 1692, 
Mary Fis/ur. 

(Anthony Fisht.r came from England to Dorchester, Mass., , 1640 

Died , 1671, aged eighty. 

Second Genera/ion, Daniel Fisher, born in England. Captain Ancient 
and Honorable Artillery Company, 1640 ; representative, 165S lo i652 ; 
ftpeaker; married Febrnary 17, 1641, Abii^ait Marratt, boru in England, 
dangbter of Capt. Thomas Marratt and wife Susannah, of Cambrid'.;e, 
Mass., from England, 1635. Daniel Fisher died October S, 16S3. Mrs. 
Abigail Fisher died October ir, 16S3. 

Third Ce/rera/ion, Daniel Fisher, born February- 26, 1650, married 
January 19, 1675, Mary Fuller, born ^larch i, 1654, daughter of Rodkrt 
Fuller, of Dedham, from England, \\-iih wife Anne, 

Fourlh Generation, Mary Fisher, born 1671, married /£?//« Gay, 

Fifth Generation, John Gay, born July S, 1699, removed to Lebanon, 
Conn., and married December 7, 1721, Lydia Culver, daughter oi John and 
grand-daughter of Edward Culvkr, of New London, Conn., from England. 

Sixth Generation, Lucy Gay, born .\pril 18, 1740, mtunQ^James^ Bailey, 

Seventh Generation, U'ellhea Bailey, bom January 27, 1773, married 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
wis. WeUhea Buell, born ^larch 20, 1793. 
55JU. Louisa Buell, bom April 27, 1795. 
55C0. Horatio Buell, born May 4, 1797. 
6301. Abel Buell, boru March 25, 1799. 
5502. Harriett Buell, born July 29, iSoi. 
SoG:). Chester Buell, born March 20, 1S04. 

[3BBB.] /awes Buell, son of Capt. /(Pj/Vt// Buell and Lucrctia 
Hyde, (2200) married October 8, 1795, Triphenia Bailey, sister of 
Welihea, who married (38S7.) Residence, Lebanon, Conn. He 
died May i, 1S30. She died April 13, 1830. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5504. Dillon T. Buell, born April S, 1796, married Sarah Trappe. 
Ry>). Lucreiia H. Buell boru Fcbniary 2, iSoo, married E. W. Clarke. 
550<i. Delia C. Buell, boru Augubl 6, 1S02, died July iS, 1S18. 

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IW. Kaucy n. Rucll, boru Fcbruan* 20, 18-09. married A. II. llallock. 
IkMl Jatucs ^I. Buell, born March 12, iSii, married Sanih Pope. 
W&. Abel B. Buell, boru August 31, 1S15, married Kliza Newcomb. 

[3863.] Mabd Porter Bucll, daughter of Capt. Josiah Bucll 
txALiicretia Hyde, (2200) married May 27, 1773, Asahd Bailey, 
brother of Welthca BaiUy, who nianicd (3SS7.) Residence, 
I/:banon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5570. Asahel Bailey, born April iS, 1794, married Eunice Sherman. 

5571. Chauncy Bailey, born May 4, 1796, never married. 

5572. Ansel Bailey, born July 4, 1793, married Cynthia Hale. 

/ VilZ. Mabel P. Bailey, born April iS, 1S03, married Prentice Peabody. 
5574. Sarah Bailoj*. born August 7, 18.02, married Henry Gay. 
5-V5. Lucretia Bailey, boru September i, 1S04. 
5570. Adeline Bailey, born April iS, 1S07. 

[aaSD.] Cynt/u'a Budl, daughter of Capt. Josiah Buell and 
Lncretia Hyde, (2200) married Xoveniber ii, 1795, Culonc-1 Ro^er 
Bailey, of Lebanon, Conn., brother of the preceding. Re.sidence, 
lycbanon, Conn. Mrs. Cynthia Bailey died 1S35. 

Their children were [being of the eiglith generation :] 
5577. AbelB. Bailey, boru Februarj- 5, 1797, died uumarried in N. Y., 1815. 
5o7tS. Samuel Bailey, born April 14, 1S02, married Sarah Roberts. 
557U. Archibald G. Bailey, lx)rn March i, 1S07, married Maria Goodwin. 
5oS0. Josiah B. Bailey, born March 3, 1S12, married Hannah Johnson. 
5->Sl. Sophia II. Bailey, born November 19, 1S09, married D. S. Woodworih. 
5.>S2. Cyuthia B. Bailey, born March 9, iScx.i, uiarried W. \V. Smith. 
55S3. Maria Bailey, bora February 7, i55o5, married Henry Tisdale. 
5.v^. Marietta Bailey, boru Jime i, i&A married E. Hutchiuson. 

[3B3Bi] Henry Chester Porter, son oi John Porter (2202) and 
Maty Williams, (1905) married September 15, 1S24, Sarah C. 
Dodge, (4587.) She died Jauuar>- 9, 1S46. He married (second 
wife) May 23, 1849, Susan S. Smith, (4604.) Residence, New 
York city. He died July 19, 1865. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SoSTi. Henry .\. Porter, bcrn July 2'\ iS.>5, married I.tioilla Sayrc. 
50SO. John S. Porter, born .Xprd \^, i^:\ nurrie I M. I.. Tuoker. 

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ftW7. WiUinm D. Porlcr, born April 15, iSji, m.irricM A. M. Coulter. 
1 1 &;>88. Sarah J. Porter, born December 5, 1S33. iiKirrieJ R. S. Kniijlit. 
• • » Julia II. Porter, Loru April 17, 1S36, uiarrica T. H. Feruald. 

[2B33.] .lugi/s/a PorUr^ daughter of Duct. Joshua Portcj 'j " 
(2207) and }fannah FcUons, married Xovcniljcr 6, 1S06, Robert 
Foskr DaniarJ. 

[rRANCiS Barxaud, born in Covcutry, Warwickshire, Kn^land, came in 
ftliip "Truelove," to Purcbcster, Mass., 1636; Hartford, Conn. He married, 
1645, iixvinah Maiivft, sisiur of MArniKW M arvy.v, of Il.irtford, who 
cauic from Knglaud in 1635. IVaucis Barnard died February 9, 169S. ageil 
eighty-one years. 

Second Ct'fit'rafiofi, Joseph Barnard^ born i6.j6, married June 13, 1675, 
Sarah Stror.^^ b^rn 1656, daughter of Klder John* Strong, from England. 
He settled in Deerfield, Mass., and in the attack on that place by Indians, 
September 6, 1695, he was killed. Mrs. Sarah Barnard died Feb. 10, 1733. 

Tliiyd Ccncratiou^ /T/itV.v^cV IJaniard, born March 13, 1676, married 
September 29, 1715, FJizabcih Fost-jr. 

(floi'i'STii.L rcsTKR, i.of the family of Foster of P»amborough castle, 
Northumberland ; Wardens of the marches,) came from England, /with wife 
Patience^ in ship ** Elizabeth," to Dorchester, Mass., April 7, 1635. 

Second Generation^ Hopestitl Foster^ born in England ; captain of 

Ancient and Honorable Ariillery Company ; married , 1643, -Vtjrv Bates, 

daughter of Jamks Bates, of Dorchester, Mass., from county Kent, Eng- 
Uud, with wife Atice, in the ship '* Elizabeth," 1635. He died October 14, 
1676. Mrs. Mary Foster died January 4, 1703, aged eighty-four years. 

nird Ccneraiion, James Foster^ born April 13, 1651, married Septem- 
ber 27, 1674, Anna Lane, born 1654, daughter of Job Lank, from England 
to Rehoboth, Mass., 1644, who married September — , 1650, A/i:ta Reynor, 
daughter of Rev. John* Rt.vnor, who was born at Gildersomc, Yorkshire, 
England, near Leeds. John Reynor was a gradnnte of Magdalen College, 

Cambridge, England; A. P»., 1635; marrie«l Boies, He died in Dover, 

April 20, 1669. Mrs. Anna Foster died September 29, 1732, aged sixty-eight. 
He died October 4, 1732. 

Fourth Generation, Elizabeth Foster, born , 16S6, married Ebenezer 


Fourth Generation, Abner Barnard, born January 3, 1713; removed to 
Northampton, Ma.<(s., and married June r, 1749, R.uhel Catlin, 

(John cume from l'Tiv;land to Ikirbadoeft. thence to Virginia, 
whence he came to Weathcr.slitld, Conn.; a trader between those places. 

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IIU TeM<lciice was in Dccrfield, Mass. He died in Woalhersficld, Coiiu., 
165.1. His widow, Isabel, married Josc/>h /A/A/:*/;/. 

Second Generation, John CatUn, born about 1640, married , .Vary 

ffj!J:cin, born , 1645, daughter of liAr.Dwis", of Hadley, ^Ia^s., 

Vibo married as bis (second wife) Isabel, widow of his father. She died 
August 25, 1696. John Catlin was killed in the attack on Hadley, February 
i^ 1704, with bis children, Elizabeth and Joseph, the other children, John 
and Ruth being carried captive to Canada. 

TAirJ Generation , Joseph Cattin^ born 1673, married June 6, 1701, 
Ruth Sheldon, daughter of Sxikldon and Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Woodford, from England. 

Fourth Generation, John Catlin, born , married June 15, 1727, Mary 

Munn, daughter oi Denjcmin Mttnn, of Springfield, Mass,, sou of Bknja- 
MIN MUN.N', from England to Hartford, Conn., 1640; Springfield, and who 

married , 1649, -'/^/i"^// Burt, daughter of Huxiiv Bl'RT and his wife 

Vlalie, of Springfield, from Etiglaud. 

Fijth Generation^ Rachel Catlin, born , 172S, married June i, 1749, 

Abner Barnard. 

Fifth and Sixth Generations, Doct. Sylvester Barnard, bom , 1759, 

married Sally Grossc, 

(Isaac Grossc came from England to Boston, Mass., 1635. Died 1649. 

Second Generation, Clement Giosse, boru in England, married , 

Ufary . Residence, Boston, ^lass. 

Third Generation, Edmund Grosse, boni March 9, 1656, married Febru- 
ary 19, 1695, Dorothy Belcher. 

(Gregorv Belchhr came from England to Boston, 1634; Braiutree, 
1640. Died June 21, 1659. 

Second Generation, Josiah Belcher, born in England, married March 3, 
1655, Ban is Bainsjord, boru June 10, 1635, dauj^hter of Edward RAi.Vb- 
roRD, who came to New England with Winthrop ; LoiUon, 1630; was ruling 
elder, and died August 16, 16S0. Josiah Belcher wr..^ one of the founders of 
the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and died April 3, 16S3. 

Third Generation, Josiah Grosse, born , 1690, married March 30, 

1717, Susannah //oward, daughter oijohn J/ozcard, son of IIknrv Howard, 
of Hartford, Conn. 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan Grosse, born 1725, married . 

Fifth Generation^ Sally Grosse, born 1765, married Doctor Sylvester 
Barnard. He died April 14, 1S17. S!ie died Stpltmber 12, i7yS. 

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Seventh Genera/ion, Robcf t Fo iter Barnard^ born August 14, 1784, uiar- 
iy^Aususla Porter. lie was a lawyer xa Slicft*icM,Mass. He died iu 
New York city, December 9, 1S50. She died iu Sliefiicld, Mass., 1S33. 

Their children were [being of the eigrhth generation :] 
6580. Sarah G. Karaard, boni June 19, 1S07, married A. S. Porter, (39'39.) 
WJO. Fred. A. P. Baniard, bom May 5, 1S09, married Margaret MacMurray. 
55UI. John G. Barnard, bom May 19, 1815, married Jane Iv. Brand. 

[3 9 D 3 .] Mary Porter, dangh ter of Doct. Joshua Porter (2207) 
and Thankful Smith, married June 21, 1S21, Plenry Walton 

[WitWAM ANDREWS came from En^^laud to Cambridge, ^lass, 1635 ; 
New Haven, Conn., with Gov. Eaton in 1639; captain of trained band. 
Died Januarj' 3. 1664. 

Second Gcneniiion, Satnud Andrews, born — , 1635, married — , 1661, 
Elizabeth Peck, born May 5, 1643, daughter of William Pi:ck, a merchant 
of London, England, who came to New England with Gov. Eaton in 1639, 
and settled in New Haven, Conn. 

Thi»-d Generation, Jf'itfiujn Andrews, boru February 9, 1665, married, 
1690, Mary St. John. 

(M.vrrnEW St. John came from England to Dorchester, Mass., 1634; 
removed to Windsor, Conn., 1638, thence to Norwalk, Conn., where he 
died , 1642. 

Second Generation, Samuel St. John, bora in England, married , 

1663, Elizabeth Hayte, daughter of Walter Hayte, of Windsor and 
Norwalk, Conn. 

Third Generation, Mary St. John, born , 166S, married inttiam 


Fourth Generation, Wittiam Andrews, boru April 10, 169S, married — , 
Mary . 

Fifth Generation, Ashbet Andrezvs, bora June 10, 1730, married , 

Hannah Seymour. 

(Richard SnvMOLit came from England to Hartford, Conn., 1639 ; 
removed to NorNvalk, Conn., 1652. Died November 25, 1655. His widow 
Mercy, married John Steele, and died about 1675. 

Second Generation, John Seymour, born , married about i6(iS,.Mary 

Watson, daughter of John Watsox, of Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation, John Seymour, born June 12, 1666, married, 1693, 
Elizabeth Webster. 

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(John WiCBSTKR came from Kn^ilaiul to Ilartforvl, Conn., , i6j6; 

govcniori &c. 

Second Geuc'ratioUf J^obcri Wcbslcr, born in Hnglaiul, married , 1652, 

Susafinah Treat, daughter of Riciiakd Trkat, of Weathcrsfield, Conn., 
from England. 

'Jliird Gcneratiottt Elizabeth Webster^ born , 1672, married /<.»// ;i 


Fourth Generation , John Seymour, born December 25. 1694, married 

(second wife) , 1733, Hannah Ernie: n, daughter o( James Ensign, of 


Fijth Generation, Hannah Seymour, bom July 13, 1740, married Ashbel 
Andrezi'S, Residence, New Hartford, Conn. 

Sixth Generation, Ashbet Andreci/s, born July 2S, 1766, married October 
Vt '7S5. ^fary White, born July 13, 176S, daughter of Epenetas White, of 
Mtddletown, Conn., a descendant of Kldcr John Whiti:, from Knglaud, in 
•hip "Lion," to Cambridge., 1632, who settled in Hartford, Conn. 
Ashbel Andrews settled in Malta, Saratoga county, X. Y., about 1790; was 
judge of county court, and died in Saratoga Springs, April 29, 1S23. Mrs. 
Mary Andrews died in Albany, X. Y., ai the residence of her son Truman 
Andrews, May 12, 1832. 

Seventh Generation, Henry W. .InJren'S, born Octol>cr 16, 1792, married 
Mary Coiter, He was for several years a merchant in Augusta, Georgia, 
He died suddenly at Saratoga, March ro, 1S32. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
6592. Henrv^P. Andrews, born April iS, 1S22. married Maria L. Adams.^ • ' 

Mt8. Mar>' Andrews married (second husband j October 16, 1S26, Peter 
Vail Wiji^/rins. 

[John Wiggins, born in England , 1641, came to New England, an 

early settler in Rhode Island, whence he removed to Southold, L. I., where 
he married Hannah Ryder, daughter of Thomas Rydkr, of Southold, from 

Second Generation, fames Wii^j^ins, born , 1672, married , 169S, 

Anais ConeJttin, daughter of Jekicmiah Concklin, of Southold, from 
England, who married Mary Gardiner. 

(Lion Gakdinkr, a native of Scotland, served in the Netherlands ; an 
officer of Engineer under Sir Thomas Fairfax. He married Mary II iltemsen, 
daughter oi Direfc Willetusen, a burgoma.^ter of W'crlen, near Duiieldor, on 
the Rhine. Gardiner came to New England, wiih wile and ser\*aots in a 
** small Norscy bwinjuc," called the '* iJachiler," of twenty-live tons, sent by 
lords Say-and-Selc and Drookc. 

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To quote bis own i^onls, ** I, Lion Ganlincr, Engineer and master of 

* Ibrtlficatious, in the k\;crs of the Prince of Orange, in the Low countries, 

* through the persuasion of Mr. John Davenport and others, in 1635, made 
"•tt engagement for fioo per annum, to serve the coinj^any of the patentees, 
••tIjL, the lords Say-and-.Scle, Sir Richard Sallonstall, Col. Gcorj^e I'enwick 
*^iiml others. L^vas to serve only in the drawing, ordering and making of 
•••cily, towns, or forts of defence. And so I came from Holland to Lon- 
••doD, * # ♦ • thence landing in Boston, Mass., the end of November." 
(Kovcnil>er 2S, 1635.) 

In 1637 he was in command of the fort at Saybrook, Conn. He acquired 
•^AtMnthe Indians the island known as "Gardiner's Inland." He died 1663. 

Tkird Ccncraiion^ Capt. John U'i^^his, bom , 1700, married , 

Ut^ry Corey, 

(John Corev came from England to Southold, Conn. 

«, Second Generation^ Abraham Cony, bom , married , Margaret^ 

daughter of Gkoifukv CiiuiiTOPiir.RS, who was bom at Torbay, on the 
coast of Devonshire, Knglaml, who came with wife MAr<;;an'l, to Larbadoes, 
•nd thence in 1667, to New London, Conn., whence be removed in 1676, to 
Southold, Long Island. 

Third Generation, Mary Corey, bora , married Capt. John Wiggins. 

She died July 3, 1749. He died December iS, 1767. 

Fourth Generation, Dai id \\'ig,^ins, born , 1723, married February 

j^ 1744, Ruth Terry, a de.scendant of Thomas Tkrrv, who came from Eng- 
land, in the ship "James," to Southold, L. I., 1635. He lived "at the 

bridge at the west end of the town." He died , 1672. His wife Marie, 

died January 14, 1659. 

Fifth Generation, Daiid Wiggins, bom , 1751, married December 

^t I777» ^^ory I'ai//, bom Xovember 21, 1754, daughter of reter raiit, 
whose wife Martha, was daughter of Thotnas Teny, 

(Samitei, Terry, born April, 1632, at Barnet-chipping, Herefordshire, 
England, came to Springfield, Mass., 1650. He married January 3, 1660, 
Anna Lobdelt, sister of Simon Lobdell, from ICngland. 

Second Generation, Samuel Terry, born July 8, i66r, married May 17, 
l^2t Hannah Morgan, bom Febmary xi, 1656, daughter of iIiLi-:s MoR- 
CAX, of Springfield, Mass., from England, whose wife was Prudence Gilbert, 
daughter of John Gilbert and wife Winifred, of Taunton, Mass., from 

Third Generation, Thomas Terry, born , 16S0, married . 

Fourth Generation, Martha Terry, bom about 1725, married • 

-, Petef 

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(jKKfiMiAU Vaiix came from Kngland to Saleiii, Mass., about 1640. 
Hf removed to Rhode Island, and tbtncc to Souihold, I.oi:g Island. 

Si'tond Generation^ Jcnmiah I'aill^ born December 30, 1649, married 

Third Generation^ Jeremiah Vaill^ born , 1672, married , 169S, 

., £ii:adeth Youngs^ daughter of Joseph Youngs aod wife Margaret. lie 
vaiMu of Rev. John Youngs. (See X. B. Porter, 257.) 

Fourth Generation, Peter i'ai/t, boru March 22, 1722, married J/a/7/:a 
• TJr/r/. 

F(/th Generation, Mary I'aiil^ boru November 21, 1755, married Deccm- 
Itf »6, I777» ^a'-'id li iggins. 

Sixth Generation, Peter I'aill Wiggins, bom June 23, 1793, married 
)l^r)'^orieryiA\Q\\ii&Q^mtxQ\xziiii and banker at Saratoga Springs, where 
kc died May 2^, 1&62. ^Irs. ^lary Wiggins died at the residence of her son 
f. P. Wiggins, Ausable Grove, 111., August 16, 1S59. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
|V;>. Martha V. Wiggins, boru October S, 1S27, married Cruger Walton. 
fcy>4. i^igu^a P. Wiggins, horn Oct. 29, 1S29, unmarried in Saratoga Sp*gs. 
4'iOV Mary E. Wiggins, boru June 19, iSjr, died October 6, 1S53. 
VivS, Ellen M. Wiggins, born Angusl 22, 1S33, died September 12, 1S34. 
Wl>7. Peter P. Wiggins, born May S, 1S35, married S. E. Burhans. -i~ :j \^u 
WW. Frederick B. Wiggins, born April 27, 1S3S, died August 13, 1S38. 
4VJ0. William F. Wiggins, 
5C)0. John Wiggins, 
WOl. John P. Wiggins, born May 6, 18^5, died August 16, 1S45. 

s, f, ^ ) died Jauuary 21, 1S42. 

\ bom Aug. 5, 1841. .^ ,. , t ' \, 

( o J. ^ . ^ ^^^^ September 19, 1S41. 

[3304.] Abi'si^ail Porter StodJard, daughter oi Luikcr Stod- 
derd £Liid Abigail Porter, (220S) married Nov. 4, 1803, IVilliajn 
Morgan Burrali. 

[William Elk rall came from F.ngland about 1715. He married M'iry\ 
daughter of y(;/:(7f /fVj/t;:*'/-, of Simsbury, Conn. 

Second Generation, Col. Charles Dnrrall, born March 4, 1720, married 
Abigail Kellogg. 

(JOSHPH Kkllogc came from England to Farmington, Conn., 165 1 ; 
Ifsdley, Mass., 1661-62; lieutenant iu the '* Falls fight,*' 1676; he led the 
men of Iladley. He marric»l May 9, 1667, Abi'^ail Teny, born Septenibor 
II, 1646, daughter of Stki'UKN Tiukv, froui Kngland, who removed to 
Windsor, Conn., 1635, and was one of iV.c first troop of horse in the country. 
lie died 1707. 

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Second Ccttcf'iUion, Stephen Keiloj^^^, boru April 9, 166S, married May S, 
1695. Lydia AA//;/^. 

(Richard Bi:i,dinc. came from Kngland to WcatliersficUl, Coun., 1640. 

Siwond Ccncfation, John VeUiftj^-^ born in Knglaiul, married — , Died 
in Norwalk, Conn., 1677, aged forty-six. 

T/iitd CcftcraiioH, Lydia LcUiino^^ born , 1675, married ^lay S, 1695, 

Stephen K'ctloj^j;^. lie died June 5, 1722. 

Third Generation, Stephen /xetto^j^^ born February 3, 1696, married June 
18, I734i ^/ary Coohe. 

(A^VRON CooKK came from England to Windsor, Conn., 1636, married 
Joanna /'ord, daughter of Thomas I'oku, from England. He was a major, 
and died September 5, 1690, aged eighty years. 

Second Ceficraiicn, ^iaron Cool'C, born rcbruary 21, 1641, married May 
30, 1661, Sarah U'esfuortd, daughter of Wh.liam Westwood, from Eng- 
land. Captain Aaron Cooke died , 1716. 

Third Generation, Moses Cooke^ boru May 5, 1675, married July 4, 169S, 
Jilary Darnard, 

(Francis Barnard came from England to Hartford, Conn., , 1644, 

married , 1677, Hannah Marvin ^ daughter of Matthew Marvin, of 

Hartford, Conn. He died 169S. 

Second Generation, Samuel Barnard, bom , 1654, married Novem- 
ber 5, 167S, Mary Cotton, bom September 22, 1649, daughter of George 
COLTON, of Springfield, Mass., from England. She died March — , 1709. 
He died October 17, 1728. 

Third Generation, Mary Barnard, boru August xi, 16S1, married Moses 
Cooke, He died March, 175S. She died 1753. 

Fonrth Generation, Mary Cooke, born March 20, 1700, married Step tic n 
Kellogg, He died December ii, 173S. She died September 21, 1775. 

Fourth Generation, Abigail Kellogg, born , married Col. Charles 

Bttrrall, He was appointed August — , 1776, to the command of a regiment 
ill the brigade of General James Wadsworth ; served in New Jersey, Long 
Island, Ticouderoga, Crown Point, Sanitoga, &c. 

Third Generation, William Burrall, boru July 18, 1749, married, 1774, 
Elizabeth Morgan, 

(JA^IES Morgan, bora in Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales , 1607, 

came to New Enj^laud, 1636, and married August 6, 1640, Margery Hilt, 
sister of J05ei>h Hill from England. 

Second Generation, John Morgan, born ^farch 3, 1645, in Koxbury, 
Mass., married Eli:abtih Jones, born August iS, 166 1, daughter of Wh.i.iam 
Jones, who came from Eirgland, 1660, who married in London, England, 

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Ihunah Enton^ daughter of TnKOPiiir^is Hatox, who was bcru at Stony- 
Stralford, county Ducks, Knglaucl, whose wife was Anna Motion^ daughter 
of TiiOM.vs MORTox, bisliop of Chester. Thcophilus Eatou came to New 
Kngtand, 1637; New Have u, 1639; governor to his death, Jauuary 7, 165S, 
•gc«l sixty -seven years. 

nird Generation^ Thcophilus Morj^an, boru May 16, 1703, inarrieJ , 

1729, J^iizabeih Sherman, 

(Pelkg SiibRM.\n cauie from Kngland to Ponsmouth, R. I., married 
July 25, 1657, Elizabeth Lazcton, daughter of Thomas Lawtox, of Provi- 
dence, from England. 

Second Generation^ William Sherman^ born October 3, 1659, married 
May 12, i63i, Martha U'ilbor^ daughter of irHliam ll'ilbor, who was son 
of Samukl WitBOR and wife Anne, from Doucaster, Yorkshire, England to 
Rhode Island, 1637. 

Third Generation^ Elizabeth Sherman, born , married Theophilus 

Morgan. He was a merchant in Berlin, Coiin., and died Nov. 22, 1766. 

Fourth Generation ^ Thcophilus Morgan, bom January 26, 1732, married 
December 7, 1752, Rebecca Shipman. Residence, Killingworih, Conn. He 
died February 17, 17&8. 

Fifth Generation, Elizabeth Morgan, born March 2S, 1755, married 
October — , 1774, William BurralL 

Fourth Generation^ William Morgm Burrall, boru August — , 1779, 
married Abigail Porter Stoddard. He died November 21, 1S56. She died 
March 25, 1S13. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6(102. Elizabeth Burrall, born Dec. 22, 1804, married Edmond S. Belden. 
5G03. William P. Burrall, born Sept. iS, 1S06, married Harriett Holley. U921.) 
6G04. Edward Burrall, bom June 11, 1S09, died January 22, 1S14. 
5005. Abigail S. Burrall, boru April 22, iSii, died March 25, 18x3. 

[3307.] IViliiam Angusius Bird, son of John Bird and 
Eunice Porter^ (2209) married December 23, 1S20, Joanna Davis, 
born July 12, 1S02, daughter of Col. IVio/nas Da vis, ot Troy, N. Y., 
and Grace Noble, born June 24, 17S0, daughter o{ Abel Noble and 
wife Anne, of Belleville, Orange county, N. Y. Thomas Davis, 
born March 4, 1772, was son of WilHam Davis and wife Joanna, 
of Philadelphia. Pa. He died April 21, 1823. Mrs. Grace Davis 
died November 29, 1813. W. A. Bird resided in Buffalo, N. Y. 
He was secretary and one of the surveyors of the comnussion to 

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establish the boimdarici? between the United Stales and the British 
possessions, of which commission his uncle, Genl. Peter B. Porter 
was a member. W. A. Bird was a banker, &c., in Erie county, 
wln'ch lie fiequently represented in the legislature. He died 
August 19, 1S7S. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
hGOi\ John Harmon Dird. bom September 3, 182 1, married Frances Blaiiey. 
6ti07. Maria Davis Bird, boru November 12, 1823, married T. M. Foote, and 

died June 28, 1S76. 
ftCOS. Grace Kiinice Bird, born June 13, 1S27, unmarried iu Buffalo. 
^ 60CJ9. William A. Bird, born February 11, 1S30, married Mary M. Miller. 

[33D9i] Augusius Seymour Porter, son oi Augustus Porter 
(2210) and Lavinia Steele ; graduate of Union College, iSiS. He 
married July 25, 1S22, Sarah A. Mansjield, who died Maj- 27, 
1824. He maiTied (second wife) September 24, 1S32, Sarah G. 
. Barnard, (55S9.) He was a lawyer and resided in Detroit, Mich.; 
mayor and United States senator, 1S39 to 1S45. He died at 
Niagara Falls, X. Y., September 18, 1S72. Mrs. Sarah G. Porter 
died at Newport, Isle of Wight, April 30, 18S5. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5610. Samuel M. Porter, born February 11, 1S24, died iu youth. 
5CU. Jane A. Porter, born July 7, 1833. 
6012. Sarah F. Porter, born November 17, 1836, tuarried S. K. Burrall. 

[331D.] A tbert Hoiuell Porter, son o{ Augustus Porter {2216) 
9A\i. Jane Ifoicett ; graduate of Union College, 1820. He married 
October 14, 1S29, Julia Mathezcs. 

[PkTKR Matiikws came from England with Col. Benjamiu Fletcher, 
governor of New York, 1691 to 169S, who wss probably his uncle. Mathews 
was a captaiu in the colonial force, and died 17 19. 

Second Ceftcfatiofi, fincent Mathcivs, born 169S, married iu New York, 
Catalina A heel, 

(Cristoi'KI. J.vnsk AiiKKi*, with wife Neeltjie Croon, came from Hollaud, 
to New Amsterdam; removed to Deverwyck, (Albany) and died 16S3. 

Second Generation, Johannrs Abeel, born in Holland, married .\pril 10, 
1694, Catalina Sehitxler, daughter of l>.\vin rn;Tt;i<si: Scm:Yi,i-R, from 
Holland to Albany, who uiariicd Oclubcr 13, 1657, Cuidlyn I'crplanck, 
daughter of Akram Isaacsk Vkki»i.anck, of Albany, from Anistcnlam, 

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Holland, who married .Vurut I'tgue, dauglitcr of Gixeyn Vigxe aad 
AH€M{jt* Cuz'HJL\ Abecl was mayor of Albany, 1694, 5:c., and died January 
9%, 17 n- 

Third Catcration, Catalina Abccl^ boru October 23. 169S, in New York 
cUy, married lliianl Mathtzcs. He died , 17S4. 

Third Generation^ James Mathexcs, born , 1736, married Februarj- 

18, 1762, Hannah Siron^, boru October 17, 1742, daughter of Sj!.:h Slronjjr 
gnd J/annah Wood h nil ^ daughter of Xdi/uintcl U'j.\/hn/i, of Krookhaven, 
Long Island, and wife Sarah Smiih^ daughter oi Kichafd Smith, of Smith- 
Iowa, Long Island, and wife Temperance Ford/, 

• (Rev. Robert Fordham, from Hnglaud, with wife Elizabeth, to South- 
ampton, Long Island, about 1640. He died ScpicmLcr, 1674. 

Seeond Cenera/ion, Rev. Jonah Fordham^ born in England ; graduate of 

Harvard College; minister at Hempstead, J.oug Island, married . He 

died , 1696. 

Third Generaiion, Temperance Ford ha m^ born , married /diehard 

Smith, of Smithtown, Long Island. 

Fourth Generation, I 'in cent Mathexi'S^ born June 29, 1766, married 
August If, 1791, Juliana Strong, 

(Elder John Strong, from England. 

Second Generation, Thomas Strong, married Abigail Ford, 

Third Generation, Selah Strong, born December 23, i6So, married , 

Abigail Terry, 

Fourth Generation, Selah Strong, bom February 23, 1713, married — , 
Hannah Wood hull. 

Fifth Generation, Xathaniel Strong, boru November iS, 1737, married 
^fuy Urewster, 

(Elder William Brewster came from England in ship '* Mayflower." 

Seeond Generation, Jonathan Brewster, born in England, came in the 
ship «* Fortune," to Plymouth, Mass., June, 1621. He was in command of 
the trading post on the Connecticut river, 1636 ; removed to Duxbury, ^la&s. 
He married in England, Lucretia , and died 1659. 

Third Generation, Rev. Xathaniel Brewster, boru ; graduate of 

Harvard College, 1642 ; minister at Brookhaven, Long Island, 1665, married 
Sarah Ludlow, daughter of Roger Ludlow, who came from England to 
Dorchester, Mass., 1630; deputy-governor and renioAed to Windsor, Conn., 
1635. His wife was Mary Endicott, sister of John Enoicott, governor of 
Mass., from England. 

Fourth Generation, John Brewster, boru 1664, married . Residence, 

Blooming Grove, N. Y. 

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Fifth Generation, Amy Breu*ster, born , uiarried -, Xat/tanicl 

Sth>nj^, He was nn officer in war of Revolution, and was killed by a gang 
of lories at his residence, I>loouiinij Grove, Xovenil)er 6, 177S. 

Sixth Generation^ Juliana Strong, born , uiarried Gen. Vincent 

Maiheivs, He studied law with Robert Troup, admitted lo the bar 1790; 
removed to Elmira, N. Y.; member of legislature, 1793-91; state senator, 
frODi 1796 to 1799; member of Congress, 1S09 to iSii. Died in Rochester, 
N. Y., August 23. 1S46. Mrs. Juliana Mathews died , 1S49. 

Seventh Genet at ion, Julia Maiheios, bom , 1S07, married Albert IL 

Jin-ter, Residence, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
M13. Vincent ^r. Porter, boru August 25, 1S31, died 3klay 30. 1S3S. 
6014. Julia M. Porter, born ^la}' 23, 1S35, married J. H. Osborne. 
6010. Albert A. Porter, boru May 4, 1S37, married Julia E. Jeffrey. 
5016. Vincent M. Porter, boru July 14, iS|i, unmarried, in Niagara Falls. 
5G17. Jane II. Porter, born March 6, 1S44, married Arthur Robiusou. 

[3914i] /tiftc S. Porter, daughter o£ Atf^Kstus Porter (2210) 
^xA Jane Hoicell, married Sept. 26, 1S37, Daniel J. Toxcmsend, 

[HiiNRV TowNSfvND camc from England to Warwick, R. I., 163S. He 
married An9ta Cole, daughter of Robkrt Cole, who came from England 
with W'inthrop, and settled at Providence, R. I. Henry Towusend removed 
to Oyster Bay, L. I. 

Second Generation, Henry Townsend^ born , married , Det>orah 

Vnderhill, daughter oi John Underhitl, son of John Undi:riiill, who i^ith 
wife Helena, cauie from England with Winthrop in 1630. Captain John 
Uttdcrhill had served in the English army under the Prince of Oraujge in the 
Netherlands. He was a deputy in the first general court of Massachusetts ; 

captaiu in the Pequot war, removed lo Oyster Bay, and died , 1671-72. 

Henry Townscnd died about 1700. 

Third Generation, Henry Towusend, bom about 1660, married Elizatfeth 

(Thomas Wright came from England to Weathersfield, Conn. Died 
April — , 1670. 

Second Generation, Joseph Wright, boru in England, married December 
10, 1663, Mary . 

Thifd Generation, Elizabeth Upright, bom November iS, 1667, married 
Henry Town send. 

Fourth Generation, Henry Towusend, born about 1690, married , 

Elizabeth Titus, daughter oi Samuel Titus, of Long Island. 

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1-1 Fi/fh Ctneration^ PcU-r Tozcnsittd^ born January i, 1736, married Feb- 

ruary 14, 1760, J Ian Hah Ifaukhurst, 

Sixth Generation ^ Isaac Toivnsend^ born November 20, 1772, married 
SiicaMh Jackson. 

Seirnth Generation^ Daniel J. Townscnd^ born October 17, iSio, mar- 
ried Jane S, Porter. Residence, Niagara I'alls, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6G18. Augusta P. Townseud, born July 13, 1S3S, died May S, 1S40. 
WIO. Klizabeth J. Towuseud, born March 14, 1840. 

WJU. Jane H. Townsend, born February 14, 1S44, married E. S. Wheeler. 
U\2\. Lnvinia P. Townsend, born January 17, 1S49, married h. \V. Pettibone. 

[3316.] Peter Ai^gusius Porter, son of Gen. Peter B. Porter 
(2211) and Lcctitia Braickhiridgc ; graduate of Har\'ard College, 
1845, and at Heidelberg and Breslau, Germany, 1849. He mar- 
ried March 30, 1852, Mary Cabcil Preston Breckinridge^ daugh- 
ter of Rev. John Breckinridge and .Margaret Mifler, He was 
sou oi John Breckinridge and iUary II, Cabell. (See 221 1.) 
Margaret Miller was daughter of Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D., of 
Princeton, N. J., who married October, iSoi, Sarah Sargeant, 

[Jonathan Sarceant came from England to New Haven, Conn., 1644 ; 
Branford, Conn., 164S. Died December 12, 1651. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Sargeant, born about 1665, removed to 
Newark, N. J. He married Hannah Nntman, daughter of James Nutmax, 
from Edingburg, Scotland, to Newark, N. J. 

Third* Generation^ Jonathan Sar^cant, born 1700, married , 1736, 

Abiga it Dick in son . 

(Nathaniei, Dickinson came from England to Weatbersfield, Conn., 
1637 ; representative, 1646 to 1656. 

Second Generation, Hcztkiah Dickinson, born 1645-46, married Decem- 
ber 4, 1679, Abigail Blakcman. 

(Rev. Adam Blakkman came from Si a fiord shire, England; graduate of 
Christ's College, Oxford, 1617 ; came to New Haven, Conn., 1637-3S. In 
1640, ordained first minister at Stratford, Conn. He died September 7, 1665. 
His wife Jar.e died June, 1673. 

Second Gencnitiot:, S<iutiu't L*takeman, born in England, married Novem- 
ber, 1660,*cth U'hccter, born August i, 1642, daujjhier of Moses 
W'liiiici.KR, of Stratford, from England. 

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Third Cemralion^ Abigail lila^cman^ born November ii, 1663, married 
Ikzi'kiah Dickinson. 

Third* Generation^ Rev. Jonathan Dickinson, boru April 22, 16SS; 
graduate of Vale College, 1706 ; rcnjoved to Klizabeih, X. J. 1-irst president 
of rriiiceton College. He married March, 1709, /t?.? ////•! Meiycn. 

(CORNHUS MiiLVKX came from Antwerp, 11 oil., 1602, to New .\mstcr- 
datii, 1639, with wife Jannekcn, settled on Siatcn Islaiid, 164 1 ; removed to 
New Haven, Conn., and died in New York city, 1674. 

Second Generation, Jacob Meiycn, boru in Antwerp, 1640, married , 

1662, Hannah Ilitbbard, d.uighter of Gkokgk HuniiARD, of New Haven, 
Conn., from England, 1636. Jacob Melyen rcmove.l to Elizabeth, N. J., 
1665, and died December, 1706. Mrs. Hannah Melyen died 1717. 

Third Generation, Joanna Melyen, born 16S3, married Rev. Jonathan 
Dickinson, Her sister Abig^ail was wife of Chief Justice Samuel Sewall. 

Fourth Generation, Abigait Dickinson, born , married , 1736, 

Jonathan Sa recant. 

Fijth Generation, Jonathan D. Sarij^eant, born 1746, married Margaret 

(Jared Spkncer came from England to Cambridge, Mass.; removed to 
Iladdam, Couu. 

Second Generation, Samnel Spencer, born , married, 1673, Hannah 

Willcy, born March 6, 1642, daughter of l3.\.\c Wii.LKV, of New London, 
Conn., from England. 

Third Generation, Isaac Spencer, boru Januar>' 8, 1678, married October 
a, 1707, Mary Selden, daughter oi Joseph Seldcn, of Hadley, ^laps., who 

married , 1677, Rebecca Church, daughter of Iidzcard Church, son of 

RlCii.\Rn Church, of Hartford, Conn., from England. 

Fourth Generation, Etihii Spencer, D. D., born February 12, 172 1, mar- 
ried October 15, i'iy>, Joanna Eatton, born , 1731, daughter oi John 

EatiOHt of Shrewsbnrj', N. J. Doctor Spencer was minister in Elizabeth, 
New Jersey, 17.19 ^o 1756, and died December 27, 17S4. 

Fifth Generation, Margaret Spencer, born , married Jonathan D, 

Sergeant. He graduated at Princeton College, 1762 ; lawyer, member of 
Congress, attorn ey>gencral of Pennsylvania, died in Philadelphia. 1793. 

Sixth Generation, Sarah Sergeant, boni 1778. married Rev. Sam net 

Seventh Generation, Margaret Miller, born , married Rev. John 


Eighth Generation, Mary C. P. iJnMf/vm'^r, horn , married Peter 

A, Porter, She died August 4, 1S54. He married (second wife) in New 

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York city, Novemlier 9, 1S59, Joscpftine Jf. Morn's, born July 31, 1832, 
daughter of Ctofxe Mon is, of Cliarle^ion, S. C. Col. 1*. A. Porlcr rccruiuil 
llic first regitiient of Heavy ArliUcry, X. Y. Vols., and was killed >\bilc 
leading bis cotiiniaud against the Confederate works at Cold Harbor, June 
J, 1864, "pierced by five balls from the cueniy*s sharpshooters." 

Their children \Yero [being of the eighth generation :] 
W-'i. Peter A. Porter, born October 10, ii^53, married Alice A. Taylor. 
|4>23. Lo^titia K. Porter, born February 16, 1S61, died October 17, 1S64. 
5G2-I. George M. Porter, born July 7, 1S63. 

[3 SIB.] John Milton Nolle y, son of /<?//;/ M. Holley and Sally 
Porter^ (2212;) graduate of Vale College, 1S22 ; removed to Lyons, 
Wayne county, N. Y. He studied law with Gen. Joseph Kirk- 
land of Utica, X. Y., whose daughter he married. 

[Nathanii-i. KIRKLAND^^nU>--l^S^e'i^f>•«^r/Z«f, came from Olney, county 
Bucks, England, in the ship *' Hopewell," to Lynn, ^lass., 1635. lie died 
December, 16S6. 

Second Geueraiion, John Kirklaud^ bom August, 1659, lived in Say- 
brook, Conn. He married November iS, 1679, Lydia Pratt, bom January 
I, 1660, daughter of William Pkatt, of Hartford, Conn., from England. 
John Kirklaud died January 20, 17 16. 

Third Generation, Daniel Kirkiand, bom June 17, 1701, married , 

1757-38, Lydia Perkins, 

(John Perkins, witli wife Judith, came from Newent, Gloucestershire, 
England, in the ship " Liou," to Ipswich, Mass., 1631. He died May 19, 1668. 

Second Generation, Jacob Perkins, born in England, married , 1648, 

Elisabeth — — , ^\ ho died in Ipswich, Mass., February 12, 16S6. He died 
January 29. 1701, aged seventy-six. 

Third Gene ratio ft, Jabez Perk in Sy born , 1669, married June 30, 169S, 

Hannah Lothrop, 

(Rev. John L.kthrop, (or Lothrop) from England to Scituate, Mass., 
1634 ; Barnstable, Mass., 1639. Died November S, 1653. 

Second Generation, Samuel Lathrop, born in England, married Novem- 
ber 28, 1644, Elizabeth Scudder^ sister of Rev. John Scudder of Barnstable, 
from England. Samuel Lathrop removed to New London, Conn., and died 
February 19, 1701. 

Third Generation, Hannah Lathrop^ bom , married Jabez Perkins. 

She died , 1712. He died , 1742. 

Fourth Generation ^ Lydia Perkins, born , 17 10, married Rev. Daniel 


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Fifth GcNcralioitt Joseph k'irklKiuJ, horn March iS, 1744, iii.irncil . 

Sixth Gcnn\itioUt Ji\u/*/t A'if/r/iirJ, bom , 1770, iiiarricil , I7i;5, 

Stirah Backus. Resilience, I'lica, N. Y., of which city he was first mayor. 

St'zrf/th Cciicnitioftf Marv A'ir/:/<if:J^ born , 1604. married Jo/: ft M, 

IiolU'}\ He was a member of conj-rc^s fiom the 27th <Uiirici of New York, 
Aiul died in Jacksonville, I'la., March S, 1S4S. 

Their chiklrcu were [being of the eighth generalioii ;] 
W'Jo. Henr>- K. Xolley, born March 16, lii^S, died July S, 1S54. 
6C2G. Sarah HoUey, horn January 30, 1S30, died March 6, 1S53. 
6027. Harriett L, Holley, born November 2S. 1S31, married John T. Clark. 
602S. John M. Holley, born March jS. ib;5, died June i, 1S36. 
5(>:^>. Sarah Holley, born November 30, 1S37, died December 3, 1S40. 
6030. Mary H. Holley, boni October 17, 1S40, died April 29. 1S50. 
b^t\, Julia K. Holley, born .\ugust 27, 1S42, married C. H. Roys. 

6032. John M. Holley, born June 12, 1S45, married Orilla .\. King. 

[3313.] Aicxii/zdcf Jf, Hullcy, son oi John M. Holley and 
Sally Porter, (2212) married October 4, 1S31, Jane M. LymaUy 
born February 7, 1S08, sister of J/oses Lyman, who married 
J/. W. //alley, (3924.) She died September iS, 1S32. He mar- 
ried (second wife) September 10. 1S35, .Varcia Cojjing, daughter 
oi John C CoJJing, of Salisbury, Conn. She died March ii, 1S54. 
He married (third wife) November ii» 1S56, Sarah C Day, 
daughter of Thomas Day, of Hartford, Conn. A. H. Holley was 
goveruor of Connecticut 1S54 to 1S57, and died in Lakeville, 
Conn.. October 3, 18S7. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6033. Alexander L. Holley, born July 20, 1S32, married Mar>* H. Sladc. 

* * * John M. Holley, died in infancy. 

* * * William R. Holley, died in infancy. 

5C34. John C. Ifollcy, born December 20, 1S37, married Lucinda Sterling. 

* * • George W. Holley, born July 29, 1S39, died November i, 1S46. 
6635. Maria C. Holley, born July 26, 1S42, married \V. B. Rudd. 

[3321.] //arriett Holley, daughter of/ .1/. Holley and Sally 
Porter, (2212) married \V, P, Durrall, C5603) which see. 

[3322.] George W. //alley, son ol John .1/. //alley and Sally 
Porter, (2212) married Aug. 23, 1833, Cat aline E. Chureh, (4227.) 

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He was a mcinber of New York legislature, &c. Residence, 
Niagara Falls, N. Y. Mrs. Caroline K. Holley died May 30. 1S84. 

Their children were [being of the eii;hlh generation :] 
• • • Porter Holley, boru May 2, 1844, died August 17, 1S44. 
Mil Porter Holley, born August S, 1S45, died -^P^il 14, 1S46. 
6C37. Kdith Holley, boru April 17, 1S47, died Tcbiuary 4, 1S59. 
W38. Klizabeth P. Holley boru June 3, l^49. married Ining P. Churcli, 

[3323.] Sa//j' Porta- IloUcy, daughter oi John J/. Holley 
ond Sally Porter, (2212) married May 9, 1S31, Samuel S, Robbins, 

(John Robi*xns, from England to \Vcathcr<lk'ld. Couu., died iGS'D. 

Second Generaiion^ John Robbitts, boru April 29, 1649, married Mary — . 

Third CeneriXiion, Sximucl Robbhis, boru 16S0, married . 

Fourth Generation, Sanind Robbins, born 1719, married Esther U'elles, 

(Thomas V\', from Kngland 10 Hartford, Couu., 1630; governor. 

Second Generation, John U'elies, boru iu Kugtaud, married Elizabeth 

nird Generation, Robert Welles, born , 163 1, married June 9, 1675, 

Elizabeth Goodrich, born , 1653, daughter of William Goodrich, 

from England, who married October 4, 164S, Sarah Ji/arzyn, daughter of 
Matthew Marvyx, from Kngland to Hartford, Conn. 

Fourth Generation, Joseph U'ettes, bom September i, 16S0, married 
January 6, 1 70S, Hannah Robbins, 

(John* Robbins, from England, before named. 

Second Generation, Joshua Robbins, bom , 1651, married December 

34, 16S0, Elizabeth . 

Third Generation, Ilaunah Robbins, born June 10, 16SS, married — — , 
Joseph irelles. 

Fijth Generation, Esther Welles, bom May i, 17 16, married Samuel 

FiJth Generation, Samuel Robbins, born 1748, married Salome Lee, 

(John Lek came from England to Hartford, Conn., 1636, he married, 
1658, Mary Hart, bora , 163S, daughter of Stephen Hart, from Eng- 
land to Cambridge, Mass., , 1632. He was a deacon iu Rev. Thomas 

Hooker's church, and with him removed to Hartford, 1636, and thence to 
Farmington, Conn. John died August S, 1690. 

Second Generation, David Lee, hern , 1674, married September 5, 

>^5i Lydia Sironj^, b<jm Noxxm^wr 9, 1675, daughter oi JcdeJi.ih Strong, 

Removed to Lebanon, Couu., and died , 1759. She died Iu Coventry, 

July 16, 1718. 

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'fhirJ Ccncraiiotit Jof:ji*:aii La.', bum July n, 1713 ; Vale Collc;^^e, 1742 ; 
minister at S.1li^b»^y, Conn, lie niarriocl Oct. 3, i;.)!, /:/7:-i?/>; /// MtUwIf. 

(MlCliAKL Mi.TCAl.1', born in Taucrfonl, county Xorlolk, I)nglanil, 15S6, 
f*iiicwilli \vifc6j/i//f and cliiMren, Ironi Ipswich, ICnv^land to r>osion, Mass., 
1637; scltlcil at Dcdhani, M:i>i;. He died Auj^iust 13, 1645. 

Second Gcui'nUiou, M:i/u:cl JA\V<///", born in Kni^land, Auj^'ust 30, 1620, 
married April 2, 1644, MKir\ Jairb.uiks, daughter cf John Fairuanks, ot 
Ikdhaui, Mass., from Kngland. 

'fftirii Gcticraiion, Joniiiiuin Mt'(Cii!j\ bom September 21, 1650, married 
April 10, 1674, Anna k'cnrick^ daughter of John Kmxrick, of Dorchester, 
Mass., from Kn^laud. 

Fourih Gt'iu^raiioH, JuSt/t/t Mctcalf, born April 11, i632 ; Yale College, 
1703; minister at rahnouth, Mass.; married Alice Adams. 

(\Vn,MAM Adams came from Kngland to Cambritlgc, Mass., 1634-35. 
Died . 1661. 

Second Cent ration^ William A Jams, born May 27, 1650; Harvard Col- 
lege, 167 1 ; married March 29, i63o, Alice Dradjord, 

(WiU.lAM Hkvdioud, born 15^,0, in Austcrfield, Yorkshire, Kngland, 
came to Plymouth, Ma^s.. in the ship "Mayflower," in 1620. with his wife 
Alice, He was governor from 162 1 until his death May 9, 1657. She died 
March 26, 1670, aged seventy -nine. 

Second Generalion, William Bradford, born in Kngland June 17, 1624; 

Wft9 reprcsentalive, is:c.; deputy-governor. He married , 1652, Alice 

RickanU^ daughter of Thomas Richards, of Weymouth, Mass., from Eng- 
land. She died December li, 167 1. He died December 8, 1736. 

Third Generalion, Alice DraJ/ord^ born , married William Adams. 

He died August 17, 16S6. Mrs. Alice Adams married (second husband) 
James Filch of Norwich, Conu. 

Third Gaieralion, Alice Adams, born April 3, 16S2, married Joseph 

Fifth Generation, FJizabeth Metcalf, born about 17 18, married Rev. 
Jonathan !.ee. He died in Salisbury, Conn., S, 17SS. 

Sixth Generation, Salome Lee, born 1754, mnrried Samuel Jio^'bins. 

Seventh Generation, Sam net A*obbins, born 1774, married Lucy Beebe. 

Eighth Generation, Samuel S. /bobbins, born June 2, 1S04, married 5a//y 
P. Ilolley, Residence, Canaan, Conn. 

Their children were [heing of the eiijhth generation :] 
5*530. Samuel Uobbins, boni December 25, 1832, died November 26, 1S35. 
5tVlO. SMly H. Robbins, born Marvh 13, 1834, died December 3. 1835. 
5C41. Mary A. Robbiiis, born June 2S, 1S35, married A. W. Church. 

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|ft|^. Samuel Robbiiis, born March 25, iSj;;, dio«l September S, 1S55. 
. i$'»iX Milioit 11. Uobbins, born Scplcinl'or 2, 1S39, inarricJ A. K. Bostwick. 
>#M. I-ucy M. Robbins, born April 7, 1S4S. 
»I5. SaniU h. Robbius, boru June 11, 1S54. 

[3324.] jVarj^ Anue Holk\\ dau-htcr o^ John M, Hollcyzwd 
Sally Porter^ (2212) inarrio<l May 6, 1S34, -'/^'^v^ Lyman, 

[Richard Lymax, froui England. (Sec 3919.) 

Second Generation, John Lyman, (see 3919.) 

Third Generation, Moses Lyman, (sec 3919.) 

Fourth Generation, Moses Lyman, boru February 27, 16S9, married 
December 13, 17 12, Mindneii Shctdon. 

(Isaac Su£i«don came from England to Windsor, Conn., 1640, married 
1653, Mary Woodjord, daughter of Thomas \Vooi»roRD, from Euglaud. ■ 
(See AugusU Porter, 3S99.) 

Second Generation, Isaac Sheldon, bom September 4, 1656, married 
November 25, 1685, Sarah Warner, 

[Andrew Warner came from England to Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; 
Hartford, Conn., 1639; Hadley, Mass, Died December x8, 16S4. Mrs. 
Esther Waruer died , 1692. 

Second Generation, Daniel Warner, bom , married , 1662, 

Mary , who died September 19, 1672. He died April 30, 1692. 

Thiixl Generation, Si rah Warner, bom 1666, married Isaac Sheldon. 
He died March 29, 1712. 

Third Generation, Mindu'cll She/don, born March 23, 1693, married 
Moses Lyman, 

Fifth Generation, Moses Lyman, born October 3, 17 13, married March 
S4, 1742, Sarah Hayden. 

(William Hayden came from England to Dorchester, Mass., 1630; 
Hartford, Conn., 1636; ser\'ed in Pequot war. Died in Killing^vorth, Conn., 
September 27, 1699. 

Second Generation, Daniel Hayden, born September 2, 1640, married 
March 7, 1665, Hannah Wilcox son, daughter of William Wilcoxson, of 
Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation, Samuel Hayden, bora Febmaiy 28, 1677, married 
January 4, 1704, Anna Ilolcomb. 

(Thomas IIolcomd came from England to Dorchester, Mass., 1633; 
Windsor, Conu., 1639. 

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Second Generation, nenajah Ifoiiomb, born June 23, 1644, married April 
It, 1677, Siirah lino, boru June 16, 1647, dair^'hter of Jamks Kno, of Wind- 
sor, from ICngl.iud. 

Tfiitil Generation, Anna Holeomb, boru , 167S, married Sam net 


Fourth Generation^ Sarah I/ay Jen, born September 17, 1716, married 
Moses Lyman, 

Sixth Generation, Col. Moses Lyman, born March 20, 1743, married 
kuth Coliins. He served through ihe war of RtvoUiiiou, and died Septem- 
ber 29. 1S29. 

Seventh Generation, Moses Lyman, born April 16, 176S, married January 
•'ai, 1796, Elizabeth Buetl, 

(William Bukll, from England. 

Seeond Generation, Sam net Duett, born September 2, 1641, married 
December — , 1662. Deborah Griruotd, boru June 2S, 1646, daughter of 
EnwARD Griswold, of Windsor, from England. Samuel Buell died July 
II, 1720. She died February 7, 17 19. 

Third Generation, John lUicti, borti February 17, 1671, married Novem- 
ber 20, 1695, Mary Loomis, daughter of Thomas Loomis, of Windsor. She 
died November — , 1768. He died April 9, 1746. 

Fourth Generation, Soiomon Bnetl, boru August 30, 1715, married Janu- 
ary 19, 1737. Iinnice.Griswotd. 

(Matthkw Griswold, from England, brother of Edward before named, 
married Anne Wotcott, daughter of Hknry Wolcoit, from England. 

Second Generation , Matthe:c Grisicold, born 1653, married May 30, 16S3, 
Phebe Hyde, 

(William Hyde came from England to Hartford, Conn. 

Second Generation, Samnet Hyde, born in ICuglaud, married June, 1659, 
Jane Lee, daughter of Thomas Lr:K, who had died on the voyage from 
England, the family settling at Lyme, Conu. 

Third Generation, P/iebe Hyde, born January — , 1662, married Matthew 

Third Generation, Matthew Griszvotd, bora September 15, 16SS, married 
Mary Phetps, (91.) 

Fourth Generation, Eunice Griswotd, born , married Sotomon 


Fifth Generation, Ira Buell, bom February 20, 1745, married Prudence 

Deming, born , daughter of UVfiatn Deming, of Weathersfield, who 

married January 22, 1730, Prudence Churchitt. 

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(JosiAH CiirRCiUT,!. came from Knijlaml to Wcathcrsfield, Conn., mar- 
' tkJ, 163S, f:ii=aheth FooU\ ('..uighter of Natjivniei, 1'ooti:, of Wcathcrs- 
Cfld, from Hnglaud. 

Stcoftif Gennation^ ItCHJamin Chunhill, born Ma}- 16, 1652, luarricd 
J«ly S, 1676, Mary . 

'third Generation, Josiah ChurchiH, boru January S, 1677, married May 
" %^ 1706, Elizabeth ToxcsUy, daughter (probaMy) of Michael To:cs!ey, of 
fttOield, Coun. 

Fourth Generation, PntJcncc Church ill, boru December 20, 17 10, mar- 
fflcd H'ittiam Dewing, 

Sixth Generation, Elizabeth Ducll, born September 16, 1772, married 
January 21, 1796, Moses Lyman. 

Eighth Generation, Moses Lyman, boru October x, iSio, married Mary 
/I. ilolley. Residence, Goshen, Conu. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
U^Vk Moses Lymau, boru August 20, 1S36, married KHen A. Douglas. 
5(H7. Mary Lyman, born August 15, 1S39, married Philip Welles. 
liWS, Alrce Lyman, born May 15, 1845, married J. T. Sawyer. 
5619. Richard Lyman, boru June 27, 1S4S, died December 24, 1S51. 
M50. Ilolley P. Lyman, born Januar>' 22, 1S55, died Decembers, 1S65. 

[392 5i] \Viliia?n Porter, son of Erastus Porter (2213) and 
Hannah Dentofi, married in Coventr}', Conn., April 4, 1S19, 
Sarah /V. Cheney. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5031. William D. Porter, boru April 14, XS19. 

6052. Marj'J. Porter, born Jauuary 10. 1821, married John A. Collins. 
56a3» Elizabeth Porter, born April iS, 1S22, died unmarried, 1S43. 
5(&1. Erastus H. Porter, born March 2S, 1S25, died 1S45. 
6035. Sarah M. Porter, boru October 9, 1S2S, married N. L. Bid well. 
6650. Charies W. Porter, born March 3, 1S32, died 1S43. 
5C57. Thomas E. Porter, bom August 2S, 1S34, merchant in New York city. 
6(i58. Ellen A. Porter, boru October 16, 1S36, married William Grant 
5059. Frances Porter, born 1S41. 

[3923i] Oliver Kingsbury^ son oi Joseph Kingsbury and 
Lois P, Porter, (2215) married April 28, 1S03, Cynthia Wing, 
daughter oi Moses lining, of Windsor, Conn., and Elannah Dcnsio'w, 
He was a teacher in Worcester, Mass., and died November X2, 1809. 
She died March 21. 1856. 

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Their children \Ycre [being of the eighth generation :] 

Muria Kingsbury, born May iS, iSo6, niarrictl A. Strccter. 

Ml. O. K. Kingsbury, born March 16, 1S09, married Sarah Patterson. 

[3331.] irard Kingsbury, son of Joseph Kingsbury and 
Lois R. Porter, (2215) married Februaiy 2, iSoS, Irene Avery. 
Residence, Coventry, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
Wll. Louisa Kingsbury, born July 24, iSii, married Ebenezer Parsons. 
* WA. Diana Kingsbury, born June 22, 1S13, married Maithew Allyn. 
50G1. Ebenezer Kingsbury, born July 16, 1S21, married Climene Hitchcock. 

[3S32i] Pcrsis Kingsbury, daughter oi Joseph Kingsbury 
and Lois R, Porter, (2215) married May 2, 1S13, Ira Lillie. His 
first wife was Lois Kingsbury, C392S) wlio died, s. p. Ira Lillie 
died , 1S26. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6O1.). &larcus Lillie, born ^Lirch 3, 1S14, married Eunice Porter, (396S.) 
5<JGtJ. Elizabeth Lillie, born March 26, 1S17, married Kingsbury Root. 
fiUi?. Janet Lillie, born November 26. 1S19, married A. J. Dattin. 

[3933i] Electa Kingsbury, daughter oi JosepJi Kingsbury 
and Lois R, Porter, (2215) married March 8, iSio, Levi Sweet- 
land^ of Coventry, Conn. She died December 6, 1S43. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
(G0S. Mary A. Swectland, born July 18, iSii, married George N. Loomis. 
60GD. O. W. Swcetland, born January 12, 18 17, died 18 18. 
6670. H. W. Sweetland, born Februar>- 2.j, 1S2!, married Lizzie Muir. 
MIL Harriett E. Swcetland, bora Feb. 24, 1S24, married George Pomcroy. 

[3934.] /lAir>' Kingsbury, daughter oi Joseph Kingsbury 
and Lois R. Porter, (2215) married May — , 1813, Harlan Page. 
Residence, Coventry, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5672. Ervin Page, born August 25, 1815, died unmarried, 1S65. 
6673. Electa ^L Page, born October 22, 1S17, married Rev. John Lewis. 

5674. Cyrus E. Page, born May 16, 1S22, married Sophrouia Davenport. 

5675. Harlan M. Page, born January 1, 1833, married Sarah Turner. 

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[333Si] Roxana King^sbury, daughter o{ Joseph Kiugsburv 
tod Lois R, PortcPy (2215) married SejUember 20, 1S15, Daniel 


[Thomas Wight, with wife Alii\\ came from Isle of Wight, England, to 
' IkUbain, Mass., 1637 ; removed to ^IcdfielJ, 1649, and died May 7, 1674. 
Un. Alice Wight died July 15, 1655. 

Seiond GcHCration, liphra'nn U'i^hi^ born January 27, 16.15, married 
Marcli 13, 166S, Lydia Morse, 

(Samuel Morse, with wife Elizabeth, came from England to Dedham, 
Mast., 1635. 

Second Generation, Daniel Morse^ born in England, married ,• 1638, 

L}'dia Fisher, born in England, daughter of Anthony Fisher, of Dedham, 
from England. 

Third Generation, Daniel Wight, born November 19, 16S0, married 
April 18, 1721, Lydia Estes, daughter of Matthew Kstes, of Dover, Mass., 
Irom England, who married June 14, 1676, Philadelphia Jenkins, daughter 
of Reginald Jenkins, of Dover, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Peter Wight, born May 21, 1722, married October 
12, 1752, Mary Darter, daughter oi Joseph Barber, of Dedham, Mass. 

Fijth Generation, Daniel Wight, born October 4, 1753, married January 
II, 1781, Mary Piijfer, born August 14, 1754, daughter of William Pujfer, 
of Wrentham, Mass., who married Maty Wetheretl. 

SLeth Generation, Daniel Wight, bom June 14, 1793, married Roxana 
Kingsbury, She died July 21, 1S2S. He married (second %rife) March 30, 
1836, Sophronia Porter, (4000.) Residence, Troy, N. Y., and Somerville, N.J. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
GG7G. William W. Wight, born Feb. 4, 1821, married Lydia A. Van Aeckeu. 
W77. Joseph K. Wight, born February 9, 1824. married Eliza N. Van Dyke. 
6878. Edwiu M. Wight, born October 3, 1S37, married Mary V. Ball. 
6670. Alice A. Wight, born March 21, 1S49, married R. C. Trenbath. 

[393Bi] Ruih Kingsbury, daughter oi Joseph Kingsbury and 
Lois R, Porter, (2215) married November 21, 1S18, Simon Tracy. 

[Thomas Tracy came from England to Salem, Mass., 1636. He was 
bom iu Tewksbur>', England, son oi Xathaniel, and grand-son of Richard 
Tracy of Stanway, Gloucestershire, whose wife was Barbara Lucy, daughter 
of Sir William Lucy of Charlecote, Warwickshire, England, and aunt of 
Shakespeare's ** Justice Shallow." Tracy removed to Norwich, Conn., 1662 ; 
iras commissar^' in King Philip's war ; died iu Xor>vich, Conn. 

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SfiOHii Gt'ncration^ John Trtuy, boru , 1642, married June 10. 1670, 

•VjO' nV//i/<;:i', bom , 1646. daiv^htcr of Jo.siaii Winsi.onv, tVoiii ICiig- 

tancl, in sbip •'White Ani;cl," to MarshficUl, Mass., 1631, who marrieil . 

l(j5->36, MiU\^ittri Jlounu\ dau^jhicr of Thomas Doluxi:, of Mar^htleUi, 
from Kiiglaiid. 

Third Ccnn'afion^ John Tracy, boru , 1672, luarried , 1697, 

Elizabeth Lcj}in-:iceU, 

(TicOMAS Lki-fixgwki.l, born ai Croxhall, Stafibnlshirc, England, came 
to Saybrook, Conn., 1637. He was one of the purchasers of the Indians of 
Ibr site of Norwich. Conn. Uncas, sachcui of the Mohetjans, gave him a 
Urge tract of land in conse4uencc of supplies furnished by Lcmngwell when 
he (L'ncas) was besieged in his fort by the Narragansetts. 

Second Generation, Thou: as /.ej/ift^we//, boru , 1655, married J/aty 

itttihnell, born , 1655, daughter of Ricjiauh IU'Shnkll, of Saybrook, 

from England, who married October 11, 164S, Mary Maiiyn, daughter of 
MaVTHKW Marvvx, of Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation ^ Eiizalfiih Lej/in^nell, born , 167S, married John 


Fourth Generation, John Tracy, boru June 27, 1700, married January- 21, 
1724. Margaret Hyde, born August 16, 1702, daughter oi John Hyde, of 
Norwich, Couu. 

Fifth Generation, Josiah Tracy, born April 17, 1730, married December 
15, 1757, Margaret Pettes, daughter ot Peter Pettes, of Norwich. Couu. 

Sixth Generation, Peter Tracy, bom April 19, 1767, married November 
23, 1788, Abigail Hartshorne, bora October 24, 1767, daughter oi Ebenezer 
Hartshorne, of Norwalk, Coun. 

Scxrnth Generation, Simon Tracy, bom ^lay 3, 1796, married J^nth 
Kingsbury. He died iu Norwich, Conn. She died 1S31. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SdSTj, Addison L. Tracy, boru October 25, 1S19, married Laura P. Hunt 
5tiSL Lois A. Tracy, bora July 21, 1S21, married Eli Griffith. 
5CS2. Simon K. Tracy, boru October 23, 1S31. 
5083. Harlan P. Tracy, born November 2, 1S40, married Emily Ludwick. 

[3337i] Addison Kingsbury ^ son oi Joseph Kingsbury and 
Lois R. Porter, (2215) married August 2, 1S37, Mary Farrar, 
daughter of Rev. Ebenezer Farrar, Rev Addison Kingsbur}' was 
ordaiiied minister at Xewbur>'port, Mass., September 20, 1828; 
removed to Putnam, Ohio, and died April — , 1S75. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
4*kS|. Jlarlau P. Kingsbury, boni August 12, 1S36, married Mar>- E. Haver. 
4Gn'> Joseph A. Kingsbury, born Oct. 2, iS.;o, married Sarah F. Shipman. 
UfiAi. Frederick W. Kinjjsbury, born October 4, 1S43. 

[3333.] Jl/arc/a White, daughter of Samuel IVhiie and 
Rachel Porter, (2217) married Amos Avery, Residence, North 
Coventry, Conn. She died March, 1S3S. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
WAT. Marilla Avery, bom 1S23. 
MSS. Monroe Avery, bom 1S25. 
MSO. Francis Avery, bom 1S27. 
MOO. Martha Avery, bom 1S30. 
6<i01. Fraukliu Avery, boru 1S33. 
WJ)2. Lewis Avery, born 1S35. 

[3340.] Samuel Uliite, son of Samuel White and Rachel 
Porter, (2217) married Lydia Jeu\tt, daughter of Ichabod Jeii^ett, 
of North Coventr}', Conn. He died in Buffalo, X. Y., 1854. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation:] 
£093. Samuel White, boru 1S20. 
6<!II4. Leonard White, born 1S22, banker in Buffalo. 
fi0()5. icbabodj. White, born 1S25, banker in Buffalo. 

[3345.] Jonathan P, White, son of Samuel llTiite and Haehel 
Porter, (2217) married, 1S18, Abigail Scripture, Residence, Cov- 
entry, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5GU(l Samuel P. White, bom December 3, 1S20. 
5097. Charles F. White, born April, 1823. 
5G0S. Norman B. White, boru June, 1825. 
6699. James A. White, bom October, 1S27. 

[334B.] Laura White, daughter o( Samuel White ^ndPaehel 
Porter, (2217) married, 1825, Uriel Andrus, of Xorth Coventry, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5700. Royal G. Andms, bom 1S27. 

5701. Walter S. Andrus, bom 1829. 

5702. Uriel P. Andms, born 1832. 

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[3347.] Adotia U'/n'fe. Am^\\\qxo{ Samitcl UV/Z/t-aiid Rachel 
PorUr^ (2217) married December 20, 1820, Isaac Kccncy, of Bolton, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5703. Snniucl \V. Kcency, born December 14, 1S23. 
67l^4. Julia A. Kcency, born ^I.irch 2S, 1S26, marric.l John N. King. 
5705. Mnry A. Kecncy, born January 26, 1829, married J. H. Thompson. 

[334 B.] Emily \\luh\ daughter oi Samuel White and Rachel 
Porter, (2217) married, 1S34, Doct. Dzcight Delevan Stebbins, 

[Roi.vND Stebiuxs came from Ipswich, comity SnlTolk, l-ni^land, in the 
•hip "Francis," to SpringfielJ, Mass., 1636. He died in Northampton, 
Mass., December 24, 1671. 

Second General ioti, John Sfcb^>ins, born in England, married December 
J7i 1657, .Ibi^dil Ij^.rllett, d.iughier of Rt^iiKUT Hartlkitp, from England, 
who settled at Northampton, Mass., and was killed by Indians, March 14, 
1676. John Stclibius died ^larch 7, 1679. His wiilow married Jcdcdiah 
Strong and died July 2S, lOSi. 

Third Generation, Denoni Stebbins , born 1658, married . 

Fourth Generation, Xehemiah Stebbins, bora 1691, married August 18, 
1718, Sarah Meade, who died September, 1774. He died September 6, 17S0. 

Fifth Generation, Xehemiah Stebbins, born 1729, married in Salem, N. Y., 
»7S0» Jess up. 

Sixth Generation, Xehemiah Stebbins, born 1752, in Salem, N. Y.; 
retnoved to Pawling, Duchess county, N. Y. He married Elizabeth floyt, 
of Salem. He was a soUlier of the Revolution, and came home so ragged 
that his family failed to recognize him. He was the original of Ir\'iug't 
" Rip Van Winkle.*' He died 17S4. 

Seventh Generation, Lewis Stebbins, born January 14, 1779, married in 
Putnam, Duchess county, N. Y., December, 1799, Sarah Deteian, daughter 
of Xathaniet Detevan, son of Timothy, and grand-son of Timothv DiCLK- 
VAK, of New Rochclle, N. V., a Huguenot from Rochellc, Erance. Lewis 
Stebbins removed in 1S17, to Cayuga county, thence in 1S33, to Yates county, 
N. Y.p and in 1S37, to Kalamazoo, ^tich., thence in 1856, to Dowagiac, 

Eighth Generation, Xehemiah D. Stebbins, born I'ebniary 27, 1802 ; civil 
engineer on Erie Canal 1S21 ; became a physician. He married Emily 
White^ who died December 10, 1S59. He was in Santa Barbara, Cal., 1SS5. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth genei-atiou ;] 
|;(^K Dwight I>. Slcbbins, born May 7.\, 1835, married M:irtlui 1*. Strong. 
1*07. Edward P. Stcbbiiis, born December 3. 1837, belonged to thirtcenih 
Michigan regiment and was kined at Corinth, Miss. 

[395D.] Z.^i//^*a Poricr, daughter oi Jonathan Porter (2221) 
ind Tirsah Carpenter, married September 15, 1S15, Denis Tutth\ 

[William Tcttlk came from England, 1635, with wife Etizat>eth, to 
. Boftton, Mass., 1635 ; removed to Ne^^ Haven, Conn., and died 1672. 

Second Generation, Simon Tnttle, born March 28, 1647, married Abi- 
' f rfi7 ■ , and died 17 19. 

Third Generation, Timothy Tnttle, bom 1682, married November 2, 1706, 
Tkank/Hl Doolitttc. 

(Abraham Doolittle came from Kngland to New Haven, Conn., , 

1640-42; representative, 166S to 1672; removed to WalHngford, Conn., and 
died August 11, 1690, aged .seveuty. 

Second Generation, John Doolittle, bora June 14, 1655, married February 
13, 16S2, Mary Peck. 

(William Pkck, with wife Elizabeth, came from Kngland, io the ship 
•* J lector," in 1637, with Governor Eaton, Rev. John Davenport and others; 
vat an original proprietor at New Haven, Conn., 1639. Mrs. Elizabeth 
Peck died December 5, 16S3. He died October 4, 1694. 

Second Generation, John Peek, born 163S-39, married November 3, 1664, 
Mary Moss, bom April 11, 1647, daughter of John Moss, an original settler 
•t New Haven. 

Third Generation^ Mary Peck, bora March 4, 1666, married John 

Third Generation, Tkankjnt Doolittle, born 1683-S4, married Timothy 
Tultte. She died November 23, J72S. Residence, Wallingford, Conn. He 
diediu Cheshire, Conn., April 15, 1756. 

Fourth Generation, Gershom Tnttle, honi August 11, 17 14, married . 

Died in Bristol, Conu., 178S. 

Fijth Generation, Gershom Tut tie, bora August 22, 173S, married 

Mitchell. He was a captain through the war of Revolution. Removed to 
Watertown, N. Y., and died January 5, 181S. 

Sixth Generation, Gershom 7 utile, bora June 11, 1769, married, 17S8, 
Pamela S. Clark. He was a colonel iu war of 1812, Sackett's Harbor, &c.; 
removed in 1S16, to Vigo, Ind., and died Scpl^lftljvr 5, i^2j. Mrs. Pamela 
Tattle died April 15, 1851. 

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Seventh Gt'iicfaiion^ Dcttis Tuftit\ born October 17, 1793, married Sep- 
tfuibers, 1S15, Laura Porter; rcniovcJ from Wnleriown, N. Y., in 1S36, lo 
Urbana, O., Ihencc lo Terre Haute, liul., whore he tlieJ April 5, 1S67. Mrs. 
Laura Tutllc died iu Piqua, C, Jaiiuar}- 24, 1S63. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
.570ft. Pcrr>- E. Tutllc, boru Scptcuiher !, 1S16, uiarricd Julia Crane. 
5700. Gaylord P. TuLtle, boru January 17. iSiS, rnarried Sarah J. Clarke. 

5710. Pamela P. Tuttlc, born January 30, 1S21, married G. V. Dorsey. 

5711. Charlotte Tuttlc, boru October 24, 1S29, married A. White. 

5712. Benjamin F. Tuttle, born May 17, 1S25, married Mary A. Bacou. 

5713. Catherine TI. Tultlc, boru October 24, 1S29. married D. \V. Harlow. 

5714. Mar}' S. Tultle, born ilarch 24, 1S34, married C. S. Dyer. 

[3 9 S B .] Hannah Porter, daughter of Elijah Porter (2222) and 
Jedidah Turner, niairied, 1S27, Ebtnczcr Hunt, 

[Jonathan Hunt came from Kugland to Xorihampton, Mass., married 
September 3, 1(3^2, Clemcnce Ilo^mer, daughter of Thomas Hosmkr, who 
came from Eugland to Hartford, Coun.» 1635. Jonathan Hunt died Septem- 
ber 30, 1691. 

Second Generation, Ebcnezer Hunt, born February- 27, 1676, married 

May 27, 169S, Hannah Clark, 

(Wii^UAM Clark came from England with wife Sarah, to Dorchester, 

Mass., 1636; removed to Xorihampton, Mass., 1659; representative. Died 

July 18, 1690. 

Second Generation^ Wittiam Clark, boni July 3, 1656, married July 15, 
1680, Hannah Strong, daughter of Elder John Strong, of Windsor, from 
England. Residence, Lebanon, Conn. 

Third Generation, Hannah Clark, horn May 5, 16S1, uxArricd Ebepteser 

Third Generation, Ebene^er Hunt, born August 20, 1803, married Decem- 
ber 19, 1830, Elizabeth King, 

. (John King came from England to Hartford, Conn., married , 1650, 

Sarah Holton^ daughter of Wili^iam Holton, of Hartford, from England. 

Second Generation, intliam King, bom ^larch 28, 1660, married, 16S6, 
Elizabeth Dcnsiow, born February 11, 1666, daughter of Hknrv Denslow, 
of Windsor, Conn., from England. 

Hiird Generation, Elizabeth King, bom June 5» 1707, married Ebenezer 

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Fourth Ceneration^ Ebcnczcr Huni^ boni March 15, 1744, married March 
15, 177a, A<i/i(z/i B radish. He graJualcd at Harvani College 1764; was a 
^byiiciau in Xorlhanipton, Mass. 

Fifth GcHcration^ Kbcnezer Huni^ born March n, 1775, married . 

Sixth Generation, Ebenezer Hunt^ born iSo2, married Hannah Porter, 
Retideuce, Northampton, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
VIW Kbenezer Hunt, born 1S29. 
ttlO. lUupah P. Hunt, born 1S31. 
KI7, Nathan S. Hunt, born 1S33. 

6718. Ruth S. Hunt, born JS35. 

[3983.] John Wales Bliss, son oi John Bliss and Ruby For- 
ler, (2224) married, 1826, /T/zra Bond, bom May 12, 1S09, daugh- 
ter of C/i^r/t'^ Bon J, of Brinificld, Mass., son o{ Bailey Bond, who 
married, 17S0, Eli::abcih Charles, 

[Jonx Cif-VRLHS came from Enr;laud to Charlestown, Mass., 1636; 
icmovedto New Haven, Conn., and died in Branford, Conn., 1673. 

Second Generation, John Charles, born May 20, 1649, married . 

Third Generation, John Charles, born 16S0, married March 10, 1709, 
Elizabeth Suretman, daughter of Santnel Szcectman, who was sou of 
Thomas Sweetman and wife Isabel, cannQ from England to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1636. 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan Charles, bom 17 18, married August 8, 
i750t Judith Smith. 

Fifth Generation, Elizabeth Charles, bora Septemt)er 15, 1759, married 
1780^ Bailey Bond, 

SLrth Generation^ Charles Bond, born February 18, 1781, married, 1808, 
Anna Eddy^ 

Seventh Generation, Eliza Bond, born May 12, 1S09, married John \V, 
Bliss, Residence, Springfield, Mass. He died July 29, 1S76. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6719. John P. Bliss, born February 28, 1S29, married Anne E. Meekam. 

5720. Anna E. Bliss, born August 6, 1834, married J. C. Bridgman,. 

5721. Charles B. Bliss, born December 11, 1S39. 

5722. Francis Bliss, born October 24, 1S46, died unmarried 1870. 

[3363.] Royal Potter Wales, sou ot Royal Wales and Ruby 
Porter^ (2224) married, 1827, Eudolia M, Hitchcock. 

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[LuKK Hitchcock c.iine from Englaiul to New Havcu. Coiiu., 1636. 
Dieilin WeathenifieUI, 1659. 

Second Ccftcraiiou, John Hitchcock ^ born , married Sepleniber 27, 

1666, Hannah Chapin, bom December 2, 161 j, ilaui^hler of Samit.i. Chapin 
and wife Cic/n\ of Springrielil, Mass., from Knglaml. 

Tlhini Generation^ Xalhaniel Hitchcock, boru August 2S, 1677, married 
AhiSiUl Lombard^ born 16S2, daughter of David Lombard, of Springfield, 
ftonof John Lomuard, of Springfield, from Kngland, i6.t6. 

Fourth Generation^ Xoah Hitchcock, boru September 21, 1739, married 
October 7, 1732, Silence Hurt, 

(IlKNRV Bl'RT, with wife Utatie. from Kuglaud to Spriugficld, Mass. 

Second Generation, Xathaniel Hurt, boru in Englaud, married January 
l6b 1662, /Rebecca Sj'kes, daughter of Richard Svkks, of Springfield, from 

Third Generation, John Pnrt, born .August 20, 1670, married December 
•3» *^7» »^^*^0' Lombard, Ijom 1677, dnngliler of Dai id Lombard, of Spring- 
field, before named. Residence, Long Meadow, Mass. John Burt was 
accidentally killed Februarj- 25, 1704. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Burt, boru June 5, 1703, removed to Brim- 
field, Mass. lie was a lieutenant in Capt. Solomon Keyes company in the 
Canada expedition in 1746; major, 1760. He married February* 2, 1727, 
Mai'garet Cotton, 

(George CotTON came from England to Springfield, Mass. 

Second Generation, Ephraiin Cotton, born April 9, 1648, married March 
a6, 17S5, Esther Marshfield, born September 6, 1667, daughter of Samuel 
Marsiifield, of Springfield, who married February iS, 1652. Esther Wright, 
daughter of Samui^x, Wright, of Springfield, from England. 

Third Generation, Margaret Cotton, born May 9, 1701, married Daniel 

Fifth Generation, Silence Burt, born September S, 1733, married Noah 
Hitchcock. He died January 29, 1826. She died May 29, iSoS. 

Sixth Generation, Gad Hitchcock, born February 2, 1765, married Feb- 
niary a8, 1793, Keziah Bates, born June i, 1775, daughter of Samuel Bates, 
of Brimfield, Mass., and Keziah Burt, sister oi Silence Burt, before named. 
She died January 24, 1702. 

Seventh Generation, Eudotia M, Hitchcock, born December 29, 1799, 
married Hoyal 1\ Wales, Residence, Brimfield, Mass. He died May 5, 
1868. She died August 6, 1870. 

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Their children were [hoiir^ of ll:c cii;hlh i;ein:r:Uion :] 
5i*J3. Sarali Wales, born October 21, 1S2S, married C. M. Dyer. 
ft724. Elizabeth T. Wales, born September 26, iSj^o, married M. W. Prexich. 
61 ■-'.>. Samuel A. Wales, born May 10, 1835, died December 30, 1S74. 
57;M. Royal P. Wales, bom November 16. 1S35, died October 9, 1836. 
6727. Charlotte P. Wales, boru Sept. 26, 1S42, n>arried M. L. Chamberlain. 

[3364.] Horatio U't^/ts, son of A'oy.j/ Jlohs and Ruby Por- 
ter^ (2224) married April 21, 1823, Mary E, Williams, (46S3.) 
Kcsldeiice, Brimficld. Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6T2S. Charles E. Wales, born ^lay 7, 1S34, married M. Emory. 
572U. Royal P. Wales, born July 13, 1S3S, married Anne Beldiug. 
61JJO. Henry W. Wales, born June 27, 1S41, married Lizzie Muir. 
57S1. George W. Wales, born December 9. 1S43. 
5732. James H. Wales, born October 16, 1S45. 
573n. Sarah F. Wales, born June 9, 1S4S. 
5731. Mary Wales, born November i, 1S52. 


[3SB5.] John Bliss Porlcr, M. D.. son of Samuel \V, Porter 

(2225) and Catherine Root ; was a surgeon in United States army. 
He married May May 22, 1S42, Amelia Smith, daughter o{ Josiah 
Smith, of San Augustine, Fla. She died at Fort Moultrie, S. C, 
January- 25, 1850. He married (second wife) Mary S, Meriam, 
of Chicago, 111., and (third wife) Jane M. Bre^vster, daughter of 
Lester Brewster, of Coventry, Comi. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5735. Francis B. Porter, born 1843. 
6730. John B. Porter, born 1S45. 

6737. Arthur B. Porter, bom 1S56. 

[3BB7.] Francis Porter^ sou of Samuel W. Porter (2225) and 
Catherine Root, married March iS, 1834, Faith Mar ilia Porter^ 
(3990.) Residence, Coventr>', Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6738. Catherine A. Porter, born April 1S40, died 1S65. 

57.19. Henry W. Porter, born January 4, 1S42, married Ida R. Long. 
5740. , Annette M. Porter, bom September 12, 1S45, died 1864. . 
6741. Augusta S. Porter, bom November 11, 1S49. 

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[aa B B.] Eitnii'c IWUr, daiij^hlcr of Samuel \\\ Porter (2225) 
•11(1 CixOurinc Root, married May 24. 1S36, Morcm Liliic, (5665.) 
She died ill Covento', Conn., March 2S, 1S67. 

Their children were [being of the ei^^hlh generation :] 
6712. Gcor^jc S. LiUic. bora Scpicinber 19. 1S37, married Julia C. Gleason. 
W%\%, Frederick D. Lillie, born July 14, 1S46, married Laura L. Kello^ig. 

[3aB9i] yc?//a///ci;/ Carlos Porter, son of Samuel W, Porter 
(2225) and Catherine Root, married, 1S45, Emily Root. 

[Thomas Root» trora Kn inland. (See 2225.) 

Second CeneratioH, Thomas Root, boru , 1644. married July 5, 1666, 

/l^/JCtf/V .//:<?/•(/, dnughtcr of AI.EXAXDKR Alvoku, of Windsor, Couu., from 

'riiird Generation, Thomas Root, boru April i, 1667, married March 
4« 169 1 1 Thankful Stront:-, daughter of JeJcJial: Strong and Freedom 

fourth Generation, ICbenczcr Root, born November 5. 1693. married 
May 19, 17 iS, Sarah Strong, daughter o( Joseph Strong. Residence, Cov- 
entry, Coun. 

Fifth Generation, Ebenezer Root, born March 9, 1732, married ^lay 20, 
1753, Fhcbe Ilaiikins, daughter of George Hauhins, of Coventry, Conu. 
Ebenezer Root died in the army, at Tiacouderoga, October, 1758. She died 
July 12, 1S02. 

Sixth Generation, Nathaniel Root, boru March 25, 1757, married Decem- 
ber 10, 1777, Elizabeth Kingsbury. He was in his field wheu the courier 
bearing news of the battle of Lexiugtou, passed his farm, leaving his plough 
in the furrow he started at ouce to the conflict. A captain at Long Islaud, 
Trenton, Princeton, and to end of the war. Residence, Coventr>', Conn. 
He died September 21, 1S40. Mrs. Elizabeth Root died August 3, 1790. 

Seventh Generation, Xathaniel Root, boru 17S1, married Almeria Page. 
Residence, Coventry, Conn. 

Eighth Generation, Emily Root, born 1829, married /. C. Porter. Resi- 
dence, Coventry, Couu. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5744. Caulina Porter, bom 1S47. 

5745. Jonathan Porter, born December 14, 1S4S, married Harriett Sherwood. 

[397Di] Jonathan Porter C^se, son oi Ariel Case and Eliza- 
beth Porter, (2226) married at Roolstowu, Ohio, October 3, 1822, 
Eunice Andrews. 

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Their children wore [being of the ciijhth generation :] 
6740. Elizabeth V. Ca>c, boru January, 1S24, married Albert Wbiiney. 
6747. Ksther Case, born April, 1S27, married Reuben Nutter. 

[3B71.] Horace Case, son oA Ariel Case and Klizabeih Porter, 
(2226) married March 21, 1S23, Harriett Dissell, Residence, 
Root.sto\vn, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
574s. Ariel Case, born April 8, 1S24, married Harriett Ileiijbton. 
674i). Harlan Case, boni ^larch 11, iSso, married Anna Lincoln. 
6750. Elizabeth Case, born January 11, 1S39, married C. Keudrick. 
57ol. George Case, born .Vpril 4, 1S33. 
6752. Matilda Case, boru December 4, 1S35. 

[3372.] Ariel L. Case, son of Ariel Case and Elizabeth 
Porter, (2226) married December 7, 1S24, Minerva Col ton. 

[George Coi/roN came from Suiton-coldtield, Warwickshire, England, 
to Springfield, Mass., with wife Dib^^t\ih, 1644. 

Second Generation, Jolm Cotton, boru April S, 1659, married September 
if *690i Joanna U^o/rott, born June 30, 166S, daughter of Simon Wolcott, of 
Windsor, Conn., and wife Joanna Cooke, 

Third Generation, Jotin Cotton, boru May 9, 1697, married December 
ay, 1726, Mercy Stebbins, 

(R01.AND Stkbbins, with wife Sarah, from Ipswich, county Suffolk, Eng- 
land, to Springfield, ^lass. 

Second Generation, Sintnet Stebbins, born September 19, 1646, married 
December 10, 16S5, Abigail IJ.oo.i's, daughter of William Bkooks, of 
Springfield, and Mary, daughter of Hknuv IKrt. 

Third Generation, Mercy Stebbins, born , married John Cotton, 

FourUi Generation, John Cotton, boru Feb. 21, 1729, married November 
««i 1749. Pen et ope Wotcott, 

(Hkxry Wolcott, from England. (See elsewhere.) 

Second Generation, Henry Uoteott, bom , 1610, married Sarah 


Third Generation, Josiah Wotcott, boru July 22, 165S, married, 16S6, 
Penelope Con^-in, born June 7, 1670, daughter of Gicorgk Corwin, who 
came from Cumberland, England, and married July 22, 1669, Elizabeth 
Winstow, daughter of Gov. tiuWARD Winslow. of IMymouth, Mass., wiili 
wife Etizabetti, from England, in ship *' Mayflower," 1620, from England. 

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fottrth iicncratiofiy Penelope M'olcott.hoiw 1730, married yt>//;/ Co I ion. 
lUtiilcnce, l\itrlec, Vt. 

H/lh Cnteiation^ Oliver Col ton, boni Xovcmber 23, 1766, married . 

Sixth Generation, Minerza Cotton, born , married .Iriet L. Case. 

|lc*i>lcucc, Rootslowii, l*orinL;c couniy, Ohio. 

Their chiUlrcn were [beiiii:: of the eighlh generation :] 
$1*^3. Oliver Coltou Case, born April S, 18.19. marrietl Joseph Ileii;htoii. 
Kil. Ashley M. Case, born Tcbruary 2, 1S31, married I.avinia Carier. 

[3373.] Lucicn A. Porter, son oi Abucr S. Porter (222S) and 
/i7irtf#i*///^^Xrr, married September 17, iS|6, PamclaM. Dim mock. 

Their only child [beinj^ of the eighth generation :] 
I7W. Frederick C. Porter, born October 12, 1S59. 

[3335.] Osmaji Porter, son of Zelotes Porter (2232) and 
Elizabeth Jcueil, married Feb. 14, 1S22, Emily Flint, Residence, 
Covcntr}', Conn. He died ?darch 30, 1S55. She died July 26, iSSo. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation:] 
&rW. Jane I?. Porter, born Augiis>t 17, 1S23, married John U. French. 
5757. Elizabeth M. Poner, boni December i, 1S25, married John Talcott. 
4<.>S, Sarah M. Porter, born December 17, 1S27, married Henry Champlin. 
I75D. Angeline Porter, born .\pril 10, 1S30, married Zelotes Clark. 
&760. Martha A. Porter, born October 10, 1S32, married Ezra Post. 
&701. Nelson O. Porter, born October 12, 1S34, married Jennie F. Chandler. 

[3333.] Gurdon Porter, son of Zelotes Porter (2232) and 
FJhabcth /eicett, married March 12, 1S37, Phebe T. Hoxie. Resi- 
dence, Coven tr}', Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5702. Mary H. Porter, bom June 31, 1S41, married M. Brigham. 
h1(3h\. Electa A. Porter, lx)ru May i, 1843, married Charles Porter. 
57C4. Olive E. Porter, born April 13, 1S45, married Orren Turner. 
67«V). IsaYiCl J. Porter, born May 16, 1847, married Dwight Wyllys. 
57tiC. Annette E.- Porter, boni February i3, 1S51, married Arnold Warren. 
6707. Julia M. Porter, born January 11, 1854, married Frederick Little. 
57I5S. Thotiias Z. Porter, born :\Iay 20, i860. 

[4D64.] William E. Porter, son of Eliot Porter (22S1) and 
Sidna Ward, married April 14, 1840, .l/€trM Smit/i. Residence, 
Fayston, Vt. He died March 12, 1S72. 

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Their children were [iK-ini^ of the eighth generatiou :] 
67C9. Guy II. Porter, boni December 20, 1S41. 

6770. Clark E. Porter, boru March iS, iS^5, married Tauny Mauger. 

6771. Frank S. Porter, boru September 13, 1S56, marrietl Nelly Chapman. 

[4D55.] Wiilard B. Porter, son of Klioi Porter (22S1) and 
Sidna Ward, married May 23, 1S41, Mary J/. In^^alls, Residence, 
Fayston, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5i7l\ Tauiar Porter, boru April 3, 1S43, married Guy Boyce. 
5773. Wiilard Porter, boru 1S46. 

[4D57,] Warren C. Porter, son of FJiot Porter (22S1) and 
Sidna Ward, married April 14, 1S46, Amanda C. Eliot, 

[Rev. Joiix Eliot, called the "Apostle to the Indians,'* was bom at, county Essex, Eui^Liml, 1603; graduated Cambridge, England; 
A. B., 1623 ; he cauie to New England in ship " Lion," 1631 ; he was pastor 
of the fii-st church in Boston ; Roxbury, 1632. He married October, 1632, 
Anne Mountjort, to whom he was betrothed in England, and who came next 
year to joiu him. She died March 24, 16S7, aged eighty-four. He died May 
20, 1690. 

Second Generation, Joseph Eliot, born December 20, 163S ; Harvard 

College, 165S; was minister at Guiltbrd, Couu. He married » 16S4, 

Mary Wyltys. 

(George Wyllys came from England to Hartford, Conn. 

Seeond Generation, Samuel Wyltys, boru in England, married Ruth 
Haynes, daughter of Gov. John HAVNt;s, of Hartford, and his ^vife Mabel 
Harlakenden, from England. 

Third Generation, Ma^y Wyltys, born 1656, married Joseph Eliot. She 
died October 11, 1729. He died May 24, 1694. 

Thi9'd Generation, Jatxd Etiot, born November 7, 16S5 ; Harvard Col- 
J*g*i '706; ^^« I^- and D. D; married October 26, 17 10, Elizabeth Smith- 
son, born 1693, daughter of Samuel Smithson, of Guilford, Couu. He died 
April 22, 1763. She died Februarj' iS, 1 761. 

Fourth Generation^ Aatvn Eliot, born March 15, 1718, M. D., married 
February 14, 1745, Maty IVorthington, 

(Nicholas Worthington came from Eugland to Hartford, Conn. 
Died , 16S3. 

Second Generation, ll'ilHam trofi^incton, horn 1670, married ^,1694, 

A/ehitabet Graves, boni October 1, 1671, daughter oi fsaae Graves, of Hat- 

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field, Mass., who married , 1646, il/ttry Church, dauglittr of Richarh 

ClfCRCit, of HalficM. M;.ss . from l^nglaiid. 

nirJ Gi'Nt^raticfi.Kcw U'iHiam Wofihinirton, horw Decembers, 1695, 
married October 13, 1720, liUzabtfh Mtison. 

(Major John Mason*. (See eUewliere.) 

St'iOiid CcfieyatioH, Samuel .Va son, bom July — , 166 1, married July, 4, 
1694, Klizabcih Pcck^ dauv^hlcr of .V/V//«?/tf j l\\k^ of Rchoboth, M.iss., sou of 
Joseph Pkck of the same place, who came from Kugland, 163S, and died 
Deccuiber22, 1663. Samuel Ma5;cu lived iu Lebanon, Conn., was an assibt- 
aiit, and died March 10^ 1705. 

Third G titration ^ Elizabeth Mason, boni May 6, 1697, married Rev. 
WilliaM ll'or/Jiifi^iof:. lie graduated at Yale College, 1716; minister at 
Slouiu.cjtou, Conn. She died January 1,1725. lie died Xovember 16, 1756, 

Fourth Ccuerjfjofj, M^ry Worthiugton, born August iS, 1721. married 
Aaron Kiiot, She died June 2S, 17S5. He died December 27, 17S5. 

Fi/ih Gcrcrathii, ^laron ^/;.)/, M. D., born .\i;gust 5, 175S. married 
January 15, 17S2, GloriuKa ,-iust:u^ born February ir, 1759, daughter of 
Flias Ausiin^oi Guilford, Conn., and sifter of Moses .\u>iin, one of the 
founders of the republic of Texas. Doctor .Varon Kliot died .Vugust 5, iSii. 
Mrs. Gloriana Eliot died September 11, iSii. 

SU'ih Generation f Aaron Eliot, born November 5, 1793, niarried LyJia 

(Kdmund Hooart came froui Wyudmonhan, couuty Norfolk, England 
to Charlestowm, Mass., 1633; removed to Ilingham, 1635; representative. 
Died March 8, 1646. 

Second Generation^ Thomas Hobart, born iu England, married in Eng- 
land, Jane . 

Third Generation, Isaac Hobart, born 1653, niarried . 

Fourth Generation, Isaac Ilobart, born 1690, married Mary Harding, 
daughter kA John Harding, of Medfield, Mass. 

Fifth Generation, Aaron Hobart, born 1729, married November 5, 1753, 
Elizabeth Pillsbury. 

(William Pillsbury came from Staffordshire, England to Dorchester, 
Mass., 1641, married, 1641, Dorothy Crosby, daughter of Anthoxy CROSiiY, 
of Rowley, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, Abel Pillsbury, born J647, married, 167S, Maty . 

**> Third Generation, Jacob Piflsbnry, born March 20, 16S7, married Anue 
Diugley, daughter of John Dinglkv, of Marnhlield, Mass., from England. 

Fourth Generation, Elizabeth IHllsbtoy, born , 1S31, married Aaron 


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5irM (u'Mvrti/ion, fsjitc Hotjii, bom , married I.ytiia Concry, 

<»ughlcr (iirobiibly) oi John Cotwry^ of Thomasioii, ^Ic, 

StiVfifh Cenetiition, I.yJiit Ilolarf, boni 1796, married ^taron Eliot. 

Eighth Gcftcration, A man Jet C. Iiliot, born , married U'arn'n C, 

IStttet, Residence, North Faysion, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eiglith generation :] 
W74. Albro C. Porter, boru August 27, 1S47, married AdL-liue Clark. 
5775. Lydia S. Porter, born July iS, 1S49, married James Johnston. 
5i7fl. Charles \V. Porter, boru August 30, 185 1. 

5777. Lester W. Porter, born April 25, 1S54. 

5778. Lucy A. Porter, boru September 14, 1856, uianied Henry C. Pease. 
5770. Aseneth Porter, bom September xi, 1S59, married Lester Murray. 

[4DSa.] Wii/red W. Porter, M. D., L. L. I)., son of Eliot 
Porter {22^1) ^\\d Sid na ll'arJ^ married November 13, iS53,/ti;/tf 
Draper, He is professor in University of Syracnse, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5780. Clara A. Porter, boru 1S54. 
57HI. George D. Porter, boru 1S56. 

5782. Wilfred W. Porter, bom 1S5S. 

5783. Jane M. Porter, born 1S60. 

5784. Louts Porter, bora 1S62. 

[4063.] Walter D. Porter, son of Eliot Porter (22S1) and 
Sidna Ward, married November 28, 1854, Clarisa Doyce, Resi- 
dence, Fayston, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5785. Carrie M. Porter, boru Juue 11, 1S59. 
578G. Lilian A. Porter, bom July 21, 1S63. 

[4DB5i] Francis Porter^ son oi Oliver K. Porter (2299) and 
Betsey Franklin, married, 1S42, Julia //. Kent, daughter of 
Stephen Kent, of Lyme, N. H., and wife Betsey Ilazclton. Stephen 
Kent bom 17S6, was son of Abel Kent, of Newburyport, Mass., 
who removed to Lyme, N. U., 1792, a descendant oi John Kent, 
who married, 1665, Mary Hobbs, daughter of Maurice Hobbs, of 
Newbur>', Mass., from England. John Ktni born 1641, was son 
of James Kknt, of Newbury, Mass., from England. Residence, 
Lyme, N. H. 

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Their chiklren were [bcint;^ of the eii;hlh tr»-*neration :] 
57^7. Charles I,. Porter, born November iS, 1S43, married Josephine Smith. 
57SS. William II. I'orler, born June 9, 1S45. 
5789. Clara K. Porter, l)orn May 4, 1S49, married D. C. Abbot. 
571)0. Harriett h. Porter, born February 9, 1S51. 

[4087.] Ephrahn K. Porter, sou o{ Oliver K. Porter (,22(^) 
and Betsey Fnifiklin, married March 3, 1846, Emily Kent, sister 
of wife of the preceding. Residence. Lyme, X. H. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6701. Louis C. Porter, born 1S4S. 
5702. Mary J. Porter, bom December 7, 1S50. 

5793. Emma K. Porter, born May 3, 1S52. 

5794. George Porter, born March 17, 1S54. 

[^UBB.'] Joseph Porter, son of Oliver K, Porter (2299) and 
Betsey Franklin, married September 27, 1847, Ahneda ITileox, 
Residence, Thetford, Vt. He died August 13, 1872. She died 
Kebniar>' 26, 1S76. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5795. Joseph Porter, born 1S48. 
579G. Arthur Porter, born 1S50. 

5797. Adna Porter, bom 1852. 

[4093.] Burrell Porter, sou of Burrell Porter (2309) and 
Susan Garfield, married August 16, i860, Harriett L, Carpenter, 
She died August 4, 1875. He married (second wife) 1877, Angle 
Quincy. Residence, North Attleboro, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5798. Susan A. l^orter, bora May 16, 1865. 

5799. As« B. Porter, bora May 17, 1S69. 

5500. Benjamin F. Porter, bora August 2, 1S72. 

5501. Lawrence G. Porter, born July, 4, 1S75. 

[4D9Bi] Aaron Popter, sou of Burrell Porter (2309) and 
Susan Garfield, married, 1876, Angclinc Diekey. Residence, 
Wilkesbarre. Pa. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5802. Clarence Porter, born 1877. 
TiS^Kj. Angele Porter, liorn 1879. 

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[4D3B.] Asahtl C Porter, son oi JiurrcU PorUr (,2309) and 
Sman GarficlJ, married December 24, iSji^ Anna C. Prickzccll, 
from Hanover, Germany. Residence, Wilkesharre, Pa. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
WM, Susan M. Porter, boru April iS, 1S7S. 

[4D93.] George Porfer, son of Burn II Porter (2309) and 
Susan Garjield, married December 30, 1873, A<'w;/e7/t' Woodsidc, 
born March i, 1849, daughter of Arthur Woodside and his wife 
Phebe A/unroe. 

[William ^Ivnroe, from England with wife Martha, to Cambridge, 
Mass., that part now Lexington. He died January 27, 171 1, aged ninety-two. 

Second Generation, George J/nnroe, born 1671, married Sarah . 

nird Generation, William Mntiroe, born January 6, 1699, married 
Rebecca Locke, 

(Wii«UAM Locke came from England to Woburn, Mass., 1636; married 
November 27, 1655, Maty Clark, daughter of William Clark and wife 
Margery, of Woburn, from England. 

Second Generation, James Locke, born November 14, 1677, married 
December 5, 1700, Sarah Cutter, bom August 31, 167S, daughter of Richard 
Cutter, of Cambridge, Mass., from England. 

nird Generation, /Rebecca Locke, bom November 11, 171 1, married 
William Munroe. 

Fourth Generation, Isaac Munroe, born September n, 1737, married 
Mary Hutchinson, 

Fifth Generation, Joseph Munroe, bom 1780, married Fanny Varden, 

Sixth Generation, Phebe Munroe, born 1S15, married Arthur Woodside. 

Seventh Generation, Jeannette Woodside, bom March i, 1S49, married 
George Porter. Residence, Attleboro, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5S(I5. Alice G. Porter, bom November 24, 187S. 
6S()C. Fanny V. Porter, born April iS, iSSo, 

[41DD.] /o/tn G. If. Porter, son oi Burr ell Porter (2309) and 
Susan Garfield, married April 11, 1871, CaroliJie Smith, daughter 
oi David Smith, of Whitelield. X. H. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
5807. Grace A. Porter, bom May i, 1S79. 

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[41D3.] Catherine F. Porter, dauj^lilcr of Uenjamin Porter 
(2323) and Lydta Abbot, married, 1842, John Wheeler, Resi- 
dence, Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5S<)8. Harriett C. Wheeler, boru Dec. 6, 1S43, uiarricd George Thompson. 
58ua. George P. Wheeler, boru ^lay 9, 1S45. 

6S10. Emma A. Wlieeler, bom July 6, 1S49, married W. II. IlolUster. 
Wll. Charles S. WTieeler. born March 20, 1S53. 
W12. Nelson Wheeler, boru Jauuar>' 27. 1S56. 
(813. Mary E. Wheeler, born November 21, 1S60. 

[41D4#] Esther Porter, daughter of Benjamin Porter (2323) 
taid Lj'dia Abbot, married May 29, 1S50, David V, Heath, Resi- 
dence, Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6814. Mary P. Heath, boru January 21, 1852. 

6815. James A. Heath, born Ociober 23, 1S55. 
681G. Alice M. Heath, boru October 7, 1S66. 

[4IDB.3 Maria Porter, daughter oi Horace Porter {22^2^) and 
Emily , married October 30, 1854. IViiliam Leach. Resi- 
dence, Troy, Vt. He died October 30, 1878. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5817. Horace W. Leach, born October 8, 1S55, married C. N. Smith. 

6818. Elleu S. Leach, bom Febmarj- 16, 1858. 

6819. Grace A. Leach, bom Febmary 9, i86i. ^ 

6820. Hollis P. Leach, boru November 9, 1S64. 

[4103.] Sophia Porter, daughter of Horace Porter (2324) and 

Emily , married May 30, 1849, Austin Flint. Residence, 

Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

6821. Ellen .A. Flint, bora December 31, 1S51, married George Jerome. 
5822. Edward P. Flint, born March 6, 1S56, married Mary Elkius. 

6823. Henry A. Flint, born March 14, 1858. 

6824. Alice M. Flint, bom ^cptetulier 5, 1865. 

6825. Arthur A. Flint, boru Febmary i, 1S67. 

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[411D.] G'twc' S. JWicf\ son of I/o^are Porter (2324) and 

Emily , married July 10, 1S51, Afarv F. Mason. Residence, 

Troy, Vermont. 

Their cliildren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5Si?C. Eva A. Porter, born Qciobcr 4, 1655, died i>75. 
6S27. Adeline ^I. Porter, boru April 17, ii>57, died 1S7S. 
6S2S. Caroline L. Porter, born October 26, 1S61. 
6&?.>. Edwin M. Porter, boru December 15, 1S63. 

[4111.] Mary A. Porter, daughter oi Horace Porter (2^24) and 
£mi7y , married October 20, 1S52, //. C. IVilson, of Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :") 
HSMi, Charles II. Wilson, bom Februar>' 11, 1S52. 
6b3J. Harriett L. Wilson, born July 31, 1S55, married Peter Converse. 
5K)2. George Wilson, boru July 11, 1S5S, married Mary Drowue. 
5S«3. Minnie G. Wilson, born June, 1S60. 

[4114.] /a7te A. Porter, daughter o{ Horace Porter (2324) and 

Evilly , married July 31, 1S53, Ilollis F. Petten^ell, of 

Burlington, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5Sd4. Clarence C. Pettengcll, born August 31, 1S55. 
6S35. Emily G. Petteiigell, born February i, 1S5S. 
5S36. Bertie D. Pettengeli, boni Auj^'ust 17, 1S66. 
5837. Myrtle L. Peltengell, bom iS63. 

[411Si] Emeline L, Porter, daughter of /A^rar^* Porter, (2324) 
^vA Emily , married July i, 1S59, /. R, B. Hunt, of Troy, Vt. 

[Edward Huxt came from England to Amesbur>-, Mass., married about 
1680, Anne Weed, boru July 26, 1657, daughter of John Wkkd, of Salisbury, 
Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, Samuel Hunt, boru October 3, 1690, married Octo- 
ber 7, 17 14, Elizabeth Clongh, 

Third Generation, Daniel Hunt, bom April 12, 1723, married — — . 
Residence, Kingston, N. H. 

Fourth Generation, Joshua Hunt, born 1766, married . 

Fifth Generation, Leonard Hunt, boru 1796, married . 

Sixth Generation, J, A\ B, Hunt, bora , married Emetine L, Porter, 

Residence, Troy, Vt. 

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Their children were [being of the eii»hth generation :] 
&.W. Ida A. Hunt, born October 7, iJ^. 
&S.T.). Eiluiii Hunt, boni January 9, 1S67. 
IWO. Kilty A. Hunt, born July 21, 1S73. 

[4IIB1] Henrietta Porter, danghter of Iforaec Porter (2324) 

and /if fiitj' , married January i, i860, Milehell Hunt, brother 

of J. R. B. Hunt, who married limclinc L. Porter, (41 15.) Resi- 
dence, North Troy, Vt. 

Tlieir children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6Wl. Gertrude E. Huut, bom Jaur.jry 6, 1S61, uiarried A. II. Butterticld. 
6W2, Frederick P. Huut, boru September 7, 1S6 4. 
5S-I3. Ilcndersoa \V. Huut, boru February 7, 1871. 
68U. Jerry A. Hunl, boru March 26, 1S73. 

[4317.] Ida Eiten Porter, daughter of Horaee Porter (2324) 

^vA Emily , married November 5, 1856, Ilollis B, Pettengetl, 

of Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5SI$. Homer E. Pettengell, 1x)rD November 13, 1S70. 
584G. Helen L. Pcttengell, boru April 3, 1874. 

[411B.] Horaee Alden Porter, son oi Horaee Porter (2^2^) and 

Emity , married December 12, 1S71, Ellen M, Burbank, 

Residence, Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W47. Maud L. Porter, born February 22, 1S73. 
5848. Milo L. Porter, bom January 11, 1875. 
6841). Jerome P. Porter, boru March 30, 1877. 

[4123.] Henry Porter Gregory, son of I.ovina Porter (2327) 
and John Gregory, married, 1867, Sarah Abbot, born January iS, 
1839, daughter oi John //. Abbot, of Westmoreland, N. H., and 
Sarah Peiree, 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
58d(>. EiTie V. Gregory, bom J:iuuur>' 26, iS63. 
6S51. Elsie M. Grc-ory, born ilay 30, 1875. 
5802. Oscar O. Gregory, bora May 26, 1S7S. 

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[412 Bi] Lovina A\ GfC^ory, daughlcr of Lovina PorUr 
(2327) aud John Gregory, niarried June 22. 1S67, Hahey II, 
Adams, of IVo}^ Vt 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5*^53. Bertie Adauis, horn April 27, 1S6S. 
5854. Orra Adams, born December 2, 1S69, 

[412 B.] CharUs II. Porter, son ol Charles Porter {212S) aud 
Electa Hand, married, 1870, Aliec Geare, Removed to Idaho. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6S55. Eva S. Porter,, born May 2, 1S71. 
5S5C. Charles F. Porter, bora April iS, 1S73. 
5S57. Myrtie E. Porter, boru August 7, 1S75. 

[4131;] Flora A, Porter, daugliter of Charles Porter (232S) 
and Electa Hand, married . 1S60. Horace IK. Broun. Resi- 
dence, Troy, Vt. 

Their children were [being of tlic eighth generation :] 
586S. Harvey Brown, boru 1S61. 
5S59. Warren Brown, born 1S63. 
5S()0. Carrie F. Brown, born 1S65. 
58G1. Ginevra Brown, boru 1S67. 

[414 7i] Jesse Root Grant, son of Xoah Grant (2341) and 
Anna Buell, niarried June i, 1S20, Ilaniett Simpson, daughter 
of John Simpson, of Montgomery county, Pa. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5SC2. Ulysses S. Grant, born April 27, 1S21, married Julia B. DenL 
5S(>:i. Samuel S. Grant, born September 23, 1S25. 
58(54. Cluny Grant, boru December ii, 1S2S. 
5Sr>5. Virginia Grant, boru Februar\' 20, 1S32. 
58CG. Or\-ille L. Grant, born ^lay 15, 1S35. 
6SC7. Mary F. Grant, born July 30, 1S39. 

[41BD.] Olivia A. Root, daughter of /c;<f/ Root (2445) and 
EUanor Strong, married, 1805, Samuel fJad^er, graduate of Yale 
College, 1805 ; lawyer in Philadelphia, Pa., who died March 14, 
1856. She died Januar>' 22, 1827. 

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Their children were [beinv; of the ei^^hlh gciicralion :] 
68CS. KHzabeth A. lJ;Kl.4cr, bom 1S05, married Dr. E. !*> Ganlcite. 
58G0. Kdniuufl R. Railj^cr, born May 7, 1S12, inariicd Mary A. Davis. 
6S70. Sarab Badger, born April iS, 1S14, uiairicJ Dr. N. li. Ives. 
5871. Elleu Badger, bom July i, 1S16, married John Roberts. 
&S72. Samuel Badger, bom September i, iSiS, married Cornelia Holmes. 

[41B1.] Lucy C Root, daughter of /tv/ Rooi (2445) and 
EUanor Strongs luanicd January' S, iSoS, CliarUs Ahcafer, mer- 
chant in New Haven, Conn. He died March 5, 1S24. She died 
December 10, 1S21. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5873. Sarah Atwater, born Noveml>er 29, iSoS, married M. B. Denman. 

5874. Charles Atwater, born January' 2, 1S15, married ^lary ^lontgomcry. 

5875. Elizabeth B. Atwater, born March 11, iSiS, married W. S. Charuley. 

5876. Lucy R. Atwater, born March 11, 1S21, married Thomas Elmes. 

[4 IB 2.] Eiha M. Rooi, daughter o{ Joel Root (2445) and 
Eleanor Strofij^, married March 5, 1S12, Samnii II, Woodruffs 
lawyer in* Southingtou, Conn. 

Their children were [l)eing of the eighth generation :] 

5877. Samuel Woodmff, boni December 30, 1S13. 
6878. James Woodruff, bom February 26, 1S21. 

5879. Henry D. Woodrufi", bom Dec. 24, 1S24, colonel in war of Rebellion. 
6880. Joel R. Woodruff, bom August 26, 1S28. 

[41 B 3.] Eleanor P. Root, daughter ol Joel Rooi (2445) and 
Eleanor Sironj^, married April 30, 1S15, Reuben Riee, merchant 
in New Haven, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5881. John S. Rice, bom April 5, 1S16. 

5882. George Rice, born September 26, 18 17, marrietl Emma B. Flower. 
5SS3. James Rice, born March 21, 1824, married Sarah E. Manville. 

uor P. Rice, | 
r C. Rice. ) 

6884. Eleanor P. Rice, ) . , « f married George Mygait. 

' Dom June 22, 1825, ' 

5885. Lucy C. Rice. ) " ' "' ( married P. W. Datcr. 

58S0. Mary D. Rice, born Febraar>' 7, 1S30, married F. H. Trowbridge. 
6SS7. Susan A. Rice, born December 30, iSji. 

[41B4.] Jeanncile F. Rooi, daughter ol Joel Root C2445) and 
Eleanor Slronq, married December 13, 1824, Rev. Seth lUiss, 

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[Thomas Bliss, from Knj;laud. (See 2224.) 

Strand Gt*/ti*ra/icvt, Lautnuc J^liss, born in Knglainl, married October 
tS, 1654, LyJia U'nght. 

Third CcncyaUoH, rt!d/i\i/i /?//Vi-, boru August 19, 1674, married April 
SI, 1699, Kiizabtth I/iLhcojk, born 1679, daughicr of LvKK Hitchcock, 
of Wcathersiicld, Conn., from Ktigland. 

Fourth Gcneraiiofi^ PcIiUiah JJiiss, boru March 3, 1701, married May — , 
172a, Ahhc Stous;hton, 

(Thomas Stouchton came from England to Dorchester, Mass., 1630; 
removed to Windsor, Conn. Died Scpiembcr, 16S4. 

Second Generation^ Thomas Sloui;^kiof:^ born in England, settled in 
Hartford, and married, 1656, Mary U'ads'.iorth, born in Eugland, daughter 
of WiLUAM Wadswokth, N\ho came from England, in the ship *'Lion," to 
Cambridge, Mass., 1632 ; removed to Ilariford, Conn., 1636, and died 1675. 

Third Generation, John Stou^hto'f, born June 20, 1657, married January 
>3» 1690, Sarah fitch, daughter oi John Fitch, of Windior. 

Fourth Generation, Anne Sfoiif^hton, born 1703, married A'Ai/ZizA Bliss, 
He died September 5, 1764. 

Fifth Generation, J^euben Vliss, boru December 14, 1726, married April 
n, 1753, Elizabeth Hitchcock, He died September iS, 1S06. 

Sixth Generation, Paul Bliss, born August 20, 1766, married April 16, 
1790, Abigail Munn, who died Seplember S, 1799. He died June i, 1S13. 

Seventh Generation, RtwSt'th Bliss, born April 20, 1793, married Decem- 
ber 13, JS24, y. F. A*oot, He was a Congregational minister at Jewett city, 
Conn., and died April S, 1S79. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6SS3. William R. Bliss, boru October 20, 1S25, married Elizabeth Fearing. 
fiSSO. Frederick E. Bliss, born June iS, 1S27, married Mary A. Marlow. 
6SiH). Robert Bliss, born December 3, 1S2S, married S. M. Handy. 

[41BB.] Charlotte A, Root, daughter o( Joel Root (2445) and 
FJeanor Strong, married September 22, 1S17, William J. Forbes; 
merchant in New Ilavcn, Conn. She died December 18. 1839. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
58D1. Susan H. Forbes, born March 16, 1S19, married Benjamin Silliman. 
5892. William J. Forbes, bom January 19, 1821, died unmarried 1062. 
5.SU3. Robert W. Forbes, born May 20, 182a, MamvU Ifauiiah M. Edwards. 
581M. Charles Forbes, born April 10, 1S27, married Mary A. Alvord. 

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[41BBi] Le'ii'is Hcpkins Porter, son oi j\-iithafiid l\u (cr {2^16) 
and Sarah Jfo/fkins, inarned, 1S59, Achsah J/. JVn'lbnck^ of Troy, 
^raine. Residence, Plymouth, Maine. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5S05. Rose Mary I'ortcr, boni April iS, 1S63. 
BS9(). Herbert L. Porter, born 1S69. 

[4JBB.] An7i€ S. Porky\ daughter oi A'a/Zian/c/ Por/er(24'j6) 
and Sara/i //o/>/:nis, married, 1S51, lliomas R, Waierman, Resi- 
dence, Detroit, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5S97. Eveliua P. Waterman, born 1S52, married W. A. Teague. 
5S0S. Clara B. Waterman, born 1S55. 

[41B3.] Rcuel \V. Poricr, son o{ Nathaniel Porter (2476) and 
Sarah Hopkins, married December — , 1861, Laurinda Walker, 
Residence. Detroit, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5809. Mary Adele Porter, born April iS, 1S63. 
5900. Cora K. Porter, born August i, tS68. 
6901. Krnest W. Porter, born April 10, 1S73. 

[4 2 3D.] Helen Mills Olcott, daughter oi Mills Oleott (2552) 
and Sarah Porter, married May 27, 1825, Riifus Choate, of Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

[John Choatk, ^vitli wife Anne, came from Sudbury, county Suffolk, 
England, to Ipswich, ^lass., 164S. He died December 4, 1695. 

Second Generation, Thomas Choale, born , 166S, married , 1690, 

Merey I'antcy, daughter of Thom.vs Vaknky, of r>oston, from England. 
Thomas Choate died 17.^-45. She died December 19, 1733. 

Third Generation, Francis Choate, born September 13, 1701, married 
April 13, 1727, Hannah I\rkins. 

(John Pick kins came from Newcnt, Gloucestershire, England, ^ith his 
iHiic Juilit/t, to Ipswich, Ma^s., 1631. 

Second Generation, Thomas Perkins, born , 1616-17, married Phebe 

Gould, dau-^hter of Zacciikcs Could, of Ipswich, from county Bucks, 

Third Generation, Thomas Perkimt^ bom 1660, married, 1683, Sarah 

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(Robert Wallace (or \Vallis> came from 1vii.i:lun(l to Ipswioli, Muss. 

Second Gt/iaaiion^ Xichcias U\il!dCt\ horn in ICiigKuul, niarriovl 
Martha I>raJ:>tn'i:i^ daughter of IU'MPHRKV 13kai>ski:i:t, of Ipswich, from 

Third GcncraHon^ Sarah U'ai!aa\ boru 1666, married Thomas Piilifis, 

Fourth Generation^ Hannah I \- r {' ins, hoxw 1705, iiKlrricd Francis Choafe, 

Fourth Generatij*:, iCi/Iian: tyuKitr, born SopUmt»cr — , i7oO, marrisjd, 
1755, J far}' Cidditr^s, daui^'htcr of/'/' Ciddin^s. 

Fifth Generation, Da: id Choa/:\ born November 29, 1757, married Octo- 
ber II, 1 791, Jfiriam Foster. 

(Rkoinald Fostkr came from Kn«;land with ^\-ifc Judith, to Ipswieh, 
Mass., 163S. 

Second Generation^ Rcj^iuafd Foster, boru in England, married, 1652, 
Elisabeth y^j//^*, daughter o( John /Jane, of Ipswich, son of John Dank, 
from county Essex, England, to Roxbury, Mass., 1636, who mdrricd July 2, 
16143, ^Innis, daughter of Wiijjam Ciiandli.k, of Roxbury, from England. 
Reginald Foster died December 2S, 1 707. 

Third Generation, John Fosfer, born July 15, 166-I, married , lov^ 

Mary , lived in Chebacco, Mass., and died December 9, 1736. 

Fourth Generation, Moses Foiter, born 1697, he married. 1725, Mary 
Rustt bom 1702, daughter oi Xathaniel Rust. She died May 2, 1732. lie 
died September 27, 17S5. 

Fifth Generation, .iaron Foster, born , 1723, married Ruthe Lo^e^ 

daughter oT Ambrose Lowe, of Ilingham, Mass., who married February — , 
1688, Ruth Andrews, daughter (probably) of Thomas Andrews, of Hmjj- 
faaro, Mass., from England. 

SijcJh Generation, Miriam Foster, born 1760, married Da: id Choate. 

Sixth and. Seventh Generations, Rufus Choate, bom October i, 1799, 
married Helen J/. Oleotl, He died in Halifax, X. S., July 13, 1S59. 

Their childreu were [being of the eighth generation :] 

5902. Helen M. Choate, boru 1S26, married Joseph M. Hell. 

5903. Sarah Choate, bom 1S28. 

5904. Rufus Choate, bom 1831. 

5905. Miriam V. Choate, bom 1S33. 

Joseph M. Bell was a lawyer, Judge .\dvocate U. S. A., Provost Judge in 
New Orleans, La. He died in Somcrville, Mass., September fo, 1S6S. 

[425D.3 Anne J/. Woodrujf, daughter oi James IVoodmjT 
and A^aomi 5. Robinson ^ (2600; married December 3, 1834, Theo- 
dore Romeyn^ of Detroit, Mich. 

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Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5000. Sophia R. Roineyn, boni ricccrabcr 9, 1S35. 
6y07. Susau V. Romeyu, born July 4, 1S37. 
6{K)S. James \V. Roiiicyu, boru March iS, 1S39. 
50(Ki. Ilclca L. Rouicyn, boru March 13. 1S41. 

[4261.] Helen /f. Woodruff, daughter of James Woodruff 
and Naomi S, Robinson, (2600) married April 20, 1S36, George 
II, Traey, of Detroit, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :"! 
6910. Anne \V. Tracy, born Decembers, 1S36. 
5011. George D. Tracy, born Noveiiiber 26, 1838. 
5!>12. William \V. Tracy, born Scpieinbcr 29, 1842. 

5913. Helen L. Tracy, lorn October 5, i5>44. 

5914. Clara G. Tracy, boru April 5, 1849. 

[4252.] Anna L. Phillipps, daughter oi John P/ti//ipfis and 

Anna Lenis, (2577) married , 17S4, Daniel P/ianiXy son of 

Alexander Phanix, of Xew York city. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 

5915. Jonas P. rbanix, born January 14, 17S6, married Mary Whitney. 

[4253.] Sj'lzanns Si, John, son oi John Si. John and Lois 
Drake, (2613) married January- 26, 1819, Chloe Slarke, bom March 
3I1 1795* daughter oi Joshua Slarke, of Lebanon, Conn., who 
married, 1786, Oliie Lalhrop, daughter oi Jedediah Lalhrop, of 
Lebanon, Conn. Joshua Starke born March 6, 1761, was son of 
Abiel Starke, who married, 1760, Chloe Hinckley. 

[Samt:kl Hincklky, with wife Sarah, came from Tenterden, county 
Kent, England, in ship " Hercules," 1635 ; Scituaic, Mass.; Removed in 
1640, to Baru.slable, Mass., and died October 31, 1662. Mrs. Sarah Hinckley 
died August iS, 1656. 

Second Generation, John Hinckley, born May 26, 1644, married July — , 
1668, Bcthiah Lathrop, boru July 22,' 1649, daughter 0/ Thomas Latiirop, 
of Barnstable, and Sarah E-iier, ilai;i;jliwr of Thomas Kwkr, of Barnstable. .^ » 

Third Generation, Gershom Hinckley, born April 2, 1682, married Octo- ^^ ■ 
h^T2% i'!\2, Mary fiuell. ^ 

(Wii.i.iAM BCKLi. came from England lo Windsor, Conn. l- 

Second Gencrtition, Samuel iikeU^ boru Stj^icinbcr 2, 1641, married 
Deborah Grisuv/d. 

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Third GntefjtiOH^ Saw/tr/ JUwll^ born July 2u, 1663, inarrie<l , 16S6, 

Judith Stcicfis, 

(John Stkvkns came from England lo Guilford, Conn., 1650, died 1670. 

Second Gvncrdtiofi^ Willi^im S/c'Z'c/is, born in l;ugland, manicd March 
3i 1653, Mtifj .Vn'o^s, daui;Uter oi John JAi^i^s, son of Vixci:nt Mkiggs, 
from England to Guilford, Conn., died licccnibcr — , 1658. 

7'hird Ccniiaiion^ Judith Sttzvfis^ born October i, 166S, married 
Samuel Bucii. 

Fourth Generation, Mary Duell^ born 3klay 19, 1696, married Gershom 
Hinckley. He died November 24, 1774. She died February 22, 1774. 

Fijth Generation, Chloe Hinckley^ born Novcni))er9, 1735, married — ^, 
1760, Abiel Starke, 

• Sixth Generation, Joshua Starke, born March 6, 1761, married, 17S6, 
Olive Lathrop. 

Seventh Generation, Chloe Stat ke,hoT\\ March 31, 1795, married 5>/i«//wf 
Si, John, Residence, Cauajoharie, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
591G. P^mily St. John, born May 21, 1S21, died unmarried 1S60. 
5017. Marietta St. John, born May 12, 1S23, married J. J. Walrath. 
6018. Abby A. St John, born April 14, 1S25. 

[4237.] Hugh Gclslon, son of Rev. Maliby GeUtofi and 
Jane M. Bardwell, (257S) married May 21, 1828, Cornelia Gay- 
lord, Residence, Sherman, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5010. Jane A. Gelston, born November 9, 1S30. 

5020. Betsey Gelston, born March 5, 1833, married Ferris Leach. 

5021. Paulina W. Gelston, born October 3, i5>35. 

5022. Maltby O. Gelston, born February 9, 1S37. 

[4238.] DeUey Gelslon, daughter of Rev. Maltby Gelston and 
Jafu AL Bardwell, (2578) married December 27, 1831, Hiram 
Fairchildy of Brookfield, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6023. Sidney H, Fairchild, born November 3, 1S35. 
5024. Sarah L. Fairchild, born August 18, X837. 
5U2o. Eliza G. Tairchild, born February 11, 1839. 

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[4239.] Phtbc Gt'/sfoJi, dntighler of Rev. Malfby Cfclsioa and 
Jane M, Barrur!/, (257S) luarriL-d Dccombor 11, 1S21, James Addi- 
son Poiicr, of Lansing, Mich. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
W*J6. Clark Potter, boru September 23, 1S22, 
5027. Maltby Poller, boru Dccoiiibcr 11, 1S27. 
51I2S. Betsey G. Poller, bom July 20, 1S30. 
6l>29. George W. Potter, bom ^larch 20, 1S33. 

[424 D,] Rev. Malfby Gchton, son of Rev. Maltby Gchton 
and Jane M. Bardzicll, (257S ;) graduate of Yale College, 1S27 ; 
pastor of Presbyterian church at Clyde and Albion, N. Y., and 
Ann Harbor, Mich. He married October 20, 1S34, Marcia //. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SySO. Antoiueltc B. Gelstou, born December 29, 1S37. 
50:U. Sarah G. Celslon, bom July 7, 1S4J. 
otK52. Joseph M. Gelston, bom June 2S, 1S47. 
5933. Heury W. Gelston, bom March iS, 1S50. 

[42Bli] /rr?/j7/a A, Slroiig, daughter of Ebe7i Sirong and 
Sarah M, Porter, (2616) married October 1, 1S39, William Adams, 
of Colchester, Conn. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
o5>34. William P. Adams, born September 4, 1844, married Leora Brainard. 

[42 B 3.] Elilni Porter Bueli son oi John Piicll and Mary 
Porter, (2617) married Maj- 31, 1833, at Marltoro. Conn., Lucy 

[Danikl Kkij.occ came from Englatid to Xorwalk, Conn., 1655. mar- 
ried , 1665, firidgiH Uoitton, daugbler of Joiix r.ouTON, a Huguenot, 

from France to Norunch, Conn. 

Second Gcueritlion, Joseph Kellogg, born March, 167S, married October 
10, 1712, Mary . 

Third CenerdHon, David A''e//ojf^, born September 28, 1715, married 
Fcbmar>- 2S, 1733-31, Judith Raymond. 

. Fourth Cenciation^ Joseph Ketlot^i:^, born — — , 1742, married November 
2, 1772, Lucy Warner, He was a captain in war of Revolution, and died at 
Somers, Conn., 1795. 

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Fifth Generation^ Joseph A'et/ocj:, born April 3, 1779, niarricd - 


SiA'th Generation^ Lucy Kello,;*^^ born January 30, 1S07, niarricd E, I\ 
Buell, Residence, ^larllwro. Coiiu. He died May 31, 1S6S. 

Their chiUlren were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5935. Maria K. Ruell, born April 25, 1S34. 
503G. Ellen F. Bucll, boni May 7. 1S35. 

[42B4.] Mary E, BiicU, daughter oi John Buell and Mary 
Porter^ (2617) married May 31, 1S43, Benjamin T, Sumncp\ 

[WiLUAM SuMNKR, boru in Oxfordshire, Knglaud, came witli bis wife 
Afary^ to Dorchester, Mass., 1636. She died June 7, 1676. He died 2klarcb, 
1692, aged eighty -six. 

Second Generation^ William Sumfter^ born iu England, married — , 
1651, Elizabeth Clement, (See 36S7.) 

Third Generation, Clement Sumner^ born September 6, 1671, married 
Margaret //arris. 

Fourth Generation ^ Reuben Sumner, bom May 29, 1727, marrried //an- 
nah //unt. 

Fifth Generation, William Sumner, born , married . 

Sixth Generation, /benjamin T. $umner, bom November 8, 1805, mar- 
ried 3/ary E, Duett. Residence, Gilead, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6d37. Flora J. Sumner, born March 11, 1844, married William Holies. 
503S. Lucy E. Sumner, born March 4, 1S46. 
5939. Mary E. Sumucr, born February iS, 184S. 
5040. Charles B. Sumner, boru October 6, 1850, married Sarah Corlis. 
51M1. Maria S. Sumner, boru December 8, 1853. 

[42B6.] JoJin \V, Buell, son oi Jo/in Buell and Mary Porter, 
(2617) married September 21, 1826, Mary A, Post, of Gilead, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5942. John H. Buell, born Fcbmary 9, 1S42. 

5043. Martha Buell, l)orn March 10, 1845. 

5044. Halscy P. Buell. born November 6, 1851. 
504o. Hart E. Buell, born March 24, 1855. 

[4 2 B B .] Abi^rail E, Buell, daughter of John Buell and]Mary 
Porter, (2617) married at Gilead, Conn., October 9, 1843, Nathan 
Gilletle. . He was a private in Connecticut volunteers, and died 
at Beaufort, S. C, July 12, 1863. 

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Their chililrcii were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6940. Ellen M. Gillcite, bom May 30. iS.jS. 
b\}-i7. David U. iUlkttc, boru September S, 1S49. 

[4 2 B 7 .] Piiz'/d M, Biicll, son of John BucU and Mary Porter, 
(2617) nianicd May 4, 1S40, Louisa Robertson, Residence, Cov- 
cnlr>-, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
5D4S. l^Iary I.. lUitll, boru May 14, 1S42. 
5941) Rosa yi. BucU, born ^klay 26, 1S45. 

[42BB.] Josiah M, Bucll, son oi John BucU and Mary Por- 
ter^ (2617) married Septenil^r 22, 1S40, Susan Burnham, Resi- 
dence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their only child [being of the eighth generation :] 
51)50. Mary A. Bucll, boru Xoveiuber 20, 1S45, oiarried Marshall Porter. 

[4271i] Benjamin P. l^arbox, son of Thomas Tarbox and 
Lucy Porter, (2619) married, 1S3S, Losana Westeott, ofTiickahoe. 
N. J. Removed in 1S53, to Iowa city, Iowa. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
6051. Charlotte Tarbox, born January 21, 1840, died October 3, 1S50. 

6952. Lucy W. Tarbox, boru December, 1842, married . 

5953. Samuel Tarbox, born April, 1845, Uuton soldier, died . 

69.>l. Ann Jaanette Tarbox, boru 1S46. 

[4274.] Lydia Harriett Tarbox, danghter of Thomas Tar- 
box and Lucy Porter^ (2619) married October 29, 1837, Christophe? 
Bratcu, of Lebanon. Conu., born October 28, 1815. Died March 
12. 1S60. Mrs. Harriett Brown died November 9, 1864. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
SUTw. Mary Peters llrown, born June 5, 1S3S. married John C. Gates. 
69o(>. Lucy Poner nrowa, born May, 1841), married Frederick C. Abel. 
59.>7. Lydia \l. lirown, boru March 22, 1842, died March 14, 1S43. 
SSioS. Charles Tarbox Hrown, born October 12, 1S45. 

[4275.] Rev. Incraist i\iies Tarbox, D. 1)., son of Thomas 
Tarbox and Lucy Porter, (2619 ;) graduate of Yale College, 1S39, 
and Yale Theological Seminary, 1844 ; taught acadeniy in Kast 

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Hartford, Coiiu., 1S39 to 1841 ; Tutor in Vale College, 1S42 to 44 ; 
ordained Xoveniber, 1844, pastor of Plymouth chinch at Framing- 
ham, Mass.; secretary of American College and Education Society 
of Boston, Mass., 1S51 to 1SS4 ; S. T. D. Vale College, 1S69 and 
Iowa College same date ; HistoriograpluT of New England His- 
torical Society. Residence, West Xewton, Mass. He married 
Jmie 4, 1845, Delia A, Waters, born Jaimar>' iS, 1S20, daughter 
of Asa Waters, '*gun maker for the U. S.,'' a descendant in the 
seventh generation from Richard Waters and wife Jojee of 
Salem, Mass., 1637, from England. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
60r»0. Charles P. Tarbox, boru July 11, 1S46, dicil September la, 1S49. 
5*JU). Susan W. Tarbox, born Novenibcr 19, 1S49, married Samuel Carr. 
WUK Mary 1*. Tarbox. horn October 22, 1S51, married F, E- Raymond. 
69ti:J. Helen J. Tarbox, born February 26, 1854, died October 7, 1SS3. 

[42 B 3.] Harriett Porter Bill, daughter of Amos Bill and 
Ciarinda Porter, (2625) married May 25, 1826, Jarvis Porter Lord, 
(see 5313.) Residence, Ivcbanon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
50G3. Nelson P. Lord, boru June 30, 1S3T. 
69(M. Ciarinda Lord, bom September 3, 1S33. 
5iW.j. Lydia yi. Lord, bom Febmary 11, 1S36. 

[4 2 B 4 . ] Marciiis Edxvard Bill, son of Amos Bill and Ciarinda 
Porter^ (2625) married Dc-cember 19, 1847, Harriett Adeline Card, 
Residence, Sodus, 111. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
5906. Francis K. Bill, bora June 8, 1S54. 
5007. Mar>- C. Bill, boru July 19, 1S56. . 
5908. Arthur J. Bill, bom April 4, 1S62. 

[42 B Si] Oliver Augustus Bill, son oi Amos Bill and Ciarinda 
Porter, (2625) married February 7, 1843, Julia A, Abell, 

[Caleb Abkll came from Knglaud to Dedhani, Mass.; removed to Nor- 
wich, Conn., and married July — , 1669, Margaret Post, born February 21, 
1653, daughter of yiaAw Post, of Saybrook, Conn., and Esther Hyde, daughter 
of WiLUAM HVDK, from England. 

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Second Crmra/ion, Caleb .IbiU^ boni April — , 1677, luarric*! l^cbniary 
ao, 1704-5, ylbfjrj/i 5/;///;ir/, bom March 14. 16S0, daughter of Thomas 
Smjman, of Norwich, Conn., who married December — , 166S, .Sj/w// />/iss, 
bora August 26, 1647, dau^'liter of T/iomas /j/iss, of Norwich, Conn., son of 
Thomas Bliss, from Kngland. 

77/ /;c/ Gc fit rat ion, Dj'u'rf AbcH^ born February 3, 1705-6, married 
Deceuiber 2 1 , 1727, Sj/d/t Crane. 

(Benjamin Crani: came from Kngland to WeathersfieUl, Conn., married 
April 23, 1655, MiJty liackus, daughter of Wilmam Backus, of Saybrook, 
Coun.y from Kngland. 

Second Gencraiion, Jonatfuin Crane, born December i, 165S, married 
December 19, l6;S, Dcboruh GrisuviJ, born May — , 1661, daughter of 
Francis Grisuvid, of Saybrook, son of Edward Gkiswold, from Kngland. 

Third Generation, John Crane, born 16S3, married September 16, 170S, 
Sarah Spencer, iK^m Februar>' 16, 16SS, daughter oi Jared Spencer, of Had- 
dam, son of Thomas Si'i:nci:k, of Harlfonl, Conn., from Kngland. Resi- 
dcucc, Windham, Ccnn. 

Fourth Generation^ Sarah Crane, born 1709, married Daniel A bell. 
Residence, Lebanon, Conn. 

Fifth Generation, Elijah A bell, born February 4, 1743-44, married Janu- 
ary I, 1770, Hannah West, born September 2, 1749, daughter o( John West, 
of Lebanon, who married November 8, 173S, /Cebecca A bell, bom January 
18, 171 1, daughter of yi;//« ^ I bell, of Lebanon, and Rebecca Hinman. 

Sixth Generation, Silas Abelt, born May 7, 17S2, married- October 22, 
1809, Khoda Webster. Residence, Lebanon, Conn. He died September 
3. 1825. 

Seventh Generation, Julia A. Abell, born November 29, iSiS, married 
Oliver A. Bill. Residence, Hebron, Conn. She died November 14, 1664. 

Their children were [being of the ninth j;cneration :J 
50G1). Mar>' F. Bill, born May 9, 1S44. 
5D70. ^LirthdJ. Bill, born August 15, 1S48. 

5971. Rollin H. Bill, born May 25, 1852. 

5972. Caroline W. Bill, born February 9, 1857. 
5073. Harriett P. Bill, bom September 24, il>6o. 

[4 2 SB.] Caroline Maria Bill, daui^hter of Amos Dill and 
Clarinda Porter^ (2625) married March 17, 1846, lilias L. IVil- 
Hams, of lA;hanon, Conn. 

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Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
5074. Charles A. Williams, born Dcctiiibcr 22, 1^46, iliol Mny 20, 1S5S. 
.V.175. Henry E. Williams, burn Auj^'ust 23, ii>.|S, died January 2u, 1S64. 
oJiTli. George W. Williams, born October 30. ibsj. 
M'Tr. Eunice L. Williams, born July S, 1856. 

[4267.] G^or^c Richard Bill, son ol Amos Iiiil:\\\A Clannda 
Poricr, (2625) married May 2v), 1S50, Lois A. RoitrtsoHy \\ ho died 
Fcbruar}' 25, 1S56. He married (second wife) June 4, 1S37, 
EmcUne D, Blodgett, daughter of Alvah BUnl^clt and Harriett 
Porter, daughter of .-/;;/^i /V/.Vr(202S) and Sarah Wtdstcr. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
5078. Charles E. Hill, boru March 17. 1S51. 
5i>il». Harriett A. iJill, boru November 10, 1S55. 
o!iSO. Frederick R. Kill, born February 10, i86r. 
nWSI. George L. Kill, born July 27, 1S62. 

[4302.] A)in€ Maria Gurlcy, daughter ol John lizard Gur- 
/(f)' (2634) and Grace Stackpoit\ married in Boston, Mass., Febru- 
ary 12, 1817, ^lvi}ox Joseph Grafton, U. S. Army. She died June 
3. 1851. Major Grafton died March 24, 1861, in his eightieth year. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation ;] 
51>S2. Henry Dearborn Grafton, born November 12, 1S17. 
50S.'4. Joseph Grafton, born Septeml>er 7, 1S19. 
6984. John Gurley Grafton, born February 4, 1823. 
50S.>. Charles C. Grafton, born 1S25, (Rev. *' Father Grafton," Boston, ^klass.) 

[4313.] /«?//« Addison Porter, son of Addison Porter (2641) 
and Anne Ihgeboom, married in New Haven, Conn., July 16, 
i855» by Rev. Harry Croswell, Rector of Trinity Church, Josephine 
Earle Sheffield ^ born in Mobile, Ala., Novemlx:r 3, 1S34, daughter 
di Joseph E, Shejjield ^wA Maria St, John, who was boru in Wal- 
ton, Delaware county, X. Y., May 22, 1801, daughter ol John T. 
St, John, who married October i, 1795, Mary Stockton, daughter 
of Charles W. Stockton, of Walton. 

John Trowbridge St. John was son of Matthias St. John, boni 
1732, sou oi Matthew St, John, of Xorwalk, Conn., who was .son 

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of MatthicwSt. Johx, from Kiiglaiul to DoicliL-stcr, Mnss., 1634: 
Windsor, Con!!., 1 63S ; Xonvalk, Con!i.. 1654. aiuKlicd Oct., 1669. 

Joseph I{. SlietTicld was son oi Paul A'. 5/v ///«/</, who married, 
17S6, Mabii T/iorpi\ in I'airlleld. Conn. Ho was a dcvocndant of 
Kdwaru Siiicn'iKl.D, from Kngland to Roxbury, Mass., 1641, 
who married, 1644, Maiy Woody, daughter of Richard Woody, 
of Roxbury, from England. John A. Porter resided in Xtw 
Haven, Conn. He died August 26, 1S66. 

Their children wxre [being of the ninth generation :] 
WSO. John A. Porter, bom April 17, 1656, married Amy Klleii Keus. 
6U87. Kilgar S. Porter, born October 12, 1S57, immarried, in Now Ilaveu. 

[4314.] Sarah W. PorUr, daughter of Addison Por/ir (2641) 
and Anuc Ifot^cboom, married in Philadelphia, Pa., October 15, 
1844, John Win Dyhc, of Schoharie, X. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
5t'SiS.. Anne P. Van Dvke, born Ju'y 3, 1S47. 
5l>i>U. CorntHua II. Van Dyke, born December S, 1S4S. 

[4315.] U'iiliam Augustus Porfcr, son of Addison Poria 
(2641) and Anne Hogcboom, married in Northampton, Mass., 
October 6, 1S59, Abby Louisa Boies, He died in Chicago, Ill.» 
October 7, 1S73. 

Their only child [being of the ninth generation :] 
SODO. David P>. Porier, born October 4, iSGo. 

[4317.] Catherine W B, Porter, daughter oi Addison Porter 
(2641) and Anne ilogeboom, manicd in New York city, 1S53, 
George \\\ Greene, of Greensdale, R. I. 

[John Grkknk, born tu SaHsbur)*, Wiltshire, England, February 9. 
1596-97, son of Ricbartl Greene, came in ship ** James," to Boslon, ^lass.. 
1635. He was an associate of Roger Williams in purchase of site of Provi- 
dence, R. I., 163S. He married in Hngland, November 4, 1619, Joan latler- 
satt, who died 1643. He died between December 2S, 1658 and Jan. 7, 1659. 

^Seeo/id Generjt:>in, JiUne.^ Gnnw, b:'.pti/tfl June 21. 1626, in St. Tbomas 
cburchi Salisbury, Kuglaml. He marrie«l isccoiul wife) August 3, 1^65, 
Eiizabeth Anthony, daughter of Juun* Anthony, of Provi«lcnce, from 
Hempstead, England. James Grceiic kWmkX April 27, 169S. Mr». Elizabeth 
Greene died 1691. 

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Third Gcmiation^ Jalcz Cric;u\ born May 17, 1673, nianicil May 16, 
1697, Mary Darion. 

(RuKi'S Barton came from England to Providence, R. I., 1640. 

Second Generation^ /benjamin Harlon^ born , married June S, 1669, 

Susannah Gorton, dauglilcr of Samuki. Gt)kTON, of Warwick, R. I., from 
England. Benjamin Banon was an assistant, and died 1720. 

Third Generation, Mary JJa/iun, born , married May 16, iS^'j^Jabez 

Greene. Residence, Providence, R. I. 

Fourth Generation, \at/)aniet Greene, born November 4, 1707, married 
Mary Moft, daughter o^ Jacob Mott, of Middlctowu, R. I., a dcsccudaut of 
Adam Mott, from England, 1635, to Portsmouili, R. T., 163S. 

Fifth Generation, Xathaniel Greene, born May 27, 1742, married July, 
1774, Catherine Liittef.etdy daughter o( John Littlcfield, of Block Island. 
He was the General Greene of the Revolution. 

Sixth Generation, Xathaniet Ray Greene, born January 29, 17S0, at the 
winter quarters of the army at Morristown, N. J., marrieil Anna M. Clarke, 
a grand-daughicr of Governor Samuel Clarl\\ of Rhode Island, a descend- 
ant of Jeremiah Clarke, of Newport, R. I., whose wife Hannah was daughter 
of John Audi.EV and wife Man^airt, of Bostou, from Enj^land, 1632. 
Jeremiah Clarke was sou of Ji:remi.\h Ci.akkk, of Newport, R. I., from 
England. Treasurer of the colony 1647 ; governor, 164S. Nathaniel Ray 
Greene died January 11, 1S59. Mrs. Anna Greene died January 17, 1SS6, 
aged one hundred and two years, two months and nine days. 

Set'ent/i Generation^ George Washin^ij^ton Greene, boru April 8, iSii, 
married C, l\ B, Porter, 

Their children were [l>eing of the ninth generation :] 
5091. Anna M. Greene, bom September 24, 1^54. 
5yt)2. Catlicriue P. Greene, boru November i, 1S57. 
5'»9o. Mary W. Greene, born March 19, 1S60. 
61)04. Nathaniel Greene, born September 29, 1S65. 

[4321.] Mary Porter, daughter of .^//<//i(?/« Porter {jid^x) and 
Anne Hog eboom, married in East Greenwich. R. I., July 20, 1865, 
Joseph \\\ Ifj'dc, She died in Stamford, Coini., Oct. 6, 1S74. 

Their children were [Ix-ing of the ninth generation :] 
5!>0.>. Jeanie P. Hyde, boru October 6, iS66. 
oOOG. Theodore M. Hyde, born November 23, ib67. 
'1ILYM, Agues M. Hyde, born October 20, 1870. 

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[4334:,] Jo/in 11". Pcrter, son oi John I\ Porfer (26c)2) and 
J://sa Parsons^ uiarried Scplembor i, 1S5S, Helen Mar Stoddard. 
(3767) of Syracuse. X. V. Removed lo Charlottesville, Va., 1S65. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
5!H)S. Jennie L. Tortcr, boni Fclirunn- 7, ib(So. 
ftilHi. Jesse K. Porter, born February 27, 1S63. 
OiKX). Helen 1*. Porter, born Scpicmber 19, 1S65. 
e*)OL Virginia M. Porter, born May 15, 1S69. 

[43 BD.] Martin V. /A Porter, son of Abiczcr Porter (2700) 
and Sophia Wood, married Lydia A. Meek. Residence, Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Their children were [peing.of the ninth generation :] 
Wvl. Charlotte M. Porier, born 1S36. 
CUKC. I.eRoy I.. Poner, born 1S3S. 

[43 SI.] Rev. Henry Willard, son oi John Duiir/it Wi/lard 
and Laura Dames (2759 ;} graduate of Dartmouth College. 1851 : 
Princeton Theological Seminary, 1858 ; minister at Plainview, 
Minn. He married December 6, 185S, Jeannic Welles, born April 
II, 1S34, (\i!eag\\\^T oi Iipaphroditits IVelles, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 
COO4. Clarence Willard, born November 20, 1S59. 
Cl»fJo. Norman P. Willard, born March 10, 1861. 
ftXVi. Emma Willanl, born November 30, 1S62. 
C(iC»7. Laura B. Willard, born November 4, 1864. 
COi»J<. Rose Willanl, bom October 15, 1S66. 
GCKiO. Edward Willard, born June 20, 1S6S. 

[43SDi] Minerva LcCy daughter of Thomas Lee and Electa 
Riley, (2767) married September 8, 1S18, Norman Hart. 

[Stf.phkn Hart came from England to Hartford, Conn. 

Second Generation, Gliomas Hart, born 1644, married Knth Haiekiiis, 
dangbter of Anthony Hawkins, of Farminjjton, Conn., from ICngland. 

Third Generation, Thomas Hart, born March —, 1680, married Decem- 
ber 17, 1702, .Mary Thompson. 

(Thomas Thomi'Son came from England to Hartford, Conn., married 
April 14, i64«>. .Inne li'ctlcs, daughter of Governor Thomas Wklues, of 
Hartford, from England. 

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Si'cond General ion ^ Jcfin Thoni/>6o*t^ bom x6j7, mnrricJ Oolobcr 24, 
1670, Miiry Sfcv/r, born Novcmbor 20. 1647, daiighUr i^i Ji'hu S/c'i/i\ of 
Faruiitiglon, and JAirv U'anicr, daugliior of Anukmw \Varxi:r, from 

Third Gcftcratioft^ Mary Thompson^ born October i, 16S2, married 
Thoftias I fart. Residence, Kcnsini,'ion, Conn. 

Fourth Generation^ Elijah I/arfy born June S. 1711, married December 
J^i 1734. '"ibi^ail GooJrieh, daughter of Jo/ui GocKlrieh and A'edeeea Allen. 
Residence, New Britain » Conn. 

Fifth Generation^ Elijah J^/art, born September 26, 1735, married, 175S, 
Sarah Gilbert^ daiii^htcr of Ebenezer Gilbert, of New liritain. 

Sixth Generation ^ Elijah //art, born May 7, 1759, married December 
»l, 1780, Anna Andre'us. 

(John* AN'Dki£\v.s came from Kn-^land with his wife Mary, to Hartford, 

Conu.; removed to Farmington, and died , 16S1. Mrs. Mary Andrews 

died , 1694. 

Second Generation , /)aniel .indreh's, born 1650, married . 

7'hird Generation, Daniel ,tndre:es, born March 6, 1672, married Octo- 
ber 30, 1707, Mabel Goffe. 

(PlUUP GOFFK, from England, with wife Rebekah, WeathersficUl, Conn. 

Second Generation, Jacob Gojfe, born Angust 15, 1649, married Deceml>er 
5, 1679, Margery /ngersoU, bom January — , 1656, daughter of John Ingkr- 
SOLL, of Hartford, from England, who married 1651, /)orothy /.ord, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Lord, of Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation, Mabel Goffe, l)om October 31, 1690, married Daniel 
AndreiL'S. Residence, Weathcrsficld, Conn. 

Fourth Generation, f/ezekiah Andrei^s, born August 14, 173c, married 
May 26, 1757, Anna Stead man. 

(John Stkadman, from England, Weathersfield, Conn. ; died 1675. 

Second Generation, John Steadtnan, born Ai)ril 5, 165 1, married August 
10, 1678, Violet , who died August 4, 1682. He married (second wife) 

April 14, 16S3, Susannah . 

Third Generation, Thomas Sleadman, bom May 24, C6S4, married Dc- 
cepiber3i, 1713, Mary Saj^e, born 16S3, daughter of David Sack, of Mid- 
dlctown, Coun., from England. 

Fourth Generation, Anna Sleadman, born June 30, 1735, married //eze- 
kiah Andrew's. Residence, New Britain, Conn. He died April 19, 1796. 
She died September 7, kS^. 

Fij'th Generation, Anna Andtezvs, born September 6, 1760, married 
December 21, i7So, /Clijah /fart. Rc.-iidence. New Britain, Conu. He was 

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a captain in war of RcvoUilion, and died Au^iibt 4, iSj;. Slie died Doccui- 
l>cr 2, 1S55. 

Si.vf/t Ccficnifion, Xofinau ffari, born Aui;u=;t 5, 1794, married Minetia 
Lct\ Residence, New Uril:iiii, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6010. lUirdelt Hart, born November 16. 1.S21, married Rebecca W. Tiske. 
coil. Xorman L. Hart, born Febrnary 2, 1S26, married Lavinia M. Kellogg. 
C012. Kllcn Hart, bom February 23, 1S2S, married I.. R. Welles. 

[4331.] Lorcnto Poricr Lee, .son of Thomas Lee and Electa 
Riley y (2767) married November 3, \%2%, Jeannette Hills, daughter 
of David /fills, of New liritain. Conn. 

Their children were [Iniing of the ninth generation 0] 

0013. Jeannetle T. Lee, born 1S31, married \V. G. Coe. 

0014. James T. Lee, born 1S34, married Caroline Wake. 
GOl.y Theresa Lee, born 1S36. 

(KUO. Lorenzo P. Lee, born 1S3S, married Clara A. Smith. 
0017. Alice Lee. born 1S40, married Albert S. Welles. 
(KHS. Ella Lee, born 1S42. 

[4334i] Electa Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee and Electa 
Riley, (2767) married August 20, 1S26, Welles Hubbard, of Mid- 
dletown, Conn. She died 1S29. 

Their only child [being of the ninth generation :] 
6019. Electa L. Hubbard, born 1S2S, married Captain Barnard K. Bee, who 
graduated at West Point and became a general in Confederate army. 

[43SB;] Caroline I^ee, daughter of Thomas Lee and Electa 
Riley, (2767) married October iS, 1S40, Rev. Joshua Phelps, pastor 
of Presbyterian church, Sacramento, Cal. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C020. Caroline M. Phelps, born September 11, 1S42. 
6021. William W. Phelps, born June 15, 1S46. 
0022. Angeliue L. Phelps, boru May 22, 1S52. 

[4333.] An^eline Lee, daughter of Thomas Lee and Electa 
Riley, (2767) married October 13, 1S52, in Burlington, Iowa, 
Mark Ho-ward, from England. President of Insurance Company, 
Hartford, Conn. 

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i>i:Si.i:.\nANTS or john i»orti:r. 667 

Their chiUlixn v/erc [being ufiiinlh generation :] 
ik\'T^. Angeline L. How.irvl, l>oru Novciii!»vr 6, 1.S54. 
C<i:.*l. Amy L. Ilowanl, l>orii J.iiiuary 7^ 1^57. 
Ot'Jo William L. Houwnl, torn Novoinl)i:r i, iS^kk 
t-'»-0. Myra I,. Howard, born November 23, 1^62. 

[44D3.] /ufii/fi W, PorU'?\ son of>//;/ JWln- (2774) and 
Iiliza Dabcork, married May 3, 1844, P/icbc Bliss. 

[Thomas Bi.ibS and wite JAifj^an-f, came from I\ijgl:uul. 

St'ConJ Cctiti'aiiOJ!, Jon>ii/\iu JJ/iss, born in ■I\n«<l:inil, married, 164S, 
Miriam Ilanuon^ of Brainirce, Mass. Lived in Rcl;obotli, Mass., and 
died , 16S7. 

Third Generation ^ liphraim fJiiss, l)orn February 5, 1649, married . 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan D!i<i, born 1672-73, married . 

Fifth Genera t:on, John /'iiss, born 1711, married A\'Urea — . Lived 
ill Reliobolb, Mass. Died 1752. 

Si-vth Generation, ll' Dliss, born June 6, 1742, married October 
^9. 177^1 ^Itxnnah Smith ; lived in Stockbridt;e, Mas.s. Died 1S22. 

Seventh Generation, Jesse JJtiss, born May 27, 17S4, married October 9, 
iSil, Sn-ah Jl/ason, born in Cheshire, Coun., September 13, 17S6. He died 
September 30, 1S47. She died Dcceuiber 20, 1549, aged sixly-lliree. 

Eighth Generation, Phcbe It iiss, born July 13, 1S21, married Edzi'in U\ 
Porter. Residence, Lenoac, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
027. Sarah E. Porter, born April 20, 1S45, married Charles F. Piper. 
iilirl^. Alice M. Porter, born January 10, J849, married Noble Jennings. 
tt')2J). John V. Porter, born June 3, 1S51, died unmarried, 
rtioi). Charles E. Porter, born July 14, 1S53. 
(i(j;lL Susan B. Porter, born November 17, 1855. 

[442 G.] Kdxi*anl S. Prcz^'er, son oi James D. Ihcicer and 
Sarah Porter, (2811) married June 2, 1S69, Corinnc Lester, daugh- 
ter of Z><2w/V/ Ze-j/e/-. Residence, Springfield, Mass. 

Their children were [Ixring of the ninth generation :] 
\At\'l. luliih C. P.rcwcr, bom March 4, 1S71. 
(KC). Edward H. r»rc\ver, lioru April 27, iS74. 
«i<iol. Maude P. lirtwer, born January 24, 1N76. 

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[4427.] Harnett Portir /hrurr, ilau- liter of /awrs A 
Ihrurr and Siini/i Poster, (2S11) ninrricvl Jiir.e 2, 1S74, A.'.'<v 
Corcoroji, M. D., of Sprin^^hcUl, Mass. 

Their cliiUiren were [bciir^c of the ninth generation :] 
6(»;r>. James 11. Corcoran, bom March 11, 1S77. 
C<tot». Sarah V. Corcoran, horn Aj»ril 17, 1S79. 

[44 39.] PosJta Poot, danghter oi pscp/i Poot (2902) and 
Abigail I lurd, married Octo]>cr 2S, 1S07, Isaac Shcnmxn^ ofWooJ- 
bnr>-. Conn. She died May 29, KS50. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C0'i7. Khzahclh M. Slicnnan, horn January 2, iSio, uiarricvl Ira Thomas. 
COiX Joseph K. Sherman, born January 5, 1S12, nianied Lncretia Tol!f5. 
ty):iO. Julia Sherninn, horn April 30, 1S14, married IC. Hall. 
C(..'40. Anna C. Sherman, born November S, 1S16, married \V. Abcrnethy. 
0041. Rebecca Sherman, born Sij»tembcr 2, 1S19, married T. W. Gilleiie. 

[444D.] Tliiwias Pvof. <o\\ oi Joseph Poot (2902) and Ah'^ail 
Hurd, married Mareh 14, 1S32, Wiltiua Allen, Residence, Wood- 
bury, Conn. She died Felmiary 2S, 1S41. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C04*J. Joseph W. Root, born June 16, 1S33. died in the army 1S65. 
C«>I3. Welthea A. Root, born October 3, 1S34, married Seih Hollister. 
(KM4. Thomas B. Root, born Auirust 5, 1S36, died in CaHfornia, 1S59. 
G04>. Susan C. Root, born Tebmary 20, 1S3S, marrie<l Piatt Crane. 

[4442.] Sally Root, daughter ol Joseph Root (2902) and. 
Abigail I lit nl, married December i^, 1S20, Reuben //. I/ctehkiss. 
Residence, Woodbury, Coun. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(jf^\'\. Ruth \\. Hotchkiss, born October i, iSji, married M. C. Sherman. 
Iji>47. .\rvesta .\. Hotchkiss, born April 5, \\S2<j, married John Woodward. 

[446B.1 Chauncey Allen Goodrieh, son of Eliznr Goodrich 
(2942) and Anne W, Allen ; was pastor of Congregational church 
at Middlctown. Conn.; profe.ssor in Yale College. He married 
Frances J, II ebstcr. 

[Joiix Wkustkr, with vife Ai^ues, came from England to Hanfordj 
Conn., 1636; representative, 1637; deputy -governor, 1655; goven.or, 1656; 
removed to Hadley, Mass., and «licd April 5, 166 1. 

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Second Cent^tiiium, A'.nV;/ ll't'bsUt\ bom iu i;iii;l.iiul, niarricil, 165S, 
Susannah Ttrai, Uaiii^btcr of Richaku TkiivT, of Wcathcrsfield, Conu., 
from Cnglaud. 

Third Generation t John U'cbsier, boru November 10, 1653, married , 

16S6. Sarah ^/yj^aii, 

(JosKPH Mygatt came froui Kngland v^iili wife Anni\ to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1633; removed to Hartford, Conn.; representative. Died December 
7, 16S0, aged eighty-four. 

Second Generation, Jacob Jfv^att, boru in EngLind, married , 1654, 

SArah IVhitin^:^ daughter of William Wjiitixg, of Hartford, from Kng- 
land. Assistant and Treasurer of the colony. 

Third Generation, Sarah Mygati, boru 1659, married John Webster. 
He died December 6, 1695. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Webster, boru October 1, 1693, married , 

1719, Miriam Cooke. 

Aaron Cookie came from England 10 Dorchester, Mass., 1634 ; removed 

to Windsor, 1636, and married, 1637, , daughter of Thomas Fokd, of 

Windsor, from England. 

Second Generation, Xoah Cooke, born June 14, 1657, married , 1679, 

Sarah Nash, daughter of Joseph Xash, of Hartford. Xoah Cooke died 
June I, 1699. 

Third Generation, Miriam Coke, born September 30, 1690, married 
Daniel Webster, He died December 21, 1765. 

Fijth Generation^ Xoah Webster^ bom March 25, 1722, married January 
la, 1749, Mercy Steele, 

(John Steele came from Englatid ^ith vrife Rachel, to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1632 ; Hartford, Conn., 1636. He died 1664. She died 1653. 

Second Generation, John Steele, bom in England, married January 22, 
1646, Mercy Warner, daughter of Axdrkw Warnkr, of Hadlcy, ^lass., 
from England. He died 1653. 

Third Generation, Samuel Steele, born March 15, 1652, married Septem- 
ber 16, 1680, Mercy Bradford. 

(William Bradford, boru 1590, at Austcrfield, Yorkshire, England, 
came in ship •' 3Iay flower," to Pl^TUOuth, Mass., 1620; governor, 1631. 
Died May 9, 1657. 

Second Generation, William Bradford, boru June 17, 1624 ; representa- 
tive, 1657 ; assibtaut, 1658 ; deputy -governor ; married Alice Richards^ 
daughter of Thomas Richards, of Weymo«itti, Maa»s., froiu England. She 
died December 12, 167 1. He died February 20, 1704. 

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Third Ciiicration^ J/i'nv Htwdjonl^ bom SciUcinhcr 2, 1660, niarriotl 
Samuel StccU\ wlio ilied 1710. ^Irs. Mercy Sitc)c died 1720. 

Fourth Gcncrciiio):^ Eliphtxlct Sh\'/t', born June 23, 1700, innvned . 

Fi/O't Ocncralion^ Mcny StttlL\ born 17:- 7, married Xoah U\'bstcf\ She 
died October 5, 1794. He dictl November 19, 1S13. 

Fifth Ci')icratwfi, Xoah U'cbstcr^ bom October x6, 175S, (the lexicog- 
rapher) married October 26, 17S9, /\t'bcLiii Grtit:U\i/, 

Sixth Cciwration^ Fraiiics J. Webster^ bom , married Chaunay A. 


Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
604S. Kcv. Chauncey Goodrich, boru 1S16. 
6019. Edward C. Goodrich, boru xSi8. 
OTioO. William H. Goodrich, boru 1S20. 
COjI. Julia Goodrich, born 1S22. 
6052. Frances Goodrich, boru 1S25. 

[4457.] Nancy Goodrich, daughter o{ Eliziir Goodrich (2942) 
and Anne \V, Allen, married Henry L, Elhicorth, 

[JosiAU Eu^NVORTic came" froui England to Windsor, Conn., married 
November 16, 1654, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Hoi.comb, from Eng- 
laud. Josiah Ellsworth died August 20, 16^9. 

Second Generation, Thomas Ellsworth, born September 6, 1665, married 
December 9, 1696, Sarah . 

Third Generation, iniliam Ellsworth, born April 15, 1702, married 
June 16, 1737, Jfarj' Oliver. 

(Thomas Oliver came from Bristol, England, with wife Anne, to Bos- 
ton, ^lass., 1632. He died June i, 1658, aged ninety. 

Second Generation, Peter Oliier, born in England, 161S, was a merchant 

in Boston. He married , 1643, Sarah, daughter of JOHX Xewdigate, 

of Boston, from England, with wife Anne. Peter Oliver was captain of 
Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, and died .April 11, 1670. Mrs. 
Sarah Oliver died October 9, 1692. 

Third Generation, Xathaniel Oliver, born March S, 1652, married Janu- 
ary 3, 1677, Elizabeth Dratlle, born February 6, 163S, daughter of Tuomas 
Brattle, of Charlestown, from England, who married , 1656, Eliza- 
beth Tyttjr^ bom in England, 1638, daughter of William Tync, of Boston, 
from London, England. 

Fourth Generation, James Oliier^ born October 27, 1687, married Janu- 
ary II, 1707, Rebecca Lloyd, ddugUter of Jami-cs Lr.ovn, of Boston, from 
England, who married November 3, 1691, ktbeeca Leverett. 

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(Thomas Lkvkrett came from Rostoii, Kiii^laiKl, in ship '* Grillin,** to 
Boston, Mass., 1633, with wife yin/ic; was niling elder, aud died October 
16, 1656. 

Second Generation^ John Lczcrcti^ born in l-jii^land, 1616, married May 
13, 1640, Hannah Hudson^ daughter of Rali'II IIcdson, of Boaion, from 
EngUufl. He married (secoml wife) 1645, Sarah SrJ^icick, sister of General 
Robert Sedgwick, from England. John I.cvcroit was deputy-governor, 
1671 to 1673; governor to his death, March 16, 1679. ^^ '676, "King 
Charles Knighted him, but he had sense enough to keep it secret/* 

Third Generation^ Rebecca Leverett^ boni Docombcr 5, 1664, married 
James Lloyd, His first wife was Griselda, daughter of Nathaniel Sylves- 
ter, of Shelter Island. 

Fifth Generation^ Mary Oliicr^ born November 21, 1712, married Wil- 
liam Ellsworth, 

Sixth Generation, Oliver Eiiszcorth, born 1744, Chief Justice of United 
States, married Abigail U'olcotf. (See 2353.) 

Seventh Generation, Henry L. Etlsicorth, born November 10, 1791, 
married I^^aucy Goodrich. He was U. S. Commissioner of patenis, Wash- 
higton, D. C, and died December 27, 1S5S. Mrs. Nancy Ellsworth died 
In Lafayette, Ind., January 14, 1S47. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0053. Henry W. Ellsworth, born 18 14. 
C05-1. Edward Ellsworth, bora iSi6. 
GO55. Annie G. Ellsworth, bora 1S19. 

Annie G. Ellsworth dictated the first message sent over the line of the 
first electric telegraph, from Washington to Baltimore, '* What hath God 

[44 SBi] Sarah IV, Goodrich, daughter of Samuel Goodrich 
(2944) and Elizabeth Ely, married Amos Cooke, born October 11, 
1773, son oi Joseph P. Cooke, of Danbur}', Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(XUSt^, Elizabeth Cooke, born 1774, married Richard W. Stiles. 
6057. Joseph P. Cooke, born 1776, M. D., died 1S35. 

Amos Cooke died May 13, iSio. She married (second husband) June 21, 
1815, Ferdinand Wolcott. 

[Hexhy Wolcott came from Somersetshire, England, with his wife 
Elizabeth, to Dorchester, Mass., 1630 ; removed to Windsor, Conn., 1635 ; 
magistrate, and died May 30, 1655. Mrs. Elizabeth Wolcott died July 
7. 1655. 

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dj:sckndaxts of jo/in portkk. 

Second (j'ennation^ Simon iroUoit^ born 1625, married October 17^ 1661, 
J/ati/ta PUkitt, sister of Wirjj.vM Pitkin, of Hartford, Couti., from Kug- 
laxid. Simon Wokolt died September it, 16S7. She died October 13, 1719. 

Third Ccftcraiiofit jRogcr ll'olcott^ born January 2S, 1679 ; governor of 
Connecticut ; general of colonial forces at the conquest of Louisburg, 1745 ; 
married December 3, 1702, Sarah I)rakt\ daughter oi Job Drake, of Wind- 
sor. He died May 17, 1767. 

Fourth Generation^ Oliver IVolcott^ born November 20, 1726, married, 
1756, Lorana Collins. 

Fifth Generation^ Ferdinand Wolcott, bom November 2, 1767, married 
Sarah W, Goodrich. Residence, Litchfteld, Conn. State senator, judge, 
clerk of Supreme Court, died June 2S, 1S37. Mrs. Sarah Wolcott died Sep- 
tember 14, 1S42. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6058. Charles M. Wolcott, bom Nov. 20, 1S16, married ^I. E. Goodrich (6067.) 

6059. Heun- G. Wolcott, bora November 4, 1S20. 

60G0. Mar>' F. Wolcott, born July 9, 1S23, married Theodore Frothingham. 

[44BDi] Abigail Goodnch^ daughter of Samuel Goodrich 
(2944) and Elizabeth Ely, married Nov. 10, 180S, Rev. Samuel 

[John Whittlesev came from England to Saybrook, Conn., married 
June 20, 1664, Kuth Dudley, bom April 20, 1645, daughter of William 
Dudley, who came from Ockley, county Surry, England, to Guilford, 
Conn., 1639. John Whittlesey died April 15, 1704. She died September 

Second Generation, Samuel Whittlesey, born 16S6; Yale College 1705; 
minister at Wallingford, Conn., married July i, 1712, Sarah Chauncey. 

(Rev. Charles Chauncey, born at Yardley, county Hertz, England, 
1592; Trinity College, Cambridge, A. M. 1617, came to Plymouth, Mass., 
December—, 1637; president of Harvard College; died Febmary 19, 1672. 
His wife was Catherine, daughter oi John Slille, bishop of Bath and Wells. 
She died January 24, i663. 

Second Generation, Rev. jVathaniel Chauncey, born 1639 ; Harvard Col- 
lege 1661 ; minister at Windfsor, Conn. ; married Xovember 12, 1673, Abigail 
Strong, daughter of Elder John Strong, of Windsor, from England. Rev. 
Nathaniel Chauncey died Xovember 4, 16S5. 

Third Generation, Sarah Chauncey^ born September 15^ 1683, married 
Samuel Whittlesey . He died April 15, 1752. 

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Third GenaaiioM, Siiwuel U'hiUIestyt boru July lo, 17 13, iiiamcd Sep- 
tember 3 1, 1743, SnsanHah Xt*xcioti. Residence, Milford, Conn. He died 
October 22, 176S. She died May 10, 1803. 

Fourth Gcficratioftf Ro^cr Xcu-ion UliiitU'sc\\ born February 24, 1754, 
mtrried April 20, 1775, A fine Woo J ruff. Residence, South Farms, Conn, 
lie died March 15, 1S35. She died November 7, 1S25. 

Fifth Generation^ Samuel Whittlesey, born Pccember iS, 1775. married 
Koveniber 10, iSoS, Abigail Goodrieh, He was a minister iu New York 
City, and died April 15, 1S42. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
liOGl. Samuel G. Whittlesey, boru November S, 1809, married Auuc C. Mills. 
60G2. Charles C. Whittlesey, born September 12, ii>i2. 

60G3. Elizabeth Whittlesey, boru September 29, 1S15, married J. W. Tillmau. 
fiUW. Henry M. Whittlesey, born August 12, 1S21. 
©1)05. Charles A. Whittlesey, bom October 20, 1S23. 
flOGC. Emily C. Whittlesey, boru Jan. 17, 1825, married Rev. Lucius Curtis. 

[4DB3i] Samuel Gnsuvld Goodrich, son of Samuel Goodrich 
(?944) and Elizabeth Ely, married Adeline Gratia Bradley, daugh- 
ter of 5/^///^;* R. Bradley, Under the name of *' Peter Parle}''* 
he was author of over one hundred books for youth. Consul in 
Paris 185 1 ; died in New York City May 8, 1S60. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
eOC7. Mary £. Goodrich, bom Oct. 26, 181S, married C. M. Wolcott. (605S) 
GUG8. Fraacis B. Goodrich, bom December 4, 1S26. "Dick Tinto." 
COGO. Emily L. Goodrich, boru , 182S, married Nathaniel Smith. 

[4473.] Alonzo A. \V1iitney, son of Abram / WJiitney 

(2961) and Philena Adams, married in Danby, N. Y., Fanny Pills. 
Residence, Corning, N, Y. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation ] 
6070. Nelson Whitney, bora Jan. 15, 1S42, Quarter- Master third Penu. vols. 

[4474.] Chloe H. Whitney, daughter of Abram J. IV/iitney 

(2962) and Philena Adams, married at Coxsackic, X. Y., January 
I, 1826, Christopher Deyoe. Residence, Caton, Steuben Co. 

Their children were [being of tli« tiinth generation :] 
(5071. Philena Deyoe, born February 14, 1S29, married Earl W. Fuller. 
£072. Alonzo Deyoe, boru June 30, 1S35, married Cliarlotte ^I. Cooper. 

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C073. James M. Deyoe, bom April 7, 1S3S, marrioil Lu:uiu:i Davciiiiort. 
W)74. Kiiiiicc Dcyoc, born Jul)- 14, 1S40. married Dr. Horace Gilbert. 

[4475.] ElohaG, ir7^//;;n', daiighier of --/Mz;;/ /. Whihicy 
(2C)6i) and P/if/c?i(j Adams^ married in Dauby, N. Y., November 
8, 1S27, Oliver \Vilki7isoji, o{ Townsheiid, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0075. Pliilena Wilkinson, born March iS, 1S29. 
C070. Clark R. Wilkinson, bom May 13, 1S30. 
C077. Vesta Wilkinson, bom ^larcll 6, 1S36, married Ranncy Howard. 

[447B.]/<7///t'j/.. \Vhif?uy, sow oi A bram J. Wh i hi cy {2(^61) 
ZfxA Pliiiena Adams, married in Wellsville, N. Y., 1827, Hannah 
Wcstcoii, Residence, Susquehanna, Pa. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6078. Edgar M. Whitney, born September 20, 1S2S, inarried Harriett Newell. 
(i07l>. Oliver W. Whitney, born Januar}* a, 1S30, married Lucy W. Babcock. 
CQSO. Lucy M. Whitney, born Febmary 2, 1S32, married Dyer Towers. 

[4430.] Pcfer /. Whiinty, son o( Zera/i Whilney (2963) and 
Jane Demondy married at Clarence, N. Y., Betsey Porter ^ daughter 
oi James Potter, (2165.) Residence, Clarence Hollow, X. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
COSl. Zcrah P. Whitney, born Sept. 22, 1S36, married Charlotte McKenney. 
C0S2. Pbcbe J. Whitney, born October 15. 1S39, married ^I. R. Adams. 
60S3. William B. Whitney, bom ^lay 27, 1842, married Laviuia McBride. 
60SI. Edwin F. Whitney, born August 14, 1S44, married Harriett L. Burton. 
6085. Helen A. Whitney, boru March 14, 1S46, married Philip Lyou. 
C08C. Julius J. Whitney, bom June 14, 1S47. 
60S7. Frances ^L Whiiney, boru August 21, 1S52, married George Coming. 

6088. Elizabeth L. Whitney, bom Nov. iS, 1856, married G. T. Yeomaus. 

6089. May Whitney, born May 15, 1859. 

6090. Parley A. Wliitney, bora April 15, 1852. 

[4461.] Oscar F. Whitney, son oi Zcrah Whitney (2963) and 
Jane Dcmond, married at Clinton, Mich., March — , 1857. Resi- 
dence, Austerlitz, N. Y. He died March — , 1859. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
60UL George Whitney, boru 185S. 
6002. Francis Whitney, born 1S60. 

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diKU. Emily J. Whitney, bom 1662. 
Ofj04. Oscar N. Wliiiuey, boru I^64. 

[44B2.] A'^ra Uluinc\\ son of ZcrcJi Ul:ifnry {2^^:;) and 
/tf/ir Danond^ married at Shcnuau, Mich., March 12, 1^42, Hat- 
ritit E. Dupuy, He was a soldier in war of tlie Rcbolion. 

Their children were [being of the ninth i;cneraiion :] 
fti95. Charles F. Wbimey, born January 27, 1S45, xuarried Millie D, Rowe, 
W>>^, Alonzo E. WTiitucy. born April 16, 1647. 
(k>97. Frederick Whitney, born December 25, 1S49, 
fii'iOS. Caroline Whitney, boni October 5, 1S51. 

[4483.] Abraham J. Whitney, son of Zxrah Whitucy (-965^ 
wAJane Demand, married Julia A, Morse. He serveil in Mcxi- 
can war, United States iufantrj-, at Monterey, Vera Cmz, Con- 
treras, Cherubusco, Chepultepec, Molino-del-Rey, and City of 
Mexico. In wax of Rebellion, captain Fir^t Michigan, at RuU 
Run, Fair Oaks, Seven Pines, Harrison's Landing, &c. 

[4517.] William C Strong, son of Elnaihan Stron^: i^cfio) 
zxiAJane Chamberlain, married June 11, 1S50, Margaret B reck. 

[Edward Breck, from Ash ton, Devonshire, England, Dorchester, 1636. 
He died Noventber, 1662. 

Second Generation, Captain John Breck, bom 1741, married Susannah 
. He died 169 1. 

Third Generation, Rev. Robert Breck, boru December S, 16S2 ; IIar\*ard 
College 1700; was minister at Marlboro, Mass. ; he married Elizabeth U'ain- 

(Francis Waixwricht, from England, with his wife PJiUlippa, Boston, 
Mass. Died in Salem, ^lay 19, 1692. 

Second Generation, Francis Wainivri^ht, born Augustas, 1664; Harvard 
College; married Sarah Whipple, born 166S, daughter of Jons Whipple, 
of Ipswich. Major Wainwright died August 3, 1711. Mrs. Sarah Wain- 
Wright died March x6, 1709. 

Third Generation, Elizabeth IVainwright, bom , 1690, married 

Rev. Bobert Breck. 

Fourth Generation, Rev. Robert Breck, born , 1713; Harvard Col- 
lege 1730; married Eunice Brewer. 

(Daniki. BkKWER, from England, with \n% wifc/ww^ffT, Roxliury, Mass., 
1632. He died , 1646. Shi: died I\brii.iry 7, ir>S9, 

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Second Gt'iieratiofi^ Ddnicl /ifeua\ born in ICiijjjlaiul, marrit'tl Xovcmhev 
5, 1652, Hannah MorpiH, tlaugbier of Isaac Mokkiij, and ^^ifc Sara/:, of 
Roxbury, from Etiglaiul. 

Third Generation^ Rev. Daniel Brezcer, bom Fcbruan* 7, 1669 ; Hanard 
College 16S7 ; ordained minislcr in Springfield, Mass., 16S7 ; niaxricd August 
23, 1699, Catherine Chaitnccy, bom January 12, 1676, dauiijhter of Rev. Xa- 
thaniet Chaunce\\ of Windsor, Conn., and Abii^ail Strong, daughter of 
Klder John Strong, of Windsor. Rev. Nathaniel Chauucey died 1733. 
Mrs. Nathaniel Chauncey died 1754. 

Fourth Generation^ Enniee Dreicer, born Alay 20, 1707, married April 
28, 1736, Rev. Robert Dreek. 

Fifth Generation, John Jtreeh, bom , 1740, married Clarissa Allen^ 

daughter of Rev. Thowas Alien, of Pittsfield, I^Iass., and Elizabeth Lee, 
daughter of Ktw Jonathan Lee and Elizabeth J/etatt/. (See elsewhere.) 

Si.rth Generation, Marina ret Breck^ boru , married Willidin C. 

Sirong. Residence, Brighton, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
G09U. Henr>- B. Strong, born July 20, 1851. 

6100. ^largaret B. Strong, born August — , 1S63. 

6101. Martha J. Sirong, born October — , 1S66. 

[4 513 .] Rev. Elnalhan Strong, son of Elnathan Strong (29S0) 
and Jane Chamberlain ; Dartmouth College 1852 ; Theological 
Seminar}' 1855; married December 16, 1856, Elizabeth G. Mitchell, 
daughter of Rev. Daniel M, Mitchell, of Natick. Rev. E. Strong 
was pastor of church at South Natick, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ningth generation :] 

6102. Annie C. Strong, born September 7, 1S5S. 
C103. William E. Strong, bora April 9, 1S60. 

[4564.] Charles Phelps Huntington, son of Rev. Dan Hun- 
tington and Elizabeth W, Phelps, (3063) married October 28, 1827, 
Helen S. Mills. 

[Simon* Mills, of Windsor, Coun., married Februar>' 23, 1660, Mary 
Bucll, bora September 3, 1642, daughter of Willian Bukll, of Windsor, 
from England. Removed to Simsbury, Conn. 

Second Generation, John Mitts,,hQm June 23, 166S, married 16S9, Sarah 
Pettebone, bora September 24, 1667, daughter of John rEiTiiuoNK, of Wind- 
sor, from England, who married February 13, 1665, Sarah Ei^i^teston, born 
March 28, 1643, daughter of BicoD Ecoi.r.s'foN, of Windsor, from England. 

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y^irJ Ccneraiion, Dvrtjamiu Mi/Is, lx>rn IKccinbor 23, 1697, uiariicil — 

Fourth Cenaatioft^ Rev. /icttj\imiu Milis^ born October iS, 1739, mar- 
ried September 12, 1768, ^fary Hunt, 

(Jonathan" IIlnt, of Xorihampton, Mass., from Kuglaiid, iiiarriecl Sep- 
tember 3, 1662, CUmcnce Hosmcr^ daughter of Thomas IIo5^tKR, of Hart- 
ford, Coua., from ICtigland. 

Second Generation^ Jonathan Ilunt^ born January 20, 1666, married 
1693, Martha WUliatns. 

(RouKRT Williams, from county Norfolk, Kngbnd, with wife Elizabeth, 
Roxbury, Mass., 1637. 

Second Genera t ion , Rev. Isaac irHtiants, born , 1636, married , 

1660, Martha Parke^ bora July 26, 1637, daughter of Wii.uam Parke, of 
Roxbury, from Kuglaud, 163 1, who married 1636, Martha Hol^rave, daugh- 
ter of John Holgrave, of Salem, ^tass., from Eni;;land. 

Third Generation^ Martha IVilliams, boru December 27, 1663, married 
ifufi, Jonathan Hunt, 

Third Generation^ Jonathan Hunt, boru October 26, 1702, married 
August 26, 1724, Thankful St rons^, doLUghier of Jerijah Strong- and Thank- 
ful Stebdins, Residence, Northampton, Mass. 

Fourth Generation, Mary Hunt, boru June 26, 1739, married Rev. Ben- 
jamin Mills, 

' Fifth Generation, Elijah Hunt Mills, born December i, 1776, graduated 
Williams College ; United States Senator 1S20-7 ; lawyer in Northampton, 
Mass., married Septembers, 1S04, Harriett Blake, bora December 4, 17S0, 
daughter oi foseph Blake, of Boston, Mass. She died Fcbraar>' 9, 1S71. 

Sixth Generation, Helen Sophia Mills, bora August 24, 1806, married 
October 28, 1827, C. P, Huntington, Mrs. Helen Iluutinglou died March 
30^ 1844. I^e married (second wife) January 2, 1847, Elizabeth Crcenough. 

(WlifUAM Gref.nough, from England to Boston, 3Iass. ; mariner. He 
tuarried October 10, 1660, Ruth Szvift, born August 24, 1643, daughter of 
Thomas Swift, of Dorchester, Mass., from England, who married 1634, 
Elizabeth Capcn, daughter of Bernard Capex, of Dorchester, from Eng- 
land, whose wife was daughter of Omvkr PLkciiAS, of Dorchester, from 
England. William Grcenough died August 6, 1693. Mrs. Ruth Greenough 
died January 26, 167S. 

Second Generation, John Greenough, boru Febraary 17, 1672, married 
October 18, 1693, Elizabeth Grosse. 

(Isaac Grossk, from Englaud to Boston, Mass., 1635, died 1649. 

Second Generation, Edmund Grosse, born tu England, married 1640-1, 
Catherine . 

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Third Ct'tit'iaiioit, 'JViomas Onfsst', bom — , 1647-S, married — , 1670-1, 
FMzahM . 

Fourth Ccncralioft, Elizabeth Crosse^ bom January 22, 1674, married 
John Grecnous^h, 

Third Generation, Thomas Greenough, bom ^lay 6, 17 10, uiarricd 1735, 
Martha Ctarhe, daughter of Wiliiatu Clark i\ of Uostoii, Mass. She died 
174S. He died Augu:>L i6» 17S5. 

Fourth General ion ^ John Greenou^h, bom April 4, 1742; Yale College 
1759, uiarricd October 16, 1766, J/ehitiiM Dillini^hani, of IIar\\-icU, ^lass. 
Residence, Wellfleel, Mass. John Grocnoiigh died July — , 17S1. ^Irs. Me- 
bitabel Greeuougb died August 25, 1795. 

Fifth Generation, David Greenongh, born June 24, 1774, married October 
4, 1799, Elizabeth Dender, of Marlboro', Mass. Residence, Boston, ^lass. 

Sixth Generation, Elizabeth Greenough, bom ^larch 2S, 1S14, married 
C. P. Huntington. He was judge of Supreme Court, and died in Boston 
January 30, 1S6S. 

Their cliiklren were []>eing of the ninth generation : 
6104. Helen F. Hunliiigion, bom July 7, 1831, married Josiah P. Quincy. 
610). Charles \V. Huntiugton, born September 22, 1S34. 

6106. Elijah H. Huuiingtou, bom July 22, 1S36. 

6107. Bertha Huntinglou, born July 22, 1S3S. 
610$. Mary £. Huntington, born May 19, 1840. 

6109. Edward S. Huntington, born April 3, 1S43. 

6110. Henry G. Huntington, born November 24, 1S4S. 

6111. Laura C. Huntington, born September 15, 1S49. 

[4655.] Elizabeth P. Huntington, daughter of Rev. Datt 

Huntington and Elizabeth IF. Phdps^ (3063) married , George 

Fisher. He was born in Franklin, Mass., May 17, 1798, son of 
Daniel Fisher, Residence, Oswego, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6112. Eliiabcth P. Fisher, born March 19, 1S25, married John Sessions. 

6113. Frederick P. Fisher, ) ^ ,^ « ^ « f died unmarried iSSo. 
« , ^ . ,. ^- , \ boru May i^, 1S28. \ 

6114. Francis P. Fisher, ) ^^ ( marned .\nnie E. Crane. 

6115. George H. Fisher, born August i, 1830, married Emma Chichester. 
0116. Catherine W. Fisher, bom June 9, 1S34, married F. A. Baker. 

61.17. Edward T. Fisher, bom December 16, 1S36, married Ellen B. Thayer. 

[45 SB.] William P. Hunlingfon, son of Rev. Dan Hnni- 
ington and Elizabeth W, Phelps, (3063) graduate Harvard College 

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1824. He married, about 1S26, Lucy EdiKards, daughter of Lulhcr 
\\ Edwards and Hannah Bonncll, daughter of Nathaniel Bonncll, of 
of Chesterfield, Conn., a descendant of Wii.uam Boxnelt., of 
New Haven, Conn., from England, wiu) married Anne U'ihnoi, 
daughter of Bexjamix \Vii,mot, of New Haven, from England. 

Luther Edwards was a descendant oijohn EdxL'ards, of Weath- 
ersfield. Conn., who married May 15, 1707, Lucy Dcming, born 
Fcbruar>' 10, 16S1, daughter oi Jonathan and grand-daughter of 
John Demixg, of Weathersfield, from England. 

John Edwards born May 30, 1679, was son oi Joseph Edu'ards 
born August 8, 1647, son of Alexander Edwards, from Wales, 
to Springfield, Mass., 1640, who married April 2«, 1642, Sarah, 
(widow of John Searle), daughter of Svlvestkr Baldwix, who 
came from England, in ship *' Martin,*' 1638, dying on the voy- 
age, his widow and children settling in Milford, Conn. 

W. P. Huntington lived in Waterloo, Wis. Teacher. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
01 IS. Lucy B. Huntington, born 1S2S. 
6110. WilHaui £. Huutiugtou, born 1S30. 
6120. Helen M. Huntington, born 1S32. 
€12L Catherine F. Huntington, bom 1S35. 

6122. Frederick S. Huntington, bom 1838. 

6123. Flora Huntington, bom 1S40. 

[46BDi] Theophilus P. Huntingion, son oi Rev. Da7i Hunt- 
ington and Elizabeth W. Phelps, (3063) married 1841, Elizabeth 
Fitch Lyon, daughter of Rev. Walter Lyon, of Ponifrct, Conn., 
who married ^Mary Huntington. 

[Simon Huntingtox, from England. 

Second Ccncration, Simon Huntington, married 1653, Sarah Clarke. 

Third Generation, Samuel Huntington, born ^larch 7, 1665, married 
Afary Clarke, born June 18, 1669, daughter of William Clarke, of Weath- 
ersfield, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Huntington, born August 28, 1691, married 
Hannah Metcalf. 

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Fifth Gciwnition^ William IluUiia^lon, boru Aii^'u^t 20, 1732, niarricil 
October 27, 1757, fU'thia Throop^ born December iS» 1738, tlau^liler of DkXh 
'tkivop^ of Lebanon, Conn., who married October 27, 1737, Smaunah Cannc^ 
daughter o( Daiid 0/r;*i', of Bristol, Mass., v.howas son of John CARiiwr:, 
(pronoiiticcd Carey,) from England to Kridgwuler, M;iss., who married June 
— , 1644, Elizabeth Godfrey^ daughter of 1*kancis GoDrKUV, from England. 
Sixth Gcjuration^ Mary llnutifigton^ born August 18, 1761, married 
I777i Rev. Waller Lyon, 

Sctvnth GcHcratiofi^ Samuel II, Lyon, born 17S0, married , Maria 


Eighth Generation^ Elizabeth F, Lyon^ boru October 16, 1S17, married 
T, P, Huntington, Residence, Hadley, Mass. He died July 20, 1S62. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6124. Walter E. llunlinijlon, boni May 27, 1842. 

6125. Maria \V. Huntington, boru March 9, 1845. 
6120. Edmund I). Iluutiugton, boru January i, 1S47. 

[45 B4.] Frederick D, Huntington^ son of Rev. Dan Hunt- 
ington and FAizabeth IK Phelps, (3063) Bishop of Central New- 
York, residence Syracuse, married November 21, 1842, Harriett 
Dane Sargent, 

[WiLUAM Sarc>:xt, boru iu Exeter, Dc%onshire, England, went to 
Bridgtown, Island of Barbadoes. He married Mary Epcs, 

Second Generation, William Sargent, bom iu Bristol, England, came to 
New England, he married June 21, 167S, Mary Duncan, daughter of Peter 
Duncan, of Dorchester, Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, Epes Satgent, boru 1690, married April i, 1720, Cath- 
nine Maccarty, daughter of Floruncr Maccarty and wife Elizabeth, of 
Boston, from England, one of the founders of the first Episcopal church in 
New England. Epes Sargent removed to Salem, Mass., and died Decem- 
ber 6, 1762. 

Fourth Generation, Epes Sargent, born 1721, married Catherine Osboni, 
born November 2T, 1722, daughter of /<;//;/ Osborn, of Boston, and Sarah 

(John Woodbirv, of Somersetshire, England, with wife yJgnes, Salem, 
Mass., 1636; died 164T. 

Second Generation, Peter Woodbury, boru Se])tember 20, 1640, married 

1666, Sarah Dodge, l>orn , 1644, daughter of RiciiARD Dodgk and wife 

Edith, of Salem, from England. 

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Third GcMt'ra/i'oii, Sara^i H'oobiin\ born , inanitMl John OAhotu. 

lie was ^ou oi John Osdorn and graml-soii of Riciiaki> O^noKN, from ICaj;- 
laiid lo New Uaveu, Conn., 163S-9; Fairfield, Couu., 1653, where he had a 
grant of land for service iu the Pequot war. 

/'(/y/f Cencralion^ John O. S^it'gint^ boru , married , 17S0, LyJia 


(Rkgixai«d Foster, with wife Judith, from ICngland, Ipswich, Mass., 
J63S. She died October — , 166.^. He died May — , 16S1. 

Second Generation, Jacob Foster, born , 1635, married February 26, 

1667, Abigail Lord, born 1646, daughter of Roeurt Lord, of Ipswich, from 
Kngland. Jacob Foster died July 9, 1710. Mrs. Abigail died June 4, 1729. 

Third Generation, Joseph Foster, born September 14, 16 So, married July 
— , 1712, Mary Cresscy, boru July 7, 16S6, daughter of John Cressey, who 

married , 16S5, Siirah Gaines, daughter oi John Gaines and J/ary Tred- 

U'ff/, daughter of Thomas TREmvF.rj., of Ipswich, ^, from Ivngland. 
jascph Foster died February 22, 1755. 

Fourth Generation, Joseph Foster, born February 14, 1714, married 
November 12, 1735, Ilamuh Trask, who died April 11, 178:5. He died Fcb- 
uar)' 27, 1767. Deacon, town clerk, etc. 

Fifth Generation, Lydia Foster, boru ^larch 8, 1757, married , /. O, 


Sixth Generation, Eipes Sargent^ bom 17S4, married July 2, 182 1, Mary 
O, Lincoln, 

(Thomas Lincol:c, from Norfolk, England, Ilingham, Mass., 1636, mar- 
ried Avis Lane, daughter of William Lane, of Dorchester, from Euglaud. 
He died September 23, 1691. Mrs. Avis Lincoln died February 13, 16S3. 

Second Generation, Benjamin Lincoln, boru May 7, 1643, married Fcb- 
utry 6, 1667, Sarah Fearing, bom July 9, 1649, daughter of John Fkaring, 
from England. Benjamiu Lincoln died ^lay 14, 1665. 

Third Generation, Denjamin Lincoln, born , 167 1, married , 1691, 

Mary LfZi;is, boru December 4, 1667, daughter of Nathaniel Lexvis, and 
grand-daughter of Edmund Lewis, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Benjamin Lincoln, born , 1699, married , 

Mary Loring 

(Thom.vs Loring, from Axminster, Devonshire, England, with wife Jane, 
to Hingham, Mass., 1634-5. He died in Hull, April r, i66t. She died 
August 25, 1672. 

Second Generation, John Loring, born in England, married December 
16, 1657, Mary Baker, daughter of N.vthanikl Bakkr, of Ilingham. He 
died September 19, 1714. She died July 13. 1679. 

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Third Gaicraiion, Isaac Lorhi^r^ bom J:iiuuir>- 22, 1666. liveil in Host on. 
He married August 5, 1691, Sarah yotif/jj". Resiileixce Sudbury, Mass. 

Fourth Generation ^ Mary Lorin^^ born February 2, 1702, married i?tvi- 
Jamiu Lincoln. 

Fifth Generation^ Hannah Lincoln^ boru , married , Abner 

Lincoln f of Ilingbani, Mass., sou of Ihiiid Lincoln ^ boni September 22, 
166S, sou oi Stephen Lincoln ^ boru iu England, who married February — , 
1660, Elizabeth Hazcke^ boru July — , 1639, daughter of Matthkw Hawke, 
of llinghaui, Mass., from Kngland, with wife JAir^aret, 163S. Stephen 
Liticolu was a sou of Sthpiikn Lin'COI«n, from Wyudham, couuty Norfolk, 
Eugland, to Ilingham, Mass., 163S. 

Sixth Generation f Mary Otis Lincoln , born July 6, 1795, married Fpes 

Seventh Generation^ Harriet D, Sargent, boru , married Rev. F, 

/>. Huntington. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6127. George P. Huntington, boru July 3, 184.^. 

6128. Arria S. Iluutiugton, bom June 22, 1S4S. 
6120. James O. Huntington, born Fcbruarj' 23, 1S50. 

6130. William Huntington, boru July — , 1856. 

6131. Ruth G. Huntington, born November 3, 1S59. 

6132. Mar>- L. Huntington, born November 13, 1S61. 

[4SB6i] Roxana Seldon^ daughter of Calvin Seldon, and 
Phebe Ely, (3070) married January 4, 181 2, Morisoft Jack, a 
planter at St, Bartholomew,' W. I. He was a descendant of 
Andrew Jack, Chester, N. H., from Fifcshire, Scotland, who 
married Mary Morison, daughter of Joiix Morisox, of London- 
derry, N. H., from Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6133. Elizabeth S. Jack, boru March xS, 18x4, married T. M. Partridge. 

6134. Margaret P. Jack, born October 25, 1S15, married A. R. Hetzel, of 
U. S. Army. 

Their son, ^lajor Samuel S. Hatzel graduated at West Poiut 1S57, Major 
of Volunteers, war of Rebclion. 

[4 SB 7.] Elisabeth Scldofi, daughter of Cahin Seldon, and 
Phebe Ely, (3070) married September 24, 1814, Joseph Spencer, of 
Rochester, N. Y., who died , 1823. She married, second 

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tiiMC, April 21, 1S31, Major .Imos />. Jiaton, son of Prof. Amos 
Jui/ofi, principal of the Rensselaer i^now Polytechnic) Institule, 
Troy, N. Y. A. B. Eaton graduated at West Point Military 

Academy , 1S26. Commissary U. S. A. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation,] 
6135. Klizabetli S. Sixfiicer, born Jauuary 5, 1S19, married EUsba Colt. 
013C. Ellen D. Eatou, born ^lay 19, 1S32. 
CI37. Daniel C. Katou, born September 12, 1S34. 
013S. Francis S. Eaton, born July iS, 1S36. 

[4SBBi Samuel Lee Scldon, son of Caivin SclJon, and 
Phcbc Ely, (3070) married July 27, 1S31, Susan Matilda Ward. 

[\Vi]:.i«iAM Ward, from England to Sudbury, Mass. 1639 » removed to 
Marlboro; represeutative; died August 10, 16S7. 

Second Generation, Richard Ward, born , 1635, married September 

8, 1661, Mary Moore, daughter of Jon x Moore, of Sudbury, from Englainl. 

Third Generation, Obediah Ward, horn December 10, 1663, married Doc. 
20, 1693, Joanna Mixer, daughter oi Isaac Mixer, of Watertowu, M;xss. 

Fourth Generation, Daniel Ward, born , 1700, married February 20, 

1732-3, Mary Stone, daughter of Daniel Stone, of Sudburj'. 

Fifth Generation, Wiltiam Ward, born November 20, 1733, lived in 

Worcester, ^lass. ; lieutenant iu war of 1755, married , 1764, Sarah 


(TuoMAS Trowbridge, from Taunton, Eng„ New Haven, Conn., 1640. 

Second Generation, James Troivbrid^e, born in England, married Janu- 
ary 30, 1674, Margaret Jackson, born June 20, 1649, daughter of John* Jack- 
sox, of Cambridge, 3Iass., from England. 

Third Generation, Wit Ham Trozcbridge, bom November 19, 1684, mar- 
ried , 1707, Sarah Ward, daughter of John Ward, sou of John and 

grand-son of William Ward, first named. 

Sixth Generation, Levi Ward, born April 27, 1772, M. D., married , 

1803-4, Sarah Putnam, of Pomfret, Conn. Removed to Palmyra, N. Y. 

Sezenth Generation, Susah M, Ward, born , 1S03, married S. L, 

Selden, He was judge of the Supreme Court of New York. Residence, 
Rochester. N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C130. Henry L. Selden, born 3ilarch iS, 1S46. " 
CUO. Samuel W. Selden, born September 4, 1847. 

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[467D.] IIcHty Rogers ScUcn, son of Call in Scldcn and 
Plu'bc FAi^ (3070) married September 25, 1S34, Laura A, Baldwin, 
lie was judge of appeals?, &c. Residence, Clarkson, X. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6U1. Julia C. Scldcu, boru Sepieinber 24, 1835. 
I»142. I^rouisa Scldcn, bom October 27, 1S37. 
CI 4.1 Mar>' G. Scldcn, born August 32, 1839. 
614-4. Uenr>' B. Scldcn. born June 30, 1S44. 
CM'). Laura A. Scldeu, boru October 7, 1S48. 
Cl-W. Arthur R. ScUlen, bom October 5, 1S50. 
C147. Percy L. Sclden, bora March 4, 1S53. 
CMS. David L. Selden, born April i, 1S57. 

[4 5 71.] Catherine Abiah Cleveland, daughter of George Cleve- 
land (3 1 1 2) and Caly Caldwell, married August 19, 18 10, Stmeo7i 

[Wii.UAM IIVDK, of Xorwich, Conn., from Kugland. 

Second Ccncratiou, S^itnitcl Ilydc, born , 1637, married June — , 1659, 

Jane Lcc, born in Hni^laud, daughter of Thomas, who came from 
ICnglaud in 1641, and dying on the voyage, his \ridow and children settled in 
Saybrook, Conn. Samuel Hyde died , 1677. 

Third Generation, John Hyde, boru December — , 1667, married March 
3, 169S, Experience Abel, daughter of Caleb Abel, of Norrsich, Conn. 

Fourth Generation, James Hyde, boru February 23, 1707, married De- 
cember 26, 1743. Sarah Marshall, 

(Thomas ^Iakshai.l, from England, Boston, Mass., 1630-3, died 1665. 

Second Generation, Samuel Marshall, boru in England, settled in Wiud- 
•or, Conn., and married May 6, 1652, Mary H'it/on, daughter of David 
WiLTOK, of Windsor; lieutenant in King Philip's war. Samuel Marshall 
was one of the live captains killed iu the ** great swamp fight," December 
19. 1675. 

Third Generation, Samuel lifarshall, boru May 27, 1653, married , 

1675, Rebecca Ke'uberry, 

(Thomas Newberry, from England, 1630. 

Second Generation, Benjamin Xezcberr}', bom in England, married June 
II, 1646, Mary Allyn, daughter of Matihew Allvn, of Winilsor, from 
England. He died September 11, 16S9. She died July 29, 1703. 

Third Generation, Rebecca Neivberry, born May 2, 1655, married 5a wii<r/ 

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Fourth GincnUion^ Abiel Marshall, bora , 16S2, uiarried November 

18, 1 70S, Abiah Hough. 

(WiiXiAM Hough, from Eugland, Gloucester, Mass., 1640, married 
October 28, 1645, Sarah Caulkins, daughter of Hugh Caulkixs, from Eng- 
Und ; removed to New London, Conn. 

Second Gate rat ton, John I lough ^ born Octol>er 17, 1655, married January 
17, 1680, Sarah Post^ born November 6, 1659, daughter of /tV/;/ Post, of Say- 
brook, who married , 1652, Hester Hydc^ daughter of William 

UVDB, from England. John was a son of Stephck Post, of Saybrook, 
from Bngland. ^^ 

Third Generation^ Abiah Hough, bom , married Ablel Marshall, 

Fourth Generation, Sarah Marshall, bom April 12, 1720, married James 

Fifth Generation, Jqmes Hyde, bora July 17, 1752, married April 5, 1774, 
Martha Nevins, of Non^-icb, Conn. James Hyde died April 9, 1S09. Mrs. 
James Hyde died , 1823. 

Sixth Generation, Sivieon Hyde, bom May 26, 17S4, married August 19, 
1810, Catherine A, Cleveland, He was a merchant in New York City. 
Died , 1S53. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6149. George C. Hyde, bora xSii, married Hcuirelta Thatcher. 

6150. Simeon P. Hyde, born 1813, died unmarried, 1S46. 

6131. Thomas S. Hyde, born 18 15, merchant in London, England. 

6152. Charles K. Hyde, bom 18 17, married Eugenia Fairfax. 

6153. Henry M. Hyde, born 1S20, married Agues Moran. 

6154. William C. Hyde, born 1822, married Eliza Mitchell. 

6155. Melancton W. Hyde, born 1825, married E. Stoutcnberg. 

6156. Katharine C. Hyde, born 1S27, married A. C. Coxe. 

6157. Marietta Hyde, born 1830, married N. Chamberlain. 

[467B.] Francis Cleveland, son of William Cleveland, (3113) 

and Margaret Falley, married , 18 19, Harriett Stewart, of 

Winchester, Va, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6158. Francis W. Cleveland, bom December 20, 1820, died 1853. 
6150. Harriett A. Cleveland, bom July 19, 1822, died 1855. 

[4680.] Rev. Richard F. Cleveland, son of William Cleve- 
land, (3 1 1 3) and Margaret Falley, graduate Yale College. Pastor 
of church in Windham, Conu., Caldwell, N. Y., and Holland 

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Patent, N. Y. He inairicd in Baltiniore, Md., September lo, 

1829, An?ia jVcii/t\ boni , iSo4» daughter of Abncr Alcaic of 

Baltimore, aud wife Bardara. R. F. Cleveland died October i, 
1853. Mrs. Aiiiia Clcvelaml died Juh' 19, 1SS2. 

Tlicir children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6U50. Anna N. Clevelaud. bom July 9. 1S30, inarrieil Rev. E. P. Hastings. 
61U1. William N. Cleveland, born April 7, 1S32, inarricd Anna Thomas. 
0162. Mary A. Cleveland, born November 6, 1S53. marrieJ \V. E. Hoyt 
61(13. Grovcr Cleveland, born March xS, 1S37, married Vrauces Kolsom. 
6l(U. Margaret L. Clevelaud, horn October 2S» 1S3S, married N. B. Bacou. 

6165. I^cwis F. Cleveland, bom May 21, 1S41, lost at sea 1S72. 

6166. Susan S. Cleveland, born September 2, 1S43, married L. T. Yeomans. 

6167. Rose E. Cleveland, bom June 13, 1S46. 

[4SBli] Margaret Cleveland, daughter of William Cleveland 
(31 13) and Margaret Falley, married February i, 1S25, Leicis 
Falley Allen, born Januar\' i, 1800, son of Samuel Allen, of 
Westfield, Mass., and Ruth Falley. 

(Richard Faixkv, a native of Guernsey, came in youth to Nova Scotia 
ivbere he married Anna Lamb. 

Second Generation, Richard Falley, born January 31, 1740 at George's 
River, Maine, was a drummer in war of 1755. He was taken prisoner at 
Fort Edward, on the Hudson, adopted by an Indian chief and taken to 
Montreal. He was bought from his captor, by a lady, for sixteen gallons of 
rum, and sent to his friends in Westfield, Mass. He was a captain at 
Bunker Hill, and afterwards superintendent of United States Amiory at 
Springfield, Mass. He married December 24, 1761-2 Margaret Hitchcock. 
(See 31x3,) She died in Fulton, X. Y., Febraar>- —, 1S20.. He died Sep- 
tember 3, 1S08. 

Third Generation, Matgaret Falley, bom November 15, X766, married 
Leuns /^ Allen, Residence, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
61CS. Richard C. .\llen, born Januarj- 25, 1831. 

6169. William C. Allen, bom ^larch 18, 1S34. 

6170. Margaret G. Allen, bora January 7, 1836. 

[4 SB 4.] Charles Dexter Cleveland, DD., LL. D., son of Rev. 
Charles Cleveland, (31 14) and Mchitahcl Tread-well, graduate of 
Dartmouth College, 1827. Professor in University of New York. 

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[% Principal of Young Ladies* Ss.*niinar>' in Philadelphia, Pa. He 
^married March 31, 1831 Alison A'/sM McCoskcy, daughter of 
Samuel A, McCoskey, of Carlisle. Pa., and grand-daughter of 
Rev. Charles Nisbcl, D. D., of Carlisle, president of Dickinsou 
College. Dr. Xisbet was a native of Scotland, and a graduate of 
University of Edinburgh. He died Jauuar}- iS, 1S04. Dr. C. D. 
Cleveland died in Philadelphia, August iS, 1S69. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0171. Samuel M. ClcvclauJ, born December 7, 1^537. 
(1172. Alison N. Cleveland, born November S, 1S39. 
(1173. Treadwell Cleveland, born April 6, 1S43. 
917'!. Mehitabel Cleveland, born April iS. 1S45. 

6175. Elizabeth Cleveland, born ^lay 3, iS^S, 

6176. Lucy Cleveland, born August iS, 1S50. 

[4586.] Julia Stewart Dodge, daughter of David L. Dodge 
and Sarah Cleveland, (31 16) married October i, 18 16, Joseph 
Carew Huntington, 

[Simon Huntington. (Sec 3063.) 
' Sceond Generation, Simon Hiiuiington, married Sarah Clark. 

Third Generation, Simon Huntington, born February 6, 1659, married 
October 3, 16S3 ^ydia Gager. 

(Wii<i«iAM Gager, a surgeon, from county Suffolk, England, to Boston, 
Mass., 1630. 

Second Generation, John Gager ^ born in England, settled in Norwich, 
Conn., with wife Elizabeth. 

Third Generation, Lydia Gager, bom , 1663, married Simon Hunt- 
ington. He died November 2, 1736. She died August 8, 1737. 

Fourth Generation, Joshua Huntington, born December 30, 169S, mar- 
ried October 16, 1718, Hannah Perkins. 

(John Perkins, of Xewent, Gloucestershire, England, came with bis 
yfiit Judith, in the ship "Lion," to Ipswich, Mass., 1631. Died , 1654. 

Second Generation. Jacob Perkins, born , 1624, married , 1659, 

Elizabeth . He died January 15, 17 14. 

Third Generation, Jabez Perkins, bom , 1669, married January 30, 

i^3i Hannah Lathrop. 

(Rev. JouN Lathrop, from England to Barnstable, Mass. 

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Second Gcfiem/ion, Samuel I/yJt\ bom , 1637, married Jauuary — , 

1659, JaneLce, born in ICiiyland, daughter of Thomas Lke, of Lyme, Coun., 
from Kiiglaud, 1 640-1. 

Third Generation^ John Hyde, boru December — , 1667, married March 
3, 1698, Experience Abcl^ boru December — , 1674, daughter of Calkb 
Abel, from Huglaud, to Dedham, Mass., who removed in 166S to Norwich, 
Conii., aud married July — , 1669, Margaret Post. 

(Stephen Post, from England, Cambridi^e, Mass., i634f removed to 
Hartford, Conn., thence to Say brook, Conn., and died August 16, 1659. 

Second Generation, John Post, boru in England, married — , Hester 
Hyde, daughter of Wiij.i.vM Hyde, before mentioned. Settled iu Norwich, 
Conn., and died November 27, 17 10. 

Third Generation, Margaret Post, boru February 21, 1653, married 
Caleb Abel. He died August 17, 1731. She died November — , 1700. 

Fourth Generation, Experience Abel, born December. — , 1674, married 
John Hyde, 

Fourth Generation, James Hyde, boru February 28, 1707, married Decem- 
ber 26, 1743, Sarah Marshall, bom , 1709, daughter of Abiel .yfarshall, 

and Abigail Hough, son of Samuel Marshall, (See 4571.) 

Fifth Generation, Sarah Marshall, boru , 1709, married James Hyde, 

who died April 24, 1793. She died November 3, 1773. 

Sixth Generation, James Hyde, born July 17, 1752, married April 5, 1774, 
Martha Nevins, He was a captain iu war of revolution, and died in Nor- 
wich, Conu., April 9, 1799. 

SeveJtth Generation, Erastus Hyde, bom Febmary 7, 1775, married Feb- 
uary 26, 1797, Fannie bell, daughter of Capt Joseph Bell, of Stonington, 
Conn. Residence, Norwich, Conn. He died , 1849. 

Eighth Generation, Caroline Hyde, born December 3, 1S04, married D. 
S. Do<1ge. Residence, New York City. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6183. Sarah F. Dodge, bom Febmary 23, 1S29. 

6184. Caroline M. Dodge, bom April 3, 1S31. 

6185. David L. Dodge, bom June 5, 1S34. 
6180. Harriett F. Dodge, born Jauuary S, 1836. 

6187. Mary S. Dodge, born January 5, 1841. 

6188. William K. Dodge, born January 23, 1S43. 
6180. Frederick N. Dodge, bom Febmary 6. 1845. 
6190. Joseph E. Dodge, bora February 19, 1S47. 

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[4 CBS.] William Earle Dod^c, son of David L. Dodge and 

\S^rah Cleveland, (311 6) married , 1S31, Melissa Phelps, 

|;diughtcr of Anson G, Phelps. Merchant in New York City. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation.] 
[ 1101. William E. Dodge, boni Jaiiuan- 15, 1S32. 

* ^\V2. Anson 1». Doili^c. bom .\ugu5t 15, 1S34. 

* 1193. David S. Dodge, born September 22, 1S36. 
llOi Charles C. Dodge, born September 16, 1S41. 

[ 1105. Norman W. Dodge, boru November 24, 1S46. 
9190. George F. Dodge, bom November 4, 1.S49. 
I' 1107. Arthur M. Dodge, born October 29, 1S52. 

[453 Di] Mary Abiah Dodge, daughter of David L, Dodge 
ind Sarah Cleveland, (3 116) married October 15, 182S, Norman 

[Klder JOHX White, from England, to Hartford, Conn. 

Second Gefteraiion, Daniel White, born in England, mamed November 
I, 1661, Sarah Crowe, bora March i, 1647, danghter of JoHX Crowe, of 

Hartford, who married , 1637-8, FJizabcth Good win, daughter of Elder 

WiiXiAM Goodwin, of Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation, Daniel White, bora July 4, 1671, married July 6, 1704, 
Anne Bisscll. 

(John Bissei^l, from England, to Windsor, Conn., died October 3, 1677, 
aged eighty-five. 

Second Generation, John Bissell, bora in England, married June 17, 
1658, Isabel Mason, daughter of Major John Mason, of Windsor, from 
England ; removed to Lebanon, Conn. 

Third Generation, Anne Bissell, born April 28, 1675, manied Daniel 

Fourth Generation, Joel White, bom April 6, 1705, married January 28, 
1736, Ruth Dart. 

(Richard Dart, came from England, with his wife Bethiel, New Lou- 
don, Conn., 1664. 

Second Generation, Daniel Dart^ bora May 3, 1666, removed to Bolton, 
Conn., and married August 4, 16S6, Elizabeth Douglas. 

(WiLUAM Douglas, came from England to Boston, Mass., with wife 
Anna,, 1640. She was a daughter of TiloM.vs Maybell, of Ringstead, 
Northamptonshire, England. Removed lo New Loudon, 1647. He died 
July — , 16S2. 

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Sffond Gvna'aiion^ U'Uliam J^ougfas, boru April r, i6.j5, married l)e- 
'Ctmber i8, 1667, Abiah //oug/t^ bom September 16, 1648, dingUter of 
WaUAM Hough. (See 457») He died ^larch 9, 1725. 

7)i/Vi/ Gcncraiion^ Elizabeth Douj^las^ bora , 166S, married Daniel 

Fourlk Generation^ Ruth Daii, born , 17 15, married Joel White, 

Fifth Generation^ Daniel Dart While, boru December 7, 1749, married 
J«uunry I, 1772, Sarah Hale, 

Sixth Generation^ Daniel White, born July 14, 1773, in Andover, Conn., 
married February 19, 1800, Eunice Stanley. 

(Timothy Stanley, brother of Thomas, (see John Porter, 2,) from Eng- 
Und with wife Elizabeth, died in Hartford, Conn., October 4, 164S. 

Second Generation, Caleb Stanley, born , 1640, married , 1665, 

/fanuah Cou'les, daughter of John Cowles, (or Coles) of Farmington, 
Coun., from England. He died September 24, 1690. Mrs. Hannah Stanley 
died February — , 1690. 

ITtird Generation, Caleb Stanley, born September 6, 1674, married , 

Hannah Olmstead, 

Fourth Generation, Moses Stanley, born August 4, 173S, married June 
II, 176S, Ennice Strong, bom April 11, 1743, daughter of Joskph Strong, 
of Coventry, Conn., who married May 12, 1724, Elizabeth Strong, daughter 
of Preserved Strong and Tabitha Lee, 

Seventh Generation, Norman White, born August 8, 1805, married Mary 
A. Dodge. Merchant in New York City. Mrs. Mary A. White died Jan- 
wry 5, 1857. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
15193. Mary S. White, born August 31, 1S29, married Rev. M. M. Smith. 
6190. Hrskinc N. White, bom May 31, 1833, married Eliza T. Nelson. 
6*i00. Charles T. White, born January 20, 1835 married Georgiana Starin. 
6201. Emma H. White, born August 19, 1S36, married Dr. Benjamin Lee. 
C202. Julia C. White, born May 22, 1S3S, married C. C. Johnson. 

6203. Helen C. White, bom July 26, 1S43. married A. W. Pardons. 

6204. Grace S. White, born April 4, 1S45, married Henry G. Starin. 

[4691,] Elisabeth Clement Dodge, daughter of David L. 
Dodge and Sarah Cleveland, (31 16) married March 25, 1829, 
Edmund B. Stedman. 

[Thomas Sti:dman, of New London, C#nn., mnrri«d April 9, 1724, Anna 

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(RODCRT Seavek, from Hugland, Roxbiiry, Mass., 1634, married Eiiia- 
Uih Ballat-d^ daughter of \VitLL\M Bai.i<ard» of Lyuu, Mass., aud wife 
Elizabeth^ from England. 

Second Generation, Xatkanitl Seaver, bom January S, 1645, married , 

1670, ^/'j/< Hammoml^ daughter of Thomas Hammond, of Ilingham, Mass., 

from Laveuham, county Suffolk, England. She died , 1676. Nathaniel 

Sever was killed in the fight at Sudbury, April 21, 1676. 

Third Generation, John Seaver, born April 18, 167 1, married -, 

Sarah . 

Fourth Generation, Anna St:aver,hQxx\ , 1 701, married Thomas Sied- 

man. He died April 9, 1775. She died .\pril 20, 17S7. 

Fifth Generation, Thomas SUd man, born , 1732, in Brookline, Mass., 

married September 23, 1760, Mchitahel Griffin. 

(Ebenezkr Griffik, of Cambridge, Mass., removeil to Hampton, Conn., 
and married , Hannah Chandler, 

(William Chandler, from England, to Roxbury, Mass., with wife 
Aunts, 1637. He died May 13, 1640. 

Second Generation, lyUtiam Chandler, bom , 1636, settled in 

Audover, ^lass. He married August 24, 165S, AMary Dane, born 1639, 
daughter oi John Dane, of Ipswich, Mass., from Colchester, England, 1636, 
son of JouN Dane, from England, who married as his second wife, Annis 
widow of bis father. Mrs. Mary Dane died May 10, 1679. 

Third Generation, Philemon Chandler, bom September 4, 167 1, lived in 
Andover. He married , 1702, Hannah Clary. 

(John Clary, from England, Watertown, Mass., married Febuary 5, 1644, 
Sarah Cady, sister of Nicholas Cady, of Watertown, from England. Re- 
moved toHadley, Mass., and died , 1690. 

Second Generation, John Clary, bom , 1648, married , 1670, 

Anne Dickinson, bom , 1650, daughter of Nathanikl Dickinson, of 

Weathersfield aud Hadley, from England. 

Third Generation, Hannah Clary, bom , 1675, married Philemon 

JChandler, Residence, Pronfret, Conn. 
^ Fourth Generation, Hannah Chandler, bora January 20, 1713, married 
Ebenezer Griffin, 

Fifth Generation, Mehitabel Griffin, born March 29, 1741, married 
Thomas Stedman, 

Sixth Generation, Griffin Stedman, bom September 27, 1770, married 
Elizabeth Gordon, 

Seventh Generation, Edmund B, Stedman, born, , married Eliza- 

beth C. Dodge, 

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Their childieii were [being of the ninth generation :] 

0205. Bduiuiul C. Stcdman, born , 1S30. 

CiOG. Julia D. Stedman, bom , 1S33. 

6207. Charles F. SteJmau, born , 1S35. 

6208. Clarissa Stedinau, born , 1S37. 

[4592. Susan P, Dodge ^ daughter of David L, Dodge and 
Sarah Cleveland^ (31^6) married November 16, 1S37, Uzal Corey ^ 
of Plainfield. N. J. 

He was a descendant, probably, oi John Corey ^ who was in 
Elizabethtown, N. J., previous to 169S, who was son of Abra- 
ham CoREV, of Southold, L. I., from England, who married , 

1662, Margaret, daughter of Jeffrey Christophers, of New 
Loudon, Conn., from Devonshire, England, 

Their childreu were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6209. Mary C. Corey, boru August 23, 1S3S, 

6210. William D. Corey, born :klarch 23, 1S40. 

6211. David U. Corey, born July 10, 1S47. 

[45B4.] Mary Burr Pratt, daughter of Harry Pratt and 
Susan Cieveland,{^i\^) married October 11, 1830, Phinehas B. 

[Aaron Cookb, from England, Windsor, Conn., 1636, married Joanna 
Ford, daughter of Thomas Ford, from England. 

Second Generation, Aaron Cooke, born Feburary 21, 1640, married May 
30, 1661, Sarah H'estivood, daughter of W1LI.IAM Westwood, of Hadley, 
from England, 1632, with \fc-ife Bridget, 

T/iird Generation, IVestwood Cooke, born March 20, 1670, married , 

1692, Sarah Coleman, born October 25, 1672, daughter of Xoah Coleman, of 

Fourth Generation, Aaron Cooke, born January 14, 1699, married Febru- 
ary 26, 1725, Anne Cooke, born June 6, 1700, daughter of Samuel Cooke 
and Anne Marsh, daughter of Jonathan Marsh, Samuel was a son of Aaron 
Cooke and Sarah l^estuvod. 

Fifth Generation, John Cooke, bom April 11, 1726, married Januar>' 24, 
1760, Elizabeth Smith, bom April 8, 1741, daughter of David Smith, of 
Hadley, who married , 1740, ffannah inttard, 

(Simon Wh.lard, born at Horsmondcu, county Kent, England, , 

1605, came with wife Mary to Cambritlge, Mass., 1634. 

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St'COud Gcunaiiou, Josiah U'i/fjrJ, boru in I ji^^laiid ; removed lo 
• ITeailicrsfield, Conn., aud married M.ircU 20, 1657, ILituuih Hosmcr, daugh- 
ter of Thomas IIosmiir, of Hartford, from Haglaud. 

Tlth'J GeHcriitioHy Sitnori WiHarJ^ boru , 1663, married February 

11^ 1690, J/JO' Giihcrt^ boru November iS, 1670, daughler oC Josia/i Gil' 
kri^ of Wealhersficld, 

Fourth Gincratiofi, Josiah WiilanJ, born February- 10, 169 1-2, married 
m , Hannah .Uonfaj^ne. 

(KlCiiARD MoNTACiK, from Bunibam, county Bucks, Kuj^laud, with 
t^fe Abigail, to Boston, Mass. Removed to Weathers fieUl, Conn., 164S, 
lUdlcy, ^lass., 1659, died December 14, 16S1. 

Second Gairration, John Montague, bom , 1655, married March 23, 

l6Si« Hannah Smith , boru July 7, 1662, daughter of ChiUab Smith and 
Hannah Hitchcock ^ and died , 1732. 

nird General ion , Hannah Montague, born May 2S, 1697, married /«?i/ai^ 

Fourth Generation, Hannah IVillarJ, born , 1720, married David 


Fifth Generation, Elizabeth Smith, born April 8, 1741, married John 
Cooke. She died January 2o» 1S19. He died Februar>' 29, 1805. 

Sixth Generation, Re%*. Phinehas Cooke, boru October 9, 17S1, graduated 

Washington College, 1S03; minister at Amherst, 3Iass., married . He 

died April 2S, iS53« 

Seventh Generation^ Phinehas B, Cooke^ bom , married Mary B. 

Pratt. Residence, Rochester, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6212. Julia P. Cooke, bom June 10, 1838. 
C213. Mar>' C. Cooke^ bora May 4, 1S40. 

6214. Francis M. Cooke, bora September 3, 1843. 

6213. Harry W. Cooke, born Febmary S, 1S50. 

[453 Si] Sitsan C. Pratt, daughter of Harry Pratt ^nd, Susan 
Cleveland, (31 18) married Januar>' 28, 1S30, Elijah Webster^ of 
Litchfield, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6216. George P. Webster, bora December 31, 1831. 

6217. Henry C, Webster, born October 10, 1S33. 

6218. Elijah D. Webster, born February 16, 1S36. 
6215). Susan K. Webster, boru October i, 1S38. 
6220. Lucy K. Webster, born October 2S, 1S41. 

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Jh. CJI. Caroline C. \Vc1)sler, born Scptcmljcr 7, 1S47. 
f' €TI'2. Mary A. Webster, born November 20, 1S50. 

[46BBi] Ilcnry Z, Pratt, son of Harry Pratt and Susan 
\ Clfvcland, (31 18) married September 15, 1835, Lucy Elizabeth 

Brace, born , 1S14, daughter of Thomas Kimbcrty Brace and 

L^cy Martha Lee, of Hartford, Conn. Residence, Il.irlford Couu. 
Their children \yere [being of the ninth generation :] 

6223. Heury C. Pratt, bom September S, XS36. 

02:4. Thomas B. Pratt, boru March 31, 1S3S. 

flJ25. George W. Pratt, bom February 13, 1S40. 

(itM WilHam H. Pratt, bom October 16, 1842. 
\\ 6227. Lucy B. Pratt, born February 26, 1S46. 

(C28. Charles C. Pratt, bom August 19, 1S48. 

[45B7i] James H. Pratt, son of Harry Pratt and Siisaji 
Cleveland, (3118) married September 15, 1840, in Kast Bloomfield, 
N. Y., Maria E. B rough ton, daughter of Frederick Broughton. 
J. IL Pratt was a merchant in Rochester, N. Y. She died 1848. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6220. Francis B. Pratt, born April 15, 1S42. 

6230. Frederick B. Pratt, born July 5, 1845. 

6231. John C. Pratt, born February 17, 1S48. 

[4598.] Abigail C Pratt, daughter of Harry Pratt and 
Susan Cleveland, (31 18) married September 16, 1S42, Rev. Lyman 
P. Judscn. Residence, Victor N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6232. Edward L. Judsou, bora Jauuary 7, 1S45. 

6233. Heury P. Judson, bom December 20, 1S49. 

6234. Susan C. Judson, bom May 25, 1S53. 

[4533.] Lucy Coil Huntington Pratt, daughter oi Harry 
Pratt and Susan Cleveland, (31 18) married 1832, Gilbert McKie 
Mulligan. Residence, Elizabeth, N. J. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
623.J. Elizabeth M. Mulligan, born October i, 1S33. 
C2:y3. Samuel C. Mulli^^an, bom August 31, 1S35. 
6237. John C. Mulligan, born April 13, 1S37. 

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(t*3S. Lucy C. MuUiK'an, born July 22, 1S39. 
C23U. Thomas P. Mulligan, bom April 17, 1S42. 
6240. Jane Mulligan, born March i, 1S45. 

[4BDn.] Sara A JLihabcih Pratt, daughter o( /Tarry Pratt 
and Susan Clevdand, (311^)) mamed July iS, 1844, William A, 
lUrrick, Residence, Geneva, N. Y. 

Their childreu were [being of the nintli generation :] 
G241. William C. Herrick, born July 3, 1S45. 
(kJ-li. Elizabeth P. Herrick, bora December 30, 1850. 
fi243. Lucy W. Herrick, born November 19, 1852. 

[4BD1.] John M, Pratt, son of Harry Pratt and Susan Cleve- 
land, (31 18) married July 7, 1S45, Mary IV, Tudor, 

[OwKN Tldor, from England, to Windsor, Conn., 1645, married Xovem- 
ber 13, 1651, Mary Loomis, born in England, daughter of Joseph Loomis, 
of Windsor, from England. 

Second Genera tioti, Samuel Titdor^ born November 26, 1652, married , 

1685, Abigail Fiiley, born August 2r, 165S, daughter of William Filley, 
of Windsor, from England. 

Third Generation^ Rev. Simuel Titdor^ born , graduated at Yale 

Cpllege 172S, married , Mary Smith, 

(Samuel Smith, and \rife Elizabeth, from England, Hadley, Mass. 

Seeond Generation, Philip Smith, born , 1633, married , 165S, 

Rebecca Foote. 

Third Generation, Joseph Smith, born — — , 1673; Harvard College, 
1695, ordained May 10, 1709, minister at Cohanzcy, N. J., and January 15, 
1715, minister iit Upper ^liddletown, Conn., married Esther Parsons, 

(JosKPic Parsons, from England, Springfield, Mass., 1636, married No- 
yember 26, 1646, Mary Dliss, daughter of TiiomaS Bliss, of Hartford. 
Removed to Northampton, ^lass., and was killed by Indians, September 2, 
1675. ^Irs. Mary Parsons died January 29, 17 12. 

Second Generation, Esther Parsons, born December 24, 1672, married 
Joseph Smith. He died September 8, 1736. She died May 30, 1760. 

Fourth Generation, Mary Smith, born — — , 1704, married 'Rtw Satnuel 

Fourth Generation, Samuel Tudor, born , 1737, married , 1759, 

Naomi Diekvns, of Bloomfield, Conn. 

Fijth Generation, Samuel Tudor, born August 15, 1769, married Mary 
IVatsoH, y^^ 

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5;.i7A Ci'fit'ra/iofi, U'ilUjiu IWriscot Tu.Lr, born March 19, iSoi, grad- 
Ii4teil Yale College 1S20, married JAi ty Ih .v.c% dau^hier of Bancick Bruce, 
M. I)., of England. 

Sncnih Generation^ .Vary H\ Tudor, bom , married /. J/. Pratt, 

Rrsidence, Brookl3Mi, N. Y. She died , 1S55. 

• Their children were [being of the niiiih generation :] 
li-JIL William Tudor Pratt, boru July 2, 1S47. 
6.M'). Kdward C. Pratt, boru April 22, 1S50. 
6:M(i. Mar>' T. Pratt, boru Februar>- xS, 1S53. 
C:*47. Alice C. Pratt, boru April 17, 1S55. 

[4BD2.] Margaret L. 5;;//M, daughter oi John C Smith and 

Luey Cleveland, (31 19) man-ied . --/. /. Burr, whose first 

wife was Jniia D, Pratt, (4510.) Residence, Rochester, N. Y. 

He died s. p., . She manned, second time, June i, 1S46, 

Luther Tucker, of Albany, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of tlie ninth generation :] 
C24S. Gilbert M. Tucker, boru August 26, 1S47. 
6219. Willis G. Tucker, born October 31, 1S49. 

[4B1S.] Leonard D. Porter, son of Ethan B, Porter, (3124) 
and Julia Griswold, married Januar>' u, 1S5S, Sarah Stevens. 
He died in Minneapolis, Minn., September 20, 1S69. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C250. Nettie J. Porter, bom October i, 1S60. 
.Cl'ol. Martha S. Porter, boru October 19, 1862. 
62.32. William D. Porter, boru December 2S, 1S63. 
62o3. Charles A. Porter, bom Juue 25, 1S66. 

[4B2D.] flfariha A. Porter, daughter of Ethan B, Porter 
(3124) and //^//a GriSTcold, married July 9, 1S52, Charles Kirk- 
ham GriswoJd, of Weathersfield, Conn. 

[MiCHAEt Griswox,d, with wife Anne^ from England, Weathersfield, 

Second Generation, Jacob Grlswotd, born April 15, 1660, married Dccem- 
Ur 10, 16S3, -.Vd/7 . 

Third Generation, Ebenezer GrimoU, bom October 25, 1702, married 
December 13, 1734, Deborah Crihme, bom May 24, 1706, daughter oi Joseph 
Grihme, of Hartford, who married November 24, 16S6, Deborah Stebbens, 

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^ 4augbter of yc>///i S/Mtvts, aiul grand-daughter of Roi.ani* Stedbi:ns, from 

Four/A Gciwi'atiofi, Timothy GrisicoU^ bom October 24, 1744, married 
Jtoaar)' 17, 1765, Hcinvah Tryori^ daughter of Abiil Tiyon^ of Weathers- 
lield, and wife Hannah, 

Fifth CcueratioH^ Jonathan Gris'U'olJ, born May 19, 1766, married 
Octol>er7, 1790, Hut J ah Francis. 

(KOBKKT Francis, from ICuglaud, \rith wife Joan^ Weathersfield, Conn. 
He died January 2, 17 12. She died January 29, 1705. 

Second Cincration^ /Robert Francis^ bom February 13, 1692, married 
— , 1722, Etizabvth . 

Third Generation, Timothy Francis^ born ^larch S, 1733, married March 
10, 1762, Etizabcth Hamner, 

(Francis Hanmkr, from England, Weathersfield. Conn. 

Sciond Generation, Francis flan me r, born Juuc 15, 1709, married May 
4i 173*1 Flizabeth Curtis, born ^larch iS, 1707, daughter oi John Curtis amd 
Etizabeth JO/y///, daughter oi Joseph Wright, of Weathersfield, sou of 
Thomas Wrigi[T, from England. 

Third Generation, EHzabeth Hanmcr^ bora August 16, 1733. married 
Timothy Francis. 

Fourth Generation, Huldah Francis^ bom , 1770, married October 

7i '7y>i Jonathan Griswotd. 

Sixth Generation^ Chartes Griswotd, bora May 24, iSoo, married i 

Ckioe k'irkham. 

Seventh Generation, Chartes K. Griswotd^ boru , 1829, married' 

Martha A. Porter. Residence, Weathersfield, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
62>l. Emma II. Griswold, boru April 30, 1S53. 
0255. Frederick W. Griswold, born August 2, 1854. 
6250. Korberl W. Griswold, born September 7, 1S56. 
6257. Jenncttc H. Griswold, born June 15, 1S62. 

[4B49.] Louisa Hoi ton, daughter of Horace ffolion and Poliy 
Diekinson, (3147) married April 25, 1832, AWson \V. Purple, 

Edw.\rd Purple, of Haddam, Conn., from England, about 1670, was 
probably a descendant of Christopher Purple, of county Essex, England. 
A native of France, and a Huguenot, who emigrated after the massacre of 

St Bartholomew. Edward Purple married , 1675, Hannah Acktey, 

daughter of Nicxioc.\s Acklev, of Iladdam. 

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Si'tonif Generation, luizi-dtJ Purf^le, born , 1676, married , 1712, 

Mary . 

Third Generation, Ednard Purph\ born ^larch 28, 17 13, removed to 
Mtddletowu, Coun. He married , 1740, Ruth Hollisfcr. 

(John Hoi.i.istkr, from England to Woathersficld, Conn. ; representa- 

live; married , 1640, Joanna Treat, danghler of Richard Tukat, from 


Second Generation, John Hotlister, born , 1642, married November 

JO, 1667, Sarah Goodrich, daughter of William Goodi^icii, of Weatbcrs- 
ficld, who married October 4, 164S, S.:rah Mariyn, daughter of ^Iaithew 
Mar\'\'X, of Hartford, from Eugland. 

Third Generation, Thomas Holtister, boru Jauuar}' 14, 1672, married 
» 1695, Dorothy Hill. 

(William Hill, from England to Roxbury. Mass., 1632; removed to 
Hartford, Couu., married Phillis Lyman, daughter of Richard Lyman, of 
Hartford, from England. 

Second Generation, Joseph Hill, bom , 1750; removed to Glaston- 
bury, Conn. He married . 

Third Generation, Dorothy Hill, boru , married Thoinas Holtister, 

Fourth Generation, Ruth Holtister, born October 13, 1720, married , 

1740, Edii-ard Purple, He died August — , 1752. 

Fourth Generation, Ezra Purple, born July 25, 17SS, married April 3, 
1810, Elizabeth Green, of Beruardstown, Mass., who died November 25, 1S57, 
aged seventy. He wa.s an innkeeper at Gill, Mass., and died October 15, 1S35. 

Fijtk Generation, Nelson IV, Purple, boru January 3, 1811, married 
Lousa Hollon, Residence, Xorthfield, ^lass. 

Their chiidreu were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6258. George B. Purple, born January 23, 1S33, died December 9, 1S34. 

6259. Elizabeth M. Purple, born July xS, 1S35. 
62G0. Georgiana L. Purple, born April 3, 1S3S. 
62GI. Charles X. Purple, bom September 23, 1844. 

[4B6Di] Mary Holton, datighter of Horace Hoiton and Polly 

Dickinson^ (3147) niarried , 1S34, Walter Field, Residence, 

Northfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6262. Anna E. Field, bom August 2, 1S38. 
620.']. George W. Field, bora July 14. 1S40. 

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[4 B 6 2 •] Horace Hoi ton ^ son of Horace Ho! ton and Polh Dick- 
inson^ (3147) luarried , 1S41, Sarah A, Field, Residence, 

Northfiekl, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the. ninth generation :] 
(J2C4. Sarah A. HoUoii, boru February 10, 1S43. 
0205. Arthur II. Ilolton, boru January 2. 1S46. 
UlHiC. Walter R. Holtou, born February- ix, 1S57. 

[4 B 5 3 .] Ros'udl Helton, son of Horace Holton and PoUy Dick- 

insofi, (3147) married , 1847, J/ary A, Sheldon, daughter of 

Isaiits Sheldon, of Bernardstown, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C2(J7. Mary A. Holiou, boru May 3, 1S43. 
62C3. Charles S. Ilolton, bom October 27, 1S50. 
6209. Frank B, lioUon, bom February 16, 1S55. 
C270. Clifford J. Holton, boru February 21, 1S57. 
6171. Rosa J. Holtou, born May 16, 1S62. 

[4B55.] William Holton, son of Horace Holton and Polly 
Dickinson, (3147) married February 6, 1848, Editha Clark, daugh- 
ter of William Clark, of Montague, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6272. Frank T. Holton, bora May 9, 1S51. 

6273. 6373, Helen A. Holtou, born November 29, 1S52. 

[4BS7,] Rufus Holton son of Horace Holton and Polly Dick- 
inson, (3147) married May 10, 1849, Harriett Snoiu, Residence, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6274. Lily Augusta Holton, bom June 8, 1S50. 

6275. Harriett G. Holton, born October 23, 1854. 

6276. Frank G. Holton, born February 15, 1S56. 

6277. Effie V. Holton, bora Xovembcr 3, 1S58. 

6278. Grace B. Holton, bom March iS, 1S64. 

[4B7D.] Mary A. Baldwin, daughter oi John Baldwin and 
Peggy Williams, (3i63)married Xovemlxiri, 1S24, David Le Favor, 
a merchant in Pawtucket, R. I. 

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Their chiklreu were [being of the uinlh generaliou :] 
(KST9. Ktlward LeFavor, bom ^lay 4, 1S27. 
U2jiO. Horace LeFavor, boni January 6, 1S30. 
fl*.»Sl. Mary LcFavor, born April 12, 1833. 
(J2S2. Hebcr LeFavor, bom May 3, 1S37. 

[4B73i] Charles Pcabody Baldivin, son oi John Daldi^nn and 

Peggy Williams, (3163) married , Mary A, Sibley. He was 

a merchant in New York City. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

62S3. John Baldwin, bom , 1S40, 

6284. Jane Baldwin, bom , 1842. 

62S5. Charles Bald\%-in, born , 1845. 

-. 1847. 
, 1850. 

62S6. Mary Baldwin, born 

C287. Frederick Baldwin, born 

[4B75.] Eliza M, Baldwin^ daughter oi John Baldzvin and 

Peggy Williams, (3163) married , Rev. George Tafft, 

(Episcopal,) of Pawtucket, R. I. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6288. George Tafit, bora , 1843. 

6289. Ellen F. Tafit, bora , 1845. 

[4B7Bi] Moses H, Baldwin, son of John Baldum and Peggy 
Williams, (3163) married April 23, 1837, Martha N. Whittlesey, 

(John Whittlesey, from England to Saybrook, Conn., married June 
ao, 1664, Ruth Dudley, born April 20, 1645, daughter of Wii,liam Dudley, 
of Guilford, Conn., from England. 

Second Generation, Rev. Samuel Whittlesey, born , 1689 ; Yale Col- 
lege 1705 ; married July i, 1712, Sarati Chauncey, daughter of Rev. Nathaniel 
Chauncey, (See No. 154.) 

Tliird Generation, Rev. Chauncey Whittlesey, bora October 8, 1717; 
Yale College 1738; married August 13, 1753, Martha Neivton, daughter of 
Rev. Roger Neu*toH. C. Whittlesey was ordained March z, 1758, minister 
it New Haven, Conn. He died July 24, 17S7. 

Fourth Generation, John Whitt testy, born September 8, 1770, married 
July I, 1799, Anne Kirkivood, He died in New Haveu, May 12, 1849. 

Fifth Generation, Martha N. Whittlesey, bora April 17, 1815, married 
M. //. lialdiuin. Residence. Pittsfield, Mass. 

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di:sci:nt>ants or joun tortkr. 

Their chiUlreu were [l>eini» of ihc ninth i^eneraiioii ;] 

tVy.MK Aiiiic \V. IJalihnn. born , 1S3S. 

IIJUI. Helen lUihhviu, born , 1^41. 

ii'M. Martha IlahUvin, »»orn . 1S43. 

[4Bai.] Ilarneit Rebecca Bald'uin, Ciixwrhtcr o\ Johtt nahh.tH 
and I\'gi;^y lyUiiaM^, (3*63) married March 17, 1S45, /^'^'^'M ^' 
Walton, born in Cherry Valley, X. Y., Fcbruaiy 26, 1S19. son of 
Joseph Walton, who married in Albany, N. Y., December 4, 1S09, 
Elha Smith, born August 25, 17S9, daughter of Elias Smith and 
his wife Catherine Mo/vMeitx. 

(Joseph Walton, born in Ira, Rutland county Vt., August 17, 

1785, was son oi Jonathan Walton, born in Myj«tic, Conn., , 

174S, a descendant of Rev. William Walton, who graduated at 
Hinanuel College, Cambridge, England, A. B. 1621, A. M. 1625, 
and was minister at Seaton, Devonshire, England. He catue to 
New England in 1639, with wife Elizabeth, was minister at Mar- 

blehead, Mass., and died , 166S. Mrs. Elizabeth Walton 

died , 167 1.) J. B. Walton lived in Honsdale, Pa. 

There children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

62y3. Heiiry H. Waltou, born August 29, 1S44, died Febrnary 20, 1S46. 
620-i. Mary E. Walton, born Xoveuiber 6, 1S47, tiiarried Heury P. Baldwiu. 
C295. Edith F. Walton, bom April 22, 1S52, married John McMillan. 
U21KJ. Charles W. Walton, bom Febrnary 12, 1S55, married Eva Hackett. 

[4682.] Lucy Tyler Williams, daughter oi Ebenc2cr Wil- 
liams, (3163) and Eliza Whitn^cll, married April 23, 1840, Virgil 
B, Dogue, of Elyria, O. He died November 7, 1857. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6297. Harriett S. Bogue, born July 20, 1^41, married C. J GooJspced. 
62t>S. Mary W. Bogue, born October 3, 1S42, married L. N. Deiilrick. 
0209. Jane C. Bogue, born October 31, 1S44, married Ezra N. Starr. 
6300. Eliza W. Bogue, born July 19, 1847. married Edward Amadon. 

[4EB4.3 Chester K, Williams, son of Ebenczer Williams, 

(3163) and Eliza Whitxvell, married , 1S64, Maria P. 


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Their cliiUhcii wore [iK-ing of llie ninth gcncratiort :] 
(yVW. Maria L. WilUanis, bom December 33, 1S65. 
ftW. Kate Williams, bom Xovcmbcr —, 1S67, 
(kKW. Lucy Williains, born December — , 1S69. 

[4BB5.] Percy Kcycs Williams, daughter o{ Ebcuczcr Wil- 
Hams (3163) and Eliza IVhitu'cll, married November 20, 1S37, 
Charles L. Shepherd. 

Their cluldren were [l>eing of the lunth generation :] 
6301. Francis P. Shepherd, born April 29, 1841, married Kate Slarr. 
a305. Stella E. Shepherd, born Jaiiuar)* 2S, 1S43, married Charles Martin. 

6306. Emeliuc A. Shepherd, born August 21, 1845. 

6307. Percy K. Shepherd, born , 1S4S. 

630$. Charles P. Shepherd, bora November 7, 1S52. 

[4BBBi] Charlotie Williams, daughter oi Ebaiezcr Williams 

(3163) and Eliza Whituell, married — , 1845, William M, 


Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6309. Josephine Mason, bom March i, 1S46, married William Lawson. 

6310. Susan M. Mason, born May 7, 1849. 

6311. Chester K. Mason, born April iS, 1853. 

6312. Frank L. Mason, born July 4, 1854. 

[4BB7i] Francis M. Williams, daughter of Edenezer Wil- 

Hams (3163) and Eliza Whitwell, married , 1846, John //. 


Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6313. Charles H. Woodruff, bom July i, 1842. 

6314. Ellen Woodmflf, bora — , 1850. 

6315. Edward W. Woodruff, bora October 13, 1854. 

[4632.] Charles Leuis Williams^ son ol Samuel H. Williams 

(3166) and Liicretia Noble, married . 1S63, Mary Fleming. 

Their children were [being of tlie ninth generation :] 

6316. tucretia N. Williams, born May 24, 1S64. 

6317. Mary I^. Williams, born September 5, 1S66. 
631S. Alice D. Williams, born November 26, 1S68. 
6:il9. Lewis A. Williams, born September 6, 1870. 
63i*<). Sarah F. Williams, liom April 29, 1S73. 

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f4B34.] Lt':i'is Williams, son of /.ci^'is Williams (3167) and 

tjtJia CarUr, married , 1S69, Ilarricll Xjr, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 
|CS.I. IIcnr>- N. Williams, l)on» July 15, 1S70. 
[CJ*.*. Lawrence Williams, born ^lay 6. 1S75. 

[4B36i] Caroline S, A?ttho}iy, daughter of James Anthony 
[and Sarah P. Williams, (3171) married August 31, 1S42, Rev. 
I James Noble Sykes. 

[RlCilAKD Sykks, from England, with wife Phebe, Springfield, Mass. 

Second Generation , Victory Sykcs, bom ^^arch 3, 1649, married January 
1. 19^ 1673, Elizabeth Burt, daughter of Jonathan Burt, of Springfield, and 
Elizabeth LobdcU, sister of Simon Loedkll, of Springfield, from England. 

Third Generation, Jonathan Sykes, born July 17, 1675, iuarried , 

hl^ry Lane. 

(William Lane, from England, with wife Maty. 

Second Generation, Samuel Lane, born January 23, 1652, married Dec. 

II, 1677, Sarah Dickinson, born , 1654, daughter of John Dickinsou^ 

who married , 164S, Frances Foote, daughter of Nathanikl Footk, of 

Weathcrsiield, from Knglaud. Samuel Lane ser\'ed in Kiug Philip's war, 
and died , 1690. 

Third Generation, Mary Lane, born May 7, 16S4, married Jonathan 
Sykes, He died September 25, 17 10. 

Fourth Generation, Jonathan Sykes, born , married Mary Adams. 

Fifth Generation, Lot Sykes, born August 10, 173S-9, married ', 1767, 

Jemima Barker. He died June 26, 1820. 

Sixth Generation, Lot Sykes, boru January 15, 1774, married Catista 

(Thomas Noble, from England, Westficld, Mass., married November 1, 
1660, Hannah, daughter of William Warner, of Springfield, Mass., from 
England, and his wife Hannah, daughter of Andrew Searle, of Ipswich, 
Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, James Noble, born October i, 1677, married , 1698, 

liuth . She died January 20, 1704. He died April 22, 1713. 

nird Generation, Daniel Noble, boru November 25. 1700, married June 
15, 1731, Kebecca Stebbins, daughter oi Jose/>h Stebbins, of Springfield. She 
died January 16, 1760. 

Fourth Generation, James Noble, born .\pril 28, 1742, married , 1774, 

Mercy Norton, born September 30, 1753. daughter of Freegrace Norton ^xl^ 
Margaret Trumbull. 

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/•//M Ccnt'titiiin^ Ctil:s!a Xod/e, born March 23, lySo, inarricil April 13, 
1803, /-(?/ SvJtc^s. 

Sixth CcnaatioHt Jatitcs Xobic Sykcs, born September 30, 1S12, married 
Caroline S. Authony. She died Deociuber 2S, 1S55. lie married (second 
wife) May 26, 1857, bcr sister, Caihcfinc P. Anthony, lie died September 
27, iSSo. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6323. Louisa P. Sykcs, born July 22, JS45, died April 6, 1S54, 
0324. Emeline J. Sykes, boru November 11, 1S47, married Johu Wright. 
U325. James C. Sykes, boru January 15, 1S50, uiarned Kate M. Dole. 
C320. Cara Inez Sykes, born March 16, 1S52. 
ta27. Charles P. Sykes, boru April 29, 1854. 

[4B97i] Frayik William A nlho7ty^ sow oi James A nt'iony diwd 
Sarah Porter Williams, (3i7i)gradnatcd Brown University, 1S46, 

Theological Seminar)-, New York City, . Giving up the 

uiinistr>' on account of failing health, he became a merchant, in 
Jackson, Mich. He married February 4, 1850, Sarah J. Harris, 
bom July i, 1823, daughter of Will/a ffi flat r is, of Pautucket, 

R. I., ti\\& Sarah Greene, born , 17S9, daughter oi Timothy 

Greene, of Providence, who married , 1787, Lney Wilkinson, 

bom November 20, 1767, daughter of Azial Wilkinson, of Provi- 
dence, who married , 1766, Lydia Smith, daughter of Edn^ard 

Smithy a descendant of Edward Smith, of Providence, who 

married , 1699, Aviphyllis Angel, daughter of Thomas 

Akgkl, of Providence, R. I. 

William Harris, born December 28, 1785, was a son o( Joseph 
Harris and wife Hepzibah Hunker, daughter of Paul Bunker, of 
Smithfield, R. I., a descendant of George Bunker, of Ipswich,, a Huguenot whose name was Boncoeur. 

Joseph Harris, was son of David Harris, who married , 

Martha Je?ieks,d:\x\gliitir oi Joseph Jejuks, of Pawtuckct, R. I., 
and Martha Broun, daughter of James Broun, of Providence. 
Joseph Jcneks was son oi Joseph Jcncks, from Tui'^land, to Lynn, 
Mass., 1645, ^" ** ingenious workman," employed to construct 
'*fire engines." He cut the dies for the colonial coinage, ('* Pine- 
tree shillings," &c.) Mrs. Sarah Anthony died in Jackson, Mich., 

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April 22, 1S62. He married (second wife) Xoveiulxr 5, 1S65, ^/^lry 

J, Backus, daughter of Dr. BaikHS, of Jackson, Mich. She 

died May 19, 1S72. He married (third wife) October 7, 1878, 
Louisa Barbara Walicrs, Residence, Jackson, Mich, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
«ri:?9. Mary Anthony, !>oru August 15, 1S51, married WiUiam Har\'ey. 
tX^A Catherine H. Anthony, born November 12. 1S54, Jied August 4, 1S57. 
CKUI. Frank W. Anthony, born November 14, 1S59, died Dec. 17, 1S76. 
63IK. Julia B. Anthony, born Sept. 25, 1S66, married Clyde Everett Brown. 
<IS33. James S. Anthony, born August 20, 1S6S. 
GW. Helen F. Anthony, bom October iS, 1S70. 
6331). Charles L. Anthony, bom Januar>' 7, 1S73. 
6336. Kmily B. Anthony, bom April 2, 1S75. 
' 6337. Louisa W. Anthony, born April — , iSSo. 

[4B3B.] Lydia C Anthony, daughter oi James Anthony and 
Sarah P. Ujiiiams, (317 1) married December 5, 1S43, Lemuel 
Miss Nichols, M. D., born in Bradford, N. H., October 6, iSi6, 
son of Ezra Nichols, M. D., and Waity Gray Smith, born in 
Canaan, N. H., Jtily 16, 1792, daughter ol John Smith. Ezra 
Nichols died September 29, 1848. Mrs. Waity Nichols died De- 
cember 19, 1S63. 

Ezra Nichols, born October 16, 1792, was son o{ Ezra Nichols, 
of Canaan, N. H., and Elizabeth HazelUne, adcscendent ^{Robert 

Hazeltine, of Bradford, N. H., who married , 16S0, Elizabeth 

Jeweit, daughter of Maximilian Jewett, of Rowley, Mass., 
1639, from Bradford, Yorkshire, England. 

Robert Hazelton, born November 7, 1657, was son of Robert 
Hazkltox, of Rowley,, from England. L. B. Nichols, 
granduatc Brown University, 1842. Physician in Worcester, Mass. 
He died Septeml>er 28, 1883. Mrs. Lydia Nichols, died 
June 4, 1888. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6338. Sarah G. Nichols, born March 14, 1S45. 
6330. Corinne L. Nichols, bom November 7, 1846. 
C340. Anne L. Nichols, born September 24, 1S4S. 
G^I. Charles L. Nichols, M. I)., born May 29, 1851, married C. C. Dewey. 

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UU- l.vt^ia A. Niihols, \Mn\ May 5, 1657, tiiarricil Rculicii T. I'aluier. 
ikU:;. Mary L. Nichols, l»orn OcloLer i.j, 1JS59, 

[4B9S.] A<:»vV IK Anthofiy, ^ow o^Jiums Anihonj' awA Sarah 
Porter WiUiams, (3171) niarricil Sc]jtciiil>cr 15, 1S47, DriUxnnina 
franklin Wat a man, 

[KieiiAKD \Vati;kmax, from lujgland, wiih wife Hci/iia, Salom, Mass. 
He was ouc of the adbereuu of Ro'^er Williams, and went with him to 
hanishraeut, Rhode Island, in 163S. Colonel of Militia and died October 
aS, 1673. 

Second Generation, Resoticd H\iierman, born , 163S, married about 

16591 ^^ercy li't/tiatns, born July 15, 1640, daujjhter of Rogkr \Vii,i,Iams, 
tlie fouuder. 

Third Generation^ leesotved Wutennan, born , 1667, lived in Grecu- 

tille, R- I. Rei>esenative. He married , Anne //arris, 

(WiLUAM Harris, from England, Salem, Mass., 1635, removed with 
Roger Williams, to Providence, R. I. He went to England in 167S on busi- 
ness of the Colony, and on January 24, 1679, w^* captured by au Algerine 
corsair, and sold in Barbary. After a year or more in slavery he was rau- 
BOiued ; went to London and died 16S0. 

Second Generation^ Andreu //arris, bom , 1634-5, married Decem- 
ber , 1670, A/arj' Tezi\ daughter of Richard Tkw, of Newport, R- I. 

Third Generation, Anne //arris, born November 17, 1673, married 
/^esotzed Waterman. 

Fourth Generation, Resolved Waterman, bom ^larch 22, 1703, in Greeu- 
viUe, R. I., married September 30, 1722, Lydia Mattheioson. Residence, 
Sinithfield, R. I., rcpreseualive, died JaUurary 15, 1746. 

Fifth Generation, Capt. John Waterman, bom —. , married January 

'7i 1750, ^/ary Ofney. 

Sixth Generation, John Otncy Waterman, bom May 14, 175S, married 
, Sally Franklin, born Febmary , 1762, daughter of Asa Frank- 

lin and Sarah Paine, 

Seventh Generalion, George Waterman, born August 19, 1793, in Provi- 
dence, R. I., married September 7, 1S23, Britannia Franklin Baxtep', 
daughter of /Va^/X-//« Baxter, and Snsan IViinney, daughter of Paul Phi nney, 
of Ranisiable, Mass. Franklin Baxter born July 7, 17S9, in Barnstable, was 
iu Uie Navy for many years as guard-master. In the war of 1S12, he was 
taken prisoner, and held iu Dartmoor, England, until piece. 

He went with Com m adore Crowuiliskhicid to the Pacilic iu 1S4S, and on 
the discovery of gold in California he met his son-in-law, who had gone 

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Itlicrtf iu 1S49, ill ship " Hopewell/' via Ca[)c Horn. They went together to 
[Uieniitiesou the Mokclumnc river. i;.i\ier died iu Sau Francisco, January 
[•-, 1S50, aud April 25, following, Watcrinaa died at the tuiucs. 

Eighth Gcncniiion^ Briiatniia F. iraUf Man, horn July 12, 1S25, married 
' Iru'is \V. Anthony, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

d3n. Kdgar W. Anthony, born June 24, 1S4S, married Clara D. Wilder. 

t3l7. Sarah B. Anthony, born March 2S, 1S51, died February 5, 1S65. 

miO. Kate J. Anthony, born September 24, 1S52. 

•1117. Mary C. Anthony, bom August 22, 1S54, died August aS, 1855. 

D:US. Charles L. Anthony, born March 22, 1S56, died Februar>' 9, 1S59. 

<}SI9. Abby L. Anthony, bom Fcbmary 21, 1S5S, died September 2, 1S65. 

0350. Alfred W. Anthony, bom Jauuar>- 30, 1S60. 

[47D2i Jessie Keyes Ayithony^ daughter of James Anthony 

and Sarah P. Williams, (3171) married , 1S50, Cyrus Fnink- 

Uh Jackson, 

[Abraham Jacksox, from England, Plymouth, Mass., married Novem- 
ber 18, 1657, Rt'tHcmbcr Morton. 

(Gkorcg Morton, born iu Austerfield, Yorkshire, England. Joined the 
Puniuos, at Leydco, Holland, where he married July 23, 1612, Julian 
daughter of Alexander Carpenter, lit came to Plymouth, Mass., in ship 

"Abo," 1623. He died June , 1624, Mrs. Julian Mortau died Febmary 

19, 1665, aged eighty-one. 

Second Generation,, Nathaniel Morton, bom in England, married , 

1635, Lydia Cooper, sister of John Cooper, of Cambridge, Mass., from Eng- 
land. Morton was secretary of the Colony, 1645 to his death, June 29, 16S5. 

Third Generation, Kememi^er Morton, born , 1637, married Abra* 

ham Jackson, She died July 24, 1707. He died October 4, 17 14. 

Fourth Ceneration^Eleazer Jackson, born , 1669, married , 1690, 

Hannah Ransom. 

Fifth Generation, Ephraim Jackson, bom , 17 14, married , 1736, 

Lydia Leach. 

Sixth Generation, Michael Jackson, born , 1737, married , 1759, 

Thankful Studley, 

Sei'cnth Generation, Henry Jackson, bom , 1760, married , 1786, 

Mehitabel Alden, daughter of Janathan Alden, a descendant of John 
Aldex and Priscilla Mullins, 

Eighth Generation, ll'illiam Jackson, bora , married , Olive 

Woodman, daughter of True lyooiiman, and wife Judith, of Mi not. Me. 

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J AV«/ii Ccneralion^ Cyrus Franklin Jackson, boru January 28, .1S26, 
p* nurricd Jessie A'. Anthony. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
e^\. Frauk A. Jackson, boru June 1, 1S51, married Adclc L. IIowc. 
&Vi2, Mary tr. Jackson, born September 9, 1S52, married A. S. Arnold. 
G303. Jessie C. Anthony, born July 22, 1S56, married Robert ?kIcChristie. 

[47D7i] Lucy M, Paine ^ daughter o( /o» a //t a ?i B, Paine and 
Hannah Hopkins, (3192) married May 19, 1S31, Albert B, Paine, 
of Randolph, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6354. Emily P. Paine, born October i, 1832, married M. M. ^lurray. 
C3-).>. Elizabeth C. Paine, bom December 7, 1836, married S. T. Smith. 
€3oG. Alberta L. Paine, boru April iS, 1841. 
CV)7. Albert P. Paine, born January 2, 1846. 
C3o8. Laura L. Paine, born July 30, 1S49. 

[4728.] He7iry B, Hopkins, son of John T, Hopkins, (3197) 
and Nancy Turner, married October 28, 185S, Emily Alice Hough, 
Lawyer in Peoria, III. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6359. Anne M. Hopkins, born Octol>cr 17, 1858. 
63C0. Henrietta A. Hopkins, horn February 4, i860. 
C3C1. Henr>' S. Hopkins, born July 13, 1861. 
(i3C2. Emma L. Hopkins, bom April 8, 1S63. 

[4748.] Rev. George Hopkins, M. D., son of Rev. Samuel 

Hopkins (320S) and Clarissa IV. Dwighi, married ' , 1867, 

Luey Foniachon. He was an Assistant Surgeon in Mississippi 
squadron, U. S. N., Fort Fisher, etc. In 1873 minister at Covert, 
Seneca count>', N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
63C3. Theodora C. Hopkins, born July 7, iS63. 
63GI. Agues O. Hopkins, bom March 17, 1S70. 
03C5. Samud Hopkins, bom October 27, 1S71. 
63CC. Robert O. Hopkins, born February 15, 1S74. 
6307. Ronald M. Hopkins, born July 9, 1S77. 

[476D.] Margaret D, Hopkins, daughter of Rev. Samuel 
Hopkins (3208) and Clarissa JK Dicight, man'xnd February 16, 

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|,||64, Janits Cus/iw^ iranf, son oi' CTcorj^u'^ A, Ward, of New 
''Vork, and Mahiiabcl Cushino^, of Salem, >rass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
If |3«»^. Ccovgc A. Waril, born Ooccnibcr 24, 1S64. 
$1«). Samuel H. Ward, born November 24, 1S67. 
y CITU. James C. Ward, bora August 30, 1S7X. 

[4762.] William S. /?. Hopkins, son of Rev. Eras ins Hop- 
kins (3209) and Charlotle F, Allen, married January* 29, 1859, 
Elizabeth S. Peck. Lawyer in Worcester. Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
Oil. Snrab B. Hopkins, born January 17, 1S60. 
P 0372. Eraslus Hopkins, bom June 9, 1S67. 

6373. Klizabeth P. Hopkins, born 3klarcli 11, 1S69. 
0374. William S. Hopkins, born November 31, 1S71. 

[47GB.] Mary Anuctie Hopkins, daughter of Rev. Eraslus 
Hopkins (3209) and Charlotte F, Allen, married April 2, 1873, 
Btnjamin Kendall Emerson, professor in Amherst College. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C375. Charlotte F. Emerson, boru January 3, 1S74. 

6376. Denjamiu K. Emerson, boru June 37, 1S76. 

6377. Edward PI. Emerson, born September iS, 1S77. 

6378. Annette H. Emerson, born September 3, XS79. 

[4 7 SB.] Lewis Spring Hopkins, son of Lewis S, Hopkins ^ 
(3210) and Fanny /. Wushburne, married July 31, 187 r, Julia 
Adelaide Kingsley. He died October 4, 1876. 
. Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6379. John L. Hopkins, born January 17, 1873. 
63S0. Fanny B. Hopkins, born June 7, 1875. 
6381. Luin Hopkins, bom May 31, 1S77. 

[4774.] Charles T. Porter, son oi John Porter {2122^ and 
Abby IK Phillipps, graduate of Hanard College. He married 
October 10, 1848, Harriett S. Morgan, 

[James Morgan, bora to Wales, 1607. Came to Roxburry, Mass., 1637, 
where he married .\ugust 6, 1640, ^fargaret ffiH, and removed to New Lou- 
don, Conn., and died , 1683, aged eighty-seven. 

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Second General ion ^ John Jfor^itn, born M.ireh 30, 1645, luarried Novciii- 
l licr 16, 1665, Raehei Deniit:!^^ daii>;htor of John I)i:min(;, of WcathcrificU, 
from Knglaud, 1635, whose wife was Honor Treat, daui^btcr of Richard 
TrkaT, from Kugland. Lieut. John Morgan, ilicil , 1712. 

Third Generation, John Morgan, bom , i60<i, married , 1690^ 

Sarah Jones, born August 17, 1662, daughter of Wii.mam Jonks, from Kug- 
land, New Haven, Conn., who married Hannah I'.iton, dau.i;hler of Gov. 
THKOrnii,US Hatox, who was born at Stony Stratford, county Bucku, Kng- 
land, whose wife was ylnne Morton ^ daugliter of Thomas Morton, bishop 
of Chester, England. Theophilus Eaton came to New Haven, Conn., 1637, 
with Rev. John Davenport, William .Andrews and others. He died Jan- 
uary 7, 165S. 

Fourth Generation, John Morgan^ born June 10, 1667, married , 

1696, Ruth Shaptei^h. 

^ (Nicholas Shaplkich, from England, Boston, Mass. Died , 1663. 

Mrs. Anue Shapleigh died March 26, 16S7, aged eighty. 

Seeond Generation, Henjamin Shaptei^h, born September — , 1645 ; 

removed to New London ; married -\pril 10, 1672, .^fary Pirlett, daugliter of 

I ^JOKN Pickett, of New London, whose wife was A* nth lire-tistery daughter 

of Jonathan /^rewster, born in England, eldest son of Elder William 

Brewstkk, from England, in ship ** Mayflower," 1620. 

Third Generation, Ruth Shaptei^h, born Decenrber 24, 1672, married 
John Morgan. 

Fourth Genera t ion , CapL /*;//// Morgan, born January 4, 1700, married 
April 17, 172S, Sarah Cobb, 

(HknrvCobb, from Kent, England, Plymouth, Mass., 1629, with wife 

. Patience, Scituate, Mass. He died , 1679. 

Second Generation, Samuet Cobb, born October 12, 1654, married Decem- 
ber 20, 16S0, Elizabeth Taylor, born April iS, 1656, daughter of Richakd 
Taylor, of Yarmouth, ^lass., from England, 1643, ^^^*o married Elizabeth 
Burgess^ daughter of Thomas Blrgkj>s, of Sandwich, Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, Sarah Cobb, born August 20, 1691, married tJohn 


Fifth Generation, Thomas Morgan, born January 30, 1742, married , 

1764, Sarah Leeds. He removed in 1792, to Scipio, Cayuga county, N. Y., 
and died September 15, 1S15. 

Sixth Generation, Jedcdiah Morgan, born March 14, i774i married Jan- 
uary 26, 1S12. Harriett Steele, He was a Slate Senator, and died Decem- 
ber lo, 1826. 

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Seiatih Genemtion^ llanictt S, Mof^tiu^ Iwrii February' 6, 1S26, uiamcd 
Ck^Hrs T, Por(n\ of Aubuni, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the nintli generation :] 
CS:». Aiiiie M. roner, bom Sepleniber 5, 1S52. 
• C353. Jobu rortcr, born August 11, 1S5J. 
CSS^I. Charles T. Porter, born December 16, 1S57. 
!!!►'). Le^^^s M. Porter, born February 28, 1S61. 

[4775.] Afuie PkiUipps Porter, daughter o{ John Porter, 

(3229) and Abby M. Phillipps, married ^ A Ion so Glover 

B(ardsle}\ of Auburn, N. Y., son o( John Deardsley and Alice 
Booth, of Stratford, Conn. 

Their children were [l^ing of the ninth generation:] 
MSC. Caroline P. Beardsley, born January 12, 1S50, married J. II. WooilrufT. 
63S7. William P. licardsley, born August 4, 1S52, married Mary \V. Porter. 
638S. Alon/.o G. lW»ardsley, born September 25, 1853, married A. F. Sartwell. 
6IW*J. George T. Beardsley, born November 14, 1S55. 
6.100. Douglas Beardsley, born June 4, 1S61. 
6301. Porter Beardsley, born March 16, 1S63. 

[4773.] Samuel Quincy Porter, son of William Porter (3230) 

and Mary A. Quincy, married , i860, Francis A, Smith, 

Residence, Unionville, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6392. Samuel Q. Porter, born March — , 1861. 
63U3. Kate H. Porter, bora April 18, 1863. 
6304. Elizabeth Q. Porter, born March 10, 1S6S. 
6395. Henry C. Porter, born October 5, 1S71. 
C30C. Lucy G. Porter, born September 10, 1875. 

[47B5.] Rev. Ed-ward C Porter, son of James B. Porter, 
(3235) and Susannah Parsons, graduate of Yale College. He 
married October 10, 1S66, Julia Foster, born August 22, 1846, 
daughter of /<c?//^/ H. Foster, M. D., of Chicago, 111., who married 
Septenil^r 21, 1840, Nancy Smith. 

[WiLUAM Smith, boru , 1723, son of Robert StniUt, of Moueymore, 

county Londonderry, Ireland, came to New England, 1750, settled at Peter- 
boro, K. 11., and married December 31, 1751, Elizabeth Moriwn, 

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(John ]Morisox, boru in Aberdeen, SooiUmd, came to New England, 
•od settled at Loudoiidcrry, X. II. He died February i6, 1736, at a very 
great age. 

Second Generation^ John .Vorison, boni , 167S, married , J/jr- 

£4tret Walliiee, daughter of Xathanimu Wai.lvcf., of Falmouth, Mass., 
and wife Margani, from England. Residence, Pctcrboro, N. H. She 
died April iS, 1769, aged eighty-two. He died June 4, 1776, aged 

Third Genera/ion, Elizabeth Morison^ boru Juue 15, 1723, married 
William Smith, He was a delegate to the Proviucial Congress, 1774, and 
died January 31, iSoS. She died Septeml)er 15, iSoS. 

Fourth Genrraiion, Jonathan Smith, born .Ipril ir, 1763, married August 
9i 179*1 y^ffO' Smith, who died May 13. 1847, aged seventy-four. He died 
August 29, 1S43. 

Fifth Generation, J\'ancy Smith, born August 5, iSoS, married Dr. John 
H. Foster, He died May 17, 1S74. 

Sixth Generation , Julia Foster, born August 22, 1846, married Rev. E. 
C, Porter, Episcopal minister iu Racine, Wis. He died January S, 1S76. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(TiO?. Maurice F. Poner, bom March 19, 1S68. 
6308. James F. Porter, born January iS, 187 1. 

[4797,] SHsa7i M, Porter, daughter of Benjamin Porter 

(3242) and Clementine Lamb, married , 1856, Jabcz Eastes, of 

Galesburgt III., from England. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6399. John W. Hastes, boru September 29, 1857. 

6400. Francis M. Easies, boru October 7, 1S59. 
0401. Edward P. Eastes, born December 11, 1861. 

6102. Eliza G. Hastes, born May 24, t866. 

[4800,] Sarah Strong Porter, daughter oi Moses Porter (3244) 
and Martha A, Snetl, married November 21, 1S49, John Simpson, 
son oi John Simpson, from Scotland, and wife Alice Palmer. Res- 
idence, Waterford, Minn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6103. John H. Simpson, boru December 29, 1S50. 

6404. Sophia I. Simpson, lx>ni July 1$. 1853, married Robert M. Dodd. 
0405. Charles .\. Simpson, born September 19, 1S55, married Jane Moore. 
0400. Martha A. Simpson, bom August 7, 1858. 

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IH07. George C. Simpson, born Scpltrniber 13, 1S60. 
OIO.S. Everett Simpson, born April 2S, 1S63. 

[4803.] ^h/ij' (or Emma) Co/i IVick/uxni, daughter of Rev. 
Joseph D, IViikham and Amy Porter, (3245) married October — , 
i860, Rev. Alfred C, Roc, a descendant of lire 11 Ron:, of Hart- 
ford, Conn., 1660, from England, who removed to Siifiield, Conn., 
and died , 16S9. 

He was a chaplam in the army, and since 1S67, principal of 
Female Seminary at Coruwall-on-the-Hudson, X. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
OiOO. EUzabetii M. Roe, lx>ni September S, 1S61. 
Olio. Mary \V. Roe. born April 19, 1S63. 
(Mil. Amy r. Roe, bom January 5, 1S67. 
(M12. Kuiily P. Roe, born May 12, 1S70. 
6413. Joseph W. Roe, born October 3, 1772. 

[4BD5.] Harriett J/. Cotton, daughter of Benjaviin Cotton 
^wiS^Jcrusha W, Porter, (3251) married March 11, 1S42, Henry M. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(M14. Wittiant C. Lambert, born December 17, 1S46. 
0415. Margaret £. Lambert, born March 2, 1S51. 

[4BD7.] Frederick Pierpont Cotton, son oi Benjamin Cotton 
zxA Jernsha IK. Porter^ (3251) married October 22, 1845, Atine 
Maria Austin, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
Olio. Benjamin S. Colton, born May 17, 1S43. 
0417. Julia M. Colton, bom July 16, 1S51. 

[4BDB.] Sarah Hitthonse Gitbert, daughter of Fitex H. Gil- 
bert ^vA Sarah P. Hitthonse, (3269) married April 29, 1S23, Adam 
Leopold Alexander, bom at Sunbur>', Georgia, son of Doct. Apam 
Alexander, from Inverness, Scotland, a surgeon in Continental 
army, in war of Revolution. Mrs. Sarah Gilbert died , 1855. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0118. Louisa F. Alexantler, bom July 9, 1S24, marricil J. F. Gilmer. 
0419. Sarah G. Alexander, born January 26, niarricJ A. R. Lawton. 

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61?>. Harrielt V. Alcxaudcr, born , 1S2S, married Wallace Cuniiuitig. 

ill.l. Mary C. Alexander, born , 1S30, married Goor^jo G. Hull. 

611**-. William 1*. Alexander, born . 1S32, married Maria 1^. Toons. 

aySl Edward P. Alexander, born May 26, 1S35, married Bettio Mason. 
0I'J4. Jame3 H. Alexander, born June 6, 1S40, married Sarah J. Irvin. 
I>l?5. Charles A. Alexander, born August 16, 1S41, married Ida Calhoun. 
(A'26. Marion B. Alexander, born July 19, 1S.J3, married W. V. Bo^i^s. 
0127. Alice V. Alexander, born July 31, 1S4S, married A. C. Haskell. 

[4803.] A/dcr^ //. ShephnJ, M. D,, son of Andrew Shep- 
herd and Mary HiUhouse, (3270) married , 1832, Annie /T. 

Smiih. He graduated at Franklin College, Ga., Philadelplua 
Medical College. Residence, Wilkes county, Ga., and died March 
7. '837. 

• Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
G128. Sarah P. Shepherd, born , 1S33, i"arried A. C. Flewellen. 

0429. AlberU Shepherd, boru , 1S35. 

M30. William S. Shepherd, born , 1S37. 

[4810.] Edicard 1\ Shepherd, .son of Andrezi* Shepherd and 

Mary HillhousCy (3270) married , Eli^a J, Winyi, Residcncei 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6431. Martha B. Shepherd, born — -, 1S36. 

W32. Mary S. Shepherd, boru , 183S. 

0433. Sarah A. Shepherd, born , XS41. 

W34. Charlotte Shepherd, bom , 1844. 

0433. Andrew II. Shepherd, boru , 1S47. 

[4611.] Mary F, Shepherd, daughter of Andreio Shepherd 

and Mary Hillhouse, (3270) married , Loeke Weems, She 

died , 1850. He died , 1S53. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

0430. Edward M. Weems, born , 1S35, married Elizabeth Sepp. 

0137. Eugene A. Weems, born , 1S3S, married C. A. Redd. 

C43S. Locke Weems, boru , 1S40, married Eugenia Black more. 

043'J. Mary S. Weems, born , 1S43, raarHvd H. S. Parke. 

0440. Felix Weems, born , 1S45. 

0441. Charlotte W. Weems, lx>rn , 1S47. 

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[4B12.] Charlotte \\\ Shiphad, daughlcr of Andrew Shep- 
herd and Mary Ilillhousc, (3270) married , Rev. John IK. 

Baker, of , Georgia. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6412. Evalina Baker, boru , 1S40. 

0443. Caroline C. Baker, born , 1842. 

(V144. John \V. Baker, boru , 1S45. 

(W45. William Baker, bom , 1S47. 

C440. IIenr>" Baker, boru , 1S50. 

0447. Edward Baker, bom , 1S53. 

644S. Charlotte E. Baker, born , 1855. 

0449. Charles W. Baker, bom , 1S58. 

[4B14.] Caroline Shepherd, daughter of Andrew Shepherd 

and Mary Hillhouse, (3270) married , Gen. Andrew HanselL 

Residence, Marietta, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

0450. William A. Hansell, bora , 1853. 

0451. Julia S. Hansel], bora , 1S55. 

0452. Mar>- C. Hausell, bora , 1858. 

6453. Felixiua Hansell, born , 1S60. 

[4B23i] Jonathan Edwards^ M. D., son oi Jonathan Edwards 
(3380} and Maria Champion^ graduate Yale College, 1863, and 
New York Medical College ; he married February 28, 18S2, Marioii 
Collins, daughter of David C Collins, of New Haven. Conn. He 
died in New Haven, Conn, June 19, 1886, of fever contracted at 
Rome, Italy. 

[4654.] Perey Steel Tultle, daughter of William TutlU and 
Lucella Steele, (3304) married October ri, 1832, Emily Hollisler. 
Merchant in New York City. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
64W. Ellen Tuttle, born , 1834, married Howell. 

0455. Mary A. Tuttle, boni , 1836. 

0456. Lauren A. Tittle, bora , 1838. 

[4B55.] William A. Tuiile, son of William Tuttle and 
Lucella Stede, (3304) married April 17, 1S38, Mary Ron. Resi- 
dence, Big Flats, N. Y. He died April 4, 1S64. 

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Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

M'}7. Mar^viarct L. Tuitlc, born , 1839, mirrieil LeGraiKl McXulty. 

CIV?. Williaai E. Tuiile, born , 18^2, married Frances Bonham. 

Ol'y). Henr>- L. Tii;:lo, born , 1846. 

IU(W. Charles O. Tu:t!e, born , 1S4S. 

[4B57.] MiPiCfia TnttU\ danghtor of Wmiam. Tidtlc and 
Lucclla Steele, (00*^4^ married April 2S, 1S39, Rev. Gecr^c Leicis 
F0oU\ Rector of Chri>.t Church, (Kpiscopal,) Xewlown, Conn. He 
died at Morris, N. Y., November 7, 1S63. Mrs. Foote resides with 
her son-in-law, Rt, Rev. D. S. Tuttle, Bishop of Utah, in Salt 
Lake City. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(hIGl. Harriett M. Tone, born August iS, 1S41, married D. S. Tuttle. 
64l>2. Rev. Henry I.. Foote, born twin, married Christine Carr. 
GIU3. Rev. George \V. Fooie, born March 16, 1S43, n»arried S. K. Pidsley. 
C104. Mary T. Foote, bom Februar>' 6, iS 17, married Rev. D. B. Miller. 
GlGo. Frederick k. Fooie, born April iS, 1S50. 

woe. Sarah K. Foo:e, l)ora , 1S5J, married A. \V. White. 

G407. Charles F. Fcote, born , 1854. 

[4BSB.] Henry Tuttle, son of William Tuttle and Lucclla 
Steele, (3304) married March 24, 184S, Laura Penrose. Residence, 
Sterling, 111. He died January 12, 1879. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
64C3. Lauren E. Tuttle, born February 22, 1S49. 
64C9. Charles E. Tuttle, bom August 29, 1851. 
6470. Clarence H. Tuttle, bom February 11, 1S53. 
C471. Ida M. Tuttle, bora July 12, 1856. 
W72. Mary L. Tuttle, born March 6, 1S60. 

[4860.] Ogdcn Tuttle, son of William Tuttle and Lucella 
Steele, (3304) married May 8, 1S60, Julia A. Camp. Residence, 
Minnea|X)li3, Minn. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 
0473. William B. Tuttle, born , 1861, 

[4BB1.] Luaus Tuttle, son of William Tuttle and Lucella 
Steele, C3304) married June 17, lS<»3> Sarah E, Burt. Residence, 
Corning, X. Y. 

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Their only child \va:j [being ol' ihc iiiulli geiKiatioii :] 
(M74. Sarah IJ. Tunic, born , iS6^. 

[4BB1.] lit 717 Y Jiy///ti'u A7;/i,^ son of Lrircs/r/- A7;/^ and 
/ii/ia A. Huntington, (3354) niarricd at Akron, O., October 20, 
1S42, Mary Crosby, daughter of Doct. Eliakim Cnnby, of Middlc- 
bur>', O. H. \V. King, graduated at Trinity College, 1S36. Law- 
yer in Akron, O. Secretary of State 1S50. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0175. Henry Crosby King, bom September 17, 1S43. died in army, 1S64. 
WTO. Julia II. King, boru June 4, it^S, married H. D. richer. 

[4 BE 4.] Leicester iCing, son of Leicester King and Julia A. 
Huntington, (3354) married DeccmlKr 10, 1S44, Eliza Purinton, 

[ZACCiU.L'S PlRiNTON, of Dover,- N. H., married , 1760, Anne 


(R.\Li'H TwoMiJi.KV, with wife Elizabeth, from ICugUiud, Dover, N. II. 
He died , 16S6. 

Second Generation, John Ticombley, born iu Kugland, married April 18, 
1687, Mary Kenney, daughter of IIen'RY Kicxxky, of Salem, Mass., from 

Third Generation, John Twombley, boru , 1697, married , 1734, 

Martha Vaniey. 

(WiLU.vM Varnky, from England, with wife Bridget, Ipswich, Mass. 
He died iu Salem, Mass., 1654. She died 1672. 

Second Generation, Humphrey Varney, born in England, married 1664, 
Sarah Starlfuck, born in England, daughter of Edwauh Starbl'CK, from 
Derbyshire, Knglaud, with wife Eunice, to Dover, N. II., 1640. 

Third Generation, Ebcneser Varney, boru , 1667, married , 1692, 

Mary Otis. 

(Richard Otis came from Somersetshire, England, to Dover, N. H. He 
married Hose Siottton, sister of Israel Stouton, of Boston, Mas.s, and daugh- 
ter of Anthony Stocchton, of county Surry, England. Richard Otis was 
killed in the attack on Dover, 16S9. 

Second Generation, Stephen Otis, boru , 1652, married April 16, 1674, 

Ma9y Pitman, daughter of Wiixiam Pitman, of Dover, from England. 

Stephen Otis \%as killed at Dover, June 2S, 1689, in the attack by Indians. 
His wife and children were carried prisoners to Canada ; the wife being 
killed on tlie way. 

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i nird G£Heratioii^ Maty O/is, boni , uiarricil , 1692, Ebctiezer 


Fourth Generation , Martha Vantey, boru Jauuan- 2S, 1713, niarricd — , 
1734. y«'/'/' Tzcombtty, 

Fifth Generation^ Anne TwoinMey, boru April 10, 1740, married , 

1760, Zaccheus Furinton. She died -^, 1799. 

Sixth Generation, John /*urinton, bom , 1767, married Fhede IJeeJe, 

daiii^hter of Daniel Beede, of Kingstou, N. H. Daniel Beetle was oue of 
the first settles of Sandwich, X. II., in 1767. He was a delegate to tlie revo- 
lutionary -convention at Exeter, 1775. Reprcsenuuivc to 1795. Judge of 
Couiuion Pleas to his death, 1799. John Purintou died April 24, 1S13, iu 
Sandwich, N. II. 

Seventh Generation, Xathaniel B. Fitrinton, born , married . 

Eighth Generation, Eliza Purinton, born May 15, 1S26, married Leicester 
Kitt%t merchant at Warren, O. ; president railroad company ; captain seventh 
Ohio regiment, war of rebellion. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
W77. Julia E. King, boru August 21, 1S45. 
6I7S. Leicester P. King, boru February 11, 1S47. 
(W7U. Israel 11. King, born July 26, 1852. 
WSO. George \V. King, born March 24, 1S54. 
64S1. Charlotte P. King, boru October 24, 1S56. 
&IS2. Elizabeth King, boru October 26, 1S60. 

[4BBBi] David Leicester King^ son of Leicester King and 
Julia A, Huntington^ (3354) married at Charlestown, Jefferson 
count}', Va., May i, 1849, Deity Washington Steele. 

[Col. JOHX Washington, bom at Warton, Lancashire, England, baptized 
1627, son oi Leonard Washington, came to America iu 1657. He settled at 
Bridge Creek, Va., on the Potauiac. He married near Pope's creek, West- 
moreland county Va., about i(>6o, Anne Pope. He was a member of the 
House of Burgesses, and died January- — , 1677. 

Second Generation, Laurence Washington, born about 1661, married 

16SS-90, Mildred Warner, daughter of Col. Au^nsline Warner, of Glou- 
cester, Va., and died , 1697. 

Third Generation, Augustine Washington, born , 1694. married 

April 20, 1715, Jane Butler, daughter of Caled Butler, of Westmoreland, 
Va. She died November 24, 172S. He married, v^ccoud wife) March 6, 
1731, Mary Ball, daughter of Col. William Bali, of Lancaster county, Va. 

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Col. Augustitic \Vasbini;ton, clictl April 12, 1743. Mrs, Mary Wasbiugloii 
died August 5, I7?9. aged cigbty-two. 

Fourth Ccftertitiofi, fictty IWishino^tof:, born June 20 1733, married Col. 
FicidiHg Lewis, She was a sisicr of Ct'or^^c Washing loti, ** Pater Patria," 
who was boru February 22, 1732. 

Fi/f/i Gcricniihftt //oTic'/f Liwis, born December 12, 1770, at Wooiilawn, 
Culpcper county, Va., removed lo Kanawha, Mason county, Va. He married 
iu Ricbmoud, Va., Sep:eml>er 26, 1795, EHen Hack fey PolLini, boru Decem- 
ber 7, 1776, daughter of Robert Poilani, of Richmond. She died , 

1S34. IloweU Lewis died December 26, XS22. 

Sixth Generation, Elten Jacl LtH'is, born January 2S, 1S02, married in 
Charlcstown, W. Va., Robert Jfe.htiey S,\\\U\ sou of Richard Steele ^ of 
I^xinglon, K3'., and his w'xic Martha Mc.lmey^ of Kentucky She died 
October 4, 1S50. He died February 27, XS26. 

Scicnth Generation , Hetty Uashint^ton Stecte, boru Deceml>er 10, 1S26, 
married D. L. King. Residence, Akron, O. President of a Railroad Co. 

Their childroa were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(hlS3. lillcn L. King, born June 13, 1S50, married D. R. Paige. 
WS4. IJetty S. King, born December 22, 1S51, married J. G. Raymond. 
WSo. Howell S. King, born May 3, 1S53. 
C4SG. Susan H. King, born January x6, 1S55. 
e4S7. Martha P. Kiug, boru April 6, 1S63. 

[4BBB.] I/clcn Dunbar King^ daughter of Leicester King 
and Julia A. Huntington, (3354) married May i, 1S62, James 
Atkins, He was in 1S73 Collector of Customs. Savannah, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
WS8. Joseph L. Atkius, bom March 20, 1S63. 
6-189. Julia H. Atkins, boru July 8, 1S65. 
WOO. Henry K. Atkuis, bora July 27, 1867. 

[4 BBS.] Catlierine Drinley A7/jf, daughter of Leicester King 
mA Julia A, Huntington, (3354) married at Bloomfield, O., Septem- 
ber 19, 1855, Rev. William Kimbrough Pendleton^ L.L. D., presi- 
dent of Bethany College, Virginia. Son of Edmund Pendleton, of 
Louisd county, Va. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(VAdl. Clnriuda H. Pendleton, boru August 25, 1856. 
C492. Huutiugton K. Pendleton, boru September 7, 1S61. 

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#108. Philip Y. Pendleton^ boru October 12, 1S63. 
6101. Winston K. Pendleton, boni Ociobcr 25, 1S69. 
W95. Dwight L. Pendleton, born October 14, 1S71. 

[4 BBS.] Edzi-ard W, Parsons, sou of David Parsons (3446) 
and Elhabtth Williams, (3405) luarried iii Hartford, Conn., Xo- 
veinber 2S, 1S39, Caroli?!e M. S/Mins, Residence, Hartford, 
Coun. President of Insurance Company. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :]. 
6496. Elizabeth \V. Parsons, born December 7, 1S40, married F. E. Goodrich. 
C407. Charles H. Parsons, bom April 7, 1S43, married ^I. A. Mortimer. 

[4aBBi] Oiarics Henry Parsons, son of David Parsons (3446) 
^xA Elizabeth Williann, (3405) married in Meriden, Conn., Januar>' 
5, 1852, Sarah Rice, daughter of Ezckiel Rice, of Meriden. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6411S. Ellen M. Parsons, born January 7, 1S53. 
CISW. Francis 11. Parsons, born January 23, 1S55. 

[4337.] Richard Chappdl Parsons, son of Thomas Parsons 
(3448) and Frances C. Chappdl, married November 11, 1851, 
Sarah Starkweather, born October 22, 1829, daughter of 5Vi;;2//r/ 
Starkweather, of Pawtucket, R. I. Removed to Cleveland, O. 
Speaker of the Legislature 1859. Appointed by President Lincohi 
minister to Brazil. Marshal of the Supreme Court of United 
States, Washington. D. C, 1872.' Member of Congress. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6a00. John S. Parsons, born May 4, 1S54. 
6301. Richard C. Parsons, bom October 29. 1S5S. 
6-102. Fannie C. Parsons, born August 3, 1S66. 

[43 3 B.] Marion Leeds Parsons, daughter of Thomas Par- 
^<^''^i (3448) married October 20, 1849, George Hinsdale Burritt, 
born February 2%, 1826, son of Elijah H. Burritt, born April 20, 
1794. son oi Elihii Burritt, of New Britain, Conn., and Elizabeth 

[KoiiVjsct IlENSDALR, with wifc Aiiite, from England, Dcdhani, Mass., 
1638; removed to Hadley, Mass., thence to Decrfield, Mass. He was killed, 

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^ vfcb bb sous Duniabas, John and Samuel, a^Ucii Capt. t.aihrop, with the 
•• Flower of Essex, •'fell at Wloody I^rook, September iS, 1675. 

Second Cctieraiiofi^ Datttabas //i/isJa/i\ born November 13, 1639, mar- 
ried , 1666, Sira/i White, daughter of KUkr Jt»nN' Whitk, of Hadley, 

•ud was killed as before stated. 

Third Generation t Daniaba^ Hinsdale^ born , 166S, married Xovem- 

kcr9, 1695, Jfiirt/ta Smith, bom March — , 1670, dauj^'hierof JosKrn Smith, 
of Hartford, who married April 10, 1656, Lydia I feu tit, daughter of Rev. 
Kphraim IIi:\viTT» of Windsor, from Hngland. Barnabas Hinsdale died 
January 25. 17^5- 

Fourth Generation, John I/insda/e, boru August 13, 1706, married , 

Elizabeth Cole, 

Fifth Generation, Elijah Hinsdale, born , 1742, married , Ruth 

Bidwell, daughter of /tf/;/<'i IJidweil and Mary Xorton, daughter oi John 
Norton. Residence, Hartford, Conn. 

Sixth Gener.ition, Elizabeth Hifisdale, born February 6, 1775, married 
July 20, 1793, Elihu Durrili. He died in Ncv.- Britain, Conn., Jan. 29, 1S27. 

Seventh Generation, Elijah //. Durritt, born April 20, 1794; graduated 
tt Williams College ; he went to Milledgcvillc, Ga. ; was editor of a news- 
paper; he married October 2S, 1S19, Anne W, Watson, daughter oC John 
l^atson, of Warrenton, Ga. He went to Texas, and died January 3, 1S3S. 

Eighth Generation, George If. Durritt, boru February 28, 1S26, married 
Marion L. Parsons. He died iu Sauta Barbara, Cal., June 20, 1873. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation ;] 
6503. Richard C. Burritt, bom January 11, 1856. 
CoW. Francis P. Burritt, boru December 31, 1S5S. 

[5D D D .] /oh7t Cafdurfl Parsons, son of Frauds Parsons, (3450) 
married April 27, 1870, Mary McCle flan, born May 31, 1S44, daugh- 
ter of Doct. Samuel McCkllan, of Philadelphia, Pa. She died 
Januar>' 22, 1871. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 
6305. Francis Parsons, bom January iS, 1871. 

[SDDl.] Mary Hooker Parsons, daughter of Francis Parsons, 
(3450) married June 6, 1866, liaison Webb, horn Xoveniber 10, 
1833, son oi James IVatson IVcbb, of New York city, and Hefen 
Lispenard Siena ri. He died in Oakland, Cal., Dec. 3, 1S76. 

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Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 
tViC. I'raucis P. Webb, boni September 26, 1S6S. 
f/»ii7. Helen L. Webb, bom September 25, 1S70. 
6')<»S. Elizabeth X. Webb, born August 19, 1S76. 

[6 DIB] Mary D, Ilouard, danghterof Charles Hoi^arJ (3467) 
and Elizabeth Divight^ married October 31, 1S60, Alexander Ed- 
leard Andrcics. He was born in Norwich, X. Y., April 11, 1834, 
son of Rev. Edzcard Audreics, He graduated at Hobart College, 
Xcw York. Lawyer in Binghamtou, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
GVyi). Charles H. Andrews, borti November 22, 1S61. 
r»'»JO, Edward A. Andrews, born Sepieuiber 21, 1S63. 
0311. James H. Andrews, born December 20, 1S71. 

[SD13.] Evelyn Hart Porter, M. D., son of Doct. Samuel 

Porter (3479) and Hannah Johnson, married , 1S25, Hannah 

Gardner, Residence, Skaneateles, N. Y. He died October 22, 
1865. She died October 3, iSSi. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6512. Morthuer G. Porter, born October 16, 1S26, married Emma E. Tallmau. 
SMS. Sarah M. Porter, born August i, 1S28, married Lewis S. Thomas. 
6514. William Porter, born August 29, 1S30, married Julia Williams. 
"Calo. Isabella Porter born June 3, 1S53, married W. P. Rhodes. (6543) 
C516. George G. Porter, bora Februar>- 12, 1835, married Mary T. Gifford. 
C517. James S. Porter, born December 19, 1S37, died January 3, iSoS. 
(m18. Mar}' E. Porter, born May i, 1S40. 
6-519. Edward F. Porter, born September 25, 1842, married Mary F. Lyon. 

[6D2D.] Samuel Addison Porter, son of Doct. Samuel Porter 
(3479) and Hannah Johnson, married , 1S39, Isabella Marshall. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6020. Addison Porter, born , 1S40. 

G521. Isabella M. Porter, boni , 1842. 

6522. Horace M. Porter, born , 1S44. 

[6021.] James Gurdon Porter, son of Doct. Samuel Porter 
(3479) and Hannah Johnson, married October 21, 1S29, Sarah 

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[John* Grosvknor, with Nvil'c Lst/ter^ cainu from Cheshire, ICuj^laHil, 

• Roxbur>'i Mass. He dicil Scpieuiber 26, 1691. Mrs. Ksthcr Grosvcnor died 
Jttn« X3. 1732. 

Second Ccncraiion^ Ebcnczcr Crosicnor, born October 9, 16S4, married 
— , EslJicr Clark, 

(Hi'Gii Ci,ARK, with NN-ife ICiizabcih, from ICnglaiid, Waterlown, Mass., 
1640, Roxbar>', Mass., 1657, Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company. He 
died July 20, 1693, aged eighty. Mrs. ICli/abelh Clark died Dec. 11, 1692. 

Second Ccfieratiott, John Clark ^ born Ociol>er 13, 1641, lived iu Ne\\lou, 
Mass. He uiarried , 16S4, Elizabclh Xonnan, daughter of Hugh Xor- 

* MAN, of Plymouth, Mass. 

Third Ccnnalion^ Esther Clark ^ born March i, 1692, married , Eben- 

net Grosvcnor, Removed to Pomfret, Conn. 

Third Generation, John Grosienor, boru May 22, 1711, married May 4, 
1733, Hannah Dresser, of Woodstock, Conn. He die<l February 3, 1S04. 

Fourth Generation, Seth Giosienor, bom January 9, 1747, married , 

1767, Abigail Keyes, 

(SOLOMAN Kf.yu.s, from England, married in Newbury, Mass., October 2, 
1653, Frances Grant. Removed to Chelmsford, Mass. He died March 28, 
1702. She died , 170S. 

Second Generation, Solomon Keycs, boru June 24, 1665, married , 

1690, Mary . 

Third Generation, Elias Keyes, born October 17, 1692, married , 

1714, Mary -^-. 

Fourth Generation, Stephen A^eyes, born July 15, 17 17, married , 1743, 

Abif^ail Peabody. 

(pRANXis Peacody, bom in St. Albaus, county Herts, t^ngland, came 
to New Huglaud 1635 ; Hamptou, Mass. He married , 1641, Mary Fos- 
ter, daughter of Reginald Foster, of Ipswich, Mass., from England, with 
wife Mary. He was of the Fosters of Bamborough Castle, Northumberland. 

Second Generation^ William Peabody, born , 1646, married August 

14, 1684, Hannah Hale, 

(Thomas Hale, with \i-ife Tamasin, from England, Newburj', Mass., 
1^351 Haverhill, 1650, died December 21, 1682. Mrs. Tamasin Hale died 
June 30, 16S3. 

Second Generation, Thomas Hale, born iu England, married May 26, 
1657, Maiy Hutshinson, daughter of Richard Hutciiixson, of Salem, 
Mass., and wife Alice, from England. 

Third Generation, Hannah Hale, boru , married William Peabody, 

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Third Ccncrdiion, KichurJ I\aboJ\\ bom I'cbruviry 17, 1691, married 
171(1 J^ulh Kimball^ daughter o( John Kimball ^ of IJoxford, Mass. 

Fourik Genera lion y Abi^^ail Piabody, boru October 10, 1722, tnarned 
——I I743i Stephen /Ceyes. Residence, Pom fret, Conn. 

Fifth Generation, Abis^ail k'eyeSy Ixjru August 16, 1751, married , 

1767, Seth Grvszrnor. Removed to Berkshire county, Mass. 

Sixth Generation, George //. Groszenor, boru July 19, 17S3, wai; a cap- 
Uia tn the army of war of xSi2. He married Tcbruary 6, 1S09, .^f.try /, 
Beach, daughter of Ashbei Be.u'/i, of New Hartford, N. Y., aud died 1S3S. 

Seventh Generation, Sarah Grcszenor, boru April 5, iSro, married Octo- 
ber 21, iS2% James Gurdon Porter, of Skaueatelcs aud Lockport, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6523. Lucia M. Porter, born July —.1831. 

C524. Laura Porter, born February 10, 1833, married C. V. S. Rosevelt. 
6323. Seth G. Porter, boru August 19, 1S35, captain P. M. steamship. 

6526. Samuel Porter, bom November 29, 1S37, died , iS63. 

6527. Henry Porter, bom March 15, 1S39, died , 1S61. 

6528. Frederick B. Porter, born December 14, 1S40, died , 1S64. 

&320. Stanley Porter, boru July 5, 1S42, lieutcuant, killed at Bull Run. 

6530. Ben. IL Porter, boru July 10, 1S44, lieut. U. S. N., killed at Fort Fisher. 

6531. Maria G. Porter, born Feb. 23, 1S4S, married Capt. Meusiug, Gcr. Navy. 

[6D22i] Hanjiah Maria Porter, daughter of Samuel Porter 
(3479) ^^^ Hannah Johnson^ married May 19, 1S30, George Gcddes. 

[Paul Gkddes and ^*ife, Sarah Fitzsimmons, 

Second Generation, James Geddes, born , 1704, married , Mar- 
garet Muir, She died , 17S3. aged eighty-four. He died , 1764. 

Third Generation, William Geddes, boru , 1735, married March 8, 

1762, Sarah Mc Allen, who died December 9, 1773, aged thirty-nine. He 
died September 17, 17S9. 

Fourth Generation, James Geddes, bom July 22, 1763, married May 5, 
'TWj Lucy Jerome, He died August 19, 1838. 

Fijth Generation, George Geddes, bom Febmary 15, 1809, married Han- 
nah M. Porter, Residence, Syracuse, N. Y. He died October S, 1SS3. 

Their children were [being of the ninth, generation ;] 

6532. James Geddes, bom November 19, 1S31, married Frances Ferry. 

6533. Mar)' Geddes, born June 25, 1S34, married David Cossett. 

James Geddes and Frances had George Geddes, bom September 24, 1S60, 
who married .\ugust I, iSSi, AlJie Shont, aind bid (leuth gctitration) • * • 
Robert Geddes, bom April 30, 1SS2. 

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[6D23i] Mortimer Porter, son of Doct. Sam ltd Porter {^Al 9) 

UiA JIannah Johnson, married , Anne Woodruff, Lived in 

Vindaud, N. J. He died , 1SS2. Slic died , 1S65. 

Their children were [bein;;: of the ninth generation :] 

iVU. Ella Porter, born , 1S42, married Azel Fiaukc. 

iS35. Krftiicis Porter, bom , 1S45. 

6530. Anna \V. Porter, born , 1S4S. 

6537. Mar)' I^. Poricr, born , 1S50, married Martyn. 

[6D25i] Sydenham Porter^ son of Doct. Samuel Porte f 
K (3479) and Hannah Johnson, Lived in Vineland, N. J. He mar- 

rittl , Amanda Biakesley, 

Their only child wxs [being of the ninth generation :] 

6538. Mary Porter, born ilarch 15, 1S63. 

[6D33.] Julius Rhoades, son of Doct. Samuel Rhoades and 

Lucy Porter, (3481) married , Elizabeth Craig, daughter ol 

Archibald Craig, of Schenectady, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6539. Margaret Rhoades, boni, , 1S34. 

CMO. Archibald Rhoades, born , 1S37, surgeon U. S. N. 

[SD34.] Samuel P. Rhoades, son of Doct. Samuel Rhoades 
and Ljicy Porter, (3481) married , Lucy A, Beach, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6541. Augustus Rhoades, bom , 1S26. 

6W2. Elizabeth Rhoades, born , 1S28. 

^GMS. William P. Rhoades, born , 1S30, married Isabella Porter. {6515) 

[5D72.] Margaret Buell, daughter of Oliver Buell (3493) 
and Polly Wilcox^ married November 29, 1830, Leander Norton, 
Residence, Clinton, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6544. Sarah M. Norton, bom December 4, 1831, married K. S. Isbell. 

6545. Caroline C. Norton, born December 9, 1S33, married II. S. Dolph. 

6540. Edwin N. Norton, born January 26, 1S36, married Cynthia Post. 
6iW7. Henry Norton, bom August iS, 1838. 

[5D74.] Elizabeth Buell, daughter of OZ/icr y?//^'// (3493) and 
Polly IVilcex^ married September 3, 1S35, George Stannard^ of 
Westbrook, Conn. She died December 8, 1845. 

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Their cliildrcu were [bciiii* of the ninth generation:] 
654S. Ilauiliu Staiuiard, born July iS, 1S36. 
e>l9. Mary E. Stanuard, boru ^lay 19, 1S38. 

l^hjO. Susan H. Stanuard, born April 9, 1S40, married Andrew C. Doauc. 
C!>.>1. William II. Stanuard, boru March 31, 1S42. 
C.V)2. Charles O. Stanuard, boru November 13, 1S43. 
65o3. George O. Stanuard, born Xoveml)cr 27, 1S45. 

[6D75.] Oliver Bucll, son of Oliver Buell(^2>A9o) ^"d Polly 

Wilcox, married , 1S47, Htinnah A, Wairous, Residence, 

Chester, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
a554. Oliver D. Buell, born May 5, 1S4S, died March 25, 1S64. 
6.5o5. Mar}' L. Buell, born September 22, 185 1. 
6556. Emma A. Buell, bom November 14, 1S53. 
0557. Ella C. Buell, bom February 23, 1859. 

[6D7B.] Eliza Buell, daughter of Oliver Buell (3493) and 
Polly IVileox, married August 13, 1839, Williavi A. BushnclL 
Residence, Westbrook, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6558. Edwin W. Bushnell, born June 23, 1S40. 

6559. Alice E. Bushnell, boru January 11, 1S45. 

6560. Grace A. Bushnell, bom June 25, 1855. 

(Edwin \V. Bushnell enlisted in the twelfth Connecticut voluuleers, Oc- 
tober 20, 1861; second lieutenant April i, 1863; ftrst lieutenant August 21, 
1864. With Butler's expedition, ship. I. Miss. ; Forts Jackson and St Philip. 
Battles' of George's Landing, siege of Port Hudson, Donaldson villc, Win- 
chester, Strasburg, Fisher's Jlill, New Market and Cedar Creek, L.a. 

[6D7B.] Adcli7ie Buell, daughter of Oliver Buell (;^^g7;) and 
Polly IVileox, married February 9, 1843, Martin C. Laiurenee, of 
Clinton, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6561. Cecelia A. Lawrence, born October 30, 1S43. 

6562. Mary E. Lawrence, bom May 15, 1845. 
C563. Eilgar E. La^^Teuce, born January 19, 1847. 

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[6DS5.] IsiUK PuY Popicr, son of Ezckivl Poricr (2^^^)^) and 

Mercy Day, married , 1S43, Sam// Drake. Residence, Wcsl- 

ficld, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 

65(W. Marcus M. Porter, boni , 1S41. 

CjC5. Sarah D. Porter, bom , 1S46. 

[SDSBi] Caroline Siblty, daughter of Daniel Sibley vl\A IIcp- 

Mtbak Porter, (3520) married , 1S30, Solomon Yeomans, of 

Meriden, Conn. 

Their children were [l)eing of the ninth generation :] 
6506. Ira Ycoraans, boru April 7, 1831, married Auue K. Davis. 
6jC7. EU/a Yconiaus, boru August 6, 1S33, married WilUinu Kltou. 
CjOS. SaraU Yeomaus, bom July 9, 1S35. 

6500. Caroline Yeomaus, born August 6, 1S37, married Charles Slater. 
C370. Cyuthia Yeomaus, born March 3, 1S40, married Henry Dcming. 
6.)71. Mary Yeomaus, born February S, 1S43, married Frederick KIkins. 

[SD3 7i] Amanda Sibley, daughter of Daniel Sibley and Hep- 
xibah Porter, (3520) married , 1836, Jonathan Wilkinson. 

Their children were [being of the niutli generation :] 

6572. Leander Wilkinson, born December 10, 1837. 

6573. Goodwin Wilkinson, born December 7, 1S39, manied Emily Davis. 

6574. Lovell Wilkinson, boni December 4, XS41, married Kl&ie Davis. 

6575. Charles A. Wilkinson, bom July 7, 1S43. 

657C. Dwight II. Wilkinson, born June 7, 1S46, married Emma Paffer. 

[SDSa.] Pamela 5/^/o', daughter oi Daniel Sibley dm^ H^p- 
zibah Porter, (3520) married , 1S4S, Otis Whiitemore, of Lei- 
cester, Mass. 

Their children were [beitigof the ninth generation :] 

6577. Cyuthia Wbitlemore, boru July 17, i$49, married Arthur White. 

6578. Emma Whittcmore, bora April iS, 1S57. 

6579. Flora Wbittemore, born March 10, 1S61. 

[6DS3.] Aurelia Sibley, daughter of Da?iie/ Sibley SLud Hip- 

zibah Porter^ (3520) married , 1853, John A. Bartlett, of Pcn- 

laud, Me. 

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Their cbildrcn were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6i>S(l. ^lary K. Bartlcit, born April iS, 1^3 1, iinrricd Ivlward Grecue. 
^>S1. AdJisou A. Barllett, boru July 7, 1S56, luarrieil Ainar.da Clarke. 

[61DD.] Porter D. Sibley, son of Daniei SibUy and Hepzibah 

Porter^ (3520) married , \^^\,Janc Co.^ley, of Wcstfield, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
^"i82. Kmma J. Sibley, born October 7, 1S4S, married KJward Shurtleff. 
(^kS3. Porter A. Sibley, born April iS, 1S51. 
6.>S4. Jane C. Sibley, born May i, 1S53. 
65S5. Eva M. Sibley, born February 9, 1S56. 

[SlDSi] George W, Sibley, son of Daniel Sibley, and Hepzi- 

-, \^i\, Julia Marsh, 2d, 


bah Porter, (3520) married ■ 
Amelia Harden, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6.>8C. Ella J. Sibley, born August i, 1S55. 
65S7. Frank K. Sibley, boru September 7, 1S60. 
a>S8. William Sibley, born April iS, 1S62. 
C539. Charles A. Sibley, boni May i, 1S65. 

6590, Ida Sibley, bom March 7. 1S6S. 

6591. Alena Sibley, born , 1S76. 

[61 D 4.] DuightP. Sibley, son of Daniel Sibley, and Hepst- 
bah Porter, (3520) married , 1856, Sarah M, Jayeox, of Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 
6502. Jklary E. Sibley, born , 1859. 

[6128.] Aiiren B, Porter, son of Aaron Porter (3525) and 

Miriam Beekley, married , 1842-3, Jane Smith, daughter of 

Hakey Smith, Residence, Weathersfield, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6598. AloDzo S. Porter, born , 1844. 

6594. Aurcn B. Porter, born , 1846. 

[6123.] IVilliam H. Porter, son of Aaron Porter (^^2s) and 

Miriam Beekley, married , Martha Belding, 

[Richard BF.tniNC, from England, WcathcrsficlJ, Conn. 

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Second Ccitcraiion^ John JidJiui;^ born in ICiij^liiiul, iiiarricJ , i653i 

Lydia . 

7%ird General ion ^ Joseph BeiJin^y boru , 1663, iiiarrietl October 27, 

1693, Mary . 

Fourth Ceneraiion, Thoiftas Beldinji^, boru September 9, 1700, married 
— -, 1729, Mary Mix. 

(TuoMAS Mix, from Kugland, New Haven, Conn., 16.13, married , 

1649, A\'beeca Turner, dauijhier of Capi. NathanikIv Turner, from Eng- 
land, 1630, Stanford, Conn., 1640, who sailed for England, Jaunary — , 1646, 
in that ship never after heard from. 

Second Generation, Rev. Stephen Mi.\\ born November 1672, graduated 
at Harvard College, 1690, ordained 169.^, minister at Wcathcrsfield, Conn.; 
married December, i, 1696, Mary Stoddard, 

(Anthony Stoddard, came from I^ngland, Boston, Mass., 1639. His 
wife Mary Dou'ninjr, was daughter of Kmanufx Downing, who married in 
England, Lucy U'inthrop, daughter of ^Idam Wir.throp, of England, and 
abler of Gov. John Winthrop, of Mass, Anthony Stoddard died March 
16, 16S7. Mrs. Lucy Stoddard died January 16, 1647. 

Second Generation, Rev. Solomon Stoddard, boru , 1640 ; Harvard 

College 1662 ; minister at Northampton, Mass. ; married March 8, 1670, 
Esther U^arhavi, daughter of Rev. John Warham, of Windsor, Conn., from 
Englaud, then widow of Eleazer Mathews. He died February ix, 1720. 
She died February 10, 1736. 

J^ird Generation, Mary Stoddard, bom January 9, 1671, married Rev. 
Stephen Mix. He died , 173S. 

Fourth Generation, Mary Mix, boru , 1700, married , Thomas 


Fijth Generation, Simeon B elding, born April iS, 1739. married Novem- 
ber 3, 1765, Martha Lockwood, born September 28, 1743, daughter of Rev. 
James Lockwood, who married November 4, 1742, Mary Dickinson, bom 
Jauuary 26, 1725, daughter of Elihu Dickinson, of Weaihersfield, Conn. 

Sixth Generation, James L, Belding, boru October 5, 1774, married — . 

Seventh Generation, Martha Belding, boru , married irHliam //. 

Porter, Residence, Weathersfield, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

659o. William H. Porter, bora , 1S46. 

eSDO. Martha B. Porter, born , 1S4S. 

6507. Anthony S. Porter, boru , 1S50. 

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[514 7i] James If, Potkr, i^oii of Atnou Porter (3556) and 
Mekitabel Myi^att, iiiarricd Jami.iry 11, 1S43, Phcbc A, Pcniiiehn, 
ibuglilcrof IF. C PenJieion, of Westerly, R. I., a descendant of 
iXy^ox James Pendleton, who married April 29, 1656, Hannah Good- 
etip, daughter of ICdmind Goodkno, and wife Anne, from Wilt- 
shire, England, toSiKlI)ury. Mass., 163S. James was son of Major 
Hkyan Pkndi.ktox, from England, with wife Kteanor. J. H. Por- 
ter lived in Westerly, R. I. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
OlOS. Harriet \l. Porter, boru September 11, 1S43. 
CTjOO. Charles A. Porter, boni May 12, 1S43. 
ftJOO. Carrie L. Porter, born October 9, 1S54. 
cool. Minnie R. Porter, boru June 9, 1S5S. 

[615 2 1] Ma9 ictta Andrews, daughter of Seta/i Andrews (3540) 
znA Mary Bacon, married April 14, 1S52, Butler Warren, of East 
Hartford, a descendant of William Warrex, of Hartford, from 
England. Residence, New Briton, Conn. She died December 
12, 1858. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6602. LeRoy Warren, bom , 1S53. 

CC03. William A. Warren, boru , 1S55. 

[5167.] Leonard D. Porter, son of Ethan B. Porter (3545) 
and Julia Griswold, married January 11, 185S, Sarah Stevens, 
He died in Minneapolis, Minn., September 20, 1S69. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CUM. Nettie J. Porter, bom October i. 1S60. 
CCOa. Martha S. Porter, born October 19, 1862. 
CGTXl. William D. Porter, boru December 28, 1S64. 
6(X)7. Charles A. Porter, bom June 25, 1S66. 

{51BB.] Edwin Porter, son of Asahel Porter (3553) and Lucy 

Kelsey, married , 182 1, Catherine Hubbard. Residence, 

Bridgeport, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6C0S. ^lary J. Porter, bom April iS. 1S22. 
CTiOU. Udu-in Porter, boru July 16, 1S24. 
CCIO. Henry H. Porter, born September 9, 1S26. 

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6011. Emily Porter, born Xoveiiibcr 14, 1.S2S. 
11012. Harriett Porter, boni Augii-^t 6, 1S30. 

0013. Williatu A. Porter, bom December 19, 1831. 

[61SD.] Oils Paricr, sow o{ Asahcl /l?;'/tv- (3553) and Lucy 

Kehey, went to Xewheni, N. C, where he married . 

Their children were [Ixjing of the ninth generation :] 

0014. Fraukliu O. Porter, bom December 10, 1S2S. 
0615. Catheriue M. Porter, born November 4, 1830. 
flClO. Daniel Porter, born January 10, 1S33. 

0017. Mar}- L. Porter, bora December S, 1836. 

0018. Asahel Porter, born January- i, 1839. 

[SISB.] Royal L. PorUr, son kA Daniel Porter (^i^^ and Polly 

Badger^ married , 1832, Sarah A, Pratt. Residence, Boston, 

Mass. He was editor of the ** Boston Traveller," and died 1S44. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

0019. Royal F. Porter, born , 1S34. 

CG20. Edward G. Porter, bora , 1S36, in 1S87 in Palestine. 

0021. William R. Porter, born , 1841, lieutenant iith MassacUussctts 

Volunteers. Killed August 29, 1S62, at battle of Bull Run while command- 
ing bis company. 

[619 B>] Walter Andrcics^ son of Stephen Andrews and 
Lovina Porter, (3556) married January 19, 1826, Elizabeth Stuart 
Cameron, daughter of Charles Cameron, of Prattsburgh, N. Y. 
He died at Naples, N. Y., June 28, 1840. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0023. Jane F. Andrews, bora May 30, 1827, married S. W. Minor. 
0023. George I. Andrews, born May 18, 1831, of Quincy, Mich. 
0024.. Charles C. Andrews, bora March 17, 1S34, married Harriett Dunlap. 
0025. Janet Andrews, bora April 37, 1S37, married Oliver Wilson. 

0020. Porter I. Andrews, born September 5, 1839, married Amy K. Dunlap. 

[5193.] Emetine Andrews, daughter of Stephen Andrrivs and 
Lovina Porter, (3556) married July 4, 1821, Horace Walbridge, of 
Stafford, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0027. Mary A. Walbridge, born Januar>' 14, 1822, married G. S. Whitman. 
0628. Henry H. Walbridge, born May 13, 1S24. 

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i' C«;j9. Lo^ina E. Walbridgc, bom December ii, 1S25, ninrrieti William Abccl. 
^(0). Jane F. Walbriili^c, boru December 13, 1S27, iiMnioil R. H. Hooker. 
UjUL Selinda C. WalbriJge, born February 24, 1S30, married C. Whitiaker. 

[63D2i] Stephen Porter Andrcivs^ son oi Stephai Andrczi*s 
and Lovina Porter, (3556) married May 2, 1833, Lueinda Round, 
of Potter, Yates county, N. Y. Removed to Quiiicy, Mich. He 
died October 14, 1S67. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CC32. Wesley P. Andrews, born February 19, 1S34, married Alice Tlionias. 
C033. Lucretia A. Andrews, born Februar>' 2, 1S37. 

6034. Samuel £. Andrews, born April 19, 1S3S, married Hlla ^I. Thomas. 
6G35. Eraeline F. Andrews, born December 29, 1S40. 
CGSG. Mary F. Andrews, bom September 20, 1847. 
6G37. Esther A. Andrews, born Februar\' 29, 1S51. 
cess. Nelson H. Andrews, born August 27, 1S52. 

[52D4.] Wittiam AndrenSy son of Stephen Andrews and 
Lovina Porter, (3556) married May i, 1841, Lueinda Yates Pulier, 
daughter of Peter Puher, and Lovina Coneklin, of Jenisalem, 
Yates county. Residence, Italy Hill, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(id39. Adelaide C. Andrews, born April 6, 1842. 
6G40. Lovina L. Andrews, born September 5, 1S43. 

6641. Charles W. Andrews, born November i, 1845, died February- 9, 1870. 
C642. Jerome F. Audrews, born March 2, 1S48. 

6(U3. Delight C. Andrews, born March 4, 1852, married J. W. Townsend. 
CG44. Rose E. Andrews, born March 4, 1S55. 

[62 D 5.] Nathaniel Porter, son of Nathaniel Porter (355S) 
and Mary Starkweather, married in East Hartford, Conn., 1S30, 
Almira Churehill, Removed to Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6645. Jane Porter, bom , 183 1. 

6040. Asahel L. Porter, bom , 1833. 

6W7. Almira C. Porter, bora , 1836. 

6048, Emelinc Porter, born , iS^X 

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[SSlDi] Miranda Poricr, daughter o[ Job Por/er (zs^^o) ^^^ 

Lydia Kclscy, married , 1S30, Horace //. IlilU, He died 

November 30, 1S47. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CWO. Lydia M. IliHr:, born April 15, 1S32, married Xcwell Lester. 
BfiX). Frauds II. Hills, boru January 5, 1S35, marricil Marie L. King. 
003L George A. lliUs, bom November 7, 1S37, married Kmnia A. Wheeler. 
CG52. Alou/x> P. IlilU, bom Jauuary 6, 1S41. 

0653. Kate J. Hills, boru August 23, 1S43, uiarried C. II. Olmstead. 
(j0o4. Harriett M. Hills, bom April iS, 1S47, married Frederick Olmstead. 

[6211.] Harriett Porter rf'7///c?, daughter of >jr/fl// Jr%//r and 
Elisabeth Porter^ (3564) married July i, 1829, Edunn Fay, son of 
Mo%e$ FaVy of Rutland Vt., whose wife was Sarah White, daugh- 
ter of Z>^w/V/ White, (313S.) Edwin Fay removed to Georgia, and 
was a planter at Rocky Mount, Merriwether county. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6665. Edwin Fay, bom May 17, 1S32. Teacher in Louisana. 
6650. Sarah F. Fay, bom Februarj- 6, 1S35, married S. Stoddard. 
6657. Elelhcra Fay, born January- 15, 1S3S. 
6G58. William H. Fay, bom ^larch i, 1S41. 

6659. Josiah D. Fay, born November r, 1844. 

[6212.] Oliiia H, White, daughter of Josiah White and 
Elisabeth Porter, (3564) married March i, 1841, Rev. James Mc- 
Kee^ Presbyterian minister at Orion, Pike county, Alabama. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6660. Edmn L. McKec, born November 3, 1843. 
6061. Har\-ey L. McKec, bora March 10, 1846. 

6002. Caroline L. McKee, boru December 13, 1S4S. 

6003. John M. McKee, bom March 15, 1851. 

[6263.] Ed'unn 5. Porter, son of Enos Porter (3615) and 
Abigail II, Whaple, married January 21, 185S, Mary II. Jackson, 
Residence, Greensburgh, Ind. 

Their cliildrcn were [being of the ninth generation :] 
666L William H. Porter, bom November 29, 1S5S. 
CU05. Charles R. Porter, boru November 20, 1S61. 
Ci'iCO. Enos Porter, bom July 2S, 1S63. 

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i^%7. Mary L. Porter, boni Novcuiljcr 21, 1S65. 
|>'4t;s. Edwin M. Porier, boru July 7, 1869. 

[6230.] l^/'iiphrodiiHS Po?'(cf\ sou of Judah Porter (3640) 
and Anna Mann, married Novenil^er 27, 1S30, Sybil A, Fuller, 
He died 1S59. Residence, Hebron, Conn. She died 1S73. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CUiD. Horace F. Porter, bom December 17, 1S31, married Mary C. Bisscll. 
6070. Helen A. Porter, bom December i, 1S33, married Charles Babcock, 
CU71. Heiir>' F. Poner, bom November 12, 1S35, married Maria F. Gray. 

[6 2 3 3 1] Mary Anne Porter^ daughter of Judah PorUr (3640) 
wAAnna Mann, married February- iS, 1S30, /c»//// Plijzrl Bliss, 

[TuOM.\S B1.ISS, of Belstoue, Devonshire, Knglauil, came to Braintree, 
Mass., with wife^aref, 1635 ; removing 10 HnrtforJ, Conn., 1640, which 
year he died. She died in Springfield, 2^Iass., Angust 28, 16S4. 

Second Gcftcratioti T/iujuas Bliss^ boru in Kngland ; removed to Xor- 

Kilch, Conn., 1662, and married October 30, 1644, Elizabeth . He died 

April 15, i6S$. 

Third Generation^ Samuel B/iss, born December 9, 1657, married De- 
cember 8, 16S1, .-Ififte Elderkin, born January — , 1661, daughter of Joiix 
Elderkix, from Englaml, Xor^vich, Conn., who married , 1660, Eliza- 
beth Drake, daughter of John Drake, of Windsor, Conn., from England. 
Samuel Bliss died December 30, 1731. Mrs. Anue Bliss died May 17, 174S. 

Fourth Generation, Rev. John Biiss, born October 23, 1690 ; Yale Col- 
lege 1710; minister at Hebron, Conn., Octo1>er, 1717 ; became an Hpiscopa- 
liaa. He married (second wife) December 14, 1732, Ilaiiuah Post, daughter 
ot Phinehas Post, of Columbia, Couu. Rev. J. Bliss died February i, 1741. 

Fijth GenenUion, Ellis Bliss, boru September 25, 1733, married (second 

u-ifc) April 30, 1770, Grace Ford, bora , 1747, daucjhtcr of f<i:U' Ford, 

of Hebron. He died July 1.^, 1814. Mrs. Grace Bliss died October 15, 1S29. 

Sixth Gcneratiofi, Benjamin Bliss, born July 11, 1776, married Septem- 
bers, 1801, Lydia Strong^, born December 13, 1782, sister of Polly Strong, 
who married Beta Porter, daughter of David Strong and ^my Carver. 
Mrs. Lydia Bliss died May 19, 1S31. He died July 24, 1S58. 

Seventh Generation, Jo,':n Flavei /Hisi, l>orn August 20, iSu6, married 
February S, 1S30, J/ary Anne Porter, Ucmo\*ed to Oswego, N. Y, where 
he died September li^, 1S36. She died DcceniU'r t^ 1852, 

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|t . Their cliildrtn \Yere [being of the ninth generation :] ^^ 

(W7-. George Torler lUiss, bom Xovember iS, 1S30, uiarried Susau V. Craue, 
C073. John Homer Bliss, boru August 4, 1S32. 

[B2B5.] FriDicis A, Porter^ son oi Jttdah Po) Ur {^^G^o) aud 

Anna Mann, married , iS^o, /n/ia A, Ilcndce, Residence, 

Andover, Conu. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0674. Amelia Porter, born December a, 1S41. 
6G75. Leonard H. Porter, boru Xovember i, 1S43. 
C076. Francis K. Porter, born October 17, 1S45. 
6C77. Abuer Porter, lx>rn December S, 1S47. 

[6313i] Jaf-vis Porter Lord^ son of Russell Lord and Mary 
Porter^ (3650) married Harriett Porter Bill, (42S3.) Residence, 
Lebanon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C678. XcKou P. Lord, boru January 30, 1S3T. 
fiC7D. Clarinda P. Lord, born September 3, 1S33. 
CC80. Lydia ^I. Lord, bom February n, 1S36, married William P. Todd. 

[6316. Henry Bliss Porter, ^^. D., sou of Rev. Amasa Por- 
ter (3652) and Sarak Bliss, married , 1827, Caroline //. Collins, 

He graduated Yale College, and was a physician, Hartford, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CC81. John Porter, born January 8, 1S2S. 
(iGS2. Ilcnry C. Porter, born April 10, 1S29. 
6GS3. Howard A. Porter, born November 7, 1S31. 
6CvS4. William W. Porter, boru May 25, 1834. 
6CS5. Frances M. Porter, born 2klarch 28, 1840. 
6080. Charles E. Porter, born January 10, 1843. 

[3613. David Perrin Porter, son of Dai id Porter (3657) and 
Jerusha Sumner, married February' 4, 1845, .^fary Robbins, daugh- 
ter of Solomon Robbins, of Chaplin, Conn. Residence, South 
Manchester, Conn. Merchant. He died June 5, 1S7S. 

Their children were [l^ing of the ninth generation :] 
6CS7. Sarali A. Porter, bom March 20, 1S46. 
66S6. Mary O. Porter, boru April 21, 1S4S, married S. H. Chaffee. 

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CCSO. Isabella J. Porter, ) . 

> ,., .., ^, „ r born May 25, 1S51. 

Oi?.K>. rionlla F. Portei, ) ^0*0 

iWU. Handel R. Porter, bom September 20, 1S57. 

(i(JU2. Wesley B. Porter, bom August 18, 1S59, uiarricJ Mary J. Gould. 

Cii'Jo. Ada C. Porter, bom May 16, 1S6S. 

[632D.] Theodore B. Porter, son of David Porier i^f^^i) and 

Jcrusha Sunnier, married , 1S50, Sarah A, Chapman, born 

October 10, 1828, daughter of Martin Chapman, who married 
January i, 1S2S, Clarissa Daniels, Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [l^ing of the ninth generation :] 
OXi\, Herbert H. Porter, born September 16, 1S52. 
(XjOo. Julia A. Porter, boru October 9, 1S54, married George I,. Dewey. 
6C95. Mar>' F. Porter, born June 4, 1S56. 
©iy7. George A. Porter, boru Septeuiber 23, 1S57. 
CC93. Jane S. Porter, bom August 25, 1S59. 
6099. John S. Porter, bom :^IarcU i, 1S62. 
0700. Frances A. Porter, bom May 4, 1S64. 

[6323.] William Truman Porter, son of David Porter (3657) 
tLud /erusha Sumner, married March 31, 1S51, Annis E. Collins, 
of Norwich, Conn. Residence, Glastonbur>% Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6701. William H. Porter, boru Febmary 24, 1S53. 
C702. Martha E. Porter, bom Bebmary x3, 1855. 
0703. Harnett J. Porter, bora August 13, 1S57. 
6704. Charles S. Porter, bora October 14, 1859. 
67U5. Edwin E. Porter, boru March 29, 1861. 

[6324.] Henry Gaylord Porter, son of David Porter (3657) 
and Jeruska Sumner, married 1S75, Josephine E. Porter. (5339.) 
Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6700. Ward Porter, boru October i6, 1S77. 
6707. Sumner Porter, lx)rn Xovember 3, 1S79. 

[6325.] John Sumner Porter, son of David Porter (3657) 
^xidjerusha Stunner, married Januar>' 26, 1S59, Eleeta A. Broun. 
Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

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Their chiklreu were [bcini^ of the ninth generation :] 
670S. Anna J. Porlcr, bom , iSoi. 

6709. John S. Porter, born , 1S64. 

[63 3D.] Joseph Porttr, son oi John Porter C3660) and Frances 
Scoville^ married August 24, 1S64, Ilanktt E. Stevens^ born Oc- 
tober 14, 1S44, daughter oi John Stevens and wife Cordelia, Resi- 
dence, New Haven, Conn. 

Their cliildren were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6710. Frederick S. Porter, born May 21, 1S65, dieil April 12, 1S69. 

6711. Grace C. Porter, l>oru May 5, 1S70. 

6712. Alice M. Porter, boru June 16, 1S73. 

6713. Joseph S. Porter, l>orn September 15, 1876. 

6714. Helen S. Porter, boru November 29, 1SS2. 

6715. Donald VV. Porter, born January 4, 1SS6. 

[6361.] Eduard Porter, son oi John Porter (^666) and Frames 

Scovillt\ married , 1S54, Kate L. Stevens, daughter of John 

Stevens and wife Cordelia, Residence, New Haven, Conn. 

Their onl^' child was [being ol the ninth generation :] 

6716. Raymond \V. Porter, born , 1S55. 

IE3^3^'\ Harriett Porter Beldin^, daughter of George B elding 
and Hannah Porter, (3666) married 1S19, Ktw Julius Steele. 

[John Stf.hi.e, of Hartford, Conn., from England. 

Second Cencraiian, John Steele, boru in England, married , 1645, 

Mary Wanicn born in England, daughter of Axdrkw Warner, from 
England, Cambridge, Masd., 1632, who removed to Hartford, Conn., and 
thcDce to Hadlcy, Mass., and died December i3, x6$4. John Steele died 

, X664-5. 

TAirJ Generation, John Steele, bom November 5, 1647, married Ruth 
Judd, born February 7, 1647, daughter of Thomas Jcdd, of Hartford, from 

Foufih Generation, John Steele, boru ^larch 7, 16S5, married December 
17, 17 1 6, Mary Xezcelt, daughter of Saviud Xewett, of Farmiugton, son of 
Thomas Newi;i,l, of Hanford, and AU'i>eeea Olmstead, ^\Uo came with her 
uncle James Olmstead, from England to Hartford, Conn., 1635. John Steele 
died April 2, 1751. 

Fifth CenciAtion, Hlisha Steele, bom NoxxMnbcr 23, 1736, married March 
10, 1763, Susannah S/ron^. 

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(Kldcr John Strong, from l*:tigiau<]. 

Strom/ Ce)u*rt2iiotit St: win'/ S/rofr^, boru Auijust 5, 1652, uuirricd October 
iS, 169S, A*///// S/w/Jofi, boru August 27, 1663, daughter of Isaac Suki.don, 
of Wiudsnr, Conu., aud wife J/iirj; daughter of ThuMAS Wooni ord. 

TliifJ GcftcrKitio/i^ S.imuci S/rc)y:^\ boru Tebruary 11, 1712-13, lived in 

Litchfield, Couu. He uiarried , 1739, -SV/^; ;/;/•:/; IJracc, born , 1714, 

daughter of llcnry Biaa\ son of SXHriiL'N Brack, (or Braeie) of Weath- 
trsficld, Couu., from Euglaud, 1644. 

Fourth Generation^ Susannah Strong^ boru , 1742, married Elisha 

Steele, He died October 16, iSii. She died Jauuary i, 1S13. 

Sirlh Gene rat ion ^ Jut ins Steele ^ born Deceui^er 29, 17S6; Yale College 
1811; xuiuister at East Ploomfield, N. Y., aud White Pigeon, Mich., married 
IJatriett P. BelJin^. She died in Ogdeu.sburgh, N. Y., Jauuary 6, 1S65. 
He died February 20, 1S49. 

Their childreu were [l>eiiig of the ninth generation :] 

6717. John Steele, born Jauuary 21, 1S20, died , 1S46. * 

6718. Henr)- T. Steele, boru July S, 1S2X, married Rebecca Kuox. 

6719. Harriett Steele, boru August 26, 1S23, married C. A. Dasis. 

6720. George B. Steele, boru September 2S, 1S25, died unmarried 1S49, 

6721. James P. Steele, born April 14, 1S27, died unmarried 1857. 

6722. Mary J. Steele, born April 8, 1S31. 

6723. Sarah A.' Steele, born January S, 1834. 

[S34B.] George Belding, son of George Dclding and Hannah 
Porter, (3666) married March 23, 1S31, Mary Putnam. 

[This Mary Putnam was a descendant, probably, of William Pntnam^ of 
Dauvers, Zilass., (brother of Gcu. Israel Putnam, of the war pf revolution,) 
who was boru February 8, 1700, sou of Joseph Pntnauiy of Dauvers, who 
married April 2r, 1690, Elizabeth Porter. 

(John Porter, from Dorsetshire, England, Salem, Mass., 1633. 

Seeond Generation, Israel Porter^ born iu England, married November 
20, 1672, Elizabeth Hut home, born July 22, 1649, daughter of Wiu.iam 
H.\TH0RN£, of Salem, from Eugland. 

Third Generation, Elizabeth Porter, boru Octolx-r 2, 1673, niarricd 
Joseph Pntnam. 

(Jonx Ptr.NAM and wife Priscilla, from Ayles!)ury, county Bucks, Eng- 
land ; Salem, Mass., 1640. He died DeceuiUr 30, 1662. 

Seeond Generation, Thomas Putnam, born - — '-, i6it>, married , 1643, 

Anne Holyoke, daughter of KfAVAkD Hoi.vokk, of Lynn, Mass., from Tam- 
worth, StafTordihire, luiglaud. 

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nM Ccficra/iofi, Joseph Putnam^ bom September 14, 1669, married 
Elizabeth Porter, 

The children of George Belding were [being of the ninth gen- 
eration :] 

6724. Mar}' J. Belding. bom November 10, 1833, married Uri W. Hart. 

6725. Prudence A. Beldiug, boru Ociobcr 21, 1S36, married C. A. Wiugate. 
0726. George T. Belding, born March 23, 1S40, married M. C. Wortbingtou. 

6727. Harriett E. Bcldiug, bom October 23, 1S42, married C. R. Minis. 

[6362.] Horace Dcivey Du'ight, son of Israel Du^ight and 
Sally Porter^ (3674) married Januar>' 31, 1833, Laura Hoadicy, 
d^VLghter of Jinssell B, Hoadley, She died July 15, 1S46. Resi- 
dence, Kirkwood, N. Y. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 

6728. Helen M. Dwigbt, born March 13, 1S35, married Isaac Bird. 

[6 3 B 3 .] Alon2o Du^ight, son of Israel D'wighl and Sally For- 
ter^ (3674) married October 13, 1S35, Betsey IloadUy, daughter 
of Russell B, Hoadley, Residence, Binghamton, N. Y. He died 

October 25, 1867. She died , 1852. He married (second wife) 

Adelia Hoadlcy^ sister of his first wife. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6729. Walton D wight, bom December 26, 1S37, married A. N. Dusenbury. 

6730. Webster Dwigbt, bom Deccember 21, 1840. 27 N. V. Vols., died 1S62. 

6731. Lncy A. Dwtght, bom September 6, 1S45, married Seymour Coleman. 

6732. Sarah A. DwghL born October 7, 1850, married W. L. Ayer, M. D. 

6733. Bessie V. Dwight, bom March 4, 1S54, married T. P. McDonald. 
67SI. Ward A. D\h-ight, born August i, 1856. 

[63BB.] Sylvester W: Dwtght, son of Israel Diuight and 
Sally Porter^ (3674) married May 27, 1833, Elizabeth Ste-wart, of 
Wilke^barre, Pa. He was quartermaster-sergeant 186 New York 
volunteers, in war of rebellion. Residence, Addison, N. Y. Mrs. 
Elizabeth Dwight died July 19, 1865. 

Their, children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6735. Sylvester K. Dwight, bora May 27, 1S36, married Jennie Dyer. 
6730. Martha S. Dwight, boru September 2, 1S41. 

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[SaB9.] Ousftr Duilr/ii^ sou oi hnicl Duii^hi ami Saiiy 
, IWivr, (3674) uiariied May 27, 1851, Man'vi/a /M)ii;\fofi, bom at 
Salisbun-, Conn., daughter of D. M, Lanii^don, Residence, Kirk- 
wood, III., and Whicisor, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
fi7o7. Harriett M. D\v:/:it, born December 5, 1852. 
fl7:iS. Ralph L. Dwijjlit, boru Aii^st 26, 1S55. 
07:50. Myron C. I) wight. Lorn January 5, 1658. 
(i740. Noniiau P. D\\-igiil, born May 2, 1S61. 
6741. Mary E. Dwight, boru December 6, 1S63. 

[53 7 D.] Orson D:.'io^ht, son of Israel Du^i^ hi and Sally Por- 
l^'^t (3674) married Doceinber 23, 1S6S, Chloc Oitila Rojfc, daugh- 
ter of Thomas R, Rcffc and Amelia JV, CaujhU. Residence, 
Alleghany, Potter county, Pa. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
67-12. Jennie O. Dwiglii, born October 3, 1S69. 
674:J. Sally A. Dwight, born May 14, 1S71. 

[6373.] Aoliv A, Porter, daughter of Rosi^^ell Porter (3676) 

and Nancy Shall uck, married , 1S31, William Champlln, of 

Hamilton, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0744. Ellen L. Champlin, born June 5, 1832, married William Hill. 
6745. Abby A. Champlin, bom April i3, 1S34, married E. D. Williams. 
0740. Lucia Champlin, boru May 24, 1S36, married W. C. Williams. 
6747. William P. Champlin, born 1S40. 

[5374.] Loiisa L, Porter, ^tw\^\^x oi RoskcII Porter {i(i-(>) 
and Nancy Shattuck, married January — , iJi37» Preston //. Smith, 
She died Januar>' 22, 1S50, Hamilton,, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0748. James E. Smith, born 1S38, married Julia .\. Cox. 
0740. Henry L. Sn;iih, bora 1S40. married Rachel Kronson. 
6750. Abby A. Smith, born 1S43, married Silas Clark. 
0751. Althea L. Smith, bom 1S45, married Charles Rollins. 

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I637B0 Esther L. JWkr, dau^^hter of Kos:.'Jl IWUr (3676) 
aud NiUicj' Shailuck, mnrricd, 1S39, Moses M, jVas/i. 

(Thomas Nash came from Englaiul to GuilforJ, Conn., 1639; New 
lUvcu, 1643, died May 12. 165S. Mrs. Marijcry Nash ilicd Tcb. 1 1, 1656. 

Second Ceftem/ijfi, Timothy Xash^ born in ICnt;laud, married , 1657, 

litbea'a Stoue, dauj^hler of Rev. Samil-i. Stonk. from England. He died 
March 13, 1699. Mrs. Rebecca Nash died , 1709. 

Third Geuerdtlou, John Xiish, born August 21, 1667, married November 
17, 1691, ICiizabcth Kello^^^ born October 9, 1673, danj;hter of Joskph Kf.l- 
LOGC of Hadley, Mass., from England. She died July 4, 1750. He died 
October 7. 1743. 

fourth Generation^ John Xash, born July 2, 1694, removed to Audierst, 
Mass. He married November, 1716, Hannah ffi^rahinn, born October 17, 
1697, dciughter of John Int^rahani.oi Hadley, who married June 26, 16S9, 
Mehitabel Dickinson. 

(Nathanikl I)icki>:son, from England to Weathcrsfield, Conn., 1637. 

Second Generation, John Dickinson^ born , married, 1646, Frances 

Foote^ daughter of Natiianii:!, Tootk of Weathersfield, Conu., from Eug- 
Uud. He died , 1676. 

Third Generation, Mehitabel Dickinson, bom , 166S-9, married 

John IngraJuim, 

Fifth Generation, John Xash, born , 173S, married April 27, 1775, 

Mary Crazies, bora February 26, 1739, daughter of Elnathan Graves of 
Hadley, and Martha Dickinson, daughter oi Xathaniel Dickinson. 

Sixth Generation, Moses uVash, born December 20, 1767, married August 
16, 1692, Salome Leieis, daughter of Xoadiah Le:eis of Farmingtou, Conu. 
Moses Nash died in Amherst, Mass., 1841. 

Seventh Generation, Moses M, ^Vash, born , iSoS, married Esther 

L, Ihrter. Residence, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation ;] 
C752. Ellen M. Nash, born 1S40, married Edward P. Randolph. 
6753. Emma L. Nash, born 1S42, married C. A. WhilUikor. 

[6377.] Or/a f Ida Porter, sou of Rosutll Porter (3676) and 

Nancy Shattuck, married , 1843, Lethea Cross. Residence, 

Hamilton, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
67*4. Lilly J. Porter, born 1S44. 
CTrW). Nelly M. Porter, born i8.;6, marricil Henry C. Ford. 

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[5:^78.] Maizo W. P.^rfcr, son oi Ros:.rli Porfc} (3676)^111! 

(■^V«i«0* •^//^///^<X-, iiLirrievi , i^4-|i '-Ifina Mia'f. Residence, 

||a:uillon, N. Y. 

Their children were [l<ing of the ninth generation :] 
O'. nibert rorter, born 1S45. 
C't;. Azro Porter, born 1S47, 
•.T'l*;. Alice Toner, boru 1S49. 
<;;.V!l. E<hviu Porter, born 1S51, 

[6373.] William Sfraf/ord Porter, son of Ros:ccll Porta 

(3676) and Nancy Shattitck, niarried , 1S57, Theresa Shepcrd- 

wi. Residence, Olean, X. V. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
«;C<). Ceii«iWi\t^. Porter, bcni Ju!y3i, 1S5S, inarxied O. G. loner. 
i;:Ul. Mayuard R. Porter, Icrii May 16, 1S62, V<.r . .<. ' '< • ■ ^ * • • '■'' 
CrO-. Cora IL Porter, bcru jaii-.-.a;y 29, xS6S^ . 'y f *.*..{ ^ - 

[G3BD.] HarUy C Bccbe, son ol Nathaniel Beebc and Anna 

yVr/rr, (367 S) married , 1S35, Dolly Hall. Residence, Clay- 

ville. N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation ;] 
C703. Clarence H. Bcebc, born Jannarj- 10, 1S36, married I.iicy A. Griswold. 
C7t>4. Frances L. Beebc, born October 20, 1843, married J. C. Darling. 
U7li.>. Ellen F. Deebe, bom Jeae 12, 1S47. 
C7tW. Charles L. Becbe, bora February 21, 1S54. Died 1S73, 

[53 Bl.] Elijah Porter Beebe, son of Nathaniel Beebe and 

Anna Porter, (367S) married , 1834, Afarcia Spragiie, of 

Smyrna, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0707. Mertou Becbe, born :S35. 

CT(xi MarillaM. Beebc, bom 1S37, oiarricd Nelson Temple. 
07i»0. Mordaunt Becbe, bora 1539. 
C770. Watson Beebc, bom iS'41. killed at Port Ilndson. 
C771. Adclbcrt Beebe, born 1S43. 

[63 B 2.] Hasselus O. Beebe, son of A^ithaniel Beebe and 

A?ina Porter, (367^) laarried , 1838, J/aria Ten-Broeck, 

Residence, Hamilton. X. Y. 

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[DiKCK Wksskls Tkn-Bkoi:ck ciiiio frv>iii Holla nil to Albany, about 
1660; was a trader and fur dealer ; first recorder of Albany ; mayor, 1695 to 
169S. Died September iS, 1717. He niarrie<l Oirisiifui I'an Bitrvn, daugh- 
ter of CORNKUS Ma ASIC- Van Birkn and wife Gitalyfitic Maricnsc, from 

Second Cencyaliott, Johantias TcM-lirocck, born , married December 

99, 1 7 14. Ctifo'"^ ''''' AV//JiV/i/t'/-. 

(KiLlAN Van Rknsshlakr, a merchant in Amsterdam, Holland. 
Died , 1646. 

Second Generation^ Jcprmias l\in Rcussclact\ married , 1662, iMaria, 

dAVi^hiQT o( O/ojf Stcz'Cftse I'an Cortlandt, She died January 29, 16S9. He 
died October 12, 1674. 

Third Generation, f fend rick Van Rensselaer, born , married March 

19, 1689. Catherina Van Hru^h, born April 19, 1665, daughter of Johanxks 
PlKTBRSR Van Bkl'CH, of Albany, from Harlaaem Holl., who married March 
29, 1658, Catryna Roelojfse, daughter of the noted Anneka Janse, and her 
husband Roki.offc Jansf.n, who came from Holland, 1630, to New York. 
Hcudrick Van Rensselaer died in Greenbush, N. Y., July 2, 1740. She dicil 
December 6, 1730. 

Fourth Generation , Catryna -Van Rensselaer, born January i, 1692, mar- 
ried Johannes Ten-Droeck, 

Third Generation, Dirck Wessels Ten-Droeek, born October 30, 1715, 
married June 28, 1743, Catryna Conyn. 

Philip Leenderts£ Conyn with wife A^nictie, came from Holland to 
Albany, 1655. He died , 1704. 

Second Generation, Philip Conyn, born — , married, 1682, Wyntie Dirkse. 

Third Generation, Philip Conyn, bom January 29, 1694, married, 1720, 
Catryna . 

Fourth Generation, Catryna Conyn, born , married Dirck IV, Ten- 


Fifth Generation^ Dirck Ten-Broeck, bom , married , Cornelia 


Sixth Generation, Peter St nyi*esant Ten-Droeck, Ixsrn January 26, 1792, 
married . 

Seventh Generation, Maria Ten-Broeck, bora , married Rasselas O, 

Beebe. Residence, Hamilton, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

6772. Fraucelia Beebe, born 1S39. 

6773. Elizabeth Beebe, bom 1841. 

6774. Harlcy C. Bccbc, Ijorn 1S43. 

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[6385.] Mixry JCli-abvifi PorUr, daughter of Elisha I\ Por- 
\kr (36S5) and Mary C, Porter, (3688) married April 3, 1S53, 
Xihnry A. Spafford (5389;) Removed to Pennsylvania. 
Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
\\ul\ HIislia 1*. SpafToril, boni January 7, 1S54, married Sophronia Abel. 
[ c;;0. Emily P. SpafTord, born January 26, 1S57, married J. K. Tucker. 
I C77. nenr>' E. Spafford, born November 13, 1S60, married M. S. Breed. 
tt;;s. Mary F. Spafford, born January 22, 1S65. 
1^779. John A. Spafford, bom August 21, iSjr. 

[633 Di] Rev, Addison Kellogg Strong, son of Rev. Salmon 
Strong and Rachel P, Kellogg (36S9) ; graduate Hamilton Col- 
lege, 1842. He married September 10, 1841, Matilda Clark, 
Second wife, Mcdora Elder, Residence, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
«780. Mary E. Strong, bora 1S42. 
i;7Sl. Kdward K. Strong, born 1S44. 
fi7S2. Louisa Strong, bora 1S47. 
(i7s3. Anna Strong, born 1349. 
li7.S4. Sarah IC. Strong, born 1852. 

[6331.] Edward Kellogg Stro7ig, son of Rev. Salmon Sfro?tg 
and Rachel /*. Kellogg ^ (3689^ married July 8, 1852, at Ogdens- 
burg, N. Y., Elizabeth Fine. 

[ jAMivS Fixe, born , 1745, in New York city, married , Eliza- 

bcih Cooke^ daughter oi John Cooke and Elizabeth Lefferts, of New York 
city. He died in New York city , 1795. 

Second Generation, John Fine, bora , 1784 ; graduate of Columbia 

College, 1809; studied law at Litchfield, Conn.; removed to St, Lawrence 
county, N. Y., 1815 ; judge of county court 1824 to 183S ; meinlier of Con- 
gress, 1838 to 1844 ; sUte senator, 1848. He died in Ogdeusburgh, January 
4> 1867. He married in Philadelphia, Pa., by Bisliop White, March, 1S20, 
Martha Cumey, danghter of Francis Carney, of Philadelphia, Pa. 

Francis Carney, born in Montgomery county. Pa., 173S; served in the 
English army in 1756, against the French and Indians in Canada, and 
against the French, West India Islands. In 1775 he wns a captain in the 
American army, and in 1776, lieutenant-colonel in the 11th reginieutof the 
Pennsylvania line ; colonel, 17S6 to I'nth ^vhen he was promoted to briga- 
dier-general, serving in the western insurrection. He becauie a prominent 


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shipping merchant in Plulnjlclplnn, anil clicil May 25. 1S15, ai^'cil seventy- 
seven years. His wife was .Viiry PorUrfwIJ, born in ScoiLuul, daughter of 
Ai,EXAN'nr.R Pokti:ki-ii:i.u, captain of a merchant vessel sailing between 
GKosgow and Boston. 

Mrs. aiartha Fine ilied Dec. i, 1S62. Judge John Fine died Jan. 4, 1S67. 

Third Generation^ Elizabeth Fitu\ born , 1S25, at O^j^densburgh, 

N. Y., married /T. A'. Strong. He died iu Milwaukee, Wis., September 13, 
1863. Mrs. Flizabelh Strong resides in iSSS in Ogdensliurgh. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :} 
67S5. John Fine Strong, boni April 15, 1S53. Died July 2, 1S74. 
OrSG. Addison K. Strong, born November 3, 1S54. 

C7S7. Thomas F. Strong, born October i, 1S56, married Alice G. Morgan. 
G7SS. Gurney S. Strong, boru Februarj- 19, 1S3S. 

67S9. Edward D. Strong, born Dec. 17, 1S59, Residence, Detroit, Mich. ' 
67lH>. Charlotte M. Strong, bom Dec. 2S, iS6r, married John C. Howard. 

[542 B.] yo/:?i T, DooUttle, son ot Joel Dooliitle and Sarah P. 
Fiich, {zill) niarried March 14, 183S, A7inc M, Marshall, of 
Painesville, Ohio. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 

6701. Joel M. DooUttle, lx>rn March 15, 1S39. 

6702. Sarah E. Dooliitle, bom Nov. 2, 1S40, married B. G. Wilkinson. 

6793. Charles £. Doolittle, l)orii April 12, 1842, married JuUet Wilcox. 

6794. John T. Doolittle, born October 31, 1S44. 

6795. Robert E. Doolittle, boru December i, 1S51, married Alice Andrews. 

6796. Hubert M. Doolittle, bom March 25, XS53. 

6797. Mary E. Doolittle, born April — , 1S59. 

[6427.1 Charles H. Doolittle, son of Joel Doolittle and Sarah 
P. Filch, (3777); removed to Huron, O., 1S37; Elyria, O., 1S50. 
He married , 1843, Elizabeth Kemp. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 

6798. Mar>- L. Doolittle, born 1S45, married W. H. Soarle. 

[643 D.] Elizabeth B, Doolittle, daughter oi Joel Doolittle z\\A 
Sarah P. Fitch, (3777) married //. C Gray. Editor and publisher, 
Painesviile, O. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6700. Elizabeth P. Cray, born 1846, marricnl H. C. Welles. 
GiH)0. Alice G. Cray, l*orn 1848, marric«l k. M. Murray. 

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[l^'itil. Kalhcriue Ciray, born 1S30. 
fO»<C?. William C. Gray, boni 1S52. 

[6431,] Mark R. DooUtth\ son o{ JoclDooliUU and Sarah P. 
FiUh^ {yrti) "K'lrried Alia P, Bng^s, Residence, Painesville, O. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C^OJ. George Doolittle, born 1S4S. 

(S«V4. Mark R. Doolilile, boru 1S50, married Nora Iluntoon. 
GSTio. Kate Doolittle, boru 1S53, married A. L. Gardner, M. D. 
CS»W, Alta P. Doolilile, boru 1S55. 

[6472.] /rtWi'J Safford Poticr, son of Iluam Poricr {2il9l) 
and Aancy A, Chapman, married in Bazetta, O., September 12, 
1862, Phcbc Annclic Mctk, Residence, Fowler, O. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
fiSO". 2klinnie A. Porter, born August 2, 1S64. 
CSOS. Nellie B. Porter, born September 2, 1867. 
CSflO. Mabel I. Porter, lx)rn October 24, iSji. 

[64 Bl.] Sarah S. Porter^ daughter of Barnabas S. Porter 
(3815) and Pamela W, Davenport^ married June 22, 1S54, Austin 
A Bates. Residence, Conway, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6810. Laura T. Bates, bom November j, 1856. 
081 K Henry A. Bates, bora March 23. 1S61. 
6S12. Mary C. Bates, born June 39, 1S65. 

[54 B 2 .] Henry Davenport Porter^ son of Barnabas S, Porter 
(3S15) and Pamela IV, Daienport, married , 1856, Ella Park- 
inson, of Greenfield, Mass. He died Januar^'^ 29, 1870. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(5813. Harriett S. Porter, born June 21, 1857. 
CS14. Mary H. Porter, born Fel>ruary 12, 1S59. 
0S15. Barnabas S. Porter, born March 8, 1862. 

[64 B 3.] Lydia W, Porter, daughter of Barnabas S. Porter 

(38*5) ^"d Pamela IV. Davenport, married , 1857, Henry 

Dewey, of Coleraine, Mass. Residence, Griswoldville, Mass. 
She died Octo1>er 21, 1S75. 

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Their children were [iK-ini; of the ninth \;oncration :] 
dSlG. Oscar IJ. Dcwcy, bom April 25, 1S5S, ninrricti Nellie llowanl. 
(WI7. Clara U. Dewey, born March 3, 1S60, niarrioil A. IC. Detnsoii. 
6S1S. Fred K. Dewey, born January 3r, 1S62. 
0819. Charles C. Dcwcy, born September 29, 1S69. 

[54 B4.] Ru/its C, Porkr, son of Danuibas S. Por/cr (^^Si^) 

and Pamela U\ Davenport, married , 186S, Linda A, Fair- 

banks, of Heath, Mass. Residence, Heath, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(58120. Anna L. Porter, born May 31, 1S69. 
CS21. llcnry L. Porter, born .\pril 7, 1S71. 
0822. George R. Porler, bom February 14, 1S73. 
CS23. Myrtle L. Porler, born June 3, 1S75. 
6S24. Clarence W. Porter, born February 19, 1S7S. 

[5466.] Huldah P, Potter, daughter of Barnabas S, Porter 

(3815) and Pamela \V, Davenport^ married , 1865, David Y. 

Davey^ of Colcraine, Mass. She died December 9, 1875. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6825. Jesse L. Dewey, born April 14, 1S66. 
6820. ]Myra E. Dewey, born JuuesS, 1S69. 
0827. Gertrude E. Dewey, born November 14, 1S72. 
C828. WUliam H. Dewey, bom Novetuber 26, 1S74. 

[6SB4.] Dillon T, Buell, son oi James Buell (38SS) and 
Triphenia Bailey, married January — , 1826, in Lebanon, Conn., 
Sarah Trappe, daughter of /a ^t'^ Trappc ^aw^ wife Lney, of Leb- 
anon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0329. Charles W. Buell, bora October 2, 1S26, married Sarah Welles. 
0830. Henry C. Buell, born June 9, iS23. 
6831. Lucretia J. Buell, born July 19, 1S30, married Chauncey Crosby. 

0832. James II. Buell, bom June i, 1S32, married Mary Bearse. 

0833. Madison Buell, born July 31, 1S34, married Kate Tillinghast. 

[5 SB 5.] Lueretia Hyde Buell, daughter ot/anus Buell (3SSS) 
and Triphenia Bailey, married in Lebanon, Conn., 1817, Era sins 
W. Clark. Removed to Duanesbuig, N. Y. She died in Vernon, 
N. Y., May 3, 1S60. 

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Their cliiKlivn.wcrc [lx;iiig of the iiiulb <;cnjniliun :] 
GJ.'J4. Delia B. Clark, born June 9, iSiS, married N. Mc'cali'. 
Ci'io. Auria B. Clark, born November 19, 1S19, marriLil William Seymour. 
C.'viU. Harriett E. Clark, born December 5, 1821, married W. J. Clark. 
fiS37. Jauies M. Clark, boru March i, 1824, banker in New York City. 
fiiKJS. Nancy C. Clark, born April i, 1S30. 
6.S39. Parker H. Clark, born June 13, 1S33. 
CSiO. William F. Clark, born IMay i, 1S36. 

[S5B7.] A^a?ic)' Eliza Biicll, daughter oi James Ducli (^2>^SS) 
and Triphcnia Bailey, married September 20, 1830, at Westmore- 
land, N. Y., Abraham II. Ilalleek. 

Their children were [being of the ninth gc!icnition :] 
6^11. Samuel P. Ilallcck, born February 30, 1835. 
Cvl2. William C. Hallcck, born October 9, 1836. 
CS43. James II. Halleck, born April 23, 1S40. 
6S44. Amelia B. Haileck. born October 26, 1845. 
CS45. Abel 15. Halleck, born December 23, 1S4S. 

[66BB1] James Madison Bucll, son ol James Buell (38S8) aud 
Triphcnia Bailey, married in Rome, N. Y., April 24, 1834, Sarah 
Pop€^ daughter of Sampson Pope, of Rome, and his wife Lydia 
Damon. He died in Utica, N. Y., August 23, 186S. 

Their childre;i were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6S4G. Sarah E. Bueil, born September 20, 1840, married H. B. Curran. 
(1847. Ella Buell, bora December 8, 1S53. 

[66BS.] Henry Alfred Porter, son o{ Henry C. Porler (^^gS) 
and Sarah C. Dodge, (4587) married September 12, 1850, Lncilla 
Sayre^ daughter ci John Say re, of Plainficld, N. J. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0348. Alfred Stuart Porter, born September i, 1S52. 
6840. Lucilla C. Porter, born October 27, 1S59, Died March 10, 1S68. 
C8jO. Frederick D. Porter, born October 22, iSji. 

[SSEB.] John Slnari Porter, son of Henry C Porter (3S96) 
and Sarah C Dodge, (4587) married Mary Louise Tueker, daugh- 
ter of /,7////aV' Tucker, of Albany, N. Y. 

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Their chiltlrcu were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CiSol. Luther II. Porter, bom Oclojcr 17, 1S37, married Klizabelb B. Griiuii. 
OS^'2, Wiliiaiu S. Toner, boru July 19, 1S59, luarrinl I'lorencc N. Kline. 

[5 SB 7.] William Dod^e Porter, son of Henry C Porter 
(3S96) and Sarah C. Dodge, (45S7) married May 31, 1S62, Alex- 
vie MiJ/lin Coulter, daughter oi John Parke Coulter, of lialtiniorc, 
Md. Residence, New York city. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CS53. William S. Porter, boru Jauuary 24, 1S66. 
685^1. Grace C. Porter, boru August 20, 1S70. 

[65EBi] Sarah Jane Porter, daughter of Henry C. Porter 
(3896) and Sarah C. Dodge, (45S7) married April 27, 1859, Pei^- 
bcn S, A'night, of Waterloo, N, V. He died September 12, 1S62. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
CSo5. ircnr>- C. Knight, born January 6, iS6i. 
CSoC^. Sarah J. Knight, boru June 3, 1S66, married Rev. J. S. Jewell. 

[SSSDi] Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard, sou ol Robert 
F, Barnard oxidi Augusta Porter {2i^9)\ graduate of Yale College, 
1828; L.I<. D., 1859; D. D., 1S60; professor of mathematics, 
natural philosophy, etc, University of Alabama, 1837 to 1854; 
president of University of Mississippi, 1S56 to 186 1. At the be- 
ginning of the civil war he came to New York and was appointed 
president of Columbia College. United States commissioner to 
the exposition, Paris. France, 1867 ; officer of the Legion of 
Honor of France. He mamed December 27, 1847, il<irgarei Me- 
Murray^ of Mississippi. Tliey have no children. 

[6 6Bli] /(?//« G. Barnard, son of Robert F. Barnard and 
Augusta Porter (3899) ; graduate of United States Military 
Academy, West Point, 1833 ; in charge of construction of fortifica- 
tions in Louisiana, 1835 to 1S52 ; captain of engineers. In Mexican 
war aide on staff of General Winfield Scott, battles of Chepulte- 
pec, Churubusco, ^^olino-de^Roy, Eelen Gate, city of Mexico. 

Chief engineer of suivcy of isthmus of Tehauntepec, 1S50-51 ; 
superintendent of construction of fortifications in California, 1852 

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to 1855 ; suporiutendcnt of West Point Military AcailLiuy, 1S35-6; 
$ui)erintenclent of fortifications, New York Harbor, to 1S61. 

Brigadier-general and chief engineer of army of the Potomac, 
1861 ; battles of Bull Run, Blackburn's ford, siege of Richmond 
and Yorktown, Va.; colonel of engineers. 

As chief engineer, he directed the defenses of Washington, 
D. C, in 1S61. In the Virginia peninsular campaign, 1S62, he 
directed the siege works at Yorktown and on the Chickahominy ; 
selected the position on which was fought tlie battle of Gaines 
Mill ; reconnoitred the passages of White Oak swamp, and the 
position of Malvern Hill ; took part in the battle of Williamsburg 
and the battle of Malvern Hill, 

In the campaign of 1S64-65, he ser\'ed on the staff of General 
U. S. Grant, (5862) as * 'chief engineer of the armies in the field,** 
until the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox. He was bre- 
vetted through several grades to that of major-general United 
States army **for gallant and meritorious services in the field,*' 
L.L. D., Yale College, 1S64. He married . 1843, /rz^/^ Eliza- 
beth Bra7id, bom at St. Francisville, La., October 25, 1S22, daugh- 
ter of Williatn Brand, of New Orleans, and his wife yitr/z^ Browuer, 
She died in New York city, February 24, 1853. He married 
(second wife) October 2, i860, in St. Mary*s church, Harford 
county, Md., Anne Eliza Hall, daughter of Major Henry Hally 
who was son of Benedict E. Hall, of Harford county, a descendant 
of Aquila Hall and Colonel Thomas While, of Harford county, 
Md. Residence, New York city. General J, G. Barnard died in 
Detroit, Mich., May 14, 1882. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
0857. William F. Baroard, bom Nov. 16, 1S44. Died September i3, 1S63. 
685S. Augustas P. Barnard, born ^lay 30, 1S47, C. E., U. S. coast sur\ey. 
6859. Robert F. Barnard, born June 10, 1S50. Died rcljriuiry 23, 1S53. 
C8C0, Jobu H. Barnarvl, boru July 5, 1861, married Miuuie Merrill. 
03C1, Jane B. Barnard, fx>ru November 26, 1S62. 
CSC2. Aoua M. Barnard, bom June 26, 1S66. 

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[5532.] I icnry Porter Attdrci^'s, sou of /Av/; i* \l\ AnJtCuS 
and J/arj Po//cr, (390S) married Oct. 9, 1S54, Maria L. Aaams, 

[ROGHK Adams came from Knglaud to Brooklinc, Mass., married Mary 
Bakery il.iiightcr of Thomas Vaktf\ son of John' Bakkr, who came from 
Norfolk, Knglaiid, to Cbarlesiown, Mass., with wife Elizabeth^ iu the ship 
"Rose," 1630. 

Second General ion, Joseph Adams, boru Februar}- 24, 164S, married , 

Thitd Generation^ Joseph Adams, boni October 13, 1676, married , 

1 701, J^nth Whitney. 

(JOH^J \VinTN?:Y, with wife Elinor, from England, 1635, to Watertown, 
Mass. lie died January i, 1673. She died May 11, 1659. 

Second Generation, John Whitney, born in England, married , 1642, 

Kuth /Reynolds, daughter of Robeirt Rkynoi.1)S, of Watertown, from 

Third Generation, John Whitney, boru September 17, 1643, lived iu 

Rosbury, Mass. He married , 1669, Elizabeth I/arris, boru August 8, 

1644, daughter of Robert Harris, of Brookline, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Ruth Whitney, boru August 31, 1674, married , 

Joseph Adams. 

Fijth Generation, Joseph Adams, boru , 17x7, married , 1750, 

Mercy Eozcle, a descendant of George Fowxe, of Concord, Mass., from 

Sixth Generation, Joseph Adams, boru June 3, 1751, married — — , 1785, 
Thankjul Spring,- 

Seventh Generation, Elijah Adams, boru August 8, 1791, lived in New- 
ton, Mass. He married , 1827, Hannah Hyde, a descendant of Joxa- 

THAN H\T)E, of Cambridge and Newton, and wife Mary, from England. 

Eighth Generation, Maria L. Adams, boru May, 1834, married Henry 
P. Andreivs, He was a pi?pil of the Rensselaer Institute, Troy, N. Y. 
Civil engineer iu the ser\-ice of engineer corps United States army iu New 
Orleans, La., iS44to 1S50. In the Mexican war, captain of Louisiana volun- 
teers, and volunteer aide to General E. P. Gaines. In 1850-51 attached to 
the survey of isthmus of Tehaunte pec, of which Major J. G. Barnard {559 
was chief engineer. In service of United States iu construction of fortifica- 
tions at tlie "Golden Gate," San Francisco, Cal., 1S53 to 1S59, and New 
York harbor, 1S59 to 1S61. Paymaster United States army in war of Rebel- 
lion, 1S61 to 1S66. Mrs. Maria L. Andrews died iu New York city, April 
18, 1873. 

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Their cliiKlren were [Iving of the ninth generation :] 
r»*rt3. Charles A. Andrews, born DcceuiLcr iS, 1S57, ilied in chil«Uiock1. 
t;*slU. Henry S. Andrews, born Jannary 10, 1S61, diotl in chiMhooil. 

[5593.] Martha Vail IVi^^ins, danghter of PcUr Vail 
Wiggifis and Mary Porter^ (3903) married June 13, 1S4S, Crugcr 

[WiU.iAM "Walton came from county Norfolk, England, to New York 
city about I7C». He was extensively cuj^agcd in trade with the Spanish 
colouies, building and owning many vessels, his ship yard was on the Hast 
river. He was known as *' Baas Walton." He built and occupied the man- 
•ioD on Hanover square, called the "Walton House.'* He died May 23, 
1749, aged eight3*-two. Mrs. Mary Walton died August 31, 176S, in her 
nioetietli year. 

Second Generation^ Jacob Walton, boru July 3, 1703, married May 14, 
1726, Mary Bccckman. 

[WiljiKLMUS Bkkckman-, bom April 2S, 1623, at Hasselt, in Oberyssal, 
near Coblentz on the Rhine, came to New Amsterdam. He married Sep- 
tember 5, 16.19, Catdliiia DcUooir^ daughter of Hexdrik DkEooc, from 
Amsterdam, Holland. 

Second Generation^ Gerardus Dccckman, bom August 15, 1653, married 

October as. 1677, Magdalcna Abed, boru , 1657, daughter of Stoffei* 

Jan'SB Abkei., from Holland, to Albany, N. Y., and his wfe Xceltjie Janie 
Croon, daughter of Dirck Jaxse Croox, of Albany, from Holland. 

Third Generation, Mary Bcccktnan, boni January 10, 1703, married , 

Jacob Walton. He died October 20, 1747. J^Frs. Mary Walton died 17S2. 

Third Generation, Jacob iratton, bom December 15, 1733, married 
March 11, 1760, Mary Cruder. 

(John Cruchk came from Holland to Xew York previous to 1700. He 
was a merchant; aldeniiau, 1712 to 1733; mayor, to his death, 1744. He 
married March 5, 1703, Maria Cuyter, baptized in New York, March 13, 
1673, daughter of Hsndrick Clyler, of New York and Albany, from Am- 
sterdam, Holland, with wife Anna. John Crugcr died August 13. 1744. 

Second Generation, Henry Cruder, born November 25, 1707, married 

" Miss Harris,** of the Island of Jamaica. He was a member of the pro- 

▼iocial assembly, 1744 to 1759, *"d of the council, 1760 to 1773. In 1775 he 
went to £n;(Iand, and died in Bristol, X77S. 

Third Generation, Mary Crugcr, bom , married Jacob Walton, He 

was a loyalist in war of Revolution, and died August 12, 1782. Mrs. Mary 
Walton dic-d Augiut I, 17S2. 

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Fourth Ci'uctwtion^ ilcnty \\\Uton. l>orii Octobers, 176S, in Nyw York 
I*' . dly, married l-cbmary iS, iSoo, MxtUda Carolhic Cnti^^cr. 

(John Crlckr, nrst above named. 

Second Ccucraiion, Ilcn^y Cru^er^ married in Kiigland, as his second 
wife, Caroline Elizabeth Blair, 

Third Generation ^ Matilda Caroline Cruder ^ born , married Henry 

Walton. Residence, New York city and Saratoga. lie died in Xew York 
city, September 15, 1S44, and "^^^ interred in the family vault in Trinity 

Fifth Generation^ Cruder IVallon^ born November 8, 1S09, married 
Martha V, Wiggins, He graduated at Rutgers Collejje ; was a lawyer in 
Saratoga ; member of legislature, &c., and died August 29, 1S71. Mrs. 
Martha V. Walton died July 29, 1850. 

Their children were [Ijeing of tlie ninth generation :] 
6SO0. Mary P. Walton, born Febniary 19, 1849, married Arthur A. Camp. 
6860. Henry C. Waltou, bora May 29, 1S50, married Virginia C. Jones. 

[6637.] Pcier Porter IVi^^q^ins, son of Peter Vail Wiggins 
and Mar}' Porter (3903) ; graduate Trinity College, Hartford, 
Conn., and Heidelberg, Germany. Banker in Saratoga, N. Y. 
He married June 12, i860, Sarah Eynily BtirJians. 
> [Jacob Bc'RHaxs appears in New Amsterdam as a soldier in the Nether- 
lands anny iu the company of *' his noble honor, the Director\'-geueral,** 
i66a He was one of the organizers of the Reformed Dutch church iu Wilt- 
wick, (now Kingston, Ulster county, N. Y.) Magistrate, &c. 

Second Generation^ Jan DurhanSy came to New Amsterdam, 1663. He 
married April — , 1675, at Kingston, Helena Traphagan, daughter of IVil- 
Ham Traphagan em^ Jannetje Claes Groenvis. He died about October 
30, 170S. 

Third Generation, Johannes Burkans, baptized August 27, 16S2, at 
Kingston, married Margaret Leg^ baptized January 27, 16S2, daughter of 
William Leg and wife Susanna. He died May, 1720. Mrs. Margaret Bur- 
hans married , (second husband) Barenl Van Benthuysan, 

Fourth Generation, Johannes Burhans^ baptized February 18, 1709, at 
Kingston, married September 4, 1731, Jannetje Xeukirk^ baptized March 
I3i »7J3i dau;^hier oi Ariaan Neickirk and Aaltjcn Bogaard, daughter of 
Pieter Boj^i:rd:iS, of Kingston. Burhans died about 1794. 

Fi/th Generation, Cornells Bnrhans, born Auiju.«.t 13, 17^6, at Catsbaan, 
Ulster county, N. Y., married June 4, 177a, M^wgriel Van f.euxvn baptized 
May 8, 174S, at Kingston, daughter of Pieler l\in f.euven awkX Jannetje , 

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iii:sci:m>ants ok joiin i»okti:r. 


* ilaiij»hUT of /:':v/7 Lttykasscn, of Albany, from Iloll.iiul. Curiiclis Uurhaiis 
dte<t September 2S, 1S27. 

Sixth Cctwralhn, John C. Bnrlutus, born December 15, J776, at Cats- 
Uoan, tnarricd March 26, 179S. at Saiigerties, N. Y., Chrissa Pcik^ daughter 
oi Benjamin Pcc/:^ who married December 25, 1755, Mary fiiu'li, 

(William Bl'ULL, from Hnglaud. (See elsewhere.) 

Second Generation^ Samuel Buetl^ married Deborah GrisxcolJ. 

nird Generation, John I»uetl, boru Tcbruary 16, 1671, iiutrriod Novem- 
ber 20, 1695, Mary Loom is, 

(Joseph LoOMiscame from England, to Windsor, Conn., 163S. 

Second Generation, John Lootnis^ boru in Hugland, 1622, married Feb- 
luary 3, 1648, FJizabcth Scott, daughter of Thomas Scott, of HartforJ, 
Conn., from England. 

Third Generation, John Loom is, born November 9, 1649, married . 

He died August 31, 1715. 

Fourth Generation, Mary Loomis, born March 20, 1672, married John 
Buell, Residence, Litchfield, Conn. He died April 9, 174C. She died No- 
vember — , 176S. 

Fifth Generation, Peter Duett, born May 22, 17 10, married December iS, 
1734, Avis Collins, 

(John Collins, with wife Susannah, came from England, to Boston, 
Mass.- Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, 1644. He died March 
«9. 1670. 

Second Generation, John Collins, born , 1640 ; settled in Middle- 
town, Conn.; removed to Guilford, and married June 3, 1669, Mary Steph- 
ens, daughter of John Stkphkns, of Guilford. 

Third Generation^ John Collins, boru , 1670, married July 23, 1691, 

Anna Leete,' 

(William Leetb came from England, to Guilford, 1639; assisUnt, 1642 
to 1657; deputy -governor, 165S to 1676; governor, 1676, to hU death, April 
16, 1683. Mrs. Anne Leete died September — , 166S. 

Second Generation, John Leete, born , 1639-40, married October 4. 

1670, Mary C^i7/<-;/^<'//, daughter of William CHirriiNDKN, who came from 
Guilford, county Sussex, England, and whose wife was Joan Sheaffe, daugh- 
ter of Doct. Jacob Sheafke, of Cranbrooke, county Kent, England. 

Third Generation^ Anna Leete^ bom August 5, 1671, married , John 


Fourth Generation, Rev. Timothy Collins, born April 13, 1699; graduate 
Yale College, 171S; ^vas minister at Liichfield, Conn.; he was a surgeon in 
war of 1755. He married January 16, 1723, FJizaldh Hyde. 

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(Wli.UAM IlYUh. from I-jij^laiul. ^Sco clscwlicio.) 
^ ScconJ Uc/taatio'tt Sai)i::z't /A\ft\ married Jiffic Lci\ ilaii'^hier of Thomas 
• Lkk, from X^nglaml. 

ThM Gciut'ixtion^ Ssiaiucl Hydc\ born May — , 1665, married nccciiibcr 
. 10^ 1690, Sarjh CaitikinSf daugliter of Joiix Cal'i.kins, of Xorwicli, and 
Saraht daughter of Robkrt Rovce, of Non\icb, from England. 

Fourth GeficnitioHt Elizabeth Hydt\ born December 12, 1703, married 
Rev. Timothy Coil ins. 

Fifth Generation^ Avis Collins, t>ora April i, 17 14, married Peter Duel!, 
She died in Liichfield, Couo., November i, 1754. He died May 10, 1784. 

Fifth Generation, Arehelaits Duell, born April 14, 1737, uiarriecf May 3, 
, 175S, Mary London, of Litchfield, a descendant of Nathan Landox, from 
Herefordshire, England, to Southold, L. I., about 1665. 

Sixth Generation, Mary Duett, born April 16, lySt, married Denjamin 

Fifth and Seienth Generations, Clarissa Peek, born February 16, 17S4, 
married fohn C, Durhans, 

Seivnfh Generation, liifam Wallace Durhans, boru June 9, 1S06, mar- 
ried January a, 1S33. Mar^^aret Miller, born March 3, 1S03, davighier of 
fohn Miller, of New York city, who married March 5, iSor, Phebe Pine, born 
Octoljer 3, 1770, daughter oi fohn Pine, of Bedford, N. Y., and his wife 
Kathcrine Chadeayne, boru Dec, 20, 1743, daughter of Daniel Chadeayne, 
aud wife Elizabeth Secor, lie was sod of John Chadhavxe, who came 
with wife fudith (Tillyou) from Rochelle, France. They were Plugueiiots, 
and settled in Dele ware. II. W. Durhans died in Saratoga Springs, August 
14. 1883. 

Eighth Generation, Sarah Emily Durhans^ l>oni March 14, 1837, mar- 
ried P. P. \Vi}^sins. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6S67. Peter V. P. Wiggins, bom March 27, 1861. 
CS63. Wallace B. Wiggins, born August 23, 1S64. 
CSG9. Frederick A. Wiggins, born June 9, 1S66. 
C870. Margaret K. Wiggins, boru Seplember 6, 1S6S. 

[6BD2.] FJhabeth Durrall, daughter of Wiliiam M. BiirraH 
and Ab\^ail Shddard, (3904) married July 9, 1834, lidmund 

[RtCUAKD BKi.nF.x, (or Belding) from England, 1640. 

Second Generation, fohn Delden, boni in England, 1621, married April 
24, 1657. Lydia . 

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Third Cc'Mc'ra/iofi, Jouattum />ciJcft, born June 21, 1660, inarrietl l)e- 

/ftuibcr 10, 16S5, Maty Wright ^ born March 4, 1664, daughter of T.':omas 

U'righi^ of Wcathersficld, Conn., who xn.uricd June 15, 1657, Elizabeth 

ChittcnJat^ daughter of Wh.mam CinrxiiNnKX, of Guilford, Conn., and 

%\(^Joan, (i^ce P. P. Wiggins (5597)-.) Jonathan IWldcn died July 6, 1734. 

Fourih Generation^ Situs HetJeti, born July 22, 1691 ; removed to Canaan, 
Conn. He married Novenilicr 30, 1716, ^Idii^ail Robbins. 

(John RODniN's came from Kughind to Weathersneld, Conn., with wife 
Mary, 163S ; roprcseutative. Died June 27, 1662. 

Second Oeneratioti, Joshua J'iobbins, born in England, married Decem- 
ber 2, 1630, Elizabeth . He died December 15, 173S. Mrs. Hlizabeth 

Rohbius died April 24, 1736. 

Third Gcfirratior:, Abigail Robbins, boru June 12, 1697, married Silas 

Fifth Generation^ Silas Leiden, hozu November 13, 17 17; town clerk, 
1740 ; married . He died , 1752. 

Sixth Generation^ Jonathan Belden, boru November 16, 1737, married 
March 27, 1759, Sarah Delden, daughter of Samuel Belden^ of Weathere- 
ficld, whose wife, married April 10, 1712, was Mary Spencer. 

(Jarcd Spencer, from Knglaud, with wife Hannah, to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1634; Haddam, Coun., 1658; representative. Died , 16S5. 

Sscond Generation^ Xathaniel Spencer, boru , 1656, married , 

16S1, i^ydia Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith, of Haddam. He died , 

1720. She died , 1742. 

77ii>^ Generation, Mary Spencer, bom January 9, 1692, married Jona- 
than Belden, He died Jauuary 9, 177S. 

Seventh Generation, Jonathan Belden, born June 14, 1777, married , 

1803, Love Dean. He died , 1S32. 

Eighth Generation, Edmund Belden, bom , 1805, married Eliza- 
beth ^Burrall. He died April 22, 1872. She resided in 1886 at Canaati, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(jS71. Harriett K. Belden, boru October 6, 1S35. 
GS72. Edmund P. Belden, born ^larch 30, 1S41. 

[6BD3.] William Porter Burrall, son of William M. Burrall 
and Abigail P, Stoddard, (3904) married May 9, 1831, Harriett 
Ilolley (^yjii,) lie graduated at Yale College, 1826; lawyer in 
Bridgeport, Conn.; mayor, state senator, etc. lie died March 2, 
1874. -^rs. Harriett Burrall died December 30, 1876. 

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Their children were [being of the ninth gL-iK-mtion :] 
6873. William II. Turrall, born 3klay 29, 1S32. Civil K., Spriii-ficUl, Mass. 
687-1. John M. Durmll, born August 30, 1S3 j, married M. H. Dickinson. 
6S75. KlizAbeth M. Purran, born Oct. 24, 1S36, unmarricil, Sprinficld, Mass. 

6876. Sarah B. Burrall, born September 24, 1S3S, marritii 11. II. Anderson. 

6877. Harriett II. Burrall, bom September 17, 1840, died Janur.rj- 26, 1S60. 

6878. Porter S. Burrall, boru February 13, 1S46, married Anna K. Croome. 

[5BDB.] John Herman Bird, son of William A. Bird (3907) 
ZVL^ Joanna Davis; graduate of Union College; physician in 
■Chicago, 111. He married September 2, 1851, Frances Elizabeth 
j^ Blaney, 

|t [Daniki. Blanky, boru at Port Penn, Ncw-castle count}-, Delaware, was 

a descendant of Edward Blaxey, who came from Kugiand, iu the ship 
" Bonaveuture,** in 1632, to James city, Va. He married Ilvster Ditshaytic, 
(Du-Chenc) a descendant of Huguenot family, early settlers iu Delaware. 
Their son, Cornelius D. Blancy^ married Mary Stiddcn^ a dcsccudant of 
Anders Slidden, sou of Doct. Tymkn Stiddicx, a surgcou appointed for the 
colony, who came with Governor Printz, in the ship **Fama," from Stock- 
holm, Sweden, August — , 1642, arriving at Fort Christina, '*Xew Sweden," 
Va., FebruaT>' 15, 1643, the settlement made by Peter Miuuit, in 1637-38. 
His residence was on the site of the present city of Wilmington, Delaware. 
Anders Stidden married November ix, 1740, Kaiherine Keen, 

(JURRiAEN Kkkn*, (or Joran Kyn) came from Sweden, with Gov. Printz, 
arriving at Fort Christina, February 15, 1643. ^^^ ^^^^ ^he principal proprie- 
tor of *' Upland/' afterwards Chester, Pa. He died about 1690-92. 

Second Generation t Hans K'een fhovn about 1645, married IViilemka . 

He settled on the Delaware river, at Pcnuipcck creek, and died about 1670. 

Third Ceneratiou^ Matthias Keen^ bom , 1667, married , 1690, 

Hepirika, daughter oi Jans Ctaassen, of Upland, from Sweden. Matthias 
Keen lived in Tacony, Pa. He was one of the founders of the Gloria Dei 
church, iu Philadelphia; vestr}'man, and died July 13, 1714. 

Fourth Generation, Jonas Keen, born September 16, 169S, married Octo- 
ber 20, 1718, Sarah Dalitbo, daughter of Olave Dahlbo, of Scnamensing, 
N. J., whose ancestor, Andkrs Dahluo, came from Sweden, with Governor 

Fijth Generation, Kattierine Keen, boru March 9, 1724, tnarried Anders 
Stidden, Residence, Wilmington, Del. 

Sixth Generation, Mary Stidden, married Comet ins D. IJlancy. 

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Siitnth Generation^ Daniel £>laney\ born , married Sarah Cannon^ 

daughter oi Jatnes Cannoa, of Philadelplna, who was son of Jamks Cannon, 
who was bora in Kdingburgli, Scotland, was a graduate of the University of 
ICdingburgh, and came to America, in 1765. At the beginning of the war of 
Ibe revolution, he was a tutor in the college of Philadel]>hia. Author of the 
"Cassandra letters/* He was member of the couveniiou of July — , 1776. 
Professor of mathematics in Uuiver<iiy of Pennsylvania, and died January 
jS, 1782. 

Eighth Generation, Fiances K. Dlaney, born December 25, 1S29 in New- 
castle, Del., married Doct. John II, liirJ. He died in Sioux-City, Iowa, 
March 3, 1S71. She resides in BuOalo, X. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6S79. Elizabeth B. Bird, born October 19, 1852. 
GSSO. Grace Bird, born March 27, 1S54, died July 13, 1S54. 
(>S8l. William N. D. Bird, born August 20, 1S5S, married Klsic V. Huey. 

[6BD3.] IViiliatn Augustus Bird, son of IViltiam A. Bird 
(3907) and Joanna Davis ; graduate Union College. He married 
October iS, 1852, Marj' M, Miller, Residence, Buflialo, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 
6S82, Joanna D. Bird, born September 10. 1S53, died June 25, 1S87. 
0SS3. Welles M. Bird, bom June 26, 1S55, married Emily M. Plummer. 

6584. Porter A. Bird, born February 7, 1S59. 

6585. Walter G. Bird, born March 9, 1861, died June 26, 1866. 

688C. William A. Bird, bom July 2, 1S65, married Helen A. Remington. 
6887. Grace M. Bird, bcm starch 30, 1870, died August 9, 1870. 
CS88. Elizabeth G. Bird, born August 21, 1S73. 

[6B12.] Sarah Frederika Porter, daughter ol Augustus 5. 
Porter (3909) and Sarah G. Barnard, (55S9) married September 
9, 1863, Stephen E. Burrall, 

[W11.LIAM Bi'RRALL, sec (3904,) son of Peter Burrall, of Rcdroth, Cora- 
wall, England, came to New England, 1715; Simsbury, Mass. 

Second Generation, Col. Charles Burrall, married Abigail Kellogg. 

Third Generation, Ovid Burrall, born , 1761, married , Lucy 


(Thomas Wki.i.ks, came from England, to Hartford, Conn. Gov., &c. 

Second Generation, Samuel Welles, born in England, married, 1657-58. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joux H01.1.1STER, of Weathersficld, Conn. She 
died , 1672. He died , 1675. 

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Third Ccncvaiion^ Samuel Welles^ born April 13, i66«i, niarricil June 20, 
16S3, Ruth A nr<*. daughler o^ Jonathan Royct\ of Norwich, Coi'.ii., and his 
wife Dibof\jh, daughter of IKciii Caulkins, from KngUuid. 

Fourth Ci'fit'rat:o/i, T/uufi/c'us UW/e'S, bom March 27. 1695. married — , 

1726, Elizat'i'ih CoulcS, boru , 1697, daughter of Timothy Cowtcs, of 

East Hartford, and wife Hannah Pitkin, daughter of Wii.mam Pitkix, of 
Hartford, and wife Hannah Goodwin, daughter of O/.iah Gooiavin, from 

Fifth Generation, SiXmuel Welles, >)orii , 1727, married August — , 

1752, Lucy Kilbourue, boru , 1731, daughter of Ebemzer k'itbourne, of 

Glasteubury, Couu, 

Sixth Generation, Lucy Welles, born , married Ovid I) u nail. 

Fourth and Seienth Generations, Frederick A. lUtrrall, boru August 26, 
1795, in Canaan, Conn., married Mary J, fJoieles, 

(JOHK Uowr.KS came from England, to Roxljury, Mass., 1639; ruling 
elder ; married April 2, 1650, Elizabeth Heath, daughter of Isaac HkaTic. 

Second Generation^ John Hoieles, lx)ni July 17, 1653; Harvard College, 
1671 ; married Novembers, i6St, Sarah Illiot, 

(John* Ei.iot, born at Nazing, county Essex, England, x6oo; graduate 
Jesus College, Cambridge, England, 1619 ; came to Boston, Mass., in ship 
"Lion,** 163 1 : pastor of church, 1632. He married Anne Mountfort, to 
whom he was betrothed in Eugland, and who came over to meet hiui, Sep- 
tember — , 1632. He was the famed ** Apostle to the Indians/' and trans- 
lated into the ludiau dialect, the Gospels. He died May 20, 1690-91. 

Second Generation, John Eliot, born August 31, 1636 ; graduate Harvard 

College, niiuister at Newton, Mass., married , 1661, Sarah Willett, born 

May 4, 1643, daughter of Thomas Willktt, from England, in ship **Lion," 
to Plymouth,, 1632, who married July 6, 1636, Mary L'rozi'u^ born 
March 24, 1637, daughter of Johx Brown, of Duxbury, from England ; an 
assistant from 1636 to 1654, who died in Swanzey, August 4, 1674. 

Third Generation, Sarah Eliot, born September 21, 1662, married John 
Bowles. He was representative, 16S9 ; speaker, and died March 30, 1691. 

Third and Fourth Generations, John Iio7i'les, born March 15, 16S5 1 
Harvard College, 1702; married September 10, 1706, Lydia Cheek ley. 

(Samcki. Ciii-CKLKY, (or Chlchelv) born at Preston, North Ilampionshire, 

England, came to New England, 1653. He marrie»l , 16S0, Mary .Scot- 

towe, daugliicr of John Scottuwe, of Boston, from ICiigland ; jul^e, &c. 
Sanmel Chccklcy was a colonel of the Boston regiment ; representative, ^:c. 

Second Generation, Lydia Checkley, born March 3c, 1690, married John 

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Fourth Generation^ Joshua Bozvles^ bom , 1722, married , Maty 

\ //drtt, daughter of A*i7//><% Hartt^ of Ro^ioii, Mass. 

Fifth Generation, Ralph //. DozcttS, boru , 1757, married Hannah 

' CiveJter, daughter o[ /osiah Crocker, of Tauntcn, ^lass. Ralph II. 13o\vles 
vua captain in war of Revolution, and died in Macbias, Me., Sept., 1S13. 
E^ Sixth Generation, Mary J. Bowies, born , married /•'. A. Burrail. 

Seventh Generation, Stephen E, Burralt, born ^fay 17, 1S26, married 
5. /'. Porter. He died in New York city, August 31, 1S6S. Mrs. S. F. Bur- 
nil resides in London, England. The family has a.^sumed the name of 
Porter-Burrall, **by letters patent from the Queen, Auv;ust 16, 1SS6." 

Their children were [being of the ninth jjcncration :] 
ft$SU. Guy A. Portcr-Burrall, born January iS, 1S65, lieut. English army. 
CS90. Stephen K. Porter- Burrall, born November 9, 1S6S. 

[6B14.] Julia Mathews Porter, daughter oi Albert If, Portcp 
(3910) and Jitlia J/atlie^K's, married September 18, 1S67, /olin H, 
Osborne, of Auburn, X. Y. 

Tlieir children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6ft01. Albert P. Osborne, boru November 16, 1S73, died March 10, 1875. 
CS92. Ruth Osborne, bom June 22, 1S77. 

[5B15.] Albert Ang^istm Porter, son of Albert H. Portet 
(3910) and Julia Mathews ; graduate Amherst College, 1859. He 
married September 11, 1862, Julia F, Jeffrey, bom in Canan- 
daigua, N. Y., daughter of Alexander Jeffrey, from Edinburgh, 
Scotland, and his wife Delia Granger, daughter oijohn A. Gran- 
ger, born September 11, 1795, who was son of Gideon Grander, of 
Canandaigua, (Postmaster-general, U. S.), whose wife was Mifid- 
well Pease, Gideon Granger was a descendant of Lauxcelot 
Granger, from England to Ipswich, Mass., who removed to 
Newbury, Mass., and married January 4, 1654, Joanna Adams, 
daughter of Robert Adams, and wife Elinor, of Salem, Mass., 
from England. Launcelot Granger removed in 1679 to Suffield, 
Conn., and died , 1689. 

[JoiiN PKA5K, ^Hh iftife Margaret, came from Chelmsford, couuty 
Essex, Htiglaud, to Salem, Mass., i6>t. He died 163S-39. She died 1644. 

Seeoud Generation, John Pease, born , 1629, married , 1653, 

A/ary . He died , 1689. 

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. Thit'd Generation^ John Pease^ boru March 30, 1654 ; removed to En- 
field, ConD., 1679. He uiarried , 1676-77, Matxayei .Idams, daughter 

' of WlLUAM Adams, of Ipswich, from Kngland, and died , 1734. 

Fourth Generation t Joseph Pease^ bom , 1693, married , 1727, 

^ Mary Speneer, 

( Jaked Spknckr, from England, to Haddam, Conn. 

Second Generation , Sam net Speneer, boru about 1640, married, 1672-73, 
Hannah U'itiey, born March 6, 1642, daughter of Isaac H'i//ej'f of New- 
London, Conu. Samuel Spencer died August 7. 1705. 

TlhirJ Generation, Isaac Spencer, born Januar>' 8, 167S, married October 
'»» I707» ^^lary Selden, 

(Thomas Skldkn came from England, to Hartford, Conn., 1639. 

Second Generation, Joseph Setden, born November 2, 1651, lived. in Ilad- 

ley, Mass. He married February 11, 1677, Rebecca Church, born , 1654, 

daughter of Edz^ard Church, and grand-daughter of Richard Church, of 
Hadley, from England. Joseph Sehlen, died July 14, 1724. She died Juue 
9, 1726. 

Third Generation^ Mary Setden, bom , married Isaac Spencer, 

Fourth Generation, Mary Spencer, born June 24, 17 10, married Joseph 

Fifth Generation, Joseph Pease, boru August 10, 1728; removed to Suf- 
lield. He married July 28, 1756, Mindxvett King, daughter oi Joseph King, 
and died October 16, 1794. 

Sixth Generation, Mindwell Pease, born August 31, 1770, married , 

Gideon Granger. 

Seventh Generation, John A. Granger, bora Sept. 11, 1795, married . 

Eighth Generation, Delia Granger, bom , married , Alexander 


Ninth Generation, Julia £, Jeffrey, born , married A. A. Porter. 

Residence, Niagara Falls, X. Y. He died, suddenly, March 15, 1SS8. His 
father having died Januar)' 23, 18S8. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation:] 
6803. Alexander J. Porter, bom Juue 39, 1863. 

6894. Albert H. Porter, born April 19; 1S66. 

6895. Bessie R. Porter, born July 20, 1S69. 
681X3. Julia M. Porter, boru March 6, 1S71. 
6897. Augustus O. Porter, bom Juue 23, 1S75. 
6808. Charlotte R. Porter, boru January 28, 1878. 

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[6B17.] Jane Ifouiil Porta, daughter of Albert 11. Porta 
1(39*0) VLwd Jidui Mat/:czi*s, inanied October 15, 1S65, Arthur 

[William RoriNSOX. came from Enj;laiid, lo Dorchester, Mass., 1635. 
file (lied Jmie 6, 166S. 

Second Gtf.-ci'it/i'oft, Samuel /Codi?tso/t, bom May 4, 1640, uiarried Jfary 
I fiaJter, bom April 27, 1643, daughter of Ric/uirJ Dakcr, of Dorchester, whose 
irifc was Faith, daughter of IIi^xrv Witiiinctox, of Dorchester, from 

Third Generation, Rev. John Kobinson, born , 1672 ; minister at 

Roxbury, ^lass.; niarncd Jauuary 31, 1735, Hannah U'iswall, 

(Thomas WiswA IX, from England. Ruling elder in Rev. John Eliot's 
church. Died at Newton, Mass., December 6, 16S3. 

Second Cenerafion, lehabod Wiszi'all, born , 1637 ; Ilan-anl Col- 
lege, 1654 ; mini>ter at Duxbury, Mass., married Priseiila J\aboJy, daughter 
of William TKAHonY, of Du.xbury, from England, who married December 
26, 1644, Elizabeth Ahlen, daughter of Capt. Johx Ali»EN, from England, 
iuship ** Mayflower/' whose wife was jyiwilla, daughter of William Mul- 
LiNS, from England, in the same ship. 

Third Generation, Hannah ll'iswali, born February 28, 16S2, married 
John /Robinson, She, and her daughter Mar>% aged sixteen, were drowned 
at Nantucket, September 22, 1722. The father died at the residence, of 
Gov. Jonathan Tmmbull, Lebanon, Conn., who had married his daughter 
Faith Robinson. 

Fourth Generation, lehabod Robinson, bom December 12, 1720, married 
Jauuary 16, 1753, Lydia Brown. 

(JOHX Browx, from Rehoboth, ^lass.; assistant Died April 10, 1662. 

Second Generation, John Brown, bora September — , 1650, married No- 
vember 8, 1672, Anne .Vason, born June — , 1650, daughter of ^apt Joiix 
Mason, Windsor, Conn. Deputy-governor, S:c. 

jyiird Generation, Ebenezer Drozvn, bora June 15, 16S5, married Febm- 
ary 25, 1714, Elizabeth Hyde, daughter oi Sxmuel Hyde, of Norwich, Conn. 
He died , 1755. She died March i, 1797. 

Fourth Generation, Lydia Brown, bora March 19, 1720, married lehabod 

Fifth Gemration, Rev. Williant Robinson, bora August 15, 1754 ; gradu- 
ate Yale College ; pastor of church at Southiugton. Conn.; married August 
10, 1790, Elizabeth Norton, bom Jan. 13, 1761, daughter of Thomas Xorton, 
and wife Elizabeth Mason, daughter of Capt. Joiix Masox, before named. 

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'Si.i'//i Gtucrafion^ Ch^ifies Kobinsou, born Fe!)ruary lo, iSoi ; Vale Col- 
lege, 1S21 ; married ^larch 30, 1S2S, Xafiiy M, MiiljorJ^ daui;lUer o{ tier- 
vcy Muljord^ of New Haven, Couu., and wife, \ancy Bradley^ daughter of 
Abraham Brtu//ty, of New Haven. 

Scz'i'tri/i Gciicraiion^ Arthur I^obutso ft ^ born Januar>" 21, 1843, married 
Jane IL Porter. Residence, Niagara I'alls, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6S90. Arthur P. Robinsou, born l-ebruary 14, 1S67, died April i, 1S6S. 
GOCHJ. Charles Robinson, born April 30, 1S69. 
6901. Julia O. Robinson, born November 17, 1S71. 
6002. Cornelia G. Robinson, boru November 21, 1S76. 

6903. Jane P. Robinson, born July i, iSSi. 

[5B2Di] /rt/zt* //. 7<?ri';ijr;/t/, daughter of D.J, Taicnscnd ^\\\S. 
Jane If, Porter^ (3914) married October 24, 1S66, Ednard H, 
IVIiccler, of Buffalo, N. V. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation ;] 

6904. Townscnd Wheeler, born September 24, 1S67, died May 2f, 1S71. 

6905. Elizabeth T. Wheeler, born July 27, 1S73. 
690C. Frank S. Wheeler, horn December 24, 1876. 
6907. Marion W. Wheeler, born June 8, iSSo. 

[6B21i] Lavinia P. Tozim send ^ d;iVig\iiQ.x of Daniel J, Towns- 
end and Jajie //. Porter, (3914) uiarried September 14, 1881, 
Lauren A, PcUebone, 

[Joiix Pettebone came from England, to Windsor, Conu., married 
Fcbniar>- 15, 1665, Sarah E^glestofi, born ^larch 28, 1643, daughter of Bigod 
ECCLESTOX, of Windsor, from England. 

Second Generation^ John Pcttebone, boru Dec. 15, 1665, married . 

Third Generation, Xoah Pettcbone, born , 1710; removed to Wyo- 
ming, Pa. He married — , 1745, Huldah Williams. He died Mch. 28, 1791. 

Fourth Generation, Oliver Peliebone, born May 13, 1762, married in 
Amenta, Duchess county, N. Y., Martha Payne, daughter of Pantabas 
Payne, He Mas in Forty Fort at the lime of the massacre of Wyoming. 
He died March 17, 1832. She died December 25, 1833. 

Fifth Generation, Payne Pettebone, born Januarj- 24, 17S7, married , 

Sarah TiUtle. 

(Henry Tcttle, boru in Baskingridge, Somerset county, X. J., Xovem- 
ber 24, 1733, settled in Wyoming. He was a soldier in war of Revolution, 
and died January 3, 1820, aged eighty-seven. 

■ ' . '. •'• y -^ I ■'^.- ^'' ' . / 1 ,'^ 

r. ? . ; » ■' " r"" 

^v ... ... r^.V 'l:/ S-. - - • • , ^ 

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Second GvMt'/\ifiofi, Joseph TuttU\ born January 19, 1772, in Kockaway, 
JC.J., livct! in Wyoming. lie married September 6, 1792, Mary /.<r, born 
In Stroudsburg, Pa., February 25, 1775, d.uigUter oi Jesse Lee and wife Sarah 
McPoh'e//^ daughter of yt>//« MeVoweil, Joseph Tnttle died February 11, 
1849. Mrs. Mary Tuttle died August 26, 1S35. 

Third Cefwration^ Sarah Tuttle^ boru April 4, 1793, married Payne Pet- 
U'bone. He died August iS, 1S14. 

Sixth Generation^ Sta^ouhion Pettebonc^ born .-^pril 9, 1S12, married , 

1S46, Cornelia Bellamy^ daughter oi Joel />ellamy, of Caiskill, N. Y., aud 
vife Esther Clark ^ son of Matthcut Rellamy and Anna Andrews. 

Sei'Cnlh Generation ^ Lauren W. Petit bone^ born June 29, 184$, iu Lock- 
port, N. Y., married Lavinia P. 7ozi'nsend, Residence, Niagara F*dls, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
GU)8. Lauren A. Pettebone, bom August 23, 1SS2. 
CUOO. Harold C. Pollcbonc. boru May jS, 1885. 

[SB 2 2.] Pcfcr Aus^ustus Porter, son of Col. Pdcr A, Porter 
(3916) and Mary C P, Breckinridge, married Februar>' 3. 1S77, 
Alice Adeic Taylor. 

[Richard Tavlor came from England, 1643, married , 1646, Ruth 

Bmxess, daughter of Thomas Burgkss, of Sandwich, Mass., from England. 

Second Generation, John Taylor, born , 1649, married December 15, 

1674, Sarah Mattheics, bom July 21, 1649, daughter of Jamks Matthews, 
of Yarmouth, Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, John Taylor, born June 15, 167S, married — — . 

Fourth Generation, John Taylor, born , 1720, married . 

Fijth Generation, William Taylor, born , 1755; was a captain iu 

war of Revolution. He married , 1785, Abigail Case. 

(John Case came from England to New London, Conn.; Windsor, aud 

thence iu 1669, to Simsbury, Conn., (sec 2226.) He married , 1657, 

Sarah Sf»encer, daughter of \Vii.r.iAM Spencer aud wife Agnes, of Hartford, 
from Englaud. 

Second Generation, John Case, born November 5, 1662, married , 

1^3, Sarah lioleovib. 

(Thomas Hoi.comb came from England to Dorchester, Mass., 1633; 
removed to \Viii«Uor, 1636, and died September 7, 1657. 

Second Generation, Joshua Holcomb, Ijorn September 27, 1640, married 
Januar>' 4, 1663, Ruth Shenvood, Removed to Simsbury, and died Decem- 
ber I, 1690. 

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Third Generation^ Stnt/i Hoieotnb, born June 23, 166S, n;arned John 
Case. He «lied May 22, 1733. 

Third Genifij/ion, D.iniel Gisc, born March 7, 1695, uiarriccl May 7, 
1719, J\ne!ope Hultolph^ born October i, 1699, uaui;hlcr of yA;::./ P^ititolph, 
Residence^ Simsbury. He died May 28, 1733. She died June 27, 1746. 

Fourlh Generation, Daniel Case, born Jaiinary 30, 1720 ; sculed in Cau- 
tou, ILirtford county, Conn., in 1743. He married IV'bruary 22, 1750, Mary 

(John \Vai*son caiue from England to Hartford, Conn., with wife Mar- 
gar el. 1644. 

Second Generalion, John Walson, born , 1646, married . He 

died . 

Third Generation, Cyprian U'aUon, born January 12, 16S9, married 
Jaunary 27, 17 15, Elizabeth Steele. 

(Gkorck StivKLi:, with wife Kaehel, came from Enjcland to Cambridge, 
Mass., 1632 ; removed to Hartford, Conn., 1635; representative, 1637 to 
1659. Died , 1664. 

Seeond Generation, James Steele, born in England, married — , Anne 
Bishop, daughter of Joiix Bishop and wife .bine, of Guilford, Conn., from 
Kuglaiid. James Steele was commissary for the Counecticul forces in King 
Philip's war. 

Thinl Generation, James Steele, born , 1658, married, 16S9, Sarah 

Barnard, daughter oi Barlholomezi.' Barnard, of Hartford, Conn., and wife 
Sarah, daughter of Thoz^lvs Bircu.vrd, of Hartford, Conn., from IJngland. 

Fourlh Generation, Elizabeth Steele, boru , 169S, married CyJ*rian 

ll'atsou. Residence, New Hartford, Conn. He died December 30, 1753. 

Fourlh Generation, J/ary liaison, bom , 1724, married February 

22, 1750, Daniel Case. Residence, Simsbury, Conn.; removed to Cautou, 
Hartford county, Conn., and died May 24, iSoi. She died May 25, 1S07. 

Fijlh Generation, Abigail Case, born January S, 1758, married U'iltiam 

Sixth Generation, Virgil Taylor, born , 1791, married Electa Gil- 

bert, of Hartford, Conn. 

Seventh Generation, Virgil Corydon Taylor, bom , 1817, married 

llarrieU C. Dnnlap. 

Eighth Generation, Alice Adele Taylor, boru , married Peter A. 

Porter. Residence, Niagara I'alls, N. V. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6U10. Peter A. Porter, born November 16, 1S77. 
OUU. Cabell B. Porter, bom April S, ibSi. 

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[SB 2 7.] IliirrkU L. Ilolhy, claiighler oi John J/. IloiUy 
iV)>J>) ^"^1 Mi^ry K'if'k^iftd^ niarriccl ScpicmL^r 24, 1S51, John 
Tilfoitson Clark, of Portage city, Wis. 

[WitMAM Clark, with wife Sar.ih, came from Kngland to Nortliamp- 
loDi Mass., 1659; Hcuieuani iu *' King Philip's war." Died July S, 1690, 
•ged eighty -oue. Mrs. Sarah Clark died September 6, 1675. 

Second Ccncraiiunt U'ii/i\ini Clark, boru July 3, 1656, married July 15, 
16S0, Hannah Strong, born May 30, 1659, daughter of IHder John Strong, 
from Hnglaud. 

Third Oi'nc'raiton, Jonathan Clark , born May 13, 16S8, jiiarricd Januar>' 
6, 1713-14, Hannah Smallcy, of Lebanon, Conn. 

Fourth Generation^ Jonathan Clark, born November i, 1715, married 
Jaiiuar}' 10, 1735, Soi^^ia /yi^cev, of Lebanon. 

/•///// Generation, Lemuel Clark, born August 8, 1753, married , 

1774, Ruth Bafd:ein. 

(John Baldwin came from England iit ship '* Martin," 163S. to Guil- 
ford, Conn. He married April I7, 1653, Hannah //irehard, daughter of 
Thomas Eirchard, from Knglaud, to Guilford, Conn. 

Second Generation, John Baldwin, born , 1654, married , 16S0, 

Experience Abell, daughter of Joshua Aukll, of Norwich, Conn. 

Third Generation, John Dafdzcin, born , i68o-Sr, married January 

31, 1716, Abigail Baldzcin, daughter of Thomas Batdtc'in, of Norwich, who 
married , 1692, Abigail Lay, daughter of John Lay, of Lyme, Conn. 

Fourth Generation^ Benjamin Baldwin, boru April 2, 1727, married 
September 27, 1750, Ruth Porter (S15.) Residence, Lebanon, Conn. 

Fifth Generation, Ruth Baldwin, (2033) born August 12, 1754, married 
, 1774, Lemuel Clark, 

Sixth Generation, U'iiiiam Clark, born September 22, 1777, in Lebanon, 

married , 1807, Sophronia Tillottson, boru October 7, 17S5, daughter of 

John Tillottson, of Farmington, Conn. 

Seventh Generation. John Tillottson Clark, born April 16, 1S21, married 
Harriett L, Hot ley. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C!>12. Mary H. Clark, born February 17, 1S53. 
(ilM3. Elizabeth S. Clark, bom January 7, 1855. 
0:M4. John T. Clark, boru May 9, 1S56. 
tiUl'). Helen L. Clark, born November 4, 1S57. 
Cl»10. Julia K. Clark, born January 7, 1S60. 
»J'U7. Sarah A. Clark, bom August 14, 1S61. 
Gl»lS. William H. Clark, born July 21, 1S63. 

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[5B31.] Julia K, Ilolley, dauglUer o^ John J/. IfolUy (39 iS) 
and J/drj' A'irWiUitf, married May 16, 1S72, Chcwits Ihnry Roys, 
altorncy-at-la\v, of Lyons, N. V. She clioil December 30, 1SS6. 

Their children were [being of tlie ninth generation :] 
C919. ^lary Louise Roys, boru May 10, 1S73. 
0020. Charles K. Roys, boni August 29, 1S75. 
6921. Johu H. Roys, bom April 19, 1S77. 
. William B. Roys, born August 9, iSSi. 

[5 B 3 2.] /?//;/ M. Holhy, son oi John M. AolUy (39 iS) and 
Mary Kirkland, married October 12, 1S69, at Xiles, Mich., Anna 
Orilla King, Residence, LaCrosse, Wis. 

Their only child [being of the ninth generation :] 
6022. John M. Holley, boru July 6, 1S74. 

[5B33.] Alexander Lyman Ilollty^ son of Alexander If. 
Nolley {^()ig) and Jane J/, Lyman; graduate Brown University, 
scientific school, 1S53 ; studied practical mechanics at the Corliss 
woiks Providence, R. I.; he became distinguished as a mechani- 
cal engineer and niettallurgist ; lie wrote and edited several works 
on that, and kindred subjects ; he was, however, known diiefly 
by his introduction of the Bessemer Steel manufacture in the 
United States, and had superintended the construction of most of 
the large works, adding many improvements to the process, and 
had come to be regarded as one of the principal authorities on the 
metallurgy of iron and steel of this country. He married Decem- 
ber II, 1855, J/afy /L Slade. He died at his residence in Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., January 29, 1882. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C023. Gertrude M. IloUcy, born Oct. 2S, 1S62, married Frank II. OluistcJ. 
0U'J4. Lucy S. Ilolley, born Dcceuil>cr5, 1S64, married Frederick Brooks. 
692o. Alexander II. Holley, boru 1S66, died in childhood. 
G*j20. Alice Holley, boru January 20, 1S69, died in childhood. 

[5B 34. ]>//// Cojffing Holley, son of Alexander //. Holley 
(3919) and Mareia Cojfing, married October 22, 1S62, Lueinda R, 

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[Capt. William Sii:rl,ing» of Lyuie, Conn., married , I'd^, Jemima 


(JOHX Sir.i., from I*yi"e-rei;is. Dorsetshire, England, villi wU^i Joanna, 
to Cambridge, Mass., 1637. He died , 1652. 

Second Generation^ Joseph Sill^ born in England, 1636, married Kebru- 
gry 12, 1677, Sarah Clark, dangbtcr of Gkorce Clark, of Mil ford, Conn. 
He died August 6, 1696. 

Third Generation^ Joseph Sili, boru January 6, 167S, married , 1705, 

Phcbe Lord, born 16S6, daugliter oi Richard Lord, of Noiwicb, Conq., who 

warned , \6%2, Etizabeth Hyde, daughter of .91?;;/ w^V //;(/<•, and June — , 

1659, Jane Lee, daughter of Thoma.s Lke and wife PJ:e!r, from Enj^laiul. 
Joseph Sill died November 10, 1765. Mrs.Phebc Sill died January- 4, 1774. 

Fourth Generation, Thomas Sift, born Au;;ust 25, 1 717, married , 

1742, Jemima Dndfev, a descendant of William DciiLKY, of Guilford, Couu., 
from England. 

Fi/th Generation, Jemima Sitt, born , 1745, married , William 


Sixth Generation, Elisha Sterling, born , 176S; Yale College, 17S7 ; 

lawyer in Salisbury, Coun.; colonel in war of 1S12 ; married Alma Canfwld, 

a descendant of Col. Samuel Canfield, of Milford, Conn., who married , 

Elizabeth Judson (607). 

Seventh Generation, George IF. Sterling, boni December 13, iSra, uiar- 
ried Ruth A, ChapJn. 

(Samuel Chapin and wife Cicley, from England. 

Second Generation, Japhel Chapin, boru October 15, 1642, married in 

Milford, Conn., July 22, 1664, Abilene Coley, born , 1643, daughter of 

Samuel Coley, of Milford, from England, 1639, who married, 1640, Anna 
Prudden, daughter of James Pruddicx, from England. 

Third Generation, Ebenezer Chapin, born July 26, 1677, married Han- 
nah Bliss, He died at Enfield, Conn., December 13, 1772. 

Fourth Generation, Charles Chapin, born , 1720, married . 

Fijth Generation, Phinehas Chapin, born February 16, 1757, married 
May 14, 17S3, Loie Hurd, born September 9, 1759, daughter of Gideon 
Hurd, of Stratford, Coun., who married May 20, 1752, Sarah Graham, bom 
March 13. 1735, daughter of Rev. John Graham, of Woodbury, Conn., and 
wife Abigail Chiitucey, boru October 2, 1717, daughter oi Xaifianiel Chaun- 
cey, who married Sarah Judson (154.) Rev. John Graham born in Edin- 
burg, Scotland ; graduate Theological Seminary, Ediuburg, came to New 
England, 171S. He was of the family of " Graham of Moutrose." 

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Sixth Cittcnxiion^ P/tinrhas C/hi/>hit born March 7, 17S9, uiarricil Marcli 

I, 1S09, I.ucinJa .Variifi, born •, 1792, ilaujibter of St'//i Mat Hit, who 

marrieil June 6, 17SS, Mary Cor Jon, daughter of Ko!><.'rt Gorjon.oi Heth- 
lexii, Conn., au*i wife Jeanne A'asson. Robert GorUon, bom March 14, 1730, 
was son of Ai.kxandkr Gordon, of Woodbun.-, Conn., from Scotland. 

Sezrn//i Genera/ ion, A*////; W. Oiapin, born , married George //'. 


Eighth Generation, LueinJa h\ 5/f'/7///<», born , married /<;//// C, 


Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6027. Alexander S. Hollcy, born :May 3, 1S64. 
602S. John C. Holley, born 1S66. 

[SB 3 5.] J/ana C Hollcy, daughter of AU.xandir H. Holley 
(3919) and Mareia Coffuig, married June 7, 1S65, William Beafds- 
lec Ritdd, born in Frecdonia, N. V., August 17, 1838, son of Rev. 
George R. Kndd, who married Cktober i, 1827, Frafurs /IcardsUc, 
born January 15, 1805, "^ New Hartford, X. Y., daughter of 
Hczckiah Bcardslee, of Milford, Conn., and Mary Riley. 

Rev. G. R. Rudd, born July 16, 1801, in Vergennes, Vt., was 
son ol Nathaniel Rudd and Waily Hopkins, daughter of Samuel 
Hopkins, a descendant q{ Samuel Hopkins, of Milford, Conn., whose 
wife was Hannah Turner, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel Tur- 
ner, of Stamford, Conn. 

(Capt. Nathaniel Turner had been a .soldier in the **low 
countries," (Holland) in the English army. He came with Win- 
throp to New England, in 1630, Boston, }ilass.; representative, 
1634 to 1636 ; captain in Pequot war, 1637 ; removed to New 
Haven, Conn.; magistrate, 1639. In 1640 chief military- ofllccr, 
and one of the purchasers of the site of Stamford ; representative 
in the congress ot the New England colonies in 1643, called the 
** court of combination." In Januar>-, 1646, he sailed for Eng- 
land in the Phantom ship. (See appendix.) 

Nathaniel Rudd was son of Nathaniel, and grand-son of A'a- 
thaniel Rudd, of Norwich, Conn., who married April 16, 1685, 
Mary Post, born , 1658, daughter of Thomas Post, of Say- 
brook, Conn., who married January, 1656, Mary Andrews, born 

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In Kngland. dautrhtor of Francis Axdrkws, of Hartford and 
' F,iirficld, Coun.. from England, 1639. Thomas Post, born in 

Kiigland, was son of STicriiKN Post, of Hartford, from ICngland, 

1636. Kaihdiiicl Riuld, Sr., was son of Jo.vathax RfnD, of 

Xcw Haven, Conn., from England, 1640. W. B. Rudd resides at 

Lakcville, Conn. 

Tlicir children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

dljl. Marcte H. RudJ, born February 23, 1S66. died March 21, 1866. 

CltlO. Alexander H. KuJ.l, born ^larch S, 1S67. 

01)31. Fauny RudJ, boni May 5, 1S69. 
R/ fll32» George R. Ruld, born November 9. 1S72, died March 11, 1S77. 
*• ^ «i:j3. Malcolm D. Rudd, born April 3. 1S77. 

Oii:J4. Charles F. Ruld. born January 2, iSSi. 

[6B3E.] E!:-abeth PorUr Hollcy, daughter o{ George W. 
HoUcy (3923) and Carolir.e E, Church, (4227) married June 15, 
1881, Iri'iiig Porter Chureh, son of Doct. Samuel Porter Chureh 
and Elizabeth //. Sterling, she born April 23, 1S23, was daughter 
of William C. Sterling and }lannah M, Lee, bom Aug. 6, 1794, 
daughter of Samuel Lee and Elizabeth Brown, Samuel Lee, born 
September 27, 1749, was sou of Rev. Jonathan Lee and Elizabeth 
Meicalf, (See No. 3923.) Samuel P. Church was sou of Samuel 
Chureh, (^2^2<) v»ho married November i, 1806, Cynthia NeivelL 

[Thomas Newkll came from Hertfordshire, England, to Farmington, 
Conu., 1652, married lulckah Otmsiead, sister of Richard Olmstead of Hart- 
ford, from England. 

Second GcKcratioit, Samuel Xewell, born Dec. 5, 1660, married . 

Third Gtfwratiofi, Capl. John Xezccti, born January 17, 1692, married 
Scptcmtj«r 25. 1719, Elizabeth Hawtey. 

(JoshPH Hawlev, with v.ife Catherine^ came from England to Strat- 
ford, Couu., 1645. Representative. Died , i69<i. 

Second Generation, Joseph Haivley, born January 9, 1650, uiarried , 

Elizabeth . 

Third Gerer^iiioK, Elizabeth Hawley, borr January 12, 1699, married 
Capt. John .Wui'/f. Rcsi'lcnce, Farmington, Conn. He died February 21, 
1777- She dk-d Au^^ust 4, 1779. 

Fottrlh Gener^ti^, I, John .Vcurtl, born December 6, 1733, married /^ulh 
Merriam, Residence, ^Ve^t Siockbridge, Mass. 

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Fifth Generation^ Capt. Svth Scicctl^ boru , uiarried Esther Lan- 

i/o//, daughter o( Jtiutt's LauJon, of Sali&bun-, Conn. lie died March 3, 
1813. She died April 4, 1S20. 

Sixth Genaatiott^ Cynthia Xeuill, bom July 6, 17S7, uiarried Samuel 
Church, He was a lawyer iu Salisbury ; judge of probate ; attorucy-gcueral 
of Couuecticul ; Chief Justice of Supreuic Court; L.L. D., Trinity College. 
He died September 13, 1S54. Mrs. Cynthia Church died April 27, 1853. 

Irving P. Church was iu iSbS, professor of tuathcuiatics in Cornell Uni- 
versity. Residence* Ithaca, X. Y. 

Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 
ft)3->. Edith Uolley Church, born January 4, ibS6. 

[GB41.] Mary A, Robbins, daughter oi Samuel S. Robbins 
and Sally P, Holley, (3923) married October 6, 1S5S, Alonzo IT, 
Church. • 

[Richard Chi'Kch, from England. (See 33S.) 

Second Generation ^ Samuel Churchy boru , 163S, married , 1644, 

Mary Churchill. 

Third Generation^ Samuel Churchy bom August 19, 1667, married July 
7, 1692, Abigail Harrison, boru September ii, 1673, daughter of Isaac 
Harrison, of Hadley, Mass., from England, who married December i, 
167 1, Martha Montasue^ daughter of Richard Moxtacck and wife Abi- 
gailf of Hadley, from England. Isaac Harrison was killed in the ** Fulls 

fight," 1676. Samuel Church died , 1737. Mrs. Abigail Church died 

September 17, 17 17. 

Fourth Generation^ Xalhaniel Church, bom Februrry 7, 1704, married, 
1727, Rachel Macrany^ daughter of William Macrany, of Springfield, Mass., 
who married , 16S5, Margaret Riley. 

(John Rilky came from F.nglaud, with wife Grace, to Wearthersfield, 

Second Generation, John Riley, boru August 15, 1640, removed to Spring- 
field, and married , 1661, Margaret . He ditd October 24, 16S4. 

She died August 22, 16S9. 

Third Generation, Margaret Riley, born , 1662, married irHliam 


Fourth Generation, Rachel Macrany, born , 170S, married Xalhan- 
iel Church. 

Fifth Generation, Timothy Church, boru 3klay 12, 1736, married Juuc 9, 
1757. Abigail Church. 

(Richard Church, first named. 

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SiUVHii Ccfunttion, Sanititl C/itiyJt^ iiuirricd Miuy Chunhili. 

'fhit\i Cciirtatiofi, Santuel Churchy married .Idi^aii I/unisoM. 

fourth Oifit'rafion, Siwuti Churchy bom , 1706, married , 1734. 

\^i\r^aret Smith, 

(Samuki. Smith and wife Elizabtth^ from England, to Hadlcy, Mass, 

Second Generation, Chittab Smith, born , 1635, married October 2, 

1 1661, Hannah, dautrhtcr of Luke Hitchcock, of Weatbcr< field, from Kng- 
[l.ind. lie died May 7, 1731. She died August 31, 1733, aged eigbty-eight. 

Third Generation, Samuel Smith, boru Marcli 9, 1665, married March 
\%i(>^lt Sarah Bliss, boru November 27, 1667, daughter oi Laurence Bliss, 
gf Springfield, Mass., son of Thomas Huss, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Margaret Smith, boru January 24, 17 10, married 
I Samuel Church, 

Fifth Generation, Abigail Church, born , 173S, married Timothy 

Church. They removed to Bratlleboro, Vt. In the controversy relative to 
the boundary, he espoused the New York side, and was imprisoned by 
Kthau Allen, in consequence. 

Sixth Generation, /Reuben Church, born , 175S; lieutenant in war of 

Revolution ; married . 

Seventh Generation, Alotizo Church, born , in Brattleboro, went at 

•D early age to Georgia. He married Sarah Triple. He was professor of 
luatliematics, and after, president of the University of Georgia. He died 
-. X863. 

Eighth Generation, Alonzo W. Church, born , manned Mary A, 

Robbins. He was in 1SS7, librarian of the U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
(ifl3G. Samuel R. Church, born December 24, 1S63. 
CO.*?:. John R. Church, bom November 13, 1865. 
(ft^i8. James R. Church, born October 11, 1S66. 
01)39. Sarah R. Church, bom January 24, 1S6S. 
fiU40. Mary R. Church, bom June 29, 1869. 
(JlMl. Alonzo W. Church, bom December 31, 1870. 
(i942. William W. Church, bora December 17, 1S74. 

[SB 4 3.] Milton Holley Robbins, son of Samuel 5. Robbitis 
and Sally P, Ilollcy, (3923) married April 16, 1863, Anne Eliza 

[Arthur Bostwick came from Cheshire, England, to Stratford, Cono., 
with wife Ellen, about 1640-45. 

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774 r)i:scKNi>ANTs or juiin rouTiik. 

Sir%>nif CiNcraiioM, Joftt: /!o.\f:citk\ bom in lui^^l.iinl, iiiairicd July i, 
1666, .1/.:/,r J>t:uswcaJt\ bom July 24, \6y\ ilau'/liler o{ John }»rhnincaJt\ 
of Stratfonl, frnui ICuglaiid, and wife Mary. 

Third Gt'fU'f a/ion, Ztrhariah /iosiZi'iek, bom July 25, 1669, married . 

Susan ftah . 

Fourth Ccucratioti, Bcujamiu Boslzoick^ bom , 17 10, married . 

Fi/ih Generation t Dcnjamin Bost'u.ick^ born , 1740, married Anna 

Smithy born , 1743, daughter oi Joseph Smith, of Hadley, Mass., who 

married May 24, 1739, Miriaut Church, daughter o{ Be ft jam in Chureh. 

[Richard Church, from Knglaud. (Sec 33S.) 

Second Generation, Samuel Chureh, bom , 1636, married Mary 

Churchill, daughter of Josiah Chcrchill, from England, and wife Fliza- 
dclh, daughter of Xathaxikl Footk. 

Third Generation, Benjamin Church, bom Septcmljcr i. 1680, married 
January 30, 1709, Miriam Hovey, 

(Daniki. Hovky came from Kngland to Ipswich, Mass., , 1637, mar- 
ried , 1640, Rebtcea Andreus, daughter of Rori:RT Andukws and wife 

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, from England. 

Second Generation, Thomas I/oiey, born , 164S, settled in Hadley, 

Mass., and married November — , 1677, Sarah Cooke, bom January 30, 1662, 
daughter of Capt. Aaron Cooke, of Hadley, aud his wife Sarah IVestnood, 
daughter of William Westwood and wife Bridget, of Hartford, from 

Thij'd Generation, Miriam llovey, born , 16S9, married Benjamin 


Fourth Generation, Miriam Church, bom ^lay 12, 1712, married , 

Joseph Smith, son of Luke Smith, son of Chileab Smith, and grandson of 
Samuel Smith, from England. 

Fijth Generation, Anna Smith, born , 1746, married Benjamin 

Bosticiek ; lived in New Milford, Conn. He was a captain in the war of 

Sixth Generation, Rujus Bosticiek, bcm Feb. 15, 17S6, married . 

Seventh Generation, Robert Bostuick, born April 7, iSii. married . 

Eighth Generation, Anne E. Bostzvick, bom ^larch 29, 1S40, married 
Milton H. Robbins. Residence, Litchfield county, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
G043. Mary E. Robbins, born Octolicr 4, 1S65. 
G1M4. Samuel H. Robbins, born Octolier 13, 1H67, 
r>'M5. Milton H. Robbiu.s, bom Jauuary 17, 1S7L 

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[5B4Ei] J/osi's I.ymafi, son yii Moses Lyman and Mary A, 
IhUcy, (3924) married December 31. I'^oi, IHUn A. Dc'ughi^, 

[U'1M.IAM DovcLAS came from Kiiglaiul, wiih wife Auna, to Rostou, 
>|as>s., 1640, she was daughter of Thomas Ma^MI^ of Rini;stead, Norihanip- 
tonshirc, England, ibcy settled in New I/^iulon, Conn. 

Second Ctntra/iofi, U'iliiam Douj^las, l)oiu April i, 1645, married 
IK'Cctuber iS, 1667, Abiah Houj^h^ born September 16, 164S, daughter of 
William Hough, who came from Cheshire, KtiglanJ, to Gloucester, >rass., 
1640, and who ninrried October 20, 1645, Siim/i, daughter of IIcGit Caul- 
KiNS, from Euglatid. 

Third Geueradon^ IVUHant /?o/4^/as, born February 19, 1672, married 
— , 1 7 10, S7ra/i Proctor, 

Fourth Generation t Asa Douglas, boni T>ecember 11, 17 15, settled in 

Canaan, Conn. He was a captain in war of 1755. lie manied , 1737, 

Kcbccca U'hcclcr, and died Novemlx;r 12, 1792. 

Fi/th Ccficration, IVilliatn I)oui;>;las, born August 23, 1743, married 
Hannah Cole. 

(John Cole, (or Coles) from England, to Fannington, Conn., — , 1650; 
removed to Ilattield. Mass., and died September — , 1675. 

Second Generation, John Cole, born , 1640, uiarried Noveml)er 22, 

|66S, Deborah Barttett, daughter of Rodert Bartlett, from England, to 
Cambridge, Mass., 1632, who removed to Hartford, Conn., 1635, thence to 
Northampton, Mass., 1655, and was there killed by Indians, March 14, 1676. 
^ John Cole died May 12, 171 1. 

Third Generation ^ Samuel Cole, born May 27, 1673, married , 169S, 

Sarah I/ubbard. 

(George HuimARD came from England, to Weathersfield, Conn., 1636; 
removed to Milfonl, Conn., thence to Guilford, and died January — , 16S3. 
Mrs. Mar>' IIuf>bard died September 14, 1676. 

Second Generation, John Hnbbard, born in England, married , 1650, 

Mary Merriam ; removed to Hatfield, ^lass., and died March , 1706. 

Third Generation, Sarah Hubbard, l>orn March 12, 1672, married , 

169S. Samuel Cole. He died August 16, 1750. 

Foriith Generation, Samuel Cole, bom March 12, 1706, married , 

Abigail . Residence, Norfolk, Conn., where he died , 1762. 

/•///// Generation, Hanuah Cole, born , 1744, married , Will ia in 

Douglas. William Douglas removed in spring of 1766, to Stephentown. 
Rcr.ssclaer county, N. Y.; he was a captain Iw war of Revolution, at Hcn- 
nington, Saratoga, &c.; he rendered in4X>rtant service as a spy. He died 
IKcembcr 29, iSii. Mrs. Hannah DouiOi^-i died December 24, 1795. 

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Sixf') itiHitii/:of/f U'iifiitm /.K':f;^/t!i, l)orii J.iiiu.iry li, 1 70S. in Su-plu-n- 

towii, X. Y., iiiantcil , 179S, .lA;iV"'v/ //:ir.\i\ born I)occi:il>or 17, 1776. 

daughter of 4 /WiZ/v:*' iFuntC9\ who innnictl , 1773, .li:fu's /f j/iV, l>orii 

July 2f\ 1754, dnugliior oi John \Vylii\ who iiuirruil Dcceuiher 3, 1742, 
Sarah Camf^bclL 

(Robert Campdell, boni in Argyleshirc, Scotland, 1673, came with hU 
wifeyrt/.'cV, to Voluulowu, Windham county, Conn., and died February 

14. 1725. 

Second Generation^ John Campbell, M. I)., born in Ireland, 1690-91, 

married November 19, 1719, .'Isncs ^llleu^ born , 1692, daughter oi John 

Allen, of Sufiield, Conn., who married l*cb. 22, 16S2, ClhaUih Piiehard. 

(William Prichard came from Kngland, to Lynn, Mosi., , 1646; 

removed to BrookfieUl, Mass., and was killed by Indians, .August 3, 1675. 

Second Generation, William Prichard^ born , married , Eliza- 
beth . Lived in Suffield, Conn. 

Third Generation, Elizabeth Prichard, born , 1663, married John 

Allen, who, bom , 1656, was son of Kdwaud Ali.EX, from Scotlan.l, 

who married Sarah, daughter of Richard Kimlall. and wife L'rsula, of 
Watcrtown, Mass., from England. 

John Wylie was son of Ji>hn Wylie, and wife ^'tjijr'tes, from Scotland, to 
Vol uu town, Mass. John Hunter livcil in New Lebanon, N. Y. 

Seventh Generation, Edn'in A. Donq^las, bom ^Lirch 3, 1S04, married 
February 6, 1S34, Harriett C Dexter, born April 5, 1S09, daughter of Seth 
Dexter, who married Sylvia Gay lord ^ a descendant of Wii^liam Gaylord 
and Anna Porter, (See 4.) 

Eighth Generation, Ellen Augusta Douglas, born , 1S41, married 

Moses Lyman. She died August 17, 1S71. He married (second wife) 
March 6, 1S73, Sarah //. Beebe, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6J)4(». Moses Lyman, born July 17, 1865. 
Gt)47. I.'^djel D. Lyman, born March 21, IS67. 

69 IS. Harriett D. Lyman, born July 27, 1S70. Died August 7, 1S71. 
6iM9. Lucy B. Lyman, born June iS, 1S75. Died April i, 1S76. 
6900. Mary A. Lyman, born July 8, 1877. 
C^lol. Samuel Lyman, born July 2, 1S79. 

[5B4B.] Alice Lytfiau, daughter of Afoscs Lyman and Mary 
A. Holley, (3924) married Oclolx;r 24, 1872, Jx^kn T. Sauycr of 
Wavcrly, N. Y. 

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Tlic'ir only child was LiK-ing of ihe niulh t;ciieialioii :] 
c'lVJ. Kllen Sawyer, boru May 12, 1S74. 

[SBSSi] Sarah Maria Porter, daiighlor of W'iiiiaw Porter 
{3925) and Sarah M, ChcMvy, married Octol>er 9, 1S4S, jVa/ha/i L. 
ItiihvcU, of South Coventry, Conn. 

[Richard Bir>\VEi,L, from Euglaiul to Windsor, Conn. Died , 1647. 

Stroud Cciieriition, John PLUlyH, boru iu I:*u\»laiiil, married , 1640, 

fuirah Wi/i'ox, daughter of John Wilcox, of Hartford, from Kngland. 

TAird Caicraiion^ John /iidzcLit, boru , 1641, uiarricd Xovcmber 7, 

|6;S, Sarah Wc/ies, bom , 1659, daughter of Thomas WelitS, of Hart- 
ford, and Hannah, daughter of Richard Tuttu:. 

Fourth Generation, John liiJicell, born September 1, 1679, married , 

1705, Hannah Pitkin. 

(WlU.iAM Pitkin of Hartford, from England, married, 1676, Hannah 
Coodioin, daughter of Ozias Goodwi.v, of Hartford, from England. 

Second Generation, Ko^er Pitkin, boru , 1662, married , 16S3, 

fiannah Stanley, daughter of Stan', of Hartford, from England. 

Third Generation, Hannah Pitkin, born March 30, 1684, married John 

Fijth Generation, Joseph Bidzcell, M. D., born , 1709, married , 

1748, Hannah Rockwell. Residence, East Hartford, Couu. He died, 1793. 
She died , 1S06. 

Sixth Generation, Rodolphus Bidu'elt, boru September 26, 1755, married 
November 4, 177S, Mary Spragnc. Residence, East Hartford. He died 
May 23, 1840. She died July 19. 1793. 

Seventh Getieration, Solomon Bidzcell, born June 23, 17S4, married , 

1808, Caroline Lyman, Residence, Coventrj-, Conn. He died October 31, 
1858. She died February 14, 1866. 

Eighth Generation, Xathan Didwell, born I')ccember 27, 1825, married 
Sarah Maria Porter. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C9.i.'i. Charles P. Bidwell, born June 14, 1851, married Lydia H. Allen. 
r,!r)4. Lyman Bidwell, bora 1S53. 

[5BB1.] Oliver R. Kingshnrw son of Oliver A'inj^stnrj' 
(3929) and Cynthia Wing, married April 26, 1S2S, Susan Palter- 
son. He was a graduate of Andovcr Theological Seniinar>'. 

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i)i:sci:xi)ANVS of joiin rouTi:^. 

Tlioir chiUIrLii wore [In. Ini; of llic iiintli ^^enLralioii :] 
C*J55. Oliver A. Kiuysbury, born Aug. 2'), i.s v^, maniul Sarali C. SU'phcusoii. 
60o«K Ilowartl Kingsbury born Fcbniary 3, iS.p. luarritMl Sarah II. Thayer. 
COjT. Helen L. Kingsbury, born June 25, 1S46. 
69oS. George P. Kingsbury, born June 3, 1^49. 

[6BS3.] Diana A'hiQsdnrj', daughter of JTan/ Kingsbury 
(3931) ^wA Irene Avery, married April 19, 1S3S, Ma flhtw Allen, 
of Willington, Ohio.' 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
6059. Dwight Allen, born January 20-, 1^39. 

61)0(). Milton Allen, born December 19, 1843, killed in war of Rebellion. 
C%1. Alice Allen, born January 29, 1S45, uiarried J. T. OgJcu. 
00(52. Diana .Mien, boru May 23, 1847, married Ku-^ene Snrfth. 
Cto. Ruth Allen, boru July 4, 1S49, married Hiram O. Tuttle. 

[SBB4i] Ebenecer Kingsbury, son of lizard Kingsbury (^g;^i) 
and Irene Avery, married November 2, 1S46, Clyniena Hitchcock : 
lived in Pittsfield, Ohio. A soldier of the Union, and was killed 
in battle of Lookout Mountain, November 23, 1S63. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
C904. Sarah C. Kingsbury, born December 9, 1847, married Isaac H. Ball. 
G0G5. George G. Kiugsbur>-, boru Oct. 24, 1849, died in Kansas unmarried. 
C90t). Ward M. Kingsbur>', born January 25, 1S52, married Myra Norton. 
Gi>C7. Ralph \V. Kingsbury, born February 13, 1854, married Emma Warren. 
Ci)l>8. Lewis F. Kiugsburj', born January 19, 1856. 
GOGO. Clarence A. KingsLmry, boru April 2, 1S5S. 
61)70. Newtou E. Kiugsbur>', born July 2, 1861. 

[6 BBS.] Marcus Lillie, son of /;vz Lillie, and Persis Kings- 
bury, (3932) married May 24, 1836, Eunice Porter, (3968.) She 
died March 28, 1857. Residence, Coventr)-, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
ftJ»7L Oeurge S. Lillie, bom September 19, 1S37, died in the army. 
GS>72. Frederick I,. I.illie, boru July 15, 1S46, married Laura L. Kello^';^. 

[eS7£ ] Harlan M. Page, son of Harlan Page, and Mary 
Kingsbury, (3934) married January i, 1866, Sarah Turner, of 
Utica, N. Y. He was editor of a newspaper in Madison. Wis. 

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Di:sci:Ni»ANTt> OF JOHN rourr.K. 779 

Their chiKlrcn wciv [boini; of the uinlh gciicralioii :] 
0t»r^l Josic K. Page, born Sopieinhcr ii, kS6S. 
i?J7l. Harlan K. Page, born January i6, 1S74. 

[eB7B.] WiUi'am Ward Wight, son oi Dauid If V and 
fioxaii7ia Khigsburv, (3935) married July 14, IVS44, Lydia A. 
Van Akcn. 

[J.oiES Van Akkn, bora in Pike county, Pa., 1740, a descendant of Jan 

CosTKR Van Aackkn, of Albany, N. Y., from Holland, married , 176S, 

U Sussex county, N. J., Eltzabvifi yan /icusc/ioicn. 

Sixond Generation^ John Van Aken^ born , 176S, married , 17S3, 

Margaret irest/ail, boru March 11, 1770, daughter of Simon H'est/att; 
settled in Seneca county, K. V. 

TAird Generation, Simon I'an ^Ifcen, bora December 11, 17S9, married 
November 17, 1823, Lydia Potxcin. 

(John Potwin, (or Poitevin) a Huguenot, came to Roston, Mass. 

Second Generation, John Potwin, born , 169S, married April 20, 

1721, i\fiiry Jaclcson. Residence, Hartford, Conn. 

Third Generation^ Rev. Thomas Po/uin, born October 3, 1731. Yale 
College, 1751; minister at Eost Windsor, Conn.; married June 30, 1754, 
Abigaii Moseley, 

( John ^I audusle v, came from England with wife Cieley, to Dorchester, 
Mass., 1639. 

Second Generation, Thomas Mosetey, born in England, married October 
a8, 1658, ^fary Lawrence, daughter of Thomas Lawrence, of Hingham, 
Mass., from England. 

Third Generation, Ebenezer Mosetey, bora September 4, 1673, married 
Hannah Weeks, daughter of Ammiel Weeks, of Dorchester, from England. 

Fou^ih Generation, Rev. Samuel Mosetey, born August 15, X70S; Ilar- 
irard College, 1729; minister at Hampton, Conn.; married July 4, 1734, 
Bethiah Otis. 

(John Otis, from Glastonbury, England, with wife Margaret, to Hing- 
ham, l^Iass., 1635. 

Second Generation, John Otis, bora in England, married , 1653, 

Mary Jacobs, daughter of Nicholas Jacobs, of Hingham, Mass., from 

Third Generation, Joseph Otis, born June 3, 1666, married November 
20, 16SS, Dorothy Thomas, bora November 6, 1670, daughter of Xathaniet 
Thomas, of Marsh field, Mass., who married January 19, 1664, Deborah 
Jacobs, daughter of Nicholas Jacohs. 

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Fouith ii\nt'iti:iou, I't'thuih (V.'\, bom NdvcuiIkt -vj, i;i\;, iiiairicvl Rev. 
Savttu'l M.^sclcy, 

Fifth Ccncraticn, Abigail Mosr/iy, horn , 1736, married Rev. 

Thomas PotiK'iu. 

Fou}th Caicratiuu, V'fiomas Potwin^ horn Ociobcr iS, 1756, niarricil 
Martfia Stilt s^ ilauv;liter o( Isaac S/i/iS, of Windsor, Conn. 

Fi/t/i Cincraiuyn, Lydia Fctwin^ boru November 9, 179?, married , 

Simon Van Akcn. 

Sixth Genera! ion, Lydia Van Akcn^ !)oru . iiiarric«l W, IV. IVi^hi. 

Residence, Troy, N. Y. lie died , 1S6S. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
G97o. Daniel P. Wight, lx)rn Au^jiisl 16, 1S46. 

r»97i». William W. Wight, born Jan. 14, 1S49, married T. W. Cbam)>erlnin. 
G!i77. Clara t:. Wight, born October 19, 1S52. 
«U»7S. Arthur M. Wight, born April 26, 1S60. 

[5B77.] Rev. Joseph K. Wi^ht, son of Daniel Wight anfl 
Roxana Kingsbury, {3935 ;) graduate WiUiam.s College and 
Princeton Theological Seminary; missionary in China, 1S49 to 
1853. He nianicd August 16. 1S48, Eii::a jV. Van Dyke, 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

CU70. Klizabetb L. Wight, born August 4, 1S49. 

CDSO. Frances E. Wight, born Septeml>er 3, 1S50. 

GDiJl. Alice M. Wight, boru October 7, 1S51. 

{:A)^'1. Hnmia Wight, bom November 11, 1S52. 

k^M^V Anna I. Wight, bom October 13, 1S53. 

f.fKS4. CaroC. Wight, born June 11, 1S55. 

CDS-'). Joseph A. Wight, born June 7, 1S5S. 

<;i)S»>. Calvin Wight, ( , ^ . , . ) 

{ born Sepicmber 8, 1S61. ' 

Gti.S7. Luther \\ ight, ( ) 

W'^y, Margaret Wight, boru Xovembcr 22, 1S63. 

G'jyj. Mary S. Wight, born June I. 1S66. 

GiiOl). Jessie K. Wight, boru November 12, 1S67. 

G901. Kdward V. Wight, born M.'iv 13, 1S69. 

Vt^Xl. Julia C. Wi^ht, bom Febmary 14, 1S72. 

[5B7E.] /' Mather V//.;/./, .son of Da?ttW Wight and 
Roxana A'inj;sd:try^ (3935) niarricil in Baltimore, Md., Febniar\- 
9, 1S69, Mary Virginia Ball. RL.sidence, Baltimore. 

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X >7^', <;■,•;,. /.-■>:■.■.■ .■•;>. T:.. ^' ' 

9 • r 

^" ^ 

^ . 

b'' , -^^ -'.••. v-VVVT 


/if < i\'vU-«' ' ^-^ 

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Tlicir only child (.being of the ninth geuci ation :] 
FiF<J. Mao* 1>^11 ^Vij^ht, born December i8, 1SS3. 

[5BBD.] Addisoft L. Tracy, son oi Shfio)! Tracy d^wA Ruth 
; AV".^^^^''7» (393'^) married J aniinn* i. 1S45, Lau>\i II:tnf. 

[Jonathan Hun'T, from Kngland to Xonhamptoa, ^Ia>s., married Sep- 
loober 3, 1662, Clcmencc Hosvicr^ dauglitcr of Thomas IIosmtji, from 
- Cogtaiid to Cambridge, Mass., 1632, who removed to Hartford, Conn., and 
ilea April 12, 16S7. 

Second GcHt'ration, Ebcnezcr Hunt, bom February 6, 1675, married aiay 
J7, 1698, Hannah Clark, 

(WiLUAM Clark, from England, with wife Sarah, Dorchester, 1636; 
Korth&mptou, Mass., 1659; heutcnant in King Philip's war; representative; 
died July iS, 1690, aged eighty-one. 

Second GcfU^ration, U^Uiiam Clark, born July 3, 1656, married July 15, 
1680, Hannah Strong, daughter of Elder John Strong, from KiigLuul. 

Tltird Ceucralhn, Hannah Clark, bom May 5, i63i, uiarried Ebcnezcr 

Third Generation, William Hunt, born October 12, 1705, married, 1734, " 
Sarah Lyman. 

(Richard Lvman, from England. 

Second Generation, Richard Lyman, born in Ktigland, married Hepzibah 

Third Generation, Richard Lyman, born 1647, married Elizabeth Coles, 
daughter of John Colss, (or Cov.-les) of Hatfield, ^lass., from England. 

Foutih Generation, Jonathan Lyman, born 16S4, married 1707, Lydia 

(Joseph Loomxs, from England. 

Second Generation, John Loomis, born in England, married February — , 
1649, Elizabeth Scott, bom in England, daughter of Thomas Scott, of Hart- 
ford, from England. 

Third Generation, Daniel Loomts, bom June 16, 1657, married Decem- 
ber 23, 16S0, Mary Ellsworth, daughter ot Josiah Ellszcorth, of Windsor. 

Fourth Generation, Lydia Loom is, born October 21, 1693, married 17 12, 
Jonathan Lyman. 

Fifth Ge»u'ration, Sarah Lyman, bora January 24, 17 13, married William 

Fourth Generation, Eidad Hunt, bom October 21, 1742, married Huldah 
Benton, bom July 15, 1751, daughter of Timothy Benton, of Tolland, Conn, 
who married June 29, 1738, Abij^ail ScolL 

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(Wii.i.iAM Scurr, vt' IhaticKl, Mas.s., ui.irrioil January 2S. 1670. iiaun.xli 
Al'is^ (laugliter of Wiij.iam, from Kr./l.\n«l lo Hailley, Mn^vs., who 
niarricil Mary Uronson, daughter of JOiix r.uoNSOX, of Ilurlford, Couii., 
from Kii^laiul. 

Second Gcncraiiofi^ Joseph Scott ^ bom March 21, 16S2, uiarrLcd February 
15, 1707, Lydia Leonard^ daughter oi John Leonard^ of Springfield, Mass. 

Third CcneralioHf Abiiiuil Scot/, born 1715, married Tiinotny Benton. 

Fourth Generation, Ituldah Benton, boni July 15, 1751, married Eidad 
Hunt. Rtsidcuce, Tolland, Coun. 

Fifth Generaiion, Flavet Hunt, born September 10, 17S7, married 1S19, 
Pamcta Chesebrough. 

Eighth Generation, Laura Hnnt^ born April iS, 1S20, married A. L. 
Tracy, Residence, Vernon, Couu. She died 1S46. He married (second 
wife) Anne Loiiee Chester, daughter of »Vt»r/;z/«i Chester, of Kllingiou, Conn. 
Residence, Rockville, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
GlK)4. Theodore II. Tracy, born May 10, 1S46, married Joanna Tierce. 
Gi)0.3. Mary R. Tracy, born June 6, 1S49, died uii married. 
6090. Frederick K. Tracy, born September 3, 1S52, married iMary K. Rogers. 

[5BB1J Lois Abby Tracy ^ daughter of Simon Tracy and Ruth 
Kingsbury^ (3936) married August 24, 1S42, Eli Grijjith, of El- 
lington, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
G007. Alouzo T. GrifEtb, boru August 12, 1S43, married Hlleu Walker. 
Ci'OS. Ruth I4. Griffith, born January' 10, 1S46, marrieil Charles E. Sheldon. 
GiiOO. George F. Griffith, boru May 29, 1S4S, married Ellen L. Stevens. 
70<J0. Ellen M. Griffith, boru August 5, 1850, married Daniel Symonds. 
7Ci01. Emma L. Griffith, boru May 31, 1S57, married Isaac C. Alden. 

[S7DB.] D-ULjghi Ddevan Siebbins, M. D., son of Nehcmiah 
Stebbins and Emily White^ (394^) married August — , 1834, Mcir- 
tha Frances Strongs born August 6, 1S37, daughter of Nelson 
Strang, of Ann Arbor, Mich., who married in Pitt.^field, Mass., 
June 29, 1S30, Lxicy \V, Russell, daughter of Solomon Russell, of 
of Chesterfield, Mass. He was bora in Pittsfield. Mass., May 9, 
1800, son oi Henry King SlroKg and Hannah Noble ^ a descendant 
of Elder John Strong, from England. 

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D. D. Stcbbius was a surgeou in war of rebellion, and died at 
Cairo, 111., July ii» 1862. 

[Their only child was [being of the ninth generation :] 
7O1C, Emily D. Stcbbius, boni October 4, 1S61. 

[6708.] Perry Erie Tuttlc, son of Denis Tuttlc and Laura 
Porter^ (3950) married May 26, 1841, Julia A, Crane ^ daughter of 
Curtis Crane, of East Windsor, Conn. Residence, Terre Haute. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
7003. Nellie F. Tuttle, born April 10. 1S42. 
TOW. Harriett F. Tutllc, born October 25, 1S44, married F. S. Myers. 

7005. Millie M. Tuttle, born November 7, 1S51, married W. R. Rippelto. 

7006. Zer\-iah K. Tuttle, boru July 10, 1S56. 

7007. Martha \V. Tuttle, bom February 23, 1S60. 

[5711.] Charlotte Tuttle, daughter of />^:«/5 Tuttle qx\A Laura 
Porter, (3950) married March 31, 1S56, Alexander White. He 

died . She married (second husband) Septcmljer 10, 1850, 

William J, Eliot, of Indianapolis, Ind. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

7008. Frederick T. White, born December 26, 1S44. 

7009. Julia Eliot, born 1851. 

[5BB2i] Ulysses S. Grant, son of /esse R. Grant (4147) and 
Hannah Simpson, married August — , 1848, Julia B. Dent, 
daughter oi Frederick Dent, of St. Louis, Mo., and Elleji Wren- 
shall, U. S. Grant graduate of Militar>' Academy, West Point. 
1843 ; brevet second lieutenant of infantry ; was with fourth 
infantry with Genl. Taylor in Mexican war, on the Rio Grande, 
1846, battles of Palo Alto, Resaca-de-la-Paluia and Monterey, 
when the regiment was sent to re-inforce Genl. Scott in the val- 
ley of Mexico; battles of MoHno-del-Rey, Chepultepec, city of 
Mexico, &c.; brevetted captain; resigned in 1S54, and settled in 
St. Louis, Mo. 

At the beginning of the civil war, he became colonel of twenty- 
first Illinois volunteers; brigadier-general August i, 1861, cam- 
paign iu Tennessee, Fort Donald:iOU, &c.; major-general, battles 
of Corinth, Shiloh, Vick.sburg, Chattanoo;^a ; lieutenant-general, 

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buttles of the Wililcnicss, Si>oltsylvaiii:i. North Anna. Cold Har- 
bor, .siei;e of RiohmonJ, Five Porks, ^:c.: president of the United 
States iS6S to 1876. He died at Mount McGregor, near Saratoga, 
July 23, 1SS5. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

7010. Frederick D. Grant, born May 30, iSy\ married Ida M. Honord. 

7011. Ulysses S. Grant, Jr., born July 22, 1S5?, iii.irried Fanny J. ChalTee. 

7012. Ellen W. Grant, bora July 4, 1S55, marricil A. C. F. Sartoris. 

7013. Jesse R, Grant, born February 6, 1S5S, married Lizzie Chapman. 

[E315t'\ Jonas Phillips P/uvnix\ sou oi Daniel Plurnix and 
Afina Phillipps, (4252) married Mary Whitney, daughter of 
Stephen IFhitney oi ^0, i, Bowling Green, New York city. 

J. P. Phoinix lived at No. iS, State street. Alderman, 1S30 to 
183S; member of Congress, 1S42 to 1S4S, and died May i, 1S59. 
Mrs. Mar>' Phcenix died April 15, 1876. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

7014. Mary C. Phienix, born February 27, 1S32, married Geo. H. Warren. 
7OI0. Philips Ph(Enix, born March 23, 1S34. 

7010. Harriett \V. Phcenix, born October 5, 1S35, married Isaac Bronson. 

7017. Anne L. Phcenix, borii September 23, 1S37, died in youth, 

7018. Stephen \V. Phoenix, born May 25, 1S39 ; Columbian College, 1S59. 
7010. Lloyd Phoenix, bom October 17, 1S41. 

[SS34i] IVilliam Pa*ier Adams, son of William Adams and 
Jerusha A. Strong, (4261) married Aug. 30, 17S0, Lora Brainard. 

[Daniel Braixard came from England to HadJam, Conn., married, 
\^l, Hannah Spencer, daughter ofjARED Spencer, of Haddam, from 

Second Generation, Elijah Brainard, bom , 1667, married Septem- 
ber 6, 1699, Mary Bushnett, 

(Richard Busuxell came from England to Saybrock, Conn., married 
October II, 164S, Mary Marvyn, daughter of ^Iatthew :klAR\'YX, of Hart- 
ford, Couu.. from England. 

Second Generation^ Joseph Bushnell, born May — , 1651, married No- 
vember 2S. 1673, Maty Li-Jfinj^i^'cll, born December 10, 1654, daughter of 
Thomas Leffixcwell, of Saybrook, from luiijland. 

Third Generation, Mary Bushneli^ bom March 10, 1675, uiarried Elijah 

Digitized by 


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Third CcfUtaiion^ Elijxili Ihainaid^ boru ScpUinlior 22, !;»»'', iii.inicvl 
^pril 4, 1732, Phcbc r>aili\\ dauj^hUT of /Av/y.n;//// /*ai:\'\\ of ILulilam. 

Fourth Cciwration^ Prosper BrainarJ^ born January 3, 1737, married 
[November 5, 1767, Mary HaiUy, 

Fifth Genera 1 10 fi^ Asa IJrainarJ^ bora Febniary 25, 1771, married , 

[1792, Elisabeth IVelch, 

Sixth Ceficratiou, Asa Braiftard^ born , 1819, married March 15, 

[ 1S46, Susan E. Bit el I. 

(WiLWAM Blell, from England. 

Second Generation^ Samuel Bueli, marricil Deborah Griswold, 

Third Generation, li^iiliam Buell^ boru , 1676, married Elizabeth 


Fourth Generation, Timothy Bucll, boru October 2, 17 11, married Janu- 
try2o, 1730, Hannah Bradford, 

(Wil«LiAM Bradford came from Kuglaud, to Plymouth, Mass.; gover- 
nor, &c. 

Second Generation, Joseph Bradford, bom in England, married May 25, 
1664, Jaci Hobart, 

(Edmund IIoi:art, from England, to Plingham, Mass., 1633. 

Second Generation, Rev. Peter Hobart, born iu England ; graduate of 
Magdalen College; A. M., 1629; was minister at Haverhill, England; came 
to Hingham, Mass., 1635, minister there. Died , 1679. 

Third Generation, Jaci Hobart, born December, 1643, married Joseph 

Third Generation, Joseph Bradford, born April iS, 1665, married Octo- 
ber 5, 169S, Anne Fitch, bom April, 1675, daughter of Rev. James Fitch, 
of Norwich, Conn., from England, who married October — , 1664, Priseilla 
Mason, daughter of Capt. JOHX Mason. 

Fourth Generation, Hannah Bradford, born May 24, 1709, married 
Timothy Buell, of Lebanon « Conn. 

Fifth Generation, Joseph Buell, born May 29, 1749, married , 177a, 

Hope Loveland. 

Sixth Generation, Joseph Buell, bora July 14, 1775. married November 
4. 1795; Mary Carrier. 

Seventh Generation, David C, Buell, born December 7, 1803, married 
Mary O. Day. 

Eighth Gcfieration, Susan E. Buell, bora Januar>' 11, 1S30, married Asa 

Ninth Generation, Lora Brainard, boru December 10, 1830, married 
William P. Adams. 

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Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
7020. Henry P. A Jams, bora April iS, JS72. 
7<)21. William E. Adams, boru September 12, 1S75. 

7022. Susan M. Adams, born April 2S, 1S77. 

[BDID.] Rev. BurdctU Hari, son of Norman Hart and 
Minerva Lee, (4390); graduate Yale College, 1S42 ; minister at 
Fair Haven, Conn., and Philadelphia, Pa., married August 21, 
1849, Rebecca W. Fiske, daughter of Daniel Fiske, of Shelbunie, 
Mas.s., and Laura Severance, 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7023. Anhm: B. Hart, born September 5, 1S52. 

7024. Mary A. Hart, boni May 30, 1S55. 

7025. Miner\*ah A. Hart, born November 9, 1S57. 

[BDll.] Norman Lee Hart ^ son oi Norman Hart and J/inerza 
Lee, (4390) married December 6, 1854, Laiinia J/. A^liogg, born 
June 24, 1S24, daughter of M, A, Keiiogg, of Avon, Conn., and 
Marilla Cooley, Nonnan L. Hart was a merchant in Philadelphia. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7026. Marilla M. Hart, boru January 31, 1S5S. 

7027. Normau E. Hart, born January 3, 1S61. 

[B1D4.] Helen F. Htmtington, daughter of Charles P. Hunt- 
ington (4554) and Heleji S. Mills, married , 1858. Josiah P. 


[Edmund Quixcv, son of Edmund Quincy, of Wigihorpe, Xorthampton- 
thire, England, came with ivife Judith^ to Boston, Mass., September 4, 
1633 ; representative, 163.1 ; removed to Braintree, and died , 1635. 

Second Generation, Edmund Quincy^ born in England, married (second 
mifc) December — , 16S0, E/izadei/i Gookin^ born March 14, 1645, daughter 
of Daniel Gookin, from England, to Virginia, 1630, who removed to Bos- 
ton, 1644, with wife Mary ; was major-general, and died March 19, 16S7. 
Edmund Quiticy was representative, 1672 to 1692. Died January 7, 169S. 
Mrs: Klizabeth Quincy died November 30, 1700. 

Third Generation, Edmund Quincy^ born October 21, 16S1 ; Harvard 
College, 1699; judge of Supreme Court of Massachusetts ; agent at court of 
St. James, married Dorothy Flyni. 

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(Rev. llHNRV 1-l.VNT ciiiiio iTijiu Mallovk, lVih\ shire, ICniihuul. to IUk- 

llOO, Mass., , 1635. :narricil , 1640; .V.r;;ytv:r, blsu-r of Rev. I.i:ONAUD 

[lloAR, from Huglaml; prcsiileiii of IlarwirJ Collci^e. Ilcnry Flynl was 
iKiUiUterat Brainirec, Mass., and died April 27, iCbS. Mrs. Margery Flynl 
I died March 10, iCvS;. 

Second Canration, Joiiah Fiynt^ born August 24, 1645 ; Har\ard Col- 
lege, 1664; oiiuister at Dorchester, Mass., married January 24, 1672, Esther 
WilU'ily danghier of Thomas Willktt, from Lcydeu. Uollaud, to Plymouth, 
Mass., who married July 6, 1636, Maty Dfvwn, daughter of Jons Brown, 
from Le3*dea, to Plymouth, Mass.; Duxhury, ^lass.; as.sist:mt, 165 1 to 1664. 
Thomas Willett removed to New York, aud was the first mayor of that city 
under the Knglish rule. He died at Swanzey. R. I., May 4, 1674. Rev. 
Josiah Flyut died September 16, 16S0. 

Third Generation^ Dorothy Ftynt, boru , 1677-78, married Edmund 

Quincy. lie died in Loudon, England, February 23, 173S. Mrs. Dorothy 
Quiucy died August 29. 1737. 

Fourth Generation, Josiah Quiney, bom , 1709 ; Harvard College, 

1728; married Jauuary 11, 1733, Hannah Stur^es, daughter oi John Stur^ 
ges^ of Yarmouth, Mass. 

Fijth Generation, Josiah Quincy^ bom Februarj* 23, 1744, married Octo- 
ber — , 1769, Abigail Phitlipps, 

(Gkorce Piiillipps came from England in ship " Arbella,'' in the fleet 
with Winthrop, 1630. He was bora at Reyuham-St-Martins, county of Nor- 
folk, Eugland , 1593 ; graduate of Cains College, Cambridge, England ; 

A. B., 1613; A. M., 1617; minister at Boxted, county Suffolk, England, and 
Watertowu, Mass. Died July i, 1644. 

Second Generation^ Samuel Phitlipps ^ born in Eugland, 1625 ; Har\'ard 
College, 1651 ; ordained, 1652 ; colleague of Rev. Ezekicl Rogers at Rowley, 
Mass. He married October — , 1653, Sarah Appleton, born, 1627, daughter 
of Samuel Appletox, who came with wife Mary, (Everard) from England, 
to Ips\rlcb, Mass., and died 1670. Samuel Phillipps died April 22, 1696. 

Third Generation^ Samuel Pfiillipps, born March 23, 1658, married May 
26, 1687, Ma}y Emerson, 

(TiiOMAS Emerson came from England with wife Elizabeth, to Ipswich, 
Mass., 1639. He died May i, 1666. 

Second Generation, John Emerson, born in England ; graduate of Har- 
vard College, 1656; ordained minister , 1663; tiuirried , 1666, Ruth 

Symonds, daughter of Gov. Samuel SymoM.-;, \vl»\) cdtnc from Yeldham, 
county Es.'iex, England, 1637, to Ipswich, Mass., and m.irried Dorothy Har- 

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/akc'nift-M, sister of RoiitT Ilarl.ikcuilcii, of K.irlos-Colnc, couuty Ksscx, ling- 
land. John I{incxson wns ininiiler at Glouccilcr, Ma^i. 

TfiirJ CtHcrxttiony Miry ILvurscfi, born ^laich 7, 1S65, luarrrieil , 

Samuel P!::i!if*»^, He was a goMsmiih in HostiK!. Mass. 

Fourth Cencraiion^ Rev. Sanmt;! /V:i7iiJ>f>s, boru Fcbruan- 25, 1690; 
Harvard College, 170S; miuister at Audover, Ma&s., 1711 to 177 1, where he 
died, January 5. He married //a«//7Q White. 

(WiLUAM WiiiTK came from England, 1634, to Ipswich, AL^ss.; removed 
to Haverhill, Mass., and died , 1690, aged eighty years. 

Second Ct'Hcnition^ John White, boru , 164S-49, married HaKtiah 

French, d.iughler of Edwakd French, and wife .-I/i/ic, of Ipswicli, from 

nirct Generation, Hannah Whitc^ born , married Rev. Simuel 

Phillipps, He died June 5, 1771. 

Fifth Generation, WitHatn Phillipps, boni June 25, 1722, married , 

Abiy^ail Prom field, 

(liDWARD B:iOMrn:r.n, born in Hampshire, ICir^land, January lo, i6.;S-9, 
son of Henry Bromfield and Vranccs Kompc ; c*».i«e to New Kugland, 1675 ; 
representative; married June 4, 16S3. Mary Da t: forth, 

(Nicholas DAXFORrn came from Framling'aam, county Suffolk, Eng- 
land, to Cambridge, Mass., 1634. His wife Elizabeth had died , 1629. 

He died , 163S. 

Second Generation, Samuel Danforth, boru in England, Septeuiber — , 
1626 ; Har%'ard College, 1643 ; ordained colleague of Rev. John Eliot at 
Roxbur>*, September 24, 1650, married November 5, 1651, Mary Wilson, 
boni September — , 1633, daughter of Rev. John Wii^on. Samuel Dan- 
forth died November 19, 1674. 

Third Generation^ Mary Danforth, bom March 13, 1663, married , 

Edward Bromfield, He died , 1734, and his wife died the same year. 

Fourth Generation, Abigail Bromfdd, borj .Aj^ril iS, 172S, married 
William Phillipps, He died in Boston, Jauuar>' 15. i3o4. 

Fifth Generation, Abigail Phillipps, bom , 1744, married Josiah 

Quincy. He died on the voyage from England, .Vpril 26, 1775. She died 
May 25, 1798. 

Sixth Generation, Josiiih Quiucy, torn February 4, 1772 ; Har.ard Col- 
lege, 1790; married June 6, 1797, Eliza S. Mcrton, daughter oi John 
^ for ton. 

Seventh Generation, Josiah Quif:cy, bom Januar\- 6, 1802; Harvard Col- 
lege, 1824 ; mayor of Boston ; married December — , 1S27, Maty J. daughter 
oi Samuel P. Milter, 

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Eighth iUtutKiiion^ Josiah J\ i}//ifitj\ born November — , I5>29, tnarried 
Helen /•". JlunfiJij^toJi, 

Their cliihlrcn were [lx?ing of the ninth generation :] 
70*28. Joseph II. Qiiincy, born October 15, 1S59. 
702*i>. Helen F. Qiiincy, born September 6, 1S61. 

[B112.] Elizabeth Phelps Fisher, daughter of George Fishc» 
zxiA Elizabeth P, IInntiu\;ton, (4555) married December 24, 1S51, 
John Sessions, lawyer, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7030. Elizabeth H. Sessions, born June 30, 1S53. 

7031. Clara F. Sessions, born September 16, 1S54. 

7032. Addie B. Sessions, born December 23, 1856. 

7033. Grace M. Sessions, born July 6, XS5S. 

7034. Archie W. Sessions, born January 13, 1S60. 

[BllSi] George Huntington Fisher, son of George Fisher and 
Elizabeth P, Huntington, (4555) married December 25. 1857, 
Emma Chichester. Lawyer in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation :] 
703). George C. Fisher, born September 24, 1S5S. 

[B117i] Eduard Thornton Fishtr, sou of George Fisher and 
Elizabeth P. Huntington, (4555) married June 30, 1S69, Ellen 
Bowditeh Thayer, Professor in Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, 
New York. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
703<5. Faith H. Fisher, born September 9, 1S70. 

7037. Henry T. Fisher, born November 27, 1S72. Died September 29, 1S74. 
70:ii>. Edward 11. Fisher, born September 27, 1S75. Died June 29, 1878. 
7030. Richard T. Fisher, born November 9, 1876. 

[BIBD.] A7Uie Neale Cleveland, daughter of Richard F. 
Cleveland (45S0) and Anne Neale^ married March 9, 1S53, Euro- 
ias P, Hastings, 

[Thomas Hastings came from Hugtatid, 1634, to Watcrtowu, Mass. 
He married April — , 4651, Margaret Cheney, dauj»htcr of Jonx Cheney, 
of Watertown, from England. 

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Si'COfiJ Uifurdtiott^ 'fJuvnas Jfastin-^St born July i, 1652, married Octo- 
ber 10, 1672, .htfia //i/a Vi.>, daughter of Jonx IIawkks, of Windsor, Conn., 
from Ku Inland. 

ThirJ Gt'neraiion, Thou:as Ilasiifij^^St 31. D., born Scptoiuber 24, 1679, 
Diarried March 6, 1701, Mixry Fie! J, daughter o( J.\f:fi Ficlf^ and Mary 
EdzcarJs, dauijhter of ALKXANnKK Kdwards, of Hatfield, Mass. 

FourU: Generation ^ HopcsiiH I/asiint^s^ boru April 13, 17 iS, married, 
174 1-2, LyJia Fraty, daui^htcr o( Isaac Frary, of Hatfield, and LyJia Par- 
sons, d«iughter of y^/ViZ/Z/d// Parsons^ of Xorthanipioii, Mass. 

FijVi Ocfia'ation, Perez //as/injrs, born December 23, 1754, married 
October 31. 17S7, EHzabeth Uyn'te^ born Tebruary 5, 1766, daughter o( Sa/- 
ffion ir/iifc, of Hatfield, and Mary U'aiU, 

Sixth Generation^ Eurotas Hastin^s^ born May 15, 1790, married Ez'oe 

(Wlu.tAM Arms, (probably Ormc) came from one of the islands in the 

English channel, to Hadley, Mass., where he married , 1077, Joanna 

I/auXes, sister of Anna, who married Thomas Hastings. 

Second Gene raiioii, Daniel Ann s^honx 16S6, marrie.l, 17 16, Esf/ierSmeaif. 

Third Generation^ Ebeuczer Anns, boru January* 29, 1721, married Janu- 
ary 25, 1747, Elizabeth Allen. 

Fourth Generation^ Ebcnczcr Anns, born April — , 1760, married Mary 
White, born Jan. 34, 1764, sister of Elizabeth, who married Perez Hastings. 

Fifth Generation, Eioc Anns, bom June 21. 1794, married En rotas 
Hastings, He was a banker in Buffalo, N. Y., and died May 22, 1S53. 

Seventh Generation, Eurotas P. Hastings, bom , married March 

i» >853, Anne A'. Cleveland. Banker in Buffalo. 

Their childreu were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7040. Richard C. Hastings, bora March 27, 1S34. 

7041. Mary L. Hastings, bora January 14, 1S36. 

[B177.] David L. D, Huntington, son oi Joseph C Hunt- 
ington diwA Julia S. Dodge, (45S6) married Februan" 3, 1847, ^^ 
Norwich, Conn., Martha Van Dresser. He is a merchant in 
New York City. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
70-12. Julia W. Huntington, boru November 14, 1S47. 

7043. Lucia C. Huntington, born January 16, 1850. 

7044. Joseph C. Huntington, born March 6, 1S53. 
i04'>. Stephen V. D. Huntington, boru April 22, 1S55. 

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ni:scKNnANTs ov joiix pouthk. 


[B17B.] Gioroc F, Htnitington, son ol Josiph C //inif/?ij^' 
ton and Jif/ia S. DoJi^e, (45S6) man-iod iv^44, Flora, daughter 
o[ JiDfics C/i'/iu/i/, of New York City. Residence, Portage City, 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7040. Elida Ilimliiigtoii, born October 19, 1S45. 

7047. Frederick V. niuiiingiou, boru May 4, 1S48. 

[BITS.] Lucj' Coii Huntington, daughter ol Joseph C. Hunt- 
ington and Julta S. Dodge, (45S6) married Stephen L. Magoiin, 
of Hudson, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7048. Mar>' S. Magoun, bora February 14, 1S24. 

7049. Julia P. Magouu, boru February 16, 1829. 

[BlBDi Jjilia Porter Huntington, daughter of Joseph C. 
Huntington and Ju/ia S. Dodge, (45S6) mamed Jauuar>' i, 184S, 
IF. H. Crenelle, of New York City. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7O0O. John S. Crenelle, boru December 29, 1849. 
70.31. William E. Crenelle, born June i, 1852. 

7052. Charles F. Crenelle, bom October 3, 1855. 

7053. Joseph H. Crenelle, bom July S, i86i. 

[5585.] Henry Alfred Porter, son of Henry C Porter (38S6) 
and Sarah C, Dodge ^ (45S7) married September 12, 1850, Lucilla 
Say re, of Plainfield, N. J., a descendant oi Joseph Say re, who 
settled in Elizabeth, N. J., m 1667; son of Thomas Sayre, who 
came from Bedfordshire, England, to Lynu, Mass., 1635, and 
removed in 1641, to Southampton, L. I. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7054. Alfred S. Porter, lx>ra September i, 1852. 

7055. Lucilla C. Porter, born October 7, 1S57. 
70>i. Frederick D. Porter, boru October, 1859. 

[BBBB] John Stuari Porter, son of Henry C Porter (3896) 
and Sarah C Dodge, (4587) married May »» 1S55, Ma^y Louisa 

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Their chiKircii \veie [being of Ihe tenth gciieuitioii :] 

7057. Lullicr II. Porter, bora October 17, 1S57. 

7O0S. William S. Porter, born July 19. 1S59. 

7059 Xormnu \V. Porier, born October 17, 1S61. 

70<X). I-ihth Porter. ) . , 

J- born September 5, 1S67. 
70C1. Lilian Porter. ) y o. ^ 

70G2. Mar>' L. Porter, born July 7, 1S69. 

7003. Clara Porter, bom December 17, 1S73. 

[E5B7.] UWiam Dodge Porter, son of Henry C. Porte} 
(3896) and Sarah C Dodge, (45S7) married May 31, 1S62, AUxene 
MiJ/Iin Coulter, of Baltimore, Md. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7004. William S. Porter, born January 24, 1S66. 
70(>5. Grace C. Porter, born August 20, 1S70. 

[6 SEE.] Sarah /. Porter, danghter of Henry C. Porter 
(3896) and Sarah C, Dodge, (4587) married April 27, 1S59, Reube^i 
S. K^night, of Waterloo, N. Y. He died September 2, 1S62. She 
married (second husband) June 5, 1866, Rev. Spencer Jewell, of 
Kings Ferry. N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
70CC. Henrj* C. Knight, born January 6, 1S61. 
7067. Josephine Jewell, born ]^Iay 30, 1S6S. 
70<>S. Helen L. Jewell, born September 6, 1S71. 
70G9. Mary Jewell, boru May i, 1S74. 

[6297.] Harnett S. Bogne, daughter of Virgil B, Bogue 
and Lucy 71 Williams, (46S2) married Nov. 19, 1865, Charles J. 
Coodspecd, of Elgin, 111. 

Their children were [Ixiing of the tenth generation :] 

7070. Willis F. GooJspeed, boru April i, 1S66. 

7071. Charles D. Goo^lspeed, born April iS, iS63. 

7072. Berth a M. GoodspeeU, born April 19, 1S73. 

[8236.] Mary IV, Boguc, daughter of Virgil B, Bogne and 
Lucy T, Williams, (4682) married October 31, 1S61, Nelson L. 
Dcidrick, of Elgin, III. 

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Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7078. Hariicti K. I^eiilrick, born August 12, 1S64. 

7074. Nicholas J. Deiilrick, born 1S66. 

[B29E1.] /t///t' Clanssc Bo^uc, daughter of Virgil /?. Bogue 
ViXi&LHcy 71 Waiiams, (46S2) married January 7, 1863, Eara M. 
Starr, of Elgin, 111. 

7075. Lucy E. Starr, boru December 15, 1S64. 
7070. Gertrutlc M. Starr, born January 15, 1S67. 

7077. Chester H. Starr, Ijoru December 20, 186S. 

7078. Millard F. Starr, born March 26, 1S71. 

[B3DD.] Eliza IV. Dogue, daughter oi Virgil B, Boguc and 
Lucy T. Ullliams, (46S2) married September 5, 1S66, Edward 
Amadou, Residence, Elgin, 111. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7070. Ralph Amadou, born October i, 1S67. 

7050. Jessie K. AmaJon, boru April 10, 1S70. 

[6304.] Frajicis P. Shepherd, son of Charles L. Shepherd 

and Percy IVilliams, (46S5) married , 1S71, Kate Siarr. 

Their children were being of the tenth generation :] 

7051. Grace P. Shepherd, boru January 22, 1S72. 

7052. Frank S. Shepherd, born August 20, 1S75. 

7053. Jessie K. Shepherd, boru April iS, 1S75. 

[B3DS.] Stella /T. Shepherd, daughter of Charles, L. Shep- 
herd and Percy K. Williams, (46S5) married June 27, 1S72, Charles 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
70^. Bmtna S. Morrison, boru August 2C, 1S73. 
70S5. Edith D. Morrison, boru August i, 1876. 

[8324.] Emeline J Sykes, daughter of Rev. / N, Sykes 
and Caroline S. Anthony, (4695) married June 21, 1S77, John 
Wright, son oi Edward Wright, of Springfield, Ma<s. Residence, 
Agawam, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
70Si;. lid ward S. Wright, boru March 23, 1S7S. 
70S7. John C. Wright, lK>rn May 15, 1S79. 

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[B3«d5f] James Clarence Sy^^es^ son of Rev. /. X, Sykes and 
Caroline S, Anthony, (4695) lUvirrioJ Xovciulx^r 20, 1S73, Kaic J/. 
Dole, of Boston. Rcijidence, Boston, Mass. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
TOSS. Mary A. Sykes, born August 24, 1S74. 
70S1). Henry \V. Sykes, bom November S, 1875. 

[BSSSi] James L, Anthony, son of Chas. /. Anthony (4696) 
and Anna R. Davis, married March 14, 1866, Caroline A. Stoit'ell, 
born SeiUember 11, 1844. daughter o( James Stouell, of Norvvich, 
Conn. Residence, New York City. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7000. GcTaUlitic W. AnOioiiy, born May 36, 1S69. 

7001. Caroline E. Antbou}', born April 22, 1S71, 

7002. James S. Aiilbouy, born July 24, 1S72. 
70*»)3. Alice H. Antbony, born January 2, 1S7S. 

[B 3 51i] Frank Anthony Jackson, son of Cyrns F, Jackson and 
Jessie A'. Anthony, (4702) married June i, 1876, Adelc L. Hoive, 
born in Hudson, N. Y., November 7, 1854, daughter of /<?///* and 
Eugenia A, Hoice, Residence, Woonsocket, R. I. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7004. Vrauk A. Jackson, born February 7, ifi7S, died December 31, 1SS2. 

7005. Hngene B. Jackson, born August 6, iSSo. 
7uyi>. Howard K. Jackson, bom April 30, 1S87. 

[B352i] ^fary Louise Jackson, daughter o( Cynfs F Jackson 
and Jessie K. Anthony, (4702) married October 5, 1875, Andreiv 
SheJ/ielJ Arnold, born in Providence, R. I., August 17, 1S53, sou 
of Andrez.'J. Arnold and Amanda F. Driggs, Residence, Provi- 
dence, R. I, 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation :] 
70U7. SheOleld Arnold, bom June 6, 1S76. 

[B3S3i] /ri5/V Caroline Jackson, daughter of Cyrus F. Jack- 
son and Jessie K. Anthony, (4702) married September 13, 18S2, 
Robert McChristie, born in Hartford, Conn., December 10, 1853, 
sou of Robert McChristie and Cornelia Lillie, He was son of Er- 

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vhtc MiOifistic, horn in Kilmarnock, Dumbartonshire, Scotland, 
1796, and his wife Mary Lo^afi, He came to New England and 
settled in Thompsonville, Conn. ; a manu(-\cturer. 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation :] 
7rtiS. Jessie C. ^IcChrislie, born October 25, 1SS4. 

[B 3 B B .] Caroline P. Bcardslcy, daughter o{ Alon zo G .Beards- 
/r/and Anne P. Porter, (4775) married /t;/^/z Herman Woodruff, 
of Auburn, X. V. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
700*). Anna B. Woo^lruff, boru February 24, 1S75. 

7100. Carlton U. Woodruff, boru January 14, 1S77. 

7101. Ileruiioue Woodruff, born October 2, 1S7S. 

7102. Carrie B. Woodruff, born July 26, iSSo. 
7KKi. Douglas Woo«Iruff, boni January 6, iSS2. 
710-1. Hope Woodruff, boru April 20, iSS;. 

[B3B7.] Wilitani P, Beardslcy, son of Alonzo G. Beardsley 
and Anne P. Porter, (4775) married June 9, 1875, Mary J, Porter, 
daughter of Samuel Quiney Porter,\^-]']<)) of Unionville, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7105. Alice T. Beardsley, born May 5, 1S76. 
710G. Glover Beardsley-, boru August 19, iSSi. 

[B41Bi] Louisa Fredcrika Alexander, daughter of A, L. 
Alexander and Sara A //, Gilbert, (4S08) married /cvrwj'/\ Gilmer, 
He graduated at United States Military Academy, West Point. 
Captain Engineers United States Army. Major-General and Chief- 
Engineer Confederate Army. Residence, Savannah, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7107. Louisa P. Gihucr, born September 3, 1S52. 

7103. Henry H. Gilmer, bom November 7, 1854. 

[B419i] Sarah Gilbert Alexander, daughter of Adam L. 
Alexander and Sarah Gilbert, (4S0S) married November 5, 1S45, 
Alexander R, Laivton. He graduated at United States Military 
Academy, West Point, 1839. General in the Confederate Army, 
Stonewall Jackson*s coq>s. Residence, Savannah, Ga. In 18S6 
to 1 888 United States Minister to Vienna, Au.stria. 

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• Their chiMivii were [boiiijj;: of Ihc temli i^ciK nilion :] 
7U)t». Corinnc F. Lawlon, born Scpiciubcr 23, 1S46, dioJ Janiiarv 24, 1S77. 

7110. Louisa F. I.awtou, born April 11, 1S49, Kiarricd h. K. ^lackall. 

7111. Nora Lawloii, bom May i, 1S55. 

7112. Alexander R. Lawlon, born August 9, 1S5S, marrieil Klla S. Bcck\nlh. 

[B42D.] Harriett Mrginia Alexander, daughter of Adam 
L, Alexander ^wCl Sara/i Gilbert^ (4S0S) married January I2» 1S53, 
Wallaee Cuffimhig, of Savannah and Atlanta, Ga. 

Their children were [being of tlie tentli generation :] 

7113. Sarah O. Cunimiug, born November 9, 1^55, married J. P, S. Houston. 

7114. Mary C. Cuumiing, born September 20, 1S59, died September 23, 1S76. 
711'>. Wallace Cumming, born July 13, 1S63. 

7110. Joseph Cumming, born October 23, 1S65. 

[B421i] Mary Clifford Alexander, daughter of Adam L, 
Alexander and Sarah Gilbert, (4S0S) married December 7, 1S54.. 
George G. Hull, of Atlanta, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7117. Lucy H. Hull, boru March 25, 1S57, married C. J. Baldwin. 

7118. Harriett A. Hull, born Octobers, 1S59. 

[B422i] William Felix Alexander, son of Adam L. Alex- 
ander and Sarah Gilbert, (4S0S) married in Lexington, Ga., Jan- 
uary 9, 1S63, Louisa Toombs, daughter of Robert Toombs, (United 
States Senator) of Georgia. She died March 4, 1865. He married 
(second wife) Lucy Gilmer Grattan, of Richmond, Va. 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation :] 

7119. Elvira F. Alexander, boru July 24, 1869. 

[B423i] Edii'ard Porter Alexaiidcr, son of Adam L. Alex- 
ander and Sarah H, Gilbert, (480S) graduate of United States 
Military Academy, West Point, 1857 ; United States Corps of 
Engineers; Major-General aud Chief of Artiller>', Confederate 
Army ; president of Bank of Georgia, and of Savannah and Mem- 
phis Railroad. He married April 30, 1S60, Bet tic Mason, of King 
George's county, Va. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

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nuscKXiUNTs or joiix rouTUR. 797 

71-0. Pcssie M. Alc^ainler, bom November lu, iboi. 

TJlM. Eihvard P. Alexander, ) 

> born Scpleuibcr 21, 1663. 
7122. Lucy K. Alexander. J ^ .J 

71-3. Marion L. Alexander, boru April i6, 1S65. 

71-4. Adam L. Alexander, born July 14, 1S67. 

71-5. William M. Alexander, boru November 23, 1S68. 

[B424i] Javtes Hillhouse AUxandtr, son of Adam L. Alex- 
ander ^r\d Sarah H, Gilbert, (.^SoS) uiaiTJcd June 25, 1S63. Sarah 
Joyuer Iri'in, daiii^hter oi Isaiah Jac/cson Irvin and his wife Eliza- 
beth Joyncr. Residence, Augusta, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :"| 
712o. Irvin Alexander, boru March 10, iSjG. 
7127. Hugh 11. Alexander, boru December 27, 1S67. 
712.S. Li7.zie Alexander, bom July 2S, 1S69. 

[B42 5.] Charles A iii'iwd Alexander, son of Adam L, Alex- 
ander and Sarah II. Gilbert^ (.jSoS) married , Ida Calhoun, 

daughter of Edicard Calhoun, She died October 23, 1S76. He 
married (second wife) her sister, Rosa C Calhoun, 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7129. Harriett C. Alexander, born January 28, 1866. 

7130. Ida Alexander, boru August 21, iSSi. 

7131. Rosa Alexander, boru January 2S, 1SS6. 

[B423.] Marion Brockett Alexander, daughter of Adam L, 
Alexander and Sarah II. Gilbert, (4808) married Rev. William 
Ellison Boggs, D. D., who was born May 12, 183S, at Ahmed- 
nugger, Bombay, India, son of Rev. George IK B^ggs and his 
wife Isabella, daughter of Robert Ellison. 

Major Rol>ert Ellison was a famous scout in Sumter's brigade 
in the war of the revolution. He, with Col. Haync, was prisoner 
of the Bristish, in the Dr>' Tortugas. Ellison and Boggs were 
both of Scotch- Irish lineage. The paternar ancestor of the Elli- 
sons came in 1702-4, with Rev. Francis McKeimie, oiie of the 
founders of the ** Scotch Presbyterian Church,*' in America, to 
Accomac county, Va. 

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798 i>i:i>ci:M)ANTS or juhn I'Ortmr. 

Kcv. W. )C. Uoggs resided iu Mcinpliis, Teini., Atlanta, Ga. 
and Cohuubia, S. C. 

Tlieir children were [being of the tenth generation : 

7132. Atl.mi A. Hoj^gs, bom September 29, 1S71. 

7133. William 1\. Uogtjs, bom Xuvexuber 14, 1873. Died April i, 1S75. 

7134. Thoir.cs R. Boi; 

7135. Gilbert H. Bogi> 

7136. Marion A. Boggs, boru August 24, 1S77. 

7137. Lucieu H. Boggs, bom January 4, 18S2. 

^'^'^^^ I boru October 2, 1S75. 

[B427i] A/ice Van Veveren Alexander, daughter oi Adam 
Z. Alexander and Sarah //. Gilbert^ (4S0S) married November 
23, 1S70, Alexander C/uies Haskell^ of Columbia, S. C. Judge 
of Supreme Court of South Carolina. 

[ROGKR 1Ia3ICKI,L, with brother William, came froui Knglatid to Glou- 
cester, Mass. ; removed to Salem, ^lass., 1637, aud married ElizaKth Hardy ^ 
daughter of John Hasdv, of Salem, from Ivnglaiul, 1632, with his wife 

Roger Haskell removed to Beverly, Mass., aud died 1667. 

Second Generation^ Mark llaskcll, born , married March 20, 166S, 

Elhabei.h Smith, daughter of Joiix Smith, of Salem, Mass., from England, 
and his \d(t Elizabeth Goodale^ daughter of Ron:vRT Goodai«£ aud wife 
/Catherine, of Salem, from England. Mark Haskell removed to Rochester, 
Mass., about 1695. 

Third Generation, Josiah Haskell, bom 1678, married . 

Fourth Generation, Einathan IFaskell, boru December 25, 1725, mar- 
ried . 

Fifth Generation , Einathan Haskell, born September 4, 1755, in Roches- 
ter, i^Iass. ; went to Charleston, S. C. ; an officer on the staff of Gcu. Robert 
Howe in the war of the revolution. He settled in Charleston and married 
Charlotte Thomson, born iu Amelia, Va., daughter of Col. ini/iam Thom- 
son, of the regiment of Rangers of the "Virginia line,'* in war of revolution. 
This Col. Thomson, born in South Carolina, January 16, 1729, married August 
14, 1755, Eujrcnia Russell, daughter of Major Russeli, of Charleston. 

Sixth Generation^ Charles Thomson Haskell, born March 2, 1S02, mar- 
ried Sophia L, C/uzes, boru July i, XS09, daughter of A u/'^.'rn Chszes and 
his wife ^fary E, Dulles, daughter of /i;it'/// DnlUs, oi Cu'irlcston, S. C. 

(Lniigdon Chevc'S was sou of Ai.kxandjcr CiiicvivS, who came from 
Scotland to South Carolina iu 1760-1, aud married Maty lAin^don, from 

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n ESC i:n HANTS ni' jous j-outkr. 


Woodstock, in (now) Shonan*lo.ih county, Va. l.:in;^'»l<)ii Clievo-i !»oni 
Sipleiiil»er 15. 1776. in al\^ ff«rl, near Nincty-six-, in Soulli C;iro!iii.i, whei'e 
the family li.i'l taken rori]\;e from the I:uU.ins. 

Svi'ifi/fi CiTfttratioti, AU'.vanJtr C. //iisrit!/, boni September 22. 1S39, *Q 
Abbcvi!!?, S. C, married .i/ur /'. >'. .l.\\\\iHiicr. lie was, iu 1SS6, presi- 
dent of C. C. and A. R. R. Residence, Chaiiestou, S. C. 

Their cliiklreu were [being of the tenth geiic-rr.tion :] 
713S. Alexander C. Haskell, born Au^just 15, 1S71. 
713'J. Loui-sa P. Haskell, born July 23. 1S72. 

7140. aiary T. Haskell, born December 11, 1S73, 

7141. Anthony V. Haskell, born Januarj* 27, 1S75. 

7142. Marion A. Haskell, born June 5, 1S76. 

7143. Charles T. Haskell, born April 2S. 1S7S. 

7144. Frcderick?C. Haskell, born December 10, iSSo. 

7145. Adam A, Haskell, born September i, 1SS2. 
7140. Alice V. Y. Haskell, born June 21, iSSj. 
7147. Susannah C. Haskell, born February 16, iS56. 

[5127.] Linn Doyd Porter, .son of Eiijah Porter (3522) and 
Mary Loomis, married SeptemiKir 6, 1874, Mary Moore, He wa.s, 
in 1885, editor of the "Cambridgeport, Mass., Chronicle." 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7I4S. Florence M. Porter, born April 7, 1S75. 

7149. George E. porter, torfl Februarj- ao, 1S79. 

[514 7 •] James //. Porter, son of Anson Porter (3536) and 
Mehi label My gait, married January 11, 1843, Phehe A. Paidleton, 
daughter of \V, C. Pendleton, of Westerly, R. I., a descendant of 
James Pendleton, of Westerly, R. I., who married 1656, Hannah 
Goodeno, bom November 28, 1639, daughter of Kd.muxd Goodexo 
from Wiltshire, England, with wife Anne, to Sudbur>-, Mass., 163S. 

James Pendleton, born in England, was son of P.ryan" Pendle- 
ton, from England to Watertown, Mass., 1634. with wife Eleanor, 
Major in Indian war; removed to Portsmouth, R. I.; died 1680. 

The children of J. H. Porter were [being of the ninth gener- 
ation :] 

7150. Harriett H. Porter, born September if, 1843. 

7151. Cliarlcs A. Porter, born May 12, 1S4S. 

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7l«"»2. Carrie L. Porter, born October 9, 1854. 
71o.'». Miiiuic K. Porter, boru June 9, 1S5S. 

[BBS 3.] Horace Fuller Porfer, son of EpaphrodilKS Porter, 
(5290) and Sybil A, Fullet, luarried October 20, 1S5S, Mary C. 
Bissell, daughter of Francis L. Bisscll and Maria //. Afidrews. 
Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation:] 

7154. Anna H. Porter, born August 5, 1S59. 

715-3. Ida A. Porter, bom May 13, iS6r. 

7 J 50. Mary C. Porter, born October 2, 1S62. 

7157. Horace \V. Porter, ) . .. ^ „, 

^ ^ ^ J^ boru April 16, 1S65. 

7153. Henry C. Porter, j r . j 

7159. Inez H. Porter, born January 20, 1S70. 

71G0. Gert.iadc M. Porter, born May 2S, 1S73. 

7161. Roger r. Porter, born Jauuar\- 2S, 1S7S. 

[EB71.] Henry Epaphras Poricr, son o( Fpap/irodif us Porter, 
(5290) and Sybil A. Fuller, married 1S64, Maria Gray. Residence, 
Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7102. Ernest I.. Porter, bora March 17, 1S67. 

7103. Henry K. Porter, born April iS, 187a 
71G4. Maria G. Porter, born Jnue 10, 1S73. 

[BB72.1 George Porter Bliss, son ol John F. Bliss and Mary 
A. Porter, (5293) married May 11, 1865, Susan K. Crane, daughter 
o{ Harvey Crane, of Hebron, Conn. Residence, Florence, Mass. 

Geo. P. Bliss enlisted in First Connecticut Battery in civil war. 
Q. M. Sergeant October, 1861. Engaged at James Island, S. C, 
July 16, 1S63. Chester Station, May 16, 1S64. Bermuda-Hun- 
dred, Va., May and June, 1S64. Grover Station, July 26, 1S64. 
Deep Bottom, Va., August 15, 1S64. Petersburgh, Va., August 
30 to September 23, 1S64. Chapin's Bluff, Va., October 7, 1864. 
Darby town Road, Va., October 13, 1864. Residence, Florence, 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
71G5. Homer C. Hliss, born April 30, 1S6S. 
7100. Alfred T. Bliss, bom July 17, 1869. 

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71H7. George II. Rliss, boni October 24, 1S71. 
71«»S. Anna M. r>li?s, boni ^Iny 28, 1S7S. 

[B71B.] Ifcnry Thornton Steele, son of Rev. Julius Steele 
and Harriett P, Be/Jen, (53-15) iiiamcd November 5, 1S51, /uhrea 
AO/t?.i*, boni May 6, 1S26, daughter oi Josepn Kiu\\\ of Cnrlisle, 
Pa., and Marv B, MeClure. II. T. Steele is a Uuver in Chicago. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7lGi). Julius Steele, bora October 19, 1S52, married Ida O. Walter. 

7170. William K. Steele, born March 13, 1S55, married Gertrude Thompsou. 

7171. Henr>- T. Steele, born July 17, 1S57. 

7172. Joseph McC. Steele, born May 2. 1S60. 

7173. Mary B. Steele, bom June 11, 1S65. 

[B7ia.] Harriett Steele, daughter of Rev. Julius Steele and 
Harnett P. Delden, (5345) married March 4, 1S56, Charles A, 
Davis, of Ogdensburgh, N. Y. She died July 6, 1878. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7174. Harriett S. Davis, born January 3, 1S57. 

7175. Henrietta R. Davis, born June 3, 1S59. 
7170. Mary Bell Davis, born April iS, 1S63. 

[8726.] Helen Mar Dwight, daughter of Horace Z>. Duight 
(53^2) and Laurel Hoadley, married Decern. 15, 1854, Isaac Bird, 

[Thomas Bird, froxu England to Hartford, Conn., 1644, died 1650-2. 

Second Generation^ James Birdy born in England, lived in Farniington, 
Conn. He married March 31, 1657, Lydia Steele, daughter of John Sti:ele 
and \ni^ Rachel, from England to Hartford, Conn. James Bird died tjoS. 

Third Generation, Thomas DirJ^ born 1667-8, married July 31, 1693, 
Mary Woodford, daughter of /(75r/A Woodford, of Hartford, and his wife 
Rebecca Xewell, daughter of Tiiom.\s Xkwf.ll, of Farmington, and wife 
Rebecca Otmstead, sister of Richard Olmstead, of Hartford, from England. 

Fourth Generation, Joseph JjirJ, born December 27, 1696, married Dor- 
cas Norton. 

(Thomas NortOK, from England, with wife Grace, to Guilford, Conn. 

Second Genera t ion. Joint jVortj't, l>orn in England, married , 1650, 

Hannah Ctart:, daughter of John Cx.akk, of Saybrook, Conn., from Eng- 
land. He removed to Farmington, and died 1711. 

Third Generation, John Xortcn, bom — , 1653, married — , 1689, 
Ruth Moore, daughter of Isaac Moore, of Xorwalk, Conn., who married 

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Dcccuil'ors, 1645. A\v.V/ 6'/j/.7rr, tlau,:hter of John* Stanlhy. who ilicJ o:\ 
the vova^^c from luiylaiul. He \v2i broihcr of Thomas Siaiilcy. ^Sce Sam- 
uel Porter, 5.) 

Fourth Ccfiaatiojt^ Don\}s .NVvAw, born 169s, mMnmXJowph Bird. 

Fijih Generation, haac Bird, l)oru 1724, married . 

Sixth Generation, Isaac Bird, born May 5, 1757, marricvi Riioda Selleck, 
a descciidaut of JonatAa.'i Se'ieeA', of Stamford, Conn., who married 1662-3, 
Abijiaii /.:i:<\ daughter of Richard Law, of Weathcrslield, Conn., from 
England, wlio married J/arjaret A'/V/; j.v; ;/r, daughter of Thomas Kil- 
BOURNK, of Hartford, from England. Jonathan Selleck was sou of David 
Selleck and wife Susannj/i, from England. 

Scicnih Generation, James Bird, born 17S0, married Susan Dauchy. 

Eis:;hih Generation, Isaac Bird, born ^larcli 4, 1S22, married Helen M, 
D'JL'i^ht. Resiilence, Kirkwood, I'.roome county, N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7177. James D. Bird, born May 12, 1S59. 
71 7S. Je:rsie L. P.ird, born October 25, 1S67. 
7170. Russell H. Cird, born May 15, 1871. 

[B725.] Walton Dwighi, son of Alonzo Dung hi (5363) and 
Betsey Iloadlcy, married Jul}' 12, iS64» Anna J/. Duscnbury, 
daughter of George Diiscnbury and Anna Whitniore, of Windsor, 
N. Y. He was, iu 1S61, captain 149th Pennsylvania volunteers, 
(**Bucktails.'*) Promoted colonel. Battles of Chancellorsville, 
Fredericksbtirgh, Antictam, Gettysburgh, &c. In 1S71 to 1873 
mayor of Binghamton, N. Y, 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation :] 
7180. I-rank Dwight, born August 8, 1S6S. 

[B73D.] Webster Duight, son of Ahnso Duight (':sZ(>z) ^^^ 
Betsey Iloiidtey, enlisted September. 1S61, in 27th New York vol- 
unteers. Wounded at West Point, Va., and died June 24, 1862. 

[B735.] Sylvester F. Di^ight, son ol Sylvester W. Dwight 
(5366) and Elizabeth Stevcart, enlisted May 31, iS6r, in First 
Michigan Light Artillery. Campaign of Kentucky r.r»d Tenessee. 
Wounded in battle of Stone river, Jaimary i, 1^63. Prisoner in 
Libby, Richmond, Va., until January 29, 1S63. Exchanged and 
rejoined his command at Chattanooga. He married June 8, 1869, 

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Jennie D\a\ dauglilcr of S. B. Dyer, of Abbeville, O. Residence, 
llerscy, Mieh. Attoriiey-at-law. 

[B7BQ.] Manila M. Bccbe, daughter of Elijah Bccbe (6381) 
and Marcu: Spfat^nCy married 1S59, A\'ison /,. TanpU\ a descend- 
ant of AWtv*/ 71v;///t', of Ten-Hills, (.Charlcstowii) Mass., whose 
wife, Mchllabcly was daughter of Robert Nelson, who married 
Mary Temple, daughter of /«;//;/ Temple, of Stanton-bur}-, county 
Bucks, England. 

Robert was son of Thomas, who was son of Purbeek Temple^ 
son of John Temple, of Stanton-bur>', before named, and wife, 
Dorothy Lee. 

John was son of Thomas Temple, of Stowe, who was made 
baronet, and whose wife was Esther^ daughter of Miles Sandys, 
of county Bucks. He was sou of John Temple, of Stowe, and 
Susan, daughter of Thomas Spencer, of Northamptonshire. John 
was son of Peler Temple and Miliceni Jekyl ; his brother being 
ancestor of Lord Palmerston. (See N. E. Hist. Gen. Reg. vol. 10.) 

Robert Nelson was a descendant of John Nelson, of Boston, 
Mass. Captain of Ancient and Honorable Artillciy Company, 
1680, whose wife Elisabeth was niece of William Stoughton, 
governor of Massachusetts. John was son of William Nelson, 
of Plymouth, Mass., from England, who married, 1640, Martha 
Ford, sister of John Ford, of Plymouth, from England. 

Nelson L. Temple lived in Pratt's Hollow, Madison Co., N. Y. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation ;] 
71S1. Frederick Temple, born 1S60. 
7182. Flora Temple, boru 1&62. 

[B77S.] Elisha P, Spajford, son of Henry A, Spajford and 
Mary E. Porter, (53S5) married December 25, 1874, Ida S. Abell, 
born December 16, 1854, daughter of Silas P. Abell, of Lebanon, 
Conn^, and Sophronia Robinson, Residence, Lebanon, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the ttnth generation :] 
7lS:i. Lottie M. Spaflbrd, bom June 14, tS;^ 
71 S4. Ileary P. Spafford, bora April 3, liijS. 

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804 Di:sci:Ni)ANr:s or jonx roKTrK. 

[B77S.] EmUy P, Spa/Jonf, d:iiic:lHer of He.try A. Spai/ord 
and Mary Ji, Porter, (53S5) married D jcembcr 25, 1S74,/. I\:r^cfic 
Tucker, ResidtMice, Lebanon, Conn. 

Their children were [beiniT of llie tenth generation :] 
71S5. Henry P. Tucker, born Apiil iS, 1S77. 
7!S0. Kugcne D. Tucker, boru Xovember r, 1S79. 

[BB35.] Mary Porter U'alto9t, daughter or Cniger U'o.Iton 
and Martha V. Wiggins, (3593) manied August 2S, 1S7S, Arthur 
A, Camp, M. D. 

[XiciiOLAS Camp came from l^njjland to Milford, Conn., 1639. He mar- 
ried, as his second wife, July r.|, 1652, Catherine, widow of Anthony Thom|>- 
«on, of New Haven. Representative, 1670-2; died 1706. 

Second Ceneratiou, Samuel Ca/nfi, born September 15, 1655, married 
November 15, 1672, //an'ia/t IJetts, boru Xovember 12, 1652, daughter of 
Thomas I*etfs, of ^lilford, who was sou of Richaku Hi:rTi, from county 
Herts, Kiiylaud, with v^\^c Joanna, to Ipswich, Mass., 16 ;3 ; who removed to 
Newlov.i!, L. I., i6j6. 

Third Generation, Enos Camp, boru May ao, 16SS, married September 
18, 1710, Martha Daldn'in, 

(Richard Baldwin came from Englaad, in the ship ** Martin," 10 Mil- 
ford, Conn., where he married 1642, Elizabeth Alsop, sister of J 031: ph Alsop, 
of New Haven, Conn., from England. 

Second Generation, Sylianns Daldivin, born 16 ;6, married September 20, 
167 1, Mildred Prudden, born May 14, 1653, daughter of Rev. Pkter PRtT>- 
Di^x, from Yorkshire, England, to New Havcu, Conn., 163S; removed to 
Milford, Conn., and died July — , 1656. 

Third Generation, Martha Baldwin, born 1690, married Enos Camp, 

Fourth Generation ^ Abel Campy boru January 21, 1729, married Decem- 
ber 20, 1752, Abi^^ail Could, a descendant of Xathan Gould, of Fairiield, 
Couu., and Hannah Taleott, daughter oi John Tatcort, of Hanfor*!, and 
Jletena \Vat:eman, daughter of John Wakemax, of New Haven, Conn., 
from England. Residence, JMilford, Conn. He died April 20, 1S20. 

Fijth Generation, Abel Camp, J>om March 17, 1756, married 17S1, ^lHna 
Manning, Residence, Sharon, Couu. He died l-chruary 17, 1S30. 

Sixth Generation, Daniel M, Camp, boru April 21, 173.S, married in 
Tuubridge. Vt., September 28. 1815, Sarepta Sau^^e, He died in Derby, 
Vl, February 20, 1S70. She died May 30, 1S52. 

Seventh Generation, Rev. Xorman //' Camp, D. D., boru , married 

Matilda T. //upJtins, daughter of Rt. Rev. John J/enry I/opl'ins, a lawyer 

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from Londonderry, Ireland, who became an Ivpiscopal minisier, and aflcr- 
wards bishop of Veruiout. 

Eighth Generation, Atthur A. Camp, born 1S54. married Mary /*. Wal- 
ton, He was a physician in Minneapolis, Minn., and died April 9, iSSS. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7157. Arthur Walton Camp, born September 25, 1S79. 

71 58. Ethel Camp, born November 24, iSSo. 

7 ISO. Henry Cruger Camp, born January 14, 1SS6. 

[BBBBi] Henry Cntgcr Ud//o?i, son of Cruder Walton and 
Martha V, Wiggins, (5593) graduate of Cohnubia College and 
School of Mines. He studied mining, engineering and niettal- 
lurgy in University of Heidelberg, Germany ; Superintendent of 
Bessemer process in the ** Edgar Thotnpson Works," Pittsburgh, 
Pa. He married in Philadelphia, Pa., July 15, 1S79, I'irginia 
Clay Jones, 

[David Jones, born in Wales, 166S, came to America with the Welch 
emigration, 10 PenusNlvania in 1701, and settled Hrst at Ponncpack, near 
Philadelphia, remo\*iug to Great Valley, Chester county. In 1705, their 
first minister was David F.vans. David Jones married Esther Jforgan, 

Morgan ap RvnDERCH, a native of Altgoch, in the parish of Llanweuog, 
Cardiganshire, South Wales, united in 1667 with a church of the Baptist 
faith, at Khydr\'lyn. His children, according to the Welch custom, assumed 
as their surname, the first name of their father. 

The sons, Enock and Abel Morgan, came to America. Enoch, in 1701, 
settled in Delaware, and in 1630, became pastor of the "Welch Tract IJap- 
ti!>t Church," at Penuepack. Their sister, Esther Morgan, boru in Wales, 
167S, married David Jones. lie died at New Castle, Del., Auijust 20, 174S. 
Mrs. Esther died October 2, 1754. 

Third Generation, Morgan Jones, born 169S, married Eleanor Evans. 
Resided at Pencader-Hundred, New Castle couiity, Del. He died January 
4, 1760. She died September 7, 1759. 

Fourth Generation, David Jones, born ^lay 12, 1736, at White-clay-creek- 
Hundred, Del., studied for the ministry at Middletown. X. J., with his cousin. 
Rev. Abel ^lor^an, and in 1766 was ordained pastor of liie Upper Freehold 
church, Monmouth couuty, N. J. lie married February 22, 1762, .Inne 
Sliliu'eli, daughter oi Joseph Stillwell, of Middletowi:, X.J. David Jones 
was missionary to the Indians in Ohio. Xn 1775 removed to Pennsylvania, 
and was pastor of Great X'alley Bapiist church, in Chester county. In the 
war of revolution he was appointed (April 27, 1776) chaplain of Col. Anthony 

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Wayne's rcijimeut, auU Jauuary i, 1777, brigade clinplain. He accoini»anic«l 
Gen. Wayne uniil 1790, aud ilietl Februarys, 1S20. Interred in Great Val- 
ley churcli yanl. • 

Fifth Ct'Uiiation, //ora/io G. Jo firs, D. 1)., born February 11, 1777, in 
Easton, Chester county, Pa., was uiiuister at Salcni, N. J., from lebruary, 
1S02, to April, 1S05. Removed to the bank of the Schuylkill river, now the 
twenty-first ward of Philadelphia. He orp;anizcd, September 11, iSoS, the 
"I/>wer Meriou Baptist Church.** One of the fouiiders of the American 
Baptist Education Society, and of Haddington College. He married Sep- 
tember 3, 1S04, Esther Rightct\ bom July 15, 177S, daughter oKJohn Rv^hter 
and Eleanor Dankson, Rev. Dr. Jones died at Roxburgh, Pa., December 
12, 1S53. Mrs. Eleanor Jones died December 29, iSdS. 

Sixth Generation, John Rig^hter Jones, horn October 2, 1S03, at Salem, 
N. J., graduate of University of Pennsylvania. Admitted to the bar of Phil- 
adelphia 1S27. In 1S36 judge of Uie court of common pleas. 

He entered the service early in the war of the rebellion, and in l^ebruary, 

1562, was chosen colonel of the fifty-eighth Pennsylvania volunteers. Or- 
dered to Norfolk, Va., and th«?nce to Xewburn, X. C. On the 2tsi of May, 

1563, as acting brigadier-general in an action with the enemy at Gum Swamp, 
he was killed by a ball through his heart. He married .Inue E, Clay, then 
the widow of Anthony Laussatt. 

(RoiiERT Clay and wife Hannah^ (Slator) of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 

Second Generation, Robert Clay, born i663, came to Delaware and set- 
tled at Xew Castle, where he married December 16, 1710, Anne Curtis, bom 
November 15, 1690, daughter of lilnolock Curtis, of Kent county, Del. 
R. Clay was lost at sea 17 17. Mrs. Anne Clay died May 3, 1747. 

Third Generation, Slator Clay, born November 2, 17 11, married Febru- 
ary 12, 1740, Anne Curtis, daughter o{ Joseph Curtis, and died Feb., 1767. 

Fourth Generation, Curtis Clay, born April 9, 1747, married September 
— , 1766, Margaret Wood. He died September ir, 1S09. 

Fijth Generation, Joseph Clay, bora 1768, married 1S05, Mary Ash- 
meade, daughter of Capt John Ashmeade, of Geraiautown, Pa. He died 
181 1. She died Februar)' 10, 1S71, aged eighty-nine. 

Sixth Generation, Anne Eliza Clay^ bom July 26, iSio, married /. 11, 

Seventh Generation, Virginia Clay Jones, born March 4, 1S54, married 
Henry C Walton, ITe died in Saratoga Spriiijjs, July 19, iSSi. 

Their only child was [being of the tenth generation:] 
7100. Matilda Cruger Walton, born June i, iSSi. 

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tBB74.] John MilUm lUmwll, sou of WiiUum l\ fiitrraU 
(5^3) ^"*l Harnett Ilollcy, (3921) nianicd at Kort Rcicl, I'loricla, 
November 19, 1872, Mary Jf. Dlckinsou, daughter oi John Dick- 
inson, of Richiuoud, Va. 

This Johu Dickinson was a descendant, probably, oijohn Dick- 
inson who, in 1665, was one of the first bottlers of Klizabcth, X. J. 
He was, probably, son of Philemon Dickinson, who came from 
county Suffolk, England, in 1637, to Salcni, Mass., removing to 
Southold, L. I., whence his sons removed in 1745 to New Jersey. 

J. M. Burrall died at soa, on the voyage from Florida to New 
York, May 18, 18S0. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7191. William D. Burrall, boru February — , 1S76. 
7IU1*. Johu D. IJurrall, boru February 20, iSSo. 

[6376.] Sarah Dostivick Burrall, daughter of William P. 
Bnrrall {^Goi) and Harriett Hollcy, (3921) married December 26, 
186 1, Henry //. Anderson, counsolor-at-law. New York Cit}', son 
oi Rnjns Anderson and Eli 2a HilL 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7103. Plenry B. Atidersou, bom January 2, 1S63. 

7104. William B. Anderson, boru December 1, 1S64. 
71Uj. Cbaudler P. Anderson, boru September 5, 1S6S. 

7100. Harriett 11. Andersou, born July 7, 1S70, died August 28, 1S79. 

[BSBli] Alice Allen, daughter of Matthew Allen and Diana 
Kingshnry, (56S3) married December 19, 1S65, John T, Ogden, 
Residence, Wellington, O. He ser\-ed in an Ohio regiment in 
war of rebellion. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7197. Alice E. Ogden, born September zS, 1S66. 
7108. KUa R. Ogden, born September 28, 1S6S. 
7100. Charles R. Ogden, born July 19, 1S70. 

[7121i] Louisa Fredcrika Lanton^ daughter of Alexander 
Lai^'toti and Sarah G. Alexander, (6419) married April i, 1878, 
Leonard C MackalL of Baltimore, Md. 

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Their chililrcii were [being of the eleventh generation :] 
TiJiX). Leonard C. Mackall, bom January 29, 1S79. 

7201. Corinne L. Mackall, bom February' 27, iSSo. 

[712 B I Lucy Hanic HuU^ daughter of George G, Hull and 
Mary C. Alexa/idcr, (6412) married June 27, 1SS2, George J. Bald- 
win, of Savannah, Ga. 

Their children were [being of the eleventh generation :] 

7202. George U. Baldwin, born April 23, 18S3. 

7203. Daniel H. Bald\\-in, born November 2S, 1SS4. 


[IB 7.] Rebecca Welles, daughter of Samuel Welles and Ruth 
Jiidson, (32) married 1723, Thomas Piikin. 

[\Vn.UAM PiTKix. from England to Hartford, Conn., 1660, son oi Ro^er 
Filkin, of London. He was a lawyer ; attorney of the Colony ; represenu- 
tive ; treasurer. He married 1660, Hannah Goodwin, bom 163S, daughter 
of OziAS GooDwax, of Hartford, from England. 

Second General ion , William Piikin, born 1662, married 16S6, Elizabeth 

Timothy Staxwy, from England, brother of Thomas, (sec 5,) Hartford, 
Conn., 1635; died 1S4S. 

Second Generation, Caleb Stanley, bom in England, married — — , 1665, 
Hannah Cowles, bom 1644, daughter of John Cowlks, of Hatdeld, Mass., 
and wife Hannah, 

Third Generation, Elisabeth Stanley, bora October 24, 1669, married 
William Pitkin. 

Third Generation, Thomas Pitkin, bom Juue 18, 1700, married 1723, 
Rebecca Welles, His sister, Sarah Pitkin, married EU a zer Porter. (204.) 

Fourth Generation, Thomas Pitkin, bom 1724, married July 25, 1744* 
Martha White, 

(Elder John White. See elsewhere.) 

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Stuvmf Generation^ Danu'i White, born 1953, iiiarricvl November i, 1661, 
Sarah Cro:i't\ 

Third Generation^ Daniel White, born July 4, 167 1, married 1693, Sarah 
Bissel/f born Januarj* 8, 1672, daughter of Thomas Vissell^ of Windsor, and 
Abigail Moore, daughter of Deacon John Mooke, from lutglaud. 

Fourth Generation, Thomas White, born Julj- 10, 1701; Yale College 
1720; minister at Bolton, Conn.; married June 17, 1725, Martha Ilnnt, 

Jonathan Hunt, from England, Northampton, ^lass., married Septem- 
ber 3, 1662, Clemence Ilosmer, daughter of Thomas IIosmkr, of Hartford, 
from England. 

Second Generation, Jonathan Hunt, bom January 20, 1665, married 1693, 
Martha Williams. 

(Robert \Vii,liams, from England, Roxbury, Mass. Sec elsewhere.) 

Second Generation, Samnel Williams, born in England, married IMarch 
a, 1654, Theoda Parke, born July 26, 1637, daughter of Wii.ijam Parke, of 
Roxbury, from England. 

Third Generation, Martha Williams, bom May 19, 167 1, married Jona- 
than Hunt. 

Third Generation, Martha Hunt, born April 18, 1699, married Thomas 

Fourth Generation^ Martha While, born 1726, married Thomas Pitkin, 

Fifth Generation, Thomas White Pitkin, born September 25, 1747, mar- 
ried 1770-I1 Phoda Marsh, born July 20, 1754, daughter oi Joseph Marsh 
and Dorothy Mason, 

(John Mason, was a lieutenant in the English anuy, in the Netherlands. 
He came to New England about 1630, Dorchester, Mass., removing in 1635, 
to Windsor, Conn. ; assistant ; he commanded the expedition against the 
Pequots, May, 1637; removed to Norwich, Conn.; deputy -governor and 
major-general ; He died January 30, 1672. 

Second Generation, Daniel Mason, bora April — , 1652, married 1673, 
Ma rga ret Den ison, 

(W1LI.IAM Denison, with wife Margaret, from England, Rowley, Mass., 
in 163 1. 

Second Generation, Edward Denison, born in England, married March 
20, 1641, Elizabeth Weld, daughter of Joseph Weld, of Roxbury, from 

Third Generation, Margaret Denison, born December 15, X650, married 
Daniel Mason, 

Third Generation, Daniel Mason, born November 26, 1674, married 
October 19, 1704, Dorothy Hobart, 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 


(Rev. rKTHK lIoiJAKT, lioni at Hingliaiii, Ijivrl.nul; gr;uhiaie Ma;^'.i 
CoUctje; A. U. 1626; A. M. 1629; came to NVw Kiii^laiul 1635; uiiiu>:er .it 
HiuijjlKiiii, Mass. ; died 1679. 

StYOfiJ Ci'tuKiXiioft^ Rev. .Jertttiiah Ilobatt^ born in Knvjiand, married 
EliZi'.bdh ir/ifiifisTt daughter of Rev. S.xMii-i. Whiting, of Lynn, Mass., 
from Ro?tou, LiucoUisbirc,, who inarried /;V/ri:^:'/// St, John, sister 
of Oliver St. John, Chief Justice of Common Tlcas of ICnv,'!.ind. 

Third Gent'ni!:on^ Dorothy I/obar!^ l>orn Auv;uai 21, 1679, married Dan id 

Fourth Generation, Jeremiah Mason, born March 4, 1705, married May 
24, 1727, Mary Clark, daughter of Thomas Clark, of Iladdam. Conu. Resi- 
dence, Norwich, Conu. He died 1779. 

Fifth Generation, Dorothy Mason, boru April 6, 1733, married January 
10, i-j^o, Joseph Marsh, 

Sixth Generation^ Rhoda Marsh, born July 20, 1754, married T. W. Pit- 
kin, Resideuce, Hartford, Vt. 

Sixth Generation, Samuel Pitkin, born December 30, 1777, was a physi- 
cian iu Ballstou, X. Y., aud surgeon in the army in war of 1S12. lie m irried 
1S06, Ftizabeth Hamlin, aud died March 27, 1S23. She died Juuc 25, 1829. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

7204. E. Darwin Pitkin, born Juue 24, iSoS, married Frances A. Wilcox. 

7205. Caroline Pitkin, born November 3, xSio, married Jatnes Slocum. 
72CG. Pamela E. Pitkin, born April 11, 1813, married sauie. 

7207. Elizabeth Pitkin, born April 24, 1S15, died 1S36. 

72' »S. Samuel Pitkin, born October 5, 18 17, merchant in Saratoga. 

720v>. Lucy Pitkin, born Februar>- 8, 1S23, died 1840. 

[33 61] Jeruska Porter^ daughter of />«:•/</ Av/fr, (86) married 
February 14, 1739, Thomas Pcrrin, He died July — , 17S9. She 
died May 23, 1754. 

Their children were [being of the sixth generation :] 

7210. Thomas Perrin, boru June i, 1740, married Martha Savary. 

7211. Jerubha Perrin, boru 1742, married A:iahel Phelps. 

7212. Sarah Perrin, born 1744, m.iri-tvHl IClia* Jaj^^er. 

7213. Solomou Perrin, boru February 25, 1745, married Anna Kellogg. 

7214. Aaron Perrin, born September 14, 1746. 

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••.M5. Lydia IVrrin, May ii, 174S. 

7210. Zacbariah rerriii, March 3, 1750, married Mary Talcotl. 

7-17. Epbraim Pcrrin, bom July 2, 1752. 

[721Di] Thomas Ptrrin^ son of Thomas Pcnin and Jcrusha 
Porter, (395) married Martha Savary. He lived in Granville, 
Washington count}-, N. Y., and died 1S22. 

[7213i] Solomon Pcrrin, son of Thomas Pcrrin and /er if s ha 
Porter, (395) married June 17, 1773, .-i;/;/a Kclioo^g. Residence, 
Vernon, Conn. He died September S, 1S26. She died March 

13. 1834. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

7218. Anna Perrin, born May 3, 1775, married Reuben Sumner. 

7219. Jerusha Perriu, born October 22, 177S, marricvl Henry P. Sumner. 

7220. Solomon Perrin, born April 25, 17S1, married Sarah X. Uott. 

7221. Aaron Perrin, born June 9, X7S6, married Loi.s Lee. 

7222. Asahel Perrin, born May 12, 17S9, married Betsey Hammond. 

[721Bi] Zachariah Pern'n, son of Thomas Perrin and Jcrusha 
Porter, (395) married Januarj" i, 1781, Mary Talcoti, and died 
September 11, 1S2S, aged seventj\ He died March 28, 183S. 
Residence, Berlin, Vt. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 

7223. Polly Perrin, born 17S1, died unmarried 179S. 

7224. Betsey Perrin, bom March 7, 1783, married Rev. James Hobart 
722-3. Samuel Perrin, bora Xovcmbcr — , 1785, married Sarah Reid. 
722G. Pamela Perrin, born 17S7, married Da\nd Nye. 

7227. Porter Perrin, born February i, 1790, married Lucy Kinney. 
722.S. William Perrin. born 1793, married Fanny Thompson. 

7229. Truman Perrin, born April 28, 1796, married Pronecy Tyudall. 

7230. Mary Perriu, born 179S, married Julius Y. Dewey. 

7231. Sophia Perrin, bom 1800, married Joseph Somerby. 

[72IB1] Anna Perrin, daughter o{ Solomon Perrin (7213) and 
Anna tCellogg, married November 2, 1794, Reuben Sumner, son 
oi Reuben Sumner and Elizabeth Mack, and brother of Rev. Henr>' 
P. Sumner. (See 3657.) Residence, Hebron, Conn. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

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7-0-. Sarah Siimiier, boru October 26, 1796, married Johu H. Post. 

7:?:»3. IIar\ey Suuiiicr, born Juno 25, 179S, ilicd uniii.irricil. 

7-*W. Hiram I*\ Sumner, boru February 4, iSoo, married Caroline Conant. 

7*Joi. Mary A. Sumner, born June 26, 1S12, died Seplc::iber 17, 1813. 

72^0. William II. Sumner, born Jan. 21, 1S15, married ICliz.ibelh lUickland. 

72;»7. Marj- A. Sumner, born Sept. 20, 1S16, married Christopher \Voodhou>e. 

[722Di] Solomon Perrin^ sow oi Solomon Pcnin (7213) and 
A7i7ia Kellogg, man-ied Januar>- 4, iSio, in Salem, Roanoke Co.. 
Va., Sarah NeaU Dolt, daughter oi jocl Bolt and Lucy May. He 
was au artist ; lived in Virginia, and died October 31, 1S33. She 
died September 4, 1851. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation : 
7838. William P. Ferrin, boru April 21, iSir. 

7239. Mary A. Perrin, boru July 27, 1S15, married Noah Sharpe. 

7240. Eliza M. Perriu, born October 26, 1S15, married L. Christian. 

7241. .Aaron A. Perrin, boni May 23, iSiS, married ICliz-a Lawson. 
7>42. John Q. A. Perrin, boru April 27, 1S21, married Kli.'.abeth Talcolt. 

7243. Henry C. Perrin born January 11, 1S25, married Susan Sccriet. 

7244. James J. Perrin, boru May 23, 1S29, married Margaret Cauer. 

[7221i] Aaron Perrin^ son of Solomon Pcrrhi (7213) and 
Anna Kellogg ^ married April 30, 181 2, Lois Lee, who died May 
21, 1873, agedeight>^ He died January 17, 1S75. 

Their children were [being of tlie eighth generation :] 

7245. Marianne Perriu, boru July 26, 1813, married Sanmel Galpin. 
724(5. ^lariette Perrin, t\riu, boru , married E. J. Brigham. 

7247. Solomon L. Perrin, born May 15, 1S16, married Anne E. Comstock. 
724S. Sarah R. Perrin, boru Augnst3i, 1S21, married R. D. Bancroft. 

[7222.] Asahel Perrin, son of Solomon Perrin (7213) and 
Anna Kellogg^ married June 2, 18 16. Betsey Hammond, He died 
July 31, 1853. She died January 19, 1847. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 
7241). Jcnisha B. Perrin, born April 17, 1S17, married .\lbcrt Galpin. 
72*)(). Asahel H. Perrin, boni, SepteM, 6^ 1819, married Mar>- W. Chapman. 
72 j1. Charles R. Perrin, born April 9, 1S13, died January 10, 1S4S. 
7252. Anna Perrin, born March 29, 1S26, married Charles E. Fish. 

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l)i:SCKN|)ANTS or jOllN* I'OkTKK. 815 

[7244.] Ja.mes J Pern'n, son of SK^haic:: J\rnn (7^20) and 
Sarah N. Boli, married December J3, 1S51, May^^arcf CuHcr, He 
was president of National Bank, Lafayette, Ind. 

[Their cluUlrcn were [being of the ninth generation :] 
7253. I'loraJ. rerrin. born June 21, i»S53. 

72v|. WilUam II. Perrin, boru June 2, 1555. married Minnie M. Weaver. 
72W. John O. Perrin, boru June 17, 1S57, married KHiior C. P.aijjs. 
"-iVl. Luella Perriii, boru September 4, 1S61, marrieil r>eniadnite Perrin. 
72")7. Addie C. Perrin, boru July 2S, 1S63, died March 6, 1.S66. 
7'jr)S. James H. Perrin, bom October 5. 1S71. 

[724 Si] Marianne Perrin^ daughter of Aaron Perrin (7221) 
and Lois Lee, married November 2S, 1S44, Samuel Galpin. 

Their children were [being ot th-i ninth generation :] 
76y.). Saumel A. Galpin, born January 5, 1S46. 
72C0. Lavaletlc P. Galpiu, bom July — , iSjS. 

[724 B.] Marictte Perrin^ daughter of Aaron Perrin (7221) 
and Lois Lee, married November 29, 1S45, Edu^in J. Brighani, 
She died August 6, 1SS2. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
72iil. Arthur Brigliam, bom December S, 1S50. 
7-1)2. Elbert Bri^Stara, bom May 10, 1S49. 
T1\X\. Mary Brigham, bom September 2r, 1S5S. 

[IZ^li"] Solomon L. Perrin, son of Aaron Perrin (7221) and 
Lois Lee, married June 4, 1844, Anna L, Comsioek, He was a 
graduate of Yale College ; D. D. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 
72C4. Bernadotlc Perrin, bom September 15, 1S47, marrieil Luella Perriu. 
72(V). Catherine Perrin, born Deccmlier S, 1S50, married Charles C. Lester. 
I'^CA). Addisou Perriu, born September 22, 1S52, died 1S71. 

[7243.] Sapah R, Perrin, daughter of Aaron Perrin (7221) 
and Lois Lee, married January 15, 1S39, Rev. David Paneroft, 
who died March i\, 1875. 

Their children were [being of tlic wiuth generation :] 
72«)7. Herbert P. Bancroft, boru December 29, 1S39. 
T-Ik'^. Hcrnadotte P.ancroft, born October 14. 1.S41. 

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[7254.1 M^'iih'atfi If, Pcrrin, sow oi James J, P<nin (.7244) 
and Margarci Cana\ married September 9» 1S79, Minnie M, 
Wcai'cr. He was vice-president National Rank, Lafayette, Ind. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 
7200. Luella Tcrriu, born July 12, iSSi. 

7270. Klbel ^I. Perriti, born March 6, 1885. 

[7255.] /<>//« O, Pcrrin, son oi James J, Perrln (7244) and 
Margaret Caner, married Octol)er3, 1SS3, Eleanor Cafhcart Bates, 
daughter of Hervey Bates and Charlotte Cathcart, Rebidence, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7271. Hcr\ey B. Perriu, boru Xoveuiber 8, 1SS4. 

7272. John Perrin, born January 16, 1SS7. 

[72 B4.] Bernadottc Perrin, son oi Solomon Perrin (7247) 
and Anna L, Comstock, graduate of Yale College 1S69, and .at 
University of Gottingen, Germany. He married August 17, 18S1, 
Lnella Perrin, (7249) 

Their children were [being of the tenth generation :] 

7273. Lee L. Perrin, bom December 2a, 1884. 

7274. Lester W. Perrin, bom Octohcr 31, 1886. 

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It is believed thai .l/rxa/ii/cr Porfcr, (392) son of Dduici Par- 
kr and Mindwcll Alexander, died in infancy^ and that a second 
Alexander, born subseqnently, was tlie one liere named in the 
data furnished by Admiral D, D, Porter, U. S. Navy. 

Alexander Porter, born in Massachusetts, May 5, 1727, mar- 
ried Margaret Henry ^ 

Their children were [being of the sixth generation :] 

1. David Porter, boru April 6, 1754. 

2. Robert Porler, born Octobvjr 3. 1755. 

3. Nancy Porter, born December iS, 1757. 

4. Samuel Porter, bora October 4, 1759. 

5. Alexander Porter, born August 22, 1764, 

6. John Porter, born September i, 1766. 

7. Margaret Porter, born September 2, 1768. 

[1.] Daiid Porter, son of Alexander Porter and Margaret 
Henry, settled in Boston, Mass. He married Rebecea Gay. 

Their children were [being of the seventh generation :] 
8. David Porter, born February i, 17S0, married Uvelina Anderson. 
0. Rebecca Porter, born 17S2, married Roseumuller. 

10. Mary Porter, born 17S5. married Brown. 

11. Nancy Porter, born X7S7, married Alexander Porter. 

12. Margaret Porter, born 17S9. married G. H. Heap. 
i:>. John Porter, boru 1791, married Eliza Clarke. 

[Bi] David Porter, son of David Porter (i) and Rebeeea Gay, 
married March lo, iSoS, Evelina Anderson, In 1812 captain of 
frigate ** Essex," U. S. Navy; commodore, and minister to Tur- 
key 1839. He died at Para, 1843. 

Their children were [being of the eighth generation :] 

14. William D. Porter, born 1809, married Hli/abeth Beall. 

15. Elizabeth Porter, born 181 1, died unmarried. 

10. David D. Porter, bora 1S13, married Georgiana Patterson. 

17. Thomas Porter, born 1S15, captain Mexican Navy. 

18. Thco<loric Porter, boru 1S17, captain U. S. A., killed in Mexico. 

19. Hambleton Porter, bora 1819, lieut. U. S. N. 
2*1. Henry Porter, born 1821, lieut. U. S. N. 

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[14 1] W'iliiam D. Porter, sou of Commodore David Poritr and 
Evelina A?tderson, entered the navy in 1S23. In 1S61 he com- 
manded the ironclad **Es6ex," on the Mississippi river. At Fort 
Henr>' lie wns severely wounded. In August, 1S62, he destroyed 

the rebel ironclad ** Arkansas/* He died 1S64. He married , 

Elizabeth BealL 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

21. William Porter, born . 

22. Rowena Porter, boru . 

23. Kdua Porter, born . 

[IBi] Dai'ici D. Porter, .son of Commodore David Porter and 
Evelina Anderson, entered the navy as mid.shipman in 1S29 ; lieiit. 
in 184 1 ; Mexican war 1S46-7 ; commander in 1861. In command 
Mississippi squadron at bombardment of Forts Jackson and St. 
Philip. In 1S63 siege of Vicksburg. Promoted to rear admiral 
July 4, 1S63. Commanded the naval force in the attack on Fort 
Fisher, December, 1S64, and Januar>', 1S65. Vice-admiral July 
25, 1866, and admiral August — , 1870. 

He married March 12, 1S39, Georgiana Patterson^ daughter of 
Commodore Daniel T. Patterson, U. S. N. 

Their children were [being of the ninth generation :] 

24. Georgiana Porter, bom . 

25. Niua Porter, bom . 

26. David Essex Porter, bora , married Lily Abert. 

27. Carlisle P. Porter, bom , married Carrie Capron. 

28- Theodoric Porter, born , married Betty Mason. 

29. Elizabeth Porter, bom , married L. C. Logan, U. S. N. 

30. Richard Porter, born . 

31. Elena Porter, born . 

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Appendix I. 

Extract from ** MatUer*s Antiquities :** 

"It was not long before the Massachusetts colony was become a hive over, 
stocked with bees, and many of the new inhabitants entertained thoughts 
of swanniug into plantations extended further into the country. 

The fame of the Connecticut river, a lonf^, fresh, rich river, as indeed 
the Indian name "Connecticut** is Indian for "Long river," made it a little 
Nilus in the expectation of the good people about the Massachusetts bay. 
Whereupon many of the planters belonging to the towns of Cambridge, 
Dorchester, Watertown and Roxbury took up resolutions to move a hundred 
miles for a further settlement upon this famous river. 

Reader ! come with me now to behold some worthy, and learned, and 
genteel persons going to be buried alive in the banks of Uic Connecticut. 
* « * * So there was a great remove of good people thither. 

On this remove, they that went from Cambridge became a church on a 
spot of ground now called Hartford ; they that went from Dorchester be- 
came a church at Windsor ; they that Went from Watertown sat down at 
Weatliersfield, and they that left Roxbury were iu-churched higher up the 
river at Springfield, at a place which was afterwards found within the lines 
of the Massachusetts charter. This was in 1635. 

Appendix II. 
Extract from a letter of Rev. I. N. T.vRROX, D. D. 

Boston, Mass., July 17, 1S84. 
Hf;nry Porter Andrews, Esq. 

Dear Sir: I received your kind note this morning, and it occurs to me 
to say what perhaps I said to you by letter, some time since, though I am 
not quite certain. 

Mr. John Porter seemingly had afliuitics with the Dorchester company, 
before it left England. He did not come over with it in 1630, nor did he 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



join it while it remniiied in Dorchc^lcr, i6.v>-i636. He fii^l appears :il Wir.l- 
sor, Conn,, with bis wife and chiUlrcn, in the year 1657, and was at oncw- 
treated as a man known and res^pccu-d. He was put npon a committee in 
1637, and was made a constable in 1639, then a bi;^b and responsible oiTice. 
All the facts connected with bim during' bis life at Windsor, indicate plainly 
that be was a man of substance and siandin^;. 

Many years ago I read bis will, and wondered why bis wife was not men- 
tioned in it. I accepted the record of Mr. Siiles, that she died on the ii>tu 
May following, and so she would uatnrally bave been named iu sncb a docu- 
ment, but no trace of her appears in it. 

It so happens that the present town clerk of Windsor is a class-mate of 
mine, John 11. Woodford, Esq. A few years ago I tpcni a night at his ho::.-e 
end was speaking to him about John Porter's will, und the curious Hict that 
his wife was not mentioned, when thinking a moment be said that amon;^ 
certain errors which he had diiicovered in "Stiles," be thought there was 
one pertaining to John Porter and family, and if I would go wiih bim to the 
office in the morning he would point it out. 

I did so, and be showed me from the very early records that the h'o:j 
I\n!c)\ who was buried May 12, 164S, was the daughter of John Portkk, 
and that his wife died in July, 1647. 

I think that the dates I have given here, as to John Porter's arrival in 
this country, the date of his death, and those of his r.'ife and daughter, will 
be fouml correct. 

Very truly yours, INCRKASE X. TARDOX. 

Appendix lll.^ II' Hi of John Porter, 

A particular courtc in Hartford, Conn., June 7, 1649. This day was pre- 
sented to this courte, the last will and testament of John Porter, late of 
Wyndsor, deceased, and the inveutory of his estate. Anno 164S, Apl. 20. 

^^ Imprimis. This is the last will and tesiameut made by me, John Por- 
ter, of Wyudsor. Although now weake and sick in body, yet perfect in 
memory, do bequeatlie my soule to Gou tliat gave it, and my bod)' to be 
buried, and my gooils as followcth : 

Item. I give to my eldest sou, John Porter, one hundred pounds, and to 
my secoud sou, James Porter, I give three score pounds, and to my other 
six children, to wit: Samuel Porter, Rebecca Porter, Rose Porter, Mary 
Poncr, Sarah Porter and Anna Porter, 1 give to them thirty pounds apiece, 
which is to raised out of my whole estate, as housings, lauds, cattle and 
household gouds, aud is to be paid as they come to be twenty years of a.::e. 
or sooner if my overseers see just cau3e, without >^hose consent I would nut 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


ni:so:x PANTS or joun i»okti:k. 819 

have them to man'fijje; which if they do. it shall be iii the power of my 
overseer* to abate of their portions. an*l give it to the others that are more 

And in case of nny of my chihlren die before they be married or be 
twenty years of age, their portion shall be equally di\-ided amonl^^t the rest, 
unless the overseers see cause to abate it upon the eldest. In cn>o uiy estate 
shall be found upon particular view, to rise to be more in valiie than these 
portions above given, or less than the sum, my will is that it slnll be pro- 
portionally ad«led or rebated to my children's several portions, excej^t my 
overseers see cause to abate my eldest son, that hath the biggest portion, or 
likewise my second. 

The particular goods wherein each child shall have his portion paid out 
of my whole estate, I leave to the direction of my overseers. My son, 
Joseph Judsou, is to take twenty shillings of Thomas Thornton, neN:t winter. 

Also, I give fifty shillings to Wyndsor church. My desire is that my 
beloved friends would he the overseers of this my last will and testament, 
Mr. Warham of Wyudsor, Mr. Goodwin of .Hartford, Goodman White of 
Hartford, and Matthew Griswold of Wyud>or. 

Witness, JOHN PORTER. 

Henry CrARKE, 
ABICAlt, Braxkkr. 

Appendix IV. 

Tlie principal planters of Massachusetts, says Chalmers, were English 
couutr)' gentlemeD, of uo incousiderable fortuues; of enlarged understand- 
ings, improved by liberal education ; of extreme ambition, concealed under 
the appearance of religious humility. 

The leading emigrants to Massachusetts were of that brotherhood of 
men who, by force of social consideration, as well as intelligence and reso- 
lute patriotism, moulded the public opinion and action of England in the 
first half of the sixteenth century. While the larger part stayed at home 
to found, as it proved, the short lived English republic, another part devoted 
themselves at once to the erection of free institutions in the distant wil- 

In an important sense the associates of the ^lassachusetts company' were 
builders of the liritish as well as tlie New England commonwealth. Some 
ten or twelve ser\'ed in the J^ng Parliament. Of the four coiinuoners of 
that parliament, distinguished by Lord CUrctidon, as tlrst in inHueuce, rane 
had been governor of the company, and fitittipJcn, Pym and FUnnes (all 
patentees of Connecticut) were consulted upon its affairs, as also the Earl of 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



IJ'ani'U'A, antl tliosc excellent persons, /.onf SiiVHifiif-Si'/r and /^orJ Jjroo{\\ 
botli of whom at one time proposed to cmij;rate. 

This conjpany's meetings placed ]l'if:!tn\\^ an(i his coUeatjues in relation 
with numerous persons destined to act hnsy parts in the slirrint; times ih;ii 
were approachini^ ; Jircrdou and /Avt'^v;/ (afterwards two of the parlianun- 
tary major-jrenerals) with rhilip S\'i\ who helped Sir Hefiry Vane lo co/cn 
the Scottish Presbyterian commissioners, with Sauiuel Vassal, \\\W\ John 
i'eni, who at the head of six thousand citizens, beset the House of Lords, 
during the trial of Lord Strafford, and who King Charles, after the battle of 
F.dge Hill, excluded from his offer of pardon ; with Owau Rowe, the fire 
brand of the city ; with Thomas Andrews, Lord Mayor of London, who pro- 
claimed the abolition of royalty, and others of eipi.d distinction. 

Al'PlCNDlX V. 

Rev. /o/in Vouugs, of Sonthold, had been minister of St. Margaret's 
Church, Suffolk, England. He came to America with his wife Joan and six 
children. They would hive come to Salem, Mass., in ship **Mary Anne," 
from Great Yarmouth, ICugland, in ^lay, 1637, as is seen in the records at 
\Vestmiuster, England, where it is noted. 

"This man was forbyden passage by the commissioners, and went not 
'•from Yarmouth." 

•* Perhaps the scrivener had no idea of a negative pregnant, as the law- 
** vers say, but may have supposed that the power of the great archbishop. 
" the imperions and foolish Laud, could forever restrain the migration. As 
** the whole complication of ecclesiastical authority was overthrown the 
•• next year, the Puritan's desire was then, if not earlier, granted." 

He came to New Haven, Conn., \\ith part of his church in 1640. aud 
began the settlomeut of Southold, in October of that year, where he died in 
1672, aged seventy-four years. 

His eldest sou, John Vonngs, born in England, 1623, lived in Southold. 
and in 16S0 was sheriff of that island ; member of council 16S3-97 ; colonel 
of the Suffolk militia to his death, 169S, and judge of the county of ** York- 

Appendix VI. 

Allusion hfiving been made to the **ship in the air," it may be of interest 
to insert the following : 

The people of New Haven having biiill A ship, freighted and dispatched it 
for England with a cargo of their products. They sailed in January, 1647, 
and were obliged to cut their way cut of the harbour through the ice. They 

Di^tized by 


Digitized by 



were never hennl of after. Accordiii.£; lo the belief of the perio<l, the appa- 
rition of Ibis ship was seen in tlie air afier sl'.e h.ul fouiuL-rCvl. Rev. Coi'.on 
Mather, having licanl of this belief, wrote lo his frieml, Uev. Jauics l*icq>out, 
and received the fcUowiug reply : 

"Rev. and Dear Sir : lu couipliance with your desires, 1 now give you 
the relation of tliat apparition of a ship iu the air, whicli I have received 
fiom the moil credible, judicious and curious surviving; o^ .-^orvers of it. 
i In the year 1647, besides much other lading, .1 far uioie rich treasure of 
passengers, (five or six of whom were jK'rsons of chief no;c and worth iu 
New Haven,) put themselves ou board a new ship, built at Rhotle Island, of 
a!x>ut one hundred and fifty tons, but so wallhy (*' crank") that the master 
(Lamberton) ufien said that she v.ould prove their grave. 

In tlie month of January, cutting their way through much ice, in which 
they were arcouipa.nied by the Rev. Mr» Davenport, besides many ether 
friends, witli many fears, as well as prayers aud tears, they set sail, Mr. Da- 
venport, ill prayer, with an ob^er\abU: cmphasi-s, used those words : 

"Lord, if it be thy pleasure to bury these our friend.^ in the bottom of 
the sea, they are thiue» save them." 

The spring followiug, no tidings of these friends arrived with tlie slups 
from England. New Haven's heart began to fail her. This put the good 
people ou much prayer, both public and private, that the Lord would vif it 
was his p]ea:>ure) let them know what He had done wiih their dear friends, 
and prepare them with a suitable submissiou to His holy will. 

Iu June next ensuing, a great thunder stona arose out of the northwest ; 
after which, the hemisphere being serene about an hour before sunset, a ship 
of like dimeusions with the aforesaid, with her canvass and colors abroa<1, 
though the wind northerly, appeared in the air, coming up from our harbor's 
mouth, which lyes southward from the town, seemiugly with her sails filled 
under a fresh gale, holding her course north, and continuing under obser\-a- 
tion, sailing against the wind for the space of half an hour. 

Many were drawn to behold this great work of God, yea, the ver>' chil- 
dren cryeU out " there's a brave ship." At length, crouding up as far as there 
is usually waier suuicient for such ves.sel, and so near some of the spectators, 
as they imagined a man might hurl a stone on board her; her maintop 
seemed to be blown off, but left hanging in the shrouds ; then her mizzen- 
top ; then all her masting seemed blown away by the board. Quickly after, 
the hulk brought into a careen, she overset, ami so vanished into a smoky 
cloud, which iu some time di^isipaled, leaving as everywhere el^c a clear air. 

The admiring spectators could disiinguisU the several colors of each part, 
the principal rigging, and such proportions as caused uol only the gcner- 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



alily of persons lo say "ihis wns ihc uiouhl of Ihoir >hip, and this was her 
tragick eiul;'* but Mr. Daveiipori al.<o in pulilic ileclared to the cliVcl 
•'That God bad coiulcsceuded. for the quivriiiiij of their adlictcd spirits, tl:is 
extraordinary account of His sovereign of those for whom so many 
fervent prayers were made contiiiually.** 

Thus I am, sir» your humble scrvadt, 


Appknuix VI. 

Sketch of the life of Col. Josiila 1'orti:r, writteu by himself: 

Salisbury, .lur^usi yc Jfut^ /S?o. 

•*I now being in ye 91st year of my age, .sit down to write a short history 
of my life. 

"I was born in Lebanon, county of Windham, State of Couuccticul, ou 
ye 26th day of June, A. n. 1730, of rcspecta!)le parents. My father wa^ a 
coimtrj' merchaut, and in ye year 1739, being in Boston, transacting his 
business, taking up goo«ls, etc., he there sickened and died, being about 
thirty-five years ohl, leaving a wi»low and four children, two sons and Xwo 
daughters, viz : Nathaniel aud Joshua, Mehitabcl and Huuice. I am now ye 
only sunHving one of ye childrcu. My father, at his death, left a decent 
property, and after ye estite l)cing settled it was divided among his heirs ; 
my brother being ye oldest son took two shares. My mother lived a widv>w 
about five years and then married. I then being fourteen years old chose a 
guardian, to-wit, my great uncle, PvUr DtieU, Esq., of Coventry, with whom 
I lived about five years, and worked at the farming business. My brother, 
having had college education, took his first degree September, 1749, I being 
et commeucemeuL I then determined to lay out ye small patrimony k-ft 
to me by my father in getting an education. My brother settling at New 
Haven, I immediately repaired there, and studied under my brother, anil ye 
next September I was examined and admitted a member of college, and iu 
September, 1755, I was graduated, soon after which I was invited to go to 
Newbern, North Carolina, to keep a family school, and accordingly I wcut, 
aud tliere remained towards a year. I theu returned to Lebanon where 
mother lived, and soon after I went again to Covcntr}', and studied physic 
end surgery i^-ith a Doct. Josiah Rose, and after I judged I was able to com- 
mence ye practice of physic, I returned once more to Lebanon and there 
begun practice, but being there old practitioners my business was small. In 
November, 1757, hearing of ye death of Doct. Solomon WUliams, of Salis- 
bury, Conn., and there being no physician in the town, I was advised to 
settle there. .Accordingly I went, a^out ye latter end of ye month, and soon 

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went into full practice, which I followctl for about forty years, from ye time 
I went there. I boanlcd with one Mr. John IC.irlf, ^a ri«;pcctuijlc nieuiber 
of society,) until May, 1759, and in March of same year I purchased about 
three acres of land, with a small dwelling house and a bni:dl barn standing 
thereon, iuchiding a small orchard. For ye premises 1 gave jC^o lawful 

On ye I4lh day of May, 1759, ^ married ,ldi[i^iJi/ nttdl^ daughter of my 
aforesaid guardian, with whom I lived with ye greatest harmony, and con- 
nubial state until ye 7th day of October, 1797, at which lime she died, and 
by whom I had six children, viz. Joshua, Abigail, liunice, Augustus, Peter B. 
and Sally. 

On ye 31st day of December, 1799. I married Jerusha Fitch, widow of 
Hezekiah Fitch, Ksq., deceased, daughter of Col. P.urr, of FairficM, with 
whom I lived until February, I^x^S. at wliicli lime i»Uc dieil. In August fol- 
lowing, I married Lucy, widow of Samuel D.itchcr, wiih whom I lived until 
August, 1S14, at which time she died. She was d.iug!iter of Col. Johu Ashley 
of Sheffield, Mass. 

In June, 1761, I purchased of Daniel Morris his dwelling house and one 
acre of land, lying at ye forking of yc road, leading from ye meeting house, 
and thirty-eight acres on ye east side of ye road, for which I gave ^494 law- 
ful money ; and in May, 1763, I purchased of Daniel Morris one hundred 
and seventeen acres of laud, ye remaining part of his farm, for which I gave 
him ;f 190 lawful money. In 1777 I purchased of Elijah Bennett eighty-two 
acres of laud, for which I gave him ^242 lawful money. Since purchasing 
this laud I have carried on considerable farming business, some years having 
sold grain, wheat, rye, com, etc., and carried on the making of potash, for 
several years, at ye same time keeping a handsome slock on my farm. 

In ye year 1766 (July) I was innoculated with the sinall pox, and in ye 
fall afler Mr. Amos Bird, of Salisbury*, set up a house in ye obloiig, in which 
I innoculated a number of persons, having purchased ye skill of Dr. Durard, 
of Klizabethtowu, in ye Jerseys, since which time I have innoculated a num- 
ber with great success, and some considerable profit. 

As to my political and public life it is as follows : Two years after I came 
into Salisbury' I was chosen as a lister, to which olfice I was annually ap- 
pointed for three years going. A few years after I was appointed one of ye 
selectmen of ye town, which oQice I sustained about twenty years. lu Sep- 
tember, 1765, I was chosen a rep resen tali ve to attend ihe general as>:cmbly 
in October of ye same year, since which lime I think I have been a member 
of ye assembly rising of forty sessions being almost annually chosen during 
yc revolutionary war. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



lu ye year 1777 I was appoinletl j»:stice of ye pc.uc for yc county of Litch- 
field, and in yc ycir 177S I was appointed justice of quoniui for ye ciuiniy. 
which I held uniil ye year 1791, when I was ijipoinled jiulgo of yc coiir:. 
which office I held iiniil ye year iSoS; r.nd in yc yc.r 1774 I wa^ appoinlc 1 
judge of probate for ye district of Sharon, which olTlce I htld uutil ye year 
1S12, being ihirty-seveu years. In ye year 1774 I was appointed Ueuttnanl- 
colonel of ye seventeenth regiment of uiiHtia of ye State of Conneclicui, 
which oiTice I sustained a number of years during ye rcvohiuonary war, 
duiing w*hich time I commanded a regiment at IVekskill, six weeks, and at 
ye town of Danbury, which being burnt, and likewise commanded a regi- 
ment at the capture of Gen. Ih.rgoyuc aud army, and was in ye battles in 
ye year 1777. 

Apit.xdix VII. 

Col. U'i/u'am /:/. BirJ, of Rufialo, N. Y., communicates the following: 

"On the 23d June, 1S12, only the ilfth day after war was declared, (with 

England) my brother was killed by an iS lb. shot from the frigate *r.elvi- 

dere,* the particulars of wliich were couinmnicaicd by Commodore Rod^^ers 

on his arrival in Boston iu October following." 

"At tlie commencement of the action on board the * President,' frigate, 
a ball (an iSpdr.) from the *Belvidere,' came over the v/aist cloths of the 
* President,' and snch was its force that it actually off, without throwing 
them dow'u, the muzzles of several of the nmskcts, (left there by the ma- 
rines,) from six to eight inches iu length, killed one marine, took off the 
wrist of one midshipman, (Mr. Moutgomcr>',) killed another, (Mr. Bird.) 
together with the quarter gnnucr, and finally lodged upon the deck, and 
was taken below by the narrator of this and shown tlic third lieutenant 
(Mr. Dallas) who took it in his hand and wrote on it with chalk : * Cousin, 
I have received your present and return it^* clapped it in the guu himself 
and fired the piece. It is a remarkable fact, that it actually killed several 
of the oificers and men on the * Belvidere,* and finally lodged in the cabin 
of that vessel, where it was afterwards hung up as a globe during the war." 
(See John Herman Bird, Midshipman U. S. Navy.) 

Appendix VIII. 

Col. AtlKrt Paivling was a native of Duchess county, N. Y., son of Col. 
Lci'i Pawiing^ an officer of the American army. 

Col. Albert Pawling joined the army as second lieutenant in a regiment 
commanded by Col. James Clinton, and went to Canada, where he served 
under Gen. Montgomer}' in the fatal expedition of 1776. In that year he 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




was appoinlcd a brigaJc-iiiajor uiulcr Gen. Gcor;;c Cliiitoii, and served as 
such until J777, when he was made a inajor in one of ilie sixiceii additional 
regiments, under Col. William M.deolni. 

I'uder a mistaken view of the .situation, iu 1779, Major Pawling seut iu 
bis resignation, whicli the following letter from Was^hington could not 
induce him to recall : 

"Headquarters, Middlclnook, 2d March, 1779. 

"Sir: Iu your letter of 25tli idt. you seem tu h.ive nii>conceivc<l the 
intention of Congress, upou which is founded your application for leave to 

"It is not their purjwse to reduce Col. Malcolm's re;.jiment. This will 
be incorporated with Col. Spencer's, and as you are the only majur iu the 
two regiments of course you will be continued. 

"After considering the just claims which the country has on good otTicers, 

I am persuaded you will suspend your application. 

"I am, sir, 

"Your most humble 3erv*t, 

"To Major Albert Pawling." 

Col. Pawling afterwards served as colonel of a regiment of Swi>s for the 
defense of the New York frontier. 

"Pawling avenue," in Troy, the city of his adoption, perpetuates his 
xuemor>'. (Sec Judge X, B. Sylvester's History of Reusselaer county.) 

Appendix XIV. 

The following sketch of Judge Augusius Porter was prepared by his son, 
Albert H. Porter, of Niagara Falls, N. Y,, who says in that connection : 

"It is very imperfect, and only glauces at some of the more important 
events in his long, active and useful life, and his connection with, and the 
prominent part he bore, in the early history of Western New York, Ohio 
and the great lakes. 

" AuciSTUS Porter was bom in Salisbury, Conn., Januar\' 18, 1769, the 
second son of Doctor land Colonel) Joshua Porter, in a family of three sons 
and three daughters. He received a common Knglibh education, including 
a course of mathematical instruction, and was well qualified for tlie business 
he had chosen— that of land surv'cying— and also for the successful applica- 
tion of water-power, and kindred enterprises, requiring mechanical skill, in 
which he was for many years engaged. 

" In the spring of 1769, at the agte of twxnty years, he left his natrve state 
for Ontario (then ^lontgomery) county, in the Suite of New York, as a well 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



qualified surveyor, at first lo survey lamls in which his father heltl an iiiur- 
est, and afterwards iu the same capacity in the employment of tlio ori.^ii-.i! 
purchasers of the lauds of Western New York from the State of ^lassachu- 
setts. He was an assistant surveyor to Andrew Hlliott, surveyor-general of 
the United States, in nmniug the line from Pennsylvania to Lake Ontario. 
as also of all the lauds lying west of Seneca l<ake, first sold by the Stale of 
Massachusetts to Phelps and Gorhani, and afterwards to Robert Morris, the 
great fiuancier of the war of the Revolution. 

•' In 1796 Mr. Porter was employed by the Connecticut Land Company as 
chief surveyor, with a large corps of as5islants and other uu-n, to make a 
survey of the lands on the south shore of Lake Trie, being the reservation 
made by the State of Conr.eciicnt fn^m the grant made by the United Siaios 
of western territory, called the ** Western Re«»erve," the boundaries of which 
were described by latitude and longitude, no survey having at that time leva 
made, and the portion covered by Lake Krie not known. No settlements 
had been made on this territory. It was still an unbroken wilderness, a large 
portion of which was iu posses-iiou of unfriendly tribes of Indians. 

'* ^Ir. Porter made a traverse of the lake, from the east to the west bouiwls 
of the territory, to enable him to estimate the qu<iQtity of land within the 
boundaries not covered by the lake. 

"A large number of townships were surveyed during that and the fol- 
lowing year, preparatory to their settlement. 

'* He also surveyed and laid out the town at the mouth of the Cuyhoga 
river, which received the name of Clevelaud in compliment to Geu. Cleve- 
land, the managing agent of the company. 

"In 1797-9S Mr. Porter was engaged iu behalf of Robert Morris in laying 
down the boundaries of the lands lying west of Genesee river, purchased of 
the State of Massachusetts, and to which he had obtained the Indian tiile, 
and also iu delineating the boundaries of a large portiou of the Indian lauds 
which had been sold by Mr. Morris to the Holland Land Company. 

" In 180.? he tpas elected a meml)er of assembly from Ontario county. He 
continued to reside at Cauaudaigue tin til 1S06, when he removed his family 
to Niagara Falls, N. Y., where he was the first permanent settler, and with 
which he was identified during the remainder of his life. 

*',In 1805 Augustus Poner, iu connection with his brother, Peter B. Por- 
ter, and Benjamin Barton, purchased of the State of New York a large 
quantity of land iu the state reservation along the Niagara river, inclu-iiug 
the water-power and lands adjacent to the f-diU. 

•*In connection with his associates he immediately commenced building 
mills and making other improvements. They also built a number of ves^^cls 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




on Lakes Krie ami Ontario, an J wiih suitable incaus for lran>j>orlatiou around 
ihc falls anil ou the ri\cr wore the chief forwarik-rs between Oswego and the 
upper lakes previous to the war of 1S12. 

"Their vessels were taken by the United i^tates and used for public pur- 
poses during the war. 

••On its conclusion the business was resumed, and continued until the 
completion of the Erie canal, when transportation westward, by way of the 
Niagara river, was abaudoueil. 

"In iSoS the county of Niagara, then including Krie county, was Organ- 
ized, of which Butlalo was the county seat, and Augustus Porter appointed 
first judge, serving in that ouxe forseveral years. 

"The dwellings, mills and other buildings at the falls were burned by 
the enemy in 1S13, and tlie inhabitants all fled from the froniior. 

"On the return of peace, in 1S15, Mr. Porter was;:od for some time 
iu rebuilding his houses and mills, and in making other improvements. He 
was his own engineer in constructing the bridge across the rapids to Coat 
Island, a work at that lime deemed very dangerous and difficult. 

"At an early day he fixed on a plan for an extended uj>e of the great 
water-power at Niagara Falls, and with this in view retatnetl an exclusive 
ownershi]) of the land nccessar)* for that purpose. His heirs have since 
caused this plan to be carried out, by extensive grants of land aud water- 
power of immese value, now fully developed. 

"In 1S21 Judge Porter was elected a member of the couveutiou for re- 
vising the Constitution of the State of New York. 

" In 1S25 he took an active part in the construction of Black Rock har- 
bor, and iu 1836 was among the most liberal aud eiTicieut contributors to the 
Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railraad. 

"The latter years of his life were chifly devoted to his private business, 
in the cultivattou of his lands, and in various local improvements, with his 
characteristic energy, his mental faculties unimpaired, to the time of his 
decease in 1S49, ^^ ^^^ eighty-first year of his age. 

" He was a man of untiring industry, sterling integrity and sound reli- 
gious principles— the peer of Uie best men of a class for which Western New 
York was early distinguished, and of which he had been a resident for sixty 
years, witnessing and participating in its advance from the condition of 
Indian hunting grounds to that of cultivated fields, pleasant homes and 
thriving villages and cities, inhabited by a numerous population, enjoying 
the blessings of a Christian cultivation." 

Digitized by 


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828 nKSCUSi>\::vc? oi- juhn roKTF.R. 

AvpiiNDix XI.— ^ See 5591.) 

The ancestor of tlie Halls of Marylaiid came from Englaud with I.r.r.l 
Raltiuiorc, aiul settled in Hartford couuty, .it '* Shandy Hall," now owr.c I 
by Mrs. J. G. Rarnard. The present niausion having been built in 1701. 

Major Henry Hall raised a company in war of 1S12. He married C/:.iy' 
lotte I\amsii\\ daughter of Colonel Xathuniti A'awsaj', of Cicil couuty, 

•* At the battle of Brandy wine Col. Rainsay crossed the stream in front of 
Knyphauseu, and engaged the Hessian Yagers. His services at Monmouth 
were of the highest onier, and there he was severely wounded. He was ;i 
pnsoner at Charleston, S. C, 17S0. Dcki^aie to Congress from Maryl.ii! 1. 
1785-7. One of tlie pall-bearers at the funeial of Washington. Hi-? j -jr- 
trait is in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. 

At the battle of ^lonmouth, Col. Ramsay's services at a critical momeni 
were such as to merit the publicly expressed commendations of Washiugioii. 

He was there desperately wounded in a personal encounter with an hu.:- oiTicer, and left for dead upon the field, but the object was attained and 
Col. Ramsay reco\ered. 

At the close of the war Waahinglou appointed him collector of the port 
of Baltimore, which office he retained until his death, twenty years after. 

Appendix XII. 

Col. Pc/er B. Porter was distinguished in our annals in civil and martial 
life ; and there are few among us to whom the meed of talents, bravery and 
patriotism, will be more freely awarded. 

He wasappoiutcd in iSii, with Gouverneur Morris, Stephen Van Rensse- 
laer, DeWitt Clinton, William North, Simeon DeWitt, Thomas Eddy, Rob^;rt 
R. Livingston and Robert Fulton, the first commissioners in relation to inland 
navigation — being the incipient step that led in the sequel to the noble works 
of art and improvement which have contributed so largely (whatever ex- 
cesses may have been committed) to the glory and prosperity of the state. 

Their lalx>rs were suspended, however, by the war of 1S12; and for these 
civic duties Gen. Porter exch.inged the privations and dangers of the froniior 
campaigns. Residing then at Black Rock, he was in the midst of the ui«'-t 
eventful and stirring of the bonier scenes. He rallied the hastily-g.uhcrcd 
volunteers, who repelled the first invasion pKiCC in nildsumtiicr. i^^i.;. 
and shared, at the head of his corps, xvith intrcpi.lily and skill, in tho-e bril- 
liant and ni'wi:iorable alfairs of the suvoeeding year, the battles of Chippv Aa 
and Bridgcwaler, and the sortie of l-ort ICrie. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




At the close of the war he was appointcil Secretary of Slate in place of 
Jacob Riitsen Van Rensselaer, but he declined the apiwinlincnt, having Iktcii 
elected to Congress the prenous year. Near the close of his cougrcssioual 
term he was appointed commissioner under the British treaty to run the. 
boundary Hue between the United States and Canada. In 1S17 he was the 
antagonist candidate to DeWitt Clinton in the democratic caucus held for 
the nomination for goveruor, and at the election received a few votes casi by 
polilicians iu the city of New York, who refused to acquiesce in the nomi- 
nation of Mr. Clinton. 

In tlie political controversies of his time Gen. Porter was a prominent 
participator until his retirement from public life wiih Mr. Adams in 1S29. 
Under that administration, and for the last year of it, he discharged the 
duties of Secretary of War. He was warmly attached to Mr. Clay, and was 
related to him by the marriage of his second wife. 

A frontier resident during the last forty years; possessed of large estates 
on the border; he is identified with the history of Western New York, 
and with its gigantic progress in the great elements of social and physical 

As a public man he was sagacious, shrewd and able, though to ordinar>' 
observers, in latter years, the impression was one of heaviness, approaching 
to dullness. In his militar>' career he was distinguished by high qualities of 
command, and by undoubted coolness and courage. 

Since 1S3S he has occupied his new and elegant residence at the Falls — 
in tlie midst, as it were, of the scenes that have become classic ground to 
every American, and in the presence and within the perpetual roar of the 
great cataract. 

Gen. Porter died, the Buffalo Commercial Advertiser states, in the 71st 
year of his age. 

Appendix XIII. — Col. Pkter Augustus Porter. 
To Ike Editor of the TTew York Times : 

In a recent issue of the Times the late Peter B. Porter, recently deceased 
at Niagara Falls, is mentioned as a son of the late Gen. Peter B. Porter, the 
distinguished soldier of the war of iSi2, and in 1828 Secretary of War under 
President Adams. He was not a son of the general, but of his brother Judge 
Augustus Porter. " Among the earliest of the pioneers in Western New York 
were two brothers, Augustus and Peter B. Porter, sons of Dr. Joshua Porter, 
of Salisbury, Conn." (F. S. Cozzens* eulogy before the Century Club on the 
Life and SerWces of Col. Peter A. Porter.) The lustre of miliur>' ser\*ices 
alone was wanting to the elder brother, tut in the narro^ver »phere of his 
home— that "Western New York," of which he had been one of the "pio- 
neers," and among the most euergetic and useful, the work of converting it . 

Digitized by 


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from a wiUltTiicss to what it now i;i, Jiul.^e TorUT was scarcely loss cminciu 
than his vlisiini;uishc<.l brother. Ho ilied full of years ami honors in .1 
think) 1S4S — a few years alter his younger brother. The exccP.eni and J:.-.- 
ttnj^uisheJ gentleman recently ilccea<cJ — Ihe younger son of JiuV^e Porte: — 
bore the general's name of l*etcr r>uel ; but it woaUl be a wrong to the mem- 
ory of the only son of Gen. Porter to forget that he fell on tl;e baiile-fieUl of 
Cold Harbor, an illustrious example of that devotion to duty of which our 
ci\'il war furnished so many beautiful exemplars. Rorn to a fortune, edu- 
cated in the first learned institutions of I;urope and America, endowed by 
nature with beauty of person and brilliancy of intellect, which eminently 
fitted him for social enjoyment and di^tiuctiou, surrounded by everything 
that could make life enviable, he deliberately rcuounced all these for the 
.ser\'ice of his country in her hour of need. Hefore leaving his home. " feel- 
ing to its full extent the probability that he might not return fro!n the path 
of duty on which he had entered,*" he solemnly recorded, in his "lasi will 
and testament," his motives in the following words : 

'*I can say with trutli that I have entered on the course of danger with no 
ambitious aspirations, nor with the iilea that I am fitted by nature or experi- 
cuce to be of any important service to the goveiument ; but in to 
the call of duty, demanding every citizen to contribute what he couM in 
means, labor or life to sustain the government of his country — a sacrifice 
made the more willingly by me when I consider how singularly bcneiued I 
have been by the institutions of the land, and that up to this time all the 
blessings of life have been showered upon me beyond what usually falls to 
the lot of man.*' 

Soou after he bad entered the military sen*ice, and while in command of 
his regiment at Fort McIIcnry, he was nominated for Secretary ot State of 
New York. In declining this appointment he gives, besides the original 
motives which brought him into the field, the following reason : *' I left home 
iu command of a regiment composed mainly of the sous of friends and 
neighbors, committed to my care. I can hardly ask for my discharge while 
theirs cannot be granted," 

He fell on the 3d of June, 1S64, pierced by six bullets, li^hile leading his 
regiment up to the enemy's works at Cold Harbor. 

Belie\-ing that the memory of such a life and death should be cherished ; 
that the State and city of New York, which (each separately) made public 
acknowledgment of the eminent services of the father, should be proud, too, 
of the son, I have sketche<l tlicsc lines, drawing most of the details from the 
eloquent "eulogy," already referred to. It is worthy of remark, that, in the 
mother of tlie wife of Dr. Joshua Porter (Abigail Buell), Col. Porter had. 
with tlie general (now President of the United Slates) who commanded our 
armies on the battle-field where he fell, a common maternal ancestor. B. 


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INDEX, No. 1. 


[The fifforea opp'-wlte each name dt*.^l>;D&ie the pcrsoo'i number, 
uuless othenvlie specUicil b} piue or p ) 


Aarox, 299, 746, 792, 1236, 1*963, 2622 ' 

3524, 4096. ! 

Abei 543, 1416 

Abigail. 212, 244, 32S, 335, 391, 7S5 
S54, S62, 105S, 1235, 1403, 1432 
1930, 1932, 19S9, 2124, 220S, 2406 
247S, 3276, 3516, 3644, 3712, 4iSr 

Abigail S 5296 

Abigail W., ..;.46i5. 5U3 

Abikzar, 527, 1637, 2700 

Abijah 1752, 1965, 3537 

Abnkr - 1201, 222S, 6677 

Abby 4133 

Abby a.. 5373 

Abby B., 5543 

Abby E., 3783, 

Aki;y F., 3730 

Abby H., 3603, 

Abraham, 7S1, 1309, 1933, 204S 

Ada C 6693 

Adklaide E., 5221 

Adklk B.. 5541 

Adki.INE 2003, 3612, 3713, Si<2: 

Adollla 3953 

Ai>NA, 5797 

Adjno 4136 

AliDISON 2641, 6520 

Alemkna, 5197 

Alick 5332. 675'^ 

Alici: G.. 5bo5 

Alici: M., 4346, 602^, 6712 

Alanson 34S0 

Alaxson K., 2031 

Aloxzo S., 6593 

ALi:xANni:R 392 

Al.?:XANDIiR J.. 6S94 

Alfrkd S 6S4S, 7054 

Ai.iiRO C, 5774 

Albert A , 5615 

Albi;rtD., 3625 

Albert H., 3S10, 6893 

Albert J., 5344 

Aloe 4003 

ALMIRA....1408, 2756, 3664. 371-1 3'^i9 

Almira C, 6647 

Alvah 2739 

Altramoxt W 3794 

»t\MOS, loS, 813, 202S, 21)50 

Amelia, 22S3, 3^-09, 6674 

Amos P., 37^'7 

Amelia M., 4061 

Amelia L., 4'>'i 

AMASA, 3655 

Amasa G 5316 

Amaziah 2051. 2219, 3702 

Amaxda, 3590 

Ambrose 2025 

Amy, 3'^2. 3245 

Anxe and Axxa, 4, S4, 196, 334 335 

3'57, 394» 5;i. 733- ^»7, ^f>^. 924 
946, 1056, 1219 123S. 13M 1390 
/-Ii>i5. 1975. 2022, 217S, 22-^6. 2330 
1472, 261S, 2649, 2S10. 3559, 3646 
365^. 367S. 

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Annk E., 5034 ; r*i:Tin.\H y,-^ 

Anne H., 3S24, 7154 Howman H., 4:'^! 

Annk L., 6bjo| iJiJiiRr.i.L, 2:iog. 4 -a 

Annk J 670S ^ ^ •* j^ 

^ I' 5^5' 5337, 6,s. ^^^^^^^ ^ J, ^^^ 

ANNK s 4>ss ^•"4\^-,; 9'^- -^ 

ANSON H 3'>=6 h-^^^ ': \{ i::;? 

I^^V g^:^t^;:;::^n^'^r;::-::::::::::::::::::::::: ;:^ 

Aru V V-^ a 5:5>i 

\KT 1KB "^^7 OaTIIAK.NV.M ...15 

ARTHIK H 5469,^•*'"l',^.'f'• ^- " t-M 

Asahel. 941. 1242. 202;. S237. ioWleipfAsN ^v 

2624, 3553. 5195, 661S. I ^;,,' "iTv ■-'ift"' r^, 

t^Vr.r, T ^^wft CUAXIH.KR A 4'42 

asIn-kth. :;::::::::::::::::::::;:«3o; 5779 K^"-^,'^^ "^■»- »328.36or. 3S01. 4.3'* 

Aso^ *^ CuarlksA 5530. 6253. 65v9. '637 

tJi^K^tS- ■•■ • •■ "■"''' i^;^!C">^«''^^S P' 6030. 6CH6 

A^^^^i•^■':':••:::::::::::•■:•:••::::•:::: \^ charlks f. , 5^56 

AlGCSTA, 3S99 

ALCU5TA A., 5525 

AuGUST.\ S 5741 

ArCUbTL'S 2210 

Charlks II., 3601, 4129, 4319. 0-74 

Charlks L 3S95. 57'>7. 2- 4 

Charles R., 52^4, 6:05 

Chaku-s S., 6704 

t^GLST -S S ^f^CllARI.KS T 4774. ^..M 

AUGUSTIN • t^^i^"ARu:s W 4053. 5^5o, 57:6 

ALRtN B., 5»25, 6o94 ^ ^. • ^ 

'^'^*^^^" ^-'''^ Charlote R 6>.S 

[CHAKLorrK W 47^6, 4:c/> 

Barnabas S., 3S15, 6812 CirA.siMA D., 37:0 

Bar/, 3662 CnL',»i: 536, 141=. --/'> 

Barzii.las H., '. 5342 Chhstir 2177, y )J,\ 

Balsheba, 1757, 1970 CiiLisTr.ri II...... 4'"5 f 

Bl-UNDA ...-. 3570ICHAINCY, 3'»7i' 

Bei.a 2623, 4261 .Clara 19S. 4i34. 7 '-3 

Bei.a S 53i2!Cr.\RA A 57^^ 

Bessie R 6:>.o Cr.\K\ K. r57^^ 

Bk.njamin, 7S4, 944, 1942, 22^4, 2323 Clakiniia 1 241, 2170, 2i>:5. ;-i4 

2620, :>242, 3792, 4279. j CLARISSA 1431, 2297, .'77^ 3'^-'7 

Benjamin F., 40'j3, ^Sjt) ; Clarissa K. 3697, .\t*~'\ 5- ' 

Ben II C>.-.30j Ceymenk, 21^5, ;>^37 

Beulah io63;Clakk E., 577^ 

Digitized by 


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» . » V,. - • V 

*- -* • . 

- • I /.,c... 

. / '• 

• >•• . .^ , 




.^. -^Z.^: 


y • i^:' , ( ^. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Clarknck C, 55x^2 

Cl.ARKNCE \V 6S24 

COKDI-LIA M., 5539 

Cokbixi.v W 3S45 

Cora D., 6762 

Cora K.» 5900 

CORXF.LXA 3503. 39S0 

c0rnki.ia a.,^ 4065 

cornfija f., 37s6 

cornklia m.,... 5273 

Cotton D., 4355 

Cynthia, 274S, 2749, ^c^bS 

Cyrus, 2741 

Damaris 790, 1754, 1967, 24S3 

IMN, 1934 

Damkl, S5. 229, 3SS, Sii, 1225, ;oi3 
2619, 3554, 3667, 5353. 66ib. 

Danif.lA 3997 

Daxif.l \V 4113 

David, 86. 218, 393, 7S6, S02, 9:>9, 1053 
121S. 1240, 1404, iS35. 1949, i^M 
1992, 2179, 247". 2471, 264.1, 2S4 
5»25, 3219. 3125, 3547. 3599. 3657 
3S35. 4iJ>4. 

David B., 597:)' 

David C, 3832 

David L., 37S1 • 

David P., 5319 

David V., 4169 

Dr.hORAH, 130, 36^^; 

Di.BORAH M., 37S7 ' 

Delia 3249 i 

Dklxa a 4060, 5032 

Donald W. 6715 : 

DoLtY, 22S6 ! 

Dolly M., 509^* 

Dorcas 250; 

Dorothy, 221, 2004 ; 


Erknkzkr 2235 ' 

Edgar S., 59JS7 ' 

KmvARD 1436, 4623, 4795, 5331 . 

Edward C, 4316, 47^^5 ' 

Edith, 7060' 

Edith G 5464 

Edward F., 6519 

Edward G 6620 

Edward M., 4^69 

Edward \V., 4403, 47S9 

Edwin, 3222, 5189. 66.09. 67-:9 

Edwin A., 6357, 5:^0 

Edwin M 5^29, 666S 

Edwin E 6905 

Edwin H., 5118 

Edwin S., 52^3 

Eleanor, 107, 561, 2474, 41S3I 


Elijah, 269, 855, 925, 1065, 1954, 2126 
2222, 2699. 3522, 3()6S, 3675, 5372 
Kli/.amkth. 526, 5^A 757, 877, 929 
J 230, i.v»7, iA\h 172S, 1S14, 1S16 
19»3. 195*. 1993. 2173, 2226, 2467 
2b.S7, 2701. 272.5, 2655, 2772, 3241 
3520, 3534, 3564, 36:4. 3^j(>. 50^7 
5M9. 5*^53. 

Elizaiikth a 3S12, 4416, 5478 

Eli/ L., 3915 

ELiiiAE.-TH M.. 5757 

1* Q 6394 

ELi/.AnrTH k., 5350 

JCli/ S., 4356 

Eli/.aukth V 5046 

hLi.y.ri 2255. 432S, 4339 

Ellkn E 5119 F 5225 

Ella 653 ; 

I\LLKN A., 505:1- 

F,LI.LN M., 52S7 

Elli:n J ;.•. 5124 

Ei.i.KN M 52S7 

Elrazkr. 204. 755, 92S, 945, 1422 
1S17, 1953, .2020,. 2256, 2301, 2329 

3226. 3231, 3246, 3513, 3703, 4CK^| 

Elkazek M., 1953 

Emcazkr S 4uio 

ELKAZiiR W 1S17, 4boi 

EliSHa, 550, 760, 1990, 3278, 3594 


Elias 86S^ 

Eliza, 27S5 

Eliza D., 3S3S 

Elvira 3S.:>S 

Elinor, 2474 

Eliot 936, 22S1 

Elihu, 1233 

Elbkrt, 6750 

Eli 1387, 3198 

Elkanah, I3<.'6 

Eliphalet, 19S3 

El am 22S7, 4c/6 

Elkcta, 2775, 34^5 

Elucta a. 5703 

Emma, 2696 

Emma J 4345 

Emma K 5793 

Emma M 3991 

Emelink, 2746, 5193, C648 

Emelink a , 5318 

Emklink E 3834 

Emi-line 1 4^15 

Emily. 2*. 10. 27^^'*, 2729, 3259. 4^-97 

41A 4?7ti, 4625, 4794, 5132. 5i<2 

520b. 6611. 
Emily F., 51S2 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



No. Uo. 

EXOS, 3615, 6666 I-RKDERICK C 5755 

Elapiiras 1991 Kri-dfrick I)., 6S50, 7056 



Erasti'S, 2213, 3694. 3952 

Erastis H 5654 ^ 

ErnkstL-, 7162 Gardner 2316 

Kr.nivST W., ^ 59^1 GAVtORD, 2013, 3951 

Ervix F 4132 Gkorge, 139S. 19SS, 2229, 2317, 2646 

Esther, ai, 90, 225, 331. 939, 1054* 273S, 3511, 3597, 360J, 3607, SvSoi 

4104. 5194. 54S5. 3^07, 4064. 4099. 5794- 

Esther C 2321. 36S6 George A. 4342, 6697 

Esther E., 5376 George D 57S1 

Etta L. 41-^7 George h. 3602, 7149 

Ethan 3124, 3546 George P., 4062,5221, 5-2; 

Eunice, 247, 390, Soo, S19, S71, 914 George G 6516 

1220, 1973, 2172, 2209, 2172, 322S George H. 5473 

:.'•; 35^» ^926, 396S, 41S2. George 1 4793 

EvktvN H , ..:. :. 5019 George M 372S. 529S, 5624 

Eva 5540. 5^26 George N. 3n.)7 

Eva S. 5i^55 ^'' ^^i^-*-*- f- 3'^23 

Evfunk O.. 4194 9**^^^'*' ^ ^•''" 

P^\p^RIENCE 49, 242, b64 George S., 4^Jo, 5275 

Experience P., S60 George \V 2229. 4^*3 

EzEKiEL 1929, 3-195 Genevieve J 6700 

Ezra. 1060, 24^4 Gertrude M 7160 

- Gershom 1* 4171 

-, _„ .. I Gideon .542, 552. S65. 1414. 24S2 

Faith M., 399© Grace A.. .■ 5S07 

Farley. 437S grace C 6711,6854, T^'^^S 

Fanny, 5092, 5333 Gurdon, 39<,9 

Fanny V 52^06 quy F 5769 

Fidelia, 5133. 51S6 

Flavhl M 528S! 

Flora A. 4131 . Hannah. 12, i3. 47. 63, 135, 205, 211 

Florinda 5135; 241, 253, 547. 793. S72. 905, 1931 

Florence M 714s; 20x4, 2257, 2315, 3666, 3956, 4^66 

Florence R.,..^ 3S41 . 5351. ^ 

Florilla F 6690 Hannah F.r-rrtTT. 4CX59 

Fordyce, 2186, 3S43 Hannah M., , 5022 

FRANcas. 27S6, 3589. 3693, 3949. 4365.HANDr.L R 6691 

5^59- j Hammond L,., 37*7 

Frances A 5295. 533^, 6700 • Harriett. 2322. 2479, 2727, 2743, 3567 

Frances M. 66S5 ; 3597, 369b, 3957, 399S, 4332. 5355 

Francis, 2326, 3600, 3854, 3967, 50491 6612. 

6525. j Harriett A., 3S-y7 

Francis A., 5290, 5337 Harriett H 3708, 6598, 715'^ 

Francis B., 5735 ' Harriett J.,. 6703 

Francis E.. 6676. Hakriftt L., - 57"/-> 

Francis H.. 5527 , Harriett M.. 3624 

Frank R 5411 , Harriett S., 6J513 

Frank S., 5771 , Harrison, 4» -J 

Franklin K., 2531 Ilvkf 273* 

Franklin O., 6614: Harvey 3591, 37.'5 

Frederick, 2702, 2794. 3253, 3521 Harvey E., 4i3'^ 

3611,4366,4622. Helen A., 6f'>:^ 

Frederick A 3901,4358 51S4, Helen F., 6»«r^ 

Frederick B. 652;* 1 Helen L., 5M2 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Hklkn S., 6714 

Hknky, 1426, 2043. 2203. 2745, 2703 

2S00, :^22s. 35' (i^ 3619. 3t>^5. 3719 

3S53. 4627, 53b6, 6527. 

IlKNKY A 3619, 4.-64, 55S5 

Hi.NKV B., 5;i5 

Hknky C 2203, 3575, 431S, 6395 

66S2. 7X5.S, 3%6. 

Hknky D , 4791, 54S2 

Hknry E.,... 3506.4359,5122, 7163 

IlKNRY F., 6671 

Hr.NKY G. 5324 

Hknry H., 6010 

'Hknky L 5ib5, 6S21 

Henry P., 5».^>f) 

Hknry S 3S27 

IlFNUY \V., 4051,. S026, 573V) 

HKNRiinTA, 2S12, 4l'll> 

Hi, li 5225 

Hklzip.ah 3517, 3^33 

Hkki;kkt F., o .,4 

Hfkim rt L., 5^c.j 

Hkuvey 2130 

Hkkvky B 5462 

Hi;zKKiAH, 23. 45, 129. 136, 209, 525 

7S0, 19.14, 2044. 

HiEDARD 3954 

HlRAM, 27.S0, 3797 

Honor, 1936 

Horace. 1996, 2324, 3227. 3528, 3565 
36^0, 3S04. 

Horace A., , 41 18 

Horace F 6669 

Hor-\ce M.,. ~ 6522 

Horace W., - 7157 

Howard A., 66.S3 

Hl'ldah, 107^, 1415. 1999, 3499 

IIlldau p., 54h6 

ICHABAD, 50, 252 

I»A A.. 7155 

Ida E 4117 

IMOZENE G., 5126 

Increase, 399. 1234 

IN'KZ E., 7159 

Ira \V 2740, 3504 

Irene, loSo 

Irena. 922, 2220 

Irene S., .:o«j6 

Isaiah. 2311 

ISAAC, 64, S7. 214, 1751, 1940, 1964 

Isaac 1> 50S5 

IsftAEi 528, 1303, f^6.S 

ISADKL J.,..., 57f.5 


Isabella J 66.')i> 


i jACon 

• JAMKS, 10, 16, 62. 106, 131, 213, 

i 45^. 53'^. 79'J. 9^. '3"^, 
! 1419, 197^. 2024, 2105, 21S2, 
I 2777. :y2y., 3453, 3ht^, 3:^:^0, 
I 5192, 52v./:\ 
AMi:s E., 


AMKS G., |C>6vS, 

AMi:s H., 3.s;v, 

AMJ.S R., 4335, 

AMf^S S 3959, 54:2, 


ANE. 2312, 3^:<)4, 3610, 3617, 3721, 

433^, 53-^, 5352, ^^^45- 

ANE A., 4114, 

ANE E., 3^9.S. 4320, 434:>, 4621, 

ANK F., 4049, 



ankM 3O17, 

ANE S,, 3604, 3914, 5140, 5276, 

I Iaspkr 




ERlSnA.337.395,756, 1232, 1427, 

1955. i*^^, 3251, 3574. 3659. 

I \<l yilAH, 

1 NMU H., 

I.N MR L., 

) M JNL\, 



^A^^A, .So, 197, 545. 734r 745, 
1062, idii. 

OAi.,jr;i.::»* 10S2, 1228, 2007, 

oil, 1976. 

UNATHAN, 215. 260, 7S3, 9^J7, 
I819, 1946, 2275, 2221, 5745. 




ONAH, S20, 

JOHX, 2, I^,, ;0. 72, 82, 104, 222. 

243. Vj^* 339. 3-'^ 39^, A\^- 

•-4^% 563. 797. ^-»5. ^'c». >5^, 

1030, i2ijT,, 1224, 1371, 1421, 

1977, 2v.y>, 202 V 2"j6. 2:39. 

222'>, 2 J 79, 2bc>>, 264 S, 2774. 

&7>9, 3229, 3573. 3613, :M\ 

36C0, yn2, 531 1, 6383, 66>.i. 

John A., 1313. 









43 S3 







3621. - 





27S4 f 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Hklen S., 

Hknry, 1426, 2043. 2203, 2745, 

2S00, 3223. 35. 6, 3619, 36^5. 

3i^53. 4627, 5366, 6527. 

Hknry a., 3619, 4C-64, 

Hl.NKV B. 

IlHNKV C 2203, 3575. 431S, 

66S2, 715S, 3Sv6. 
Hknkv D 4791* 

Hl-NRY E.. 3506.4359. 512^. 

in-NkY F., 

Hr.NKY G., 


-Hknry L 51^5. 

IlEXRY p., 

IIi:xRY S 

IlFNRY \V 4051, .Sor6. 

IlKXRIKTTA 2.":>I2, 


Hklzihah 3S17, 

IIkri;i:kt F 

Hfri:i RT L., 



Hi;zi:kiaii, 23. 45, 129. 136, 209, 
7S0, 1944, 2044. 


Hiram. 27.S0, 

Honor, .^ 

Horace. 1996, 2324, 3227. 352S, 
36^50, 3S04. 

Horace A., 

Horace F., 

Hor.\ch M... ^ 

Horace W « 

Howard A 

Hlxdah, io7«, 1415, 1999, 

Hvldau p., 

Ichabad, 50. 

Ida a.. 

Ida E 

Imozkne G., 

Increase 399, 

Inez E., 

Ira \V., 2740, 


Irena, 922, 

Irene S., 


. ISAAC. 64, S7, 214. I75I, 1940, 

Isaac l> 

IsfcAEi 528, 1303, 

ISAnEL J.,--. 


Isabella J 


6714 ' Isabella M., 



60 ro 


41 10 ■ 

3?33 ' 
5^v-^ ' 













2220 I 



57^>5 • 

6009 I 


JAMKS, 10, 16, 62. lO^i, 131, 213, 

45^1 539. 79'^ 9^. 13'^. 
1419, 1972, 2024, 21*35, 21S2, 

2777» :>2o'.f 34^3. 3^^>9. 3^iO, 
5192, 52v.<:\ 



AMI.S G Jc/iS, 

AMES H., 3^}S, 

AMIS R., 4335. 

^^Jfii S. 3959, 5472, 

AMIS \V., 

ANE, 2312, 3':<)4, 3610, 3617, 3721, 

433^, 53-9, 5352, t.645. 

ANK A. 4114, 

ANE E., 3S9S, 4320, 434^. 4'32i, 

ANE F 4049, 

ANE H., 

ANE L.. 

aneM 3617, 

ANE S.. 3604, 3914. 5140, 52,-6, 





ERUSHA,337,395,756, 1232. 1427, 
1955. '96S, 3251, 3574. 3659. 





EMIMA, 2609, 



OANNA. So, 197, 545, 734, 745, 
1062, llll. 

oal.JT;:.:;** 10S2, 122S, 2007, 

oil, 1976. 

ONATHAN. 215, 260, 7S3, 91^7, 
1819, 1946, 2275, 2221, 5745- 




ONAH, S20, 

OHN, 2, I'„ 4O. 72, 82, 104, 222. 

243. 33^. 339. 3^'^. 396, 4 p. 

- 4K^ 563. 797, ^^5. 810, .>5^., 

1050, 1203. 1224, 1 37 1, 142 J, 

1977, 2v-y), 2023. 2"2h, 2:59, 

222' >, 2J79, 2608, 264S, 2:74. 

ft7,v9, 3?29, 3573. 3613, :M\ 

36^0, 3N)2, 531 1. 6383, 

John A., 4313. 











66 -,8 


43 S3 





3621- - 









27>^4 f 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 



No. s,,. 

John n., 3^401 39^5, 5.>56. 575^^ Liconakd D 4619, .si=.: 

John IC 53c*), 5;v'j Li:(»nard II., (-.-? 

JoiiN F., 2692, 39J2, 404 S, (xoo I.ii.i.vN, 7,/.! 

JoHX J., 4746 Lilian A., 57^/^ 

John- K., 37S5 Lii.vA., 5 ;•..;, 

JOHx R., 529T Lily J 0754 

John S., 2223, 364S, 5325, 532S, 54.V6 Linn n., 5127 

55S6, 6699, 6709. LoTAN 312S, 3^5 > 

John W., 1371, 3725. 433 j Lovica 34.0 

JOSKl'H. 9, 24. X34. 217, 227. 549. ^^ I LOVINA I3S4, 2327, 35V. 

806, 943. 1055, 1400, 2001, ror-ib LoviSA L., 5;-4 

2127, 2277, 2314, 2475. 3502. 36.)5 Lois. 132, 940. 1079, 1221. 1935, 2215 

5330. 5795. , 3234, 3523. 

JosKPH B., 5139 Loiis 57^4 

JosEi'H R., 41S7 Loi'13 C, 57^1 

JosKi»H S 6713 LoiiSA 3618, 36v>9, 3727, 5137. 5:44 

Josephine E., 5339 Lorisv A., 4 5 • 

josHiA 216, 913, 193S, 2207. 3251 LoLJSA J 3v:.s 

JOSIAH 917, 2107 l^CHISA W., 41:0 

JunAH 3640 LrciAN A., 39:9 

Jii.iANA 4i>s Lucks 271.2 

JlSTl'S, X.Al LCTHKK, 927, I3^S. I423, I756, I ,>4 

JLLIA. 27S2, 2S02, 323S. 353b, 3^.^ 2275. 3126. 3507. 354S. 

3996. 5M6- LiTHKR H 6S51, 7.57 

JiLiA A, 2691, 6^95 Llthi.r S., 4617. 5»55 

JiLiA C, 3^y'* LiciA M '523 

JL'LIA D., 5..v^.LrCY, 1057, 13S3, 1S36. 1979. 24:3 

JL'LIA M., 5614,5767, 6>96 2619. 2779, 3277. 24S0, 3649, 5191 

Jl^WA O. 3620; 5357. 

Julia S. 5442 Lucy A 400S, 4368, 5778 

Julius, 502S , Lucy G 63 ,6 

I Lucy E.. 5*27 

KateH 6393!}^^'^^ ^^ o To- ^^'^ 

Keziah,. 2045. 3596. 3651 1 LucRLTi.v. 2234,324s. 3252, 3687, 379^ 

j 4"2. 
L^vrnoN C .;ii:; ' ^^'^^"^"^^ ^^^* 5568, 5083. 5^4^ 

l::^^ t::=:::^;o:-^:i l\k'> {----.x^ ^^^- -i^ 

Lal'RA. S16. 1409. j6j2. 2742, 27.>( i.^Jt. ';.:7 

ioll' 6-^?' ^"'' ^'°^' ^'''' ^"''^.Lvouisjrjsvrir^.rViVer'wjs; ■>■» 

5029, 0^24. 9^19 9-5 -»n ■>ft5T lltn ICCJ trif 

2012, 2320, 2621, 3130, 3552, 3-41 

3679. o'J^* 4105, 5366. 

LaYTON, 2017 ; 

Laurinda B 5S44'tvih!' n'''^* '*"^' ^"" ^61^ .1.-1 

lawrknce g 5S01 J-J.^-^ ,? 4^*^ ?i:;^ 

lavinia 942 \l^\'l ^v -k- :•• f^.^ 

^avInIa I;::z::;v=3:: 5?^ j-^nas. 3-9, 3535. 3551. 4524 

LCELILIA H. 5623^^^^^^ -^ ^'" 

tEA C, 3811. 5477 I 1370, 4337 Mabll, 220.794, 19S0, 2.US 

LkRoy L., 4362, t>oo3 Maiikl I (^><t 

Lemira 3614 Mary, 7, 14, 63, Si, 139, 2. 8,216, 223 

Levi G 1417 249. 254, 259, 3^1, 449. 454. -57 

Lestkr W., 5777 540, 54^, 553. 761. 799. ^. -^o 

Leicester, 3254 92b. 933, 1059, ir66. 1227, i2m 

Lewis 11 41%; 1237, 1434, 1721, !S;S, 1997, : • ) 

Lewis M 63.S5 , 2(.2i, 2031, 2o\'j, 2166, 2192, 2 « -> 

Leman 3527 I 2477, 2617, 2666. 2704. 2724, 2::: 

• Digitized by 


Digitized by 





MaUY. 2775, 2S06, 32 ;3. 3505. 35^ 
359^» o^'^i^, 365 J. yjSj;, :;'jSS, 3701 
37^M. 377i>, 39»'3' 39^7. 395^. 30"^ 
4277. 4321, 4333. 4343. 5»36, SU^ 
53 lS, 653S. 
Mary A., 3613, 3799. 3^7i. 41 u. 4349 
52S5* 5293* 5441. 5461, 5^99. 

Mary C, 3:^8, 7156 

Mary D., 53.-6 

Mary E.. 4052. 4120, 4376, 5123. 53S5 
65 1 S, 6S14. 

Mary F., 4796. 6696 

Mary II., ;792, 5762 

Mary J., 3722, +n5. 5^5^ 5792, C6jb 
Mary L.. 3701, 4135, 51 16, 6537, 6617 
6667, 7062. 

Mary O., 66bS 

Mary T„ 5219 

Mary \\\, 3505, 3S93. 47S1 

Marian ; 65 

Marian J 5321 

Martha, SS. 246, 332. S75, 1429, 2I41 
21S9, 2S07, 3S.0. 

Map.tha a., 46:0, 515S, 5322. 5760 

Martha B., b^)^ 

Martha E.. .• 6703 

Martha L., 55^2 

Martha P 43S0 

Martha R., 5463 

Martha S.. 479S, 6651 

^Iaria, 266, 2751, 3225, 3720, 4ii)S 

Maria A 5030 

Maria G., 6531, 6164 

M^RiA h 5"5. 5552 

Maria O., 4379 

Maria T., 4350 

Marcklu'S, 4107 

Maroarkt 744. 1939. '9S4. 5275 

Marian J., 5321 

Marietta 3724 

Mark X., 27S7 

Marvin, 2697 

Marshall, 4102, 5336 

Marcis M., 6564 

Mankick F., 6397 

Macdi: 1 5S47 

Maynard R., 6761 

Martin V., 4360 

MEHITABKL 4S, 137, 2G2, 24>, 25I 

326. 546, 555. 759, S76, 911, 2310 


Mekcv, 25S, 1995, 2216 

Mkn/.o \V., 537^ 

Mklinija, 21C9, 3v^ 

Mklissa A 5227 

Mj.Li.s^A H. 51 Jl 


.^flK^^M 203,73s. 796 

MiNiiuvA, 34S2, ;6v)5. 3y«'i 

-Mn.TuN- ". 37CJ6. s iri 

MlI.ICKNT ;y/, 

MiNMi- A 6SJ7 

MiNNii: R., 6601, 7153 

MlNiAVl'I.L 3S6, 1407 

MlKANDA, 5210 

Mho L 5S4S 

Monk OK 41x12 

MOUTIMEIl 5rj23 

Mukt:mi:u G., .^ 6512 

Mosks, 2ix), 737, 7bS, 557, 1729, 1759 

ib2J, 1971, i9i>2. 2129. 3244. 3793 

51^7, 5527. 

Mo.sKS C 3S26 

MvRON \V 5|C>S 

MvKTu: K 5^57 

MviiTLK X.. 551, 


Xancy. 2SaS, 2S13, 34S4, 3515, 3961 

Xancy H 3S03 

Xancy M 5375 

>*^''^'^'l 537. 7399 

Xathan 53S 

Xathani7:l, M. 17, 51, 71, J3S, 206 

221.245, ^6S, 330, 3}:, 452, 564 

J>73. i»78, 91 '. I"5^ I4*A 1^:4 

i9S<i, 2201, 2469. 2476. 24^11, 2^^ 
355^. 3595. 5205, 5297. 

Nathaniel B., 257 

Nathaniel II., 19S6, 3913 

Xklly B tSoS 

Xelly X.. 6755 

Xl-.LSON L., 5222 

Xi:l,;onO., 5761 

Xmitu: J., 6250. 66-?4 

XEU EMIAH 20:6, 3643 

XUAH 261, 461, 91S, 225X 

; XOAH L. 39,2 

' XOKMAN 1410, -763 

Norman \V., 7059 


.Olive, 2000, 3531 

Oliv.'-. A., 4::67 

Olivj. K 5764 

Olive 1*., 4',54 

Olivia 3566, 3S74 

Olivia A., 5340 

Oliv::k 463, 1299, 3.^.87 

OkLi.ANS 3063 

0:ilj:ans B 5341 

OkLANUO 5377 

OUKKN 412.S 

lO.'.MAN, 3995 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Otti:ua K., 5470, Ruth A., 4119 

Otis 5190 1 

rAMfcUA, 2/20, j2/9, o9^9. o'^9i :)2-u . ^^ , ^ 

pItu'vc^f sirvsvr 2«-." ^^s2 -^54,870,955. i-'u. 1405.17:^0 

ptr vvcEL '-^: '^^-^»- '9=^' '^^4. -'o.g, 2176. ,125 

Pail •'s66 ''?'• "'179. 4377. f5-'6. 

1 KTtR H., 22II, j9II o»wpr.» ^T -a,,, 

^-^^ »;!'s"m.:k!: u^:.:.:;.::::::::::::::.-;.^: ^y.; 

SH;.:::::T:::::736:"9v;rtosi: ^;o^>-^";!::5;,'>,^-^?-.N\^;j- ?^9' ^^ 

L"f"^S -tibi 537, 55-.. 565. 7-5. 751. 7S2. Jx.. 

PRv'^k-cu::::;::r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fe i :!!;^- ^?^5. =6.s. ,>... 3-.. 34^ 

I 00 »4. o^Do. 3/9*1 41^', 5o^^2, 5i3*> 
Rachel, 464, 1077, 1941, 2030, 2217 Sarah A., 3;S2, 3705, 3816, 4314, 435» 

3647, 3696. I 5343. 66^17. 

Raxhai:!., 462 Sakah D., 6565 

Raymond \V.,- 6716; Sarah E., 6027 

Rkbecca, 6. 20, 456. 923, 937, 1437 . SAKAfi K, 5612 

1722. Sarah M 434i. 53'7t S^SS, Sro'i 

Rebixca S 4«93 ! 6513. 

Rkubkx, 22S, S12, 1401, 2166, 2171 SarahJ 4067, 55SS 

3715. ! Sarah S.. 4S00, 54S1 

Reual W., 41S9J Sarah W., 5467 

Rhoda, 913, I753t 1966, 2776, 3497 fSALtY 2212,3539,3665,3674,5095 

3524- Skldox. 53»9 

RHCHANA, 1373. 2259lSlXATi 3532, 513S 

KiNALDo N., 3729 Si:th 1420. 2194, 3502 

ROGKR V 7161 SKTH G 6525 

Roger P 7S9 Silas, S67, 910, 2193, 3^72 

Rosi:, - S ) SiMi:oN', 1052, 246^5 

Rose M., 5S95 SimiMAN, 3935 

RoSANNA, 4OO!, 5094 SlRBAEL 35^*^ 

RosETiA 40J7 Sor.OMuN 567, 143S. 212S 

Rosweu., 3512,3653, 3676 SOI.OMOX S., ^,: 37^* 

RowENA, 19>S Sophia. 1^3, 2206, 2747, 2750,3243 

Royal. 3661 ' 37S9, -5(09. 

Royal E. 35"5 Soi'KrA A., 3S2S 

Royal F., 6619 Somiia H 4799 

Royal L., 5»s6 Sophia S., , 54-o 

Roy E, 5545 . SopHRf'NiA, 4^jO), A'OA 

Roxanna, 3994, 4ocii Stanley, 52, 652'> 

RvBY - 2224 Stephen $07, I3<'S, 2X>5 

Rl'tUS .5Si*i SiMNi-.R, 3521, 67<^7 

Royalaxa 529, 1372 SrsAN, 1435. 3220, 3677, 3''M 

Rlfls C 5;M ScsAX A., 57y^ 

Russell, 35^0 Sisax B 6i->3» 

Ruth, 22, 67, :v>. 2)7, 327, 455, 7^5 Sisan M 4797. 5>-': 

iJi5. *2i7, 197^ 2174, 50.^;. .Sl.^ax 1 5272. 54''^> 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




SrSAN R 572.; 

SiDNKY, 3:24 

Svi>i;niiam, 5-»25 3_>5C) 

SiBNiT 90S, 21S7, 2j;,: 

SiSANNAif, 743. 13S5. I9;7, 19S7, 21>b 
3247, 3557. 3655, 3672. 


Tamak.^ 22S2, 4056, 5772 

Tabitha 397 

TuAnui:Ls ^ 3^45 

Theoda, 2.^0, 674 

TllANKFLX, S03, I9S5 

Thomas, 4.4, 262, 333, 915. 930, K04 
2647. 1 

Thomas K., 5657 

Thomvs B 4352 

THO>rAS G.. 461S, 5156 

Thomas Z., 5:^s 

Thkoik.ri:, ^191, 3240, 35:3 

Thkoduri; H., 5;2o 

TnKOPHlI.l-:*, 2^^5 

Thkodoris, 21^4 

Timothv, 210, 530, 56S. 787, 130^ 

1424, 2UI5, 2600/ 2694, 278S, 3239 

3509, 3^ p. 5289. 

Trumax, 3656 

Tkizah, 13*59 

Vincent M., 5613, 5616 

Virginia M., 3656 

\Vali,ace. 360S, 53S4 

Walter D.,^ 4059 


Warrkn C t.\s7 

WAkki-N II. 2603 

Wakham 532, 2703 

Wari^ 671 o 

Wi.i.Tii.i: 37i)o 

Wi.rii.rv H 6902 

WiLiRKO \V„ J05S, 5752 

\Vii.r.ARi» 5407, 5773 

William, C65. 4jS, 569. 75v.'932j 9\s 

1425, 1430, ibiS, I95>. ♦OJ^2lJ)l 
2270, 2.HjS, 2744. 271^). 2*X>I, 32.'0 

3622, 3670, 3716. 3>55. 2^925, 4127 
427S. 477^. 5349. 6415. 

WlI.I.lVM A 204;. 2f:.jV43I5, fhl^ 

Willi vM 1). 55t>7. 5o5». <'-"52, t'l-o 

WILLIA31 1:., 4 .54 

William I'.. 5410 

William II., 4414. 5^-9. 5529. 5:vs 

65 -\S. 6'-*' ■'4 1 6701. 

William K 3726 

WiLLLVM I,., 5i2«», 5; 13 

William M., 3022 

William X., 3s;9 

William I'., 37.S0, .17^7 

WiLLlA.M R t.)2I 

William S., 5379, 6852, 6S53, 7058 

7064 ^ — ^ 

William T., 5523 

William W.. O6S4 

Wright, 22S5 

Zaidek, 2455 

Zalmon, ; 27S1 

Zelotes, ; 2233 


Alexander, . 

Caulisle p., 27 

David 1, f. 

David D., 16 

David E 26 

Kdxa, 23 

Elizabeth, ^ 15 

Elizabeth P., 29 

Eli:na * 31 

5 I Mary, 10 

Margaret, 7, 12 

Nancv, 3, II 

Nina 25 

Reui cc \, ~ 9 

Robert, 2 

Rovena 22 

Richard, 30 

Samlei 4 

Georgiana, 44 THEonosiE, iS, 28 

Hamilton 19 Thomas, 17 

IlENRV, 20 , William 14 21 


..6, 13 1 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


INDEX, No. 2. 



Abiel, 959 

Adigatl, 557 

Anna 95S 

AUREUA, 2356 

Joanna. 235S 

Triphexia, 2357 


Bkrtie, 5*553 

Henry P., 7020 

Orra, 5S54 

SVSAN M., 7022 

William E., 7021 

William P.. 5934 


Alice, 6961 

Diana, 6952 

DwiGHT, 6959 

Margaret G., 6170 

Milton 6960 

Richard C 6r6S 

Ruth 6963 

William C, 6169 


Abigail, 995 

Alexander 297 994 

Anne 499 

Charles, 2542 

Clarissa, ^ 2544 

Hannah, 997 

Henry, ^ 49S 

JVNE ^ 299 

John 2vS 

Mary 300, 996, 2545 

-Samuel, 254'j 

WoLCOTT, ^ 2543 



Adam L., 7124 

Alice V b;27 

Bkssik M., 7120 

Charles A., 6425 

Kdward p....... 6423 7J21 

Elvira F 71 19 

Hugh H 7127 

Harriett V 6;2o 

Harriett C, 7129 

IRVIN,' 7126 

Ida, 7130 

James E., 6424 

Louisa F., 64ii> 

Lucy R., 7122 

Lizzie, 712S 

Marion B., 6426 

Marion L., 7x23 

MaryC 6421 

Rosa, 7136 

Sarah G., ^ 6419 

William F., 6422 

William M., 7125 


R.\LPH, 7079 

Ji:>siE K., 7obo 


ANsr.L , « 3^ 

Chandler P 7^95 

Ezra 3~^^ 

Harriett H., 71^^ 

Henry B., 7193 

John, 3093 

Laura, 3 -9^ 

Marsh F., y^A 

Mary 309^ 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Ani»v:rson, I 

Thomas ^oc/^ 

WlIJ.lAM H., 7191 

AdalaiI/K C, 6639 

AiAAH 5359 

Charles A 6S03 

Chari.ics C 6624 

chari.hs il, 65ckj 

Charles \V., 6641 

Chloe. 535S 


Delight C, ()643 

Edward A., 6510 

Eliza $201 

Emklixk 5199 

Kmkline F., 6635 

Esther A. 6637 

George L. 6623 

Hexry p., 5592 

H):nry S. 6^64 

James H 6511 

jERfJME F., 6^42 

Janet 6t>25 

Jane F., 6622 

l.OVINA 52 X) 

LOVINA L., 6640 

LtCRETIA A., 6633 

Marietta, 5152 

Mary F 6636 

MarvP 5360 

Nelson H., 663S 1 

Porter I., 6626 

Rhoda p., 3541. 5150 

Rose E 664 p 

Samuel E. 6^>34 i 

Sylvanis, 5151 1 

Selah, 3540 i 

Stephen P., 5202 

Walter, 519S ; 

Wesley P 6632 

WiLLLAM 5204 I 

Andrus, ' 

RuYAL G., 571X) : 

W.*lter S., 5701 I 

Uriel P., 5702; 

ANTH<iNY, ; 

Abihe E 4701 

AiiKiE L. 6349 I 

Alice E., 7^>93 • 

Alfred W. 6350] 

Caroline S., 4C95 ! 

CakolineK., 7m}i . 

Catharine P 47o«i. 

Catharine. II., 6vv> 

ClIARLE.i J Af '/) 

Charles L., 6335 031'!} 

Edgar W 63U • 



liMlLY r> 6336 

Fuvnk W., 46S7, 6331 

Oeiiai.imne W., 71^^ 

Hklkn F., 6331 

y^y^y^ s., 6333, i^xji 

Ji.>sn: K., 4702 

J'"i.»A !i '. ^ 6332 

Kate J.. 63^6 

Lewis W ^U/) 

LoriSA W., , 6337 

I.YHIA C 469S 

MvRY 6329 

M VRV C 6347 

Sarah B 63^5 


Rali'H 7079 

jEssn: K., 70S0 


Sheffield, 7097 


Hannah, 1106 


Mercy 1107 


Jusi.i'ii L. 6481 

JlLIA H 64S9 

Henry K., 6.\^/i 


Charles 5S74 

KLi/.Ain.TH li 5S75 

lACY R 5S76 

Sarah, 5S73 


Francis. 56S9 

Franklin, 5691 

Lewis, 5692 

Marilla 56'^7 

Martha 56c;o 

Monroe, 565.^ 


Charles 2996 

Dolly W., 29^y3 

E.MJ.LiNi: 2997 

ELr/.Aiij.TH 2^93 

jAMfiS 2994 

JoHNATHAN W., ^ 2992 


Edmtnd R. 5J!=69 

ELIZAtiETlI A., 5S6.S 

Ellen, 5S71 

Samvel, 5S72 

S»RAH, 5S7U 


Anna, 2034, 16O3 

Anne W. 629'> 

Chakles P 4-.673 62^5 

Daniel, -.. 2035 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Bald WIN, 

Anna, 2034, 26fo 

Anna \V 62^^ 

CifAKLL:s 62.^5 

ClIAKLKS P 4673 

DANIlil. 2035 

Danikl II., 72«^\> 

ICi.iZA M., 4675 

Klizafjkth 2663 

Frki»i:kick. 62S7 

GKOkCK H., 7202 

Hei.kx 6291 

IlKNKY p., 4679 R 46Si 

JANK, 62S4 

jAMh:s A 4^^ 

John, 2666. 62v^3 

John C 4671, 62^3 

JOSKPH, 2664 

Ketlkah 2665 

Martha, 6292 

Maktha E 4670 

Mary 62S6 

Makv a 4670 

Mosi.s H 467S 

Nehemiau \V., 4672 

Percy R,, 4669 

kEiiECCA L., 4674 

Ruth 2033 

Sarah, - 2032 

SitAS, ^ 2661 

Sami'el H. 467S 

Vashti, 2036 


Jane M., 257S 

Lavinia. 2580 

Martha, 2577 

M11J.S 2579 

Samuel, 25S1 

Sakau, 2576 


Abigail 2135 

Dan 2136 

' KujAH, 2131 

Joanna, 2132 

Mary, 2137 

Melxnda, 213S 

Nathan, 2134 

Robert 2133 

Bailev, . 

Abel B 5577 

Adeline, 5576 

Ansel, 5572 

Archibald G., 5579 

ASAUEL 5570 

Chauncey 5571 


JosiAU B., 55S0 



Uxrv:tia 5575 

Mabi.l P 5573 

Makfa 5.SS3 

Mariktta, 55S4 

Sarah 5574 

Samiki 557S 

Sophia H 5551 


Charlottk E 644S 

Chaklks \V., 6449 

Caroline C... 6443 

KmvAkn 6447 


IlENKY 6446 

John \V.. : e\u 

William 6443 

Barukr. • 

Anne 7H 

Azi'KAH 7*vg 



Lucy. 710 

Oliver 7.14 

Rachel 707 

Shaudrach 713 


Anna M 6S62 


Fred A. P - 559-* 

Jane B. 6b6i 

John G 559* 

John II., 6660 

Robert F 6S59 

Sarah G 55>^ 

William F t^si 


Almira, 27^ 

Blakei.v, 2762 

J.\neG., 2761 

Laura, 2759 


Addison A., :. 65S1 

Mary E 65S0 


Laur.\ T 6S10 

Henry A.. 6vSn 

Mary C 6hi2 


Anne 318 

DA^^EL, 3^7 

David 3U 

Klizacetu, 3'2 

Epuraim 3»i 

Israel 3i9 

James 320 

Josiah 3'5 

N'atuiniel, 3»^ 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Sakaii P 

















EzEKiKL P., 1947, 


George T.. 


Harriett E.. 

Harriett P., 



Mary 1948, 

Mary J. 

Makv ^I., 

Pri'Dence a* : « 

Sarah A., 




David R., 

John F., 

JOSiCPH E., ,.. 



Sarah A., 

Bid WELL, 

Charles P., 

Lyman, ^ 


Arthur J., 

Caroline M,. 

Caroune W., 

Charles E., 

Francis E., - 

Frederick R.,.. 

George L 

Gi.or6e R. 

Harriett P.,.., 42S3. 

HARKunn: A 

Lucius .C, « 

Marcus E., 

Martha J., ., 









3506 1 





2502 '• 



2-06 ' 




1948 1 

















4284 I 

5967 i 


Mary F., 5969 

Oliver A., 42S5 

liOLLIN H., 5971 


AniGAlL, 2612 

David 9SS, 2376 

Daniel, 992 

Clarinda, 2373 

Elisha, 993, 23S1 

p:li7abi:th 2614 

George, 23S3 

LiCY, 991 

Lydia p., 2615 

Mary 2379 

NoADiAH 990, 2375 

PHEr.K P., 2611 

RoxA 23S2 

Sarah, 9S9, 2613 

Skth, 23S0 

Simeon 2377 

Sylvia B., 23S4 

Timothy P., 2610 


Agur, 1649 

Anne M., 1657 

David, 675 

Eli, 1653 

Ehuraim, 674 

Eunice, 67a 

Ira 1655 

John, 1652 

Philo 1654 

RuFus 1656 

Samuel, 1651 

Sarah, 673, 1650 


Alfred T., 7166 

Allen 5234 

Anne E 5720 

Anne M., 7168 

Charles B., :.* 5720 

I>AViD, ........1377, 2716 

Daniki*, 2713 

Francis, 5722 

Frederick E., 5i>89 

George H., ,... 7167 

George P 6672 

Homer C, 7165 

Jabez 1380 

John •.2717, 2721 

John W., 3962 

John H 6673 

John P 57>9 

LVDiA^ 1379, 2722 

LAtRX.*».*»* 2723 

Lyman, 2719 

Lucy 2720 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



indkx-otii)':r names. 














AlAAH R,, 




HARKiKrr p. 

lUl.DAlI A 

INCRKASE P., .... 

John R 









Caroline P., 


George T., 



William P., 


Simon, « 

. John 







Charles L., 

Clarencb H 

Elijah P 

Elizabeth, ^ 

Ellen F 

Frances L., 


HarleyC 53S0, 


Marilla M. 



Rassklas O., 

Sophia C 



271b ; 

4-95 ' 

4- ■*7 . 





43^ J , 




6vs.s ; 


63S6 1 

7106 i 








6771 I 












53S2 ; 


Watson, 6770 


Clarence y,^ 

Kl.IZACLTH B., < v# 

Kl.l/.ABKTH G., 6^^^ 

Grace K., 5'x.s 

Gjvvci: 6^N> 

Gkack M., 6>>7 

Ji-ssii: L., « 7i;S 

James I>., 7177 

JOANN.V D., 6^^2 

John A., 3905. 5^^ 

MviUA, ;v s 

Maria D., 5 07 

PouiKR A., ej>^j 

RrssTLL A., 71-9 

Walter G.,.. 6^-5 

Welles M 6^^3 

Wir.LTAM A., 3907, 5tvv 

William A b^>.3 

William N. D., 6:>m 


AnrOAiL, |So 

Anne 131;, 4>2 

Isaac >. 479, 1310 

johnathan, 4s1, i3i i 

Pkiscilla, 1312 

Ruth 1314 

Sarv^i 47^ 


Emily a. - 39S5 

^ Erastl'S, « 39^3 

Laira, 39S1 

Lester 39^2 

Salmon, 39S4 


Anna R., 2596 

Carrie F 5^60 

Charles T., 595S 

Frederick 4246 


Harvey, 5^5^ 

Jason, 4243 

John 2597, 4242 

Lucy P 593^ 

Lyctia H., 5957 

Mary P., 59^5 

Owen 4244 

Oliver 4249 

Oliver O., •.•.2599. 4249 

Kith 42',5 

Salmon, 42;^ 

Warren - 5'^59 

Watson 4247 

Zalmon, 259i> 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






AUIGAIL, 1030] 

DOKOTHY, 1033 

Josi:hii, 1029 1 

Justus 1034 \ 

Lucius E 5^50 1 

Oliver 1031 1 

Solomon, 1032 1 


AliiGAlLS., 5605 I 

KUZABETU, « 5602 i 


Edward, 5604' 

liARKIETT H 6S77 ! 

John D 7192; 

John M., 6S74 i 

Porter S., 6S7S{ 

SAR.VH B., 6S76: 

William D., 7191 ' 

William H., 6S73 

William P., 5603 

Guy a., 6689^ 

Stkphen E., 6S9oi 

Burr>:ti*, I 

Anna, 1621 ' 

Charles, • 

Israel, 1620 1 

Sarah 1619I 

William, 1 

Richard, 6503 1 

Francis P 6504 


Edward S.,., 4226 

Edward H., 6033 

Edith 6032 

Maud P 60^ 

Sarah S 4427 

Solomon P., 442S 


Almira B., 5230 

Clkmknt 5229 

Ezra, 522S 

Oris B.,.. 5231 


Charles, 4199 

Danisl, 4197 

EZKKIEL, 419^ 

John W., 4201 

Julia S.,.^ 4200 

Susan, 4202 


Alice E ^ 6359 

Edwin W., 655S 

Grace A.,.. 6560 


Adam A 7132 

Gilbert H 7135 

Lucien H., 7'37 


Marion A.,: 7136 

Thomas R., 7134 

William E., 7133 


Eliza W 6300 — 

Harriett S 6297 ,. 

Janf. C, 6299 

Makv W 629S 


Anna 11S2 

David 1183 



Phtf.r 11S4 

Reuden, 11S6 


Alice O 5245 

Almira 3586. 5234 

Adkliza, 35S7 

Anne E., 5242 

Charlotte, 3576, 5256 

Caroline S., 5256 

EimiN E., 5^5i> 

Km"A' 357S. 5263, 5267 

Ekastis 3579. 5247 

Eliza A 5252 

Elvira. 3585, 5262 

Emma S., 5251 

Ezra, 3577 

Fidelia 5236, 5265 

Frederick P., 5240 

Henry H., 5254 

Herbert, 524^ 

Joseph A., 5253 

Julia P 5259 

I^awrence 35S0, 5235, 5244 

Lorenzo 5260 

Laura A., 5243 

Louisa R 5232 

Lyman, ^5^1 

Lyman O., 525'> 

Mabel P 5237, 5261 

Mary A.,..: 5233. 5255 

Maurice I)., $2(34 

Miranda A 5249 

Norman * 35^2 

Norman P., - 5257 

Otls, 35^0 

Porter 52-6 

Sebastian 3584 


Aei-l 3SS7, 5561 

Abel P., 5.=.^9 

Abigail 95^ 

Abaigail E 4266 

ASAUEL B., 55<^6 

Ameilia, 3892 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Anna v., 



Charu.s G., 

Charlks O. 

Charles \V., 



David M., 

Dkua C, 

Dillon T., 

Elikl' p., 

Kllex F., 

Ella, 6557, 



Emma A.. 



llALSKV P., 





James II., 5079, 

James M., 

John H 

John- \V., 


Louisa « 



Mabel p., 

Madison, ^ 

Mary A., ^ 

Mary E.,- 

Mary F., 

MaryL., 594S. 



Marl\ K., 

Nancy E. 

Oliver, 3493* 

Oliver D., 

Rosa M., 

Sarah M., 

Sarah E. 


William A., 




Sarah i..... « 


Mary P,, • 

Charlottk, ^ 

Fredrick a., « 






55^4 ! 

6in: ' 
6556 . 

556? i 
5945 • 
6.S30 . 

3494 j 


55«>5 j 



5073 I 

6555 ; 
5072 I 







5oi3i ! 


555S I 

5071 I 


1620 ' 
1619 • 

fc5''7 ! 
250S ! 



ROSWELL 251 > 

Ar.H'.AIL P., 25.11 

Eli/ai;, 2-,i > 

JlI.lA a., 2513 

Thomas. 25.14 


Jonathan, S4'> 

i<*j:^. - ^n 

Olivk. ...: b4S 

PENlCr.OPE. N {5 

Timothy, if47 

Cani-ii:ld,^^ ^ ".•..'-* 1 >/• 

AsiiLK, 156S 

Avis ^ 2931 

Bhtsev, 2937 

Evi:lixa, 2934 

Elvika 2935 

i'kank n,, 2940 

ilr.RMAN, 1569 

Ithamar I5')7 

Jl'DSON, 1570 

lorana, i57i 

Mary 2933 

Philo 1.5^6 

Ransom 29.>o 

Richard S,, 2939 

Rkukcca 1572 

Royal L, 293S 

Sally, 2932 

Samci:l 2936 


- Asa, 4016 

Calvin P., 4015 

Charles, 2237 

Camilla, 2240 

Cleanthe, 2242 

Eliza A., 4^«7 

Frances 2243 

Horatio 2239 

JosiAH, ^ 2244 

Mary piS 

Miriam 4^.2^) 

Phi:iii: p.. 2241 

Rhoda 4014 

Sarah P 4019 

Zkbli.on, 223S 


Arthur W 71S7 

Ethil, 7IS-S 

IIknry C, 7»5>9 


Aauijn, 1S50 

ASHi;i-L, lSj5 

Dorcas ii>5' 

Elijah ..1844. 3.V« 

Esther iSjS 

Fanny, 33'-'2 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




ClIAl'MAX, i 

Joanna iSj2 

Polly, - 329S 

Recpi.n, 1S43, 3.^^'i 

ROXANA 15^49 

RuTU, - 1S47 

Sally 329:.) 

Sarah » 1846 


Anne S,, 5454 

Charlks P..^ 5-555 

Clarissa, 2247 

Edward 2250, 3296 

Eliza ^5295 

Eric, 2249 

Hart H., 2254 

JERUSHA, 320,7 

JOF.L ^ 2248 

John O., 515S 

LVCRETL\ 5456 

Llthkr a,, ^ 5457 

Nath\n, 2246 

Nelson 2253 

Oliver ^ 2252 

RUFis, 2251 

RtTH A 5457 

Solomon 2242 

Welles 5453 


Abigail, 634, 162S, 2950, 2957 

Charles, 1618, 29;; 

Catharine, 633, 1616, 1631, 2955 

Elihu, 631. 2948 

Elnathan E. 636, 1632 

Henry, « 2956 

Henrietta 4471 

John S 1655, 2952 

John 2958 

Lucy 2951 

Mary 1627, 2953 

Michael, 2954 

Nathaniel, 635, 1629, 29S7 

Nathaniel W., ^ 1630 

Sarah, 632, 1617, 1626, 2949, 4472 
wortiiington g., 1633 


Aaron 1746 

Aaron P., 3117, 4577 

Abiah H.,^ 3123 

Abigail 1750 

Anne N 61C0 

Alison N., 6172 

Anthony B., 3120 

CuARLTs 3114 

Charles D., 45S4 

Catharine A 4571 

UokCAS, 1744 

Edward H., 4578 


Ei.iz vbi:th. 6175 

Francis. 4579 

Francis W,. 61 5S 

Franci.s 3115 

Oeokgk 1747, 3110. 3112, 4575 

GhORuK p. 45S5 

Gku\ I.k' 6163 

HAkkihrT A 6159 

Ji;r;:mivh C, 3122 

John J. 3111 

John T. 45S3 

Llcy 1749, 3119. 6176 

Lewis F 6165 

Makgaukt. 174S, 45S1 

Margaret L 61S4 

Marikwa, 4572 

Mary A., 6162 

Mehitauill 6174 

Rose K 6167 

Richard 45No 

Richakd J., 3107 

Stki'Hi.n S 743 

Stei'Hkn B., 3121 

SamlllC, 4574 

Samuel M 6171 

Sarah 3116, 4573 

Susan, 31 iS 

Susan S 45S2. 61(6 

Susannah 1742, 3109 

Treadwell 6173 

Willi AM,. ..1745, Sio-S 3"3. 45:6 
William N., 6161 


Almira H 5494 

Charles P - 54^3 

DwiGHT T., ~ 5492 

George i:. 5495 

Martha G., 5490 

Mary F., 54''^7 

Rkuiien P 5493 

Samuel E., 5^1 

Sarah M., 54S9 


Harrietv Lm - 5597 

Henry P., 5396 


Joseph 7n6 

MaryC 7"4 

Sarah G., 71 13 

Wallace 71 15 


Annk 1115. 2531 

Bethia 79 

Comfort R. 1109 

Elizkdeth 11 II 

Ellsiia, 352, 2530 

George 253* 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Han.nah 75, 351 

Hannah P., 353, 1112 

John- 76.' 349. 11 10. 2533 

JosuPH, 3=;5 

JosiAH, 356 

Mary 3.;S 

Noah 77. 354 

Pr.LF.c;, II 14 

Sarah. 7S, 113, 2529 

Thomas 74, 350, 1113. 2525 

Zadock, 1116 


Ariel, 5748 

Ariki. L 39:.^ 

AsHLKV M., 5754 

Al-gcstus, 3974 

Kli/abeth, 5750 

EUZABKTH P., 5746 

Erastis 3973 

ESTHKR 5747 

Gf.orck 5751 

Harlax 5749 

Harvev, 3977 

Horace 3971 

Jonathan P., 3970 

Matilda. 5752 

Oliver C. 5753 

Silas H., 3975 

Truman, 3976 


Adklink, 4217 

AlMEE, 10S9 

Albert E 422S 

Alonzo W., 6941 

Cornelia 420S 

Caroline E., 4227 

Charles S., 421S 

Daniel, 2523 

Edith H 6935 

Esther, 10S4, 4210 

Elizaekth 10S5 

Elizabeth A., 4222 

Ebenezer, 10S7 

Ensign 2526 

George, 4221 

Harvey, 2522 

Henrv, - 4214 

Henry F.,..J 4225 

Harriett 4216 

James F 4223 

James R., 693^ 

John, 4213, 4-*i9 

John C »5«9 

John R. 4207, ^$7 

Joshua k>53 

Lkman, 2527 

Ia>is F 4226 


Mary S.. 2521, 4212, 4219, 1-4226 

Mary R 6940 

Nathamkl, luSS, 2521 

Richard K., 4224 

ROLLIN 2520 

RouiiRT, 4211 

Samuel 10S6, 3518, 2525 

Samukl a., 4209 

Samuel R., 6935 

Sarah E 4226 

Sarah R., 6939 

SHELr»ON P., 42^)6 

Susan, 4220 

Sylvia 4215 

William J 4205 

William W., 6942 


Anson 267^* 

Chloe 26:9 

CilARI.OTTK, 2^^I 

Cornelia 26^^.' 

Daniel, 3201 

Kmilv 3202 

p^thklinija. 32«^^> 

Henry 26s:> 

Nancy 2677 

Polly H., 3199 


Benjamin A 4&^ 

Benjamin C, 6416 

Frederick P., 4S07 

Harriett M 4^5 

JtxiA M 647, 4S04, 6417 


Elizabeth 6056 

Frances M., 6214 

Harry W.,.., 6215 

Joseph P., 6">57 

Julia P., 6212 

Marv C, « 6213 


David U., 6211 

Mary C, - 62c>9 

WiLLi.oi D., 6210 


Chester, 3023 

David, 707, 3024 

Eleazer, 1709, 3<533 

Enos I7»» 

Elizabeth, 3^35 

Eunice ^^3- 

Hannah 3*^29 

Irene D., s^jO 

ICRUSUA, 1706, 303S 

Jonathan, - 30-^ 

John D 303« 

Joseph, 3026 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






JosiAH, 170S 

I.AVINIA, 3036 

Li:vi 31^20 

OLivhK. ; 1705, 3021 

KKunKX, 1710, 3039 

RUFL'S 3022 

Sarah G 1704, 3025 

SiMKOx, 1712 

SlI.AS, 3027 

Solomon, 3041 

Stol'chton « 3034 

svi,vkster 30^0 

Welthea 30.12 

William 3037 


Arthur C, 4606 

Anne M. 4513 

Elizaokth R., 4610 

Frakces a., 4^11 

James R., 4&jS 

Makv L., 4614 

Samukl n 4607 

ScsAN R., 4612 

William C, 46^19 


James B 6035 

Sarah P., 6036 

C ho ATI-:. 

Helen M 5902 

Miriam F., 5905 

^vvvs 5904 

Sarah 5903 


Abdy a 6745 

Ellen L., 6744 

I.uciA, 6746 

William P., 6747 


AuRiA B 6S35 

Delia B., « 6S34 

Elizabeth S., 6013 

Harriett E., 6836 

James M 6S37 

John T 6914 

Julia K 6916 

Helen L., 6915 

Xancy C » 6S3.'> 

Mary H., 6912 

Parker H., 6S39 

Sarah A., , 6917 

WiLUAM P., 6840 

WiTLIAM H., 691S 



Anne 152 j 


Deborah, 324 



Elizabeth, 1522 

Epiiraim 322 

Erastis 2442 

Hannah. 321, 1024 

James E 4763 

jKKhMlAH 30S, 243^ 

John, 1026 

JosiAH 307 

LVVINIA, 2436 

Leonard 2434 

Leveri:tt 2432 

lAXMUS. 2437 

Lucy, 102S, 2440 

Marcius 2441 

M VRGAKET 2433, 2439 

Martha, 1523 

Mary 1027 2439 

Mary A.. 2435 

Nathan 1525 

Ruth P 323 

Samuel. 1025, 2431 

Sarah 325, 1023 

William P., 4784 

Zixhariah, ." ^ 3<-9 


Harriett S. « 7174 

Henrietta R., 7175 

Mary B., 7176 


Almon 4534 

Amanda, 301 1 

Catharine, 300S 

Climene ^ 4537 

Charles N., 454^ 

Elihu 4535 

Eunice, 453^ 

EzEKiEL 3006, 4539 

Harriett 453S 

Harvey 4545 

Jonathan, 535 

JUSTUS, 534 

Justin, 3010 

Justin X., 4544 

Lyman ^ 454-2 

Lydia a., 454« 

Mary 4546 

Mercy, - 3039 

Oliver, ~ 533 

Submit 3007 

Sylvester, - 4543 


Asahel, 3152 

Ardelia Wt, 4665 

Abby J.. 4666 

Ethelinda, 3146 

IClizabeth, 3149 

Electa R., 466cj 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



INDliX— OniivR NAMI'S. 


KujAii M., 





Mary ;.. 

Mary W 


Ndthanicl p., 


PHnnE M., *: 

ROSWELL 3I5I. 46431 







Clara H 



Elijah P., 

Fred K., 

Gertrude E 


Jessie L., 

James S 

Myra E 


Oscar H 


William H., 




Rose A., 



John N 





Lewis W., 




Anson P., 

Arthlr M., 

Caroline M., 

Charles C, 

David L., 

David S 458'5, 

Elizabeth C, 

FRKDEkl'-K N., 


IIakriktt r., 

4661 I 

4662 1 
464 »' 
4659 I 




49'j6 ^ 





2261 I 




45V « ' 
61 S9' 

6n,6 1 



JOSKTH E., Cirn 

Julia S ^5^'. 

Mary A. J^.,. 

Mary S oi^; 

Norman W. 6U.5 

Sarah C, 4-n7 

Sauah R, 61^; 

Susan P., 4592 

William E., 45S9, 6iSi>, 6191 


Alta P 6S^6 

Charles II 5427 

Charles E 6793 

Eliz.Vb::th B., 543.J 

George 6^03 

Hubert M., 6796 

Joel M., 6791 

John T,, 5426, 6791 

Kate, 6.-"5 

Mark R 5431, 6N.4 

.Mary, 542s 

Mary E. 679: 

Mary L., 671,^ 

Robert E., 6795 

Sarah P., 5429 

Sarah E., 6792 


Aaron, 467, 1207 

Amasa 129S 


AS.UIEL, 1205, 26^.2 

Culoe C, 2rM)5 

DaMARIS, 26')4 

Dorcas, 443 

Dudley, 444 

Ebenezhr, 44^ 

Elijah, 1273 

Enoch, 100,435, 1272 

Elizabeth, 436, i27i 

Eunice 437» ^274 

Hannah, 103,440,466, 1211, 1293 

Hepzibah 1210 

llEZEKIAH, 442, 1299 

Isaac 447 

Jacob 465, i2Vi 


John, i^'^ 

Joseph 1275 

Lois, ....43^5, 130I1 26"7 

Lydia, 445 

Lucy 1295 

Mary 1270, i;.-o 

Mosr.s I-':«4 

Nathaniel >'»» 

Noah 439- »2wo 

Rhoda 26u.> 

Sam.iel, >^- 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Sar.\it, 99, 

Sarah C, 


Almira B., 


Daniel D 


Mary R 




Benjamin, 2706, 









Phkte, « 


Hannett K., 

Nicholas J 




James M 





Bessie v., « 

BETHIAIT .•••••J-; 

Clarissa, .5f-..*:.l/. 



Eveline, - 

Emily A., - 


Francis P., 


Henry E., : 

Hakriett E., 

Harriett M 

Helen M-, 

Horace D., 

Jennie O 

Lucy A 


Martha S., - 


Mary, 3^67, 

Mary E., 

Mary L., 




I3U9 I 
2606 i 



4371 I 
2709 ; 
4e70 ' 
2710 . 

4372 1 

^7<-'5 ■ 
4373 I 
4375 I 




5363 I 

5555 ( 
5557 . 
55M I 

67 2S 



5364 ; 

6:39 . 

53^^7 i 


7'-'74 i 


Norman P 6740 

Orson, 5^.70 

Gb«jAU, 5551 

Kali'H L., 673S 

Ro.^wi.M 3S70 

Sarah A., 6732 

Sally A., 6743 


Sylvester V 6735 

Walton 6729 

Warh a., 6734 

V/i:i:sti:r, 6730 


ICowARij P 6401 

Eliza G 6402 

Francis S.. 64c» 

John ^V'-. 9399 


Daniel C, 6137 

Ellen I) 6136 

Frkncis S., 6133 


Agnes 4^30 

Kathekine a 32^3 

Charles A., 422S 

Elizabeth T, ^..3281, 4S36 

Edward VV 4S24 

Eu<;ene p. 4S37 

Eugene 32S9 

Fitz Hugh, 4SV5 

George W., 3206 

George B 4835 

jhrusha, 1s41 

John E., 3284 

Jonathan, 1839, 3280, 4S23 

Mary, 1.S40 

Mary P., 32S3, 4S26 

PlIEliK, 4S3I 

Sarah P., 32S7, 4S34 

Susan L., 4.S27 

Tryon, 32S5, 4^32 

Wai.tek 32S2, 4.^25 

Whi:i:li:r D., 4S29 


acuill!:s, 30s3 

Georor 3076 

HANNAif 3082 

liiAAC, 3079 

Jo">* 3077 

Julia 7009 

Marv 3f^Si 

Samuel 307S 

Timothy, 3.>'S3 


Annie G., 6055 

Edward UjS.\ 

Henry W 6..5.S 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


ixni:x-oTm:R namks. 



Abni-.r S., 






Fj.IJAH 1735. 

Elizabeth, 663, 6SS, 

Elizabeth \V., 


Hannah, 1736, 










^lARY 661. 669, 



Samuel C 1734, 




Annette II., 

Benjamin K., 

Charlotte F., 

Edward H., 




James , 







Sarah A., 




Elizabeth, « 

William L., 



Amos, 360, 

Anna E 





N«>. Nu. 

I FlKLli, 
1737 I GEORGE W 6263 

3CS5, Hannah. 359. "» 9. M31 

4204 ! John 357, 1127 

6621 Mary 36^ 

3o^»s , Mr.CDAD rn7 

6651 Mkhitalkl 1121 

670' Khoiia 1126 

3071 Sarah, 35S, 1124 

1740 ' Zechariah 1120 

4196 Zenas, 1123 

30S4 ZiLPAH, 1125 

3074 Fay, 

4203. EDWiN. 6655 

3075 ELCrHERA « 6657 

3089 josiAH n., 6659 

667 Sarah F 6656 

671 , William H, 665S 

4195 Fitch, 

3073 Augustus, 4523 

17 ;i ' Aurelia, ^ 152 J 

173S Betsey S 5421 

30S7 : Dorastls, 3775 

i73y Herbert, ^ 3776 

3070. Sarah P., 3777 

66|| Electa 4520 

3072 i Fayette ^ 5423 

30i)6 Helen 5424 

6661 John, 4521 

• Julia 4522 

637S I Lucy 5425 

6376, Mary, 5422 

6375! Mary M., 4525 

6377 I Fletcher. 

j Charles S., 4385 

4231 Frank H 4384 

420 j Flin^t, 

421 j Alice M 5S24 

424. Arthur A 5S25 

422 Edward P., 5S22 

Ellen A 5S21 

3173 Henry A 55523 

3176 Fowler, 

3172 Catharine 2960 

3175 William C, 2959 

3174 French, 

Lydia ^I., 4939 

2v^63 Mary S., 4937 

2561 Sarah A., 493S 

2562 Warren C, 49*0 

William S., 4941 

112S FOOTE, 

1122 Chakles F. , 6467 

6262 DUANE D 5210 

1129 Emily II, 523^ 

mti Frkdi.kick 6^05 

361 j George W., 6403 

1130' Hakrietx M., 6461 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Hknrv L., 6462 

Mary T 646 j 

Nancy M 5241 » 

NORMAX B., S2:^q 

Sarah K 6460 


CUARLKS, « 5S94 

Robert W., ^ 5S95 

SrsAN H., 5^vi 

WiLUAM J 5S92 


Et^iza O. 

Sarah L 



Catharink W., 

El>\VARD H., 

EmvARD T., 


Faith IT.. 

Francis P 


Gkorge II., 

Ghorgf. C, 


Richard T., 


Luther P., ^ 


Layalette, ^ 

Samuei. a., ^ 


borodel m., 

Erastl's E., 

Martha W 



Alexander, 677, 

Anna or Anns, 36^ iSx, 67S, 
731, 1662. 

AhiGAii:. 1S3, 727, 



Chester, « 


Elizabeth. 185, 193, 683, 

Esther, 1S8 

Eliakim ^682. 1659 ■ 

Eiienezer, ^ 1661, 1703 

Elijah, ^ 694 I 

Elijah M 16 .s ' 

Ki.ii'HALET, ^ 1701 I 

GiLEh A., .• KrSij 

Hannah, ^ xj \ 

Hezkkiah, 41, i6;s 

Ithamar, ify>\ I 

- 5925 

- 59?4 

- 5923 

.. 61 19 

.. 703.S 

.. 6117 

.. 6112 

.« 7036 
.. .6114 

.. 6113 

.. 6115 

" 70.^5 

.. 7037 

•. 7039 

.. 2737 

.. 7260 

- 7259 

.. 4704 
.. 4706 
.. 4?>5 
.. 4703 


730 ! 






Iskm:l, 3053 

Jt.ii.N, ;,S, 179, 194, 676, 719, 729 

Jcsi.iii, i.^, 72S, 16S0 

JUSIAH, ...42, 184, 6*^2, 1677. 1719 

Ketikah 3015 

Uiis. 3012 

I.LCY 1679 

^Jaky iS^, 715, 1597 

Makgare.t 2713 

Margaret T 16S3 

Martha 17 13 

Mekii.ah, 1702 

^Cosjs 1718 

Nathaniel, 39, 1K2, 6S0, 721 

i6fo, 1700. 

Naomi, 690, 1682 

Nehi'miah 6f»3, 720, 1681 

Oliver .'. 1699 

Penelope C, 3054 

Rkchel 1S9 

Kith 1S7. 19), 722, 723 

Samlel, 191, 71S. 72>. 1714, 3'^5'^ 

Sarah 691, 71S, 725, 1676 

SfiJMiT D. 3051 

Thomas 167S 

WiLLiAM,«..4o, 192,715.724, 3013 


James, 6532 

Mary 6533 


Antoinett B., 5930 

Betsey 4238, 5920 

Henry W.. 5933 

Hitch 4237 

Jane « 4241 

Jane a 5919 

JOSKIH M., 5932 

Maltby 4240, 5922 

pailine w 5921 

PHEitE 4239 

SVRAH G., 5931 


Hannah H., 710S 

I.cviNA P.. 7107 


Anna. 12S0, 1330, 2650 

AlRLLIA 1335, 2654 

Caroline, 26.^5 

Chloe 1331 

Paviu B., 5g47 

KhTREK 1333, '652 

Klia-'ta 26^^, 

i:lli:n M., 5946 

KLI/AliETH, 1276, 2653, I33J 

HwJiACK 1336, 2055 

HOMMK C 26-^1 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


- M 



Jaukz 127S 

Joiix, 1277 

LicY, 1279 


KoxA, 2652 

ROXANA 1332 


Ki,su: 2S60 

Jacolks 2858 

Sai'T'Hira, 2S57 

Thi-bis 2S59 


Abigail, 2070, 4460 

Abigail 1*., 5062 | 

Aako.v, 74S, 1766 

ASNK 1777, 20791 

HUTLKR 5c6o 

Chalncpa\ 2941, 604S 

CUALNCKY A., 4456 I 

Calkh 5054 

Catharink, 4462 I 

Catharine C, 29461 

Charlks A 2945, 4461 

David 1763, 505S . 

liORCAS, 1767 

Elijah 525 

Eluazer 1761 

Elipualkt 1778, 20S0 

KLirrR 2942, 4455 

Elihl% ^ 4464 

Ei.iii.i C 2943 

Elizabeih, 1764, 1774.2076, 4459 


Kbenezrr \V., 5053 

Edward, 5055 

Edward C .- 6049 

Emily C 4466 

Emily L., 60661 

Fran'cks, 6052 1 

Francis B., 606S; 

George W., 5061 1 

Hannah, 823; 

HuLDAH, 5059 : 

Isaac, 2067 j 

Israel - 205S' 

Joanna 1768 

Joseph 2066 

JosiAH 747. I76«D ' 

Julia 6051 

Lydia, 2057 

lA'DiA M., 5063 

MEillTABKL, 829, 2063 

Mary 1769, 2069 

Mary A 4465! 

Mary E., 6067 

Martha, 206S | 

MiLiCKNT, 1773, 2075 


Xatiianikl, S30, 2064 

Nancy 4457 

PORT'lR 1775, 2077 

Rkiuxca, 821, 1770 

Rrrn 8j6 

Samij:l. 749. ^jL >77». 2073. 2944 

Samti-l G., 4463 

Sarah 828, 1762, 1765, 2072 

Sarah W 4458 

SiMi-ON. 2071 

Solomon 1776, 2C.78 

Stkpiikn S27 

Welthkan 1772, 2074 

\VlLLI\M, 5056 

William II. 6050 


Beutha M 7072 

Charles I) 7071 

Willis F.. 7070 


Abigaii 2734 

Abraham, 235 

Anne 3732 

Ri;ni:t 233 

liANiEL 2u8i, 3731 

Eleazer, 232 

Frederick C, 5417 

Frances L 5418 

Hezekiah, 230, 833 

Isaac, 231 

JOAXNA, 237 

Jonathan 821 

Joseph, ^ 835 

JosHCA M 5414 

Lucretia, 3733 


Lois 239 

Mehitabel, 234, 822 

Ruth, 238 

Sarah 836, 20.^3 

Sarah II., 5420 

Samuel, 834 

Stephen, 236, 832, 20S2 

Stephen A., 3735, 54^9 


Charles C 5983 

IlKNRY D 59-S2 

•^ John G., 5984 

Joseph 59^5 


.Abigail. 61, 273 

Adonikam, 953 

Anne, 975, 2349. ^3^5 

AsHiiEL 97^ 

Bathsheba, 9S3 

Benjamin, 205, 2c,5 

Bethiah 202, 292 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


INDKX— uthi:r names. 



Cl.lTXV. 5^641 

Daniel. 2S1, 9^2 • 

David, 276, 969. 2,;o6 

i:i:i:NrzER 277, 967. 972, 2,;73 ' 

Kdward, 9bo ' 

X*.l«fAS, 33^1 ■ 

FnNA 2J?r2i 

ICl.I.EN \V.. 7i 12 

KI.IZABETH 279, 963, 977 

HUSHA, 96s 

Ki.ijAii, ; 0s 

Hi'HKIAM. 274, 961, 974. 23S9 

KsTHF.R, C,J4 

ElNICE, 966, 971 

Fuf.dekick: D., 701a 

Grace. 275, 960, lyv* 

Hannah, 270, 2.'52, 9'>i 

llr.NRV, 2371 

jKSsn; R 4M7, 7^^^ 

John, 55, 27S, 2^>b, 97^ 

Jonathan. 29'^ 

Jo.siAir 57, 2.-57 

Makcarkt, 414s 

Martha, ^55 

Mary 59, 2S3. 2345, 2; 34 

Mary F., 5^67 

Matthew. 56, 2S0, 979, 9^4 

Minor. 291 

Noah. 54, 272. 290, 952, 962. 2341 

Nathaniel, 5S, 2^u 

Olive, 2^9 ■ 

Oliver. 2374 

Orville U, 5.^66 

Vi^tER 2342, 4145 

I'lIEBE, 2370; 

Philip 2302 ' 

Prudence, 2360, 

Rachel, 2S4 ; 

Rebecca, « 976 

RoswELL, 973 

Ruth 293, 234s 

Samuei »...53. 271 • 

S\muelS..^ 58^3 

Sarah .,60. 2S6. 9.^ 

Solomon 954, 2344. 2347, 2303 . 


Stephen, 2367 

ScsANNAH, ^ 2343. 41/^ 

Triphenia, 97 I 

ULVSI-S S., 5^)2 J 

U. S.. JR 7011 ' 

VikOiNiA S^S; 

William, ^ 2S5. 230^ 

- Zeriah. 9S5 

Zeiiulon, 23'^g 



Annj: E., 5522 

Ai.;r<rA P 5045 

Cnvki.r.s H 5521 

i;i.i/AHi:Tii I) 5510 

Erastis 3823 

ICiMci: H.. 3S25 

I-LNICK E., 5517 

I-VLLINA 5039 

Jane S 5040 

James G. ^ 5043 

J«^'"-^' P 5041. 5523 

Jt'Sl-PH S., 5516 

I.uMLIlL C, 55II 

Minerva V 50.^4 

Martha A. 5524, 3S24 

:^lAkv D., 3S22 

Samijil I)., ., 3S21 

Samuel P., 5042 


Ai.Tci: G.. 6S<x> 

ICMZVlilTH p., 67t>9 

ICathvrini:, 6^oi 

William C, 5994, 6iy.»2 

Grem i,le, 

Charles V 7052 

John S., 7050 

J..s»:ph H., 7053 

William E 7051 


Anna M 5991 

Catharine P., 5992 

Mary \V 5993 

Nathaniel, 5994 


Alonzo F., 6997 

Ellen M 7oi-jo 

Emma L 7<»» 

George F., 6999 

Rlth L 699i> 


Sarah H. 4808 

Gridlev, . 

AbiGAi 2421 

Addison, 29S6 

ASHHKL. 2422 • 

Elisha 2419 

IIaury W 29S3 

Joel , 2425 

Jmskph 4156 

Laira W 29S5 

Noah, 2424 

Ralph W., 29S4 

Root 4'49 

>^\RAH 2420 / 

Zr.uiNA, 2423 . 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Gregory. | 

Edward S., 4121 

Elizaukth 4122 

Efi'ik v., 5^50 

Ef.siK 5^51 

Francis J., 4i-4 • 

IIknry p., 4125 

Joseph, 41-5 

LORENA E., 4»-'3 

Oscar O., 5^0^ 


Abiei., 1673 

Abigail, 6S4, 6S9, 1665, 1669 

AzuBAH, 702 

Benjamin 704 

Deborah, 69S 

Edward i6'u 

EuzABKTH 995 

KiasHA, 699 

Emma H 6254* 

FRr:DERiCK \V., 6255 

Hkzekiah 6S7, 1667 • 

Hepziiiah 705 

Hester, 6c6 

Isaac 6SS, 1671 

JENN.NHTTE H., 6257 

Jeri'sha, 410 

JOHN « 6S6 
onathan, 410 1 

Keziah, 1666 1 

Lucv, 411 ■ 

Lydia 4i4f 697 

Makv, 409, 160S 

Matthew, 412 | 

Noah, 413 ■ 

Nathaniel 703: 

Naomi - 701 j 

NoRBKRT W 6256! 

prudknce, 1670, 1672 

Rachel, 685 

Ruth 700; 

Snxvaxus, 7061 


Abigail, 3404 ' 

Abby P 2640: 

Anne E 4954 1 

Anne M., 4,^02! 

Austin, 26^7 

Clarissa A., 4949 

Ellen 4953 

Francis L. B 4507' 

George, 4952 : 

Henry 4951 

Harriett M. K., 4304! 

Henry H., 2636, 4306 1 

John A., 2639 

John \V 2634 4305 

Layinia, 3402 ! 


Lucy E 4310 

."^lAkY 2635, 4303, 4v)5o 

Mary C 4312 

3ilAKV E 4303 

Ralph R 263S, 4311 

Rl-.VhKE W., 43.4) 

Sarah S 3403, 494^ 

Sl.LIA R., 430S 

Uriah B 3405 


Anne M 4S39 

Elizabeth, 4S40 

ELO! NE E., 4S44 

Benjamin 3294 

Francls I* 4>4I 

Henrietta E., 4^42 

jAMLs J 3291. 4543 

Jonathan E., 32*^3 

Mary E 4S3S 

Walter. 3292 

William, 3293 

WiLLr\M B., 4S45 


.\hu;aii 1634 

ASAHKL A., 5:2 

Hezlkiah W., 5173 

Jaiu:z, 1622 

I.AIRA p.. 5174 

Makoaket, 1623 

Martha S. 5175 


Feltxina, 6453 

. Jl'LIA S 6451 

Mary C 6452 

William A., 6450 


Abel B., 6S45 

Amelia B 6S44 

Jami^s H 6i>j3 

Samuel P 6^41 

William C 6i>42 


David 4291 

James W., 4292 

Jane. -4=9^ 

Newton /. 42^ 

PHILO, 42'?S 


Arthur B ^ 7023 

BuRinrTTE, 6010 

Ellen - 6012 

Jamfs P ^ 27t?4 

Jane P 275S 

John L., 27^^$ 

Mary A. - 7024 

Marilla M 7026 

Minerva A., 7025 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Norman E., 

Norman L., 

Samiul p., 


Ai>am a, 

Ai.i:xani)i:r C, 

Anthony P 



Frkdi:rick C, 

Louisa P., 

Marion A., 

Marv F 







Jl>HN, 730, 

Mary, 1733, 

Mary I... 





kmma s. : 

Francks R.. 

Nkwton R., 

Myrtie E., 

Mary A., 








MlNDWeLK., ~ 



AucE M., 

James A., 

Mary F 

Her KICK, 

Elizabeth P., 


William C 










2757 i 


TMI ; 





7M7 j 

17.U ' 

3^04 ' 

7041 ■■ 

5504 ; 

550-S I 

5507 I 

5505 I 






1351 I 



6241 ' 





1041 ' 




Harrara 3103 

Hmzahi: ru 3104 

OioR^.i:, 3u»5 

Hknry 3u^ 

John, 3099 

Nathaniki 3101 

SvuAH 3100 

Stephen 310a 


David P 4323 

George E., 4324 

Henry M 4322 

Mary p., 4327 

Richard B. 4326 

Sarah E., 4325 


Carolines. 3274 

David A., 4x817 

David P., 3272 

LwvRENcr. P., 4.S15 

Martha S., 4S16 

Mary E., 3270 

Sarah P., 3209 

Thomas, 3273 

William V 3271 


Alonzo p., 6652 

Francis H., ^ 6650 

George A., 6651 

Harriett M 6654 

Kate J 6653 

Ia'uia M., 6649 


Clymene, 1290 

Eli 12S7 

Elijah, - 12S6 

John, 1291 

Lois i2.bS 

Luther, 1292 

LvDiA, 12.^9 

Matthew 12^55 


Arthur H., ~ 6265 

Charles S 626S 

Clifford J., 6270 

Effie v., 6277 

Ezra L 4^*5^^ 

Fidelia 4654 

Frank B. 6269 

Frank G.. 6276 

Frank T., 6272 

Gi:(jkge, 4' 4S 

Grace B 627S 

Harriett G 6275 

Helen A., 6273 

HwRACE, 46.S2 

Isabella K. 4'^56 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 







Lii-Y A 


Mary A., 

Rosa J.. 



Sarah A., 

Walter R 



Electa M 

Jonas W. 

Laura A 


William U 


Alexander H 3919, 

Alkxander L 

Alexander S., 



Elizabeth P., 


George W.. 

Gertrude M., 


Harriett L., 

Henry K 

JoH^•C.. 5634, 

John M 2212, 391S, 5628, 


John M « pace 

Julia K., ^ 

Lucy S., 


Maria C 

Mary A 3920, 

Mary E., 


Porter, page 

Sally P., ^ 

Sarah, 5626, 

William R., ^ pack 



Adam 1048, 


Anna, , 







Harry 2917, 

No. No. 


4649 Hoei 2457 

4651 LSAAC 1044, 2449 

6274 Laura 2456 

4650 Maria, ^ 2448 

6267 Martha, 1046 

6271 Marv 1045, 1545. 4449 

4653 I OLIVkC, 1541, 245S, 2910 

46571 Patience 1544. 2914 

6264 I Porter, 2464 

62661 Ruth 1543 

4655 I Ruth E 2909, 444S 

] Sarah 1049, '447 

4721 ' Timothy,... 1047, 1542, 2462, 290S 

4720 1 Tru>l\n, 2911 

4723; William 2451, 2913 

4722 : Hopkins. 

4719; Agnes O., 6364 

, Anne M., 6359 

6925 I Austin B 4716 

5033 Arthur J., 4761 

6927. Carhline D., 4755 

69261 Charles F., 4711 

5637 Charlotte R, 4757 

5630- Kmzai.eth 1S13, 4747 

6221 Klizabkih p., 6373 

39221 Erastus, 3209. 6372 

6923 I Edward S., 4718 

3921 I Edward W 4734, 4759 

56271 Electa, 3195 

5625) Electa H., 4736 

692S: Emma L., 6362 

5632 Francis T., 4760 

• FannvB., 63S0 

622 Fanny P ^ 4762 

5631 George T., - 4714 

6924' George L., 4733 

3917 George H., 474^ 

5635' Hannah, ibu7 

3924 Harriett 3192 

5630 Harriett E 47i5i 473i 

5536; Henry B , 472S 

623: Henry S 6361 

3923 I Henrietta A., 6361-r 

5629 Isabella T 4749 

622] jEkUSHA, IN>S 

j John, 1812, 475* 

4447 i John C liioi 

2450 John T., 3>97 

2455 : John L 4732» 6379 

2915 Julius H. 4735 

2912 Lewis S., 3210, 475"^ 

2416 Lucy ii>ii 

2453! Lulu 63S1 

2460 1 LucRETiA S., 4713 

24.5^ Mabei li^ 

2916, Martha, 1*^3 

4450' Maria M., 4754 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Margaret D., 

Marv E., 


Mary A., 





Robert O., 

Ronald M., 

Sarah P., 

Samantha Lm 

Samuel. 1S05, 320S, 

Samit.l p., 

Sarah A. \V 

Sarah A., 

Sarah B., 


Stephen G 

Stephen W., 47 J2, 

SrsAN C, 

Thkoik)re C, 

WlLLMM S. B., 

\VlLLL\M S., 


Arvesta a 

Ruth E., 


Sarah ^ 



Amy L 




Catharine L., 

Eliza W 

Elizabeth B., 

Emily W 

ezekiel w., 

Frances A., 

Hannah \V 


LrciNDA O., 

Margaret, ,3553, 

Mary D., 

Myka L., 

Sarah B., 

Sophia W., 

Thomas D., 

William L., 


Charles A., 




4750 1 







iSio , 

6366 ' 


4730 : 




3207 ! 

3193 I 



^353 I 








5018 ; 

3459 I 
5009 i 

5011 f 

5012 I 





Jo">f G.. 4944 

Mariun, 49.|6 


Ar.MiRA, 31S6 

Anna 1726 


1>A^"I^:L, 3047 

Ki.isha, 3044 

Klizabkth, 30 v6, 4551 

ICdmlni* 304S 

El-nici: N 4552 

i:lkcta, 6019 

Harriett 154S 

JickiSHA. 31S2 

Joanna 1727 

John \V 31S4 

Lawrence 3i>>3 

LiciNDA 4549 

I.ucv 3043 

Margaret, 4550 

Maria 4547 

Meiiitahel, 3179 

Mosi.s , 317S 


Sarah P y>:i 

SdPHIA, 31S5 

Si'SAN, 4553 

Susannah, ...1724, 30^5 

William, 1725, 3049 


Harriett A., 7118 

Lucy H 7117 


Ebenezer, 5715 

Edwin, 5839 

Frederick P., 5842 

Gertrude E 5841 

Harriett P., 5717 

Henderson W., 5843 

Ida a., 5S58 

Jerry A 5844 

Kitty A., 5840 

Xathan S., 5717 

Ruth S 571S 


Abigail, 1877 

Andrew 3334 

Almira 3336 

AMBkosE, 3339, 3350 

Apollos 3542 

AkCiinjALD 1)., ; 

ARKIA S. 6|25J 

Bertha 6107 

Bethia T.. 4557 

Catharine G 4563 

Catharine B., 4^69 

Catharine S 4895 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



INDEX— othi:r namks. 


Huntington, i 

Catharine F 6121 \ 

CHAkLKS P. 4554] 

CllAkLKS S 01^1 1 

Charles \\\, 6105 l 

CvRis T., 5352 ] 

David L. L., 6177: 

Debokah, 1S74 I 

KuwARD B., 455S 4^9^! 

EnwARD S., 6[.j<)i 

Kdmvnd D 6120! 

Kt.iDA. 7046' 

Elijah II.. 6ic6 

Klisha 1S72 3341 

EHZAliF.TH p., 4555 

Esther 334^ 

Trancis J., 3.'59 

Flora., 6123 

FrLDERICK a.;... 3331 

FRKDr.RICK S 6!22 

pRKDERICiC P., 7047 

Fred D., 45^4 

Gi:orcj: S., jv/) 

Gj:orgk I*., 6127 

Okokge F., 6178. 

Helen F., 6104. 

Helen M.. 6120' 

Henry \V., 3353, 

Henry K., 4^93! 

Henry G., 6110, 

Ht:7.EKiAH 1674, 3357 

Hiram, 3349 

Horace 3555 

HORACE A., 3555 I 

John 1S70, 3330* 

John L 3^4S 

John W 4559 

James O 6129 

jEr»EDiAH, 3347 

Joseph C 7044 

jLi.iA A., 3354 

Julia P., 61S0 

Julia W., 7^>42 

Laura, 3344 

Laura C 6rii 

Lucia C 7043 

Lucy B., 61 iS 

Lucy C, 679, 7043 

Mary 33^3 = 

Mary D., 45^^^ , 

Mary E., 6108, 6132 

Maria C 4*ri/j 

Maria \V 6125 

Margaret K 4>c.9 

Mehitabel, 1S71 

Nancy. 3343 

prescendia, 3,51 

Rebecca, 3332 I 



Roui UT G 33'vS 

RCJU iiT \V., V^^'M 

Rl TH, I.S7S 

t^lTH P-. 33 LS 

Ruth G., 61 u 

SAMfEi 1376,3338. 2356, 4S92 

Sarah r. , ^^c,i 

Sarah C ti^i 

Stlihen V. D., 704s 

Susan L., 33vS 

Thankful iS;9 

Thfodori: G., 4561 

Thf. V 45(^0 

Walti k K., 6l2\ 

William, 1S73 ,6130, 3316 

William K., 61 19 

WiLiL\M P., 4^56 

William W., JS97 


Danill, 15S7 

GlKEON, I5.S5> 


Anni; M 4724 

Electa A., 4726 

Frank P 4725 

John T., 4:27 


Agnes M 2^97 

Charles P. 3.'^n2 

Charles K., 6152 

Eunice, 2199. 3SS3 

Esther E., 3'^J56 

Francls, 3SS;j 

George C, i 6149 

Henry M., « 6153 

JKANIE P 59^5 

Joshua, 219^ 

Katharine C, 6156 

LuckiniA 22CJO 

Mehitabel, 219S 

Mary 3S77, 4V^ 

Marietta, 6157 

Melancton W., 6[55 

Nathanh.l. 2IC0 


PkUf>i;NCE 3'^^' 

Rhoi>a - 3S7':5 

RoNANA 3S:9 

Simeon P 6r5t) 

Tht:()1>ore M., 59^5 

Thomas S 61 ^I 

WAT-i.N II., 3'^'^> 

WKLllfEA 3''^4 

William C. 6154 


ELiZAhiiTH S., 6133 

Margaret P., 6134 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Danikl Lm 



KiCKXi; B 

Frank A 6;.5i, 

Howard K., 

jKssii: C. 

Mary L., 



Helen L., 









ABIGAIL, 34, 5S4. 637, 1470, 

loS'"*. 2S53, 2b9i. 

Abnkk, 651, 

AlJEi. 645, 

AGL'K, 647, 

ANNA 1447, 

Adonikam, 1502, 





Benjamin 60S, 



Charles A., 

Caroline F., 

Chapman, ...« 576, 1456. 


David. 159, 57S, 615, 644, 


Daniel, 15'^. 649, 



Edward L 

Hlnathan, 5S3, 28S4, 




Elisha, 5S7, 

Ephraim 14S, 6^3. 

Ephraim E 

K^'■^'lCE 639, 1473, 




Elizabeth 571, 577. 6.>7, 

1474, 1496. 1560. 2S93. 

' JfDSON, 

2452 Esther 30, 1475, 2S30, 2SS2 

2453 ICSTHER M., 2c;*X) 

2454; GlI'EuN 1510 

Grace 2S 

7r<>5 ' Hannah,. ..,;5, 153, 6.-.5. 643, 1450 

7C^.» 2>^I. 2)27. 

7096 Hr.NRY 2926 

6353 Hi'NRY I* 6^33 

6352 Hollisti:r, 1516 

' Isaac, 149, 61.6 

7C67' Isaac E., 1495. 1795 

7C'6t> Jamen 27, 157, tK»4, 611 

7069; Jk»iiN, 142. 573. M4-S 

; Jonathan 145. 59*^. '5'^? 

4013 Josr.PH 29, 14). 156, 575, 14^5 

4012 Jttsr.iiiR « 3^.2 

' josHi-A 31, 143. 5^^ 1493 

1222 Ji:rl*.sha. 5^9 

1223 Kk/iau I.lvSl 

l.icv 1477, 1575 

1514: Lewis oj2 

: Mabel 147s 

156S 3IARIA 2925 

1515 >CAkTHA 146, 5^6, 6;o, I5t>7 

1565 Mary 151. 57-\ 574. 613. M53 

1574: 1472. 1432, 1499. 

2.S5:5 Mary A., 2.^25 

157^! Matthew, 1513 

2829! MEiHTAiiEL, 15^^'. 15:3 

2824- Nathan, 379 

652 I Nathan S., i4^> 

^577; Noah 1500, 2?^35 

1471 Olive, 611 

2i>99 Patience, i4''7 

2S56 Palmer, 2-87 

2Si>o Philo 1512, 2694, 2923 

1511 . Peter 5^'> 

1476 Phi u::... ...33. 156, 645, 14 ;9, 1494 

1469: Prluenck, 1466 

I Rhoua 2g.^2 

2S55 I Rebecca 155. <^»'', I5'''4 

1492 RlXH 3-. 64S, I49i 

6121 RtTH A 2S>3 

6232 Sabra I47'< 

29>q Sarah. 25. 154, 57o. ^*-> 614, 63S 

5S5 . ^oj. 1446. 1549. 1562, 2.>2S, 

147 Samcei 5^>, »*76 

2926 SriH 1452, 2S26 

1301 ; SiMi liN, I5'.S 

1197 ' Solomon 146S. 15.=^ 

2i:79 S'-.-.AN C. 623V 

I55^> SiSANNAH 5^1, I45f. 145 + 

2929 »SVLVE:>TER, - 2924 

614 : TlIAbDELo 149^. ^H^*) 

2i>S3 • Thomas i55i 

616, Timothy «> 9. i&27 

Zei'Haniah 1457 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Amos, 5691 

Akkauam, 5019 

luckktia ; 3c9o 

Pkii»kxck 3692 

Kachki, P 36S9 

Samuki,, 301S 

Sarab, .; 3017 

Sybil 3016 


AiiiAH A., 49^3 

Al.hXANDKR E., 3364 

Alsyanda G., 4914 

AijCK C, J915 

DliMA 3361 

Dklia E 49CK) 

Ei.iHU L., 3360 

Ku/ABhTM B. \g^oS 

Gamalikl 3363 

Hampton II. 4912 

Hknky M., 4916 

I.AUKA 3362 

Lal'ra a., 4910 

Lyman E., 4906 

Lrcv C, 49^ 

RKiiiiCCA M., 4907 


Abigail, 3258 

Chari.oite, 3262 

Ei.KAZAk, 3255 

Eliza, 3256 

Henry, 3257 

jEkUSUA, 3260 

Julia, 3261 

^lARY 3259 

Stephen P., 3263 


JtXIA A., 5704 

Mary A., 5705 

Samuel \V., 5703 


Betty S.. 64S4 

Charlotte P 64S1 

Catharine B., 4SSS 

David L., 4i^'>5 

Elizaueth, 64S2 

Ellen L., 64S3 

Georgk \V„ 64S0 

Helen D., 4.SS6 

Henry C 6475 

Henry \V.. 48.^1 

Hezekiau 4S.S7 

Howell S., 6485 

Israel II., 6479 

Julia A., 4S82 

Julia E., 6477 

Julia H 6476 

Leicester 4S84, 6478 


^lARTiiA P., 64S7 

SrsAN H., 4^S3, 6485 


Apdison, 3937 

Clarence A., 6969 

Diana,..'. 5663 

Kbenezir, 5664 

Klecta, 3933 

Kmkltne 393S 

I KiNiCE K, 3930 

FKi:i)r.:iiCK W., ^ 56S6 

■ Gi:oRGK P. 695S 

I Gi oiiGK E., ....\ 6965 

Harlan P., 56^14 

; Hi:len L 6957 

Howard, 6936 

Josi-PH A 56S5 

; Lewis F., 696^5 

, Lois 392vS 

Louisa 5662 

', yixK\\ 3934 

^LVRIA, 5660 

I Newton E 6970 

! Oliver 3929 

Oliver A., 6955 

I O.R 56rx) 

' PER.SIS, 3932 

I Ralph \V., 6967 

! RoxANA 3935 

• Ruth, 3956 

j Sarah C.,^ 6964 

Ward, 3931 

Ward M., - 6965 

' Knight, 

! Henry C. 6S55, 7066 

I Sarah J 6856 


Lewis 20S5 

! Rlth, 25S4 

I Lambert, 

, Margaret E, 6415 

, William C, 6414 


Cecelia A : 6561 

Edgar E 6563 

! Eva 5445 

John P 5446 

Johns.,.. 544-J 

Mary E. 6562 

Mary P 5447 


Ale.\ander R., 7^2 

Caroline F., 7'o9 

Louisa F 7"o 

Nora 7"' 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


iNni-:x— oTiiicu nai:ms. 



Alkxander E., 

Cli-mknt \V 


LrcY h 

Olive T. 

Orra P 

Sii.AS H. 






Ellkx S., 

Grace A 


Horace W 


Al.MIRA S., 

Amelia R., 







Edward L., 



James T., 

John R 

Jeann-ette T., 

Lorenzo P. 4391, 


Reuiien p., 



T110MAS G., 



William H., 







jAMEi T., 

John H.. 


Thomas R 

Samuel C 



Cornelia P., ^ 

John P.. 





45-27 • 

5S20 • 





439 J 

547-; ' 

6jiS ; 







5476 » 

1216 ■ 

^:>i5 ■ 



12 14 


6279 ! 

6280 I 

62S1 ! 

49^1 ! 

4<,^J I 
497^ i 



AniCAiL, 630 

.Anne 2^->i 

Davio, 629 

Hannah, 242^) 

jAMi.S 62S 

John, 626 

Makv, 627 

Oljvku, 1426 

Sarah, 24;>o 

Selah, 242S 2427 


Emm\ W., 4402 

James H 4401 

Jane V \.\oj 

John U., 2768 

Porter, 2770 

RoxANA, 2709 

SiMl.ON 2771 

Loom IS, 

AllIJAH 1329 

Amasa 4S6, 516 

Anne 120, 379, .\^\, 497, i2f.«o 

i324. 1350. 

Auir.Aii 49*' 503, 1197 

AiHAL 520, 1320 

Abner, 5«9 

AlTHlA I33.S 

Benjamin 47L "344 

Kekiah 509, 1333 

Belinda, 1354 

Charles 125, 515 

Christiana, 11.S9 

Chalncey 1341 

Daniel, 1322 

Deijorah, 474 

dokothea, 1317 

Dorothv 50S 

Elijah, 495, 51 [. 1321, 132S, i3r33 
Elizaijelh,...37.*), 521, 1 191, 1139 
i>95. 1319. 1339. ^35"^- 

EhENEZER, lie/} 

Ezra, 470 

Esther, \S<) 

Emilv, 2735 

Fitch 1347 

Francis 2733 

Gr.RSHON, 1 16 

Gemrgk, 477, 1316 

Ge<»roe N., 27J4 

Gr wis 510, 1360 

Hannah, iio. 4S5, 4^8, 502 

Hei'Ziukh 492, iiSf3 

Hezekiah 374, 1194 

ICHAliAD, IlS. 490, I3IS 

ISSAIAH, 1192 

Jauez 114 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





jACor., 5?2, 


JKRLSHA, 173, 



JOSHl'A, 112, 



JOKL 476. 




Lois, 119, 

Lucy '.. 





Mary 109. 373. 472, 4S3. 


Natiianikt., 124, 507, 

,: I 

Odiah, 123. 

Oliver, 501, 1337, 

OziAS : 


Ruth, 115, 12S, 

Reiu-cca, 121, 5< 6, 

Roger 135, 516, 

Reuken 491, 

Sarah, « 113, 46^, 

Silas, 512. 

Solomon, 375, 51S 


Thomas, iii, 

Timothy, 117, 



Uriah 122, 


Zerriah : 



Clarini>a P 


Lyjiia M., 5962, 

Nelson P., 5963, 




George S., 5742, 

Frederick D., .• 













I ;o4 




5' '5 

1 3-^6 










667. s 







Mdward p., J330 

John M 43^9 

William A 4331 


AliKI 2I6j5 

AzKL, 2161 

Alvan 2162 

Alice, 564S 

CokNELius, 2164 

ll/kA 2163 


IIOLLV P 5650 

ISAP.EL D., 6947 

John 2159 

Joni:ph 559, 900 

iACV n., 6c49 

:^lARV 5647 

Mary A., 6950 

M::rnTAi2EL riy\ ^97 

Miisi.s, 5<34-3. 6946 

Richard 55S, 699, 5649 

Samuei 6951 

U'riLiAM, 560, 901 

y.H.i'AH 557, ^98 

Mack. ALL. 

Gakoline L 7201 

Leonard C 7200 


Mary S.,..: 704S 

JULLK P 7049 


Ki.iHU, 1695 

Elisha, 1694 

Naomi, 1692 

Olive, 1693 


EL17ABETH, 2062 

Matthew 2063 

Mkhitabel, 2059 

Samuel, 2060 

Susannah, - 2061 


Aaron 3631 

Asaph, 3636 

Benning, 3^35 

CVKL s 3^37 

Ira 3'"^3o 

Jared, ~ 3629 

Joel, 3^39 

John - 3629 

LvDiA 3632 

Naviianiel, 3654 

rnri'i. 3^-'!>'^ 

Sakah, 3^33 

Solomon, - 3^^^ 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 







Charles P., 



Eliphalf.t - 17S9 


Klizabeth, 1797, 


Klvira M., 

Hannah, 742, 



Henry M 




Joseph 17S3, 



Mary h 

Martha, 741, 



Moses. 750, 1779, 


Perez. „ 


Phebk p., 

Rebecca, ^ 


Samuel - 751, 1786. 

Sarah, 17S8, 

William, „ 


Chester K., 

Frank L 




Abigail , 303, 

Abraham A 

Allyn, 1041, 2409, 

Charles 306, 1012, 



Hliska, ^ 

Elijah 1013, 



ICluabetu 1018, 



Erastis, « 


George C 




46;S I 
liSi } 
1:95 i 
4641 , 

3144 ; 

3140 1 

4640 I 
3UI '■ 
753 I 

6310 I 



2 ;'--'3 1 



24-^7 j 
1020 1 

3 ■-<»4 ; 

2416 1 


23^9 j 




Hannah 1022 

iNCkEASE, loiC, 2411 

John 1017, 2391, 24^x> 

iNCkEASi: i:., 4^29 

Jemima 2415 

JOSEl'H, ,... 305 

Jasi'Ek 1004 


UCINDA A., 4533 

Liciis 3005 

Licv 23S7, 299S 

Mary, 2410, 2i>99 

MAKTliA, 99S 

Naomi 3001 

Nathaniel, 304. 101 1, 241S 

Oliver 1015, 2414 

Return S 24U> 

KoiiKRT T., 2417 

rolanij 23>s 

Rhuda 2435 

Samuel 3^1. 999. ^3"'> 

SUPIITA, 2390, 2413 

Syijil, ,^<^-'], 

Thomas 2^193 

Timothy 302, 1002, i(.':9 

William, loui 

Zeckari.\h, 4530 

Miller » 

David \V., 5520 

Henry D., 55*3 

John G.. 5519 


Caroline, 440S 

eliz.vbeth, 44...9 

James, 44" 

John, 441^ 

Sarah P., 4412 


Aaron 366, 1 166 

Anne, 371. "63, ii5x>. 2593 

Anna H 2570 

Abigail, 1145, 255S. 2562 

.\UGUSTus 1150 

Bradley. 2556 

Clarissa. * 2563 

Daniel, 36.S, 1159 

Dorcas. 1171 

Drake 1173 

Eijene/.er, 369 

Edmond 115S 

Edmund F., 2591 

Ki.ijah; H34 

Elihu, - 2511 

Eli 2538 

El.ISHA, II4« 

Elizabeth, 1176, 25^5 

Elizabeth T., 2572 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Elizabeth H 



Florilla M., 


GiDKON 370, 

Gideon* J 

Hannah, 1168, 


Isaac, 1144, 

JrnEDiAH....364, 1139, 1177, 

Jedkdiah W., 

Jeremiah F., 

Jeremiah R.. 



JOHN, 367, 1152, 1170, 

John R., 2566, 


Julia A 

LvDiA. 1151, 

Lewis 1153, 

Lewis A 

Lvcius ^ 

Martha, 1132, 



Moses, ^ 


Pelatiah. 363 1133. 

Peter 365. 1146, 1154. 

Peter W., 

Philo 1142, 2559, 

Reuben B., 




Samuel.-... 1 135, "43. "55. 

Samuel J., ^ 1175, 

Sarah, 1138, 1157, 

Sarah A., 


Susannah, 1137, 

Sylvester H., 




Theodosia „ 


Aaron, ., 625, 


Adoniram, 1439, 

Allen S « 

ANNA, 1592, 



25S3 i 


2557 1 
25S9 I 
1162 , 

2573 I 

25^S I 

25S2 j 

25^5 i 
2575 ■ 

2534 , 

2595 : 
1 167 
2561 I 
1 164' 
2534 t 
1 169; 


2536 ! 

"49 I 




1 160 






Elisua 624 

Elizabeth, 1442, 159S, 1603, 2S15 

EsTHKR, 2S21 

Eunice, 2S20 

Emma, 1526 

Jamks, 619, 1594 

jKiiu, 623 

John -. 622, 1597 

John J., 1599 

John R 160S 

Justus, 618 

JursoN, 1604 

LoviSA, 1613 

Love, 2S22 

Mary 621, 1502, 1602 

M\kv M 1605 

Matthew, 1550 

XoAH, 1440, 2S19 

Puebe, 1444. 2S1S 

Ri:bp:cca, 1443. ^595 

RnruEN, 620 

Ruth A 1612 

Rhoda, 1596 

Sarah 1527, 1529, i6co 

Sarah L 16^6 

Salmon, 1615 

Skth 144*. 2S17 

Susannah, 2814 

Sylvia P 1607 

Solomon, 1531 

Timothy, - 1445 

Urania P., 1610 

Wait, 2823 


Daniel 4632 

Edwin D., 55^2 

Henry 4633 

Harriett M., 4636 

John G., 5515 

Mary 4631 

Mary D. 55^3 

Martha A.. 55i4 

Sabra W., , 4637 

Sarah G 4629 

sophronia, 4630 

Strphkn S., 4635 

Susan, 4^34 


Anna E 43^4 

Anna J 44*^4 

Chloe 265y 

Esther, 2656 

Frances A., 4.1<^^ 

Hknry P 4107 

Orson, 2658 

Sarah W., 43^3 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Thomas, 2657 

WiM.iAM, 2660 


Emma S., 7c^4 

Edith, D., 70S5 


John- 2921, 4452 

Mary A., 4454 

Polly M., 4455 

Olivk 291S 

Truman, 2920 

AVilltam, 2919 

William G.,... 445' 


Dkborah 1 4902 

Delia E. A9^3 

Edson K., 1905 

Henry H., .' 4901 

Minerva C 4904 


Caroline L., 6662 

Edwin L.. 6660 

Harvey L., 6661 

John M., 6663 


Jessie C.^ 709S 


Elizabeth M 6235 

Jane 6240 

John C. 6237 

Lucy C, 623S 

Samuel G., 6236 

Thomas P., ^ 6239 


ANNA, 1485 

DamariSi « 1552 

^A^^D 2484, 1534, 1537 

Elizabeth, 4444 

Enos, 2S31 

Hannah, - 1535 

Jehiel, - 154S 

JERUSHA, 1547, 4443 

Jonathan, 1533 

Lee. 4446 

Mary 1489. 1539 

Martha, 153S 

Mather, 1638 

Patiencb, 1483 

Philo, 1490 

Rhoda, ^ 1536 

Samuel, m^s 

SiTTH P 1546 

Simeon, i486, 1540 

Susannah, ^ 14^7 

Timothy, -...i49»» 283a, 44^5 





Ellen M 

I Emma L., ►. 

I Enos, 

j Hkastls 

' Hannah 344, 

' John 

I Lemuel, 

J Mary 

j Martha, 1103, 

! Noah, 

I Rebecca 

I Sarah 347. 

! Thomas 

i NEwui:Rkv, 

I Ahioail, 



Hannah, ^ 


Sarah, ; 








Lucy R 





Andrew 1503, 

Anna is^Si 

Anne L 

Caleb 1504, 

Charles I 


j Elisha 1506, 

I Eluabeth, 

I Lydia A.,^ 

i Mary L. 

Sarah G., 

: NoBi.E, 

I Charles R., 

• Ituamar D 

William S 

! Norton, 

i Caroline C, 

I Edwin N., 

t Henry, 



1 104 



1 100 


1 102 








^3 A 2 





Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Ar,icK E., 7197 

CnAKu:s R. 7199 

Ella R 719S 


Catharixk 4229 

Charles H., 4231 

Edward, 4233 

llRLKN M., 4230 

JAXK 4232 

Mary P - 4236 

Margaret, 2551 

Martha 2553 

Mills. 2552 

pel.atiah ; 2547 

ROSWELL, 2549 

Sarah, \ 2550 

Sarah M., 4233 

Timothy 254b 

William, 4234 


Alkkkt p., 6S91 

Ruth, 6S92 


Cyrus E 5674 

Electa M 5673 

Ervix 5672 

Harlax M., 5675 

Harlax K., «.. 6974 

JosiE E., 6973 


AI.BERT P., 6357 

Alberta L 6356 

Elizabeth, 4709 

Elizabeth C, 6355 

Emily P., 6354 

Laura L., 635S 

Lucy M., 4707 

SAMqKL P., ~ 470S 


Anna L., « 4252 


Anns L., 7017 

Harriett W., 7016 

JONAS P 5915 

Lloyd 7019 

Mary C.,« 7014 

puillipps, 7015 

Stephen W.,„ ^ 701?^ 


Abigail 97 

Angeline L., 6022 

Bknoni 9.S 

Caroline M., 6020 

Charles, ^ 3002 

Elizabeth \V., 3063 

Esther 96 

Eb^:ne2er, - i7i> 


Hannah, 94, 174 • 

IIi;/kkl\h, 175 

Isaac, 171, 41S 

iKRijAH, 419 

John* •• 173 

JosKPH, 76, 93, 416 

Jonathan, 417 

^lAJiV « 91, 415 

Mo>r.s P., 3061 

MiNDWi.LL - 95 

Noah , 177 

Sarah, 92, 172 

\Vm. \V., 6021 


Caroline 3452 

Caroline M 49S7 

Charles M 49^8 

Charles H., 6497 

David, 3446 

Edward W., 49S6 

Kllen M 649S 

Elizabeth B., 4^,90 

Klizabetu S 5003 

Elizabeth \V., 6^96 

EzEKiEL \V., 3445. 49^9 

Fannie C, 6502 

Francis, 3450, 6505 

Francis H., 6499 

Harriett, 3449 

Harriett S., 4992 

Harriett W., 4996 

James 3455 

Jane C 5^2 

John C, 5000, 6500 

Mary, 345^ 

Mary H., 5001 

Mary S., - 49*^4 

Marion L 499^ 

Nancy P., 499' 

Prudence, 3447 

Richard C, 4997, 6501 

Sophia, 3453 

, Thomas 344S 

William, 3454 

William W 4999 


Alice, 2845 

Anna 1090, 2S40 

Anne, 1096 

Beardsley, 1463 

ijirdseye 2.s43, 2S51 

Deborah, 2^38 

Eli, 1094 

Elizabeth, - 2S35 

Enoch « 1091 

Ephraim, 1099 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 







Jou^ M59. 

John \V 

JosiAH 1461, 

JOAXNA, 1454. 

Junsox 1463. 






Mary 2S33, 




Sarah 1092, 145S, 





Clarinda H 


Huntington K 

Philip Y 

Winston K.. 


Aaron, 7214, 

Aaron A., 

Addie C. ^ 


Anna 721S. 






Charles R 

Eliza M., ^ 

Ethel M 


Flora J 

Henry C. 

Hervey B 

James H., 

James J., 


John O., 

John Q. A., 

Joshua, ^ 

Joshua B 

Lester W., 

Lydia, ^ 

LuuLLA, ^ 7256, 

Lee L.. 


Mary A., 


2^52 t 
2^44 I 


2-^17 ; 
2S37 • 

109<3 i 
2S42 I 

6491 I 








7222 ' 







7270 I 


7253 i 


J271 : 











Marianns, 7245 

^L\RIKTTI•:, 7246 

Pamkla 7226 

POLI.Y 7223 

PORTRR, 7227 

SvRAir, 7212 

Sakaii R., 724S 

Solomon, 7213, 7226 

Sophia 7231 

Solomon L., 7247 

Thomas 7210 

Triman, 7229 

Samtki 7225 

William, 722S 

WM. IL, 7.^54 

William P. P., 723S 

Zacchariah 7216 


Abkah\m 3vX;S 

Kr.i/AHi.TH, 3(J97 

llKNKV P 53SS 

Solon A 5399 

SrsAN J., 5400 

Petit. »oNi:, 

Harold C, 69c»9 

Laira a., 691*5 


Bertie D., 5836 

Clarence C, 5S34 

Emily G., s'^iS 

Helen L., 5^^ 

Homer E., 5^45 

Myrtie L., 5^37 


Edward F., 516S 

Elizabeth S.. 3477 

Eunice W 3472 

Frederick S., 5170 

Henry O., 347^ 

James A., 5162 

James B 3474. 5*^9 

James C. 5165 

Joseph 1). 5167 

JENNETTE L., 5»6o 

Mary E., 5164 

Mary J.. 3476 

Mary S., 5J61 

ROSWELL L. 5'7i 

Samuel L., 5163 

TiM</riiY S 3473 

William W., 3475, 5it6 


Caleb 1926 

Caroline, 7205 

David 1992, I993 

Damaris, 1959 

Darwin E 72^*4 

. Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Dorothy, 195S 

KrjZABUTu 737, 7-«^7 

Hannah, 19''^ 

John, i960 

lA'CY 7209 

Kathanii:!., 1991, 1992 E. 7'^ 

Samihl, 720^ 

Stkphkn, 1957 

Thankful, 1992, 19^3 

Timothy, 19*32 


John, of Salem from Eng- 
land. SKE 2552 


BliTSEY G., 59^S 

Clark 5926 

GiroRGE W 5929 

Maltdy, 5927 


AniG.UL C, 459''5 

Alick C, 6247 

— Anna 1069, 24S9 

Charles C 622S 

David 106S, 2492 

Edward C 6245 

Elisma, 1067, 24^6 

Elizabeth, 24S7 

Erastus 2495 

Francis B., 6229 

Frederick B., 6230 

Gkorgf. W 4593, 6225 

Henry Z., 4596 

Henry C, 6223 

James H 4597 

Jared, 1071 

Joel, 1072 

JOHN M., 4601 

John C, 6231 

Joshca, 1070 

Jui.iaD., 4595] 

Keziah, 2497 

LOVICE, 2490, 2494 

Lucv B 6127 

Lucy C, 45v9 

Lydia, iiv74 

Mary, 24^8 

Mary B., 4594 

Mary T., 6246 

PKLKG, 2193 

Ralph 2491 

UoDoLrncs, 24-^5 

Sarah, K'73 

Sarah E., 4^'^ 

Si^^SAN C, 459S 

Thomas B., 6224 


I Pratt, 

j Wh.livm H., 6226 

I Wl/.LIAM T., 6244 

' Pre: ton, 

Emma. .' 596 

IC^jThkr 599 

Eli/ahetu 592 

Hannah, 595 

Jkhiel, ^ 600 

Martha, 593 

Marv 59S 

Rlth . 601 

Samlel, 591 

Sarah 594 

SrTif 597 


Joanna, 162 

Peter. 160 

SxML'EL, * 161 


Gi:oRGK B., 625S 

Gkorgianna L., 6260 

Charles N., 6261 

ELiZAiii.TH M 6259 


Laira P 3S86 

SrSANNAH P., 3S57 


Helen F., 7029 

Joseph H., 702S 


Eleanor P., 5SS4 

George, 5SS2 

James. 5^^3 

John S.. S^*^! 

LiCY C. S'^'^S 

Mary D. 5^^^ 

Sl'San a., 5^37 


Jane 3204 


Samuel H., 3^^3 


Selina 3206 

William, 3205 


Archibald A., 4423 

Ellkv C A422 

Eliza P. 442v> 

EuiiORA P. 44»3 

Francis M 44»9 

jKkLSHA F., 4417 

Louisa S., 4421 


Archibald, 6540 

Augustus 65;! 

Elizabeth, 6542 

FORDYCE S., 5^3'^ 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






JII.JVS. ^ 5035 

lxc\\ 5037 

Makoaket. 6539 

Minerva P 5035 

Samuel P. S'^jj 

Sarah F., 5036 

WiUUAM P., 6o4.> 


Aurora 43S6 

CnroE. 43SS 

Elkcta 2766, A3^7 

Theodore, 43*^9 

Theodora 2766 

Roil 11 INS, 

John 1636 

1.UCY M., 5644 

Mary A., 5641 

Mary K., 6943 

MiLioN H 5643, 6945 

Samui-i 1037, 5^39* 5042 

Samiel B 6944 

Sai.i.y H., 5640 

Sarah L.. 5^45 


Arthur P., 6S99 

Charles ^ 6900 

CoRNKLi.i G., 6902 

David P., ^ 3S65 

Hiram, 6Ji63 

Julia O 6901 

Jane P 69'i3 

Naomi S., 26«x) 

Parthenia... 3864 


Charees, 2394 

' Mary, 2395 

^ Miriam, 2396 


Amy p., 641 1 

Elizabeth M., 6409 

Emily P.. « 6412 

JosHPH \V., 6413 

MaryW,, 6410 


Eunice H., 

Nathan H., 2290, 


Anne 404 

Daniel, 406 

I.vdia 405 

Mary, 401 

Martha, 402 

Mehitabel, 407 

Mostus, 403 

Keulen, 40S 



Charles K ; 6920 

John I!., 6921 

M\KY L., 6919 



Ani»ri:w ^ 4441 

Caij:ii 204.1 

CuKTis, 2446 

Charlotte A., 4165 


Ei.iZA M 4162 

Eu:anor p., 4163 

Hannah 2 113 

jMANNirrTK F.. 4 J') I 

jHKLSHA 2iyjl 

y^^-f 2i4S 

Jc«NATHAN, 2v^'>7 

Josi:i'H 27^2 

JOSKI'H W., „ 6<»|2 

Lucy, 2444, 4161 

MAIMCI 2y'6 

Mauy 29'«7 

Ol.lViA A., 4i'-» 

PaTIKNCK, 2u39 

HOSKTTA, 1439 

kUTH E 2«/>3 

Sarah 2.«3^ 

Sarah A 29'i5 

Sally 4 \ u 

Susan A., 4i^^6 

Susan C, 6 43 

Thomas, 4^1*' 

Thomas V. - 6'i44 

WelThea A., « 6r»43 


Helen L. 59^ 

James W-, 59 -s 

Sophia R., 59'^' 

Susan V., - 59'7 



Charlks F., 69^4 

Gi;oi:gi-: R., «..^ ^r;;,? 

1\\NNV (' 

Malcolm D., ^ Cv3.> 

Makcie H., 692VJ 


Aaron, 3543 

Calvin, 5*77 

E1.1.EN 5«79 

Linus 351? 

I.UfHEK - 354^1 5^7" 

Martin 354S 

Okrin, S^l^ 

Saw\ kk, 

Er.LEN, 6952 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




St. John. 

Abby a 591S 

Kmily 59»6 

Harvkv, A25^ 

John L., 4255 

louisianxa, 4257 

Marietta, 5917 

SvLVANUS 4253 

Svi.VIvSTKR, 4254 


Al^MIRA 4569 

Arthur R « 6146 

David L., 614S 

Ezra, 4566 

Elizabktii AS^^T 

Hkxry B., 6144 

Henry L., 6139 

Henry R., 4570 

Julia C, 6141 

Laura A., 6145 

LoiiSA 6142 

Maky G., 6143 

Percy L. 6147 

RoxANA 4565 

Samuel L., 456^ 

Samuel W.,^ 6142 


Elijah P., 5436 

Elizabeth, 5437 

iRA 5435 

Mary S., 543S 


Addik B 7032 

Archie W., 7034 

Clara F 7031 

Elizabeth H., 7030 

Grace M 7033 


Charles 2795 

Dotha C 5537 

Edward P., 2796 

Erastus « 5536 

JOHX, 2799 

Mary E., 2797 

Samuel, 279S 

Walter H., 553S 


Albert H., 4809 

Albekta 6429 


Andrew H., 6435 

Caroline, 4S14 

Charles P., 63* S 

Charlotte 64 '>4 

Charlotte \V., 4S12 

Edward T., 4S10 

Emeline a., 6306 

Francis P., 6304 


Frank S., 70S2 

Grace P., 7081 

jK^sii: K 70S3 

Maky F., 4S11 

Mary S 7432 

Martha B. 6431 

1»erv:y K., 6307 

Sarah A 6433 

Sakah p.. 642S 

Stella F 6305 

William S., 6430 


Aaron 1557 

Anna C 6o\o 

Hi.iZAnETH, 1553 

Kli/abeth M. C037 

Joanna 1036 

JosEi'H R 6o;S 

Jl'MA, 6039 

lACY 1555 

Matthew 1552 

Rebecca, 6041 

Ruth P., 1035 

Sor.oMOM, 1556 

Susannah 1554 


Addison P 5106 

Alena, 6591 

Amanda, 5097 

AuREi.iA, 5099 

Caroline, 5^j6 

Charles A 65S9 

Dwioht P,, 5104 

Emma J., 65S2 

Ella J 65S6 

Eva M., 65S5 

Frank E., 65S7 

George W., 5103 

Ida, 6590 

Jane C :.. . 65S1 

Mary E., 5105, 6591, (>z^2 

Pamela, 55C/S 

Pukter a 65S3 

Porter D 5100 

William, 65^=^ 

William H 5102 

Si MI'S ON, 

Chvrles a., 6405 

Everett, 640S 

George C 6407 

JoiiH E. ^'4^j3 

Martha A., ty^ 

Sophia I., 6404 


Anna, V/, 95o 


Ezekiel 9»9 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Noah, 94S 

TiJo%fAS, 947 


Akby a '. 6750 

Ahbv p., 4S20 

Ai.THEA L. 6751 

Annk G., 5415 

Caroline A., 2^68 

Catharinb C J467 

Clarissa, 4^21 

CicARLKS H., 5416 

Dakikl, 2.S66 

David 294S 

David V., 4993 

EiJZLR G., 446S 

Elizaueth M 4I(:9 

IlKNKY L., 6749 

Jamhs E., 67-6 

John W, 4S1S 

JosKPH 2304 

irucv JS22 

Li'cv C, 46iD3 

LVMAN 2305 

Marcis \V., 4^95 

Margaret It., 46^2 

Mary H 46:^5 

Nathan R., 2869 

Nathaniel, 2S67, 2S69 

PiiiNF.HAS, 2S65 

POkTHR, 2306 

Samuel D., 4S223 

Samuel M 4994 

Sarah H 4819 

Simeon P 4470 

Susan, ^ 4604 

Truman, 2S64 

Spa F FORD, 

Albert 53SS 

Ellsha P., 6775 

Emily P., 6776 

Henry A., 53S9 

Henry E., 6777 

Henry P 71S4 

John A 6779 

Lottie M., 7183 

Mary F ^ 677S 


Elizabeth S., 6135 


Charles, 3191 

Charles E., 5546 

Gardner, 3ii.>.s 

George 5547 

Lewis, 3190 

Lottie M., 5550 

Maria, 551S 

Margarets 3187 



^I»i<^ - 5519 

Samuel, 3I^9 


Abi<;ail, 1391 

Calei; 13^3 

Clarissa, 1395 

ELl/AliKTH, I*u/) 

George, r^92 

Mary 1394 


Charles O., C.. 6552 

George O., 6553 

Hamlin, 654*^ 

>L\KV K., 6549 

Si SAN v., 6550 

William H., 6551 


Chester B., 7077 

Gertrude M 7076 

Lucy H 7075 

MlLLAUD F., 707S 


DwiGiiT D., 5706 

Efavard p., 5707 

Emily D., 7002 


John, 5432 

L.UVRENCE P. 5434 

Mary P 5433 


Charles B., 5940 

Flora J 5937 

I.UCY E., 5933 

Sarah, 7232 

Harry 7233 

Hiram F 7234 

Mary A., 7235 

William IL 723O 

Maria S., 59M 

Mary E. 5939 

Mary A.. 7237 


Aaron 770, i&So, 3332 

Aaron B 4*^4^ 

Abigail, 1SS6, 3371, 3372 

Abigail S., A<)2\ 

Albert, a^a^ 

Andrew, 1837, 1S83, 33S4 

Anne. 1^59 

aurinda, 3.w 

ASHDEL, i^^i 

Charlf-s E. 34^' 

Chester, 1S99. 3326 

Clarissa 33^^^ 

Clarissa A. A^*^ 

Charles P., 3 W 

Cornelia P., 4^724 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Daniei., 1857, 

l^AVID, 1S63, 3329. 

Danforth, ^ 



Klkazkr, 76^, 1S5S, iSSS, 


KusiiA, ^ 765. 


ErxEx S.. 



Ezra B., 


Hannah, 1S53 ,3308, 

Frank S., 

George, 3320, 

George PI., 

George W., 4927, 

George B., ., 


Harkieti^C., •.3399i 

Henry L.,. 

Henry O., 

Henry T 671S, 


Horace C, 

Hiram, « 

Hiram K., 

Isaac B., 

J-^MES, 75S. 

James H., 336$, 

James P., ^ 





JoEi. 1862, 

JoH^• r 769. XS93. 4849, 


JlLIA A., 

JtLlA E., 


Joseph McC, 


IvAURA, 3367, 33S6, 





Lucy G., 

Lydia M., 


Marian, „ 


Martha L., 


33 ' 3 



33^ J 











493 « 


Mary, 1S56. 189a, 332S, ^3^3 

Mary A. 4^20 

Mary M., 4v^2S 

Mary J., 6722 

Mary B., 7173 

MtlllTABEL, 767 

MniiTABKL P. 1^69 

MlLlCKNT, 3521 

Minerva,.. 3; 17 

Norton, 4S79 

Oliver W., 3^;65 

Perez 1S55. 33^5. A^^7 

Rachel, 1S95 

Ralph, 3jii5 

Roger \V. 1^68 

RoswELL, 3377 

ROXA C, .;.^24 

Russell, a^*^S 

RuTii ..762, 1S54, 1S94, I^v^ 

Rlth p., 3316 

Sarah 766, 1S64, 1S91, 3.;27 

Sarah A., 3392, 49^6, 6723 

Samuel 1S60, 16^4 

Samuel T., 3569 

Samuel A. 3390 

Sarah G. 4933 

Seth I)., 3323 

Solomon, 1SS7, 337S 

Sanford, , 3319, s^'y:* 

Salmon. 3322 

Sophia 3366, 3394 

SoPHRONiA,.. 3379 

Seth 3323 

Susan F., 34«> 

Stephen, 763, 1S53. 33"9 

Susannah, 3395 

William 53S9, 4930 

William H 4^^ 

William K., 493*5 

Zadock, 18S2, 3375 

Zadock D., 49»9 


Charles J., .< 5277 

Charles F., 6207 

Clarissa, 620S 

Edmund C - 6205 

Frank P 527^ 

George H., - 5279 

Julia D., 6206 

ThomAs L., ~ 52^ 


Aaron 830, 21 13 

Abigaii aio2, 375S 

Abigail P.,.. 37^4 

Alanson ., 3755 

Albert G 3749 

Albin 37^ 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





Alici; M., 

Anna 209^, 

Amthka 2106, 3743. 

Asa B.. 

Catharink, 2S72, 



David, 84^,2088, 2099, 2114, 

David C. 

Elizabeth J., 

Kmily B.. 


Kliza a., 


Emos 2105, 




Hannah S37, 


Helen M.. 





IREN, ^ 

IR£XA» 2090, 2122, 


John 839, 2094, 




Judson B., 

JERI'SHA, 838, 


Levi, « 

LvDiA, ^ 2097, 



Lucy C, 3418, 

Lucy F., 


LutiiCN B., 




Moses, ^841, 2104, 3746, 



Mary R., 

Mary A., 

Mary C, 

Mary F 




Obed ^ 842, 



5765 ! 

375.> i 

3739 ' 
3772 1 

2763 I 
373^ ' 
3754 I 
210S , 
3421 ! 
2103 r 

374 ' 









2093 ' 

3757 i 


49^7 1 

22f>S . 


57«^2 1 

3415 I 



21 IQ 


Olive, 21 12 

Okanv.i: N 3417, 3750 

Kiioi»A, 2091 

RaCHEI 2.'92 

Ruth, 2.^95 

rui'kut 2s7o 

Roi»MAN, 2S71 

Roi.Li.N. 3744 

SaKAH 2t<)6 

Sarah S 3.120 

S>ALt)MK J 3771 

Seth \V ^ 3416 

SlIl.LlJUN 3737 

SVl.II 2100 

Thalia, 2123 

Truman 3761 

ViRC.ii 3745 

Willi vM J 2'>75 

William H., 37CvS 

Ston e, 

Christiana 1927 

Mary 1926 

Solomon 19:5 

Tjmothv 1924 


Aaron S90 

Abigail, • S93 

Augustus S52 

Benjamin, .S95 

Cordial S50 

Cornelius, S79 

Constant SS4, 2143. 2:53 

Dan, 2154 

Elijah, S^Sj 

Eleazer 8S9 

Experience, S^>7» 2157 

Eunice, >^i 

Fidelia 2149 

George 2156 

Hannah, b^>5 


Jesse 2145 

John P., S^S 

Joseph S49, S92 

LuciNDA 2156 

lATHER, 2152 

Martha, SSo, 2147 


Mercy S94 

Nathaniel 5>S2, 2144 

Ruth 2146 

Rcvai S53 

t^VMUKL ^6 

S\»?\li^ 214S 

^^ETH - 2155 

William, 851, 2150 

ZiBA 2151 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


S70i INDICX-C'iill'R NAMI-S. 

Nc. No. 

Strong, ' Taixott, 

Ai>DisoN K 5390, 67S6' JosKPH A., 4070 

Anna, ^:^^\ Jane, 40^1 

AxxiE C 6102 j Jt tiAXA, 4076 

CHARI.OTTK M.. 679.) I I.VMAN 22<)T, 

ICUEN R J[h2() Ml-KCV R., 4072 

EnvvARD I)., 67S^.i; NATirANiKL R, 4-^71 

KnvvARi) K., ^7Si ; • SrsvN, 40S0 

EDML'N'D R., 5391! \VlLI.IAM 2291 

Elxathax, 29.^0 l*ARrox 

EI.NATHAX E., 45>9' Annk J.,...: 5904 

ERASTUS, 2«^Sl j r.r.NJAMIN P., 4217 

GILES P 4259! Charles P 5959 

Gi'RXEY S 6755^* Chaki.otte yjr>i 

Harriett E J516! Gmorce \V., 530 

Henry B., 6.^9; Hr.r.KX J., yyii 

jERi'SHA A., 4261 ; Increase N., 4275 

JAN-E C 4513; UCV \V. 4273. 5952 

John F 67.S5 1 Lvpia H., 4274 

LoriSA, 67S2 ; Mary P s^A^ 

Margaret B., 6ico; Octavia 4270 

Mary A.,. 4262: Ralph R., 53«ji 

Mary E., 6780! Socrates 5:99 

Martha J 6101 j Samuei 5953 

Sarah M., 425b Si .san W 5960 

Sarah E. 67S4 I Thomas B. 4272 

Tur.ODOKE B., 5392, Temple, 

TH0^L\s P.. 67S7 1 Frederick, 7181 

William C, 4517 I Flora, 71S2 

William E., 6103 iThavi-r, 

Sweetland, { a., 3S49 

Harriett E., 5671] Edward P. 3S52 

H. W., 5670 Henry M 3S50 

O. W. 5656 1 Mary E. 3^0' 

Mary A 5668 ' Thomas, 

Sykes, I Abigail 1590 

CaRA 1 63261 BENAJAH *T59I 

Charles P. 63271 Elizabeth, 15S9 

EmelinlJ., 6324! Edward S 52S1 

Henry W., 70S9 ; William P 52S2 

James C. 6325 Thompson, 

LOLHSA P., 63231 Amy, 1595 

Mary A., 7'^*"S • Charles, 15^6 

TaFft, Hannah, i5"^3 

Ellen F., 62S9! James, 15^1 

George 62.SSJ 1\, 15^3 

Talcott, j Rebecca, 15^4 

Arad, ...: 22S9 Samuel, 15S2 

Chester, 229')' William A., 1579 

Charles T 4075 j To\vxsi:nd, 

Erastcs 2295 , AioisTL-s P 5618 

Esther, 2294! Elizabeth J., 5619 

Eunice, 22/j', 5620 

George H., 4074; Ij vinia P., 5621 

Harriett, 40S2 . Tracy, 

Harvey 2292 I Addison L 56S0 

John H., 4'^^73| Anne W., 5910 

Joseph, 226S, 4077" Clara G., 59'4 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Nn. No. 

Tracy, Ti'ttik, 

Frkdeick K., ^ 6<xp CuARrNCi: H ^ 6470 

GKORCK I)., 5ii!I ClIARLOiTK. 5711 

Hki.KN L 5v^i.; i:i»r.AR, 4S59 

Harlan P ^i,^\ Iunio. 1 4^73 

Lois A yM Kllkn, - 6454 

Marv R., ^ 6t>c,5 Gkuucw: \V 4S71 

Simon K., 50^2 (Vavi.oki* V. 5709 

THt:oDORR H (Hyv,; Hknrv 5S58 

Wiujam \V 5912 Hknry L.. 6459 

TrUSSKLL, llAkRIl-TT S., 4^72 

ASAHEl. 5/.9i HvKRliaT 1' 7004 

JKNNETTK 5305 llri.IIN C 4^74 

Tucker. : 1i»a m.. 6471 

ElGKNE D ^ 7iM>' JuiiN- S 4^6^ 

Gilbert M., f.2is Km.kf.n a 4^52 

Henry P., 7:>5 Lai ri:n H., 6^56 

Willis G 6249 Lairln K 6468 

IX'RNER, , LoLY A. 4856 

PiEXJAMIN, , 2273 LlCUS 4S61 

Benjamin F,, j[(>x\ Mauoaret L., 6457 

Charles H 4<u5 Mary S. 5714 

Deborah, 2200- Mary A., 6455 

David 2269, 4.21- Mary L 6472 

Emklink R., 4o3f){ Maitiiew \V., 7007 

Hkdix T., ^. 4'>4r Millie M., 7C05 

Frances D., 40371 Minerva 4S57 

George 4024' Nellie I'\, 7003 

George W 4U42 Ooi>en 4860 

Henry L 4^"»i'» Pamela P. 5710 

Horatio B.,^ 4<»46 Percy S 4S54 

Joshua, 2272 Perry E 5708 

Jannette, 4026; Sarah P. ^ 6474 

Julia A., 402.S i William A 4S55 

LaPrelatb, 4043 I William B 6473 

Louisa 4022, 4031 | William K., 6458 

LUTHBR 2274; ZERVIAH K., 7006 

Lydia Lm 4032 * Van Dyke, 

Maria A.. 4023 - Anne P., 59SS 

Martha M A'K^^ Cornelius H., 5989 

Mary J., - 4033. 4'^'4o Wai»s\vorth, 

Nancy, 2:67 Hannah, 168 

Newton L., 4"44« Samuel 170 

Orlando E., 4^«29 Sarah, 169 

PUKBE P., 4f>;>9 WALI5RIIM.E, 

Phebr L.,. 4027, 40JI ; Henry H,, 6628 ^ .i'- >' 

Phillip, 2270 Lovina F., 6629(^^^1 

Rhoda, ^ 22'j^ Jane F., 6630 ^ ^a 

Rhoda a 4''25i Mary A., 6627^ 

Sarah G 4'>j5 Selinda C, 6631 

Thomas P., 2271 Walton, 

Tuttle, i Charles W 6296 

AUSTIN S. 4'^7^> r.MTH F 6295 

Benjamin F. 57*- Henry C, 6S66 

Calista, 4^5^. Henry H. 6293 

Catharine H. 571.V Mary E., 6924 

Charles E ^4^, Mary P., 6S65 

Charles O., 646*) Matili»a C 7190 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 






Sarah 5723 

Sarah F 5733 


Saml'Ei. a., ^ 5725 

RovAL P.,...^ 3963. 5726, 57.^9 

Charles E., 572S 

Charlotte P., 5727 

Henrv W., 5730 

Horaitio, 3964 

George W 57?! 

James H., 573^ 

Mary 5734 


George A., ^ 636S 

Henry S., 4-P5 I 

Henrietta, 45^4 j 

James C, 6370 

Mortimer 45^-^1 

Samuel H., 6369! 

Sally G., 4505' 

Sidney D. 45t'6] 

Warren 1 725 

William P , 4424 

William F., J507 


LeRoy, ^ 6602 

William A., 66133 


Aaron, ^ 2631 

Abigail, 2629 

Anna, 2633 

Hannah .•.•,- 2627 

Joel, ^ 262S 

Laura, 2632 

LoviNA, ^ 2630 

Polly, 26261 


Clara B., 5898 

KVELINA P.,« 5^97 


Elizabeth N., 6598 

Francis P., 6506 

Helen L., 6507 


Abigail, 2332 

ASHER, 2335 

Catharine, 2337 

Caroline C 6221 

Et,LA A ..^ 4143 

Elijah D., 6218 

Esther C 2333 

Frances C, ..« 2340 

George -133^ 4Ut , 

George P., 6aW! 

Henry C. 6217 

Joseph 235S 

Lucy E., 6220 


MaRv 4139 

Mary A., 6222 

Nancy ^ 2331 

Ni:uTON 4142 

Samli:l, 4140 

Samukl p., 233 ^ 

SrsAN E., ^ 6214 

William C, 2336 


Charlotte W., 6441 

Edward M., 6436 

Eugene A., 6437 

Felix, 6440 

Locke 643S 

Mary S. 6439 


Anne 656 

Dolly, 1646 

Estjilr. 653 

Hannah - 163, 659 

Harriett, 29"9 

James A., 1645, 2990 

Jerusha, 2g^-s 

John, 657, 1654 

John J., 16 u 

Jonathan, 65S 

Rebecca, - 167, 6co 

Ruth, 165, 655 

Samuel 164, 654, 1643, 1991 

Sarah, 166 

Sarah G., 1674 

Sophia 2967 


Florilla, -. 4956 

Lauren 4955 


Charles S., 5811 

Edward R., 4743 

Ellen L., 4737 

Elizabeth T., 6905 

Emma A., 5^10 

Frank S.,« * 69.^ 

Frances C, 474i 

George H., 4745 

George P., s^:^ 

Harriett C, ^ 5^'^ 

John B., 4738 

Lewis H.,.. 474^ 

Lucia T., 4739 

Marion W., 69«>7 

Mary C, .- 474*^ 

^tARv E. 5013, 5M3 

Nelson. 5612 

Rf'MKKAit^ • 4746 

Sarah H., 47-14 

Townsend, ~ 6904 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 





White. I 

Abigail, 1639 1 

AiuGAii. P. 5063 j 

Adotia 3947} 

Alfred, 4514 1 

Allkx 5051 1 

Anne L., 2667 1 

Anna 297S 

Bkthexe, 3133 

Clarissa, 2670 1 

Charles F., 5697 1 

Charles T., 6200; 

Cornelia, 4514 

r>AViD 163S, 2977, 3491. 5^-'^'-^^ 

Daniel 7641, 313^). 

Esther 1640. 34S7 

Kr.iZABETH, 266ii. 5213 

Ebenf.zer, 5<.64 

Ebenezer B., 29^2i 

Enoch ^ 3490! 

Kmily, 3^4i> t 

EvKLVX 4511 ; 

Krskine N., 6199 i 

Emma H 6201 1 

Eanny H., 4513 I 

Frederick T., 7cx)vS I 

George C, 2676* 

Grace G. 3136; 

Grace S - 62041 

Harriett, - 4509, 5211 j 

Henry S 5067 | 

Helen C, 6203; 

IcHABAD, ^ 5695 ' 

Jabuz L., ~ 1315, 2671 1 

James \V 2979 ; 

James P., 5069 

James A., 5699' 

Joel W 2673 1 

Jonathan P., ^ 3945 1 

JoHX \V., 5070; 

Judith, ^ 3132 j 

JiLiA C 6202 j 

Lydia 34S9 ! 

Leonard, 3941, 5694 ! 

Laura ^ 3946, 

Marcia 39391 

Maria 4510! 

Mary. 3942 j 

Marv S 6178; 

Norman B., 569S , 

Oliver H., 5212! 

Pamklia, 3135 ; 

I'oLLV 3492 , 

Ruth, 1642 ! 

Royal S.,- 2674 1 

Rachel, 3944 ' 

Samuel 3940, 5693 1 

Samuel P,, 5696 1 


Sarail 2669 

Sarah G. 3134 

Sarah J.,.. 5cj66 

Sally, 2976 

Sylvia 3137 

Sophronia, 2672 

Thkoihisia, 4512 

Thomas J., 2675 

Waltkr, 3943 

William P., 3488, 5052 

Zenas, 3131 


Charles C, 6062 

Charlfs a 6065 

David C, 2S9S 

Elizabeth , 6063 

Emii.y C. 6066 

Fanny P 443S 

I'RANCKS P 2897 

Frances C, 143S 

Fredi:rick, 2896, 4437 

Freherick a., 4429 

Henry M « 6c)64 

John E.i 4436 

Mary M 4430 

>tARTHA p., 4435 

Samuel G 6061 

Theodore H., 4431 

Thlrlow, 4432 

William S., 4434 


Abraham J., 3961, 4483, 4492 

Abel, 3971 

Anna 2975 

Alonzo a., 4473 

Alonzo E., 6096 

Amelia, 4490 

Amelia A 4478 

Chi.oe H 4474 

Chester C, 44H4 

Charles P., 4500 

Charles F 6095 

Caroline, 6098 

Clark 6076 

Ezra, 2968, 4482 

Eli 2969 

Ethiel 2970 

Eloise T 4475 

Emily 44,S9 

Kmily J 6093 

Emelink, 4495 

Kdcah M,, 6078 

l:D\vtN R, 6084 

KlizabI'TU L 6oi>8 

Eunice J., 4407 

Eunice O 4497 

Frederick A 45o<. 6097 

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Hannah J. 


Harriett M 

Henrv, ^ 

Helen A 

Herman £., 

James L., 2966, 

James \V 

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Joseph B., 

Julius J.. 

Lucy M., 

Martin V 





Oliver \V., 

Oscar F,, 

Oscar N., 

Parley A. v...^ 

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Pbilena, ^ 


RCTH A 2964. 4479» 


Theodore B.,^ 

William B 


Zeraii, 2963, 

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Mary L. 






Augusta P.,.., 

Ellen M., 

Frederick a., 

Frederick B., 


John P., 

Martha V.,« 

Mary E., 

Margaret E., 

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Wallace B 6vS6S 

William F 5599 


Alice a., 5679 

Alicj: M., 59S1 I., 69S3 

Arthur M., « 697S 

Caro C 69.^4 

Clara K 6977 

Calvin 69S6 

Daniel P 6975 

Edwin M., 567S 

Elizai;F':tii L. 6979 

Emma 6952 

Edward V 6991 


Joseph. 5677 

Juseph a 69S5 

JKSSIK K.. 6990 

Julia C. 6992 

I,itiii:r, 69>7 

Mary S 69S9 

Mary B., 6993 

Margaret C^ns 

William W., 5676, 6976 


Charles A., 6575 

Clark R 6076 

DWIGHT H., 6576 

Goodwin 6573 

Leandcr 6572 

Lovei.l 6574 

Philena 6075 

Vesta, ^ 6077 


Clarence, 43S3. 6004