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^^ Mda>r lAiMd. 

2)e8cenbant8 of 

1Denr^ /Hbelcbior /Bbublenbero 

Prepared by Authority of 
The Pennsylvania-German Society 




publication Committee. 



[SCUTCHEON:— Sable, a lion 

rampant or, grasping in the 

dexter paw a sword proper, and in the 

sinister a wheel argent. Crest : — 

A demi lion as in the Arms. 

Genealogical and heraldic works 
on the ancient noble families of Ger- 
many state that the von Miihlenbergs 
were recognized in times before the 
Thirty Years' War (1618-48) as among the old baronial 
families of the Empire ; that they derive their origin from 
Ziracka, a prince of the Wendish and Sorbic tribes ; that 
about the year 950 A. D. he was converted to Christianity ; 
that he had his residence near the present Miihlberg, on the 
right bank of the Elbe River in the Merseburg district of 
Prussian Saxony. In the neighborhood of this town, 
Miihlberg, the electoral prince John Frederick, after an 
unfortunate battle, fell, April 24, 1547, into the hands of 
the Emperor Charles V. Mills (Miihlen in German) erected 
in that locality, gave name to the town, and subsequently 
also to the family reigning there, which increased and, in 


4 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

the course of time, acquired large possessions in Saxony, 
Austrian Silesia and other parts. In the escutcheon of the 
family were two wheels, and the members of it signed 
themselves "of the Miihlenberg." The ancestral prince 
was, as a vassal of the bishop of Naumburg, received into 
the nobility of Germany. His son Bonifacius, apparelled 
in a coat of mail, accompanied Emperor Otto (unfortunately 
our sources leave us in doubt as to which of the three Ottos) 
on an expedition to Italy, and was rewarded for his services 
with valuable privileges. Various members of the family 
made themselves eminent in war and peace, and in the begin- 
ning of the sixteenth century the family is still counted 
among the prominent and wealthy nobility. But, during the 
wars of the sixteenth century, and especially the Thirty 
Years' War, some of its branches died out, and others were, 
like many noble families, greatly reduced in circumstances. 
After the middle of the seventeenth century the name is no 
longer found on the roll of the nobles of the empire, and 
the family never made any attempt to have their title ac- 
knowledged and restored by the imperial court of heraldry 
at Vienna. 

G. =Generation. 

Anna Mary Kleinschmid ; d. 1747. She was the daughter 
of an officer in military service. He was a citizen and trades- 
man of Eimbeck, Hanover, Germany, and in the church 
register is called a " brewer " which simply means that he 
enjoyed the prerogative of a privileged class, but never 
made use of it. He is also introduced to us as a deacon 
in the church to which the family belonged. There is a 
tradition that the Miihlenbergs emigrated to Eimbeck from 
Bohemia. If this be so it is not risking too much in sup- 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Milhlenherg. 5 

posing that they belonged to the thousands who, because 
of their fidelity to evangelical principles, suffered persecu- 
tion in that country. 

The church records at Eimbeck, which antedate 1700, 
are very defective, and give no clue to the earlier history 
of the family. We know they had a number of children 
born to them, the first of whom may have been Use Mary, 
who is entered on the church register as having seen the 
light of this world on September 11, 1700, but not even 
the name of the mother is there given. A son was given 
the name John Arndt, which shows that John Arndt, the 
author of the renowned work. True Christianity^ stood 
high in the estimation of the father. None of the name 
are now met in Eimbeck, but descendants on the female 
side appear to be still living there. 

Nicolaus died suddenly of palsy, soon after the confir- 
mation of his son, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 

6, 171 1 ; d. October 7, 1787 ; m. April 22, 1745, Anna Maria 
Weiser, b. June 24, 1727 ; d. August 23, 1802, daughter of 
Colonel Conrad Weiser and wife, Eva Anna. He was born 
at Eimbeck, Hanover, Germany, and received a thorough 
classical education, from his seventh to twelfth year in 
that town. At this age, 1723, he was confirmed a member 
of the Lutheran Church, his father dying soon after. 
From the spring of 1723 to the autumn of the following 
year, he continued his studies at the classical school of 
Zellerfeld, east of Eimbeck, under the guidance of Rector 
Rapel, A.M. On March 19, 1735, he was on the road to 
the University of Gottingen, established that year, and 
therefore one of its first students. Here the Rev. Prof. 
Oporin, D.D., took him into his house, made him his sec- 

6 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

retary, and did much toward moulding his character. 
Here he also gained the friendship of Herr von Miinch- 
hausen, high sheriff of Hanover, also that of the Count of 
Wernigerode. He here also came under the protection 
and care of Count Reuss, who was instrumental in origin- 
ating what became later the Gottingen Orphan House. 
When he graduated in the spring of 1738, his friends, the 
Counts Reuss of Koestritz and Henkel of Poeltzig, had him 
appointed a teacher in the Orphan House at Halle. After 
some time spent at the University of Jena, he finally en- 
tered on his new duties. Here he obtained the friend- 
ship of Councillor Cellarius and Gotthilf August Francke, 
son of August Hermann Francke, founder of the institution, 
who decided to prepare him as a missionary to the East 
Indies. By mere chance this plan was disarranged and, 
instead, at the request of the Baroness von Gersdorf, the 
sister of Zinzendorf's mother, and a relative of Count 
Reuss, he became pastor, August 12, 1739, at Grosshenn- 
ersdorf, situate in the eastern part of the present Saxony, 
not far from the Bohemian boundary, only a few miles 
south of Herrnhut, the central seat of Moravianism and 
headquarters of Count Zinzendorf. 

Because of her great liberality in benevolent operations, 
which transcended her income, the Baroness von Gersdorf 
was obliged to sell her estate, in 1740, to Baron Charles 
G. von Burgsdorf . At the entreaty of his old friend Miih- 
lenberg remained with her until July, 1741, when, as he 
was about to pay a visit to his native place, he was greeted 
by the Baron von Gersdorf, brother of the baroness, who 
was engaged in diplomatic services, and had just arrived 
as a visitor. He made Muhlenberg his companion on the 
route to Leipsic. Thence he went to Koestritz, to pay his 
respects to Count Reuss, and, at the suggestion of the 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 7 

latter, from there proceeded to Halle. During his visit to 
Koestritz a certain Baron von Brann had been staying 
there, who had heard about the condition of affairs at 
Grosshennersdorf, and, reaching Halle before Muhlen- 
berg, most probably gave the Rev. Dr. Francke some in- 
formation concerning his situation. This fully explains 
how it happened that when Muhlenberg arrived a few days 
later, Francke, at a supper to which he had invited him, 
offered him '* a call to the dispersed Lutherans in Pennsyl- 
vania." Without much deliberation Muhlenberg answered 
that if he could see in it the will of God he would go, and 
that he felt bound to go wherever Providence called him. 
This happened September 6, 1741. Thus in a moment, 
and with few words, was determined his career of a life- 
time, from which emanated the mighty church in America 
which delights to call him its Patriarch. 

Some months were spent in preparation, visiting friends, 
bidding farewell to his mother and family, and arranging 
all necessary details, so that it was not until April 14, 1742, 
he sailed from Helvoetsluys, Holland, for Harnich, Eng- 
land, which he reached, after a stormy passage, on April 
i6th, and at once proceeded to London, finally arriving 
safely, on the evening of April 17th at the house of Rev. 
Frederick Michael Ziegenhagen, D.D., court preacher at 
the German St. James Chapel, and residing in the district 
of Kensington. After a short but pleasant and beneficial 
stay in London, he took ship at Gravesend for his new 
field of labor. On June 13th, at 5 : 00 P. M. the anchor was 
weighed and the voyage began. It was not until Septem- 
ber 23, 1742, he put his foot on the soil of the New World 
near Charleston, S. C. 

In this vicinity he labored till November 12th, when he 
sailed for Philadelphia, arriving at his destination on 

8 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

Thursday, November 25, 1742, at 8:00 A. M., when 
his work may be said to have properly commenced. The 
immensity of this work can hardly be realized. He found 
his people occupying homes scattered miles apart, along 
roads constantly penetrating dense forests, the homes of 
wild beasts and betimes hostile Indians, and these homes 
covering a territory equal in size to that of a kingdom. 
Congregations were to be formed, supplied with pastors 
and made self-sustaining ; these congregations must be 
gathered into Synods ; the pure doctrine of the Evangel- 
ical Lutheran Church taught, and false doctrines excluded. 
Order and system must emanate from what was well nigh 
chaos. It was a herculean task and the more discour- 
aging because, of necessity, it was that of laying the 
foundation. None but a man of God, filled with His 
Holy Ghost, would have attempted it or would have suc- 
ceeded in it. How well he succeeded the present genera- 
tion knows. To but briefly recapitulate his work in 
America would fill a volume alone. Fortunately it is, in 
general, well known and needs not to be rehearsed. For 
the purpose of this genealogy it only remains to call at- 
tention to the fact that a part of his very first work here 
was his taking charge, on December 12, 1742, of the con- 
gregation at the Trappe, Montgomery county, Penna. 
Here, on May 2, 1743, he laid the corner-stone of the 
old Augustus Church, in which its congregation wor- 
shipped for the first time on September 12th of the same 
year. Here, also, during the summer of 1745, with the 
assistance of his father-in-law, he built his home on the 
lot adjoining the church property, in which he lived much 
of his time, and in which eight of his eleven children 
were born. It is still standing, although remodelled in 
185 1. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenhcrg. 9 

In 1784 he was given the Degree of Doctor of Divinity 
by the University of Pennsylvania. 

His last pastoral act was the baptizing, on September 
29, 1787, of a child of John Frey, of Providence, Mont- 
gomery County. 

During the year 1787 his health was constantly failing 
until on October 2d he realized his end was drawing near. 
Pie expected to die at midnight, and, shortly before that 
time, at his request, two of his children took him to bed. 
There reclining, he recited the last verse of Paul Ger- 
hard's immortal hymn, Bcfchl dti dcinc Wcgc, etc. : 

" Haste Lord, to end our sorrow, 

Our feeble hands support ; 
Each day and each tomorrow 

Be Thou our soul's resort. 
May wc to Thy great mercy 

Till death commended be. 
Then shall our earthly footsteps 

Us safely lead to Thee." 

Having linished this verse, he once more took a deep 
breath, and then quietly fell asleep in Jesus, between 
twelve and one o'clock on Sunday morning, October 7, 

His body lies buried beside the old Augustus Church at 
the Trappe, covered by a large marble slab, on which, be- 
sides his name, birth and death are cut these words in 
Latin : — 

" Who and what he was future times will know without 
a monument of stone." 

" Quails et (juantus fuerit 
non i<^n()ral)unt sine lapidc 
Futura Saecula." 

lO The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

tober I, 1746; bap. October 14, 1746; d. October i, 
1807 ; married November 6, 1770, to Anna Barbara Meyer, 
b. 175 1 ; d. October 27, 1806. He was born at the Trappe, 
Montgomery county, Pa. At the age of sixteen, with his 
younger brothers, Frederick Augustus and Henry Er- 
nestus, he was sent to Halle for education. Not liking 
the discipline of the institution he ran away and enlisted in 
a German regiment,^ from which he was extricated with 
difficulty, by a British officer who recognized him as an 
American acquaintance and took him back to that country 
as his Secretary. His father then completed his educa- 
tion. Having been prepared for the ministry of the Swed- 
ish Lutheran Church, which requires Episcopal ordination, 
he went to England in 1772, with the late Bishop White, 
then also a candidate for holy orders, where they were or- 
dained together in the priesthood by the Bishops of Lon- 
don and Ely. After a short engagement in New Jersey 
he fixed his residence in Virginia, in charge of several 
parishes in Dunmore county. During the agitation pre- 
ceding the Revolution he was an active Whig and was 
sent as a delegate to the House of Burgesses. At the out- 
break of the War, Washington, who knew his worth, 
urged him to take a military command, and he accepted 
the Colonelcy of the Eighth Virginia Regiment which was 
tendered him. Ascending his pulpit for the last time he 
preached upon the duties men owe their country. In the 
course of this sermon he told his hearers that "there was 

1 A regiment of dragoons, which dismounted, was opposed to his bri- 
gade at Brandywine. As they saw his prominent figure advancing, at the 
head of his men, mounted on a white horse, some of the older soldiers 
(German enlistments being for life) recognized him, and the cry ran 
along their astonished ranks, " Hier kommt teufel Piet!" (Here comes 
Devil Pete). This incident was related by himself. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Alilhle^iberg. ii 

a time for all things — a time to preach and a time to fight 
— and that now was the time to fight." The sermon fin- 
ished he pronounced the benediction. Amidst the breath- 
less silence of his congregation he deliberately removed 
the clerical gown which had hitherto concealed the uni- 
form beneath, and stood before them a girded warrior. 
He immediately ordered the drums to beat for recruits and 
nearly three hundred men of his frontier churches took up 
arms under him. This occurred about the middle of Janu- 
ary, 1776. His first campaigns were in Georgia and 
South Carolina and, at the Battle of Sullivan's Island, he 
proved that he fully merited the good opinion of his com- 
mander-in-chief. On February 21, 1777, he was pro- 
moted to Brigadier General and ordered North. At the 
Battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777, his and Weed- 
on's brigade gallantly bore the brunt of the action. On 
October 8th, at the Battle of Germantown, having ad- 
vanced into the town further than the other troops, a 
British officer seized a musket and fired at him ; whilst in 
the act of reloading and directing his soldiers " to pick 
him off," the General, drawing a pistol, shot him dead on 
the spot. In 1778 he was at the Battle of Monmouth; 
commanded the reserve at the storming of Stony Point, 
1779; when Leslie invaded Virginia in 1780, he was op- 
posed to him with the chief command ; he acted under 
Baron Steuben against Benedict Arnold, and, when Corn- 
wallis entered Virginia, was next in command to Lafayette. 
At the Siege of Yorktown he commanded the First Brigade 
of Light Infantry which furnished the American division 
of the troops that carried the British redoubts by assault, 
he leading them. He was promoted to Major General on 
September 30, 1783. Some months after the army was 
formally disbanded and he returned to his family at Wood- 

12 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

stock, Virginia. He became a member of the Society of 
the Cincinnati. 

Upon his return to civil life he removed to Pennsylvania 
and was immediately elected a member of the Supreme 
Executive Council of that State. In 1785 he was chosen 
Vice-President of the Commonwealth, Dr. Franklin being 
President, and was reelected to the same office the two fol- 
lowing years. He was a member of the ist Congress of 
the United States, 1789-91, the 3d Congress 1793-95, the 
6th Congress 1799-1801; was elected United States 
Senator, February 18, 1801, but resigned a few months 
after taking his seat ; appointed, by Jefferson, June 30, 
1801, Supervisor of Internal Revenue for the State of 
Pennsylvania ; appointed, July, 1802, Collector of the Port 
of Philadelphia, which office he retained until his death, 
which occurred near the city of Philadelphia, from an 
affection of the liver, on October i, 1807. His remains 
rest beside those of his father, in the Augustus graveyard, 
Trappe, Pa. The epitaph is : — 

" Sacred to the memory of General Peter Muhlenberg, 
Born October i, 1746. Died October i, 1807. 

He was brave in the field, faithful in the Cabinet, 

honorable in all his transactions, a sincere friend and 

an honest man." 

G. 4-1. Henry Myers Muhlenberg, b. October 9, 
1775 ; d. July 7, 1806 ; no issue. 

G. 4-2. Charles Frederick Muhlenberg, b. Novem- 
ber 16, 1778; d. May 31, 1795; no issue. 

G. 4-3. Hester Muhlenberg, b. April i, 1785; d. 
July 21, 1872 ; married April 10, 1810, to Dr. Isaac Hiester, 
of Reading, Pa. ; b. Bern township, Berks county. Pa., 
June 22, 1785 ; d. at Reading, September 12, 1855, one of 

Descendants of He^iry Melchior Muhlenberg. 13 

the most distinguished physicians of Pennsylvania; first 
president of the Berks County Medical Society, organized 
1824, and, in all respects, a leading and highly respected 

His genealogy is : 

1. His father, WiUiam, b. June 10, 1757; d. July 13, 

2. His grandfather, Daniel, b. June i, 1713 ; d. June 7, 


3. His great-grandfather, John. 

Daniel came to America, in 1738, with his brother 
Joseph, from the village of Elsoff in Westphalia, Germany. 

G. 5-1. Anna Muhlenberg Hiester, b. October 28, 
1812; d. February 17, 1850; married June 10, 1840 (his 
first wife) John Pringle Jones, b. 1812, near Newtown, 
Bucks county, Pa. ; d. March 16, 1874, ^" London, Eng- 
land. He was admitted a member of the Philadelphia bar 
in 1834 ; Deputy Attorney General for Berks county 1839- 
47 ; J^i<^ge of third District (Berks, Lehigh and Northamp- 
ton counties), March 15, 1847. His mother was a Pringle, 
and a member of an English family of great respectability 
in Philadelphia. 

G. 6-1. John Pringle Hiester Jones, married Re- 
becca Rambo. 

G. 7-1. John Pringle Jones. 

G. 5-2. John Peter Muhlenberg Hiester, b. May 
3, 1815 ; d. March 10, 1834; "^ issue. 

G. 5-3. William Muhlenberg Hiester, b. May 15, 
1818; d. August 16, 1878; married June 12, 1849, Julia 
F. Roland. He was born and died in Reading, Pa. ; ad- 
mitted to Reading bar, January 7, 1840; Pennsj'lvania 
State Senator, 1852-55 ; Speaker of same, 1855 ; ap- 
pointed Secretary of the Commonwealth, January, 1858- 
61, by Governor William F. Packer. 

14 The Pennsylvania- Gei'man Society. 

G. 6-1. A son, b. February 20, 1853; d. March 20, 


G. 6-2. Isaac Hiester, b. January 8, 1856. Admitted 
to Reading bar, 1878. Single. 

G. 5-4. Francis Muhlenberg Hiester, b. March 11, 
1829; d. April 9, 1864; married June 5, 1856, Ella V. 
Lauman. Graduate Medical Department, University of 
Pennsylvania, 1852 ; spent eighteen months in medical hos- 
pitals of Paris, France ; followed his profession in Read- 
ing, Pa. ; Assistant Surgeon, 55th Reg't Penn'a Vol., 
1861, then Brigade Surgeon with rank of Major; Medical 
Director, Department of Ohio. 

G. 6-1. George Lauman Hiester, b. May 29, 1857; 
d. June 5, 1857. 

G. 6-2. Anna Muhlenberg Hiester, b. January 13, 
1859 ' rnarried Dr. H. Clinton McSherry ; no issue. 

G. 6-2i' Edwardine Lauman Hiester, b. October 28, 
1863 ; married October, 1889, John A. Hoogewerff. 

G. 7-1. Hiester Hoogewerff. 

G. 4-4. Peter Muhlenberg, b. March 20, 1787; d. 
August 21, 1844; married September 19, 1826, Sarah 
Coleman, of Reading, Pa., b. October 4, 1803; d. Feb- 
ruary 5, i860. Captain 6th Reg't U. S. Infantry, 1811- 
14; Major 31st Reg't U. S. Infantry, 1814-15, in War of 
18 1 2 and Indian Wars. Died at Grand Ecore, La., 
where his regiment was stationed. 

G. 5-1. Catharine Anna Muhlenberg, b. November 
19, 1827; d. November 5, 1894; married August 8, 
1848, her cousin Rev. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, 
D.D., LL.D., b. August 25, 1818 ; an eminent Lutheran 
clergyman and scholar ; Professor of Greek, Pennsylvania 
College, Gettysburg, Pa. ; President of Muhlenberg Col- 
lege, AUentown, Pa. ; Professor of Greek, University of 

Descendants of Henry Melchi'or Mtihlenbej'g. 15 

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia ; President of Thiel College, 
Pa. Now retired and living at Reading, Pa., where his 
wife died and is buried. 

G. 6-1. Ernest A. Muhlenberg, b. May 9, 1850. 

G. 6-2. WiLLiAxM F. Muhlenberg, b. November 18, 
1852 ; married October 28, 1884, his cousin Henrietta Au- 
gusta Muhlenberg, b. February 10, 1861 ; d. February 21, 
1890. He is a graduate of the Medical Department, Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, 1872, practicing at Reading, Pa. 

G. 7-1. HiESTER Henry Muhlenberg, b. November 
8, 1885. 

G. 7-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. Sep- 
tember 25, 1887. 

G. 7-3. Augusta Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. Febru- 
ary 6, 1890. 

G. 6-3. Peter Henry Muhlenberg, b. November 20, 
1854; d. September 14, 1857. 

G. 6-4. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. De- 
cember 10, 1856; d. September 16, i860. 

G. 6-5. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, b. April 11, 

G. 6-6. Francis Benjamin Muhlenberg, b. August 8, 
1864; married August 23, 1888, Margaret Orr. 

G. 7-1. Frances Edith Muhlenberg, b. December 2, 

G. 5-2. Mary Muhlenberg, b. April 6, 1832 ; d. Au- 
gust 25, 1837. 

G. 5-3. Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. July 27, 1835. 

G. 5-4. Mary Ann Muhlenberg, b. May 4, 1838 ; d. 
November 29, 1840. 

G. 5-5. Francis Peter Muhlenberg, b. June 22, 

i6 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

1840; married November 22, 1864, Margaret G. Van 
Reed, b. November 2, 1839, Berks county, Pa. He was 
a private Co. G, ist Penn'a Vol., April 20, 1861 ; ist 
Lieut. 13th U. S. Infantry ,May 14, 1861 ; Captain, Janu- 
ary 4, 1862; Brevet Major, April 21, 1865. Resigned 
April 5, 1866. Resides Galesburg, Mich. 

G. 6-1. Mary B. Muhlenberg, a twin, b. July 25, 
1865 ; d. March, 1866. 

G. 6-2. Catharine A. Muhlenberg, a twin, b. Octo- 
ber 23, 1867; Galesburg, Mich., married July 5, 1888, 
Fred. W. Franklin, Cornstock township, Kalamazoo 
county, Mich. 

G. 7-1. Margaret M. Franklin, b. August 17, 1889, 

G. 7-2. Francis Muhlenberg Franklin, b. Novem- 
ber 3, 1890, Galesburg. 

G. 6-3. Elizabeth C. Muhlenberg, b. October 19, 
1870, Galesburg. 

G. 5-6. Sarah Muhlenberg, b. April 29, 1843. Sin- 

G. 4-5. Francis Sw^aine Muhlenberg, b. April 22, 
1795, Philadelphia; d. 1832, Pickaway county, Ohio; 
married Mary Denny ; no issue. Admitted a member 
Berks county bar May 8, 1816; private secretary Gover- 
nor Joseph Hiester, 1820-1823 ; member Legislature, Ohio ; 
member 20th Congress from Ohio. 

G. 4-6. Mary Anne Muhlenberg, b. 1793 ; d. 1805. 

G. 3-2. EVE ELIZABETH MUHLENBERG, b. January 29, 
1748; bap. February 10, 1748; d. 1808; married Sep- 
tember 23, 1766, Rev. Christopher Emanuel Shulze, b. 
December 25, 1740, at Probstzell, near Saalfeld, Saxony, 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenherg. 17 

d. March 9, 1809. An eminent Lutheran divine. He re- 
ceived his theological education at the University of Halle, 
and was, for a few years, one of the instructors in the Or- 
phan House and scholastic institutions of that place. Hav- 
ing received the call to Pennsylvania through Dr. G. A. 
Francke and Dr. Ziegenhagen, he was ordained at Wer- 
nigerode before departing, by way of Hamburg and Lon- 
don, for America, where he arrived October 24, 1765. 
He was a man of very commanding appearance ; as a 
preacher he was acceptable, and as a catechizer without a 
superior. When, in 1769, J. N. Kurtz was called to York, 
Schulze was elected his successor at Tulpehocken, Berks 
county. Pa., in which vicinity he labored until his death 
occurred. The First Tulpehocken (or Reed) Church, 
the oldest in the Lebanon Valley, stands on a small knoll, 
just a little east of Stouchsburg. The present building, a 
plain stone edifice, bears in its western wall a stone with 
this inscription : " Die Zions Kirche Erbaut in Jahr 1837." 
The original building was of hewn logs, with roof of 
thatch or tiles, erected in 1727. Owing to the troubles 
which arose, in its early history, from the administration of 
Moravian clergymen, in 1742 a new, and purely Lutheran 
church was erected about a mile west of the former edifice 
and called Christ Lutheran Church. This first church 
was also, probably, of logs, replaced, in 1786, by a fine 
stone structure. In 1747, through the influence of Conrad 
Weiser and Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, the original 
(Zion's or Reed's) congregation was again brought back 
to the Lutheran fold. It was as pastor of Christ Church 
that Rev. C. E. Shulze labored from 1770 to 1809, and in 
its graveyard, beside the body of his wife, rest his remains. 
On the tombstone is cut this inscription : 

1 8 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

" Hier Ruhet Christoph Immanuel Schulze, Prediger, war 
geboren den 35 December 1740, Saatfeld in Sachsen. 
Er kam in das Abend land 1 765 
Im Ehestand lebte Er mit seiner Ehefrau 
Eva Elizabeth 43 jahr, als Prediger stand er 
5 jahr in Philadelphia und 38 jahr in Tulpehocken. 
Hinterlies 9 Kinder, und starb den 11 Martz 1809, 
Alt 6'$> jahr, 2 monat, 2 wochen." 

G. 4-1. Anna Maria Margaretta Shulze, b. 1774, 
d. 1849; married Michael Ege, b. 1774; d. February 9, 
1824. Son of George Ege, b. March 8, 1748 ; d. Decem- 
ber 14, 1829, who was one of the largest land owners of 
his time in Berks county, Pa., and prominently identified 
with its iron interests for half a century. During the 
Revolutionary War an ardent patriot, and in 1783 a mem- 
ber of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania. Ap- 
pointed, 1 791, one of the first Associate Judges of Berks 
county, under the Constitution of 1790, serving until 

G. 5-1. Harriet Ege, b. January 27, 1802; d. April 
19, 1887 ; married John Ermentrout, b. December i, 1803 ; 
d. May 17, 1882. Both highly respected citizens of Read- 
ing, Pa., and of eminent piety. 

G. 6-1. Margaretta Catharine Ermentrout, b. 
September 28, 1836; d. October 7, 1894. A worthy 
daughter of worthy parents. Esteemed and loved by all. 
Residence, Reading, Pa. Single. 

G. 5-2. Sarah Ege, b. December 19, 1804; d. March 
10, 1880; married Richard Boone, b. March 12, 1794, 
d. September 23, 1881. He was a second cousin of Daniel 
Boone, the great pioneer of Kentucky. No issue. 

G. 5-3. Michael Muhlenberg Ege, b. March 29, 
1806 ; d. July 19, 1875 ; niarried Louisa Morrell, b. Jan- 
uary 12, 1808; d. February 20, 1890. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 19 

G. 6-1. George Ege, b. June 13, 1830 ; married Martha 

G. 7-1. Sarah Louisa Ege, b. July 17, i860; married 
R. F. James. 

G. 6-2. John Ege, b. August 10, 1831. No issue. 

G. 6-3. William Ege, b. January 21, 1834; married 
Eliza J. Thomas, b. 1837. 

G. 7-1. Margaretta Ellen Age, b. September, 1854 5 
married Anthony Bonine, b. 1853. 

G. 8-1. Roy Bonine, b. September, 1876. 

G. 8-2. George Bonine, b. February, 1878. 

G. 8-3. Floyd Bonine, b. April, 1882. 

G. 8-4. William Bonine, b. February, 1886. 

G. 7-2. William Ege, b. February 22, 1861 ; married 
Kate Hall. 

G. 8-1. Ernest Ege, b. 1882. 

G. 8-2. William Ege, b. 1884. 

G. 8-3. Emma Ege. 

G. 8-4. 

G. 6-4. Eliza Ege, b. July 12, 1837 ; married Sep- 
tember 7, 1870, David McCulloch. 

G. 7-1. William W. McCulloch, b. June 27, 1872. 

G. 7-2. George Ege McCulloch, b. June 20, 1874. 

G. 7-3. Gertie Ermentrout McCulloch, b. June 
20, 1874. 

G. 7-4. John Ermentrout McCulloch, b. December 
3, 1878; d. December 18, 1880. 

G. 6-5. Charles M. Ege, b. March 16, 1839; niarried 
October 4, i860, Mary E. Yonge, b. December 21, 1839. 

G. 7-1. Henry Ege, b. July 2, 1861. 

G. 7-2. Harr.iet Ege, b. December 3, 1863 ; married 
August 10, 1884, Ezra Elliott; b. Novernber 25, i860. 

G. 8-1. Earnest Glenn Elliott, b. May 28, 1885. 

20 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

G. 8-2. Ethel Glenn Elliott, b. April 23, 1887. 
G. 7-3. Mary E. Ege, b. October 18, 1865 ; married 
January i, 1890, Wilbur F. Chalfant, b. September 9, 


G. 8-1. Howard B. Chalfant, b. June 16, 1891. 

G. 7-4. George L. Ege, b. September 29, 1867. 

G. 7-5. Edward Ege, b. August 26, 1873. 

G. 7-6. Charles Ege, b. June 12, 1876. 

G. 7-7. Abbie Ege, b. April 28, 1879. 

G. 6-6. Sarah Amelia Ege, b. March 29, 1842. 

G. 6-7. Richard B. Ege, b. May 15, 1843 ; married 
ist, Elizabeth Waters, born England, 1S41 ; d. 1872. 

G. 7-1. Alice Louisa Ege, b. 1866; married Bishop 
Look, b. 1864. 

G. 8-1. Henry Look, b. 1883 ; d. May 20, 1889. 

G. 8-2. Grace Look, b. 1886. 

G. 7-2. Nettie D. Ege, b. 1868 ; married O. S. Streater, 
b. 1867. 

G. 8-1. Nevin Streater, b. March, 1894. 

G. 7-3. Elizabeth Ege, b. 187 1 ; married Richard 
Cassidy, b. 1866. 

G. 8-1. George Cassidy, b. 1891. 

G. 8-2. Richard Cassidy, b. April, 1893. 

G. 6-7. Richard B. Ege, married 2d, Anna McFar- 
land, b. 1861. 

G. 7-4. Julia Ege, b. 1876. 

G. 7-5. Charles Ege, b. 1879. 

G. 7-6. Ross Ege, b. 1881. 

G. 7-7. Pearl Ege, b. 1883. 

G. 7-8. Robert Ege, b. 1889. 

G. 7-9. Richard Ege, b. 1890; d. 1891. 

G. 7-10. Glenn Ege, b. September, 1893. 

Descendants of Henry Mclchior Muhlenberg. 21 

G. 4-2. Henry L. Shulze, b. 1774; d. 1824; mar- 
ried Maria Elizabeth Miller, b. 1775 ; d. 1843 ; no issue. 

19, 1775, in Tulpehocken township, Berks county, Pa.; 
d. November 18, 1852, in Lancaster, Pa. ; married Susan 
Kimmell, b. 1781, d. i860. Liberally educated for the 
ministry he was ordained a Lutheran clergyman in 1796, 
and for eight years assisted his father, but owing to a rheu- 
matic affection, was obliged to relinquish preaching in 1804. 
He then pursued the business of a merchant in Myers- 
town, Pa., at that time in Dauphin county, later Lebanon 
county. In 1806 he was elected a member of the State 
Legislature, serving with distinction for three terms. In 
181 3, upon the erection of Lebanon county, he was ap- 
pointed to fill the office of Prothonotary where he con- 
tinued eight years. In 182 1 again elected to the Legisla- 
ture, and, in 1822, chosen Senator. Elected Governor of 
the State of Pennsylvania, 1823, on the Democratic ticket; 
in 1826, reelected to the same position ; in 1829, again 
brought out as a candidate, but withdrew for the sake of 
harmony. His administration was distinguished for integ- 
rity, wisdom and statesmanship. During his term of office 
he had the honor of tendering the courtesies of the State to 
Lafayette, at the time of his second visit to this country, 

G. 5-1. Augustus Emanuel Shulze, b. June 24, 1806 ; 
d. November 9, 1888 ; married September 20, 1836, Emily 

G. 6-1. Augusta E. Shulze, b. July 12, 1837. 

G. 6-2. John Andrew Shulze, b. September 5, 1839; 
married Edith Miller. 

G. 7-1. Charles Shulze, b. 1875. 

22 The Pennsylvania-Ger7nan Society. 

G. 5-2. WiLHELMiNA Maria Shulze, b. March 9, 
1810; d. November 29, 1893; married April 8, 1839, 
Martin Madison Moore, d. July 25, 1847. He was a 
captain in the Seminole and Mexican Wars and died of 
yellow fever in Mexico. 

G. 6-1. Mary Louisa Moore, b. March 31, 1840. 

G. 6-2. Osceola Amelia Moore, b. July 27, 1841. 

G. 6-3. Frank Moore, b. May 4, 1847. Single. 

G. 5-3. Louisa Shulze, b. October i, 1814; d. Octo- 
ber 2, 1875 ; married March 20, 1862, Christian Rine, d. 
January 10, 1874 '■> ^^ issue. 

G. 5-4. Francis Swaine Shulze, b. December 25, 
1818 ; d. May 6, 1873; married January 3, 1855, Mary 
Alice Mulliken. 

G. 6-1. John Frank Shulze, b. September 30, 1855 ; 
married Alice Seachrist. 

G. 6-2. Mary Alice Shulze, b. January 12, 1861. 

G. 4-4. Frederick Augustus Shulze, b. September 
II, 1777 ; d. February i, 1836 ; married October 21, 1804, 
Mary Rosina Hiester, b. December 28, 1781 ; d. February 
13, 1824. 

G. 5-1. Elizabeth Shulze, b. May 2, 1806; d. May 
4, 1806. 

G. 5-2. Hiester E. Shulze, b. October 12, 1807 ; d. 
March 17, 1824. Single. 

G- 5"3- Julia Ann Shulze, b. December 24, 1809, 
Womelsdorf, Pa. ; d. Wednesday i : 49 A. M., September 
i7» 1855- " She made home happy." Married, April 15, 
1833, Felix R. McManus, M.D., b. May 30, 1807, Balti- 
more, Md. ; d. March 3, 1885, son of Owen and Maria 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 23 

G. 6-1. Felix Shulze McManus, b. July 2, 1834; ^• 
November 20, 1857 ; married February 2, 1856, Esther 
Sinclair, daughter of Robert and Margaret Sinclair. 

G. 7-1. Mary Felix Sinclair McManus, b. Decem- 
ber 8, 1857 ; d. January 2, 1858. 

G. 6-2. Mary Rosina McManus, b. December 11, 
1835 ; entered Convent of Mercy, Brooklyn, N. Y., on 
December 13, 1865, where she is Mother Mary Theresa. 

G. 6-3. Julia Angelica McManus, b. September 3, 
1837 ; d. February 26, 1858. 

G. 6-4. Philomena McManus, b. March 13, 1838; 
married October 17, 187 1, Richard I. C. Jones, Jr., son of 
Richard I. C. and Mary Cocault Jones, of Baltimore, Md. 

G. 7-1. Louis C. Jones, b. October 20, 1872. 

G. 7-2. Julia Jones, b. January 19, 1873. 

G. 7-3. Philomena Jones, b. March 5, 1874. 

G. 7-4. Felix Jones, b. May 13, 1875. 

G. 7-5. Richard Jones, b. September 27, 1876. 

G. 7-6. Foley Jones, b. January 26, 1877. 

G. 7-7. Robert Jones, b. April 20, 1878. 

G. 6-5. Frederick Augustus McManus, b. May 20, 
1840 ; d. April 16, 1885 ; married ist, November 2, 1867, 
Florence Wier, daughter of Robert Wier. 

G. 7-1. Felix R. McManus, b. July 18, 1868. 

G. 6-5. Fred. Augustus McManus, married 2d, 
Annie C. Shepherd of Illinois ; no issue. 

G. 6-6. Eliza Randall McManus, b. April 30, 1843 ; 
d. November 8, 1865, in convent. Entered the Visitation 
Convent in Washington, D. C, August 15, 1863. 

G. 6-7. Samuel Hahnemann McManus, b. September 
12, 1844; d. October 27, 1864. 

G. 6-8. Genevieve McManus, b. January 3, 1846; 
d. 1846. 

24 The Pennsylvania- Ger^nan Society. 

G. 6-9. Annie Regina McManus, b. September 7, 
1849; d. May 20, 1850. 

G. 6-10. Agnes Mary McManus, b. January 26, 185 1. 
Entered Convent of Mercy, Brooklyn, N. Y., October 28, 
187 1, where she is known as Sister Mary Agnes. 

G. 6-11. Helena McManus, b. May 3, 1854; married 
October 15, 1878, Harry Paul Goldsborough, son of Wil- 
liam Howes Goldsborough and Sarah Rebecca Pacault. 

G. 7-1. Mary Agnes Teresa Goldsborough, b. Sep- 
tember 6, 1879. 

G. 7-2. Julia Goldsborough, b. October 12, 1881. 

G. 7-3. Felix Vincent Goldsborough, b. November 
I, 1882. 

G. 7-4. Harry Paul Goldsborough, Jr., b. June 9, 

G. 7-5. Helena Teresa Goldsborough, b. May 8, 

G. 7-6. William Yerbury Goldsborough, b. Sep- 
tember 5, 1888. 

G. 7-7. George Joseph Goldsborough, b. March 14, 

G. 5-4. Maria Isabella Shulze, b. October 25, 
1811 ; d. November 4, 1811. 

G. 5-5. Sabina Elizabeth Shulze, b. October 28, 
1813 ; d. November 23, 1813. 

G. 5-6. Emanuel Gabriel Shulze, b. January 8, 
1815 ; d. September 14, 1867 ; married April 17, 1838, 
Frances Elliott, b. April 27, 1821. 

G. 6-1. Charles Elliott Shulze, b. January 5, 1839 ; 
married December 18, i860, Margeretta Gregg, b. De- 
cember 31, 1838. 

G. 7-1. Frances Peck Shulze, b. October 26, 1862; 
married July 30, 1888, David Scott Kennedy. 

Descendants of Henry Melchto?- 31uhleitberg. 25 

G. 8-1. Joseph Elliott Kennedy, b. June 11, 1889. 

G. 8-2. Frances Scott Kennedy, b. July 11, 1891. 

G. 7-2. Elliott Gregg Shulze, b. January 29, 1865 ; 
married March 25, 1890, Myrtle Rose Philly. 

G. 8-1. Herbert Morton Shulze, b. February 14, 

G. 7-3. Charles Herbert Shulze, b. September 7, 

G. 7-4. William H. Shulze, b. April 29, 187 1. 

G. 7-5. Elsie Shulze, b. June 22, 1878; d, July 29, 

G. 6-2. Frederick Augustus Shulze, b. February 28, 
1841 ; married September, 1868, Elvira M. Bailey, b. 
February 12, 1848. 

G. 7-1. Ralph Golden Shulze, b. April 25, 1873. 

G. 7-2. Walter Henry Shulze, b. July 22, 1880. 

G. 7-3. Helen Pearle Shulze, b. July 10, 1885. 

G. 6-T,. William Hiester Shulze, b. July 23, 1842; 
married October 5, 187 1, Nellie Henrietta Prentiss, b. 
September 28, 1851. 

G. 7-1. Infant, d. July 25, 1872, at birth, 

G. 7-2. Edith Gifford Shulze, b. March i, 1875. 

G. 7-3. Gertrude May Shulze, b. November 21, 

G. 7-4. Infant, d. June 10, 1880, at birth. 

G. 7-5. Prentiss French Shulze, b. August 25, 1889. 

G. 6-4. Francis Muhlenberg Shulze, b. February 
6, 1844; married October 22, 1868, Ellen Gillett Groce, 
b. April 24, 1845. 

G. 7-1. Charles Groce Shulze, b. July 22, 1869. 

G. 7-2. Emanuel Edgar Shulze, b. January 13, 1879. 

G. 6-5. Eliza Jane Shulze, b. September 6, 1846. 

26 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-6. Emmanuel Henry Shulze, b. February 27, 
1849; ^' November 25, 1878; married August 2, 1870, 
Marilla Almeda Weston, b. May 5, 185 1. 

G. 7-1. Harriet Sophronia Shulze, b. April 2, 1871. 

G. 7-2. George Emory Shulze, b. July 23, 1872. 

G. 7-3. Maurice Shulze, b. May 20, 1878. 

G. 6-7. George Gregg Shulze, b. March 15, 1852. 

G. 6-8. Harriet Emily Shulze, b. February 10, 
1854; married December 28, 1880, John Connel King, 
b. February 9, 1853. 

G. 7-1. Fannie Shulze King, b. February i, 1882. 

G. 7-2. Madge Stewart King, b. June 3, 1883. 

G. 7-3. Maurice Harriet King, b. September 18, 

G. 5-7. Eliza Matilda Shulze, b. October 5, 1818; 
married April 29, 1846, Elias Fidler (of old Filler), b. 
July I, 1814; d. April 15, 1879. 

G. 6-1. Mary Frances Fidler, b. March 11, 1847; 
married January 18, 1870, Henry W. Stauffer. 

G. 6-2. Julia Catharine Fidler, b. December 8, 
1849; married May 11, 1876, George Henry Valentine, 
b. October 17, 1848. 

G. 7-1. Henry Le Roy Valentine, b. January 3, 

G. 6-3. Henry Shulze Fidler, b. April 30, 1852 ; 
married September 12, 1873, Fannie S. Smith. 

G. 7-1. Arthur Penn Fidler, b. January 26, 1875. 

G. 7-2. Julia Eliza Fidler, b. August 30, 1876. 

G. 7-3. Alfred Smith Fidler, b. April 5, 1882; d. 
August 12, 1882. 

G. 7-4. Herbert Smith Fidler, b. April 24, 1887. 

G. 6-4. Frederick Augustus Fidler, b. September 
6, 1854; rnarried May 20, 1875, Lizzie H. Valentine. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 27 

G. 7-1. Howard V. Fidler, b. May 10, 1876. 

G. 7-2. Elias Shulze Fidler, b. March 6, 1879. 

G. 7-3. Frederick Ralph Fidler, b. January i, 1882. 

G. 7-4. Adam Claude Fidler, b. January 11, 1888. 

G. 5-8. Maria A. Shulze, b. May 20, 1821 ; d. March 
2, 1824. 

G. 4-5. John Peter Gabriel Shulze, b. 1780; d. 
1840; married Mary Magdalene Immel, b. 1788; d. 1853. 

G. 5-1. Edward Leonard Schulze, b. December 28, 
1805 ; d. May 6, 1864; married 1832, Elizabeth Spencer, 
b. June II, 1816; d. May 10, 1880. She was of Quaker 
descent (Nutters and Spencers of Delaware). 

G. 6-1. Mary Jane Schulze, b. 1834; married ist. 
May 14, 1857, Rev. Thomas Gotwald, d. December 3, 


G. 7-1. Edward Schulze Gotwald, b. December 9, 
1862 ; d. November 11, 1865. 

G. 7-2. Elizabeth Spencer Gotwald, b. March 27, 
1868 ; married Wilbur F. Reeder, a lawyer in Bellefonte, 

G. 8-1. John Wallace Reeder. 

G. 6-1. Mary Jane Schulze, married 2d, February, 
1877, M. W. Jackson. 

G. 7-3. Mary Jackson, b. November 27, 1878. 

G. 6-2. Phebe Ann Nutter Schulze, b. February 2, 
1838 ; married August 12, 1858, J. Grafius Harris. 

G. 7-1. Elizabeth Spencer Harris, b. April 8, 1861. 

G. 7-2. William Spencer Harris, b. October 5, 

G. 7-3. Sallie Grafius Harris, d. quite young. 

G. 6-'^. Emma Elizabeth Schulze, b. September 9, 
1849; married May 29, 1877, John W. Wallace, d. June 
18, 1891. 

28 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 7-1. Elizabeth Spencer Wallace, b. December 
9, 1878; d. October 28, 1879. 

G. 7-2. Donald Wallace, b. January 20, 1881. 

G. 5-2. LucETTA Salome Shulze, b. May 20, 1809; 
d. February 6, 1881 ; married June 17, 1828, at Myers- 
town, Pa., by Rev. William Ernst, Samuel Schaeffer Rex, 
b. August 5, 1806; d. October 3, 1878. 

G. 6-1. George Marion Rex, b. July 18, 1831 ; d. 
February 12, 187 1 ; married October 17, 1852, Rachel 
Isabelle Felthousen. 

G. 7-1. Isabelle Virginia Rex, b. July 12, 1853; 
married October 19, 1875, Hiram Wesley Ball. 

G. 8-1. Lulu Bell Ball, b. August 3, 1876. 

G. 8-2. Margie Maude Ball, b. February 3, 1879. 

G. 8-3. George Rex Ball, b. November 21, 1880. 

G. 8-4. Walter Earl Ball, b. September 21, 1887. 

G. 8-5. Marshall Edgar Ball, b. October 21, 1890. 

G. 7-2. George Abraham Rex, b. February 10, 1855. 

G. 7-3. Lulu S. Rex, b. September 26, 1857 ; d. Sep- 
tember 26, 1878. 

G. 7-4. Emily S. Rex, b. May 21, 1862. 

G. 7-5. Albert D. Rex, b. November 21, 1863. 

G. 7-6. Margaretta M. Rex, b. April 24, 1866. 

G. 6-2. Samuel Shulze Rex, b. July 24, 1833; d. 
December 2, 1849. 

G. 6-'^,. Frank Rex, b. September 13, 1837; married 
December 24, 1874, Leonore Leila Gibbens. Hardware 
merchant at Parkersburg, W. Va. 

G. 7-1. Alina Rex. 

G. 6-4. G. Albert Rex, b. August 31, 1840. Single. 

G. 5-3. Immel Schulze, b. 1813 ; d. 1871. Single. 

G. 5-4. Clementina Schulze, b. 1817 ; married Ed- 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 29 

ward Vanderslice, D.S., Philadelphia, Pa., b. 1807; d. 
1883, a grandson of Henry Vanderslice, Sheriff of Berks 
county, commissioned October 5, 1775. 
The Vanderslice Genealogy is : 

1. Baron von der Sluys, 

2. Anthony Vanderslice, married Martha Panne- 
backer (now Pennypacker). 

3. Henry Vanderslice (1726-1797) Sheriff of Berks 
county, 1774-76. 

4. Dr. George Vanderslice. 

5. Edward Vanderslice (1807-1883). 

G. 6-1. Edw^ard Shulze Vanderslice, b. 1843 ; mar- 
ried Virginia Gould Zieber, b. 1845. A physician in 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; no issue. 

G. 6-2. Henry Muhlenberg Vanderslice, D.S., 
Philadelphia, b. 1852 ; married Helen Seiss, daughter of 
Rev. Joseph A. Seiss, D.D., LL.D., L.H.D., an eminent 
divine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. 

G. 7-1. Ethel Vanderslice, died. 

G. 6-1. Mary Janet Vanderslice, b. 1858. Single. 

G. 4-6. Catharine G. Shulze, b. 1782; d. 1815. 

G. 4-7. Chrstiana Salome Shulze, b. 1783 ; d. 1853 ; 
married John Albright, b. 1780; d. 1847; no issue. 

G. 4-8. Mary Magdalena Shulze, b. 1787 ; d. April 
6, 1875; married John Cameron, b. 1797; d. 1841 ; a 
brother of Simon Cameron, of Lancaster county. Pa., a 
distinguished United States Senator. In 1861 Secretary 
of War, and in 1862 Minister to Russia. Twice again 
United States Senator till 1877, when succeeded by his son 
James Donald Cameron. 

G. 5-1. 

G. 5-2. Catharine E. Cameron, married May, 1845, 

30 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

her cousin Henry Ernestus Muhlenberg, of Lancaster, 
Pa., b. January lo, 1817 ; d. July, 1877. 

G. 6-1. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, died an 

G. 6-2. John Cameron Muhlenberg, b. about 1846; 
married Alice . 

G. 6-3. Mary Elizabeth Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 6-4. Henry Ernestus Muhlenberg, b. about 1849 ; 
married Emma . A practicing physician of Lan- 
caster, Pa. 

G. 6-5. Anne Augusta Muhlenberg, married Major 

G. 7-1. A daughter. 

G. 6-6. William Muhlenberg. 

G. 7-1. A son. 

G. 6-7. Charles Edward Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 4-9. Elizabeth Shulze, b. May 4, 1785 ; d. Au- 
gust 28, 1861. 

BERG, b. January 2, 1750; baptized January 15, 1750; d. 
June 5, 1801 ; married October 15, 1771, Catharine 
Schaefer (Schafer), b. 1750; d. 1835; daughter of Fred. 
Schaefer, a Philadelphia sugar refiner and member of the 
vestry of Zion's Philadelphia congregation. 

He was born at Trappe, Montgomery county, Pa., and 
thoroughly educated at the University of Halle, Germany. 
Ordained a Lutheran clergyman October 25, 1770. From 
a remote country congregation he was called to take charge 
of one in the city of New York. Here his piet}'-, education, 
eloquence and polished manners speedily gave him a rep- 
utation, but because of his ardent Whig principles and pro- 
nounced patriotism, he was obliged to flee when the British 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 31 

occupied that city. He then assisted his father in Penn- 
sylvania, but, because of his marked patriotic devotion, on 
March 2, 1779, the Legislature of Pennsylvania elected 
him a delegate to the Continental Congress, and, in the 
next year, renewed that honorable appointment, when he 
became ineligible to Congress for the ensuing three years. 
He was, however, immediately sent to the State Legisla- 
ture from Philadelphia, and made its Speaker. In 1787 
he was elected a delegate to the State Convention, called 
to consider the Constitution of the United States and act 
upon its ratification. He was made President of this body. 
Elected a member of the First Congress 1789-91, he be- 
came the first Speaker of the United States Congress. He 
served during the whole of Washington's Administration, 
being called to the Speakership a second time by the third 
Congress. Shortly after leaving Congress he was ap- 
pointed, by Governor Mifflin, Register of the Land Office, 
in which he was continued by Governor McKean until his 
decease. He lies buried at Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Lancaster, Pa. 

G. 4-1. Henry William Muhlenberg, b. 1772; d. 
1805 ; married July 30, 1795, Mary Catharine Sheaff. 

G. 5-1. William Augustus Muhlenberg, D.D., b. 
1796; d. April 8, 1877. Single. He was born at the 
corner of Third and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Baptized a Lutheran by Dr. Helmuth. The prevalent 
use of the German language, in that church, which the 
children did not understand, was the reason why they were 
permitted by their mother to attend the Episcopal Church. 
After a while a Lutheran minister, Rev. Philip Meyer 
began to preach in English, when Mrs. Muhlenberg de- 
sired them to go with her there, but the services were held 
in a Hall, without any of the attractive accompaniments of 

32 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

worship to which they were accustomed in Christ Church, 
and the change was not an agreeable one. An accidental 
occurrence, at this time, confirmed the boy's wishes and 
took him out of his father's denomination. In the spring 
of 1806 the vestries of Christ Church and St. Peter's de- 
cided to erect a church in the neighborhood of Seventh 
and Market Streets to accommodate the growth of the city. 
For this purpose a lot was purchased belonging to Mrs. 
Muhlenberg and, on June 10, 1807, the corner-stone of St. 
James Church was laid. A part of the consideration, be- 
sides the purchase money paid, was a large double pew in 
the middle aisle to be for the use of the family. This, and 
the proximity of the new church to their dwelling, brought 
about their attendance at the same. 

He entered the University of Pennsylvania from which 
he graduated in 18 15 ; ordained a minister of the Protestant 
Episcopal Church in 181 7. About January, 182 1, he be- 
came the pastor of St. James Church, Lancaster, Pa. In 
1824-26 he wrote the hymns, " I would not live alway," 
" Like Noah's Wear}^ Dove," " Saviour, who thy flock 
art feeding," and, perhaps " Shout the glad tidings." In 
1827, he began the establishment of a Christian and 
Church School for the education of boys — Flushing Insti- 
tute and St. Paul's College. In his fiftieth year he began 
his work in the City of New York by founding there the 
Church of the Holy Communion ; in 1845 he organized the 
first Protestant Sisterhood in the United States, and started 
many charitable institutions which culminated in the great 
St. Luke's Hospital. In 1866 he undertook the last great 
work of his life, the establishment of a Christian rural 
community where the worthy poor might escape from the 
horrors of New York tenement life. He bought an estate 
in New Jersey, now comprising an area between five and 


Hon. Frederick August Conrao Muhlenberg. 

Gen John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg. 


Rev. Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst Muhlenberg. D.D. 

Rev. John Christopher Kunze, D.D. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenherg. 33 

six hundred acres. At first he had no funds for the pur- 
pose. He named the place " St. Johnland.'' Cottages 
were built here, and, in 1869, a Boy's House, an Old 
Man's Home, and a church. 

He died in St. Luke's Hospital, of which he was the 
father, and is buried in the cemetery at St. Johnland. He 
was a sincere and earnest Christian. 

G. 5-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, d. 1837. 

G. 5-3. Mary Ann Muhlenberg, married John Rog- 

G. 6-1. Mary Ann Rogers, married William Chisolm. 

G. 4-2. Mary Catharine Muhlenberg, b. May 29, 
1774; d. November 28, 1846; married John S. Hiester 
(his second wife), b. Reading, Pa., July 28, 1774 ; d. March 
7, 1849. ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ only son of Gf^&rerifior Joseph Hies- 
ter of Pennsylvania, and wife Elizabeth nee Witman. 
Graduated at Princeton College, 17^94; admitted to Phil- 
adelphia bar, 1798; first married Miss Fries, of Philadel- 
phia, who died six months after. For nine years he had 
all the offices in connection with the county courts of Berks 
county, for which he was well qualified. 

G. 5-1. Joseph Muhlenberg Hiester, b. December 
II, 1806; d. February 15, 1881 ; married Isabella Craig 
McLanahan, b. December 11, 181 2 ; d. Januar}^ 8, 1892 ; 
buried at Mercersburg, Pa. She was the daughter of 
William McLanahan and his wife Mary nee Gregg, 
granddaughter of Andrew Gregg, prominent in National 
and State affairs in the beginning of this century, and 
great-granddaughter of General James Potter of the Revo- 

G. 6-1. Maria Catharine Muhlenberg Hiester, b. 
November 28, 1833. Single. 

34 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-2. Josephine Elizabeth Hiester, b. June 17, 
1837 ; d. August 21, 1838. 

G. 6-';i^. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Hiester. 

G. 5-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Hiester, 
b. September 17, 1808; d. July 6, 1868; married Lydia 
Ann G. Garretson, b. December 20, 1814; d. November 
5» 1875. 

G. 6-1. Maria Catharine Hiester, b. June 10, 1830 ; 
d. June 24, 1830. 

G. 6-2. John Sylvanus Hiester, b. August, 1838; 
married Emily T. Gilson, d. March 29, 1889. 

G. 5-3. Catharine Elizabeth Hiester, b. April 4, 
1810; d. June 7, 1885; married 1851 (his second wife) 
John Pringle Jones, b. June 10, 181 2, near Newtown, 
Bucks county, Pa. ; d. March 17, 1874, ^" London, Eng- 
land ; no issue. 

G. 5-4. Elizabeth Margaretta Hiester, b. May 
31, 1812 ; d. December 4, 1827, d. at Madame Segoyna's 
boarding school. Spruce street, Philadelphia. Single. 

G. 5-5. Eugenia Frances Hiester, b. December 3, 
1813 ; d. December 3, 1849; married ist, her cousin, 
William John Sheaff, d. May 4, 1839. 

G. 6-1. Catharine Elizabeth Sheaff, b. December 
6, 1834; ^' August 24, 1871 ; married Alexander Murray 

G. 7-1. Eugenia Stewart, died an infant. 

G. 7-2. Murray Stewart, b. July, 1863. 

G. 7-3. William John Sheaff Stewart, a twin, b. 
May 31, 1867. 

G. 7-3. Muhlenberg Hiester Stewart, a twin, b. 
May 31, 1867 ; d. August 25, 1871. 

G. 6-2. Ellen Frances Sheaff, b. November 8, 1837 ; 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Milhlenherg. 35 

married David McMurtrie Gregg, b. April 10, 1833. He 
was born in Huntingdon, Pa., is an ideal gentleman and 
soldier. One of his ancestors, David Gregg, of Scotland, 
was a captain in Cromwell's army. His great-grand- 
father came from Londonderry, Ireland, to Pennsylvania 
in 17 1 2, and died at Carlisle in 1789. His grandfather, 
Andrew Gregg, was a member of Congress and United 
States Senator 1791-1813. He entered the United States 
Military Academy at West Point in 1S51, graduating in 
1855, brevetted second lieutenant of dragoons, and, as 
such, spent five years in the far West where he participated 
in a number of engagements with the Indians. Captain 
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry from May 14, 1861, to March, 
1862, then colonel Eighth Pennsylvania Cavalry. No- 
vember 19, 1862, he was commissioned Brigadier United 
States Volunteers, and brevet Major General, August i, 
1864, for" highly meritorious and distinguished conduct." 
He participated in practically all the battles of the Army 
of the Potomac, and rendered invaluable service by his 
cavalry victory at Gettysburg. He resigned from the 
Army, February 3, 1865, engaged in farming near Mil- 
ford, Del. ; went to Reading, Pa., thence moved to Car- 
thage, Mo., and again returned to Reading; served three 
years as consul at Prague, Austria, under President Grant ; 
elected Auditor General of State of Pennsylvania, 1892, 
and filled his office in a model manner. He now resides 
at Reading. Upon the death of General Hancock he 
succeeded him to the command of the Pennsylvania Com- 
mandery. Military Order of Loyal Legion. 

G. 7-1. George Sheaff Gregg, b. March 9, 1867. 

G. 7-2. David McMurtrie Gregg, b. October 3, 

G. 5-5. Eugenia Frances Hiester, married 2d, James 
Murray Rush. 

36 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-3. Richard Rush, b. 1848, married Ella Day. 
Officer U. S. Navy — graduated U. S. Naval Academy 

G. 7-1. Ella Day Rush. 

G. 7-2. Richard Rush, d. infancy. 

G. 4-3. Elizabeth Muhlenberg, married April 24, 
1794, John Mifflin Irwin, d. August 27, 1814 ; son of Mat- 
thias Irwin and Esther Mifflin. 

G. 5-1. Anna Carolina Irwin, b. May 9, 1803 ; mar- 
ried J. B. Budd. 

G. 6-1. Elizabeth Budd, married Tiers; no 


G. 6-2. Susan Budd, married Dr. Wharton, St. Paul, 

G. 7-1. 

G. 6-3. Anna Budd, married Nielson. 

G. 6-4. John Budd, married Maylan. 

G. 6-5. Emily Budd, married Chapin. 

G. 7-1. Cornelia Chapin. 

G. 6-6. Cornelia Budd, married Worrell. 

G. 6-7. Morgan Budd. Single. 

G. 6-8. Eugenia Budd, married her cousin, John Henry 

G. 6-9. Rose Budd. 

G. 6-10. Irwin Budd. Single. 

G. 5-2. Frederick Irwin. Single. 

G. 5-3. Matthew Irwin. Single. 

G. 5-4. John Hiester Irwin, married Margaret Bald- 
win, daughter of Capt. Stephen Baldwin, ship owner and 
merchant, Philadelphia, Pa. 

G. 6-1. Mary Baldwin Irwin, married 1862, George 
Brooke, a proprietor of E. & G. Brooke Iron Co., of 
Birdsboro, Pa., one of the oldest and largest industries in 
the country. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenberg. 37 

G. 7-1. Edward Brooke. 
G. 7-2. George Brooke. 
G. 6-2. Elizabeth Muhlenberg Irwin, married E. 

K. Tullidge. 

G. 6-3. Stephen Baldwin Irwin, married Harriet 

Brooke Grubb. 

G. 6-4. Margaret Baldwin Irwin. Single. 

G. 5-5. Henry William Irwin. Single. 

G. 5-6. David Muhlenberg Irwin, married Sybilla 

G. 6-1. Helen Irwin. 

G. 6-2. John Henry Irwin, married his cousin, Eu- 
genia Budd ; no issue. 

G. 4-4. Margaret Muhlenberg, b. 1778; d. 1874; 
married November 27, 1794, Jacob Sperry, b. 1773; d. 


G. 5-1. Catharine Augusta Sperry, b. 1797; "tar- 
ried May 24, 1821, Richard Willing, d. April 15, 1833, 
son of Charies Willing by first wife, Rosalind Evans.^ 

G. 6-1. Margaret Sperry Willing, b. April i, 
1822 ; d. June 21, 1862, Philadelphia, Pa. Single. 

G. 6-2. Jacob Sperry Willing, b. July i, 1826; mar- 
ried June 25, 1857, Emily Newbold, daughter of Charies 


G. 7-1. Mary Newbold Willing, b. November 5, 


G. 5-2. Mary Elizabeth Sperry, married Wilham 
H. Hart. He was Captain ist City Troop of Philadelphia, 
and, by another wife, grandfather of Robert Adams, Jr., 
Ex-Minister to Brazil ; no issue. 

G. 5-3. William Sperry, b. 1818 ; married Harriet 
Josephine Tuck. 

G. 6-1. Henry M. Sperry. 

38 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 4-5. Anne Catharine Muhlenberg, b. 1781 ; d. 
1865 ; married George Sheaff, b. 1779; d. 1851. 

G. 5-1. William John Sheaff, d. May 4, 1839; "^^i"- 
ried his cousin, Eugenia Frances Hiester, b. December 
3, 1813 ; d. December 3, 1849. 

G. 6-1. Catharine Elizabeth Sheaff, b. December 
6, 1834; ^- August 24, 187 1 ; married Alexander Murray 

G. 7-1. Eugenia Stewart, died in infancy. 

G. 7-2. Murray Stewart, b. July, 1863. 

G. 7-3. William John Sheaff Stewart, twin, b. 
May 31, 1867. 

G. 7-4. Muhlenberg Hiester Stew^art, twin, b. 
May 31, 1867, d. August 25, 1871. 

G. 6-2. Ellen Frances Sheaff, b. November 8, 
1837 ; married David McMurtrie Gregg. 

G. 7-1. George Sheaff Gregg, b. March 9, 1867. 

G. 7-2. David McMurtrie Gregg, b. October 3, 

G. 5-2. George David Sheaff. Single. 

G. 5-3. Frederick Augustus Sheaff. Single. 

G. 5-4. Ann Catharine Sheaff, b. 1809 ; d. 1880. 

G. 5-5. Mary Sheaff, married George Eigenbredt ; 
no issue. 

G. 5-6. Ellen Sheaff. 

G. 5-7. Henry Muhlenberg Sheaff. Single. 

G. 5-8. Emmeline Sheaff, married James Watmough, 
Paymaster, United States Navy. 

G. 6-1. Ellen Watmough. 

G. 5-9. John Peter David Sheaff, married Fanny 

G. 4-6. Frederick Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 4-7. John Peter David Muhlenberg, b. 1785 ; 
d. 1849; married Rachel Evans, b. 1790; d. 1848. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 39 

G. 5-1. George Sheaff Muhlenberg, b. 1812 ; d. 
1829. Single. 

G. 5-2. Oliver Evans Muhlenberg, b. 1814; d. 1814; 


September 17, 1751 ; bap. October i, 1751: d. October 
23, 1831 ; married July 23, 1 771, John Christopher Kunze, 
D.D., b. August 5, 1744; d. July 24, 1807. He was 
born at Artem, near Mansfeld, Germany ; took a prepara- 
tory course at Halle, and at the high schools of Rosleben 
and Merseburg ; devoted three years to the study of the- 
ology at Leipsic, three others he spent as teacher in the 
then celebrated school at Klosterbergen, near Magdeburg, 
and one year at Greitz as inspector of the Orphan House. 
With Fred'k Augustus and Gotthilf Ernst Muhlenberg 
he left Halle for America, May 5, 1770. In 1784 accepted 
a call to Christ Church, New York City, where he labored 
faithfully until his death. He was a very learned man. 
She was the last of her family, and is buried, beside her 
husband, in St. Mark's Episcopal graveyard. New York 

G. 4-1. Maria Kunze, b. August 17, 1773. 

G. 4-2. Maria Catharine Kunze, b. October 22, 1774. 

G. 4-3. Catharine Eliza Kunze, b. October 4, 1776; 
d. January 29, 1863; married May 21, 1801, Caspar 
Meier, b. September 20, 1774; d. February 2, 1839. 

G. 5-1. Amelia Henrietta Meier, b. October 7, 
1802 ; d. January 4, 1804. 

G. 5-2. Margaretta Henrietta Meier, b. August 
19, 1804; d. November 3, 1836; married May 24, 1827, 
Laurentius Henry von Post, d. December 19, 1839. 

G. 6-1. Hermann Caspar von Post, b. March 22, 

40 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

1828 ; married December 8, 1853, Jane Scott Whitlock, b. 
April 9, 1830. 

G. 6-2. Eliza Catharine von Post, b. November 26, 
1829; married May 8, 1853, Gustav Frederic Schwab, b. 
November 23, 1822; d. August 21, 1888. 

G. 7-1. GusTAv Henry Schwab, b. May 30, 185 1 ; 
married October 25, 1876, Caroline Wheeler, b. July 31, 

G. 8-1. Emily Elizabeth Schwab, b. January 10, 

G. 8-2. GusTAv Schwab, b. July 28, 1879. 

G. 7-2. Hermann Caspar Schwab, b. January 5, 1853 ; 
married June 4, 1885, Mary Baldwin. 

G. 8-1. Henry Baldwin Schwab, b. June 

G. 8-2. Hermann Caspar Schwab, b. July i, 1891. 

G. 7-3. Henrietta Margaretta Schwab, b. August 
19, 1854. 

G. 7-4. Laurentius Henry Schwab, b. April 2, 1857 ; 
married February 21, 1889, Margaret Paris. 

G. 8-1. Laurens von Post Schwab, b. May i, 1891. 

G. 7-5. Emily Schwab, b. June 5, 1861. 

G. 7-6. Sophia Lucy Schwab, b. August 3, 1863. 

G. 7-7. John Christoph Schwab, b. April i, 1865. 

G. 7-8. Benjamin William Schwab, b. February 8, 

G. 7-9. Charles Albert Schwab, twin, b. July 5, 

G. 7-9. Louis Emil Schwab, twin, b. July 5, 1868. 

G. 7-10. Rudolf Leopold Schwab, b. August 25, 
1872 ; d. August I, 1873. 

G. 6-3. Henrietta Margaretta von Post, b. De- 
cember 15, 1831 ; married October 8, 1852, Christoph 
Theodore Schwab, b. October 2, 181 2 ; d. 1883. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 41 

G. 7-1. GusTAv Hermann Schwab, b. December 29, 
1853 ; married September 24, 1886, Anna Sick. 

G. 8-1. GusTAv Schwab, b. December 25, 1887. 

G. 8-2. Carl George Schwab, b. March i, 1889. 

G. 8-3. Hermann Schwab, twin, b. November 13, 

G. S-T^. Emilie Schwab, twin, b. November 13, 1890. 

G. 7-2. Emilie Sophia Elizabeth Schwab, b. Febru- 
ary 8, 1857 ; d. 1891 ; married September 15, 1883, Rev. 
Alfred Plieninger. 

G. 8-1. Hellmuth Gustav Plieninger, b. August 7, 

G. 8-2. Theodora Plieninger, b. September 9, 1887. 

G. 8-3. Elizabeth Plieninger, twin, b. May 2, 1891. 

G. 8-3. Hannah Plieninger, twin, b. May 2, 1891. 

G- 7-3- John Christian Heinrich Schwab, b. March 
6, 1859; ^' August 28, 1859. 

G. 7-4. Sophie Henrietta Schwab, b. October 6, 
i860 ; married September 30, 1886, Johann Eberhard Nol- 
tenius, b. April 12, 1847. 

G. 8-1, Elizabeth Noltenius, b. January 25, 1888. 

G. 8-2. Hans Noltenius, b. October 11, 1889. 

G. 8-3. Margarethe Noltenius, b. November, 1891- 

G. 7-5. Clementine Sophie Caroline Schwab, b. 
May 12, 1863; married October 15, 1887, Johann Hein- 
rich Kulenkampff, b. October 6, 1857. 

G. 8-1. Christoph Kulenkampff, b. September 15, 

G. 8-2. Lucy Kulenkampff, b. June 30, 1890. 

G. 6-4. Amelia Elizabeth Clementine von Post, b. 
November 12, 1833 '■> married May 23, 1856, Wilhelm 
Schrader, b. May 30, 1829; d. 1889. 

G. 7-1. Heinrich Otto Hermann Schrader, b. Au- 
gust 8, 1857 ; d. 1882. 

42 The Pcnnsylvania-Ger'man Society. 

G. 7-2. Amelia Augusta Elizabeth Schrader, b. 
February i, 1859; rn^i'ried October 26, 1879, Edward 

G. 8-1. WiLHELM GossLiNG, b. October 30, 1881. 

G. 8-2. Henrietta Gossling, b. April 19, 1884. 

G. 7-3. Anna Sophie Elizabeth Schrader, b. May 
25, i860; married July 10, 1882, Julius Lachmann ; no 

G. 7-4. Eliza Henriette Emily Schrader, b. Au- 
gust 6, 1861 ; married March 11, 1884, Carl Kliippel. 

G. 8-1. Clementine Kluppel, b. December 15, 1884. 

G. 8-2. Roland Kluppel, b. April 18, 1887. 

G. 8-3. Alfred Carl Kluppel, b. October 3, 1888. 

G. 7-5. Rudolf Franz August Schrader, b. Decem- 
ber 17, 1863. 

G. 7-6. WiLHELM Hermann Schrader, b. March 23, 

G. 7-7. Otto Christoph Schrader, b. January 28, 

G. 7-8. Emil Karl Schrader, b. July 28, 1868 ; d. — 

G. 7-9. Clementine Louise Schrader, b. November 
15, 1869. 

G. 7-10. Emily Maria Schrader, b. May 30, 1871. 

G. 7-11. Gustav Bernhard Schrader, b. August 10, 

G. 7-12. Friesbeich Paul Schrader, b. September 
15. 1875. 

G. 6-5. Emily Maria von Post, b. January 4, 1835 ; 
d. October 27, 1891 ; married May 24, 1870, Ernst Bern- 
hard PauH, M.D., b. March 30, 1825. 

G. 7-1. Eliza Amalie Pauli, b. March 6, 1871. 

G. 7-2. Hermann Ludwig Pauli, b. April 23, 1874. 

G. 5-3. Emily Maria Meier, b. April 20, 1806; d. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 43 

March 20, 1872; married May 3, 1825, Albert Smith, 
M.D., d. February 19, 1884. 

G. 6-1. Matson Meier-Smith, D.D., b. April 4, 1826 ; 
d. March 26, 1887 ; married November 14, 1849, Mary 
Stuart White, b. August 31, 1829. 

G. 7-1. Norman White Meier-Smith, b. October 
29, 1850. 

G. 7-2. Emily Stuart Meier-Smith, b. December 
9, 1852; married May 16, 1878, Rev. Henry Ogden Du 

G. 8-1. Constance Du Bois, b. March 28, 1879. 

G. 6-2. Eliza Catharine Smith, b. July 19, 1829; d. 
December 19, 1876; married. April 19, 1849, Robert Jaf- 
fray, b. October 10, 1824. 

G. 7-1. Emily Meier Jaffray, b. August i, 1850. 

G. 7-2. Robert Jaffray, b. July 4, 1854; married 
October 7, 1880, Lydio Butler Griffen, b. June 13, 1854. 

G. 5-4. John Frederick Meier, b. December 22, 
1807 ; d. May 21, 1834. 

G. 5-5. Elizabeth Lucie Meier, b. November 23, 
1809; d. December 4, 1810. 

G. 5-6. Charles Henry Meier, b. August 22, 181 1 ; 
d. August 21, 1813. 

G. 5-7. Eliza Catharine Meier, b. August 4, 1814 ; 
d. January 12, 1831. 

G. 5-8. Mary Kunigunde Meier, b. October 8, 1816; 
married June 29, 1841, James Punnett, Baltimore, Md., b. 
November 4, 1813 ; d. May 28, 1870. 

G. 6-1. Louisa Punnett, b. September 23, 1843. 

G. 6-2. Emily Meier Punnett, b. May 10, 1846. 

G. 6-T^, Hermann Meier Punnett, b. June 3, 1848 
d. January 19, 1850. 

G. 6-4. Katharine Elizabeth Kunze Punnett, b. 
June 25, 1852. 

44 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

G. 6-5. Walter Punnett, b. May 16, 1853; d. July- 
Si* 1853. 

G. 4-4. Anna Maria Catharine Kunze, b. August 
20, 1778. 

G. 4-5. Hannah Christiana Kunze, b. August 29, 

G. 4-6. Charles Henry Kunze, b. June 24, 1781 ; 
d. 1808. 

G. 4-7. Johanna Beata Kunze, b. September 11, 

G. 4-8. Maria Magdalena Kunze, b. October 8, 

1785; d.July II, 1838. 

G. 4-9. Catharine Frederica Kunze, b. March 26, 
1789; d. March 22, 1869; married March i, 1807, Dan- 
iel Oakley, b. January 6, 1779; d. July 7, 1857. 

G. 5-1. Margaretta Sarah Oakley, b. May 7, 
1808; d. February i, 1874; married ist May 10, 1825, 
Robert N. Waite, d. August 31, 1833. 

G. 6-1. Catharine Frederica Waite, b. February 
26, 1826; married September 16, 1845, JohnS. Mathews; 
d. January 3, 1892. 

G. 7-1. Robert Waite Mathews, b. August 21, 1846; 
married June 10, 1874, Kate Chapman. 

G. 8-1. Catharine Frederica Mathews, b. Decem- 
ber, 1875 ; d. 1878. 

G. 8-2, Frederic Chapman Mathews, b. October 6, 

G. 8-3. Clarence Muhlenberg Mathews, b. Sep- 
tember 15, I 88 I. 

G. 8-4. Frederica Catharine Mathews, b. May 12, 

G. 8-5. Clemence Fallett Mathews, b. August 9, 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 45 

G. 7-2. Caroline Smith Mathews, b. August 28, 
1848; d. August 6, 1868. 

G. 7-3. Margaretta Muhlenberg Mathews, b. May 
I2,»i85i ; d. May 31, 1859. 

G. 5-1. Margaretta Sarah Oakley, married 2d, 
January 12, 1837, William Lee Perkins; d. December 2, 

G. 6-2. Mary Lee Perkins, b. October 16, 1837 ; 
married September 7, 1864, Charles Henry Morley : d. 
October 9, 1889. 

G. 7-1. Julia Perkins Morley, b. June 15, 1865. 

G. 7-2. Thomas Healy Morley, d. infancy. 

G. 7-3. Margaretta Muhlenberg Morley, b. June 
26, 1869. 

G. 7-4. Esther Healy Morley, d. infancy. 

G. 7-5. Charles Henry Morley, d. infancy. 

G. 6-3. Julia Perkins, b. October 18, 1839; ^- August 
24, 1856. 

G. 6-4. Lucy Mygatt Perkins, twin, b. February 14, 
1842 ; d. July 19, 1868. 

G. 6-4. Daniel Oakley Perkins, twin, b. February 
14, 1842; d. August 27, 1847. 

G. 6-6. John Kunze Perkins, b. February i, 1845 ; d. 
August 29, 1847. 

G. 6-7. George Perkins, b. November 15, 1847; 
married May 12, 1874, Gertrude Eva Withers; d. June 
12, 1889. 

G. 7-1. Margaretta Muhlenberg Perkins, b. Sep- 
tember 2, 1875. 

G. 7-2. Gertrude Withers Perkins, b. November 8, 

G. 7-3. Lee Perkins, b. April 29, 1878. 

G. 7-4. Mary Lee Perkins, b. 1880 ; d. 1880. 

46 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

G. 5-2. John Wilmot Oakley, b. March 16, 1810; d. 
September i, 1842; married July 3, 1832, Mary Randell 

G. 6-1. Cyril Pascalis Oakley, b. April 24, 1833; 
d. April 12,1886; married December 13, 1855, Harriet 
E. De Frees. 

G. 7-1. Walter De Frees Oakley, b. July 31, 1857 ; 
d. August 31, 1878. 

G. 7-2. Mary Clewell Oakley, b. October 7, 1859. 

G. 7-3. John Dougherty Oakley, b. March i, 1862; 
d. February 14, 1870. 

G. 6-2. William Randell Oakley, b. December 20, 
1835 ; d. November 6, 1872. 

G. 6-3. Mary Augusta Oakley, b. June 16; 1837 ; 
d. February 25, 1840. 

G. 6-4. Henrietta Meier Oakley, twin, b. January 
II, 1841. 

G. 6-4. Helen Eliza Oakley, twin, b. January 11, 
1841 ; married September 15, 1868, Jerome Walker, M.D. ; 
b. 1843. 

G. 7-1. HoBART Alexander Walker, b. November 
I, 1869. 

G. 7-2. Randell Oakley Walker, b. June 22, 1871. 

G. 7-3. Henrietta Mabel Walker, b. January 17, 


G. 7-4. Amy Frances Walker, b. October 13, 1876. 

G. 7-5. Lucy Margaretta Walker, b. July 17, 1878. 

G. 7-6. Allan Lee Walker, b. October i, 1882. 

G. 5-3. Patience Oakley, b. April 2, 1812; d. April 
6, 1813. 

G. 5-4. WiLMOT Oakley, b. July 25, 1814; d. January 

13, 1862. Single. 

G. 5-5. Mary Kunze Oakley, b. April 25, 1816; d. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 47 

March 25, 1889; married ist, October 16, 1839, Henry 
H. Taylor, b. October 1818 ; d. September 23, 1862; 
married 2d, March (or April), 1864, Ezra Farnsworth, his 
2d wife, d. July 4, 1890, of the millionaire dry goods firm 
of Farnsworth, Wilder & Co., Boston, Mass., where Miss 
Alice Farnsworth, his daughter (ist wife) resides, 319 
Commonwealth Ave. 

G. 5-6. Charles Henry Oakley, M.D., b. May 26, 
1818; d. July 24, 1851. Single. 

G. 5-7. Henrietta Meier Oakley, b. October 8, 
1820; d. September 19, 1849; married July 30, 1844, 
William A. Coursen, his 2d wife, b. November 21, 1819. 

G. 6-1. Henry Dee Coursen, b. September i, 1845 ; 
d. October 17, 1866. 

G. 6-2. William A. Coursen. 

G. 6-3. Henrietta Oakley Coursen, b. May i, 
1848; married February 8, 1872, Herbert B. Robeson, b. 
October 20, 1847. 

G. 7-1. Susan Taylor Robeson, b. July 8, 1873 ; d. 
September 21, 1873. 

G. 7-2. Mabel Coursen Robeson, b. October 18, 

G. 7-3. William Coursen Robeson, b. May 27, 1878 ; 
d. September 24, 1878. 

G. 7-4, Edith Muhlenberg Robeson, b. November 
20, 1880. 

G. 7-5. Henry Charles Robeson. 
. G. 7-6. William A. Robeson. 

G. 7-7. Henrietta Oakley Robeson. 

G. 5-8. Daniel Lorillard Oakley, b. February 8, 
1823 ; married 1861, Mary Camilla Mills. 

G. 6-1. Martha Dilworth Oakley, b. September 7, 
1863 ; d. September 9, 1863. 

48 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-2. Catharine Frederica Oakley, b. February 
I, 1868. 

G. 6-3. Mary Camilla Oakley, b. July 15, 1871. 

G. 6-4. Walter Taylor Oakley, twin, b. December 
29, 1874; d. August 9, 1875. 

G. 6-4. Clifford Brush Oakley, twin, b. December 
29, 1874. 

G. 6-6. Christina Oakley, b. December 25, 1877. 

G. 5-9. Catharine Frederica Oakley, b. November 
4, 1826 ; married September 28, 1848, Rev. Edwin 
Adolphus Bulkley, D.D., b. January 25, 1826. A Pres- 
byterian divine, residing at Rutherford, N. J., a lineal 
descendant of Peter Bulkeley, the first minister of Old 
Concord, Mass. 

G. 6-1. Theodore Meier Bulkley, b. August 26, 
1849 ; d. July 29, i860. 

G. 6-2. Charles Henry Bulkley, b. June 16, 185 1 ; 
d. June 28, 1871. 

G. 6-3. Mary Virginia Bulkley, b. October 13, 1853. 

G. 6-4. Catharine Frederica Kunze Bulkley, b. 
February i, 1856; d. July 11, i860. 

G. 6-5. Helen Muhlenberg Bulkley, b. January 22, 
1861 ; married April 29, 1890, Henry Emerson Dean. 

G. 6-6. Edwin Muhlenberg Bulkley, b. September 
10, 1862. 

G. 6-7. Arthur Hanks Bulkley, b. November 19, 
1864; d. November 7, 1865. 

G. 6-8. Eliza Jaffray Bulkley, b. January 15, 1867 ; 
d. July 31, 1869. 

G. 4-10. Anna Margaretta Kunze, b. August 14, 
1791 ; d. November 23, 1846, married January 12, 1809, 
Jacob Lorillard, b. May 22, 1774 '•> ^' September 21, 1836, 
of the New York family of that name. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Mahlenhero-. 49 

(The following details of Lorillard family are not com- 
plete to date, but the best that could be obtained.) 

G. 5-1. Anna Catharine Lorillard, b. October 23, 
1809; married April 18, 1838, George Philip Cammann, 
M.D., b. September 7, 1804; d. February 14, 1863. 

G. 6-1. Maria Margaretta Cammann, b. June 4, 
1834; ^' May 7, 1889; married November 19, 1867, 
Charles S. Weyman. No issue. 

G. 6-2. Anna Margaretta Cammann, b. August 6, 


G. 6-3. George Philip Cammann, b. November 23, 
1837 ; d. January 14, 1872 ; married September 8, 1859, 
Francis N. Schenck ; d. 1890. 

G. 7-1. Mary Evelyn Cammann, b. August 5, i860; 
married April 18, 1891, W. de Lancey Cunningham. 

G. 7-2. George Philip Cammann, b. December 27, 

G. 7-3. William Edgar Cammann, b. May 24, 1863; 
d. January 19, 1865. 

G. 6-4. Jacob Lorillard Cammann, b. June 21, 1840; 
d. July 5, 1868; married September i, 1863, Isabella 
Apolline Mali, b. December 26, 1843. 

G. 7-1. Henry Lorillard CamxMAnn, b. May, 1864. 

G. 7-2. IsABELLE Mali Cammann, b. January 13, 1868. 

G. 6-5. Anna Catharine Cammann, b. October 25, 

G. 6-6. Hermann Henry Cammann, b. January 30, 
1845 ; married June 5, 1873, Ella C. Crary. 

G. 7-1. Edward Crary Cammann, b. May 12, 1874. 

G. 7-2. Robert Fulton Cammann, b. April 23, 1878. 

G. 7-3. Hermann Muhlenberg Cammann, b. October, 
1882; d. April 29, 1883. 

G. 7-4. Herbert Schuyler Cammann, b. December, 

5o The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-7. Donald Muhlenberg Cammann, M.D., b. 
April 13, 1852. 

G. 5-2. Margaretta Henrietta Lorillard, b. 
January 13, 181 1 ; married December 18, 1833, Thomas 
Ward, M.D., b. June 8, ; d. , . 

G. 6-1. Anna Margaretta Ward, b. 1836; d. July 
23, 1886; married February 18, 1868, Thomas B. Arden. 

G. 7-1. Helen Arden. 

G. 7-2. Thomas B. Arden, b. January 5, . 

' G. 7-3. John Arden, b. May 16, 1875. 

G. 6-2. Katharine Cammann Ward, b. July, 1839; 
d. November 29, 1879; married June 25, 1868, Theo- 
dorius Bailey Woolsey. No issue. 

G. 6-3. Thomas Ward, b. May 22, 1842 ; d. 1874. 

G. 6-4. Margaretta Muhlenberg Ward, b. Sep- 
tember 5, 1843. 

G. 6-5. Fanny Lorillard Ward, b. April 12, 1847. 

G. 6-6. Emily Morris Ward, b. November 30, 1854. 

G. 5-3. Jacob Lorillard, b. September 5, 1813 ; mar- 
ried October, 1834, Eliza Ann Bayard. 

G. 6-1. Jacob Lorillard. 

G. 6-2. Eliza Lorillard; married Scott Rodman — 
children i daughter married. 

G. 5-4. Eliza Meier Lorillard, b. July 15, 1815 ; 
married July 26, 1836, Nathaniel Piatt Bailey ; d. October 
12, 1891. 

G. 6-1. Ann Mary Bailey, b. April 24, ; married 

October i, 1863, Theodorius Bailey Woolsey. No issue. 

G. 6-2. Lorillard Bailey, twin, b. February 22, 1839 ' 
d. i860. 

G. 6-2. James Muhlenberg Bailey, twin, b. February 
22, 1839; married October 9, , Alletta Ramsen Lynch. 

G. 7-1. Nathalie Bailey. 

Descendants of Hcn7-y Melchior Mi'ihlenbei'g. 51 

G. 5-5. Emily Lorillard, b. September 13, 1819; d. 
August, 1850 ; married July, 1839, Lewis G. Morris. 

G. 6-1. FoRDHAM Morris, b. 1842; married Annie 

G. 7-1. Emily Morris. 

G. 6-2. Francis Morris, b. 1845 ; d. 1883 ; married 
February 9, 1875, Harriet Hall Bedlow. Lt. Comd'r 
U. S. N. 

G. 5-6. Julia Lorillard, b. June 17, 1821 ; married 
December 4, 1840, Daniel M. Edgar; d. December 10, 

G. 6-1. Leroy Edgar, b. 1842. 
G. 6-2. Daniel Edgar, b. 1845. 

G. 6-3. Emily Edgar, b. 1846; d. . 

G. 6-4. William Edgar, d. . 

G. 6-5. Newbold Edgar ; married Agnes Strachan. 

G. 7-1. Caroline Strachan Edgar. 

G. 7-2. Julia Lorillard Edgar. 

G. 6-6. Julia Edgar. 

G. 5-7. Frederica Lorillard, died infancy. 

G. 5-8. Anna Lorillard, died infancy. 

G. 5-9. Mary Lorillard, died infancy. 


b. November 17, 1753 ; bap. December 4, 1753 ; d. May 
23, 1815. He was thoroughly educated at Halle, Ger- 
many, with his brother, Frederick Augustus, and, with 
him, ordained a Lutheran clergyman in the city of Phila- 
delphia on October 25, 1770. He was the only one of the 
three brothers who served steadfastly in the ministry until 
the day of his death. After laboring in Philadelphia, New 
Jersey, etc., he was on April 5, 1774, elected the third 
regular pastor of the Philadelphia congregations. His 

52 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

outspoken loyalty to the Congress necessitated his flight, 
when Philadelphia was captured by the British to escape 
the vengeance of the Tories. For the several years fol- 
lowing, being temporarily without a charge, he devoted 
himself entirely to scientific pursuits, in the departments 
of botany and mineralogy, and became one of the foremost 
botanists in the country. With such habits he could not 
be expected to take an active, personal part in politics. 
In 1780 he was called to the pastorate of Trinity Lutheran 
Church, Lancaster, Pa., where he labored faithfully until 
his death, and in whose graveyard his body lies burred. 
He married, July 26, 1776, Mary Catharine Hall, b. De- 
cember 26, 1756; d. May i, 1841, daughter of Philip and 
Susan Catharine Hall. 

G. 4-1. Mary Catharine Muhlenberg, b. Philadel- 
phia, September 2, 1776; d. 1843 ; married May 11, 1802, 
John Musser, b. Lancaster, November 2, 1774; d. 1813. 

G. 5-1. Mary Catharine Musser, b. May 6, 1803; 
d. August 15, 1825. Single. 

G. 5-2. Henrietta Augusta Musser, b. September 29, 
1804 ; d. June 5, 1856 ; married December 20, 1832, Zeph- 
aniah McLenegan, b. March 7, 1801 ; d. January 13, 1842. 

G. 6-1. Edward McLenegan, b. February 19, 1833 ; 
d. June 13, 1863 ; married Mary L. Dunn. 

G. 7-1. James Lorraine McLenegan, b. October 2, 
1862; d. April 27, 1889; married Emily L. Fichthorn. 

G. 8-1. James Lorraine McLenegan (a daughter), 
b. April I, 1889. 

G. 6-2. Henry Hall McLenegan, b. November 24, 
1835 5 married Sarah F. Reigart, 

G. 7-1. Charles Edward McLenegan, b. January 
23, 1858; married Clara Rogers. No issue. 

G. 7-2. Samuel Bowman McLenegan, b. February 
23, 1861 ; married Carrie H. Cutler. 

Descendants of Henry Mclchior Muhlenberg. 53 

G. 8-1. Cutler McLenegan, b. February 2, 1888. 

G. 7-3. Augusta McLenegan, b. September 17, 1866 ; 
d. 1866. 

G. 7-4. Archibald Reigart McLenegan, b. August 
7, 1868. 

G. 7-5. Anna Susan McLenegan, b. April 12, 1875. 

G. 6-3. Charles McLenegan, b. October 3, 1837 ; d. 
November, 1859. Single. 

G. 6-4. John Archibald McLenegan, b. Februar};- 2, 
1841 ; married February 25, 1864, Mary Ann McKnight, 
b. December 3, 1839, oldest daughter of David and Eliza- 
beth McKnight. 

G. 7-1. Elizabeth Hiester McLenegan, b. January 
3, 1865. 

G. 7-2. Selina Withers McLenegan, b. April 6, 
1866; married September 23, 1889, Frederick Estabrooke 

G. 8-1. Dorothy McLenegan Yorke, b. February 2, 

G. 7-3. Henry McLenegan, twin, b. November 21, 
1867 ; d. May 7, 1880. 

G. 7-3. William McLenegan, twin, b. November 21, 

G. 7-5. John McLenegan, b. January i, 1873 ; d. Jan- 
uary 5, 1874. 

G. 7-6. Robert Wallace McLenegan, b. January 5, 

G. 7-7. Frederick Augustus McLenegan, b. Feb- 
ruary 22, 1880. 

G. 5-3. Henry Muhlenberg Musser, b. January 6, 
1807; d. 1855. Single. 

G. 5-4. Caroline Amelia Musser, twin, b. December 
28, 1808; d. 1875; married John Philip Hiester (his 3d 

54 The Pennsylvania- Ger7nan Society. 

wife), b. June 9, 1803; d. September 15, 1854; son of 
William Hiester (1757-1822) and Anna Maria Myers 
(1758-1824); grandson of Daniel Kiester (1713-1795) and 
Catharine Schuler (1717-1789). 

G. 6-1. Caroline Elizabeth Hiester. 

G. 6-2. John Louis Hiester, b. September 2, 1849; 
d. April 20, 1851. 

G. 6-3. Mary Augusta Catharine Hiester, married 
George A. Reid. 

G. 5-4. Selina Matilda Musser, twin, b. December 
28, 1808; d. December 7, 1880; married May i, 1827, 
George Bowman Withers, b. February 16, 1798; d. De- 
cember 24, i860. No issue. 

G. 5-6. Susan Ann Musser, b. February 22, 1811 ; d. 
October 15, 1853; married March 21, 1843, at the Mo- 
rinna Church, New York City, by Rev. David Bigley, to 
John George Hoffman. 

G. 6-1. Ann Muhlenberg Hoffman, b. July 5, 1844; 
d. November 3, 1844. 

G. 6-2. Effiginia Craig Hoffman, b. June 8, 1847; 
d. June I, 1855. 

G. 6-3. A son, b. November 4, 1849; ^- November 7, 

G. 6-4. Frederick Max Hoffman, b. November 29, 
1845 ; married June 21, 1868, Rusha A. Teed. 

G. 7-1. Ida Caroline Hoffman, b. March 26, 1869; 
married October 28, 1891, Edward Stevens. 

G. 7-2. Frank Ellis Hoffman, b. January 18, 1873. 

G. 7-3. Rose Selina Hoffman, b. July 27, 1874. 

G. 7-4. Oscar Frederick Hoffman, b. May 29, 1877. 

G. 7-5. Ernest Benjamin Hoffman, b. November 17, 

G. 6-5. John Andrew Hoffman, b. June 16, 1848; 
married January 21, 1871, Caroline S. Lind. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg^ 55 

G. 7-1. George William Hoffman, b. September 7, 

G. 7-2. Frederick Augustus Hoffman, b. October 
22, 1873. 

G. 7-3. Louis Watson Hoffman, b. September 9, 


G. 7-4. Carrie Selina Hoffman, b. August 18, 1877. 

G. 7-5. Andrew John Hoffman, b. August 7, 1879. 

G. 7-6. Francis Max Hoffman, b. August 18, 1881 ; 
d. September 16, 1882. 

G. 7-7. Arthur James Hoffman, b. July i, 1883. 

G. 7-8. Charles Millard Hoffman, b. September 
12, 1885. 

G. 7-9. Henry Maxwell Hoffman, b. August 10, 

G. 7-10. Edward Benjamin Hoffman, b. May 10, 

G. 7-1 1. Mary Hoffman, b. June 8, 1890; d. June 30, 

G. 7-12. Mabel Irene Hoffman, b. October 4, 1891. 

G. 5-7. John Perry Musser, b. November 20, 1813 ; 
d. 1814. 

G. 4-2. Susanna Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. October 
26, 1779; d. July 9, 1838; married Peter Schmidt, b. 
February 10, 1780; d. July 18, 1831. 

G. 5-1. Catharine Ann Smith, b. February 12, 1812 ; 
d. June 28, 1835. Single. 

G. 5-2. Henry Muhlenberg Smith, b. August 16, 
1813 ; d. August 13, 1858. Single. 

G. 5-3. Peter Gamzer Smith, b. August 5, 1815 ; d. 
July 18, 1758. Single. 

G. 5-4. Susanna Rebecca Smith, b. October 4, 1816. 

^6 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 5-5. Margaretta Henrietta Smith, b. August 
17, 1821 ; d. July 7, 1868. Single. 

G. 4-3. Henry Augustus Philip Muhlenberg, b. 
May 13, 1782; d. August 11, 1844. Born in Lancaster, 
Pa. ; studied theology in New York City with his uncle, 
the eminent Rev. Dr. Kunze. In 1802 having been li- 
censed to preach, he accepted the charge of Trinity 
Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa., which he served with 
great faithfulness and ability until 1827, when his impaired 
health obliged him to give up the ministry. Having 
finally yielded to the wishes of the people, he was elected 
a member of the 21st Congress. He served for nine 
years with distinction in that body. Candidate for Gov- 
ernor of Pennsylvania in 1835. Tendered by President 
Van Buren, 1837, a seat in his Cabinet as Secretary of 
the Navy, also the mission to Russia, both of which he was 
obliged to decline. Appointed Minister to Austria in 1838, 
from which he returned December, 1840, having been re- 
called at his own request. On March 6, 1844, again nom- 
inated for Governor of Pennsylvania, but his sudden death 
prevented his election to that high office. He married 
ist, 1895, Mary Elizabeth Hiester, a sister of his 2d wife, 
b. 1784; d. March 21, 1806; a daughter of Governor 
Joseph Hiester. 

Genealogy of Governor Hiester : 

1. His father, John Hiester, b. 1707 ; d. 1757 ; married, 
1750, Mary Barbara Epler, b. 1732 ; d. 1809. 

2. His grandfather, John Hiester. His father, John, 
came to America in 1732, from the village of Elsoff, West- 
phalia, Germany. 

Governor Joseph Hiester was born November 18, 1752; 
d. June 10, 1832; married 1771, Elizabeth Witman, b. 
April 2, 1750; d. June 11, 1825. They had one son. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenberg. 57 

John S. Hiester, and two daughters, Mary Elizabeth and 
Rebecca, wives of Henry A. Muhlenberg ; also daughter 
Catharine, wife of Hon. John Spayd, and daughter Eliza- 
beth, wife of Levi Pauling. He (Governor Hiester) was 
a distinguished citizen, patriot and official. His early days 
were spent on his father's farm in Bern township, Berks 
Co., Pa. ; later he entered the store of Adam Witman, 
Reading, Pa., whose daughter, Elizabeth, he married. 
He raised a company of eighty men at Reading about 
June, 1776, which became a part of the " Flying Camp," 
and with it participated in the Battle of Long Island, where 
he was taken prisoner, confined on the notorious prison- 
ship "Jersey" for a time and later imprisoned in New 
York, where he was taken sick with fever and suffered 
many hardships until exchanged. Having recuperated his 
health, for a short time, in Reading, he rejoined the army 
in time to take part in the Battle of Germantown, where he 
was wounded in the head. He served until the close of 
the war. After his return he entered into partnership with 
his father-in-law in the mercantile business. He was a 
member of the General Assembly from Berks county, 
1787-90, during which time that body ratified the Consti- 
tution of the United States; State Senator 1790-94; in 
1797 he succeeded his cousin, Daniel Hiester, as Member 
of Congress from Berks county and served 1 797-1807 ; 
again sent to Congress 1815 and re-elected twice. In 1817, 
nominee of the Federalist party for Governor, but not 
elected; again nominated 1820 and elected — the first suc- 
cessful candidate of his party. His remains were first in- 
terred in the burying ground of the Reformed Church, 
Reading, and later removed, with those of his wife, to the 
Charles Evans Cemetery. 

G. 5-1. Mary Elizabeth Hiester Muhlenberg, b. 

58 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

March 21, 1806; d. February 21, 1838; married June 3, 
1834, Ehrgott Jonathan Deininger, Reading, Pa., b. Sep- 
tember 10, iSoi ; d. August 21, 1880. 

G. 6-1. Emma Muhlenberg Deininger, b. October 
27, 1835 ; d. March 13, 1837. 

G. 4-3. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, married 2d, 
June 7, 1808, Rebecca Hiester, sister of his first wife, b. 
July 4, 1781 ; d. January 22, 1841. 

G. 5-2. Emma Elizabeth Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 5-3. Hiester Henry Muhlenberg, b. January 15, 
1812; d. May 5, 1886; married ist, Amelia Hanold, b. 
1818 ; d. June 15, 1852. No issue; married 2d, Kate 
Spang Hunter, b. May 19, 1835, daughter of Nicholas 
Van Reed Hunter and Hannah, nee Spang. He was a 
graduate of Dickinson College, 1829; graduate as M.D. 
from University of Pennsylvania 1832 ; practicing phy- 
sician, Reading, Pa. During the panic of 1837 ^^^ Far- 
mer's Bank of Reading was threatened with ruin. On 
account of his strict integrity and great ability Dr. Muh- 
lenberg was placed in charge of its affairs ; his manage- 
ment was so excellent that it was speedily restored to its 
former high standing. He remained in charge of the 
same, as cashier, until his death, relinquishing the practice 
of medicine. He occupied many public and private posi- 
tions of trust and honor in Reading ; was a true Christian, 
serving many 3^ears as an officer in Trinity Evangelical 
Lutheran Church, of which his father had been pastor; 
a true patriot, enlisting twice in the service of his State 
when threatened by invasion, 1862, and 42d Regt. P. V. M. 
of 1863. He died universally lamented. 

G. 6-1. Rebecca Amelia Muhlenberg, b. October 25, 
1854; married April 20, 1881, Elhanan Zook Schmucker, 
b. December 17, 1846; d. May 25, 1894; a graduate of 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 59 

Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1870, and 
of New York Homoeopathic Medical College in 187 1. In 
1879 took a course of instruction in Europe. He was of 
Swiss and Prussian ancestry, the latter maternal. 

1. His father, Jacob Schmucker, b. April 2, 1810; d. 
November i, 1874; married Mary Ann, daughter of Jacob 
and Elizabeth Ritter. 

2. His grandfather, Peter Schmucker, of Cumru town- 
ship, Berks Co., Pa., married Fannie Zook. 

He was a most prominent and skillful physician of Read- 
ing, and died a martyr to his profession. 

G. 7-1. HiESTER Muhlenberg Schmucker, b. Janu- 
ary 20, 1882 ; d. July 6, 1882. 

G. 7-2. Katharine Muhlenberg Schmucker, b.July 
24, 1884. 

G. 7-3. Jacob Zook Schmucker, b. January 5, 1889. 

G. 6-2. Nicholas Hunter Muhlenberg, b. August 
II, 1856; married Georgina Kurtz, a daughter of Dr. S. 
L. Kurtz, a leading physician of Reading, Pa. During 
the Civil War assistant surgeon nth Regt. Penna. Re- 
serves and surgeon 85th Regt. Penna. Vol. 

G. 7-1. HiESTER Henry Muhlenberg, b. December 
4, 1857 ; d. January 16, 1858. 

G. 6-3. Rosa Katharine Muhlenberg, b. March 31, 
1859; married ist, Richard H. West; d. 1891. 

G. 7-1. Richard Muhlenberg West, b. March 21, 

G. 6-3. Rosa Katharine Muhlenberg, married 2d, 
December 29, 1897, Rev. H. Douglass Spaeth, 2d son of 
Rev. Dr. A. Spaeth. 

G. 6-4. Henrietta Augusta Muhlenberg, b. Feb- 
ruary 10, 1861 ; d. February 21, 1890; married October 
28, 1884, her cousin, William Frederick Muhlenberg, b. 
November 18, 1852. 

6o The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 7-1. HiESTER Henry Muhlenberg, b. November 
8, 1885. 

G. 7-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. Sep- 
tember 25, 1887. 

G. 7-3. Augusta Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. Feb- 
ruary 6, 1890. 

G. 6-5. Katharine Hunter Muhlenberg, b. May 2, 
1863. Single. 

G. 6-6. Frederick Hunter Muhlenberg, b. Feb- 
ruary 19, 1865. Architect, Reading, Pa., married June 2, 
1898, Mary Rick, daughter of Charles Rick. 

G. 6-7. Charles Henry Muhlenberg, b. June i, 
1870. Architect, Reading, Pa., married September 22, 
1894, Anna Dunham, Farmington, Conn. 

G. 7-1. Anna Muhlenberg, b. October 9, 1895; d. 
May 18, 1897. 

G. 5-4. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 5-5. Emma Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. May 5, 
1817 ; d. November 25, 1833. Single. 

G. 5-6. Rosa Catharine Muhlenberg, b. 1820 ; d. 
May 15, 1867. Highly distinguished for her intellectual 
superiority and loved for her many charitable works. She 
was instrumental in forming the first Ladies' Aid Society 
in the country during the Civil War and especially active 
in everything pertaining to the welfare of the Union 
soldier and her country. Married, May, 1846, Gustavus 
Anthony Nicolls, his first wife, b. April 3, 1817, at Abbey 
View, Thomastown, Count}^ of Kilkenny, Ireland ; d. May 
18, 1886, at Reading, Pa. No issue. 

His father was Colonel William Dann Nicolls of the 
English Royal Artillery, and his mother was Maria Graves, 
daughter of Anthony Graves, a landed proprietor in the 
County of Kilkenny, Ireland. He was named after his 

Descendants of Henry Melchio7' Miihlenberg. 6i 

uncle, General Gustavus Nicolls, of the Ro3'al Engineers ; 
came to America in 1834, assisted in the construction of 
the Philadelphia and Reading railroad, eventuall}^ becom- 
ing its general superintendent and 2d vice-president. He 
was a most exemplary citizen ; unsurpassed in intellectual 
ability ; a true patriot and friend, and distinguished for his 
many kind acts. In 1864 the nomination to Congress was 
offered him by the Republican party but he was obliged to 
decline it. He lies buried with his wife in Charles Evans 
Cemetery, Reading, Pa. 

G. 5-7. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, b. July 21, 
1823, Reading, Pa.; d. January 9, 1854; married, No- 
vember 16, 1847, his cousin, Ann Hall Muhlenberg, her 
first husband, b. March 25, 1829. He graduated at Dick- 
inson College in 1841 ; studied law till 1844 with Hon. 
J. Pringle Jones; in 1849 elected to State Legislature; 
very prominent in many matters of public interest ; elected 
member of Congress in 1852, but died just after taking his 
seat. He bade fair to occupy a high position in the an- 
nals of his country. 

G. 6-1. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, b. November, 
1848. Single. Attorney-at-law, Reading, Pa. 

G. 4-4. John Philip Emanuel Muhlenberg, b. March 
31, 1784 ; d. 1825 ; married Susan Ann Craig. No issue. 

G. 4-5. George Peter Samuel Muhlenberg, b. Oc- 
tober 7, 1786; d. 1827. Single. 

G. 4-6. Mary Henrietta Muhlenberg, b. April 
26, 1789; d. 1850. Single. 

G. 4-7. Phillippa Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. De- 
cember 19, 1791 ; married Henry Huffnagle, b. 1787 ; d. 
1823. No issue. 

G. 4-8. Frederick Augustus Hall Muhlenberg, b. 
March 28, 1795 ; d. July 5, 1867. A prominent physi- 

62 The Pennsylvania- G 67- man Society, 

cian of Lancaster, Pa. ; married ist, February 6, i8i6, 
Elizabeth Schaum, b. December 23, 1799; d. January 8, 
1826 ; daughter of Benjamin and Mary Schaum. 

G. 5-T. Henry Ernestus Muhlenberg, b. January 
10, 1817 ; d. July, 1877 ; married May, 1845, his cousin, 
Catharine E. Cameron. 

G. 6-1. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, died in 

G. 6-2. John Cameron Muhlenberg, b. ab. 1846; 
married Alice . 

G. 6-3. Mary Elizabeth Muhlenberg. Single. 

G. 6-4. Henry Ernestus Muhlenberg, b. ab. 1849 ' 
married Emma . A practicing physician of Lan- 
caster, Pa. 

G. 6-5. Anna Augusta Muhlenberg; married Major 

G. 7-1. A daughter. 

G. 6-6. William Muhlenberg. 

G. 7-1. A son. 

G. 6-7. Charles Edward Muhlenberg. 

G. 5-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. August 
25, 1818; married August 8, 1848, his cousin, Catharine 
Anna Muhlenberg, b. November 19, 1827 ; d. November 
5, 1894. An eminent Lutheran clergyman and scholar, 
with honorary degrees D.D., LL.D. ; Professor of Greek, 
Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. ; President Muhl- 
enberg College, AUentown, Pa. ; Professor of Greek, 
University of Pennsylvania ; President of Thiel College, 

G. 6-1. Ernest A. Muhlenberg, b. May 9, 1850. 

G. 6-2. William Frederick Muhlenberg, b. Novem- 
ber 18, 1852 ; married Ortober 28, 1884, his cousin 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenherg, 63 

Henrietta Augusta Muhlenberg ; b. February 10, 1861 ; 
d. February 21, 1890. Graduate Medical Department 
University of Pennsylvania, 1872 ; practicing at Reading, 

G. 7-1. HiESTER Henry Muhlenberg, b. November 
8, 1885. 

G. 7-2. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. Sep- 
tember 25, 1887. 

G. 7-3. Augusta Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. Febru- 
ary 6, 1890. 

G. 6-3. Peter Henry Muhlenberg, b. November 20, 
1854; d. September 14, 1857. 

G. 6-4. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg, b. De- 
cember 10, 1856; d. September 16, i860. 

G. 6-5. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, b. April 11, 

G. 6-6. Francis B. Muhlenberg, b. August 8, 1864; 
married August 23, 1888, Margaret Orr. 

G. 7-1. Francis Edith Muhlenberg, b. December 2, 

G. 5-3. Mary Catharine Muhlenberg, b. January 20, 
1821 ; d. October 25, 1855. Single. 

G. 5-4. Benjamin Schaum Muhlenberg, b. May 20, 
1823 ; d. October i, 1894. Single. Surgeon in Mexican 

G. 5-5. Margaret Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. Jan- 
uary I, 1826; d. August 20, 1826. Single. 

G. 4-8. Frederick Augustus Hall Muhlenberg, 
married 2d, May 8, 1828, Anna Eliza Duchman, b. No- 
vember, 1807; d. April 25, 1881. 

G. 5-6. Ann Hall Muhlenberg, b. March 25, 1829; 
married ist, her cousin, November 16, 1847, Henry Au- 
gustus Muhlenberg, b. July 21, 1823; d. January 9, 

64 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

G. 6-1. Henry Augustus Muhlenberg, b. November, 
1848. Single. Graduate of Harvard University ; attor- 
ney-at-law, Reading, Pa. 

G. 5-6. Ann Hall Muhlenberg, married 2d, Januar}^, 
1869, his second wife, Gustavus Anthony Nicolls, b. 
April 3, 1817 ; d. May 18, 1886. 

G. 6-2. Frederic William Nicolls, b. 1870; married 
April 12, 1898, Minnie Ramsey Taylor, daughter of Geo. 
R. Taylor, Robesonia, Pa. 

G. 5-7. Edward Duchman Muhlenberg, b. May 15, 
1831 ; d. March 10, 1883. Single. 

G. 5-8. Emma Elizabeth Muhlenberg, b. December 
26, 1833 ; d. July, 1900; married July 5, i860, Jacob Isi- 
dor Mombert, b. November 6, 1829. An Episcopal 
clergyman, now residing in New York City. 

G. 6-1. IsiDOR Muhlenberg Mombert, b. May 24, 
1861 ; d. August 14, 1861. 

G. 6-2. Anne Theodora IVEombert, b. August6, 1862. 

G. 6-3. Joanna Muhlenberg Mombert, b. March 4, 
1864. Single. 

G. 6-4. Henrietta Augustus Mombert, b. February 
10, 1866. Single. 

G. 6-5. Frederick Augustus Mombert, b. February 
6, 1868. Single. 

G. 6-6. Emma Elizabeth Mombert, b. March 8,, 1870 ; 
d. July 10, 1874. 

G. 6-7. Adolf Wilhelm Mombert, b. June i, loy^ 

G. 6-8. Gustavus Henry Mombert, b. September 24, 
1872; d. March 8, 1874. 

G. 6-9. Francis James Mombert, b. February 9, 1874. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 65 

G. 6-10. Lily Mombert, b. January 25, 1876; d. June 
28, 1876. 

G. 6-1 1. Eleanor Mombert, b. March 11, 1877. 

G. 5-9. Ellen Maria Muhlenberg, b. August 25, 
1835- Single. 

G. 5-10. Charles Philip Muhlenberg, b. November 
24, 1837; d. January 9, 1872. Single. Graduate Penn- 
sylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa., 1856; admitted to 
Berks County Bar 1859 ' Member Ringgold Light Artil- 
lery, First Defenders, 1861 ; commissioned, 1861, ist 
Lieut., 5th U. S. Artillery. Served during Civil War. 
Brevet of captain for service on Peninsula, 1862 ; brevet 
of major for gallantry at Antietam. Resigned 1867. 

G. 5-11. Ellen Muhlenberg, b. April 5, 1840; d. 
March i, 1847. 

G. 5-12. William Muhlenberg, b. April 5, 1842 ; d. 
September 17, 1847. 

G. 5-13. Francis Muhlenberg, b. April 4, 1844; d. 
September 8, 1894; married October 25, 1875, Ada Snod- 
grass. Member Co. A, 26th Emergency Regt., Penn. V^ol., 
1863. At time of death practicing physician at Lancaster, 

G. 6-1. Francis Muhlenberg, died infancy. 

G. 5-14. Rosa Amelia Muhlenberg, b. April 9, 1846. 


uer 4, 1755 ; d. October 15, 1812 ; married Francis Swain 
his first wife, b. January 2, 1754; ^- J^^^ i7» 1820. Dur- 
ing Revolution furnished clothing for troops of Penn- 
sylvania ; Brigadier General State Militia, 1805 ; Sheriff of 
Montgomery county. Pa., 1784-5-6; for nine years after 
1800, Clerk of Courts and Prothonotar}^ ; ist President 

66 The Pennsylvania- Geyinan Society. 

Bank of Montgomery County. His body lies in the 
churchyard of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa., 
immediately under the rear entrance to its Chapel. She 
died at Norristown, Pa., and lies buried at the Trappe. 

G. 4-1. George Washington Swaine. Single. 

G. 4-2. Maria Muhlenberg Swaine, b. 1788; d. 

G. 4-3. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg Swaine, 
b. 1791 ; d. 1795. 

G. 4-4. Anna Maria Swaine, b. 1795 ; d. 1797. 

gust 21, 1758 ; d. in infancy. 

18, 1760; d. November 24, 1760. 


18, 1764 ; d. early. 

G. 3-10. MARIA SALOME MUHLENBERG, b. July 13, 
1766; d. March 13, 1827 ; married May 8, 1782, Matthias 
Richards, b. February 26, 1758 ; d. August 4, 1830. She 
was born in the City of Philadelphia, where her father 
then preached in St. Michael's German Lutheran Church, 
and baptized shortly after her birth, her sister and brother- 
in-law Rev. C. E. Shulze being sponsors. She was con- 
firmed a Lutheran by her father in her fourteenth year. 
She was married to Mr. Richards by her father, whilst 
she still lacked two months of being sixteen years old, he 
then being feeble, and, in anticipation, no doubt, of his 
early decease, being well pleased to see her so well suited 
and settled with a worthy husband before his death. She 
died in her husband's home on 5th Street, Reading, Pa., 
having been confined to bed but three days. Her son 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 67 

John William was with her, also her daughter Margaret, 
and their cousins Hetty and Maria Hiester. Her disease 
was lingering and complicated, aggravated by the death 
of her two grown sons within the short space of four 
months. She was aged 60 years, 8 months, and at first 
interred beside her husband in the Lutheran grravevard at 
6th and Walnut Streets, Reading, but in 1850 removed 
with him and the other bodies to Charles Evans Cemetery 
where she now rests in the lot of her son Matthias S., ad- 
joining that of her other son John William. At her 
funeral, which was very large, the Rev. William Pauli, of 
the German Reformed Church, officiated in the place of 
her own pastor. Rev. H. A. Muhlenberg, who, as the 
nephew, was amongst the mourners. He preached a good 
German funeral sermon from Isaiah 3:10 — " Prediget 
von den Gerechten, dass sie es gut haben : denn sie werden 
die Frucht ihrer Werke essen." 

" As a friend she was sincere in her attachments ; as a 
neighbor she was kind and affable, ever ready to relieve 
the afflicted, to succor the distressed, to minister to the sick 
and to comfort the bereaved. As a child, a sister and a 
wife, few, perhaps, have excelled her in filial affection, in 
sisterly love and in exercising all the duties necessary to 
constitute an affectionate and faithful ' helpmate ' ; as a 
mother, words can not express her qualities nor describe 

Matthias Richards, b. February 26, 1758 ; bap. April 16, 
1758 ; d. August 4, 1830. He was born on the " Old Place " 
in Falkner Swamp, Montgomery county. Pa. He was sev- 
enteen years old when his father died, March 28, 1875. On 
May I, 1774, he was duly confirmed a member of the Evan- 
gelical Lutheran Church. His father was very wealthy at 
the time of his death, but Matthias did not profit from his 

68 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

wealth as did most the others. The elder brothers received 
the land, the rest of the heirs being paid their shares in 
depreciated Continental currency. The story is that Mat- 
thias invested his money in a black horse, but the currency 
depreciated so rapidly that an unpaid balance remained 
which his brothers generously made up for him. One of 
the sons-in-law, Dr. Beitenman, a physician, being of a 
jovial turn, invested his wife's patrimony in a bowl of 
punch, then took a fresh start in life and acquired a fair 
competency. About one year after his father's death Mat- 
thias went to Reading, Pa., where he was apprenticed to 
Mr. John Rightmj^er to learn the trade of a saddler. In 
1777, when the British came up the Chesapeake Bay and 
threatened Philadelphia, all the battalions of the Berks 
County Militia were ordered to hold themselves in readi- 
ness for active duty. In the early part of August the ist 
Battalion, Colonel Daniel Hunter, and 2d Battalion, Colo- 
nel Daniel Udree were ordered to join Washington's Army 
at the front. Mr. Rightmyer was drafted into service and 
commissioned as a captain in the 2d Battalion. Matthias, 
though not drafted himself, volunteered as a substitute for 
some person who had been, and became a private in Colo- 
nel Daniel Udree's 2d Battalion. With it he participated 
in the Battle of Brandywine and probably also the Battle 
of Germantown, serving, most likely, until the Continental 
Army went into Camp at Valley Forge when the Militia 
were discharged. On April 18, 1780, he married his first 
wife, Maria Missimer, b. April 27, 1759, a sister of Henry 
Missimerof Pottstown, Pa. He then moved on the Swamp 
Road (known as Old Philadelphia Road), leading from 
Reading to Philadelphia, just in Montgomery county, one- 
half mile below Boyertown, where the line divides it from 
Berks county. There he kept tavern (then a most rep- 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 69 

utable business) ; also farmed and followed his trade of 
saddler. Shortly after his first marriage, in 1780, he was 
elected Major of the 4th Battalion, Philadelphia County 
Militia, of which Anthony Bitting was Lieutenant-Colonel. 
He lived with his wife only a little over one year when she 
died August 20, 1781, in giving birth to a son, their only 
child, who died eight days afterwards. She was buried 
in the Falkner Swamp Lutheran graveyard. May 8, 1782, 
he married his second wife, Maria Salome Muhlenberg. 
After being appointed Justice of the Peace for Berks 
county, he moved into that county. This appointment 
was quite an honor at that day (1788) when, under the 
Constitution of 1776, the Justice also officiated as a Judge 
of the county, and especially honorable because the office 
generally sought the man, and not the man the office. He 
then gave up all his former business except that of farm- 
ing. He also commenced storekeeping with his brother 
Peter, and afterwards carried it on alone. In addition he 
followed scrivening. Considering the limited facilities for 
education which were then enjoyed by persons situated as 
himself he may be properly called a " self-made man." 
He learned English, behind the plow, taking with him 
a spelling-book and dictionary, and studying when his 
horses rested. Yet he became very proficient both in 
English and German, and was well acquainted with litera- 
ture in general, standing preeminent among the men of his 
day. He served as Justice of the Peace for forty years, 
at various times together ; also was Associate Judge of the 
Berks County Courts, 1791-97. x\ppointed Inspector of 
Customs (unsolicited) under Tench Coxe and General 
Peter Muhlenberg, 1801-02, he moved to Reading, where 
he opened a dry-goods and grocery store. Member of 
Congress for the counties of Berks, Lancaster, etc., 1807, 

70 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

reelected, 1809-11. In 1812 appointed Collector of Rev- 
enue by President Madison ; in 1823 appointed Clerk of 
the Orphans' Court for Berks county by his intimate friend, 
Governor Joseph Hiester ; after that appointed Associate 
Judge of the Courts for Berks county by Governor John 
Andrew Shulze. Like all of his family he was a faithful 
and true Lutheran, and Trustee of Trinity Lutheran 
Church, Reading, Pa. The duties of his many positions 
of honor and trust were invariably performed with un- 
swerving fidelity. During his entire life he was very 
highly esteemed for his strict integrity, business habits, 
kindness to others, warm friendship, sincere patriotism, 
mature judgment and holy walk. He was a genuine 
Christian, a most excellent and loving husband and father. 
Whilst a true patriot and sound Republican, he was never 
a tool for any party or man, his motto being " principles 
and not merely men." 

He was the last of the 3d generation of the family. 
Rev. Jacob Miller, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, 
preached a German sermon in the church from the text 
Proverbs, 14-32, latter part: " Der Gerechte ist auch in 
seinem Tode getrost." ^ 

G. 4-1. Henry Muhlenberg Richards, b. March 7, 
1783 ; d. December 20, 1822. He was born at Falkner 
Swamp, New Hanover Township, Montgomery county. 
Pa., and was baptized by his grandfather, Henry Melchior 
Muhlenberg, October 2, 1783. He was confirmed a mem- 
ber of the Swamp Lutheran Church, April 26, 1799, ^J 
Rev. Fred'k Wm. Geissenhainer. He learned surveying 
of John Spyker, Esq., of Reading, and was for a long 
time Deputy Surveyor General of Berks county ; Auditor, 
1813-16; Clerk of Quarter Sessions, 1821-22. He was 
an active and intelligent man. Married April 26, 1809, 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlenherg. ^i 

Elizabeth Otto, b. November 27, 1789; d. June 5, 1877; 
daughter of Dr. John A. and Catharine Otto, of Reading. 
Genealogy of Otto family : 

1. Christopher Otto, b. Hanover, Germany, in 1685 ; 
d. Landeberg, October 21, 1752; married Maria Magda- 
lena Neineken. 

2. Dr. BoDO Otto, Sr., b. 1709; d. June 13, 1787; 
buried in Trinity Lutheran churchyard, Reading, Pa. ; 
married May 21, 1742, Doratha Dolhmehen — emigrated 
to America 1755 — Senior Surgeon, Revolution. 

3. Dr. John Augustus Otto, b. July 30, 1751, Han- 
over, Germany ; d. December 14, 1834 ; married Catha- 
rine Hitner, Montgomery county, Pa. ; d. December, 1834. 

G. 5-1. Francis Swaine Richards, b. February 6, 
1810; d. December 3, 1819. 

G. 5-2. George Washington Richards, b. February 
22, 1813 ; d. December 15, 1873. He was born in Read- 
ing, became a merchant, railroad agent, alderman, etc. 
During Civil War he was a captain in the 3d Reg't Penna. 
Vol. Reserve Corps. Married Mary Slemmer, b. March 

11, 1818, daughter of Jacob and Hannah Slemmer. 

G. 6-1. Elizabeth Otto Richards, b. November 19, 
1837; d. November 28, 1894; married October 8, 1873, 
Samuel Hart Smith, b. Norwich, Conn., September 8, 
183 1 ; no issue. 

G. 6-2. Emily Richards, b. November 13, 1839; ^' 
May 17, 1893 ; married September 17, 1868, Albert Short 
Burroughs, b. Newburyport, Mass., July 28, 1842. 

G. 7-1. Mary Elsie Burroughs, b. Philadelphia, July 

12, 1869; d. March 8, 1870. 

G. 7-2. Rowland Burroughs, b. December 23, 1870; 
d. December 23, 1870. 

G. 7-3. Stanley Morrell Burroughs, b. Philadel- 

72 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

phia, April 6, 1872; Mechanical Engineer; married Jan- 
uary 27, 1897, Janette Manuel Cox, daughter of Chas. E. 
Cox, of Philadelphia. 

G. 7-4. Mabel Richards Burroughs, b. Philadelphia, 
May 19, 1875. 

G. 7-5. Helen Burroughs, b. March 9, 1879; *^' 
March 9, 1879. 

G. 6-3. Margaretta Slemmer Richards, b. Bridge- 
port, Montgomery county. Pa., October 13, 1841 ; married 
January 28, 1874, David Keyser, b. March 10, 1829; d. 
March 19, 1895. 

G. 7-1. Herbert Slemmer Keyser, b. November 8, 

G. 4-2. Mary Catharine Richards, b. May 28, 1785 ; 
d. February 17, 1866. She was born in the old house at 
Falkner Swamp, baptized by Henry Melchior Muhlenberg 
June 9, 1785. Confirmed to membership in the Swamp 
Lutheran Church, April 26, 1799. Married March 21, 
1816, by Rev. H. A. Muhlenberg to Isaac Myers, son of 
John and Catharine nee Hahn Myers, of Myerstown, Leb- 
anon county, Pa. Catharine a daughter of Philip Hahn 
and Ann Margaretha, daughter of Daniel Hiester (Jan- 
uary I, 1713-June 7, 1795). He was born March i, 1787, 
and died May 15, 1864. In his earlier days Mr. Myers 
kept a store. During the war with Great Britain he was 
an Ensign in the United States service at the battles of 
Fort George in Canada, May 27, 1813, Stony Creek, etc., 
and later, in 1814, apparently Adjutant ist Pennsylvania 
Regiment, 2d Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Jere Shappell. 
He was a grandson of Isaac Meier, the founder of Myers- 
town, Pa. 

Genealogy of Meier Family. 

G. I. Isaac Meier, b. January 4, 1730; d. (shot) July 
5, 1770, married Catharine. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 73 

G. 2-1. John Myers, married Catharine Hahn ; father 
of Major Isaac Myers and Margaret Myers. 

G. 2-2. Anna Maria Myers, b. December 28, 1758; 
d. October 3, 1822; married March 18, 1784, William 
Hiester, b. June 10, 1757 ; d. July 13, 1822. 

G. 2-3. Elizabeth Myers. 

G. 2-4. Catharine Myers. 

G. 2-5. Eva Myers. 

After her husband's death, Mary Catharine and her 
daughter removed to Reading, Pa. She and her family 
(and husband) are buried together in Charles Evans Ceme- 

G. 5-1. Maria Salome Myers, b. April 8, 1819; d. 
Harrisburg, December 22, 1889. 

G. 4-3. Matthias Swaine Richards, b. February 7, 
1787; bap. March 18, 1787; d. May 11, 1862. Con- 
firmed a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, 
Pa., October 3, 1802. Married September 10, 1812, Mar- 
garet Myers, b. October 6, 1785 ; d. November 19, 1858, a 
sister of Isaac Myers and daughter of John and Catharine 
{iiee Hahn) Myers, of Myerstown, Pa. In his early life 
engaged in the mercantile business in Reading; in 1812 
commenced as a Surveyor and Scrivener and continued 
actively employed in that business until about 1845 ; nor 
did he entirely relinquish it — occasionally giving his ser- 
vices to his friends — until near the time of his death. He 
was appointed Deputy Surveyor of Berks County in 1823 
until 1837. He made an almost incredible number of 
surveys in Berks, Schuylkill and adjoining counties, and 
such was the confidence of the community in his integ- 
rity, accuracy and business abilities that he was en- 
trusted with the settlement of more than one hundred 
estates, invariably discharging his duties to the satisfaction 

74 T^fi^ Pennsylvania- German Society. 

of all interested. Justice of the Peace, 1827 ; Associate 
Judge of Berks County, 1829-1846; Member of Board of 
the Reading Water Company and Secretary from 1820. 
In 1833 appointed one of the Commissioners to organize 
the Philadelphia «& Reading R. R. Co., and was a man- 
ager for many years. Also manager of several railroads 
in Schuylkill county. For a long time Secretary of the 
Trustees of the Reading Academy, and, when the useful- 
ness of the institution had ceased, gave his aid in having its 
property transferred to the public schools of Reading. For 
more than twenty-five years had charge of the Reading Li- 
brary, as Librarian, Secretary and Treasurer. A Director 
of the Office of Discount and Deposit of the Bank of Penn- 
sylvania at Reading for many years, and, for some years, 
a Director of the Farmers' Bank of Reading. A member 
of the Board of the Reading Gas Co., also its Secretary 
and Treasurer ; took a leading part in the organization of 
the Charles Evans Cemetery Co., and was made its Secre- 
tary ; also an active member of the Philadelphia, Reading 
and Pottsville Telegraph Co. ; for some years a deacon in 
Trinity Lutheran Church, where he was confirmed, but 
when the necessity for English preaching became apparent 
and could not be brought about in his own church, he 
united himself to Christ Episcopal Church, of Reading, of 
which he became a most active and influential member and 

G. 5-1. Edwin Myers Richards, b. June 25, 1813 ; 
d. September 16, 1813. 

G. 5-2. Lemuel James Richards, b. March 10, 1815 ; 
d. May 13, 1835. Single. Confirmed a member of 
Christ Episcopal Church. 

Gr- 5-3- William Augustus Richards, b. October 6, 
1818; d. June 18, 1865. Single. 

Descendants of Henry Mclchior Muhlenberg. 75 

G. 4-4. Margaretta Henrietta Richards, b. Au- 
gust 17, 1789; bap. September 8, 1789; d. November 28, 
1861. Confirmed a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Reading, by Rev. H. A. Muhlenburg, on Easter Sunday, 
1804. Single. 

G. 4-5. John Christopher Richards, b. May 28, 
1791 ; d. June 3, 1791. 

G. 4-6. Charles Richards, b. June 10, 1792 ; bap. 
June 17, 1792; d. April 30, 1823. Confirmed by Rev. 
H. A. Muhlenberg, a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Reading, Pa., on Easter Sunday, 1808. Studied law 
under Judge Bird Wilson, of Norristovvn, Pa. (later a 
Rev. Dr. in Episcopal Church), also under Judge John 
Spayd. He practiced law at Lebanon, Pa., and last at 
Reading, being very successful and ranking high at the 
bar for his honesty, ability and generosity. He was an 
excellent scholar in literature. Deputy Attorney General 
for Berks County from 182 1 until time of his death. 

G. 4-7. Elizabeth Richards (generally called Eliza 
Salome Richards), b. February 20, 1794; bap. March i, 
1794; d. February 23, 1872. Confirmed a member of 
Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa., by Rev. H. A. 
Muhlenberg, on Easter Sunday, 1809. Married James 
Farmer McElroy, b. January 24, 1787 ; d. April 16, 1839. 
He was an officer in the regular Army — Captain i6th U. 
S. Infantry — and in several engagements during the War 
of 181 2 with the British. He also held some civil offices. 
There were several children who were either stillborn or 
died shortly after birth. 

G. 4-8. Charlotte Francisca Richards, b. January 
19, 1802; bap. January 27, 1802; d. March 6, 1867. 
Confirmed a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Read- 

>j6 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

ing, Pa. Married November 6, 1827, George W. Oakeley, 
of Philadelphia, b. July 21, 1807 ; d. June 2, 1874; ^^n of 
Robert and Maria Oakeley. They resided in Reading, 
where he was a business man, druggist, and interested in 
iron ore mines, etc. 

G. 5-1. Robert Richards Oakeley, b. July i, 1830; 
bap. July 15, 1830; d. March 19, 1831. 

G. 5-2. Mary Margaret Oakeley, b. February 23, 
1833 ; bap. March 10, 1833 ; d. September 22, 1877. 
Confirmed 185 1 a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Reading, by her uncle, Rev. J. W. Richards. Married 
September 25, 1855, Henry Huhn, of Philadelphia; b. 
July 3, 1832 ; eldest son of John R. and Eleanor P. Huhn. 
Mr. Huhn was prominently identified with Pennsylvania 
politics and a member of the Pennsylvania Legislature, 
besides holdings other civil offices. 

G. 6-1. John Richards Huhn, b. July 8, 1856 ; married 
Elizabeth Shaw. 

G. 7-1. Marguerite Shaw Huhn, b. 1889. 

G. 6-2. Mary C. Huhn, b. February 22, 1858; mar- 
ried 1880, William T. Porter. 

G. 7-1. William T. Porter, b. 1881. 

G. 6-3. Eleanor P. Huhn, b. June 3, i860; married 
1883, Henry W. Beck. 

G. 7-1. Miriam Tilghe Beck, b. 1884; d. 1884. 

G. 5-3. Cordelia Charlotte Oakeley, b. August 25, 
1840; bap. September 25, 1840; married March 19, 1861, 
Van Rensselaer Barnhart, b. October 30, 1884. He was 
a volunteer soldier in the Union Army during the Civil 

G. 6-1. George Philip Barnhart, b. December 14, 
1861 ; married January 5, 1882, Henrietta Hess, b. June 
2, 1864. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 77 

G. 6-2. Charlotte Eliza Barnhart, b. June 2, 
1872 ; d. August 20, 1874. 

G. 4-9. John William Richards, b. April 18, 1803 ; 
bap. April 28, 1803, by his first cousin, Rev. Henry 
Augustus Muhlenberg, being the first child he baptized as 
pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pa. ; d. 
January 24, 1854. ^^ studied, the languages principally, 
under Dr. John Grier, of the Reading Academy ; read the- 
ology under Rev. (afterwards D.D.) Henry Augustus 
Muhlenberg, May 4, 182 1, to September 21, 1824, when 
he was examined at Reading, according to a resolution of 
Synod, by Rev. Jacob Miller, then of Falkner Swamp, 
later of Reading, and Rev. Wm. G. Ernst, of Lebanon, a 
cousin, both since Doctors of Divinity. He was licensed 
to preach as Candidate of Theology in the " German 
Evangelical Lutheran IVIinisterium of Pennsylvania and 
Adjacent States," being the same which his grandfather, 
Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, was instrumental in forming. 
He was ordained as pastor at the meeting of said Synod, 
in Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, June 3, 1828. On 
November 6, 1825, he was unanimously elected pastor of 
the congregations of New Holland, Earl township, Lan- 
caster county, Pa., also of Berg Strass and Muddy Creek, 
in the same county, as well as of Alleghen}^ Church, in 
Brecknock township, Berks county. On August 28, 1831, 
he was, in addition, elected pastor of the Forest Church in 
Berks county. Having been unanimously elected pastor 
of the old Augustus Church at the Trappe (or Treppe), 
Upper Providence township, Montgomery county, Pa., 
where his great-grandfather, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, 
first preached and is buried, he resigned and left New 
Holland, April 29, 1834, ^"'^ '^^ ^'^^y ii» i834j commenced 
the pastorate of the Augustus Church. On May 21, 1835, 

y8 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

married Andora Garber, b. May 21, 1815 ; d. May 26, 
1892, only daughter of Henry Garber and Susanna; his 
wife living at their beautiful homestead " Garwood," two 
and one-half miles south of the Trappe. Having received 
a providential call to Germantown, Pa., he resigned these 
congregations, and, on April 10, 1836, he preached his first 
sermon as pastor of St. Michael's Evangelical Lutheran 
Church of Germantown. At the meeting of the Minis- 
terium of Pennsylvania, at Philadelphia, in 1843, he was 
elected its secretary and reelected to the same office for 
the two succeeding terms, after which he could no longer 
constitutionally hold the office. On May 2, 1843, he 
preached the sermon, in English, from Psalm 78 : 2-8, 
at the celebration of the centennial of Augustus Church, 
Trappe. He removed to Easton, Northampton county. 
Pa., and on November 16, 1845, preached his introduc- 
tory sermon as pastor of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran 
Church to which he had been unanimously called. May 
27, 1850, he was elected president of the venerable Minis- 
terium of Pennsylvania, at its meeting held in Pottsville, 
and unanimously reelected to the same office for the two 
following years. After having previously refused three 
times, on November i, 1850, he finally accepted a call to 
Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading. He organized the 
Dorcas Society and thoroughly systematized all benevolent 
and mission operations in the church. His wife organ- 
ized, April 18, 1852, the Infant Department of the Sunday- 
school. August 6, 185 1, the degree of Doctor of Divinity 
was unexpectedly conferred upon him by the old-school 
Presbyterian institution, "Jefferson College." It has been 
said of him, quoting the words of St. Luke of Barnabas : 
" He was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 79 

G. 5-1. Adelaide Susanna Richards, b. December 
26, 1836; married October 2, 1882, Jacques Van der beck 
Craig, his second wife, b. December 22, 1817 ; d. August 
8, 1884. He was a very prominent business man and 
iron manufacturer. Amongst other things he buiU the 
beautiful Lebanon Valley railroad bridge over the Schuyl- 
kill River, which was destroyed during the railroad riots 
of 1877 ; no issue. 

Genealogy of Craig family : 

1. Moses Craig (1702-July 31, 1777), of Lamington, 
Somerset county, N. J., from the north of Ireland about 
1730; served inN. J. Militia during Revolution as Private. 

2. Robert Craig (November 15, 1734-October 6, 
1797), married Elizabeth Taylor (d. August 6, 1830). 

3. Joseph Craig (May 2, 1780-May 13, i860), married 
Maria Van der Beak (December 28, 1783-April 21, 1863), 
descended from Andrew Van der Beak from Holland, a 
Private N. J. Militia in Revolution. 

4. Jacqltes Van der Beak Craig. 

G. 5-2. Andora Elizabeth Richards, b. June 9, 
1839; ^- September 17, 18S9 ; married, i860, John Mc- 
Knight, b. January 8, 1838; d. December 20, 1882, a 
son of David McKnight and wife Elizabeth, 7iee Hiester. 

His genealogy is as follows : 

In the McKnight line : 

1. His father, David McKnight, b. May 2, 1814; d. 
August 29, 1873, a highly respected citizen of Reading, 
Pa., prominent bank official, lawyer, etc. ; married April 
13, 1837, Elizabeth Hiester. 

2. His grandfather, John McKnight, b. May 31, 1774; 
d. March 9, 1856, a prominent bank official in Reading, 

3. His great-grandfather, Paul McKnight, of Scotch- 

So The Pejinsyh'a7ita-Ge?-man Society. 

Irish descent, emigrated to America in 1752 and settled in 
West Nantmeal township, Chester county. Pa. A member 
of Committee of Safety, October, 1775. 
In the Hiester line : 

1. His mother, Elizabeth Beck Hiester, b. May 5, 1817 ; 
d. October 11, 1897. 

2. His grandfather, Joseph Hiester, b. August 4, 1768 ; 
d. April 16, 1830. 

3. His great-grandfather, Joseph Hiester, b. ab. 1710; 
d. ab. 1772. The latter, with his brother Daniel, came to 
America in 1738, from the village of Elsoff in West- 
phalia, Germany. 

Mr. McKnight was a prominent business man of Read- 
ing ; was engaged in the hardware business, and later in 
the wholesale grocery business. In 1S80 he originated the 
present flourishing Mt. Penn Stove Works. In 1863 he 
served as a Captain in the 42d Regiment P. V. M. 

G. 6-1. James McKnight, stillborn, September 11, 

G. 6-2. David McKnight, b. December 9, 1862; d. 
August 21, 1893. Single. 

G. 6-3. Grace McKnight, b. March 20, 1865 ; d. July 
12, 1865. 

G. 6-4. John William Richards McKnight, b. Au- 
gust 31, 1866 ; married March 15, 1885, Fannie E. Bowen, 
b. November 9, 1867 ; Assistant Secretary of the Mt. 
Penn Stove Works and 2d Lieutenant Company A, 4th 
Regiment, N. G. P. 

G. 7-1. Elizabeth McKnight, b. March 9, 1891. 

G. 7-2. Dora Richards McKnight, b. September 14, 

G. 6-5. Robert McKnight, b. July 21, 1869; d. Au- 
gust 26, 1869. 

Descendants of Henry Mclchior Muhlenberg. 8i 

G. 6-6. Paul McKnight, b. January 17, 1876 ; married 
April 30, 1896, Carrie Gertrude Harbach, b.July 13, 1877. 

G. 7-1. Grace Lydia McKnight, b. February 7, 1900. 

G. 6-7. Arthur McKnight, b. November 20, 1881. 

G. 5-3. Matthias Henry Richards, b. June 17, 1841 ; 
d, December 12, 1898; baptized in St. Michael's Church, 
Germantown, by his father, August i, 1841. He re- 
moved, with his parents, to Easton, thence to Reading. 
He underwent various private instruction, attended the 
Reading Military Institute, under Col. Bachelder, later 
the Gettysburg battlefield historian, then he entered the 
High School, when started in 1852, graduating in its first 
class, July 3, 1856. From there he entered the Pennsyl- 
vania College at Gettysburg, Pa., from which he graduated 
with highest honors in i860. After a short time engaged 
in teaching he entered the Theological Seminary of the 
Lutheran Church at Gettysburg, Pa., in advanced stand- 
ing, in the fall of 1863, graduating in 1864, in time to 
apply for and receive ordination from the Ministerium of 
Pennsylvania, during its convention at Pottstown, Trinity 
week, 1864. Whilst a tutor in Pennsylvania College, in 
1863, prior to his entering the Theological Seminary, the 
Rebels invaded the State. In conjunction with many of 
the students he enlisted in Co. A, 26th Emer. Regt., 
Penna. Vol., served actively and honorably throughout 
the Gettysburg campaign, participating in the battle of 
Gettysburg. Married June 14, 1866, Sarah Maginley 
McClean, b. December i, 1841, daughter of Hon. Moses 
McClean, M. C, of Gettysburg, Pa., and wife, Hannah 
Mary (born McConaughy). In 1868 he was elected 
Professor of English and Latin in Muhlenberg College 
and removed to Allentown. There he remained until the 
spring of 1874 when he accepted a call as pastor of a 

82 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

Lutheran congregation at Indianapolis, Ind. During the 
greater part of his connection with the College (1868-74) 
he was also pastor of Grace Lutheran Church at Phillips- 
burg, N. J., which he organized, built up, housed and left 
in a condition to sustain its own pastor. During his pas- 
torate at Indianapolis he effected the successful transfer of 
the congregation to a new location and built thereon a 
neat chapel, besides laying the foundation for a church. 
He remained there until January, 1877, when he accepted 
an urgent call to his former position in Muhlenberg Col- 
lege. His return brought that institution the ripe scholar- 
ship of a man whose whole life had been given to study 
and teaching. Besides his manifold duties as professor he 
undertook to resuscitate and carry along Trinity congrega- 
tion at Catasauqua until it was able to support a pastor of 
its own. After being relieved of these duties he supplied 
the pulpit of Grace English Church, Bethlehem, during 
the fatal sickness of its pastor, the Rev. Jacob B. Roth. 
After this he confined himself more particularly to his col- 
lege work, though still aiding his ministerial brethren as 
needed and requested. Whilst nominally Professor of the 
English Language and Literature he has taught, at one 
time or another, everything in the college course except the 
natural sciences. After his return in 1877 he had charge 
more particularly of English language and literature, 
rhetoric, logic, social sciences, psychology and some 
Latin, with all the drill work in composition, declamation, 
orations and debates. He was Secretary of the Faculty, 
1886-1898. Besides his work in the College he gave the 
public schools of Allentown the benefit of his experience in 
educational affairs. He was elected a director 1879, the 
next year a member of the Central Board of Control; in 
1883 Secretary of the Board. The vast amount of literary 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 83 

work done by him is difficult to realize. From 1880 he 
ably edited the Church Lesson Leaves and The Helper, 
for the use of Lutheran Sunday-schools and, from 1884, 
regularly furnished an editorial article each week for The 
Lutheran, the weekly Lutheran periodical. For several 
years he aided in editing and publishing the Church Mes- 
senp'cr. He wrote and delivered more than a score of lee- 
tures, popular and educational ; prepared and read a num- 
ber of poems and, besides, wrote numerous articles for the 
Gettysburg ^carterly and Lutheran Church Review. 
He published a catechism for little ones consisting of an 
arrangement of "Luther's Small Catechism," in short 
answers suggested by easy questions and entitled "The 
Beginner's Catechism." June, 1889, the twenty-fifth anni- 
versary of his entrance into the ministry, his alma mater, 
Pennsylvania College, conferred upon him the honorary 
degree of Doctor of Divinity. 

G. 6-1. John William Richards, b. April 12, 1867; 
married September 15, 1890, to Caroline S. Pfeiffer, b. 
March 7, 1869. Graduate of Muhlenberg College, Allen- 
town, in 1887, with second honor and the German oration. 
He received honorable mention in the contest for the Bo- 
tanical prize, 1884 ; the German prize in Sophomore, 1885 ; 
and Senior, 1886 ; and the Junior oratorical prize, 1886. 
Graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Phil- 
adelphia, May 26, 1890. On June 3, 1890, ordained a 
Lutheran clergyman and on June 8th, took charge of St. 
John's Lutheran congregation at Sayre, Pa. Having ac- 
cepted a call to Lancaster, Pa., he was duly installed, on 
Sunday, January 22, 1893, pastor of Christ Lutheran 

G. 7-1. Matthias Henry Richards, b. July 3, 1891. 

G. 7-2. Dorothea Young Richards, b. January 3, 

84 The Pennsylvania- German Society. 

G. 6-2. Mary McConaughy Richards, b. July 28, 
1868 ; married May 29, 1894, David Reeves Stockton, son 
of Rev. Dr. W. R. Stockton (Episcopal), of Phoenixville, 
Pa., brother of Capt. Chas. H. Stockton, U. S. Navy; 
and a descendant of Commodore Stockton, U. S. Navy, 
of the Mexican War ; also of Richard Stockton, signer of 
Declaration of Independence. He is a graduate from the 
Hahnemann Medical College, of Philadelphia, May, 1900, 
and now practicing his profession in Lancaster, Pa. 

G. 7-1. Richard Muhlenberg Stockton, b. Decem- 
ber 14, 1895. 

G. 7-2. Ruth Stockton, b. July, 1897. 

G. 6-3. Dora Garber Richards, b. May 26, 1870. 

G. 6-4. Elizabeth McClean Richards, b. March 26, 
1872 ; d. September 20, 1872. 

G. 6-5. Adelaide Paul Richards, b. April 17, 1873. 

G. 6-6. Rosa Muhlenberg Richards, b. January 29, 
1878; married April 25, 1900, Rev. Fred E. Cooper, son 
of Rev. C. J. Cooper, D.D., a Lutheran clergyman at 
South Bethlehem, Pa. Genealogy of Cooper Family : 

1. Rev. Charles Jacob Cooper, D.D., b. April i, 
1847 ; married Miss Moss. 

2. Jacob Cooper, married Susannah Fink. 

3. Daniel Cooper, b. March 11, 1752; married Eliz- 
abeth Gery. 

4. Wilhelm Cooper, b. August 24, 1722 ; d. January 

23,1809; married Gertrude , d. April 21, 1812. He 

came from Dillenburg, Duchj^^ of Nassau, Germany, i^^o. 

G. 5-4. Henry Melchior Muhlenberg Richards, b. 
August 16, 1848, in Easton, Pa. Removed with his par- 
ents to Reading, Pa., where he received his preliminary 
education in the public schools of the city. He entered 

Descendants of Henry Mclchior Muhlenberg. 85 

the High School, June 30, i860, at the head of all the male 
applicants, graduating from the same in 1864. June, 
1863, he enlisted as a private (doing duty as drummer) in 
Co. A, 26th Emer. Regt., Penna. Vols., and served 
through the Gettysburg campaign, participating in the 
battle of Gettysburg. In disguise, he and his brother pen- 
etrated into the midst of Early's Corps of the Confederate 
Army and were the first to give notice of their retrograde 
movement from Harrisburg towards Gettysburg. He re- 
enlisted July 10, 1864, as private in Co. A, 195th Regt., 
Penna. Vols., and served in West Virginia under Sheri- 
dan. July, 1865, he entered the U. S. Naval Academy 
at Newport, R. I. as a midshipman, graduating from the 
same, July, 1869, at Annapolis, Md. During this time he 
ranked at the head of his classes each year (never falling 
below number 3) and graduated a "star" pupil (the 
highest honor), when he was publicly complimented by 
Admiral D. D. Porter and given his diploma by General 
U. S. Grant. In 1866 he made a cruise along the coast 
of the United States on the U. S. S. Macedonian ; in 
1867, on the U. S. S. Savannah he made a cruise to 
Europe and participated in the great naval ovation to the 
Empress Eugenie at Cherbourg, France ; in 1868 he cruised 
among the islands on the west coast of Africa on the U. 
S. S. Savannah having previously visited the Military 
Academy at West Point; during 1869-70-71, on the U. 
S. S. Juniata and U. S. Flagship Franklin he was 
attached to the European Squadron and was actively en- 
gaged in connection with the Franco-German War, the 
Carlist Insurrection, the Communistic Outbreak and a 
threatened uprising against the Christians in Tunis, Africa. 
He was married December 26, 187 1, to Ella Van Leer, 
b. November 8, 1848, daughter of Branson Van Leer and 

86 The Pennsylvania- Ger7nan Society. 

Drucilla Turner, on her paternal side a descendant of the 
German noble " von Loehr " family, and on her maternal 
side descended from the English families Washington, 
West, Gilpin, Pennington, etc., and through them from 
the old reigning families of England, France, the Holy 
Roman Empire and Scandinavia, the records remaining 
unbroken for 2,000 years. 

On duty at the Torpedo Station, Newport, R. I., in 
1872, at which he invented a circuit closing fuse, far su- 
perior to anything then in use, which was adopted by the 
Government. During 1873-1874 on the United States 
Ship Narragansett under Commander (now Admiral) 
George Dewey, he was on surveying duty in the Pacific 
Ocean, and the charts now in use of the peninsula of 
Lower California, the Gulf of California, the Mexican 
Coast, and various islands in the Pacific Ocean were 
mainly the result of his work. At this time occurred the 
"Virginius" difficulty with Spain when Commander 
Dewey asked to be ordered to attack Manila, in the Philip- 
pine Islands, in case of war. While at Panama a severe 
revolutionary outbreak took place when Lieutenant Rich- 
ards volunteered for active service and was sent on shore in 
performance of same, which was of a dangerous charac- 
ter. He also volunteered for and was given charge of a 
hazardous boat expedition to Las Tres Marias Islands, and 
he saved the vessel from shipwreck on La Roca Partida of 
the Revillagigedo Group of Islands. To the regret of his 
commanding officer he decided to tender his resignation as 
an officer in the United States Navy to take effect January 
I, 1875? to enable him to be more with his family as during 
ten years of service he had only been able to remain at 
home some six months in all. He then, eventually settled 
in Reading, Pa., and became connected with the iron busi- 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. 87 

ness. During the labor riots of 1877, being at that time 
in the employ of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad 
Company, he assisted in organizing a company of Coal 
and Iron Police, composed of veteran soldiers, and served 
in the same during the continuance of the disturbances. 
He volunteered for service when a war with Chili was 
threatened in 1892, and again volunteered April, 1898, so 
soon as a war with Spain became evident. His services 
were accepted and he resumed his position of a Lieutenant 
(Senior) in the United States Navy. He was immediately 
ordered on duty and served during the entire war at the 
front as Executive officer of the United States Ship Stif- 
fly ■> one of the large trans-Atlantic passenger steamers of 
the International S. S. Co. (American Line) fitted out by 
the government as an auxiliary cruiser and supply ship. 
He was at Guantanamo Bay, off Santiago, with the Cris- 
tobal Colon at the Jacuro Anchorage, on the blockades of 
Manzanillo and Cienfuegos, at the Isle of Pines, on the 
blockade off Bahia Honda, Cabanas, Muriel, Havana (dur- 
ing the last engagement of the War), Matanzas, Cardenas 
and at San Juan and Palominos Island off Porto Rico. 
He reached Gibara, Cuba, upon the cessation of hostilities, 
just as the only remaining Spanish man-of-war had en- 
tered (the Infanta Isabella^ and anchored beside her. He 
was probably the first United States Naval officer to ex- 
change friendly greetings over the close of the war with a 
free Spanish naval officer. Some months after the war 
he was given his honorable discharge with the thanks of 
the government. 

On June 28, 1893, Mr. Richards was appointed by Gov- 
ernor Pattison a member of the commission to locate the 
forts of Pennsylvania used for defense against the Indians 
prior to 1783. His able and exhaustive report on the 

88 The Pennsylvania-German Society. 

" Frontier Forts of the Blue Range" was ordered printed 
by the Legislature. He is the author of various magazine 
articles, historical papers, genealogies, etc. Lieutenant 
Richards is a member of the following societies : Pennsyl- 
vania-German Society, Secretary; Sons of the Revolu- 
tion ; Militar}^ Order of Foreign Wars, National Delegate; 
Naval Order of the U. S., Member of Council^ Pennsyl- 
vania Com^nandery ; Naval and Military Order of the 
Spanish-American War; Grand Army of the Republic, 
JVational Aide-de- Camp, etc. ; Historical Society of Penn- 
sylvania ; Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania ; Wyo- 
ming Historical and Geological Society of Pennsylvania ; 
Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pa. ; Histor- 
ical Society of Berks County, Pa. ; Historical Society of 
Lebanon County, Pa. ; Naval Academy Graduates Asso- 
ciation ; Past Master, Masonic Fraternity. 

He has been actively engaged in religious work in the 
Lutheran Church, that of his father's, for many years, and 
is prominently identified with its most important operations. 
Upon the consolidation of various large iron industries, 
September i, 1899, into the American Iron and Steel 
Manufacturing Co., he was made its General Auditor and 
a member of its Board of Directors, which necessitated his 
removal to Lebanon, Pa., where the general office of the 
company is located. This is now his residence. 

G. 6-1. Henry Branson Richards, b. February 5, 
1873; graduated from Muhlenberg College, June 23, 
1892 ; graduated from the Lutheran Theological Semi- 
nary at Mt. Airy, June 4, 1895 ; June loth ordained a min- 
ister of the Lutheran Church. At present pastor of the 
" Church of the Transfiguration," Philadelphia, Pa. 

G. 6-2. Charles Matthias Richards, b. April 19, 
1875; married June 22, 1898, Anna Alfareta Harner, b. 

Descendants of Henry Melchior Miihlcnberg. 89 

July 4, 1874, daughter of Henry A. Harner. On May 10, 
1899, received his degree of Doctor of Medicine and Doc- 
tor of HomcEopathic Medicine at the Hahnemann College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. At present practicing physician in 
Reading, Pa. 

G. 6-3. Florence Richards, b. March 23, 1878. 

G. 6-4. Alice Richards, b. September 8, 1880. 

II, 1769 ; d. early. 


Page 29. — Vanderslice Genealogy : 

For Baron von der Sluys read Reijner van der Sluyse, 
— naturalized 1709 along with Pastorius and others; d. 
Page 84. — Cooper Genealogy should read : 

1. Rev. C. J. Cooper, D.D., married Emma S. Knause, 
instead of Miss Moss. 

2. Jacob Cooper married Sarah Ann Horlacher (pre- 
viously omitted). 

3. Jacob Cooper married Susannah Fink, etc., etc., as 
already given. 


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