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Gloucester County, Virginia 


By William Carter Stubbs, Ph. D. 

Audubon Park, New Orleans, La. 

American Printing Co. Ltd., 5 3 5-5 37 Poydras St. 






To the Members of the Stubbs Family: 

This little pamphlet is printed for private distribution only. 
copy will i3€ presented to each member of the family, with tne 
hope that after a close examination a report will be made of all 
errors, either of omission or commission, to the undersigned for 
correction in the next edition. 

The author is painfully aware of its imperfections, but it is the 
best that he could extort from the various branches of the family 
after the expenditure of much time and labor. On account of 
apathy and indifference, his letters of inquiry were frequently un- 
answered ; hence the incompleteness of several lines. His thanks 
are due, however, and are hereby tendered to several members for 
the valuable assistance given him. 

While conscious of the incompleteness of his work, the author 
is yet emboldened to publish what he has, realizing that the infor- 
mation contained herein is too valuable to be withheld from print. 
He hopes in the future to publish a revised and more comple- 
edition, and will do so at an early day if every member of 
family will assist in making the necessary corrections and am 

Whatever the merits of this little pamphlet may be, it is g --"- 
to the family with the modest hope that it may stimulate each and 
every member to nobler deeds and higher aspirations. 

William Carter Stubbs, 

Audubon Park. New Orleans, La. 


In writing of the Stubbs family every effort has been made Lo 
secure all the information possible, both in England and America. 
There is accordingly given, first, a chapter embodying "glean- 
ings" that have been gathered from various sources in England, 
mainly, however, from a delightful little volume, "The Lays and 
Leaves of the Forest" (of Knaresborough), by Rev. Thos. Parkin- 
son — whose mother was a Stubbs. 

The next chapter is devoted to the early settlers by the name 
of Stubbs in America, with their land grants, etc. 

The remainder of the pamphlet is devoted to the descendants 
of John Stubbs of Cappahosic, the earliest immigrant to Virginia 
(about 1652), w^ho is believed lo be the ancestor of all the South- 
ern Stubbses. 


gleanings froai england- 

The Origin of the Family of Stubbs 

is by common consent located in the Forest of Knaresborough, 
Yorkshire, England. This Royal Forest of Knaresborough is a 
range of country about twenty miles in length and eight in width, 
diversified with mountain and moor, rocky eminences and fertile 
valleys, and extending from Knaresborough westward and south- 
westward to the heather-clad hills overlooking Bolton Abbey. 
Originally it was a wild and rugged district with rich, heavily- 
wooded valleys, and uplands covered with ferns and heathers, a 
place admirably adapted as a refuge for the superstitions of the 
old British and Saxon creeds. In mediaeval times it was sur- 
rounded by feudal strongholds and ecclesiastical establishments 
of the first magnitude. Later the lowlands were enclosed and cul- 
tivated, but wide, wild uncultivated tracts of great extent re- 
mained open and unclaimed until the end of the Eighteenth Cen- 
tury, when by Act of Parliament it was enclosed. 

Modern times have completely changed the original scenes, and 
to-day nothing remains of the Forest but its name. The town of 
Leeds has taken possession of the Washburn valley and trans- 
formed it into a chain of reservoirs to supply water to the city. 
An obscure hamlet has risen into a fashionable, world-famed town 
of Harrogate, where healing waters and bracing breezes attract 
the invalid from every clime. Eugene Aram, Blind Jack of 
Knaresborough and the famous Mother Shipton are some of the 
local characters and celebrities of this Forest. 

In this Forest originated many of the families whose names are 
familiar to us all. The Yorkshire Archaeological Society has re- 
cently published a roll for the whole countv of Yorkshire, taken 
from the rolls of the King's Exchequer of the names who paid a 
subsidy or tax to the King in the second year of King Richard II. 
(June, 1378, to June, 1379). The text is in Latin, but can be 
easily translated. In this list are many familiar names— some in 
their primitive spelling, indicating their origin. Here are some 
of them: Richard Wil-son (that is, Richard, the son of Wil) ; 
Thomas Atkyns-son, Adam Alice-son. Richard Nelle-son, Agnes 
Nelle-doghter, John de Beckwith, William del Hall, William del 
West. John Cowhird, Richard Carter, Richard Lyster (Lister, /'. e., 

6 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Richard the Dyer), Agnes Parcour (the park keeper, now 
Parker), Richard Polayn (now Pullein, a forest name derivt'i 
from "Pullus," a colt given to the keeper of the Royal stud",. 
William Stubbe (the ancestor at an early date of the late illus- 
trious Right Rev. William Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford), William 
de Thakwra (a name made famous by his descendant William 
Makepeace Thackeray), Elias Moor-house, Richard Schiphird 
{i. e., Sheep-herd, now Shepard), Thomas del Holme (/. e., of the 
"holm"" or flat land by the water, now Holmes), Margaret Web- 
ster (a trade name, a weaver), Robert Fflesshewer (a flesh cutter 
or butcher, now Fletcher). 

Besides the above may be found the familiar names of Legitt, 
Hudson, Banks, Simpson, Swynton, Deen, Brewstir, Colyer, John- 
son. Robynson, Scott, Moss, Hill, Gyll, Neusom, Turpyn, Taillour, 
Young, Wright, Milner, Boiler, Bland and others. 

From a poem called "The Hunt," given in "The Lays and 
Leaves of the Forest"' (of Knaresborough), by the Rev. Thomas 
Parkinson, the following verses are selected: 

"John Jeffrey of 'The Trees' is there, 

And Stubbs of Whitewall Nook — 
Guy Palmes of Lindley th' sport to share 

Hath come o'er moor and brook." 

"But oft a root though hid away 

By shoot is not unknown, 
And Fairfax, Stubbs and Thackeray 

Are names the world doth own." 

The Stubbses were then foresters from the Royal Forest of 
Knaresborough. As before mentioned, in the subsidy roll of the 
second year of Richard H. (1378-1379), for the Villa de Clynt, 
occurs the entry, Willelmus .Stu])be et uxor : 

"The home of William Stubbe and his wife was at Birstwith, 
then included in Villa de Clynt." 

William was probably the first who bore the name of Stubbe. 
The name was not fixed fifty years afterward, as his grandsons 
were still called "dc Stubbe" or "Stubbes." The name is thought 
to be derived from "stob" or "stub," the root end of a broken tree. 
Such an object may have existed in the vicinity of the family 
residence, and hence the members would receive the designation 
"de," i. e., of Stubb or Stubbs. (See "Lay and Leaves of the For- 
est," by Rev. Thomas Parkinson.) 

The Yorkshire Archaeological Society's Journal mentions that 
"about 1350 A. D. flourished Thomas de Stubbes, or Stubs, who 
was born in Yorkshire and entered the order of Black Friars at 
York and became a Master of Theology. He was remarkable for 
ecclesiastical learning and religious life. He was ordained Priest 

Gleanings from England. 7 

. 20th, 1343, A. D., in Durham Cathedral, but the date of his 
'.].'■■; I h is unknown. From his learned pen fourteen valuable works 

rom a sketch of the ancestry of the late Bishop William Stubbs 
Oxford, it appears that — 

"William Stubbe of 1379 A. D. Imd a son also named William, 
and his son, John de Stubbes, in 1430 was an ofBcer, — the Grave 
of the Forest of Knaresborough. John de Stubbes' son, William 
Stubbes, resided at Ripon, but John de Stubbes' property at Birst- 
with descended in 1442 to William's son Thomas. This Thomas 
was followed in succession by his son, also named Thomas, in 
1490. This second Thomas was also 'Grave of the Forest,' and 
therefore had probably returned to the residence at Birstwith in 
1498. His brother, William Stubbs, was chaplain in 15 16 to the 
Shepherd Lord Clifford of Skipton and Barden. Thomas Stubbs 
died in 1535, and his son and successor, Miles Stubbs, died in 
1555. Miles left two sons — William, the elder, married Alice 
Belton and went to reside at Fellisclift'e ; John, the other brother, 
also resided at same place. William of Felliscliffe died in 1575. 
His third son was Thomas Stubbs, who resided at Whitewall and 
died there in 1648, aged 75 years. Thomas the son of Thomas of 
Whitewall was connected by marriage with the Atkinsons, who 
held one of the principal farms under the Ingilby family of Ripley 
at Haverah Park, and between 1664 and 1672 he succeeded 
Thomas Atkinson there as tenant. His son, Thomas Stubbs, born 
1650, married Alice Simpson of Clint and died in 1716. 

"Though tenants on the farm of Haverah Park the family was 
of substantial yeoman rank, owning considerable property in the 
neighborhood. The eldest son of Thomas, and his successor on 
the farm, was John Stubbs, who had numerous descent. The 
fourth son of Thomas was Joseph Stubbs, who broke away from 
the family home and resided at Graystone Plain in Felliscliffe. 
He had three sons — Thomas, Joseph and William — who resided in 
London and from whom descended the Rev. Stewart Dixon 
Stuhbs, vicar of St. James's, Pentonville. Thomas Stubbs, the 
eldest son, born in 1735, removed to Ripley and thence he or his 
descendants successively to Boroughbridge and Knaresborough, 
where, in the last generation, the family occupied the position of 
Wise merchants, bankers and solicitors. At Knaresborough in 
1S25 the great-grandson of Thomas Stubbs of Ripley was born. 
Bishop William Stubbs, the subject of this article." 

-■ study of the pedigree of Bishop Stubbs will show many 

H: ches unaccounted for. It is suggested by one of our English 
•ns that a son of John, the son of Miles above, went to London 


The Descendants of John Stnbbs. 

and may be the progenitor of the John Stubbs who came early t - 
Virginia. In a recent letter to the writer from Rev. Charles Wil- 
liam Stubbs, D. D., Dean of Ely, given below, mention is made ( ' 
Stubbses in later times in Shropshire, Suffolk and London. 

In 1620 "Mr. Stubbs" bought of Mr. Thomas Maddox for £2^^ 
two shares in the Virginia Company of London. Mr. Stubbs was 
also member of the London Company in London in 1622 (Brown's 
Genesis of V. S., i^age 940). That a descendant of this Mr. 
Stubbs came to Virginia and settled is highly probable. 

In Burke's General Armory we fiind "Lawrence Stubbs and 
Richard Stubbs' (1525) arms in the chapel Balliol College, Ox- 
ford." (Vist. Oxon. 1574.) 

"Sa. on a chevron engrailed between in chief two lilies and in 
base a pheon ar. three leopards' faces az. a chief gu. charged 
with two keys saltirewise between as many trunks of trees erad- 
icated and couped or. pierced through with arrow of the second." 

The coat of arms as given by our English cousins is described 
as follows : 

"Field of shield azure, with bend in gold upon which are three 
buckles in sable. L^pon the field are stags' horns with an arrow 
head above them. The stag's head above is the same which Ed- 
ward I. of England used upon his coat of arms. 

The motto is Aequo adeste aninio (Be of just mind). 

Arms: Az. on a bend or. between three stag's horns pieroecl with 
arrows, three buckles sa. 
Crest: A stag's head. 
Motto : Aequo adeste aninio. Be ye ready with ^mruffled courage. 

Gleanings from England. 9 

The following is a copy of letter received from Rev. Charles 
William Stubbs, D. D., Dean of Ely : 

"Deanery Ely, 24th Mar., '02. 

"My Dear Sir — There is little doubt, I think, that Knaresbor- 
ough Forest is the original home of the Stubbs, the village of 
Fewston and its neighborhood not far from the Harrogate 
being its centre. My grandfather, who at one time lived at New 
Hall, a substantial yeoman farmer and corn factor, close to Fews- 
ton, and the family may be traced back steadily to the time of 
Richard II., when William Stubbe, 1379, is found on the roll. In 
1430 his grandson, John de Stubbes, was "reeve" of the Forest of 
Knaresborough, so on down through the centuries, Johns, Wil- 
liams, Thomases, for the most part. There are Stubbses also in 
later times to be found in Shropshire, Suffolk and London. In 
this neighborhood one of the oldest of the Norman families, the 
Le Stranges, married an Alice Stubbs of Ledgeford, and I saw 
the other day over the old Inigo Jones gateway carved the arms 
of Sir Harmon Le Strange quartered with those of his wife. The 
Stubbs arms of course you know. The Stubbs type of build and 
face is, I fancy, very persistent. Bishop Stubbs and myself trace 
back to a common ancestor two centuries, but our friends have 
said there was a distinct family likeness, especially of coloring. 
The habit of blushing pretty late in life is a noticeable trait and 
one of which I at least do not choose to be asliamed. A son 
of the Shropshire stock whom I knew in Liverpool was possessed 
of the same physical heredity. 

"Historically I suppose we may be proud of Thomas the Do- 
minican Monk of York ; Historian Philip Stubbs, author of 
Anatomy and Malady; John Stubbs, the Puritan pamphleteer; 
George Stubbs, the great horse painter. 

"If I come to America again, as I may possibly do next winter, 
we must try to meet. I need hardly say that if you are in England 
I shall be glad to welcome you here. 

"Cousinly yours, 

"Charles W. Stubbs." 

10 The Descendants of John Stuhbs. 

Illustrious Members of the Family. 

Biographical dictionaries contain accounts of several Stubbses 
who have become famous. Allusion has already been made to 
Thomas the Dominican ]\Ionk ; to the late Right Rev. William 
Stubbs, D. D., LL. D., Bishop of Oxford; to the Rev. Charles 
W. Stubbs, D. D., Dean of Ely, and to Rev. Stewart Dixon 
Stubbs, D. D., Vicar of St. James. 

Another distinguished minister was John Stubbs, who, accord- 
ing to Fox's Journal, was a very zealous itinerant Quaker 
preacher. He traveled extensively in England, Scotland, Ireland, 
Wales and Holland. He was a man of great literary attainments 
and was one of those who out of thirty languages paved the way 
of "thee" and "thou" as the words with which to address a single 
person. He finally came to America with Fox, and seems never 
to have returned. 

In the legal and political world two distinguished representa- 
tives of the Stubbs family are found. 

First, John Stubbs, an English lawyer and Puritan, born 1540. 
He wrote a pamphlet against Queen Elizabeth's marriage with 
the Duke of Anjou, entitled "The Discovery of a Gaping Gulf 
Wherein England is Like to be Swallowed by Another French 
Marriage," and was condemned to lose his right hand. The sen- 
tence was carried out and the intrepid lawyer raised his cap with 
the other hand and said, "God save the Queen." 

Second, Henry Stubbs was a great English scholar and writer, 
born in 163 1, in Lincolnshire. He joined the party of Cromwell 
during the civil war and wrote "A Vindication of Sir Harry 
Vane," "Light Shining Out of Darkness," and other works. After 
the .restoration he went over to the royalists and published numer- 
ous attacks upon his former friends. He was accidentally drowned 
in 1676. 

George Stubbs, born 1724 in Liverpool, was a very distin- 
guished painter. Possessed of an extensive knowledge of anat- 
omy, he excelled in delineating animals, particularly horses. He 
published in 1766 a treatise on "The Anatomy of the Horse." His 
picture of the "Grosvenor Hunt" is esteemed a masterpiece. He 
died in 1806. 

But the most distinguished member of the family, past or pres- 
ent, was the great prelate and historian, to whom frequent men- 
tion has already been made. Bishop William Stubbs of Oxford, 
whose death recently occurred. Born at Knaresborough in 1825 
and educated at Christ Church, Oxford, he became a fellow of 
Trinity and was ordained in 1848. He became Regius Professor 
of History at Oxford in 1866, Bishop of Chester in 1884. and 

Illustrious Members of the Family. ii 

Bishop of Oxford in 1888. He was author of many works. His 
work, "The Constitutional History of England," is acknowledged 
the world over as a standard authority. He was nominated on 
behalf of the Crown in 1879 by the late Earl of Beaconsfield to 
the canonry. The graceful act on the part of the Premier was 
received by all parties with much favor as the recognition of great 
erudition and untiring industry, and merited the encomium of 
the "Review" as being equally to the honor "of him who gave and 
him who took." 

Bishop Stubbs married, 1859, Catherine Dellar of Naverstock 
and had issue : 

(i) William Walter, b. 1866, now Assistant Master at Dal- 
wich College; (2) Launcelot Henlock Ascough, b. 1869; 
(3) Lawrence Morley, b. 1874; (4) Wilfred Thomas, b. 
1875; (5) Reginald Edward, b. 1876; (6) Katherine Isa- 
bella, b. 1863. 


Immigratiox to America. 

Mention has already been made of the purchase by ^Ir. Stubbs 
of Mr. Thomas Maddox for £25 two shares of the Virginia 
Company of London, Nov. 13th, 1620. He was also a member 
of the London Company in 1622. Probably John, the son of this 
man, settled in Virginia, as the old court records show a John 
Stubbs in \lrginia in 1671. It is highly probable that John pat- 
ented lands in Virginia as early as 1652, since we find on the 
land books at Richmond that John repatented 300 acres, patented 
by William Roberts in 1652 and subsequently escheated to the 
commonwealth. In this patent, given below, this land adjoined 
the lands of said Stubbs, because in "its metes and bounds" it 
mentions one of them as the said "Stubbs spring." It is believed 
that this John or his father patented before this a large tract ad- 
joining this (Roberts') tract, since he was possessed later of a 
large area. He also, in 1706, obtained the escheated lands of 
Christopher Webster, 150 acres. In 1703 he patents 50 acres 
(i head right) betwixt the lands of Augustine Warner, Mr. 
Woll and William Boiling, in another part of the county, now a 
part of W^hite Marsh ("Stubbs"). The records of Gloucester 
county, \'irginia, were destroyed in 1820 and again during the 
late civil war, and hence the absence of valuable information con- 
cerning the early settlers of this county. The land books at 
Richmond and the records of Petsworth and Abingdon Churches 
in Gloucester county are the chief sources of information at this 
early date. 

Here are the copies of the patents from the land books at Rich- 
mond : 

"In 1652 William Roberts patents 300 acres of land on the N. 
side of York River and N. W. side and at ye mouth of Jones 
Creek, bounded as follows : South up Jones Creek, east upon a 
white marsh, north upon the lands of Ed. West upon York River." 
(V^ol. X.. page 214.) 

This land was escheated to the commonwealth and in 1714 
John Stul^lis repatented it, and it is thus described on the Land 

Land Patents. 13 

Book, Vol. X., page 537: "In Petso (Petswortli) parish, Glou- 
cester county, Virginia, beginning on Jones Creek and running 
along a gut, and thence on south side to the mouth of said gut, 
and thence N. W. to an ash tree, and thence to a holly bush in a 
white marsh, and thence N. 80° to a small pine and hickory stand- 
ing near the branch, and on, crossing the head of Fleming's little 
creek, and then N. E. 74 poles, etc., to the marsh of said creek, 
and thence south near to the said Stitbbs' spring, and thence S. 
to York River, and thence down the river 104 poles to the begin- 

This land adjoined the land upon which the original home of 
John Stubbs was located, and since all of this section was patented 
about 1652, soon after the opening of the county to settlers, it is 
highly probable that John Stul)bs originally patented his home 
tract about the same time that William Roberts did the escheated 

In 1703 John Stubbs patents 50 acres ( i Head right, John 
Maytor) in Abingdon parish, Gloucester county, Virginia, be- 
twixt the lands of Augustine Warner, Mr. Woll and Wm. Boiling. 
Vol. IX., page 535. 

In 1702 John Stubbs patents 150 acres, viz. : "Christopher Web- 
ster's escheated land as per William Jones, deputy of Mathew 
Pope, escheator of same county, and a jury sworn before him for 
that purpose, 15th May, 1701, John Stubbs, of County of Glou- 
cester, hath made composition, etc., this 25th May, 1702. ffr. 
Nicholson, Gov." 

These lands were situated on York River and Jones Creek, and 
included the Cappahosic tract, together with "Valley Front" and 
"Concord" (formerly Mulberry Hall), now owned by the writer. 
John Stubbs "the younger," in 1786, sold Cappahosic out of the 
family. It was repurchased by the father of the author in 1852, 
and by him sold in 1868. "Valley Front" and "Concord," parts of 
the original tract, are still held in the family. At "Valley Front" 
is situated the old home, and here, too, is the burying ground of 
ihe Stubbses. 

In the old General Court records of Virginia occurs a suit in 
1 67 1 between John Stubbs and Richard Moore, with""Lawfence 
Smith and Richard Booker appointed by court to adjust the dif- 

In the York records in 1672 is a suit of John Stubbs vs. 
William Gilbert. 

In 1698-99 and '02 the names of John and Richard Stubbs occur 
several times. 

14 TJie Descendants of John Stubbs. 

In 1702 Richard Stubbs was arrested by John Young for debt, 
and, said Young not prosecuting, was discharged. This is the 
last time that his name is found in Virginia. 

It may be mentioned here that in 1704 a Richard Stubbs is 
among the petitioners for a court in the precinct of Neckham, in 
County of Bath, North CaroHna (N. C. H. & G. Reg., Vol. I., No. 
3, page 162). It is almost certain that this Richard moved from 
Gloucester county, Virginia, to Bath county, North Carolina, and 
became the ancestor of all of the North and South Carolina 
Stubbses, as will be shown later. 

. From the Abingdon parish record the following are taken : 

"Sus [anna] dau. of John and Susannah Stubbs, b. Aug. ye 
9th, 1678. 

Mildred, dau. of Capt. John and Eliz'th Smith, b. April, 1699. 

John, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. May ye 8th, 1722. 

Francis, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. February ye 21st, 

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Mildred .Stubbs, born January 
ye 29th, 1726. 

Peter, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. February ve 12th, 

Mildred, daughter of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. February 
ye 17th, 1 73 1. 

Thomas, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. November ye 
28th 1733. 

William, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. February ve ist, 


Lawrence, son of John and Mildred Stubbs, b. September ye 
1 6th, 1738. 

Mildred, daughter of John and Jane Stubbs, b. October ye 
1 2th, 1748. 

Mary Amiss, daughter-in-law John Stubbs, Jr., died October 
ye 7th, 1750." 

Besides the above there are baptisms of slaves: from 1702 to 
1714, belonging to "Mrs. Stubbs;" from 1714 to 1718, belonging 
to "Mrs. Susannah Stubbs ;" from 1723 to 1740, belonging to "Mr, . 
John Stubbs;" from 1740 to 1747, belonging to "Capt. John 
Stul)bs." Also, in 1747, slaves belonging to "Mr. John Stubbs, 

Petstvorth Parish Records. 15" 


The records of births, marriages and deaths having been lost, 
the following is gleaned from the Vestry Book : 

"John Stubbs, Jr., Surveyor of Highways in 1701. 

John Stubbs, Surveyor of Highways in 1703-1705. 

John Stubbs, Processioner of Third precinct 1 709-1 719. 

John Stubbs dies in 17 19. 

Thomas Stubbs, with many others, "protests against transub- 
stantiation" in 1714. 

Thomas Stubbs, vSheriff of Gloucester county in 1734. 

Thomas Stubbs, Processioner Fourth precinct in 1743. 

Thomas Stubbs, member of vestry 1745 to 1762. 

Thomas Stubbs, dead in 1762. 

Capt. John Stubbs, member of vestry 1748- 1760. 

Capt. John Stubbs, dead in 1760. 

Francis Stubbs, Processioner Second precinct 1741. 

John Stubbs, Jr.. Processioner Sixth and Second precincts, 


Francis Stubbs, member of vestry 1753- 1767. 

Francis Stubbs, dead in 1767. 

Peter Stubbs, lands Fourth precinct, 1755. 

Peter Stubbs, Processioner Third precinct 1784. 

Francis Stubbs, Processioner Second precinct 1759. 

Thomas Stubbs, Processioner Second precinct 1767. 

John S. Stubbs, Processioner Second precinct 1784. 

From 1753 to 1760 Thomas, Capt. John and Francis Stubbs 
were members of the vestry together. 

From the Commissioner of Revenue's books in Richmond, 
Va., the following assessments were made for 1782 in Gloucester 
County, Va. : 

John S. Stubbs, 462 acres. 

Francis Stubbs' estate, 536 acres. 

William Stubbs' estate, 18 acres. 

Peter Stubbs, 71 acres. 

Lawrence Stubbs, 75 acres. 

The military records in Richmond show that — 

Capt. John S. Stubbs received 4,000 acres of land. 

Midshipman John Stubbs. 1,333 i"3 acres, warrant for which 
was given October 26th, 1847, ^^ John Bespritch, Eliza Beveridge, 
Read Purcell and James Purcell, only heirs of John Stubbs, de- 

Francis Stubbs, 100 acres, private warrant issued May 21st, 


' i6 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Benjamin Stubbs, too acres, warrant delivered to Christopher 
De Graffenried, assignee, through John Hobson, attorney, June 
i6th, 1814. 

Stubbs Allen, 200 acres, issued to him 23d March, 1784. 

Stubbs Allen, 100 acres, to Samuel Brooking, assignee, 23d 
August, 1784. 

Stubbses in Pennsylvania, 

Allusion has been made to John Stubbs, a distinguished Quaker 
preacher, who came to America with Fox and seems never to have 
returned. This was 1 671 -1673. Whether this John was the an- 
cestor or a relative of the Thomas who married, in 1721, Mary 
Minor, in Chester county, Pennsylvania, is unknown to the writer. 
They were both Quakers. Hon Jesse Stubbs, at a reunion of the 
Stubbs family in West Elkton, Ohio, August 28th, 1895, gave 
the genealogy of the descendants of this couple. He claims that 
this Thomas (died 1763) came from England to America in 17 18; 
that he married, in Chester county. Pa., Mary Minor (who was 
from Ireland though of English parents) in September, 1721. 
They had nine children, viz. : Daniel, Esther, Thomas. John, Jo- 
seph, !Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Ann. The descendants of these 
children are now found scattered all over the Union. 

John, the fourth child, moved from Pennsylvania to North 
Carolina in 1755, and married Esther Maddocks (also of Penn- 
sylvania), daughter of Joseph Maddocks, in 1757 or 1758. To 
this couple were born fourteen children, six of whom were born in 
North Carolina, viz. : Nathan, Isaac, Jolin, Mary, Samuel and 
Esther. In 1768 they removed to Georgia, about thirty miles 
from Augusta, where the rest of their children were born, viz. : 
Hannah, Joseph, Rachel, Thomas, Deborah, Sarah, Jesse and Wil- 
liam. John died December 27th, 1803, and Esther ^Maddocks 
Stubbs in 1786, both in Georgia. All of the children (except one, 
Sarah, who died young,) married in Georgia. After the death of 
their father they all moved to Ohio (1804 or 1805) and settled in 
the southwestern part, along and near Elk Creek, and all lived 
until 1828. The descendants of John Stubbs are widely scattered 
throughout the West and Northwest and are thought to be greater 
in number than those of his brothers and sisters. His total num-- 
ber of grandchildren were ninety-two, great-grandchildren nearly 
500, and great-great-grandchildren will probably reach 1,500 or 
2,000. (This was in 1895.) 

In a letter from Hon. Lewis D. Stubbs of Richmond, Indiana, 
he savs : 

Sfiibbses of Pennsylvania. ly 

"Samuel (above), bom May loth, 1766, died July 28th, 1846, 
was my grandfather, and he marrir,'d, January 5th, 1791, Mary 
Jones. The issue of this union was ten children, of whom my 
father (born November 13th, 1807,) was the only survivor. He 
married also a Jones who came from Georgia. One of my broth- 
ers was a member of the Eleventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry dur- 
ing the war between the States, first as sergeant, then captain of 
his company, and finally rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel; 
was at Chickamauga. Atlanta, etc. Joel Cloud of Georgia mar- 
ried one of my grandfather's sisters, and I have often heard from 
my grandfather of his brothers and sisters, that all fheir relatives 
had moved away from the South except one Joel Cloud, who lived 
near Wrightsboro, Ga. One or more brothers of John Stubbs 
went to Xorth Carolina and afterward to Georgia, as I under- 
stand, about the same time that John went, but their descendants 
also moved to Ohio about 1804 or 1805 and lived near Mount 
Pleasant. There are a number of the Stubbs family living in 
Lancaster county. Pa. They are farmers and in possession of 
large estates. Some of them are prominent citizens and have oc- 
cupied important positions." 

A letter from President J. E. Stubbs, now of Reno, Nevada. 
■sa}'s : 

"My father, an only son, was born in the city of Middleton. 
Pa. His grandfather (Thomas) came from England and settled 
in that State. My father moved to Ashland, Ohio, in 1840. The 
family roll call is as follows : 

"J. D. Stubbs and Wife, Ashland, Ohio. 

"Mrs. Elizabeth Dorland, eldest child, Ashland, Ohio. 
'D. D. Stubbs, O. & O. Steamship Line. San Francisco, Cal. 

"J. C. .Stubbs, Vice-President Southern Pacific Railway Com- 
pany, San Francisco, Cal. 

"J. E. Stubbs, President LTniversity of Nevada, Reno, Nevada. 

"Mary N. Stubbs, Ashland, Ohio. 

"W. G. Stubbs, C. O. & T. Co.. San Francisco. Cal." 

Hon. George W. Stubbs, attorney-at-law, Indianapolis. Ind., 
whose son. Dr. George W. Stubbs. has recently settled in Crowley, 
La., writes : 

"My grandfather. Jesse (see above), who was next to young- 
est child of John and Esther (Maddocks) Stubbs, settled just 
across the line from Ohio in Indiana when he moved from 

I am informed that Mr. D. E. Stubbs of Eaton, Ohio, is col- 

i8 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

lecting information for a history and i;^enealog-y of the descendants 
of Thomas and Mary Minor. This branch of the Stubbs familv 
in America will, therefore, be dismissed with the above brief re- 
cital, given to explain who were those Stubbses whose names are 
so frequently found in the early records of Georgia. 


Stubbs Family of Virginia and the South. 

Although it is believed that a son of the Mr. Stubbs who 
bought of Mr. Thomas Macldox the two shares of the Virginia 
Company in 1620, settled in Virginia about 1652, there are no 
official records known to prove it. The first official record oc- 
curs in 1671. From that time on the name of John Stubbs occuis 
frequently in the court records, land books and church registers. 

Our official records of births begin in the Abingdon parish regi- 
ter in 1678, with Sus [anna], the daughter of John and Susannah 
Stubbs. After this date occur in records the names of Richard, 
Thomas, John and Francis Stubbs, presumably the sons of John 
and Susannah Stubbs. 

Richard apparently left the State in 1703 and probably went to 
Bath county. North Carolina (see page 20). 

Thomas signs the protest, with others, in the vestry book of 
Petsworth parish, against transubstantiation in 1714, was Sherifit' 
of Gloucester county in 1735, member of vestry of Petsworth from 
1745 to his .death, in 1762. 

John (afterward Captain) was a member of the vestry of Pets- 
worth from 1748 to his death, in 1760. 

Francis was processioner in Second precinct in 1741 and mem- 
ber of the vestry of Petsworth from 1753 to his death, in 1767. 

The Petsworth vestry book mentions the death of John Stubbs 
in 1 719. It is iDelieved that he was the husband of Susannah and 
father of the four boys given above, and the ancestor of all of 
the Stubbses of the South. By being called John, Jr., in 1701, ii 
is probable that he was the son of John the immigrant and per- 
haps the grandson of the shareholder in the London Company 
( 1620-1622). 


Mention has already been made of Richard Stubbs, the son of 
John and Susannah Stubbs. This Richard appears in the York 
records between 1698 and 1702 as plaintiff and defendant in sev- 
eral suits. In the latter year John Young has him arrested for 
debt, and, failing to prosecute at the time, the said Richard is 

20 TJic Descendants of JoJin Stubbs. 

discharged. His name does not occur subsequently in the Vir- 
ginia records. 

In 1704 Richard Stubbs was among the petitioners for a court i^^ 
the precinct of Neckham, in the County of Bath, North Carolina. 
f\'ol. I., No. 3, page 162, N. C. H. & G. Reg.) 

The will of Thomas Stubbs. dated January 17th. 1738. proved 
March 7th, 1738. mentions sons William, Thomas, Bassett ( ?) 
(Everitt), John and Richard, and daughters Hannah and Mary. 
(N. C. H. & G. Reg.) This Thomas Stubbs evidently married 
Mary Everitt, as per following deeds : 

Thomas .Stubbs and wife Mary, April I4t'h, 1722, a conveyance 
to Nathaniel Everitt, 100 acres land near Morattucks bridge, ad- 
joining lands of Benjamin Blount. Witnesses, William Rodes 
and Cornelius Callahan. 

Nath. Everitt to Thomas Stubbs, a conveyance of same land, 
with same witnesses. (Chowan Countv Deeds, Book C, No. i, 
in N. C. H. & G. R., Vol. H., page 144.') 

The will of Richard Stubbs, Jr., of Tyrrell county, N. C, 
February 25th, 1754, mentions brothers Everitt, William, Thomas 
and John ; Ann Jones, sister Mary and my two other sisters ; 
brothers Thomas and Everitt, executors ; testators, Esther Walker 
and Mary Stubbs. (Vol. L, No. 4, page 486, N. C. H. & G. R.) 

John Stubbs, in 1749, witnesses will of John Green in Bladen 

Will of William Stubbs of Bath, December 8th, 1756, proved in 
Beaufort county 14th June, 1757, mentions son William, wife 
Jean and daughter Margaret and makes them executors ; teste, 
John Alderson, Samuel Thompson and Peter Caila, (N. C. H. & 
G. R.) 

William Stubbs, in 1751. attests will of Seth Pilkinston of Beau- 
fort county, N. C. (Ibid.) 

William Stubbs, member of jury of Tyrrell county, 1739. 

William Stubbs appointed sergeant-at-arms by House. 1746. 

Thomas Stubbs member of jury of Bath county, 1725. 

Legacy of Matthew Rowan of New Hanover, April 17th, 1760, 
to John Stubbs, son of James Stubbs o'f Bath county. 

William Stubbs and Jean CuUen were married December. 1733, 
in St. Thomas parish, Beaufort precinct. 

From the above, taken from the North Carolina records as 
given in North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, it 
would appear that Richard had at least two sons, Thomas and 

(I.) Thomas married Mary Everitt and had 

Stnbbses of North Carolina. 21 

(i) William, (2) Thomas, (3) Everitt, (4) John and (5) 
Richard (d. 1754, s. p.), and (6, 7 and 8) three daugh- 
ters, one probably born after death of father, 
(i) William married, 1733, Jean Cullen and had William 

and Margaret. 
(2) Thomas occurs in the records of Tyrrell county in an 

affidavit against the tory, Thomas Harrison, July 14th, 

1777, and may be the Thomas above, son of Thomas. 
Nothing is known of Everitt and John, though the occurrence 

to-day of the name of Everitt in one of the Georgia 

branches of the Stubbs family would suggest a descent 

from Everitt. 

(II.) James, the second son of Richard, had at least one son, 
John, living in 1760. Probably this John, or John the son of 
Thomas, obtained, in November, 1753. a grant of land on Cat- 
fish Creek, Peedee River. South Carolina, who, according to 
Bishop Gregg's History of South Carolina, was the ancestor 
of all the Stubbses since known in the Marlboro district, South 

Hon. Harry W. Stubbs, State Senator, of Williamston, Martin 
county, N. C, writes that his father was Jesse Rolin Stubbs, who 
married, March 3d, 1868, Mary W. Badham, in Chowan county; 
that Jesse was the only son of Martin Stubbs of Bath and moved 
to Martin county in 1857 or 1858. 

The above information is given with the hope that it may stim- 
ulate some one in North Carolina to continue these investigations. 


Bishop Gregg, in his "History of the Old Cheraws," says: 
"John Stubbs, November, 1753, obtained a grant of land on Cat- 
fish Creek, Peedee River, and was the ancestor of the Stubbses 
since known in the Marlboro district." 

This John came from North Carolina and is believed to be a son 
of James of Bath county and grandson of Richard who went to 
North Carolina from Virginia, 1703, and who was a son of John 
and Susannah Stubbs of Gloucester county, Va. 

Rev. J. A. W. Thomas, in his History of Marlboro county. S. C, 
says that "Jno." married Rebecca Conner and had issue. 

I. Lewis, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Bridges, a 
Lieutenant in Marion's Brigade of the Revolution., Issue: 

(i) Rev. Campbell Stubbs, 'a Baptist minister of Bennetts- 
ville, S. C, 1829- 1837, ^^d was the grandfather of Mrs. 

22 The Descendants of JoJin Stuhbs. 

B. A. Capel, William H. Stubbs and Wyriott J. Stubbs, 
and late Albert Stubbs of Marlboro county, S. C. 

(2) John J., student at Universit}- of Xorth Carolina 1822, 
and is believed to be the father of (a) Tristam Stubbs, who 
moved to Mississippi, the father of George W. of Dallas, 
Texas, and Hon. J. J. Stubbs, attorney-at-law, Raleigh, 

N. C. ; and (b) , who was the father of Thomas H. 

Stubbs of Lillian. Aliss. 

(3) Lewis E.. student at University of North Carolina 1822, 
Ordinary of Marlboro county, S. C, 1835 • married daugh- 
ter of Darby Sweeny. 

II. James, married Fuller; issue: 

( 1 ) John, married Anne -McDonald, originally from Gran- 
ville county. S. C. ; issue : 

(a) John W. (b. 1802, d. 1884). manfied Elizabeth Pare 
( b. 1809. d. 1873). daughter of Col. Thoroughgood 
Pate and granddaughter of Col. Pate of the Revolution. 
She was also a granddaughter of P^harles Bright. (For 
issue see forward page.) .•>■ 

(b) Alexander. ^ 

(c) Jackson, b. 1815, still living, hale and nearty ; mar- 
ried Anna Bright, granddaughter of Charles Bright ; 
no issue. 

(a) Lizzie, d.. married Herbert Smith, (d.) 92 years old. 

(e) Anna, d., married L^riah Hodge, d. 

(f) Lucinda, married John Mason, d. 

(2) David. 

(3) Alexander, perhaps father of A. A.. (C. S. A.), d. 1893. 
(\~\ Silas. 

(5) Elizabeth, married Holden Liles, and had James, B. J. 
and Joseph R. Liles. 

(6) Mrs. Pearson. 

(7) Mrs. John M. Miller. 

(8) Celia, married George Bristow and is the mother of 
Capt. A. E. Bristow of Bennettsville, S. C. 

III. Alexander, d.. married Lucy, daughter of Daniel and 
Martha ( Pearce) Sparks ; no issue. She married, second, Thomas 

I\\ Thomas, married widow of Alexander Stubbs, nee Lucy 
Sparks, and had issue: 

(i) Thomas E., married Ann (d 1895), daughter of James 
and Deborah (Bethea) Spears. 

Sfitbbscs of South Carolina. 23 

(2) Benjamin. 

(3) John. 

(4) Lucy, married E. W. Goodwin. 

(5) Rebecca, married Peter Hubbard, and moved to Missis- 

(6) Feribe, married William Hubbard. 

V. William, married Elizabeth Hubbard ; issue : 
(t) James (Big Jim). 

(2) Peter. 

(3) William F., of McFarland, Anson county, N. C.,'b. 1804 
and still living. 

(4) Frances, married Benjamin Moore, Sr. (b. 1769, d. 
1846), and had numerous descendants. 

VI. John, married Mary, daughter of W^illiam Bridges. She 
was afterward the fifth wife of John David. 

Vn. Peter. 

The following are the children of John W. ( b. 1807, d. 1884) 
and Elizabeth (Pate) Stubbs (b. 1809, d. 1873) : 

( i) Marv (d.), married Thomas A. Stubbs (d.), a relative. 

(2) John B. (Co. F, 21st Regt. S. C. Vols., C. S. A.), farm- 
er of Brightsville, S. C, married Ann Covington, daugh- 
ter of Col. John Covington. 

(3) Ann (d. 1876), married Tom Jones. 

(4) Martha F. (d.), married L. G. Pate, a prominent mer- 
chant of -Sumter county, S. C, and had a son (d.) 5th. 
Alay, 1902), a minister of South Carolina Conference, M. 
E. Church. South, and a D. D. 

(5) Thoroughgood P. (Co. F, 21st Regt. S. C. Vols., C. S. 
A.), farmer of Brightsville, S. C, member House of Rep- 
resentatives 1870-1871 ; married Sallie McRae, grand- 
daughter Ed. Deberry, M. C. from North Caroline in the 

(6) James L. (Sergeant Co. B, 24th Regt. S. C. Inf., C. S. 
A.), a farmer of Leslie, S. C. ; married Lou Pearson. 

(7) Samuel F. (member Co. F, 21st Regt. S. C. Vols., C. S. 
A.) ; captured at Fisher and died at Elmira, N. Y., while 
a prisoner. 

(8) Derrick D. (Corporal Co. F, 21st Regt. S. C. Vols., C 
S. A.), a farmer of Brightsville. S. C. ; married Esther 

(9) Campbell E. (Co. F, 21st Regt. .S. C. Vols., C. S. A.) ; 
wounded at ), a merchant and insurance agent at 

24 The Desccjidaiits of John Stitbbs. 

Sumter, S. C. ; married, first, Alice Hoyt; issue: (a) 
Hoyt; (b) Reba ; (c) Alice; (d) Elvin; married, second, 
Kate Wood, daughter Rev. Henry M. Wood, M. E. 
Church South; issue, Allston, b. 1882. 

(10) Laurence D., a farmer of Brightsville, S. C. ; married 
Virgie Webster. 

(11) Letitia; married W. J. McRae. 

The following, taken from History of Marlboro County, will 
show the Stubbses in C. S. A. : 

Lucius Stubbs, Co. K, 8th Regt. S. C. \"ols. ; died in Richmond, 
V'a., 1861 ; buried in Bennettsville, S. C. 

James, Co. G, 23rd Regt. S. C. Vols. ; wounded at Petersburg, 
and still lives. 

John, Co. G, 23rd Regt. S. C. Vols. ; killed at Antietam, ]\ld. 

Joel. Co. G, 23rd Regt. S. C. Vols. ; died during war. 

D. D., Co. F, 2ist Regt. S. C. Vols.. 4th Inf. Corp; captured; 

C. E., Co. F. 2ist Regt. S. C. \ ols. ; wounded ; living. 

J. B., Co. F, 2 1 St Regt. S. C. Vols. ; captured ; living. 

M. W., Co. F. 2ist Regt. S. C. Vols.; mortally wounded at 
Petersburg, 1864. 

S. F.. Co. F, Regt. S. C. \'ols. ; captured at Fisher; died in 

T. E., Co. F. 2 1 St Regt. S. C. \'ols. ; discharged ; died since war. 

T. P., Co. F, 2 1 St Regt. S. C. Vols.; discharged; living. 

A. A., Co. F, 2ist Regt. S. C. Vols.; discharged; died 1893. 

T. L., Co. B, 24th Regt. S. C. Inftrv. ; 3rd sergeant; living. 

Thos.. Co. B, 24th Regt. S. C. Inftry. 

Daniel. Co. B, 24th Regt. S. C. Inftry. ; wounded and dis- 
charged, 1863. 

Thos. A.. Co. E. 4th Regt. S. C. Cavalry ; dead. 

L. D., Co. D, 3rd Regt. S. C. State Troops. Junior Reserves. 

Of the above, several are not placed in the account just given. 
Doubtless thev can properly assign themselves. Unfortunately 
the information relative to the living members of the family in 
South Carolina is extremely limited. Further data earnestly so- 

Stnbbs Family in Virginia. 25 


Descendants of Thomas and Mildred Stnbbs. 

Allusion has already been made to Richard, Thomas, John and 
Francis as the probable sons of John, (d. 1719) and Susannah 
Stuhbs, of Gloucester county, Virginia. The descendants of 
Richard, as far as known, have been given. Thomas, the next- 
brother, married Mildred, presumably a Smith, since the name of 
Smith has been quite common among his descendants. At "Point 
Lookout," in Robins' Neck, Gloucester county, Virginia, the ola 
burying ground of the Robins, occurs the following epitaphs : 

"Jn memory of Frances Robins, daughter of Thomas and Mil- 
dred Stubbs, born 14th February, 1745, died 18th July, 1800." 

"Tn memory of Thomas Robins, son of William and Elizabeth 
Robins, born ist February, 1745. died 8th November, i! 

"To our father, Thomas Robins, son of Thomas Robins and 
Frances Stubbs, born Januarv 7th, 1770, died September i8th, 

John Stubbs, the brother of Frances, married Elizabeth Robins, 
sister of Thomas Robins above, according to will of William 
Robins (1782), probated 1786, in which are mentioned the chil- 
dren of said union. As far as is known Thomas (d. 1762) and 
Mildred Stubbs had at least two children : 

(T) Frances (b. 1745, d. 1800), married Thomas Robins (b. 
1745, d. 1808) of Point Lookout. (See Robins excursus for 

(2) John (dead in 1782), married Elizabeth Robins, daughter 
of Wm. and Elizabeth (Coleman) Robins; issue: 

(a) Thomas (b. 1761, d. 1783 s. p.) 

(b) William (b. circa 1763) married and had perhaps at 
least one daughter. Harriet, who married Thomas Cole- 
man. (See further on page 37.) 

(c) Samuel N. (b. 1765, d. April, 1845) married Mary W. 
Stubblefield, who died September 4th, 1826, and had issue 
seven children. 

26 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

I. Sallie married Joseph De Xeufville and had Joseph, 

married , and has two daughters and a son Hving in 

New York. 

II. Mary married Booker and had a son living in Richmond' 

III. Fanny married, first Clark and second Canithers, and 
moved to ^Missouri, and died s. p. 

IV. Samuel married Mary Simcoe — lived in Xew York 
and had issue : 

(i) John ( d. s. p.); (2) Frances, married, first, Deboc, 
and had Alary, who married McDougal of New York ; 
married, second, Richard Jones of Virginia, and had 
Ella, who married Hamilton of South Orange, N. J., and 
have two children. 
A'. Simon Stubblefield, lawyer, member of Legislature, and 

former mayor of Norfolk City, married Lizzie Shepard and 

had issue : 

(a) Fanny, unm.arried. 

(b) Kate, unmarried. 

(c) William G., married and has one child. 

( d ) Louisa D., married \Vm. Earle of Queen Anne 
county, Md., and has Fannie, Swepson and William. 

(e) Eliza, married Mr. Keeling, of Norfolk, and has 
Rogers and Martin (both single), and Lizzie, mar- 
ried Lee Hamilton of Accomac county, Va., and Hilary, 
married Allen Cleaveland of Baltimore, Md. 

(f) Solomon S.. married Mary Brown of Washington. 
D. C, and has Fannie J., married Mr. Niel of 
Wyoming, and has Mary, Laura and William'. 

(g) Alice, married Mr. Joiner. 

VI. John Smith (b. 1811, d. 1883). graduate William and 
Mary College, lawyer in Portsmouth, married Stella Lou- 
ise Hodges Armistead and had issue : 

(a) Annie Wright (d. 1883), married Col. William H. ( C. S. A.) of Portsmouth, and had Robert 
Armistead, Ph. D., University of \'irginia, now a mem- 
ber of its faculty. 

(b) Mary Stella, married Rev. William Gould Wither- 
spoon Woodbridge, D. D., Presbyterian minister of 
Grififin, Ga. ; issue, William Witherspoon. 

(c) Robert Armistead (b. 1847, d. 1868 s. p.) 

\"IT. Thomas, went West in early life and nothing known 
of him. 

(d) James Coleman ( d. 1821, s. p.) 

(e) John Smith (d. 1821). married ]\Iary Cooke, and had 
issue : 

Thomas and Mildred Stuhbs. 27 

I. Elizabeth, married, first. Creamer, no issue ; second, 
Taylor, and liad a daughter, who married Mr. Eastwood 
of Urbanna, Va. 

II. John Smith ( d. s. p.) 

III. FrankHn (d., s. p.) 

IV. Simon (d., s. p.) 

(f) Elizabeth, married Regensburg and had: 
I. Samuel (d. 1902), married Miss Fary and had: 

(a) Gertrude, married Powhatan R. Stubblefield ; issue, 
(i) Pocahontas Pearl, (2) Jesse, (3) Annie. 

(b) Cora, married Charles Pierce, and has issue. 

(c) Hattie, married Monroe Pierce, and has issue. 

(d) , married Thomas Pierce, and has issue. 

(e) Capilola, married Hudgins, and has issue. 
(£) Samuel, married Lyall. 

(g) William, married Lawson. 
(h) John, married Edwards. 

I Descendants of Capt. John and MUdred fSniith) Stitbbs. 

Capt. John Stuhbs, the son of John and Susannah Stubbs, mar- 
I ried Mildred Smith, daughter of Capt. John and Elizabeth (Cox) 
I Smith, and granddaughter of Major Lawrence Smith of Bacon's 
Rebellion, and had issue: 

(A) JoHx (b. May 8th, 1722. died July 12th, 1773), married 
; May 9th, 1747, widow of James Amiss, nee Jane Segar (b. 1720, 
' d. 1792), and had issue : 

I. Mildred (b. October 12th, 1749), married Rev. Thomas 
Hughes, and had issue: 
I (i) Fannie, unmarried, a famous school teacher. 

(2) Charlotte, unmarried, a famous school teacher. 
i (3) Sarah Mynn (b. 1774, d. 1864), married, 1809, in St. 

John's Church, Richmond, Wm. Montague (b. 1774) ; 
issue : 

fa) Capt. Thomas Ball ( C. S. A.), born 1818, died 1874; 
married, first, Sarah Ann Jones, and, second, Mrs. 
Marv B. Jones, nee Pollard. 

(b) Charles Wortley ( C. S. A.), bom 1820, died 1888; 
married, first, Lucy T. Jones (b. 1820, d. 1855), and, 
second, Indiana W. Baytop (b. 1832). 

(c) Lucy Lee (b. 1824), married Capt. Americus V. 
Wiatt. and died on the Pacific ocean s. p. 

For descendants of the above see Montague Genealogy, 
T 62 T- 1894, by Geo. W. Montague. 

28 The Descendants of Jolvi Stnbbs. 

II. Elizabeth, born Alarch 8th, 1757, died s. p. 

III. JohnSegar (b. August 8th, 1753, d. October 21st, 1821) ; 
married three times : first, Catherine Tomkies (June, 1784), 
daughter of Col. Francis and Elizabeth (Cooke) Tomkies; 
issue : 

(i) Jane, born April 14th, 1785, died August, 1790. 

(2) Robert, born June 14th, 1787, died August, 1788. 

(3) John Segar, born March 4th, 1789, died March 15th, 
1847 s. p., and left his property to his cousin, Albert G. 
Stubbs of Richmond, Va. 

(4) Francis Tomkies, born December 13th, 1791, died 
April 22d, 1828, s. p. 

Married, second, Hannah Montague (b. 1752), widow 
Thacker Campbell, with one son, James Campbell. Issue : 

(5) Louisa Campbell, married, 1821, Dr. William Graham 
Wiatt (Sheriff Gloucester county 1831), and had issue: 

(a) Rev. William E. (b. July 31st, 1826), Baptist, chap- 
lain C. S. A. ; married three times : first, Bettie Spencer 
of King and Queen county ; issue : 

(a) William, married, and living in Kansas; married, 
second, Lottie Coleman of Alabama ; issue : 

(b) Addison, married Isabel Slingerland, and lives in 
Minneapolis, Minn., and has Lottie and Ed. Slinger- 

(c) John, professor in Agricultural and Mechanical Col- 
lege, Auburn, Ala. ; married Bettie Wright of Nor- 
folk county, Virginia. 

(d) Laura, married George Field, the present sheriff' of 
Gloucester county, Virginia; issue: (i) William 
Wiatt, (2) William Stephen, (3) Clara Walker, (4) 
Charlotte Laura, (5) John Addison, (6) George 
Booth, (7) Mary Lee, (8) Catesby Todd, (9) Ed. 
Graham, (10) Lucy Jones. (11) Fred Walker. 

(e) Mary Lee, married Mac Tinsley (s. p.) 
Married, third, Nannie Haywood • issue : 

(/) Nannie, married . 

(o") Leila, married John Brockenborough. 
(h) Robert. 
(i) Mary. 

(b) Capt. Americus Vespucius, married, first, Lucy Lee 
Montague, who died on a voyage in the Pacific Ocean 
(s. p.) ; second, Alice Jones, issue, Lucy, married 
Reynolds of Norfolk, V^a. 

(c) Alexander Taliaferro (C. S. A.), Clerk of Gloucester 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stubbs. 29 

county, Va., married Maud Sinclair, daughter Robert 
M. and Rowena (Baytop) Sinclair; issue: (a) Mary 
Rowena, {b) Robert Graham, (c) Maud Sinclair, (d) 
Eleanor Baytop, (e) Fay (/) Alex. Todd, (g) Hawte, 
(h) JacI:, ('/) Helen, (k) Margarete (/) Herbert, (m) 
Americus Vespucius. 

(6) Catherine, married, first, Benjamin Hackney of King 
and Queen county ; second, Capt. George Hoskins issue : 
(a) Dr. William Dunbar Hoskins, of King and Queen 

county, Virginia, married Janette Carter Roy ; issue : 

(a) Lucy Bii^l, married Robert Samuel Dudley; is- 
sue, Dougtass and Janette. 

(b) William Dunbar, married Elbe Hundley; issue 
(i) Gladys, (2) John Hundley, (3) Ella Garnett, 
(4) Willard. 

(c) Betsy Lyne. married Hon. Andrew Jackson Mon- 
tague, formerly Attorney General and now ( 1902) 
Governor of Virginia ; issue : ( i ) Matilda Gay, (2) 
Janette, (3) Robert Latane. 

(d) Charles Roy, married Mattie Liester of Fincastle, 
Va. ; issue : Janette and another daughter. 

(e) Blanche (twin to Matilda), married Hon. John R. 
Saunders of Middlesex, \^a. ; issue, William Alex- 

(/) Matilda (twin to Blanche), married Thomas A. 

Henley ( s. p.) 
(g) Dr. William, of Newport News, Va.. 
(h) Dr. Robert Roy. 
(/) Horace Faulkner. 

(k) Juliet, married Leon D. Hicks of South Carolina; 
issue: (i) Leon, (2) Judith, (3) William Hoskins. 
John Segar Stubbs, married, third. Widow Emanuel Macon 
Jones of Woodstock, nee Isabella C. Fox ; issue : 

(7) Herbert, who in 1835 sold property in Virginia, moved 
to Stewart or Randolph county, Georgia. Descendants, 
if any, unknown. 

John Segar Stubbs was a man of affairs ; was Sheriff of Glou- 
cester county, \'a., in 1787-89: emancipated his slaves in 1821 ; 
was Captain in Revolution, and received 4,000 acres of land for 
services. He sold "Mulberry Hall" to Stephen Field in 1796. 

TV. Francis Smith, ( b. December 27th, 1755, d. 1820), mar- 
ried, by Rev. Thos. Hughes, 21st October, 1793, Sarah 
Jane, daughter of Charles Tomkies ; issue : 

30 Tlic Descendants of John Stiibbs. 

(i) Jane Segar, born March 4th, 1796, died 1824; married 
William B. Hughes ; no issue. 

(2) Charles Tomkies, born 14th September, 1798, died 

(3) Dr. Randolph Smith, born September 3d, 1800, died 
s. p. 

(4) Edward Allen, born September 30th, 1802, died s. p. 

(5) Rev. Robert Francis, born November nth, 1805, died 
1868; married, first, Jane Chapman, no issue; second, 
Susan Gaines, issue, Robert Francis (b. 1859, d. 1883, 
s. p.) 

(6) Albert Gallatin, a famous teacher, born February 24th, 
1809, died May 8th, 1865; married Elizabeth Coulling; 

■ issue 

(a) Mary Lizzie, born May 4th, 1840, died June 8th, 
1865, s. p. 

(b) Sarah Jane, of Richmond, Va., born July loth, 1842 ; 
married, 1868) E. P. Hudgins (d. March 23d, 1902) 
of Mathews county, Va. ; issue : 

(1) Albert Perrin, born Julv 17th. 1869. died August 
8th, 1870. 

(2) Mary Ellen, born August 23rd, 1870; married 
Oscar Hudgins and has issue, (a) Edith Duval, 
(b) Emma Katherine, (c) Archibald Perrin. 

(3) Elizabeth, born February 5th, 1873. 

(4) Julia Sledd, born January 5th, 1875. 

(5) Gilbert Lee, born March 5th, 1877. 

(6) Alice Belle, born Tnlv 26th. 1879, died October 
23d, 1883. 

(7) John Douglass, born June 30th. 1883. 

(c) Ellen Douglass, born June 22(\, 1845. 

(d) Robert Francis, born November 30th, 1847. died 
June 2 1 St, 1848 

(e) Harriet Alberta, born May 30th, 1849, ^^^^'^ J^"''*^ 
9th, 1869. I 

(f) James Coulling, born March 17th, 1851, died Au- 
gust 31st, 1858. 

Mrs. Sarah Jane Stubbs, married, second, Ed. Garrett of King 
and Queen county. No issue. 

Francis S. Stubbs was Deputy Sheriff of Gloucester county, Va., 
a soldier in the Revolution, and received for services 100 acres of 
land. He lived and died on North River, in Gloucester countv, Va. 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stubbs. 31 

V. Jane, daughter of John and Jane Stubbs, born June 6th, 
1758, died young. 

VI. Robert, son of John and Jane Stubbs, born February 
13th, 1761, died young. 

(B) Francis, son of Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stubbs, 
was 'born February 21st, 1724. He appears as Processioner in 
vestry book of Petsworth in 1759, and there was on the Commis- 
sioners of Revenue books in 1782. "Estate of Francis Stubbs, 536 
acres." Nothing further is known of him. 

(C) EiJ/ABETH, daughter of Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) 
Stubbs, born January 28th, 1726. Nothing known of her. 

(D) Peter, son of Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stubbs. 
born February 12th, 1728, living in 1789, as his name occurs in an 
old survey ; married , and had issue : 

I. Lieut. John of the Navy in the Revolution, never married. 

Land warrants for his services issued to John Bespritch, 

and Elizabeth Beveridge, Read Purcell and James Purcell, 

only heirs of John Stubbs. 
IL Frances, married John Bespritch, and had : 

(i) John, married Mrs. Rosanna Shackelford, }iee Stubbs; 
no issue. 

(2) Elizabeth, married William Beveridge, and had Wil- 
liam, of Baltimore, Md. 
in. Martha, married Nelson Purcell, and had : 

(i) Johannah, born March 28th, 1787, died young. 

(2) Peter, born February 20th, 1790, died young. 

(3) Thomas Nelson, born April 13th, 1792, died young. 

(4) William Reade, born September ist, 1785, died April 
22d, 1848; married Charity Massey (d. December, 1849) 
and had issue : 

(a) Richard Washington, born May nth, 1812, died 

(b) William Nelson, born March 20th, 1816; married 
Miss Blake and had : 

(a) Mann, born 1845, ^^'^^^^ i" Confederate States 
Army (s. p.) 

(b) William, born 1847, married Margaret Walden; 
issue, Agnes, Ada and Nelson. 

(c) Alexander, born 1849, died 1884 (s. p.) 

(d) Alfred, born 1854. 

(e) Thomas, born 1858. 

32 The Descendants of John Stnbbs. 

(c) Horace Allen, died June ist, 1888; married, Octo- 
ber 31st, 1845, -"^"J^ ^^- <jnffi" (d. 1900). He resided 
until death on the place of his grandfather, Peter 
Stubbs. Issue : 

(a) Thomas Reade. born August 24th, 1868 ; married, 
1890, Florence Banks; issue: (i) Amy L., (2) 
. Grover Xewbold, (3) Annie L. Jones. He still 

lives on the old place of his ancestor, Peter Stubbs. 
{b) Virgy, born 1881. 
{c) Anne Ruth, born 1884. 

(d) Marion, born 1877. 

(e) Lloyd, born 1870. died 1894. 
(/) Horace, died 1899. 

(d) Martha Ann, married Caleb M. Fletcher (b. 1825). 

(a) Willie. 

(b) Alary, married George H. Enos, and has Mary. 
Kate and Cassius. 

(c) Theodosia, married Richard Bridges; issue, Car- 
rie and Linwood. 

(e) Mary Stubbs, born January 14th, 1810, died 1889; 
married Thaddeus Moore. No issue. 

(5) James, married Elizabeth Oakes ( d. 1846). Descend- 
ants not known to writer. 

(E) Thomas Stubbs. son of Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) 
Stubbs, born 1733. died before 1794. Lived at Cappahosic in 
1776. Advertises, in 1780. that he will leave the colony. Is be- 
lieved to be the father of John Stubbs, "Younger," who sold Cap- 
pahosic tract in 1786 to Stephen Field; and who married, about 
1780, Margaret, daughter of William (Sr.) and Elizabeth (Hol- 
den) Taliaferro.* Issue: 

*Iu the old Chancery papers of Williamsburg, Virginia, is found a 
suit, from which the following is taken: George Holden, a son of George 
(student at William and Mary College, 1763), of Ware parish, Glouces- 
ter county, Va. Will, 2d January, 1777. (Witness, Mrs. Mary Mason 
Booth.) Leaves widow {nee Susannah Perrin) who marries (II.) Sam- 
uel Washington (d. 1795). and two daughters: d) Ann, died in in- 
fancy; (2) Susannah, who marries Nath. Burwell. Susannah, dying 
before 1795, twenty years old, left one child, who died an infant. Bur- 
well claimed lands as tenant by courtesy and personal property in fee. 
In this will of George Holden mention is made of his sister, Elizabeth 
Holden (dead before 1803), wife of William Taliaferro, Sr., of King and 
Queen ccunty, and her children as follows: Ann, died young; William | 
Taliaferro, Jr.; Margaret Taliaferro, dead before 1803, married (before , 
1795) John Stubbs, deceased, with infants Margaret Holden and Martha 

Capt. John and Mildred (Siiiith) Stiibbs. 33 

(i) Margaret Holden, married circa, 1803, Richard Tali- 
aferro, second wife ; first wife, Miss Wedderburn ; 
issue : 

(a) John P., of Toddsbury, married Eleanor Anderson ; 
issue : 

(a) John Albert, of Gloucester Point, born 1853, mar- 
ried Mary Lou (d. 1900), daughter M. Boswell and 
Sallie (Burke) Seawell, and has a son, Philip Bos- 
well (b. 1890). 

(b) Hansford Edward, of Zanoni, born 1855, married 
Fannie, daughter Major William K. and Lucy 
(Jones) Perrin; issue: (i) William Perrin (b. 
1892), (2) Eleanor Anderson (b. 1894), (3) Mol- 
lie Wellford (b. 1899). 

(c) Richard, of "Hockley," Gloucester county, Vir- 
ginia, married Widow Samuel Powell Bird, nee 
Fannie Johnson, of Baltimore, Md., and has Earl 
(b. 1896). 

(d) Willie Hockley, born i860, married Pearline Lu- 
cile Kent of Harrisburg, Va. ; issue, Kent. 

(c) Eleanor. 

(/) Bernard Anderson, born 1866. 
(2) Martha Haines, married, August 20th, 1805, William 
Robinson ; issue : 

(a) William, married Octavia Jennings of Baltimore, 
Md. ; issue : 

(a) Alice, married Ed. Valentine, the sculptor, of 
Richmond, Va. 

(b) Octavia. 

(c) William, Professor in a college in Maryland, mar- 
ried and has issue. 

(d) Needier J. 

(b) Benjamin, married Lucy H. Moore of "Chelsea," 
King William county, Va. ; issue : 

(a) .Lizzie, married Dr, Jno. D. Turner of Richmond; 
issue: Penn, married ; (2) Nannie; (3) Louisa (d), 
married J. N. Jones, and had Edith ; (4) Eddy, mar- 
(5) Benjamin; (6) Mary; (7) William; (8) Lucv; 
(9) Robert. 

(b) Lieper, of Riclimond, Va., married Miss Marv S. 
Campbell, daughter of Charles Campbell, the histo- 

Haines Stubbs; and Eliza Taliaferro, married John Wedderburn, and 
fifth child, Mary, married (1793) John Keith and dead before 1795. 
Nat. Burwell married (II.), 1798, Ann Rich Willis, daughter of Francis 
1 Eliza (Carter) Willis of Whitehall, Gloucester county, Va. 

34 Tlic Dcscciuhmfs of Juh)i Sfitbbs. 

rian. Issue: (i) Russell; (2) Lieper AI. 
(f) Benjamin, married Miss Elizabeth Taylor and 

had Benjamin, James and Kate. 
{d) Nannie. 
{e) Mary Prosser, dead. 
(/■) Kate, dead. 
(F) William, son of Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stubbs, 
'born 1735, died 1778; married Elizabeth New (d. 1778), sister of 
Anthony New (b. 1747, d. 1833 in Kentucky), M. C. from Vir- 
ginia and Kentucky. Issue : 

I. Francis, born 1764, died 1820; married Elizabeth Dudley 
and lived at "Stubbs," now Belle Roi ; issue : 

(i) Maria Frances, married Simon Stubblefield : no issue. 

(2) Elizabeth New, married George Enos ; issue: 

(a) Martha, married James Croswell ; no issue. 

(b) Lewis, married Miss Puller, daughter Stephen 
Puller; issue: (a) Julia, married William (Buck) 
Haywood, and had James K., C. S. A. (d. 1870), who 
married Miss Hawkins, and had Wilmer (died), mar- 
ried Lucinda Pointer — and had a daughter. 

(3) Rosina. married John Shackelford; issue. Zach, mar- 
ried and has children living in Portsmouth, Va. 

(4) Mary Frances, died young. 

II. James New, of "Valley Front," born 1769, died February 
14th, 1814; married. 1797, Rebecca Robins (b. April 21st, 
1780, d. October 9th, 1843), daughter of William and Dor- 
othy (Boswell) Robins of Level Green. (See Robins ex- 
cursus. ) 

(i) Elizabeth New, born July i6th, 1798, died October 
1 6th, 1799. 

(2) James Robins, born October 17th, 1800, died February 
22d. 1827; member of the firm of Cole, Shelton & 
Stubbs of W' illiamsburg and Gloucester county, Va. ; 
married, May 19th, 1825, ]\Iartha Maria Robins (d. Jan- 
uary, 1827) ; see Robins excursus ; no issue. 

(3) Mary Ann New, born March 6th, 1803, died Septem- 
ber i8th, 1823; married, September nth, 1823, Henry 
Hughes. No issue. 

(4) W^illiam Francis, born January ist, 1805, died Sep- 
tember 17th, 1824, 

(5) Martha Reade, born Sept. 19th, 1807, died October 
23d, 1813. 

(6) John Baytop. born July 22d, 1809, died October, 1812 

(7) Alexander Dav, born September 4th, 1813, died Jun*. 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Sfitbbs. 35 

(8) Jefferson W., of "Valley Front," born March 30th, 
181 1, died January 22d, 1897; Presiding Justice of Glou- 
cester county, President Gloucester Charity School, Re- 
cording Steward of M. E. Church, South; married, 
March 4th, 1835, Ann Walker Carter, daughter of Capt. 
James and Lucy Taliaferro (Catlett) Baytop of Spring- 
field ; issue : 

(a) Rebecca Robins, died young, Sept. 2nd, 1850. 

(b) Lucy Ellen, died December 24th, 1877, a dutiful 
daughter, a devoted sister, a noble woman. 

(c) Major James New, C. S. A., lawyer. State Senator, 
of "Churchill," Gloucester county, Va. ; married Eliza, 
daughter of Joseph and Hester (Shackelford) Medli- 
cott ; issue : 

(a) Jefferson Dunbar, graduate Louisiana State Uni- 
versity, now a farmer in Gloucester county ; married 
Edna Coleman ( d. January 4th, 1896) ; issue, Re- 
becca Robins. 

(b William Carter, a farmer in Gloucester county. 

(c) Emma Linwood. 

(d) John Catlett. died October 14th, 1879. 

(e) Samuel "Medlicott, of Philadelphia. 
(/) James Lucien, Norfolk, Va. 

(d) Thomas Jefferson, A. M., Ph. D. (C. S. A.), Pro- 
fessor William and Mary College ; married Mary 
]\Iercer, daughter of Capt. Joseph B. and Louisa Mer- 
cer (Waller) Cosnahan, of Williamsburg, Va. ; issue: 

(a) Mary Louisa, died November loth, 1870. 

(b) Ann Waller Carter. 

(c) Robert Catlett, died August 13th, 1876. 

(d) Jefferson Lawrence, died March 2d, 1879. 

(e) Thomas Jefferson, Jr., A. M. of William and 
Mary College, now a student of Johns Hopkins 

(7) Lucy Taliaferro. 
(g) Mary Mercer. 

(e) Wm. Carter, Ph. D. (C. S. A.), Director State Ex- 
periment Stations of Louisiana ; married Elizabeth 
Saunders Blair, daughter of Henry D. and Mary Lou- 
isa (Saunders) Blair. No issue. 

(f) Mary Ann, died 1893. 

(g) Dr. John Catlett, of Baltimore, died 1874, s. p. 
Educated at University of Virginia and graduated in 
medicine at University of Maryland, and a promising 
young physician in Baltimore at time of his death ; a 

36 TJie Descendants of John Stnbbs. 

boy of spotless character and a man without reproach. 

(h) Martha Maria, now mistress of "Valley Front." 

(1) Elizabeth Baytop, of "Valley Front." 

(j) Francis Dunbar, died young. 

(k) Susannah Robins, died young. 
III. Ann (b. eirca 1763), married (second wife) Richard 
Coleman (b. January 18, 1761), a soldier of the Revolu- 
tion, member of Capt. Nath. Welch's Company, Second 
\'irginia Regiment. Col. William Brent, and was hon- 
orably discharged in 1780. Issue: 
( I ) Claiborne, married Johani.a Hall ; issue : 

(a) John William, married Miss Tomlinson ; issue: 

(a) Warner. 

(b) William. 

(e) Ida, married Browne. 
{d) Johanna, married Plack. 

(b) Dr. Warner W., graduate Jefifersoa College, Phila- 
delphia, married Miss Wismer of Philadelphia, and 

had issue : Claudius, married of Ashland, Va., 

and has issue: (i) Cora, married ; (2) Emmett; 

(3) Alvin. 

(c) Matilda, married Thomas Simcoe (d.) ; issue: 
(a) Doctor, married Alice Eastwood; no issue. 
(/') Henry C, killed in C S. A., s. p. 

(d) Catherine, married John F. Kemp (d.) ; issue: 

(a) John Thomas, married Miss Whitfield; issue, 

(b) Maggie, married Thomas Pagaud ; issue: (A) 
Alaggie, married John ]\Iiller, issue John and Lin- 
wood : (B) Thomas, married , issue Thomas; 

(C) Eulalie, married Thomas Hansford, no issue; 

(D) Ida, married Elmer Davis, issue one child; 

(E) Etta, married Wilmer Crocket, issue Lettie ; 

(F) Linwood ; (G) Lucy. 

(c) Lucy, married Samuel Dennis; issue, Eddie 

(rf) Cordelia, married, first, John Enos ; issue: (A) 
Annie, married St. Clair, issue Jack; (B) Ocie, 
married ; married, second, Burchett ; no is- 

(e) Emilv, d., s. p. 

(f) Laudiskie, married W. E. Howell; issue: 
fa) Gertrude, married J. H. Holmes. 

(b) Perrin. 

(f) Harold. 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stnbbs. 2>7 

(g) Aiirelius, married Miss Tremmer; issue: (A) Let- 
tie, (B) Annie, (C) Avis, .(D) Arthur. 

(h) Ocie, married W. T. Drewry; issue: (A) Wil- 
liam, (B) Estelle (C) Eula. 

(2) Carter, married Widow Collier nee Puller (d.) ; issue: 

(a) Rebecca (d.), married Thomas Blake; issue: Ste- 
phen Decatur, and perhaps others. 

(b) James, married Emily Williams. 

(3) Richard, married Miss Hall; issue: Lucy (d.), mar- 
ried John Moore, issue Richard, killed C. S. A. 

(4) Thomas, married Harriet Stubbs (d.) ; issue: 

(a) John F., married Mildred Brock Philpotts ; issue: 
{a) Alartha Jane, married Benjamin C. Newcomb ; 

issue: (i) Malvern, married Bertha Stubbs; (2) 
Clara O'Neal (d. 1900 j, married Dr. F. F. Davis, 
no issue; (3) Lloyd (student at University of Vir- 
ginia) ; (4) Coleman; (5) Alartha ; (6) William 
(student at William and Mary College; (7) Oakley. 

{b) Frank, married Eliza Holland; no issue. 

(c) Hettie (d.), married Julius Roane (d.) ; issue: 
(i) William, (2) John, (3) Frank. 

{d) Mildred, married William Simpson; issue, Lena. 

{e) Margaret, married Peter Turney; no issue. 

(/) Albert Thomas, married, first, Mary Lou Gas- 
kins, no issue ; second, Louisa Teague South, no 

(g) John Currin, died young. 

(b) Martha Robins, married, first, William Caffee; 
issue : 

(a) Mary (d.), married John H. Flood (d.), of 
Lynchburg, Va. ; issue: (i) Thomas, (2) Bessie, 
(3) Heber, (4) French, (5) Grace, (6) Nellie, (7) 

(&) Bettie married Moseley of Buckingham county, 
Va. ; issue: (i) Fannie; (2) Mattie; (3) Jane, 
married Rev. Henderlite. 
Married, second, John N. Sale ; issue : 

(c) William J., of Roanoke, Va., married, first, Sue 
Chapman of Montgomery, Va. ; issue ( i ) Stewart 
O., married Mattie O'Neal Fudge of Marion, Va. ; 
(2) John Bowman, married Fannie Weaver of Nor- 
folk, Va. ; (3) Mattie, married Stephenson of 
Smyth county. Va. ; (4) Nannie, married Davis of 
Max Meadov^s, Va. ; (5) Marvin, married Myrtle 

38 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Weaver, of Norfolk, Va. ; (6) Daisy. 

Married, second, Mary Scott, of Marion, Va. ; issue : 
(7) William Roy. 

{d) Lucy O'Neal, married Granville H. Fudge of 
Marion, Va. ; issue : Martha O'Neal, married Stew- 
art O. Sale. 

{e) A. Jefferson, married Bettie Wilson, of Lynch- 
burg, Va. ; issue: (A) Daniel, (B) Grace, (C) 
Willie. (D) Graham. 

(c) Randall, married ; issue, Julia. 

(d) Jane Amy, married Ed. S. Stubbs; issue: 

(a) Andrew, married Cordelia Stubbs; issue: (ij 
Edgar Smith, (2) Mary Amy. 

(b) Ed. S., married Mary Ella Smith; issue: (i) 
Clarence; (2) Lena, (3) Edith), (4) Edward, (5) 
Herbert; (6) Eloise; (7) Catherine; (8) Ruth. 

(c) Octavia, married William Henry Curry (d. 
1902), C. S. A.; issue: (i) William Shield, (2) 
Charles Sowersby, Married Ida May Henderson ; 
(3) George Washington; (4) Walter Clifton; (5) 
Ada Jane. 

{d) Hettie. married George D. Stubbs; issue: (i) 
Bertha (b. 1880), married (1898) Malvern New- 
comb; (2) Marvin (b. 1882) ; (3) Landon Ellwood 
(b. 1888). 

(e) Richard Claiborne, married, first, Elizabeth Sale; 
married, second, Susan Pointer, widow Joseph H. 
Wiatt (no issue). Issue by first wife: Rosa, married 
Gayle and has issue : ( i ) Lilian, married and has is- 
sue: (2) Byron, married and has issue. 

(f) Elizabeth Ann, married Capt. Augustus Williams; 
issue : 

(a) Elizabeth, married C. A. Shafer; issue: (i) 
Adam; (2) Woolsey, married Miss Marshall of 
Berkeley, Va. ; (3) Mary Elizabeth, married, first, 
Henry Culpeper of Portsmouth, Va., and has issue; 
married, second, Boone, no issue; (4) Claiborne,^ 
killed in C. S. A.; (5) Emily, married James Cole- 
man, no issue. 
(5) James, married, first, Mildred Wright; issue: ■ 

(a) Nannie Stubbs, married Capt. H. Thornton Ph" \ , 
potts of Norfolk, Va. ; issue : \ 

(a) Willie C. (d., s. p.) li 

(&) Eudora Quigg (d.), married Geo. E. Croswell 
issue: (A) William Edward; (B) Nannie Pearl 
married Richard Lambert, issue, Allen; (C) Oak 


Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stnbbs. 39 

ley; (D) Margaret Etta, married Harry Guy of 
Norfolk, Va. 
(c) James Thornton, married Emma Ashby; issue, 
Mary Linda. 
Married, second, Mary Medlicott ; issue : 

(b) Capt. Richard Cole, of 'The Island," Gloucester 
county, Virginia; married Isabella Anderson (d.), of 
Clarksville, \'a. ; issue : 

(a) Willie Clifford, died young. 

(b) Minnie Cole, married Robert E. Wilson (d. 
1902), no issue. 

(c) Edna Elizabeth (d. 1896), married Jefif D. 
Stubbs ; issue, Rebecca Robins. 

(d) Nannie Bell, married J. Presley Williams; issue: 
(i) Richard; (2) Isabel Norman; (3) Ethel Lee. 

(e) Olivia Norman. 

(f) Ethel Lee. 

(g) Alice Bland. 
(h) Maud Arendale. 
(i) Mary Anderson. 

(c) Mary Elizabeth, married Robert B. Wilson; no 

(6) William, married . and had issue : Mildred, mar- 
ried Thruston. 

(7) Elizabeth, married John Wilson; issue: 

(a) Sarah Ann, married Jasper C. Hughes; issue: 
(a) Julia, married, first, John W. Leigh, C. S. A.; 
issue : ( i ) Lizzie, married Heber Moore and has 

issue; (2) Julian, married ; (3) William, 

married Ella Philpotts ; issue, Claude, Lucy, Linda, 
Fannie, Rosa, Julia and Willie ; married, second, 
R. Overton Allard ; issue, (4) Roswell, married. 

(8) Louisa, married Billy Lawson ; no issue. 

Descendants of Lazcrence, the Son of Jolin and MUdred (Smith) 


Lawrence, born 1738, died October 26th, 1797; married 
(1763) Ellis Duval, born 1738, died February 4th, 1798; issue: 
(I.) Fr.\ncis, born May ist. 1773, died January 12th, 1805; 
married, first, Susannah Robins; issue: 

(a) William Robins (b. 1799, d. January loth, 1880), 
Justice, Steward of M. E. Church, South, a man of 
highest integrity ; married, first, Mary Cole Stubbs ; sec- 
ond, Mary Jane Stubbs ; no issue. 
William Robins emancipated his slaves. 

40 The Descendants of Jolui Stubbs. 

Second wife, Nancy Hall ; issue : 

(b) Catherine, married Thomas Wright and moved to 
Indiana, and lias five children. 

(II.) Lawrence Smith (born March ist, 1778, died June 
17th, 1828), of "Providence," Gloucester county, Va. ; mar- 
ried, July I2th, 1801, Mary Ann Davis ; issue : 

(a) Elizabeth, born 1803, died young. 

(b) Mary Ann. born Alarch 2d, 1805, died January 7th, 
1874; married, June 26th, 1822, Sowersby Curry ; issue: 

(a) Martha Ann Curry (b. 1830), married Henry A. 
Howard (b. 1801, d. 1863), C. S. A.; issue: 

(i) Alice A. (b. 1850), married John Wesley Gregg; 
issue : Mary Ann, married Richard Sterling, no is- 

(2) Emma Jane ( b. 1852), married Thomas Leigh; 
issue: i, Willetta, b. 1874; 2, Thomas E., b. 1876; 
3, Verna Belle, b. 1878; 4. CordeHa A., b. 1882; 5, 
Richard Henry, b. 1886; 6. Susannah M., b. 1890; 
7, Alice Anna E., b. 1893; 8," James M., b. 1896. 

(3) Susie A. (b. 1854), married John W. Blake of 
Baltimore; issue: i, Howard, married; 2, Mattie; 
3, Emma ; 4, Louis ; 5, Carroll. 

(4) William Lee (b. 1856), married Fannie Row^e, 
daughter William Rowe; issue: i, Ernest Lin- 
wood, b. 1885 ; 2, Bettie Lee, b. 1887 ; 3. Emma Vir- 
ginia, b. 1890; 4, Maria America, b. 1893; 5, 
Thomas Lawrence, b. 1897. 

(5) Henry A. (b. i860), married Eugenia Leigh, 

daughter of Dr. J. H. S. and (Harwood) 

Leigh; issue: i, Henry Allen; 2, ]\Iattie Virginia. 

(b) America Curry (b. 1838, d. 1882), married P. 
Mack Brooke, C. S. A. ; issue : 

(i) Ella, married Carpenter, and has several children. 

(2) Anna, married Charley Dobson, son of Joseph 
Dobson ; issue: (i) Ernest. (2) . (3) ]Maude. 

(3) Willie. 

(4) Emma, married Sam Harris; issue: i, Oliver. 

(c) Maria H. Curry (d. February, 1901), married 
(c) Maria H. Curry (d. February, 1901), married 

Thomas E. Freeman (Co. D, 24th Virginia Cavalry) ; 

( 1 ) Eddie, married Mrs. Griffith ; no issue. 

(2) Benjamin. 

(3) William Henry, married Fannie ; issue: i, 

William; 2, Eva; 3, Marion. 

(4) Maryus. 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stiibbs. 41 

(5) Jane, married 

(d) William Henry Curry (b. 1837, cl. 1902), married, 
first, Martha Ann Stubbs, no issue; second, Octavia 
Stubbs ; issue : 

( 1 ) William Henry Shields. 

(2) Charles Sowersby, married Ida May Henderson; 
issue: i, Burwell Garnett. 

(3) George Worthington. 

(4) Clifton. 

(5) Ada Jane. 

(c) Martha Ana Smith, born October 12th, 1809, died Au- 
gust 4th, 1843; married (first wife) Dr. Daniel D.Hall, 
and moved to Connersville, Fayette county, Ind. ; issue : 
(c) James Lawrence, born 1829, died young. 

(b) Priscilla Ann ( b. 1831, d.), married Dr. Scaije 
Wbiting Hughes (d.) ; issue: Ella S., married C. E. 
J. McFarland, of Connersville, Ind. 

(c) Mary Susan, born 1834, unmarried. 

(d) Alfred Stubbs, born in Gloucester county, Va., mar- 
ried (d. '96), and now lives at 923 Eighteenth 

avenue, Seattle, Wn. ; no issue. 

(e) Martha Elizabeth ( b. 1838), married Dr. J. D. Lati- 
more of Shidler, Delaware county, Ind. 

(d) William Francis of "Old Ark" (b. May 23d, 1812, 
d. July 2ist, 1847), married, March 4th, 1835, Mary Jane 
Stubbs (d. 1899) ; issue 

(a) Ann Maria Smith, born January 20th, 1837, died 
T872 (s. p.) 

(b) Wihiam Robb, born 1839, died young. 

(c) James Lawrence (b. September 13th, 1841, d. 
1899), C. .S. A., unmarried; a superb soldier and ex- 
cellent citizen. 

(d) Mary Catherine, born September 4th, 1844, died 
1893 ; unmarried. 

(e) Lawrence Smith (b. April 4th, 1818, d. December 
i8th, 1891), married, July 24th, 1839, Mary Dame; 
issue : 

(a) Martha Ann (b. July 27th, 1840, d. March 26th, 
1880), married William Henry Curry (first wife), no 

(b) Mary Frances (b. January loth, 1842, d.), mar- 
ried, 1868, Isom Martin Leavitt (d), C. S. A.; issue: 
( I ) Fiorina, married, first, John Bohannon ; issue : 

I, Jessie, died young; 2, George. Married, second, 
— Morgan ; issue, two children. 

42 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

(2) Mary, married Edgar Smith of Portsmouth; is- 
sue, Lydia. 

(3) Emmett Alartin, married Carrie , and has 

three children. 

(4) Lawrence. 

(5) Martin. 

(6) Leha, married Wilkie Barnes; issue, LeUa 
Goldye, b. 1901. 

(7) Linwood. 

(c) Lawrence Smith (b. 23d January, 1844, d. 1877), C. 
S. A., married, August nth, 1870, Agnes Hall; issue: 
(i) Norman Elmo, of Baltimore, Md. 

(2) Maud. 

(d) Cordelia (b. May 20th. 1847, d. March i6th, 
1886), married, Dec. 25th, 1872, Andrew Stubbs. 
(For issue see page 38.) 

(e) George Daniel (b. November 20th, 1852), mer- 
chant of Belle Roi, married, December 25th, 1877, 
Hettie Roselia Stubbs. ( For issue see page 38.) 

(/) Walter E. (b. June 6th, i960), married Annie 
Brooks ; issue : 
(i) Walter, born 1884. 
(2) Carlisle, born iJ 

(IIL) John Smith of King and Queen county (b. 1786, d. 
1820), married ( 1814) first. Mary Baytop; no issue. 
Married, second, Aviary Roy Chapman; issue: 

(a) INIary Jane (b. 1817, d. 1900), married William Fran- 
cis Stubbs. ( For issue see page 41. ) 

(b) William Wilev, married, first, Lucy Eastwood and 
had : 

(a) Fannie, married William Hughes; issue: 
(i) William Stubbs. 

Married, second, Mary Eastwood; issue: 

(b) William Robins, married Mrs. Octavia Bland, nee 
Anderson ; no issue. 

(c) Marv Sue, married Octavius J. Harcum ; issue: (i) 
Octavius Marvin, (2) Marius. (3) Roy. 

(rf) Marion, married Ann Trevellian ; issue: (i) Lloyd, 
(2) Mary, (3) Doswell. 

(c) John Lawrence, married Lucy Ann Meacham ; no 
issue. She married, second, William Duval Stubbs; no 

(IV.) WiLi.iA.M Duval Stubbs, of Fiddler's Green (b. Feb- 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stnbbs. 43 

ruary 25th, 1771, d. Jul)^ 28th, 1840), married, first 
(September 8th, 1798), Polly Graves (d. 1822) ; issue: 

(a) Ami (b. June 27th, 1799, d. 1822), married, 1820, John 
Martin, and had issue : 

(a) John, married Emma Shackelford, and had issue: 

( 1 ) Annie, married Samuel Bowman of Richmond ; 
issue: i, Marvin; 2, Lillian. 

(2) Alice, unmarried. 

(3) Emma, married William H. Clements, C. S. A., 
of Richmond; issue: Harvey (b. 1871, d. 1900), 
married Jennie Otey ; issue: i, Allen; 2, Virginia. 

(b) Alaria Duval (b. Sept. 24th, 1805), married, 1824 
(second wife), John Martin; issue: 

(b) Alexander Hersey (d. 1884), Sheriff Gloucester 
county, married, first, Hester Mitchell, no issue; mar- 
ried, second, Louisa Medlicott ; issue : 

(i) Paul (b. 1869), of Norfolk, Va. 

(c) Matilda C. (b. 1824, d. 1900), unmarried. 

(d) Mary Ann (b. 183 1, d. 1884), married Alexander 
Shackelford, C. S. A. (d. 1902) ; issue: 

(i) Nora, married Rev. T. J. Wray of Virginia, M. 

E. Church, South ; no issue. 
(2) Mary Lester, married Maris V. Kerns; issue: 

I, Martin; 2, Vernon; 3, Mary Ann. 

(e) Martha (b. 1833, ^- 1857), married, first wife, Geo. 
E. Shackleford : who married, second, Ellen Medli- 
cott. Issue by first wife : 

(i) Benjamin (b. 1854), married Lula Joiner; issue: 

(i) Hugh, (2) Hazel. 
(2) Carrie (b. 1856), married Sam'l Wyatt Tinsley; 

issue: (i) Woodland, (2) Morgan. 

(f) Wm. Henry (b. 1835, d. 1890), Captain on Gen. T. 
L. Rosser's staff, C. S. A., married, first, Mildred 
Kemp (d. 1874); issue: 

(i) Johnnie (d.), married Columbia Lambeth; issue: 
1, Fred; 2, Mary; 3, Annie; 4, a boy. 

(2) Mattie, married Johnnv Butler; no issue. 

(3) Wm. H. 

(4) Tarnes, married Otelia Bland, and has issue. 

(5) Philip. 

Wm. Henry married, second, Adeline Leigh ; no issue. 
John Martin married, third. Miss Duval, and had: 

(g) Philip, married Indiana Medlicott. 

(c) Mary Cole (b. Nov. 23d, 1803, d. 1868)), married 
Wm. Robins Stubbs ; no issue. 

44 Tlie Descendants of Jolin Stubbs. 

(d) John (b. Nov. 17th, 1801, d. ), married, first, 

Sallie Stevens ; issue : 

(a) Wm. Duval, married Mrs, Jno. Lawrence Stubbs, 
//lY' Virginia IMeachum; ao issue. 

(b) Mary Ann, died s. p. 

(c) Jno. Stevens, married Mrs. Ladd of Richmond, Va. 
Issue: (i) Jno. W. Secretary Y. M. C. A. in Ports- 
mouth, and two daughters. 

(d) Robt., married Ann Richardson; no issue. She 
married, second, W. P. R. Leigh. 

Married, second, Virginia Mitchell ; issue : 

(e) James Monroe (C. S. A.) of Oakley, married, first, 

Parthenia Didlake ; issue: (i) Robert, married ; 

(2) John W. ; (3) and (4). 

Married, second, Alma Roy; issue: one child. 

(/) Wilbur Fisk, died in 1900 in Baltimore; married; 

issue unknown. 
(g) Silas, married, and lives at Shady Grove, Hanover 

county, Va. 

(V.) Mildred Smith Stubbs, born July 19th, 1765, died Oc- 
tober ith, 1824; married John Mitchel ; issue: 

(a) William Duval (b. 1795), married Frankie Smither; 
issue : 

(a) Albert, married Fary, and has issue: 

( 1 ) Julius, married. 

(2) Warren, married Eva Roane. 

(3) Russell. 

(b) Matilda, married Charles Roane; issue: 

( 1 ) Rev. Hamilton, of Baltimore Methodist Confer- 
ence, and has issue. 

(2) Elva, married William White of Norfolk, and has 

(3) Floyd, of Portsmouth, married Emma Shackel- 
ford, daughter of William Shackelford, and has 
two children. 

(4) Aubrey. 

(5) Minnie. 

(6) Linwood (a boy). 

(b) John, married Curry; no issue. 

(c) Frank, married Frances Pointer ; issue : 

(a) William, married — — of Richmond, Va., and has : 
(i) Julia, married Turner, a druggist of Richmond. 
(2) Lena, (3) A daughter. 

(b) Virginia, married John Stubbs (see above). 

Capt. John and Mildred (Smith) Stuhhs. 45 

(c) Hester, married Alex. Hersey Martin; no issue. 
{d) Richard, married Miss Mann of Essex, and had: 

( 1 ) Hezekiah G., married Miss Edwards of King 
George county, Va. ; no issue. 

(2) Stubbs, married of Essex. 

(d) Rev. Alexander Mitchell, of Alabama Methodist 
Conference ; descendants, if any, unknown. 

Georgia Stubbses. 

James and Peter Stuhbs, believed to be brothers, went to Geor- 
gia from Virginia, the one before and the other after the Revo- 
lutionary war. They are believed to be the sons of Francis, the 
son of John and Susannah Stubbs, previously mentioned as living 
in Gloucester county, Va. It is probable that Benjamin and Allen 
of the Revolution were either the sons of Francis or Thomas, and 
that the Thomas of Washington and Wilkinson counties, Ga., 
given further on, was a son of Benjamin. No descendants of 
Allen are known. 

James Stubbs was in the Georgia line during the Revolution 
(Smith's Story of Georgia) and is believed to have moved to 
Georgia circa 1770. He married, circa 1770, Mary Eliza Scott, 
daughter of Col. James and Frances (Collier) Scott of Prince 
Edward county, Va., who moved to South Carolina in 1770, and 
died in 1776. (vScott Family Tree.) 

Col. James Scott was son of Col. Thomas Scott, the immigrant 
who married Ann Baytop, sister of Col. James Baytop, of Spring- 
field, Gloucester county, Virginia, and daughter of Thomas and 
(Alexander) Baytop. 

Col. James and Frances (Collier) Scott are the ancestors, also, 
of the McGehees and Scotts throughout the South. 

The issue of James and Mary Eliza (Scott) Stubbs (as far as 
known) are as follows : 

I. Ann, eldest daughter of James and Mary Eliza (Scott) 
Stubbs (b. 1771), married, 1802, second wife (first .wife Miss 
Scott). Dr. Charles Cachet who escaped in his mother's arms as an 
infant from the insurrection in San Domingo. His father, return- 
ing to his home for some papers after depositing his wife and 
child safely aboard a vessel, was caught and killed. The mother 
and child escaped and came to Georgia. Issue : 

(i) Col. James Edward (b. 1804, d. 1876), of Chunnennug- 
gie Ridge, Ala., married Lavinia Harrison Jones (tt. 1817), 
who still lives, the pride of a devoted family. Issue : 

46 The Descendants of JoJin Stuhbs. 

(a) M. Anne (b. 1836), married, first (1856), Francis L. 
Deloney (d. 1862), no issue; married, second (1872), 
Col. John L. Branch, C. S. A. (d. 1894); issue: (a) 
Annie Lavinia, b. 1874; (t) Edward Gachet, b. 1877. 

(b) Capt. Charles (b. 1838), C. S. A., married, 1871, Tal- 
lulah Lampkin, d. 1900 (a most beautiful and lovable 
woman) ; issue: (a) Dr. James Ed. (b. 1872), married, 
1902, Pearle Rivers Malone of Sheffield; {b) Tallulah 
(b. 1873), married, 1898, Neander i\I. Woods of Mem- 
phis, Tenn ; issue, Charles Gachet. 

(c) Lucy, married, 1865, Dr. Samuel Pou (d. 1875); 
issue: (a) Minnie Feldar (b. 1866), married Gus. G. 
Orr; issue: (i) Gustavus, (2) Samuel; {h) Lucy Ga- 
chet (b. 1868), married Charles H. Barnwell; issue. 
Charles: (r) Lavinia Jones (b. 1873), married Samuel 
Farnsworth; issue, Jerry and Lutie ; ((/) Joseph Sam- 
uel (b. 1871), married Lucy Cowan, and has issue. 

(d) Henry (b. 1844), unmarried. 

(e) Molly Lavinia (b. 1849). married. 1875, William H. 
Smith (b. 1845); issue: {a) Lavinia, b. 1876; {h) 
Louise, b. 1878; (c) Harrv. b. 1880, died young; {d) 
Gachet, b. 1882: {c) Hogan, b. 1883; (/)' ^linnie, b. 
1885; {g) Lamar, b. 1889; {h) Corinne, b. 1890; (0 
Myra, b. 1892. 

(f) Nicholas (b. 1854), unmarried. 

(2) Nicholas, married, first, Janie Jones; issue: 

(a) Rcchelle, married Mr. Alartiniere. 

(b) Janie. married ^Nlr. W^alls. 

(c) James, unmarried. 

Married, second, Celia Transum ; issue: 

(d) Mattie, (e) Lula, (f) Thornwell, (g) William. 

(3) Caroline, married Henry W. Jernigan ; issue: 

(a) Dr. Charles, married Cornelia Crawford. 

(b) James F., married Belle Tarver. 

(c) Frances, married Dr. N. P. Banks of Columbus, Ga. 

(4) Charlotte, married Erasmus T. Beale; issue: 

(a) Annie, married Pickett. 

(b) Epsie, married Mansfield. 

(c) Samuel, married Patty Price. 

(d) Charlotte, married . 

n. Frank (b. 1773). ' f ETtonton, Putnam county, Ga.. mar- 
ried (1795) Miss Booth; issue: 

(i) James (b. 1796), died in Putnam county, Georgia; 
married, first, Lucinda Cotton ; issue : 

Georgia Stnbbses. 47 

(a) James (b. 1821), married Ellen AI. Stubbs (b. 1837) ; 
no issue. 

(b) Col. Charles Wesley (b. 1823, d.), C. S. A., married 
1849, Eliza W. Stubbs (b. 1832) ; issue: 

(a) Charles Wesely, d. 1875; (b) Thomas Florence; 
(c) John W. ; (d) Annie Lou (see page 76). 

(c) Thomas, unmarried. 

Married, second, Martha Sadler ; issue : 

(d) Joseph R., unmarried. 

(2) John or Jack (b. 1798), moved to Copiah county, Miss., 
where he died. Was a patron of races in Natchez, Vicks- 
burg and Memphis. Married Susan Kendrick of Georgia; 
issue : 

(a) John, b. 1819, d. 1863, at Crystal Springs, Miss.; 
married Phoebe Campbell (d. 1878 of yellow fever) ; 
issue: (a) John, died s. p.; (b) Logan, died s. p. 

(c) Elwell, married three times, the last time to Mr, 
Terry of McComb City, Miss. 

(d) Susie, married Air. Sturges of Crystal Springs, 

(c) Emma, married Air. Jones of Crystal Springs, Aliss. 
(/) Alildred, married Air. Broomfield of Montgomery, 

(b) Alartha Clements, born at Eatonton, Ga., 1821 ; mar- 
ried, 1846, Aloody Stackhouse of South Carolina (d. 
Utica, Aliss., in 1894) ; issue : 

(a) Beatrice ( b. 1847), married, first (1865), Dr. Henry 
C. Stackhouse (d. 1877) of Crystal Springs, Miss.; 
issue : 

(i) Blanche O. (b. 1866), married, 1885, Charles L. 
England of Sparta. Tenn., and lives at Hazlehurst, 
Aliss.: issue, five children, viz: Beatrice, b. 1886; 
Alluzelle, b. 1888; Annie Laurie, b. 1891 ; Blanche, 
b. 1893, ^nd Henry, b. 1898. 

(2) Cordelia A. (b. 1870, d. 1899), twin to — 

(3) Camilla, d. 1890. 

(4) LeGrand Brickell (b. 1873), married (1894) 
Alary Alitchell of Hazlehurst, and lives in Crystal 
Springs ; no issue. 

(5) Henri Coma (b. 1877), unmarried. 

Beatrice married, second (1883), Hampton England (d. 1886) 
of Sparta. Tenn.; no issue. She married, third, W. T. Alat- 
henav, ex-Sherifif of Copiah county, Miss. ; no issue. 

(b) John Stubbs Stackhouse (b. 1854), married, 1887, 

48 77/r Descendants of John Shtbbs. 

Ellen Coor of Hazlehurst, and lives in Crystal 
Springs, IMiss. ; issue:' (i) Camille, b. 1888; (2) 
Martha, b. 1890; (3) John, b. 1891; (4) Guy, b. 
1893; (5) Lillian, h. 1898. 

(c) Frankie Aiin (b. 1858), utimarried, and lives in 
Utica, Miss, 
(c) Ann ( b. 1823, d. 1884), married Mr. pjroomfield of 

Baltimore, Md., and removed to Montgomery, Texas, 

and has issue: (a) Jane, died young; (b) Sarah, died 

young; (c) Eliza, died voung; ( d) Louisa, b. 1833, d. 

1853'; ic) Susan, b. 1834, d. 1853; (/) Mildred, b. 

1843, d. 1871, married (1853) -^^^ F. Powell of Willis, 

Texas, issue Frank. 

(3) Peter (b. 1800), moved to Utica, ]\Iiss., where he died; 
married, first, Louisa Ward and, second, Sarah Dudley ; 
issue : 

(a) Mary ( d. 1868), married James Bolte ; issue, Mrs. 
Wliittaker of Vicksburg, Miss. 

(b) Louisa, died in Waco, Texas; married Samuel Cos- 
tan ; issue. Weaker. 

(c) Samuel (died 1899), married, first, Julia Kelley; sec- 
ond, Helen Yates ; issue: (a) Julia, b. 1880; (b) Nellie, 
b. 1888; (c) Houston, b. 1890. All living in Utica, 

(4) Frank (b. 1806), never married: lived with his niece, 
Miss Martha C. Stackhouse, near L^tica, Miss. He ac- 
cumulated a large fortune. Committed suicide by stab- 
bing, September i/th, i860. Left his fortune to his 
niece and brothers and sisters. 

(5) Thomas Baytop, died in Harris county, Ga. ; married 
a Miss Meadow's. Mr. Francis Marion Stubbs of Rich- 
ardson county, Texas, gives the above information and 
says there was also another Thomas Stubbs at the same 
time and in the same county, of whom he knew but little. 
The other Thomas was evidently the grandfather of Mrs. 
Dr. Jenkins, given elsewhere. Nq descendants of 
Thomas and Miss Meadows have been found. 

(6) William, born 1802. died 1876 in Leake county. Miss.; 
married Sarah Duke : issue : 

(a) Francis ]\Iarion (b. December 22d, 1824), of Rich- 
ardson. Texas (C. S. A.). He is now old and infirm. 
He married first, .September 30th, 1849. Mary E. Harris, 
and second. August 21st, 1874, Martha L. Trippe. Issue : 
by first wife: 
(a) Joseph Alarion, of Calhoun, Texas ( b. January nth. 

Georgia Stubbses. 49 

i860), married, 1889, Ella Washburn; issue: (i) 
Marcus Slater, b. 1890; (2) Mary Lou, b. 1892; (3) 
Flora, b. 1895; (4) Mamie, b. 1900. 

(b) Nicholas Harris, of Calhoun, Texas (b. September 
3d, 1862), married, January 13th, 1887, Sallie A. 
Zachary ; issue: (i) Charlie Harris, b. 1888; (2) 
Francis Marion, b. 1891 ; (3) Flora Azola, b. 1895; 
(4) Ann Lee, b. 1898. 

(c) Charles Peeler (b. December ist, 1867, d. March 
13th, 1896), married, January 22d, 1891, Flora A. 
Cofer of Frazer, Greer county, Okla. ; issue: (i) 
Ernest Denver, b. 1891 ; (2) Joseph Marion, b. 1893; 
(3) Grady Odres, b. 1894; (4) Charles Orion, b. 

(d) Sarah Euphemia (b. June 21st, 1871), married 
December 28th, 1890, William S. Gray of Town 
Creek, Lawrence county, Ala. They now live at 
Allen, Texas. Issue: (i) Florrie Edna, b. 1891 ; 
(2) Marion Ruth, b. 1892; (3) Robert Lee, b. 1895. 

Issue by second wife : 

(e) Julius Hamilton, b. August 5th, 1875. 

(/) Robert Lee, of Mot, Bossier parish, La. (b. August 
5th, 1878), married, June 21st, 1901, Ludie Dees. 

(g) Cornelius Theodore, of Richardson, Texas, born 
August 2 1 St, 1880. 

(/;-) George Edward, of Richardson, Texas, born March 
1 8th, 1885. 

(b) William, born 1830, died 1850 s. p. 

(c) Jack J., born 1835, died, 1900, in Plain Dealing, La., 
where his widow now resides. Lieutenant in Co. C, i6th 
Alabama Regiment, C. S. A., and a gallant soldier and 
an excellent school teacher. Married, first (1865), Mrs. 
Ruth Stein of Stein's Creek, Miss. ; issue : 

(a) Charles J. (b. October 6th, 1866), married, 1895, 
Mary Estelle Aills, and has issue, Lizzie, b. 1898. 

(b) Mary, now called Sallie, born April 9th, 1868, and 
is a teacher in Public Schools of Memphis, Tenn ; re^s- 
idence 1008 Rayburn avenue. 

Married, second (1875). Miss Myles of Texas; issue: 

(c) Maggie, b. 1878; (d) George, b. 1879; (^) Ella, 
b. 1880, died young; (f) Mattie, b. 1881 ; (g) John, 
b. 1885. 

(d) Charles (b. 1838, d. 1870), C. S. A.; married Jane 
Wright, who survives him in Arkansas ; issue : 

50 The Descendants of John Stnhhs. 

(a) James (b. November 27th, 1867), of Little Rock, 

(b) Frank (b. 1869), of Detroit, Texas. 

(e) James W. (b. February 21st, 1839), of Benton, Ark., 
C. S. A. ; married, December 28th, 1869, Mrs. Anne 
Finch ; issue : 

(a) Willie (b. December i6th, 1870), married, 1895, 
Mr. D. A. Kent; issue: (i) John, b. 1887; (2) 
Charlie, b. 1889; (3) Job, b. 1891 ; (4) James, b. 
1893; (5) a daughter, b. 1898. 

(b) Charlie (b. October 17th, 1872), married, 1901, 
Tite Miller ; no issue. 

(c) Lizzie (b. December 9th, 1875), married, 1890, 
Hardie Farmer; issue: (i) James, b. 1891 ; (2) 
Pearl, b. 1893; (3) Annie, b. 1896; (4) Dew, died 

(d) Emma, born January 21st, 1878. 

(f) Camilla Ann (b. May 13th, 1829), married, 1845, 
Thomas H. Langford of Alabama ; issue : 

(a) Melissa Ann (b. October i6th, 1846), married, 
1866, John Hannah; issue, twelve children. 

(b) Sarah Elizabeth (b. March 24th, 1848), unmarried. 

(c) Helen Marina (b. April 30th, 1849), married, 1867, 
Joseph Reynolds ; issue, twelve children. 

(d) William Henry (b. December 8th, 1850), married 
Missouri Walls ; issue, eight children. 

(e) Emma Thomas (b. June 2d, 1852, d. 1888), mar- 
ried, 1870, Robert Brittin ; issue, seven children. 

(/) Camilla Eugenia (b. December nth, 1855), mar- 
ried, first (1877), Thomas Waugh and, second, Jas- 
per Donahoe; issue, seven children. 

(g) Thomas Patten (b. November 14th, 1858, d. 1898), 
married, 1894, Anne Franklin ; issue, two children. 

(h) Mary Caroline (b. April 15th, 1861, d. 1896), mar- 
ried, 1883, Robert Waugh; issue, six children. 

(i) Martha Kendall (b. October 8th, 1864, d. 1902), 
married, 1889, John Burgess; issue, one child. 

(k) Thomas H., killed in C. S. A. July 28th, 1864. 

(g) Mary Elizabeth (b. October 24th, 1835), married, 
first (1853), George E. Hydrick (d. 1871) of Charleston, 
S. C. ; married, second (1885). William B. Atkins. 

• Issue by first marriage (none by second) : 

(a) Edward Hydrick (b. December 24th, 1854, d. 1885), 
married Sallie Tucker ; issue: (i) Lewis; (2) Eddie 
(a girl) ; (3) Ola; (4) Cora; (5) Aldon (a boy). 

Georgia Stnbbses. 5? 

(b) Charles Morton (b. October 28th, 1859), married 
Louisa Stokes; issue: (i) George; (2) Roy; (3) 
Edna ; (4) Margaret. 

(c) Francis Marion (b. January 6th, 1862), married 
FeHcia Cooper; issue: (i) Minnie; (2) Mary; (3) 
CaroHne; (4) Cora; (5) Grover; (6) Alvin; (7) 

(d) Mary Adelia (b. April 22d, 1864), married Mr. Mc- 
Adams; issue: (i) William Curtis ; (2) Maud Lee; 
(3) Isabel; (4) Beulah; (5 and 6, twins) Columbus 
and Alonzo. 

(e). George Robert (b. September 22d, 1866), married 
Adelia Mc Adams; issue: (i) Alice; (2) Austin; 
(3) Chapman; (4) Walter; (5) Nellie; (6) Geor- 
gia; (7) Bettie. 
(/) Wihie born November 22d, 1869, died, 1901, in 
Paris, Texas ; married MoUie Matthews, who now 
lives at Stein's Creek, Miss. ; issue: (i)Mabelle; (2) 
Willie; (3) Charlie; (4) Annie; (5) W. J. ; (6) 
(g) Sallie, a twin to Willie (b. November 22d, 1869), 
married William AIcGaughey ; issue : ( i ) Granville ; 
(2) William; (3) Charlie; (4) Troy; (5) Vernella. 
(h) James Elliott (b. October 22d, 1857), married Mar- 
garet Welch ; issue, Mary Ethel, 
(h) Helen (d. 1893), married Lazenby (d.) of Missis- 
sippi ; issue : 

(a) William, married • — — ; issue, eleven children. 

(b) George, married ; issue seven children. 

(c) Mattie, married Davis Barron of Stein's Creek, 
Miss., and has five children. 

(d) Edward, died 1890. 

(e) Fannie, died s. p. 

(f) Alice, died s. p. 

(g) Ella (d. 1897), married John F. Chappell; issue, 
John, b. 1895. 

(7) Sarah, daughter of Frank and (Booth) Stubbs, 

married John F. Mitchell of Putnam county, Georgia. 

(8) Elizabeth, married Richmond Gore of Putnam county, 
Ga. A son of this union lived in Chicago and litigated the 
estate of Frank Stubbs in Utica, Miss. 

(9) Nancy, married Isham Kendrick, and both died in Smith 
county, Texas. 

(10) Catherine, married D. G. Rutledge of Harris county, 

52 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

(ii) Maria, married Willis Childs, and died in Butler 

county, Ala. 
(12) Mary Stubbs, died an old maid in Macon county, Ala. 

III. Mildred Scott, born September 28th, 1775, died July 
23d, 1825, as per tombstone, which reads : 

Mildred Scott Stubbs, 

Relict of Major Edward White, 

Born September 28th, 1775; 

Died July 23d, 1825. 

Married Major Edward White, born at Brookline, Mass., 1758, 
died Jan. 9th, 1812; buried in cemetery at Savannah. He was in 
Revolutionary Army, and the following, taken from Heitman's 
Historical Register, gives his rank : 

"Ensign Ninth Massachusetts, ist July, 1777; Second Lieu- 
tenant, 6th Alarch, 1778; transferred to Eighth Massachusetts ist 
January, 1781 ; transferred to Third Massachusetts 12th June, 
1783, and served to November 3d, 1783. Died 9th January, 1812." 

Colonel (afterwards Brigadier General) Michael Jackson com- 
manded the Eighth Massachusetts Regiment, and Capt. Burnham 
was his captain, and it is said that General Washington compli- 
mented this regiment on being the best disciplined one in the array 
(1778). Major White was present at the surrender of Burgoyne, 
1777. After 1785 he, went to Savannah Ga. ; was ordinary of 
Chatham county and Collector of Port of Savannah (appointed by 
President Madison) until his death, in 1812. Issue of Mildred 
Scott Stubbs and Alajor Edward White : 

(i) Dr. Benjamin A., of Milledgeville, Ga., "a man of high 
character and of great distinction in his profession ;" mar- 
ried , and had : 

(a) Thomas, married Henrietta Kenan, daughter of A. H. 
Kenan of Alilledgeville. 

(2) Thomas, first of Cahaba, Ala., afterwards of Mobile. 
"A man of promise, but took to drink and died early." 

(3) Maria Susan (d. December 22d. 1854), married, in 
Milledgeville, November ist, 1825, Francis Vincent De- 
loney (died April 14th at the old Stubbs place near Mil- 
kdgeville, Ga.). Issue: 

(a) James Edward, born August 22d, 1826, died young. 

(b) Francis Le Bourdais (b. March nth, 1828, "d. 1862), 
married, 18556. Anne Gachet; no issue. 

(c) Emily Mildred (b. April 24th. 1830), married James 
Hersev Nesbitt, and had issue. 


Georgia Stubhses. 53 

(d) Pauline Virginia (b. November 8th, 1831), married 
LaFayette Carrington, and has a son a Colonel, another 
Captain of Marines and a third Surgeon in the United 
States Army. 

(e) Jane Eleanor White, b. January 5th, 1834. 

(f) Maria Susan, b. April 24th, 1837. 

(g) George Gilmer, b. July 9th, 1839. 

(h) Edward White, b. December 23d, 1841. 
(i) Cephalia, b. April 6th, 1844. 

IV. William (b. 1777), married , and moved to Jones 

county, Ga., and had issue : 

(i) James, married Angelina Bivens. 

(2) Austin, married Miss Griswold, and had : 

(a) James W., of Marrs Postoffice, Lowndes county, Ga. ; 
married, and has Charles, of Macon, Ga., and perhaps 
It is to be regretted that no further information could be ob- 
tained of William's descendants. 

V. Elizabeth (b. 1781), married Richard Ellis; issue: 
(i) John, died s. p. 

(2) Monroe, died s. p. 

(3) Madison, died s. p. 

(a) Sarah Lou, married Thos. P. Stubbs (see page 70). 

VI. Sarah (b. 1783), married Lindsay Coleman; issue: 

( 1 ) Frances, married — Marshall, and lived near Augus a, 

(2) Clara, married Robert D. Ware, and lived Augusta Ga. 

(3) Lindsay, married Lizzie Winter, and lived near Au- 
gusta, Ga. 

VII. Li'CINDA (b. 1785), married Thomas Stubbs (b. 1783), 
son of Peter and Mary Earadall (Palmer) Stubbs. (See Thomas 
Stubbs, p. 66.) 

VIII. James Edward (b. 1787, d. 1824), married Martha 
Corley, and moved to Montgomery, Ala., in 1818. Issue: 

(i) James Edward (b. 1814), married a Spanish lady, and 
died in Punta Rosa, Fla., leaving one' daughter. 

(2) Mary Ann (b. 1816, d. 1868), married Charles Black of 
Galveston, Texas ; issue : 

(a) William, died s. p. 

(b) Charlotte, died s. p. 

54. The Descendants of John Stubbs- 

(c) Ellen, married Thomas Grout of Newport, Vt., and 
has two children, Charles and Addie Lou. 

(3) Isham Baytop (Id. March 6th, 1818, d. February 17th, 
190]), of Montgomery, Ala.; married, January 7th, 1841, 
Mary Ann Conolly Saunders of Virginia (d. 1898) ; issue: 

(a) James Edward (b. November 5th, 1841), unmarried. 

(b) Thomas Baytop (b. October 12th, 1843), married, 
November loth, 1870, Harriet A. Patillo ; issue: 

(a) Mary Oslin (b. ,1871), married Mericott Warren 
Walker of Selma, Ala., and has Mericott W., b. 1890, 
and Erin, b. 1895. 

(b) Ella Bertha (b. 1874), married, 1896, Ed. M.John- 
son of Montgomery ; no issue. 

(r) Hattie Patillo (b. 1877), married, 1901, Walter 
Marion Ross, son of Wiley C. and Mary (Thomas) 
Ross of Lee county, Ala. 

(c) Charles Henry, b. 1844, d. 1848. 

(d) Mary Virginia, b. 1848, d. 1850. 

(e) Robert Courtenay ( b. 1851, d. 1898), married Emma 
Siinpson (d. 1897) of Madison county, Ala.; no issue. 

(f) Bertha Hansford (b. 1854), married, 1880, Edwin F. 
Jones, a prominent lawyer of Montgomery; issue: 

(a) Samuel Baytop, b. 1884. 

(b) Mary Virginia, b. 1888. 

(g) George Marion, b. 1856, d. 1885, s. p. 
(h) William Saunders, b. i860, unmarried, 
(i) Ada Elinor, b. 1867, d. 1868. 

(4) Theodore Barancas, of Galveston, Texas (b. 1823, d. 
1896), Colonel in C. S. A., a man of wealth and import- 
ance ; married twice ; first, Ellen Kirkpatrick of Montgom- 
ery, Ala. ; had issue : 

(a) James Baytop, graduate Washington and Lee Uni- 
versity; city attorney of Galveston ; b. 1850; married, 
1876, R. Janie Allen; issue, three children: (a) Janie 
Allen, b. 1877; (b) James Baytop, b. 1878; (c) Lillian, 
b. 1882, d. 1883. 

Second, married Kate Kaufman of Galveston, Texas ; issue : 

(b) John Andrew (b. 1856), married, 1889, Jennie Mc- 
Donald; issue: (a) Frank Spencer, b. 1893; (b) Flora 

Arden, b. 1895. 

(c) Theodore Bonaparte (b. 1857), married, 1885, Cath- 
erine Delehantv ; issue: (a) Alice, b. 1886; (b) Lettie, 
b. 1887; (c) Theodore B., b. 1888; (d) Kate, b. 1889; 
(e) Cora, b. 1892; (/) Sidney, b. 1897; (g) William, 
b. 1900. 

Georgia Stiibbses. 55 

(d) Lillie, b. i860, d. i\ 

(e) William J., b. 1862, d. 1866. 
(f) Peter P., b. 1865, d. 1866. 

(g) Charles J. b. 1867, lawyer and partner of brother 

(h) Kate (b. 1870), married, 1892, Alfred Henry Dunk- 

erly, cashier Ennis National Bank, Ennis, Texas ; issue : 

(a) Marie Adele, b. 1895 ; {h) Kathryn Teresa, b. 1897. 
(i) Adele Lubbock (b. 1872), married, 1898, Robert Lee 

McMahon ; no issue, 
(j) Henrietta, b. 1877. 

IX. Thomas Baytop (b. 1789, d. 1863), moved from Wilkes 
county, Ga., to Milledgeville, Ga., in 1805, and there amassed a 
fortune, and in 1845 moved to Tippah county, Miss., where he 
died. He married, 1810, Kate Palmer Stubbs, daughter of Peter 
and Mary Baradall (Palmer) Stubbs; issue: 

(i) Alary Ann, born 1813, died, 1898, in Montgomery, Ala.; 
married Elliott C. Hannon ; issue : 

(a) Thomas Baytop, b. 1836, d. 1843. 

(b) Elliott C., b. 1838, d. 1843. 

(c) James Henry, b. 1840, d. 1842. 

(d) Thomas Elliott (b. 1843, d. 1891), C .S. A., married 
Sallie Gilmer ; issue : 

(a) George Gilmer, b. 1867. 

(&) Elliott C. (b. 1870), m.arried Maria Founce; issue, 

(c) Mary, b. 1874. 

(d) Caroline, b. 1876. 
{e) Louisa, b. 1880. 
if) Joan, b. 1882. 

(e) Rev. John Hannon, of San Francisco, Cal., a distin- 
guished minister in M. E. Church, South (b. 1845), mar- 
ried Lucy Hall; issue: 

(a) Helen, b. 1894. 
(6) Elliott C, b. 1896. 

(f) Charles Francis (b. 1848), married Mattie Gilmer; 
issue : 

(a) Pauline W., b. 1878. 
(h) Francis M., b. 1883. 
(c) Mattie Gilmer, b. 1887. 

(g) William W., b. 1850, d. 1871 s. p. 
(h) Benjamin W., b. 181 7. 

(2) Sarah Mildred, b. 181 7, married Rev. Richard Mosley 
of North Mississippi ; issue : 

56 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

(a) Kate, married Dr. S. A. Walker of Baldwyn, Miss., 
and has issue. 

(b) .Sarah, married Dr. Banks. 

(c) Dorothy. 

(3) Thomas Bay top, born 1820, died 1897, in Henderson 
Tenn. ; married Virginia Lenora Marks (d. 1896) ; issue: 

(a) Thomas Francis, secretary Morgan Hardy Grain Co., 
Union City, Tenn. 

(b) Salhe. 

(cj Edward B. (b. 1867), married, 1897, Kate Town- 
send of Birmingham, Ala. He is agent K. C, M. & B. 
R. R. at Bessemer, Ala. 

(d) Mary, married Robert E. McKinney, cashier Farmers 
and Merchants Bank of Henderson, Tenn. 

(4) Charles Andrew (b. 1822), married Bettie Emory and 
has a son (and perhaps others), Thomas, of Ripley, Miss, 

(5) Francis H. (b. 1825), married Nancy C. Kelley; issue: 

(a) James T. (b. 1869), of Dallas, Texas; married . 

(b) Henry, died young. 

(c) William Francis (b. 1873), of Mascautah, 111.; mar- 
ried , and has a daughter, Catherine. 

(d) Richard Bay top, of Grand Prairie, Texas, married 
, and has Francis Mumford. 

(e) John L., of Grand Prairie, Texas, insurance agent. 

(f) George P., of Cuero, Texas. 

(g) Elizabeth C, of Henderson, Tenn. 
(h) Jennie S., of Grand Prairie, Texas. 

(6) Henry Augustus (b. 1827), married Sarah Emory, 
and has a son (and perhaps others), Henry, of Ripley, 

(7) Rev. Benjamin White (b. 1832), M. E. Church, South; 
killed by a falling tree. Married Anna Barber; issue: 

(a) Thomas Baytop, married . 

(b) Edward, married . 

(c) Benjamin, married . 

There is a John Stubbs of Grand Prairie, Texas, a son of one 
of the above. 

X. Caroline Matilda (b. 1791), married Benjamin Gachec, 
son of Dr. Charles Gachet by first wife (Miss Scott) ; issue: 
(i) Charles Benjamin, married Mary Morton. 

(2) Louisa, married — Herston. 

(3) Eliza, married A. B. Shehee. 

(4) Mary, married — Milner. 

Georgia Stubbscs. 57 


Peter, born June ist, 1744, in Virginia, died 1821 in Putnam 
county, Ga. ; married, 1776, widow of Louis Tyler, nee Mary 
Baradall Palmer (d. 1804). The following has been furnished by 
Hon. Lyon G. Tyler, President of William and Mary College, and 
son of John Tyler, President of the United States : 

(i) John Tyler (d. 1773), married Anne Contesse, daugh- 
ter of Dr. Louis Contesse, and had : 

(a) John (Governor of Virginia), who was father of 
President Tyler. 

(b) Lewis (d. 1775), married Mary Baradall Palmer. 

(2) Mary (d. 1789), married, 1745, Rev. William Preston 
(b. 1719, d. 1778). 

(3) Edith, married Rev. Thomas Robinson. 

(4) Joanna, married Dr. Kenneth McKenzie. 

(5) Elizabeth Lowe, married, first, Bowcock (d. 1746) ; 
married, second (1753), John Palmer (d. 1760), a lawyer 
and bursar of William and Mary College, Virginia. 

In 1775 Governor John Tyler advertised sale of brick house, 
near Capitol, belonging to daughters of late John Palmer. Lewis 
Tyler was a lawyer and lived in Charlotte county at "Red Hill," 
afterwards the home of Patrick Henry. From above it appears 
that Lewis Tyler married his cousin, Mary Baradall Palmer, 
daughter of his Aunt Elizabeth Lowe Tyler. It is probable that 
the mother of John Palmer was a Baradall. 

The following is taken from the Cliarlotte county (Va.) 
records : 

Will of Lewis Tyler. — I, Lewis Tyler, of Charlotte county, 
very low and weak though in perfect senses, do make my last will 
and testament. Item : My will and desire is that the land I pur- 
chased upon Turnip Creek to be sold to relieve my securities of 
the said land, which land was purchased of John Rogers and 
Robert Caldwell, which was the property of Robert Daugherty. 
The residue of my estate, after my debts are paid, I give and 
bequeath unto my wife, Mary Baradall Tyler. I leave my brother 
John Tyler, Richard M. Booker and Peter Stubbs executors. 

June 30th, 1775. his 

LEVk^is + Tyler. 

Witnesses : Peter Stubbs, Richard Booker, Joanna Tyler. 


T]]c Dcscoidaiits of John Stiibbs. 

■Ji (r. 

Georgia Stiibbses- 59 

At a Court held for Charlotte county ist day of September, 
1777, the above written last will and testament of Lewis Tyler, 
deceased, was exhibited in Court by Peter Stubbs, one of his 
executors therein named, and the same was proved by oath of 
Joanna Bouldin, one of the witnesses thereto subscribed, and or- 
dered to be certified, and the said Peter Stubbs renouncing in 
open Court the execution of said will and it appearing that Rich- 
ard Marot Booker renounces the execution of said will, as also 
John Tyler, the other executor, as by his letter this day read in 
Court; therefore on the motion of George Caldwell, with the 
assent of Peter Stubbs and Mary, his wife, administration with 
the will annexed of the estate of said Louis Tyler, deceased, is 
granted him, he making oath according to law and giving security, 
whereupon he, together with Robert Caldwell, his security, en- 
tered into and acknowledged their bond for this purpose. Test: 

Thos. Read, Clerk. 

At a Court for Charlotte county the 6th day of October, 1777, 
the above written last will and testament of Lewis Tyler, de- 
ceased, was further proved by the oath of Richard Marricott 
Booker, one of the witnesses hereto subscribed, and ordered to 
be recorded. Test., Tho. Read, C. 

Fully recorded Tho. Reed, C. C. 

Copy Teste, J. C. Carrington, C. 

Peter, after marrying the Widow Tyler, moved from Virginia 
to Wilkes county, Georgia, probably about 1783. Smith in his 
"History of Georgia" says he came 1787 to 1793, along with John, 
Sylvester and Abner Hammond. He moved from Elbert (taken 
from Wilkes) to Putnam, where he died in 1821. 'Of Mrs. 
Stubbs it is said, "She suffered during the Revolution with small- 
pox, from the effects of which she went blind. It is said that she 
never saw but one (John, the eldest) of her children. She was 
very diminutive and wore No. 13 shoes." Letter from Miss Kate 
Palmer Stubbs.) 

The children of Peter and Mary Baradall (Palmer) Stubbs 
were: ! 

L John, born April 12, 1777, in Virginia, died in Franklin 
county, Ga., and is buried four miles east of Carnesville, Ga. ; 
married, in 1807, Ann Upshur of Elbert county; issue, seven 
children, (see forward page.) 

IL Thomas, born August i8th, 1783, died in Bibb county, 
Ga. ; married, 1809, Lucinda, daughter of James and Mary 

6o The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Eliza (Scott) Stubbs; issue, six children. (See forward 

III. James, born January i8th, 1785. He must have died 
young, as no knowledge of him can be found beyond the 
record of his birth in the family Bible. 

IV. Catherine Palmer, born March 19th, 1788; married, 
1810, Thomas Baytop Stubbs, son of James and Mary Eliza 
(Scott) Stubbs of Elbert county, Ga. He had moved to Mil- 
ledgeville in 1805, and after acquiring wealth moved to Tip- 
pah county, Miss., in 1845, where they died. (See issue un- 
der Thomas Baytop Stubbs, see page 55.) 

V. Francis, born November 7th, 1791, of Putnam county, 
Ga. Moved to Bibb county, where he died March 3, 1858. 
Married, 1813, Martlia Moody (b. 1793, d. 1872) ; issue, 
nine children. (See forward page.) 

VI. Mildred Scott, born January i8th, 1793; married, first 
(1812), James Fleming, and went to Mississippi in 1845; 
issue : 

( 1 ) Thomas, who married a widow and left no issue. 

(2) Antonette, married a Lane and had a son who was 
Presbyterian minister in North Mississippi, and he had 
Edward and other children. 

Mildred Scott married, second, Emnior Bayles, and had no 

VII. Peter, Jr., born May 8th, 1796; married, 1820, Ann 
Hammond, and lived and died in Bibb county, Ga. ; issue, 
thirteen children. (See forward page.) 

VIII. Baradall P.-\lmer, born February 3d, 1799, in Elbert 
county, Ga. ; married, January 30th, 1823, in Milledgeville, 
Ga., Eliza Hammond (b. October 20th, 1805, in Louisville, 
Ga.). He died in Macon, Ga., October 17th, 1873. Issue, 
eleven children. (See forward page.) 

Georgia SUihbses. 6l 



I. Mary Pal]mer, born December 12th, 1808, died April 4th, 
1859; married, October gth, 1828, John F. Wilson (b. 1808, d. 
1858) of Campbell county, Ga. ; issue : 

(i) Mary Ann (b. September 12th, 1829, d.), married 
Frank Pitts; issue: (a) Ella; (b) Augustus; (c) Mil- 
dred ; all living in Texas. 

(2) John Stubbs (b. February 14th, 183 1, d.), married 
Amantha Gilbert ; issue: (a) Mollie; (b) John; (c) Wil- 
liam; (d) Walter; Ce) Hattie; (f) Mattie. 

(3) Sarah Mildred (b. April 13th, 1833, d.), married John 
F. Maclaren ; issue (a) Eddie; (b) John, d. 

(4) Mahulda C. (b. March 23d, 1835, d), married Dr. J. T. 
Davenport; issue: (a) Thomas, d. ; (b) Charles. 

(5) William Leak (b. January 30th, 1840), married Kate 
E. Hornsby, daughter of Dr. J. Hornsby (P. O., Maude, 
Ga.) ; issue: (a) Lola, married R. J. Maclean, issue Lola 
Wilson; (b) Olive, married R. J. MacDougall, issue Don- 
ald and Robert Leake; (c) Claude; (d) Frank; (e) 
Kate; (f) Nellie May; (g) Miller. 

(6) Henrietta E. (b. April i8th, 1842), married, first. Dr. 
William Williams and, second, Looney Redwine. Issue by 
first husband: (a) John Thomas. By second husband: 
(b) William; fc) Hill; (d) Charles. 

(7) James M. (b. May i8th, 1844, d.), married Adeline 
Longino, daughter of Tom Longino; issue: (a) Minnie; 
(b) Richard, d. ; (c) Fanny Lowe, d. ; (d) James M. ; (e) 

(8) Frances E. (b. March 23d, 1846), miarried George F. 
Longino; issue: (a) Cecil; (b) John; (c) Earnest; (d) 
Lovick; (e) Bessie; (f) Fannie. 

(9) Alexander H. (b. July 3d, 1848), married Carrie 
Hornsby (d.) ; issue: (a) Forest; (b) Inez; (c)Leake; 
(d) Alexander; (e) Penn; (f) Jewel; (g) Lowe; (h) 
Carl; (i) De Witt. 

(10) Samuel A. (b. October 23d, 1850), married Victoria 
Hornsby; issue: (a) Estelle, d. ; (b) Herbert; (c) Edwin; 
Chandler, d. 

(d) Maude; (e) Fay; (f) Effie; (g) Willard ; (h) 

62 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

II. Sarah Thomas, born August 7th, 181 3, in Franklin 
county, Ga., died August 4th, 1836; married, October 6th, 1831, 
James H. Wilson (b. 1810) ; issue: 

(i) Nancy Leake, born October 21st, 1832, died in Campbell 
county, Ga., July 21st, 1869; married, February 19th, 
1861, William H. Ferguson; issue: 

(a) Mattie T. (b. November i8th, 1861), of Atalnta, Ga. 

(b) Wm. H., of Atlanta, Ga. (b. September 23d, 1862); 
married Ruth Pierce, granddaughter of Bishop George 
Pierce; issue: (a) Lesli'e; (b) Mary; (c) William. 

(c) Sarah F., b. July 21st, 1863. 

(2) Martha Caroline (b. October 25th, 1834), married (sec- 
ond wife), January 13th, 1875, Stephen Collins of Macon, 
Ga. ; no issue. There were eight children by first wife. 

(3) Sarah Francis, b. November i8th, 1835, d. July 29th, 

III. John Upshur (d. 1849), married Martha P. Wilson; 
issue : 

(i) Capt. John Smith (42d Georgia Regiment, C. S. A.), 
of Cedarton, Polk county, Ga. ; for sketch of service and 
life see Confederate Military History, pages 988-990; 
married, September 15th, 1867, Madge A. Simmons of 
Cave Springs, Ga. ; issue : 

(a) Eula L., b. July 4th, 1868. 

(b) John v., of Dalton, Ga., b. April 8th. 1872. 

(c) Marie M., b. May 22d, 1874. 

(d) William H., b. February 24th, 1876; Secretary and 
Treasurer of Atlantic and Gulf ^Manufacturing Com- 
pany, Quitman, Ga. 

(e) Albert W., of Cedarton, b. November 26th. 1880. 

(f and g) Mattie F. and Madge S. (twins), b. October 

26th, 1882. 
(h) Edgar A., b. March 23d, 1884. 
(2) Thomas Baradall, of Bird's Station, Ala. (b. August 
23d, 1843), married, December. 1863. Laura Hughes; 
issue: (a) John W. ; (b)LeeW. ; (c) Dora. 

IV. Catherine Palmer (d. 1845), married, 1840. John Ad- 
derhold of Franklin county, Ga. ; issue : 

(i) Mary. 
(2) Sarah. 

V. James Franklin, b. September 30th, 181 1, d. August 2d, 
1871, in De Kalb county, Ga. ; married three times; first (1836), 
Nancy Adams ; issue, three children : 

Georgia Stubbscs. 63 

(i) Ann (b. December 5th, 1837), married, 1855, Benjamin 
F. Morris and moved to Piirley, Texas, where they now 
live ; issue : 

(a) John Frankhn (b. October 26th, 1856), married, Jan, 
uary 13th, 1880, Rebecca Thompson; issue, eight chil- 

(b) Watt (b. December nth, 1858, d. 1895), married, 
1880, Emma Birdsong; issue, six children. 

(c) Lula (b. P'ebruary 23d, 1861), married, 1880, W. B. 
Denny (d. 1887), no issue; married, second (1882), L. 
Hedrick; issue, six children. 

(d) James Benjamin ( b. February 12th, 1866), married, 
1894, Vina Smith ; issue, three children. 

(e) Georgia (b. December 7th, 1867), married, 1894, 

(f) Garrett A. ( b. July 19th, 1870), unmarried. 

(g) Dolly (b. March 9th. 1872), married, 1901), Mr. 
Butler ; issue, one child. 

(h) Elijah (b. August ist, 1874), married, 1896, Laura 

Williamson ; issue, two children, 
(i) Pinkie (b. March 30th, 1876), married, 1898, Mr. 

Ferryman ; issue, three children, 
(j) Earnest Stubbs, b. Nov. 12th, 1878. 

(2) James Arnold, of Fairburn, Ga., b. April 25th, 1838 (C. 
S. A.) ; married, December 12th, 1868, Sallie Varner 
Spear ; issue : 

(a) Dr. George Hamilton, of Birmingham, Ala., married, 
April I2th, 1899. Mary Adele Rucker, daughter of Gen. 
E. W. Rucker, a distinguished Confederate soldier. 

(b) Arnold Whitfield, of Virginia, a traveling salesman. 

(c) Elizabeth. 

(d) Jemmy Lowe. 

(e) Nancy Adams. 

(f) Willie. 

(3) George, b. January, 2d, 1840. Lieutenant C. S. A., and 
killed at Winchester,' Va., June 28th, 1864. 

James Franklin married, second, Ladoska Calloway (d. i860) 
of Henry countv, Ga. ; issue : 

(4) SalHe, married A. S. Poole of Atlanta, Ga. : issue: (a) 
Lola; (b) Thomas; (c) Jennie, died young; (d) Leake, 
died young; (e) Lamar; (f) William; (g) Earnest. 

(5) Nancy, married Dr. Samuel Wilson of Fulton county, 
and died s. p. 

(6) John Franklin, of East Atlanta (b. 1848), married Mat- 

64 The Descendants of John Stuhhs. 

tie Morris of De'Kalb county, Ga. ; issue, ten children, 
viz.: (a) James; (b) Pearl; (c) Calloway; (d) Gus- 
tavus; (e) Nannie Lou; (f) Mattie Bell; (g) Charles; 
(h) Ruth; and two others. 

(7) William Donald (b. 1852, d. November, 1894), married 
Emma Cobb; issue: (a) Edna; (b) Ruby; (c) Annie; 

(d) Frank. 

(8) Laura, married John Poole, and lives in South Atlanta; 
issue: (a) May; (b) Gertrude; (c) Crandall ; (d) Ja- 
nie; (e) Nettie; (f) Sallie ; ( g) John; (h) Annie; (i) 

James Franklin Stubbs, married, third, March 3d, 1863, 
Martha Corley of Monroe county, Ga. ; issue : 

(9) Fannie V., married Marcus Brown of Bremen, Ga. ; 
issue: (a) Florence, b. September 7th, 1888; (b) Ruth 
Early, b. March 2d, 1890; (c) Alarcus L.. b. February 
i8th, 1892; (d) James Stubbs, b. September 30th, 1894; 

(e) Robert Toombs, b. December 27th, 1896; (f) George 
Scott, b. November 8th, 1899. 

(10) Charles O. (b. September 5th, 1867), married, July 
8th, 1888, Annie Colquitt Mitchell of Carroll county, Ga., 
and lives at Westminster, Texas, where he is President of 
Westminster College. He graduated at Bowdon College 
June, '87 ; Professor of Mathematics in Thomasville, Ga., 
'87-'90, Professor of Mathematics in Bowdon College '91- 
'92, and President of Bowdon College, '94-96. Issue : 

(a) Harry D., b. August 17th, 1889"; 

(b) Mattie Beryl, b. October 13th, i89i.d. July loth, 1898; 
{c) Annie Belle, b. May 20th, 1901. 

(11) Mattie Leake, died s. p. 

VL George W. (b. May 19th, 1815, d. October 19th, 1863), 
married, August 20th, 1840, Sarah A. McMullen (d. February 
4th, 1866) of Bartow county, Georgia. ; issue : 

(i) John W., of Pine Log, Ga. (b. February 8th, 1844. mar- 
ried, December 17th, 1874, Savannah E. Stanford; issue, 
Dora Alberta, b. October 13th, 1875. 

(2) Katherine A., b. April ist, 1846. d. November 7th. 1846. 

(3) Frances H. (b. October 2d. 1847), married J. T. Spear- 
man of Oiattanooga, Tenn. Residence, 301 Montgomery 

(4) James S. (b. January 7th, 1850). of Comanche, Texas. 

(5) Elizabeth T. (b. February 2d, 1852), of Pine Log, Ga. 

(6) Sophie J., b. April 15th, 18^4. ^- Ttdv 28th. 1868. 

Georgia Stnbbses. 65 

(7) George L. (b. June 26th, 1856), of Chattanooga, Tenn. 

(8) .William Baradall (b. November 7th, 1859), of Tulip, 

N. B. — It is to be regretted that no fuller information can be 
given of the above, but repeated letters evoked no responses, and 
hence the above information, obtained from Mr. John W. Stubbs 
of Pine Log, Ga., is all that can be given. — W. C. S. 

VII. ^Matilda Carolixe (b. ]\Iay 14th, 1825, d. August 20th, 
1886), married, August 15th, 1843, Jacob Weems (b. 1813, d. 
1894 j. Both died in Chambers county, Ala, and left issue: 

(i) Sarah A. E. (b. June 28th, 1844), married, November 
17th, 1867, F. M. Norton (d. 1873). 

(2) James A. Weems (b. October 22d, 1846), married, De- 
cember 7th, 1871, Malinda Bell. 

(3) Martha C. b. November 19th, 1849, d. July 31st, 1887, 
in Cherokee countv. Ala. ; married, August 27th, 1870, 
R. T. Sharp (d. 1898). 

(4) William R., b. March 30th, 1854, d. July 2d, 1870. 

(5) Thomas E. Mc D. (b. May ist, 1856), married, Septem- 
ber 7th, 1879, Frances Baxter. 

(6) Marv J. E. (h. October 29th, 1858), married, Decem- 
ber 27th,"' 1882, R. A. Ritch. 

(7) Carrie F. ( b. July 25th, i860), married . 

(8) Lodosky H. ( b. July 25th, 1862, d. August 7th, 1885), 
married. December 27th, 1882, A. L. Ritch. 


66 The Descendants of John Stitbbs. 


I. Thomas Peter (d. August 4th, 1859), a distinguished law- 
yer in Macon, Ga. ; married Rebecca Lundy ; issue : 

(i) Eliza, died s. p.; (2) Robert W., died s. p.; (3) Walter, 
died s. p.; (4) Clarence, died s. p. 

II. Catherine Palmer (d. May 5th, 1850), married Wash- 
ington Saunders. Issue : 

( 1 ) Lucinda, married Barfield ; issue, three children. 

(2) Emma, married Barfield, issue, four children. 

(3) Rebecca Eliza (b. March 4th, 1850), married, 1875, 
William Robinson ; issue, eight children. 

III. Caroline Sarah Matilda (b. 1819, d. 1885), married, 
1834, Jesse Joly Kennedy ( d. 1855) ; issue: 

(i) James Benjamin (b. 1849), of Lowe, Macon county, 
Ga. ; married, November I9t'h, 1874, Elizabeth Agee; 
issue: (a) Jesse M., b. January 4th, 1876; (b) Mary, b. 
1880; (c) Annie, b. August 8th, 1881 ; (d) Benjamin, b. 
October 22d, 1885; (e) Edward Stubbs, b. March loth, 
1887; (f) Sarah Alildred, b. January 4th, 1890. 

IV. James A., b. February 28th, 181 5, in Jones county, Ga.. d. 
April 17th, 1889; married, first (October 14th, 1846), Mary 
Julia Bentz ; second (December i8th, 1855), Caroline Elizabeth 
Bentz, daughters of George Bentz of Houston county, Georgia. 
Issue by first wife (none by second) : 

(i) George Peter, Mercht, of Cochran, Ga. (b September 
20th, 1847, ^- March 21st, 1895), married, April 8th, 1883, 
Ada Brown of Cochran, Pulaski county, Ga. ; issue: (a) 
Julia, b. May i8th, 1884; (b) Frank, b' Anarch i6th, 1886; 
(c) Lucy, b. December 27th, 1889; (d) James, b. August 
loth, 1891. 

(2) Eliza Louise (b. Novemlicr igth, 1849), married, m 
Sumter county, Ga., Novemlier 14th, 1878, W. W. Linch 
of Linchburg, Putnam county, Ga., a farmer and mer- 
chant; issue: (a) lulia Alav, b. Mav 21st, 1880; (b) 
James Wilkin, b. October 4th.' 1882; (c) William Stubbs, 
h. April 25th, 1885: (d) Emma Ethel, b. January 20th, 
1888; (e) John Carl. b. September 2d, 1890. 

(3) Margaret Caroline (b. June 8th, 1853), married, in 
Jacksonville, Fla., Fel^ruary, 1889. Hiram T. Mann of Wil- 
liston, Fla., a farmer. 

V. Edward White (d. October 31st, 1884), married Mary 
Bronson of Macon, Ga. ; issue : 

Georgia Sfiibbses. 67 

(i) James Horace of Huntington, Ga. (b. January 22d, 
1848), married, December 8th, 1868, Annie E. Finch (b. 
November 27th, 1849; issue: 

(a) Lucy iVnn (h. Septeml)er 21st, 1869), married, Jan- 
uary 8th, 1888, WilHam ]". Cordell ; issue: (a) Walter 
Roy, b. November 9th, 1888; (b) Berdit Carl, b. Decem- 
ber 22d, 1889; (c) William Cecil, b. December 27th, 

(b) Oscar Palmer (b. June 22d, 1871), married, Decem- 
ber 23d, 1896, Annie L. Folds ; issue, Willa Lee, b. Feb- 
ruarv i6th, 1898. 

(c) Albert Clifton (1). August i6th, 1873), married, Feb- 
ruary 1 6th, 1897, Mattie Love Morgan (d. February 
15th, 1898) ; issue, Mattie Eunice, b. Februarv ist, 1898. 

(d) Ell,a Alberta, b. May nth, 1875. 

(e) Charles White, (b. Februarv 2d. 1877, d. August 
25tli. 1878). 

(f) Berdit Finch, b. January 19th, 1879. 

(g) Mabel Finch, b. February nth, 1882. 
(h) Sarah Finch, b. March 23'd, 1885. 
({) John Thornton, b. IMarch 28th, 1887. 

( i ) Julia Inez, b. August loth, 1890, d. July 31st, 1891. 

(2) Baradall (b. 1849), married Sophronia Duncan of Tay- 
lor county, Ga. ; issue: (a) Mary Lee; (b) Edward. 

(3) Margaret Caroline (d. 1898), married Noah Taylor of 
Macon county, Ga. ; issue, eight children. 

(4) Julia Irene (d. 1899), married Thomas De Vene ; issue, 
three children. 

(5) Samuel (d. 1897), married Emma Robinson of Macon 
county, Ga. ; issue, a daughter. Jewel. 

VI. Ann Eliza (d. January 17th, 1848), married ( wife) 
Wilson C. Hardy ; issue, Lucy, married James Cowart of Macon, 
Ga. Mr. Hardv married, second, Martha Ann Stubbs, daughter 
of Frank and Martha (Moody) Stubbs. (For issue see page 73.) 

68 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 



L Jaaies John^ born February i8th, 1814, killed by a slave 
1856; married, August 21st, 1834, Elizabeth J. Davis (d. 1871) 
nf Lee county, Ga. ; issue : 

(i) James Francis, b. December ist, 1836, unmarried. 

(2) Henry Augustus, b. January 28th, 1838, d. s. p. 

(3) Thomas Jefferson, b. December ist, 1840, d. June 8th, 
1891, from wound received in C. S. A.; married, Novem- 
ber 22d, 1862, Mary E. Griggs; issue: 

(a) Susan Rebecca (b. November 29th, 1865), married, 
November 30th, 1887, Franklin S. Pierce; issue: (a) 
Mary Thomas, b. Sept. 2d, 1888; {b) John Edward, b. 
August 22d, 1890; (c) \Mlliam Franklin, b. October 
8th, 1891 ; (d) Augustus, b. January 17th, 1894; (e) 
Chester Waldron, b. September nth 1895. 

(b) Edward Francis, of Bonaire, Ga. (b. November 
29th, 1863), married, September 2d, 1890, Mary Am- 
nions; issue: (a) James Wesley, b. July 27th, 1891; 

(b) Millard Francis, b. January 26th, 1893, died young; 

(c) Joseph Franklin, b. July i6th, 1894; (d) Edward 
May, b. February 14th, 1898; (e) Ethel Burruss, b. May 
15th, 1900. 

(c) Elizabeth E. ( b. June 15th, 1874), married, Septem- 
ber loth, 1893, John R. Amnions of Welston, Houston 
county, Ga. ; issue: Susie Claire, b. July 12th, 1897, 
and \\'illiam Frank and Beaumont Earl, both dying 

(4) Susan Eugene (1). January 8th, 1843) (d.), married 
Thomas Pearson (d.) ; no issue. 

(5) Olive Gabriella (b. July 29th, 1846), married Avery 
Buckncr of Ealonton, Ga. ; issue: (a) Gussie, (b) Eliza- 
beth, (c) Susie, (d) Louise, (e) John, (f) Edward. 

(6) Charles Hambleton (b. Oct. ist. 1848), of Note, Ga. ; 
married Phosie Maddox ; issue: (a) Ernest, (b) Mabel. 

(7) Alonza (b. Aug. 29th, 1857), died in Texas, s. p. 

(8) Robt. Davis Stubbs (b. 'April 9th, 1854), married at 
Eatonton, Ga., Alaude Middleton ; issue : 

(a) Rov Davis, graduate University of Georgia and now 
special agent U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, in charge of 
Experiment Station at Cairo, Ga. 

(b) Ethel (d.) 

Georgia Stitbbscs. 69 

II. Elizabeth Anx (b. Jan. 'i8th, 1816, d. 1817). 

III. Wm. Baradall (b. Feb. 5th, 1818, d. July 20th, 1865), 
married, Feb. ist, 1840, Martha Jane Davis (b. 1827, d. 
1897), of Putnam county, Georgia. They moved to Abbe- 
ville, Wilcox county, Georgia, in 1861 ; issue : 

(t) Mary Amanda (b. Oct. 8th, 1841), married, December, 
1852, A. A. T. Reed of Virginia (d. 1900) ; issue: 

(a) Belle (b. Dec. 9th, 1865, d. Nov. 6th, 1892), married 
Jan. 5th, 1886, Dr. A. R. Royal; issue: (a) ReJaecca born 
April 1st, 1887; (b) A. R., Jr., born Sept. loth, 1890; 
(c) Edward H., born Oct. 30th, 1894. 

(b) Jessie, died young. 

(c) Laura (b. Jan. 7th, 1870), married Aug. 28th, 1892, 
E. H. Williams of North Carolina, now of Abbeville, 
Ga. ; issue: (a) Belle Reid, born July 2d, 1893; (b) 
Laura, born June, 1895 ; (c) Edward, born Oct. 3, 1897; 
(d), Charles, born Oct. i8th, 1899; (e) Wm. L., born 
Oct. 19th, 1901. 

(d) Fannie (b. Dec. 2d, 1867), married July 5th, 1894, 
Geo. Parrott of Fitzgerald, Ga. ; issue: (a) Blakeley, 
born March 23d, 1895; (b) George, born December, 

(e) Virginia (b. Dec. ist. 1871), married July, 1894, her 
brother-in-law. Dr. A. R. Royal (d. 1899) ; issue: (a) 
Virginia, born Feb. loth, 1896; (b) Eunice, born Sept. 
9th, 1898. 

(f) Wm. (b. July rst, 1874), unmarried. 

(g) John L. (b. Nov. 20th, 1876), unmarried. 

(2) Martha Frances (b. Nov. 20th, 1842), married Aug. 
2 1 St, 1854, John Clack of Bibb county, Georgia (d. 1884) ; 
issue : 

(a) Wm. Benj. (b. Oct. 8th. 1870, d. July 20th, 1899, s. p.) 

(b) Delia (b. Sept. i8th, 1875, d. Sept. '17th, 1897, s. p.) 

(c) Sarah Jane (b. Sept. 12th, 1872), married Dec. 24th, 
1899, J. A. Hunt of Abbeville, Ga. ; issue : Albion, born 
Oct. 31st, 1900. 

(d) John James fb. Jan. 25th, 1880), died young. 

(3) Elizabetli Ellen (b. July 4th, 1854), married, 1868, John 
MacCartnev (d. 1900) of Abbeville, Ga. (father from Ire- 
land) : issue: (a) Wm. Hugh (b. March 8th, 1875) ; (b) 
Annie (h. Dec. 21st, 1877) : (c) Thomas (b. Feb. i8th, 
1878) ; (d) Nettie (b. Jan. 22d, 1884) ; (e) Janie (b. Feb. 
14th, 1887). 

(4) Carrie Lou (b. Feb. i8th, i860), married Feb. i8th, 

70 The Dcscoidaiits of John Stubbs. 

1879, Benj. AIcAnally of Abbeville, Ga. ; issue: (a) Edna 
(b. Sept. 1st, 1883); (b) Virginia (b. Feb. 22d, 1887); 
(c) James Arnold (b. July 21st, 1893) ; (d) John Stubbs 
(b. October, 1895) ; (e) Sarah Jane (b. May 21st, 1898) ; 
(f) Susie Bennie (b. Oct. 27th, 1900). 

(5) Catherine Antoinette (b. Aug. 1st, 1850), unmarried. 

(6) Wm. Alexander (b. Aug. i6th, 1846), unmarried. 

(7) James Andrews (b. Sept. 12th, 1848), unmarried. 

(8) Augustus Arnold (b. Jan. 31st, 1858), unmarried. 

IV. Catherine Elizabeth (b. Aug. i8th, 1820), married, 
first, in 1835, Mathew Farley, and second, W. J. Farley; no 

V. Thomas P. (b. May 14th, 1822, d. 1864), married Oct. 
25th, 1847, Sarah Washington. She lives now in north 
Georgia. Issue : 

(i) Alpheus Beverly (b. July 12th, 1849). 

(2) Robt. A. F..(b. Nov. 9th, 1852). 

(3) Homer (b. ). 

VI. George Henry { b. July ist, 1824, d. April 4th, 1896), 
married Sept. 2d, 1844, Susan Wesley Bowdoin (b. Feb. 2d, 
1827, d. Aug. 28th, 1900), at Andersonville, Ga. ; issue: 

(]) Elizabeth Catherine (b. Oct. 30th, 1845), married, first, 
John Graham Dougherty (b. 1847, d. 1876), of Sumter 
county, Georgia; issue: 

(a) George Arthur (b. July 20th, 1870), married May 
20th, 1896. Mildred Connie (b. 1877); issue: (a) 
Charles, born April 15th, 1897; {b) Ola A., born Jan. 
13th, 1899. 

(b) Charles Virgie (b. Oct. 14th, 1871), married Oct. 
i2th, 1899, Alma DeLillian Dickerson (b. 1877) ; issue: 
Emma Mae, born Julv 28th, 1900. 

(c) Ola A. (b. 1874, d.' 1875). 

(d) Jessie Michall (b. 1876, d. 1884). 

She married, second. April 6th, 1882, P. B. Freeman of Ma- 
con, Ga., who was killed by a locomotive Oct. 27th, 1884; 
issue : 

(e) Roe (b. Alarch 6th, 1883). 

12) Georgia Ann (b. May 31st, 1847, d. Sept. 17th, 1849). 

(3) Daniel Hambleton (b. Jan. 7th, 1849), rnarried Decem- 
ber, 1894, Virginia Petersburg Brown (b. 1850). They 
reside near Americus, Ga. No issue. 

(4) George Whitfield (b. Oct. 29th, 1850, d. July, 1900), 

Georgia Stubbses. - 71 

married March 15th, 1870, Maria L. Richards (b. 1852) ; 
issue : 

(a) Annie Forest (b. Feb. 5th, 1871). 

(b) Lucy Elberta (b. Feb. 28th, 1873), died young. 

(c) Emmett Bkie (b. Oct. i8th, 1874 j. 

(d) Mamie Lynn (b. June i8th, 1877). 

(e) NelHe Florence (b. March 22d, 1881), died young. 

(f) Homer Blanton (b. March 22d, 1883). 

(g) Samuel Hassam (b. June 25th, i886j. 
(h) Ruby Estelle (b. June 25th, 1890). 

(5) Charles Franklin (b. May 3d, 1852, d. April 3d, 1868). 

(6) Rev. Samuel Wesley, M. }L. Church, South (b. Sept, 
I2th, 1856, d. Jan. 4th, 1895), married Oct. i8th, 1883, 
Eugenia Capitola Dickey (b. 1859). She now lives at 
Cairo, Ga. Issue : 

(a) Myra Adele (b. March i6th, 1883), student at Wes- 
leyan Female College, Macon, Ga. 

(b) Lawrence Clements (b. Jan. loth, 1886). 

(c) Susie Anna (b. April 20th, 1888). 

(d) Wm. Dickey (b. March 8th, 1893). 

(e) Samuel Eugenia (b. Aug. 27th, 1895). 

(7) Mary Addie (b. March 4th, 1857), married Jan. 13th, 
1876, Thomas J. (Smith) Wicker of Macon, Ga. (b. 1848), 
a farmer and stockman near Americus, Ga ; issue : 

(a) Mary Louisa (b. Dec. loth, 1876), married March 3d, 
1 90 1, Jas. Gordon Feagin (b. 1877). 

(b) Wihiam Francis (b. April 24th, 1878). 

(c) Alice Eula (b. Aug. 31st, 1880). 

(d) Geo. James (b. April 9th, 1883). 

(e) Chas. Horace (b. Oct. 30th, 1885, d. June 30th, 1887). 

(f) Annie May (b. Nov. 13th. 1888). 

(g) Laura Beulah (b. Dec. 8th, 1892). 

(h) Mattie Jewel (b. July i8th, 1898, d. Nov. 26th, 1901). 

(i) Arthur Grady (b. June, 1898). 

(j) Thomas Hamilton (b. Sept. 14th, 1900). 

(8) Martha Francis (b. Feb. i6th, 1859), married April 
26th, 1888, to John F. Moreland, who resides on the old 
homestead of Geo. H. Stubbs, near Americus, Ga. ; issue: 

(a) Nannie Sue (b. June 4th, 1889). 

(b) John Joseph (b. June 9th, 1890), 

(c) Carrie Eliza (b. Sept. 5th, 1891). 

(d) Mary Julia (b. Dec. 24th, 1892). 

(e) Robt. Hamilton (b. May 30th, 1894.) 

(f) Charles Wesley (b. Sept. 3d, 1895). 

(g) Martha Beulah (b. Dec. 31st, 1896). 

72 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

(h) Willie Belie (b. Nov. 28th, 1899, d. Dec. 4th, 1899). 

(9) Carrie Maria ( b. Feb. 23d, 1861), married Feb. 3d, 

1884. James [Monroe (Smith) \Vicker (b. i860), of Ogle- 
thorpe, Ga. ; issue : 

(a) David ( b. March 22nd, 1886). 

(b) Samuel Wesley (b. May nth, 1890). 

(c) Carrie (b. June loth, 1892). 

(d) Watson (b. Nov. 30th, 1893). 

(e) Jannie (b. Feb. 25th, 1896). 

(f) Mary Dannie (b. Dec. 21st, 1898). 

(10) Laura Belle ( b. Jan. 6th, 1863), married Dec. 3d, 1886, 
Rev. Thos. W. Darley (b. 1858), of S. Ga. Conf. M. E. 
Church, South ; issue : 

(a) Thos. W. (b. Feb. 9th, 1897). 

(b) Herbert S. (b. Dec. 29th. 1898). 

(c) Susie Lamar ( b. Aug. 29th, 1900). 
He is now stationed at Quitmaa, Ga. 

(11) Anna Beulah (b. Sept. 4th. 1864). married Nov. 19th, 

1885, Fortune F. Farmer (b. 1858). of Blackarten, Devon- 
shire, England, but now lives at Abbeville, Ga. ; issue : 

(a) Theodore William (b. Aug. 13th. 1889). 

(b) Mattie Eugenia (b. Jan. 30th, 1891). 

(c) Geo. Royal (b. June 27th, 1894). 

(d) Howard LaNutt (b. April 15th, 1896). 

(e) Ruth Antoinette (b. Aug. 31st, 1898). 

(f) Chrystine (b. Dec. 25th, d. 1901). 

(12) Julia Franklin (b. April nth, 1866), married Sept. 
TOth, 1885, Jesse Lee Chambliss (b. 1865") ; issue: 

(a) Armie Elizabeth (b. Nov. 20th, 1886). 

(b) Jessie George (b. Jan. 30th, 1889). 

(c) Wm. Lee (b. Jan. 31st, 1891). 

^ M'r. Chambliss is in cotton commission business and a 

farmer of Americus, Ga. 

(13) Robt. Henry (b. Dec. 29th, 1868), married Oct. 29th, 
1896, Fannie C. Pennington (b. 1874) ; issue: 

(a) Marv Alice (b. Aug. 28th, 1896). 

(b) Robt. Samuel (b. Nov. 15th, 1898). 

(c) Geo. Andrew (b. Nov. 25th. 1900). 
He is a farmer near Andersonville, Ga. 

VH. Joel G. (b. IMay T4th, 1828. d. Jan. ist. 1862), married 
May i6th, i860. F. E. V. Tankersly ; issue: 
Joel Thomas (b. April 25th, 1861). married Mrs. Nettie 
(Cowart) Stubbs, widow of Thomas Stubbs, and had 
issue : Lela, Toel, and Albert. 

Georgia Sfttbbses. 73 

VIII. Mary Antonette (b. Sept. 2d, 1830, d. 1874), married, 
first wife, Nov. 17th, 1846, Thomas, son of Peter and Ann 
(Hammond) Stubbs (b. 1826, d. 1877) ; no issue. Thomas 
married, second, Nettie Cowart, and had issue : Thomas 
Peter (b. Dec. 25th, 1875), married Jan. 21st, 1900, Min- 
nie Vinson (d. 1891). No issue. 

After death of Thomas his widow married Joel Thomas 
Stubbs, as above. 

IX. Martha Ann (b. March 14th, 1833), married, second 
wife, Jan. 21st. 1849, Wilson C. Hardy; issue: 

(a) Frank Whitfield (h. Oct. 21st, 1849) Macon, Ga. ; 
married Anna Ross. 

(b) George. 

(c) Mattie. 

(d) Hattie. 

(e) Seaborn Jones, and olliers 

74 The Descendants of John Stuhhs. 



I. Peter (b. Aug. 12th, 1821, d. 1822). 

II. Abner Palmer (b. Dec. 26tb, 1822), married, 1845, J^Iar- 
tha Ann Woodward ; issue : 

(i) Lycurgus A. (b. 1847), ^ farmer in Bibb county, Geor- 
gia ; married Susan Simmons ; issue : 

(a) Wm. Abner, married Alollie Bacon; issue: (a) Frank, 
{h) Louisa. 

(b) Chas. T., married Susie Middlebrooks ; issue: (a) Eu- 
genia, (&) Bertha, (c) Kirkland. 

(c) Lulu, married L. E. Menshew; issue: (a) Russell, 
(6) an infant. 

(d) Joseph, married Nora Pierce; issue: one cliild. 

(e) Emma; (f) Katie; (g) Homer. 

(2) Peter Woodward (b. 1849), married, first, Mary Kemp 
(d. 1894), and lives at old homestead near Macon, Ga., of 
his grandfather, Peter; P. O., Tobesofkee. 

(a) Charles F., bookkeeper in Tampa, Fla. 

(b) J. Dudley, of Tobesofkee, Ga. 

(c) Peter W., Jr., druggist in Tallahassee, Fla. 

Peter W., Sr., married, second, Lora Wimberly ; no issue. 

(3) Ellen Eliza, married, 1872, Jno. W. Huff (d. 1882), and 
now lives on the old Huff place near Tobesofkee, Ga. 
Issue : 

(a) Jno. W., Jr., married Evelyn Locke (d. 1901) ; issue: 
(0) Ellen, \h) Evelyn. 

(b) Fanny, married, 1901, W. G. Middlebrooks, a mer- 
chant in Aiacon, Ga. 

(c) Rosa. 

(4) Ida, married, 1870, Joseph B. Pound of Atlanta; issue: 

(a) Laura, married, 1892, Chas. Bartleson, a wholesale 
merchant of Jacksonville, Fla. 

(b) Norah, married Dr. Walter B. Holmes, a druggist of 
Wadley, Ga. 

(c) Susie, married, 1897, Jno. W. Price of Brunswick, 
Ga. ; issue : Joseph Linwood. 

(d) Hanan J., married, 1900, Katy Jansen. 

(e) Fleeta, married, 1898, Charles Brown (d. 1899) ; is- 
sue: Charles. 

(f) Abner Joseph; (g) May; (h) Lurline ; (i) an infant. 

III. Sarah Ann (b. Sept. 19th, 1824, d. July 31st, 1853), mar- 

Georgia Stubbses. 75 

ried, first wife, Apri! 30th, 1843, Rev. James Lawrence King 
(b. ]8i8, d. 1901), a distinguished Divine in the Presbyterian 
church ; issue : 
(i) Eudora Ann (b. March 21st, 1845, d. May 28th, 1845). 

(2) Horatio Leavitt (b. March 12th, 1846), married Nov. 
22d, 1876, M. Josephine, daughter of Colhns and Mary A. 
(Ash) Lankford of Quitman, Wood county, Texas. Mr. 
Lankford was a veteran of the Mexican and Confederate 
wars. Issue : 

(a) Ang-us Dallas ( b. Sept. 15th, 1877, d. March 27th, 
, i88i)T 

(b) Lawrence Collins (b. June 17th, 1880). 

(c) Horatio Lankford (b. Oct. nth, 1883). 

(d) George Edv/ard (b. Jan. 30th, 1886). 

(e) Jessie Eugenia (b. Sept. nth, 1888, d. Dec. 15th, 

Mr. H. L. King is now a prominent lawyer in x\tlanta. 

(3) Maria Eugenia (b. Dec. 24th, 1847, <^1- Jan. 31st, 1873). 

(4) John Angus ( b. Nov. 24th, 1849, d. Nov. 24th, 1877). 

(5) George E. (b. Nov. 3d, 1851), head of the large house, 
King Hardware Co., Atlanta, Ga., and resides at Inman 
Park. Atlanta; married, Oct. 21st, 1874, Ida, daughter of 
Col. Jas. P. Simmons of Norcross, Ga. Issue : 

(a) Jessie Eugenia (b. 1876), died young. 

(b) Lvicile (b. Nov. 24th. 1877), married Oct. 21st, 1896, 
Irvin Summerfield Thomas; issue: Lucile Marcia (b. 
May loth, 1899). 

(c) Lillian Ehine (b. Oct. 23d, 1879), married Oct. 8th, 
1902, Dr. Joseph Nisbet LeConte. 

(d) Christine Valeria (b. Dec. i6th, 1882). 

(e) Annie E. (b. June 13th, 1884, d. Aug. loth, 1886). 

(f) George E., Jr. (b. Sept. 22d, 1886). 

(g) James Simmons (b. Sept. 23d, 1888), died young, 
(h) Ida Ellen (b. Dec. 31st, 1889). 

(i) Ruth Nelson (b. July 22d, 1892). 
(j) Mary EHza (b. Oct. 5th, 1894). 
(k) Louise (b. Aug. 23d, 1896). 

(6) Charles Lawrence (b. Julv 12th, 1853, d. Aug. 20th, 

Rev. James Lawrencf^ King married, March 2d, 1865, Martha 
A. Anderson, and had Jas. L., Jr. ; Clyde L., Mrs. Sam'l Farris of 
La Fayette, Ga. ; Mrs. Wesley Belyeu, and Mrs. Thomas Miller of 
Atlanta, Ga. 

IV. Thomas (b. May 4th, 1826, d. 1877), married, first, 1846, 
Mary Antonette (d. 1874), daughter of Frank and Martha 

y6 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

( Aloo(ly) Stubbs of Putnam county, Georgia ; no issue. Mar- 
ried, second, 1875, Xettie Cowart; issue: Thos. Peter (b. Dec. 
25th, 1875), married Jan. 21st, 1900; Minnie Vinson (d. 
1891), no issue. After the death of Thomas his widow mar- 
ried Joel Thomas Stubbs, son of Joel G. and F. E. V. (Tank- 
erslev) Stubbs; issue: Lela (b. 1883); Joel ( b. 1885), and 
Albert (b. 1887). 

V. James O. (b. July nth, 1828). Was drowned in 1841. 

• VL Capt. Chas. Francis, C. S. A. (b. June 23d, 1830, d. July, 
1882, of Bright's disease, in Savannah, Ga.) ; went to Cali- 
fornia during the gold fever, where he was very successful. 
Returned and settled in Macon, Ga., in 1855. Moved to 
Savannah in 1865 ; was member of Grover, Stubbs & Stegall, 
Sloan, Grover & Co., and Grover, Stubbs & Co., and C. F. 
Stubbs & Co. Married, April, 1876. Annie Goodwin, daugh- 
ter of Theodore A. and Corinthia (Morgan) Goodwin; is- 
sue : 

(i) Charles Francis. Jr. (b. Alarch nth, 1877, d. July, 1888, 
of appendicitis). 

(2) Mary Annulette (h. Aug. 8th, 1879), married April 
i8th, 1900, David Stewart Craven of Salem, N. J. 

(3) Sidney Goodwin ( b. Jan. 13th. 1882), now a student at 
Yale College. 

VII. Eliza W. (b. Feb. 22d, 1832), married Col. Charles 
Wesley Stubbs (C. S. A.), son of James and Lucinda (Cot- 
ton) Stubbs of Jasper county, Georgia; issue: 

(i) Charles Wesley (d. 1875), married Mattie Mitchell; 
issue: (a) Charlie Wesley. 

(2) Thomas Florence (b. July 17th, 1852), married Nov. 
29th, 1892, Anna Martin Law ton (b. 1864,) of Buford 
District, S. C. They live at Inman Park, Atlanta, Ga. 
Issue : 

(a) Joseph Mauer (b. Sept. 29th, 1884, d. young). 

(b) Florence Eliza (b. Nov. ist, 1886). 

(c) Carrie Martin (b. June 21st, 1888). 

(3) John W., married Gracie Carlos of Bibb county, Geor- 
gia, and i«; with King Hardware Co.. Atlanta. No issue. 

(4) Annie Lou, married Wm. F. Holmes of Macon, Ga. ; 
issue: (a) James Wesley, (b) ]\Iary Ellas. 

VIII. L.xuRA Catherine ( b. March 9th, 1835), married Thos. 
Artope of Macon, Ga. ; issue 

Georgia Stnbhses- 7/ 

(a) Leila. 

(b) James, died young. 

(c) Thomas Edward, married Bessie Goodwyn ; issue: (a) 
Leila Blanche, {h) Minnie Goodwyn. 

(d) Julia May, married 1891, Archie Reid ; issue: (a) 
Laura Artope, [h) Edward Johnson, {c) Inez, {d) John 
Silon, ((?) Henry Lamar. 

IX. Ellen M. (b. Jan. ist, 1839), married James, son of 
James and Lucinda (Cotton) Stubbs of Jasper county, Geor- 
gia. No issue. 

X. Col. John Milton, C. S. A. (b. Aug. 4th, 1838), a 
prominent lawyer and fruit grower of Dublin, Ga. ; married 
three times. First wife, Ella Tucker ; issue : 

( I ) Nathan T., of Fort \^'orth, Texas. 

(2) Lucius Quintius of Dublin, Ga., representative in State 
Legislature ; married Tallulah Ramsey of Dublin ; issue : 
(a) Clara, (b) John. 

(3) Ethel, married Harris McCall Stanley, editor of Dublin 
Courier; issue: (a) Lytten M., (b) Maude, (c) Harry 
Tucker, (d) Jno. L. 

(4) Maud, married Wm. Pritchett, a merchant of Dublin, 
and has issue. Ethel. 

Col. John M. married, second, Tallulah Johnson, daughter of 

Gov. Herchel V. Johnson of Georgia, and third, Lowe, 

a daughter of Gov. Lowe of Maryland. No issue by either. 

XI. Mary Julia (b. May 27th, 1843), married Joseph Bowles. 
Issue, Joseph. 

XII. Martha T. (b. July i8th, 1845, d. ), married 

first, Wm. Wheaton (d.) of Griffin, Ga. ; issue: (i) Annie, 
(2) William, (3) Robert. ]\Iarried, second, Mr. Tram- 

mell (d.) ; no issue. 

XIII. Alonzo Taylor (b. Oct. 25th, 1848, d. young). 

XIV. Rop.T. H. (b. Sept. 21st, 1841, d. 1843). 

78 Tlie Descetidants of John Stubbs. 


I. Sarah Caroline (b. 1823, d. 1894), married 1841, Robt. 
W. Jemison ; issue : 
(i) Henry Baradall (b. 1843, cl- 1859). 

(2) Edwin Francis (b. 1845), killed at Malvern Hill (C. S. 
A.), July 2cl 1862. 

(3) Owen Fort (b. 1847), married Mary (d. 

1902), and lives in New York; no issue. 

(4) Robt. W. (b. 1849). married, first, Kate Boifeuillat (d. 
1886) ; issue: 

(a) Mamie, married July i8th, 1900, Percv Chestney of 
Macon, Ga. 

(b) Sarah, married Sept. 19th, 1897, Wm. flyers; issue: 
Robert Loring (b. Sept., 1898). 

(c) John Boifeuillat: (d) Henry, died voung; (e) Annie 
Kate; (f) Richard. 

Robt. W. married, second, Lannie Holt Holmes; issue: 
(g) Roberta. 

IL Marta (b. Aug. 29th, 1825), married Rev. Wm. Flinn of 
Presbyterian Church. She died in 1853 in Demopolis, Ala., 
and is buried there. Issue: 
(i) Mary Owen, died young. 

(2) Sarah Jemison, married Konrad Fuhri, a professor in 
Normal School at Girardeau. Mo.; issue: \Mlliam. 

(3) William, died young. 

III. Martha Ann (b. May 23d, 1828), married, first. Nov. 
14th, 1855, Rev. Arthur Small, pastor of Presbyterian Church in 
Selma, Ala. He was killed April 3d, 1865, while defending 
Selma against the invasion of the Northern Army, and is buried 
in the city cemetery. No issue. She married, second, Aug. 2d, 
1867, Chancellor Smith Graham (d.) of Tuskegee. Ala.; no issue. 

IV. Capt. Frank Peter, C. S. A. (b. Sept. i6th. 1830), prom- 
inent lawyer and planter of Monroe. La. ; m.arried, first. Jan. 9th, 
1855, Margaret Linton (b. 1837, d. Nov. 4th, 1855) I issue: 

(i) Linton W.. civil engineer (b. Oct. 4th, 1855), married 
first, April 4th, 1882, Josephine Sloan Budd (d. 1896) of 
Monticello, Fla. ; issue : 

(a) Margaret Josephine (b. Aug. i6th, 1886). 

(b) Bessie Gordon (b. Nov. 14th, 1891). 

Georgia Stnbhses. 79 

Married, second, Feb. 7th, 1900, Helen Chase Jones, daugh- 
ter of Joseph and Josephine (Klein) Jones of Shreveport, 
Capt. Frank married, second, Feb. nth, 1858, Georgia Anna 

Tucker of Georgia (d. Aug. 1895) ; issue: 

(2) Francis Baradall (b. Dec. 29th, 1858, d. Jan. loth, 


(3) Eliza Hammond (b. June 2d, i860). 

(4) Anna Virginia (b. July nth, 1861, d. June 20th, 1862). 

(5) Eugenia Tucker (b. April 4th, 1863), married April 
28th, 1887, Dr. Robt. Layton (d. Jan. 4th, 1892), a prom- 
inent physician of Monroe, La. ; issue : 

(a) Margaret (b. 1888). 

(b) Georgette (b. 1890). 

(c) Robert (b. 1892). 

(6) Margaret Linton (b. Aug. 2d, 1865, d. June 3d, 1872). 

(7) Ella Tucker (b. Nov. 4th, 1866, d. Dec. 3d, 1868). 

(8) Frank (b. July 25th, 1868, d. Aug. 31st. 1869). 

(9) Georgia Tucker fb. Sept. 6th, 1870), married April 
19th, 1893, Victor Cameron Barringer of San xA.ntonio, 
Texas ; issue : 

(a) Francis Stubbs. 

(b) Victor Cameron, Jr. 

(10) Major Frank Peter ( b. May 4th, 1872), of Second 
Louisiana Volunteers in Spanish War; married May, 1898, 
Emily Richards of Georgetown, Ky. ; issue : Frank Peter 
(b. Nov. 4th, 1900). Major Frank is a member of the 
law firm Stubbs & Russell, Monroe, La. 

(11) Baradall Palmer (b. Dec. 2d, 1873, d. Aug. 24th, 

(12) Guy Palmer, superintendent of Monroe Cotton Mills 
(b. Jan. 14th. 1875), married Nov. 19th, 1902, India King, 
daughter of Judge Wm. Woodson King of San Antonio, 

(13) Louise (b. Sept. i6th, 1876, d. Dec. 28th, 1896). 

(14) Anna Tucker (b. Jan. 4th, 1878). 

(15) Mary Church (b. June loth, 1880, d. July 4th, 1887). 

V. Catherine Palmer (b. Nov. 22d, 1832). 

VL Julia Eliza ^b. Dec. 20th, 1834), married Nov. 14th, 
1855, Dr. Nath. Stephens Pratt, a distinguished chemist of At- 
lanta, Ga. ; issue : 

(i) Robt. Small (d. Oct. 1857). 

(2) Nathaniel Palmer fb. Aug. 1867), married Frances 

8o The Descendants of John Stiihhs. 

Baker, chemist and naturalist of Decatur, Ga. ; issue: (a) 
Palmer, (b) Catherine Evelyn, (c) Julia Eliza, (d) Xath. 

(3) Henry Jemison (b. 1861, d. 1892J, married Fannie 
Prince King, who survives him, in Rozwell, Ga. ; issue : 
(a) Richard Henry, (b) Norman Prince, (c) Henry Jem- 

(4) Frances Lorinda, a professional nurse. 

(5) Arthur William (b. 1865, d. 1901, s. p.) 

(6) George Lewis (b. 1875), married Meta A. Logan of 
New Orleans, La.; issue: (^a) Margaret Logan, (b) 
George Lewis. 

(7) Julia Eliza, married Sherrard Kennedy; issue: (a) 
Frances Pratt. 

VIL Louisa Eugenia (b. June 6th, 1837). married Dec. 20th, 
1858, Dr. Wm. Hurt Harris; issue: 

(i) Alyles Green, married Anne Acklen, and lives at Delta, 
La.; issue: (a) Catherine Palmer, (b) Hilary Graham, 

(c) Nancy Jenkins, (d) Myles Green. 

(2) Baradall Palmer, married 1898, Laura Lewis, and lives 
in Brunswick, Ga. ; issue: (a) Rosine, (b) Baradall Pal- 

(3) Wm. Hurt, married Clifford Myddelton, and lives at 
Tifton, Ga. ; issue: (a) Alma, (b) Wm. Hurt. ( c) Eva, 

(d) Augustus Myddelton. 

(4) Arthur Small, married Ruth ^^lyddleton, and lives at 
Valdosta, Ga. ; issue: (a) Ruth Randolph, (b) Louisa Eu- 
genia Stubbs, (c) Clifford. 

(5) James, married Louise Fitzgerald, and lives at Bruns- 
wick, Ga. ; issue: (a) Louisa Eugenia, (b) Ada Cook. 

(6) Samuel Patterson, born 1871, died July 19th, 1893, of 
yellow fever in Brunswick, Ga. 

(7) Eliza Hammond (b. July 5th, 1873), married Wm. 
Stafiford Irvine of Brunswick, Ga. ; issue: (a) Wm. Staf- 
ford, (b) Catherine Palmer, (c) Kenneth Baillie, (d) Eu- 
gene Harris. 

(8) Eugene, died young. 

(9) Robert, unmarried. 

VIH. Ellen Walton (b. Aug. ist, 1843), married April 
29th, 1861, Joseph Stiles King; issue: 

(i) Edwin Thomas, married Clifford Fox. and lives in 
Miami, Fla. ; issue: (a) Edwin Bird, (b) Louise Connor, 
(c) Wallace, (d) Eleanor. 

Georgia Stiibbses. 8l 

(2) Joseph King, died young. 

(3) Ralph, married Marian Puckett, and lives on Indian 
* River, Fla. ; issue : LeRoy. 

(4) Graham Walton, married Edith Carling and lives at 
Miami, Fla. 

(5) Margaret Esther, married Wm. Bea Da, and lives in 
Atlanta, Ga. ; issue : Gertrude. 

(6) Richard Stubbs, lives in Florida. 

(7) Dwight Adams, lives in Florida. 

IX. William Baradall (b. June 15th, 1840), Colonel C. S. 
A. Died of cam.p fever, at Midway, Ga., July 17th, 1864. 

X. Emma Clinton (b. March 15th, 1846), married May 15th, 
1867, Charles Pratt; issue: 

(i) James Prvor, died young. 

(2) Eliza Richard (b. 1871). 

(3) Willie Stnbbs (b. 1873). 

(4) Emma Clinton (b. 1880). 

(5) Ellen Palmer (b. 1884). 

(6) Eugene C. (b. 1889). 

XL Richard Nicholls (b. May 23d, 1849). Died in Sa- 
vannah, Ga., of yellow fever, Nov. 15th, 1871 ; unmarried. "A 
beautiful life cut off in midst of great promise of usefulness and 

82 The Descendants of John Stuhhs. 


There is a family of Stubbses, widely scattered through the 
South, that are the descendants of a George Stubbs who married 
Sarah Osprey. This George is said to have been the son of 
James Stubbs and had a brother Thomas, well known to the older 
members of the family, and another brother, Samuel, of whom 
nothing is known. 

George Stubbs lived and died at Cuthbert, Ga. He had a first 
cousin by name of Thos. Stubbs. The above, obtained from liv- 
ing members of the family, may be correct. It is possible for 
George and Samuel to be sons of James and Alary Eliza (Scott) 
Stubbs, ten of whose children have already been given, among 
them a son of Thomas. James had a brother, Peter, who had 
also a son Thomas. 

This may be the origin of this family, but it is uncertain and it 
is therefore deemed prudent to place this branch alone until future 
investigation shall transfer it to its proper place. 

Descendants of George Stubbs of Cuthbert, Ga., and His Wife, 

Sarah Osprey. 

I. William Osprey, (b. circa, 1820, d.), married, first, Mar- 
tha McLendon, and had : 

(i) Geo. \V., of Hamilton, Tex. He lost an eye in the C. 
S. A. Alarried Miss Wright of Alabama, and have sev- 
eral children. 

Married, second, Alary Alandeville ; issue : 

(2) Charles, of Thomas county, Georgia; married Miss 
Maitland of Cuthburt, Ga., and has several children. 

(3) Rev. Harrison, M. E. Church South (d.), married 
Jeannie Proctor and left several children. 

II. James (b. circa 1822, d. circa 1845), married Aliss Grier, 
and had Samuel. His widow married, second, Thomas Glover. 

III. AIathew (b. circa 1824), married Elizabeth Bingham; 
issue : 

(i) Eugenia, married Wayne Anderson, Cortes P. O., Mat- 
agorda county, Texas. 

(2) Louise, married E. \i. Wallace of Cuero, Dewitt coun- 
ty, Texas. 

Texas Stuhbses, 83 

(3) Winnie, married J. H. McCrocklin of Kendalia, Kendall 
county, Texas. 

(4) Rufus, died young; (5) Ada, died young; (6) William, 
died young. 

(7) Delia, married W. S. Gossett, Troup, Texas. 

(8) Estelle, died young. 

(9) Thomas M., married Nobia Harrington, Blanco, Texas. 

IV. Lemueel, married Winnie Bingham; issue: 
(i) Ida, married Isaac Bagby of Austin, Texas. 

(2) Dora, married Wm. Page. 

(3) Benjamin J., married Ophelia Palmer of Johnson City, 
Blanco county, Texas. 

(4) Lemuel G., married , Fredericksburg, Texas. 

(5) Nathaniel T., married Julia Johnson of Johnson City, 

(6) Albert L., married, first, Ophelia Grier, Llano, Texas; 
second. Temperance Bingham ; has issue. 

(7) Clara, of Elgin, Texas. 

(8) Ada, married Samuel Brown of Georgetown, Texas. 

(9) Oscar A., principal of Fredericksburg High School, 
Fredericksburg, Texas. 

(10) James B., of Blanco, Texas. 

(11) Alma, of Blanco, Texas. 

V. Thomas (b. June ist, 1828, d. Feb. 6th, 1884), of Athens, 
Ala.; married Rebecca Dozier of Oglethorpe county, Georgia; 
issue : 

(i) Eudora, married Dr. J. B. Sawyer (d. 1900) of Fayette- 
ville, Tenn., and moved to Galveston, Texas; issue: 

(a) Mary (d. 1900), married C. W. Howth. 

(b) Ossapha Burgess, of Beaumont,- Texas. 

(c) Thos. Lyle of Galveston, Texas, married — • — . 

In the fearful storm at Galveston in September, 1900, Dr. 
Sawyer and his lovely daughter, recently married, were killed. 
(2) Ossapha Ophelia, married, first, James Rutland of Ala- 
bama, and had a daughter, Eudora, who married E. J. 
Blackwood of Birmingham, Ala. Married, second, Wm. 
Henderson Smith of Franklin, Tenn. 
Mrs. Rebecca Dozier .Stubbs lives with her daughter, Mrs. 
Smith, of Tennessee. 

VI. Ella, married Felix Grier; issue: 
(i) Elizabeth, married Alfred Kelsaw. 

(2) Adran, married Benj. Brigham of Joonah, Texas. 

84 The Descendants of John Stnbbs. 

(3) Laura, married Edward Lindeman of Blanco, Texas. 

(4) Mildred, married . 

(5) Matilda, married Needham Smith. 

VII. Maria, married Eli Grier of Blanco, Texas ; issue : 
(i) Jackson Stubbs, married, first, Mary Hoges; second, 

Martha Caldwell. 
(2) Bethia, married Benjamin Cage of Blanco, Texas. 

VITI. Caroline, married Thomas Borland of Dale county, 
Alabama, and had among others, Hampton Borland, Pinckard, 
Dale county, Alabama. 

IX. Basiiara (d.), married Bynum Page (d) ; issue: Louise, 
died young. 

Descendants of a Thomas Stubbs. 

It is probable, says Rev. Geo. G. Smith of Georgia, that 
Thomas (b. circa 1770) is a son of Benjamin of the Revolution, 
to whom was issued a land warrant for services. 

Thomas, it seems, married twice; the first time to Miss Jones, 
who drowned herself. The issue by the first marriage were the 
following, though some of the descendants of Thomas assert that 
he had twelve children by his first wife — which is probable: 

( 1 ) Nancy. 

(2) Millie, married Gilmore, and has a son, Stubbs Gilmore, 
living in Washington county, Georgia. 

(3) Mary. 

(4) Margaret. 

(5) Ann. 

(6) Benjamin. 

(7) Amariah Biggs. 

(8) Richard, died young. 

Thomas settled first in Washington county and moved when 
Benjamin was a boy to Wilkinson county, Georgia. After death 
of first wife he moved to Harris county, Georgia, where he died 
at an advanced age. He married, second. Widow Betsy Wads- 
worth, nee Tate, the niece of Nathaniel Tate, and had seven chil- 
dren : 

(9) Wm. Franklin (b. 1815, d. 1829) in Henry county, 
Georgia. See further on for issue. 

(10) Richard, died young. 

(11) Elvira, married Bolton. 

(12) Frutilla, married a doctor near Atlanta, Ga. 

Georgia Stubbses. 85 

(13) Ann, married Bolton, after death of sister. 

(14) A daughter. 

(15) A daughter. 

(6) Benjamin, above (b. circa 1797), married Fannie Park- 
er; issue: 

(a) Robt. Lawrence (b. 1823, d. March 13th, 1865), mar- 
ried Martha Ann Bush. She married, second, Pittman. 
Issue of Robt. Lawrence : 

(a) Emma, married, first, Lester; and second, Morris. 

(b) Wm. B., member of law firm of Gynilliat & Stubbs 
of Savannah, Ga. ; married Miss Carson. 

(c) Bettie F., married W. K. Wilkinson. 

(d) Robt. Emmett of Abbeville, Ga. (b. Sept. 4th, 
1863), married Feb. 1890, Alice Fuller (d. 1901) ; is- 
sue: (i) Emma Lou, b. 1893; (2) Martha Grace, b. 
1896; (3) Alice Eone, b. 1898; (4) Elizabeth Fuller, 
b. 1901. 

(b) Ehza (b. 1825, d. i860), married Stevens; issue: 

(a) James, married Brewer. 

(b) Frances, married Carr. 

(c) Martha, unmarried. 

(d) Babbie, unmarried. 

(e) Robert, married Harrell. 
(/) Thomas, married DeSaw. 
(g) , married Collins. 

(c) Hannah (b. 1823), still living at Toombsboro, Ga., 
and has furnished much family data; married, first, 
Thos. Underwood ; second, Augustus Craft ; issue : 

(a) Thomas Underwood. 

(b) Susannah Underwood. 

(c) Wm. Craft. 

(d) Fannie Craft. 

(d) Falby (b. 1829), married Waters and died s. p. 

(e) Seaborn Jones (b. 1827, d. 1870), married, first, Se- 
lina Brannon (d. 1856) ; married, second, 1857, Eliza- 
beth Ivy (b. 1838). Issue by first wife: 

(a) Benjamin. 

(b) Tallulah. 
Issue by second wife : 

(c) Eliza Sarah, died young. 

(d) Clifford Lillian (b. i860), married, first, Newman 
Smith ; second, M. E. Wheeler. 

(e) Ferney Bartow, of Macon, Ga. (b. Nov., 1861) 
married Rosa Lee Bussey ; issue : ( i ) Claude, b. Aug. 
nth, 1887; (2) Bessie, b. Sept. 27th, 1889; (3) 
Maude, b. March, 1893; (4) Joseph, b. Sept., 1895. 

86 The Descendants of John Stubhs. 

(f) Sidney Johnson (b. Oct. nth, 1863), married Sept. 
i8th, 1895, Mary EHza Clements; issue: (i) Sidney, 

(2) Francis Seaborn. 

(g) Robt. Lee of Wilkinson county, Georgia (b. 1868), 
married Cornelia Spencer; issue: (i) Clyde, (2) Leo, 

(3) Hannah, (4) Herbert, (5) Ruth. 

{h) Ivy Claudius of Mitchell county, Georgia (b. 
1870), married Cornelia Lord; issue: (i) Cora, (2) 
Evelina, (3) Julian, (4) Clifford. 

Mr. S. J. Stubbs and brother owned Bibb Land & Lumber Co. 
at Cox, Ga., and afterwards the Williams Co. at Eastman, Ga. 
Mr. S. J. Stubbs owns a beautiful home in Vineville, near Macon, 

(f) Nancy, married Hatcher. 

(g) Amariah, died s. p. 15 years old. 
(h) Thomas, died young. 

(7) Amariah Biggs (b. Aug. loth, 1806), the seventh child of 

Thomas and (Jones) Stubbs, was named for the minister 

who baptized his mother. He was a Baptist preacher and mar- 
ried Mary A. Peacock (b. 1810, d. 1893), of Muscogee county, 
Georgia, and moved to Dale county, Alabama, where he died 
Aug. 31st, 1873. Issue: 

(i) Jonathan T. (b. May 3d, 1831), died young. 

(2) Sarah A. (b. Jan. 25th, 1833), married Daniel McLean; 
issue: (a) Daniel, (b) Laurantine. 

(3) James W. (b. June 9th, 1835, d. C. S. A.), a Baptist 
preacher, married Eliza Chaney ; issue: Theodora. 

(4) ^lary R. (b. May 20th, 1838, d. Oct. 24th, 1880). mar- 
ried, first, John Jackson (d. C. S. A.) ; issue: Jessie A. and 
Mary E. Married, second, J. A. Dixon (d.) ; issue: 
Martha Susan. 

(5) Martha M. (b. June 30th, 1840), married B. F. Jack- 
son, killed in C. S. A. Issue : James T. 

(6) Elizabeth K. (b. April 23d, 1843), married J. R. 
Brown : issue : Wm. Arnold. 

(7) Beniamin I. (b. April 23d. 1843), <^ied in C. S. A. 

(8) Nancy A. '(b. May 9th, i845)rmarried P. W. Bailey; 
issue: fa) Elizabeth, (b) Missouri, (c) Jennie, (d) 

(9) Missouri E. (b. Feb. i8th, 1848), married Wm. L. 
Faust (d. 1885) ; issue: (a) Marv L.. (b) Martha E., (e) 
Franklin G., (d) Wm. L., (e) Amariah Biggs, (f) Daniel 
W. All living and married. 

Georgia Stiibbses. 87 

(10) Jno. Samuel (b. June i6th, 1850), married Ellen 
Brown; issue: (a) Mary E., (b) Nancy A. 

(11) Amariah Biggs, Jr., of Arguta P. O., Dale county, 
Alabama (b. May 2yth, 1852) ; married Oct. 19th, 1876, 
Mary Ann Tillman; issue: (a) Jno. Samuel, b. Dec. 5th, 
1877; (b) James Robt., b. Aug. 2d, 1880; (c) Amariah 
Biggs, b. Feb. 3d, 1882; (d) Wm. Faust, b. Jan. 25th, 
1885; (e) Mary Ann, b. Dec. 8th, 1887; (0 Stephen Cole- 
man, b. Oct. 14th, 1889. All living and none married. 

Wm. Franklin, the oldest child of Thomas by his second wife, 
Betsy Wadsworth, nee Tate, was born in 181 5 and died in 1879, 
in Henry county, Georgia, near McDonough ; married, 1850, 
Sarah Caroline Worrell (d. 1883) ; issue: 

(i) Lavinia L., married 1872, Dr. Thos. Lunda Jenkins of 
Chipley, Ga. ; issue: Ira Lunda (b. 1872, d. 1899), a grad- 
uate of Oxford College and a young man of fine promise. 

(2) Sarah Franklyn, married A. C. Cantrell. 

(3) Lula, unmarried. 

(4) W. W., married Mary Swaner; issue: three children, 
and live in Texas. 

(5) Arthur Fort, married Lucy Hahn of New Orleans, La., 
and has one child. 

(6) R. G., a traveling salesman. 

Descendants of John and Anna (IWiUace) Sfubbs of Georgia, but 
Originally front NortJi Carolina. 

John Stubbs (b. circa 1778-80) moved from North Carolina 
near the coast on the Dismal Swamp, and settled in Wilkes 
county, Georgia, about 1800. About one year later he moved to 
Washington county, Georgia, where he died. He married Anna 
Wallace in North Carolina (d. 1847), who had half-brothers and 
sisters by name of Everett ; her mother marrying first an Everett 
and second a Wallace. Hardy Everett (d. 1854), was a half- 
brolher. The above facts gleaned from the family records sug- 
gest descent of John from Kichard Stubbs of Bath county. North 
Carolina, who moved from Virginia about 1703. Issue of John 
and Anna (Wallace) Stubbs. 

I. Gabriel Wallace (b. 1807. d. 1880). married 1828, Grace 
N. Collins (b. 1812, died in Sandersville, Ga., March, 1902) ; 

88 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

(i) Archibald McNeal, C. S. A. (b. Oct. 3d, 1833), married 
1854, Mrs. Caroline A. Everett (d. 1886), of Tenille, Ga. 

(a) Thomas A., married Belle Lowe of Wellborn, Fla., 
and has three children. 

(b) Brooks P., married May and lives in Jackson- 
ville, Fla., and has three children. 

(c) Gabriella Floried, married, first, Benj, O. Smith (d. 
1886) ; married, second, Dr. H. W. Orr, and has four 

(d) Grace Floried, married Gordon W. Smith, and has 
six children. 

(e) John G. (b. i860), unmarried. 

(f) Minnie LeOlean, married Jno. A. Smith of Bullock 
county, Georgia, and has three children. 

(2) Jasper Newton, C. S. A., badly wounded (b. 1835), 
married, 1885, Miss Peddy of Adrian, Ga. His postoffice 
address is Harrison, Ga. Issue : two children. 

(3) Mollie (d. 1880), married, 1856, A. W. Stewart; issue: 
eight children. 

(4) Edwin Everett, C. S. A. (d.), married Miss Gray (d.), 
and had one child. All now dead. 

(5) Frank Marion of Augusta, Ga. (b. 1845), married, first, 
Miss Parker (d.), and second, Miss Shaly (d. 1902). No 

(6) Margaret, married, 1865, Misell G. Wood, Jr. (d.) of 
Sandersville, Ga., and has four children. 

(7) Emma, married, i860, Daniel Ainsworth (d.) of San- 
dersville, Ga., and has two children. 

(8) Martha, married Wm, Haines Renfro of Cartersville, 
Ga., and has three children. 

(9) Sarah, married Charles M. Joyner of- Rome, Ga., and 
has six children. 

II. Polly, born in North Carolina, died in Texas, married, in 
1820, Reuben Manning, and moved, first, to Florida, and then to 
Texas in 1845, and has descendants in Limestone county, Texas. 

III. Eliza, married Edward Armstrong of Washington, Ga., 
and have only grandchildren living. 

IV. Emma, married Edmond May and died s. p. • 


It will not, I trust, be deemed inappropriate to insert here a 
more extended record of those who are near and dear to the 

It was always a pleasant duty to give proper respect, obedience 
and affection to my devoted parents when they were alive, and 
now after death it is with peculiar pride that we chronicle their 
many virtues. 

In the old graveyard at Valley Front, a monument of purest 
marble bears the following inscription : 

"our mother^ 

"Ann Walker Carter Stubbs, wife of Jefferson W. Stubbs, Esq., 
eldest daughter of Capt. James Baytop and Lucy Taliaferro 
Catlett, his wife, of Springfield, in the county of Gloucester, 
the ancient seat of the family and place of her nativity. She 
died on the 22d September, 1894, in the 78th year of her age 
and the 60th of her marriage. She was of great and exem- 
plary piety and charity and in every relation of life, whether 
considered as a Christian, a wife, a mother, a mistress, a 
neighbor or a friend, she was equalled by few and excelled 
by none. 

"Death came peacefully and with gentle step and with tender 
touch, framed a lullaby fit for a Christian's rest." 

This monument was erected by her children and their modest 
tribute to her exalted worth is more than corroborated by the 
many eulogiums spoken by her neighbors, friends and acquaint- 
ances. From a large number only extracts from two will be 
given. The first is by the Rev. James C. Martin, once her pastor, 
who officiated at her golden wedding, and a 'distinguished minis- 
ter in the Virginia Methodist Conference. He, too, has since 
gone to reap his reward. 

"Her marriage was blessed with a large family of children, a 
number of whom preceded her to the better land. * * * jjgj. 
boys on earth are the Hon. James N. Stubbs, state senator ; Prof. 
Thos. Jefferson Stubbs of William and Mary College, and Prof. 
William C. Stubbs of the Louisiana State University. * * * 
The writer of these lines was honored with a chief place at their 
golden wedding, which occurred at Valley Front about ten years 
ago. Never was there a more beautiful and appropriate hour 
expressive of a long and happy union of two loving hearts * * 

90 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

* She was a friend to the poor ; the widow and orphan, the sick 
and the suffering knew the tone of her voice, the kindness of her 
hands, and rise up to call her blessed. * * * jf children have 
ever had a truer, sweeter, tenderer, nobler Christian mother, I 
have failed to see her. If husband has ever had a finer type of 
all that constitutes a real helpmeet, 1 have never known her. If 
church and community have cause to mourn the loss of one of 
their chief treasures, then many eyes were moist with tears when 
God took this venerable woman to Himself. Mourners white 
and colored, in great numbers, gathered at Valley Front on the 
day of her burial. Rev. J. D. Hank, her pastor, assisted by the 
Rev. Wm. E. Wiatt of the Baptist church — the Rev. Wrn. B. 
Lee of the Episcopal church, performed the funeral services at 
Valley Front, and then the mortal remains were laid to rest in the 
graveyard there, where have slept the precious dust of the house 
of Stubbs for an hundred years." 

The second extract is from tlie pen of Prof. Alexander Hogg 
of Fort Worth, Texas, our first male teacher : 

"It is a pardonable if a proud recollection of the writer that her 
boys were among his first pupils. 

"The greatest amount of care for the sick and distressed was 
during the late war, when the troops at Yorktown were stricken, 
under the terrible results of camp life. Gloucester county extend- 
ed a welcome to these sufferers, and 'Valley Front' cared for over 
fifty at a time, and thus for months i'ts charity never failed. 

"But yesterday, the writer listened to an essay in which the 
virtues of the Spartan women were extolled. Spar'tan women ! 
Roman mothers ! ! Virginia has furnished as great examples of 
womanly virtue, Christian character and patriotic, devotion as the 
world ever saw. 

"She gave the service of her three sons to the Confederate 

"The funeral was the largest ever seen in the county. There 
was about this a fitness and a tenderness that must be mentioned 
here that will not soon be forgotten by those who witnessed the 
same. Her remains were borne to their last resting place, just 
over the ravine, in full view of the house — a bright spot — by her 
sons, her grandsons, her nephews and her cousins. The home at 
Valley Front will be gloomy this Christmas. The neighbors and 
friends who are accustomed annually to meet there will miss the 
bright cheer and large hospitality of this household — this home- 
stead that has been occupied by the same family descendants 
through several generations. 

"Not least among those who will sigh are the old familv ser- 

Personal Chapter. 91 

vants. Few people understand the close and confiding relations 
that existed between there and their old owners. * * * 

"But out of all these losses and the exceeding sorrow of the 
household, a bright gleam — a radiant assurance comes to us, that 
society, the church, the state and mankind have been helped, have 
been infinitely blessed, through the noble character, the Christian 
life and the patriotic devotion of Airs. Jefferson W. Stubbs." 

Side by side with our mother lies our father, Jefferson W. 
Stubbs, who followed her to the grave a few years later. 

The Richmond Christian Advocate says : 

"He had attained his eighty-sixth year and had been for more 
than sixty years recording steward of Gloucester Circuit, witness- 
ing in that long period as many as six rearrangements of the ter- 
ritory known by that name as a pastoral charge. 

"After a long and faithful service, active, intelligent and useful, 
'he sleeps well,' his mortal part resting beside the dust of his wife, 
who was removed from his home a few years since and placed 
amidst the graves of other loved ones of his own and past genera- 

"The place on which he lived so long, being there born and dy- 
ing there, had been inherited from his father and has been in the 
possession of the Stubbs family for more than a hundred years. 
Their title is traced directly to the grant from the British crown." 

Tributes of respect were paid to his memory by the stewards of 
the AI. E. Church. South, of which he was a member for nearly 
sixty years; by the Gloucester Charity School, of which he was 
for fifty years president, and by the bar and people of Gloucester 
county, where he was the presiding justice for many years. The 
following are extracts from resolutions of the Gloucester Charity 
School : 

"Whereas, The relations as chief officer and fellow associate 
of this corporation held for a series of more than four decades, 
render it proper that we should place upon record our high ap- 
preciation of his valuable services as an officer and member, and 
his merits as a citizen ; therefore, 

''Resolved, That his memory as a man and as a fellow member, 
as president of this corporation, and as a Christian gentleman is 
precious to us all, and will remain unclouded as the years roll on. 

"That for his keen perception of right and wrong, his unswerv- 
ing fidelity to duty, his wise counsels, his discriminating judg- 
ment, and prudent forethought, his commendable conservatism, 
his fervid sympathy for the needy, the Gloucester Charity School 
and the communitv have sustained a great loss. 

92 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

"That no token of affection can be too profuse, no mark of res- 
pect too emphatic, no rendition of honor too conspicuous for one 
whose virtues were so eminent and whose memory is so deeply 
enshrined in the affections of his associates. 

"Wm. F. Hogg, 
"Chas. Catlett, 
"Thos. S. Taliaferro, 


At a meeting of the bar and people of Gloucester county to take 
appropriate action with reference to the death of Jefferson W. 
Stubbs, General William B. Taliaferro was made chairman and 
Maryus Jones secretary, and the following resolutions were 
adopted : 

"Resolved (i). That we have heard with profound sorrow of 
the death of Mr. Jeff. W. Stubbs, for many years the presiding 
justice of the county of Gloucester, as organized before the adop- 
tion of the present constitution of the state. 

"Resolved (2), That Mr. Stubbs had been prominent in ail 
business and religious affairs of the county for many years, and 
although his age and infirm health had for some years prevented 
him from active participation in the affairs of life, we feel that a 
prominent landmark is missing from the county and the church. 

"Resolved (3), That the portrait of Mr. Stubbs now hanging 
in the courthouse be draped in mourning for thirty days. 

"Resolved (4), That these resolutions be spreads on the records 
of the county court of Gloucester county," etc. 

Appropriate remarks were made by Wm. Ap. W. Jones, Maryus 
Jones, Rev. Wm. E. Wiatt, R. McCandlish, T. G. Jones, Capt. R. 
M. Page, James L. Stubbs, Jno. B. Donovan, H. R. Corr, and 
General Wm. B. Taliaferro. 

The three sons mentioned in the above notice are : 

(i) Major James New Stubbs of "Church Hill," Gloucester 
county, Virginia ; a lawyer of large practice. Educated at Wil- 
liam and Mary College, and studied law under Judge Jno. W. 
Brockenborough, Lexington, Va., in 1860-61. After the war he 
completed his law course at the University of Virginia. Entered 
the Confederate States Army in 1861, as a member of the "Glou- 
cester" artilley (Red Shirts). Was detailed for duty in the "Sig- 
nal Corps" early in the war, in which service he remained, rising 
to the rank of "Major." He accompanied General Jno. Bank- 
head Magrnder to Texas in 1862, and remained with 'him until 
the close of the war. He rendered valuable service in the cap- 
ture of the Harriet Lane off Galveston. After the war he resumed 
his law studies and began practice in 1866. He was elected 

Personal Chapter. 93 

member of House of Delegates in 1869, and since that time has 
served ahnost continuously either as a delegate or State Senator. 
He is vice-president of the Board of Visitors of William and 
Mary College and until recently was president of the Board of 
Control of the Blind and Deaf and Dumb Asylum at Staunton, 
Virginia. Has been State Commander of the Confederate Vet- 
erans of Virginia and was largely instrumental in the erection of 
the handsome monument to the Confederate dead at Gloucester 
Court House. He is a member of Botetourt Lodge No. 7 of 
Free and Accepted Masons. He married in 1866, Eliza Medli- 
cott, daughter of Joseph and Hester (Shackelford) Medlicott, 
and a granddaughter of Wm. and Eliza (Munson) Shackelford 
of Salem, Gloucester county, Virginia. 

(2) Prof. Thos. Jefferson Stubbs is an A. M. graduate of 
William and Mary College, and Ph. D. of Arkansas College, Ar- 
kansas, in which institution he was a professor for many years. 
In 1877 and 1879 was a representative in the General Assembly 
of Arkansas. He was a gallant member, during the entire war, 
of Co. A. 34th Va. Infantry, Wise's Brigade, a company of heavy 
artillery at the beginning of the war and known as the "Red 
Shirts." He is now and has been since 1888, Professor of Math- 
ematics in William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va. He is 
a Mason and an elder in the Presbyterian church. He married, 
1869, Mary Mercer Cosnahan of Williamsburg, Va., daughter of 
Capt. Joseph B. Cosnahan (C. S. A.) and Louisa Mercer Waller, 
daughter of Dr. Robt. Page Waller and Julia Weeden Mercer. 
Capt. Cosnahan was an attorney-at-law, a native of South Caro- 
lina and "an accomplished gentleman, a sincere friend and a 
faithful soldier." Prof. Stubbs' children were all born in Ar- 

(3) "Dr. William Carter Stubbs, after being trained for col- 
lege with his two brothers by the best private tutors, entered 
William and Mary College in i860. This college suspending ex- 
ercises in 1 86 1, his college curiculum was completed by gradua- 
tion at Randolph Macon in 1862. In September he entered a 
company of "Partisan Rangers," commanded by Capt. Thos. C. 
Clopton. This company became later Co. D, 24th Va. Cavalry, 
with which he served as an ofihcer throughout the war, surrender- 
ing at Appomattox Court House in April, 1865. In October, 
1865, he resumed his studies at the University with his two broth- 
ers, mentioned above, and remained until graduation. While at 
the University of Virginia he was a competitor for the Mathe- 
matical medal, nobly but unsuccessfully contending with Gaetano 
Lanza, now professor of applied mathematics in the School of 

94 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Technology, Boston, Mass. In 1869 he accepted a professorship 
in East Alabama College, and in 1872 was made professor of 
cliemistry in Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical College, Au- 
burn, Ala. In 1878 was made state chemist of Alabama. In 
1885 was called to Louisiana to take charge of Louisiana Sugar 
Experiment Station, established by the sugar planters of this 
state. He was soon appointed professor of agriculture in Lou- 
isiana State University and director of State Experiment Station 
at Baton Rouge. In 1886 was made by Legislature, state chem- 
ist of Louisiana, and in 1887 director of the North Louisiana 
Experiment Station at Calhoun, La. In 1892 was empowered by 
the Legislature of the state, with suitable appropriation, to con- 
duct a geological survey of the state. In the same year the Audu- 
bon Sugar School was established and placed under his direction. 
From small beginnings he has witnessed with delight the evolu- 
tion of agricultural teachings, until to-day few states can claim 
more agencies at work in behalf of agriculture than Louisiana. 
The gradually increasing appropriations made biennially by the_ 
Legislature of the state are the best evidences of the appreciation 
of the public of his laborious work. He lias published over one 
hundred bulletins upon various agricultural topics and has become 
an authority on Southern agriculture. His published works on 
sugar cane and the manufacture of sugar are known and appreci- 
ated wherever sugar cane is grown. He has also published sev- 
eral brochures on genealogy. His residence is Audubon Parle, 
New Orleans. He is a member of Camp No. 9, C. S. V., and of 
General Jno. B. Gordon's staff, holding his commission as Briga- 
dier General. He was commissioned, in 1900, by Hon. James 
Wilson, Secretary of Agriculture, to visit the Hawaiian Islands, 
report upon their agricultural resources and locate an experiment 
station. His report to the Secretary was transmitted to Congress 
by President McKinley and published as House Document No. 
368. He has served as state commissioner at the following expo- 
sitions : Cotton States Exposition, Atlanta, Ga. ; Pan-American it 
Buffalo, and that at Charleston, He has been recently appointed 
commissioner for Louisiana at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition 
at St. Louis for 1904. He is a Mason, a member of Knights of 
Honor, and a Democrat. He married, in 1875. Elizabeth Saun- 
ders Blair, daughter of Henry Dickinson and ]\Iary Louisa ( Saun- 
ders) Blair, and granddaughter of Col. James E. and Mary (Wat- 
kins) Saunders of Rocky Hill, Lawrence county, Alabama. Her 
father was son of John J. and Martha (Ray) Blair of Camden, S. 
C, and Mobile, Ala. Mrs. Stubbs, aided by her grandfather, Col. 
James E. Saunders, has recently published "Early Settlers of Ala- 
jjama, and Notes and Genealogies," an octavo volume of over 500 

Baytop Excursus. 95 

Baytop Excursus. 

Thomas Baytop, merchant of Virginia, came from Staple- 
hurst, Kent county, England, in 1679 (d. 1690) ; married Hannah 
and had : 

Thomas (b. 1676 in England), who married Alexander, 

daughter of Dr. David and Mary (Morgan) Alexander. Issue: 

(i) Ann, married Col. Thomas Scott and was the ancestress 
of the Scotts, McGehees, and some of the Stubbses of the South. 

(2) CoL. James Baytop of Springfield, Gloucester county, Vir- 
ginia (d. 1766), tobacco inspector 1754; married Sarah Smith 
(believed to be) of "Purton ;" issue : 

(A) Capt. Thomas of the Revolution (b. 1751, d. 1812), mem- 
ber of Legislature, member of Vestry of Ware parish and to- 
bacco inspector ; married Sarah Booth, daughter of Geo. 
Booth of "Poropotank," and had issue, among others: 

L Capt. and Rev. James of the war of 1812; member of Legis- 
lature (b. 1792, d. i860) ; married Lucy Taliaferro Catlett 
of "Timberneck;" issue: 

(a) Thomas Charles (b. 1815, d. 1893), married, first, Sarah 
McLaughlin (d. 1864) ; second, Caroline Dabney (d. 
1885) ; no issue. 

(b) Ann Walker Carter ( b. 1817, d. 1894), married Jefif. W. 
Stubbs of "Valley Front" and was the mother of the writer. 

(c) Capt. Wm. Jones, C. S. A., killed at Seven Pines, 1862; 
married Rebecca Dobson, and was the father of Mrs. Col. 
W. W. Green of West Point, Va. 

(d) Lieut. James Christopher, C. S. A. (d. 1896), married 
Josephine Spottswood Lewis ; no issue. 

(e) Lucy Helen (d. 1900), married Jno. Sinclair of "Sher- 
wood" and has issue in Virginia and Arkansas. 

(f) Martha Agnes (d. 1898), married Dr. Walker F. Jones 
(d. 1900) of "Sunnyside," and has issue in Virginia and 

(g) Henrietta Ellen (d. 1902), married Col. Rufus King 
Fitzhugh (d. 1888) of "Walnut Woods," Ark., and has 
seven sons and th^ee daughters, all in x\rkansas. 

(h) Rowena Matilda (d. 1873), married Robt. M. Sinclair 

and left issue in Virginia, 
(i) Indiana W., married Charles W. Montague (d. 1888), 

and lives with her children in Arkansas, 
(j) Margaret Eugenia, married, first, Thos. W. Banks (died 

C. S. A.) ; married, second, Robt. Shields, and ]\\*ts with 

her children in Newport News, Va. 

96 The Descendants of John Stuhbs. 

(B) Sarah, married Cornelius Livingston and has descend- 

ants Hving- in Baltimore, Md. 

(C) Capt. James of the Revolution (b. 1754, d. 1822), mernber 
of Legislature, vestry of Petsworth, member of "Order of 
Cincinnatus," and justice; married three times — first, Mary 
Cooke ; second, Mrs. Elizabeth Whiting, nee Robinson ; third, 
Catherine Klug Yates. Issue only by first wife. The late 
Col. Jno. Baytop Cary of Richmond, Va., and his brothers 
were descendants from this marriage. 

(D) Mary, married Francis Whiting Cooke. (See Cooke 

pamphlet for descent. 

(E) Sarah, married Philip Taliaferro of "Hockley," King and 
Queen county, Virginia, and was the ancestress of the Talia- 
ferros of Gloucester county, Virginia, including the late Ma- 
jor General Wm. Booth Taliaferro, C. S. A. 

(F) Lieut. John of the Revolution (b. 1756, d. 1821 s. p.) 

Booth Excursus. 

Thomas Booth, the immigrant from Barton, Lancashire, Eng- 
land, where he was born in 1663. Settled on Ware River, Glou- 
cester county, Virginia, where he died in 1736. Thomas the im- 
migrant, was the son of "St. John, who was son of John, the son 
of George. George was also the father of Wm. who was the 
father of George, first Lord Delamere, who was father of Henry 
Booth, Earl of Delamere." (Macauley's History.) Thomas mar- 
ried Mary (d. 1723), the daughter of Mordecai Cooke of "Morde- 
cai's Mount." Their tombs, with anus, are at Jarvis Farm, Glou- 
cester county, Virginia. 

They had ten children, viz : 

(L) Thomas (b. 1685, d. 1756) of Hanover; married three 
times: first, Ann Buckner, daughter Maj. Thomas and Sarah 
(Morgan) Buckner, and had: 

(i) Capt. George of "Poropotank" (d. 1786), member of 
vestrv of Petsworth, who liad eight children, as follows : 

(a) Thos. (d. 1804), sherifif of Gloucester; married, first, 
Mary Allen ; second, Ann Dudley ; and left numerous 

(b) Ann, married Stephen Field. Jr., and left issue. 

Booth Excursus. 97 

(c) Sarah, married Capt. Thos. Baytop of "Springfield," 
and were the parents of Capt. and Rev. James Baytop, 
Jr., grandfather of the writer. 

(d) Mary, married, first, Francis Duval, and second, 
Mathew Kemp, and left issue. 

(e) Elizabeth, married James Wiatt and left issue. 

(f) Margaret, married Nathaniel Lipscomb, and left issue. 

(g) Frances, married Thomas Cooke of "Wareham." 
Died s. p. 

(h) Catherine, married James Baytop Taliaferro, and left 
Thomas married, second, Susannah Thornton, and had: 

(2) Thomas of Henrico. 

(3) Seth Thornton, died young. 

Married, third, Lucy, daughter of Jno. and Ann (Todd) Cooke 
and widow of Gregory Smith, and had : 

(4) John Cooke (b. 1749, d. 1773), married Ann Brown and 
had an only daughter. Mary Cooke (b. 1772), who married 
in 1793, Col. Morgan Tomkies, and left one son, John 
Francis Tomkies, whose descendants live in Louisiana. 

(5) Mary Cooke (b. 1750, d. 1820), married Rev. Emanuel 
Jones and had Richard, who married Martha Throckmor- 
ton ; and Lucy, who married George Wythe Booth. 

(6) Mordecai Cooke, married Ann Maddox. 

IL Dr. George, married Frances (d. 1768), and had 

Thomas and (possibly) Wm. of Woodstock; both died s. p. 

in. Mx\RY Booth, married John Perrin of "Sarah's Creek." 

IV. Mordecai. merchant of Yorktown and Gloucester ; mar- 
ried Joyce, daughter of Wm. and Ann (Lee) Armistead of 
"Hesse," and had George of "Bellville," who was the great- 
grandfather of General Wm. Booth Taliaferro of Gloucester 
county, Virginia, and father of George Wythe Booth, above. 

V. Elizabeth, married Rev. Pryse Davis of New Kent county, 

VI. Jno. Booth (b. 1705, d. 1748), commander of ship "Mer- 
maid," died s. p. 

VII. Isabel (b. 1704, d. 1742), married Rev. Jno. Fox and 
left issue. 

98 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

VIII. Ann (d. 1775), married, first, Thomas Reade ; second, 
Jno. Shermer. No issue. 

IX. Catherine, died s. p. 

X. William of Frederick county (d. 1789), married, 1750, 
Elizabeth Aylett. daughter Col. Wm. . and Ann (Ashton) 
Aylett, Issue : 

fi) Wm. Aylett (b. 1754, d. 1820), Colonel in Revolution, 
of Louisville, Ky. ; married Rebecca Hite of Winchester, 
Va., and had fourteen children. From him are descended 
the Booths of Kentucky, St. Louis and Louisiana. 

(2) Ann Aylett, married Samuel Beall, and had issue. 

(3) Mordecai, married Clara Waller and had Capt. Benj. 
Waller Booth of U. S. A., and died in command of Med- 
iterranean fleet, and buried at Gibraltar; and Wm. Lee 
Booth, graduate of West Point, married Ann M. Beall. 

For an account of ^Mordecai Cooke, the immigrant from 
Whitefield, county Suffolk, England, see "Cooke Pamphlet." 

BucKNER Excursus. 

There appears to have been at least two immigrants by this 
name: John, who patented lands in Gloucester soon after it was 
opened for settlement; and Philip of Stafford — presumably 
brothers. Philip had sons Robt. and Andrew. John is be- 
lieved to have married a Miss Cooke and had Wm. of Yorktown, 
Thos. and John of Gloucester, and Richard of Essex, who married 
Elizabeth Cooke. 

Of these ]\Iaj. Thomas of Gloucester married Sarah, daughter 
of Capt. Francis Morgan, and had issue : 

(i) (d. 1755), married ]\Iary Timson, and had is- 
sue: Baldwin Mathews, John, Mordecai, Wm., and Mary. 

(2) Col. Samuel (d. 1763), married Ann . and had: 

(a) Dorothy (b. 1730, d. 1757), married Baldwin 
Mathews Buckner (d. 1778). 

(b) Elizabeth, married Wm. Finnie. 

(c) Mary, married Rev. Chas. Mynn Thruston, the 
"Fighting Parson" of the Revolution. 

(3) Ann. married Thomas Booth, and had George of "Poro- 
potank," the ancestor of the writer. 

The Buckners were from London, England. 

Smithy S track ey and Taliaferro. 99 

Smith Excursus. 

Major Lawrence Smith (d. 1700), surveyor for Gloucester 
and York counties, Virginia. Laid out Yorktown in 1691. Pat- 
ented "Severn Hall" in Gloucester county, 1662, where he lived 
and died. Opposed Bacon in his rebellion, but deserted by his 
troops. Married Mary ; issue, among others : 

Capt. John of Gloucester (d. 1720), Burgess, Councillor and 
County Lieutenant, and one of the founders of William and Mary 
College. Married, 1720, Elizabeth Cox (d. 1704, daughter of 
Henry and Arabella (Strachey) Cox; issue, among others, Mil- 
dred (b. April 1700), married Capt. Jno. Stubbs of Cappahosic, 
who was the ancestor of the writer. 

Strachey Excursus. 

WilliajSE. the immigrant, married, 1620, Eleanor Read, and 
had William (d. 1686), married ; issue: 

Arabella, married Henry Cox (d. 1674), and had Elizabeth 
(d. 1704), who married, 1690, Capt. Jno. Smith (d. 1720), who 
were the parents of Mildred, who married Capt. John Stubbs of 
Cappahosic, Va. 

Taliaferro Excursus. 

RoBT. Taliaferro, "gentleman," of the "Borlase" family, of 
Cornwall. England, the immigrant (b. about 1635, d. about 1700), 
patented lands in Gloucester county, Virginia, 1655 and 1662, on 
Totapotomoy swamp running into Poropotank Creek. He, with 
Col. Lawrence Smith, patented 6,300 acres on the Rappahanocak. 
Married Sarah, daughter of Rev. Charles Grymes of Gloucester 
county, Virginia. Issue : 

(i) Frances (d. 1716), married Elizabeth, daughter of Col. 
John Catlett of Essex county, Virginia. Issue : 
(a) John, of the "Mount;" (b) Robert, of Stafford; (c) 
W^illiam ; (d) Richard; (e) Elizabeth, married Thos. 
Stribbling; (f) Agatha. 
(2) Lieut. Col. John (d. 1720, Burgess 1699), married 
1682, Sarah, daughter Major Lawrence Smith; issue: 
(a) Capt. Lawrence, sheriff of Essex; married Sarah 
Thornton and was father of Wm. of King and Queen 
county, and grandfather of Philip of "Hockley." 

100 The Descendants of John SHtbbs. 

(b) John, of Snow Creek, married Mary, daughter of Col. 
jno. Catlett, Jr. 

(c) Robert, married Ehzabeth Mathews. 

(d) Charles, married Mary . 

(e) Zachariah. 

(f) Catherine. 

(g) Sarah, 
(h) Mary. _ 
(i) Ehzabeth. 

(j) Richard, married Elizabeth Eggleston, and had a 

daughter who married Chancellor Geo. Wythe, 
(k) William. 

(3) Richard, of Richmond coimty, married Sarah , and 

has issue: (a) Richard; (b) Catherine; (c) Sarah; (d) 

(4) Charles (d. 1726), married ]\Iary ; issue: Charles. 

(5) Robert (d. 1688), married Sarah, daughter of Col. Jno. 
Catlett, and had issue : 

(a) Robert (d. 1726). 

(b) Ann. 

(c) Elizabeth. 

(6) Catherine, married Jno. Battaille. 

Capt. Wm. Taliaferro, a son either of Francis or his brother, 
Lieut. Col. John, above, married Ann (b. 1707), daughter of 
James and Clara (Robinson) Walker of Urbanna, and had: (i) 
Wm. Walker, (2) Christopher, (3) Lucy, married (third wife) 
Charles Carter of Cleve, and was the mother of Ann Walker Car- 
ter, the ancestress of the writer. 

Catlett Excursus. 

Col. John Catlett of Sittinburne, county Kent, England, 
received grants of land on Rappahannock in 1650. Presiding 
justice Rappahannock (now Essex) county. Killed by Indians 
in 1 67 1 while defending Port Royal. He, with Edmund Scarbor- 
ough and Richard Lawrence, were commissioners to settle boun- 
daries between Virginia and Maryland in 1663. Married in 
1657, Elizabeth Underwood (d. 1673), widow of Capt. Francis 
Slaughter, and had : 

(L) Col. John (d. 1824), Burgess and presiding justice of 
Rappahannock (now Essex) county. Married Elizabeth 
Gaines ; issue : 

(i) Lawrence (d. 1724), married Alice Thornton, s. p. 
(2) Elizabeth, married Rowland Thornton. 

Catlett and Carter. loi 

(3) John, of St. Mary's, parish CaroHne (d. 1738), married 
Mary Grayson, and had : 

(a) John; (b) Mary; (c) Judith; (d) Ehzabeth; (e) 
Benjamin; (f) Reuben; (g) William. 

(4) Mary, married Jno. Taliaferro, of "Snow Creek." 

(5) Thomas (d. 1739), married Martha , and had John 

of King William county (and perhaps others), who mar- 
ried (circa 1759) Mary Eggleston, sister to Richard Eg- 
gleston of Williamsburg, Va., and had: 

(a) John, of "Timberneck," a lawyer, who married, 1780, 

Ann Walker (b. 1764), daughter of Chas. and Lucy 

(Taliaferro) Carter of Cleve, and had: 

(a) Lucy Taliaferro Catlett, who married Capt. James 
Baytop of Springfield, the parents of the mother of 
the writer. 

{b) Matilda, married Christopher Morris (s. p.) 

(c) Henrietta, married Benj. Waller. 

{d) Martha, married first, Wm. Banks; second, Chas. 

{e) Sarah, married Bartholomew Yates. 

(/) Mary, married Col. Robt. Thruston. 

{g) Ann, married Jno. Field. 

(/O John Walker Carter (b. 1803, d. 1883), of "Tim- 
berneck," lawyer and senator; married, first, Agnes 
Thruston ; second, Fannie Burwell, and the father of 
Judge Charles and Landon Carter Catlett of Glouces- 
ter county, Virginia. 

(6) Rebecca (d. 1760), married Francis Conway, and had a 
daughter, Eleanor Rose, who married, in 1749, Col. James 
Madison, and was the mother of President Madison. 

(7) Margaret. 

IL Sarah, married Robt. Taliaferro (d. 1688) and had issue. 

IIL Elizabeth (b, 1663), married Francis Taliaferro, and had 

IV. William (b. 1671, d. 1699), married Elizabeth Thompson; 
issue, a daughter, Elizabetn. 

Carter Excursus. 

Col. John Carter (d. 1669), the immigrant, was son of Wm. 
Carter of the Inner Temple, Lord of the Manor of Gardstown in 
Hertfordshire, England. Settled first in Nansemond and then in 

102 The Dcsccudanis of John Stiibbs. 

Lancaster county, Virginia. He was a burgess from both coun- 
ties, councillor, and Colonel of the forces sent against the Indians. 
He married five times. By his wife Sarah Ludlow, he had : 

Robert of Corotoman (b. 1663, d. 1732), often called "King" 
Carter. He was burgess, councillor, speaker, treasurer, gov- 
ernor and rector of William and Mary College. Married 
twice. By his first wife, Judith Armistead, had : 
(i)John of "Shirley" married Elizabeth Hill, and was the 
ancestor of General Robt. E. Lee. 

(2) Elizabeth, married, first, Nath. Burwell of Carter's 
Creek ; second. Dr. Geo. Nicholas, and was the mother of 
Robert Carter Nicholas and an ancestor of the two gov- 
ernors by this name, and of Lewis Burwell, president of 
the Council. 

(3) Judith, married Mann Page of Rose well, and was the 
mother of Governor Page and ancestress of Mrs. T. Jeffer- 
son Stubbs, of Williamsburg, Va. 

Robert married, second. Widow Willis, uce Bettie Landon, 
daughter of Thos. and Mary Landon; issue: 

(4) Ann, married Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley, and was 
the ancestress of Presidents Wm. Henry and Benjamin 

(5) Robt. of Nomini, married Priscilla Bladon, and were 
parents of Robt., the councillor. 

(6) Charles of Cleve (b. 1707, d. 1764), justice and burgess, 
married three times. By his last wife, Lucy Taliaferro, 
daughter of Capt. Wm. and Ann (Walker) Taliaferro, he 
had Ann Walker Carter, who married John Catlett of 
"Timberneck," and were the grandparents of Ann Walker 
Carter Baytop, the mother of the writer. 

(7) Landon of Sabine Hall, married three times and left 
numerous descendants. 

(8) Mary, married George Braxton of "Newington," and 
was the mother of Carter who signed the Declaration of 

(9) Lucy, married Henry Fitzhugh, of "Eagle's Nest," the 
ancestress of Mrs. General Robt. E. Lee. 

(10) George of Middle Temple, died s. p. 

Ludlow Excursus. 

Gabriel Ludlow (b. 1587, d. 1639), the immigrant from Den- 
tin. England (the son of Thos., d. 1607, son of Geo., of Hill Dev- 
erill, sheriff of County Wiltz, 1567), came to Virginia and pat- 

Laiidon and Robinson. 103 

ented lands in Gloucester county, Virginia. He married — — , 
and had Sarah, who married Col. Jno. Carter, and was the mother 
of Robt. ("King") Carter, who was the grandfather of Ann 
Walker Carter, the ancestress of the writer. 

La N DON Excursus. 

SiLVANUs^ of Credenhill, England, married, first, Anna, and 

(i) Thomas, married Mary of Hereford county, Eng- • 

land, and was the father of Bettie, who married Robt. 
("King") Carter. 

Silvaims married, second, Frances, relict of Sir Anthony St. 
Ledger, and had issue. 

(2) SiLVANUs ; (3) AIary; (4) Anne. 

Thomas, above, was the immigrant, and came to Virginia and 
settled in Middlesex county (where his will was probated, Febru- 
ary 1701), after his union with Mary; issue: 

(i) William, married Anne Jones of Pixley, Hereford, Eng- 
land: (2) Thomas; (3) Roger; (4) Silvanus (d. 1706); 
(5) Rev. John. 

(6) Mary (d. 1722), married, first, John Jones; second, 
Alexander Swan (d. 1710). 

(7) Ann, married, first, Wm. Ryfort ; second. Rev. Thos. 

(8) St. Ledger. 

(9) Elizabeth, married, first, Capt. Richard Willis; second, 
Robert ("King") Carter, and was the grandmother of 
Ann Walker Carter, who married John Catlett of Timber- 
neck, great-grandfather of the writer. 

Robinson Excursus. 

Christopher Robinson (b. 1645, cl- 1693), son of John of 
Cleasbv. Yorkshire. England (and brother of Dr. Jno. Robinson, 
Bishop of Bristol and London and Ambassador to Sweden, of 
which countrv he wrote a history), settled in Middlesex county, 
Virginia, in 1664, and named his home "Hewick,' after the old 
family manor near Ripon in Yorkshire; burgess and councillor 
and secretary of state. Married, first, Agatha (d. 1685). daugh- 
ter of Bertram Obert ; and second, 1687. Catherin Hone (d. 1692), 
widow of Mai or Robt. Beverley and daughter of Maj. Theophilus 
Hone (Burgess). Issue by first wife: 

I04 The Descendants of John Stiibbs. 

(i) Christopher (b. 1681, d. 1727), father of the Commissary. 

(2) John (b. 1683, d. 1749), father of John the speaker. 

(3) Agatha, died young. 

(4) Ann, married Dr. John Hay (d. 1709). 

(5) EHzabeth, died young (by second wife). 

(6) Clara (b. 1689, d. 1715), married, in 1706, James Walker 
of Urbanna (d. 1720), the immigrant from Ashbourne in the 
Peak, Derbyshire, England. 

(7) Theophilus, died young. 

(8) Benjamin (sheriff of Essex, 1724). 
James and Clara (Robinson) Walker had issue: 

(i) Ann (b. 1707), married Capt. Wm. Taliaferro and had 
Walker, Christopher, and Lucy, who married, first, in 1762, 
Charles Carter of Cleve, and was mother of Ann W^alker 
Carter, above, the ancestress of the writer. Lucy, married, 
second, Col. William Jones, and was ancestor of the Jones 
family of Gloucester county, Va. 

(2) Jno. Walker'(b. 1709, d. 1745), married, in 1733, Cath- 
erine, daughter of Bartholomew and Sarah (Micklebor- 
ough) Yates, and had Sarah (b. 1734), who married Robt. 
Page of Broad Neck. Their daughter Catherine married 
Benj. Carter Waller and was the ancestress of Mrs. Thos. 
Jefiferson Stubbs of Williamsburg, Va. 

Robins Excursus. 

John, Sr. and Jr., came to Virginia in 1622 on ship "^largaret 
and John," and patented 300 acres in Elizabeth City county, Vir- 
ginia. John, Sr., went back to England, and on his return id 
Virginia in 1623, died at sea. John, Jr., patented "Robins' Neck" 
in Gloucester county in 1642, and lands on the Rappahannock in 
1649. He was burgess 1646-49 for Elizabeth City county; also 
justice of the peace in 1642. Moved to Gloucester county just 
before his death in 1655. Married twice: first, Dorothy, and sec- 
ond Alice, and had three sons and two daughters : 

(i) Christopher, the eldest son, married , and had 

Anne, who married Robt. Freeman ; and Elizabeth, who 

married James Shackelford. 

(2) William, died s. p. 

(3) Dr. Thos., married, 1666, Mary Hansford, sister of Ma- 
jor Thos. Hansford of Bacon's Rebellion; issue: John, 
William, Thos. (s. p.), Richard, George and Benjamin. 

Of the above only the descendants of John are known. He 
married Jane Throckmorton (?) and had Mary (b. 1693); Wm. 

Robins and Bo swell. 105 

b. 1715), and Albion. Albion had only daughters. Wm. mar- 
led Elizabeth Coleman and had : 
(i) John, d. s. p. 

(2) Thomas, b. 1745, d. 1808; married, first, Frances 
Stulibs, daughter of Thomas and Mildred Stubbs, and had 
issue : 

(a) Thos., married Ann Watkins Hudson; issue: Wm. 
David Simms ; Thos. Coleman, who married Amelia Armi- 
stead, and had issue : William Augustine, and others ; 
Robt. Coleman, Mrs. Heywood, Mrs. Luke, Mrs. Hagey, 

I Mrs. Stubblefield, Mrs. Watlington, and Mrs. Dodson. 

(b) Armistead of King William county, married Susan H. 
Pemberton, and had issue. 

(c) Mrs. Chandler. 

(d) Mrs. Borum. 

(e) Mrs. Fitchett. 

Married, second, Elizabeth Lee Hoomes : 

(f) Dr. Joseph Hoomes, married Catherine Robins. 

(g) Benj. Thos. Claiborne, married, first, Eliza T. Broad- 
us ; and second, Sarah Jane Maddox. 

(3) Wm. (b. 1747, d. 1798), married, 1768, Dorothy Bos- 
well ( d. 1790) ; issue : 

(a) Wm. (b. 1770, d. 1846), married, first, Eliza Whit- 
ing ; second, Julianna Pryor ; issue, Wm., no living is- 
sue. John married Eliza Thornton and had Richard 
Russell, Jno. W., and others. Augustine Warner (b. 
1809, d. 1876), married Maria Todd and had Col. Wm. 
T. of Richmond, Va. ; married, second, Elizabeth Todd, 
and had Mrs. Latane, Archie, Joseph, Taylor, and Mrs. 

(b) Elizabeth, married Jno. Stevens, and had issue. 

(c) Anne, married Wm. Watlington. 

(d) Susannah, married Frank Stubbs; no living issue. 

(e) Rebecca, married James New Stubbs, and had Jeflf. 
W. Stubbs, the father of the writer. 

^ '"^ Rebecca, married Isaac Singleton, and had issue. 

(5) Elizabeth, married Jno. Stubbs, and had issue (see page 


(6) Jane, married Thos. Chamberlain, and had issue. 

BoswELL Excursus. 

Of this family little is known. Settling early in several coun- 
ties and being of a roving disposition, it has been almost impos- 
sible to connect the numerous branches, of which only fragments 

io6 The Descendants of John Stitbbs. 

are given below. The data given below, rather extensive in detail, 
may serve as a basis for future investigations. 

Samuel Bcswell, aged 23 years, came to Virginia in July, 
1635. (Hotten.) 

Edward Boswell, planter, paid his tax levy in Middlesex 
county (Lancaster), 1654. He was a vestryman of Lancaster 
parish, 1657. and took John Vause into partnership, 1658, on his 
plantation for twelve years. Christ Church register notes the 
"death of Mr. Boswells servants, 1661. In 1663, Edwin Boswell, 
200 acres more in Gloucester county. (Va. Hist. Mag. V. 249.) 

Gloucester County Boszvell. 

Francis Boswell (probably his brother) a patent in Glouces- 
ter (1656) "972 acres on north side of Ware river, adjoining the 
knds of Major Curtis." (Glo. Land Patents.) 

loth June, 1666, Thomas Boswell, 100 acres on north point of 
Ware riverside on to a small creek or gut on the point of a marsh 
of Ware point, including Raccoon island. 

1676, Dorothy Boswell was left a legacy in the will of Ma- 
thew Edwards, of Bruton parish, York county, "to be given her on 
her marriage day." {York Records.) 

1682, Thomas Boswell, iioo acres on Timberneck creek, in 
Abingdon parish, extending a mile up from the mouth of the 
creek. {Gloucester Patents.) 

1754, Thomas Boswell, of Gloucester, lands in dispute be- 
tween him and John Clayton, gent — (he the defendant) — survey 
began "in Mr. John Page's line and on to Mr. John Armistead's 
and to Jasper Clayton's tobacco ground." {Old Survey Book.) 

1 75 1, Pets worth parish indebted to Mr. Thomas Boswell for 
serving a writ on Elizabeth Mills. {Petszvorth Vestry Book.) 

i2th Aug. 1767, Dorothy Boswell (d. March 17th, 1790) 
married William Robins of "Robins Neck" (b. Dec. 255, 1747, d. 
March 27, 1798), and believed to be the daughter of Thos. and 
Jane (Dunbar) Boswell ; was the great-grandmother of the writer. 

1767, Thomas Boswell sold a tract of 423 acres in Kingston, 

1768, Capt. Thomas Boswell had a lottery at Gloucester 
Court House to pay his debts. The managers were Thomas and 
Francis Whiting, Col. Francis Tomkies, Jasper Clayton and David 
Kerr, to which lottery John Clayton protested, saying that "the 4 
slaves offered as the prizes had been conveyed to him by the late 

Boswell Excursus. 107 

Thomas BosivcU" (father of Capt. Thomas?) His claims were 
)aid. The wife of Capt. Thomas Boswell was probably a Ma- 
:hen of an old Middlesex county family. They had at least two 

;hildren : Dr. Machen, and Jane, who married, first, Thorn- 

on, and second, John Seawell ; and probably also Molly, who 
narried (1775) Churchill Armistead. Old Chancery papers 
n^ntion "Col. Machen Boswell as administrator of Bos- 
well, dec'd." Maj. Thomas Boswell was in the Virginia State 
Line during the Revolution. {Hening, II., 311.) 

Dr. Machen Boswell, will 1793, p. 1794, by Mann Page and 
Francis Whiting, executors : Ben Dabney of King and Queen, 
and John Seawell of Gloucester; children: i, Thomas; 2, Eliza- 
beth, married, first, 1805, Ralph Wormeley, second. Carter M. 
Braxton; 3, Martha, married Mr. Roy. 

1752. John Boswell owned lands on Ware river, when Jane 
Boswell of London made Capf. Gwyn Reade her attorney for her 
lands in Gloucester — ^a part of 400 acres. The land ran up Ware 
river and was on Jefferson's creek and near to A^ordecai Booth and 
Richard Ransom — 218 acres of which belonged to John Boswell. 

1754. Thomas and Benjamin Boswell lands surveyed. {Old 
Survey Book.) 

1767. George Boswell sold a tract in Ware Neck, North river, 
300 acres "almost surrounded by a creek, so as to need but little 
fencing;" and also, in 1770, a survey for him by Francis Tom- 
kies of 270 acres on North river, and Back creek in Ware Neck. 

Boswell — (Abingdon Parish Register^ Gloucester County.) 

Mary, daughter of Elizabeth Boswell (b. Jan. 15th, 1685). 
Roger, son of Elizabeth Boswell (b. April 29th, 1688). 
Richard, son of Elizabeth Boswell (b. March 30th, 1690). 
John, .son of John and Phoebe Boswell (b. March 5th, 1692). 
Robert, son of John and Phoebe Boswell (b. Sept. i8th, 1698). 
Joseph, son of John and Phoebe Boswell (b. March 26th. 1700). 
Diana, daughter of John and Phoebe Boswell (b. Oct. loth, 

Mary, daughter of John and Phoebe Boswell (b. Jan. 3d, 


Joseph Boswell. married Oct. 23d, 1731. Jane Shackelford. 
Their son Benjamin was born July 23d, 1732. 

io8 The Descendants of John Stiibbs. 

From Kingston Register, Gloucester County (noiv Mathews.) 

Pangranparaba Bos well, married January 1756, Sarah Young. 
John, son of above, born Nov. loth, 1756. 

John Boswell of Gloucester county, married Ann, daughter of 
Charles Nuttall of Gloucester and sister of Wm. and John Nut- 
tall of the Revolutionary Army. Their son George William 
Frederick Boswell (b. 1791), married his cousin, Ann New Nut- 
tall, daughter of John. All moved to North Carolina. 

Iverson Jacobs Boswell of Gloucester county, married a daugh- 
ter of Reuben Davis, who inherited, in 1806, lands from her 
father's estate. (Old Surveys.) 

Abraham Iverson was Justice in Gloucester, 1681. Gregory 
and Richard Iverson, in Gloucester 1752. 

John Boswell, son and heir of David Boswell, sold lands in 
New Kent (jointly with Robert Booth) to the father of Francis 
Page, who in his will, 1694, mentions the transaction. (Page 
Book 44.) 

John Boswell of St. George parish, Hanover, will probated 
April, 1741 ; eldest daughter, Dorothy; youngest, Frances; sons, 
Ransom, John, George and James. "The rest of his estate for 
instruction and education of his youngest children and desired the 
court to bind at their ages Ransom and John to a joyner, and 
George to a blacksmith." Wife, Ann . 

Maj. John Boswell of Hanover, 1765, helped furnish provisions 
to the army (Hening, VIII., 181) and the Virginia Gazette men- 
tions him, 1768. 

Capt. William Boswell married in Elizabeth City, March 2d, 
1702, Ellinor, widow of Coleman Brough. Their - daughter, 
Grace Boswell. was the third wife of John Selden, who was Jus- 
tice in Elizabeth City, 1725, and Deputy King's Attorney, 1752. 

Ellinor Boswell, married, second, 1727, in Elizabeth City, 
George Yeo, who in his will (1742) left legacies to the children 
of John and Grace Selden. calling them "children of my said 
cousin (nephew) Selden." John Selden his executor. (Wm. 
and Mary Quarterly, V., 61.) 

William Boswell of Mathews county, student at William and 
Mary College, 181 1. 

"John Iverson Boswell of the Revolution (d. March 3d, 1823) 
had a son, John Iverson, Jr.,* who died Dec. 15, 1846. He made 
a family register, from the old records, Sept. 24, 1817. His 
brother, Wm. Washington Boswell of Henrico county, owned the 
family Bible, now in possession (1902) of Miss Hannah Boswell, 
living with Dr. Joseph Boswell at Chase City, Macklenburg 
county, Virginia. 

Bo swell Excursus. 109 

John Iverson Boswell, Sr., born April 5th, 1761, in Gloucester 
county ( ?), married, first, in March, 1784, Mary , and sec- 
ond. Oct. 27th, 1797, Barbara Walker. Issue: 

(i) Eliza (b. Nov. 28th, 1784). 

(2) Joseph (b. Sept. 3d, 1786), father of Dr. Joseph of Chase 
City, Mecklenberg county. 

(3) Thomas (b. May 26th, 1788, d. Sept. 18, 1791). 

(4) Charity (b. April 20th, 1790, d. Sept. 15th, 1791). 

(5) Ann (b. March nth, 1792). 

(6) Mary (b. Feb. 26th, 1794, d. Nov. 6, 1805). 

(7) *John Iverson, Jr. (b. Jan. 23d, 1796, d. Dec. 15, 1846). 

(8) Charity (b. Oct. 28th, 1798). 

(9) William Washington (b. April 13th, 1801), of Henrico 

(10) Susan (b. March nth, 1803). 

(11) Lucy (b. Nov. I, 1805). 

(12) Mary (b. May 4th, 1808). 

(13) Martha (b. July 3d, 181 1). 

*John Iverson Boswell, Jr., above (b. 1796), married Nov. 
29th, 1818, first, Nancy D. Coleman (b. Feb. 7th, 1801, d. May 
29th, 1834), and married, second, Dec. i8th, 1838, Ellen J. Som- 
erville. Issue: (i) Sarah A., b. 1819; (2) Joseph C, b. 1820; 
(3) Mary L., b. 1821, d. 1821 ; (4) Edwin S., b. 1824, d. 1826; 
(5) Henry I., b. 1826; (6) John J., b. 1829; (7) Lewellyn, b. 
1832; (8)' Lewis A., b. 1834; (9) Mary E., b. 1840; (10) Ed- 
mund D., b. 1841 ; (11) Thomas R., b. 1843; (12) William W., 
b. 1845. 

"Murdered in the Southampton insurrection, 183 1, Mrs. C. 
Whitehead, three daughters, two sons and one grandson." This 
is believed to have been Charity Boswell, given above. 

1658 — Thomas Boswell, 800 acres on the Potomac river; and in 
1664 these lands, now 972 acres, renewed in name of his son, 
Thomas Boswell. 

1690 — John Boswell, witness will in Perquimans county, North 

1735 — Will of Wm. Boswell, who married Margaret Nichol- 
son, mentions wife and following children : Thos., John, Ichabod 
and Mary ; recorded in State Office, Raleigh, N. C. 

1 741 — Will of Geo. Boswell of Perquimans county, North Car- 
olina, mentions children: Geo., Isaac, and Isabel. 

1757 — John and Joseph Boswell witness wills in Perquimans 
county, North Carolina. 

no The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Coleman Excursus. 

From the Land Books at Richmond, Richard Coleman patented 
in 1654, 1400 acres and 600 acres on Rappahannock. In 1663, 
Wm. Coleman and Robt. Baynham, 300 acres in Lancaster county. 
In 1666, Robt. Coleman, no acres; in 1667, 300 acres. In 1667, 
Robt. Coleman, 600 acres in Isle of Wight, of which he was a 
headright. In 1667, Robt. Coleman, Sr., 283 acres on Rappahan- 
nock river. In 1667, Robt. Coleman and Wm. Rufihn, 184 acres 
in Isle of Wight. 

In 1748, an old survey of Gloucester county, Robt. and Joseph 
and Ellis Coleman owned lands adjoining Lawrence Smith's 

In Abingdon Parish Records occur the following : 

Ann, daughter of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. July 3d, 

1680). ' 
Grisell, daughter of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. April 30th, 

Rebecca, daughter of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. Jan. 20th, 

Sarah, daughter of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. lune 6th, 

Thomas, son of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. Feb. 7th, 

Mary, daughter of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. Oct. loth, 

John, son of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. March. 1699). 
Robt., son of Thos. and Rebekah Coleman (b. Feb. 20th, 1701). 
John, son of Joseph and Agnes Coleman (b. April loth. 1680). 
Adbeston. son of Joseph and Agnes Coleman (b. Dec. 8th, 

James, son of John and Margaret Coleman (b. Aug. 30th, 

Robert, son of Thos. Coleman (b. Dec. 6th, 1713). 
Joseph, son of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Feb. i6th, 

Rebecca, daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman, (b. March 

5th, 1718). 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. April 

3d, 1721). 
Thomas, son of Tlios. and Elizabeth Coleman fb. July 5th, 

Mary, daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Aug. 5th, 

A daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Feb. 2d, 1728). 

Coleman Excursus. in 

Rachel, a daughter of Thos. and EUzabeth Coleman (b. May 

24th, 1730). 
Diana, daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Feb. 5th, 

Susannah, daughter of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Jan. 

i6th, 1736). 
John, son of Thos. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Oct. 15th, 1758). 
Richard, son of John Coleman (b. Sept. ist, 1723). 
Joseph, son of John Coleman (b. Sept. 12th, 1725). 
Jarhes, son of John Coleman and wife (b. Dec. 5th, 1732). 
John, son of John and Grace Coleman (b. Sept. 17th, 1726). 
Jno., son of James and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Feb. 4th, 1722). 
Sarah, daughter of Joseph and Grace Coleman (b. May 19th, 

1757, d. Nov. 30th, 1759). 
Jno., son of Richard and Hannah Coleman (b. Dec. 27th, 

Jane, son of Joseph and Rebecca Coleman (b. Nov. 5th, 1740). 
Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Coleman (b. May 

loth, 1743)- 
Rebecca, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca Coleman (b. Oct. 

14th, 1744). 
Thomas, son of Joseph and Rebecca Coleman (b. May 4th, 

Mary, daughter of James and Sarah Coleman (b. Dec. 15th, 

Richard, son of James and Sarah Coleman (b. Jan. i8th, 1761). 
John, son of James and Sarah Coleman (b. April 7th, 1757). 
Thomas, son of Richard and Johanna Coleman (b. Nov. 20th, 


George, son of Richard and Johanna Coleman (b. Sept. 1743). 

Robt., son of R^bt. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Nov. ist, 1746)- 

Elizabeth, daughter of Robt. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Oct. 
25th, 1749). 

Whitley, son of Robt. and Elizabeth Coleman (b. Nov. 8th, 
1751, d. 1752), 

In the Petsworth Parish Book, Jno. (1695), Samuel (1729), 
Richard (1784), Joseph (1701), and Mrs. Ann Coleman (1711), 
names occur. Jno. Coleman was vestryman in 1708. 

The marriages in Abingdon Parish Records are as follows : 

Wm. Robins married Elizabeth Coleman, Dec. ist, 1737. 

Jno. Hall married Rebecca Coleman, Aug. 3d, 1745. 

Joseph Ryland married Sarah Coleman, Feb. 21st, 1741. 

The deaths recorded in same Records are : 

Sarah, daughter of Joseph Coleman, died October, 1759. 

Mrs. Grace Coleman, died Jan. 19th, 1758. 

112 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Grace Coleman, died Nov. 30th, 1757. 

Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman, died May 12th, 1751. 

The will of Robt. Coleman of Essex, probated 1734, mentions: 
wife, Ann ; sons, Thomas, Robert and Edward ; daughters, Ann, 
Elizabeth and Grisett Chamberlin. 

A record of births of 18 slaves are also recorded in Abingdon 
to the following: Hannah, John, Richard, Elizabeth and Joseph 
Coleman, from. 1738 to 1757. 

An inspection of above records will show Thomas, Joseph and 

James were living in 1701, and with Robert of Essex are pre- 
sumably brothers and sons of the immigrant to Gloucester. 

Thos. and Rebecca Coleman had a son, Thomas, who married 

Elizabeth , and had Elizabeth Coleman, who married Wm. 

Robins in 1737, and was the ancestress of the writer and of the 
Robinses of Gloucester county, Virginia. 

Thos. and Rebecca Coleman hal also John, who married Grace, 

and had James, who married Sarah . and had Richard (b. 

1761), member of Capt. Nath. Welch's Co., 2d Va. Regt., Col. 
Wm. Brent, and was honorably discharged in 1780, after severe' 
service in Philadelphia. Kiskiatt, Ramapage, Lancaster and Men- 
deham.. He m.arried Ann Stubbs and was the ancestor of the 
Colemans of Gloucester county, Virginia. 

Hansford Excursus. 

John, will probated 1661, of York county, Virginia, married 

Elizabeth , who married, second, Edward Lockey (d. 

1667). Issue by first marriage (none by second) : 

(i) Maj. Thomas of Bacon's Rebellion, of age 1666, hung 
by order Sir Wm. Berkley ; married Elizabeth Jones, daugh_ 
ter of Richard Jqnes, deceased. 

(2) Chas., married Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Aloody (d. 
1679), nee Foliott. 

(3) John (d. before 1675). 

(4) William. 

(5) Elizabeth, married, first. Christian Wilson; second, Ran- 
dolph Holt of Surry. 

(6) Mary, married Dr. Thos. Robins of Robins Neck, Glou- 
cester county, Virginia, and was the ancestress of all the 
Robinses in Gloucester county, Virginia. 

Richard, brother of above John, patents, in 1650, lands in 
York county. 

John also patents lands in 1658 in York county, and in 1653, 
lands in Gloucester, among the latter, "Clay Bank," which he 
leaves to his sons. John and William. 

New Excursus. ii3 

New Excursus. 

It is to be regretted that so little data of this family has been 
collected. Only a few fragments can, therefore, be presented. 

Edward New, of Charles City county, Virginia, married Sarah, 
daughter of Edward Bland (son of John of London, will 1680). 
They had a son, John New, living in 1752. (Hening, VI., p. 

There were News and Duvals in Henrico county, Virginia, in 

Thomas New and Francis New, a deed made by them and 
Phoebe Booth, 1680. 

Thomas New, deputy clerk, Essex county, Virginia, 1685. 
James and Samuel New, on the Savannah river, Georgia, 


It is probable that the James New mentioned m an old survey 
of Ware parish, in 1754, was the father of the following: 

I. Daniel New, clerk of Petsworth Church, 1739-1758; will 
1775, probated 1776, mentions children: 

(i) Daniel, married daughter of Wm. Duval (d. 1785), and 
had James and Carter (and three or four daughters), mem- 
bers of vestry, Petsworth parish, 1777. 

(2) Jno. New, kept ordinary at Gloucester Court House, 
and in 1776 was thanked by Capt. Joseph Spencer of 2nd 
Va., for kindness when they marched to Gwynn's Island. 

(Virginia Gazette, 1776.) He married . and had 

James, John, Annie and Pattie. 

(3) Martha New, married, first, Guthrie; and second, Du- 
ller ; issue, Aphia, who married Henry Enos and had issue. 

(4) Sarah New, married Wm. Shackelford (d. s. p.) 

(5) Elizabeth New, married Garland. 

II. Elizabeth New (d. 1778), married circa 1760, Wm. 
Stubbs, and had James New Stubbs, the grandfather of the 

III. Anthony New (b. 1747 in Gloucester county, Virgina), 
removed to Caroline county. Member House of Delegates, 
1787. Member of Congress from December 1793 to March 
1805. Removed to Elkton, Ky. Member of Congress from 
Kentucky in 12th, 15th and 17th Congresses. Died Marctj 
2d, 1833. Married Nancy Wiatt of Caroline county, Vir- 

114 ^^^^ Descendants of John Stubbs. 

ginia, and had ( i ) Anthony, who remained in Virginia and 

married Ann S. Bracken, and had Fannie Bracken New, who 

married John Carnes Cooke. (See Cooke Pamphlet.) 

Emanuel Jones Thriiston in 1820 administered the estates of 

Anthony New and his wife, Ann S. (Bracken) New. He was 

also the guardian of Fannie Bracken New, who married John 

Carnes Cooke. 

A daughter of Anthony and Nancy (Wiatt) New married 

Starke of Norfolk, and was the mother of L. D. Starke, member 
of the law firm of Starke & Starke, Norfolk, Ya. (1895). 


The writer is indebted to the following for Bible records, fam- 
ily histories, and other valuable information : 
Mrs. S. J. Hudgins, Richmond, Va. 
Hon. Jno. R. Saunders, Urbanna, Va. 
Thos. Reade Purcell, Gloucester, Va. 
Richard Taliaferro, Gloucester, Va. 
Richard C. Coleman, Gloucester, Va. 
George D. Stubbs, Gloucester, Va. 
Dr. T. Jefferson Stubbs, Williamsburg, Va. 
Mrs. Tallulah L. Cachet, Auburn, Ala. (d. 1900). 
Mrs. M. S. Mathenay, Utica, Miss. 
Miss Sallie Stubbs, Memphis, Tenn. 
Mrs. Sarah E. Gray, Allen, Texas. 
Col. Frank P. Stubbs, Monroe, La. 
Miss Kate Palmer Stubbs, Delta, La. 
Mrs. Fannie J. Chestney, Alacon. Ga. 
Hon. Edwin F. Jones, Montgomery, Ala. 
Plon. James Baytop Stubbs, Galveston, Texas. 
Mrs. Mary Ann Hannon, Montgomery, Ala. (d. 1898). 
Edward Baytop Stubbs, Bessemer, Ala. 
Robt. E. McKinney, Henderson, Tenn. 
Capt. John Smith Stubbs, Cedarton, Ga. 
Wm. L. Wilson, Maude, Ga. 
Mrs. Stephen Collins, Fairburn, Ga. 
James Arnold Stubbs, Fairburn, Ga. 
Mrs. Fannie S. Brown, Bremen, Ga. 
John W. Stubbs, Pine Log, Ga. 
Prof. C. O. Stubbs, Westminster, Texas. 
J. S. Weems, Sanders, Ga. 
Mrs. E. L. Linch, Linchburg, Ga. 
Mrs. J. R. Ammons. Bonaire, Ga. 
Mrs. J. A. Hunt, Abbeville, Ga. 
Mrs. F. F. Farmer, Abbeville, Ga. 
Mrs. Eugenia C. Stubbs, Cairo, Ga. 
Mrs. Martha F. Moreland, Americus, Ga. 
Rev. Thos. W. Darley, Quitman, Ga. 
Peter Woodward Stubbs, Tobesofkee, Ga. 
Mrs. M. Josephine King, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Ida King, Atlanta, Ga. 
Mrs. Maude S. Pritchett, Dublin, Ga. 

ii6 The Descendants of John Stubbs. 

Thomas M. Stubbs, Blanco, Texas. 

Mrs. Rebecca Dozier Stubbs, Franklin, Tenn. 

Mrs. Eudora Sawyer, Galveston, Texas. 

Rev. Geo. G. Smith, Macon, Ga. 

Dennis Dokes, Lightfoot, Ga. 

Sidney Johnson Stubbs, Macon, Ga. 

Wm. B. Stubbs, Savannah, Ga. 

Mrs. M. A. Pittman, Abbeville, Ga. 

Amariah Biggs Stubbs, Arguta, Ala. 

Mrs. Dr. T. L. Jenkins, Chipley, Ga. 

Frank M. Stubbs, Augusta, Ga. 

Archibald McNeal Stubbs, Nathaniel, Ga. 

Robt. Davis Stubbs, Eatonton. Ga. 

Hon. J. J. Stubbs, Raleigh, Miss. 

Hon. Henry W. Stubbs, Williamston, N. C. 

C. E. Stubbs, Sumter, S. C. 

Dr. Robert Armistead Stewart, University of Virginia. 



s, A. A ^4 

Abner 1' 74 

Albert 22, 28, 30, S3 

Alice 9, 24, 20 

Alex 22 

Allen 16 

Allston 24 

Alpheus TO 

Austin 53 

Amariah 84, 86, 87 

Ann 16, 22, 23. 26, 35, 79, 89 

Arch. M 88 

Augustus 70 

Austin 87 

Banulall 60, 67, 78 

Benj 16, 23, 56, 83, 84, 85. 86 

Campbell 21, 23, 24 

Catherine 11, 22, 60, 79 

Celia 22 

Chas. . .30, 47, 49, 55, 56, 64, 

68, 76, 82 

Kev. Chas. Wm 8, 9, 10 

Daniel 16, 24, 70 

David 22 

D. D 17, 23, 24 

D. E 17 

Deborah 16 

Edward 30, 66, 68 

Kdwin 88 

Elizabeth. .14, 16, 22, 23, 26, 

27, 28, 35, 36, 79 

Ellen 30, 77, 80 

Elvin 24 

Emma 35, 81 

Esther 16 

Eugenia 79 

Everett 20, 21 

Falby 85 

Feribe 23 

Perney 85 

Frances 23, 26 

Francis 14, 15. 19, 25, 29, 

31, 33. 39, 46, 48, 56, 60, 

68, 78, 79, 88 

Franklin 27 

Gabriel 87 

George.. 9, 10, 17, 22, 42, 63, 

64, 70, 79, 82 

Georgia 79 

Hannah 16, 20 

Harriet 25, 30 

Harrison 82 

Henry. 10, 21, 56 

Herbert 29 

Homer 70 

Hoyt 24 

I. D 17 

Isaac 16 

Isham B 54 

Ivy Claudius 86 

Jackson 22 

J. C 17 

J. J 22 

James. .20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26. 
30, 34, 35, 44, 45, 46, 
50, 53, 54, 60, 62, 63, 
64, 66, 67, 68, 70, 77, 

82, 83, 86 
John. .7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 
15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 
22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 
28, 29, 31, 32, 35, 42, 
43, 47, 49. 59. 62, 63, 

64, 72, 76, 77, 87, 92 

Jane 14, 28, 29, 30 

Jasper 88 

Jean 16, 20 


Stubbs, J. B 17 

Jeff 35, 91 

Jesse 17, 21 

Joel 24, 72 

Joseph 7, 16 

Julia 79 

Kate 26 

Laurence 24 

Launcelot H 

Laura 76 

Lawrence. . .8, 11, 14, 15, 40, 41 

Lemuel 83 

Letitia 24 

Lewis 16 

Lizzie 22 

Linton 78 

Lou'-a 26, 80 

Lucinda 22, 53, 59, 66 

Lucien 35 

Lucius 24, 77 

Lucy 23, 1*5 

Lycurgus 74 

Maria 78 

Martin 21 

Margaret 20, 21 

Martha 23, 36, 77, 78 

Mary.. 16, 17, 20, 23, 26, 30, 

35, 54, 59, 75, 77 

Mathew 82 

M. W. S 24 

Mildred 14, 25, 27, 31, 60 

Miles 7. 8 

Nathan 16, 77, 83 

Norman 42 

Oscar 83 

Pennsylvania 16 

Peter.. 14, 15, 23, 31, 48, 57, 

59, 60, 74, 82 

Philip 9 

Rachel 16 

Randolph 30 

Reba 24 

Rebecca 23 

Reginald 11 

Richard. .8, 13. 14, 19, 20, 21, 

25, 81 
Robt..26, 28, 30, 31, 68, 70, 

72, 85, 86, 87 

Stubbs, Samuel 16, 17, 23, 24, 25, 

26, 35, 48, 67, 71, 78, 82 

Sarah 16, 26, 30 

Seaborn 85 

Silas 22, 44 

Simon 26, 27 

Solomon 26 

Stewart 7, 10 

Susannah 14, 19, 21, 25, 27 

Sydney 76, 86 

Theodore 54 

Thomas. . . .7, 8, 9. 14, 15, 16, 
17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 
24, 25, 26, 32. 35, 48, 
53, 54, 55, 56, 59, 60. 
62, 66, 68, 70. 73, 75, 

76, 82, 83, 84, 93 

T. E 24 

T. P 24 

Tristam 22 

Walter 42 

Wilbur 44 

Wilfred 11 

Bishop Wm 9, 10, 11 

William... 6, 7, 8, 11, 14, 15, 
17, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 
34, 35, 39, 41, 48, 53, 
64, 69, 70, 81, 82. 84. 

85, 87, 93 
Wyriott 22 



Acklin, Annie 80 

Adams, Nancy 62 

Adderhold, John 62 

Agee, Eliza 66 

Ainswortli, Dan'l 8S 

Alderson, Jolin 20 

Amiss. James and Jane 27 

Ammons-., Jno. R. and Mary 6!S 

Anderson, Wayne 82 

Bleanora 3o 

Armistead, Stella 26 

Armstrong, Ed 8S 

Artope, Tbos 76 

Badham, Mary W 21 

Bagbv. Isaac 83 

Bailey, P. W 86 

Baker, Frances 80 

Banks, N. P 40 

Baringer, V. C 79 

Barnwell. Clias 46 

Bayles, Emnior 60 

Bavtop, Ann W. C 35 

Indiana W 27 

:SI:uy 42 

Family 95 

Beale, Erasmus T 46 

BoaDa, Wm 81 

Bespritch, John 15, 31 

Beveridge. Eliza 15, 31 

Bingham, Eliza 82 

Winnie 83 

Black, Ohas 5;i 

Bland, Octavia 42 

Blackwood, E. J 83 

Blount, Benj 20 

Booker, Mary 20 

Richard 13 

Boifeiiillat, Kate 78 

Booth Family 96 

Miss 46 

Borland, Thos 84 

Bowdoin, Susan W 70 

Bowman, Sam 43 

Bowles, Joseph 77 

Brannon, Selina 85 

Bridges, Eliza 21 

Richard 32 

Wm 21, 23 

Brigham, Benj 83 

Briglit, Anna find Chas 22 

Brisl.)W, A. E. and Geo 22 

Brockenborough, John 28 

Bronson, Mary 66 

Brooking, Sam'l 16 

Brooke, P. Mack 40 

Brown, J. R 86 

Marcus 64 

Marv 26 

Sam'l 83 

Virginia 70 

Buckner, Avery 68 

Family 98 

Budd, Josephine 78 

Bush, Martha 85 

Caila, Peter 33 

Callahan, Cornelius 20 

Calloway, T-adoska 63 

Campl)ell. Hannah and Louisa 28 

Mary 33 

Phoebe 47 

Cantrell, A. C 87 

Capel, B. A 22 

Carling, Edith 81 

Carlos, Gracie 76 

Carrington, Lafayette 53 

Carter Family 101 

Carutliers 26 

Catlett, Chas 92 

Family 100 


Chance, Esther 2.. 

Chancy, Eliza ^\] 

Chambliss, Jesse Lee 7- 

Chapman, Jane 3r 

Mary Roy 4V 

Chestuey, Percy 7t 

Childs, Willis r> .' 

Clark. John ' ' 

Clark, Fannie - 

Clements, Mary E 

Wm. H - 

Cleaveland, Allen ';J 

Cobb, Emm.'i ' 

Coleman, Edna 3 • 

Richard 36, 37, 8~ 

Richard C -i 

l\imily 1 J 

liOttie '-' 



Cooke, Mary 

Collius, Grant 

Conuei-, Rebecca 

Corley, Martha 53, 

Corr, H. R 

Cotton, Lucinda 

Coulling, Eliza j^ 

Cowan, Lucy 4' 

Cowart, James ^ ' 

Covington. Ann and John 

Craft, Hannah 

Craven, David S 

Creamer, Eliza ^ 

CuUen, Jean 20, ? 

Curry, Sowersby 

Dame, Mary • 

Darling, Thomas ~- 

David, John 

Davis, Elizabeth 


Mary Ann 

Deberry. Edward 

Deboe, Frances 

De Neufville, Joseph - • 

Delia r, Catherine " • 

Deloney, Francis 

DeVene, Thos ' 

Dickey, Eugenia T 

Dixon, J. A ' 

Donava.n, John : . . . 

Dorliind. Elizabeth 

Dougherty. John . . 

Dozier. Rebecca 

Dudley, Elizabeth 


Sarah i 

Duke. Sarah r 

Duncan. Sophronia ^" 

Dunkerly, Alfred f" 

Earle, Fanny 2 

Eastwood 1' I 

Enos, George 32, - • 

Lewis ■" 

Edwards, Miss . 

Ellis. Richard ;: 

Everitt, Nathaniel '-y 


Farley, Matthew 

Farnsworth, Samuel 

Faust. William 

Farmer, Fortune 

Feagin, James 

Field. George. Family 

Finch. Annie 

Fitzgerald, Louise 

Fletcher, Caleb 

Fleming, James 

Flinn, William 

Flood. John 

Freeman, P. B 

Thomas - 




Clifford ^^ 

Isabella Catherine ^J 

tri, Conrad '° 

Her, Miss ^^ 

net, Benjamin ■• »^ 

Charles ^5, 4b 

James Edward 4o, 40 

Nicholas 2^ 

itT'es. Susan %Y 

:r.ett, Edward ^]^ 

.jiTt, William ^^ 

. '-er. ThomaS °-; 

■ ; Iwin. Annie 1^ 

Bessie ' i 

E. W ^f 

, Richmond ^i 

ett, W. S °^ 

ham. Smith \9 

. Tes, Mary *"^ 

: ,-/, Wm. S ^^ 

1 .t;g, John W 40 

-lian, Ann M g- 

;lggs, Mary B ^» 

ri-r, Eli -. °^ 

Fell, and Ohpelia »rf 

rout, Thomas ■ g4 

"kney, Benj. and Cath j-J 

:.i"an, Lucy °', Martha ^1* 

!:.M. Dr. Daniel 41 

• '• "ailton. Ella and Lee f^ 

; imond, Abner • • ■ ^.' 

Ann "0, 74 

E^i^a ■.■/.■. 60, 78 

John and Syivesen 59 

ik. Rev. J. D 90 

. inon. Elliott and Rev. John 5o 

isford. Family 11^ 

Mdy, Frank W •■• ^^ 

Wilson C 67, 7-^ 

i;'rrington. Nobia °f 

larris. Wm. Hurt and Family 80 

Mary E 48 

^nvwood. James K ^4 

:le»aey, Norvell L g^ 

Thomas ^^ 

ni'-ks, Leon D ^-J 

fohson. John l"' 

H.dge. Uriah ^- 

ioi;g, Alex. . »:^ 

Wm F 9^ 

liolicomb, Octavius J 42 

Hollden. George • • *|- 

I Margaret ^^- ^^ 

I Susanna ^j 

riotmes. Launie Holt 78 

Wm F 76 

Hoakins. George and Wm. Dunbar . . 29 

Howard, Henry 40 

■lowth. C. W 83 

■,'.',vt, Alice ^4 

w^.bbavd, Peter, William and Eliza- 
beth 23 

Hudgins, Capitola ^ < 

B. P. and Oscar oO 

Huff. .John W 74 

Kuglies, Thos \ 2 ( 

Laura 62 

William B 29 

V'unt J. A 69 

■.Tnndley, Ella 29 

nvdrick, George B oO 

Irvine. Wm. S 80 

Ivy, Elizabeth 85 

:tr.'?kson, B. F. and John 86 

.ifmison, Robt. W.. Family •» 

■ -ikins. Thomas L 87 

Octavia 38 

-nigan. Henry W 4b 

Fannie |'^ 

Julia °^ 


Johnson, Edward M 54 

Joyner, Charles M »° 

Joiner, Alice |" 

Jones, Alice ~S 

Ann fi 

Edwin F »^ 

Emanuel ^" 

Helen C 1% 

J. A 2^ 

Lavinia H fJi 

Lucy and Sarah Ann ■ ■■ 2 < 

Mary !'• -" 

Maryus «^ 

Richard i% 

Thomas ^% 

T. G 9- 

William ^% 

William ap William »- 

Keeling, Eliza and Family 26 

Ivelsaw. Alfred °f 

Kemp, :Mary ' * 

Kendrick, Isham »^ 

Su Still ...•• ^1 

Kennedy, James B. and family 66 

Kent. Pearline ^q 

Kerns, Maris V ^9. 

King, Joseph, Family. • »^ 

Horatio L. and Geo. B 75 


Lampkin, Tallulah 46 

Landon, Family ■'•"5 

Lankford, Josephine '^ 

Thos. H 50 

I^awson, Miss ^ ' 

Lawton, Anna M 1.° 

Lavton. Dr. Robt 'J* 

Lazenby, Mr . . ^^ 

Leavitt, Isham M |^ 

Le Conte, Joseph N ^y 

Leigh, Thomas 4U 

Lestrange. Sir Harmon » 

Lewis, Laura »" 

Liester, Mattie • '^^ 

Liles, B. J., Holden, James and 

Joseph R 22 

T.indman, Edward 84 

Linton. Margaret ^o 

Logan. Meta °" 

Lord, Cornelia »« 

Ludlow, Family l^- 

lamdy. Rebecca "b 

Lyall, Miss ^' 

Lynch, _ W. W 66 

Maddox, Phosie ■■•::• '..W ?„ 

Thomas 8, 11, 12, 19 

Maitland. Miss 82 

Mandeville. Mary »- 

Manning. Reuben • 88 

Martin, Alex H., John, Paul and 

William H 43 

Rev. James C - 89 

Mason, John 22 

Massey. Charity ^^ 

May, Edward »° 

Maytor, John ^^ 

McAnally, Benj '" 

McCandliss, Robert »- 

McCartney. John «•; 

MeClean, Daniel »^ 

McClendon, Martha »- 

McCrocklin, T. H 8^ 

McDonald. Anne -i^ 

McDougal, , Mary ^« 

:McKinney, Robert go 

McMahon, Robert Lee on 

McMuUen. Sarah o4 

McRae. Sallie ^^ 

W. J 24 

Miller, Mrs. John 22 

Middleton, Maud «» 



Mitchell. Anne C 64 

John's Family 44 

Jno. F 51 

Montague. Family 27 

(iov. And. J 29 

Moore, Benj. and Lucy 23 

Richard 13 

Thaddeus 32 

Moody. Martha 60, 68 

Moreland, Jno. F 71 

Morris. Be!2.i. F 63 

Mosley, Hichard 5.5 

Myddleton, Clifford and Ruth 80 

New, Anthony and Elizabeth 34 

Family 113 

Nesbitt, Jas. H 52 

Newcomb. Benj. C 37 

Niel, Wm. and others; 26 

Oakes, Elizabeth 32 

Orr, Ous. G 46 

OspreA . Sarah 82 

Page, Bvnuni 84 

Richard Mann 92 

William 83 

Pate. Thoroughgood 22 

Palmer. Ophelia 83 

Parker, Fannie 85 

Parrott, Geo 69 

Peacock, Mary 86 

Pearson, Lou and Mrs 22, 23 

Pennington, Fannie 72 

Perrin, Susannah and Fannie 32 

Philpotts, H. Thomton 38 

Pierce, Chas., Mary and Thos 27 

Pollard, Mary B 27 

Poole, A. S. and John 63, 64 

Pope, Matthew 13 

I'on, Sam'l 46 

Pound, Joseph 74 

Pratt, Kath. and others 79, 81 

Pritchett. Wm 77 

Proctor, Jeannie 82 

Puckett, Marian 81 

Purcell, Nelson and others 31 

Ramsav, Tallulah 77 

Reed, A. A. T 69 

Regensburg. Sam'l and others 27 

Reid, Archie 77 

Renfro, Wm. H 88 

Re.vnolds, Lucy 28 

Richards, Emily 79 

Maria L 71 

Rodes, Wm 20 

Robins, Family 104 

Rebecca 34 

Susannah 39 

Robinson, Benj. and others 33 

Emma 67 

Family 103 

Ross, Anna 73 

Walter M 54 

Roy, Janette Carter 29 

Royal, A. R 69 

Rucker, Mary Adele 63 

Rutland, James 81 

Rutlcdge, D. G 51 

Sadler, Martha 47 

Sale, Jno. M. and family 37 

Saunders, Jno. B 29 

Washington 66 

Sawyer. Dr. J. B 83 

Scott, James 45 

Seawell, Mary Lou 33 

Segar, Jane 27 

Shackelford, Alex, and others 43 

John 34 

Shechee. A. B 56 

Thos 36 

Simmons. Emma 74 

Ida 75 

Madge 62 


Sheehee, A. B 56 

Sliepaid, Lizzie 26 

Sliugerland. Isabel 28 

Sinclair, Maud 28 

Small, Arthur 78 

South. Mildred 14 

John and Lawrence 27 

Family 99 

Herbert 22 

Nudham 84 

Needham 84 

Will. H 46. 83 

Sparks, Lucy 22 

Spear, Sallie 63 

Ann 22 

Spencer, Bettie li'S 

Cornelius 86 

Stackhouse, Moody 47 

Stanford, Savannah E 64 

Stanley, Harris M 7V 

Sterling, Richard 40 

Stewart, A. W 86 

Wm. H. and R. A 20 

Stevens. Sallie 4r. 

Eliza 8:. 

Strachey, Famil.y 99 

Stubblefleld, Mary W 25 

Powhatan R 27 

Swaner, Mary 8" 

Sweeny, Darby 2'.''. 

Taliaferro, Family 9'.' 

Margaret 3:. 

Richard and others SI- 

Gen'l Wm. B 92 

Tankersley. H. E. V 72 

Taylor. Eliza 27 

Noah 6T 

Thomas. Irvin S 7; 

Thompson, Sam'l 20 

Tillman, Mary Ann 87 

Tinslev, Mac 28 

Sam'l W 4S 

Tomkies, Cath. and Sarah 28, 2!) 

Tuppe, Martha L 48 

Tucker. Georgia A 71" 

Turner. John D 3;^ 

Tyler. Lewis and others 5T 

Upshur. Ann 5!= 

Talentine, Ed 3;; 

Vinson, Minnie 73, 7(' 

Wadsworth, Betsey 8^ 

Wall, Robt. D 53 

Walden. Margaret 31 

Walker, Esther 20 

Mericott W 54 

Dr. S. A 56 

Wallace, Anna 87 

E. M 82 

Ward. Louisa 48 

Washington, Robt. B 5V, 

Sam'l 32 

Sarah 70 

Webster, Virgie 24 

Weems, Jacob 65 

Wheaton, Wm 77 

White. Benj. A. and Ed 52 

Wiatt, Dr. Wm. G.'s family \ . 28 

Alex. T.'s family I. 29 

Rev. Wm. E . 90 

Wicker, Jas. M . 72 

Thos. J . 71 

Williams. E. A 1. 69 

Wilson Family 61, 6| , 63 

AA'imberly. Laura . I'' 

AA'inter. Lizzie , 5c 

Wood, Henry and Kate . 24 

Mizell G ,-,iS.e 

Woods, Neander M t . ' i 

Wondbridge, Wm. G. W ■ ' 2 

Woodward. Peter and Ann ' ^ 

Young. Jno 1 ,' J