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"InU I^E sfjall turn i\)t Ijcarts of i\)t t{)iHirEn to t|}j jFatfjerg" 


Geo. H. Ellis Co., Printers, 272 Congress Street 




raOVO,UTAH .:^ 


In the following pages an attempt is made to bring into order the details 
of descent of two of the lines of the posterity of John Alden, the Pilgrim. 
Mainly they are a record of our researches, and of the labor of our many 
friendly helpers. There can be no question of the value and the necessity 
of such work as this, even if imperfectly done, if it is once conceded that 
it is worth while to preserve records of descent; and one who attempts to 
follow any line of our family in the first two hundred years, when there 
were few Plymouth or Bristol County towns in which a John or Joseph or 
David or Ebenezer did not live, and in some more than one at the same 
time, will need all the light that he can get from any source in arriving at 
the truth as to the parentage of a given person. It is useless for us to 
regret that this record of a sister and brother is in double form, and that 
some of the facts connected with their common ancestors are stated more 
than once in the historical sketch that precedes the matter comprehended 
under the title-page. The daily duties of each have left too little time for 
even this result, and the genealogist who uses our work must exercise what 
patience he can with the repetitions. To the descendants of either the 
duplications of fact will seem less vexatious. 

This double plan of work, by which each of us becomes solely responsible 
for his work, does not extend to the arrangement of the order of statement, 
in which a plan which seemed on the whole the least objectionable has 
been adopted. Each Alden mentioned will be distinguished by an Arabic 
numeral before the name, and the relationship to the immediate ancestor 
will be shown by the number of that ancestor after the name. 

Errors excepted, in the index will be found the name of every Alden de- 
scendant who appears in the text, and of the husband or wife of each, but 
not of the parents of such husband or wife. 

In closing this labor of filial love and devotion, which has involved car- 
riage rides to most of the old towns, the reading of many records, the re- 
moval of the moss and accumulated turf from memorial stones, and listen- 
ing to the stories of those aged ones who are hastening to join those whose 
memory we seek to perpetuate, we lay down the pleasing burden in the 
hope that in some degree we shall seem to the reader to have served faith- 
fully the cause in which we are interested. 

EBENEZER ALDEN, Brockton, Mass. 

HENRY SHAW, Beachmont, Mass. 
July 17, 1903. 


It will not be without interest to the student who is not familiar 
with the facts connected with the earlier generations of the Aldens 
to pass in review, in a brief manner, some of the known events occur- 
ring in the lives of those from whom we are descended ; and that 
course seems the more necessary because the records of some of the 
most important to us are not known to have been printed before. To 
this review of the events mentioned, we subjoin, for convenience in 
reference, in the second part the names of the children born in the 
earlier generations, as usually printed, though we follow in detail 
only our own line. 

John Alden, the Pilgrim, was about twenty-one years old when he ( 
landed ; and President John Adams, descended from him through his 
daughter Ruth, says he was the first stripling to land on Plymouth 
Rock. He was the last to die of those who signed the civil compact 
which began in America government for the people, by the people ; 
and our ancestor is thus the personal representative of the beginning 
and the end of the Pilgrim colonization. 

There is no evidence that he was at first by education or convic- 
tion in sympathy with the views or the sufferings that drove the Pil- 
grims into exile. In the meetings at Scrooby or the dwelling at 
Leyden he had no part ; nor is it probable that until he came into 
direct personal association with the exiles during their lonely voyage, 
and learned to estimate at their true value the lofty principle and un- 
selfish consecration to duty which lay at the foundation of the move- 
ment, that he was drawn to identify himself with it. 

The evidence of Governor Bradford is conclusive on this point, 
and Arber's book places Alden first among the five hired men who 
went out with the company in the "Mayflower." Bradford says, 
"John Alden was hired for a cooper at Southampton where the ship 
victualled, and being a hopeful young man (likely, promising, we 
should say), was much desired, but left to his own liking, to go or 
stay, when he came here, but he stayed, and married here." 

So it was a case of good seed falling by happy providence in fruit- 


ful soil, and bringing forth a hundred-fold in present honor and future 
prosperity and happiness. 

The hiring of John Alden was a renewed evidence that the founders 
of the Colony, who already had secured the services of Myles Stand- 
ish, a man so little identified with them that some have doubted 
whether he was even a Protestant, recognized the fact that one who 
would keep the hoops on the water-casks in good order was as 
essential to the success of the voyage as Governor Carver or Elder 
Brewster, and, like practical statesmen, provided for the temporal as 
well as for the spiritual needs of the company. 

In the cool and cautious commendation of Bradford, which gives 
warrant for no belief in any great social advancement of the " hope- 
ful " young man, it is impossible to read one hint of the fact that in 
little more than twenty years Alden was one of seven, all writing 
" gentleman " as a proper indication of their social position, who 
were chosen to negotiate the settlement of difficulties with the Puritan 
Colony, and that during all the rest of his long and busy life he was 
Deputy (representative) in the Court of the Colony, or Assistant to 
the Governor, who thus mentions him. 

It may not be far from truth to guess that the social space that 
at first separated Bradford, who was more than any other the financial 
and business head of the Colony, and his hired man, with the rapid 
promotion of the latter, so that in seven years he was next the Gov- 
ernor in rank and power, with the natural antipathy between the king 
and the heir-apparent, fairly accounts for the omission. 

Perhaps those who wish to believe that John Alden was entitled to 
a coat-of-arms may derive some confirmation of their theory from the 
fact that in 1643, as above written, he is called "gentleman" ; but, 
as we know nothing in history or genealogy that connects him with 
that John Alden of the Middle Temple to whom on Sept. 8, 1607, 
Camden, herald-at-arms, adjudged a coat-of-arms " Gules, Three 
Crescents within a border engrailed ermine by the name of Alden," 
we shall have to allow that the probability of our ancestor stepping 
on board the " Mayflower " with his cooper's adze in one hand and his 
coat-of-arms in the other is too small to entitle it to consideration. 

Much more pleasing to the pride of a rational mind is the knowl- 
edge that in an age when good men and even mild men did, and 
verily thought they ought to do, acts that every one now condemns, 
there is no record of our ancestor as a persecutor, or as having any 
part in the awful delusion that darkened the closing years of his 


With all the diligence at our command we have not been able to 
add anything to what is already known of John Alden and Priscilla, 
though the Mayflower Descendant lately printed the inventory of his 
estate, or of Joseph and Mary (Simmons). Even their burial-places 
are unknown to us, though it may well be that the tradition that 
places the grave of Priscilla by the side of that of her daughter, 
EUzabeth Pabodie, at Little Compton, R.I., is true. 

Perhaps the one feature in the history of his ancestors which the 
thoughtful descendant of the Pilgrims remembers with the least pleas- 
ure is the relation of the immigrants to those whom they found in 
possession of the country. It is no settlement of the question of fair 
title to say that they fairly paid for what they got ; for the use which 
the buyers were to make of the land was so different from that which 
the sellers had made or could make that it was only when experience 
showed the latter how much more than the mere right to cultivate the 
soil they had sold had been conveyed, and how they could no longer 
cross over it to reach their fishing places, that the irrepressible conflict 
was manifest. 

With waning power and always diminishing resources the red men 
fought out the battle, and there was peace when the whites at last 
had them cooped in definite reservations or lying in unmarked graves. 
To know that among the conquering invaders there was one with 
purpose so just and mind so equitable that the weak might trust their 
cause with him, and so grounded in the respect of his own people that 
his opinions would command obedience, is to be sure that such a man 
was. one from whom all good men would be glad to claim descent, 
and official records show that our ancestor was that man. The 
paper which follows may be found in the Plymouth Colony Deeds, 
vol. ii. p. 41, and has already been printed in Mayflower Descend- 
ant, vol. ii. p. 31 : — 

Whereas a difference hath arisen between the Inhabitants off Sand- 
widge and the Sachem off Manomett and other Indians conserning a 
Tract of upland called quitnite the said Sachem with the Rest having 
chosen Miles Standish senior and John Alden senior ; and the said 
Townsmen of Sandwidge haveing chosen Robert Dennis of Yarmouth 
and John Smith of Barnstable to arbitrate and fully to conclude and 
end the aforesaid differences ; all the said pties of Sandwidge and the 
said Sachem haveing given full power to end and conclude all 
Differences between the said pties Difering for any matter of Land. 

Wee therefore haveing waighed the arguments on both sides accord- 
ing to our best understanding have ; all the pties that is to say. Miles 


Standish John Alden Robert Dennis and John Smith mutually con- 
cluded all the said Differences conserning the land off quitnite as fol- 
loweth ; 

Videlecet wee Doe by these prsents in full satisfaction wee give 
unto the said Sachem &c twenty six acres of upland onely for all that 
the said pties have can or may challenge in full satisfaction for all 
Rightes claims or Demands of all or any pte of the said Lands apper- 
taining to the Towne of Sandwidge except the foremencioned twenty 
six acres of upland ; Also wee do mutually agree and conclude the said 
Sachem &c shall have the twenty six acres of Land in one Intire 
place provided it be in the fitest Land for their use ; Wee alsoe graunt 
to the said Sachem &c libertie to fell fitt wood to ffence the said Land 
upon any pte of the said quitnite alwaies provided incase there be not 
sufficient upon the said twenty six acres of upland ; farther It is con- 
cluded that the said Indians make a sufficient ffence at their own 
Dammage ; and that the said Sachem shall for himself and all other 
Indians that shall Resort to him ; shall undertake for him and them 
that neither hee or any such Indians that they shall not Damnifye the 
said Townsmen of Sandwidge by kiUing or hunting any such cattle as 
they shall att any time put upon the said necke : and in case any 
cattle be hurt or killed by the Indians upon due proofe the aforesaid 
Sachem shall make the Dammage good ; and that there may be 
naighborly agreement between the said Indians and the Townsmen of 
Sandwidge Alsoe It is concluded by the said Miles Standish John 
Alden Robert Dennis and John Smith that the said Sachem and all 
that appertaine to him or Resort unto him shall not hunt or chase the 
cattle of the towne of Sandwidge ; And if the said Sachem shall see any 
cattle of the EngUsh in any danger the Sachem shall prsently give 
notice to some man or men of the Towne of Sandwidge. 

To all the aforementioned conclusions Wee have subscribed our 
names This 15*^^ of Aprill 1653 


In addition to such service as this the Plymouth Records show 
many instances in which his neighbors had the benefit of his counsel 
in adjusting conflicting claims, and in restoring harmony and good 
will between brothers and friends who disagreed as to bounds and 
rights. In those days, when the office sought the man so strenuously 
that a fine followed non-acceptance, it might lead to a false conclusion 
to infer personal character from continuous official position, but the 
evidence of these suffrages of fellow-townsmen and neighbors cannot 
be misinterpreted. 

A little more than sixty years after his death a Quincy rhymester, 


whose excellent commendation of our ancestor will somewhat recon- 
cile us to his doggerel, had occasion to sing the eulogy of Alden's 
grand-daughter Sarah Thayer, lately dead : — 

Her grandfather he was a man who did the truth reveal, 

And to defend Christ's kingdom great he burned with holy zeal. 

Like holy Abraham of old left land and kindred all, 

And wandering up and down he went wherever God did call. 

From old England he did come o'er where heathen did possess 

For to enjoy religion pure, and God this man did bless. 

And made him once a ruler here, let's not forget his fame. 

He lived above the age of man, John Alden was his name. 

This is definite and direct, spoken to men who must have known 
the man ; and so we may take it as conclusive that when, as the 
seventh signer of the civil compact, he identified himself with the 
colonists who were to make him Governor's Assistant for forty-three 
years, and thirteen years Treasurer of the Colony, he was not, as at 
first, with them only, but of them. 

His Duxbury home was at Eagle-Tree Pond, some two miles north 
of Captain's Hill, and eight from Plymouth. 

The line of his descendants to which we belong is easily remem- 
bered by the alternation John', Joseph-, John^, Joseph*. 

It is known that Joseph Alden, son of John the Pilgrim, lived on 
the Bridgewater land granted to his father, which land lay near the 
building of the Historical Society in the present town of West Bridge- 
water. The burying-ground in use in the latter part of the seven- 
teenth century was on the south-westerly side of the street on which 
the Historical Society building stands, and is included in the estate 
of the late Francis Howard, Esq. ; but no fragment of a stone or 
depression in the surface of the smooth lawn around the memorial 
stone which marks the centre of the grant gives any evidence of the 
undoubted fact that the first settlers were buried there. 

It is with profound satisfaction, when one leaves the foggy land of 
tradition and distorting half- knowledge, where "it is said " and " we 
may believe " and the like phrases usurp the place of truth, to stand 
upon the firm rock of knowledge. Such a change we experience in 
passing from the second to the third generation, and thereafter we 
rely on recorded documents and on other reUable evidence. 

Joseph^, the son of John', was younger brother of the Captain 
John who suffered so much from the effects of the witchcraft delusion 
in Boston, and his posterity must ever be proud to claim alUance 
with one of the clear heads that saw through the terrible imposture. 


His will has not been found, but the following is copied from 
Plymouth Probate Records, and the inventor}' of his estate is also 
given : — 


These are to publish and Declare to all whome it may concern that 
I Joseph Alden sen'' of y*^ Town of Bridgwater in y^ County of 
Plimouth in New england being of sound judgment and memory Do 
ordain and make this my last will and Testament in maner following 
my Immortal Soul I do Humbly Resign into y^ mercyfull hands of 
Almighty God my creator hoping through y*^ merits and mediation of 
Jesus Christ to obtain pardon and salvation My Body I commit to y^ 
Earth from whence it was to be Decently Interred at y^ Discretion of 
my executors and the rest of my christian friends. And as Touching 
such worldly estate as God Hath Blessed me withall I Dispose of it 
in maner and forme as foUoweth. 

Imps J Give to my son Isaac fifty Acres of Land which he lives 
upon, further I Give him Ten acres more which I gave him liberty to 
take up : more Ten Acres of Swamp more two acres of upland which 
he hath taken up in Liew of the upland belonging to Coasten Kitchen 
meadows, one Acre more of meadow at Byroms hole which he hath 
hitherto enjoyed more I give to him Half my meadow lott in Byroms 
hole In consideration whereof my Will is that he allow to my son 
Joseph Three acres out of the aforementioned ten acres of Swamp 
further I Give to my son Isaac Half of my sixty acres of Land be- 
tween Byroms hole and the Sawmill All which Lands abovementioned 
I Say I Give to him and to his heirs and Assigns for Ever. 

Item I Give to my Son Joseph the Land whereupon he lives of 
which I have already Given him Assurance by written Deed, further 
I give to him Twenty Acres lying upon the Great River Below Good- 
man Bayleys Land, ffurther I Give Between my two Sons Joseph and 
John Ten Acres of Land to be taken up to be equally Divided Be- 
tween them which said Lands as aforesaid I Give to him and to his 
Heirs and Assigns forever. Item I Give to my Deare Wife my 
Homestead with all the Housing thereupon and all my lands joyning 
thereunto more I Give unto her Ten acres of Land upon thfe 
Plaine more two wood lots Lying on the Left Hand of y^ way to 
Thomas Washbournes. And my will is that my Son John Shall have 
the use and Improvement thereof for his and my wife's Comfort dur- 
ing her Life time And that after her decease my Son John Should 
enjoy it all Together with half my sixty Acres above mentioned 
lying near the Sawmill And half my Lott of meadow in Byroms hole 
AH which parcels of Land I Say I do give to him and his heirs and 
Assigns for Ever : ffurther I give all my Moveables to my Wife to 
dispose of as she shall se cause I give to my three sons Isaac Joseph 


and John all my Right and Interest in y^ majors purchase and also in 
y^ undivided lands belonging to my purchase Right to be equally 
Divided amongst them And finally I do constitute make and ordaine 
mary my wife executrix & my son John Joynt Executo"" of this my 
last Will and Testament utterly Renouncing Revoking & Disclayming 
all other Wils and Testaments whatsoever In Witness whereof I have 
hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of December in y^ 
year of our Lord one thousand six hundred ninety and six. 

his X mark & a seal 

Signed sealed pronounced and declared in the presence of us y^ 
subscribers vizt. 

Pallatiah Smith 
Thomas Delano 
Joseph Hayward 

Memorandum pallatiah Smith Thomas Delano and Joseph Hayward 
the Witness here named appeared and made oath before William 
Bradford Esq'' Judge of Probate on y^ lo day of march 169^ that 
they were present & saw & heard Joseph Alden the Testator sign seal 
and declare y'^ Instrument above written to be his last will And that 
to y'= best of their Judgment he vvas of sound disposing mind and 
memory when he did y^ same. 

Attest Sam^ Sprague 

The Inventory of y"^ estate of Joseph Alden sen'' who deceased ye 
8thof ffebruy 169^ 

Imps £ s d 

Eleven Shirts i. 

more linnen 2. 

more linnen i. 10. 

more wearing cloathes hats and shoose 6. 16. 

more for Beds and Bed Cloathing 11. 

more cloathing 2. 

more for pewter Brass and Iron vessels and Lumber ..... 9. 10. 

more for Armes and Ammunition i. 15. 

more for cart and plows with iron tools 4. 

more for come and other provis^ion 5. 

more for cattel horse Kind and swine 28. 10. 

more in debts due i. 10. 

more in books 10. 

more in timber and Boards i. 

£7(>- SI. 

John Leonard 
Joseph Snow 
Samuel Allin Junr 


John 3 removed to Middleborough about 1700 and before his chil- 
dren were born. His gravestone and that of Hannah (White), his 
wife, are in Purchade * burying-ground, Plymouth Street, North 

He was one of the original purchasers of Middleborough from 
the Indians ; and the cellar of his house is only about twenty rods 
north of the road leading from North Middleborough to the centre, 
and less than one-eighth of a mile east of the Purchade burying- 
ground in which he and his wife Hannah (White) lie. His will, 
made in the year of his death, 1730, is here reproduced as having 
a profound interest to his descendants, and not much less to all who 
desire to know the characteristics, self-revealed, of the founders of 
our State that are shown by it. So far as we know, it has not 
been printed before. 

Know all men by these presents that I John Alden of the Town 
of middleborough In the county of plimouth In new england 
being at this present time very sick and weak : yet of sound and 
disposing memory & understanding : Blessed be God for the same : 
and being senceable of my own mortality : and Knowing that it is 
appointed for all men once to die : Do make and ordain this to be 
my last will and Testament to Remain firm and Inviolable for Ever. 
That is to say : first and principaly I Recommend my Soul to God 
that gave it : and my body I committ to the Earth to be decently 
Buried : hoping to Receive the same in Glory at the general Resur- 
ection through the Merits of Jesus Christ : and as for my outward 
Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me : I give and dis- 
pose of the Same In maner following : Imprimis I Give and bequeath 
unto my Loving wife Hannah Alden one third part of all my move- 
able Estate whatsoever and one third part of all the Debts due unto 
me my just debts and funeral charges being first paid out of my 
moveable Estate the Same to be for her comfortable Subsistance and 
to be at her own disposing : Also I give and bequeath unto my said 
wife the whole use and Improvement of my Dwelling house barn 

♦Purchade gets its name from some corruption of the Indian name, "Pachaet," "Package, 
Pickade, Ptchade," given to the neck "near Teticut river." 

This burial-place might properly be called the Alden ground, for it was given by John Alden3 ; 
and a very large number of those allied to us, besides those in our direct line, lie all around in this 
place. The names and ages of some who were born in the eighteenth century are given here : David, 
S3 ; David, 6i ; Elijah, 98 ; Jared, 84 ; Job, 88 ; Lucinda, 62; Vienna, 84, among others. 

But the most interesting of these not in our direct line is John, the younger brother of Joseph*. 
He was born in 1719, and died in 1821. It seems to bring us very near in point of time to remember 
that this son of a grandson of John, the Pilgrim, was alive during the lifetime of some who may read 
this note. The great age of these noted above, most, if not all of whom were like him descended 
from Joseph^, seems to emphasize the remark, often made, that the descendants of that line now far 
outnumber those of all the others combined, and suggests the thought that great additional vitality 
must have come in through marriage. 


and outhouses during her widdowhood Also I Give unto my said wife 
the whole use and Improvement of all the lands : which by this my 
last will I Give to my Son John Alden : during her widdowhood : 
Alwaj^es provided that if shee remain a widdow untill my s'^ Son John 
comes to the age of twenty one years then from that time forward 
shee shall have the Use and Improvement of but one half of s'i dwell- 
ing house barn and outhouses : and the Use and Improvement of but 
one third of the aforesaid land given to my son John during her 
widdowhood : Item whereas I have formerly given unto my Son David 
Alden (by deed of Gift) fifty acres of land together with other things 
that I have given him : and done for him : I Give unto him now my 
share in the land caled the 80 acres belonging to Pachade men, being 
in number the fourth share therein ; Item I give and bequeath unto 
my Son Joseph Alden a certain parcel of my homestead land bounded 
as followeth : Beginning at a red oak tree being a corner bound of my 
Son David Alden's land standing to the Eastward of his house : and 
from thence Ranging on a strait line cross my field to a small white 
oak tree marked standing on the northerly side of the way that leads 
from my house to titicut : and from thence bounded by the northerly 
side of s'' way towards my house unto a stake & stones Standing on 
the northerly side of s"^ way near the ditch field bars and from thence 
on a strait fine to a stump with stones about it mentioned in the 
agreement between my Self & Joseph Warren & from s^ Stump on a 
strait line to the white oak tree being the south east corner bound of 
the lot of land In the neck which I bought of Joseph Warren & from 
thence by the line of s'l lot unto Namasket River and from thence 
bounded by the River down Stream to the land of David Alden & 
from thence by s'l David Aldens land to the red oak tree first men- 
tioned : And also one other parcel of land bounded as followeth 
beginning at the small white oak tree marked standing on the 
northerly side of the way that leads from my house to titicut before 
mentioned & from thence on a strait line to the northeast corner 
of the land which Barnabas Eaton bought of Joseph Warren : and 
from thence bounded by the s"^ Eatons land unto a small white oak 
marked Standing on the northerly side of the cartway between sf^ 
Eatons house and the causey and from thence on a strait line to the 
little causey and from thence as the cartway now goeth on the 
Southerly side of the little Swamp that is to the Southward of my 
house until it comes to the Southerly end of s^ Swamp and from 
thence on a strait line to a cedar stake Standing on the Southerly 
side of the aforesaid Way that leads from my : house to titicut : & from 
thence to the small white oak first mentioned : Item I Give and 
bequeath unto my Son John Alden all my homestead land & meadow 
which lye there Joyning together on the Easterly Side of the afore- 
said land given to my son Joseph Alden : AUways Reserving to my 
aforesaid wife the use and Improvement of the dweUing house barn 
& outhouses and of all the afores'^ land given to my son John : 
according as is above expressed : Also I give unto my s^ Son John 


my Share in the land called the 80 acres belonging to pachade men 
being in number the fifth Share therein : And my will is that my Son 
John Shall pay as a legacy unto my Son Noah Alden : and unto my 
five daughters Thankful Eaton Hannah Wood Lydia Alden Mary 
Alden and Abigail Alden : unto each sixteen pounds : within Six 
years after he comes to the age of twenty one years : And my will 
is that my aforesaid Son Joseph Shall pay as a Legacy unto my 
afores'i Son : Noah : and my afores'J daughters ThankfuU Hannah 
Lydia Mary and Abigail to Each of them forty shillings within Six 
years after he comes to the age of twent}' one years : Item I Give and 
bequeath unto my Son Ebenezer Alden forty acres of land next ad- 
joining to the lower Side of my Son David Aldens Land and to extend 
so far down the River as that a line Square from the line of my land 
to the River Shall Include forty acres : And also Twenty acres of 
land adjoyning to the South West Side of the last mentioned of the 
two parcels of land given to my Son Joseph : And also my will is that 
[in some convenient *] there be a piece of land left for a Burying 
place within the afores'^ twenty acres to be bounded beginning at the 
westerly corner bound of the forty acre lot which was Joseph Warrens 
and to extend to the grave stone of my son Lemuel and to be : 4 : pole 
in breadth on the northerly side of s^ line : said peice of land to be per- 
petually Reserved for that use : and in Stead thereof there Shall be al- 
lowance made in Setting out s^ 20 acres of the like quantity: Item I 
Give unto my three Sons Joseph John & Ebenezer all my Right and 
Intrest of cedar swamp in the purchase called the six and twenty 
mens purchase : to be equally divided among them : Item I Give and 
bequeath unto my five daughters ThankfuU : Hannah : Lydia : Mary 
&: Abigail the other two thirds of my moveable estate : and also two 
thirds of all the debts due unto me : my Just Debts and funeral 
charges being first paid out of my moveable estate : the same to be 
equally divided among them : Save only to my daughters ThankfuU : 
and Hannah: fifty poimds less than their equal proportion they hav- 
ing already Received so much of my Estate : Item I Give and 
bequeath unto my loving wife Hannah Alden my negro man to be at 
her own disposing : And my will is that my Son Noah be brought up 
to learning at the coUedge : And my will is that the executors of 
this my last will and Testament shall sell all my land which I have 
not herein particularly given away & disposed of at the best advan- 
tage they can to defray the charge thereof : and In case that the 
value of s^ land be more than is necessary for the defraying of the 
charge thereof : that the Remainder be equally divided between my 
six children Noah : ThankfuU : Hannah Lydia : Mary : and Abigail : 
And ray will is that my well beloved wife Hannah Alden and my 
Son David Alden shall be executors of this my last will and Testa- 

In witness whereof I the afores^ John Alden have hereunto set 

* These words first written in ori.e;inal and changed. 


my hand : and seal this Twenty third day of September one thousand 
seven hundred and thirty: 1730. 


Signed sealed and declared by the 
above named John Alden to be his 
last will and Testament. 

In presence of us 

Thomas Knowlton 
Barnabas Eaton 
Jacob Tomson 

Will proved Dec. 17, 1730. 



Item wearing apparel 25 

To Books 2 

Arms and ammunition 7 

Bed and furniture 19 

Bed and furniture 11 

Bed and furniture 15 

Bed and furniture 17 

Bed and furniture 15 

Pillows I 

3 new blankets for bed 4 

Silver and some paper bills 8 

Chairs and tables 4 

Sheets, shirts, and other linen and some remnants of woollen 25 

Chest, trunk and a box 2 

One loom and all ye tackling belonging to it 3 

Glass bottles, glasses, earthern ware, Worsted, comb and card 5 

Pewter 6 

Pots and kettles and other brass and iron ware 15 

Steelyards and other small things 5 

Spinning wheel, one bedstead and bed cord 4 

Barrels, tubs, and other wooden ware 7 

1496 weight of Pork 42 

3 young beeves killed 26 

Yarn, wool, flax and tow 15 

Scythes, tackling, sickles, sheep shears and bells .... 3 

Axes, saws, augers, and other tools 5 

Saddle, bridle and other horsetackle 6 

Leather and shoe maker's tools 3 

23 barrels cider and the casks 14 


























































Tobacco and turnips 6 

Butter, cheese and a bushel of malt 2 

Bags and some old bed clothes 3 

One old cart and wheels 6 

Ploughs and some other old things 4 

Chairs and some other things 4 

One grindstone, shovel and hoes 2 

Yoke and the irons belonging to them i 

Four hides 2 

Clabboards, shingle and other cedar stuff 2 

One old cider mill and press i 

Indian and english corn and beans 25 

Boards 2 

One negro man 7° 

Hay 51 

4 Horses 44 

One yoke of Oxen .' 13 

Another yoke of Oxen 18 

Another yoke of Oxen 19 o o 

Another yoke of Oxen 14 o o 

One yoke Steers coming 4 years old 13 o o 

Two yoke Steers coming 3 years old 20 o o 

Two yoke Steers and two heifers coming 2 years old ... 11 10 o 

4 cows coming 5 years old 3° ° ° 

3 cows coming 4 years old 19 o o 

3 Cows 23 o o 

3 Heifers and Bull coming 3 years old 15 10 o 

5 Calves 10 o o 

41 Sheep 30 15 o 

8 Swine 9 o o 

52 Acres of Homestead given to John Alden by will . . . 793 o o 

A dwelling house standing on same 160 o o 

Two Barns and Corn house standing on same 38 o o 

A parcel of woodland estimated at 38 Acres, lately pur- 
chased of George Warren 120 o o 

Certain parcel of land lying on north way of Titicut road 
& running down to the neck given to Joseph Alden 

by will 380 o o 

A lot of woodland purchased of Samuel Doggett estimated 
47 Acres together with about 8 acres of improved land 

adjoining same 125 o o 

45 Acres land lying near Titicut 180 o o 

Half of a share in Titicut meadows _. . 4 10 o 

Two lots of land in 80 acres, estimated 20 acres .... 36 o o 

Parcel of Cedar Swamp ^ . 40 o o 

Bonds for money due estate 202 7 9 

Book debts due estate 7 n 7 

Sum total errors excepted 2893 5 6 


At a session of the Court held April, 1731, David Alden having 
renounced his position, Hannah was made sole executrix. 

September, 1746, "the said executors being also since deceased," 
Samuel Edy, Jr., of Middleborough, yeoman, son of the daughter 
Lydia, was appointed administrator with the will annexed, with 
Noah Alden of Middleborough, husbandman, and Thomas Mayhew, 
merchant, of Plymouth, as his bondsmen. 

This will has a good degree of interest to the general reader, and 
is especially interesting to an Alden descendant. Many of the forms 
which are now considered necessary in order that a will should be 
valid were not followed, and it will be noticed that the witnesses 
to this will certify to no more than that they saw him sign it. In the 
commingling of religious dogma and secular business it does not 
differ from most of the wills of that period, and perhaps not in the 
technical description of the parcels of land devised ; but to a modern 
conveyancer the absence of all distances in any direction, and of all 
accurate points of compass, together with the temporary nature of 
the marks named, combine to leave a most obscure image of the tract 
conveyed. " The way that leads to Titicut " is clear, and from " the 
River down stream " is plain enough if one knew how long the bank 
of the river is followed, and at what point it was approached ; but 
the " stump with stones round it," and the "cedar stake," and even 
"the white oak tree," by their temporary nature do but mark more 
emphatically that respect for the rights of others and the absolute 
subordination to law and property rights that made these frail monu- 
ments enough, and which traits still constitute the crowning glory 
of our New England heritage. 

For the rest, some of us can shine for a minute in the reflected 
glory of an ancestor who threw around eighty-acre lots with the lav- 
ishness of an Eastern prince, and willed swamp land without designat- 
ing and, perhaps, without himself knowing the number of acres given. 
Many will learn with surprise that our family boasts a slaveholder 
among its ancestors, and all will be touched by that change in detail 
in the wording of the will by which " some convenient " place for a 
burial-ground became the spot already hallowed by the grave of the 
giver's Httle son. 

Each reader may guess for himself the motive that limited the large 
gifts to the wife to a continuing widowhood, according as a husband 
is considered a selfish tyrant who would rule, even in the grave, or as 
a wise friend who would continue to love and to protect even after 


death ; but there will be no division of sentiment as to that clause 
which provides for the education of little Noah. 

It was owing to no lack of foresight on the part of the testator that 
this provision failed to secure its object, but, rather, to the fact that 
the widow died so soon after her husband, and that it was only when 
the boy had attained his majority, in 1746, that the estate was finally 

But in spite of all hindrances Noah is shown by Sprague's " Annals 
of the American Pulpit " to have attained a large and varied useful- 
ness, and it is impossible to read the final sentences in the quotation 
that follows from that work without recognizing in the dead clergy- 
man the fruition of that infant promise that the father saw in his five- 
year-old son, so many years before : — 

"He was born in Middleborough, May 30, 1725, the youngest of 
thirteen children. His father left property to secure him a college 
education, but it was improperly diverted from that purpose, and in 
consequence he was exposed to many hardships. Before he was 
twenty, he married and removed to Stafford, Conn., where he pur- 
chased a farm. There he joined the Congregational Church and 
continued in that form till 1753, when he became a Baptist. 

" June, 1755, he became the minister of the Baptist Church in Staf- 
ford, and so continued until November, 1766, when he was installed 
as pastor of the Baptist Church in Bellingham, Mass. Here he con- 
tinued until his death May, 1797, when nearly seventy-two years old. 

"He was chosen as a delegate from Bellingham to the convention 
that adopted the Constitution of the United States, and of the Con- 
vention that formed the Constitution of Massachusetts, acquitting 
himself with great credit in both. 

" His countenance was expressive of great mildness, dignity, and 
benevolence. Children were his delight, and they were never happier 
than when the objects of his attentions." 

It will be seen that the ground in which John 3, his son Joseph, and 
wife Hannah Hall, and Joseph's son Ebenezer all lie, was given in 
this will ; and it is an interesting fact that by the side of the last there 
is space for his wife, Ruth Fobes, who lies in North Carver. The 
part given in John's will lies next the street, there having been a mod- 
ern addition in the rear, and his body lies in the first row next the 
north-west entrance. In the third row east is Joseph, 17 16-1787; 
and in the fourth is Ebenezer, 1743-1773. 



Here are copies in orthography and in form of some Alden 
inscriptions in Purchade Burial Ground of persons dying be- 
tween 1730 and 1 82 1 : — 

Here Lyes y^ 
Body of M^ John 
Alden Who Dec'^ 

3£p^BR ye 29th 

1730 In 
y^ 56"^ Year 
OF His Age 

Here Lyes y'^ Body 
OF ^^'■^ Hannah Allden 
WIFE TO ^"^ John Allden 
who DeC^ Oct'^'' y^ S'"^ 

1732 In 
y^ 52"' year 
of her Age 

In memory OF 
M"^ Lydia Alden 
wife of M"* 
John Alden 

WHO died 

April y« 6^'> 

1749 in y^ 
27"^ year of her age 

In memory of 
'Mr David Alden 

who Dec'^ 
AuG^* y^ 24*'' 1763 
In y^ 62 year 

of his Ag-e 

In memory of 
Mr Silas Alden 
WHO died March y'^ 
23** 1764 IN the 
25"' Year of his age. 

Here Lies buried 
Hannah Alden 
Wife of M-- 
Joseph Alden She 
Dec^ July y« 9^^ 

1766 in 
y^ 48'^ year of her Age 


^^E^TO M^^ 


In Memory of 
M'' Ebenezer Alden 
Who died Jan^ y« 6"' 1773 
In the 30"' year of his Age 

In memory of Ezra 
Son of Mr Rufus 
Alden and Mrs Sally 
his wife He died 
Oct 9 1776 Aged 
10 months 


In Memory of Polly 
daughter of Mr Job 
and Mrs Lucy Alden 
who died June i^' 
1778 Aged I year 
1 1 months & 4 

In memory of Spooner 
Son of M-- Job & 
M""* Lucy Alden who 
Died July y^ i"' 1778 in 
The 8''^ Year of his 

In Memory of 
M"" Joseph Alden 
Who died Jan y« 26 1787 

Aged 70 years 

In memory of 

Marah Dau. of Mr Elijah Alden 
and Marah his wife who died 
July 5 1795 aged 
2 days 

In memory of 
Mrs. Judith Alden 

Widow of 
Mr David Alden 
She died Jan. 12. 1802 

In Memory of 
Mrs Rebecca 
Wife of Mr John 
Alden died Jan''>' 
16*'^ 1807 In the Tf^' 
year of her age 

In memory of 
Mr. Darius Alden 
Who died Dec i^f" 
1808 Aged 25 years 


Memory of 
Dea David Alden 

Who died 
Jan. 10. 1814 
In his 84 



Memory of 

Mrs Rhoda 

Widow of 
Dea David Alden 

who died 
July 5. 1 8 14 
In her 78 

Miss Polly daughter of 
Mr. Elijah and 
Mrs Mary Alden 

Died Sept 19 1819 
aged 25 

In memory of 
Mr John Alden 

who died 
Mar 27 182 I 

aged 102 years 

Olive dau of 
Mr. Elijah and 
Mrs. Mary Alden 
Died Apr. 23 1821 

In her 

29 year. 

The son John, to whom the will leaves the home property, is he 
who lived on until 1 821, being only eleven years old when the will was 
made. He was of the fourth generation from the Pilgrim, and we 
are of the eighth ; but it would not be strange if there were people 
still living in Middleborough who remember him. His body lies in 
the third row from that of his father and that of his brother David, 
In the careful provision which the will makes for the liberal education 
of the son Noah is seen a most creditable reflection of the thought 
that founded Harvard College and Brown University. 

Joseph 4 appears always to have lived in Middleborough, though 
some of the returns that he makes as administrator of his son 
Ebenezer's 5 estate may imply that in some part of the latter portion 
of his life he was an inhabitant of Plympton, with the widow of his 

As appears from the subjoined table, he was twice married, but 
had children only by the first wife. Tradition more direct than usual 


says that Joseph Uved and Ebenezer his son died in a house on 
Centre Street, North Middleborough, very near that village. The 
house is the second on the left side of the road next beyond the 
Colonel Eaton place. 

There is no conveyance of this place to Joseph or Ebenezer in the 
Plymouth Registry, though one or the other is said once to have 
owned it. 

Deborah Williamson, a widow, b. Sept. ii, 1716, m. Joseph Alden^, 
Sept. 3, 1767, fourteen months after the death of Hannah (Hall). 
Although she bore no children to the Alden stock, and her maiden name 
and place of death and burial are unknown to us, and although she 
is visible but a minute before the obscurity in which she was before 
enveloped again swallows her up, perhaps forever, her connection 
with our family is of supreme importance for the reason that it is the 
occasion of a paper that traces our descent from John, the Pilgrim. 

Joseph Alden lived between 17 16 and 1787, his son Ebenezer 
between 1743 and 1773. In the short time between Ebenezer's 
marriage, December, 1763, and his death in January, 1773, six chil- 
dren were born to him. His mother died July i, 1766. 

The mother of Ebenezer's children remarried four years after the 
death of their father ; and they were scattered, some in Bridgewater, 
perhaps with their maternal grandfather, some in Middleborough, 
and some with their aunt in Raynham. 

Their father was a storekeeper in Middleborough, dying of measles 
in the middle of the winter ; and his insolvent estate was settled by 
his father Joseph. Out of these conditions of death, dispersion, and 
remarriage has come the fact that there is no known record evidence 
that these children were the descendants of John, the Pilgrim. Of 
the fact there has been plenty of hearsay evidence, convincing 
enough and undisputed ; but of proof that would entitle one to inherit 
an estate or to derive a pauper settlement there was none known. 

Dr. Ebenezer Alden's History, 1867, painstaking and indispen- 
sable, says that Ebenezer married Hannah Hall, 1742, she being his 
mother, and the time a year before his birth ; and Mitchell's His- 
tory of Bridgewater gives us no more than his intention of marriage, 
1763, with no hint of children. The marriage record of Middle- 
borough shows that he was married there Dec. 22, 1763, but gives 
no names of children born to him. Under these circumstances it 
was of supreme importance to find in the Raynham house of Amos 
Hall, son of Fear Alden, sister of Ebenezer, a quit-claim deed made 


by Deborah Alden in 1789, after she was the widow of Joseph, and 
when perhaps it became necessary to raise money for the further 
support of the orphan children of Ebenezer by the sale of their 
grandfather's property, which document could not better have served 
our purpose if it had been a genealogical chart. 

It is of small account that the deed is defective in that it makes 
no description or location of property affected, and gives no dates 
of former instruments mentioned, or that it never was formally ac- 
knowledged, so that it could be put on record. The paper, of un- 
doubted authenticity, is before us, and is here copied : — 

Know all Men by these Presents, that I Deborah Alden, Widow 
to Joseph Alden, late of INIiddleborough, in the County of Plymouth, 
deceased, in Consideration of Thirty four Pounds, Seventeen Shil- 
lings and two Pence, Lawful Money, to me in hand paid, by Abner 
Alden, and Eliab Alden, both of Middlebo™ aforesaid, Yeomen, 
Lewis Hall Yeoman and Fear his Wife, Lois Alden, Orpah Alden & 
Polly Alden, all of Raynham, in the County of Bristol, and Hannah 
Alden, of Bridgewater, and Abner Alden & Joshua Fobes, Guardians 
to Joseph, Ruth, & Ebenezer Alden, Minors, Heirs to the Estate of 
said Joseph Alden, deceased, Do hereby Remit, Release and forever 
Quit Claim unto them the said Abner Alden, Eliab Alden, Lewis 
Hall & Fear his Wife, Lois Alden, Orpah Alden, Polly Alden, Han- 
nah Alden, Joseph Alden, Ruth Alden and Ebenezer Alden, their 
Heirs & Assigns, forever, all my Right of Dower & Power of Thirds 
in, and to the Estate, both Real and Personal, which the said Joseph 
Alden, deceased, died seized of ; as also, of all Lands and Real 
Estate which he made a Deed or Deeds of in the Time of my Inter- 
marriage with him. To have and to hold the said Released Dower 
unto them, the said Abner Alden, Eliab Alden, Lewis Hall and Fear 
his Wife, Lois Alden, Orpah Alden, Polly Alden, Hannah Alden, 
Joseph Alden, Ruth Alden and Ebenezer Alden, to them, their Heirs 
and Assigns, forever, Free and Clear from my Heirs, Executors and 

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto Set my Hand and Seal, this 
Twenty Ninth Day of August, Anno Domini 1789 

Signed Sealed and Delivered DEBORAH ALDEN (Seal) 

in Presence of us 

Thomas Leach 

Elisabeth Leach 

Nor is the history of Ruth Fobes, the mother of these children, and 
great-grandmother to us of the eighth generation, entirely with- 
out interest. She was born in 1744, and had not hved out nearly 


half her allotted time when she was left alone in the winter with six 
fatherless children around her, when she married Daniel Faunce, of 
Plympton, now North Carver, in 1777. She was of Bridgewater 
(Bridgewater Town Record), which makes it probable that she and 
one or more of her children found a home with her father Joshua 
Fobes, who was guardian. 

There is every evidence that her marriage to Faunce was a prudent 
and successful one ; and the provisions of his will when he died in 
1803, as well as the house, still standing, in which they lived in North 
Carver, bear evidence that she needed at the time of her father's 
death no more than the nominal sum given her in his will. Besides 
these children of our line she had five, who came to adult life, by 
Mr. Faunce. 

She names the oldest of her boys Alden, in tender memory of de- 
parted joys and griefs ; but his remains rest in Ohio, whither he went 
in July, 1823, Two of the daughters who intermarried with the 
Vaughans, and their children, lie near her or in the centre burial- 
ground a mile beyond. 

In her seventy-fourth year, July 28, 181 7, as appears by her legible 
slate-stone, her life ended, and she lies at rest by the side of her 
second husband and of his first wife, in the North Carver ground, 
nearly in the centre, at the left side of the rear third. 

A touching memorial of her early sorrows is on file at Plymouth 
Probate Office, with a copy of which this sketch may properly end : — 

To the hoTiorabk John Gushing^ Judge of the probate of 

Wills &= Granting Letters of adni"^ in the county of Plimouth &'c. 

Whereas my Husband Ebenezer Alden late of Middleborough de- 
ceased, died Intestate, leaving me with a number of small Children, & 
leaving many of his accounts unsettled & perplexed, and his Estate 
as I apprehend Insolvent, which will render the Settlement of his 
Estate too difficult for me in my Circumstances to undertake, 

I would therefore Inform Your Honor that it is my desire that you 
would appoint my hon^ father Joseph Alden Adm'' of said Estate & 
you will oblige your humble serv* 

MiDDLEBRO, March 3, 1773. 



Pa., parents; b., born ; bur., buried at ; d., died; m., married. 
A star before the name signifies died young or witliout issue. 
Roman numerals designate the generation. 
Arabic figures, the serial number of the person named. 
Massachusetts to be inferred where'no State is given. 

V. I. Alden, Ebenezer, b. Middleborough, Feb. 4, 1743-4, pa. 
Joseph, Hannah (Hall), m. Middleborough, Dec. 22, 1763 (Town 
Record), Ruth^ (Fobes), b. Bridgewater, 1744, pa. Joshua,-* 
(Joshua,3 Edward,^ John') Esther Porter of Abington. He was a 
storekeeper, and d. Middleborough, Jan. 6, 1773; bur. with grand- 
father John and wife Hannah (White), father Joseph and wife 
Hannah (Hall), in Purchade bur^dng-ground, west side of Plymouth 
Street, near Titicut Street. Stone seen by authors August, 1902, 
Children : — 

Hannah (Backus), Ruth (Backus), 

Orpah (Presho), Ebenezer, 

Polly (Jones), Joseph. 

His widow Ruth m. Aug, 2, 1777 (intention, Bridgewater Record), 
Daniel Faunce, of Plympton. Children : Sarah, Eunice, Phebe, 
Alden, and Ezra. 

She d. July 28, 181 7 ; bur. North Carver. Stone seen by authors 
September, 1900. 

Carver was set off from Plympton 1790. 

VI. 2. Alden, Polly,' b. Middleborough, Aug. 4, 1767, pa. 
Ebenezer, Ruth (Fobes), m. Raynham, Oct. 2, 1791 (Town Record), 

Nehemiah Jones, b. Raynham, July 7, 1767, pa. Nathan, . 

She d. Jan. 7, 1831. He d. Jan. 3, 1831, at Raynham; bur. there. 

His family Bible gives dates of births, marriage, and deaths. 
Town record of marriage, Mrs. Robinson's record of deaths. Stones 


in centre ground give age of each as 64, and her name as Mary, as 
does also Mrs. Robinson's record.* Children : — 

Nehemiah, Emelinf, 

Clarissa L., Louisa A., 

Mary W. F., William. 

Nehemiah Jones was for many years storekeeper, postmaster, and 
justice of the peace at Raynharii Centre. His brother Asa was long 
a resident of North Bridgewater (Brockton), and his descendants in 
the third generation still live there. 

VII. 3. Jones, Nehemiah,- b. Eaynham, Feb. i, 1795, pa. Nehe- 
miah, Polly (Alden), d. Dresden, N.Y., 1874; bur. Ontario, Can. ; 
m. Eliza (Remington), Heuvelton, N.Y., 18 16. She b. Templeton, 
1799, d. Feb. 6, 1868, North Western, N.Y. Her pa. Jairus, Lois 
(Shepherd). Children : — 

Ann Eliza, Harriet Fisk, 

Susan Alden, E.mily Fisk, 

Sarah, Louise Shaw, 

William, Mary Wilder. 

VIII. 4. Jones, Ann Eliza,^ b. Heuvelton, N.Y., Oct. 8, 1817, 
pa. Nehemiah, Eliza (Remington), m. Rufus P. Gates, Wrentham, 

1833, b. Worcester, 1807. She d. Cedar Falls, la., , 1879 ; he 

same place, , 1890. Child: Emma Gates. 

IX. 5. Gates, Emma,^ b. Worcester, , 1844, pa. Rufus P., 

Ann Eliza (Jones), m. Benson. Names and dates unknown. 

VIII. 6. Jones, Susan Alden,^ b. Heuvelton, N.Y., Dec, 1822, 
pa. Nehemiah, Eliza (Remington), m. Samuel Bixby, b. , pa. 

* " Mrs. Robinson's record," which is alluded to in connection with Rayuham death statistics, is a 
list of deaths in Raynham, 1749-1876, kept by Mrs. Hannah Robinson, wife of Seth, until her death 
1823, and tl^n by her daughter Mrs. Hannah Robinson until her death. The record for the first 
twenty-four years is fragmentary, there being only one death recorded in some of the years. But 
after 1773 this voluntary labor was carefully done. There is ample evidence that the records are 
authentic, as where the town record gives the age as " one year," Mrs. Robinson gives it as " 12 
months." Here, then, are about a thousand names recorded of deaths occurring where there was no 
entry on the town record, and it is difficult to exaggerate the debt that we owe to these good ladies 
for their work. In 1886 the volume, "much worn," was in the hands of Mrs. Eunice Robinson wife 
of Joseph Tucker Leonard, and the copy from which these data are taken was then made by Samuel 
P. May, Esq., of Newton, and placed in the library of the New England Genealogical Society, 
where, with the liberality native to that place, it awaits the investigations of students. 


She d. and was bur. in Heuvelton, N.Y., and he also. Dates 

not known. 

IX. 7. *Bixby, Sarah,^ b. Heuvelton, N.Y., , pa. Samuel, 

Susan Alden (Jones), m. , Thetford, Vt, Austin W. Jones, b. 

, Lebanon, N.H. His pa. . She d. Barre, Vt., 1882. 

VIH, 8. Jones, Sarah, 3 b. Feb. 29, 1824, Heuvelton, N.Y., pa. 
Nehemiah, Eliza, m. Worcester, Jan. i, 1849, Horace Gar}^, b. 
Wrentham, April 5, 1817. One child. 

IX. 9. Gary, Abby Frances,^ who was born in Watertown, 
N.Y., April 7, 1852, is unmarried, and lives with her mother in 

VIII. 10. Jones, William, 3 b. Nov. i, 1826, Heuvelton, N.Y., 
Methodist minister, pa. Nehemiah, Eliza, m. 185 1, Buck's Bridge, 
N.Y., Emily Buck, b. there Dec. 16, 1830, pa. Orrin, Betsy (Sawyer). 
William d. Buck's Bridge, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1S91. Emily lives there. 
Living children : — 

Arminius Buck, Carrie Parke. 

William Adelbert, 

IX. II. * Alice, '° b. April 3, 1852 ; d. April 4, 1861. 

IX, 12. * Downer Penfield,'° b. Nov. 27, 1862 ; d. July 9, 1874. 

IX. 13. * Frank, '° b. April 8, 1869 ; d. April 21, 1869. 

IX. 14. Jones, Arminius Buck,'° b. Feb. 27, 1854, Cato, N.Y., 
pa. WilUam, Emily (Buck), m. Atlanta, Ga., April 27, 1876, Leila 
Fuller, b. there. Children by her : — 

Alice, Leila. 

Wife Leila d. Atlanta, Ga. ; m. Phelps, N.Y., April 26, 1889, 
Alice Odell. Children by her : — 

Laura, Edgar. 


X. 15. Jones, Alice, '4 b. , 1S80, pa. Arminius B., Leila. 

X. 16. Jones, Leila, '^ b. , 1885, pa. Arminius B., Leila. 

X. 17. Jones, Laura, '^ b. , 1890, pa. Arminius B., Alice. 

X. 18. Jones, Edgar, '+ b. , 1893, pa. Arminius B., Alice. 

Arminius B. lives Syracuse, N.Y, 

IX. 19. Jones, Carrie Parke, '° b. Nov. 10, i860, Scriba, N.Y., 
pa. William, Emily (Buck), m. Syracuse, N.Y., Jan. 27, 1900, Fred- 
erick J. Sauber, D.D., pa. Frederick, Mary (Kendig), lives Emporia, 
Kan. Child : Emilv. 

X. 20. Sauber, Emily, '9 b. Syracuse, N.Y., May 13, 1902, pa. 
Frederick J., Carrie Parke. 

IX. 21. Jones, William Adelbert,'° b. Camden, N.Y., Sept. 8, 
1857, pa. William, Emily (Buck), single, lawyer, treasurer of large 
manufacturing corporations, lives in Newark, N.J. 

VIII. 22. Jones, Harriet Fisk,3 b. Heuvelton, N.Y., June 15, 
1830, pa. Nehemiah, Eliza, m. June 15, 1852, at Watertown, N.Y., 
Rev. Joseph de Larme. b. Malone, N.Y. ; and he d. at Clifton 
Springs, N.Y., 1880. She lives Cedar Falls, la. Four children, all 
dead. (See p. 37.) 

IX. 23. * Wilbur," b. Bombay, N.Y., d. in infancy. 

IX. 24. *Hattie Louise," b. La Fargeville, N.Y., 1858, d. 
Birdsall, N.Y., March 12, 1879. 

IX. 25. Carrie Rosabella," b. New London, N.Y., 1861, d. 
Clifton Springs, N.Y., Nov. 20, 1896. 

IX. 26. *Cora Idelette," b. Salisbury Centre, N.Y., 1865, d. 
Chapinville, N.Y., Feb. 25, 1876. 

VIII. 27. Jones, Emily Fisk,3 b. Heuvelton, N.Y., 1833, pa. 
Nehemiah, Eliza, m. Jacob Glasser, a farmer. She died in Cedar 
Falls, la., leaving two daughters, names unknown. 



VIII. 28. Jones, Louise Shaw, 3 b. July 6, 1839, Heuvelton, 
N.Y., pa. Nehemiah, Eliza (Remington), m. F'reeman S. Rounds, b. 
Sackett's Harbor, N.Y., pa, George, Maria (Dorchester), at Salisbury 
Centre, N.Y., March 5, 1865. Husband d. Nov. 9, 1883, Clifton 
Springs, N.Y., and widow lives there. She is honorary president of 
Illinois W. C. T. U. 

VIII. 29. Jones, Mary Wilder, 3 pa. Nehemiah, Eliza, b. Heu- 
velton, N.Y., Jan. 17, 1841, m. John Wilson, July 14, 1859 at 
Rensselaer Falls, N.Y., and had four children: — 

30. Amelia, ^9 32. Edith, ^9 

31. Oliver,^9 33. Thomas.^9 

(See page 37.) 

VII. 34. Jones, Clarissa Leonard,^ b. Raynham, 1799, P^- Nehe- 
miah, Polly (Alden), m. Raynham, Oct. 26, 18 17 (Town Record), 
Dr. Abner Alden Hathaway, b. Raynham, Jan. 11, 1794, pa. Captain 
Abraham, Rachel (Robinson). Abner A. grad. Brown University, 
1814, d. Raynham, Sept. 26, 1818 (Mrs. Robinson's record). Cap- 
tain Abraham, b. Oct. 3, 1744, d. at more than ninety years of age, 
July 17, 1835, while Rachel died 18 15. 

Clarissa L. Jones as " Miss " Clarissa L. Hathaway in Town 
Record, " Mrs." in Intentions, m. September, 1822, David Cobb 
Hodges of Taunton, pa. James, Eleanor (Cobb). Clarissa L. d. in 
Taunton May 12, 1828. Children : — 

35. Francis Wood,34 b. 1825, probably in Taunton, brought up 
and lived in West as Francis Hodges Wood. 

Clara Maria, b. March 28, 1827, at Taunton. 

VIII. 36. Hodges, Clara Maria,34 b. Taunton, March 28, 1827, 
pa. David Cobb, Clarissa Leonard (Jones), m. Cambridge, May 23, 
1847, WilUam Albert Mason, b. Cambridge, May 4, 18 16, pa. Samuel, 
Mary S. (Harlow). Mr. Mason was for many years a civil engineer 
and surveyor in Cambridge, and his plans have long been the basis 
of conveyances in that and neighboring cities; d. July 29, 1882. 
Mrs. Mason d. Dec. 27, 1893; bur. at Cambridge. Children: — 

* Clara Maria, b. March 28, 1848, d. Aug. 18, 1850. 
Ellen Eliza, b. Jan. 21, 1850. 


Charles Albert, b. Oct. 27, 185 1. 
Francis Edgar, b. April 30, 1853. 
W1LLLA.M Albert, b. Dec. 26, 1855. 
Clara Eleanor, b. July 23, 1859, 
Frances Evelyn, b. July 23, 1859. 

IX. 37. Mason, Ellen Elizaj^*^ b. Cambridge, Jan. 21, 1850,111. 
Jan. 14, 1888, Cambridge, William Arthur Hodges, b. Taunton, Feb. 
4, 1850; pa. William Grey, Lydia Emeline (Presbrey). 

Mr. Hodges lives in Stoughton, and is a clerk in a Boston bank. 

IX. 38. Mason, Charles Albert,3*^ b. Cambridge, Oct. 27, 185 1, 
pa. William A., Clara M. (Hodges), inherits and follows his father's 
business at Cambridge. 

IX. 39. Mason, Francis Edgar, 36 b. Cambridge, April 30, 1853, 
m. Providence, R.I., 1877, Harriet Elizabeth Sands, b. Cambridge, 
pa. John Low, Sarah Ann (Hayes). Francis E. is teacher of Christian 
Science in Brooklyn, N.Y. Child : — 

X. 40. Mason, Howard Francis, 39 b. Worcester, May 14, 1878, 

m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 26, 1896, Alice (Cooper), b. pa. 

Hiram, Emily Gabriel (Harlow). Child : — 

XI. 41. Mason, Kenneth Hugh,4° b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 27, 

IX. 42. Mason, William Albert,36 b. Cambridge, Dec. 26, 1855, 
pa. WilUam A., Clara M. (Hodges), m. Bedford, April 6, 1882, Ellen 
Louise (Shaw), b. Leominster, April 23, 1857, pa. Henry, Jane M. 
(Taft). Children : — 

X. 43. Mason, William Albert,42 ^^ Charlestown, June 4, 1883. 
X. 44. Mason, John Alden,-*- b. Germantown, Pa., Jan. 14, 1885. 
X. 45. Mason, Henry ShaWj-^^ b. Germantown, Pa., Oct. 19, 


X. 46. Mason, Kathleen,^^ b. Germantown, Pa., Nov. 30, 1894. 

Mr. Mason is superintendent of teachers in fine arts and draw- 
ing in the Philadelphia Normal School, and lives in Germantown, Pa. 

Misses 47Clara3^ and 48Eva3<^ live at the family residence in Cam- 
bridge with their unmarried brother Charles A. 


VII. 49. Jones, Mary Wales Fobes,^ b. Raynham, May 12, 
1802, pa. Nehemiah, Polly (Alden), m. Rev. John Wilder, b. Attle- 

borough. 1797, pa. John and d. Lynn, Aug. 23, 1893; bur. in 

Cambridge. Mr. Wilder died in Charlton, March 4, 1844. He was 
a respected Congregational clerg}'man in Carlisle, Concord, and 
Charlton, Mass., -and Marshall, Mich. Children: — 

Eliza May, Mary Alden, John. 

VIII. 50. * Wilder, Eliza May,-t9 b. Charlton, Sept. 1828, d. 
Cambridge, Sept. 12, 1845; bur. Cambridge. 

VIII. 51. Wilder, Mary Alden,^9 b. Charlton, May 15, 183 1, 
pa. John, Mary W. F. (Jones), m. July 13, 1853, Cambridge, Eben J. 
Loomis, b. Oppenheim, N.Y., Nov. 11, 1828, pa. Nathan, Waite J. 
(Barber). Child: Mabel, 

Professor Loomis is in charge of the " Nautical Almanac," Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

IX. 52. Loomis, Mabel, 5' b. Cambridge, Nov. 10, 1856, pa. 
Eben J., Mary A. (Wilder), m. Washington, D.C, David P. Todd, b. 
Lake Ridge, N.Y., March 19, 1855. Child: Millicent. 

Mrs. Todd is the brilliant lecturer and writer on foreign travel con- 
nected with eclipse observations, and her husband is a professor at 

X. 53. Todd, Millicent,5^ b. Washington, D.C, Feb. 5, 1880, 
graduate of Vassar College, 1902, 

VIII. 54. * Wilder, John,^9 b. Concord, Jan. 1835, P^- John, 
Mary W. F. (Jones), d. Kansas City, Mo., March 9, 1868; bur. 

He was an editor and a colonel in his Western home. 

VII. 55. Jones, Emeline,- b. Raynham, Jan. 31, 1805, pa. Ne- 
hemiah, Polly (Alden), d. Ayer, July 14, 1895 ; bur. there. 

She never m., but was for many years a teacher in private schools 
in this State and New York. 

VII. 56. Jones, Louisa Alden,- b. Raynham, Oct. 24, 1806, pa. 
Nehemiah, Polly (Alden), m. Raynham, Sept. 3, 1827, Linus Hall 


Shaw, b. Raynham, Nov. 29, 1804, pa. Samuel, Abigail (Hall). He 
d. Sudbury, Jan. 5, 1866; she at Framingham, Aug. 29, 1891. Both 
bur. Sudbury. Childien : — 

Henry, Ednah M., 

Louisa, Helen J. 

Joseph A., 

Mr. Shaw was educated at Brown University and at Harvard 
Divinity School, graduating from the latter in the class of 1833. He 
was a faithful and respected Unitarian minister in Athol, Townsend, 
Hampton Falls, N.H., Mendon, and Sudbury, 

Louisa Alden, the latest born of the three sisters, who all lived far 
beyond fourscore, was the first to die ; and less time elapsed between 
her death and that of the latest survivor than between the births of 
the three. She was a prudent and affectionate wife, a good mother, 
and a faithful friend. Her children rise up and call her blessed. 

Vin. 57. Shaw, Henry, 56 b. Raynham, Sept. 12, 1829, pa. 
Linus Hall, Louisa Alden (Jones), m. Sudbury, Oct. 28, 1855, Jane 
Maria Taft, b. Upton, Sept. 19, 1836, pa. Hiram, Betsy (Jackson). 
Children : — 

Charles Joseph, Henry Ellsworth, 

Ellen Louise, Alice Maud. 

Jennie Alden, 

Graduated Medical Department, Harvard University, 1854. 

Served in navy, 1862-68, as assistant surgeon. Employed in 
Boston and State charities 1872-1903. Author of book on "Pauper 

IX. 58. Shaw, Charles Joseph,57 b. Sudbury, Dec. 9, 1856, pa. 
Henry, Jane M, (Taft), m. Moorhead, Minn., Dec. 25, 1884, 
Elizabeth Luella Gahring, b. Egypt, Pa., Sept. 11, 1864, pa. 
Frederick J., Rachel (Lytle). Child : Frederick Alden. 

X. 59. Shaw, Frederick Alden,5s b. Detroit, Minn., Dec. 20, 
1885, pa. Charles J., EUzabeth L. Fitting for Harvard. 

IX. 60. Shaw, Ellen Louise, 57 b. Leominster, April 23, 1857, 


pa. Henry, Jane M. (Taft), m. Bedford, April 6, 1882, William 
Albert Mason, pa. William Albert, Clara Maria (Hodges). Children : 

WiLLL^T^r Albert, Henry Shaw, 

John Alden, Kathleen. 

X. 61. Mason, William Albert/'° b. Charlestown, June 4, 1883, 
pa. William Albert, Ellen L. (Shaw). 

X. 62. Mason, John Alden,*^" b. Jan. 14, 1885, Germantown, 
Pa., pa. William Albert, Ellen L. (Shaw). 

X. 63. Mason, Henry Shaw,'^° b. Germantown, Pa., Oct. 19, 
1886, pa. WiUiam Albert, Ellen L. (Shaw). 

X. 64. Mason, Kathleen, '^° b. Germantown, Nov. 30, 1894, pa. 
WilUam Albert, Ellen L. (Shaw). 

IX. 65. *Shaw, Jennie Alden,57 b. Leominster, Aug. 16, i860, 
pa. Henry, Jane M. (Taft), m. Boston, Sept. 27, 1891, Sewall A. 
Waterhouse, b. Poland, Me., July 10, 1868, pa. Virgil P., Agnes 
(Thompson). She d. Boston, April 3, 1896; bur. Bedford. 

IX. 66. Shaw, Henry Ellsworth,57 b. Upton, May 12, 1862, 
pa. Henry, Jane M. (Taft), m. Oct. 10, 1892, Boston, W'ilhelmina C. 
Dik, b. Boston, Feb. 3, 1870, pa. Albertus, Delia (Blyleven). Clerk 
in Roslindale. 

IX. 67. Shaw, Alice Maud,57 b. Framingham, July 14, 1866, pa. 
Henr}', Jane M. (Taft), m. April 24, 1892, Boston, Charles Wood 
Whiting, b. Lynnfield, March 16, 1862, pa. George N., Hannah 
(Burke). Child: Helen. 

X. 68. Whiting, Helen,^7 b. Somerville, April 7, 1895, pa. 
Charles W., Alice M. (Shaw). 

VIII, 69. Shaw, Louisa, 56 b. Cambridge, Dec. 26, 183 1, pa. 
Linus H., Louisa Alden (Jones), m. Sudbury, April 25, 1855, George 
F. Stearns, b. Mansfield, Oct. i, 1826, pa. Isaac, Sarah (Fillebrown). 



Louisa d. Mansfield, March 20, 190 1 ; Geo. F., April 17, 1902 ; both 
bur. Mansfield. Children : — 

George Hermon, Winifred, 

Sarah Louisa, Grace, 

*JoHN Alden, Miriam, 

Genevieve, Louis Carmel, 

Arabella, * Olive. 

Rev. George Frederick Stearns was for many years a faithful and 
respected minister of the New Church denomination. 

IX. 70. Stearns, George Hermon/^9 b. Mansfield, Feb. 10, 1856, 
pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw), m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Anna Louisa 
Dailey, b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Jan. 6, 1863, pa. Parley A. Dailey, Char- 
lotte C. (Waterman). • 

Mrs. Stearns was a widow with a daughter and two sons when 
married to Mr. Stearns. 

He is a civil engineer, in employ of Rapid Transit Commission, 
Boston, and spent some time in Arizona as a mining engineer after 
graduation with high rank from Harvard University, Class of 1878. 

IX. 71. Stearns, Sarah Louisa,^9 b. Mansfield, March 5, 1858, 
pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw), m. Lakewood, Ohio, Oct. 28, 1880, 
Albert Emery Brown, b. E. Rockport, Ohio, Mar. 27, 1854, pa. 
Warren, Anna (Wagar). Children all b. Lakewood, Ohio. 

Mr. Brown is a thrifty farmer in our ancestral town of Bridgewater, 

X. 72. Brown, Pearl 01ivet,7' b. Oct. 1, 1881. 

X. 73. Brown, Eben Hermon, 7' b. April 14, 1884. 
X. 74. Brown, Louis Carmel, 7' b. March 24, 1886. 
X. 75. Brown, Rachel Alden, 7" b. May 22, 1890. 

IX. 76. * Stearns, John Alden, ^9 b. Mansfield, April 27, i860, 
pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw), d. and bur. same, Jan. 28, 18^62. 

IX. 77. Stearns, Genevieve,''"'? b. Riverhead, N.Y., March 7, 1862, 
pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw). Lives in Mansfield. 

IX. 78. Stearns, Arabella, '^'9 b. Riverhead, N.Y., March 30, 1864, 
pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw), m. Oct. 28, 1884, Mansfield, Charles 


Crosby Mason, b. Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 21, 1861, pa. Charles, 
Hannah (Riby). 

Children all b. Cleveland, Ohio: — 

X. 79. Mason, Genevieve,"'^ b. Dec. 8, 1885. 

X. 80. Mason, Charles Frederick, ^s b. Aug. 22, 1887. 

X. 81. Mason, Edith Riby,7S b. May 12, 1S90. 

X. 82. Mason, Alden Crosby, 7^ b. Dec. 10, 1893. 

X. 83. Mason, Alice Louise Shaw,7s b. Jan. i, 1897. 

Mr. Mason is connected with manufacturing interests in the West 
and in Europe. 

IX. 84. Stearns, Winifred,'^'? b. Mansfield, Nov. 16, 1866, pa. 
George ¥., Louisa (Shaw), m. Mansfield, April 2, 1890, Harry Russell 
Fisher, b. Mansfield, Aug. 25, 1867, pa. David, Deborah (Walker). 

Children all b. in Mansfield, where family lives. 

X. 85. Fisher, Mary Winifred, ^+ b. Aug. 28, 1891. 
X. 86. Fisher, Mildred Stearns,?^ b. Nov. 16, 1892. 
X. 87. Fisher, Margery ,^4 b. May 31, 1894. 

X. 88. Fisher, David,s4 b. Nov. 3, 1896. 

X. 89. Fisher, Edna Louisa,"^^ b. Sept. 15, 1899. 

X. 90. Fisher, Heloise Russell,^^ b. Aug. 25, 1901. 

IX. 91. Stearns, Grace,*^? b. Peoria, 111., June 28, 1869, pa. 
George F., Louisa (Shaw), m. June 15, 1891, Mansfield, Ira John 
Selee, b. Elaston, June 3, 1870, pa. John A., Mary (Richardson). 

Children all b. Mansfield : — 

X. 92. Selee, John Alden,?' b. April 8, 1892. 

X. 93. Selee, Donald Winchester,9i b. May 17, 1894. 
X. 94. Selee, Richardson ,9' b. Oct. 2, 1899. 
X. 95. Selee, Jessie Evaline,?' b. Aug. 15, 1901. 
Lives in Mansfield. 

IX. 96. Stearns, Miriam, "^^ b. Richmond, Me., June 6, 1871, pa. 
George F., Louisa (Shaw). Lives in Mansfield. 


IX. 97. Stearns, Louis Carmel,<^9 b. Richmond, Me., June 23, 
1874, pa. George F., Louisa (Shaw), m. Bridgewater, Oct. 20, 1898. 
Ada Louisa Benson, b. Bridgewater, April 30, 1876, pa. Zeno, Sybil 
(Edson). Child : — 

X. 98. Stearns, Sybil Louisa,?? b. Forest Hills, Sept. 24, 1899. 

Mr. Stearns is gardener for Bussey Institute, Harvard College, at 
Forest Hills, near Boston. 

IX. 99. *Stearns, Olive,'^? b. Mansfield, Feb. 13, 1876, pa. 
George F., Louisa (Shaw), d. and bur. same, Feb. 24, 1876. 

VIII. 100. Shaw, Joseph Alden,5^^ b. Athol, Jan. 4, 1836, pa. 
Linus H., Louisa Aldan (Jones), m. New Salem, Nov. 18, 1863, 
Eliza Antoinette Thompson, b. Athol, April 16, 1843, Pa. Clark, 
Nancy (Kendall). Children : — 

Henry Alden, Robert Kendall. 

Joseph A. Shaw, graduate of Harvard University, Class 1858, and 
now and for many years the honored and successful head-master of 
the Worcester Highland Military Academy. 

IX. loi. Shaw, Henry Alden, '°° b. New Salem, June 3, 1867, 
pa. Joseph Alden, Eliza A. (Thompson), m. July 6, 1892, Worcester, 
Alice Stanley Whitman, b. Fitchburg, Aug. 8, 1866, pa. Ephraim, 
Augustine (Swain). Child : Margaret Whitman. 

Henry Alden Shaw, graduate Medical School, Harvard University, 
1890, house surgeon Massachusetts General Hospital, 1891, assist- 
ant surgeon United States Army lately on service in Philippines and 
now at Washington, D.C. 

X. 102. Shaw, Margaret Whitman, '°' b. Fort McKinney, 
Wyoming, Aug. 3, 1893. 

IX. 103. Shaw, Robert Kendall, '°° b. July 18,1871, Worcester, 
pa. Joseph A., Eliza A., grad. Harvard University, 1894, assist- 
ant in Library of Congress, Washington, D.C, m. Eau Claire, Wis., 
Sept. 20, 1902, Bertha Mower Brown, b. Porter's Mills, Wis., Dec. 27, 
1875, pa. James Harding, Anna Sarah (Taft). 


VIII. 104. Shaw, Ednah Maria, 5^ b. Mendon, Dec. 28, 1842, 
pa. Linus H., Louisa A. (Jones), m. Sudbury, Sept. 5, 1865, Orange 
Scott Stearns, b. Mansfield, Feb. 26, 1835. He died there, Aug. 25, 
1870, pa. Isaac, Sarah (Fillebrown). Children: — 

IX. 105. Stearns, Arthur Brickman,'°4 b. Mansfield, May 26, 

IX. 106. Stearns, Annabel, '°+ b. Mansfield, Jan. 9, 1868. 
IX. 107. Stearns, Walter Scott, '°-* b. Jonesboro, Tenn., April 
16, 1870. 

Mr. Stearns served with honor in Company G, Twenty-ninth Mas- 
sachusetts Infantry, in the Civil War, and received a brevet commission 
at the end, dying at last of disease contracted in his country's service. 

Mrs. Stearns has been assistant postmaster at Framingham for 
twenty years. Arthur B. is draughtsman and designer in Bath Iron 

VIII. 108. Shaw, Helen Jones,s6 b. Sudbury, March 20, 1848, 
pa. Linus H., Louisa A. (Jones), m. Framingham, July 12, 1880, 
Walter Frank Hurd, b. Newton Lower Falls, Jan. i, 1842, pa. William, 
Sarah (Hooker). Child : — 

IX. 109. Hurd, Edith Frances, '°^ b. Framingham, Aug. 30, 
1882. Teacher of household art. 

Mr. Hurd was an architect, and a musician of exquisite taste and 
accomplishment. He d. Framingham, April 9, 1900. Mrs. Hurd is 
a librarian, and expert maker of librar)' catalogues. 

VII. no. Jones, William, 2 b. Raynham, March 11, 181 1, pa. 
Nehemiah, Polly (Alden), m. Taunton, June 22, 1854, Maria B. 
Leonard, b. Easton, May, 1831, pa. Oliver, Marion (Bird). Mr. Jones 
was book-keeper for manufacturing corporations in Tavmton for many 
years. He died there July 23, 1873, and is bur. there. Mrs. Jones 
lives in Taunton, being now the widow of Rev. John Shepardson. 

IX. III. Bixby, Frederick,^ b. Lisbon, N.Y., 1843, "^- Rachel 
. One child : Gertrude. (See p. 27.) 

X. 112. Bixby, Gertrude,'" b. , pa. Frederick, Rachel. (See 

p. 27.) 

IX. 113. De Larme, Harriet Louise,-- b. La Fargeville, N.Y., 
1858, m. Rev. Frank M. Cole at Phelps, N.Y., 1878. She d. 1879, 
and he lives Perry, N.Y. (See p. 28.) 


IX. 114. De Larme, Carrie Rosabella,-- m. George W. Lisk, 

1887, Clifton Springs, N.Y. He b. Palmyra, N.Y., 1861. Two 
children. (See p. 28.) 

X. 115. Lisk, Cora De Larme,"+ b. Sept. 3, 1888. (See p. 28.) 
X. 116. Lisk, Harriet Ella,"^ b. Dec. 4, 1890. (See p. 28.) 

IX. 117. Wilson, Amelia,-? m. Andrew Jackson, 1889, b. De 
Peyster, N.Y. One child. 

X. 118. Jackson, Harlow, "7 b. De Peyster, N.Y., 1889, pa. 
Andrew, Amelia. (See p. 29.) 

Although not included in the plan of this book, it may be of as- 
sistance to descendants of Ebenezer^ in other lines than through 
Polly and Ebenezer*^, as well as to the genealogist who shall assemble 
in one volume all the known posterity of the Pilgrim, that there 
should be here preserved certain memoranda having a good degree 
of authenticity. They were found in the papers of Mrs. Shaw, 
mother of one of the editors, and those of Mrs. Eunice Stevens, 
daughter of her aunt, Hannah Backus. There is no ground for 
belief that the records are copied one from the other; and, con- 
firmed as both are, in many details, by Raynham town records, there 
is good reason for accepting them as reliable. 

Before giving them, it is thought best here to place on record cer- 
tain details found in Mrs. Shaw's paper of the names and marriage 
relations of the brothers and sisters of Joseph ■♦. She was interested 
and intelligent in such things, and probably no essential departure 
from facts otherwise established will be found in her statement. 

Children of John and Hannah (White) Alden : — 

David Alden^ m. Juda Paddleford. 
Priscilla Alden4 m. Abraham Borden. 
Thankful ALr)EN4 m. Francis Eaton. 
Hannah Alden-* m. Thomas Wood. 

Lydia Alden4 m. first Samuel Eddy and second John Fuller. 
Mary Alden^ m. Noah Thomas. 
Abigail Alden-* m. Nathan Thomas. 
Joseph Alden-* m. Hannah Hall. 

John Alden-* m. first Lydia Lazell and second Rebecca 


Ebenezer Alden-* m. first Anna Whitaker and second Re- 
becca Smith. 

Samuel-* ) ,. . 

> died young. 
Nathan-* ) 

NoAH-t m. Joanna Vaughn. 

Names of Hannah Backus's children : — 

Andrew, b. Oct. 3, 1790. 

Ebenezer, b. July 14, 1792. 

Eunice, b;. Feb. 27, 1796. 

Isaac, b. Oct. 22, 1797. 

Joseph Alden, b. Aug. 29, 1799. 

Hannah, b. Oct. 11, 1801, d. July, 1865. 

Names of Orpah Persho's children ; — 

Asa, b. Raynham, July i, 1793. 
Laura, b. Raynham, July 21, 1794. 
James, b. Raynham, Sept. 4, 1795. 
Sullivan, b. Raynham, Jan. 19, 1797. 
Ebenezer, b. Raynham, Nov. 17, 1798. 
Ezra, b. Raynham, March 19, 1800. 
Daniel, b. Raynham, June 29, 1801. 
Ruth F., b. Raynham, Dec. 30, 1802. 
Elmira, b. Raynham, April 5, 1804. 
Zadoch, b. Raynham, May 21, 1805. 
Isaac, b. Raynham, July 10, 1807. 
William Henry, b. Raynham, April 2, 1809. 

Mrs. Shaw's memorandum gives no dates of birth, and they have 
been supplied from Raynham town records. It also lacks the names 
of " Ebenezer " and " Ezra," found on the town record, and gives 
"Thomas," not there found. Perhaps Thomas may be one of these 
two renamed, and the other may have died before her knowledge of 
her aunt's family. 

The name of the family is always given with accent on second 
syllable, and sometimes spelled "Persho," and sometimes " Presho." 
The mother's name is sometimes Orpah, sometimes Orpha. 


Although the subject is outside the scope of this book, the promi- 
nent position of Capt. John Alden of Boston in the witchcraft delu- 
sion of 1692 will lend to the papers here printed an interest to Alden 
descendants that will fully justify their appearance here, particularly 
because the first one, copied from the Massachusetts Archives, vol- 
ume on Witchcraft, p. 25, is not generally known. 

The writer was probably an eye-witness of the scenes of May 31, 
so graphically set down in the paper that follows his letter. 

To Isaac Addington Esq. Boston from Salem 31 May i6g2. 

Worthy Sir I have herewith sent you the 7iames of the persons that 
are desired to be transmitted hither by habeas Corpus and have p'^sumed 
to send a Coppy thereof being more as I p'^sume accustomed to that prac- 
tise than y^selfe and beg pardon if I have infringed upon you therein. 
I fear we shall not this weeke try all that we have sent for , by reasofi 
the tryalls will be tedious 6^ the afflicted persons cannot readily give 
their testimony s being struck dumb and se?ice less for a season at the ?iame 
of the accused. I have been all this day at the village with the Gent.^ 
of the Council at the Exaicon of y^ persons luhere I have beheld most 
strange things Scarce credible but to Spectators and too tedious here ta 
relate^ and amongst the rest Cap^ Alden 6^ J/"" English have their mitti- 
mus 6^ I must say according to the p^ sent appearance of things they are 
as deeply concerned as the rest, for the afflicted spare no person of what 
quality soever neither conceal their Crimes tho never so hainous, we pray 
that Tittuba the Indiari cj^ Mrs. Thatcher's tnaid may be transferred as 
Evide?ices but desire they may fiot come amongst the prisoners but rather 
by themselves with the Records of the Court of Assis- 16/Q, agt Bridg- 
ett Olliver &= the records relating to the first persons committed left in 
Mr. Webbs hands by the order of the Council I pray pardon that I 
cafinot now further etilarge and with my Cordial I Service only add that 
I am &^c Yo^ most humble serv^. 

Tho. Newton. 


Isaac Addington was Judge of Probate ; and Thomas Newton, 
Attorney-General, was evidently there in his official capacity. 

Here follows Alden's account of his troubles at Salem Village : — 

An accoufit how John Aldin, senior, of Boston, in the County of Suf- 
folk, mariner, on the 28th day of May, i6q2, ivas sent for by the mag- 
istrates of Salem upon the accusation of a company of poor distracted or 
possessed creatures or witches ; and being sent by Mr. Stoughton ar- 
rived there the ji^ of May and appeared at Saleifi Village before Mr. 
Gidney, Mr. Hathorn and Mr. Curwin. 

Those ivenches being present, who played their juggling tricks, fallifig 
down, crying out, and staring in people"" s faces ; the magistrates de- 
manded of them several times, who it was of all the people ifi the 7-oom 
that hurt them : one of these accusers pointed several times at one Cap- 
tain Hill, there present, but spake nothing ; the same accuser had a man 
standing at her back to hold her up ; he stooped dowti to her ear, then 
she cried out Aldi?i, Aldin afflicted her ; one of the magistrates asked 
her if she had ever seen Aldin, she answered ?io ; he asked her how she 
knew it was Aldin ; she said the man told her so. Theft all were or- 
dered to go down ifito the street, where a rifig was made ; and the same 
accuser cried out There stands Aldin, a bold fellow, with his hat on 
before the judges ; he sells powder and shot to the Indians and French, 
and lies with the Indian squaws, and has Indian papooses. Theti was 
Aldin committed to the marshaVs custody, and his sword taken from 
him for they said he afflicted thefti with his sword. After some hours 
Aldin was sent for to the meeiing-house in the Village, before the magis- 
trates ; who required Aldin to stand upon a chair, to the open view of 
.all the people. The accusers cried out that Aldin pinched them, then, 
when he stood upon the chair, in the sight of all the people, a good way 
distant from them. One of the magistrates bid the marshal to hold 
open Aldi?i^s hands, that he might not pinch those creatures. Aldin 
asked them why they should think that he should come to that Village to 
■afflict those persons that he never kfiew or saw before. 

Mr. Gidney bid Aldin confess, and give glory to God. Aldin said 
he hoped he should give glory to God and hoped he never should gratify 
the devil ; but appealed to all that ever knew him if they ever suspected 
him to be such a person, and challenged any one, that could bring in 
anything upon their own knowledge that might give suspicion of his 
being such an one. Mr. Gidney said he had known Aldin mafiy years, 
and had been at sea with him, and ahvays looked upon him to be an 
honest man, but now he saw cause to alter his judgment. 


Aldin answered^ he was sorry for that, but he hoped God would clear 
up his innocency, that he would recal that judgment again, and added, 
that he hoped that he should with Job maintain his integrity till he died. 
They bid Aldin look upon the accusers, which he did, and they fell down. 
Aldin asked Mr. Gidney what reason there could be given, why Aldin^s 
looking on him did not strike him as ^oell, but no reason was 
given. But the accused were brought to Aldin to touch them, and this 
touch they said made them well. Aldin began to speak of the providence 
of God, in suffering these creatures to accuse innocent persons. Mr. 
Noyes (a fninister) asked Aldin why he should offer to speak of the 
providence of God, and so ivent on with discourse, and stopt Aldin' s 
mouth as to that. 

Aldin told Mr. Gidney that he could assure him that there was a 
lying spirit, in them, for there is not a word of truth in all these say of 
me. But he was again committed to the marshal. 

To Boston Aldin was carried by a constable ; no bail would be taken 
for him ; but was delivered to the prison-keeper, where he remained 
fifteen weeks ; (which would be till the middle of September) and then 
observing the manner of trials, and evidence then taken, was at length 
prevailed with to make his escape, atid being returtied was bound over to 
answer at the Superior Court at Bostoti, the last Tuesday in April, 
i6gj : and was then cleared by proclamation, none appearing against 
^^^' Per John Alden. 

It is many years since the last of the male descendants of Capt. 
John Alden died ; but Alden Street in Boston, where he had a large 
landed estate, with the historical record of his services to the Colony, 
as the commander of her armed ships, will long keep his memory 







JOHN in. 



Pa., parents ; b., born ; d., died ; m., married ; bur., buried. 
A star before the name signifies died young or without issue. 
Roman numerals designate the generation. 
Arabic figures, the serial number of the person named. 
Arabic figure after name refers to parents' number. 

I. I. ALDEN, JOHN, Pilgrim, b. England, 1599, d. in Duxbury, 
Mass., Sept. 12/22, 1687, in his 88th year. He came to America in 
the ship "Mayflower," landing at Plymouth, Mass., Dec. 22, 1620, 
m. in 1622 Priscilla Mullens, who d. between 1680 and 1687. They 
had 1 1 children : — 

Elizabeth, Mary, 

John, David, 

Joseph, Priscilla, 

Sarah, Rebecca, 

Jonathan, Zachariah, 

II. 2. Elizabeth,' b. 1623, d. May 31, 1717, aged 94 years, bur. 
in Little Compton, R.I. She m. WilUam Paybody, Dec. 26, 1644, 
a military and civil leader of Duxbury. He d. Dec. 13, 1707, aged 87 
years. Had 13 children : — One d. young. 

John, Sarah, 

Elizabeth, Ruth, 

Mary, Rebecca, 

Mercy, Hannah, 

Martha, William, 

Priscilla, Lydia. 

11. 3. John,' b. 1626, d. March 14, 1702. He was a naval com- 
mander of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, an honored member of 
the Old South Church, Boston. His antique slate headstone is im- 
bedded in a side wall of the porch of the New Old South Church. He 


was accused of witchcraft. He m. Elizabeth Everill (Phillips), April 
I, 1660. They had 13 children: — 

John, Nathaniel, 

Elizabeth, Zachariah, 

William, Henry, 
Several of the other children d. young. 

II. 4. Joseph,' b. 1624, d. Feb. 8, 1697, m. Mary Simmons, had 
5 children : — 

Isaac, Elizabeth, 

Joseph, Mary. 

. John, 

II. 5. Sarah,' b. 1629, m. Alexander Standish, son of Captain 
Myles Standish, had 7 children : — 

Myles, Mary, 

Ebenezer, Elizabeth, 

Lorah, Sarah. 

II. 6. Jonathan,' b. 16 — , d. Feb. 14, 1697, bur. Duxbury, m. 
Abigail Hallet, Dec. 10, 1672, she d. Aug. 17, 1725, in Sist year. 
Had 4 children : — 

Andrew, John, 

Jonathan, Benjamin. 

Jonathan inherited and occupied the home of his father, John the 
Pilgrim, and was administrator of his estate. Jonathan's son John 
was executor of his will, and remained on the Duxbury estate, com- 
prising about 169 acres. His descendants still live in the old house 
which was built in 1653. 

II. 7. Ruth,' b. 16 — , d. Oct. 12, 1674, m. Feb. 3, 1657, John 
Bass, of Braintree, who d. Sept. 12, 17 16, aged 84 years. She was 
ancestress of John Adams and John Quincy Adams, United States 
Presidents. Had 7 children : — 

John, Mary, 

Samuel, Sarah, 

Ruth, Phillip. 


II. 8. Mary,' b. i6 — , m. Thomas Delano, son of Phillip Dela- 

II. 9. David,' b. 1646, d. 17 19, m. Mercy Southworth. Had 5 
children : — 

Ruth, Samuel, 

Alice, Sarah. 


II. 10. Priscilla.' 
II. II. Rebecca.' 
II. 12. Zachariah.' 

II. 13. ALDEN, JOSEPH,' pa. John and Priscilla (Mullens), b. 
1624, d. Feb. 8, 1697. He was one of the early settlers of Bridge- 
water, Mass., 1654, and had his father's proprietary share. A copy 
of his will is in opening pages of this book. He m. Mary Simmons, 
dau. INIoses Simmons, of Bridgewater, who came over in ship " For- 
tune," 162 1. They had 5 children: — 

Isaac, Mary, 

Joseph, John. 


III. 14. Isaac, '3 b. 16 — , m, Dec. 2, 1685, Mehitabel Allen, settled 
in East Bridgewater. Had 9 children : — 

Mehitabel, John, 

Sarah, Mercy, 

Mary, Abigail, 

Isaac, Jemima. 

III. 15. Joseph, '3 b. 1667, d. Dec. 22, 1747, m. 1690 Hannah 
Dunham, of Plymouth, who d. Jan. 14, 1747. Both bur. Bridgewater, 
Cemetery, near centre of town. Had 10 children : — 

Daniel, *Joseph, 

*JosEPH (d. young), Jonathan, 

Eleazer, Samuel, 

Hannah, Mehitabel, 

Mary, Seth. 



III. i6. Elizabeth,'^ b. 167 — , d. 1705, m. Benjamin Snow, 1691. 

Had 5 children : — 




III. 17. Mary, '3 b. 16 — , m. 1700, Samuel Allen. Had 7 chil- 
dren : — 

Joseph, Matthew, 

Benjamin, Seth, 

Mary, Abigail. 


III. 18. ALDEN, JOHN, '3 pa. Joseph and Mary (Simmons), 
b. 1674, d. Sept. 29, 1730. He had his father's homestead in West 
Bridgewater, sold it to Isaac Johnson in 1700, and removed to 
Titicut or Middleboro. He was one of the twenty-six original pur- 
chasers of the town of Middleboro. A copy of his will and inventory 
of his estate is given in the opening pages of this book. The gift of 
land for Purchade Cemetery is mentioned in his will. He m. Han- 
nah, dau. Captain Ebenezer White, of Weymouth. She was b. May 
12, 1683. Both bur. in Purchade Cemetery, North Middleboro, Mass. 
They had 13 children : — 













Epitaph on Gravestones, copied in igo2. 

Here lies ye body of Mr John Alden, who dec'd Sept. 
ye 29th 1730 in ye 56*11 year of his age. 

Here lies ye body of Mrs Hannah Alden, wife to Mr. John Alden. 
who dec'd Oct. 5. 1732 in ye 52nd year of her age. 

IV. ig. David, "'^ b. May 18, 1702, d. Aug. 24, 1763, aged 61, m. 
Judith Paddleford. She d. 1802, aged 94, bur. Purchade Ceme- 
ery, North Middleboro. Had 8 children : — 

ancestors of ebenezer alden 47 

Solomon, Job, 

David, Silas, 

RuFus, Abigail, 

HuLDAH, Peter. 

IV. 20. Priscilla,'^ b. March 2, 1704, m. Abraham Borden. 

IV. 21. Thankful,'^ b. 1708, d. Oct. 29, 1732, m. Francis 
Eaton, of Kingston, Dec. 14, 1727. 

IV. 22. Hannah,'^ b. 1709, m. Thomas Wood. 

IV. 23. Lydia,'^ b. Dec. 18, 17 10, m. first Samuel Eddy, of 
Middleboro : he d. 1746. She m. second John Fuller, of Halifax: 
he d. 1766. 

IV. 24. Mary,'^ b. Nov. 18, 1712, d. Aug. i, 1787, m. Noah 
Thomas, 1735. 

IV. 25. Abigail,'^ b. Sept. 8, 1714, d. January, 1744, m. Nathan 
Thomas, 1735. 

IV. 26. Joseph,'^ b. 1716, d. Jan. 26, 1787, m. Hannah Hall, 
April I, 1742. Had 11 children. 

IV. 27. John,'^ b. Oct. 8, 17 18, d. March 27, 182 1, aged 102 
years, bur. Purchade Cemetery. He m. first Lydia Lazel. They had 
5 children. He m. second, July 12, 1750, Rebecca Weston. They 
had 14 children : — 

John, Sarah, 

Mary, Lucy, 

Nathan, Joel, 

Susanna, Ruth, 

Lydia, Seth, 

*Priscilla, Betsey, 

*RuTH, Elihu, 

Elijah, Son, 

Rebecca, Daughter. 

On his 1 00th birthday a sermon was preached at his home by Rev. 
Isaac Tomkins. Text was in 2 Tim, iv. 6-8. 

IV. 28. Ebenezer,'^ b. Oct. 8, 1720. At age of 20 went to Cuba, 
was prisoner ten years. After release he returned and settled in 
Ashfield. He m. first Anna Whitaker, second Rebecca Smith. 

IV. 29. Samuel,'^ b. 1721, d. young. 

IV. 2g^. Nathan,'^ b. June 12, 1723, d. young. 


IV. 30. Noah,'^ b. May 31, 1725, d. May 5, 1797, at Bellingham, 
Mass. He was a Congregational minister, changed to Baptist. He 
was a member of the convention forming the Constitution of Massa- 
chusetts in 1780, and also of the Convention adopting the Constitu- 
tion of United States in 1788. He m. Joanna Vaughn. He was the 
son mentioned in his father's will, made in 1730, to have a college 
education ; and it was John, the father of these 13 children, that gave 
the land for Purchade Cemetery, North Middleboro. Noah had 6 
children : — , 

Joanna, Elisha, 

Lucy, Israel, 

Ruth, Noah. 

IV. 31. ALDEN, JOSEPH, 'S pa. John and Hannah White, b. 
1716, d. Jan. 20, 1787, m. April i, 1742, Hannah Hall, of Raynham. 
Had 1 1 children. Five of these children d. of black sore throat in 
1751. Hannah d. July i, 1766, and Joseph then m. Sept. 3, 1767, 
Deborah WiUiamson, b. Sept. 11, 17 16. She outlived Joseph. They 
had no children. Joseph and Hannah are bur. in Purchade Cem- 

Epitaph on Gravestones, copied igo2. 


In memory of Mr Joseph Aldan, who dec'd Jan. 20. 17S7, age 70 yrs. 

Here lies buried Mrs Hannah Alden, the wife of Mr Joseph Alden, who 
dec'd July i, 1766 in the 48th year of her age. 

In the Records at Plymouth may be found Joseph's appointment 
as administrator, and the settling of his son Ebenezer's estate by 
him, also a sale of real estate by Joseph Alden and his wife Deborah, 
and later the settlement of Joseph's estate by his son Abner Alden. 

Joseph and Hannah had 11 children. Ebenezer^' was the oldest. 

Ebenezer, Fear, 

Amariah, Eunice, 

Moses, Lois, 

Phebe, Abner, 

Hannah, Eliab. 

V. 32. *Amariah.3' 33. * Moses.^' 34. * Phebe. 3' *35. Han- 
nah.3' 36. * Joseph,^' d. in 1751. 


V. 37. Fear,3' b. May 2, 1753, d. March 29, 1841, m. Sept. 23, 
18 1 2, Lewis Hall, of Raynham. They had 3 children. 

VI. 38. Arnos,37 b, 1775, d. 1869. 

VI. 39. Ebenezer,37 b. Sept. 12, 1779, d. 1859. 
VI. 40. Abigail,37 b. 1794, d. 1885. 

VII. 41. Amos Randall b_ ^g^^^ ^ 1871. 

VIII. 42. Simeon Francis Hall,-^' b. 1833. 

IX. 43. Emma Winslow Hall,^- b. 1864. 

V. 44. Eunice, 3' b. and d. not known. 

V. 45. Lois,3' b. 1761 or 2, d. Nov. 3, 1836, aged 75 years, 
m. first Samuel Paddleford, of Taunton, second Captain Reuben 
Hall, of Raynham: he d. Nov. 11, 1830, age 81. 

V. 46. *Abner,3' b. 1764, d. 1820, in Bristol, R.I., never m. 
Graduated from Brown University in 1787, eminent as a teacher, 
published several school books. 

V. 47. Eliab,3' b. 1762, m. INIary Hathaway, of Middleboro, 
settled in Cairo, N.Y., had 6 children: — 

Eliab, Charles Henry, 

Abner, Joseph, 

Levi, Mary. 

V. 48. ALDEN EBENEZER,3' pa. Joseph and Hannah (Hall), 
b. Feb. 4, 1743, d. Jan. 6, 1773, of measles, aged 30 years, bur. 
in Purchade Cemetery, North Middleboro, where his parents and 
grandparents are buried. His headstone reads: — 


In memory of IMr Ebenezer Alden, who dec'd Jan 6, 1773 in the 30th year of 
his age. 

He m. Ruth Fobes, Dec. 22, 1763 (Middleboro Records), inten- 
tion of m. recorded in Bridgewater, Nov. 5, 1763. Ruth was b. 
1744, d. July 28, 181 7. Ruth (Fobes) Alden m. second, Aug. 2, 
1777, Daniel Faunce, of Carver. He d. May 2, 1803. Both buried 
in Carver. They had 5 children : Alden, Sarah, Phebe, Eunice, and 



Ezra. Ruth was dau. Joshua * Fobes and Esther (Porter), Joshua,^ 
Edward,^ John/ of Duxbury, who came over in ship " Fortune," 162 1. 
March 3, 1773, Ruth makes a petition to tlie judge of probate, a 
copy of which is given in the opening pages of this book. Later, 
in 1788, after the death of Joseph, father of Ebenezer (Plymouth 
Records), Abner Alden (brother of Ebenezer) and Joshua Fobes 
(her father) were appointed guardians of the minor children men- 
tioned in the quitclaim deed given by Deborah Alden, widow of 
Joseph, which is also found in the opening pages of this book. 
Ebenezer and Ruth had 6 children : — 

Hannah, Ruth, 

Orpah, Ebenezer, 

Polly, Joseph,^^ b. 17 7-. 

VI. 49. Hannah,4S b. Feb. 2, 1765, d. Jan. 19, 1816, m. Nov. 8, 
1789, Simon Backus, of Middleboro, b. May 7, 1766, d. July 20, 1833. 
They had 7 children : — 

VII. 50. Andrew,49 b. Oct. 3, 1790, d. May 9, 1880. 
VII. 51. Ebenezer,49 b. July 14, 1792, d. Sept. 13, 1815. 
VII. 52. Adam,49 b. May 28, 1785, d. April 15, 1795. 
VII. 53. Eunice,49 b. Feb. 27, 1786, d. July 9, 1866. 
VII. 54. Isaac,'*9 b. Oct. 22, 1797, d. July 14, 1819. 

VII. 55. Joseph Alden,49 b. April 28, 1799, d. Oct. 23, 1881. 
VII. 55|. Hannah,49 b. Oct. n, 1801, d. July, 1865. . 

After Hannah his wife's death Simon m. Widow Ruth Alden 
(Hathaway), sister of Hannah, March 6, 182 1. Ruth d. Feb. 20, 
1858. Both bur. in Titicut Cemetery. 

VI. 56. Orpah,4S b. Jan. 1766, m. Zadock Presho, of Raynham. 
Lived in Chesterfield, N.H. Had 13 children: 

Asa, b. 1793, Ruth Fobes, b. Dec, 1802, 

Laura, b. 1794, Elmira, b. 1804, 

James, b. 1795, Zadock, b. May, 1805, 

Sullivan, b. 1797, . Isaac, b. July, 1807, 

Ebenezer, b. Nov., 1798, Thomas, b. April, 1809, 

Ezra, b. March, 1800, Wh.liam H. 
Daniel, b. June, 1801, 


VI. 57. POLLY,-*^ b. 1767, d. Jan. 7, 1831, m. Nehemiah Jones, of 
Raynham, Aug. 2, 1791. They had 7 children: — 

Maria, Emeline, 

Nehemiah, Louisa A., 

Clarissa L., William. 
Mary W, F., 

Descendants of Polly given in full in first part of this book. 

VI. 58. Ruth,48 b. Dec. 18, 1768, d. Feb. 20, 1858, m. first 
Joseph Hathaway, m. second, March 6, 1821, Simon Backus. 

VI. 59. ALDEN, EBENEZER,4S pa. Ebenezer and Ruth (Fobes), 
b. Aug. 8, 1770, in North Middleboro, near Colonel Eaton's place, 
d. Oct. 31, 1853, Appleton, Cecil County, Md. Settled in Chester 
County, Pa., later removed tp Appleton, Md. Was deacon of London 
Tract Baptist Church, Pennsylvania, sixty years. He m. Elizabeth 
Ames, Chester County, Pa. (dau. Elijah,5 Joseph,-* Thomas,^ John,^ 
William' Ames, of Braintree, Mass.). She was b. in Bridgewater, 
Mass., Aug. 13, 1774, d. Jan. 8, 1865, Appleton, Md. Both bur. 
in London Tract Church Yard, Chester County, Pa. Had 10 
children : — 

George, Hannah, 

Joshua, Ebenezer, 

Elijah, Amos, 

Mary, • Ruth Ann, 

Elizabeth, John. 

VII. 60. ALDEN, GE0RGE,s9 pa. Ebenezer and Elizabeth 
(Ames), b. July 7, 1796, Chester County, Pa., d. March 5, 1864, 
He m. first Hannah Mathias, and had 7 children : — 

Elizabeth, Catherine H., 

John, Rebecca, 

George W., Ruth. 
Mary A., 

He m. second EUzabeth Jane Divine, May, 1855. She d. Nov. 13, 
1898, Wilmington, Del. They had one son: William E. Alden. 

VIII. 61. ALDEN, ELIZABETH,^" pa. George and Hannah 
(Mathias), b. July 12, 1832, Cecil County, Md., d. June 6, 1903, bur. 



Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Del. She m. William Benge, b. 
Tunbridge, Eng., Aug. 22, 1834. Have 3 children: — 

Emma, Luanna. 


IX. 62. BENGE, EMMA,*^' pa. Wilham and Elizabeth (Alden), 
b. Dec. 20, 1856, Cecil County, Md., m. Aug. 25, 1892, Wilmington, 
Del., William McCoy, b. Dec. 10, 1845, New Castle, Del. Have i 
child : Ralph. 

X. 63. *McCOY, RALPH,62 b. Nov. 12, 1898, d. Nov. 14, 1898. 

IX. 64. BENGE, LUANNA,^' b. Aug. 14, i860, pa. William and 
Elizabeth (Alden). 

IX. 65. BENGE, LUCINDA,^' pa. WiUiam and Ehzabeth 
(Alden), b. Aug. 8, 1867, Cecil County, Md., m. April 11, 1888, 
in Wilmington, Del., Quimby Robinson Lyman, b. Feb. 12, 1859, 
James K, and Elizabeth A. (Davidson). Have 3 children : — 

William L., Quimby R. 

Hazel E., 

X. 67. LYMAN, WILLIAM LEONARD,65 pa. Quimby R. and 
Lucinda (Benge), b. May 10, 1889, Newport, Del. 

X. 68. LYMAN, HAZEL ELIZABETH,'^5 pa. Quimby R. and 
Lucinda (Benge), b. July 13, 1892, Newport, Del. 

X. 69. LYMAN, QUIMBY ROBINSON.^s pa. Quimby R. and 
Lucinda (Benge), b. Oct. 19, 1895, Newport, Del. 

VIII. 70. ALDEN, JOHN,'^°pa. George and Hannah (Mathias), 
b. Nov. 4, 1833, Cecil County, Md., d. Nov. 24, 1889. He m. first. 
May 4, 1864, Ehzabeth Moore, Philadelphia, Pa., b. Dec. 12, 1841, 
d. Jan. 9, 1879, James and Mary (Diman), Had 5 children: — 

Minnie R., Lillian, 

George M., Edith D. 

James B., 

John m. second time, Jan. 27, 1881, Sarah Elizabeth Alexander, 
Philadelphia, Pa., b. Jan. 14, 1855, Cecil County, Md., d. Aug. 27, 
1 89 1, Amos and Ehzabeth (Hill). They had one son : John Wiley 
Alden. Family burial lot, Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Del. 


IX. 71. * ALDEN, MINNIE R.,7° pa. John and Elizabeth 
(Moore), b. Jan. 21, 1865, Cecil County, Md., d. Dec. 20, 1884. 

IX. 72. ALDEN, GEORGE MATHIAS,7° pa. John and Eliza- 
beth (Moore), b. Feb. 14, 1866, m. April 4, 1894, Clara D. Perkins, 
Chester County, Pa., b. July 15, 1868, WiUiam J. and Adaline (Boyd). 

IX. 73. * ALDEN, JAMES B.,7° pa. John and Elizabeth (Moore), 
b. Dec. 9, 1868, Wilmington, Del., d. Jan. 4, 1875. 

IX. 74. ALDEN, LILLIAN,7° pa. John and Elizabeth (Moore), 
b. April 15, 1873, Wilmington, Del, m. Oct. 15, 1890, William J. 
McKensie, b. Aug. 28, 1869, Trenton, N.J., Daniel and Mary 

IX. 75. * ALDEN, EDITH D.,7° pa. John and Elizabeth 
(Moore), b. Sept. 7, 1876, Wilmington, Del., d. Nov. 15, 1880. 

IX. 78. ALDEN, JOHN WILEY,7° pa. John and Sarah E. 
(Alexander), b. Oct. 6, 1884, Wilmington, Del. 

and Hannah (Mathias), b. June 27, 1837, Cecil County, Md., m. 
Dec. 24, 1863, Philadelphia, Pa., Mary Elizabeth Hill, b. Feb. 7 
1843, Cecil County, Md., Alexander and EHza (Sentman). 

VIII. 80. * ALDEN, MARY ALEXANDER,"" pa. George and 
Hannah (Mathias), b. July 12, 1839, Cecil County, Md., d. Sept. 16, 
1892, Wilmington, Del. 

VIII. 81. ALDEN, CATHERINE H.,"° pa. George and Hannah 
(Mathias), b. April 2, 1841, m. 1865 James Scott McMaster, b. 
Aug. 24, 1846, Robert and Elizabeth (Garrett). Had 6 children: — 

George, Ernest, 

John, Herman, 

Clifford, Horace. 

IX. 82. McMASTER, GEORGE HARRY,^' pa. James S. and 
Catherine H. (Alden), b. Nov. 30, 1866, Maryland, m, Elizabeth 

IX. 8^. McMASTER, JOHN ATMORE,^' pa. James S. and 
Catherine H. (Alden), b. Aug. 9, 1869, Pennsylvania, m. Ella Mitchell. 

IX. 84. McMASTER, CLIFFORD MEARNS,^' pa. James S. 
and Catherine H. (Alden), b. March 5, 187 1, Pennsylvania, m. 
Harriet Erving. 

IX. 85. * McMASTER, ERNEST,^' pa. James S. and Catherine 
H. (Alden), b. Dec. 4, 1874, d. June 5, 1876, Manayunk, Pa. 



IX. 86. McMASTER, HERMAN,^' pa. James S. and Catherine 
H. (Alden), b. Feb. 12, 1877, m. Kathryn Murphy. 

IX. 87. McMASTER, HORACE,^' pa. James S. and Catherine 
H. (Alden), b. Aug. 18, 1879, m. Mary Davidson. 

VIII. 90. * ALDEN, REBECCA,'^" pa. George and Hannah 
(Mathias), b. March 27, 1843, Cecil County, Md., d. August, 1854. 

VIII. 91. ALDEN, RUTH,^° pa. George and Hannah (Mathias), 
b. March 20, 1846, Cecil County, Md. 

VIII. 92. ALDEN, WILLIAM E.,^° pa. George and EUzabeth 
J. (Divine), b. March 12, 1856, Cecil County, Md., m. May 26, 1892, 
Margaret Day McMillan, b. Oct. 25, 1856, Chester County, Pa., 
Robert and Mary (Green). Had 2 children : — 

Robert, Helen. 

IX. 93. *ALDEN, ROBERT WILLIAM,92 p^. WilUam E. and 
Margaret D. (McMillan), b. March 22, 1893, d. Sept. 9, 1893. 

and Margaret D. (McMillan), b. Oct. 13, 1894, Wilmington, Del. 

VII. 95. ALDEN, J0SHUA,S9 pa. Ebenezer and Elizabeth 
(Ames), b. Feb. 3, 1798, d. Aug. 25, 1826. He m. Margaret Dysart. 
Had 3 children : — 

Archibald, Margaret. 

Joseph Fobes, 

VIII. 96. ALDEN, ARCHIBALD,95 pa. Joshua and Margaret 
(Dysart), b. Aug. 2, 182 1. 

VIII. 97. ALDEN, JOSEPH FOBES,95 pa. Joshua and Margaret 
(Dysart), b. Dec. 8, 1823, Cecil County, Md., d. March i, 1886, bur. 
Cecil County, Md., Head of Christiana. He m. April 11, 1854, 
Cecil County, Md., Margaret Dysart, his cousin, b. 1836, who d. July 
16, 1 88 1. Had II children: — 

John, Hannah Rebecca, 

Joshua Fobes, Archibald Washington, 

Jennie Donley, Frank Risk, 

Howard Gittings, Mary Louisa, 

Joseph Fobes, Maud. 
Margaret Langwell, 


VIII. 98. ALDEN, MARGARET,95 pa. Joshua and Margaret 
(Dysart), b. May 25, 1826. 

IX. 99. ALDEN, JOHN,97 pa. Joseph F. and Margaret (Dysart), 
b. and d. is not known. 

IX. 100. ALDEN, JOSHUA FOBES,97 pa. Joseph F. and 
Margaret (Dysart), b. March 3, 1855, Cecil County, Md., m. Nov. 13, 
1877, Mary Elizabeth Bailey, b. June 28, i860, Philadelphia, Pa., 
John and Elizabeth (Williams). Had 1 2 children : — 

Harry F., Margaret E., 

John B., Etheldora, 

Josephine G., Frank, 

Joshua Fobes, Dorothy M., 

Lulu May, Samuel R., 

Annie C, George. 

X. loi. ALDEN, HARRY FRANCIS,'°° pa. Joshua F. and 
Mary E. (Bailey), b. Sept. 12, 1878, Philadelphia, Pa., m. April 
23, 1902, Philadelphia, Pa., Mary Jane Fillines, b. Sept. 29, 1872, 
Washington, D.C., Joseph and Caroline (Lewis). 

X. 102. ALDEN, JOHN BAILEY,'°« pa. Joshua F. and Mary E. 
(Bailey), b. May 27, 1881, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 103. ALDEN, JOSEPHINE GERTRUDE,'°° pa. Joshua F. 
and Mary E. (Bailey), b. July 26, 1882, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 104. * ALDEN, JOSHUA FOBES,'°° pa. Joshua F. and 
Mary E. (Bailey), b. March 28, 1884, Philadelphia, Pa., d. May 26, 
1886, bur. Philadelphia, Pa., Cathedral Cemetery. 

X. 105. * ALDEN, LULU MAY,'°° pa. Joshua F. and Mary E. 
(Bailey), b. Jan. 5, 1886, Philadelphia, Pa., d. Sept. 6, 1886, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., bur. Cathedral Cemetery. 

X. 106. ALDEN, ANNIE CECELIA,'°° pa. Joshua F. and 
Mary E. (Bailey), b. May 22, 1887, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 107. ALDEN, MARGARET ELIZABETH,'"-^ pa. Joshua F. 
and Mary E. (Bailey), b. Dec. 14, 1889, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 108. ALDEN, ETHELDORA,'°° pa. Joshua F. and Mary E. 
(Bailey), b. Nov. 9, 1891, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 109. *ALDEN, FRANK,'°° pa. Joshua F. and Mary E. 
(Bailey), b. Nov. 16, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa., d. Nov. 28, 1893. 

X. no. ALDEN, DOROTHY MIDDLETON,'°°, pa. Joshua F. 
and Mary E. (Bailey), b. April i, 1896, Philadelphia, Pa. 


X. III. ALDEN, SAMUEL ROBERTS,'°° pa. Joshua F. and 
Mary E. (Bailey), b. June 14, 1899, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 112. *ALDEN, GEORGE,'°° pa. Joshua F, and Mary E. 
(Bailey), b. Jan. 24, 1901, d. May 16, 1901. 

IX. 113. ALDEN, JENNIE DONLEY,97 pa. Joseph F. and 
Margaret (Dysart), b. April 30, 1856, Cecil County, Md., m. Nov. 30, 

1892, John Emerick Yerger, b. June 10, 1830, Philadelphia, Pa., 
WiUiam and Ann Eliza (Katy). i child : Margaret A. 

X. 114. YERGER, MARGARET ALDEN, "3 pa. John E. and 
Jennie D. (Alden), b. Nov. 30, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 115. ALDEN, HOWARD GITTINGS,97 pa. Joseph F. 
and Margaret (Dysart) , b. and d. not known. 

IX. 116. ALDEN, JOSEPH FOBES,97 pa. Joseph F. and Mar- 
garet (Dysart), b. March 9, i860, Philadelphia, Pa., m. June 20, 1883, 
Philadelphia, Pa, Annie Hester Goslee, b. Sept. 25, 1861, Lewis, Del., 
Joseph B. and Elizabeth (Grice). i child : Eddie R. 

X. 117. ALDEN, EDDIE RAMBO GOSLEE,"^ pa. Joseph F. 
and Annie H. (Goslee), b. Oct. 15, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 118. ALDEN, MARGARET LANGWELL,97 pa. Joseph F. 
and Margaret (Dysart), b. Dec. 24, 1861, Philadelphia, Pa., m. July, 

1893, Elkton, Md., John Lewis Yeatman, b. Aug. 16, 1834. i child: 
Thomas Earl. 

X. 119. YEATMAN, THOMAS EARL,"^ pa. John L. and 
Margart L. (Alden), b, Nov. 4, 1897, Cecil County, Md. 

IX. 120. ALDEN, HANNAH REBECCA,97 pa. Joseph F. and 
Margaret (Dysart), b. April 22, 1865, Philadelphia, Pa., m. Harry 
Alexander Adair, b. i860, i child: Jennie. 

Hannah R. Alden (Adair) m. second, May 13, 1890, John S. Davis, 
b. (1835), d. 1896. 

X. 121. *ADAIR, JENNIE DONLEY,'^° pa. Harry A. and 
Hannah R. (Alden), b. Feb. 25, 1883, d. June, 1886. 

Joseph F. and Margaret (Dysart), b. June 11, 1868, Philadelphia, Pa., 
m. April 9, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa., JuUa Bailey, b. Aug. 25, 1867, 


Philadelphia, Pa., d. May 29, 1903, bur. Philadelphia, Pa., John and 
Mary E. (Williams). 3 children : 

Harry, Lucy P. 


X. 123. * ALDEN, HARRY,'" pa. Archibald W. and Julia 
(Bailey), b. April 14, 1894, Philadelphia, Pa., d. April 23, 1901, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 124. ALDEN, NORMAN JOSEPH,'" pa. Archibald W. 
and JuUa (Bailey), b. June 10, 1897, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 125. ALDEN, LUCY PUGH,'" pa. Archibald W. and Julia 
(Bailey), b. Aug. iS, 1900, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 126. ALDEN, FRANK RISK,97 pa. Joseph F. and Mar- 
garet (Dysart), b. Jan. 12, 1872, Philadelphia, Pa., m. Sept. 14, 
1896, Philadelphia, Pa., Sarah EUzabeth Wilson, b. Aug. 11, 1878, 
Newark, Del., Robert and Mary J. (Cann). 2 children: — 

Howard G., Elsie M. 

X. 127. ALDEN, HOWARD GITTINGS,'^*^ pa. Frank R. and 
Sarah E. (Wilson), b. Aug. 27, 1899, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 128. ALDEN, ELSIE MAY,'^'^ pa. Frank R. and Sarah E. 
(Wilson), b. March 22, 1902, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 1 29. ALDEN, MARY LOUIS A,97 pa. Joseph F. and Margaret 
(Dysart), b. Aug. 12, 1874, Philadelphia, Pa., m. Oct. i, 1901, Phila- 
delphia, Pa., James Edward White, b. March 22, 1850, Watertown, 
Mass., Lorenzo and Nancy (Bell). 

IX. 130. ALDEN, MAUD,97 pa. Joseph F. and Margaret (Dysart), 
b. and d. not known. 

VI 131. ALDEN, ELIJAHS pa. Ebenezcx .. / Elizabeth 
(Ames), b. Jan. 17, 1800, Chester County, Pa., near FUnt Hill, near 
Maryland State line. When he was about eight years old, his parents 
with their family moved to Appleton, Md. He m. Nov. 8, 1827, in 
Bridgewater, Mass., Hannah Bassett (dau. WilUam,'^ Joseph,? Nathan,-* 
WilUam,3 Joseph,^ William Bassett,' who came over in Ship " Fort- 
une," 162 1). She was b. April 10, 1809, in that part of Bridgewater 
called Scotland, where she lived, m., and d., June 15, 1880, of apoplexy. 
They celebrated their golden wedding Nov. 8, 1877. (Rev. Ebenezer 


Gay, who m. them, was present.) They had 8 children : all were 
living and present except dau. Harriet, who died young. Elijah 
Alden d, of injuries caused by blasting rocks on his farm in Scotland, 
near the house, living only thirty-six hours after the accident. Both 
He bur. in Vernon Street Cemetery, Bridgewater, Mass. Had 8 
children : — 

Mariett, Harriet Bassett, 

Thalia, William Bassett, 

Caroline, Ebenezer, 

Elijah Ames, Hannah Elizabeth. 

VIII. 132. ALDEN, MARIETT,'3i pa. Elijah and Hannah 
(Bassett), b. Bridgewater, May 23, 1829, m. June 14, 1849, Phillip 
Calvin King, Raynham, Phillip and Sophronia (King). He d. 
March 11, 1852 in Bridgewater, aged 25 years, bur. Raynham, 
Mass. 2 children : — 

Calvin Bradford, Albert Millard, 

Legally adopted names Bradford King Wiley and Albert Millard 

Aug. 15, 1854, Mariett Alden King m. Jesse Higgins Wiley, 
Boston, b. Wellfleet, Dec. 25, 1826, d. April 5, 1897, bur. Forest Hills 
Cemetery, Boston, i child : Jesse Sumner Wiley. 

IX. 133. WILEY, BRADFORD KING,'3^ pa. Calvin King and 
Mariett (Alden), b. April 22, 1850, Bridgewater, Mass., m. in New 
York City, Jan. 17, 1884, Ida Katherine Somerville, b. New York City, 
Sept. 20, 1850, James and Hannah M. (Day). 2 children: — 

Bradford King Wiley, Jr., James Somerville. 

X. 134. WILEY, BRADFORD KING, Jr.,'33 pa. Bradford K. 
and Ida K. (Somerville), b. Aug. 2, 1885, New York City. 

X. 135. WILEY, JAMES SOMERVILLE,'33 pa. Bradford K. 
and Ida K. (Somerville), b. June 24, 1887, New York City. 

IX. 136. WILEY, ALBERT MILLARD, '3^ pa. Calvin King and 
Mariett (Alden), b. Nov. 15, 1851, Bridgewater, Mass., m. in Boston, 
Oct. 29, 1890, Marion JuUa Pratt, b. Boston, Dec. 8, i860, Albert S. 
and JuUa (Dodd). A. M. Wiley, member of hardware firm Frye, 
Phipps & Co., 25 Pearl Street, Boston. 


IX. 137. WILEY, JESSE SUMNER/32 p^. jesse H. and Mariett 
(Alden), b. Jan. 2, 1857, Boston, m. in Brookline, June 4, 1890, 
Mary Isabel Wason, b. Boston, Jan. 2, 1857, Elbridge and Mary I. 
(Chase). Jesse S. Wiley member of firm, carpets and furniture, 
Foster & Wiley, 39 Franklin Street, Boston. 2 children : — 

Margaret, Mary Alden. 

X. 138. WILEY, MARGARET,'37 pa. Jesse S. and Mary I 
(Wason), b. May 17, 1892, BrookUne, Mass. 

X. 139. WILEY, MARY ALDEN, '37 pa. Jesse S. and Mary I. 
(Wason), b. Sept. 10, 1899, Brookline, Mass. 

VIII. 140. ALDEN, THALIA,'3r pa. Elijah and Hannah 
(Bassett), b. Aug. 3, 1831, Bridgewater, d. May 16, 1900, Brockton, 
Mass., bur. Pine Hill Cemetery, West Bridgewater. She m. Nov. i, 
i860, Henry Snell Keith, of West Bridgewater, b. Oct. 17, 18 18, 
Austin and Mehitabel (Copeland). 2 children : — 

Horace Alden, Elijah Austin. 

IX. 141. KEITH, HORACE ALDEN,'4o pa, Henry S. and 
Thalia (Alden), b. May 25, 1862, West Bridgewater, m. in Brockton, 
April 12, 1887, Nellie White Packard, b. March 4, 1862, Brockton, 
Simeon Franklin and Louisa (Keith). 3 children : — 

Roger, Gerald. 


H. A. Keith proprietor and manager of Brockton Webbing Co. 

X. 142. KEITH, ROGER/4' pa. Horace A. and Nellie W. 
(Packard), b. May 7, 1888, New York City. 

X. 143. * KEITH, L0UISA,^4i pa. Horace A. and Nellie W, 
(Packard), b. Dec. 25, 1889, Philadelphia, Pa., d. Feb. 14, 1900, 
Brockton, Mass. 

X. 144. KEITH, GERALD, '4' pa. Horace A. and Nellie W. 
(Packard), b. March 13, 1893, New York City. 

IX. 145. KEITH, ELIJAH AUSTIN,'4o pa. Henry S. and 
Thalia (Alden), b. July 11, 1865, West Bridgewater, m. Brockton, 
Jan. 18. 1888, LilUan May Keith, b. Brockton, Jan. 14, 1865, Albert 
and Charlotte (Pearce). i child : Donald Macleod. E. A. 
Keith coal dealer, Brockton, Mass. 


X. 146. KEITH, DONALD MACLEOD, '^s pa, Elijah A. and 
Lillian M. (Keith), b. Oct. 10, 1889, New York City. 

VIIL 147. ALDEN, CAR0LINE,'3i pa. Elijah and Hannah 
(Bassett), b. Oct. 4, 1833, Bridgewater, m. Bridgewater, Nov. 29, 
1855, Linus Darling, b. May 11, 1830, Middleboro, Mass., Darius 
and Alice (Drake). 4 children. Former proprietor of JVew Englajid 
Farmer, later of Massachusetts Ploughman, agricultural papers. 

Carrie M., Annie N., 

Harriet A., Albert L. 

IX. 148. DARLING, CARRIE MAY,'^7 pa. Linus and Caro- 
line (Alden), b. Dec. 29, 1856, Middleboro, Mass. 

IX. 149. DARLING, HARRIET ALDEN,'47 pa. Linus and 
Caroline (Alden), b. Feb. i, 1859, Middleboro, Mass. 

IX. 150. DARLING, ANNIE NEWELL,'47 pa. Linus and 
Caroline (Alden), b. Dec. 5, 1863, Middleboro, Mass. 

IX. 151. DARLING, ALBERT LINUS,'+7 pa. Linus and 
Caroline (Alden), b. Aug. 2, 1876, Savin Hill, Dorchester, Mass., m. 
Provincetown, Feb. 18, 1897, Adelaide Laura Nickerson, b. Province- 
town, Jan. 3, 1876, Henr}' and Samantha (Young), i child. 

X. 152. DARLING, NORMAN LINUS, '5' pa. Albert L. and 
Adelaide L. (Nickerson), b. Sept. 21, 1897, Dorchester, Mass, 

VIII. 153. ALDEN, ELIJAH AMES, '3- pa. Elijah and Hannah 
(Bassett), b. Dec. 30, 1840, Bridgewater, d. Boston, Nov. 26, 1887, 
bur. Forest Hills Cemeter}% Boston. He m. Sept. 16, 1867, Martha 
Louisa Wheeler, b. Sept. 7, 1846, James B. and Louisa (Bourgirin). 
E. A. Alden was proprietor of drug store, corner of Washington and 
Dudley Streets, Boston, about fifteen years before he died. 2 chil- 
dren : — 

Charles A., Martha E. 

IX. 154. ALDEN, CHARLES AMES,'53 pa. Elijah A. and 
Martha L. (Wheeler), b. May 13, 1869, Boston, m. Boston, Jan. 
16, 1894, Susie Spear Champney, b, Boston, May 29, 1873, Charles 
S. and Catherine (Whiting). 4 children : — 

William A., Elijah B., 

Richard C, Charles W. 


X. 155. * ALDEN, WILLIAM AMES,'54 pa. Charles A. and 
Susie S. (Champney), b. Nov. 29, 1894, Steelton, Pa., d. Steelton, 
Pa., May 15, 1898. 

X. 156. ALDEN, RICHARD CHAMPNEY,'54 pa. Charles A. 
and Susie S. (Champney), b. Aug. 6, 1896, Harrisburg, Pa. 

X. 157. ALDEN, ELIJAH BASSETT,'54 pa. Charles A. and 
Susie (Champney), b. Oct. 29, 1897, Steelton, Pa. 

X. 157^. ALDEN, CHARLES WHITING,'54 pa. Charles A. 
and Susie S. (Champney), b. July 25, 1903. 

IX. 158. ALDEN, MARTHA ELOISE,'53 pa. Elijah A. and 
Martha L. (Wheeler), b. July 5, 1872, Boston, m. Boston, June i, 
1898, Charles Haddon Mclnt}'re, b. Springfield, New Brunswick, 
Feb. 24, 1870, Alexander and Julia Ann (Smith). C. H. Mclntyre 
graduated with degree A.B. Acadia College, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, 
1889, A.B. Harvard 1891, LL.B. Harvard Law School 1894, ad- 
mitted to Suffolk Bar 1894, counsellor-at-law. 209 Washington 
Street, Boston. Have 2 children. 

X. 159. McINTYRE, ALDEN HADD0N,'5S pa. Charles H. 
and Martha E. (Alden), b. June 6, 1899, Boston. 

X. 160. * McINTYRE, GEORGE ALEXANDER,'5S pa. Charles 
H. and Martha E. (Alden), b. April 30, 1902, Boston, d. Aug. 31, 

VIIL 161. * ALDEN, HARRIET BASSETT,'3' pa. Elijah and 
Hannah (Bassett), b. April 14, 1845, Bridgewater, d. Dec. i, 1857,. 
aged twelve years, seven months, sixteen days. The last three years 
of her life she was blind. 

VIIL 162. ALDEN, WILLIAM BASSETT.'3i pa. Elijah and 
Hannah (Bassett), b. July 30, 1847, Bridgewater, m. New York City, 
Georgiana E. Agnew, Dec. 25, 1876. She d. Brooklyn, N.Y., May 2, 
1884. They had 2 children. William B. Alden m. second Lizzie 
Ladd Donnell, Nov. 26, 1885, in Boston, b. Bath, Me., April 9, 1854, 
William S. and Sarah (Bailey). 

IX. 163. ALDEN, GEORGIANA,'^^ pa. William B. and Georgi- 
ana E. (Agnew), b. July 16, 1878, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

IX. 164. ALDEN, LILLIAN BASSETT,'^^ pa. William B. and 
Georgiana (Agnew), b. Jan. 12, 1881, Brooklyn, N.Y. 


VIII. 165. ALDEN, EBENEZER,'3i pa. Elijah and Hannah 
(Bassett), b. Bridgewater, Feb. 3, 1850, m. Bridgewater, Nov. 13, 
1879, Iniogene Adelaide Lawrence (Knapp), b. Bridgewater, Feb 
17, 1850, Aaron and Sarah A. (Durfee). E. Alden is proprietor of 
hardware store, 1102 South Main Street, Brockton, Mass. 3 chil- 
dren : — 

Elijah, Milton. 

Harriett Elizabeth, 

IX. 166. ALDEN, ELIJAH, '65 pa. Ebenezer and Imogene A. 
(Lawrence), b. Bridgewater, Sept. 29, 1880, m. Skowhegan, Me., 
April 24, 1902, Minnie Howard Snow, b. Skowhegan, Me., Dec. 18, 
1879, George and Thalia (Howard). 

IX. 167. ALDEN, HARRIETT ELIZABETH, '^s pa. Ebenezer 
and Imogene A. (Lawrence), b. Bridgewater, March 25, 1882, grad- 
uated Bridgewater Normal School, June, 1903. 

IX. 168. ALDEN, MILT0N,^6s pa. Ebenezer and logene Am. 
Lawrence), b. Jan. 28, 1890, Bridgewater. 

VIII. 169. ALDEN, HANNAH ELIZABETH,'3x pa. Elijah 
and Hannah (Bassett), b. Bridgewater, March 26, 1854, m. Bridge- 
water, Oct, 27, 1874, Dr. Ira Barrows Gushing, b. Providence, 111., 
Nov. 12, 1846, Galeb and Melinda Peck (Barrows). Graduated New 
York Homoeopathic Medical College, 1872, Practising physician, 
Brookline, Mass., 19 Harris Street. 3 children : — 

Ira May, Arthur Alden. 

Maude Elizabeth, 

IX. 170. GUSHING, IRA MAY,'69 pa. Ira B. and H. EUza- 
beth (Alden), b. Aug. 26, 1875, BrookUne, Mass, Graduated Brown 
University, Providence, R.I., 1899, degree M-E. 

IX. 171. GUSHING, MAUDE ELIZABETH,''^? pa. Ira B. 
and H. Elizabeth (Alden), b. Dec. 27, 1877, graduate Bradford 
Academy 1898, m. Brookline, Oct. 27, 1899, WilHam Gilbert Nash, 
b. Brookline, April 28, 1873, Francis J. and Eliza (Parmalee). Grad- 
uated Boston University Law School, i child : Katherine Alden. 

X. 172. NASH, KATHERINE ALDEN,'7i pa. WilHam G. and 
Maude E. (Gushing), b. Brookline, Nov. 15, 1901. 

IX. 173. GUSHING, ARTHUR ALDEN,'69 pa. Ira B. and H. 
Elizabeth (Alden), b. BrookUne, Jan. 16, 1881, attending Harvard 
Medical School (class of 1904). 



VII. 174. ALDEN, MARY,S9 b. April 5, 1802, pa. Ebenezer 
and Elizabeth (Ames), d. Sept. 21, 1845, bur. Head of Christiana, 
Del. She m. June, 1823, Joseph Alexander, b. 1779, Cecil County, 
Md., d. June 18, 1855. 10 children : — 



Ruth Anna, 


James Thomas, 

David Rittenhouse Porter, 

Ebenezer Alden, 

John Elijah. 

VIII. 175. ALEXANDER, GEORGE,'74 b. Jan. 9, 1826, pa. 
Joseph and Mary (Alden), m. Chester County, Pa., Sept. 24, 1846, 
Susan Ann Barton, b. June 30, 1827, Thomas and Margaret (Sam- 
ple). 13 children : — 

Thomas Irvin Barton, 
Mary Elizabeth, 
Joseph Theopilus, 
Margaret Jane, 
Emma Lorene, 

John Ferry, 
William Sample, 
Robert Elwood, 
Clarence Herbert, 
George Harriman, 
Samuel Staton. 

George and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Nov. 14, 1847, Cecil County, Md. 

IX. 177. *ALEXANDER, MARY ELIZABETH,'75 pa. George 
and Susan Ann (Barton), b. June 15, 1849, m. Sept. 17, 1883, Amos 
Alexander Richardson. She d. Dec. 20, 1892. 

George and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Jan. 29, 1853, Cecil County, 
Md., m. Chester County, Pa., May, 1874, Victorine Hamilton. 4 
children : — 

Ray H., 

Maud D., 

Harry C. 

X. 179. ALEXANDER, RAY HAMILTON,'78 pa. Joseph T. 
and Victorine (Hamilton), b. May, 1877, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 180. ALEXANDER. MAUD DEAN,'7S pa. Joseph T. and 
Victorine (Hamilton), b. Sept. 5, 1879, Newark, Del. 


X. 181. ALEXANDER, BLANCHE,'7S pa. Joseph T. and Vic- 
torine (Hamilton), b. April 24, 1883, Newark, Del. 

X. 182. ALEXANDER, HARRY CLEVELAND, '/^ pa. Joseph 
T. and Victorine (Hamilton), b. Feb. 21, , Newark, Del. 

IX. 183. * ALEXANDER, MARGARET JANE,'75 pa. George 
and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Cecil County, Md., March 7, 185 1, d. 
Sept. 4, 1852. 

IX. 184. ALEXANDER, GEORGIANA,'75 pa. George and 
Susan Ann (Barton), b. May 5, 1855, m. Chester County, Pa., 1875, 
Amos Alexander Richardson, b. Dec. 31, 1841, Swanzey, N.H.,. 
Amos and Ruth (Foster). She d. Dec. 27, 1880. 3 children: — 

Bertha Brown, Georgiana. 


X. 185. RICHARDSON, BERTHA BROWN,'84 pa. Amos A. 
and Georgiana Alexander, b. Wilmington, Del., 1875, ^- Centre- 
ville, Md., Dec. 25, 1900, Hiram Bordley Battis. i child. 

XI. 186. BATTIS, HIRAM B0RDLEY,^S5 pa. Hiram B. and 
Bertha B. (Richardson), b. Jan. 6, 1902, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 187. RICHARDSON, EVELYN,'S4 pa. Amos A. and 
Georgiana (Alexander), b. Centreville, Md., March, 1878, m. Centre- 
ville, Md., Dec. 25, 1900, Chesapeake Albert Ringgold, i child. 

Chesapeake A. and Evelyn (Richardson), b. Sept. 19, 1902. 

X. 189. RICHARDSON, GEORGIANA,'84 pa. Amos A. and 
Georgiana (Alexander), b. Centreville, Md., December, 1880. 

IX. 190. ALEXANDER, LUCINDA,'75 pa. George and Susan 
Ann (Barton), b. Cecil County, Md., March i, 1857, m. Wilmington, 
Del, March 13, 1900, Edward Ellsworth Shriner, b. Sept. 16, 1864, 
Carroll County, Md. 

IX. 191. ALEXANDER, EMMA L0RENE,'7S pa. George and 
Susan Ann (Barton), b. July 7, 1861, m. Dec. 29, 1902, Wilmington, 
Del., Ward Stewart Bogart, of Genesee, N.Y. 

IX. 192. * ALEXANDER, JOHN FERRY,'75 pa. George and 
Susan Ann (Barton), b. April 12, 1859, d. April 9, 1862. 


IX. 193. ALEXANDER, WILLIAM SAMPLE,'75 pa. George 
and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Newcastle County, Md., Sept. 5, 1863, 
m. Ada Louisa Armor, April 25, 1889, Newark, Del., b. April 9, 
1859. 4 children ; — 

Lee W., Irvin L., 

Helen, Miriam A, 

X. 194. ALEXANDER, LEE WARREN,'93 pa. William S. and 
Ada L. (Armor), b. Feb. 14, 1889, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 195. * ALEXANDER, HELEN,'93 pa. William S. and Ada 
L. (Armor), b. Nov. 15, 189 1, Wilmington, Del., d. Jan. 14, 1893. 

X. 196. ALEXANDER, IRVIN LESLIE,'93 pa. William S. and 
Ada L. (Armor), b. July 5, 1895, Wilmington, Del, 

X. 197. ALEXANDER, MIRIAM ARMOR,"53 pa. William S. 
and Ada L. (Armor), b. Aug. 14, 1898, Wilmington, Del. 

George and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Oct. 15, 1865, Newcastle 
County, Md., d. Feb. 10, 1884. 

George and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Aug. 18, 1860, d. Oct. 28, 1868. 

George and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Nov. 13, 1869, d. Oct. 10, 1875. 

IX. 201. ALEXANDER, SAMUEL STAT0N,'7s pa. George 
and Susan Ann (Barton), b. Wilmington, Del., June 28, 1872, m. 
Centreville, Md., Feb. 16, 1898, Margaret Ann Jump. i child: 
Charles F. 

Samuel S. and Margaret A. (Jump), b. Oct. 18, 1900, Wilmington, 

VIII. 203. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH,'74 pa. Joseph and Mary 
(Alden), b. Cecil County, ^Md., Dec. 26, 1826, m. Chester County, 
Pa., Oct. ID, 1852, Susanna Sentman, b. March 6, 1822, Lau- 
rence and Christiana (Stannart). She d. Jan. 20, 1900, bur. 
Bellona, N. Y, 5 children : — 

Mary Ella, Harry, 

Andrew Jackson, Seymour. 



IX. 204. ALEXANDER, MARY ELLA,^°3 pa. Joseph and 
Susanna (Sentman), b. Cecil County, Md., June 15, 1854, m. Bellona, 
Yates County, N.Y., George B. Kelsey. 2 children : — 

WiLLARD H., Susan A. 

X. 205. KELSEY, WILLARD HEATH,^°4 pa. George B. and 
Mary Ella (Alexander), b. July 21, 1893, Bellona, N.Y. 

X. 206. KELSEY, SUSAN ALLEN,^°4 pa. George B. and Mary 
Ella (Alexander), b. May 16, 1898. 

IX. 207. ALEXANDER, ANDREW JACKS0N,^°3 pa. Joseph 
and Susanna (Sentman), b. Cecil County, Md., Nov. 2, 1855, m. 
Seneca, N.Y., Aug. 27, 1890, Emma Maria Bogert, Peter and Phebe 
(Stewart), b. Aug. 28, 1854. 2 children: — 

Joseph H., Mercy F. 

X. 208. ALEXANDER, JOSEPH HILL,^°7 pa. Andrew J. and 
Emma M. (Bogert), b. June i, 1892, Seneca, Ontario County, 

X. 209. ALEXANDER, MERCY FAYE,^°7 pa. Andrew J, and 
Emma M. (Bogert), b. July 12, 1894, Seneca, Ontario County, 

IX. 210. ALEXANDER, CALVIN,^"^ pa. Joseph and Susanna 
(Sentman), b. Cecil County, Md., Feb. 27, 1858, m. in Watkins, 
Schuyler County, N.Y., Aug. 15, 1895, Hattie Belle Holland, b. Ge- 
neva, N.Y., Aug. 5, 1873, John and Emma Jane (Elvin). 3 
children : — 

Kenneth, Elsie B. 


X. 211. ALEXANDER, KENNETH,^'" pa. Calvin and Hattie 
B. (Holland), b. April 6, 1897, Geneva, N.Y. 

X. 212. ALEXANDER, VERNON,^'°.pa. Calvin and Hattie B. 
(Holland), b. Nov. 20, 1899, Geneva, N.Y. 

vin and Hattie B. (Holland), b. March 20, 1902, Geneva, N.Y. 

IX. 214. * ALEXANDER, SEYM0UR,^°3 pa. Joseph and Su- 
sanna (Sentman), b. Cecil County, Md., May 26, i860, d. Oct. 10, 


IX. 215. ALEXANDER, HARRY,-°3 pa. Joseph and Susanna 
(Sentman), b. Cecil County, Md., Oct. 26, 1862, m. Baltimore, Md., 
Nov. 6, 1889, Minnie Lee Alexander, Elkton, Md., b. March 8, 1867, 
Ebenezer A. and Louisa (Hiss). 5 children : — 

Mary J., Louisa, 

Alden C, Raymond. 


X. 216. ALEXANDER, MARY JEANNETTE.^'s pa. Harry 
and Minnie Lee (Alexander), b. July 6, 189 1, Ontario County, N.Y. 

X, 217. ALEXANDER, ALDEN CALVIN,^'5 pa. Harry and 
Minnie Lee (Alexander), b. Nov. 28, 1894, Yates County, N.Y. 

X. 218. ALEXANDER, HARRY,^'^ pa. Harry and Minnie Lee 
(Alexander),' b. Nov. 22, 1896, Yates County, N.Y. 

X. 219. ALEXANDER, LOUISA.^'s pa. Harry and Minnie Lee 
(Alexander), b. April 23, 1898, Yates County, N.Y. 

X. 220. ALEXANDER, RAYMOND,^'? pa. Harry and Minnie 
Lee (Alexander), b. April 19, 1899, Yates County, N.Y. 

VIII. 221. ALEXANDER, AMOS,'74 pa. Joseph and Mary 
(Alden), b. Cecil County, Md., Dec. 17, 1830, m. Oct. 16, 185 1, 
Elizabeth Hill, d. June 3, 1870, Elijah and Mary Ann (Crothers). 6 
children : — 

Mary Ann, Maggie Salina, 

Sarah Elizabeth, Catherine Rebecca, 

Maria Louisa, John Rowan. 

IX. 222. ALEXANDER, MARY ANN,"' pa. Amos and Eliza- 
beth (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., Aug. 17, 1852, m. New London, 
Pa., April i, 1874, William McMillan, b. Sept. 10, 1852, Bassleton, 
Pa. 5 children : — 

Raymond A., Howard, 

Robert Ernest, William Wesley. 

Carrie H., 

X. 223. McMillan, Raymond A.,"^ pa. WilUam and Mary 
Ann (Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Aug. 31, 1874, m. Chester 
County, Pa., Oct. 6, 1898, Ida E. Taylor. 

X. 224. McMillan, Robert,"^ pa. WilUam and Mary Ann 
(Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Aug. 29, 1876, m. Landenburg, 


Pa., March 31, 1899, Elizabeth W. Crossan. i child: Herbert 

XI. 225. McMillan, Herbert WAYNE,"* pa. Robert and 
Elizabeth W. (Crossan), b. Jan. 26, 1900. 

X. 226. McMillan, ERNEST,^^^ pa. WilUam and Mary Ann 
(Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., May 13, 1878. 

X. 227. McMillan, CARRIE n.r-' pa. WilUam and Mary 
Ann (Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Feb. 24, 1880, m. April 27, 
1899, Charles Richards, i child: Irene. 

XL 22 7I. RICHARDS, IRENE,"7 pa. Charles and Carrie H. 
(McMillan), b. Kembleville, July 17, 1900. 

X. 228. McMillan, HOWARD,^" pa. Willlam and Mary Ann 
(Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Feb. 5, 1882. 

X. 229. McMillan, WILLIAM WESLEY,"^ pa. WilUam and 
Mary Ann (Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., April 10, 1899. 


and Elizabeth (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., Jan. 14, 1855, m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Jan. 27, 1881, John Alden, b. Nov. 4, 1833, George and 
Hannah (Matthias). He d. Nov. 24, 1889, Wilmington, Del. She 
d. Aug. 27, 1 89 1, bur. Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Del. i 
child : John Wiley. 

X. 231. ALDEN, JOHN WILEY,^3o p^. John and Sarah E. 
(Alexander), b. Oct. 6, 1884, Wilmington, Del. 

IX. 232. ALEXANDER, MARIA LOUISA,"' pa. Amos and 
EHzabeth (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., July 20, 1857, m. Fair Hill, 
Md., April 29, 1874, A. J. Sentman, b. Aug. 3, 1852, Lawrence and 
Maria (Hill). 2 children : — 

Herbert A., Maud L. ' 

and Maria L. (Alexander), b. April 15, 1878, Wilmington, Del., m. 
Oct. II, 1900, Mary Atkins, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 234. SENTMAN, MAUD LOUIS A,^32 pa. A. J. and Maria 
L. (Alexander), b. Oct. 8, 1893, Wilmington, Del. 


IX. 235. ALEXANDER, MAGGIE SALINAr^-' pa. Amos and 
Elizabeth (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., May 22, 1859, m. Wilmington, 
Del., Feb. 8, 1883. Alfred Clement Jamieson, b. April i, 1848, Will- 
iam Thomas and Anna Maria (Worrall). 3 children : — 

Fred R., Mary E. 

Frank A., 

X. 236. JAMIESON, FRED ROWAN,^35 pa. Alfred C. and 
Maggie S. (Alexander), b, Jan. 18, 1884, Linwood, Pa. 

X. 237. JAMIESON, FRANK ALEXANDER,^35 pa. Alfred C. 
and Maggie S. (Alexander), b. Sept. 28, 1889, Cecil County, Md. 

X. 238. JAMIESON, MARY ETHEL,^35 pa. Alfred C. and 
Maggie S. (Alexander), b. Sept. 4, 1893, Cecil County, Md. 

Amos and Elizabeth (Hill), b. Oct. 5, 1861. 

IX. 240. ALEXANDER, JOHN ROWAN,"' pa. Amos and 
Elizabeth (Hill), b. Appleton, Md., Feb. 22, 1864, m. Bellona, N.Y., 
May 18, 1892, Louisa Shaw, b. Bellona, N.Y., May 27, 1868, Alex- 
ander Black and INIartha (McMaster\ 

VIII. 241. ALEXANDER, RUTH ANNA,'74 (address, 1204 
N. Eden Street, Baltimore, Md.), pa. Joseph and Mary (Alden), b. 
Cecil County, Md., Sept. 15, 1831, m. Cecil County, Md., Jan. 27, 1853, 
Joseph Chamberlain Hill, b. Chester County, Pa., April 9, 1828, 
Elijah and Mary Ann (Crothers). He was colonel 6th Maryland 
Volunteers, d. Dec. 30, 1896, bur. London Park Cemetery, Balti- 
more, Md. Had 7 children: — 

William M., Harry W., 

Marietta, James A., 

Lucy, Carrie B. 

IX. 242. *HILL, WILLIAM MANL0VE,=4i pa. Joseph C. and 
Ruth A. (Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Dec. 11, 1853, d. Wilcox, 
Ariz., Nov. 21, 1883. 

IX. 243. HILL, MARIETTA,-^' pa. Joseph C. and Ruth Anna 
(Alexander), b. Cecil Count}^ Md., Nov. 2, 1855. 

IX. 244. HILL, LUCY,^+', pa. Joseph C. and Ruth Anna 
(Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Sept. 15, 1858, 


IX. 245. HILL, THE0PHILUS,^4r (address, 1303 E. Biddle 
Street, Baltimore, Md.), pa. Joseph C. and Ruth Anna (Alexander),^ 
b. Cecil County, Md., Jan. 2, 1861, ni. Philadelphia, Pa., June 24, 
1886, Elizabeth Jane Whinery, b. Oct. 3, i860, William and Mary 
(Watson). Had 3 children : — 

Joseph C, William W. 

Harry W., 

X. 246. *HILL, JOSEPH CHAMBERLAIN,^45 pa. Theophilus 
and Elizabeth J. (Whinery), b. Dec. 13, 1887, d. Dec. 21, 1887. 

X. 247. HILL, HARRY WRIGHT,^45 pa. Theophilus and 
Elizabeth J. (Whinery), b. July 4, 1889, Baltimore, Md. 

X. 248. HILL, WILLIAM WATSON,^45 pa. Theophilus and 
Elizabeth J. (Whinery), b. Sept. 23, 1891, Baltimore, Md. 

IX. 249. HILL, HARRY WRIGHT,^4i pa. Joseph C. and 
Ruth A. (Alexander), b. Elkton, Md., March 23, 1866. 

IX. 250. HILL, JAMES ALEXANDER, ^41 address Gage, 
Yates County, N.Y., pa. Joseph C. and Ruth A. (Alexander), b. Elkton, 
Md., May 29, 1868, m. New York State, March 17, 1897, Abigail 
Swartout, b. March 28, 1866, Anthony and Eleanor (Van Ness). 

IX. 251. HILL, CARRIE BROWN,^^' pa. Joseph and Ruth A. 
(Alexander), b. Elkton, Md., Dec. 27, 1870. 

VIII. 252. * ALEXANDER, THEOPHILUS, '74 pa. Joseph and 
Mary (Alden), b. Sept. 21, 1833, d. June 29, 1852. 

VIII. 253. ALEXANDER, LUCINDA,'74 pa. Joseph and Mary 
(Alden), b. Cecil County, Md., March 20, 1835, m. Newark, Del., 
Jan. 21, 1857, David Cornelius Work, b. Feb. 22, 1834, Cecil County, 
Md., David and Rachel (Stidham). 3 children: — 

Mary Adelaide, Augusta May. 

Joseph Alexander, 

IX. 254. WORK, MARY ADELAIDE,^53 pa. David C. and 
Lucinda (Alexander), b. Dresden, Ohio, July 18, 1859, m. Cherry Hill, 
Md., July 30, 1884, Clark Spencer Grant, b. June 15, 1859, William J. 
and Mary Jane (Gibson). 5 children : — 

Cecil H., Charles A., 

Mary L., Joseph R. 

David S., 


X. 255. GRANT, CECIL HAROLD/s^ pa. Clark S. and Mary A. 
(Work), born Jan. 20, 1885, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 256. GRANT, MARY LUCINDA,^54 pa. Clark S. and Mary A. 
(Work), b. Oct. 5, 1888, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 257. GRANT, DAVID SPENCER,^54 pa. Clark S. and 
Mary A. (Work), born April 12, 1890, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 258. GRANT, CHARLES ARTHUR,^54 pa. Clark S. and 
Mary A. (Work), b. Feb. 17, 1895, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 259. GRANT, JOSEPH RUSSELL,^54 pa. Clark 8. and 
Mary A. (Work), b. Sept. 21, 1896, Cherry Hill, Md. 

IX. 260. WORK, JOSEPH ALEXANDER,-53 pa. David C. and 
Lucinda (Alexander), b. Cecil County, Md., Dec. 27, 1861, m. Cherry 
Hill, Md., June 2, 1887, Margaret Jane Knight, b. Feb. 17, 1869, 
Cherry Hill, John Emery and Mary Amanda (Grant). 4 children : — 

Edwin C, Mary L., 

Ralph A., John F. 

X. 261. WORK, EDWIN CORNELIUS,^'^° pa. Joseph A. and 
Margaret J. (Knight), b. April 23, 1888, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 262. WORK, RALPH ALEXANDER,^^° pa. Joseph A. and 
Margaret J. (Knight), b. Feb. 19, 1890, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 263. WORK, MARY LUCINDA,^*^" pa. Joseph A. and 
Margaret J. (Knight), b. Sept. 17, 1893, Cherry Hill, Md. 

X. 264. WORK, JOHN FULT0N,^6o p^ Joseph A. and Mar- 
garet J. (Knight), b. Sept. 29, 1897, Cherry Hill, Md. 

IX. 265. WORK, AUGUSTA MAY,^S3 pa. David C. and Lu- 
cinda Alexander, b. Cecil County, Md., Feb. 8, 1864, m. Cherry Hill, 
Md., Feb. 16, 1886, Arthur Harvey, b. Aug. 24, 1862, Baltimore, Md., 
Daniel and Catherine (Arthur). Address Mrs. Arthur Harvey, Childs, 
Cecil County, Md. 7 children : — 

Edith G., Catherine, 

Arthur C, Hugh, 

Robert B., Francis B. 

X. 266. HARVEY, EDITH GREENFIELD,^-'^5 pa. Arthur and 
Augusta M. (Work), b. Oct. 3, 1886. 


X. 267. HARVEY, ARTHUR C0RNELIUS,^^5 pa. Arthur and 
Augusta M. (Work),b. Nov. 10, 1888. 

X. 268. HARVEY, ROBERT BAKER.^^s p^. Arthur and Au- 
gusta M. (Work), b. Jan. 8, 1890. 

X. 269. HARVEY, ALDEN,^6s pa. Arthur and Augusta M. 
(Work), b. Dec. 31, 1893. 

X. 270. HARVEY, CATHERINE,^'55 pa. Arthur and Augusta 
M. (Work), b. April 5, 1896. 

X. 271. HARVEY, HUGH,^65 p^. Arthur and Augusta M. (Work), 
b. May 29, 1898. 

X. 272. HARVEY, FRANCIS BATES,^^^ pa. Arthur and Au- 
gusta M. (Work), b. April 26, 1901. 

Vin. 273. ALEXANDER, JAMES THOMAS, '74 pa. Joseph 
and Mary (Alden), went to Salida, Chaffee County, Col. 

TER,'74 pa. Joseph and Mary (Alden), b. May 14, 1840, m. Wil- 
mington, Del., July 5, 1862, Ameha Hill, b. Sept. i, 1847, d- ^^c. 25, 
1887, Alexander and Eliza (Santman). Children: — 

Frank Henry, Amos Irvin, 

Mary Alice, Annie Bessie. 

IX. 275. ALEXANDER, FRANK HENRY,^74 pa. David R. P. 
and Amelia (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., Oct 28, 1863, m. Bellona, 
N.Y., June 29, 1892, Nellie A. Harford, b. Nov. 12, 1872, Bellona, 
N.Y., Richard J. and Nellie Hoose. 3 children: — 

Clarence A., Leonard H. 

Francis D., 

Frank H. and Nellie A. (Harford), b. May 28, 1893, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 277. ALEXANDER, FRANCIS DAVID,^7S pa. Frank H. 
and NelUe A. (Harford), b. June 20, 1899, Wilmington, Del. 

Frank H. and NeUie A. (Harford), b. Dec. 16, 1901, Wilmington, Del. 

IX. 279. ALEXANDER, MARY ALICE,^74 pa. David R. P. 
and Amelia (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., Aug. 31, 1864, m. Cherry 


Hill, Md., July i6, 1889, David Thomas Work, b, April 10, 1858, 
John and Sarah (Butler). 5 children : — 

John A., " Mildred L., 

Mary E,, Joseph W. 


X. 280. WORK, JOHN ALEXANDER,^79 pa. David T. and 
Mary Alice (Alexander), b. June 19, 1890, McKeesport, Pa. 

X. 281. WORK, MARY ETHEL,==79 pa. David T. and Mary 
Alice (Alexander), b. Jan. 26, 1892, McKeesport, Pa. 

X. 283. WORK, HELEN,^79 pa. David T. and Mary Alice 
(Alexander), b. July 3, 1894, Bethlehem, Pa. 

X. 284. WORK, MILDRED LUCY,^79 pa. David T. and Mary 
Alice (Alexander), b. Dec. 27, 1900, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 285. WORK, JOSEPH WHEELER,^79 pa. David T. and 
Mary Alice (Alexander), b. Feb. 21, 1899, Allentown, Pa. 

IX. 286. ALEXANDER, AMOS IRVIN,^74 pa. David R. P. 
and Amelia (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., June 20, 1873. 

IX. 287. * ALEXANDER, ANNIE BESSIE,^74 pa. David 
R. P. and Amelia (Hill), b. Cecil County, Md., July 27, 1866, d. 
March 23, 1885. 

and Mary (Alden), b. Nov. 10, 1843, "^- Louisa Hiss, May 29, 1866, 
Wilmington, Del., b. March 14, 1845, Cecil County, Md., Nickolas 
and Elizabeth (James). 5 children : — 

Minnie L., Mary J., 

Nicholas H., Ebenezer A. 

Alden M., 

IX. 289. ALEXANDER, MINNIE LEE,^ss p^. Ebenezer A. 
and Louisa (Hiss), b. March 8, 1867, Elkton, Md., m. Harry Alexan- 
der, Joseph and Susanna (Sentman). Have 5 children. Refer to 
Harry Alexander.-'^ 

IX. 290. ALEXANDER, NICKOLAS HlSSr^s p^. Ebenezer 
A. and Louisa (Hiss), b. Aug. 21, 1868, m. Margaret Hinman. She 
d., he m. again. 

IX. 291. ALEXANDER, ALDEN MITCHEL.^^s pa. Ebenezer 


A. and Louisa (Hiss), b. Sept. 20, 1870, m. Elizabeth Myers, New 
York City. 

IX. 292. ALEXANDER, MARY JEANNETTE.^^s pa. Ebene- 
zer A. and Louisa (Hiss), b. Sept. 23, 1872. 

IX. 293. ALEXANDER, EBENEZER ALDEN,^^^ p^. Ebene- 
zer A. and Louisa (Hiss), b. Oct. 27, 1875, Dover, Del, d. 

VIII. 294. ALEXANDER, JOHN ELIJAH,'/^ pa. Joseph and 
Mary (Alden), b. Cecil County, Md., Dec. 3, 1845, m. Johnson 
County, Md., Sept. 13, 1877, Sarah M. Saunders, b. Jan. 29, 1856, 
Columbiana County, Ohio, John and Sarah (Robbins). 5 children : — 

Nellie G., Charles Cecil, 

Annie B., Hazel Ruth. 

Mabel Clair, 

IX. 296. ALEXANDER, NELLIE G.,^94 pa. John E. and 
Sarah M. (Saunders), b. Johnson County, Ind., March 9, 1879, "^• 
Oct. 25, 1902, A. T. Wilson, Oklahoma. 

IX. 297. ALEXANDER, ANNIE B.,^94 pa. John E. and Sarah 
M. (Saunders), b. Jan. 4, 1881, Johnson County, Ind. 

IX. 298. ALEXANDER, MABEL CLAIR,^?^ pa. John E. and 
Sarah M. (Saunders), b. Feb. 16, 1883. 

IX. 299. ALEXANDER, CHARLES CECIL,^94 pa. John E. 
and Sarah M. (Saunders), b. Jan. 26, 1885. 

IX. 300. ALEXANDER, HAZEL RUTH,^94 pa. John E. and 
Sarah M. (Saunders), b. June i, 1890. 

VII. 301. ALDEN, ELIZABETH,59 pa. Ebenezer and EUza- 
beth (Ames), b. Jan. 5, 1804, d. April 22, 1888, m. April 10, 1828, 
Thomas Garrett. He d. July 19, 1864. Had 4 children : — 

David, James T., 

George A., Matilda. 

VIII. 302. GARRETT, DAVID,3°' pa. Thomas and Elizabeth 
(Alden), b. in Cecil County, Md., July 11, 1829, d. May 12, 1900. 
He m. Aug. 8, 1850, Catherine Wilson, b. March 3, 1833, John and 
Sarah (Redding). Had 7 children : — 

Mary E., Mary L., 

Emma D., Fannie M., 

Frank W., George K. 
Samuel H., 


IX. 303. * GARRETT, MARY ELIZABETH,3°^ pa. David 
and Catherine (Wilson), b. in Cecil County, Md., Aug. 26, 185 1, d. 
July, 1853, bur. Newark, Del. 

IX. 304. GARRETT, EMMA DAVIS,3°^ pa. David and Cath- 
erine (Wilson), b. in Cecil County, Md., Sept. i, 1854, m. Dec. 19, 
1872. in Philadelphia, Pa., George Washington King, b. December, 
1850, Easton, Pa., d. Sept. 4, 1888, bur. Philadelphia, Pa., Mt. 
Peace Cemetery. Had 4 children : — 

Walter A., Viola S., 

Elsie G., Edgar M. 

X. 305. KING, WALTER ARMSTRONG,3°4 pa. George W. 
and Emma, D. (Garrett), b. Nov. 2, 1875, Wilmington, Del., m. Oct. 

1, 1902, Margaret Patterson Birch. 

X. 307. KING, ELSIE GARRETT,3°4 pa. George W. and 
Emma D. (Garrett), b. June 14, 1880, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 308. KING, VIOLA SCOTT,3°4 pa. George W. and Emma 
D. (Garrett), b. June 23, 1888. 

X. 309. *KING, EDGAR MORTIMER,3°4 pa. George W. and 
Emma D. (Garrett), b. Nov. 5, 1873, Wilmington, Del., d. April 14, 
1889, bur. Mt. Peace, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 310. GARRETT, FRANK WILS0N,3°^ pa. David and 
Catherine (Wilson), b. July 28, 1857, Cecil County, Md., m. July 

2, 1888, in Philadelphia, Pa., Mary Blackburn, b. Dec. 3, 1856, 
Lancaster County, Pa., Robert and Lavinia (Akins). i child : La- 


W. and Mary (Blackburn), b. May 16, 1889, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 312. GARRETT, SAMUEL H.,3°^ pa. David and Cathe- 
rine (Wilson), b. Aug. 18, 1859, Cecil County, Md., m. Oct. 16, 
1889, in Philadelphia, Pa., Ida Coleman Burhngame, b. April 12, 
1858, Philadelphia, Pa., George and EUzabeth (Tracy). 3 children: 

George B., Elbert F. 

Marion W., 

X. 313. GARRETT, GEORGE BURLINGAME,3'^ pa. Samuel 
H. and Ida C. (Burlingame), b. May 11, 1897, Philadelphia, Pa. 


X. 314. *GARRETT, MARION WILSON, 3'^ pa. Samuel H. 
and Ida C. (Burlingame), b. Dec. 8, 1899, d. Dec. 17, 1900, bur. 
Laurel Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 315. GARRETT, ELBERT FRANKLIN,3'^ pa. Samuel H. 
and Ida C. (Burlingame), b. Aug. 26, 1902, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 316. GARRETT, HARRY L0CKHART,3°^ pa. David and 
Catherine (Wilson), b. April 12, 1863, Cecil County, Md., m. Feb. 
27, 1889, Wilmington, Del, Nellie May Saxton, b. Oct. 11, 1868, 
Frederic, Del., George and Elizabeth (De Ness). 3 children: — 

Harry V., Clara E. 

Gertrude M., 

X. 317. GARRETT, HARRY VICTOR,3'6 pa. Harry L. and 
Nellie M. (Saxton), b. April 27, 1890, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 318. GARRETT, GERTRUDE MORGAN,3'6 p^. Harry 
L. and Nellie M. (Saxton), b. Sept. 19, 1896, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 319. GARRETT, CLARA ELIZABETH,3'6 pa. Harry L. 
and Nellie M. (Saxton), b. Dec. 30, 1901, Wilmington, Del. 

IX. 320. GARRETT, FANNIE MAXWELL,3°^ pa. David and 
Catherine (Wilson), b. March 11, 1867, Cecil County, Md., m. May 
25, 1892, Philadelphia, Pa., John Allen Turner, b. Dec. 12, 1866, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Thomas and Deborah (Whitehead). 4 children : — 

Edith G., Ralph A., 

Francis M., George T. 

X. 321. TURNER, EDITH GARRETT,3^° pa. John A. and 
Fannie M. (Garrett), b. April 4, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 322. *TURNER, FRANCIS MATTHEWS,3^° pa. John A. 
and Fannie M. (Garrett), b. May 23, 1895, d. Aug. 10, 1900, bur. 
Mt. Moriah, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 323. TURNER, RALPH ALLEN,3^° pa. John A. and 
Fannie M. (Garrett), b. Jan. 25, 1897, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 324. TURNER, GEORGE TH0MAS,3^° pa. John A. and 
Fannie M. (Garrett), b. Dec. 15, 1900, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 325. GARRETT, GEORGE KING,3°^ pa. David and 
Catherine (Wilson), b. April 7, 1873, Wilmington, Del. 


VIII. 326. GARRETT, GEORGE ALDEN,3°' pa. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Alden), b. April 17, 1831, Cecil County, Md., d, Aug. 
I, 189 1, bur. Newark, Del. He m. Catherine Maria Beck, b. Aug. 
10, 1830, d. Nov. 2, 1882, bur. Newark, Del. 7 children: — 

Thomas D., Mary L., 

Sarah E., Matilda C, 

Edgar B., John B. 
George M., 

IX. 327. *GARRETT, THOMAS DAVID,3^6 pa. George A. 
and Catherine M. (Beck), b. May 31, 1853, d. June 25, 1887, bur. 
Newark, Del. 

IX. 328. GARRETT, SARAH ELIZABETH,3^6 p^, George A. 
and Catherine M. (Beck), b. Aug. 25, 1854, Cecil County, Md., d. 
Dec. 7, 1892, bur. Camden, N.J., m. July 11, 187 1, Ira Ewing Daven- 
port, b. Sept. 18, 1849, Orange, Va. 8 children: — 

Kathryn B., George E., 

Harriet E., Ira E., 

*Georgiana, James H., 

*Mary L., Florence M. 

X. 329. DAVENPORT, KATHRYN BRENT,3^s p^. ira E. 
and Sarah E. (Garrett), b. Dec. 29, 1872, Wilmington, Del., m. Sept. 
29, 1897, Camden, N.J., John Adam Wilson, b. Dec. 13, 1872, 
Philadelphia, Pa., Albert and Ehzabeth (McDowell). 2 children : — 

Albert F., Florence M. 

XI. 330. WILSON, ALBERT FIELDING,3^9 pa. John A. and 
Kathryn B. (Davenport), b. May 25, 1898, Camden, N.J. 

XL 331. WILSON, FLORENCE MAY,3^9 pa. John A. and 
Kathryn B. (Davenport), b. July 30, 1900, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 332. DAVENPORT, HARRIET ELIZA,3^s p^. ira E. and 
Sarah E. (Garrett), b. Dec. 6, 1874, Wilmington, Del. 

X. 333. *DAVENPORT, GE0RGIANA,3^s pa. Ira E. and 
Sarah E. (Garrett), b. Jan. 20, 1877, Philadelphia, Pa., d. June 23, 

X. 334. *DAVENPORT, MARY L.,3^s pa. ira E. and Sarah E. 
(Garrett), b. May 3, 1878, Philadelphia, Pa., d. May 12, 1878. 

X. 335. DAVENPORT, GEORGE EWING,3^8 pa. Ira E. and 
Sarah E. (Garrett), b. Aug. 3, 1879, Philadelphia, Pa. 


X. 336. DAVENPORT, IRA EWING,^^^ p^. ira E. and Sarah 
E. (Garrett), b. June 21, 1884, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 337. DAVENPORT, JAMES HENRY,^^^ p^. ira E. and 
Sarah E. (Garrett), b. March 23, 1886, Camden, N.J. 

X. 338. DAVENPORT, FLORENCE MAY,3^8 pa. Ira E. and 
Sarah E. (Garrett), b. Feb. 28, 1888, Camden, N.J. 

IX. 339. *GARRETT, EDGAR BECK,3^6 p^. George A. and 
Catherine M. (Beck), b. Nov. 14, 1856, Cecil County, Md., d. May 
15, 1 86 1, Newark, Del. 

IX. 340. GARRETT, GEORGE MORROW,3^6 p^. George A. 
and Catherine M. (Beck), b. Dec. 30, 1859, Cecil County, Md., d. 
March 8, 1888, Philadelphia, Pa. He m. Margaret Campbell, Will- 
iam and Isabella (Stewart). 2 children : — 

George S., Emma C. 

X. 341. GARRETT, GEORGE STEWART,34o pa. George M. 
and Margaret (Campbell), b. Nov. 30, 1879, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 342. ^GARRETT, EMMA CAMPBELL,34° pa. George M. 
and Margaret (Campbell), b. April 2, 1881, d. May 29, 1884, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

IX. 343. GARRETT, MARY LORENE,3^6 p^. George A. and 
Catherine M. (Beck), b. July i, 1862, Cecil County, Md., m. Feb. 20, 
1884, Philadelphia, Pa., first James Henry Steel, b. June 18, i860, 
d. July 19, 1894. Had 3 children : — 

Mary C, Helen L. 

Florence L., 

She m. second, Jan. 31, 1900, in Newark, Del, James F. Shell- 
ender, b. Dec. 30, 1859, Chester County, Pa. 

X. 344. STEEL, MARY CATHERINE,343 pa. James H. and 
Mary L. (Garrett), b. July 13, 1887, Cecil County, Md. 

X. 345. STEEL, FLORENCE LUCINDA,343 pa. James H. and 
Mary L. (Garrett), b. July 21, 1889, Cecil County, Md. 

X. 346. STEEL, HELEN LORENE,343 pa. James H. and Mary 
L. (Garrett), b. Feb. i, 1894, Cecil County, Md. 

IX. 347. *GARRETT, MATILDA CARLOCK,3^6 p^. George 
A. and Catherine M. (Beck), b. April 27, 1864, Cecil County, Md., 
d. Feb. 21, 1870, bur. Newark, Del. 


IX. 348. GARRETT, JOHN BECK,3^6 p^, George A and 
Catherine M. (Beck), b. Oct. 13, 1867, Cecil County, Md., m. June i 
1893, Yonkers, N.Y., Annie Alice Cullum, b. March 6, i86c i 
children : — 00 

George C, Vincent J. 

John B., 

X. 349. GARRETT, GEORGE CULLUM,348 pa. John B. and 
Annie A. (Cullum), b. June 12, 1894, Yonkers, N Y 

X 350. GARRETT, JOHN BECK,348 pa. John B. and Annie A. 
(Cullum), b. Sept. 2, 1897, Yonkers, N.Y. 

X. 351. GARRETT, VINCENT JEROME,348 pa. John B. and 
Annie A. (Cullum), b. Sept. 29, 1898, Yonkers, N.Y. 

Vin. 352. GARRETT, JAMES TH0MAS,3o: pa. Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Alden), b. Sept. 21, 1835, Cecil County', Md., m. Nov 9 
1855, m New London, Pa., EmaHne (Strahorn), b. March 7, 1837,' 
Chester County, Pa., Jonathan and Martha (Williamson) 6 
children: — 

Clarence W., Lillian M., 

Edward S., Albert S., 

Harry D., Frederick H. 

and Emahne (Strahorn), b. April 12, 1858, Lancaster, Pa., m. April 
12 1887, Ella May Hartnet, Elkton, Md., b. July 2. 1863, Michael 
and Juha (Murphy). 6 children : — 

Clarence H., Daniel H., 

Julia A., Helen E., 

Thomas M., Edward S. 

X. 354. GARRETT, CLARENCE HERBERT,353 pa. Clarence 
W. and Ella M. (Hartnet), b. Jan. 25, 1888, Elkton, Md. 

X. 355. GARRETT, JULIA AGNES,353 pa. Clarence W. and 
Ella M. (Hartnet), b. Oct. 25, 1890, Elkton, Md. 

X. 356. GARRETT, THOMAS MITCHEL,353 pa. Clarence 
W. and Ella M. (Hartnet), b. May n, 1892, Elkton, Md 

X. 357. GARRETT, DANIEL HARTNET,353 pa. Clarence W 
and Ella M. (Hartnet), b. Feb. 28, 1893, Providence, Md. 

X. 358. GARRETT, HELEN ELIZA,353 pa. Clarence W. and 
Ella M. (Hartnet), b. June 8, 1896, Elkton, Md. 


X. 359. GARRETT, EDWARD STRAHORN,3S3 pa. Clarence 
W. and Ella M. (Hartnet), b. Sept. 19, 1898, Elkton, Md. 

IX. 360. ^GARRETT, EDWARD STRAHORN,35^ pa. James 
T. and Emaline (Strahorn), b. May i, 1859, Lancaster, Pa., d. June 
16, 1897, Elkton, Md. 

IX. 361. GARRETT, HARRY DAVIS.^s^ pa. James T. and 
Emaline (Strahorn), b. Aug. 3, 1861, Cecil County, Md., m. Oct. 8, 
1888, Lucy Jane Spittle, Elkton, Md., b. Feb. 20, 1869, Waterford, 
Md., Henry and Mary A. (Lucas). 3 children : — - 

Ralph E., Harold B. 


X. 362. GARRETT, RALPH EDWARD.s^^ pa. Harry D. and 
Lucy J. (Spittle), b. Aug. 20, 1889, Elkton, Md. 

X. 363. GARRETT, ELSIE,36i pa. Harry D. and Lucy J. (Spit- 
tle), b, June 26, 1 89 1, Elkton, Md. 

X. 364. GARRETT, HAROLD BENNET,36' pa. Harry D. and 
Lucy J. (Spittle), b. June 29, 1896, Elkton, Md. 

IX. 365. GARRETT, LILLIAN MAY,352 pa. James T. and Em- 
aline (Strahorn), b. March 18, 1867, Cecil County, Md., m. Dec. 24, 
1886, Wilmington, Del., Edwin Howell Robinson, b. May i, 1863, 
Wilmington, Del., George and E. Annie (Howell). 5 children : — 

Joseph W., Isaac C, 

Grace M., Helen G. 


X. 366. ROBINSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM,36s pa. Edwin H. 
and Lillian M. (Garrett),' b. Nov. 16, 1887, Pleasant Hill, Del. 

X. 367. ROBINSON, GRACE MILDRED,365 pa. Edwin H. and 
LiUian M. (Garrett), b. Sept. i, 1891, Mechanicsville, Del. 

X. 368. *ROBINSON, ISAAC CLINTON,3<^5 pa. Edwin H. and 
LilHan M. (Garrett), b. Nov, 29, 1889, d. Oct. 26, 1890. 

X. 369. *ROBINSON, HELEN GARRETT,36s pa. Edwin H. 
and Lillian M. (Garrett), b. March 6, 1894, d. May 9, 1898. 

X. 370. ROBINSON, EDWIN,36s pa. Edwin H. and LilUan M. 
(Garrett), b. Jan. 28, 1903, Riverside, Del. 


and Emaline (Strahorn), b. May 17, 1870, Cecil County, Md., m, 
Dec. I, 1892, Elkton, Md., Ida Mae Hanson, b. May 13, 1877, in 
Lafayette, Pa., Issachar and Elizabeth (Case). 2 children: — 

Albert E., Issachar H. 

X. 372. GARRETT, ALBERT EDWARD,37' pa. Albert S. and 
Ida M. (Hanson), b. Dec. 11, 1893, Providence, Md. 

X. 373. GARRETT, ISSACHER HANSON,37i pa. Albert S. 
and Ida M. (Hanson), b. Nov. 15, 1894, Providence, Md. 

T. and Emaline (Strahorn), b. May 10, 1873, Cecil County, Md., m. 
June 5, 1901, Philadelphia, Pa., Frances May Bitner, b. May 11, 
1874, Finleyville, Pa. 

VIII. 375. GARRETT, MATILDA,3°^ pa. Thomas and Eliza- 
beth (Alden), b. Jan, 7, 1841, Cecil County, Md., d. Feb. 25, 1890, 
Newark, Del. She m. March i, 1866, Henderson Scott, b. Dec. i, 
1840, Cecil County, Md. 4 children: — 

Clinton G., Frank H., 

Mary E., William T. 

IX. 376. SCOTT, CLINTON GARRETT,37S pa. Henderson 
and Matilda (Garrett), b. Aug. 27, 1866, Kembleville, Pa., m. Jan. 
22, 1891, in Philadelphia, Pa., Hilda Anderson, b. Feb. 21, 1865, 
Malma, Sweden. 3 children : — 

Mabel V., Olof H. 

Alma M., 

X. 377. SCOTT, MABEL VIOLA,376 pa. CUnton G. and Hilda 
(Anderson), b. Nov. 18, 1892, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 378. SCOTT, ALMA MATILDA,376 pa. Clinton G. and 
Hilda (Anderson), b. Aug. 3, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa. 

X. 379. SCOTT, OLOF HENDERSON,376 pa. Clinton G. and 
Hilda (Anderson), b. Jan. 22, 1895, Philadelphia, Pa. 

IX. 380. * SCOTT, MARY ELIZABETH,375 pa. Henderson 
and Matilda (Garrett), b. May 30, 1868, Stanton, Del., m. June,' 1894, 



no children, d. Dec. 24, 1896, bur. Northwood Cemetery, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

IX. 381. * SCOTT, FRANK HENDERSON,37S pa. Henderson 
and Matilda (Garrett), b. Feb. 23, 1870, Wilmington, Del., d. Oct. 
7, 1870. 

IX. 382. * SCOTT, WILLIAM THOMAS,375 pa. Henderson 
and Matilda (Garrett), b. Oct. 16, 1874, Wilmington, Del., d. May 
29. 1875- 

VII. ^8^. * ALDEN, HANNAH,59 pa. Ebenezer and Elizabeth 
(Ames), b. Dec. 7, 1806, d. Jan. 10, 1883, bur. London Tract Church- 
yard, Pa. 

VII. 384. ALDEN, EBENEZER, 59 pa. Ebenezer and Elizabeth 
(Ames), b. Feb. 8, 1808, Chester County, Pa., d. Dec. 27, 1878. He 
m. Dec. 20, 1833, Chester County, Pa., CaroUne Owens, b. Sept. 20, 
1815, d. April 21, 1838. Had 2 children: — 

Elijah, Thomas Owens. 

VIII. 385. * ALDEN, ELIJAH,384 pa. Ebenezer and Caroline 
(Owens), b. April 5, 1835, d. Oct. 20, 1835. 

VIII. 386. ALDEN, THOMAS OWENS,384 pa. Ebenezer and 
Caroline (Owens), b. Jan. 31, 1837, Cecil County, Md., m. Sept. 3, 
1863, Mary Jane Lomax, b. in Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 20, 1846. Had 
7 children : — 

Ebenezer, Mary, 

Annie C, Jefferson, 

Harry L., Wilhelmina. 
Elijah A., 

IX. 387. ALDEN, EBENEZER,386 p^. Thomas O. and Mary 
(Lomax), b. June 2, 1864, Cecil County, Md., m. Nov. 19, 1888, 
Maggie Wilson, Washington, D.C., b. March 7, 1868, Thomas and 
EUzabeth (Bell). 2 children : — 

Leroy John, Mabel Priscilla. 

X. 388. ALDEN, LEROY JOHN,387 pa. Ebenezer and Maggie 
(Wilson), b. Jan. 13, 1891, Washington, D.C. 

X." 389. ALDEN, MABEL PRISCILLA,387 pa. Ebenezer and 
Maggie (Wilson), b. March 6, 1896, Washington, D.C. 


IX. 390. ALDEN, ANNIE CAROLINE.sS^ pa. Thomas O. and 
Mary J. (Lomax), b. Nov. 4, 1865, Cecil County, Md., m. April 24, 
1889, Lewis W. Turner, b. Nov. 4, 1865, Hanover County, Va. i 
child : Lee Thomas. 

X. 391. TURNER, LEE THOMAS,39° pa. Lewis W. and Annie 
C, (Alden), b. July g, 189 1, Washington, D.C. 

IX. 392. ALDEN, HARRY LOMAX,386 pa. Thomas O. and 
Mary J. (Lomax), b. Nov. 30, 1866, Newark, Del., m. April 20, 1892, 
Maud Powell, b. Dec. 6, 1869, Fairfax County, Va. 2 children: — 

Hazel L., Earl P. 

X. 393. ALDEN, HAZEL L.,39- pa. Harry L. and Maud (Powell), 
b. Aug. 3, 1893. 

X. 394. ALDEN, EARL PARNEL,39^ pa. Harry L. and Maud 
(Powell), b. Oct. 20, 1895. 

IX. 395. ALDEN, ELIJAH AMES,386 pa. Thomas O. and Mary 
J. (Lomax), b. Jan. 10, 1868, Newark, Del, m. Jan, 2, 1899, Georgetta 
Cincell, Washington, D.C, b. Oct. 14, 1872. i child: Everett 

X. 396. ALDEN, EVERETT AMES,39s pa. Elijah A. and 
Georgetta (Cincell), b. Oct. 7, 1899, Washington, D.C. 

IX. 397. * ALDEN, MARY,3S6 pa. Thomas and Mary J. 
(Lomax) b. Jan. 7, 1871, Coles County, III, d. Sept. 15, 1872. 

IX. 398. * ALDEN, JEFFERSON,386 pa. Thomas and Mary J. 
(Lomax). b. Oct. 29, 1875, ^- March 10, 1876, Cecil County, Md. 

IX. 399. ALDEN, WILHEMINA,386 pa. Thomas O. and Mary 
J. (Lomax), b. Nov. 27, 1880, m. Joseph Poole, Sept. 21, 1897, b. 
Feb. 25, 1873, Loudoun County, Va. i child: Alden Guy. 

X. 400. * POOLE, ALDEN GUY,399 pa. Joseph and Wilhemina 
(Alden), b. Dec. 9, 1900, d. July 2, 1901. 

VII. 401. * ALDEN, AMOS,59 pa. Ebenezer and EUzabeth 
(Ames), b. Feb. 3, 1810, d. 1888, bur. Ohio. 

VII. 402. ALDEN, RUTH ANN,59 pa. Ebenezer and Eliza- 
beth (Ames), b. Appleton, Md., Aug. 10, 18 12, d. Wilmington, Del., 
June 16, 1902, m. in Appleton, Md., by Elder Thomas Barton, Aug. 


30, 1832, Silas Huff Watson, b. Jan. 2, 1809, Montgomery County, 
Pa., d. Wilmington, Del, Oct. 14, 1874, Joseph and Susanna (How- 
ell). Both bur, in London Tract Church-yard, Pa. Had 10 chil- 
dren : — 

Ebenezer a., Amanda G., 

Susan E., George M., 

Hannah A., Silas B., 

Joseph E., Erie H., 

John H., Mary L. 

VIII. 403. WATSON, EBENEZER ALDEN,4°^ pa. Silas H. and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. New London, Pa., May 19, 1833, d. Sept. 5, 
1886. He m. May 29, 1855, Frances Ann May well, b. Cecil County^ 
Md., Feb. 18, 1835, d. Newark, Del., Oct. 25, 189 1, Samuel and 
Eliza (Russell). 2 children : — 

Fannie L., Annie E. 

IX. 404. WATSON, ANNIE ELIZABETH,4°3 pa, Ebenezer A. 
and Frances A. (May well), b. Nov. i, 1857, m. Isaac Moore Nov. 
20, 1889. 

IX. 405. * WATSON, FANNIE LINWOOD,4°3 pa. Ebenezer 
A. and Frances A. (Maywell), b. Feb. i, 1861, d. Newark, Del., Sept. 

VIII. 406. WATSON, SUSAN ELIZABETH,4°2 pa. Silas H. 
and Ruth A. (Alden), b. Cecil County, Md., July 4, 1834, m. in 
Strickersville, Pa., April 18, 1858, Robert Pearl Tawresey, b. Jan. 4, 
1830, Suffolk, England. 

VIII. 407. WATSON, HANNAH ANN,4°^ pa. Silas H. and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. Nov. 10, 1835, d. June 20, 1890, m. Dec. 25, 
1855, Blair M. Collins, b. June 20, 1828, d. April 16, 1901, bur. 
Head of Christiana. 8 children : — 

ElLa Lucinda, Susan R., 

Joseph H., Robert B., 

Sarah A., James I., 

William Thomas, Ruth Ann. 

IX. 408. COLLINS, ELLA LUCINDA,4°7 pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. Mechanicsville, Del., Sept. 13, 1856, m. 


Newark, Del., March 15, 1888, William Thomas Casho, b. Jan. 28, 
1853, Jacob and Kezia (Holgate). 3 children : — 

Jacob B., Josephine M. 

Olivia H., 

X. 409. CASHO, JACOB BLAIR,^°s pa. William Thomas and 
Ella L. (Collins), b. June 3, 1891, Newark, Del. 

X. 410. CASHO, OLIVIA HANNAH,4°8 pa. William Thomas 
and Ella L. (Collins), b. June 27, 1894, Newark, Del. 

X. 411. CASHO, JOSEPHINE,4°8 pa. William Thomas and 
Ella L. (Collins), b. June 2, 1898, Newark, Del. 

IX. 412. COLLINS, JOSEPH HUFF,4°7 pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. July 22, 1858. 

IX. 413. COLLINS, SARAH AMANDA,4°7 pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. Jan. 15, i860, m. Newark, Del., March 28, 
1894, Joseph Brown, b. Oct. 24, i860, John and Sarah (Campelle). 
3 children : — 

Marie F., Joseph C. 

Sarah C, 

X. 414. BROWN, MARIE FOREMAN,4'3 pa. Joseph and Sarah 
A. (Collins), b. Aug. 6, 1896. 

X. 415. BROWN, SARAH CASHO,4'3 pa. Joseph and Sarah 
A. (Collins), b. March 18, 1901. 

X. 416. BROWN, JOSEPH COLLINS,4'3 pa. Joseph and 
Sarah A. (Collins), b. June 19, 1902. 

IX. 417. * COLLINS, WILLIAM THOMAS,4°7 pa. Blair M. 
and Hannah A. (Watson), b. Oct. 12, 1861, d. Jan. 31, 1864. 

IX. 418. * COLLINS, SUSAN REBECCA,4°7 pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. July 10, 1863, d. Jan. 9, 1883. 

IX. 419. COLLINS, ROBERT BLAIR,4°7 pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. May 2, 1867, m. in Vienna, Md., Dec. 21, 
1887, Annie Elizabeth Hurley, b. Oct. 24, 1868, James and Emily 
(Henry), i child : Helen. 

X. 420. COLLINS, HELEN HANNAH,4'9 pa. Robert B. and 
Annie E. (Hurley), b. Oct. 2, 1893, Philadelphia, Pa. 


IX. 421. COLLINS, JAMES IRVINw pa. Blair M. and 
Hannah A. (Watson), b. March 27, 1869. 

IX. 422. COLLINS, RUTH ANN,4°7 pa. Blair M. and Hannah 
A. (Watson), b. Aug, 8, 1873, Newark, Del., m. in Newark, Del., 
June 12, 1895, Clinton McKinsey, Zebulon and Catherine (Urie). 
I child : Greta. 

X. 423. McKINSEY, GRETA,4" pa. Clinton and Ruth Ann 
(Collins), b. May 4, 1896, Newark, Del. 

VIII. 425. * WATSON, JOSEPH EMERY,4°^ pa. Silas H. and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. July 25, 1839, d. Sept. i, 1839. 

VIII. 426. * WATSON, JOHN HUMPHREY,4°^ pa. Silas H. 
and Ruth A. (Alden), b. Sept. i, 1840, d. Dec. 19, 1896. 

VIII. 427. WATSON, AMANDA GARRETT,4°^ pa. Silas H. 
and Ruth A. (Alden), b. in Strickersville, Pa., March 15, 1842, m. in 
Philadelphia, Pa., March 20, 1879, Manlove Hazel, b. March 7, 1830, 
Smyrna, Del., WiUiam and Sarah (Graham). 

Silas H. and Ruth A. (Alden), b. Strickersville, Pa., Feb. 22, 1845, 
m. Wilmington, Del., Nov. 26, 1867, Sarah Miller, George and Jane 

VIII. 429. WATSON, SILAS BARTON,4o^ pa. Silas H. and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. Strickersville, Pa., Sept. 17, 1849, '^- Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Dec. 21, 1871, Laura Perkins, b. Wilmington, Del. i 
child : Mary Louisa. 

IX. 430. WATSON, MARY LOUISA,4^9 pa. Silas B. and Laura 
(Perkins), b. Oct. 15, 1873, Wilmington, Del. 

VIII. 431. WATSON, ERIE HAINES,4°^ pa. Silas H. and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. Feb. 21, 1852, Mechanicsville, Del., m. Phila- 
delphia, Pa., Sept. 26, 1872, Sarah E. Robinson, b. March 19, 1852, 
in Wilmington, Del., John and Sarah (Norritt). i child: Eva R. 

IX. 432. WATSON, EVA ROBINSON,^' pa. Erie and Sarah E. 
(Robinson), b. in Oxford, Pa., Sept. 22, 1873, m. June 6, 1900, 
Charles F. Shuman. i child: Erie Watson. 

X. 433. SHUMAN, ERIE WATSON,43^ pa. Charles F. and 
Eva R. (Watson), b. July 22, 1901, Philadelphia, Pa. 


VIII. 434. WATSON, MARY L0UISA,4°^ pa. Silas H and 
Ruth A. (Alden), b. in Strickersville, Pa., June 28, 1854, m in Phila- 
delphia, Pa., June 6, 1872, Thomas N. Foreman, b. July 14 i8aq 
Wilmington, Del. 2 children : — ^ ' -^y* 

Albert W. Estella J. 

IX. 435- FOREMAN, ALBERT WATSON,434 pa. Thomas N 
and Mary L. (Watson), b. Wilmington, Del., Aug. n, 1874 m Re- 
becca C. Milligan. He served as Second Lieutenant, First Delaware 
infantry, U.S.V., during Spanish- American War; served as Captain 
Jorty-first Infantry, U.S.V., in Philippine Islands; now First Lieuten- 
ant, Twelfth U.S. Infantry. 

IX. 436. FOREMAN, ESTELLA J.,434 pa. Thomas N. and 
Mary L. (Watson), b. Wilmington, Del., April 24, 1878. 

VII. 437- ALDEN, JOHN,59 pa. Ebenezer and Elizabeth (Ames) 
b m Appleton, Md., Jan. 5,.i8i5, m. first Nancy Morris. Had 2 
children : — 

Nancy, johj,_ 

He m. second, Jane Bay. Had 4 children : — 

. Martha, Phebe, 

Rachel, Joshua. 

Both wives and children are dead. He is the only Hving child of 
Ebenezer and Elizabeth Ames. 



Adair, Hannah R. ... 56 

Harry A 56 

Jennie D 56 

Adams, John .... .S- 44 

John Quincy .... 44 

Agnew, Georgiana E. . . 61 

Alden, Abigail, 14, 38, 44, 45, 
46, 47 

Abner . . 



49, 50 

AUce . . 

• 45 


. 48 

Amos • 



• 44 


39, 47 

Annie C. . 


82, 83 

Annie H. . 

• 56 

Archibald . 

• 54 

Archibald W. 


56, 57 

Benjamin . 

44, 45 

Betsey . . 

• 47 



60, 82 

Catherine H. 

51, 53 

Charles A. 

60, 61 

Charles H. 

• 49 

Charles W. 

60, 61 

Clara D. . 

• 53 

Daniel . . 

• 45 

Darius . 


David . 12, 



17, 19, 




43, 45, 





, 23 

, 48, 50 


Alden, {continued^ 

Dorothy M. . . . . 55 

Earl P 83 

Ebenezer, 14, 18, 19, 21, 22, 
23, 24, 25, 39, 45, 46, 47, 

48, 49, 50, 51, 54, 57, 58, 
62, 63, 74, 82, 83, 87 

Eddie R. G 56 

Edith D 52, 53 

Eleazar 45 

Eliab . . . .23, 48, 49 

Elihu 47 

Elijah, 12, 20, 21, 47, 51, 57, 

58, 59, 62, 82 
Elijah A. . 58. 60. 82, 83 

EUjah B 60, 61 

Elisha 48 

EUzabeth, 7, 43, 44, 45, 46, 

51, 52, 74, 77, 79, 

81, 87 

Elsie M 57 

Etheldora 55 

Eunice 48, 49 

Everett A St, 

Ezra 19 

Fear . . 22, 23, 48, 49 

Frank 55 

Frank R 54, 57 

George, 51, 52, 53' 54, 55, 5^ 
George M. ... 52, 53 
George W. . . . 51, 53 
Georgetta 83 



Alden, {continued') 

Georgiana 6i 

Georgiana E 6i 

Hannah . 12, 13, 14, 17, 

18, 19, 22, 23, 25, 38, 43, 

4S> 46, 47. 48, 5o» 5^ 57. 

Hannah E, . . . 58, 62 
Hannah R. . . . 54, 56 

Harriet B 58, 61 

Harriet E 62 

Harry 57 

Harry F 55 

Harry L 82, 83 

Hazel L 83 

Helen M. ..... 54 

Henry 44 

Howard G. . . 54, 56, 57 

Huldah 47 

Imogene A 62 

Isaac . . . .10, 44, 45 

Israel 48 

James B 52, 53 

Jane 87 

Jared 12 

Jefferson .... 82, 83 

Jemima 45 

Jennie D 54, 56 

Joanna 39' 4^ 

Job 12, 20, 47 

Joel 47 

John . . . 5, 6, 7, 8,9, 10, 

12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 

19, 20, 21, 38, 43, 44, 45, 
46, 47, 48, 51, 52, 53, 54, 
55, 68, 87 

John B 55 

John W. . . 52, 53, 68 
Jonathan . . . 43. 44> 45 

Alden, {continued) 

Joseph, 7, 9, 10, II, 13, 14, 
16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 

24, 25, 38, 43, 44, 45, 46, 

47> 48, 49» 5° 
Joseph F. . 54, 55, 56, 57 

Josephine G 55 

Joshua . . . . 51, 54, 87 
Joshua F. . . . 54, 55, 56 

Judith 20, 46 

Julia 56 

Lemuel . . . 14, 17, 46 

Leroy J 82 

Levi 49 

Lillian 52, 53 

Lillian B 61 

Lizzie L 61 

Lois 23, 48, 49 

Lucinda 12 

Lucy .... 20, 47, 48 

Lucy P 57 

Lulu M 55 

Lydia . . 14, 17, 19, 38, 

43. 46, 47 

Mabel P 82 

Maggie 82 

Marah 20 

Margaret . . . . 54, 55 
Margaret D. . . . 54, 55 

Margaret E 55 

Margaret L. . . . 54, 56 

Mariett 58, 59 

Martha 43) 87 

Martha E. . . . 60, 61 

Martha L 60 

Mary, 7, 10, 11, 14, 21, 38, 

43> 44, 45. 46, 47. 49. 51. 
63. 65, 67, 69, 70, 72, 73, 

74, 82, 83 



Alden, {cofitinued') 

Mary A 5I' 53 

Mary E 53, 55 

Mary J 55, 82 

Mary L 54, 57 

Maud . . . .54, 57, St, 

Mehitabel 45 

Mercy 43. 45 

Milton 62 

Minnie H 62 

Minnie R 52, 53 

Moses 48 

Nancy 87 

Nathan .... 39, 46, 47 

Nathaniel 44 

Nellie W 59 

Noah, 14, 17, 18, 39, 46, 48 

Norman J 57 

Olive 21 

Orpah . . . .23, 25, 50 

Peter 47 

Phebe 48, 87 

Polly, 20, 21, 23, 25, 50, 51 
Priscilla, 7, 38, 43, 45, 46, 47 

Rachel 87 

Rebecca, 20, 38, 43, 45, 47, 

5i> 54 

Rhoda 21 

Richard C, . . . 60, 61 

Robert W 54 

Rufus i9> 47 

Ruth, 5, 18, 23, 24, 25, 43, 

44, 45, 47> 48, 49, 5o» 5 1' 

54, 84, 86, 87 

Ruth A 515 83 

Samuel ... 39, 45, 47 
Samuel R. . . . 55, 56 
Sarah . 9, 43, 44, 45, 47 
Sarah E 52, 68 

Alden, {continued^ 

Seth 45. 47 

Silas 19? 47 

Solomon 47 

Spooner 20 

Susanna 47 

Susie S 60 

Thalia 5^, 59 

Thankful . 14, 38, 46, 47 
Thomas O. . . . 82, 83 

Vienna 12 

Wilhelmina . . . 82, 85 
William . . . . 43, 44 
William A. . . . 60, 61 

William B 58, 61 

WilUam E 5i> 54 

Zachariah . . . 43, 44, 45 

Alexander, Ada L. . . .65 

Alden C 67 

Alden M 73 

Amos . . 63, 67, 68, 69 

Amos 1 72, 73 

Andrew J 65, 66 

Annie B. . . . 72, 73, 74 
Blanche . . . . 63, 64 

Calvin 65, 66 

Catherine R. . . . 67, 69 

Charles C 74 

Charles F 65 

Clarence A 72 

Clarence H. . . . 63, 65 
David R. P. . . 63, 72, 73 
Ebenezer A. . . 63, 73, 74 
EHzabeth . . . . 67, 74 

Elsie B. B 66 

Emma L 63, 64 

Emma M 66 

Francis D 72 

Frank H 72 



Alexander, {conti?iued) 

George . . . . 63, 64, 65 

George H 63, 65 

Georgiana .... 63, 64 
Harry . . . .65, 67, 73 

Harry C 63, 64 

Hattie B 66 

Hazel R 74 

Helen 65 

Irvin L 65 

James T 63, 72 

John E 63, 74 

John F 63, 64 

John R 67, 69 

Joseph, 63, 65, 66, 67, 69, 70, 

72, 73, 74 

Joseph H 66 

Joseph T 63, 64 

Kenneth 66 

Lee W 65 

Leonard H 72 

■ Louisa 67, 73 

Louisa S 69 

Lucinda . 63, 64, 70, 71 

Mabel C 74 

Maggie S 67, 69 

Margaret A 65 

Margaret J. . . . 63, 64 

Maria L 67, 68 

Mary 63 

Mary Alice . . . 72, 73 
Mary Ann . . . . 67, 68 
Mary Elizabeth ... 63 
Mary Ella . . . . 65, 66 
Mary Jeanette . 67, 73, 74 

Maud D 63 

Mercy F 66 

Minnie L 67, 73 

Miriam A 65 

Alexander, (cotitiftued) 

Nellie A 72 

Nellie G 74 

Nicholas H 73 

Ray H 63 

Raymond 67 

Robert E 63 

Robert E. L 65 

Ruth A. . . . 63, 69, 70 

Samuel S 63, 65 

Sarah E. . . . 52, 67, 68 

Sarah M 74 

Seymour . . . . 65, 66 

Susan A 63 

Susanna 65 

Theophilus . . . 63, 70 

Thomas LB 63 

Vernon 66 

Victorine 63 

William S 63, 65 

Allen, Abigail .... 46 

Benjamin 46 

Joseph 46 

Mary 46 

Matthew 46 

Mehitabel 45 

Rebecca 46 

Samuel 46 

Seth . . . 


Ames, Elizabeth, 51, 54, 63, 


82, 83, 87 

Anderson, Hilda .... 


Armor, Ada L. 


Atkins, Mary , 


Backus, Adam . 





Ebenezer . 



Eunice . 





> 39» 




Backus, {continued^ 


Joseph A. . 

Ruth . . . 

Simon . 
Bailey, JuUa . . 

Mary E . . 
Barton, Susan A. 
Bass, Hannah . 

John . . . , 

Mary ... 

PhiUp . . . 

Ruth . . . 


Sarah . . . , 
Bassett, Hannah, 57, 
Battis, Bertha B. 

Hiram B. . 
Bay, Jane 
Beck, Catherine M 
Benge, EUzabeth 

Emma . 



Benson, Ada L 

Emma . 
Birch, Margaret P 
BiTNER, Frances M 
BiXBY, Frederick 




Sarah . 

Susan A. 
Blackburn, Mary 
BoGART, Emma L, 

Emma M, 

Ward S. . 

• 39> 50 

• 39' 50 
25» 50. 51 

• 50. 51 

• 56, 57 

• 55. 56 
63, 64, 65 

• • 44 

• • 44 

• • 44 

• • 44 

• 5' 44 

• • 44 

• 9' 44 
58' 59> 61, 



77, 7 






Borden, Abraham . . 38, 47 

Priscilla .... 38, 47 

Brown, Albert E. ... 34 

Bertha M 36 

Eben H 34 

Joseph 85 

Joseph C 85 

Louis C 34 

Maria F 85 

Pearl 34 

Rachel A 34 

Sarah A 85 

Sarah C 85 

Sarah L 34 

Buck, Emily 27 

BuRLiNGAME, Ida C. . . 75, 76 
Campbell, Margaret . . 78 

Casho, Ellen L 85 

Jacob B 85 

Josephine 85 

Olivia 85 

WilUam T 85 

Champney, Susie S. . . 60, 61 
Cincell, Georgetta . . . '^t^ 

Cole, Frank M 37 

Harriet L 37 

Collins, Annie E. ... 85 
Blair M. . . . 84, 85. 86 

Ella L 84 

Hannah A 84 

Helen H 85 

James 1 84, 86 

Joseph H 84, 85 

Robert B 84, 85 

Ruth A 84, 86 

Sarah A 84, 85 

Susan R 84, 85 

William T. . . . 84, 85 
Crossan, Elizabeth W. . . 68 



CuLLUM, Annie A. ... 79 
Gushing, Arthur A, . . . 62 

Hannah E 62 

IraB 62 

Ira M 62 

Maud E 62 

Dailey, Anna L. , . . . 34 
Darling, Adelaide L. . . 60 

Albert L 60 

Annie N 60 

CaroUne 60 

Carrie M 60 

Harriet A 60 

Linus 60 

Norman L 60 

Davenport, Florence M., 77, 78 

George E 77 

Georgiana 77 

Harriet E 77 

Ira E 77, 78 

James H 77, 78 

Kathryn B 77 

Mary L 77 

Sarah E 77 

Davidson, Mary . . . . 54 
Delano, Thomas .... 45 
De Larme, Carrie R. . 28, 38 

Cora 1 28 

Harriet F. . . . . . 28 

Harriet L 28, 37 

Joseph 28 

Wilbur 28 

Dik, Wilhelmina C. ... 33 
Divine, Elizabeth J. . . 51,54 
Donnell, Lizzie L. ... 61 
Dunham, Hannah .... 45 
Dvsart, Margaret . . . 54,55, 

56, 57 
Eaton, Francis . . . . 38, 47 
Thankful . . .14, 38, 47 

Eddy, Lydia . . 14, 17, 38, 47 

Samuel . . . .17, 38, 47 

Erving, Harriet . . . . 53 

Faunce, Alden . . . . 24, 49 

Daniel 49 

Eunice 49 

Ezra 50 

Phebe 49 

Ruth 49 

Sarah 49 

Fillines, Mary J 55 

Fisher, David 35 

Ednah L 35 

Harry R 35 

Heloise R 35 

Margery 35 

Mary W 35 

Mildred S 35 

Winifred 35 

FoBEs, Ruth, 18, 23, 25, 49, 50 
Foreman, Albert W. . . , 87 

Estella J 87 

Mary L 87 

Thomas N 87 

Fuller, John . . . . 38, 47 
. Leila 27 

Lydia 38, 47 

Gahring, Elizabeth L. . . 32 
Garrett, Albert E. ... 81 

Albert S 79, 81 

Annie A 79 

Catherine 74 

Catherine M 77 

Clara E 76 

Clarence H." .... 79 
Clarence W. . . . 79, 80 

Daniel H 79 

David . . . .74, 75, 76 

Edgar B 77, 78 

Edward S 79, 80 



Garrett, {continued') 

Elbert F 75, 76 

Ella M 79 

Elizabeth 74 

Elsie 80 

Emaline 79 

Emma C 78 

Emma D 74? 75 

Fannie M 74) 76 

Frances M 81 

Frank W 74, 75 

Frederick H. . . . 79, 81 
George A. . 74, 77, 78, 79 

George B 75 

George C 79 

George K 74> 76 

George M 77, 78 

George S 78 

Gertrude M 76 

Harold B 80 

.Harry D 79, 80 

Harry L 76 

Harry V 76 

Helen E 79 

Ida C 75 

Ida M 81 

Issachar H 81 

James T. . .74,79,80,81 

John B 77, 79 

Julia A 79 

Lavinia B 75 

Lillian M. ... 79, 80 

Lucy J 80 

Margaret 78 

Marion W. . . . 75, 76 

Mary 75 

Mary E 74, 75 

Mary L. . . . 74, 77, 78 
Matilda . . . . 74, 81 

Garrett, {continued) 

Matilda C. . 77, 78, 81, 82 

Nellie M 76 

Ralph E 80 

Samuel H. . 74, 75, 76 

Sarah E 77, 78 

Thomas . 74, 77, 79, 81 

Thomas D 77 

Thomas M 79 

Vincent J 79 

Gary, Abby A 27 

Horace 27 

Sarah 27 

Gates, Ann E 26 

Emma 26 

Rufus P 26 

Glasser, Emily F. ... 28 
Jacob 28 

GosLEE, Annie H. ... 56 

Grant, Cecil H. . . . 70, 71 
Charles A. . . . 70, 71 

Clark S 7°) 7^ 

David S 7°) 7^ 

Joseph R 7O) 71 

Mary A 70 

Mary L 7°? 71 

Hall, Abigail . . . . 32, 49 

Amos 22, 49 

Amos R 49 

Ebenezer 49 

Emma W 49 

Fear .... 22, 23, 49 
Hannah, 22,38, 47, 48, 49 

Lewis 23, 49 

Lois 49 

Reuben 49 

Simeon F 49 

Hallett, Abigail .... 44 

Hamilton, Victorine . . 63, 64 



Hanson, Ida M. 
Harford, Nellie A. 
Hartnet, Ella M. . 
Harvey, Alden 

. 51 

• 72 

79. 80 
71, 72 

Arthur 7i> 72 

Arthur C 7I) 72 

Augusta M 71 

Catherine , . . . 71, 72 

Edith G 71 

Francis B 71? 72 

Hugh 7 1) 72 

Robert B 71? 72 

Hathaway, Abner A. . . 29 

Clarissa L 29 

Joseph 51 

Mary 49 

Ruth A 5°! 51 

Hazel, Amanda G. ... 86 

Manlove 86 

Hill, Abigail 70 

Amelia ..... 72, 73 

Carrie B 69, 70 

Elizabeth . . .67, 68, 69 

Elizabeth J 70 

Harry W 69, 70 

James A 69, 70 

Joseph C 69, 70 

Lucy 69 

Marietta 69 

Mary E 53 

Ruth A 69 

Theophilus . . . 69, 70 

William M 69 

William W 70 

HiNMAN, Margaret ... 73 
Hiss, Louisa . . . . 73, 74 

Hodges, Clara M 29 

Clarissa L 29 

David C 29 

Hodges, {continued') 

Ellen E 30 

Francis W 29 

William A 30 

Holland, Hattie B. ... 66 

HuRD, Edith F 37 

Helen J 37 

Walter F 37 

Hurley, Annie E. ... 85 

Jackson, Amelia . . . . ■i^'^ 

Andrew 38 

Harlow 38 

Jamieson, Alfred C. ... 69 

Frank A 69 

Fred R 69 

Maggie S 69 

Mary E 69 

Jones, AHce . . . . 27, 28 
Ann Eliza .... 26 
Arminius B. . . . 27, 28 

Austin W 27 

Carrie P 27, 28 

Clarissa L. . . 26, 29, 51 

Downer P 27 

Edgar 27, 28 

Eliza 26 

Emeline . . . 26, 31, 51 

Emily 27 

Emily F 28 

Frank 27 

Harriet F 28 

Laura 27, 28 

Leila 27, 28 

Louisa A. . . . 26, 31, 51 

Louise S 29 

Maria 51 

Maria B 37 

Mary W 29 

Mary W. F. . . 26, 31, 51 



Jones, {continued^ 

Nehemiah . . . 25, 26, 51 

Polly 25, 51 

Sarah 27 

Susan A 26 

William . 26, 27, 37, 51 

William A. . . . 27, 28 

Jump, Margaret A. ... 65 

Keith, Donald M. . . 59, 60 

Elijah A 59, 60 

Gerald 59 

Henry S 59 

Horace A 59 

Lillian M. ... 59, 60 

Louisa 59 

Roger 59 

Thalia 59 

Kelsey, George B. ... 66 

Mary E 66 

Susan A 66 

Willard H 66 

King, Edgar M 75 

Elsie G 75 

Emma D 75 

George W 75 

Mariett 58 

PhiHp C 58 

Viola S 75 

Walter A 75 

Knight, Margaret J. . . . 71 
Knowles, EUzabeth • . • 53 
Lawrence, Imogene A. . . 62 
Lazel, Lydia .... 2>^, 47 
Leonard, Maria B. ... 37 

LiSK, Carrie R ■T^i 

Cora D 38 

George W 38 

Harriet E 38 

LoMAX, Mary J. . . . 82, 83 

LooMis, Eben J 31 

Mabel 31 

Mary A 31 

Lyman, Hazel E 52 

Lucinda 52 

Quimby R 52 

William L 52 

Mason, Alden C 35 

Alice L. S 35 

Arabella . . . . . 35 

Charles A 30 

Charles C 35 

Charles F 35 

Clara E 30 

Clara M 29 

Edith R 35 

Ellen E 29, 30 

Ellen L 30, 33 

Frances E 30 

Francis E 30 

Genevieve 35 

Henry S 30, i2> 

Howard F 30 

John A 30, 33 

Kathleen .... 30, 2,Z 

Kenneth H 30 

Wilham A. . . 29, 30, 2>l 

Mathias, Hannah, 51, 52, 53, 54 

May^vell, Frances A. . . 84 

McCoy, Ralph 52 

William 52 

McIntyre, Alden H. . . . 61 

Charles H 61 

George A 61 

Martha E 61 

McKensie, Lillian ... 52 
William J 53 

McKiNSEY, Clinton ... 86 

Greta 86 

Ruth A 86 



McMaster, Catherine H. . 53 

Clifford M 53 

Elizabeth 53 

Ernest 53 

George H 53 

Harriet 53 

Herman 54 

Horace 54 

James S 53 

John A 53 

McMillan, Carrie H. . 67, 68 

Elizabeth W 68 

Ernest .68 

Herbert W 68 

Howard . . . . 67, 68 

Ida E 67 

Margaret D 54 

Mary A 67 

Raymond A 67 

Robert E 67, 68 

William 67, 68 

William W. . . . 67, 68 

Miller, Sarah 86 

Milligan, Rebecca C. . . 87 

MiTCHEL, Ella 53 

Moore, Elizabeth . . • 52, 53 

Isaac 84 

Morris, Nancy .... 87 
Mullens, Priscilla . . 43, 45 
Murphy, Kathryn . . . . 54 
Myers, Elizabeth . . . . 74 
Nash, Katherine A. ... 62 

Maude E 62 

WiUiam G 62 

NiCKERSON, Adelaide L. . 60 

Odell, Alice 27 

Owens, Caroline .... 82 

Pabodie, EUzabeth . . 7, 43 

William 43 

Packard, Nellie W. ... 59 
Padelford, Judith . . 38, 46 

Lois 49 

Samuel 49 

Perkins, Clara D 53 

Laura 86 

Phillips, Elizabeth E. . . 44 

Poole, Alden G 83 

Joseph 83 

Wilhelmina .... 83 

Powell, Maud 83 

Pratt, Marion J 58 

Presho, Asa .... 39, 50 

Daniel 39. 5° 

Ebenezer .... 39, 50 

Elmira 39' 5° 

Ezra 39. 50 

Isaac 39» 50 

James 39. 5° 

Laura 39-5° 

Orpha . . . .25, 39, 50 

Ruth F 39, 50 

Sullivan .... 39, 50 

Thomas 50 

William H. . . . 39, 50 

Zadock 39, 50 

Remington, Eliza . . . . 26 
Richards, Carrie H. . , . 68 

Irene 68 

Richardson, Amos A. . 63, 64 

Bertha B 64 

Evelyn 64 

Georgiana 64 

Mary E 63 

Ringgold, Chesapeake A. . 64 

Evelyn 64 

Robinson, Edwin .... 80 

Edwin H 80 

Grace M 80 



Robinson, {continued) 

Helen G 80 

Isaac C 80 

Joseph W.". .... 80 

Lillian M 80 

Sarah E 86 

Rounds, Freeman S. . • • 29 

Louise S 29 

Sands, Harriet E 30 

Sauber, Carrie P 28 

Emily 28 

Frederick J 28 

Saunders, Sarah M. . . . 74 
Saxton, NelUe M. ... 76 

Scott, Alma M 81 

Clinton G 81 

Frank H 81, 82 

Henderson . . .81, 82 

Hilda 81 

Mabel V 81 

Mary E 81 

Matilda 81 

OlafH 81 

William T. . . . 81, 82 

Selee, Donald W 35 

Grace 35 

Ira J 35 

Jessie E 35 

John A 35 

Richardson . . . . 35 

Sentman, a. J 68 

Herbert H 68 

Maria L 68 

Maud L 68 

Susanna . . .65, 66, 67 
Shaw, AUce M. . . • 32, 33 

Alice S 36 

Bertha M 36 

Charles J 32 

Ednah M 31. 37 

Shaw, {continued) 

Ehza A 36 

Elizabeth G 32 

Ellen L 32 

Frederick Alden ... 32 

Helen J 3^' 37 

Henry 3I' 32 

Henry A 36 

Henry E 32, 33 

Jane M 31 

Jennie A 32, 33 

Joseph A 32, 36 

Linus H 31 

Louisa . . . . 32, 33' 69 

Louisa A 31 

Margaret W 36 

Robert K 36 

Wilhelmina D. ... 33 
Shellender, James F. . . 78 

Mary L 78 

Shepardson, Maria B. . . 37 
Shriner, Edward E. . . . 64 

Lucinda 64 

Shuman, Charles F. ... 86 

Erie W 86 

Eva R 86 

Simmons, Mary . 7, 44, 45, 46 
Smith, Rebecca .... 47 
Snow, Benjamin .... 46 

Ebenezer 46 

Elizabeth 46 

Minnie H 62 

Rebecca 46 

Solomon 46 

SoMERViLLE, Ida K. . . . 58 
Southworth, Mercy ... 45 

Spittle, Lucy J 80 

Standish, Alexander . . .44 
Ebenezer 44 



Standish, {contifiued) 

Elizabeth 44 

Lora 44 

Lydia 44 

Mary 44 

Myles .... 6, 7, 44 

Sarah 44 

Stearns, Ada L 36 

Anna L 34 

Annabel 37 

Arabella 34 

Arthur B 37 

Ednah M 37 

Genevieve 34 

George F 33 

George H 34 

Grace 34, 35 

John A 34 

Louis C 34, 36 

Louisa 33 

Miriam 34, 35 

Olive 34, 36 

Orange S 37 

Sarah L 34 

Sybil L 36 

Walter S 37 

Winifred . . . . 34, 35 
Steel, Florence L. ... 78 

Helen L 78 

James H 78 

Maiy C 78 

Mary L 78 

Stevens, Eunice .... 38 
Strahorn, Emaline . . 79, 80 
Swartwout, Abigail ... 70 

Taft, Jane M 32 

Tawresey, Robert P. . . 84 

Susan E 84 

Taylor, Ida E 67 


Thayer, Sarah 9 

Thomas, Abigail . . . t^^, 47 

Mary 38, 47 

Nathan 38, 47 

Noah 38, 47 

Thompson, Eliza A. ... 36 

Todd, David P 31 

Mabel 31 

Milicent 31 

Turner, Annie C. ... 83 

Edith G 76 

Fannie M 76 

Francis M. . . . . 76 

George Z 76 

John A 76 

Lee T 83 

Lewis W 83 

Ralph A 76 

Vaughn, Joanna . . . 39, 48 

Wason, Mary 1 59 

Waterhouse, Jennie A. . . 33 

Sewall A 33 

Watson, Amanda G. . . 84, 86 

Annie E 84 

Ebenezer A 84 

Erie H 84, 86 

Eva R 86 

Fannie L 84 

Frances A 84 

George M. D. . . 84, 86 
Hannah A . . .84, 85, 86 

John H 84, 86 

Joseph E 84, 86 

Laura 86 

Mary L. . . . 84, 86, 87 

Ruth A 84 

Sarah 86 

Sarah E 86 

Silas B 84, 86 


Watson, {continued^ 

Silas H. . . . 84, 86, 87 

Susan E 84 

Weston, Rebecca . . . 38, 47 
Wheeler, Martha L, . . 60 
Whinery, Elizabeth J. . . 70 
Whitaker, Anna . . . 39, 47 
White, Hannah, 12, 17, 46, 48 

James E 57 

MaryL 57 

Whiting, Alice M. • • • 33 

Charles W ^iZ 

Helen 33 

Whitman, Alice S. ... 36 

Wilder, Eliza M 31 

John 31 

Mary A 31 

Mary W, F 31 

Wiley, Albert M 58 

Bradford K 58 

Ida K 58 

James S 58 

Jesse H 58, 59 

Jesse S 58, 59 

Margaret 59 

Marion J 58 

Mary A 59 

Mary 1 59 

Williamson, Deborah . 22, 48 

Wilson, A. T 74 

Albert F 77 

Amelia 29, 38 

Catherine . . 74, 75, 76 
Edith 29 


Wilson, {continued') 

Florence M 77 

John 29 

John A 77 

Kathryn B 77 

Maggie 82 

Mary W 29 

Nellie G 74 

Oliver 29 

Sarah E 57 

Thomas 29 

Wood, Francis H 29 

Hannah . . . 14, 38, 47 
Thomas .... 38, 47 

Work, Augusta M. . 70, 71, 72 

David C 70, 71 

David T 73 

Edwin C 71 

Helen 73 

John A 73 

John F 71 

Joseph A 7O) 71 

Joseph W 73 

Lucinda 70 

Mary A. . . . 70, 71, 73 

Mary E 73 

Mary L 71 

Mildred L 73 

Ralph A 71 

Yeatman, John L, ... 56 

Margaret L 56 

Thomas E 56 

Yerger, Jennie D. ... 56 

John E 56 

Margaret A 56 


WIIIh™ QQg3-, 5862 

Do Not