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Full text of "The descendants of John Backhouse, yeoman, of Moss Side, near Yealand Redman, Lancashire"

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3 1833 01179 4655 


OF . 


DIED 1690. 


Anns. — Per saltire or and azure, a saltire engrailed ennine between two roses (of Lancaster) in pale gule; 

barbed and seeded proper, and as many crosses (of Durham) in fesse of the first. 
Crest. — In front of a rock proper thereon an eagle displayed vert, holding in each claw a cross as in the arms, t 

serpent on its back the tail nowed also proper. 
Molio. — Confido in Deo. .' '• .'■''.• ' ' ' • . ■_.. .■ . ^' 


OF y^ ' -'■'•'--. 

OF .... • 






J.. ■ ' ■ 



t^ Uz -rU^ c^^^^.^1 c^-^i^l^/i f^>-rn^ -^'-^ ^-' ^ 

I / 



Portrait Groups 6 

Preface 7.9 

Backhouse of Darlington, chart pedigree ......... 10 

„ „ „ narrative 11 

Backhouse, of Yealand Redman, co. Lane 12 

„ of Hilderstone 16 

Richardson, of Shotley Bridge, &c., chart pedigree 19 

„ „ „ „ narrative 18-22 

Whitwell, of Darlington 23 

Fox, of Grove Hill, Falmouth 25 

Hodgkin, of Darlington 26 

Backhouse, of St. John's, Wolsingham, chart pedigree 28 

11 I) )) » narrative . . . . . . . 27-30 

Broadhead, of Leeds 29 

Bigland 30 

Backhouse, of Sunderland, chart pedigree 32 

„ „ „ narrative 3i-33 

Mounsey, of Sunderland 31-32 

Backhouse, of York, chart pedigree . 35 

„ „ narrative 34-38 

Ecroyd, of Burnley 34 

King, of Manchester and York, chart pedigree 40 

„ „ „ narrative 39-42 

Foster, formerly of North Shields, chart pedigree 43*-44* 

„ „ „ narrative 43-46 

Gumming, of Hilderstone 48 

Pearson, of Poolbank 48-56 

Albright, of Lancaster ............ 49-52 

Kekwick, of Caimforth 52 

Bolton, of Warrington 53-55 

Beakbane, formerly of Lancaster 57-6o 

Taylor, of London 61-63 

Wakefield, of Kendal 64-73 

Cropper 64-69 

Howson 64 

Willink 6s 

Brougham 68 

Jones 69 

Wakefield, of Birklands Kendal, chart pedigree 67 

„ „ „ narrative 69 

Wakefield, of Sedgwick Ho, chart pedigree 72 

„ „ „ narrative 71 

Weston 71 

Bispham, of Yealand Conyers 74 

Wills 75-84 

Index of Matches and Contemporaries, 1894 85-94 



1. Backhouse, OF Darlington- — Jonathan, Jonathan and Hannah, Edmund and Juliet . . . .11 

2. Backhouse, of Darlington — Jonathan E. and Florence, Charles H. and Maude, Edmund T. . 12 

3. MouNSEY, OF Sunderland — John and Lucy, Edward B. and Rachel, Lucy E 14 

4. MouNSEY — Edward and Emily, Thomas, Ada, Elizabeth 16 

5. Backhouse, of Darlington — John and Eliza, Eliza Barclay 18 

6. Richardson — Edward and Gulielma, Thomas, Samuel, Mrs. Fox * 21 

7. Backhouse, of Darlington — John C. and Anna, John Henry, Katharine. 22 

8. Dale, of Darlington — David and Ann, Edward R. Whitwell, James B. Dale .... 23 

9. Fox, of Falmouth — R. Barclay and Jane, Robert and Ellen, Robert B .25 

10. Hodgkin — John and Ann, Jonathan B. and Mary A 26 

11. Backhouse, of Leeds — 'William and Mary, William and Kath. A 27 

12. Backhouse, of Wolsingh.ui — William A., Charles J., Henry, Sarah A. Bowly, Robert 0. . . 28 

13. Backhouse — Fredk. W. and Emily E., Eliza, Ann Eliza Richardson 29 

14. Backhouse, of Sunderland — Edward and Mary, Elizabeth Richardson, Jane Robson ... 30 

15. Backhouse, of Sunderland — Edward and Katherine, Alfred and Rachel 31 

16. Backhouse, of Sunderland — Thomas James and Margaret, Anne, Thomas William ... 32 

17. Backhouse— James E. and Elizabeth, Mary A. and Arthur 33 

18. Ecroyd— William F. and Mary, Edith, Thomas 34 

19. Broadhead — Henry and Elizabeth, William Henr}', Edward, Henrietta Priestman . . . -35 

20. Backhouse, of Penzance — Thomas and Ellen, Charles, Mary Brown 3^ 

21. Backhouse, of York — James, James and Mary, James 38 

22. Backhouse, of Gainforo — Joseph and Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah 39 

23. King, of IiLvnchester — John and Eleanor, John and Fanny 40 

24. King, of York — Henry, Mary, William, Henrietta 4* 

25. Foster — Myles and Ann, Robert and Ann, IMyles Birket 42 

26. Foster — Joseph and Elizabeth, Joseph, Sandys B., Annie Richardson 43 

27. Foster — Robert, Joseph, Dodshon, John H., Birket 45 

28. Aleright — Thomas, Henry, Joseph, Owen, E. C. Backhouse 5° 

29. HowsoN — Dean and Mary, George, Edmund 64 

30. Wakefield, of Kendal — Edward W., William, Thomas, John E., George H 69 

31. Wakefield, of Kendal— William Henry and Augusta, Mary, Jacob, William Henry .... 73 


THIS genealogical record of a prominent Quaker family and its collaterals 
is yet another testimony to the spiritual force and marv^ellous vitality 
of the teaching of George Fox. The history of the house is co-extensive 
with that of the Society of Friends, which was joined by its founder, a simple 
yeoman, one of that class which contributed so largely, in the seventeenth 
century, to the making not only of England, but of the United States of 
America. The spirit of the Pilgrim Fathers in the " Mayflower," and of 
the " Ironsides " on the field of battle, fighting for liberty of conscience, was 
also shown in that of the Friends when, " in their resolute performance of 
duties they conceived imposed upon them," they faced every hardship in the 
sacred cause of toleration. It was reflected in that sturdy yeoman, John 
Backhouse (p. 13), who, in 1661, endured patiently months of imprisonment 
in Lancaster Castle for meeting to worship with other Friends. In 1684 his 
cattle were sold for payment of tithes, and his younger son, James Backhouse 
(p. 14), our ancestor, obtained a place in Friends' " Book of Sufferings," by 
dying a prisoner in the same place and for the same cause in 1697. With 
unflinching persistence the family have adhered to the principles for which 
he died, and have continued to oppose as sturdily, even unto the present day, 
the similar impost of church rates. 

The singular success in commercial enterprise attained by those foreign 
Protestant refugees who fled to our shores " for conscience sake " proves that 
the qualities which drove them into exile stood them in good stead even in 
practical life. And so the sturdy independence of the Friends and their 
stubborn adherence to their principles were carried with success into business 


life, when England, from an agricultural, became a manufacturing countr}^ 
Such names as those of Bright, Forster, Vrf, Gurney, Pease, and other 
Quaker families remind us how prominent a part, in proportion to their 
numbers, the Friends have played, not only in modern commerce, but in 
the Legislature. 

The strenuous belief of Friends in the mission of the evangelist led them 
to seek converts even abroad. Many of our ancestors and their wives became 
public ministers of the Society of Friends, and Iceland and North America 
were visited by William (p. 15), (the son of the martyred James), who died in 
the middle of the last century, and Mauritius, Cape Colony, and Van Dieman's 
Land by James Backhouse (p. 37), of York, 1831-41, as missionaries. 

William Backhouse (p. 15), the first missionary, and the last yeoman of his 
line, left Yealand, the home of his ancestors, removed to Over Kellett about 
1727, becoming, as he tells us in his will, a " dealer in yarn;" -and there he 
died. His son James (p. 17) was the first settler in Darlington, where, together 
with his sons, he carried on the business of flax dresser and linen manu- 
facturer, and established in 1774 the banking house, now a household word 
in the north of England. 

From this date the various members of the family have interested them- 
selves in the principal commercial enterprises in the palatinate. Conspicuous 
among them may be named Jonathan Backhouse (p. 25), of Darlington, silver 
medallist of the Society of Arts, who was a promoter of the Stockton and 
Darlington Railway — the first to carry passengers — and who yet, amongst his 
varied engagements, found time, as did his wife, to travel extensively as 
ministers of the Society of Friends. Another, Thomas Backhouse (p. 34), of 
York, was a prominent director both of railways and of banks ; while his younger 
brother James (p. 37), one of the missionaries referred to, now represented by 
his grandson and namesake, was a well-known York botanist. This recital may 
fittingly close with a reference to the late Edward Backhouse (p. 32), author of 
" Early Church Histor}^" so well known in Sunderland (see " Dictionary of 
National Biography "), and to the present head of the family and of the bank, 
Edmund Backhouse (p. 1 1), who was Darlington's first Member of Parliament, 
1868-74, and 1874-80. 


Nor does this exhaust the roll, for among collaterals is John WakcficKi 
(p. 64), of Kendal, founder of another and equally well-known banking house, 
Wakefields, Crewdsons and Co. ; and a casual glance at the names in the index 
will doubtless recall other triumphs in commerce by many offshoots of tlu; 

The 130 portraits which illustrate this work will lend a hitherto uni(]Uc 
charm to the book, and their appearance in a work of this kind is due in the 
first instance to the acquiescence of T. W. Backhouse (p. 33), of West Hcndoii 
House. ToW. Ecroyd (p. 36), of Lomeshaye, Nelson (editor of " Court Rolls 
of the Honor of Clithcroe," 2 vols.), the family is also indebted for contributing 
much original matter, for revising proofs, and for the pedigrees in the wil!.^' 
volume, which has expanded far beyond its intended limits, and which canncA 
fail to be correspondingly appreciated by the genealogical faculty, though the 
wills are tantalizing to us in their refusal to illustrate the history of this faniiiy 
to any appreciable extent. My hope is, however, that our combined efforts 
will be approved by our kin, and be a fresh encouragement to me in my life- 
long exertions against spurious titles, spurious genealogy, and spurious coat 

It is not a little singular that in the United States, where families arc 
now widely scattered and more difficult to trace than with us, there is infinitely 
more of the family feeling, as exhibited in numerous family histories and 
interesting family gatherings. One may fairly hope that such works as this 
tend to foster here also a wholesome family spirit, an intelligent and rational 
interest in our forefathers. To quote from a well-known writer who has nut 
long passed away: "We shall surely not be the less at home in our own 
generation if we bear in mind that we are the heirs and scholars of the 
generations that went before us, if we now and then stop in our own course 
to thank the memory of those without whom our own course could not have 
been run, if we are ready at every fitting moment to praise ' famous men and 
our fathers that begat us.' " 

Joseph Foster. 
21, Boundary Road, London, N.W., 

March, 1894. - 





"^1 ^ 








aibachijousc, of SDarlington, 

Jojm Backhouse, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman, rpSARAH, daughter of William Jackson, of Vealand Rcdmayne, 
CO. Lane, yeoman, died in 1690. See page 13. by his wife Mabel, heiress of her brother John Carr, of Ridgend, 

I in Manscrgh, born about 1626, died 1706. 

Hannah Back- =r John Cumming, 
HOUSE, bom I of Ililderstone, 
1658, disd 1729- mnr. 16S2, died in 

See page 48, 

Thomas Back-— Alice, daughter 

HOUSE, of Yea 
land Redman, 
born 1661, died 

See page 13. 

Richard IJecke, 
of Wytlimore in 
Westmorlan d, 
mar. 1696, died 

Sarah Back- 
house, born 
1664, mar. 1688, 
died 1697, 1st 


of Yealani 
died 1 7 19. 
See page 14. 

James Backiiouse,=t= Janet, = John 

of Yealand Conyers, I d.-iugliter of RPBINSON, 

born 1668, 
Lancaster Caslle, 
1657 (ist husband). 
See page 14. 

Jolm God- of Yealand, 

salve, of Y a- mar. 1701, 

land Conyers, 2nd hus> 

mar, 1C91. band. 

Nathan HDBBEasTIE=MARy, daughter of Thomas=pJonN Backhouse, of=f=MARGAREr (2nd 

Thornton, "of Caton, Co. Hornby, born 1693, died 
Lane. (J. B.'s 1st wife), mar. | 1739. 
1715, died 1716, 4> 

See page 14. 

See page 14. 

daughter of John and Rulh 
Ayrey, of Kendal, born 
about 1694, mar. 1720, died 

William Backhouse, of=pACNES, daughter of Richard 

Yealand, a minister of the 
Society of Friends, boiii 
1696, died 1761, See page 

Atkinson, of Monk Coniston, 
born in 1697, mar. ia 1720, 
died in 1773, 

James Backhouse, of West Lodge,=r-jAKE, only child of 

Dariiuiitun, flax-dresser and 
manulrcturer, established, the bank 
at Darlin(;ion 1774, born 1721, died 
1798. See page 17. 

Jonathan Iledley, of 
Harlington, born 
1718, at Stock- 
ton 1746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. EliZa- 
lir.iH, daughter of Jonathan ' 
Thornton, of Caton. She died 

1750. „ 't- ^ 
See page 16. 

B I 

Acnes Backhouse, born— John Harrison, of Dar- 
1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. I liiigton, bota 1725, died 
I iSoo. 

See p.ige 39. 

John Lancaster, bora 
1733, died in New Yoik 1775, '"»'• 
'7.^7 Jank, dain;ht<;r of ticonjc 
Dodgson, ol Kc1nl.1l. She died 1703. 

See page 16. 

Jonathan Backhousf, of Darlington, banterjSFANN, 2nd daughter of Ed^yard Pe.ase, of 
bom 1747, 

1774, died 1826. See page 17. I Darlington, born 1746, died there in 1826, 

James Backhouse, of Darlington, banl<er,=pMARY, daughter of Nathan Dcarman, of 
born 1757, mar. 1787, died 1804. See I Thome, Yorks, born 1764, died 24th May, 
p.-ige 34." \1S3S. • 


— Thomas Richard- 
son, of .Sunderland, 

Ei.izABEiH Back 


mar. 1 799, died 

Jonathan, =f Hannah Chap- 

:d 1835. 
See pages 17, iS. 

Ipanker, born 
1779, mar. 
181 1, died 
1842. See 
page 25. 

man, elder daugh- 
ter and co-heir of 
Joseph Gurney, of 
Norwich, died 

T E 
William Back- 
house, of Darling, 
ton, banker, hom 
1779, died 1S44, 
mar. 1806, Mary, 
daughter of John 
Dixon, of Cock- 
field. She died 
1874. A^ . 
See page 27. 

Edward Back- 
house, of Sunder- 
land, banker, born 
r,'8l, died i860, 
mar. 1807, Mary, 
daughter of Ed- 
ward Robson. She 
died i860. 

o ^ 
See page 31. 

John Backhouse, 
ofDarlington, banker, 
married twice, and 
died 17th Aug., 1847. 

See page 22, 

Jane Backhouse, =f=ED\VARD Robson, 

born 1787, mar. 1815, 
died 1873. 

of Darlingto 

Ann Backhouse Rohson, mar. isf to HENRTi 
Whitwell, and 2nd to David Dale. See 
pages, 22, 23. -f 

Iane Gurney EACKH0USE,=yRoiiERT Barclay Fox, 
Dom 1814, mar. 1844, died i860, of Falmouth, died 1855. 


See page 25. .»^ 

1 H 

Anne BACKH0USE,=i=j0HN Hodgkin, of 
born 181S, mar. 1843, Lewes, died in 1875. 
died 1845. 4- 

See page 26. 

Edmund Backhouse, of Darlington,=j=JULlET Mary, elder daughter and 
" ■ " eventuallysolehcirof Charles Fox, 

of Trebali, Cornwall, mar. 1848. 

banker and M.P. i8G8-8o, bom 1824. 
See next page. 

Jonathan Ei.MUND nACKH0USE,=pFL0RK.NCE, daughter of Sir Sarah Juliet, died 1880, 
' " ■■ ... " . . „ . . . ^^^ l&^6, to Horatio K. 

mar. 1871. I>YM, of London. 

of Darlington, banker, bom 1849. (John Salusbury-Trelawny, 
I Bart., 

Charles Hudert Backhouse,=j=Maude Constance, daughter 
of Darlington, banker, bom 1856. 

Millicent Evelyn 
Backhousij, born 

Edmund Trelawny 
Uackhouse, bora 1873. 

Oliver, bora . 
,1876.. » 

KoGER and Miles, 

Juliet Maude, 
born 1S81. 

Hubert Edmund, 
bom 1883. 

Charles Llewellyn, 
bora 1SS4. 





Jonathan Backhouse, 

0/ Darhngton, I7/9-IS4:!- 
S« Page 25. 

^' ;i^-. 

Hannah C. Backhouse, 
See Page 25. 



Jonathan Backhouse, 

Of Darlington, 1747-1826. 
5« P<lj/- 17. 


Edmund Backhouse, 

Of Darlington. 

Mrs Backhouse. 

LAtbAim ■aate.^KUU 

Z^Si, -■^^^^'^M.^l^ ^JJiL^ 'L.j^aa.aa^t Wo ^-^■*i:^-Jt.*:x. ^Z ^aKMaC-'.;to>^..iks^ .u^t^'&^d 


EDMUND BACKHOUSE, of Darlington, banker, J. P. co. Durham, and for York- 
shire (n.r.), M.P. Darlington, 1868-80 (youngest son of Jonathan Backhouse, of 
Darlington, see page 26), born 28th Nov. 1824; married 22nd Sept., 1S48, Juliet Mary, 
elder daughter and eventually sole heir of Charles Fox, of Trebah, Cornwall, and has had 
3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Jonathan Edmund Backhouse, of the Rookery, Middleton Tyas, Richmond, Yorks, 
J. P. (North Riding), born 15th Nov., 1849; married 29th Nov., 1871, Florence, daught<:r 
of Sir John Salusbury-Trelawny, Bart., of Trelawny, Cornwall, and has had 5 sons and a 
daughter : 

(1) Edmund Trelawny Backhouse, postmaster of Merton College, Oxford, 1892, from 
Winchester College, born 20th Oct., 1873. 

(2) Roland Charles Backhouse, born 15th Dec, 1S74, died i8th Dec, 1877. 

(3) Oliver Backhouse, R.N., born 5th June, 1876, 

(4) Roger Roland Charles Backhouse, r.n., born 24th Nov., 1878, twin with 

(5) Miles Roland Charles Backhouse. 

(6) Harriet Jane Backhouse, born 12th March, 1S80. 

(2) Charles Fox Backhouse, died 24th Aug., 1851, aged 2 months. 

(3) Sarah Juliet Backhouse, born 6th Dec, 1852, died i8th Jan., 18S0, having married 
12th Sept., 1876, as ist wife to Horatio Noble Pym, of London, Solicitor (son of Rev. 
William Wollaston Pym, rector of Willian, Herts), his 2nd wife being Jane Hannah 
Backhouse Fox (see page 26). 

(4) Charles Hubert Backhouse, of Ainderby Hall, Yorks, born 22nd Sept., 1856:^ 
married 25th Nov., 1880, Maude Constance (born 4th Feb., 1855), daughter of 
H. Ritchie, Esq., of Ceylon, and has 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Juliet I\Iaude Backhouse, born i8th Oct., 1S81. 

(2) Hubert Edmund Backhouse, born 4th Jan., 1883. 

(3) Charles Llewellyn Backhouse, born 2nd April, 1884. 

(4) Indiana Richeuda Backhouse, born loth July, 1886. 

(5) Millicent Evelyn Backhouse, born 22nd Oct., 1862. 




ROBERT BACKUS, of Yealand, parish of Warton, bond to administer his goods given by Thomas Astley 
and another, circa 1604 (see page 75), probably father of Jane Backhouse, baptized at Warton 27th Feb., 

RICHARD BACKHOUSE, of Yealand Redmayne, parish of Warton. Inventory of his goods taken i6th 
Sept., 1640, by Richard Bacchus and others (see page 75). Richard Backhouse, of Yelland, and 
others, were plaintiffs, versus Edward Holt and others, concerning lands in Yealand, Warton, Coniarse, Over 
Kellet, Szc, and a demesne called Duorslacke, in occupation of Thomas Middleton, of Leighton (see Excliequer 
depositions, Lancashire, 12th Feb., 3 Chas. I., 1627); perhaps baptized at Warton 13th August, 15S3; buried 
there 13th Sept., 1640, was probably father of a daughter; Jane Backhouse, who was a legatee, 1641, under the 
will of John Backhouse, of Warton (see pp. 75, 76), "to Jane Bachus, the late daughter of Richard Bachus, late 
of Yealand Redman, deceased, one lamb"; baptized nth April, 1626. 

RICHARD BACKHOUSE, of Yelland Conyers, co. Lane. Inventory of his goods taken 6th May, 1666. 
Bond dated 6th June, 1667, signed by Anne Backhouse, of Yealand Conyers, and the mark of Robert 
Backhouse (see page 76). 

(1) JOHN BACKHOUSE, of whom presently, was probably nearly related to and even brother of 

(2) Richard Backhouse, of Yelland, parish of Warton, to whom his wife Mary and his son Robert administered 
23rd Dec, 1696 (see page 77). He had a son and probably 2 daughters : 

(1) Robert Backhouse, living 1696; made his will ist Aug., 172S, in which he named his nephew, Robert 
Backhouse, and "the eight children" of his niece Hannah, wife of Joseph Bispham (see page 79). 

(2) Ann Backhouse, buried at Hilderstone, co. Lane, 1676, xi. 2 ; married at William Waithman's house, 
Lindeth, 1672, iii. 19, as 2nd wife to Robert Hubberstie, of Yealand, who died 1706, viii. 12, having had 
by her 2 sons and daughter : 

(1) Nathan Hubberstie, of Yelland, husbandman, born 1673, vii. 6, died 1709, iii. 15; married 1697, 
vi. 17 at her father's house, Mary, daughter of Thomas Thornton, of Deepclough in Littledale. She 
died 1716, v. 23, having re-married 1715, iv. 2, to John, elder son of James Backhouse, of Yealand 
Conyers (see page 14). 

(2) Hannah Hubberstie, born at Yealand 1675, iv. 8, died 1763, vi. i, aged 88; married at Yealand 
i^i '■ 6, to Joseph Bispham, son of John, of Kickersteth, co. Lane, and Mary Bastwell his wife. He 
died 1750, iii. 3, having had 9 children, of whom (see page 74) the eldest surviving son: 

Benjamin Bispham, married at Yelland Conyers 1727, v. 5, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Back- 
house, of Yealand Redman, co. Lane, (see pages 13, 14), and had issue (see page 74). 

(3) Isaac Hubberstie, born 1676, x. 28, buried at Hilderstone 14th proximo. 

(3) Alice Backhouse, died a widow at Over Kellet 1727, ix. i ; married at Yelland 1676, iv. 4, to William 
Hugginson, of Yelland, who died 1707, viii. i or 19. 














' \ 




J /_. 

Jonathan E Backhouse. 
S« Page 11. 


Mrs. J. E. Backhouse 

; ^-f"\ 


Edmund T. Backhouse. 


K 'I 

Charles H Backhouse. 
Ser Piicc II. 

[ 12 ] 

Mrs. Charles H. Backhouse. 

BachJiouse of TcaL-md Rcdma?i. 

JOHN BACKHOUSE/ of I\Ioss Side, near Yealand Redman, co. Lane, yeoman, 
joined the Society of Friends at an early period in its history, for according- to Besse's 
"Sufferings of Friends" he and other friends were taken from their meeting for worship 
at Yealand in ist month (March), 1660 — confined in Lancaster Castle imtil the summer of 
1661, and set at liberty without examination, and for refusing to pay tithes his cattle were 
sold in 16S4 (see Besses "Sufferings," i. pp. 307, 488, 4S9, etc.); married, about 1650, 
Sarah, only daughter of Wfiliam Jackson, of Yealand Redmayne (by his wife, Mabel Carr,' 
heir of her brother, John Carr, of Ridgend in Mansergh) ; he died at Yealand, and was 
buried at Hilderstone, near Yealand, 1690, iii. 9. Made his will 10 April, 1690, proved 
29 I\Lay following, inventory dated 14th same month (see page jj). His wife Sarah adopted 
Friends' principles when 27 years of age, through the preaching of Geo. Fox himself in 
1653, and became a public minister of that society (" Piety Promoted," vol. i.) ; she died 
1 706, V. 30, having had 4 sons and 2 daughters, all bom at Yealand Redman : 
'(1) John Backhouse, born 1656, vi. 16, died 1657, iii. 30, buried 31st. 

(2) James Backhouse, died at Yealand 1657, iii. 29. 

(3) Hannah Backhouse, born 1658, viii. 28, died at Hilderstone 1729, iv. 8; married 
at Richard Lancaster's house, Yelland, 1682, iii. 24, to John, son of Edward Camming, of 
Hilderstone, where he died 1697, xi. 28, having had 2 sons and 3 daughters (see page 48). 

(4) Thomas Backhouse, of Yealand Redman, co. Lane, yeoman, born there 1661, vii. 
17, and died 1729, iii. 22; made his will 20th May, 1729, proved ist October following 
(see pages 78, 79) ; married at Lambrigge 1696, ix. 16, Alice, daughter of Richard 
Becke, of Wythmore, in Westmorland, she was born 167 1, vi. 8, and buried 1700, iv. 11, 
having had a son and daughter : 

(1) John Backhouse (1729), of Hilderstone, yeoman, born 1698, v. 26 ; died 4th 
May, 1779, aged 80, buried at Yealland ; made his will 26th Dec, 1763, proved 
19th June, 1779 (see page 81) ; devised all his property to his cousin, John Cumming, 
whose daughter Hannah conveyed Hilderstone by marriage to the father of the 
present owner (see page 16). 

(2) Sarah Backhouse (1729), born at Beckhouses in Grayrigg 1700, iv. 29 ; buried 1731, 

' John Backhouse, yeoman, of Yealand Redmayne, by indenture dated 20 July, iS Chas. II., i656, 
purchased from Christopher Robinson, of Yealand Redmayne, a close of land called Thrygili end close, 
containing 3J roods, and also a parcel containing \ rood, rent i/. 

John Backhouse, of Yealand Redmayne, co. Lane, one of the customary tenants of the manor of Yelland, 
Avas admitted tenant of 4! acres of land in Yelland Redmayne, of his own purchase from Thos. Mason, of 
M'arton. Yearly rent 5/8. Fine 45/4 at a court held 13 April, 1669. 

John Backhouse appeared among the tenants of Yelland Redmayne at a Court Baron for the manor of 
Yelland, held at Yelland Storrs, 20 June, 34 Chas. II., 16S2. 

' Mabel Jackson, John Backhouse, and William Hugginson, of Yealand, in the p.arish of Warton, by deed 
3ated 20 Feb., 1663, were bound to the Rev. Joseph Cradock in the sum of ;iCioo 'o perform the last will of 
John Carr, brother of the said Mabel Jackson, whose only daughter Sarah was wife of the said John Backhouse. 


Backhouse of Tealand Conyers. 

vii. 20 (or viii. 29) ; married at Yclland Conyers 1727, v. 5, to Benjamin, son of Joseph, 
of Yelland Conyers (see page 12), and had at least 3 sons and a daugluer (see page 74). 

(5) Sarah Backhouse, born 1664, xi. 4, died 1697, iv. 9; married at Richard Lancaster's 
house at Yelland 16SS, xi. 4, as ist wife to George (son of George) Robinson, of Yealand 
Conyers, who died 17 19, viii. (or ix.) 6, having had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Sarah Robinson, born 1691, vi. 3 or 13, probably died 1723, ii. 25. 

(2) George Robinson, of Yelland Conyers, co. Lane, born 1693, v. 30, probably 
died 1756, xii. i, then of Cathouse (? Colthouse) ; married ist at Lancaster 172^, 
i. 1 1, Elizabeth, daughter of John Yeats, of Lancaster, schoolmaster ; she died 1727, ii. 
24. He married 2ndlyat Swarthmore 1731, iii. 1 1, Agnes Hest, of Ulverston, milliner. 

(3) Thomas Robinson, born 1695, i. 6, died 1696, ii. 25. 

(4) John Robinson, died 1697, vi, 9. 

(6) JAMES BACKHOUSE, next mentioned. 

JAMES BACKHOUSE, of Yealand Conyers, yeoman, born there 1668, xi. 24; 
committed to Lancaster Castle at the suit of the Dean and Chapter of Worcester, on a 
plea " de excotinmuiicatiojie capieiidae," for refusal to pay tithes, and to " answer his libel " 
on oath in the Bishop's Court, and died "a prisoner" in the Castle 1697, iv. 13, 
aged 29 (see "Piety Promoted," vol. i.) ; his will dated 3rd May, 1697 (see page 
78). He married at Yealand Conyers (in Robert Hubbersty's house) 1691, xi. 14, 
Janet, daughter of John Godsalve, of Yealand Conyers (she re-married 1 701, vii. 10, to 
John Robinson, of Yealand), and had 2 sons and a daughter, all born at Yealand : 
(1) John Backhouse, of Hornby, co. Lane, yeoman, born 169I, xii. 27, died at Hornby 
1739, xii. 6, buried at Yelland; made his will 19th Nov., 1739, proved 15th Dec, 
1740 (see page 80); married ist, 1715, iv. 2, Mary, widow of Nathan Hubberstie, 
and daughter of Thomas Thornton of Caton, co. Lane; she died 17 16, v. 23, 
leaving a daughter, (1) Elizabeth, born 1716, v. 11, who died, 1720, xi. 21. He 
(J. B.) married 2ndly at Shapp, 1720, i. 2, Margaret, daughter of Ruth Ayrey, of Kendal 
(widow of John " Arey," of Shapp) ; she died nth July, 1772, aged 78, having had 2 
sons and 3 daughters : 

(2) Mary Backhouse, born 1722, viii. 20; married at Yealand Conyers 1741, ix. 8, to 
James Metcalfe, of Bainbridge, Yorks, mercer (son of Alexander, of Marset, Yorks) ; 
he was born 1716, i. x.,and had 5 sons : 

(1) John Metcalfe, of Gray's Inn, porter. 

(2) Alexander Metcalfe, of Counlriside in Wensleydale, cordwainer. 

(3) James Metcalfe, of Westhouse, in parish of Thornton-in-Craven, collier, 
married Ellen. 

(4) Thomas Metcalfe, of Fleet Street, Bethnal Green, cotton manufacturer. 

(5) Francis Metcalfe, of Preston, chaise driver. 


, r^ 

V : -T\ 




\\ \ 


V ^^t^ 

John Mounsev 

See Page 31. 

Mrs. John Mounsev. 


Lucy E Molnsey 

[ M I 


Edward B. Mounsey 
See Page 31. 

Mrs Edward B. Mounsey 

Backhouse of Over Kellett. 

(3) James Ayrey Backhouse, born 1725, ix. 10, died young. 

(4) Ruth Backhouse, bom 1727, xii. 26, died 1733, ii. 17. 

(5) John Backhouse, born 1729, i. 25, drowned 1753, vi. 2, in Windermere, ingoing 
to Yealand meeting. 

(6) ISIargaret Backhouse, born 1731, xi. 12, died 29th November, 181 7, aged 86, 
then of Kirkland, Westmorland; married to her cousin, John Braitliwaite, of M islet, 
yeoman,' (only son of Richard, of IMislet in Windermere, and his wife Mar)', youngest 
daughter of John Airey, of Shap) ; he was born 1730, iii. 20, and died nth March, 
1792, aged 62, having had 4 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Airey Braithwaite, of Lancaster, surgeon, the propounder of the once 
well-known medical preparation, "the black drop," died s.p. in Lancaster, 12th 
March, 1810, aged 57; married at Bishop Auckland, 20th June, 1796, Sarah, 
only child of Samuel Bewley, of Goundou, co. Durham (by his wife Frances 
Dodshon, grand-daughter of Thomas Forster, of Hawthorne, co. Durham); she 
died 24th May, 1830. 

(2) Richard Braithwaite, of Kendal, ironmonger, married Emma Copeland, and 
had an only daughter : 

(1) Emma Braithwaite, born 2Sth Dec, 1784; married thrice : ist to 

Harrison, of Kirby Stephen, and lastly to Broster. 

(3) Mary Braithwaite, married to Richard Cookson, of Kendal. 

(4) Margaret Braithwaite, of Mislet, died i6th Feb., 1825, aged 59. 

(5) James Braithwaite, of Kirkland, died 14th Sept., 1806, aged 37. 

(6) Thomas Braithwaite, of Kirkland in Westmorland, died i8th Feb., 1822, 
aged 49, married Jane Bindloss, and had a daughter Hannah, of Kendal. 

(2) Sarah Backhouse, born 1694, v. 6, died 1699, vi. 30. 

(3) WILLIAxM BACKHOUSE, next mentioned. 

WILLIAM BACKHOUSE, of Yealand, yeoman (1720), removed to Over Kellet 
about 1727, became a dealer in yarn, "40 years" aminister of the Society of Friends, 
and in that capacity visited Iceland and North America (see " Piety Promoted," vol. ii.) ; 
born at Yealand, i69f, i. 13, died at Kellet 1761, v. 21 ; made his will 6th March, 1761, 
proved 6th June following (see page 80) ; married at Colthouse 1720, iv. 21, Agnes, grand- 
daughter of Richard Atkinson, of Monk Coniston, and dau. of William Atkinson, of Low 
Wray, near Hawkshead (by his wife Sarah, daughter of Reginald Walker, of Fell Foot. 
Little Langdale); she was born 1697, xii. 4, and died 28th Nov., 1773, buried ist Dec, 
having had 6 sons and 7 daughters : 

(1) JAMES BACKHOUSE, of whom see page 17. 

(2) William Backhouse, sometime of New York, born at Yealand 1724, iii. 24, died in 
' Another pedigree erroneously styles him Thomas Braithwaite, of Kendal, son of Richard, of Mislet. 


Backhouse- of Hlldcrstonc. 

Nev/ York, 25th Aucjust, 1792; married at Whitby 1749, x. 5, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Jonathan Thornton, of Caton, co. Lane, (by his wife Margaret Birl<.et) ; she died there 
1750, vii. 23, leaving a son : 

Thomas Backhouse, of West Lodge, Darlington, sometime chairman of Lloyd's, 
born at Lancaster 1750, vii. 14, died at Seaton Carew 5th Oct., 1824; married 
nth Sept., 1792, Sarah, daughter of John and Susannah Goad, of London, she died 
at Forest Hill 26th ALarch, 1S05, aged 35, having had 2 sons : 

(1) John Goad Backhouse, born loth July, 1793, died 5th Aug. following. 

(2) William Backhouse, born 14th Sept., 1794, died 2nd Oct. following. 

(3) Sarah Backhouse, born at Yealand 1726, vi. 31, died unmarried at Kellet 1766, xi. i. 

(4) Jane Backhouse, born at Kellet 172S, vii. i, died at Kendal 1742, xii. — . 

(5) Agnes Backhouse, born at Kellet 1730, viii. 14, died 25th March, 1797; married at 
Darlington 1764, ix. 13, to John Harrison, of Darlington (son of Richard and Mary 
Harrison, of Burton, near Barnsley) ; he was born 1725, iv. 20, and died at Darlington 
29th Jan., 1800, having had, a son, and 2 daughters (see page 39). 

(6) John Backhouse, of Lancaster, merchant, born at Kellet 1733, i. 30, died in New York 
31st Jan., 1775 ; he married at Kellet 1757, i. 3, Jane, daughter of George and Elizabeth 
Dodgson, of Kendal; she died at Lancaster 1763, i. 5; administration at^ Lancaster 
1 8th Feb. following (see page 81) ; having had 2 sons : 

(1) William Backhouse, born 1758, ii. 13, buried 1763, ii. 28. 

(2) George Backhouse, of Kendal, ironmonger and stamp distributor, born 1760, iii. 9, 
died 23rd October, 1S30; married at Yealand 4th January, 1S04, to his 3rd cousin, 
Hannah, daughter of John Gumming, of Hllderstone, parish of Warton, co. Lane, 

■ and eventually sole heir of her brother Edward (see page 48) ; she died at Kendal 
18th Sept., 1842, aged 74, having had a son and daughter : 

(1) Hannah Backhouse, born i6th Feb., 1S05, died unmarried, at Hilderstone, 
15th Nov., 1865, aged 60. 

(2) John Backhouse, of Hilderstone, born 21st Jan., 1808, died there 15th April, 
1879; buried in Burton church; married at Warton nth May, 1854, Mary, 
daughter of William Titterington, of Yealand Redmayne, and had a son and 4 
daughters : 

(1) Edward Gumming Backhouse, of Hilderstone, born at Burton in 
. ' Kendal, 29th Aug., 1855 ; married there, 23rd Nov., 1882, Harriet, daughter 

of William Stagg, of Manor House, Burton; she died 5 December, 1S83, 
having had a daughter : 

(1) Hilda Gumming Backhouse, born 25th Nov., 1883. 

(2) Mary Ann Backhouse, born at Priest Hutton, 31st Aug., 1858 ; married 
8th. March, 1883, to Thomas Rauthmell, of Brooke House, Holme, West- 
morland, and has a son and 3 daughters : 





Edward Mounsey 
Sci Page 33. 




Emily Moun: 
F:rs( u'l/f, </i.<( 



\ -^^ 

Thomas E. Moussey 

^ r 


Ada M Molnsey. 

Elizabeth L Mounsey. 

[ 16 ] 

Backhouse of T)arlingto?2. 

(1) Ethel Mary Rauthmell, born 28th Feb., 1SS4. 

(2) John Rauthmell. 

- (3) Margaret Isabella Rauthmell. 

(4) Edith Maud Rauthmell. 

(3) Susannah Backhouse, born at Priest Hutton nth Dec., 1S60; married 
21 Dec, 1886, to Charles Hawkins Copley Woodhead, l.r.c.p., l.k.c.s. 

- • ■ Edinb., of Gordon Bank, Luddenden Foot, and has a daughter : 

Doris Agatha Backhouse Woodhead, born 6th Nov., 18S7. 

(4) Louisa Jane Backhouse, born at Priest Hutton 27th Dec, 1S64, died at 
Hilderstone 26th INIay, 1882, buried in Burton church. 

(5) Adelaide Katura Teresa Backhouse, born at Hilderstone 7th Feb., 
1867, died at Blackpool 5th May, 1891 ; married 21st March, 1SS5, to 
Richard V^ivlan Grattan, and had 3 children, who died in infancy. 

(7) Thomas Backhouse, of Darlington, born 1736, vi. i (or iii, 21), died unmarried ::t 
Darlington, ist Sept., 1792. 

(8) James and (9) John, both died young, ^ 

(10) Dorothy Backhouse, of Lancaster, born at Kellet 1740 x. 1%, died at Lancaster 
27th Nov. 1829. 

(11) Mar)-, (12) Margaret, and (13) Ruth, all died young. 

JAMES BACKHOUSE, of West Lodge, Darlington, flax dresser and linen manufac- 
turer, and, in conjunction with his sons, established the bank at Darlington in 1774 
(eldest son of William, see page 15) ; born at Yealand 172Q, i. 22, died at Darlington ist 
April, 1798 ; married at Stockton 1746, ii. 8, Jane, only child of Jonathan Hedley, of Dar- 
lington ; she was born there 171 8, xii. 27, and died 27th May, 1805, having had 2 sons : 

(1) JONATHAN BACKHOUSE, of whom see below. 

(2) James Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, born there 1757, vi. 29, died there iSth Dec. 
1804; married 8th June, 1787, Mary, daughter of Nathan Dearman, of Thorne, after uf 
Pindar Oaks, Darfield, Yorks ; she died at York 24th May, 1838, aged 74, having had 4 
sons and 6 daughters (see page 34). 

JONATHAN BACKHOUSE, of Darlington, banker, carried on the business of tlax 
dressing and linen manufacture, born at Darlington 1747, x. 13, died at West Loc'gc. 
Darlington, nth Nov., 1826; married 12th I\Iay, 1774, Ann, 2nd daughter of Edwaril 
Pease, of Darlington (by his wife Elizabeth Coates) ; she was born 1746, ii. 25, and 
died 3rd Jan., 1826, having had 6 sons and 4 daughters, all born at Darlington : 

(1) William Backhouse, born 15th Feb., 1775, died 19th Jan., 1779. 

(2) Jane Backhouse, born at Darlington 27th March, 1776, died 13th March, 17S6. 

(3) Elizabeth Backhouse, born at Darlington. 12th Sept., 1777, and died 2nd ^Larch, 1S43 ; 

[17] <= 

Richardson of Shot ley, co, Durham. 

married I7tli Oct., 1799, to Thomas Richardson, of Sunderland (son of Thomas and 
Frances) ; he died there 29th Oct., 1S35, having had 5 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Richardson, of Shotley Bridge, born at Sunderland 25th July, iSoo, died 
at Shotley Bridge 2nd April, 1S72. 

(2) Frances Richardson, died iSoi, a twin with 

(3) Ann Richardson, born at Sunderland 2Sth Nov., 1801, died 14th Dec. following. 

(4) Jonathan Richardson, managing director of the Northumberland and Durham 
District Bank, founder of the Derwent, now the Consett, Iron Company, born i6th 

" , Nov., 1802 ; married 12th July, 1S27, Ann, daughter of Edward Robson, of Darlington, 
and died at Woodlands 25th Dec, 1871, having had 2 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Jonathan Backhouse Richardson, of Shotley Lodge, co. Durham, born 2Sth 
■ April, 182S, died 29th May, 1S92 ; married i6th May, 1S50, Rachel, daughter of 

John Robinson Waite, Esq., of Stoke Newington (by Sarah Pryor, his wife), and 
had 5 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Jonathan Richardson, born 17th May, 1851 ; married June, 1873, 
Elizabeth, daughter of H. Grainger, Esq., of Westminster. 

(2) Charles Richardson, born 4th May, 1852 ; married gth May, 1S81, Mai, 
eldest daughter of J. W. Shiell, Esq., of Chester-Ie-Street, co. Durham. 

(3) Henry Edward Richardson, born ist June, 1853. 

(4) Edmund Louis Richardson, born iSth Oct., 1854, died i6th April, 1865. 

(5) Amelia Florence Richardson, born nth Oct., 1855; married 26th Jan., 
1880, to Edward Harrington Hudson, Esq., who died 1891. 

(6) Thomas Walter Richardson, born loth Feb., 1S57. 

(7) Marion Richardson, born lOth May, 1858; married r4th Dec, 1891, to 
Sherlock Vignoles Willis, major, retired, late Royal Scots and Suffolk Regts. 

(8) Annie Richardson, born 1859, and died same year. 

(9) Isabella Richardson, born 12th Feb., 1861, married 4th Dec, 1893, to 
Dalr)'mple James Belgrave, barrister-at-law. Inner Temple, 1876, 2nd son 
of late Thomas of Kilworth, co. Leicester, Commander R.N. 

(10) Amy Erlinda Richardson, born 23rd Oct., 1864. 

(11) Anne Richardson, born 2nd April, 1866. 

(2) Lucy Ann Richardson, born at Newcastle 24th Dec, 1829; married at 
Shotley Bridge 28th July, 1S52, to Jonathan Priestman, of Derwent Lodge, Shotley 
Bridge, J. P., sometime a managing director of the Consett Iron Company, born 
15th Dec, 1825, and died 21st Dec, 1888, having had 2 sons and 4 daughters, all 
born at Shotley Bridge : 

(1) Frances Priestman, born 24th f^Iarch, 1854; married at Shotley Bridge, 
. 4th May, 1880, to Joseph Pumphrey, of that place, and has 2 sons and 2 

daughters, all born there : 




John Backhouse 


Eliza, first wife of 

r V 

Eliza Bakclay 

Daughter of 'John Backhouse. 

BachJwuse of Darli?icrton. 

-U T.„ ,.9,q, 

r. Siiicll. 

ily, 1 88 1. 



at I'silinfo 
17CS. See 

4th IMay, 
i Peile, of 

, to Rev. 

born 17 

,9, to Rev, 
13, Rector 

o Stratton 

mt\)axhson, of S)!)otlep» 

John Backhouse, of Moss-side near Ye.ihnd Redman, =jpSARAn, daughter of WiUiam Jaclcson, of Ycaland Redmaytie, 
ca Lane., yeoraan, died in 1690. Sec page 13. by his wife Mabel, heiress of her brother John Carr, of Ridgcnd, 

in Mar 

Mansergh, born about 1626, died 1706. 

Hannah Back-^John Cummino, 
HOUbi, bom I of Hilderstone, 

1658, died 1729. mar. 16S2, died in 
I 1697. 

See page 48. 

Thomas Back->^, daughter 

E, of Yea- 
land Kedman, 
born 1661, died 

of Wytlimore in 
mar. 1696, died 

Sarah Back-= 

1664, mar. 16SS, 
died 1697, 1st 

of Yealand 
C o n y e r s, 
died 1719. 

Jamrs Backhouse,"^ Janet, .= John 

See page 14. 

of Yealand Conyers, 
born 16OS, died in 
Lancaster Castle, 
1697 (1st husband). 
See page 14. 

daughter of RoBiNsow, 

John God- 
salve, of Yea- 
land Conyers, 
mar. 1691. 

of Yealand, 
mar. 1701, 
2nd bus- 

Nathan HnBl)ERSTIE=MARY, daughter of ThomasT=ToHN Backhouse, of=T=MAKGARET (2nd 
Thornton, of Caton, co. Ilornby, born 1693, died 
Lanc.(J.B.'s 1st wile), mar. | 1739. 
1715, diiid 1716. ^ 

See page 14. 

See page 14. 

daughter of John and Ruth 
Ayrcy, of Kendal, born 
about 1694, mar. 1720, died 

William Backhouse, of= 
Yealand, a minister of the 
Society of Friends, boro 
1696, died 1761. See page 

Acmes, daughter of Richard 
Atkinson, of Monk Conislon, 
born in 1697, mar. in 1720, 
died in 1773. 

Tames Backhouse, of West Lodge,- 
Darlington, flax-dresser and linen 
inanu'acturer, established the bank 
at Dailintr'on 1774, born 172I, died 
J7r,S. See p.ige 17. 

Jane, only cliild of 
Jonathan Iledley, of 
Liarlinqtou, born 
171S, mar. at Stock- 
ton 1746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. Eliza- 
liETH, daughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, c'f Caton. She died 
1750. ^ 

See page 16. 

John Harrison, of Dar- 

B I 

Agnes Backhouse, 

1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. i lington, bom 1725, died 
I 1800. 

See page 39. ^ 

John BACKHOUSE,of Lancaster, bom 
1733. died in New York 177S, mar. 
'757 Jane, daughter ol George 
Dodgson, of Kendal. Shi died 17O3. 

See page 16. 

Jonathan Backhouse, of Darlington, banker,=pANN, 2nd daughter of Edward Pease, of 
bom 1747, mar. 1774, died 1826. See page 17. I Darlington, born 1746, died there in 1826. 

James Backhouse, of Darlington, banker,=pMAliY, daughter of Nathan Dearman, of 
born 1757, mar. 1787, died 1804. See Thome, Yorks, bom 17C4, died 24th May, 
page 34. I 1838. 

Eliwbetii BACK-=pTii0MAS Richard 

HOUSE, bora 1777, 
mar. 1 799, died 

SON, of Sunderland, 
died 1835, 

Jonathan, = 
banker, born 
1779, mar. 

Hannah Chap- 
MAN, elder daugh- 
ter and co-heir of 
Joseph Gurney, of 
Norwich, died 

See page 25. 

William Back- 
house, ofDarling- 
ton, banker, born 
1779, died 1844, 
mar. i8o6, Mary, 
daughter of John 
\Dixon, of Cock- 
field. She died 
1874. 4. 

See page 27. 

ED'A'ARiy Back- 
house, of Sunder, 
land, banker, born 
1781, died i860, 
mar. 1807, Mary, 
daughter of Ed- 
waiil Robson. She 
died 1S60. 

. -^ • 
See page 31. 

John Backhouse, 
ofDarlington, banker, 
married twice, and 
died 17th Aug., 1 847. 

See page 22. 

Jane Backhouse, = 
born 1787, mar. 1815, 
died 1873. 

=Edward Robson, 
of Darlington, died 
18 1 9. 

Ann Backhouse Robson, mar. 1st to Henry 
Whitwell, and 2nd to Davio Dale. See 
pages, 22, 23. ^ 

Jonathan Richardson, founder of the 
Der«ent, now the Consett Iron Company, 
bora 1802, died 1S71. See page 18. 

Ann, daughter of EuwARD RoiisoN, of 
Darlington, m:)r. I2lh July, 1827. 

Edward Richardson, bom 1810, mar.=FGuLiELMA, daughter of Samuel Tukf, 
1843, died 18S6. See page 21. | of York, died 1S88, 

Jonathan Backhouse; 
Richardson, of Sholley 
Lodge, CO. Durham, bom 
182S, mar. 1S50, died 
1892. Seepage 18. 

Rachel, dau. 
of John R. 
Waite, of 

Lucy Ann= 
born 1829, 
mar. 1852. See 
p.ige 18. 

Jonathan Priestman, 
of Shotley Bridge, born 
1825, died 18S8. 

Elizabeth FRANCES=r=GEORGE Peile, 

Richardson, born 
1835, mar. 1857. Sec 
page 20. 

of Greenwood, 
Sholley Bridge. 

Amelia Rtchar0son,= 
born 1837, mar. 1859. 
See page 20. 

Rev. Robert George 
Willis, B.A., Oxon., 
rector of Goodmaiiham, 
Yorks, 1881. 

Tosatban R., 
bom 185T, mar. 

Henry E. R., 

Thomas W. R., 

bom 1853. 

bom 1857. 


Amelia F. R., 

Marion R., 


mar. 1880, Edw. 

mar. 1891 to 

Cl!ARr.-3 R., 

H. Hudson, 

Maior Willis. 

UzT. list:, mar. 

why died 1891. 


IIai SlilKLU 

born ISOI. 
Amy K. R., 

bom i8f.4. 
ANNr- R., born 

Frances P., mar. Francis P., 

iSSo.JosErHPuM- bom 1855, 

niUEY, of Shotley mar. 1883, 

Bridge. ■ Cf.cilia M., 

^ daughter of 

See page 18. Dr. Sihei-L. 

See page 20. 

Lucy, born Mary P., born 1859, 

1859. mar. 1892, to Rev. 

Lewis, born A. G. Braund. 

1863. Helen, born 1S60. 

Katharine, Frances, born iS6r. 

bom 1872. Geo. Henry, bom 


KvAi.EENjLom 1S74, 

.Mary W., mar. 1880, 
to Stratton C. 
Knott, and has 
three children. 
Ann, born 1S61. 
Amelia, bom 1863. 
Robert, bom 1864. 

Frances, born 1865. 
Evelyn, boro 1S67. 
William, born 1S69. 
ALict M., b. i8;o. 

Thomas R., bom 

Hrien, bora 1874. 
Edward, bo:n 1S76. 
Agnf.s .M.,t<im iS7«. 
No.NARnn, t. liSi. 

Backhouse of Darli?tcrton. 

(1) Charles Ernest Pumphrey, born 29th Jan., iSSi. 

(2) Letticc Margaret Pumphrey, born 14th Nov., 1SS4. 

(3) Dorothy Frances Pumphrey, born«2ist Oct., iSSS. 

(4) John Laurence Pumphrey, born 27th April, 1S91. 

(2) Francis Priestman, of Der^vent Hill, Ebchester, J. P., born 25th August, 
1S55; married 29th August, 1SS3, Cecilia Marguerite, daughter of Dr. Shicll,' 
of Chester-le-Strcet, and has had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Faith Hadwen Priestman, born Sth July, 1S86. 

(2) Francis Noel Priestman, born 9th and died 12th Jan., 1890. 

(3) Jonathan Lee Priestman, born 30th Jan., 1S92. 

(3) Rachel Elizabeth Priestman, born 25th Jan., 1S57, died 19th July, 18S1. 

(4) Lucy Priestman, born 6th INIarch, 1859. 

(5) Lewis Priestman, born 22nd Dec, 1863. 

(6) Katharine Priestman, born 4th July, 1S72. 

(3) Thomas Richardson, of the Briar^^, Shotley Bridge, born 6th Feb., 1832, 
died s.p. 8th Jan., 1S77; married 3rd Jan., 1861, Catherine Marion, daughter of 
John Renton, j\LD., of Shotley Bridge. 

(4) Elizabeth Frances Richardson, born 21st Jan., 1S35; married 14th May, 
1857, to George Peile, of Greenwood, Shotley Bridge (son of George Peile, of 
Whitehaven), and has had 2 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) George Peile, born 27th Feb., and died 15th March, 1858. 

(2) Mary Peile, born 15th Feb., 1859; married 12th Jan., 1S92, to Rev. 
Arthur George Braund, M.A. from Downing Coll., Camb., 1SS9. 

(3) Helen Peile, born 2nd Feb., i860. 

(4) Frances Peile, born 12th Aug., 1861. 

(5) Henry Peile, born i Sth July, 1862. 

(6) Evelyn Peile, born 29th Aug., 1864, and died 20th Feb., 1880. 

(5) Amelia Richardson, born 24th Feb., 1837; married 15th July, 1859, to Rev. 
Robert George Willis, B.A. from Magdalen College, Oxford, 1853, Rector 
of Goodmanham, Yorks, 18S1, and has 5 sons and 9 daughters : 

(1) Mary Willis, born 5th June, i860; married isfjuly, 1880, to Stratton 
Collings Knott, Esq., and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Stratton Clark Knott, born 14th April, 1881. 

(2) Frances Mary Knott, born 17th March, 1884. 

(3) Ellis Anthony Fermor Knott, born 7th Jan., 1886. 

(2) Ann Willis, born 14th Sept., 1861. 

(3) Amelia Willis, born 13th Feb., 1863. 

(4) Robert Willis, born 5th July, 1864. 

(5) Frances Willis, born 30th Sept., 1865. 



■'Ah'/ \ 




Edward Richardson 

Mrs. Edward Richardson 


Mrs C a Fox. 


Thomas F. Richakuso.^ 

Samuel T Richardson 

21 ] 

Richardson. — Fox. 

(6) Evelyn Willis, born 12th Oct., 1S67. 

(7) William Willis, born 31st Oct., 1S69. 

(8) Alice Marion Willis, born 26th Dec, 1S70. 

(9) Thomas Richardson Willis, born 3rd March, 1S73. 

(10) Helen Willis, born loth Sept., 1S74. 

(11) Edward Willis (twin with Agnes Maude), born 28th Dec, 1S76. 

(12) Agnes I\Iaude (twin with Edward), born 2Sth Dec, 1S76. 

(13) Reginald Willis, born loth May, 1879. 

(14) Nona Ruth Willis, born 4th June, 1881. 

(6) Priscilla Hunter Richardson, born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 23rd Jan., 1842, 
died 25th April, 1843. 

(5) James Richardson, born at Sunderland 27th April, 1805, died 31st March, 1S07. 

(6) Sarah Richardson, born 5th July, 1807, died 13th May, 1870. 

(7) Edward Richardson, of Hendon, Torquay, born at Sunderland 26th Feb., 18 10, 
died at Torquay 7th June, 18S6 ; married at York 12th Dec, 1843, Gulielma, 
daughter of Samuel Tuke, of York ; she died at Plymouth ist Feb., 18SS, having had 
4 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Edward Richardson, Secretary H.M. Prisons Department, New 
Zealand, born at Sunderland 6th Oct., 1S44. 

(2) Samuel Tuke Richardson, born at Sunderland loth July, 1846; married at 
York ist l\Iay, 1S90, Eleanor Wilson, daughter of Henry Ponsonby, of 

(3) Gulielma Maria Richardson, born at Sunderland 28th Feb., 1848 ; married 
at Torquay 3rd Sept., 1874, to Charles Alfred Fox, of W^idey Court, Plymouth, 
and has had 4 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Alice Gulielma Fox, born 9th Oct., 1875, died 20th Aug., 1876. 

(2) Charles Reginald Fox, born i6th Aug., 1877. 

(3) Gerald Edward Fox, born 4th Nov., 1878, died 30th March, 1879. 

(4) Violet Marion Fox, born 19th March, 1880. 

(5) Maude Geraldine Fox, born 9th March, 1882, 

(6) Harold Richardson Fox, born 27th May, 1884. 

(7) Edward Bonvile Fox, born i6th Jan., 1886. 

(8) Ethel Gladys Fox, born 26th Sept., 1888. 

(4) Priscilla Hack Richardson, born at Whickham, co, Durham, August, 1S50. 

(5) Elizabeth Richardson, born at Shotley Bridge April, 1852, died Nov., 1858. 
(G) Henry James Richardson, born at Torquay 12th Dec, 1855 ; married at 
Exmouth 6th Dec, 1888, Marianne Ramsay Ewart, and has a daughter: 

Gulielma Ewart Richardson, born at Taunton 30th Nov., 1S90. 

(7) Arthur Richardson (Dr.), born at Torquay September, 1S57. 


Backhouse of DarIi?iirto?i. 

(8) William Backhouse Richardson, born at Sunderland iSth Sept., iSii, died 25lh 
March, 1812. 

(9) Elizabeth Richardson, born 22nd Jan., 1813, died ^./. 3rd March, 1878; married 
4th Dec, 1850, as 2nd wife to Edwin Octavius Tregelles, Esq., of Derwent Hill, 
Shotley Bridge, who was born at Falmouth 19th October, 1806, married firstly in 
1832 Jenepher (daughter of Abraham Fisher, of Youghal), and died at Neithrop, 
Banbury, i6th September, 1SS6. 

(4) JONATHAN BACKHOUSE, of whom see page 25. 

(5) William Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, born there 17th Nov., 1779, died 9th June 
1844; married 27th ]\Iarch, 1806, Mary, daughter of John Dixon, of Cockfield ; she was 
born there 14th Nov., 1783, and died 22nd March, 1874, aged 90, having had 5 sons 
and 3 daughters (see page 27). 

(8) Edward Backhouse, of Ashburne, Sunderland, banker, born at Darlington 9th July, 

1781, died at Sunderland 7th June, i860; married at Darlington 5th Aug., 1807, Mary, 
eldest daughter of Edward Robson, of that place; she died at Sunderland 23rd July, 
i860, aged 71, having had 3 sons and 2 daughters (see page 31). 

(7) James Backhouse, of West Lodge, Darlington, banker, born at Darlington nth Nov., 

1782, died unmarried 26th July, 1837. 

(8) John Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, born there 20th March, 17S4, died at Shull, 
17th Aug., 1847; married, ist, at Cork, 25th May, 1809, Eliza, 3rd and youngest daughter 
of Matthew Church of Cork (sister of Lieut.-Col. Sir Richard Church, G.C.H., C.B., a 
Field-Marshal in the Greek Army, and aunt of Dean Church) ; she died 2nd Sept., 181 2 ; 
he married, sndly, 13th Aug., 1823, Katharine, 5th daughter of Jasper Capper, of Stoke 
Newington (and Anne Fry, his wife); she was born i6th Oct., 1792, and died s.p. i6th 
March, 1 88 2. By his ist wife he had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Ann Backhouse, born 2nd May, 18 10, died at Manheim, 29th May, 1S29. 

(2) John Church Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, born there 8th Aug., 181 1, and 
died loth November, 1858; married Sth Nov., 1843, Anna, daughter of Joseph John 
Gurney, of Earlham Hall, Norfolk, banker; she was born 21st Dec., 1820, and died at 
Palermo 17th Jan., 1848, having had a son and daughter: 

(1) John Henry Backhouse, of Blackw-ell, Darlington, banker, born 22nd Oct., 
1844, died 20th July, i86g. 

(2) Eliza Jane Backhouse, born 23rd March, 1847, died at Pisa, 26th Nov., 1847 

(3) Eliza Backhouse, born 2nd Sept., 18 12, died at Darlington 5th March, 1884 
married 9th Sept., 1841, to Robert Barclay, of Leyton, Essex, and of London, banker 
he died s.p. 4th May, 1842. 

(9) Ann Backhouse, born at Darlington 28th Oct., 17S5, died 7th Aug., 1852. 

(10) Jane Backhouse, born at Darlington 3rd May, 1787, died 6th August, 1873 ; married 
at Darlington 3rd Aug., 181 5, to Edward Robson, of Darlington (son of Edward Robson 





Mrs. David Dale. 

Edwakd R. Whitwell 

James B Dale. 

[ 23 ] 

Whit well — Lucas — "Dale. 

and his wife EIi;^abeth Dearman). He died at Exmouth 26th Feb., 18 19, aged 2S, 

leaving an only daughter : 

Ann Backhouse Robson, born at Darlington 14th March, 181 7; married firstly 
at Darlington, 24th Sept., 1S40, to Henry Whitwell, of Darlington, 6th son of Isaao, 
Whitwell, of Kendal, where he was born 24th Oct., 18 18, and died at Madrid, 27111 
March, 1S4S, leaving a son and daughter: 

(1) Maria Jane Whitwell, born at Darlington 6th August, 1 84 1, died 14th Sept., 1890; 
married there 21st April, 1864, to William Lucas (son of William and Elizabeth 
Lucas), who was born at Hitchin 22nd Jan., 1832, and had a son and daughter : 

(1) William Lucas, born at Hitchin, nth July, 1866. 

(2) Helen Lucas, born at Hitchin, 13th Jan., 186S. 

(2) Edward Robson Whitwell, of the Friarage, Yarm-on-Tees, J. P. co. Durham and 
Yorks, N.R., born at Sunderland 27th Jan., 1843; married 12th Feb., 1873, Mary 
Janet, daughter of Edward Aldam Leatham, Esq., of Misarden Park, co, Glouc, and 
has 2 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Barton Hall, Darlington : 

(1) Annie Violet Whitwell, born 25th Dec, 1S73. 

(2) Edward Leatham Whitwell, born 17th Jan., 1875. 

(3) Henry Cecil Whitwell, born 12th Nov., 1876. 

(4) Janet Muriel WhitAvell, born ist Jan., 187S. 

(5) Gladys Rachel Whitwell, born 12th March, 1882. 

Mrs. Ann Backhouse (Whitwell) Dale, died at Darlington, 15th Sept., 1SS6. 
having married secondly, 27th Jan., 1853, as ist wife to David Dale, of West Lodge, 
Darlington, J. P., D.L. co. Durham, High Sheriff iSSS, and had another son and 
daughter : 

(3) Annie Marion Stuart Dale, born 28th Nov., 1853 ; married 14th April, 1S74. to 
Edward Hutchinson, of Darlington, solicitor (son of Henry and Frances Ann), s.J>. 

(4) James Backhouse Dale, of Carlbury Hall, co. Durham, J. P., born at Darlington 
7th June, 1855 ; married 17th April, 1879, Helena, daughter of late Henry William 
Fcnwick, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 



CO. L 

» Hannah Back- = 
HOUSE, bom 

1658, died 1729. 

See pa 

Nathan Hdbbersti 

James Backhouse, of West Lodj 
"Darlington, flax-drcsser and lin 
manufacturer, established the ba 
at Darlington 1774, born 1721, di 
179S. See page 17. 

Jonathan Backhouse, of I 
torn 1747, mar. 1774, died i; 

house, born 1777, 
mar. 1799, died 
lii.43- -4- 

See pages 17, 18. 

T— Thomas Rt 
SON, of Sum 
died 1835. 

born 1814, mar. 1844, '^'ed '8 
See next page. 




of Grove 


dau. of F 


, b. 

CIS Basse! 

184s. m. 


Heath, L* 
ton, Beds. 

Ltman Isabel 

Robert Baf 

Fox, b. 1 868, 

Fox, b. 1S73. 

m. 1891, Fre- 

Naomi I!a: 

PKRic Her- 

Fox, b. 1SS6, 

bert Trench, 

Esq. J 

Wai i.ace. 

b. lb')-'. 

John Backhouse, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman, ^Sarah, daughter of William Jackson, of Yealand Redmayne, 
CO. Lane, yeoman, died in 1690. See page 13. by his wife MabeJ, heiress of her brother John Carr, of Ridgend, 

in Mansergh, bofn about 1626, died r7o6. 


Hannah Back- =t=Joiin Cummtno, 
HOUSE, bom I of Hllderstone, 
1658, died 1729. 1OS2, died in 
I 1697. 

Sce page 48. 

Thomas Back-^j^Alice, daughter 

HOUSE, of Yea 
land Kedman, 
born 1661, died 

See page 13. 

of Richard Becke, 
of Wythmore in 
mar. l6'g6, died 


HOUSE, born 
1664, mar. 16S8, 
died 1697, 1st 

Back-=t= Gsorge 
of Yealand 
Cony ers, 
died 1 7 19. 

See page 14. 

James Backhouse,- 
of Yealand Conyers, 
born 1668, died in 
Lancaster Castle, 
1697 (1st husband). 
See page 14: 

= Janet, = John 
daughter of RoniNsoy, 
John God- of Yealand, 
salve, of Yea- mar. l7or, 
land Conyers, and hus- 
mar. 1691. band. 

Nathan HnBBERSTlE=MARy, daughter of Thomtts=T=JonN Backhouse, of=pMARGARET (2nd wife), 

Thornton, of Caton, co. Ilornby, born 1693, died I daughter of John and Ruth 

Lane. (J.B.'s 1st wife), mar. I 1739. Ayrcy, of Kendal, born 

1715, died 1716. ^ I about 1694, mar. 1720, died 

See page 14. -fi772- 

See page 14. 

William Backhouse, of= 
Yealand, a minister of the 
Society of Friends, born 
1696, died 1761. See page 

■Ac.NRS, daughter of Richard 
Atkinson, of Monk Coni.-,lon, 
bom in 1697, m.-u. in 1720, 
died in 1773. 

Tames Backhouse, of West Lodge,: 
Darlington, flax-dresser and linen 
inanulacturer, established the 
a! Darlington 1774, born 1721, died 
179S. See p.-ige 17. 

Jane, only child of 
Jon.ithan Iledley, of 
Darlington, bom 
1 7 18, mar. at Stock- 
ton 1746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. ELIZA- 
BETH, daughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, of Caton. She died 
1750. ^ 

See page 16. , 

Agnes Backhouse, bom=j=JoHN Harrison, of Dar- 

1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. lington, born 1725, died 

I i8oo. 


See page 39. 

John BAeKiiousE.of Lancaster, bom 
1733, died in New York 1775, mar. 
1757 Jane, daughter of George 
Doilgson, of Kendal. She died 1 763. 
See page 16. 

ToNATHAN Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, cpANN, 2nd daughter of Edward Pease, of 
born 1747, mar. 1774, died 1826. Sec page 17. I Darlington, born 1746, died there in 1826. 

Tames Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, ■t=Mary, daughter of Nathan Dcarman, of 
bom 1757, mar. 1787, died 1804. Sec I Thome, Yorks, born 1 7O4, died 24th May, 
page 34. I 1838. 

c I TIk 

Elizabeth BACK.=pTHOMAS Richard- 
house, born 1777, SON, of Sunderland, 
mar. 1799, died | died 1835. 

1S43. 4- 

See pages 17, 18. 

Jonathan, = 
banker, born 
1779. niar. 
18 1 1, died 
1S42. See 
page 25. 

=Hannah Chap- 
man, elder daugh- 
ter and co-heir of 


William Back- 
house, of Darling- 
ton, banker, born 
1779, died 1844, 
mar. 1806, Marv, 
daughter of John 
Dixon, of Cock- 
field. She died 
1874. -K 

See page 27. 

Edward Back- 
HobsE, of Sunder- 
land, banker, born 
1781, died i860, 
mar. 1807, Mary, 
daughter of Ed- 
ward Robson. She 
died i860. 

See page 31. 

John Backhouse, 
of Darlington, banker, 
manied twice, and 
died 17 th Aug., 1S47. 

See page 22. 

Tane Backhouse,' 
bom 1787, mar. 1815, 
died 1873. 

Edward Robson, 
of Darlington, died 

Ann Backhouse Rouson, mar. 1st to Henry 
Whitwell, and 2nd to David Dale. Sec 
pages, 22, 23. 4. 

Janb Gurney Backhouse,: 
born 1814, mar. 1844, died i860. 
See next page. 

Robert Barclay Fox, 
of Falmouth, died 1855. 


born 1815, mar. 1843^ 
died 1845. See next 

Backhouse,=j=John Hodgkin, of 
Lewes, died in 1875. 

Edmund Backhouse, of Darl!ngton,=j=JuLlET Mary, elder daughter and 
banker and M.P. l868-8o, bora 1824. | evcntuallysole heir of Charles Fox, 
See next page. xi^of Trebah, Cornwall, mar. 1848. 

Seepage 11. 

Robert Fox,= 
of Grove Hill, 
Falnsouth, b. 
1845, m. 1S67. 

Ellen Mary, 
dau. of Fran- 
cis Bassett, of 
Heath, Leigh- 
ton, Beds. 

Lilian Isahel 
Fox, b. 1 868, 
m. 1891, Fre- 
deric Hkr- 
bf.rt Trench, 

^- T 

Robert Barclay 
Fox, b. 1873. 
Naomi Bassett 
Fox, b. 1 886. 

George Croker 
Fox, J. p., Corn- 
wall, b. 1S47, m. 
1871, Ada Mary, 
eldest dau. of 
Cai't. Wake, 

Hknry Backhouse 
Fox, b. 1849. 

George Croker 
Fox, b. 1871. 
Herewai.d E. C. 
Fox, b. 1874. 
Ckcil Croker 
Fox, b. 1879. 

Joseph Gurney 
Fox, b. 1850, m. 

1873, Margaret 
May, youngest 
dau. of William 
Just, Esq. 

Margaret Jane 
Gurney Fox, b. 

JaneHannah Back- 
house Fox, b. 1852, 
m. 1881, as 2nd wife, 
Horatio Noble 
Pym, of London. 

Juliet Caroline 
Fox Pym, b. 1882. 
Yolande Silvia 
N ina Noble Pym, b. 

Jonathan Backhouse^ 
IIODCKIN, of Cleveland 
Lodge, Great Aylon, 
and of Elm kidgc, Dar- 
lington, Mayor 1884-85, 
b. 1843. See page 26. 

Mary Anna, younger 
dau. cf John Pease, 
of Darling.on, m. 24th 
April, 1S73. 

Jonathan Edward 
HoDGKiN, b. 1875. 
Henry Thkodore 
Hodgkin, b. 1877. 

Harold Ola? Marv 


1879. b. 188J. 


KIN, b. 1880. 


Robert Barclay 

Robert Fox 


Robert Barclay Fc 


Jane Gurnev Fox 

Mrs Robert Fc 


JONATHAN BACKHOUSE, of Pohm Hill, Darlington, banker, silver medallist 
Society of Arts, 1813, a promoter of the Stockton and Darlington Railway ; he and 
his wife were ministers of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and North America (;nd 
son of Jonathan Backhouse and Ann Pease, see page 17); born at Darlington 19th Jan., 
1779, died 7th October, 1S42 ; married 23rd April, iSii, Hannah Chapman, elder daughter 
of Joseph Gurney, of Norwich (and co-heir with her sister Emma, wife of Joseph l\;asc), 
she was born 9th Feb., 17S7, and died 6th May, 1850, having had 4 sons and 2 daughters, 
all born at Darlington : 

(1) Jonathan Backhouse, born 5th Sept., 181 2, died 7th Sept., 1S20. 

(2) Jane Gurney Backhouse, born 21st May, 1814, died at Pau loth April, 1S60; married 
loth Oct., 1844, to Robert Barclay Fox (only son of Robert Were Fox, F.R.S., of I-'al- 
mouth) ; he was born 6th Sept.^ 1S17, and died at Cairo loth JNIarch, 1855, having had 4 
sons and a daughter : 

(1) Robert Fox, of Grove Hill, Falmouth, born 31st July, 1845 ; married 3rd Oct., 
1867, Ellen Mary, daughter of Francis Bassett, of Heath, Leighton, Beds (sometime 
M.P.), and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Lilian Isabel Fox, born 20th Nov., 1S6S; married 15th July, 1 89 1, to Frederic 
Herbert Trench, Examiner Education Department; B.A., from Keble College, 
1888; Fellow of All Souls College, Nov., 1889; M.A. 1892 ; son of late William 
Wallace Trench, Esq. (see Foster's Peerage, B. Ashtown), and has 2 sons : 

• (1) Wallace Talbot Trench, born nth May, 1892. 
(2) Esmond Patrick, born 14th July, 1S93. 

(2) Robert Barclay Fox, born 24th July, 1873. 

(3) Naomi Bassett Fox, born ist Feb., 1886. 

(2) George Croker Fox, J. P. Cornwall, born 28th Feb., 1847 ; married 24th Jan., 
1871, Ada I\Iar}^ eldest daughter of Baldwin Arden Wake, Capt. R.N, (see Foster's 
Baronetage), and has had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) George Croker Fox, born 2Sth Oct., 1871. 

(2) I\Iyra Caroline Arden Fox, born nth March, 1873, died 24th April, 1890. 

(3) Herewald Evelyn Croker Fox, born 29th July, 1874. 

(4) Cecil Croker Fox, born 14th Nov., 1879. 

(3) Henry Backhouse Fox, born 5th March, 1849. 

(4) Joseph Gurney Fox, born 9th Sept., 1850 ;. married 9th July, 1873, Margaret 
May, youngest daughter of William Just, Esq., of Bankfields, Eastham, Cheshire, and 

. has had 2 daughters : 

[25] ^ . 

Baclihouse of Darlington. 

(1) Margaret Jane Gurncy Fox, born 3rd July, 1874, twin with 

(2) Juliet Maud Gurney Fox, who died 1874. 

(5) Jane Hannah Backhouse Fox, born 5th Nov., 1S52 ; married 2nd May, iSSr, as 
2nd wife to Horatio Noble Pym, of Foxwold, Kent, (whose ist wife was Sarah 
Juliet Backhouse, see page 11), and has 2 daughters : 

(1) Juliet Caroline Fox Pym, born 26th March, 1SS2. 

(2) Yolande Sylvia Nina Noble Pym, born 20th May, 18S3. 

(3) Ann I3ackhouse, born 31st Dec, 1815, died 30th Nov., 1S45 ; married i6th Feb., 
1843, as 2nd wife to John Hodgkin, of Lewes, who died (after marrying again) 5th 
July, 1875, aged 75 (see " Dictionary of National Biography"), leaving by her a son : 

Jonathan Backhouse Hodgkin, of Cleveland Lodge, Great Ayton, and of Elm 
Ridge, Darlington, mayor 1SS4-5, born 27th Dec, 1843; married 24th April, 1873, 
]\Iary Anna, younger daughter of John Pease, of Darlington, and has 4 sons and a 
daughter : 

(1) Jonathan Edward Hodgkin, born 4th Nov., 1875. ■ 1 

(2) Henry Theodore Hodgkin, born 21st April, 1877. 

(3) Harold Olaf Hodgkin, born i6th April, 1S79. 

(4) Ronald Hodgkin, born 23rd July, 1S80. 

(5) Mary Hodgkin, born 20th June, 1882. 

(4) Joseph Gurney Backhouse, born 19th Sept., 1S17, died 23rd Nov., 1824. 

(5) Henry Gurney Backhouse, born 15th July, 1S19, died i6th April, 1836. 

(6) EDMUND BACKHOUSE, of whom see page 11. 




y/^ ^^ 

John Hodgkin 
l« 1867. 

Ann Backhouse. 


[ 26 ] 


J. B. Hodgkin 

Mrs. J B Hodgkin 



> \^ 

William Backhouse. 

William Backhouse. 

Mary (Dixon) Backhouse. 


Katherinh (Aldam) Backhouse 



WILLIA^I BACKHOUSE, of Darlington, banker (5th child of Jonathan Back- 
liousc, of Darlington, see page 22), born there 17th Nov., 1779, died 9th June, 
1S44; married 27th March, 1S06, Mary, daughter of John Dixon, of Cockfield ; she 
was born there 14th Nov., 17S3, and died at Chapel Allerton, alias Chapeltown, near 
Leeds, 22nd March, 1S74, aged 90, having had 5 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) William Backhouse, of St. John's, Wolsingham, and of Darlington, first chairman 
of the Darlington board of health, born 12th Jan., 1S07, died in Leeds 3rd April, 1S69 ; 
married, ist, 13th March, 1S33, Amelia, daughter of Joseph Fryer, of Rastrick, Brighouse, 
Yorks, she died 27th Jan., 1837, having had twin children, born 1S33 and died in early 
infancy; he married, 2ndly, iSth Oct., 1S43, Katherine Aldam Aldam, eldest daughter 
of William (Pease) Aldam, of Warmsworth, Yorks (and Sarah Jowitt, his wife) ; she was 
born 12th Oct., 18 15, and died 27th Dec, 1S68, leaving 4 sons and a daughter : 

(3) William Aldam Backhouse, born 27th April, 1S46. 

(4) Charles James Backhouse, of St. John's, Wolsingham, co. Durham, J. P., born 
4th Jan., 1 848; married 28th Oct., 1S74, Lucy, daughter of Major John Read 
Vincent, of Hemsworth, Yorkshire, no issue. 

(5) Henry Backhouse, of Red House, Darlington, born 29th June, 1849; married, ist, 
i6th April, 1885, Georgina Mary, 2nd daughter of John Harrison Stanton, of Stubb 
House, CO. Durham; she died 25th July, 1890; he married, 2ndly, 29th August, 1S93, 
Mary, elder daughter of Arthur Lucas, of Darlington. By his ist v/ife he had 2 sons : 

\ (1) John William Backhouse, born 9th March, 1SS6. 

(2) Rowland Henry Backhouse, born 1 6th March, 1SS7, died 14th July, iSgo. 

(6) Sarah Aldam Backhouse, born 14th Nov., 1851, married 3rd Dec, 1S74, as 
2nd wife to Christopher Bowly, Esq., J. P., of Siddington House, Cirencester, s.p. 

(7) Robert Ormston Backhouse, of Sutton Court, co. Hereford, born loth March, 
1854 ; married 30th April, 18S4, Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W^illiam Dodgson, 
of Dykeside, Cumberland, and has a son : 

William Ormston Backhouse, born 20th Feb., 18S5. 

(2) Frederick Backhouse, of Stockton-on-Tees, banker, born at Darlington 29th April, 
1808, and died there i6th April, 1845 ; married at Wandsworth, Surrey, 5th Sept., 1S33, 
Eliza, daughter of Samuel Fossick, of the same, and had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Frederick William Backhouse, of Bexhill, Hastings, sometime of London, stock- 
broker, born 9th Dec, 1834; married 24th Sept., 1878, Emily Ellen, eldest daughter 
of Rev. Paul M. Stedman, vicar of Thurston. 

(2) Ann Eliza Backhouse, born at Stockton 20th Jan., 1S36, died 27th Dec, 1SS6; 
married at Stockton iSth Dec, 1856, as ist wife, to Joseph Richardson, of Potto 
Hall, Northallerton, J. P. Yorks, N. R.; J. P. and D.L. co. Durham, sheriff 1886 ; mayor 
of Stockton 4 times, 18S6, &c ; INLP. co. Durham, S.E. division, 1892 (he married, 
2ndly, 4th Sept., 1893, Flora, youngest daughter of late James Macdonald, of 
Birkenhead), and has had 2 sons and 5 daughters : 







JoTi>f Uacktiouse, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman, =p3arah, daughter of William Jackson, of Yealand RedmajTie, 
CO. Lauc, yeoman, died in 1690. Sse page 13. by his wife Mabel, heiress of her brother JohivCarr, of Ridgend, 

in Mansergh, born about 1626, died 1706. 

1 A 

Hannah Back-^pJohn Gumming, 

Thomas I!ACK-rT=Ai.icE, daughter 

Sarah Eack-=p Georgb 

James HACKiiousK,=y^ 

HOUSE, born of IliMcrstone, 

HOUSE, of Yea- 

of Richard Becke, 

HOUSE, born 


of Yealand Conyers, 

1658, died 1729. mar. 1682, died in 

bnd Redman, 

of Wythmore in 

1664, mar. 16S8, 

of Yealand 

born 1668, died in 


born 1661, died 


died 1697, 1st 


Lancaster Castle, 

■^ „ 


mar. 1696, died 


died 1719. 

1697 (ist husband). 

See page 48. 


c -^ 

See page 14. 

See page 13. 

See page 14. 

Nathan HuBBERSTlE— Mary, daughter of 'niomas=i=JoHN Backhouse, of=f=MARr,ARF.T (2nd wife), 

Thornton, of Caton, co. Hornby, born l'593, died . I daughter of John and Ruth 

Lane. (J. B.'s 1st wife), mar. I 1739. j Ayrcy, of Kendal, born 

1715, died 1716. ^ I about 1694, mar. 1720, died 

See page 14. -^1772. 

See page 14. 

daughter of RoniNsoN, 

John God- of Yealand. 

salve, of Yea- mar. 1701, 

land Conyers, 2nd hus- 

mar. 1O91. band. 

William Baci:iiouse, of=5=AGNES, daughter of Richard 

Yealand, a minister of the 
Society of Friends, bom 
1696, died 1761. See page 

Atkinson, of Monk Conii 
born in 1697, mar. in 1720, 
died in 1773. 

Tames Backhouse, of West Lodge,=p Jane, only child of 

t)arlinglon, ( and Imcn 
ni.-mufacturer, established the bank 

nglon 1774, born 1721, died 

See page 17. 

at Dai 

Jonathan Hedley, of 
D.irlington, born 
1718, mar. at Stock- 
ton 1746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. Eliza- 
beth, d.aughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, of Caton. She died 
1750. 4. 

See page 16. 

Agnes Backhouse, bom= 
1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. 

=JoHN Harrison, of Dar- 
lington, born 1725, died 

See page 39. 

John BACKHOUSE,of Lancaster, bom 
1733, died in New York 1775, mar, 
1757 Jane, daughter of George 
Uodgson, of Kendal. She died 1 763. 
See page 16. 

Jonathan BACKHOUSE, of Darlington, bankcr,=pANN, and daughter of Edward Pease, i 
born 1747, mar. 1774, died 1S26. See page 17. I Darlington, bom 174C, died there in 1826. 

James Backhouse, of Darlington, banlcer,-pMARY, daughter of Nathan Dearman, of 
born 1757, mar. 1787, died 1804. See I Thome, Yorks, bora 1764, died 24lh May, 
page 34. 1838. 

Elizabeth Back-=j=Thomas Richard- 
house, born 1777, SON, of Sunderland, 
mar. 1799, died | died 18 
1S43. 4- 

Sec pages 17, 


Jonathan, = 
banker, bora 
1779, mar. 
iSll, died 

Hannah Chap- 
man, elder daugh- 
ter and" co-heir of 
Joseph Guraey, of 
Norwich, died 

See page 25. 

William Back- 
house, ofDarling- 
ton, banker, born 
1779, died 1844, 
mar. 1S06, Makv, 
daughter of John 
Dixon, of Cock- 
field. She died 
1874. 4. 

■— r? — - 

Edward Back- 
house, of Sunder- 
land, banker, bom 
1781, died i860, 
mar, 1S07, Maky, 
daughter of Ed- 
ward Robson. She 
died i860. 
See page 31. 

John Backhouse, 
ofDarlington, banker, 
married twice, and 
died 17th Aug., 1847. 
See page 22, 


bom 1787, 1 
died 1873. 

of Darlingto 

Ann Backhouse Roiison, mar. ist to Henry 
Whitwell, and 2nd to David Dale. Sec 
pages, 22, 23. 4 

Amelia (ist wife), dau.=WiLLiAM Backhouse,^ 
of Joseph Frykr, of of St. John's, Wolsing- 
Rastriek, Brighouse, ham, etc., born 1S07, 
mar. 1833, died 1837. diediS69. See page 27. 

uneAldam Aldam, 

ife), dau. of Wm. 

of Warmsworth, 

nar. 1843, died 1 868. 

Frederick Back-= 
house, ofStockton- 
on-Tees, banker, 
born 1 80S, died 
1845. See page 27. 

=Eliza, dau. of 
Samuel Fos- 
sick, of Wands- 
worth, Surrey, 
mar. 1833. 

Elizabeth B., 
bom i8ll, died 
1891, mar. 1838, 
car, Leeds, died. 

Maria B.,borni8i4, 
died lS87,mar. 1843, 

died in i8go. 

William Aldam 

BACKlIOUSK,b. 1S46. 
Charles James B., 

Henry Backhouse, 
of Red House, Dar- 
lington, born 1849, 
mar. iSSs.Georgina 
M. Stanton. 

Sarah Aldam B., 
mar. 1S74, Chris- 
topher BOWLY, of 
Cirencester, s.p. 

Robert Ormston 

tonCourt, Hereford, 
bora 1854, mar. 
1884, Sarah Eli- 


William Orms- 
ton B., born 1S85. 

Frederick Wm., 
of Bexhill, Sussex, 
born 1834, mar. 
1878, Emily E. 
Ann Eliza B., 
died 1S86, mar. 
1856, to Joseph 
Richardson, of 
Tutto Mall, North- 

Jane Backhouse, 
bom 18 16, mar. 
1843, to Hodgson 
}iiGLAND, of Dar- 

mar. 1862, Edward 
Pribstman, of Leeds, and 
has issue. Sec page 29. 
bom 1841, mar. 1878, 
Hannah MariaBright- 
WEN, and has issue. See 
pages 29, 30. 

Ann Bioland, 
born 1848. 
Isaac B., bora 

Herbert Big- 
land, bora 1858, 
mar. 1878, MarY 
Sec p.igc 30. 

Mary B. Bicland, bom 


William B., died 3.p. 


Jane, bom 1847. 

Charles H., born 1851, 

mar. Mary E. Davison, 






{'•^ T 





William A. Backhouse. 

Set Page 2-!. 

Charles J. Backhouse. 



f't ' 




■i - 

Henry Backhous 

[ 2? 

Robert O. B.=,ckhoise. 
Sec ."..if 27. 

/ .... \ 

Frederick \V. Backhouse, 
Set Page 27. 

Mrs F. W. Backhousk. 
See Page 27. 


Mrs Fkederick Backhouse. 

Sre Pa'e 27. 

[ 29 ] 

U'-' ^^ ^■^: V 


J Richardson 


RicJia'rdso?i — Bt'oadhcad — Priest man — Bigland. 

(1) Frederick Backhouse Richardson^ born at Norton, i6th Nov., 1S57, died 
10th Aug., 1S59. 

(2) Frances Mary Richardson, born at Norton 12th April, 1S59; married 21st 
April, 1S92, to Rev. Charles Hutton Coates, M.A., late chaplain Royal Navy, 
vicar of Sand Hutton, Yorks, youngest son of James Coates, Esq., J. P., of Hel- 
perby Hall, Yorks. 

(3) Annie Backhouse Richardson, born at Norton i6th Nov., 1S60; married 
24th April, 1SS4, to Alfred Edward Kitching, of Great Ayton, J.P., D.L., 
Yorks, N.R., and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Harold Edward Kitching, born 31st Aug., 1SS5. 

(2) Amy Maud Kitching, born 2nd Oct., 1SS7. 

(4) Amy Louisa Richardson, born at Norton iSth March, 1S62. 

• • (5) Edith Richardson, born at Woodlands, Stockton, 20th July, 1S64, and died 

3rd Aug. following. 

(G) Marion Josephine Richardson, born at Woodlands, Stockton, 2nd June, 1866 ; 
married 26th November, 1S91, to Cecil W^igner Holms, of Leicester (2nd son 
of Major Holms, of Grey Towers, Hornchurch, Essex), and has a son : 

Eric Cecil Holms, born iSth Oct., 1S92. 
(7) Edwin Backhouse Richardson, born at Woodlands, Stockton, 22nd I\Iay, 1S69. 
(3) James Backhouse, born at Stockton, 13th May, 1S37, died loth Jan., 1S38. 

(3) Jonathan Backhouse, born at Darlington 26th Dec, 1809, died 12th Sept., 1834. 

(4) Elizabeth Backhouse, born at Darlington 30th April, 181 1, died 28th March, 1891 ; 
married there 2Sth Sept., 1838, to Henry Broadhead, of Sheepscar, Leeds, oil merchant, 
and latterly of Chapel Allerton ; he died 25th February, 18S2, aged 80, having had 2 sons 
and a daughter : 

(1) Henrietta Broadhead, born 7th July, 1839; married at Leeds 12th June, 1S62, 
to Edward Priestman, of Bradford (son of John, of Bradford), and had 4 sons and 3 
daughters : 

(1) George Edward Priestman, born 27th October, 1863 ; married , 
1890, Maude Mallory, and has a son : 

Kenneth Priestman, born , 1S91. 

(2) Howard Priestman, born 22nd Dec, 1865. 

(3) Bertram Priestman, born 30th Nov., 1868. 

(4) Gertrude Priestman, born 7th Nov., 1870. 

(5) Helen Maud Priestman, born 26th Feb., 1872. 

(6) Henrietta Ada Priestman, born 3rd June, 1874. 

(7) Harold Priestman, born 6th Oct., 1S78. 

(2) William Henry Broadhead, of Ilkley, born ist Aug., 1S41 ; married at Scar- 
borough, 31st July, 1878, Hannah Maria, second daughter of Charles and Hannah 
(Rowntree) Brightwen, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, and has 2 sons and 2 daughters : 


Backhouse of IFolsinghani. 

(1) Florence Elizabeth Broadhead, bom 14th Aug., 1S79. 

(2) William Edward Broadhead, born 7th March, 1S81. 

(3) Henrietta Maria Broadhead, born 26th April, 1S83. 

(4) Norman Henry Broadhead, born 25th Aug., 1SS5. 

(3) Edward Broadhead, born 27th Aug., 1S44 ; died at Chapel Allerton, a//i;Z5 Chapel- 
town, near Leeds, 6th July, 1877. 
(5) Maria Backhouse, born 20th Oct., 1814, died 3rd Nov., 1SS7; married at Darlington 
14th Dec, 1843, to Isaac Bigland, sometime of Everton, woollen draper, of Lintz Green, 
CO. Durham, and of Newcastle-upon-Tyne; he died at Stockton-on-Tees iSth Jan., 1S90, 
having had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Anne Bigland, born 4th Oct., 1S48. 

(2) Isaac Henry Bigland, born ist June, 1S53. 

(3) Herbert Bigland, of Middlesboro, solicitor, born 20th July, 1858; married at 
Redcar 1878, Mary, daughter of John Stewart, of Stockton-upon-Tees, and has had 2 . 
sons and 3 daughters, all born at Middlesboro : 

(1) Arthur Herbert Bigland, born nth April, 1S79. 

(2) Laura Maria Bigland, born 4th July, 18S3. 

(3) Mabel Mary Bigland, born nth June, 18S6. 

(4) Eleanor Bigland, born 23rd April, 1888, died 26th June following. 

(5) Ronald Cecil Bigland, born 21st Oct., 1889. 

^6) Jane Backhouse, born loth Oct., 1816, died 2nd Dec, 18SS, having married 23rd Feb., 
1843, to Hodgson Bigland, of Liverpool, and had 4 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Mary Backhouse Bigland, born 22nd Feb., 1844. 

(2) William Backhouse Bigland, born ist Aug., 1845, died s.p. 26th Dec, 1885; 
married 20th Dec, 1881, Isabella Wilson. 

(3) Jane Bigland, born 26th May, 1847. 

(4) Frederick Bigland, born 24th June, 1849, died 12th Jan., 1867. 

(5) Charles Hodgson Bigland, of Oxton, Cheshire, born 9th May, 1851 ; married 
2nd May, 1879, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of William Hodgson Davison, and has a 
son and 3 daughters : 

(1) Daisy Bigland, born 27th Jan., 18S1. 

(2) Elsie Bigland, born 4th Aug., 1886. 

(3) Lilian Bigland, born 9th July, 1887. 

(4) Frederick Bigland, born 28th Jan., 1889. 

(6) Lucy Bigland, born i6th May, 1853, died 12th March, 1859. 

(7) Katharine Bigland, born 2nd June, 1855, died 15th March, 1859. 

(8) Jonathan Bigland, born 26th July, 1S57, died 24th Feb., 1880. 

(9) Anne Hodgson Bigland, born 4th Feb., 1S59. 
(10) Fanny Bigland, born 9th Sept., 1861. 

(7) Charles John Backhouse, born ist Aug., 18 19. died 28th Nov., 1S20. 

(8) James Backhouse, born nth March, 1S22, died 27th Oct., 1826. - 







Edward Backhouse. 


Set Page 31. 

Mary Backhouse. 
Died, i860. 
See Page 31. 



Elizabeth Kicharuson. 

r >, 

V .* \J- 1 


^.^ / 

K., *• 



' / 

Jane Robson. 


See Page 22. 

[ 30 ] 



KuwARii Hackhuisk Mrs E Backhol-se 


Alfred Backhousk Mrs. A Backhous 


f 31 ] 


EDWARD BACKHOUSE, of Ashburne, Sunderland, J. P., banker (4tlj son of 
Jonathan Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, see page 22); received in 18 14 the 
gold medal of the Societ}- for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce ; 
born at Darlington 9th July, 17S1, died at Sunderland 7th June, 1S60; married at Dar- 
lington 5th Aug., 1S07, Mary, eldest daughter of Edward Robson, of that place; .she 
died at Sunderland 23rd July, 1S60, aged 71, having had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Edward Backhouse, of Ashburne, Sunderland, banker and philanthropist, author of 
"Early Church History," a minister in the Society of Friends, born at Darlington 8th May, 
iSoS, died s.p. at Hastings 22nd T^Iay, 1879 (see " Dictionary of National Biograpliy ) ; 
he married 26th IMarch, 1856, Katharine, daughter of Thomas jNIounsey, of Sunderland. 

(2) THOMAS JA^IES BACKHOUSE, of whom presently. 

(3) Lucy Backhouse Backhouse, born at Darlington i6th December, 181 2, died 30tli 
March, 1872; married 24th July, 1839, to John Mounsey, of Hendon Hill, Sunderland 
(2nd son of John Mounsey, by his wife, Ann Robson); he died 6th July, 1879, aged 7S, 
having had 2 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Sunderland : 

(1) Edward Backhouse Mounsey, of Blackwell, Darlington, and Seaton Carew, co. 
Durham, banker, born at Sunderland 20th June, 1840; married at Bishop Auckland 
20th Feb., 187S, Rachel Ann, youngest and only surviving daughter of Joseph Juv.iit 
Fryer, of Holly Bank, Rastrick, Yorks, and has 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John Edward Mounsey, born at Tecs Grange, Darlington, 6th Dec, 1S79. 

(2) George Fryer Mounsey, born „ „ 9th Feb., 18S1. 

(3) Lucy Backhouse Mounsey, born „ „ loth March, 18^2. 

(4) Reginald Joseph Mounsey, born „ „ 23rd Jan., 1SS4. 

(5) Amelia Eliza IMounsey, born at Blackwell, Darlington, 13th Oct., 1SS6. 

(2) Lucy Elizabeth Mounsey, born 27th Nov., 1841. 

(3) John Wilfred IMounsey, of Sunderland, born there 7th Oct., 1843; married 1 3lh 
May, 1868, Mary Charlotte, 2nd daughter of Joshua Green, of Stanstead, Essex (by 
his wife Elizabeth Robson), and has 2 sons and a daughter, all born at Sunderland : 

(1) Ethel Mary Mounsey, born 4th Sept., 1869. 

(2) Wilfred Arthur IMounsey, born 13th Aug., 1S71. 

(3) John Harold Mounsey, born 13th Jan., 1874. 

(4) Anna Priscilla Mounsey, born 23rd Feb., 1847, died 4th May, 18S9. 

(5) Mary Emma Mounsey, born 12th May, 185 1. 

(4) Alfred Backhouse, of Pilmore Hall and Drj'derdale, co. Durham, J. P., High ShtriiT 
1883, and of Darlington, banker, born at Sunderland 2Sth Sept., 1822, died s.p. 2nd Scj-t., 
1888 ; married 8th May, 185 1, Rachel, daughter of Robert Barclay, of Knotts Green, Essex. 


)^atl\l)mst, of S)iml3erlanD- 

John Backhouse, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman, ir^SAKAH, daughter of V/illiam Jarkson, of Yealand Redmayne, 
CO. Lane., yeomaii', died in 1690. See page 13. by his wife Mabel, heiress of her lirolher John Carr, of Ridgend, 

in r 

Mansergh, born about 1626, died 1706. 

Hannah Back- =f=JoiiN Gumming, 
HOUSE, liom I of Ililileistone, 
1658, died 1729, ni:ir. lOSiZ, died in 
I 1697- 

See page 48. 

Thomas Back-^ 
HOUSE, of Yca- 
land Redman, 
born 1661, died 

Sec page 13. 

Alice, daiightcr 
of Wytlimore in 
mar. 1C96, died 

Sarah EACK-=r= Georgk 
HOUSE, born Rokinson, 
1664, mar. I6SS, of Yealand 
died 1697, 1st Conyors, 
wife. I died 1719. 

c -^ 

See page 14. 

jAMr.s Backhouse,— Janet, = Joi 
of Yealand Conyers, ' " " ~ 

born 16OS, died in 
Lancaster Castle, 
1697 (1st husband). 
See page 14. 

daughter of Roiiinson, 
John God- 
salve, of Yea- 
land Conyers, 
mar. 1691. 

mar. 1 701, 

'Nathan numJERSTIE=MARy,daughtcrorThomnsT=ToiiN Backhouse, of=pMARGARET (2nd wife), 

Tliornlon, of Caton, co. Hornby, born 1693, died I daughter of John and Ruth 

Lane. (J. IJ.'s 1st wife), mar. I 1739. , Ayiey, of Kcildal, bora 

1715, died 1716. ^ ' I about 1694, mar. 1720, died 

Seepage 14. 4^1772. 

See page 14. 

William Backhouse, of=F'AcNES, daughter of Richard 
Yealand, a minister of the Atkinson, of Monk Coniston, 

Society of Friends, born 
1696, died 1761. Seepage 

lx,rn in 1697, mar. in 1720, 
died in 1773. 

TamesBackhouse, of West Lodge,— Jane, only child of 

Uari:n.i;ton, fl.-u-drcsscr and linen 
mantif.icturcr, established the bank 
at Dirlinc'on 1774, born 1721, died 
1798. See page 17. 

Jonathan IledL 

ey, of 

1 7 18, mar. at Stock- 
ton 1746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. Eliza- 
liETH, daughter of Jonathan 
Tliornton, of Caton. She died 
1750. ^ 'K ■ 
See page 16. 

Agnes Backhouse, bora- 
1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. 

n=j=JoHN r 

. lingtoD, 

1 iSoo. 

Harrison, of Dar. 
bovn 1725, died 

See page 39. 

John BACKHOUSE.ofLsncister, bom 
1733, died in New York 1775, mar. 
'757 Jane, daughter of George 
Dodgson, of Kendal. She died 1 763. 

See page 16. 

r ON ATHAN Backhouse, of Darlington, banker, =fAnn, 2nd daughter of Edward Pease, of 
born 1747, mar. 1774, died 1826. See page 17. I Darlington, born 1746, died there in 1826. 

~^ 1 

James Backhouse, of D.arlington,banker,!^MARY, daughter of Nathan Dearman, of 
born 1757, mar. 1787, died 1804, See Thorae, Yorks, bora 1 764, died 24th May, 
page 34. I 1838. 


HousE, bora 1777, son, of Sunderland, 
mar. 1799, died | died 1835. 
1843. ' 4. 

See pages 17 and 18, 

Jonathan, ■ 
banker, born 
1779, mar. 
iXii, died 

=Hannah Chap. 
MAN, elder daugh- 
ter and co-heir of 
Joseph Gumey, of 
Norwich, died 

William Back- 
house, ofDarling- 
ton, banker, bora 
1779, died 1844, 
mar. 1806, Mary, 
daughter of John 
Dixon, of Cock- 
field. She died 
1874. ^ 

See page 27. 

Edward Back- 
house, of Sunder- 
land, banker, born 
1781, died i860, 
mar. 1807, Mary, 
daughter of Ed- 
ward Robson. She 
died i860. 

John Backhouse, 
ofDarlington, banker, 
married twice, and 
, died 17th Aug., 1847. 

See page 22. 

Jane Backhouse, =f Edward Robson, 

born 17S7, mar. 1S15, 
died 1873. 

of Darlington, died 

Ann Backhouse Robson, mar. ist to Henry 
Whitwell, and 2nd to David Dale. See 
pages 22 and 23. ^ 

Edward Backhouse, of 
Sunderland, banker, mar, 
1856, Katharine, dau. 
of Thomas Mounsey, of 
Sunderland, and died s.p. 
1879. See page 31. 

Thomas James Back-^ 
house, of Sunderland, 
bom 1810, died 1857. 
See page 33. 

TiroMAs William 
Hcndon House, Sun- 
derland, coal-owner, 
bom 1842. Seepage 


Wary Aunes, died 


worth Grange, co, 
Durham, bora 1845. 
See page 33. 

^Margaret (ist wife), only 
daughter of William 
Richardson, of North 
Shields, mar. 1841, died 

dau. of Henry Fowler, 
of WooiKord, Essex, 
mar. 1S73. 

born 1853. 

Emth Mary B., bom 1874. 
'Kiiv.ARii B.j'bom 1876.. 
M/...i'.i. 1'.., 1,'nii 1S7S. » 

Basil Henry B., bora 1882; 
jENNETf Rachel B,, bom 1883. 

Kk.nnitu jAMisI!., Imrn 1X85. 

Mv,-.M 1 ) ,\.. I. 1:., 1,. ,„ ,s:;7. 

Lucy Backhouse 
Backhouse, died 
1872, mar. 1839, 
John Mounsey, of 
1879. See page 31. 

Alfred Backhouse, 
of Pilmore Hall, and 
Drydcrdale, co. Durham, 
mar. 1S51, Rachel, 
dau. of RoiiERT Bar- 
clay, and dieds,p.l888. 
See page 33. 

Edward Backhouse 
Mounsey, of Darling- 
ton, born 1840, mar. 
1878, Rachel Ann, 
dau. of Joseph J. 
Fryer, of'Rastrick. 

Lucy E. M., 
bom {841. 

John Wilfred 
Mounsey, of Sun- 
derland.born 1S43, 
mar. rS68, Mary 
Charlotte, dau. 


of Stanstead, Es- 


John Edward M., bom 1879. 
George Fryer M., borii 1S81. 

Lucy Hackiioiisk M., boni 1S82. 
I;i.:i-. Mi.i...i 1 II M., born |S,S,). 
AMt ■ t'ljZ/l M b ..' i«S6 


Emily Backhouse, 
mar. 1847 (»'' 1st wife); 
Edward Mounsey, 
now of Montreux, 
Switzerland, and died 
1S69. See page 33. 

Thomas Edward M., 

born 1S4S. 

Ada Mary M., bom 


Elizabeth L. M., 

born 1833. 



l^ i- 



Mahc.aret Backhous 

First U'l/r, iticil 1854. 

Set Page 33. 

Thomas James Backhouse. 
Sff Page 33. 





Anne Backhouse. 

Sccoml t.'i/e 0/ 7. ji, B^,:klwme. 
See Page 33. 


Thomas William Backhous 

See Par.e .13. 

James Edward Backhouse. 

Mrs J. E Backhouse 





4 £^ 

Marv Agnes Backhouse 

Arthur Backhouse 

[ 33 ] 


(5) Emily Backhouse, born at Sunderland 29th July, 1824, died at St. Leonards 19th March. 
1869; married 29th April, 1847, as ist wife to Edward INIounsey, of INIontreux, Switzer- 
land, sometime of Sunderland ; (he re-married, 1S73, to Emilie Hoffherr,) and had a son and 
2 dau'-^hters, who survive, and one child that died in infancy : 

(1) Thomas Edward ]\Iounsey, born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 26th June, 1S4S. 

(2) Ada Mary Mounsey, born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 24th Oct., 1S49. 
/3\ , born and died 1S51. 

(4) Elizabeth Laura INIounsey, born at Sunderland 20th Sept., 1852. 

THOMAS JAMES BACKHOUSE, of West Hendon House, Sunderland, coal 
owner, born at Darlington 24th April, 18 10, died in his father's lifetime at Seaton 
Carew 29th July, 1S57 ; he married, ist, iSth Aug., 1841, Margaret, only daughter of 
William Richardson, of North Shields (by his 2nd wife Margaret Robson) ; she died at 
Darlington, 27th March, 1854, aged 36; and he married, 2ndly, at Sunderland, 22nd 
Nov., 1855, Anne, daughter of Thomas Robson, of Sunderland (by his wife Anne 
Caj)pcr); she died i6th March, 1S69, aged 59. By his ist wife he had 4 sons and 3 
daughters, all born at Sunderland : 

(1) Thomas William Backhouse, of West Hendon House, Sunderland, coal owner, born 
i4lh Aug., 1842. 

(2) Mary Agnes Backhouse, born 4th Feb., 1844, died at Torquay 29th May, 1893. 

(3) James Edward Backhouse, of Hurworth Grange, Darlington, co. Durham, J. P., 
banker, born i8th May, 1845 ; married 2nd Oct., 1873, Elizabeth Barclay, eldest daughter 
of Henry Fowler, of Woodford, Essex, and has 4 sons and 6 daughters, all (but the 
eldest) born at Hurworth : 

(1) Edith Mary Backhouse, born at Darlington 31st July, 1S74. 

(2) Edward Backhouse, born 26th Oct., 1876. 

(3) AL-ibcl Backhouse, born nth Feb., 1878. 

(4) Alfred Ernest Backhouse, born 12th June, 1879. 

(5) I^lspeth Lilian Backhouse, born 31st Aug., 1880. 

(6) Basil Henry Backhouse, born 9th Sept., 1882. 

(7) Jcnnett Rachel Backhouse, born 15th Nov., 1883. 

(8) Kenneth James Backhouse, born 26th April, 1885. 

(9) Margaret Ann Backhouse, born 4th May, 1887. 
(10) Rhoda Jane Backhouse, born 17th June, 1889. 

(4) Jonathan Backhouse, born 28th Aug., 1846, died i6th Aug., 1855. 

(5) Edith Margaret Backhouse, born 2nd May, 1848, died 28th Sept., 1863. 
(Q) Lilias Backhouse, born 4th Oct., 1849, died 5th Aug., 1852. 

(7) Arthur Backhouse, born 30th Dec, 1853, 


The coat of arms depicted at the beginning of this family histor)' cannot be borne of right by any branch of the 
family set forth under this heading. 

JAMES BACKHOUSE, of West Lodge, Darlington, flax dresser and linen manufac- 
turer, and, in conjunction with his sons, established the bank at Darlington in 1774; 
(see page 17) born at Yealand 1720, i. 22, died at Darlington ist April, 1798 ; married at 
Stockton 1746, ii. 8, Jane, only child of Jonathan Hedley, of Darlington; she was born 
there 1718, xii. 27, and died 27th Maj', 1S05, having had 2 sons: 

(1) JONATHAN BACKHOUSE, of whom see page 17. 

(2) James Backhouse, of DarHngton, banker, born there 1757, vi. 29, died there iSth Dec, 
1804; married Sth June, 1787, Mar)-, daughter of Nathan Dearman, of Thorpe, after of 
Pindar Oaks, Darfield, Yorks ; she died at York 24th May, 1838, aged 74, having had 4 
sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Nathan Backhouse, born 28th March, 17S8, and died at Darlington 9th Nov., 1805. 

(2) Jane Backhouse, born at Darlington 21st Jan., 1790, died at York unmarried 
23rd I\Iarch, 1 8 18. 

(3) Thomas Backhouse, of York, a partner with his brother James ; an original 
director of the York, Newcastle and Berwick; York and North Midland railways, 
and of the Northumberland and Durham District bank, and a director and one of the 
founders of the York City and County bank ; born at Darlington 15th June, 1 792, died 
at York 21st March, 1845 ; married ist, 27th April, 1826, Hannah, daughter of William 
Stickney, of Beverley (and sister of Mrs. Sarah Stickney Ellis, the authoress) ; she 
was born 15th Feb., 1796, and died 23rd Dec, 1827, leaving an only daughter : 

(1) Mary Backhouse, born at York 7th Nov., 1827, died 26th Jan., 1S67; 
married at York 1st Oct., 1S51, as ist wife to William Farrer Ecroyd, (') of 
Lomeshaye, co. Lane, J. P., of Credenhill Park, co. Hereford, J. P., D.L., lord of 
the manor of Credenhill, and of Whitbarrow Lodge, Westmorland ; contested 
Carlisle 1874, North East Lancashire 18S0, M.P. Preston 1881-5, ^nd the 
Rossendale Division of Lancashire 1885 ; and has had 3 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Edith IMary Ecroyd, born i6th Jan., 1S53. 

(2) Margaret Ecroyd, born 19th June, 1S54, married Sth Jan., 1879, to Harry 
Tunstill, of Montford, near Burnley, co. Lane, J. P., and has a son and 6 
daughters : 

(1) Mary Cicely Tunstill, born 15th Feb., 1880. 

(2) Harry Gilbert Tunstill, born 3rd August, 1881. 

(') Arms. — Azure, on a chevron erniinois between three stags' heads erased of the last, in the centre chief 
point a bezant charged with a rose gules barbed and seeded proper, two oak branches slipped chevron-wise also 
proper. Crest. — On a wreath of the colours, in front of a demi-tower proper, thereon a stag's head erased 
erminois, three spears one in pale and two in saltire also proper. 


/■ . 



^ { 

^ 0^ 






Mary (Backhouse) Ecroyd. 

First U'ijc 

, 1827-1867. 


/ // 

William Farrer Ecroyd. 

. v'* , ^ 

EtiiTH Mary Ecroyd 

Thomas Backhouse Ecroyd. 
Sre Page 36. 

[ 34 


: / J 


Sei Page 25 



.r — ■■ 



■■1 ' ■ 



■- \^ 


\ Y 

Henry Broadhead , Elizabeth Broaphead. 


. /■■ 

W H. Broadheaix Edward Broadhf 

S« /'ai,Y! 29-30. ■844-1877. 

Sc- Pajf 30. 

L 35 J 

BackJioiise of T'ork, 

(3) Margaret Farrer Tunstill, born Sth March, 1SS3. 

SS3, to 
chtcrs : 

;S2, to 
and 2 



- 1837. 


len, 5th 

Iters : 

d. 1867 
M.P.. J 

:h ^lay, 
3wn, of 

BacUljousc, of gorU. 

John Backhovse, of Mo«-side near Yc.ibnd, r^'^ARxn, d.T.if;hier of William Jackson, of Yeal.ind Rcdmiync, 
CO. Lane, yeoman, died ia 1690. Sec page 13. by his wile Mahcl, heiress of her brother John Carr, of Ridgcnd, 

I in M3nscrj;h, ' " 

born about 1626, died 1706, 


Hawah Back- =p John Cu.mvinc, 
HOUSE, born I of llildcrstonc, 

1658, died 1729. 16S2, died in 

See page 48. 

T)10MAS Back-t^, dauph 

, of Yc.i 
land Redman, 
born 1661, died 

Richard liccUe, 

of Wytliniore in 


mar. 1696, died 


page 13. 

.Sarah BACK-=r» Gkorob 
HOl-SE, born KoiiiNSON, 
1 604, mar. I OSS, of Yealand 
died 1697, 1st Conyers, 
wife. I died 1719. 

See page 14. 

James Hackiioitsr,! 
of Ycaland Ciinycrs, 
born 1668, died in 
Lancaster Castle, 
i6y7 (1st husband). 
Sec page 14. 

' Janet, = John 
daughter of Robinson, 
John God- of Ycaland, 
salve, of Yc.i- mar. 1701, 
land Conyers, 2nd liu!.- 
mar. 1691. band. 

Nathan HoBDERSTIE=MARy,da'.TghterorThomas=i=Tou»i Backkouse, of— Marcarct (2nd wife), 

.Thornton, of C.aon, co. Hornby, born 1693, died I daughter of John and Kulh 

Lane. (J. B.'s 1st wife), mar. I 1739. Ayii-y, of Kendal, born 

1715, died 1,716. 4« I about 1O94, mar. 1720, died 

See page 14. 'K'772. 

See page 14. 

Wn.LiAM Backhouse, or= 
Ycaland, a minister of the 
Society of Friends, born 
1696, died 1 761. See page 

Agnes, daughter of Richard 
Atkinson, of Monk Coniiton, 
horn in 1697, mar. in 1720, 
died in 1773. 

Tames Backhodse, of West Lodge,: 
Darlington, and linen 
nanufaclurer, established the bank 
at Darlington 1774, born 1721, died 
179S. See page J 7. 

Jane, only child of 
Jonathan Hedley, of 
Darlington, bom 
1718, mar. at Stock- 
ton i;746, died in 

William Backhouse, bom 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. E1.IZA- 
UETii, daughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, of Caton. She died 
1750. 4, 

See page 16. 

Agnes Backhouse, born=y=JoHN Harrison, of Dar- 
1730, mar. 1764, died 1797. lington, born 1725, died 
I iSoo. 

c -^ 
See page 39. 

John EACKHOUSE,orLancaster,bom 
1733, died in New York 1775, mar. 
•757 Jane, daughter of George 
Uodgson, of Kendal. Shcdicd I763. 

See page 16. 

ToNATHAN Backhouse, of Darlington, banker,=pANN, 2nd daughter of Edward Pease, of 
born 1747, mar. 1774, died 1826. See page 17. I Darlington, born 1746, died there in 1S26. 

Tames Backhouse, of Darlington, t)anlcer,=pMARV, daugllter of Nathan Dcarman, of 


1757, mar. 1787, died 1804. See 

page 34- 

Thorne, Yorks, born 1764, died 24lh May, 

Hannah (ist wife) dau. of=f=THOMAs Back- 

Beverley, b. 1796, m. 1S26, 
d. 1S27. 

Mary Backhouse, b. 1S27, 
d. 1867, m. i8i;i (as 1st wife), 
William Farrer Ecroyd, 
M-P., Preston, 1881-85. 

c -^ 
See page 34. 

house, of York, 

d. 1S45. 
page 34. 

=Ai!iGAlL (2nd wife), dau. of 
William Dent, of Marr, 
near Doncaster, m. 1837, 
d. 1841. 

James Backhouse, of=f Deborah, dau. of Richard 
York, botanist, a minister | Lowe, of Worcester, b. 1793, 
of Society of Friends, m. 1822, d. 1827. 
b. 1794, d. 1869. See 
page 37. 

Joseph Backhouse,^ 
of Gainford, b. 1798, 
m. 1S25, d. iS8i. 

Mary Ann, dau. of John 
Holmes, of Tiveishall 
Hall, Norfolk, b. 1791, d. 

Sarah Jane Back- 
house, b. 1838, 
m. 1866, Thomas 
BuRTT, of Malton. 

See page 36. 

Thomas BACK-=i 
HOUSE, only son, 
b. 1840, d. 18S9. 
See page 36. j 

^Ellen Patience, 
dau. of Josiah 

Elizabeth Backhouse, 
b. 1822, d. 1852, m. 1847, 
1st wife, Joseph Cros- 
FIELD, of West Derby, co. 
Lane. 4- 

See page 37. 

James Backhouse,- 
of York, botanist, 
and a minister of the 
Society of Friends, 
b. 1825, d. 1890. 

Mary, only dau. of 
Isaac Robson, of 
Dalton, Hudders- 
field, m. 1855. 

Jane Eliza Back- 
house, only surviving 
dan., b. 1827, m. 1862, 
William Mmpson. 

See page 38. 

Mary Backhouse, b. 1865, 
m. to Rev. ALEX. Brown, M.A. 
Alice M. Backhouse, b. 1867. 
A.vne M. Backhouse, b. 1868. 

Charles Fenwick 
Backhouse, b. 1869. 
Helen Christine 
Backhouse, b. 1870. 
Thomas Roland 
Backhouse, b. 1S74. 

Paul, F. C. Back- 
house, b. 1878. 
Harold G. S. 
Backhouse, b. 

Mary Loulsa 
b. 1857. 

I Backhouse, of York,=j=MABEL Grace, dan. of Walter 
I, m. 1890. See page Robson, of Saffron Walden. 

Jam Ks Backhouse, 
b. 1S92. 

Backhouse of York. 

(3) Margaret Farrcr Tunstill, born 8th March, 1SS3. 

(4) Edith Dorothea Tunstill. born Sth Nov., 18S4. 

(5) Rosamond Tunstill, born 23rd Nov., 18S5. 

(6) Alice Ecroyd Tunstill, born 26th Feb., 18S7. 

(7) Gertrude Adelaide Tunstill, born 26th June, 1S91. 

(3) Gertrude Ecroyd, born 2Sth March, 1856, married 30th May, 1SS3, to 
William Harry Hartley, of Colne, co. Lane, and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Christopher Hartley, born 22nd August, 1886. 

(2) Margaret Hartley, born 25th March, 18S8. 

(3) Susan Moon Hartley, born Sth June, 1889. 

(4) Thomas Backhouse Ecroyd, born 7th July, 1857. 

(5) Alizon Ecroyd, born 4th March, 1859, married 21st June, 1882, to 
William Cecil Slingsby, of Carleton in Craven, Yorks, and has a son and 2 
daughters : 

(1) Katharine Slingsby, born 17th July, 18S3. 

(2) William Ecroyd Slingsby, born 2nd. July, 1885. 

(3) Alizon Mary Slingsby, born 7th Sept., 18SS. 

(6) William Ecroyd, born 28th Feb., 1S61. 

(7) Mary Ecroyd, born 13th Oct., 1862, died loth Oct., 1863. 

(8) Edward Ecroyd, born 9th Oct., 1864. 

(9) Adelaide Jane Ecroyd, born 30th Nov., 1866. 

Thomas Backhouse (3), of York, married 2ndly at Doncaster 13th April, 1837. 

Abigail, eldest daughter of William Dent, of Marr, near Doncaster (by Sarah Wilkins 

his wife) ; she died 7th May, 1841, leaving a son and daughter : 

'(2) Sarah Jane Backhouse, born 3rd Nov., 1838, married at Little Marsden, 5th 
Sept., 1866, to Thomas Burtt, of The Brows, Malton, formerly of Wakefield, 
and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Edwin Burtt, born 4th July, 1867. 

(2) Arthur Henry Burtt, born Sth Jan., 1869. 

(3) Mary Jane Burtt, born 4th Feb., 1S73. 

(3) Thomas Backhouse, only son, born 13th August, 1840, died at Trevear, 
Penzance, 4th Jan., 1889; married i6th Sept., 1863, Ellen Patience, daughter 
of Josiah Croggon, of Grampound, Cornwall, and had 5 sons and 6 daughters : 

(1) Thomas Backhouse, born 1S64, died 1S66. 

(2) Mary Backhouse, born 19th Sept., 1865, married at Penzance 30th ]\Iay, 
1893, to Rev. Alexander Brown, INLA., only son of William J. Brown, of 
Dingle Priory, Liverpool. 

(3) Alice Maude Backhouse, born 3rd Feb., 1867; married at Penzance 
17th April, 1892, to George Haye, of Wokingham, Solicitor. 





Thomas Backhoc 

Ellen P., wife of late T. Backhouse. 




Mrs. Alexander Brow.n 

Charles F. Backhouse. 
Sec Pa(,, 37. 

36 ] 


# -^ 

James Backhouse. 

/ " "" 


yi y^ f -' 


■ i 


T' >. V 


James Backhouse t ^Jj ^^^ J^"^^ B.ackhouse 

1825-1890. ^ ; 

Sec Page 38. 

James Backhouse, 
Of York. 
Stc Page 38. 

[ 37 

Crosfcid — Simpso?! . 

(4) Annie Muriel Backliouse, born 30th May, 1S6S. 

(5) Charles Fenwiclc Backhouse, born 21st June, 1869. 
(G) Helen Christine Backhouse, born 20th Aug-., 1870. 

(7) Edith Lilian Backhouse, born 17th INIay, 1872, died 23rd Aug. following. 

(8) Thon-'as Roland Backhouse, born 14th March, 1874. 

(9) Paul Farror Croggon Backhouse, born 25th May, 1S7S. 

(10) Dorothea Backhouse, born 9th and died 26th Sept., 1SS2. 

(11) Harold Godfrey Stephen Backhouse, born 26th April, 1SS4. 

(4) James Backhouse, of York, a well-known practical botanist, became a minister of 
the Society of Friends in 1824, and in that capacity visited the Mauritius, Cape 
Colony, and Van Dieman's Land, &c., 1S31-41 ; he also subsequently visited Norway; 
author of "A Narrative of a Visit to the Australian Colonies," and of "A Visit to 
the Mauritius and South Africa," &c. ; born at Darlington 8th July, 1794, and died at 
Holgate Ho., York, 20th January, 1869; married 5th Nov., 1822, Deborah, daughter 
of Richard Lowe, of Worcester ; she was born there 29th Aug., 1793, and died loth 
Dec, 1827, having had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Elizabeth Backhouse, born at York, 4th Aug., 1823, died 22nd April, 1852 ; 

married at York iSth Aug., 1847, as first wife to Joseph Crosfield, of Liverpool, 

tea dealer (son of George, of Liverpool), who died 15th Dec, 1879, aged 58, and 

had 3 sons and a daughter. 

(1) James Backhouse Crosfield, born 25th May, 1848. 

(2) George Theodore Crosfield, born 3rd August, 1849 ; married 30th March, 
1876, Mary, daughter of Thomas Day Green, of Saftron Walden, and has 
a son and daughter : 

(1) Alice' Mary Crosfield, born 27th May, 1S77. 

(2) Hugh Theodore Crosfield, born ist. June, 1S83. 

(3) Josephine Crosfield, born 20th January, 1851 ; married 2nd June, 18S1, 
to Joseph Gundry Alexander, and has 4 sons : 

(1) Gilbert Crosfield Alexander, born 2nd March, 1SS2. 

(2) Wilfrid Backhouse Alexander, born 4th February, 1885. 

(3) Christopher James Alexander, born 24th March, 1887. 

(4) Horace Gundry Alexander, born i8th April, 1889. 

(4) Albert Joseph Crosfield, born 14th April, 1S52; married i6th Sept., 
1880, Gulielma Wallis, and has had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Bertram Fothergill Crosfield, born 14th Nov., 1S82. 

(2) Raymond Arthur Crosfield, born 2nd Dec, 1SS4, and died 22nd 
May, 1885. 

(3) Albert Ronald Crosfield, born ist June, 1S86. 

(4) Hilda Margaret Crosfield, born 27th June, 1888. 


Backhouse of York. 

(2) James Backliousc, of West Bank, Holgatc, York, practical botanist, and a 
minister of the Society of Friends, born at York 22nd Oct., 1825, died at York 
31st Aug., 1S90 ; married 7th June, 1S55, Marj', only daughter of Isaac Robson, 
of Dalton, Huddersfield (by Sarah Wheeler, his wife), and had 2 sons and 2 
daughters, all born at York : 

(1) Mary Louisa Backhouse, born 2nd Sept., 1S57. 

(2) James Backhouse, of York, practical botanist, born 14th April, 1S61 ; 
married at Saffron Walden 15th May, 1S90, Mabel Grace, daughter of Walter 
Robson, of Saffron Walden, and has a son : 

James Backhouse, born at Harrogate, 15th Aug., 1S92. 

(3) William Edward Backhouse, born 5th Feb., 1865, died i8th Sept., 1SS3. 

(4) Helen Robson Backhouse, born 25th March, and died 22nd Aug.,' 1870. 

(3) Mary Backhouse, born at York, iSth July, and died 25th August, 1827. 

(5) Mary Backhouse, born at Darlington i3^h March, 1796, died at Tunbridge Wells 
i8th Dec, 1824; married at York 20th Sept., 1S22, as ist wife to Richard Janson of 
London, stockbroker (Foster and Janson, now Foster and Braithwaite) ; by his 2nd 
wife, Ann Foster, he had a son Richard ; he died at Tottenham iSth July, 1S30, aged 
32, having had a daughter by his first wife : " 

I\Iary Jane Janson, born 9th March, 1S24, and died young. 

(6) Joseph Backhouse, of Gainford, born at Darlington 19th May, 1798, died at Gain- 
ford, i8th Jan., 1S81 ; married 21st April, 1825, Mary Ann, daughter of John 
Holmes, of Tivetshall Hall, Norfolk; she was born 25th Oct., 1791, and died 28th 
March, 1874, aged 82, having had 3 daughters : 

(1) Mary Jdatilda Backhouse, born 15th Feb., 1826, died 23rd June, 1828. 
■ . (2) Jane Eliza l3ackhouse, born 28th June, 1827; married at Scarborough 19th 
Aug., 1862, to William Simpson, of W^alton-on-Thames, sometime of Sunderland, 
Gainford, and Redcar(son of Robert, of Melksham), and has had 4 daughters : 

(1) Marion Backhouse Simpson, born 24th May, 1863. 

(2) Rosamonde Backhouse Simpson, born loth IMay, 1865. 

(3) Cicely Elizabeth Backhouse Simpson, born 6th Feb., 1867. 

(4) Winifred Matilda Holmes Backhouse Simpson, born 26th May, 1S68, 
died at Ventnor 24th June, 18S9. 

(3) Mary Backhouse, born at Ravenswood, Michigan, U.S.A., 1834, and died 
same year. 

(7) Elizabeth Backhouse, born at Darlington 9th Feb., 1800, died 3rd .?°cember, 1882. 

(8) Sarah Backhouse, born at Darlington 7th, and died there i8th Jan., 1S02. 

(9) Sarah Backhouse, born at Darlington 30th March, 1S03, died at York istjuly, 1877. 
(10) Ann Dorothy Backhouse, born at Darlington 13th May, iSos, died at York 
i6th April, 1829. 





Joseph Backhouse. 


Mrs. Joseph Backhouse. 


Elizabeth Backhouse. 


\^y- ^ 

Sarah Backh 

[ 38 1 

/ <■ ' 

John King 

1 786- 1 870. 

Mrs. John King. 
Died, 1S74. 

[ 39 ] 

f-"^ ^/ 


John King. 

Mhs. John King. 
Died. 18.12. 


WILLIAISI B ACK HO USE, of Yealand, removed to Over Kellet about 1727, became 
a minister of the Society of Friends, and in that capacity visited Iceland and North 
America; born at Yealand, i69§, i. 13, died at Kellet 1761, v. 21 ; married at Colthouse, 
1720, iv. 21, Agnes, daughter of Richard Atkinson, of INIonk Coniston (by his wife Sarah, 
daughter of Reginald Walker, of Fell Foot, Little Langdale) ; she was born 1697, xii. 4, and 
died 8th or 29th Nov., 1773, having had 6 sons and 7 daughters (see page 15) : of whom, 
(5) Agnes Backhouse (5th child, and 3rd but only daughter to have issue), born at Kellet 
1730, viii. 14, died 25th March, 1797; married at Darlington 1764, ix. 13, to John 
Harrison, of Darlington (son of Richard and Mary Harrison, of Burton, near Barnsley) ; 
he was born 1725, iv. 20, and died at Darlington 29th Jan., 1800, having had, with a son 
Richard, born and died 1771,2 daughters, Agnes the younger died 1 82 S, aged 6 1, and the elder, 
Mary Harrison, born at Darhngton 17th July, 1765, died at Newcastle-upon- 
T)-ne 2Sth Jan., 1805 ; married, ist, at Darlington 9th May, 1785, to Joseph King, of 
Newcastle (son of James King and his wife Anne Goldsborough) ; he died 5th INIarch, 
1790, aged 40; she re-married at Darlington 26th Sept., 1804, as 2nd wife to John 
Richardson, of Sunderland, tanner, who died at Croydon 29th Aug., 1842, aged 77. 
By her ist husband Joseph King she had, with one other child that died in infancy, 
2 sons and a daughter : (a) 

(Irt) John King, of Manchester, born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 2nd June, 1786, died 
at Greenheys 24th June, 1870; married i6th Oct., 1816, Eleanor, daughter of 
Samuel Wadkin, of Manchester (by his wife Elizabeth Barrow) ; she died at Elswick 
Lodge, Garstang, ist Nov., 1874, aged 82, having had 6 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Samuel King, of Elswick Lodge, Garstang, born iith Sept., 1817. 

(2) John King, of Fern Bank, Withington, co. Lane, and of Manchester, alder- 
man, mayor 1874-5, justice of peace, city of Manchester, 1873, director of 
London and North Western Railway Company, Nov. 1874-9; born 3rd Nov., 
1819 ;, married 5th June, 1856, Frances, daughter of Joseph Fell, of Warrington 
(by his wife Elizabeth Harrison) ; she died 4th March, 1892, having had 4 sons 
and a daughter : 

(1) Leonard Goldsborough King, born 21st Sept., 1857. 

(2) Alfred John King, B.Sc. London, born 14th Feb., 1859; married 23rd 
Aug., 1888, Julia Constance, daughter of Thomas and Maria Oliver, of 
Bollington, Cheshire, and has a daughter : 

Ida Mary King, born nth Oct., 18S9. 

[39] ■ . ■ 

Mim, of ^ant^tsu 

John Backhousf, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman,T=SARAH, daug, 
CO. Lane, yeoman, died in 1690. See page 13. by Iiis wife ' 

in Manserii 

ITannvh Back-t=John Gumming, 
HorsK, born | of Hildcistone, 
165S, died 1729. mar. 16&2, died in 

See page 4S. 

Thomas BACK-=i=ALiCE,daugliter of 
HOUSE, of Yea- I Kichard JJeckr, 
land Kedman, of Wythmorc in 
born i6oi,died Westmorland, 
1729. I mar. lOgO, died 

Sec page 13. 

Nathan IIubeerst'e=Mary, daughter of=f=JoirN Backhouse, of=f=MARGARET (2ri 
Tliomas Thornton, of I Hornby.born 1O93, died! daughter of John; 
Caion, CO. Lane. (1st 1739. Aykey, of Ker' 

wiTe), mar. 1715, died | | about 1C95, "'=''■ 

1716. ^ 4-I772- 

See p.ige 14. See page 14. 

Jam I 

s Backhouse, of West Lodje,: 
n|;ton, flax-dresser and linen 
f.iclurer, e»labli'-hcd the bank 
ir^in.'^Kin 177.1, born 1721, died 
See 17- 

Jane, only child of 
Jonathan IIedley, 
of Darlington, Ijorn 
1 718, mar. a' Sloekton 
1746, died in lto.5. 

William Backhouse, born 
1724, sometime of New Yoik, 
died tliere 1792, mar. Kliza- 
HEiH, daughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, of Caton. She 
died 1750. See page 16. 

B I 

Agnes ;. 
1730, ma 

JosF.rn King, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ist husband),=f Mary Harrison, b. at 
m. 9th M.ay, 17S5, d. 5lh March, 1796, aged 40. I I7lh July, 1765, d. 28th f 

See pia.^e 30. 

John King, of Mnnche.ster, 
1.. 2nil Tune, 1786, d. 24th 
June, 1S70. See pu^e 39. 

Ki.FANOR, dau. of Samuel 
Waiikin, of Manchester, 
m. 1S16, d. 1st Nov., 1874. 

Joseph King, of Yurie, ^Sa 
b. 31st Oct.. 17S7, d. 
22nd Nov., 1839. See 
page 41. 

H, da 
1810, d. 2n 

Samuel King 

b. 1S17. ^TARY 

King, b. 







Jam PS 

John Kino, of 182-,. 


1807, m. 1853, 




N C, 


che.,ter, b. iS 

19, m. Eleanor King, 

Sarah, dau. of 






1^56, Frances 

d.iu.of b. 18. 

I, d. i8;8. 

John Kooke, of 





dau. 0) 

TosEi'ii Fell, 

o( m. iSo, Thomas 


anchester. See 

Rook e. 



N, dau. 


nrglon, she died 1S92. Carr' 

CK, of Mau- 

page 41. 

d. 1868. 




Sc. page 39- 


ri 2nd wife). 






Leonard G. 


John Arthur 

Eleanor Ff 


KohertW. George S. 




K'ng, m. RooKE K., 




Alki- Ell John 


185S, m. 1S82, 

1E86, to b. 




D. Sarah H. 

KiNG.b. 1X50, 

King, bom 







in. iS.'^.S, Julia 






C. Oliver. 





King, bom 


loA. Mary 

18G7. , 

1 — ' 1 

K..\i-.,b. isig. 

Gi ADYs Margaret 

Li I. WALL, bom 


M \RY Elea.N'OK 

, born 




f -%, 

Henry King 

Mary J King 

; \ 

V ,% '-■ ?>, 

/ v:: 

William S. King. 
Set Page 42. 

[ 41 

Henrietta King. 

Ki?iz — Car rick — L ilivall. 

(3) Elizabeth Fell King, born ist Jan., iS6i. 

(4) George King, born 31st Oct., 1863. 

(5) Harold King, born 23rd March, 1S67. 

(3) Eleanor King, born 12th Sept., 1S21, died 15th June, 1858; married 2?ih 
May, 1S57, as 2nd wife to Thomas Carrick, of IManchester, who died 27th May, 
1873, leaving bj* her a son : 

John Arthur Carrick, of Southport, born 4th June, 1 858; married 7th June, iKS:, 
Charlotte Elizabeth, daughterof Charles Augustus Hook Robertson, of Bristol. 

(4) Mar)' King, born 20th Aug., 1823. 

(5) Elizabeth King, born 20th Oct., 1824, died unmarried 2Sth Jan., 1S79. 

(6) Joseph Harrison King, born iSth Dec, 1827; married 22nd Sept., 1S53, 
Sarah, daughter of John and INIary Rooke, of Manchester, s.p. 

(7) Ann King, born 2Sth April, 1830, died 28th June following. 

(8) Thomas Barrow King, born 22nd June, 1S32 ; married 5th April, 1S60. 
Margaret, daughter of John and Mary Rooke aforesaid, she died 6ih May, 
1868, having had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Eleanor King, born 26th June, 1861, married 5th Aug., 1SS6, to Charles 
James Lilwall, of Hay, co. Hereford, and has 2 daughters ; 

(1) Gladys INIargaret Lilwall, born 26th Feb., 1889. 

(2) Mary Eleanor Lilwall, born 2nd Oct., 1891. 

(2) Ernest Wadkin King, born May, 1864, died 24th Jan., 1865. 

(3) Frederick Rooke King, born 23rd Feb., 1866. 

(9) William King (twin with James), born 31st Jan., 1835; married loth Oct., 
1867, Ann, daughter of Joseph Fell aforesaid, and has had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Annie Mabel King, born 29th INIarch, 1869, died 31st May following. 

(2) Robert William King, B.Sc. London, born 15th June, 1870. 

(3) Mary Dorothea King, born 19th April, 1873. 

(10) James King (twin with William), born 31st Jan., 1835 ; married 25th Feb., 
1864, Margaret Harrison, daughterof George and Sarah Simpson, of Manchester, 
and has had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) George Simpson King, born 3rd IMay, 1S65. 

(2) John King, born 20th May, 1867, died 9th April, 1875. 

(3) Sarah Harrison King, born 21st March, 1869. 

(4) James Edward King, born nth Oct., 1872. 

{2, a) Joseph King, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and afterwards of York, born 31st Oct., 
1787, died there 22nd Nov., 1839; married 13th Nov., 1810, Sarah, daughter of 
Joseph Awmack, of York; she died there 2nd Dec., 1855, aged 70, having had 6 
sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) John King, born at York 12th Oct, 181 1, died there 8th Feb., 1823. 
[41] r 

Ki?2g of Manchester mid York. 

(2) Joseph King, born at York 13th Aug., 181 3, died there loth July, 1821. 

(3) James Harrison King, of York, born there 14th Jan., 1817, died s.p. 7th 
Oct., 1855 ; married i6th July, 1S46, Hannah, daughter of William Benson, of 
Stang End, lastly of Ulverston ; she died at York, 24th March, 1S92, having 
re-married 14th April, 1S59, to William Brady, of York, who died 20th Sept. 

(4) Mary King, born at York loth Sept., 1818, died there loth Dec, 1S21. 

(5) William King, born at York 24th Dec, 1819, died there 3rd March, 1821. 

(6) Henry King, of York, born there 23rd Oct, 182 1 ; married ist at Malton 21st 
Feb., 1850, Esther Richardson, daughter of Abraham Sewell, of Malton; she 
died at Birkenhead, 13th Nov., 1853, aged 28, leaving a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Mary Jane King, born 28th Nov., 1850. 

(2) William Sewell King, born 25th July, 1852 ; married iSth Sept., 18 78, 
Kate Harris, daughter of Thomas Hudswell, of Leeds, and has had 3 sons 
and 1 daughter : 

(1) Herbert Hudswell King, born 19th Aug., 18S0, died 23rd Sept. 

(2) Henry Foster King, born 5th Aug., 1885. 

(3) Harold Awmack King, born 19th July, 1887. 

(4) Ethel Dorothy King, born 21st March, 1892. 

(3) Henrietta King, born 27th Oct., 1853. 

Henry King married 2ndly, 5th Jan., i860, Sarah, daughter of Henry Casson, 
of Hull ; she died at York 19th June, 1866, aged 32, leaving a son and 3 daughters : 

(4) Agnes Harrison King, born 13th Nov., i860; married loth June, 1885, 
to Joseph Taylor Sewell, of Whitby, and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Arnold Edward Sewell, born 21st June, 1886. 

(2) Agnes Margaret Sewell, born 12th April, 188S. 

(3) Joseph King Sewell, born 7th June, 1890. 

(6) Henry King, of Bundarra, Glenrowan, Victoria, born 24th Oct., 1862 ; 
married i6th Dec, 1891, Ada Macfarlane, of Ardchattan, Victoria, and has 
a daughter: — Sarah Elizabeth King, born 26th Sept., 1892. 

(6) Esther Richardson King, born 8th Feb., 1864 ; married 4th June, 1890, 
to Charles Binks, of York, and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Harold Binks, born i6th April, 1S91. 

(2) Winifred Binks, born i Sept., 1892. 

(7) Emily King, born 12th Jan., 1865; married 3rd June, 1891, to Henry 
John Lloyd, of York, and has a son : — Eric Lloyd, born 19th March, 1892. 

(7) Edward King, born at York 5th Dec, 1822, died there 23rd Nov., 1869. 

(8) Sarah Ann King, born at York 24th Nov., 1829, died 13th March, 1831. 





Myles B. Foster. 
S« Pagi 43. 

r \ 


^:' t 

\^ / 

. f ">'•' 

"' . f[ 




Mrs M, B 




¥ V 

r\ \ 


Myles B. Foster 

Sec Page 46. 

,:>-^ "-■%■ 

Robert Foster 

[ 42 ] 

Mrs Robert Foster. 






Joseph Foster 

/*?Ki;.,r^v^ - 


Mrs Joseph Foster. 


( V-V5-*.. 


Sandys B Fostef 

Mrs W H FJi 

[ 43 

Joseph Foster. 

Foster, formerly Forster of Co, Durham. 

(3fl) Child born and died in 17SS. 

(4rt) Ann King (only daughter of Joseph King and jMary Harrison, see page 39). 
born at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 29th Sept., 1790, died in London sSth November, 
1SS4; married at Newcastle nth April, 181 1, to Myles Birket' Foster, then of 
North Shields, and afterwards of London, (son of Robert Foster, of Hebblethwaite 
Mall, Yorks, sometime lieutenant in the Navy); he died in London 21st Jan., 1S61, 
aged 76, having had 6 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Robert Foster, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, born at North Shields 27th Jan., 
181 2 ; married 7th July, 1S5S, Ann, only surviving daughter of Isaac Richardson, 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (and his wife Deborah, daughter of David Sutton) ; she 
died loth July, 1S93. 

(2) Joseph Foster, of Sunderland, born at North Shields 19th Aug., 18 13, died 
at Sunderland 9th Feb., 1859; married at North Shields 19th July, 1842, 
Elizabeth, 4th daughter of Emmanuel Taylor, shipowner of that place, she 
died 22nd Dec, 18S8, aged "jy, having had 5 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Annie Foster, born at Sunderland 23rd Feb., 1S43 ; married in London, 
20th Sept., 1 88 1, as 2nd wife to William Henry Richardson, alderman and 
J. P., CO. Durham, born 1829. 

(2) Joseph Foster, Hon. ALA. Oxon., author of "Alumni Oxonienses," 
" The British Peerage," &c. ; for an account of his principal genealogical 
works see " Men and Women of the Time" ; born in Sunderland 9th March, 
1844; married at Burgess Hill, Sussex, 12th Aug., 1869, Catherine Clarke, 
eldest daughter of late George Pocock, of that place, and has 2 sons and 
3 daughters : 

(1) Sandys Birket Foster, Associate of the Institute of Chartered 
Accountants, 1S92, born at New Barnet, Herts, 19th June, 1870. 

(2) Maude Katharine Foster, born in London 7th Oct., 1873. 

(3) Esmay Alice Foster, born in London 27th March, 1877. 

(4) Evelyn Mary Foster, born in London 12th March, 188 1. 

(5) Josslyn Foster, born in London 28th Dec, 1882. 

(3) James Foster, born at Sunderland, 2nd Oct., 1845; married at New- 
castle-upon-Tyne 13th Nov., 1866, Theodosia Alice, elder daughter of 
Alexander Milne, of Aberdeen, sometime of Sunderland; she died at 
Twynning, co. Gloucester, 29th March, 1884. He married 2ndly, at Sunder- 
land, 1 2th March, 1SS5, Elizabeth, widow of James Fairman, of Sunderland, 
3rd daughter of late Robert Ferry, of the same place. By his ist wife he 
has a son and daughter, both born in Sunderland : 

(1) Theodosia Alice P^oster, born ist Feb., 1868. 

(2) Myles Birket Foster, born 30th March, 1875. 


nd Redmayne, 
rr, of Ridgend, 

NET, = J O H N 

iter of Robinson, 

God- of Yealand, 

E.ofYen- mar. 1 70 1, 

Conyers, 2nd hus- 

1691. band. 

=f=AGNES, daughter of Richard, 
Atkinson, of Monk Coiilston, 
born in 1697, mar. in 1720, died 
in 1773- 

HN Backhouse, of Lancaster, born 
33, '.lied in New York 1775, mar. 
57JANE, daughter of Gr.OKGE Dodg- 
N, of Kendal, she died 1763. 
See page 1 6. 

Sunderland, tanner, mar. (his 
S04, died 29th Aug., 1S42. 

LF.s BiRKET Foster, of North 
?lds, afterwards of London, where 
lied 2lst Jan., 1S61. 

ed there 
born at 
born at 

3rd June, 

5th April, 

she died 

, iSSi, as 
sre : 

I. Robert Fog , 1 

of Newcastli), 5. Mary, bom 1S21, Ann (ist wife), ioth=T=6. MvlesBikki: 

Tyne, bom iSiite mar. 1852,10 William dau. of Roeert 
icf Atchison, of London. Spence, of North 
Shields, mar. 1850, 
died 1859. 

Annie Foster, 
mat. 1881, to W. 
H. Richardson, 
now of Milford, 


Foster, of Wall 
Surrey, bom l!>,^5. Wat^^on, of 

bergh, Yorks, 

bot.y Florence Myles Birket William Foster. Margaret A> 

bom 1S60, Foster, born Henry Foster, of F., bom 1S56, 

8S7,toREV. i85i,mar. i£ 
Waddell Christine 


Sandys Birket Foster — 1 
bom 1870. iSTER B., 

Maude K., bom 1873, died 1S93. 
EsMAY A., bom 1877. 
Evelyn M., bom t88l, 
JOSSLVN, bora 1S82. 

Myles Birket, 
born 1S84. 
Dorothy M., 
bora 1SS5. 
John L., bom 

bom 1854, mar. 
1S83, Ethel Clap- 

Ellen Fos 
born 1S57, 

Mabel C, 
born iSSS. 
Robert S., 
bom 1S91. 
Arthur E., 
born 1S93. 

mar. 1st, 18S1. to 18S6, to i,an 
John H. Dale, lot T. Gi 
who died 1 S92, 
remarried, 1S93, 
toH.E.A. Stau- 



Henry C. F. Margaret E. 
Dorothy. Glasson. 



5th Dec, 
4th and 
sons and 


fosttt, formerlp'' <of to* SDurftam* 

John Backhouse, of Moss-side near Yealand Redman,— 
CO. Lane, yeoman, died in 1690. See page 13. 

Hannah Back-=j=John Gumming, 
HOUSE, born of Hilderstone, 
1O58, died 1729. mar. 16S2, died in 
I '697. 

See page 48. 

land Redman, of Wythmore 

bom I60l,died Westmorland, 

1729. I mar. 1696, died 


See page 13. 

Nathan Hubberst:e=Marv, daughter of= 
Thomas THORNroN, 
of Caton, CO. Lane (ist 
wife), mar. 1715, died 

See page 14- 

JoTiN Backhouse, of- 
Hornby, bora 1693, 
died 1739. 

Tames Backhouse, of West Lodge,==jANE, only child of 
Darlington, flax-dresser and linen JONATHAN Hedley, 
manufacturer, established the bank of Darlington, bom 
at Darlington 1774, bom 1721, died 1718, mar. atStockton 
1798. See page 17. | 1746, died in 1805. 

William Backhouse, borri 
1724, sometime of New York, 
died there 1792, mar. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of Jonathan 
Thornton, of Citon. She 
died 1750. See page 16. 

Joseph King, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (ist husband),=T= 
mar. 9th May, 17S5, died 5th irarch,.I796, aged 40. I 

24th Ju 

=Eleanor, dau. of Samuel 
I mar. 1816, died Ist Nov., 
See page 39. 

Joseph King, of York,: 
bom 31st Oct., 17S7, 
died 22nd Nov, 

39. I 

I. Robert Foste 
of Newcastle-c 
Tyne, bom l8l2. 

l,=Ann, dau. of Isaac z. Joseph Foster,; 

1- Richardson, of New- of Sunderland, bom 

castle, mar. 1858, died 1813, died 1S50. 

1893. See page 43. 

Elizabeth, 4th dau. 3. Dodshon FosTEE,=i=MARY Ann, dau. of 

of E. Taylor, of N. of London, born 1816, John Rutty, of 

Shields, died 1888. died 1876. London, mar. 1849, 

died 1876. . 

A-vsiE Foster, 
rvT. 1881, to W. 
H. Richardson, 
t-ow of Milford, 

Joseph Foster, 
bom 1844, mar. 
•869, Catherine 


iMES Foster, Elizabeth, mar. Robert, of Sun- Agnes Foster, Em^ianuel T. 

im 1845, mar. 1873, to John derland, died died 18SS, mar. Foster. 

t, Alice L. Browne, of 1890, mar. 1S73, iSSi to James Frederick 

Milne, who Sunderland. AnneH. Ferry, Bowes, of Bess- Foster, of Sun- 

died 1884 (and 
2ndly, Eliza- 
beth Fairman). 

brook,- CO. Ar- derlxnd, bom 
magh. 1853, mar. 1S79, 

Emily Jane 


Jessie Foster, 
mar. 1872, to 
Frederick B. 
Edwin Foster. 
Charles Fos- 
,TER, bom 1854, 
died 1800, mar. 
1876, Isabella, 
dau. of J. M. 


irm 1870. 

llivi/E >C, bom 1873. 
Ejkay a., bom 1877. 
I.TKLVX M., tern liSl. 

Josn-Ts, Uint ii?2. 

Alice T. Fos- 
ter, bom 1868. 
MvLES B., bora 

Arthur L. 
Lindsay F. 
John Corbet. 
Leonard S. 

Sydney F. Bowes. 
Geoffrey F. 
Frank F. 

Elsie Foster. 
John M. 


Alice Jessie, 




ARAH, daughter of William Jackson, of Yealand Redmayne, 
his wife Mabel, heiress of her brother John Can, of Ridgend, 
Mansergh, born about 1626, died 1706. 

.Sarah Back.= 


HOUSF, bora 


of Yealand Conyers, 

,664, mar. 16SS, 

of Yealand 

bom 166S, died in 

did 1697,' 1st 


Lancaster Castle, 


died 1719. 

1097 (1st husband). 

^ '- 

See page 14. 

See page 14. 

•^Margaret (2nd 

John God- 
land Conyers, 
mar. 1 691. 

ackhouse, of=pAGNEs, daughter of Richard, 

Yealand, a minister of 
Society of Friends, bom 
1696, died 1 761. See page 

Atkinson, of Monk Coniston, 
born in 1697, mar. in 1720, died 
in 1773- 

Agnes Backhouse, bom=pJOHN Harrison, of Dar- 

■t^Mary Harrison, bora at Darling-= 
ton I7fh July, 1765, died 2Sth Ja 

1805. See page 39. 

■^Sarah, dau. of Joseph 
1810, died 2nd Dec, 

John Backhouse, of Lancaster, bom 
l','3ji died in New York 1775, mar. 
i?S7 Jane, daughter of George Dodg- 
S0.«», of Kendal, she died 1763. 

See page 16. 

=JOHN Richardson, of Sunderland, tanner, mar. (hii 
2nd wife) 26th Sept., 1804, died 29th Aug., 1842. 

Ann King, bom 29th Sept.,=i=MvLES Birket Foster, of North 
1790, mar. nth April, 1811, | Shields, afterwards of London, where 
died 2Sth Nov., 1S84. See he died 21st Jan., i86l. 
page 43- 

Mary Hesletine= 
(1st wife), dau. of G. 
1". Howes, of Lon- 
don, mar, 1849, died 

^4. John Harrison=Tuliana (2nd wift), S- Mary, bora 1S21, 

Foster, of Witley, 2nd dau. of Lite mar. 1S52, to William 

Surrey, bom 181S. Charles Odlin, of Atchison, of London. 
Stamford, CO. Line, =p 

Ann (1st wife), lott 
dau. of Robert 
Spence, of North 
Shields, mar. 1850, 
died 1859. 


■6. Myles BlRKEi^=FRANCEsf2nd-*ire1, 
Foster, of Witley, dau. of Dav.sun 
Surrey, bom 1S25. Watson, of Sed- 

bergh, Yorks, mar. 


=Edwaed Shear- Thomas Percy Mary Florence Myles Birket William Foster. Margaret Ann Ellen Fostfk. 

burn Marshall, A., bora 1S57, A., bora i860, Foster, born Henry Foster, of F., bom iSw, bora iS^r, mar. 

»r,^'j Y'"" °f ?!="■• 1SS2, mar. 1887, to Rev. i85i,mar. 1881, Newcastle-on-Tyne, mar. 1st, 18S1. to 1SS6, to Lance- 

Mtlford, Surrey. Mary Risy. John Waddell Christine bora 1854, mar. John H. Dale, lot T. Glas- 

NOLDS^ Bla;;k. Lorimer. 1S83, Ethel Clap- who died 1892, son. 

ham. remarried, iSg';, ^ 
toH.E.A. Stad- 


11 V^" r,F°^'^^^ Ethel Margarette A. 
M., bom 18S8. Charles Foster A. 

» H\ llis Mary. Harold Percy A. 


John Words- 

i^";." M-. bora 
»ad died 1893, 

John Foster B., 
bom 1 889, died 1893, 

Myles Birket, 

Ma'bel C, 


Margaret E. 

bom 1884. 

bom iSSS. 



Dorothy M., 

Robert S., 


bora 1885. 

bom 1S91. 

John L., bom 


bon. 1893. 


Foster^ formerly Forster of Co. Durham. 

(4) Elizabeth Foster, born at Sunderland 15th Nov., 1S46; married there 
13th March, 1S73, to John Laing Browne, 3rd son of late Joseph Browne, 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and his wife INIargarct Laing ; he was born at 
Newcastle 26th Sept., 1S42, and has 5 sons and 2 daughters, all born at 
Sunderland : 

(1) Lucy Foster Browne, born 31st March, 1S75. 

(2) Harold Montagu Browne, born 15th Sept., 1877. 

(3) Jessie Foster Browne, born 29th Oct., 1879. 

(4) Arthur Laing Browue, born 9th July, 1S81. 

(5) Lindsay Foster Browne, born 29th May, 1883. 

(6) John Corbet Browne, born 17th Feb., 18S5. 

(7) Leonard Southaicke Browne, born 22nd May, 1887. 

(5) Robert Foster, of Sunderland, town councillor, born there 23rd June, 
1848, died in London, 2Sth March, 1890; married at Sunderland i6th April, 
1873, Anne Hides, eldest daughter of late Robert Ferry aforesaid, she died 
2nd May, 1S93, leaving 3 daughters, all born at Sunderland : 

(1) Annie Winifred Foster, born 30th April, 1S74. 

(2) Muriel Foster, twin with 

(3) Hilda Foster, born 22nd Nov., 1877. 

(6) Agnes Foster, born at North Shields 28th Sept., 1850, died at Bessbrook, 
CO. Armagh, 28th March, 1888 ; married at Sunderland 24th Feb., 1881, as 
1st wife to James Bowes, of Bessbrook, and had 3 sons, all born there : 

(1) Sydney Foster Bowes, born ist Dec, 1881. 

(2) Geoffrey Foster Bowes, born aSth Sept., 1885. 

(3) Frank Foster Bowes, born 19th Feb., 1S88. 

(7) Emanuel Taylor Foster, born at North Shields 2nd June, 1S52 ; unmarried. 

(8) Frederick Foster, of Sunderland, born at North Shields i6th Dec, 
1853; married at Sunderland i6th April, 1879, Emily Jane, 4th and 
youngest daughter of late Robert Ferry aforesaid, and has had 3 sons and 
2 daughters, all born at Sunderland : 

(1) Elsie Foster, born i6th March, 18S0. 

(2) Frederick Foster, born 3rd Sept., 1881. 

(3) Edith Foster, born 31st March, 1883. 

(4) Robert Foster Foster, born 27th Nov., 1885, died 25th Dec, 1S89. 

(5) John Maurice Foster, born 2nd Dec, 1889. 

(3) Dodshon Foster, of London, born at North Shields 6th Jan., 18 16, died 30th 
March, 1876; married 6th Feb., 1849, Mary Ann, daughter of John Rutty, of 
Paddington ; she died 5th Aug., 1876, aged 57, leaving 2 sons and a daughter, 
all born in London : 




4^ ^#^* 


\ \ 

%,<. ^ 


SfC Pa»f 43. 

Joseph I oster 


Sec Page 43. 


BiRKET Foster 
See Page 46. 

DoDsnoN Foster. 


John H. Fostej 
Sre rage^y 

Foster^ formerly Forster of Co. Durham. 

(1) Jessie Foster, born 2nd Feb., 1851; married in London, 6th Feb., 
1S72, to Frederick Brandon, 2nd son of late William Sewell Shuttleworth, 
of Plaistow Hall, Kent. 

(2) Edwin Foster, born 27th Aug., 1852. 

(3) Charles Foster, born 26th Aug., 1854, died in New York 13th Dec, 
1890; married 13th Dec., 1876, Isabella, daughter of Joseph Wihvard Buck- 
ham, of Whitehaven, and had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Cyril Dodshon Foster, born at Barnet. Herts, Sth May, 18 78. 

(2) Mary Gertrude Foster, born at Widey, nth Feb., 1882. 

(3) Alice Jessie Foster, born at Thursley, Surrey, 22nd June, 1SS6. 

(4) John Harrison Foster, of Fernside, Witley, Surrey, born at Nordi Shields, 
22nd Jan., 1S18; married ist, 24th May, 1849, Mary Hesletine, daughter of 
George Pigott Howes, of London ; she died i ith Aug., 18S2. He married 2ndly, 
1 8th Oct., 1883, Juliana, 2nd daughter of late Charles Odlin, of Stamford, co. 
Lincoln. By his ist wife he had a son and 4 daughters, all born in London : 

(1) Edith Foster, born 17th Dec, 1852, died 14th July, 1877. 

(2) Alice Mary Foster, born 4th April, 1854. 

(3) Amy Gertrude Foster, born 27th June, 1855, died 20th Aug., 1859. 

(4) Fanny Isabel Foster, born 17th Oct., 1857; married at Willey, 
i6th August, 1887, to Rev. Edward Shearburn Marshall, M.A. Brasenose 
College, Oxford, Vicar of Milford, Surrey, 1890, and has had 2 sons and 2 
daughters : 

(1) Edward Foster Marshall, born at Witley, 2nd Aug., 1888. 

(2) Phyllis Mary Marshall, born at Witley, 5th Aug., 1SS9. 

(3) Gertrude Isobel Marshall, born at Milford, 12th Nov., 1S90. 

(4) John Wordsworth Marshall, born at I\Iilford, 28th May, 1893, died 
14th August following. 

(5) Walter John Foster, born 12th Aug., i860, died 25th Oct., 1885. 

(5) Mary Foster, born at North Shields 19th Nov., 1821 ; married 22nd June, 
1852, to William Atchison, of London, and has had 2 sons and 2 daughters, 
all born there : 

(1) Mary Catherine Atchison, bom 23rd May, 1853, died 21st March, 1854. 

(2) William Ernest Atchison, born 2nd August, 1854, died unmarried i8th 
Nov., 1S89. 

(3) Thomas Percy Atchison, born 28th July, 1857 ; married ist June, 1882, 
Mary, daughter of Charles Reynolds.of London, and has 2 sons and a daughter: 

(1) Ethel Margarette Atchison, born 12th May, 1883. 

(2) Charles Foster Atchison, born 22nd Sept., 1885. 

■-. (3) Harold Percy Reynolds Atchison, born 21st March, 1889. 

Foster^ formerly Forstcr of Co. Durham. 

(4) Mary Florence Atchison, born 23rd Aug., 1S60; married I5lh June, 
1SS7, to Rev. John Waddell Black, and had a son : 

(1) John Foster Black, born in London, 29th April, 1SS9, died at Port 

Stanley, Ontario, 12th JNIarch, 1S93. 

(6) Myles Birket Foster, of The Hill, Witley, Surrey, a member of the Royal 
Water-colour Society (see " Men and Women of the Time " and Virtue's " Art 
Annual," 1890), born at North Shields 4th Feb., 1S25 ; married ist at Earsdon, 
Northumberland, 13th Aug., 1S50, his cousin Ann, loth daughter of Robert 
Spence, of North Shields; she died 4th July, 1859, aged 34. He married 2ndly, 25th 
Aug., 1S64, Frances, daughter of Dawson Watson, of Sedbergh, Yorks. By his 
1st wife he had 3 sons and 2 daughters, all born in London : 

(1) INIylcs Birket Foster, Associate Royal Academy of Music, &c. (see 
Brown's "Dictionary of Musicians"), born 29th Nov., 1S51 ; married in 
Edinburgh 6th Jan., 18S1, Christine, daughter of James Lorimer, C.E., and 
has 4 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Willesden : 

(1) Myles Birket Foster, born 22nd Aug., 1SS4. 

(2) Dorothy Margaret Foster, born 9th October, 1885. 

(3) John Lorimer Foster, born 15th October, 18S6, 

(4) Mabel Christine Foster, born 24th Jan., 1888. 

(5) Robert Spence Foster, born nth June, 1891. 

(6) Arthur Edward Foster, born 17th June, 1893. 

(2) William Foster, born 6th June, 1853; unmarried. 

(3) Henry Foster, of Newcasde-upon-Tyne, born 6th Nov., 1854; married 
26th July, 1883, his second cousin Ethel, eldest daughter of late Henry 
Clapham, of Newcasde-upon-Tyne, and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Henry Clapham Foster, born at Backworth, Northumberland, 27th 
May, 1885. 

(2) Dorothy Foster, born at Backworth, 2nd June, 1889, 

(3) Mary Foster, born at Newcasde, 14th July, 1892. 

(4) Margaret Ann Foster, born 27th Jan., 1856 ; married istatWidey, 25th 
Aug., 1 88 1, to John Henry, eldest son of John Brodrick Dale, of Westoe, co, 
Durham, and of South Shields, banker ; he died s.p. 26th Feb., 1892, and 
she re-married at Witley, i8th July, 1893, to Henri Etienne Adrien 
Stadnitski, of Amsterdam and Geneva. 

(5) Ellen Foster, born 24th Sept., 1857; married 22nd Dec, 1886, to 
Lancelot Thompson Glasson, of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-at-law (3rd son of 
late Thomas Glasson, of Penrith), and has a daughter : 

(1) Margaret Ellen Glasson, born at Sevenoaks, 28th Dec, 1891. 

(7) James Foster, born in London 14th Nov., 1830, died there 22nd April, 1832. 




HANNAH BACKHOUSE (eldest daughter of John Backhouse, of Moss Side, 
near Yealand Redmayne, co. Lane, see page 13), born at Yealand Rcdmayne 165S, 
viii. 28, and died at Hilderstone 1729, iv. 8; married 1682, iii. 24, to John (son of 
Edward) Gumming, of Hilderstone ; he died there 1697, xi. 28, having had 2 sons and 3 
daughters : (a) 

(1 a) Edward Gumming, born 16S4, ix. 30, buried at Hilderstone 16S4, x. 6. 
{2a) Ann Gumming, born 1686, ii. 27, died 1722, viii. iS ; married at Yealand 1717, ix. 7, 
as 1st -wife to John Lancaster, of Wray, and sometime of Burton, and had a son and 
daughter : 

(1) Hannah Lancaster, born 171S, vi. 17, died at Burton 1739, xii. 4. 

(2) James Lancaster, born 1719-20, i. 18, died 1721, iii. 5. 

(3rt) Edward Gumming, of Hilderstone, born 1688, i. 25, died there 1771, ii. 6, aged 
82 years and 10 months; he married 1720, viii. 27, Ann, daughter of Richard Sill, of 
Birkrigg Park in Preston Richard, she died at Hilderstone 1761, vi. 24, aged 64, having 
had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Hannah Gumming, died 1771, v. 3 ; married at Yealand Conyers 1740, viii. 22, to 
Thomas Pearson, of Poolbank, Westmorland, yeoman (son of Joseph, of Fellside), 


(2) John Gumming, born 1723, vi. 18, died next day. 

(3) John Gumming, of Hilderstone, yeoman, born there 1724, vi. 28, and died there 
ist May, 1801, aged 76 ; devisee under the wills of John Backhouse, 1763, and of 
Richard Backhouse, 1764 (see pages 81, 82); married at Height in Gartmel, 1763, 
xii. 27, Hannah, daughter of William Salthouse, of Ulverston, -ironmonger ; she died 
16th Nov., 1809, aged 72, having had at least 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Edward Gumming, of Hilderstone, born 1765, vi, 18, died s.p. 

(2) Hannah Gumming, born 1768, iii. 20, died at Kendal i8th Sept., 1842, 
aged 74; married at Yealand 4th Jan., 1804, to her 3rd cousin, George Back- 
house, of Kendal, ironmonger and stamp distributor. He died 23rd Oct., 1830^ 
having had a son and daughter (see p. 16) : 

(3) John Backhouse Gumming, born 1770, vi. 21, and died 1784, v. 4. 

(4 a) SARAH GUMMING, married to Thomas Beakbane, of whom sec page 57. 
{5 a) Mary Gumming, born 1692, iii. 13, died 1705. 


Pearson — Alhrio-ht — JFells, 

who died (perhaps) 1771, v. 31, having had at least 2 sons and 4 daughters : {b)- 
(1 b) Joseph Pearson, born 1743, viii. 27, died 1745, v. 17. 
(2 b) Ann Pearson, died unmarried. 

(3^) Hannah Pearson, born 174S, xii. 23, died 25th July, 1S19. 
(4^) Agnes Pearson, born 1749, viii. 11, died 19th Aug., 1S29, aged So; married 
at Preston Patrick 17S1, vi. 4, to John Albright, of Lancaster, sail canvas maker 
(son of Thomas and IMary, of Lancaster); died 24th ALarch, 1830, aged 84, 
having had a son and 6 daughters : {c) 

(1 c) Thomas Albright, of Lancaster, sail cloth manufacturer, and of New- 
land House, Scotforth, yeoman, emigrated to the United States, born at 
Lancaster 17S2, iii. 30, died at Hannibal, Missouri, 20th March, 1848, aged 
66 ; he married Sarah, daughter of Joseph Whitlark, of Nottingham ; she 
died at Hannibal, Marion Co., U.S.A., 26th Sept., 1844, aged 57, having 
had (with 3 children who died very young) 12 sons and 4 daughters, all 
born at Lancaster : 

(1) John Albright, of Lancaster, born 13th Aug., iSii, died 19th July 
1S87 ; married at Lancaster 1835, Margaret, daughter of John Dodd, of 
Dent, Yorks, she died 19th Aug., 1S63, having had 2 sons and 2 
daughters, all born at Lancaster : 

(1) ALary Albright, born at Lancaster 3rd Sept., 1836; married, 
ist, to Thomas Brewer, and had a son, Frederick Brewer; she 
remarried to Daniel Gudgeon, of Hest Bank, near Lancaster. 

(2) Thomas Albright, of Ulverston, born 21st Dec, 1839 ; married 

(3) Charles Albright, of Lancaster, born 29th Dec, 1841; married 
"^ 1 8th Sept., 1877, Esther, daughter of John Peel, of Bromfield, 

Cumberland, s.p. 

(4) Sarah Albright, born 3rd June, 1844 ; married 9th Sept., 1873. 
to John Wells, of Lancaster, and has 2 sons and a daughter, all 
born there. 

(1) John Henry Wells, born i6th Aug., 1874. 

(2) Agnes Wells, born 27th Feb., 1876. 

(3) Bernard Wells, born 14th July, 1878. 

(2) Thomas Albright, of Lancaster, born 24th Dec, 1812; married at 
Manchester i8th Feb., 1841, Alice, daughter of William Satterthwaite, 
of Hulme, farmer, and had 2 sons and 7 daughters : 

(1) Sarah Alice Albright, born 14th Feb., 1842, died i6th Jan., 

(2) Thomas Albright, born 19th Sept., 1843. 


Pearson of Poolhank. 

(3) Maria Albright, born 19th July, 1S45 ; married iSSS, to William 
Aircy, of St. jMichael's, near Liverpool, s.p. 

(4) Wary Ann Albright, born 3rd Feb., 1S47. 

(5) Esther Albright, born 5th Dec, 184S; married Aug., 18SS, to 
Harry Evans, of Lancaster, s.p. 

(6) Emma Albright, born 29th Nov., 1S50. 

(7) William Albright, born 25th June, 1852. 

(8) Agnes Albright, born 29th Nov., 1854. 

(9) Rachel Albright, born 26th Nov., 1856. 

(3) Henry Albright, of Bootle, Cheshire, chemist and druggist, born 27th 
July, 1814 ; married at Preston 23rd Jan., 1845, Rebecca, daughter of 
Joseph and Rebecca Drewr)', of that place ; she died 30th j\Iay, 1866, 
aged 45, having had 6 sons and 5 daughters : 

(1) Henry Albright, born 20th April, 1S46, died unmarried 14th 
Dec, 1890. 

(2) Joseph Drewry Albright, of Birkenhead, born 3rd jMay, 184S ; 
married and has 2 daughters. 

(3) Alfred Albright, born at Liscard 2nd July, 1850. 

(4) Sarah Rebecca Albright, born at New Brighton 3rd June, 1S52 ; 

married to Joseph Poole, of Ferns, co. Wexford. 

(5) William Drewry Albright, of Port jSIackay, Queensland, born 
17th June, 1854. 

(6) Anne Albright, a twin with 

(7) Edith Albright, born 22nd Feb., i856,and died 23rd Sept., 1864. 

(8) Samuel George Albright, of Fleetwood, born at Newtown, co. 
Waterford, 15th April, 1858. 

(9) Mar>' Alice Albright, born 25th Aug., i860, died 20th Dec, 

(10) John Albright, born at Bootle, 17th IMay, 1862, died 19th Sept., 

(11) Helen Albright, born 22nd April, 1866, died 

(4) Joseph Albright, of The Greaves, Lancaster, born 23rd Jan., 1816; 
married ist at Bolton-le-Sands, near Lancaster, 20th Sept., 1853, Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Knipe, of Hest Bank, near Lancaster, she died at 
Lancaster, 27th January, 1872; he married 2ndly in Feb., 1875, Mary 
Eleanor Nicholson ; by his ist wife he had 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) John Albright, of Ulverston, born at Lancaster, 22nd Sept., 
1854; married at Whitehaven, 28th Dec. 1879, Sarah Jane Shippen 
of that place, and has a son and 3 daughters : 

fi \ 


Edward C Backhouse 

[ 50 j 

Phomas Albright ^ , ' ^ Joseph Albright 



Henry ALKRiGiir, Owen Albkight 

Sir;r 50. SC4 Pai;. 5' 


(1) Joseph Albright, born 4th Oct., iSSo. 

(2) Mary Albright, born 23rd Oct., 1SS2. 

(3) Catherine Albright, born ist November, 1SS5. 

(4) Margaret Albright, born 12th Sept., 1SS7. 

(2) Joseph Pearson Albright, of Diss, born at Lancaster, Sth 
June, 1S58; married in London, 23rd June, iSSS, Ann Bowk, 
daughter of William Gilhespie, and has 2 sons : 

(1) Joseph Pearson Albright, born at Diss, 7th Nov., 1S89. 

(2) Thomas Knipe Albright, born at Diss, 14th Jan., 1S91. 

(3) Sarah Agnes Albright, born at Lancaster, Sth April, 1S61. 

(5) I\Lary Albright, born ist Oct., 1S17, died Sth March, 1S29. 

(6) William Whitlark Albright, of Sheffield, born 2nd Jan., 1S19, died 
2nd March, 1864; married at Sheffield 23rd Oct., 1851, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Jonathan Smith, of London, corn factor, and had at least 
4 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Sarah Albright, born 23rd Jan., 1853 ; married ist Oct., 1887, 
to Charles A. Chambers, s.p. 

(2) Peirson Albright, born 1 6th June, 1854. « 

(3) Anna jNIaria Albright, born 17th Jan., 1856, died 27th Aug., 

(4) William Henry Albright, born 19th Aug., 1857 ; married 14th 
Sept., 1882, Alice Henley, of London. 

(5) Edwin Albright, born iSth March, 1859, died 27th May, 1867. 

(6) George Albright, born 15th March, 1861. 

(7) Elizabeth Albright, born loth August, 1863. 

(7) Sarah Anne Albright, born 6th July, 1820, died 6th Nov., 1826. 

(8) Charies Albright, born 14th. Dec, 1821, died at Blythe, Notts, 14th 
Nov., 1S41. 

(9) Pearson Albright, born 29th Jan., 1823, died i6th April, 1843. 

(10) James Albright, born 13th Feb., 1824, died 24th June, 1S43. 

(11) Edmund Albright, born 17th i\Iay, 1825, died i6th July following. 

(12) Hannah Maria Albright, born 15th Aug., 1S26; married to Joseph 
Tatum, of Salem Town, and died s.p. in America. 

(13) Agnes Albright, born 30th Oct., 1827, died in America 30th Jan., 
1854 ; married Games, and left a son and daughter. 

(14) Edward Albright, in California, born 21st June, 1829. 

(15) Owen Albright, of Florida, born 5th Oct., 1830, and has a son and 
2 daughters. 

(16) Frederick Albright, of Ohio, born 21st July, 1833. 


Pearson of Poolhank. 

(2r) IMary Albright (daughter of John Albright and Agnes Pearson, see 

page 49), twin with Hannah, born 17S4, vi. 15, died 17S6, iii. 24. 

(3f) Hannah Albright, twin with Mary, died 1786, iv. 2. 

(4<:) Mary Hannah Albright, born 1786, viii. 10, died nth June, 17S8, 

ipc) Sarah Albright, born 1788, iv. 21, died loth Feb., 1790. 

(6f) Ann Albright, born 17S9, vii. 11 ; died unmarried nth Oct., 1867. 

(7^) Agnes Albright, born 1793, viii. 18, died unmarried 14th Nov. 1827, 

aged 34. 
(5 b) Mary Pearson (daughter of Thomas and Hannah, see page 48), died 
6th Dec, 179S, aged 48 ; married at Park End, in Preston Patrick, 1773, iv. 2, to 
Thomas Airey, of Burnley, mercer (son of John and Anne, of Kirby Kendal). 
He died at Burnley 31st Jan., 1798, having had 3 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Joseph Airey, born ist Oct., 1774, believed to have been carried off by 
the press-gang; living in 1804. 

(2) Thomas Airey, of Macclesfield, brewer, born 7th June, 1776, married 
Ann Paxton, of Macclesfield, and died s.p. 4th Sept., 1847. 

(3) Sarah Airey, born 6th June, 1778, died at Southport 7th Nov. 1863; 
married ist to James Fishwick, of Burnley, and had a son, Richard, who 
died young ; she re-married to Robert Blake Irving. 

(4) Hannah Airey, born 4th Oct., 1780; married at Warrington 28th Feb., 
1804, to James Kekwick, of Warrington, dyer, who died in Aug., 1835, 
having had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Daniel Kekwick, born i6th April, 1807, died 4th June, 1833. 

(2) Mary Kekwick, born 15th March, 1809; died 15th Sept., 1890; 
married 19th May, 1836, to Rogers Broadhead, of Sheffield; he died 
28th April, 1876, having had an only daughter : 

Anna Maria Broadhead, born 3rd March, 1837; married 21st 
June, i860, to George Henry Smith (son of Joseph and Mary 
Anne), of Sheffield, s.p. 

(3) Thomas Kekwick, born ist Jan., 1811, died 26th June, 1827. 

(4) Elizabeth Kekwick, born 26th Dec, 1812, died nth Jan., 1S13. 

(5) John Kekwick, of Cairnforth, near Rotherham, J. P., Yorks. (W.R.), 
patron of the advowson of !\Ieare, Somerset, late commissioner of property 
and income tax, born 24th March, 1815; married 22nd Aug., 1848, 
Fanny, daughter of Thomas May, of Catcliffe, near Rotherham, and 
has had 2 daughters : [1876. 

(1) Mary Isabella Kekwick, born i8th Sept., 1851, died 24th Jan., 

(2) Helen Beatrice Kekwick, born 14th June, 1853. 

(5) Ann Airey, born 13th Jan., 1783, died at Brookside, Penketh, near 


Bolton — Barloiv, 

Warrington, 22nd March, 1S74; married 3rd I\Iay, iSoS, to Edward Bolton, 
of Warrington, ironmonger (son of Thomas Bolton and his wife Hannah 
Harrison), he was born 13th Nov., 17S3, and died 13th April, 1840, having 
had 4 sons and 5 daughters, all born at Warrington {d) : 

(1 d) ]\Iar>' Bolton, born 25th March, 1S09, died unmarried ist June, 1870. 
{2d) Ann Bolton, born 15th May, 181 1, died in infancy. 
{3d) Thomas Bolton, born iSth I\Iarch, i Si 3, died 5./. 8th Oct., 1S74 ; 
married 6th April, 1837, Anne Piatt Bradshaw, who died 29th July, 1S66. 
{'id) James Bolton, of Warrington, born 27th Feb., iS 15, died 20th 
March, 1S59 ; married at Torquay 13th April, 1846, Henrietta, 
daughter of Thomas Crane, of Chester; she died 20th June, 1S85, 
leaving 2 sons and 2 daughters, all born at Warrington : 

(1) James Bolton, of Warrington, accountant, born 29th Jan., 1847 ; 
married at Leeds i6th Aug., 1S77, Helen, daughter of Edward 
and Sarah (Frankland) Bolton, of Leeds, and has 5 sons and a 
daughter, all born at Warrington : 

(1) Laurence Bolton, born 14th Aug., 187S. 

(2) Frances Bolton, born 9th Jan., iSSi. 

(3) Eric Bolton, born 25th March, 1882, 

(4) Geoffrey Bolton, born 15th Jan., 1884. 

(5) Denys Bolton, born 3rd Feb., 1886, died 22nd Nov. 

(6) Austin Bolton, born 15th April, 1S90. [following. 
^(2) Henrietta Bolton, born 28th June, 1848. 

(3) Elizabeth Ellen Bolton, born 5th Feb., 1854; married 26th 
May, 1875, to Hamlet Newhall Houghton. 

(4) Charles Henry Bolton, born 29th July, 1856. 

(5^) Hannah Bolton, born 23rd Aug., 1816, died 25th Nov., 1SS2 ; 

married 4th April, I S39, to Benjamin Irlam Barlow, of Bishop Stort- 

ford, formerly of Hindley, co. Lane. ; he died 5th Dec, 1866, having had 

4 sons and 5 daughters : 

(1) Charles Edward Barlow, born i6th Oct., 1S41 ; married 9th Aug., 
1870, Alice Solton, daughter of Thomas Eskdale, of Great Sankey, 
CO. Lane, formerly of Whitby, and has had 4 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Mary Alice Barlow, born nth May, 1S71. 

(2) Arthur Eskdale Barlow, born i6th July, 1873. 

(3) Frederic Irlam BarIow,borni7th July, 18 75, died same year. 

(4) Frank Edgar Barlow, born 26th May, 1877. 

(5) Edith Annie Barlow, born 30th Nov., 1878. 

(6) Charles Henry Barlcnv, born 13th June, 1882. 


Pearso?! of Poolba?ik. 

(2) Alice Jane Barlow, born 9th May, 1S44. 

(3) Arthur Bolton Barlow, born 2Sth Sept., 1845, died unmarried 
14th Feb., 1S79. 

(4) Benjamin Irlam Barlow, born 23rd June, 1S47; married 20th 
April, 1876, Cecilia Emily Baker, and has had 4 sons and 2 daughters: 

(1) Emily Irlam Barlow, born 27th Jan., 1877. 

(2) Alfred Irlam Barlow, born 12th Jan., 1S7S. 

(3) Cyril Irlam Barlow, born 9th May, 1S80. 

(4) Harold Irlam Barlow, born 14th Dec, iSSi. [18S8. 

(5) Marj' Irlam Barlow, born 29th Nov., 1883, died 25th INIay, 

(6) Stewart Irlam Barlow, born 29th May, 1889. 

(5) Frances Louisa Barlow, born 2Sth July, 1S48. 

(6) Lucy Anna Barlow, born 12th Sept., 1849. 

(7) Hannah Bolton Barlow, born 2nd Nov., 1851. 

(8) Hubert John Barlow, born i6th Feb., 1853. 

(9) Florence Elizabeth Barlow, born 7th April, 1S55.- 

{6d) Lucy Bolton, born 29th Aug., 1818, died i8th Feb., 1890; 
married at Penketh, 24th June, 1846, to William Oddie, of Seacombe, 
near Liverpool ; he died 9th Nov., 1S64. 

[Id) Jane Bolton, born 9th Nov., 1S20; married at Penketh, 27th 
March, 1851, to George Worsdell, of Warrington, and has a son and 2 
daughters, all born there : 

(1) Edward Worsdell, B.A. London, born 21st March, 1852; 
married at Falmouth, i8th April, 18S9, Rachel Tregelles, 3rd 
daughter of Nathaniel Fox, of Falmouth. 

(2) Clara Jane Worsdell, born 30th IMarch, 1854. 

(3) Elizabeth Ann Worsdell, born loth Aug., 1856. 

(8^ Edward Bolton, born 19th Jan., 1S23, died 26th Dec, 1889; 
married 13th May, 1846, Elizabeth Yates, of Eccleston, near St. Helens, 
and had 8 sons and 3 daughters : 

.(1) Edward Bolton, born 29th IMarch, iS47,died 24th April, 1865. 

(2) Mary Jane Bolton, born 5th Aug., 1848, died i8th Oct. 1876; 
married ist June, 1S70, to William Horace Wilson, Hon. Lieut- 
Col. 43rd Regiment Light Infantry, formerly of 87th Foot, and 
had a son and daugliter : ^ 

(1) Violet Eleanor Luxmore Wilson, born 1872. 

(2) Horace Hayman Wilson, born 2ist July, 1874. 

(3) George Yates Bolton, Lieut. -Col. ist volunteer battalion 
South Lancashire Regiment, born 22nd March, 1852; married 


Bolton— Wylde. 

15th June, 1S75, IMargaret Ellen Hogarth, and had a son and 
daughter : 

(1) IMarian Ida Margaret Bolton, born 5th April, 1S76. 

(2) Richard Bolton, born 1879, died ist Dec. same year. 

(4) Charles Frederick Bolton, in Australia, born 4th Oct., 1853 ; 
married Louisa Oakden, and has 1 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Edward Yates Bolton. 

(2) Beatrice Bolton. 

(3) Sydney Victor Bolton. 

(5) William Henry Bolton, born 13th June, 1855. 

(6) Alfred Bolton, born 22nd May, 1S57. 

(7) Frank Robinson Bolton, born 8th Nov., 1859. 

(8) Edith Bolton, born 27th April, 1S62, died 5th March, 1865. 

(9) Annie Elizabeth Bolton, born 12th Aug., 1863. 

(10) Walter Septimus Bolton, born 15th Jan., 1865. 

(11) Ernest Edward Bolton, born i6th Oct., 1867, died i6th June, 

(9fi^) George Harrison Bolton, of Penketh, near Warrington, born loth 
Oct. 1S25 ; married ist June, 1848, Wilhelmina, daughter of William 
Sproule, of Athlone, and has had 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Ann Airey Bolton, born 17th June, 1849. 

(2) Jane Sarah Bolton, born 21st Sept., 1850, married 21st Aug., 
1877, to Josiah R. Wylde, of Runcorn, and has a son : 

Claud Bolton Wylde, born 24th Jan., 18S0. 

(3) Edward Bolton, born 26th Dec, 1851, died 6 Oct., 1885; 
married loth Sept., 1879, Charlotte JNIary Hill, of Brooklyn, New 
York, and had 3 sons : 

(1) Julius Duncan Bolton, born 5th Dec, 1880. 

(2) Trevor Edward Bolton, born 5th July, 1S83. 

(3) son, born 4th Feb., 1885. 

(4) George Harrison Bolton, born 28th Jan., 1853. 

(6) John Airey, born 13th July, 1785, died unmarried at Southport, 3rd 
Jan., 1843. 

(7) Mary Airey, born at Burnley 7th Sept., 1787, died unmarried at South- 
port, 20th Feb., i860. 

(6(5) Thomas Pearson, of Poolbank in Crosthwaite, parish of Heversham, West- 
morland, yeoman (son of Thomas and Hannah, see p. 48), born 1753, xi. 12, died 
at Poolbank 3rd May, 1808, aged 55; he married Mary, daughter of Benjamin 
Hall, of Newton ; she died i6th Jan., 1827, aged Z"], having had at least 6 sons : 
[55] H 

Pea7'S07i of Poolha/ik. 

(1) Thomas Pearson, born 1776, iv. 29, died in London unmarried, twin 

(2) John Pearson, married twice, and died in America, leaving at least 4 
sons by his ist wife, viz. : 

(1) John Pearson. 

(2) Thomas Pearson. 

(3) Isaac Pearson. 

(4) Joseph Pearson, died at Pool Bank in 1S74. 

(3) Benjamin Pearson, of Kendal, born 1778, ix. 8, died 1S46, leaving, by 

Gaskell, 4 daughters : 

(1) Mary Ann Pearson. 

(2) Betsy Pearson, married to John Warhurst, s.p., 

(3) Sarah Pearson, unmarried. 

(4) Hannah Pearson, married to Capt. Rigby, and had i daughter : 
Sarah, who died leaving issue. 

(4) Isaac Pearson, born 17S2, vii. 7, married. 

(5) George Pearson, born 1787, xi. 6, died ist Jan., 1815, aged 27. 

(6) Joseph Pearson, of Poolbank, yeoman, born 20th Aug., 1791, died 
1 2th Feb., 1844; he married IMary, daughter of James Dodgson, of Swallow- 
field, Cartmel Fell; she died 24th July, 1833, aged n, having had 2 sons 
and a daughter : 

(1) Thomas Pearson, born 26th Sept., 1828, died s.p., 4th May, 1872 ; 
married Margaret Jackson. 

(2) Sarah Pearson, born 24th Jan., 1830, died 3rd Nov., 1830. 

(3) George Pearson, of Poolbank in Crosthwaite, Kendal, born 4th 
April, 1832 ; married at Crosthwaite 4th April, i860, Nancy, daughter 
of Thomas Lewis, of Rusmickle, in the township of Lyth, and has had 
5 sons and a daughter ; 

(1) George Pearson, born 24th INIay, 1862, died March, 1863. 

(2) Thomas Pearson, born 12th Feb., 1863. 

(3) Joseph Pearson, born 23rd October, 1864. 

(4) George Gibson Pearson Pearson, born i6th Jan., 1866, died 
8th Dec, 1873. 

(5) I\Iary Pearson, born 17th May, 1868. 

(6) Benjamin Pearson, born 31st May, 1870. 



SARAH CUMINIING (2nd daughter of John Cummfng, of Hilderstone, and Hannah 
Backhouse, his wife, see page 48), born 16S9, x. 2S, died 1764, i. 24, aged 74; 
married at Yealand I7ii,viii. (orxi.) 10, to Thomas Beakbane, of Gunnerthwaite, parish of 
Melh'ng, CO. Lane. ; he died' 1 750, vii. 10, having had 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) ISIargaret Beakbane, born at Moss-side 1713, vi. iS, died 1729, vi. 2. 

(2) Thomas Beakbane, of Arkholme, formerly of Gunnerthwaite, parish of Melh'ng, co- 
Lane, born 171 7, viii. 29, died 14th July, 17SS, aged 70. 

(3) JOHN BEAKBANE, of whom presently. 

(4) Robert Beakbane, died 1727, xii. 2. 

(5) Robert Beakbane, born 1732, iii. i. 

JOHN BEAKBANE, of Lancaster, merchant, born there 1720, v. 3, and died there 
1786, V. 14 ; married at Kendal 1750, v. i, Mary, daughter of Jonathan Wilson of that 
place (and his wife Hannah, daughter of Roger Wakefield, of Kendal), and had a son 
and 3 daughters : 

(1) Sarah Beakbane, married to Robert Waterhouse (see page 61). 

(2) Hannah Beakbane, born at Lancaster, 1758, ii. 13 or 22, died 1778, iv. 15. 

(3) Mary Beakbane, married to John Wakefield, of Kendal (see page 64), 

(4) THOMAS BEAKBANE, of whom next. 

THOMAS BEAKBANE, of Lancaster, born there 1760, died i6th March, 1S39; 
married at Yealand 1796, ii. 3, Susannah, daughter of Thomas Frankland, of 
Lancaster; she died 26th Oct., 1843, aged 'j'], having had 4 sons and a daughter : 

(1) John Beakbane, born at Lancaster 1796, xi. 5, died 2nd November, 1807. 

(2) Henry Beakbane, born at Lancaster 1798, xii. 25, died there 15th ]\Iay, 1869 ; married 
there 25th June, 1835, Rebecca, daughter of Robert Hall, of Skerton, co. Lancaster; she 
was born there^ 25th Feb., 1796, and died at Chester 20th Dec, 1857, leaving an only 
son : 

Henry Hall Beakbane, of Stourport, co. Worcester, born at Litherland 4th 
April, 1840 ; married at Lancaster 27th March, 1873, Ellen, eldest daughter of Isaac 
Bradshaw of that place; she was born i6th June, 1S45, 'i"*^ h'^s 2 sons and 5 
daughters : 


Beakbiuie — Forster — Coi 

(1) Elicn Bcakbane, born at Penketh 19th April, 1S74. 

(2) Sarah Elizabeth Beakbane, born at Penketh 9th July, 1S75. 

(3) Hannah Beakbane, born at Penketh 13th Dec, 1876. 

(4) Henry Beakbane, born at Penketh loth I\Iay, 1S7S. 

(5) Edwin Beakbane, born at Warrington 25th Sept., 1879. 

(6) i\Iary Edith Beakbane, born at Stourport 5th Jan., 1S81. 

(7) Florence Beakbane, born at Stourport 13th Sept., 1882. 

(3) Thomas Beakbane, of Liverpool, tanner, born at Lancaster 31st Oct., 1S04, and died 
at Liverpool 14th April, 1850; married there 2nd Dec, 1830, Eliza, daughter of William 
Holmes of Sutton Ashfield, Notts ; she was born 29th Sept., 1803, and died 13th April, 
187S, having had 7 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Elizabeth Beakbane, born at Liverpool 23rd Sept., 1831, died 2nd July, 

(2) William Fox Beakbane, migrated to Canada, born at Liverpool 8th Feb., 1833, 
died at INIontreal 24th July, 1S83 ; married at New York loth June, 1S61, Cecilia, 
daughter of Hynes, of New York, and had 7 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Thomas William Beakbane, born 15th Dec, 1862, 

(2) Eliza Beakbane, born 26th INIarch, 1864, married in 18S5. 

(3) John Beakbane, of Jersey, born 20th Aug., 1865. 

(4) James Beakbane, of ^Montreal, born 14th April, 1867. 

(5) Walter Beakbane, of Portland, Oregon, born i8th June, 1869. 

(6) Charles Edward Beakbane, born 6th June, 1871. 

(7) Joseph Beakbane, born 7th July, 1872. 

(8) Benjamin Beakbane, born 6th April, 1873. 

(3) Thomas Frankland Beakbane, born at Liverpool ist October, 1834, died 2Sth 
June, 1836. 

(4) John Beakbane, born at Liverpool 5th June, 1836, died 3rd July following. 

(5) Mary Beakbane, born at Everton 27th May, 1837, died in London 26th August, 
18S8; married at Liverpool^ 22nd July, 1858, to Joseph Binyon Forster, son of 
Wilson Forster and his wife, Ann Binyon. He was born at Liverpool 23rd 
October, 1831, and died at Bowdon, Cheshire, ist December, 18S3, having had a son 
and 3 daughters : 

(1) Eliza Mary Forster, born at Chorlton 29th May, 1859; married 6th 
November, 18S4, to William Henry Cowie (son of David Cowie, of St. 
Vincent, W.L, and his wife, Charlotte Eliza Beresford) ; he was born nth 
November, 1857, and has had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) David Forster Cowie, born in Antigua 25th July, 1885. 

(2) Eliza Wilhelmina Mary Cowie, born in Antigua ist Aug., 1886, died in 
St. Christopher, W.L, 4th Jan., 1890. 

-. [58] 

Pedigree of Bcakba?ie. 

(3) Joseph Beresford Cowie, born in London 2nd Nov., 1SS7; died in 
Antigua 2Sth Feb., iSSS. 

(4) Dorothea Cowie, born in St Christoplicr nth Feb., 18S9. 

(5) William Edward Christopher Cowie, born in St. Christopher 26th 
March, 1S90. 

(2) Joseph Wilson Forster, born at Chorlton 14th July, 1S61. 

(3) Josephine Binyon Forster, born at Altrincham 26th May, 1864. 

(4) Annie Gulielma Forster, born at Altrincham 2Sdi April, 1S68. 

(6) Thomas Beakbane, of Llay Place, Wrexham, born at Everton 15th June, 1S39; 
married at Sale 2nd Sept., 1868, Lucy Anne, daughter of Nathaniel Card, of 
that place (and his wife, Hannah Binyon), and has had 2 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Edith Beakbane, born at Sefton i8th Aug., 1S69. 

(2) Thomas Beakbane, bom at Sefton 2Sth April, 1872, died 21st July fol- 

(3) Mary Anna Beakbane, born at Sefton 30th Oct., 1873. 

(4) Thomas Card Beakbane, born at Gresford, co. Denbigh, 19th I\Iay, 1S76. 

(7) Frankland Beakbane, born at Everton 15th April, 1841, and died 15th Dec. 

(8) Alfred Beakbane, born at Bootle 26th August, 1843, died 30th July, 1886; 
married i6th April, 1S6S, Eliza Fanny, daughter of Payne, of , 
and had 3 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Alfred Bernard Beakbane, born at Seaforth 12th Sept., 1S69. 

(2) Charles Frankland Beakbane, born at Seaforth nth Nov., 1873. 

(3) Frances Mary Beakbane, born at Crosby 22nd March, 1878. 

(4) Lionel St. George Beakbane, born at Crosby 17th Feb., 1882. 

(9) Susan Ann Beakbane, born at Litherland 15th Sept., 1845 ; married at Liverpool 
13th April, 1871, to Alfred (son of Thomas) Leicester; he was born at Liverpool 
18th April, 1845, 3-ri<i has a son and 2 daughters, all born at Waterloo, near 
Liverpool : 

(1) Eliza Mary Leicester, born 24th March, 1S72, 

(2) Alfred Charles Leicester, born i8th May, 1875. 

(3) Jessie Leicester, born 27th November, 1880. 

(10) Charles Beakbane, born at Litherland ist Dec, 1847 ; unmarried. 

(4) Elizabeth Beakbane, born at Liverpool, 6th January, 1808, died there 21st Jan., 18S0. 

(5) Edward Frankland Beakbane, born at Liverpool 13th Dec, 1813 ; married 30th Sept., 
1845, Sarah Whittle, daughter of William Ockleston, of Wincham, Cheshire, and has had 
2 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Sarah Beakbane, born 9th October, 1848; married 30th Sept., 186S, to Robert 
Marquis, of Liverpool, and has 2 sons and 3 daughters : 


Cowie — Leicester — Marquis. 

(1) IMarioa Marquis, born at Liverpool 2Sth Feb., 1S70. 

(2) Robert Marquis, born at Liverpool 25th Aug., 1875. 

(3) Lilian Marquis, born at Birkenhead nth Dec, 1S76. 

(4) Edward i\Iarquis, born at Birkenhead 26th Feb., 1879, 

(5) Alice Marquis, born at Birkenhead 23rd Aug., iSSo. 

(2) Edward Beakbane, born 21st March, 1S50, died 27th Jan., 1SS5. 

(3) Lucy Beakbane, born 5th Dec, 185 1 ; married 23rd iNIay, 1S7S, to Alfred Woodall, 
of Liverpool, and has a son and 4 daughters, all born at Liverpool : 

(1) Edward Arthur Woodall, born 20th June, 1S79. 

(2) Elsie Woodall, born iSth June, iSSo. 

(3) Gladys Woodall, born 29th Dec, 1SS2. 

(4) Florence Woodall, born 27th Oct., 1SS5. 

(5) Doris Woodall, born 25th Feb., 1S92. • 

(4) Thomas William Beakbane, born 12th April, 1S54; married at Bridgnorth, 
Salop, 5th Feb., 18S0, Margaret, daughter of Samuel Harvey, of Walton on the Hill, 
CO. Lane, and has 2 daughters : 

(1) Rlargaret Harvey Beakbane, born 25th July, 1887. 

(2) ]\Ianzanita Harvey Beakbane, born 26th October, 1S89. 

(5) Florence Beakbane. 



SARAH BEAKBANE (eldest daughter of John Beakbane, of Lancaster, merchant, 
and his wife INIary Wilson, see page 57), born at Lancaster, 1751, iii. 2, died at 
Liverpool Sth April, 1S20; married at Wray, near Lancaster, 177S, ix. 8, to Robert 
Waterhouse, of Colne (son of Joshua and Elizabeth Waterhouse) ; he was born at Liver- 
pool, 1753, i. 20, and died before 17S9, having had two sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) Hannah Waterhouse, born 1779, vi. 12, died unmarried 26th Feb., 1S55. 

(2) INIary Waterhouse, born 17S1, v. 6, died in London 6th Nov., 1850. She married 
I St at Preston Patrick 9th August, 1802, to John Taylor, of Liverpool (son of 
Henry Taylor, of North Shields) ; he was born at the last-named place 1777, v. 4, and 
died at Liverpool 15th August, 1S22. She re-married at Litherland, , 1825^ 
to Benjamin Busby Binyon, who died at Sevenoaks, Kent, , 1865. By her 
1st husband she had 5 sons and 5 daughters : 

(1) Ann Taylor, born loth June, 1803, died 29th Jan., 1810. 

(2) Sarah Maria Taylor, born 23rd Jan., 1S05, died 17th Sept., 1823. 

(3) EHza Taylor, born 7th Oct., 1S06, and died unmarried Sth Jan., 1870. 

(4) Henry Taylor, born 17th Dec, 1807, died 7th Jan., 1874; married in London 
3rd December, 1844, Eliza Snoad, of Brookland, Kent. She was born 5th August, 
1S24, and died in April, 1885, having had 3 sons and 4 daughters, all born in 
London : 

. • (1) Henrietta Eliza Taylor, born at Peckham 13th Sept., 1846, died 13th Oct., 


(2) Anne Maria Taj^lor, born at Peckham 17th April, 1848 ; married July, 1867 
to Capt. Henry Augustus Chichele Plov.'den, Bengal Staff Corps, barrister-at-law. 
Middle Temple, 1876, who died loth March, 1877. She re-married 25th Nov., 
1880, to John Robson, of London. By her ist husband she had 2 sons and 2 
daughters : 

(1) Millicent Chichele Plowden, born nth Jan., 1870, died in India, Aug., 

(2) Roger Augustus Chichele Plowden, born at Moradabad, Calcutta, 20th 
Oct., 1 87 1. 

(3) Henry Launcelot Chichele Plowden, born 3rd Oct., 1873, died in India, 
15th June, 1874. 

(4) Henrietta Annie Chichele Plowden, born in London, 2nd Sept., 1875. 


JFaterhotise — Taylor — Ploxvdcn — Hohly7i — Churchill. 

(3) John Henry Taylor, bom at Pcckham 7th June, 1849 ; married sSth April, 
1875, Lilla, daughter of George Hearn, of Highbury, and has a son and 2 
daughters, all born in London : 

(1) Violet Taylor, born 14th I\Iarch, 1S76. 

(2) Eva Alexina Snoad Taylor, born 31st Oct., 1S77. 

(3) Claude Waterhouse Hearn Taylor, born 19th Oct., 18S0. 

(4) Eliza Emily Taylor, born at Maida Vale 26th Nov., 1850; married iSth 
July, 1S72, to Charles Dennis Hoblyn, of London, stockbroker, and has 3 sons 
and 5 daughters : 

(1) Beatrice jNLiry Dennis Hoblyn, born 9th Dec, 1873. 
-- (2) Reginald Armstrong Hoblyn, born 6th Sept., 1875. 

(3) Lizzie Evelyn Hoblyn, born 27th Feb., 1877. 

(4) Gertrude Florence Hoblyn, born 5th Feb., 1880. 

(5) Dora Dennis Hoblyn, born 26th Dec, 1881. 

(6) Charles William Thornton Hoblyn, born 29th INIarch, 1885. 

(7) Phyllis Sherwood Hoblyn, born nth Dec, 18S6. 

(8) Harry Beverley Hoblyn, born iSth Sept., 1888. 

(5) Mary Jane Taylor, born 30th Aug., 1S52, died 3rd Dec, 1S70. 

(6) William Charles Taylor, of Twickenham, born at Maida Vale, 29th March, 
1854 ; married , 1879, Eleanor, daughter of Alfred Froom, and has a son 
and 2 daughters : 

(1) Ivlillicent Vernon Taylor, born 

(2) Muriel Valerie Maud Taylor, born 

(3) Eric William Waterhouse Taylor, born 

(7) Alfred Waterhouse Somerset Taylor, born at Maida Vale Sth I\Iarch, 1862. 

(5) Mary Taylor, born 17th May, 1809, died 4th Nov., 1824. 

(6) William Taylor, born 17th Nov., 1810, died 23rd July, 1842; married 

1 84 1, Caroline B. iNIoffatt, and had a son : 
Henry George Moffatt Taylor, born 26th Sept., 1841. 

(7) John Taylor, born 28th Aug., 1812, died .f.;^. 2nd Oct., 1S78; married 5th Jan., 
1856, Susan Haselden. 

(8) Anne Taylor, born 8th March, 181 5; married at Camberwell nth April, 1846, 
to Joseph Churchill, of London (son of Joseph Churchill, of London) ; he was born 
29th Jan., 181 2, and died 3rd July, iSSi, leaving a son and daughter : 

(1) Florence Churchill Churchill, born in London 5th Feb., 1847 ) married ist 
Feb., 1877, to John Hampton Hale, of London, and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Nora Florence Hale, born in London 2nd April, 1878. 

(2) Horace John Hale, born in London 21st Jan., 18S0. 

(3) Walter Churchill Hale, born in London 12th Aug., 1881. 


Pc(Iig?'ee of 'Taylor of Lo?idon. 

(2) John Churchill, born in London 25th Jan., 1S52 ; married at Sydenham 12th 
Jvme, 1SS3, Florence Ida Josephine, daughter of Andreas Christian T^riedricli 
Gen'ch, of London, and has had 2 daughters : 

(1) Florence Elfrida Grace Churchill, born 5th April, 1SS4, died 30th Nov., 
.(2) Irene Josephine Churchill, born iSth Dec, 1SS7. 
(9) Edward Taylor, born 31st Dec, 1S16, died young. 
(10) Robert Taylor, born 31st Dec, 18 16, died young. 

(3) Charles Watcrhouse, born 1782, xii. 24, died 2nd June, iSiS. 

(4) Elizabeth Waterhouse, born 1785, v. 8, died at Peckham, Surrey, 5th Jan., 1849 ; married 
at Hardshaw, co. Lane, 12th Feb., 1827, as 2nd wife to William Johnson (son of Daniel 
Johnson, of Ulverston) ; he was born 1 77 1, viii. 9, and died in Manchester about 13th 
Feb., 1845. 

(5) Henry Watcrhouse, born 17S7, ii. 3, died unmarried. 

(6) Rachel Waterhouse, born 28th Jan., 1789, died in Jersey about March, 1853, and 
buried there ; married to Richard Treffr)', who died in Manchester about 1840, having 
had a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Waterhouse Treft'ry. 

(2) Sarah Treffry. 

(3) Hannah Treffry, married in 1S53 to John Thomas Coudray, of Guernsey, and had 
2 children. 



TV /T ARY BEAKBANE, 3rd and youngest daughter of John Bcakbane, of Lancaster, 
IVjL merchant, by his wife Mary Wilson (seepage 57) ; died loth Feb., 1S24. She 
married at or near Sawley, Yorks, i6th I\Iay, 1787, to John Wakefield, of Kendal, banker 
(son of John Wakefield and his wife Margaret Hodgson, of Carlisle) ; he was born at 
Kendal 1761, iii. 13, and died there 30th Oct., 1S29, having had 4 sons and 6 daughters: 

(1) Lsabella Wakefield, born 29th June, 178S, died 6th June, 1801. 

(2) I\L-irgaret Wakefield, born 27th Oct., 1789, died unmarried June, 1862. 

(3) John Wakefield, born iSth May, and died 7th July, 1791. 

(4) Mary Wakefield, born 6th Dec, 1792, died unmarried , 1868. 

(5) JOHN WAKEFIELD, of whom see page 70. 

(6) Ann Wakefield, born 10th April, 1797, died 20th Sept., 1876; married at Preston 
Patrick nth Jan., 182 1, to John Cropper, of Dingle Bank, Liverpool (son of James Cropper 
and his wife Mary Brinsdon) ; he was born at Liverpool 8th June, 1797, and died there 
8th Nov., 1874, having had 3 sons and 6 daughters, all born at Liverpool : 

(1) Mary Cropper, born 2nd Nov., 1821, died 30th Dec, 1885; married 25th Sept., 
1851, to Very Rev. John Saul Howson, B.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb. (wrangler), 
1837; M.A., 1841; D.D., 1S61 ; Hulsean lecturer, 1862; Dean of Chester, 1S67-85 ; 
"^ Chaplain to the Bishop of Ely, 1865 ; Principal of Liverpool College, 1849-67 ; joint 
author of the " Life and Epistles of St. Paul." He died 15th Dec, 18S5, having had 
3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Mary Georgina Howson, born ist Jan., 1853. 
■ (2) George John Howson, M.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 18S0; Vicar of Christ 
Church, Crewe, 1S88; born ist May, 1854 ; married 8th Jan., 1880, Ethel, daughter 
of Ven. Archdeacon Dealtry, Vicar of Maidstone, and has had4sons and a daughter : 

(1) John Dealtry Howson, born 30th Dec, 1S80, died in infancy. 

(2) Roger Saul Howson, born 8th May, 1882. 

(3) Geoftrey Howson, born 14th August, 1883. 

(4) George Arthur Howson, born 7th Sept., 1886. 

(5) Joan Howson, born 9th May, 1885. 

(3) Edmund Whytehead Howson, M.A. from King's Coll., Camb., 1881, fellow 
1882; Master at Harrow; born iSth July, 1855; married 14th Sept., 1886. 
Agnes, daughter of Rev. Henry Montagu Butler, D.D., Master of Trin. Coll., 
Camb., and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Hugh Edmund Elliot Howson, born 20th Feb., 1889. 

(2) Audrey Howson, born 6th July, 1S91. 


Dean Houson. 
Died, 1S85. 

[ 64 





.-.. / 


v., . i ' ^%. 

^;i-.. ^^ 


Geokge j HOWSON 

Edmun-d W Hows 

Pedigree of Walejicld of Kendal. 

(4) James Francis Howson, M.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1S82 ; Vicar of Christ 
Church, Chester, 1SS9; born 20th Sept., 1S56. 

(5) Anne Margaret Howson, born 20th Aug., 1S5S. 

(2) James Cropper, of Eller Green, Kendal, M.P. 1S80-S5 ; J. P., D.L., Westmorland ; 
High Sheriff, 1S75 ; born 22nd Feb., 1S23 ; married at Heversham 25th Nov., 1S45, 
to his cousin Fanny Alison, 2nd daughter of John Wakefield, of Sedgwick House 
(see page 71) ; she died 3rd Feb., 1S68, leaving a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Frances Anne Cropper, married 29th Dec, 1S70, to Rev. John William 
Edward Conybeare, I\I.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., \^icar of Barrington, co. 
Cambridge, since 1S71, and has 3 sons and 2 daughters: 

(1) William James Conybeare, born 19th Dec, 1871. 

(2) Charles Bruce Conybeare, born i6th Feb., 1873. 

(3) Alfred Edward Conybeare, born 25th August, 1875. 

(4) Alison Mary Conybeare, born 26th March, 1879. 

(5) Dorothea Frances Conybeare, born iSth Dec, 18S0. 

(2) Mary Wakefield Cropper. 

(3) Charles James Cropper, of Tolson Hall, Westmorland, D.L. ; B.A. from 
Trin. Coll., Camb. ; born 6th July, 1852 ; married 3rd August, 1876, Hon. Edith 
Emily Holland, eldest daughter of Henry Thurstan, Lord Knutsford, G.C.M.G., 
Colonial Secretary 1S86-92, and has a son and 4 daughters : 

(1) James Winstanley Cropper, born 4th August, 1879. 

(2) Eleanor Margaret Cropper. 

(3) Mary Frances Cropper. 

(4) Margaret Beatrice Cropper, born 29th Aug., 1886. 

(5) Sybil Edith Cropper. 

(3) Sarah Wakefield Cropper, born nth July, 1824, died 21st June, 1890; married 
6th Sept., 1849, to Rev. Arthur Willink, M.A. from St. John's Coll., Camb., 1849 ; 
Vicar of St. Paul's, Tranmere, Cheshire, 1857, until his death at Madeira, 21st Nov., 
1862, having had 6 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Arthur Willink, M.A. from Emanuel Coll., Camb., 1876, Curate of St. John 
the Evangelist, Bromley, 1889; born ist July, 1850; married 2nd July, 1878, 
Margaret, daughter of Rev. Richard Henry Dickson, Rector of Eastchurch, 
Kent, and has had 3 sons and 2 daughters : 

(1) Margaret Dorothea Rcsc Willink, born at Cambridge 29th Sept., 

(2) Arthur Charles Eric Willink, born at Lindale, in Cartmel, 28th Jan., 

(3) Hilda Mary Willink, born at Lindale 19th May, 1883. 

(4) Herman James Lindall Willink, born at Lindale i4lh Sept., 1884. 


Hozvsou — Cropper — Co?iyhcarc — IFiUink — McNeile. 

(5) Roger Jan Willink, born at Lindale 4th October, 1 S86, died 4th Dec, i SS7. 

(2) Clara Cecilia Willink, born 23rd March, 1S52 ; married aSth July, iSSi, to 
Rev. Norman Frederick McNeile, I\I.A., Vicar of Brafferton, Yorks, 1S76 (son 
of late Hugh McNeile, D.D., Dean of Ripon). 

(3) James Cropper Willink, born 7th June, 1S53, died June, 1876. 

(4) Charles Daniel Willink, born 3rd Nov., 1S54, died 19th July, 1S60. 

(5) William Edward Willink, of Dingle Bank, Liverpool, IVl.A. from King's 
Coll., Camb., 1S84; born 17th INIarch, 1S56; married i6th Februar)', 1S93, 
Florence I\Iacan, youngest daughter of Col. H. Brabazon Urmston, Bengal 
S.C., and of Ardenlee, IMaidstone. 

(6) John Wakefield W^illink, P^I.A. from Pembroke Coll., Camb., 1SS4, Vicar of St. 
Helens, Lancashire, 1S91, and of St. John's, Sunderland, 1SS5-90; born 24th 
Oct., 185S; married 27th July, 18S7, Ruth Agnes, daughter of J. D. Sim, Esq., 
C.S.L, late President of Council at Madras, and has a son and daughter : 

(1) Arthur James Wakefield W'illink, born 17th May, 1890. 

(2) Mary Cecilia Wakefield W^illink, born 2nd July, 1893. 

(7) Alfred Henry Willink, born 24th May, i860; married i6th April, 1885, 
Beatrice Amy, daughter of Major Luard-Selby, of the Mote, Ightham, Kent. 

(8) Amelia Trevor Roper Willink, born 8th Sept., 1861, died Aug. 1862. 

(4) Anne Cropper, born 20th Sept., 1825 ; married at Liverpool 7th May, 1S50, 
to Thomas, son of Duncan Matheson, and nephew of late Sir James !Matheson, Bart., 
of the island of Lews, N.B. 

(5) John Wakefield Cropper, of Dingle Bank, Liverpool, born 24th March, 1830; 
died 3rd June, 1892; married at Rydal, Westmorland, 23rd August, 1853, Susanna 
Elizabeth Lydia, 3rd daughter of late Dr. Arnold, of Rugby. 

(6) Isabella Cropper, born 13th May, i83i,and died ist Aug. following. 

(7) Edward William Cropper, of Fearnhead, Great Crosby, Cheshire, born 7th July, 
1833; married at Ratcliffe-on-Trent 30th May, 1861, Frances, 2nd daughter of 
Ichabod Charles Wright, of Mapperley, Notts (by his wife, Hon. Theodosia, daughter 
of Thomas, ist Lord Denman), and has had 5 sons and 5 daughters : 

(1) James Cropper, B.A. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1885, Vicar of St. Thomas, 
West Ham, Stratford, E., 1890; born at Thornton Fields, Guisboro', Yorks, 
2nd May, 1S62 ; married at Tunbridge Wells, Sth March, 1S88, Ethel Frances, 
daughter of George Percival Smith, of Tunbridge Wells. 

(2) Frances Mildred Theodosia Cropper, born at Thornton Fields, 23rd July 
1863; married at Great Crosby, 27th January, 1889, to C. Theodore Green, 
M.R.C.S. and M.R.C.P. 

(3) John Cropper, ALA. from Trin. Coll., Camb., 1891 ; B. INIed., 1892; born at 
Thornton Fields 17th Sept., 1864. 








C M 


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II f ui 


^ "-^ ?; - s c" >-■ ^* 

ill! <--£"^if-^" 

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< !-• S J! M 



£ S5 



< '-^ rC 5 t; 

<5 1^ cS r. 




::^j3?: 6,3 ^^X ■a<Pi^ ^ 

W^-S^'S ;s; 

Pedigree of Wahficld of Kendal, 

(4) Charles Henry Edward Cropper, born 25th Januar)', 1866. 

(5) Edward Neville Cropper, born 14th jMay, 1S69, died young. 

(6) Frederick William Cropper, born at West Highfield ist Feb., 1871. 

(7) Mary Isabella Cropper, born 7th Jan., 1S75, died young. 

(8) Ann Wakefield Cropper, born at Bramcote, Great Crosby, 26th March, 

(9) Emily i\label Cropper, born at Bramcote 31st Dec, 1S77. 

(10) Evelyn Wright Cropper, born at Fearnhead, Great Crosby, 17th Nov., iSSo. 
(8) Isabella Eliza Cropper, born 7th May, 1835; married at Liverpool 4th Oct., 1854, 
to James Rigg Brougham, a registrar of the High Court of Justice (Bankruptcy 
division), and nephew of Henry Peter, ist Lord Brougham, and has 2 sons and 5 
daughters : 

(1) INIargaret Lyndesay Brougham, married 21st March, 1877, to Samuel Logan, 
eldest son of Carruthers Charles Johnston, of Liverpool, and has 4 sons and 
3 daughters : 

(1) Alfred Hubert Johnston, born loth Feb., 1878. 

(2) Carruthers Brougham Johnston, born 3rd June, 1879. 

(3) Gladys Beryl Johnston, born 28th Jan., 1881. 

(4) Leslie Darrell Johnston, born 29th May, 1883. 

(5) Alexander Vyvyan Johnston, born 3rd Dec, 1884. 

(6) Kathleen Stella Johnston, born 9th Nov., 1886. 

(7) Olive Marjory Johnston, born 28th Aug., 1890. 

(2) John Cropper Brougham, born 2nd Feb., 1857; married 26th Jan., 1882, 
Ursula Harriet Mary, younger daughter of late Sir Henry Orlando Chamberlain, 
Bart., and has at least a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) James Henry Chamberlain Brougham, born 9th Dec, 1882. 

(2) Constance Murielle Brougham, born 17th Sept., 1884. 

(3) Gwendoline Islay Brougham, born at Elmwood, Hackbridge, Surrey, 
29th August, 1892. 

(3) Annie Wakefield Brougham, married 27th April, 1887, to Jacob, 2nd son of 
William Henry Wakefield, of Sedgwick House, Kendal (seepage 71), and has a son: 

William Henry Wakefield, born 6th Jan., 1S91. 

(4) Harold de Vaux Brougham, barrister-at-law, Lincoln's Inn, 1 88 1, born 17th 
Aug., 1858. 

(5) Kate Brougham, married 8th Jan., 1890, to John Wakefield Weston, Esq. 
(see page 71) and has a daughter: 

Mary Elizabeth Weston, born 8th April, 1892, 

(6) Eleanor Brougham. 

(7) Mary Brougham. 


'V ^^^^ 


-^ - 




William Wakefield, Thomas B. Wakefield. 

1S25-1893. /, 

Edward William Wakefield. 


, y 

J i. . --^ -c;.V 

John E Wakefield George H, Wakefield. 

See Page 7" , ^ , Sec Page 70. 

[ 69 ] 

Brougha7n — Jo?ies — Rainey — Knott. 

(9) Margaret Cropper, born 14th July, 1836; married ii>th July, iS66,to Rev. William 
Jones, iM.A. from Trinity College, Cambridge, 1S60, Perpetual Curate of Burneside, Ken- 
dal, since I S69, Vicar of Burton-on-Trent, i S60-69, and has had 3 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Agnes Harriet Jones, born 30th Nov., 1S68, died ;th Jan., 1SS7. 

(2) Herbert Gresford Jones, born 7th April, 1870. 

(3) Vincent Strickland Jones, born 15th Feb., 1874, 

(4) Alice Margaret Jones, born ist April, 1875. 

(5) Edith Winifred Jones, born 17th Dec, 1878. 

(6) Clement Wakefield Jones, born 26th June, iSSo. 

(7) Edward William Wakefield, of Kendal, banker, born 7th Oct., 1799, died 6th Feb., 
1858; married 3rd July, 1S22, Susanna, eldest daughter of William Birkbeck, of Settle! 
Yorkshire, banker, and had 4 sons : 

(1) William Wakefield, of Birklands, Kendal, banker, J. P., D.L., Westmorland, 
Chairman of Quarter Sessions, born 30th April, 1825, died 19th April,' 1893 ; married 
16th Oct., 1 86 1, Marianne, daughter of E. M. Wavell, of Field House, Halifax, and 
has had 5 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Edward William Wakefield, born 8th Sept., 1S62 ; married 8th Sept., 1SS6, 
Mary, 2nd daughter of J. R. Wilkinson, of Skipton, Yorks, and has a daughter:' 

Marian Alice Wakefield, born 6th July, 1SS7. 

(2) George Henry Wakefield, born loth Aug., 1864, died 29th April, 186S. 

(3) Roger William Wakefield, born ist Nov., 1865. 

(4) William Birkbeck Wakefield, born 9th Aug., 1867. 

(5) Marianne Isabel Wakefield, born 31st Aug., 1869. 

(6) Rachel Mary Wakefield, born ist Feb., 1873. 

(7) Arthur William Wakefield, born 13th April, 1S76. 

(8) Frances Margaret Wakefield, born 14th May, 1879. 

(2) Thomas Birkbeck Wakefield, of the Hall, Moate, co. Westmeath, born 3rd Sept., 
1828 ; married 15th May, 1849, Sophia Espinette, of Neufchatel, and has had a son 
and 4 daughters : 

(1) Edith Susan Wakefield, born 20th March, 1850, died Dec, 1873. 

(2) Eva Margaret Wakefield, married 20th March, 1877, to John Crofton Rainey, 
and has had 5 sons and 3 daughters : 

(1) Arthur Pigou Rainey, born at Wellington, Somerset, 21st March, 187S. 

(2) Annie Margaret Rainey, born at Wellington i8th Jan., 1879, died i8th 
Jan., 1879. 

(3) John Wakefield Rainey, born at Totnes 31st Dec, 1881. 

(4) JamesHenryRainey, bornat Totnes iSth June, 1883, died i8th June, 1883. 

(5) Kathleen Emma Rainey, born at Totnes 17th June, 1 884, died loth 
May, 1889. 


Pedigree of Wahficld of Kendal. 

(6) Edward Holmes Rainey, born at Paignton, Devonshire, 5th April, 

(7) Herbert ffrench Rainey, born at Paignton 19th Dec, 1SS8. 

(8) Eva Marjorie Rainey, born at Paignton 21st Sept., 1S90. 

(3) Ada Sophia Wakefield, married at Dublin, 19th Sept., 1879, to Herbert 
Knott, of Stalybridge, and has 4 sons, born at Stalybridge : 

(1) John Espinet Knott, born Jan., 18S4. 

(2) Cyril Wakefield Knott, born April, 1SS6. 

(3) Roger Birkbeck Knott, born April, 1888. 

(4) Frederick William Knott, born Feb., 1892. 

(4) Kathleen Jemima Wakefield, married at Kilkenny West, nth April, 1S78, 
to Edward ffrench, M.D., of Glasson, co. Westmeath, and has 2 daughters : 

(1) Eily Kathleen ffrench, born at Glasson 19th April, 1S79. 

(2) Ethel J. A. ffrench, born at Glasson 2nd I\Iay, 18S2. 

(5) Edward Wakefield, born at Kendal, 2nd June, 1862 ; married at Dublin, 14th 
May, 1 89 1, Frances Alice, daughter of Owen Thomas Conolly, of Dublin, and 
has a son : 

Roger Owen Birkbeck Wakefield, born at Farnagh, IMoate, 20th July, 1892. 

(3) John Edward Wakefield, born at Kendal Sth Aug., 1830, died at Malvern 30th 
July, 1858; married at Wellington 13th Sept., 1854, Rachel Crewdson, daughter of 
Henry Fox, of Tonedale, Wellington, Somerset. She died at Clifton 20th Sept., 
1S87, having had a son and daughter : 

(1) Rachel IMary Wakefield, born at Ventnor 4th Oct., 1856; married 25th 
April, 1878, to Christopher Elliott, of Clifton, co. Glouc, D. Med., and has 3 sons 
and 2 daughters : 

(1) Rachel Winifred Elliott, born 23rd May, 1880. 

(2) Mary Dorothy Elliott, born 14th Sept., 1S81. 

(3) John Wakefield Elliott, born 14th May, 1884. 

(4) Henry Christopher Elliott, born 23rd May, 1887. 

(5) Edward Crewdson Elliott, born 5th Nov., 1S88. 

(2) John Edward William Wakefield, of Taunton, Solicitor, born at Ventnor. 
31st March, 1858 ; married 9th Aug., 1882, Nora, 2nd daughter of late Richard 
Drake, Esq., and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Norah Muriel Wakefield, born 25th May, 1883. 

(2) Cicely Corner Wakefield, born 5th Nov., 1884. 

(3) John Hylbert Wakefield, born 9th Oct., 1SS6. ' ' 

(4) George Henry Wakefield, of Wavertree, Liverpool, born 29th April, 1835; 
married 31st Aug., 185S, Susan, daughter of Stafford Stratton Baxter, of Mancetter 
Manor, Atherstone, and has had 4 daughters : 


Elliott — JFcston — Be?ison — Kciglitley. 

(1) Mary Constance \Yakefield, married 19th Jan., 1SS2, to George Morlcy 
Saunders, Capt. Durham Light Infantry, Adjutant 3rd and 4th battalions Duke 
of Wellington's West Riding Regiment, 18S5, and has a son : 

Alan Morley Saunders, born April, 1SS5. 

(2) I\Iaude Wakefield, died 23rd Nov., iSSS. 

(3) Ethel Wakefield, died 24th March, 1SS9. 

(4) Trixie Wakefield, died 4th Nov., 1S8S. 

(8) William Henry Wakefield, born 25th Feb., 1S04, died 3rd Aug., 1827. 

(9) Isabella Wakefield, died s.p. 27th Sept., 1830, having married iSth Sept., 182 1, as ist 
wife to Edward Cropper, of Swaylands, Kent, who died 23rd May, 1S77. 

(10) Sarah Wakefield, born 29th Sept., 1807, died 22nd Aug., 1S22. 

JOHN WAKEFIELD, of Sedgwick House, Kendal, banker. High Sheriff, West- 
morland, 1854 (eldest surviving son of John Wakefield and Mary Beakbane, see page 
64), born 1st June, 1794, died 8th April, 1866; married at Glasgow 30th June, 1823, 
Fanny, daughter of Dr. McArthur, of Glasgow, she died 1S32, aged 31, having had 2 sons 
and 4 daughters : 

(1) ]\Iary Wakefield, born 30th April, 1S24, died 30th Nov., 1855 ; married 19th Sept., 1848, 
to Rev. George Frederick Weston, M.A. from Christ College, Camb., Vicar of Crosby 

. Ravensworth, 1848, until he died, 14th Nov., 1887, having had a son and 2 daughters : 

(i) Frances Elizabeth Weston, born 24th July, 1849, died nth Feb., 1894; married 
at Crosby Ravensworth 30th Aug., 1870, to Rev. George Herbert Lightfoot, M.A. 
from Magdalen College, Oxon, Vicar of Pickering, Yorks, since 18S1 (3rd son of Rev. 
John Prideaux Lightfoot, D.D., Rector of Exeter College, Oxon, 1854-87, and 
. Vice-Chancellor 1862-66), and had an only son : 

John Prideaux Lightfoot, born 4th Aug., 1871. 

(2) Emily Margaret Weston, married ist July, 1880, to Constantine William Benson, 
Esq., of Milnthorpe, and has a son and 2 daughters : 

(1) Robert Benson, born at Crosby Ravensworth 20th ]\Iay, 1S81. 

(2) Mary Wakefield Benson, born at Sibley, Osceola co., Iowa, U.S.A., 26th 
Dec, 1884. 

(3) Eleanor Osceola Benson, born in Kensington 15th Feb., 1888. 

(3) John Wakefield Weston, born 13th June, 1852 ; married 8th Jan., 1890, Kate, 
3rd daughter of James Rigg Brougham, Esq. (see page 68), and has a daughter: 

Mary Elizabeth Weston, born 8th April, 1892. 

(2) Jacob Wakefield, born 3rd Sept., 1826, died young. 

(3) Fanny Alison Wakefield, died 3rd Feb., 186S, having married at Heversham 25th 
Nov., i860, to her cousin, James Cropper, Esq., of Eller Green, Kendal, and had a son 
and 2 daughters (see page 65). 



O ^ 


o I. S. 

S •^^■S' 

'S C& 



•- S 

§>; §g 








o o 
t— > u 




< < ;; 



- = C t^O 

II — -^n 


2 tVj— ;? - 

o .5 Z- >- 9 









WiLLiAM Henry Wakefield. 


Mrs W. H Wakefield 

[ 73 


Mary A Wakefie 

Jacob Wakefield 

W H Wakefield 

Pedigree of JFakcfeld of Kendal. 

(4) William Henry Wakefield, of Sedg^wick House, Kendal, hanker, J. P., D.L,, West- 
morland, High Sheriff 1S71, born iSth May, 1S2S, died in the hunting field, Sth November, 
18S9; married Sth Aug., 1S51, Augusta, daughter of late James Haggarty, Esq., U.S. 
Consul at Liverpool, and had 3 sons and 4 daughters : 

(1) ]\Iary Augusta Wakefield. 

(2) Ruth Wakefield, married 23rd April, 1879, to Harvey, eldest son of Right Rev. 
Harvey Goodwin, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle, and has 2 sons and a daughter : 

(1) Ruth Wakefield Goodwin, born at Eccles Sth February, iSSo. 

(2) Harvey Goodwin, born at Eccles 27th July, 1SS2. 

-(3) George Wycliffe Goodwin, born at Manchester, 3rd April, 1SS9. 

(3) John Wakefield, of SedgAvick House, Kendal, banker, born 4th July, 1S58. 

(4) Jacob Wakefield, of Prizet, Kendal, J. P. Westmorland, High Sheriff, 1S93, born 
I ith I\Iay, 1S60 ; married 27th April, 1SS7, Annie Wakefield, 2nd daughter of James 
Rigg Brougham, Esq. (see page 68), and has a son : 

William Henry Wakefield, born 6th Jan., iSgi. 

(5) Minnie Margaret Wakefield, married 2nd Aug., 18S3, to Edward Augustus 
Arnold, Esq., of East Grinstead, Sussex (grandson of Dr. Arnold, of Rugby), and has 
4 daughters : 

(1) Margaret Trevenen Arnold, born ist Sept., 1SS4. 

(2) Mary Penrose Arnold, born 17th Oct., 1SS6. 

(3) Ruth Wakefield Arnold, twin with 

(4) Nancy Wordsworth Arnold, born 19th Dec, 1890. 

(6) Agnes Wakefield, married 24th Jan., 1893, to Thomas Atkinson Argles, Esq., of 
Eversley, Milnthorpe; High Sheriff, Westmorland, 1891 ; M.A., Christ Church, 
Oxford, 1884; Barrister-at-Law^, Lincoln's Inn, 18S3. 

(7) William Henry Wakefield, of New College, Oxford, born 2Sth May, 1870. 

(5) Margaret Wakefield, born 6th Dec, 1829 ; married at Heversham iSth July, 1854, to 
Alfred Dudley Keightlcy, Esq., J. P., of Old Hall, Milnthorpe ; he died 3rd August, iSSo, 
leaving a son and daughter : 

(1) Mary Keightley, born Sth Feb., 1856, died in New York, nth June, 1891. 

(2) Archibald Keightley, D.Med. Camb., born 19th April, 1859; married 25th Nov., 
1891, Julia Wharton Lewis, widow of Philip W. Ver Planck, and daughter of Hon. 
James Campbell, late U.S. Minister at Stockholm. 

(6) Agnes Wakefield, born loth July, 1832, died young. 



JOSEPH BISPHAM, of Yealand Conyers, co. Lane, (son of John Bispham and his 
wife Mary Bastwell, of Bickerstaffe, co. Lane), born 167S, iii. 17, died 1750, iii. 3, 
married at Yelland, 1^1,^,1 6, Hannah, daughter of Robert Hubberstie, of Yealand, by 
his wife Ann Backhouse (see page 12) ; she died 1763, vi. i, aged SS, having had S sons 
and a daughter : 

(1) John Bispham, born 1700, xi. 2, died 1700, xii. 7. 

(2) Benjamin Bispham, of Yelland Conyers, born there 1702, i. 31, died , 
married at Yelland 1727, v. 5, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Backhouse, of Yealand 
Redman, co. Lane, yeoman (see page 14), she was buried 1731, vii. 20 (or viii. 29), 
and had at least a son and 3 daughters: 

(1) Hannah Bispham, born 1727, xii. 19, died 1765, viii. 20. 

(2) Thomas Bispham, of Bridgetown, West Jersey, a legatee under the Will of 
his uncle John Backhouse, of Hilderstone, 1763 (see page Si). 

(3) John Bispham, senior (1763), of Mount Holly, Burlington Co., lumber 
merchant, father of : 

John Bispham, junior, of Gloucester Co., also lumber merchant. 

(4) Joseph, father of John, of Bridgetown, under age in 1 763. 

(3) Robert Bispham^ born 1704, i. 27, died 1733, iv. 5. 

(4) Joshua Bispham, of Manchester, born at Yelland, 1706, ii. 11 (query of Ayside, 
waller). Will dated 1766. By Mary his wife was father of: 

Lawrence Bispham, born 1731, iv. 28. 

(5) James Bispham, born at Yelland, 170S, iii. 29, died in London, i8th Nov., 1774. 

(6) Mary Bispham, born at Yelland, 1710, iii. 13, died in Feb., 1778. 

(7) Isaac Bispham, of Liverpool, cabinet maker, born at Yelland, 1712, vi. 17, died at 
Liverpool, 1793, ii. 4, married Eleanor, daughter of Isaac Hadwen, of 

; she died at Liverpool, 21st or 22nd Sept., 1788, aged 71; having had 
2 sons and 3 daughters, all born at Ormskirk : 

(1) Sarah Bispham, died 6th Dec, 1826, aged 79; married 23rd Oct., 1777, to 
Isaac Cooke, of iManchester, after of Liverpool, who died there 22nd Aug., 1S04, 
aged 56, having had 5 sons and 4 daughters. 

(2) Hannah, died 1765, viii. 20, aged 15. 

(3) Samuel Bispham, born 1752, viii. 12, died 1752, x. 26. 

(4) Robert Bispham, born 1753, x. 15, died 1777, iv, 2. 

(5) Mary Bispham, born 1761, iii. 3. 

(8) Samuel Bispham, born at Yelland, 1715, i. 25, died 1743, viii. 18. 

(9) Nathan Bispham, born at Yelland, iy\l-, i. 6, died 1729, ii. 29. 




Bond given by Robert 1 Vat son and Thomas Astlcy of Yea Hand, circa 1604, 
as to goods, &c., of Robert Back its of Ye a I land. {See page 12.) 

^ (This document is very dilapidated and unreadable.] 

Inventory of Goods, &c., of Richard Baec/ms of Yealand Redman in the parish 
of IVarton, taken i6th Sept., 1640, by Richard Bacchus, Richard Robin- 
son, G. IVatson, and fo. Kilne. {See page 12.) 

Includes — 

Oats & straw 2. o. O 

Barley, &c. 3. o. O 

Hay 10. o 

Beds & bedding 2. o. o 
Apparal 13/- 

Bond 24 Sept. 1640 
given by Robert Fisher, 
John Crosse 
Robert Stable. 

Will of John Backus {eldest), of IVarton in the County of Lancaster, husband- 
man, 1 64 1. Proved, 1651. {See page 12.) 

[Three papers.] 

John Backus the eldest, of Warton, co. Lancaster,=y=ELLiN, living Richard, 

husbandman. Will dated 19 April, 1641. I'roved 1041. 1641. 

8 May, 1051. To be buried in Warton churcli. In- 
ventory dated 10 M.iy, 1650. 1 

John, 1641. 

" To be buryed in my parishe churche of Warton so neare to the place where my auncestors have 
been buryed as convenyently may be." 


Backhouse Wills. 

"To John Backus my sonnc" tiic messuage bought of Robert Mutton of the inheritance of 
Robert Croft Gent, of the Yearly Value of 13/4 reser\'ing " to Ellin now my wycf " a Moiety thereof 
during her widowhood, and acurding to the Custom of W'arton. 

"To said son John the Copyhold, held under the King, and had from John Burrowe and Robert 
Hutton, reserx'ing also IMoiety to wife. 

"To Jane Backus the late daughter of Richard Backus late of Yealand redmain deceased" one 
lamb. (See page 12.) 

Debts due to : Robert Croft £\o. 16. o, Isabel Turner £l. S/-, Thomas Dawson £2. 3/-, Peter 
Wydder £2.0,!-, Jennett Stockdale £2. ij-, Anthony Mason of Carneford 15/5, Elizabeth Crosser 
21/7. Owing by — Robert Wallin 2/9. 

E.xiifs: Wife and Son. 

Supervisors: Brother, Richard Backus, and Thomas Watson. 

[Signed by the mark of John Backus eldest.] 

Witnesses — 

Robert Dawson 
Christ'' Tompson 
Ric- Hest. 

Inventory of the Goods, &c., of Richayd BackJms of Ycalland Conyen. 1666. 

{See J} age 12.) 

Richard Backhus, of Yealland^ANME, living 
Conyeis, co. Lancaster. Inventory 1667. 
taken 6 May, 1666, ji'ia Cis. od. 
Bond dated 6 June, 1667. 

Total amount ^12. 6. o. 

including — 

Bond £10. 16. o 
Apparel & (Purse .') 20/- 
"OneArke" 10/- 

•Bond dated 6 June 1667, signed by Anne Backhouse of Yealand Conyers/ 
[Signed by — ] 

Anne Bachuse 
Mark of Robert Baciiuse 
Chr Guy. 


Backhouse Wills. 

Will of John Backhouse, of Yclland Redman, Co. Lancaster, Yeoman. 

{Seepage 13.) 

John Backhouse, of Yelland Redman, =^Sarah, 

CO. Lancaster, yeoman. Will dated 
10 April, 1690. To be buried at Ililders- 
Ion. Inventor\' taken 14 May, 1690. 
Bond dated 29 'May, 1690. 


Thomas, Tames, ( )^John ( )=Georgf, 

1690. "i6ga Ci'MixGS RoBiNbON. 

"To the Poor Witliin the parish of Warton in the County aforesaid (the poor within Yclland 
Redman and Yclland Storrs only excepted) the sum of 20/- to be equally divided," and 10/- between 
the poor of the places excepted above. 

"To Thomas Backhouse and James Backhouse my two Sones and John Cumings and George 
Robinson my two Sones in law," their heirs &" a third part of my Goods. 
The other 2 parts being residue to " my loving wife Sarah Backhouse." 
" I desire that my body may lie buryed att the burying place at Hilderston." 

Mark of John Backhouse. 
Witnesses : — Edward Kilxer 
John Smith 
Richard Lancaster. 
Inventory 14 I\Iay 1690. 
Cow and 3 heifers £10. 10. o. Marc £2. 15. o. 

Bond 29 May 1690 by Sarah Backhouse of Yelland. 

Bond given by Mary Backhouse, the relict of Richard Backhouse of Yealland, 
in the parish of IVarton, deceased, and Robert Backhous the son, dated 
22,rd Dec, 1696, to properly administer, &c. {See page 12.) 

Richard Backhouse, of Yealland,=T=MARY, 
par. Warton, co. Lancaster. Bond I living 1696. 
dated 23 Dec, 1696. I 

Witnesses — 

y Lambert. 
— Chambers. 

[Signed by] 

Robert Backhous. 


Backhouse JF'tlh. 

Will of James Backhouse of Ycaland Coiiycrs, Co. Lancaster, Jiiisbandman. 
1697. {See page 14.) 

James Backhouse, of Vealand Conyers,=j=jENNETT, 
CO. Lancaster, husbandman. Will dated living 1697. 
3 May, 1697. Admon. 3 July, 1C97. 
Inventory taken 16 June, 1697,^171 I2j-. | 

William, 1697, Sarah, 

youngest son.; '697' 

To Jennett Backhouse. She to pay debts, and to look after Tuition of the children. 

He left one third each to "Wife Jennett"; "William Backhouse my youngest son" and to 
" Sarah Backhouse my daughter." 
Wife to be Exor. 


James Backpiouse. 
Witnesses — 

George Godsalve. 
John Cowan Jun\ 
William Waithman. 

Bonds dated 3 July 1697, given by Jennet Backhouse, widow, Nathaniel Huberstey of Yealand 
and George Godsalve. 

(she signs) 

JONNET Backhouse. 

Inventory 16 June 1697 £\Ti, 12/- includes Bond of James Backhouse & Tho' Kilner for ;^I0S. 

Will of Thomas Backhouse of Yealand Redman, in the parish of Warton, 
Co. Lancaster, Yeoman. 1729. {See page 13.) 

Thomas Backhouse, of Yealani 
Redmaine, par. Warton, co. 
Lancaster, yeoman. Will dated 
2oMay, 1729. Proved I Oct., 1729. 
Inventory taken 18 June, 1729, 

£i2S lis. 

John, SAitAH,=BE.N'jAMiN Bispiiam. 

1729. 1729. 

Appoints son John executor. 

"Unto my loving daughter Sarah, the wife of Benjamin Bispham," dwelling house, barn, land, &c. 
"wherein Margaret ffoster now liveth/'with one Croft lying on the east side containing one acre; also 


Arc}iileaco7iry Court of Richmond. 

half an acre on the west side; one close called Salter micr Close containing one acre 3 roods; also 
3 roods in the town field called Sinder barrow also one rood adjoining. Also parcels of Moss ground 
in the White moss. Also one dale of Moss in the place called Little Dales & two brakindalos lying 
upon that part of Yealand Common called Yealand high. Also two cattle gats of Grassing in 
Ilungcrhill within the liberties of the town of Lupton Co. Westmorland which is freehold. 
To daughter Sarah a chest in Middle Chamber. 
Residue to son John "my heir at law," Exor. 

Super\q"sors & overseers : — i\Iy Cousins William Backhouse of Over Kellet and Edward Cuming 
of Hilderston. 

Witnesses : 

Henry Clarkeson. 
Jennet Burrow. 
Edward CuMMiNGE. 

Bond dated i'' October 17:^9 of John Backhouse, Yeoman, & John Doe, the said John to 
pay debts, &c. 

Signed : — 

John Backhouse. 

Inventory taken iS* June 1729 by John Beetham, Joseph Parker, Edw. Cuminge. 
Total ;^I25. 15/- 
includes : — 

Purse and apparel ;£'io 
:^ Sheep and Wood ^5 12/- 

3 Work-Horses ^10. 

4 Kine, 2 Oxen, 6 
Steers, 5 heifers = ;^4S. 

Debts owing to testator 16/6. 

JVill, &c., of Robert Backhouse, of Yealand Cony eys, Yeoman. 1728. 

Robert Backhocse, of Yealand 
Conyers, co. Lane. , yeoman. Will 
dated l August, 172S. 

Robert Backhouse, Hannah. =t=Joseph Bispham, of Ann.=j=Richard Pearson. 

nephew, 1 72S. j Yealand, co. Lane, of Yealand, co. Lane, 

yeoman. yeoman. 


J ye 

Fight children, Four children, 

1728. 172S 

The last will of Robert Backhouse of Yealand Conyers Co. Lane, yeoman. I give my messuage 
and dwelling house &c with all lands and tenements to my nephew Robert Backhouse his heirs and 
assigns. To the eight children of my niece Hannah the wife of Joseph Bispham twenty pounds 
between them to the said Joseph Bispham five shillings. To the four children of my niece Ann wife 

[79] L 

Backhouse JFiUs. 

of Richard Pearson twenty pounds between them, to the said Richard five shilh'ngs. To A"ncs 
Stephenson my servant twenty pounds with all " quick " household and husbandry goods. Nieces 
Hannah and Anne Executrices to whom the residue is bequeathed. Dated i" August ly^S. Witnessed 
by Lawrence Johnson Margaret Johnson Jn" Backhouse. 

Inventory of the goods &c of Robert Backhouse. Total .^176 10' la;- apprized by John Back- 
liousc Robert Watson John Collison, Henry Rowlandson. 

Bond of Joseph Bispham of Ycaland parish of Warton in co. Lane' yeoman and Richard Pearson 
of Yealand yeoman for_^soo, dated ly Aug' 1J2S. 

Will, &c., of Jo/in Backhouse, of Hornby, ycouiau. 1739. 

William, John Backhouse, of Iloml))-, co. Lanc.,==MARGARET. John Airev, 

ofKellct. yeoman. Will dated 19 Nov., 1739, pi oved of Kendal. 

IS Dec, 1740. t 

Mary. James. John. Margaret. 

I John Backhouse of Hornby co. Lancaster yeoman. To wife Margaret and children Mary 
James John & Margaret Backhouse the whole of my goods effects & personal estate equally between 
them. Brother William Backhouse of Kellet and Brother in law John Airey of Kendall executors in 
trust to make an inventory and dispose of effects. 

Witnessed the ig"' Nov. lyjg by John Varley " Jon " Thornton. 

Probate 15 Dec' ly^o to John Airey. 10 Jaii^ ly^o W" Backhouse the other executor appeared 
and affirmed to the will. 

Bond of John Airey of Kirkby Kendall co. Westmoreland tobacconist and William Backhouse of 
Kellet parish of Bolton by the Sands co. Lane. Flaxman for .£'600 dated i^"' DcC 17^0. 

IVill of IVilliani BackJiouse, of Over Kellet t, Dealer in yarn. i']6i. 

William Backhouse, of Over 
Kellett, dealer in yarn. Will 
dated 3 March, 1761, proved 6 
June following. 

James. William. 

After debts residue to his wife Agnes for life remainder to his children at the discretion of his 
wife. Executors his wife and sons James and William. Dated 6 day of third month called March 

1761, proved 6 June following. 


Archdeaco?iry Court of Ric/unond. 

Admou. Jane BackJioiise, of Lancaster. 1763. 

John Backhouse. Admon.==jANE Backhouse, formerly 
iS Feb., 1763. DoDGSON. See page 16. 

John Backhouse & John Barrow, merchants and Thomas Calvert, innholder give bond to 
administer to effects of Jane Backhouse formerly Dodgson of Lancaster dec^ iS Feb., ij6j. 

PVillofJoIin BackJioitse, of Hilderstone, Yeoman. 1763. 

Joseph Eispiiam,=t=IIannah IIubberstie. 
of Bickerstafi'e. See page S3. 

Benjamin BisrHAM.=T=SARAH Backhouse. John Backhouse. 

Mar. 1-27, bur. 1731. Will 1779. 

Thomas, 1763. JosEPH.=f= John Eispham, sen., of^ 

^20. I Mount Holly, Burling- 

ton CO. , lumber merchant. 
John Bispham, ^20. 
1763. £20. I 

John Bispham, jun., of 
Gloucester co., lumber 

John Backhouse of Hilderstone, yeoman maketh his will as follows : — 

I give to my cousin John Gumming of Hilderstone aforesaid yeoman my freehold messuage & 
tenement consisting of dwelling house outhouses gardens orchards fronts & foulds Spying in Yelland 
Redman & Yelland Storrs also the dwelling house Backside Moss & appurtenances at Throng End in 
Yelland Storrs for ever chargeable with the following legacies : — 

To my two nephews Thomas and John Bispham brothers now resident at Bridgetown in West 
Jersey to each ^20 also I give to their brother Joseph's son John Bispham now a minor at Bridgetown 
^20. I give to my cousin Hannah now wife of Thomas Pearson of Pool Bank in Witherslack West- 
morland ^20. All my goods & chattels &<^ I give to my cousin John Gumming whom I appoint 

Dated 26 Dec iy6j. 

Witnesses, Thomas Beakbane, Thomas Backhouse, John Bradley, Edward Gumming. 

Proved at Richmond by John Gumming the Exor /p /;<■?/£• 1779. 


Backhouse IFills. 

IVill of Richard Backliousc, of Throng End, husbandman. 1 764. 

From the liildcrstonc Papers, penes Edward C. Backhouse. 

Richard Backhouse, of Throng End 
in Yelland Storrs. Will dated 4 Feb. 
1764, not proved. 


Thomas William. Ei,i/,aketu. Margaret. 

Marv. Ann. 

Richard Backhouse of Throng End in Yelland Storrs par. of Warton co. Lane, husbandman made 
his will as follows : — 

First I give to John Gumming of Hilderstone, yeoman my enclosure or Backside near a Backhous 
& Dwelling house belonging to John Backhouse called Throng End together with a Moss side charge- 
able with £^0 to the following uses. To my eldest son Thomas Backhouse the sum of i' if he appear 
to demand it personally of the said John Gumming which is to be in full his part of my estate. To 
my younger son William Backhouse who hath some natural incapacities, I give the yearly interest of 
the said ;^30, i.e. £i. 5. o. yearly if that is sufficient besides what he earns by his industry to keep 
him' alive, otherwise I wish a yearly sum to be taken from the £2^ as may be wanted. If any or all 
of the £20 be left I will it be divided among my daughters viz. Elizabeth, JMary, Margaret & Ann 
share & share alike ; also I give to my son William and daughters all my household goods, credits, 
chattels & I do make my son William and my daughters my executors. 
Dated 4 Feb. 1^64. Not proved. 

Witnesses, DOROTHY Jackson 
John Jackson 
Edward Hayton. 
. Receipt given for £\. 5. o. by W. B. 21 Nov. 1765 to 26 Nov. 17S1. 

Note to preceding zuill. — At the Gourt Baron of John Warren & Thomas Preston, Esq", & Chris. 
Guy Lords of the Manor of Yelland Redman, Yelland Goniers, & Yelland Storrs cum membris held 
at Yelland Storrs 20 June 34 Gharles II. a.d. 16S2. The following were tenants : — 

Yelland Storrs, Thomas Backhouse. 

Yelland Redman, John Backhouse. John B., jun'. 

Yelland Goniers, Robert Backhouse. Rich. B. 

Among the names of the Jury for making eiiquiiy & presenting &c. were John Backhouse, jun' & 
Robert Backhouse. The Jury found — "John Backhouse whole tenant according to the custom of the 
manor, of one close yearly rent 3 by conveyance from Robert More now deceased, dated 5 I'eb. 


Archdeaconry Court of Rlchf/wncl. 

JVil/, &€., of JoJin Hubbcrsfy, of Ycnland Conyers, yeoman. 1697. 

John HrBBrRSTV, of Vcnlanrl Conycr5,==AGNF.s. 
CO. Lane. Will J.ited 2i June, 16J7, I 
proved 8 Oct. followinf;. To be buried in 
parish church or churchynrd of Warton. | 

Thomas. Elizabeth. Margaret. 

I John Hubberstey of Yealand Conyers co. Lancaster. To be buried in the parish church or 
churchyard of Warton. To my son Thomas Hubbersty one table one "chist" &c and full satisfaction 
of his childs part or portion of my goods. Remainder to my wife and my two daughters equally 
between them. Executrix wife Agnes & two daughters Elizabeth and Margaret. Dated 21" June 
l6gy. Witnessed by " Johnathn " Watson, George Beethome Clirifr Guy. 

Inventory of the goods &c of John Hubersty of Yealand Conyers apprised by William Hugginson, 

Henry Simpkinson, George Hodgson and Nathan Hubbersty, 6 July i6gj. Totali^ioo.2.2. Debts /^'So. 

• Bond of Agnes Hubberstey Henry Simpkinson and Thomas Hadwen both of Carneforth parish of 

Warton co. Lane, yeoman for £^,0. Dated S"" October i6g-/. Witnessed by Thomas Backhouse & 

Rob' Heblethwaite. 

Probate to Agnes the widow S"' Oct. i6p^. The testator is described in the grant as yeoman. 

IFi//, &c., of Nathan I-hibbevstie, of Yclland Conyers, yeoman. 1709. 

Nathan Hubberstie, of Yelland Conyers,=MARY. HAN.VAH.=i=JosEPH Bispham. 

^ • parish of Warton, CO. Lane, yeoman. Will See page of Bickerstaffe. 

dated 25 April, 1709. 8i. | 

Benjamin. Robert. Joshua. James 

I Nathan Huberstie of Yelland Conyers parish of Warton co. Lancaster yeoman. To wife Mary 
& heirs messuage and tenement closes &c in the parish of Grasingame. To friends Robert Chamber 
of Sidgwicke co. Westmoreland tanner. John Moore of Hayle in Lancashire yeoman Anthony 
Stonay of Crumock parish of Clapham co. York, and brother-in-law " Johnathan" Thornton of Deep 
Clough parish of Caton co. Lane, all customary messuages known as Thursgill & Gillgarth parish of 
Horton in Ribelsdale co.York in trust, to sell the same to the best advantage, invest the proceeds and 
pay the issues and profits to Mary the wife during her life. After her death the investments to be 
sold and divided between nephews Robert Joshua and James Bispham, the younger sons of my si?ter 

Hannah wife of Joseph Bispham of Bickerstaffe equally Said nephews to have £ioo each out 

of the personal estate on reaching the age of twenty one. To friends William and Robert Waithman 
of Lindeth £20. To the poor of Yellands £\. 10. o. To nephew Benjamin Bispham eldest son of 
sister Hannah 10' thereby debarring him from further advantage, to brother and sister in law William 
and Ann Thornton lo' each. To coz. Thomas Huberstie 10'. Remainder to wife Mary who is 


Backhouse JFills. 

appointed executrix. Dated 3 f' April 1709. Witnessed by Robert Backhouse junr. Rich" Backhouse, 
Robert Barker. 

Inventory (in duplicate) of the goods &c of Nathan Huberstie yeoman apprised the .?o" Mtiy 
j-jo^ by Robert Backliouse, Rob' Chamber Jn" Moore Anthony Stonay. 

Total 395. iG. 6. Debts owing by him £206. o. o. remains .£'189. 16. 6. 

Bond of Mary Hubbersty of Yealand Conycrs widow and John Backhouse of Yealand Con\-crs 
yeoman for £1000. Dated ig March 1714. 

Bond of Joseph Bispham of Yelland Conyers yeoman and John Bispham of Bickerstaffe parish of 
Ormcskirke yeoman, dated 6 Sc/'t. 1716 for securing the proper maintenance and education of Robert 
Joshua and James Bispham the children of Joseph Bispham. 

y ■ [84] 



(/?;; aslcn'sk denotes a Portrait^ 

Airey, Ann, and Edward Bolton, 53-53. 

Hannah, and James Kekwick, 52. 

l^Iary, and Richard Braithwaite, 15. 

Ruth, and John Backhouse, 14. 

Sarah, and James Fishwick, 52. 

Thomas, and Mary Pearson, 52. 

Thomas, and Ann Paxton, 52. 

William, and Maria Albright, 50. 

Albright, Agnes, and Games, 51. 

Alfred, 50. 

Anne, 50. 

Charles, and Esther Peel, 49. 

Edward, 51. 

Elizabeth, 51. 

Esther, and Harry Evans, 50. 

Frederick, 51. 

George, 51. 

Hannah Maria, and Joseph Tatum, 51. 

Henry, and Rebecca Drewry, 50.* 

John, and Agnes Pearson, 49. 

John, and Margaret Dodd, 49. 

John, and Sarah J. Shippen, 50. 

Joseph, Mao-, Catherine, Marjjret, 51. 

Joseph, and Mary Knipe, 50. 

Joseph, and Mary E. Nicholson, 50.* 

Joseph Drewry, 50. 

Joseph P., and Ann B. Gilhespie, 51. 

Joseph, Thoma-, 5r, 

Maria, and William Airey, 50. 

Mary, and Thomas Brewer, 49. 

Owen, 50,* 51. 

Peirson, 51. 

Samuel George, 50. 

Sarah, and John Wells, 49. 

Sarah, and Charles A. Chambers, 51. 

Sarah Agnes, 50. 

Albright, Sarah Rebecca, and Joseph Poole, 50. 

Thomas, and Sarah Whitlark, 49. 

Thomas, 49. 

Thomas, and Alice Satterthwaite, 49, 50.* 

Thomas, Marj', Emma, Williani, Agnes, Rachel, 49. 

William Henry, and Alice Flenley, 51. 

William Whitlark, and Elizabeth Smith, 51. 

Aldam, Katherine A., and William Backhouse, 27.* 

A\'illiam (Pease), and Sarah Jowitt, 27. 

Alexander, Joseph Gundr}-, and Josephine Crosfield, 37. 

GUbert, Wilfrid, Christopher, Horace, 37. 

Argles, Thomas A., and Agnes Wakefield, 73. 

Arnold, Edward Augustus, and Minnie M. Wakefield, 73. 

Margaret, Mary, Ruth, Nancy, 73. 

Susanna E. L., and John W. Cropper, 66. 

Atchison, Mary Florence, and John W. Black, 46. 
Thomas Percy, and Mary Reynolds, 45. 

Ethel, Charles, Harold, 45. 

William, and Marj' Foster, 45. 

Atkinson, Agnes, and William Backhouse, 15, 39. 

Richard, and Sarah Walker, 39. 

William, and Sarah Walker, 15. 

Awmack, Sarah, and Joseph King, 41. 

Backhouse, Adelaide K. T., and Richard V. Grattan, 17. 

Agnes, and John Harrison, 16, 39. 

Alfred, and Rachel Barclay, 31.* 

Alice, and William Hugginson, 12. 

Alice M., and George Haye, 37. 

Ann, and Robert Hubberstie, 12, 74. 

~ — Ann, and John Hodgkin, 26.* 

Ann Eliza, and Joseph Richardson, 27, 29.* 

Arthur, 33.* 

Charles Hubert, and Maude C. Ritchie, 11,* 12. 

Juliet, Herbert, Charles, Indiana, ii. 

Charles James (28*), and Lucy Vincent, 27. 

Edmund, and Juliet M. Fox, 11. 



Backhouse, Edward, and Mai-y Robson, 30,* 31. 

Edward, and Katherine Mounsey, 31.* 

Edward Cuniming (50*), and Harriet Stagg, 16. 

Hilda Cuniming, 16. 

Eliza (iS*), and Robert Barclay, 22. 

— — Elizabeth, and Thomas Richardson, 17, 18, 30.* 

Elizabeth, and Joseph Crosfield, 37. 

Elizabeth, and Henry Broadhead, 29, 35.* 

Emily, and Edward Mounsey, 16,* 33. 

Frederick, and Eliza Fossick, 27, 29.* 

• Frederick William, and Emily E. Stedman, 27, 29.* 

George, and Hannah Gumming, 16, 48. 

• Hannah, and John Gumming, 13, 48. 

Henry (28*), and Georgina M. Stanton, 27. 

Henry (28*), and Mary Lucas, 27. 

James, and Janet Godsalve, 14. 

James, and Jane Hedley, 17, 34. 

James, and Mary Dearman, 17, 34. 

James, and Deborah Lowe, 37.* 

James, and Mabel G. Robson, 38.* 

James. 38. 

James, and Mary Robson, 38.* 

James Edward, and Elizabeth B. Fowler, 2,y* 

Edith, Edward, Mabel, Alfred, Elspeth, Basil, Jennett, Kenneth, 
Margaret, Rhoda, 33. 

Jane, and Edward Robson, 22, 30.* 

Jane, and Hodgson Bigland, 30. 

Jane Eliza, and \\'illiam Simpson, 38. 

• Jane Game)', and Robert B. Fox, 25.* 

■ Janet {nee Godsalve), and John Robinson, 14. 

John and Ellen Johnson, 12. 

John, and Sarah Jackson, 13. 

John, and Mary Hubberstie {nee Thornton), 14. 

John, and Ruth A)Tey, 14. 

John, and Jane Dodgson, 16. 

John, and Mary Titterington, 16. 

John, and Eliza Church, 18,* 22. v 

John, and Katherine Capper, 22.* 

John, 27. 

John Church, and Anna Gurney, 22.* 

John Henry, 22.* 

Jonathan (11*), and Ann Pease, 17. 

Jonathan, and Rachel Waite, i8. 

Jonathan, and Hannah G. Gurney 11,* 25. 

Jonathan Edmund, and Florence S. Trelawny, i r, 


Edmund (12*), Roland, Oliver, Roger, Miles, Harriet, ii. 

Joseph, and Mary Ann Holmes, 38.* 

• Lucy Backhouse, and John Mounsey, 14,* 31. 

— — Margaret, and John Braithwaite, 15. 

Backhouse, Maria, and Isaac Bigland, 30. 

^L1ry, and James Metcalfe, 14. 

^Lary, and William F. Ecroyd, 3.1.* 

— — Mary, and Alexander Brown, 36.* 

ALiry, and Richard Janson, 38. 

Mary Agnes, 33.* 

^Lary Ann, and Thomas Rauthmell, 16. 

Mary Louisa, 38. 

Millicent Evelyn, 11. 

Robert Ormston (28*), and Sarah E. Dodgson i- 

William, 27. ° ' * 

Sarah, and Benjamin Bispham, 14, 74. 

Sarah, and George Robinson, 14. 

Sarah Aldam (28*), and Christopher Bowly, 27. 

Sarah Jane, and Thomas Burtt, 36. 

Sarah Juliet, and Horatio N. Pyni, 1 1. 

Susannah, and Charles H. G. Woodhcad, 17. 

Thomas, and Alice Becke, 13. 

Thomas, and Sarah Good, 16. 

Thomas, and Hannah Stickney, 34. 

Thomas, and Abigail Dent, 36. 

Thomas, and Ellen P. Croggon, 36.* 

Annie,* Charles,' Helen, Thomas, Paul, Dorothea, llueM. •,. 

Thomas James, and Margaret Richardson, 32,* ^j 

Thomas James, and Anne Robson, 7,2 * t,^. 

Thomas William, 32,* t,t,. 

William, and Elizabeth Thornton, 15, 16. 

William, and Agnes Atkinson, 15, 39. 

■\\'illiara, and Mary Dixon, 27.* 

William, and Amelia Fryer, 27. 

William, and Katherine Aldam-AIdam, 27.* 

William Aldam, 27, 28.* 

Baker, Cecilia Emily, and Benjamin L Barlow, i;. 
Barclay, Rachel, and Alfred Backhouse, 31.* 

Robert, and Eliza Backhouse, 18,* 22. 

Barlow, Benjamin Irlam, and Cecilia E. Baker, 5.;. 

Emily, Alfred, Cyril, Harold, Stewart, m- 

Benjamin Irlam, and Hannah Bolton, 53. 

Alice, 53; Frances, Lucy, Hannah, Hubert, P. .cr.--^. ;* 

Charles Edward, and ^Vlice S. EbkdaL-, 53. 

Mary, Arthur, Frank, Edith. Charles. S3- 

Barrow, Elizabeth, and Samuel AVadkin, 39. 
Bassett, Ellen Mary, and Robert Fox, 2s* 
Bastwell, Mary, and John Bispham, 74. 
Baxter, Susan, and George H. Wakefield, 70. 
Beakbane, Alfred, and Eliza F. Payne, 59. 

Alfred. Charles. Frances, Lionel, 59. 

Charles, 59. 

Edward Frankland, and Sarah W. OcklatCR. $',■ 

Eliza, 58. 

Florence, 60. 



Beakbane, Ilcnry, and Rebecca Il.dl, 57. 
Henr>' Hall, and Ellen Bradshaw, 57. 

Ellen, Sarah, H.-mnah, Henr>', Ed\nn, Mary, KlortnCC, 5S. 

John, and Mary Wilson, 57. 

Lucy, and Alfred Woodall, 60. 

— - Mary, and John Wakefield, 57, 64. 

Mary, and Joseph Binyon Forster, 58. 

Sarah, and Robert Waterhouse, 57, 61. 

Sarah, and Robert Marquis, 59. 

Susan Ann, and Alfred Leicester, 59. 

Thomas, and Sarah Gumming, 48, 57. 

Thomas, and Susannah Frr.nkland, 57. 

Thomas, and Eliza Holmes, 58. 

Thomas, and Lucy Anne Card, 59. 

Edith, Mary, Thomas, 59. 

Thomas William, and Margaret Harvey, 60. 

Margaret, Manzanita, 60. 

William Fox, and Cecilia Hynes, 58. 

Thomas, John, James, Walter, Charles, Joseph, Benjamin, 58. 

Becke, Alice, and Thomas Backhouse, 13. 
Belgrave, Dairy mple J., and Isabella Richardson, 18. 
Benson, Constantine W., and Emily I^L Weston, 71. 

Robert, Mary, Eleanor, 71. 

Hannah, and James H. King, 42. 

Beresford, Charles E., and David Cowie, 58. 
Bewley, Samuel, and Frances Dodshon, 15. 

Sarah, and John A. Braithwaite, 15. 

Bigland, Anne, 30. 

Anne Hodgson, 30. 

Charles Hodgson, and Elizabeth Davison, 30. 

Daisy, Elsie, Lilian, Frederick, 30. 

Fanny, 30. 

Herbert, and Mary Stewart, 30. 

Arthur, Laura, Mabel, Ronald, 30. 

Hodgson, and Jane Backhouse, 30. 

Isaac, and Maria Backhouse, 30. 

Isaac Henry, 30. 

Jane, 30. 

Mary Backhouse, 30. 

William Backhouse, and Isabella Wilson, 30. 

Bindloss, Jane, and Thomas Braithwaite, 15. 
Binks, Charles, and Esther R. King, 42. 

Harold, Winifred, 42. 

Binyon, Ann, and Wilson Forster, 58. 

Benjamin Busby, and Mary Taylor (;;« Water 

house), 61. 

Hannah, and Nathaniel Card, 59. 

Birkbeck, Susanna, and Edward W. Wakefield, 69. 
Birket, Margaret, and Jonathan Thornton, 16. 
Bispham, Benjamin, and Sarah Backhouse, 14, 74. 
Isaac, and Eleanor Had wen, 74. 

Bispham, John, and Mary Bastwell, 74. 

Joseph, and Hannah Hubberstie, 14, 74. 

Sarah, and Isaac Cooke, 74. 

Black, John Waddell, and Mary F. Atchison, 46. 
Bolton, Charles Frederick, and Louisa Oakdcn, 55. 

Edward, Beatrice, Sydney, 55. 

—— Charles Henry, 53. 

Edward, and Ann Airey, 52-53. 

Edward, and Elizabeth Yates, 54. 

William, Alfred, Frank, Annie, Walter, 55. 

Edward, and Charlotte M. Hill, 55. 

Jultus, Trevor, 55- 

Elizabeth Ellen, and Hamlet N. Houghton, 53. 

George Harrison, and Wilhelmina Sproule, 55. 

Ann, George, 55. 

George Yates, and Margaret E. Hogarth, 54, 55. 

— — Hannah, and Benjamin I. Barlow, 53. 

Helen, and James Bolton, 53. 

Henrietta, 53. 

James, and Henrietta Crane, 53. 

James, and Helen Bolton, 53. 

Laurence, Frances, Eric, Geoffrey, 53. 

Jane, and George Worsdell, 54. 

Jane Sarah, and Josiah R. Wylde, 55. 

Lucy, and William Oddie, 54. 

Mary Jane, and William H. Wilson, 54. 

Thomas, and Hannah Harrison, 53. 

Thomas, and Anne P. Bradshaw, 53. 

Bowes, James, and Agnes Foster, 44. 

Sydney, Geoffrey, Frank, 44. 

Bowly, Christopher, and Sarah A. Backhouse, 27. 
Bradshaw, Anne Piatt, and Thomas Bolton, 53. 
Bradshaw, Ellen, and Henry H. Beakbane, 57. 
Brady, William, and Hannah King {nee Benson), 42. 

Braithwaite, Emma, and Harrison, 15. 

John, and Margaret Backhouse, 15. 

John Airey, and Sarah Bewley, 15. 

Mar}', and Richard Cookson, 15. 

Richard, and Emma Copeland, 15. 

Richard, and Mary Airey, 15. 

Thomas, and Jane Bindloss, 15. 

Braund, Arthur George, and Mar)' Peile, 20. 

Brewer, Mary {nee Albright), and Daniel Gudgeon, 49. 

Thomas, and Mary Albright, 49. 

Frederick, 49. 

Brightwen, Hannah M., and William H. Broadhead, 39. 
Brinsdon, Mary, and James Cropper, 64. 
Broadhead, Anna Maria, and George H. Smith, 52. 

Henrietta {35*), and Edward Priestman, 29. 

[87] M 

Indei, Henry, r.nd Elir.ibeth Backhouse, 29, 35.* 

Rogers, and Mary Kekwick, 52. 

William Hy. {35*), and Hannah M. Brightwen, 29. 

Florence, William, Henrietta, Norman, 30. 

Broster, , and Emma Harrison {ncc Braithwaite), 15. 

Brougliam, Annie Wakefield, and Jacob Wakefield, 6S, 73. 

Eleanor, 68. 

James Rigg, and Isabella E. Cropper, 68. 

John Cropper, and Ursula H. M. Chamberlain, 6S. 

James, Constance, Gwendoline, 63. 

Kate, and John W. Weston, 68, 71. 

Margaret Lyndesay, and Samuel L. Johnston, 63. 

Mary, 68. 

Brown, Alexander, and Mary Backhouse, 36.* 
Browne, John Laing, and Ehzabeth Foster, 44. 

Lucy, Harold, Jessie, Arthur, Lindsay, John, Leonard, 44. 

Joseph, and Margaret Laing, 43. 

Buckham, Isabella, and Charles Foster, 45. 
Burtt, Thomas, and Sarah J. Backhouse, 36. 

Edwin, Arthur, Marj-, 36. 

Butler, Agnes, and Edmund W. Howson, 64. 

Campbell, Julia W. L., and Philip W. Ker Planck, 73. 
Capper, Anne, and Thomas Robson, 33. 

Jasper, and Anne Fry, 22. 

Katherine, and John Backhouse, 22.* 

Card, Lucy Anne, and Thomas Beakbane, 59. 

Nathaniel, and Hannnah Binyon, 59. 

Carrick, John Arthur, and Charlotte E. Robertson, 41. 

Thomas, and Eleanor King, 41. 

Casson, Sarah, and Henry King, 42. 

Chamberlain, Ursula H. M., and John C. Brougham, 68. 

Chambers, Charles A., and Sarah Albright, 51. 

Church, Eliza, and John Backhouse, 18,* 22. 

Churchill, Florence C, and John H. Hale, 62. 

John, and Florence I. J. Gerich, 63. 

Irene, 63. 

Joseph, and Ann Taylor, '62. 

Clapham, Ethel, and Henry Foster, 46. 

Coates, Charles Hutton, and Mary F. Richardson, 29. 

Coats, Elizabeth, and Edward Pease, 17. 

Conolly, Frances, and Edward Wakefield, 70. 

Conybeare, John W. E., and Frances A. Cropper, 65. 

William, Charles, Alfred, Alison, Dorothea, 63. 

Cooke, Isaac, and Sarah Bispham, 74. 
Cookson, Richard, and Mary Braithwaite, 15. 
Copeland, Emma, and PJchard Braithwaite, 15. 
Coudray, John T., and Hannah Treffry, 63. 
Cowie, David, and Charlotte E. Beresford, 58. 

Cowie, Vwlliam H., and Eliza M. Forster, 5S. 

Da>-id, Elira, sS; Dorothea, WUIiam, .9. 

Crane, Henrietta, and James Bolton, 53. 

Croggon, Ellen Patience, and Tliomas Backhouse, jC • 

Cropper, Anne, and Thomas Mathcson, 66. 

Charles James, and Hon. Edith E. Hollir.c!,<-? 

James. Eleanor, Man", Marjarct,, f 5. 

Edward, and Isabella Wakefield, 71. 

Edward William, and Frances \Vrif;ht, 66. 

James, Frances, John, &5 ; Charles, Fredcntt, A;,:-. I iw , 
Evel>-n, 67. 

Frances Anne, and John W. E. Conybeare, 65. 

Frances J*I. T., and C. Theodore Green, 60. 

Isabella Eliza, and James R. Brougham, 6S. 

James, and Mary Brinsdon, 64. 

James, and Fanny A. Wakefield, 65, 71. 

James, and Ethel F. Smith, 66. 

John, and Ann Wakefield, 64. 

John Wakefield, and Susanna E. L. Arnold, 66. 

Margaret, and William Jones, 69. 

Mary, and John S. Howson, 64.* 

Mary Wakefield, 65. 

Sarah Wakefield, and Arthur Willink, 63. 

Crosfield, Albert Joseph, and Gulielma Wallis, 37. 

Bertram, .Albert, Hilda, 37. 

George Theodore, and Mary Green, 37. 

Alice, Hugh, 37. 

James Backhouse, 37. 

Joseph, and Elizabeth Backhouse, 37. 

Josephine, and Joseph G. Alexander, 37. 

Gumming, Ann, and John Lancaster, 48. 

Edward, and Ann Sill, 48. 

Hannah, and George Backhouse, 16, 48. 

Hannah, and Thomas Pearson, 48. 

John, and Hannah Backhouse, 13, 48. 

John, and Hannah Salthouse, 48. 

Sarah, and Thomas Beakbane, 48, 57. 

Dale, Annie M. S., and Edward Hutchinson, 23. 

David, and Ann B. Whitwell (iiie Robson), 23.* 

James Backhouse, and Helena Fenwick, 23. • 

John Henry, and Margaret A. Foster, 46. 

Margaret Ann {nk Foster), and Henri E. A. i-tid 

nitski, 46. 
Da\ison, Elizabeth, and Charles H. Bigl.ind, 10. 
Dealtry, Ethel, and George J. Howson, 64. 
Dearman, Elizabeth, and Edward Robson, 23-13. 

Mar)-, and James Backhouse, 17, 34- 

Denman, Hon. Theodosia, and Ichabod C. Wright, t6 
Dent, Abigail, and Thomas Backhouse, 36. 



Dent, William, and Sarah Wilkins, 36. 
Dickson, Margaret, and Arthur Willink, 65. 
Dixon, Mary, and \\'iniam Backhouse, 27.* 
Dodd, Margaret, and John Albright, 49. 
Dodgson, Jane, and John Backhouse, 16. 

Mary, and Joseph Pearson, 56. 

Sarah Elizabeth, and Robert O. Backhouse, 27. 

Dodshon, Frances, and Samuel Bewley, 15. 
Drake, Xora, and John E. W. Wakefield, 70. 
Drewry, Rebecca, and Henr)' Albright, 50. 

Ecroyd, Adelaide Jane, 34. 

Alizon, and William C. Slingsby, 36. 

Edith Mary, 34.* 

Edward, 34. 

Gertrude, and William H. Hartley, 36. 

Margaret, and Harry Tunstill, 34. 

Thomas Backhouse, 34.* 

William, 34. 

William Farrer, and Mary Backhouse, 34.* 

Elliott, Christopher, and Rachel M. \Vakefield, 70. 

Rachel, Mao', John, Henir, Edward, 70. 

Eskdale, Alice Solton, and Charles E. Barlow, 53. 
Espinette, Sophia, and Thomas B. AVakefield, 69. 
Evans, Harry, and Esther Albright, 50. 
Ewart, Marianne Ramsay, and Henry J. Richardson, : 

Fairman, Elizabeth {nee Ferry), and James Foster, 43. 
Fell, Ann, and William King, 41. 

Frances, and John King, 39.* 

Joseph, and Elizabeth Harrison, 39. 

Fenwick, Helena, and James B. Dale, 23. 
Ferry, Anne H., and Robert Foster, 44. 

Elizabeth, and James Fairman, 43. 

Emily Jane, and Frederick Foster, 44. 

Ffrench, Edward, and Kathleen J. Wakefield, 70. 

Eily, Ethel, 70. 

Fisher,' Jenepher, and Edwin O. Tregelles, 22. 
Fishwick, James, and Sarah Airey, 52. 

Sarah {>iee Airey), and Robert B. Irving, 52. 

Forster, Annie Gulielma, 58. 

Eliza Mary, and William H. Cowie, 58. 

■ Joseph Binyon, and Mary Beakbane, 58. 

Joseph Wilson, 58. 

Josephine Binyon, 58. 

Wilson, and Ann Binyon, 58. 

Fossick, Ehza (29*), and Frederick Backhouse, 27. 
Foster, Agnes, and James Bowes, 44. 
Alice Mar)-, 45. 

Foster, Ann, and Richard Janson, 38. 

Annie (43*), and \\'iiliara H. Richardson, 43. 

Charles, and Isabella Buckham, 45. 

Cyril, Marj'. Alice, 45. 

Dodshon (45*), and Mary A. Rutty, 44. 

Elizabeth, and John L. Browne, 44. 

Ellen, and Lancelot T. Glasson, 46. 

Emanuel Taylor, 44. 

Fanny Isabel, and Edward S. Marshall, 45. 

Frederick, and Emily J. Ferry, 44, 

Elsie, Frederick, Edith, John, 44. 

Henry, and f^thel Clapham, 46. 

Henrj', Dorothy, Mary, 46. 

James, and Theodosia A. JSIilne, 43. 

Theodosia, Myles, 43, 

James, and Elizabeth Fairman {nee Ferr)'), 43. 

Jessie, and Frederick B. Shuttleworth, 45. 

John Harrison, and Mary H. Howes, 45.* 

John Harrison, and Juliana Odlin, 45.* 

Joseph, and Elizabeth Taylor, 43.* 

Joseph, and Catherine C. Pocock, 43.* 

Sandj-s,* Maude, Esmay, Evelj-n, Josslyn, 43. 

Margaret Ann, and John H. Dale, 46. 

Mary, and William Atchison, 45. 

Myles Birket, and Ann King, 42,* 43. 

Myles Birket (45*), and Ann Spence, 46. 

IMyles Birket (45*), and Frances Watson, 46. 

Myles Birket (42*), and Christine Lorimer, 46. 

Myles, Dorothy, John, Mabel, Robert, Arthur, 46. 

Robert, and Ann Richardson, 42,* 43. 

Robert, and Anne H. Ferry, 44. 

Winifred, Muriel, Hilda, 44. 

Sandys Birket, 43. 

William, 46. 

Fowler, Elizabeth Barclay, and James E. Backhouse, 33/ 
Fox, Charles Alfred, and Gulielma M. Richardson, 21.* 

Charles, Violet, Maude, Harold. Edward, Ethel, 21. 

George Croker, and Ada M. ^Vake, 25. 

George, Herewald. Cecil, 25. 

Henry Backhouse, 25. 

Jane H. B., and Horatio N. Vyra, 26. 

Joseph Gurney, and Margaret M. Just, 25. 

Margaret, 26. 

Juliet Mary, and Edmund Backhouse, ii.* 

Lilian Isabel, and Frederic H. Trench, 25. 

Rachel Crewdson, and John E. Wakefield, 70. 

Rachel Tregelles, and Edward Worsdell, 54. 

Robert, and Pollen M. Bassett, 25.* 

Lilian, Robert,- Naomi, 25. 

Robert Barclay, and Jane G. Backhouse, 25.* 

Frankland, Susannah, and Thomas Beakbane, 57. 
Froom, Eleanor, and William C. Taylor, 62. 



Ff)', Anne, and Jasper Cnpper, 2z. 

Fryer, Amelia, and William Rackhouse, 27. 

Rachel Ann, and Edward B. Mounsey, 14,* 31. 

Games, , and Agnes Albright, 51. 

Gaskell, , and Benjamin Pearson, 56. 

Gerich, Florence I. J., and John Churchill, 63. 
Gilhespic, Ann Bowit, and Joseph B. Albright, 51. 
Glasson, Lancelot Thompson, and Ellen Foster, 46. 

Margaret, 46. 

Godsalvc, Janet, and James Backhouse, 14. 
Goldsborough, Anne, and James King, 39. 
Good, Sarah, and Thomas Backhouse, 16. 
Goodwin, Harvey, and Ruth Wakefield, 73. 

Ruth, Harvey, George, 73. 

Grainger, Elizabeth, and Jonathan Richardson, iS. 
Grattan, Richard Vivian, and Adelaide K. T. Backhouse, 

Green, C. Theodore, and Frances M. T. Cropper, 66. 

Joshua, and Elizabeth Robson, 31. 

Mary, and George T. Crosfield, 37. 

Mary Charlotte, and John W. Mounsey, 31. 

Gudgeon, Daniel, and Mary Brewer {nee Albright), 49. 
Gurney, Anna, and John C. Backhouse, 22.* 

Emma, and Joseph Pease, 25. 

Hannah Chapman, and Jonathan Backhouse, 11,* 


Iladwen, Eleanor and Isaac Bispham, 74. 
Haggarty, Augusta, and ^Villiam H. Wakefield, 73.* 
Hale, John Hampton, and Florence C. Churchill, 62. 

Nora, Horace, Walter, 62. 

Hall, Mary, and Thomas Pearson, 55. 

Rebecca, and Henry Beakbane, 57. 

Harrison, , and Emma Braithwaite, 15. 

Elizabeth, and Joseph Fell, 39. 

Emma (nee Braithwaite), and Broster, 15. 

Hannah, and Thomas Bolton, 53. 

John, and Agnes Backhouse, 16, 39. 

Mary, and Joseph King, 39. 

Hartley, William Harry, and Gertrude Ecroyd, 36. 

Christopher, Margaret, Susau, 36. 

Harvey, Margaret, and Thomas W. Beakbane, 60. 
Haye, George, and Alice M. Backhouse, 37. 
Hearn, Lilla, and John H. Taylor, 62. 
Hedley, Jane, and James Backhouse, 17, 34. 
Henley, Alice, and William H. Albright, 51. 
Heselden, Susan, and John Taylor, 62. 
Hesf, Agnes, and George Robinson, 14. 
Hill, Chariotte Mary, and Edward Bolton, 55. 

Hoblyn, Charles Dennis, and Eliza E. Taylor, 61. 

Beatrice, Reginald, Liuie, Gertrude, Data, Chirk., ri,'j». 

Hogarth, Margaret Ellen, and George Y. Bolton, 55. 

Hodgkin, John, and Ann Backhouse, 26.* 

Jonathan Backhouse, and Mary A. Pease, j6.* 

Jonathan, Henry, Harold, Ron.dd, Marj-. =6. 

Hodgson, Margaret, and John Wakefield, 64. 
Hoffher, Emilie, and Edward Mounsey, 33. 
Holland, Hon. Edith Emily, and Charles J. Cropper, 65. 
Holmes, Eliza, and Thomas Beakbane, 58. 

Mar)' Ann, and Joseph Backhouse, 38.* 

Holms, Cecil Wagner, and Marion J. Richardson, jq. 

Eric, .9. 

Houghton, Hamlet Newhall, and Elizabeth E. Bolton, 53. 
Howes, Mary Hesletine, and John H. Foster, 45. 
Howson, Ann Margaret, 65. 
Edmund Whytehead, and Agnes Butler, 64.* 

Hugh, Audrey, 64. 

George John, and Ethel Dealtry, 64.* 

Roger, GccfTrey, George, Joan, 64. 

James Francis, 65. 

John Saul, and Mary Cropper, 64.* 

Mary Georgina, 64. 

Hiibberstie, Hannah, and Joseph Bispham, 14, 74, 

Mary {nee Thornton), and John Backliouse, 14. 

Nathan, and Mary Thornton, 14. 

Robert, and Ann Backhouse, 12, 74. 

Hudson, Edward Harrington, and Amelia F. Richardson, 

Hudswell, Kate Harris, and William S. King, 42. 
Hugginson, William, and Alice Backhouse, r2. 
Hutchinson, Edward, and Annie M. S. Dale, 23. 
Hynes, Cecilia, and William F. Beakbane, 58. 

Irving, Robert Blake, and Sarah Fishwick {n'ce Airey), 31. 

Jackson, Margaret, and Thomas Pearson, 56. 

Sarah, and John Backhouse, 13. 

Janson, Richard, and Ann Foster, 38. 

Richard, and Mary Backhouse, 38. 

Johnson, Ellen, and John Backhouse, 12. 

William, and Elizabeth AVaterhouse, 63. 

Johnston, Samuel Logan, and Margaret L. Brougham, 63. 

• Alfred, Carruthers, Gladys, Leslie, Alexander, Kathleen, Ouve. M. 

j Jones, William, and Margaret Cropper, 69. 

Herbert, Vincent, Alice, Edith, Clement, 69. 

Jowitt, Sarah, and William P. Aldam, 27. 
Just, Margaret May, and Joseph G. Fox, 25. 


Keighley, Alfred Dudley, and Margaret Wakefield, 73. 



Keightley, Archibald, and Julia W. L. Planck (nh Camp- 
bell), 73. 
Kekwick, Helen Beatrice, 52. 
— — James, and Hannah Airey, 52. 
- John, and Fanny May, 52. 

Mar}', and Rogers Broadhead, 52. 

King, Agnes Harrison, and Joseph T. Sewell, 42. 
Alfred John, and Julia C. Oliver, 39. 

Ida, 39. 

Ann, and Myles B. Foster, 42,* 43. 

Eleanor, and Charles J. Lilwall, 41. 

Eleanor and Thomas Carrick, 41. 

Elizabeth Fell, 40. 

Emily, and Henry J. Lloyd, 42. 

Esther Richardson, and Charles Binks, 42. 

Frederick Rooke, 41. 

George, 40. 

Hannah (Benson), and William Brady, 42. 

— — Harold, 40. 

Henrietta, 41,* 42. 

Henry (41*), and Esther R. Sewell, 42. 

Henry (41*), and Sarah Casson, 42. 

Henry, and Ada Macfarlane, 42. 

Sarah, 42. 

James, and Anne Goldsborough, 39. 

James, and Margaret Simpson, 41. 

George, Sarah, James, 41. 

James Harrison, and Hannah Benson, 42. 

John, and Eleanor Wadkin, 39.* 

John, and Frances Fell, 39.* 

Joseph, and Mary Harrison, 39. 

Joseph, and Sarah Awraack, 41. 

Joseph Harrison, and Sarah Rooke, 41. 

Leonard Goldsborough, 39. 

Mary {nee Harrison), and John Richardson, 39. 

Mary, 40. 

Mary Jane, 41,* 42. 

Samuel, 39. 

Thomas Barrow, and Margaret Rooke, 41. 

William, and Ann Fell, 41. 

Robert, Mary, 41. 

William Sewell (41*), and Kate H. Hudswell, 42. 

Henry, Harold, Ethel, 42. 

Kitching, Alfred Edward, and Annie B. Richardson, 29. 

Harold, Amy, 29. 

Knipe, Mary, and Joseph Albright, 50. 
Knott, Herbert, and Ada S. Wakefield, 70. 

John, CjT-il, Roger, B'redericlc, 70. 

Stratton Collings, and Mary Willis, 20. 

Stratton, Frances, Ellis, 30. 

Laing, Margaret, and Joseph Browne, 43. 


I^ncaster, John, and Ann Gumming, 48. 
Leatham, Mary Janet, and Edward R. Whitwell, 23. 
Leicester, Alfred, and Susan A. Beakbane, 59. 

Elin, Alfred, Jessie, 59. 

Lewis, Nancy, and George Pearson, 56. 

Lightfoot, George Herbert, and Frances E. Weston, 71. 

John, 7.. 

Lilwall, Charles James, and Eleanor King, 41. 

Gladys, Mary, 41. 

Lloyd, Henry John, and Emily King, 42. 

Eric, 42. 

Lorimer, Christine, and Myles B. Foster, 46. 
Lowe, Deborah, and James Backhouse, 37.* 
Luard-Selby, Beatrice Amy, and Alfred H. Willink, 66. 
Lucas, Mary, and Henry Backhouse, 27. 
William, and Maria J. Whitwell, 23. 

William, Helen, 23. 

McArthur, Fanny, and John Wakefield, 71. 
Macdonald, Flora, and Joseph Richardson, 27. 
Macfarlane, Ada, and Henry King, 42. 
McNeile, Norman F., and Clara C. Willink, 66. 
Marquis, Robert, and Sarah Beakbane, 59. 

Marion, Robert, Lilian, Edward, Alice, 60. 

Marshall, Edward Shearburn, and Fanny L Foster, 45. 

Edward, Phyllis, Gertrude, 45. 

Matheson, Thomas, and Anne Cropper, 66. 

May, Fanny, and John Kekwick, 52. , 

Metcalfe, James, and Mary Backhouse, 14. 

Milne, Theodosia A., and James Foster, 43, 

Moffat, Caroline B., and William Taylor, 62. 

Mounsey, Ada Mary, 16,* t^t,. 

Edward, and Emily Backhouse, 16,* 33. 

Edward and Emilie Hoffher, 33. 

Edward Backhouse, and Rachel A. Fr}-er, 14,* 31. 

John, George, Lucy, Reginald, Amelia, 31. 

Elizabeth Laura, i6,* ■t,i. 

John, and Lucy B. Backhouse, 14,* 31. 

John, and Anne Robson, 31. 

John Wilfred, and ALiry C. Green, 31. 

Ethel, Wilfred, John, 31. 

Katherine, and Edward Backhouse, 31.* 

Lucy Elizabeth, 14,* 31. 

Mary Emma, 31. 

Thomas Edward, 16,* 33. 

Nicholson, Mary Eleanor, and Joseph Albright, 50. 

Oakden, Louisa, and Charles F. Bolton, 55. 

Ockleston, Sarah Whittle, and Edward F. Beakbane, 59. 

Oddie, William, and Lucy Bolton, 54. 

Odlin, Juliana, and John H. Foster, 45. 

Oliver, Julia Constance, and Alfred J. King, 39. 


Paxton, Ann, and Thomas Airey, 5;. 

Payne, Eliza Fanny, and Alfred Bcakbane, 59. 

Pearson, Agnes, and John Albright, 49. 

Benjamin, and Gaskell, 56. 

Betsy, and John Warhurst, 56. 

George, and Nancy Lewis, 56. 

Thomas, Joseph. Mar>', Benjamin, 56. 

Hannah, and Capt. Rigby, 56. 

Isaac, 56. 

Joseph, and Mary Dodgson, 56. 

Mary, and Thomas Airey, 52. 

Thomas, and Hannali Gumming, 4S. 

Thomas, and Mary Hall, 55. 

— — Thomas, and Margaret Jackson, 56. 
Pease, Ann, and Jonathan Backhouse, 17, 25. 

Edward, and Elizabeth Coats, 17. 

Joseph, and Emma Gurney, 25. 

Mary Anna, and Jonathan B. Hodgkin, 26.* 

Peel, Esther, and Charles Albright, 49. 

Peile, George, and Elizabeth F. Richardson, 20. 

Helen, Frances, Henry, 20. 

Mary, and Arthur G. Braund, 20. 

Planck, Julia W. L. {nee Campbell), and Archibald 
Keightley, 73. 

Philip W. Ker, and Julia AV. L. Campbell, 73. 

Plowden, Anne I^Iaria (^/tV Taylor), and John Robson, 61. 
Capt. Henry A. C, and Anne :M. Taylor, 61. 

Roger, Henrietta, 6i. 

Pocock, Catherine Clarke, and Joseph Foster, 43. 
Ponsonby, Eleanor W., and Samuel T. Richardson, 21. 
Poole, Joseph, and Sarah R. Albright, 50. 
Priestman, Edward, and Henrietta Broadhead, 29, 35.* 

George, Howard, Bertram, Gertrude, Helen, Henrietta, Harold, 29. 

Frances, and Joseph Pumphrey, iS. 

Francis, and Cecilia M. Shiell, 20. 

Faith, Francis, Jonathan, 20. 

Katharine, 20. 

Jonathan, and Lucy A. Richardson, iS. 

Lewis, 20. 

Lucy, 20. 

Pryor, Sarah, and John R. Waite, iS. 
Pumphrey, Joseph, and Frances Priestman, iS. 

Charles, Lettlce, Dorothy. John, ig. 

Pym, Horatio Noble, and Sarah J. Backhouse, 11. 
Horatio Noble, and Jane H. B. Backhouse, 26. 

Juliet, Volande, 26. 

Rainey, John Crofton, and Eva !\L Wakefield, 69. 

Arthur, John, 69 ; Edward, Herbert,, 70. 

Rauthmell, Thomas, and Mary A. Backhouse, i6. 

Ethel, Jolm, -Margaret, Edith, 17. 

Renton, Catherine Marion, and Thomas Richardson, :o. 
Reynolds, Mary, and Thomas P. Atchison, 45. 
Richardson, Amelia, and Robert G. Willis, ;o. 

Amelia Florence, and Edward H. Hudson, i3. 

Amy Erlinda, 18. 

Amy Louisa, 29. 

Ann, and Robert Foster, 42,* 43. 

■ Anne, iS. 

Annie Backhouse, and Alfred E. Kitching, 29. 

Arthur, 57. 

Charles, and Mai Shiell, i8. 

Edward, and Gulielma Tuke, 2 1 .* 

Edwin Backhouse, 29. 

Elizabeth, and Edwin O. Trcgellcs, 22. 

Elizabeth Frances, and George Peile, 20. 

Gulielma Maria (21*), and Charles \. Fox, 21. 

Henry Edward, 18. 

Isabella, and Dalrymple J. Belgrave, 18. 

Henry James, and ALarianne R. Ewart, 21. 

Gulielma Ewart, zi. 

Isaac, and Deborah Sutton, 43. 

John, and Mary King (nie Harrison), 39. 

Jonathan, and Ann Robson, iS. 

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Grainger, 18. 

Joseph, and Ann E. Backhouse, 27. 

Joseph, and Flora Macdonald, 27. 

Lucy Ann, and Jonathan Priestman, iS. 

Margaret, and Thomas J. Backhouse, 32,* 33. 

Marion, and Sherlock V. AVillis, iS. 

ALarion Josephine, and Cecil W. Holms, 29. 

ALary Frances, and Charles H. Coates, 29. 

Priscilla Hook, 21. 

Samuel Tuke (21*), and Eleanor W. Ponsonby, 21. 

Thomas, and Elizabeth Backhouse, 17, iS, 30.* 

Thomas, and Catherine M. Renton, 20. 

Thomas Edward, 21.* 

Thomas Walter, 18. 

William, and Margaret Robson, 33. 

William Henry, and Annie Foster, 43. 

Rigby, Capt., and Hannah Pearson, 56. 

Sarah, 56. 

Ritchie, Maude Constance, and Charles H. Backiiourc, 

II, 12.* 
Robertson, Charlotte Elizabeth, and John A. Carrick, 

Robinson, George, and Sarah Backhouse, 14. 

George, and Elizabeth Yeats, 14. 

George, and Agnes Hest, 14. 

John and Janet (Godsalve) Backhouse, 14- 



Robson, Ann, and Jonnthan Richardson, iS. 

Ann Backhouse (23'), and Henr)- Whitwell, 23. 

Anne, and Thomas J. Backhouse, 32,* 33. 

Edward, and Jane Backhouse, 22, 30.* 

Edward, and Elizabeth Dearnian, 22, 23. 

EUzabeth, and Joshua Green, 31. 

Isaac, and Sarah ^^'heele^, 38. 

John, and Anne M. Plowden (;/,V Taylor), 61. 

Mabel Grace, and James Backhouse, 38. 

Margaret, and William Richardson, 33. 

Mar)-, and Edward Backhouse, 30,* 31. 

Marj', and James Backhouse, 38.* 

-Thomas, and Anne Capper, 33. 

Rooke, ^largaret, and Thomas B. King, 41. 

Sarah, and Joseph H. King, 41. 

Rutty, Mary Ann, and Dodshon Foster, 44. 

Salthouse, Hannah, and John Gumming 48. 
Satterthwaite, Alice, and Thomas Albright, 49. 
Saunders, George Morley, and Mary C. Wakefield, 71. 

Sewell, Esther Richardson, and Henry King, 42. 
Joseph Taylor, and Agnes H. King, 42. 

Arnold, Agnes, Joseph, 42. 

Shiell, Cecilia Marguerite, and Francis Priestman, 20. 

Mai, and Charles Richardson, iS. 

Shippen, Sarah Jane, and John Albright, 50. 

Shuttleworth, Frederick Brandon, and Jessie Foster, 45. 

Sill, Ann, and Edward Gumming, 48. 

Sim, Ruth Agnes, and John W. Willink, 66. 

Simpson, Margaret, and James King, 41. 

William, and Jane E. Backhouse, 38. 

Marion, Rosamonde, Cicely, 38. 

Slingsby, William Cecil, and Alizon Ecroyd, 36. 

Katharine, William, Aliron, 36, 

Smith, Elizabeth, and William W. .■Vlbright, 51. 

Ethel F., and James Cropper, 66. 

George Henry, and Anna M. Broadhead, 32- 

Snoad, Eliza, and Henry Taylor, 61. 
Spence, Ann, and Myles B. Foster, 46. 
Sproule, Wilhelmina, and George H. Bolton, 55. 
Stadnitski, Henri E. A., and Margaret A. Dale {nie 

Foster), 46. 
Stagg, Harriet, and Edward C. Backhouse, 16. 
Stanton, Georgina Mary, and Henry Backhouse, 27. 
Stedman, Emily Ellen, and Frederick \N. Backhouse, 27. 
Stewart, Mary, and Herbert Bigland, 30. 
Stickney, Hannah, and Thomas Backhouse, 34. 
Sutton, Deborah, and Isaac Richardson, 43. 


Tatum, Joseph, and Hannah M. Albright, 51. 
Taylor, Ann, and Joseph Churchill, 62. 

Anne Maria, and Capt. Henry A. C. Plowden, 61. 

Elizabeth, and Joseph Foster, 43.* 

Eliza Emily, and Ch.arles D. Hoblyn, 62. 

Henry, and Eliza Snoad, 61. 

Henry CJeorge MolYatt, 62. 

John, anil Susan Heselden, 62. 

John, and Mary Waterhouse, 61. 

John Henry, and Lilla Hearn, 62. 

Violet, Eva, Claude, 63. 

Mary {rtce Waterhouse), and Benjamin B. Binyon, 


William, and Caroline B. Moffat, 62. 

William Charles, and Eleanor Froom, 62. 

Millicent. Muriel, Eric, 62. 

Thornton, Elizabeth, and William Backhouse, 15, 16. 

Jonathan, and Margaret Birket, 16. 

Mary, and Nathan Hubberstie, 14. 

Titterington, Mary, and John Backhouse, 16. 
TrefTry, Hannah, and John T. Coudray, 63. 

Richard, and Rachel Waterliouse, 63. 

Tregelles, Edwin Octavius, and Elizabeth Richardson, 22. 

Edwin Octavius, and Jenepher Fisher, 22. 

Trelawny, Florence Salusbury-, and Jonathan E. Back- 
house, II, 12.* 
Trench, Frederic Herbert, and Lillian I. Fox, 25. 

Wallace, Esmond, 25. 

Tuke, Gulielma, and Edward Richardson, 21.* 
Tunstill, Harry, and Margaret Ecroyd, 34. 

Mary, Harry, 34 ; Margaret, Edith, Rosamond, Alice, Gertrude, 35. 

Urmston, Florence M., and William E. Willink, 65. 

Vincent, Lucy, and Charles J. Backhouse, 27. 

Wadkin, Eleanor, and John King, 39.* 

Samuel, and Elizabeth Barrow, 39. 

Waite, John Robinson, and Sarah Pryor, 18. 

Rachel, and Jonathan Backhouse, 18. 

Wake, Ada Alary, and George C. Fox, 25. 
Wakefield, Ada Sophia, and Herbert Knott, 70. 

Agnes, and Thomas A. Argles, 73. 

Ann, and John Cropper, 64. 

Annie, and Jacob Wakefield, 68, 73. 

Edward, and Frances ConoUy, 70. 

Roger, 70. 

Edward William, and Mary E. Wilkinson, 69. 

Marion. 69. 

Edward William, and Susannah Birkbeck, 69.* 

Eva ALargaret, and John C. Rainey, 69. 


Wakefield, Fanny Alison, and James Cropper, 65, 71. 

George Henr>' (69*), and Susan Baxter, 70. 

Hannah, and Jonathan Wilson, 57. 

Isabella, and Edward Cropper, 71. 

Jacob, and Annie Wakefield Brougham, 68, 73* 

William Henry, 63, 73. 

John, and Mar)' Beakbane, 57, 64. 

John, and Margaret Hodgson, 64. 

John, and Fanny McArlhur, 71. 

John, 73. 

John Edward (69*), and Rachel C. Fox, 70. 

John Edward William, and Nora Drake, 70. 

Korali, Cicelj', John, 70. 

Kathleen Jemima, and Edward Ffrench, 70. 

Margaret, and Alfred D. Keighley, 73. 

Mary, and George F. Weston, 71. 

Mary Augusta, 73.* 

Mary Constance, and George M. Saunders, 71. 

Minnie Margaret, and Edward A. Arnold, 73. 

Rachel Marj', and Christopher Elliott, 70. 

Ruth, and Harvey Goodwin, 73. 

Thomas Birkbeck, and Sophia Espinette, 69.* 

William, and Marianne Wavell, 69.* 

^ Roger, William, Marianne, Rachel, Arthur, Fr^uices, 69. 

William Henry, and Augusta Haggarty, 73.* 

William Henry, 73.* 

Walker, Sarah, and William Atkinson, 15. 

Sarah, and Richard Atkinson, 39. 

Wallis, Gulielma, and Albert J. Crosfield, 37. 
V/arhurst, John, and Betsy Pearson, 56. 
V/aterhouse, Elizabeth, and William Johnson, 63. 

Mary, and John Taylor, 61. 

Rachel, and Richard Treffry, 63. 

Robert, and Sarah Beakbane, 57, 61. 

Watson, Frances, and Nryles B. Foster, 46. 
Wavell, Marianne, and William Wakefield, 69. 
Wells, John, and Sarah Albright, 49. 

John, Agnes, Bernard, 49. 

Weston, Emily Margaret, and Constantine W. Benson, 71. 

Frances Elizabeth, and George Herbert Lightfoot, 


George Frederick, and Mary Wakefield, 71. 

John Wakefield, and Kate Brougham, 68, 71. 

Mary, 68, 71. 

Wheeler, Sarah, and Isaac Robson, 38. 

Whitlark, Sarah, and Thomas Albright, 49. 

\\Tiitwell, Anne Backhouse {nie Robscm), and DsviJ 

Dale, 23.* 
Edward Robson, and Mary J. Leatham, 23.* 

Annie, EJnarrt, Henrj-, Janet, Gladys, 13. 

Henry, and Ann B. Robson, 23. 

Maria J., and William Lucas, 23. 

Wilkins, Sarah, and William Dent, 36. 

Wilkinson, Mary Elizabeth, and Edward W. Wakcf.chl, 

Willink, Alfred Henrj', and Beatrice A. Luard-SclLy, 06. 

Arthur, and Sarah W. Cropper, 65. 

Arthur, and Margaret Dickson, 65. 

Margaret, Arthur, Hilda, Herman, Roger, 66. 

Clara C, and Norman F. McNeile, 66. 

John Wakefield, and Ruth A. Sim, 66. 

Arthur, Mary, 66. 

William Edward, and Florence M. Urmston, 60. 

Willis, Mary, and Stratton C. Knott, 20. 

Robert George, and Amelia Richardson, 20. 

Ann, Amelia, Robert, Frances, to; Evel>-n, William, Alice. 
Thomas, Helen, Edward, Agnes, Reginald, Nora, ai. 

Sherlock V., and Marion Richardson, i8. 

Wilson, Isabella, and William B. Bigland, 30. 

Jonathan, and Hannah Wakefield, 57. 

Mary, and John Beakbane, 57, 61, 64. 

William Horace, and Mary J. Bolton, 54. 

Violet, Horace, 54. 

Woodall, Alfred, and Lucy Beakbane, 60. 

Edward, Elsie, Gladys, Florence, Doris, 60. 

Woodhead, Charles H. C, and Susannah Backhouse, 17. 

Doris, 17. 

Worsdell, Edward, and Rachel T. Fox, 54. 
George, and Jane Bolton, 54. 

Clara, Elizabeth, 54. 

Wright, Frances, and Edward W. Cropper, 66. 

Ichabod Charles, and Hon. Theodosia Denman, 

Wylde, Josiah R., and Jane S. Bolton, 55. 

Claud, 55. 

Yates, Elizabeth, and Edward Bolton, 54. 
Yeats, Elizabeth, and George Robinson, 14.