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1631 -IBIS 











c .^y^^ 



Compiled and Published 


Orleans, \ ermont. 

Copyrighted igi8 
b\ Elmer E. Doe. 



■^^3 ( I 



Chief Justice Charles Doe, (See Page 230) . .Frontispiece 


Armorial Bearings of George Do 9 

Armorial Bearings of Charles Doe, Esq 11 

Armorial Bearings of Thomas Doe 13 

Portrait of James and Lydia Doe 39 

Portrait of Capt. John Doe 45 

Portrait of Mahala Doe 51 

Portrait of Louisa Doe 49 

Portrait of Dr. Theophilus Doe 63 

Portrait of Wm. Frank Doe 74 

Portrait of Russel Sanborn Doe 75 

Portrait of Capt. Benjamin Winslow Doe 86 

Portrait of William AVinslow Doe 87 

Portrait of Edgar John Doe 95 

Portrait of Rev. Frankhn Bradley Doe 100 

Portrait of Henry Plummer Doe Ill 

Portrait of Samuel Winslow Doe 121 

Portrait of Nelson R. Doe 107 

Home of Deacon John Doe 164 

Portrait of John Doe 173 

Portrait of Col. Bartlett Doe 191 

The Doe Library, Berkley, California 199 

Portrait of Andrew Doe 203 

Homeof Capt. Dudley Doe 209 

Portrait of Charles Osborn Doe 217 

Portrait of Joseph Bodwell Doe 227 

Portraitof IraDoe, b. June6, 1814 187 

Portrait of George Storrow Doe 299 

List of iLLrsxRAXiONS 

Portrait of Edwin Ruthven Doe 
Portrait of Hiram Doe 
Portrait of Gorham Weeks Doe 
Portrait of Alton Chapman Doe 
Portrait of Henry Day Doe 
Portrait of Joseph Bodwell Doe, Jr 
Portrait of Arthur Brit tan Doe 
Portrait of Ira Doe, h. June 6, 1826 
Portrait of Andrew Jackson Doe 
Portrait of Elmer Ellsworth Doe 
Portrait of Lieut. Alton Andrew Doe 
Portrait of Eugene Alelvin Doe 



If you could see your ancestors 

All standing in a row, 
Would you be proud of them or not, 

Or don't you really know? 
Some strange discoveries are made 

In climbing family trees, 
And some of them, you know, do not 

Particularly please. 

If you could see .yom* ancestors 

All standing in a row. 
There might be some of them, perhaps, 

You wouldn't care to know. 
But here's another question, which 

Reciuires a different view — 
If you could meet your ancestors. 

Would they be proud of you? 

Somennlle Journal. 


The comi^iler of this genealogy has always desired to know 
more of his ancestors, and this book is the result. 

There have been written several histories of different ])laces, 
giving some genealogical records, and the writer has taken ad- 
vantage of all data he could find in these with reference to the 
Does, and has made some changes where he has found some of 
the historians did not trace back far enough to prove their records. 
He wishes to thank all the people who have generously contri- 
buted their records and recollections toward comj^leting this 

The author of this work wishes to disclaim any responsi- 
bility for errors of fact and arrangement, for some who have been 
listless or careless on this subject maj^ criticise the book because 
the complete record of their family is not given, when the com- 
piler would have been only too glad to have had more detailed 
information. He has searched New England Historical and 
Genealogical Registers, and all records of towns and cities where 
records were kept in early days, also all probate records and 
records of deeds, historical society records, both printed and in 
manuscript, the records of the New Hampshire legislature, and 
received the balance of his information from old Bibles owned by 
private individuals and people now living, and from tombstones 
from many cemeteries visited. 

He trusts that if anyone belonging in this genealogy has 
been omitted they may be able to trace their family with the 
aid of this book. There may be mistakes, as the writer finds 
that dates and names given b^- different members of a family 
sometimes vary, and dates on tombstones do not agree with 
Bible records of births. Every proof possible has been obtained, 
still the writer realizes there is some data missing. 

The manuscript was carefully arranged according to ap- 
proved methods of genealogical work. John Doe having been 
the first son, is given precedence, and his descendants follow in 

8 Introduction. 

generations. The descendants of Sampson Doe also are given 
in generations, so that by referring to the different incHces the 
name on record can be found. 

The author wih be pleased to receive any information in 
regard to corrections and additions, and at some future time 
a more complete work can be pi-inted. 

The indices are: 

Index No. 1 — Christian Names of Does. 
Index No. 2 — Surnames of others than Doe. 

It is important to remember that in the case of the head 
of a family the name will be in heavy type, while the names of 
his descendants appear in small type. 

The usual genealogical abbreviations appear: B for born, 
M for married, D for died, S P for sine prole (without issue), 
Dau. for daughter, Ch. for child or children, Bapt. for baptized, 
Est. for estate and Adm. for administered. 


D D D 

Armorial Bearings of George Do of Jesus College, Cambridge, 
England. Granted May 8, 1662. 

Armorial Bearings of Charles Doe, Esq., one of the Sheriffs of the 
City of London, England. Granted Sept. 15, 1664. 


Armorial Bearings of Thomas Doe of Sanghall, County Chester, 
England, and the descendants of his Grandfather. 
Granted Sept. 29, 1749. 


The name Doe is of Norman-French origin. Barber's 
"English Family Names," gives Doe as Danish, and as the Danes 
made frequent incursions into Normandy it is not impossible 
that our early ancestors were of Danish extraction. In "Norman 
People," we find mention of Raherius D'O, 1198, and in "Mem- 
oirs of the Antiquarian Society of Normandy," mention is made 
of Robert D'O and the castle and manor of D'O. In the Hun- 
dred Rolls, dated 1273, we find John le Doe and his father, Wil- 
liam le Do. In "Dictionary of Names," by Larchy, D'O is 
given as the name of a Breton saint, and was originally the name 
of a Norman town. Later records show that families bearing 
the name of Doe were located in England and Ireland, as in the 
Irish Parliament of James II in 1689 was Lewis Doe of Dungan- 
non, representing County Tyrone, and among King James's 
officers in 1690 was a Louis Doe, Receiver General. In 1635, 
Charles Doe was Lord High Sheriff of London, England, and was 
granted a coat of arms. Irish records show that a Joshua Doe 
purchased one of the forfeited estates in Ireland in 1702-1703. 

A careful research of some of the most eminent authorities 
on names proves that Doe is a different name than Dow, although 
many have thought it was the same family name, but spelled 
differently. This is not the case, for Dow is of Scottish origin, 
while Doe is not. In the examination of records while collect- 
ing material for this work we have in a few instances found the 
name spelled Dow, but think this was due to carelessness on the 
part of the person recording the name. 

There are three coats of arms belonging to Does, but we 
have been unable to connect any of these with the branch of the 
Doe family recorded in this work. A coat of arms is inherited 
the same as property, and can be legally used only by the de- 
scendants of that line of a family, although little regard to this 
is observed in America. 

Our first ancestor in New England, of whom we have a 
record, was Nicholas Doe, probably from England, although the 

16 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

writer found a great number of families who have had handed 
down to them the tradition that the Does are of Scotch ancestry. 
This is not the case, for the most painstaking research of works on 
the origin of names does not in a single instance give the name 
to be of Scottish origin. 

The first records that we can find of Nicholas Doe is where 
he witnessed the will of Thomas Walford at Portsmouth, N. H., 
Nov. 15, 1666. The following is copied from the New England 
Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. VI, p. 35. 

"Nicholas Doe (1) was received as an inhabitant in 1668, 
was taxed at Oyster River from 1666 to 1672." (Oyster River 
is now Durham, N. H.) 

February 14, 1668, Nicholas Doe purchased of Thomas 
Mounsell property which was deeded to the latter by John Mar- 
tin and Hester on Sept. 20, 1667, and described as follows: 

"His dwelling house now standing in Luberland in ye Great 
Bay together with 40 acres of upland granted him by the towai of 
Dover, bounded on one side by Richard York from ye high water 
side, and on ye other by ye land of John Goddard. Also two 
acres of salt meadow adjoining sd. uplands, and 12 acres of fresh 
meadow about three-fourths of a mile from the house. Also 
six score acres of upland lying by the side of Lamprill River, near 
ye mill, with all rights and privileges, etc." 

We find in Dover, N. H., records that Nicholas Doe was re- 
ceived as an inhabitant of Dover the 21st, 7 mo., 1668, with 
no rights of pasture on the common, the town not being of a 
capacity to give accommodations as heretofore. He witnessed 
the will of Richard York of Dover in 1672. He was grand jury- 
man in 1679 and 1680 at court in Dover, N. H., and took oath 
of office of constable of Dover in 1682. 

Where Nicholas Doe was born, or resided prior to his ap- 
pearance at Oyster River, N. H., in 1666, the writer has been 
unable to determine, but from some of the family legends one is 
led to believe that possibly he was a native of England, as one 
of the family, who is past ninety years of age had heard the story 
of the three brothers, and claimed his grandfather had told him 
that Nicholas Doe, his first ancestor, came from London, Eng- 
land, and that Nicholas' father had ow^ned a whole street called 
Blue Street, because all of the houses were of a blue color. Noth- 

The Descendants of >»icholas Doe 17 

ing is yet known of his history in England, l)ut there were many 
others who settled at Oyster River (Dover), whose descendants 
have not been able to connect with families of the same name in 

A record was kept of those families who left England, and 
before leaving they were requested to take the oath of loyalty 
to the English Crown and promise conformity to the Established 
Church. As many desired to avoid this enforced allegiance and 
to settle in the land of their adoption free to follow their own 
religious inclinations, a great many of them left secreth^ and 
made their way as sailors, etc. It is possible that Nicholas Doe 
left England in this manner. 

A large number of English church records have been ex- 
amined, but we have failed to find the birth of Nicholas Doe, 
or the date of his marriage to Martha Thomas. We do find that 
there were a number of Does who landed in Virginia as early as 
1635, and their marriages were followed to see if Nicholas Doe 
was born in Virginia, as a great many people came from Virginia 
to the Isles of Shoals fishing, and while it is possible he might 
have been one of these fishermen there is no tangible proof to 
this effect. We do find that "13 June, 1673, William Doe, for 
forty pounds conveys to Andrew Dymond and Henry Maine, all 
of Isle of Shoals, his house and lands in Ipswich." (Ipswich 
Records at Salem, Vol. I, page 267.) What part of the Isles of 
Shoals this means it is difficult to determine, as there are about 
eighteen islands which comprise the Isles of Shoals, and this 
might mean one of them. The Avriter finds one more Doe in the 
early daj's, and that was Edward Doe, who had a suit in Boston 
in 1682 over a cargo. 

This makes three Does in the Colonies in the period between 
1666-1682, and it would seem to some that they were three 
brothers, as we often hear ; the writer was told by his father when 
a boy that three brothers came to America, and this tale is told 
in almost every family, but it is impossible to connect them 
with Nicholas Doe, as we have never found a descendant from 
anyone of them except Nicholas. 

The "Genealogical Dictionary," which gives account of 
first settlers who came to America before May 16, 1692, shows 
three generations. It also mentions Nicholas Doe and wife Martha. 

I<S 'I'liio l)i;.s('KNi)AN rs OK Nicholas Dok 

In "Old New lliimpsliiiv I'mnilics," New l<;ii<i;l;iii(l Ilisloriciil 
and ( J('iu>Jil()j2;i('ul K(>f;i,si('r, \'()l. 10, pii^c II"), rcrciciicc is luado 
to Nicholas Doo and wife M;iilli;i ;ind Www cliildrcii. 


Nicholas Doe (1), I.. aWoul Kv'.l ; m. Marllui 'riioiuas. He 
(1. Oyster Hiver, N. H., H)!)l. 

Children : 

1. .lolin, I). Aii<i. 2"), l()()'.); 111. p;iiznl)('(li 

II. Sampson, I). .\pr. I, KiTO; in. Isl, Teinperaiice . 

III. l-:iizal)elli, 1). Im>I). 7, 1(173. No fiirllier ivc()fd.=^ 

*N(.TK III llic i)n.l);i,lc ivconi ..l' I he sell Iniiciil of llic csl ;il c of Nicliol.'ts 
Doc, I';iiz:il)cth is no! niciilioiicil, hul n'rcivncc is iniMJc (o I he fact lh;it 
Siunpson li;ul puiTJKiscd liis sister ]\Iar,\'s sliarc in the estate. Whctlicr 
(lie sister rcl'cri'cd to was I']lizal)(>th, or aiiotlier' sisler l)orn iatcM', it is impossible 
lo slate, .MS we were un.ahle to (ind any record ..f llic d.'alli of h, 
ororihcl)irtii of a, loiirlli cliild to and .Marllia, ('I' l),,c. 

Voiaiiic I, Nnv Ihtmp.shirc I'rorimiitl I'd pcri^. 

raijc ;-5(M). 

May 19, 1069, Nieholas Doe sif>;ne(l a pc^tition to the (Jeneral 
('ourt of Massachusetts to have his section set off Irom Dover, 
"taking; in consideration (he iniolerahle iiicoiix-eiiiciice of our 
travail nuinie miles, pari hy land and |)ar( hy walcr, many limes 
by l)oth,to the ])ul)lick\vorslnp of ( !od." * * * * * * "Nor are 
our affairs so well provided for as if we were a township of our- 
selves, we l)(Mnj>- in all 220 souls, near ")() fainiles, 7(* i^' odd 
soldiers, etc.'' Nicholas Doe and lliirly-se\'en others si<;iu>d 
this jietition. This s(M'lioii was called 0\sler l\i\cr, Doxcr 
being Dover Neck then. 

The Descendants op" Nicholas Doe 19 

New Hampshire Provincial Deeds, Vl-Pagc H)7. 

Nicholas Doe aged about 50, deposed 7 June, 1682, that 
"sixteen years since I was desired by Elizabeth alias (Graves, for 
to devide a parcel of Planting ground which was left by her hus- 
band, Richard York to her son John York and herself, into thirds, 
which land, I, with Benjamin Matthews, did devide." 

On the 10th of the first month, 1673-4, the bounds between 
Nicholas Doe and John Goddard were fixed as follows: "From 
high water mark at the usuall landing place A high waye of fower 
poele wid up to John Godder his land at the marsh on the one 
side and soe to the Corner of John Godders orchard on the west 
and that fence of the orchard to stand and soe to a heape of 
Rocks on the west of the heigh waye and Nicholass Does garden 
on the Est of the high waye and all the Newe fence att Does 
garden to be wholley taken a way and from the corner of Does 
garden in to the woods upon the west sid of the hill this high 
way to goe into the woods of fower pole wide upon a North and 
to be west line and is the bounds of the land betwixt John God- 
derd and Nichlos Doe." (Durham (N. H.) History.) 

From old deeds we learn that John Smith sold to Nicholas 
Doe two small islands containing about six acres, "be it more or 
less," and Sampson Doc, son of Nicholas, sold the same to Joseph 
Chesley 27 March, 1707. 

Nicholas Doe, 1691. 

(Administration on the estate of Nicholas 
Doe granted to his son John Doe, June 6, 1691, who 
presented an inventory and gave bond in the 
sum of £100, with Richard Glark and John 
Bennett as sureties.) 

Att a C'ourt of probates * * * * the 6th 
day of November, 1705 Sampson Doe moved to 

20 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

have his Brother John Doe to take Letters of 
Administration of the Estate of Nicholas Doe 
his father deceased; which if he refused to doe, 
he would take letters of administration himself. 
John Doe being present desired to have Letters 
of Administration granted to him, which the 
Judge Allowed he giving in Sufficient Secuitye 
for the performance of his Administration. 

(Administration granted to John Doe Jan. 
1, 170 5-6.) (Inventory of real estate of Nicho- 
las Doe, who died in 1691; taken March 30, 
1706; amount 225-0-0; signed by Richard 
Hilton, Winthrop Hilton and Abraham Bennick. 
It is Agreed this fourth day of June 1706 
Between John Doe Adrrr of the Goods, Chattells 
and Estate &c: of Nicholas Doe his father 
and Sampson Doe Brother of the Said John Doe 
as followeth; viz whereas the said John Doe hath 
a Right to the one halfe of said deeds Estate; 
and Sampson Doe having purchased his Sister 
Marys part to the Said Estate hath alsoe a Right 
to the other half part. It is agreed between the 
Said parties that John Doe shall have & enjoy 
all the Lands mentioned in the Inventory here- 
unto Annexed (Excepting the Home place at 
Lubberland being forty six Acres of Upland 
more or Less and the Houses Barns & Orchards 
belonging to the Said forty two Acres or home- 
stead) And that the said Sampson Doe pay to 
the Said John Doe ffifty pounds of Currt Mony 
of New England and all the Charge of what two 
indifferint men to be Chosen between them shall 
Value and Say that the Said John Doe hath Laid 
out and Disbursed in makeing the Said Homestead 
better than it was when the Said Nicholas 
Doe dyed; the said ffifty pounds and the re- 
mainder what shall be Said to be soe laid out 
and disbursed by such persons as they shall 
Choose is to be paid at ffif teen pounds Per Annum 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 21 

till the whole be fully satisfied and paid. And 
likewise that the Said Sampson Doe shall have 
and peaceably Enjoy the Said homestead being 
forty six Acres of Upland together with the 
Houses Barns and Orchards mentioned in said 

And both parties desires that the Honrble 
the Judge of Probates will accept and Confirmc 
this Agreement and Order the same to be Re- 
corded by the Register. In wittnesse whereof 
the said John Doe and Sampson Doe hath here- 
unto sett their hands and Seals the day and yeare 
aforesaid John Doe (seal) 

Sealed and delivered sart.son doe (seal) 

In the prsence of 
Wm Partridge Jun : 
Cha : Story : 
John Gove 

Pro: New Hampshire Att a Court of pro- 
bates held at protsm 4th June 1706 this Agree- 
ment is Allowed and Approved off by me the 
Subscriber and ordered that the Register record 
the same. 

Joseph Smith, Judg of probats &c. 

Descendants of John Doe 
The First Son of Nicholas 



John Doe 2, (Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 25, 1669, Oyster River, 

N. H.; m. Elizabeth , who was bapt. Feb. 11, 1721, and 

admitted to the church at Durham, N. H., 1721-2. He had a 
grant of forty acres of land April 11, 1694, by committee of 
Exeter, N. H. He was bapt. Nov. 15, 1719 and admitted to the 
church at Durham, Jan. 21, 1721-2. He d. April 28, 1742. 


I. Daniel, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. Margaret Dockum. 

II. John, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. Susan Wormwood. 

III. Joseph, b. 1707, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. Martha 

Wormwood, b. 1717; he d. Mar. 10, 1809 at Exeter, 
N. H., aged 102 years. 

IV. Benjamin, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. Hannah Follett. 
V. Mary, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. John Mason. Ch.: 

1-John )rp^- 3-Robert. Resided Durham, 

2-Jonathanf ^^'"^^ in 1748. 

VI. Elizabeth, bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. Joshua Woodman. 

VII. Martha, b. June 13, 1716; bapt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. 

Dec. 7, 1740, Edward Woodman; d. Dec. 18, 1761. 

Note. — Rev. Hugh Adams baptized the children and called them adults 
except Martha, who was called a child. 

The following is copied from old records: 

June ye 23d, 1701. 
By ye Committee Chosen by ye freeholders and Inhabitents 
of ye Town of Dover for Granting Lands Given & Granted to 
John Doe his heirs and assigns forever, three Score Acres of 
Land agacent to Lubberland. 

Attest, Wm. ffurbur, Clerk of Com 
Joshua Preice, Recorder. 
Entered Record according 
toyeOrig. et. Oct. 23, 1731. 

26 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

New Hampshire Provincial Papers — Vol. 2. 

On Page 147-148 of Provincial Papers, Vol. 2, is a short 
petition dated 1694: 

"The Conditions of Luberland is Such: We had a good 
Garrison last Summer, but was cut down and burnt, and for 
want a Garrison the Inhabitants are forced to leave the place 
and flie for Refugg. If itt ware possible to save the place, wee, 
who know the vallues itt about four hundred pounds of provi- 
sions and movables; provided the cattle Breaks into ye Corn, itt 
will be much damage. It is ye generall vote yt Capt. Matthews 
should comd the Garrison, and we request is for 15 or 20 soldiers 
to assist this place. 

Belonging to the place, Betwixt Capt. Mathews and Lamp 
(rell) River, the content as follows: 

Capt. Matthews 
Fran Matthews 
Jo Benike 
John Doe. 
Sampson Doe 
And twelve others. 

From Provincial Records : 

Will of Thomas Moore, made Dec. 1, 1701-'T do appoint 
my trusty friends frances Matthews and John Doe to to be my 
overseers to this my Last will and testiment." 

The following petition for a grant of land appears in Pro- 
vincial Papers, Vol. 9, pages 171-173: 

"To His Excellency Jona Belcher Esqr., Govr & Commandr 
in Chief in & over His majesties Province of New Hampshire in 
New England, and to the Honble His Majesties Council in Said 

The Petition of Sundry Persons Inhabitants of Durham, 
Dover Exeter & Newington most Humbly Sheweth. 

That whereas your Petitionrs are men who have been bro't 
up to Husbandry & framing, but want lands to exercise their 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 27 

faculty on to their advantage, none of them haveing any share or 
Properity in any of the new Townships; they did about sis or 
Seven years agoe Petition the Honble the then Leuit. Govr 
& Council for a grant of a tract of Land to yor Petitionrs & that 
they might be Incorporated into a Township — And whereas 
nothing was then done upon it but yor Petitonrs prayer neglected 
they most humbly pray that yor Excelly & the Honble the Coun- 
cil in yor great wisdom and goodness would be pleased to grant 
yor Petitionrs a Tract of Land where you shall think proper in 
this Province. Since they have endur'd the brunt & hardships 
of the Late war have been entirely left out in all former Grants 
and are all men who are able and willing to settle and Cultivate 
Land if they had it — and yor Petitioners shall as in duty bound 
ever pray, &c. 

Francis Mathes-in behalf 
of the other Petitioners. 

Jany 3d, 1753-4. 

J no Doe, Jun. 

Dan'l Doe. 

Benja Doe. 

Joseph Doe. 

Sampson Doe. 

Nichs Doe and others. 


Vol. 3 p. 100-104 

(Administration on the estate of John Doe of Durham, yeo- 
man, granted to his widow, Elizabeth Doe, Apr 28, 1742.) 

Province of | April 24th Day anno Domini one thousand Seven 
N. hampshiref Hundred forty and two articles of agreement 

Pursuant to a Certain paragraft in ye Law of this province 
Intitled an act for the Settlement and Distribution of ye Es- 
teate of Intestates we ye Subscribers being Interested in ye Es- 
teate of our Honnored father John Doe Late of Durham in sd 
province Deceased Intestate and being legally Capable to act 
have mutually agreed of a Division among our Selves which is in 

28 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

manner and form as follows (vis) we set of Elizabeth Doe ye 
widdow of ye sd Intestate for her Dividan or thirds of sd Esteate 
a Certain tract of Land in Durham afore sd it being part of ye 
home Esteate Bounded as follows Beginning at ye north Corner 
of Mr. Joseph Smith his Land and Runs by ye way Streat about 
north west thirty & four Rods to a stake yn it Runs South thirty 
Seven Degrees west to Lamprel River yn Down sd River thirty 
Rods to a pich pine standing by a hollow yt Runs into ye Com- 
monly Called ye mote River yn up sd River to ye pine which is 
ye Bounds between sd Esteate and sd Smith his Land at sd mote 
River by ye Bunch of Burches & yn on a streight Line between 
sd Esteate & sd Smith his Land to ye Contry Road where it 
began with ye one third part of ye Salt mash & freash mash and 
Common Land in Durham hereafter to be set of to Joseph & 
Benj. a Doe & mary mason with all ye third part of ye Land in 
ye town of Rochester in sd province — 

Secondly we set of to Daniel Doe ye Eldest Son of sd De- 
ceased for his part or Dividen of sd Esteate ye one half of ye 
Barn it being ye new End and a peace of Land in ye home 
Esteate Bounded as follows beginning at a stake in ye fence 
between Decon John yock his Land & ye afore sd Esteate it 
being nearly one hundred & nine Rods north East from Lamperel 
River and Runs South East to ye mote River near sd Smith 
Land at sd pine yn up sd Smiths Land to ye Contry Road & yn 
by sd Contry Road until it Leives sd Intestate Land & yn to 
Rund (Round) sd Land until it Comes to ye Stake ^^here it began 
Excepting to ye widdow afore sd ye Land Sat of to her During Life 
and a way of two Rods wide from ye Last mentioned stake to ye 
afore sd Contry Rode which way of two Rods wide is to Extend 
from ye hemlock tree between sd yock & sd Esteate at Lamprel 
River until it Comes to ye Contry Road Bounding on ye north & 
north west by sd Daniel Doe & John yock. 

thirdly we set of to mary mason for her part of sd Esteate 
ye freash mash in ye horns woods and a peace of ye home place 
Bounded as follows beginning at a Stake twenty Seven Rods 
Distant South west from ye Stake where sd Daniel Doe his part 
began & Runs South East to ye South East Side of that Land 
Caled ye mote and Running by sd mote Land Round to ye pine 
afore sd in me Smith af or sd his Corner to. sd Daniel his part yn 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 29 

on sd Daniels part to ye afore sd Road by sd Road to ye Stake 
where it began — 

forthly we have Set of to Joshua woodman and EHzabeth 
his wife in Right of his wife for there part of said Esteate a peace 
of Land in ye home place to begin at ye two Rod way at ye west 
Corner of sd mason her part & yn Runs South west 32 Rods yn 
south East to ye South East side of ye mote then yn by the mote 
River to sd masons Land yn to where it began with ye quarter 
part of ye old Barn. 

fifthly we have set of to Benj amine Doe for his part of sd 
Esteate twenty five acres of Land granted to sd Deceased by ye 
town of Durham and a peace of Land in ye home place to begin 
at ye west Corner of Joshua woodmans part and Runs South west 
twenty five Rods and yn Runs South East keeping twenty five 
Rods in Breadth untiH it comes to the South East Side of ye mote 
and also one quarter part of ye old Barn. 

Sixly we set of to John Doe for his part of sd Esteate a 
peace of ye home place beginning at Lamprel River at ye hemlock 
tree between sd Esteate and John yock afore sd and Runs north 
East twenty five Rods to a great Rock Marked J. B. yn it Runs 
South East to ye north west side of ye mote yn South Seven 
Degrees East to Lamperel River yn Lamperel River ye Bounds 
to where it began. 

Seventhly, we set of to Edward woodman and martha his 
wife in her Right all ye second Divition in Rochester it being in 
Esteamation two hundred & forty acres and also ye Chamber in 
ye south west Corner of ye house & John Doe afore sd is to have 
ye Lower Roume in ye south west Corner of ye house and one 
quarter of her part ye old Barn and mary mason to have ye Lower 
Rume in ye north west Corner of ye house and one quarter part 
of ye old Barn Benj Doe is to have ye Chamber in ye north West 
Corner of ye house Joseph Doe to have ye west garret & Joshua 
woodman to have East garrat and also we set of to ye Widdow all 
ye East End of ye house it being one half of ye house Except 
ye garret to be to her During Life and then to Return to John 
Doe & Benjamin in Equal Shares and as to ye widdows thirds 
in ye Land ye true Intent and meaning is that after her Decease 
it is to Return to Every person as Laid out to them but to Re- 
main to ye widdow During her Natural Life. 

30 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

In witness whereof we the Subscribers have hereunto set 
our hands and Seals on ye Day and year first mentioned 
Signed sealed and Diliv- Elizabeth Doe 

ered In ye presents of Daniel Doe 

Richd Mattoon John Doo 

John Tasker Joseph Doo 

Walter Bryent Benjamin Doo 

mary mason 
Joshua Woodman 
Edward Woodman 
Elizabeth Woodman 
martha Woodman 

we the Subscribers Walter Briant John Tosket and Richd 
mattoon being Chosen a Committy to Devide the Esteate of John 
Doe Late of Durham Desesd by the Heirs of sd Estate: we have 
accordingly set of and Devided the same According the Best of 
our arte and Skill as it is Expresses in the foregoing Instruement 
in testomony w^hereof w^e have hereunto sete our hands 

Richd Mattoon 
Walter Bryent 
John Tasker 


Daniel Doe 3, (John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oyster River, N. H.; 
m. Aug. 27, 1724, Margaret Dockum, who was b. Greenland, 
N. H., and bapt. Dec. 6, 1727. He was granted land, Mar. 
13, 1733/4 by proprietors of the town of Durham, N. H. Was 
a soldier in the French and Indian War, being a volunteer at the 
siege of Louisburg, and w^as allowed pay May 23, 1746, for bill 
of Dr. Samuel Adams for attendance, and two pounds ten shil- 
lings for loss of leg. He petitioned the New^ Hampshire court 
for his son's sickness and loss of gun in 1756 and was allowed pay 
for same Jan. 30, 1761. He sold his homestead in Durham to 
son Josiah in 1749. He died in 1762. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 31 


I. Jeremiah, bapt. July 15, 1725; m. Abiah Brown. 

II. Josiah, bapt. Dec. 6, 1727; m. Hannah Willey. 

III. James, bapt. Feb. 5, 1728-9; m. . 

IV. John, b. June 8, 1729; m. Mary Wiggin. 

John Doe 3, (John 2, Niehohis 1), b. Durham, N. H., about 
1703. Was one of the proprietors of the town of Canterbury, 
N. H., 1727. Was a soldier in 1754 and for hard service in the 
war he petitioned for a township. M. Susan Wormwood; she 
received a share in her brother Jacob Wormwood's Est., Mar. 11, 


I. David, bapt. Sept. 2, 1750. Married and lived at 
New Durham, N. H. Enlisted in Revolutionary 
War in Capt. Jonathan Wentworth's Co., Col. 
Enoch Poor's Regt.; May 20, 1775, was in an ex- 
pedition to Canada and at Ticonderoga, and at 

Valley Forge, Jan. 10, 1778. M. Elizabeth , 

who resided in New Durham while he was at war. 
One dau. 
II. Jonathan, bapt. Feb. 19, 1756. Enlisted from New 
Durham, Mar. 19, 1777. Served in Revolutionary 
War for three years. Was at Valley Forge winter 
of 1778, Col. Nathan Hale's regiment. 
III. John, b. Aug. 13, 1764; m. Tamson Edgerly. 

Joseph Doe 3, (John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1707 at Newmarket, 
N. H.; })apt. Nov. 29, 1719; m. 1st, Martha Wormwood, who 
receive a share of the est. of her brother, Jacob Wormwood, Mar. 
11, 1736-7. M. 2d, Margaret Davis, who was b. June 9, 1760. 
Resided in Lee, N. H. Sold his share of his father's est. to his 
brother Benjamin in 1774, and other property in 1770; d. 
Mar. 10, 1809 at Exeter, aged 102 years. 


I. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Elijah Fox. 

II. Probably Joseph, b. 1731; m. Ruth , who d. 

Oct. 29, 1812; he d. Nov. 7, 1811. 

32 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. David, (probably), who was a soldier in Capt. George 
Marsh's Company raised for French and Indian 
Wars; d. of smallpox, 1760, while serving as a 

Benjamin Doe 3, (John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, 
N. H., about 1708; cordswaixier. M. Hannah Follett, b. in 
Newmarket, N. H., dau. of Nicholas Follett of Portsmouth, N. 
H. He d. June 18, 1798, at Durham, N. H. Deed from Benja- 
min Doe, Yoeman, gives to his son Ebenezer Doe, tanner, prop- 
erty in Durham May 1, 1787, also to son Benjamin Doe Jr. 

I. Benjamin, Jr., bapt. Sept. 9, 1750; d. 1798, probably 
s. p., as his will dated June 11, 1798, gives to 
brother Ebenezer and sister Hannah, his estate. 
He was a cords wainer and tanner. Purchased 
property in New Durham in 1789. 
II. Joshua, b. ; was a private in Capt. Geo. Tuttle's 

Co., Col. Stephen Evans' regiment; entered service 
Sept. 8, 1777 ; discharged Oct. 20, 1777. Regiment 
joined Continental Army under Gen. Gates at 
Saratoga in 1777; d. s. p. 

III. Ebenezer, b. Dec. 14, 1758; m. Hannah Chesley. 

IV. Hannah, b. Apr. 14, 1761; m. Nov. 1780, Parson 

Whidden of Lee, N. H. She had seven children 
and d. May 17, 1816. 


Jeremiah Doe 4, (Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), bapt. at 
Oyster River, N. H., July 15, 1725; m. Abiah Brown of Deorfield, 
N. H. 

I. Jacob, b. 1734; m. Sarah Nealley. 
II. Reuben, b. ; m. Mary Elliott. 

III. Daniel, b. ; Revolutionary soldier, Capt. Jona- 

than Wentworth's Co., Col. Enoch Poor's Regt., 
Sept. 21, 1775. No further record. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 33 

Josiah Doe 4, (Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), bapt. Newmar- 
ket, N. H., July, 1725; m. Dec. 14, 1753, Hannah Willey, b. 
Newmarket, N. H. Resided New Durham, N. H. Deeded 
property in 1783 and 1788. Sells to John Doe of New Durham 
in 1800. Died before 1802. 


I. Lydia, b. ; spinster, who sells land in 1810 and 
1813, conveyed to her by her father, Josiah Doe. 
II. Daughter. 
III. Daughter. 

James Doe 4, (Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, 
N. H.; bapt. Feb. 5, 1728/9. Married . 


I. James, b. 1757; resided New Durham, N. H. Revo- 
lutionary soldier. Census of 1790 gives residence 
New Durham, and family of wife, two daughters 
and three sons. Can find no further record. 
II. Jarius, b. ; Revolutionary soldier. 

III. Henry H., b. 1768; d. s. p. Oct. 8, 1825 at Ossipee, 


IV. John, (probably) b. about 1770; m. Ruth Dearborn. 

Deacon John Doe 4, (Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Oj^ster River, N. H., June 8, 1729. Moved to Parsonsfield, Me., 
in 1780. Was a deacon of the Congregational church and a 
teacher of mathematics and astronomy. M. Aug. 2, 1759, Mary 
Wiggin of Greenland, N. H. He sold land in Lincoln County 
Mass., (now Maine), Nov. 23, 1801. His will, dated Jan. 15, 
1803, probated Aug. 22, 1803, at Alfred :\Ie., mentions children 
and grandson Theophilus, son of Levi. 


I. Temperance, b. ; m. John Hayes of Limerick, 

Me. Six ch. 
II. Levi, b. about 1766 ; m. Mehitable Quimby of Parsons- 
field, Me. 
III. Abigail, b. ; m. Eben Symmes of Newfield, Me. 
Eight ch. 

34 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

IV. Samuel, b. Jan. 19, 1769; m. Dorothy, ninth ch. of 

Joshua and Ehzabeth Wiggin, June 15, 1803. 
V. Stephen, b. ; m. Nancy Quimby of Meredith, 

N. H. Five ch. 
VI. Mary, b. ; m. Simon Marston of Parsonsfield, 

Me. Four ch. 
VII. Nancy Ehzabeth, b. ; m. Maj. Joseph Towle of 

Newfield, Me. 
VIII. Betsey, b. ; m. John Lamper of Effingham, N. H. 

Three ch. 
IX. Susannah, b. ; m. 1825, Gideon Straw of New- 

field, Me.; d. s. p. 
X. Sally, b. . Following the death of the wife of her 
brother, Levi, she took Levi's son, Theophilus, 
brought him up and gave him an education; he 
became Dr. Theophilus Doe. She d. unm. 
XL Ebenezer, b. ; d. s. p. 

John Doe 4, (John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, 
N. H., Aug. 13, 1764; m. 1785, Tamson Edgerly, b. Alton, N.H. 
He was a shoemaker and resided New Durham and Alton, N. H. 
Enlisted for service in the Revolutionary War,. Sept. 21, 1781, 
Capt. Jacob Smith's Company of Rangers; discharged Nov. 5, 
1781. He was a very religious man and was called "Church John". 
Children : 

I. Abraham, b. ; m. Oct. 30, 1809, Nancy Kent of 

Wolfeboro, N. H. No further record. 
II. James, b. about 1790; m. Lydia Kent. Emigrated 
to Canada. 

III. Lydia, b. ; m. Oct. 29, 1818, Josiah Robinson Cot- 

ton, b. Feb. 13, 1800. 

IV. Tamson, b. ; m. Sept. 27, 1821, John Edgerly of 

New Durham, N. H. 

V. John, b. 

VI. Josiah, b. June 9, 1803; m. Lois Berry. 

VII. Elijah, b. about 1805; m. Emma . 

VIII. Hannah, b. ; m. Shem Gray. Had son. Dear- 
born Gray, who m. Eleanor Kendall, who was 
b. May 7, 1836. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 35 

Ebenezer Doe 4, (Benjamin 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dur- 
ham, N. H., Dec. 14, 1758; was owner of a tan yard, and was 
also a shoemaker and made army shoes for the soldiers during 
the War of 1812. M. (1st) April 27, 1788, Hannah, dau. of Maj. 
Joseph and Susan Chesley, who was b. Dec. 28, 1766, and d. 
Dec. 20, 1808; m. (2d), Jan. 18, 1810, Susanna, dau. of Deacon 
Samuel and Hannah Joy, who was b. Sept. 6, 1774, and d. June 
26, 1845. He purchased property in Durham, N. H., in 1789. 
He d. Oct. 23, 1839 and will was probated Nov. 18, 1839. 
Childreri: (By first wife.) 

I. Joshua, b. Feb. 4, 1789; m. Nancy Torr. 
II. Ebenezer, Jr., b. Apr., 1790; was a soldier in the War 
of 1812. Find no further record. 

III. Benjamin, b. June 18, 1791; m. Nancy M. Moore. 

IV. Joseph, b. Jan. 5, 1796. Moved to Natick, Mass., 

and changed his name to Dowe. M. Nov. 6, 
1828, Sarah A. Cook. He d. at Natick, Mass., 
May 17, 1873. Massachusetts records spell his 
name Dow. No. ch. Widow d. at Natick, Mass., 
V. Hannah, b. Apr. 3, 1803 ; d. Sept. 2, 1803. 
(Second wife's children.) 
VI. Hannah, b. Nov. 14, 1810; m. (lst),Issachar Wiggin; 
m. (2d), Moses Wiggin. 


Jacob Doe 5, (Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
in 1734 at Deerfield, N. H.; m. Nov. 4, 1759, at Deerfield, N. H., 
Sarah, dau. of William Neally, who was b. Sept. 11, 1744. She 
sold land in Nottingham inherited from her father in 1768. He 
d. Mar. 9, 1776, in the Continental Army. Widow appointed 
admrx., Oct. 15, 1776. Jacob Doe resided in Nottingham and 
Deerfield, N. H., where he bought land in 1768 (recorded in 
Exeter.) His widow married Sept. 25, 1778, John Philbrick. 
They had one son, John Philbrick. She m. 3d, a Mr. Morrill, 
and 4th, a Mr. Robinson. She d. in 1841 in her 96th year. 

36 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. William Neally, b. Nov. 11, 1760; m. Johanna Hall; 

moved to Rumney, N. H. 
II. John, b. Nov. 15, 1762; m. Mary Sanborn. 

III. Reuben, b. June 6, 1765; m. . 

lY. Sarah, b. Apr. 28, 1767 ;m. Apr. 26, 1786, William Gault. 
V. Mary, b. May 13, 1769; m. (1st), Matthew Ramsy; 

(2d), Sept. 2, 1810, Samuel Chase. 
VI. Jacob, b. Sept. 23, 1771 ; m. Sarah Thurstin Jones. 
I VII. Jeremiah, b. May 12, 1775 ; m. Dolly Norris. Settled 
\ in Pembroke, N. H. (See History of Pembroke.) 

Reuben Doe 5, (Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas l), 
b. Deerfield, N. H. M. Mary Elliott. On muster roll Capt. 
Daniel Gordon's Co., Col. Tash's regiment, raised to reinforce 
the Continental Army at New York; mustered Sept. 20, 1776; 
also pension list; Capt. Joshua Woodman's Co., Col. Raynold's 
regiment of militia; enlisted Aug. 22, 1781, discharged Nov. 25, 
1781. Roll sworn to at Rockingham, Dec. 26, 1781. 
Children : 

I. Nancy, b. ; m. Jan. 3, 1793, Robert Burnham. 

She d. Nov. 7, 1897. 

II. Francis, b. ; m. Dec. 24, 1797, Deborah Smith. 
III. Reuben, Jr., b. ; m. Aug. 4, 1793, Lydia Stevens, 

b. Newmarket, N. H. She d. Sept., 1849. 
lY. Charles, b. ; m. Peace Knight of Windham, Me. 
V. Ebenezer, b. Mar. 13, 1777; m. Sally J. Torr. 
YI. Jacob, b. ; m. Jan. 10, 1805, Mrs. Rebekaji Davis, 

b. Alton, N. H. Settled in Maine. 

YII. John, b. 1782; m. Fanny . Settled in New 

Durham, N. H. 
YIII. Stephen, b. 1784 ; m. Ruth Winslow of West brook, Me. 

John Doe 5, (James 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Newmarket, N. H., about 1770; m. Jan. 12, 1791, Ruth Dear- 
born, b. 1770. He d. at Durham, N. H., 1840. 
Children : 

I. James Dearborn, b. Sept. 2, 1792; m. Patience 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 37 

Levi Doe 5, (Deacon John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Durham, N. H., about 1766. Trader and tanner. With his 
parents he settled in Parsonsfield, Me. In deeds of land he sold 
he gives business as trader. Jan. 7, 1801, he sold land and 
buildings in Castine, Me. Also sold property in 1815 and 1827. 
M. 1st Mehitable Quimby, b. Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 2d Mary 
Foye, (probably). 


I. Theophilus, b. 1794; m. 1st, ; m. 2nd, Cordeha 

Blake. (Theophilus was brought up by an aunt. 
(Second wife's child.) 
II. Joseph Foye, b. June 6, 1802; m. Sarah Ann Welch. 

Samuel Doe 5, (Deacon John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Jan. 19, 1769, at Newmarket, N. H.; farmer; m. June 15, 
1803, Dorothy, dau. of Joshua and Elizabeth Wiggin who was 
b. May 9, 1779; d. Sept. 22, 1851; he d. Jan. 25, 1834 at Parsons- 
field, Me., where he resided. 

Children : 

I. Clarissa, b. Apr. 6, 1804; m. a Mr. Kenyon; d. Mar. 
27, 1882, at Lynn, Mass. Ch.: 1-Harris; 2- 
Clarissa; 3-Richard. 
II. Deborah W., b. Mar. 28, 1806; d. May 27, 1817. 

III. Mary, b. Jan. 19, 1808; m. Symmes; d. Jan. 13, 1884, 

at Watertown, Mass. Mary and Carolina Doe 
purchased the farm their father lived on in 1834. 

IV. Carohna, b. July 2, 1810; m. Jonathan Morrill, Feb. 

23, 1843 at Dover, N. H. 
V. Dorothy, b. Oct. 6, 1812; m. Oct. 26, 1846, John S. 

VL John Wiggin, b. -^ug. 14, 1814; m. Jane Bailey. 
VII. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 4, 1816; d. s. p. Dec. 28, 1861, 

Lynn, Mass. 
VHI. Mark H., b. Dec. 4, 1818; m. Oct. 9, 1842, Betsey T. 
Cooledge of Lowell, Mass. ; d. in CaUfornia. 
IX. Luke, b. June 25, 1825; m. Dec. 2, 1852; Martha M. 
Atherton at Lowell, Mass.; resided in San Jose, 
Cal. at time of, marriage. 

38 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Stephen Doe 5, (Deacon John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 
1), b. after 1770; m. Nancy Quimby of Meredith, N. H. They 
had five children, of whom we find record of but one, as follows: 

I. Stephen of Parsonsfield, Me., whom. Mary Jane . 

James Doe 5, (John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Alton, 
N. H., about 1790; m. Nov. 12, 1812, Lydia Kent of Wolfeboro, 
N. H. In 1825 James and Lydia Doe with their children, the 
eldest a lad of thirteen and the youngest but an infant, emigrated 
to Canada, settling in Granby, Shefford County, P. Q. The trip 
was made on horseback, and they carried only such household 
goods as could be packed on the backs of horses. At that time 
there was but one house where the flourishing town of Granby 
now stands, and that was of the blockhouse type, and was occu- 
pied by the families of John Horner and Squire Frost. The 
Doe family went back about three miles into the forest and 
built a log cabin and cleared land for a farm, having taken 200 
acres of wild timberland. To do their trading they followed a 
blazed trail to St. Pie, where the nearest store was located. They 
manufactured pearlash and salts, carrying these products by ox 
team part way to Montreal, where French carters were hired to 
continue the trip and bring back goods of different kinds. The 
compiler of this genealogy had the pleasure of passing a few days 
in Canada during February, 1916, at the home of Horace Lyman 
Doe, grandson of James Doe, and also visited Mrs. Elvira Doe 
Smith, daughter of James, who was born in 1819. Mrs. Smith 
has a wonderful memory and told many interesting anecdotes of 
life and hardships in the early days, of carding, spinning and 
weaving, etc. She was also able to recall the names of all her 
uncles and aunts, some of whom had visited them in Canada 
during her childhood, and although 90 years had passed she 
told of things which occurred at Alton, N. H., when she was a 

From this hardy pioneer and his wife about thirty families 
descended. Some have returned to the States and some occupj^ 
the same farm cleared 90 years ago. Among their possessions is a 
grandfather's clock which was owned by James Doe, and brought 
from Alton, N. H. This clock was formerly in the Kent family. 



^ '•-. 







J>,.. .t3». 



James Doe 

Alton, N. H. 

B. 1790 

His Wife Lydia Kent 
B. Wolfboro, N. H. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 41 


I. George Piper, b. Alton, N. H., Nov. 27, 1813; m. 

Mary Ann Roach. 

II. William, b. , Alton, N. H.; d. at Granby, P. Q., 

age 21 years. 

III. Lewis, b. ; m. in Granby. Had two ch. He 

d. and his widow went west with the children, 

IV. Elvira, b. Alton, N. H., Nov. 7, 1819; m. Daniel 

Smith; 11 ch.: (2 prs. twin girls and 7 boys). 
She is living and resides So. Roxton, P. Q., 1917, 
age 97 years. 
V. John, b. Alton, N. H., May 26, 1823; m. Alzina Ken- 

VI. LycHa, m. John Smith. 

Josiah Doe 5, (John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Alton, 
N. H., Jmie 9, 1803; m. 1st, Nov. 20, 1823, Lois Nutter Berry, b. 
Farmington, N. H.; m. 2d, 1856, Mrs. Sarah Emmos Kendall. 
She was a widow and had six children. He resided in Concord, 
Me. Moved to Dover, N. H., in 1851, then to Alexandria, and 
later to Orange, N. H. Josiah Doe was noted for his great 
strength and power of endurance. It is said that while living in 
Alexandria he went into a store in the town of Grafton to make 
some purchases. While thus engaged, two young men consider- 
ably under the influence of liquor started to impose on him, 
whereupon he calmly picked one of them up bodily and dashed 
him through a glass door. Mr. Doe then pulled out his wallet 
and asked the merchant what the damage would amount to, 
but was assured that there was no expense connected with the 
breaking of the door, as the merchant considered that he had 
done a good deed in teaching the young rowdy not to impose on 
an elderly man. He d. in Orange, N. H., in 1874. 

I. Anthony Emery, b. ; m. Betsey Bryant of Turner, 
Me.; d. s. p. at the age of 24. Resided at Bucks- 
port, Me., in 1845, where he and his brother Elijah 
E., sold land in Dover, N. H. 

II. Elijah Edgerly, b. Nov. 24, 1824 ; m. Hannah Bryant. 

III. Irene, b. ; d. in infancy. 

42 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

IV. Eleanor Arlord, b. ; m. Chas. Cole of Hill, N. H. ; 

one ch. d. young. She d. in 1874. 
V. Sampson, b. 1832; d. s. p. 1850. 
VI. Augustus W., b. 1833; d. s. p. 1860. Sold land in 

Alexandria in 1857. 
VII. Caroline C, b. ; m. Joel Babb of Alexandria, N. 

H. Ch.: 1-Lorenzo; 2-George. She d. 1873. 
MIL Julia Ehzabeth, b. Feb. 16, 1838; m. Sept. 29, 1855, 

Arden Hall. They settled in Santa Cruz, Calif. 

He d. 1904. Ch.: 1-Fanny Lois, b. Nov. 30, 

1857; m. John Finley McClure. 2-Frank A., b. 

Jan. 23, 1860, at Boston, Mass.; m. Anne Doll. 

3-Blanch Eleanor, b. Nov. 28, 1871; m. Ernest 

Berringer. 4-Helen Emily, b. June 15, 1873; m. 

Fred R. Howe; d. May 8, 1914. 5-Julia Lorayne 

b. June 5, 1874; m. Wm. Oboy. 
IX. Rebecca Jane, b. 1840, in Concord, Me.; m. Nov. 

23, 1861, Moses Eastman of N. H. She d. in 
1873, leaving sons: 1-Charles; 2-Hadley. 

X. Emily Maria, b. Feb. 10, 1841; m. Jeremiah E. Gray 
of Alexandria, N. H., and moved to Santa Cruz, 
Cal. He d. 1874; she d. 1909, leaving one son, 
Fred, who resided Fort Bragg, Cal. 
XL Hannah Lydia, d. in infancy. 
XII. Sarah Abbey, d. in infancy. 

Elijah Doe 5, (John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1) , b. Durham, 

N.H., Oct. 11, 1805; m. Emma , b. Feb. 23, 1818, Dedham, 

Mass., and d. Jan. 23, 1872, at Dedham, Mass. He d. Aug. 11, 


Children : 

I. Julia M., b. in Massachusetts, June 24, 1840; d. Nov. 

24, 1858. 

11. Ellen A., b. ■ ; was admrx. of her mother's estate, 
Apr. 11, 1872, at Boston, Mass. 

Joshua Doe 5, (Ebenezer 4, Benjamin 3, John 2, Nicholas 
l),b. Feb. 4, 1789, Durham, N.H. Farmer. M. May 27, 1819, 
Nancy Torr, b. Jan. 25, 1798, at Durham, N.H. , and d. Sept. 19, 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 43 

1880. He d. Mar. 18, 1850. They were buried in the Doe 

family cemetery at Durham, N. H. 


I. EHza, b. ; m. Bragdon of Bradford, N. H. 

II. Emily W., b. 1824; m. Nov. 23, 1854, Samuel N. 

Burbank of Massachusetts; d. s. p. 

III. Ebenezer Frank, b. May 12, 1828; m. Lucy Folsom. 

IV. George M., b. about 1830; was adopted by his uncle 

Joseph in Natick, Mass., who changed his name to 

George M. Dowe; m. . 

V. Henry S., b. 1832; m. Mar. 8, 1857, Fanny Chapman 
of Durham, N. H. Was killed, August, 1861, by 
an explosion in a powder mill at Durham, N. H. 
VI. Louisa Allen, b. 1833; d. Dec. 28, 1852. 
VII. Horace, b. Sept. 1, 1838, Durham, N. H. ; m. Nov. 16, 
1864, Lavina Burley, b. May 25, 1838. He d. 
Nov. 16, 1876, s. p. Widow resides at Exeter, 
N. H. 
VIII. Charles Vincent, b. Nov. 20, 1840; merchant tailor; 
m. Jan. 28, 1869 at Portland, Me., Luella, dau. of 
Nathan H. Harvey of Newmarket, N. H., b. Dec. 
14, 1846, and d. Nov. 29, 1908. He d. Mar. 15, 
1905, s. p. 

Benjamin Doe 5, (Ebenezer 4, Benjamin 3, John 2, Nicho- 
las 1), b. June 18, 1791, at Durham, N. H.; m. Nancy M., dau. 
of Capt. Joseph Moore of Canterbury, N. H., b. Feb. 21, 1802, 
(see Moore Genealogy.) D. Aug. 2, 1887. He was a soldier in 
the War of 1812, selectman 1850-51, representative 1856-7, 
superintendent of school committee 1851-53. He d. Nov. 15, 

I. Philena L., b. Sept. 12, 1832, d. unm. June 6, 1852. 

II. Olinthus Newton, b. 1836; soldier in the Civil War; 

supt. of schools, 1863-1869-1873; d. s. p. June 8, 

Note. — The graves of this family are to be found in the family burial 
place on the Doe homestead in Durham, where four generations of Does are 
buried. This plot also contains several graves marked by rough slabs of 

44 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

s tone without inscriptions. These stones must have been placed on the graves 
prior to 1800, and it is safe to assume that they mark the resting place of Does 
of earlier generations. Olinthus Doe was the last of this branch of the fam- 
ily, and under the terms of his will, dated May 18, 1898, the farm was left 
to the Town of Durham for the benefit of the schools. The house was burned 
several years ago, but the ruins of the massive chimney are still standing 
(1916). The burial plot was located a short distance from the house, and the 
town has placed an iron fence around the enclosure. A comparison of the 
location of this farm with the original survey of the town makes it apparent 
that the land was once a part of the tract owned by John Doe (2). The 
moat described in the account of the settlement of John Doe's estate, 1742, 
is seen in the rear of the ruins of the house. 


William Nealley Doe 6, (Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas l),b. Deerfield, N. H., Nov. 11, 1760; a black- 
smith; came with his brother Jacob to Rumney in 1780, moving 
to South Newbury ,Vt., in the winter of 1789-90. He served in the 
Revolutionary war, Capt. Daniel Moore's Company of Stark's 
regt., Apr. 23 to Sept. 9, 1775, receiving 5 pounds, 2 s. 10 d. and 
his travel was 70 miles. This company served at Bunker Hill. 
His name also appears as a fifer in Capt. James Stevens' Co. from 
July 27, 1777 to Jan. 9, 1778. Stevens' Co. was attached to 
Senter's regt. for the defense of Rhode Island; m. Joanna Hall 
May 30, 1781; she was b. at Candia, N. H., Jan. 24, 1764; and 
d. July 20, 1840; he d. Jan. 21, 1828. 

Children : 

I. Henry, b. Sept. 24, 1782 ; m. Jane McKeen. 

II. Jacob, b. Dec. 17, 1785; m. Lydia Harding. 

III. Reuben, b. Sept. 30, 1788; d. Aug. 28, 1789, at Rum- 


IV. Betsey, b. June 29, 1790; m. Mills. 

V. William, b. Nov. 7, 1792; m. Susan Washburn. 
VI. John, b. May 7, 1795; m. Lydia Ordway. 
VII. Bradley, b. May 22, 1797; m. Oct. 11, 1825, Eliza 
Rogers; d. Mar. 1828; widow m. John Atwood; 
no ch. 
VIII. Noah, b. Sept. 3, 1799; m. Fannie Bailey. 

Captain John Doe 
B. Nov. 15, 1762 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 47 

IX. Anna, b. Oct. 24, 1801; m. Aug. 19, 1819, Benj. At- 

wood; she d. Jan. 6, 1847. 
X. Thomas Jefferson, b. Sept. 26, 1803; m. Lydia R. 

Captain John Doe 6, (Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 
2, Nicholas 1,) b. Nov. 15, 1762, Deerfield, N. H. Soldier in 
Revolutionary War, private in Captain Sinclair's Company, en- 
gaged, July 8, 1780; m. Oct. 12, 1786, Mary Sanborn, b. Rum- 
ney, N. H., who d. July 30, 1843, at Rumney. He was collector 
of taxes at Rumney in 1794. Deeds of land he sold in 1804 read : 
"John Doe, Gentleman, and to Walter Doe, Husbandman and 
Jacob Doe, Yeoman." On another page appears a copy of 
John Doe's appointment as captain. 


I. Sally, m. 1st, Samuel Marston. Ch.: 1-Jerry, b. 
Nov., 1806; d. 1883. 2-Sabria, b. 1808, m. Jesse 

Merrill. 3-Mary Jane, b. 1810; m. Warner. 

Sally m. 2d, Joshua Rowen. No ch.; 3rd, Joseph 
Brown. Ch.: 1-Joshua Marston; 2-Charlotte; 
3-Andrew J. 
II. Mary, 1). ; m. Samuel Chase; d. Feb., 1869. 

Ch.: 1-Sarah Jane; 2-Dean; 3-Alba B.; 4-Luman 
Plummer; 5-Mary; 6-Caroline. 

III. Huldah, b. ; m. Nathan Merrill. Ch.: 1-Sarah, 

m. Blood; 2-Mary Ann, m. Chandler; 3- 

Luella; 4-Louisa, m. Jones; o-Martha; 6-Julia 

Marinda, spinster. 

IV. Lucy, b. ; m. Nathaniel Walker; d. Feb. 9, 1883. 

Ch.: 1-Leyman; 2-Martha, m. Wilson; 3- 

Mary, m. Morse. 

V. Charlotte, b. July 12, 1796; m. John Lucas. Ch. . 
1-Jerome; 2- Ann Calista, b. 1825; m. David Slafter. 

She d. 1878; 3-Louisa, m. Barker; 4-Mahala; 

VL Martha, b. 1798; m. 1st, Warren Clark; m. 2nd, 

Amos Ames. 
VII. John, b. 1800; d. 1815. 

48 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VIII. Louisa, b. Dec. 9, 1801; m. Oct. 2, 1826, Luman 
Bronson of Hardwick, Vt. Her picture shown in 
this book was taken when she was 100 years old. 
She d. Aug. 11, 1902. Ch.: 1-Horace H., b. 
Oct., 1832; m. Sarah Nutting. Resided Oakland, 
Cal., and had three ch. : NelHe L., Laura M. and 
Calista, who reside in Cahfornia. 2-Mary D., 
b. Mar 10, 1838; m. Alonzo Crandall and had two 
ch.: Fred A., b. Aug. 15, 1863; m. Effie Preble 
and has one dau. Marjorie. He is vice-president 
of the National City Bank, Chicago, 111. Her 
second son, Walter B., b. Dec. 4, 1874, is vice- 
president of the Anchor Trust Co., Wichita, Kan. 

IX. Mahala, b. May 6, 1804 ; m. 1st, July 2, 1823, William 
Homan; m. 2nd, Timothy G. Bronson of Hard- 
wick, Vt. Ch.: 1-William Dustin Bronson, who 
m. 1st, Betsey C. Bailey, who only lived one year. 
He then m. Anna D. Mason and they had ch.: 
1-Timothy G., who m. Jennie Avery of Corinth, 
Vt. and had three ch. : Alice J., who owns a large 
stock farm in Hardwick, Vt.; Edith, who is a 
doctor and the head of a childrens' hospital in 
London, Eng., and Arthur, who resides in Syracuse, 
N. Y. 2-May A.; she d., aged 20; 3-Jessie L., who 
resides at Preble, N. Y. 
X. Walter, b. Feb. 14, 1807; m. May 16, 1833, Julia Ann 
Dearl)orn of Plymouth, N. H. 

XI. Jeremiah Madison, b. April 14, 1812; m. 1st, Eliza- 
beth Pecker, m. 2nd, Mrs. Docas C. Rowell. 

Copy of John Doe's appointment as Captain, from original, 
which with his sword is in the Memorial Building at Hardwick, 

To John Doe, Gentleman, GREETING : 

We, reposeing Especial trust and Confidence in your Fi- 
delity, Courage and Good Conduct do by these presents Con- 
stitute and appoint you, the said John Doe, Captain of the Third 
Company in the Fourteenth Regt. of Militia in Said State of 

Louisa Doe 

B. Dec. 9, 1801 

This Photo taken 1901 

Daughter of Capt. John Doe (6). M. Luman Bronson 

Mahala Doe 

B. May 6, 1804 D. July 16, 1897 

Photo taken June, 1 891 

Daughter of Capt John Doe (6) M. 2nd, Timothy Bronson 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 53 

N. H. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge 
the duties of Captain in Leading, Ordering and exercising Said 
Co. in Arms, both inferior officers and soldiers, and keep them in 
good Order and descipline, hereby commanding them to obey 
you as Captain. 

And yourself to observe and follow such orders and Instruc- 
tions as you shall have from time to time receive from the com- 
mander in Chief of the Army, Navy and Military Forces of Said 
State, for the time being or any of your superior officers for ser- 
vice of said State according to MiHtary Rules and decipline pur- 
suant to the trust imposed in you, and to hold said office during 
good behaveiour. 

In Testimony whereof we caused the our seal to be hereto 


Governor of our State. 
Witness : 

the 5th day of Dec. Anno Domina 1798, and Independence 
of the United States of America, Twenty-Third. 
By his Excellency Command, 

Nathaniel Parker, Sec. 
Jan. 4, 1799, State of N. H. 

State of N. H., Grafton Co., May 10, 1802. 

Personally appeared the above John Doe, Gentleman, hav- 
named John Doe and took and ing requested leave to resign 
subscribed the oath of office this Commission, his Resigna- 

and allegiance agreeable to the tion is accepted. 
Constitution and the Laws of 
the State. 
Before me, J. T. GILMAN, 

M. FULLER, J. P. Capt. General. 

An amusing anecdote concerning Mrs. Mary Chase, daughter 
of Capt. John Doe, is copied from an old paper: 

"One day hearing a commotion among her geese, she sallied 
forth from the door of the farmhouse in quest of the agent of the 
disturbance, and quickly saw a full grown fox with his teeth 

54 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

firmly set in the neck of a large goose and making an effort to 
swing his anticipated dinner over his shoulder, preparatory to 
leaving for the forest. She immediately seized him by the ears 
with either hand and notwithstanding his fierce struggles carried 
him in triumph to a back room in the house and closed the door 
to keep him until her husband's arrival from a neighbor's. In 
this room was an old-fashioned fireplace with a broad projection. 
After his foxship had been domiciled for a while, she peeped 
through an aperture in the door and saw him sitting upon the 
shelf or projection aforenamed, as if preparing to escape through 
a glass in the door. She had no notion of losing him, so incasing 
her hands in some thick leather gloves, entered the room and 
seizing the fox carried him to her bedroom where she turned a 
bushel measure upside down with Mr. Fox underneath. She 
then lifted one leg of her bedstead and placed it on the measure 
and secured him until her husband's return." 

Reuben Doe 6, (Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 

Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., June 9, 1765; m. 

Resided Newbury, Vt., in 1790. He sold land in Rumney, N. H., 
1791 and 1795, which he bought in 1784. 

Children : 

I. Son, 1). before 1790. 

Jacob Doe, Jr. 6, (Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 23, 1771, Deerfield, N. H.; m. Dec. 25, 
1794, Sarah Thurstin Jones of Rumney, N. H., who was b. 
Jan. 15, 1778 and d. May 13,1865. About 1780 or soon after, Jacob 
with his brother William moved to Rumney and settled in the 
part of the town known later as "Doe Town Hill". William 
later settled in Newbury, Vt. Jacob d. Oct. 1, 1861. 
Children: (Thirteen, all reached maturity.) 

I. Jeremiah A., b. Oct. 7, 1795; settled in Bonham, 
Texas, and became very wealthy, owning large cot- 
ton plantations. He d. s.p., Jan. 8, 1873, and his 
remains were brought to Rumney, N. H. 
II. Jacob, Jr., b. May 7, 1797; m. 1st, Feb. 13, 1820, 
Elizabeth R. Homans of Hampton, N. H. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 55 

III. Sarah, b. Jan. 22, 1799; m. Jedediah Hall,: May 1, 
1823; she d. May 29, 1825. One dau., Anna 

Maria, b. May 29, 1824; m. Steele,, and d. 

Dec. 18, 1891. 

lY. Daniel J., b. Feb. 8, 1801 ; m. 1st, Sarah Riggs. 
V. David W., b. Apr. 20, 1803; m. Salome Webster. 

VI. Emily Irene, b. Mar. 14, 1805; m. Jan. 9, 1852, Asa 
Hamlin of Westford, Mass. She d. s. p. at the 
home of her brother Russell S. Doe. 
VII. Russell Sanborn, b. Apr. 5, 1807; m. 1st, Eliza Fogg. 
VIII. Robert B., b. May 28, 1809; m. Sophronia Bruce. 

IX. Joseph J., b. June 5, 1811; m. Lucretia Cook. 
X. James Prescott, b. Aug. 10, 1813; went West at an 
early age, settling in Prairie Du Chien, Wis. He 
later resided in Illinois, and at one time owned a 
wheat field where a part of the city of Chicago now 
stands. He returned East in 1880, and d. s. p. 
Feb. 26, 1895, at the home of his brother, Russell 
S. Doe, in Meredith, N. H. 

XI. Ezra W\, b. May 9, 1816; m. Louise Lockwood. 
XII. WiUiam Gray, b. July 12, 1818; was a clerk in a gro- 
cery store for John Farlow, High and Federal 
Streets, Boston, Mass. Went to California in 
1849 and was very successful. Returned East in 
1852 and bought half interest in the store of his 
former employer, becoming sole owner of the store 
in 1856. Continued this business until 1872, 
when he sold out and engaged in the real estate 
business; d. s. p. June 9, 1900, leaving a large estate 
to his relatives. 
XIII. Oliver D., b. Aug. 29, 1821 ; m. Lovinia P. Cotton. 

Capt. Jeremiah Doe 6, (Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., in 1775. Tanner. 
M. Oct. 16, 1798, Dolly Norris, b. Apr. 14, 1781 and d. Jan. 26, 
1854. He was a captain in the War of 1812, and d. Apr. 27, 
1815, in Pembroke, N. H. (See History of Pembroke.) 

56 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Children : 

I. Benjamin Norris, b. Nov. 21, 1799; m. Elizabeth 

Clark Young. 
II. George Washington, b. Dec. 11, 1802; m. Martha 
Fergerson; d. Apr. 29, 1890. 

III. John Philbrick, b. Feb. 10, 1805. Graduated from 

Dartmouth College, O. B. K. Lawyer. D. s. p. 
Jan. 29, 1829, unm. Deeded property to his 
mother Jan. 20, 1829. 

IV. Sarah Ann, b. Nov. 26, 1810; d. Mar. 4, 1877, unm. 
V. Mary Norris, b. Mar. 20, 1815; d. Apr. 7, 1818. 

Mark H. Doe 6, (Samuel 5, John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., Dec. 7, 1818; m. Oct. 9, 1842, Betsey 
T. Cooledge. Resided Lowell, Mass., at time of marriage. 
Removed to California. 

Children : 

I. Alonzo C, b. July 13, 1843. 
11. Carohne Freeman, b. July 25, 1845. 

Francis Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1) b. Newmarket, N. H. 1773; ship-builder; m. 1st, 
Dec. 24, 1797, Deborah Smith at Newmarket, N. H.; 2nd, Molly 
Ellison; Mohy (Mary) d. Aug. 10, 1853 at Durham, N. H. 


I. Samuel, b. ; m. Mar. 21, 1822, Nancy Ellison. 

II. Elizabeth, b. ; m. Oct. 21, 1817, Joseph Ellison 

of Barrington, N. H. 

III. Deborah, b. ; m. Benjamin Gear. 

IV. Nancy C, b. ; m. July 10, 1831, Levi Champion 

of Lowell, Mass. 
V. Sally G., b. m. Nov. 7, 1838, John Williams of 

Barrington, N. H. 
VI. Alfred S., b. Mar. 16, 1816; m. Martha Ellison. 

Reuben Doe, Jr. 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H.; m. Aug. 4, 1793, Lydia 
Stevens, b. Newmarket, N. H. His estate was administered 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 57 

Feb. 8, 1826, and settled June 14, 1827. Lydia Doe's will pro- 
bated Aug. 10, 1849. 

I. Wingate Newman, b. 179-; m. Mary Tott. 
II. George, b. 179- ; m. Mary Skriggins. He was a fifer 
in Capt. Peter Hersey's Co., War of 1812, May 24 
to July 6, 1814, and in Capt. Jacob Dearborn's 
Co., Sept. 26, 1814, for sixty days. 

III. Warren, b. 1802; m. Oct. 26, 1823, Clarissa Lang, b. 

July 19, 1802, Portsmouth, N. H. She d. Nov. 
19, 1893. His will dated May 2, 1857, was pro- 
bated July 15, 1868. Wife sole legatee. 

IV. Sophia, b. ; m. Oct. 26, 1824, David S. Norton. 
V. Abbiah,b. ;m. Capt. Henry Hart of Greenland, N.H. 

VI. Mary Jane, b. ; m. Sept. 9, 1823, Oliver Jones. 

VII. Lydia S.,b. ; m. John Griffin. 

Charles Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. about 1775 at Newmarket, N. H.; farmer; settled 
in Windham, Me. and m. Peace Knight, b. Windham, Me. 
He sold farm in Windham, Me. 1817. Was Private in War of 
1812 in Capt. E. Cobb's Co. Lieutenant Col. J. E. Foxcroft's 
Regt. at Portland, Me., Co. raised at Gray, Me. 

I. Jedediah, b. Aug. 9, 1808; m. 1st, Ruth ; 2nd, 

Juha A. . 

II. Hiram, b. June 17, 1812; m. Sarah Tit comb. 

III. Lewis B., b. about 1814; m. Harriet Starkey. 

IV. Jacob, b. Dec. 1824; d. s. p. Apr. 24, 1893; his wife, 

Fanny M., dau. of Cyrus and Fanny Foster Star- 
key, d. Jan. 24,1896. Buried at Vassalboro, Me. 
Resided Winslow, Me. 
V. Charles, b. ; m. Charlotte Bennett. 

VI. Samuel K., b. ; m. Eunice Starkey. 

VII. Sarah, b. 

VIII. Adeline P., b. ; m. in 1849, Samuel K. Worth. 

She d. before 1855. 
IX. Rebecca M., b. ; m. Feb. 1, 1855, Samuel K. 
Worth of Vassalboro, Me. 

58 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Ebenezer Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., Mar. 13, 1777; m. Nov. 28, 
1804, Sally J. Torr, b. Mar. 17, 1785, Durham, N. H., Jan. 20, 
1825, Ebenezer Doe and wife and daughter Louise were among 
the organizers of the First Christian Church of Durham, N. H. 
He was Moderator of the Durham town meetings 1804 to 1810. 
He d. May 31, 1837. Widow m. Josiah Folsom of Newmarket, 
and d. Oct. 12, 1844. 

I. Louise, b. ; m. Sept. 27, 1827, Harvey Allen of 

Newmarket, N. H. 
IL Ebenezer, b. 1810; d. unm. 1833. 

III. William, b. June 28, 1809; m. Ehza Ann Dale. 

IV. Mehitable M., b. ; m. Feb. 28, 1833, Ebenezer 

Joy of So. Berwick, Me. 
V. Sarah A., b. ; m. Nov. 7, 1841, Leonard Smith. 

Ch.: 1-Alwilda J., b. Mar. 1, 1843; d. Aug. 29, 
1844; 2-Herbert H., b. ; m. Florence L. Hay- 
den. Has three ch. and resides No. Weymouth, 
VI. LucindaJ.,b. 

Jacob Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H.; m. 1st, May 10, 1805, Rebecca 
A. Davis of Alton, N. H.; m, 2d, Hannah, dau. of John Thomp- 
son, b. Milo, Me. Jacob settled in Plantation No. 1, Penobscot 
County, where he owned a large tract of land; he also owned land 
in Sebec, Me., where he sold in 1820; Rebecca signs deed. She 
also signs in 1846 when they sold Doe's Island in Piscatquis 
River. Hannah signs deeds in 1848. Hannah died May 29, 
1879. This family consisted of ten sons and five daughters, but 
the author has been unable to account for them all. Two sisters 
went to Sparta, Wis., with Nancy, and some of the others went 
Children : 

1. Asa, d. in infancy. 

II. Charles L., b. Mar. 8, 1809; m. Fideha^— . 
III. Jacob F., b. ; m. May 16, 1835, Archilla Snow of 

Bangor, Me. No further record. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 59 

IV. Nahalia, b. Apr. 1, 1819; m. Jane Libbie Springer. 

V. Emily, b. ; m. Welch. 

VI. William Emerson, b. Feb. 9, 1822; m. Abigail Layton 
VII. Sabrina, b. ; m. Henry Black of St. Albans, Me. 

VIII. Ebenezer. 
IX. Nancy, m. Seth Dammon, b. 1806, and settled in 

Sparta, Wisconsin. 

X. Joseph (probably), who was in Co. I., 6th Maine Regt. 

XI. John (probably), who was in Co. A., 1st Maine Regt. 

XII. David, who resided at Milo, Me., and m. Jmie, 1839, 

Emily Henderson of Fairfield, Me., and went West. 

XIII. George W., probably, who was volunteer in Co. I, 

1st Me. Cav. 

John Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 

Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., 1782. m. Fanny . 

They sold property in New Durham, N. H., in 1808. 

I. Samuel, b. July 5, 1806; m. — ■ — ; d. at Sanbornton, 

N. H., Mar. 14, 1888. 
II. Joseph A., b. 1807, New Durham, N. H.; m. Mary 
E. Straw. 

*One morning these two children were found alone in the house, the father 
and mother having disappeared in the night and were never heard from 
after. The children were brought up by friends. (This information was 
obtained from Joseph's descendents.) 

Stephen Doe 6, (Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 

Nicholas 1), b. 1784, Newmarket, N. H.; m. at Westbrook, Me., 
Apr. 26, 1808, Ruth Winslow, a Quakeress, b. Dec. 27, 1787, the 
twelfth and last child of Samuel Winslow. She received gift of 
property from her father in 1811; she d. Feb. 28, 1823. M. 2d, 
Lydia Doble of Sumner, Me. He d.Aug. 21, 1847, at Hebron, 
Me. Widow m. Mar. 21,1851, Jonathan Roberts of Buckfield, Me. 

I. Amos Winslow, b. Mar. 8, 1809, Portland, Me.; m. 

Mary Ann Pond. 
II. Nancy, b. Oct. 21, 1810; d. 1817. 

60 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. Ruth Winslow, b. Falmouth, Mar. 9, 1813; m. Feb. 1, 
1835, Nathan, son of Wilham and Esther Fogg. 

IV. Samuel Winslow, b. Mar. 9,1813; m. Nancy Stearns. 
V. Benjamm Wmslow, b. Portland, Me., July 10, 1815; 

m. Rhoda Durgin; moved to Griffin, Ga. 
VI. William Winslow, b. Oct. 16, 1816; m. Mary Ann 

VII. Stephen, b. Apr. 15, 1820; m. Nancy Evans. 
VIII. Adeline, b. Mar. 28, 1822; m. Oct. 21, 1849, Ethan 
Haskel of Auburn, Me. 

(Second wife's children.) 
IX. Emiline, b. Jan. 8, 1825; m. Dec, 1846, J. Colby 
Hutchinson of Hebron, Me. Ch.: 1-James 
Preston, b. Jan. 18, 1848; m. Mar. 4, 1873, Maria 
J. Loring. Ch.: (1-Lucy Augusta, b. Apr. 30, 
1874; m. Apr. 12, 1897, Rev. Fenwick Leavitt; 
2-Ruth, b. Dec. 15, 1876; d. in infancy; 3-Mina 
Emihne, b. Dec. 25, 1884, unm.) 2-John Osgood, 
b. Jan. 24, 1849; m. Claribel Merrill; one ch., 
Helen, b. Oct. 15, 1891. 3-Laura Ellen, b. Feb. 
1, 1853; m. Frank W. Bradford. 
X. Hiram Chase, b. Nov. 15, 1828; m. Betsey Doble. 

James Dearborn Doe 6, (John 5, James 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 2, 1792, Newmarket, N. H.; m. 1st, 1813, 
Patience Langley ; m. 2d, Oct. 16, 1847, Sally Baldwin of Grafton, 
N. H. He d. at Pittsfield, N. H., December, 1862. 

I. John, b. Aug. 2, 1814; m. Aug. 15, 1841, Abigail H. 

II. Nancy, b. July 22, 1816; m. Mar. 9, 1839, John Gar- 
land of Barrington, N. H. One dau., Mrs. George 
Jenness; resides Barrington, N. H., 1917. 

III. Drusilla, b. Dec. 17, 1818; m. Moses T. Brown of 

Norway, Me. One son, H. A. Brown, who m. 
May 7, 1885, M. A. Holt of Norway, Me. 

IV. Abigail, b. Apr. 5, 1821 ; m. John T. Oilman of Pitts- 

field, N. H. One son, Harry T., who m. 1887, 
Caroline Green of Pittsfield, N. H. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 61 

V. Charles Currier, b. July 21, 1823, at Durham, N. H.; 
m. Mehitable P. Davis. 
VI. Oilman, b. Dec. 25, 1825; m. Nancy EUingwood. Had 
his name changed to Oilman L. Lang by act of 
New Hampshire Legislature, 1849. 
VII. Mary Jane, b. July 13, 1828; m. David Oarland. 
VIII. Hezekiah, b. Sept. 28, 1831 ; m. Lavonia B. Sleeper. 

George Piper Doe 6, (James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Alton, N. H., Nov. 27, 1813; farmer; went to 
Canada with his father when quite young; m. Mary Ann Roach, 
b. July 9, 1816, d. Jan. 9, 1894. He d. June 18, 1904. Aged 94 
years, 7 months. Resided Oranby and So. Roxton, P. Q. 


I. WiUiam, b. Aug. 27, 1836; m. Ehzabeth Streeter. 

II. John James, b. May 26, 1838; m. Tamson Smith. 

III. Mary Jane,| b.Aug.15,1841; m. William Henry Jones. 

/Twins. Resides Lowell, Mass. 

IV. Lydia Ann, ) b. Aug. 15, 1841; m. Oeorge Ross Lewis. 
V. Hiram Lindsey, b. Apr. 28, 1846, Oranby, P. Q.; 

m. 1st, Serena Smith. 
VI. Oeorge Nathaniel, b. Nov. 27, 1850; m. Abbie Wells. 
VII. Horace Lyman, b. July 3, 1857, Roxton, P. Q.; m. 

Margaret Plim. 
VIII. Henry Nelson, b. Apr. 7, 1859; m. Eurena B. Kenni- 
son, Mar. 8, 1881. One ch., dau., b. June 17, 1890. 

John Doe 6, (James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Alton, N. H., May 26, 1823. Farmer. M. Alzina Kennison. 
d. in Oranby, Que., Nov. 3, 1912. 

Children : 

1. Seymour, b. Apr. 10, 1847; m. Laura Cladding. 
II. Lewis, b. Sept. 13, 1849; m. Olive C. Ball of Oranby, 

III. Alphonso, b. Nov. 22, 1851; m. Maria Robinson of 

Oranby, Que. 

IV. Henry, b. June 14, 1853; m. 1st, — ; 2nd, Ehza- 

beth Eraser in Waltham, Mass. 

62 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

V. James, b. Aug. 31, 1856; m. Jennie Teel. 
VI. John Adelbert, b. So. Roxton, Que., Sept. 25, 1860; 

unm. Resides So. Roxton, Que. 
VII. Maria, b. May 25, 1858; m. May 17, 1880, Charles 

Smith. No ch. 
VIII. Mary Jane, b. Mar. 1, 1864; m. Apr. 10, 1890, 
Robert Webster. Ch.: 1-Leland; 2-Ivan; 3-Rus- 
sell. Resides Granby, Que. 

Elijah Edgerly Doe 6, (Josiah 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1); b. Dover, N. H., Nov. 24, 1824; m. Apr. 25, 1847, 
Hannah Bryant, b. Alton, N. H. He was a shoemaker and d. 
May 11, 1895. Resided Turner, Me. In 1845 he resided in 
Bucksport, Me., when he sold land in Dover, N. H. 


I. John F., b. Dec. 7, 1847 ; m. Nelhe L. Phillips. 
II. Phoebe Ellen, b. Dover, N. H., June 13, 1850; m. 
May 20, 1871, John Durgin; d. Mar. 15, 1915. 

III. Tamson Lois, b. Livermore, Me., Apr. 17, 1852; m. 

Nov. 8, 1873, Josiah Hobbs. 

IV. Mary Florence, b. Turner, Me., Oct. 22, 1855; m. 

Nov. 16, 1878, Henry O. Rose; d. Dec. 21, 1905. 
V. Lizzie May, b. Turner, Me., May 19, 1858; d. Sept. 
27, 1865. 
VI. Emery Augustus, b. Turner, Me., Dec. 20, 1861; d. 

Oct. 20, 1862. 
VII. George W., b. Apr. 28, 1864; m. Hattie F. Coohdge. 

Dr. Theophilus Doe 6, (Levi 5, John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 

Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., Nov. 10, 1795; m. 1st, ; 

2nd, Cordelia Blake, b. Brewer, Me. He studied medicine 
with Dr. Colby of Ossipee, N. H., and practiced at Lubec, Me., 
and Deer Island. Records of Washington County show his 
first purchase Apr. 10, 1827, and many more up to 1865. He was 
very successful both as a physician and in real estate speculations. 
He d. Bangor, Me., Feb. 10, 1879. 

Dr. Theophilus Doe 
B. 1795 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 65 

Children : 

I. Everard, b. ; m. Annie Eaton. 

(Second wife's children.) 
II. Mary Elizabeth, b. Sept. 3, 1832; m. July 17, 1856, 
Sullivan Kingsbury Whiting of Winthrop, Me. 
Ch.: 1-Harry E., b. Oct. 29, 1860. Telegraph 
editor of Globe-Democrat, St. Louis, Mo. 2- 
Fannie Doe, b. Aug. 9, 1857; d. young. 

III. Erastus, b. July 3, 1837; m. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth 

Brown Shirley. 

IV. Caroline Augusta, b. Apr. 5, 1839; m. Charles Good- 

win of Brewer, Me. No children. She was 
living in Philadelphia in 1916. 

Joseph Foye Doe 6, (Levi 5, John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newfield, Me., June 6, 1802; m. 1st, Aug. 14, 1825, 
Sarah Ann Welch; m. 2d, Apr. 26, 1845, Jane Horn, b. Somers- 
worth, N. H. 


I. Philena Jane, b. Oct. 4, 1826; m. Dec. 25, 1844, 
Daniel Quimby. 
II. Sylvester, b. Dec. 22, 1828; m. Ellen Ora Parks. 

III. Lydia Ann, b. ; m. Gilman Miller. 

IV. Elizabeth, b. ; m. 1st, Aug. 12, 1861, Brand P. 

Drake of Newburyport, Mass. ; m. 2nd, David West. 
V. Frank, b. 1839; d.s. p. 1858. 

VI. Esther, b. ; m. 1st, Frank Abbott; 2nd, Mark 

Worcester. Ch.: 1-Hattie; 2-]V[ark; 3-Lydia; 4- 
VII. Sarah, b. 1845; m. 1st, Aug. 17, 1867, Albert F. Man- 
ning; 2nd, Ivory Clement. 
(Second wife's children.) 
VIII. Nancy J., b. June 8, 1847, Somersworth, N. H., unm. 
Resides So. Berwick, Me. 
IX. Joseph H., b. Apr. 27, 1850 d. s. p. June 13, 1890, at 

Maiden, Mass. 
X. Fannie Ellen, b. July 5, 1856, Newfield, Me. ; m. Aug. 
9, 1900, William Murray of Berwick, Me. 

66 'I'liK Dksckndan'I's ok Nicholas Dok 

John Wiggin Doe 6, (Sjunucl 5, John 4, Daniel 3,. John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 14, 1814; m. .luly 2, 1S4(), Jane B., dau. of 
Samuel Bailey of Derby, Vt. She d. Oct. 21, 1897, at Boston, 
Mass. Tie d. Jan. 30, 1881, Providence, H. I. 


I. l^](lf^ar John, b. Jan. 4, 1842; n\. Susan Bailey Butts. 
II. Kninia Jane Ophelia, b. May 2.^), 1851; d. Mar. 1, 

III. I'A-a Amelia, b. I'\4). 2, 1854 ; ni. l-^nierson B. Prescott. 

Resides Dorchester, Mass. lie d. Oct., 1914. 

Stephen Doe 6, (Stephen .5, Deacon John 1, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas I), b. Parsonsfield, Me.; ni. Mary Jane — — . 
She was a widow in 1849, when she sold land to the town. 

Cliihircn : 

1. Mary S., b. 1834; m. July 25, 1857, Joseph V. Clark 
in .Massachusetts. 

Ehenezer Frank Doe 6, (Joshua 5, I*]bene/er 4, Benjamin 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 12, 1828, at Durham, N. H. l-'armer 
and carpenter; m. Feb. 18, 1852, Lucy M. Folsom, 1). Meredith, 
N. II. Besides with his son, (;eoi-g,(> I<](lward Doe, at r^aton 
Center, N. II., in 1917. 


1. Edward J., b. Mar. 21, 1853; d. Alar. 12, 1859. 
II. Frank Eben, b. Jan. 18, 1856; m. Jennie Stott. 
HI. Annie L., b. Nov. 7, 1857; m. (Uiarles E. Warner, 
('h.: 1-Cora- May; 2-E(lna Louise; 3-Charl(\s 
I). ; 4-l'j(Kvar(l Emery. 

IV. Mary IL, b. June 24, 1860; m. Nov. 26, 1880, Nathan 

S. Kimball; (1. s. p. May, 1914. 
V. George Edward, b. Nov. 4, ISIil; m. Edith May 

VI. Charles Mem-y, 1'. May, 1867; d. in infancy. 
VI I. Louise All(>n, b. ; d. s. ]). 

(ieorge M. Doe (Dowe) 6, (Joshua 5, p]benezer 4, Benjamin 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., 1830; m. . Was 

'I'm-: Dk.sckndants ok Nk' Dok 67 

adopted hv his uncle .Joscj)!! who chaiiaicd his iiaiiic to Dowe, 
as he did his own when he moved to Natick, Mass. (ieorge 
M. Dowe enHsted in Co. Iv. i;')th X. II. Vohmteors. 


I. (Jeorge M. l^ovve, b. . Last, known to I'eside in 

Wasliino-ton, 1). C. 


Henry Doe 7, (WiUiam Neulley 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., Sept. 24, 1782; 
m. Jane McKeen in 1805, who was b. (V)rin(h, V(., Fel). 28, 1780. 
He d. May 6, 1867, at Corinth, Vt. 

Children: (Born in Newbury.) 

I. Annie, b. Nov. 30, 1807; ni. Dec. <), 1827, Ira Towle. 
Settled in California. 
TT. James Madison, b. Apr. 3, 1809; m. 1st, 1881, Sally 
Merrill; m. 2nd, Mar. 21, 1843, Lucinda Clough; 
he was a blacksmith and d. in 1898, s. p. 

III. Jane,!). I<Y>b. 2, 181 1 ; m. Nov. 8, 1850, Wm. Darrough. 

IV. Kmaline, b. I-Vb. 10, l,Si:5. 
V. Heiu-y, b. Aug. 9, IS 14. 

VI. John, 1). Nov. 29, 1815. Craduated Dartmouth 
College, class 1851. Physician at Cabot, Vt., 1854 
and 1856. Merchant, Indiantown, Iowa, 1856- 
1864; Iowa City, 1864-1880; d. Nov. 13, 1885, at 
Fort Worth, Texas. 
VII. Mary, b. May 7, 1818; m. June 1, 1844, Hon. John A. 

Tenney of (brinth, Vt.; d. May 5, 1847. 
VIII. Lydia, b. Nov. 2, 1820; m. Feb. 3, 1853, John A. 
Tenney, her brother-in-law. 

IX. Harriet, b. Dec. 23, 1822; m. Tenfant; d. 1898. 

X. William, b. Corinth, Vt., Mar. 11, 1828. Settled in 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

68 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Jacob Doe 7, (William Nealley 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., Dec. 17,1785; 
m. Sept. 21, 1814, Lydia Harding of Corinth, Vt., b. 1794 and d. 
Jan. 7, 1880 at Bangor, Me. This family lived in several Ver- 
mont towns, moving to Lowell, Mass., in 1844. He d. April, 

I. Liberty Eaton, b. Jan. 10, 1820; m. 1st, Betsey 
Fleming; 2nd, Mrs. Alwilda Young Wilson, dau. 
of William Young of Magog, P. Q. Shed. Mar., 
1916. Resided Compton, P. Q. The following is 
copied from the "History of Compton": "He 
came into Compton on Nov. 12, 1844, and lived 
at Waterville and Richley, P. Q., before moving 
to his present farm, which was on the main road 
about halfway between Compton and Johnville. 
Previous to becoming a farmer Mr. Doe was a 
painter and furniture maker. He had held the 
office of councillor, and also minor town offices". 
He d. Nov. 8, 1909. 
IL Hulda, b. Dec. 30, 1822; m. July 9, 1850, Robert R. 
Runnals, a grocer of Lowell, Mass.; d. Oct. 31, 
1891, at Lowell. 
in. Franklin B., b. Swanton, Vt., Dec. 10, 1824; m. Mary 

A. Beecroft of Lancaster, Mass. 
IV. Richard Harding, b. Feb. 10,- 1827; m. 1st, Lucy J. 
V. Lodemia Sanderson, b. Mar. 6, 1829, at Newbury, 
Vt.; m. Artemas S. Young of Lowell, Mass. 
Two ch. 
VI. Sophia Luthera, b. July 12, 1838, at Thetford, Vt., 
m. Oct. 26, 1866, Norvel D. Beecroft at Lowell, 
Mass. Ch.: 1-Ralph S.; 2-Willey 0.; 3-Sophia. 

William Doe 7, (William Nealley 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., Nov. 7, 1792. 
Postmaster at South Newbury for many years; m. Mar. 14, 
1833, Mrs. Phebe Brown of Haverhill, N. H., who d. Feb. 8, 
1877. He died 1876. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 69 


I. Abbie M., b. Oct. 7, 1834; m. Stillman Jenne, son of 
James and Betsey Camp Jenne of Derby, Vt.; 
d. Apr. 21, 1891. 
II. Josephine, b. ; m. Oct. 26, 1858, John Hardy of 

Bradford, Vt. 

III. Frances, b. ; m. Mar. 15, 1865, Robert G. Brock. 

Settled at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

IV. Helen, b. Sept. 9, 1839 ; d. Mar. 9, 1842. 

John Doe 7, (William Nealley 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt. May 7, 1795; 
farmer; m. Lydia Ordway, Mar. 15, 1820; d. Feb. 15, 1866; re- 
sided in Newbury, Vt. 
Children : 

I. Hilas, b. Apr. 17, 1821 ; m. 1st, Annie Chapman. 
II. Jefferson, b. Aug. 16, 1823; m. Emily Kasson. 

III. Richard, b. May 17, 1826; m. Jane H. Wallace. 

IV. AUiana Olle B., b. Apr. 1829; m. 1st, Geo. Rowe, 

Dec. 25, 1856; 2nd, Geo. Thompson, Oct. 20, 1861. 
Settled Galesburg, 111. 
V. Mahala, b. Nov. 24, 1831; m. 1st, Moses Currier of 
Topsham, Vt., Mar. 28, 1850. After his death, 
m. his brother Fred and settled in Michigan. 
VI. George L. B., b. Sept. 4, 1837; d. unm. Apr. 12, 1861. 
VII. Annette, b. Apr. 1841; m. May 30, 1861, Alonzo 

Noah Doe 7, (William Nealley 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., Sept. 3, 1799; m. 
1st, Apr. 19, 1827, Fanny Bailey of Piermont, N. H.; 2nd, a Miss 
McKinley. He d. So. Ryegate. 
Children: (Three by first marriage; one by second.) 

I. Marion, b. ; m. a Mr. Buell and went to Chicago. 

II. Bradley, b. Mar. 13, 1828. Became a sailor and was 
lost in the Phillippines. 

III. Ehzabeth, unm. Was killed in a railroad accident. 

IV. James M., b. Mar. 20, 1837, at So. Ryegate; m. Isabel 


70 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Thomas Jefferson Doe 7, (William Nealley 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., 
Sept. 26, 1803; m. Dec. 13, 1828,Lydia R., dau. of William and 
Lydia Cilley of Topsham, Vt. He d. Nov. 21, 1878; she d. Nov. 
11, 1879. His last years were spent on the Doe homestead. He 
was a blacksmith and machinist and with his father and brothers, 
William and Noah, manufactured plows and cultivators. Re- 
sided in Cambridge, Mass. for a number of years. 

Children: (Born in Cambridge, Mass.) 

I. Freeman J., b. June 16, 1829; m. Mary Jane Cutler. 

IL Jane S.., b. Mar. 14, 1831; m. Nov. 21, 1848, Edwin R. 

Davenport; d. Mar. 14, 1888. One ch., Lillian, 

who m. Jerome Hale, the popular landlord of 

Hale's Tavern, Wells River, Vt. 

III. Nelson Richardson, b. Feb. 16, 1836; m. Ellen Amelia 


IV. Edson, b. 1840; m. Dec. 4, 1879, Esther Howland. 

V. Orlando W., b. Sept. 29, 1843. Went to Boston 
when 10 years of age and prepared for college at 
Boston Latin School. Graduated from Harvard 
University in 1865. Studied medicine at Harvard 
Medical School. Was a well-known physician of 
Boston and was a member of the Boston City 
Hospital staff for many years. He d. unm. 
Dec. 10, 1890. 

Walter Doe 7, (Capt. John 6, Jacoli 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rumney, N. H., 1807; m. May 16, 1833, 
Julia Ann Dearborn of Plymouth, N. H. Sold land in Rumney, 
N. H., in 1834 and 1839. Resided in Hardwick, Vt., 1840 to 
1850; d. at Maquoketa, Iowa, Oct. 17, 1885. 


I. Oilman Orid, b. June 6, 1836; m. Sept. 13, 1859, 

Elizabeth McEwen, b. Craftsbury, Vt., 1837. 
II. George Walter, b. Aug. 23, 1842. He went to Utah 
for his health and enlisted in a regiment for frontier 
defense in 1863. After the war he went through 
to the Pacific Coast with surveyors on the U. P. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 71 

R. R.. and then came to Vermont to make a visit, 
making the trip via Cape Horn. He then returned 
to the West because of faiUng health and went on 
to a ranch in the wild country, where he lived for 
six years. , His eyesight then failing he returned 
to his father's home. He willed a large geological 
collection to the academy at Davenport, Iowa, 
and d. at Maquoketa, Iowa, July 13, 1879. 

Jeremiah Madison Doe 7, (Capt. John 6, Jacob 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 14, 1811, Rumney, 
N. H.; m. 1st, Sept. 30, 1832, Ehzabeth, dau. of John and Eliza- 
beth (Moss) Pecker of Methuen, Mass., who d. Aug. 12, 1862, 
at Methuen; m. 2d, Mar. 22, 1864, Mrs. Dorcas C. Rowell, dau. 
of Nathan and Olive Harvey Richardson at Auburn, N. H., who 
d. Mar. 10, 1896. He d. July 17, 1884, at Methuen, Mass. His 
business was that of cords »vainer. 
Children : 

I. :\Iartha Jane, b. Sept. 1, 1833; d. May 11, 1850. 
II. John Amos, b. Nov. 16, 1837 ; m. Harriet Sabin. 

III. Henry Plummer, b. Oct. 4, 1841; m. Nov. 17, 1869, 

Wilhclmina Russell. 

IV. Fidelia Ardell, b. July 15, 1843 ; unm. Resides North 

Adams, Mass. 
V. Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 3, 1847; m. Sept. 4, 1873, 
Charles A. Ropes. Resides North Adams, Mass. 
Ch.: 1-Walter S., b. Aug. 30, 1876; 2-Howard 
L., b. Apr. 1, 1881; 3-Blanca, b. Feb. 4, 1884. 
Three infants d. young. 

Jacob Doe, Jr. 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rumney, N. H., Mar. 7, 1797; m. 1st, 
Feb. 13, 1820, Ehzabeth R. Homan of Hampton, N. H., who 
d. Aug. 12, 1847; m. 2d, Rachel Abbott, who d. Feb. 15, 1874. 
He d. Mar. 4, 1878. 

I. Carolina Augusta, m. Webber. Ch.: 1- 

Sarah A.,m. Burnham. (Onech., Blanche G.) 

2- Arthur S. 

72 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

II. Charles, d. young. 

III. Charles Alonzo, who enlisted in Co. F., 17th Mass. 

Infantry Regt., Apr. 26, 1861; made corporal 
Sept. 30, 1862; d. s. p. 

IV. James, d. s. p. 
V. Hester, unm. 

VI. Sarah, d. young. 

Dr. Daniel J. Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 8, 1801 ; m. 1st, Sarah Riggs, 
Nov. 12, 1830, who d. Aug. 14, 1831; m. 2nd, Lydia Ann Roberts, 
Jan. 12, 1834. The following is copied from The Fostoria Weekly 
News, Fostoria, Ohio: "He belonged to a family of thirteen 
children. He chanced to have his birth at a time, and of paients, 
who thought it no disgrace to have a large family, but like the 
ancient Hebrews deemed it an honor to have a numerous pos- 
terity. Connected with his childhood and youth there were no 
remarkable incidents or events. His father was a thrifty farmer, 
and Daniel, in common with the other sons, was trained upon the 
farm; here he acquired habits of industry, economy and prompt- 
ness. These excellent traits characterized his life. Inheriting a 
somewhat delicate constitution, his parents, not considering him 
strong enough to work on the farm, determined to give him an 
education. It was customary at that period to send the weakly 
members of the family to college. Customs change and the 
strongest go now. Accordingly, Daniel was fitted up in his plain 
home-spun clothes, and sent away to Haverhill, N. H. He con- 
tinued attending school, working on the farm, and teaching, 
until at length he was prepared and entered the medical depart- 
ment at Dartmouth College, where he graduated, Dec. 6, 1827, 
in a class of thirty-one with the highest honors of his class. He 
commenced practice of medicine at Bridgewater, N. H., and 
continued it at Rumney and Meredith Center, N.H., New York 
City, Peru and Fremont, Ohio. He came with his family to 
Fostoria about fifteen years ago (1854) but has followed his 
profession very little since that on account of impaired health. 
Dr. Doe stood high as a physician, and was a successful practi- 
tioner. That he possessed marked excellencies of character, 
none who knew him can deny." He d. Jan. 26, 1869, in Fostoria, 0. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 73 

Children : (By second wife.) 

I. Horatio W., b. Oct. 27, 1834; m. Mary Evans. 

II. Sarah Cecilia, b. Oct. 20, 1836; d. July 10, 1897. 

III. Harriet I., b. Fremont, 0., Jan. 17, 1839; m. Joseph 

Gear, Apr. 18, 1861, who enhsted Aug. 22, 1862, 
and d. June 4, 1863. One ch., Clarence Doane Gear. 

IV. Chauncey A., b. Rumney, N. H., June 18, 1841; m. 

Elizabeth A. Zimmerman; resides at Fostoria, 0. 
No. ch. Chauncy A., enlisted Aug. 22, 1862, in 
Co. I., 123rd regt., 0. V. I. At the battle of 
Winchester, July 15, 1863, he was taken prisoner 
and sent to Richmond, Va., where he was paroled 
June 14, 1864. Was captured again at High 
Bridge, Apr. 6, 1865, but released after three days. 
V. Volney Hubert, b. Meredith, Aug. 30, 1843 ; m. Char- 
lotte Arnold. 
VI. Roger Stanley, b. Fostoria, 0., May 29, 1855; m. 
Christie Stuter. 

David Whitefield Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas l),b. Apr. 20, 1803, Rumney, N.H.; 
m. Salome S. Webster, Mar. 27, 1832, who was b. Rumney, N. H.; 
he d. at Norwich, Vt.,Dec. 7, 1879, at age of 98 years, 6 months. 
Children : 

I. Dardana E., b. Feb. 25, 1833; d. Sept. 20, 1867. 
II. Elphonso G., b. Nov. 18, 1834; d. Sept. 29, 1835. 

III. Lucy Ann, b. June 23, 1836; d. Feb. 3, 1856. 

IV. Sarah Salome W., b. Aug. 18, 1838; m. C. W. Lewis 

of Boston, Mass., Jan. 10, 1877. 
V. Laura Ehzabeth Adelaide, b. Dec. 18, 1840; m. Mar. 
22, 1863, E. J. Smith. One ch., Gertrude, who m. 
Dr. Pierce Crosby and resides in Hanover, N. H. 
Laura E. A. m. 2nd, E. A. Phelps, Jan. 10, 1877; 
he d. Oct. 15, 1904. She resides with her dau., 
Gertrude in Hanover, N. H. 
VI. Eha Davidene, b. Nov. 15, 1845, at Groton, N. H.; 
m. F. A. Ensworth, Jan. 10, 1871. One ch.: 
Mabel Ensworth, b. Dec. 15, 1871; resides in 
Cambridge, Mass. 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Russell Sanborn Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 5, 1807, Doe Town Hill, 
Rumney, N. H. Resided Cambridge, Mass. M. 1st, Nov. 4, 
1832, Eliza Fogg of Massachusetts, who was born at Cambridge, 
Jan. 28, 1811, and d. June 8, 1843; m. 2d., Dec. 10, 1843, Lucretia 
Perkins, who d. May 4, 1880. He d. at Meredith, N. H., Dec. 15, 
1897, in his 91st year. He was held in high esteem and affection 
by the townspeople, and his life was a long and useful one, char- 
acterized by uprightness in all things. He resided at Oak Hill 
Farm, Meredith, after 1839. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. EHza Jane, b. Aug. 20, 1833; m. William C. Burleson 

of Boston, Mass., a native of Berkshire, Vt.; d. 

Mar. 8, 1911. 

B. Aug. 6, 

W'm. Frank Doe 

Rumney, N. H. 
1839 D. Mar. 

29, 1872 

II. Wilham Frank, b. Aug. 6, 1839; learned the printer's 
trade in his native town, and later went to Boston, 
Mass. At the breaking out of the Civil War he 
enlisted as a volunteer private in the Second Bat- 
tery, Massachusetts Artillery, where he served 
through the war with great credit, receiving only 

Russell S. Doe 

Rumney, N. H. 

B. April 5, 1807 D. December 14, 1897 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 77 

one wound in arm. Throughout his life he was 
esteemed for his many generous and manly char- 
acteristics. His death occurred at Medford,Mass., 
Mar. 29, 1872, and his body was taken to Meredith, 
N. H., for burial. 

(Second wife's children.) 

III. Mary Adelaide, b. Nov. 10, 1844; she was a teacher 
for many years in the cities of New York and 
Boston. Unm.; lives on the home place at Mere- 
dith, N. H. 

IV. Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 28, 1846; d. Oct. 31, 1848. 

Robert B. Doe 7, f Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 28, 1809, Rumney, N. H.; farmer. 
M. June 5, 1831, Sophronia Bruce, who was b. in Vermont. 
He d. June 28, 1833, accidentally killed while blasting rocks at 
Hancock, N. H. Widow married Robert Bell of Hancock, N. H. 

I. Robert Joseph, b. 1832; m. Marietta, dau. of Maj. 
John P. Arlin of Pawtucket, R. I. 

Joseph J. Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 5, 1811, Doe Town Hill, Rumney, 
N. H. M. Jan. 1, 1837, Lucretia Cook, b. 1818, Campton, N. 
H., and d. Nov. 9, 1890. He d. Jan. 30, 1880. 

I. George Byron, b. June 17, 1837 ; m. Mary A. Thomp- 
II. Alphonso W., b. May 7, 1842; served three years in 
the Civil War; corporal Co. B., 11th Mass. In- 
fantry. Was accidentally killed while engaged in 
R. R. work at Exeter, N. H., Nov. 25, 1869. Unm. 
III. Maria A., b. Jan. 1, 1849; m. William Waldron, who 
was killed on R.R. track at Meredith, N. H. 

Ezra W. Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
S, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 9, 1816, Rumney, N. H.; m. 1st, 
Louise J. Lockwood, who d. 1874; m. 2d, July 6, 1876, Lydia 
P. Wiggin; m. 3d, Mrs. Mary E. York, dau. of Daniel and Mary 

78 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

H. Broun, Nov. 8, 1877. Resided in Lowell and Cambridge, Mass. 
and New Hampton, N. H. Will probated Apr., 1883. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Alonzo W., b. Cambridge, Mass., 1836; m. 1st, Jane 

II. Laura Jane, b. Dec. 11, 1848; Lowell, Mass.; m. Feb. 
19, 1874, Nathan B. Shaw; resides Ashland, N. H. 
Ch. : 1-Eloise Lockwood; 2-Lionel Brooks. 
III. EHzabeth M., b. ; m. Thomas J. Sinclair, Meri- 

dith, N. H. 

Oliver D. Doe 7, (Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rumney, N. H., Aug. 29, 1821. Farmer; 
m. May 5, 1846, Lovina Cotton, b. Rumney, N. H., Aug. 26, 
1824 and d. Mar. 2, 1907. He d. June 19, 1904. 
Children : 

I. Warren W., b. Dec. 23, 1846 ; m. Jan. 18, 1881, Isabel 
C. Stevens. 
II. Eugene Gray, b. Apr. 22, 1849; m. Mar. 1, 1876, 
Hattie M. Swain. 

III. Ellen M., b. Oct. 4, 1852; m. Dec. 29, 1882, George 

W. Fletcher, a glove manufacturer of Rumney, 
N. H. 

IV. Arabelle, b. Oct. 7, 1855; unm. Resides Hanover, 

N. H. 

Capt. Benjamin Norris Doe 7, (Capt. Jeremiah 6, Jacob 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Pembroke, N. H., 
Nov. 21, 1799; m. EHzabeth Clark Young, Mar. 25, 1838, who 
was b. Pembroke, N. H., June 30, 1816. His business was tanner. 
He d. June 29, 1887; she d. May 20, 1884. 
Children : 

I. Sarah Frances, b. May 2, 1840; m. May 1, 1864, Geo. 
S. Blanchard of Concord, N. H. He d. in Pem- 
broke, N. H., Aug. 31, 1894. Ch.: 1-Sawyer 
Blanchard, b. Mar. 12, 1870. A graduate of 
West Point in 1893. Lieut, in U. S. Army, 
New York City. 2-Rebecca Elizabeth, b. Feb. 12, 
1876.;d. July 12, 1888. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 79 

II. Augusta Elizabeth, b. Mar. 1842; m. Lewis Alger 
Hyatt of Suncook, N. H., Sept. 9, 1873; d. in Sun- 
cook, Jan. 25, 1892. Ch.: 1-Fred Benjamin, b. 
Aug. 30, 1874. 2-Edith Mirinda, b. Dec. 20, 1881. 

III. Julia Ann, b. May 26, 1846 ; m. Henry True Eaton of 

Candia, N. H., and resides in Derry, N.H. One 
ch., John Benjamin Eaton, was postmaster at 
Pembroke, N. H. Unm. 

IV. John B., b. Feb. 24, 1852, painter and paper-hanger 

by trade; d. Jan. 9, 1898, s. p. 

George Washington Doe 7, (Capt. Jeremiah 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Pembroke, N. H., 
Dec. 11th, 1802; m. 1836, Martha Fergerson (Temple, N. H.), 
who was b. 1813. He d. Apr. 29, 1890. She d. Aug. 10, 1851. 
They resided Pembroke, N. H. In deeds of land sold in 1835, 
he signs as "George W. Doe, Gentleman". 


I. George Henry, b. July 18, 1837 ; m. Isabel Farrington. 
II. Mary Frances, b. May 19, 1830; m. Dea. Fred Bil- 
lings Adams, who d. Apr. 27, 1878. The first 
three ch. were b. at Royalton, Vt. They later 
lived at Windsor. Ch.: 1-Mary Ella, b. Nov. 
18, 1870. 2-Fred B., b. May 12, 1872. 3-James 
Edward, b. Sept. 13, 1873; m. Nov. 15, 1896, Grace 
B. Gibson. 4-John, b. Mar. 26, 1876, at Pembroke, 
N. H.; 5-Susie Blanche, b. Oct. 27, 1877, at West 
Windsor, Vt. 
III. James Ferguson, b. Pembroke, N. H., Jan. 25, 1845; 
m. Oct. 1, 1886, Jennie M., dau. of Gardner and 
Eliza Ann Brooks, Manchester, K. H., who was 
b. Mar. 27, 1850, Lawrence, Mass., and d. Man- 
chester, N. H., Feb. 10, 1910. He d. s. p. Feb. 5, 
1907, Manchester, N. H. His will, dated Dec. 
• 29, 1906, left bequests to brother and sisters, 
nephews and nieces and wife. 
IV. Martha Ella, b. Sept. 9, 1847; d. July 16, 1883, Pem- 
broke, N. H. Unm. 

80 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Alfred S. Doe 7, (Francis 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 1816, Lee, N. H.; m. Martha Ellison 
who was b. Barrington, N. H.; d. Dec. 1, 1876, at Durham, N. H. 
Children : 

I. Mary Francis, b. ; m. 1st, David Marston; 2nd, 

James Stevens. 
II. Abbie Jane, b. ; m. 1st, John Tufts; 2nd, Melvin 


III. Caroline E., b. ; m. 1st, Roscoe Smith; 2nd, 

Samuel W. Durgin. 

IV. John Edmond, b. May 20, 1847; m. Jennie Jacquith. 
V. George W., b. 1853; m. Iva Ann Goldsmith. 

VI. Charles A., b. Dec. 18, 1856; m. Sarah, dau. of Robert 
and Emily Purdy Millner, b. Aug. 19, 1867. He 
d. s. p. Sept. 18, 1893. 
VII. Frank Jeremiah, b. Apr. 19, 1859; m. 1st, Nettie 

Allen Duncan. 
VIII. Frederick E., b. Jan. 3, 1862; d. Jan. 14, 1864. 

Samuel Doe 7, (Francis 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nottingham, N. H.; m. Mar. 21, 1822, 
Nancy Ellison. 
Children : 

I. Son, b. ; d. in infancy. 

II. Mary Ann, m. Jonathan Thompson of Nottingham, 
N. H. 

III. Caroline, m. Hiram Davis of Nottingham, N. H. 

Ch. : 1-True W., who m. Nov. 19, 1892, Anna M. 
Jones of Newmarket, N. H.; 2-Orrin, who m. July 
10, 1892, AHce McDonald of Candia, N. H. 

IV. Charles H., b. Nov., 1827 ; m. Louise McCoy. 

Wingate Newman Doe 7, (Reuben Jr. 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N, H. 
Resided in Newburyport, Mass.; m. Mary Tott. He d. 1833. 
Widow m. Mar. 4, 1841, James Cash of Lynn, Mass. 

I. Albert Wingate, b. 1821 ; m. Phedora Edmunds. 
II. Nathaniel Stacy, b. Nov. 14, 1824 ;m. Hannah T.Cash. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 81 

Jedediah Doe 7, (Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windham, Me., Aug. 9, 1808. Sold 
property in Windham in 1835; wife Ruth joined in the sale. 

M. 2nd, Julia A. . He d. May 19, 1875, at Weeks' Mills, 

Me. . Estate was distributed between Julia A. Doe and Phoebe 
R. Doe. 


I. Charles R., b. Apr. 12, 1843, Augusta, Me.; d. young. 
II. Phoebe R., b. ; m. Sept. 28, 1877, A. W. Chadwick. 

Sergeant Lewis B. Doe 7, (Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 
4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windham, Me., about 1814; 
m. Harriet Starkey. He was a soldier and sergeant in Co. E., 
16th Maine Infantry, and was killed by a falling tree in the 
South. Resided Vassalboro, Maine. 


I. Eva, b. Aug. 22, 1844; m. in Vassalboro, Me., Dec. 
25, 1863, Warren Seward. One ch., Ina L., b. Sept. 
23, 1866; d. Oct. 3, 1869. She d. Jan. 17, 1872. 

Charles Doe 7, (Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windham, Me.; farmer. M. Char- 
lotte Bennett, b. 1806, and d. Aug. 16, 1883. He d. at Bowdoin- 
ham. Me., Sept. 23, 1873. Sold property in Windham, 1840, 
New Gloucester, 1843, No. Yarmouth 1851 and Bowdoinham, 


I. Alonzo P., b ; m. 1st, Annie Brooks; m. 2nd, Julia 


II. Dau., b. ; d. young. 

Corporal Samuel K. Doe 7, (Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windham, Me.; m. 
Eunice T. Starkey, b. No. Vassalboro, Me., Apr. 26, 1836, and 
d. Providence, R. I., Apr. 4, 1902. He was a soldier in the Civil 
War; Corporal of Co. E., 16th Maine Infantry. 

82 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Linnie Jeanette, b. 1878; m. May 23, 1904, Fred 

Lincoln Thomas. 
II. Alice A., b. 

III. Georgia M.,b. 

IV. Edwin L., b. . Settled in California. 

Hiram Doe 7, (Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 17, 1812, Windham, Me. Farmer. 
M. Sarah Titcomb. Sold property in Windham in 1835, No. 
Yarmouth, 1845 and 1856. D. May 16, 1892. 

Children : 

I. Horace, b. Oct. 2, 1850; m. Ida Belle Richardson. 
II. Margaret T., b. 1840; m. May 23, 1875, Jeremy D. 
Hyson. Resides Augusta, Me. Ch.: 1-Edith 
M.; 2-Lenah; 3-Orissia; 4-Clarence; 5-Cleveland. 
All live in Augusta, Me. 

III. Harriet, b. 1848; m. Dec. 14, 1861, James Hyson. 

IV. Alice, b. ; d. aged 13 years. 

V. Addie W., b. ; m. Dec. 13, 1879, Geo. L. Walker 

of Augusta, Me. 

William Ham Doe 7, (Ebenezer 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., June 28, 
1809. Carpenter; m. Eliza Ann, dau. of Holton and Elizabeth 
A. Dale of Salem, Mass., who d. at Reading, Mass., Nov. 15, 
1893. He resided in Chelsea, Mass., 1836 to 1864, and d. at 
Wakefield, Mass., Mar. 26, 1873. 


I. Adaliza, b. Apr. 8, 1848; m. June 13, 1870, Henry A. 
Wright. Resides East Pepperell, Mass. Ch.: 1- 
George L., b. Aug. 24, 1871; 2-Grace E., b. Feb. 
10, 1874; 3-Marion, b. Mar. 3, 1881; 4-Mabel F., 
b. Nov. 18, 1885. 
II. Jennie, b. Nov. 9, 1858; m. 1st, Oct. 24, 1878, John 
B. Judkins; 2nd, Aug. 16, 1894, Merrill F. Corking, 
b. Nov. 25, 1869. Resides Everett, Mass. One 
ch., Evelyn Gertrude, b. Dec. 7, 1899. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 83 

III. Annie D., b. 1850 ; m. Dec. 19, 1869, George F. Camp- 

bell of Chelsea, Mass. 

IV. Ellen D., b. ; m. Nathan P. Kellogg of Bangor, 

V. William H., b. ; m. Sarah Burgess. 

VI. Sarah W., b. ; unm. Resides Everett, Mass. 

Charles L. Doe 7, (Jacob 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 8, 1809, Springfield, Me. M. 
Fidelia , b. Springfield, Me., Sept. 12, 1802. 


I. Charles, b. Springfield, Me., Feb. 14, 1833. 

II. Presby E., b. Oct. 2, 1834. 

III. Alvin K., b. Bangor, Me., Aug. 29, 1840; m. Oct. 17, 

1867, Sarah E. Holmes. 

IV. Lewis, b. 1841 ; d. Bangor, Me., Feb. 7, 1876. 

Nahalia Doe 7, (Jacob 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 1, 1819; m. Jane Libbey, dau. of 
Benjamin and Betsy Nash Springer, b. Sebec, Me., Apr. 25, 1822. 
He sold Doe's Island in Piscatquis River to Jacob Doe in 1841, 
also other land in Sebec 1855-56 and 1861. Jane L. Doe buys in 
Barnard, Me., in 1869. 


I. Clara, b. Rowland, Me., May 16, 1844; m. 1st, 

Richardson; 2nd, Dec. 24, 1869, Seth Dammon, 
Jr. Moved to Sparta, Wis. 
II. Lyman Augustin, b. Howland, Me., Apr. 1, 1847; 
d. 1849. 

III. Charles Albert, b. Sebec, Me., Sept. 2, 1850; d. at 

Barron, Wis., Mar. 31, 1893. 

IV. George Trueman, b. Sebec, Me., May 13, 1853; 

d. Mar. 14, 1914, Sedro Wolly, Skagit, Wash. 
V. Wilham Frank, b. Sebec, Me., Mar. 21, 1855. Re- 
sides Kalispell, Flathead Co., Mont. 
VI. Edwin Foster, b. Sebec, Me., June 3, 1857 ; d. Bower- 
bank, Me., June 26, 1864. 

84 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

William Emerson Doe 7, (Jacob 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rowland, Me., Feb. 9, 1822. 
Went West at the age of thirteen. M. July 4, 1854, Abigail 
Layton Ayers, b. Apr. 29, 1839, at Crawford, Me. He d. 1868, 
and widow married Prof. 0. S. Fowler. She m. 3d, James G. 
Chemos. Resides Seattle, Washington. 

Children: (b. Taylor's Falls, Minn.) 

I. Emma Adelma, b. Apr. 3, 1856. 

II. Lewis Carme, b. Apr. 8, 1858; m. Josephine J. . 

III. Clarence Preston, b. Apr. 17, 1863. Resides Los 
Angeles, Cal. 

Joseph A. Doe 7, (John 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 

3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. New Durham, N. H., 1807; m. Oct. 9, 
1831, Mary E. N., dau. of Samuel and Mary (Straw) Drew of 
Northwood, N. H., b. Aug. 4, 1819, at Northwood and d. Oct. 

4, 1871, at Gilmanton, N. H. Joseph A. Doe enlisted in 1st 
New Hampshire Volunteers for three months during the Civil 
War; not mustered in; re-enhsted May 21, 1861 in 2nd New Hamp- 
shire Volunteer Infantry; discharged disabled Nov. 21, 1862. 
He d. at Gilmanton, N. H., Feb. 9, 1877. 


I. George F., b. Mar. 1833; m. Oriana A. Whittier. 
11. Charles W., b. Mar., 1835; m. 1st, Ehza E. Wills; 
2nd, Nancy Hall. 

III . Rufus D., b. Mar. 19, 1837; m. Viola Abbott. 

IV. Mary E., b. 1839; m. 1st, Ivory 0. Saunders; 3 ch. ; 

2nd, Horace F. Haines of Gilmanton, N. H., 8 ch.: 
1-Francena; 2-Sarah; 3-George; 4-Charles; 5- John; 
6-Horace; 7-Ann; 8-Bertha. 
V. Sarah Ruth, b. Aug. 17, 1841; m. 1st, Nov. 27, 1867, 
Alvin F. Young of Deerfield, N. H., who was 
drowned on Bow Lake. Two ch.: 1-Cora Lulu; 
2-Mary Edith ; m. 2nd, Nov. 5, 1875, Sylvester Good- 
win. Three ch.: 1-Irving F.; 2-Esther; 3-Clifton. 
VI. Thomas J., b. 1843 at Nottingham, N. H. ; m. Mar. 15, 
1869, Mary J. Wallis. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 85 

VII. Susan, b. 1845; m. Apr. 18, 1868, Orsan Abbott; 
resides Beddington, Me. Five ch.: 1-William 
F., b. 1870. 2-Frank P., b. 1872. 3-Fannie W., 
b. 1874. 4-Nettie M., b. 1876. 5-Fred A., b. 
VIII. Clara G., b. 1849, Deerfield, N. H.; m. James Clif- 
ford. Five ch. 
IX. Plummer, b. . Enlisted in the regular army and 

was never heard from afterward. 
X. John, b. ; d. s. p. at Deerfield, N. H., in 1860. 

Amos Winslow Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 9, 1809, at Falmouth, Me.; 
farmer; m. 1st, Mary Ann Pond of Paris, Me., who d. July 2, 
1845; m. 2nd, Dec. 19, 1845, Deborah, dau. of Morton Curtis 
of Woodstock, Me., who d. Aug. 31, 1855; m. 3rd, in 1857, 
Martha, dau. of William Merrill, and moved to Norway, Me. 
She d. Feb. 1, 1905. He d. Nov. 20, 1893 at Paris, Me. 
Children: (By 1st wife.) 

I. Benj. Sibley, b. Apr. 14, 1835; m. Mary Ann Ripley. 
II. Freeland A., b. June 18, 1840; m. July 27, 1869, 
Julia C. Fernald. 

III. Amos W., b. Aug. 21, 1843; was drowned at Snow 

Falls, Aug. 5, 1860. 
(By second wife.) 

IV. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 18, 1847 ; m. 1st, Henry Libeihng; 

2nd, a Mr. Minot. 

Samuel Winslow Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1) b. Mar. 19, 1813; m. Nancy Stearns; 
d. Aug. 19, 1843. 

I. Abigail Stearns, b. Dec. 31, 1835; m. May 12, 1860, 
George W. Proctor. Ch.: 1-Charles Francis, 
b. Sept. 20, 1862. 2-S. Eugene, b. Nov. 8, 1864. 
Both are prominent business men in Boston, Mass. 
II. Rhoda S., b. 1840; m. Apr. 1, 1857, Jas. E. Gill of 
Massachusetts. Resided Waverly, Mass. She d. 
Feb. 22, 1916. Ch.: 1-AHce A., b. Mar. 25, 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


1858. 2-Mary A., b. May 18, 1860. 3-Francis 
S., b. July 13, 1863. 4-Nancy, b. May 26, 1867. 
5-Nellie V., b. Sept. 21, 1870. 
Samuel Winslow, b. Dec. 26, 1841 ; m. Phebe Andrews 

Capt. Benjamin Winslow Doe 
B. July ID. 1815 

Capt. Benjamin Winslow Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Portland, Me., July 
10, 1815; m. Aug. 21, 1842, at Paris, Me., Lydia Durgin, b. Nov. 
28, 1812, at Farmington, N. H., and d. in 1888. He resided in 
Griffin, Georgia, where he owned a tan yard and also a large 
storehouse for public storage of cotton. He was sexton at 
Griffin, Ga., and buried 1300 Confederate soldiers. He d. in 

I. Mary Helen, b. Aug. 1, 1844; m. Oct. 31, 1867, Dr. 

William Thompson of Illinois. Resided in Griffin, 

Ga. Ch.: 1-Edwin Sylvester, b. Sept. 30, 1868; 

2-James Franklin, b. Jan. 24, 1878. She d. Aug. 

18, 1917. 
II. Benjamin Franklin, h. Nov. 27, 1846; m. Nannie 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 87 

III. Charles Rice, b. Oct. 1, 1848; m. Amanda Emiline 


IV. Edwin Winslow, b. May 21, 1852; m. Lizzie Nora 


Note. — The following is a copy of a letter received by Benj. W. Doe 
with reference to his attitude toward the South. This communication was 
found among liis personal papers and marked 'To be preserved to show to 
my grandchildren": 
Capt. Benjamin Doe: 

"The Undersigned Acting under Authority from citizens of this City 
respectfully invite you to an interview with us at Four O'clock this afternoon 
in the office of Niunrally & Dismark, on the subject of your relations to the 
Confederate States of America, and your avowed sentiments with reference 
thereto. At which ineeting we will present to you more fully our reason for 
requesting this interview. 

Respectfully Your Friends, 


Griffin, Ga., Saturday, E. J. GREEN. 

March 16, 1861. A. K. MOORE. 


William Win slow Doe 
B. Oct. i6. i8i6 

William Winslow Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 
4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 16, 1816, Sumner, Me.; 
m. Mary Ann, dau. of James E. and Eliza Harrington Gill, who 

88 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

was b. Watertown, Mass., June 29, 1822, and d. Jan. 29, 1890, 
Lexington, Mass. Moved to Lexington, Mass. in 1862. He d. 
April 8, 1908, Waltham, Mass. 

I. Eliza Catherine, b. Sept. 14, 1842; m. May 11, 1867, 
Edward Hawes; d. Mar. 10, 1913. Ch.: 1- 
Harry J., b. May 14, 1868. 2-Edward, Jr., b. 
Aug. 6, 1870. 3-Luther W., b. Dec. 31, 1874. 
4-Charles P., b. Oct. 23, 1876. 
IL Charles William, b. July 10, 1844; d. Nov. 22, 1845. 
in. George Henry, b. July 18, 1845; m. Maria Valenzuela. 
IV. Mary Harrington, b. July 28, 1847; m. Dec. 31, 1874, 
Francis W. Staples of Sumner, Me. Ch.: 
1-Frank D., b. Apr. 6, 1878. 2-Ralph W., b. Apr. 
14, 1884. 3-Hollis J., b. Aug. 12, 1886. 
V. Ellen Maria, b. Oct. 1, 1851; m. Apr. 15, 1873, Em- 
mund F. Bakus of Lexington, Mass. Ch.: 1- 
Edith L., b. Aug. 2, 1874. 2-Frederick G., b. Aug. 
16, 1876. 
VI. James Stephen, b. Aug. 12, 1856; m. 1st, Mar}^ Ander- 
VII. Ahce Gertrude, b. 1868; m. Mar. 10, 1906, Frank W. 
Dightman. Resides Nobscot, Mass. 

Stephen Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 15, 1820, Sumner, Me. Carpenter. 
M. Nancy Evans of Paris, Me., who d. Jan. 27, 1909; he d. May 
12, 1904. 

I. Lauretta, b. Dec. 20, 1847; d. Oct. 24, 1848. 
II. Charles E., b. Oct. 11, 1851; m. Frankie Evans. 

III. Prince J., b. Aug. 25, 1854; m. Lillian Currier. 

IV. Eugene, b. July 9, 1860; d. July 19, 1863. 

Hiram Chase Doe 7, (Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 5, 1827, Sumner, Maine; 
m. Sept. 16, 1848, Betsey Evans Dobble, who was b. June 20, 
1825, and d. May 15, 1899. He d. Aug. 6, 1880, at Bradgate, 
Iowa, where he resided. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 89 

Children: (Born at Hebron, Maine.) 

I. Charles Henry, b. Dec. 15, 1849 ; d. s. p. Feb. 8, 1880. 

II. Edgar Howard, b. Apr. 29, 1851 ; m. Lucia A. Garlick. 

III. Herbert, b. June 12, 1853 ; m. Alma Harp. 

IV. Albertus, b. Sept. 18, 1855; m. Rosa Belle Jarvis. 

V. Pearl, b. June 2, 1858; d. Bradgate, Iowa, Mar. 31, 

VI. Hiram Willey, b. Feb. 4, 1860; unm. Resides Brad- 
gate, la. 
VII. Nellie, b. Apr. 10, 1862; d. 1862. 

VIII. Samuel Doble, b. July 1, 1863; d. s. p. Aug. 31, 1900. 

John Doe 7, (James Dearborn 6, John 5, James 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Lee, N. H., Aug. 2, 1814; m. Aug. 15, 
1841, Abigail H. Davis, b. June 25, 1820, Epsom, N. H., and d. 
at Pittsfield, N. H., June 25, 1884. 


I. Fanny A., b. 1842; m. Dec. 4, 1867, A. W. Bartlett; 

One son, Richard; resides Pittsfield, N. H. 
II. Charles Amos, b. Oct. 19, 1847; m. June 22, 1867, 
Emma Estella, dau. of Asa Clark. Resides Pitts- 
field, N. H. No ch. 

Deacon Charles Currier Doe 7, (James Dearborn 6, John 
5, James 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 21, 1823, 
Durham, N. H.; m. Mehitable P. Davis, who was b. Epsom, N. 
H., and d. Nov. 28, 1899, at Epsom. He d. Dec. 29, 1898, at 
Epsom, where he resided. 


I. Walter C, b. Epsom, N. H., Nov. 12, 1846; m. July 
2, 1867, Elva A. Cass. No ch. He d. May 17, 
1910. Widow d. 1917. 
II. Amos, b. Sept. 11, 1849; m. Nov. 13, 1878, Melvina 
Holman. In business in Boston, Mass. Resides 
Dorchester, Mass. No ch. 

III. James Alden, b. 1852; m. Augusta M. Ladd. 

IV. Sarah Albina, b. Nov. 1, 1854; m. Nov. 17, 1873, 

Calvin D. Clark; she d. Nov. 25, 1909. 

90 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

V. George W., b. Aug. 24, 1857 ; d. s. p. in Epsom, N. H., 
Dec. 17, 1883. Admr. appointed Dec. 26, 1883. 
Father sole heir. 

Gilman Doe (Lang) 7, (James Dearborn 6, John 5, James 
4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., Dec. 25, 
1825. He had his name changed by an act of the New Hamp- 
shire Legislature in 1849 to Gilman L. Lang. Was residing in 
New Boston at that time. Enlisted in the Civil War from An- 
dover. Married Nancy Ellingwood. 

I. Warren, b. . Resides Broken Bow, Neb. 
IL Horace, b. . Resides Broken Bow, Neb. 

Hezekiah Doe 7, (James Dearborn 6, John 5, James 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Lee, N. H., Sept. 28, 1831; 
m. Nov. 30, 1860, Lavonia B., dau. of Joseph Sleeper, who was 
b. Grafton, N. H., 1843. Resided in Grafton, N. H. He was 
a private in the Civil War, enlisting in Co. B., 9th New Hamp- 
shire Volunteer Infantrv, Aug. 13, 1862. D. at Nicholasville, 



I. Ot's B., b. 1862; m. Dec. 24, 1887, Jennie B., dau. of 
Dearborn and Eleanor Gray, who was b. (irafton, 
N. H., 1869. Resided in Orange, N. H. Sold 
land in Grafton in 1888, and moved to Bristol, 
N. H., on to a farm that was left to his wife by 

licr uncle. He d. Feb. 9, 1892. Widow m. 

Patten; resides in Bristol. 

William Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Jan. 27, 1836; m. EUzabeth 
Streeter. He d. January, 1887. 

I. Edmund Holland, b. Apr. 2, 1859, Shefford, Canada. ; 

m. Elizabeth Kennison. 
II. William Edson, b. May 4, 1862, Waterloo, (^le.; m. 
Abbie Jane Hastings. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 91 

III. Ernest, b. July 13, 1872; m. Aug. 19, 1896, Lillian 

Boomhower. Owner of a bakery, Waterloo, Que. 
No ch. 

IV. Roderick, b. Sept. 27, 1868; m. Addie Gray. 
V. Lizzie, b. ; m. Walter Willey. 

John James Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., May 26, 1839. 
Farmer. M. Dec. 28, 1861, Tamson Smith,b. Sept. 6, 1838, in 
Granby, Que., and d. Aug. 1, 1885. He d. Aug. 26, 1912. 

I. Ai Chilton, b. Sept. 26, 1862. 
II. Uri Nelson, b. Apr. 24, 1864. 

III. Elvira, b. Aug. 13, 1870, So. Roxton, Que. All 
resided in So. Roxton, Que., in 1916, unm. 

Hiram Lindsey Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Apr. 28, 1848; m. 
1st, Serena Smith; m. 2d, Mar. 17, 1879, Matilda Wright. Re- 
sides Waterloo, Que. 

I. Gardner (first wife's child), b. 1871; m. Ellen J. 

II. Asa, (second wife's child) b. Apr. 28, 1880, Fulford, 
Que.; m. Mar. 19, 1912, Mrs. Sarah E. White- 
head Atkins, dau. of Con. S. and Charlotte White- 
head. Resides Fulford, Que. No ch. 

George Nathaniel Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 
4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Nov. 27, 1850. 
M. Abbie Wells. He d. Mar. 24, 1895. 

I. Leslie Hayden, b. ; resides in Montreal. 

Horace Lyman Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Roxton, Que., July 3, 1857; 
farmer. M. Aug. 25, 1887, Margaret Plim. Resides So. Roxton, 

92 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Carwin Ross, b. Aug. 24, 1888; m. Georgiana Roy. 
II. Carrie Ella, b. Mar. 15, 1891 ; m. Aug. 18, 1915, Hugh 

C. Wayman, electrical engineer from England. 
III. Elgin Edward, b. July 26, 1898. 

Henry Nelson Doe 7, (George Piper 6, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que. Apr. 17, 1859; m. 
Mar. 8, 1881, Eurena B. Kennison. Resides Granby, Que. 


1. Nettie Alberta, b. June 17, 1890. 

Seymour Dee 7, (John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Granby, P. Q., Apr. 10, 1847; m. Laura Gladding; 
resides Granby, P. Q. 


I. Lena Eirihne, b. t-'ept. 12, 1871. 

II. Ernest Sanford, b. Feb. 19, 1873; m. Hattie Derma- 

III. Anson Edward, 1). Sept. 8, 1876. 

IV. Annie Aurilla, b. May 15, 1878. 

Lewis Doe 7, (John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Sept. 13, 1849. Farmer; m. 
May 5, 1878, Olive C. Ball, at Granby. He d. June 21, 1916. 
Resides Granby, Que. 

Children : 

I. Gordon, b. Apr. 10, 1880; m. June 29, 1904, Mabel 
Alice Yearn, Worcester, Mass. 
II. Gerald Allen, b. Dec. 2, 1882; m. June 27, 1907, 

Sylvia May Taylor in Massachusetts. 
III. Homer W., b. Nov. 12, 1889; m. July 2, 1913, Nora 
M. Duddy. Resides Granby, Que. 

Alphonso Doe 7, (John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Granby, P. Q., Nov. 22, 1851; m. July 16, 1879, 
Maria Robinson. He d. Fel). 14, 1888, Granby P. Q. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 93 


I. Herbert, b. Sept., 1880. 

II. Linda Louise, b. Apr. 27, 1882. 

III. Pearl Adelaide, b. Nov. 29, 1885. 

Henry Marshall Doe 7, (John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, 
John 2, Nichohis 1), b. Roxton, P. Q., Jan. 14, 1853; m. 1st, 
— — ; 2nd, Nov. 4, 1891, Elizabeth Fraser, b. Moose River, Nova 
Scotia; he d. Waltham, Mass. Sept. 17, 1906. 

I. Marion, b. Feb. 8, 1895. 
II. M ar j ori e R . , b . Sept . 7 , 1 902 . 

James E. Doe 7, (John (3, James 5, John 4, John 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. South Roxton, P. Q., Aug. 31, 1856. Farmer 
and painter. M. Oct. 1, 1877, Jennie Teel, b. 1854. Resides 
Granby, P. Q. 

I. Gertie Winona, b. Mar. 26, 1881; m. May 9, 1900, 

Frank Pow. 
II. Carlton Keyworth, b. May 18, 1887; m. Elizabeth 
III. James Verner, b. Feb. 17, 1889; m. Katherine Reith. 

John F, Doe 7, (Elijah Edgerly 6, Josiah 5, John 4, John 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Turner, Me., Dec. 7, 1847; m. Dec. 
1, 1877, Nellie L. Phillips, who d. Nov. 3, 1904. Resided Turner, 
Maine. He d. Apr. 25, 1902, Livermore, Maine. 

I. Harry Franklin, b. Apr. 24, 1881, Livermore Falls, 
Me.; m. Dec. 24, 1907, Frank Ida Gibbs. He 
graduated from Hebron Academy, Hebron, Me., 
in 1901; entered Bates College, Lewiston, Me., in 
the same year, graduating in 1905. Engaged in 
teaching, and in 1916 was junior master in Dor- 
chester High School, Dorchester, Mass. No. ch. 

94 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

George W. Doe 7, (Elijah Edgerly 6, Josiah 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Hawes Corner, Turner, Me,, 
Apr. 28, 1864; m. Hattie F. CooHdge, b. Turner, Me. Resides 
Turner, Me. 


I. George Chester, b. Dec. 13, 1891; m. Dec. 31, 1913, 

Minnie E. Johnson, b. Turner, Me. No ch. 
II. Muriel Maud, b. Aug. 31, 1895. 

Everard Doe 7, (Dr. Theophilus 6, Levi 5, John 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. about 1830, Lubec, Me.; m. Annie Eaton 
of St. Stephens, N. B. Resided Castine and Calais, Me., 1847. 
He d. before 1855. 


I. Flora Etta, b. Mar. 26, 1846; m. Oct. 1, 1867, Francis 
A. Everett. Resides San Jose, Cahfornia. Ch.: 
1-Annie, b. Sept. 5, 1869. 2-Flora, b. Aug. 12, 
1870; m. L. S. Bowman. 3-Frank, b. Apr. 18, 
1873. 4-Walter, b. Sept. 12, 1877. Flora was 
the only ch. living in 1916. 
II. Frances M., b. ; d. young. 

Erastus Doe 7, (Dr. Theophilus 6, Levi 5, John 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 3, 1837, Lubec, Me. M. Aug. 17, 
1869, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Brown Shirley, b. Warren, Indiana. 
He was a soldier four years in Co. D., 1st Maine Cavalry, and 
at the end of the war settled in Vineland, N. J., and followed farm- 
ing and fruit growing. He d.Sept. 6, 1911. Widow resides with 
daughter Emily. 


I. Charles G., b. Aug. 7, 1870; m. Georgie Griffith. 
II. Frank Brown, b. June 24, 1872; m. Theresa Dora 

III. Emily Augusta, b. Aug. 28, 1874; m. May 26, 1895, 
Joseph E. Wrigley. Resides Atlantic City, N. J. 
Ch.: 1-Arthur Burton, b. May 20, 1896. 

Edgar John Doe 
B. Jan. 4, 1842 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 97 

Sylvester Doe 7, (Joseph Foye 6, Levi 5, John 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newfield, Me., Dec. 22, 1828; m. Ellen 
Ora Parks. Sold land in Newfield in 1874. Resided West 
Scarboro and Berwick, Me. D. at South Portland, Me., June 
11, 1905. 


I. Lucy Ella, b. Jan. 23, 1860; m. Merrick R. Pray of 
Berwick, Me. Ch.: 1-Delbertina, b. 1879. 2- 
Grace Ethel, b. Feb. 1881. 3-Helen Eleanor, b. 
Nov. 4, 1896. 4-Ethel C. 
IL Frank Arthur, b. May 22, 1863, Acton, Me.; m. 
Jennie Eliza Tattire of New Brunswick. 

III. Fred Elmer, b. Dec. 8, 1863, Cornish, Me.; m. Sept. 

28, 1892, Ellen Sawyer. 

IV. Lilla May, b. Feb. 27, 1872; m. Apr. 16, 1891, William 

C. Miller. Resides Pasadena, Cal. 
V. Alice Gertrude, b. Mar. 25, 1876, West Scarboro, Me. ; 
m. July 3, 1899, Bertram D. Berry, a locomotive 
engineer, who was b. at Danville, Vt. Resides 
Auburn, Me. Ch.: 1-Leon Albion, b. Aug. 9, 
1900. 2-Everett Chauncy, b. Oct. 14, 1901. 
3-Dorothy Pauline, b. July 8, 1905. 4- James 
Henry, b. Nov. 7, 1907. 5-Albert Freeman, b. 
May 30, 1915. 

Edgar John Doe 7, (John W. 6, Samuel 5, John 4 Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 4, 1842 at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 
Sept. 24, 1863, at Providence, R. I. Susan Bailey Butts, who was 
b. July 11, 1841, and d. June 11, 1892. He m. 2nd, Florence 
E. Butler. He d. Dec. 29, 1914. Was president of the Doe & 
Little Co. of Providence, R. I. Private in Co. K, 10th Reg't. 
R. I. Volunteers. Enlisted May 26, 1862. 


I. Charles E., b. Nov. 23, 1864; m. 1st, June 10, 1890, 
Gertrude Wood Shaw; 2nd, Ella E. Jelenick. He 
is a member of Doe & Co., wood and coal. Provi- 
dence, R. I. He has the finest collection of birds*^ 
eggs in the V . S. No ch. 

98 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

II. Arthur Edcil, b. May 23, 1870; m. Nov. 20, 1902, 
Olive Louise Wales. He is president of Doe, Little 
Coal Co., Providence, R. I. No ch. 
III. Alice, b. Jan. 3, 1875; m. June 7, 1899, Edward S. 
Roberts of Providence, R. I., an electrical engineer. 
Resides Savannah, Ga. 

The following is copied from the Brown University Alumni 
Monthly, issue of January, 1915: 

"Edgar John Doe, '64, cHed Dec. 29, at his home in Provi- 
dence, after an illness of some duration. He was born in Par- 
sonsfield. Me., in 1842. He entered Brown in 1860 as a candi- 
date for the degree of A. B. He served as a private in Co. K, 
10th Regiment, Rhode Island Volunteers, May 26 to Sept. 1, 
1862. Returning to Washington he assisted Col. Turner of a 
New York Cavalry regiment and Lt. Col. Raymond of a New York 
infantry regiment (both members of the Underground Railroad) 
in raising the First Regiment, District of Columbia Colored Troops 
it being President Lincoln's intention to form a brigade from the 
colored refugees there assembled, of which Col. Turner should 
have command and Doe be given a position on his staff. But 
the colonelcy of that regiment was given to a person unknown 
to the men and instantly all recruiting stopped among the blacks 
of the District. Through Senator Wilson, Doe secured an appoint- 
ment as Hospital Steward in the Regular Army and served as 
such until the War of the Rebellion was well passed. He per- 
formed duty at the Surgeon General's Office in Washington; at 
the office of the Medical Director of the Northern Department, 
at Columbus, O.; also from some time in 1864 at the Marine 
Hospital in the latter city, then in charge of an Acting Assistant 
Surgeon, but Doe himself being practically the executive officer. 
During this last period he studied medicine and attended a 
course of lectures at the Medical College of Ohio, but finally 
relinquished his purpose. He came to Providence in 1865, and 
during most of the time he was engaged in the coal and wood 
business. He was president of the Doe & Little Company, and 
of the Carbon, Coal & Coke Company. He held no public 
office, but was a devoted member of the Stewart Street Baptist 
Church, in which he served both as clerk and deacon and as the 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 99 

teacher of an adult Bible class in its Sunday School. He did 
not graduate, but in 1903, by special vote, he received the degree 
of A. B. from the University. He is survived by a widow, two 
sons, Charles E. and Arthur E., of Providence, and a daughter, 
Mrs. Alice Roberts of Savannah, Ga." 

Frank Eben Doe 7, (Ebenezer Frank 6, Joshua 5, Ebenezer 
4, Benjamin 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 18, 1856, Durham, 
N. H. Carpenter. M. Nov. 22, 1885, Jennie E., dau. of Joseph 
D. and Sarah Stott, b. Newmarket, N. H. He was a member of 
the board of selectmen of Durham, for nine years, and four 
years of this was chairman and overseer of the poor. He moved 
to Dover in 1913, where he now resides. 

I. Ina, b. Aug. 12, 1886; music teacher. Resides 
Winchester, Mass. 
II. Marion, b. Mar. 21, 1888; m. June 12, 1908, James W. 
Tucker and resides in Concord, N. H. Ch.: 1- 
James W., Jr., b. Mar. 4, 1909. 2-Lawrence H., 
b. July 26, 1911. 3-Phyllis, b. Jan. 9, 1914. 

III. Son, b. Dec. 27, 1892; d. young. 

IV. Bernice, b. Dec. 28, 1893; m. June, 1913, John H. 

Bachelder; resides Edgartown, Mass. Ch.: 1- 
Barbara, b. May 17, 1914. 2-Helen, b. Jan. 30, 

George Edward Doe 7, (Ebenezer Frank 6, Joshua 5, 
Ebenezer 4, Benjamin 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 4, 1864, 
Durham, N. H.; m. Edith Mary, dau. of Nathaniel G. and Mary 
J. Palmer, Feb. 12, 1895, who was b. Eaton Center, N. H. in 
1872. Resides Eaton Center. Postmaster in 1916. 

I. Madeline, b. June 8, 1896; m. July, 1916, George W. 
Towle, Jr. of Newmarket, N. H., professor of 
manual training in Maiden, Mass. high school. 
II. Mabel A., b. Feb. 2, 1899; d. in infancy. 

III. Lucy Mary, b. Dec. 23, 1900. 

IV. Raymond Edward, b. Oct. 9, 1903. 
V. Helen Maud, b. Oct. 24, 1905. 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Rev. Franklin B. Doe 
B. Dec. 5, 1827 


Rev. Franklin Bradley Doe 8, (Jacob 7, William 6, Jacob 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Highgate, Vt., 
Dec. 10, 1824. Prepared for college at Lowell, Mass. Grad- 
uated from Amherst College, 1851; Bangor Theological Seminary 
1854. M. 1854, Mary A. Beecroft of Bangor, Me., who d. April, 
1900. He had pastorates at Lancaster, Mass., and Appleton, 
Wis., 1858-68. Later was superintendent of American Home 
Missionary Society for Wisconsin 1868 to 1883; superintendent 
for Missouri, Arkansas, Indian Territory in 1883; financial agent 
for Ripon College 1899. He d. May 23, 1901, Ashland, Wis. 
The following tribute to his life and work is copied from the 
Ashland Daily Press : 

The funeral services of Rev. F. B. Doe took place in the 
Congregational church of this city, in charge of the pastor, Rev. 
A. 0. Beach. In accordance with the request of the deceased, 
his oldtime friend. Rev. H. A. Miner of Madison, made an 
address; also Rev. H. A. Carter of Beloit, secretary of Wisconsin 
Home Missionary society. The favorite hymns, "Rock of Ages, 
Cleft For Me," 'Tn the Cross of Christ I CUory," were sung. 

Rev. Mr. Doe visited this city years before any railroad 
reached Ashland. He aided in th(> organization of the First 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 101 

Congregational church during the 70's, and secured for pastor, 
Rev. Will Safford, whose early death was greatly lamented. Mr. 
Doe was in fact, one of the oldest residents of this city, and his 
departure will be greatly lamented by our citizens. 

It was in Swanton, Vermont, December 5, 1827, that Frank- 
lin Bradley Doe first saw the light. Of a sturdy New England 
parentage, trained to habits of industry on the farm, with only 
a common school education, but with a self reliant, ambitious 
spirit he set his heart upon something better. He taught school 
winters, receiving $9 per month for his first term, and "boarded 
'round," and worked summers. Becoming an expert lather he 
commanded even better wages at this than teaching. For three 
years his home was in Lowell, Massachusetts, where he became 
a member of the Zohn street Congregational church, and for 
two years acted as sexton, busily filling his purse preparing for 

In 1847 he entered Amherst college, graduating in 1851, 
having taken rank much above the average in scholarship. 
From thence he went to Bangor Theological seminary, graduating 
in August, 1854, having taught in the meantime an academy at 
Litchfield, Maine, for nine months. 

At Bangor he met Miss Mary A. Beecroft. who became his 
life companion, being married by Rev. George Shepard, D. D., 
of the seminary, on the day of his graduation, and immediately 
entered upon a four years' pastorate at Lancaster, Massachusetts. 
The pastorate of the Appleton, Wisconsin, Congregational church 
becoming vacant, Mr. Doe was invited to fill the same, entering 
upon his western field of labor in the fall of 1858 with a church 
of sixty members, which in ten years, under his leadership, 
reached a membership of over 300, requiring the enlargements 
of the church edifice to accomodate the growing congregations. 

In 1868 ]\Ir. Doe was appointed to the superintendency of 
home missions for northern Wisconsin reaching as far south as 
the Milwaukee & LaCrosse railway. After ten years he had 
charge of the entire state for five years with H. A. Miner, who 
had been in charge of the southern part of the state as his asso- 
ciate in general missionary work. The next ten years Mr. Doe 
spent as missionary superintendent for Texas, Louisiana, Arkan- 
sas, Indian Territory and Missouri, with headquarters at Dallas 

102 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

and later at St. Louis. This proved a very arduous work by 
reason of the long distances to be traveled and the fact that Con- 
gregationalism for the most part was an exotic in that part of 
our country. But his work was crowned with success. 

In 1893, after completing twenty-five years of home mission- 
ary service he retired to his home in this city, where he has since 
resided. But he has not been idle. He has served as temporary 
supplies from a few weeks to a year in Clintonville, West Salem, 
Eau Claire, Bruce, Apollonia, Amery and other points, thus 
rounding out a life of splendid service. 

He loved Wisconsin, its schools, its churches, its homes, 
that were ever open to welcome his coming. His hand and his 
voice were readily interested in every good work. 

He leaves a son Frank, residing in St. Paul, Minn., and two 
daughters, Mrs. Edwin H. Ellis and Mrs. L. A. W^arner, both of 
this city. 

I. Jennie Beecroft, b. Oct. 26, 1855; m. 1st, Lyman N. 

Warner. Ch. : 1-Fannie; 2-Agnes; 3-Gean; 2nd, 

Everett E. Stevens of St. Louis, Mo. 

IL Franklin Harding, b. Oct. 4, 1857 ; m. Minnie Hollis- 

ter of Michigan. No ch. Resides Portland, Ore. 

IIL Helen Frances, b. Dec. 13, 1859; m. Edwin Ellis. 
Ch.: 1-Martha Beecroft; 2-Franklin Doe. Re- 
sides Portland, Ore. 

IV. George Spaulding, b. Oct. 5, 1863; m. Pattie Blanche 

V. Mary Agnes, b. Oct. 17, 1868; m. Lewis Albert War- 
ner of Whitby, Canada. Resides Ashland, Wis. 
Ch.: 1-Vera Beecroft; 2-Florence Doe; 3-Helen 

Richard Harding Doe 8, (Jacob 7, William 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Highgate, Vt. 
Feb. 10, 1827 ;m. 1st, Jan, 2, 1853, Lucy J. Sherman of Thetford,Vt., 
who d. Dec. 22, 1854; 2nd Laura Bartholomew, b. June 22, 
1834 at Chicago and d. May 22, 1883; resided Haverhill, Mass.; 
merchant and farmer; he d. Oct. 28, 1884. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 103 

Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Frank William, b. Dec. 24, 1853; m. Edith Lelia 

II. Jiiey Jane, b. ; d. Dec. 24, 1854. 

(By second wife.) 

III. Julia Ada, b. Nov. 20, 1860; m. Kaleska at 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

IV. Laura May, b. Dec. 12, 1864; d. Mar. 10, 1892. 

V. Rufus Kelsey, b. Feb. 27, 1856; m. Mary Glooka. 
VI. Lena Sophia, b. Apr. 5, 1868; d. 
VII. Richard Harding, Jr., b. Apr. 5, 1871 ; m. Etta Austin. 

Hilas Doe 8, (John 7, WiUiam 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 
3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., Apr. 17, 1821; m. 
1st, Apr. 8, 1847, Annie Chapman of Corinth, Vt.; 2d, July 8, 
1851, EHzabeth Gates; 3d, July 23, 1856, Philena C. Grant of 
Maine. Moved to Lowell, Mass., about 1850. Will pro- 
bated Feb. 17, 1857. 

Children: (First wife's child.) 

I. Alvah Hilas, b. Apr. 4, 1848; d. in infancy. 
(Second wife's child.) 
II. Charles Alphonso, b. Nov. 23, 1854. 

Jefferson Doe 8, (John 7, William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas l),b. Newbury, Vt., Aug. 16, 1823; m. 
Emily, dau. of Thomas Kasson, b. 1834 and d. Mar. 6, 1916. 
He resided Newbury, Vt., and died July 20, 1865. 


I. Mary E., b. Apr. 4, 1858. 

Richard Doe 8, (John 7, William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., May 17, 1826. 
Farmer. M. Oct. 27, 1853, Jane H. Wallace. He purchased the 
Gen. Jacob Bailey farm on the Ox Bow at Newbury, Vt., and was 
the largest land owner in that locality. Was very prominent in 
town affairs and held many offices. He d. Aug. 29, 1912. His 
wife, Jane Wallace Doe d. May 9th, 1908. 

104 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Lucia J., b. Sept. 25, 1854, Newbury, Vt. ; m. June 8, 
1881, Charles Francis Darling, b. Boston, Mass., 
June 25, 1850, and oldest son of Charles Kendall 
Darling and Mary Frances (Barnard) Darling. 
They settled in Cambridge, Mass., and in June, 
1892, returned to Newbury, Vt. They had four 
ch., all b. in Cambridge, Mass.: 

1-Richard Francis, b. Sept. 10, 1882. Graduated 
from the University of Vermont in July, 1904; 
m. June 1, 1907, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Edgar 
and Ida Elizabeth (Atwood) Chamberlin, b. Feb. 
1, 1886, Somerville, Mass. Ch., all b. in New- 
bury, Vt.: l-Ehzabeth Chamberlin, b. Mar. 11, 
1908; 2-Lucia Jane, b. Dec. 21, 1909. 3-Richard 
Francis, Jr., b. Aug. 1, 1912. 4-Charles Kendall, 
b. May 25, 1914; d. June 7, 1914. 5-Wallace, 
b. Oct. 31, 1915. 

2-Mary Louise, b. June 24, 1884; graduated Smith 
College, 1905; m. Jan. 26, 1910, at Newbury, Vt., 
Ernest Thompson Hethrington, b. Nov. 1, 1879, 
son of Samuel and Catherine Lilly (Gorrie) Heth- 
rington of Melbourne, Province of Quebec. One 
ch. Maida Louise, b. Mar. 26, 1914, at Brightlook 
Hospital, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

3-Jeannie Wallace, b. Feb. 21, 1886; graduated from 
St. Johnsbury Academy, class of 1905. 

4-Lucia, b. Apr. 24, 1889; m. Sept. 7, 1910, at New- 
bury, Vt., Henry M. Wells, b. Dec. 25, 1878, Cairo, 
HI., and son of Henry and Emma Catherine 
(Morse) Wells. He is a graduate of Harvard 
College. One ch., Charles Henry Shaw Wells, b. 
Feb. 7, 1913, at Newbury, Vt. 

James M. Doe 8, (Noah 7, William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. So. Ryegate, Vt., Mar. 20, 1837. 
Farmer. M. Nov. 1, 1865, Isabel McLam; d. Jan. 1, 1901. 
Resided So. Ryegate, Vt. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 105 

Children: (B. So. Ryegate, Vt.) 

I. Frederick J., b. July 19, 1867; m. Etta M. Aldrich. 
II. Isadore A., b. June 10, 1869; m. Apr. 24, 1894, Bur- 
ton A. Hatt. Ch.: 1-Mildred A., b. Ryegate, 
Sept. 24, 1897. 2-Florence. 

III. John Luther, b. Aug. 16, 1871 ; d. Nov. 14, 1874. 

IV. Marion L., b. July 16, 1874; m. Feb. 28, 1900, Robert 

J. Miller of Ryegate. 
V. George Albion, b. Aug. 15, 1876; m. Mar. 8, 1899, 
Abigail Armstrong. Moved to Newbury, Vt. 
Is manager of a creamery. 

Freeman J. Doe 8, (Thomas Jefferson 7, William K. 6, 
Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cambridge, 
Mass., June 16, 1829. Merchant. Went to Boston in 1847 and 
engaged in the produce commission business in Faneuil Hall 
market. Was admitted to the firm of Chamberlain, Kimball 
& Doe in 1850. M. Oct. 14, 1852, Mary Jane Cutler of Boston. 
On the death of Mr. Kimball in 1868, the firm became Gass, Doe 
& Chapin. After the death of Mr. Gass in 1899 a new firm was 
established, bearing the name of Doe, Sullivan & Co., Charles C. 
Doe being included. Mr. Doe was connected with various public 
institutions and in 1877 was the first president of the Boston 
Produce Exchange. In 1865 he donated the bell on the So. 
Newbury schoolhouse, and in 1887, with his brother. Dr. Doe, 
gave a bell to the Methodist Church at that place. Resided in 
Boston, Mass. Mary J. Cutler Doe d. July 27, 1917, at Lexing- 
ton, Mass., aged 86 years. 

I. Ellen Louise, b. Feb. 22, 1856. 
II. Mary Frances, b. July 14, 1860; m. Sept. 4, 1904, 

Whitney Conant of New York. 
III. Charles Cutler, b. Sept. 15, 1864 ; m. Ruth M. Conant. 

Nelson R. Doe 8, (Thomas Jefferson 7, William 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newbury, Vt., Feb. 
16, 1836; m. Sept. 18, 1860, Ellen Aurelia Chamberlain of Brad- 
ford, Vt. His boyhood was spent in So. Newbury, but in 1855 he 
began to carve out his own career by going to Boston, where he 

106 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

worked for a Mr. Hunter, in Faneuil Hall Market, for five years. 
During these years he laid the foundation for his future business 
career by learning the fundamental principles of the produce 
business. In 1860 he formed a partnership to conduct a produce 
business, the firm being known as Doe & Sargent. The part- 
nership was dissolved three years later and Mr. Doe came to 
Bradford and spent the year 1864. The following year Mr. Doe 
went to New York, and forty years of business life in th^ whole- 
sale fruit business was begun with the establishing of the firm of 
Farnham & Doe. This combination lasted two years when the 
firm of Dudley, Clapp & Doe was formed. For twenty-five years 
this firm did an enormous business in wholesaling fruit much of 
it being shipped to Europe. In 1892 he associated himself with 
Porter Brothers Co., being manager of the New York branch. 
During the next thirteen years he was in charge of the New York 
end of the wholesale auction of fruits for this Co. In 1905 he 
retired from active business and returned to Bradford to spend 
the last years of life free from the cares of metropohtan life. Mr. 
Doe was large in body and in mind. His active life was among 
the scenes of big business and big things and his thinking was 
colored by his environments. He took an active interest in 
affairs, especially National business affairs, and his large ac- 
quaintance and wide reading, made his judgment upon such 
matters valuable. His genial nature and kindly disposition as- 
sured him a host of friends, and his journey in life was always 
cheered by those whom he counted friends. His years of re- 
tiremient were made happy by the attention which his sons paid 
to the gratification of his wishes and he was never allowed to feel 
that he was becoming an old man because there was always some- 
thing at hand to interest him. He d. at Bradford, Vt. Sept. 7, 


I. Fred Everett, b; Sept. 29, 1863; m. Lydia Louise 

II. Lorison Wesley, b. July 10, 1865; m. 1st, Euphemia 
Annie Wright; 2nd, July 29, 1915, Gertrude M. 
Carroll. No ch. 

Nelsox R. Doe 
B. Feb. i6, 1836 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 109 

Edson Doe 8, (Thomas Jefferson 7, William (3, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 6, 1840; m. 
Dec. 4, 1879, Esther, dau. of Cyrus and Caroline (Bishop) 
Rowland, who was b. 1854; inventor and patentee of the Doe 
throttle valve for locomotives. Resides vSo. Newbury, Vt. 

I. Harry Freeman, b. May 14, 1884. Graduate of 
Norwich University; m. Jan. 3, 1909, Mary E. 
Townsend. No ch. 

Gilman Orid Doe 8, (Walter 7, Capt. John 6, Jacob 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Plymouth, N. H., June 
6, 1836; m. Sept. 13, 1859, Elizabeth McEwen, b. Craftsbury, 
Vt., 1837. Resided Maquoketa, Iowa. 

I. Julia Ann, b. ; m. R. F. Hayes, Maquoketa, Iowa. 

11. Walter, b. Dec. 12, 1864. Unm. Resides Mill- 
wood, Ore. 

Henry Plummer Doe 8, (Jeremiah Madison 7, Capt. John 
6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Methuen, 
Mass., Oct. 4, 1841; m. Nov. 17, 1869, Wilhelmina, dau. of Moody 
and Frances Wardwell Russell of Andover, Mass., who d. Nov. 
3, 1911, at Lawrence, Mass. Henry Plummer Doe was one of 
the best known and influential men of Lawrence, Massachusetts, 
in which city he passed nearly all his life. He went when about 
twenty years of age to Boston where he learned the trade of 
watchmaker and jeweler. In 1868 he came to Lawrence and 
established a jewelry store. Mr. Doe served in each branch of 
the city council, as councilman in 1872, alderman in 1881, and 
as mayor in 1892. He belonged to the Independent Order of 
Odd Fellows. Mr. Doe continued in the jewelry business until 
within a few months of his death, which occurred May 4, 1904. 
Mr. Doe held a high reputation for honesty and integrity. His 
was a kind and charitable nature and his geniality and sincerity 
won for him hosts of friends in all walks of life. The reputation 
his jewely store had for square dealing is well-known, and the 
name of Henry P. Doe & Co. is retained by the present owners. 

110 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Beatrice Russell, b. Nov. 15, 1873; had some local 
reputation for musical and literary talent; m. 
Stephen G. Allen of Boston, Mass. Resi<les Com- 
monwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Horatio W. Doe 8, (Dr. Daniel J. 7, Jacob Jr. (i, Jacob o, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 27, 1834, Rum- 
ney, N. H. ; m. Mary L. Evans. . Resided Fostoria, Ohio. 


I. ('ecil Gray, b. Jan. 24, 1870, at Springfield, Ohio. 
Served throughout the Spanish War. Resides 
Detroit, Mich. 
II. Victor B., b. June 14, 1879, Fostoria, Ohio. 
III. Margaret Irene, b. Oct. 29, 1886, Fostoria, Ohio; 

m. May 28, 1915, Ward; resides Detroit, 


Volney Hubert Doe 8, (Dr. Daniel J. 7, Jacob Jr. 0, Jacob 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 30, 1843, at 
Meredith, N. H. Enlisted May 2, 1864, was stationed at Wash- 
ington, D. i\, and served until the close of the Civil War; m. 
Apr. 14, 1870, Charlotte Arnold and resides in Fostoria, Ohio. 

Children : 

I. Myrta Alma, b. Apr. 24, 1872; m. Pittnian; one 

ch., Vernon Harold, b. Apr. 11, 1897. 
II. I':id(>n Arnohl, 1). Sept. 20, 1875. 

Roger Stanley Doe 8, (Dr. Daniel J. 7, Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 29, 1885, 
Fostoria, Ohio; m. 1882, Christie Sttiter. Resides Fostoria, 0. 


I. Guy A., b. 1884; enlisted in standing army, Sept. 17, 
1901, 69th Co. Coast Artillery, Fortress Monroe, 
Va. Discharged Sept. 16, 1904. 
II. Alsina, b. 1886. 

Henry Plummer Doe 
B. Oct. 4, 1841 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 113 

Robert Joseph Doe 8, (Robert B. 7, Jacob Jr. (J, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Au^., 1831, Rumney, 
N. H.; m. 1st, Dec. 1, 1855, Marietta Arhn. Resided in Lowell, 
Mass., at time of marriage. M. 2d, Harriet H. Harvey, So. 
Brocksville, Me. D. in Portland, Me., Aug. 6, 1886. 

I. Flora E., b. June 12, 1857; m. June 10, 1879, diaries 
Paine Horton. Resides Sharon, \t. One ch., 
Adelaide, who resides with her n: other. 

Corporal George Byron Doe 8, (Joseph J. 7, Jacob Jr. 6, 
Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rumney, 
N. H., June 17, 1837. Soldier in the Civil War, corporal Co. A., 
6th New Hampshire ^'olunteer Infantry. M. Apr. 29, 1866, 
Mary L. Thompson. He d. Augusta, Me., Oct. 15, 1867. 

I. Mary Lucrctia. b. Aug. 13, 1867. Resides with her 
mother in Augusta, Me. 

Alonzo W. Doe 8, (Ezra 7, Jacol) Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cambridge, Mass., 1836; m. 
June 20, 1859, Jane Masterson of Newport, N. H., who d. in 
Sacremento, Cal., Jan. 2, 1884; m. 2d., Dec. 7, 1885, Ellen M., 
dau. of John and Anna Dale Curtain, who d. at New Hampton, 
N. H., Jan. 3, 1912. He enlisted in the Navy during the Civil 
War. Resided in Methuen, Mass., in 1900. He d. Apr. 9, 1910. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Susan M., b. Aug. 2, 1860; m.. Apr. 7, 1879, Byron 
Preebles of Plymouth, N. H.; d. Nov. 4, 1886. 
Ch.: l-WilHam Doe, b. :\Iar. 20, 1880. 2- 
Carroll Byron, b. July 10, 1884. 
II. William, b. Nov. 20, 1861 ; settled in Truckee, Cal. 

Warren W. Doe 8, (Oliver D. 7, Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 23, 1846, Rumney, 
N. H. Farmer. M. 1st, Jan. 18, 1881, Isabel C. Stevens of Sa- 
lem, Mass.; 2nd, Nov. 12, 1890, Edna A. Fuller. Resided Rum- 
ney, N. H. Mem.ber I. O. 0. F., Plymouth, N. H. Lodge. 

114 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Children: (First wife's children.) 

I. Marion A., b. Oct. 26, 1881, Boston, Mass. ; m. Harry 

L. D. Severance of Claremont, N. H. Ch.: 
Ruth Ellen, b. Nov. 18, 1915. 

II. Isabelle Curtis, b. Feb. 23, 1883, Rumney, N. H.; 

m. June 26, 1906, Geo. W. Stevens of Hanover, 
N. H. One ch., John Morris, b. Nov. 26, 1915. 
(Second wife's children.) 

III. Persis L., b. Sept. 8, 1897, Apopka, Fla. 

IV. Caroline M., b. Sept. 3, 1898, Apopka, Fla. 

The following is copied from the Plymouth, N. H. News: 

"Warren W. Doe died at his home in Rumney Oct. 12, 1916. 
He was the oldest son of Oliver D. and Lovina (Cotton) Doe, and 
was born in Rumney, Dec. 23, 1846. When a young man he 
worked for a time in Boston, where he married Isabelle Curtis 
Stevens, who died a few years later leaving two little daughters. 
Following the death of his wife Mr. Doe went to Apopka, Fla., 
where he remained twenty years, engaged in the culture of oranges. 

Nov. 12, 1890, he married Miss Edna A. Fuller of Apopka, who 
with two daughters survive him. 

Fourteen years ago he returned to Rumney, to spend the re- 
mainder of his life among his native hills, and his death means 
to the town the loss of an upright, respected and beloved citizen." 

Eugene Gray Doe 8, (Oliver D. 7, Jacob Jr. 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 22, 1849, Rum- 
ney, N. H.; m. Mar. 1, 1876, Hattie M. Swain, b. Rumney, N. H. 

I. Henry E., b. Jan. 3, 1877; d. Sept. 3, 1877. 

II. Frank James, b. June 13, 1879; m. Edith E. Eastman. 

III. Harold Oliver, b. Dec. 25, 1882; d. Sept. 4, 1883. 

George Henry Doe 8, (George Washington 7, Capt. Jeremiah 
6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Pem- 
broke, N. H., July 18, 1837. Moved to Centralia, 111.; m. 1st, 
Oct. 21, 1861, Isabella Farrington; m. 2d, July 24, 1889, Emma 
Parkinson, who was b. in 1859, Dunbarton, N. H. He d. Centralia, 
111., 1911. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 115 

Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Frederick James, b. Nov. 12, 1865, in Pembroke, 

N. H. ; m. Florence Averill. 
II. George H., b. 1866; d. aged .six months. 

John Edmond Doe 8, (Alfred S. 7, Francis 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1) , b. at Durham, N. H. 
in 1847; m. June 3, 1874, Jennie Jacquith who was b. Leominster, 
Mass., 1853; resides Bradford, Mass. 


I. Jessie F., b. Feb. 9, 1881. 

II. Bessie G., b. 1882; m. Nov. 23, 1904, L. Burton C. 

III. Walter Cleveland, b. Nov. 19, 1884; m. Mary E. 


IV. Angle Louise, b. Dec. 26, 1886; d. Sept. 3, 1887. 
V. Sadie Wilder, b. Oct. 25, 1888. 

VI. Mary Louise, b. Apr. 27, 1891. 

VIL Arthur Carlton, b. Aug. 23, 1897. 

VIII. Harry Jacquith, b. ; m. Addie L. Wilson. 

IX. Willie G., b. Durham, N. H. 

George W. Doe 8, (Alfred S. 7, Francis 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H.; m. 
Jan. 1, 1881, Iva Annie Goldsmith, b. Dover, N. H. Resided 
Haverhill, Mass. 


I. Ida Pearl, b. Oct. 8, 1895, Haverhill, Mass. 

II. Stella Iva, b. Sept. 7, 1898. 

III. Alta May, b. Oct. 20, 1910. 

Frank Jeremiah Doe 8, (Alfred 7, Francis 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Barrington, N. H. 
Apr. 20, 1859; m. 1st, Nettie Allen Duran, July 3, 1879; she was 
b. Barrington, N. H., 1862, d. June 1882; m. 2nd, Addie L. M. 
at Lawrence, Mass., dau. of Henry and Nancy Cameron of 
Port Howe, N. B., d. Jan. 14, 1885. M. 3d, 1885, Mary A. 
Farnum; resides Manchester, N. H. 

116 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Child, d. in infancy. 

II. Addie Lillian, b. June 23, 1882; d. Adopted by 
Charles N. and Nellie M. Turner, name changed 
to Turner, Apr. 10, 1886. 
(By second wife.) 

III. Maud L., b. July 31, 1886. 

IV. Charles, b. Dec. 6, 1888 at Exeter, N. H. ; d. June 30, 


Charles H. Doe 8, (Samuel 7, Francis 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 
4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 1827, Nottingham, 
N. H.; farmer; m. May 6, 1849, Louise McCoy at Barrington, 
N. H., who d. Mar. 18, 1864; he d. Aug. 27, 1903, at Epping, N. 
H., where he resided. 

I. William Henry, b. June 3, 1850; d. Feb. 4, 1851. 
II. EHza Jane, b. Oct. 25, 1851 ; d. Oct. 5, 1857. 

III. Nancy, b. June 4, 1855; d. Sept. 21, 1858. 

IV. Charles H., Jr., b. Oct. 14, 1861, m. Nov. 6, 1888, 

Deha A. Boutelle of Corinth, Me. Resides Ep- 
ping, N. H. No ch. 
V. Mary F., b. Apr. 13, 1868; m. Feb. 28, 1894, A. M. 
Lyford and d. Apr. 27, 1910. Ch.: 1-Willis 
C, b. Oct. 22, 1895. 2-Agnes E., b. Nov. 12, 1906. 

Albert Doe 8, (Wingate Newman 7, Reuben Jr., 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. at Marblehead, 
Mass.;m. Sept. 24, 1846, Phedora Edmunds, b. 1832, Saugus, 
Mass. He d. and wido.v m. 2d, July 23, 1896, Charles H. Ma- 
goon. Resided Reading and Melrose, Mass. 

I . Lucy Ellen, b. Nov. 23, 1849 ; m.May 15, 1868, Ernest 
E. Oliver. 
II. Ada Eva, b. Jan. 31, 1853, Melrose, Mass., m. Dec. 
24, 1876 A. Frank Sweetser. 

III. Rebecca E., b. Sept. 12, 1854. 

IV. Frederick Newman, b. So. Reading, July 19, 1862; 

m. Jan. 15, 1884, Annie Hawley. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 117 

Nathaniel Stacy Doe 8, (Wingate Newman 7, Reuben Jr. 
6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 
14, 1824, Marblehead, Mass. M. June 27, 1850, Hannah F. 
Cash of Marblehead, who d. May 6, 1899, at Lynn, Mass. He. 
d. Aug. 10, 1897, at Marblehead, Mass. Resided at Lynn, Mass. 

I. Ida M., b. Feb. 22, 1853; m. Oct. 18, 1877, G. Frank 
Seave}'. Resides East Lynn, Mass. 

Alonzo P. Doe 8, (Charles 7, Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Bath, Me. He resided in 
Davenport, Iowa, a number of years; bought property in Harps- 
well, Me., in 1881. Was administrator of his father's estate in 
1873, at Bath, Me. M. 1st, Annie Brooks, b. Alfred, Me.; m. 

2nd, Julia M. . 


I. Charles Henry, b. Bath, Me., 1858; d. s. p. Aug. 14, 
1911, at Boston, Mass. 

Horace Doe 8, (Hiram 7, Charles 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 2, 1850, No. Yarmouth, Me. 
Farmer, painter and paper hanger. M. Ida Belle Richardson, 
b. Bingham, Me. Resides in Augusta, Me. 

I. Harold R.. b. Vassalboro, Me., Mar. 7, 1877; m. 
June 23, 1906, Charlotte M. Ostend at Augusta, 
Me. No ch. 
II. Marion G., b. Augusta, June 17, 1878. 

III. Mabel F., b. Augusta, July 9, 1880; d. July 7, 1889. 

IV. Ernest B., b. Augusta, Jan. 13, 1882; m. June 29, 

1908, Lillian Crowell at Augusta. No ch. 
V. Mona B., b. Augusta, July 4, 1884; d. Mar. 21, 1897. 
VI. Ralph R., b. Augusta, Aug. 13, 1886. 
VII. Claud R., b. Aug. 28, 1888; m. Sept. 21, 1910, Beatrice 
M. Ray; resides Augusta, Me. Ch. : 1-Dolvense, 
d. Apr. 4, 1912, Bridgeport, Conn. 
VIII. Ivan H., b. Oct. 16, 1889. 
IX. Frank L., b. May 5, 1891. 
X. Ethel M., b. Mav 20, 1892. 

118 TiiK Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

William H. Doe 8, (William Ham 7, Ebenezer 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H.; 
m. Sarah Burgess. Enlisted May 11, 1861, 1st Regiment, Conn. 
Volunteers, Heavy Artillery. Discharged May 21, 1864. Re- 
sided Hartford, Conn. He died in Washington, D. C, where 
he was in the employ of the government for many years. 
Children : 

I. lOdna Burgess, b. . Met her death in an auto 
accident at Zanesville, Ohio, 1908. 

Alvin K. Doe 8, (Charles L. 7, Jacob 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 8, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Bangor, Me., Aug. 29, 1840; 
m. Oct. 17, 1867, Sarah Elizabeth Holmes. He d. at Racine, 
Wis., Jan. 25, 1889. 


1. Minnie Isabel, b. Dec. 19, 1870 at Onargo, 111.; m. 

Oct. 28, 1896, . 

II. Ernest William, b. Feb. 22, 1875, Onargo. III. 
III. Albion Holmes, b. June 2, 1881, Chicago, 111. 

Lewis Carme Doe 8, (William Emerson 7, Jacob 6, Reuben 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 8, 1858, 

Taylor's Falls, Minn. M. Josephine J. . He was killed 

in a railroad accident in 1892. 


I. Eugene Orson, b. at Fowler, Colorado, June 14, 1887. 
M. July 10, 1911, Iza May. He is a prominent 

(liuggist at Kenmare, N. D. No ch. 

George F. Doe 8, (Joseph A. 7, John (>, Heid)en 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1833, Madbury, N. H. Farmer; 
resided Deerfield, N. H.; m. Orianna A., dau. of William Whittier, 
Sept. 16, 1884, who was b. Deerfield, N. H., 1S()3. He was a 
private in the Civil War in Co. G., 1st Artillery. I'Jilisted April 
16, 1861; discharged April 16, 1864, at Warrenton, Va.; time ex- 
pired. He d. July 4, 1916. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 119 


I. Alice CM., I). Fcl). 6, 1885. 

II. George Henry, b. Get. 9, 1887. 

III. Willie E., b. Nov. 25, 1889. 

IV. Arthur M., 1). Mar. 6, 1893. 

Charles W. Doe 8, (Joseph A. 7, John 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 
4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., March 1835; 
m. 1st, EHza E. Wills; 2d, Mar. 30, 1872, Nancy A., dau. of 
Joshua Hall, who was b. at Candia, N. H., 1848. Resided at 
Chinchester, N. H., and was living in Parsonsfield, Me., in 1880. 
He d. in Concord, N. H., Jan. 9, 1909. 

I. Eliza A., I). JS()1 ; d. Sept. 11, 1869. 
II. Daughter, b. ; d. in infancy. 

Rufus D. Doe 8, (Joseph A. 7, John 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Deerfield, N. H., Mar. 9, 1837; 
he enlisted in the 11th New Hampshire Volunteers, Co. B., Aug. 
12, 1862, for three years and served through the Civil War. 
Shot through the arm at Jacksonville, Miss. M. July 4, 1859, 
Viola Abbott, b. in Maine in 1836 and d. in Epsom, N. H., 1874. 

I. Henry P., b. Sept., 1862; d. Sept. 5, 1863. 
II. Albert B., b. Dec. 12, 1868; m. 1st, Annie F. Ed- 
monds; 2nd, Kittie L. Barker. 
III. Myra L., b. ; m. Charles H. Palmer. Ch.: 1- 

Augustus A. ; 2-Elmer H. She d. 1910. 

Thomas J. Doe 8, ( Josei)h A. 7, John 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1845 at Nottingham, N. H.; 
m. Mar. 15, 1869, Mary J., dau. of Thomas Wallis, who was b. 
Chinchester, N. H., 1848, and d. Epsom, N. H., Jan. 2, 1878. 
He d. Aug. 31, 1915, Concord, N. H. 
Children : 

I. Harrv Leon, b. May 1, 1872; m. Jennie S. Richardson. 

120 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Benjamin Sibley Doe 8, (Amos W. 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 14, 1835; 
carpenter and contractor; m. 1st, Nov. 25, 1858, Mary Ann, 
dau. of Capt. Cyrus H. Ripley who was b. Paris, Me.; d. Mar. 13, 
1879; m. 2nd, Catherine H., dau. of Dea. Gibbs Benson. He 
d. Nov. 16, 1903 at Paris, Me. 
Children: (By 1st wife.) 

I. Nettie May, b. Aug. 1, 1859; d. Oct. 20, 1870. 
II. AliceBell, b. May 16, 1861. 

III. Ida Louise, b. July 18, 1863; m. Sept. 12, 1888, 

Frank Harlow of Dixfield, Me. 

IV. Fanny Agnes, b. July 15, 1865; m. Apr. 11, 1893, 

John S. Harlow of Dixfield, Me. 
V. Cyrus Lincoln, b. Sept. 25, 1866; m. Mary Elmira 
VI. Mary Ann, b. Mar. 10, 1870; m. June 15, 1899, Harry 

Grant Wright of Waltham, Mass. 
VII. Olive Eliza, b. June 25, 1876; m. Oct. 9, 1901, Bert 

Louis Hudson. 
VIII. Grace F., b. Feb. 23, 1879; m. Sept. 12, 1913, Arthur 
S. Libby of Paris, Me. 
(Second wife's children.) 
IX. Benjamin Seth, b. June 3, 1886; m. Apr. 28, 1910, 
MaryH.Slattery. Druggist. Resides Portland, Me. 

Freeiand A. Doe 8, (Amos W. 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1,) b. June 18, 1840; m. 
July 27, 1869, Julia Fernald of Boston, Mass. Resided in Bos- 
ton, Mass. Carpenter. Enlisted Sept. 24, 1864, Civil War, pri- 
vate Co. H., 2d Massachusetts Artillery. 

I. Lizzie Edith, b. Apr. 12, 1873, Boston, Mass. 
II. Francis Freeiand, b. Nov. 14, 1877. 
III. John F., b. Feb. 5, 1878; d. in infancy. 

Samuel Winslcw Doe 8, (Samuel Winslow 7, Stephen 6, 
Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Paris, 
Me. Dec. 26, 1841; m. Mar. 21, 1864, Phebe Andrews Estes, who 
was b. at Milton, Me. Aug. 14, 1842; he was for many years and 

Samuel Winslow Doe 
B. Dec. 26, 1841 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 123 

at the time of his death an active partner of the firm of H. H. 
Osgood & Co., Haymarket Sq., Boston, Mass., manufacturers of 
window screens, weather strips, etc. ; d. Feb. 26, 1915, at Waltham, 

I. AHce Madora, b. Apr. 10, 1868 at Medford, Mass. ; m. 

Nov. 21, 1894, Newton Sherman. Ch.: 1-Ethel 

Elizabeth, b. Apr. 3, 1903. 2-Roger Franldin, b. 

Apr. 6, 1906; d. Apr. 28, 1906. 3-Madeline 

Rebecca, b. Oct. 18, 1907. 
II. Samuel Herbert, b. Jan. 31, 1873; m. Dec. 20, 1899, 

Minnie Emiline Brown of Waltham, Mass. 

III. Ralph Alva, b. June 8, 1877; m. Carohne R. Seaver. 

IV. Ernest Irwin, b. Dec. 22, 1878 at Roslindale, Mass.; 

m. Maud Ethel Atwood, May 10, 1905. 

Edwin Winslow Doe 8. (Benjamin Winslow 7, Stephen 6, 
Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Griffin, 
Ga., May 21, 1852 ; merchant. M. Feb. 8, 1880, Lizzie Nora, dau. 
of Bryant and Catherine Shipper. Resides Griffin, Ga. 

Children : 

I. Mary Kate, b. Mar. 24, 1881; m. June 27, 1907, D. 

R. McMichael. 
II. Florence, b. Feb. 21, 1884; m. Apr. 10, 1901, E. H. 
. Ruff. 

III. Rosa, b. Dec. 28, 1886. 

IV. Raymond, b. Dec. 21, 1888. 
V. Mildred, b. Apr. 2, 1894. 

Benjamin Franklin Doe 8, (Benjamin W. 7, Stephen 6, 
Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 27, 
1846; m. Dec. 19, 1866, Nannie Freeman, b. Mar. 13, 1846. 
Resided Griffin, Georgia. He Avas a soldier in Confederate Army. 

I. Ola, b. Jan. 29, 1869; m. Dec. 15, 1892, Harvey L. 
Wheat. Ch.: 1-Annie, b. Aug. 28, 1893. 2- 
Harvey C, b. June 4, 1895. 

124 The Descendants of Tvicholas Doe 

II. Clyde Winslow, b. Oct. 12, 1876; m. Dec. 7, 1904, 

J. H. Newman; resides Griffin, Ga. No ch. 
III. Idus Caldwell, b. Jan. 4, 1878; m. Oct. 30, 1901, 
Sarah Arnold of Richland, Ga. Resides LaGrange, 
Ga., where he is President and General Manager 
of the LaGrange Dry Goods Co. No ch. 

Charles Rice Doe 8, (Benjamin W. 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 1, 1848, Griffin, 
Ga. ; m. Amanda Emiline Freeman. Resides Griffin, Ga. 

I. Grantland Warner, b. Aug. 23, 1883, m. Aug. 19, 

1909, Belle Dupie. 
II. Benjamin Winslo^^ , b. June 8, 1886; d. May 13, 1907. 

George Henry Doe 8, (William W. 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 18, 1845, 
Hebron, Maine. Resides Tuscon, Arizona. M. Apr. 16, 1876, 
Maria Valenzuela of Tuscon. 

I. William, b. June 13, 1881. 
II. Henry G., b. Aug. 9, 1883. 

III. Irving J., b. Jan. 22, 1887. 

IV. George T., b. Nov. 15, 1889. 
V. MaryCb. Nov. 24, 1893. 

James Stephen Doe 8, (William W. 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 12, 1856, 
Hebron, Me. Farmer. M. 1st, Mar. 15, 1877, Mary Anderson 
of Massachusetts; m. 2d, Sept. 4, 1882, Minnie Parker, b. Bos- 
ton, Mass.; m. 3d, Elizabeth Drury. Resided Lexington, Mass. 

I. Bertha Gertrude, b. June 23, 1883; m. July 23, 1914, 
Arthur W. Smith. Resides Dartmouth, Mass. 
II. Marion Ethel, b. Aug. 25, 1885, Somerville, Mass. 

III. Chester Wilbur, b. Mar. 27, 1888; m. Mar. 18, 1916, 

Anna Gertrude White of Somerville, Mass. 

IV. Bessie May, b. Jan. 7, 1891, Lexington, Mass. 

V. Francis Drury, b. Sept. 23, 1894, Lexington, Mass. 

The De.-cendants of Nicholas Doe 125 

Charles E. Doe 8, (Stephen 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Paris Hill, Me., 1851. 
Shoemaker. M. Aug. 14. 1869, Frankie Evans, b. Stoneham, 
Me., in 1847; m. 2d, Feb. 2, 1895, Rosa B. Richardson. Resides 
Freeport, Me. 

I. Eugene 8., b. June, 1874; m. :\Iar. 13, 1897, Gertrude 

G. Thompson. 
II. Nancy, b. ; d. Aug. 22. 1882. 

Prince J. Doe 8, (Stephen 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 25, 1854, Minot, Maine; 
m. Sept. 17, 1877, Lillian M. Currier. Resides Auburn, Me. 
Member of firm of Plummer & Alerrill Co. 

I. Howard L., b. 1878; m. Dec. 4, 1901, Georgie E. 
Patterson, b. Minot, Me. 

Edgar Howard Doe 8, (Hiram Chase 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 29, 1851, He- 
bron Maine. Farmer. M. Jan. 1, 1876, Lucia A. Garlick. Re- 
sides Bradgate, Iowa. 

I. Albertus Edgar, b. Oct. 8, 1878: m. Anna L. . 

II. Nelhe, b. June 4, 1879. 
III. Frank Thomas, b. Apr. 27, 1883. 

Herbert Doe 8, (Hiram Chase 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 12, 1853, Hebron, 
Maine; m. Apr. 10, 1898, Alma Harp. Resides Iowa. 

I. Jesse Samuel, b. May 22, 1899. 
II. Herbert McKinley, b. Nov. 13, 1901. 

III. Lucy, b. May 10, 1904. 

IV. William, b. Jan. 11, 1907. 

Albertus Doe 8, (Hiram Chase 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jere- 
miah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 18, 1855, Hebron, 
Maine. M. Sept. 11, 1884, Rosa Belle Jarvis, who d. Nov. 14, 
1900. Resides Bradgate, Iowa. 

120 Thk Dkscendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Leon Henry, b. Apr. 7, 1886. 

II. Ethel Leona, b. June 12, 1888. 

III. Vinnie lone, b. Dec. 28, 1891. 

IV. Elva Belle, b. Feb. 17, 1900; d. Sept. 7, 1900. 

James A. Doe 8, (Deacon Charles Currier 7, James Dear- 
born 6, John 5, James 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Epsom, 
N. H., 1852; m. Nov. 30, 1876, Augusta M., dau. of Wm. P. 
and Mary A. Ladd, who was b. Oct. 6, 1851, Deerfield, N. H., 
and d. Feb. 27, 1906. He d. Nov. 4, 1904, at Manchester, N. H. 

I. Tillie Ruth, b. Oct. 27, 1886; m. May 8, 1912, Robert 
L. Maybury. One ch., Esther, b. Jan. 19, 1913. 

Edmund Holland Doe 8, (William 7, (Jeorge Piper 6, James 
5, John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Shefford, P. Q.,[Canada, 
Apr. 2, 1859; farmer; m. Mar. 27, 1882, Elizabeth Kennison. 
Resides at Foster, Que. 

I. Jennie, 1). Aug. 3, 1883; m. Archie Mills of Foster, 

Que. One ch., Doris Adella. 
II. Herbert, b. Oct. 15, 1884; resides Worcester, Mass., 
and spells his name Dow. 

III. Pearl, b. May 3, 1886; m. Arthur Ingalls. Ch.: 1- 

Stanley Archie; 2-Kenneth. 

IV. Ethel, b. Sept. 27, 1887; d. umn. 1907. 

V. Edmund Holland, Jr., b. Mar. 12, 1897; jeweler. 
Resides Sherbrooke, P. Q. 

William Edson Doe 8, (William 7, (leorge Piper 6, James 5, 
John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Waterloo, P. Q., May, 
1862; m. Mar. 24, 1886,Abbie Jane Hastings. Resides Waterloo, 
P. Q. 

I. Norman, b. Jan. 2, 1887. 
II. Eva, b. Mar. 20, 1893. 

III. Lena, b. Sept. 20, 1898. 

IV. Vivian, b. Jan. 17, 1903. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 127 

Alvah Roderick Doe 8, (William 7, Ceorge Pipor (3, James 5, 
John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Broome Lake, Granby, 
P. Q., Sept. 27, 1868; m. June 11, 1895, Addie Gray. Resides 
Carlton Place, P. Q. 


I. William Alvin, h. May 20, 1898. 

II. Hazel AI., b. May 15, 1900; d. Soi)t. 4, 1901. 

Gardner S. Doe 8, (Hiram Lindsey 7, George Piper 6, James 
5, John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1871, Granby, Que.; m. 
Ellen J. Helms, Avho was b. Dannemora, N. Y. 


I. EUzaheth May, b. July 5, 189(5, N()rthami)ton, Mass. 

II. Mabel, b. Mar. 13, 1898. 

III. Francis Hiram, b. June 10, 1900. 

Carwin Ross Doe 8, (Horace Lyman 7, George Piper 6, James 
5, John 4, John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. So. Roxton, Que., 
Aug. 24, 1888. Railway employee. M. Feb. 20, 1913, Georgiana 
Roy. Resides Montreal, Que. 


I. Edward, 1). 

II. Gladys, b. 

Ernest Sanford Doe 8, (Seymour 7, John 0, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 19, 1873, Granby, Que. 
Farmer. M. July 12, 1894, Hattie Demaque, b. Granby. 
Moved from Granby to a farm in Richford, Vt., in 1915. 


I. Hazel Ernestine, b. July 25, 1897; m. (ieorge Pax- 
man of Montgomery Center, Vt. 
II. Stewart Lyall, b. Aug. 11, 1900. 

III. Anbury, b. July 3, 1903. 

IV. Arthur, b. Feb. 15, 1910. 

V. Darline Emaline, b. Jan. 5, 1915. 
VI. Muriel Irene, b. Oct. 9, 1916. 

128 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Gcrdon F. Dee 8, (Lewis 7, John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Apr. 10, 1880; m. June 
29, 1904, Mabel Alice Yearn, at Worcester, Mass. Carpenter 
and builder. Resides Worcester, Mass., where he conducts a 
contract business. 


I. Chester C. Y., b. May 18, 1905. 

II. Stanley E., b. June 6, 1906. 

III. Elmer F., b. Nov. 7, 1908, Worcester, Mass. 

IV. EdnaF., b. July 11, 1911. 

Homer W. Doe 8, (Lewis 7, John 6, James 5, John 4, John 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Nov. 12, 1889. M. July 
3, 1913, Nora M. Duddy. Resides Granby, Que. 


I. Lewis Eric, b. July 12, 1915. 

Carlton Keyworth Doe 8, (James 7, John 6, James 5, John 4, 
John 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., May 18, 1887; m. 
Sept. 29, 1909, Elizabeth Roberts. Resides Granby, Que. 


I. Gordon Keyworth, b. Sept. 21, 1910. 

II. Audrey Ellen, b. June 5, 1913. 

III. James Richard, b. Feb. 27, 1915. 

James Verner Doe 8, ( 7, John 6, James 5, John 4, John 

3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Granby, Que., Feb. 17, 1889; m. Oct. 
17, 1910, Katherine Reith. Resides Granby, Que. 


I. Wilbcr Verner, b. Dec. 13, 1912. 
11. Douglass Oliver, b. Mar. 1, 1914. 

Charles G. Doe 8, (Erastus 7, Dr. Theophilus 6, Levi 5, John 

4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 7, 1870, Vineland, N. J.; 
m. Georgie Griffith of Bridgeport, Conn. He is engaged in the 
foundry business and resides in Stratford, Conn. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 129 










Frank Brown Doe 8, (Erastus 7, Dr. Theophilus 6, Levi 5, 
John 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 24, 1872, Vineland, 
N. J.; m. Jan. 28, 1898, Theresa Dora Broom. He is a moulder 
l)y trade and resides Bridgeton, N. J. on Lake-View Farm. 


I. Charles Joseph, b. Jan. 14, 1900. 

Frank A. Doe 8, (Sylvester 7, Joseph Foye 6, Levi 5, John 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas l), b. Acton, Me., May 22, 1862; m. 
at Portland, Me. Aug. 11, 1884, Jennie Ehzabeth Tattire of N. B.; 
resides Amesbury, Mass. 


I. Ella Mabel, b. Jan. 29, 1886, at :\Iinneapolis, Minn.; 
m. June 26, 1912, at Amesbury, Alass., Warren 
Chester Congdon. 
II. Athel Gertrude, b. Jan. 2, 1889. 

III. Frances Lucille, 1). Jan. 28, 1890. 

IV. Violet, b. Boston, Mass., Mar. 27, 1902. 

V. Ethel, b. Sept. 16, 1904, Portland, Me. ; d. in infancy. 

Fred E. Doe 8, (Sylvester 7, Joseph Foye 6, Levi 5, John 4, 
Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cornish, Me., Dec. 8, 1865; m. 
Sept. 28, 1892, Ellen L. Sawyer of Portland, Me.; carpenter by 
trade; resides Portland, Me. 


I. Elmer S., b. ; d. Apr. 25, 1912. 

130 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


George Spaulding Doe 9, (Franklin Bradley 8, Jacob 7, 
William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Appleton, Wis., Oct. 5, 1863; m. Pattie Blanche Fox, b. Ontana- 
g^an, Michigan. He d. Dec. 19, 1892. Buried in Ashland, Wis. 


I. James, b. ; d. in infancy. 

II. Franklin Bradley, b. ; d. in infancy. 

III. George Spaulding Lockwood, b. Mar. 22, 1893, Ash- 
land, Wis.; m. Apr. 30, 1914, Ehza Elvira Brown. 
Resides San Francisco, California. 

Frank William Doe 9, (Richard Harding 8, Jacob 7, William 
6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Haverhill, 
Mass., Dec. 24, 1853; m. Edith Lelia Butler, who w^as b. June 
19, 1858; he d. Oct. 24, 1896. 


I. Edith Sherman, b. June 24, 1880; m. Edward R. Mc- 
CUintock. One ch. 
II. Frances Sherman, b. Aug. 22, 1882; m. Edward A. 
Mierke, b. May 15, 1879. 

III. Richard Harding, b. Feb. 15, 1895, at St. Paul, Minn. 

Rufus Kelsey Doe 9, (Richard Harding 8, Jacob 7, William 
6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Minnesota, 
Feb. 27, 1856; m. Mary Glooka, b. Sept. 5, 1870. Resides Ader- 
ian, Minn. 



Florence Laura, b. Aug. 26, 1892, 


Rowland, b. Jan. 7, 1894. 


Frank, b. 


Lillian, b. 



Mildred,), . , ^ m mnr 

. ' twms, b. June 19, 190( 
Mamie, I 


Harold, b. 


Laura, b. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 131 

Richard Harding Doe, Jr. 9, (Richard Harding 8, Jacob 7, 
William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Minnesota, Apr. 5, 1871; m. Etta Austin. Resides Beardsley, 


I. Laura May, b. July 4, 1894. 
II. Lyle Austin, 1). 

Frederick J. Doe 9, (James M. 8, Noah 7, William 6, Jacob 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Ryegate, Vt., July 
19, 1867; m. Sept. 16, 1892, Etta M. Aldrich; resides at Ryegate. 
She d. Jan. 17, 1907, at Haverhill, N. H. M. 2d, Carrie, dau. of 
Thaddeus S. Gray of Ryegate, Vt. 


I. Elmer F., b. Mar. 25, 1893. 

II. Max E., b. Aug. 13, 1896, clerk; resides Orleans, Vt., 
m. Oct. 10, 1917, Maud, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. 
Frank Rumsey of Wells River, Vt. 

III. Pearl E., b. May 9, 1899; d. June 7, 1900. 

IV. Son, b. July 25, 1917. 

Charles Cutler Doe 9, (Freeman J. 8, Thomas Jefferson 7, 
William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Sept. 15, 1864, Boston, Mass. Graduate of Institute of Tech- 
nology, S. B., 1886; m. Jan. 15, 1889, Ruth M. Conant of Louis- 
ville, Ky. Succeeded his father in firm of Doe, Sullivan & Co., 
Quincy Market, Boston. Resides Lexington, Mass. 


I. Freeman C, Jan. 5, 1890; graduate of Dartmouth 
College, 1913; m. Nov. 1915, Ruth Nancy, dau. 
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen Wilder of 
Chicago, 111. 
II. Orlando C, b. Aug. 7, 1892; graduate of Dartmouth 
College, 1915. 

III. Janet, L . ^ -, ior>r j. • 
T^r wu-/ r^ 1 ] vu r'b- Apr. 11, 1895, twms. 

IV. Whitney Goldsmith,! 

Whitney Goldsmith d. Aug. 1, 1896. 

132 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Fred Everett Doe 9, (Nelson R. 8, Thomas Jefferson 7, Wil- 
liam 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Sept. 29, 1863, Boston, Mass. Merchant; firm of Doe Brothers, 
Bradford, Vt. M. Apr. 10, 1888, Sadie Louise Haskins. 

I. Nelson L., b. Nov. 23, 1889; graduate of Dartmouth 
College. Construction engineer in employ of 
Turner Construction Co., Buffalo, N. Y.; m. 
May 4, 1917, Mae, dau. of Frank H. and Dora 
Pierce Keys of Pittsfield, Mass. 
II. Franklin William, b. Jan. 30, 1892; m. Carrie M. 

Victor B. Doe 9, (Horatio W. 8, Dr. Daniel 7, Jacob Jr. 6, 
Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 14, 
1879, Fostoria, Ohio; m. Anna M. Miller, July 30, 1904; resides 
in Detroit, Mich., 191.5. 

I. Helen Gale, b. June 8, 1905. 
II. Victor Eugene, b. Dec. 15, 1906. 
III. Robert Evans, b. May 25, 1911. 

Frank James Doe 9, (Eugene Gray 8, Oliver D. 7, Jacob 
Jr. 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 
13, 1879 at Rumney, N. H.; farmer; m. Edith E., dau. of Henry 
and Caroline Eastman, June 26, 1901. 

I. Carrie Lovina, b. Dec. 28, 1902. 
II. Mylow M., b. Oct. 17, 1903. 
III. Florence Bell, b. Oct. 1, 1904. 

Frederick James Doe 9, (Cieo. Henry 8, Geo. Washington 
7, Capt. Jeremiah 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Pembroke, N. H., Nov. 12, 1865; m. 2nd, 
Florence, dau. of Wm. P. and Elizabeth H. Averill,Dec.23, 1902, 
who was b. Goffstown, N. H., 1882; merchant at Centralia, 111. 

I. Ruth E., b. Sept. 27, 1903. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 133 

Walter Cleveland Doe 9, (JohnEdmond 8, Alfred 7, Francis 
6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 
19, 1884, Haverhill, Mass. Purchasing agent. M. June 22, 
1910, Mary E. McCarty. Resides Roxbury, Mass. 


I. Walter A., b. Oct. 13, 1911. 
II. Eugene, b. Jan. 4, 1915. 

Harry J. Doe 9, (John Edmond 8, Alfred 7, Francis 6, Reuben 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H. 
M. Addie L. Wilson of Hampstead, N. H. Resides in Bradford, 
Mass. Violinist and violin maker; for several years a pupil of 
Walter E. Colton, the famous violin maker. Studied under Karl 
Ondriecek and Karl Barleban of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 
Has been successful both as a teacher of the violin, and in con- 
cert work. 

Children : 

I. Eleanor Wilson, b. Oct. 18, 1905. 
II. Anna Elizabeth Berger, 1). Oct. 18, 1909, adopted 
May 6, 1915; name changed to Anna Elizal)eth 

Frederick Newman Doe 9, ( Alliert 8, Wingate Newman 7, 
Reuben Jr. 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), 
b., July 19, 1862, at So. Reading, Mass.; m. Jan. 15, 1884, Annie 
Hawley, who was b. Yarmouth, N.S.;he d. at St. Marys, Ohio, 


I. PernJnah lsal)el, b. Wakefield, Mass., Jan. 1, 1885; 
m. Nov. 21, 1903, Geo. Henry Welden. 

Albert B. Doe 9, (Rufus D. 8, Joseph A. 7, John G, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 14, 1868 at 
Epsom, N. H.; m. I'st, Annie F., dau. of Noah and Emma Ed- 
monds of Chichester, Dec. 16, 1890, who d. Oct. 17, 1891 ;m. 2nd, 
Kittie L. Barker of Detroit, Mich. Resides Grafton, N. H. 

134 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Albert L., b. Feb. 8, 1900, Canaan, N. H. 

II. Claud A., b. Mar. 31, 1901, Canaan, N. H. 

III-It. • , , J. , r lOAQ n , ,, u jd.Feb.8, 1903. 

T^. >Twin daus.,b.Feb.6, 1903,Groton.N.H.< , ^ , ' ,^^^ 
IV. I Id. Feb. 17, 1903. 

V. Viola K., b. Aug. 9, 1904, Hebron, N. H. 

VI. Elizabeth, b. Apr. 2, 1907, Alexandria, N. H. 

Harry L. Doe 9, (Thomas J. 8, Joseph A. 7, John 6, Reuben 5, 
Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1872, Gilmanton, 
N. H.; blacksmith and boiler maker; m. May 10, 1903, Jennie, 
dau. of Parker and Addie Richardson, who was b., Concord, N. 
H., 1880. Resides Concord, N. H. 

I. Walter Herbert, b. 1903. 

Cyrus Lincoln Doe 9, (Benjamin Sibley 8, Amos W. 7, 
Stephen 6, Reuben 5. Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Sept. 25, 1866, Paris, Me. M. Sept. 17, 1890, Mary Elmira, 
dau. of George W. and Elmira Twitchell Page, b. Milan, N.H., 
1869. Resided Berlin, N. H. 

I. Olive Ripley, b. Sept. 12, 1891, Berlin Falls, N. H. 

II. Dorothy Danforth, b. April 28, 1895. 

Ralph Alva Doe 9, (Samuel Winslow 8, William W. 7, Stephen 
6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 
8, 1877, Roslindale, Mass.; m. July 18, 1903, Caroline R. Seaver. 
Resides Waltham, Mass. 

I. Margaret Lincoln, b. Apr. 30, 1911. 

Albertus Edgar Doe 9, (Edgar Howard 8, Hiram Chase 7, 
Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), 

b. Bradgate, Iowa, Oct. 8, 1878; m. Anna L. , who was b. 

June 12, 1880. Resides Bradgate, Iowa. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 135 


I. Vern,\^ . . jd. Oct. 23, 1903. 
^_. ^^ 'nwnis, b. Oct. 22, 1903 < , -p. . .„„„ 

II. Vera,! ' (d. Dec. 1, 1903. 

III. Wayne H., b. June 24, 1906. 

Grantland Warner Doe 9, (Charles Rice 8, Benjamin Wins- 
low 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicho- 
las 1), b. Griffin, Ga. M. Aug. 19, 1909, Belle Dupre. 


1. Charles Hatan, b. Apr. 9, 1912. 

II. Clyde Winslow, b. Feb. 21, 1914. 

III. Mary Emily, b. Jan. 15, 1916. 

Henry G. Doe 9, (George Henry 8, William W. 7, Stephen 6, 
Reuben 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 9, 
1883, Tuscon, Arizona; m. . 


I. Henry, b. 1905. 
II. Ernest, b. 1907. 

Eugene S. Doe 9, (Charles E. 8, Stephen 7, Stephen 6, Reuben 
5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 4, 1874, 
Mechanic Falls, Me. Foreman of shoe factory. M. Mar. 13, 
1897, at Gorham, N. H., Gertrude G., dau. of Aaron and Emily 
Thompson, b. St. Johns, N. B. He resided Auburn, Me., and 
d. Jan. 31, 1915. 


I. Kenneth Carlton, b. Dec. 22, 1904. 

II. Dau., b. Feb. 17, 1907. 

III. Charles Malcolm, b. May 15, 1910, Minot, Me. 

IV. Laura M., b. Dec. 22, 1914. 

136 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


Franklin W. Doe 10, (Fred Everett 9, Nelson R. 8, Thomas 
Jefferson 7, William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, John 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Bradford, Vt., Jan. 30, 1892; m. Oct. 1, 1913, 
Carrie M., dau. of Henry and Olive Lambert Leet of Topsham, 
Vt. Resides Bradford, Vt. 


I. Fred H., b. Sept. 16, 1914. 

Freeman C. Doe 10, (Charles Cutler 9, Freeman J. 8, 
Thomas Jefferson 7, William 6, Jacob 5, Jeremiah 4, Daniel 3, 
John 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 5, 1890, Lexington, Mass. Gradu- 
ate of Dartmouth College, 1913. M. November, 1915, Ruth 
Nancy, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen Wilder of Chicago, 
111. In August, 1917, he enlisted in the ordnance corps of the 
U. S. Army, and entered Dartmouth College for a six weeks' 


I. Theo. Conant, b. Sept. 8, 1916. 

Descendants of Sampson Doe^ 
The Second Son of Nicholas 



Sampson Doe 2, (Nicholas 1 ), 1). Apr. 1, 1670, at Oyster River, 

now (Durliam), N. H.; m. 1st, Temperance ; 2ncl, 

Oct. 16, 1716, Mrs. Mary Ayers, w. of Wm. Ayers of Portsmouth, 
N. H., dau. of Robert Hopley, and grand-daughter of John 
Tucker. She was bapt. Mar. 19, 1717-18 by Rev. Hugh Adams. 
He was granted 20 acres land by Committee of Exeter in 1725, 
and 80 acres in 1738. Was a scout in Capt. Jas. Davis Co. in the 
Indian War of 1712 receiving one shilling per day. Lived in a 
garrison house and called for fifteen soldiers to help defend same 
from the Indians in 1712. Sampson was one who petitioned for 
a parish at Oyster River, Nov. 11, 1715, which was incorporated 
May 4, 1716. He was a selectman and committee of the parish 
in 1717, and became a member of the Church at its organization. 
Mar. 26, 1718. Church covenant signed by Rev. Hugh Adams, 
Sampson Doe and others. Was surveyor of highway 1703 and 
1705, Lamprell River to Oyster River. He d. in 1748; widow 
m. Stevens of Portsmouth. Settlement of her estate allowed 
June 22, 1765. Nathaniel ct Zebulon, sons, received share of 

Children: (By wife Tem.perance.) 

I. Samuel, b. Aug. 15, 1701; m. Abigail Wiggin, bapt. 
Dec. 8, 1718. 

II. Martha, b. May 4, 1704; m. Frost. She was 

bapt. Jan. 2, 1722-3. 

III. Nicholas, b. Jan. 21, 1707; bapt. June 7, 1719; m. 

Abigail . 

IV. Temperance, b. Aug. 11, 1710, bapt. Nov. 15, 1719; 

d. young. 
(Children of second wife.) 
V. Nathaniel, b. Nov. 5, 1718; m. Sarah Watson. 

140 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VI. Mary, b. Sept. 19, 1720; m. 1st, Wigsin; 2nd, 

Jonathan Smart. 
VII. Elizabeth, b. Oct. 4, 1722; bapt. July 15, 1725; m. 

James Stoodley. 
VIII. Zebulon, b. May 8, 1724, bapt. July 15, 1725; m. 
Deborah Wiggin. 
IX. Sarah, b. Sept. 10, 1727; bapt. Feb. 5, 1728-9; m. 
Samuel Frost. 

Taken fro "^ Old Probate Records. 

Bond in blank for 500 pounds dated Sept. 28, 1716, signed by 
Mary Ayers, Sampson Doe and others on the administration of 
the estate of William Ayers of Portsmouth granted to his w., 
Mary Ayers. 

Probate Rec, Vol. 9, p. 32. 

License to sell all real estate granted to Mary Doe, Adminis- 
tratrix to the estate of her former husband, William Ayers, June 
7, 1721. (She had one son, Hopely Ayers, of Portsmouth, N. H.) 

Probate Minutes, June 7, 1721. 

Sampson Doe of Newmarket sold to Nathaniel Doe, his son, 
all his property in Newmarket except what was deeded to his 
son, Samuel, on condition that he pay his four sisters when 18 
years of age 50 pounds each, buy for his brother, Zebulon Doe, 
fifty acres of land when 21 years of age and pay him 150 pounds, 
April 6, 1737; sells rights in land at Bald Hill, Exeter, 1740. He 
also sold six acres of land with two islands (which Nicholas Doe 
formerly bought at Lubberland), Mar. 26, 1707. 
Vol. 9, Page 234-5 of Provincial Papers. 


(This town was originally part of Dover, and long had the name 
of Oyster River. It was incorporated during the administration 
of Gov. Belcher, 15 May, 1732.) 

"To the Honble John Usher Esqr, Leut Oovernr, Commandr 
in Chief of His Majests Province of New Hampshire, and to the 
Honble the Councill : 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 141 

Wee, the Sul)8eril)ers, Inhabitants of (_)yster River, Hnml)ly 
Petition and Pray: 

That, whereas, his Moste Sacred Majesty, King William, has 
been pleased through his grace and favor to grant unto yor Honr 
by his Royall Commission with ye Councill full Powers and au- 
thoritie to Erect and Establish Towns within his Majesties 
Province, and whereas now ye Petitioners have by divine provi- 
dence settled and Inhabited that Part in this his Majests Pro- 
vence commonly called Oyster River, and have found that be 
the scituation of the place as to Distance from Dover or Exeter 
butt more Especially Dover, now being forced to wander through 
the Woods to ye place to meet to and for ye management of Our 
affairs are much Disadvantaged for ye Present in our Business 
and Estates and hindred of adding a Town and People for the 
Honr of his Majesty in the Inlargement and Increas of his Pro- 
vince. Wee humbly Supplicate that yor Hours would take itt 
to yor Consideration and grant that we may have a Township 
confirmed by your honours, which we humbly offer the bound 
Thereof may Extend as foUoweth: To begin at the head of 
Rialls his cove and so to run upon a North west line seven Miles 
and from thence with Dover line parallel untill we meet with 
Exeter line. That yor Honr would be pleased to Grant this 
Petition which will not only be a great Benefitt Both to the 
settlement of our Ministry., The Population of the place the 
ease of the Subject and the strengthening and advantaging of 
his majests Province butt an Engagement for yor Petitioners 
Ever to pray for the Safety & Increase of yor Hours and Pros- 

and others. 

In Provincial Papers, Vol. 3, Page 608 and 607, dated 1715, is 
a long petition addressed to the New Hampshire Provincial 
Court from men who ask for a law regarding their District, or 
Parish, giving it "Oyster District of Dover, more power." They 
had been included in Newmarket for parish purposes some years. 
Signed by Sampson Doe, John Doe and fifty-eight others. 

New Hampshire Probate Records, Vol. 2, Page 455, Inventory 
of Estate of Cornelius Drisco, Apr. 16, 1733, 746 pounds, 16 

142 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

s. d. signed by vSampson Doe and John Smith. (The Driseo 
farm joined Sampson Doe's farm.) 

From "Landmarks of Ancient Dover,'' by Mary P. Thompson, 
pubHshed in 1892, we learn that Doe's Neck, now in Newmarket, 
but once a part of ancient Dover, was so-called from Sampson 
Doe of Lubberland, to whom Richard Waldron conveyed March 
22, 1790, all the land between Lamprell River and Goddard's 
Creek in the township of Dover, formerly granted to Peter 
Coffin of Exeter. 


SAMPSON DOE 1748 Newmarket 

In the Name of God. Amen 

The fourth day of Aprill in the Yeare of our Lord Christ one 
thousand seven hundred and forty Eight. 

I Sampson Doe of Newmarket in Newhampshire in New Eng- 
land Yeoman. 

Item. I give my Son Samuel Doe three shillings 
Item. I give my Son Nicholas Doe three shillings 
Item. I give my Son Zebulon Doe three shillings 
Item. I give my Daughter Martha ffrost three shillings 
Item. I give my Daughter Mary Wiggin three shillings 
Item. I give my Daughter Elizabeth Stoodly three shillings 
Item. I give my Daughter Sarah Doe three shillings 
Item. I give my Son Nathaniel Doe three shiUings 
Item. I give my well beloved Wife, Mary, All my 
goods & Chattels within Doars & without and all Debts & Spec- 
ialties due to me of what name and all Nature or kind So ever, 
And I do hereby Nominate and Appoint my said Wife Sole Exe- 
cutrix of this my last Will and Testament, and I do hereby dis- 
annul and make void all former Wills and Testaments by me 
heretofore made either by word of Mouth or in Writing. I here- 
by Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will 
and Testament In Witness, I the Said Sampson Doe to this my 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 143 

last Will and Testament have Set my hand and Seale the day 
and Yeare above mentioned. 

Signed Sealed, Published and Samson Doe 

declared by the Testator, in the 
presence of us whose Names are 
Subscribed as Witnesses, and 
attested by us un the presence of 
the Said Testator 
James Stoodly Jur 
Samuel Doe 
John mason 

(Proved May 29, 1751). 


Lieut. Samuel Doe 3, (Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. at Oyster 
River, N. H., Aug. 15, 1701; m. Abigail, dau. of Judge Andrew 
and Abigail Follett Wiggin, Nov. 12, 1731, who was b. Mar. 23, 
1704, and through her comes a royal English line by way of Gov. 
Thomas Dudley and his wife, Dorothy York. She d. Jan. 31, 
1785. He lived at Doe's Neck on Great Bay, in what is now New- 
market, N. H. Sold the property to Stephen Boardman in 1754 
for 7000 pounds old tenor. Purchased property in Newmarket 
in 1740, also 1754; buys in Exeter in 1730, in Epping in 1743. 
Buys rights of property awarded to two soldiers for their services 
at Cape Breton, Louisburg, in 1746. He also sells in Canterbury 
land drawn by him as original proprietor in 1753; sells right in 
land at Bald Hill, Exeter, in 1740. He held the rank of lieuten- 
ant at the siege of Louisburg; subscribed one hundred pounds to 
help on provincial loan of twenty-five thousand pounds, Dec. 
1, 1743. He was one of the proprietors of the town of Canter- 
bury, N. H., 1727. He d. Jan. 9, 1767; will dated Jan. 6, 1767, 
mentions wife and all children. 


I. Bradstreet, b. Oct. 16, 1732; m. Susanna . 

II. Samuel, Jr., b. Mar. 29, 1734; m. Elizabeth Pickering. 

III. Andrew, b. Jan. 15, 1736; d. July, 1758, s. p. His 

father was appointed admr., Jan. 30, 1760. 

144 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

IV. Abigail, h. Jan. 11, 1787; d. Apr. 17, 1789, unm. 
V. John, 1). Feb. 1, 1739; d. Apr., 1803. He was a 
Revolutionary War soldier, and was at Charles- 
town, Mass., Apr. 23, 1777. 
VI. Jonathan, b. Nov. 16, 1740; m. Mrs. Mary or Molly 

VII. Zebulon, b. (3ct. 7, 1742; m. Sarah Hardy. 
VIII. Lemuel, b. Jan. 20, 1745; m. Elizal)eth Boyd. 

Nicholas Doe 3, (Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oyster River, 
N. H., Jan. 21, 1707; bapt. June 7, 1719. He was one of the 
grantees of the town of Chatham, N. H., m. Abigail — . Deeded 
land to son Gideon in Newmarket and E]5ping in 1764. Was 
soldier in French & Indian War, 1754. 


I. Nicholas, Jr.; m. Elizabeth Sanborn. 

II. Nathaniel, m. Mary Wright in Maiden, Mass., Sept. 
27, 1757. 

III. Joseph, b. 1737; m. Martha Weeks. 

IV. Gideon, b. 1740; m. Abigail Connor. 

V. John, b. Sept. 9, 1749; m. Elizabeth Ames. 

Capt. Nathaniel Doe 3, (Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. at Oyster 
River, (now Durham), N. H., Nov. 5, 1718. Bapt. by Rev. 
Hugh Adams. M. Sarah, dau. of David and Mary Watson of 
Dover, N. H. 


I. Nathaniel, Jr., b. Durham, N. H., about 1742; m. 

Molly . 

II. Sampson, b. 1745; m. Sarah . 

III. Dudley, b. 1747 ; m. Anna Dyer. 

IV. James, b. ; m. Olive Raymond. 

V. Sarah, b. ; m. ]\Iar., 1782, Benjamin Noble of 

Vassalboro, Me. 

Capt. Nathaniel Doe (3), was cajitain of a company in Col. 
Nathaniel Meserve's regiment on the expedition against the 
French and Indians at Crown Point, Lake Champlain, in 1754. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 145 

(French and Indian War Records, Vol. 94, p. 537.) Received 
pay as per records of House of Representatives, from which the 
following is copied : 

"New Hampshire Journals of House of Representatives, 
Vol. 5, page 209. 
Voted: That Capt. Nathaniel Doe's muster roll for 
fifty men employed at Crown Point Expedition in 
Col. Nath'l Meserve's regt. be allowed. Amount for 
services £1167-17-1, dated Jan. 7, 1757. 

50 men 
8 deserters 

42 men' 

He was also owner of a share in the sloop Speedwell which was 
taken or hired by the Government to go to France with French 
prisoners, and he with his brother-in-law petitioned the State 
to pay for same, as per copy of House Records below: 

Vol. 6, page 175 Jan. 31, 1753 

In the House Journal, N. H. : 


Met according to adjournment. 

Sampson Sheaf Esq. brought from the Council the Petition 
of James Stoodly, Jun (a) & Nathl Doe. 

Journal of Council and Assistants, Jan. 31, 1753. 

The petition of James Stoodly, Jun for himself and Partners 
praying a further consideration from Loss sustained in the affair 
of the Sloop Speedwell hired by this Government to go to France 
with French Prisoners & read & ordered to be sent Down to the 
House Saturday May 4, 1754 
************** fPTap 288^ 

Upon reading and considering the Petition of James Studley 
Jun & Nathl Doe Voted that there be allowed and paid out of 
the money that is or may be in the Treasury unto the Petitioners 
the sum of Thirty Pounds new Ten in full for all or any demands 
(P. 460) they may have on this Provence on acct of the vessil 
mentioned in sd Petition or anything relative thereto. Sent up 
by Mr. Knight (Concurred) 

146 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

(Here the Editor tells us by concurred in brackets that in the 
record of the Council he finds the Council concurred and presum- 
ably Stoodly and Doe accepted the settlement.) 

The following is copied from "Landmarks of Ancient Dover," 
by Mary P. Thompson, published in 1892: 

"Nathaniel Doe, April 19, 1745, conveyed to Ralph Cross 
of Newbury, half the farm called Doe's Neck, about one hun- 
dred and twenty acres, with dwelling house and barn southward 
of house land extending from barn to Lamprell River, then east 
on said river to the Great Bay, and by said Bay northerly to a 
fence northward of Martin's Layn, so-called, then up Goddard's 
Creek to a rock eastward of Burch Point near the place where 
people commonly pass over." 

Capt. Nathaniel Doe subscribed £200 on the Provincial Loan 
of 25,000 Dec. 1, 1743, and his brother Samuel subscribed £100. 
(Prov. Records, Book XVIII, page 192). We find where he 
and his wife sold their property in Durham, also in Berwick, 
Maine, in 1757, and they probably left there and went with their 
children into the wilderness of Maine. The first authentic record 
we can find after that is where he purchased land of Samuel 
Scott, in 1767, recorded in Wiscasset, Lincoln county. At that 
time Lincoln county included what is now Kennebec county and 
several other counties. By these records we find he was the 
first man by the name of Doe to settle in Maine, as the only 
other mention we find of the name of Doe prior to this, is the 
name of his uncle John as witness on a deed in York County, 
and this deed was probably signed at Oyster River, N. H. 

We also find where he deeds land in 1769-70 and 1772 to his 
son Nathaniel Doe, Jr., the deed reading as follows: "I, Nathaniel 
Doe, Gentleman of Kennebec River, County of Lincoln and 
Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, (and not of 
any town,) which goes to prove that after he left Berwick with 
his family he must have settled in the wilderness on Kennebec 
River where Vassalboro and Sydney towns are, as we find as late 
as 1805 he deeded land in Vassalboro to his sons, and we find in 
Vassalboro records that Nathaniel Doe, Jr., Dudley Doe, James 
Doe and Sampson Doe were committee on valuation of lists of 
polls in 1790. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 147 

scott to doe vol. 6, lincoln county registry of deeds. 

Know all men by these presents that I Samuel Scott of Scotts- 
town SO called in the County of Lincoln & Province of Massachu- 
setts Bay in New England Husbandman for and in consideration 
of five pounds, to me in hand paid by Nathl. Doe of Cobbiseconte 
County & Province aforesaid Gentleman, the receipt where of, 
I hereby acknowledge and am fully satisfied therewith, have 
bargained sold conveyed and confirmed and by these presents I 
do freely clearly & absolutely bargain sell, convey & confirm, to 
him the above said Doe and to his Heirs forever, all my Right, 
Claim & Title & Interest, in or to a Lot of Land at the north End 
of Cobbiseconte great Pond in Seottstown being Lot No. 13 on a 
Plan made by John McMeeknic(?) Surveyor, as pr. said Plan 
will appear Reference thereunto being had. 

To have and to hold to him the above said Doe and to his Heirs 
forever the abovesaid Lot of Land with all the Provoledges there- 
unto belonging, or in any ways appertaining to his and their 
only proper use benefit & behoof forever. And I the above said 
Scott, the above said lot of land, unto the above said Doe, and 
to his heirs Executors or Administrators shall and will forever 
hereafter warrant and defend against myself, my Heirs Executors 
Administrators or Assigns forever by these presents. 
Samuel Scott & a Seal 

Signed sealed & delivered this First Day of November A. D. 
1765 in presence of James Howard Samuel Tolman 

Lincoln ss. 13th of May, 1766 Then the above named Samuel 
Scott appeared and acknowledged this Deed to be his free Act & 

Before me, James Howard, Justice of Peace. 


To all People to Whom These Presents Shall Come, GREETING: 

Know ye that I, Nathaniel Doe, of a place on Kennebeck River 
above the six Mile Falls in the County of Lincoln and Province 
of Massachusetts Bay in New England gentleman for and in 
consideration of the Sum of one hundred Pounds lawful Money to 
me in hand well and truly paid by Nathaniel Doe, Junr. of a 
Place on Kennebeck River near Forth Halifax in the County & 
Province aforesaid Blacksmith, the Receipt whereof I do hereby 
acknowledge and myself therewith fully satisfied and contented 

148 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

& of every part and parcel thereof do exonerate acquit & dis- 
charge him the said Nathaniel Doe Junr. his heirs Executors & 
administrators forever by these Presents. Have given granted 
bargained sold conveyed & confirmed & by these Presents do 
freely fully and absolutely give grant bargain sell convey & con- 
firm unto him the said Nathaniel Doe Junr. his Heirs Executors 
Administrators & assigns forever two Tracts or parcels of Land 
on the east side of the Kennebeck River above the Six Mile 
Falls & is Lot No. 94, bounded Southerly on Lot No. 93, three 
hundred & twenty Rods & easterly on Land left for a Way fifty 
Rods, & Northerly on Lot No. 95, to Kennebeck River, & West- 
erly on said River to the Bounds first mentioned containing one 
hundred acres, the other Tract is the back Lot belonging to said 
Front Lot containing one hundred & fifty acres according to a 
Plan laid down by Nathan Winslow Surveyor Reference to said 
Plan being had will m^ore fully appear. To have & to hold the 
said granted & bargained Premises with all the Appurtenances 
Privileges & Commodities to the same belonging or in any wise 
appertaining to him the said Nathaniel Doe Junr. his heirs and 
assigns forever, to his and their only proper use benefit and be- 
hoof forever. And the aforesaid Nathanel Doe for myself and my 
Heirs Executors & Administrators do covenant premise & grant 
to and with the said Nathanel Doe Junr. his Heirs & Assigns, that 
Ijefore the ensealing hereof I am the sole and lawfull owner of 
the above bargained Premises and lawfully seized & Possessed 
of the same in my own Proper Right as a good & perfect and ab- 
solute estate of Inheritance in fee simple and have in myself 
good RightfuU Power & lawfull authority to grant bargain sell 
convey & confirm said bargained Premises in manner as aforesaid 
and that the said Nathanel Doe Junr. his Heirs & assigns shall 
and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter by 
Force of Virtue of these Presents lawfully peaceably & quietly 
have hold use occupy possess & enjoy the said bargained Prem- 
ises with the Privileges & appurtenances free & clear & freely 
clearly acquitted exonerated and discharged of from all and all 
manner of former & other gifts grants Bargains, Sales Leases, 
Mortgages Will Entails Jointures Dowries Judgments Execu- 
tions or Incumbrances of what Name or Nature so ever that might 
in any Measure or Degree obstruct or make void this present 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 149 

Deed Furthermore I the said Nathanel Doe for myself my Heirs 
Executors & Administrators do covenant & engage the above 
demised Premises to him the said Nathanel Doe Junr. his Heirs 
& assigns against the claims of any Person or Persons from by 
or under me forever hereafter by these Presents. In witness 
whereof, I, the said Nathanel Doe have hereunto set my hand & 
seal this twenty fifth Day of October A. D. 1770 & in the eleventh 
year of his Majesty s Reign. 

Nathanel Doe, Senr. & a Seal 

Signed sealed & delivered in presence of Moses Hastings, 
Matthew Hastings. 

Lincoln ss. the 21 of Feb. 1771. The above named Nathanel 
Doe acknowledged this Deed to be his Act (t Deed l^efore me 
James Howard. Justice of Peace. 

Zebulon Doe 3, (Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, 

N. H., May 8, 1724; m. Deborah, dau. of John and Kiniston 

Wiggin of Stratham, N. H. He was a clothier and resided near 
the Falls in Newmarket, and pursued his calling of cloth making 
and dressing during his lifetime, as did his sons after his death. 
In 1822 the water power rights were acquired by the Newmarket 
Manufacturing Co. Zebulon Doe d. in 1776; his wife survived 
him and was cited to appear at court June 25, 1777, "to show why 
she had not administrated on her husband's estate, he being 
dead near a year." 

I. Zebulon, Jr., b. 1748; m. Elizabeth Wiggin. 
II. Wiggin, b. 1758; m. Mary Ewer Churchill. 

III. Deborah, b. ; spinster. 

IV. Hannah, b. ; m. Benjamin Stevens. 

V. Andrew, b. about 1765; m. 1st, Polly FoUett. 
VI. Nabby. 


Bradstreet Doe 4, (Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
h. Oct 16, 1732, Newmarket, N. H. Was a soldier in the Con- 
tinental Army in Capt. John Landon's company of volunteers; 

150 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

entered service Sept. 29, 1777; discharged Oct. 31, 1777, served 
one month, three days; company in service from Sept. 29, to 
Oct. 31, 1777, and marched to join the Continental army under 
Gen. Gates at Saratoga. Was one of the grantees of the town 
of Chatham, N. H.; sold his rights in 1792-96 and 1797. Re- 
sided Washington Plantation, Mass., (now Newfield, Me.,) in 
1790. He with sons Andrew and Theophilus, Nathaniel Bart- 
lett Doe and others leased land for 1000 years at a yearly rental 
of five shillings annually, "to dig in lots and subvert soil at their 
discretion to find gold and silver." (See contract) Bradstreet 
Doe of Newmarket, Gentleman, sells in Newmarket, Doe's 
Neck Farm, which he had obtained from his father, Samuel Doe,, 
in 1765, near land belonging to Nicholas Doe and others in 1778; 
also sell Oct. 27, 1783, land obtained from his brother, Samuel 
Doe, Jr., in 1771. Later he settled with his wife, Susanna, in 
Washington Plantation, Mass., now Newfield, Me. 


I. Samuel, b. 1764; m. Dolly Ricker. 
II. Andrew, b. . He was first clerk of Washington 
Plantation, and when the name was changed to 
Newfield, Mass., he was the first town clerk, being 
elected Sept. 26, 1791. He was in Lincoln Co., Me. 
in 1796. No further record. 

III. Theophilus, b. ; m. at Lee, N. H., June 13, 1802, 

Rebecca Stowell of Boston, Mass. He was a 
shipwright, and d. s. p. 

IV. Dau., probably Lydia, who m. June 4, 1796, Samuel 

Hill of Newfield, Me. 
V. Mary, b. May 31, 1776; m. Mar. 9, 1803, Samuel 
Dearborn of Effingham, N. H. 
VI. Joseph A., b. about 1781 ; m. Sally Martin. 
VII. Daughter. 

Articles of Agreement indented made and concluded in Sixteen 
parts by and between Bradstreet Doe of Washington in the Coun- 
ty of York Gentleman Andrew Doe, Leader Nelson, Elijah Drew, 
Ebenezer Hill, Theophelus Doe, Nathaniel Bartlet Doe, & Thom- 
as Davis of the same Washington yeomen John McDuffee of 
Rochester in the County of Strafford and State of New Hamp- 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 151 

shire Esquire Ephraim Blaisdell of Rochester aforesaid Trader 
Samuel Haven Junr. of Portsmouth in the County of Rocking- 
ham & State aforesaid Merchant Joseph Farnham of Lebanon 
in the County of York Esquire William Frost of York in sd 
County of York Esquire John Savage of said York Trader Josiah 
Oilman of said York Physician and Nathaniel Parsons of York 
aforesaid Yeoman who covenant each for himself his Heirs 
Executors and Administrators to and with all and every of the 
others and their Respective heirs Executors and Administrators 
on the Seventeenth day of August in the Year of our Lord One 
Thousand seven hundred and Ninety two in manner & form fol- 


That whereas the said Bradstreet Doe and Andrew Doe by 
Deed bearing Date the 17th Day of August 1792 hath Remised 
and to farm let unto all the Parties aforesaid(themselves excepted) 
one Lot of Land Lying in Washington aforesaid Numbered 13 
in Range I as by the said Deed on Record in the Registry of 
Deeds in the County of York Reference thereto being had may 
more fully appear. 

And Whereas the said Leader Nelson by Deed l)earing the 
same date hath Remised and to farm lett unto all the Parties 
aforesaid (himself excepted) another lot of land lying in Washing- 
ton aforesaid Numbered Nine in Range H. as by said Deed on 
Record in the Registry of Deeds in the County of York Refer- 
ence thereto being had may more fully appear. 

And Whereas the sd Elijah Drew by Deed bearing the same 
Date hath Remised and to Farm let unto all the Parties aforesaid 
(himself excepted) another lot of land in Washington aforesaid 
Numbered Ten in Range H. as by said Deed on Record as afore- 
said may appear. 

And Whereas the sd Ebenezer Hill Ijy Deed bearing the same 
date hath Remised and to Farm let unto all the Parties aforesaid 
(himself excepted) three Lots of Land in Washington aforesaid 
numbered 4" 5" 6 in Range K as by said Deed on Record as 
aforesaid may appear. And whereas the sd Theophilus Doe by 
Deed bearing the same date hath Remised and to Farm let unto 
all the Parties aforesaid (himself excepted) another lot of land 

152 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

in said Washington numbered in Range as by the said Deed on 
Record as aforesaid may appear. 

And Whereas the sd Nathaniel Bartlet Doe l)y Deed bearing 
the same Date hath Remised and to Farm let unto all the Par- 
ties aforesaid (himself excepted) another lot of land in said Wash- 
ington numbered 8 in Range H. as by the said deed on Record 
as aforesaid may appear. 

And whereas the said Thomas Davis by Deed bearing the 
same Date hath Remised and to Farm let unto all the Parties 
aforesd (himself excepted) another lot of land in said Washington 
Numbered Two in Range K. as by the said Deed on Record 
aforesaid may appear. 

And Furthermore Whereas it appears that within and upon the 
lotts aforesaid there are large quantities' of Divers Metalic Ores 
and Minerals of Gold, Silver, Copper Lead and other kinds to us 
at Present unknown which might be of great Value Provided a 
suitable number of Persons should Associate and bind them- 
selves and their Estates to Defray the charge and expence of 
Digging purifying and Assaying the Same the Respective owners 
of said Lotts not being of Sufficient Abilities therefor. 

Now therefore to the intent that the said Metalic Ores and 
Minerals may be dug out of the Earth, and Purified and Assayed 
and that each of the Parties aforesaid may equally enjoy and 
Possess the Profits and Emoluments that shall and may arise 
and amure from the same and that each and every of them shall 
Defray an Equal Proportion of the Charge and expense, attend- 
ing the Pursuit and Attainment of the object aforesaid — We the 
said Parties do Associate together and do Covenant each to and 
with all and every other of us in manner and form as is first afore- 
written as follows that is to say. 

Firstly, That the number of Parties to this Instrument shall 
always while the same shall Remain in force be the number of 
share in the Profits aforesd which shall never be increased by the 
Admission of any new Associate or Associates, nor by the sub- 
division of said Shares nor in any other way although the same 
may be Diminished by the purchase of individual Shares either 
by the Society at Large or any one or more of the memliers of 
the same. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 153 

Secondly. That from and after the Delivery of these presents 
we will proceed by all proper and necessary means either in per- 
son or by hireing Labour to Dig in the aforesaid Lotts or some of 
them in such place and manner as the Committee herein after 
named Shall Direct without Refusal or Delay. 

Thirdly. That there shall be such buildings erected upon said 
Lotts or any part of them as the said Committee shall Deem 
necessary for the purpose of Purifying and Refining whatever 
ores or minerals may be discovered therein and such buildings 
shall and may be Severed from the soil at the Expiration of the 
Respective Leases of said Lotts and shall be the Common Prop- 
erty of all the Parties aforesaid. 

Fourthly. That the said Committee shall and may Purchase 
at the Common Expense of said Parties all such tools implements 
Materials and things as shall by them be deemed Requisite to 
bring said Ores and minerals to their highest purity and perfection 
and shall & may for that end procure and Employ and at any 
time Dismiss (some Skilful man within the United States) if 
it should appear to them that such end cannot be otherwise 

Fifthly. That untill this Society shall be incorporated for 
the purpose thereof we will meet quartily to wit on the Seven- 
teenth day of August So quartily from that time every year at 
Thomas Davises in said Washington without further notice, and 
a book shall be kept wherein shall be inserted the Proceedings of 
the Society at such meetings, which Proceedings shall be obliga- 
tory upon and good evidence against all and every one of us Pro- 
vided they be signed by the Major part of the Parties aforesd at 
every Respective Meeting of which Signing the Clerk of the 
Society shall be a Competent Witness. 

Sixthly. That once at least in every Year and as much oftener 
as the Society according to the fifth Article shall direct, there 
shall be an equal Division of Profits and an Equal Assessment 
of Expenses to and upon the Members thereof, and such Expence 
shall be paid by each Member to the Committee aforesaid within 
two monrths after every such Assessment. 

Seventhly. That any proper Action brought by the Residue 
of the Society against any member thereof for his Proportion of 
the Expence or by any member against the Residue of said So- 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

ciety for his proportion of the Profits of this undertaking shall 
Stand in Law, and the Defendant shall neither plead nor give 
evidence any other matter than might be pleaded or given in 
evidence Respectively if this Society were incorporated by Law. 

Eighthly. That the aforesaid Committee shall always consist of 
Members to be chosen and Removed at any meeting of the Society 
who shall and will Render to the Society a faithful account of 
their doings at every quarterl.v meeting thereof to be Signed & 
Approved as aforesaid. 

Ninthly. That this Instrument shall continue and be in force 
during the term of the Leases aforesaid unless the Society shall 
be sooner Incorporated by Law when it shall no longer be in 
force but shall be void. 

(a seal) 

Bradstreet Doe 

(a seal) 

(a seal) 

Andrew Doe 

(a seal) 

Ephr Blaisdell 

(a seal) 

Leader Nelson 

(a seal) 

Samuel Haven Jun(a seal) 

Elijah Drew 

(a seal) 

Joseph Farnham 

(a seal) 

Nathl B. Doe 

(a seal) 

Wm. Frost 

(a seal) 

Thomas Davis 

(a seal) 

John Savage 

(a seal) 

Ebenr Hill Junr 

(a seal) 

Josi Oilman 

(a seal) 

(a seal) 

Nathl Parsons 

(a seal) 

Recorded according to the original Returned into this office 
December 26th 1792. 

Attt Wm Frost Regr. 
Recorded in Book 55, Folio 146. 

Samuel Doe Jr. 4, (Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Mar. 29, 1734, Newmarket, N. H. Was a joiner by trade. 
M. Apr. 25, 1763, EHzabeth Pickering, b. at Portsmouth, N. H., 
dau. of Joshua Pickering of Newington. She inherited a share 
of her father's est. May 25, 1768. Samuel Doe, Jr. d. July, 1808. 


I. Abigail, b. , who signs deed in Portsmouth in 

1809, as spinster. 
II. Daughter. 
III. Daughter, d. young. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 155 

Jonathan Doe 4, (Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Durham, N. H., Nov. 16, 1740. Trader. M. Mrs. Mary 
(Molly) Borden, widow of John Borden. She was b. Nov. 13, 
1740, and d. at Sanbornton, N. H., Apr. 15, 1809. She had a 
dau. by her first marriage, Betsey Borden,, b. May 31, 1763. 
Jonathan Doe bought land in Newmarket, Aug. 9, 1769, and sold 
to Lemuel and Zebulon Doe, Jr. in 1772, land which was given 
him by his father, Samuel Doe. An old account book with 
entries dated 1769 to 1778 shows he was also a tailor and store- 
keeper, and by the charges in this book it would seem that nearly 
everyone wore leather breeches. He also had accounts against 
parties for making "regimentals" and "Louis coats" and "Louis 
breeches." He d. Jan. 30, 1814, at Sanbornton, N. H. 

I. Deborah, b. May 28, 1771; m. Oct. 1, 1791, Samuel 

Crockett of Northwood, N. H. 
IL Sally, b. June 24, 1773; d. young, 
in. John Borden, b. June 1, 1775, Northwood, N. H.; m. 

Rhoda Mead. 
IV. Nabby, b. Aug. 22, 1777. 

V. Samuel, \ ^ . i ^t .i i ^- tt t o i-o^a 

,.T n 11 } twms, b. JNorthwood, JN. H., Jan. 8, 1/80. 

VI. Sally, ) 

Samuel m. Eliza Merrill. 

Petition for a Highway. 

Province of New Hamp. 

"To his Excellency John Wentworth, Esq., Captain General 
and Governour in Chief in and over His Magests Province of 
New Hampshire, and to the Honourable his Magestys Council 
and House of Representatives, in General Court Convened The 
Eleventh day of February, A. D. 1768: 

The petition of us Subscribers, being Inhabitants and Free- 
holders of Durham, Newmarket and Towns adjacent, most 
Humbly heweth that at his Majesty's Court of General Sessions 
******* To order the said way to be laid out and opened 
in such way & manner as your Excellency and Honours shall in 

156 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

your great wisdom think fit, and your petitioners as in Duty 
bound A ill ever pray." 



And others. 

The following entries were taken from an old account book 

kept by Jonathan Doe of Newmarket, N. H.: 

1769. Zebulon Doe, Jr., Dr. 

Feb. 5. To cutting your coat, 01 . 00 . 00 

To journey of my horse to Exeter, 01 . 10 . 00 

To cutting your wife's Rideing Hood, 01 . 00 . 00 

To Salt Morter, 02.00.00 

To a trip to the Island in the Gondlow, 08 . 00 . 00 

To Zebulon Doe makeing Burerige 00 . 10 . 00 

To 1 load of dung by Zebulon Doe, 05 . 00 . 00 

To cutting a pair of Trossers 00 . 08 . 00 

To 4 days work myself, 1 2 . 00 . 00 

To 3 days work Caleb (g^ 25/ , 03 . 1 5 . 00 

To 50/ Shillings by Sister Nabby, 02 10 . 00 

To the Inter st of the Goods, 04 . 10 . 00 

To the amount of the goods account, 75 . 15 . 00 


Newmarket, Feb. 26, 1772. 
This day settled and Balanced all Accounts Between Jonathan 
Doe and Zebulon Doe, and as witness our hands. 
1769. Nicholas Doe, Dr. 

Oct. 30. To makeing a Sute of Cloas, 20.00.00 

To Mohair for the Sute, 01.04.00 

To putting a set of Buttons on your (ireat 

Coat, 00.10,00 

1774. To cutting a Banyan, 00 . 12 . 00 

Jul 4. To Cutting Sundry Garments, 02.00.00 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 157 

Jan. 12. To 4 days work of myself , 12.00.00 

Feb. 25. To 2 days work, 06 . 00 . 00 


1776. This day settled all account Between Jonathan Doe and 
Nicholas Doe, & thair was due to Jonathan one shilling and 
ninepence Lawfull money. 

This Acct. Balanced and Settled. 

1774. John Doe, 

Aug. 5. To cutting Lewis Breashes, 

To makeing your Great Coat, 
To Repairing your Coat, 
To makeing your Sute of Cloas, 
To Cutting Lewis Coat, 
To cutting 2 Coats at your house. 
To makeing Lewis Buckskin Breashes, 
To leather for a pair of breeches, 
To cutting the breeches 

To cutting Coat and jacot. 

To cutting pair of Breeches, 

To makeing Sam's Leather Breeches, 

1769. Stephen Willey, 

To cutting a jacot, 
To makeing your boy's coat. 
To cutting 2 pair Trouses, 
To makeing a pair Trouses 
To 1 days work of Josiah reaping. 
To makeing your boy's coat, 
To makeing your Sute, 
To makeing your Breatches, 
To making your coat, 
To 40/ shillings paid to Sister Nabby, 
































































The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

To 1 Pair Leather Breatches, 28 . 00 . 00 

To 1 Pair Dears Leather Breatches, 30 . 00 . 00 

Newmarket, Feb. 5, 1772. 

This day settled all accounts between Jonathan Doe and 

Stephen Willey and their was Due to Doe seven shillings, Lawfull 

money, 00.07. 


1770. Jeremiah Folsom, Dr. 

June 10, To 3i cords of wood, 68.00.00 

To 3732 ft. of boards @ 35/ per thosand, 140 . 07 . 00 

To 1 cord & 5 ft. of cordwood @ 8/cd. 13 . 00 . 00 

To 490 Clapboards by your father, 29 . 00 . 00 

To 155 pounds paid by Joseph Durgin, 155 . 00 . 00 

To 155 pounds paid by Lemuel Doe, 155 . 00 . 00 

To 1 18 pounds paid by Samuel Doe, 1 18 . 00 . 00 
To 1^ cords of wood by my Brother Zebulon, 12 . 00 . 00 

To 3000 Hemlock Boards @ 20/ 60 . 00 . 00 

To 50 Clapboards, 02 . 15 . 00 

1770. John Sanborn, Dr. 

Feb. 28. To 1 Bever skin, 00 . 04 . 00 

To makeing pair of Leather Breatches, 00 . 08 . 00 

To makeing a Sute of Cloas, 01 . 00 . 00 

To 1 Pair Leather Breatches, 01 . 10 . 00 

To makeing your Setute, 00 . 00 . 30 

To Stayings for the Setute, 00 . 00 . 30 

To a loan, 00.00.08 

1776. James Cram, Dr. 

To makeing your Great Coat, 01 . 00 . 00 

June 21. To 2 clay's work, 06.00.00 

To 1 day's work, 03.00.00 

Sept. 20. To makeing 2 pair Men's Leather Breatches, 16 . 00 . 00 

28. To Cutting a Great Coat for your father, 03.00.00 

Nov. 15. To cutting a Sute for David & a top coat, 04.00.00 

To cutting a top coat for William, 

To cutting a pair of Breatches for yourself, 00 . 10 . 00 

To cutting a Sute and coat for James, 02 . 00 . 00 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 159 

To cutting 3 jackets and Breatches, 04 . 15 . 00 

To cutting 3 Pair Over halls, 01 . 04 . 00 

To U days work, 04.10.00 

To makeing 2 pairs Leather Breatches, 16 . 00 . 00 
To makeing 1 pair of Leather Breatches 

for Self, 06.00.00 

To makeing James' Leather Breatches, 06 . 00 . 00 

To Makeing your father's coat, 09 . 00 . 00 

The following names are those of men who traded with Jona- 
than Doe, as shown by his old account book. Some of the men 
referred to are mentioned in the History of Newfields, N. H., 
also History of Durham, N. H. The writer has pubhshed a few 
pages from the account book to show the prices and the articles 
people purchased in those days. The following names of people 
having accounts in this book may be of some aid to genealogists, 
as we have given the dates the parties were in Newmarket, N. H. : 

1769- Jeremiah Bryant. 

1770-Capt. Joseph Thomas, Josiah Hilton. 

1771-Joseph Durgin, Joseph Williams, Joseph Chesley, Joseph 
Young, Benjamin Mead, Josiah Durgin, David Folsom, David 
( 'hapman, Timothy Murrey. 

1772-Reuben Hill, Thomas Taft, CoL Joseph Smith. 

1773-John Mead, Joseph Smith, Lemuel Doe, Samuel Doe, 
Thomas Stevenson, Joseph Smart. 

1774- John Smith, John Doe. 

1777-Dr. Cook. 

1779-Morgan Connor. 

Lieutenant Zebulon Doe 4, (Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., Oct. 7, 1742. Felt maker 
and hatter by trade. M. July 16, 1769, Sarah Hardy, b. July 16, 
1748. He moved to Wolfeboro so he could obtain furs more 
cheaply for his business. He enlisted as a private in the Revolu- 
tionary War, June 6, 1775, Capt. Simon Marston's Co., Col. 
Oilman's Regiment. He saw service at Chimney Point on Lake 
Champlain and was lieutenant in the Continental Army at 
Charlestown on the Connecticut River in 1776. Resided at 
Newmarket in 1790. Purchased land at New Durham in 1783; 
sold in 1787. He d. April 7, 1809. 

160 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Theophilus, b. May 1, 1772; m. Mary (or Polly) 
II. Zebulon, b. Oct. 12, 1773; m. Betsey Miller Clark. 
No further record. 
III. Sarah, b. Dec. 25, 1775; d. Dec. 13, 1804. 

t/ o ^^^^\' I twins, b. Sept. 14, 1779; d. in infancy. 
V. Samuel,! 

VI. Nancy, b. Mar. 18, 1781. 

VII. Bradstreet, b. Aug. 7, 1783; d. in infancy. 

VIII. Bradstreet, b. Mar. 8, 1785; m. Hannah Pendergast. 

IX. Abigail (or Nabby), b. Mar. 29, 1789; m. Feb. 16, 

1816, Benjamin Tebbetts; d.Oct. 31, 1842. 

Lemuel Doe 4, (Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. June 20, 1745, Oyster River, N. H.; m. Dec. 30, 1776, Eliza- 
beth Boyd, and settled in Bristol, Mass., now Maine. He pe- 
titioned the County of Hillsboro, N. H., September Term of 
Court, 1778, for permission to take corn and sheep from New 
Hampshire to Bristol, Maine. He deeded land in Hancock 
County, Me., in 1790. Died in 1798. 

Ch ildren : 

I. Samuel, b. 1777 ; m. 1st, Dec. 24, 1805, Nancy Davis; 
m. 2nd, June 27, 1809, Al)igail, dau. of Timothy 
Fitch. Settled in Bangor, Me. 
II. John, b. May 4, 1783; d. s. p. 

III. Elizabeth, b. 

IV. Andrew, b. Sept. 12, 1785; d. Feb. 12, 1786. 
V. Thomas, b. Jan. 25, 1787; m. Betsey Cook. 

Lemuel Doe's Estate was inventoried in 1797, as shown l\v 
the following copied from the Lincoln County Probate Records. 

"Lemuel Doe, late of Bristol, Elizabeth Doe, of Bristol, w., 
Adm'x, 20 Feb. 1797. (VII, 25-26.) John Boyd and Phillip 
Hatch, both of Bristol, sureties. Inventory by George Rodgers, 
William Mclntyer and Samuel Boyd, all of Bristol, 23 May, 1797. 
$1,828.46, and two notes of hand amounting to $147.21 (VII 
171-2.) Elizabeth and Thomas, minor children, chose Elizabeth, 
w., to be their guardian, 9 Apr., 1805. (IX, 259.) Elizabeth, 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 161 

w., guardian unto John, non compos son, 27 June, 1805. (X 4 
to 6.) Real estate valued at $1360— by William Mclntyer, 
Henry Fossett and Samuel Boyd, all of Bristol, 25 June, 1805; 
assignment of real estate to Samuel, eldest son, 27 June, 1805; 
account filed 27 June, 1805. (XI, 96 to 98.) 

Nicholas Doe, Jr. 4, (Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Newmarket, N. H.; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sergt. Ezekiel 
Sanborn, who was b. 1750. M. 2d, Martha, widow of Samuel 
Leavitt. Served as a private in the Revolutionary War, Capt. 
Edward Hilton's Co., Col. Joshua Wingate's Regt. Service 25 
days in defense of Rhode Island in August, 1778. D. Aug. 31, 

I. Nicholas Churchill, b. July 4, 1771; m. Deborah 
Parsons of Epping, N. H. 
II. Ehzabeth, b. 1769 ; m. Apr. 3, 1788, Ichabod Churchill 
and settled in Parsonsfield, Me. Ch.: 1-Nicho- 
las, b. June 3, 1790; d. unm. Aug. 10, 1845. 2- 
Betsey, b. Mar. 27, 1793; d. Mar. 30, 1877. 3- 
John, b. Sept. 22, 1795; d. Oct. 5, 1873. 4- 
Thomas, b. June 20, 1798; m. Mar. 4, 1830, Mary 
Banks. He d. Oct. 16, 1878. 5-Mary, b. Jan. 
24, 1801; m. Robinson Blaisdell of Eaton, N. H. 

Nathaniel Doe 4, (Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
about 1732 at Durham, N. H.; m. Sept. 27, 1757, Mary Wright, 
who was b. Maiden, Mass. He was a blacksmith by trade; was 
soldier in Capt. John Wright's Co., Col. Joseph Dwight's Regt. at 
Fort William Henry, Oct. 11, 1756; mustered by Henry Leddel, 
Muster Master General of Provincial Army raised for expedition 
against Crown Point, Lake Champlain, Vt.; was also on muster 
roll, dated Boston, Feb. 16, 1757, of a Co. in His Majesty's 
service under the command of Capt. John Wright; served from 
Mar. 12, 1756, to Dec. 6, 1756-38 weeks, 4 days. (French and 
Indian War Records, Vol. 94, P. 324.) 

I. Simon, b. Aug. 31, 1758, in Maiden, Mass.; m. Mary 

162 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

II. Nathaniel Bartlett, b. ; m. Sarah Weymouth. 

III. Henry, b. ; m. Jennie McPherson McKeen of 

Windham, N. H. 

IV. John Washington, b. ; m. Esther Hobbs and 

settled in Tamworth, N. H. 

These four brothers were all living at Washington 

Plantation, Mass., (now Newfield, Me.,) in 1790. 

Joseph Doe 4, (Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dur- 
ham, N. H., 1737; m. Jan. 19, 1767, Martha, dau. of Walter 
Weeks, b. Greenland, N. H. He resided at Newmarket, N. H., 
and d. in 1817. The following is taken from the "Saco Valley 
Settlements and Families," page 135. "The lands now com- 
prised in the pleasant town of Cornish were a part of that ex- 
tensive territory purchased by Francis Small of the Indian 
Chief, Captain Sunday, and after the partition, were sold by 
Joshua Small to Joseph Doe of Newmarket, N. H., and Benja- 
min Connor of Newburyport, Mass., for 1,980 pounds. The 
plantation was a dense wilderness when surveyed in 1772." He 
was a soldier in 1754, and for having "endured the brunt and 
hardships of the late war", petitioned .for a township in 1754. 
He purchased horses for the state in 1780, for which he was credit- 
ed by New Hampshire Committee of Safety, Jan. 11, 1783. 
He was state auditor in 1785; active in parish in 1791. 

I. Patty,) , . , /, 

II. Polly, Z^-^^^^'^- ' i^' 


III. Comfort, b. . Witnessed deed of sale of father's 

property in 1802. 

IV. Walter, b. 1774, m. Mary Emerson. 
V. Joseph, b. ; d. in infancy. 

VI. Joseph, Jr., b. Nov.l 5, 1776; m. Mary Bodwell Ricker. 
VII. Sally, b. Aug. 27, 1780; m. Joseph Doe. Received 

land from her father's est. in 1819. 
VIII. Nicholas Bartlett, b. 1786; graduated from Phillips 
Exeter Academy. Became a lawyer and settled 
in Saratoga Co., N. Y. Was Judge of Saratoga 
Co. M. Gertrude C. Farmer, who d. Feb. 12, 
1864. He d. s. p. Dec. 6, 1856. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 163 

Gideon Doe 4, (Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. in 
1740, at Durham, N. H.; m. 1st, in 1765, Abigail Connor of New- 
market, N. H., b. May, 1744, County Cork, Ireland; came to 
this country when a child. M. 2d, 1798, Eunice Hill of Exeter, 
N. H., who d. 1799; m. 3d, 1799, Sarah Oilman of Exeter, N. H., 
who d. June 15, 1819. He settled first in Wolfeboro, N. H., then 
moved to Parsonsfield, Me., in 1777, and at the first town meet- 
ing held in 1785 he was elected assessor and surveyor of highways. 
He d. Apr. 8, 1820. 

Children : (By first wife.) 

I. Betsey, b. Feb. 13, 1766; d. in infancy. 

II. Eliphalet, b. Mar. 10, 1767; m. 1st, Hannah Hanna- 


III. Gideon, Jr., b. Aug. 7, 1769; d. 1787. 

IV. Jeremy, b. Mar. 19, 1771; m. Sarah Garland. 
V. Amasa, b. July, 1773. No further record. 

VI. Joseph, b. Oct. 8, 1774; m. Sarah Doe. 
VII. Abigail, b. Mar. 10, 1777; d. May 7, 1797. 
VIII. Benjamin Connor, b. Apr. 28, 1779; m. Rebecca 
IX. Nicholas, b. May 21, 1781 ; m. Nancy Estey. 
X. Meribah, b. Mar. 21, 1783; d. in infancy. 
XI. Olive, b. Mar. 8, 1788 ; killed on railroad in New York 

Deacon John Doe 4, (Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Sept. 9, 1749, at Durham, N. H.; m. Dec. 27, 1773, Elizabeth 
Ames, who d. July 27, 1810. He settled in Parsonsfield, Me., 
in 1775. The town was incorporated in 1785; the first town 
meeting was held Aug. 29, 1785, and Deacon John Doe was 
elected town clerk 1785-6, and he was selectman in 1787. He d. 
Feb. 21, 1819. 

Children: (First two born in Durham, N. H.; remainder in 
Parsonsfield, Maine.) 

I. Anne, b. Sept. 15, 1774; m. Josiah Hannaford. 
II. Bartlett, b. June 22, 1776; d. in infancy. 

III. John, Jr., b. Aug. 31, 1778; m. Abigail Giddings. 

IV. Mary, b. June 23, 1781; m. Morris Leavitt. Fourch. 

164 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

The Old Homestead of Deacon John Doe 
Parsonsfield, Me. 

V. Betsey, b. Sept. 13, 1783; m. David Crockett. Eight 

VI. Bartlett, b. Aug. 30, 1785; m. Mary Sanborn. 
VII. Sally, b. July 29, 1787; m James Marston. 
VIII. Comfort, b. Aug. 11, 1790; m. Gideon Colcord in 
1809; d. in 1833. Ch.: 1-Rufus; 2-Ehzabeth; 
3-Climena; 4-Josiah; 5-Clara; 6-Mercy. 

Nathaniel Doe, Jr. 4, (Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicho- 
las 1), b. Durham, N. H., in 1748. Yeoman and blacksmith. 

Moved to Vassalboro, Me.; m. Molly . Bought land 

of his father in Vassalboro in 1770, (see copy of deed under 
Capt. Nathaniel. He held different offices in the town of Vassal- 
boro and was constable in 1776. At the March meeting that 
year every inhabitant was assessed four bunches of shingle to be 
delivered to the selectmen to be used for purchasing ammunition 
for defense of said town. Was a private in the Revolutionary 
War, Capt. John Blount's Co., Col. Samuel McCobb's Regt. 
Saw service between June 28th, 1779, and Sept. 28th, 1779. 
Twenty-two days was spent on the Penobscot expedition. 
(War record from Mass. Soldiers and Sailors List.) 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 165 

Children: (All b. in Vassalboro, Maine.) 

I. David, b. Feb. 27, 1776; m. Anna Taylor. 

II. Nathaniel, b. Apr. 11, 1779; m. 1st, Rebecca ; 

2nd, Hannah Prescott. 

III. Andrew, b. Dec 19, 1781 ; m. Abigail Weeks. 

IV. Mercy, b. May 29, 1784; m. in 1803, Isaac Chapman 

of China, Me., who d. Oct. 14, 1848, at Weeks' 

Mills, Me. She d. May 9, 1876. Ch.: Seven 

sons and one dau. 

V. Charles, b. Apr. 7, 1787 ; m. Rachel Varnum. 

VI. Josiah Fairfield, b. Nov. 21, 1789; d. Nov. 1, 1796. 

VII. Lydia, b. June 25, 1792; d. Oct. 15, 1796. 

VIII. Jonathan Fairfield, \ , . , ,^ ,„ i_„^ 
^^^ ^ , ' / twHis, b. May 19, 1796. 

iX. John, I 

Jonathan Fairfield m. Mary Day. 

John was a soldier in the War of 1812 in Capt. J. 
Wing's Co., Lieut. Col. H. Moore's Regt. Service 
from Sept. 12th to Sept. 27, 1814, at Wiscasset, 
Me. Company raised at Vassalboro, Me. He m. 
May 10, 1821, Hepsey P. Raymond of Winslow, 
Me., and d. in Augusta, Me. in 1858. No ch. 

X. Mary, b. June 2, 1799; m. Newcomb; both d. in 

China, Me. 

Corporal Sampson Doe 4, (Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H. Settled in Vassalboro, Maine. 
Enlisted as soldier in the Continental Army, 2d Lincoln County 
Regiment, Feb. 2, 1778. Joined Capt. Lamont's Co., Col. 
Bradford's Regiment, term three years. He was corporal of 

5th Co., Col. Gamaliel Bradford's Regiment. M. Sarah •. 

Resided in Clinton, Me. Sold lot of land below Teconick Falls, 
1771; sold property to son William in 1804, also sold Doe's Point 
in Clinton in 1807. He d. 1829. Letters of administration 
granted on his estate July 10, 1829, at Clinton, Me. 

Children: (Born before 1790, Vassalboro, Me.) 

I. Joseph, m. Lydia Wade. 

II. Converse; m. Ann B. Chadwick. 

III. Wilham, b. Aug. 30, 1781 ; m. Rachel Savage. 

166 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

IV. Daughter. 

V. Daughter. 

VI. Daughter. 

doe to doe. book 12 — page 126, 1777. 

Know all men by these Presents that I Samson Doe of Vassal- 
borough in the County of Lincoln yeoman, in Consideration of 
the sum of forty six Pounds thirteen Shillings and four pence to 
me in hand before the ensealing hereof well and truly paid by 
Nathaniel Doe junior of Vassalborough in the county aforesaid 
and state of Massachusetts Bay, yeoman, the Receipt whereof 
I do hereby acknowledge do hereby give grant, bargain, sell, 
convey and confirm unto the said Nathaniel and his heirs, a 
certain Tract of Land situate lying and being upon the west side 
of Kennebeck River in Vassalborough aforesaid, containing 
about one hundred acres more or less, being called Lot No. 78, 
and is butted and bounded as follows: viz.: Beginning at the 
East End of the North Line of Lott No. 77 then to run west 
North West by said North Line three hundred and twenty Poles 
to a Road then to run Northerly by said Road about fifty Poles, 
to the West End of the South Line of Lot No. 79, then to run 
East, South East by said south line, three hundred and twenty 
Poles to Kennebeck River then to run Southerly down the River 
to the first mentioned Bounds together with the privileges and 
appurtenances belonging to the same. 

To have and to hold the same parcel of Land together with 
the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging or in any 
wise appertaining unto the said Nathaniel Doe, Junr. his heirs 
and assigns forever. And Sarah, the wife of the said Samson 
Doth hereby for the Consideration aforesaid give and grant her 
Dower and right of Dower in the premises unto the said Nathaniel 
his heirs and assigns forever. 

In witness whereof, we the said Samson and Sarah do hereunto 
set our hands & seals, this twenty second Day of March A. D. 

Samson Doe 

Signed, sealed and Delivered in presence of Remington Hobby, 
Edward Blanchard Junr. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 167 

Dudley Doe 4, (Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Durham, N. H., May 25, 1747. Blacksmith. M. Nov. 12, 
1773, Anna Dyer, b. Portland, Me., Mar. 20, 1748, and d. Feb. 
16, 1833. He resided Vassalboro and Sidney, Me., and Vassal- 
boro records show that Dudley Doe held many town offices; was 
constable in 1782. In 1776 each inhabitant was assessed four 
bunches of shingles each, to be used to purchase ammunition for 
the defense of the town, and Dudley Doe was on committee to 
see to collecting the shingles. Was a soldier in the Revolutionary 
War, Mar. 30, 1776, in Capt. Lamont's Co. at Cambridge, Mass. 
(Mass. Archives of Revolutionary Soldiers, Volume 61.) 
Ch ildren : 

I. WiUiam, b. Aug. 2, 1774; a dwarf and crippled. Re- 
ceived an education and was one of the first school- 
masters of China, Me. ; d. s. p. 
II. Dudley, Jr., b. June 13, 1776; m. 1st, Sept. 8, 1802, 
Mary Spratt; m. 2nd, Nancy Page. 

III. Anna, b. Oct. 21, 1777; m. July 1, 1798, Nathaniel 


IV. Sally, b. Aug. 20, 1779; m. Dec. 25, 1798, Jacob Mc- 

LaughUn. Ch.: 1-Dudley, b. Oct. 19, 1799. 
2-Lucy, b. Feb. 1, 1802. 3-Eliza, b. Jan. 30, 
1804. 4-Edgar Emery, b. ; 5-Jacob. 6-Tho- 

mas, b. Apr. 19, 1808. 7-Henry, b. June 13, 1810. 
8-Jonathan, b. Aug. 20, 1812. 9-Sally, b. Sept. 8, 
1814. 10-Baby, (twin of Sally), b. Sept. 8, 1814. 
11-Constant, b. Nov.3, 1816. 12-Elvira, b. Sept. 
4, 1819. 
V. David, 1). Aug. 29, 1781 ; m. Martha Wiggin. 
VI. Betsey, b. July 11, 1783; m. June 29, 1806, Daniel 

VII. Sukey, b. June 24, 1787; m. Nov. 5, 1806, Daniel 

Bean of Harlem, now China, Me. 
VIII. Debby, b. May 9, 1789; m. Thomas Ward. 
IX. Jonathan, b. Feb. 14, 1792; m. Mary McLaughlin. 

TAYLOR TO DOE. BOOK 13, PAGE 128. 1769. 

To all People to Whom These Presents Shall Come, Greeting: 

Know ye. That I, Joseph Tailor of Kennebeck River in the 
County of Lincoln and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in 

168 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

New England, Yeoman, for and in consideration of twenty- 
four pounds good and lawful money to me in Hand well and truly 
paid, the Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, by Dudley 
Doe of the same Place, Blacksmith, have bargained, sold and 
conveyed to him the said Doe, a certain Lot of Land on the West 
Side of Kennebeck River aforesaid in two Divisions, bounded as 
follows, viz.: Beginning at the West Side of Kennebeck River 
aforesaid and at the East end of the North Line of Lot No. 38, 
thence runing West by North West by said North Line three 
Hundred and twenty Poles to a Road, thence running Northerly 
by the Road fifty Poles to the West End of Lot No. 40 thence 
running East South East by the South Line of said Lot three 
hundred and twenty Poles to Kennebeck River, thence Southerly 
down the River to the first mentioned Bounds and contains one 
Hundred Acres more or less. 

Second Division begins two Miles and sixteen Poles from Kenne- 
beck River at a Road and at the East End of the North Line of 
Lot No. 38, thence to run West North West by said North Line 
three Hundred and twenty Poles, thence to run Northerly seven- 
ty five Poles to the West End of the South Line of Lot No. 40, 
thence to run East South East by said South Line three Hun- 
dred and twenty Poles to a Road, thence to run Southerly by 
said Road seventy-five Poles to the first mentioned Bounds, and 
contains one Hundred and fifty acres more or less, both of said 
Divisions being marked 39 on a Plan made by Nathan Winslow 
Surveyor, dated June 17, 1761, as pr. said Plan will appear. To 
have and to hold to him sd. Dudley Doe and to his heirs aforever 
the above described Premises, with the privileges thereto belong- 
ing, to his and their Use, Benefit and Behoof forever. 

And I the above named Joseph Tailor, for me, my Heirs, 
Executors, and Administrators, the above described Premises 
unto the above said Doe and to his Heirs, Executors, Adminis- 
trators or Assigns, do and will forever hereafter warrant and 
defend against all Persons from, by or under me, them or either 
of them by these Presents. Signed, sealed and delivered this 
twenty-fifth Day of November Anno que Domini 1769. 

Joseph Taylor and a seal 
Li presence of us James Howard — Daniel Savage. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 169 

James Doe 4, (Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
about 1750, Durham, N. H. Resided in Vassalboro, Me. M. 
Olive Raymond, who was b. Vassalboro, Me. He held a number 
of town offices, and sold property in Harpswell in 1798. Was'a 
Revolutionary soldier in Capt. Lamont's Co. at Cambridge, 
Mass., Mar. 30, 1776. (Mass. Archives, Mass. Revolutionary 
Soldiers, Vol. 61.) 


I. Nancy, b. ; m. in 1803, Raymond Smith. 

II. Abigail, (probably), m. in 1800 Joseph Woods of 
Vassalboro, Me. 

III. Betsey (probably), m. June 17, 1810, Edward House 

of Vassalboro. 

IV. Daughter. 

V. Ezekiel, b. about 1792; m. Ehza Lassall. 
VI. James Jr., b. about 1794; m. Betsey Myrick. 

EVINGS TO DOE. BOOK 16, PAGE 220 1777. 

To All People to Whom These Presents Shall Come, GREETING: 

Know ye that I Nathaniel Evings of Vassalborough in the 
County of Lincoln and State of Massachusetts Bay yeoman, 
for and in consideration of twenty-six pounds thirteen shillings 
& four Pence lawfull money of the State above said to me in 
hand paid by James Doe of the same place yeoman, the receipt 
whereof I do hereby acknowledge and I am satisfied therewith 
have granted bargained sold conveyed and confirmed to said 
James Doe and to his heirs forever, certain tract or parcel of 
Land in Vassalborough in two Divisions bounded as follows, 
viz.: to begin at the East Side of Kennebeck River at the Line 
between Lots No. 94 and 95, then to run East South by said Line 
one mile to a road, then to run northerly by said road about fifth 
Poles to the Line between Lots No. 95 and 96 then to run by 
said Line one Mile to Kennebeck River then to run about fifty 
Poles down the River to the first mentioned ])ounds and contains 
about one hundred acres more or less. 

Second Division begins Two Miles and sixteen Poles to the 
Eastward of the Kennebeck River at a Road and at the Line 
between rear Lots No. 94 and 95, then to run East South by said 
line one mile, then to run northerly about seventy five Poles to 

170 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

the Line between rear Lots No. 95 and 96 then to run west north 
west by said Line one mile to a road about seventy-five Poles 
to the first mentioned boundes and contains about one hundred 
and fifty acres of Land more or less. Both of said Divisions is 
No. 95, on Plan made by Nathan Winslow Surveyor, dated Jan. 
17, 1761. As by said Plan will appear reference thereto being- 

To have and to hold to the said James Doe and to his heirs 
the above described Premises, except what is between the Town 
road and Kennebeck River which I have made over by Promise 
to Thomas Pilsberry — And furthermore I the said Nathaniel 
Evings for me my Heirs Executors or Administrators the above 
described Premises unto the above named James Doe and to his 
Heirs Executors Administrators or Assigns do and will forever 
hereafter warrant and defend against the lawful claims of all 
Persons whatsoever, except what is within excepted. And I 
Hannah Evings Wife of the said Nathaniel Evings in testimony 
of my Consent and quitting my Thirds and Right of Dower do 
hereunto set my hand and seal. Signed Sealed & delivered this 
sixth day of November 1776. 

Nathaniel Evans and a Seal, 
Hannah X Evans and a Seal. 


In presence of James Howard, Ephm. Cowen, Samson Doe, 
James (?) Pilsbrey. 

Zebulon Doe Jr. 4, (Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Newmarket, N. H., 1748. Clothier. Oct. 3, 1770, he bought 
of his father rights in Lower Falls of Lamprey River. Mar. 
17, 1772, he sold the premises "bought of my honoured father, 
Zebulon Doe," to Edward Smith, and his mother, Deborah, 
signed away her rights of dower. He enlisted as private in the 
Revolutionary War, May 30, 1775, Capt. Samuel Oilman's Co., 
Col. Enoch Poor's Regt. He saw service at Chimney Point, 
Lake Champlain. March 10, 1786, he sold Benjamin Mead his 
homestead in Newmarket. He married Elizabeth, b. July 25, 
1767, the twelfth child of Thomas Wiggin. He died in 1797. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 171 

The administrator of his estate was WilHam Wiggin of Warner. 
Bonds, Stephen and Thomas Wiggin of Stratham, N. H. W. 
m. Mr. Young of Warner, N. H. 


I. Deborah, b. 

II. Ehzabeth, b. 

III. Nancy, b. 

Wiggin Doe 4, (Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dur- 
ham, N. H., 1758; m. Mar. 26, 1782, Mary Ewer, dau. of Thomas 
Churchill, b. Aug. 22, 1760, and d. Dec. 8, 1853, aged 93 years. 
He d. May 19, 1831. Resided Newmarket, N. H. 


I. Mary, b. Feb. 20, 1783; m. June 21, 1802, Joseph 

Finder at Lee, N. H. 
II. John, b. Aug. 22, 1784; m. 1857, Sally Furber of New- 
market; resided in Wolfeboro. He d. s. p. 1866; 
his will dated July 10, 1858, mentions wife, Sally, 

III. James Stutley, b. July 29, 1786 ; m. Dorothy Fosse. 

IV. Andrew, b. May, 1789; d. aged one year. 

V. Andrew Wiggin, b. April, 1791; m. Sally Chapman. 
VI. Desire, b. Apr. 15, 1793; m. July 13, 1814, Wilham 

VII. Joseph R., b. Dec. 7, 1794, Newmarket, N. H.; m. 

Sarah Gaines. 
VIII. Deborah, b. Oct. 26, 1796; d. Oct. 12, 1878, unm. 
IX. Lydia, b. Jan. 16, 1799; m. Mar. 1, 1823, John Wood 
at Lee, N. H. 
X. Zebulon N., b. May 26, 1801; m. Deborah Glidden. 

Capt. Andrew Doe 4, (Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Durham, N. H., 1765; m. 1st, Jan. 15, 1786, Polly Follett; 
when about sixty-four years of age he married 2d, May 13, 
1829, Mary Ann Tuttle of Durham, N. H. He resided New- 
market, N. H., and d. Oct. 14, 1857, aged 92 years. 

172 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Joseph, b. 1786; m. 1807, Betsey Smith. 
II. Del)orah, b. 1807; m. Nov. 8, 1824, James F. Hans- 

(Second wife's children.) 

III. Andrew Joseph, b. May 30, 1830; m. Ann Maria 


IV. Mary Deborah, b. 1831; m. Aug. 15, 1855, Henry 

Veasey; she d. Jan. 26, 1873. 
V. Nathaniel Thurston, b. May 20, 1834; d. Nov. 16, 

VI. Edward John, b. ; d. young. 


Samuel Doe 5, (Bradstreet 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., 1764; m. May 16, 1802, Dolly 
Ricker of Newfield, Me., who d. Sept. 19, 1814. Resided New- 
field, Me. He d. in Lowell, Mass., Sept. 3, 1854, aged 90 years. 

I. Bradstreet, b. Mar. 3, 1803; m. Ehza Ann Davis of 
Andover, Mass. 

There were probably other children, but there is no authentic 
record of same. 

Joseph A. Doe 5, (Bradstreet 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., 1781; m. Jan. 25, 1812, at 
Wolfeboro, N. H., Sally Martin, b. Wolfeboro, N. H. Resided 
Newfield, Me., at the time of his marriage. He then moved to a 
wild piece of land where he cleared a farm in the Maine wilder- 
ness, which is now called Cornville, Maine. He d. Jan. 26, 
1853. Widow d. May 20, 1874, at Cornville, Maine. 

I. Theophilus Parker, b. April 17, 1813; m. Lydia W. 

II. Cyrus, b. Oct. 23, 1814; d. Mar. 23, 1816. 
III. Susan, b. April 3, 1817; d. Sept. 11, 1817. 

John Doe 

Northwood, N. H. 
B. 1775 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 175 

IV. Nancy Elizabeth, b. Nov. 5, 1819; m. Smith of 

Hermon, Me. 
V. Mary Ann, b. July 6, 1822; d. unm. at Boston, Mass., 
May 23, 1888. 

VI. Harriet Newell, b. Dec. 30, 1824; m. Hall; d. 

July 9, 1879. 

VII. Susan, b. Mar. 16, 1834; m. June 13, 1859, William 

H. Buswell. One son, Joseph Buswell, h. June 15, 
1863. She d. June, 1916, at Boston, Mass. 

John Doe 5, (Jonathan 4, Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Northwood,N. H., 1775; m. Rhoda Mead Oct. 17, 1801, who 
was b. Deerfield, N. H., 1775, and d. Sept. 10, 1848. He went 
to Sanbornton, N. H., (see Sanbornton History) prior to 1803, 
as he was that year chosen highway surveyor. Settled on one 
of the middle sections of the School Lot No. 20, 2d division, more 
recently owned by Thomas J. Sanborn. During his first years 
in town he was accustomed to trade; in furs in Canada, going 
thither annually on horseback. He was a justice of the peace 
for many years and was remarkably prompt, punctual and 
honest in his business engagements and monetary dealings. Was 
also an active member of the Bay Baptist Church and frequently 
opened his house for religious meetings. He d. May 23, 1850. 
The Doe farm at Sanbornton was sold to other parties in 1907. 

Children : 

I. JNIahala, )). Jan. 25, 1803; d. Mar. 24, 1810. 

II. Sarah Smith, b. July 15, 1804 ; m. Feb. 1, 1826, David 
Taylor, who d. Apr. 11, 1886. She d. Aug. 29, 
1837. Ch.: 1-John Doe, b. Mar. 7, 1827; d.Apr. 
1, 1904. He was admr. of John Doe's Est., Jun. 
8, 1850. 2-Rhoda Ann, b. June 17, 1829. 3- 
Sarah Woodman, b. Nov. 21, 1834; m. June 
26, 1856, M. L. Abbott; resided Pomoma, Cal. 
D, Apr. 19, 1917, Through her courtesy the pic- 
, ture of John Doe (5), was obtained from an old 

painting; 4-Martha Rundlet, b. Mar. 17, 1837; 
m. Dec, 1860, d. Apr. 15, 1862. 

176 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. John Mead, b. Aug. 7, 1810; d. urn., Sept. 5, 1842. 
History of Sanbornton, N. H., says: "He was a 
young man of great promise, and for several years 
had aided his father essentially in the justice and 
other business. 

"Friends nor physicians could not save 
His mortal body from the grave 
Nor can the grave confine it here 
When Christ shall call him to appear." 

Samuel Doe 5, (Jonathan 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Northwood, N. H., Jan. 8, 1780; m. Jan. 11, 1807, 
Eliza Merrill, b. Apr. 30, 1774, Epping, N. H., and d. Oct. 18, 
1853. He d. Sept. 28, 1851, at Meredith, N. H., on the farm he 
purchased in 1816, and the farm was sold to his son, Samuel M. 
Doe, in 1851. 
Children : 

I. Sarah Ann, b. Dec, 1807 ; d. Jan., 1808. 
II. Joseph Merrill* b. Mar. 26, 1809; m. Laura Page. 

III. Ehzabeth, b. May 19, 1811 ; d. Sept. 16, 1846. 

IV. Samuel Morrell, b. July 6, 1814; m. Charlotte Smith 


Theophilus Doe 5, (Lieut. Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., May 1, 1772; m. Aug. 
26, 1802, Polly Bowden of Lee, N. H. He d. Aug. 30, 1812, 
Guilford, N. H. He was a hatter by trade and resided in Gil- 
manton, N. H., in 1811. He d. Aug. 30, 1812; his estate was in- 
ventoried Nov. 12, 1812. Polly Doe was Admrx. 

I. Augustus, b. June 1, 1809, Laconia, N. H.; m. Mahala 

II. Mary Ann; m. Zenas Whittier of Guilford, N. H. 

III. Elisa, d. unm. 

IV. Hepsebeth; m. Thing. 

Bradstreet Doe 5, (Lieut. Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, t^amp- 
son 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 8, 1785; m. Feb. 17, 1807, Hannah 
Pendergast, b. July 9, 1782, and d. May 29, 1865. He resided 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 177 

at Wolfeboro, N. H., and probal)ly learned the hatter's trade of 
his father, as in deeds of kind bought and sold it was stated that 
he was a hatter. He d. Apr. 22, 1855. 

I. Bradstreet, Jr., b. June 4, 1808; m. Irena Edgerly. 
II. Edmund Pendergast, b. May 27, 1810; d. July 2, 


III. John Osborn, b. Nov. 8, 1813 ; m. Mary Baker; d. s. p. 

Apr. 27, 1851. 

IV. Sarah Ann, b. Mar. 29, 1817; ra. Thompson; d. 

Mar. 10, 1858. 
V. Olive Jane, b. July 14, 1819; m. Jan. 23, 1840, An- 
drew Swett. Four ch. 
VI. Lydia Stevens, b. Aug. 16, 1821; m. Aug. 21, 1870, 
David P. Batchelder of Wolfeboro, N. H.; d. Jan. 
17, 1878. 
VII. Edmund Pendergast, b. July 13, 1824; m. Mrs. 
Mary Muzzy Spear. 

Samuel Doe 5, (Lemuel 4, Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Bristol, Maine, Aug. 14, 1782; m. 1st, Dec. 24, 1805, Nancy 
Davis; m. 2d, Jan. 27, 1809, Abigail, dau. of Timothy Fitch, b. 
Sept. 2, 1789. (See Zachary Fitch's Descendents.) She d. at 
Glenburn, May 8, 1861. Samuel Doe lived in Washington, 
Maine, moving to Dutton, which is now Glenburn, in 1831. The 
records show that Samuel Doe was elected an auditor in 1833, 
moderator in 1834, constable in 1840, and held various other 
town offices. The name of the town was changed from Dutton 
to Glenburn in 1835. Lincoln County records show that he 
transferred considerable property from 1810 to 1823. 

I. Nancy, b. June 6, 1810, Bristol, Me. ; d. Apr. 6, 1849. 
(Other ch. b. in Washington, Me.) 

II. Harriet, I). June 6, 1812; m. in 1836, Newell Cowan of 

Glenburn, Me. 

III. Abigail, b. Mar. 21, 1814; m. in 1834,Ephraim Cowan; 

she d. Nov. 14, 1834. 

IV. Lemuel, b. May 13, 1816; m. in 1842, Lucinda Sher- 


178 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

V. Thomas, b. Apr. 11, 1818; m. Elizabeth Pilkington. 

VI. John, b. Mar. 28, 1820; d. s. p. Jan. 8, 1845. 

VII. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 21, 1822. 

VIII. Samuel, Jr., b. Jan. 28, 1824; m. Amelia A. McKeen. 

IX. Francis Shepard, b. Sept. 23, 1826. Went West. 

X. Edward Payson, b. Mar. 23, 1828. 

XI. Louis Boyd, b. Nov. 10, 1830. 

Thomas Doe 5, (Lemuel 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Bristol, Me.; m. Sept. 1, 1804, Betsey Cook, who 
was-b. Lebanon, Me. Estate Administered in Lincoln County, 
Maine. Administrator appointed Apr. 28, 1815. The name is 
spelled Dowe, also Dow. 

I. Betsey. 
II. Mary Jane. 

Nicholas Churchill Doe 5, (Nicholas 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. July 4, 1771, Newmarket, N. H. M. Feb. 
21, 1796 at Epping, N. H., Deborah Parsons, who was b. June 
30, 1775, Newmarket, N. H. He was drowned Sept. 18, 1798, 
while rescuing a young man who had fallen in a stream at a 
sheep washing. Deborah Parsons Doe m. 2d, Dec. 6, 1808, 
Isaiah Lane, who was b. Dec. 11, 1770, and d. May 2, 1827. 
Shed. Sept. 21, 1865. 

I. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 31, 1796; d. unm. 
II. Nicholas, b. Dec. 14, 1798; m. Abigail Noble. 

Nathaniel Bartlett Doe 5, (Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas, 1), b. about 1760; m. Mar. 23, 1786, Sarah Weymouth 
of Rochester, N. H. In deeds of property made in 1792-1794, 
his wife signs Mehitable Doe, and was probably his second wife. 
He was one of the early settlers of Newfield, Me. Was owner 
of a brick yard, and with Bradstreet, Andrew and Theophilus 
Doe and others organized the Washington Mining Co., and 
erected an iron furnace at the outlet of Balch Pond. Silver was 
mined, but not in sufficient quantities to pay, but a fine quality 
of fullers earth was mined by the company. (York County 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 179 

History. See Articles of Agreement.) He then went East 
and settled in 1794, at Waterville and Clinton, Me. He and his 
wife Mehitable sold land there in 1797 and 1813, in Lincoln 
County on the Kennebec River. 

I. Mahala, b. before 1790. 

II. Martha, b. ; m. Shepard of Union, Me. 

III. Nathaniel, b. Aug. 4, 1804; m. Sarah Slater. 

In York County (Maine) History, published in 1880, we find 
a chapter on Newfield, Me., from which the following is an ex- 
tract : 

The Plantation of Washington was settled as early as 1786, 
and the government organized at a meeting held at the house 
of Nathaniel Bartlett Doe, Sept. 26, 1791. Andrew Doe was 
elected clerk and Nathaniel B. Doe constable. A petition dated 
Dec. 26, 1793, for the incorporation of the Plantation of Washing- 
ton was signed by Elijah Doe, Andrew Doe, Bradstreet Doe, and 

The town was incorporated Feb. 26, 1794, and named New- 
field. Andrew Doe was plantation clerk, 1791-1793, and town 
clerk 1794 and 1795. 

(Petition in Mass. Archives, and was published in Maine Gen- 
ealogist and Biographer, Vol. 3.) 

Simon Doe 5, (Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Aug. 31, 1758; farmer. Settled in Fairfield, Me. M. Mar. 
23, 1786, Mary Weymouth, who was b. in Rochester N. H., 
and d. June 7, 1849, at Fairfield, Me. He was a soldier in the 
Continental Army, Capt. Jeremiah Oilman's Co., Col. Stick- 
ney's Regiment, Gen. Stark's Brigade, service two months, eleven 
days. Marched to reinforce the Northern Continental Army, 
July 20, 1777; discharged Sept. 30, 1777. Resided Washington 
Plantation, Mass., (now Newfield, Me.), 1790 to 1803. Sold 
share in Doe's Brick Yard in 1803. D. in Fairfield, Me., Feb. 
19, 1841. 

I. Betsey, b. June 6, 1787; m. July 17, 1810, Edward 
House, at Vassalboro, Me. 
II. Pheba, b. Aug. 23, 1790. 

180 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. Asa, b. Sept. 1, 1792; m. Nancy L. 

IV. Joshua, b. April 19, 1795; m. Mary Weymouth. 
V. Simon, Jr., b. Apr. 4, 1797; m. Deborah Bates. 
VI. Mary, b. Nov. 5, 1801 ; m. Nathan Nevers; d. 1861, at 
Calais, Me. Ch. : 1-Thomas; 2-Ramsdell; 3- 
Daughter, Mrs. C. H. Wagg, Brunswick, Me., b. 
Oct. 21, 1836. 
VII. Sally, b. Nov. 19, 1803; m. Peter Staples of Gardiner, 
Dec. 30, 1821; d. in Wakefield, Mass., one dau. 
living, Mrs. E. C. Litchfield, who resided in Boston, 
Mass., in 1915. 
VIII. John, b. Dec. 10, 1805; m. Eliza Bates of Fairfield. 
Settled in Aroostook Co., Me. 

Henry Doe 5, (Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Soldier in the War of 1812, Capt. James' Co., 
under command of Major Simon Norwell at Kittery and York, 
Maine. Resided Washington (now Newfield Me.), in 1790. 
M. Jennie McPherson McKeen, b. Windham, N. H. We find 
Henry Doe was in Lagonia, Me., which is now Albion, in 1817, 
where he sold property; also in Augusta in 1826, where he deeded 


I. Son, b. before 1790. 
II. Son, b. before 1790. 

(Census of 1790 shows two sons and daughter. Can- 
not find any further record.) 
III. Daughter. 

John Washington Doe, 5, (Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., about 1765; was at Wash- 
ington Plantation in 1790. He was a blacksmith and sold a 
share in Doe's Brick Yard in Washington Plantation in 1792. 
M. March 21, 1792, Esther Hobbs, b. 1764, Tamworth, N. H., 
and who d. July 18, 1853. They resided at Tamworth, and sold 
one-eighth of saw-mill Sept. 15, 1818; sale recorded July 5, 1849. 
He d. before 1853. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 181 


I. Nathaniel, b. June 12, 1793; m. Sarah J. Spencer. 

II. Dearborn, 1). ; m. 1st, Nancy G. . Resided 

at Farnsworth, N. H.; 2nd, Dec. 12, 1848, Hannah, 
w. of Benjamin Hobbs; she d. Dec. 1, 1851. He 
sold a pew in the Baptist meeting-house at Tam- 
worth Iron Works, Aug. 9, 1847. He m. .3rd, 

Abigail . D. s. p. at Parsonsfield, Me., 1886. 

Was a soldier in the War of 1812, Capt. James 
Ayers Co., under command of Maj. Simon Norwell 
at Kittery and York, Me. 

III. Nancy, b. 1801; d. unm. at Ossipee, N. H., Oct. 7, 


IV. Joseph B., b. Mar. 1, 1805; m. Lavinia . 

V. Benjamin W., b. Feb. 29, 1808; m. Mary A. Grant. 

Walter Doe 5, (Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Durham, N. H., about 1774; m. Mary Emerson, dau. of Joseph 
Emerson of Norwich, Conn., who d. June 2, 1856. He bought of 
Capt. John Doe property in Rumney, N. H., in 1797; settled in 
Emerson's Corner, Saratoga County, N. Y., where he kept store. 
Resided in Northumberland, N. Y., in 1818. Afterwards moved 
to Wiltonsville and kept a store for many years. The place was 
called Doe's Corner. He d. April 25, 1843. 

I. Rev. Walter Price, b. Mar. 30, 1813; m. Aug. 1, 1849, 
Sophie, dau. of Robert and Sophie (Sheldon), 
Knight of Providence, R. I., who was b. July 5, 
1825, and d. at Providence, R. I., Sept. 23, 1909. 
He d. s. p. at Providence, R. I., Dec. 15, 1887. 
The following is from the Congregational Year 
Book-1888. "Walter Price Doe, son of Walter 
and Mary (Emerson) Doe was b. in Wilton, N. Y., 
Mar. 30, 1813. Academic education, Quincy, 111. 
Graduated Union College, 1844, and Andover 
Theological Seminary, 1847. Student at I'nion 
Theological Seminary, 1844-6. Ordained River 
Point, Warwick, R. I., Nov. 11, 1847. Acting 
pastor there 1847-9 Reformed Church, Gansevoort, 

182 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

N. Y., 1851-3; Mendon, Mass., 1854-5; West 
Stockbridge, 1855-6; Monreau, N. Y., 1856-7; 
Rehoboth, Mass., 1857-9, without charge, after, 
Providence, R. I. PubUshed (1) "Revivals, How 
to Promote Them; (2) Religious Truths". 
II. Harriet Oliva, m. Washington A. Traverse of White- 
hall, N. Y. 

III. Joseph Bartlett of Salmon Falls, N. H. No further 


IV. Hannah Louise, m. Edward Sackett of Chicago, 111. 
V. Carohne A., m. Clark; resided .Saratoga Springs, 

N. Y. 
VI. Augustus P. 

VII. Marietta v., m. Ezra Seaman of Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
VIII. Sarah, m. William Beckwith of Cleveland, Ohio. 
IX. Martha E., d. Sept. 25, 1845, at Wilton, N. Y. 

Joseph Doe Jr. 5, (Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Nov. 15, 1776, at Newmarket, N. H. M. at Somersworth 
N. H., Nov. 25, 1811, Mary Bodwell Ricker. Was active in 
town affairs 1799 to 1811; constable 1802 to 1809; soldier in the 
War of 1812 in Capt. Peter Hersey's Co., May 24th to July 6th, 
1814; early took up residence in Rollinsford, N. H. Was elected 
director of Strafford Bank of New Hampshire in 1810 to 1819; 
was a large land owner and successful farmer; although not pro- 
fessional lawyer he wrote legal documents and filled many offices 
of trust. Sold land and buildings in Rome and Belgrade, Ken- 
nebec County, Maine, in 1815. Several times represented his 
town in the Legislature; was a man of powerful intellect and 
exerted a controlling influence in the surrounding community. 
See History Newfields, N. H. He d. 1860. His will, prolxited 
March, 1860, mentions all his children. W. died in 1870; her 
will was dated Jan. 25, 1868. 

I. Mary EUzabeth, b. Aug. 30, 1812; m. 1832, WilHam 
Pickering Weeks, lawyer. Ch.: 1-Joseph Doe, 
lawyer. 2- William Brackett, b. May 14, 1839; 
m. Henrietta Bridgeman of Hanover, N. H. Re- 
sided in Lebanon, N. H., and d. Jan. 26, 1911; 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 183 

3-Marshall Hill, b. 1841; lumber merchant; m. 
Carrie M. Huntington of Lebanon, N. H. Re- 
sides Fairbury, Neb. 4-Mary E., b. Dec. 24, 
1844; d. May 16, 1911. 5-Susan H., b. 1853; d. 
Apr. 30, 1881. (Children all b. in Canaan, N. H.) 
II. Martha W., b. Dec. 7, 1813; d. s. p. 1835. 

III. Ebenezer Ricker, b. Nov. 29, 1815, Somersworth, 

N. H. ; m. Susan Hale. Settled in Janesville, Wis., 
and was president of the First National Bank in 
that city up to the time of his death which occurred 
in 1866, s. p. W. d. in Boston, Mass., Oct. 4, 1873, 
est. went to her relatives. 

IV. Joseph Bodwell, b. Apr. 20, 1818 ; m. Anna J. Marcher. 
V. Thomas Bartlett, b. Feb. 17, 1820, at Canaan, N. H. ; 

m. Sally Allen Ross. 
VI. Charles, b. Apr. 11, 1830; m. Edith Haven. 

Eliphalet Doe 5, (Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Mar. 10, 1767, Newmarket, N. H.; m. 1st, Nancy Hanna- 
ford, who gave birth to five children, the last two twins, who d. 
with their mother; m. 2d, Mrs. Betsey Hill, nee Clark of Strat- 
ham, N. H., Jan. 30, 1797. Resided Washington Plantation, 
Mass., (now Maine), 1790; d. in Parsonsfield, Me. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Josiah, m. ; d. in Virginia, 1830. Three ch. 

who returned to Parsonsfield with their mother. 
II. Mark, b. ; d. in St. Louis, Mo. 

III. Abigail, b. ; m. Graves. Resided Cincin- 

nati, Ohio. 

(Second wife's children.) 

IV. Nancy, b. Nov. 23, 1797; m. May 1, 1823, John 

Bailey of Parsonsfield, Me.; d. Feb. 20, 1835. 
Ch.: 1-Jane Y., b. Dec. 10, 1823; m. Joseph 
Wedgewood. She d. Oct. 6, 1912; one son, Anson 
Wedgewood. Resides Somerville, Mass. 2-Meri- 
bah D., b. Aug. 28, .1825. 3-Nancy, b. July 25, 
1827, d. Oct. 1, 1865. 4-John, Jr., b. June 21, 
1830. 5-Edwin, b. Mar. 21, 1832, d. July 10, 
1834. 6-Caroline, b. Sept. 30, 1833. 

184 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

V. Ebenezer Hannaford, b. 1799; m. (3rinda Dam, 1823. 

VI. Ira C, b. ; m. Nancy ; d. 1828, probably s. p. 

VII. Moses C, b. Sept. 3, 1803; m. 1st, Lucy Bailey. 
VIII. Salome, b. 1800; m. June 14, 1835, John Bailey, hus- 
band of her deceased sister. Ch.: 1-Edwin, b. 
May 5, 1836. Resides Haverhill, Mass. 2-Frank, 
b. July 8, 1838; d. Dec. 19, 1879. 3-Lucy, b. Aug. 
1, 1840; m. Harry B. Otis. Resides Chicago, 111. 
4-Henry,b.0ct. 18, 1842; practiced law in Chicago; 
d. 1900. 5-Ellen, b. Nov. 1,1844; d. Sept., 1848. 
6-Merrill, b. Nov. 13, 1846; d. Dec. 13, 1846. 
IX. Meribah, b. ; d. young. 

Jeremy Doe, 5 (Gideon 4, Nichohis 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Mar. 19, 1771 at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. Sarah Garland, 
Aug. 3, 1796; d. Feb. 14, 1854; she d. Oct. 13, 1842. 

I. Hannah, b. Sept. 4, 1797; d. unm. Dec. 28, 1868. 
II. Gideon, b. Oct. 23, 1799; d. s. p. Jan. 2, 1824. 

III. Mary G., b. Oct. 5, 1801 ; d. July 6, 1870. 

IV. Nancy, b. Aug. 4, 1805; m. David H. Coombs in 

1835. Five ch. ; she d. Aug. 4, 1875. 
V. Olive, b. Apr. 10, 1807; m. Wm. Buzzell; d. June 22, 

VI. Amasa, b. Nov. 27, 1808; m. Mary Jane Pease. 
VII. Joseph G., b. Jan. 4, 1810; m. Louisa R. Hurd. 
VIII. Oliver C, b. Apr. 1, 1815; d. s. p. June 22, 1875. 

Joseph Doe 5, (Ciideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Oct. 8, 1774, Wolfeboro, N. H.; m. 1800, Sarah Doe, dau. of 
Joseph Doe (4), b. Newmarket, N. H., Aug. 27, 1780. Pur- 
chased property in Effingham in 1800; sold in 1804. Was a 
clothier in Parsonsfield, Me., in 1814. 

I. Comfort W., b. Effingham, N. H., Jan. 7, 1803; d. at 
Haverhill, Mass., June 12, 1884, unm. 
II. Gideon Bartlett, b. Newmarket, N. H., July 8, 1804. 
III. Albert, b. Newmarket, N. H., July 30, 1807. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 185 

\^- wT'^'^V. , • lb. Julv 23, 1809, twins. 
V. Walter Calvin, j 

Urenia m. Harvey Moore, Jr. Ch.: l-Clav'n D.; 

2-Charles M. ; 3-EdAvin W. ; 4-Mary F. ; 5-Sarah J. ; 


VI. Horace, b. Dec. 17, 1811; d. young. 

Benjamin Connor Doe 5, (Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 28, 1779, Parsonsfield, Me. M. Sept. 11, 
1803, Rebecca Dearborn, b. Farnsworth, N. H., who d. Apr. 
14, 1849. He settled in Newfield, Me. Purchased one-half 
of Doe's Brick Yard in Newfield of John Washington Doe in 
1802. He d. in Newfield, Me. 

I. Gideon, b. Sept. 22, 1805; m. 1st, Matilda Leavitt. 
II. Benjamin, b. Oct. 4, 1808; m. Jan. 12, 1831, Abigail 
Moore. Purchased one-half of Doe's Brick Yard 
of his father in 1838, and later sold to Joseph G. 
Doe. Abigail signs deed. They resided in So. 
Berwick, Me. 
III. Abigail, b. Apr. 6, 1810; d. June 16, 1822. 

Nicholas Doe 5, (Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. May 21, 1781, Parsonsfield, Me. Saddle manufacturer. 
M. Nancy Estey. He d. 1822. Guardian of ch. was Elijah Estey 
of Waterville, Me. W. married Jesse Robinson. 

I. Estey Nicholas, b. 1815; m. Harriet Brackett and 
settled in Waterville, Me. 

.11' ?'^'^^-^' ! twins, b. 1822, shortly after father's death. 
III. Climena,) 

John Doe, Jr. 5, (Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 31, 1778, at Parsonsfield, Me.; farmer. 
Deacon of Congregational Church; m. Abigail Giddings, b. 
1783, d. Feb. 9, 1879. Was town clerk of Parsonsfield 1787-9; 
selectman in 1795; he was the first white male child b. in Par- 
sonsfield; d. Jan. 25, 1821. 

186 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Deborah; m. Dr. John Buzzell; resided Portland, Me. 
Four ch. 

II. Betsey, m. Thompson ; resided Amesbury, Mass. 

Two c-h. 

III. John, m. Ruth Towle, dau. of Harvey M. and Chris- 

tina Morse Towle; b. 1805; resided Parsonsfield ; 
d. s. p. 

IV. Martha; m. Jacob Marston and had twelve ch. 
V. Mary, d. unm. 

VI. Bartlett, d. s. p. at old homestead in Parsonsfield. 
VII. Ira C, b. June 6, 1814. Received his preliminary 
education in the Limerick and Parsonsfield Acade- 
mies and during the winter seasons while attending 
school was a teacher. Having thus fitted himself 
for college he passed his examinations at Brown 
University, Providence, R. I., but for want of 
means gave up a college course and went to New- 
market, N. H., where he was a teacher for four 
years in succession. Impaired health compelled 
him to quit teaching and he removed to St. Joseph, 
Michigan, and for one year (1837) was engaged in 
surveying for the Government. After two years 
as a teacher there he returned East, settled in 
Portland, and was a teacher in Cape Elizabeth 
and Scarborough until 1847. From 1847 to 1866 
he was a teacher in Saco, and during the last eight 
years of that time was principal of one of the Saco 
grammar schools. For several years prior to his 
death, which occurred Sept. 17, 1892, he was en- 
gaged in farming at Saco. He m. Aug. 24, 1844, 
Dorothy, dau. of Thomas 3rd, and Lydia Jenkins 
Dyer. Her father was a^ native of Biddeford and 
came to Saco when only five years of age. He 
was a Democrat in politics, was a member of the 
State Senate in 1849-50, and May, 1864. Her 
mother d. July 13, 1877. Dorothy Dyer Doe was 
b. Aug. 24, 1824, and d. Dec. 8, 1908. Mr. Doe 
was always known as a man of strict fidelity, hav- 

Ira Doe 
B. June 6, 1814 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 189 

ing a conscientious regard for justice and right. 
As a teacher he sought to impress his pupils with 
the necessity of a sure educational foundation as a 
means of future success, and his ability as an in- 
structor often received public recognition. He was 
a member of the Democratic party, but the min- 
ority of his party always barred his election when 
a candidate for official honors. He was a member 
of the Board of Agriculture of the State for three 
years, and at one time was inspector of customs 
for the port of Saco. Mr. Doe was familiarly 
known as Capt. Doe, he having been at one time 
captain of the Saco Guards. 
VIII. Rufus King, b. 1818; m. Lydia Murdock Wood, Oct. 
23, 1845. 
IX. Maria Jane, d. unm. 

X. William K., b. 1822; m. Mar. 6, 1856, at Lowell, 
Mass., Pamelia Hanson. 

Col. Bartlett Doe 5, (Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas l),b. Aug. 30, 1785, at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 1st, Mary, 
dau. of Sir. John Sanborn, Nov. 29, 1810; m. 2nd, Lydia Moulton, 
dau. of Rev. Wentworth Lord of Ossipee, N. H. He d. Feb. 
11, 1872. The following is copied from a "University of Cali- 
fornia Chronicle": 

"Bartlett Doe, who was born in 1785, and who afterwards 
was a prominent Mason and a successful farmer, became a colonel 
in the second regiment of the Maine militia and raised a family 
of twelve children. By all accounts the Colonel was what used 
to be called a "very personable sort of a man." He was, accord- 
ing to the rather quaint words of the historian of Parsonsfield, 
"a man of high moral standing, a courteous gentleman of the old 
school, of a large, generous, loving nature, with every trait of 
genuine, robust and kindly humanity, and fully alive to ever}- 
touch of true manliness. He believed in the development of 
every part of our nature, placing the foundation of excellence in 
deep religious principle, but not overlooking or underrating the 
claims of social and mental culture. When a young man, he 
was enrolled in the militia, where, displaying great mihtary ca- 

190 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

pacity, he soon rose from the ranks to several grades of officers, 
and was finally commissioned as Colonel of the Second Regiment 
of Maine Militia. He was at that time of tall and commanding 
form, of fine proportions, broad shoulders and full chest; his fea- 
tures were regular and handsome, his voice clear and resounding, 
and when clad in his uniform and mounted upon his caparisoned 
steed made a most distinguished appearance." 

"Uprightness, integrity, and natural ability — stern, capable. 
New England qualities — were the marks of the Doe men. They 
reached surely after the simple and substantial rewards of in- 
dustry, and held them firmly. The Colonel's well-tilled acres 
and bursting granaries proved the sane, careful husbandman's 
thought behind all that bravery of the resounding voice and 
caparisoned steed!" 
Children: By 1st wife. 

I. Martha, I ^ . , . -,r -.n^-, 

II. Mary Sanborn, ( twms, b. Aug. 15, 1811. 

Martha m. Ira Moore; resided in Parsonsfield. 
Mary m. 1st, Jonathan Wedgewood of Effingham, 
N. H.; 2nd, Ohver Jones. No issue. 
Ch.: of Martha and Ira Moore: l-]\Iartha Ann, 
b. May 15, 1834; m. July 19, 1864, David G. Swan; 
d. s. p. June 4, 1914. 2-Mary Augusta, b. Jan. 
1, 1837; m. June 2, 1863, John Bailey. 3-John 
Fairfield, b. Nov. 7, 1840; m. Mar. 11, 1868, Ann 
Merrill. Resides Newfield, Me. 4-Charles Henry 
b. Aug. 10, 1842; m. Sept. 11, 1871, Ida Kilburn. 
Resides Galveston, Tex. 5-Frank Gilbert, b. 
Nov. 5, 1847; m. Sept. 1875, Susan Averill. 6- 
Ira Alfred, b. Jan. 26, 1855; d. s. p. Apr. 29, 1874, 
Galveston, Tex. 

Ch. of Mary Sanborn Doe and Jonathan Wedge- 
wood: 1-Mary Ellen; m. Apr., 1864, Charles 

III. Alvah, b. Aug. 28, 1813 ; m. Martha J. Leavitt. 

IV. Amzi S., b. Sept. 23, 1815; m. Loraine Wade. 

V. Hannah Sanborn, b. Mar. 9, 1818; m. May 17, 1859, 
Daniel Field, b. Dec. 7, 1812. She d. s. p. July 4, 

Col. Bartlett Doe 
B. Aug. 30, 1785 

The Descendants op Nicholas Doe 193 

VI. Bartlett, b. July 13, 1820, went to California; d. unm. 
Apr. 18, 1906. Was owner of United States Hotel 
at San Francisco, Cal., and a millionaire. 
VII. John Sanborn, b. 1822; m. Mrs. Ellanor Guest Hoyt. 
VIII. Elizabeth Ames, b. Dec. 27, 1824; m. David Moulton, 
Nov. 30, 1851. Ch.: Ella F.; m. Geo. G. Lin- 
coln, resides in Maiden, Mass. 
IX. Calvin, b. Apr. 26, 1827; d. Jan. 7, 1829. 
X. Calvin, b. Feb. 20, 1829; d. s. p. Aug. 17, 1846. 
XI. Nancy Hannaford, b. May 6, 1831; m. Dec. 4, 1853, 
Samuel F. Kezar; resided in Turner, Me. and 
moved to California. Ch.: 1-John B., b. Oct. 
4, 1855; d. s. p. Nov. 7, 1898. 2-Mary A., b. 
Aug. 29, 1859, unm. Nancy d. Feb. 15, 1917, 
San Francisco, Cal. 
XII. Charles Franklin, b. Aug. 13, 1833; d. in Cahfornia, 
Jan. 16, 1904, s. p. The following is copied from 
a "University of California Chronicle"; (by per- 
mission of H. B. Phillips). 
"The first period of his life, up to his migration to California, 
opens to us the spectacle of a persistently industrious spirit con- 
stantly dogged, constantly thwarted, in its various attempts by . 
ill health. After a common school education at Parsonsville 
and some time at the Seminary at Drakes Corner, Effingham, 
just over the New Hampshire border. Doe began to make his 
own way as a school teacher at Parsonsfield. He was thrown 
entirely upon his own resources. Neither then, nor at any other 
time, did he receive aid from his family. Very soon the con- 
fined life of a teacher affected his health for the worse. Nothing 
daunted, he moved to Boston and learned the carpenter's trade. 
Characteristically, the man was snatching opportunity from 
misfortune; ill health necessitated an outdoor occupation; car- 
penter work was outdoor work, and carpenter work in Boston 
might lead a young and ambitious man up to contractor's work, 
and, beyond that to wholesale or retail commerce in building 
materials. But again ill health thwarted his plans. The air 
of Boston was not suited to his physical condition. Another 
change was necessary. For a short time he was employed in the 
post-office in Biddeford, Me., but only for a short time. Chang- 

194 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

ing to Biddeford was not snatching opportunity from defeat, — 
was not the way of a Doe. If the change must be to a freer and 
wider air, that freer and wider air ought to be found in a land of 
new opportunity, in a land, young but growing to greatness, full 
of promise to the energetic and ambitious. 

"In 1850, Bartlett Doe, his elder brother, had gone to Cali- 
fornia, and another brother, John, had followed two years later. 
There they had established, under the firm name of 'B. and J. 
S. Doe', a sash, door, and blind business which was to last half 
a century. To the delicate but ambitious brother the oppor- 
tunity was obvious: California — square miles, cubic miles of 
fresh air — , a growing country — a lumber business! In 1857, 
Charles came to San Francisco and associated in business with 
his brothers. Doubtless his practical experience as a carpenter 
stood him in some stead in this wider business. 

''Later he formed a partnership with James Knowland for 
the purpose of engaging in the retail lumber business. After 
a time this partnership was dissolved, and the business continued 
under the name of Charles F. Doe and Company. In these 
ventures the fortune of Charles Doe was made; in these ventures, 
and in investments made with their gains, thousands rolled up 
thousands, until the million mark was passed and repassed and 
passed again. 

"The sickly boy had spent his years in the new country; he 
had nursed his health there, steadily and frugally; there, when he 
did business under the sign of Charles F. Doe and Company, he 
had achieved the vision of the Boston carpenter; and, by extend- 
ing to that business the same qualities of foresight, frugality, 
indomitable perseverance, and successful management in the 
face of failure, which had brought him through the earlier years 
of his life, he had won a financial success that had put him, and 
kept him until his death in 1904, in the first rank of San Francisco 
capitalists. Even since his death the business he so wisely and 
carefully built up during his life has continued its success under 
the management of his nephew, Frank P. Doe. 

"There was nothing spctacular about this success. There was 
no wild speculation in western bononzas. A sanely, conserva- 
tively managed business in a profitable commodity brought in 
sure returns. The returns were loaned out at moderate inter- 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 195 

est, or invested in city real estate that invariably increased rapid- 
ly in value. Real values alone attracted Charles Doe's atten- 
tion ; there was in his business no commercial thievery by means 
of fictitious and inflated valuations — no making of fortunes 
by mere desk jugglery of pen and ink. Money earned money 
in a quiet, legitimate fashion; there was no buccaneering under 
the euphemistic cover of "astute financial operations." And 
this quiet, honest business — so good to reflect upon, so heartening 
in the midst of universal sensationalism and moral flippancy — 
was all conducted in San Francisco. There Charles Doe earned 
his money honestly, and there he invested it wisely, — a New 
Englander transplanted to San Francisco and not afraid or 
ashamed to live the stern, simple, placid life of the older and more 
staid community in the new and gayer and less conscientious 
metropolis. He was an argonaut who forgot not the lessons of 
his first home in the glamour of new opportunities. 

"In California he came to man's estate. No picture of him 
is left to us. None is extant, save a daguerreotype taken just 
before he started for California. Temperamentally he was sub- 
ject to an intense dislike of the camera — a subjection to which 
not a few modest, and perhaps over-serious people — not neces- 
sarily New Englanders — are quite painfully bound. 

"In habits, Charles Doe was the personification of regularity. 
The daily routine of his life was seldom varied: stated hours for 
rising, for breakfast and his walk to the office, for attention to 
business, and for the other simple arrangements of each day's 
life. He belonged to no fraternal orders. His evenings were 
uniformly, year after year, spent at home — after 1888 at the 
home he built for himself on the corner of California and Laguna 
streets, where his niece, Mrs. Martha A. Swan, kept house for 
him. He never travelled to any extent; he was never out of the 
United States. He had few intimates. Shy, retiring, delicate, 
he never mixed with his fellows. In that respect he was the 
opposite of his elder brother Bartlett, to whose quick, warm, 
positive nature the entire family, Charles included, looked for 
sympathy and advice. Especially in the presence of women, 
Charles Doe evinced a shyness that left him singularly without 
feminine companionship save that of the women of his own im- 
mediate family. Books were his companions. In them he found 

196 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

a quiet, leisurely, and faithful substitute for the more various 
and precarious companionship of men and women. And, char- 
acteristically, even in this friendship with books, a certain thor- 
oughness and frugality showed itself; for he was not a light reader 
of many books, but a deep reader of a few. And the few were 
books richly remunerative in knowledge and common sense. 
Natural science and astronomy were his favorite subjects; 
Darwin, Huxley, and Spencer, the authors he read most. In 
religion he was a Universalist, looking out impartially and bene- 
volently upon the variety of religious sects, seeing much good in 
all, and never allowing the narrowness of vision or smallness of 
nature often evinced by this or that sect to embitter his view 
of human character or its religious ideals. Under all changes 
and colors of creed he saw the one common human nature; and 
that human nature was truly beloved by the quiet, simple New 
Englander. His will is proof of that; Christian and Jew, Catholic 
and Protestant, benefit alike by the wise charities of that noble 
document. The list of his legacies includes, among others, such 
societies as the following: The San Francisco Protestant Or- 
phan Asylum Society, the Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum and 
Home Society, The Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, The Hos- 
pital for Children and Training School for Nurses, The Boys 
and Girls Aid Society, and The Golden Gate Kindergarten Asso- 

"In that list of legacies — all to societies dealing with the care 
of children — there seems to be a mute testimony of a deep affec- 
tion going out from the heart of a lonely man to the children 
whom he could never know in the more loving way of a father. 
There is much peace and much love behind the bare terse law 
phrases in which the gifts are declared; just as behind the stern, 
simple lines of the donor's New England countenance there was a 
deep', sure love for the peaceful ways of children. His kindness 
and generosity found expression during his life in the loving way 
in which, year by year, he entertained his relatives on the happy 
feast days of the calendar. About his table on holidays, expecial- 
ly on Thanksgiving Day and at Christmas, simply and joyously 
he gathered his kin. At such times the self-contained nature 
of the man seemed to his relatives, both old and young, like the 
benediction of one for whom the cares of the world had eventuated 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 197 

in a perfect and constrained peace, in a wise, calm, masterful 
reconciliation with his lot in life. 

"But what was to be the final fruit of this quiet, strong life? 
So much financial success had come to the man that very great 
power was his. Was that power to dwindle at his death, ac- 
complishing no perpetual monument of its own rise to greatness 
and of its own beneficent and wise, calm dealing with the hurly- 
burly of life? Was not the dignity of some public and perpetual 
usefulness to be the eventuation of so much private success? 
Of these things Charles Doe was not unmindful. He himself 
saw that private success, when it amounts to more than an indi- 
vidual sufficiency, involves a public duty. He often said that 
five hundred thousand dollars was enough for any one man, and 
that all wealth in excess of that amount should, on the owner's 
death revert to the state. Many were his quiet charities while 
alive; many, as we have seen, were his legacies to charitable in- 
stitutions. But there yet remained the desire to do his own 
particular part, to perpetuate in some fashion the quiet, deep 
ways of his own manner of taking life, of his own springs of action 
and ideals. Many ideas suggested themselves. — About two years 
before his death, just after a severe illness, he had a new will 
drawn up on which he bequeathed to the regents of the Univer- 
sity of California twenty-four per cent of his property, ' in trust 
for the following purposes : As much as may be necessary thereof 
to be used in the construction and erection of a library building 
for its Academic Department, and the surplus not used for the 
construction and erection of a library building to be permanently 
invested by said Regents, and the income, revenue, and profit 
thereof to be used for the purchase of books.' 

"Mr. Doe would have given much more had not the state 
code contained a provision limiting the percentage of fortune a 
man may bequeath to benevolent institutions. 

"Such, then, — a University library building, capacious, in- 
vincible to weather and time, removed from the sensationalism 
of life, returning richly upon the investment in dividends of 
character and power — a perpetual monument to the will and in- 
dustry and sure methods that had raised a private success to 
the measure of a public power, nobly discharging the public 
duty of that success — such, then, was the eventuation of the life 

1S8 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

that had begun quietly and sickly at Doe Mountain, had pro- 
gressed frugally and gently through the East to the West, and 
had gone out from East and from West and from all else in the 
same uneventful fashion it had known in all the days of its doing 
on earth. A great Library — ministering always to the young 
and the courageous, to the hopeful and the makers of the future; 
ministering both by its calm, gracious, eternally stanch exterior, 
and also by the rich, deep hoards of human knowledge and wis- 
dom stored safely in its interior ; ministering for sanity, conserva- 
tism, truth, reverence and public and private responsibility; 
ministering out of the growing West to the reawakening East — 
like a modern Alexandria performing to the old civilizations 
of the past the reverence of a newer world power — such is the 
culmination of Charles Franklin Doe's life. The granite of the 
New England character and the granite of California mountains 
have found each other in a mutual symbolism of that which is 
honest and true from the core out. 

"Of all that large family of brothers and sisters — twelve of 
them — to which Charles Doe belonged, only one, Mrs. Nancy 
H. Kezar, now remains; but California is proud of the name of 
Doe and all Californians will unite with Mrs. Kezar in being 
glad that the Doe name is perpetuated in this generous fashion. 

"The life of many a man is called by his biographers unevent- 
ful. Charles Doe's life was uneventful. But, better understood, 
more deeply viewed, Charles Doe's life is the most eventful of 
all things — the growth of a great sane character day by day — 
more valuable to the nation than the drama of a conquering war 
hero — less obvious, more basal. The magnificent building at 
Berkeley sumbolizes the solidity of achievement represented by 
such a character and so needed in the midst of our changing, 
kaleidoscopic national existence." 

(Copy of inscription on bronze tablet in University of Cali- 
fornia Library, known as the Doe Library.) 


Born August 13, 1833 in Parsonsfield, Maine. 
Died January 16, 1904, in San Francisco. 
Son of Colonel Bartlett Doe and Mary Sanborn Doe. 
Grandson of Deacon John Doe." 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 201 

"He was a quiet man of simple tastes and orderly life. Dili- 
gent in business, he dealt honorably with all men. Charity 
for divergent views and a gentle tolerance toward the beliefs of 
others tempered the native sternness of his convictions. Shrink- 
ing from the social turmoil, he found through books abundant 
converse with the best who have thought and recorded; and now 
that he has yielded the stewardship of his goods, his last desire 
opens the companionships he loved to the use of all the recurring 
generations of the young." 

Rev. David Doe 5, (Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt., Nathaniel 3^ 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 27, 1776, at Vassalboro, Me. 
Was a farmer and inventor. Invented a plow called the Doe 
plow in 1810; built a small foundry and manufactured plows. 
Afterward turned the business over to his sons Hiram and Alfred. 
They carried the business on for a number of years at Augusta, 
Me. Alfred purchased his brother's interest and moved to Con- 
cord, N. H., and started business of manufacturing the Doe plow. 
The Doe plow is well known to the older farmers in New England. 
David's later years were spent as a Methodist minister. He 
married Anna Taylor in 1798. Was a private in the War of 1812, 
Capt. D. Crowell's Co., Lieut. Col. H. Moore's Regt. Service 
from Sept. 12 to Sept. 27, 1814, at Wiscasset. Company raised 
at Harlem, (now China), Me. Was transferred to Capt. J. 
Farwell's Co., Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin's Regt.; service to Nov. 10, 
1814, at Wiscasset. Company raised at Vassalboro. 

I. Josiah, b. July 4, 1799; m. Sophia ; d. Dec. 4, 

1870; will probated Jan., 1871; wife only one 

mentioned in will. 
IL David Jr., b. 1801 ; m. Hannah G. . 

III. Alfred, b. May 8, 1808; m. Mrs. Harriet Whittemore 

Carter Ellis. 

IV. Hiram, b. July 29, 1812; m. Lydia Pierce. 
V. Lydia, m. Stillson. 

VI. Ann, m. Aug. 14, 1830, Calvin Snow; one son, Augus- 
tus, who d. at Windham, Me., Apr. 11, 1907, aged 
74 years, 11 mos., 16 days. 
VII. Mary F., b. 1818; m. May 7, 1850, Lysander Wright 
at Boston, Mass. Moved to New Jersey. 

202 The Descendants of Isicholas Doe 

Nathaniel Doe 5, (Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Samp- 
son 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 11, 1779, Vassalboro, Me. Farmer. 

M. 1st, Rebecca ; m. 2d, Jan. 19, 1843, Hannah Prescott 

of Vassalboro. He was a private in Capt. J. Wing's Co., Col. 
H. Moore's Regt.; service from Sept. 12 to Sept. 27, 1814, at 
Wiscasset, Me. Company raised at Vassalboro, Me. Will of 
Nathaniel Doe of Vassalboro dated March 16, 1849, probated 
June 1, 1849, states that provision has been made for sons Na- 
thaniel Jr. and Amos H. Leaves property to daughters Harriet 
and Rebecca, wife of Martin Coleman, and to son, Levi B. Doe; 
portion left to Hannah while she remained his widow. 

I. Nathaniel, Jr., b. 1812; m. in 1836, Ann Sweet. 
Resided in Corinna, Carmel, Detroit and Dixmont, 
Me.; d. s. p. 
IL Levi B., b. Jan., 1814; m. Hannah P. Meader. 
IIL Amos H., b. 1816; m. Esther M. Taylor. 
IV. Henry, b. 1818: d. young. 

V. Harriet, m. in 1849, Richard Varney of Vassalboro, 
VL Rebecca, m. Martin Coleman. 

Deacon Andrew Doe 5, (Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 19, 1781, Vassalboro, Me. 
Farmer. M. 1st, Jan. 20, 1803, Abigail Weeks, b. Cape Cod; 
she d. July 18, 1839. He m. 2d, Joanna Ro .ve of Vassalboro. 
He was a soldier in the War of 1812, Capt. R. Fletcher's Co., 
Lieut. Col. H. Moore's Regt.; service from Sept. 12 to Oct. 1, 
1814, Wiscasset, Me.- Company raised at Harlem, (now China), 
Me. He d. Feb. 7, 1860, and was buried at Weeks' Mills, Me. 
The following obituary written by his pastor, Rev. J. A. Varney, 
is copied from an old newspaper: "Deacon Andrew Doe d. at 
Weeks' Mills, (China), Me., Feb. 7, aged 78 years, 1 month and 
7 days. Bro. Doe was born in the town of Vassalboro, professed 
religion more than forty years ago, and united with the C. Baptist 
church, with which he remained a worthy member until some of 
his children were converted and joined the F. W. Baptists — when 
from a sense of duty he united with them. He buried his former 
wife (who passed from this life in the triumphs of faith) twenty 

Andrew Doe 

B. Vassalboro, Me. 

Died in Confederate Army 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 205 

years ago last July. His bodily afflictions have been severe for 
some years, but he bore them with patience and Christian resig- 
nation. On Saturday evening he was attacked with a shock of 
paralysis — after which he remained in an unconscious state until 
Tuesday morning, when he fell asleep in Jesus. About one 
year since, Bro. D. was brought near to death, as all his friends 
supposed, and as we knelt by his bedside, he said: "Thy will, 
O Lord, be done," but his work on earth was not yet finished. 
Again his voice was heard in our conference and prayer meetings, 
and occasionally he attended public worship. His earnest 
prayers and entreaties, faithful warnings and exhortations, will 
not, cannot soon be forgotten in the church and community in 
which he lived. He leaves a deeply afflicted widow, several 
children, brothers, sisters, and a large circle of mourning friends." 


I. Gorham, b. Oct., 1803; d. in infancy. 

II. Gorham W., b. July, 1804; m. Sarah Prouty. 

III. Alton Chapman, b. Feb. 7, 1807; m. Sarah T. Per- 


IV. Mary, b. ; m. Dr. Elijah Grant of Palermo, Me. 
V. Lydia, m. Lemuel Grant. 

VI. Abigail, m. Wiggin; lived and d. in China, Me. 

One son, Andrew Wiggin; soldier in Civil War. 
D. soon after the war, from effects of injuries. 
VII. Andrew, b. . Went South and was very suc- 
cessful. Owned a plantation when the Civil War 
broke out, and fought with the Southerners. Was 
killed at Rio Grande. 
VIII. Isaac, m. Lydia M. Erskine and went to Alabama, 
following his trade of engineer; d. in Mobile of 
yellow fever and was buried there. Left a widow 
and one ch., Ellen Frances, who d. Sept. 26, 1847, 
aged one year, seven months. Buried at Weeks' 
Mills, Me. 
IX. Phylena, b. 1813; d. Sept. 15, 1836. 
X. Mercy, b. Jan. 1, 1814. 
XL John A., b. June 24, 1816; m. Elizabeth Fernald. 

206 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

XII. Hannah, b. July 4, 1826; m. Otis Pierce of Augusta; 
d. Mar. 12, 1892. Ch.: 1-Edgar, living in Au- 
gusta, Me., in 1917. 2-Annie L., b. Nov. 28, 1860; 
d. Sept. 1, 1885. 

Charles Doe 5, (Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 12, 1787, at Vassalboro, Me. Farmer. 
Settled in Whitefield, Me.; m. Rachel, dau. of Samuel Varnum, 
in 1808, who was b. Feb. 11, 1789 and d. July 7, 1863. He was a 
soldier in the War of 1812, Capt. E. Cobb's Co., Lt. Col. J. E. 
Foxcroft's Regt.; service Sept. 10 to 24th, 1814, at Portland, 
Me. Company raised at Gray, Me. He d. June 20, 1872. 


I. Otis B., b. June 19, 1809; m. Dec. 22, 1833, Mary 
Erskine of Whitefield, Me. 
II. Charles, Jr., b. Sept. 11, 1811. 

III. Harrison, b. Nov., 1813; m. 1st, Ann M. Jackson. 

Settled in Whitefield, Me. 

IV. Amos W., b. Mar. 12, 1816. 
V. Mary, b. Apr. 12, 1818. 

VI. Cyrene, b. June 11, 1821; m. 1st, Samuel Grey of 
Beverly, Mass., who d. Aug. 18, 1846. One ch., 
Cyrene Grey, b. Feb. 28, 1846. W. later m. El- 
bridge Haskell; she d. Jan. 6, 1900. Ch.: 1- 
Sarah E., b. Apr. 13, 1852; m. 0. 0. Stetson of 
Augusta, Me. 2-Charles W., b. Oct. 20, 1854; 
d. Apr. 26, 1876. 3-Winiam E., b. Mar. 26, 
1857; d. Dec. 28, 1906. 4-Samuel G., b. Apr. 28, 
1859. 5-Cora B., b. Mar. 28, 1862; d. Mar. 18, 
1864. 6-Frankhn D., b. June 12, 1864; d. Dec. 
20, 1907. 
VII. Sarah J., b. Jan. 4, 1824. 

VIII. Stephen, b. May 24, 1826; m. Frances Martin. 
Went to California. 

IX. William, b. Nov. 22, 1829. Settled in Pennsylvania. 

M. . 

X. Leonard, b. Jan. 18, 1832; d. age 3 years old. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 207 

Jonathan Fairfield Doe 5, (Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., May 19, 1786; 
millwright and carpenter. He was one of the millwrights who 
helped build the old water mills in Orono, Me. ; was private in 
the war of 1812 in Capt. D. Crowell's Co. Lt. Col. H. Moore's 
regt. from Sept. 12 to Nov. 10, 1814; Co. raised at Vassalboro, 
Me.; m. Mary B. Day, dau. of Joseph and Deborah Day, b. 
May 19, 1800 who d. at Lynn, Mass., Jan. 19, 1890; lived at 
Gardiner, Me. and Albion, Me. Went west in 1838, was very 
successful and accumulated considerable money. Wrote that 
he was coming home for his family. Supposed to have met with 
foul play as he was never heard from after that. He made the 
pattern for first castings of the Doe Plow invented by his brother 
Rev. David. 

I. Harris, b. Dec. 19, 1820; m. Francinia Neal; lived 

at Weeks Mills, Me.; d. 1910. 
II. Almira, b. Sept. 25, 1822; d. soon after. 

III. Henry Day, b. Apr. 19, 1825; m. Freelove Brown. 

IV. Frances Mary, b. Aug. 17, 1827 ; d. 1833. 

V. Caroline M., b. Apr. 21, 1830; d. Aug. 8, 1914. Rox- 

bury, Mass. 
VI. Barbara, b. Jan. 24, 1833; m. Rual W. Hussy, a con- 
tractor and builder; she d. at Lynn, Mass. in 1916. 
Ch.: 1-Carrie, b. Nov. 11, 1853; m. Clarence 
Pinkham. 2-George, b. Feb. 11, 1856; d. Nov. 13, 
1856; 3-George, 2nd, b. Aug. 30, 1858; m. and 
hves in California. 4-Herbert R., b. Sept. 25, 
1867; m.;hves in Alberta, Can. 5-Nellie Arlene, 
b. Sept. 25, 1873. 
VII. Alpheus C, b. Mar. 19, 1835; m. Lovinia Shorey. 
VIII. EHza D., b. Mar. 25, 1837; m. Jan. 7, 1857, Wm. M. 
Chandler; d. in Pasadena, Cal., July 28, 1907. 
Leaves one dau., who resides in Pasadena, Cal. 

Joseph Doe 5, (Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Sidney, Me., 1781; lumberman. Resided Fair- 
field, Me., 1790. Moved from Clinton, Me. to Milford, Me. 
M. Lydia Wade, who d. Jan. 28, 1867; he d. Sept. 28, 1836. 

208 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Children: (Born Clinton, Me.) 

I. Welthea Faxon, b. ; m. Nov. 16, 1836, Benja- 

min Riggs. Ch.: 1-Joseph Warren; 2-Charles 
Henry; 3-Lois, m. Butterfield. She d. Milford, 
Me., Feb. 10, 1883. Benj. Riggs, d. Apr 10, 1893. 
II. Carob'ne, b. ; m. Charles Ham. 

III. Joseph M., b. ; m. Mary Marsh. 

IV. Warren K., b. ; m. Melinda ; sold landjn 

Clinton, Me., in 1842 and Sebasticook in 1848; 
d. in California. 
V. Zebulon, b. ; m. Charlotte Gulliver. 
VI. Wilham, b. ; m. Eunice Stinchfield. 
VII. Welcome Otis, b. 1804; m. 1st, Lois ■; 2nd, Re- 
becca ; 3rd, Mary H. Sherburn. 

Deacon William Doe 5, (Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 30, 1781, Vassalboro, Me. 
Farmer. M. in 1801, Rachel Savage, b. Apr. 20, 1779, in Au- 
gusta, Me. She d. Aug. 11, 1866, at Augusta. Deacon Doe was 
a prominent member of the Methodist church, and held several 
prominent offices, both in the town of Vassalboro and Augusta. 
He d. Aug. 23, 1859, in Augusta. 
Children : 

I. John, b. Vassalboro, Me., Feb. 21, 1802; d. before 

II. Mary P., b. Vassalboro, Me., Mar. 14, 1803; m. 

Martin, and d. in Augusta. 

III. Sarah, b. Vassalboro, Sept. 24, 1804; m. Ezra Wiggin; 

d. in China, Me., Nov. 20, 1859. 

IV. John Moody, b. Apr. 30, 1806; m. Carohne Gordon. 

V. William Merrill, b. Mar. 2, 1808; m. Sarah Eliza 

Bradlee Foster. 
VI. Edmond Getchell, b. Harlem (China), Me., Nov. 27, 

1809; m. Jane . 

VII. Tinnia Serena, b. Oct. 29, 1811 ; d. young. 

VIII. Ehza Ann, b. Nov. 24, 1812; m. Barnett; d. 

in Salem, Mass., July 15, 1890. 
(Last five ch, b. in Augusta.) 
IX. Sophia Ann, b. May 16, 1815. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 209 

X. Howard Augustus, b. IMay 16, 1817 ; m. in 1843, Mrs. 
Mehitable R. Spinney Bell, dau. of Joseph Spinney 
of Portsmouth, N. H., b. May 30, 1810 and d. 
Nov. 30, 1890. Is buried at Portsmouth, N. H. 
He was a painting contractor and d. s. p. Aug. 29, 
1888, in Boston, Mass. 
XI. Elvira Ann, b. Feb. 22, 1819; m. Jan. 11, 1841, Elisha 
Thayer; d. in Brewer, Me. 

XII. Augusta Ann, b. Oct. 2, 1822; m. 1st, Moore, 

who d. in East Boston; 2nd, Dec. 2, 1846, Thomas 
Besse; she d. July 30, 1880. 
XIII. George Wesley, b. Mar. 3, 1824; m. Eliza]>eth Per- 

Converse Doe 5, (Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Clinton, Me.; m. Ann B. Chadwick. He moved 
to Orono, Me.; bought Marsh Island in 1833. Sold land in 
Clinton in 1848. 

I. Ann J., b. 1831 ; d. July 17, 1910, at Lincoln, Me. ; unm. 

Home of Capt. Dudley Watson Doe 

Capt. Dudley Doe 5, (Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Sidney, Me., Jan. 13, 1776. Farmer. Received 
land from his father by deed, 1798. M. Sept. 8, 1802, Mary 

210 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Spratt; m. 2d, Nov. 30, 1835, Nancy, dau. of Daniel Page of 
Fairfield, Me., a descendent of Hannah Dustin, b. Aug. 11, 1792. 
She sold land of her father in Township 2, Indian purchase of 
1840. He d. in China, Me., 1860. His will, dated Mar. 3, 1860, 
leaves everything to his grandson, Adolphus Watson Doe. Ex- 
ecutor appointed Sept. 24, 1860. 

I. William H., b. Mar. 9, 1803; m. Mary C. Brainerd. 
II. Dudley Watson, b. Dec. 18, 1804; m. (Betsey) Eliza- 
beth Benson. 

III. John C, b. Feb. 5, 1809. 

IV. Betsey, b. 1816; m. Newell Allen. She d. Feb. 28, 


David Doe 5, (Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Sydney, Me., Aug. 29, 1781. Blacksmith and 
farmer. Private in the War of 1812, Capt. J. Farwell's Co., 
Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin's regiment. Service from Sept. 24th to 
Nov. 10, 1814, at Wiscasset, Me. Company raised at Vassal- 
boro, Me. M. Sept. 22, 1807, Martha R. Wiggin, b. Meredith, 
N. H., Nov. 4, 1782, d. May 2, 1851. He d. 1866. Resided 
Corinth, Me. 

I. William, b. July 4, 1810; m. Carohne B. Tyler. 
II. Joshua Wiggin, b. Apr. 15, 1812; d. s. p. May 6, 1851. 

III. Bradstreet Wiggin, b. Apr. 23, 1814; m. Mary Ann 


IV. Mary Ann, b. Nov. 10, 1816; d. unm. Sept. 25, 1857. 
V. David Dudley, b. May 1, 1818; m. Roxie Dwinell. 

VI. Richard Wiggin, b. Oct. 27, 1820; m. Ruth Prescott. 
VII. Winthrop W., b. July 15, 1824. He sold land in 
Orneville, Me., in 1846 and 1852; d. s. p. Nov. 20, 
1857, at Corinth, Me 

Jonathan Doe 5, (Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Sydney, Me., Feb. 14, 1792. Wheelwright and 
farmer. Musician in War of 1812, Capt. J. Wellington's Co. 
Lieut. Col. E. Sherwin's regiment. Service from Sept. 24 to 
Nov. 10, 1814, at Wiscasset, Me. Company raised at Albion 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 211 

and vicinity. M. Sept. 2, 1816, Mary McLaughlin, said to be 
the first white child b. in Harlem (now China), Maine. D. 
Aug. 3, 1873. 

I. Chmena R., b. May 2, 1817; d. unm. Nov. 8, 1889. 
II. Anna D., b. Feb. 16, 1819; d. young. 

III. George, b. Apr. 2, 1821 ; d. young. 

IV. William Dudley, b. Sept. 30, 1824 ; m. Leonora Willey. 
V. Sophia, b. Jan. 17, 1831; d. unm. Sept. 21, 1908, 

Albion, Me. 

VI. Zimri H., \ , . . ^j -.^ -,000 
TrxT ^T r^^■ ( twms, b. Nov. 18, 1833. 
MI. ]\Iary Olive, I 

Zimri H., m. Charlotte McDonald ; d. May 24, 1910. 
Mary Olive, m. May 6, 1860, John Brackin in Massa- 
chusetts; d 1911, at China, Me. Ch.: 1-Lizzie 
Tremine, b. July 14, 1862; d. Sept., 1862. 2-Mary 
E., b. June 22, 1866; m. Feb. 19, 1902, William V. 
Hayden. Resides Waterville, Me. 
VIII. Hadley P., b. Oct. 3, 1835; m. EUzabeth Jones. 

Ezekiel Doe 5, (James 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2,, 
Nicholas 1), b. about 1792, at Vassalboro, Me. Farmer. M. 
Eliza R. Lassall, b. Lyman, Me. Settled at 25-Mile Pond Plan- 
tation; d. Aug. 28, 1821. 

I. Raymond S., b. May 24, 1817; m. Ann Heme of 
Fairfield, Me.; d. s. p. Feb. 8. 1894. 

II. Nancy L. . 

III. Ezekiel Jr., b. Feb. 11, 1821 ; m. Sarah E. Perkins, b. 
1831; d. Oct. 24, 1899. He d. Feb. 1, 1897, 
Burnham, Me. Ch.: 1-Henry S., who m. Abbie 
.• No further record. 

James Doe, Jr. 5, (James 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. about 1794, Vassalboro, Me. Farmer. M. 
Betsey Myrick, b. Vassalboro, Me. 

I. Ohve, m. Merrill Buck. 
II. Sarah, m. Nelson Neal. 

212 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. Mary, m. John Haseltine. 

IV. William, b. Mar. 8, 1828; m. Lovenia Works. 

V. Ezekiel Judge, b. Oct., 1825; m. Sarah L. Andrews. 

VI. Watson, d. s. p. 

VII. Artemus, d. s. p. 

VIII. Martha, d. s. p. 

James Stutely Doe 5, (Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., July 29, 1786. Shoemaker. 
Settled in Tuftonboro, N. H. M. July 14, 1808, Dorothy (Dolly) 

Fosse of Tuftonboro; 2d, ; 3d, Aug. 17, 1864, Abigail 

Haley, when 78 years of age. 

I. Andrew Wiggin, b. Sept. 28, 1813; m. Mary E. Mer- 
II. Joanna, b. May 29, 1815. 

III. MaryE.,b. Apr. 29, 1821. 

IV. AHce S., b. July 25, 1828. 

Corporal Joseph R. Doe 5, (Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., 1795; trader. Corporal in 
War of 1812, in Capt. Peter Hersey's Co. Representative 1844-5. 
M. April 11, 1818, Sarah Gaines. Old records at Exeter, N. H., 
show that Aug. 11, 1825, his brother, Zebulon N. Doe, was ap- 
pointed guardian of Joseph R. Doe of Newmarket, who "for 
ideling and spending his time unprofiteably and wasteing his 
property" was adjudged in need of a guardian. His property was 
inventoried Feb. 15, 1829. His property had increased and the 
guardian was revoked. He left quite an estate at his death, 
which occurred Jan. 12, 1871; his will was dated July 21, 1868. 
His wife d. Jan. 11, 1864, Newm.arket, N. H. 


I. Son, b. June 1, 1819; d. June 6, 1819. 

II. George Gaines, b. May 21, 1821 ; d. June 12, 1822. 

III. Sarah Ann, b. June 20, 1823; d. July 23, 1909; unm. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 25, 1829; m. Jan. 28, 1855, 

Samuel P. Hoyt of Lee, N. H. She d. Dec. 15, 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 213 

Capt. Andrew Wiggin Doe 5, (Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., Apr., 1791; m. Dec. 1, 1815, 
Sally, dau. of David and Elizabeth Clark Chapman, who was b. 
Mar. 4, 1788, and d. Nov. 15, 1850. (See Chapman Genealogy). 
He was a trader and a soldier in the War of 1812. He d. June 19, 


I. EHza W., b. June 6, 1816; d. June 2, 1833. 

II. Andrew S., b. Sept. 28, 1819; m. Martha Vincent. 

III. John, b. Mar. 2, 1822; m. Mary Kent of Durham 

Point, N. H. 

IV. Sylvester Franklin, b. Oct. 22, 1823; m. Martha J. 


Zebulon N. Doe 5, (Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nich- 
olas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., May 26, 1801. Was a trader. M. 
Jan. 29, 1826, Deborah Glidden, b. Newmarket, N. H. Removed 
to Lawrence, Mass., where he conducted a large boarding house; 
later at Manchester, N. H.; and finally returned to his old home 
in Newmarket, N. H. Hed. Mar. 5, 1873; widow d. Mar. 31, 1879. 

I. Andrew M., b. 1827 ; m. Apr., 1857, Ann S. Chickering. 
II. George Washington, b. 1831; m. 1st, Mary A. Sim- 
mons; 2nd, Alice Key. 

III. Charles A., b.l 834 ;m. J an. 20, 1855, Margaret J. Allen. 

IV. Susie A., b. 1841; m. Sept. 3, 1870, John T. Adams, 

Jr., of Dover, N. H. 
V. Wilham H., b. July 17, 1843; d. s. p. Aug. 19, 1865, 

at Manchester, N. H. 
VI. Thedora Frelinghuysen, b. Oct. 17, 1844. 
VII. Freeman H., b. Jan. 1, 1846 ; d. June 21, 1846. 
VIII. Mary F., b. June 25, 1847. 

Joseph Doe 5, (Capt. Andrew 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nich- 
olas 1), b. Durham, N. H., after 1786; m. May 22, 1807, at Lee, 
N. H., Betsey, dau. of John Moody and Sarah Hill Smith. 
He d. Jan. 3, 1809. Widow m. Jan. 18, 1824, John Pinkham. 

I. Daughter, d. in infancy. 

214 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Andrew Joseph Doe 5, (Capt. Andrew 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N.H., May 30, 1830; m. Mar. 31, 1855, 
Ann Maria, dau. of Jeremiah and Mariah Langtry Winkley, b. 
Sept. 28, 1833; d. Dec. 30, 1911. He d. May 30, 1884. Resided 
Durham, N. H. 

I. Frank Edwin, b. Jan. 2, 1854; m. Sarah A. Perkins. 


Bradstreet Doe 6, (Samuel 5, Bradstreet 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. New Hampshire, March 3, 1803. 
M. Feb. 3, 1828, Eliza Ann Davis, b. Andover, Mass. 

I. Roxanna, b. Dec. 13, 1829. 
II. Almira, b. Dec. 16, 1830. 
No further record. 

Theophilus Parker Doe 6, (Joseph A. 5, Bradstreet 4, 

Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cornville, Me., 
Apr. 17, 1813; farmer. M. Feb. 17, 1848, Lydia W. Dear- 
born, b. Solon, Me., Aug. 27, 1822. He d. Nov. 26, 1886. Re- 
sided Cornville, Me. 

I. Emma H., b. Nov. 24, 1848; m. Mar. 3, 1875, Alonzo 

II. George Edgar, b. July 23, 1850; m. Clara M. Hight. 

III. Emily Layette, b. Sept. 15, 1852. Resided in Bos- 

ton, Mass. in 1888. 

IV. Charles Greenleaf, b. Dec. 5, 1856; unm. Business, 

Quincy Market, Boston. Resides Dorchester, 
Mass. No ch. 

Joseph Merrill Doe 6, (Samuel 5, Jonathan 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas I), b. Sanbornton, N. H., Mar. 26, 1809; 
merchant. He sold in 1851 to his brother Samuel M., the 
homestead farm of their father, who bought' in Meredith, N. H., 

The Des-cendants of Nicholas Doe 215 

in 1816. M. Sept. 29, 1834, Laura, dau. of David and Sally 
Page of Meredith, N. H., who d. Mar. 9, 1884. He d. at Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Aug. 2, 1871. 

I. Charles Henry, b. Nov. 28, 1838; m. Mary Waldo 
II. Laura Abbie, b. Oct. 18, 1847; m. Oct. 4, 1874, Josiah 
K. Burrage of Cambridge, Mass., who was b. July 
13, 1838, and d. Feb. 1, 1909.; w. resides in Lan- 
caster, Mass. Ch. : 1-Edith May, b. Apr. 6, 
1876; graduate Smith College; cataloguer in New 
York Public Library. 2-Marion, b. June 18, 1880; 
was assistant Librarian at Radcliff College for six 
years. Resides with her mother at Lancaster, 
III. George Merrill, b. June 27, 1856; m. Sept. 18, 1889, 
Alice Hawey Probasco of Goodrich, Ont. No ch. 

(Biographical Sketch.) 

Joseph Merrill Doe was l)orn in Meredith, N. H., March 26, 
1809, where the family for several generations had been located. 
His father was a farmer and he worked with him while attending 
school. Later he went to Lowell, Massachusetts, where he 
learned the trade of upholsterer, and then opened a furniture 
store with a Mr. Mason as a partner. On Sept. 29, 1834, he 
m. Laura Page, also of Meredith, bringing her to Lowell to live. 
In 1836 he removed to Boston and for many years his name was 
the only Doe in the Boston Directory. Here his business was 
again that of furniture, and in 1846 he organized the firm of Doe, 
Hazelton & Co., at the head of which he continued for many years, 
the business of the house gaining steadily until it became one 
of the best known in Boston. 

In 1855 he sold out to his partners and moved to New York 
where he continued in the furniture business until the Civil 
War began. His trade was almost entirely with Southern dealers, 
and with the war came to an end. He then decided to return 
to New England, where with a Mr. John A. Ellis he continued 
the manufacture of furniture. Their factory was in Cambridge 
and the firm name was John A. Ellis & Co. Later, upon the death 

216 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

of Mr. Ellis, the firm became Doe & Hunnewell, which continued 
until Mr. Doe's death Aug. 2, 1871. 

Samuel Morrell Doe 6, (Samuel 5, Jonathan 4, Lieut. Samuel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 6, 1814, Nottingham, N. H. 
Farmer. M. Dec. 21, 1848, Charlotte Smith Moulton, who d. 
Aug. 24, 1887, Laconia, N. H. He d. May 15, 1884, Laconia, 
N. H. He purchased his father's homestead at Meredith, N. H., 
in 1851. 

Children : 

I. Lizzie Mariah, b. Oct. 12, 1849; d. May 15, 1851. 

II. Helen M., b. May 3, 1851 ; d. Dec. 6, 1863. 

III. Martha E., b. Mar. 12, 1853; d. Apr. 24, 1881. 

IV. Charlotte Eliza, b. Sept. 5, 1856. Resides Laconia, 

N. H., unm. 
V. Abbie F., b. Apr. 27, 1859; d. Sept. 27, 1877. 
VI. George S., b. Apr. 8, 1864; d. Mar. 6, 1865. 

Augustus Doe 6, (Theophilus 5, Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 1, 1809, at Laconia, N. H.;m. 
Mrs. Mahala Blaisdell, dau. of Elliott & Susan Chase of Deerfield, 
b. 1811. She d. at Meredith, N. H., Feb. 5, 1881. He was a 
large land owner in Guilford and Lake Village, N. H. He d. 
Aug. 1, 1887. 


I. Morrel B., b. at Laconia, Dec. 8, 1834; m. Sarah 
II. Lydia Ellen, b. July 4, 1840; m. Otis P. Warner, Mar. 
4, 1869, at Wiers, N. H. He was owner of a woolen 
mill and manufactured fancy woolen goods. 
III. Elisa, b. Dec. 19, 1844; m. Wm. J. Morrison, loco- 
motive engineer of Laconia, N. H. 

Bradstreet Doe Jr. 6, (Bradstreet 5, Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b June 4, 1808, at Wolfeboro, N. H.; 
m. IrenaEdgcrly, dau. of William P. and Nancy Chase Edgerly, 
Dec. 19, 1836, who was b. Apr. 17, 1813, at Durham, N. H. She 
d. Aug. 25, 1909; he d. May 8, 1860. 

Charles Osborn Doe 
B. April 9, 1841 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 219 


I. Charles Osborn, b. Wolfeboro, N. H., Apr. 9, 1841; 
m. 1st, Jennie M. Carter of Cochituate, Mass., 
Sept. 26, 1864; 2nd, Sarah Pickering, July 11, 
1897, who was b. in Sheffield, Eng. He enhsted 
in Co. M., U. S. Dragoons, Oct. 16, 1861; was 
taken prisoner at Charles City Crossroads, Va., and 
exchanged after being confined three months in 
Libbey Prison. Resides in Wolfeboro, and has 
held many offices of trust. He has taken great 
interest in this work furnishing much valuable in- 
formation and is considered historian of Doe 
family in that vicinity. 
II. William' Edgerly, b. Wolfeboro, N. H., July 20, 1851 ; 
m. Alice G., dau. of Samuel and Sarah Hasty, 
Dec. 27, 1880; d. June 3, 1884 at Newburyport, 
Mass. One ch., a dau. who d. in infancy; Mrs. 
Alice G. Doe, d. Apr. 4, 1916, killed by an express 
train at Winter Hill, Somerville, Mass. From 
New Hampshire Probate Records, Aug. 7, 1890: 
"Alice G. Doe of Wolfeboro, w. of William E. 
Doe, asked for one-half of the property. Letters 
of administration granted July 1, 1884. No ch. 
or issue of ch." 

Edmond Pendergast Doe Spear 6, (Bradstreet 5, Lieut. 
Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Wolfe- 
boro, N. H., July 13, 1824. Received his education in Wolfe- 
boro Academy and graduated at an early age. He taught school 
for a while, and then w^ent to Massachusetts, following different 
occupations until he became associated with Dr. Jared Spear, 
working in Dr. Spear's laboratory, manufacturing the well-known 
Spear's Remedies, where he learned to be a doctor, and after the 
death of Dr. Spear he continued the business. His name was 
changed to Edmond D. Spear by Acts of Massachusetts Legis- 
lature, 1851, Chap. 249, Mass. Records. He m. June 11, 1851, 
Mrs. Mary Muzzey Spear, b. Portland, Me., widow of Dr. Jared 
Spear. She d. June 6, 1884. He d. in Boston, Mass., Sept. 11, 

220 Tiiio Dp:scendant,s of Nicholas Doe 

Children : 

1. r](lin()iul Doo Spoilt-, I). Oct. 27, 1852; in. Amelia 
11. Liry Doo Hpoar, b. 1S55, Boston, Mass.; machinist; 
(1. Milton, Mass., July 30, 1901, unm. 

III. Alfro.l Doo Spear, b. Melrose, Mass., .Iiino II, 1857; 

m. .luno 1, 1886, Miss Mary E. Dronoy. Resides 
Boston, Mass. No eh. 

IV. Mary (). Doo Spear, b. Boston, Mass., Apr. 4 1859; 

m. Aii<2;. 7, 1891, Nathaniel Wentworth of Boston, 
V. Ham. ah IlaifonI Doo Spear, b. Oot. 20, 1802; d. in 

John Osborn Doe 6, (Bradstreet 5, Zcbulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas l),b. Nov. 8, 1813, at Wolfeboro, N. H.; 
m. Nov. 23, 1842, Mary Baker who was b.June 1, 1812. He was 
a carpenter, resided in Boston, Mass. He d. Apr. 27, 1851. His 

w. m. 2nd, Warner. 


I. Mary Adalino, b. June 21, 1843; m. Ames. 

She (1. at Laconia, N. II., Jan. 5, 1878. 
11. John Osborn, b. l-ob. 13, 1848; d. s. p. Mar. 31, I8()9, 
at Alton, N. II. 

Lemuel Doe 6, (Samuel 5, Lemuel 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Washington, Me., May 13, bSKi; m. 
1842, I.ucinda Sh(>rburn. Resided in (!l(Miburn, Mo. 
Childn N : 

I. (h-eenleal", 1). July28, 1842. 
II. Arthur T., b. Feb. 6, 1847. 

Thomas Doe 6, (Samuel 5, Lemuel 1, Lieut. Samuel 3> 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cllenburn, Mo., near Bangor, Me., A])r. 
11, 1818; m. Apr. 23, 1854, Elizal)etli Pilkiiifiton, who was b. in 
Providence, 111. He spent his you na; manhood in the \icinit,y of 
Banj>;or, where he attended school and woi-kod in t h(> lumber 
camps up the Penobscot for a season occasionally to j^ol funds for 
further schooling; from his own writing we note the following: 

TiiK Descendants ok Nk'holas Doe 221 

"Juich of us iiuidc our own bed of lasscls ))ick(Ml from tlie cedur, fir, 
hemlock, and pine houghs, thereby, making a licaithy odoriferent 
couch. With a good cook we did justice to our supphes of pork 
and beans and rehshed the molasses — being so far from "clearing" 
as to render vegetables out of the question. We lived remote 
from refined society for nine months at a time until the spring 
freshet was sufficient to float the logs down the smaller streams 
to a lake or an outlet into the main river and then driven to the 
saw mills." In one of the expeditions he accidentally chopped 
his foot very badly and was a sufferer all his life from the injured 
member. He completed a course of study at Foxcroft Academy, 
and soon after left his home and journeyed westward via the 
Erie Canal and Great Lakes to Chicago, which was only a swanijiv 
village. He took a stage from Chicago to Dixon and hvvv he 
began his chosen work in 1845 and for many years was an in- 
structor in the ])ublic schools of noi'thern Illinois. 

He was married to Elizabeth Pilkington at Providence, 111., 
Apr. 23, 1854 and to this union nine children were born: dau 
Elizabeth, d. in infancy; 2nd dau. Abigail, d. soon after graduat- 
ing from a Chicago College, age 25 years. After teaching many 
years he devoted his time entirely to farming and lived for 37 
years on one farm that was but "raw prairie" when he and his 
noble wife took upon themselves the duty of developing it into a 
most fruitful and beautiful farm home. After all these years 
of scientific farming and stock raising he sold his farms in 111. 
and again turned his face westward to once more pioneer in a 
new country and moved to Holdrege, Neb., where he was sur- 
rounded by his seven remaining children. He continued his 
life of activity and usefulness to his lasl illness, being a great 
student and a deep thinker, making use of llu^ latin and algebra 
he had taught many years before, in helping many a student out 
of school. He never was a member of any church, but was a 
friend and helper of them all and very liberal and charitable in 
his every day life. He was always interested in the political 
affairs of his country and a staunch supporter of the Republican 
party. Mr. Doe held various offices in his precinct and served 
on the school board for many years as Pres. After a long and 
useful life, given to profound study and meditation on political, 
religious, ethical and educational problems along with the ac- 

222 The Decendants of Nicholas Doe 

tivities of farm management, were laid aside and after a brief 
illness, he died, as he had lived for 81 years, 4 mos., 3 days, full 
of courage and conviction that he was "willing to do as the Lord 
sees best" as he remarked just as his spirit was about to take its 
flight. He was buried in Prairie Home Cemetery, Holdrege, 
Neb., Aug. 15, 1899. 
Children: (Born near Lombardville, 111.) 

I. Ella, b. Sept. 25, 1855; m. Nov. 16, 1886, Joseph Har- 
baugh. Ch.: 1-Ada, b. Sept. 1, 1889. 2-Alice, 
b. Aug. 1, 1891; 3-John, b. Jan. 3, 1893. 4- 
Mabel, b. Dec. 3, 1895. Reside Holdredge, Neb. 
II. John, b. May 8, 1857. 
III. Ehzabeth, b. Mar. 4, 1859; d. in infancy. 
IV. Jennie P., b. June 29, 1860. 

V. Abigail F., b. Mar. 13, 1862; graduated from a 
Chicago college; d. 1887. 
VI. Katherine S., b. Jan. 1, 1865. 
VII. WiUiam P., b. Jan. 8, 1867. 

VIII. Thomas, Jr., b. Oct. 26, 1868; unm., now in Retlaw, 
IX. Anna B., b. Oct. 26, 1870; m. Dec. 25, 1894, John C. 
Slosson. Resides Lincoln, Neb. Ch. : 1-Thomas 
Warren, b. May 12, 1896. 2-Ross Wells, b. Mar. 
13, 1901. 3-Elizabeth Ann Irene, b. July 3, 1906. 

Samuel Doe, Jr. 6, (Samuel 5, Lemuel 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 21, 1824, Washington, Me.; m. 
June 14, 1862, Amelia McKeen, who d. at Hermon, Me., Dec. 9, 

I. Abbie, b. July 20, 1863; m. Roderick Overlock, Her- 
mon, Me. One ch.: Mildred A., b. Mar. 15, 
1888; d. Nov. 1, 1895. 
II. Beatrice L., b. Jan. 27, 1866; d. Sept. 14, 1916. 

III. James M., b. Dec. 9, 1871 ; m. Mary L. Phillips. 

IV. S. Allura, b. Nov. 10, 1874; d. June 20, 1914. 

V. Harriet M., b. July 7, 1878; resides with her sister 
Abbie, in Hermon, Me. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 223 

Nicholas Doe 6, (Nicholas Churchill 5, Nicholas 4, Nicholas 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 14, 1798, Newmarket, N. H. 
Carpenter. M. July 10, 1825, Abigail Noble, b. Jan. 16, 1802, 
and d. Jan. 20, 1853. He d. July 27 , 1867. Resided Newmarket, 
N. H. 

I. Elizabeth C, b. Dec. 6, 1826; m. Nov. 6, 1858, Benj. 
F. Tuttle, who d. Dec. 22, 1875. She d. June 5, 
1877. One ch., Charles Tuttle. 
II. Parsons N., b. Oct. 8, 1829; m. 1st. Hannah G. Cot- 

III. Elbridge Noble, b. Sept. 19, 1832 : m. Almira Caswell. 

Nathaniel Doe 6, (Nathaniel Bartlett 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicho- 
las 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Boston, Mass., Aug. 4, 1804; 
m. Sarah, dau. of William and Sarah Slater, b. Sept. 10, 1809, 
Boston, Mass., and d. May 10, 1891, at Providence, R. I. 
Children: (Born Washington, Maine.) 

I. Nathaniel B., \, . , . , r icic 
TT r^ wir Hwins, b. July b, 1848. 

II. Ganes William, I 

Nathaniel B., m. Maria L. Reed. Ganes William 

d. unm. Providence, R. I., Aug. 10, 1892. 

III. Alden, b. Mar. 14, 1853; farmer; m. Feb. 6, 1877, 

Emma F. Dow. Resides Washington, Me. No 

IV. Elden William, b. 1859; m. 1st, Carrie Belle Hickey. 

Asa Doe 6, (Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. 1791, Hallowell, Maine. Farmer and tanner. M. 
Nancy L. Sanborn, b. 1807. Moved from Gardner to Sears- 
mont. Me., where he and his wife were buried. Was a soldier 
in the War of 1812, Capt. W. 0. Vaughn's Co., Lieut. Col. J. 
Stone's Regiment; service from Sept. 10th to25th, Wiscasset, Me. 
Company raised at Hallowell, Me. He d. in 1875, and his wife 
d. Jan. 5, 1879. 

I. Octavia A., b. 1827 ; d. 1877 . 

II. Ezra S., b. 1833; m. Aug. 24, 1862, Ehzabeth Shaw; 
resided in Boston, Mass. in 1862; d. s. p. 

224 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. Augustus L., b. 1834; m. July 31, 1859, Emeline 

Tobey, b. 1832, who d. Jan. 30, 1891. Resided 
in Boston, Mass. He d. May 3, 1907, s. p. 

IV. Deborah K., b. 1836; d. 1870. 

V. Edwin K., b. 1840; was in Co. B., 1st Maine Cavalry; 

d. s. p. 1867. 

VI. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 15, 1841 ; m. Jan. 15, 1863, Charles 

Plaisted; d. 1880. Ch.: 1-George; 2-Charles E.; 

3-Leigh P.; 4-Herbert; resided Searsmont, Me.; 

5-Cora; m. Fogg. 

VII. Arundia B., m. Geo. C. McCrellis of Belfast, Me. 

Joshua Doe 6, (Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 19, 1795, at Hallowell, Me. Soldier in the 
War of 1812 in Capt. D. C. Burr's Co., Lieut. Col. J. Stone's 
regiment; service from Sept. 11th to 25th, 1814, at Wiscasset, 
Me. Company raised at Litchfield, Me.; m. Mary Weymouth. 
He d. Feb. 2, 1870. 
Children: (b. So. Gardiner, Me.) 
I. Mary Ann, d. young. 
II. Sewell Hamilton, m. Mary Ann Nelson. 

III. George Washington, m. Elizabeth Perkins. 

IV. Chandler Darmont, b. Sept. 21, 1829; m. Louisa 


V. Julia Diantha, b. 1832; m. 1st, ; 2nd, Samuel 

Fernald of Massachusetts. 
VI. Harriet, d. in infancy. 
VII. Louise Adaline, b. 1839; unm. Was living in Rox- 
bury, Mass., in 1916. 

Simon Doe Jr. 6, (Simon 5, Nathaniel 4., Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 4, 1797, in Augusta, Me. Farmer; m. 
Deborah, dau. of Samuel and Susan (McFarland) Bates, who was 
b. Fairfield, Me. Dec. 21, 1802 and who d. in Fairfield, June 12, 
1900; Simon was a soldier in the war of 1812 in Capt. D. C. Burr's 
Co., Lt. Col. J. Stone's Regt., service Sept. 11 to 25, 1814, at 
Wiscasset, Me. Co. raised at Litchfield, Me.; he d. in Fairfield, 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 225 


I. Nahum, b. Oct. 18, 1828; m. Augusta Dodge. 
II. Sophia M., b. Aug. 26, 1830; m. Geo. C. Simmons; d. 
Feb. 23, 1849. 

III. Charles Henry, h. Sept. 22, 1832; m. Charlotte J. 


IV. Solomon B., b. Oct. 28, 1834; m. 1st, Acsah K. Dodge; 

2nd, Esther Freeman Patterson. 
V. William J., b. Mar. 28, 1837; m. Sept. 27, 1861, 
Georgie V. Dodge; resided in Charlestown, Mass., 
at time of marriage. 
VI. Joseph H., ]). July 28, 1840; m. Rebecca Hayes. 

John Doe 6, (Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Gardiner, Me. Dec. 10, 1805; farmer; m. Eliza 
Bates who was b. Fairfield, Me.; settled in Aroostook, Co., Me. 
(Hartland, Me.) 
Children : 

I. Sarah E., b. Apr. 30, 1842. 
II. Mary Jane, b. Aug. 4, 1843. 

III. John H., b. 1856; m. 1st, Sarah E., dau. of Jacob W. 
Haskell; 2nd, Mattie Scudder. 

Nathaniel Doe 6, (John Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Tamworth, N. H., June 12, 1793; 
m. at Frankfort, Me., Dec. 1820, Sarah J. Spencer, b. Apr. 10, 
1799, Prospect, Me., and d. at Stockton Springs, Me., 
Dec. 10, 1865. He d. at Monson, Me., Nov. 17, 1848; buried at 
Winterport, Me. 
Children : 

I. Ehza, b. Sept. 15, 1821, m. Gilman. Had three ch. 
II. John W., b. Feb. 12, 1822, Winterport, Me.; m. Roxa 
Spencer, b. Apr. 17, 1834; d. July 29, 1872. He 
d. s. p. Feb. 16, 1876. Was a ship carpenter. 

III. Edwin, left Maine when young and never returned. 

IV. Samuel H., m. Feb. 19, 1864, Laura S. Sparrow. 
V. Albert A., b. Feb. 10, 1830; m. Hadasah Grant. 

VI. Robert S., b. Aug. 14, 1831, Winterport, Me.; m. 
Sarah Malinda Shute. 

226 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Benjamin W. Doe 6, (John Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Tamworth, N. H., Feb. 
29, 1808; m. Mary A., dau. of Charles and Mary Witham Grant, 
who was b. Winterport, Me. in 1814; removed from Winterport 
to Marblehead, Mass.; she d. Marblehead, Mass., Mar. 15, 1887; 
he d. Oct. 23, 1866. Jan. 31, 1846 deeded land in Tamworth 
to his brother, Dearborn, on condition he support the parents 
during their natural life. 

Children: All b. at Frankfort, Me. 
I. Mehssa, b. July 13, 1834. 

II. Benjamin Franklin, b. Dec. 26, 1836; m. Mary J. 

III. Mary Ehzabeth, b. Apr. 17, 1838; d. at Denver, Col., 


IV. Charles W.,b. Apr. 14, 1843; d. s. p. Oct. 17, 1888, at 

Marblehead, Mass. Was a soldier in 10th Bat- 
tery Mass. Artillery, Aug. 13, 1862; mustered out 
June 9, 1865, Civil War; d. unm. 
V. Marcus H., b. Jan. 17, 1846; enlisted Feb. 29, 1864, 
private in Civil War, Co. L, 3rd Cavalry, Mass. 
Regt. Dis. Oct. 10, 1865; d. unm. 

Joseph B. Dee 6, (John Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicho- 
las 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Tamworth, N. H., Mar. 2, 

1805. M. Lavinia . He d. Oct. 7, 1885, at Ossipee, N. H. 

He deeded land in 1838-1855-1856, in Tamworth. 


I. Benjamin H., b. Nov. 21, 1837, West Ossipee, N. H.; 
m. Frances E. Hall. 
II. Joseph, settled in Iowa; d. there. 
III. Hosea, resided in Ossipee in 1881. Leased the real 
estate to his father, Joseph B. Doe, being Joseph 
B. homestead, which had been deeded to Hosea 
by Wolfeboro Bank. Said Joseph to have use and 
income during his life. Hosea sells the property 
in 1886. He d. unm. 
IV. Nancy, d. unm. 
V. Dorothy, d. unm., aged 20 years. 

Joseph Bodwell Doe 
B. April 4, 1818 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 229 

Joseph Bodwell Doe 6, (Joseph Jr. 5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Rollinsford, N. H., Apr. 20, 1818; went 
to Boston at the age of fourteen as clerk in a store. When barely 
of age he went into business in the silk goods line in New York 
City, in partnership with a Mr. Wilson. A business failure dur- 
ing the panic of 1839 and 1840 induced him to move West, and 
after a visit to Wisconsin, he moved his family to Janesville, in 
that state in 1842, opened a general store and was so successful 
that about 1853 he organized a bank. In 1861 the institution 
became the First National Bank of Janesville with Ebenezer 
Ricker Doe as president and Joseph Bodwell Doe as cashier. 
He held the position of cashier until his death in July, 1890. 
He m. Anna J. Marcher. 


I. Martha W., b. 1840. 

II. Charles R., b. Aug. 17, 1849, Janesville, Wis.; m. 
May 17, 1876. Lor a E. . 

III. Joseph Bodwell, Jr., b. Mar. 8, 1855; m. 1st, Sept. 18, 

1878, ; 2nd, June 29, 1886, Gertrude Brittan. 

IV. W^ilson H., b. Feb. 2, 1858; m. Maud G. Palmer. 

Thomas Bartlett Doe 6, (Joseph Jr. 5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 17, 1820, at New Canaan, N. H. 
Graduated from Exeter Academy; became a farmer in Danville, 
Va. M. Sallie Allen Ross, whose ancestry dates back to the 
Emperor Charlemagne, A. D. 783. Was a successful farmer and 
land owner. His old farm in Danville is now built up with the 
city and covered with fine residences. 


I. Sallie Allen, b. ; m. Joseph Landon Tyack. 

Ch.: 1-Mary Doe; 2-Thomas Doe; 3-Jennie 

B.; 4-Joseph L. 

II. Mary Virginia, b. ; m. John Thomas McKeen; 

one son, W. Whitcher McKeen of Richmond, Va. 

III. Sue Ricker, m. John R. Hutchins. 

IV. Kate Patton, b. ; m. Sam R. Street. 

V. Mattie Weeks, b. Feb. 27, 1852; m. Samuel M. Em- 
brey. Ch. : 1 -Sallie Doe ; 2-Mary A. 

230 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VI. Thomas Bochvell, b. Oct. 28, 1860; m. Dora D. Wil- 
VII. Lizzie Ross, b. ; m. Robert J. Jones. 

Chief Justice Charles Doe 6, (Joseph Jr. 5, Joseph 4, Nich- 
olas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. in Derry, N. H., Apr. 11, 1830; 
m. Apr. 11, 1865, Edith, dau. of George W. and Helen Haven, 
who survived him He d. Mar. 10, 1896. 


I. Ralph, b. 1866; d. Sept. 17, 1882, at North Platte, 

Neb., from injuries received in a prairie fire. 
II. Perley, b. Apr. 8, 1868; graduate of Harvard College 
1891; journalist in Boston, unm. Resides Arling- 
ton, Mass. 

III. Haven, b. 1870; m. Mora Hubbard. 

IV. Catherine, b. Oct. 29, 1872, unm.; resides Hingham, 

V. Robert, b. 1875, RoUinsford, N. H.; m. 1st, Adeline 
A. Emerson. 
VI. Helen, b. 1877; resides Portsmouth, N. H. 

VII. Mary, b. 1880; m. Ayers. Ch.: 1-Walter 

Haven, b. 1908. 2-Charles Hamilton, b. 1909. 
3-Edith, b. 1911. 
VIII. Dorothy, b. Nov. 14, 1882; m. Professor Groves, who 
is Professor of Sociology, N. H. State College. 
Ch.: 1-Catherine, b. 1909. 2-Ernestine, b. 1912. 
She d. June 14, 1916. 
IX. Jessie, b. 1887; unm.: resides Dover, N. H. 

The following tribute paid to his memory twenty years after 
his death speaks for itself. By permit of Chief Justice Robert 
G. Pike. 

Copy of Letter Received From Chief Justice Robert G. Pike. 
(Who died 30 days later or on Jan. 9, 1917.) 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 231 



Dover,, N. H., Dec. 9, 1916. 
My dear Mr. Doe : 

Your letter of the first inst. is only just at hand, I having been 
away at Nashua holding Court. 

I am pleased that you find the memories of Judge Doe of inter- 
est, and so far as I am concerned, you are at liberty to use it in 
your work as you suggest. 
With kind regards, I am 

Truly yours, 

Elmer E. Doe, Esq., 
Orleans, Vt. 



By Robert G. Pike of Dover. 

Memories of Judge Doe. 

It is now twenty years since Judge Doe passed away, but the 
impetus and direction given by him to reform measures in the 
administration of justice have steadily gone forward, — seemingly 
as he would have wished had he been alive to observe. When it 
is considered what he accomplished by way of reform in judicial 
procedures and methods of proof in a little over a quarter of a 
century — ^all of which have come to us as a priceless heritage — we 
stand with uncovered head before the spirit of a man whose like 
is seen but seldom in the cycle of a century. 

At this meeting measures that make for still further progress 
in this direction are to be considered, and this fact calls to mind 
this great pioneer in judicial reform, who fought great battles 
in the early years and blazed the way to a rational administration 

232 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

of the law. A recital and analysis of what Judge Doe accom- 
plished in these respects, or as a profound expositor of the com- 
mon law, is not within the scope of these remarks, — the time is 
too limited for such a task and the occasion does not require it. 
Brother Hening in an article of much merit has fully spoken of 
his work and told with force of his great and beneficent influence 
upon the jurisprudence of this and future generations; and Broth- 
er S. C. Eastman has written an interesting article on the sub- 
ject from a diPferent point of view. Nor shall I attempt a com- 
plete memoir of Judge Doe, for none more admirable could be 
written than the one by Judge Jeremiah Smith, delivered before 
this Association'in 1897. But there are certain traits and char- 
acteristics; certain ways and methods of achieving ends; certain 
qualities and impulses that mark the inner man and the finer 
sensibilities of this great judge that I ,desire briefly to refer to. 
A consideration thereof gives us a better understanding — a clearer 
conception, of the human side of his nature, and throws light 
upon the purposes and objects to be attained by the great re- 
forms that he inaugurated. 

Charles Doe was born in Derry, N. H., April 11, 1830. "Early 
in his childhood the family returned to their former residence 
in Somersworth (now Rollinsford), N. H., and took up their abode 
in the old homestead of the Ricker family." The house was built 
in 1796 as an old-time inn by Ebenezer Ricker, the maternal 
grandfather of Judge Doe. It was a mansion of much dignity, 
the better type of the colonial country habitation. Dr. Timothy 
Dwight, former President of Yale, in his "Travels in New Eng- 
land and New York" (1821), speaks of stopping at Captain 
Ricker's as follows: "This gentleman (for he amply merits the 
title) had just buried his wife, and quitted the business of an 
Innkeeper. With some persuasion he consented, however, to 
lodge us; but with evident apprehensions that we should find 
less agreeable accommodations than we wished. The treatment 
which we received from him and all his was such as favorite 
friends might have expected from a hospitable and well bred 
family. I never found an Inn more agreeable." 

After his graduation from Dartmouth College, in 1849, Charles 
Doe entered the office of Daniel M. Christie of Dover and began 
the study of law. Mr. Christie was a great lawyer in the strictest 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 233 

and best sense of the term. Not only was he learned in all that 
the books of the period had in store but he was a patient, thor- 
ough and constant worker, with a large and lucrative practice, — 
a man of the highest integrity and of great intellectual force. It 
was an ideal office for any young man to study in, and particu- 
larly so for one of the ability and genius of young Doe. That 
he made the most of his opportunities no question can arise. 
He at once, became immersed in an atmosphere of law and found 
that he was living in a very natural element. He had profound 
respect and admiration for his teacher and often spoke of him 
in terms of high approval. He told me that no student would 
have dared to read a newspaper in the office; that he never even 
saw one there. It was a place for serious, unremitting work, 
where the length of day was based upon no eight-hour plan, nor 
its ending upon the setting of the sun. He said that whenever 
Mr. Christie's advice was sought upon any point, no matter how 
plain it maj^ have been, he gave no answer to the client at the 
time. The question was written down and the client told when 
he could call again. Mr. Christie's reason for this was that 
no haphazard answer should ever be given upon a point of law. 
The statute or authorities should carefully be looked up and ex- 
amined before an opinion should be advanced. Besides, as 
Judge Doe said, he probably thought that a client would value 
advice more highly that was given after such careful examination 
than he would had it been given him in an offhand manner at 
the time. 

He began the practice of law at Dover in 1854 and continued 
there until he was appointed to the bench, having the late Charles 
W. Woodman as a partner for much of the time. Soon after he 
opened office he received the appointment of County Solicitor 
which he held for two and one-half years. He had important 
criminal cases to consider and dispose of and he discharged such 
duties with courage and ability. He also had a good and steadily 
increasing practice in civil business. Between the time he opened 
office and his appointment to the bench, — a period of about five 
years, — he was entered of record as attorney in 223 different 
cases on the Strafford County docket.. And some of them were 
of much importance, — cases wherein Daniel M. Christie and 
John P. Hale were lawyers on the opposing side. Had he con- 

234 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

tinued in the ranks of the active practitioner it is interesting to 
consider what he might therein have accomphshed. It is certain 
that he would have taken a high rank among the great trial law- 
yers of the country. Those of us who were fortunate enough to 
hear, at Concord, his masterful cross examination of Cook, for 
two hours, in a phase of the Buzzell murder trial, know something 
of his great abilities in this direction. 

Judge Smith says: "Charles Doe, though loving the law 
for its own sake, was not wholly absorbed in the practice of his 
profession. He earnestly entered into politics. His father 
was one of the old war horses of the Democracy and the son 
naturally attached himself to the same party. He was Assistant 
Clerk of the State Senate in 1853 and 1854; and was active as a 
stump speaker in the excited campaigns which followed the re- 
peal of the Missouri Compromise. All this time * * * he was 
looking forward to a legal future rather than to political distinc- 
tion. Stump speaking was taken up to overcome the extreme 
bashfulness of his early years." Judge Doe told me, also, what 
is quoted above with the addition that he spoke in every school- 
house in the county, and as he dwelt upon the reminiscence he 
laughingly remarked that the first of those speeches were rather 
disconnected talks, but added that the experience did him a 
world of good in the confidence he gained thereby and the ability 
to think and express himself upon his feet. Apparently he con- 
tinued to be a strong adherent of the Democratic party until 
the spring of 1859, at which time he became an active and ardent 
speaker for Republican principles. He prepared his speeches 
with much care, — not by writing them out in full, but by topics 
or head notes with clippings to illustrate. I recently saw a 
volume of speeches of the distinguished statesmen of the decade 
before the war which Judge Doc had had bound. On the inside 
of the first cover was the following written in his hand: "Upon 
the following authorities I founded stump speeches during the 
canvass for the State Election March, 1859." Within the volun e 
were m_any loose narrow sheets upon each of which the topics 
of a speech were written and newspaper cuttings which were to 
be read and commented on when the proper time arrived. 

Charles Doe was appointed an associate justice of the Supreme 
Judicial Court on September 23, 1859, — when he was only 29 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 285 

years of age. He had then irade his irark in the judicial workl 
or such n:en as Daniel M. Christie and Cahnan Alarston would 
not have "strongly recommended his appointrnxCnt." Judge 
Smith says: "At the start there was a strong political prejudice 
against him. This obstacle, if it had been the only one, he would 
soon have overcome by his immediate manifestation of ability 
and impartiality. But there were other causes of offense which 
alienated from him some lawyers who would naturally have been 
his closest friends. He was, from the very beginning, a reformer. 
He insisted upon having cases tried civilly, expeditiously and 
upon the merits. Somx bar leaders were unwilling to change the 
habits of a lifetimie at the bidding of a younger man. The result 
in certain counties was a somewhat stormy season, which would 
have induced the majority of new judges either to submit to the 
old regime or resign their office in despair. Not so with Judge 
Doe. He stood his ground and carried his main points." While 
I was a law student in his office he told me among many matters 
of the struggles that he underwent in bringing about the reforms 
referred to. He had seen in his five years' practice women and 
children and even men so controlled by the overbearing and coer- 
cing manner of some lawyers on cross examination, that in an 
effort to bring truth to light they brought falsehood in its stead. 
And he resolved, as did Abraham Lincoln when he witnessed for 
the first time the sale of slaves in the auction room at New Or- 
leans, that if ever he got a chance to hit that practice he'd hit 
it hard. And this he did. Almost the first occasion he had to 
act in this direction was in a case where Mr. Christie, his old pre- 
ceptor, was the offender. Mr. Christie was pursuing hard a 
timid witness who, under the spell of his great personality, seemed 
unable to express even a single thought. Judge Doe suggested 
that he try a milder and less vigorous style of questioning; but 
the habit of years was so engrafted in the great man's nature 
that it was hard for him to change. And when he resumed it 
was in the same commanding and dem.anding way. The Judge 
then mildly but firmly insisted that this style of cross examina- 
tion must end. A hush fell over the court room in expectation of 
a conflict between the leader and the Court. Mr. Christie hes- 
itated, — made no reply — sat down a, then arose and ex- 
amined the witness in a manner most commendable. Judge 

236 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Doe, who told me of the incident, said that he was ever grateful 
to Mr. Christie for his generous conduct in submitting gracefully 
on this occasion, and he explained his yielding without a conflict 
upon the ground that Mr. Christie regarded him as one of his 
boys, and was anxious for him to succeed. The first victory in 
the great war for reform court procedure was therefore won. 

Another episode of a similar character occurred in an encounter 
with General Oilman Marston of Exeter. The General, as all of 
us know, was a man at the very height of his profession, a most 
able lawyer, a strong advocate, but when angered or aroused he 
was a good man to let alone. He, like Mr. Christie, had recom- 
mended Judge Doe for the bench, and had a very high regard for 
the young man's talent. On one occasion at Exeter where the 
Judge was presiding the General was shaking his finger in a wit- 
ness' face and pressing him beyond what the Judge thought was 
due and proper. Judge Doe suggested to the General that he 
refrain from the method he was using to elicit testimony and adopt 
a more conciliatory manner. But the General was not made to 
do business in that way. He muttered something to himself 
and charged upon the witness with redoubled violence. The 
Judge then turned to the witness and said: "Mr. Witness: 
You need not answer any more of the lawyer's questions until he 
asks them in a proper manner." The General glared at the Court 
a moment, swore audibly, gathered up his papers on the table 
with both arms and left the room. The noon hour of adjourn- 
ment having arrived, an intermission was taken until 2 o'clock. 
The General had been in the habit of calling upon the Judge 
quite frequently on Sunday afternoons. When the latter left 
the court room he saw the General, with a cigar in his mouth 
which he was nervously chewing, walking up and down the 
corridor muttering to himself. The Judge walked up to him, 
placed his hand upon his shoulder a)id said: "General, are you 
coming over to see me Sunday?" "Not by a damned sight," 
was the General's instant answer. The Judge laughingly took 
his leave. The matter drifted along for several weeks when one 
Monday at dinner time the Judge knocked at the General's 
house and the door was opened by Mary, his faithful house- 
keeper. Interview: 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 237 

]\Iary: "Oh, Judge Doe, I'm glad to see you; we have only 
pudding and milk for dinner or I'd ask you to come in." 

Judge Doe: "Pudding and milk is my favorite dish, Mary. 
I think I must have some of it." 

And pushing past the astonished housekeeper the Judge walked 
into the dining room where the General was disposing of a bowl 
of the happy combination, seated himself at the table by the side 
of his host, and said: "General, please pass the pudding and 
milk?" It was not long before the two great men were talking 
together as delightedly as two children who had "quarreled and 
made up." Mary was delighted to see them walking down to the 
General's office arm in arm. A little later in the day a local 
lawyer met the General and accosting him said: "How is it that 
you have made up with the Judge?" To which the General 
replied: "How in thunder can you keep mad with a man who 
walks into your house, uninvited, and asks you to pass the pud- 
ding and milk?" This incident not only marks another step 
forward in reform practice of the state, but it also shows what 
diplomacy the Judge possessed when he had anything difficult 
to accomplish. He would not allow the incident just related to 
annoy him, and he brought about the old delightful relations with 
the General that had existed before and which continued to exist 
between them until the General's death. 

Judge Doe soon brought about other changes for the better 
in the simple matter of court practices or formalities. One of 
these was that of sheriff escorting the judge to and from the 
court house. Formerly it was necessary for the sheriff to carry 
a drawn sword, but a long time ago the sword part of the for- 
mality was abandoned, after which the sheriff, clothed in his 
own dignity, was sufficient for the judge's protection. But even 
this simple practice received its death knell early in Judge Doe's 
judicial career. It happened at Manchester when Daniel L. 
Stevens, a deputy sheriff, called at the Manchester House for 
escort duty. Whereupon something like this took place: 
Judge Doe: "Hello, Dan. What are you here for?" 
Mr. Stevens: "To escort Your Honor to the court room." 
Judge Doe: "Don't bother about me, Dan. I'U be over in a 
little while. If folks see us together they'll say, 'What bounty 
jumper is Dan running in now?' " 

238 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

And thus the old practice was never itself again. For some 
time thereafter an irregular attempt was made to escort other 
judges to the room, but the old formality at last was wholly 
abandoned. The Court now sees the sheriff for the first time in 
the term when he appears in the court room on the opening day. 

Another of these practices, harmless enough in itself but a 
waste of time and totally useless except to furnish entertainment 
for the idlers on the spectators' seats, was the formal proclama- 
tion at the opening and the closing of every half-day session of 
the Court. The sheriffs rather liked to make the rafters ring 
with their sonorous "Hear ye. Hear ye. Hear ye. Come into 
court," &c., but the Judge had other business to attend to and 
did not care to listen to such declamations, stirring though they 
were. He therefore took intermissions or recesses rather than 
adjournments, and the only proclamations made therefor he made 
himself, which generally were very brief, as for instance, "Come 
in at two." At first the lack of these formalities made some of 
the lawyers, — particularly those from outside the state, feel 
that something had been overlooked, but the time saved bj^ the 
omission of this ceremony seems now to be ample compensation 
for the loss. Some time after the change in this respect Lawyer 
Rice of Worcester was in the midst of a protracted argument in 
the court house at Keene. The hour of twelve had arrived and 
Judge Doe announcing in his quiet, rapid way, "Come in at two," 
slipped from the bench and immediately left the room. Rice, 
who had not heard the Judge nor noticed that he had left, con- 
tinued with the talk whereupon Batch, the opposing lawyer, 
leaning over the table said: "Hadn't you better stop. Brother 
Rice? The Court has gone." "Gone, — gone where?" and 
looking around realized for the first time that the bench was 
vacant. Batch replied, "Why, gone to dinner, — the Court's 
adjourned." Rice asked, ''When did it adjourn?" To which 
Batch answered, "Why, a minute ago." Rice then smilingly 
said to the jury that he thought he had better wait until the 
Judge returned, and later remarked to some of the lawyers that 
this was the quickest, quietest and most infonnul adjournment 
that he had ever seen. 

Judge Doe believed that the time of the Court should be de- 
voted to the court work without any unnecessary ceremony or 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 239 

delay. It was for the purpose of administering justice in a way 
that was speedy, inexpensive and certain, and he was impatient 
with anything that tended to the contrary. 

On one occasion when he was about to open Court at Man- 
chester he was inquired of by the sheriff what clergyman he 
should invite to offer prayer. The Judge replied that it didn't 
matter provided he would be brief, — remarking further that 
"too much valuable time of the court is ofttimes taken by long 
prayers." The sheriff in his quest for the right type of clergy- 
man met the Rev. Dr. Buckley of the Methodist Church and 
told him what was wanted, saying further that the quicker he 
earned his $2 fee the better it would please the Court. The 
Reverend said he thought he could satisfy the Court in this 
respect, and taking his place beside the Judge arose to his solemn 
duty. He said: "Oh Lord bless this court and bless these 
lawyers. Make them to feel that life is short, that time is pre- 
cious and should not be wasted in empty declamation. For 
Christ's sake. Amen." Judge Doe turned to Dr. Buckley 
and said: "That's a great prayer, a model prayer. It ought 
to be printed and preserved with the records of the court." 

After being appointed to the bench Judge Doe took up his resi- 
dence at Portsmouth. He lived there until his marriage in 1865. 
While there he became acquainted with a learned but eccentric 
gentleman of the name of Elwin, a scholar of wide attainments, 
who could speak fluently in several languages. He was a very 
interesting man to meet, and beyond all else he prided himself on 
his ability to outwalk anyone in all the country round. His plan 
was to invite his victim to a walk and then strike out across the 
country until his companion would cry ou*t : "Enough." Judge 
Doe, who knew that he was being marked as a sacrifice, when 
the time should come, prepared himself for the conflict. He 
bought all kind of shoes until he found the proper pair and then 
practiced at early morn and after dark until he felt ready for 
the expected invitation. It came, and the pedestrians started 
off across the fields in the direction of Agamenticus. Judge Doe 
said Elwin would talk with great ability, and with a never failing 
flow of words, upon subjects very interesting, and this, too, as 
they walked over ploughed ground, through bushes and into 
wide streams where the water would reach far above their knees. 

240 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

They reached Agamenticus in the afternoon and then struck off 
toward Cape Neddick. On reaching there at Elwin's suggestion 
they stopped at a house all night and in the morning retraced 
their steps to Portsmouth. Judge Doe took much pride in the 
fact that Elwin could not make him yield as he had expected 
him to do. 

Upon his marriage he took up his residence in the home at 
RoUinsford where he had spent his youth. The house is spacious 
and is well preserved, dignified in its general appearance and fur- 
nished simply, with all the needs of comfort and high living. 
Large grounds surround it, wherein the Judge planted trees that 
soon grew to shade him in his walks, and gardens of rare excel- 
lence where vegetables, fruit and flowers grew in marked abund- 
dance. In a large front room, on the lower floor, where the sun- 
hght poured into every corner, was the great man's study. 
From floor to ceiling, on every inch of wall, were law books that 
became his friends. And seated there in the quiet of his sur- 
roundings, with a genius rarely equalled for intense, mental 
labor, he worked out those immortal problems and results that 
have given us today the best working system of jurisprudence 
in the world, and wrote his name ineffaceably high up on the 
walls of fame. 

In the spring of 1878 I entered his office as a student and 
remained there with him for about two years. I thereby had an 
opportunity of knowing him as he was in private life, and what 
were the methods of his daily work. His family relations were 
certainly ideal. Mrs. Doe was a woman of great intellectual 
endowment, delightful as a companion, and a helpmeet in the 
best and highest sense of the term. Ever solicitous for his 
welfare, she quietly and effectually aided him in every way to- 
ward the accomplishment of his great life work. She read the 
magazines, reviews and papers of the day and marked for his 
perusal those matters that she felt that he should know. It was 
a peaceful home and one best suited for the giving undivided 
thought to the problems he was called upon to solve. 

In 1887 he and his son Perley went abroad, visiting Great 
Britain, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. For a long while 
he had cherished the thought of such a tour. At the time, he 
was much in need of change and rest. A serious illness in the 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 241 

spring, coming after a long period of his intense mental applica- 
tion, had brought him to a point where he was called upon to 
rest or break. The journey had for him much that was of benefit 
and pleasure. He visited the historic scenes and buildings in 
England and attended many of the sessions of the Court. All 
this, with his complete knowledge of the general and constitu- 
tional history of England and the history of the common law 
was a satisfying recreation. 

Of special interest was his visit to the battlefield of Waterloo. 
He was thoroughly conversant with every point and part of that 
historic ground. He was a great admirer of the genius of the 
great captain who there met the defeat from which he never rose. 
I know of no more thorough and enthusiastic student of the Battle 
of Waterloo than was he. His knowledge of all the details of 
this great conflict was comprehensive and exact. I have re- 
cently examined one of his volumes upon the subject and found 
it full of interesting marginal notes upon the text. At several 
places the note was: "Improl^able." At another where the 
author cast blame upon Grouchy for faiUng, as he claimed, to 
apprehend his mission in a certain instance Judge Doe had min- 
uted: "All wrong. He did act intelligently in obeying orders, 
exactly, with what energy he had." And where in Wellington's 
memorandum it appears "that the allied British and Netherland 
army was in line at Quatre Bras," Judge Doe notes merely: 
"Horrible lie." The markings and comments that he made, all 
through the book, indicate a complete understanding of the moves 
or failure to move on the part of all the armies in that great 
struggle. When he came away he brought from the battlefield 
mementos that are still preserved. I have just seen a collection 
of wheat kernels that he gathered growing there. 

Sometime after his return he was sitting at a trial at Manches- 
ter when Mr. Luce, the clerk, having heard that he had sent to 
General Marston a flower which he had gathered from the 
battlefield, asked him if he was interested in reading the accounts 
of Waterloo. Judge Doe said that he was and that he had read 
about everything that had been printed on the subject. Mr. 
Luce mentioned the account that Victor Hugo had written, in 
isolated chapters, in Les Miserables, but Judge Doe had not read 
nor heard of it. A copy was procured for him. He placed it 

242 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

just left of his note book on the bench and began to read. At 
times, brought back to the work at hand by 'T object, Your 
Honor," he vvould instantly rule, sustaining or overruling the 
objection raised, and then his eyes would seek the page that they 
had left when he was interrupted. The short, crisp sentences 
and vivid portrayal of the subject by the great writer was such 
as keenly to awaken his interest, and each time, shortly after 
he began to read, he was thoroughly absorbed, — away on the 
great battlefield in Belgium. 

Judge Doe, for many years, found it necessary to visit Boston 
to consult authorities in those larger libraries where the reports 
of every jurisdiction can be found. But the time came when the 
wearisome journey to and from, and the noise and confusion of 
the city became so irksome and distasteful to him that he looked 
for other mieans of gaining what he sought. Some years before 
he died he told me he was being relieved from the burden of these 
journeys, — that he had found a "wonderful young man" who was 
examining the authorities for him and sending him the result 
of his investigations. When, in 1904, I read the dedication of 
Professor Wigmore's unrivalled masterpiece on Evidence, "To 
the memory of the public services and the private friendship of 
two masters in the law of evidence, Charles Doe of New Hamp- 
shire, Judge and Reformer, and James Bradley Theyer of Massa- 
chusetts, Historian and Teacher," I wondered if the author of 
this great work was not the "wonderful young man" that Judge 
Doe, years before, had spoken of. And so it proved to be. Re- 
cently I wrote to Professor Wigmore, calling his attention to this 
dedication and stated that I was about to prepare the article 
I am now reading. I assured him that it would be of great in- 
terest to me and others to know something of the "Private 
Friendship" that existed between him and Judge Doe and to 
learn in what respect he considered him to have been a Reformer. 
He very courteously replied to my inquiries as follows : 

Chicago, 111., 
Mar. 27, 1916. 
Dear Judge Pike: 

Replying to your recent letters, I offer a few remarks about 
Judge Doe. I have, however, much less to tell than you might 
suppose. I follow your order of topics: 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 243 

1. My "Private Friendship" with him. In the winter of 
87' and '88, when I was just opening a law office, he sent down 
to Mr. Vaughan, hbrarian of the Social Law Library in Boston, 
for some one to collect authorities for him. The Court was 
several years behind, in its published reports, and in fact 
the opinions had never been written. Judge Doe had about 
15 cases for his share of arrears, at least 15 which required special 
research. Mr. Vaughan recommended me; and I did the work 
during the ensuing years. I cast my results into the form of 
judicial opinions; and being much flattered by the task given me, 
I expected to be able to recognize my handiwork in the published 
opinions. But — I frankly admit that I never could find any 
resemblance at all between what I sent and what he turned out. 
Master mind that he was, my stuff was simply raw material to 
him, and he used it, or cast it out as he found fit. I had simply 
been a searcher, to him, and he made his own use of it in his 
own way. 

And yet he found no fault with what I sent him. The en- 
closed letters testify that he obtained from me as much or more 
than he expected. But the letters are so personal that they will 
be of no use for your purpose. The last one, apropos of my in- 
tended departure for Japan, in 1889, to be professor of law, is 
however, a revelation of his direct common sense way of looking 
at things. I treasure it among my archives. It would be a 
good sermon for any young man. 

2. I considered him a "reformer" in the sense that all 
judges ought to be but few judges are, viz.; in casting off the 
shackles of false precedent and revising unsound principles with- 
out impotently handing reform over to the legislature, as most 
judges feel obliged to do. His opinions in Darling os. Westmore- 
land & State vs. Pike illustrate what I mean. He cleaned house 
of a lot of narrow rules which were threatening to fix themselves 
in the law and those opinions turned the tide all over the country. 
He measured a rule by its present good sense and sound principle; 
and he always could find some larger principle by which to 
straighten out the crooked angle in which the law had become 
temporarily lodged. And this is almost always feasible. 

3. I never traced out his reforming principles outside of 
the Law of Evidence. I am told that he did the same thing for 
procedure in general. Hening has said something about that. 

244 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

4. I called and still call him a "reformer" in the above 
sense, i. e., not in the legislative sense, but in the sense in which 
all supreme judges can be and ought to be, if they have the 
strong will and self confidence that he had, "possunt quia posse 
videntur". If all judges in their day and generation went about 
as he did, we should not now be in the helpless tangle which 
forces us to run to the incompetent legislature for every petty 

I hope I have given you something that may help. 
Sincerely yours, 


A strange coincidence was that he fell dead on the railroad 
platform in '98 on the very morning on which we came, in our 
Torts class, to his celebrated opion in the Mink case, and I was 
descanting to my class on the greatness of the writer of that 

J. H. W. 

P. S. You will see from the letters that I never met him 
personally. But his letters meant so much to me in my profes- 
sional beginnings, by the encouragement which so warms a 
young man's heart, and they showed so kindly an interest, that 
I ever entertained a deep affection, and I took the occasion of 
my book's appearance to try to repay the debt publicly. His 
picture has for twenty years hung over my desk, daily before 
my eyes. 

J. H. W. 

The letter of Judge Doe to Professor Wigmore on the latter's 
intended departure for Japan is a most 'lluminating one. A vein 
of sadness runs through it from first to last. His intense mental 
application and a period of illness, not long before, had impaired 
his physical powers, and had left its impress upon his mind. He 
wished to sound a warning of the dangers that lie in the pathway 
of ambitious men and to point out a way by which these dangers 
could be shunned. That portion, of especial interest, is as follows: 

Salmon Falls, N. H., 
July 9, '89. 

Hro. Wiqniore: Your selection for the work in Japan is a 
strong testimonial of the quality of your work as a writei-, & 
probably as a student at the law school & in college. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 245 

The greatest danger of men of your stamp generally is in 
overwork & a violation of the la .vs of health of which so few have 
any knowledge. It is not probable that you will reach the age of 
fifty with a sound constitution, or any vigor or power of endur- 
ance capable of accomplishing anything. You will damage your 
body in some way so as to make life a burden & probably bring 
it to an early close. You will be influenced by no caution on the 
subject. No such man ever heeds any warning but actual disa- 
bility produced by excessive continuous labor & lack of exercise, 
sleep & regular hours. 

I trust you will be fortunate in your companion. The wives 
of the present generation of professional men are generally, in 
one way or another (often in more than one), a heavy burden & 
incumbrance, — a drain upon the time, the attention, the comfort 
& the mental & financial strength of the unhappy victims. I 
know more than one able man whose success at the bar has been 
made impossible by domestic distraction, extravagance, folly & 
misery. A young woman of education and refinement, content 
with her lot & willing & able to be anything but a constant annoy- 
ance & inordinate expense to her husband, has become a rare bird. 

I hope you will both begin right, with sensible notions of 
expenditure, contentment & harmony, & thus stand some chance 
of attaining that position of honor and independence to which 
your talents are entitled. A vulgar notion of display & an affec- 
tation of social rank, are besetting sins, so universal & so ruinous, 
that an old man fails in his duty when he neglects a fair oppor- 
tunity to warn every young person who is worthy of a high place 
in the- world. With due labor you are sure of fulfilling your am- 
bition. Without an economical, unpretending, peaceable, quiet & 
happy home the necessary continuous, intense & undisturbed 
mental application is impossible. * * * 

With the books he was consulting piled around him on 
chairs and tables, and the floor well covered by others resting 
on their edges, the Judge would sit at his study table and write 
for hours. At times he would lay down the pen and sit wrapped 
in thought until the idea he was seeking to evolve was clear, 
and then the writing would begin again. He worked quietly, 
rapidly and to the point. At intervals he would leave the study 
for his exercise, — ^for a walk down through the grove or to the 

246 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

village for his mail. Or he would go into the garden to direct the 
workmen in their duties. When he returned it was generally 
with an expression of satisfaction that the walk had cleared his 
head and that he was again ready for the affray. 

He was a firm believer in a generous supply of good fresh 
air to breathe. In study and in sleeping rooms the windows 
were, at times, removed; and in the court room ventilation was 
the first thing that commanded his attention. He considered 
th€ taking of such provisions a vital need to those who were com- 
pelled to stay in court; and he believed that their requirements 
should be considered in preference to the wishes of those who were 
present from curiosity alone. Some few have regarded his ideas, 
in this respect, a subject for humorous comment or ridicule. But 
they did not understand. Judge Doe was a man who always 
sought to find the reason for an act, and in the finding, wrong 
practices and customs were often overthrown. We are all, now, 
coming to regard pure air as necessary for our proper living, — 
as seen by our sleeping porches and improved methods for ventila- 
tion. This, and every other course or practice concerning which 
the idle or the ignorant have criticized him for a departure from 
some established mode or custom, will be found resting solidly 
upon principles of good sound common sense, and not upon the 
silly notion or idea of those who feel that things ordained as 
fashion, are always right. 

Whenever Judge Doe was tired or exhausted he went to bed 
whether it was the day time or the night. His retiring by day 
generally occurred, however, upon his return from the law term 
consultations, upon the arrival of the morning train. A few 
hours' sleep restored him to his normal state and then he would 
be ready to apply himself to the many questions that the meeting 
had brought up. 

It was a delight to labor in his study under the inspiration 
of his presence. Whenever I asked him questions about princi- 
ples, that seemed to me obscure, he would instantly lay aside 
his work and give such illuminating answers that the subjects 
would stand out clear without a question or a doubt remaining. 
These answers or explanations would be lectures, in effect, upon 
the principles of law involved. And often he would rest from his 
work at hand and give a talk on some important subject most 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 247 

helpful to a student who in time would practice law. I recall 
that one talk was on "Honesty," — as a necessary asset of every 
lawyer. Another was on "Tact," and its importance to a lawyer 
if he would succeed. All of these talks made reference to differ- 
ent law^yers in the state and received force as their conduct illus- 
trated the points he desired to bring out. 

His children received their early education at home from 
private instructors. This education included not only the ordi- 
nary branches of the common school but also French and music. 
The text-books that were used in all the branches were the result 
of infinite investigation on the Judge's part, a vast number, by 
many authors, were examined and educators consulted with a 
view of procuring the most advanced and best system that could 
be had. No one ever bestowed more solicitude and effort for 
the right education of his children than Judge Doe bestowed on 

I have heard him say that he didn't expect or want to see his 
children become musicians, but he believed the discipline of 
mind and muscles derived from being taught to sing and play 
was worth the effort and time put into this branch of their edu- 
cation. I do not think that he was a lover of music himself, al- 
though I understand he really owned and played a flute in his 
younger days. He told me that, on one occasion, he attended 
an opera. I don't know how it was that he happened to attend. 
It is sufficient that he did. He said he stood the performance 
pretty well until the prima donna reached a climax and gave out 
some high and piercing notes — a sweep into the very heavens 
— and then, he thought he should go wild. He actually had to 
put his fingers in his ears to shut out the sound and finally felt 
obliged to leave the house, which, at the time, was thundering 
with applause. He could see no sense or satisfaction in listening 
to such an exhibition, but he recalled this incident in his life 
with much amusement. 

All kinds of persons called upon him at his study with mis- 
sions too numerous and varied to enumerate. The man who 
showed that he was square and tried to do his best was sure to 
get, if not what he sought, help of a very useful and material 
kind. But with the man of pretence, the imposter, he had little 
patience; and a few crisp words would generally be sufficient to 

248 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

convince him that his ireasure had been taken and his scheme 
was understood. He loved to meet and talk with people in all 
the various walks of life; to get their point of view in looking at 
the fundamental questions of the day. He gained much profit 
and amusem^ent from such interviews. 

I used to think he could read one's character as quickly as 
anyone I ever knew. A look into the face, — a few inquiries, with 
answers given, and the measure of the man was taken. He would 
walk through a crowd of people turning neither to the right nor 
left and yet know who was present and much of what was in their 
minds. I remember, once, of his calling a few minutes at a house 
where an old woman lived who had had much trouble and was 
badly broken. Neither knew who the other was but when he 
came away he said: "Poor woman, what disappointments she 
must have had!" The remark was very true and he had read 
it all in her wrinkled face and trembling voice. 

People who did not know might have thought him to be 
cold and reticent but nothing could be farther from the truth. 
The latch string of his house was always out, and his friends were 
sure of receiving a cordial greeting at his hands. Sitting in his 
study or under the spreading branches of the trees that shaded 
his yard he would talk delightfully for hours at a time. He told 
a story well, and his listener's enjoyment of the tale was enhanced 
by the Judge's pleasure and inimitable manner in relating it. 

He was kind and generous to everyone in need. The poor 
in the vicinity had much to thank him for in that he never failed 
to minister to their comfort and their happiness. Although many 
could not read the thoughts and emotions that were passing in 
the busy brain, behind the impenetrable mask of this great man's 
countenance, I know that he had one of the kindest hearts that 
ever beat in human breast. 

And he was charitable withal. Condemned as he was, at 
times, by those who did not understand, he never lost his temper 
or showed enmity in return. He made no explanation of his 
acts, did not reply, and was not moved to change his course from 
that which duty pointed out. I remember once when he had 
spoken of the great ability of a certain man he added, half laugh- 
ingly, "but he doesn't think much of me. He has threatened on 
the public streets to have me impeached." When I consider how 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 249 

serene, how grand he was under violent criticism and assault, 
he seems to have been like 

" * * * some tall cliff that lifts its awful form, 
Swells from the vale and midway leaves the storm. 

Tho round its breast the rolling clouds are spread 
Eternal sunshine settles on its head.'' 
In speaking of his charitable qualities I am reminded of 
many of his remarks that make allowances for the shortcoming of 
others. More than once I have heard him say when referring 
to some unfortunate man whose transgressions had brought him 
to his punishment: "Mr. Pike, suppose you and I had been born 
with the same inherited tendencies; brought up under the same 
vicious influences; with no more will power than he has, and sub- 
jected to the same temptation that he has been; do you suppose 
that we should come out of it any better than he has/ I douht it." 
After Judge Doe took up his residence at Rollinsford he 
attended the Unitarian church at Dover with a reasonable degree 
of regularity. This church was the one out of which arose the 
celebrated case of Hale vs. I^'verett wherein he wrote a most ex- 
haustive and elaborate opinion. In his later years he attended 
church but rarely — not that there was change in his religious 
belief, but because he needed the Sabbath for his mental and 
physical relaxation and rest. Whether it was because he was 
thus seldom seen at church or because of his avowed liberal ut- 
terances, the rumor got abroad that he was not orthodox in his 
belief, — that he was a freethinker. Undoubtedly this was what 
induced a committee of women from a Universalist church in a 
neighboring village to call upon him with a view of securing finan- 
cial aid for their church and his attendance at its services. With 
a purpose to awaken his interest and enlist his sympathies they 
said to him: "Judge Doe, I believe you do not believe in Hell; 
we Universalists do not." To which he replied: "Oh, you are 
mistaken. If there is anything I feel sure of it is that there is a 
Hell, and nothing is more certain than that we are punished for 
our sins." The committee thereupon, much crestfallen, took 
their leave. The Judge was greatly amused at the incident and 
often related it with relish to his friends. 

All of us were greatly shocked when learning of his sudden 
death. He was on his way to Concord to attend a sitting of the 

250 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

law term when it occurred. He had his satchel with him, filled 
with papers that bore upon questions to be discussed. Among 
them were the ones relating to the case of State vs. Gerry, wherein 
Judge Carpenter, and some associates, had taken the position 
that the statute out of which the case arose was unconstitutional 
and void; Judge Doe that it was not. There had been long and 
earnest argu.ments on the question raised, and as the Judge started 
on his fatal journey he felt ready for the final conflict. Only 
three days before he had said to an associate who held his view, while 
showing him a draft of a tentative opinion, "I'm going to con- 
vince those gentlemen that they are wrong J' Poor man, he did 
not live to even meet with them again. The opinion in the case 
was handed down in June by a divided Court of 4 to 3 ; the statute 
was thereby held to be unconstitutional. 

Judge Doe was buried beside his first born son in Rollinsford, 
on the bank of the Piscataqua. On a natural elevation covered 
by a growth of pines, and far away from human habitation is a 
large boulder, on the face of which is inscribed the one word, 
"Doe." One standing there may look through branches to the 
broad and silent river at his feet. It is a peaceful spot in which 
to rest for one whose life was constant labor. No sound breaks 
in upon it save the sighing of the wind, and the voicing of the 
birds, among the trees. 

Brother Hening's final estimate of Judge Doe's influence and 
character is very fitting and I quote in part : 

"To exaggerate his influence upon the jurisprudence of New 
Hampshire would probably be impossible. * * * To compare 
and contrast him with other great common law Judges in the 
Old and in the New England and other states of the American 
Union and finally to assign him to some imaginary niche between 
well known English or American Judges, would be a task as 
difficult for the writer as the result would be unsatisfactory to the 
reader. But if a comparison should be attempted, his peers 
must certainly be sought among those few who have profoundly 
revolutionized existing ideas of common law administration and 
of the law of evidence, who have guided us by historical researches 
to the birth of legal conceptions and have skilfully separated 
legal truth from the matrix of circumstance." 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 251 

Ebenezer Hannaford Doe 6, (Eliphalet 5, Gideon 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., 1799; 
moved to Newfield, Me.; m. 1st., Aug. 8, 1823, Orinda Dam, 
b. Aug. 17, 1803, d. Somersworth, N. H., 1845; 2nd, Margaret 
Estes of Berwick, Me., b. Jan. 10, 1811, and d. Feb. 16, 1858. 
He d. 1866, Somersworth, N. H. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Ehzabeth, b. Oct. 16, 1824; d. unm., 1842. 

II. Mark Dearborn, b. May 19, 1827; m. Rachel Home. 

III. Abigail Frances, b. 1829; m. Alanson Cook, and d. 

Fall River, Mass., 1914. Ch.: 1-d. young. 

2-Charles E. Cook, Mgr. Sheedy Vaudeville 

Agency, New York City. 

IV. Meribah, b. Apr. 20, 1832, Effingham, N. H. ; d. 1841. 

V. Joseph D., b. Feb. 4, 1835, Parsonsfield, Me.; d. 

VI. Joseph Dam, b. Feb. 17, 1837, Effingham, N. H.; 
m. Sarah C. Morgan. 
VII. John F., b. Jan. 19, 1840, Effingham, N. H. Ser- 
geant, Co. F., 7th Maine Regt., Civil War.; m. 
Georgia Lord. 
VIII. George E., b. 1843, Somersworth, N. H.; d. 1844. 
(Second wife's children.) 
IX. William, b. 1850; d. young. 
X. Lizzie, b. 1851; d. young. 

XI. Annah, b. July 15, 1852; m. Deacon William White- 
house; resides in Somersworth, N. H. 

Moses C. Doe 6, (Eliphalet 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Samp- 
son 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 3, 1803, at Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 
1st, Lucy Bailey, b. 1810, who d. May, 1836; 2nd, Mar. 12, 1840, 
Dorothy Lary, b. Apr. 7, 1807, and d. April 2, 1857. He resided 
in Rochester, N. H., at the time of his death, which occurred 
Oct. 8, 1871. His will was dated Mar. 23, 1869. 

I. Lucy, b. ; d. young. 

II. Ira, b. June 6, 1826; m. Mary A. Hayes. 

III. George Storrow, b. July 18, 1832; m. 1st, Sarah 

252 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

IV. Edwin Ruthven, ) . , .^qp 
,, ,^ , . . /twins, b. 1836. 

V. Melvma A., ( 

Edwin Ruthven was adopted when three months 

old by a family named Howard. He m. Mary 

Richardson Currier, and moved to Niles City, 

Mich., where he followed the dry goods business. 

He d. s. p. Oct. 8th, 1889, under name of Edwin 

Ruthven Howard. Melvina A., was adopted 

by a family named Babb, and m. Dyer Ralph 

Babb. May 24, 1857; d. June 13, 1874. 

(Second wife's child.) 

VI. Lucy, b. July 6, 1843; m. Frank B. Orr. Resides 

Chicago, 111. 

Amasa Doe 6, (Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 27, 1808, Parsonsfield, Me.; m. Jan. 1, 
1840, Mary J., dau. of Nathaniel and Olive Towns Pease, b. 
Sept. 7, 1818. He d. July 10, 1882. 
Children : 

I. Bradbury P., b. July 11, 1844; m. Isabel Downs. 
II. Charles F., b. Jan. 29, 1848; m. Almira E. Whitney. 

III. John Wesley, b. Mar. 24, 1852 ; m. E. Clara Costellon. 

IV. Eugene M., May 6, 1854; m. 1st, Elmira B. Lord. 

Joseph G. Doe 6, (Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Samp- 
son 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 4, 1810, Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 1839, 
Louisa R. Hurd, who was b. Newfield, Me. He d. Nov. 28, 1868. 
Children : 

I. Howard H., b. Mar. 1, 1841, Parsonfield, Me.; m. 
April 30, 1883, Emma Blake. Resides at Maple- 
wood, Me. Ch.: Son b. July 7, 1888; d. Feb. 
27, 1893. 
II. EllenM.,b. Feb. 20, 1843. 

III. Tristnam, b. July 18, 1844; m. Fannie Stone. 

IV. Orestes Topliff, (adopted) b. Mar. 3, 1864; m. Mabel 


Gideon Doe 6, (Benjamin Connor 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newfield, Me., Sept. 22, 1805. Cords- 

Edward Ruthven Doe Howard 
B. 1836 D. Oct. 8, 1889 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 255 

wainer. Resided in Farnsworth, N. H., in 1836. M. 1st, 
Oct. 4, 1825, Matilda Leavitt, b. Nov. 10, 1807, Effingham, 
N. H., and d. Newfield, Me., July 17, 1840; m. 2nd, Feb. 11, 
1841, Lydia Ann, dau. of Jonathan and Mary Gile Dockum, 
b. Durham, N. H., June 21, 1816, and d. So. Berwick, Me., 
May 22, 1899. He d. Mar. 2, 1885. 


I. Abbie L., b. June 11, 1826, Effingham, N. H.; d. 

Lawrence, Mass., Nov. 24, 1847. 
II. Benjamin, b. Exeter, N. H., Feb. 27, 1831; m. Susan 
G. Kennison. 

III. Simon L., b. Effingham, N. H., June 26, 1833; d. 

So. Berwick, Me., July 11, 1859, unm. 

IV. Levi W., b. Tamworth, N. H., Dec. 16, 1835; d. 

Newfield, Me., July 27, 1837. 
V. Louisa H., b. Newfield, Me., June 26, 1838; d. 1840. 

(Second wife's children.) 
VI. Matilda, b. So. Berwick, Me., Apr. 7, 1842; d. Sept. 

15, 1842. 
VII. Mary M., b. So. Berwick, Me., Feb. 22, 1845; m. 
May 9, 1870, George W. Goodwin. Ch.: 1- 
Simon, b. Aug. 1, 1871; 2-Frank W., b. Dec. 6, 
1874. Resided So. Berwick, Me. She d. Dec. 
30, 1907. 

Estey Nicholas Doe 6, (Nicholas 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1815, Parsonsfield, Me. Farmer. 
Settled in China, Me., in 1835; m. Harriet, dau. of John and 
Lydia Allen Brackett, b. May 10, 1816. (See Brackett Genea- 
ology.) She d. Sept. 10, 1894. 


I. Theron E., b. Aug. 17, 1850; m. Annie A. Jackson. 
II. Annie A., b. 1855 ; resides China, Me. 

Rufus King Doe 6, (John Jr. 5, Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., Sept. 13, 1818; 
m. at Cambridge, Mass., Oct. 23, 1845, Lydia Murdock Wood, 
b. Townsend, Vt. 1821. He d. Jan. 16, 1880. 

256 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. William A., b. July 30, 1846; d. Aug. 23, 1848. 
II. George Henry, b. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 3, 1847; 
d. Jan. 20, 1849. 

III. George Henry,) twins, b. Cambridge, Mass., July 25, 

IV. William A., ' f 1849. 

George Henry m. Nellie A. Fogg. William A. d. 
V. Harriet Emily, b. Brookline, Alass., Jan. 1, 1851; 
m. Sept. 19, 1870, Henry H. Boulter, Resides 
Knox, Me. 
VI. Ira C, b. West Parsonsfield, Me., Aug. 3, 1853; unm. 

Resides Alilford, Mass. 
VII. Rhoda Ann, b. West Parsonsfield, Me., Aug. 3, 

1855; unm. 
VII. Loring Bartlett, b. West Parsonsfield, Me., Jan. 1, 
1858; m. Clara Frances Adams. 

William K. Doe 6, (John Jr. 5, Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., 1822; m. Mar. 16, 
1856, Pamelia Hanson at Lowell, Mass., who was b. 1822, and 
d. June 18, 1907. From Parsonsfield History: "Most of his 
active life was spent in Lowell, Mass., but in 1875 he returned 
to his native town and purchased the homestead farm, where 
he rebuilt the buildings. He was a soldier in the Civil War 
and was with the Sixth Mass. in its memorable passage through 
Baltimore." He d. Dec. 14, 1898. 


I. Maria, b. Boston, Mass., Feb. 2, 1857; d. July 2, 1858. 
II. Lizzie, b. Aug. 29, 1858; d. Sept. 14, 1858. 

Capt. Alvah Doe 6, (Col. Bartlett 5, Deacon John 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 28, 1813; m. 1st, 
Martha J. Leavitt, June 11, 1837; 2nd, Susan Moulton; was 
selectman of Parsonsfield, 1841-42; was town clerk 1856-8, 
and held many offices of trust; also served in both branches of 
the State Legislature; d. July 4, 1885. Susan Moulton Doe m. 
Stephen Stackpole. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 257 

Children: (By first wife) 

I. Edward Augustus, b. Feb. 6, 1838; d. Nov. 26, 1860; 
II. George Irving, b. Feb. 6,1841; m. Jan. 21, 1864, 
Clara A. Clifford. Resided for a number of years 
in Wilton, N. H. and was selectman 1885-87. 
Removed to Arlington, Mass. No ch. 

III. Amzi Sanborn, b. Mar. 5, 1843; d. Sept. 6, 1867. 

Galveston, Tex. ; unm. 

IV. Augustus, b. Aug. 16, 1845; d. 1846. 

V. Mellen Leavitt, b. Sept. 3, 1847; d. in California, 
Sept. 1, 1913; unm. 
VI. Frank Pierce, b. July 24, 1851; m. Nov. 23, 1876, 
Mary Ella Roberts of Mass. ; moved to California. 
No ch. Manager, Frank P. Doe Lumber Co., 
San Francisco, Cal. 
VII. Charles Webster, b. Apr. 25, 1855; m. Laura F. 

The following in regard to Capt. Alvah Doe is copied 
from the "History of Parsonsfield, Maine." 

''He was educated at the common schools and at Effingham 
Academy. His early j^ears were passed on the homestead of 
his father, where he grew to manhood, surrounded by the 
refining influences of the home circle. He was of high moral 
culture, easy and agreeable manners, of pleasing social powers 
and prepossessing appearance, deservedly popular among his 
associates, and a general favorite among the masses. He had 
remarkable clearness of insight, the power of accurate observa- 
tion and a keen, patient and discriminating judgment. 

"In politics he was a democrat, and by his ability, shrewd, 
sagacious foresight and great popularity, soon became one 
of its acknowledged and trusted leaders. At the age of thirty- 
two he was honored by an election to the Legislature, and 
served for the years 1845 and 1846. In 1863 he was a member 
of the State Senate. He held various town offices acceptably 
to the people, and with honor and credit to himself. While 
enrolled in the militia he was elected as Captain of Company D., 
and later as Adjutant of Second Regiment of Infantry. He 

258 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

was one of the charter members of Charter Oak Lodge of Free 
and Accepted Masons, at Effingham, N. H., and was greatly 
interested in ah matters pertaining to the welfare and prosperity 
of the lodge, and was chosen as Master for four years. After 
a long and tedious illness he expired on the 4th day of July, 1885." 

Amizi S. Doe 6, (Col. Bartlett 5, Deacon John 4, Nicholas 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., Sept. 23, 1815; 
m. 1st, Loraine Wade, who d. Mar. 1866; m. 2nd, June 27, 1867, 
Emily Mary Ross, b. Jan., 1832. He d. July 18, 1867. Re- 
sided in Parsonsfield and Presque Isle, Me. 

I. Arthur French, b. Dec. 16, 1844, at Presque Isle, 
Me.; m. Jan. 12, 1882, Estella Lombard. Resides 
Danvers, Mass. No ch. 

II. Calvin Wade, b. 1846; m. 1st, ; m. 2nd, Jean 


III. Frank Lester, b. Aug., 1852; d. s. p. 1907. 

IV. Loring Bartlett, b. Dec. 21, 1854; m. Lulu Kennedy. 
V. Emma Whidden, b. 1856; m. 1st, George Barnes. 

Ch.: 1-George; 2-Harry; 3-Mabel; m. 2nd, Mr. 
Morehouse. No ch. Resides Los Angeles, Cal. 
VI. Leslie Albion, b. 1858; d. s. p. 1872. 
VII. Mary Ellen, b. 1860; m. George Boone; no ch. 
VIII Lucy Taylor, b. Sept., 1864; she attended North- 
field Seminary, 1880-83; m. June 3, 1891, Rev. 
Thomas Bradley Hyde. Ch.: 1-Helen Frances, 
m. Lieut. Herbert Woolsey of the Canadian 
Forces. 2-Leslie Arthur, Lieut, in Imperial Royal 
Horse Artillery, d. in active service, Oct. 26, 1915. 
3-Catherine. Rev. Thomas Hyde is chaplain 
to the Canadian Home Forces, with rank of Capt. 
Resides No. 26 Roxborough Drive, Rosedale, 
Toronto, Ontario, Can. 
Emily Mary Ross Doe, second wife of Amizi Doe, adopted 
in 1884, Harry Wood, who was b. July 29, 1875. She had his 
name changed to Harry Wood Doe, July 23, 1903. She d. at 
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 27th, 1911. He inherited a share of her 

Hiram Doe 
B. July 29, 1812 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 261 

John Sanborn Doe 6, (Col. Bartlett 5, Deacon John 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonfield, Me., Sept. 
26, 1822; he settled in California, and was associated in busi- 
ness with his brothers, Bartlett and Charles Franklin; he was 
successful and died very wealthy. He m. Feb. 15, 1890, El- 
lanor (Guest) Hoyt, and d. Jan. 21, 1894, at San Francisco, Calif. 

I. Mary Marguerite, b. Oct. 10, 1890; m. Nov. 4, 

1914, Elliott Rogers. Resides Santa Barbara, 


David Doe, Jr., 6, (Rev. David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. in 1801, at Vassalboro, 

]\Ie.; m. Hannah G. , who was born Fayette, Me. Resided 

in New Sharon, Me., 1840 and in Boston in 1856; was a black- 
smith; moved to Wisconsin. 
C h ild re a; ; ( B or n in M ass . ) 

I. Emily, b. June 2, 1852 at Boston. 

II. Arthur Elven, b. Sept. 9, 1854 at Boston; d. Sept. 
19, 1854. 
III. Addie. 

Hiram Doe 6, (Rev. David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 29, 1812, at Vas- 
salboro, Me. Manufacturer of Doe plows, invented by his 
father, Rev. David Doe. M. 1834, Lj'dia Pierce, who was b. 
June 18, 1811, at Vassalboro, Me., and d. June 22, 1900. He 
d. Dec. 18, 1889. Resided East Vassalboro, Me. 

I. Sarah E., b. Oct. 25, 1835; m. Jan. 7, 1855, George 
W. Hamlin of East Vassalboro, Me.; b. Sept. 26, 
1828. She d. May 1, 1913. 
II. George A., b. :VIar. 12, 1840; m. Abbie F. Fassett. 

III. Cyrene, d. young. 

IV. Charles H., b. 1842; m. Mary W. Goddard. 

V. Frank K., b. Sept. 16, 1846; m. 1st, Rebecca L. 

VI. Cyrene, b. Feb. 23, 1848; m. June 25, 1871, Augustus 
Fassett of Pemaquid, Me. One child, Oscar. 

262 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VII. Lydia Emma, b. Oct. 8, 1850; resided Providence, 

R. I., 1916; umn. 
VIII. Fred, b. ; d. young. 

IX. Oscar, b ; d. young. 

Alfred Doe 6, (Rev. David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Na- 
thaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., May 8, 
1808. Manufactured the Doe plow invented by his father. Rev. 
David Doe. Later with his brother Hiram he moved the busi- 
ness to Augusta, Me., where they conducted it for some time. 
He then took over his brother's share of the business and moved 
to Concord, N. H. He patented Jan. 30, 1855, a sidehill plow, 
(letters patent No. 12, 310). M. Apr. 14, 1833, Mrs. Harriet 
Whittemore Carter Ellis, w. of Dr. Joel EHis. He d. June 12, 
1857, at Worcester, Mass. W. sells pew in M. E. Church, also 
property in Concord, N. H., in 1858. W. m. July 5, 1863, San- 
born Blaisdell of Camden, Me., and d. Sept. 3, 1875. 

I. Frances Carohne, b. Apr. 23, 1834; m. June, 1869, 

Capt. E.S. Blaisdell; moved to California, Mar. 24, 

1870. One ch., Eva, b.Oct. 16, 1872, Santa Barbara, 


II. Justin Spaulding, b. Augusta, Me., Fel). 29, 1836; m. 

Ellen A. West. 
III. Ellen Maria, b. Augusta, Me., May 6, 1838; m. Aug. 
9, 1860, Rev. S. T. Chase. Ch.: 1-Hattie Mor- 
ton, b. Nov. 18, 1861, Pittston, Me. 2-Esther 
Frances, b. Oct. 8, 1863, Vassalboro, Me. 3- 
Herbert Morgan, b. Topsfield, Mass. 

Levi B. Doe 6, (Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathan- 
iel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 16, 1812, Vassalboro, Me.; 
farmer; m. Hannah P. Meader of Albion, Me. 

I. Albert Proscott, 1). Sept. 14, 1848: m. Margaret P. 
Humphrey of Massachusetts. 
11. Lucien A., b. June 8, 1850; m. Eunice W. Estes. 
III. Ella Martha, b. Nov. 10, 1852; graduate of Kent's 
Hill Seminary, Me.; m. May 10, 1880, Rev. A. J. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 263 

Sturtevant; d. Jan. 19, 1892. Ch.: 1-Sarah 
Martha, b. Feb. 22, 1881. Graduate of U. of 
California, 1904. Teacher in High School, Oak- 
land, Cal. 2-Crystal Hannah, b. Sept. 20, 1882, at 
Sanora, Cal. A graduate nurse; m. Aug. 4, 1909, 
Charles A. Blakesley. Two ch. Reside Sanger, 
Cal. 3-Andrew Judson, Jr., b. Sept. 15, 1886 at 
Vallejo, Cal. Graduated at U. of California, 1911 ; 
m. Nov. 10, 1914, Rhoda Mitchell. One ch. 
Resides Fresno, Cal. 4-Ralph Doe, b. Sept. 21, 
1888, at Pheonix, Arizona. Resides at Hollister, 
Cal. 5-Ruth S., b. Dec. 17, 1891, at Napa, Cal. 
Graduate of U. of California, 1915. Teacher. 
Resides Fresno, Cal. Rev. A. J. Sturtevant 
resides in Gonzales, Cal. 

IV. Ellen, d. young. 

V. Alice Maria, b. Sept. 3, 1858; m. Mar. 4, 1889. 
Parish Manson of Oakland, Me.; she d. Oct. 27, 
1893. Ch.: 1-Mary Iva, b. Dec. 4, 1882. 2- 
George Atter, b. July 26, 1885. 3-Henry Grady, 
b. Sept. 5, 1888; d. Apr. 30, 1892. 4-Maurice 
E., b. Aug. 14, 1893. 

VI. Arthur L., b. Mar. 1, 1861 ; m. Iva A. Carney. 
VII. Sarah Frances, b. ; m. Aug. 15, 1867, Rev. Geo. 

R. Palmer of the Maine Conference. She d. at 
Portland, Me., Feb. 25, 1914. The following 
tribute to her worth is copied from "Zion's Herald", 
issue of Apr. 1st, 1914: "Mrs. Palmer's early 
home was Vassalboro, Me. Educated at Oak 
Grove and Kent's Hill, a successful teacher for a 
time, she l^rought to the position of a minister's 
wife a well-prepared mind. She was a gifted soul 
and a fine example of consecrated womanhood. 
Active in temperance and missionary work, Mrs. 
Palmer gave most valuable aid to her husband in 
all the churches of which he was pastor. Devoted 
to her children, it is their testimony that she was 
one of the best mothers God ever gave to a New 
England home." Ch.: 1-Mary Ella, b. Aug. 7, 


The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

1869. 2-Sarah Ellen, b. Dec. 4, 1871. 3-Florence 
Louise, b. Dec. 3, 1874. 4-Alice Isabel, b. Oct. 
3, 1876. 5-Arthur Walker, b. Aug. 22, 1881. In- 
terment was at Saco." 

Amos H. Doe 6, (Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel, Jr. 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., 1816. 
Farmer. M. Hester M. Taylor, who was b. Winslow, Me. He 
d., and the estate was administered Feb. 28, 1848. W. m. Mar. 
16, 1851, James Nash. 
Children: (By first husband.) 
I. Lydia Anna. 
II. Edwin Alvester. 

GoRHAM \\ . Doe 
B. Vassalboro, Ale., 1805 Died May 22, 1867 

Gorham Weeks Doe 6, (Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July, 1804, China, 
Me. Lumberman. M. June, 1830, Sarah C. Prouty, b. 1811, 
at Hampden; Me. He moved to Waldoboro in early days where 
he worked getting out ship timber, and later settled in Veazie, Me. 
When the saw mills were built there he had contract for rafting 
the lumber and running rafts to Bangor, where it was loaded into 
vessels. He d. May 22, 1867, at Veazie; his wife d. April 18, 1862, 
at the same place. His estate was settled in 1905. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 265 


I. Andrew Jackson, b. Dec. 23, 1832; m. Sarah Silsby 

II. George Francis, b. July, 1836. Went to sea at the 
age of eighteen. Sailed from Liverpool, Eng., on 
a vessel which was never heard from afterwards. 
III. Sarah Philena, b. Sept. 10, 1838; m. 1st, Warren Day 
of Veazie, Me.; 2nd, David O. Hoyt of Brewer, 
Me., who d. at Los Angeles, Cal. in 1888. She d. 
s. p. at Santa Monica, Cal., Jmie 23, 1914. It was 
her request that her body be cremated and the 
ashes scattered on the ocean from Long Pier. Her 
wishes were carried out. 

Alton Chapman Doe 
B. May 7, 1806 

Deacon Alton Chapman Doe 6, (Deacon Andrew 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. May 7, 1806, at Vassalboro, Me. He came to China when his 
parents moved there in 1810. He was a farmer and carpenter; 
m. Oct. 1, 1833, Sarah T. Perkins of Alna, Me., b. Apr. 16, 1809, 
and d. Aug. 6, 1900, aged 91 years, 3 mos., 20 days. He d. Sept. 
30, 1887. 

260 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Alton Chapman, Jr., b. Feb. 5, 1836; m. Susan A. 
II. Alonzo F., b. Nov. 27, 1839; m. Annie M. Robinson. 
III. Sarah C, b. Dec. 15, 1845; m. Oct. 8, 1864, Samuel 
Shuman, at Weeks' Mills, Me., who was b. 1825, 
and d. Apr. 26, 1897. Ch.: 1-Alton E., b. May 
24, 1866; m. Nov. 6, 1888, Nellie White. 2- 
Annie May, b. Aug. 29, 1871; m. Sept. 14, 1899, 
Augustus Weeks. 3-Willis B., b. Sept. 19, 1875; 
m. Sept. 18, 1897, Edith M. Sprowl. Sarah 
C. Shuman m. 2nd, Rev. Mr. Hall of Weeks' 
Mills, Me. 

John A. Doe 6, (Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 24, 1816, China, Me. 
Farmer. M. Dec. 12, 1852, EHzabeth Fernald, who was b. 
China, Me., and d. Apr. 11, 1905, at Rockland, Me. He d. 
Dec. 15, 1892, at Rockland, Me. 

I. John A., Jr., b. 1846; m. Feb. 11, 1877, Ann F.Moch- 

ler. He d. s. p. in Omaha, Neb., Apr. 24, 1908. 
II. Isaac, b. Apr. 25, 1848; went West, m. and had one 
son, Alphonso. Last heard from in Aurora, Neb. 

III. Samuel H., b. Dec. 25, 1850; m. Ella M. Gilpatrick. 

IV. Frances, d. young. 

V. Ellen M., b. 1853; d. Mar. 7, 1855. 
VI. Son, d. young. 

Otis B. Doe 6, (Charles 5, Nathaniel, Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas l),b. June 19, 1809, Windsor, Me. Sea- 
faring man and was lost at sea. M. Dec. 22, 1833, Mary Erskine, 
b. Mar. 8, 1810. Dau. of John and Margaret 0. Bryant Erskine 
of Windsor, Me. 

I. George F., b. Mar. 1, 183- ; m. Caroline Young. 

Harrison Doe 6, (Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathan- 
iel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 17, 1813, Vassalboro, Me. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 267 

Farmer. M. 1st, June, 1837, Lydia Ann Harriman, b. 1821, d. 
Dec. 16, 1846; 2nd, Anne M. Jackson, b. July 7, 1827. He d. 
Aug. 24, 1876. W. m. Oct. 10, 1882, Albion P. Weeks of China, 
Me. She d. at Arcate, Cal., Nov. 23, 1915. 


I. Charles Albion, 1). Jan. 29, 1839; m. Hannah Noyes. 
II. Sarah Ann, b. Nov. 21, 1841; m. Oct. 16, 1866, 
James B. OHver of Lynn, Mass. 

III. Frederick Harriman, b. Mar. 10, 1846; d. Oct. 8, 

1852 at Cooper's Mills, Me. 
(Second wife's children.) 

IV. Harrison, Jr., b. Mar. 31, 1849; m. Mrs. Nelhe A. 

V. Herman S., b. Apr. 20, 1850; m. Clara A. Dutton. 

Went to California. 
VI. Fred H., b. Nov. 5, 1851 ; m. Lois Byard. 
VII. William A., b. Mar. 5, 1856 ; m. Annabel Cole. 

Stephen Doe 6, (Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathan- 
iel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windsor, Me., May 24, 1826; 
m. May 22, 1850, Frances E. Martin, b. Canada. He resided in 
Boston and Brighton, Mass., removing to California in 1858. 


I. John Charles M., b. Dec. 1, 1857. Was chief engi- 
neer on a steamboat; d. Portland, Oregon, Feb. 
8, 1916. 

II. Frances M.,b. May 20, ; m. F. M. Cox, an actor, 

b. Muscatine, Iowa; he d. . W. resides San 
Francisco, Cal. Ch.: 1-Robert Stephen, b. Aug. 
2, 1885, Oakland, Cal.; d. . 2-Evelyn May, 
b. Aug. 9, 1887, Oakland, Cal.; m. Murray; d. 
Sept. 21, 1913, Vancouver, B. C. 3-Carolyn, 
b. May 1, 1891, San Francisco, Cal. 4-Charles, 
b. Feb. 3, 1899, New Westminister, B. C; d. s. p. 
June 28, 1913, at Grand Rapids, Mich. 

III. Otis, b. ; m. . Chief engineer on a steamer, 

San Francisco, Cal., and was scalded to death in 
an explosion on the boat in 1909. 

268 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

William Doe 6, (Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 22, 1829, Whitefield, Me. 

M. . Settled in Pennsylvania. 


I. Leafy, b. ; m. Smith of Duke's Center, Pa. 

II. Mary, b. ; m. Smith. 

Harris Doe 6, (Jonathan Fairfield 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., Dec. 19, 
1818; farmer; d. in China, Me.; m. Francina Neal, dau. of Robert 
and Sarah Day Neal, b. 1827; d. Sept. 3, 1903. He d. Oct. 13, 
1908, at China, Me. 

I. Harris Nelson, 1). in China, Me., Feb. 12, 1845; m. 
Elizabeth Jane Drummond. 
II. Annie, m. Mr. Beal ; had two sons ; d. in Augusta, Me. 

Henry Day Doe 6, (Jonathan Fairfield 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., 
Apr. 19, 1825. Painter; when a young man he worked for 
many years painting the Doe plows at Vassalboro, and later 
moved to Lynn, Mass., where he followed the painters' trade 
until the age of 85, when a fall from a ladder caused an injury 
to his ankle, and he abandoned the work. M. July 11, 1850, 
Freelove Brown, who was b. Palermo, Me.; m. 2nd, Dec. 24, 1874, 
S. Fannie Clifford at Lynn, Mass. She d. Aug. 21, 1878, at 
Augusta, Me. He resides North Wilmington, Mass., where the 
compiler of this genealogy visited him May 10, 1916, and passed 
a pleasant two hours. Mr. Doe's memory is wonderful, and he 
seemed to enjoy the visit greatly. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Henrietta Victoria, b. 1853; m. June 24, 1874, W. 

Warren Carter of No. Wilmington, Mass. Ch. : 

1-Lenora B., b. Mar. 2, 1876; m. Bradford F. 

Blaisdell. 2-E. Royden, b. Oct. 7, 1879; m. S. 

Harriet Taylor. 3-Clarence Carter, b. Apr. 22, 

1885; m. S. Helen Thompson. 
II. Nellie B., b. Oct. 4, 1859; m. Aug. 30, 1883, Andrew 

Nicholas, resides Augusta, Me. 

Henry Day Doe 
B. 1825 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 271 

Alpheus C. Doe 6, (Jonathan Fairfield 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., Mar. 
19, 1833; m. Livonia Shorey, Oct. 4, 1857, who was b. Lowell, 
Me., and d. May, 1915. He resides Lynn, Mass. 


I. Charles H., b. July 7, 1858; d. s. p. Aug. 17, 1912, 
II. Mary E., b. Oct. 9, 1859; d. Apr. 20, 1860. 

III. Clara M., b. Dec. 16, 1860; d. Apr. 21, 1862. 

IV. Harris N., b. Apr. 1, 1864; m. Nettie L. Clark. 
V. Annie E., b. Apr. 16, 1866; d. July 30, 1869. 

VI. Anna B., b. Oct. 5, 1869; living at Enfield, Me.; 

m. Wm. Gray (carpenter), has one son, Edward. 

VII. Edward V., b. Feb., 1872; m. Apr. 7, 1896, Catherine 

VIII. Caroline M., b. June 25, 1874; living at Lynn, Mass. ; 
m. James Gray (carpenter) ; one son. Pearl C. 
IX. Fred A., b. Aug. 10, 1882; d. Mar. 15, 1900; unm. 

Zebulon Doe 6, (Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Clinton, Me. Was a soldier in the 
Civil War in Co. G., 2nd Maine Regt.; m. Charlotte Gulliver, 
who was b. Augusta, Me., 1806, and d. Aug. 16, 1883. He re- 
sided Orono, Me. Lumberman. 


I. Charles H., b. Jan. 12, 1837 at Benton, Me. ; m. June 
16, 1861, Damaris S. Dean. 
II. Nehemiah Parker, b. 1844 ; m. Alice H. Towle. 

III. Josephine, b. 1845 at Orono, Me.; m. Mr. Denaco. 

Ch. : 1-Myrtle Estelle, m. W. H. Hansom, resides 
Saco, Me. 2-Frank Parker Denaco, Bangor, Me.; 
Treasurer of C. Woodman Lumber Co. He m. 
July 24, 1901, Annie L. Robinson. 

IV. George A., b. ; soldier in Co. H.,2nd Me. Inft., 

Civil War; d.s. p. 1867. 
V. James M., m. Abbie . 

272 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

William Doe 6, (Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 10, 1810, Chnton, Me. Lum- 
berman. M. Apr. 11, 1836, Emiice, dau. of Thomas and Han- 
nah (Hovey), Stinchfield, b. Apr. 1, 1821, at New Gloucester, 
Me., and d. Feb. 28, 1892, at Auburn, Me. 
Children: (Born Oldtown, Maine ) 

I. Mary Caroline, b. Mar., 1838. 
II. Hannah Abigail, b. May, 1841. 

III. Marcia Lena, b. July, 1844; m. W. C. Dorr. Lives 

at Oldtown, Me. 

IV. Harriet Augusta, b. Mar., 1847; m. May 25, 1897, 

Frank L. Bean of Livermore Falls, Me. She was 
a telegraph operator for many years at Danville 
Junction, Me. 
V. Vesta Stinchfield, b. July, 1850; m. Feb. 4, 1870, 
Isaac Small of Cornish, Me. Resides Cambridge, 
VI. Florence Ella, b. July, 1854; m. May 28, 1875, Thom- 
as Burgess, Portland, Me. Moved to Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Joseph M. Doe 6, (Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1,) b. Clinton, Me. Resided Milford, 
Me., where he bought a home in 1864; m. Mary E. Marsh, b. 
Mar. 3, 1824; d. May 11, 1906, Passadaumkeag, Me. 

I. Freda, b. ; m. Turcott. Resided Passa- 

daumkeag in 1916. 

Welcome Otis Doe 6, (Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Na- 
thaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Clinton, Me., 1804; m. 1st, 

Lois J. ; 2nd, Rebecca ; m. 3rd, Dec. 17, 1852, Mary H., 

dau. of Leavitt and Martha Handy Sherburn, 1). St. Stephens, 

N. B. She d. Aug. 5, 1894. 


I. George A., b. 1834; m. Oct. 28, 1857, Melissa, dau. of 
Chas. Manley of Oldtown, Me. Resided Lowell, 
Mass. Onech.: Orril; m. John Went worth. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 273 

II. Augustine, b. ; m. Miss Kirkpatrick of Orono, 


III. Alpheus Kingsley, b. Sept. 19, 1837 ; m. Mary Frances 


IV. Wealthy, b. ; m. William Waterhouse of N. Y. 

No ch. 

(Second wife's children.) 
V. Caroline J., b. 1849; m. Jan. 20, 1874, Franklin A. 

VI. Luella, b. ; m. Clark; d. June 1, 1910. 

(Third wife's children.) 
VII. Welcome Llewellyn, b. July 13, 1855; m. Orlena M. 

VIII. Susie G., b. ; m. Oct. 28, 1880, Thurston Hunt; 
one son, Fred Thurston Hunt, b. Nov. 10, 1887. 
Resides Herman, Me. 

Edmond Getchel Doe 6, (William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 27, 1809, Vassal- 
boro. Me. He was a shoemaker and later a merchant in 

Augusta, Me. M. Jane , who d. May 22, 1891. He d. 

Oct. 21, 1881. Resided in Augusta, Me. 

I. Edmond W., b. Feb. 20, 1830; d. Nov. 20, 1832. 
II. Ellen Jane, b. July 29, 1834; d. Oct. 29, 1851. 

III. Thomas A., b. Mar 4, 1839; d. s. p. in California, 

June 9, 1882. 

IV. Edmond Hartly, b. June 2, 1850; m. Julia Etta Doe. 

John Moody Doe 6, (William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathan- 
iel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 30, 1806, Vassalboro,Me.; 
m. Nov. 18, 1828, Caroline K. Gordon, who was b. in Augusta 
and d. 1890. He resided in Solon, Me., and later in Brewer, 
Me., dying in 1879. 

I. John Melville, b. Sept. 18, 1829; m. Ellen M., 

dau. of Abel and Lucinda Bowman Erskine. 
II. Charles L., b. 1832; m. Lucinda E. Jackson. 

274 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

III. Mary A., b. 1835; m Sept. 3, 1889, Albion L. Staples 

of Fitchburg, Mass. 

IV. Martha J., b. May 12, 1837; m. Mr. Snow; one ch., 

Carrie, b. Dec. 25, 1858. Resides Brewer, Me. 
V. Grace P., b. ; m. Fletcher. Resides Brewer, Me. 
VI. Amarilla A., b. 1844,. Solon, Me.; m. June 24, 1880, 

William H. Clifford. Resides Fitchburg, Mass. 
VII. William F., b. ; m. Eliza C. O'Brien. 

VIII. Julia C, b. Dec. 11, 1841; m. Sept. 17, 1865, Martin 
V. Bryant. Resided Herman, Me. He d. Feb. 
4, 1916. She d. May 28, 1913. One dau. m. 
Chas. Chanty, resides Brewer, Me. 

William Merrill Doe 6, (William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., Mar. 
2, 1808; m. 1st, 1831, Sarah Eliza, dau. of Joseph and Sarah 
Bradlee Foster, b. 1812, at Alvira, Me.; d. Mar. 15, 1856, Albion, 
Me.; m. 2nd, LiUian Raymond Crockett. 

I. Frances R., b. Oct 1, 1838; unm. Resides North 

Augusta, Me. 

II. William, b. Nov. 25, 1840 ; d. 1847. 
III. Emily C, b. June 14, 1843. 

George Wesley Doe 6, (William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Augusta, Me., Mar. 3, 
1824; m. Elizabeth Perkins; he d. in Augusta, Me. July 13, 
Children : 

I. Julia Etta, b. ; m. July 23, 1871, Edmond Hartley 
Doe, her cousin. 
II. Mary Augusta, b. Apr. 6, 1850. 

III. Georgianna, b. Dec. 6, 1853; d. Mar. 11, 1855. 

IV. Georgianna, b. Dec. 4, 1856. 

.V. George Frederick, b. Sept. 26, 1859; m. Sept. 9, 
1886, Amelia M. Scott at Augusta, Me 

William H. Doe 6, (Capt. Dudley Jr. 5, Dudley 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., Mar. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 275 

9, 1803; m. Nov. 4, 1829, Mary C. Brainerd of Ware, Mass.; 
b. So. Hadley, Mass., Apr. 20, 1810, and d. Apr. 22, 1881. He 
d. at Fairfield, Me., Aug. 21, 1839. Resided China and Fairfield, 

I. Susan, b. Fairfield, Me.; m. Francis Kendrick 

of China, Me. 
II. Francina, b. Fairfield, Me.; d. May 14, 1853, unm. 

Rev. Dudley Watson Doe 6, (Capt. Dudley Jr. 5, Dudley 

4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, 
Me., Dec. 18, 1804; m. Feb. 19, 1829, Elizabeth (Betsey) Ben- 
son, b. 1810 at Carmel, Me., and d. Jan. 24, 1843; he d. June 5, 
1843. He was a Methodist minister and resided in China, Me. 

I. Alphonso Watson, b. Dec. 12, 1829; m. Mary Bell 

II. Hannah Octavia, b. ; m. Augustus McLaughlin 

of China, Me. Moved to Marysville, California. 

Ch.: 1-Ida Mary; 2-Fleda Abbie; 3-Son, who d. 

in infancy. 

III. Abbie B., b ; m. Sept. 29, 1853, Charles Allen 

Brackett. She d. at the birth of her dau., Abbie, 
b. Oct. 8, 1857; m. Mr. Mosher and resides 
Weeks Mills, Me. 

IV. Mary Elizabeth, b. . At the death of her par- 

ents she was adopted by John W. Drummond 
of Winslow, Me. She m. 1st, in Austin, Nevada, 
George F. Dinsmore; m. 2nd, a Mr. Halley. She 
d. in California. Ch. (by first marriage), one 
dau., Lizzie Lee Dinsmore, b. Mar 23, 1869 at 
Marysville, Calif.; m. Nov. 22, 1892, Amos B. 
Townsend. Resides Campbell, Calif. Ch. 1- 
Harold Dinsmore, b. Sept. 16, 1902; 2-Irving 
Dinsmore, b. Aug. 2, 1906; 3-Ruth Elizabeth, 
b. Apr. 30, 1910. 
V. John Benson, b. 1843; m. Selina Bender. At the 
death of their parents Alphonso Watson., Hannah 
Octavia and Abbie B., were taken by their grand- 

276 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

father, Capt. Dudley Doe, and at his death he 
willed his estate to his grandson, Alphonso Wat- 
son Doe. 

William Wiggin Doe 6, (David 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nath- 
aniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July, 1810, Corinth, Me.; 
m. Caroline B. Tyler; d. Feb. 13, 1881. 

I. WiUiam C, b. Corinth, Me., Aug. 9, 1844; m. 
Emma A. Goss. 
II. Thomas, b. 1846; d. s. p. 1865. 

III. Charles B., b. Corinth, Me.; m. Eliza Veazie. 

IV. EhzaA. 

V. Nancie Jennie, b. ; m. 1st, Francis Colbath of 

Exeter, Me.; m. 2nd, Oct. 19, 1882, Fred A. 
Green of Bangor, Me., a sail maker. Moved to 

Richard Wiggin Doe 6, (David 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nath- 
aniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., Oct. 27, 1820. 
Farmer; m. Ruth Prescott, b. Corinth, Me., Feb. 19, 1828; 
d. Apr. 7, 1886. He d. Aug. 24, 1897. 
Children: (Born Corinth, Me.) 

I. Dau. ; d. in infancy. 

II. Alfred Newton, b. June 7, 1853; m. Mary E. Felt. 

III. Arthur Richard, b. Dec. 1, 1856; unm. Resides 

on the old homestead, Corinth, Me. 

IV. Mary Antoinetta, b. July 31, 1860; unm; d. May 18, 

V. Wealtha Addie, b. July 30, 1862, unm; d. June 14, 

Bradstreet Wiggin Doe 6, (David 5, Dudley 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., Apr. 23, 
1814. Farmer; m. Mary Ann Christie. He d. May 11, 1868. 
Resided Corinth, Me. 
Children : 

I. Marcia A., b. 
II. Sadie J., b. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 277 

David Dudley Doe 6, (David 5, Dudlej^ 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., May 1, 1818. Mer- 
chant and hotel keeper; m. Roxie W. Dwinell. He resided at 
various times in Georgia, lovva. South Dakota and California. 
D. in Corinth, Me., Sept. 18, 1899. 
Children : 

I. Roxie W., m. Judge Richard Haney. She d. 

William Dudley Doe 6, (Jonathan 5, Dudley 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 10, 1824, Winslow, 
Me.; m. Leonora Willey, b. Stillwater, Me. He followed the 
lumber business in Stillwater, Me.; he was a sharpshooter 
in Co. D., 2d Maine Regt. Infantry during the Civil War, and 
d. Dec. 7, 1894 at Belfast, Me. 
Children : 

I. Annie, b. Jan 2, 1854; m. 1st, Llewellyn Jipson; 2nd, 
J. M. Porter. 
II. Abbie Etta, b. 1855; m. Frank Clark. Ch.: 1-Eden 
L., b. May 28, 1882; 2-Arthur L., b. Aug. 6, 
1884; 3-Bessie M., b. May 6, 1886. 

III. Mary A., b. Jan. 18, 1857; m. Jan. 8, 1878, Willie 

O. Nason of Boston, Mass. She d. 1898. Ch.: 
l-FredL.;2-S. Leonard. 

IV. William George, b. 1859; d. unm., Oct. 23, 1910, at 

Albion, Me. 
V. Lizzie B., b. Aug. 18, 1860; m. 1st, Albert T. Worth- 
ington; m. 2nd, William F. Crandemere. Ch, : 
(By first husband) 1-Chester C. (By 2d husband) 
VI. Charles Alexander, b. July 8, 1863; m. 1st, Susan 

Black; m. 2d, Blanche S. Cline. 
VII. Willey Allen, b. Aug. 15, 1867; m. Daisy Heald. 
VIII. Amy, b. 1870; m. Aug. 15, 1898, F. Ernest Vogelsang. 
Resides Hyde Park, Mass. Ch.: 1-Margurietea 
R., b. Oct. 18, 1900; 2-Max F., b. Mar. 9, 1906. 
IX. Maggie, b. Oct. 22, 1871; m. Luther Mendnhall. 
Resided Memphis, Tenn. She d. 1908. 

278 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Hadley P. Doe 6, (Jonathan 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. China, Me., 1836; m. July 1861, 
Elizabeth Jones, who d. June 29, 1893, at Albion, Me. He was 
a soldier in the Civil War, and d. Aug. 31, 1893. at Augusta Me. 

I. Ellen, b. Dec. 20, 1865; unm.; resides Albion, Me. 

Andrew Wiggin Doe 6, (James Stuteley 5, Wiggin 4, 
Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Center Tuftonboro, N. H., 
Sept. 28, 1813; m. Mary E., dau. of Jacob and Ann Blaisdell 
Hersey, b. Wolfeboro, N. H., Dec. 8, 1824, and d. Mar. 20, 1889, 
at Tuftonboro, N. H. He d. Apr. 24, 1894. Resided Center 
Tuftonboro, N. H. At one time in Roxbury, Mass. 
Children : 

I. Everett, b. , 1846; m. Grace H. Fay. 
II. James Andrew, b. Mar. 1, 1849; m. Jennie Belinda 

III. Edward C, b. May 7, 1851; d. May 12, 1861. 

IV. Frank Augustus, b. Feb. 17, 1858; m. Nov. 6, 1882, 

Christie Belle McKenzie. 

Ezekiel Judge Doe 6, (James Jr. 5, James 4, Capt. Nath- 
aniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 1825, at Burnham, 
Me.; farmer; m. Sarah L. Andrews who was b. Thomaston, 
Me.; he d. at Thomaston, Me. May 27, 1890. 

I. Frances Ella, b. 1853, m. June 11, 1878, N. H. 

Williams; resides Thomaston, Me. 
II. Fred B., b. , 1857; m. Aug. 11, 1890, in Mass., 
Lillian M. Urcly; resided at Fort Payne, Ala., 
at time of marriage. 
III. Addie, m. Sleeper; resides Cambridge Mass. 

William Doe 6, (James Jr. 5, James 4, Capt Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 8, 1828; at Burnham, Me.; a 
■farmer; m. Lovenia Works, who was b. Troy, Me., She d. 
Mar. 9, 1910; he d. Mar. 18, 1896; resided Burnham, Me. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 279 


I. Etta M., b. Aug. 1, 1866; m. Fred Page, Aug. 25, 

II. Everett M.,\^ . , , oo ic7i 
^ 'Vtwrns, b. Jan 23, 1871. 

III. Eva, I 

Everett M.,m. Oct. 12, 1900, Lillian Heald of Troy, 
Me. Resided Burnham, Me. Eva m. Mar. 31, 1906, 
Howard S. Libby of Troy, Me. 

Andrew S. Doe 6, (Capt. Andrew Wiggin 5, Wiggin 4, 
Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., Oct. 
28, 1818; m. June 18, 1848, Martha Vincent, b. Apr. 2, 1823 
and d. March 1, 1861. He d. Jan. 31, 1875. Estate settled 
May 13, 1879. Eliza A. Chesley and Mary L. Simpson, daughters 
of his brother John, and Mary Elizabeth Daniels, daughter of 
Sylvester Franklin Doe were the heirs. 

I. Dau., b. Feb. 25, 1860; d. IVlarch, 1861. 

John Doe 6, (Capt. Andrew Wiggin 5, Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Durham, N. H., Mar. 6, 1822; tailor; 
m. Mar. 11, 1849, at Dover, N. H., Mary, dau. of Richard and 
Lovy Bickford Kent, b. Oct. 26, 1823, d. Oct 26, 1885. He d. 
Feb. 2, 1871, Newmarket, N. H. 

I. Eliza Anna, b. Apr. 5, 1850; m. 1872, Freeman 
Chesley of Newmarket, N. H. He d. 1915. She 
resides in Newmarket, N. H. Ch.: two dau., 
both d. in infancy. She inherited a share of the 
estate of her uncle, Andrew S. Doe, who d. 
Jan. 31, 1875. 
II. Sarah Ella, d. when six months old. 

III. Andrew W., b. Oct. 31, 1861 ; d. Nov. 1, 1861. 

IV. Mary Lovy, b. 1866. m. Joseph Simpson, a INIetho- 

dist minister; pulpit at Rochester, N. H. for 
five years to Apr. 1917. No ch. 

Sylvester Franklin Doe 6, (Capt. Andrew 5, Wiggin 4, 
Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 22, 1823, Newmarket, 

280 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

N. H.; tailor; m. Feb. 5, 1846, Martha J., dau. of Amos and 
Dorcas Spafford, b. Jan. 24, 1824, Buxton, Me., and d. Oct. 
22, 1882. He d. Feb. 11, 1862. 

I. Child, b. Jan. 18, 1847; d. in infancy. 
II. Mary Elizabeth, b. Aug. 15, 1849; m. 1st, Mar. 4, 
1873, Charles H. Daniels. One ch. : Harry, who 
m. Dec. 19, 1894, Jane J., dau. of Charles and Ann 
Sloan. She m. 2d, Frank A. Swasey, who is 
superintendent in a shoe factory ; resides Somers- 
worth, N. H. 
III. Frank Herbert, b. Aug. 27, 1854; d. young. 

Lieut. Andrew M. Doe 6, (Zebulon N. 5, Wiggin 4, Zebulon 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., 1827. Book- 
keeper in Manchester Print Works; m. Apr. 24, 1857, Ann S. 
Chickering, b. Lawrence, Mass. He d. Aug. 22, 1864, being 
shot while on picket duty at Petersburg, Va., during the Civil 
War, 10th N. H. Regiment. War records show that he enlisted 
Aug 12, 1862; mustered Aug. 20, 1862; 1st Sergt. Appointed 2nd 
Lieut. Co. D., Jan. 19, 1863; 1st Lieut., Apr. 3, 1863. Trans- 
ferred to Company A, Aug. 4, 1863; wounded May 12, 1864, 
Proctor's and Kingsland Creeks, Va. Killed Aug. 22, 1864, 
near Petersburg, Va. He resided at Manchester, N. H. She 
m. 2nd, Alfred G.Simons, who was appointed guardian of Emma 
E., May 25, 1870. 
Children : 

I. Emma E., b . She is an actress; living in 1916. 

Charles A. Doe 6, (Zebulon N. 5, Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H., 1834; m. Jan. 20, 
1855, Margaret J. Allen. He resided Lynn, Mass., and was a 
private in the Civil War; 1st New Hampshire Volunteers, Light 
Battery. Killed Dec. 13, 1862, Frederickburg, Va. Father, 
Zebulon N., was appointed guardian of Frank M., July 16, 1876. 


I. Frank M., b. 1862. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 281 

George Washington Doe 6, (Zebulon N. 5, Wiggin 4, Zebu- 
Ion 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Newmarket, N. H.; m. 1st, Dec. 
27, 1847, Mary A., dau. of Ashel and Martha Simmons, who was 
b. Woodstock, Vt., and d. Lawrence, Mass., July 21, 1888; 
m. 2nd, Nov. 28, 1889, Alice Key. He d. Nov. 15, 1900, New 
Bedford, Mass. 
Children : 

I. George Freehng, b. Gaysville, Vt., Mar. 12, 1850; 
m. 1870, Georgie J. Brown; machinist; d. s. p. 
at Worcester, Mass., Jan. 24, 1909. Widow 
resides New Bedford, Mass. 
II. Henry Albert, b. Oct. 25, 1858; m. Nellie E. Howard. 
III. Clara Belle, b. July 14, 1864; m. N. F. Nickerson; 
one son, George. Resides Dartmouth, Mass. 

Frank Edwin Doe 6, (Andrew Joseph 5, Capt. Andrev\' 4, 
Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b.Jan. 2, 1854, at Newmarket, 
N. H.; m. Dec. 25, 1875, Sarah Antanett Perkins, b. Hampton, 
N. H., 1852; resided in Milton, Mass.; d. Aug. 2, 1917; 
buried in Durham, N. H. 

I. Charles Andrew, b. Dec. 1, 1875; m. Martha E. 

II. George Frank, b. Sept. 10, 1880; m. Mary Elizabeth 

III. Orrin Perkins, b. June 18, 1884, at Newmarket, N. 

H.; m. Mar. 29, 1913, Blanche L. Lincoln of Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

IV. Mary Abbie, b. Mar. 15, 1890. 
V. Martha Ida. b. Jan. 21, 1895. 

Frank Edwin Doe, a native of Newmarket, died at his home, 
83 Thacher street, Milton, Mass., August 2, of pernicious 
anemia, aged 63 years and 8 months. He was the son of Andrew J. 
and Ann Ai. (Winkley) Doe, his ancestors being among the first 
settlers of the town. After disposing of the old homestead on 
the North Side, he went to Durham to live, going from there to 
Milton, Mass., about five years ago, where he purchased a 

282 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Mr. Doe was a long time member of the Free Baptist church 
of this town and was an earnest and faithful worker for the society. 
He was kind hearted, genial and had a strong personality, 
making friends wherever he went. He was a member of Rising 
Star Lodge, A. F. & A. M. of Newmarket. Mr. Doe had been 
in poor health since the first of the year, but had got better and 
was able to be around and work about his home until the Sunday 
before his death, when the intense heat overcame him, reaction 
of the heart set in and he remained in a stupor until his death 
early Thursday morning. 

Funeral .services were held at his late home in Milton, 
on Friday afternoon, and were largely' attended by the host of 
friends he had made during his short sojourn in that town. 
There was a profusion of beautiful flowers. 


George Edgar Doe 7, (Theophilus 6, Joseph A. 5, Brad- 
street 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cornville, 
Me., July 23, 1850; carpenter; m. Jan. 2, 1879, Clara M. Hight, 
who was b. Feb. 21, 1852; was elected representative in 1889; re- 
sided, Cornville, Me.; d. May 9, 1902, Athens, Me. 

I. Harold C, b. Sept. 21, 1889; m. Kathleen Fox. 

Charles H. Doe 7, (Joseph M. 6, Samuel 5, Jonathan 4, 
Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 28, 1838, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. He graduated from Chauncey Hall School in Bos- 
ton and entered Harvard College in 1857 in the sophomore class, 
graduating in 1860. He started to learn the furniture business 
to please his father, but he found business life so uncongenial he 
gave it up and began newspaper work in which he continued 
until a short time before his death, when his health failing, he 
had to give it up. He was connected with several papers as 
reporter, among others, The Boston Daily Advertiser, first as 
reporter and then for several years as night editor. In May, 
1869, he went to Worcester where he purchased the Worcester 
Evening Gazette, and as editor of this his life was spent. For 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 283 

over twenty-five years he exerted a quiet but powerful influence 
in Worcester. He was a republican in politics and his paper 
gave strong support to his party. For many years he was a 
trustee of the Worcester Public Library, a position he liked and 
was well qualified to fill. He d. Aug. 15, 1900. in St. John, New 
Brunswick, where he had gone with his wife and daughter for 
the summer. He m. at Salem, Mass., June 1, 1870, Mary Waldo 
Archer, dau. of Augustus J. Archer of that city, who is still 
living with her dau. in Boston. 

I. Henry M., b. Salem, Mass., Apr. 11, 1871; d. unm. 

Jan. 24, 1905. 
II. Mary Archer, b. Worcester, June 17, 1873; m. Sept. 

15^ 1917 . 

III. Alexander Wardsworth, b. Aug. 21, 1875; d. unm. 

Boston, Mass., May 23, 1911. 

Morrell B. Doe 7, (Augustus 6, Theophilus 5, Zebulon 4, 
Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 8, 1834, Laconia, 
N. H. Brick manufacturer. M. 1st, Ellen L. Robinson, dau. 
of Jacob Smith of Laconia, N.H., who d. Apr. 26, 1862; m. 2nd, 
Sarah Walker; d. Dec. 25, 1882, at Meredith, N. H., where he 

I. Lula E., b. June 26, 1864; d. June 26, 1881. 
II. Mabel Z., b. Mar. 25, 1866; d. June 21, 1885. 
III. Maud M., b. 1870; m. Oct. 15, 1890, Owen V. Wil- 
comb of Laconia, N. H. 

James M. Doe 7, (Samuel 6, Samuel 5, Lemuel 4, Lieut. 
Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 9, 1871, Crystal, Me. 
Farmer. M. Aug. 22, 1896, Mary L., dau. of David Phillips, b. 
Glenburn, Me. He d. Oct. 7, 1910, Hermon, Me. W. m. June 
2, 1914, Clifton Harold Mayo of Brewer, Me. 


I. Marion H., b. Aug. 6, 1897. 
II. Arthur P., b. June 21, 1908. 

284 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Elbridge Doe 7, (Nicholas 6, Nicholas 5, Nicholas 4, Nicho- 
las 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 19, 1832, Newmarket, 
N. H. ; ro. Almira Caswell, Jan. 30, 1867, who was b. Apr. 25, 
1835, in Newmarket, N. H. He d. Feb. 26, 1900. Resided New- 
market, N. H. 

I. Effie G., b. Apr. 13, 1869; m. Everett Cahill, Jan. 
11, 1905; lives at Doe home in Newmarket. Ch.: 
1-Charlotte Mildred, adopted, b. Jan. 15, 1909. 
II. Fred E., b. Feb. 5, 1873, in Newmarket, N. H.; m. 
May 11, 1911, Maud H., dau. of Thomas D. and 
Rebecca Wallis, who was b. Apr. 13, 1884. 

Parsons N. Doe 7, (Nicholas 6, Nicholas 5, Nicholas 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 8, 1829 at Newmarket, 
N. H.; m. 1st, Hannah G. Cottrell, July 1, 1853; she d. July 9, 
1855; 2nd, Lavina Fogg, Apr. 30, 1861; machinist and resided in 
Providence, R. I., at tire of first marriage. He d. June 24, 1883; 
2nd wife d. Nov. 8, 1909. Resided Newfields, N. H. 
Children : 

I. Herbert P., b. Dec. 20, 1854; d. Dec. 18, 1864. 

(Children by second wife.) 
II. Ella A., b. Mar. 1, 1863; d. May 10, 1914. 

III. Alice, b. Dec. 11, 1871 ; resides Newfields, N. H. 

IV. Bert P., b. Sept. 8, 1875; unm..; ne.vspaper reporter. 

Resides Newfields, N. H. 
V. Harry F., b. Apr. 30, 1877 ; m. Mary LaVan Frost. 

Nathaniel B. Doe 7, (Nathaniel 6, Nathaniel Bartlett 5, 
Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 6, 1848, 
at Washington, Me.; m_. Feb. 18, 1875, Maria L. Reed. Re- 
sides Washington, Me. 

I. Willie, b. Sept. 4, 1879. 
II. CharlesL., b. Apr. 2, 1881. 

III. Minnie M., b. Nov. 10, 1882; m. Dec. 2, 1904, John 

W. Bain. 

IV. Alton Leroy, b. Mar. 27, 1884; m. Oct. 20, 1906, 

Sarah Wagner. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 285 

Elden William Doe 7, (Nathaniel 6, Nathaniel Bartlett 
5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Washing- 
ton, Me., Apr. 16, 1853; m. 1st, June 30, 1887, Carrie Bell Hickey; 
2nd, Feb. 7, 1896, Anna Luella Hart. ' He was for many years 
connected with the police force at Providence, R. I., and d. in 
Providence, May 19, 1904. 

I. James William, 1). June 12, 1897, at Providence, R. I. 
II. Elden Slater, b. Feb. 3, 1899. 

George Washington Doe 7, (Joshua 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 
4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Garchner, Me., about 
1826; m. Oct. 25, 1848, Elizabeth Perkins, b. Augusta, Me. 
D. Dec. 18, 1853, Hallowell, Me. 

I. Harriet Elizal^eth. 

Chandler Darmont Doe 7, (Joshua 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel, 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. So. Gardiner, 
Me., Sept. 21, 1829; m. Louisa, dau. of James Mcintosh, b. 1830, 
and d. Aug. 4, 1896. He d. Jan. 4, 1906 at Boston, Mass., and 
was buried at Hallowell, Me. Resided Boston, Mass. He was 
admr. of the estate of his brother, George Washington Doe, who 
d. Dec. 18, 1853, Hallowell, Me. 

I. Sarah Georgiana, d. aged two and one-half years. 
II. Albert Eugene, b. Jan. 9, 1856; m. Mary J. Dawson. 

Sewell Hamilton Doe 7, (Joshua 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. So. Gardner, Me.; m. 
Mary Ann Nelson, who was b. at Bath, Me. in 1831 and d. Nov. 
16, 1882. Resided Methuen, Mass. 

I. Harriet M. T.,b.Bath, Me., 1856; d. Aug. 7, 1864, at 

]\Iethuen, Mass. 
II. Andrew F., b. Nov. 26, 1858; d. Jan. 3, 1859. 

III. Augustus Norman, b. Aug. 1, 1860; m. Jan. 4, 1890, 

Mary H. Hasson. 

IV. Henrietta B., b. Oct. 4, 1864; d. Feb. 10, 1865. 

286 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Nahum A. Doe 7, (Simon, Jr. 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2,Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 18, 1828, at Fairfield, 
Me.; m. Augusta, dau. of John and Jane Kimball Dodge, Apr. 
28, 1853; she d. July 1, 1905; resided in Charlestown, Mass. at 
time of marriage; a cabinet maker; served as private, Aug. 5, 
1862 to June 6, 1865, 9th Battery, Mass. Artillery, in Civil War; 
d. May 23, 1899. 


I. Jennie M., b. Jan. 23, 1856; m. T. Weston Bryant, 
Nov. 14, 1876; resides in Charlestown, Mass. 
Ch.: 1-Edith May, b. Jan. 22, 1879; d. Oct. 14, 
1888. 2-Marion Alice, b. Oct. 13, 1888. 

Solomon B. Doe 7, (Simon, Jr. 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 28, 1834, in Fairfield, 
Me.; m. Oct. 8, 1857, Acsah K. Dodge of Massachusetts; b. 
1832; d. May 28, 1893; resided in Charlestown, Mass. at time of 
marriage; m. 2nd, Apr. 16, 1896, Esther Freeman Patterson; he 
d. Sept. 14, 1910, Maiden, Mass. He was a cabinet maker. 
Esther d. at Somerville, Mass., 1916. 

I. Elizabeth A., b. July 14, 1869; d. July 18, 1869. 

William Judson Doe 7, (Simon Jr. 6, Simon 5, Nathanie 
4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 29, 1837 at 
Fairfield, Me.; cabinet maker; m. Georgiana Virginia Dodge; 
was a gunner in 9th Mass. Volunteers Light Artillery, entered 
service Aug. 10, 1862. Served until discharged. His discharge 
papers signed by Gov. William Chaflin of Mass., given at Boston, 
Apr. 19, 1870; d. July 17, 1908, Westborough, Mass. Boot and 
shoe dealer in Stoughton, Mass. in 1865. 


I. Ida Jane, b. Jan., 1862; m. Oct. 20, 1887, Benj. F. 

Southwick. Three ch. 
II. AHce, b. Sept. 23, 1870; d. Sept. 1, 1873. 
III. Walter Judson, b. June 30, 1874; m. May 2, 1895, 
Sadie E. Coggswell. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 287 

IV. Wilson Simmons, b. Apr. 4, 1876; m. Oct. 14, 1899, 
Amelia M. Bruninghaus of New York; res'des in 
Worcester, Mass. 
V. Nellie, m. Oct. 8, 1891; Charles W. Reed; d. age 24. 

Joseph H. Doe 7, (Simon, Jr. 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 28, 1840 at Fair- 
field, Me.; farmer; m. Rebecca W. Haynes, Oct. 29, 1867, who 
was b. in Smithville, Me. ; she d. Apr. 28, 1915. Resided Gardiner 

I. Fred G., b. Apr. 25, 1869; travelling salesman; re- 
sides Gardiner, Me. 
II. Harvey H., 1). June 24, 1874; m. Mabel G. Stilphen. 

Charles Henry Doe 7, (Simon Jr. 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 22, 1832, at Augdsta, 
Me.; m. Charlotte J. McKay, b. Jan. 1, 1855, and d. May 15, 
1912, No. Fairfield, Me. He resided at Stoughton, Mass., and d. 
Sept. 30, 1910, at Fairfield, Me. 

I. William H., b. Stoughton, Mass., Oct. 11, 1856; d. 

Feb. 27, 1858. 
II. Frank E., b. Stoughton, Mass., Feb. 22, 1859; m. 
1st, Feb. 12, 1880, Ann R. Gilchrist; 2nd, Lucinda 
, Sept. 19, 1891; no ch. 

III. George Lincoln, b. Stoughton, Mass., Jan. 31, 1861; 

m. 1st, Mary Leighton; 2nd, Grace M. Bolon. 

IV. Charles W., b. Lyndon, Me., Dec. 7, 1864; m. Mar- 

garet A. Gallagher. 
V. Fannie, m. EUingwood ; residesin Caribou, Me. 

John H. Doe 7, (John 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Hartland, Me., Mar. 18, 1846; m. 
1st, Apr. 1, 1866, Sarah E., dau. of Jacob Haskell; 2nd, June 
12, 1912, Mattie Scudder. Resides Goldenridge, Me. 

I. Harry W., b. Oct. 28, 1870. Unm. 

288 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Albert A. Doe 7, (Nathaniel 6, John Washington 5, Na- 
thaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 10, 1830, 
Winterport, Me.; m. 1862/Hadasah Grant, b. Apr. 7, 1835 and 
d. at Marblehead, Mass., Jan. 20, 1902. He d. Nov. 8, 1888, 
Winterport, Me. 

I. Bertha Jewell, b. ; m. Ralph Doe. 

Samuel H. Doe 7, (Nathaniel 6, John Washmgton 5, Na- 
thaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Winterport, 
Me. ; m. Feb. 19, 1864, Laura S. Sparrow. He was a sailor when 
young, and later removed with his family to Wisconsin, where he 
was killed by the falling of a tree. 

I. Ralph P., b. 1875; m. Bertha Jewell Doe. 

Robert S. Doe 7, (Nathaniel 6, John Washington 5, Na- 
thaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Winterport, Me., 
Aug. 14, 1831; m. Sarah Melinda, dau. of Leonard Shute, b. 
Prospect, Me.; she d. Mar. 6, 1912, Stockton Springs, Me. He 
d. Oct. 28, 1892. 

I. Weston Freeman, b. Stockton Springs, Me., 1870; 
m. Alice 0. Treat. 

Corporal Benjamin F. Doe 7, (Benjamin W. 6, John 
W^ashington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Dec. 26, 1838, Winterport, Me. Enlisted as a private in Co. 
C, 8th Massachusetts Infantry, Sept., 1862. Mustered out 
with rank of corporal. M. May 10, 1866, Mary J. Prentiss of 
Children: (Born Marblehead, Mass.) 

L Ellen, b. Nov. 25, 1866. Resides Marblehead, Mass. 
II. Jennie Prentiss, b. Apr. 23, 1869; d. Apr. 24, 1869. 

III. Amy Elizabeth, b. Oct. 13, 1870; d. unm. Nov. 6, 


IV. Fred Grant, b. Apr. 23, 1873; d. s. p. May 30, 1899. 
V. Charles Frankhn, b. July 15, 1875; m. Dec. 18; 1901, 

Annie C. Harris. 

Joseph Bodwell Doe 
B. Mar. 8, 1855 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 291 

Benjamin H. Doe 7, (Joseph B. 6, John Washington 5, 
Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 21, 
1837; m. Oct. 25, 1866, Frances E., dau. of Samuel and Vesta 
Hall of Holland, N. Y., who d. Mar. 29, 1890. He d. Apr. 21, 
1880. Resided West Ossipee, N. H. 

I. Nellie F., 1). Jan. 6, 1868; m. Oscar B. Dixon. Seven 
II. Loring Alphonso, b. Nov. 26, 1870; m. Sept. 23, 1881, 

Susie Rewitzer. No ch. 
III. Benjamin Franldin, b. Feb. 27, 1872; m. Clarinda 

Charles Ricker Doe 7, (Joseph Bodwell 6, Joseph Jr. 5, 
Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Janesville, Wis., 

Aug. 17, 1849; m. May 17, 1876, Laura E. . Resides at 

Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and is connected with the C. B. & Q. Ry. 


I. Joseph W., b. Dec. 2, 1879. 

II. Charles W., b. Dec. 6, 1885. 

III. Dallas E., b. Jan. 9, 1887. 

IV. Rilea W., b. May 5, 1895. 

Joseph Bodwell Doe, Jr. 7, (Joseph Bodwell 6, Joseph Jr. 
5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Janesville, 
Wis., Mar. 20, 1855. Lawyer. Graduated from Racine College 
in 1874. From 1886 to 1890 was city attorney of Janesville, 
then adjutant of the state, resigning in 1893 to become assistant 
secretary of war in the second Cleveland administration. Left 
Washington, D. C, in the Spring of 1897, to engage in the prac- 
tice of law at Milwaukee, Wis., and is a member of the law firm 
of Doe, Ballhorn & Wilkie, of that city; m. 1st, Sept. 8, 1878 —: 
2nd, June 29, 1886, Gertrude Brittan. 

I. Kate D. Paine, b. Aug. 22, 1879. 
II. Julia Adarian, b. Aug. 22, 1889; is a graduate of 
Bryn Mawr College and a Greek fellow of the Uni- 

292 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

versity of Wisconsin for two years, securing the 
degree of doctor of ]ihilosophy from the hitter 
institution in 1915. 
III. Arthur Brittan, b. Aug. 20, 1890; was graduated 
from University of Wisconsin, Hterary department, 
in 1910, and from the -University Law School in 
1913; was a student of BalUol College, Oxford, 
Eng., on the breaking out of the European war, 
and volunteered to assist the British Red Cross 
Society by driving an ambulance, and was so 
occupied from Nov. 1, 1914, to May 1, 1915, being 
attached at various times between those dates 
to the English, Canadian and Indian divisions of 
the British army operating in France and Flanders. 

Wilson Hyatt Doe 7, (Joseph Bodwell 6, Joseph Jr. 5, 
Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Janesville, Wis., 
Feb. 2, 1858. Banker. M. Sept. 2, 1882, Maud G. Palmer. 
Resides in Elgin, 111., and is cashier of Home Trust & Savings 
Bank of Elgin, also cashier of the Home National Bank of Elgin, 
with which he has been connected for over twenty-five years. 
Children : 

I. Ethelyn Anna, b. Aug. 16, 1885; graduate University 
of Wisconsin, B. A., 1910; m. Robert B. Michell, 
who is an instructor in the University of Wiscon- 
sin. Ch.: Robert Wilson, b. Mar. 23, 1914. 

Thomas B. Doe 7, (Thomas Bartlett 6, Joseph Jr. 
5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 28, 1860, 
Danville, Va.; m. June 7, 1882, Dora Williamson, b. Nov. 8, 
1860. In early 80's moved to Ashville, N. C. 

I. Capt. Thomas Bartwell, b. Mar. 19, 1883, Danville, 

Va. ; m. Oct. 27, 1908, Imogene H. Haska. 
II. Jennie Weldon, b. July 27, 1885; m. Dec. 27, 1906, 
Thomas Dewey Osborne. One ch., Mary Dewey, 
b. 1908. 

III. Dorothy Williamson,! ■ i t-* or iccn tvt r' 

13 .u 1 ' twins, b. Dec. 26, 1889, N. ( . 

IV. William Bethel, j 

Arthur Brittan Doe 

B. Aug. 22, 1890 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 295 

William B., m. Apr. 20, 1913, Flora Stewart Neil. 
V. Weldon Williamson, b. Apr. 4, 1892. 
VI. Sarah Ross, b. Dec. 22, 1897. 

Haven Doe 7, (Chief Justice Charles 6, Joseph 5, Joseph 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. RoUinsford, N. H., Apr. 
23, 1870. Entered Exeter Academy, 1885; graduated 1888; 
graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1893; 
m. Dec. 28, 1895, Mora B. Hubbard, b. So. Berwick, Me. Repre- 
sentative for RoUinsford, 1895; senator 1911. Is in the employ 
of the R. R. Co. Resides Somersworth, N. H. 


I. Edith Helen, b. Dec. 25, 1896, Rochester, N. H. 
II. Joseph Robert, b. Aug. 27, 1902, Somersworth, N. H. 
III. Mary H., b. Oct. 18, 1908, Somersworth, N. H. 

Robert Doe 7, (Chief Justice Charles 6, Joseph Jr. 5, 
Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1875, RoUins- 
ford, N. H. Graduated from Exeter, 1894; Harvard, 1898. 
Member of law firm Hughs & Doe., Dover, N. H.; m. 1st, Oct. 
29, 1900, Adeline A. Emerson, who d. Feb. 1, 1901; 2nd, Dec. 
1, 1906, Abbie T. Thompson of York, Me. Resides RoUinsford, 


I. Richard Thompson, b. Dec. 22, 1907. 

II. Roger Morton, b. 1910. 

III. Margaret, b. 1911. 

IV. Amelia, b. 1914. 

Mark Dearborn Doe 7, (Ebenezer H. 6, Eliphalet 5, Gideon 
4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 19, 1827, Newfield, 
Me.; m. Jan. 31, 1870, in Milton, N. H., Rachel, dau. of James 
H. and Huldah Home. She d. Apr. 15, 1882; he d. Nov. 16, 
1904, Milton, N. H. 


I. James F., b. Apr. 5, 1877; m. 1st, Edith M. Whitman. 

296 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Corporal Joseph Dam Doe 7, (Ebenezer H. 6, Eliphalet 5, 
Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 17, 1837, 
Effingham, N. H.; m. Sarah C. Morgan, b. 1833, d. June 14, 1904. 
He was a corporal in Co. B., 27th Maine Volunteer Infantry; 
returned with rank of sergeant. Resided Berwick, Me.; d. Aug. 
19, 1914. 

I. Orinda, b. Mar. 16, 1864; m. Nov. 19, 1891, Jerry F. 
Watson. Resides So. Berwick, Me. One ch., 
Geneva M., b. June 8, 1893; m. July 12, 1916, 
Fred Gilman Neal of So. Berwick, Me. Ch., Eleanor 
Watson, b. July 8, 1917. 

Sergeant John F, Doe 7, (Ebenezer Hannaford 6, Eliphalet 
5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Effingham, 
N. H., 1840; m. Georgia Lord, h. Bridgton, Me. They sold 
property in Bridgton in 1872. He d. May 3, 1875. W. sold 
property in 1879. 

I. Hattie, b. ; m. Lake. Resides Lynn, Mass. 

Ira Doe 7, (Moses C. 6, Eliphalet 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 6, 1826, at Rochester, N. H. 
Shoe cutter. He was a prominent Odd Fellow in all branches of 
the order; m. May 25, 1854, Mary A., dau. of Ezra and Rachel 
Carson Hayes, who was b. Rochester, N. H., June 5, 1826, and 
d. Aug. 3, 1898. He d. Jan. 30, 1887. Resided Rochester, N. H. 

I. Lucy Minnetta, b. June 3, 1860; m. William J. Dun- 
lap of Lowell, IVIass., July 21, 1884. Resides 
Rochester, N. H. Ch.: 1-Grace, m. Frank 
Ross. 2-FrankC. 3-Louise Meter. 4-Ralph W. 
now serving with U. S. Forces in France. Resides 
in Rochester. 

George Storrow Doe 7, (Moses C. 6, Eliphalet 5, Gideon 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 1833, Great Falls, N. H.; 
m. 1st, Jan. 28, 1865, Sarah Matilda, dau. of Elbridge and Lucy 
J. Carter Douglass; 2nd, Hannah, dau. of Labor and Nancy 

Ira Doe 

B. June 6, 1826 

George Storroav Doe 
B. 1S33 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 301 

Whitney Gushing, )>. Ashburnham, Mass. He met his death 
accidentally on the railroad in Fitchburg, Mass., in 1890. He was 
yard master, and had been in the employ of the railroad for 
thirty-two years. Belonged to I. 0. O. F. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Ellen, 1). ; d. young. 

II. ]\Iary A., b. ; m. Edwin D. Boynton of Cornish, 

Me. 1). Feb. 26, 1857, and d. Mar. 7, 1915. 

She d. Dec. 20, 1892. Four sons: 1-Howard 

Milton, b. May 1, 1880. 2-Fred Carlton, I). ; 

3-Roy Edward, b. Jan. 23, 1885. 4-Henry Deer- 

ing, b. Oct. 18, 1888. 

(Children of second marriage.) 

III. Lizzie Ruthven Cushing, b. Mar. 25, 1867. Resides 

in Fitchburg, Mass., with her mother. 

IV. Harvey Edwin, b. Fitchburg, Mass., May 15, 1869; 

d. Aug. 14, 1870. 

Bradbury P. Doe 7, (Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicho- 
las 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 11, 1844, at Cambridge, 
Mass.; served in Civil War in 1st Maine Cavalry; m. 1st, Rebec- 
ca C. Hawes, Jan. 2, 1870; she d. Cambridge, Mass., 1910; 
2nd, Jan. 1, 1911, Susan Isabel Downs; he d. May 9, 1915, at 
Cambridge, Mass. For many years he had charge of the water 
department there. 
Children: (Born in Parsonsfield, Me.) 

I. Everett Wesley, b. May 11, 1871, unm. 
II. Henry Wilson, b. Jan. 12, 1873; d. 1876. 

III. Jennie May, b. Jan. 8, 1878; m. Nov. 15, 1898, 

Edward Gordon Pease. 

IV. Lena Sears, b. Apr. 13, 1880; m. June 14, 1905, 

Wm. Wentworth Kennard, Cambridge, Mass. 
V. Stella Hawes, b. Apr. 29, 1888; resides Cambridge, 

Eugene M. Doe 7, (Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. May 6, 1854, at Parsonsfield, Me.; 
m. 1st, Almira B. Lord, Nov. 4, 1879; d. Nov. 7, 1904; 2nd, Mrs. 

302 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Mary S. Weeks of Tamworth, N. H., Nov. 7, 1908. Resides 
Parsonsfield, Me. 
Children: (By 1st wife.) 

I. Herbert Samuel, b. Sept. 24, 1880, Haverhill, Mass.; 

m. Bertha Wormwood. 
II. LaForrest Quimby, b. Apr. 25, 1883; m. Feb. 24, 

1909, Ethel Idella Sylvester. 
III. Eugene C, b. Nov. 9, 1885, Parsonsfield, Me.; m. 
Anna Wallace Pearson. 

Charles F. Doe 7, (Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Jan. 29, 1848, Parsonsfield, Me.; 
m. Nov. 26, 1879, Ahnira E. Whitney, who was b. Hubbardstown, 
Mass. He d. at the home of J. Wesley Doe, in Medford, Mass., 
Jan. 30, 1897. W. and dau. reside Hul^bardstown, Mass. 

I. Estella, b. Sept. 25, 1881, Templeton, Mass. 

John Wesley Doe 7, (Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicho- 
las 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 24, 1852, at Parsonsfield, 
Me. ; m. Clara E. Costellon, Sept. 10, 1874, who was b. Richmond, 
Me.; resides in Medford, Mass. Flour and grain Inisiness. 

I. Herbert E., b. Nov. 22, 1877; d. July 11, 1879. 
II. Frank W., b. 1880; d. Jan. 11, 1897 at Medford, Mass. 

III. WilHs Hihiian, b. Aug. 22, 1883; m. June 7, 1905, 

Florence M. Merrill. 

IV. Florence Helen, b. Dec. 11, 1885; a missionary in 

Newgong, Assam. 
V. Chester W., b. July 20, 1888; m. Florence A. Mac- 

VI. Harry G., I). Sept. 7, 1890; m. Helen R. MacCombie 

of Stoughton, Mass., Oct. 15, 1913. 
VII. Gladys Emily, 1). Aug. 25, 1892. 

Tristnam H. Doe 7, (Joseph G. 6, Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, 

Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 18, 1844, Parsons- 
field, Me. Farmer; m. Oct. 25, 1879, Fanny M. Stone of New- 
field. Resides Parsonsfield, Me. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 303 


I. George A., b. June 6, 1883. Graduate, Bates College. 
Resides Province Lake, N. H. Prin. High School, 
Alfred, Me., 1908-9, sub-prin. of Perkins Institute 
for the Blind, 1909-1911. Prin. Iowa College for 
the Blind at Vinton, 1911-13. 
II. Ethel E., b. Oct. 28, 1884; m. John Leavitt, 1908. 
Two ch. 

III. Charles T., b. Mar. 2, 1886. Graduate, Bates College. 

IV. Harrison F., b. Mar. 2, 1888. 
V. Maud L., b. June 10, 1893. 

Judge Orestes Topliff Doe 7, (adopted), (Joseph G. 6, 
Jeremy 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 
3, 1864, at Parsonsfield, Me. Graduate of Dartmouth College. 
Lawyer and judge. M. Oct. 20, 1892, Mabel Piper, b. Newfield, 
Me. Resides Franklin, Mass. Office, Washington St., Boston, 


I. Mildred Louise, b. Jan. 3, 1898. 

II. Kenneth Piper, b. Mar. 28, 1901. 

III. Robert Hamilton i . on mno 

TT- T-» 1 iTD ^i ^^ twnis, b. May 20, 1902. 

I\'. Donald Bartlett, I 

Corporal Benjamin Doe 7, (Gideon 6, Benjamin C. 5, 

Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Exeter, N. H., 
Feb. 27, 1831. Corporal in the Civil War, Co. A., 17th Maine 
Regt.; m. Susan G. Kennison, b. Berwick, Me., d. Apr. 3, 1896. 
He d. Chancellorville, Va., May 6, 1864. 


I. George H., b. ; m. Nellie Gould. 

II. Flora A., b. ; m. Aug. 21, 1878, Charles S. Hun- 

tress. Ch.: 1-Clarence; 2-Eva. m. Russell Park- 
man of Berwick, Me. 

III. Woodville Perley, b. ; m. Nellie F. Moulton. 

IV. Susie F. 
V. Pearl. 

304 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Theron Estey Doe 7, (Estey Nicholas 6, Nicholas 5, Gideon 
4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 17, 1850, China, 
Me.; m. Annie A., dau.of Capt. Benjamin B. and Susan Higgins 
Jackson, May 11, 1898, who was b. Oct. 12, 1866 and d. July 18, 
1900, Wiscasset, Me. A merchant. Resides China, Me. 

I. Harold, b. May 3, 1900. 

George Henry Doe 7, (Rufus King 6, John Jr. 5, Deacon 

John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Cambridge, Mass., 
July 25, 1849; m. 1st, Nellie A., dau. of Wm. and Irene Fogg of 
Saco, Me., who d. Jan. 17, 1899, West Somerville, Mass.; 2nd, 
June 22, 1901, Theresa Alice Ackon Newcomb. Resides Milford, 

I. Alice (Jertrude, b. July 11, 1891; m. Mar. 6, 1909, 

Frank J. Moore. Ch.: 1-Ruth King, b. Sept. 

17, 1909. 2-Phyllis Marie, b. July 14, 1911. 3- 

Doris Irene, b. Mar. 1, 1914. 4-Robert Jackson, 

b. Dec. 28, 1915. 
II. Chester Holmes, b. Feb. 23, 1894. 

Loring Bartlett Doe 7, (Rufus King 6, John Jr. 5, John 4, 
Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., Jan. 1, 
1858; m. Clara Frances Adams. Resided Saco, Me.; d. June 
1, 1899. 

I. Rufus Loring, b. Aug. 17, 1889, Saco, Me.; m. Oct. 5, 
1915, Sara Dorothy Emery. Is a graduate of 
Saco Commercial School, and engaged in mercan- 
tile business, Saco, Me. 
II. Lawrence Adams, b. Oct. 19, 1891. 
III. Helen, b. Feb. 7, 1894. 

Charles Webster Doe 7, (C^apt. Alvah 6, Col. Bartlett 5, 
Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsons- 
field, Me., Apr. 25, 1855; m. Jan. 13, 1885, Laura F. Mitchell. 
Resides in San Francisco, Cal. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 305 


I. Alvah Bartlett, b. Dec. 15, 1885; m. Aug. 1, 1910, 

Geneva Ethyl Sullivan. 
II. Laura Mitchell, b. Dec. 11, 1887; m. Dec. 7, 1910, 
Percy Pettigrew. One ch., Nancy, b. July 29, 1915. 

III. Aileen, b. Sept. 13, 1892; m. Sept. 28, 1910, Paul 

Johnson. One ch., Aileen, b. Mar. 17, 1912. 

IV. George Irving, b. May, 1895; d. April, 1896. 

V. Marion Elizabeth, b. Feb. 22, 1897 ; m. Dec. 25, 1916, 
Ethelbert Shore of Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a 
mining engineer. 
VI. Charles Webster, Jr., b. Sept. 4, 1898. 

Loring Bartlett Doe 7, (Amizi 6, Col. Bartlett 5, Deacon 
John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1). b. Parsonsfield, Me., 
Dec. 21, 1854; m. May 1, 1887, Lulu Kennedy; resides San 

I. Arthur Kennedy, b. Apr. 4, 1888; m. Olga Goodwin. 
II. Alice, b. Sept. 14, 1890; m. Mar., 1910, Allen Green. 
One ch., Arthur D., b. July 22, 1911. They reside 
San Francisco, Cal. 
III. Dorothy Marian, b. Oct. 17, 1895. 

Calvin Wade Doe 7, (Amizi 6, Col. Bartlett 5, Deacon 

John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Parsonsfield, Me., 

1846; m. 1st, ; 2nd, Jean Campbell. 


I. Earl, d. s. p. 

II. Edith, m. Homer Sly. One ch., Helen. 

(By second wife.) 

III. Edna, m. Ralph Binney. Ch.: 1-Lawrence; 

2-Louise; 3-Charles; 4-Child. 

IV. Bartlett, b. ; unm. Resides Big Rapids, Mich. 

George A. Doe 7, (Hiram 6, Rev. David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 
4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. East Vassalboro, 
Me., Mar. 12, 1840; m. Abbie F. Fassett, who was b. 1846; he d. 
July 2, 1901. Resided China, Me. 

306 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 


I. Alvah E., b. June 17, 1869; m. Sept. 29. 1901, Maud 
M. Bragg. 

II. Minnie E., b. 1873; m. C/harles R. Getchel of China, 

III. Estella May, b. 1886; m. Thomas P. Washlwrn of 
China, Me. 

Charles H. Doe 7, (Hiram 6, David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. East Vassalboro, 
Me., Oct. 2, 1842; farmer; m. Mar., 1863, Mary W. Goddard, b. 
1839; d. May 23, 1909. Resided Hallowell, Me., in 1916, with 
his daughter. 

I. Hiram Oscar, b. May 28, 1865 ; m. Nellie M. Sanborn. 
II. Annie, b. 1869; m. in 1898, W. H. Niles of Hallowell, 
Me., who is in the livery business. Have one son, 
Charles H. 

Frank K. Doe 7, (Hiram 6, Rev. David 5, Nathaniel Jr. 
4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Vassalboro, Me., 
Sept. 16, 1846; m. 1st, Sept. 2, 1865, Rebecca, dau. of Elijah 

and Rebecca Moody, b. Augusta, Me.; 2nd, Mary A. ; 3rd, 

Sarah Jane, dau. of Ebenezer and Eliza R. Richmond of Provi- 
dence, R. I.; 4th, Jan. 28, 1906, Ella Morindy. Resides 
Providence, R. I. 


I. Fred, b. Apr. 7, 1866; d. June 26, 1888. 
II. Willis L., b. Mar. 27, 1868; m. Mar. 27, 1901, at 
Cranston, R. I., Florentina Bender. He is Capt. 
of Police in Providence, R. I. No ch. 

III. Wallace, A., b. Apr. 5, 1871 ; m. June 21, 1903, Annie 

B. Murphy. He is connected with the Fire Dept. 
at Providence, R. I. No ch. 

IV. Izetta, b. Sept. 16, 1877; m. Henry E. Leonard of 

Providence, R. I. One ch., Bernice, b. Sept. 20, 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 307 

Justin Spaulding Doe 7, (Alfred 6, Rev. David 5, Nathan- 
iel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas l), b. Augusta, 
Me., Feb. 29, 1836; m. Nov. 18, 1856, Ellen A. West, b. Concord, 
N. H. Resided Melrose, Mass. Moved to Sandusky, Ohio. 
Buys in Melrose, Mass. in 1861. Gives business as clerk. 
Deeded land in Concord, N. H., in 1867 and 1869. 

I. Emma Augusta, b. Dec. 25, 1858. 
II. Charles Alfred, b. Dec. 12, 1860. 
III. Carrie, b. Oct. 28, 1864, in Ohio. 

Albert Prescott Doe 7, (Levi B. 6, Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 14, 1848, 
at Vassalboro, Me.; graduate of Wesleyan University, Middle- 
town, Conn., B. A., 1874, M. A. 1877; principal Salem St. School, 
Worcester, Mass., 1874 to 1876; Story School, Marblehead, 
Mass., 1876 to '85; Packard School, Lawrence, Mass., 1885-95; 
Grammar School, Exeter, N. H., 1895-98; m. Ellen Margaret 
Humphrey, who was b. Marblehead, Mass.; he d. July 27, 1899, 
at Exeter, N. H.; W. resides Exeter, N. H. 

I. Albert Prescott, Jr., b. June 25, 1881. Entered 
Exeter Academy, 1895. Graduated 1900. En- 
tered Harvard College, A. B. 1904. 
II. Willie H., b. Jan. 5, 1884, at Marblehead, Mass. 

III. Walter Everett, b. Feb. 5, 1885; graduated Exeter 

Academy in 1904 and Wesleyan in 1908; taught 
during 1914 at Holderness School, Plymouth; 
appointed on faculty of Exeter, July, 1915; m. 
Sept. 1, 1914, Lottie Hazel Bennet. Ch., Ethel, 
b. June 26, 1916. 

IV. Ralph Winthrop, b. Jan. 24, 1891, at So. Lawrence, 

Mass. Graduated Wesleyan T^niversity, Class 

Arthur L. Doe 7, (Levi B. 6, Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 1, 1861 at 
Vassalboro, Me.; m. Iva A. Carney, Sept. 16, 1884, who was b. 
in Me.; graduated of Wesleyan Academy and Colby College, 

308 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Waterville, Me. Resides in Somerville, Mass., and for the last 
twenty years principal of the Hopkins Grammar School. 

I. Cecilia Iva, b. July 7, 1885; m. Haldy M. Crist, 
June 20, 1908. 
II. Arthur Frankhn, b. Woonsocket, R. I., Jan. 27, 1888; 
m. Aug. 26, 1915, at Sheepscot, Me., Estelle Me- 
dora Leighton of Alna, Me. 

Lucien A. Doe 7, (Levi B. 6, Nathaniel 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 8, 1850, 
Vassalboro, Me.; m. Dec. 18, 1872, Eunice W. Estes. Resides 
Everett, Mass. Engaged in the grocery business. 

I. J. Wiunifred, b. Sept. 27, 1874; m. Elmer F. Butler. 

Andrew Jackson Doe 7, (Gorham W. 6, Deacon Andrew 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Dec. 21, 1832, Waldoboro, Me. He was identified with the 
lumber industry in youth and early manhood. In April, 1862, 
he volunteered for service and enlisted in Co. H, 2nd Maine 
Infantry. After serving nearly two years with this company he 
was discharged on account of physical disability. He once more 
engaged in the lumber business, which he followed for several 
years. Later he opened a general store in Veazie, Me., in v\hich 
town he also served acceptably as postmaster for many years. A 
kind father and an affectionate husband, a man of sterling in- 
tegrity, he was a most worthy citizen. Always of a jovial disposi- 
tion, he numbered among his friends all who came to know him. 
He d. Mar. 16, 1904. He m. April 20, 1854, Sarah Silsby, dau. 
of Moses and Mary (Carr) Goodwin, b. Oct. 30, 1836, Mariaville, 
Me. She was left an orphan at the age of nine years, at which 
time she went to live with her uncle, Tracy Goodwin at Aurora, 
Me. Later she was adopted by a family named Dunbar at Ban- 
gor, Me., where she lived until her marriage. She was a woman 
of unusual strength of character and nobility of purpose. Posses- 
sed of a strong physique, she was for many years a notable help- 
mate to her husband, a wise and tender mother and a neighbor 
ready and capable to serve in times of sickness and sorrow. Her 

Andrew J. Doe 
B. Dec. 23, 1832 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 311 

naturally robust health became undermined from the strain re- 
sulting from caring for her husband during the long illness which 
preceded his death, and she died suddenly April 18, 1905. 


I. Violetta R., b. May 27, 1855; d. Sept. 15, 1856. 

II. Francis M., b. May 18, 1857; d. Aug. 20, 1865. 
Drowned in Penobscot River. 

III. Annie Maria, b. Aug. 12, 1860; m. Andrew J. Mc- 

Phetres, Jan. 20, 1877. Ch.: 1-Flora B., b. 
Nov. 12, 1877; m. H. W. Bachelder; ch.: (1- 
Ida May; 2-Ruth Doe.) 2-Wyatt, b. Feb. 17, 
1879; d. Jan. 25, 1881. 3-Ella M., b. May 6, 1881; 
m. Ernest Towne, who is inspector of printing, 
State House, Boston, Mass. Ch.: (1-Ralph Sum- 
ner; 2-Lois Eleanor.) 4-Ida, b. Feb. 28, 1883; m. 
Rev. Rensel Colby. Ch.: (1-Barbara.) 5-Lunet- 
ta A., b. Dec. 2, 1887 ; m. Harry Burden. 6-Alton 
Andrew, b. Apr. 15, 1890; m. Freda Towle. Ch.: 
(Lois Evelyn, 1). Aug. 21, 1917.) 

IV. Elmer Ellsworth, b. July 31, 1862: m. 1st, Matilda 

E. Smith. 

V. Effie May, b. May 25, 1864; d. Apr. 3, 1866. 

VI. Abbie Wiggin, b. Dec. 17, 1867; m. Feb. 27, 1895, 
G. S. R. LeBlanc, a carpenter. They reside in 
Veazie, Me., on the place once owned by Mrs. 
LeBlanc's grandfather, Gorham Doe (6). Ch,: 
Elmer Alton, b. Dec. 15, 1895. Private in Bangor 
Machine Gun Co., 2nd Maine Regt., Promoted 
to Sergeant, Nov., 1917. 2-Ernest Doe, b. Nov. 
28, 1898. Corporal in Bangor Machine Gun Co., 
2nd Maine Regt. Was at Laredo, Texas, Sum- 
mer of 1916, with his regiment. Promoted to 
Sergeant, Nov., 1917. Both of these young men 
are now attached to the Machine Gun Co. of the 
103 Infantry, 26 Division, American Expedition- 
ary Forces. 3-Francis Andrew, b. July 8, 1903. 
4-Herbert Goodwin, b. Dec. 14, 1908. 

312 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VII. Alton Andrew, b. June 29, 1873; d. Nov. 26, 1889. 
He was a large boy for his age, and an excellent 
scholar. Accidentally shot and killed by a com- 
panion while hunting. 

Alton C. Doe, Jr. 7, (Deacon Alton Chapman 6, Deacon 
Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 5, 1836; farmer and tanner; m. Susan A. Welt 
who was b. at Waldoboro, Me., July 13, 1844, and d. June 28, 
1901; resided at Branch and China, Me.; m. 2nd, Oct. 8, 1904. 
Althea Priest McCretchern. 

I. Mary L., b. Dec. 4, 1870; m. Fred J. Snow and resides 

Worcester, Mass. 
II. Frank A., b. Jan. 9, 1871; m. Bertha M. Harvey. 

Deacon Alonzo F. Doe 7, (Deacon Alton Chapman 6, 
Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 27, 1839, Weeks' Mills, Me. Millwright 
and patternmaker; m. May 13, 1872, Annie M. Robinson. Re- 
sided in Roxbury, Mass. Deacon of the Advent church. Moved 
to Springfield, Mass., in 1916. 

I. Percy, b. Dec. 28, 1875; m. Mar. 21, 1899, Carrie M. 

II. Eva G., b. Feb. 9, 1881 ; d. July 29, 1881. 
III. Edna, b. Nov. 15, 3883, at China, Me.; m. 1900, 
Rev. Chas. O. Farnham. Ch.: 1-Ethel M., b. 
Dec. 27, 1900. 2-Orland A., b. July 14, 1910. 
IV. Wilfred I., b. Oct. 24, 1885; m. Apr. 12, 1914, Marion 
E. Bradbury. 

Samuel H. Doe 7, (John A. 6, Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 25, 
1850, in China, Me.; farmer; m. Ella M. Gilpatrick who was b. 
Washington, Me. Resides Rockland, Me. 

I. Lunetta A., b. June 16, 1871; d. Mar. 24, 1892. 
11. Ernest S., b. Dec. 23, 1882; d. Dec. 13, 1897. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 313 

III. Frances Merle, b. Feb. 7, 1887; m. 1st, Francis Cobb 
Butler of Rockland, Me., Aug., 1909; 2nd, Russell 
UstJs Bartlett of Rockland, Me., Nov. 13, 1914. 
One ch., Russell Doe Bartlett, b. Apr. 21, 1916. 

George F. Doe 7, (Otis B. 6, Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Windsor, Me., 
Mar. 1, 183- ; m. Caroline Young; d. Aug. 18, 1863, while in ser- 
vice in the Civil War, Co. G., 19th Maine Infantry. Resided 
Windsor, Me. Guardian appointed over children ]\Iar. 11, 1867. 


I. Abbie, b. Windsor, Me., Jan. 1, 1856; m . 

11. John Otis, b. Apr. 7, 1857; m. Dec. 7, 1884, Evelyn 
Davis; resides Warren, Me. No ch. 

III. George Edwin, b. June 4, 1860; m. Martha A. 


IV. William Sampson, b. Sept. 4, 1862; m. 1st, Edith M. 


Charles Albion Doe 7, (Harrison 6, Charles 5, Nathaniel 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1). b. Cooper's 
Mills, Whitefield, Me., Jan. 29, 1839. At the age of 19 he went 
west to the California gold fields. After four years he returned 
to Maine and was married. Shortly after his marriage, he went 
to Pennsylvania and became identified with the oil industry. In 
1864 he returned to California by way of the Isthmus of Panama, 
settling in Oakland, Cal., where he remained one year. In 1865, 
he went to Humbolt County to drill for oil in the Petrolia section, 
sinking a well 1400 feet deep but never striking oil in paying 
quantities. Later he engaged in stock-raising and ranching in 
Nattole Valley, near Petrolia, where he resided until 1884, mov- 
ing then to Ferndale, where he resided until his death. He was a 
Mason, belonging to the Blue Lodge of Ferndale, a Knight Temp- 
lar, a Mystic Shriner, and also an Odd Fellow. He m. Feb. 4, 
1862, at Waldoboro, Me., Miss Hannah Noyes, who was b. Nov. 
5, 1835, at West Je^terson, Me., and d. Dec. 12, 1913. He d. Aug. 
16, 1913, at Ferndale, Cal. 

314 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Children : 

I. Charles Paden, b. Dec. 6, 1863; m. May Linnie Russ. 
II. Lydia Ann, b. Apr. 10, 1866; m. Charles Monroe; 
resides Ferndale, Cal. Two eh.: Clair A. and 

III. Susan Nettie, b. Aug. 6, 1868; m. John Canfield. 

Resides Ferndale, Cal. Two ch.: Rose and 

IV. Blanche May, b. Oct. 15, 1871; m. Charles AVether- 

bee; resides Oakland, Cal. 
V. Nelson Harrison, b. Nov. 30, 1878; drowned June 
22, 1891. 

Harrison Doe, Jr. 7, (Harrison 6, Charles 5, Nathaniel 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Whitefield, 

Me., Mar. 31, 1849; m. 1st, ; 2nd, July 28, 1877, Mrs. 

Nellie A. Vance, dau. of D. D. Dresser, b. Thornton, N. H., July 
14, 1855, and went West with her parents when fifteen years of 
age. Harrison, Jr. resided at Cooper's Mills, Whitefield, Me., 
until 18 years of age, when he went to California by way of the 
Isthmus of Panama, arriving and passing his nineteenth birthday 
in San Francisco, where he was taken ill and cared for at the 
home of his uncle, Stephen Doe. From there he went to Hum- 
bolt County, where he passed the earlier years of his life in the 
Redwoods. About 1856 he went into the butcher business, run- 
ning a meat cart in the city of Eureka. He continued this for 
about two years and then opened a market on the corner of 5th 
and F. streets, known as Central Market. He took a partner 
named Wm. Clark and continued the business until 1890, when 
he sold out his interest and removed to Salem, Oregon, arriving 
in the city of Salem, Aug. 14, 1890, where he established a gro- 
cery business in partnership with W. A. Rutherford, continuing 
until 1908, when his son purchased Mr. Rutherford's interest and 
the business is continued under the name of the Fair Grounds 

I. Harry V., b. Eureka, (iil., Mar. 1, 1880; m. Jan. 15, 
1902, Ada A. Robbins of Turner, Ore., whose 
father was b. in Belfast, Me., and went to the 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 315 

Pacific Coast in the gold rush of 1855. Harry 
worked on his father's farm, graduated at Capital 
Business College, and purchased an interest in 
his father's store, Oct. 1, 1908. 

Herman S. Doe 7, (Harrison 6, Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Whitcfield, Me., 
Apr. 20, 1850. He moved to California and engaged in the lum- 
ber business in which he was very successful. He visited his 
native home in Maine five times; the last time his mother, who 
was 79 years of age, returned to California with him and remained 
until her death in 1915. He m. Jan. 1, 1873, Clara A. Dutton, 
b. Jefferson, Me., Apr. 5, 1842. He d. at Areata, Cal., Jan. 8, 

I. Albion, b. Oct. 15, 1874. 
II. LiUian, b. May 9, 1877. 

III. Clara B., b. Apr. 20, 1878. 

IV. Ruby, b. Jan. 12, 1899. 

Fred H. Doe 7, (Harrison 6, Charles 5, Nath- 
aniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. White- 
field, Me., Nov. 5, 1851. He went to the Pacific Coast at an 
early age, as his brothers had before him. He worked in the 
redwoods for a while, and also conducted a dairy ranch near 
the city of Ferndale, Calif. The latter years of his life he was 
the proprietor of a livery stable in Ferndale, and was conducting 
this business at the time of his death, which occurred Dec. 27, 
1897. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias, Woodmen 
of the World, Ancient Order of United Workmen and an Odd 
Fellow. He m. Nov. 30, 1882, Miss Lois B. Byard of Ferndale, 

Calif., who after his death m. Boynton of Emeryville, Calif. 


I. Bertie Maria; m. Aug. 4, 1902, Gilbert Crippin. 
Ch.: 1-Fred H., b. Nov. 13, 1903; 2-Sadie Evelyn, 
b. Nov. 16, 1906; 3-Gilbert, b. Aug 6, 1909. 
II. Pearl Freda, m. May 10, 1909, Samuel Jewett and d. 

two months later. 
III. June Allison, m. Sept. 4, 1911. 

316 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

William A. Doe 7, (Harrison 6, Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 
4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 5, 1856, 
Whitefield, Me. ; m. June 21, 1881, Anabel B. Cole; d. June 
1883, Whitefield, Me. Estate settled Mar. 5, 1889. Widow 
m. Aug. 24, 1891, Orin F. Toby. 


I. Annie Mae, b. ; m. Jan. 26, 1909, Benjamin W. 

Jackson; resides Gardiner, Me. 

II. William A., b. Oct. 30, 1883; m. Sept. 6, 1911, 

Lelia Hemn en. 

Harris Nelson Doe 7, (Harris 6, Jonathan Fairfield 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. China, Me., Feb. 12, 1845; m. at Providence, R. I., Elizabeth 
Jane Drummond, Aug. 4, 1868, who was b. in Durham, England 
Oct. 7, 1846. He ran away from home at the age of 16, enlisted 
as a soldier at Augusta without his parents consent, was released 
and went home with his father. At 20 years of age he went 
to Providence and later to Lynn, Mass. Was a member of Fire 
Department and later lieut. of police. Was bitten while rescu- 
ing a young lady from a mad dog Dec. 31, 1895. Died of 
hydrophobia Feb. 16, 1896. 

Children : 

I. Nina, b. Mar. 14, 1872. 

II. Harry Forest, b. Aug. 25, 1875; m. Cora M. Vroom, 
III. Emma E., b. June 13, 1878. 

July 20, 1914. 
IV. Clara E., b. Jan. 19, 1884. 

V. Irving Nelson, b. Nov. 5, 1888; m. Edith May 

Harris Nelson Doe 7,(Alpheus 6, Jonathan F. 5, Nathaniel 
Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. April 1, 1864; 
principal of Doe Business College, Bangor, Me.; m. Nettie L. 
Clark, Dec. 28, 1889, who was b. Rockland, Me. (The follow- 
ing article was copied from a Bangor paper): "With educational 
improvement in view, and better equipped young men and women 
for business life, the Doe Business College, established Sept. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 317 

24, 1900, has done much to attain its standard and be of public 
service and utility. A complete business education is given 
here, practical and every day examples of modern commercial 
life being applied to the rules of study, and all metjiods in ac- 
counts, banking, and negotiating, are practiced with unfailing 
coventionalty. Shorthand and typewriting are special studies, 
and pupils in these are impressed and taught, if necessary, 
the importance of correct spelling, punctuation and rhetoric. 
Several capable assistants are employed, and five conveniently 
furnished and well lighted rooms are occupied in the Y. M. C. A. 
building, which location was taken last year. The school's 
new location and facilities in the Y. M. C. A. Building have 
assisted greatly in its development and progress, and new pupils 
are constantly applying and being registered, encouraging the 
belief that the attendance will be exceptionally large another 
season. Mr. H. N. Doe, the Principal, was borne in Maine, 
educated in our public schools, and the Castine Normal School. 
He was a teacher for years in the public schools, his department 
being the commercial branches, shorthand and typewriting. 
He has been in our city 12 years, and is considered an in- 
fluential factor in educational circles, a business man and citizen 
of esteem." 
Children : 

I. Harold().,b. Aug. 19, 1893. 
II. Dorothy E., b. Apr. 5, 1900. 

Edward Vasser Doe 7, (Alpheus 6, Jonathan Fairfield 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Feb. 1872, at Lynn, Mass.; m. Apr. 7, 1895, Catherine B. 
Cushman, who was b. in England; he d. Aug. 4, 1904. Resided 
Lynn, Mass. 

I. Evai>geline Marie, b. Mar. 8, 1896; m. Feb. 1, 1917, 
Bartel Franklin Swanson; resides Milford, Ct. 
II. Edward Alpheus, b. Jan. 26, 1897. 

III. Wendell Redmond, b. Feb. 3, 1898; d. Sept. 6, 1898. 

IV. Irene Redmond, b Dec. 18, 1898. 
V. Lavonia Catherine, b. Nov. 9, 1900. 

318 The Descendants oj^ Nicholas Doe 

Charles H. Doe 7, (Zebulon 6, Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3,. Sampson 2, Nicholas l), b. Benton, Me., Jan, 12, 
1837; m. Damaris S. Dean. He d. Fall River, Mass., Aug. 
19, 1891. Widow d. Oct. , 1913. 

I. Minnie L., b. ; teacher in Fall River, Mass.; 

d. 1916. 

Nehemiah Parker Doe 7, (Zebulon 6, Joseph 5, Sampson 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Benton, Me., Dec. 
21, 1844; m. May 26, 1881, Ahce H., dau. of William M. Towle 
of Bangor, Me. He was a soldier in the Civil War, Co. A., 2nd 
Maine Regiment Infantry. He followed the lumber business 
for a number of years when young, then learned the jewelry- 
business and conducted a first-class jewelry store on the south 
side of Kenduskeag Bridge, Bangor, Me., for many years. He 
d. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 20, 1912; his wife d. at Cripple Creek, 

I. Charlotte M., b. Nov. 20, 1882; m. Pankey of 

Boston, Mass. 
II. William M., b. Nov. 3, 1884, San Antonio, Texas; 

m. June 18, 1913, Margaret McCarthy; jeweler 

and resides Attleboro, Mass. 

III. Alice E., b. Aug. 15, 1890. 

IV. Florence H., b. July 3, 1892. 
V. Charles H., b. Dec. 29, 1898. 

James M. Doe 7, (Zebulon 6, Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Orono, Me.; was a sol- 
dier in the Civil War, Co. A, 1st IVIaine Cavalry. Purchased the 

homestead in Orono in 1871; m. Abbie . He d. 1907. 


I. William M. 

Alpheus Kingsley Doe 7, (Welcome Otis 6, Joseph 5, 
Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Old- 
town, Me., Sept. 19, 1837; m. Mary Frances Brown. Resided 
Stillwater, Minn ; was county clerk for many years. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 319 


I. Alpheus Edwin, b. Nov. 2, 1863, Stillwater, Minn. 

m. Bertha W. . 

II. Fred Palmer, b. June 17, 1865; m. . 

III. Dudley Hersey, b. Sept. 18, 1866; m. Sadie S. Roney. 

IV. Robert Hall, b. . Resides Stillwater, Minn. 

Welcome Llewellyn Doe 7, (Welcome Otis 6, Joseph 5, 
Sampson 4, C'apt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Mil- 
ford, Me., July 13, 1855. Traveling salesman; m. 1st, Sept. 
23, 1877, Orlena ^NI. Glenes; 2nd, Augusta Hein. Resides Bow- 
bells, N. D. 

I. Albert Leroy, b. Aug. 25, 1880; physician; unm. 
Resides Bowbells, N. D. 
(Second wife's child.) 
II. Robert Ellsworth, b. Aug. 10, 1907. 

Augustine Doe 7, (Welcome Otis 6, Joseph 5, Sampson 4, 
C'apt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Herman, Me.; 

m. Kirkpatrick, b. Orono, ]Me. He d. at Lake City, Minn., 


I. Ernest. 
II. Anna Belle. 

Edmond Hartley Doe 7, (Edmond Getchel 6, William 5, 
Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. June 
2, 1580, Augusta, Me.; m. July 23, 1871, Julia Etta, dau. of 
George W. and Elizabeth Perkins Doe. She d. May 31, 1912. 
For many years he conducted a large grocery store in Augusta. 
Is now a large owner of property, and having retired from busi- 
ness devotes his time to looking after his property. Resides 
Augusta, Me. 
Children : 

I. Howard Augustus, b. Aug. 5, 1872; d. Mar. 27, 1874. 
II. Ellen Etta, b. Nov. 3, 1875. 
III. Alice Jane, b. Nov. 28, 1877. 

320 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Sergeant Charles L. Doe 7, (John Moody 6, William 5, 
Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Au- 
gusta, Me., 1832; was a soldier in Co. K., 14th Maine Regt.; 
m. Lucinda Erskine, who was b. Bristol, Me. Charles Doe was 
lost at sea and w. m. 2nd, George W. Faunce; 3rd, — — Blaikie. 
Resides Brockton, Mass. 

Children : 

1. John W., b. June 11, 1859; (adopted June, 1864, by 
his uncle, William F. and EhzaC.Doe); m. Lucy 
E. Holt. 
II. Fred W., b. Oct. 16, 1862; m. July 4, 1885, Addie A. 

Barton. Resides Brockton, Mass. 
III. Charles L., Jr. ; m. Nettie E. . 

John Melville Doe 7, (John Moody 6, William 5, Sampson 
4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 18, 1829. 
Augusta, Me.; m. Sept. 3, 1854, at Rockland, Me., Ellen M., dau. 
of Abiel and Lucinda (Bowman) Erskine of Jefferson, Me.; she 
d. at Waltham, Mass., May 4, 1908. He was a soldier in the 
Civil War, Co. B.,<4th Maine Regt. Resided Hermon, Me., and 
d. in 1865. W. m. 2nd, Nathan P. Kellogg. 


I. Linfield Ashton, b. Apr. 27, 1855. 
II. Eugene Melvin, b. Boston, Mass., Apr. 27, 1857; 

m. Emily Emma May Glines. 
III. Carrie M., b. Feb. 28, 1859, Rockland, Me.; m. Jan. 
9, 1879, Charles Sheffield. Resided in Waltham, 
Mass., at time of marriage; 2nd, William Henry 
Peabody of Waltham, Mass. 

William F. Doe 7, (John Moody 6, William 5, Sampson 4^ 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. ; m. Oct. 

14, 1859, Eliza C. O'Brien. He d. in Brewer, Me., in 1886. 
Resided Herman, Me., in 1872 and Coventry, Vt., in 1873. Sold 
to his parents, John M. and Caroline Doe, the homestead in 
Corinna, Me. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 321 


I. Grace C. 

(William F. and Eliza C. Doe adopted June, 1864, 
John W. Doe, the son of his brother, Charles L. 

Lieut. George Frederick Doe 7, (George Wesley 0, Wil- 
liam 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Augusta, Me., Sept. 26, 1859; m. Sept. 26, 1886, Amelia M. Scott 
of Augusta, Me. Sailor in U. S. N. twelve years, was in Spanish 
War in Phillippines; d. at Soldiers' Home, Togus, Me., Sept. 14, 
1914; was lieutenant of 1st Maine Infantry. 


I. George Frederick, Jr. 

Alphonso Watson Doe 7, (Rev. Dudley Watson 6, Capt. 
Dudley, Jr. 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. China, Me., Dec. 12, 1829. Soldier in Civil War, Co. G., 
24th Maine Infantry; m. Aug. 19, 1858, Mary Belle Thombs, 
who was b. Mar. 12, 1841, at Carmel, Me. He resided, China 
and Belfast, Me., and d. Belfast Dec. 4, 1906. 


I. Abbie Ella, b. Feb. 20, 1859; m. 1st, Oct. 29, 1879, 

Critchett; one son, Ralph O. Critchett, b. 

Belfast, Me.; 2nd, Sept. 2, 1908, F. A. Stevens. 
Resides Rockland, Maine. 
II. John W., b. Mar. 31, 1864; m. Amy B. Rice. 

John Benson Doe 7, (Rev. Dudley Watson 6, Capt. Dud- 
ley Jr., 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. China, Me., 1843; m. Apr. 3, 1878, Sehna Bender, who was b. 
in New York, 1855. He d. at China, Me., Dec. 7, 1908, 


I. Annie Bender, b. Feb. 7, 1892; teacher at Yonkers, 
N. Y. Vacations spent at old home in China, 
Me. Mother resides with dau. 

322 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Charles B. Doe 7, (William Wiggin 6, David 5, Dudley 4, 
Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Corinth, Me. 
Farmer. Resides Exeter,Me. ;m. 1862, ElizaVeazie, b. Corinna, Me. 

Children : 

I. Eliiah C, b. 1884; d. Feb. 8, 1893. 

Alfred Newton Doe 7, (Richard W. 6, David 5, Dudley 4, 

Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Corinth, Me., 
June 7, 1853; m. Dec. 31, 1880, Mary E. Felt, who d. June 11, 
1916. Resides Superior, Wis. 

I. Lucina R., b. Oct. 17, 1884. 
II. Richard Felt, b. Jan. 9, 1887. 

Everett Doe 7, (Andrew Wiggin 6, James Stutely 5, Wiggin 

4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Tuftonboro, N. H., Feb. 
29, 1846; merchant; m. Nov. 10, 1869, Grace H., dau. of Anson 
Fay of Southborough, Mass.; resided Center Tuftonboro, N. H. 
He d. May 25, 1873, and widow m. George Willard. 


I. Nellie L., b. 1870. 

II. John E., b. 1872, Tuftonboro, N. H.; machinist; 
m. Apr. 13, 1895, Jennie F., dau. of Geo. and 
Jennie Hodgkins, b. Rockport, Mass. He d. s. p. 
Apr. 28, 1899, at Manchester, N. H. 

James Andrew Doe 7, (Andrew Wiggin 6, James Stutely 

5, Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Tufton- 
boro, N. H., Mar. 1, 1849, farmer; m. Nov. 30, 1876, Jennie B., 
dau. of Calvin and Behnda Fernald, b. Tuftonboro, N. H., 1852, 
Resides Center Tuftonboro, N. H. 


I. Bertha May, b. July 1, 1880; m. Feb. 27, 1900, Chas. 
W. Johnson. No ch. 
II. Sadie Belinda, b. Feb. 2, 1886; m. Aug. 1, 1904, Lewis 
Mclntire. C^h.: 1-Delmer L., b. Apr. 27, 1905. 
2-Luella B., b. Aug. 22, 1909. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 323 

Frank Augustus Doe 7, (Andrew Wiggin 6, James Stutely 
5, Wiggin 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 17, 1858, 
Center Tuftonboro, N. H.; m. Nov. 6, 1882, Christie Belle 
McKenzie. Resided Wolfeboro, N. H. 

I. Andrew Frank, b. July 3, 1886; m. Jmie 30, 1915, 
Mary Wentworth Hoyt. Contractor and builder. 
Resides Wolfeboro, N. H. 
II. Daughter, b. Nov. 18, 1889. 
III. Harry C, b. Aug. 3, 1895. 

Fred B. Doe 7, (Ezekiel J. 6, James Jr. 5, James 4, Capt. 
Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Thomaston, Me., 1857; 
m. Sept. 11, 1890, Lillian M. Urcly. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

I. Lillian L., b. Jan. 19, 1892. 

Corporal William C. Doe 7, (WiUiam 6, David 5, Dudley 
4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 9, 1844, at 
Corinth, Me.; farmer in Presque Isle, Me.; m. June, 1872, Emma 
A. Goss, who d. Feb. 3, 1901, Mapleton, Me. Soldier in the 
Civil War. Was in the 31st Maine Regt. at the Battle of the 
Wilderness, at which time he was wounded, and he was one of 
five out of the regiment who survived. Resides at Soldiers' 
Home, Togus, Me. 

I. Arthur W., b. July 8, 1873; m. Dec. 25, 1900, Lillie 
E. Colburn. Is a salesman in flour and grain 
II. Merton M., b. IVIar. 27, 1877; resides in New York 

III. Ralph E., b. July 16, 1881 ; m. Apr. 22, 1915, Mabelle 

Sawyer of So. Paris, Me.; resides in Portsmouth, 
N. H. 

IV. Blanche O.,)^ . , ^^ , ^i iqoq 
V. ThereseP.,V™^'^^-^'^^-2^'^^^'^- 

Blanche resides with her brother Merton in New 
York City. Therese m. B. F. Cleaves of Easton, 

324 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

VI. Josie, b. Aug. 7, 1889; m. Walter Lovely of Wash- 
burn, Me. 
VII. Stanley 0., b. Aug. 20, 1891 ; d. Nov. 19, 1905. 

Charles Alexander Doe 7, (William Dudley 6, Jonathan 5, 
Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Albion, 
Me., July 8, 1863; m. 1st, Susan' D. Black of Belfast Me., Oct. 
8, 1889. She d. Fort Payne, Ala.; m. 2nd, June 26, 1895, Blanche 
S. Cline of Greensburg, Pa. He received his education in the 
country school ; at an early age entered a clothing store at Belfast, 
Me.; at 19 went out as a salesman, first in clothing, then in books, 
etc., traveling extensively for a publishing house. Later was 
m the drug business in Fort Payne, Ala. Sold to his partner 
after three years, returning to Philadelphia to enter the pub- 
lishing business. President of Charles A. Doe Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

I. Charles H., b. Dec. 22, 1891; doctor now- in France 

whh U. S. Forces. 
II. Blanche S., b. Oct. 8, 1897; student at Wellesley 

College, 1917. 

III. Sarah Lenora, b. Oct. 20, 1898; d. in infancy. 

IV. Alberta Cline, b. Oct. 15, 1900; d. in infancy. 

Willey Allen Doe 7, (William Dudley 6, Jonathan 5, Dud- 
ley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Albion, Me., 
Apr. 15, 1867; m. May 17, 1896, Daisy, dau. of Wesley Heald, 
who was b. Med way, Me. She d. Jan. 13, 1909. Resides Med- 
way Me. 

I. Grace M., b. Belfast, Me., Mar. 2, 1897. 
II. Willis J., b. Aug. 7, 1900, Lincolnville, Me. 
III. Florence W., b. Medway, Me., May 20, 1904. 

Henry Albert Doe 7, ((leorge Washington 6, Zebulon 5, 
Wiggin 4, Zel)ulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Gaysville, Vt., 
Oct. 25, 1858; m. Oct. 25, 1888, Nellie E. Howard. He w\as a 
roll coverer by trade. Resided Lawrence, Mass., and d. 1909. 

I. Walter, b. 1894. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 325 

Charles A. Doe 7, (Frank Edvnn 6, Andrew Joseph 5, 
Capt. Andrew 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 1, 
1876, Newmarket, N. H.; m. June 27, 1897, Martha E., dau. of 
Stephen S. Herson, who was I). Ne^vmarket, N. H. Resided 
Boston, Mass. 

I. Charles Stephen, b. Jan. 25, 1898. 
II. Everett Hill, 1^. Feb. 26, 1906, Boston, Mass. 

George Frank Doe 7, (Frank Edwin 6, Andrew Joseph 5, 
Capt. Andrew 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 10, 
1880; m. Aug. 11, 1902, Mary Elizabeth, dau. of Edwin and 
Sarah Atherton. He resides Mattapan, Mass. 

I. Ida Hazel, b. Mar. 1, 1903. 
II. George Manles, b. Jan. 23, 1905 ; d. July 8, 1905. 

III. Charles Edwin, j ^ . , t^ , , mop 
TTT -r^ , ,r twms, b. Feb. 4, 1905. 

IV. Frank Morse, ( 

V. Alargaret Sadie, b. Sept. 13, 1908. 

Orrin Perkins Doe 7, (Frank Edwin 6, Andrew Joseph 5, 
Capt. Andrew 4, Zebulon 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. New- 
market, ,N. H., June 18, 1884; m. Mar. 29, 1912, Blanche L. 
Lincoln, b. Boston, Mass. Resides Mattapan, Mass. 

I. Cora Blanche, b. Jan. 8, 1917. 

Dr. Edmund Doe Spear 7, (Edmund Pendergast Doe 
Spear 6, Bradstreet 5, Zebulon 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 27, 1852; m. Oct. 27, 1881, 
Amelia Peterson. Resided, Boston, Mass. He d. Jan., 1917. 
The following obituary notice is copied from a Boston paper: 
"Dr. Edmund Doe Spear, a throat specialist, with offices at 100 
Boylston Street, died last night at his home, 150 Chestnut Ave., 
Jamaica Plain, after a four days' illness with pneumonia. Dr. 
Spear was 65 years of age and was born in Boston. He received 
his early education in the public schools and was graduated from 
Harvard Medical school in 1875. Later he studied at the City 
Hospital and in Vienna, and resided in Jamaica Plain 30 years. 

326 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

He was a member of the Suffolk County Medical and the Massa- 
chusetts Horticultural societies. His widow, two daughters, a 
brother and a sister survive him." 

I. Jessie Marion, b. Dec. 27, 1883. 
II. Clarence Edmund, b. Feb. 20, 1885; d. young. 
III. Florence Harford, b. Sept. 21, 1886. 


Harold C. Doe 8, (George Edgar 7, Theophilus 6, Joseph A. 
5, Bradstreet 4, Lieut. Samuel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Cornville, Me., Sept. 22, 1889; merchant.; m. June 28, 1911, 
Kathleen Fox. Resides Bingham, Me. 

I. Charles Harold, b. Aug. 13, 1912; d. Apr. 11, 1915. 

Harry Fogg Doe 8, (Parsons N. 7, Nicholas 6, Nicholas 5, 
Nicholas 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 30, 1877, 
at Newmarket, N. H.; m. Mary La Van Frost, Nov. 12, 1907. 
Traveling salesman; resides Bangor, Me. 

I. Geneva Lois, b. Mar. 17, 1910. 
II. Frank Eustace, b. May 14, 1915. 

Augustus Norman Doe 8, (Sewell Hamilton 7, Joshua 6, 
Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Roxbury, Mass., Aug. 1, 1860; m. Jan. 4, 1900, Mary H. Hasson. 
Chitdren : 

I. Rosemary, b. yhw. 27, 1892; m. Ellis Heyer. 

Albert Eugene Doe 8, (Chandler l^armont 7, Joshua 6, 
Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Hallowell, Me., Jan. 9, 1856; carpenter and woodworker; m. 
Mary J. Dawson, b. Milford, Me. He d. Feb. 25, 1914. Resided 
Boston, Mass. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 327 

Child re)): 

I. Albertina, b. Dec. 20, 1877: m. 1st, Dec. 23, 1894, 

Daniel W. Harris; 2nd, Nov. 22, 1903, Frederick 
W. W. Savage, at Providence, R.I. One ch., Harold 
W. Harris. 
II. Albert Eugene, Jr., b. Oct. 8, 1880, Boston, Alass.; 
ra. Elizabeth Goebel. 
III. Walter Harry, b. July 17, 1886, Boston, Mass.; m. 
May 16, 1915, Christina Clementina Montgomery, 
at Providence, R. I. Resides in Wilmington, 

Walter Judson Doe 8, (William Judson 7, Simon Jr. 6, 
Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
June 30, 1874, Stoughton, Mass.; m. May 2, 1895, Sadie Calder 
Coggswell. Resided at Bowdoinham, Me. 
Child )•€)): 

I. Paul Clifton, b. Worcester, Mass., Aug. 31, 1897. 
II. Burton Edmond, h. July 1, 1903. 
III. William Ralph, b. Sept. 21, 1906. 

Wilson Simmons Doe 8, (WiUiam Judson 7, Simon Jr. 6, 
Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Apr. 4, 1876, Stoughton, Mass.; m. Oct. 14, 1899, Amelia M. 
Bruninghaus of New York City. Resides in Worcester, Mass. 

I. Albert W., b. Aug. 1, 1903. 

George Lincoln Doe 8, (Charles Henry 7, Simon, Jr. 6, 
Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Jan. 31, 1861, Stoughton, Mass.; photographer. Resides in 
Caribou, ]\Ie.; m. 1st, Mary Leighton; 2nd, Nellie R. Bolan, who 
d. July 27, 1906, 3rd, Aug. 8, 1908, Grace Aland Bolan. 

I. Warren Everett, b. Aug. 17, 1897. 

II. Charlotte Frances, b. Sept. 14, 1899. 

III. Regina May, b. Jan. 12, 1901. 

(Second wife's child.) 

IV. Louise Winnifred, b. Aug. 22, 1904. 

328 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Charles W. Doe 8, (Charles Henry?, Simon Jr. 6, Simon 5, 
Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 7, 1864, 
Lyndon, Me.; farmer; m. Nov. 2, 1892, Margaret A. Gallagher; 
resides at Caribou, Me. 

I. Willie W., b. Nov. 12, 1893. 

Harvey H. Doe 8, (Joseph H. 7, Simon Jr. 6, Simon 5, 
Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Fairfield, Me., 
June 24, 1874; m. Jan. 29, 1899, Mabel G. Stilphen. Resides 
Gardiner, Me. 


I. Theora H., b. July 2, 1900, Waterville, Me. 

Ralph P. Doe 8, (Samuel H. 7, Nathaniel 0, John Washing- 
ton 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Winterport, Me., 1875; m. Sept. 16, 1892, his cousin, Bertha 
Jewell Doe, b. Frankfort, Me. 


I. Alliert E., b. Worcester, Mass., Nov. 22, 1900. 

Weston Freeman Doe 8, (Robert S. 7, Nathaniel 6, John 
Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. in Maine; m. Aug. 17, 1895, Alice 0. Treat; d. Hyde Park, 
Mass., Sept. 16, 1907. He was a clerk in the freight department 
of the N. Y., N. H. & H. Ry. at the time of his death. 

Children : 

I. Bernice Treat, b. July 6, 1896; d. June 17, 1906. 
II. Blanche, b. Somerville, Mass., Feb. 11, 1901. 

Corporal Charles Franklin Doe 8, (Benjamin Franklin 7, 
Benjamin W. 6, John Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 15, 1875, Marblehead, Mass.; 
m. Dec. 18, 1901, Annie C. Harris. Veteran of the Spanish War, 
serving as corporal of Co. C, 8th Mass. Infantry. Enlisted 
Marblehead, Mass. Resides Northampton, Mass. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 329 


I. Mary Reed, b. Sept. 15, 1902. 

II. Elizabeth Prentiss, j , . i ^^ r mm 
^^T ,,, , TT • i twHis, b. May b, 1904. 

III. Charles Harris, ( ' -^ ' 

Elizabeth Prentiss, d. Sept. 16, 1904. C'harles 

Harris, d. Sept. 14, 1904. 

IV. Annie H., h. Oct. 14, 1906, Northampton, Mass. 

Benjamin F. (Frank B.) Doe 8, (Benjamin H. 7, Joseph 
B. 6, John Washington 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Feb. 27, 1872, Ossipee, N. H. Railroad employee; 
m. Oct. 30, 1897, Clarinda Davis, b. Effingham, N. H., 1881. 
Resides West Ossipee, N. H. Benjamin Franklin and Loring 
Alphonso Doe purchased in 1890 of their sister, Mrs. Oscar Dixon, 
her share in parents' estate. 

I. Benjamin F., b. Oct. 22, 1899. 
II. Ahce L., b. Apr. 22, 1901. 

III. Daughter, b. Nov. 19, 1903 ; d. in infancy. 

IV. Walter E., b. Oct. 31, 1905; d. in infancy. 
V. Child, b. Oct. 10, 1906; d. in infancy. 

VI. Augusta May, b. Oct. 29, 1910. 

Capt. Thomas Bartwell Doe 8, (Thomas Bodwell 7, 
Thomas Bartlett 6, Joseph Jr. 5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Danville, Va., Mar. 19, 1883; graduate of 
West Point and manager of the U. S. Cartridge Co's plant at 
Lowell, Mass.; m. Oct. 27, 1908, Imogene H. Haska. 

I. Thomas Bartwell, Jr., b. Oct. 13, 1912. 

William Bethel Doe 8, (Thomas Bodwell 7, Thomas Bart- 
lett 6, Joseph Jr. 5, Joseph 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Dec. 26, 1889, Ashville, N. C; m. Apr. 20, 1913, Flora Stewart 
Neil. He resides at Perth Amboy, N. H., Mgr. U. S. Cartridge 
Co., Maurer, N. J. 

I. William Bethel, Jr., b. Aug. 13, 1916. 

330 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

James F. Doe 8, (Mark D. 7, Ebenezer H. 6, Eliphalet 5, 
Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Apr. 5, 1872, 
Milton, N. H.; m. 1st, Edith M. Whitman, Sept. 6, 1896, who d. 
May 5, 1900; 2nd, Etta F., dau. of Bartholomew and Margaret 
Martin, July 28, 1904; farmer; resides Milton, N. H. 
Children : 

I. Ralph A., b. June 18, 1897; d. Feb. 2, 1916. 
II. Chester A., b. Get. 2, 1898; d. May 13, 1901. 

III. Arthur N., b. Nov. 19, 1899; d. Dec. 11, 1899. 

IV. Rachel M., b. Feb. 13, 1906. 

Herbert Samuel Doe 8, (Eugene M. 7, Amasa 6; Jeremy 5, 
Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Sept. 24, 1880; 
m. Apr. 21, 1906, Bertha Wormwood. Resides Kezar Falls, Me. 

I. Muriel Frances, b. Aug. 15, 1908, Porter, Me. 
II. Ruth Edna, b. Mar. 2, 1910; d. Get. 21, 1911. 

Eugene Clark Doe 8, (Eugene M. 7, Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, 
Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Nov. 9. 1885, 
Parsonsfield, Me.; m. Get. 11, 1911, Mrs. Anna Wallace Pearson 
Wood, dau. of Geo. B. and Mary Wallace Pearson of Beverly, 


I. Philip Eveleth, b. July 15, 1914. 

Willis Hilman Doe 8, (John Wesley 7, Amasa 6, Jeremy 
5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Aug. 22, 1883, 
Medford, Mass.; m. Florence M. Merrill of Somerville, Mass. 
Resides in Medford, Mass. 

I. Robert Edward, 1). June 14, 1907. 
II. Barbara. 

Rev. Chester W. Doe 8, (John Wesley 7, Amasa 6, Jeremy 5, 
Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. July 20, 1888, 
Medford, Mass.; m. Florence Alfreda MacCombie of Stoughton, 
Mass., June 17, 1914; is a graduate of Harvard College, 1910; 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 331 

of Auburn Theological Seminary, 1913; ordained F. B. minister. 
First pastorate, Dexter, Me. Transferred to Alton, N. H., July 
1, 1915. 

I. Ruth Mary, b. Mar. 31, 1915, at Dexter, Me. 

George H. Doe 8, (Corporal Benjamin 7, Gideon 6, Benja- 
min Connor 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
So. Berwick, Me. ; m. Nellie Gould. He resides So. Berwick, Me. 

I. Willie. 

Woodville Perley Doe 8, (Corporal Benjamin 7, Gideon 6, 
Benjamin Connor 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. So. Berwick, Me. ; m. Nellie, dau. of Dominic and Catherine 
Moulton, York, Me. He resided at So. Berwick, Me. 

I. Susie, b. ; m. Perkins. 

II. Jo8C])h ( '., b. 1881 ; m. Annie Lavin. 

III. Woodville Perley Jr., b. 

IV. Benjamin F., b. 1886; d. Oct. 13, 1908. 

Arthur Kennedy Doe 8, (Loring Bartlett 7, Amizi 6, Col. 
Bartlett 5, Deacon John 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Apr. 4, 1888, at San Francisco, Cal.; m. Olga Goodwin. 

I. Arthur Lichtcnberger, b. 1915. 

Alvah E. Doe 8, (George A. 7, Hiram (5, Rev. David 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 

East Vassalboro, Me., June 17, 1869; m. Sept. 20, 1899, Maud 

M. Bragg, b. 1870. Blacksmith and wheelwright. Resides, 
China, Me. 

I. Edwin L., b. :\Iay 17, 1903. 

Hiram Oscar Doe 8, (Charles H. 7, Hiram 6, Rev. David 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 

332 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

May 28, 1865, Vassalboro, Me.; farmer; m. Dec. 2, 1883, Nellie 
M. Sanborn, b. 1868. Resides East Vassalboro, Me. 

I. Mildred E., b. Oct. 11, 1884. 

Elmer Ellsworth Doe 8, (Andrew Jackson 7, Gorham 
Weeks 6, Deacon Andre^v 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b.. July 31, 1862, Veazie, Me.; m. 1st, 
May 19, 1888, Matilda E., dau. of James and Margaret (Cullen) 
Smith; b. Apr. 15, 1865, Easthampton, Mass.; 2nd, Aug. 7, 1914, 
Carrie M., dau. of Horace P. and Abbie Colby Cook, b. June 3, 
1876, Barton, Vt. He received his education in the Veazie 
grammar schools and at an early age went to work in the mills. 
He left home at the age of 18 years, following the lumber business 
in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. At the age of 20 he 
went West into the lumber regions of Minnesota, passing four 
years in that locality, following various occupations, handling lum- 
ber from the stump to the planing mill. He returned to North- 
ampton, Mass., in 1887, where he was employed as forenian by 
the Connecticut Valley Lumber Co., for sixteen years. During 
that time Mr. Doe served several years in the city government, 
two years of this being on the board of aldermen. In 1903 he 
accepted a position in Orleans, Vt., and took over the manage- 
ment of the E. L. Chandler Co. plant. In 1909 he was elected a 
director of the Parker Young Co. of Lisbon, N. H., which con- 
trols both the Parker Young Co. and the E. L. Chandler Co., the 
largest manufacturers of piano sounding boards in the United 
States. He is the compiler of this Genealogy. 
Children: (By first wife.) 

I. Bertha Violet, b. June 2, 1889; d. Dec. 2, 1889. 
II. Lillian Silsby, b. Sept. 7, 1891, Northampton, Mass.; 
m. Mar. 18, 1914, Alwyn West Woodbury of 
Needles, Cal. 
III. Alton Andrew, 1). Mar. 9, 1893, Mount Tom, East- 
hampton, Mass. Graduated from Gushing Acad- 
emy, Ashburnham, Mass., in 1911, and for a 
period of five years was assistant superintendent 
of the E. L. Chandler Co., Orleans, Vt. When 
the National Guard was called to the colors, June 

Elmer Ellsworth Doe 

Lieut. Alton A. Doe 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 337 

19, 1916, he enlisted as a private in Co. L., 1st 
Infantry, Vermont National Guard, and was pro- 
moted to quartermaster sergeant. Was stationed 
at Eagle Pass., Texas, during the Summer of 1916. 
Attended the officers'training course at Plattsburgh, 
N. Y., during the Summer of 1917, being identified 
with the Second Battery, Field Artillery, New 
England Division. On Aug. 2, 1917, upon recom- 
mendation of the Regimental Commander, he 
was appointed a second lieutenant in the 1st 
Vermont Infantry, National Guard, which com- 
mission he accepted. He also received a com- 
mission as second lieutenant in the Artillery, in 
recognition of his work while at Plattsburgh. 
Stationed at Camp Bartlett, Westfield, Mass., 
autumn of 1917. Now at Camp Green, Char- 
lotte, N. C, Dec, 1917. 

Frank A. Doe 8, (Alton C. Jr. 7, Alton C. 6, Deacon An- 
drew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. Jan. 9, 1871, China, Me.; merchant at West China, M.; 
m. Oct. 15, 1892, Bertha I\I. Harvey, b. 1873. 


I. Harvey F., b. Aug. 9, 1896. 
II. Alton S., b. June 7, 1902. 

Percy M. Doe 8, (Deacon Alonzo F. 7, Deacon Alton Chap- 
man 6, Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Dec. 28, 1875, Andover, Mass.; pat- 
ternmaker; m. Mar. 21, 1899, Cassie M. Dwyer. Resides Mai- 
den, Mass. 

Children : 

I. Eva M., b. Oct. 10, 1900, Boston, Mass. 

II. Alton C, b. Apr. 7, 1902, Boston, Mass. 

III. Winnifred, b. Apr. 15, 1907, Boston, Mass. 

IV. Ralph I., b. Aug. 1, 1908, Boston, Mass. 
V. Rol)ert F., b. Julv 9, 1912, Maiden, Mass. 

338 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Wilfred Irving Doe 8, (Deacon Alonzo F. 7, Deacon Alton 
Chapman (i, Deacon Andrew 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 
3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. Oct. 24, 1885, at Boston, Mass.; m. 
Apr. 12, 1914, Marion E. Bradbury, b. Bradbury, Me. Wilfred 
Doe has taken a deep interest in this book and was of great as- 
sistance in the early stages of the same, accompanying the writer 
to Maine, looking up the old records and visiting old cemeteries. 
Is bookkeeper and foreman for a transportation company in 
Boston, Mass. 

I. Raymond I., b. June 8, 1915. 

George Edw^in Doe 8, (George F. 7, Otis B. 6, Charles 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. 
Windsor, Me., June 4, 1860; m. Apr. 27, 1897, Martha A. Leonard, 
b. Mar. 22, 1878; d. Jan. 18, 1908; m. 2nd, Dec. 22, 1913, Lizzie 
Spear. Resides Warren, Me. 
Children : 

I. Ralph Anderson, b. Feb. 22, 1900. 

William Sampson Doe 8, (George F. 7, Otis B. 6, Charles 
5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Windsor, Me., Sept. 4, 1862; m. 1st, Dec. 29, 1886, Edith M. 
Dunton, who d. Oct. 18, 1899; 2nd, Jan. 16, 1903, Carrie Watson 
Emmons. Resides at Weeks' Mills, Me. 
Children : 

I. Daisy Caroline, b. June 2, 1888; m. June 1, 1905, 
Everett Trask. Resides Windsor, Me. 
II. Pauline W., b. Apr. 15, 1891; Supt. of nurses, Augus- 
ta State Hospital. 

III. George William, b. Feb. 9, 1894. 

IV. Ernest, b. Oct. 9, 1896. 

(Second wife's child.) 
V. Carrie Belle, b. 1904. 

Charles Paden Doe 8, (Charles All)ion 7, Harrison 0, 
Charles 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicho- 
las 1), b. Plumb, Pa., Dec. 6, 1863; m. Dec. 25, 1884, Mary Linnie 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 339 

Russ. Resides, San Franciso, Cal. President of Northern 
Pacific Steamship Co. 
Children : 

I. Albion Noyes, b. Dec. 3, 1885. 

II. Ethelyn Maud, b. Dec. 19, 1887; m. Capt. A. C. 
Paulsen. Resides San Francisco, Cal. 

III. Chester Harrison, b. Sept. 9, 1889; d. At Alameda, 

Cal., 1905. 

IV. Russell Albert, b. Mar. 31, 1900. 

William A. Doe 8, (William A. 7, Harrison 6, Charles 5, 
Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Oct .30, 1883, at Cooper's Mills, Whitefield, Me.; m. Sept. 26, 
1911, Lelia Hemmen; resides in Boston, Mass. Was traveling 
salesman for Swift & Co. for several years; forming a partnership 
with Mr. Harrigan, they purchased J. A. Hathaway & Co., 
wholesale business in Faneuil Hall Market, Boston. 
Children : 

I. Virginia Lelia, b. May 5, 1913. 
II. Barbara, b. Oct. 14, 1914. 
III. William A., Jr., b. Mar. 2, 1916. 

Irving Nelson Doe 8, (Harris Nelson 7, Harris 6, Jonathan 
Fairfield, 5, Nathaniel Jr. 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, 
Nicholas 1), b. Lynn, Mass., Nov. 5, 1888; m. Oct. 14, 1912, Edith 
May Pitney. Resides Lynn, Mass. Employed in freight tariff 
department of the B. & M. Ry., Boston, Mass. 

I. Virginia Arlene, b. Aug. 18, 1913. 

Alpheus Edwin Doe 8, (Alpheus Kingsley 7, Welcome 6, 
Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Stillwater, Minn., Nov. 2, 1863. Graduate of law department 
of University of Michigan, 1886; m. Sept. 9, 1891, Bertha W. 

. Resides Stillwater, Minn. Judge of municipal court. 


I. Hortense M., b. July 29, 1893. 

340 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Fred Palmer Doe 8, (Alpheus Kingsley 7, Welcome 6, 
Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 

b. June 17, 1865, Stillwater, Minn.; m. . He resided in 

Stillwater at time of marriage. Went West in 1906. 
Children : 

I. Kingsley, b. about 1891. 
II. Antoinette, b. about 1894. 

Dudley Hersey Doe 8, (Alpheus Kingsley 7, Welcome 6, 
Joseph 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. Stillwater, Minn., Sept. 18, 1866; lumberman; secretary of 
Stearns Lumber & Shingle Co., Stearnsville, Washington; m. 
June 11, 1902, Sadie S. Roney; resides at Stearnsville, Wash. 
Children : 

I. Dorothy Ann, b. Apr. 8, 1903. 
II. Alpheus Dudley, b. Aug. 6, 1910. 

John Wesley Doe 8, (Sergt. Charles L. 7, John Moody 6, 
William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), 
b. East Boston, Mass., July 11, 1859; m. Oct. 11, 1890. Lucy 

Holt, who was b. in England; 2nd, Nov. 4, 1909, Bertha A. . 

Resides Brockton, Mass. 

I. Frederick Eugene, b. Brockton, Mass., Sept. 13, 
1891; d. Jan. 27, 1892. 

(Second wife's child.) 
II. Evelyn Maud, b. July 11, 1910. 

Eugene Melvin Doe 8, (John Melville 7, John Moody 6, 
William 5, Sampson 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 2, Nicholas 
1), b. East Boston, Mass., Apr. 27, 1858; m. Oct. 9, 1886, Emily 
E. M. Gines of Waltham, Mass. He was superintendent of 
O'Hara Dial Co. of Waltham, Mass., and d. Nov. 7, 1907. 


I. Jessie Maria, b. July 19, 1887, Waltham, Mass.; 
m. Feb. 19, 1910, George Ernest Stone. One ch., 
Barbara Esther, b. July 19, 1912. Resides Waltham, 

Eugene Melvin Doe 
B. April 27, 1858 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 343 

John Watson Doe 8, (Alphonso Watson 7, Rev. Dudley 
Watson 6, Dudley Jr. 5, Dudley 4, Capt. Nathaniel 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Mar. 31, 1864, China, Me.; m. Mar. 25, 1893, 
Amy B. Rice. Druggist. Resides alternately Bar Harbor, Me., 
and Palm Beach, Fla., where he carries on his business. 
Children: (Born Eden, Maine.) 

I. Effie Wrenn, b. June 14, 1896. 
II. Doris Annabelle, b. Mar. 23, 1899. 
III. Dudley W^atson, b. Aug. 21, 1903. 


Woodville Perley Doe, Jr. 9, (Woodville Perley 8, Corporal 
Benjamin 7, Gideon 6, Benjamin Connor 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, 
Sampson 2, Nicholas 1), b. So. Berwick, Me.; m. Rose Marshall 
of Rollinsford, N. H. He is a moulder by trade. 

I. Dorothy Beatrice, b. Mar. 29, 1903, Rollinsford, N. 
II. Vera, b. May 25, 1905. 
III. Benjamin, b. 

Joseph C. Doe 9, (Woodville Perley 8, Corporal Benjamin 
7, Gideon 6, Benjamin Connor 5, Gideon 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. 1881, So. Berwick, Me.; m. Feb. 3, 1903, Annie 
M. Lavin at Dover, N. H. 

I. Helen Katherine, b. Dec. 29, 1903, So. Berwick, Me. 
II. Thelma, b. 

III. Joseph W., b. Dec. 16, 1906, Dover, N. H. 

IV. Benjamin Delmore, b. Sept. 1, 1910, Dover, N. H. 

Albert Eugene Doe, Jr. 9, (Albert Eugene 8, Chandler 
Darmont 7, Joshua 6, Simon 5, Nathaniel 4, Nicholas 3, Sampson 
2, Nicholas 1), b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 8, 1880. Monotype 
operator; m. Elizabeth Gobel. 

I. Ardeth. b. 

344 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Soldiers by the name of Doe, who were volunteers in the French 
and Indian War. 

Benjamin, private. 
David, private. 
Daniel, private. 
James, private. 
John, private. 
Joseph, private. 
Jeremiah, private. 
Nathaniel, Captain. 
Nathaniel, private. 
Nicholas, private. 
Samuel, Lieutenant. 
Sampson, Scout. 

Those who were volunteers in the Revolutionary War. 

Bradstreet, private. 

David, private. 

Dudley, private. 

Jacob, private. 

Jonathan, private. 

James, private. 

Joshua, private. 

Jarius, private. 

Nathaniel, Jr., private. 

Nicholas, private. 

Reuben, private. 

Simon, private, 

Sampson, Corporal. 

William Neally, Musician. 

Zeljulon, Jr., private. , 

Zebulon, lieutenant. 

John, (3), private. 

John, (6), private, later capt., N. H. S. M. 

John, (4), private. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 345 

Those who were volunteers in the War of 1812. 


Andrew, Captain. 

Andrew W., Captain. 

Deacon Andrew. 



Rev. David. 


Jonathan Fairfield. 

Jonathan, (Musician). 

George, Fifer. 


Joseph R., Corporal. 

Joseph, Jr. 

Jeremiah, Captain. 

John, Captain. 

Joshua, private. 

Simon, private. 

Simon, Jr., private. 

William Neally, private. 

James Dearborn, private. 

Henry, private. 

Soldiers by the name of Doe, who were volunteers and who fought 

for their country in the Civil War. 
Andrew, lieutenant Co. D, New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 
Andrew J., Private Co. I & H, 2nd Maine Reg't, Inft. 
Adolphus W., Private Co. G, 24th Maine Reg't, Inft. 
Alphonso W., Corporal Co. B, 11th Mass. Regt, Inft. 
Bradley P., Private 1st Maine Reg't, Cav. 
Benjamin F., Corporal Co. C, 8th Mass. Reg't, Inft. 
Benjamin, Sergeant, Co. A, 17th Maine Reg't, Inft. 
Charles A., Corporal Co. F, 17th Massachusetts Reg't, Inft. 
Charles W., Private Co. C, 17th Massachusetts Reg't, Inft. 
Charles O., Musician, Co. H, 5th N. H. Reg't, Inft. 
Charles L., Sergeant, Co. K, 14th Massachusetts Reg't, Inft. 
Charles A., Private 1st New Hampshire, Light Battery. 
Edwin K., Private Co. B, 1st Cav. 

346 The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 

Edgar John, Private Co. K, 10th R. I. Reg't, Inft. 

Erastus A., Private Co. D, 1st Maine Reg't, Cav. 

Freeland A., Private Co. H, 2nd Massachusetts Reg't, Art. 

George M. Doe, Dowe, 13th New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

George W., Private Co. I, 1st Maine Reg't, Cav. 

George F., Private Co. G, 19th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

George Walter, Private, Utah Reg't, Inft. 

George A., Private Co. H, 2nd Maine Reg't, Inft. 

George Byron, Corporal Co. A, 6th New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

George F., Private Co. G, 1st New Hampshire Reg't, Art. 

George F. 

Hadley P. 

Howard H., Private Co. G, 14th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Hezekiah, Private Co. B, 9th New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

Joseph A.. Private Co. K, 2nd New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

John Melville, Private Co. B, 4th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Joseph, Wagoner, Co. I, 6th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Joseph D., Corporal Co. B, 27th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

James M., Private Co. A, 1st Maine Reg't, Cav. 

John F., Sergeant Co. F, 7th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

John F., Private Co. D, 7th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

John, Private Co. D, 7th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

John, Private Co. A, 1st Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Lewis B., Sergeant Co. E, 16th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Nehemiah P., Private Co. A, 2nd Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Nahum A., Private Co. A, 9th Mass. Battery, Art. 

Marcus H., Private Co. L, 3rd Massachusetts Reg't, Cav. 

Olinthus N., Private, Co. L, New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

Rufus D., Co. B, nth New Hampshire Reg't, Inft. 

Samuel K., Corporal Co. E, 16th Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Volney Hubert, Private. 

William C, Corporal Co. H, 31st Maine Reg't, Inft. 

William D., Sharpshooter, Co. D, 2nd Maine Reg't, Inft. 

William K., Musician, 6th Massachusetts Band. 

William H., Private, 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery. 

William F., Private 2nd Battery, Massachusetts Heavy Art. 

William J., Private, 9th Battery, Massachusetts Heavy Art. 

Zebulon, Co. G, 2nd Maine Reg't, Inft. 

Lyman Doe Lang. 

The Descendants of Nicholas Doe 347 

Confederate Soldiers. 

Andrew Doe in Missouri. 
Benjamin Franklin Doe in Georgia. 

Spanish War Soldiers. 

Charles Franklin Doe, Corporal Co. C, 8th Massachusetts Reg't, 

Cecil Gray Doe, Private Ohio Reg't, Inf. 
George Frederick Doe, Lieut., 1st Maine Reg't, Inf. 
Guy A. Doe, Regular Army, 1901 to 1904. 

Mexican Call — 1916. 
Alton Andrew Doe, Q. M. Sergt. Co. L, 1st Vt. Reg't, Inf. 


Abbie 222,313 

Abbie B 275 

Abbie E]]a 321 

Abbie Etta 277 

Abbie F 216 

Abbie Jane 80 

AbbieL 255 

Abbie M 69 

Abbie Wiggin 311 

Abiah 57 

Abigail, 33, 60, 144, 154, 160, 163, 
169, 177, 183, 185, 205 

AbigailF 222 

Abigail Frances 251 

Abigail Stearns 85 

Abraham 34 

AdaEvar 116 

Adaliza 82 

Adeline 60 

Adeline P 57 

Addie 261,278 

Addie Lillian 116 

Addie W 82 

Adolphus Watson 210, 345 

Ai Chilton 91 

Aileen 305 

Albert 116,184 

Albert A 225,288 

Albert B 119,133 

Albert E 328 

Albert Eugene 285, 326, 327, 343 

Albert L 134 

Albert Leroy 319 

Albert Prescott 262, 307 

Albert Prescott, Jr 307 

Albert W 327 

Albert Wingate 80 

Alberta Cline 324 

Albertina 327 

Albertus 89, 125 

Albertus Edgar 125, 134 

Albion 315 

Albion Holmes 118 

Albion Noyes 339 

Alsina 110 

Alden 223 

Alexander Wadsworth 283 

Alfred 201,262 

Alfred Newton 276, 322 

Alfreds 56,80 

Alice 82, 98, 284, 286, 305 

Alice A 82 

Alice CM 119 

Alice Belle 120 

AhceE 318 

Alice Certrude 88, 97, 304 

Alice Jane 319 

Alice L 329 

Alice Madora 125 

Alice Maria 263 

Alices 212 

Almira 207,214 

AllinaOlleB 69 

AlonzoC 56 

AlonzoF 266-312 

AlonzoP 81,117 

AlonzoW 78,113 

AlpheusC 207,271 

Alpheiis Dudley 340 

Alpheus Edwin 319, 339 

Alpheus Kingsley 273, 318 

Alphonso 61,92 

Alphonso W 77 

Alphonso Watson . . . 275 , 276, 321 , 345 

AltaMay 115 

Alton Andrew 312, 332, 347 




Alton C 337 

Alton Chapman 205, 265 

Alton Chapman, Jr 266,311 

Alton Leroy 284 

Alton S 337 

Alvah 190,256,257 

Alvah Bartlett 305 

AlvahE 306,331 

Alvah Hilas 103 

Alvah Roderick 127 

AlvinK 83,118 

Amarilla A 274 

Amasa 163,184,252 

Amelia 295 

Amos 89 

AmosH 202,264 

AmosW 85 

Amos Winslow 59, 85 

Amy 277 

Amy Elizabeth 288 

AmziS 190,258 

Amzi Panborn 257 

Andrew, 143, 149, 150, 151, 154, 160, 
165, 171, 178, 179, 202, 345, 347 

Andrew F 285 

Andrew Frank 323 

Andrew J 281 

Andrew Jackson 265, 308, 345 

Andrew Joseph 172,214 

Andrew M 213,280 

Andrews 213,279 

Andrew W 279,345 

Andrew Wiggin 171, 212, 213, 278 

Angle Louise 115 

Anson Edward 92 

Anthony Emery 41 

Antoinette 340 

Ann 201,209 

Anna 47,167 

AnnaB 222,271 

Anna Belle 319 

AnnaD 211 

Anna Elizabeth 133 

Annah 251 

Anne 163 

Annette 69 

Annie 67,268,277,306 

Annie A 255 

Annie Aurilla 92 

Annie Bender 321 

Annie D 83 

Annie E 271 

Annie H 329 

Annie L 66 

Annie Mae 316 

Annie Maria 311 

Arabelle 78 

Ardeth 343 

Artemus 212 

Arthur 127,330 

Arthur Brittan 292 

Arthur Carleton 115 

Arthur Edcil 98,99 

Arthur Klven 261 

Arthur Ki-ciicli 257 

Arthur Franklin 308 

Arthur Kennedy 305, 331 

Arthur L 263,307 

Arthur Lichtenberger 331 

Arthur M 119 

ArthurP 283 

Arthur Richard 276 

ArthurT 220 

Arthur W 323 

ArundiaB 224 

Asa 58,91,180,223,345 

Athel Gertrude 129 

Aubury 127 

Audrey Ellen 128 

Augusta Ann 209 

Augusta Elizabeth 79 

Augusta May 329 

Augustine 273,319 

Augustus 176, 216 257 

Augustus L 224 

Augustus Norman 285, 326 

Augustus? 182 

Augustus W 42 


Barbara 207,330,339 

Bartlett, 163, lti4, 186, 189, 193, 194 
195, 261, 305 

INDEX NO. 1. CHRISTIAN NAMES — ^DOE. — Continued. 


Beatrice L 222 

Beatrice Russell 110 

Benjamin, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 

35, 43, 185, 255, 303, 343, 344, 345 

Benjamin Connor 163, 185 

Benjamin Delmore 343 

Benjamin F 288, 329, 331, 345 

Benjamin Franklin, 86, 123, 226, 291, 


Benjamin H 226,291 

Benjamin, Jr 32 

Benjamin Norris 56, 78 

Benjamin Seth 120 

Benjamin Sibley 85 

Benjamin W 87, 181,226 

Benjamin Winslow 60, 86, 124 

Bernice 99 

Bernice Treat 328 

BertP 284 

Bertha Gertrude 124 

Bertha Jewell 288 

Bertha May ......322 

Bertha Violet 332 

Bertie Maria 315 

Bessie G 115 

Bessie May 124 

Betsey, 34, 44, 163, 164, 167, 169, 178, 
179, 186, 210 

Blanche 328 

Blanche May 314 

BlancheO 323 

Blanches 324 

Bradbury P 252, 301 , 345 

Bradley 44,69, 

Bradstreet, 143, 149, 150, 151, 154, 
156, 160, 172, 176, 178, 179, 214, 344 

Bradstreet, Jr 177, 216 

Bradstreet Wiggin 210, 276 

Burton Edmond 327 


Calvin 193 

Calvin Wade 258, 305 

Carlton Key worth 93, 128 

Carolina 37 

Carolina Augusta 71 

Caroline 80,208 

Caroline A 182 

Caroline Augusta 65 

CarolineC 42 

Caroline E 80 

Caroline Freeman 56 

Caroline J 273 

Caroline M 114, 207, 271 

Carrie 307 

Carrie Belle 338 

Carrie Ella 92 

Carrie Lovina 132 

CarrieM 320 

CarwinRoss 92, 127 

Catherine 230 

Cecil Gray 110,347 

Cecilia Iva 308 

Chandler Darmont 224, 285 

Charles, Chief Justice 230,232 

Charles, 36, 57, 72, 81, 83, 116, 165, 

183, 194, 195, 197, 206, 345 
Charies A.. ..80, 103, 213, 280, 325, 345 

Charles Albert 83 

Charles Albion 267,313 

Charles Alexander 277, 324 

Charies Alfred 307 

Charles Alonzo 72 

Charies Amos 89 

Charles Andrew 281 

Charies B 276,322 

Charles Currier 61, 89 

Charies Cutler 105, 131 

Charles E 88,97,99,125 

Charles Edwin 325 

Charies F 193, 252, 302 

Charies Franklin, 193, 198, 261, 288, 
328, 347 

CharlesG 94,128 

Charies Greenleaf 214 

Charies H, 80, 116, 261, 271, 282, 306, 
318, 324 

Charles H,Jr 116 

Charies Harold 326 

Charles Harris 329 

Charles Hatan 135 

Charles Henry, 66, 89, 117, 215, 225, 


INDEX NO. 1. CHRISTIAN isiAMBS- -DOE.— Continued. 

Charles Joseph 129 

Charles, Jr 206 

Charles L, 58, 83, 273, 284, 320, 321, 


CharlesL.,Jr 320 

Charles Malcolm 135 

Charles Osborn 219, 345 

Charles Paden 314,338 

CharlesR 81,229,291 

CharlesRice 87,124 

Charles Stephen 325 

CharlesT 303 

Charles Vincent 43 

Charles W, 84, 119, 22r3, 287, 291, 328, 


Charles Webster 257, 304 

Charles Webster, Jr 305 

Charles William 88 

Charlotte 47 

Charlotte Eliza 216 

Charlotte Frances 327 

CharlotteM 318 

Chauncey A 73 

Chester C. Y 128 

Chester A 330 

Chester Harrison 339 

Chester Hohnes 304 

Chester W 302,330 

Chester Wilbur 124 

Clara 83 

ClaraB 315 

Clara Belle 281 

Clara E 316 

ClaraG 85 

ClaraM 271 

Clarence Edmund 326 

Clarence Preston 84 

Clarissa 37 

Claud A 134 

Claud R 117 

Climena 185 

ClimenaR 211 

Clyde Winslow 124, 135 

Comfort 162, 164 

Comfort W 184 

Converse 165, 209 

Cora Blanche 325 

Cyrene 206,261 

Cyrus 172 

Cyrus Lincoln 120, 134 


Daisy Caroline 338 

DallasE 291 

Daniel 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 344 

Daniel J 55,72 

Dardena E 73 

DarlineEmiline 127 

David, 31, 32, 59, 165, 167, 201, 207, 

210, 262, 344, 345 

David Dudley 210, 277 

David, Jr 201,261 

David W 55 

David Whitefield 73 

Dearborn 181 

Deborah, 56, 149, 155, 171, 172, 186, 


Deborah K 224 

Deborah W 37 

Debby 167 

Desire 171 

Donald Bartiett 303 

Doris Annabelle 343 

Dorothy 37, 226, 230 

Dorothy Ann 340 

Dorothy Beatrice 343 

Dorothy Danforth 134 

Dorothy E 317 

Dorothy Marian 305 

Dorothy Williamson 292 

Douglass Oliver 128 

DrusiUa 60 

Dudley, 144, 146, 167, 168, 209, 276, 


Dudley Hersey 319, 340 

Dudley, Jr 167 

Dudley AVatson 210, 275, 343 


Earl 305 

Ebenezer 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 58, 59 

Ebenezer Hannaford 184, 251 

Ebenezoi- Frank 43, 66 

Kbcn. ■/.■!■ HicUcr 183,229 



Edgar Howard 89, 125 

Edgar John 66, 97, 98, 346 

Edith 305 

Edith Helen 295 

Edith Sherman 130 

Edmond Getchell 208, 273 

Edmond Hartley 273, 274, 319 

Edmond Holland 90, 126 

Edmond W 273 

Edmund 177, 219 

Edna 305,312 

Edna Burgess 118 

EdnaF 128 

Edson 70,109 

Edward 17,127 

Edward Augustus 257, 317 

Edward C 278 

Edward J 66 

Edward John 172 

Edward Payson 178 

EdwardV 271,317 

Edwin 225 

Edwin Alvester 264 

Edwin Foster 83 

Edwin K 224,345 

Edwin L 82,331 

Edwin Ruthven 252 

Edwin Winslow 87, 123 

EffieG 284 

EffieMay 311 

EffieWrenn 343 

Elbridge Noble 223, 284 

Elden Arnold 110 

Elden Slater 285 

Elden William 223, 285 

Eleanor Arlord 42 

Eleanor Wilson 133 

Elgin Edward 92 

Elijah 34,42,179 

Elijah C 322 

Elijah Edgerly 41,62 

Eliphalet 163,183 

Elisa 176,216 

Eliza 43,225 

Eliza A 119,276 

Eliza Ann 208,279 

Eliza Catherine 88 

Eliza Jane 74, 116 

EhzaW 213 

Elizabeth, 18, 31, .56, 65, 69, 134, 140 

160, 161, 171, 176, 178, 222,224, 


Elizabeth A 286 

Elizabeth Ames 193 

Elizabeth C 223 

Elizabeth M 78 

EhzabethMay 127 

Elizabeth Prentiss 329 

Ella 222 

Ella A 284 

EllaDavidenc 73 

Ella Mabel 129 

Ella Martha 262 

Ellen 263,278,288,301 

Ellen A 42 

Ellen D 83 

Ellen Etta 319 

Ellen Jane 273 

Ellen Louise 105 

Ellen M 78,252,266 

Ellen Maria 88,262 

Ehuer Ellsworth 311, 332 

Elmer F 128,131 

Elmer S 129 

ElphonsoG 73 

Elva Belle 126 

Elvira 41,91 

Elvira Ann 209 

Emalinc 67 

Emery Augustus 62 

Emiline 60 

Emily 59,261 

Emily Augusta 94 

EmilyC 274 

Emily Irene 55 

Emily Layette 214 

Emily Maria 42 

Emily W 43 

Emma Adelma 84 

Emma Augusta 307 

Emma E 280, 316 

EmmaH 214 



Emma Jane 66 

Emma Whidden 258 

Erastus 65,94,346 

Ernest 91,135,319,338 

ErnestB 117 

Ernest Irwin 123 

Ernests 312 

Ernest Sanford 92, 127 

Ernest William 118 

Estey Nicholas 185, 255 

Estella 302 

EstellaMay .306 

Esther 65 

Ethel 126,129 

Ethel E 303 

Ethel Lenora 126 

Ethel M 117 

Ethelyn Anna 292 

EthelynMaud 339 

EttaM 279 

Eugene 88,133 

Eugene C 302,330 

Eugene Gray 78, 114 

EugeneM 252,301 

Eugene Melvin 320, 340 

Eugene Orson 118 

Eugene S 125, 135 

Eva 81,126,279 

Eva Amelia 66 

EvaG 312 

EvaM 337 

Evangeline M 317 

Evelyn Maud 340 

Everard 65,94 

Everett 278,322 

Everett Hill 325 

EverettM 279 

Everett Wesley 301 

Ezekiel 169,211 

Ezekiel,Jr 211 

Ezekiel Judge 212, 278 

EzraS 223 

EzraW 55,77 


Fannie ' 287 

Fanny A 89 

Fanny Agnes 120 

Fannie Ellen 65 

Fidelia Ardelle 71 

Flora A 303 

FloraE 113 

FloraEtta 94 

Florence 123 

Florence Bell 132 

Florence Ella 272 

Florence H ..318 

Florence Harford 326 

Florence Helen 302 

Florence Laura 130 

Florence W 324 

Frances 69,266 

Frances Caroline 262 

Frances Ella 278 

Frances Lucille 129 

Frances M 267 

Frances Merle 313 

Frances Mary 207 

Frances R 274 

Frances Sherman 130 

Francina 275 

Francis 36,56,120 

Francis Drury 124 

Francis Freeland 120 

Francis Hiram 127 

Francis M 94,311 

Francis Shepard 178 

Frank 65,102,130 

Frank A 129,312,337 

Frank Arthur 97 

Frank Augustus 278, 323 

Frank Brown 94, 129 

Frank E 287 

Frank Eben 66,99 

Frank Edwin 214,281 

Frank Eustace 326 

Frank Herbert 280 

Frank James 114, 132 

Frank Jeremiah SO, 115 

Frank K 261,306 

Frank L 117 

Frank Lester 258 

Frank M 280 



P^rank JMorse 32.5 

P^rank Pierce 194, 257 

P'rank Thomas 125 

Frank W 302 

Frank William 130 

Franklin B 68, 100, 101, 130 

Franklin Harding 102 

Franklin William 103, 130, 132 

Franklin W 136 

Fred 262,306 

Fred A 271 

FredB 278,323 

FredE 129,284 

Fred Elmer 97 

Fred Everett 106, 132 

FredG 287 

Fred Grant 288 

FredH 136,267,315 

Fred Palmer 319,340 

FredW\ 320 

Freda 272 

Frederick E 80 

Frederick Eugene 340 

Frederick Harriman 267 

Frederick J 105, 131 

Frederick James 115, 132 

Frederick Newman 116, 133 

Freeland A 85, 120, 346 

Freeman C 131,136 

Freeman H 213 

Freeman.; 70,105 


Ganes William 223 

Gardners 91,127 

Geneva Lois 326 

George 57, 129, 211, 345 

George A. .261, 271, 272, 303, 305, 346 

George Albion 105 

George Byron 77, 113, 340 

George Chester 94 

GeorgeE 251 

George Edgar 214, 282 

George Edward 66, 99 

George Edwin 313, 338 

GeorgeF 84, 118, 266, 313, 346 

George Francis 265 

George Pnrnk 281, 325 

George Frederick 274, 321, 347 

George Frederick Jr 321 

George Freeling 281 

George Gaines 212 

George H 115,303,331 

George Henry, 79, 88, 114, 119, 124, 

256, 304 

George Irving 257, 305 

George L 69 

George Lincoln 287, 327 

GeorgeM 43,66,346 

George Manles 325 

George Merrill 215 

George Nathaniel 61, 91 

George Piper 41, 61 

George S 216 

George Spaulding 102, 130 

George Storrow 251, 296 

George T 124 

George Trueman 83 

George W, 59, 62, 79, 80, 90, 94, 115, 


George Walter 70, 346 

George Washington, 56, 79, 213, 224, 

281, 285 . 

George Wesley 209, 274 

George William 338 

Georgiana 274 

Georgia M 82 

Gerald AUen 92 

Gertie Winona 93 

Gideon 144, 163, 184, 185 

Gideon Bartlett 184 

Gideon Jr 163 

Gilman 61,90 

GilmanOrid 70,109 

Gladys 127 

Gladys Emily 302 

Gordon F 92,128 

Gordon Keyworth 128 

GorhamW 205,264 

GraceC 321 

GraceF 120 

Grace M 324 

GraceP 274 



Grantland Warner 124, 135 

Greenleaf 220 

Guy A 110,347 


HadleyP 211,278,346 

Hannah 32, 34, 3.5, 149, 184, 206 

Hannah Abigail 272 

Hannah Louise 182 

Hannah Lydia 42 

Hannah Octavia .275 

Hannah Sanborn 190 

Harriet 67, 82, 177, 202, 224 

Harriet Augusta 272 

Harriet EJizabeth 285 

Harriet Emily 256 

Harriet 1 73 

Harriet M 222 

Harriet MT 285 

Harriet Newell . . . . 175 

Harriet Olivia . 182 

Harold 130,304 

Harold C 282,326 

Harold O 317 

Harold Oliver 114 

Harold R 117 

Harris 207,268 

Harris N 271 

Harris Nelson 268, 316, 317 

Harrison 206, 266 

Harrison F 303 

Harrison Jr 267,314 

HarryC 323 

Harry F 284 

Harry Fogg 326 

Harry Forrest 316 

Harry Frankhn 93 

Harry Freeman 109 

Harry G 302 

Harry Jaequith 115, 133 

Harry L 119,134 

Harry V 314,315 

Harry W 287 

Harvey Edwin 

Harvey F 316,337 

Harvey H 287,328 

Hattie 296 

Haven 230,295 

Hazel Ernestine 127 

Hazel M 127 

Helen 69, 230,-304 

Helen Catherine 343 

Helen Frances '. . 102 

Helen Gale 1.32 

Helen M 216 

Helen Maud 99 

Henrietta B 285 

Henrietta Victoria 268 

Henry, 44, 61, 67, 1.35, 162, 180, 202, 

Henry Albeit 281, 324 

Henry Day 207, 268 

Henry E 114 

Henry G 124, 135 

Henry H 33 

Henry M 93,283 

Henry Nelson 61,92 

Henry P 119 

Henry Plummer 71 , 109 

Henry S 43 

Henry Wilson 301 

Hepsebeth 176 

Herbert 89,93,125, 126 

Herbert E ,302 

Herbert McKinlcy 125 

Herbert P 284 

Herbert Samuel 302, 330 

Hermans 267,315 

Hester 78 

Hezcldah 61,90,346 

Hilas 69,103 

Hiram 57,82,201,261,262 

Hiram Chase 60,88 

Hiram Lindsay 61, 91 

Hiram Oscar .306, 331 

Hiram Willey 89 

Homer W 92, 128 

Horace 43, 82, 90, 117, 185 

Horace Lyman .38, 61, 91 

Horatio W 73,110 

Hortense M 339 

Hosea ' 226 

Howard 129 



llowanl AutiUsUis 209,;;i<) 

Howard 11 252, ;M() 

Howard L 12.') 

Huldah 47, OS 


Ida Hazel 325 

IdaJano 28G 

Ida Louise 120 

IdaM 117 

Ida Pearl 115 

Idus Caldwell 124 

Ina 99 

Ira 251, 29() 

IraC 1.S4, 180, 25(1 

Irene 41,129 

Irene Redmond 317 

Irving J 124 

Irving Nelson 310, 339 

IsabelleCurlis 114 

Isaac 205, 200 

Isadore A 105 

IvanH 117 

Izetta 300 

.lac(il), 32, 35, 30, 44, 47, .57, 58, GS, 

S3, 344 

Jaeob Jr .54, 71 

Jacob F 58 

James, 31, 33, 34, 38, 02, 72, 130, 144 

140, 109, 170, 344 

James Alden 89 

James A 120 

James Andnnv 278, 322 

James Dearborn 30, .50, 345 

James E 93 

James F 3.30 

James Fergcrson 79 

James Jr 109,211 

James M., 09, 104, 222, 271 , 283, 318, 


James Madison 07 

James Prescott 55 

James Richard 128 

James Stephen 88, 124 

James Stutley 171,212 

James Verner 93, 128 

James Willia 111 2S5 

Jane 07 

JaneS 70 

Janet 131 

Jarius 33,344 

Jedediah 57,81 

Jefferson 09, 103 

Jennie 82, 120 

Jennie Peecreit 102 

Jennie M 28(i 

Jennie May 301 

Jennie P 222 

.lennie Prentiss 288 

Jennie Weld(jn 292 

Jeremiah 31, 32, 30, 55, 344, 345 

Jeremiah A 54 

Jeremiah Madiscn 48, 71 

.Jeremy 103, 184 

Jesse kSamuel 125 

Jessie 230 

Jessie F 115 

Jessie Maria 340 

Jessie Mari( n 320 

Joanna 212 

John, 7, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 20, 27, 29, 
30, 31, 33, 34, ,30, 41, 44, 47, 48, 
.53, 59, 00, 01 , 07, ()9, 85, 89, 141 , 
144, 140, 1.57,1.59, 100, 101, 103. 
105, 171, 175, 178, 180, ISO, 194, 
208, 213, 222, 225, 279, 344, 345, 

.John A 205,200 

John A. Jr 103,200 

John Adelbert 02 

John Amos 71 

John B 79 

John Benson 275,321 

.John Borden 155 

.JohnC ■. .. .210 

John Charles M 207 

.JohnE .322 

.Jolin l^dmond 80,115 

John F 02, 93, 120, 251 , 290, 340 

.JohnH 225,287 

.John Janus ()1,91 

John Jr 185 


INDEX NO. 1. CHRISTIAN NAMES — T>o'E .^ Continued . 

John Luther 105 

John Mead 176 

John Moody 208, 273 

John Melvil]e 273, 320, 346 

JohnOsborn 177,220 

John Otis 313 

John Philbrick 56 

John Sanborn 193,261 

John W 225, 320, 321, 343 

John Washington 162, 180, 185 

John Wesley 252, 302, 340 

John Wiggin 37, 66 

Jonathan, 31, 144, 155, 156, 157, 158, 

159, 167, 210, 344, 345 

Jonathan Fairfield 165, 207, 345 

Joseph. .25, 27, 28, 30, 31, 35, 59, 144, 

162, 165, 172, 184, 207, 213, 226, 

344, 346 
Joseph A. . . .59, 84, 150, 163, 172, 346 

Joseph B 181, 226 

Joseph Bart lett 182 

Joseph Bodwell 183 

Joseph Bodwell Jr 291 

Joseph C 331,343 

Joseph D 251 

Joseph Dam 251, 296, 346 

Joseph Foye 37,65 

Joseph G 184,252 

Joseph H 65,225,287 

Joseph J 55,77 

Joseph Jr 162, 182, 229, 345 

Josepli AI 208,272 

Jose])h Alenill 176,214,215 

Joseph R 171,212,345 

Joseph Robert 295 

Joseph W 291,343 

Josephine 69,271 

Joshua. . .32, 35, 42, 180, 224, 344, 345 

Joshua Wiggin 210 

Josiah 30. 31,33,34,41,183,201 

Josiah Fairfield 165 

Josie 324 

Juey Jane 103 

Julia A 81 

Julia Ada 103 

Julia Adarian 291 

Julia Ann 79,109 

Julia C 274 

JuKa Diantha 224 

Juha Elizabeth 42 

JuhaEtta 274,319 

Julia M 42 

June Alison 315 

Justin Spaulding 262, 307 

J. Winnifred 308 


KateD 291 

KatePatton 229 

Katherine P. . . .' 222 

Kenneth Carlton 135 

Kenneth Piper 303 

Kingsley 340 


Laforrest Quimby 302 

Laura 130 

Laura Abbie 215 

Laura Elizabeth 73 

Laura Jane 78 

Laura M 135 

Laura May 103, 131 

Laura Mitchell 305 

Lauretta 88 

LavoniaCathei-ine 317 

Lawrence Adams 304 

Leafy 268 

Lemuel, 144, 155, 158, 159. 160, 177, 

Lena 126 

Lena Emiline 92 

Lena Sears 301 

Lena Sophia 103 

Leonard 206 

Leon Henry 126 

Leslie Albion 258 

Leslie Hayden 91 

Levi 33,34,37 

LeviB 57,202,262 

LeviW 255 

Lewis 41,61,83,92 

Lewis B 81,346 

Lewis Carme 84, 118 

Lewis Eric 128 



Liberty Eaton 68 

LillaMay 97 

Lillian 130,315 

Lillian L 323 

Lillian Silsby 332 

Lina Louise 93 

Linfield Ashton 320 

Linnie Jeanette 82 

Lizzie 91,251,256 

Lizzie B 277 

Lizzie Edith 120 

Lizzie Maria 216 

Lizzie May 62 

Lizzie Ross 230 

Lizzie Ruthven 301 

Lodemia Sanderson 68 

Loring Alphonso 291 , 329 

Loring Bartlett 256, 258, 304, 305 

Lorison Wesley 106 

Louis Boyd 178 

Louisa 48 

Louise Allen 43, 66 

Louisa H 255 

Louise 58 

Louise Adeline 224 

Louise Winifred 327 

Lucia J 104 

LucienA 262, 308 

Lucina R 322 

Lucinda J 58 

Lucy -17 125,251,252 

Lucy Ann 73 

Lucy Ella 97 

Lucy Ellen 116 

Lucy Mary 99 

LucyMinetta 296 

Lucy Taylor 258 

Luella 273 

Luke 37 

LulaE 283 

LunettaA 312 

Lydia.33,34,41,67, 165, 171,201, 205 

LydiaAnn 61,65,264,314 

Lydia Ellen 216 

Lydia Emma 262 

LydiaS 57 

LydiaStevens 177 

Lyle Austin 131 

Lyman Augustin 83, 346 


Mabel 127 

Mabel A 99 

Mabel F 117 

Mabel 7^ 283 

Madeline 99 

Maggie 277 

Mahala 48,69,175,179 

Mamie 130 

Marcia 276 

MarciaLena 272 

Margaret 295 

Margaret Irene 110 

Margaret Lincoln 134 

Margaret Sadie 325 

Margaret T 82 

Maria 62,256 

Maria A 77 

Maria Jane 189 

Marietta V 182 

Marion 69,93, 99 

Marion A 114 

Marion Elizabeth 305 

Marion Ethel 124 

Marion G 117 

Marion H 283 

MarionL 105 

MarjorieR 93 

MarcusH 226,346 

Mark 183 

Mark Dearborn 251 

MarkH 37,56 

Martha, 25, 47, 139, 179, 186, 190, 212 

MarthaE 182,216 

MarthaElla 79 

Martha Ida , 281 

Martha J 274 

Martha Jane 71 

Martha W 183,229 



Mary, 18, 20, 25, 34, 36, 37, 47, 67, 

140, 150, 163, 165, 171, 180, 186, 

205, 206, 212, 230, 268 

Mary A 274,277,301 

MaryAbbie 281 

Mary Adelaide 77 

Mary Adeline 220 

Mary Agnes 102 

Mary Ann, 80, 85, 120, 175, 176, 210, 


Mary Antoinette 276 

Mary Archer 283 

Mary Augusta 274 

MaryC 124 

Mary Caroline 272 

Mary Deborah 172 

MaryE 84, 103, 212, 271 

Mary Elizabeth, 65, 71, 182, 212, 226, 

275, 280 

Mary Ellen 77,258 

Mary Emily 135 

MaryF 116,201,213 

Mary Florence 62 

Mary Frances 79, 105 

Mary Francis ' 80 

MaryG 184 

MaryH 66,295 

Mary Harrington 88 

Mary Helen 86 

Mary Jane 57, 61, 62, 178,225 

Mary Kate 123 

MaryL 312 

Mary Louise 115 

MaryLovey 279 

Mary Lucretia 113 

MaryM 255,261 

Mary Norris 56 

Mary Olive 211 

MaryP 208 

Mary Sanborn 190 

Mary Reed 329 

MaryS 60 

Mary Virginia 229 

Matilda 255 

Mattie Weeks 229 

MaudL 116,303 

Maud M 283 

MaxE 131 

Mehitable M 58 

Mellen Leavitt 257 

Melissa 226 

MelvinaA 252 

Mercy 165,205 

Meribah 163, 183, 251 

MertonM 323 

Mildred 123,130 

Mildred E 332 

Mildred Louise 303 

Minnie E 306 

Minnie Isabel 118 

Minnie L 318 

Minnie M 284 

MonaB 117 

MorrelB 216,283 

MosesC 184,251 

Muriel Frances 330 

Muriel Irene 127 

Muriel Maud 94 

MylowM 132 

MyraL 119 

MyrtaAlma 110 


Nabby 149, 155, 156, 157, 160 

Nahalia 59,83 

Nahum 225,286,346 

Nancy . 36, 59, 60, 116, 125, 160, 169, 

171, 177, 181, 183, 184, 185, 226 

Nancy C 56 

Nancy Elizabeth 34, 175 

Nancy Hannaford 193 

Nancy J 65 

Nancy Jennie 276 

Nancy L 211 

Nathaniel, 139, 140, 142, 144, 145, 146 

147, 149, 161, 164, 165, 179, 181, 

202, 223, 225, 344 

Nathaniel B 179, 223, 284 

Nathaniel Bartlett 150, 162, 178 

Nathaniel Jr, 144, 146, 147, 148, 149, 

164, 166, 202, 344 
Nathaniel Stacy 80, 117 



Nathaniel Thurston 172 

NelUe 89,125,287 

Nellie B 268 

Nellie F 291 

Nellie L 322 

Nelson Harrison 314 

Nelson L 132 

Nelson Richardson 70, 105 

Nehemiah Parker 271, 318, 346 

Nettie Alberta 92 

Nettie May 120 

Nicholas, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 27, 

139, 140, 142, 144, 150, 156, 163, 

178, 185, 223, 344 

Nicholas Bartlett 152, 154, 162 

Nicholas Churchill 161, 178 

Nicholas Jr 144, 157, 161 

Nina 316 

Noah 44,69,70 

Norman 126 


OctaviaA 223 

Ola 123 

Olinthus Newton 43, 44, 346 

Olive 163, 184,211 

Olive Eliza 120 

Olive Jane 177 

Oliver C 184 

Oliver D 55,78, 114 

Oliver Ripley 134 

Orestes Tophff 252, 303 

Orinda 296 

Orlando C 131 

Orlando W 70 

Orrin Perkins 281, 325 

Oscar 262 

OtisB 90,206, 266 

Otis 267 


Parsons N 223, 284 

Patty 162 

Paul Clifton 327 

PauUneW 338 

Pearl 89,126,303 

PearlAdelaide 93 

PearlE 131 

Pearl Freda 315 

Percy 312,337 

Perley 230 

Perninah Isabel 133 

PersisL 114 

Phebe 179 

Philena Jane 65 

PhilenaL 43 

Philip Eveleth 330 

PhoebeEllen 62 

Phoebe R 81 

Phylena 205 

Plummer 85 

Polly 162 

PresbyE 83 

Prince J 88, 125 


Rachel M 330 

Ralph 230 

Ralph A 330 

Ralph Alva 123, 134 

Ralph Anderson 338 

Ralph E 323 

Ralph 1 337 

Ralph P 288,328 

Ralph R 117 

Ralph Winthrop 307 

Raymond 123 

Raymond Edward 99 

Raymond 1 338 

Raymond S 211 

Rebecca E 116 

Rebecca 202 

Rebecca Jane 42 

Rebecca M 57 

Regina May 327 

Reuben 32, 36, 44, 54, 344 

Reuben Jr 36, 56 

Rhoda Ann 256 

RhodaS 85 



Richard 69, 103 

Richard Felt 322 

Richard Harding 68, 102, 130 

Richard Harding Jr 103, 131 

Richard Thompson 295 

Richard Wiggin 276 

RileaW 291 

Robert 230,295 

Robert B 55,77 

Robert Edward .330 

Robert Ellsworth 319 

Robert Evans 132 

Robert F 337 

Robert Hall 319 

Robert Hamilton 303 

Robert Joseph 77,113 

Roberts 225,288 

Roger Morton 295 

Roger Stanley 73, 110 

Rosa 123 

Rosemary 326 

Rowland 130 

Roxanna 214 

RoxieW 277 

Ruby 315 

RufusD 84,119,346 

RufusKelsey 103, 130 

Rufus King 189, 255 

Rufus Loring 304 

Russell Albert 339 

Russell Sanborn 55, 74 

Ruth 129 

RuthE 132 

Ruth Edna 330 

Ruth Mary 331 

RuthWinslow 60 


Sabrina 59 

Sadie Belinda 322 

Sadie J 276 

Sadie Wilder 115 

Sally. . ..34, 47, 155, 162,164, 167, 180 
Sallv Allen 229 

Sally G 56 

Salome 184 

Sampson, 8, 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 42, 

139, 140, 141, 142, 143, 144, 146 

165, 166, 344 
Samuel, 34, 37, 56, 59, 80, 139, 142, 

143, 150, 155, 158, 159, 160, 161, 

172, 176, 177, 344 

Samuel Doble 89 

Samuel H 225, 266, 288, 312 

Samuel Herbert 123 

SamuelJr 143, 150, 154, 178, 222 

Samuel K 57,81,346 

Samuel Morrell 176, 214, 216 

Samuel Winslow 60, 85, 86, 120 

Sarah, 36, 55, 57, 65, 72, 140, 142, 144, 

160, 163, 182, 184, 208, 211 

Sarah A 42,58 

Sarah Albina 89 

Sarah Ann 56, 176, 177, 212, 267 

Sarah C 266 

S.Allura 222 

Sarah Cecelia 73 

SarahE 225,261 

Sarah Ella 279 

Sarah Frances 78, 263 

Sarah Georgiana 285 

Sarah J 206 

Sarah Lenora 324 

Sarah Philena 265 

Sarah Ross 295 

SarahRuth 84 

Sarah Salome 73 

Sarah Smith 175 

Sarah W 83 

Sewell Hamilton 224, 285 

Seymour 61, 92 

Simon 161,179,344 

Simon Jr 180,224,345 

Simon L 255 

Solomon B 225,286 

Sophia 57,211 

Sophia Ann 208 

Sophia Luthera 68 

Sophia M 225 



Stanley O 324 

StanleyE 128 

Stella Hawes 301 

Stella Iva 115 

Stephen, 34, 36, 38, 59, 60, 66, 88, 206, 

267, 314 

StewartLyall 127 

SueRicker 229 

Sukey 165 

Susan 85, 172, 175, 275 

Susan M." 113 

Susan Nettie 314 

Susannah 34 

Susie 331 

Susie A 213 

Susie F 303 

Susie G 273 

Sylvester 65, 97 

Sylvester Franklin. 213, 279 


Tamson 34 

Temperance 33, 139 

Tamson Lois 62 

Thedora FreUnghuysen 213 

Thelma 343 

Theophilus, 33, 34, 37, 62, 150, 151, 

160, 176, 178 

Theophilus Parker 172, 214 

Theo Conant 136 

Theora H 328 

ThereseP 323 

TheronE 255,304 

Thomas 160, 178, 220, 276 

Thomas A 273 

Thomas Bartlett 183, 229 

Thomas Bartwell 292, 329 

Thomas Bartwell Jr 329 

ThomasB 230,292 

Thomas J 84, 119, 222 

Thomas Jefferson 47, 70 

TillieRuth 126 

Tinnia Serena 208 

Tristnam 252, 302 


Urenia. . .' 185 

UriNelson 91 


Vera 135,343 

Vern 135 

Vesta Stinchfield 272 

Victor B 110,132 

Victor Eugene 132 

Vinnie lone 126 

Viola K 134 

Violet 129 

ViolettaR 311 

Virginia Arlene 339 

Virginia Leila 339 

Vivian 126 

Volney Hubert 73, 110, 346 


Wallace A 306 

Walter . 47, 48, 70, 109, 162, 181, 324 

Walter A 133 

Walter C 89 

Walter Calvin 185 

Walter Cleveland 115, 133: 

WalterE 329' 

Walter Everett ,307 

Walter Harry 327 

Walter Herbert 134 

Walter Judson 286, 327 

Walter Price 181 

Warren 57, 90 

Warren Everett 327 

Warren K 208 

Warren W 78, 113, 114 

Watson 212 

Wayne H 135 

Wealthy Addie 276 

Wealthy 273 

Wealthy Faxon 208 

Welcome Llewellyn 273, 319 

WelcomeOtis 208, 272 

Weldon Williamson 295 

Wendell Redmond 317 

Weston Freeman 288, 328 

Whitney Goldsmith 131 

Wiggin 149, 171 

Wilber Verner 128 

Wilfred 1 312,338. 



William, 17, 41, 44, 54, 58, 61, 67, 
68, 70, 90, 113, 124, 125, 165 
167, 206, 208, 210, 212, 251, 268 

272, 274, 278 

William A 256,267, 316, 339 

William A Jr 339 

William Alvin 127 

William Botliel 292,329 

William Bel helJr 329 

WiUiam C 276, 323, 346 

William Dudley 211, 277, 346 

William Edgerly 219 

William Edson 90, 126 

William Emerson 59, 84 

William F 274,320, 321,346 

WilUam Frank 74,83 

\M]liam George 277 

William Gray 55 

William H, 83, 118, 210, 213, 274, 287, 


William Ham 82 

William Henry 116 

William J 225, 286, 346 

William K 189,256,346 

William M 318 

William MerriU 208, 274 

William Neally 36, 44, 344, 345 

William P 222 

William Ralph 327 

William Sampson 313, 338 

William Wiggin 276 

William Winslow 60, 87 

Willey Allen 277,324 

WilsonH 229,292 

Wilson Simmons 287, 327 

Willie 284,331 

Willie E 119 

WilUeG 115 

Willie H 307 

Willie W 328 

WiUisHilman 302, 330 

Willis J 324 

Willis L 306 

Wingate Newman 57, 80 

Winnifred 337 

WinthropW 210 

Woodville Perley 303, 331 

Woodville Perley Jr 331, 343 

Zebulon, 139, 140, 142, 144, 149, 158, 
159, 160, 170, 208, 271, 344, 346 

Zebulon Jr 149, 155, 156, 170, 344 

Zebulon X 171,212,213 

ZimriH 211 



Abbott 65, 71,84, 85, 119, 175 

Adams, 25, 30, 37, 79, 139, 144, 213, 
256, 304 

Aldrich 105,131 

Allen 58, 110, 210,213,280 

Ames 47,144,163,220 

Anderson 88,124 

Andrews 212,278 

Archer 215,283 

Arlin 77, 113 

Armstrong 105 

Arnold 73,110,124 

Atherton 37,281,325 

Atkins 91 

Atwood 44,47,123 

Austin 103,131 

Averill 115,132,190 

Avery 48 

Avers 59,84,139, 140, 181,230 


Babb 42,252 

Bachelder 99,311 

Backus 88 

Bailey, 37, 44, 48, 66, 69, 183, 184,190, 

Bain 284 

Baker 119,133,177 

Baldwin 60 

BaU 61,92 

Ballham 291 

Banks 161 

Barker 47 

Barnes 258 

Barnett 208 

Bartlett 89,313 

Bartholomew 102 

Barton 320 

Batch 238 

Batchelder 177 

Bates 180,224,225 

Beal 268 

Bean 167,272 

Beach 100 

Beckwith 182 

Beecroft 68,100,101 

Belcher 26,140 

BeU 77,209 

Bender 275,306,321 

Benike 26 

Bennick 20 

Benson 120, 210,275 

Bennett 19,57,81,307 

Berringer 42 

Berry 34,41,97 

Besse 209 

Binney 305 

Black"^ 59,277,324 

Blake 62,252 

Blakesley 263 

Blaisdell, 151, 154, 161, 176, 216, 262, 
268, 278 

Blaikie 320 

Blanchard 78, 166 

Blood 47 

Blount 164 

Bolan 287,327 

Boone 258 

Boardman 143 

Borden 144,155 

Boulter 256 

Boutelle 116 

Bowden 160,176 

Bowman 94 

Boyd 144,160,161 

Boynton 301,315 

Boomhower 91 

Brackett 185, 255, 275 

Brackin 211 

Bradford 60,165 

Bradbury 312,338 




Bragdon 43 

Bragg 306,331 

Brainerd 210,275 

Brittan 229,291 

Brock 69 

Bronson 48 

Brown, 31, 32, 47, 60, 68, 123, 130, 
207, 268,. 273, 281, 318 

Brooks 79,81,117 

Broom 94,129 

Bruce 55,77 

Bnminghaus 287, 327 

Bryant 41, 62, 159, 274, 286 

Bryent 30 

Buck 211 

Buckley 239 

BueU 69 

Burbank 43 

Burden 311 

Burgess 83,272 

Burley 43 

Burleson 74 

Burnham 36,71,214 

Burr 224 

Burrage 215 

Burgess 118 

Buswell 175 

Butler 97, 103, 130, 308, 313 

Butterfield 208 

Butts 66,97 

Buzzel] 184,186,234 

Byard 267,315 


Cahill 284 

Cameron 115 

Campbell 83, 87, 258, 305 

Canfield 314 

Carney 263,307 

Carter 100, 219, 251, 268 

Carroll 106 

Carpenter 250 

Cash 80,117 

Cass 89 

Caswell 223,284 

Chadwick 81,165,209 

Chaflin 286 

Chamberlain 105 

Chamberlin 70, 104, 105 

Champion 56 

Chapin 105 

Chapman, 43, 69, 103, 159, 165, 171, 


Chandler 47,207 

Chanty 274 

Chase 36, 47, 53, 216, 262 

Chemos 84 

Chesley 19, 32, 35, 159, 279 

Chickering 213, 280 

Christie . . 210, 232, 233, 235, 236, 276 

Churchill 149, 161, 171 

Cilley 47,70 

Clark, 19, 47, 66, 89, 160, 182, 183, 

271, 273, 277, 314, 316 

Clapp 106 

Cleaves 323 

Clement 65 

Clifford 85, 257, 268, 274 

■Cline 277,324 

Clough 67 

Cobb 57,206 

Coffin 142 

Cogswell 286,327 

Colbath 276 

Colburn 323 

Colby 62,311 

Colcord 164 

Cole 42,316 

Coleman 202 

Conant 105,131 

Congdon 129 

Connor 144, 159, 162, 163 

Corking 82 

Costellon 252,302 

Cotton 34,55,78,114 

Cottrel 223,284 

Cowan 177 

Cowen 170 

Cox 267 

Cook, 35, 55, 77, 159, 160, 178, 234, 

251, 332 
Cooledge 37,56 



Coolidge 62,94 

Coombs 184 

Cram 158 

Crandall 48 

Crandemere 277 

Crippen 315 

Crist 308 

Critchett 321 

Crockett 155,164 

Crosby 73 

CroweU 117,201,207 

Cross 146 

Currier 69, 88, 125, 252 

Curtain 113 

Curtis 85 

Cushing 301 

Cushman 271,317 

Cutler 70,105 

Dale 58,82 

Dam 184,251 

Dammon 59, 83 

Danforth 167 

Daniels 87,279,280 

Darling 104,243 

Davenport 70 

Davis, 31, 36, 58, 60, 61, 80, 89, 139, 

150, 152, 153, 154, 160, 172, 177, 


Darrough 67 

Dawson 285,326 

Day 165,207,265 

Dean 271,318 

Dearborn, 33, 36, 48, 57, 70, 150, 163, 

172, 185, 214 

Denaco 271 

Dermaque 92, 127 

Dightman 88 

Dinsmore 273,275 

Dixon 291,329 

Doble 59,60,88 

Dockum 25,30,255 

Dodge 225,286 

Dorr 272 




Dowe 43,66,67 

Douglass 296 

Downs 35,252,301 

Drake 65 

Dresser 314 

Drew 84,150,151,154 

Drisco 141,142 


Drury 124 

Drummond 268, 275, 316 

Dudley 106,143 

Duddy 92,128 

Dunbar 308 

Duncan 80 

Dunlap 296 

Dunton 313,338 

Duran 115 

Durgin 60, 62, 80, 86, 158, 159 

Dupre 124,135 

Dustin 210 

Dutton 267,315 

Dwight 161,232 

Dwinell 210,277 

Dwyer 312,337 

Dyer 144, 167,186 

Dvmond 17 


65, 79, 94 










EUingwood 61,90,287 

Elliott 32,36 

Ellis 102,201,215,262 

Ellison 56,80 

Elwin 239,240 

Embrey 229 

Emerson 162, 181, 230, 295 

Emery 304 

Emmons 338 

368 INDEX NO. 2. SURNAMES OTHER THAN DOE.- — Continued. 

Ensworth 73 

Erskine 205, 206, 266, 273, 320 

Estes 86,120,251,262,308 

Estey 163,185 

Evans 32, 60, 73, 88, 110, 125, 170 

Everett 94 

Evings 169,170 


Farnham 106, 151, 154, 312 

Farnum 115 

FarJow 55 

Farmer 162 

Farrington 79, 1 14 

Farwe]] 201,210 

Fassett 261,305 

Fay 278,322 

Faiince 320 

Felt 276,322 

Fergerson 56, 79 

Fernald, 85, 120, 205, 224, 266, 278, 


Field 190 

Fitch 160,177 

Fleming 68 

Fletcher 78, 202, 274 

Fogg 55, 60, 74, 256, 284, 304 

FoUett 25,32,149,171 

Folsom 43, 58, 66, 158, 159 

Foster 208,274 

Fosse 171,212 

Fossett 161 

Fowler 84 

Fowles 167 

Fox 31,102,130,282,326 

Foxcroft 57,206 

Foye 37 

Eraser 61,93 

Freeman 86,87, 124 

Frost, 38, 139, 140, 142, 151, 154, 284, 


FuUer 53,113,114 

FuUington 171 

Furber 25,171 

Gaines 171 

Gallagher 287, 328 

Garland 60, 61, 163, 184 

Garlick 89,125 

Gass 105 

Gates 32,103,150 

Gault 36 

Gear 56,73 

Gibbs 93 

Getchel 306 

Gibson 79 

Giddings 163, 185 

Gilchrist 287 

Gill 60,85,87 

Gilman, 53, 60, 151, 154, 159, 163, 
170, 179 

Gilpatrick 266,312 

Gines 212,320,340 

Gladding 61,92 

Glenes 273,319 

Glidden 171,213 

Glooka 103,130 

Goldsmith 80,115 

Goddard. . . 16, 19, 142, 146, 261, 306. 

Goebel 327,343 

Goodwin 65, 84, 255, 305, 308, 331 

Gordon 36,208,273 

Goss 276,323 

Gould 190,303,331 

Gove 21 

Grant. .69, 103, 181, 205, 225, 226, 288 

Graves 19,183 

Groves 230 

Gray 34,42,90,91, 127, 131,271 

Grey 206 

Green 60,87,276, 305 

Griffin 57 

Griffith 94,128 

Gulliver 208,271 


Haines 84 

Hale 31,70, 183,233 

Halley 275 

Haley 212 


Hall, 36, 42, 44, 55, 84,119,175,226, 
266, 291 

Ham 208 

Hamlin 55,261 

Hannaford 163,183 

Haney 277 

Hanscomb 172 

Hanson 189,256 

Harbaugh 222 

Hardy 69,144,159 

Harding 44,68 

Harlow 120 

Harp 89,125 

Harrigan 339 

Harriman 267 

Harrington 267 

Harris 288,327,328 

Hart 57,285 

Harvey 43,113,312,337 

Haseltine 212 

Haska 292,329 

Haskell 60,206,225 

Haskins 106,132 

Hasson 285,326 

Hastings 90,126,149 

Hasty 219 

Hatch 160 

Hatt 105 

Haven 151, 154, 183, 230 

Hawes 88,301 

Hawley 116,133 

Hayden 58,211 

Hayes. , 33,109, 225, 251,296 

Haynes 287 

Hazelton 215 

Heald 277,279,324 

Heins 91, 127 

Hein 319 

Helms 91,127 

Hemmen 316,339 

Henderson 59 

Hening 232,250 

Heme 211 

Hersey 57,182,312 

Herson 281,325 

Hethrington 104 

Heyer 326 

Hickey .223,285 

Hight 214,282 

Hill 150,151,154,159,163, 183 

Hilton 20,159,161 

Hobbs 62,162,180,181 

Hobby 166 

Hodgkins 322 

Holman 89 

Holmes 83,118 

Hollister 102 

Holt 60,320,340 

Homan 48,71 

Homans 54 

Hopley 139 

Horn 65,251,295 

Horner 38 

Horton 113 

House 169,179 


Howard, 147, 149, 168, 170, 252, 281, 

Howe 42 

Howland 70,109 

Hoyt 193,212, 261, 265, 323 

Hubbard 230,295 

Hudson 120 

Hughs 295 

Humphrey 262, 307 

Hunnewell 216 

Hunt 273 

Hunter 106 

Huntington 183 

Huntress 303 

Hurd 184,252 

Hussy 207 

Hutciiins 229 

Hutchinson 60 

Hyatt 79 

Hyde 258 

Hyson 82 

Ingalls 126 


Jackson 206, 255, 273, 304, 316 

Jacquith SO, 115 

Jarvis 89, 125 

Jelenick 97 

Jenne 69 

Jenness 60 

Jewett 315 

Jipson .277 

Johnson 94, 305, 322 

Jones, 36, 47, 54, 57, 61, 80, 190, 211, 
230, 278 

Joy 35,58 

Judkins 82 


Kaleska 103 

Kasson 69,103 

Kellogg 83,320 

KendaJl 34,41 

Kendrick 275 

Kennard 301 

Kent 34,38,213,279 

Kennedy 258, 305 

Kenyon 37 

Kennison. .41, 61, 90, 92, 126, 255, 303 

Key 213 

Keys 132 

Kezar 193,198 

Kilbiirn 190 

KimbaU 66, 105 

Kirkpatrick 273, 319 

Knight 36, 57, 145, 181 

Knowiand 194 


Ladd 89,126 

Lake 296 

Lamount 165, 167, 169 

Lamper 34 

Lane 1 78 

Landon 149 

Lang 57,61,90 

Langley 36,60 

Lavin 331,343 

Lary 251 

Lassall 169,211 

Leavitt, 60, 161, 163, 185, 190, 255, 
256, 303 

LeBlanc 311 

Leddel 161 

Leet 132,136 

Leighton 287, 308, 327 

Leonard 306, 313, 338 

Lewis 61, 73 

Libeiling 85 

Libby 120,279 

Lincohi 98, 193, 281, 325 

Litchfiekl 180 

Little 98 

Lockwood 55 

Lombard 258 

Lord 189, 251, 252, 296, 301 

Loring 60 

Lovely 324 

Luce 241 

Lucas 47 

Lyford 116 


Mackey 225 

Magoon 116 

Maine 17 

Manning 65 

Manley 272 

Manson 263 

Marcher 183,229 

Marsh 32,208,272 

Marshall 343 

Marston, 34, 47, 80, 159, 164, 186, 

235, 236, 241 
Martin, 16, 146, 150, 172, 206, 208, 

267, 330 

Mason 25,30,48, 143,215 

Matthews 19,26,27 

Mattoon 30 

Masterson 78,113 

May 118 


Maybury 126 

Mayo 283 

MacCombie 302, 330 

McCarthy 318 

McCarty 115, 133 

McCobb 164 

McClintock 130 

McClure 42 

McCoy 80,116 

McCrelUs 224 

McCretchern 312 

McDonald 80,211 

McDuffee 150 

McEwen... 70,109 

Mcintosh 224, 285 

Mclntire 322 

Mclntyer 160,161 

McKeen, 44, 67, 162, 178, 180, 222,229 

McKenzie 278, 323 

McKay 287 

McKmley 69 

McLam 69,104 

McLaughhn 167,211,275 

McMeeknic 147 

McMichael 123 

McPhetres 311 

Mead 155,159,170,175 

Meader 202,262 

Mendnhall 277 

Merrill, 47, 60, 67, 85, 125, 155, 176, 
190, 302, 330 

Meserve 144, 145 

Michell 292 

Mierke 130 

Miller 65,97,105,132 

MiUner 80 

Mills 44,126 

Miner 100 

Minot 85 

MitcheU 257,304 

Mochler 266 

Moody 261,306 

Monroe 314 

Montgomery 327 

Moore, 26, 35, 43, 44, 87, 165, 185, 190 
201, 202, 207, 209, 304 

Morgan 251,296 

Morindy 306 

Morrill 35,37 

Morrison 216 

Morehouse 258 

Morse 47 

Mosher 275 

Moulton, 176, 189, 193, 216, 256, 303, 

Mounsel 16 

Murphy 306 

Murray 65,267 

Murrey 159 

Myrick 169,211 



Nason 277 

Neal , .207,211,268,296 

Nealley '. 32,35 

Neil 295,329 

Nelson 150, 151, 154, 224, 285 

Nevers 180 

Newcomb 165, 304 

Newman 124 

Nicholas 268 

Nickerson 281 

Niles 306 

Noble 144,178,223 

Norton 57 

Norris 36,55 

Norwell.. 180,181 

Noyes 267,313 

Nutting 48 


Oboy 42 

O'Brien 274,320 

Oliver 116,267 

Ordway 44,69 

Otis 184 

Orr 252 

Osborne 292 

Osgood 123 

Ostend 117 

Overlook 222 

372 INDEX NO. 2, SUENAMES OTHER THAN DOE. — continued. 


Page.. 120, IM, 167, 176, 210, 215, 279 

Palmer 66, 99, 1 19, 229, 263, 292 

Paulson 339 

Pankey 318 

Parker 53,124 

Parkinson 114 

Parkman 303 

Parks 65,97 

Parsons 151, 154, 161, 178, 330 

Partridge 21 

Patterson 125, 286 


Paxman 127 

Peabody 320 

Pearson 302 

Pease 184,252,301 

Pecker 48, 71 

Pendergast 160, 176 

Perkins, 74, 205, 209, 211, 214, 224, 
265, 274, 281, 285, 331 

Peterson 325 

Pettigrew 305 

Phelps 73 

Philbrick 35,80 

Phillips 62, 93, 193, 222, 283 

Pickering 143, 154, 219 

Pierce 201,206,261 

Pike 230, 231, 242, 243, 249 

Pilkington 178, 220, 221 

Pilsbery 170 

Pinder 171 

Pinkham 207, 213 

Piper 252,303 

Pitney 316,339 

Pittman 110 

Plaisted 224 

Plim 61,91 

Plummcr 125 

Poor 31,32,170 

Pond 59, 85 

Porter 106,277 

Pow 93 

Pray 97 

Preble 48 

Preebles 113 

Preice 25 

Prentiss 226,288 

Prescott 66, 165, 202, 210, 276 

Probasco 215 

Proctor 85 

Prouty 205,264 

Quiniby 33,34,37,38,65 


Ramsey 36 

Ray 117 

Raymond 98, 144, 165, 169 

Raynolds 36 

Reed 284,287 

Reith 93,128 

Rewitzer 291 

Rice 238,343 

Richardson. .71, 82, 117, 119, 125, 134 

Richmond 306 

Rice 321 

Ricker 150, 162, 172, 182, 232 

Riggs 55,72,208 

Ripley 85,120 

Roach 41,61 

Robbing 314 

Roberts. ... 59, 72, 93, 98, 99, 128, 257 
Robinson, 35, 61, 92, 185, 266, 271, 
283, 312 

Rogers 44,160,261 

Roney 319,340 

Ropes 71 

Rose 62 

Ross 183, 229, 258, 296 

Rowc 69,202 

Rowen 47 

Rowell 48,71 

Roy 92,127 

Ruff 123 

Rumsey 131 

Runnals 68 

Russ 314,339 

Russell 71,109 


Sabin 71 

Sackett 182 

Safford 101 

Sanborn, 36, 47, 144. 158, 161, 164, 
175, 189, 223, 306, 332 

Sargent 106 

Saunders 84 

Savage. . . .151, 154, 165, 168, 208, 327 

Sawyer 97,129,323 

Scott 146,147,274,321 

Scudder 225,287 

Seaman 182 

Seaver 123, 134 

Seavey 117 

Senter 44 

Seward 81 

Severance 114 

Shaw 78,97,223 

Sheaf .-145 

Sheffield 320 

Shepard 101,179 

Sherburn 177, 208, 220, 272 

Sherman 68,102,123 

Sherwin 201,210 

Shipper 87,123 

Shh-ley 65,94 

Shore 305 

Shorey 207,271 

Shmnan 266 

Shute 225,288 

Sunons 280 

Simmons 213, 225, 281 

Simpson 279 

Sinclaii- 47,78 

Skriggins 57 

Slafter 47 

Slater 179,223 

Slattery 120 

Sleeper 61,90,278 

Sloan 280 

Slosson 222 

Sly 305 

Small 162, 272 

Smart 140, 159 

Smith, 19, 21, 28, 34, 36,38,41, 56, 
58, 61, 62, 73, 80, 91, 124, 142, 
159, 169, 170, 172, 175, 213, 232, 
234, 235, 268, 283, 311, 332 

Snow 58,201,274,312 

Southwick 286 

Spafford 213,280 

Sparrow 225,288 

Spear 177, 219, 220, 325, 338 

Spencer 181,225 

Spinney 209 

Spratt... 167,210 

Sprowl 266 

Springer 59,83 

Stackpole 256 

Staples 88,180,274 

Stark 44,179 

Starkey 57,81 

Stearns 60,85 

Steele 55 

Stetson 206 

Stevens, 36, 44, 56, 78, 80, 102, 113, 
114, 139, 149, 237, 321 

Stevenson 159 

Stillson 201 

Stilphen 287,328 

Stinchfield 208, 272 

Stott 66,99 

Stone 224, 252, 302, 340 

Stoodly 140, 142, 143, 145 

Story 21 

Stowell 150 

Straw 34,59,84 

Street 229 

Streeter 61,90 

Sturtevant 263 

Stuter 73,110 

SuUivan 105,131,305 

Sunday 162 

Swain 78,114 

Swan 190,195 

Swanson 317 

Swasey 280 

Sweetser 116 

Sweet 202 

Swett 177 


Sylvester 302 

Symmes 33, 37 


Taft 159 

Tash 36 

Tasker 30 

Tattire 97,129 

Taylor, 92, 165, 167, 168, 175, 201, 

202, 264, 268 

Tebbets 160 

Teel 62,93 

Tenfant 67 

Tenney 67 

Thayer 209 

Theyer 242 

Thing 176 

Thomas 17, 18, 82, 159 

Thombs 275,321 

Thompson, 58, 69, 77, 80, 86, 113, 125, 

135, 142, 177, 186, 268, 295 

Titcomb 57, 82 

Tobey 224,316 

Tolman 147 

Towle. . . . 34, 67, 99, 186, 271, 311, 318 

Towne 311 

Townsend 109, 275 

Torr 35,36,58 

Tott 57,80 

Trask 338 

Traverse 182 

Treat 288,328 

Tucker 99,139 

Tufts 80 

Turcot 272 

Turner 98,116,132 

Tuttle 32,171,223 

Tyack 229 

Tyler 210,276 


Urcly 278,323 

Usher 140 

Valenzuela 88, 124 

Vance 267,314 

Varney 202 

Varnum 165, 206 

Vaughan 243 

Veasey 172 

Veazie 276,322 

Vincent 213,279 

Vogelsang 277 

Vroom 316 


Wade 165, 190, 207, 258 

Wagg , 180 

Wagner 284 

Wales 98 

Waldron 77, 142 

Walford 16 

Walker 47, 82, 115, 216, 283 

Wallace 69,103 

Walhs 84,119,284 

Ward 110,167 

Warner 47, 66, 102, 216, 220 

Washborn 306 

Washburn 44 

Waterhouse 273 

Watson 139, 144, 296 

Wayman 92 

Webber 71 

Webster 55,62,73 

Wedgewood 183, 190 

Weeks, 144, 162, 165, 182, 202, 266, 

267, 302 

Welch 37,59,65 

WoJdon. . 133 

Wells 61,91,104 

Welt 266,312 

Wentworth 31, 32, 155, 272 

West 65,262,307 

Wetherbee 314 

Weymouth, 161, 162, 178, 179, ISO, 



Wheat 123 

Whidden 32 

White 124,266 

Whitehead 91 

Wliitehouse 251 

Whiting 65 

Whitman 295,330 

AVhitney 252,302 


Whittier 84,118,176 

Wiggin, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 77, 139, 

140, 142, 143, 149, 167, 170, 171, 

205, 208, 210 

Wigmore 242,244 

Wilcomb 283 

Wilder 131,136 

Wilkie 291 

Willey. . .31, 33, 91, 157, 158, 211, 277 

Williams 56,159,278 

Williamson 230,292 

Willard 322 

Wills 84 

Wilson 47, 68, 98, 115, 133, 229 

Wing 165,202 

AVingate 161 

Winkley 172,214 

Winslow 36, 59, 148, 168, 169 

Wood 171, 189, 255, 258, 330 

Woodbm-y 332 

Woods 169 

Woolsey 258 

Woodman 25, 29, 30, 36, 233 

Worcester 65 

Works 212,278 

Wormwood 25, 31, 302, 330 

Worth 57 

Worthington 277 

Wright. .82, 91, 106, 120, 144, 161, 201 
Wrigley 94 


Yearn 92,128 

York 16,19,28,77,143 

Young, 56, 68, 78, 84, 159, 171, 266, 313 


Zimmerman 73 


Page 42. Jeremiah Gray d. 1917, not 1874. 

Page 44. William Doe m. Phebe Brown, not Susan Washburn. 

Page 73. Salome Webster Doe was 98 yrs. and 6 mos. old at 
time of her death, not her husband. 

Page 74. Frank Doe b. Meredith, not Rumney, N. H. He d. 
Chicago, 111., not Medford, Mass. 

Page 78. Nahum B. Shaw instead of Nathan. 

Page 127. Ernest Sanford Doe had seven ch., the fourth being 
Kenneth Gladden Doe, b. June 21, 1907. 

Page 229. Mary^ Virginia Doe m. John Thomas Keen, not McKeen. 
Ch. 1 — Sallie Keen Watson, Danville, Va.; 
2 — Witcher (not Whitcher) Keen, Richmond, Va.; 
3 — Nannie Fontam Keen, Danville, Va. 

^nn i Names under portraits reversed. 
Page 300. ' 

Page 266. Annie May Shuman m. Hubbard White, not Augustus 
White. Fler dau. m. Augustus White. 

Page 296. Ira Doe, b. June 6, not June 24; wife b. Sept. 6, not 
June 5. Their dau. Lucy Minetta, three ch. instead 
of four; 1 — Grace, m. Frank Foss (not Ross); one 
ch. Natalie Meta; 2— Louise Meta (not Meter); 
3 — -Ralph, who is with 'American Expeditionary forces 
in France. 

Page 275 ) Adolphus Watson Doe, (not Alphonso). He had 

[■ three ch. instead of two. Mary Elizabeth m. 

Page 321 ' Webber. Shed. 1906. 


3 9999 06439 786