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Full text of "Descendants of William Hill, of Fairfield, Conn., who came from Exeter, England, June 5, 1632, in ship, William and Frances. With genealogical notes and biographical sketches of his descendants as far as can be obtained including notes on collateral branches"

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William Hill, of Fairfield, Conn. 

Who came from Exeter England, 

June 5, 1632, 

In ship William and Frances. 







HoRTON Press, 

Meriden, Connecticut. 

November, 1909. 



Among those who have rendered special and important 
assistance in the preparation of this family genealogy, are 
Mrs. H. Arthur Bartlett, Mr. Sherman H. Hill, and Mr. 
John B. Hill. To the latter we are much indebted for the 
use of his family chart, upon which he had bestowed much 

To all these cousins it is a pleasure to express special 
obligations, but more particularly is it a pleasure to have 

become acquainted with them through such a medium 

the making of a book to treasure up the memory of the 


The abbreviations are such, it is thought, as will be 
readily understood; m. stands for married, b. for born, 
d. for died, unm. for unmarried, ch, for children, no c. 
for no children, bapt. for baptized, + preceding number 
indicates a further record. 

Only one set of numbers are used, as being the most 
convenient and readily understood. The number at the 
birth of a child is repeated only when the marriage of the 
same person is given further on. 



Origin of the Name May be Traced to Hiid, 
Meaning War. 

Hill is a name supposed by some authorities to be local, 
that is, derived from residence on or near a hill. Others 
give a more interesting- origin, namely, that it came from 
" Hild," meaning battle. Hild was a word commonly used 
by Anglo-Saxon poets to signify battle or war. We have 
Hild or Hilda; variations of the name are Hill son, Hilder, 
Hillmen, Hillmer, Hillgers, Hilyer, Hildrup, Hillier, Hillyer; 
Hillary may come from the same root word. The family is 
traced to Hants county, England, where one of the early 
forms of the name was del Hil. Geoffrey del Hil, or 
"at Hil," is a name figuring in early records. The name 
was also spelled Hyll. In early Colonial records we find the 
name Hill or Hills as often spelled one way as the other. 
The name Hill is among the most common of English sur- 
names. Relatively the name Hills is so uncommon that 
those born to it in our own time are perhaps more often 
spoken of or addressed by others than their relatives and 
intimate friends as if their name ended with double "l," 
instead of the distinctive " s " that forms a part of it. The 
distinction between these names in the olden times, and to a 


comparatively recent date, was but little observed by the 
scribes who drew the wills, deeds and other documents des- 
tined to go upon public record. 

The Lord Mayor of London, 1492, was Sir Rowland Hill, 
who was the first Protestant to attain that position. He was 
a man of larg-e property and his benefactions were unbounded. 
Three hundred years later another Sir Rowland was the in- 
ventor or the originator of the penny postal system. He is 
buried in Westminster Abbey. William, called one of the 
founders of New England, came over in the William and 
Frances June 5, 1632, and Joseph, his brother, six years 
later. He (William) held many offices, was auditor of public 
accounts, and collector of customs at Fairfield, Conn. Val- 
entine Hill, a mercer from London, had a large grant of land 
in Boston, 1638, and was representative to the Court. Peter, 
the founder of the Maine branch of the family, d. in Biddi- 
ford. Me. , 1667. Adam was progenitor of the New York Hills. 
Ralph was one of the proprietors of Dover, N. H. Richard 
Hill of Pennsylvania is recognized as a leader who did much 
to preserve Quaker ascendency. He was a friend of William 
Penn, who named him trustee under his will. 







But one Hill shield, with crest, is disclosed by the various 
compilations in relation to heraldry and armorial bearings, 
which may have been the coat armor of a common progenitor 
of all of the name. Its blazoning is Hills a Hill: argent a 
cross between four crescents: azure a chief of the last: Crest, 
a horse courant, gules. In the mouth a broken spearhead, 
sable. This crest is given in connection with the name of 
Hills, without local designation, in Fairbairn's Book of 
Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland. Chang- 
ing the language of heraldry for that in ordinary use, the 
description would be: A blue cross on a silver shield between 
four blue crescents, the upper third of the escutcheon being 
of the same color as the cross and crescents. Crest, a red 
horse, running, with a black broken spearhead in his mouth. 

Burke's "Peerage" emblazons near four score arms for 
Hill, and four for Hills. 



1. William Hill 1st, of Exeter, England, m. Oct. 28, 
1619, Sarah, dau. of Ignatius and Elizabeth (Baskerville) 
Jourdain. They came to New England in the ship William 
and Frances, Jime 5, 1632. He was a man of note and first 
settled at Dorchester, Mass., was made a freeman of the 
Mass. Colony Nov. 5, 1633, and a selectman in 1636. He was 
g-ranted land at Dorchester, Mass., Nov. 2, 1635. He re- 
moved soon after to Windsor, Conn., where he was granted 
a home lot and set out an orchard. In 1639 he was appointed 
by the General Court to examine the arms and ammunition 
of the towns in the colony; was also auditor of public 
accounts, was elected deputy to the General Court from 1639 
to 1641, also 1644. Soon after he removed to Fairfield, 
Conn., and was chosen an assistant of the General Court and 
appointed a collector of customs. He and his son William 
were granted by the town home lots between Paul's Neck and 
Robert Turney's home lot, on the northeast side of Dorches- 
ter St. and the Newton Square. He d. in 1649. She m. 2d 
Edmund Greenleaf . His will is in the 2d Vol. of the Records 
of the Particular Court at Hartford, Conn., and is dated 
Sept. 9, 1649, and was probated May 15, 1650. In it he 
mentions his wife Sarah, and children, Sarah, +2 William, 
Joseph, Ignatius, James and Elizabeth. 


^. ;.'-.. U^^ 



2. William" 2d[, son of William' 1st and Sarah (Jour- 
dain) Hill, was born in England, and called for several years 
after his father's death Wm. .Hill, Jr. He was with his 
father in Dorchester, Mass., and Windsor, Conn., and accom- 
panied him to Fairfield, Conn., where he was granted a home 
lot between his father's and Paul's Neck. He m. Elizabeth,* 
daii. of the Rev. John Jones of Fairfield, Conn. He became 
one of the most influential and useful citizens of the town. 
He was the town recorder in 1650 and for several years after, 
and to him Roger Ludlow delivered town papers of value 
when he (Ludlow) left Fairfield in 1654. Mention is made 
in the records Feb. 1, 1673, of his having- received his por- 
tion of his father's estate from his step-father Greenleaf. He 

*Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. John Jones (Welsh extraction). 
Some writers state he was the son of Rev. Wm. Jones of 
Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, Wales He entered Jesus 
College, Oxford, in 1624, at the age of 17 years. He m. in 
the mother country and had several children born there. 
Was educated and regularly ordained a clergyman of the 
Church of England. They were passengers from London in 
the ship Defence, which arrived in Boston, Oct. 3, 1635. A 
number of ministers came under assumed names. It was a 
difficult matter for either ministers or persons of note to 
escape from England while under the ban of non-conformity, 
without danger of seizure and imprisonment. Mr. Jones' 
family, however, appear in the Custom House list of passen- 
gers who came in the ship Defence at that time, and included 
Sarah Jones, his wife, age 34 yrs., and his children Sarah, 
age 15 yrs., John, 11 yrs., Ruth, 7 yrs., Theophilus, 3 
yrs., Rebecca, 2 yrs., and Elizabeth, 6 mos. He settled 
at Concord, Mass., and on Apr. 6, 1637, was ordained pastor 
of the Congregational Church. Before the ordination he 
was called upon to renounce the Episcopal vows. He was 
the first minister in Fairfield, Conn., in 1644. 


was granted from the town, Feb. 13, 1670, the Lewis lot in 
the northwest corner of the Newton Square. He d. in Fair- 
field. Conn., Dec. 19, 1684. Ch.: 

3. William, forebear of Hon. Ebenezer J. Hill of Norwalk, Conn. 
+ 4. Eliphalet, Joseph, John, James and Sarah. 
Joseph, d. in 1696, childless. 


4. Eliphalet,' son of William' 2d (William' 1st) and 
Elizabeth (Jones) Hill, m. Nov., 1691, Esther,* widow of 
Ephraim Nichols, before widow of Ebenezer Hawley, dau. 
of Doctor William and Deborah (Lockwood) Ward of Fair- 
field, Conn. He was namesake of his mother's brother, Rev. 
Eliphalet Jones. His uncle d. childless, and bequeathed his 
estate to his sister's son, Eliphalet Hill, who managed his 
affairs and cared for his uncle in his declining years. He 
was appointed on a committee to perfect the lists of persons 
and estates in the several towns in the Colony. He died in 
Fairfield, Conn., in 1695. vShe m. 4th Robert Lord. Ch.: 

+ 5. i William, b. Nov. 17, 1692. 
6. ii Eliphalet, b. Jan. 11, 1694. 

*Esther was the only child of Dr. William Ward. He was 
appointed by the General Court of Conn, as surgeon to 
accompany Fairfield Co. troops in their expeditions against 
the Narragansetts, and was killed during the war. His 
father, Andrew Ward, was first in Watertown, Mass. On 
Mar. 3, 1636, he was appointed with Roger Ludlow and six 
others by the General Court of Mass. to govern the Colony 
of Conn, for one year. He was therefore one of the assist- 
ants or judges of the first legislative body held in Conn, at 
Hartford on Apr. 26, 1636. He went to Fairfield about 1650, 
and was one of the most important and influential men in 
the town. He d. in 1665. 



5. William,' son of Eliphalet' (William' 2d, William' 1st) 

and Esther (Ward) Hill, m. Abigail Barlow,* b. June 

30, 1697, dau. of John and Ruth (wSherwood) Barlow. She 
d. Apr. 16, 1743. He d. Apr. 25, 1775. They resided in 
Greenfield, Conn. Ch.: 

7. i Catharine, bapt. June 2, 1717. 

+ 8. ii Samuel, b. 1717, bapt. Apr. 27, 1718. 

9. iii Anne, bapt. Feb. 28, 17^^. 

10. iv Mary, bapt. Mar. 25, 1722. 

*Abig'ail Barlow, dau. of John, 2d, son of John, 1st, one 
of the earliest settlers of Fairfield, Conn. Settled on the 
beautiful plain running northwest of the Ludlow Square and 
Concord Field, which, in honor of his name, was called ' ' Bar- 
low's Plain. He possessed a large estate. 



8. Samuel,' son of William' (Eliphalet,' William'- 2d, 
William' 1st) and Abig-ail (Barlow) Hill, m. Nov. 28, 1744, 
Sarah Dimon,* b. May 6, 1728, dau. of Moses, 3d, and Han- 
nah (Gilbert) Dimon of Greenfield, Conn. He removed to 
New Milford, Conn., and purchased of Thaddeus Peat lot 
No. 23, containing- five acres, with a dwelling house stand- 
ing thereon, lying in the North Purchase, Merryall Dist. 
Deed was dated 7th day of June, fifth year of his Majesties 
Reign A. D. 1765. Upper Merryall Bur ying-place was com- 
menced as a private burying ground on his land. He was 
instrumental in establishing the St. Andrew's Episcopal 
Society in Marbledale, Conn. Said society, St. Andrew's, 
was organized June 24, 1784. In the list of subscribers 
from the town of New Milford, Conn., was Samuel Hill, Sr., 
his sons Samuel, Jr., Jonathan, and Daniel (from Kent 
township). She d. Feb. 28, 1797. He d. Dec. 1, 1811, 
age 94 yrs. Ch.: 

+ 11. i Hannah, b. 1746. 

+ 12. ii Samuel, Jr., b. 1748. 

+ 13. iii Daniel, b. 1750. 

+ 14. iv Jonathan, b. Apr. 8, 1755. 

15. V David. Went to Ga. Forebear of Confederate Maj. -Gens. 
D. H. and A. P. and Lieut-Gen. L. P. Hill. i '^ 

+ 16. vi Jane. 

*Sarah Dimon, dau. of Moses 3d, Moses 2d, Moses 1st, 
Thomas, . . . Moses 3d was one of the first deacons of 
the Greenfield (Conn.) Church in 1726. He received from 
his father's estate the homestead of 23 acres in Greenfield 
and other property, the whole being valued at .2^3,749. (F. 
Pro. Rec.) Of his 11 children only 4 Hved to grow up. 

Thomas settled at Pequonnock, Conn. He was a mariner, 
and in 1658 the owner of a bark of 12 tons. (F. T. Rec.) 
His vessel and cargo was destroyed by fire. (Savage.) 

"r r NEW fORt 



11. Hannah/ dau. of Samuer (Wmiam,-* Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Sarah (Dimon) Hill, m. Apr. 
5, 1770, David Bostwick, b. Aug. 3, 1742, son of Benajah 
and Hannah (Fisk) Bostwick of New Milford, Conn. She 

d. May 23, 1798, age 52 yrs. He m. 2d Sarah 

Averill. She d. Apr, 27, 1812, age 65 yrs. He d. Oct. 4, 
1821, age 78 yrs. Buried in Upper Merryall Cemetery, a 
part of which her father, Samuel Hill, gave to the associa- 
tion. Resided in Merryall Dist., New Milford, Conn. Ch. 
by 1st m.: 

+ 17. i Dimon, b. Oct. 7, 1770. 

+ 18. ii Benajah, b. Feb. 17, 1776. 

+ 19. iii Joel, b. Feb. 2, 1778. 

+ 20. iv Marshall, b. July 25, 1779. 

21. V Lucinda, b. Aug. 1, 1781, m. Stiles Goodsell. 

22. vi Anna, b. June 7, 1783, m. Oct. 25, 1807, John Drew Weed. 

Had ch.: 

Marshall Hill, b. Sept. 16, 1808. 
Susan, b. Oct. 2, 1810. 

12. Samuel," 2d, son of Samuel' (William,' Eliphalet,' 
William' 2d, William' 1st) and Sarah (Dimon) Hill, m. 
Anna b. Apr. 8, 1754, dau. of . She d. 

Apr. 18, 1812, age 58 yrs. 10 d. Hem. 2d Eunice 

b. 1761, dau. of . She d. Mar. 21, 1823, age 

62 yrs. He d. Jan. 12, 1832, age 84 yrs. His farm adjoined 
his father's property in Merryall Dist., New Milford, Conn. 
No ch. 

His will was dated Jan. 14, 1830. He bequeathed all of 
his estate in trust to the Episcopal society of Marbledale, 
Conn. "For the sole benefit of those Episcopalians who 
pay taxes or contributions for the support of the gospel 


ministry and who reside within the following boundaries and 
limits, — Bounded east on Washington town line not extend- 
ing into said town. South by the south line of New Preston 
society in the town of New Milford, and extending westward 
in the same direction to the Housatonic river. West by said 
river north by north line of New Preston society in the town 
of Kent, to the northwest comer of said society, thence 
parallel with the south line to the Housatonic river. The 
two oldest male members of the Episcopal society residing 
within the above described limits, may take and apply it as 
before directed, and so to continue forever. 

In presence of 

Tillotson Gibbs. 

Nathaniel Lyon. 

Eunice Gibbs." 

13. Daniel; son of Samuel' (William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam" 2d, William' 1st) and vSarah (Dimon) Hill, m. 

Love b. dau. of . She d. Feb. 6, 1806, 

age 53 yrs. He d. Mar. 9, 1817, age 67 yrs. Buried in 
Kent Hollow Cemetery, Kent, Conn. 

14. Jonathan/ son of Samuel' (WilHam,'' Eliphalet,'' Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Sarah (Dimon) Hill, was sold 
into the British army by his brother Daniel, and was orderly 
sergeant of the Guards. He was under command of Lord 
Howe in the division that opposed Gen. Putnam in the cam- 
paign on Long Island. It was there he met Mary Coddy. 
The soldiers went to her father's well for water. She was b. 
in London, England, June 11, 1759, from which place her 
family removed to Long Island. Were m. May 25, 1782. 
He. d. Mar. 17, 1835, age 80 yrs. She d. at her grandson's, 
George Hill, in Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa., Oct. 26, 
1845, age 86 yrs. They resided in Merryall Dist., New 
Milford, Conn. Ch.: 

jr * 





: .' ;\ 


+ 23. i Samuel, b. Mar. 22, 1783. 
+ 24. ii Sarah, b. June 30, 1785. 

25. iii Ann, b. Feb. 12, 1789, m. Israel Bronson. He d. 

Jan. 31, 1859, age 82 yrs. She d. Oct. 25, 1873, age 
84 yrs. No. ch. 

26. iv Love Maria, b. Mar. 5. 1792, m. May 9, 1811, Hubbell. 

+ 27. V Rachel, b. May 19, 1794. 

28. vi Mericha, b. June 9, 1796, d. July 8, 1817. 

29. vii Mary Eliza, b. Aug. 29, 1799, m. Dec. 9, 1827, Norman 


16. Jane," dau. of Samuel' (William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam- 2d, William' 1st) and Sarah (Dimon) Hill, m. Nov. 3, 
1786, Benjamin Morehouse, b. Apr. 21, 1760, son of Stephen, 
2d, and Sarah (Hawley) Morehouse of New Milford, Conn. 
She d. 1830. He d. May 6, 1846. Resided in Wash- 
ington, Conn. Ch.: 

30. i Hawley, b. Aug. 1, 1788, m. Jan. 28, 1811, Betsey Maria 

Hartwell. He d. Oct. 6, 1846. She d. Feb. 15, 1868. 
Had ch.: 

Mary Jane, b. Dec. 3, 1811, m. Sept. 19, 1833, Nel- 
son Sanford, m. 2d, June 4, 1853, Ira Keeler. 

Salome, b. Apr. 12, 1819. 

31. ii Dimon, b. Apr. 22, 1790, m. Feb. 3, 1817, Huldah Titus, 

m. 2d Phebe Sanford. He d. Mar. 28, 1846. Had ch.: 
Soloman, Jennette, Stephen, Henry Hobert. 

32. iii Sarah, b. July 6, 1791, m. Jan. 22, 1824, Ziba Fairchild. 

33. iv Polly, b. Nov. 27, 1792, m. Richard Welton. 

34. V Abby, b. Apr. 30, 1794. m. 

35. vi L«eman, b. Jan. 17, 1796, m. Pollv Preston. He 

d. 1838. 

36. vii Seymour, b. Jan. 24, 1798, m. Sept. 7, 1828, Harriet 

Northrop. Had ch.: Artemitia, m. John Camp, Noble, 
Harriet, Henry S. 

See Morehouse genealogy . 



17. Dimon/ son of David and Hannah* (Hill) (Samuel," 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bostwick, m. 
Feb. 19, 1796, Lois Olmstead, b. Oct. 24, 1774; dau. of David 
and Sarah (Weller) Olmstead of New Milford, Conn. He 
left Conn, in 1792, having purchased two shares of land in 
the wilds of the Susq. Company purchase from State of Conn. 
He located on the banks of the Wyalusing Creek in Bradford 
Co., Pa. He was a skilled surveyor and draughtsman, and 
he surveyed the whole of Bradford Co. from Wilkesbarre, 
Pa., to Oswego, N. Y., and located many of the towns and 
villages in that district. In 1796 he purchased 2,100 acres 
of land, which he cultivated and improved. She d. in 
Stevens ville. Pa., Sept. 26, 1855. He d. in Pike Township, 
Pa., Dec. 3, 1856. Ch.: 

37. i Almira, b. Nov. 2, 1797, m. Canfield Stone. 

38. ii Eliza Robertson, b. Oct. 1, 1799, m. Samuel Marks. 

She d. Aug. 10, 1841. 

39. iii Julia Maria, b. July 16, 1801, d. Sept. 24, 1853, unm. 

40. iv Samuel Randolph, b, Oct. 22, 1803, d. Feb. 25, 1849, unm. 

41. V Penet Marshall, b. Aug. 4, 1805, d. Apr. 25, 1891, unm. 

42. vi Valvasa, b. Apr. 24, 1808, d. Nov. 18, 1894, unm. 

43. vii Esther, b. Sept. 19, 1810, d. Aug. 28, 1817. 

44. viii Hannah, b. Oct. 1, 1812, d. Sept, 24, 1819. 

45. ix Sarah Weller, b. Nov. 21, 1816, m. Nov. 4, 1842, George 

P. Hopkins. She d. Apr. 30, 1899. Had ch.: 
George Payne, b. 1846, d. July 22, 1862. 

18. Benajah/ son of David and Hannah" (Hill) (Samuel,' 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bostwick, m. 
July 29, 1798, Mary Olmstead, b. in Kent, Conn., Dec. 9, 
1776, dau. of David and Sarah (Weller) Olmstead of New 

Milford, Conn. She d. He d. Aug. 4, 1864, Stevens- 

ville. Pa. Ch.: 


46. i Hannah, b. Oct. 29, 1799, d. Aug. 22, 1854, unm. 

47. ii Lucinda Anna, b. Aug. 28, 1802, d. Feb. 4, 1844, unm. 

48. iii Silas Jackson, b. Aug. 6, 1810, d. Sept. 28, 1813. 
+ 49. iv Harriet Connor, b. Nov. 10, 1816. 

19. Joel/ son of David and Hannah' (Hill) (Samuel,' 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bostwick, m. 

Nancy Stone, b. New Milford, Conn., Feb. 14, 1786, 

d, Litchfield, Conn., Apr. 24, 1841. He m. 2d, Dec. 4, 1842, 
Mabel McNeil, widow of Isaac McNeil and dau. of Ebenezer 
Clark. Ch. bylstm.: 

+ 50. i Sylvia, b. Dec. 5, 1810. 

51. ii Esther, b. June 23, 1813, m. Oct. 13, 1834, Wm. Belden. 

52. iii Homer Gilead, b. Nov. 30, 1815, d. Feb. 24, 1857, unm. 
+ 53. iv David Elmore, b. Feb. 22, 1821. 

20. Marshall/ son of David and Hannah" (Hill) (Samuel,' 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bostwick, m. 

Polly Evitts. He d. Nov. 12, 1846. Resided in the 

old Bostwick homestead in Upper Merryall Dist., New Mil- 
ford, Conn. Ch.: 

+ 54. i Lucy, b. Oct. 16, 1811. 

55. ii Malvina, b. June 15, 1814, d. Aug. 5, 1899, unm. 

56. iii Mary Mariah, b. July 3, 1818, d. unm. 

57. iv Saumel E., b. Apr. 7, 1827, d. Sept. 28, 1846. 

23. Samuel/ son of Jonathan' (Samuel,' William,'' Eliph- 
alet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Mary (Coddy) Hill, m. 
Nov. 2, 1807, Laura Pitcher,* b. Mar. 23, 1786, dau. of 

Soloman and Susannah Pitcher of He sold his farm 

in Merryall Dist., New Milford, Conn., to his father. Deed 
was recorded Apr. 21, 1829. Soon after, accompanied by 

*Laura Pitcher dau. of Soloman,^ James' (of Judea, part of 
Woodbury, Conn.) Samuel,' earjy settler of Norwich, Conn., 
Andrew,' one of the first settlers of Dorchester, Mass. 
Samuel' was heir to the large property left by Mary Worth 


his wife and two youngest sons, he migrated to Pa., making- 
the journey with oxen, taking their household goods with 
them, crossing the Hudson river at Newburg, N. Y., and 
passing through Port Jervis, N. Y. He settled on a farm in 
Rush, Susq. Co., Pa., on the north branch of the Wyalusing 
Creek, about a mile from the forks. He d. of small-pox 
Nov. 14, 1844, age 61 yrs. Was buried on his farm. She 
d. Sept. 30, 1854, was buried on her son George's farm in 
Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa. Some years later their son 
Sherman H. had their remains removed and buried together 
in the Oak Grove Cemetery at Burlington, Pa. He had a 
monument erected to their memory. Ch.: 

+ 58. i George Christopher, b. Nov. 12, 1808. 

+ 59. ii Samuel Randolph, b. Feb. 9, 1811. 

+ 60. iii Sherman Hawley, b. Sept. 11, 1814. 

+ 61. iv Jonathan Dimon, b. June 10, 1817. 

+ 62. V Henry Seymour, b. Sept. 11, 1825. 

24. Sarah,' dau. of Jonathan' (Samuel,'* William,^ Eliph- 
alet," William"' 2d, William' 1st) and Mary (Coddy) Hill, m. 

Samuel Bunnell. She d. Nov. 2, 1818. Ch.: 

63. i William, b. 

+ 64. ii Isaac Samuel, b. Sept. 26, 1809. 

27. Rachel/ dau. of Jonathan'' (vSamuel,'* William, ■* Eliph- 
alet,' William' 2d, WilHam' 1st) and Mary (Coddy) Hill, m. 

1818, John B. Hamlin of New Milford, Conn. He 

was b. 1796. In 1845 removed to Great Bend, Susq. 

Co., Pa. Ch.: 

of England. She deposited sixteen hundred thousand pounds 
sterling in the Lord Chancellor Exchequer Bank of England, 
and willed all to Samuel" Pitcher and his heirs. 

In 1860-62 strong efforts were made by Samuel Pitcher's 
heirs to claim the money. Land records were looked up, 
claims established, a fund raised, and lawyer sent to Eng- 
land to investigate. The money was there. To get it was 
the question. 


-t-65. i Mariche, b. 1819. 

+ 66. ii Philo, b. Dec. 30, 1821. 

+ 67. iii Christopher, b. Feb. 1823. 

+ 68. iv John Bradshaw, b. Dec. 17, 1825. 

+ 69. V Charles S., b. May 3, 1828. 

+ 70. vi George H., b. Feb. 1830. 


49. Harriet C," dau. of Benajah' (Hannah' Hill, Sam- 
uel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Mary (Olmstead) Bostwich, m. Pike, Pa., Feb. 9, 1840, 
Joshue Burrows, b. in Hebron, Conn., Aug. 25, 1817. She 
d. in Pike, Pa., Jan. 25, 1877. Ch.: 

71. i Mary Olive, b. Oct. 4, 1840, d. Nov. 6, 1865. 

72. ii Francis Edward, b. Oct. 6, 1842. Unm. 
+ 73. iii George Henry, b. Oct. 12, 1845. 

+ 74. iv William Clayton, b. Sept. 9, 1847. 
+ 75. V Arthur Bostwick, b. Oct. 16, 1849. 
+ 76. vi Gilbert Silas, b. Oct. 4, 1856. 

50. Sylvia,' dau. of Joel' (Hannah*" Hill, Samuel,' Will- 
iam,'* Eliphalet," William" 2d, William' 1st) and Nancy (Stone) 
Bostwick, m. in New Milford, Conn., Sept. 12, 1831, John 
Denison Champlin, b. Westerly, R. I., Dec. 5, 1810. She 
d. in Lexington, Ky., Mar. 5, 1856. He d. New York City, 
Sept. 12, 1892. Ch.: 

77. i John Denison, b. Stonington, Conn., Jan. 29, 1834, m. Oct. 
8, 1873, Franka E. Colvocoresses. Had ch.; 
John Denison, b. July 23, 1875. 
+ 78. ii William Belden, b. July 15, 1836. 

79. iii CaroHne Brown, b. Feb. 4, 1839, m. July 6, 1861, John L. 

MacCauley. She d. Feb. 22, 1862. 

80. iv Edward Elmore, b. June 13, 1841, m. Esther Smith. 

81. V Isabella, b. Oct. 20, 1843, d. Feb. 20, 1844. 


53. David E./ son of Joel' (Hannah*^ Hill, Samuel/ 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Nancy 
(Stone) Bostwick, m. West Chester, Pa., Dec. 26, 1850, 
Adelaide McKinley, b. Philadelphia, Pa., wSept. 14, 1830. 
He d. in Litchfield, Conn., Mar. 17, 1872. She d. in Potts- 
town, Pa., Aug. 24, 1900. Ch.: 

82. i Arthur Elmore, b. Mar. 8, 1860, m. Carmel, N. Y., June 
23, 1885, Lucy Sawyer, b. Yonkers, N. Y., March 15, 
1860. Ch.: 

Andrew Linn, b. Sept. 8, 1886. 
Esther, b. Aug. 30, 1887. 
Elmore McNeil, b. Apr. 8, 1892. 

54. Lucy," dau. of Marshall' (Hannah" Hill, Samuel,^ 
William,-* Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Polly 
(Evitts) Bostwick, m. in New Preston, Conn., Feb. 24, 1833, 
Sheldon G. Woodin. Ch., 

83. i Hannah L., b. 1834, d. Sept. 19, 1860. 

84. ii Josephine, b. 

+ 85. iii Mary Frances, b. Oct. 12, 1842. 
86. iv Maria, b. 

87. V Marshall, b.- 

88. iv Sheldon, b.- 

58. George C," son of Samuel' (Jonathan,*' Samuel," 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Laura 
(Pitcher) Hill, m. Feb. 19, 1833, Fanny Brown, b. Aug. 20, 
1812, dau. of Jabez and Lydia (Kingsley) Brown of Wyalu- 
sing, Pa. He sold his farm in (Merryall) New Milford, 
Conn., to his brother Samuel R. (deed was recorded Jan. 13, 
1840) and removed to Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa., where 
he was engaged in farming, building canals, wooden bridges, 
boats, etc., until his death. She d. Oct. 29, 1870. He m. 



2d, Mrs. Minerva Vauliew, b. Oct. 11, 1840, dau. of Henry 
and Electa Bradt of Yorksville, N. Y. He d. June 21, 1888. 

+ 89. i Henry Randolph, b. Nov. 13, 1833. 
+ 90. ii Jerome Sherman, b. July 21, 1835. 

+ 91. iii Samuel Riley, b. Feb. 27, 1837. 

92. iv George Alonson, b. Dec. 30, 1838, d. Nov. 18, 1839. 
+ 93. V Lorenzo Dow, b. Nov. 5, 1840. 

+ 94. vi John, b. Apr. 7, 1843. 

H-95. N-ii Benjamin Franklin, b. July 17,;1846. 
+ 96. viii Laura H.. b. July 17, 1849. 

+ 97. ix Orris Delphine, b. Jan. 21, 1851. 

98. X William, b. June 2, 1853, d.'infancy. 

99. xi George C, Jr., b. Mar. 29, 1855, d. May 22,^1860. 
+ 100. xii Allen B.. b. July 19, 1858. 

59. Samuel R.,* son of Samuel' (Johathan,' Samuel,^ 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Laura 
(Pitcher) Hill. When 10 yrs. of age went to live with Myron 
Wheat on of Marbledale, Conn. He learned the millwright 
trade, m. Feb. 24, 1835, Clara Canfield, b. June 1, 1816, 
dau. of Heth 2d and Jerusha (O'Dell) Canfield of Chestnut- 
land Dist., New Milford, Conn. (Heth' 2d, Heth' 1st, Dea. 
Samuel,'^ Jeremiah,' Thomas,' early settler of Milford, Conn.) 
He acquired a large farm in Upper Merryall Dist. and built 
a sawmill on the Aspetuck river. In the spring of 1868 he 
removed to New Milford village and built a grist mill on 
Great brook at the end of South Main st. She d. Sept. 6, 
1868, age 52 yrs. He m. 2d Apr. 3, 1872, Eliza A. Wells, 
b. Mar. 19, 1833, dau. of Hezekiah and Eunice (Blackney) 
Wells of said town. He d. Apr. 3, 1873, age 63 yrs. Buried 
in Upper Merryall cemetery, a part of which his great grand- 
father, Samuel Hill, one of the first settlers in the Dist. 
gave to the association. Ch.: 


+ 101. i Laura Maria, b. Feb. 18, 1836. 

ii Infant son, b. May 29, 1838, d. May 29, 1838. 
+ 102. iii Sherman Hawley, b. Nov. 24, 1840. 
+ 103. iv Samuel Randolph, b. Dec. 31, 1842. 

104. V Ida Isabel, b. Feb 14, 1847, d. Aug. 4, 1849. 

105. vi Ellen A., b. July 13, 1849, d. July 30, 1849. 
+ 106. vii Julia Ann, b. Feb. 5, 1851. 

107. viii Edward Kimball, b. July 4, 1855, d. Oct. 16, 1855. 

Ch. by 2dm.: 

108. ix May Randolph, b. Apr. 13, 1873. 

60. Sherman, H./ son of Samuer (Jonathan," Samuel,'' 
William,"' Eliphalet," William' 2d, William' 1st) and Laura 
(Pitcher ' Hill, at an early age learned the trade of millwright 
and worked with his brother Randolph until his father's 
death in 1844 when he went to Rush, Pa., paid off the other 
heirs, and made his home there with his mother, continuing 
to work at his trade, building several mills in Orange Co- , 
N. Y., in the vicinity of Newburg, N. Y. He m. Feb. 18, 
1845, Julia Anna Porter, b. Feb. 9, 1724, dau. of John and 
Martha (Furman Porter of Troy, Pa. They lived with his 
mother until 1848, when he purchased land in Burlington, 
Pa., upon which he built a house the following year and 
moved into it Jan. 1, 1850. New Year's dinner was the first 
meal. They lived in this home continuously until their 
deaths. About 1860 he gave up his trade and formed a 
partnership with Daniel Austin for the manufacture of 
wooden pumps. In a few years he purchased Austin's in- 
terest in the business, establishing a branch at Great Bend, 
Pa. He later purchased two farms at Burlington, Pa., 
and devoted much of his time to farming. He continued 
to supply the local demand for pumps until the time of 
his death. He always took a keen interest in all the affairs 
of his home town and county, and was a prime mover in any 
enterprise which would make for the public good. His home 






was known far and wide and noted for the hospitality ac- 
corded all visitors. He d. May 18, 1903. She d. Apr. 21, 
1905. Ch.: 

+ 109. i Randolph Porter, b. Jan. 23, 1850. 
-rllO. ii John Howard, b. June 27, 1853. 

61. Jonathan D./ son of Samuef (Jonathan,' Samuel,* 

William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Laura 
(Pitcher) Hill, m. Feb. 25, 1843, Lydia Davidson, b. Dec. 
19, 1816, dau. of George and Electa Da\'idson of Brain- 
bridge, N. Y. She d. May 23, 1849. He m. 2d Nancy 
Long-. She d. April 7, 1854, age 44 yrs. 6 m. 13 d. He m. 
3d, 1857, Adalina Nichols, dau. of Earl and Ursula Nichols 
of Pa. In 1775 he removed to Elk Grove, Cal., where he 
followed his trade as millwright. He d. Feb. 4, 1892, age 
74 yrs., 8 m., 25 d. Adaline (Nichols) Hill m. 2d, Dec. 
1904, J. P. Wilson. They reside in Elk Grove, Cal. Ch. by 
1st m.: 

+ 111. i Morillo Davidson, b. May 23, 1844. 
+ 112. ii George Brasil, b. June 5, 1846. 
+ 113. iii Willis Henry, b. Oct. 10, 1848. 

62. Henry S.,' son of SamueV (Jonathan,' Samuel,^ 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Laura 
(Pitcher) Hill, migrated from Pa. to Cal., arrived at San 
Francisco Nov. 4, 1851, settled in Columbia-fiat and engaged 
in mining, in 1853 went to Eureka and Sacramento, in 1854 
was in Santa Clara and in 1855 in Santa Cruz, where he fol- 
lowed his trade as a millwright. He m. 1856, Mary Uhden, 
a native of Ohio. From 1861 to 69 he was at Virginia City, 
Nevada, following his trade, from 1869 to 71 resided in Sac- 
ramento, Cal.; from 1871 to 74 was at Lakeport, working at 
his trade; from 1874 to 75 was at Red Bluff, Cal., erecting 
flour mills, and in 1876 went to Elk Grove, Cal., where he 


built a flour mill and conducted same up to a few years be- 
fore his death. He d. Apr. 20, 1904. His widow resides in 
Santa Cruz, Cal. Ch.: 

114. i Laura, b. Sept. 15, 1858, m. Thomas Plum. 

115. ii Ed S., b. June 14, 1860, m. Feb. 28, 1892, Kate Cappel- 

maun. Reside at 16 W. Syracuse St., Santa Cruz, Cal. 

64. Isaac S./ son of Samuel and Sarah' (Hill) (Johathan," 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
Bunnell, after the death of his mother lived with his grand- 
parents, Jonathan and Mary C. Hill, until he was 21 years 
old when he went to Wyoming Co., Pa. He m. Oct. 8, 1837, 
Harriet Tupper. He d. Dec. 16, 1881. Resided in Carbon- 
dale, Pa. Ch.: 

-1-116. i Loring Isaac, b. Sept. 15, 1838. 
-1-117. ii William E., b. May 9, 1841. 

-1-118. iii Mary J., b. May 29, 1843. 

119. iv Sarah P., b. Apr. 12, 1846, d. Nov. 18, 1850. 
-M20. V James D., b. Aug. 25, 1849.' 

121. vi Samuel W., b. Feb. 11, 1852, d. Sept. 22, 1854. 

-M22. vii Permelia C, b. May 30, 1855. 

65. Mariche,' dau. of John B. and Rachel' (Hill) (Jon- 
athan,'' Samuel,' William,"" Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) Hamlin, m. Thereon Richmond. He d. in 

Conn. She m. 2d Hiram Gifford of New Milford, 

Conn. In 1848 they removed to Great Bend, Pa. He d. 

She m. 3d William Simmons of Carbondale, 

Pa. They removed to Windsor, N. Y., where both d. Ch. 
by 1st m.: 

123. i John, b. 

124. ii Edwin, b. 

Ch. by 2d m.: 
125 iii Frank, b. Resides in Hickory Grove, Pa. 



-0-= LKNQX 



66. PhUo,' son of John B. and Racher (Hill) (Jonathan/ 
Samuel,' William/ Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 

Hamlin, m. Sarah Fish of Sherman, Conn. She d. in 

Conn. He m. 2d Sarah Doore. They resided in 

Great Bend, Pa. He was thrown from his wag"on and killed, 
Oct. 4, 1899. Ch. by 1st m.: 

126. i Rachel, b. m. Stephen Armstrong of Sullivan Co. 

Pa. She d. 

67. Christopher,* son of John B. and Rachel' (Hill) 
(Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) Hamlin, m. Salina Hewin of Rush, Susq. 

Co., Pa. She d. ■ 1852. He m. 2d Lydia Price of 

Broome Co., N. Y. She d. soon afterwards. He served on 

the construction train during- the Civil War, d. Dec. 

1894. Ch. by 1st m.: 

127. Mary, b. m. Mr. Wentworth of New Jersey. 

68. John B.,' son of John B. and Rachel' (Hill) (Jona- 
than,' Samuel/ William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) Hamlin, m. Mary Agusta Closson, b. May 9. 

1831, of Bridgeport, Conn. They located in Carbondale, 
Lack. Co., Pa. His wife and six children d. all within one 

week with spotted fever. He m. 2d Martha Ellis. 

He served in the Civil War. He d. Dec. 1880 in 

Archibald, Lack. Co., Pa. Ch. by 1st m.: 

128. i Franklin Benjamin, b. July 24, 1852, 

129. ii John Bradshaw, b. Oct. 5, 1853, 

130. iii Ellen Frances, b. May 10, 1855, 

131. iv Olgene Closson, b. Sept. 10, 1856, 

132. V William Henry, b. Dec. 14, 1857, 

133. vi Charles Smith, b. Nov. 12, 1859, 

d. Fall of 1863. 

Ch. 2d. m.: 

134. vii Virginia May, b. Apr. 15, 1865, m. George Haney. 

Reside in Waterbury, Conn. 


135. viii Salina B , b. Sept. 30, 1867, m. T. E. Thomas of 

West Virginia. He was captain of a company from 

that State in the war with Spain. She d. Apr. 

1899. in Freemont. W. Va. 

69. Charles S.,* son of John B. and Rachel' (Hill) (Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William,' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) Hamlin, m. Nov. 18, 1851, Sarah A. Bound, dau. 
of John and Catherine Bound of Kirkwood, Broome Co., 
N. Y. He enlisted in the First N. Y. Veteran Cavalry, and 
served until the close of the Civil War. He d. Aug. 18, 
1899. She d. Sept. 12, 1905. They resided in Great Bend, 
Pa. Ch.: 

+ 136. i Dewitt Clinton, b. in Kirkwood, N. Y., July 10, 1854. 

+ 137. ii George W., b. in Lawsville Centre, Susq. Co., Pa., Aug. 

9, 1856. 
+ 138. iii Jonathan E., b. June 10, 1859. 

139. iv Charles William, b. June 16, 1863, d. Sept. 22, 1863. 

140. V Charles Freeman, b. Apr. 16, 1866, d. Feb. 16, 1867. 

141. vi Adelbert E., b. Great Bend, Pa., Sept. 1867, d. 

Montrose, Pa., June 15, 1895, unm. 
+ 142. vii Webb B., b. Great Bend, Pa., Oct. 21, 1870. 
2 children d. very young in infancy. 

70. George H./ son of John B. and Rachel' (Hill) (Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) Hamlin, m. Clarissa Grigg-s of Windsor, Broome 

Co., N. Y. She d. there. He m. 2d Eliza- 
beth Harder, and moved to Great Bend, Pa. He d. Apr. 3, 
1892. No ch. 


73. George H.,' son of Harriet C' (Bostwick) (Benajah' 
Bostwick, Hannah' Hill, Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam"^ 2d, William' 1st) and Joshue Burrows, m. in Nashua, 
N. H., June 1867, Nellie Clifford, m. 2d Apr. 17, 1880, 







Mary Alice Cochran, b. in Windsor, N. S., Sept. 8, 1847. 
Ch. by 1st m.: 

143. i Anna Atherton, b. May 16, 1868, m. Dec. 22, 1888, Edwin 

J. Bent. 
Dau. d. in infancy. 

74. William C," son of Harriet C.'" (Bostwick) (Benajah' 
Bostwick, Hannah" Hill, Samnel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Joshue Burrows, m. Dec. 25, 
1867, Sarah Irene Van Gilden of Stevensville, Pa., b. Dec. 
25, 1847. Ch. 

144. i Minnie Olive, b. Nov. 6, 1868, m. Oct. 2, 1894, Harry 

Erving Gaffney. 

75. Arthur B./ son of Harriet C." (Bostwick) (Benajah" 
Bostwick, Hannah" Hill, Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam" 2d, William' 1st) and Joshue Burrows, m. in Rush, Pa., 
Jan. 23, 1873, Mary A. Devin. She d. in Stevensville, Pa., 
July 16, 1875. He m. 2d in Spring Hill, Pa., Aug-. 19, 1879, 
Anna E. Lyon. Ch. by 2d m.: 

145. i Urbana Joshue, b. Apr. 10, 1880, 

146. ii Helen Leona, b. Oct. 2, 1882. 

76. Gilbert S.,' son of Harriet C (Bostwick) (Benajah' 
Bostwick, Hannah' Hill, Samuel,' WilHam,' Eliphalet,' 
William' 2d, William' 1st) and Joshue Burrows, m. Nov. 27, 
1883, Elizabeth Masser, b. in Sunbury, Pa., Sept. 14, 1858. 

147. i Francis George, b. Oct. 20, 1884. 

148. ii Sarah Masser, b. Apr. 8, 1886, d. Oct. 20, 1886. 

149. iii Harriet Connor, b. Oct. 28, 1887. 

150. iv Winfred, b. May 20, 1890. 

78. William B.,' son of Sylvia' (Bostwick) (Joef Bost- 
wick, Hannah' Hill, Samuel,'William,-'Eliphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and John D. Champlin, m. in Latchitochis, La., 


Dec. 16, 1867, Mary A. Bullitt. He served in the civil war 
as First Lieut. Co. D, 2d La. Cavalry, C. S. A. Ch.: 

151 i William Bullitt, b. Oct. 26, 1873. 

152 ii Carrie Louise, b. June 27, 1882. 

85. Mary F.,' dau. of Lucy* (Bostwick) (Marshall' Bost- 
wick, Hannah' Hill, Samuel," William,' Eliphalet,' William' 
2d, William' 1st) and Sheldon G. Wooden, m. Oct. 28, 1860, 
George P. Haskell, b. July 1, 1839, son of Norman R. and 
Elizabeth (Folsom) Haskell of Munroe, Mich. He served in 
the civil war. He was manager of the N. Y. Life Insurance 
Co. for the State of N. Y. He d. Aug. 8, 1897. They re- 
sided in Brooklyn, N. Y. His widow now resides on the old 
Bostwick farm in Upper Merryall Dist., New Milford, Conn. 

153 i Alice Idaho, b. Central City, Col., Aug. 13, 1861, m. Nov. 

27, 1900, Mott Darling. 

154 ii Norman Rose, b. Munroe, Mich., Feb. 15, 1864, m. Nov. 

25, 1895, Alice White. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. Ch. : 
George B., b. Apr. 27, 1896. 
Norma, b. Aug. 17, 1900. 

89. Henry R.,'* son of George C (Samuel,' Jonathan,' 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. Aug. 10, 1859, Sallie Whitehead, b. 
June 14, 1833, dau. of John Buckley and Emmaline (West) 

*Henry R. Hill was refused admittance to military duty 
by E. H. Mason, M.D., examining surgeon at To wanda. Pa., 
Sept. 6, 1862. Physical disability. 

He was. however, permitted to lend a helping hand to his 
country's cause, as seveial of the men who were in his em- 
ploy at a sawmill entered the service of the army, leaving 
their families under the care of him and his good wife, where 
they kept the mill running with boys and disabled men, fur- 
nishing lumber for bridges, railroads and buildings. 




Whitehead of Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa. She d. Jan. 30, 
1905. He d. Aug. 6, 1907. They resided in Burlington, 
Pa., till 1880; Williamsport, Pa., till 1889, and Philadelphia, 
Pa. Ch.: 

+ 155. i Fannie L., b. Sept. 10, 1861. 

+ 156. ii Julia A., b. Dec. 12, 1864. 

+ 157. iii Kate, b. Sept. 17, 1866. 

+ 158. iv John B., b. May 7, 1868. 

+ 159. V Henrietta, b. Mar. 8, 1871. 

90. Jerome S.,^ son of George C* (Samuel,' Jonathan,*' 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 

Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. 1864, Franc Wolcott, b. 

dau. of David E. and Samantha W. (Smith) Wolcott. He 
served in the civil war. He d. Jan. 11, 1887. Resided in 
Elmira, N. Y. No ch. 

91. S. Riley," son of George C." ^(Samuel,' Jonathan," 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. July, 1858, Betsy Emerline Wat- 
kins, b. Sept. 5, 1839, dau. of Hezeriah Watkins. He d. in 
Phila., Pa., Apr. 19, 1889. She d. Nov. 24, 1905. Resided 
in Ulster. Pa. Ch.: 

+ 160. i George C, b. Feb. 23, 1859. 
+ 161. ii Mary E., b. Apr. 2, 1874. 

93. Lorenzo D.,' son of George C" (Samuel,' Jonathan,' 
Samuel,' William,"* Eliphalet,' William'"' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. Nov. 5, 1863, Emma A. Kingsley, 
b. July 29, 1841, dau. of Harmon S. and Susan (Bush) 
Kingsley of E. Smithfield, Pa. He served in the Civil War, 
Company E, 141st Regt., Pa. Vol., and was wounded in the 
battle of Fredericksburg, 1862. She d. Mar. 7, 1903. He 
m. 2d, June 1, 1904, vSelena Lezenby of Germantown, Pa. 
He d. May 11, 1908. Resided in Burlington, Pa. Ch.: 

+ 162. i Sever Dow, b. Apr. 7, 1865. 
+ 163. ii Dean Wallace, b. Sept. 5, 1871. 


94. John/ son of George C* (Samuel,' Jonathan," Sam- 
uel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. Mar. 11, 1865, Fanny Sherman, b. 
June 29, 1847, dau. of Tyler H. and Lorida (Babcock) 
Sherman of Wellsboro, Pa. He d. Jan. 12, 1881. Resided 
in Burlington, Pa. Ch.: 

164. i Lizzie, b. Mar. 11, 1867, d. Dec. 22, 1870. 

+ 165. ii Celesta, b. Mar. 18, 1871. 

+ 166. iii Bes.sie, K^. ^ ^^^ jg ^^^^ 

+ 167. iv Bertie, ) 

95. B. Franklin/ son of George C (Samuel,' Jonathan," 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' WilHam' 2d, WilHam' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. Nov. 11, 1870, Anna Green,* b. 

*Anna'' Green, dau. of John Sims' Green, John'^ Jr., John' 
Sr., who was a captain in the Revolution, a friend of Gen. 
Geo. Washington and a member of his staff. He was also a 
charter member of the Society of the Cincinnatus. He was 
b. in Belfast, Ireland. He commanded a fleet on the high 
sea, and was captured by the French, together with three of 
his vessels laden with spices. He was imprisoned in Phila., 
Pa , and relinquished his claim to King George and all his 
great wealth for his freedom. He m. in Christ Church, 
Phila., Pa., June 13, 1765, Alice Callock, b. in Del., 1720, dau. 
of Jacob and Alice (Shepard) Callock. He brought to his wife 
as a present the first china dinner set ever brought to the 
U.S. from China, and parts of it still remain in the family. 
The family are in possession of a letter signed by Robert 
Morris, dated Marine Office, Jan. 15, 1784, also letters from 
John Paul Jones and commissions issued to Capt. John 
Green by authority of Congress, signed by Elias Boudenot, 
Nov. 3, 1782. A letter from Gen. Washington as follows: 
Gen. Washington presents his compliments to 

Capt. Green and begs of the Capt. would accept his 

thanks for the Tiger skin with which he was so 

obliging to present him. Signed, 

Gen. Geo. Washington, 
Wednesday 13 of June 1787 

(Original in possession of family.) 


July 17, 1843, dau. of John Sims and Elizabeth Heuley) 
Green of Laporte, Sullivan Co., Pa. Resides in Phila., Pa. 

168. i Fannie Elizabeth,* b. Aug. 12, 1871. 

+ 169. ii Franklin Glendown, b. Aug. 6, 1873. 

170. iii Orma Maria, b. Jan. 6, 1876. 

171. iv George Green, b. Oct. 12, 1878, d. Nov. 13, 1878. 

96. Laura H./ dau. of George C.*" (Samuel,' Jonathan,^ 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,'' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. Jan. 17, 1866, Frank Peck, b. Feb. 
2, 1839, son of Pelick and Lydia Peck. He enlisted in the 
civil war. Private of Cap. Erastus T. Robbins, Co. D, 16th 
Regt. of Pa. Vol. Cavalry, was enrolled Sept. 10, 1862, dis- 
charged June 17, 1865, at Lynchburg, Va., General Order 
No. 83, War Dept. Resides in Elmira, N. Y. Ch.: 

172. i Jessee A., b. Apr. 7, 1867. 
+ 173. ii Herdic P., b. July 14, 1873. 

97. Orris D./ dau. of Geo. C: (Samuel,' Jonathan," Sam- 
uel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Willianr 2d, William' 1st) and 

John Sims' Green, b. in Bucks Co., Pa., Nov. 30, 1794, 
served as a private in the War of 1812, and was a charter 
member of the State Fencibles, a prominent Mason and large 
land owner of Pa. He m. Elizabeth Heuley of Macon, Ga. 
He lived in Tenn., and was a slave-holder, where four chil- 
dren were born. He returned to Pa. 1832, bringing all his 
slaves with him and setting them free, giving each a little 
plot of land to live on and employing them as workmen and 
servants. He held public office in Lycoming and Sullivan 
Cos. for nearly 30 yrs., being one of the oldest settlers and 
largest landowners in Northern Pa. 

*Fannie Elizabeth Hill served as nurse during the Spanish-Ameri- 
can War, under recommendation of the D. A. R., in Sternberg Field 
Hospital, Chickamauga Park, Ga. Discharged Feb., 1899. She is 
now assistant superintendent of S. R. Smith's Infirmary, Tompkinsville, 
Staten Island. 


Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. July 6, 1869, Henry Arthur Bart- 
lett, M.D., b. Jan. 8, 1846, son of Orrin Daniel and Mary 
(Weston) Bartlett of Towanda, Pa. He attended Jefferson 
and Ann Arbor colleg^es. He served in the civil war as 
hospital steward in Co. A, 35th Regt. Pa. Militia. He d. 
Sept. 3, 1899. They resided in Sugar Run, Pa. Ch.: 

+ 174. i Orrin Daniel, b. Jan. 18, 1871. 

+ 175. ii Mary Weston, b. Oct. 5, 1873. 

+ 176. iii Franklin Walter Graham, b. Oct. 31, 1875. 

+ 177. iv Henry Arthur, b. Oct. 26, 1877. 

+ 178. V Jane Scott, b. Aug. 19, 1880. 

+ 179. vi Bessie, b. Sept. 19, 1882. 

180. vii Edward Macfarlane, b. March 14, 1885. 

181. viii Norman Eichelberger, b. Apr. 15, 1887. 

182. ix Corinne Eliza, b. Mar. 2, 1890. 

183. X Katherine Beatrice, b. Nov. 7, 1892, d. Aug. 17, 1895. 

100. Allen B.,' son of George C' (Samuel,' Jonathan,' 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' st) and 
Fanny (Brown) Hill, m. May 1, 1890, Jennie Poole, b. May 
4, 1867, dau. of James and Elizabeth (Scott) Poole of Bath, 
N. Y. Resides in Bath, N. Y. Ch.: 

184. i James Allen, b. Dec. 18, 1891. 

185. ii Clarence Ferine, b. Apr. 29, 1893. 

186. iii William Francis, b. May 10. 1895. 

101. Laura M./ dau. of Samuel R.' 1st (Samuel,' Jon- 
athan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Clara (Canfield) Hill, m. Jan. 14, 1852, Daniel B. 
Camp, son of Miles Camp of Kent, Conn. She d. Nov. 1, 
1863, ag-e 27 yrs. 8 mo. 13 d. He d. Apr. 16, 1885, age 55 
yrs. Resided in Kent Hollow Dist., Kent, Conn. Ch.: 

177. i Eva Isabel, b. 1853, d. Nov. 1, 1863, age 10 yrs. 

188. ii Daniel Randolph, b. 1857, d. Nov. 3, 1863, age 6 yrs. 

Mother and two ch. d. with diphtheria. 


102. Sherman H./son of Samuel R/ 1st (Samuel/ Jona- 
than/ Samuel/ William/ Eliphalet/ William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Clara (Canfield) Hill, m. Sept. 2, 1862, Frances Garrelia 
Potter,* b. Apr. 3, 1844, dau. of Garry Grey and Mary Ann 
(Cog-swellt) Potter of Litchfield, Conn. He d. June 17, 
1896, ag-e 55 >ts. 7 mo. Resided in New Milford, Conn. 

+ 189. i Eva Loesa, b. Oct. 31, 1863. 
190. ii Cora Frances, b. July 13, 1866. Secretary Ingleside 
School, New Milford, Conn. 
+ 191. iii George Sherman, b. Sept. 29, 1869. 
+ 192. iv Sigmund H., b. Jan. 3, 1875. 

103. Samuel R." 2(1, son of Samuel R." 1st (Samuef Jon- 
athan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, WiUiam' 
1st) and Clara (Canfield) Hill, m. Sept. 20, 1865, Ellen A. 
Benedict, b. May 29, 1844, dau. of Sherman and Laura 
(Noble) Benedict of Kent, Conn. He served in the civil 
war. Enlisted Aug. 14, 1862, in Co. H, 19th C. V. L The 
Regt. was changed to Heavy Artillery Nov. 23, 1863. He 
was promoted to corporal. Engagements: Spottsylvania, 
Va., May 22-24, 1864; Tolopotoma, Va., May 28; Hanover 
Court House, Va., May 30; Cold Harbor, Va., June 1st and 
2d to 12th; Petersburg, Va., June 20 to 26; Winchester, 
Va., Sept. 19; Fisher's Hill, Va., Sept. 22; Cedar Creek, 
Va., Oct. 19; Hatche's Run, Feb. 6, 1865; Petersburg, Va., 

*Francis G." Potter, dau. of Garry G.,' Minor,' Benjamin, "" 
Joel,'' Samuel,^ John' 2d, John' 1st, who came from England, 
1607, settled New Haven, Conn. Joel' was a drummer in 
the revolutionary war. 

tMary Cogswell,' dau. of Riley,* Ruel,' Edward,' Sam- 
uel,' Edward,' William'^ 2d, William'^ 1st, John' who came 
from Westbury, Welts Co., England, 1635. Settled in Ips- 
wich, Mass. Edward,' seitled in New Preston, Conn., Sept. 
19, 1745. 


Mar. 25 and Apr. 2; Little Sailor's Creek, Va., Apr. 6. At 
Cold Harbor, June 1, '64, his Regiment lost 323 men in 
about 20 minutes, a record unsurpassed by any Regiment of 
the Union Army during the war. He was discharged May 
26, 1865. Resides in New Milford, Conn. Ch.: 

+ 193. i Samuel Randolph, b. May 6, 1873. 
+ 194. ii Laura Hoyt, b. Feb. 17, 1879. 

106. Julia Ann," dau. of Samuel R.** 1st (Samuel,' Jona- 
than," Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Clara (Canfield) Hill, m. Jan. 25, 1870, Joseph E. Wat- 
son, b. July 11, 1845, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Martin) 
Watson of Marbledale, Conn. They reside in Marbledale, 
Conn., in the old Watson homestead, built in the year 1833, 
and for many years was a tavern kept by Joseph Watson, 
and a favorite stopping place on the old stage route between 
Litchfield, Conn., and New Milford, Conn. Ch.: 

195. i Clara Canfield, b. Oct. 21, 1870, d. Nov. 3, 1876. 

196. ii Thomas Joseph, b. Dec. 15, 1872, d. Sept. 4, 1873. 

197. iii Joseph Randolph, b. Feb. 24, 1878. 

109. Randolph P.,'' son of Sherman H.* (Samuel,' Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Julia (Porter) Hill, m. Oct. 29, 1873, Celia Pratt, b. 
Nov. 1850, dau. of Perry Bull and Betsy Ann (Phelps) Pratt 
of West Burlington, Bradford Co., Pa. Resides in Elmira, 
N. Y. Ch.: 

+ 198. i Sherman Hawley, b. Feb. 11, 1876. 

199. ii Anna Laura, b. Nov. 17, 1878, agt. Children's Aid Society 

of N. Y. City. 

200. iii Harry Howard, b. Dec. 13, 1883. 
+ 201. iv Lulu Betsy, b. Oct. 26, 1885. 

110. John Howard,* vSon of Sherman H.* (Samuel,' 
Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' EHphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and JuHa (Porter) Hill, m. Jan. 20, 1875, Cath- 


erine Delphine Black, b. Apr. 25, 1853, dau. of Horatio and 
Matilda (Eaton) Black of Towanda, Pa. She d. Nov. 30, 
1897. He m. 2d, Feb. 15, 1899, Lydia Spencer, b. Nov. 12, 
1864, dau. of Abraham and Mary (Whitehead) Spencer of 
Burhng-ton, Pa. Resides in Burling-ton, Pa. Ch. by 1st m. 

+ 202. i Julia Anna, b. Apr. 4, 1878. 
203. ii Robert Howard, b. Oct. 28, 1890. 

111. Morillo D.,-' son of Jonathan D.* (Samuel,' Jona- 
than,' Samuel, 'William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Lydia (Davidson) Hill, m. Dec. 23, 1868, Henrietta 
Bates, b. June 20, 1841, dau. of Samuel and Catherine 
(Albring-) Bates of Hornellsville, N. Y. He served in the 
Ci\al War. Enlisted Sept. 18, 1861. Late Rank Private Co. 
E, 5th Regft. Maryland Vol. Discharged Nov., 1862. Was 
a member of Post Doty 226 at Hornellsville, N. Y. She d. 
Mar. 5, 1896. He d. Apr. 11, 1897. Resided in Hornell, 
N. Y., till 1888, then Dunkirk, N. Y. Ch.: 

+ 204. i Eva Alma, b. Jan. 25, 1871. 

112. George B.," son of Jonathan D.,^ (Samuel,' Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William, 'Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Lydia (Davidson) Hill, m. Mary G. Carr. Re- 
sides in Penn Yan, N. Y. Ch.: 

205. i George D., b. Nov. 27, 1872, d. June 18, 1901. 

113. Willis H./ son of Jonathan D.,* (Samuel,' Jona- 
than," Samuel,' WilHam,' Eliphalet,' William"-' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Lydia (Davidson) Hill, m. Feb. 9, 1871, Celestia Mc- 
Kinney, b. Oct. 30, 1846, dau. of Henry and Amanda Mc- 
Kinney of Athens, Pa. Resides in Athens, Pa. Ch.: 

+ 206. i Ford, b. Nov. 14, 1871. 
+ 207. ii John Franklin, b. July 29, 1873. 
208. iii Willis Henry, b. Feb. 20, 1879, d. June 25, 1880. 


116. Loring I., ^sonof Isaac S." (Sarah' Hill, Jonathan,* 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet, ' William' 2d, William' 1st) 
and Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. Mar. 25, 1860, Helen 
Dikeman, b. July 25, 1841, dau. of Miles and Julia Dikeman. 
She d..Mar. 24, 1865. He m. 2d, June 4, 1866, Theo. Eva 
Kent. b. Apr. 9, 1844, dau of Elijah and Elsie Kent. Re- 
sides in Carbondale, Pa. Ch. by 1st m.: 

209. i Edson L., b. Mar. 24, 1861, d. July 23, 1864. 
+ 210. ii William M., b. Sept. 5, 1862. 

Ch. b2dm.: 

+ 211. iii Myrtie M., b. Apr. 24, 1867. 

+ 212. iv Pearl E., b. Apr. 26, 1869. 

213. V Edson J., b. Jan. 21, 1871, d. Oct. 27, 1891. 

+ 214. vi Samuel L., b. Oct. 10, 1873. 

215. vii George K., b., July 2, 1877. 

+ 216. viii LeRoy E., b. Mar. 14, 1879. 

217. ix Harry J., b. Jan. 25, 1882. 

117. William E./ son of Isaac S.' (Sarah' Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) and Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. 1876, Phoebe 

Shawger, dau. of Abraham and Rachel Shawger. He d. 
Feb. 21, 1905. Resided in Rockaway, N. J. Ch.: 

218. i George E., b. 

219. ii Frank, b. 

118. Mary J.,' dau. of Isaac S.' (Sarah' Hill, Jonathan,' 
Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 

Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. John Smith, son of 

Jacob Smith. Resides in Celeron, N. Y. Ch.: 

220. i Harriet Caroline, b. Dec. 29, 1879, m. Frank Curtis. 

Resides in Celeron, N. Y. 

120. James D.,' son of Isaac S.' (Sarah' Hill, Jonathan," 
Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and 


Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. Martha Button, dau. of 

Clorinda Button. He d. Sept. 22, 1884. Resided in Hones- 
dale, Pa. Ch.: 

221. i Isaac S., b. 

122. Permelia C./ dau. of Isaac S.' (Sarah' Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) and Harriet (Tupper) Bunnell, m. 1871, George 

H. Harnden, b. Oct. 9, 1849, son of Daniel D. and Martha 
(Telford) Harnden of Waberly, N. Y. She d. Nov. 27, 
1907. Resided in Jamestown, N. Y. Ch.: 

222. i Harriet May, b. Jan. 6, 1875. 

223. ii Martha Agusta, b. Feb. 13, 1877. Both are teachers in 

the High school, Jamestown, N. Y. 

126. Dewitt C' son of Charles S.' (Rachef Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Sarah A. (Bound) Hamlin, m. Apr. 26, 1873, Jen- 
nie Tingley. He d. Apr. 7, 1908. His widow resides with 
her dau. Ch.: 

+ 224. 1 Lillian, b. Aug. 20, 1875. 

137. George W./ son of Charles S.' (Rachel' Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 

1st) and Sarah A. (Bound) Hamlin, m. Georgiana 

Myers of Archibald, Pa. He was killed on the West Shore 
railroad in Syracuse, N. Y., Jan. 6, 1905. Resided in Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. Ch.: 


i Mamie, b. 


ii Clara, b.- 


iii Walter, b. 


iv Mavin, b. 


V Harry, b.- 


138. Jonathan E.,'' son of Charles S." (Rachel' Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel," William,-' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Sarah A. (Bound) Hamlin, m. June 10, 1881, Hattie 
E. Currier, b. Oct. 23, 1858. Resides in Great Bend, Pa. 

+ 230. i Hattie May, b. May 13, 1882. 

+ 231. ii Charles Milton, b. June 2, 1884. 

232. iii Bessie Mabel, b. Feb. 8, 1890, d. Dec. 3, 1890. 

233. iv Florence Emma, b. June 23, 1893. 

234. V Eddy Eugene, b. Nov. 10, 1899. 

142. Webb B.,' son of Charles S.' (Rachel' Hill, Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, WilHam' 
1st) and Sarah A. (Bound) Hamlin, m. Nov. 2, 1898, Nellie 
Neely, b. June 17, 1874, dau. of Gideon and Phoebe Neely 
of Great Bend, Pa. Resides in Binghamton, N. Y. Ch.: 

235. i Lawson N., b. Feb. 9, 1902. 


115. Fannie L.,'" dau. of Henry R." (George C.,' Sam- 
uel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' William,' EHphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Sallie (Whitehead) Hill, m. Apr. 10, 1884, 
William S. Moscrip, b. July 25, 1850, son of William and 
Mary (Thompson) Moscrip of Towanda, Pa. They resided 
in Athens, Pa., till 1887, now Phila., Pa. Ch.: 

236. i William H., b. Feb. 5, 1887. 

+ 237. ii Emma L., b. Jan. 15, 1889. 

238. iii Arthur W., b. Feb. 17, 1892. 

239. iv Sallie Hill, b. Oct. 16, 1896, d. Oct. 21, 1896. 

240. V Fannie M., b. Dec. 6, 1903. 


156. Julia A.,'" dau. of Henry R.' (George C./ Samuel,' 
Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,"' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Will- 
iam' 1st) and Sallie (Whitehead) Hill, m. Aug. 28, 1884, James 
R. Brooks,* b. Nov. 6, 1846, son of William and Sarah 
(Bourem) Brooks of Brooklyn, N. Y. Resides in Elmira, 
N. Y. Ch.: 

+ 241. i Leland, b. Aug. 21, 1885. 

242. ii Bertha, b. Mar. 17, 1887. 

243. iii John B., b. June 10, 1888. 

244. iv Henrietta, b. Sept. 29, 1890. 

245. V Helen, b. Feb. 18, 1893. 

246. vi Floyd Hill, b. Nov. 27, 1904. 

157. Kate,'" dau. of Henry R.' (George C," Samuel," 
Jonathan," Samuel,' WiUiam," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Sallie (Whitehead) Hill, m. Nov. 25, 1885, 
William N. Moyer, b. Apr. 23, 1860, son of Moses and Susan 
A. (McGill) Moyer. Mr. Moyer is warden of the U. S. 
Penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga. Ch.: 

+ 247. i Lulu, b. Oct. 24, 1886. 

248. ii Henry Hill, b. Sept. 22, 1892, d. Nov. 29, 1894. 

249. iii Lottie, b. Nov. 15, 1894. 

*James R. Brooks enlisted at Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 30, 
1863, for two years term in the United States Navy. Served 
on the gun boat "Kansas." She carried 8 guns, registered 
593 tons. Launched Sept. 29, 1863. Served with the North 
Atlantic Blockading Squadron, 1864-1865. Squadron was 
under command of Acting Rear Admiral S. P. Lee and D. 
D. Porter. Sailed to join the squadron off New Inlet, N. C, 
Jan. 10, 1864, to blockade Wilmington, the only remaining 
port of commerce in the seceded states; also to guard and 
hold posession of the great inland waters of N. C. and Va. 
Engaged with the rebel ram ' ' North Carolina ' ' off New 
Inlet, May 7, 1864. Captured steamer "Tristam Shandy," 
May 15, 1864, with a cargo of cotton and tobacco; received 
$412,072.35 prize money. Assisted in capture of blockade 
runner "Anne," Oct. 31, with cargo of cotton, prize money, 


158. John B.,'" son of Henry R.' (George C.,' Samuel/ 
Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,"' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Sallie (Whitehead) Hill, m. June 27, 1893, 
Marg-aret Jordan, b. Dec. 12, 1872, dau. of Thomas and 
Mary J. (Hern) Jordan of Montgomery Co., Pa. They re- 
sided in Phila., Pa., till 1908, now Elmira, N. Y. Ch.: 

250. i Raymond W., b. June 3, 1894. 

159. Henrietta,'" dau. of Henry R.,' (George C.,' vSam- 
uel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' WilHam,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Sallie (Whitehead) Hill, m. June 22, 1893, 
James R. McClyment, b. Apr. 14, 1860, son of James R. and 
Sarah Helen (Sherwood) McClyment of Smyrna, Del., and 
Hillsboro, Md. Resides in Phila., Pa. No ch. 

$329,311.74. From Jan. to wSept. the fleet captured or de- 
stroyed off Wilmington, N. C, over 40 blockade runners. 
Repairing at Phila., Aug., Sept., '64. Sailed for the sta- 
tion Sept. 25. Fired on the rebel steamer "Chickamauga" 
when she escaped from Wilmington, Nov. 19. He was in 
the operations against Fort Fisher, Dec. 18-24. Selected as 
range light for powder ship "Louisiana" night of Dec. 18, 
1864. Bombardment of Fort Fisher and batteries Dec. 24- 
25, 1864. 2d attack on Fort Fisher, Jan. 13-15, 1865, opera- 
ting in the line of battle No. 1, following the Brooklyn under 
orders not to retire from the line unless in a sinking condi- 
tion. Shelled Flag Pond Battery at 7 a. m. Capture of Fort 
Fisher, Jan. 15. Crossed the bar at New Inlet and anchored 
under the Mound batteries Jan. 16. Did duty with the James 
River Division March April, 1865. Shelled the Howlett 
House battery in the James river, night of Apr. 1, prepara- 
tory to the assault of the land forces in the defense of 
Petersburg and Richmond at City Point, Apr. 5-15. When 
President Lincoln was assassinated, was ordered to Chesa- 
peake Bay, detaining and searching vessels for the assassins, 
Apr. 16-27. Honorably discharged at Phila., Pa., June 5, 


160. George C.,'" son of S. Riley (George C.,' Samuel,' 
Jonathan,* Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Emeline (Watkins) Hill, m. July 4, 1886, 

Medora B. Kinnard, b, dau. of Resides in 

Phila., Pa. 

161. Mary E.,'° dau. of S. Rile/ (George C.,' Samuel,' 

Jonathan,* Samuel,' WilHam,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Emeline (Watkins) Hill, m. Nov. 27, 1895, 
William C. Parks, b. Nov. 22, 1874, son of Thomas and 
Josephine (Hunt) Parks of Ulster, Pa. Resides in Sayer, 
Pa. Ch.: 

251. i Kenneth E., b. July 7, 1896. 

252. ii Donald C, b. Mar. 28, 1899, d. Sept. 8, 1899. 

253. iii Glory Loreen, b. Feb. 25, 1900. 

254. iv Maxine E., b. June 15, 1902. 

255. V Mary E.. b. Oct. 28, 1906, d. Nov. 30, 1906. * 
vi Infant, b. Nov. 4, 1908, d. Nov. 4, 1908. 

162. Sever D.,'° son of Lorenzo D.' (George C," Sam- 
uel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,^ William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Emma (Kingsley) Hill, m. Jan. 1886, 
Lizzie Waters, b. July 4, 1864, dau. of Thomas J. and 
Rebecca Waters of Burlington, Pa. He was killed at the 
Athens Bridge works, Oct. 20, 1891, by the bursting of a 
hydraulic jack. Resided in Athens, Pa. Ch.: 

256 i Bertha May, b. Oct. 4, 1886, d. Oct. 2, 1907. 
257. ii George Harmon, b. July 30, 1888. 

163. Dean W.,'" son of Lorenzo D.** (George C.,' wSam- 
uel,' Johathan,' Samuel,' William,"* Eliphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Emma (Kingsley) Hill, m. Sept. 6, 1892, 
Linnie Tucker, b. Jan. 26, 1872, dau. of Joseph Gates and 
Hannah (DeLancet) Tucker of Pembroke, Ontario, Canada. 
Resides in Jersey City, N. J. No ch. 


165. Celesta,'" dau of John' (George C.,' Samuel/ Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Fanny (Sherman) Hill, m. May 6, 1890, Byron 
Ackley, b. July 27, 1866, son of Henry B. and S. Louise 
Ackley of Spring- Hill, Pa. Resides in Wyalusing, Pa. Ch.: 

258. i Bernard Henry, b. July 5, 1896, d. Sept. 19, 1906. 

259. ii Frances Louise, b. Feb. 17, 1898. 

166. Bessie,'" dau. of J oh n"* (George C.,' Samuel,' Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Fanny (Sherman) Hill, m. Dec. 23, 1893, Bentley 

Ackley, b. , son of Stanley F. and Ophelia (Cogswell) 

Ackley of . She m. 2d June 19, 1905, Clarence Hallock 

Hulse, M.D., b. Feb. 27, 1871, son of Charles and Sarah 
(Hawkins) Hulse of Sagville, L. I. Dr. Hulse is a grad. of 
the Univ. of Cal., 1893. Resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. Ch. 
by 1st m.: 

260. i Genevieve, b. Jan. 22, 1895. 

167. Bertie,'" dau. of John (George C.,' Samuel,' Jona- 
than,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 
1st) and Fanny (Sherman) Hill, m. July 16, 1893, Robert 

Owen, b. , son of Edwin E. Owen. She m. 2d Nov. 

11, 1905, Franklin G. Hill, b. Aug. 6, 1873, son of B. Frank- 
lin and Anna (Green) Hill of Phila., Pa. Resides in N. Y. 
City, Ch. by 1st m.: 

261. i Beatrice Pauline, b. Sept. 16, 1894. 

262. ii Mildred Emma, b. Aug. 9, 1897. 

169. Franklin G.,'" son of B. Franklin' (George C. ,' Sam- 
uel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William" 2d, 
William' 1st) and Anna (Green) Hill, m. Nov. 11, 1905, 
Bertie (Hill) Owen, b. Oct. 18, 1873, dau. of John and 
Fanny (Sherman) Hill of Burlington, Pa. He served during 


the Spanish American war as First Serg^eant, Co. G, First 
Del. Regt. of Infantry. Discharg-ed Dec. 1898. Resides in 
N. Y. City. No ch. 

1 73. Herdic P.,'" son of Frank and Laura^ (Hill,) (Georg-e 
C' Samuel/ Jonathan/ Samuel/' William/ Eliphalet/' Will- 
iam' 2d, William' 1st) Peck, m. Oct. 21, 1896, Emma Lever, 
b. June 25, 1875, dau. of George and Esther Lever, Elmira, 
N. Y. No ch. 

174. Orrin D.,'" son of H. Arthur and Orris D.' (Hill) 
(George C.,* Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' William,'' Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, WilHam' 1st) Bartlett, m. Nov. 17, 1896, 

Mary Elizabeth Timson, b. , dau. of John and Sarah 

E. Timson of N. Y. City. Resides in Arlington, N. J. 
No ch. 

175. Mary W.,'" dau. of Arthur and Orris D.' (Hill) 
(George C," Samuel,' Jonethan," Samuel,' William,'* Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William,' 1st) Bartlett, m. Junel2, 1900, 
Albert Swain Wilson, b. Aug. 27, 1874, son of Hermon and 
Phoebe Wilson of Mansfield, Ohio. Resides in Homestead, 
Pa. Ch.: 

263. i Hermon Arthur, b. Jan. 1, 1903. 

264. ii Albert Bartlett, b. Feb. 19, 1905. 

265. iii Corinne Bartlett, b. Oct. 7, 1908. 

176. Franklin W. G.,'" son of H. Arthur and Orris D.' 
(Hill) (George C.,* Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' William,"' 
Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bartlett, m. Nov. 25, 
1901, Ernestine Witherell, b. May 21, 1875, dau. of Wyman 
W. and Louise Witherell of Waterville, Vt. Reside in 
Birmingham, Alabama. No ch. 


«. <• .^ k° 

^ \''ti ft •.' 


177. H. Arthur,'" son of H. Arthur and Orris D.' (Hill) 
(George C./ Samuel,' Jonathan/ Samuel,' William,^ Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bartlett, m. Sept. 16, 1903, 
Lelia Melissa Hallock, b. June 27, 1879, dau. of Henry- 
Jacques and Susie (Dodge) Hallock of Wyalusing, Pa. Re- 
sides in Wyalusing, Pa. Ch.: 

266. i Henry Hallock, b. Dec. 2, 1905. 

178. Jane S.,'" dau. of H. Arthur and Orris D.' (Hill) 
(George C.,* Samuel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William," Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bartlett, m. Apr. 11, 1905, 
Willard G. Talmage, b. July 19, 1879, son of George W. and 
Helen (Willard) Talmage of Stamford, Conn. Resides in 
Fitchburg, Mass. Ch.: 

267. i Willard Bartlett, b. Feb. 19, 1906. 

268. ii Edna Beryl, b. Aug. 3, 1907. 

269. iii Madaline, b. July 20, 1909. 

179. Bessie,'" dau. of H. Arthur and Orris D.' (Hill) 
(George C* Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel," William," Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Bartlett, m. June 12, 1902. 
W. Frank Rossman, b. Jan. 7, 1876, son of Herbert King 
and Frances Nancy Rossman of North Adams, Mass. Re- 
side in North Adams, Mass. Ch.: 

270. i George Bartlett, b. Mar, 18, 1904. 

189. Eva Loesa,'" dau. of Sherman H-' (Samuel R.' 1st, 
Samuel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 
2d, William' 1st) and Frances (Potter) Hill, m. Feb. 28, 
1888, Nelson Daggett Hosley of Meriden, Conn., b. Jan. 18, 
1859, son of David B. and Betsey (Hall) Hosley of New 
Haven, Conn., Jan. 1, 1889, removed to Huntington, P. Q., 
Canada. Mar. 25, 1893, returned to Meriden, Conn., where 
* they now reside. No ch. 


^Hf^Mu,. d. Mitii /'^/?/6 


191. George S.,'" son of Sherman H/ (Samuel R.' 1st, 
Samuel, 'Jonathan,* Samuel,' William, "'Eliphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Frances (Potter) Hill, m. June 22, 1893, 
Grace Hill Piatt, b. Sept. 29, 1871, dau. of David E. and 
Immogene (Hopkins) Piatt of Bridgeport, Conn. Reside in 
Bridgeport, Conn. Ch.: 

271. i Maude Loesa, b. Apr. 24, 1901. 

192. Sigmund H.,''son of Sherman H.' (Samuel R.' 1st, 
Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' Willam,'' Eliphalet,^ William' 
2d, William' 1st) and Frances (Potter) Hill, m. Dec. 30, 
1899, Alida A. Chagnon. Reside in Greenfield, Mass. Ch.: 

272. i Llyod S., b. Aug. 27, 1902. 

273. ii Flora F., b. Feb. 23, 1905. 

193. Samuel R.'" 3d, son of Samuel R.' 2d, (Samuel R.' 
1st, Samuel,' Jonathan, * Samuel,' William, ■* Eliphalet," Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Ellen (Benedict) Hill, m. Feb. 10, 
1899, Eva Godfry, b. Oct. 6, 1876, dau. of Lucius and Jennie 
M. Godfry of New Milford, Conn. Resides in New Britain, 
Conn. Ch.: 

274. i Harold Godfry, b. Dec. 3, 1903. 

194. Laura H.,'" dau. of Samuel R." 2d (Samuel R.' 1st, 
Samuel,' Jonathan,*" Samuel," William,'' Eliphalet," William' 
2d, William' 1st) and Ellen (Benedict) Hill, m. Mar. 2, 1898, 
Bernard Bradley, b. Nov. 18, 1876, son of Capt. David and 
Elizabeth (Squires) Bradley of Danbury, Conn. Reside in 
New Milford, Conn. Ch.: 

275. i David Samuel, b. June 8, 1902. 

276. ii Ellen Elizabeth, b. Oct. 19, 1905. 

198. Sherman H..'" son of Randolph P.' (Sherman H.,' 
Samuel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,"* Eliphalet,^ William' 


2d, William' 1st) and Celia (Pratt) Hill, m. June 30, 1904, 
Helen Frances Ryan, b. May 3, 1880, dau. of Patrick and 
Ann (Lynch) Ryan of Albany, N. Y. Resides in Elmira, 
N. Y. Ch.: 

277. i John Randolph, b. Oct. 28, 1907. 

201. Lulu Betsy,'" dan. of Randolph P.' (Sherman H.,' 

Samuel,' Jonathan,* Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,^ William'' 
2d, William' 1st) and Celia (Pratt) Hill, m. June 12, 1907, 
Henry Arthur Peterson, D. D. S., b. June 24, 1883, son of 
Hans and Mary (Kell) Peterson of Elmira, N. Y. Dr. Peter- 
son is a g-raduate of the Univ. of Pa., class of 1906. Resides 
in Elmira, N. Y. 

202. Julia A.,'" dau. of John Howard' (Sherman H.,* 
Samuel,' Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 
2d, William' 1st) and Catherine D. (Black) Hill, m. June 17, 
1896, Herman P. Hedrick, b. Oct. 31, 1871, son of John 
Addison and Sarah L. Hedrick of West Salem, 111. Resides 
in Athens, Pa. Ch.: 

278. i Cyril Pearl, b. July 23, 1898. 

279. ii Sarah Delphine, b. May 12, 1900. 

280. iii Robert Theodore, b. Sept. 19, 1902. 

281. iv Oscar Addison, b. Aug. 4, 1904. 

204. Eva A.,'" dau. of Morillo D." (Jonathan D.,' Sam- 
uel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' William," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, 
William' 1st) and Henrietta (Bates) Hill, m. May 5, 1897, 
John Charles Long, b. Mar. 10, 1870, son of John and Anna 
(Kruse) Long. Resides in Dunkirk, N. Y. Ch.: 

282. i Morillo William, b. June 23, 1899. 

283. ii Marcia Anna, b. Apr. 29, 1906. 

206. Ford,'" son of Willis H.' (Jonathan D.,' Samuel,' 
Jonathan," Samuel,' WilHam," Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Celestia (McKinney) Hill, m. May 8, 1895, 


Clara Bell Rogers, b. May 24, 1874, dau. of Frank and Luilla 
(Crumm) Rog-ers of Athens, Pa. He met an untimely death 
June 16, 1908, while engaged in the erection of the Erie 
bridge at Salisbury, N. Y. He fell from a girder 135 feet 
from the ground and was instantly killed. They resided in 
Athens, Pa. Ch.: 

284. i Laura May, b. Jan. 21, 1903. 

207. J. Frank,'" son of Willis H.' (Jonathan D. ,' Samuel,' 
Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, Wil- 
liam' 1st) and Celestia) McKinney) Hill, m. Dec. 27, 1893, 
Etta I. Moor, b. Apr. 12, 1869, dau. of Martin V. and Jane 
Moor of Rome, Pa. Resides in Mechanicsville, N. Y. Ch.: 

285. i Celestia, b. Mar. 16, 1895. 

210. William M.,'" son of Loring I.' (Isaac S.' Bunnell, 

Sarah' Hill, Jonathan," Samuel,' William,'* Eliphalet," Wil- 
liam" 2d, William' 1st) and Helen (Dikeman) Bunnell, m. 
June 18, 1892, Ella Wayman, dau. of John and Roxanna 
Wayman. He m. 2d, Sept. 12, 1908, Hattie M. Hall, dau. 
of Samuel and Carrie Balser. Resides in Tacoma, Wash. 
Ch. by 1st m.: 

286. i Frank, b. Dec. 1882. 

287. ii William, b. about 1884. 

211. Myrtie M.,'" dau. of Loring I.' (Isaac S.' Bunnell, 
Sarah' Hill, Jonathan," Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam'"' 2d, William' 1st) and Theo. E. (Kent) Bunnell, m. June 
18, 1890, Robert Craik, b. Apr. 5, 1866, son of Gavin and 
Barbara Craik. Resides in Carbondale, Pa. Ch.: 

288. i Evelyn B., b. Apr. 28, 1892. 

289. ii Hazel M., b. Jan. 25, 1896. 

212. Pearl E.,'" son of Loring I." (Isaac S." Bunnell, 
Sarah' Hill, Jonathan,*' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 


Ham' 2d, William' 1st) and Theo. E. (Kent) Bunnell, m. Apr. 
14, 1896, Elisa Lake, b. May 22, 1871, dau. of Elisha and 
Kate Lake. Resides in Carbondale, Pa. No ch. 

214. Samuel L.,'" son of Loring I.** (Isaac S.' Bunnell, 
Sarah' Hill, Jonathan,' Samuel.' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
iam' 2d, William' 1st) and Theo. E. (Kent) Bunnell, m. 
Feb. 25, 1896, Grace Gunsaulus, b. Dec. 14, 1876, dau. of 
Emmet and Esther Gunsaulus. Resides in New York City. 
No ch. 

216. LeRoy E.,'" son of Loring L' (Isaac S.* Bunnell, 
Sarah' Hill, Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Theo. E. (Kent) Bimnell, m. 
May 28, 1900, Selina Morcum, b. Dec. 18, 1880, dau. of Joel 
and Bessie Morcum. Resides in Scranton, Pa. Ch.: 

290. i Bessie E., b. July 1, 1901. 

224. Lillian,'" dau. of DeWitt C (Charles S.' Hamlin, 
Rachel' Hill, Johathan,' Samuel,' William,' Eliphalet,' Wil- 
liam' 2d, William' 1st) and Jennie (Tingley) Hamlin, m. 
Jan. 6, 1892, Fred J. Herrick of Hallstead, Pa. Ch.: 

291. i Louis Clinton, b. Aug. 29, 1892, d. Aug. 20, 1893. 

292. ii Leon Russell, b. Aug. 10, 1897. 

293. iii Frank Clinton, b. Apr. 6, 1904. 

294. iv Freda Elizabeth, b. July 8, 1908. 

230. Hattie May,'" dau. of Jonathan E.' (Charles S.' 
Hamlin, Rachel' Hill, Jonathan,' Samuel,' William,' Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Hattie E. (Currier) 
Hamlin, m. Mar. 1, 1905, Harry Strouse, b. Aug. 5, 1881, 
of Great Bend, Pa. Ch.: 

205. i Margaret Jane, b. Sept. 30, 1905. 
296. ii Beatrice Emma, b. Dec. 8, 1907. 


231. Charles M.,'" son of Jonathan E.' (Charles S.' 
Hamlin, Rachel' Hill, Jonathan,** Samuel,' William,' Elipha- 
let,' William' 2d, William' 1st) and Hattie E. (Currier) 
Hamlin, m. June 14, 1906, Rose Street of Scranton, Pa., b. 
Sept. 26, 1885. Resides in Great Bend, Pa. Ch.: 

297. i Phillips Street, b. Mar. 10, 1907. 

298. ii Ruth Mabel, b. Nov. 18, 1908. 


237. Emma L.," dau. of William S. and Fannie L.'" 
(Hill) (Henry R.,^ George C.,' Samuel,' Jonathan/ Samuel,'' 
William,' Eliphalet,' William' 2d, William' 1st) Moscrip, m. 
Apr. 24, 1909, Ralph Nelson Moyer, b. at Mill Hall, Pa., 
Feb. 2, 1888, son of Samuel and Minerva (Duffield) Moyer 
of Washing-ton, D. C. Resides at Washington, D. C. At 
present in Colon, Panama. 

241. Leland," son of James R. and Julia'" (Hill) (Henry 
R.,' George C.,^ Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel," William,' 
Eliphalet,' William"' 2d, William' 1st) Brooks, m. Apr. 4, 
1907, Florence Stevens, b. Mar. 20, 1885, dau. of Oscar and 
Rose (Allen) Stevens of Elmira, N. Y. Resides in Elmira, 
N. Y. Ch.: 

299. i Llewelyn Jaijies, b. May 3, 1909. 

247. Lulu," dau. of William H. and Kate'" (Hill) (Henry 
R.,^ George C," Samuel,' Jonathan," Samuel,' William,' 
Eliphalet," William'' 2d, William' 1st) Moyer, m. Oct. 20, 

1906, Harry Fisher, b. son of Resides in 

Atlanta, Ga. Ch.: 

300. i Kate, b. Aug. 5, 1907. 





Giving their Names and Numbers. Those names in 
parenthesis are the surnames of the husbands and wives. 


Allen B. (Poole), 


Ann (Bronson), 

Anna Laura, 

Besse I ^""^^^^^ I 

Bertie {g-".[ 

Bertha May, 

B. Franklin (Green) 

Catherine, . 

Celestia (Ackley), 

Celestia, . 

Clarence Perine, 

Cora Frances, . 


Daniel (Love), 

Dean W. (Tucker), 

Edward K., 

Ed. S. (Cappelmaun), 

Eliphalet (Nichols), 


Ellen A., 

Eva Alma (Long), 

Eva Loesa (Hosley), 

Fannie L. (Moscrip), 



















F. Elizabeth, . 


Flora F., . 


Ford (Rogers) . 


Franklin G. (Owen), 


George Alonson, 


George Brasil (Carr), 


George Christopher 



George C. Jr., 


George C. (Kinnard), 


George D., 


George Green, 


George Harmon, 


George Sherman 



Hannah (Bostwick), 

1 1 

Harry Howard, 


Harold Godfry, 


Henry Seymour 


, 62 

Henry R. (Whitehead), 89 




Ida Isabel, 


Jane (Morehouse), . 


James Allen, . 




than D. 


Jerome S. (Wolcott), 90 
Jonathan (Coddy), . 14 
Davidson, ) 
Long, V61 

Nichols, ) 
John (Sherman), . 94 
John B. (Joiirdan), . 158 
J. Frank (Moor), 207 

John j Black, J ^^ 

Howard I Spencer, j ^^° 
John Randolph, . 277 
Julia Ann (Watson), 106 
Julia A. (Brooks), . 156 
Julia Anna (Hedrick), 202 
Kate (Moyer), . . 157 
Laura (Plum), 114 

Laura H. (Peck), . 96 
Laura Hoyt (Bradley), 194 
Laura M. (Camp), . loi 
Laura May, . . 284 
Lizzie, . . .164 
Lloyd S., . .272 

Lorenzo D.]^^^gj^^J'} 93 

Love Maria (Hubbell), 26 
Lulu Betsey (Peter- 
son), . . .201 
Mary, ... 10 
Mary Eliza (Peters) 29 
May R., . . . 108 
Mary (Parks), , 161 

Maud Loesa, . 271 

Mericha, . . .28 
Morillo D. (Bates), . iii 


Orris D. (Bartlett), . 97 

Orma Maria, . 170 

Rachel (Hamlin), . 27 

Randolph P. (Pratt), 109 

Raymond W., . . 250 

Robert Howard, . 203 

Samuel I ^^^f^^ J 

Samuel (Dimon), . 8 

Samuel (Pitcher), . 23 

Samuel Ran-jCanfield, ( 

dolph, ist (Wells, (59 
Samuel Randolph, 2d, 

(Benedict), 103 
Samuel Randolph, 3d, 

(Godfry), 193 
Samuel Riley (Watkins),9i 

Sarah (Bunnell), . 24 

Sever Dow (Waters), 162 
Sherman Hawley 

(Porter), 60 
Sherman Hawley 

(Potter), 102 
Sherman Hawley 

(Ryan), 198 
Sigmund H. 

(Chagnon), 192 

William (Jourdain), i 

William (Jones), . 2 

William, . . 98 

William (Barlow), . 5 

William, ... 3 

William Francis, 186 
Willis Henry 

(McKinney), 113 

Willis Henry, . . 208 





Bernard H., 


Hannah, . 


Frances, . 


Harriet C. (Burrows 

), 49 



Homer G., 


Joel 1 ^^'^^^' I 
J"^^ (McNeil, \ 


Julia Maria, 



Lucinda Anna, 




Lucinda (Goodsell), 


Corinne E., 


Lucy (Wooden), 


Edward M., 


Malvina, . 


Franklin W G. 

Mary Mariah, . 




Marshall (Evitts), 


H. Arthur (Hallock), 


Penet Marshall, 


Henry Hallock, 


Sarah Weller( Hopkins), 45 

Jane S. (Talmage), 


Samuel Randolph, 


Katherine B., . 


Samuel E., 


Mary W. (Wilson), 


wSilas Jackson, . 


Norman E., 


Sylvia (Champlin), 


Orrin D. (Timson), 



. 42 


David Samuel, 


Almira (Stone), 


Ellen Elizabeth, 


Anna (Weed), 


Arthur Elmore 


, 82 


Benajah (Olmstead), 




David E. (McKinley), 


Floyd H., 


Dimon (Olmstead), 




Eliza R. (Marks), . 






John B., . 


Esther, . 


Leland (Stevens), 


Hannah, . 


Llewelyn James, 






Bessie E., . 290 

Edson, L. , . . 209 
Edson, J., . . 213 

Frank, . . .219 

Frank, . . . 286 

George E., . . 218 
George K., . . 215 
Harry J., . .217 

Isaac Samuel (Tupper), 64 
Isaac S., . . . 221 
James D. (Button), 120 
Le Roy E. (Morcum), 216 
Loring j Dikeman, } 
Isaac I Kent, f 

Mary J. (Smith), 118 

Myrtie M. (Craik), . 211 
PermeliaC.(Harnden), 122 
Pearl E. (Lake) . 212 
Sarah P. , .119 

Samuel W., . . 121 
Samuel L. (Gunsaulus), 214 
William, ... 63 
William, . . . 287 

William E. (Shawger), 117 

William M.j^^^y"^^"' [210 


Anna Atherton (Bent), 143 
Arthur ( Devin, / 

Bostwick ( Lyon, f 
Francis George, . 147 
Francis Edward, 72 


George J Clifford, 
Henry | Cochran 




Gilbert Silas (Masser), 76 
Harriet Connor, . 149 
Helen Leona, . . 146 
Mary Olive, . . 71 
Minnie Olive (Gafifney), 144 
Sarah Masser, . 148 

Urbana Joshua, . 145 
Winfred, . . .150 
William C.(Van Gilden),74 


Daniel Randolph, . 188 
Eva Isabel, . . 187 


Carrie Louise, . . 152 
Caroline B. (Macauley), 79 
Edward E. (Smith), 80 
Isabella, . . .81 
John D. (Colvocoresses), 77 
William Belding 

(Bullitt), 78 
William Bullitt, . 151 


Evelyn B. 
Hazel M., 











Harriet Mary, . 222 

Martha Agusta, . 223 


Adelbert E., . . 141 

Bessie Mabel, . .232 

r^^. • ^ 1- ^Hewin, / , 
Christopher J p^.^^^ f ^^ 

Charles S. (Bound), 69 
Charles Smith, . 133 

Charles Milton 

(Street), 231 
Charles Freeman, . 140 
Charles William, . 139 
Clara, . . .226 
Dewitte Clinton 

(Tingley), 136 
Eddy Eugene, . 234 

Ellen Frances, . .130 
Florence Emma, . 233 
Franklin B., . . 128 

George H.]|tf:;,} 'o 
George W. (Myers), 137 
Hattie May (Strouse), 230 
Harry, . . .229 

JohnB.]g'-^°"-[ 68 

John B., . . .129 
Jonathan E. (Currier), 138 
Lawson N., . -235 
Lillian (Herrick), . 224 

! Richmond 



Mary (Wentworth), 127 

Mamie, . . . 225 

Maven, . . . 228 

Olgena Closson, . 131 

^'olnlt^e,} ■ « 

Phillips Street, 297 

Rachel (Armstrong), 126 

Ruth Mabel, . . 298 

Salina B. (Thomas), 135 

Virginia (Haney), . 134 
Walter, . . .227 

Webb B. (Neely), . 142 

William Henry, 132 


Cyril Pearl, 

. 278 

Oscar Addison, 

. 281 

Robert Theodore, 


Sarah Delphine, 

• 279 


Frank Clinton, 

• 293 

Freda Elizabeth, 


Leon Russell, 


Louis Clinton, 



Alice Idaho (Darling) 153 
Norman R. (White), 154 


Marcia Anna, . . 283 
Morillo William, 282 









T^. \ Titus, > 




Hawley (Hartwell), 



Leman (Preston), 


George Bartlett, 


Polly (Welton), 


Sarah (Fairchild), 



Seymour (Northrop), 36 

Harriet C. (Curtis), 




Arthur W. , 


Beatrice Emma, 


Emma L. (Moyer), 


Margaret Jane, 


Fannie M., 





William H., . 


Edna Beryl, 





Willard Bartlett, 


Henry Hill, . 





Lulu (Fisher), 


Clara Canfield, 


Joseph Randolph, 



Thomas Joseph, 


Beatrice P., 


^c{^ 9^ 


Mildred E., . 



Albert Bartlett, 



Corinne Bartlett, 


Donald C, 


Hermon Arthur, 


Glory Loreen, 


Kenneth E., 



Maxine E., 


Hannah L., 


Mary E., 




MaryF. (Haskell), 





Jessee A , 




Herdic P. (Lever), 


Sheldon, .